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The Daily Ledger Apr 14, 1905

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 USU  isLA-nvti ASssaaBi.*.  - ^T \jtgi i" i& */Vy 3^<v  %  APR 171905  DUNCAN5 &  LADSYfllTH  /     & DUNCANS  VOL. 2,  FRIDAY,   APRIL 14,  1S05.  PRICE FIVE CENTS  CRISIS ON MAY DAY,  WANT PROTECTION  y        *    '  The Country Has More to Fear  ^ From Internal Than External Troubles  WILL BE LIVELY  The Starting   up   of   the  Crofton Smelter Means  Work  THE flUffil TqCOMa'S  .     TROUBLES  i  The ;Ontario   Fiend  Says None Wanted to Try to Run  He and the Mother Had J ithe^BIockade but Were  AXE  Quarreled  From all Points in Russia  Stories in of Violence . -  Come  300 Men to be Employed So He Killed Her and   Her  and it Is Claimed Permanently  Crofton will again be a busy littlo  town and the blowing in of the smelter and     its steady,     operation will  Daughter as  Well  Persuaded  After - Capture    all Were  Well Treated by the  Japanese  (Associated Press Despatches'.)  Penetanguishan,  Ont.   April  1-1.  I  St. Petersburg, April 14.���������Developments call  . point to a crisis in the  present  agitation among  the  workmen of  the cities and  the peasants ~  of the country,on May Day-, and appeals* are pouring in  from all quarters for  military protection.       The  St.  Petersburg  workmen arc'prepar-  '    ing for a great demonstration. Arms  /and bombs in, large quantities    ave  been smuggled  in and  bloodshed on  ' a large scale is feared. .Wealthy |(r-  sons who ordinarily go to villas on  thc islands of the/Neva, or'to neigh-  .    boring country  places,  are' this fear  going abroad.    The government- lus  taken few special measures  to meet  lhe  situation,   evidently  relying  on'  the troops and police to guard    the"  tion'of their "pay  to assisting in the  support  of  the  families  of  soldieis  at the front,-claiming that the money is used to prosecute the war,  to  which   they are  opposed.    Tin; i.'.--j  received from  the interior is alram-  ing; - especially  from  the Baltic, pio-  vinces,   where  the entire     >pal' ion  is in   a slate, of intense excitem-m;.  The ^cities  are- being  flooded _ witii  revolutionary     proclamations calling  on  the people lo.riss on   lay  Day.  The.criminal classes are taking    au-  vantagc of  (he situation  to    ' lagc'  and plunder, while in .the country the  landlords are powerless to cope with  the  pearanlsj and  demand  *he    sta-  eioning  of  tro-iTs  m   every  j,latio:i.  ,ri.,��������� ���������   ���������i i    ���������    i   ,���������        ...      .   i Alexis Deseiochcs,  husband of   Mrs.  give employment, including ul hams  n ��������� , , "...    .        ,      ,;  in ���������i,^..*  unn     1        .7, iDesroches   who,   with   her daughter,  to about dOO men.     A      ate    press1,., ��������� ,       ,        ',    -,   .     ...     ,       '  ____',  ��������� ���������tl. 1        i w'as found   murdered  in  their dwell-  repori says. .        ,        , *f ,    T������ -   ,  ������������ti.������, ,i^i~v. ii    ������������������     ..     , .��������� ,1'igi   "as   been  arrested.  He  admits  , lhe deal calls for the delivery ot '..���������.,.-..    ��������� ;������������������  ,   ,,  ��������������������������� ,    , ., .  fh��������� ������������������<.��������������������������� * , ,,        ,   .'        |having  killed   thc  woman and child.  the entire tonnage ol the     Britannia  Tt��������� in���������ji,        i ,��������� '      ,   ,  for +r������..t������������������*  J#.   f. IUU.1H1U-.  Hc says he and the woman had words  !st ZnTl     ,     t  u' nm   "  l0   "nd hc' as "c ���������*������> an axe in his hand  last during the he ol the Britannia. .gtruck lVcl. on  lhc ,    d.  The  minimum     shipments  are  to be   tcr  two hundred and "--   '  (Associated   Press  Despatches.)  Seattle,  Wash., April l<l.-In a letter   written   to  a friend   in   thc city  Otto Daniels, chief engineer of    the  Noithweslen,  Steamship  Company's'  steamer  Tacoma,  which  was captured    by   the Japanese cruisers  while  attempting to run the blocade      t0  Vladivostock,     dispells  thc mvsteiv  The -laugh- | which has surrounded  the history of  this port on  RUSSIA IS PLEASED  WITH ROJES VENSKY  Much Satisfaction  Expressed at  the Russian Admiral's  Skill.....  Small Engagements Reported by  Linevitch but no Decisive  Events  ,���������,i rSi , tcl'*      coming  from church, saw  the I thai craft since leivhio-  -*-  , fl/,ty,   ?^PC1' ^.'Wow,   so. he -struck her  with       the    Januaiy <ith S U  3ted that  theminew.ll 'axe and   broke  th    h    m      T, j    D ;  re hundred     tons    pcriwi, ���������..������ii,^--^ i���������: i��������� , . m...���������     ..-_ Ulat thc '  but it is expected  i    i'u-     ��������� ~     t.       .       .     . u..vi.  .tin   ijlu">-u   lhc   luiiiinu.     men   i:e I     A'<"ueis  sialp������   Mm v   <i,���������   ���������������-  he shipping five himdred     tons     ner ij��������� i u    - ,  ���������        i       , .mi V   *ullCi>  *'*lat the officers  ��������� ��������� .,   .    c"     "'**    J'*-1 | took another  axe lying close by  and   the ^--s eamei   know *i,.^   ^  day  as soon  as it is running   in l-colI   struck      .h<JI.���������.. ��������� ���������_     xi_,   ,   ���������  Jy ,. .    ,    *-l,nei  ^new that they were  of  .      _ ,     From Duanbiirg, government of    l^e  capital.   Tlie latter are extremely a'c- Jbsk, come reports that the Jews are  live.      All  the  prominent .agitaors  in a state of panic ^over  the circulation   of  proclamations" similar    - to  those which proceeded  the outbreaks  at Kishinefl' and  Gomel.  At  Ekato-  rinoslaw (.South  Russia) three revolutionists  who were surrounded   by  police,  fought their way to liberty,  killing or- wounding several of     the  -police.        A  despatch .;  from  Caars  states    that the employees of' "   the  Trans-Caucasian    -Railroad'' are on  stnke',">"and"that  10<i-niiles~t>f -tiaeir  are being arrested or have alreaiy  been sent back to the villages 'urn  which  they  originally- came. he  prisons are , filled to soyerflo*.viiii������.  There have been" rr'-sh disputes he-'  twecn"the workmen and Lhc -n ..i ������.  ers of the Putilolf, Baltic -id N.-v--  ski Works, and between the employees and Hie management of the" ������-ov-  eranient .carriage factory. At wie  -latter- .place- the-nieii-reTuse-toT^ioii--^  ���������tinue* any longer to donate" any por  j'have been damaged  SAN FRANCISGO STORY  SOiMEWHAT OVER TOLD  order. The shipments will sta.it  about June 1st, and the smelter will  start-six weeks later. Crofton has  a three-furnace- plant capable of handling seven hundred tons a day. In addition it. has two stands of copper  converters of a thousand tons daily  capacity. The Crofton smelter when  in full operation, will employ about  300 men. James Brecn will continue as head of the Croflon smelter,  and Mr, Bellinger will he consulting !  metallurgist for the Crofton and the  Yainpa smelter at Bingham, Utah,  which is owned by the Schlcy-Robm-  son interests that control the Britannia,.  . "The Britannia is completing "its  six-hundred' ton concentrator and its  three and a half mile-tram. THie llri-  tannia ore and concentrates together  make a self-fluxing charge. There is  no question cthat  the Britannia  will  go ahead with its mine or that    the.  ���������crnf ton _ <=mfil UM^wM-iuinaid-^ue^fer11-  'again. Not -being sure  that they were dead, he took, a  jack-knife and stabbed both victims  in the neck. He. then stripped them  of their clothing and threw the bodies into a, hole under the floor and  took the clothes to wipe up the; floor..  TUK CHUUCH'DECISION.  London, April 1-1���������The .report of  the royal commission appointed to  enquire into the Scottish church dis-  .'pute recommends that the fiee  Church should hand over to thc United l-'ree Church all the, property it  cannot itself adequately administer.  As it is admitted 'that the former  can only   "utilize a small portion of  hound  f01-   Uie  Siberian  port,'     and  that their cargo was contraband. Jfe  says that the' officers were onlv are-  vailed upon   to  make   (he  voya'ce  by  ���������he  promise of the Russian  aReiit on  hoard      the steamar.   They   did  not  know   their  destination   until       (he'  steamer.reached  .Dutch   Harbor. As  soon    as   tliey found  it out       they  threatened  to descit  the ship and a  mil uny was only avoided  by  the di  plomacy of the Russian  agent,    who  promised, them  a full  fortune  if   the  attempt was'successful:    The writer  slates that while the Tacoma     was  fast  in  the  ice,  and  drifting about,  the crew were forced to burn pari of  the s1 earner's upper structure to keep  waini, .and   weie  obliged   to  subsist  HOSPITAL   SHIP  ARRIVES.  Manila,   April   I4.d-Rcar   Admiral  Train, in command  of the American  fleet ii) Asiatic waters,  received    a  the removal of the censorship    from  cartoons   and     the debates of Zcm-  stvos  and  other legal organizations.  , i 4. ii. , ,   ,   Jt.      ,4 Tokio,    April  14.���������(3  p.m.)���������  The  telegram at three o'clock this after-  following-official .announcement   was  noon from  Saigon, thc capital    and }made     lo(lay:  ���������0ur forCc advancing  "The" Vancouver World, under n-ite  o: April 12, prints what is called a  "special" from San Francisco. It is  manifest to'pcojile at. all well in-  iormctl on  tlie subject that the "spe-  Attorncy    J. C. Campbell,     representing    Edna     Wallace Hopper and  Mrs.   Joan  Dunsmuir,  appeared   and  urged  tlie inimediate^appointment of  cial" is not in any way reliable and   1>ublic Administrator Ilynes. He read  in fact Alicrc    is very little that    is   to tne court telegrariis received    by  \:S  true in the statements made. The  :bill introduced at Ottawa yesterday  goes to show that the deal between  -the 0. J\ R. and the E. &. N, company, has probably been finally arranged, an* no doubt further infor7  \ ination that is reliable "will" be giv-  ^en ouit soon:  "That a sale of E. & N. railroad  ���������.securities has been effected to the  iC.P.R., that that railway company  will immediately upon, receipt of  them be in a position to take control  of the line as owner of the majority  of the stock, that the securities in  question formed part of the estate  of the late Alexander: Dunsmuir, but  , were omitted from the inventory and  that it is now planned to rush them  out of the state of California and beyond the jurisdiction of its courts,  arc the astounding statements which  have just been alleged through the  medium*, of new proceedings' before  Judge Coffey in the great will suit."  Tbe judge   was   informed  yesterday  that railroad securities valued at $G-  (100/000, which were never mentioned  in the inventory     filed  in the   estate  of Alexander  Dunsmuir,  were to    be  sent away from San Francisco within  twenty-four hours  by virtue  of   a  sale  in Montreal,   Canada, and thereby   taken  oiit'of  the jurisdiction     of  .the  California courts.     He was asked to appoint immediately Public Administrator    J-Iynes  to take 'charge  of  the     estate which  is temporarily  ���������witlhout a custodian,  in  order    that  lhe plan niight he  frustrated.  A   delay was secured  until a     late  hour   yesterday by  Attorney  Charles  S. Wheeler,  the  local representative  of James Dunsmuir.  Incidental to the charge laid in the  local court the information became  public that the Canadian Pacific  Railroad will take possession at  once of the Esquimn.lt and Nanaimo  Railroad as the result of the deal in  which James Dunsmuir was transferring $6,000,000 worth of E. & N.  ���������stock to the company.  The stock, according .to in form a-  1.ion received by Thomas W. Hicfcey,  attorney for Hie public administrator  has been in the possession of Attorney IT. G. Platl, of the Canadian  Bank of Commerce, and it would be  possible to secure possession if ac-  ttion was taken before the close of  J-ankiDg hours.. x  the.  let-  Judgo   Uarnctt,     telling about  scheme  to sell the stock.  Judge  Coli'cy  ordered  special  ters  to be 'issued.  Just how the stock came to - be in  possession of the attorney of the  Canadian Bank of Commerce has not  been-definitely learned, lt is believed, however, that it wus placed in  his hands in connection" with the deal  by which James Dunsmuir acquired  possession of the holdings in the E.  & N.. Company 'of the Pacific Improvement Company some time ago.  It js--thought that he hypothecated/  the stock he had received by the  death of his brother Aleftander in order to obtain the_j������oney for the put-  chase of the ..Interest of the Pacific  Improvement^ Company. This , would  be turned over to the Canadian Pacific Company aiid would give that  company a controlling interest in the  line.  The announcement that the C,P,R.  would proceed*no further with the  legalizing of. the sale ol* the road confirms the impression that this new  stack arrangement, which requires  no sanction from the Canadian parliament, is to take the .place of the  first deal. If, however, the public  administrator succeeds in seizing the  certificates, another method still  may have to he found of.transfering  the' E.  & N. to the C.P.R,  The capital stock of the E. &l N,  is registered at $3,000,000. The company values its property in the railway, land grant and coal mines and  coal lands at nearly four times this  figure, so that the C.P.R., by taking  $(1,000,000 worth of stock, would, secure t/lie majority interest. This is  probably the partnership arrangement which it was .said was to take  the place of the purchase of the road  separately and by it the C. P. R,  would acquire an interest in all- the  Dunsmuir holdings, including the  roal mines at Cumberlan'd and Extension.  ^STEAMER   DELAYED.  Dover;  Eng.,  April  14.���������The Hamburg-American  line steamer  Pretoria, _which" arrived here today    from  New York and proceeded, was delayed   by   heavy   weather..   During   one  day of her voyage the Peetoria only  travelled 139 miles.   *   - ACCIDENT  TO  YACHT.  .Norfolk,   Va.   Apiil   11.���������Thc   Morgan line steamship Elcid passed    in  the Virginia Capes today, towing the  Prssident's     yacht   Sylph,    aboard  which   the  starboard engine had   exploded,  seriously scalding two members of  the    crew,   Admiral  llarrin-  ton,  commanding  the  Norfolk  navy  yard,    ordered     a naval  tug  to proceed at once to tow the yacht     to  Norfolk.   The Sylph was at the time  of the     accident on her way to her  regular station at Washington from  Florida  waters,   where she  recently  had aboard Mrs.  Roosevelt and    her  children.   Mrs.  Roosevelt and party,  however,, left the Sylph at Jacksons-  ville some days ago."  the churches manses and money hand  ed over by the "recent decision of -the ,fo1': a I'ait. of the time on beef  courts,    the     recommendation, if ac-j*em'ed Cor  the Russians.  cepted by the government will mean  the restoration of a large part of the  property to    the United l-'ree church.  J���������a-"1-' -f- ��������� -���������������������������. '_:- .-.-a-���������- 7.-;iT..,jL/v.frii-.o  effect- to the-recommendation/bnt-little if any opposition is expected.  in-  principal port of French Cochin-Chi-  na, reporting the arrival there     of  the Russian hospital ship, Orelat on  the morning of April 13.   The Orellat  had many wounded on board.  A despatch received on Thursday by     the  Chicago Daily News from its correspondent at Saigon, said .."Rojestvensky's hospital ship arrived here   on  Wednesday     night.to take on hoard  provisions,   coal and  medicine.       It  will leave Thursday at mid-day    to  icjoin  the  main   squadron.   No  mention was made of -wounded men  board-this ship." s;  RUSSIANS  AGGRESSIVE.  Tokio,      April   14.'���������It  is  reported  that the main force of the Russjans  who retired .in the direction of Using  Kirin  eastward     via Fushan and Hailung  road,  encountered  and defeated   the  enemy on  the morning of the 12th.  At Erhhoul, seven miles east of Ting  Pan.   The full strength was one reg-  liment of infantry,  six squadrons    of  {cavalry    and *four   guns.    Our  force  then  occupied  Tsang Shin,  about 19  miles west of Ying Pan.   The enemy  on the Kirin road has gradually    retreated  since the 11th, a portion jpf.  this force still remaining  to bar the  i passage     of    the    Yashu river.  No  on   change has occurred in the Shangtu  or  Frahknien districts  except  occasional cavalry skirmishes."  NO WOUNDED MEN.  St. Petersburg,  April 14.���������(5.15 p/  hi.)���������The  admiralty's   advices    from  Last Thursday Capt. Piltcndrigh  S.M., rendered a verdict of daalh  from leprosy on a Chinaman at  Westminster  Junction.  p.micls  says  that after being cap-  lured   lhc  entire crew were  treated  with   the utmost kindness  by       the  _J;l nn noun   jiilm. n-������.,.,������   ;.._ ,v���������������������������������������������������������������_.- r  the "name-and position" of "every member from almost the moment the  steamer left this port.  ���������: O���������:���������  king,      beached    Kirin.     Their  rear   Saigon do not mention any wounlod  guard,  which is estimated at 12,000  men, continues    in the 'vicinity     of  men being on board  the Russian ios-  pital ship Orelet, which arrived to-  Ilartungcheng, closely in touch with   day.    &he possible has  sick  sailors  the   Japanese  vanguard.    The  main    aboard.  force,   which  retired  from  Kalyuan,  IrusSIAN OFFICIALS PLEASED.  FIRE  IN MAINE  Springville, Maine, April 14.���������The  greater part ofSpringvalc, together  with many dwellings, was destroyed  by fire today, entailing a loss estimated at about $300,000. In all, 35  buildings were burned, wmongst  them being the Oddfellows' block,"the  CHILD BURNED, TO DEATH.  Calenonia,   Ok.,-April  14.���������Thc seven-year-old  daughter of Chief Simon  Bumberry,   of  the Six Nation Indian  tribe, was burned to death here yes  tcrday  from burning grass. j  o  fbetts     Hotel, Masonic* block,     con-  TO DISMISS  CONSERVATIVES.   I taining  drygoods,   stores, and   a res-  ' taurant;   Folio   Bros,   general-  store,  all  the drug sI ores of Win. II. Wood,  and    C.  H.   Putic.    The  town  hall  was  saved     in a damaged  condition,  over  the Kirin  road,  -is reported at  !rA5uSana^l?n-a������ IWiow1 i&ifiU&t1  and      at    Sulipao, keeping in touch  with  the Japanese.   Chengcheng    is_  evidently the rallying point of     the  Changtu  and   Fakumen  forces.      Al-  St. Petersburg,  April 14.���������The ad-  patches recently from Vice Adamual'  Rojestvensky.   The officials say that  all talk of the emergence of. any o'-  the injured Russian war vessels     to  join  Rojestvensky's  squadron is pure  though  a force estimated at thirteen   nonsense.   Much satisfaction and  ar.i-  cir-  thousand men has been detailed to  occupy Fenchu, and three thousand  men  to hold Pamiencheng.    The lat- | which  Rojestvensky   is   carrying   out  mataion  is expressed  in naval  cles at  the bold,  direct manner^ in  .    Her clothing caught on fire .Western Union telegraph office,  New  Hirning grass. [England Telephone Exchange,     Tib-  Belleville,   Ontario,   April   14.���������The  Ontario,  a Liberal  oigan,  last night  editorially   urged   the  Dominion  government  to  dismiss  all  Conservative [  officials in   this  city who are in  the  sen ice  of   the   Federal   government,  because  the  Whitney  government had  dismissed    certain   Liberal  oufficials  in   the  employ  of  thc  Ontario  government.   ,���������* ���������������  as were all the churches.  -Why     aie you  crying so,  TEDDY WILL GO  WITHOUT BEAR  Newcastle,  Colo., April 14'.��������� With  the snow two feet deep in  -jvery  direction from the camp and from     3  to 5 feet deep in  places, it   is   possible  that President Roosevelt will be  compellsd to delay his hunt here,  or  content   himself   with smaller  game  than grizzlies which he has   planned  to kill.    For a week now  snow  has  fdllen every day.  Not'24 hours have  passad   without   a storm.      All   that  prevents the roads and trails     from  being  absolutely  impassable  is     the  mild     weather  that has intervened,  aiid to the great extent melted   the  snow.'  . P. B.- Wells, a hunter who is one of  thc party, has just arrived from  Camp Roosevelt. The weather is at '  least three weeks behind the normal, :  he said. '-'Not in ten years have Ii  seen the -conditions as. bad as this i  season." ' I  ONE CHARGE DISMISSED.  New York, .April 14.���������The indictment charging Nan Patterson with  conspiracy with.J- Morgan Smith  and Mrs. Smith wrongfully to ofctaiiii  money from Caesar; Young, .was .dismissed in the court of general sessions today at the request of Assistant District Attorney Rand. Counsel for Smith demurred to.the. indictment against the f miths, and declared that the. facts alleged again-st  them did not constitute a crime. Tho  court reserved decision in this case.   -o   Visitor  Bobbie?  Bob-hie��������� Boo-hoo! 'Cause de Russians an' Japs are havin' a war.  Visitor���������"What a kind hearted  little  boy!  Bobbie���������Am'���������boo-hoo!���������some day  I'll have ter . study about it in  school. -.   .'     .  ter force seems assigned to check and  retard   the   Japanese   advance. -  NO ENGAGEMENTS.  Tokio, April 14.���������(Noon.)��������� The  naval department pronounces the reports of a naval engagement recently off Saigon to be unfounded.  ANOTHER  POINT  FOR  PRESS.  St. Petcrsbmg- April 14.��������� The  press  commission   has   recommended  the objecLs of his voyage.  FROM  LINEVITCH.  St. 'Petersburg,   April 14.���������A  despatch from General Linevitch dated  Apeil  13th)   to   the  Emperor,  says:  "Our   cavalry     April 9th destroyed  the railroad wires near Yakutzu and  between Kaiyuan and Changtu,    and  on   April     10 Ih the cavalry cut the  telegraph  wiles  near  Kaiyuan."  WAR DECLARED  UNFAIRLY  St.     Petersburg,  April 14.��������� Des-  MOROCCO'S  FRIEND  Berlin,   April  14.���������Count Von  Tat-  NEGROES  HANGED  Patterson,  N.  J.,   April  M.��������� Two  negroes,  Arthur  Last and John Miller,  were hanged  here today at   the  county  jail.    Last,   last  fall,     shjt  j Max WoIIenberg while, attempting to  I escape .after  being  detected-, in     the  act of robbing Wolleitberg's  store in  the ci I v.-   He  was captured-.after   a  MORGAN AND  THE CAPE  Rome,April 14.���������Before J. Picrpont  Morgan (who arrived here yesterday  from Naples) left Taotmina, Scicily,  an examining magistrate from Tao-  rniina boarded his yacht the'Corsair,  to lake Mr. Morgan's testimony concerning the person who sold him the  famous cope stolen from the cathedral of Ascoli, and subsequently returned to Ascoli by Mr. Morgan.  The  latter  was  indignant at   ucing  troubled about the matter after laving returned   the Cope without  even  asking for  the reimbursement of the.  money  he had  paid  for it.   lie  -*aid  he did     not remember anything connected with the purchase of the cope,  but when asked to  sign a statement  to that* effect, refused to do so, say-  patches from Washington showing .tjenbach Ashold, who has been ap-  that Japan officially notified the Tjn-.'P������inted 'temporary charge d' affairs  ited States when the rupture with of Gei"many il1 Morocco, pending the  Ruossia occurred that-no act of hos-,arrival of the German minister, Dr.  tility would take place until notice RoSeil> lias &ivcn the correspondent  of war had been made when hostili- of tIle ��������� Lo^al Anziegcr at' Fez, where  ties broke out'February 8th, and the tne Count is arranging for a special  declaration of war was not formally Gernian Moroccan treaty, a declara-  madc  until Fehru-irv  1011,   nt.tr,ni-.������  Ition of     Germany's  policy   towards  Morocco. . ���������  "It is  not only Germany's .right,"  much attention. Although the despatches arrived too late for news- tbc Count said, "but also her immc-  paper comment this morning, there .diate and undeniable duty to protect  is considerable speculation as to the aiwl develop her Moroccan interests,  cause of the publication of the State- While she ^"PC1*^111^ demands from  ment at this dale.    It-is regarded as  GORKYNOT  PROSECUTED  NEW YORK FIRE.  New York, A pi. 14.-About $100000  loss was caused by a fina early loday  which destroyed a six story building  on Hester street; in the part of the  Hebrew settlement on the :uv.*r fast  side. Only the front walls wore left  standing.  St.   Petersburg.   April   14.���������On   account of  the condition of his  health  and     the      fact    that   the   evidence  against Maxim  Gorky is not stronger     than   that   against   hundreds   of  others   who  have  not been  arrested  in  connection  with  the disturbances  at St.  Petersburg January 22, it is  understood  that the government has  abandoned  its  intention  of  bringing  him to trials.  long      and   exciting  chase   in   which  many shots were fired. Last Sunday ing he would not sign anything in a  night after the death wntch had been-language |1C ,]i(| not understand. The.  placed before; his cell do0r, Last government has liecn informed of the  made a sensational attempt to es- incident and ale most; displeased at  cape.    Securing  permission  to  leave    its* occurrence.  his     cell for a moment, he savagely  j  .j.   attacked      the. two  guards,  knocked  I  one  of  them  down,  seized  his revol-   STOESSEL/S  ver and shot both  officers.    He then  made   a desperate      struggle   lo   get  possession of. the keys, but the other-  guards'arriving,   Last  was  overpowered  and  returned   to   his  cell.  Miller  was convicted of the murder of Mrs.  Celion  Stewart,  a colored resident of  Midvale,  on  the night  of September  30th  last.   He  entered   lhc  woman's  house  and  after  an  attempted     assault,     cut    his    victim  almost  to  pieces with a razor.,  TRIAL BEGUN  ' St. Pelcrsherg, April 14.���������There is  no truth in the report from Cracoa  that Lieut. Gen. Stoesscl had been,  as a formality,     condemned to death  ���������by the commission appointed to inquire into the surrender of Port  Ar-  tthur.   His trial only began tod������y.<  the  powers'  signatories   at   the  conference  held  at  Madrid-'in 1880,       a  a friendly     manisfestation    towards    frank, recognition of the open    door  Russia '   on    the part of the United J policy  Germany  insists  on     the  preservation  of thc  Sultan's   sovereignty and the independence of Morocco,  especially  because  both are  mentioned vaguely in the French-British  agreement,   and   therefore  permits legitimate  doubt on   this   subject.    Germany's  programme  of  action  which  stands on a sound and irreproachable  footing,  is   fortunately  generally supported by public opinion in Germany  and has  thc  sympathy   of the  whole  Spanish    population,  including     tho  Liberal   party,   and  the  approval  of  all   the  unprejudiced  powers.    Therefore Germany may coulidcntally car-  A German     newspaper states that ry  out her  plans  and can  fearlessly  within the last decade-the population  face the consequences,  whatever they  of Europe    has increased   aboutT 3S,-[may be.  on  Slates, Russia having contended *at  the statement of M. Kurino,. former  Japanese minister at St. Petersburg  to foreign Minister L-amsdorff when  he presented the note severing diplomatic relations in which he expressed the hope that the rupture was < n-  ly temporary. Russia had no ia ���������..>���������)  to anticipate an attack without ���������<,]>  pcaring in the shape of a declaration  of was.  PECULIAR AND PERTINENT.  "The. watchword  of  Germans  'Dauntlessly  forward.' "  is  FIRED IN MIDST OF 40 PEOPLE.  000.000   of whom  Russia contributed  14,00 and France less than 100,000.  Crowds     of Russian    refugees now  wander      about  London,     penniless,  homeless    and    indescribably    filthy, |    while     a large     number of them are j    Atlanta,   Ga.,   April   14.���������A   special  suffering     from contagious    eye and   to  the.  Constitution  from   Ainsboro,  skin-diseases. ' |Oa.,     says    that  at   a dance  a few  The  150     German societies of San   miles in. the country at   a neighbor's  Francisco are  erecting a magnificent' whose name is  unknown,  a stranger  structure that will furnish a theatre,   firod a revolver  into the  house where  a large assembly hall, meeting rooms   there were forty persons, t Wiling twft  and classrooms aud clubrooaiSi .women, aacl then made his escape*   , I'lfjl  THE DAILY LEDGER  published   every day except Sunday.  BY        THE        DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY.  Offices,  Ladysmith and Duncans  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  ���������0 cents  a month;    $5  per  year   in  advance.    Advertising rates on ap  plication.  mmm^mmmmfmmi  BELLINGHAM  MURDER  Prominent  Business Man  Of  Bellingham Killed in  his Room  Dellingliam,      Wn.,  April   13���������With  a hatchet     buried    in the top of his  head     and an awl     driven io iisfull  length into his temple,   V. L. Dames,  proprietor of     the Palace meal market, was found murdered in his sleeping room on     Elk street, in the rear  of his     shop,    at     S.30 o'clock this  morning;.   From      all  appearances  he  was si ruck by     an  unknown assailat  nnd  draiigrd  irom  his  bed.   The bedclothes    were     covered    with blood,  which  was bespattered over his body  and about thc floor.  Dames was wholly undressed nad  piobcL-ly was murdered shortly at-  lei y,cjiiia, to Led.  The discovery was made by William  Leonard, the boy who worked in ,the  market. Finding the shop locked lie  went lo the back end of the Jot,  where Dames lodged, and rapped at  "the door. Hearing no response he opened the door and peered in and discovered Lhe mnrderui man. 'lhc police ba\e no clue,. From the appeir-  anee ol lhe room a terrific struggle  must have taken place there., lt i.*>  belie.cd that the murderer was in  the rcom last, night when Dames entered to go to bed. He was probably hidden, behind the bed and from  there attacked Dames. A trail ol  blood extended from line bed about  the floor. The electric light was  broken and burned, matches were  strewed     about the     floor ^evidently  -".sliatierpd.   After     the    fiendish  deed  was accomplished  the bedclothes were  piled     about     tbe     body.   The dead  an's clothes were rilled and robbery  was added to Lhc crime of murder.   .t.   ���������  FOUND A CAVS.  Philip Nbrdslrnm, a passenger from  Qualsino is    lhc disco*.crer of a cave  with loily .skulls in it.   He said ma  ny of . the     skulls hail been -.c Ci?*...,  The -.Indians, of-the vicinity ���������r<*-",r*--|.'.,d  that burials- took     pi .c>* mi ca.es in-  early days, and after tribal .Vh's.:he.;  heads were    severed from .the, bodies,  of-focnien.  nrfi-J~ - v y. --���������      J  under*;!ood '(bat, the names of Edwin  K. De-neck, Israel Rubinowitz, and  Harrv Hray, candidates of last year,  will again be among thos-c who will  go before ilic- Selection Committee  this j ear.  The successful prize-winner of last  year, Mr. W. A. Donaldson, is at  present i ravel ling in France. In a  letter to a friend in the City be  slates that McLean, the Manitoba  Rhodes Scholar, Wallace, one of the  Unit?d States Scholars, and himself,  are spending a raft of their Easter  vacation in "Gay Paris" Their  mornings and evenings arc given up  to bard study, and in thc afternoon  they tithe in uhe great sights of lhe  cit v.  jdy  BAtV? Lfii56SR  .j-.' .��������� - xj -Ji-jr'-������ "J'411 i.uJugi|i>MA,.ij*eui.  Cowley,  Lyona,  Lytton,  Dtni'crlii   LADYSMITH AERIE  and    Monson,      and his  acquaintance  with     French     monarchs, presidents  and   ministers  was equally  intimate.  NO.  SERMONS IN  PAWN.  A clergyman      was in St.  Enoch's  Station,  Glaspow,  ready to leave by  train for Scarborough, where be wa->  jduc   io preach  next day,  when     his  hag was stolen.   Thc bag.was .not of  great value,  but inside were the reverend  gentleman's   all-important  sermons.        He at once communicated  with  thc  police,  and  they   were fortunate in recovering  thc bag in      a  pawnshop   with   the sermons  intact.  The hit"  was forwarded  in  time    lo  Scaiborough,   and   the  thief,   a wom.-  an, was sentenced'lo thirty days' imprisonment.  lie had memories, too,  of Talleyrand  and Voltaire, of    George Stephenson  and Richard Cobden.   He dined with  Bismarck  al  ,  Versailles,  and  heard  his host,  "a     beliercr  in Christiani-  ity,", remark     complacently that he  bad probably sent more men to their  account     than     anybody else in his  time.   His     last years were spent at  his   , beautiful     Sussex     homo.   His  death breaks    another of the few remaining links ot" the past, for lie was .  present at    the coronation of George (  thc Fourth, William thc Fourth, and '  Queen Victoria, and lived to see Edward the Seventh ascend the throne, j  G8G, F.  O. E.     :���������:        :���������-        :������������������        -H  Meets In the Opera House 1st and  ���������kd  Tuesday at 7.30 p.m.   Worthy  President,  B   Forcimmer;      Worthy  Secretary, C H. Rummings.  A BRILLIANT CAREER.  Sir Edward Charles Blount, K. C.  B., who has lately died at the age of  fjfi, was born at Bellaniore, near  Kiipeley. Staffordshire, on March IB,  ISO!1. The' family trace their origin  to the Le Blbunds Counts of Giiisnes  in I'icardy, the head of-whose family  accompanied William I to England.  Sir Edward was for some time a,  clerk in the London oflice of the Provincial Bank of Ireland before becoming a clerk in the Home Office.  Whilst in the latter department his  fa.ti.-r often look him to Holland  TToi se. where be niel Rydncv Smith  Lord Lansdowne, Sir James Mackintosh, Lord Brougham, Sir Francis  Buidelt, and the leading liberals of  the day, while Lord and Lady Holland wen: amongst his most indelible  memories. It was whilst a clerk at  the Home Office that Ihe duty fell to  him of copying the dispatches of the  hatt'e of Nnvai-ino. From the, Home  he | rocpodc-d to the Foreign Oflice on  the death, nf^Mr. Canning, lecoming  an attache at Paris under Lord Gran  villi- in 182!), and at Home, where he  was introduced to Queen Ilorlcnse,  Louis Napoleon, and a Queen of Holland   who     complimented him on his  'V.i>..itwi-,    ���������ninl<-������>-i.->m    '  urac     . ennrv   CVY-  chai'-o/l   for     commerce.   Tn  18>11   he  returned  to hanking.   From   1S30  on-  war! Sir   .Edward financed   .French  rail'-avs, 1hc first constructed on Hip  English    model     being the line from  Par.s to St.    Germain, the germ not  ineiJy of  the     Western France rail-  wa>, of  which he was chairman,  but  of the     entire     sjslcm of Normandy  and     Drittaiiy, and of the whole sea  coast   ot     north-west     i<ranee.   Foi  these lines     Sir. Edward found great  sums in      England.   Another     of .his  projects was     the railway, over Mont  Cecis." Sir     .Edward's~.\ long career  was crowded with exciting incidents.  He was in   . Paris during tlie s.eige,  Thirtv     families  of  South  African   and (n .his memoirs relates his niany  .Doers  have     come to the north-west i thrilling  escapes  and adventures.   In  and will settle where thev Vmd a suit plS,    when  the terrible June .insurable location. - jrection ���������   bioke out,   -he.rode at the  ."             ,\                          .      'risk of his lifeifrom...Paris to Amiens-  Mormon' church authorities :,re los- ! on an engine to convey   dispatches or-  ing    no time/in niacin*     thc former   dcring troops to���������Pans,  and was the  Calvary, which   means of     saving the lives of nearly  twenty Englishemn condemned  to  be  "YoungWhipperly seems to have  been benefitted considerably by his  college course."  ", Yes, he appears to be almost as  ���������intelligent now as a trained seal."���������  Chicago Record Herald.  Cochrane ranch., near  they purchased, cm ' the market.  J. PIERCY AND CO.  WHOLESALE DRYGOODS.  Victoria, B.  C.  Manufacturers of the Celebrate*  IRONCLAD BRAND  OVERALLS.  BLOUSES,  JUMPERS,  PANTS,  SHIRTS, ETC.  PAINTING,   PAPEk   HANQING  I2TC.  Work done properly and at right  prices. Shop and residence in rear  ->f  Ladvsmith Hotel.  J. E. SMITH, Prop.  CRYSTAL LAUNDRY  Leave orders with  BLAIR &  ADAM.  All work first-class at THE CHRY  STAL,  VICTORIA.  *��������� Plans,  Specifications  and   De-   ������������������  '��������� tails.      furnisheirl for all kinds   **  ���������* of work in the CARPENTER   **  .������������������ Line                                               **  ** C.   B.   ROBELEE,   Carpenter   *���������  ������������������ and Joiner,     2nd ������ve, Lady-   ������������������  ���������* smith,  B.  C.                                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In view of the fact 'that darns; 'the ���������survivor  present month another-British (.'cd- colony vjiiehmade the French capi-  umbia Rhodes Scholar; *.vi11 bv-.-elect- tal its home, during thc now .distant  ed to go to Oxford, the next few'days of tbe Monarchy of July, thc  weeks will be an anxious time among second Republic, and the second Env  tlMcdieihle' vounR men of thc pro-, P>re. His - sympa.tilies were always  vincc.' The 'scl;olarship| which tn-1 with the ��������� House of. Orleans, and be  sures an entrance into one or the 21 had the .honor to pay his respects to.  colleges at Oxford, and the handsome \Louis J'hiljppc at Clarcinount, who  monetarv consideration cf $1,500 a declared that, had it not been for the  year, inakes it worth any young ' generosity of Queen Victoria he  man's while. Io bond all the energies , would have been'a beggar. Sir Ecl-  of brain - and brawn to secure (he ward knew no less than seven ambas-  raiieh co'vp'ted     prize.   It is generally   sadors  at Paris,  Granville,  Norman-  NOW IS THf riMt  todo Spring (leaning,  Tapering and Painting, and  make things look neat and clean.  From-a.sanitary point of view it is  absolutely necessary. We. do .'papering���������  and Painting at most reasonable rates for ihe best work obtainable here.  No trouble to show you our new colorings and'designs in Wall-Paoers for  this season. Call and see them at the  Ladysmith-Wall Paper Depot, 1st Avenue. A'. ��������� /-1        Ik (���������'.  HARRY KAY  elder Bros.  H1LBERT  -iiiifiirTiri������^'ii**as**^*^^  iiriirriiS  NEW CROP���������  HomeGrown-fc   Imported  GARDEN,     FIELD     and  FLOWER  SEEDS. '-'.'  THOUSANDS OF FRUIT, &  ORNAMENTAL    TREES  RHODODENDRONS,  ROSES,  GREENHOUSE AND HARDY  PLANTS.  For Spring planting.    Eastern prices  or less.     Catalogue free.  3010  Westminster  Road,  Vancouver.  ['his   Hotel   has   been   completely  renovated.  Board and Lodging $1.00 per day...  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Trains  'Transcontinenta'  TrainslDaily  One of which is the famous "North  Coast Limited," Ride'on it,always.  Up-to-date Pullman /and Tourist,  sleepers on all trains. Through tickets issued to all paints East; , and  South, .also Pullman tickets issued  and berths reserved. v ���������, ;-_  Only direct route to Yellowstone  Park. Cheap rates from all points'  Easti from March 1st to Mafy loth.,     j  Steamship   tickets on  sale  to    all 1  'European   points.       Very   low  rates  now in effect.   Cabin accommodation  reserved by wire.  For further  particulars call  at the  ofli or phone No. '150.  A. IV CARLTON, C. E. LANG  A.G.P.A..  AJ.P., General  Agent  Portland,  Ore. Victoria,  B.C  THEJONES HOTEL  One Dollar Per Day.  Goocr Table, Good Bed and Good Bar  (Half Block from Depot.)  HIGH STREET, LADYSMITH  THE CANADIAN BANK  GFGOMMERGE  Paid-jip Capital, $8,700,000 Reserve Fund, $3,500,000  y HEAD OFFICE,���������'TORONTO  ,    IB. E. WALKER, General Manager        ALEX. LAIRD, AssL.'Gen'l'Manager  BANK MONEY ORDERS  ��������� _      .       . ....... ^.  I8SUED AT THE FOLLOWING RATES:.  $5 andunder.**.....................    3 cents  Over $5 and not exceeding $10   .6 cents  "    $10       " ;- "  ;       $30.:. ....  10 cents  ���������:'���������-:������������������������������������������ ,-$30 ���������.������������������������������������'." ".:���������'���������';   ";   $50.v....  15 cents  These Orders are Payable at Par at any office in Ct nadaof a Chartered Bank  (Yukon excepted), and at the principal banking points . in the United StatWS.  Negotiable at a Fixcp rate a  THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMAIERC' .LONDON, ENG.  They form an excellent method of remittin   small sums of money  with safety and at small ;ost.  ���������LADvpyjTH BRAaNCH  W.   A.  CORNWALL.  Manager.  EUROPE HOTEL  J. GIACIIERO, Prop.  Newly v furnished,    everything   the  best, finely stocked bar. Transient  rate, $1.00 per day. Monthly rate,  $23.00. ;  First Avenue . . . Ladysmith, B.C.  Or-  Stevens Block,  Ladysmith, B.C.  Dentistry   in  all  its  Branches;   every  new appliance.   -  Best accommodation for transient  and permanent boarders and lodgers.  GRAND      HOTEL  This new Hotel has been comfortably furnished and the bar is up-to-  date. Rates $1.80 a day and upwards.  -    WM. BEVERIDGE, Prop.  Esplanade :���������: :���������: :���������: :���������: Ladysmith  LADYSMITH  BAKERY.  HOP LEE & CO.  ON  THE  ESPLANADE.  PASTRY OF ALL KINDS NEATLY  BAKED AND FRESH.  BREAD FIVE CENTS PER LOAF  Confectionary of all kinds.  Orders taken for Pastries to bc delivered at auy time.  Employment Agency.  j  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual subjects taught; also languages, drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and-water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes or-individually..  MISS'BERTRAM,  Ladysmith, B. C.  (3=  uemaacw:.  iii(%rt������j������jr.w.*.'  ���������*-���������yrrrrj-ariv-iAi  Ladysmith   Temple No.  5  Rathbone  ?-���������������������& Si S."aT3S m������. K.te Tate, n.  ground and sample it.  The C. P. R. will expend fli'O.UOO  in improvements in Calgary tl is sum  aier, and besides will lay' out a mil-  1 on and a half dollars in -hrfnging  the roadbed between Lag^an and  Swift Current up to standarda  Thc steamship Miowera las landed'  in Vancouver the. Auytrali.-.n Crichet  team bouml to England via Canada,  to play a series or matches against  All-England cricketers,  M  ^1  ���������i :  ���������  ttAILY LBDGBR  ' latmmmtm  ���������  !���������������������������������������������  | THE PUBLIC SCHOOL  il^**-*^**^^^-^^**^^^*^^^^^  ��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������+������������������������������������������������������ ���������*������������������������������������+���������++  Don't  CONCERTTOdMORROWI UlU'Oll     Br6WiSI������    CO  ������  Keep Your Eye on This Ad.  ���������+"M"l',Hi*M1'f*i"l"M  We have secured this space and  intend to make it interesting.  PITT &PETERSOIN,  Duncan,    B. C,  1*  i?  li.1-  ESTABLISHED 1878  DUNCAN and . QUAfllCHAN  W. P. JAYNES  \\  Jfotel  DUNCAN  STAGE LEAVES FOR COWfCHAN  LAKE MONDAY,   WEDNESDAY,  AND FRIDAY.      MOUNT.  SICKER  DAILY.  PRICE BROS.,  Proprietors,  Quamichan Hotel  ���������������������������������������������  -���������   tening.  .     The  forget  that  tl.e  School    En-terfainment takes place tomorrow ev  following  programme should pro*.e an interesting one:  INSTRUMENTAL  F>/\RT    1.  SELECTION   ���������  "],,������UND  IN A    FOUR-WHEELER.';  -(A  Screaming  Farce in One Act.)  CAST  OF  CHARACTERS  m,���������10 M- H0LL������WAY,  a retired stock-broker   Mr  JOSEPH CAPSIZE, a Cockney c������������������ man,   four-wh������Sor   M  CLARA,  Hollo way's' wife,  M1LLY,   servant  in   Hollow'a'y" household'".'   -   Scene'-Room in Holloway's house.   Time, present'.  SONG-(Selccted)    '  SONG-(ScIected)   .'...''.. ,..Z   SONG-(S7'lecTe(l)^.737~:���������.;" "."~'~"~' "   SONG���������(Selected)   "... '   NANAIMO,  B. C.  /Manufacturers of the  Miss  Bertram  'Miss 0  Madame  A. 'Vanderslicc  Geo. Newport  Wyiidcatl  Courtenay  In British Columbia  Lager Beer [and] Porter Guaranteed Brewed  from theiBest Canadian Malt rnn Hops.  Mr.  Dave   Lewis  Miss  E.  Teague  ... Mr.  A.   Gould     Mims  Suti.ri  ���������o���������  ���������Importer and Dealer in all kinds of Merchandise���������  AGENTS FOR���������The American CVeam   Separator  Co.,.Grant Powder  Co.,  and B..C. Pottery Company.  Also Manufacturer of all kinds of Feed from Home Grown Products.  Headquarters   for  Tourists andConr  mercial Men  NETTLE  ���������o���������  Keast's livery &  Freighting Stables  BOATS ON SOMENOS LAKE.  Splendid Fishing, Telephone connection.  FRANK CONRUYT, Prop.  Duncans Station.  PART :2.  "DEAREST   MAMMA."  (Comedietta   In   One  Act.)  CROKER  ...   ���������  m.  BROWSER,  Clinton's  Undo ���������' ^ p"  "^ ^t  HARrV  CLINTON         ' nicha������������  D^������>nd  .    '  ";  Mr  EDITH,   Clinton's  wife   MRS.  IIONEYWOOD,   a young widow,''ami Mend  MARY   rnw������        ������������������         ^ i-IiSS  Alexand������-'an  MARY JONES,  maidservant   ^   K  MRS.  BREEZLY-FUSSEL, Edith    Clinton's mother  Scene:���������Room in Clinton's house.  Paul Victor    Miss C. Norinon  of Edith's.  Madame Courtenayj  TEN DOLLARS REWARD.  -i.-������1?e nf0^ ?r.efing Cott,Pany wi������ "ay *i0 reward for information  ft which will lead teethe arrest and������conviotlon- any pereon or persona  ������ destroying Union Brewing Company's kegs or bottles, or failing to re-  ���������     turn the. same.  -H. Keast, Proprietor  Stage leaves Mount Sicker at   7' a.m.,     returning,  leaves   Duncan  at 12:30 p.m., .daily,  except * Sundays.     (Specials at short notice.)  XX   DUNCAN,   B.   C.   XX  ROBT. GRASSIE & SON  GENERAL BLACKSMITHS^  AN EASTER OPENING  FES  NEW  MILLINERY STORE  OPENED AT DUNCAN  Newest creations in  Millirfery. Up-  to-date Hats   Made and Trimmed to  Order at Shortest Possible Notice.  FLOWERS,      FOILAGE.   All    Ladies     cordially      invited     to inspect  HORSE SHOEING A SPECIALTY  AN IDEAL TOURIST AN D  , HEALTH RESORT  STATION STREET,  DUNCAN, B. C.  DUNCAN   ul������Vnd STABLES  S. J. Hagan, Manager  ���������f    Freighting a Specialty   ������������������������  PRICES riODERATE  FIRST-CLASS  TURNOUTS     OF    RIGS,    HARNESS,   HORSES.  HOTELSTRU  Tourists  and  sportsmen   making this hotel their headquarters will appreciate the excellent cuisine and service.  Electric light is fitted through  out.     There is a good   supply  of water.     No mosquitos.  I SHAWNIGAN LAKE .B.C.  DUNC  AN.i   Br C.  Your patronage solicited'  "-1 ' ' * "*'"'  Telephone  in  Connection.  ���������X-m-   -X-^~X-^r-}^H������r^^������r-X  ANDERSON  I  HIGH GRADE BICYCLES  BICYCLE AND GUN REPAIRING.    ACETYLENE  GAS  FIXTURES AND GENERAL METAL WORKING  Fine lines,  WATCHES,  CLOCKS and JEWELRY REPAIRED.  SATISFACTION   GUARANTEED.  Pharmacist  *  Oddfellows Block     ��������� '   ���������  *^_*^'_^_iii_yi'_*^-_i������_ar_  /���������\     si\     /K     7f^     /f\     7T\     /1\     sV.  j*i    _ ii4���������itr���������yi-  vn-  Dimcan.v, B.C.  X  WHITTOME  ' A     GREAT MINE.  In the Le Roi the ore slioo'c recently found on. the 1,'150-foot level seems  to he the centre of attraction.   lb- is  proving to he better and larger than  was at first     anticipated.   The winze  in which     it was first-encountered is  being     ex tended from  thc 1/150-foot-  level to the 1,550-foot level in order  to determine', if it extends down below the     former level.   Development  is also in     progress on the 900-foot  level.   The outputof ore for the past  week was 2,So0 tons, which is censid  erablcof ah increase over the preceding week,      when it was  2,.'125  tons.  The     management aims  to take out  over     10,000   ��������� tons a month,, ami  is  keeping the    shipments down to .that  quantity.   This is    about the quantity that can     be handled by the two  furnaces in     operation at the North-  port smelter.  WORLD'S NAVIES.  Paris,  April 10.���������Between 1895 and  190-1,   Italy's  naval  expenditures    increased  $4,OQO,000,  those  of    Franco  $8^000,000,  Russia $30,000,000     Germany $135,030,000,    United    States,  $60,000/100 and England $100,000,000  ^England   built  fifteen  cruisers     aggregating- 172,080  tons,  Germany five  aggregating -12,00(1 tons, France three  aggregating 42,0.00  tons.  FOR DISPOSAL OF MINERALS  ON DOMINION  LANDS IN MANITOBA  THE NORTHWEST TERi  RITORIES     AND  TERRITORY.  Coal���������Coal lands may he purchased  at $10 per acre.for soft coal and $20  for anthracite. Not more than 320  acres can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the rate  of ten cents per ton of 2,000 pounds  shall be collected on the gioss output. -  Quartz���������Persons  of eighteen  years -  and over and  joint stock companies  holding free miners' certificates may.  obtain entry for a mining location.  A free n-i^ei's certificate, is granted  for one or more years, not exceeding  five years, upon payment in advanc!  $7.50 per, annum for an,individual,  [land from $50 to $100 per-annum for  a company.according  to  capital.  A free hiiner, having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500x1,500 feet by marking out the  rfame with two legal posts, bearing  location notices, one at each end on  the line of the lode,or vein.  The claim shall be recorded within  fifteen days if located within " ten  miles of a mining' recorder's office, one  additional day allowed 'for- every additional ten miles or fraction. The  fee for recording a claim is $5.  At least $100 must be, .expended  on the claim each year or paid to  the mining recorder in lieu thereof.  When $500 has been expended or paid  the locator may, upon having a survey made, and upon complying with  other requirements, purchase the land  at $1.00 an acre. ':  Permission may be granted' by the  Minister  of     the Interior  to  locate  claims containing iron and mica, also  copper/in the Yukon Territory, of an  area not exceeding 160 acres.  Thc patent for a mining location  shall provide for the payment of a  ^Royalty, of 2i per cent, of the sales  of the products of the location.      ���������  Placer     Mining���������Manitoba and the  N.W.T., excepting the  Yukon Territory���������Placer mining claims generally  are 100 ft. square,      entry-fec$5, renewable yearly. On the North Saskat  flhewan River claims are either bar  or bench,  the former  being 100   feet  long and extending between high and  low water mark.  The  latter  includes  bar diggings, but extends back to thc  base of the hill or bank, but not   exceeding 1,000 feet.   Where steam power is used, claims 200 feet wide may  be obtained.  Dredging in the rivers of Manitoba  BANK   CLEARINGS.       ^  Winnipeg,   Man.   April   1-3.���������Winnipeg bank clearings for the week ending today���������$5,015,507;   1904,   $1,805,-  335; 1903,   $3,459,5.08.   v   AUTHOR DEAD.  New  York,   Ahril   13.���������Col.  Nicholas   Pike,   author   of  Life   of  George  Washington,      and     many   scientific  works,  is dead  from  paralysis.     lis  was  87      years  of  age.    For  many  years, he -jierved , as -consul on the   Island of Mauritius and later   was consul general to Portugal.  NAN'S TRIAL FIXED.  New  York,   April  13.���������Nan Patterson'was brought into the court     of  general   sessions  today  by  her  counsel to plead  to  a charge  of conspiracy to get money from Caesar Young  thc    bookmaker.    She will  be tried  again on Monday on acharge of ir.ir-  I derin-g Young.   She is accused jf having conspired  with  J. Morgan .*��������� in ith  [and   his   wife,   Miss   Patterson's   sis-  j ter, to extort money from the     ,-atl  I bookmaker,  and the N.W.T., excepting the Yukon  Territory���������A free miner may obtain  only two leases of five miles each for  a term of twenty years, renewable in  thc discretion of the Minister of the  Interior.  The lessee's right is confined to the  submerged bed     or bars of the river  below low water mark, and  subject  to the rights of all persons who have,  or who may receive, entries for bar  diggings or  bench claims,  except on  the Saskatchewan   River,   where  the  lessee may drcgde to high water mark  on each alternate leasehold.  The  lessee  shall  have a dredge in  operation within one season from the  date of  the lease for each  five miles,  but where a person  or company   has  obtained more than one lease   -    one  dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction  is sufficient.   Rental,  $10     per  annum for each mile of river leased.  'Royalty afc-lhe rate of 2* per cent,  collected on the output after it exceeds $10,000.  Dredging  in the Yukon  Territory-  Six leases of five miles each may be  granted to a free.miner for a term of  twenty years, also renewable  The lessee-* right is confined to the  _       submerged  bed  or bars  in the   rive?  THE YUKON |beIow low water mark,  that bound-  " ary to be fixed by its position on the  stday of August in the year   0f the  the date of the lease.  The lessee shall have one dredge in  operation within two years from the  date of the lease, aiid one dredge f0r  "ach five miles within six years from  such date. Rental, fooo per mile for  first yeai-     and     m per     mi]e ^  each subsequent year. Royalty, same  as placer 'mining.  Placer Mining in thc Yukon Territory-Creek,     gulch,    river and hill  claims shall not exceed 250 'feet - in  eogth, measured  m the base line or  general direction of the creek or gulch  the width  being from  1,000 to 2,000  leet. All other placer claims shall be  3o0 feet square.  [    Claims are marked-    b^ two legal  posts, one at each end,, bearing   notices.   Entry must be obtained within ten miles of mining Recorder's office.   One extra day allowed for each  additional ten miles or fraction.  The person or company staking a  claim must bald a free miner's certificate.  The discoverer of a new mine is en  titled to a claim of 1,000 feet in  length, and if the party consists of  two, 1,500 feet altogether, on the out  put of which no royalty shall be  chargen, the rest of the party ordinary  claims  only.  Entry fee; $10.   Royalty at lhe rate  of two and one-half per cent, on the  alue of the gold.shipped from     the  v~ukon,Territory to be paid.to    .the-'  Comptroller.  No free miner shall receive a grant  of moire than one mining claim     on  eaeh  separate river, creek or gulch,  but the same miner may hold     any  number of claims by purchase,     and  free miners may work their claims in  partnership by filing notice and.paying a fee of $2.00.    A claim may    be  abandoned and  another obtained    on  the same creek, gulch or river by giving notice and paying a fee.  Work must be done on a claim each  year to the Value of at least $200.  A certificate that work has      been  done must be oif-sined  each year;     if  not, the claim  -tail he deemed to   be  abandoned,  and     open  to occupation  and entry by a free miner-;  The boundaries of a claim may   be  defined absolutely by having  a survey  made  and publishing notices   in    the  Yukon official  Gazette.  Petroleum���������All   unappropriated   Do-  minion/lands in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, and within the Yukon Territory,  are open to  prospecting for  petroleum,  and  the Minister  may reserve for an individual or company  having machinery on  the  land  to be prospected, an area of 1920 acres for such period as he may decide,  the length  of width shall not execee  three times the  breadth.  Should the prospector discover oil  n paying quantities, and satisfactor-  ly establish such discovery, an area  not exceeding fi40 acres, including the  oil well will be sold to the prospector at the rate of $1.00 per acre and  the remainder of the tract reserved  namely, 1,280 acres will bc sold  at the rate of three dollars an  acre, subject to royalty at such rate  as may be specified by order-in-coun-  cil.  JAS.  A.  SMART.  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  Department of the Interior,   ^    e-  Miners' Drilling Machines,  Made to order and Repaired at short notice.     Drill Sharpened ly - u  alwayBsives oatiefaction.    Picks bandied and repaired.  Shipsmithiog  in all ita Branches."  Horseshoers and General Blacksmiths.  David Murray  Buller Street  -    -   -   - LadysmitH, B   C  WE   NEVER   SLEEP  BUT ARE ALWAYS ON THE LO OKOUT FOR THE BEST MEATS  IN THE MARKETS.  WE ARE NOW BRINGING OUR CATTLE FROM EAST OF  THE  ROCKIES. YOU WILL GET THE BEST IF YOU BUY FROM US.  PANIMELL   &   PLASKETT  STFVEN5 BLOCK,,     ~      OATACRE  STREET,] LADYSrllTH, B C  ��������������������������������������������������������������������� :��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������'m������������������m������������������+++  j*  LADYSMITH TRANSFER CO. x  pianos, OBOAn^H^m^^BmruBk moved  Stableslin.rear'of ladysmith Hotel. JI,eave:orders at theTAbbottsford  WILLIAMS      n O        WASKETT  +V ������������������������������������**������'��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ^������������������**������*+*+***f***������*+/  A WORD  to  CARPE'T BUYERS  Our Spring Stock is now Complete.  "GREATEST    THAT HAS BEEN"  QUALITY IS FIRST WITH US.  It is economy to buy repu table  goods even though you pay a trifle  mo're.  AXMINSTERS  "Empire" quality, $1.65 yd.     ' "Imperial" quality, $1.20 yd.  BRUSSELS  "Popular"    $1.15 yd. "Superior"'$1.55 yd.  Samples by mail.  Mention c. olor tones.  WMJM-*  VICTOR I A, B.C.  ��������� M"lffl|������',l|i|i i 'iii.'lftMBESaE^SSBEM&BHafc.  To Make Hard  Times  and Good Times  Good  Better  Buy Your Meats Prom.  H. & W. MEATHET  NEXT DOOR TO THOMSON'S HARDWWARE STORE.  ' WE CAN SATISFY YOU  M. R, SIMPSON,  Solicitor, Etc.  Mansy  1st Avenue  to  Loan  -LADYSMITH  )  U. O. MILES  Contractor and Builder  REPAIRING  of all'kinds  promptly,  attended to.    Shop on Gataore    ftt.  in .��.��      ; ^<~* *���'
'.    ��\
Daffodilk, Narcissus, Primioses and
forced'Roses, at Benovv's museiy,
Cheinainus,  B.C.
Have your photos taken NOW, today, and until -Monday evening, April 21th., 1-5 00 cabinets foi ��2.50 pel
FRIt'K   &.     SCI1KXCK,   Campbell's
Knight's book stoic.
Populai foi llnv at  Knight's.
Hutch Bales, of the Inland Home
Hotel, aimed home today fiom a
���shoit visit to Seattle.
A good vaiiolv of picture post
icaids, piirlity diiietcut kinds at
Knight's Book Sloie
Five llundicd new novels just in at
Knight's booK stoic.
l'opul.ii   loi   May at   Knight's;
The     E.Sfliiiiiia]   k  Nanaimo     Railway  aie ail\c'ii i.siiig cheap  latosand
a  douhlc   tiain semce  covering     the
Jour���da\s   oM'astu   luilidavs     fiom
"Fnday,  Apnl  21st  to   Monday, L'pril
BI.    The leduced   tales and additional nam sen ice will no doubt be taken   advantage   of bv   a laige    number
���wishing  lo  spend   the holidays  out of
town  at one of 11 e numeioi'S resorts
p'long the  line.     Single fa,ie  foi   the
loiind 1np  is al*-o  m cHect  fiom  Nanaimo  lo  Yaticouvci   en Ihe   steamer
Tiflis,   Apnl   11.���A   pioclammation
ot  Count   Von   Voionl/ou     DashLou,
the     new     Goveinoi  Central oi  the
Ciuc.isia, is ga/etlcd today, announcing  that   in accoi.iance with   the   intention     ol   Enipuci   Nithol is,     the
Governor Genual,   when be   assumes
o'hec,   to convoke coufeieiicc of   iep-
lesentatues  of all  lhe  (owns,  ' peasant   Lominuinlits<,  and  oithe.do\   Ai-
loeiitan      and     Mohammedan  chinches
with lhe \ lew ol conceiting nieasuics
foi  lhe establishment ol  public seem -
itv defining ' Lhe  amendments l.ece-s-
aiy   lo  the judicial  procidiitc ol   the
Caucas  and   introducing  the  /uistvo
a,!n!inisli<uioii.      The  Go\einoi   (ieu-
eial  also pioposcs to hasten tlie sui-
vcjs  of the ciown  lands nv.iilab'le loi
cultivation thai   they may l.e all��tied
to   those in  need   ol land     Tl e     pro-
cliinmation    adds 11i.il   (he  Emperor
hr.s  ouleLCd    a icvision  of  the i|iies-
tion ot tho conl'station ol lilie Aimcn-
lan  chinch     piopeity,  and conch des
with  uiging lhe  maintenance ot t'an-
uility so that  conditions  in the caucas inav be speedily impiovcd in ac-
co!dance   with   ihe  impenal    icsciipt
of Match   1
Mi. C   J.     South, secretary B. C
S.  P   C   A , aimed m Nanaimo by
the S. S.     Joan last night to mate
final  anangements  lor  this evening's
���eiitcitainment     in  the Oj eia Tiouse
Mr   Spailing is a most proficient op-
eialoi  at lhe lantein end i\li   Souih
will give     his     enleitaming lectinc
resides  there aie  lccitations  bca.iti-
fully     illustrated     by  the     lantein
slides    The  entertainment  is   free.
In tho police court yestciday the
six small boys who weie chaigcd
Willi ohstiucting the pound-keepei in
the disjhaige of his duty, weie let
off wit1' a warning. The facts as
brought out in the e*��idence weie
substantially the same as those given the stoiy as told by the boys
yesterday, and Magistiate Yaiwood
took a lienicnt mow of the case, giving the boys a seveic lectinc and allowing  them  to go.
Mik.  Angus Flew, of Nanaimo, aged neaily 72 ycais, died at the home
home of her daughter,  Mis.  T. Ilun-
tci.    Deceased  lady  came  to       this
country fiom hei   name place,   Ayic-
sliuc,   Scotland,  in   180J     They  fust
settled    in     California,  fiom  wlncn
place Mi.  Fiev, set out  foi   the gob>
diggings of Caiiboo and in 1864 iMis
Ficw came to Nanaimo to join hei
husband,   who had returned   fiom Ca*
iboo,  and it   was  the
tied lieie when Naiiai
small hcMiilet
It is   twent}-five ycais  since      Mi-
Frew  died, and now his  wife     has
also pa'scd  to  il-j  gieat  beyond    al
the npe old age of  thiee score   ten
Of hei   i-aiiiils'   family,   tlwic       ai.
tluee still alive,  Mi    John Renwice,
of Selb\   street,   Nanaimo,  who alst
settled heie in the pioncci  days, ami
anolhei   hiotlici  in  Ausltalia,  and a
sister ia   Daln     Of hei  own family
theie aie  foui   living,  Mis   T   llun-
tei, Mis   U   McGarrigle,  Mi - James
Fiew, ol  Feline, an 1-Ah. John Fiew
of Cum id land        Anolhei vlaughtei,
Mi&.      (ileason,  died  in  C'unib-ciland
itout eighteen months ago.
Mr.   and      Alls.   Baiclay-Koiiluone
aie  icgisteicd at   the Hotel  Strath-
cona,   .Shawiiigdii   Lake.
Mi W McKinnon lus alieady lis-
posed ol ins last yeai's ciop of potatoes, about 30 tons in all. The raa-
jonty of the puichaseis intend using
the potatoes foi   seed.
Set vice, Sunday,  11 a.m.    All'ue
welcome. A.   W.   Whitinian,   Mis
The sacied  Cantata,     "Foot* rints
ot* thc Sawoui,"   was presented  last
night in the Ayiicultuial Hall to     a
good   and   appicciative,   though     not
ciowdc-d  audience     The ability     and
enthusiasm  of Mr.   Hcarnc,  as train-
ei and conductoi ensured  the success
vhich decidedly maiKcd  t5*c pcrform-
nicc      The   liistiuniental  misic    was
iiirnished by organ,  ("kindly loaned by
the Re. Mr.  McGce, Methodist minster,)  and piano, and the fact   that
Mrs.   Clark     and      Mis.      Ashdovvne
Irceu were the motive power, Is suf-
cicnt guarantee that the result was
OMjuisile      Solo,   sopiano and     con-
ralto  were Mrs   E   Price and   Mis
ihittoine,  and the careful study     of
then  scoie,      the excellence of  t'.cir
ell tiainijri voices and the sympath-
tic mulcting which     these    sisters
ilwavs    put into     their work    make
When we say we've th
- Best Spring Clothing
in town for mens5
boys'  and childrcns'
A  3
1 illicit
will' put up  ��10,00(1 as  a
..n  that thev set     l,wa-is    pul ",l��     ^cirwork
.imo was  inst   a    ,iais,c s��Pcifluous.
Mi    P.  T    Skiimshiie,  though
Halifax, NS, Apnl 11 ���Thc" Allan line tin bine steamei Viiginian
ariivod here this moinmg fiom Mo-
ville icoveiing the distance in six
davs and eighteen houis, which is the
hcM time e\ei made lo this poll by
mail   st3ameis.
Theie   weie   1,100   passengeis      on
Toronrto,   Oni.   April   H.���Toronto
customs  house  had  a narrow  escape
Irom being     blown up this morning.
Shortly  after   the clerks  assembled,.
""the���building began to fill with smoke
and steam. -An expert��� was. called in
' jwhp'. discovered  the boiler empty and
a violent explosion imminent.     Only
prompt measures avoided the clanger.
 : *_	
The     animals      usually  associated
.with the Stock Exchange are "bulls'
and      "bears,"   but recently  an ele-*
pliant made its appearance on 'change
'lb v/as introduced by.a tnembacr who
on account of his enthusiasm for the
{Salvation   Army   and   its   work,     is
known  as    Mr.   "Salvation"   Smith.
The- elephant   is  made of cloth,     is
three  feet  high,   and   has  a collection
hox  in ils trunk.   By  this ingenious
artifice       Mr.   Smith   has   persuaded
many   fellow   members  of   the      Exchange   t<> subscribe towards  the self-
denial   fund  of   the Salvation  army.
Tokn*}   \pnl    14���'Ihe Impelial oi
di nance  which dec land Mako liar, o
oi the PfS'ac'oies Islands, in state ol
siege Ik conies operative today.
Anion.'  the passong.is  who  left ft*'
the duct by the Empie-s of Ja"a
yesterdav      was Mi      '1    llay-cshi, <
'Jokjo, .'.ipan, who is on his way  u
the capital of Japan.   *~ ""
In cc>ii eisaiion  with   a re.nesen'a
tive of the \ancou\er press jcsliidaj
moining Mi    llavasln  spo! e viiy in
leiestnuly.   "The Japanese aie juil-
.satisfled, ' he     said, "with the mat
ner in     which the campaign is  bcin^
carried on and the sucjiss oi the ai
mvis \c< v     giatifyin^    Then, too, it
has been     gocd ioi     business    Sinci
the wai      si ailed "the impoits of th
countn   have     been  liiciea&rd 20 ie
���cent ,  while trade in the interior ha
Eiown   leniarkablvl    'lhe  governmei'
mrkes a     point  of utili/ing goods o'
home manufacture, as fur as pos&ibl
so     thrt      with winning on thc felci
and creating business  for  those  whe
leniain     at home,     the war may be
said to     be a success.   '.I he demand?
of thc war have also created quite c
h   not
a, basso-profundo, and at times slightly nervous,  was effective in the rcci-
.cilion,  his enunciation being patticu-
aily    clear      His  solos   weie    also
^o'od, and thc duet w th Mr.   Ilearne
���\e men of Galilee," was well len-
lered.     Mr   Hcarnc s Solos weie giv-
n  with  feeling and  peicision        Mi.
cnlev has  lots of  power  lacking     a
ittle     of tl.e  light and   shade  which
:il}   conscientious  practice can give
The    (,uiu let te,      "Oh,   'Cone and
loiiin," by Madams Pike and \\hit-
.nive ai.-l Messis.  Heme and  Skrim-
.hue,   was a finished piece of    woik,
nd    "the    tno,   "How Welcoirc   the
all,"   bv Madams  Pi ice and   VMnt-
tome and Miss Johnson was a sweet
loisel    '\iis-5   Johnson  has   a     good
one,  *..!id is a careful student.    Miss
av ties' solo,  left   nothing to bc    de'
.iicd,  and  the ininoi   solos  by Mis.
'came   and Mis    Leathei,   weie giv-
n  with .sympathetic e\j uss on.
'lhe  whole woik of the chorus was
eiy good, a seveic otitic might per-
��ips' note an     occasional     hc-itency.
he    m<iiiv     dilhcult nunor passage,
ave evidence ol caieful tiainnig ami
���iins-taking  study      The  tiiumphal
v'loruscs   in the  last pent   weie  es,e-
lally line.
'Plus c\ccllcnl pcifoiniancc was giv-
n  in aid  of the fund loi building     a
lunch  in  Dincaii,   and s, caking     on
ins subiect  m the >nlei\al,  thc Re.'.
Ii    Leakey   said   thc building    com'
.ittee    weie up against a dnlicully
lie site     genet oi sly     given by Mr
line an  some  v ens ago  was  then t Ik*
''icst in the*  town,   but recently some
hiriesc     dwellings  had be?n   erected
n the  neai   ncighboihood,  an!     this
'.as  a,   siavc detriment,  and a moet-
ng would bc held in the Young Men's
\ssocuition rooms  on Tuesday after
loon to consider     the matter.    'lhJ
���ommittee  intended  calling   for    ten
lers  when  a decision  en  this   ; point
Whpn We say we've
the Best Of Hats
from the Best ot
Makers, and dll'oils
of toggery for ��� men
and boys.
Come in and let us ma1 e gcod
our statement.
Co.   Ladysmith
New      York, .^Apiib 11���Aimed,
steamei   Peiugia fiom  Maples"
xxx x-^x-^x-^x-Jx-:x-x
Feed Your Chicks on
Holly Chick Food
A mixture of eleven dilVerent grains and seeds, so proportioned that they
meet the nrCds of growing Chicks andfully nourish them.
7f\    7f\    ���ft    "K    *t\    "iC~ **K    s*\    ��������*    ^��*
New     Yoik, >Apnl   U.���The begn-
ning    of    the-    inlet national   chess
match between  American and  IhitFsh
teams  by cable, one in P.iooklyn and
the other in  London,  was postponed
today   by  the  announcement  of     the
cable     company  that   "Aifactidiiit
has happened   to our cables and   we
will not be able to  mulct take a chess
seivice today,"
It is said theie is not much hope'
of the Angio-Amei ican cable dies-,
match beginning hcfoic tonight, A
ciowd of chess players and spec la--
tois are in fiont of the Gieat Eastern hotel, foi some lime hoping that
thc connection  would  be aiiangcd.
Seveial     1'iieineii    of the ^telephone
Company, m    Victoria aie on stnke
They  decline  woiltmg  with  in n union
men, as .has been done loi  sometime
past until a lew davs ago
Anita .Newcooib McGce, M.  D.,  is
the*onIy poison in Amciica whose of-
fei of peisonal assistance in thc pie-
sent  eastei n     wai  was accepted by
the     -.Japanese government and Red
Cioss Souetv.    As picsident of   the
Society of Red Cioss of Philadelphia
she iook a paity of tiamed liuises to
J'apan for a peiioir of six months of
woik in the aimy hospitals of   that
ooiiniiy.        All  of the'se nurses   ia'l
seen  field  seivice in  the muse coips
of   the  United   States   aimy,     some
in both     Cuba and  lhc Philippines,
and even      in China.    Going'without
compensation,  as  all   the.paity  did,
(hey weie  welcomed as guests of the
Japanese-malion and  assigned  to the
posts ol honoi  as uuises of the most
impm taut hospital  of  the army  < nd
on  the  finest hospital  ships.       They
woilcd side by side with the Japanese  muses,   gaming  much   benefit  by
tins  dneel  comparison  ol woik    and
methods     Di.  McGce has wiittcn for
1he  Century   lhe  stoiy  of hei   experiences in Japan.    The liisl of two ai-
liclcs is  published in  the'April nuui-
o ���     - .      O
The populai young aciiess, Claia
Mathes, and a company of clevci ��ti-
tists.will appear m a numbei of the
latest successes, caicfully produced
with cveiy attention^ to detail, special scenciy, elegant costumes and a
iiunihei of high .ulass vaudoi'illc features, hole on Apnl 17lh, and will
icmain for three nights.
Thc following   is  the conclusion  of
a column   of   cnticism   bighlv    favoi-
abh- to  the companv, given  bt Chas.
-\    Wheeling,   the eminonl antic.
"Claia  Mathes   has   jdayed     three
ciigagemcnls hei e and ,has shown pro-
giess al  evciy \isit.      k   + " *      This
engagement   has   pio\en  conclusively
thai   Claia Mathes is destined foi   a
miK-h   highei   position   in   the   piofes-
sion  than she  now  holds       +   *] ^
llei   linpiovcineiit  is   wotulerful,> and
hei      'Ndl     G Wynne'    will  win her
fame "
The ladies of Ladysmith are cordially invited to call and inspect our
many novelties in Parisian, New
York and other styles. _
A large   assortment of Ready   to
Wear Hats to select from.
Seattle, Wash , Apnl 11 ���A special
from Nome to the P.-I. states that
the past wintei has been unpicccdeii-
ted for mildness, and that lhe ice is
rapidly breaking''up all along tho
coast. In St. Michaels Bay. the'waV
ter is open and the ics ih Norton
Bay has already moved north as tar
as Nome.; Behring Straits has been
open all winter.
Surgeon Dentist
All woik guaiantccd, and at reasonable lates.  . ~ ""   - '.   <
liii^h St. Ladysmith
il.4Y, GRAIN AM)
Ordeis will be delivered anywhere
in the city piomptly and at the lowest possible prices.
Leave ordeis at Christie's,  on the
Order Your
An English syndicate has offered
��650,000 for the New Brunswick oil
fields and ���works, and if the offer is
1st  1 venue,  -���
Williams' Block
Particular Grocers.
Telephone I
. a poun
'      PHONE 2-4
* i
W. G. Fraser
Merchani Tailor,
(is-t Avenue)
Spring Stock on hand, Call early and
-    ~ gef yoni\ choice.
We Have Just  Finished
]\".i.Vor Dunne has quite a task before him In establish niiinicip'il ownership of siiTct railways in (.'hica;.;o,
bu1 a man who hns l'nuie;bl up a
fan.ily of ti'ii lusty children on^hl lo
,he able  to inalie a fair slater at  il.
AVhat riKhl has Russia, to sav that
'the Liuled .States has not helped
her in lhe present' war'.' Thousands of
'dollars' worth of American cigarettes are heiuu; shipped lo the Orient
for   the  use. of   the  .Japanese" soldiers.
few industries     that would not have   had  been   reached
come into existence but for  if. ! fourteen     hiindro,
I do not think the lime for thc declaration of peace is near at hand'yet
as I think the Russians will ban-; on
fofsuine time. While the Tsar j.osjs
as a lover of peace, he has proven
that he is masquerading in a false
garb. TheHussians do not li' e humiliation, but 1 do not sec now how
they are to avoid it."
Mr. I-Iayashi is in close tonchwitli
the government of his country, lie
was Chief Commissioner for the .Japanese section at the Paris Exposition in 11)00 and established an oflice
in that city afterwards. 17e is a l>
nnncial broker and spends a ^or-d
deal of his tine travelling between
Tokvo and Paris.
Escliatlots,  Cabbage and Tomato plants.
They had over
I iuui im.1 nuiiuiw dollars in hand,
would feel much happier if they had'
at least two thousand before eom-
ineiiciii^ work. If they were enabled
to fully carry out the architect's
plans they would have a building
which would be an ornament to the
district,, a credit to those wiho raised
it and worthy of the purpose for
which it was to be built, lie pro-
I-posed a vote of thanks ta all those
who had aided in providing them with
so excellent a musical  treat.
Following i.s the full list of perform ers: Sopranrs, Misdames licaiii,
Leather, Price, "\iisscs B. Holmes Z.
Holmes, M. Wilson, ���. Rullen, and
M.  Duncan.
Contraltos���Mcsilanw-s II. 1 la lines,
Henderson, Whittome and Miss John-'
son. > x.
Tenors���Messrs.   (.'.   Kazett,    C'ullis,
I'oolcy,  Henderson  and  Dr.  Rolston.
Hasso���Messrs,   Slirimshire,   Wilson,
Smith, II.  Holmes and V. Holmes.
Silverware, Knives, Fsrks, Spo��ns
anil Fancy Goods
AH these Will be Sold at
Less Than soc
Orders  taken for  Roses, Ornamental
Fruit trees.
At Morrison's, Ladysmith, B. C.
Shc-i   can     never remember  these
technical     expressions  in golf.  Now,"
what i.s the    word you use when you
strike at ehe ball and don't 'hit lr.
hit it.
He��� Well ei'-milly, you luiow you
must excuse me if 1 decline to say if
before you.
We are also Making a Large Mucta in ihe prises
of our Large and Weil Sssggrfed stock so as io
make this an interesting Utemng sag��.
Dont Hiss Tli-s Chance if You are Looking For
First Avenue,    X   X   X     Ladysmith,   B. C.
and we find we have too many
Which we will clean out this week at
'���'"  ..-SO. CENTS t AC J*'-���������.������,'���
���       ��� v
The    early  buyer gels     the
Some with  Lace and suine without
best values.
Charlie Dunn
'new  spring and summer goods just arrived*..
Charles  Dunn,  of the above, firm, visits Ladysmith every Sunday for the
purpose of  taking measurements and    seeing customers     personally.    May
he seen at the Hotels.    We guarant ec all stock and a perfect fit at   the
lowest possible rates.   Suits  rrom       $15.00 up.   I'ants  from $4.00 up. Alt
Hantl-niade. A �����������.��� ---�������
Two First Class Kesidences
To Rent
In the Centre-of-the City


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