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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Apr 14, 1906

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The Ladysmith Daily Ledg
'- v^^i^'-iv'd As(
April  11, lflbti.
'\^ "
���/   t*'j-
AV'R XT 1906-
Another Game Booked for Tomorrow-
Talk of Match Between Nanaimo
Ladysmith for Medals
RUH&W&Y PilStttetqiteflg^PbLiTANS WITHOUT
Seattle,    Wash.,    April    M.���After
With the score standing   one each, very  well  to secure a draw on for
the  whistle blew  for   full time'yes- m.n grounds, and could well have at-
tenlay afternoon fand  tbi* fust match ferd.d  to  We no riss,��,ul  u cou-
of  the Intermediate    series for     the i'-utod. with an oven score until   on
chTmTh-r.s'.ip    of     Hritish Columbia, "wlr ^��'�� Kai��e-      However,    (hey
Ust'wocn Ladvsmith uml the    Colum- *-*��** '^ *���* a"xious   to ��>ush   Ul''
,. ,,        , ,.     ..���   .,.- , .    -      aaiiu;     as aiivouc,    and   it  was  not
hian College toys oi    Nc.v**r\Vcs,tmin-  b '
their  fault  that another score     was
st*,-, was over. ^ ^
"I thin'c we were   lucky, consider- The {(>ll(>wing was Ulc lj|lft.up ycs_
ing condition-;,  to set a draw," was ^.j^y-
thc opinio"    of  Capt. I'cdc, 'of    the College Team.
West-minster    team.     "As a   matter C'.o..l, Chan;.fullbacks',  Leamy, Len-
of fact," he continued, ."I think    the nie; halfbacks,  Kirk.patricU, MeEwdi,   afternoon,  having  gone    up ���n
lot'tal boys   o..tplu)ed us as   far    as Peele;  Centre, Johnson; forwards, .).   r-��r)1, ^cain.      ~"
football  goes.     They pl.iycd abetter I'.rown, Carncrcss, K. llrown,    Turn                                   "
combination than  we did, and   were bull,
in better shapo'-'to stay  with' it." Ladysmith.                -         the A blots-ford Hotel.
The  Collier Wellington arrived     in Tacoma, Apiil 13.���A despatch from
port at four    o'clock,   this morning, North Ya1 inia, s*ays:     'lhe smole is  'spending a strenuous day  in the   po~
(inl loaded two Unusand five hundred S|IJ|1R  tr(m  Momi  Raiiiier'   js     scen  lice court,    Judge Gordon    captuied
tons oi coal.     She will     leave   Uii, ^.^  hQm ^ ^          | ^ m        an escaped  prisoner after  he. hail left
aitcrnoon. ... . the court room today.    The   woman
tain    is  over  i)il  miles avvav.       11|V     ,     ,   . . ,
q c;   nvrin Vilfn is  the  m*\L    col t   ���    , - ' wno lia<1 '->--c'M��d  was  turned over l0
S.S. Icije \ittn is  the mxt    col    mnunUm lias  lHH:n emitting   fire ami *wutv Sheriff Kline   ,nd taken     to'
lirr    expected  in, and  should   arrive  t..|ule|.s   R)1.  (Jim. (|;us      ., ^      .. 1Jtl>ul>   "s""*-1"*1  -^����C  *nd UU-ii     to
akout Tuesday  next.     She left
mX,"fi?/,tnrl!ille|n1f."V tl aT.H  *?' "'"V ^'^ ^^ -��� W of vagrancy under  the   Vlnta   **-���"��     �����"��
s L  cv��� cl*Wl.    w       there and   dnm.  away   by   the fear    law     aml    .sentence to serve    t-l,ne   full  or aahos  ccus~d.     A,h,.s,   , how-
-.lavs.     it  is  expected   inat stit.  win   ��� .    r.,      ���r asi)L>s i���   u-.K     \n\i,,r ,.     ,    ,, ....
i c on a  full c-ir-o i    ��� ,   ,,     ,' , '   monUlS ln thC t:0U,Uy ]ai1' ou'r <*-"'��� i'""-'  to fall  ihrouSh        tho
lit.   on  a   1 mi  l.iis;u. .Inc'c   ( nnitvlpll     llwi   nrnuiifflnr      ci.t-o        hi<ii -, ���   ��� i      .    , . .
1,11 commit smcule l.efore 1  o0  to   Jlie,ltf    a(khilt.  ,c.ve,al inches to  Uw
Is Thought It Will TakeThis Period to.
Reclaim Lands Laid Waste By  .
Volcano's l^lames and Lava
Xaples,    April   1 ?,, All   the  n''w,lan account  of     a conversation      hi)
: *
\i -it
u - -      r'l'K'   the  county  jail.
�������   rclfahle   report   reachwl    here yesU-r-.   j|liu,(,   t,',ark  had  1>ecll  triKl    0���
l-ucoivi-d iii'i*o I bib moi-uing is en-
coui-ugiiiij. For ihe first time sin .,
Tucwluy lhe sun is .shining all ovor
ihrough      the      city
jail," she said    and then sat    dowt
in tbe prisoner's   dock and went    t,j i
.Iiica Campbell, lhe prospector,   siys
'lhe  Tordenskjold,   which   is    under   "Kaiiier begnn   to sinoi��e Monday ev-
cliarter by the  Western Fuel Co., lias  l''��"S*     0l1, Tuesday   it  was     worse
not yet left Hioro,  Japan. Wednesday    ashes and  red hot   mud .sleep.
.  ���*-''���   inl(>    famP-      RuiiAlings    were I   After   court    had  adjourned,     and
heard and   1   had to mo/e.  Thursdaj   vvhilo a deputv was preparing to talu.
the  sulphurous smo'c bung over  thc era    t]lc  Woim,n  to  mc countv jail,     sha
*tcr.       The     ni'mbliugs    are  Kro-.vinp \,Um<i    out of    the dock  into     the
more   ii..ticea-l,|��     au-.l  arc felt    u-i. |iudRC-s  chalM|;Cl.  ami  then  (,isanppal..
__ o - miIes  [rom  tlie  basPiM      Two   >caw od     Shp ran up J<;n.ei.f.u!i strwst   tfl
j   .dfes  K.   Dol-escn is registeted     at   a:;o Micrc was    evidence of eruption.  v^riil strM>t and  1heil  up t]u,    ,,,���
 "'' ' h,,t' Mot nc'arl>' so w^re-as tlu'pres- l-0  Jamcs street and  in
Miss   Uerttam   is  in   Nanaimo   this
Aslictl as  to    what he  thought    of ' Goal, Greaves;  fulllncks,  Kerr and                   o               .   ">t    one.       There are no residences J0f the court,  who held her  until
his  chances  for  thc next game, ,   he Ciossan; half I tie'-s,  .lac'-csoii, Sanders <\ \v> COaeh in   which the I.o.d Mayor  near the
said  that   he considered ihcin-   good, and   ��D. O'Coiindl;.   centre, Hughes; (Jf ]j0ll<|0,)    rides on state uccasions    are begin'ing to  floo.
"We.    have    two  good  players    at forwards, Wit-hie,,McMillan,   Morgan,   |,as ^nxw in use since  \7Til.      '          (            . ��	
inouiitain.   but   ptos*c:*tors d<!pUtv .4heiiff arrived.
Am   inlciesting  archaeological     dis-
,  A  W1NNKR.
Three little {>'iils in Harlem    were
home," he said,   "who found it    im- M. O'Cornell
possible to come ocr with i.s,  hut,
of course,  they  will be in  the   linc-.j                         VIPTARIA ccr.'ery lus   lucn  made in Naples    in *-��e (lil>'  discoursing about the   baby
up. in the return same.      Then,, too,                   1W   VlCll/lflA" ' U)e COiriSt,ni(;tion of Korcella    street, hrotiieis  that had tai.cn    up    their
wc will  .>e on our  own grounds, tnJ      ,n vict6l.ia vC(4t,.rd.vy actcrnooii the A iir&* W:U1. JaljillK  fro,n ',0() B-C-> residl'ucc with  Uicil' rtspcctne   fam-
���there is a  whole lot of difference w-  Gacll8on teAm ^^ in ilefi,ilUluA which si.rroum.ls  the ancient city, has Hies during the year,
twecii    turf and    hard grounds    ail   U)e Va|1C0uVt.r Celtjcs   th(, sooce bcl iieen unearthed.   ' yaW lhc lilst >'ttle girl,  "-Jlylro-
rocks, such as we playod on today. ��� ��� 3-li "Wiey play i return -ame ''  ��� ~ ' thcc 'lo,n's g0t the bcai,utllll,st ail-
While Chan did \ery well today, he ltfor fun��� aJ. Wor. pcjnl m& ^ L,NE TQ iIUDs0N'S BAY. ^r cup that his godfather g^v*
i.s. not   a strong    kicker ami is   not noon      The nest             ofi Uifi ^.^ W.nnipoK.    Apiil,   1-1 .-Mr, R.     II. >��'�������"           ~
the reaular goal-tender f<>r^ the team.  {or Uuj championship of liC;   w\nu> I tall, factor in charge of the     Cum- 'Oh,    exclaimed the second    little
played   i��   Vancouver     on Saturday L-oiland   d strict    for the
We got him at tue last minute    by
telephoning    back  to  New  Wc-stmin-   ''~',
ster  from    Vancouver, and had     Ilia
The. North Ward    Juniors of
boat    no*,  been  delayed  in starting,   ^    wwj    ^ v{ aerating
we would have had to to.ue over one
nia�� shy. We certainly have no kick
coining though on (he way lie played, nor have we any fault to find
with the Ladysmith players. They
are a \cry nice bunch, and played a
good square game
Hudson's S-11'    "that's    nothing.    My hi other
13ay Company,  is in  the city on   Ihi- Willie's got the most expensive    go-
siness.     Mr." Hall has  just returned cart  U>at e.er  was."
from  a trip    to  Fort Churchill     on "Well,"  said    thc third little girl,
Hudson  Hay.'    On his  way back- he "���y  '.H'othcr Eddie ain't half so big
met* a parly    oi  Canadian Northern ��>*aybe as your  brothers,  but,"   she
railway engineers, employed  in lecat- added,    with     ill-concealed  triumph,
                              ing (he line to  the bay.     They had "Wle *lo<;tot' says he's had more   fits
1A7fTT   CHAW TH1TM H(\W reached a point    near  the watershoj lha" any    other haby  in the    neigh-
Wllil* 9HVW   inaJW nVIW   o[         Churchi��� r        aIV, wercmak lorli0��d."-Harper's Weekly.
tlie Central Stars of Vancouver
the decisive scoie of, �����0
!   A   nunitier-   of    intermediates who   ing good progress.    He trafclled   by
The Westminster boys left on   the,wer(J eiUil ��� the side  niics dog-Ira in" over 400 miles.
Joan  for    home this  morning,,   awl . . ������ ������-* l  ,   J _  __
... ,     .      .    .        . . - tenday and ofiermg all kinds of good    ~nri     i      ���-        i    m      i    r-< �����.
now it ,s ���p to the locals to -get m ^^ ^ ^ ^.^ JB ^  vyoul(I  ^ ft ^  ^ ^^ v mJ
and dull for  the return match. ior u�� uciejraun  man it  a    '.aft-
Tne College team won the ton. ami  s.sted    on    gmng jnore   t-nce   -ih* m>
chw.se to defend th, upper goal. Af- ��a-..c, anJ they are so sure they ace .
the kic'volT, they  took tlie -ball down right that they arc  willing to prove
to  the home goal, and for  five  miu- it on   the'field.     The  players of yes-
utes it remained helow the half-way tcrday    insinuated   that the    ciitics
line.     Then  tbe Ladysmith   forwards could  play a    whole lot better'    on
secured and .brought nearly all   their the ..sidelir.es than    on the field,   and
1 layers   with     the ball in front    of intimated  that  if they  would   come
thorn    up to  the opposing goal,   and out ,bhey could be shown.  Tliey    say
for twenty minutes it was as nearly they are willing, and have got  their
c en  as could  bc seen.    The   check- team    i*ic'..e4  for     "battle tonioirovvr
ing    was  cks'i,     and neither     team Arrangements are all made and    tlu
coulii     get  in      much    combination, tame will he culled at 2.30.     It    is
Twenty-five  minutes  after  play  com- sure to   Le    a swift  one,  as   Michie
menced,  McMillan  kicked_ a beautiful ft��d his eleven  aie sore over adverse
corner,  and     Hughes,  receiving     thc criticism,  and  arc  willing to let  the
sphere on his    head,  butted it    -be- other    fellows sec the difierence
'tween  the poles  for  lhe  first game, actual  play and theory.     Two chnn
After  this  it was M��e-saw again un- ges  will  be  made on Michie's
Montreal, April  11.���'lhe inkiest on
it. is    slated      Uiat nothing    definite
ccuill l.e arranged until within a few ,,��� Ui(J bo(ly of liUle K<lith Ahonii
davs of the i roposcd match, and for w!l0 was nuirdered over a week ag0|
all anyono Knows the affair might was continued yeslcrdav, and it��is
ha-.e io l.e called o!T, owing to the |elie^d that at its conclusion, a
inability of all of thc Vancouver ,-orinai cliarc.c of murder will belaid
jilayers obtaining leave from their again.st Jaincs Hac'cett. When Hackwork in Vancouver. etl's    breakfast     was   la'-en   to   him
ithts morning he  said  to  the officers:
BASEBALL TOMORROW     "If I am  guilty  of this crime,     1
do not  deserves to oat.     1 have    no
The bat'Call team is   to be   chos-jn   lct.0iicclicii of  what  1  did  on     that
this    afternoon    to rcprcseu-t    tfady-   fatul TucsJav nighL     When  I   ' diiu'
y[   in   Nanaimo     tomorrow      afternoon,   j  ,oSft a���   ���-t,nu)iyi  and i  iosl. it all
where the first game of the     season   ^,a^ nirriit."
team, <wiU l'c .pla\el.    The team will jour- ,   Mlichn other    <llUnasin���       0.-ulcnce
The Tyee Smelter', at Lad.,smith,
ran thirteen days during Match, ���' ami
treated 3,153 tons of Tycc'orc, giving a return after deduction of the
fmight ghd refining charges, of the
sum  of $37,90 .
had with MatLuic, director' of the
observatory who was in a ver>
hopeful mood when his visitor lefL
hitn. The Profesbor csuid: "very little ih lvuo-vu of lha volcanic I'or-u-s
ho no one can ever with 'safety predict  what i.s  going   to happen."
.Naples,    April    ili.���Alter tho   IftKt
great eruption in   1872     tlie      laiki    (
co.cred  by cinders   di-d-   not       pro-
duco  urojjs for  seven  years   and. the (
lossc-i   ".Jiii this  respect   avoruged ?2u ,1
UOU,000 yearly.      it  is  beliuvod      it   ���
���.,   ,   ,.  ..              ...                     , .���   ���������    .     a  i-      ii. i          r   -<i        ney   down   to Nanaimo    on  the noiiii
til  half time,    with no  more   scor- I. Wmsby taking ths place of   Mor-      3
���ii      a                                              ��� s.--     ,i    m    r    i ii   i      r    i\     tram tomorrow.
nig by either tjam. e,an,!-.-aiid.   T.  Leahy that   of    li.  ���    '.'    u,       ,       ,               P  ���,   ���    ���
ahL  ii,   ,.,         ;���        r    i            i Av^.,.���.n "*                        I    l*i!  Covvichau  Leafier,  of Duncans,
After   the. rcs.imption  of  play good O Council. j
com hi nation    was    still  lacl<in-jr     on      The critical   cloven ifill.L'c composed ,SA*,'S" ., ,   ,     -
,   .,     .,        ,���       ,    .   ,. . ,    ,?             ,  ,,     . ���     . The Locals are urgently asked   to
both sides, although, individually, cv- of  the  following: '                                      ��
against the priseiit was coHjcled to-
he    home an* Oillasiie;   halfl.acks,   Oele,   nuii-,as  wllhout ll u,0>'1Icaw,o1l
and. was  bar! Michie; centre;-Campbell;    .-.for-.", >"��������;   .Practices  wi I  beta
....  i:_ ^_  ���,���,vio    n�����.i������    Wof,������       c.-^.-c������    evening next week to  put, -
eiy man was working for" all     that     Goal, J. Conlin; fullbacl-s,     Kagan
was   in    him.    Michie, of the
team-, played; a���'. hard game,
everywhere that ."the ball was to he wards, Barclay, VVAtson, . Simpson,
found.     Hughes and  McMillan;   were Hay worth/ *..
also there when it came to agsres- The,referee, wiil be chosen on the
sivc work. Leamy,'full-back for the grounds, nnd th-2 best team will win.
visiting.team, however, was the real ������=������
-star mail of the gann*.    Tic. was like       (JAME FQR MAY   24tft.
the boy in  the song^ "always in the
way," and spoiled many tries'of the Another proposition is up for con-
locals. He played his position; and sidcraticn 0f .the local and Nanaimo
could always be'-depended upon. He Senior football-teams. The Nanaimo
also hol/cd the goal-keeper in clear- 2-ltli of May Colo'.jration committee,
iny, and l0ok all the goal nicks aim- offered a purse of $75 for the team
self. ..'oh'.ison, fie Westminster ten- whining, in a game between a' lam
ter forivarU, is a fast player, and composed of Ladv.su>iUi and Naiuii-
di,d-good -work yesterday, lie was nio players against the Vancouver
the fastest s| rititer cm the field and Celtics. Mr. Hol.crt Adam, of Nn-.
was always in tho lead in a rush, naimo, preswlent of the football as-
Kotli goal'uppers saved, the day many ��ociatiou, is now to the fore with
times during play, and while Chan, a.suggestion that the game be* eh ah-
of , the visitors, is not a strong geil. His suggestion is that two
kicker, he. was not afraid of a haid teams in Ladysmith be picked, and
ch-cclc, and several times cleam.l just two teams in Nanaimo,'they to play
���before tu.niing.over and over as the each other in a scries of games up
result of a strong body from the for- to the 21-th of May. (hi tluvt date,
wards. Greaves, in. thc opposite, let'- thc team that has come out
goal, played his position to'the' en- ahead in the local games meat the
tire satisfaction of. the 'Ladysmith leader of the other city, and play
team, and cleared time and again for, the ,pri;e. He also sugi^sts that
when-it looked as I hough the score instead of giving $75, thc committee
��� was going to -be on thc wrong side. have gold medals made for the fin-
It was not- until play hucl Jic*e.n go- ai winners, and silver medals' for the
ing on 25 minutes in the "second second tram. In-other-words the \vii*j
half that in a scrimmage before the nets in the fnals of local games'will
home goal, Prown., of the visitors, receive medals, those of the winner
managed to even the score. ... From 'of dhe Lfc'dysmdth-Nanainio game tube
then  on,  both  teams worked harder,'of gold.
and more scientifically than .at    any j    Th's     is  mi   .excellent idea  as     il
previous  stage of the pamc.   It war-  would ibring  to  the front a   lot    of
clear by their  play  that neillier was   younger  nlayers  in each    city,     and
.satisfied with a-draw,  nnd thc .visi-  would adid material  for a     stronger1
tors showed    that   thev   were
turn  o.it to  practice  th:s   afternoon
as  without it they cannot expect to
Id     every
pu't the    team
in shape for    their    initial game1'at
Ladysmith on thc 21st.
Toronto, April M.-���Throe trains
left the Union Station here yesterday for Western Canada with over
cue thousand passengers. This is the
fifth excursion so far this ssascn, or
about seven- t-hoisand people. ���
 o ������
Emperor William has appointed
Professor Ernsl veil Pergm-imi, a
nicmber of the upper house of par-
iiamentfer life. This is the first
time that such an honor has been
conferred on a member of the medical   profession.'
Norway can boast of the Northern
most paper in the w-orld; this is the
Nord map, brought out wce'.ly at
Harnjiierfest. It obtains its news
by a ship which calls once every 8
days. When items arrive on publishing day they stand over till thr next
issue, so that thc journal's latest is
sue of news is often fourteen days
behind  the rest of the gloj.e.
A newsj-ater used to appear at
Dccan printed on white cotton,
which was used as a pocket handkerchief. Then it was washed, and the
publisher lithographed on the same
sheet time after Unie until it was
accumulation on the streets. Noai-lj
six thousand people are eiiiplo>c-d ia
clearing the roois aucl main thoi'o
ug'hl'ures. Gangs of men are On-
gng-crf iii piling the ashes in. lhe
middle oi narrow streets, . which
malv&siho passage; oi tehii-los exceedingly dillicult and adds to the discomfort of the pedestrians.
The Neapolitan have become, to   a
certain degree,   sun  worshippers;  one
day  thoy  are plungeel  in  the depths
of despair    .because the   sun  is    ob-
.SLin-ed by falling asrws    ��ind thc next
day     are     found     rejoicing    because
the  sun     shine*       and     no      leaner,  heroically  holds  his   posiudn-in  ilin
are sprinkling over Naples.      Today ' observatory  believes      that   the    lithe inhabitants  of Naples     are   par-1 '-"t'tion has ended     and every      out-
ticularly  happy    for   not'   only      is   "arcl   indication confirms  this   view,
the     sun   shining  brightly     but   iho j Xo Bioro rumblings   come from     tho
air is   clear of  ashes     and invigorat- ! hoxnla     of  tho    earth   gn ing      ter-
ing.     Pi-oplc  are driving about.      i��� | rilyina   warning    to   lhe  inhabitants^
open can-lag's, and  much  color     has j 'The volcano     is  hidd-m    lA-hind  - ��.'
roi ui nod     to  the surroundings      an.l (thick curtain  of  smoke     which  rises'
the     grayness      of     the     buildings (from  thc  crater  and  then      spren.U .
palnC    and othci   ash .covered trc-cs^nd falls,    onvcloping     a vast, clrcl.*-'
nnikes  a   jileasant contrast with    th
will take ten years   to  bring Unbind under cultivation again. .-
'lhe period of danger has passed, and only desolation and
slowly. declining panic remains, ill-'
Vesuvius bus ceased any sign oi
life. The leviathan seems to hnv-s
spent itself in one enormous con-'
vulsion,     JJirector     Alattuie who
sapphire  tinted sea.
Several  men   apparcri'.ty  have  brav
ed  thc terrors
of  lava  about
within   Mvni-clarlvnoss
Xaples    is    just   beyond   this circle
and today  thc.city'was bathed
of the wild     wasi.es' sunshine  whilo       th*      "glj'
the    royal    obscrva--pall    hung'  to tho   westward
- -AM
Lory  on   Mount Vesuvius.    One     of   a  belt  midway
Ll'.em  returned  this   morning*,   having  Naples.
between   Rome  and
When wc drew attention to that
wedding of Miss Wedlock and iVIr.
���iliairriage' the otbcv day we did ncjt
anticipate the shower ��� of similar eases which corrcsr.iolndjjiits have U*en
pouring upon us, says the London
News. From a li**t of. twenty-six authentic cases in most, instances giving' particulars and-dates, wc .select
the follow ing: . I
At Lowestoft a Mr.  Warmer     and
Miss    Freezer    were united in mar- j
riagc. i
At  Bristol    a Mr.   Bli7.741.rd       ami   I
Miss Gale .were tinitwl in matrimony.
Mr. Pitt-Lewis, Q.O.. tried acaso
of Ala-buster vs. White, not long af-
k-r one of High vs. Low, and some
time after this-of Halfpenny' vs. Penny.
At Partridge Lane chapel a Mr.
Rook 'preached in the morning, a
lr. Partridge in'the afternoon, and
a Mr. ��� Crow in the evening of the
same day. The arrangement, which,
of course, was not intentional, was
made by. a Mr. Cuckoo-who was secretary - of the Sunday school, i��
which Messrs. Finc.lv Martm, Swallow and  Bird were  teachers.
In a Midland-* town harvest  thanksgiving services  were  conducted       in
two    churches    cm  tne-same day���in
one by  lhe  Rev.   J.  E.  Flower and
in the other by the Rev.  W. Leafe.
Some years ago  the pastor  of       a
Mr.     D.    Johnson, of      Ladysmith,
spent Good  Friday  in .the   City..
.��..��.   .������
Miss.   Lyclia  MofHnuild   of    Coino.v,
is. in.-the. city  the  guest     of lv.'r .-is-
tor  Mrs.' Oreoiishields.
...   ������.   ���������
Miss.     Lilly    Hall   of   A'ic'toria    is
sponding    a   fi*w     days- with       Miss.
Lillian  Sutton.
...   .*.   .��.
A   great,   number  of   citivxns    sponi.
yesterday      lishiiig and   gi-n.-rally
speaking   ������bud   good spoil.      Sever il
nice  baskets  of   iroui   won;     broughi
into  town.
��� Several members of tl-.o I'rir.glo
Stock Company came <l .: ���. from
Cumberland yesterday on ihe City
of Nanaimo. They report a go.at
trip in tho Northern Island City.
Tho troupe will cross over to
(���ouver   this morning.
' The inquest concerning the -death oi
the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Pu-
vall, of North Park Street, who died
after Stollman's.Teotiiingjiowder ha-d-
been administered, was again resuni-
ul, but nothing was accomplished,
'.he coroner, Dr. Hart, stated that
at lhe 'last adjournment when the
juiy had requested thc analysis to be
mad.'* by Dr. Fagan, he had seen the
doctor who was at that time pre-
pariuh to leave for Ottawa and had
he-en promi^eil that the result of the
analysis would be ready a-s soon *as
the dovt.r rethrnwl from the East.
He had not returnod and another adjourn ment was necessary. The incites t was adjoin nod until May 11.-
The story is  told    of a    man   who
liked    perseverance  in  his  servants.
When he told  them to'do a thing he
expected'  them to do it,  no matter
how    difficult it might be if he sent
a stableman    out    to  buy a certain
kind   of whip,    he expected the man
not t'o return until the whip  was se-
'���" cured,  though he should have  to visit a hundred shops to get it.
.������������  ���������  f j   There is a story about  the     way
Mi*. F. Reed, of Ladysii'i'h, ��� re- |Mr. Ronalds c-atae to hire a youny
t.urnod from Vancouver on riuirs- 'groom. lie was in a drug store
day accompanied by his mot hoc ; one day, when a shah)by little hoy
and sister Mrs F. Keid and Miss.    N. J entered.      The  boy   advanced   boUHy
Mr. -and Mrs. J. Bland, of I ail -
smith, ar<j in Duncan to sin nil a couple of weeks. While here they aie
stopping   at    tbe Quamichan.
Mr. ,)os. Douglas, of Mt. Sickei,
passed through Duncan on Tussdav,
on his way to South Anica \\a the
States ar.d  England.
Local millmen report a shoitageoi
cars, which seriously hand caps the in
in filling their orders. It seems that
the C.P.K. ollicials could, or should
provide suilicient rolling stock to
ha-nclle the business offering, especially on the island.
Miss Edith Weismillcr has returned
home from Victoria, where she has
b-jen in the hospital with an attack
of appei.dicitis.
Duncan i.s getting to be essentially a stage town, no less than five
stages running out of town at th?
present time, with the prospect of
another soon. Mount Sic\"cr, daily
except Sunday, and four to Cowi-
chan Lake, so that the travelling
public'can be -assured of rfuick and
easy transportation'to these imp-oi'-
aht points. '   ''   ,1 "'.
(\    Frost   01    Ladysm'nh.
; was   visiting     Mr.     and     Mrs. .1 ���
Cobnt-n  of   ibis  c-ily yesterday.
The fool ball game, High Sc-h.-ol.
vs. Howory. booked' for ycstciclay
afternoon   did  not materiaUpo.
I{��'ed,      who   have-   .i.st   Art ivod. fi'oia
England.      The party  yest-.-r lay   p.-* 1
e.eedod   to Ladysmith where lhe ladies
intend staying for some   time.
.��.   ���������   ���������
Thc O. P. 11. gross oni-nings I'or.iho
last ten days of March totalled SI-
0-i(i,000, ��n increase of SHIU.OOO over the same  period   a  year ago.  and
to  tlie clerk,     took  a small camel's
hair brush from his pocket'and said:
'���Smell  this,  an' gimme 10 cents'
worth.   I've f&rg-otten -the  name.''
The clerk smiled, smelt; and took
down the iodine bottle; and Mr, Ronalds engaged thc .ingenious and re-
sotirccful i-oy on thc spot.
Speaking only in. a gcnc'ral way,
us he explained yoste'rday. for the
mutter has tiot, ho states, boon
brought before the government,
iion. F. .!. Fulton, Attorm-y-
Gonural stated to a Herald v; a-;
rosentative that, the proposing�����
to make use of the .Nanniino jail
as nn Old Mans' Home would ao%
ho belioved, be favot'od   by the    goT-.
I'vveiHy-fivo  carloads   of   machinery |crnnu-nt,   for     while     it   is    out     ���!
a gain   of $320,000^   over the     sni.i.'   ^ ^^  lwHv(,a     at Mosquito bar-1 t-0,nmi.ssion     as     a   jnilat    piv.aeat,',
bor  on   the   West   coast    of   Yancou-   it.  would     in  all. probability,  a-   the
vor  Island for tho   big sawmill that,   country    to  the   north  became. ' sot tl-.
is  being  erected      by  Seattle        and  cti   up  nnd      railway   building unler
period two years ng-o. This increase
represents direct growth of po.i ���������
latipn 'to this country.
... .��. .*.
Last evening tho St Andi'cw's
church choir and those taking part
in  thc  concert   to  be  given  on  Mon-
On  Thursday .-veiling  last,    the -r,*~
llicaLions f..r. the ollite. or   collector
JM Ul��   Victoria   1'ny   Sports      wore
considered   by the execut b-o commit t-
ens  and  Mr.    -1'.   T.  Parget or   of  the  day   evening  had   a  very    successful
Five   Acre   Lots  was  appointed. rehearsal     and  those   privileged       to
.,.   ���������   ���������
Walker      of  the    ito.v
Eastern capitalists. It will be one
of the most complete mills in the
world and will employ a large num.
her  of  men,     all   of   which   will   add
way. again be rocpiired by the government- There is not Mr. Full oh:
says, at present a demand on 1 he
province     for   "homes for   ngod mill.
to  tlie revenues  of British    Columbia Some municipalit ies     very likely villi
and  locally   to   Vancouver  Island.
Mr.     lb':
hear it predict  an unusually  fine entertainment   for    tho patrons   of   the
The   Great   Northern   Liner
'I'.ank  of  Canada   .it    Victoria    is    -n   alVaiv.     The progrnmiue
this city assist inp   the  staff  of      th
Nanaimo bank   with tho pay sheet.
.*.   ���������   ���������
The   Olyrnpi."    Club   entertainmont
which  tat-es  place  on   Tuesday
Londo-ni'church was named Pigg,   and   eninc next    commencing
real   senior team  in each  place m*xt year,
sports',in not  attempting in anyway  Besides  this,     it is pointed out that ' two of his deacons were Messrs. Hog 'promises    to be  one    of tho
to delay the game.     They had done, a match between these two     towns, flesh and Bacon. j events of thc.   season.
published before. Every item .vill
be well worth hearing. The instrumental selections are by ladies
and gentlemen of great talent .while
the cantata Meudolsshou's "Hymn
of Praise" promises to be one oi
the best heard locally for a great
length of time.
boon   nesola,-     which      arrived   at
Tovvnsend on', Thursday afternoon ���'?-
ports having sighted n \-esse.l in
distressof tho Vancouver coast. Th..*
vessel in question was of tbe four
mast type and was dismantled tr-
tho lower masts. At the time a
tug was seen steaming hi the direction of  tho vessel.
have to do something- in the vvayj
of caring for some ;of the aged pi o-
ple before very long, nut this is, I
said Mr. Fulton a question fori
the municipalities and not the; province to arrange. Mr. Fulton stnt-l
��d that lie knew nothing of tho I
reopening of th�� Ladysmith gov-1
oriiment agency. but' lliat. ���-.--thisj
might be the case without .-hisl
knowledge, or it. is in the depart-|
ment of Financo.
'4*4*'.?'���' DAfL r  LKDGKR  1H������ DAILY LEDGER  Published   every day except Sunday.  KY        THE       DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  *0  oents  a month; , $5  per  year   In  idvance.    Advertising rates on ap  plication.  PAINTING   AND  PAPERHANGING  Th \M JlHATHIl  W 1 U, KUKNISH   ROOMS  BAR SUPPT-TBD WITH BEt T  Neatly and Artistically Done  SATURDAY  April   U,  190C.  FISILEIUES   REPORT   FOR      3UU-I.  S   ROEDDING  Orders  Promptly   Executed      LADYSMITH  ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  A J. McMURTRIF, Proprietor  LADYir/wnH, B. C-]  ' The statistical ������������������(���������port of thc fisheries of lhe Dominion for 1901  is on .hand.  . The total value of the fish caughi  ami fish products in Canada for J-'Ol  was ������23,310,000, the largest with  Lhe exception of 1001, when the pho  nomcnal saknion run in British Col  umbia swelled the total beyond ������2 3.  000 in Uio 'history of Canada. Oi  this lotai lli-it isli Columbin next to  Nova Scoria is the largest con'ri-  bwtar, the /igiires showing as follows:  JS'ova  Scotia     S7,287,0Si'.i  Untish  Columbia       5,210,10,'  New Brunswick  ,.,     '1,071,08 '  Ontario         l,79y,22*i  Quebec   '      1,751^197  Manitoba and ST.W.T.  .   .     1.710,077  Prince  Kcljvard Island  .   .     1.077,Mi.  Total   $2.������.,510/13''  Net  lnci-ea.se    414,50!  The following statement shows the  values of thc principal conijnercial  fish (above ������100,000) for tbe >������ir  1004:  Salmon    ?������,809,545  .Lobsters     3,00:,151  '   Cod      3,013,05 1  Herring-     2,150, ISO  -.Whitefish.    1.058,812  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  WorA aid Sirkjnr ������it;  SEfc  X   KEMP.   OR  LEAVE    ORDERS   WITH  - W. CARTER,-  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Esquimalt   & Nanaimo Railway  Easter Holidays  Excursion Rates  I������ effect between all Stations '  Good laWes^and good Ticve!s {b, d from FriA_y, Apnl 13|    t0    Mcn'a;-,   April 16th., inclusive..  PQRTLRND HOTEL  DAVID IIYNES, Proprietor.  FIRST AVENUE  PHONE      6 O  NOTICE  LADYS.wini   wvrH< vV0*KS  Consumers arc requested to call  at   the office     on   Founts   Street  u  iay Water     Rates, between thc 10th    and  the 25th of i<ai'h in *ith.  Office Hours I P. M. 4 30  I. J BLAND,  SUPERINTENDENT.  'trtttTtt rtrtt*+������'  ��������� ���������   ������ ������   r   9 -������  LAC/SMITH TRANSFER STABLE.  PIANOS,  ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD      i-uKNITUR     MOV  ED PROMPTLY AND  SAFELY.   Sardinia    790, 14 1  Halibut  ... -. -   781,501  -Trout     7S2,1-1H  Mackerel    750,397  Haddock    038,973  Pickerel    038,507  Smelts     447.579  J-Jake    [   303,13!  Pike    252,853  Sturgeon ..-.     211,71(1  Pollock '.   235.8 IS  215,33 ���������'  Oysters    ".....  18(i,08".  Alewi\*cs     155,01.;  Eels    .*.   129,9-i 1  From the year   1800 to 1901,  l-ot'o  inclusive,    the    five  principal  food  fishes   havu      yielded     the   following  large values.  Cod ���������. $132  022,10 V  Salmon'   ������.     81  ,943,517  Lobsters       75  901,02.-5  Herring-       70  202.0.*-1  Mackerel       45  ,089,021  Thc  fishing  industry   gives  emplo\-  ment     to an army of workers.     Dur  ing ,. 1/301       not    less than  77,315  men were employed    in  the C  anadiau  Stables in the rear of the Lad ysmith hotel.  Abbots ford.  Leave ordtrs at   tt.<  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra  well  Stocked  This  Hotel has  been completely       renovated.  Board aid lodging $1.00 .per day.  Special Train Service  In Effect on  Good Friday and Easier Monday  Afternoon  trains leaving Ladvsmith,    Noith' o'ir.-d,   nt 0:45   p. m.  Afternoon   trains  leaving  ladysmith    Sou ho id at 5:00 p.  m.  Rogular train service Saturday, 11th,   a.id  Si nt'ay 13th.  Rar  Supplied with the Best  Liquors and Cigars.  JOHNTFA, Proprietor  Wines, 1st A\enue :-: :-: :-: Ladysmith B.C.  G, Iv. Courtney,  District Pessenger Agent  Rest accommodation (or transient  \nd permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND      HOTEL  This new Hotel tins been comfort-  aMy furnished and thc bar is up-to-  rU<������ Rates (1.00 a day and mp-  WM'ds.  WM.  BEVERIDGE, Proji.  THE JONES HOTEL  A. J. WASKET, PROP  ���������Vf-*-*-**-* ������������������������������������������������������ ������������������-*������������������������������������������������������ ������44f y 4-4 44 4-4>-i4*-f ���������������������������-������������������-���������-������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 4 ���������������������������������*������������������������������������  45���������Hotel Ah'botsford.  A21���������G. C. Pickanl.  1321���������K. , J.  Bo wen.  28���������F.   W.   1-Jawes.  IS���������Dr. Wasson.  16��������� A. Cornwall.  local  Com-  othi:r  tbu  fisheries, not including the numerous employees in the lobster industry. These fislu-rnieii used 0,393.-  383 fathoms of g-ill nets and seines  besides oilier fishing gear and fixtures, tig������;re<*,atin������' a capital of  ������12,350,9'12 invested in thc whole  fisheries of the Porn in ion- This o-  mounl shows an advance of Si 00.-  000 over the invested capital of the  previous season.   o   THONES   CONNECTED   WITH  FIRE  HALL  31���������Hotel  Cecil.  Dr. R. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  All  work guaranteed, aud at reas  able ratei.  RESIDENCE AND OFFICE  Gatacre St.  Ladysmith  h eimos*  tl2sti UGibie  BoGt for  Boys  The Okanag-an Vernon says  Charles 81111^, the popular  maiiagvr of lhe Lludson's LUij  pany, while out trolling the  day, in Lung Lake, caught  record rainbow trout ever known to  be itik-en in these waters. The li-������li  was a beauty and weighed .'xacily  1.5 pounds., ���������. Mr. Sims was n\������)  the holder of the record by fish  last year when ho caug-ht one weigh,  ing- i:i.ill>. There is rare spoit  just now ill Long and Okanagan hikes for the disciples of Ike Walton is  trolling- for rainbow and .^a.iiion  trout. Some of the latter h,i\o  been secured weighing as hi ah ������">  thirty pounds-"  The Okanag-an may elai n lhe record for the Vernon .seci'i*.-i f jr Air  Sims, but not outside of that  section. Some four or five years  ago. Air. Walter Lnngle.v, of Ash-  croft, caught a rainbow trout in  Blue Lake, on the Ashcroft-Lillooct  road that weighed 221 pounds. It  was weighed, photographed and sent  to the museum at Victoria. much  larger ones ha\e been caught in  Lake La JIache, Catiboo, some said  to weigh over L0 pounds.   o '���������   GR(P   QUICKLY   KNOCKED'PUT.  "Some  \vee''S  ago,   during  the so-  ere   winter  weather,   .both   my     wife  and   myself  contracted  se\crc   colds,  which    speedily    developed into    the  worst  kind  of la grippe  with all its  miserable symptoms,'���������'     sajs Mr.   J.  S.  Esrlesloii,    of Maple Landing,  Iowa.    "Knees and joints aching, muscles sore, head slopped up, eyes   ami  noso ninn'm*;, with    alternate spells  of chills  and fever.     We began using  Chamberlain   Co igh   Remedy,    aiding  the same with double d( se of Chamberlain's    Sloninch  nnd   I,i er     Tablets,   and    bv    iis  liler.il    use     soon  completely    Innc1 rd      oil   the ������rip."  Sold  by   Iadismith   Phm macv.  NOTICE.  All those who wish to subscribe to  the Co-Operative, store funds should  call at the Checker Club Rooms on  Saturday evening between the hours  of six and nine o'clacV, when the  trustees elected at the last meeting  will he ready to-receive all subscriptions for stock.  D. GOURLAY,  Sec.  t-2  ���������WHITE   COOK���������  a ml  ���������W HI TE   T, AI50R���������r  Employed Only  HOTEL DOMINION  ��������� ���������Ratee ������1.26 ;and$1.50���������  Free ban to  all stwimhoat  laudiurn hi d  nil way depots. Electric care every (Le  minutea to all parts of the city. Bar  a:id table unexcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST.,   VANCOUVER  B.C.  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith.  in  GALEOOMAf  ii'  RHEUMATISM MAKES LII E  MISERABLE.  A happy home is Uic most valuable session that is within the reach  of mgnkind, but you cannot en]oy  its comforts if you are sufferinigi from  rheumatism. You throw aside b������si.  ness cares when you enter your home  and you can be relieved'from those  rheumatism pains also by applying  Chaintcrlain's 'Pain Balm. One application will give you relief-and its  continual usc for a short time will  bring a" out a permanent cure. For  sale by Ladjsmith Pharmacy.  NOTICE  From      this datt the  undersigned  will  not  be  responsible  (or  any indebtedness     incurred except on      *  written nrftcr signed by the secretary  Rowland  Machin.  V.   L   EXPLORATION & DEVEL  OPM ENT CO., LTD.  Non Peisonal Liability.  Victoria. B. (1.. M������*������  IRth. 1������fli  Leads Them    Al!  rNIQUALM'Y  :o>  R. P. RtTHET,.  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA.   ���������: :-:  ���������--     -: :���������B.C  Under Managment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B.C.  Jas. R. McKinnel  Proprietor.  Coininuicial oMens'  headiaivters.  Modern and     Strictly Fir6t Clais.  lure I'roof    Buildiag.  WANTED���������By Chicago wholesale  house, speciul representative (man or  woman) for each province in Canada.  Salary 520 00 and expenses paid  weekly. Expense money .advanced.  Business successful; position permanent. No investment required. ' Previous experience not essential to engaging. '  Address Manager, 132 Lake Street,  Chicago,  111.,  U.S.A.  Tic'.cet  and  Freight, Office;  75  Government Street.  I  I  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  The New Train,  ORIENTAL LIMITED  The Train of  Ease',   Elegance,   Excellence.  Every  mile  a  picture,    and  no smoie to spoil  the, view.,  Through Compartment,   Observation and Pullman  Sleepers;     also    Through    Tourist  Cars" to Chicago. '  At antic Steamship Business to Europe  is our Specialty  Union     Terminals   wilh   all  Steamer lines.  Berth reservations by  wirel  Great Northern S.S.  Co.  FOR  JAPAN   AND CHINA.  - S.  S. Minnesota    will    sail  from  Seattle,- April '2f)th.  For rates, foklcis ami full  information, call on or - address, , ,      ���������  S. G.  YERKES,  A.G.P.A.,  Seattle, Wash.  E. R. STEPHEN,  Gen.  Agent, Victoria,  B.C.  2IITICKET OFFICE  Cor, Government and Kates Sts,  VICTORIA, B   C.  Trains daily to St. Paul,  Minneapolis,  Duluth   and  .East.      '    '  Trains    daily   'to Denver, '  Omaha,,,Kansas City, St.  Louis     ami    East "-and  Southeast.  TH6CITYMHRK6T.  R. Williamson Prop  ist. Avenue Ladysmith B. G#  .������.������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ..������������������������������������.���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������'  ........... ..o.^..������........j....................������������i.i.������..������ii.ii������.  STOVES! STOVES!  we are making HEATERS and RANGES of  Latest Styles and Newest Patterns--We do  A!| kinds of Foundry and Repair Woik  Nickei Plating invall its branches a Specialty  Ladysmith Stove & Iron Works Co. Ld  TELEPHONE 53 P. O. Box 42.  Uiual subjects taught; also language* drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte T.nd vocal lessons given in classes or individually.  MISS  BERTRAM,  I*dvsmith. B   V.  W.   STLEP  GENEKAL bXPRESS AND  DELIVK.RY  WORK   PROMPT- \     .  '.ravp  order1,  it   th-*   Ahhot.sford  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  WM.  %>&&>&^>&^>^<1<2&<>$^>������<>������GC<X  0  r  *  *  t  r  MUNS1E,  Picsident    J. W.  COBUKN, Manasing Director.  Teleph: -*e -L-(i.  The Ladysmith Lumber Co, Ltd,  MILLS   AT   FTDDICK   AND   LADY SMITH- i������ ������>���������������-  Shingles -a Specialty  Jl ANl.FACTUKKRS   OF   I{<)iij>h and Drcssotl Fit* and Codar Ijiiinbcrs  LATHS,   SIII.VCLKS,   I\10ULI)I.\CiS,      K\\\,     of    the   IHCST  QUALITY SKASON'KI).      AM)    DUIKI)     KLOOUINCS      AND  KINISIIINC   LI'.MUKR IN'  STOCK  h. J HENRYS  Nmi23    QREEN-  HOUSEi AND SEED  HOUSES  V)10   Vcotminster  Road,  VANCOUTEB.  Headquarters for   PACIFIC OROWN Garden, Held  and flower SEEDS  lot distribution. ;  Large stocK of Home  Grown FRUIT and ORNAMENTAL TREES  now matured for Spring.  No expense, loss or delay of fumigation or inspection  Let me rrice your list  before placing your   order. Greennouse Plants,  Floral Packages, Fertilizers   etc.  3010  Wentminster Road.  VANCPUVER,  B.  C.  Atlantic SU'iniiship Tickets on  salt: to ami from all European  Points   ' - . ,  This is thc ONLV.linec     to  YELLOWSTONE PARK.  Tourist sleepers on all trains  For particulars  call  on    .or  write E. E. Blackwood, General Agent,   Victoria, B.C.  A.    D.  Charlton,   A.G.P.A.,'  N.P.,  Portland, Ore.  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C, as manufacl-  of carbonated   beverages,  etc.,  unj  the  firm name 0f Rumming  Bros,  hereby    dissolved.       All   outst.nr  aceounts must be paid to W. E. r>  ming, who   will continue the lnisjrj  and jiay all accounts against tlie li  of Rumming Bros.  C.  IT.  RUMWING,  VV. E. RUMMING. ���������    ���������  Dated at  Ladysmith this 28th  1  ol Feb., 1906. ^*-MMM^.3~rm^rt^fc*��wate
Castro's Retirement is Due to 111 Health-
Is Satisfied With the Financial
Situation! of the Country "
Caracas, April 10, via Willensfadt changed in consequence of Geneial
April 13���General Castro yesterday Castro's retirement Tho French
transfeired the presidency of Vene/- government is determined to aw.nl
ucla  to - Vicc-1'res dent Gome/-      In   a propitious moment   to  seek      sat-
Mb* m
the    address     which he   made       on
that   occasion,      General   Castro said
that    Ins   retii meat was    due to  it I
health,    but  lie did     not say    Mvhe-   ei    shargc
ther   it  was   their intention     to   w-   ut Caiacas.
entoi   public  life.     Gici.eial        Castro I    w��hhl��Ston.   April      13.���l'icsulent
islaction  for  the     manner  in    which
Castro   treated     the   French       cable
Company   and M   Taig-ny,   the  foim-
d'   allanes   ol       Franco
Loniporuiy retneniont iiom
ol 'the Vene/i
has   no political
.       ,,-r, ... ' Cast jo's
said.      "Your    present   niteinational i
the bend   ol *the Venezuelan   goven.-
situation   is  completely  defined   and I     >  ,     . , .      , ,
i      ^j   u^iimlix   ""��-��   inenL    has   no political     significance
leads     us   to hope    that   e\cr\thing 'so far as   is  known   -,11x01 ding  to 'a
will     proceed     v\ ith Lhe utmost hai- j despatch received      bi   the   Amencai.
niony    on the foundation of   mutual   itatc -department fiom   W    W    Uus
ie,pect    and    consideration    for   our [sell,     thc  United   States   minister to
rights  as universally    recognised and   \ ene/uels     Mr- *' Russell's      despatch
that all  pending     matteis    will nee-,��as   dated     Apt il ' 10     and was
.essanly  be  settled     by  some   friend-J.sent   by     ship    by  way   of     Willem
ly  arrangement     or   by   arbitiation,   sladt,     Cuiacoca     and cabled   fiom
the last resort- ol civilization.   ���
The scoiet,     at tho Rifle   Association    Moms   Tube   shoot   on
day evening-  weie as lollons
JLn    O'liiidii���y-1.
W.  J. ilcAllan���31.
W.   Wadding-ton���:J3.
J. JJird���3*>
W\.   McKen/ae���30.
JL Cough-23.
Watson,  si���22. "
m n
Jack O'Hiien is going to Le an ev-
'liiuis-'tiemcij,  busy 1)UgliJSt during tlie ne\t
;t\\o    months,    with  three important
matches    staring    him    in the  face
The first go  will  Le  with Sam Bei-
gei,   the  lattei   jui t of this   month
MaylO,   he  taki&   on   Tommy   Bums,
'and latei   on  m   the  month he plans
'to   .meet    Flank Gofih,  the    noted
wrestler,   who     has    been  trying   to
break,  into tin fight game foi   some
- Thc clerei PhiladeljJuan may have
some little Uouble in runn.ng the
gauntlet composed of Mess is. Bergei,
1 Bums an'd Gotch unsciatched Right
at the stait   he  will,  many lelieve,
,    . Uml a formidable opponent 111   ioun��-
gels,   etc,    in   pioper   plate,    placing i>.,_������ , , ,, "
���        , ' ,' ,  , "crger,     who  renounces  the amateui
Hug-polos  nnd  laving   shooting     plat-
foi ins
TI11S atternoon Satuiday) the op-
ening ol the season takes place on
tho lange
The inembors have been won eg
foi   the past    week   putting   the    L*i.-
"The financial situation of Venezuela cannot be more flattering, ft
is known in Venezuela- and abioad
that all Venezuela's engagements
are religiously carried   out."  *
As     a  result      of Gen Castu>'��.
rctiienient,'     thc   Venezuelan   cabinet
has resigned.
Paris,    Apnl    13 ���The attitude of ' I.avictoria  foi    several weeks    at
France  toward   Venezuela  has      not  time
that point. .
The despatch says, that _I'ieside,i
Castio says he is exhausted ph.v
sicially and desires to take 1
i*esl, He is going to Lavietona
which lies on the line oi railioad
between Caiacas and 'Poitibellc-
It has been the custom of President
Castro  for   several   years    tc    visit
Tito lollovvinjj   won  the pi ues
heavyweight championship to get     a
crack at O'Bnen.
The    aflair    with  Bergei    will     be
111  something at a  gmdge  light   Dunne;
the Moms tube  competition lor   boys o'Br.en's     mcmoiable     battle      with
U.    Suthe.land     won   lust      I" fe ' ir^siinnio.is,   the   California    \oum--
vvith     a  score  of  90   ioi-    best  th.ee  s(e] _  ^^   n(Ml   1|)e  ^   ^'^
picsented  by Mis.     IL  Adam. ^ci slighting comments on 0'Biien',s
Second prize  won by   C.   Caldwel.  nU!thods, and frcclv asserted that the
with 91 winning the pocket knife pre  tactics    used   by   Fit/Simmons' . con-
queioi  would  not a\ail against him,
THE SET! ING JiEN���Her failuies
kave discouraged many a pouliiy jaiser.
You can   make money
raising chicks in the right
way���lots of it.
No one doubts that tiiuie is rnoncj m remind
chickens Ailh a food Incubator ana Jliuuilti
Vnisr-i ot tlie C'liaL'iam Xrcubatoi and ihoorici
liave.dl inailti mono Jl 5 >u �� ill ohiig-totho
old idea th.it -vou tMiibuctcs-jfiillyrunapo'iltiy
The Chatham Incubator and
Brooder has created a New Era
in Poalfry Raising.
The setting Hen as a Hatcher
has been proven a Commercial
The Chatham Incubator and
Brooder lias always proved a
Money Maker.
A Light, Pleasant and Profitable Business for Women
No. J���129 Eggg
No. 3���2�� Eggs
success /ias r 'itoui��,'��/ many io make
moiti ifot'i ���! '���an'they ever thought
possible out 0/chicks.
~is\\\\y voiin.ii .i.e lo-liv making in  mile-   ��rv*��rv  FVtrmor  Should
i-iisinf-s, u��iiijf llioi.cii ab a hatcher, wo vvuuiJ   JH-P'lent 1 wn<; 0-irl p.itl ug by money every   ���*?K* ^ ���-������"   "-"""
1 kctoie.ison with >011.
in the lht>c place, vvu en pio-.o to 30.1 thi
^ our .tctii il c 10I1 loit) in e^tc-., \v l.ich tli- 20 h ����� i
i 1011M1 1 u-antj poaltij  v il 1 a. C li.iiliaiii Inc-u-
) .itoi.
Raise Poultry
Ahnpst cm-.-j f.iMi'Ci*' kccps>hen% 'bnt.whlle
If vou allow a lion to hot, you lo 0 .it lo..ot ji,,sni 'n tl<< c i-t-ui u iajni 11, v .111 uii < ii 1
��� .tfiit uockuol lnjing (tlneo vvtiKs haUh.ntr 1-ollis u me to'. 1 em
���1'iii iho weeks takinjr c-.a u uf tin- elm kent), 01 <-)f  COll, 0
r i> in tlio eiirli*; wn-ki si e ��nu!(l lav   a )o ���(, )r]iL vj ul '
(.o.'ii'iKi'1 il~t.uu.cv>     Uei  bii-lncoi) is to lay
effjr��and -he s!i juM bo kf|>t at H.   'ihe only
���    'itu���  (l(,f tU i-i gnlUui!   1 ��,t, Lo i-i.so dm k> f-j: i>i jlit i-j to betriu iljfbt
.                      ,,,,/���,,,        1       1   ,       . ki.1, -. mi     v���, ,,.���,;. 1   ^,.|,;ji     \uu,    1 hyiii-.tul'int'i.<.li.it!i��-miin.i.baloiaiidllrc.wloi.
i-ii tho huUhiiif, wlnl.' llichtn tcoi-. 01  l.ijinjr   ,,��� ,|t, .   hK    ..,t;.  ,ltr ,   ,s intilm.       Vo. 0.1 11 urj-oale al anj Unie.
���-���>'='=-                                                                             1.1,1-1 h ive.i ,'nn I lw. lului   11 I Iiii.uiil'j   1, \ j lofii. only KJt one (iop ofl jour fields In
Our N'o. Slorubatot villi li ilih 111 iiiaiiy cugn   Hi nin^aii- 111 ,',���" ,-!    1 1 >  >< 1 11 111 v ^ ~>>  t \tu. but "Uii a  Oliitlii.in  Im nbaloi mid
���^s twenty setli'ujr lion-., ami 1I1.11 buiei.   iNo-.i,   Minili.p,   liij,-,,fii   ,i    1   I p.t,, ,��,l in mar iJiuuilu  i-nl oi.linfn v ulloiitlrn. ' ou tan laiht-*
Lmu wa (|iioatiun 1111111U1111LI.0  -                           Jjst >ion. and  I'r.s 1-,  )i ���-.  ^ li  iv. <jl.i  spec,  1 ci.tkoni Iio.ji l .i 1>   Spjing until \\ inter and
If 1011 kupD2n 1 ciisfrnii. Usiiiir                cnoi tomes .n                 ' ha\c .1 Liop o\ i:y inonil-     'llnnKOfill
foVrv-ceU^ani muau^i do                   I, ,���., ,,e ,��� e .rnr,'   .10 , ,H     >  .M   ,,1 ' 1 u^ J'��� iT^J^X^'^^uT,
jouio o K cj. li ho.i viouluhavo                i'.o -Jonluy h 1- ������  -  vidliui.t   1 u -    of 1 1   , l,!,.:,c,':.,!J01".e"'.,.-!.L!.'i" Ji"1:.1.'.^. ."""^n!"!"���,,"?
laid .1 do/cn etc^-'. and CKg-j aio ('inn     Ituu-uic  id'  ,ii-   t'  it. t'-       li >t'
wortli I.ii enl-> pei do.ca?      An-. -$Ufli)    Inrnbato    and  lliooilii  is ll <   b<-it 1 nil lb  I
St. Peter&hur-f, April 13.���Gieat l.> inspired from Tii-itish sourtcb.
fintain has begun to vigoion^lv I Count JLamscloill and lattoily pro
pi ess negotiations for an Anjilo- miei Wittc ha.c fa\oiod aa Anylc-
iiussiaii entente with the puipose liii&sian entente und the consuiti-
oi" completing- the triple alliance -nation is legaided ut practioalij
ol Gieat But am, IPikiiCo and l{>i-> 'certain. The pour pailes between
sin against Ciemiany, which has tne lv\c> goveimiients have only 1 each
been  long   the     aim  ol   liniish    pol-   ed   the  point    leleiring   the deluiut.i
sen ted by    J.   R. McKcn/.ie.
l'hiid  pn/e  won   by     T.
Kmle'   pre&ented    by Mi.   It
(liergor.)      O'Unen  'Jicar.l ,some    of
ed as  fellow &:
C     Hodgson   	
���J.  .Neave        3
U    butheiland       5
A    Neen       6
A.  Waddiiiffton     0
icy  The developments  at* thc
ira.s  conlei-eiice,
whcie Gieat   lh*i-   01 influence,
tain,   Fiance   and   Russia   acted      11*.   n-^   of  lailroad
tion  ul each     one's iespecti\e sph'* o
ncluiling-   the tippoiliui
and   banhmg     con
unison,     and   the    pat tieipation ^   01   cessions" in 1'eisia      Genet ally spe iK
Kng-lish hanKeis   m the     big U11ss.an   n��g.   CSieat  Rutain   wants tho south
loan furnishes     n purticulaily    , fa\-  (-'in, ,  and IUib=ia   thc 1101 thei n   hall
orable nioinent,     and  Great   Britain   of that  country/   Theie  is      reason
i.s striking   while   the  11011  is      hot   (to believe   that when the consent   ol
Hesidu-,,    -the     l��i itish      government   ' 1'eisia   i.s seemed,     the btanch ot the
has re^entlv     given       Russia     piooi   ttan-,-C!aucasian uiilway now   authoi-
01   her   desne   to   teltle   onts-laniline,   Ji?c<l   to the Peisinn  liontier   will     lx*
dillVoulties bj inducing Kngltsh bunk- extended to llagdud, which point,
eis. not to tni'iC the Veisinn lo.n*. it is est itnated, tun be touched neon thc g-iound that it might be as fote the famous Oeiinan llagnad
piejudical     to Russian intetests   Sen- lond  is completed
tiincnt     here   in     favor     of     entente When  the  1 Visum  cpiestion  is set 11-
luis  also  been   aided     by    the        cle- ed. all  mattei*   teg-aiding    to the J"
dination     of Germany     to     pai t*.. .-_ diau   lrontier     which   1 otist it utes      a
pate     in the   Russian loan     and    lr, soutce      of   possible      misunde* slaiul-
piblications  "fiom    Russia      hostile ing     namel.v   the       Afgahn,       l'ains
to Geimuny,     whuJh*ns been   d.icci and     Thibet    will be  solved
Adam J these icmarK& and,  after ihe    light,
1 he   .snoot   on Friday -night result-  (ieclaictl   he  would   only   he  too  glad
to take on Mi   Beigei when lhc   op-
Ildp.    Tot   partiinity should come, if Foi no oth-
6 34 ei   reason   than   to  oj10vv  the     joung
man  that  he still  had a few things
to leain about the pugilistic   game.
dlowevei,   this     Beiger hoy  as     a
pietly  tough proposition foi  anyone,
C   Caldwell 0 2rt  amateur  01   professional,   to    tackle
13. Shaw       1 2K  He has  been in  a class    by   himself
G   Adam     :$ 28  among the amateuis���and be  it   lem-
T   Giant      3 27'<>"vl'er��I   that en the  Coast,   the gulf
AI   Watson           3 2ti|l*lw,!��� thecaniatouis ajwl  "profs" is
C     Wilcox     .." .'       ..   .        5 20|<in  e\t'einely  nairow  one      Bcigei's
A    iit,ar,               r! 2bll?uo"*,s n'uc ljrcn  tlJIno   for a   long
I'l    llandlen A 20   t,me *��  'nilnce I11111  to en Ioi thepio-
C   Sntheiland  2 I'i  fcs<3I0<-al  lanlus,  but Ins answci     has
always been that he would not do
so unless he could, lile Jtiinniy
Butt, battle with the topnotchers at
the start No woiKing'his. way up
foi   him.
Beift-er is a big husky young fellow with a tetrihle punch and considerable knowledge of the finei point
of thc same.    lie has acted as spar-
in d tins bi illicit ot taiuuu'gt-o pi oiitable Uml
tin.,  b.ne liisLalieii >;ove:.i.l Cliiiiliaui liiouba
lhc-cforc. uben tbe Uialbnn, Incub .lo. ��s   ��ilh ,1 ��.,<)  1 ic^o-i J,!e a-.i. -,,1 ..f j.i,���i ���,,   l',|,^1V^,��;,lf7,1^}fIuVael"?,lM?i"ui .1 fnet.1
hnlcliiiiKUiorumoor of ci-, Unit liionl v In i.s   joii  pail jou uio -me to u. ..a- moi,.,, \ c   ,,    ,   , i",,,,^ 01 aureal deil of U< luiK.il knovi
  wouMi.ot., iko ll.o* s.��� na] one. bLl-av ,J\\^Vu"^J thR.kc"s w 1th a CI. ilhaiu Iticu
m*    h a ,1    Hid   ftOO.lcl        tl oO, > OII MBKlttll'y nili<
London, April JO���>i0vv that the 'j be fiisx game or Uic Kanaimo
United btate.s has tluivin the aiuu- ami j)i,tuct League foi the pos-
tion of the J-auopcan powcis to hei session ol the Gouge and Cheat
objection to   the   date   .set   by     ^m-'wood cup   will  take     place   ^on     t'he
attei -
l��ni-' uOod cup   will  take     place   i
petor Xicholas   loi   the second   peace   Oi icket  eiouuds    on    Sundax
contereuee   at   the  Ifugue   the    diplo-   noon   next     between   tho
niaU  heie uic clisousbiug  the     treat-   aiKi Ladysmitli
ment    01 the     United   States bj   Rus   bo^s  have  been
jN an a 1 mo
teams       The   lotai
putting     in     some
sm  in   not consulting*    hei  teg-aicling   stieiiuous  pi.ictisc 01   late     and pi o-
the date      it  is  pointed     out     that   mise   to     put   up     a   great       game
thc I'icsiclent     initiated     in  the   sale   .Neither     has   Ladvsmith    been        a
1 1
foi   the   commence     but    courteously    sleep      toi   it   is  teported    that       on
gave wnv to  the    1-hiipcior   who cal-   Tv[onda\      five  hall   plajcrs       am\cd
* . 1 ^
led   the   fiist   peace   oonfeience In   iiom     I'lack    Diamond   and   are      at
mow   of   this      lact,     the    diplomats   piesent  weaimg   the   Ladx smith    uni-
think that the-jjiesidcnt   -should havv.-   fuun.   - -Su  tho  ganio-   ouaht  to      bv.
been   consulted    before   the   date was.  one well   worth  seeing.   Mr. ���;'"Joseph
fixed.       Ic   i.s   n6t' believed   that   any   Tfardy   has   been -selected    -to-umpire
other   power  will-      object     to.      the.  the-'niateh-    v'vhich ��� commciures        at
reasonable request   of the conference    1:30  sharp.-'   Ailmissioh    25  ceiitsj
Theie     came   -very     near     being a
di owning   accident     at   one     of    the
ci'y   vvhalves   on     Friday  afternoon
111 Nano-mio '
A boy became entangled in his fishing line ami fell off in deep water
Foi Innately a boat was near bi
and pn kotl tho voimg'sfer up when
he came lo the sm face
none the worse of his
bath  but   like   Mcflinty   was
ring partner foi   sonic   "of the    Lest
TTo     w^'amieleicicstiirotcssional  boxers   that
involunlai>   hi1/Ve C^CI   V-Slla|  tilc  Coast  and un-
ve,\ jilo'ihtctlly   has  pic'eil  up a gieat deal
wet      and  will   no doubt look    out   of valuable  exicuei.ee in  this    man-
how ho   falls  heioaftei ^, ncr      }]c  mJl  -,,,r.(-tsUona!.>Iy put  up
a  stiller fight  tlmt  Al    Kaufman  did
with O'Biicn, as he is genr-ially con-
sideiod the bettei   man  of t��lie     two
The leason  that  the question of   su-
w.rwldhat"l 1. itisru.illy enineiy uu. ish lo- jou
.c,��09, bos dc-3 producing- fm jonpioil cbak-
1 v Uio �� bolcsiile, mid t o,u,j 11 id. t-> '' > 'Im-
1- 111,1 t'un^ over again tl o tuomLiiteuoii liaU.i
:. on
1lj.1t jou think, thfiefoio, that it ,-i i/i to
i:ocp liiu bean luiin^ 1 nd lot llu Cliatliam
1 .cub iter no tho har< mmibi
J'boio aie* many 'otl.^i ici-.oim why Pi"
( liatli'im liuubaioi und Liuodoi 01.lc. loses
tliof-otting- hrn
Tbe ben sc^s nn 11 t-l.o h leady Tln-flnt
linn 1'ioubator n i.hiavs ii'i'j. Uv p! timing
to tike oft a ii.Lioh ut tlie 1 [flit, linn- j-jnm.j
hive plenty of I, oilers lo sell wliei l,i -ilti
-lie sc ucc and pined at tbe t'u> nolfh If vou
dcpoml on tbe bin, your tin ks "ill prr*\ to
bioileis 1 list .vner ev>. 1/ f tl.ci ben schiokb'iic
bcii.-{ uiaikeli-.l, and when the pn, o i.s not so
'Ihelien isacuioh-stnr.LliLt ofto'i lenduwhi,
jbicksiiiuon^st 11c tfi-css, hit^li"- *md 111 [ Jn, cs
ivbcio 1 >ti < 111 ci. 1 N' 1 le b ��� j mini;
The Ob i li I'll I tooi'ii Uimu-, it-c'f. i-s a
pcifect n.ol'u 1 nn1 voij 1 110U losi-o a ohiik,
iindis not inrcs'i il iv lb In c   -
Altogether, theie is ab-ohiti-!r no icasonnb e
re.ison lot (oiltii.iuiiff thc Usi, i,i a 1 en as a
liitibti and cvoiy reason v l,v .vou r-hnuid
li ivoaC'iatbfiiii Incubit n i.nd Hi node*.
We me matin-; avcij fejuoia! oiler, which
, twill pay jou to mi eslifatt
Small Premises Sufficient
For Poultry liaising.
Yoa Pay us no Cash
Till After 1906 Harvest
jl l. i en \oiu into oi dfiuyliloi cm altord to
y i in" ii, .tlmio nnd loo'; atlei the cbu i ,-ii-j wit h
I   out   i.1101 <im-;uilh tnen  leyulai  household
dllLlls '
'1 bo niuil.rt is uluays good and nieeri are
no\ ci low '1 he demand Is nivvn>s in ciocss of
the supply und at oei turn timch of the .1 em you
0 xn pi aelu ally cret tmy pi loe j ou cm 0 to ask for
t,o Iboiie.s. VViihnOb.ithmn Inoiibdoi and
liiooilci vou can btait hatching at the right
time to ' ' -is the olnekeris to m.uket.u>lo
bioi'.' o vi'u --. the supply in iciy low and thc
]iiivoo.ioio< 'iiiKlyJujih Thin .vou co'ild never
flu 11,1b non   .u> bntchcis.
\\ e 1 now that tbei e it money in tho poultry
busiiios5! foi every fai mcr w bo w ill go about it
: lfrht All j ou ba\ c to do is to fret a Chatham
Incubator and Btoodei and stniu it. Hut perhaps jou uiu not piepaied just now to spend
tlie money. This ih ivhy ^e make Ihcbnixuil
AVc know theie is money in laisinpr chickens.
1 * AVe kiidvv the Chatham Incubatoi and
Pmodci has no criual.
Wc know that with any reasonable effort on
your part, j ou oaunot but make money out of
Uic Chatham lnoiibatot mid Bioodcr,
v\"e know Hint we made a similar offer lost
yetvi and that in e^ cry cu.se the payments woie
met 1 heoi fullv and promptly, and that in many
o-aso-s money was accompanied by letters ei
piessiutra itisf iction.
Ihoiefore -we have no hesitation in making
.vitif-j.ftiiip- bensasli..lLhi-r��    ^ ou i.u.atg-eta      G'*ntli*-uc 1 - I I nl never scon an incubator If we knew of a faircroflcr, we vi ould make it
Wh.vli 1111 Incubatn' and IlioodPr                            iintd t 1^ ci,i 1 v..uis    1 m.ls p'eased and sm- Write us. a post eatd -with join   name and
,To eiui'i'o e ei - liofl. to fret a f 111 slaitin the   pn-o 11 iic, t ov<i SI pes cent   and (bo chickens adcli ess, and .vev ill tend j-ou full imi UculaiM. as
iifbt   nay in the i-'.ultiy br^.ness,  no m ike   111c all  'liotw m.d   heallhv      A ohild could well us our beauMfullv lll'istiated bpuk, * How
a vetv   sneci il ofFi-i   ivlrih .t 1? no-tii \0111   op *i it. m-idnm si:^c.sSfi-Hj   Jab. Day, Kath- to make money out ot chiolcs     \\11tetoday
while to nn est.;; U                                                   well  Man to Chatham.
Wc c.1,1 Buopiy you qi. ck v froi'i o* 1 distnbutins ��� a -ohouse- at Cilsaij-, Iiraudon, Retrina, Winnipeg, New Westminster, B.C., Montreal.
it.ihf.ix', C'hu'tam" I'.u to.its nt c iiahiam, Cim . aid 111 11011   1X.CU 51-
Let "bs quote you prices on a good Fanning Mill op good Farm Scale.
NOTTCE   is liciebv Kiven  that I  intend to apply at the next sitting
of the License Board  of the City of
Ladvsmith     B.C , for a tiansfer  of
r-eiionty  has never  lecn  settle!    bp-
.,        ,    ,  , , ,  , , I ween    the    two  men     is Uu ft lieu
the letail liquor license now held by :gieclt  flIW(K,np  fol  oach oUm     ,us
me for the piemises known as the La-   piccluled such a feat
dysmilh   Hotel,   MtuatcJ   on   Lot  9,        ,So when  O'Mnen and Bcuci   meet
Block 27, to Koht. Scott and   Alex-   the fur is  ! omul   to fly and  the vet-
1 Jeian  will   find   use  foi  eveiv  bit     of
F   W. MILLAR hls &CICncCi  Coolncss and  c;eii?ral-hip,
*MR?A��rT * Pnr. ' 'f U��^Cl PClff l ' S" ab *h'�� ad",lccs
Palnrf f r . ?, ti" ,��i, ,REI ,^'nently PMtcaiiPwUl The know-
wMoOf " }3(1^   thftl     j,e   v,��   P^-I��allv  own
tlie tntiro st.it" of California in case
le should topple 0" ei the Plnl.idelph-
i.ui, will he a peat incentive to the
jtOins-<.i.*i to extenl iiin\seh to the
eui'iatje tuiinsts to shoot the conn had pos.live krowledge 01 what they
it-y. In J:i5> opinion game should intended Lo <3o. Duiing the shoot-
be one  ol  thf province's    a.ssets anil
revc-nuo' could he cleiived by gett.ng
(ouiists into the countiy to Xiunl
it.     In - the  fust   place    e\ei\   11011-
mg- -season a souice of much revenue to the Company was the ual-
fu    on   then line      of      sportsn.Pii
fiom    \ivtona   who   were   travelling
Coal���Coal   lands  may   be "puichased at $10 ner acre for soft coal   and
S20   for   anthracite    Not  more  than
J2U acres can he acquired by one individual or company.    Royalty     ��� -the
rate    of  ten cents per   ton of  <s,000
pounds    shall      be collected   on   tho*
gross  output. .
Quart-/.��� A free miner's certificate is
granted upon payment in advance of
$7.50 per nnniim for an individual,
unci from $50 to $100 per annuni for
a company, according to capital.
A      free -m.tier,  having discovered
lCbident big   game hunlei   \%as chaig- I up  the   line   ftoui place   to place foi
ed    b~i0      This  01  louise miant  lev-| shooting
inuo  loi    the  fiavincc,       but      v\asj    ^dtuIa]li   the  Company     did     not
snail   in  companion    with   tho        a    want     to  lose     this   tiaffic,     as       .1
was ob\ious that game was being
desti oi ed they were anxious to
adopt some eflective  means  to     pi'o-
mount   ot money expended     bi       the
men duimg    their  stay    111 the pio
v nice.     Pu;lt\   well  all the big game
hunte-is   wete   wealthy   men- I^ast   tect it-     They appioached  the-   gov-
ieai on tho mainland t'heio weie etiiinent, but as the government
~j'2 touusts and thev spent dm- was not 111 a position to pa\ foi
mg their brief stay on thc aveiagi' a game waulen, the Company 01-
01   ��2,000  each      *?.1,000   was       thus   icicl    to  paj   toi   a  good man  if -in*
ht;   w us
in     the
they  weie  a soii'oo-
HA. ���.-.    ;
* H/4.r:  l__i-^
f j^p^iJ^m^^^^^^m^.
Sunlight Soap is better than
other soaps, but is best when
used in the Sunlight way (follow
.Hard rubbinj and boiling are
things, of. the past in homes
where Sunlight Soap is used as
directed.. -; ,.v- v
Sunlight Soap will not injure
even the' daintiest fabric or the
hands, and the clothes will be
perfectly white,, woolens soft
and fluffy.     '
The reason for this is because
Sunlight. Soap.is absolutely pure,
contains no injurious chemicals
��� indeed, nothing but the active,
cleansing, dirt^removing properties of soap that is nothing but
Equally good with hard or
soft water.
by the denier from whom you
���'���.   buy ..Sunlight Soup if you find
iiny cuusu for complaint. 155
The Herald   sajs:
The meo-ting held in the rear ��� hall
of the I'Vinx-sters .Block under' Iho*
uuspices ot the Xiiiiniino- Gun Club
was very well n item led. and in ad-
iniueral in place, may locate a claim diti-ou to a very inieresiing and in
1,500 x 1,500 feet. The Tee for re-:'.struct ive ud-dress uii game by prov-
cording a claim   is   $5.00 j iucial     Game -Wnrdcii    Williams.
At least S100 must be expendotl *vn lengthy discussion, on the cpies-
the claim each year or paid to thr timi of the best methods that could Speaking of the rapidly increas-
inining recorder in lieu thereof. When | jJC adoplotl lo protect game was par ing -scarcity- of birds on the is-
$500   has   been  expended   or  paid, the' Ut.i|)ale(1   iu    by those present.. land   the game   warden,    said it   was
locator  may,   upon  having  a survey  l ,    ��� ., ��� ��� .
,     '     ' ,   - .,,      ,f        .Dr.   Lrown   was    elected    to        the   necessary   lor the    vvonunji-meii        tn
made, and  upon complying with oth- '
crTMiuircments,   purchase   the  land at   ehair-  ul,d   in   i'^od^mts ��1
Jl  an acre,   k liams  said   that     g-ont Ionian
paid      in 101
this     was   ivhv
to  get   touusts
.iiiupli   because
01 lUMBuc   aul made   ihe  good
ot   the  assets  ol   the piovince
Tourist's - came simply after liig
game- They did not shoot birds.
I'racticaily spcalcing, the tourist
was the only man who could afford to shoot big game, could spare
the time, and they only took one
or two head. They by no cans,
depleted       the     country  of game
and spoiled sport for resident hunters. Continuing, Mr. Williams expressed the belief that 'every encouragement should be given to Uio
to  visit   the  country    after
go.oinment  would   pi ovule .   deputj
tect game without some motive lii
his opinion thev would get the di6-
ttiots e.g.ini/ed so that thej oould
bring 111 tourists who would de-
\ot�� lhe whole of then time in
shooting and the consequence would
bo that the poorer men would
faianrt \ei-y little chance 01 hei-
ting- good   sport.
Mi. Williams pointed out that
touusts cud nor come to the coim-
ti^ foi the putposc of =hootmg
birds 'Jhi��i were altei shrep In
answer      to a  suggestion        thai
the provincial police with the as
Sistancc .of the membi-is 01 a jjuii
club could Cnfoioe the laws, he ox
pressed the opinion that the mn
stables had not time to iaiii
out the, woik    efiectivclv
Mr.    Ifoult  thought     a  lav should
be  brought  in pio'.ubitmg  the tanv
anxious   vv.11 dens      The   Company   also        ox-
pio\ 1110c    pit-ssed   their willingness     to pioMde
the  luuds     to   put  exlia     men       cm
101   a  month  ot  two belore the   t>ea   ��� nig   ��_>i   guns   t��vo   months hetoie    the
son opened-     He, the speakei,        nc-   opening ot the  season      lie considei-
tually  had   a'-inan   in     view       when   ed'farmers and  ���prospectors',   should'
the question of organization   in     the   be included.     .    Mr.    Uogors thought.
districts came  i.j).      In    an   unorgan   the prospectors   should   be   exempted.
ized   district  a man    could take, out   and   on  this'question- '  a  long-      ar-
a  prospector's  license     and        shoot   gument ensued, the oiiinion being cliv
out   of season.     The  C.P.H.        asked ' ided.
the government,   to declare the south      Provincial        Constable      T raw ford
orn  part of  the   island organized and   favored  a   law      closing   the    season
a   tourists
big  game
the proposal .was being considei ;���������! for pigeons. It was Die luvhit 01"
when the petitions came in. This poachers to go out during thu
causfd  the C.T.U.   to  drop    tho  idea.,   close   season    on   the  pretext,  of  pig*
01   eon shooting.     They   would   probab-
the   necessary   lor the    vvorivingmen
Wil ���   take   some action    to. protect'    game
was   if  t-hoy  did   not   want    to see the
The      patent provides  for  the  pay- ' f'vatly  inlerested   in  the protection  , sport  spoilt entirely.      If the.
ment of a royalty  of   2J   per cent, oh   ��f .ffame,     rrom    a sportman"s stand   struction    of.   birds     out  of   season
the  sales.    . I point     and  he   would  enlighten     the   continued,     the wealthy     people     oi
PLACER   mining   claims   generally 'meeting-  on  several  questions" of   in- (*--e island   would  be getting-    tracts
.There   was   no   doubt   the  action
the C.P.R. was in the   interest of   all
In answer to questions put , by
members of the audience, Mr. Williams expressed the opinion that
one paid game warden in a district would do a great deal
good.     Tie   did    not.   sav
are 100 feet square; entry fee $5,. re-   terest.
nevvahle yea:ly. '    ln   op(,nin
A free miner may obtain two leas-   j*nms  sai(i
' of  land    and  preserving  thc
and   this   would
each for a term  of twenty years, renewable at. the'descrction of the Minister of tbe Intsrior.
The lessee shall have a dredge    in
J   operation within one season from the
I. i date of lhc lease for each five miles
Rental, $10 per annum for each mile
��� of river teased.    Royalty at the rate
! of 2��   per  cent collected   on the out-
1 put  after it exceeds $10,000.
' W. W.  CORY,
Deputy  of  the  Minister  of  the  In
his   address     Mr.     Wil-   *x,,u   lnls   wul"11 -"*-,f*,ul-     '��        toUl'
he   wished      lo    contra-   loss  of  ��P��rt   Lo' the    Pooro*"  l)co->'0
tal- ���>.
cs   to  dredge  for  gold   of   five miles    (Iiet thi}   ,.c.po,.(.   ���iat  he had i-eceiv-;Thc      ^lei'    k1��s��     ^ould
���,,   ,,.. ���,,���   .   . ,      ,,,,.       �����������.-���.    immediate     steps    to  protect
ed   his appointment     to   the       omce  1 ...
Hie held in the interests of the ('.". 8'a""?-
P.R. and through that Company.! Ho did noL advocate the appoint-
There was ahsolulelv no foundal ion ',n,l!,,t of ��,0Put.v 8*����� ���raam who
to that rumor, and he had nofh- .did 11"' work foP Pl"n����''o* The pro-
inR- to do with the C. P. R. ��x- toction of Samo nmst' h0 marto a pro
eept in the protection of game on ( fcssion of. Men should he paid
the Island. RegardinS his last report K����<- sataries to enforce the lav^s.
tlu-re hod       hevn        a great   Hegarding tho   i*eeent  action    of    the
deal of discussion especially on the
recommendation <hat thc government     do all  in   their power   to on-
C.'P.R. |,i protect game he could
say the intention of the Company
had  been     quite  misunderstood.    He
one man
\ould ho enough,, but he would be
able to ohtain a few convictions
and this would have an astonishing
effect on poachers. Tn Vancouver
last year the citizens paid for
two .men to act in the capacity of
game wardens for n couple of
nionths before the opening of the
season. One     or   two    convictions
were     obtained   and     as     a     result
poaching-   was  almost   unknown.
H was suggesti--d that the members of a gmi club act as game war
dens hut l\Tr. Williams did not
think this wopld result fav
or.-xhlv. TTe lielioved the protection
of game should be executed by a professional.
IVfr.    Rog-ers    did     not   think       the
C.P.R.      were  so   anxious     to     pro-   adjourned.
ly get n few pigvons and upon being questioned by a constable
would exhibit the birds, while they
would hide grouse or pheasants they
had shot. If there was a close season for pigeons there would lie little excuse for residents of a city
being abroad with a gnu <'1" of
season.   .
The quest ion of- thc means-of pre
venting men holding; prospectors' licenses, but who were not really
engaged 'in actual prospecting, shoot
ing gnme out of season . was discussed at length. Questioned as to
his opinion of the imposition of a
gun tax :>Ir. Williams said he rather 'favored a gun license, as it
would be the means of ohtaining
funds to help pay a ga'ine warden.
He believed any money derived futile government by imposing gun
licenses would be used for the
protection   of  game.
With     a  vote of thanks     passed lo
iVrr.    W-illinms.     for  his     interesting:
address fc>*  the chairman the meeting //"   \  ,'{.,.,: ���������'���������������������������;;  ~m  TH^DAII^Y LEDGER  '-���������>      v.    .'.I1  52^:  IZ^E.  :'.'���������?������ S':.::i"''-'i:'*';.  nieiie  '^U1',^^ ���������r-rv;':^ i-lf'/'-O "  4"';'  Bliii^  ;^t'^  |j|l|i|||f ;  |������k^#&-;;:--;  '������������������\'.':\  ���������iS^R-?-Vi':Jv-'.X  At>',;SP;*:-'-'';1;te/vV ���������;  gams   : '    "MM  ee My Window  '**!JQI  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������+������������������<���������<  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������>������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^������������*������������������������������  .S'Sli'S'M  Biff  te'Es-:.:,-'--;  ffiSSr'^  'SSS  ?*5SS";  , REPEATING $1.60  CLOCK, FOR $2.75  DUCEDTO$7.50  W^'^sJfi^^^i<ffX:M:'.  lit'- ��������� ,  V  Sale Only Lasts Two Days, Sat. ?  -     Look At Them  &  , 14, and 16, So Come and Have A  \  B. F.   f ORCIMMER,  ^> -  Hi*'*-  r. *   "a -  FIR&T AVE.  LADYSMITH, B.  \  HON SYDNEY FISHER'S  \iew  of the Report of ��������� the    British,   where  the  supply    of horses  is   ob-  Board  of  Agriculture,   which appear-   taincd from outside points.  _'     -x_   T T      A   TV Tninn r*^   t(l iU  the London  "Lftuceti"  ou -       |    The business nctuUy.    which     now  V  IE W   S   C3JNi    CtT j t\ IN IJ i- K *T")   i5th'   lilsL'   v<jicts* clearly    the  opin- ' prevails throughout the Dominion and  , ion  of the 'best authorities  in     Bri-   the  consequent  greatly  increased   de  tain:  Hon. Sydney Fisher, on being interviewed regarding the ��������� reported prevalence of glanders in horses in British Columbia, stated that the disease had, during the~ past fall and  winter, affected a considerable number'of horses in Vancomer, and the  Oicanagan Valley, while suialL isolated outbrea's had Leen detected and  idealt with in \anous other" parts of  the Pacific province He was -of the  opinion, however, that, tlie disease  was now under control and that the  measures adopted by his 'officers"  would shoitly be successful in ach-  v iewng its complete eradication.^  Questioned as to the policy now  followed, the MiniS'tcr said that, after endeavoring for se\ eral years to  deal in an eflecti e manner with con  stantly mcieasing out1, reals of glau-  deis, he had found it necessary -'.  iUO'l to asf Pailiament to era; ov.er  bini to oida the slaughter of all  all ecu I j mm a Is, mc Luting those  which leactjd to Uie Mallein lest  without showing clii'ical symptom's  and to pav com* tn-alien for them  at the r t* of two-th rds of the actual" lahu* of Hit- .1 mix -i.l when in a  st.i/te of health, such value, however,  being liniilol in 11k case of oidiiury  horses ..to $150, and jn (lie c; s ��������� of  puresbral  h.rses tp,$3;0.  previous t<> 1' e inauguration of  this policy, a system of testing ar..:l  rctesting contact horses with malle-  ��������� in had t.'een tried for some time,  ' but'. had been fontr-i ineffective in  stoppvng ��������� the spread of tlie disease.  Since''the adoption of tie new plan  satisfactory progress has been ma-  andr.while the expense is li'cly tube heavy for a few years, he has  no doubt that, by consistently following the. present imethods, mf.st  gratifying'*results .will eventually be  obtained,  The/ system  pursued   is  as  follows:  When the presence of glanders  is  detected  in  a stable,   the  diagnosis    is  generally verified by  the mallein test  although   this is   not  in all   cases necessary.     If /he disease is shown  to  be  undoubte/ily  glanders,  all     horses  which  have teen  in  contact  with affected   animals   are submitted   to thp  mallein test,  those which react "Join  slaughtered,  while  those ,v.hieh  show  under trsfc,    no  evidence    of  disease  are,   after   a short  period  of probn- )  tion  released    from   all  restrictions,  and the owners are recommended to  ta >t every precaution in introducing  new stock.  'i here is a provision in "the regulations whereby owners of animals  wh' eh react but show no clinical  symptoms, ' m'ay, on forfeiting' all  compensation, retain reactors under  n..t:-ijrantii<nie -for subsequent tests.  Such animals must, however, be  slaughtered, if continuing to react,  within four months of the first lest,  'ihe Minister further stated that a  considerable percentage of horses  which respond slightly to tho first  Us!, subsequently cease altogether to  react. For some time veterinary au-  thcritics have been divided as 1o  whether such ceased reactors are  really free from glanders or not, but  the concensus of evidence obtained  by his ollioers during the extensive  Us-ting '.-operations which have now  been curried on for. several .years,  is to the'effect'that many of these  horses remain affected with the disease in a latent form tnl are capable of-trnnsimtting it to other animals, in this -way causing fresh outbreaks. Such horses arc especially  dan&erons on account of II13 tendency almost invariably shown by owners to dispose of them at the first  available opportunity, when falling  into Ihe hands of unsuspecting persons, tliey froiqiuently introduce the  diseti.se among their new stable companions.  Questioned as to the  efficacy of the  mnllciri  test, Mr.   Fisher  stated that  t'le    highest      veterinary   suthorities  ; ere agreed  that mallein  was,a most  re liable  diagnostic  agent,   and     that  in  at  least 9G  per  cent,   of  the animals   tested, it could  be depended upon   to  demonstrate existence  or, nonexistence  of glanders..      In  proof    of  tin's  statement  thc Minister cited lhe  ervpejience in Ciroat  Britain, where  ;  stronicr effort is   being made by horse-  owners  to  bring about  the introduction   of  the   policy  now   followed    by.  C'nnada, instead of  that now in force,  which   provided   for  the  slaughter   of  only  such animals    as show   cli.n;r-:'' ,  symptoms.     Under the latter  policy, l  in spite  of all    efforts,  the   nurmbcr '  of horsrs killed each  year shows     ? I  steady    increase, nn  progress     wha.l   '  ever   being made   in   the  work  of  it- '  ���������abdication. j  The   following ������xtracf from  a    1  "GlanUjis is admittedly on the iii-  "crease and it is1 time tiiat some,  "radical measures were, takeu to c-6n-  "trol the disease. In 190.4 there  Vwere only 592 Oatin-'saks^reported,  "hiit in 190-1 these had increased to  ','1529, and 2,(i58 horses were k-illc-i'  '.'as glandere;i. More power- ought  "to be gi>, en to the Veterinary ln-  "spectors t0 test the iu-con'tacV  "liorsies >vill mallein; as by this  "agent an almost infallible diagnos-  "is can be. made within 24 hours, or  "at most 48 hours. The expense, al-  "thongh great the lirst year; and  '.'wiliere a |.ic\ciitable disease, which  "also causes t':e deaths of nuanbers  "of human ,LeJifas' each year, is1 con-  "cerned, the cost ought certainly  "not to-be considered too seriously  "as the. reason why it should not be  "taVen, thoroughly  in hand."  The most serious source of danger  to Canadian horses lies in tlje co  tinuous importation of infecteti animals from the Western States. While  inspection at the boundary is enforced, it is, in many cases, impossible  to defect the existence of glanders  without the aid of niallein. Although considerable inconvenience to  import;rs would result, it would almost ani.ear as if it wouW *be nec-  essary to ma e provision, for the  testing of all horses introduced from  the other side.  Jn many   states   of the    Union,   i.<  serious..attempt is made  by the    authorities t<5 deal in   an effective way  with  outbreaks of glanders, and as a  result  a good    deal  of private  testing is  carried    on,  and   the reactors  being  sul:sjquently     disposed    of   as  soon as'.possible.     As such horses are  sold   at a  sacrifice,     they  are  as   a  rule   quickly  picked  up,  and  there is  no-    doubt  that    some of them    arc  brought into  Canada,   either by  persons  ignorant    as to their true con-  jdition  or unscrupulous enough to run  ' the risk   of  having    them pass     inspection at  the. boundary: before   the  disease h.-.s  developed  sufficiently   to  admit ol* its existence being detected  'by ordinary   methods.  :    Another serious danger  lies  in  thc  ifacility   with  which,  under     modern  (conditions    of  transportation,    num-  I hers of horses may  be moved     from  I place  to place.      While in  communi-  . 1 ids  where new Ihorsrs  are but   scl-  .(lom  introduced, immmnity from glan-  Jders may be  loag enjoyed, there-   is  'always    serious    risk in  any    place  niand for horse flesh, are responsible  for inany serious outbreaks in districts where glanders was formerly  unknown. '.' It is not at all uncommon for the inspectors to find a  chain of infective centres which tan  , be directly traced to a consignment  of horsts ongijuat'iig/in some distant part of the conn try, and this in,  spite of tlie fact that the animals  may ha������,e undergone careful clinical  inspection prior -to" shipment.  . Kefeiring to alleged dissatisfaction  in --'British' Columbia with the wonc  of his officers, the Minisk-r replied  that there had undoubtedly been  some irritation shown/by'��������� hor&c-owiters' and others who complaintd that  the slaughter of diseased horses was  'riot in all cases necessary,*��������� and thai  individuals w;erc Loing subjected to  serious loss and inconvenience through^  having- their "animals killed.  I Mr. Fisher, thought that this feeling, was largely due, to the fact that  the people of British Coluni'bia had,  fortunately for themselves, never experienced the terrible losses ca:.s:d  by outbrculs of glanders, when proper sanitary measures are not enforced.  It was therefore perhaps only natural that some people should think  the present policy rather severe, although with n-.orc experience of the  (disastrous effects of the dise-isa when  left uncontrolled, they would havo  1 loo'.ed upon things somewhat dilTer-  ently.  In some  other parts of  (lie    Dominion where    people have  for    many  'years  been heavy  losers tli rough   the  glanders,   the system     of    slaugnter  'and  compensation   is  giving 'satisfac-  - tion, and intclligicinl, owners   freely   cx-  . press  theii: approval of the new     arrangement.-  The ] resent, policy was onljv ado.p.t-  'ad after the most careful and serious consideration'of lhc whole question, and a full realization of the  responsibility which is involved.  volved.  Glanders   is a  most dangerous  ami  insidious    disease,    and   with     sliich  one' cannot,   especially  under   modern  conditions,     be    controkd      ,by    half  measures.     The system now followed.  in   Canada    is  approved  by  all     (he  liighest  vetcri-niiry. auMiorities ! in  the  civili'/ed   world,     while   Uie  rate     of  coinr-cns-ition    authorized    ]iy  parliament    is   much more ec-neroi'S'   lliaii  that  prevailing in any other country.  it is, 01" course, impossible to enforce sanitary measures of any kind  without inflicting more or hs.s inconvenience and peihaps hardship upon  some individuals, .but on the "other  hand, ih so individuals, and, with  them, many othcis, would eventually  suffer greater loss if animal plagues  were pcrmiitsJ to spread  unchecked.  IT'IS UP TO CANADA.  The acquisition of tli3 British West  Indies by Canada is a step most  .strongly all located by It. !.<��������� Patterson, of -Miller Ov: liichards, type foun-  dcis, of Toronto, says the Winnipeg  Free Press. Air. i'attuisuii lies retained fiom a h\c weel-s' cruise  amongst the various islands, such as  ���������Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbadccs and St  l.ucia. __ 'lie found them fairly pros-  pieroas and contented, with tho exception  of   Jamaica0," business in     which  RUMORED FAIL  mother two postal   cards telling her  not to   worry, as he  was going west  QP TDURPJO'VO to cain  ������ooA mon2'>' an(l woulLl write"  when    he  got     there.       These cards  ' * giave thc required clue and  with  the"  ,St. ' Petersburg, Apeil 13.���������The aid of the C.P.R. authorities and by  Twentieth Century today says a free use of wires, the father got  that minister cf Interior Durnovo his boy back at White River, a dis-  has already been ��������� dismissed. The ' tance of 40o miles - west of North  Strand on the  other     hand.       says ' ���������ay_     ^olmAgi:losl aba���������t m ,)V his  that M.     Durnovo  wil bo      granted  I    ���������   , J .���������   . ,  ,,���������     .... . T.    .        .., jsons attemj't to  get rich (qjuick.  tho     title     of     count.      It   is       thc ������ ,lr  general belief that should M.  Dut novo fall, M. Akymofl", the  minister of justice, his brother-in-  law  will also retire  -o-  ATTEMPTS TO LURE  BOYS  FROM HOME  North Bay, Ont., April 14.��������� Con>  Lover���������Jinked I lo.e you for yourself alone, Miss Milyuns.  1 lei re js���������That is a loan on which  you can only borrow trouble, Mr.  Cashhuntcr.���������Baltimore   American.  on account of  the low .price of sugar   plaints    ha\e    been  fluently   made  is   in lather a  depressed condition.  "1 certainly think it would be , a  good thing for Canada if it were  pohsitile Ki acquire these islands," he  said 111 a, recent inkr.iew.. "h\ thj  first place we should get the climate  we rejuire fur the'growth and production .01 such .things.'as tro;;ical  rruits, sugar, cocoa and colTct*. In  the course of time, Canada would be  self-sustaining, and meet-all the r-e-  ���������^V'.iremcnts of-  a-grer.it nation.    It. is  that settlers passinb through on the  C.P.R. trains for the west, attempt  to entice young boys into the cars  and tal.e them away, C. Ii. Dol-  niage, of Huntsville, was working  up in a Cobalt camp, and last Monday received an-urgent telegramJrom '  his. wife in Huntsville, that their 13-  year-old son had been la tea away  by a farmer bound for the west.   It  appears that a train    with settlers'  ���������.;    ,  ,,       ,       ,,,,,.  .-t- ,. eli'ects passing through Huntsville   on  for    Canada,    to  take the  initiative, M���������r,.t;   on ���������'������������������,���������..  A~i^ ^a  t~-  *  ,,,,.,     ,               ,,                ... iuarcn ���������ill, was delayed for two    or  and  I   th.uK  there would.be  veryl.it- ���������irtc ,lolirs; alld.      ���������      DoIniane wa,s  tic ob-rct.on on  the  part of the prin- | persujw,������, :|>y d man   ^ ^ Jn   th.  with  eipal peopk' of th-se islands to ain-  al.^ainatc with Canada."  Special   (lesputchos    from      Cumbe.*-  IjiikI give  l.hf!   ini'ormnlion  that     Mr.  ��������� lames   Piinsimiii*       iuic-nds     sinking  another  shaft,   at   NTo.   7.      .  'I'ln.' first gnmo ix'tweiiii the 'Garrison nnd Vancouver Celtics (tho for  mer the uluiiniiioiis of the island and  Ll'.o   latter       the.   holders'    of the  mainland irhampm'whii))      for Uic-  (.-iiainpionship of British Columbia,'  resulted in an easy- vislory for the  Oarrisoii, the Vancouver liojrs tjoing  down to defeat to the tunc of -J>  Lo I. The gaiiu! was played nt the  CajiituI tily. ->riie next gaino will  be played   at   Vancouver.  NAM AI MO GUN  CLUB.  The Oun Glut) praclico clay  jiig'euii shoot held yesterday nfter-  noou   resulted   as  follows:  J st place,   W.   li.   HoulL,  score -20.  2nd   place, Vt'.   Craliam,   score���������If)  .'!rd jilace,  C.  Marl in, scon;���������.18.  On Thin-i-ulny      of jiext  week        the  shoot   for lln- fuedal will     come     off.  During- the  present  season   the    in-:d-  al has  been won   by Messrs J.  Vin-  dezi and    C. Barker.  car witri him anh seek' his fortunes  in a new home. The lad has been  anxious to start to work for some  time, and was* tempted by the high  wages offered. 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VAUX,  ABBlstant Gen-1 Passenger, nnd Ticket Agont,  135 AD/VM3  ST., CHICAGO. ILL.  For Sale and Delivered  EXPRESS WORK  DAVIDUOHNSON  ,    PHONE 66 LADYSMITH  ������" "V. _,   _   m,, ���������������������������.���������������������������ait*"������"*t**"*'**"0"a *  ^^M^^^^������^^^X^.^^^^^^^^f������������������^"^^���������^^^^������������������^^^^������������������^^���������^������������������'^���������^������������������^������������������������������������������^������������������^'~* '   GENERAL BLACKSMITH SHOP  Miners'Drilling Machines  MADE TO ORDER and ^'^^r^^^T^- ^^  SHARPENED  BY  US      ALWAYS    tVE^SATISFAClIOX.   PICKS HANDLED A ;vNl> REPAIRED���������  ^SHIPSMITHING     IN -    <VL >   MS   tfRANC IIKS  Horseshoers and Genera? Blacksmitns.  R. BRIGHT  -'��������� Ladysmith, e c  SALMON FISHJNG ON  BRITISH COLUMBIA COAST  Buller Street   -  Mr������ ���������!������������������.��������� ���������i<-M-M^i-H^4'4-K,^*^,":^>*r'>'H'^  ������a.*  Union  Brewing Co  NANAIMO    B. C.  flanufacturers of the  Vancouver, April II.���������To prepare  for the opening of tho 'salmon-fishing  season on t'lio Northern British Columbia coast, Mr. John. I. Williams, Fisheries Inspector foe the  northern distiict for the Dominion  go*.eminent will sail from here to-  moruiM- in UiL' CanailiuiT Fisheries  sU-amcr I'\i1lc*ii. air. Williams will  Le in the NTorth until November,  ixnd <luring that time will cover all  portions of his- immense territory,  whicli extends from a point just t0  amusing sit nations in the plot anil  thc north of Alert Bay to Alaskan  waters.  Mr. W. D. Biirdis, secretary of  the FraHt'i* ��������� ���������Vliver Gannui-s' Association, announced today that ho  had received information that .Inspector Williams will blast out a  log jam near iho" mouth of tho-  Bella Ooola Kiver, in order to open  that stream so that soc.Ucyes may  ascend it to reach the spawning  grounds on the upper reaches. This  log jam .commenced to form last  fall, and 'unless removed;-; now would  effectually bloblc the salmon in  their efforts    to  ascend  thc  river.  K is expected that over two thousand "ill-netting licenses will Ih* issued this season in the northern dis  trict. The majority of these will  be on the Skeena Kiver, but Rivers   Tnlct     will   ho  a   close      second.  EASTER AND  ST. PETERSBURG  A thousand licenses will he issued  for the Skcena in all probability- On  "Rivers Inlet fishermen arc expected  to take out eight hundred licenses,  two hundred will go to lhe >'aa.%  one- hundred Lo Bella Coola, and a-  bout  fifty to other  points.  Northern canneries are now making preparations for ������hc season's  work, and crews for the overhauling of many oi thc cannery plants  are now eithei in the north or ou  their way there. Tinplate for cans  and general supplies for the cannei-  ies are being rushed North by  small steamers, and by the end of  this month canmaking will have  been commenced  at  many  points.  While Fraser Kiver Canncrs do viot  expect a very large year the-, northern men are looking for good results. Early in June the sockeyes  should make their appearance on  the mainlandcoast to the north of  Vancouver Island. and by that-  time boih canncrs and fishermen  will  be' prepared  for  them.  Two new canneries will be operated in the ��������� North this. year. These  are bolh at Rivers Inlet, one bo-  longing to Dawson & Buttimct. and  the other to Bain & Wilson. The  latter was wiped out last week by  a baby tornado, but is now being-  rebuilt, and will be ready for op  cralion     when  the   fish arrive.  St. Petersburg, April 13���������The Rus  sian faster began today and the  holidays will continue until April  ���������21. During the interval work will  bo suapi'iided. The government departments   will  be closed.  St.' Petersburg, April 13.���������A commission tor the revision of the  exceptional taxes designed for safe  guarding lhe public of which Gen.  Count ignatefi was president, ha:,*  just completed the elaboration of  laws,      containing     guarantees o[  pcisonal liberty, which was submitted to the lower house of pari'ta-  , ment. The principle features ���������- of  this project are provisions that a  person arrested shall bc confronted with a charge against him and  be given a hearing within ���������twenty-  four hours after the arrest is made,  and that no domiciliary arrests  shall toe made without a warning.  The use of troops is forbidden except at the request of the civil  authorities.  n���������__        DESIGNS  MDVICE AS TO PATENTABILITY  ��������� Notice in " Inventive Age  f Book -'How to obtain Patents" _   _  \ Charges moderate. No fee till patent is seeded  r       Letters strictly confidential.   Aaqrts^..  TEG. SIGGERS. Patent Lawyer. Washington,  y, .*. * \ - - . ^ j. ������ ^ ������ . . ..**. ������->-������ * *-  HiLBERT  OPKN AT A UL HOURS.  Ladysmith Temple Not 5  U;i"  Sisters meets at the Oddfellows   I  2nd   and   Ith  Tuesday   at   ',...     ;  Mrs.  Kate Tate secretary.  In   British Columbia  Lager  Beer   and Porter     Guaranteed   Brew  ro m the Best Canadian  Malt   Run   Hops  *J 4^f^f.j^H^-H-M-I--*-I--VF':**-J-H- -H-H**^*-*Hl^-H-'^^l*^i*^-,>  "I  Dr.  Dier can be found at'anytinn  at his office on Gatacre st.  His   Ac  tal   work is  giaranteed   to  be? firm  class and rates reasonable _  *1  The committee who have charge of  I arrangements  for the Excelsior-Club  Mall, on April 27, have a few Ucl<-  lets  left.     Those who  wish  to obtain  (hem may do  so by applying to Mr.  B.  Forcimmer.  FROM HERO  TO TRAITOR  New York, April 13.���������Father Capon, the Russian priest who made  an effort to organize the working-  men    into   revolutionists,    was  been killed ou the day of the massacres in Moscow might have  died a hero. Unfortunately he lived  to be bribed and to betray the cause of Russian liberty.' The social  democrats board. after he fled  from Kussia, made an invosfigo'.-  ion and found that he had accepted  through       a  secret  service   officer   oi  sued today an address to the Jewish population of this city in .which  he said that the future history of  Itussia would devote some of it ;  most thrilling pages t o the .Tew--.,  lie said that they had .retrenched  superhuman courage in the "Russian  struggle for liberty and that there  was little anti-Scmetic dentiment in  Russia. All that existed had bedspread and encouraged by thc gi  eminent."  UNITED   ANCIENT      ORDt-'K   Oj  DRUIDS  Wcinn&ton Gio\e  No. 4 U.  A   O.  Meets   ii> the I' 0   0 .K   Hail  Uy smith,    the   Second   and      i"oi  Wednesdays of each  month, comniej  ,ng Wednesday,  13th., 1905.  Visiting Druids     are invited  to  tend.  By Order.   . .  WM- RAFTER, Reef ���������*>������  PATRICK BUUK, N   'V'j  HAY, GRAIN and'  iFARMPROHUl  Orders will be delivered any v.  in the city promptly and at thi-  est possible prices.  Leave, orders at Christie'B, on  Etplaaaiit.  Mames-Wainj  NOTICE  de- -the-   government    one hundred   thou  fiared  vesterdav    bv Oorkv.  the Rus | sand    roubles,  * * * | '  sian novelist    and radical,    to   be     a-sixty thousand more and same oth-  rom    AVitte    himself,  me  faker.     He said:     "Gapon,   if he  had i er  sources   -.1,000 more.    -<Jorky      is  NOTICE is hereby given that I intend lo ap-ply at the next sitting ot  tlie License Beard oi the city of Ladysmith B.C. for a transfer of the retail liquor license now. held by me  for the, premises known as trie New  Western Hotel, situated on Lot 4,  Mock 28,  to John Menghini.  atty      D. H.   DAVIS-  Dated at Ladysmith this loth day of  March,  1906.  J, PIERCY & |  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD    BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC.  WHOLESALE DRY GOOD  rj   Bi Ci I      *  mmm  I  - <  I; i  lr  THE DAILV LEDGER  mm  l<!  (-  I*,'?  i ���������������    ������.  LOCAL   ITEMS  FOR SALE  Twelve   head   of  cows   and Milk  route.    Apply P. O. Box 99.  Quality  Seldom Equalled ���������  Never Excelled!  Smit fofos,  Lady fin ith, B. C.  That's All!  ************  Call  and Qet ^Acquainted  ������*������S&:*., -i-cii  Closing" Out  BUSINESS    IN SHOES  ������3 Mines' Shoe goes   for   $2������25  $3-50 Mens' Fine Shoes goes for      $2.25  A Few Ladies' Shoes Well.  Make an Offer  Boys'   and    Girls'   Shoes   from     90   cents   to    1.50  Soft Sole,     Baljy   Shoes   from  25  cents   to  35   cent.c  Smoiip Bi������ B. Cigars  Miss  E.  Dobeson    is  in  from  Naiicimio,  to'Ia)r.  the    citv  hew  California Cheese at  Blair   &  Adam's.  ,\Ir.  S.   Roedding went lo Nanaimo  at noon   today on business.    -  IMi    I).   Johnston    spent  afternoon in Nanaimo.  yesterday  Mr    A. .Taylor,  of  Victoria,  i.s reg-  lsteied at the A/iiiotsford Hotel.  ���������o���������  Mr. A. J. NesbiW, of Victoria, is  in the city today.  Mr. J. ALbertiiii left on tlie Joan  this morning tbouwl for llairison  Hot Springs.' ,  C Peterson,   1st.   Avenue   DEALER   IN FURNITURE   AND   S   OVfS  m^s^aaiimBtsfssi6B9m>^r^j.yig-tmfm^i^  _* On April'If), a concert will beheld  in the Chemainus ITall for the Lenc-  fit of the Ohemainus Hcs,:ital.  Messrs. Paniiell & Plasketl received  a carload of jirime beef cattle fiom  Calgary yesterday morning.  Mr. S. Lorcndi, left oii> thc Joan  today for Harrison Hot Sprints,  where  he  will  spend  sonic  time.  Rev. Mr. Boyle, and Miss lloyle  spent" the afternoon in Nanaimo** to-  *day.  Try a Province Cigar.  ' A lo.'L-Iy range of Lawn, Cotton,  and Fancy muslin Blouses, for Easter Sumla), at Simon Leiser & Co.,  Limited.  Monday, being a holiday, there will  be no* meeting of the City Council.  It will, however, fcc held on Tuesday evening.  Frofcssoi BUikie used to form a ve-  ,ry picturesque liguie m lhe Edinburgh  s.treels. lie     was a chicry old jia-  tnaii-ii with handsome leaturcs and  luur failing in ringlets about Ins  shoulders: ,N<i one who had seen  him could 1 < s-iiLly ;, rget him. Cue  d.i.v iie .uas acoslcd'by a very-dii ly  litlie s)ioi'-: lacL with his "Sh n? your  i'oots, sir?" I'l.uKic was impiessed  by Mic filtIiines-s oi lhe boy's face "I  don't want a shine, my lad," said he.  "But if you will go and vash your  face I'M give you a sixpence." "A11-  c.nient stops on the K. & N. yeslc - j ricbt." was the lad's reply. Then  ���������lav,  Hie noon   (rain was delayed   an j he went ��������� over     to a ncifclilvoriiig foun-  Mi. A. Ta>lor, of Victoiia, i.s in  the city to Jay looMng after lhc in-  stiillaticn of a patent fire alarm a.-,  par;llius which is beinn put in al I'. ?  .shingle mill and other places in tli.*-  city.  The telegraph ollicc i������ being mou.l  into the railway slut'on agent's office today, and 111 futuiv, Mr. Jac -  sen will handle both tlie commcici. 1  i,n I   rail way ���������> tclegiaphing.  Owing lo the heavy travel   and  fre-  r-JSSSBB&L.  20 Doz. Pairs of Ladies'  Cashmere Hose-Sizes  Sy2 to 9X-Reg. 35C  Special 25c. Pr.  ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ���������������������������������������������  120 Doz. Ironclad Brand  Hose for Boys���������The  Strcug Kind-Reg. 40c  Special 25c. Pr:  .*.  .������.  ���������������.  200 Doz. 'Jumbo Towel"  The Large Juicy Kind  Keg. 25c.  Special 20c,  hoiir.       Over    75   pieces or haggar.c  was checLcd  from Victoria for points  hctwe.cn that place and  Duncans.   o   CHURCH NOTICES  PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH  Rev. li. Boyle, pastor.  Morning Service���������11  a.m.  Evening  service���������7.30   p.m.  Evening   Service���������7   p.m.  Bible study class, Wednesday even  ng  at  7.30.  Tomorrow (Sunday) nnd until Monday, April 23rd, I will continue lo  maKe cabinet photos al ?2 per dozen Stamp Photos 2f>c Schcnck,  the  photographer,  Campbell's  coiner  ��������� Preparations are about completed  for the Rath! one Sisters' Conceit  and Dance en Monday evtnin������ next,  and j. good, time is a.ss'ired those attending.  The boiler which is' to be instal-  N led  at  tlie local soda  water   factory  arnvod  today, and  will  bc nut in at  once. This will aid Mr. Rumming  -to add   an exlia flavor to his already  excellent  mineral   waters and summer  drinks.  CHURCH OR ENGLAND.  Rev.  It.  J. Bowen, Rector.  Morning Service���������11 a.m.  Children's   Sunday   School���������2.30.'  Evening service and sermon���������7 p.in  METHODIST CHURCH.  Rev. VV.  C. Sciilichter, pastor.  Morning Service���������J1 a. m.  Trv a Pro- ince Cigar.  STENTS  DESIGNS  TR.",DE.MARKS   ,  AND COPYRIGHTS  i  m ���������  ���������������������������������  ���������  -w        OHTAINEO  ' ^VICE AS TO PATENTABILITY  >  .' tice in " In������entive Age "  * 11 >olc "How to obtain Patents'*  ">arjcs moderat". No fee till patent is secure-  "   Letters strictly cotilidentuil.    Address,  ' G. SiGGERS. Patent L.-iv,rr. W.*.rli!ngton, [).  klESSStaaL5  Aid. John Thj. returned on last ev-  " en tog's Joan from a two weeks' visit to Harriscn Hot Springs, where  he.has been" regaining health. Mr.  Tha expressed himself a-3 greatly  pleasod at the result of the electric  light vote, and thinks it will not be  long I cfcre a system of some , Und  is installed. : .  CITY HAND CONCERT.  Th? following j ropT-innr.e will, l.e  gncti Vy Ihe City Hard, on Sunday  next on the���������.Hunker"jirounds, .weather  perm it ting, starting al 2.30 o'clock:  J   March��������� "A^esli  l-'idelis,"  (him? ens  2. 0\crtiire���������i"('ross-of .I.Ti s- 1 -m"  5 lU-l-.ic-  3 Sonvj���������"Ora'.IH-o  No*iis,"  f'iccoiimiiii  4 Cli   nd , Si'crr.d .Pot-.-ourri,���������"."ov t"  fi-?   World?' Ha rehouse  5 Willi--���������"Por-t'cp," Tobani  tl. St i  n 'le~"f,o.-.c's  Response.'���������'  .   ...        " 'Miller  7 Sell-cli;. n���������"Scotia's Gems,"  Round  8 Maieh���������"Rlowers of lhe Forest.,"  Oid  Hume  The raffle for tlie $100 case oT owls  will ta'e place at the Cecil Hotel,  on Monday, April  1C.  The Rat'hibonc Sisters, of ladysmith, will hold their dance on Eas-  1e'i Monday- n'g-'i't, April Ki. Nothing will be left undone |,0 make the  affair a nrst aw'Ie one. The  pri c cf lie'els wi'l l������ 7!5c rcr cm-  ple, and 2.1 certs for extra lady.  Supper will ],e ser-vfd in the Ban  riiiet- Hall for 25 cents. The Grand  March will start nt S.30. Good music will be furnished.  t  Any  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  THE  LEDG  Office  1st Avenue  tin ii and made his ablutions. Returning, ho held out his hand for the money. -'Well. my lad" said the professor, "you have earned your sixpence-  Here it is." "I dmna want it, auul  chap," returned the hoy with a lordly air. "Ye can keep it ani get yer  hair cu^.v  Some Wi.tty old author once advised men to avoid arguments with ladies,  because in spinning yarns   among silks and satins a man is sure to  get worsted and  twisted; and when a  man   is worsted  and  twisted  he may  consider 'himself wound  up.    This re-  loit  miglit"be" matched  with the following  crush-'tig one that a husband  received  from his wife tlie othci     .v,  thioiigfi    the medium  of the   '.il-!js  press.   He advertised that he, Thomas  X ,  would no longer bc        answerable for the debts incurred      by  his  wife.   Next day thc following-.tn-  iioiiricement appeared by' way   if   le-  ply:    This  is to notify  that. I, Elizabeth X , am able to pay all    i iy  io Doz. Duck Blouses  All Colors-3 Styles-  All Sizes, Reg. 65 to 85  Special 50c.  Walters &  Akerchead1  G  sss*^5i3srga!5a^-i?a  Jvlge mad? the 12ih flay ol April,  190G, I was appointed Administrator of tlie Estate of Charles Sainio,  lale of Ladysmilh, deceased.  VA11 parties havjng claims against  the -said Estate are hereby ramired  to furnish the same proierly -verified to me on or before lbs ltltli  Mav,  3000.  All   parties  indebted   to   th; Estate  aie requited  to  pay  thc amount    of  their ini'oltodnes.s  to me forthwith.  Nanaimo,  3 2th  day of April,   ID00.  JOSEPH A. McALONEY,  Official  Administrator.  IN THE SUPREME COURT OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  In the Matter of the Estate of John  Hendricl son: '  TAKE NOTICE that by an Order  of his his Honor Eh Harrison, Looal  Jud^e, made the 12th day of April,  J906, I was appointed Administrator of the Estate of John Hendrick-  son, late    of Cheinainus,  deceased.  All parlies having claims against  the said Estate arc hereby required  to Furnish the same properly verified to mc on or before the 19th  May,'3900.  All  parties  indebted  lo thc Estate,  arc leqiiircd  to  pay   the amount     or  their indobtodness lo mc forthwith.  N^niimo,  12f-h day of  Apiil,  lilOfi.  JOSEPH   A   McALONEY,  tMIitial   Administrat." ���������  debts  now that  1 have got  shut  Tonimj.  i Ses 'Mr. H. Foicimmci's advertisement regarding cloc's at mined  rates on another page.  .-       . 0   Smo-lie Big IJ.  i;i2,ars  ���������o   IN   THE SUPREME  COURT  OK  ..   ,,.-' BRITISH COLUMBIA.  In    the    Mat tor    of    the' Estate  of  Chailes  Sainio:  TAKE. NOTICE- Unl by  an  .n V  of   his    Honor    Eli ITanison,    local  !BfflSBgBi35kgSggiS������?*ig  For  Saturday and Mgoi  ONLY  To advertise our Genuine American 2 Bell Repeating Alarm Clocks  \      AT $1.60  Su  the prices in our windows mi all  different  kinds of clocks  REMEMBER  Saturday and Monday Only  B. FORCIMnER  Watchmaker, Jeweller,'Optician  FIRST AVENUE LADY>TIITH  TS3-JSCtf3  SSC5������E^������3������S235������a2*~  EASTERHAT  FOR  We are now Displaying the finest Range of  Straw and Felt Ha  Fver Shown in the City  Caii in and Look Over the Stock  air & ytda  3JSSa**^333SS������3  sSff^ESSJSS^SSS^SL..  Gall on us to-night for a nice  Roast of Lam  Lamb   Chops,   Veal   Etc.  Pannell & Plas  CAUGHT  COM3 WHILE HUNTING  J A BURCLAK.  Mr. Win. Tlics. Lanorgan, provincial Constable, at Chaplcau, Ontario,  sa3s: "I caught a se\ere cold while  'lunting a * burclar in, thc forest  swamp last fall. Hearing of Chamberlain's Couyh Remedy, I tried it,  and u'ler "ising two small bottles, I  i\as comjiletcly cured." This renie<ly  is intended cs;ccially for cougbs an.l  colds, it will loosen Vtnd iclieve a  seveic cold in less time than by nn>  other treatment and is a fa\o.itc  wherever its supciior excellence 1ms  In-come kno*\\n. v For sale" by L-n'y  smith  Pbanracv.  list lilies  AT  s BOOK Store  FOR SALE  Eggs'ron Pure Bred Stock  All Birds Trap Ntsted  No Inferior Leyers Kept  Marred, Buff and While Rocks  Whi'o Wyandottes, Wliii*e and Brown  Leghorns. ���������  U t>er Setting  $6 Per Hundred  "  -K. STEWART,  Box 20S Ladysmith, B.C.  T ha\e just  received a shipment ol  li ills' uHigh Grade  IKiUSh TOBACCOS  and.   -   /  C'GARtUFS  at   -he   DRUG STORE  Wc should lilic to show you . our  huge  assortinent of   Wall Papers  Ranging  in   price    from  ioc,  Double Roll and  Up  They are the very latest in .'.Wall  and Ceiling Decorations. Just from  (lie factory. Over ten thousand rolls  to choose from. We also carry a  large rarfgc or  "        ���������  Varnishes. Varnish Stains,  Paints, Oils, Brushes and  Window G'ass  In   ra:*t    everything   to   Beautify   the  ���������Home,  at���������  H.  KAY'S  WALL PAPER DEPOT  EASTER  BLO  ���������������������������������������������<������������������>  We havt a Lovely Assort  Lawn, Cotton and Fancj Musln  BLOUSES Opened out.  These Blouses are Very Showy and  Just the thing for Easter  (    ' ^  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������   M *s'C  No Trouble to Show   These Goods  !  SIM( N LEISER & CO Ltd.  Notice  "A. HOWErofCHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately   run   by W. Ward, on Roberts stree  WITH A fill LINE OF FIRST ClASS MfAlS  PORK AND SAUFAGE A f PECIAL1Y  A Trial folicitd '   .  A. HOWE,  PHONE 20  GARDEN HOSE  Every Length Guaranteed  "for  One Year  FuUStock  Cotton, Rubber and Wire Wound  .ui  The Ladysmith Hardware Co. Ltd.  U/. Q. praser  Merchant Tailor  FIRST A VENUE.  Suits    Made to Order to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  .  ���������B  urns  FOR  WHITE 5WAN SOAP  WRAPPERS  Lists of useful articles can' Jjc    had   at  any   frroccf.s.       Beware     of  cheap imitations, which  ruin    the hcn/ls; and clothes.  . While Swan  Soap is a Pure  Sou]),  made of sclfctwl.   stock,    does  not injure tlie hands  or the fnest fabrics.  ,   i I  i I I jjfMMHIlMMIIM   ���������IMHIWIilH '���������WtBilliUl'nlil     "ill   I I'll ii'i i ' M|   ||      i      in    ||UI  Plumbing ^ and Tinsmithing  DONE   AT������ __^  Reasonable Prices  ������������������ By-   J. ANDERSON  Leave orders at  Peterson's  Furn -  ture Store,  or telephone No 53.  LAflYSMiTH HOTEL   BAR  Having ta'<cn over the bar-room of  the aboyc' hotel, we intend to run a  first-class, up-to-date establishment,  and in soliciting the patronage of  our friends., and the public in general,  we guanvitee good treatment  to all.  R. fcott  A,  Proprielors.  '%


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