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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Apr 17, 1906

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 -/^tfa^^-v^^'^^t^t^h.  J  ____  w^PWggagggei  mmmmmm  *������   '-  j    LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY.  The Ladysmith Daily Ledger  '       ��������� . :  > r-       ^    ^i   vol,.,*  TUESDAY,  April. 17,    1900  9061 st yav  THE POLICE FIRE  ON RIOTERS  Four Men Killed and Several Badly In-  jured^Strikers  Infuriated by the  Arrest of Several Comrades  .  Johnstown, Va., April 16���������Foin  "men arc dead and seven badl-.  wounded as a result of a" liglii  aiiiong ' miners^ at*. Windsor tonight  Johnstown, April 17���������In a riot- in  (he WiiHlnor mines near heie to  night three foreigners wore sho.  dead Ijj deputies, a hoy was fat  ally  wounded     and.   Kugonc    Detail  ' c*y. a mining-* eng-ineor was' take,  to the hospital seriously , injured  The not was the result .of an attempt on the part of the strikiiij.  ininvsrs to rescue some of theii  comrades who hail been placed unv  > der arrest . A state of terror pro-  vails. Sheriff Jegley has/Jjcun sum  moned nnd an'apjicnl has beei  made to Governor Penny-packer foi  troops. ' '   -r.      ���������  . There are  several   others    of    \tk<  . rioters  who have sustained.*   injuries  The ��������� '   , ' ,.-   "  Bodies Lying in  Street  where  they  fell.     The  strikers  fused  to   allow   the   undertakers  '��������� Begun Using Knives  ,>utics ��������� while  others  flourished  ~ -       ���������     -  r-  PRICE FIVE CENTS  THREE IRE  KILLED IN CU-  I IHE EXPiOSIQN  THE TELLUS WILL  LOAD TOMORROW  CM virion.  The (  Minn.,    Ai.ril 17   moit awful calamity that has1 ever  visited this community befell it last  night in the loss of three lives from  presumably a gasoline explosion, resulting  in   the death  of Mrs.     Peter  Five Colliers are Now Under Charter  -  by Western :Fuel Co.--Removing  Matte From Selkirk Wreck  Tomonow,  the Collier Tell us    will   for Frisco,  rvached   that  port on thc  be   n for a full cargo ol coal.    She  i;-^ Md uii0wing four days for   un-  ,.       , 0 comes    in    phue of the Teiie Vil.en,   ,    ,,. .     ,,,      , ,      -r���������  .������ the   attempt', to   disarm the   ,1c- (^^^   ^    0l������u������   Anderson   and I which  went into Nanaimo  this mom-   lo*in*> 8bouId n,������ke the -ret,,rn  lll!,  '" hei   two vear'old    son.     Mrs    Peler'mg.     The Tellus  makes   the f.fth eol- ,lj>'  thp 2,st. ������ Saturday next.  WHTTHE BALLOON  DID NOT GO UP  Too Much   ,Wind of   the Unhealed  Variety Spoiled [he Arrangements  vol ei\s.     Tho deputies' tired.' one vol  le,*, mid   tlie foreigners broke-a������������  i ������".,, 'A i'. lei sen, Mho mother   of Mrs.  Olaus ! l������������?r    wilder charter  hy   the    Western  .     .        ., ...    . .      .    ,,    '"An.terse n,  was    lighting lhe   fire   al  '-"el Co.     I hey are as follows  leaning    three dead in front, of    the,  .   fa.     h,         u^i....   ,-. i,tm  *���������������������������  '1 he i.tng Otter armed in port.jiliis.    .    .     * .    '   . ,    ���������  ... i     i     r i    I pinic-ii ally  iusponsihle  foi   Uie  oiniiig  with  a carload   of     powder,' .  hi was through no fault  of    those  ^id bad:,-just aroiindiUie corner   by  *lv>    ha������l charge     of thc <balto������m as-  two of >he Police force.     While they  ,    , ,        , ,    , ^      could    not see what was happening,  cension last evening that  the    latter   .. ,,.      . .   ,    .   . .  '  , ������ 'they    co.ild     hear a whole lot,  and  tailed    to ascend.       A  stromr.   wind, 'their eTClteincJlt grew apace-  confined quaiters, and hard luck werc |   And the    balloon kept on swelling:  mou  ail.  At a  mass  meeting  this  a'out   10  p.m, in  the  stove to warm  [loud  foi   the ailing child,  the oilcan1  '" exilodel in Ikt hands enveloping her j  noon  the miners' decided   to, return   in-.-���������.imi;Si   the  mother "caught   up the 1  lo     work  at' tho operator's  terms ||lU)p  ,,ov.   im\  raJ1  from   (hc ilolS0  a  when      the  deputy appeared    on   -li .*' s| ir,et  of  f!amc,  and she  and   the    lit-  ������ceno.    - ' !tic child were s0 horned Hint Uoth are  Uk."  *"''���������������  w������rlc should, not   be     slack  Hcitlnr,  C!,000   tons.  Tcrje Vi'cn, ti.OUO tons.'  Titania,   (1,000  tons. '  Wellington, 2,500,tons.  Tellus,  -1,000 tons.  for Phoenix to be shipped by the C.  PR.-   The Otter the"     lofl  for     the  .scene ot  tlie  Selkirk disaster,   wheie  she will   tale off   a load ot   matte,  dis- 'Jt touched    first one building,   then  ,ipi oiiitniont expeiienctd by thosi who 'the other, ami finally became wedged. s  h,ud assembled  to  witness tli*'     tual.   There   was'no  way of stopping   the  At i.Mgiit-thnty sharp, K. comim-nc- !flames,  airi  it, was  up  to  the   corn-*  cJ the ascent to the louf of Messis.  mittea of six to do something.  j 11 c '  ' Veul.  Hlaii   &  Adam's store  with  a     1 al-|    "Touch  oft   the  fireworks,  and   ,let  j-"," J loon iijidei  his ami.    He was folhiw-   hei   go," shouted  J., and she    went.  lattei   with sk-tv  tins of matte.   ������.. ! cd hy  fhe 01  SIK 'a1'������ ,,wI 'volu'!t(P1*- !F1,st she careened over the prostrate,  which h������s heeii placed   on a   scow I  With the addition of the Tellus   on ' alongside   the  sunken  Sel'.uk.  Kescticrs     found Kt<.     Olaus !clurinfi tho    summer.    -The Tcr> Vi- ,,1-oaid,  is still uiu-lcr water, although  iv  to  Johnstown,   Ajril  16.-Shoitly   l������e     ^  _ w    frfio midniuht the town-, quieted ''\.nueison in the ditch ,i,ui noA almost \^n, which re.iehcil Nanaimo thisJCajl. Hissett and his ciew ol wiec'-  down and the crowds began to dh>- Jto a ,.ris]) ,>u1 alivc and rational 'moiinng, made a very quick nn cis are still working there. It i*.  appear from the stieets'. The stale ' |Jcr i���������lS;.ftfl(| |nd gone to Helena t\vo \ fl������>m San .Fi.-nci.sco, coming up in the'intention to lecover all the  constahulary was .summoned but a j ,���������Wths afto .to start a new home, three davs. Thc Tellus, which is a im������t(e at_ least before ahajdonin.g thc  rreiflht wreck dela.ved -the train ami j n0 jS ���������ow caslibouiwl, not knowing ��������� las tor bfiat, should arrive c.irly to-. ������'<���������������'.'. ,  is is expeeteil that' thc constahu '0f t.he deaths though wiled of the ac- morrow moriiini**, or at the latest at floated.  lary will not  reach   Windsor    hcfoiv cit'ont.     Small damage was done   to,no������n      Tr'-is  wil1  '"sure work in   the  The    steamer itself mav     le  this' morning. -Trouble is anticipated, however, when.the constabulary  arrives/at t'he mines - and .the tor-  "eign clement are very antagonistic  to- state officers. * Paul ��������� Zills '.leader  of the rioters' is'among -those. Kd-  led. Among> tho wounded is Charles  Foster 12 years old: Engineer  Delaney was hurt Uy being struck  on the head with a brick.  An" JSye Witness  leiuove   them    , The foreign element'  celebrated   Caster   .Monday     in   the  mining section,  and. much  liquor  has  been used.    '1 he streets were pronged 'all   day' with   boisterous     crowds^  but  no sijju.of  troul>le appeared uu  tit     tonight.      A body o        striker.n  assembled ia front '^.'of the     Windsoi  jail  discussing /. the mass      ineetiuj,  .   that has been  held  during  tlie afternoon   and which had' bren addi-essc.1  by tiir<!0 Catholic priests.     The   dis >  cussion  grew   into      argument'"    and  soon  there  wus  a  1'iee  fur  all  Ugh'.  "Deputies~    that  na-d  been  sworn      n  when   the  stiiUe   Ijegau * made     theii  ��������� appearance and  a number of arrests  weie made. - All arrested were union  -   men, and   their colleagues ��������� rset' ,up.' ~,-  cry  that  they  were  being   diserimm-  inated  against."    The"    arrested   men  were marched  to tho Jock-up     'dob.  but   there  a mob' had formed and an  attempt  was  made  to  take       them  from the olflceis.    Forced  back from  the    jail door     the   mob      growing  more   violent  every   minute ,   _  Threatened  the  Deputies  until tlie oH'u.ers fired. The ino'-j  lu'hitated apparently not expecting  the ** deputies would resort to lir<*  amis. When the smoke "had cleared  away and the victims-of the shot.%  were viewed by thc crowd theie werc  cries of anger, nnd soon miners had  '\\ci*e armed  returned   the  shots      "ot  ��������� the. deputies,     lhe firing ceased     almost as   soon    as  it  began,      how  ever    and, the  crowd left  the      jail,  'l.herc id much dynamite stored here' matters  to   come  before   the    bojrd  and it  is feared  that strikers      will  among  which   jire proposals to lev  resort ta explosi.es in revenge. ja strike assessment    on the   miners  btrikeis       with   Zills     at      their   whose operators' ha\������    signedjr    tlie  , hoatl proceeded to  Storm the Jail  tie house.  JEWLER STOPS  CLEVER THEIF  local   min s dining hhe remainder  of  thc  wee'.- at  (In least.'   The   Rewlar,' in& for     a scow    load 'of coal  which left  here last -week  with coal   Victoria  The Ranger was in������|*oit this monitor  UAMUtil) IHMSKLF. Uie Britisli Columbia Sugar Rcfneiy  Jose|Ji Malshaw,   .a"    logger    who for the erection of  a 5.10,000     orick  went to Malcolm on the steamer Ca- warehouse on  the  watemo'ht adjoni-                                 iiicsuii last week,  committed   suicide 'ing the refmeiy.  [theie a  few ihus after  landing.  His  ������   Winnii-eg,   April 17^A  \ery daring   *t>0ily   was  found    suspt'ii-fed from     a New Ybr'.,  April  17.���������A pickpocket  theft  was ,attempted  yesterday     af-lliinb of a tic* by a shoe-laic    Mai- stole $20,000  woith of jewelry eaily  of the riot   in describing - the    affair | n-rnoon ih   Andrew's  JeweTry  'store!'������������*aw   wore   loggers'   bobts  and     had   today in  the tenderloin district     by  Main s'reet.    -Mr. Andiews wras wait  ienio\t\l    the     lawhide Jacc,  tied  it feigniiiij liced  of clianty.  The police,  caief������lly around  his  neck  and   'aftei   altei an investigation, arrested a ne-  ing on a customer who was jmaking   "    .^'^  oUjm      e|ld'#9ccure|    had   firo woman and  two negro  nun  a small pin chase, when a young gen- j sjowiv  toni^lit  said that the .trouble stari-  bd-at     5 o'clock  when .Deputy i Sher-'  iff McMullen    went--to, the mass meei i  mg'held  by  the strikers   ,��������� a  wooo  a sma"  P",cliasc.  *nen a -V0UnR ^ll' j slowly     stianglcd     to death.       The  suspicion  at the,end of'the town.    Many     o( ,-li'maii -ami    lady entered apparently | Loly - w.is cut down  and  huiicd     on  the m'iiiers had heen-drmkiug"and the  ��������������� ������v  ""J'-    T������ey- as'-:ed to see some  Malcolm lsl.nid.  sight of  the    deputy    made        I hem j wMding  .rings,    and as  "the propric- [   Acconhn-  to" the     ofhceiscn     the  furious..    The ,'oilicei-    was    *" quickly   t >r     Was   the    only     one  surrounded by maddened mincis who  countci  at thc  time ylie   pi  Threatened to\*killt Iliinr:l' ' tiays,' and attempted to serve tlie  McMullen lied for his~life finding ' new coineis as^wcll as the previous  refuge in the house of" Councillo>-'customer at. the same time.  Charles Davis. vr.racticaljy_<��������� eyeiyj-would le.\\e one and make an expla-  liian' who had gone to* t.ie mass nation to the next as enquiries were  meeting joined ih'th'e -ichu.si. and soon ' made, 'lhe lute ai rival *selec ted a  aftor had entered .the bav,is    hou.st|ii"g    qtJBl.^ but  on the suggestion  houting     and  to tome out.   Th,  house and   liter  vdeputy   sheriff  but again managed  members  of  the Davis    family     lied, Kould    visit    the bank  and 'loplenish  to neighbors.   -Other,deputies guard- "������s   lwKiet-      M*-  Andrews    agreed  ing thc property   of the mines    had and was returning the  tia.v to      tic  on  -o���������  HARPERS    CAMP.  Ward's hydraulic    lus been opcrat-  lilehind the   <"aimr^iiip Malshaw  was  tather     des-   inrf -shice the 2crd  of March,     eight-  loduced two Ipondeut  while on'the  steamer  going fen days' earlier  than any     *rc\ious  ������������-e������..    t.iu������'noith.     He had not.,been     dunking,   year ,   Given a .fair  average season,  but Jiad  the appearance  of just hav-  it is said   the product at, lh:s    mine  He  ing g������t ovei   a L-ig spree.     It is not  will be an eye-opener.  !lnown  where his hom<*>was. |    't'here is a .fair amount of   snow in"  * : o^  the'i mountains and  it it tuins    mlo  SINK NFAV SHAFT.   '* water ;; in^ just   the   light   way,    the  The CumheilAiid News  in its issue, spring season will le a good one.  The oil    fields  are creating  ed  to  help  t-lie  asccntion along,  and 'figure of the man  who  had le-iin fir-1  who weie,  perhaps, just a little nei- 'mg  up,  dropping  little  spatteis    o.'  \ous o\cr  the outcome of their first  oil,  powder and tissue paper  in   h"s  experience in filling and .sending oft a 'face  and  over  tha entire length    o,  ballton with no  professional balloon-j his  body.     But the  worst was    yet  ist at hand.     Tli* top  of the   stoic   to come.   The remaining five had by  Icing reached,   it  was  found  that    a 'tins    tune     become enthusiastic and  ���������erfect gale .was blowing, making  it  held  on with    the^   idea of steering ,  impossible to  fill  the long pai>cr hag   the      affair    into     the open    before  with   the  necessary -hot ail.       How- J casting loose.     The lalloon did   the  ever, J., who was an interested par-   steering,   however,   and   by tlie  time  ly  and hound not to disappoint   the jit had  leached a  position  where   it  audience    ot .   several hundred   which   was  thought saie to turn her loose,"  had by this time gathered oa the ad-  e ery man  of3thc five had left    his  loining stteet corners, roofs, a/nd var- .footpiints on tlie ['man behind." des-  ious    points    fiom which to witness   pite all his requests to the contraiy  Ili3 proceedings,  proposed filling    the |These icquests had been heard by the  sphere an/1  letting it rise from     the   small hojs, and they," thinking some-  gtound  . It wis after the volunt-eers I body was confined in the .balloon, be-  and   then   balloon    had  reached     the 'gan to  worry about themselves, and  giound   and'   were shelteied ).etwcen   it onlji needed the appearance of the  tw6 buildups,  that things.really. U*-r huge, strijed    fcag bouncing    around  gm to le doing.     In the  first place  the corner  to send each and    every  the top -of the  hag had  to be     held   one of them looking for a place    of  on high,   while a cotton swab  soak-  safety.    Empty barrels standing near  **s  n-:|  ���������#l  -Ml  looked pretty good to most of tlmm  and bv the time the excitement was  is  over,- fifteen small hoys were    tatan  buen notified  and    '20 of. the   rioters  *-1^   wlmi  lle 1"'Uctt"   tliat  two      of  wer������ taken    to the lockup. i',the     ������-ost   *aluB������blc lings luvl disap-  Tndianarolisr' April 1G.-P.-cm-\\*-*<A. He called the slick -joung  dent John Mitchell of the L'n.u.l Wle���������"! ������^<=k and n>.,uest������d him to  Mine Workers and secretary-ticas-j'ctl"������ the- iewriry and save trouble.  urer   W.     ������.    Wilson  have     anivul jThis he did  \cry quicl.ly, and  in   an  'agitated    liuiry  left  the store.  will .l>c commenced at or.ee  A $'10,000 PERMIT.  Vancouver,   Apiil   17.���������'I In  building  shortly.  "Some cf  Uic    up-rivei   mining   men  have left to lAgin work.  Tuppeis are nearly all 'in ml have  inspeetr.r  loday issued  a permit    t6   made fair catches���������Aslicioft Journal  at National headquarters and seem  satisfied with the outlook. Thc international executive board .\ ill  meet tomorrow and,    go over the  190.3 scale.     and   who  hn\e  put  the  'men   lo   work-      At   this   time   about  He  'fiart been veiy cleverly concealing tlie  stolen goods in the-palm of h'.s'han/l.  The matter was not repotted to the  [lolice  A  (JI.KN'FR SWINDLER.  Rev. J. A.. Day, the much talked of  INDIAN LOVERS  formei  with a mandolin or     guitar,  rrassod four yeais  in Alaska aiul dua-  _   ..TTprp ing   tlie  time,    studied thc     musical  Or1   MUblC  traits of the  Indians closely.  He ic-  lates the cucumstanccs of his becoming acquainted with the  lo\e of    the  Ordinanlv  stoical  m   lem-oramuit,   Ina'ans for music.     With a   compan-  '    ,       , , f.ioir  ion Mr.  Jones was camped on      the  and  luung  almost no  ideas  of their .^^ ^    ^^ .^    Hij>   iustn|.  own concern ng     music,      ^e Indl^-n   mcI1(Si a ma,idoliii_and guitai,     had  tuhes of Alas .a aie more deeply af-! yy-m M.nt,  to luhi "after  going  ed  in   oil  was hehl  at the lower end  and tin?  heat allowed to asceiud  into  <��������� '  the opening.       A gentleman who    ���������   ���������  used to telebral'h roles, and who was (from barrels, s and needed.no urging-  one of. the volunteers, overcame this to maVe a. speedy drip home. (  difficulty by hoi rowing a long pole j. Jn ' the mean time," tlie balloon h,id-  wtth a hoo'c en it __ from at ncarhy lotlge<l on an adjoining building and  biilchciFlK-p, and then the work of j was' proceeding to create nio'ie hot  lillingilJeJiii. The srlore hegan .to air than had been bargained for,  Tise, so did the "excitement. By "the Jwlien the volunteers, seeing* that.'the-''1^^!  time .the lag was half full, 'every-attempted ascension was a failure,���������,!, Vjl  man on thc job with thc exce^'on TH-JlreT the binning sjihere to the -^^'J  ol E, was holding on for dear life, ground and e\tinguishedvthe flames."'*""'"  and etch cne shouting directions to .'They le^raed one thing, however, and  another. E. was stretched his, full .that is, not to attempt to send up  lenoth on the giound, with his face a balloon'when the wind is blowing,  upward, holding the burning brand [and"when 1he next aruves, which it  which was djmg its work well, ,is expected to to in a few davs, as  throwing out a flame two feet in cir-,Messrs. Blair & Adam ha-e sent for  cumfeteufc. As the opening of th-* .another, th.eie will foe no failure It  balloon was only about 3 feet, ��������� it is nlso said that E. has resi-vel his  can he imap-insd the camf&rtaible-fosi- job ns fireman, and anyone apply'"'?  tion occupied hy E. All-th-is time ifor the same will be accepted with-  a crowd  of small hoys  werc     heing'out reference;**..  GREAT RUSH  lapidly as possible.  "rlhe    roads   throughout   the  coun-  /~\T2   CC-TTT "CDQ \iry are in excellen* condition.'    'lhe  VjJr    OC 1  X 1 JDl\.& streams .ue not high and   the  facili-  j; : I ties    for getting to  the  land,  eithei  for    settlement or  fcr investigation,  Tl.e Winnipeg Free Press says:     It  have been excellent.    'J his work   has  is    estimated     that eleven thousand .goM on  in ^ciy d,rcctlolll and good  I-rcs.-uous    and    enterprising Amc-ri-   laoA  is  bcing; SOils>ixi a[Lcr  in   every  into  c:.n l.-.r.neis    enteieid Canada   during'portlon of an  the pi0\inccs.  Iccteei  by  musical   tones    and     more [ (_M0 coiintiy,   bur  he luul  Ix^en wiable   the month of Jlatch.     Of tiie&e mmiy |    "Owing to  their   'natuial plensant-  apt   in study than any  of  the oUicrs  l)eputy   sheniis   with fixed bayonets JO,000 men are out on strike. None  fa'.n,  has  hern heatd  from says  the   ol  nlc  tiu.e.s  of  American     natives.  surrounded   tho jail     and     tho    lire of (he men ha\*������   come  to the tre*.*.*���������-   C'oluiiibh.n.     A letter written by him,;The   tone.-, of a skillfully  handled  in-  department  ��������� was called out. The foi urer  for support-     "One would scui-  eignera refused    to listen   to   efforts <ely   know that   a strike was    on,"  to pacify   them    and shouting to the said    Mr.  Mitchell.     "The  opcrnt���������.)-,-.  deputies  lo throw    away their   guns and  the   public   have    ull   the      coalj ,ie,it     at      Columbian      college,   and ' will continue.  nnd give  up Ihe   prisoners    closed in they   want.     Thc     miners       ' would I makes    Known      tluit  the "reverend"      These  lndiniis,   unliU:  most   savage  the  jail.       When   n." became    certuin not     have   had  any   work     anyway I gentleman     is ou   his   way  home     to   icor-le-,, have  no   musical instalments  that the little   hand of deputies could junco     April    1,     nnd   if   the    public  to-get them.     Two    Indians agteed  to travel     a   distance   of   foit\-two  miles and  bring the  instalments     in  at Tillis,  a  city    in Tians-Caucasia,'sirciment quic. ly moves the oalinaiy   eici,anjC    for    a small quauUty     of ] the S0o line via North Portal     and  S���������l>\ers  near the LJlaciv Sea, has leached Az-|Al.is a Indian to teais and hold   his [ ���������olir     \vj,en they'letunwxl the white jJloosc Jaw.     Se\ou    thousand   East-  /at  David,   the  young Ouenlal.   Stu-I attciitian    as  long  as   thc  peifoi mei   meil immediately  began playing,     at  cm Canad,, people also pulled  up the  [-���������.st paying    no attention  to     than   stakes in   their old home and migra-  came into the Dominion through 'ness alvd the excellent condititn of  VHnni.eg.fiom the south, but thc|the coimtiy toads, the plains aie  gieater nuniier  were Lrouglit in over [aji%c W1th    iaml  hunters  and    home  The   departmental accoin-  l  tunc that  not  stand   before    .the-howling-��������� mob. is  paying  more  i-han -formerly  they opened  fire.   ."Those   of the for-, coal.     some one   is  taking-     ivilvan  oigiu^rs who wore closest   to the jaii   tage of t\m situation."  IVrsia.       'lhe    letter   was     written  fit then  own, and  the  only  fot i about, a-liion tli, ngo,  cunso.i'.ieivtly the'.singing  is -brought  mlo  play   m theii  .smooth,   swindler     ���������must'   have lon-<5.'nati-..Q cerenionies is at the feast,ivvlijon  since arrived hi his  native hills.1 He  a.!'BuliiKa" is', killoil.    The Buluga is  states  in  his  letter that he will   re-[the  white  whale,   the skin  of   .which  tin ii  to this country next August or   is  used in  u-tC-'m^  thc "hiihir'ey," or  When oiu of these whales  CARSIUJSlIEn. HORSE MANGLED AT SeM-emher,    and  the  writer proceeds   sin  boat  *   -". OVER  HILL  LINE4     , EAST END  WHARF i U) iil)o|0Aize fnr. his .'-long silence. '      lj is  Killed   tliosldn  is  tunned  for   use  Vancouver,   April  17.��������� Northern Pa- |    Vancouver, April    17.��������� Wnile     left j    The local authorities are doing   cv- , in  boat 'making,'���������   and   to   dispose  of  the fa- i tl.e -remainder a  fc-is't   is  called    and  the, entire whale is eaten  ci lie and Great Northern freight olh- .slaiiding on the New -Erin-land  Fish  ery thing possible to prr.sjculi.:  cials have announced   that  there   are f.oll,���������;���������'���������.���������    ,*-,.������������������ '���������,���������-������������������    morniii"-     a'icir, and'Chiei Mcintosh  is preparing ' tasks until   the, entire wiiaie is eaten  Utweo.     eight    and     ten     thousu-nd: '   / " " ,     ���������   '    ,, .     ' to  lav  the'matter  before thc deput.    During these feasls  the Indians   sinj.  .freight cars on   the-" way   to   the west team of hases oWI,e;l *������' R' M<:Cl,nT . .lt,toriiev general,  -wKose. aid in hrinS-' uativie sujias  and  otherwise    disport  over   the  Hill  lines at   the     PiosaU ton,. 41   Cordova Street east,  modation for iuunigrants has been  adequate, the building a\,ailable being    supplemented  hy the  uso of    a  hcarcus,  but after a short time they   led  to the newer piovinccs with tlie  n!,mber of large tents, which arc put  noticed  that the men  werc in   tears   lurpp of  bettering their condition aim  and when     the  playcis    htd finished j s.hjinng in th>3  prosspciity of the west  the fust piece of music the    natives  at  ' onc-e begged     'them, to   continue  To these number must be added the  European immigrants who have arrived so far this year is not -known,  but it is believed  that the total-im-  play-ing.  It was itwenty-five miles to tho Indian village,  hut  during  the "remain-! migration   for   the  mouth  of     Match  up, floor������l and heated.  S|eedy" House  Building.  "The seed    with which many    of  the settlers "get located  is   aina/.intr  Houses are brought into  the countu  all, ready  to  bc put ^ together,     mi 1  many  settlers,  within    a couple ; of  look-  time.    M est of  th-ocse cars tlre to VA fright ami  ran away.     They   _ could'Soliciled.  used in relieving, tho cur   shortageto  only    run  a   shor.t     distance on Uie i    Stei s are also being taken  to    sj-  th'e luml.er and shingle .mills, of .the' wharf,    ami  at     the en.lthe     tram'cure the     assistance    of   the Persian  Puget Souii.il country,  arid"-'it is '  ex-  crashed  into; a; horse, standing at ihe-'government,-   and-     if an .extradition  pected that  tlie   first   big' bunch     of  Cold Storage  warehouse,  owned   . by j can be arrangorl^it is  altogether-likc-  empties  will  b������ rec:eiv*ed   at the  Pu- the    Pantry    Grocery,    Pender    ml   |y 'that'   Day .will''he   J-.fcVught bac'.������  ��������� get. Sound-'terminals  some   time next   Howe streets.       The  tongue" of     the   for    trial.       C; n.idian and  American  week. .wagon  to which  the  team   was,   at- i ni-issioimries    in    Persia     have been  Thc .greater number of the cars, Lc-  taclied ��������� entered   the   ireast   of    the  co-nnui'irfcatcd  with  and  made aware.  -. ing sent  to the West  are on the line  grocery  horsei-and  inflicted  a terrible j 0F Day's dpeiatioiis  here.     No    c;r  dcr of tlie winter a- part of the tril-.c j will he bstwe-en fifty and sixty Per'daJ.s mannge to ma'e -thomsrlvrs  were at the camp of the white men cent, in advance or that of the same | perfectly comfortahle. We passed, a  continuously, a small,, party coininj;' month a year ago. C. Wesley Speers] lccatio'n on Friday last week whci.v  and remaining for a Tew days and Dominion Government superintendent |an, American farmer was beginniiij,  then returning and other niemf-er.s of of iminigration who arrived in the ' to put up n small house. lie had  the village taking their places. Mr. ^ city yes t-outlay after an extend ;d trip , the frame u<p on Friday when'wo.  Jones says that after listening to through those portions of the west [pass&d and on Saturday night when  ing of the offender  to justice will be   lheursol.es.    licit this is the only na-   instrumental'music" for a short time ^ which are chiefly affected ,by the pros-j wc came, back he  was putting in  th ���������  'lire custom  observed   with .music,  in   an ' Widish    of  this   tribe,   the  liiani-'e-nt  nioveaicnt,   in speaking  to  a ircp-  iaS'(, window, while his' wifo was -just  connection. '    ; 'nas,    will    invariably  he moved     to _ rescnt-ative  of   the  Free  Press   could .beginning to arrange the furniture.,  'IJu;  natives  of   the "district around   tears. -.'-���������'-      .' ','not give  figures regarding this     sea-      "The heaviest inp.veiDe-nt   of   in "- -  ('p.-)ks' Inlet are Greek Catholics, j ~ At one, time while in Seward, he son's influx, but spoke briefly ot the gra tion to the West is still to conn*  having  been  taught this  faith  by the   heard    two half-brcrd    girls singing-,'general  situation. ���������        .      ������������������     and I  have no douht  that  wc    .will  Russian priests. 'They are. visited -and, even knowing the natives as well j "One of the things .we . have to he . i-e able to handle it satisfactorilj.  once, a year by a priest, aiid 'during'as hc did and the sweetness of their thaa'-ful this year," he said, 'Ms the The rush at present -is the greatrsb  the renirtiiwlor c\f the year conduct -voices, was much surprised by th.- '.* leas\nt- weather which has prevailed; ^-e \\x\e ever had at" this i-criod in  their own religious iscrvices. AI '��������� thesL' talent displayed by these two per- During previous . years colonists Ujic year; it- is also mor; uniform  sor. ices the Indians    sing  the differ- , formers.'    Mr. Jones believes  that. .il .would arrive at  distributing     points   (]liVn     ft h...s ever been,   more even'-/  of the Northewi Pacific as  the cast- gash about six  inches <lecp. So great - denee'  is placed  in     Day's statement ' ent masses  in   fhrir own language or   these iveople had  the. proper  trainiiip:   r-nl woulti he compelled    to     remain   distribi.to:!, and it is -being    hondlH  boiind  freight situation  is  more con- -was-thc   impetus .of the  team    that" i���������  the letter  that he  will. return ,in in   the  Rvss-ia'n,  that language  l.cing j they would develop magnificent voices   day after day, owing    to l:hcl     wea-  gested . on this  line at the ��������� present  tJiev were lifted clear  off  the ground .August.     The  matter   will  also     be as  familiar   to  them _as   their     own.      The Indians'are often heard     sing-   ther.   This year  the stream cf ������nmi-  tinie than   on" the Great Northern.      by  the force of   the iblow.                    . j ltlid' before the Dominion goveinm-ent, Funeral .services are.criKluc.ted in the [injj the popular songs  of the Unit-.'  gratic n     has  1 een     one    grand flow  With  the. advent of   these cars and !    Several \^spectators saw ihe.    uoci.-| nn(| the Uni ted States auth .rities af Russian     tongue     the    s'nging being .States without  the  slightest    laiow-.without delay  in .Canada.     m           '  the. opening of spring to bring .about-: dent,  and  after  some difficulty    sue- j em-ding    to,    presont     plans, as the   dciu-in the  Ind'an idialcct.  a faster m o-vteiiient of freight,-it     is  cceded in    freeing the wounded    ani-. swindle Was    soniethitig of an  infer-!   They learn anv kind  of  music very  anticipated     by    tlie  traffic   ollicinh",  ������ia1-.    Tine, tongue had -splintered'   in'national   affair. . i|.uickly,  dill'cring from   the Indians of  that   the  next  thirty   days   will   see   the horse's     body,     and the animal  all    ea.stbbund '   freight moving on a -.may have to be shot,  ���������satisfactory, basis, both to  the.ship^l .The team was frightened by one* of  pcrs and to the roads.       ��������� .  the traces coming loose.  Day said nothing-: in the letter or the states in that they have very  the whereabouts of his brother Mir-j musical voices, there being" nothing  ?ah,  who is  wanted-  in. Persia  murdering"' a countryman.  for ,of the guttural noticeable.  C. L.-Jones, an accomplished   per-  The good  ledge of what they were singingT wrath*? 1: has also been a boon to the  These have been taught them by th"* railways and the heavy traffic' has  sailors word lY-r word and s'nee thev ten well handled. There is more or  have -ivo knowledge of the. English less congestion on all linas, hiot the  lan-giiatrc this soems almost impcs>;;i- good weather is favoring transpor-  b'e, hut they do, and also use al- tatidn, and the settlers and their  most perfect English- goods are being carried forward    as  with less difficulty than in any pre  vious season. The railways are do-  img the husiness better than it luu-i  e*-er been done, nnd the weather, ai  I have said, ,is the lest we have had  in .manv seasons." '  Mr. Speers will. leave again for tho  west and will visit Battleford, Lhn I  minster, Vermillion and Edmonton on  the way we*3t, returning through, Calgary. . .., i DAT!V     LTCnOT"*  1HE DAILY LfDbtR  Pabhsned   every  day except Sunday.  CY        THB       DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE  AT LADYSMITH  - SUBSCRIPTION  ?RICE  -   advance.     Advertising rates on application.   ,  PAINTING   AND   PAPERHANGING  Neatly and Artistically Done  Orders Promptly   Executed  NANAIMO ROD  AND GUN CLUB  Tho meeting 01 thc Hod and tJim  Cluij. held last evening lor ihep-ui-  pose ot consideimg the address ol  Game Warden Wrllumis, given al a  last Fuday ������������*=  and the uvui-  Mi Wil-  1'iesi-  Llie dis< Ub-  M-r. Williams' ex-  li.'s   action  pany  to   bring    i,L,  destroy  the  loi   lesidcnts.  .steps  game.  StROEDDING  -   LADYSMITH  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and Bark for S ite  SEW  J    KEMP.  OR LEAVE    ORDERS   WITH  - W. CARTER,-  th.*  con-  la vv  'othei  did  &-i ���������  'S<:.  -fir-:--  t;fir;.  !  f   -.  f    *  .special   meeting  j airly   vvell   attended  hers discussed  thoroughly  bam*'   vanous   biig^ebli"  dent  (lotdon   in  opening  faiou     .spoke     of  planution   ol   t'he    C.   I'  lot  the p.otectior. ol the game on mo  Lslnntl.     The   object    of   the      Comas   iur  as  he   could   see   wa������  '    ioumsU     who      -wo-ilU  game     and spoil sport  lie rcaliz/cd that some  should   be  tal--eri     to   protect  but   it   was   impossihle      lor  m.m      in  business        to   be       Game  Wardens.     For  a  tradesman to    lav  information     against people for poaching    would   mean   loss    bl    .business,     lie   thought     two    suggestion,  to     effect  protection made   at  last meeting  were   worthy of  bideration-       One   was  'for  a  prohibiting     the   carrying   or     guns  for     two   months   before   the     opening  of  the   sea"on%   and   the  for  a  close  season   ior pigeons  ���������   Mr.      Brown      the   secretary  not  agree with "Mr.    Gordon in   his  remarks^ regarding   tbe    motives     ol  the'  C.P.R-'    m  the    Company's   endeavor   to   obtain  pioper  game  pio-  tection.   _ Thts      assertion,    that   tlu  idea'was-to  bring   in    tourists    was  hi. his  opinion   absurd,    lor    tourists  ; would,   never     come  to  a     country  wliere)   the  only  shooting   they Could  get "was  bicdar     Touristsm    as     Mr  Williams  said     were after big game  and"'therefore   they    would      remain  .on  the mainland,   wheie it was     obtainable.   ��������� ��������� "  vi. Provincial Constable Travv ford said  -"that mombeisof the Gun Club     and  ' business  men      need   not fear to ia*,  .    ."information   with the   police       m  ' peases of violation of thc game laws  ./"lie could assure them that name,  ^-./Would/not  be  divulged He     and  "i',Cthe  other provincial  police were an.\  ^"���������jous  to  enforce  the  laws  and  vvouln  ,'-.' be - glad  to   get   iiifounation,   a.s    io  '\   the  whereabouts of poat'ners.   It v as  .f their  duty     to enforce  the laws and  ;,"-they  would        appreciate   an*>   assistance _m so  doing.  -���������' . 3jy.   Rogers suggested that half   a  dozen     members        of the  club      bc  - sworn   in   as    special   constables,   . s  -pecially    to      protect the game.      il  they  were   ' given      the   power       to  .search       suspicious     hunters,      tlu.%  would" stand"   a  good chance of hud  ing  poachers      .They     would  not  be  ���������so   well known as  the constable-    To  "������ do   any  good they   would have to lit.  .'given  authority  lo   search  suspected  'characters  and he believed     such ai-  rnngemenls    could 'be made with tne  police.  Ur.   McAloney  thought   the   idea  FIRST  AVENUE  PHONE      6-C.)  NOTICE  LADYSYLim   WvTB^ VVO^KS  Consumers arc requested to call  at   the ollicc     on   Robert,   Street a  pay Water     Rotes, between the 10th    and the 2r*lh ������d each i.mnth.  Office Hours I P. M, 4 33  I. ) BLAND  a      SUPERINTENDENT. ,  LAC /SMITH TRANSFER STABLE;  PIANOS,  ORGANS    ANDI10USEIIOLD     t-UKNITUR  ED PROMPTLY  A ND  SAFELY.         MOV  Stables tn the rear ol the Lad ysmith hotel.  Abbot* ford.  Leave orders ai  tt>i  H  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������-M' ���������> + + ���������������������������������������������  A. J. WASKET, PROP j  *������������������ .���������������������������������������������������������������������������������^���������������������������^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 3  good one and suggested that tl.e  names oi those appointed be '".cpt  societ. The club had a mcmnui ���������  ship -of 200, and each man coulu  be given a badge \o wear Poach-  ei- meeting a man showing  club's badge could not be  that he was not one of the*  "vv t.i dens and  would  cause  the  certain  game  the feai   of detection,  hem    to -cease  violat  ing the game laws. The -iroposal  ol Constable Ti aw ford's to get a  close season for pigeons was discussed and the geneial opinion seem  ed to be that the suggestion was  a ������ood. one On t'he question ot  jjK.hibiting the canyuig of gun-,  dm ing the close season. opinion  was   divided  The meeting ultimately resolved  lo instruct tho secretaty ,of the Pro'  vi.uial Police, Tlussey, asking loi  information regarding the appoint  ment of deputy game wardens to be  ih.jsen foi the local club The meei  ii,. mourned 'until the call or the  se setary  C!K. P   QUICKLY   KNOCKED   PUT.  'PHONES   CONNECTED   WITH  -   FIRE HALL  31���������Hotel  Cecil.  45-Hotel AL-botsfoid.  A21���������Cr. C. Pick aid.  B21���������R.   J.   Bowen.  28���������F.   W.   Hawes.  IS���������Dr. Wasson.  16���������A. Cornwall.  -  NOTICE  From ibis date the undersigned  will not be responsible foi any in  debtedness incurred except on ������  written order signed by the seeretar  Rowland Machin.  V.  I.  EXPLORATION & DEVEL  OPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria. B. C. Ma*f Iftth. 1101.  I  A   Ureal    l3t>ot SI  for Prospectors  They aie ''II leal her, and  made to stand stunnous usage in  mine oi   toicsi.  L117. Men's Tan Chip  pswan Veai Kip Prospectors'   boots  Ten-inch bluclicr cut, with  with full bellows tongue to  thi tip; have double silver eyelets and stud hool s, double  sole and slip; stand aid screw  fastened, slugged umund the  forepart and heel. A comfortable as vvell as a -durable  ���������hoot.  Ask for them ai your Dealers  "Rome wce\s ago, during the se  ere winter weather, both my wife  an I myself conti acted seme colds,  winch speedily (bv eloped into the  woisl kind of la gi ipio with all its  unstable symptoms," sa*-,s Mr J.  S. Bgleston, of Maple Landing, Iowa. "Knees and joints aching, muscles sou1, head stopped up., eyes anil  ncsr* uinnn^r, with alternate .spells  of chills and fever. We began using  Chanbeilain Co lgh Remedy, aiding  the same with douiile drsc of Cham-  Lerl un's Stomach and Li cr Table's, and hy its hl.eral use soon  co*i>lctely lmocl rd 0 it ihe grip."  k'oM by ladysmith Fharmacy.   o   H<'liter's Wellington coiie*,irondeni  sa; s the leoelpts Horn tlie loin 01  ih'1 New Zeaiand Rugby Iootl30.l1  I cam in ["ngland show an exce-.'  ol L'9,.")(")0 o\ei eviienditiii-J   o   i'n������ei*:n chances  He not loo pu'sumpti'ouslv sine 111  anv husiik"-sI loi iiimji.s of this  v.oild (ltr;fii(l on such ,1 tiain oi u 11-  ���������ciii (hues thai U it vvitj in  m.iii s h hkIs lo s 1 tin* luthlts, he  uonl.l not be 1 ci 1.1111 to win lhe  j ,1 nr.-Ilci l.erl  (' M SI*:   DOR Nf'KI'ICION  \\ im.s --W I iv   do   vou   alvvaj-s   icgaid  him  with suspHiciv!     Wa������g���������Well, even   time   1   s.*e    him   he  has a dihci-  i nl   umbrella ���������Philadelphia   Uccc.rl.  IT DEFIES  COMPETITION  WATSON" S  I t fiTBALL���������  fTus now di'finili'ly stated thai lhc  ( ( linthians, England's mc st lainous  an 'iteur assonalion football club,  will tour in Can;.di towaids the mil  of the POiniiiD, sumnicr  ! The team will leave Liverpool by  Uic Victoiia on Thursday, August-  2. The opening game is booked for  Mon'real on Saturday, August IM,  and the closing game 111 Philadelphia  on   Satin day,   September  22.  ���������. "O   Trv MINARD'S LINIMENT.  n  >���������t r-r ������  *~ ~���������r~  DESIGNS  TR'.DE-MARKS  AND COPYRIGHTS  VANCOUVER, B.C.  ' \% SF& I feH'S S ^**""OBTAINED  I ADVICE A3 TO I'ATENTABiLITY W'^^lfl  V I-foticein "Incentive Ago" ������& S*j %__ Vf-  l Cooli "How to obtain Pal-juts" 0 Bfi&K  r Charges mod-rat?.. No fee till patent is secureA  r Letters strictly contldeDtial. Adi:rf;3B,  r E" G SIGGERS, Patent Lawyer, Washington, D. C.  \^-'    .      ,      j,      ,       ........      .     ...A    .     -    .      .      I      ������     *    A.   -  DUNDEE*  ^ WHISKY  1 Sep!rands Best..    .  1FSS������������  Sole Agents for. B. C.  'JEAM HrvA.'llCI>  WKLI. FUkXiSd    I400MS  ABBOTSF  A. J. McMURTRiE, ������������rorr������2tor  i? I' a  lit   '-f  -    /LmiWrni  LADYSA5nri,B. C  Newly fittL-l v?  Fui: listed  Onod tabltj and good  Kooms  PORTLAND HOTEL.  DAVID HYNES, Proprietor.  Board at reasonable  Rates  The bar is'extra well  Stocked -  This  Hotel has  been completely       renovated.  Board a*d lodging $1.00 per d*y.  JOHNTKA, Proprietor  Har Suj-plied with the Best   Wines, 1st Avenue :-: :-: :-: Ladysmith B.C.  Liquors and Cigars. ���������  Best  accommodation  for  transient  ind permanent boarders and lodgera.  GRAND      HOTEL  This new Tlofel has hcen  cemfort-  aMy furnished and the bar is up-to-  rt������^������ -  Rates  $1.00 a day    and-   ������p-  w\rds. (  WM. BEVERIDGE, Pro������.  Wj--.\.--4-    -���������    -- ���������*    -���������  T^dTBTOliV  THE JONES HbTEL  ���������WHITE   IJOOK���������  and  ���������WHITE   LABOR���������  Employed Only  (Half(Block from Depot.)  OATAORE   STREET-     Ladysmith  4,GAL������IAN''  Leads Them    AM  INEQUALITY  -:o>  R. P. RITHET,  & Co., Ltd  Pacific Coast   Agency. -.  'ICTORIA.   ���������: ���������-'-    -���������   -BC J Chicago,  111., U.S.A.  HOTEL  DOMINION  ' ���������Rates *1.25>nd$1.50���������  Fi--6 bus to ail ateauihoftt laiid'nft-8 a: C  rail way depots. Electric care every h ��������� f  m''*ntea to nil parts of tho city. Bar  ������!������������������! table unexcelled.  F. BAYNES, Proprietor,  ABBOTT  ST.,   VANCOUVER  B, C  Onder Managment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  Jas. R. McKinnel  Proprietor.  Comiueicial Mens'  headjaivters.  Modern ,*.nd     Strictly First Clait  l'ire Proof    Buildmj.  WANTED���������Hy     Chicago    "wholesale  house, speciul  representative (man or  woman) fcr ^each pro\incc in Canada-:  Salary      *20 00     and  expenses paid  weeUy.       Expense  money   advanced.  Business successful;     position permanent.   No investment  required.    Pre-  \ious expeiicnce not essential to engaging-  Address Manager, 132 Lake Street.  TH6CITYMH  R. Williamson Prop  *   t '  fist. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  STOVES!   !  j  STOVES!  j we are making HEATERS and RANGES of  j Latest Styles and Newest Pat?erns--We do  j AT| kinds of Foundry and Repair Woik  Nickei Plating in all its branches a -Specialty  ������  i  i  Ladysmith Stove & Iron Works Co. Ud  TELEPHONE 53  ���������e..������M0������.������Mo..9..4..������..������..������..������..������..������..������"*������.*e*.*.>*"9**c>.������"*'  P. O. Box 42.'  ,..������.^������#..���������..������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������'������������������'������������������������������������������������������-������������������-���������-  Es^iiimaif   & N8naimi Railway  I'itue r������iible2?o. 57  Trail* letfc I^aysmith for Victor ia' and all intern,ediate stations at  9.10 a.m. daily, tad at 4.00 p.m. on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.  Trains hwe '.adysmith for Wellington and all intermediate stations  at. 11.57 a.m. daur, and at 6.On p. in. on \VeJ14 days, Saturdays and  Sundays^   -        ,- --'--,'.-,.���������,, *���������  Excursion Tickets,* ���������>j^>- ^'  '      -       r ' ON SALE TO   AND  FROM ALL STATIONS  good for gains, Journey Saturday.*;'Mid Sundays, return .ng not later than  the following Nfoaday. I ':���������   '  ���������- SteaiRjrJ&an - ������������������  Sails front Lasysmith ?or Vaaco uver every Saturday at 6 00 a..m<. and  returniie saile Irsta Vancou.er. 'lac, Ladysn.iti, at 2.30 p.m.  G, L;. Courtney,       . '       -  District Pesseiiger Agent  Ticket arid Freight Office,  75  Qo"emrr.ent Street.  2  Transcontinental  I  Trains Daily  The New Train  ORIENTAL LIMITED  The Trains of  Ease,' Elegance,  Excellence.  ' Every  mile a picture,   and  no smo'.e to spoil the   view.  Through Compartment,   Observation and Pullman  Sleepers;    also    Through    Tourist  Cars to Chicago.    <  At antic Steanahip .Buainesa to Europa  la our Specialty  Union,   Terminals   with   alf  Steamer lines.     ���������   -  Berth reservations by wirel  Great -Northern '"S.S. Co.  FOR JAPAN   AND CHINA.  *   S. S. Minnesota    will   sail  from' Seattle,"April ;29th.  For rates, - folders and full  information, -call. on or address,  ,  S. O. YERKES,        '      -.  ���������"-    A.GKP.A., Seattle, Wash.  B. R. STEPHEN,.'  ,, Gen. *Agcnt; Victoria, BlC."  ^T  +*'  WM.  MUNSIE,   Picsidcnt    J.  W.  GO"  Tclcphane '1-0  The Ladysmith Ll;.;  uii r  k J: HENRY'S  nnim -8REEM-  HOUSE. AND SE10 '  HOUSE!  1110   Ve������tminstor Road,  VANCOUYEfi.  M.C-  Head������*uart������rg 'for������������������_  PACIFIC OROWN a������rd������n, field  ���������nd flower 5EBD5  lor distribution. "   ; ���������  Large   stock   of Home  Grown FRUIT and ORr.  NAMENTAL     TREES  now,'matured for Spring  No expense,-loss or  de-  <  : lay of fumigation or inspection   -  Let me ?rice your list  before placing your   order, dreennouse Plants,  Floral Packages. Fertilizers   etc.  3010  Westminster Road  VANCOUVER, B.  C.  Vt*m  MILLS    AT   FIDDICK   AND   LADY SMITH-' ������  Shingies ei Specialty  WANLiFACTliKtlliS  OF   Rough suul Drosscd Fir and Cedar Tiiimburs  LATHS,   SIIINCiLKS,   MOLiLDlNOS,      ETC.,     of    tl.e   BEST  QUALITY SEASONED.      AM)   DRIED     FLOORINGS      AND  ,   u r)     FINMSIlINCi   LLMHEIl IN   STOCK  XX  If vou arj contemplating  ,  PAPFRING  YOUR ROOMS  i-Call at���������  T    J. r>. Smith's 5hor������  On Roberts Stree, and see all the  ���������r���������1.+.|..^^,.^.^4..^.^4"^'^-v+���������^���������^���������^-^���������^���������^���������^-^^���������>^-^���������^'^'^'^���������J^l���������*'l������������������1���������J''5"s"���������''1,*  *T  t  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  I PURCHA5GRS  AND SMELTHRS OF COPPER, OOLD AND  SILVER CUES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH,     B.C.  HEAD OFFICE       \  DUNCANS STATION,  Vancouver Island, 3. G.  CLERMONT LIVINGSTON  ~  General Manager,  i?.^.f^.^.^.^.-f..j.->^-I-J'-I"H"f*r-'l-t":"l"!"5"i"f*  Resturant and lodging Rooms  HAS   BEEN   REMOVED-TO-  -First   Avenue-  Latest Designs in  WALL PAPERS  We    mal-.c a Specialty ol  the paper-       rfng BusjnesS;   SHAVES & B4TH5  Having takea-ever the barbershop  known as At 'La'dysrnitfi Shaving  Parlors, High St., I intend, by keep  ing competent workmen, to conduct  a first-class establishment, and respectfully soiiciv Tour patronage.  THOMAS LEWIS  TICKET OFFICE  Cor. Government and Kales Sis.  VICTORIA, B- C  2  I  Trains daily to St. Paul,  Minneapolis,  Duluth   and  East.  Trains    daily     to Denver, --  '   Omaha, Kansas City, St.  Louis     an-i    East      and.  Southeast.  Atlantic Steamship, Tickets on  sale to and from all European  Points  "This is the ,ONLY line       to  .-YELLOWSTONE PARK.  Tourist sleepers on all trains  For particulais call  on     or  write E. E. BlacSiwood, General Agent, -Victoria,  B.C.  A.   D.     Charlton, .A. G. P. A.,  N.P.,  Portland, Ore.  ���������i^BMWIIH^i Hfti'liiTEaaM  A re You  Going Ea^t  Thea b* ture your tickets 'reaJ  thi ��������� .  vU  NORTH WESTERS  .The only line .now making . UNION  DEPOT connections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLlS_ with * thc  through trains from theN Pacifli  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST  '  LINE, TF  FINEST TRAINS,   TIIE   LOWES' "  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,  Cm  C'AGO,    OMAHA, -KANSAS CH ������-.  and ALL POINTS EAST.  For complete information ask y  .ocai agent or write,  F. W. PARKF.R k  General' /���������������������������**������������������������  W 2nd Ave., Srattl*.  i>ea era tn  Manos and  Organs..  Lady smith, B.C  NOTICE  The    partnership   existing  between  C. II   Ru.  ming and W. E. Runr-i'  carrying on    business   in the Oil*.   .  Ladysmitli,     B.   C,  as   manufact*  of  carbonated    beverages,   etc.,  ui '  thc firm name of Rumming I'-ios  hereby    dissol\*3d.       All   ouls+.,*  accounts must be paid to W. 10. ���������">  ming, who   will'continue tho bush  and pay all  accounts against ��������� thf-  of Humming Bros.  C.  H.  RUMMING,  W. E. RUMMiNG.  Dated at Ladysmith this 2-8th:n  of Feb., 1906. li  First Class  RIGS FOR HIRE  f    WOOD   and  *'l  BARK  For Sale and Delivered  EXPRESS WORK  DAVID JOHNSON  PHONE 66 LADYSMITH  ���������������������������������*������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.���������  MEMORIAL WILL BE  UNVEILED ON MAY 24th,  GENERAL BLACKSMITH SHQ  Miners' Drilling Machines  MADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED   AT ' SHORT .NOTICE       DRILL*  SHARPENED  BY US      ALWAYS     GIVE  SATISFACTION./   PICKS HANDLES' A"* Nb REPAIRED   '  -S III P S M I T H I N fi    IN      ILL   ITS.BRANC UK  ( Horseshoers and Genere*! Blacksmitfis.  ������������������* Huller Sirejr.   -,-'���������-      -    L,a������lv* rnlth, P  I  4^������4.>.|^������.^4.^^������>.|.������.i.������.|.������.|..:..|.������.H~������'K"!-������'I'������'I'������il<������'!-������'l'������'l'������ '  I  |)  ��������� ���������  Union  Brewing  NANAIMO    B.C.  t .  I J   J  manufacturers of the  Co  Vancouver, April 16.���������The for-  mal unveiling ceremonies and ded- (  ication of the"handsome memorial (  elected by the schoolchildren of Van  cou\er to the memory .of her late  Majesty, , Victoria the Good,- , will  take place on the anniversary of the  Until, of the late' Queen���������Thursday,  Muy, '24.  Announcement to this effect was  made this morning by Mr. J. ������).  Banficld, thJ chairman of thc Que<w>  \ ictoi-ia Mcmoual eoiiirarittec who  stated that, the matter had  i.nder cuiisicteiation lor some  ns to tne most appiopraito  So moic appropriate date,  tho :ght.  been  time  date,  he  could be selected than thi  there is still a balance of IjlTO  lacking of the total cost of the  memorial, which was in the neigh-  berhood of SI850, neary alt oi  which was raised liy ihe schoolchildren of the  cily.  SALVATIONISTS  MEET  Bing-mghaiupior*.   U. Y.*.     April 10.  ���������Miss    Booth,    Commander    of    the;  Sulfation      Ann.*)      in     the      Unilcrt  States,      made to   the    llingmghamp-  tom  press   today   the    first       public  announcement     of the   lact  that    die  international    Salvation    Atm>   Con  gioss   will   be   held   in      the     Hippo  dionie -New   York from Miry  the     J L  1<>       "I   believe     this      is       the  said Miss"  Booth   'that  mt ftWKD  in  (  NANAIMO NEWS NOTES  to  one" chosen ( t ,  It    is planned   tor have  a     chorous  co imposed, ol seveial hundred   schooi-  childien    tal-e 'pait    in     the exercises  in     connection     with   the    unveiling  ceremonies      Appi opriate  such   as  The     Maple  und  the-National  Anthem,   will      lw  features   of the'   children's  part     lithe      ceremonies,      -lust    who      will  be asked to perform the actual J though New Yo.'lc newspapers have  j unveiling has not yet been decided j beeti after me. for an announcement.  J    The  massive   granite    and     hi or./.*   about   the   congiess  memorial   is  now- all   complete," but  1 ha\e   made"  '���������horouscs I inst time,  l.euf     Foievoi [a  leligious    body "has C-\t'r liuule   an  attempt    lo   'hold   a   meeting        hc-ic.  1 shall  speak   and   1   hope   my   voice  can  be heard  all  over the  place.   Al  ibis  is the tirsL  .     . In  British Columbia  Lager Beer   and Porter     Guaranteed   Brew  i       hi Bj-U Canadian-Malt   Run   Hops  CUBAN CIGARFACrQRY  .tftannfacturers of the Famous  CUUAN  BLDSSJ1  Noue bu   Uuton Labor    Employed  H J. BOOTH, Prop  LADYSUUrt   tfAKtittY  CHOICE'  CAKES    AND  -PASTRY  ) 4  ALWAYS    FRESH   ON HAND  Wedding,   Cakea   Hade   to, Order  FRUJ1S   AMD    CANDIES OF ALL  KINDS.    FItESH . BREAD , EV-  '    '   '     /.   ERY   -DAY     l  Prices   are     Very Reasonable.     All  Customers "are Treated Alike.  HOP  LEE * CO  ON THE   8SPLANADE.  M. K SIMPSON  Solicitor.  EU.  Money  fo   Loan  1st. 4ve&it LADYSVI H  ,     .-DAY, SCHOOL  > '   ��������� .*   c   ���������   .-   ���������������;  Usual subjects . taught;, also      '  guage*-*    drawing in  pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and  water col,  orsv pianoforte and vocaj lessons given In classes or individually. '  HISS .BERTRAM.  ladysmith. B   U.  muses occupied     liy  their own  , animals, especially of thc same   specie1  It is a  t;ocid  plan to icservc ar. iso-  WARNI&G- GLANDERS !late,,b,"kiin������ f01 outsido hor&cs  or  mules,   but where  this is   impossible  they may Le accoraino.iated in    cow  In districts where .the existence   of  stables, cattle    not hem^ subject;  to  m  yjafffS      EXCELLENT  mS& Train Service  |jgp2@*-" between  CHICAGO, LONDON,  HAMILTON, TORONTO,  MONTREAL, QUEBEC,  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  And tbe Principal Business Centere of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, HEW YORK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS.  For Ttmo Tables, etc., address  CEO. W. VAUX,  Assistant Gcn'I Passenger nnd Ticket Agent,.  13B AD/VMS ST.. CHICAGO, ILL. I  W. SILRTt  GENERAL LXPRESS AND  DELIVERY ;  ���������    WORK PROMPTLY o������ _-  Leave orders at tbe Abhotsford.*"  <     si*>ii^^*���������������������������  Dr.^. B. Diei  - Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, aud ai reatc  able rates.  RESIDENCE rAND OFFICE   ^  Gatacre St.  Ladysmith  J. PIERCY & GO.  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC.  Cil.indcrs is susppctcd, nnd especially g]an<jers mfection. Such hoises and  in neijsliiiorliofxis where actual out- mules should be watered fiom special  bieaks ha\e' occurred, tlu; adoption rails, which, together with other  of the following precautions by own- stable utensils used en or about  eis' ot horses and others interested, lliem, should be carefully clensed ami  will do much to prevent the spiead disinfected before bemy used foi oth-  oE the disease and tlie estaibJishment '������ animals. Stalls occupied by  of fresh censes of infectioai. strange horses- or    mules should    be  1. Horses or mules having a nasal well cleansed and disinfected, anlif,  (lifc-cliarj^e or other suspicious, synip- at ull jxissible, left! unoccupied for  lotus, should not be .admitted to hv- some time.     '  eiy or feo!l< stables or yards, ,black7 j *��������������� Wheie new hoises or mules aie  si,itli shops, chui'ch or-school sheds,''purchased in or fiom districts wheie  lailway stock yards, private stables glanders exists, they should, .unless  oi other places where they are likely carefully tested with Mallein prior to  to come into diiect Vr indirect con- j purchase, be stabled apart and c)os3-  tact with animals of the equine spe-l ly watched for some time before be-  ces -   " | uii*;   bi ought  in  contact   with     other  2   All stables, yards or sheds used .animals of the equine species,  for  tlie accommodation of horses   cr j   "'��������� I*   ���������"*>l   be borne  in  mind  that  -jmules should -be regularly" and    fre-  while nasal  discharge,  or  ulceration,  '.nuently clensed and disinfected ,m the tn Urged glands, the presence of farcy  manner  prescribed  below. ^     buds,   unaccountable  swelling  of   the  --"3 'After cl.-nsing the premiss thor- 'invhs and general, unthnftness often  oiigiliiy, and burning ail dc(bris, the characterises casts of Glanders, the  interior should _ Lc well gone' over disease exists in many animals with-  wkIi hot steam, or boiling wate'-, out, for the time being, any e\tcr-  adding to the. latter at least one nal manifestation whatever, tlie only  qriait o*f crude cjrbahc acid to each nicwis of dstcction m such" cases bc-  five gallons, after wlncli the entire ing the IVIalleiu test, and that these  surface should.be thicUy coated with otc-ult or latent cases, aie in some  a hot solution of fresh lime wash, aspects tne most dangerous because  to which cu.de carbolic acid has a,lMls,,cc--Je!.u Our experience shows,  been added in the above mentioned tlittt lt 1S l!0SM,,ie fol a���������'lmaib 01-  proportion. \.\\\~     class   to convey  mfettion     to  Outbuildings,    fences      and      tying others  without   themselves developing  ���������icutj     symptoms.       it    is tlurefore  Wtiilace      Street.    ,  The ICastei- services-'ax Uie WalUic-  SLi-oeL Methodist  church    wore     \suii  aLlendecl.     Tho  choir   rendered   b,*..c-  j^l   jinisic  at iboth services,  throe an  tiiems  being  sung   in the      m0Mui.o  and  ii\e  in the  evening.     It  is    san  to say    that these   piogrammco wcu*  tlie best rendered   at    Wallace Stn-ui  lor u   long   Lime,      and Mr.    IjcUIk*  and   ihe members   ol the     chinch jm*  to  be congratulated     upon  the      e\-  t< Hunt   manner  in   which  tho   vuiiou*.  numbers weie 'gi\en  The   c\ening   service    was   the    *.������.  < .ision also   of the iccuption of ni'-n-  leis   into     tin.1      lullowship   ot       ' m  ch.ircli,   two  Ijeuip,'  leieivcd    on    o\<-  fi'ision   oi   laith    and  one   by   lotti,i  I'he Sacrament seivito uL the e\-  <ni7ig's close was largely attended  and the deep spirituul leeling llm'  pre\ ailed will make the sei \ u e mom  oralile.  JIaliburlon  Street ,  'J'he services, tit the liaiibui'lon .-it.  Methodist church Sunday moi 111114  and evening were well attended  amd a ery interesting The chuuh  wa������ tastefully decoiated with, flutters and ivy. The morning service  w-is especially for the' young and a  clnldren's choir led the singing rr*hu  address by the past01 was on Has1  tor and lessons of lcsurreclion In  the evening the music given by the  choir_ was.exceptionally bnght an1  clKited " many lavorable ccn-  ment.s from the congregation. The  nnlhoms vxere "\11se, Ai ise ' foi  thy Light is Come," nnd '-Our  JNJighty I.oid is KLsen " The sub  ject for the evening sermon was-  "The EmptyTomli." Much ree.ro  is expi-essed thot Mr. Cully has  resigned  the leadership  of the choir  The Western Fuel Company ������ *e  doing work in clearing more of  tlie ground adjoining- their magnificent lanch near the city. Land  is now ck-aied by the judicious use  oi powder at much less cost than  iormerjy.  Mr. A. Taylor auu his assistants  who have Leon installing the patem  fire alarm at several Ladysmith  establishments, came up to N'a-  naiino again on .Sunday and vestcr-  d.ij were engaged in installing the  alaim   at the Union Brewery.  Mr. Jloaf, tJrand Z of the Royal  Aich Masons, will be 111 Nanaimo  today, going fiom heie to Cumbei  Juiid on duties pertaining to hi-,  o'lae. On Ins return he will via-  ii., with the -ni-mheis of the t-iaft,  in Nanaimo Mi Jloal is a pi om  liient   attoiiK'i   01   Toronto  1 The two members of the House of  Commons who ma!tf> Xanaimo then-  homes, ItaJpti Smith and William  Sloan, aie among the most efficient  arid hardest workers in the hou������e.  The work they are^iccomplishiiig lor  their districts and the province m  general readily show this to be  tiie case.  Tl.e Hospital committee has not  yet decided upon arrangements n-  liout the Saturday hospital, bene  fit proposed by the manager of the  Merry-go-round up on the depot  grounds. \Wthin a day or two a  member of tiie committee stated  last evening they would meet and  decide  what would  be done.  posts with which infected animals  lui*-e been in1���������contact should also,  when possible, le thoroughly treatel  in a similar manner.  All ordinary harness and stable  ut-ensils winch have been in contact  with, infected-animals or infected pre-  diseasc has become established  ^ 8   The   carcasses    of animals dying  nnscs,   should    Lc thoroughly soaked   flom or slaughtered as being auected  in a hot    solution of crude    carbolic  wUh Glandeis should, when t possible  be binned, or  failing this, biried   at  St. Andrews.  Good congregations   vvei*e in attcif-  dance at the    special services-at St  Andrews Presbyterian churchy and the  sermon and-*music   were in.   harmonv  with thc    joy   of Eastertide,  The evening  service  was       largely  musical,  and  reflected the      greatest  credit    on the  organist,    Mrs      Cal-  beck,     and  the   choir,     Thc Kev. Mi-  Millar "spoke" on     the    Tlosiii-recticm  Idea-as'being realised  in  the     daily  choice of the  noble   anil divine      in  {(reference    to the  base   and ignoble  The  musical   part   or   the      sei % ice  consisted      of     a     solo   "Hosanna,"  by   Mrs.   Drysdale;     a  trio        ' God  bc Merciful"  by Miss   Marten      Mi-  Miles  and Mr     Williams,     a       solo,  "Jesus   Lover of My  Soul"  bj"    Mi-  Hoberta,     all  01   which  weie     g-reat-  plaui   that great caution should     be   l.v enjoyed       The choir   gave   a du-  e\ercised   on   the   purchase or- hand-jncult anthem   fiom the    ' Hjmn    01,  ling of stiange horses or  mules,   cs-iiJraise"     The   leiidnion      01      thi-  ptcially in those iiistucts where    the / beautiful   selection      was      splendui  r  the   result of diligent   practice  Dining yestoiduj the sale ol wo'i.  111   conneciiuM      with   the Wallaoc  ���������ilicct church was held and 1.  is jileasiiig to lejiort thut the ladie-  did a 1 oni ing1 business, disposing o  neatly all the articles, the results  of industrious needle ,\\orl* lor month',  that were on sale A ver> substan  tial sum ot money was netted foi  the chinch  treasury  last evening at the chuie.i an entertainment was i>i\en and the ijUdil  ing was filled with an and,once  that thoiougl.l.v appreciated a firs.,  rate    conceit.       It   can      wi'li   iruih  c  hc said,    thai  all   those taking' part  did   well,     every   item     on* the   p-.-  aramiiiC   being  of     high  order  The progiamine rendeicd was as  follows  Choi ous���������Children  Instrumental Duett���������Miss Bmith  and Mrs.   Vipond, encored  Kecitation���������School   flu Is.  1.  Solo���������Mi.   Letcher. ��������� *  Instrumental���������Miss Wats-'l, encored   ^  Kecitation���������Children ���������>  Quartette���������Messrs Letcho * .loncs  Dobfson and llavison, enocred.  Chorous���������Children.  Solo���������Mi-   Letcher.  instrumental ,Duett���������Mis Vi'*~i* I  and  Mit-s    Smith.  to  f  OPKN  AT ALL HOURS.  Ladysmith Temple No.  5  i:  Sisters meets at the Oddfellow-  2nd  and  4 th" Tuesday  at   i,  Mrs    Kate Tate secretary.  '���������jfWffir'" '"'  ���������'���������" ^->u^7:'-f':j7'l.V.'.y  y  WHOLESALE i)RY 6000  VICTORIA, Bi C  u  HiLbbRI  3  TENDERS.  TENDERS  addressed   to the undersigned at Ottawa and mar ed <.n Uie  biivciojic"iTeiiiie'r for!.^the'Jcoyistructi.oii  of a Ilydr.ograpliic Steel Twin Stcu-  ^ nier,"     will,  be feeeived up to    thc  acid  of a sUcngth    of one pait  tvventv.  I Materials which might -be injuicd  by the above licatnwnt, such as valuable harness, robes, cushions, etc ,  which have been in contact with in-  feeiion, should he" placed in an airtight loom and fumigated with Foi-  mahlehj de, after which they should  be thoioua;hIy cleaned.  4. Stubles where outlroal-s liave  occurred or wheie diseased animals  have, niad.crtently or otheiwise been  .-.lAble/d, tv\en temporarily, Uie clensing and disinfection should be especially thorough, and in such cases it  is safest to remove amr burn feed  boves and manner-, when of wood,  non prlifles can be rendered haim-  lcss   by  passing   them   Uu'ough     five,  ..or-by'-, immersing them for some time  in boiliiin- ��������� water. All litter from  suspected animals should be    binned,  -ur ea ref u 11 v fenced' un ti 1  used.  St. Pauls.  At.  St. raid's     church thc_ Easter  Services      were   or   the   usual traditional   festive  character      The Ladies  UNITED   ANCIENT      OUDt'U   Oi  DRUIDS  Wellington Grove  No.  4 U. A.  O.  i  -.    Meets   in the P 0   O.'.F   Mall,  I.;,.  dysmith,    the   Second- and     Fo-Jiti  Wednesdays of each month, coanner.  ing ������;cclnes,day, l?.th., 1905..'...  Visiting Druids     arc.invited to it  tend. -  ,   By Otiicr. -  *'���������        , WM   RAFTER,  Reef Serl.v  PATRICK BUPK. N.   A  HAY, GRAIN and        "  FARM PROlHJiif  Orders will be delivered anywhe:������  in the city promptly and ~.t the lo������������������������  est possible prices.  Leave orders st Ghristfe'f, nB tkt  Eipl*n������������li  James WarnocV  F.IKST  DAT .OF MAY..NE^T,     for  'the .construction  of  a  Steel     Twin  'Screw Strainer for the,-Hydrographjc  ! Service  in- British Coluinina  waters.  Specifications,  plans  anid  forms   of  tender  can be  serin at the oi ficc    of  the Agent of tlie Department pf Marine amd  P'ialieries at  Victoria,   B.C.,  at the Custom House at Vancouver,  B.C. and at; -tlie .'.department' here.  Each tender.';, must'-hei accompanied;  by an accepted bank cheque or-^ial to  10 per ceiit. of the whole amo'-int of  the,tender, winch will, be forfeited  if the parson 'geniitog"the'- accepted j  tender, declines to enter- into.1;'a >contract with the department. Chefj.������jue.s  accomipahying tenders ��������� which: are not  accepted will }������i r.ettirnod immcriiatc- ���������  ly (after  ,.a decision:has������Jieeav aj-riyed,^  .'5. .Farmers,    and    others      should,  wheh.e,T.r    possible,    avoid  admitting   Dcpartnieiit of Agricultiin  strange horses or mules  to   thc   pre-    "Ottawa, -March, J006. '  least siv  feeL   beneath the sutfacc.     |  9. Ovvneis of  premises  wheie     out- jCJuiltl     had     decorated     the   chinch  bieals  have been dealt with    should : most tasteiull>,   'und   as the   _^oi  bear in   mind  that  Inspecto \s  iMri.ot 'iiupjjers       eulered        lor   the  eail.v  lccommcnd    release    iiom  quarantine j communion  at    Sam    they        weie  unless  disinfection  has been    carried lglvotod  Wlth   the   fragrance   of   fiesh  out  in  a  si'tisfaclory    manner,    and  thut coni|ciiisation for animals slaugh  teicd Cannot  be paid unless a   ceiti-  hcate of ck-'iising and  disinfection has  been receiv������'ltby the Muuslci of   Ag-  ricuKuie. \  10 lloise ovvneis should have no  hesitation in ie,)oiting to Ih s Department oi to its inspectors the e\-I  *isteiK-c of actual of suspiCClwl cases  of gUndeis. The disease has lem  spioadnig l.rpn.ily of late ycais, nnd  it is a nvatter of public interest  that every fresh centre of infection  should be discovered arid, dealt with  as ��������� proniiptly  us  i>o.ssi!:le.  J.  O.  RLITITRRFORD,  Velerimry Director General  spring dowers bespeaking the message of the Resurrection The altar  was one mass ot vvhi floweis and  (.alia lilhee, and tne ilecoi al nig- oi  Uie chancel showed great taste, being   thc  wo.!., of  one  ot the   vounger  The St Andrew's church Kasrei  concert given at the churcn last  evening "was in every respect a  great success, thc building l������i'mj  filled and the programme ' oi-o ol  the nest heard locally for a , ion.  time Among the select ions ret.de. -  ed wore instiurnentals by Mr. A=h  ion of-Ladysmith, Mr. Foot'j aiw  Mr Owen of Victoria. Mi Ash-  ton's rendition on the (jiaiu n  tnopiri' Fantasia impiomptu m 0  sharp was the work oi a 'e.i- uium  cian and received irom ihuso in  the audience loving goo 1 mn*--^  the appieciatior. it"* nien'i'l.  Mr. Owen on"ihe violin *in i Mi.  Foote, cello. delight! iiu*ir ! ear-  ,'is vvith excellent music Mr. l'^-i>  pja\ed Ooddard's Berceuse and r  < wen gave Handel's ^.in-i'-n. m ^  31 rs Calbcck's organ -,o". J 'vas also  ot rar ���������   merit.  The second paiL of the programme  ������v:m the lendition of l>- 'l;i<iu  ot Praise, the soloa of which were  admirably given by Mrs. Drys  ^dale, Mi Williams and Mr Roberts  and a duett by llbS Martell anu  Willinni*4 The thorousc-s of- the  beaut iiiil cantata were almost iauli  le*-.sly lendeied showing the voico-  to have boen carefully trained.  i he Herald is informed that Mrs  Calbiclc i������ la-gcly responsible for  the excellence nt the entertainment  h.-iMiig devoted much time and haul  worit m preparing the programme.  She  is   to     1)0  congratulated    upon  On Wednesday morning 'at 11 o'clock at St. Paul's church Rev.  Silva White will unite in marriage  Miss. Edith Blanche Home, daughter  of Postmaster Tlornc ami Mr. \\.  A Owen The bridegroom elect,  has for .some jears been engaged  as draughtsman ''in the Victoria  olllce of the Ii. & S. railway Com  I any, but has recently resigned  that position, accepting one as assistant to Mr. A. W. Bowman,  clnoi engineer for the Western Fuel  Company,  Aa  the  north   bound  train was  nettling Chcmaintis on Sundaj, tne  conductor noticed a horse, ������bugg.v  and clirver suddenly disappear from  the road into a ditch. The train  w as stopped and passengers went  tq help the unfortunates. The driv/v,  whose sobr-ety is dout'ted, was ������ilv  a little dazed, tl.e horse none the  woise for the experience, and only  the shatlr, of the 'buggy,broken. The  latter   weie     repaired and       the  horse reharnessed and^ as the train  wnj5 restarted and the driver resumed  his journey.  ''3  uilds of  the   cluuc-h       At      11     am  llu>   roiulusion  of the entertainment   Rev  .Millar     on  behalf  of   thc  1 thf   results   of   her    cfioits       At   the  a   large    congregation    asonmied  i choir   being  neaily     all present,   eo.i  jsiiting    of    :i0   voices      The    soiviu  the anthem  "Christ ' Roiitlonien   who   helped  'giwiiino   and  especially  the     -outside  talent.  was nilly choi al  Our Passover,". '��������� by i^imptev being  especially well rendered, Mrs. Webb  singing' the solo very sweetly. The  communion was a choral setting by  Rev. Herron, and in the Ag'nea Die  the soloist ���������' was heard above the  full harmony of combined voices in  a very pretty; phrasing. Altogether  the  singing   of   the   choir    was     wry \  choir  tendeM  thanks   to  those   ladies  on   the  cx-  and  pin-  I  ������  g  I  at.  Newspapers : copying tJiis advci-tise-  nient without authority'Jfrom the department will'not be paid.  ;F.   GOURDEAU,  D3puty ���������Min-istfr .of Marine and  ���������   Fisheries.  Depnrtrnent of Marine anil Fisheries.  Ottawa, 28th March," 1906,  Public  Motiee  . Attention Is called to'*;he   Tact that th������  Ogilvie Flour nills  Co,   Limited  makers  of  ROYAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     hare for some tlm������  past been producing flour In a   vastly  improved and  p-arlfi  " ''ir-ro  by the aid ofELECPRlCITY  and having secured control of    all the basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of a dvising   the   public  that  any  orized users of the electrical   flour purifying processes  win >*-p jito-  ���������ecuted.  Og.Uvio Flomr Mills Company Lfrnifcetl  are tlio    only    ���������,nilla?3 ia CJauada  wliose   Flour  s p-arified by tine Electric Process  i creditable  and   above  The Maflrjucrndc -ball given at the  Opera House last evening- in aid  of the Hospital was not se well  attended as had been hoped for, tlie  -number oi'daneors- in costume being'  s������:nall in com; ariso". vvith 'similar  events* hero in the rnst.. However,  those who (lie. put in an appearance   had gone-   lt>  considerable     e\--  pense   and   trouble      over   their  haiidsomc. ...  Aihoiit S1C0 was cleared,  what   one  i would expect 'in    a   small    town.   At  3  p.m.     the  Children's service     w'as  held     and  they presented    their Lcn- _  ten  offerings, .for-the"'Mission'work [tunics,   some   of- which    were  .of the  church,     the    amount so     far  being     a   good  deal   more  than       in  any   previous, year.       At      cvcnscn.e  the  church was   again packed and   a  most hearty service,   enjoyed by   all  the   worshippers   judging-      by tho  ' congregational singing, which was  'well taken     up    by all.     The Recto i  officiated  throughout the  day takintr  cos-  vvrv  - IN GOD'S ACRE-  i Thow funeral ot the late Chas. San-  io, who died in tne hospital from  m."Tie-. received in Extension mines,  took place lrbm Ililbert's undcrtak  ing parlors yesterday afternoon- rhi>  services were conducterl , at the  parlors and later at the grave-"  side by Rev. Millar. , A largi'  number of friends of deceased came  up from Liadysiuith to attend the  I Uncial, and at .the graveside a  short address was given by one oi  late Mr. Sarnois fellow countrymen  The pall     brareis  were      a.s follows'  Herman       Fonttari,       ilarl'     Sehti  i  Eriat .Nygien,   Matti .ilantia,     Yakn  Pelta,    Gjst.   Herm^niean.  Mr.   JT.  J. Lumsdcn. manager     foi*f  the - J.  JLccKie rnm])anj   of   Vnn'eo'i-  ver spent last  evening    with   fiiends  in   ( Xantumo.     IIr   l^umsden  is     fur  J.unate     in   being connected  with     as  good a   firm   as  is     "Leckies'  for   no  firm in   Canada stands'higher in the  quality of     the  i>oods manui'nc-tinert  and those  having dealings     with thc*  firm  find   it   always  tho same     The.'.  have in   other words    nnarie gon.l    in  the  boot   and   shoe  and   other    lines  they handle nnd  manufacture        Mr  "Lumsden   leaves  thus      morning     foi  Ladvsmith      He  is looking after th,-  interests   of the  fnm   in  a        general  way and    making the   personal      a<-  (juaintance  of   the customers of     Ins  firm.  *   'J |  *. I  ! a.s  his subiicct.     for the sermons "The I  The prize  list   is   as   so'llovvs:  1st' Best   dre.-.sed   lady���������Mrs.   Allan.  1st   Best  dressed   gent���������Mr.   AJlan.  2nd  Best  dressed   lady���������Mrs.  Bell.  2nd Best dressed  -gent���������Mr.   Work.  Best Flower girl���������Miss.. Jenkins.  Best   National      cliaracteir,      lady���������  \ Miss.  Devlin. ���������>  fact _.of the  Resurrection.'  I  Trv MINARD'S LINIMENT.  A lovely ranp*e of Lawn, ' Cotton,  and Fancy muslin Blouses, for Easter Sunday, at Simon Leiser & Co.,  Limited.  Best. .National      character,    gent ���������  .11.' Freeman.  --Best   Gypsie���������Miss.v Cochrane.  Best sustained���������Mra.jlAllnn:  Best  Comic groupe���������J. Weeks, Hiss  Green a way.  Best lady waltzer���������Mrs.    A.! Wilkin  son. '���������'..'������������������  Besl    Gent   "w'altzer���������Mr.   Wilkinson.  2nd Best Lady waltzer-.Mrs. ^Jlan.  ADRONES ARE  TROUBLESOME  Manilla, Apnl 16.���������Thc hendquai-  ters ot the Phillippine constubluarv  at Malolos Island of Luzon weie  attacked several cla^s ago by a bund  of Ladrones. Three native members of thc consrabuku.v ' and one  Ladrone was killed. The affair < rentes no alarm he-je, where it i^ regarded as merely an incident of : l.e  elTort to establish order in the Islands through enjoyment of a naive constabulary. Similar i-outlleLs  by outlawed bandits, are of ..more..  or less frequent occurrence.  ...... -&.���������-���������������������������- '  RHEUMATISM MAKES  LII E  MISERABLE.  A happy home is Uie most valuable session that is within the reach  of mgnkind, but you can-not cn>y  its comforts if you are suu'erin^, from  rheumatism- You throw aside bu.si.  ness cares when you enter your home  and you can be relieved from , those  rheumatism . pains also .by applyi".-;  Chainlherlain's. Pain Balm. . One ap-  j.llcatio-n will give you relief and its  continual use for a short time will  bring about a permanent cure. For  sale by  Ladysmith Pharmacy.  ��������� o������������������   Dr. Dier can be lpu������d at any tlm*  a.t his oflice on Gatacre st. His dc-  tal work is gvaranteed t0 he first  class and rates reasonable ti.  THE BTTTER TRUTH.  "After nil,  I  ffite-ss it doesn't cost  much to  live  in New  York."  '���������'It may   hot cost  much  to live,"  replied   the  man who   tried  it,   "nut.  it costs   a lot ./to  male people  lieve you're living-."       ;      , ,  .lie- m.  wm,^/-p^'  'Si  1  3  p..  THE DAIL ' LEDGER  I  7-  I  3  Vi-  1  FOR SALE  Twelve   head^of  cows   and Milk  route.    Apply P. O. Box 99.  Quality  Seldom Equalled���������  Never Excelled!  Smith, fotos,  Ladysmith, B. C.  That's All!  Call  and Get ^Acquainted  Local Items  Correspondence  9>  Smoke Big B. Cigars  AIiss Kale Maynard, who lias been  visiting filends in La/Iysmith, rt*urn-  id io her  home in  Victoiia today.  Ah    J.  Blakcy  returned  from  lona today.  Vic-  r>  ^  ���������L  Mr J. kiito, of the Tyec smelter,  returned from Victoria at ncoa today.  Thei e is to Le a meeting of the local baseball club in the rooms at  the back of the Mini this evening at  7 30 All local fans iare"req,uestQd te  le 111 attendance.  ~ Mrs G. Sm th, who has roccntl*  been seriously'ill, is ireported as recovering rapidly.  * Mrs. T. Jones, of    Camp Six,-was  in .the city yesterday visiting friends  Mr'   Lnnis'lten, .representing the well  known.' ��������� shce   firm of Leckie &   Co.,  Vancouver,   is   paying  Ladysmith     a  <* visit today on business.  'Supt   little  passed  through m* the  ���������"I; noon train lor Comox.  A-   Tlie   regular   meet ng  of   the     bit;.  council .will lake'place this evening.-  \        ...   On Thu1sd.1v evening next  the rcg-  ;-- ^ ular - meeting of the  Hoard of Trail-  -S^ . ,will Le hold  ���������h "'--'   The  School  Tri'stecs meee on Saturday e\cning next.  %'  it -  *" ' -%  ' Mr. R.  WalVer,   of the Royal Ban  oi  Canada,;   rassert  through  on     tin  , morning tiain for Victoria.  Try a Province Cigar.  Mr   J.  Foote passed    through  the morning train for Victoria.  01:  1"'  \  The dance given by thc Rathlionc  Sisters "last evening at the Opera  House pro\e<l to be a very pleasant  affair, theie being about fifty couples in attendance. Supper was served at 11 30, and dancing prevailed  _until two o'clock this morning.  To-day, aitd until Monday, April  23rd, I will continue to make cabinet photos at $2" per doz: Stamp  Photos 2.')C Schenck, the photographer,  Campbell's Comer.     ;   ���������  Try a-Province Cigar.;;     ,  The death occurred yesterday evening of Miss Edna Olive Harrison,  daughter of C A;. Harrison, proprietor of the Driard;hotel.-;Deceased  - who hart been ill a ' long ��������� time and  suffering from a complication of diseases was M years of age. Interment, will take place at Los' Ange  les, th? bn'lv .'being shipped, south  this e cm ig ���������Colonist.  Editor Ledger-  lii reading your paper last evening,  I noticed .that the Ladysmith Dramatic Club intend presenting that good  old drama, "Dot, the Miner's Daughter," and I also notice by posters,  that tliey have omitted stating the  prices to lie charged. Probably if  it were known what those prices are  to ic, it would make a difference. 1  simply state this so that the Committee in charge may look into the  matter. Now, as to the play/ the  object ani cast, I do not bclieno  anyone can offer any adverse ci itic-  sin.' As one having seen "Dot"'  seu'r.-il times, it is equal to anything of ts kind ever written. Tlu  ploi is good, and if the colored in-  ��������� Ih.idtials do their par!,' it is \eiv  funny and laughable, and in loohiu \  our thc cast I ha e leason to be-  iie e we can expect a good enter  Uimi.ent; . everyone on .it are well  ' iiown citizens. As to tlie object, il  is a vi>r>- worthy one, ar.d as a lo/cr  of sport if for nothing Hs\ I .should  go to sec,"Dot" producer!. The fact  of these young people giving then-  time and talent to such' a caus?  should be approved by giving them a  bumper house on Monday, the 23r".  Tt seems to me, Jiir. Editor, there 1 ;  a f'ne opportunity' for a -u ol this  ind to start a find for the est ah-'  Mshment of a hospital in our town  ;>r for any other,worthy object, and  thereby doing away with, to a great  e\'t:nt, tin se obnoxious collection--.  I l.o;i2 that this club will take kindly to these few remar," s of  A  WELL  WISHER.  ladysmith,  Apiil   17,   1900.  Smoke Big IL Cigars  ,CALflHT  COLD WHILE' HUNTING  A BliRGLAK.  Mr.  Win. Tims.    Li.n'irgan,   provincial   ConsLililc  at Clmplcau,   Ontario,  -sajs "I ca'i'jht a severe cold while  ���������mill in j; a burular in the forest  swamp List fall..' Hearing of Cliam-  hci'mil's ( ouih ���������Remedy, I tried it,  and urlfi 'isin.^ tw0 small bottles, I  was completely cured." This remedy  is intended is eeiallv for coughs ait.l  colds it will Ioosi 11 ,ih<l" ii-licve. a  severe cold 111 less time than by ~n:  other 11 eat men t and is a favo.-ili:  wheievci its superior excellence l'-������s  liecome known. , For 'sale, by L'li'y-  smith  Phaiieaeyv: ���������_  Try MINARIVS LINIMENT.  VINES EASY'-TO'CROW. ' ,  i*"ol alone may -the A'eranda he l*c|>-  lilVd with vines. Tho . wall of a  brick or stone house may be gh en  r living coat of green which will 1//  a .oy-to the lover of nature. /fh'3  Beaton Ivy an1.! the Virginia creeper  tw(> vines kihown throughout America, cling to walls without support,  .nl so are especially useful for this  impose. The former i.s not as har-  ���������ly as -the lalitr, but in the middle  anil southern {attitudes it succeeds  A3!l, an:! forms a beautiful mass  aga'nst a wall. 'Jhc Virginia creeper is j.erfectly hardy. It will hide  ii;.,!..- stone fences, out-bnildings and  ���������k'-.d trees, transforming them into  Ih ngs of beauty.  The rapid growing Virginia bower-  is an excellent sine for a veranda,  gi ing- ar dense shade.' It presents a  snowy bank of star .'.shaped white  flowers, of delightful fragrance which  lasts for several wee: s. A-'companion variety, clematis coccinea, lias  rose colored /lowers, which resemble  half closed rosebuds from a distance.  The wistaria is a good vine for .a  trellis,-; but it is somewhat coarse for  most verandas, being better suited  for'the rustic house or pergola where  its delightful purple flowers hang in  graceful profusion. The crimson'  ram bier; rose vine is perhaps one of  the surest., hardiest and mcsl/satisfactory vines, admirably suited for  the veranda, or almost any oilier  place. it grows rapidly-and blooms'  in great" abundance. Bitter ������,vcet  is an excellent \111e of rich foliage,  which becomes highly colored in the  autumn, and is often followed |,y- a  imuss of scar.let fruit, which hangs  for, a  long time.  'ry MIKARD'S LINIMENT  A wo nan explorer, Miss Hail, has  ret Cut ly returned from the heart of  Africa. She-struck northwest to  La cNyassa'.aiisl waited six: week*-  lor a 'boat to carry her across Lake  Tanganyika. Then she traveled to  Lake Victoria Ny-ui/a, and only  twite did she meet white men. Two  (Strman    soldiers   and  u number     of  To  whom  it   may concern:    This  is  to  ceitify    that  1   have used    .jV'IIN-  . ARD'S IJ'NIMENT myself as well as  piesculed it 111. niy practice where a  servants accompanied her.  liniment  wa-s  rG|iiired and have neve  iuiled to  get the desired effect.  C.  A.  ICING, M.D.  Mrs. George 15. Wilson, of West  Philadelphia, Pa., is famous for h.-r  orchids the world o'.er, midvis ai^  oi the few American women who go  in for this'especially delightful sort  The Young Ladies' Guild, of the'of collecting. She has hut to h.ar  Jc,e.il Pi(sb\terian Church intend giv- 'of iui unusual bulb to seek to posing a Oonversa/ione in the Opera srs-s it. AJreaily her collection is.  /louse on Friday, April 20. A sple.i-'valued at more tlmn $; 0,1)00 and she  did programme is being prepared.        is constantly a'l|f-inS to it.  Any  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  the  ILEDGER  .   ��������� / . -  Offfce  1st Avenue  Su  We are Ready to  i t ��������� ������ n 11  If j'our shape is Imrd to  fif or your'build unusual  please keep'in mind that  Our Spring Suits  are Cut in "roportiou for  Each Breast,Measure, viz  "Regulars", "Longs",.  "Shorts", and "Stouts"  Our Spring Suits will  not 011W Fit Your Shape  but will Keep Their  Shape  $7 to $15  :3'  We ta'e measure for Madc-to-  Order Suits, and g-uaranteca  fit.  Walter* &  Akenhead  MOU1IONS IN VANCOUVER.  Ambassadors of the church of tlie  Latter Day Saints, popularly 1 nown  as tl.e Mormon Church, made application ,to   the civic, author tics     this  morning for the use of the city hall  next week for the purjo.se of/ui-nr  a. lecture in exposition of' the doc^  trir.es of the church, sajs a ;a������ ��������� .1-  \er despatch. Their reqiest was indefinite as to" time, and u. ,ilc i.o  answer was given. But affr lo.i-  su'tation wiih Acting Alnyoi I3clh-  unc, City Comptroller (iihnsm sialrd  _>yilli ��������� a degree of firmn������>-* wniti,  meant business, that the city h.i'l  would never be granted for the'exposition of any Mormon- proi'a-j-ain'.i  He had at f;rst been under the ::n-  uressirn that the sect asking for i'.ic-  rental-" was "the .Ad-.cntist,, else lit?  would have dealt with it in a y  short ( rder.. -   jss^csissssn*  The Imperial Pit  -at-  $1.25  Is et lA/iriner  We have Better ones, at $2.75  All Guaranteed  (���������  Call in and Get One  B. FORCIMilER  Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician  FIRST AVENUE LADYSHITH  7-vssai  BR9E������SSSa'cSUSfiZZZS������  ������.lj~it*--tt-i-Z-?iZ*'S2-  aaes?*  COWAN'S  \  ���������mam mm mmmrm  American Cocoa I lb. Pkgs  .... 40c-  Cowan's    "   1-2 lb. Tins  ���������������������������������������������'   40c  '.'������   1-4lb. Tins -- :      20c.  Eagie Chocclais per Pkg 30c.  Unsweetened Chocolate par Pkg. 25c.  Icing, all flavors 2 Pkgs...'.. ,  25c.  <i  u  ti  i  Cream B.-.rs,  Chocolate Sticks,    Milk Chocolate  All Strictly Fresh  Qlair & Mam  *^$*SW'-&*:&������ilE~  SSS^SKSSaSSSSaSSiSSSEv  '1 \ e ������;); lication le eals the fact  that two missionaries oi the church  have keen in th ��������� city suite last I)e-  eeml.er ai������d ha'e c-onst'iiilly been \is-  ,t'iij, from house to house, and holding dtlafe jiajer meetings. 'lhe  men aie .Mr. A. Cm tis and J. \V.  lvi'.Muhls, who nside at 221, 1-arn-  an.s treet. The former is a li'>ing  uMiinple of,the popular type of tlrj  young Mtr non missionary who, .with  out pay, is sent en a two-year trip  in vlut might be termed .j. 'hostile  count!}'. He stated that his work in  the city couUI hardly be classed as  MictTs'-Jul, but the missionaiies had  secuforl  thiee  converts^  "3iru or women?" was the instant'  ni'j-iiry. - But the answer reduced the  fact to the commonplace by, stating  that the coir/erts represented a mac  h;s wife aii'd daughter.  'lhe missionaiies s-.ra p.axious to se-  mio the lull for: thc purpose of aero ���������miofialinp; a lar.^e audience at a  leetur.* rn the c;-..roll's doctrines' by  Xi'lilii Pratt, nasident of the Northwest nn*-si( nary district of , the  cluui-h,. to which B.C. belongs, whose  hradi.MiHi uers is at Portland, nnd  who is now on a trip of nspection  ou r his territory. .       \  Air. Curtis said that he did not  preach polygamy and that the doc-  tin-.* of his church was opposed to  tlu .iractice at present, though ' in'  ft i ���������. ur days there was no gainsaying  thai it' was practiced. It was now  only, a memory of the past*and'  since 1890' plural marriages had not  been sanctioned t>y the church. The,  (leeirmes of thc church was th'or-  oJifihly evangelical and ^in many  points -were an advance on the teachings af other denominations because  of fuller revelations.  VVon^ O. Guy  REPRESENTING      ""    _  TAISANQ & CO.  Merihunt Tailors  of Victoria, will be in Ladusmith on  Sundav' nevt with samples, and will  lit* pxepnred to tal<e orders for Ladies' and Gcut\s Clothing. Will be  found  at the, Afrbotsford iTIotcl.  latest Males  AT  60011 Store  FOF^ SALE,.. ;  Eggs from Pure Bred Stock  1 Ail Birds Trap -Nested  No inferior Uyers Kept  Barred, Bun- and White Rocks  \U.id3 Wjandottcs, White and Brown  Leghorns.  $i Per Setting  $6 P������.r Hundred  E. STEWART,  Box 2(1S Ladysmith, B.C.  1  have just received  a shipment of  Hills' LHigh Grade  LNGLISH TOBACCOS  and ,  EASTE  We have a Lovely Assortment  Lawn, Cotton and Faiicy Musln  BLOUSES Opened out. ,  1 ; )  These Blouses are'Very Showy and  '   Just the thing for Easter  [ ��������� ,������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ i   \:  * * t ' t  No;Tr uble to Show   These Goods .  S1M(N LEISER &C0 Ltd  Notice  A HOWE, ofCHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT  MARKET lately   run   by W. Ward, on Roberts stree  WITH A fUll LINE OF FIRST ClASS MFAIS  r   j PORK AND SAUFAOE A1 SPECIALTY  . .       :     .  A Trial Solicitd  A. HOWE,  PHONE 20  i     i   k  Every Length Guaranteed  for  One Year  FHjiJ Stoclc  Cotton, Rubber and Wire Wound  The Ladysmith Hardware Co. Ltd.  y. ...  ������its9  % VEAL MUTTON, STI  Pannell & Plaskett  U'e  should  li.'.e  lo  show yon     o������r  lai'ee  assortment  of������������������  Hanging  in   price   Irom "  ioc   Double Roll and   Up  They are the very 'latest in Wall  and Ceiling Decorations. Just from  the factory. r Over ten thousand rolls  to choose from. Wc also carry a  large range of���������--  V-ij-nislies. Varnish Stains,  Paints, Oils, Rrusr<es and  Window Q'a-s  In  fant    everything   to  Beautify   tho-  ���������Home, at���������  H. KAY'S ���������  WALL PAPER DEPOT  U/. 4 praser  Merchant Tailor  FIRST A VENUE.  Suits    Made to Order, to Fit and to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  PICTURES GIVEN:Ml  Each a Work of Art  1  "^ Save Your ~  WHITE 5WAN SOAP  WRAPPERS  and in .exchange, for twenty-firve, the B.C. .Soap Works will giive yod,  your ehoice of fitly beautifui    siiBijeets.     Ask your CJroeer for catalogue of Premiums.  B,G,  ��������� -jA' .VU^BtCMHipfipMni  KZr*������W������3HSaUffiraBS5fiE������32������*ii  Plumbing and  '    DONE   AT  Reasonable Price s  J. ANDERSON,  Leave ordnr������ at  Peterson's  Purn-  ture Store, or telepiiome No 53.  LADYSMITH: H0TEl_ BAR  Having ta'<eh over the haf-room of  the ai'ovc hotel, we intend to run a  first-class, up-to-date establishment,  and int soliciting "ihe patronage of  oni- friends a"'l lhe public in general,  we guarivitee S������0d  treatment  to all.  R, Scoit A, Smith  Proprietors.


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