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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Apr 5, 1906

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 ^SsiilS^ti&^wsss^  ssj^gip&j&s^^  *3 ,������:������*���������������, jife^n-^  'asi^icwr^^isaSitas^s^  xtt-.rrzas^jzx^yjztt^^^i*  tS&SS������'SSiXZSliSXS(Sff!S^a:?''  c*v  ?���������     .\--vk 9 _ 19<F,  The Ladysmith DailyBeSqer  '-'-l4-vVL  ���������:w&g  m  lii  VOL.,a  THURSDAY,   ...  April  5,  1A06  PRICE FIVE CENTS  -SfH?J  WRECKAGE  FOUND ON  kodimw.  Seattle, Apiil 4.��������� News of the  finding of wreckage of a sailing  vessel near Knguiak, Alaska wn*-  brought to Seattle yesterday by  the steamer FaraUon. The wreck'  age is believed to be part of the  bark Nicholas Thayer which saih-d  from Seattle for Seward, on Kei..  10. Capt. McGregor. of the Iteration stated that an Indian had  found part of tlie topgallant mast  of a largo ship and also' pieces  of  lumber   marked   "Morun" Tlu  fact   thut  thc   lumber  was      marked  ,,ii������   this  inuuiior  leads     olncers.'of the  Seattle     Shipping     Company to  doubt that- it is from the Tahy  er, as she loaded hcr lumber al  tho   Stetson     &  Tost   mill.  The Thayer carried  150     tons,  o!  coal,     -125,000 feet  of lumber.  J 50  tons  of  general  merchandise  She was injured for about 50 polecat, of her total value, and hoi  cargo was also covered by insurance.  It is the general opinion of sailors that the wreckage was from  the Thayer. The vessel is now  eighty three clays out and no word  has been received from her ' since  sailing-.  Capt. Fred ' "Vystrom. master of  the schooner Vega, which made  the run from Seattle to Seward  in nine days, and who knew Capt.  ���������Jensen, master of the Thayer,  better than anyone stated that in  his opinion the Thayer has - gone  down  Capt,    Jensen   was engaged    to he  ' ami  ���������>  CQat COMPANY  FIGHTS ITS  ASSESSMENT  TO OPEN  NEW COAL MINE  AT CLE ELUffl  Seattle,      April     4.��������� The  , CS olden  WILL HAVE TO  BE G89D IN  _ SEATTIE  Seattle,     Apiil    5.���������Slot  machines  A.  B.  BENEFITS  FOR MABCH  The ibenefifs" paid   hy the    Medical  LIVELY TIMES  IN  1  Burial  Fund for    tho ,  date -inning, and  Development    Com'and  saloons   will  bc  attached   at     a ! Accident ami ^  ^   _ _^  pany  has   taken   over       by 99.yeai-  ''������������*t'ng    to-night    ofall.U*    yoU1.Binonlh  of  March are ns follows:.     "    I feW  of ^ pu/1:|ic wll0  The Vancouver World says. A disgraceful scene was enacted at the  meeting  of the  city  council   Monday  lease  about   one   , thousand acres   iv-,,i"*'"  "������������������������������������--  ���������������   ---     - -        -  meeting   lo  he held   in  the  West mm  of  coal  lands    near   the   Uo*lyn and   ^   prtSbylc^au   CnulLh>   lhe  -  * - -     **r--'    ���������������������������      .���������������'������������  ���������������������������   ���������:   -     ...   -���������:. i :: _    l.:ll  people's societies of  tlie city.     At lv'        ,    , disahl't claim  ... $231.50  ill* A 1    _       I1T    ~J ��������� * ' *  ���������mm  LAST GAME OF  THE SENIORS  Seniors Meet Intermediates For Their If  Last Football Game This Season  :  On The 8th.  life  .bm  m  m  vai-  E.  J-'ariiio  were    present    witnessed  a  lJm. * - -     w  disgust-     Tlie    Intermediate   football     game  -a  \V. T. -La Grande  Cle Eleum    coal    .fields    at   Nelson jo;i.s Christian  societies will    start a A'  Slra"B  siding,  on' the* Northern 1'acific, and crusade  against vice and   lawlessness       ������'    e  c  will  commence      development     work ���������"��������������������������� declare    their    intention of     up-  . ,,    ,.   .,", holding    Mayor  Moore in  his  insist- ���������"���������    -at once,    according - to    K.   1>. Oal- ^ ^ ^ supJjreKSi0.(l ()f s,o)  ���������|ach. llcssi S,��������� in ��������������� ....  laKher,, e������tier'al  managxir,     who, is :n j|1(S   ,UHj    rcSUj,.(s     of   in jucstionahle D'   0fllirlil)' :"'"  'Seattle  ori a' business trip. character        ' Jno. Cartv.n^it  (liillaglici',  'Hits  is  thc  result  of a. movement  Nan.' Hos.-E. Sar no  several  ..,,,.: , c .. .   NLan. IIos.-A.   Strang  also'   by survey     <>i    ll at l������:\s hi-on  under   way  lot  &.      St.   wee's  past among    the yomg ' peo-  D.   Nicholson, Hall, rent  VTlw   land,"  said   Mi  '���������.is,-'crossed  the   Chicago,        Milwaukee  Paul.,    While, ''oi course,     it  take time     to    put - us  on a     pro    city      A    committee   has    beco^    at ^     ft,  ducintf  basis,     we   will-      commence    ������ork   Iilotlffing     the  sup,, ort     of  Se-  &_ g   } ^.^  hi.   wees   pas, among    me  yomg     peo-  ^^  ^ A,cahca#fl    blau, els  ..vill   pes socct.es  and  chinches    of     the   ^   Russcll) salary   work-at once.. Wo will employ as soon allies pastors Imvc hund-ed per-  as we got under, way, 250 to ������0P s'��������� are expected at lho-me?tmg -tome.,      The coal     is  of tho soft,   o.- ������*S������*K     Curl  11. Reeves,  president of |  ��������� 1       c..v,;i...-  ir,  ih.. "'<-' United Christian   Associations of  bituminous,   variety,    similai   to   x-ni. .  ���������      ,    .      ��������������� h���������,.^    a      five- *hc Clt-y>    W1*"  lic tli!">'i������iin   of     the  Hoslvn product.     ������\o ha\e    a      mc  :j.85  7 7r, ing exhibition    of    sehooll oy   impat  11.00 ience by  Aid. McMillan,  of Ward VI  13.00 it   was well     then  ������0.00 observers  for the  si������hl   of a    mem  5.00 ber    of the   gO'.ei'nin<-  body  of    the  8.00 city     deliberately     ami    ic; eat wily  19.00 slamming  the cover of  his desk,  for  11.CD no  other  purpose  than  to tho-wn thf  23.25 exj lanation    a    leliow-alilermaji  was  2.00 attempting to make against  an    ui-  ���������J.00 shiuation   cas-t upon  him,   was   suili-  fi.OO cient    to  ruin  forcer  any     rcspccl  6.00 e.er held  for the'dignity  of the mu-  25.00 nicilial body.   It is but fair to   state  that Aid.  McMillans conduct  receh  _ I which was an an Red ,to conic off    between Nanaimo    and LaMysmith.    at  W-aru \ i.   ��������� ' .    I ,     -pi  ,         .��������� Nanaimo   on  S-aturdav  next,   will in ; then- second  game ai  the   season l������:   ���������S;i  were not  moie                                         '                '            I . : ���������? I  _ all  liKielihood, he  postponeti  for  $<J()0.50  cd  lhe  merited  condemnation  of   Ids  U. Lowe, collcagies and it  was in the  face of  Secretary.   '  strenuous  protest against his unman-  llic    Cr Mil rook '.Prrspcctor   savs:  "cil^ conduct  that  he continued  his  During thc present vear 0ver 8,000,- interruptions    of  Aid.  Baxter's    ad-  0'JO  'feet of MimW  will toe  floated drosS-     A,d- Stewart,    usually    the  foot vein " exoiiing,    -ind   Rev.   ������.   H.   Lingentel- !  G. W. Gallagher is president of the Jer |������n-r Thomas    II.   Uail,   altorney  ~-.        w    ������    ,( *r    ���������      ���������     . ���������' f',r     he   ailtl-salojll   l"a'Uir     will      rh>     UJU      1C4;L   0l     liiuw-'i-    win   'in;   nuaitru  concern,-    Mr. J. S. McM n.nice     ,s .^us.ses    after    thiol,^   there down thc  Ko������l*ttW  Riu'r frorn   the W***" ������������P** ������  the board,   was  secretai-y-trcasm-er.     The head   o������W -- - J' S^s-   ^Ur^^   ^   Sheep   Crc-eV -camps   a,,d     Skookum-  ������������-������*    ^    a Pitc1'     oJ excitement,  at present    , N at CK-Elum- whore the '.    ���������-*       '".scussion     by  those pies-  ^^     0,h  Jhpro ' ..rp  ftlhpr     ,ma,j   where he publicly expressed  his   op-  company is  now       working a     ijold- f  copper  property.     That.   , region  cut.  ���������      Al.  of the city's churches will  aid -cam,* situated  at various points on ������������^!.^^'^llVt^  , "in, the    crisade.     The roung people   lhc    Kootcnay    audits    tributaries. ������f the ���������.ftt>  m������ ed -nstant ad-  already the'h-aviset   ..coal   produce-  ^  ^  .^.^ ^ ^_       .        ������,  I     I       n  in the state. , , []au,    iy,  .i.,    mitinio-iif- t-i^cinn-    i���������������r~ *ln   tnese cumn.s.  ioi   an l   tliu    nuctnight closing , law. _ . - members  were permiltjad   to  act     in  Petitions  will  he given out  for   cir- r*>i. maiy s n.ei tne-re   are  -o-  DEATH OR  MRS. PLANTA  ,       . t'i?.cn,    will ap  r k'ear a':out   Aj ril 10.     Some of   the  Nanaimo,  B.C.   April j. .n(1(1'm"Rt rrominrnt of the present-day r.e-  The  citizens .of Nanaimo  a.e oruc   ^^   ^  ^ ___   .^   J   ^  more culled upon to mourn '-������������������''^hc pirblfe eye, are contributors,  loss oi one of, its old time res- The editorial , staff do mt enre tn  id<mts-i"n the person ���������o������ Mis. -f (pi o o,t the names of tlitse wntf-is  F.l'lanta. '   whose  '.loath   .  o������v..n������l,II,fil    ,h*;;   majja-ine  appears.     They  m,- .- ....~    ���������~. i    tne    ivootenay    awi  us    iuuuuiii.es. . _       ,,   ^   mj  The    ouug people ' -ournment,  stating .that  H was    u,e-  ic Sunday   closing - less to continue a session while   the  ight closing , law. *  '     '        '" ��������� 1."'' ������������������., ,.. . ��������� ^,^r������>   ov^ members were permitted  to act     in  Petitions  will   be given out  for' cir-'    ������n. fC.^ .f "*>*"* ^   *" such a manner.     Other   members   of  r.,.iof;���������   ,.,,,,-n    +u   *������i^������ .. ^         r -      locatid  tluec  larce cam's emploving . .    .  ecTt/S^/?������?ii      C froni  15������  ^    200 men.     Some    six the-.cauncil said   it  was a ease where  iVof  vie SUP1"reS"  to  oigM   million feet  will go    down tLe chlcf of I>������^e-should h^e been  ih*    f-S   i-,���������.    , t, k     ,        the St.  Mar^a  to the Koolenav   :t- Called * '������ (l"Jet ,th? dis,J,r-be1r:   , U  in.*,  lust    issue or tlie anti-saloon , _   ��������� . ���������   . was the first incident of the kind in  I,eao���������c ,a.cr.   The Cifb.cn,    will  ap-    "  ^ 'J*���������:   /    1S "P"^ ������"*  '��������� -  (he    Crow's Nest Lumber  Company -,eirs  and'  Jml=,nS  b>'  the    a,litl!de  will toom  '.not htfs that  20,000,000 of  th* aldel'nieJ1    mteiviewed,      wilt  feel  of logs1 at Wardnsr this  rear." llofcuoCclir a^lxin-  ������������������ ���������    1.1,   ������������������    .....".....������������������ lhe scone occurred while Mr.   Hax-  Ihsir time with that kind of reading, ter was warmly resenting certain in-  The ohjrct of  the paper is   to sup- sinuatiens   of   Aid.   Williams,   to  the  health tor- a .considerable _tiine .past  it was only a fow dajs ajro that,  Mrs. Planta's ^-condition became s-o  serious as to cau&o her removal to  the hospital, where for a tunc  she rallied somewhat from the  attack, only to- sulYer a-, relapse,  which finally  ended in death.  Tho' deceased     lady     who  has beer.  a  resident     of   this     city     foi    'past  27years   was    a native of South  Vancouver, April    4.-Jn   the       mil    Australia,  and   was   04  years ol age.  couiLthis       morning     in     re        iho   She     was  for  a  number     of      .V<-*a.s  Cow's  Net     Coal   company an ap-   an   active   member     and wo.Uc.        w  peal   ugauibt     the   Company's   assess   the       Wallace       Street        ^l������<;  ment   as  fixed     by  the  court  oi    re-   chmch   a* *������-U  <vs several   cha.-.tabl.  vision       an   order   was  .secured       for   institutions.  Mr.     McEvoi,     engineer    for        the      She.  leaves   to      mourn  her os=*  Company. It was alleged that three sons and three dauuhtu. .  ���������Mr. MoKvov, in his evidence has Mayor A. E. Planta^and ���������r/ l~  becn. uniiitcntionally no <loubt, mis- frey pianta of Snnaiino. Mr. Wai er  leading. Ho has said that the com' i'lanta of Van Anda, Mas. ''  rany owned less property than it 'aiarUndate of Vicioria, and ������ "���������  reully does and only earning 2 pel jfarU Bate, Jr.. and Miss N.- ���������"  cent,   whiie   in  reality   xho     decla-cd (Pianta  of  this   city  dividends  aie 10 per cent.  Mr.   Bod-  well   lor the   company.     had   no  o!>-  The   funeral      will   taUo   place       a:  2:30 p.m.    on Friday from the   resi-  jection to the cross-examining. "cj donee of 'Mr. M. Bate, jr., mid wi���������  said that Mr. McEvoy had ao-id j p,.OCCPn \0 the Wallace Street Moth  what the compilny was making -in mnst chinch, where services will bf*  its  coal    alone,;    not on  its    other    held.      '      ;'  ��������� *       ������������������'."��������� ''  business-  ramifications,   " and in  that  he  was  perfectly right.  poit the anti-saloon  mo\cment,    but  eliect   that   thei������2 had  been .too great-  it   will  also aid  other  woilh.v  move-   delay    in  the    making  of    a  report-  last  fall    by lhe    special committee  OJisulting with  t-he Il.C.  Mills  T.   A:  !'.   Co.  concerning tlie owners-hap   of  _.   ���������^ ���������, ,,cl.,  ulJl...   un,i-iio.ivu uii.^v.i.jj  .ul   nuiin_L.u\   ������ilh me   the  so tli  cn I of  Carrall  slreet.  As  Iot and people-do n< t care to spend   wrr\- ot the |rague. a result of this delay the city   had  filed   its claim   only    within a     few  days  within  the limit of  time.  -  Aid.  Ilea* s  rather    mildly rejected  __^_    ���������-. -. - the implied insinuation  (hat the com-  MODIFY THEIR DEMANDS n,itt���������c "* ao^ do������c ils "������^- **���������    Daxten followed,     hotly    remarkiiiijr  that he was. tired of the manner  in  can  say  at   this   lime." wliich   Aid.   Williams   was   constantly  I'l-cparations     for      anolhei    meet- making   insinuaiions   against   his   fel-  ��������� ���������   tomorrow      net ween   Lhe        sub-  'ows.     The    ] r.-smt  statement  committee     repivscntinj  ANTHRACITE MINERS  i>cw York, April 4.���������It was tlu-,i  general IjelU'f^'l'om'ght about the  the! Anthracite Minors' headquarter-*  that tlie miners -d-ilinilcly decided  to modify their demand. and will  pros-ent them to the operators probably tomorrow. .Some of tho mem  hers of the committee privately "admitted hel'ore coming to work  for the present negotiations', that  the original demands of the union  ever greater than the miners really expected to. get, and that . the  leaders could afford to trim them  down and still'leave the workers  o.nou'gh   to lie  satisfied.  When  the  rcjifirt      that   the   miner-i  in  nra ��������� "  ,    , ,     ,   the comiiuttee    was  in  the iav     of  eilo   oporaiois     and  the  miners  kept    , ... ,  ,     , ,    i  , , ...       <he null companv, and h.ul purposelv   1  lhe       Shamokin       scale      committeo -   I'  of     tho  miners   busy    todaj  luiiif   s3S.SK.ns     were  hold,       |.ut     be-   d,(l nQt   proposp ^   ^ _wh  _ ^^  vond.a    statement       by     President-  gi\en  ment  thrust down -his throat.  in the city  in  time to approve   any   1  during   tho  (lay   and    evening.     and,   plan  of arbitration    hefere    the   sta-   I  not v. uhsiandiinr     reports that    more   tute  of  limitations   haired   action.   If  iual   was     m:iu-l   today  than poster-  there   was  an/thing  the  speaker   hat-  would   modify   their     demands      and   ,iay  ot   Mon.lav.     the*,   declared    the  ^d  it   was  other    'rumors     to  thc   effect      thai.  (hey     would   s-nggest      that   the dilf-  oivnccs   tieluceii   I hemselves   and ihc-.r  situation  lo  i������y 'declared   uio --n l"   witt*    a man    who would     not  w.is  ciurely    satisfactory   come  oi.t  in   the  o] en* and  make     a   t  IU,.,.      The   I.-ad-'rs     show     the  ������]���������������''"  siaicmeat but  wo,uld   sn0ak    it.    t  inmost     confidence  111     tilt!  employers be arbitrated,    nnd that a  cotnenfioii     of      anthracite       miners   of   (ll������  unlon   Vl?    kwV    LUo  would  be' called   within a  few     days  cite   region    tied     up   as , long  abiiit'-   -s'-v   inslIUI*'1*"'if-,ns-      ll? '!lfI   not      jno-  pose   to stand  for any    similar     re-  \nihra-   niar!.B in  t,ne futnrC.  as      (Vl-d.  Williams /denied that h  On  Saturday afternoon,  April   7tii,,  the N7anaimo and   Lad\smith    Inter-^ -'HA  mediate  football   teams     meet        in  ve-  tween     the   rival   teams.     Tlie  j suit of   the   one game  already played   .  and   which    took   place    in       Lady-'  smith   was  a  win     for'the       bojs    ''  week.    On  the    8th, however,    there  will   he a game    here on the     Bin-!  ber groimids,    when tlie seniors     and .  inU-rnioiiaU's will   contest.     This is, (  a.s  they sav  on show hills "positive- , from    ������������������ Smelter   -City    by  ly the list    appearance", this season ',score    of 3   to   ������-    0n  thflt     occai,-'^  of    the    Ladysmith  Senior Foot) all j ion however,     the Nanaimo     , latU,>������������������*!������*.  Irani.     A  collection  will   be     ta'en , went  down     with  a scratch  up -to ?o towards defraying expenses  toain<,^iii  and one that had never had a day-31 ^  practise.       ������o   the   . showing      that  when  thc intermediates play Vancou-   , . . ,  ver in the  Terminal city on the /.Ol'i   they made  against their     opponent  of the month.  was  not  so     bad   considering     ' th'i  m  $mm  From the Herald repott this .noc'n- ' Umg tfaat   the LadysmRh boys hav^%  ing,  it would seem  that the    >Tanai-' i        wav.     at    pracllcc    '-V  mo hoys "evpected V'e locals down,  mid have becn practicing hard. Tiie  postponement will give them another  week, and they will, probably, stand  a chance of-ma''ing a good showing.  The Ifcr.ik!  report is  as follows:  In  anticipation   of   Sunday's    game.  however,  the, local     boys   have  Deon  putting   in  some   strenuous    practise. "\i  and hope  to  turn the    tables  j their Ladysmith  opponents.  COULD NOT  this, ^as she considers it would     he*'j  hollow mocVery.  PRFAPHi    "Some teachers  conduct  them once  or twice a year, and sign the declaf-           ' jaiion  that  they have complied with  Wiiuii|o,j, April 5. -'Bccaise slie ibs re tuirements of > the by-laws, do.'|  could not conscientiously conduct re-('they not?" asked tlie repoiter ^;/f  lia;ious evsreises in her class roorn in  Miss McColl. '.'M  the public si-hool, Miss T. E. McColl, ot Isbister school, is to be dc-  ���������,hed of her situation. Miss McColl has been on the city teaching  s-lafi for ahoat eighteen months, and  has nv.er co.uh.cted religious exercises ui lier class room because she  found that u.l ������as not in keeping  wlUl i,or uows.   Though she received  ,������I could not    do that,"  she    ans'-^  wered. i  *  "Some hare signed thcdeclar-atio.n ^  witlicut holding ser/ices at all, it js- 'J  said," suggested the reporter. - jj,  "I male out my, statements truth- .jj.  f-n-lly,"  said Miss  McColl,  ''and as I   J  raver carried them out, I said so.*'.^,-1  In educational circles the matter is -J  hcr \wn"s. Though she received jbemg ^scssod, a������d many diHctencc������\,|l  her primary education in a Winnipeg |oI orin.-.oll ate-being expressed. I*.^s,'?i|  public school she ao\cr had any r������>'clainio:l thatr persons whose belief -ji  liiMOiis eseruiscs to go through. .jjtfvidea    l������ no     vtnstatic-n of    the .=;  The trouble arose over the tiiipd- thri-t.ianr faith; - are-" ���������em'ploywlT-as-|  vcmi-annual report made -by her. m> teaChterS; and the case of Miss rvfcCd 1,- r  which in the place intendedi for ^uch- ^o is reAu7 consci^itious, and ad-, -.ji  declar'action, she stilted that she Mid miiioa to lxs an excellent teacher, Js |  condlifted no  religious exercises,   i-he  CollSkiore������l  somewhat  unique.  hid on  two previous occasions made j o^  si   ,1a      d..-lIrationS    without     ai.y |    Mr. D.   Johnson has recently-sold  ��������� \ r-es  ,nd  when her  attention  one of his driving horses to Mi. W.  he        sub- ������ows.     The    ir^-nt statement     was   waS CaUed  to U she stat������u  u.*������ ������������������������-  ������w������l������,   **   ������������������-- - ��������� - ������.  ",.         ...    simplv t-mUmount to a charge  that   lll(l     not  feci,   ^alified     to co.,di-t  the animal t o* er  toda}   bj   the s.h.     |  annua  tu_   __ ;<+_    ,_ _   ._   ti_   * .   ^^      _^ ___M was that   r       ,cl-  Iroquois. 1  owin-.     leil������i-was  addressed  to  her,  ui  purposely   l0win4 icuet-was   *������"^--   ���������                                       AfiATKST  BRYCE  ���������       dtlaycd    ihe    Le^iiining    ofthesi.it.   uv the secretary of the public s*lmo         IRELAND  A^INST BRHb.  iVo  This   ������as  abominahlv  fal������e  and     hejLud: "At  a regular   neetinj;     ������'|    London.     Af>ril   o.-l.o������r^    ^  1JVJ'1-' ,       ...������t..     i...,.i.n���������     r.ni   tii>tv-(>(������ti     .lames   iti>*-*-������  tl.e   school     mana-^emiit  co-rm-mt,  -broken    out  between  The lied    cn  the      8th     inst.,   1   ���������   ni-   ch.el secretary for  ,rdaxu    am   U.  tructwl    to   wile  and  infirm     yc,   nationalists       paity.       lhc      lattc,    <|  -���������*-*���������"-"���������  " ������'���������"""������       b  committee  had  oidercd   that the suit s true ted    to  wuie anu im ������w     .'*������������������������������������   n-.^ ������������������������������������������������������-"-       r---��������� ,,.->-   '  ouL- ' , he bc?un as  soon &s it was scon tlmt that owing to your i -aY.i tv toc.i-.|wfts the course   of  dismissal  o     -.  All   the   disl.ict     learler.s     received Pl0si<iellt   Hendry   would   not   arrive rv  out   the. retfiircmenls  of  the    lj"   temporary assistant      land   -.oiinn.*.-  reporls     from  ihe anthracite     fields ���������    thc cjt    in  tj       .     ���������...,.....���������    ������������������,. ," ���������.   ���������f    .,.��������� sCuooi board   in regard  loeic club and signed ai tides foi     a  V   OUt    luu-  iajuin.11.^  -        ---   ��������� -  ���������iws cf Hie school board in regard loeiC ciub and signed ai tides foi a  'o religious cvercises, tlie committee term of three jears which has  LCftiots" Hurt it cannot r:c->i..*i*end 'jus., expired. They almost all -.wore  lhc iifiicwal of your emu e.nt.*", ' oim0xious to the Nationalists" bo-  which expired in December-last r. he ��������� 1SC ot belonging to the ^������J-0<1  o:nniitlee, however, decided to re-10%*hlg class> and the Kationalisis  in  you  in  vour  present position aS'.hoped     ci.ic-f   Secretary  Brycc wo������hl  ys' ���������   .     ���������    .       - , .    '  ��������� ��������� ���������  ���������-'thov  care   to keep  it  in that   state,   nieuiit  any  insiiuiaticn.     Kach     man | o  were brought   to   the     aaontion     ������-. , ^.^   MUchoI1   . is  uevpting   ..al-  had his   sympatl, es, am'     "  ���������DESTROYS  STUMPS.- -Km*  committee    they    referred        en- _ t0   lhe  siu. liable   to guide him.  NewSminster, A,pril5.-An An^cil-ies    to  President     MitchetU. wKu  ��������� most     a, ^^J^    ^    A1(1.   BJter  said   this   rcnUrk.   _  Pa-rk^r Williams     M.P.P.,    passed 'erican    ex|crt is giving a.scries     of j when approached,  would    shake   nw- _ ^ . ^ gain  a character    which Vas  reprc.  i^!l ohthe noon train fVon'   Vic-'stump destroying exhvHtirn,. on Rev. ' hend    nild _ny    "Then*   is nothing ^ , - _    ^   ^^     As a ^^ i>r f<ict, Mil,.  inrii      It  had been  Mr.    Williams'   W:  H.  Madill's    ranch     in  Burna-hy. j ___  ; .     ���������-or Buscombe and several otheis were  intention to stav over in, LadysmiUi   The pr, e.ss is ap^rently a ������ svm-. j W1,1)DING   BELLS. "  I    ^-w  VorU'. ,APnl' 'l~T   nn tL  ������l m"  '������mm   Xh%t the com1'an-,''s  i;.?tmid this  Impossible. owing    to   pie and  a W.ry   thorough ' c.^_ The , D^____ |lhe     water    0,   Bass Crea^   on the  grouad  WA,  firm  , nfcil after ^     in  ti    oceasional    teacher    until    April  1906."  .    Miss McColl is of thc Haptist faith,  "ad|aiul believes  in the entire sep-vra1*..)ii  nnjd.lc  to  attend  the'public m^Ut^ ;is  rlaced'.there  which,  when ignite..   ing says:  '���������Suehwns      pro-iosed  for  Saturdnv'pro:!,^    a  fire   "Wat    endures ami   ;     As   >vaa enounced    ,ny������tenta>  night here,  ami the date will    likely J hums as  long as  there is  any wood  he" .cancelled-   , '-to burn-  ol  April    d.���������Ueath  .'rejlfi  Island,  and  balcuu  ,f school and church, the liberty of  they' wen: | the subiect ami relegating of religious exercises to places where they  would be more, fitting and dignified  than a school room full of children.  She savs  th.vt she  might  go.tiirpugh  be-  tei'view with the city solicitor,  and    Amity-j   jt  w���������s  durjng y>e coatinuaticn,  as- -  oi  Herald,  DISORDER AND TERROR  IN PENNSYLVANIA MINE  morning's  !of iMr. John D. 'Galloway  land .Miss. ��������� lOli/.abeth Benton' cimic  olV as arranged i'eslei'day. at noon, at  jibe llalilnirtun Street Methodist  Church. Hov. A. E. Roberts performed lhe ceremony that uiiit<-.'!  the  young people   for life,   Miss.   U.  .  ^  Benton,   a   sister     of   the    bride act-  Irwin,    Pa.,   ' April- 8.���������Last   night ! keep, the   strikvrs   from   no.losting the   '-'<!   ns 'bridesmaid  and    Mr.      .fames  was  one.  of   disorder  and   terror     at   ,mer. at   work,     Tonight     three'��������� m in ! Smiley     as best,man.     As   the bride.  .OllL  twoom     -J ones     buach  ..villo,  eiut-d the  daring   baloon      ������s-' 1-omar!.s aitng|    tbis   line  that     Aid.  tension     begun  yesterday. ai'to'rnoon    McMillan   performed    the   disgraceful  1>" reach  kclna  Mine   luinil.ter    two,    of        the  ���������pennsylvnniu     Oas   and    Coal    Company,     whereof    the  union. The -strikers kept, up all  night a continuous -fusil-ado of  firing. No one was injured. The'-5  was a clash tonight between tbe  g-unrds of tbe Pennsylvania Gas .";  Coal Company and a crowd of  150   ;nen     and  as   a  result.      Ident  ! alleged     to     represent     the  railroad  _  Company  ordered    the guards  off- the,  a hundred   mm    are' ra'ilroad  property.     They  were hack- j - ^  ^___ l5a���������ownv    pasaud   lo     tbe  on   strike     for   recognition       of    the ! ed    up   by   the  crowd      and when,  and grcroni tame - \ip the aisle 'Meye-  beei-V wedding- march was 'played  bv    Miss..     Snyder     and     a.s       Mr.  the     wedding'by      Paul      .Voc^iet,      a        i-renen  ac(.;on  alluded to above.    Aid.    _   'sculptor of note and an cntluisias- (_er k6pt his temper remariably well  tic ainaiour aeronaut. -The body considering the provocation, only  was found tonight on the muddy stopping to advise his disturber  ���������jliore of the creek where the "not to hehav������ so much like an ov-  tide  hud   left    it    and  not a     great  ergrown schoolboy."  distance   from   where 'NouUet's   ������q1- ,       ���������    .     7-      'i-*'   lapsed   baloon    was   discovered    late   them.      L;p   to  almost     the last    ho  ,    . , .i,,       1...     ,iv,.   life        sa\er-i   wore  his  overcoat,   which must have  last     nig-it      u>      '-.'i-  of Jones' beach. The finding oi \ been watersoaked from the tinTrr  the body put on end to the search j he took the first-channel- He stop-  which had included ocean, lana , pwd on the next to the last islnnd  ���������ind   marshes,     and   which had     beep. ' he  reached      and   removed   the      life-  replace     them     with    comimssioiuy;**  morc to the  Irish wishes    in   the ad  ministration   of   the   laud  act.     Sec-  IJryce, however     only    accepted    the  ������ss'ignaiions.."-ot.'. eight of these men.  ,ahd re-appointed  the  others.-     -J*?*-";  Redmond presided     nt  a meeting   Qt.;  sixty members      of   his     party     t-Q--:  night  whiclr; adopted i-esolutions coi^..    - . ���������-.-,. ,    ^'demning   :Chief  Sec.vtary        Bryce s  the prescribed Bible reading, and    ic-.,         , >       .       1Hn;    fo, .removal   01,  citotic. of  the Lord's grayer as     a , ^J^   co���������iml88lei,������-s. S  matter of  form, hut. she cannot     do , objcctio-naoi ^_  ,,  CLAIM REV. DAY  THREATENED MURDER  A   Kcvv  Westminster  despatch  dat-   arrival .in  New York, Mr.  Allow amL  M,totDrfl^������Who.-^^n;::  e������:    up   oy   uie  crow..      u..t  Menndelsohn's  wedding   march    of   New    York,      a*  boon a*        -*������������������, -;*--  the  guards   ..refused     to move stone, j -      _. Th,}bri(Jfi     was   beauti- 'had   been     received    hcr3,   that     the , was    giving  begun   under  the   direction     of      No-j preserver  and   then     tho    over    coal  ���������i,T.i--������    associates     of the Aero club  and  then   ���������resumed     the     preserver.  York       as  soon as        word   He must have telt     that-  hiA- strength  ������1 April 1, says: Mr. Eraat .Ua-via ^ Columtoia aS an orphan mimed  has given the authorities here some Mir/_a> unfoWed their plan of raising  important and valuable information moJiej! from the charitable by re; 1 ���������������:  concerning the operations of Peter , seBting ;tho-' three" young men as des-  Allow, alias Rev'. J. A. Day, T). D.. ' ututc A-rmeman oryhans, etc, a."  who is-now being sought for on "-*>!usod threats of murder if Mr. I)a% id  count of alleged frauds perpetrated lUd not ia\\ jn line and act his part-  upon the charita'.ile public. Mv. Dav-^Mr DarW ciaims that Day's brotlu-i  id,  who  is at present a student     of Mjr/a,  has   a  mairderer's  rewt-d  in*  wet- thrown.     Thc    crowd   was    fin  oily dispersed.   Tomorrow     an'       in  junction ..restraining     the    .strikers   j  from   interfering    with    men   at work i  i rung  otlt.       The   bride  fully gowned      as   was   the bridesmaid,    both   ladies   carrying boq.ucts  of   natural     (lowers.      The numerous   friends     of     lhe   young people]  rejoice    with   hhsm   in   their happi-  01*   destroying property   will    be     ap  plied   for     by   the   Coal      Company. 'nr"ss    .Ill;]   |m;.(,     ���������_���������   src  them    safely  Tthoades1  of   the    guards wa s stru. k   The  disorder    last'    night  on the  head with   a  stone. "Tho. Coal  Company     im medial ely  1.1,      Hliu      .0     nu     i-n      -. ���������   |Vlll-/-tL,      lid.-*      "-      "������������������������������������-���������   the  Columbian   College,   is  the     son   Persiai and it   is a  well'known,  fact  of the Turkish consul in ��������� Persia.   He  ilM-e that   he  is   a young man of mo-  ".is a graduate  of  the OroOmuth   Ool-' lent teniifer.  balloon had  been   found     with      no ; of Amiiyville     seemed     as -far      "������ -lege,  Persia  and  a  young  man of  ir-      Botli Oay ami Mir/.a threatened Mr.  trace of Us missing    occupant.      No-' when he  started.     The  overcoat still ^ rc] r'oachaible    character.       When     hC|DaVid wjti,  a dagger  if  hc  dared    lo  quet .'"evidently"landed     safely   with ' soaked     was   found     near  the     edge | first  met  Pelcr   Allow  in   Croonviah,   frusir;lte  or    disclose    their    scheme.  1   -   ���������-      ���������-���������.--.,      .--.   ->.���������..���������  t.,     had\h������ latter was  a rug merchant.     He   c;iil02 Day   left   British   CoUtnllna he  out.   and  no   of  Amiiyville     seemed  the      lights  a.s 'far       ns  his   car     ami  in   fighting    bis      way ' of   the   island,     just   where   hc  out   of  the     meadows     in  the   dark-j cast   it  off    before taking   his swim- ! pois'ir.ded  him  to  accompany him   to ^ g.ot   Mir7a   al).d   Mr.^ David's ��������� ���������?���������w^  1     ���������������������������.  . , ��������� . ,^,""   runli"traversed    about two-tii'ths ' That   he  travelled  as   far    as he    did ! America uirrter    the  pretence of     ob-J0   join 1)inl  jn California,  and  as far  ������������-P������ >���������   ���������rss    and   l,o;-e    to  see them    solely | ne*   ^a dt ^^^   b heach   is considered rcnarknbie.    He    must   tnining    a free    iMi-iversity   education ^  Ml,   Da,id  has been able to    as.  J- -  S',U     WnS    ,0-,'���������������"'1    banning the Hie      tholot   ^   J'^    ������   ^ u  hc   died.     Ho ' have   struggled     under    awfu 1   dim-   for him   hi  one of  the American col-   certain,   he .,'���������aced  the  boy     in     the  0*1   tally' attributed     to   the      prevahm- ( nl,    hope  may    be  long, and  bright, j to    Amu>*,     .     A   ^ ^ mf. I ���������,���������.���������      Hooasaved     atrip    that a  leges.     He also  brought Mr..  David's - honie   0.f   a  Mr.   McCoon,   an   AnieiK  bad    more   t-e  of li-pior  in  the'town,     and    .6-, The  wedding gifts     sent     in   by the  h,d  crosse. 1   h.            . -^     or ' etron^mau  could  nol  possibly  com |nephew, a  boy 12 years of age,     ������.-U  millionaire,     in    Jackson,   Cah-  gunrds   sworn  in.     The    guards have   day     a   close' watch      was    kept   tvt   friends  were numerous, beautiful and  terent    ibia.i .betwoftJ plcte "in'daylight.                                        derthe    same  pretext.     Upon  their ' -      ���������  been      patrolling      the railroad      to   prevent   the   peddling  of intoxicants. [ mauy of  them  useful.                               I swan through     t te 1 .            .  /���������:"���������  '���������������������������"ii  '--* .������������������';( ,<��������� ��������� "-'������������������ ���������  <1*:'".-- -*    -,  DAILY     LKDftEF  i  m  wt  i  i  THE DAILY LED6FR  ^������'.Jifihe<j   every, day except Sunday  1������ THE        DAILY        LEDGER  C0MP4NY.  OFFICE  AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION   PRICE  fO cents' ������  month,    $5  per  year   it  *dvance.     Advertising rates on ap  , vacation.  THURSDAY,  April  1906  RAILWAY  EXTENSION"  ON   THE   ISLAND  fi  P'  S.t  sunshine  ������*"<���������������  'jUN^KI  .The Victoria Times Contains the  Following Depalcii fiom Ottawa  lAt .the railway committee the Ks-  qi .malt & Nanaimo Railway Company ��������� was' given an cvl-pnsion of  time''/ to build to Comox an11' also  ce; tain   brai.ches.  The-company asked power to build  Irom ComoK to a point near Campbell iivei, from Duncans to Alberni,  vi.*. Cowichan valley, from Knglish-  m n's'Kuei to Alberni Canal, and  from C'omov via Cumberland souih-  w<st io a point near Alberni canal.  'A clause as'-cd power to build branch s fiom tlo main line under order  Jn lO'incil These lines are owned  by   thc  CPR  3Ii Sloan, who had charge of the  bill, said that four years were agreed upon for the construction ��������� of  th ��������� main line The people had .been  ���������wtiting 20 \cais fcr the road. Two  y������ata were given to-begin and five  yeais  to  complete  the  hranches.  Ohject'icn vas taf-'cn to an extra  cla_.se, gi-ijng power to build other  branch line*, up to 50. miles by order  in council  ���������f-Ion I-I R Emmerson said it was  a clause which ga e the department  gieat trouble and power was refused  to otliei  companies.  IVIr Dunk water said that 30 miles  ���������would   do  as  well  as   50.  'it. G Macpherson (Vancouver),  ���������Wanted to see the C.P.'R. get all  rctsontble facilities 1o build railways on Vancouver Island. 'llirre  -*.is' not , likely to the any other  company on .the island, especially on  tlo south  pait.  Aflei some remarks from Ralph  Smith, - Mi Drink'waler withdrew  tl o. clause and   the  hill  passed.  PJIOBABLY KILLED  v     ' BY A. COUGAR'  Wwci  rso 4oo    /?  cu-vf-jr i  H  ������**'���������/* 4>m\i  ill** ���������  1* **-*."  "Premier Haulfain'and  "Sunshine Furnace"  Two North Wesf Premiers,  MXlaryfc  London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, St. John, NJJ.  WM.  A1UXSII0,   President     .J. W.  COBUKN,  Managing Director.  Tclephanc   !-<>��������� ��������� '  The Ladysmith Lumber Co, Ltd.  MILLS   AT   FIDDICK   AND  LADY SMITII-r ��������� -���������>.*������ *~<-  Shingles 0~ ������pe^cieilty  : MANUFACTURERS  OF���������  Rough and DrcKsvd * ir ami Cedar Lumbers  LATHS    SHINGLES,   MOULDINGS,      ETC.,     of    the  BEST  DUALITY SEASONED.      AND   DRIED     FLOORINGS      AND  FINISHING LUMBER INT STOCK  ''.T,   FURNISHED ROOMS  ABBOT  A. J. McMU^'RlE, ������������ropi ISO  BAR faCI PLIKIi W   T 8    KS  WINKS, UQrOKR,.ClGARR  H0TEI  W4  UDVEMIIH, ' . C  PAINTING   AND  FAPERHAN1ING  Neatly and Artistically Done  S. ROEDDNG  Orders   Promptly   Executer      LADYSMITH  HUNGARIAN  SECOND    -  CLASS  RESERVES  (IC-  ���������. .Port    Towii'ond,     April    4.���������   .Mrs  Ophnson,       (Wire   of   City     Delcctive  ' Qohnson,     Minneapolis,   -who      wilh  . 1>',M   husliaml     have  becn spending   ,i  ...low  weeks  Mstina;      relatives in Uii*-' p^RKSi DENT ROOSEVELT  Uuda rest,   April   '1.���������A  myiil  creii     was   published     Unlay    I'unual-  !y   calling-   ou I      siipidciiu'iilnr.'.    revives   of tho   1901 contio^.-nl of     lfon-  v nil    ti OOIJK.  The .-*tl raorilinai-y incnsui-o of -sim.--  niotiii'!', to (.he colors those second  class reserve men is nuci'ssilnl L  bv Lh.' faiiiii-c of (he I-Iunt>ni"in.n |>y>  iianicnl. Io pa'.s the rci-rnit ing bill.  Tho llotivcds are national lTimgci-  inn ti-iops. Tliey concisl of '2 .*  reg-im nts of infaniry and 1(1 rog-  i lu-nt*. of ''iivairy and number in i  all     ir.ir.it .'{0,000 men   : o   Country, started from t ho reside-nc-'  Of a noigJiboi near Brinnon to rc-  ,turn to_ the, ho'tic of hcr sister on  Sunday ait oi noon. and lias noi  fijiicc been seen, The missing wo-  nian v.oie \a.luablc diamonds and  li id about ������."i00 on hcr person at  t'io tunc of hoi* disappearance. Tli.->  Battlement where the relatives re  Bide js located , at the' edge of a  Riigin loicst, ami it is feared that  fcn-q. .7 ohn =5011 has been attack.-1.'!.'  fi; a cougai, many of which iii-  fi st thc   \ lciiuf.y.  ;  RIIETJ-vrATISM MAKES   LIFE  miserable:      ���������  A haiJ|*y home is the most valtia-  ] le possessicn that is within the  ^ j *ach of mankind-, hut you cannot  r ijoys its comforts if'you are .sifTer-  )n^ from lheumatism. You 'throw  jiside business cares when you enter  jour home and you can he relieved  from ilip-se iheumaticr pains by apply-  i'ig Chanubeilciin's Pain Balm. One  t)i>*j)lica"tion uill give you relief ami  tils conlmiofl use for a short time  ���������"'llr-btino; al out ya permanent cure.  3"or sale bv tlie Ladysmith Pharmacy  ,   2&Z������<;sLl ���������^���������raSiSS-.*-^-- "itsi***-^-' ���������".r>*4u-.V  r:i -  WILL   NOT  INTERFERE  U'a'-liingt oil,      A[>ril    4.���������it    is Mai-  cd   at   the   White  llou-ii*     that        thi-  J'ri'.-.hl ut      has   mode   a   reply io  the t. Icgrain from the com I o|K"-n,-  toi'n and Unit while tho levi  will not bc made ' public, tl-.cre is  au'ho ity for lhe slalemcnl thai I he  President has decided not to interfere. suc long as' .coiulitions remain  as   ilii'.y    ar.cnow. ���������      ���������    :  THE iiOER WAR  SCANDAL REVEALED  New." York, April 4���������A. -scandal,  ���������elating- bade : to England's. ' ���������pi-c*-  parai ion for the "Boer war, .wat.  recalh'd today in the ai-raig-nincnt'  of George L. . Jordan, who . dis-  appen.i'cd from this city seven years  ol������i vihile buying horses . for use in  the Hritish army in thc Boer war.  .loi-fhin was arrested last night on  a   eha'-gc   of  forgery   in   the   first   de  gree having been indicted in 18.1'  lor the forgery ol a promissory  note for .S20.000. lie escape i ir.-  rest ftntl the police susi>ecefl h--  had left ,the country. During- __th.  seven years of " his disappe*-r :������;,  Jordan has been living* in Mew Viri^  city under the name of Mark Dennis.  '"lie is always brag������ing that he  doesn't owe anybody a dollar."  "Well,"      answered  the  man  who  borrows,  'JiLi.anle heaven niiy credit is  not  Ui-at  bad.'.'  U'liv do you l<ec|i (hat revolver?"  "S.-If proieclion."  "To defend yourself against highwaymen?"  "No, against hunger. I pawn it  when  I'm  broke."  ���������ft  ITDEFrES  'COMPETITION-  M Nf PS' i  F '   D  [ Every good dealer carries'this  Boot. Take no substitute  .   .-���������/.- , .-ib-i  MEN'S KIP WHOiE BACK  BOOTS have double so'e and  slip, Hungarian naj|e(j and  standard screw fastened, high  or low cut  The   mo-.t .popular  Miner's  Boot   ever turned out of a  factory  VANCOUVER, B. C.  SYNOPSIS .OF CANADIAN NOKTH  WEST  MINING   REGn^ATIONS.'  Coal���������Coal   lands . may   be  purchased at $10 per acre for soft coal   and  S20   fur   anthracite.   Not   more   than  S20  acres can  he acquired by one iri-  dividual  or company.   Royalty       'the  rate-   of   ten cents per   ton  nf  a.Ofi'j  pounds'    shall      be collcclcd   on   lhc  gross  output.  Quartz���������A free "miner's nerti'i'.cali* is  granted  upon  payment  in advance of  r$7.f)0   per   annum   Tor   an   imli'-'idiia!,  and  from   $50  to $Hif)  per ;itiiiuiii  Un  a company,  according  to capital/  A free ni.ncr, lmvin-r dLscovereil  iiiincral in place, may locale a cluin  1,-idO x l,5f)0 feet. The lee for re  cording  a claim   is   $.1.00  At least $100 must be expended **n  the claim each year or paid' tc������ tli'  mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $;''i" has l>een expended or paid, the  !(;(���������:, i ur may, upon having a survey  inailc, nnd upon complying with otlT"  ��������� ������������������ r--;<|iiiremcnts, purchase the land at  51   an acre.  The. patent provides for the'payment of a royalty of 2i per cent on  the sales.  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yearly. j ||  A free miner may obtain two leas- i j������  i if'1  es   to  dredge  for  gold   ot   five miles . gj  each  for a term  of twenty  years,  re-! j|  .new-able at thc descretion of  the Min-j |j  isrer of the Inferior. llbCOManOS.   D8SL.  |    The lessee shall, have  a dredge    io   p^    | operation  within one season from the ��������� ^   "-���������������������������_-.:     -���������-- ������������������  I date of the lease for each five-miles j |j  | Rental, $io per  annum  for each mile! j|  ���������of  river leased.    Royalty at the.rate j |j  of 2|  per  cent collected  on   the output  after  it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy   of the Minister  of  the In-  "trior.  I.DUNDEE���������  I  SKY  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and gcv d  Rooms  PORTLAND HOTEL.  DAVID HYNEF5,  Proprietor.  B ta.rd at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra  well  Stocked-  This Hotel  has    been  completely   '   renovated.  Board a������d lodging $1.00 per day.  HOTBL    PRETORIH  JOHNTt'A, Proprietor  !ar Supplied  with  the  Best   Wines, 1st Avenue :-: :-:  IiU(uors and Cigars.  Ladysmith B.C.  Best accommodation for   transient  ������.ud permanent boarders and lodgers.  RAND       HOTEL  HOTEL   DOMINION  E  umilt   & Nanaimo Railway  Holici^ys  Excursion Rates  In effect between all Stations  Tickets good from ^Friday, April 13,    to    Monday,   April   ICth.,   inclusive.  Special Train 5eryice  In Effect on  Good Friday and Easier Monday  Afternoon-! trains; leaving Ladysmith,   Noi thjoiind,   at 6:45   ���������>.  m.  Afternoon   trains  leaving  Ladysmith    South' ound  at 5:00 p.  m.  Regular trainvservice Saturday, '14th,  and  Sunday lath. -  G, lv. Courtney,  District Pessenger Agent  Ticket and  Freight Office,  75  Government Street:'  21  Transcontinental  1  This new Hotel has hecn comtort-  V*ly furnished and the bar is up-to-  i������te. Rates $1.00 a day and *p-  ������ >rds.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  "**������lanatf* '���������* ������������������: '���������������������������'��������� '������������������' T^raiaUit  ������  ���������THE JONES HOTEL I  ���������WHITE   ,t!OOK���������  and  ���������WHLT������   IiABO!t*=-  Einploycil Only  .   (Hall Block from Depot.)        .  1ATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  I eads Them    All  IiSIQUALLrY  -:o:-  R.P.R1THET,  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA. :���������: :-:   -   .���������: :���������B.C.  ���������Ratfi- *1.25 .iod$l.ri0���������  Fret'inn .to all atramboat landinge ard  rs-.il wny depots.     Ehiefrie carfi ?vi������ry 0  niii>iit������s to all parte of   tho eity  nnd .rablf-.unex celled.  Bh  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST.,   VANCOUVER  B, C.  Under Manajrment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  Jas. R. McKinnel  Proprietor.  Commercial Mens'  headimuvters..  'Modern and      Strictly First Cla������s  Fire Proof     Buildimj..  WANTED���������By Chicago . wholesale  house, special representative (man or  woman) fcr each province in'Canada.'  Salary $20 00 and expenses paid  weekly. Expense money advanced.  Business successful; position .permanent. . No investment required. Previous experience, not essential to en-  gaging- '���������"'���������.'  Address Manager, 132 Lake Street,  Chicago,  HI-,  U.S^A.  I  Trains Daily  Tlie New Train  O   RIENTAL LIMITED  The Train of  ICase,   Elegance,   Excellence.'  Eycry mile a picture, and  no smo'e to spoil .the view.  _ Through Comjiartmcnt, OlP  scrvation arid Pullman- Sleepers; also Through' Tourist  Cars to ' Chicago. ,,  At antic Steimttiip Bisuneu t7 Europe  is our Specialty'  Union     Terminals   with   all  Steamer lines.  Berth reservations by  wire!  Great Northern  S.S'.  Co.  FOR   JAPAN    AND  CHINA.  S. S. Minnesota    will    sail  from  Seattle,  April  29lh.  For  rates,   folders  and    full  information, *rall  on  or     address,    . ,  S. G: YERKES, i  A.G.P.A.,  Seattle, -Wash.  ���������Vi. R. STEPHEN,  Gen.  Agent, Victoria,  B.C.-  I  TICKET OFFICE  Cor. Government and Yates Sis.  VICTORIA, B   C  2  1  Trains daily  to St. Paul,  Minneapolis,  Dululh    and  East.  Trains-; daily     tn Denver,'  Oniuha, Kansas City,  St.  Louis     an.i    East      and  Southeast.  Atlantic Steamship Tickets on  sale to and from all European  Points  This  is the ONLY line       to'  YEI.LOWSTON 10 PARK.  Tourist sleepcis on_all trains  For particulars'call   on     or  write E. E. Blackwood, Clen-  eial  Agent,  Victoria,  B.C.  A.   D:     Charlton,   A.G.P.A.,  N.P.,   Poithuid, Ore.  ^/T **,  ^^^4-^^  h J HENRY S  Nir^lE:    QREEN-  HOUSEi AND SEfO  HOUSES  ItlO   Veatmlnstor Road,  VANCOUVER.  -Headquarters for   PACIFIC OROWN Qardca, field  ���������nd flower SEEDS  lot distrlbuttsa. ;  liarg.8/. stock of Home  Growt'FRUIT and ORNAMENTAL TREES  *i^ now matured for Spring;  No expense, less or delay of fumigation or ip-  siiectiefV^  Let rnie * rice your list'  before; placing your   order. Greennouse Plants, ���������.  Floral Parages, Fertilizers   etc.  30107 WeBtminster Road. '  VANCOUVER,  B. 0.  M_^%f-   A,  Are You  Qoingf East  Then b* sure your tickets read   Tli,  tho  """ 1  p(jmi  m  THeClTYMHRK6T  R. Williamson Prop  ���������St.-Avenue Ladysmith B.C.  ,r-l"hl������l'4-^*l*^*+-l-*l*'l-^-l-'l-*J-:-''"'i-!"I-:-I':-!'-l,-l*-'-*l'-I*'''''t''1''-"1''s"  ..������������������t,.;..t..I..t������i������j..t"I"H*  .**  ���������������  ���������ft  ���������f"  **5������  f  **  +  THE TYEE COPPER CO, Ltd.  | PURCHASERS  AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, GOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH,'    B. C.  HEAD OFFICE  DUNCANS STATION. CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  Vancouver Island, 8, G. General Manager.  4,^4..H.4"I"t++*H"f'I-'l"I-'H :��������� I-l-M"]"? ^+^*^;t^^������T'**f*f'-I-'*I-*++*+*l������'l'+'f'l'+*+  PAINTING,        PAPEkMANQINO  Work don*- properly and .at rlcrh ���������  prices. A /ui) line of Wall Paper,  and Painter's Sapplies Residence on  Roberta Street  J    E   SMITH.  Pn*  The only line now making UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS witb - the  through trains from the Pacine  Coast.1 ���������  THE     SHORTEST     LINE,  TH  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST:  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  '���������������������������'���������'���������;'���������  -BETWEEN ';'''���������..  MINNEAPOLIS, ST. PAUL, Cm  OAGO, OMAHA, KANSAS CITY  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask'-you  iocal agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General   /lf*ai<  7?(1 2nd Ave.. Seattla.  LADVSMITH' ������ VKRKV  CHOICE     CAKES v AND    PASTRY  ALWAYS    FRESH   ON  HANI)  Wedding.    Calica   >Iade   lo  Order  ITlUiTS    AND    CANDIES OF ALL  KINDS'.    fKESH    BREAD   EVERY   DAY  Prices    are     Very Reasonable.     All  Customers  are Treatod. Alike.  HOP  LEE * CO.  ON THE   iSPLANADE.  CMflnfflOTY  Manufacturers of the Famous  CUBAN BLOSSOri  None bu   Union Labor    Employed  n   I.   BOOTH. Prop  x3 ��������� ~r%-������  ml  s  1  ii mm, dat to.  Sole  Agents for B.C.  Cor, 5th. Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meal at any hour  Meals 35c. and Upward  SIHV.ES ..*. BATHS  Having tal^a��������� *ver the barbershop  Known as At Ladysmitli Shaving  Parlors, High St., I intend,'uy keep  ing competent workmen, te conduct  a /irst-class establishment, ind 10-  spectfully  solicit yOur patronage.  THOMAS LEWIS  ..n������ja em in .  Pianos and  Organs ..  ladysitith, B.C  NOTICE  The partnership existing between  C. I-I. Rumming and W. E. Rumming-  carrying on- business in. the. City 0f  Ladysmith, B. C, as manufacturers  of carbonated heverages, etc., under  the linn name of Rumming I'.ros., is  hereby dissolved. All outstanding  accounts must he paid to W. E. Rum  ming. Who will con Untie the busings  and pay all accounts against the firm  of Rumming Bros.  C  H.  RUMMING,  W. E.  RUMMING.  Dated at Ladysmith this 28th Day  of Feb., 1906.  I 'VHT-*- ^F-^pL-g-i-r-yy-r  rir������i2SKcss-^^ri=  THE DAILY LEDGER  BX^COMMISSIONER  ON LOG EXPORTING  i  The Morning's  Herald says:  Who will   win  in the   struggle     folic    saw logs.      Will they   stay    in  ,'ie  Province.      and   oe  made       into  'pod  Canadian     lumber     or        will  hey    go   on  down   to Puget   Sound  irid   bo   worked      up      for    Missour-  uns'.'     Mi1.    Kmerson  who, is      stop.  Jing  in   the  city,     says     that he   is  ���������i&'ht anUMr.   CJi-een, i.s    wrong.  Thai  Jils  logs     ,werc     cut,    boomed      and  'eady for  ex'pm't  under   the  old   law-  hat  uiuinestionablj      allowed      this  io       be  don������.      Under' the  law       a.s  low     amended,       the   Intent     is     1 <���������  Wevent   all   logs cut  from being ship  ied out  of   the    sountry     but  it is  ���������f it  retroactive.     Air.    Kmerson       is  i   irood   winner iu' law suits and will  ,' aLu,  if   be   looses,     a   good    looser  v.'     >  \ In conversation with a   Herald *.'i*p-  esentative     last   evening,    hc   laugh-  tigly sUU������J    that only   one out    of  flu-four engaged,   iu  lawsuits   looses  *s   one client  and both   lawyers     are.  *,ure to win,   as .it chances Mr. W.C.  ���������Yells,     late     commissioner    of land.-;  -ml   works,     and     who     now   repre-  *. f-  ^erits  thc     Golden    LiCg-islativo   District,     is   also   in  Nanaimo,    having  ���������ome  over  on the  Joan.    Mr. Wells,  vho hail  much experience    while    in  .he  oil'ice  of"     Chief     Commissioner  with timber  lands mid logging    was  isked   by  the    writer last     evening  vs- to  his   views*.     Mr.    Wells unhesi-  atingly   stated       that     hc   believed  hc  law  as   now  ar.ietvded     is  in the  liest   interests   of  the  province. While  fyhief    Commifisionpr   Wells   sent    a  nan to  Seattle     and  other       points  on tbe Sound, to find out. the  the further cross examination of  facts, whether- or not logs would  bring a price there that were not  saleable iu British Columbia. With  the exception of a class of cedar  for 3>"d class shingles, a class not.  cut i n British Columbia, there is  no demand for such logs. 'Every  buyvr expects to got some good -Iojjs  in bis purchase for other than "rd  class shingle limlx'r. 'These are  Mr.      Wells'   conclusions.   "���������**  Furl her, he thinUs that logs  worth as they are now in Vancouver, .*������9.00 per thousand, there is  market enought on this side of the  line. As to the law'point involved  Mr. Wells inclines to think that tin-  logs havioi; l*(vn cut and in the wit'  t.-r h< Tore the law was amende:',  piv\ inline; export-. that Mr. F.m-  pi-soii hns the legal right to ex-  port   his  logs.  Mr.' Kmerson leaves for Vancouver this morning nnd Mr. Wells  goes on'*o Victoria.,'-Mr. Wells, ]y  ing a stanch ' liberal,. thinks of  course that the McBridc govern-  ment will get their quietus .when  thc people can UKnin express themselves at the'poll1-. The Knien Island ' deal .was iiio-v than is goner  ally known nnd-at the-next session  this will be shown up in such  shape that no honest man can sun  port thc transaction. or have further confidence bra government  that      allows and arranges     such   a  deal.     One  that  is absolutely   indei-1  i , *  disable.  DISCUSSED QUESTION  OF PRESERVING NIAGARAS  Washington, April  sl-rancc against the  tions of .the International ,Waterways Commission regarding the  dnei'Sion of tbe water of Niagara  river at ihe falls of Niagara wns  filed with President Roosevelt today by .J. Horace .McKiirland,  President of the American Civic  Association, and Fiedfi'ick Dc-hcrard  of the Merchants' Association oi  Kew York. The commission re-.-on-  incn-l'-d that legislation bu cnactc-l  aiithorij'.iiig the diversion of t>.">,000  cubic feel, of water per second. Th--  remonstrance urges that the diversion of that amount ot water  woiiild have a disastrous effect on  the falls.'. The concluding paragraph says: -'ln view of the undoubted jiower of the United Stales  ������ver the Aia^ar? "��������� er,' as a iia.'-  igabli-       stream,    and  as  an     inter-  4.���������A  remon-   national     l.oi-ndary  is  recommeiida-   in the   opinion oa    Attorney  Briggs. i  "We respectful},)' as'c that the Secretary of War be instructed to interrupt a'- .substantially the pru-  present point    all developments      in���������  '   NOTICE.  NOTICE  is hereby given that I intend to apply at the next sitting  of the License Board of tlie City of  adysmilh     B.C., for a transfer of  the reta.il liquor license now held by  lully set forth me for the premises known astheLa-  (Jeneral dJrsinitn  Hotel,   situated  on   Lot  9,  Block 27, to Robt. Scott and-  Alex-  Co  Smith.  F.  W. MILLAR  by his atty. in fact,  MARGARET  A.   REII  Dated at Ladysmith the 10th day of  vohing   additional    diversion        and   ft[arch    ii)06  that the Secretary of State be ad  vised to bring this action to the  attint'ion of the Government of Great  Britain with it request for similar action on lis part pending ft  nal international adjustment of tlu  whole   question."  Althoiie-h I be President had ;'p'  proved the trecommendations of thc  commission in a message to con-  gTCh.s, he   regai'ded      the    lvmonst -  i a nee   as  imporinnt,     nnd     promisee  his  callers     to     refer     the      subject  If   the   Si'crel ary   of   Suite   nnd       to  the menvi'ors of this commiss on.  (4-I*>*M*>-H*4-*4**^^4**'^  I Union  Brewing  X NANAIMO    B. C.  f  j       Manufacturers of the ,  *������������������������������������  ST   BEER  t  RUSSIA HOLDS  THE UPPER HAND  l'ckin,  Chinese  April      5.- The        Russia-  ncg-oiiations     appear     to  iDOnlE  THRf ATENEO WITH  LITERARY  NEWS OP THE  DAY.  |\ Chicago, April 4.���������Tt was decided  today by Oversser Voliva, of /ion  jjty that in view of the  ntem!������-! return of .John Alexander  Dowie from Mexico, and Dowie's  declared intentiou of making a ugh*  against the action suspending,.Howie from olticc,' the present oversceiv  .���������hall be appointed receiver of the  .church of Zion and of all the pub  lie property standing in the name  lot'  the  Church.  v It was also asserted by the olli-  cers of YAon City, that if Bowie  returns and brings legal action ������.-  gainst the piesent oflicers of tho  church or attempts to oust th^m  they will cause his arrest and prosecution on I lie charge of inisus'-'  of funds. Voliva, acting under the  power of attorney he holds from  Do-wit* today filed in the oflice r><  the country recorder of Lake coun-  ry    an assignment    to Deacon   Alex-  (ancler   Ciraiigor    of   all   the    aiimilui-  Jties  and   bequests   that   have       been  ',made    lo    Dowie   and are. still      unpaid.  Cincinnati.'- April   4.���������Soon     after  his     return*   from    /ion     city       to-  I day     Deacon        W.    1).      Yerger.    of  Cincinnati,       filed a      deed    . foi  all i>ro*)crty   of the  Christian Catholic  church      of      25 ion   situated        ii  Cmcinnat,   i     transferring   'to      Alexander       Granger    Granger,   financial  agent:    The  deed was  signed-   by'���������!.  'Alexander-   Dowie,    by his ���������attorney  'Willbur 0.   Voliva.  ANOTHER^ ~"  GLANDER  CRUSADE  j The "Autobiography of Murk Rutherford" has "been recently translated into Bohemian.      In his intrddmc-  ARRESl i*',on to thc vol*w,*e> tue Bchomian'  (translator, says: "Mark Rutherford's writings arc always confessions; thc autobiography- may be rc-  garuM as ��������� the greatest confession  announced lhat has ������vcr. taken' literary_form."  It has always been rather confusing  to find, this famious "AuUMogi-u-  I'liy," which was ".published as fiction  have reached a dead-lock. At any  rate,' they are dragging along slowly. AI. rokotiloir, the ISussian  Minister     to   China,      and .T-.ng, the  D  Chinese coiiiiiiissioner appointed t o  negotiate the aggreement with ltuc  sia regarding northein Manchuria  have conferred only .two or three  times during the pa?:t month, Russia lias the upper hand l>ecatise she  holds ' nearly al' Lhe privileges she  contends for, while demanding that  China   oflieinlly  grant     them.        The  Chinese, on the contrary, were new  er so datermineil to withstand' all  foreign encroachments. Both parties are trying ��������� to keep the details  as secret as in the case with Uio  Chinese-Japanese treaty. On<"' bone  of contention is believed to be the  m hi ing and-'otlK-r concessions which  the Tarlm- General in Mnnchiiiia  gave to Russian corporal'urns and  which Russia .wants the Chinese  government lo ratify. The Chinese,  however, insist that their government never sanctioned these concessions, and that therefore I hey  are invalid.  Vancouver, April ���������!.���������Dr. Mouio.  the Dominion veteriimrian, is again  back from 'the Kast mid it is expected that the local crusade uguins'.  glanders will now be waged wilh  increased vigor. The officer attempt  ed to put. the horses of Mr. Itrooka  who is doing the excavation ���������for 'lhe  new post ollice building, in ipiara i  tine, on Monday, but the owner  dolled him. staling lhat he'had alien dy (piaruut iiied his animals  once and would not subnut. to tin.*  hardship ngain. "'5.  The rene^yul ,pf the crusade i.s eaiw  ing many \\T)jj|e animals were con  demnerl in the former slaughter to  wonder when they are to receive  th������ money* from 'the v. govern men I  for the condemned animals. * Mr.  Rose of the Fashion 'St.nbU-s stated  this morning he had six horses  taken from his stables and he had  not received a penny in compensation- Another man who i.s in  close touch w-ilh those affected hy  the crusade said this delay of the  government, in forwarding the compensation was being complained of  from all rpinrters and some men  were in bnd plight, because of the.  negligence.  and which is only autobiography for  the- reader with eyes to soe,���������it has  always heen confusing ,to find ii class  od in oiofiiapKy in the city literary  catalogues. ��������� The Bohemian translator hits upon the more, accurate term  when  hc calls  it  a confession."  A very -strange 'tutolni<>gra1'oy is  aiiiiou-noeil foi immediate publication  in England. It- is to tie called  "thick Wlialcy's alemoiis," and will  to1, or the ad ventures of Thomas Whale}' ,oii' a journey from ' Dublin to  .Jerusalem and return, in the closing  \c.iis of the 18th century. Whaler  was a '(|uecr Irishman, who died in  lSuft at the early age of S-l after a  career of gambling dissoluteness and  extraordinary feats of travel. The  ���������Jerusalem Journey was made to win  a bet that hc could travel there and  !>ack to Dublin in two years. Re  won the wager and was the richer  thereby to tlie amount of fifteen  thousand pounds. 11 is. memoirs were  written shortly after, when the inon-  c> was gcius and he was reduced to locals"lo"line up against the. visitors  his vUt.il uoterty. They contain in Uicv shouUl bc in fTati class coluli.  detail the whole of this extraordin- lion Regular practice will com-  ary journey. An interesting and 1110licsc ^i"Ulin a WCek's time, and  valuable leaturo of his account of MlH.tger Wille ii.tands hoaj.ingi all who  the Holy city is his rccwrdof rtl.e wisll l f(.c ,jlaCt.s at.thi:it dl-in fl-om  inscriptions which^ he copied from"��������� the' start. ������������������'"���������'  stones and slabs.   Some'-of tlie    ori-'. -1( 'is ann;)ll.iced .  that ncpoiidtions'  SPORT  BARERALL���������  The Victoria Times says: AxS basc-  i.jAll seems \tery popular tJiis sra-  son, tha F'eiiiiw-ood Athletic Association intend having a much stronger  team than last. year. , It is their, intention to play teams from Vancouver, Westminster and the Sound.  All the old players have, decided to  stay together. They won the cham-  ���������pionsh p of British Colunnhia last  year. Regular practices will commence immediately. There will ihe a  meeting in the club rooms on Thursday r-'.-enini to arrange tlie minor  details re-card ing practices,  etc.  As prciiously mwitioiud in these  columns, it has been decided that, two  match shall ������<t"'3 place/luH-nig the  2-ltli of May celci/ral-ions. Ihey will  be played between the Victoria Amateur nine and the I'lmcrsity of Wash  ington team on the aft*moon of  Thinsday and Friday at tlie Oak  Bay grounds. This is thc present  air.uigcmcnls, Manager Wille having  recei.cd a comnuinicatkn from the  University asking for games on the  dates mcutid* d, It is understood  that he has already forwarded a re-  jily accepting the proposal. By thc  time it  becomes    necessary   for     thc  \ true story t'jlls of how a parrot  protected her owner's home from  burglars. The thieves entered throu-  ph one'of the front windows, crept.  through the, hall past the bird, and  began opening thc sideboard *v which  the sjlvcr was kept. One of them had  gathered up the costly Turkish rtigts  nn ihe door when Polly spoke out-  'Is that you; Frank-.*'' she asked.  Vtie burglars      stopped, and Polly  repeated the fjicstion in a louden- and  more imperative  key.    By this time  Hie noise had 'awaKcned  the master.  He grasped a revolver  and  made for  the head of the     stairs. There      he  presided an  electric, button on      tbe  frail and  lit the lights  in the hall.  Three     men   wore just  thep opening  the door.   On getting down stairs the  master of the house found thc parrot  in  hcr cage,  which  was upset,     but  uninjured.    He placed her right  side  Dp  on the piano,   when she lifted  her  frightened head   from  under hcr wing  and     asked   og-.iin:    "Is    that you,  Frank?"  In   British Columbia  Lager Beer    and Porter      Guaranteed  Brew  Y   edfrom the Best Canadian  Malt   Run   Hops  4 ���������^H������4^H'^'h**>-v4*-!������>^4^..>.l-H'**I*  ���������i������4-:-4*4-h**:"  I LAD/SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,     ORGANS    ANDHOUSEHOLD     KCKNITURF  ED PROMPTLY  A ND  SAFELY.  MOV-  Stables in the rear of the Lad ysmith hotel.  Abbot* ford.  Leave orders &t  nan i  th<*  A. J.:WASKET, PROP  M4+-4-+4-4+44 +44 4 + 4 + 44 4.444.44��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 4 ������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������  GENERAL BLACKSMITH SHOP  Miners' Drilling Machines  MADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED   AT   SHORT  NOTICE.  SHARPENED  BY  US      ALWAYS    UTVE  SATISFACTION.   PICKS HANDLED A ND REPAIRED   DRILLS  -S II I P S M I T H I N rT    IN      V L L   ITS    B R A N C HKS  fiorseshoers and Genera! Blacksmillis.  R. WRIGHT  Buller Street   -      -    -     -  Ladysmith, b C  ***9X9X������X9X9X9X9X9X9X9X9X9X*X9X������X9X9X9X9X*X*  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS  WORK   A SPECIALTY.'  DAVID JOHNSON  |PHONE 66 LAfJYSttlT  3  1  ������  ������  ������  t  *������  ginals of th:.se have been destroyed  by the ���������"������������������ Greek Church, " Fac-sliuiles  will be given in the '.volume. There  were. two coiiies of tl������3 MSS of the  iiook, but they, both disappeared and  were sup,posod to be entirely h.sL;  tint by accident one copy came into  the possession ."or Sir 1*1 Sullivan,  who is' editing", it. '''.Thus a -century ehes  after its writing, "Huck Whaley'i- ,'  Memoirs" will first sec the 'light of  d.ix.    ���������  are in progress "with-the University  of Willamette for a game somewhat  earlier, in the ssasen than (hose referred'to. The idea is to .have that  'institution's' nine come here oii the  l.2t'h of May. pliiying Die opening  game an.'.l pi in.;' the locals some  ji'ractice before   the  celebration- mat-  Mr.  Eveleieh Nash is a young   and  very  enterpris'iig    English  publisher,   L.y   here, last year,  as  n0tic    <>f  \vlir. has come    to   the  front   within   ,,'inc could'hit' (0  the bleachers,  the last two years.     A  boo'.c bcarin  ON' THE.SIDE.  Hit by  a   battel'hall,  a     Chicago  looler    has  just  been  awaixiod  $W>,-  000     daniagcK.       There  wasn't any  th.iiiee of picking  up that much nwn-  thc  nine could  I  bis i-m-ptint i.s coming out this month j Across Cue shirt or every memta  to lie called "In the Days of the ���������f (he Atlnnta HaseUill Club this  Dandies," written i,y the laic Lord ytv,,- the Utters "Atlanta, 11110"  I amingtcn. The .vithor belonged to will l:e priulid in large tvpc This i.s  the famous "Young England" party, (() iet ,]H, rc01.lc Lnow'that AManta  and. had ..special opportunities fur i��������� t.ha(, year will hold a big cxposi-  .-.t'ldying the dandyism which immi-: Ci1   (,i0n.  social and political life in Knglaiiil j '1 he work of Kooi-ball rctonn in the  :n the'early niiieteeii.tb century. li���������ito.l Stales may get so far ad-  ���������Thcreis an .introduction by Sir Iter- vw'.ced that loams can Plav the^ame  bert Max-well, bud, thc book is sure bv cable, crn as chess is "played tool" its jmi.1jI.ic on the strength ���������f its ',iay. At any rale, the marking out  own subject without any such aid.     j0r   lhe  Held   is  a   step   in  the     right  ' dirc'-tien.  The death of Bartlett,  compiler of   EOOTBA'LL���������  that     familiar; and   invaluable    b<>oK', j    New Yor"-,   April    3.���������The   Pilgrim  "Eauriliar  Quotat.ious,"  recalls     the   Association-  foo-U all  te.-m    of     Kng-,  story  of Uii! woman  who said     that   land   will,   it   is   del'nutely  ai.noimcwl '  narllot-t    was   her  favorite     author,   io-dav,   v sit   America   n-xt  fall   an 1 '  because he wrole the best poetry and   plav a  series    <.f mal.ciie.t    '       "      '  tlio, best epigivainmatie jircse of   anv   Yoi-v, H, st* n  Patience���������Didn't/    they      aiUertise  that you  could   sleep under,   blanl.ets  up  on.tlie  mounl-ains where you went  Patrice���������Yes;   but  the   trouble was  they didn't .have any blankets.  ��������� o   Doctor (lo Mrs. PfCiJis, whose  husb-ind is ill)���������J las he had any lucid   intervals?  Mrs!    Perkins   (with  dignity)���������E's  'ad nothing except what you ordeied  doctor.  vilWP QUICKLY* KNOCKED OUT.  "Some weeks ago, (Hiring the severe winter weather both my wife  and -myself ��������� contracted' severe colds  which speedily (Id eloped into the  worst kiii'.l oi la grippe with all its  miserable syniltoms," writes Mr, J.  .���������j. Egleslon, of Al-aple Landing, Iowa. "Knees aud joints aching,'  and nose ruii-fiing, with alternate  -.���������pells of chills aiwl fe������������������(!'. We began  using (ihaiul:crlain's C'ougJi Remedy,  nidino- lhe same with a double dose  :.f Chanvbeiiain's Stomach and Liver  Tablets, and by -its liberal use soon  cotn-plcloly .. kaioc'-oil c������.t the grip."  So'd by Lad)smith Pharmacy.   A~i<'AVORrn-: rivMiouy for jsai  p.ii-:s  It's pleasant taste and prompt  cures'have made Chain,! rrlaiirs Cough  Ih'inedy a favorite .with Hie mothers  of small children. lt. quickly cures  their coughs and'colds and prevents  ai.y danger or pneumonia or oilier  serines consequences. It not. only  cures croup, hut when given as soon  as tli ��������� croupy cough appears will pre  vent   lhe attack. For  sale  by  La  jd\smith Pharmacy.  LEDGER  Office  1st Avenue  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wj)l an! iiri fir 5 lis  SEE J.   KEMP.  OR LEAVE    ORDERS- WITH  - W. CARTER,-  riRRT   AVENUE  PHONE      6 O  W. SILER.  GENERAL hXPRESS AND  DELIVERY  WORK TROMPTLY   Pi  Leave orders at the Abhotsford.  J.PIERCY&GO.  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND .  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER WO?KS  Consumers are requested to call at   the office     on  Roberts   Street at!ri  pay Water     Rates,  between the 10th   and the 23th or each mnith.  Office Hours I P. M. 4.30  T, I BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  modern  writer.  Mother-Oh, Frcddv, did you lick  your little brother? .  Freddy-Yen 'in, but I told him it  hurt mc worse'n it did him.  in     New  Philadelphia,    Detroit,  Pittsburg,  Chicago and   St.   Louis.  According to jir<*K<eut plans, the  team will leave England on August  11 Hi for Canada, where it will play  in Toronto, AtcJitreivl, Ottawa, Quebec anil other cities.  EXCELLENT  Train Service  BETWEEN  MONTREAL, QUE3EG,  IBM?   UMUIUll)  . And tho Principal Biislnoaa Centers of  Ontario, Quebec, and the|  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFfALO, NEW YORK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS.  For Time Tnbles, etc., mlilross  CEO. W. VAUX,  AsalBtont Gen'l PusaeHKav ������ud Ticket Agent, j  133  ADAMS  St.. CHICAGO, ILL.  WHOLESALE DRY GOODS  VICTORIA, 3. C.  NOTICE  From      this  date  the  undersigned  will  not be  responsible ioi  any  in  debtcdness      incurred except on      ������  rwritten order signed by the secretary  Rowland  Machin.  V.   I.  EXPLORATION & DEVEL  OPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria. B. C. Ma** 18th. 1������0i  HAY, GRAIN and  ' FARM PRODUtf  Orders will he delivered anyw*herr  in the city promptly and at the lo v  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christle'i, o������ ti*  Eiplanadi.  James Warnock  Public Notice  Attention is called to the   fact that thi  Ogiivie Flour riills Co,   Limited  makers of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     have for some slnn  past heen producing floir in a   Tastly  improved and p������rlfl ������������������'  form  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and  having secured control ot    all the basic patents relating ther^  to, take this opportunity of a drising  the  public   that  any  prized users of the electrical   flour purifying processes  will **e prosecuted.  Ogiivie Flour Mills Company Ijtmitai  are +ha    oaly    millers ia Oaa*d*  whoso   Flour  is purified by the Electric Process  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual  subjects  taught;  also      languages ,.  drawing  in  pencil  and cr&y-  ons, paint ng  in oils and water  colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons giv  en in classes or individually.  MISS  BERTRAM,  Ladysmith,  B   (j.  Dr. R. B. Diei  Sargeon Dentist  All -work suaranteed, aud at rca.su  -j,        able rates.  ^RESIDENCE AND OFFICE  Gatacre St. Ladysmith  OP������N 'AX iJ--L HOURS.  Ladysmith Temple No. 5   R,i-  Sisters meets at the Oddfellows   1 ,.11  2nd  and   4th  Tuesday   at  ',...    ;. a.  Mrs.  Kate Tate secretary.  UNITED ANCIENT  ORDER OF  DRUIDS ..  Wellington Grove No.  4 U.   A. 0.  1>  Meets in the 1' 0 O .V\ Hall, 1 .���������>  ilysmith, the Second and Fourth  Hednesdays of each month, commencing Wednesday. 13th..  1905.  Visiting Druids are invited to attend.  By' Order.  WM   RAFTER, Reef Secty.  PATRICK BURK, N. A.  *~-*-,,, Tfh'iiiin  mmmMmmmm j^^^^t!^*SSiS!5?SS!  ,1!  J  .??<  <T .  THE    DAILY    I.BD^FR  Local Items  t   ,FQ-R sale  Twelve Head of Cov!^ and  Milk Route. Apply P. 0.  Box oo.  MANTED-Any  person  having  fIirnI.  tuie  or  cooking stove t0 sell  ply   "x,"   general  delivery     before  ���������������  I>-m., April,  3rd.  Did   WINTER  GOLD  OUTPIT   FOR   TANA NA  ap-  Smoke Little B. Cigars.  -Mr-   Jas.   Adam  short visit  to   N  Carl M. Johnson Tells of thc Work  in Fiiirhanl-s for the Year.  "Alining has been \cry active n tne  Fa'rbianKs country all winter, .*-���������'  the gold production for the winl.T  operations will he thc nc.i*.ie*.t ib,.  the district has e\er kno.vn. \\ .tli  lhe openim*; of navigation t'���������-��������������������������� M������ i"|r  operations will be incr-as-l, and  l<)ui; will witness the ������reatcst mining development in the Fair! anks'  district that has been hnowu in Alas-  'lhe above statement    was made in  an interview    in Seattle  the    other  ������������������������������* down  French S^ ,-^ by Car- M. Joh-nson, a   mininj  'opciator and lumicr manufacl.i ;i of  Fair,-aii's. Mr. Johanson o*:c-r.il "-" a  \c*ry larjc mill at Fairbanks and one'  (,,,'cicary creek,  supplying' a     s.eat  laid leadin-r  A    sidewalk-   is bej,1������r  from Firs(, Av  towards (Jie  Colliery office todav.  returned from    a  anaimo  this mornin  I*1-  Richardson  N.maimo  at  noon  was a passenger   (0  ft 'j.ait  ot the timber that is   us*-1     ���������������  J lhe mininj;  in  the Tanana uislric.  .'The latest information shut 1 have  C.ywnef,s-fi for 0,1C n0lIar.   s,  "������los  2^    -Monday,  April  9th.  . l.ccivcd  fiom  FairhaiiK.s,     .,ai 1     ->������������������  .lohanscn,   \i-s   to   the  cftcc!  that the  ��������� winter   clcan-up   will   i>e even   hirircr  (amp   than the pievious estimates made  by  last ,|,v    ������,,,���������    , "-;  '���������'}''i,  m'  ih<-'   operators.     I   believe   that-  *l.V0'i.  ���������     rtt"encli, 1lic photographer,   (uiil  will   prove   to be  a .'ons;i������ ati.c  ���������������-���������"'      '<-slimate for  the ir.ohl  pio lu.-.i.m     oi    {the FairbauKs country  this yeir.  "ea������I  (he ad vert,'seme, t 0f    Ifarrr I    "I~'*>ok    for  a l",ose ,,ICC  ���������������elw,-cn  K*y  apiirarinir  ia  t,lis  ,S(.(ip        '    ���������    Ksl|,cr  and Fairban's crecU ror scl-  __ , ' ouil  place  in   tic creels  of   tin   <���������'<*-  Pannell &  Pl^i-mrc     , ' 1 rict    this    sumim-r.     Fairl a'H s has  on this ,)Vf_ '   ���������������,    S a"'  "WKiarin-r   alw;ns    ra,ibcd next to Clcary,    biM  iatS ^J*'"-- as a fi0W  producer, a*l  if  the same  Mr 'h    \,f,r-         x nice is  l'ept,    that    has been es lab-  mo at noon  toSav       "*' f������ ^"^  ]ixhc(l    ������" l1" cm* for th������   wlnU'r  _>-    , (work, during the cisiing summer the  .     '     !*elati\c    .pos tions of the two camps  I here being    ,,0 Work ,n 1h<J. ^.^ i^.,, ,)C revi.rfied.  '-   *J',     sonn2  of the energetic vouno-      "Dome cieek is coming  men  who -li'^ *-,  1.^     , joung  ed'the   tim-  -     ���������" "^ cm",������-'-  ���������J ho    IT      .      ^    'n-    P,ayin������    1,a"'������'*lH  the Esplanade  court.  G  on  l������e usual fortnightly dance of lhe  t>ty Rand, which was-postponed last  week wiill uvc place on SaturdaV|  tl,e   /th  ������'sl-  starting at 8 ���������.m.   ' '  tli-3.  ell   wfl       n th��������� CUy  1,U11'   lhfiM������������-  ���������-"I   will   hold   a   social   meeting     ,0  discuss  matters   relating to  tho    in  tmiiction  of  a   by-laW  for    electric  up as a  told producer, and I look for great  results fiom this section this  year."  NINE PRISONERS  TOR  STATE  PENITENTIARY  .Seattle*���������Penitentiary guards A. 15.  Est"brook and George Charlotte left  L.st night with a party of nine pi is,-  oneis, who will l.e placed in thc  state institution -to serve sentences  ivnging .from one to twenty years,  'i hey arrived yes lei day with a pri**-  oii.'3r,'Fergi son, from** Mt. Vernon  1 barge  for murder in the  second degree.  As the days Grow Warmer  I the Demand for WASH SUITS ���������  I become Stronger- We'va the  1 kind that a Dip in the Tub wiiI  | Brighten and make appear as  I Fresh add New as ever- They  1 come in���������  Satlor -fuifs  Euster Brown Suits  Risfian   BLuse SuKs  Prices Range From  25 to 2.00  AM  We have the most beautiful Pattern Hats in town. This is a broad  Stafenent, but if you doubt it, visit  us anil ik convinced of correctness  of our lityles-----"          We Have an Up to Date Assortment of House Furnishings and  Our Prices .'Will Compare Favorably With Victoria or Vancouver  Houses  M- L- MASTERS  Nanaimo's  Leading  Milliner.    Commercial St.,     NANAIMO,  B.  C.  Next door to Jas. Hirst���������Our Grocer.  Every Ladysmith lady spendinfj $5.00 will have her  tare returned to her  ���������BBHBBBHBBBKS^EiefBgELasaSS  T0-DAY!  LACE CURTAINS  LINOLEUMS  HEARTH RUGS  MATTING  PICNIC HAMS    ?. 18c. Lb.  SPICED ROLLED BACON [Sc. LB  BACKS     20c.  LB  = TO=MORROW=  Walter* &  Akenhead  Young Veal, Beef,  Alutton,   and   Pork  pan n ellT&T Flasket  - r  '     S.S.  Iroquois   M-as in at the  ,tlns afternoon.  whnrf  (The Herald.)  sign Airrrt-LKs.  rtnli'h .Johnson and Sine Swan-  son met lust night in (he ALh-  Jefc elm, ondsiffucfl articles for a  wrcsUing-  ���������la,,h     lo tab0    p|ac.(i     ^  Lhc  club   arena      0,1   Sntui-dnv  ni-ht  April     oisl,     for  n   S1W     s,de \l!.  -nod  80  pur cent   or'    the {rate  ccipts,   winner   t.)     take  cent  and   loser        <2r>.  is   to  ho   at   LIZ  ijoim.ls  weigh  jn   at     rinarside  to be  picked    at the  ringside   r>oli  C.'azette   rules  tiers   down  "Each   man  CAUGHT  COLD WII1LK  IiUNTING  A BURGLAR.  Mr.  Win.  Tlios.    Lmiorgan,   provincial   Constable at  Chaldean, Ontario,  s>,us:   "I caught a  *^vcrc cold   while  liniitiiig    a    burglar    in    the     forest  in   swamp last   fall.     Hearing of Chain-  He will serve twe-ty  jears l|h(.,1-]aill.s  CouRh  Remedy,  1 tried   it,  ,    ..... .  ,       r        .,     r      .    ,  ;,   <'uid aflor using  two small bottles," 1  I     the men taken from the countv jail '  are  A.  Ru.ier,  two   Jcais for assault .was  completely  cured."  This  remedy  v������ith a iieadly    weapon,  CUailos    1).   is  intended (s.'ecially  for coughs and  Ti-lley,     one year  fcr  larciiiy     from   colds.     i\t   will  loosm ,,ii(l iolieve   a  the jMyrson;  S. McCainhridge,     ������f\������-v ^severe cold   in  less liine--,than l������y nny  \; ars for ,burg.l.-ry, Frank r-������������������>���������, sc-.- 'other    treatir.e.it   an.l  is   a   ,fa\o.a'o  en  years  for burglary;   l-'ian'*  ConeM, 'whcrc.er its siiipeiior   escellcricc   i'^'S  o io year  for burglary:   -low I,a\elle.   become'Known        For sale by   t.-K'y-  trn,ycar-s for rolnLery; John Crovitch,   smith  Phanracy.  Ilirec    years    for   larceny  from     the  i;':son,   and   John  Peterson,   ."*   years  Pi r burglary.  I wish to notify \\\y customers  that in future I shall   bc a  few minutes late in getting  'my "COLONIST" off the  train On Sunday and respectfully ask them to wait  fcr me. I shall have pi cut}'  ' to supply all.  J, .4   KNIGHT   -  KNIGHTS' BOOKSTORE  ^   The AValko'.cr Shoes for men,  [/;) Y~i at Ulair &   Admn  We will  be pleased to show you  these Goods  SIM(t\ LEISER & CO. Ltd.  GATACRE. ST  LADYSMITH  Lad.vsmilh Tojnjile No. 5, Ratlil.one  Sisters, intend giving a supper aiid  dance on the night of Easter . Monday,  April   ICtii. -     st".  Dr.   Dier can  bc  louHd at any tn  at his ofljcc on Gatacre st.  His   de-*  ral   work   is  giarantcod  to  be fir1-'  class and rates reasonable *l  re-  75 pn-  The iiinldi  men      t()  and    i-cferce  .0  frov<������rn.   two   shoul-  <o   constitute     a       fall  put   up     a  s.-,0     deposit  last   ni-ht   the      boJnnco     to   ho   r���������n  tip  the   nisKt   before the match.  On (he Caledonian grounds th,'.  afternoon the Dry Goods and Cr.,  tors' teams will play thojr third  and deciding- game of Association football, after which the iicnv-  ery team and the High .School  Boys %. ill meet and play off hoi  Thursday's draw.  Ihe steamer Loolnnaw arrived at  Union TJay \oslerilay from Seaith-  for  a  cargo   of   coal   for ftkatrway.  The British ship Iverncss arrived at Chemainus yesterday to load  a cargo of lumber for South America.  J'rince Arthur   and   party      spent  Tucdrt.x hum my      for         mount.un  she-p   on Cit-Mi-   mountain     \       I'm ���������  hjjei i'lien iv.is   scciind      h\          Mi  .Laiiin.*.-on.  Smoke Big I?. Cigais  After Mouseclean'ng  You May Need a Nice Pair of���������  LACE  CURTAINS  We Ila c them,  and   Heaulios,' tco.      Puces   lian^in^ from���������  75 Cents to $3.50 a Pair  RINGS BROOCHES  WATCHES PICTURES  BOOKS       FOUNTAIN PENS  I  We will give'you'the . bove articles if you  return us  VA/hlte^  S\A/on  Soap  iA/rappers"  Some nice Patterns in Curtain Muslin with cr without Friils  China and Jap Matting from 15c. Yd.  White Marsailies Quills at $2 50 Each  White. Honeyconb Quilts at $1.25  B, C, SOU  VICTORIA  WtiG. Fraser  Merchant Tailor,  (ist Avenue) j  Spring Stock on hand. Call early an  get your choice  ^**^^M^^^^^^^^^^N^^^^^/^^V^A^^SAV^^W^;  STOVFS!  STOVf S!  We  are makinjr HEATERS and RANGES ol" the Laics! Styles  ' and Newest Patterus  ' ��������� We do all kinds of  ,' Foundry and Repair Work���������Nickel Plating  in all its branches, a Specialty  lAOY-SMIM IRON & SIQVE WuRIU~Co.l5  Phone 53 " ��������� -  -" -  - . ��������� ._-...     P. O..Box 42, ������  wj^Sfcaa-^^Ei^iiicSK^i^rii^'^jras*^^  Sttair & Mam  si&vSBSiJS- i!ie3P?  i      i i I    H I'miii  See  l':e time, t a-s.-lc of  Railway  f( r   the   K'ast.er  'anoth.'ir  pn.^e.  e   V.. k  N.  liolida\.s    oa  'lhc iinder.sijriied "desucs to express  Ins than! s to his , La,d\smit.li irii-nds  fcr their kindnce-s in selling tickets  for lu's graiuoplione drawing benefit,  which lately took place at-Nanaimo.  ELLIS   DAVIS.  ^^SMmtmEas^ss3ss^sss^s-as^sasnss&  FfilDAY, APRIL 6th  PUBLIC HOLJDAY  Monster Parade 3 p.m  Vancouver, ;Past,  Present and   Prospective  Mass Meeting in the Evening  Speeches,   Spites and Music  Out Plumbing and Tiasmithing Dept,  is now under the management of  /V\r. \A/m. Spence,  A Thorougly Competent Man  liHIIIfi and II   Don* at   Reason ble Prices  J. ANDERSON  I^cavc orders  aj  Peterson's  Furn  tore.store, oi  telephone Ne.  S3.  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby give* fcliat I  intend to ai:������ply at the next sitting of  the License Board of the city of Ladysmith B.C. for a transfer of the retail  liquor- license, now held  by mc  for the premises known as the New  Western  llotel,   situated on Lot   ������I,  Block 28, to John. Mcnghini.  atty     D. H. DAVIS.  Dated at Ladysmith this 15th day of  March,  1906.  After this date the price for hrca  delivered at my Customers' house  will be FIVE CENTS per loaf- <i  loaves, for a dollar. My read ,  guaranteed      the best inacfe.       Sholj  run    by     white help    should recoil  white puopies'   ��������� patronage so long \  they are    properly conducted. 1 s������  licit a trial as your Baker.  C.  R. DOCILE. ���������--  THE WELLINGTON BAKERY '   o���������r   Smoke Little B. Cigars.  I have just received a shipment c  Hills High Grade  _ ENGLISH TOBACCOS  OGARL11FS  The ladvsmith Hardware Co. Ltd  ass^^fiteessssssssafissitsa  LADYSMITH HOTEL   BAR  Having ta*ten over the bar-room of  the above hotel, we intend to run a  first-class, up-to-date establishment,  and in soliciting the patronage of  our friends a������<i the public in general,  we guarivitee good  treatment   to all.  at  .he   DRUGSTORE  R. -Scott  A.  Proprietors.  nn.a SIMPS0I  Solicitor.   EU.  Money  to   loan  1st.  Avfmi?  -  URVSrVIH  SPECIAL RATES ON ALL L  loo,ooo CLUB  We   should   like  to   slunv   you     our  lai'g-e  assortment of  v'  \AJe~W Pape rs  Hanging  in   price   from  ioc.  Double Roil and   Up  Tiiey   are   the  very   latest  in    Wall  'and  Ceiling   Decorations.    Just  from  ��������� the factory.     Over ten thousand rolls  j to choose from.  ' Wc also  carry     a  Inrg-e range of���������'���������  Viirnisiies, Varnish Stains,  Paints, Oils, Brushes and  Window Glass I  In   fact,   everything   to  Beautify    the  ���������Home,   at��������� _  H.-KAY'S-  WALL PAPER  DEPOT  SPEGIAL  JUST  RECEIVED   A   SHIPMENT     OK   THE   LATEST STYLES.  ���������IN   BRACfLFJS, LOCKtTS, CHAINS, Solid Gold and  fold Filled Brooches, Etc  The Designs are Very Attractive���������No trouble to  show Goods  Call  o.ncl "S^e*  THerm  Notice  A. HOWE, .of,CHEMAiNUS, has opened the MEAT-  MARKET latelyj  run  by W. Ward, on Roberts,������tree1  WITH A fULLLINE OF FIRST GLASS MEATS  j PORK AND SAUSAGE A SPECIALTY  A Trial Soiicitd  A.     HOWE, 'PHONE'20.  B. FORCIMHER  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER,  OPTICIAN  First Avenue,   XX   X      Ladysmitli,    B.C  The Conneticut schobima'am is a' ped with a helpful smile. As af  numerous article. She's always di-j rule she's underpaid and thinks she's;  tertaining  and  sometimes  handsome,   ovcrv.-ort.td. If she loves  children"  She's vivacious, intelligent, alert and j and  undtrstands. them she's  a queen :  is capable  of supplying her share   of . and her sway     becomes a benevolent  despotism.     At her  best she's a be**  i  nign  inilueiiccr-at  her  worst,  but aha  the  conversation. She's  generally  cheerful,     usually creates a sunshiny  atmosphere,  and ordinarily is  etjuip-  ccver is- at her worst.


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