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The Daily Ledger Apr 18, 1905

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 rjUSp**?1*.******  V -   ���������  trntmBSBtm  DUNCANS-,*  LADSYfllTH  LADYSMITH  ';^ DUNCANS!  V..-S.I  i   {,  -rr-  ���������_jZ-  VOL. 2,  r  TUESDAY, APRIL 18tU, 1905.  BILL ISSUED  coikI Pacific squadron at Kannanh hay-  on the coast oi French Cochin-China,  the Jiji&himp declares that the  js������j  of the island of Madagascar by    the  Russian squadron was a direct    md  prolonged  violation- of the  principle  of neutrality, but on account of   the  i distance'Japan in  that instance   -.m-  ply_   lodged a protest.   The papers,  however,  insist  that Russia' is",now  using     Kamranh Bay as a base tor  protection;     against their opponent.,  and says she intends to use it as  .he  point for effecting a junction with the  1 remaining division of the squadron.  If tire use of Kamranh Bay is continued the paper says Japan must',ie-  gard its neutrality as completely ignored  and site will not be obliged to  respect its neutrality/ Violations of  neutrality  in  distant ports are .tot-  important,      but .when close ,to the  scene" of war, it is impossible   ~ to"  view" them- with  the same leniency.  -The    Jiki      Shrimp further declares  France is lending  the Russian-efficient assistance, thus actually joining '  .issue with Russia agfeinst Japan, and  the government of. France will now  decisively act.  A Paris despatch says: The French  government  has  taken every precaution to secure the observation '- . yt  neutrality in French waters in Indo-  Chinia.    Instructions  have  been  sent  to AI.  Beau,  governor-general of In-  do China, calling his attention to the  regulations concerning the observa ������co  of neutrality issued at .the outset of  war.    These are identical   with  thp  nculialit^ rules in force during   tie  Spanish-American war.   It is believed  that Admiral Dekonquicres(  ;om-'  mander of the French naval forces at  Saigon)   is  proceeding  to  Karharnh  Bay (where part, of .the Russian   <*c-  ond Pacific squadron have been >eei)  and is following  the  governor-general's instructions... :  > "Manila, April  18.���������Unknown steamers have anchored  in  Lingayen Bay,  Islandcf   <��������� Luzon,   about   300   miles  north of Manila Bay. " -,  WHY   WITTE RESIGNED.  . St.' Petersburg, April 18.���������The intrigue which resulted in the downfall  of the peasant commission, presided  over by .AI. Wittc (president of the  committee of ministers) presented a  communication  to the Emperor     ��������� f  Provides For Severe Penal  ty For American Vessels  i Disobeying  that it is  now necessary  to notify  CUeati     Britain and other countries,  according to Hie terms of the Anglo-  Japan  Alliance. --'..-  Protests,   the  paper asserts,     arc   strong words used by AI. Wittc, it a  jaWKivailing.    The time for action has   meeting of the commission, in which,,  ' urging the" necessary .expedient, ' he  declared"that- if something .was lot  accomplished soon, the peasant move-  Must Not be Found Within  Three Miles of Newfoundland With Bait  (Associated Press Despatches.)  St.   Johns, Nfld., Apiil 18���������    ihe  upper bouse of the Colonial legislature has  issued Premier  Bond's  bill  excluding American fishermen    from  Newfoundland  waters.   The  bill  provides  that  American  fishing  vessels  found      within    three miles  of   tie  coast of     Newfoundland with  wait,  supplies or outfit purchased  at any  port on the island will be,seized '.ad  forfeited, together with theiricafgoesj  The bill was amended so as to permit the suspension of its  operation  at the discretion of the government.  The .governor's ass?nt to the bill is  expected before the end of .the week,  permitting the enforcement of     the  new' Jaw.   = p :   WILL SEND ICE-CRUSHER.  Cleveland, Ohio, April 18.���������At    a'  meeting of local'vessel men  yesterday  it  was decided  to-send, an  ice-  crusher to the boats which are fast  in the ice between,Point Iroquois and ���������  Whitefish  Point.    President  Coulby,  of  the Pittsburg Steamship     Company, sent a despatch to Captain Bof  yiiton at Stagnace instructing} him to  have  the  ice-crusher  steamer   Algo-  inar at Soo tomorrow.  RUSSIA'S VIOLATION ���������  NOB W FIW |fff| REVIVFS  .  OFNEUTRAL1TY  Japanese Papers Accuse Russian  Squadron  ignoring  Neutrality  They Declare Japan Cannot be  Expected to Further bb-  serye Neutral   Laws  Tokio   April  18.*-Discussing    the   has deliberately kept the.presence of  '    r        ���������ir. ���������r ������i.������ Rncvian lf:   Me Russian squadron a secret,     cx-  escnee of, vessels of the .Russian .*��������� ^^ ^ hopcs  SOUNDS F  r hue  ^fOa^AsB. ������>f PRICE FIVE CENTS  On   April   13th and  14th  There Were Violent Eruptions  Since Then All is Quiet Except the Minds of the  Residents  (Associated Press Despatches.)  The first official business taken  up  by   the  new   American  ambassador,  Mr. Meyer ,^with the foreign ollicc vas  the reopening of the import .question  of  the'removal of the of the countervailing duly levied in Russia against        , a~���������    ��������� <   i  r. ���������   -   a i.  ,       H       '       r    .      .         ,'  ������                (Associated Press  Despatches.)  American  manufactured goods in ;c-  taliatibn  for  the countervailing .luty      New   York,   April   18.���������A  despatch  of the United Stales on Russian an-   ''om Fort De France, Martinique, to  gar.    'The      levying of the  Russiau   , tlie  Herald, snys:  Both on   April   1.1  countervailing duty,   which  is  heavy, 'a"" H  ashes and stones  wnc thrown  has practically  resulted  in  the   jorii-   fl01n  ^<������unl  Pelec,  accompanied     at  plete suspension  of  the impoitation   (times  by  white clouds emitted   fiom  of certain classes of American goods 'a point south of the main crater. On  whicjf-'arc being brought here on    a   t-hese  (1avs  there also was an  inter-  large scale.   At Mr. Meyer's iec|iic-,t   mttlenC     and  rather  loud  liimbling.  Foreign      Minister     XamsdorlT    has   Thc eruption was  especially marked  agreed to arrange that thc'ambnssa-, ������������   tllC evening     of  April  M,   when  dor .be allowed  to conduct  the negri-   ������>uch  matter  was   thrown  Fiom    the  ^iations directly with the minister of   crater   accompanied   by   abundant va-  financc      since, where  it is   believed     I'Or clouds.    Dining the night numer-  CITY FATHERS IN  WEEKLY CONCLAVE  Council Decide to Ask the Local  Justice of the Peace to Act as  City Magistrate  An Effort Will be Made to Drain  The Upper Part of First  Avenue  there is a disposition favorable  oust the troublesome question.  \0'   ous     luminous points could be jsecn  Hi  lar, down  toward  the base of       the   lory inspector was read.   The inspec-  The city council  transacted      the    should cut down  expenses���������not  business of the city in thrce-|martcrs 'ciease them,  of an hour at the weekly session last I   r, ,,,'    . ,     ,   .,  ,  r,j���������.>,f    ������������������<!,,������������������      ������ 4   ��������� I   1(' wa<5 ullimafcly decided, upon a  mg-lit,   nothing  of any  great  impor-  ' , } '    '  tancc coming up. ( motion by Aid.  Beveridge,  to let Mr,  Acting  Mayor  liruden   prcsided.and   Hannay continue, the duties until the  the    aldermen present were Messrs.    end of the ,inonth.   By, that, time ������������������he  Nicholson,  Beveridge,  Blair,  Malone   council   would  know' better how  to  and Ha worth.  The  weekly report from   the  sani-  rfcoinc  The Nichinichty today says 'France  ~has been a party to keeping the location of the Russian sqVadron a    se-  . cret, and adds that France^ does' not  rohscrve the 24-hour rule, but the paper continues, the spirit of neutrality     affords no excuse for extending  meat would getbeyond control,  \nd  are-allotment of land out of the imperial    domain   would   be  necessary.  Minister of Agriculture Yermotlff ip  drafting up a plan'to meet the peas-  ���������.such      hospitality),    to    a belligerent  ant demands for lands which fcontern  squadron and  it expresses  the hope  j plates the entire distribution of the  that France will take steps to abide > homestcad system  in  the  state .12-  hy her "otikgations and duties as     a ! main of European Russia, which com-  neulial power. "   J prises thirty-four per cent,  of     the  The Aslti .Sumhfen-says that France   total area.  INTERESTING DETAILS OF  RECENT DISTURBANCES  .Clever Detective Work of a Member of  the  Secret Police Elicits Admiration  STRIKERS INSULT  AMERICAN FLAG  San Juan, Porto Rico, April 18.���������  Six  meetings of strikers were held"  simultaneously today  in' the Ponicc  ���������District.    The insular  police  report  that     at one meeting an American  flag'was torn and-tramped on. 'iliey  attempted to make' arrests and     a  riot   followed.    The   crowd   attached  the police and  several  persons  "/ere  arrested.       About    four      -thousand  strikers attended another      meeting  on the plaza at  Ponce.   Orators    of  the   American  Federation  of   ' sbor  and President Sanche oi the     cal .->i-  g-anization,   addressed   the  audience.  Disturbance  ensued   a������d   tlie   police  used  their clubs,  which  was   "ol'ow-  ed by; revolver ^hots from thecro-vd.  The firing brought re-inforcemcnls of  police and order was restored.  WCED TO DtliH  Moscow,   April  18.���������The'trial     \>i  Kaleiff,   who killed Grand Duke' Ser-  gius, began in the supreme court Jo-  day.  The public"was -not admitted to  the trial. 'Ihe prisoner refused to  plead,; declaring he was not in the  position of a criminal before judges,  but was a prisoner taken in a ci>il  war. , De -was then sentenced to  death.  CAMP  ROOSEVELT  SILENT.  Glenwood Springs, Colo.-,; April 18  ���������Thrca days have passed since 'resident* Roosevelt started on his bear  hunt and- no word has been received",  from, the camp. Secretary Loeb said  today that the courier would not ir'-  rive until tomorrow. ^ < .  o  STRIKE IN  FRANCE.  cone.    Today  (Monday)  as  well  fyesterday and the day  before,"   1he'  [volcano remained  quiet.   A despatch  'from   Pbinteapiccc,   Guadiloupc,     to  the Herald says:  There  was  a slight  eai th^uake '3it'  tluoughout this  region on  the night  of April  10.    Up   to  the present   no  reports  have  been   received   of damage done.    No volcanic disturbances  have     been reported from the'other  West  Indies and  as far as local    advices go neither Guadeloupe nor Martinique has anything to fear in   this  respect.  PATTERSON  TRIAL  St.   Peterslwrg,   April   18.���������Gradu-   who had been his comrade at a.uni-  ally many interesting details surrounding the recent arrest of a band  of terrorists are leaking out. .'he  ���������capture,.' which is regarded by ' the  ���������authorities as being of immense inv  ���������jiortancc, was accomplished by' Kas.  Jiovsky, the Russian Lccoq, who vas  dismissed frohi the secret police service years ago on account of his  connection with Phillipe, the spiritualist, who created such astir at  court socials several years ago and  who went to /Paris to live,  Governor General  Trepoff, upon his  appointment  as governor-general   of  St.  Petersburg,   induced  Kashovs'cy  to    return    to  St.   Petersburg    ml  within two weeks the detcc'ti\e cap  lured the entire band  which had  been  .^operating* here under-.the direction of  . the central organization', wliich    ap-  . parently    has  its headquarters        in  ;Switzerland.      Alfred   Henry  Mc.Cul-  (ougii,    the'man kilted March 11  l,j  the  accidental'explosion   of   a bomb  at the. Hotel   Bristol,     whose    real  name, was Bail mania, was one  of-'.he  chiefs of the terrorists having charge  of the manufacture of bombs      and  .Kalicff, . who   killed   Grand  Duke 3er-  gius,    also    belonged      to the same  group.    After . Rail man's  death,   Xn-  lieff's    duties     developed upon Mile.  Lcontieff (daughter  of General  Leon-  tiefl',   who  was  recently  appointed as  governor-general  of Yakutsk,  eastern  ^Siberia)  who  became a-convcrt terrorist     during her stay at Lucerne,  1    ROOSEVELT Jr. A FLIRT.  Roanoke,  Va<,  April  18.���������Theodore  Roosevelt,  Jr.,  was one of a parly  of  lads    who stood  for  30  minutes  with  their    faces in a corner  while  the rest,of their companions enjoyed  a dance at one of the hospital houses  at v  Abfcington,   where he had   been  visiting-for the past week.   Teddy's  companions  were the sons  of Douglas Robinson of New York City, and  Dan  Trigg,  Jr.  of  Aldington.     This  humiliation    on    the     'part  of the  youngsters was  principally-for  flirting  with  school girls  at. Stonewall  Jackson institute in  that city,    >nd.  was    imposed  by Miss  Kate  Hunt,  principal of that institution.  During the progress  of  the  reception  mentioned,  Miss  Hunt  dropped  in,   and  on being introduced  to     the  guilty  boys,  asked  the  hostess vhafc  she    was  to do with the youngsters  for flirting with her girls.   When assured that the girls would be relieved from      punishment, young Roosevelt and  his companions agreed     to  Miss Hunt's sentence and stood with  their   faces  in  a corner  for  30   'ninnies,   while  the remainder of       the  young  folks' danced.   o ���������  ,. ,      ���������    A  London paper says:  A touching  to     assassinate  Emperor  Alexander     .^^ of ft li[ewas re,a(c(1 ���������.y  II. for which she was sentenced to  ��������� Rattersea in a lecture at West-  hfteen years in   Siberia,, but  at ^ ' minster'on-"Women's  life in     l-'ris-  end of seven years she escaped        to ��������� ^ ,,   Hcr .ltMlyship .ftlu, Acudin<>, Duel,  versity  and    in   exile. When   Kaleilt  was charged with his identity he admitted  it,  saying immediately  "Sa-  vinkofMias been arrested."  The police later, thought they had  captured..tSavinkpff, and so announeedi  publicly.   But it turned out that the  man held  uifder  that  name  was another and  that Savinkoff,  to whom  LaleiefY evidently had \confided     his  intention  of killing  Grand  Duke Ser-  gius,  is still safe-abroad.  Among the others captured was  Madam Ivanovskaia, a sister-in-law  of ivorolonko,' the-Russian author.  She was involvpd in the,' Nihilist plot;  America.  Perhaps  the most romantit\ feature  is that; Mile. Lcontieff 'converted uwo  neices   of   Governor-CJeneral   Trepoff,  Mile. 'Trepoff and ��������� Prince Scnisheff, to  the doctrine of assassination and a:  ter the arrest    of her     ir.entor   Mile.  Trepoff actually attempted the life of  hcr  uncle,   firing  two shots  at him,  both   of    which   missed.    Thereupon  the girls became panic stricken   and  attempted    suicide,     Mile.      Trepoff  throwing hnrself under n train     and  Princess     Denfsheff   shooting   herself.  Neither succeeded  in killing  thsmsel-  ves.    The  faimily has since  tried    to  make  it  appsar   thnt   the girls'   acts  were the result of a mutual act for  Switzerland.    Kaleieff's identity  was ( self-destruction,   both  being  in  love  sstablished  through the discovery of  ess of Bedford are, the two lady ,;lsi-  tors   appointed   by  the  Home   Office  to   inspect   women  convicts.   On   ��������� is-  iting  Aylesbury Prison for Women  a  few days     after the death of .Queen  Victoria,   Lady  Battersea said    she  noticed several of the prisoners wealing little black bows on their dresses in memory of the late Queen.   The  bows had been fashioned out of Ji'Vir  shoe laces.  A lady in the audience mentioned  that she once had lectured in Hollo-  way  Prison.  Lady Battersea���������May J as'   the nib  ject?  The Lady���������I am afraid you will  think it rather ironical, but the lecture  was  entitled  "Public  Holidays  ji. photograph belonging to Savinkoff,  with the same man, an officer of the   md How to Keep them.  guards,  Paris,   April  18.���������The  strike riots  at Limoges  are  developing  international features as the Haviland  factory,' employing 6,000  persons,       li  which     .Theodore, and Charles Haviland,  Americans, arc proprietors, is  the centre  of  the disorder.   Accordingly  Ambassador  Porter  is   taking  active steps to ensure.the protection  of   Ameiican   interests   against    'io-  lsnce,     Ipiwl to secure an adjustment  between the proprietors of the    factory and  the workmen.  SHOOTS CITIZENS.  Limoges, April 18.��������� The municipal, council, which is composed of so.  ���������cialisls, issued a procla.mrhation today, declaring that the soldiers, during' the rioting yesterday evening, tired-upon unoffensive citizens. The  number of soldiers injured yesterday,  reached 99, including five officers and  44 troopers of the Twentieth, regiment of dragoons.  New York, April 18���������District Attorney Jerome, by an affidavit, male  open charge before Judge Foster in  the court of general sessions today,  that J. Morgan Smith and his wife,  Julia, for nine months were kept jut  of the jurisaiction of the New York  courts by a devise -of counsel. 'dr.  Jerome said he had been informed in  writing.  After many annoying delays Van  Patterson today, for the third time,  went into couit to stand trial on an  indictment charging her with 'he  murder of Caesar Young, a wealthy  "bookmaker. The present trial is  taking place in the court of general  sessions before Recorder Goff. The  com t room was filled with a special  panel of 210 talesmen and a crowd  of sightseers .packed the corridors.  Counsel for each, side was allowed  3������J challengers.  as I (or called the attention of the council to the fact that a stream of impure water  was  running along First  Avenue,     between the Europe Hotel  and Thompson's hardware store, and  staled  that the residents  of     that  section had on several occasions com  plained to him of the fact. After ��������� is-  cussion   Aid.   Nicholson and   the   ^.ify  clerk volunteered)to get ,the estimated cost  of laying a drain on     First  Avenue to carry the nuisance away,  and to  interview^ the residents      of  that part of town and ascertain  if  they  would  be willing to contribute  towards the expense of constructing  the same.   They will report at   the  next meeting.   This was considered  a good idea, and Aid. Nicholson    nd,  City Clerk Stewart were accordingly instructed,  and  the report'of the  saiiitory inspector laid on the table  for one week.  Tiuant  Officer Hanhay wrote    the  council asking to be relieved of the  duties of the ahove position, he being  unable  to  properly discharge them,  and satisfactory do the work of ^he  city constable.   Aid. Beveridge suggested that Mr. Hannay's recjuest he  granted and Mr. O'C'onncl be offered  the position at the same salary for  which he did  the same work before,  viz.  $10 per month.  Aid. Nicholson could hardly see  how the city could afford to pay an  extra ten dollars per menth, the  funds in the treasury at present being very limited.   He felt the council  STRIKE   CONTINUES.  Rome, April IS.���������The stiike of em  ployees; of the state railroads against  the government regulations continues  and three men returned to work today and more trains arc moved.  SEC. HA 7 IMPROVED.  MCGOVERN  RECAPTURED  Ncrvi, Italy, April 18.���������United  States Secretary of State:- Hay has  so far improved in health that he expects ' to leave here Friday for German v.  ELOPERS   .  i  CAPTURED  Terry McGovcrn, the prize fighter  who escaped from a'.sanitarium at Seattle, April 17.- After a chase of  Stamford, Conn., yesterday, was at '���������������'������ months, Mrs. R. V. Wuestney,  his .home in Brooklyn today, and de- jmn' 5-year oif child and Will James,  claied that he would not "return to ��������� sad t'o he tin; man with whom she  Ihe sanitarium.   He said:  "1  will  go    eloped,  are  under arrest  in   Everett,  to   Babyon,   my summer  place, or   I  will go somewhere else,  but 1 won't  go   to any   sanitarium  again."      ilc  was  exhausted  from his run  yesterday  to evade  the searchers for  him  at  Stanford.       McGovern's   friends  plan to bring him into court for    a  judicial  determination  of  his  condition.   *: ^_.  ENGLISHMAN  KILLED.  act. (  Aid.  Haworth,  chairman of       the  street committee,  reported that the  committee had looked over the various     places in town that had been  complained of and gave the estimated cost of putting the same in order.  He  thought that one place on Warren  street should have attention 'at once,  the-others could  wait for      a      few  months  before any  real  nuisance will  be caused.   The chaiiman    'of     the  above commit Lee  was instructed     to  attend   to' Warren   street   forthwith,"-^"-  and have it properly fixed.       . .    ��������� ""���������':,-  Aid. Haworth brought up the question      of city  magistrate.    He said  that  the city was continually losing-  money as cases,  the costs of which  should     come to   the city treasury,  were being     disposed of by the government    magistrate.   He thought it  was quite time the Attorney-General  ���������"  was heard    from.   No     reply had as  *  yet been'   received    to the Council's " ,  last letter to him.  Alderman Nicholson suggested that  two justices of the peace residing in  this city should be asked,to discharge,  the duties.  AldermanBcveridgic thought the  suggestion a n good one, and moved  thai, Messrs. M. Msalheson and R. Allen be asked to act in this capacity  and if they were willing so<todo,to  recommend to the government that s  they be appointed. Aid. Nicholson  seconded the proposal and the motion carried.  Bills  amounting      to    $25.25   were  passed to the     finance committee to '  be paid if correct.  OFFICIALS FIGHT  WITH SWORDS  The   Honor    of Botli   Was  Satisfied by a Slight  ��������� . . Scratch  (Associated Press Despatches.)  Havana,   April 18.���������One of the results of the seizure of April 14    by  Nationalist congressmen of papers in  the case of. alleged'improper acts, by  Nationalist  councilman  and  officials  of Havana was  a duel with  swords  yesterday between Congressman Carlos Mendicta and  Armando Andre,  a  government employee, who, had written  a letter to a newspaper strongly  condemning Mcndieta. Mendicta      is  said to have inflicted a \trifling1, wound  upon his  opponent.   *Thc honor      of  btlh duelists was thereupon consider-.  ed  to have been satisfied.  _ *   JAPAN'S   LOAN.  Tokio,      April   18���������It  is  expected  that .subscriptions for the fifth     >1o-  NORWAY-SWEDEN TROUBLES  Noted    Explorer    Predicts  Fate of Norway in Event  of Dissolution  (Associated Press Despatches.)  London, April 18.���������Sven Hediu, the  explorer,  in  along  letter  to       the  Times      on the controversy, between  Sweden      and the  Norway contends  that in  the. event  of a disolution of  the Union .Sweden could afford  to be  indifferent, to  Norway's   fate,  which  probably would be.that Russia would1  seize  the' strip   of   Norwegian  territory stretching from ^Lyngen to Jak-  obs river for  the sake of warm water ports.  Naval   harbors could  be made     on  its  deeply  indented  coasts/     Other  powers Mr. Hcden says,  would  then  seek     compensation at other points  on .Norwegian coasts.   Mr. Hedin argues  that the extinction  of Russia's  iind will he brought Here for trial.  The husband was notified last night  by .telephone from Seattle that his  wifehaW been found, and it is expected that he will be,in Seajtlc today  to look lo the prosecution of the man  at least.  Wuestney is a well known Vashon  rancher. For many years he had  lived there with his wife and familj. I  James and Mrs. Wuestney were great  friends, but 'until they disappeared  simultaneously," the husband suspected' nothing.  Wuestney went to his home one  day about two months ago to lind  that his wife had gone with a better  man. The husband took'up Uie-chase  and came to Seattle to set the assistance of the local police in ascer-  taining  his wife's  whereabouts.     The  mestic loan will be open on May 1st. i^Pos in the Pacific ocean makes such  The amount  of  the loan will  be oi.e , a danger very real   and   therefore  U  hundred'million  yen  (equivalent     to   is Plainly for the interests of Swed  about $50,000,000). and the condition  en and Norway ami the interests of  all jiowers desiring , to preserve the  balance of sea power that the concu-  lar dispute should be settled on absolute  terms.  Winnipeg, ��������� Man. April IS.���������Thos He-  wisher, recently out from; England,  was-killed near Austin, Man., yesterday. He fell on' a heavy loaded  wagon, going over his bead, crushing  bis skull. "    ;  The City Council decided last-  night to erect a $200,000 :police station on the site of the market build-  inK, which will also include an auditorium' concert  hall  to  seat 3,000.  Lieut.   Governor  Forget,   of  North  West   Territories,     is here attending    ....   ���������        ... , -   ~   ----- ,,, . j     ,-���������+���������  the funeral of Louis Forget, his bro- , they Imdlmi caught there, and were   of "acharwenzd" was changed    into  ther, who died here yesterday. j.being held for instructions. I poker,  will  he    similar  to  those  of       the  fourth domestic loan.   o   GERMANY'S  WANTS.  New York, .April 18.-A Pekin des- A Mr Goodman, of London, wagcr-  patch to the Herald says: Germany C(] lh.it hc Coul([ smoke eighty-six  has just demanded exclusive mining cjgars (iowll (0 all jnch jn jess that  rights in the prefectures of Tcngeh- u;.(>lve \mirii. n0 did it with forty-  owa, Lfao Chow Ching Chow,   in the-   ^  minules  i,(, spare. -1  Shantung  province.    These  prefectures cover  the entire Shan Tun Peninsula,      including   the     neutral, zone ���������  around Chee Foo.4 I  " ^ 4  -    '  police here sent out descriptions of than 100 years has been played ami is  her and of James, -and last night a still being played in some districts of  telephone  n- ssaro was received from   Westphalia.    Emigrants took it      to  According  to  amendments  made to  the  Japanese  pension law     of   1902,  the  annual  allowances  made   to  the  families of  military  men  who   were  Germans claim that poker is   an   k.Jlcd  ^ ^  dicd.from  wounds     rc_  ccived in battle, according to rank,  are as lollows: Colonel, $375; lieutenant colonel, $30-0, major $225, captain,     $lf>0;    first     lieutenant,   $112;  old German   game,   which for     more  is here attending   the  chief      of police   of Everett  thatl   the United States and there its name   ^^    lieutenant>   S90; non.Commis-  sioned    officer,     $75 to 30;    private  soldier,  $28,50  to   eighteen dollars^  ";1 THE DAILY LEDGER  published   every  day except  Sunday.  BY       THE       DAILY       LEDGER  COMPANY.  Offices,  Ladysmith and Duncans  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  *S0 cents  a month;    $5  per  year   in  ad\ance.     Advertising rates on ap.  plication. r  IS FAIR  "In   the  no  SB  as  SBB5  DAILY kEDGEt'  'I i ESDAY,  APRIL 18th.  1905  TI'C Mumpli'i, Oie ,  RcpoUci, says  Tht     week  of eiitci tainincut   of   the  Claia      Mathes    Diamatic  Company,  Wiiich      has just   closed  in Sumptei,  1 as  been  the most suec-sful in evciy  way  tluI  has e\ci  visited  this town  They     played   to  a full   house e\2iy  ni������h1   and   the  attendance at      then  last   peifoimaiitv  was   as  huge,      T  not  laigvi,     than anv pic\ious one  The sewi.il meiiiiJjeis of  the company  ha\(      also   won   a lasting  friendship  poi <-on.il lv in  the lemembianco of oui  mi/ins  bj   then   aflablo  and  com toons  ".laiM!;  siKially     Xowhoie  else  (.lit-ide oi the    lai.,n  cities have the  people      been   able   to   witness   hi.st-  class  ������]i iiiii.ilit   pel foi mances   foi     a  'iicU  him,  .mi.1   the attendance heie  has sIiohii Ihal Sumptei  people Know  how   to appiniato a good   tunipe.  OLD COl VTRY  ANGLING.  \1 though i*)iM-,*> was tbe wot.-*)  ionise Jiihni" season -foi years, .some  \ei\ hue speOmons have been taken  To Inland boltings the Jionoi of having \ioMl.i the laigest pike, one of  'ISlli, taken ob Loiiuh Wash, while a,  like in the "Duckoi les" has furnished the lines' English one, scaling 33  poo'ios The champion loach is one  of -J lib fiom the Med way The Sussex Oiw has boon most piohfie in  big loaJi viKilhoL notable fish is  the "���������/1') cai p fiom the Homo Park,  Hampton ('out, as also the 7lli  Ihimpniiuo .Won chub, the laigost  chub iM'ei  c.uighl  bv.an angler.  fn the Chicne-tei Canal a pe'ch  of ->ilh was tal en bv a bait' made  out t.f an obi biscuit tin, while a  id1!, tnub of ."ill) was tauylit with a  tin" Pel haps ,the biggest take was  that ol I wo angleis on the Midland  Lain", ������iio goi llnSlli of fiS.li, including  ono pike ol  7Ib  BY     NATURE.  admimsliatiou of justice  uiv is complete without women"  was the resolution discussed at a  nowded meeting of the Hanlwicke  Society on tbe occasion of its annual  Ictdus. night debate in the Gray's  Inn liaJl.  The debate was opened bv Mr G.  F. Moi timer, who deplortd the general aiathy on a matter of so gieat  importance What they aslcd for in  juries was that Hey should be unprejudiced anyone who had sdn a  "vve.'sliei" tiled by a jury of York-  .shno men would be coininccd that  the accused had not a chance Hut ,  iiii.x women on the jury and the uel-  sher would get justice.  In a breach of piomise case a uiv  woold not be taken in by 'he bad appearance ot the man, i or by ihe  good appearance ot  the woman  Mis. Craigie (.John Olnei llobbs,)  said she did not bclie\e in women  becoming entangled in legal machines y. 'I hey weic by nalinc unraii.  Thu.it nature did not contain the fust  oleiiKiit of justice, and this unlair-  ness wa-s m some instances a souico  of fascination Whcie would men go  foi sympathy if women weio impai-  tial'*  "! c.unc heie not to mate a speech  but a piolc t,'" she added "l*\-  I.eiiCiice shows thai women weic not  meant to gtnein .Justice wa���������s r>een  in ait as a woman blind-lolded, bc-  icans sav, to see straight "  Mi Justice Dai ling lealf-ril that  the subieei was not one foi immediate legislation. It was aigi'ed bv  analogy (hat Lecanse a woman was  i.t for tho dock she was fit to be m  ihe jury bov and even on the bench  Won en aimed at conclusions by tii-  ili'.n not by eiidencc, and f ey  wo"Id decide eveiy case mi the opining of  tbe plamtni  \!i .lustiee KoneviUh, dud^o Tin-  dal Atkinson, Mi 'I horn ah Teirell,  K (' , and others took pail in ihe  deLt'e, and the resolution v as lost  by a large majoiitv���������London LN-  o'laiigo  Meets in the Opera House 1st and  3rd Tuesday at; 7.30 p.m. Worthy  President, B F6rcimmcr; Worthy  Secrets v, C H.  Ruinmings.  '��������� Plans, Specifications and De~  '��������� tailB furnished "for all kinds  ��������������� ol work in the' CARPENTER  ���������������������������   Line v  ������������������   C.   B.   ROBELEE,   Carpenter  ������������������   and  Joiner,     2nd ave, Lady-  smith,  B.  C.  ���������  ���������   ���������   ���������" ������������������ ���������   #'���������   ���������   ���������   ���������   ���������  ������������������  io boos       They will  soon come  near   LADYSMITH AERIE     NO  him and ho then gois one or more to [o. E  work on a piece of honey,  lie allows     them  to fill themscUcs  and caiefully     watches     when  they  make oh m a    bee line foi home. By  noting the     length of time they arc  gene he can     form a pietty correct  idea  of the     distance    Soon be has  sj\eial bees     working on the honey,  he may now shut some of them in, the  box and carry them in the direction  of thcii home. Aftei he has gone as  far as he wishes,     he again releasee  the lees, and again marks tlie eouise  | His next mo\e is to confne more  bees in the box and cairy them oil  to sonic point at right anpks to  their former course From this new ;  base they aie again released and by \  maiking the new coui.se the tree will  be found at the nitei section of the  two lines.  It i.s well known that bcrs will remain (|iut'l if the hi\e is placed in a  cool, daik place. Thcicfoic, if thcie  is a bad case of lobbing, pick up the  hive that is being robbed and curry  it to a dark room in Ihe cellar,  lea\c it there 18 bonis, no liarm will  losult, and when you again place it  on the .stand the lobber bees that  weio in the hue when earned in the  cellar will loinain lo augment the  foicos of the colonv  ������������������  ������������������  ���������*  ������������������  ������������������  *������  c  ���������O���������  Via tne peoples^favorite  J. PIERCY iSND CO.  WIIOLESALE-DRYGOODS.  Victoria,  B. C.  iManufactuieis of Ihe Celebrated  IRONCLAD BRAND  of  OVERALLS.  BLOUSES,  JUMPERS,  PANTS,  SHIRTS. ETC.  DOMINION   K.MR  .New   MiMmi.is.lei,   15    C ,   Apiil  18  ���������A   bilge collection of  oie fiom all  o\ci the Atlio disuiet is to be added  lo  the alioady Uigt mineral  exhibit  which  ii on  hand  and  promised  foi  the lot Lhcomuig Dominion fan     Premier     Mcl*iule has inftimed  Alayoi  Keaij   that  the mining  lecoulei      at  Atlin has  been instructed  lo gather  llu      (\lnbit  and  foiwaul it   to  the  Ro\al      Agiieultural and  Industnal  Association of Xew Westminster, under  \\hoso auspices  the   190,") Dominion   Kan   is  to be held       The  Yukon  i'c-Miioi\   las  ai i.jigod   for an  el abut a lo exhibit oi oie,  gold dust     and  mights at  the   Puutland   fan, wheie  de'roiistiatii n,   of   ptactic.il   mining  in the  Klondike will be given,     and ,  I his aluacl'on is likely  to be seem-   a bit  ot  the  (d foi   tne Dominion,fau also. This makes  THE HABITS OF BEES  Bees flit     fiom llowei   to flowei   m  (piest   ot   nectar,   but as seen  as  the  Ucanh   is    coni|deted  they  lly swfily  iin a direct eouise foi  then luxes, be  'it f. i  oi     near, sa\s a svrilci in ihe  Wis iiiisrn      Agncultunst     Men   ta" c  aihantage     of    this to trace oi 1 nuv  ihein  Oucn a bee tice can 1* loaded bv  noticing the touise that bees take  whin livwng a watering- place in ihe  woni-s Sometimes thev may be lined itoin a held ot closer or a patch  of \ lid (lowers 'Ihe usual net Pod  ot lining wild lees is- as tolK>\ si  The bee hunter is piowdcd with a  small bo\ containing a piece ot  tomb honey and a small picc.'.ot bees  w>\. lie goes away into the foicst  in onlci to get out of the waj of  an-, an} apaincs m the ncighl.or-  liond Having icached the loealit\ in  which h" is to opeiate, he watches  the wild Powers until he finds 1 cvs  woilina; on them    He may then bum  na\ he has with him  an odor \cry attraclne  ������1)  AAINTINO,   PAPEK     HANGING  I2TC. -  Work done properly and at righl  ,,rices. Shop and residence in rcai  ���������f < Ladysmith  Hotel.  J.  E. SMITH, Prop.  CRYSTAL LAUNDRY  Leave orders with _ ,  BLAIR &   ADAM.  All work first-class at THE CHRY  iTAL,  VICTORIA^ ,  3  S3  at  ublic Notice  A i tuition is called   to the     fact  thai  the  3 Oirffvie Flour Hills Co.,  Limited,  |   ni.ilus  nf  ROYAL   IIOUSEH   OLD    FLOl'R.     have foi  sometime  1    past been producing (loin  in a    vastly   unproved  and  purified  toim  I    by (ho aid of      ELECTRICITY  I    and  naMiig seemed  coiiltr.l of    all the basic patents relating there-  lo, lake tins oppoi luiiily of a dvising   the   public   Ibat   any  uiiiiuth-  oii'cd loci-, of  the electi leal   (lout   puiilying piocesses   will be pro-  s,< iMod  m  TjlicOgilvie Flour Mills  Company,  Limited,  a������'������ tlae osiJy mil3L������rs in  Canada whose Flour    is  plirlfied by the electric process.  i  NOW IS IHf. TIME  to do Spri.ig Cleaning  riipciiiig and Painting, and  mai'.e things look neat and clean  From a sanitary point of view it is  _absolutely neccssaiy. We do papering  and Painting at most lcasonable rates for the best work obtainable here.  No trouble to show you our new col-  oiings and designs in Wall-Paoers foi  this season. Call and see them at the  Ladisnuth Wall Paper Depot, 1st Avenue. K-   r '. Ik  t.  HARRY KAY  This   Hotel  has   been  completely  renovated.  Board  and Lodging .111.00-per day.  Jf  DTEL PRETORIA  Bar  Supplied   with   the   Best  -Li'piors and Cigars.  JOHN   THA, Proprietor  Wines,  1st Aveatitt :-:  Ladysmith B.C.  m  X.8  lit  ���������Oealers'in  Pianos, and  Organs...  Ladysmith, B. C.  MMm. a-: hi  *eo,  Kooerts,  %,  Prop  [ob%ti&  [erchant Tailor,  Ladysmith  COPYRIGHT'  Solid Comfort  FOR ALL WHO SMOK.F, THE  EHPiRE CIGARS  L'rdcr New Maragmen  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  McKmneU & Woodbank  Proprietors.  "Modem and     Stiictly  First Class.  Commeicial Mens' *hcaduuliters.  Fire Proof     liuiliiiii".  NOTICE.  Persons found us'tug our Patent  Bottle or Stoppers after this notice,  will be prosecuted.  HUMMING BROS.  Pioneer Soda Water VVoiks.  Ladysmith, B.C.  The City Market  -i -  R. Williamson, Prop.,  1st Ave,     ladysmitli  The Ladj^smitli  Opera House  Caa be seemed for" .Theatrical pur-  poses,    Dancing     Parties, or Entertainments geneially. '.^  D   NICHOlISON, Prop  > r  HOTEL DOMINION  ���������RtituB ^1 25 in-d $1.50���������  rtebnjtu till eteamb^at landings ut i  .^ilway depote.    Electric cars every h.  uiuutea lo all parts ol   the ci.y.   i>a  md tab l nnexcellxl.   .  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT   ST.,   VANOOUVRR  B, C  HILBERT  HENRY'S NURSFRIlS  NEW CROP-  Home Grown Si   Imported  GARDEN,    FIELD   . and FLOWER  SEEDS.  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  RHODODENDRONS, ��������� ROSES,  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  PLANTS.  For Spring planting.   'Eastern prices  or less.    Catalogue free.  "���������010  Westminster  Road.  Vancouver.  Are You  Going East  Then be sure your tickets read   v  the  north mm  Li  I'he  only  line now  making ��������� UNI ON  )EPOT    connections at'sT. PAUL  end      MINNEAPOLIS -| with       the  hrough    trains    from   ithe    Pacific-  Coast. -������������������ ������������������'.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, THE  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES,  THE FASTEST  TIME.  BETWEEN   ']}  ���������IINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,   CIII-  'AGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CITY,  md ALL POINTS EAST.'  For complete information ask your  ocal agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General   Agent.  151 Yesler Way.   Seattle.  2  Overlands  Daily  Passengers can IcaA'c Victoria daily  at 8 p. m   or" 11 p. m..  TICKETS SOLI) TO ALL.POINTS  Shortest ionto to Fcinie, 11. C,  and  ALL KOOTENAY POINTS.  For rates, fohleis^ sleeping car  lesei vat ions a"d all lnfoimalion call  on or address    ' (  S. G. YERKES K.'.I. BURNS  G.W.P.A.,    ,        .75 Government st  Seattle, Wash, Victoria. B.C.  HOTEL     LELAND.     -  (T. J. Wellinati, Prop., Vancouver.)  One block from C.P.R. Depot and  .steamboat wharves. Newly renovated and re-modelled. Rates $2 per  ���������lay. Corner Granville and Hastings  -.tieets' Telephone, "1���������4.  li VRBIIR/   SHOP AND BATH ROOMS  The   ESPLANADE    between the  Grand and AbboUsfortl,  William Powurs, Prop. .  F. rieB Young  BARRISTOR and  SOLICITOR  NANAlMO, LADYSMITH  'HOOTS AND SHOES  AT RIGHT  PRfCES'.  Repaying  and making to order   a  speciality.  THOHAS MCEVVAN  1st Avenue,   Ladysmith, B. C.  TICKET   OFFICE  and   Yates  St 3 ,  Coi.   Government  Victoria, U. O-  Trains  Transcontinenta'  Trains  Daily  3  One of which is the famous "North  Coast Limited," Ride on it always.  Up-to-date Pullman and Tourist  sleepers on all tiains. Through tickets issued to .ill paints E.ist and  South, also Pullman tickets issued  and berths reserved.  Only direct loutc to Yellowstone  Park. Cbeap ndes from all points  l-'asti fiom March 1st to nlia.'y 15th.  Slcamship ticKels on sale to all  European points."! Very low rates  now in effect. Cabin'accommodation  reserved  by wire.  i''or  further  particulars call  at the  oiii or idionc No. <lf>C-  A. I)'  CARLTON, C. E. LANG  A.G.P.A.,   N.'P.., General   Agent  Portland,  Ore. Victoria,  B.C  THEJONES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Gooer Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Half Block from Depot.).  HIGH STREET, LADYSMITH  Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway  EASTER HOLIDAYS  Double Train Service in effect from Friday, Apiil 2h.t, until Monday, -April 2'lth., inclusive, the afternoon'tiains running on same schedule  -as   Wednesday,   Saturday and   Sunday aftei noon- trains.  'Excursion  rates  available to and ' from " all    stations,      tickets being  good from^Fiiday, 'Apiil 2lsi   until' Monday,  Apiil  24th.  * ���������     ' ��������� ' ,> GEO. L   COURTNEY.  Traffic Manager.  THE TYEE, COPPER CO, Ltd.  (<���������  9  ft  ������  I  I  t  I  ������  I  it  i  PURCHASERS AND SMELTERS OF COPPER, OOLD AND  SILVER ORES.  Smelting Work:������ at  LADYSMITH, te. C.  Convenient to E. & N. Ry. or the Sea  t  1  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON,  -. General Manager,  TKGS. KIDDIE.    .  Smelter Manager.  fPi'^M1i^^9i^^^cK^Pi^^i&0i^9i<^PiKU:Kid^^K^^^K^K^K'i  i  -tS'   W.SILER..  GENERAL EXPRESS AND  DEnVERY  WORK TROMPTLY - Df.������ V  Leave orders at the Abbotsford.   *���������  LADYSMITH SHAVING  HIGH STRBET.  :���������:���������:, Best _in the City  t ���������jt.'T>������">������ ^-Jlf.f'TH!^  RATKS %2 oo PKR DAY  SAMPfvI{ ROOMS  bar supctvikd with bk-t  wini;s, i.iqdors;cig.vus "  ABBOTSFORD  Best accomodation in town.   Splendid hunting and 'fialiing in near vieinitv.  A.J. McMUR TRIE, Proprietor LADYSMITH, B. C.  ^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������^���������)Ho)i-������:-KO;K������?  ft  "-���������������  JPHONE 66  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS WORK   A SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  ������  LADYSMITH f  WM. MONSIE, President . J. W? COBURN, Man,  Diicctor  Telephone^.  The   Ladysmith  Lumber Co  Ltd.  MILLS   AT  PIDDICK  AND  LADY SMITH-Shingles  a Specialty.  ���������MunnfdcHven     of���������  Rough and Dressed Fir and Cedar Lumber, Laths,  Shingles, Mouldings, Etc., of the Best Quality.  Seasoned  and  Kiln  Dried   Flooring      and  Finishing    Lumber  In   Stock.  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000, Reserve Fund, $3,500,000  HEAD .OFFICE, TORONTO  IB. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager  BANK MONEY ORDERS  ISSUED AT THE FOLLOWING RATES :  $5 and under     3 cents  Over !?5 and not exceeding $10     6 cents  "    $10       " " $30   10 cents  "    $30       " " $50   15 cents  These Orders are Payable at Par at any office in C  nuda of a Chartered Bank  (Yukon excepted), and at the principal banking: point-,   'ji the TJuited States.  NEGOTIMILK AT A  TI\KD RAIL A  Til l������ CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERC   . LONDON, ENG.  They forni uii excellent method of rvinittiii   small sinus ot money  '       with safely and at small   :ost.  LApYrUUTH BRANCH :        - W.   A.  CORNWALL.  Manager.  EUROPE HOTEL  J. GIACI1ERO, Prop.  Newly    furnished,    everything    the  best, finely stocked bar.      Transient  rate, $1.00 per day.    Monthly   rate,  $23.00.  First Avenue . . . Ladysmith, B. C.  TSST  Stevens Block, Ladysmith,  B.C.  Dentistry  in  all  its   Branches;   every  new appliance.  Best accommodation for transient  and permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND      HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and the bar is up-to-  date. Rates $1.80 a day and upwards.  WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  Esplanade :���������: :���������: :���������: :���������: Ladysmith  LADYSMITH BAKBRY  HOP LEE &  CO.  ON THE K.SPL AN A HE.  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATLY  BAKED  AND   FRESH.  BREAD FIVE CENTS PER LOAF  Confectionary of all kinds.  Order* taken for Pastries to be delivered at auy time.  ' Employment A^eiicy.  HAY, GRAIN M~"���������'   '  ;'.   ��������� FARM PWODUbF  Orders  will  be  delivered  anywhere  in the city promptly and at the low:'  est possible prices.  Leave orders at  Christie's,  on the  Esplanade.  JAS.  WARNOCK.  Ladysmith Temple No. 5 Ra.thbonr  Sisters meets in the Oddfellow's hall  2nd  and  4th  Tuesday  at 7.30  p.  m.  The Kings Hotel is the only place  n  Ladysmith    that has  on  draught  J������ha Labatt's India Pale: Ale.   Call   Mfs- Kate Tate, secretary  ���������.round and sample it,      -.        i i. i_i  BOTHA  AND THE KING;'  ^ Speaking     recently     at a  banquet  DAY SCHOOL. .given-in his honor at "Middleburg, in  Usual  subjects  taught;  also      ian- Wie 'I'ransvnal,     General   I'otha said,  i^uagcs,  drawing  in  pencil and cray-  great pleasure of meeting His Majes-  ons,  paint ng  in  oils  and water  col-   *-"���������'.  KinS Edward, and when lie prcs-  ors. pianoforte and vocal lessons giv-  se(1 ������*���������}' ''and    he said "I admire you  en in classes or individually. '     , and your people for the way in which  MISS  BERTRAM, J'O" defended     your rights and. -our  ladysmith, B. O. country," (���������:  it  DAILY LEDGER  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  $*������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������*���������������������������*��������������������������������� ������������������������������������*  ��������� '  Keep Your Eye on This Ad.  .t*************    -  ���������-  We have secured this space and  intend to make it interesting.  PITT & PETERSON,  Duncan,    B. C,  DUNCAN  ESTABLISHED 1878  and QUAniCHAN  W, P,  Jzoul?aIem  Kotel ,  DUNCAN  STAGE LEAVES FOR COWICIIAN  LAKE MONDAY,  WEDNESDAY,  AND FRIDAY.      MOUNT.  SICKER DAILY.  PRICE BR05.,  Proprietors,  ; A   RAILROAD   DEAL.  San  Francisco,   Cal.,   April   17.   ���������  The  Examiner says today  that  Germans are behind the New York bank-  nig house of Ladcnbiiig, Thalmann &  Co.,   in   the purchase of the contlolling   interest  in  the  United  Railway  of  San  Francisco.    The  United Railroads Investment .Company of     New  Jersey, with $15,000,000 of preferred  and      $10,000,000 of common stock,  owns   the  United  Railroads  of     San  Francisco.    Ladenburg  Thallmann    Ja  Cof,  for along time it is said, held  for wealthy Berlin clients a minority  of  these  two stocks,   Brown   Broth- ,  ers holding (he majoiily.    The former firm has.iecently bought from the  latter all   the stock held   by it,  and  now  own  all  but a very  few shares  of both'common and  prefeired .stock. I  FORTIFICATIONS.  Quamichan Hotel  ���������Importer and Dealer in all kinds of Merchandise���������  AGENTS FOR���������The American Cveam   Separator Co., Grant Powder Co.,  '   , and R C Pottery Company. ���������  Also Manufacturer of all kinds of Feed from Home Grown Products.  Keast's Livery &  Freighting Stables  -H. Keast, Proprietor  Headquarters   for  Tourists and Commercial M������n  ���������0���������  BOATS ON SOMENOS LAKE.  Splendid' Fishing, Telephone cornice  tion.  FRANK CONRUYT, Prop. .  Duncans Station.  AN CASTER OPfNING  FAIR'S  NEW  Stage leaves Mount Sicker at   7  a.m.,     returning,  leaves   Duncan  at 12:30 p.m., daily, except     Sundays.'    (Specials at'short notice.)  X'-X   DUNCAN,   B.   C.   X   X  STORE  ROBT. GRASSIE & SON  GENERAL BLACKSMITHS  OPENED AT DUNCAN  Newest creations- in Millinery. Up-  to-date Hats Made and Trimmed to  Order at Shortest Possible Notice.  FLOWERS, FOILAGE. All Ladies', cordially      invitee!    to  inspect  horse Shoeing a specialty  AN IDEAL TOURIST AND  HEALTH RESORT  be obtained.  Dredging in the rivers of Manitoba  and the N.W.T., excepting the Yukon  Territory���������A free miner may obtain  only two leases of five miles each for  a term of twenty years, renewable in  the discretion of the Minister of the  Interior.  Tlie lessee's right is confined to the  submerged bed     or bars of the river  below  low water mark, and  subject  to the rights of all persons who have,  or who may receive, entries for bar  diggings or  bench claims, except on  the Saskatchewan   River,   where   the  lessee may drcgde to high water mark  on each alternate leasehold.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  operation, within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles,  but, where a person or company has  obtained more than one lease one  dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction is sufficient. Rental, $10 per  annum for each mile of river leased.  Royalty at the rate of 2A per cent,  collected on the output after it exceeds $10,0.00.  -'Dredging in'the Yukon Territory-  Six leases of five miles each may be  granted to a free miner for a term of  twenty yeara', also renewable.  The lessees right is confined to the  submerged bed' or bars in the river  below low water mark, that boundary to bo fixed by its position on tbe  Istday-of .August in the year of the  the date of the lease.  The lessee shall have one dredge in  operation within two years from the  date of the lease, and one dredge for  each five miles within six years from  such date. Rental, $100 per mile for  first.year "and $10 per mile for  each subsequent year. Royalty, same  as placer mining.  Placer Mining in the Yukon Terri-  Jtory���������Creek,     gulch,    river and hill  claims shall not exceed 250 feet     in  eogth, measured on the base line or  Tfccy  Tiny  Uut a. Secondary Role  la  tlie  UcfenNC   of  Sttite*.  A fortress spells immobility and dispersion.     ^Ve   should   therefore   look  askance at it until proof is given that  it has a definite purpose to fulfill iu a  reasoned scheme of strategy.   We must  not allow ourselves to be led away by  the glamour surrounding a heroic defense.    We must look to the end and  leave panegyrics to poets.    We must,  in short, regard all fortification as an  auxiliary  and   nothing- more.    A  fortress, because it is a fortress and because it is ours, is not necessarily an  advantage and may be tbe,reverse.   If  wo gain battles we gain tbe enemy's  fortresses;  if we lose them be gains  ours, whether they are in the interior  or upon the sea.   In each case the larger the garrison the greater the disas-  ( ter.   Fortresses, and, in fact, all fortifications, have never played anything but  ' a   secondary   role   in   the   defense   of  _ states, aud no nation has ever yet been  , saved by   them.    They can  as  auxiliaries occasionally-assist an army and  . they can aid naval capital, wisely in-  j vested and wisely used, to bear splen-  j did  interest,   but they  can   never   reestablish moral superiority when once  it is, lost nor create it by the virtue at-  / Inching to its parapets if it does not  exist.   Over the portals of the fortress  or harbor of refuge should be written  in* the largest aud blackest of characters the words that Dauto discovered  over the gates of hell.���������Military Cor.  London Times.  1 Union  Brewing Co-  NANAIMO,  B. C.  BOCK BEER  NOW ONiTAP  ++4"*"t **+****4"*������l������H>**+  Tbe yearly return  Brewer a,s well as  will   show that special  this superior article.  of the BOCK BEER Season is of interest to .the  the Public,   and the Union liozk Beer for   1905,  care has been  takeb in the manufacture   of  The  Union Brewing Co.'s Bock  has been brewed  for a number of  months and stored in their famous cellars until it has reached the  proper  age,   and is   now ready   and procurable on draught at all  Saloons.                                              .ill,           ,  VALOR AND  HEROISM.  STATION STREET,  DUNCAN, B. C.  DUNCAN   uvfAYEand STABLES  S. J. {lagan, Manager  Tourists and  sportsmen  making  this hotel  their headquarters will appreciate the excellent cuisine and service.  Electric light is fitted through  out.    There is a good   supply  of water.    No mosquitos.  SHAWNIGAN LAKE  Proof That tlie Ileal Brand ot It Ex-  ifcts  In   South America.  "Every country has its heroes, and it  is refreshing to read something of the  heroic in  the history of the countries  south of us," said'a t1-- htful man.  "In a history of'Soutl        ������rica attention is called to a m.      .r of things  which tend to show tl   i the popular  estimate of valor and heroism in that  section of the world may not be altogether tbe  correct one.   It is related  that once the Peruvian monitor Huas-  car fought against three Chilean ships.  "After both   Admiral   Gran  and  his  flag   lieutenant   were   killed   Captain  Aguirre took command, was killed, and  then  succeeded  by Captain  Carbajal,  who was put bors de combat by a shell.  Tbe command devolved then.on Lieutenant Rodrigne, who was killed; then  on Lieutenant Palaeious, who was disabled, nnd finally Lieutenant Gareyou,  with the ship on fire, three feet of water .in the hold and with a loss of half  his officers  and  crow,  wits .forced to  strike his flag.   On July 23, 1S70, tbe  Huascar  was   in   action   against   the  Chilean ship Abtao.  Torpedoes at that  time were not much understood, and  one,   being   fired   from   tbe   Huascar,  through   faulty   mechanism   returned  .back straight  upon the" ship.   Seeing  this and knowing that if the ship was  struck she must sink, Lieutenant Diaz  Can'sco jumped overboard and in the  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made;to"order andJiRepaired at short notica.     Drill Sharpsned ly    i  alwayegivea satisfaction.    Picks handled and repaired.  Sliipsmithing  in all its Branches.  Horseshoers and General Blacksmiths.  David Murray  Buller Street   -    -    -   -  Ladysmith, b   C  general direction "of the creek or gulch  the width   being from  1 000  to 2 000  j watei' with his hands altered Its course  feet. All  other placer claims shall be [ {"*[ Hei'ove ifc came iu contact wltu tb*  ���������f   Freighting a Specialty    -f  PRICES flODERATE  FIRST-CLASS   TURNOUTS     OF    RIGS,    HARNESS,   HORSES.  DUNC  AN.J   B. C.  Your patronage solicited  Telephone  in  Connection.  Pharmacist  **  T  T  1  ,���������, v.. w v,/ v.- w_y n������/ ui y<L_it:   -���������������y���������������-*#���������~v���������*^~i-���������*&���������*#���������*+���������  ffi  ;K   &���������   7Pr-T^r~!^r-TK���������;ft���������tt���������3~t���������7ft -     *���������*"*���������>  **���������   ^   ^   ,-.,  /^   ;rc���������*s  ;t  R. B. ANDERSON  HIGH GRADE BICYCLES  BICYCLE AND GUN REPAIRING.    ACETYLENE GAS  FIXTURES AND GENERAL METAL WORKING  Fine lines, WATCHES/CLOCKS and JEWELRY REPAIRED.  " SATISFACTION   GUARANTEED.  Oddfellows Block     ���������    ���������     ������-    ' ���������    ���������  ;k  -Xr  Duncanv  -;lf  WHITT0ME  FOR DISPOSAL OF MINERALS.  ON DOMINION  LANDS IN MANITOBA. THE  NORTHWEST TERi  RITORIES     AND    THE YUKON  TERRITORY.  Coal���������Coal lands may be purchased  at $10 per acre for soft coal and $20  for anthracite. Not more than 320  acres can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the rate  of ten cents per ton of 2,000 pounds  shall be collected on the gross output.  Quartz���������Persons of eighteen years  and over and joint stock companies  holding free miners' certificates may  obtain entry for a mining location.  A free mi^ei's certificate is granted  for one^ or more years, not exceeding  five years, upon payment in advancs  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $50 to $100 per annum for  a company.accbrding  to  capital.  A  free     miner,  having  discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500x1,500 feet by marking out the  <������a"me with  two  legal posts,  bearing  location notices, one at each end   on  the line of the lode or vein.  The claim shall be recorded within  fifteen     days  if located within    ten  miles of a mining recorder's office, ona  additional  day  allowed  for every additional  ten  miles  or  fraction.   The  fee for recording a claim is $5.  At least $100 must be expended  on the claim each year or paid to  the mining  recorder  in  lieu  thereof.  When $500 has been expended or paid  the locator may, upon having a survey made, and upon complying with  othpr requirements, purchase the land  at $1.00 an acre.  Permission may be granted by the  Minister   of     the Interior  to   locate  claims containing iron and mica, also  copper, in the Yukon territory, of an  area not exceeding 160 acres.  The patent for a mining location  shall provide for the payment of a  Royalty of 2J per_cent. of the sales  of the products of the location.  Placer     Mining���������Manitoba and the  N.W.T., excepting the Yukon Territory���������Placer mining claims generally  are 100 ft. square,      entry fcc$5, renewable yearly. On the North Saskat  flhewan River claims are either bar  or bench,  the former' being 100    feet  | long and extending between high and  low water mark. The latter  includes  'bar diggings, but extends back to the.,  base of the hill or bank, but not   exceeding 1,000 feet.  Where steam power is used, claims 200 feet wide may  250 feet square.  Claims are marked by_ two legal  posts, one/at each end, bearing notices. Entry must be-obtained within ten miles of mining Recorder's office. One extra day cal lowed for each  additional ten miles or fraction.  The person or company staking a  claim must bald a free miner's osrti-  ficate.  .  The discoverer of a new mine is entitled to a claim of 1,000 feet in  length, and if the party consists of  two, 1,500 feet altogether, on the out  put of which no royalty shall be  chargen, the rest of the party ordinary claims  only.  Entry fee, $10.   Royalty at tjie rate  of two and  one-half per cent,  on the  alue of the gold shipped from     the  l*ukon Territory to be paid to     the  Comptroller.  No free miner shall receive a grant  of more than one mining claim      on  Caeh separate river, creek or gulch,  but the same miner may hold     any  number of claims by purchase,     and  free miners may work their claims in  partnership  by filing notice and paying a fee  of S2.00     A claim may    be  abandoned  and another obtained     on  the same creek, gulch or river by giving notice and paying a fee.  Work must be done on a claim each  year to the v^iue of at least $200.  A certificate that work has been  done must be cMaineu each year; if  not, the claim -itll be deemed to be  abandoned, and open to occupation  and entry by a free miner.  The boundaries  of a claim  may    be  defined absolutely  by having a survey  made and publishing notices  in    the  Yukon  official  Gazette.  Petroleum���������All   unappropriated   Dominion lands in Manitoba, tlie North-  jwest Territories, and within the Yukon Territory,  are open to  prospecting for petroleum,  and the Minister  may reserve for an individual, or company having  machinery on  the  land  to be prospected, an area of 1920 acres for such period as he may decide,  the length  of width shall not exccei  thrsc times  the breadth.  Should the prospector discover oil  n paying quantities, and satisfactor-  ly establish such discovery, an area  not exceeding 1540 acres, including the  oil well will he sold to the prospector at the rate of $1.00 per acre and  the remainder of the tract reserved  namely, 1,280 acres will be sold  at the rate of three dollars an  acre, subject to royalty at such rate  as may be specified by order-in-coun-  I  ship."  t2eatft Chine X-rcelNely ns It Mart Been  Foretold   In  Similiter.  A strange family story is told in the  "Reminiscences of Mrs. Tickering." It  has to do with her sister Jane, married to Lord Andover, eldest son of the  Earl of Sulfolk:  "She   (Lady   Andover)   had   always  heen noted   for having the  most re-  markabie dreams, and one morning she  awoke feeling- nervous and uncomfortable, having dreamed that Lord Andover had gone out shooting when there  was a battue and had been shot.   This  made such an impression on her mind  that she entreated  him  not to shoot  that das-, but to stay with her, which  he at once consented to do, aud they  resumed  their   painting   and  reading.  But the day came out so fine and the  winter sun shone so brightly that my  aunt, feeling she had been selfish, at  last begged him not to lose the day for  her sake, but to go out and join tbe  others, so ho went.   After be had gone  she became so restless and uneasy that  she started to walk across the park to  the covert where thes' were shooting.  As she crossed the park she observed  one of the grooms galloping hard toward the house on her own favorite  horse, Baronet.   Strange to say, no presentiment of evil   seems  at that moment to have struck her, and she only  remarked, 'How very angry Lord Andover would be  if he could see that  man riding my liorso In such a way!'  He was riding to tho house with the  news that Lord Andover had been shot  dead by one of the keepers."  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The  air  seems  fresher and  the  rooms  brighter when  the Sum  mer  Curtains  go up.   W'e never  cil.  JAS.  A.  SMART.  Deputy   Minister of  the  Interior.  Department  of the Interior,   .,  AnUioi'Nliiii of Ancient Literature.  Ill (ho earliest examples  we possess  of ancient literature we are not allowed  even a glimpse of the individualities of  their authors.    The works themselves,  If they bad been prized because of the  wit,  Ingcnuits',   fertile  fancy,   brilliant  conceit or any  other  individual  peculiarity, mental or temperamental, of the  men who produced   them  would  have  been preserved.    In some cases, as in  that of the Iliad and Odyssey, the reputed authorship has been as obstinately   questioned   as   that  of   the   fourth  gospel and several of Ihe epistles.    In  tbe   very   earliest   literature   the   individual was of no account in the matter  of authorship; ho was only tbe collector  or editor of spontaneous and unwritten  folk song and legend or, if he gave theso  their final shape, was only joint author  with his race.���������H. M. Aldon in Harper's  Magazine.  DAINTY BOBB1NET DRAPER     Y-  had      so      great  a variety   to  choose from as this season.  Dainty, dreamy creations in  BOBINET  3 yards long, $3.25 to $6.00  pair  Bobbinet by the yard  White, 40c, 5OC, 65c yard  Ecru 5OC 60c per yard  iVindow Muslins in  White and Ecru 20c 25c 35c yard  Nottingham     Lace    Curtains,  From  $1.25 per yard.  Madras Muslins, 35c to 75c yard   MATERIAL SAMPLE  FREE  Make Hard Times  and Good Times  To  Good  etter  Buy Your Meats From  H. & W. Ml  NEXT DOOR TO THOMSON'S��������� ���������HARDWw'aRE STORE.  WE CAN SATISFY YOU  Tlie  BiKKeit   Shell*.  The biggest shells are found on a  large barrier roof of the Indian oceau,  L200 miles long, east of Australia.  Here the monsters come up on tbe  rocks, which are almost inaccessible,  and grow to weigh over BOO pounds.  The Smithsonian lias one of these bivalves iu its collection which stands  over three feet high. It has a saw tooth  edge and iuside a large muscle scar.  The natives stand iu as much fear of  them as they do of a mad elephant, 1st AvCtlUe  and many traditions are common )  among them of how arms and leget  bave been bitten off,  IPSQN.  Solicitor,  Etc.  3V  -LADYSMITH  H. O. MILES  Contractor and Bu'fder  REPAIRING  of  all  kinds  promptly  attended to.    Shop on Gataere    at, {\  \  THE .DAILY   LEDGER  2S=  LOCAL ITEMS  FOR EASTER DECORATIONS-  Daflodill.s, ^Narcissus, Primroses and  forced RosVs, at Bcrrow's nuisery,  Chemainus, B.C.  Have your photos taken NOW, today, and until-Monday evening, April 2lib., $f,.00 cabinets for &2.50 per  dozen.  FRICK   &     SCIIluVCK,   Campbell's  Corner.  EAGLES.  The local Aerie of Eagles hold their  foitiiiglilly session at the usual  time'  this c\ening.   * '  Popular for May at Knight's.  A good \arieiy of picture post  cards, eighty dincrent kinds at  Knight's Book SI oie.  ��������� o   Nell Gwync fias figured as the heroine  in  immeious  dramas,  all  more  01 less crude it  must be said,  but it  remained   for Ileiuietta  Crewman and  Cl.ua Mai bos (o present aversion of  Ihe    celebrated   mistress  of Charles  IT.   liial   was not only  pleasing,   but  technically correct, not only in dress,  bill   in  all   the minor details.       The  veision of  (.lie celebrated  play     that  was presented last night at tbe opera.  house is  almost   identically  the same  as Ileiuietta Crosman  presented    in  New   York   last   year,  and  in  which  .she scored  such  a decided  hit.  Clara  "Ala(Iks has  presented the same play  in  Now Yoik and  in the cities      all  over  (he countly,  and  the inception  accoided her has induced her to keep  the play in  her  repertoire. She played  the title lole in a very convincing  manner, a manner that demonstrated  the   fact   (has she is an actress     of  great, anility  as   well  as  great "Individual  talent.   The pai I  she plays is  Dvliemely rliflit-til 1   to essay,  but she  docs it with rare tact and skill.  Hcr  meity  badinage  with   the  king     was  vei y anius.iiig, and  although  the part  is one that is easy  to overdraw, she  was always natural and artistic find  showed she i.s very deserving of    the  high     reputation   that  preceded   her. ,  Hei   supporting   company   is   a thor-  ;  oughly capable one, as shown by the  manner they  played  thcii   parts last,  night ���������Sacramento Record.  lay the caniivertfus animal, lie was  neann<4 the spot; he walked carefully  for fear the light should go out,  when a piercing scream was beard in  the distance. The light went out,  and tbe ladies shook their skiits  into graceful folds ami prepared to  fa'iit. Fortunately, however, 1 efore  they could accomplish this, the moon  burst- forth from behind a cloud and  piesontcd, to the astonished*' gaxe  of the young folks, an enormous hog,  looking from beneath the log with a  smiling face.  By this time the remainder of the  party arrived onMhe".scene. The explanation of "the affair is as follows:  The frog, who was doubtless going  "a wooing," moved a stone while  travelling, and at Ihe ,same time  cioaked, and although few   people are  aware that a frog's voice sounds like  1  that of a panther, the ladies declare,  the resemblance was sufficiently  ���������ireat (o deceive them. Perhaps fieg-  gy was in a sentimental humor and  *>is voice was deep from emotion. The  scicam came from one of the young  ladies behind, and was caused by (he  chaperoue .suddenly digging her parasol into the fail one's ribs, because  she thought she saw the arm of a  yoi n$> gallant encircling the maid's  waist. It took .pst a half an hour  to explain this, and the party then  moved on and the gates of the city  being closet* on account of the ,1 t"-  tiess of the hour, they were obliged  lo climb over the walls.  DUNCAN LOCM ITEMS  NANHO NOTES  At the boat yesterday morning,  quite charge number cf friends ot  Mr. Geo. Williams' were prisei.t to  say ������Oo.. bye  and  wish  him   a     final  good luck in lii.-. t.ew position as man-,       , , , ��������� ,    .,  Wr o. the     Hank of Commerce     at \^.nf?^M !���������n\?:__J;.. K^?  Sault:' Ste  Marie.     Two  other    pre  Last night, Mr. Murray,   Dominion  Western Superintendent of Seeds gave  a very  interesting lecture in the  Agricultural Hall to members of     the  Fanners' Institute     and ihe    public'  generally,   which  was  represented  by  about a score of individuals.     It    is  surprising that farmers  do not  more'  largely  take advantage of the   know-!  ledge  which  these  skilled  specialists j  aiejncpared so willingly to impart. I  Mr. Murray,  though young,  is thoroughly  posted in his subject,      and  ga\e  some   very   interesting  illustra-.  (ions of the wondeiful results to     be  obtained  by careful selection of seed.  He  then went    into the    subject    of  weeds.     The  Dominion     go'.ernnunt  has  been     at great     pains to obtain  samples of seed from bulk as   ottered  for sale in  various  parts of this aiul  other  provinces.     The lecturer's   figures clearly showed that the purcha������'  er of so-called cheap     seeds not only  paid    the highest  price  for what    he  got of the real article, but also   succeeded   in stocking  his   farm with     a  choice and varied  collection   of weeds  of the most .flourishing and enduring  character.  At the conclusion, Mr. J. Nl Evans, M.P.P., suggested that monthly  meetings of the institute for neighborly interchange of views and ex-  pei icnces might awaken greater in:  terest in the imponant subject*  brought l.i'foie them by the specialists so liberally sent out by the go >  einmeiil. A hearty vote of thanks  was accorded  the lectin er. u  f  mm  n  In 2   Shades of  blue,  pink,  ox-  blood,    ; cham=  pagne, etc.  Suitable For Children Dresses,. All-over  Pinafore**.  The Kamloops Standard says.- A.  . Gwin has a foice of men at work  on  the   Monte Cailo group which be  SMALL BLAZE  PILOT HOTEL  An alarm of fire about 10 o'clock  this morning, caused a little excitement, but no serious fire resulted,  and (he fire department, had a hill-  climbijig exercise at which they did  good (ravelling The cause of the  alarm was a small blaze at the  lot Hotel, on Oth Avenue, from  over-healed stove-pipe and was  noticed until the wood surrounding  the pipe was blaring A few pails  of water, applied by some loggers,  who were guests at the house, quickly put the blaxe out, and there was  nothing for (he fire company to do  aftei   their atrnal.  The total damage was not more  than f.lft oi 1.20. Theowner of 'he  house had some insurance, but the  tenants and license holders had no  insurance on stock, and had the lire  'obtained a little more foothold be-  foicit was (li<-|-o,vered, they would  have been heavy loosers  mentations were merle lo Mr. Williams in addition to the one lefencd  (o in these columns last e\-emng.  The (lunch Cnmmi'(re of St  Paul's Chinch met at Mr. W'llhm s  < n Sunday evening and presented him  wn.li a very handsome illuminated address and the mcmlois of the sta'i  <>f ihe Nan.-'imo brunch of the l'an\  of Commeite added their little m-  motnbrance by presenting Mr. Williams with a ham's line smn'c 's set  and Mrs. Williams with a leaut.iful  cut glass bowl Mr. Williams iva'e  a suitable reply to all these kind evi-  deiifes ol regard.  GOOD FRIDAY.  'Ihe Ladysmith merchants ha">e  child to Keep  thcii   stores open  usual on Friday next, bit on Fasiei  (leas  The showing on this claim is an exceptionally good one, and what worK  has been done under the bond has improved it veiy niuch. Considerable  development has betn done undtr tin  option,  The "pmiy referred to is we'l  known in Duncan, having lived there  for some time, when with Messis.  Clark and Lees lu was intejeslcd in  ML Sic'.er properties. Ihe location  refer led to is in the Simi'kamepn.  C'oloiado Springs, Colo., has the  purest w.itti of any city in the United States. The supply is derived  fiom the reservoiis and lakes on the  sides of Pike's Peak, which aie fed  uy springs and melting snow. Chemical analysis of the water have le-  peatedly shown jt to be purer than  tha,t of any other city in the country.  ai.-rrt.lay,   the  21th  inst,  all places of .(||u? tfj thc fact  that the supply is de  business  will  be closed.  ������������������������������������n-  Pi-  an'  not'  NO   NEWS  St. Peteisburg, April 18.���������(6.20 p  m.)���������No news from Admiral Rojost-  \risky was leceived by the admiralty  today.      "'    -  IT  WAS A FROG.  Last evening several young men  and maidens meti at an appointed  spot paired off and proceeded for a  "'walk in the direction of Victoria.  They were, of course, followed, at a  proper distance, by a chaperone. Each  young man selected his partner and  one was fortunate enough lo have  two fall to his lot. All proceeded merrily, and the chaperone behaved herself to perfection:, so the young ones  say.  After getting down somewhere near-  Victoria, the party prepared to return home. They returned by way  of the waggon road and as they near-  ed the gates of the noble city of Ladysmith, the young gentleman who  had charge of the two fair damsels,  was suddenly grasped by each arm,  and live awe-struck voice of thc two  maidens whispered, "Hush!" Thc  young man who was talking about  thunder bolls "hushed," and glared  in thc direction to which two hands  Avere pointing.  Said one maid, "Stop, please, I  am sure I heard a panther."  Said  maiden  No.  2,   "I  believe     it i  was  a beer."  The,-young man bravely took out  his siLer match bo*,, and struck a  light aiul ce.refully "proceeded to the  log under     whicih   the ladies declared,  S.S.   Forager   was   in this   morning  for coal for Victoria.  ���������   *   *  Tug   Native   coaled   at   thc     wharf  this morning.  rived at such an altitude as to make  contaminant n impossible.   *   ONK FLAG, ONE  FLEET.  By a British Woman.  Tbe two ������vea,t objects for which  the Navy League is working may be  tleiCLibed, in the words of the Times  as an "invincible Navy and an instructed nation." The fust cannot  be had without thc second. The need  of an invincible Navy has not | crimps, necn plainer than at the present time, when everyone feels how  suddenly the quick flame of war may  spring up out of apparent peace.  British confidence in the Navy is amply justified���������but only because of the  ask io sff mm  DRYiDAU - ST������V������NS0N  Co.   Ladysmith  be neglected and these wild naval  scares become impossible. TJio Navy  League had been in existent e ten  yeais, and is thc only society open to  'civilians that is connected with and  working  for  tlip Navy.  It is an     imperial  woi k  the Navy  League i.s doing, and lo.eairy on this  insk our     pressing licld  is foi   more',  members ami more funds, .so that the /  circle of the league's.;  influence may  le widened and may reach every ^ce-  Dr. R. B. Dler  -      '     !  . Surgeon Ifcntist ���������  AH -work .guaranteed," and at reasonable rates:  High St. Ladysmith  * Ol-EN AT ALL HOURS.  lion and every class of society. The  efficiency of the navy is the personal  concern oi each British man and woman, for if the Navy ever broke  down there is not one person in the  British Empire who would not suiter  from that unthinkable calamity. It  lias been truly said that /the Navy of  England, when it no longer rules in  thehcaits of the people will Soon  cease lo' rtign on the waves of tbe  ocean. 'I hat the na;vy may become'a  vital reality instead '-.of something  distant and unrealized is one ol the  objects of the Navy League. 'Ihere  are thousands of our people who are  utterly out of touch with thc navy,  and it is1 these people we want to  get hold of, to show them that thc  navy belongs to them, is their protection and should  be (heir pride.  The Navy League has done much  during (he past (en years in rev sing  public opinion" as to the paramount'  importance of an invincible navy, but  if much 1ms been done, much remains  ,to be done. It is not to the past we  look, but to the future. 'Ibis is no  time to relax our efforts, the most  cflieient Admiralty is better for out-  ���������sitle piessiire. 'The year of thc cen-  tcnniy of Trafalgar will surely .see a  great stirring of the national spirit,  on the subject of the Navy. With  such a past behind us, such a future  lo work for, we cannot hesitate in  our determination that, 'cost what it  may, we will never willingly yield  up "our heritage the fea."  With this grea.t object in view we  Navy I.cagueis can only beg those  who do not belong to our league to  slop a moment and think whpt we  owe (o the navy���������how their* hones,  their businesses, their lives and prosperity are' guarded by its strong  right arm In return for this protection it. is surely a small thing to  ask that- they should join thc Navy  I enjMiCcVid help foi ward tins naval  crusade, so that whatever eomts, Ihe  British fleet may'i'lvvavs be sufficient  and efficient".       '' . -     '  Order Your  MOT CRQSS^  BUNS "  We have a Fine Display of Dainty  Neckwear, new Lace Collars   and  /-���������'������������������-��������� ������ '  other goods too numerous to   mention, for the Easter trade.  Our stock is   now complete and  we invite inspection.  11  LEISER & CO-Ltd.  OATACRE ST.  ���������LADYSMITH  -At���������  t 1st   \ venue,   - - r ���������  Ladysmith  Feed Your Chicks on  Holly Chick Food  A nnxtnic of eleven different grains and seeds, so proportioned that they  meet the npeds of growing Chicks and fully/nourish them.  ^aaeBgsB^isas-sgBB^BMIBBgMag^  Bankrupt  Stock  QF  W. H. LIVELY  13  Consisting of WiTQHES, QLiO&S, mi , JEWELRY  Silverware, Knives, Forks, Spjom  and Pansy loads  All these Will be Sold at  Less  Than 50c ������o $ I *������0  W. T.HEDDLE   CO.  Williams' Block  Ladysmith  Particular Grocers.  Telephone 1  Ladysmith  Opera  WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY  Evenings.  CLARA MAI NTS COMPANY  Popular prices,  25  J'   Reserved seats on  sale at Blair &  Adam's.     Doors o| en  at 7:15.    Performance begins at 8 o'clock.  r i".'i*m^uMjfg^r;  mzszzrcT.-^zfizmt^z^mz  ^<immi^^^mm*^sm&i&  , F1EL0JNDGARDENS  Eschatlots,  Cabbage and Tomato plants.  Orders  taken for   Roses, Ornamental    and  Fruit trees.  At Morrison's, Ladyspiith, B. C.  m  men. who have toiled, and are still'  toiling, in the face of contempt and  abuse, to expose and to remedy naval weakness'. The attitude of mind  ���������typified in the song which says, 'We've got the ships, we've got the men,  we've got the money, too,' is somewhat superficial, and docs not pause  to consider how it is we've go't the  ships and  the men.  Britishnaval ollicers and bluejackets are always prepared to fulfil  their side of the bargain with the ut-  35 and 50 cents, j'most,gallantry, but under the con-  flit, ons of modern war their personal  bravery and skill can avail little unless provided with efficient weapons,  with fast and well-armoured ships,  hut these things cost money, a K"cat.  deal of money, and the Treasury is  always     anxious to     economise.  Therefore when there, has been no immediate prospect of war, naval expenses have been pared down. That  lias happened several times in the  past, till somebody has woke up to  the fact, that it was the most dangerous thing that could possibly happen to England, and then there h: s  been a naval scare and a lot.of money Si-enf, and not very wisely.  'Now this kind of thing was both  wasteful and perilous, and the Navy  League was founded to create such a  strong current of instructed public  opinion that the    Navy mi^ht never  We are also Making a Large:Re������jirctlon in ihe prices  of our Large and Well Assorted stable so as to  make this an Interesting ''Clearing sate.  Dont Hiss This Chance if You are Looking For  v  : .Bargains. .' ...   ^  B.FORQMriER . .|  './ WATCHMAKER,   JfiWELER,' OPTICIAN  First Avenue,   X   X   X ?������������������ Ladysmith,-^ B. C.  New Arrivals  1-MtESlI  LETTUCE,  ONIONS  RED APPLES.  CHOICE LEMONS.  CABBAGE.      '--  ASPARAGUS  , "  NAVAL ORANGES.  RHUBARB.  SWEET   POTATOES:  EARLY  ROSE and      BURBANK   AS'GCROFT  POTATOR  BL-K1R St TZTDTim  '   - PHONE 2-4  CARLISLE   BLOCK   >  assssssE  W.G.Fraser  Merchant Tailor,  v (ist Avenue)  Spring Stock on hand. Call early and  get your choice.  We Have Just  Finished  tock Ta  -,~*\������*.t*prsii**rjrr  Egmms^gM  SB5S5S3Si&*^t.':S'"ij^SSfSe������"^^^B!S3EJ^8aBP  High Grade Gramophone Free- For Users Of  ASK YOUR G  FOR PARTICULARS  and we find we have too many  WINDOW SilAPES  I ODD LINES, In ALL ABOUT  IS������  VVhich we wilU"lean out this week at  SO CENTS rACfl  Some willr Lace and some-.without -!'lacp:      'Ihe   early ,-lr.iycr gets     trie-  best,  \alucs. .  LADYSMITH HARDWAH'E-CO'., Ltd  Charlie Dunn  MERCHANT TAILORS  NEW    SPRING   AND   SUMMER GOODS JUST ARRIVED'..  Charles finnn, of the above, firm, visits Ladysmith eVer.y Sun day; lor tfie  purpose of talcing measurements' and-   seeing customers    personally.    Msty  be seen at the Hotels.     We guarant, ee all stock and- a perfect fit at-   tlxc  lowest, possible rates.   Suits  from      $15.00 .up.   Pants from $1.00 up. -All  Hand-made. M . ���������      ������ "!: *r'rt   .  Two First Cta  sidenct  \  To Rent  ������3   In thelCentre of the City  JOHN STEWART  P. O. Box 268  f}.7&38>'  :^ms>  FIRE,  LIFE  AND  ACCIDENT INSURANCE.  CONVEYANCING NOTARY   PUBLIC.


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