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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Apr 3, 1906

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 '���������"V-Lj' **"ifFjp������Tg./tf ���������  ,A'/r,--  ���������Bi't-^iarn.  A-j^---:������jwa^vi^-_wa^a!ii*jr4i-.  r^ y- ^.T;rij?ss--jy.s^5rs^^ftJ:  .,-U   ,. ,  ***"  The Ladysmith Daily  !  ly. O* o'���������'-*--��������� -"���������*->- -������&���������*-���������'���������" ��������� -  VOL.������2  TUESDAY,  April 3,  190S  PRICE FIVK CENTS  BY-LAW DISCUSSED  FOR ELECTRIC LIGHTS  A Special Meeting of the Council Will  |Be Held on Thursday Evening  (to Discuss Lawyer's Report  Council    areN Informed   That   They  Should Dig Their^ Own  Ditches  10  OFfKf  A special -meeting of the city coun-  obtaining  the same.     I     understand  oil  will  1,-c held  on    Tlursday   night  that     probably    in Ladysmitli     the  next at,which   tlie report of   C.  D. readiest and  easiest mode  would   he  Alason,' city   solicitor   for   Victoria  by  tak'ing  a ballot,'and   the  by-law  as produced below, will be discussed, which i. ha\c suggested  would, there-  This  was  the -decision armed    at fore,  he drawn to impose upon     the  by  the city council last evening   af- city clerk    the .duty   of taking    the  ier     lhe  reading    of   thc report by ballot, .on a given date of  Uie clcc-  City Clerk Stewart. "-Tlie    Mayor torate, and .between   certain   comen-  liad"  obtained tlie opinion of- Victor- ������cnt hours, and it would  define   the  ia's  City solicitor while in thecapd- actual questions  to bc submitted   in  ta7"lasl   week,   which he had     done order to obtain    a '!yea"  or' "nay"-  with  tbe  inleiiticn  that" the   council* **>*���������������  or a  \otc  as to  the principle  would,  after  receiving  the report, be upon  which  the electors  prefer     the  in  a position  to  so ahead and pre*- council should proceed,  and to enable  pcrly  submit a  by-law   for  the ,*ec~ tLis ,to ^             iatod  r shoukl  pie   ol Lr.dy smith   to  vote on   as *to ���������  whether they  will have electric light ,,,aln tJlat iile sl������������>-secWo������ referred i0  or    not.       It- is  flic desire of    the obliges    the  vote  to be  taken    upon  council to ohtain  a referendum  vote "a proposed by-law."     Consequently  of    tlie Citij-er.s   . as  to  whether     a uie  questions  would be put  in    this  plant, if installed,    is- to he a muni- ,.  '  cli-al-ownod  auair  or  whether  a pri- .a) ,s u. (,esire(,  that  t,R> ^^  vale company should  l>e granM    a submit a by.,aw ^ the eIcctors    U)  4  The secietary of thc Socialist per-  ty, Air. Cio. Hannay, lust evening  notified The Lodger that ;he had been  informed by Mr. Par er Williams,  M.P.P., that tbe latter had received  definite information to the effect that  lhe local go eminent ollice will be  <>]eiK.d here on tie First of July,  and while tlie appointment of an agent  was  under consideration, no de-!  DEITH MURKS  mm  THE ALTAR  Denver, Colo., April 2.���������Miss. C.  MariJ Arnold and Albino Chavar-  ria. lior Indian lover, are on their  way to Denver. where they expect  to bc married by Dean il. Martyn  Jiarl, rector of .St. .John's JSpis-  copul church. They Jeave Sunia i-V  this morning over tho Sunia Fe  road, r.i'ler meeting with r<,-peatcd  rei'usuls to officiate hy Saul a b'o  ministers.  Miss. Arnold declines to allow a  magistrate to tie the nuptial knot.  Tragedy, misery, tne breaking- of  family Lies and the '.shuttering oi  U ibal traditions done to the heart  oi the ml men have, followed in tho  wake   of the  mad infatuation of Miss  for Albino Chavarrai, whom  'she  is   now  about   to'be  mnrt-icd.  charter.     After the desires    of    the  construct,    operate,      and    maintain  ratepayers h.������e been ascertained   by   wor-s  for    ^p,,^*,,,,  eIect.ric     ������������������������������������ llt  the vole  as suggesecd  in  the  report  and el���������Ctric"power''   -  the council will   he i... a    position to      (t)) Is ,t <lesiml" ^  ^ councj,  frame a by-law,   to he voted on for  suljUlit a by.,aw . conferring a  franchise upon any person or corporation  or against  the install"tion of lights  Aid. ('am;*!cll gave notice last evening' that    he  would  at  thc     next  regular    meeting of tlie council     in-  . troduce a by-law,  with the object of  as-vertainiiig  the feeling of'the"    people on the ifiieslion  of a  municii'ally-  ouiierl or  privately-owned  light plant  If,   at  tbe    meeting    on Thursday  evening,  the  Council.think advisable,  this  by-law  will  Iw  framed and  will  be   introduced  at  the nuectin-j;     next  willing to construct -..nl operate'for  supplying electric light and electric  rower?    -  I shall be    pleased,  upon receiving  the instructions 'of'the-'Council,     to  prepare'the  necessary  by-law.  Yours obediently,  C.  Dubois Mason.  Included in the road  foreman's   rc-  ,   , ,   port  was n letter  from  Capt.     CeJ-  .Monday ni-At._   After that it would   j,^  of victorj       who  wratc     rc_  have to Le advertised for ten da\s  before a vote could ibe taken. Once  the ballots aie cast the council will  he in a position to know just how  to proceed, and shoild tlie voters decide  o" a  municipally-owned     plant,  gai'ding the drainage of his property on Gatacre street. In his communication, Capt. Collistir stale;!  that if thc council would introduce  a by-law.-for the installation of the  sewerage system,  he would  bc'pieas-  The "report- of Mr. Mason,   is  follows:  as  l.!.c next order of  procedure will  be cd  to vote lavora^lv . on  it    . How.  to  introduce  a by7law for  the    pur- ^ ��������� ,n ^ niSiUiir/of .<lraina^ -.'h-  pose   of borrowing; necessary     funds dia^ not wish     to  he discriminated  for the installation:  < against became he had built, several  houses  in Ladysmith, and given    employment to residents of, this city.  Victoria, B.C., Mar; 28, 1006.      The  drain   complained   of     empties  3.Si.s���������W0Fs,,.iP,���������1,:������.a���������^>���������or������������������an;^A^r into  the alley way back pf the     Ab-  men,  Ladysmith,  B.  C. : botsford  Hotel, between  Gatacre and  t,cntlcmen,-I    have the honor     to Hoberts streets.       After  some-dis-  roport  upcm ^he  -tutstion .srtmHtol cussi0J1y as ;toWhether  or  ���������ot     the'  for my consideration: by His Wot ship drainagc  iato  lhc  alleyway   was not  the Mayor,   that  I, have given,   con- a direct violation of the citv by-law  sideration   to  the  present  position of tnc  matter    was  left  in   tlie   hands  matters affecting  the desire of     W'������ 0f.tlie sanitary committee,  with   in-  Council to ascertain the    wishes   .of structionS to  investigate and   reforf  lhc  inhabitants by means of a  refer- at thc liext nleeting  fiiitc conclusion1.'n,   this  respject  had-,    ^,.,,(,1^  as yet, l.een readied.   \ i *  It  is  also  understood that the of i  fice  when   opened   will ,be  in  no wise '    lt ,,as  ,KVa  a  lo������8^to.y  o;   sui-  a 1 ranch ofTice. cit,<>-    ,'1,"'dei-   and .sneering- that has  'ihere has 'been talk for a long cha.-aeteri/wL chuptoi- .} after chapter  time of tlie ofTice being opened, but ������1' Uic talu- K,,������'m Mu' (iay LluU  th'is is Uic first definite information, she ������"* him at *n carnival back h.  loceived Jiy Mr. Williams, .who has the fall oi 1H97 it has been a suc-  worked , Jiard with this object in cession of heartaches and pain.  ��������� icw,  and-who   is certainly  deserving' endured   sometimes    by   relative*    oi  the   woiiiau     ond   again    borne     less  stoically. <  The   tragedy-   which   broke  up     thc  home     oi   Kranlc     G,    Senter   ,   two  years   ago   last, month   was   directly  attributed     to   the   love   of   the Denver  gill for   tho   'man   from    therian-  tu Fe   reservation      and    their   many  I'ullman,     April    3.���������S.   E.     Piper,    meetings    at the   Senter   home wb.i-.-h  formerly    of   Seattle and a graduate   Senter opposed,     but  lus wife    favor  the   Washington     state  school,     a   ored,      resulting finally ' in       Senter  ironil.er of the��������� biographical     survey,   shooting-  his  wife   and then conmiit-  ������.-f ere lit for lids perseverance.  THE WAR BEGINS  ON SQUIRRELS  $150,808 m\  IN THE  ���������  MANGE flRf  Seattle,    Ajril    3.��������� Bringing " the  news  that Wrangel  is   rapidly recovering  from    the disastrous    fire     on  March  2-1,  the steamer  Al-Ki  reached  port yesterday.     Ollieers   of    the  vessel stated that* new buildings   are  going up in all  parts  of the    town.  The    sawmill    i.s  working day     ami  night, and temporary .shelters are beT  iiiK    put    up as  rapidly  a.s  possible.  Many of ths people are still     living  in   tents, and  one of the restaurants  are doing business under canvas covering.     Two stores  and  two saloons  are    still    doing    business,   although,  others are    pre* a ring  to refit    their  places as soon as goods can be    secured.   Gangs of men   ha\e ;*een   employed clearing away  the debris and  placing    the foundations of  buildings*  in the still smoking ruins.  According to the reports brought,  down by the Al-Ki, the damage will  rot. ci-cesd $150,000. ,  *��������� ��������� *       o ' ^  GIRLS SCARCE  IN OKANAGAN  UTiiniip-  PORT fOfi THE Wr  l HMO HOSPITAL  Mayor Xicho'son will leave tonight foi; Nanaimo with the substantial sum of Slid.5(1 which lias~"becj*'  collected by himself and Mr. 13. l<*or-  cimnier for the benefit of the Nanaimo hospital. air. Nicholson will  turn over tlie money, to that institution to-night.  Following is a list of contiiWutors:  A   Krh-uid  ,  j.5 03  11. Forcinimer      o.oo  D. Nicholson      5.00  I'r. Dier    , 6.00  U'jn. lie'������eridcie    Geo. Hannay    A. J. Was\-ett    J. Stewart    A. Smith &  Li. Scott    R. Siui'son    Lot  J ones    Simon Leiser & Co., Ltd. ...  T. I). Conway    J- Bic'Ie  :.;..    5.00  'lhe Ledger      5.00  Ladysmith Sto e  Worte      jl.oo  lad. s-nith  Hardware Co   ....  Ilemaiis & Wnmsley    W.  S.  Gilli.an ....'. ..,  T. Lewis    5.00  5.0;)  5.00  5.00  5.00  5.00  5.00  5.00  5.00  Word was received here this morning that the steamer Selkirk, which  left here bound for Tacoma with five  carloads of matte from Uiu local  smelter on toard, ian ashore at  Dark Island, near Sydney, at two  o'clock this morning, and as the tide  was on the ebb at the time,' tli-j  chances of getting the .boat and cargo'ol, seem very small.  Later news received this afternoon  by the tug Otter which passed her,  is to the effect that the boat is  still i-.sh.ore, her stern being ibroVn  and    seemingly   full of water.    The  '5 00  ciew arc on  tlie beach.  United Stat.s department of agriculture arrived in Pnlman to investigate the squirrel .question..Mr. Piper  conic.-: with instiuctions to remain  in this ucinity for. tlie greater-part  of the  summer.  About  eight  ycais ago Prof.  C'.V.  l'ijer,   brother of    Mr.  Piper,     while   railli,>'-  professor of entomology, zoology and  botany  of the  college, discovered     a  ting  suicide.  The .suichio of George. Wildei,-  stepfather of :Mlss. Arnold, a year  ago next month whs \'i result. of  mental.suffering o\or the disgrace  which   he  felt   had    come   upon     hit.       5.00     2.00       2.00  Airs. T. X. Jones      ].00  A Friend"     i;on    W. G. Fi-ctser ..t      2.00  G. W. Scott  :     1.00  l'ogiie,     April   3.*���������There     are    fuity   Mrs. D. H. Davis       1.00  eligible  bachelors  near   Fogue;   many   J. A. Knight      1,00  of them are "well fixed" with   world-   D   J. Mal.heson...,     i;no  ly goods; some    of them   have   "aU   Gto   G. Carrali   50  kinds of money." Wa'r '& Adam      2.00  None   of   the    men    are   bachelors   Gro. RoLerts      2.00  from choice; every Barkis is "willin"   W. E. Morrison      3.00  but  there is a  lack of  "'Peggottys."   C. Docile      2.00  Few single women maVe tl.e  trip to  II. Kay  ,.  .^     2.00  Ol.anogan.       Those  who  do    manage  Hop. lee  v     j 00  to  get up  here  are school   teacheis,   A. Uren      ].oo  or sisters of settlers.     Few     escnpjp   C. J. Cainipl.ell  '.    3.00  to  the-outer  world without    getting ,-   married. ' I      Total    '.. $116.50  School    ma'ams    are    in  great de-  ��������� n ������������������  Fixed   in  her   detormiialion  .-siirrondei*  all   the     privileges  of  nuand, and school directors have trom FIREBOAT TRIALS"   - ���������     -  ble  in  I-eeping  tcaciiers.     They have PROVE A SUCCESS  found .that if they wish school   to Be.' Seattle     advices     says:       Official  1(Jjke*-l a full term  the safest-plan    is tests made    of the fireboat Snoqual-  ,Jto  hire a  man  teacher.     They   luu.e n,ie, by city authorities Saturday af-  ... ,���������,  ,,   ,,���������.,,,, .,  ifonid  that   in  nine casrs  out  of ten   tenioon,   pro\ed   it- is  in  macoiificent  tlisiaie   Unit   was   spreading     among   white woman     and go and   diuul a- I 1 b  and billing the s|fiirrcls  moiig -the   Indians,        Hiss.     Arnold  'where a  woman teacher is employed,   condition, ready at an  instant's   no-  SELECTION OF HERI  TO CniNESR THRONE  riangkong���������As  will  be remembered,  by our readers, says the North China  Daily    News,    the empress  dowager  commanded    the    other    day several  summer.     II3 also will ex-   Ul  rhv  sUlo of  h01. stepfather, a P'^'the n-en of Okair.gc.n county  irreeis-   ' As a  result or  the completely sue-{.princes of    the  imperial   houses    to  Mlh   the  killing, .of   Sjiiir-   neoI.  rcsi(ient  of Denver,    she      was  ti, le      p0g.l!e   is still a carrk- coun-' ces&ful trials yesterday,  the city;.of- -send - their    sons   .into  ,Tlie  disease   spicad   rapidly,   result- has  even sacrificed her    third   inte---,  ing in   the death .-of   many     .cl Jurrels. est   in an estate    valued nt       Sl">"> .  Mr.  Pi|i<r  assisted    his    1 ���������rather     in 000 to   have  her   way.      Because    o!  these     pxicriinents   nnd   will     renew i1(,,.   infatuation,     which  was a  th.-on j  them this summer.     lb also will experiment   w  some  George  or  Joe or  Bill   "butts ticc to   throw her  powerful   streams  in,"  and  the shiol cilher  takes    a of water    into 1 lay,   and   that     the  long  recess or a new teacher has to city's  water In nl   is better   protect-  h<;  found. ed   UA.\y th.in  at  any time  in     the  Eastern     teacheis   especially,    find past.  In con.ersation with Mr. Livingstone, of Duncans, over the telephone,  it was learned that he' had received no furtlier information beyond  tl.<3 fact that the boat was ashoie  with her cargo, which is fully insur-'  eld.  Men acquainted with the vicinity m  which the vessel struck arc of the  opinion that it will be impossible to  again' flo-at the boat, as her jcargo is  heavy, and the tide has a -.cry long  nn at that point, which, whe-n low,  would leave her stranded on the rock  with a chance of being ground to  pieces. At present it is hard to understand how tlie vej-sel struck, as  there is a good light at that point  and the weather last night was not  thick.  . MARINE.  ���������\S.S. 'Otter;was in at tlie Colliery  wharf today.  Barge Chinook and tug were in at  tl.e  Colliery  wharf today.   They are'  Loai.d for Ketchikan,) Alaska..  rels   with ' ferrets.     W.   A.    Da\is, of  fito  the |V ('Uie,  cut   off. with    S5,000     while   .     her tn,      prery one rides horses,  wears -lie-hils .arc entirely. satisfied- with the j where tutors had been provided to in-  near Colfax,    last year purchased   a   tw.Q slstcrs shared    equally   iu    t^e,,blue shirts and chaps.     It is easy for condition  of  tbe  fireboat  and     with'struct the lads,  as  it is intended' to  balance', of the fortune.                        L. romantically   inclined   tenderfoot to the extensive  repairs   that have;--been-iselect- tlie best  one-  to succeed    His  Undaunted    by repeated threats of.sec  "Virginians" on every hand. made  on her.     These repairs are n0t (Majesty  Kuang Hsu at  some .future  '"Yl   disinheritance,     Miss.   Arnold    -vi;i>| ;^ IIc-rse".ac'c rides through the moim- yet entirely .finished' but the boat is  day,;\-should the emperor himself cv-  ecl  for   her Indian  lover paying vis-, tains awl lcng:.trips to view scenery at all   times  in   condition *ro  swing   eritiially    die    cliihllsss.     A    Peking  When    teacher into action should the waterfront:be  letter now.   states  Uiat aanong    the  10s Knowledge that her actions had   dri- | e.-ms-lcng rides lo ceo Mount Bona- thrcateaed with  fire,        '        ,|youthful  princes who have been    ad-  ' parte  or  to  visit"other   local   points Mayor Moore witnessed,the trials,'mitted  into  the palace,;-their niajes-  gct wise" and Which  took  place at  the Toot of ,������������-  ties    appear    to  like    the    sons  number of ferrets, and with two or  three of these small animals mid  two dogs he was able to kill fifty  or sixty  an  hour.     Mr.  Pircr  experiment  in this line also. , , .1 . ,,    , .  ,  it   ;.   ,cH������,oi"p-i   ilnt   11,^   ������ inirrplQ ''ts "now   and (hen   to the reservation   are  esrecial y  fatal  It. is  estimate!   tiiat  the   s.^iureis .    ���������        , iiu-e-i(pned  with  rW  of the    county  nnniially destroy     10* Knowledge that her actions had   dn-( 1 e.-ins lcng rides to ceo Mount Bona-   tlucateaed with  hie,  percent,     of   the    Whitman  county's   ven   her  stepfather-     to   a        water*.-  wheat crop,   or   from   75,000   to  100,- 'grave  did  not  check' her desire      '-���������*���������  000 biishels   of wheat annually.  TRAIN  RUNS  OVER  UNIDENTIFIED MAN  Seattle,    -April 3.���������At 10.30    lost  es.cning  the    body of an  unidentified  become   the  bride of  the Indian.  endum upon. the mode  in  which pro-      The     road    f^emaj, also rcrortol   ma" waS  to'Jll(l lieajl"  thc  tracl s     of  vision can be made for electric-light, Ulat hc.|lad SWjl Hop Lee regarding  and  electric  power     supply to     the (he digging of a ditch to  carry    off  city,  and  I  have  taken  int..   consul- t]le (Irainage !vom his r,ropert;v.  Ho!,  oration the steps  that have previous- Lcc haj.,  re?Ued that hc  ^ $f)0   a  ly  been  taken  to  ascertain  the pub- ^  jn tavps anf,  nom^   and jf  (h(,  lie feeling,  and  I  beg  to sugy?st the citv w.ish<xI a fIitc|))  ^ shoul(, di ;  following course as appearing to me it'themselves.     This matter was al-  the most    dcs.iabtc   u���������,ier the     cir- m referre<1  to  the ^lxitM.v c.n,IUI1li(.  cuius lances   related   to    me   by  His ^cc                                         '     .       .  Worship....                                             ...'���������-. .     ���������     <  Before the council attempt, in     the Communications.-  interest of the public, to arrange for ''"''c  list of   'coinniiunicalioins     was  an  electric:   light  and power    supply very short.     An invitation from    the  it  seems -desirable   that   they  should one   100,000  club   of  Vancouver   asl;-  be instructed, by. tlie  ratajHiycrs   as i"ff  lhe Mayor and   Aldermen   to -\n  to  the   principle   which   should   guide present in  that city  to celoiiirate the  theni    in  making  arrangements,    mid anniversary  of   the  above  club     was  after  obtaining .,11  cxpnsiion of pub- received.     The  Clerk  was   instructed  lie  opinion   on   the question of  prin- to  write    acknowledging   the   invita-  cijile,   lhc arrangements could bfi iper- tion.  fee led by the council in the mode .A krtter was received from the sec-  preferred by" the ratepayers, and a retary af the Union of Municipali-  by-Iaw laid before the ratepayers><en- ties, containing a draft of certain  titled, to vole on money by-laws, -amendments to the Municipal Clauses  with a view to cnatiling thc arrange- Act, which it is proposed to lay be-  ments  to  he  carried out..    I    under- fore    the    legislature at  their     next ! in  the Northern Pacific, .at Spokane avenue. Tic had been run down by the  overland train at .8.30, some two,  hours before. The body was mangled bey end rcr-cw-nitiofl, and so far no  moi'ii-; of idintification have been  found. '-- .  The man was o"idently riding the  hra'e learns, and for some reason  lost his hold. He carried a bundle  of blankets, .but beyond that nothing  could le ienrsied. The remains were'  brought'to the city by the coroner  late last night.  SHIPPING  REPORT FOB  MARCH  of ���������interest her'.p.upils-"gct.-wise" and wnicn look piace��������� ai, mc ,iool 01 ,.������������-��������� ties appear to like the sons of  ma'e preparations for, a .wedding. llis0'' street and lasted, alxmt an Prince Tsai Chen, four th order  They, know 'that''-before long teacher hour, The members, of the hoard (prinCe filing's son); Prince. Yi'i TTsin  will "have been tied up.        - of public works,    Chairman    Arnold  foiirt.h order'(Prince Cheng's   grand-  - ___ o :���������:- Ziiiden  and  Councilman  Reynolds   of .sc,njVandpi.mce    Tsai   Hsun,    third  FINED FOR TRYING '' lhc fire and .water, committee of the  ordcr (ihc emperor's fourth   brother)  TO DECEIVE  PUBLIC   Council,   Chief Cook,  of the fire   de-   tetter than  the others,   and the-em-  V-ancouver,  B.C.,  April  3.-  J.   0.'.partment,  and  many  fcysUnders were   Reror is  espe(.,EaHy fond  or his nepl-  Zcnig, cigar    manufacturer   of     this   present.. ������������������;^Vrj  that is  to sav,  the son of   the  citv, was fined $100 and costs by , At one time during the trials a laSt..nameri .prince; ThiSi accordin-  Mavistrate Williams in the police four-way nozzle from the wharf, sup- tQ .^ leUe seCms to show, that in  court yesterdav- Zonig was charg- n1^ hy the^ fireboat, was throwing aH li;Mihood unaer,..pj,3Senf circum-  ed 'bv.the Inland Revenue Depart-, a stmim <"C water 300 feet out ��������� -in- |stanceSi this youthful prince, whose  ment with falsely stampiiiR boxes or "> the bay, and at tho same time ln%me is p.u Kuang, will be proas     containing   fifty   cigars,   was     shooting   eighty other streams  c]aime(,  h.eU. apparcoit, or  "To ako," ���������  before long.  nozzles.  All   the  wise,  7!);    tonr.agc -.15,787. -  Nunn'er ol' vessels clearing foreign,  22; tonnage 17,107; tons of cargo,  20,070.  Value of cargoes $118,052.  TIME IS WHAT THEY  ARE WANTING NOW  .The  following  is  the shipping    re-  cigars  rort. tor  thenvonth of March ..when  there  were  only  forty-nine   ci:    -    ^tmwas escaping from   the  Nirmter of vessels   clearmg   Coast-  gars ,n  the box^^ ^^  ^ ^-^y.^, rMs  showing   the great  defence, pleaded  that  thc  Inland .Re- eluciency of fuel oil.  venue Act did not cover    the    case. I    Economy     in  cqiuipning  the     boat  for  he argued tho purpose of the. ad was  also  nro'.ed  to the  mayor audi  was   to  protect  thc Government    in city officials.        Two swivel    nozzles  the collection  of   the  tax.    This  tax were    thrown    into   play,   and     four I  had been paid, as  Mr.  Zonig paid an '"ore  will be  installed.     The     price I  M\cise on   flftv cigais,   when  in real- from  fire apparatus  manufacturers on |  itv he  onlv  placed  Foi-ty-nine  in    Uie these   noz/.l.ss  is $1,U0 each, but  all  |oves,.hen'ce  tl.e     Government     was ot  the six   will   be  built  by  median-  Indianapolis,     April  the  gi-fat  suspension  2.���������Although  of  lhe   inauguration  01  coal  min- 'hours which i.s   annually    observed in  the   United     States   since th..*  Lhe  -bitumin'ous    region.-;,    thb  i bee  of  men  who  are   on slriice  'ahead on the deal-  I .The prosecution, represented by Mr.  . W. Hart-McHarg, argued that the  .,. ,t 'public looked to the department for  protection, taiid when there was a  revenue stamp on the box of cigars  mim'   that, box    should  contain    the     fifty  , ics'of  the local fire 'department'at a  cost   not exceeding  $350   each.  At thc conclusion of the trials,  Mayor M(,ore declai>3d that he was  entirely satisfied with the efficien?y  of  the  Snoqualmie.  TROUBLE MAY BE SETTLED.  the   Council,   to  be ratified ami snnc- Fire  Chief   Smith   smbmittod   a list  tioned   by   the    electors  entitled     to of firemen at present enrolled  on the  vote- on money by-laws. local      brigade.       It was  found  that  Tn  order to  obtain the opinion   by there  were  eleven Jnnics  on  the  list  way   of referendum,    it   will  |>e  nee- instead  of nine,   as the by-laws calls  cssary for the council, under  the pro- for,  and  instructions were  given     to  visions of sub-section   173   of Section the  (ire wardens to  find      out     why  f>n or thc Municipal Clauses Act,   to that number had  been exceeded.  ports  received   tonight    from the bit     Wiliuipcp;) Ap,ril    3 .���������The strike    on   ions, as there    seems  to.ho. an     al-  lli'e street     railway     here continues   tempt  to deceive  the public. I there-  'practically  a"  unchanged  from   what   fore fine the defendant $100."  ominous   fields   show   that  'many      of!  have  the   leading-  .scale compniiier  sig-ned the 1.90M scale which gives ^ _,__ >Satm,(la7.  the men an advance of "j.55 cents  over the wages they received during- the last, two years. The number, of mines who received the in-  is      ost-imntoil      at    nearly  A conference from  which   much    is   expected   and   hoped  or was  in progress last night.  MUNICIPAL OWNERSHIP.  Chicago,    Airil 3.��������� The desirability  It  is    computed     that the money  of municipal ownership of 'street rail-  pass a by-law defining the mode    of      'Ih.j-se present at  the meetin<r were  holding     the- referendum,   and.     this Mayor Nicholson,    Aldermen  Mai one,   crenM*       is est ..-hunted     at    neni-ly spont  in  d,.ink  in  Leeds in  a  single (ways will be  liMinvitted  fo the   pop  mode cm  be simplified so  as to    in- Patterscn, Uren and Campbell; Clerk   .100.000     ns thousands     of soft1 year     would  provide 5,000  families  ular vote    tomorrow,  awl the result  yolve as  little expense as  possible in Stewart. -coal workers     laid 'oil',  to    celebrate'with 80s a week all the year round,   is awaited with great interest.  Winnipeg, April 2.���������A strike on the  Street Railway continues here in  practically an unchanged condition,  from what it was Saturday. . A  conference from which much is expected and hoped for is in progress at   idnight.  Winnipeg, April 2.���������Amicable settlement of the street, railway strike  by means of a compromise is believed to be practically assured as  the; result of a conference between  directors of Company and committee of city ministers tonight. ; A  basis of settlement has been arrived  at.  THE PLAY LAST NIGI-IT.  A -well-fined house creeled 'lhc players in "A Thorouehi.red Tramp,"  last evening, and saw the tramp  part 1 laved to their entire satisfaction. There wa������ something 'loin..;  aU the time, and although theie.  were several men shot, they all deserved what they got, and got. it in  the right time. E. S. Norton, as  the Dutch.-station agent, was funny,  and l<ept the' audience good natur-c.il  all through. J. J. Swart wood, -who  styled himself T. Rush Thompson, P.  h., (professional bum) was also  good. He played the Part Of a  thoro������{'hhred tramp in a .thoroughbred manner, and when it came to  gun play he was" alwavs .there ail  lhe right time. Viola May made .1  very lively Nellie Hathaway, and  left the audience under Uic impre--  si on that she was enjoying heiTe'f  ns much as they were. Sam Sull--  van, as justice or the peace in Colorado ca'e a 'Very satisfactory incision'when the hero was tried f. c  murder, expressing the ouinion in -\  rather     more    forcible   than    polite  manner  that  it  was  not  a  case    ,-t  law,  hut  of justice.  On the whole, the play was cr-  joyed by the audience,'and should  the company   'return  later oh,   they  can count ou a good attendance.  i a. EDGEK  IHE DAILY LEDGfR  ."ttbh8hed   every day except Smnday.  ������V        THE       DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  OFFICE AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION  PRICE  *!l oents  a  month,    $5 per  year    in  advance.     Advertising rates on ap  olicatioa.  TUESDAY,  April 3, 190J  Two or three gentlemen were talking about difteient kinds of deaths  tho other day. Here are a few of  tiiem': One man said: I knew a  man who swallowed a thermometer  and .died by degrees. Another said,  I- kf'>taiew a nian who swallowed a  tape measure and died bv inches.  Another said, 'Well that is nothing,  a fiiend of mine fell into the sea and  his life ebj-etl away." The last one  said, 1 once Iwiuw a man who fel  into a whiskey vat.  good spirits.  lie died In  DAWSON WANTS  A FAIR  NOTICE.  Dawson,    April    2.���������Seattle's       Alaska-Yukon  fan*     was    gi\oa   a i-<ri=.  ing public  endorsement      her-1      hiii  night  by    a  big? gathc in?     -it     iho  "Aiiditoriui-'i, the  largest theatre      h  Dawson.     The  American  ���������: >���������.������-1j!,    O  B.    Ravndal, lectured       n th;   ��������� !..>  vant."      where he  w-ts   iu  ihe      diplomatic  service  of the  United S'atos  for  eight  years.  '   The   entire  proceeds    cf   the le-t'l1 c>  ' were given to the Dawson. In'.ai-'t  of directors .nl the Alaska VuKon e.\  position for the preparation ''' 'lf  craturu and exhibits ly i In* f-iir  Tho best obtainable will .. ��������� mvikc '  by offering prizes for ���������**-.������ays. fl 'i'?'  collections, hei bariums. photograp- . {  his  collections   and the  like. t  The Canadian club, a representative Canadian organization nere.  will, co-operate    in the distribution of  jn;wes,_. literature,    exhibits,      etc..  'available'for the directors for the  Alaska-Yukon   exhibits.  'Acting Gov. LH-hgow was present  with a large party to the lecture  lastmg-ht and was patron of the evening. Mr. Lithgow heartily endorses the Seattle .affair, and will  be heard from m this connection  at thc  big'opening  fair dinner       on  ���������Wednesday,  ' Charles McDonald, who introduced  thc speaker last night, complimented Seattle as a hustling eit^v ������n bo-  half  of thc    North.  The    Dawson   directors   are     Co*..  McTnnes,     Dr.  Thompson,   member of  parliament, Consun   Kavendal,   Ohas  Settlemier, Maj.   Wood.    Dr. Varicle.  ��������� T>anJMathcson, and Duffcrin Patti.I-  lo.  GOV. MclNNES WILL TRY  TO GET APPROPRATION  ALWAYS KEEPS CHAMBER  LAIN'S REMEDY IN HIS HOUSE  "We would not he without Cham  hcrlam's Cough Remedy. It i.s loepl  on hand continually in our home.'  says W. W. .Kearney, editor of the It.  dependent, Lowry City, Mo. Thai  is just what c>ery family should do  When kept at hand ready for instanl  use, a cold may be checked at thr  outset and cured in much less tirre  than after it has become settled ii  tho    system. 'Ilus remedy  is alsr  ���������witliout a peer for cioup in children  and will prevent the attack when gi  en as soon as the child becomes  hoarse, or even after the cioup\  cough appeals, which can he done 0n  ly when the remedy is kept at hand  For sale hy Ladysmith Pharmacy.  Seattle, April 2.��������� Tho banquot  to be gi\en at the Washington hotel tonight to odicidlly launch l.'-f  .-roposed Aia&Ka-Yulion exposil ioi.  nas been postponed until April 11.  on account of the absence from tho  ���������ity of J. E. Chilberg and se%-  ���������ral    other  gentlemen      who are  members   of the  board    of     trustee*  This  action has  been    taken      under  he   instructions    of   .J.    S. ������Jold-  the   Yukon   territory   will   take a  gieat      interest'    in thc , cxposirion  was shown by a letter received*  from, him by Godfrey , Cheat under  of the lioard'of trustees, hi the lot.-  ter Gov. Mulnnes states that he  is much interested - in the banquet  that i& to ne held nnd desires L'ua!  tlie full particulars of the woik  that is io be undertaken he sent  is   but ore  he   leaves  Ottawa,       where  <-mith,     chairman  of   the    commi1 ice   he  now   is       on   government     trillion   permanent   organization,   booau-,0.   ess.     This   is   done     with  the     idea  it   was  thought   better     not   to li >!.l. that'he might  take    stops   mv arils-  the   banquet,     which  will   mean j'    a ' obtaining-    an   appropriation        fro-.-i  i;reat deal   towards     the success     of   the   Canadian     government  for     Hit1  i ������  'he  exposition,      except ��������� undei       the   erection      of  a   building     *r>        r^pi  ���������:iost  auspicious   circumstances. [resent   the   Yukon   territory       b''f-re  That   Gov.    W.   W.    D. 3Hclimes, ol   he  leaves   the  Canadian  capili-I.  NOTICE is hetehy  giu'n  that I  intend to   apply  at  the  next  sitting ol  the License Boaid 'of the citj   of Ladysmith B.C. for a transfer of the retail  liquor  license  now held  by  mc  for the premises knov,n as the  New  Western Hotel,   situated on Lot    ���������!.  Block 28,  to John Menghiiii.  atty      I)  II    '>\YIS.  Dated -it Ladysmith 11: is^    .'i day of i  Maich,  1906. I  Smol.c Little B   Cigars.  ER< 0K6������  PHOTOGRAPH    STL'DIO  is Again  Op^n  VICTORIA   ORESCENT     opposite Fire IlallP  natmo, B. C.  cTMGWEY   TALKS/-  AS LOUD TO US   AS   ANYONE'. ,,,,,n-   vm-n   nffl I ARS  IF  YOU ARE PAYING  CASH FOR vOl R   MKA1   ^ OUR   DOLLAKis  WILL GO FURTHER IF  YOU  BUY    !R0W  US  -Our Gash Prices Sannot 8s Beateir  PAN NELL 'A..-  FLASKET  t  si*i-;a.m hhatkd  weu- i-uunj.shkii rooms  epimalt   & Nanaimo Railway  Time Table No. 51  Trail a ieave l-������������������iysmith for Victoria and all intermediate stations at  tt.10 am. daily, and at 4.00 p.m. on Wednesdajs, .Saturdays and Sundays.                      '���������  Trains   leave, '.adysmith  for Wellington and   all  intermediate stations  at.   11 57 u.ai   dmiy,  audit  O'.flt/ p. in.' oh H'edna'days,   Saturdays'    and  Sundays.                 ---���������..-.'���������  * ..    "             * * .  , Excursion Tickets ^-r.-_ ���������>������  ON SALE   :   >      '-ID  FROM ALL STATIONS  good for gong journey  Saturday.'.   *nu'������>uu.L)s, returning no't'later than  the  following Monday. '1-1      .1 ." . .  ���������:���������" "������i me. ^oan   '.        ".������������������-)��������� I \t  'M  lirilllllt    . ��������� ���������     ���������. :  Sails from La������ysmith .>>���������:   Vancouver every'Saturday at 6.00 a.m.. and  returning sails from Vancou. :������    tat   Ladysnmrh at 2.30 p.m.  Cor. Fort'a.i'-Oi-nrtprr.r.-..     Streets.,  CJSO. L- wOURTNEY.  "krizi.     rt. & Pass. Agt.  A.J. McMURTRlE, Proprietor  dak sri plik/j wit     ti  WINKS, UQUORti. CIGAR*-  :otel  LADYSMITH,!'.       i  Newly fitted up and  Furnished  Good tables and good  Rooms  PORTLAND  '     DAVID HYNES, Proprietor. ,  3oard at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra  well  Stocked  This  Hotel haa    been  completely      renovated.  Board a������d' lodging $1.00 per day.  HOTEL    PRETORIA  JOHN Tl?A, Proprietor  ������ar. Supplied  with  the Best   Wines, 1st Avenue-:-: :-: '.-' Ladysmith B C.  Liquors and Cigars.  l& a.'-j^j-tassEsaaestSsr  Thi  SCHOOL FOR HANGMEN.  Realistic     lessons in the gruesome  rt ,of hanging  were gi-.cn on   Thursday, in strict secrecy,  in Pentonville  Prison.  The     recent     death   of Billiirgton,  vho officiated at numerous executions'  'laving   created    a,vacancy     in  Uie  tanks of the small  number of men on  the Home Office list qualified to cauy  .ut the last sentence of the 'law, lhc.  authorities are taking great pains to  tisure that  thc new  man   who       is  Khortly  to  hc appointed   shall   uc .*i:  idept at his work.   To  this end sv---  ennat-ic lessons   on    ho        .v      and  ractice of hanging have  been   ,';!ven  to selected candidal cs for some .Vd-'ks  ast.  Each     accepted candidate has      a  .uglily acquainted with  the mi'cluu-  veek's training-,   his tutors  hcing ex-  erienced   waiciers.   He is-.made    ,or-  ism of the scaffold, and practises, wiiJl  sandhans  roughly fashioned to  repte-  ent men of different weights.  The latest candidate,  who vi   n w  s;oing through his week's course   at,  '���������"cntonvilie, * is    a Ibm^ni'deitT  in a  olunteer jregiment, and a well       i.v-i  rtratle union official. When lhe . al  selection is made the successful applicant's name (more than le ay  possibly bp chosen) will hc ltiiisJ  hy the Home Ollice to all high -..,���������  iffs as one qualified to carry >-;jir. an  eveiiution.���������London   Evchan^e.  Best  accommodation for  transient  ind permanent boarders and lodgers  GRAND       HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfort-  aMy furnished and the bar is up-to-  dt������te. Rates.$1.00 a day and ' ������p  w\rds.  WM.���������BEVERIDGE, Prop.  ������>Vlaaad* >-: :���������: '���������<���������'��������� :������' T^adysmltt  HOTEL   DOMINION  ?*  Every good dealer carries this  Boot. Take no substitute  MEN'S   KIP   WHOLE   BAtjK-  B00TS have double sole and  slip,   Hungarian   nailed   and  standard screw fastened, high  or low cut  The  mo*!   popular  Miner's  Boot   ever turned out of a  factory  VANCOUVER, B.C.  ^������b^i^^������^^. "*$_iu.A tf  YNOPSIS OV TANA 1)1 VN N'Om'Il  WEST MINING, RPXJI-.ATIONS  Coal���������Coal  lands   may   he  puichas  d at S10 per acre for soft coal   am1  20  for  anthracite.   Not   more   than  20 acres can bc acquired by  one in  ividual  or company.   Royally     . Hie  rate    of  ten cents per   ton  of  2,00'  iouiuIs     shall      be collected   nn   th.  -ross  output  ���������"Juart/���������A tiec miner's ceil;Conic h  ranted  upon  payment   in advance o'  7.50   per   mini m   for   an   individual  nd from  $f>0 to  JldO per annum fo������  company, according to Ciipil.il.  A      free  m.iier,   having  dioco^uri-il  .uncral  in  place,  may lot-ate a chiin  ,500  x   1,500   feet.    The  lee   for   re  ording a claim   is ' $5.00  At least $100  must be expe-ndoi! **n  hc claim  each   year or   paid   to  th'  Dining recorder  in lieu   thereof. When; jjj  500, lias   been  expended   fir> paid, the  )Cator   m������.y,   upon   having   a survey  ���������lade, and   upon   complying  with  oth  ���������r requirements,   purchase  the land at  tl  an acre.  The patent provides for the pay-  ���������������������������nent of a royalty of 2J per. cent on  the sales.  PLACER mining claims generally  ire 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yeaily.  A free miner may obtain  two leases   to dredge  for   gold   of   five miles  ������ach for a term   of twenty years, rc-j  aewable at the descretion of theMin-;  ister of the Interior.  The lessee shall have  a dredge    in  operation  within one season. From tbp j ||  late of the lease for each fivc miles.jp  Rental, $10  per  annum  for each mile,  of river Teased.    Royalty at the rate j |  of 2| per cent collected  on the out-  mt after it exceeds $10,000.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy of  the Minister  of  the  In  "*erlor.  THE JONES HOTEL  mmm~mmmmmt  ,  ���������Rates ^1.25 ui  d$l.B0���������'  ,  Free baa to all 6 team bout  landing  HI1'  railway depots.    Electr  e ears every  !l    ���������  tainntea to all parts ol  , the city.  Bo  and table unexcelled.  ���������  F. BAYNEfi  Proprietor,  i  *ABBOTT   ST.,   VANCOUVER  B  C  ,  ���������WHITE   .COOK���������  and  ���������WIIITE   J j A BOK���������  Employed Only  (Half Block from Depot.)  GATACRE   STREET-     Ladysmith  Leads Them    All  ./."jNMUALETY  -:o:-  R. P. RITHET,  & Co., Ltd  .   Pacific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA, :���������: :-:   -   .���������: :~B.C  Under Maraj^ment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  Jas. R. McKinnel  Proprietor.  Commercial Mens' headjim-ters.  Modem  and     Stiictly FirstfClais  -   Fire Proof    Huildiif.  WANTED���������Hy Chicago wholesale  house, special representative (.man or  woman) Fcr each province in Canada.  Salary $20 00 and expenses paid  weekly. Expense money advanced.  Business successful; position permanent. No investment rcquiictl. Previous experience not essential .to engaging-  Address Manager, 132  LaK'c Street,  Chicago,   III., U.S.A.  TO FERNIE, B.C.  . Read L<Qwn . ������.<.<-  9 p.m. I,v.  Victoria   An.   4*J  J.  S oo p. in. U������.   Seattle   '' An  >.oo a.m.  9.21 p. iu, Air.   Everett    Arr. 7.30 a.m  '9.30 a. 111. Arl.--Sr'iJ������tANK Arr 7,45  p ill  6.25   .iu An.'  BtxforJ , Arr 12.30 p. 111.  8.1b  p.    1   ix.    ������lLe   Arr.  1042 a. 111.  9.00 p iu.    Irr.     Veruie   l,v.9 55 a   111.  ONK   ������*1GHT     '  To an  Kooteriay  Point*  TWO   .NIGHTS    j  To    Winmi-e^ and St.' Paul  Close Connections  ���������."   For    Chicago," Toronto.'  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PARKER  General  .ffeat,  -<W 2nd Ave., Seattl*.     -  LADYSiVllTH  BAKfiRV  CMOICE CAKES^ AND PASTRY  ALWAYS    FRESH   ON HAND  Wedding    Cake* .-Xade   to Ord������r  FRUITS"   AN])    CANDIES OF  ALL  KINDS.    fKJESil    BREAD   EVERY    DAY  Prices    are     Very'Reasonable.     All  Customers. ar������ T'reated Alike.  HOP; LEE A CO.  ON THE   8SPLANADE.  HEAD OFFICE  DUNCANS STATION.  Vancouver Island, B, G,  CLERMONT -LIVINGSTON' -.."  General Manager.  a  *4������I"H"I-4"l-!'-!--f-I-l"l"l������:-I ���������: i ;���������; -y-f-l-i f-M-*.l������F'l������>>T"l"I-"I-l"T*-'I"I"f*I"I'.'I"5"M"M'^  S  ST.  Cor, 5ih. Avenue & Baden Powell Stfect  Open night and Day. A good mea! at any hour  Meais 35c. and Upward  Mannfa'cturers of the Famous  CUBAN 8L03SO;i  None bu   Union Labor    Employed  H   I.  BOOTH. Prop  SIUVES & B4THS  Having take������ "var the b������.rl>er shop  known as ������he Ladysmith Shaving  Parlors, High St., I inland, by keep  ing competent tvorkmen, to sonduct  1 a lirst-class establishment, and re-  speotiully soliel% your p-atronafie.  THOMAS LEWIS  ..Oca ers In . ..  Pianos and ^  Organs ..  Ladysmith, B.C  NOTICE  The partnership existing between  C. H Rumming and W. E. Rumming  carrying on business in'the. City- of  Ladysmith, B. C, as manufacturers  of carbonated ���������-beverages, etc., under  the'firm name of Rumming Bros., is  hereby diseolral. All outstanding  accounts must be paid to W. E. Rum  ming, who will continue the busin0s.s  and .pay all accounts against the firm  of Humming Bros.  C.  I-I. RUMMING,  W. E. RUMMING.  Dat������d at Ladyawk* this  28tH Day  of Feb., 1006���������!  ���������: (       '  ' '   ���������* ' '^ ������������������*������������������ "/������������������a- ,���������������-^ ������W Wji-'qii ^���������"frtefcaMWh ������������������~vr-i--���������-L-,:'----'JiYiriln .It   n ������--������������������^-���������r '-,,  i.-Vnej3ffi,jste_  s  THE DAILY LEDGER  NANAIMO NEWS NOTES    NOW DOWIE IS  The Henrietta     was expected       to f    3.���������Give detail  description of  arrive   last night     to take      aboard  I following:  the  a cargo of  sack    coal   for thc North  The Terje Vilcon loft Union _ Way  last night for Departure Bay where  she will complete her cargo of coal,  for  San Francisco.  In the Provincial Police Court last  night a Chinaman named Charlir-  Ling was fined SfO and costs-'for  supplying liquor to Mary Frani-  an Indian woman who was also fined  $5  for  being -drunk.  Mr. Jack Weeks and bride.- arrived from , Roslyn. Wash'.. on Sat -  urday night, and will take up their  residence  in  this  city.  Miss. Margaret    Simpson and Rotr-  -    inal. Eden        Austin     of   Vancouver.  were united  in  'marriage      yestenlai  afternoon nt   St.  Paul's     church    le  ,   the Rev.    Silva   White."  Considerable damage was done 'nl  >��������� the North field works of the Ham  ilton Powder Company yesterday'  by 'an explosion of a quantity w  nitrate. Thc roof of the building  ,was blown ofT' and the sides hulger  out. Fortunately only "ono work-  ���������, mail was engaged in the buikling  at the time, and he escaped without sei ions   injury. '  o Eleven cases     were     dealt with   in  -"    the  City   Police   Court     during    .th.'  month -     of       March/      while"     in  the  Provincial'*   court  twelve  cases  were  before the  magistrate.  ' - *\  Western     Fuel      Company ,     shipments  for the  past   month    total leu  c  22,575   tons. _  In    thc  Athletic club  on    Sunday  ttheilnoon     delegates   ' from  ���������     Duh-  . cans,   Ladysmith     and Nanaimo met  to      discuss     matters     in     connect  ion  with   Hie  recently   formed    base-  .ball  league  in  connection' with ��������� the  C.'ouge  and   Cheatwood     Cup.   Thes  present     were     II.   Herd    and       il.  Keast Duncans;*    C.   F.- Erb.   -   Chemainus,     J.  Sanderson-.   Ladysmith.  and' R.    Vipond "and   :������1.   McKinnull.  Nanaimo.  i'our   teams have entered  the  race  ' for  the cup,        the entrance   lee   being placed  at    ������1.00       '   .  Owing-   to the inconvenience     of     a  , fi.-e  team     schedule,   it   was  decided  to  make   it  a  four   team  league, thc  winners     of  the  ��������� League   to      play  the  locai     Indians  a .post    ���������  season  series for     the  possession    of       the  cup  which  is at  present ������������������ held       toy  the  Indians.  "The team having the most points  at the end,of the season is to be  declared tho winner, two points  being allowed for a win and one  for a draw. In case of any team  ���������defaulting a game unless giving a  satisfactory   reason   therefor, the  points  are to  be  awarded the       op  posing  team-  The Victor and Reach ball were  adopted as thc officii-1 hall of thv  League, the home team is to appoint the umpire and no club i.s  allowed  to  play  paid    men.  The first   game,  of  the  season      is  to  be, played  in   this  city   on    Sunday     April     loth.      the        opposing  teams  being  Nanaimo     and       Lady-  ' smith.  . (a)  Blood clot.  (b) Artificial   respiration.  (c) The  diaphragm. -  (d) The pupil  and  its relationship  to accident '- and  disease.  (e) The  corebro, spinal cavity.  (f) The  peritoneum,   and     mention  contents.  4.���������Fractures?  fa;   Classification.  (b) Symptoms.   -  (c) Treatment-���������enter fully into discussion  of splints and appliances.  ���������  5,���������Discuss the following:  ia)   Antiseptics  and  disenfectants.  (b)iPoisons���������Classifications,        an! ���������-  dole's  and  geneial   outline   in      era-  urgency cases.  (c) Wounds���������Classifscalion and giv.j  your treatment of oiia variety  only.  a���������'Optimal the discussion of tin.  question regimes not- 'less thai!  two sheets   >f exei'd- ������ti.->n   pupi-r.  A man ���������eci.'.'s a M.nv on '. ���������.���������������  parietal region, left, side,���������your ex,  animation reveals, compound fractuiN  of   the skull.  (a) dive symptons -expected in detail, /  (b). Describe/ the, path    of       th  motor;nerve   'impulse -from'tbjs   re,'  gion of   the brain      to   Uie     bicep:-  muscle. ,    . *     ;       ',        ' '  (c)   Treatment  in full    _of        sucl  accident:,      ��������� .     '  J     ' NOTICE.  ^NOTICE  is hereby  ghen   that  I  intend  to apply at the next sitting  C*\ TT?Qt������r% RV 7\f\M of the License Board of the City ������f  V-������UIVOCJLy   D I     ZrflwlN _ LadysnUUi     B.C.,  for a transfer of   ;  the retail liquor license now held by  Chicago,    April,   2.���������Today   a cable   hva, (Jenoral  Overseer,  \\ illiam ^:lp- mc for  the premises known   as the La-  was  scut   to     Howie   in  Mexico   an-   er#   over.seer  for   Chicn������>n,     It.        J-:.   c*-v'snn'Jl   Hotel,   situated   on   Lot   9,  nouncing  that hc has   been suspend-   C'antell'      overseer     for   the     Unite I   *U*0C*C 27i to Robt. Scott  and   Alex-  Cantell',  Kingdom  i our   legal  advisors.     1  have  transfer  overseer  , for   thc  and   D.   ilraxlicld,  lTnite.1  vicu-  ed  from      the  church     he      founded.  LIo   is  also accused   of advising jonv  of  his   followers      to   practice  polyg- i ,.,,,.   ,,~   ���������  .-���������.       ,,   .       .      ., ,  i ������    .; a   j j.L,,j   iftf.  entire     estate    to  Alexander  amy.      The     message   is  as   follows: >' f.,.������������������,.. ���������  '���������Dowie.  Smith.  (  "Ocotlan,  Jalisco,  Mexico.  "TWegvam        received    liere        ami  Chicago.   Practically-all   of them     including-      Cincinnati      representatives   has  an  aoopi-tunity   to   reply  endorse        Volivas'      administration    charge."  Spelchers    i-cinstatcmcnt     and  Gran-'    Late   today,     Alexander    Granger  P.  W.  MILLAR  by his atty.  in fact,  MARGARET  A.   REID  genera! financial   Manager Dated af Ladysmith  the 10th day of   ' "'" "' "   "'    '    190G.  I Union  Brewing Co  X NANAIMO    B. C.  i ���������  ". "  -r       flanufacturers of the  i  The teachings    of polygamy was not  March  made in  public   but   was   done      pri- .  \ately.     L 'shall     not   go , into      de  tails   in   this     matter     until    Dowie  to tin-  turned o\er all /.ion property stant|  ing in the name of Dowie to Vol-  iva. thus giving- him all the au-  formerly    htdd by  gers retention, emphatically. protesting against your extiavagance  and   hypocrisy.      misreptesontations,,  exaggerations, tyranny and injustice \ (hority in power  Vo,u are hereby suspended from of- Dowie.  lice and membership for polygam- president of the Zion University  ous teaching and other grave char- Otorscor .John Excel I, general Fie-'  ge.s. See letter and quietly^ re- cesluutocal Secretary and .lohu  lij-o.  -'Further intcrferance   will-  piv-   CI.      Speedier,     Overseer    for       /.ion  rebel 1-   City.  cipitate complete, exposure,  ion and legal proceedings. Your  ���������statements of stupendously magnificent financial outlook is extremely foolish in view of thousands suf-  crin'g -through your, .shameful mismanagement. Z-ion and creditors  will be protected at all costs."  This  message    was    signed by Vol-'  ''This is our ultimatum to Dowie," said Voliva, speaking of thc  message. "We have 'hot taken this  step without serious consideration  nnd we now await iknvie's action.  Our legal position in this i.s under tho general power, of attorney  which   I  hold   upon   tho    advice       of  ���������am  On behalf of Ralph. Johnson,  hereby challenge Sine Swansoe.  to ;a-' wrestling match, catch-as-  catch^can ��������� stylo'. best two out . oi  three falls, at catch weights lor a  purse ofJ $100 winner take all  gate receipts, match to take  place in about three or four week's  time. As. the match, between Swari-  >6n and.'Matsiida.."is -practically ,'de-  claied off I believe if is up to  Swanson , to- ��������� ^ive,us the i-eturn  match in view of the fine showing  Johnson nia'cle against him whir.  they Jast met... ^.Awaiti-ng , a fa^-  ora'bly reply,  ���������_* .- ���������   *-, I''.remain, .<-..,;'.-,    ��������� -  JAMES BAKER,  f  Manager; forj Johnson.  FIRE  FUNERAL OF MR. HAAHLTON.  On Sunday afternoon the mortal  remains of the late Mr. James  Hamilton were laid to rest in the  Nanaimo Cemetery the Rev. J.  M. Millar officiating. Thc funeral  was largely attended by,many old  time friends of the deceased as well  as many Nanaimo citizens. The pallbearers were: Messrs. \V. Reid. R  Gibson, sr.. W. Patterson, W. IT.  Morton,     J.   Renwiek     and  J.  Cros-  san.  the  met  house  rxapi-  h.:ld  About twenty members of  St. John's Ambulance Class  last night in the nu\\ court  to take part in the annual  ination which last night was  under the supervision of Dr. I log I e-  The one being the most prol'n icnt  in the work will be presented  with a handsome gold medal which  is being donated by Mr. i.ito'-lyitt,  and which is now "cm exhiltit.ion i:i  the window of E. \V. Harding,  the locail  jeweller.  The medal is a valuable on.Vnr.i!  who ever mayprove to be the lucky  winner will no doubt fee', proud of.  the   prize. *TJ  In about a week's 'time the pa; -  ers of those taking *������.v*'t i" the  examination will be. thoroughly gone  over  and  the  results announced.  The award   of the  medal    io '   tho  one  showing   thc      mill   proficiency  will  take  place  at  an  open    meeting  of   tho  class     sometime    in   lhe:neni*'  future.  Below   will be  foun 1 th-'   .���������ueslinns  asked at last night's /jxiuriuiation.  The  Ambulance    Exam  1,���������Circulation   of   the   blood?  Describe, the mechanism and detail  description   of the  blood  fluid.  2���������ITomorrhncre?  Discuss the different 'forms of bleed  ing, and anatomical structures in  volved in  each. .  DEF.'ARjTM E NT   COM L'T. ������-  V.-   *MF:!flED.V'  The .Chief of Nanaimo   Fire Dept    -  Nanaimo,   .11.0.  Dear Sir,���������The   quick   response.that  your.'.department     gave on March.27,  to the: call  sent   in  from   our   .mill  merits favorable" comment.    .    "     "~  Although -yopr  services  were   .  not  required,     still' wo  feel    inclined    lo  enclose you  a  small   cheque   in   ' return...       .->... -  ���������,  Trusting     that      your department  mayprove  as  efficient'   in   nil  cac-s  as   they 'did  here,   we  remain.  Yo.uis Truly/ " -'    ���������  The Nanaimo  Lumber Co.  JOHN-w. coBr;Pv\r  Managing Director,  Thc rcgulai meeting; of the city  council took place last evening  in the Council Chambers, Aldermen  Barnes, Newton, Barlow, Graham,  Knarston, Hodgson, Ilandlea Kirkham.   and  Dick  being  present.  Mayo;- Planla presided.  - The minutes    of  thc provious'meet-  ing   were read  and  on  motion      adopted.  A communication was received  from Mr. J. . Coburn, Manager  of the Nanaimo Lumber Company.  as  follows: :  His    Worship the Mayor   and Aldermen,    City of Nanaimo  U.   C  Dear Sirs,���������We are contemplating  stacking timber in the vacant lots  near the intersection of Comox road  and the E. j& N. railroad, and load  ingj cars in*'"the -new -siding put in  there-for-our 'use,> and as there is  considerable danger through sparks  from the locomotive, passing,"'������������������': we  ���������would like-to have- connection made  as hoar this.- point as possible; with  the city water main, lor n: two  inch water'service 'that wo may  connect  oui* "hose ���������*'to   in case of fire  .Wo trust that your . honorable,  body,, will see ..your'-"way clear to  grant- Us ;this-privilege.  Thanking,.,ypu  in  anticipation,  We   ivmdin,  . ���������,    Yours  very  truly.  The   Nanaimo   Lumber-Co.  John   W.   Coburh,  Managing Dii*ector.  Aid.'.Barnes';��������� "moved,   seconded      by  Aid.  Barlow , that the communication  fie" i-eferred-^o   the  Water        Works  committee they  using their  discretion  as  to' the ;eost'.of the   work.  Aid. Kiri.ham did, not ((uitc tin- |lloimced' to the  dei-stand the meaning of tho, communication as to whether the Company would bear the expense of the.  work or if they ; wanted thc city  to     do  it   free of  charge.  Aid. -.Barnes was of the opinion  that the Lumber Company werc  willing to. pay the expense themselves."  .Aid.. Dick, did no"t think so. :Ma������_  ager Coburii liatf' already interviewed the City Manager, who bad  informed him ns to thc cost of  tho work and Mr. Coburn sum  lie  would..Jftake';;'tb.it Aaiatl.-r, to Lhc  council, so evidently the Company  expected the city , to'.'bear the expense.  Aid, tfewton thought that if , the  (Jompaiiy wanted the work " done  sjiecially for themselves, they should  jertainly pay  tho  cost,  of  the  same  Aid. Hodgson���������This connection was  Lo protect property outside tho city  limits and'* he thought the Com-  >any  ought   to bear the   expense.  Mayor- Planta was of the opinion  that ,as tlie proposed connection wa-*  for fire purpose only the Com-  mny should be charged the bare  ,:ost of tapping the main. If they  ���������isod the water, for any other pur  *oses than fire they could be charged  accordingly.  The  moi ion  of   Aid.   Barnes      car-  ���������.  ried.  A communication was received  from Mr. Ralph Smith, ALP., in reference to the installing of an au-  lomaric fog-a}cmn ��������� at Protection  Point, a<> follows. Tho letter was  one Mr. Smitli had - received from  the Deputy Minister of Marine.  Ottawa:  Sir,���������-i hate to ac'.nowlcdge receipt of your letter of the 13 th.  inst., forwarding the Resolution of  the Municipality of Nanaimo, dat-  edFeb. ~ ~j, 1������0(>, with reference to  installing an automatic bell on  thc point of Protection island, en-  tiance     to   Nanaimo harbor,  1 have to inform you that this  matter has been approved by the  Department and instructions were  given   some   time   ago     to    ship     to  Lhe  Agent  at      Victoria     a suitable  bell       for      this  point:     I        regret  that  there   has  been     delay  in   coir-  plying    withmy instructions  in     this  matter  and   I   am   having    the    mnt-  Ler     investigated    and   will;    further  communicate   with    you.      I am sii.  Your   obedient   Servant,  Deputy Minister  of Marine      and  Fisheries  Aid. Hodgson moved that the  communication be received and acknowledged, Aid.- Barlow seconded  and   the  motion   carried.  The poundleejer reported six animals impounded during Lhe ' past  week.  The City Manager reported. ex-  ( end if ore for the past week as  follows:  lluilding new sidewalk on Bastion  Street and removing old sidewalK  ou FirouL Street, cleaning- drains,  cutting ditch and laying pipe on  I.,ub-bock Square and. repairing,  sidewalk at   a   total cost    of ������54..05.  Digging drain and laying pipe on  Lubbock Square and Fitzwilliam  Street to carry the water away  from Mr.- Moffat's property complete at. estimated cost of $25.00  Water   Works.  Service  ......S21   f.f������  General  Repairs   It.2.".  the  time.  II is to be hoped that a large  number of citizens will then tur'  up at the meeting in reS;-onsj to  thvi Mayor's call, and niuL'i 1iie  Celebration Committee , a t norou-  ghly representative one. There ia  only about six weeks intervening  between now and the 2-A.ii. anil:  no time should be lost in preliminaries, that is if the citi'em decided to celebrate the old time.  holiday  INSURANCE  LAW IS   '  SIGNED  Albany, N.Y, April 2���������Governor Higgins this afternoon signed  the first of the insurance investigating coiinittce bills that which  will legislate out of ofiire the trustees and the directors of the four  -Mutual Life Insurance Companies  of this state on November 15,  and postpone their annual elections   Lo   that  date.  Albany,    N.    Y,   April2.��������� The    Sr.������t  of  the ten bills  proposed      by      the  special     investigating    committee  as  the  results     of  long      and     sensational     investigation     of     life  insurance  methods  and   conditions   is   no'v  a   law.      Governor   Higgins   th ������������������.    evening  affixed his  signature    to       ili-s  bill  which prstpon'-s    un'  l'   Ivfovcm-  bcr  15,     the  annual '���������lcctioiss.of the  Mutual     Reserve     cr"    Ne.v       York,  and Security    Mutual     J������! -n.-hn:npton  the  four  purely      \������T. ���������-!      T.i"i���������     In-  durance     Coinpanio*. incoi pot--.'. ! i n-  der the  laws   of th^  ������-ini<*.  -o   Any  Kind  of  Job  Printing-  Done Promptly and  WELL  At  f In   British Columbia  J.    Lager  Beer   and Porter      Guaranteed   Brew  ������   ed from the Best Canadian Malt   Run   Hops  * <-��������������������������������� 4-f ��������������������������������������������� ��������� 4-t*f-t-f-f-f+t*������"f-t-t ������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 4������f-M-f ������������������������������������-������������������������ <f  LAC /SMITH TRANSFER STABLE  PIANOS,     ORGANS    AND HOUSEHOLD     KURNITURF MOV-  ED PROMPTLY  A  ND SAFELY.  Stables in the rear of the Ladysmith hotel.  Abbots ford.  Leave orders at  the ^  4-  X  ���������"���������-���������-������������������*"������������������������������������������������������-������������������������������������-*������������������������������������������������������������������������ *������������������������������������-��������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������-���������-������������������������������������-r������������������������������������������������������������������������. t  A. J. WASKET, PROP  GENERAL BLACKSMITH SHOP  Miners'Drilling Machines  MADE TO ORDER and REPAIRED   AT   SHORT  NOTICE        DRILLS  SHARPENED  BY US      ALWAYS     GIVE SATISFACTION.   PICKS HANDLED A   NL. REPAIRED-^���������  -S III P S M I T H I N cT    Tn     ul   I t s , b r a n c has  Horseshoers and Gener?? Biacksmitfis.  R. W RIGHT  Buller Street   ...     -  Ladysmith, B O  m*m������*������m*m������M*m������m������m*iiii������m0*������m������x������x������*������*������M*m������x*M������m,  HOCKEY  PLAYER  DYINO  LEDGER  Office  CHOHfli  1st Avenue  x.  X  X  X  LIVERY, BOARDING AND  SALES STABLES  EXPRESS  WORK   A  SPECIALTY.  DAVID JOHNSON  L4DYS.UIT  x  *���������  *PHONE 66  LIGHT TEAMING  WjiJ a.U iir.c i>r >i'j  .SEE J.   KE11P.   OR LEAVE    ORDERS   RITH  - W. CARTER,-  riRST AVENUE  PHONE     6 0  W. SILER  GENEKALLXPRESS.AND  DELIVERY    .  WORK TROMPTLY  Of  Leave orders at the Abhotsford.  Total $32  Sfi  Both  i-oporls   were re&eived and hied-  Council  then   adjourned.  At     t.ho  close  council   meet inil-  of last ���������? night's  Mayor Planta an  Aldermen thai ho  intended calling- a public meeting of  the citizens 1'or Monday niyliL next  after thc close of the council nn-t't-  ing for the purpose of tli-st'iis ^ ���������������  the question of the 2-1th of May  colebration. As the council c-t<-  tri'huted lihcraliy to the funds, the  Mayor wished that all the Alder  men     would   remain     to this im  portant meeting- and help tho thing  along. In the past, the same cir.v d  had taken the i-o.sjjonsibilii." nl the  celobrat ion and it was hardly fair  continued the Mayor, to push the  work off  on  the same shoiiMars    all  Montreal, April 2.���������Fred Brophy.  tfoal keeper for the Montreal Hockey Club team i.s in a serious condition as the result of a blow received in a hockey match in Ottawa  las*t month between lus team and  the Ottnwas. All'. Smith of Ottawa's fcn\ar<is is alleged to lia.ve  struck the blow .which broke Bro-  phy'4 nose Complications have  set in and lie is now in a dangerous   condition.  FOR  BAl  J. PIERCY & GO.  Manufacturers.,Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC.  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER WORKS  Consumers are requested to call at   the office     on  Robert,   Street and  pay Water     Rotes, between the 10th   and the 25th of each luu-th.  Office Hours I P. M. 4.30  T, ] BLAND  SUPERINTENDENT.  A FAVORITE REMEDY  ��������� BIES ,  It's pleasant taste and prompt j  cures have made Clianiilierlain's Cough  Uemedy a favorite with the -mothers  of small children. It quickly cures  their couglii- and colds and prevents  my danger of pneumonia or other  serious consequences. It not only  ���������ures croup, hu.t when given as soon  is the croupy cough appears will pre  vent the attack. For sale hy .Lady smith Pharmacy.  WHOLESALE DRY GOOD  EXCELLENT  Train Service  BETWEEN  CHICAGO, LOHOOH,  KMlfLTGN, TORONTO,  MOHTRE&L, OUFeEG,  posrnm boston,  And tbo Principal BitBlnosa Centers of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, HEW YORK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA NIAGARA FALLS.  For Time Tables, etc., address  CEO. W. VAUX,  Assistant Gcn'l rassenper and Ticket Acent  135 Adams St., CHICAGO,-!!.!..  VICTORIA, B. C.  NOTICE  From      this data  the  undersigned  will   not  be  responsible  foi   any in  debtedness     incurred except on      ������  written'brfler signed by the secretary  Rowland Machin.  1 V.  I. EXPLORATION & DEVEL  OPMENT CO., LTD.  Non Personal .'Lfabll-'ty.  Victoria. B. C. Miv  ISth. 1901.  HAY, GRAIN and  FARM PRODUt  Orders will be delivered anywherr  in the city promptly and at the lo *>  est possible priceo.  Leave orders at Christie'*, o������ ti'  E������f������Ianaii.  Manses Warnoclr  i  Public  Notice  Attention Is called to ihe   iact that tfat  Ogilvie Flour mils  Co,   Limited  makers  of ROYAL HOUSEHOLD    FLOUR.     have for some  tlmi  past been producing flow In a  vastly  improved and purlfl ��������� ���������'  'orro  by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having' secured control of   all the. basic patents relating thereto, take this opportunity of a dvising  the  public   that  any  orized users of the electrioal   flour purifying processes  will  He prosecuted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Company Lfmitod  are the    only    millers ia Canada  whose   Flo elf  is purified by the Electric Process  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual  subjects  taught;   also      l������n-  guage", drawing  in   pencil  and crayons,  paint ng  in oils and  water col  ors, pianoforte and vocal lessons glv  en in classes or individually.  MISS BERTRAM,  iAdysmith. BO.  Dr. R. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist  All work guaranteed, *nd at reaso  able ratec.  RESIDENCE AND OFFICE  Gatacre St. Ladysmith  OPEN AT JLZI* HOURS,  Ladysmith Temple No.  5   {:. ���������  Sisters meets at the Oddfellows   '.nil  2nd   and   4th   Tuesday   at   T....   --..u.  Mrs.   Kate Tate secretary.  UNITED ANCIENT  ORDER OF  DRUIDS  Wellington  Grove No.  4 U.   A. 0.   I>  Jleets in the I' 0 0 .F. Hall, l.u-  dysiuitli, the Socond and .Fourtn  Wednesdays of each month, commeno-  mg Wednesday,  13th..  1905.  Visiting Druids     are invited to at-*  tend.  By Order.  WM. RAFTER, Reef Secty,  PATRICK BURK, N, A,  ���������ta *'*>���������������������>**>;:������v* .f-;_ |W   ^Ifc--  THE    DAILY    LKT������- i'R.  Local Items  ���������,   for sale  Twelve Head of Cows and  Milk Route. Apply  P. O.  'Box 99.  WANTED���������Any person having, furniture or cooking stove to- sell, apply "X," general delivery before  C>  p.m., April,  3rd.  Smoke Little B   Cigars.  OLD MAN DROWNED  IN THE INLET  Vancouver, April 3:���������The dead body  oi Dup.ca'n \V; Cuiiipbcll, for ���������many  }'ears a well known carpenter oi  iMount Pleasant, was found e-uly this  morning lying in the water alongside Linton's, slip at the foot of  Carrall street. It is believed that  lhe aapd man walked oil the slip  in the dark and was ch owned. An  inquest will be held lnte this afternoon at the undertaking parlous of  Messrs. Kemp & Simpson.  The deceased is well known, having    1 eon  a resident of Vancouvei    for   a  'mimil-er    of roars.      lie lea\cs    two  On GGod Friaily,  April 13th,     the  sonS;  one  a cicric   -n tile cm,,i0y     of  local school    will give  a gymnasium   V.  A.  Lee,  and  the other a ' driver  exhibition    at    the* school   building. 'f������������'   *-������������������*- Raciiic Transfer company.  Tickets are now out, and further par  ticulars will  be published later.  Ca'u'nets-C for One Dollar. Stamp  Photos 25c. Monti uy, April 9th, thc  last day.     Sclienck, the photographer  ,        iii-O  . Mrs.  ,J.  Sanders, accom'paiiiptl    liy  her  daug-hlcr,   Mis   (.'.   Cornish,    left  on   the  morninu's  train   for     Exten  sio:i on a  visit  to Mrs. J nines Sharp  -0-  STORY  OF A  MALIGN MUMMY.  ���������o���������  Some years ngo I heard a strange  story or a malign'mummy. Three  joiinir aiiiatour l^gyplok^sls, having  simultaneously 'discovered the- iiutin-  my of a, priest, cast lots for his  |K Sicssion, though its possession was  to 111.ohe, according to the inscription on the collin, disasiei upon disaster  to  the  winner.  Sure enough,     "uinnerciful  disaster  SUITS  ��������� ���������  The members    of the troup   which  *ra House last cven-  cui   the  noon   train   for Na. \{) roiiC\e   him  of  the  assursed'thing  I followed    fast    and followed  faster," ,-  j layed in the Opera House last even-  tl|- t|ie winner wrote to   beg another  ins   left.  liain'.o.  His  friend   -icfusoii,    but his   refusal  was  of no a*.ail,   since he was     left j]  Alderman John Tha,   is spending  a [the   mummy   by   will���������a   will     which  couple    of  wee's    at  Harrison    llol   came immediately  into foicc,  as^ the  Springs, for the benefit ot his health.'doomed possessor of Uie mummy was  I drowned.  *A   Letter   recehed  by a friend,    of  Mr.   Geo.   Kiddie in  La'1' ������������������"���������liith  terday,  states, that he t   precent  employed in the go\ei ent assay  oll.ee. in Victoria. Mr. Thos. Kiddie, is in Seattle.  The Norfolk Style is ever  a Great Favorite among  the many Boys' Suit  styles-It Gives the boy  a sort of smart distinctive Appearance-We have  them in All Siz?s Ranging from 6 to 15 Ye'rs  wth i'o Exr>avag8iit  Prices Attaohed  ���������**���������  5fi  *3i  mm! HW  Wo have ths most beautiful Pattern Hats in town. This is a broad  \ but if you doubt it, visit  3onvinced of correctness  iiS aiii  bf our  L- MASTERS  Nanaimo's  Lending  Milliner.    Commercial  St.,     NANAIMO,  B.  C.  Next door to Jas. Hirst���������Our Grocer.  Every Ladysmith lady spending $5.00 will nave her  fare returned to her  The second possessor of the vindic-  tr.c" priest J*a 1 just brought, his  >CS ' lifide home when the mummy arrhed  and excited such a shuddering sense  of maliene prisonce in the breast of  the woman    (though    she had  heard    nothing of  its history)  thai she pcr-  's.iaded her  husband   to gel rid   of it   ������  Steamer  Oscar from  Seattle,  land-   forthwith.  Walters &  Akenhead  od HQ tons of  food stuff at  Dominion j    ���������<[    shall    have    it    photographed  Wharf this morning, the shipment .being    consigned    to Simon Leiser     &  Co.. Ltd."  - Mr. \V. Ingham will ask the council tor some other occupation than  cat/-hing dogs and digging graves,  at  ' their meeting next Monday night lie  mivde the request last  nij.ht, "tint as  ..'the Council had already adjourned,  be .will have to  apjoar next  week.  One of the improvements     to    tl.e  cemetery grounds undertaken by    thc  ��������� council   this' year  will  prove,     it   >���������  '���������-feared,   a failure,   \iz.,   the    planting;  of.clo'.er.    Although   it has  becn    in  \six  weeks)' it has  only come tinouu;h  in  one  spot, and lack oi  proper   soil  will  likely  prevent its cultivation tn  -aiiy  extent. J  Today telegraph poles are Weing p-.it  up on the upper side of the C.P.R.  tracks as far back as Uie short lir..e,  and the wires will be removed from  tlie Wellington Colliery Co.'s ground  as soon as the new poles are in position. It is tlie-intention of the  telegraph company, later on, to remove the line io the upper side of  the tracU as far back as the dia-  , mond.  Vancouver's .birthday celebration to  which ,the council received an invitation last evening,_lak.es place on Friday', Apiil fllh. Their advertisement  appearing elsewhere 'in this issue explains how the day will be celebrated.  first,'" he said.  The ,|hoto 'apt eaie-.l not a mummy  hut a face Satunic iu its expiession  of vindictive hate. The photograph  h^ look to a famous London photographer to ask his opinion  of  it.  "I'ooh'" eiied lhc artist. ' "It's a  hike. All these so-called spiiit pho-  t-.graplis  are  fakes."  "Will you photograph il for me  yourself."  "Certainly;    send   it  along "  It was sent accordins,ly. A few  diys later arrived a letter from the,  I liotographcr asking the ovvner of  U:e niuminy  to cull an'.l  remove it.  "There \v;>s something p\< raonlin-  iii-y and horrible in the negali'c,  which I cannot; account; for aiwl do  imt��������� care ��������� to write, about. Come, in  and  see it  for  yourself."  I wish to uotify my customers  that in future I shall be a  few minutes late in getting  my "COLONIST" off the  train Oil Sunday and respectfully ask them to wait  fcr me. 1 shall have plenty  to suppty all.  J  A. KNIQHT  KNIGHTS' BOOKSTORE  WM.  MUNSTI-:,   President ,  J. W.  COBURN, Managing Direct.*.  Tclephano  !-(>���������  The Ladysmith Lumber Co, Ltd.  MILLS    AT   FIDI1ICK   AND   LADYSMITH- ������ v*������������-������  Shingles a Specialty  MANUKACTUHKKS  OF���������-  Rough ami Dressed Fis-mid Collar Lumbers  LATHS,   SHINGLES.   MOULDINGS,      ETC.,     of    thc  BEST  yUAL'ITY'SfiASONED.      AND   DRIED     FLOORINGS      AND  FINISHING  LUMBER IN STOCK  i  We Have an Up to Date Assortment of House Furnishings and  Our Prices IWill Compare Favorably With Victoria or Vancouver  Houses  LACE CURT  LINOLEUMS  HEARTHRUGS  MATTING  We will  be pleased to :*how you  these Goods ~  S1IVKN LEISER & CO. Ltd.  GATACRE. AT  ������*m  LADYSMITB  AFFI.lCTEl;   ..ITH   RHEUMATISM  "I was. ai-rt ara yet afRcted will,  rheumatism," fayt Mr. ..J,. C. Hayne,  t'ditor  of th*   fieraid,   Addington,  lis  dian Tsrritofy. "l������������t 1 hauls to Cham  berluin's < Pail. Balm am a'de once-  more to attei*/ lo hisiness. It is th  best of liuM.ii.-nts." . If lrouide.1  with iheuii't-tittt. ii\e I'a'm Balm a  trial and yoi t.r certain to be mo-c  (han pleased: "r-.th the.''proiiipt relief  which, it alt'ot������?������ One application ic-  lievcs thc pa!s Fc ">alc by Lady-  smith ��������� Pharniar-  The Wal'.over Shoes for men,  at  Blair &���������  Adum  Ladysmith Temple No. 5, Rathl.oiie  Sisters, intend giving a supper and  dance on tlie night of Easter Monday,  Apiil "16th. st.  Dr.  Die/ can  be toum! .at any t: i  at ihis oflice on Gatacre st. His   do**  tal   work   is  gi ai'anteod   to   b* flr--  class and rates  reasonable ������*  When, however, he did run in two  dajs later to .the* photographer's it  was to lind.- that he, had cut his  throat the  day  before. <  !<*!  RIIEU-.UATISM MARKS   L1FK  MISERABLE.  A happy home is the most valuable possession that is within the  reach of. mankind, but you cannot  enjoys, its' ooiiifoits if you are s iffer-  jng 'from rheumatism. You throw  aside business cares when you' enter  your home and you can bc .relic.ed  from ih?.^e i*heumati'i pain^ by applying Clsamibcrlain's Pain Balm. Cue  application will yiie you relief and  its continued use for u'short time  will bring a!o!t a permanent cure.  For sale by the Ladysmitli Pharmacy  asi355raaB������5asa������-������a^^  THE ONE AND ONLY  IS THE DRAGON  50c,   Per   Lb.   ov-  5 Lbs. ==$2 25  Put up in 1-2 and I Pound Packages  RINGS BROOCHES  WATCHES PICTURES  BOOKS       FOUNTAIN PENS  h  We*will give you the above articles if you  return us  \A/hite^  S\A/on  Soap  rappers    ���������  Bn  pn������n iifoni/  \ fir yy HK  1 Ui OuHi   nuim  rt^~-lttMSl&ll^-&2!Zi!!J2^^  T*r*m*~v72m\y. *  fBlair A Adam  :&am3seEss&&i&  5Tci-:^fe.- ' 'x%?*!Sfj3EZ:.>  stQ&r'p;'  vr&SSk.  *���������'���������   f: .��������� ,   ���������r**r    .   -v -+"T"\  "*���������"���������   *?~V"^���������r->.'T -r ^  3Av*-tf\   tj-> -1 'irtf r-s v itjyjg _������*__ DESIGNS  MVsWTS  trade-marks  .    M  fi   TLm  S   ^ AND C0PVRI8HTT  > OViCE /IS TO PATENTAGiUTY ^lg^?K j  r -.oticc in "Inventive Age"      R'R*pS'lf*-'  ) l)oo!c."Ho w to obtain Patents" a   6! ������ Safe  % ���������.'liargcs moderate. No fee till patent is secured.  Letters strictly confidential.   Ac!drr;S3,  '. =. G. SiGGERS, Patent L.-.wysr, Washington. D. 0  i5  Zg&SsMiSEmeS&iFtl  mm  APRIL 6fh  Monster Parade 3 p3m  Vanconver,  Past, Present and   Prospective  Mass Meeting in the Evening  Speeches,_So^s and Music  SPEGIIL RATES  loo,ooo CLUB  <���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  SPORT  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  LACHOS.Slv-  it is the in tenth, it 0f the Rev. W.  \V. Bolloii, prtsldent of the Victoria,  .'Lacrosse (.Mitf). to visit the Mainland'  i<:itii'.s in the near future for the purpose of mal.iirg the [ relimiiiary ar-  laiigeiiieiils for the formation of an  intercity   liicros-vc  leagi e.  As i.s   well  Known now,  it  is     not  the  intention   of  the   Victoria     club  to  enter    the  Senior  League.      'lhe  capital   city ��������� lucres-ie enthusiasts have  decidotl  that  it  would only be a loss  </f   Liine  an<i   perhaps  money  to     attempt  t<> compete for  the   championship  under  the  prevailing  conditions.  Therefore,   Rev.   Mr.   Bolton    intends  trying  to organize am intercity    lea-'  iiiie. composed of teams from -Victoria!  Vancouver and New Westminster,   to  be   largely  made   up   of Intermediate  players.     So    far,    footli  tlie    Mainland    organizations    have    expressed  themselves  in   favor  of  the    project,  and Hev. Mr.   Bolton's trip, it is understood,  is  for the  purpose of   nitj  tilling his plans as  much     as possible liefore the Annual  meeting of the  British   Columbia    Amateur Lacrosse  Association.  His desire is to he in   a  position   to outline  Victoria's     position in  a clear,  concise manner     at  tlie gathering.  WvG.Fraser  Merchant Tailor,  *(ist Avenue)  Spring Stock on hand. Call early and  get your choice  ���������uvvvv^vy<AA<vy^  STOVES!      -f  STOViS!  W* ������rc making HEA TtRS and RANGES of the Latest Styles  an������ Newest Patterns*  ' We do all, kinds of <  Foundry and Repair Work���������Nickel Plating  in all its branches, a Specially  LAdYSMIM IRON & SfOVt WORKS Co.Ltd  Phon. 53 - ��������� p:a Box 42  ^^V^VVVrj iVi'iVi'i i a������l������M(HMMAAMMMMA<W  nnsnnrimQ d  J Dm* at������������������  Reasonble Prices  J. ANDERSON  Le������������������ <k**m ������t  f������t������rs������a's Furu  lure stot������, A t������Upi������a������ N������- ���������������*���������  Our Plumbing and THsmithing Dept,  is now under the management of  ^Vlr. \A/m. Spence,  A Thofougly Competent Man  The Ladysmith. Hardware Co.- -Ltd  ^3-M-S?Sgg^5S22S������S5S^SaiSgSi5  The sixth HJarqtits of Downshne  revels in this imposing string of  names: ;;Arthur Wills John Wellington, Blundell, TrumbelL Roclcn, Hill,  ceoded to seven titles and 127,000  acres of estates in County Downs.and  Before he was three years old hc suc-  Bctkshire.  Siie^���������How about the fill you met  at the beacht  Ho���������It's all.off.  'I     thought stie made an assignment other affections for you."  "No, I was <a������iy the. temporary re  ceiver."  -   ,  ���������MMriMBllMMwarMaHtan  UDY-StllTH HOTEL   BAR  Having tabea cker';th������ bar-room of  lhe above hotel, we intend to run a  first-class, up-to-dat������ establishment,  and in soliciting the patronage of  our friends aid the public in general,  we (juar?������itee g������������d treatment to all.  After this date the price for bread  delivered at my Customcis' houses  will be F1VK CENTS per loaf��������� 20  loaves for a dollar. My,', read is  guaranteed the best made. Shops  run by while help should receive  white peoples' pationagc so long as  they are properly conduclu'l. i solicit a trial-as your Baker.  mi 11  ���������  C. R. UOCJLE.  THE WELLINGTON BAKER\   o   Smoke Little B. Cigars.  I kavc just received a shipment of  HiiS's High Grade  ENGLISH  T05ACGOS  and  GIGARE1US  al Hie   DRUGSTORE  R. Scott  A. Smith  Projirielois:  M.R, SIMPSOSI  .  Solicitor,  EU.  Money  to   Loan  1st. Avenu?  --    -    -  LA5fYS^IlH  JUST   RECEIVED   A   SHIPMENT      OF  THE   LATEST  STYLES   IN   BRAGfLETS,  :TS, CHAINS. Solid Gold and  Fiiied Brooches, Etc  The Designs are Very Attractive���������No trouble to  show Goods  Ceil!  and "See Them  Notice  A. HOWE, of CHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  MARKET lately!   ruii b>* W. Ward, on Roberts street  WITH A FULL LINE OF FIRST CLASS MEATS  ���������PORK AND SAUSAGE A SPECIALTY  : -^    A Trial Solicitd  '       A.     HOWE, PWONE 20  PAINTING   AND  PAPERHANGING  B, FORCIM/1ER  WATCHMAKER,   JEWELER,   OPTICIAN  First Avenue,   X   X   X     Ladysmith,  Neatly and Artistically Done  B. C  -���������-'��������������������������������������������������������������������������� *-���������  S. ROEDQNG  tm .**     **      mt  Orders  Promptly   Executed  -   LADYSMITH


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