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The Ladysmith Daily Ledger Apr 10, 1906

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 ^-.-.jt-::  . ��������� r_v���������-~,-���������*-*,������.  The  A'V^:  .i.'.V>; -<w.  'a*  '~4~.  !*���������  1  Daily  ! l,EGJSLAT!73 ASSEMBLY,  VdL.,2  TUESDAY  April  10,    1000  PRICE FIVE CENTS  CONFESSES  TO  i mm  St. John, X. I*.. April'0.��������� Edward Maloney, and Englishman, 2:"������  -years of ago has given himself to  police hero, ire says he killed > a  'than last August in Warren, ' l'a.,  and had run away. Tlie horror of  tho  thing1 had worried    him   no much  rlhal he, could stand it no longer.and  henow wishes to confess his criimr  lie says that in last August he-  had charge of % ward in a slate  asylum in Warren, and one day.  while attending a patient, named i T  Davidson,    who angered   him;      hav-  - ing a violent temper ho struck  thc man over the head with an  instrument and killed him. He then  ran away ; to Canada. He now  " wants to make peace with , God.  and let law <ak its course:  THE VOTE TO-MORROW  ON ELECTRIC LIGHTS  OPERATORS  Wl L PBESEHT  SUPT. LITTLE SPEAKS  OF THE MINES  Northern Trade Will Start at End of  The Ledger is Informed That Many Foreigners on the Hill!   .,     ,    -, ,���������,,-,-.  do Not Understand That if Vote Carries, '���������   Month-Chances of Work Through-  a Second Vote Will be Taken  I  While Many Favor Installation of Lights, They do Not Want  the City to Put Them in, Preferring Company-Others  Want Lights Either Way  out the Summer  Xew ' York, Apifl '.).���������At the-  joint meeting- of sub-committees ol  anthracite mine owners and the employees  to' beheld   here"' r tomorrow*  the operators will declare to  accept '   ',,1S  morning  a  reprcsenlaii.e     of   ter of  setlling Ihe (question of lights   would vote in favor of lights.   Ho  the arbitration   plan    as   presented   Thc Ledg������r    went through the upper   o������ no  lights, and   that all the voters  cer,    ho    said   there  wrs  the   same  last "week    by" the "iri'lnc:;    worker*   !'crlion  ������',, the city,   with  the  view   would ha\c a chance later on as   to-misunderstanding in  his   section,    as  ���������  'aCounter     i>.c������i,-   ot'    ascertaining    as  far  as   pcssiMc   who should insta.1 the  plant, he slat-  reiK)rt������l by Mr. Snick ���������b0ut the see.  tlu  for  the feeling of the residents there re.   ed Mi'd  if that had   been made clear-  ond  vote.       lie    himself    would   be  TWO ARRESTED  FOR MURDER  and will   present  osition    which   if   agreed  to  by  miners,   will     bind' each-side     f(J1.  K������������-������ing  Uie  electric  light     c/aestio.i,. er,    he   had     na   douM     thc    vote ._      .    .     .   w     . .. . .  more than   twd years. The operators whic1'   is ���������'*  he  vot������"  on  to-morrow,   would 'be.in   favor  of   lights  as     L,r ������"**>   ,u   ^cr   0f h?hfcs. ������I1(1   ������������"  have  been' 'working'    on   the      new 0f eoiirsc^nothiiir very definite could   as  the r.itei avers in his section were tended to  \ole for them.     Most     of  plan ever since'tho adjournment   oi Lc learn-d. as nwst of the voters aie 'concerned.    As  it  stands ..t  present, the Belgians, were not  very tal"ativc  the joint conference     of  last Thur.s- 'iiway at work in  the mines ������Jld oth-, howe.er,   they thin,  as stated above but did a  lot    of thinking,  and  , as  day of the   presidents   of ihe    hard er  1>,acrs  uurinK  llle lla}'>   but judg.jthat the city  will go ahead and put far  as he. I new,   would  favor   lights.  coal   carrying-railroaders   to   com- !������o  ^o'������ conversali in lwld  with <Hr-1 in  lijits    themselvos    if  the    ballot Mr. J.   Hahn.-o,' proi'iietor of   the  plete minor details    caused a   post- k'rei,t  omS  ei,RttKc(l  '"  husiness     on ( tomorrow is in  f.uor' of lights.    "A wholesale    licjtior store on     Roberts  poneinent of twenty four hours -  'of UlC hl11,    t,le     PCOp,(;  Wa,lt   c'ec(ric, ������������otl niauv of  U'3m  l"ink," said Mr. Street,  s-avs Hut as  lights   can   be  the conference schedled    for     todav llK,^s-soinc   favoring   municipal-own-,' Suick.   "that thc lower part   of  the installed  and  horned  as cheaply     as  C'l   plant ' and    others    favoring    the''town   would ha\e all   the  benefit and coal oil, he  will  Le in   favor of ha-v-  Wellington Will be  in   Thursday for  full Cargo-Other Colliers are  Expected Shortly  ���������Mr.  V. Little, superinlciulemt' ol the  add gr^tly to the demand.  Wellington   Colliery   Company,   arriv- ]    As'.ed ns  to what truth there  was  ed on the noon  train from   Victoria   i������ ^he report that the m,nes   ni)cht  today,  leaving     on  the two    o'clock  Uain  for   Extension.  In com, ei sal ion regarding* local con-1  It is said that the offer involves nn  arbitration plan that will call fertile'settlement   of   only new 'grievati-  grantin<r of a charter.  that   we  on   the  hill   will  have    hut   ing them   put in, and he  it not par-  Mr. S. Snick, proprietor of a store, few  lights and   heavy expense. licular  whether  it is done by a com-  .,      ��������� ..                                 ,.  , "car  the school house,   when     asked,    "If thiy understand  that  thev will   pany or  by  the city. In his    opin-  ces that may be after   an*  impartial           . .         .  .                  ',         ���������,           .                       '                                         ���������   ..     -'     -            : '  ..   ...          '.,.       ... I0L  "]S  ������."inion  as -to  how  the  vote.have  another    vote  after  the ballot  ion    there are lencfts to lc derived  One man was  released last | u.vestiget,on fading   to exist. wouU| gQ jn ^ g cUu.   tepllc(, Ulat  toluorroWi ftnd can  8ajr u,hich    Mley  Ul  eilliel.    ^    a���������h h ,]0 rathc].  ~Moflt:eal,     April    9.���������Two  arrests  Rerc  made  yesterday  in    connection  /with the,death  of little Edith   May  A hern  night,  the other,  Raoul  Bradley,   is J  ���������o; , he Uioiiftht most of the Uelyians owi'l want  to own   the plant,  a  company  favtred a    uuinicipally-owned.    plant  held. - I   There  was   no  meeting of the  city 'Italians   who  had a  vote would     go  or  the city.     I   think they will vote      Se.-eral other residents were tailed  Bradley was arnsdetl because in ' a Icouncil  last evening, tbere not being  aga'nst electric Ji;hts.    They would,   for lights, and't'1 en at    fie    second   with    regarding     the question,    an''  ireneral way he    answered    the    iles-'c'nouRn  of  ti,e a'(^"fliiei\.present     to   he said,  vote  for    a cnm'pany-ovvned   vote  will  ballot for a charter being  while   one     or     two spo'������e    against  1 cription given;of'the man in    'whose  ic*m a fA,cruin-    Alns'-  ljren and Ta-  I lar.t,      hut they did not want     tl-c  givm   to a company." 'lights, tlie majority seemed to thin1-  company the little oirl was last seen   t*21'81 n  vvt're "ahle to attend,'    aid   city   to  put      in  a plant*    as    th?y j    Mr.   Joseph  Tussin,  proprietir     of  that the city     had been in   darkness  last-Tuesday afternooo   and a'ffo be-  Ma>'or  Nicholson is away in Seattle j thoupiit  that if eh is .were done,  they   the Kiiuis  Hotel,  stated  that   while  long .enough, and  if thc ballot or to  ������>a: so he had  hcen a boarder  in the  Ahcru" house,  and had   Velf,    leaving  on" husiness.  behind an unpaid bill. lie xitil not". The-meney' s;enttiin . ("Jernii'ii;' < o:i  beat: a very good /character- air ong-. drink is three tinxs the cost of the  the, other '"boarders in the Ahorh army ami na"y 'together, ami more  chouse:- There" he' Vras-Coils-dciod v������ul-" t,,an ���������sw������a-^tiaies the.cost.ot .Mheir.  k'ii and unsociaJJe. lie-was given primary education. Its'almost e������.;-  to cccisitnil sprees, and would often ual to that of.the. German national  give up work. One boarder relates debt, and so the Herman people, by  that Bradley once confided to him' leaving off .drin'r for a year anl a  that he hated thc little girl. month, could pay  off, ihe whole debt.  would  live to'  pay   the .������TII. -j he  had   not heard    much  talk   about  morrow  is clearly tinderslrcyl  by all  When   Mr.  Suick  was  told  that the , the light  qrcstion  he  thought   most   the ratepayers,  it   will  be in fnvor cr  v,ate tonw rrow would only 'be a mr.t    of  the      residents    whom- he    knew   electricity. ���������  TUACliC   UF1L]   TRAGIC   DEATH   i /  St. " L'a'ul,     Aj.ril   9-Mrs. Oill. wh������ ' COSTl'^Y ��������� FlREf'  TO CELEBRATE  VICTORIA DAY  As has been the custom for many  years. Victoria Day, May 21th,  will be celebrated in Nanaimo, and  judg-ing by the enthusiasm displayed at the meeting last evening the  celebration this year will bo conducted on an unusally el\-������ .ijiio  scal'j. The meeti.ig at the City  Hall was well attendod. and Mayor  I'lanta was elected to the chair, Mr  W. I-\ Norris . Doing appointed sre-  rctary of  the  ineeting.  it was moved by H. Freeman  seconded by 11. Vipond that the  ���������21th of May be celebrated, and I his  meeting with the approval of the assembly, the chairman was requested  to appoint a committee, to choose  a gvneral committee. Mr. I'lanta  elected  the following .'. to      act.     in  .'this capneity: ' Messrs McOregof, -W  F. Norn's and Aid. Haines. -After  n briuf,consult at ion, tho committee'  rei-oin'inende-d the: following ' gont-  louian to act as a general committee:  Messrs. T. ' il. Booth, C. O Sutherland, G, D.'Barlow. 'E.. C Jlnr-  nos. A. Davis. It. Frcvman. W.  BenmHt, R. Swnnson, G. E. 'T.  I'ittendrigh,-    J.     C   McGregor.      E.  ���������H. Bird, H. E. Church. Geo. A.  Bcattic, A. Forrester. W. F.  Norris, W. Kirkhnm. J. Graliam.  U. Vipond. Rev. Si:a White and  .7.   T.ovvden.  , Upon a .motion by Mr. Newton,  seconded by Mr. Cordon the rec-  eommcndntio'n was endorsed ami the  committee einpovvered to add to  their number.     Later  in  the  evening  Treasurer���������li:.    If.  Bud.  Secretary���������W.    F.  Norris.  Finance Committee���������Messrs VV Bennett, Barlow and Rev. Silva White.  On the question or the appoint  tnent of a collector or collectors, a  somewhat lengthy discussion Look  place, it ultimately being decided  to leave the selection in the hands  of the  general  committee.  The meeting then adjourned and  tho general committee went into ses  sion. It was decided to have cml\  one collector and to call for tenders  for the ofllcc and to leave the appointment to. the Finance commit tec  and the executive officers.  The sub-committees elected arc as  follows:  Music Committee���������Messrs Louden,  White,   ���������Arnold,'. Pawlett.'and .'.Church.  Printing Committee���������Messrs Davis  Barnes..and. r.ittendrigh-' ;'  Grounds Committee���������Messrs Svvan-  son, Vipond and McGregor".  Sports Co.ininil.tee.��������� Messrs. Forrester J. McKinn'eil, .'H. Freeman.  Booth, Beattie, '-Swansea and  Graham.  Regatta (Jommit.tc-e���������Messrs... Kirk-  ham, Suthci'lam.l, Church and LI.  Shaw.  The Sports nnd Roe/atla coiiiiuittej  were instructed to'draught a jiro-  gramme for the day nnd submit t-hc  same to the committee at tho next  meeting. When all committee-swill  ���������bo expected     to bring   in    rejiorl.s.  Mr. Freeman, suggested' that instead of cash prizes being awarded  to  the "winners   of  sporting,    events.  met  death     at   Saskatoon, being  burned to death in her house was  brought In close contact with tragedy in thi.s city! She camo to tit-  Paul from \\ iimipeg, nearly five  years ugo with Fred Bryant, professional gambler. Bryant leased  Oid City Hotel, on St. rotor  street and after running it. for a  time was arrested for causing tho  death of an elderly man,-whom he-  employed as porter. Ife knocked  the  man     clown and   his head struck  ATPORTLAND  A Portland" despatch says:  Fire in the upper doors of the  Chamber of Commerce building-, S  storius high, resulted yesterday in  tbe loss of two lives, the narrow es-  capu ol" scores ul others, and the de-  structior of $1.00,000 woj-Lh of prop  erty,       Homer     Tlallock,  for  tvvenU-  the stone pavement    causing fracture   five years  an  emplojt-e    of   ..ho   Orc-  of the     skull  from  which  he   died   in  a few hours.  gem      Railway   &.  Navigation      Company,   was iu the   rooms of  . Iio Com-  Vancouver's first street cur���������tlie an  c-icnt vehicle .that .formed_a .feature  of the Lig parade���������is to Le offered  to the Ro.trd of Pane Coiiimissiou-  eis as a souvenir, by Mr. It. II.  Sicrling, general manager of the  British Columbia EltctLic Railway  Coitiifiiny,  says   the  Province.  Mr. ISperl iig is of the opinion that  the picneer car���������like the Beaver's  life-Loat���������would form an interesting  relic of early day transportation mp-  thods, and would be a feature oi interest if placid somewhere in the  Par.c where the children could use it  for a summer playhouse.  > '"Jhe old car is not very much  use t<>  the company," said 'Mi'. Sper-  lose down for two weeks m  for -tlie purpose of installing mach n-  ery, Mr. Little stated that, there vv.^s  ditions here with a Lodger represen- 'no such work in contemplation. II  lathe, Mr. Little stated that he saw the mach nery mentioned were inst 1-  im reason for thinking- that times 'iod, it eoul.l all Le done in twent/-  vvould  ),<> slack    liere this    summer,   four hours.  "There will," said Mr. .Little, "in I The mines will be kept busy ting  all likelihood, Le at least eighteen or [week, as the Wellington will'Le :u  twenty days' work each ,month diu> .Thiusday for a full cargo, and lae  ing the summer, and there is no say- Titan a may came here for a por-  in.j; .hut that there may lc more de- tion of her cargo. Other collie s  niiiud Tor coal than wc can handle, 'are expected'shortly, hut just whea  The norchern tra.de will start about they will arrive, it is impossible lo  the end of this month, and this will   tell.  COAL OF 5 ALMON FRY IN  NICOLA VALLEY      COAST LAKES  "���������?  tho following' were added: Messrs. J as had been! tho custom in the past-  Arnold., 'Pawlett, ..T- McKinnell and . years the committee purchase troph-  H   Shaw. "' |ios-    -They could   be eoropeted  for at  Mr!  Lowden  asked  if  It  was    their   the 24th celebration .r������arl.v.  Mr.    Vipond     did  not  favor      such  a plan.     He thought it   would ho 9*  to i possible   to  got   outside  sport   teams  ini-  intention to celeh'-rate one or  two -days- The chairman was of the  opinion that it' would be better  have.,one good day than two mod-'(to compete with the local men  orato ones. He thought a two less cash pri7os were ofTered.  day's cele'brntion rather more than The question was drsipped for. the  the citizens could undertake. Thd time. Mr. AI. Davis suggested that  motion at the opening of the meet.' . those .who were.. appointed lo draw  ing that the 21th of May be cele- up. this programme should remember  hratod excluded the celebration to the fire department. . Tt would bonne day. The question was droppe 1 well'to have some event in. which  and  the following officers were; nleci.-   the firemen of -Xnnaimn   and   oulsid  MARINR.     *     ���������   -  .  S.K.   Alki,- from Seattle, Lomul  for  Alusk'a, oalLd  here for coal "today.  Tuk  Kalis;- r    was  in  with a   seow  today for coal. , |  mercial club with a |number of friends ]ing jn discussing the disposal today.  When tlie lire broke out, llaliock "it, js yegrs Leliinl the times, and  became franiic with fright and jiimj - shows what our home pioduce c^n  eu from an eight-storey .vmd.-w :.-.- do in comparis.n with what was in  to the court on the . ground floor | its day the finest tiling in the street  of the building. lie was mv .1:1 >;.-'ear line that could be tinned out in  killed.   Jlnllock rocenlly   came ..utile  the  leading   Amei ican  shops  in Phila-  ,city   fr������m  l'endleton  Through a  typographical ciror The   wn���������     ijerJiapg   rata|ly  Led.0er    annoi.n.cd    yesterday that  lhe Keidar    would tale 22,000 tons  of coal.     Of course,   it should have  read "2,200."  Aruthn- man  injured       it>  jumjjing   from   the   building The   firc-  originated    in   the    rooms      of      the  Port land  Commercial club,  which  oc.  dclphia.     The company's master  nie-  chaiiic has  as'ctl    me  a  number    of  times  to get  lid  of the old car,  as  it  took up  space  that   was  urgenlK  n���������edcd    in   our  carbarns   for     oilier  ed:  Chairman   of the celebration���������May-  i'  .or Planta.  cities could compete.  The meeting  then    adjourned    until  Wodnesday   April   18.  Collier Wellington is expected i������  Thursday  for a  full cargo of coal.  Sir Thorn, s Li, tin has. anno meed  that he .will race Shamrock III. for  the ICin^-s Cup in August. 'I here is  but little doubt but that. Shamrack  III. can -heat any yacht in the United States except tbe recent American'cup defender, the Reliance, over  the 10 mile course oil" Newport, and  there is a feeling already in yachting ciivlcs that the Liptnii 1 oai  should   have  a coiniietitor  her o.;iua'.. i.  There are the ��������� Coliumlvia, SonstiUi-'  lion and Hcdiiuicc that iiiight; he  raced, hut there is hardly a clianee  of tin last named being put o.'cr-  board. Many yachtmvn believe, the  Columbia is not fast enough to heal  Shamrock 111, although she was selected over the Constitution to defend thc America Cup. The Consti  tution would Le the yacht best, suit ���������  ed under the circumstances lo 'uphold this country's supremacy in big  yachting e'vnts. August Belmont is  her iiKinging owner, and he may sc^  fit to send her to the fore,���������Boston  GloLe.  PEOULIAK  AND T'ERTTNliNT.  rllie Einporor of China has'a household consisiing 0f ")00 [ ers ns, in-  cludiiig 30 ���������!.carers of state umbrellas, an opial niiiii'bcr-of faiiLeareu ,  30 ihysiciin1?'and surgeons, 75 as-  trologisis, 70 coo's and (10 priests.  In the last 10 years 103 clergymen h.v-e been admitted to th-2 almshouses in England as paupers. One  ,>f them was a D.-D. Others held  the degree, of M.A. Six thmisaiu)  English] Episcopal clergymen earn  less .tlirn $20 a week, most of tlvem  much lesst  cujiierl Hie upper Moors of the l. ut r. purposes. So I have decided to of-  CYoucIk of men and women attempt- for the ear to the Park Cominiss-  ed to use (he   (ire escapes-     Firemon   ioners. If  tho   Commissioners   de-  linally rescued tho-n hy monns of cide to accept the ofier, I shollluve  ladders. r]-he Chamber of Commerce the car nicely painted in all the  building vvas recently purchased- by glory of its' former days, when it  the United Railroads Company'at .a "'aide its first trip through the city  price .in-the neiffhtyofhood of 1 .-)���������>">.- streets. It 'will be fully equipped  000. Tho building is very .-Aibsi.nn- with 1 rake, trolley, gciig���������just as if  tially built. it  were  to    be    .put in    scr.ice���������of   0_  'course without the motors-aiii'l-trucks  yrom the lt-inkt 'nnd  1   think  it   would  be  a nice play-  Tho congreg-ation of the Baptist. Ji'pu-st; for th? children in Stanley  church assomblod inst night in ilio l'nrk if [laced in some convenient  s-liool     room     for  the  purpose      oi"  place  back   of  (he zco."  bidding  farewell    to  liie    Itev.     .Mr. |  ���������: -o >-  Botts,     who  has  occupied the     Bup-  ST.   PAUL   A   BUSY  list pulpit!   for the   past few months. | EMIGRATION  CENTRE  A very enjoyable evening was spout ' St. Paul, Minn., April -0. ���������The  by all present.    During (he evening a hoine-see-kers traflic continues   heavy,  The Nicola  Herald says: Va-.couver,  April 9.���������Three bundled  'ihe directors oi the Diamond Vale   thousand     socl.eve fry  were planted,  Coal company, who have i-een carry-  last.  v%ee"<  on the west coast of Y; a  ing   on  driihiig  o.orations  ail     last  couver   Island under 'the  direction ol  season  witn  a s.ah of men, have de-   fisheries.   Inspector    Taylor.      'J he  cided   to further  ccnliiuie  their work  young trout were loosed  in    Spio'.t  on  the    company's holdings at  (Juil-  and  Aivderso'n  La'Jcs and in Kcniiod/  ehena.    Oiders have just been   given   River,    and/ according    to    expect:'.-^  for   the drilling  oi  another thousand   t'ioas thes'2  fsh    wil1  Msult i"     t:'e  " (  fett.    On  the  complctiou of this, the  stoc:4ni? oi   those lakes ai.'d    'Kciin>    .'  company hopes   t6  have salhcienb-da-  dV Lake������   reached by  Kennedy River., .,._  "ta, along with that supplied  alre.tdy     'The  Canadian    Co.einmcnt  Fishtf-    -  fiom   the  five  holes  drilled last sea-   ies, cruiser Kestiel,   Capt.  Nevvcoinh,  .son, to  be    able  to   commence niin-  haS  roturnsd to-   port after ���������   having  ing operations on  a larger scale.      - carried   the fish    to tlie west   cca .t  F.  D.  Little is  at work just   noV a,ul   ,li(ied  in  Placing them.     rIh_>fiy  at   Pil.luna.  getting  out maps     r.nl   were   ta^en    from  the     Bon Accord  charts  showing  tlie" location of     the  hatcliery  on  the Eraser River.  They  company's    holdings, and also show-   were carried  in  tan1, s,   and     despite  ing the positkn of the various holes   lhe  fact  thut l0u&1 weather was e'v-  already drilled  and showing the     iu-  countoied  oft  the island,   not    more  dilution  and   depth  of the     various   lhan   a  l"ousand fry  out of thc consignment    died  an  the  trip.      'lhese  cas allies    wtra   caused by  the   fi ;h  splashing  acainst  thc canvas  tops of  the   tan's   when  thc Kestrel     rol'sd  in  the high seas.   o   SURVEY  BOATS  TO'  SAIL THIS MONTH  Washington, wpril 9.���������Threi ��������� vessels  passed through Nficola on Tuesday,'|of the co~si and Scodeti^ snvcywill  on their way to Quilcluna where |leave Seattle withm t:.c njxt tv.0  lliey  expect  to stay a few -davs  b"    m0nt'ns  for scientific  work   in    Alj.s-  -I  ���������-E,  U  1  I  seams of coal.  The company is pushing the prospecting work and hope before the  end of tli2 year to be in a position  to show goad results from their operations.  T. J. Smitli, managing director,  and J. AI, RoL-inscn, of Summerland,  who  are  interested   in  Ihe company,  fere pioceedrng to  the coast.  POSTHUMOUS LIBEL.  I .an waters. Thc first to go-will ..e  thi Pattirson, which is e>qejle<i to  leave at the end of  this month, and  A cries/ondent     of   the    London , vvlvich will !be in coramand  of    Ca; t.  Times   raises   the   point  that,   while   W. H. llod^kin.  a li.,cl upon a dead man may form  the subject of crim nal prosecution,  vet there is no rcdicss whatever for  a libel by the dead upon thc living.  Thus a testator may so phrase his  will as to libel a ' legatee and. in-  jure'him to an extent far in excess  of his legacy. The writer cites as  an illu-straticn the following Jbejqtocst  from an anient teetotaler to. a mo.  derate    drin'er:        "I    give  and  l:e-  Par.l C. Whitney, of the s������r ey,  left here recently for Seattle for the  purpose of filling the Patterson out,  enlisting a cievv and completing the  many other djt-ails necessary bef >re  the vessel sails North.  She wall cruise in the vicinity of.  Di.tcli Harbor and I\ odiak for the  purpose of continuing surveys, in that  region.  The two other vessels which nre to������������������  first, class    progt-junmo wasi'.reiulered, and  tonight more  than  -1,0(10  holders  at   the close    "i   which,  the     chair- of  ^'^  tickets -had appearod  at  the j _i,aw N^les  man,    Mr.    A      Oodfrev,   in    a    neat UllicI1   (io."oL        ������n   ������������������������   the   overland  address  p.e.se.Hed     the    Rev. Mr. Un^>   *h������   cogular.  passenger      trains  v  queath to A.R.'the'sum of ������50 uron .'go north from  Seattle arc  the   God-  condition  that she signs the   plexlgc. |ney,   t"a|'.-t. ������  Did cut,   niul   the McAr-  Such  a condition  inserted   in  a  will, ; lii-ur, Capt. Rhpdcs.     Both  tlvse v._������s-'  he believes,   might  do  the  lady   lcga-'sels   are  expected      to  leave  Seattle  tee an   amount of  damage for  which  some time in May,  ������riu   wo'ild   be    hut    poor com.pensa-1    Th ��������� Gedn;y will make oi's, r-;at;ons  lien,   and   he sul'units that  in    eases'in  Sourteastcrn Ahis'-.a in the viriui-  of    posthmnoiis ������������������ Itbel   the executors   ly   of  Prince  of  Wales   Island,  while  should  he answerable in damages to , the    McArthur-   will survey  Uic p-is-'  the extent   of  the    testator's  rs'at.?.   sage';between  K-odiak  and  Cook     ,'n-  let.   .  l'iotts,     with a purse?  as   a token   of  were sent  out.   in domhle     sections.  esteem  uiul respect in   which he was  ���������<]  the Canadian contingent-, via the  belclbv   the  members  of  tbe     church.  .,r     ,, .. ,   ,   . ...    ,,.-,1,   throe  dictions,  Mr.   Belts  responded    in   a  lew     well '���������  chosen words, I bunking thc mem  bers for Lhe token of appreciation  of. his services. The following programme   was   rendered:  Instrumental���������Miss.  Watson. *,  Trio���������A. Marsh,    A. Wostcott,  Godfrey.  Solo���������PIv n n Tliomas.  Solo���������Miss.  Ella Kemp.  Duett���������Miss. Kemp. Miss.  Cocking  Recitation���������Mr.  Hall.  Solo-Mr.    C.' Marsh.  Trio���������Messrs.  and McLeod.  Solo���������Evan  Thomas.  Address���������Ohairman  Gndfrey.  Presentation     to  Rev.  Belts  reply.  taking al.oi.t one  llniisand pas engcrs. The Grci  Northern and Northern Pacific sent  out each two s-ecial trains, while  each of the five, regular trains earned from three, to five extra coaches  lo accommodate the rt.sh. These i>n.s-  EDUCATION BILL IN THE  HOUSE OF COMMON S  Loudon,    April    9.���������The    education   declared  bill,   the  measure   of  thc  liberal  1"'������-   at tempi,  gramme    for     the   present       session  was   today   formally  passed   on   find  .sensors  were bo,.:nd for  Oregon     and j rt.a(lin���������     itl  lho     House,   of      Com-  I "      ���������  Washington.  Tomoirow railroad men say  n sh will exceed any dvy sine;-  low rates went into effect  most, cciiscr.ativc! estimate the Arrivals at five thousand.- Tbe one vvnv  Westtolt.    ThomaP   colonist   ra1es   put;   jnto   c[f(,ct      F^_  rimry  15  will- expire tomorrow,   bin  th  tho i  and   the !  ������ mons after an extended elebate participated in b>' Mr. Birrell, president of the 'Uonvd of Education,  cits iutroduccu-), James . I. McDonald, labor arid Socialist, and Sir  Alfred Thomas, chairman of rh'e"  Welsh  Liberal   parliamentary     party  .,, , who  supported  the measure,  and .Sir  Z . [y^T���������,���������! W"1_a!UlrC::I1>im^1 I William     Anson, Libe.-al,     represent-  ing Oxford univei-sity, George "Wynd.  bam, conservative and Lord Roberts  Cecil, who  opposed it-.    Mr.   Birrell  tl.four bout the summer.     Indiana, Il  andjinois and Missouri are furnishing- the  bulk of the homeseeter.s travel.  the bill was nn hoc. ^st  to deal with a dil!! .lit  problem. l.'nder the bill religious  education may be given in hitherto  improved schools, if they are t o.lc-  en over by the educational authorities, but not by the regular staff.  Xor shall the attendance of pir.ils  be compulsory and no part of ihe  expense thereof shall be borne by  the ratepayers. The bill provides'  for a further annual grant of -^S,-  000,000 from the exchequer for educational purposes nnd proposes  the establishment of a national  educational   council at Wales.. ^ IHE DAILY LI lid K  Published   every day except Sunday-  JV IHE       DAILY        LEDGER  COMPANY  OFFICE  AT LADYSMITH  SUBSCRIPTION   PRICE  -')  oents ������  mouth,    $5  per  year   in  advance. , Advertising rates on ap-  plication.  TUESDAY,  April 10,    j too  THE  LATEST".  The laigest and  nio^t, complete electric    installation    c.cr   MKd     en '  heard ship  1-5  in sloie    foi   tho new '  Cuharder MauuLuua, now building at  Wallsend.  -lhe vessel will l,e lit, sajs the I  "������Mas0ow llcraldi" by about 5,0l)U  lamps .of sixteen 'candle-power, which  is more than double the number lilted on the tx-dnc. Two .elect ac pas  songer hoists aie lo be creel.'.! for  ccai.eyin^ passengers /between the six  dee.s, t������vo lifts for luggage, miImv  smaller lifts fur mails,  etc.  There will \m a-  l:lephuie cxcluiift?  on   hoard   which  will connect  up   lhe '  chef passenger sections of   lhe   .ship  with  the  oflicers,  an i   there an1 also'  to j;o sjecial      te'e.'hones fiom     the  badge.  But le.htps ,'thc most up-to-date  no\elty is the provision of ole. lnc  curling-tang heaters lor the la-dy lias  sengLrs. ' j  sunshine  ���������Tf|   ���������     r������o4oi������   gj  ">      LOM������tt������  ,D ��������� D  'Premier Haul fain** and  "Sunshine Furnace"  Two North Wear Premiers.  McCIaryS  London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg;, Vancouver. St. John, H.B.  IRVINO'S STAOECRA FT.  I  PAINTING   AND   PAPBRHANG1NG  ."It chanced to  me once,  and     only  'once, 'in a  life     of some     faring by  land  and sea to r'.do   up a Kunlisli  "gongc -at early idawn,  the sky     still  ^'starry, ns  the charcoal   burners   had  ' beqim  their   work, ami   to see     o-'.er  all as the smoke  rose  a grey     blue  'light as of  the depths,  sonic    touch  'of  d.ep     chillod    en.eloping  air   on  - /'gor^e and mountain side, as .though a,  sapphire had   aged  and  grown     gtcy  and  wan      Once only I   saw this an-1   l* nms  ���������   ne or again.     When in   "Faust"   Ih ���������  curtain lose on  the Broken,  I    saw  before me  the same niiiacle  of gic\  blue. '"How-did you,"  I as\od   one.?  at suprer,   "who ride abroad  so   lit-  .. ' tie  and arc so   rarely   on the  inoun-  ; tain  sid),  hit on , this,  the  larcst of  V 1 glits?"     "Once," aril he too\ up a  < ; small , plate,1 "I  saw   in a ga'lcry.p  - t and he named it,  but  I have forgot  ten,   "a landscape  by  Durcr  the si'-c  "   of this plate a mountain side  in early morn in  this same y-.re.y blue light  It  ga'e  mc  (he  light   I   wanted   foi  \ the  Broclccn."���������Talcott  Williams     in  . Atlantic.  Neatly and Artistically Done  S. ROEDDING  ������������������/"I**  Orders  Promptly   Executes  "~ ---  LADYSMITH  THE DIPLOMATIC DRUGOIST  A certain druggist   who dots    n  I'ENNIS���������  ...  Ncw.York, Apiil O.-Eom lawn  playeis .will compose Allied-  a s 'challenging team this yc������r. li  C. Wright, oi Boston, llolcomtjj Waul  and KaynioiHl D. Little, 0r N'-'W  \oiv, and Kieijj Collins, of Chicago,  weie today namci. as the men who  vvill endeavor lo letiiin the Owiglit  K Ua.is international lawn tcnn.s  challenge cup to thi������ counUy. 'lhe  selection was nnwlc by Frederick CI,  \i.dersi.n, of New Yor , chairman of  the commiltje, A.,1. llas".ins, Phil-  , ilelphia and Dr. .Jtimcs Dwiglu, ol  Boston, president ol the national association.  France,  Australia and   Austiia   will  meet the    Americans in the piclimin  ary s r es of   lhe cup matches.  Thesi  coiit.sls will i.<yiu June   1, thc   Am-  ���������jiicanis sailing Way  18.  PRINCE ARf HUR  AT WINNIPEG  leart-  prer  aleiit era c lor the jjiutar, an I that the e\eninjr His Highness and suite  i-. ihe Duchess or RoVmirghe Now, aM ended smte dinner al (he Cov-  .is hcielofore,   it   is   the  hanio   which   t.|-nmont house.  h:i  grace    favois-   and   plays    really,  ;        _  a till.     Sue  sie������sS   -'coon"   songs     de- I  liifhtfullv.      It   is  s'.iid   that 'to- her'    Lover���������Ind.e.d   I   loe   you   for your  iniidonnn   of  these simple    ditliess'he   seH alone, Miss Milytms.  owes her great   popul.iiity  with    the      lleire s���������'1 h.il    is   a loan   on    which  i'ltivc^s nf  Wales,   who   is\ciy   fond   you  can c.nly    lmiow trouble,     Mr  of'theni. CashhtMitcr,���������Baltiiwcre  American.  I Ask for  \ like to answer night calls, especially \  o   as  he lias    found by experience  llial             ,,,      .     ���������    ,���������,.���������< .  ,        ._    , ,       , ���������, ���������        ,    .      Thcte  is at   least one sonctv  he  ohends  people  who  callhim up at . , ,   , . ,     .,  ...,/,     i ...    i        it       4 >r  who  nas  not viek.ed    to  ill  night by his  displeased ahitipt m.iii- -L  ner,  has  deiiswl   a  scheme by  winch  he  does not have to   get up and   at  '   the  same time does not  lose   ci.elo-  mers.     In   his  own   wouls  lie   woil-s  ii  this way:  , "!' disconnect my ihell so  that    it  cannot ^ring.     After   waiting     sonu  ".time the  icrson   who  wants   to   p.i>  in gives  it up as  a ).ad  job aiv.l coc-i  down the street  to  the -next    sloie  This man   opens  for him,  but   is i-a  turally   vciy  much    displeased,   and, j |(>OlQO$0^������&^������0^< '  '- as  I  usually    do,  he  shows   that  h  "   is .disgruntled  and offends  the cuslo / \  jner.     Early  the ne\-t  moining     tlu  '-   customer  calls  at  my  store  to     n:  form  me   that  my bell   is  out oi (  ner  and   tells    mc  what   alow   o.in  '' ion  he hts     of    the  other .druggist  whom be  consi.c'ois    a  wry  iinpolili  man."��������� New York Times.  Tti'ers���������What ha'.e you got that  string around your finger  fcr?  Brooks���������������������������By Gcoimb! I'm glad yon  menticiiecl il. That's to remind mc  .to', as'j. you for th?, fiver I lent yor  a   month  a';o --C likviio Ti ihune  An almost  lRfJ'rtn.!etib!B  Boot fcr  Roys  Winnipeg, Apnl 9.���������His llo>al  Highness, Prince Aithur of Con  nuughL aecompaniod by his suiLo  \isitecl the Ogilvie Flour mills, die  ectly afler the civic address today  His Hoyal Highness sbowec^ a very  l^'L>n inteiest in all he saw asking  many pc-itinent rpioslions regarding  tne various separations and treatment of the stocks which > go . Ui  make     up "the ultimate products.  His Itoynl Highness this afternoon viewed the Winnipeg public  school cadets and at thc eonclus  io-n of this -feature of the"reception  iuogrammc he spokt* briefly but in  n complimentary manner to tho boys,  adding that ho hoped to sec U.icm  all competing in the Empire shoot-  in������   contest   for cartels next yenr.    Tn  ON'S  1 he-Cream of Scotch Whiskies  EY-  SATISFACTORY is the verv  '<  diet of both parents and  boys  r  wherever  worn li  L2II BOYS' SCOTCH GRAIN I  ^ATERTiGHl BOOTS       |  have heavy soles. Thcs1: Doots f|  will hold that boy of yo.-rs. %  for a while. Sizes  from   1 to 5   %  1311 YOUTHS' SCOTH GRAIN |  WATERTIGHT BOOTS  same as above. Sizes 10 to 13  YOUR DEALER HAS THEM  m tiuBgorse&Y 00,  X Sole   AjrentriforB.  C.  SZ0-  MAEIJFAOTURERS.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  SYNOPSIS OP CANADIAN NOKTII  WEST MINING   IUS0m,ATIONS.  Coal���������Coai   lands   may   he  purohas-  ed at $10 per acre, for soft coal   and  $20   for   anthracite.   Not   more   than  320 acres can be acquired  by one in-  divid.ua! or comjiany.   Royalty .m the  rate    of  ten cents   per  ton of  is,GOO  pounds    shall      be  collected  on   the  gross output.  Quart/.���������A free miner's certificate is  granted upon payment in advance of  $7.50 per annum for an individual,  and from $f>0 to $100 per ���������annum for  a company,  according to capital.  A free miner, having discovered  mineral in place, may locate a claim  1,500 x l.HOO feet. The fee for recording a claim  is   $5.00  At least $100 must he expended in  the claim each year or  paid  to   the  mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  JfiOO   bus  been  cvpc-ndod   or  paid, the  locator   may,   upon   having   a survey  made,  and upon complying  with  oth  cr requirements,   purchase   the land al  $1  an  acre  The. patent provides for the payment of a royalty of 2J per cent on  the sales.  PLACER mining claims generally  are 100 feet square; entry fee $5, renewable yeaily.  A free miner may obtain two leas,  ns to dredge for gold of five miles  each for a term of twenty years, renewable at the descretion of the Minister ot the Interior.  The lessee shall have a dredge ia  operation within one setson from the  date of the lease for each five miles  Rental, $10 per annum for each mile  of river leased. Royally at the rate  of 21 per cent collected on the output after it exceeds  $10,000.  .  W. W. CORY,  Deputy of the Minister pi the In-  'vriittf,  JkD-'hyrjub.  *. J. McAIURfRJE, Mrop'liiQ'-  I ADYPeVUIH.B. C������  ���������tfevlv fitted up and  Furn'slied  Good Ui;Ies and good  Rooms  i*ajww7. \y  PORT; INDHOTEL  DA\ I'll   IIYNES., l'ropiielor.       f  Bjard at reasonable  Rates  The bar is extra  well  Stocked  This   Hotel has    been  completely       ceno'.atcd.  Uoard  t;Hd  "odgiog $1-00 per d������y.  HOTEL.    PRETORIA  JOHN TKA, Proprietor j  ti������r  Supplied   ������illi  the   B-.st  .W;ncs, ^st Avenue   -: :-:  "-" ladysmith n.C  Liquors and (VJ*!3-   ' *  trmalt   & Nssigimo Eailw8������  E,aster'Holidf:>a  Exciirsici. liates  In effect l>etween all Stations  Tic'cts ^.uocl from B'riday, April 13,    to    Monlay,   April   16lh.,  inclusive.  ' - ���������' ' f  Special TYain Service  In Effect oh  Good Fiid&yand lazier Mondayi  Afternoon  trains  leaving  Lael'smith,    Noith o n.d,' at' 6-15   \ic  m.  Afternoon   trains  leaving   I   'd smith,''South o r,d  at 5-00 p'.'in.-  Regular train ser\ic������ Saturday, '1 Uh,   and  Sunday 13th.  G, L,.r-Co^irtriey,  ,.   District Pessengcr Agent  Best   accommodation   ior   transicii!  ud  permancnl, lioaidnrs and  lodgers  ^RAND      HOTEL  ,   This new  Hotel ha*  been  comfort^  a dy furnished  arid  tlie hai   is  up-to  d-te.     Rales  $100  a day     and     vp  ���������? \rds.  WM   BEVEItTnOE, ProB  i������������l!������at<3������  T.jnl������-������rfttv  THE JONES HOTEL  ���������W HI T E   COOK���������  and  ���������W HITE   Ia A BOTC���������  Employed Only  (Half Block from Depot.)  OAT ACHE   STRERT-   "Ladysmith  ii  GALEQOKIAii  m  Leads Them    AS^  -:o:-  R. P. RITHET,  & Co., Ltd  I'acific Coast   Agency.  VICTORIA.   -: :-:   -    -:  :--B.C  HOTEL   DOMINION  * i  ' ���������K.w:,i !f1.25.l1.'iid!fl.B0���������  p,_,. iuvt t<,  all i-n-an.hjat   lnmli:ii!������ u d  '   'wavdc,.���������!"���������>.     Kh.-tr-i cn>H f"������r������ tiv  .:..    to <|) parte oi   the city.    Ba-  -  liiliic   llju-xci'lh 'I.  b\  HAYNKc". PiopiiHiir  1.BI30TT  ST.,   VANCOUVER  B, C.  Under iftanagment  Hotel Wilson  Nanaimo, B. C.  Jas. R.; McKinnel  Proprietor.  'lominerciar^Mens' headjtnvtcrs.  Modern and     Sttictly First CluiB.  Fire Troof r BuiUhig. ,  WANTED���������Ny Chicago wholesale  house, special representative (manor  woman) fcr each pro\incc in Canada.  Salary $'20 00 and expenses paid  weehly. Expense money advanced.  Husincss successful; position permanent. No"investment required. Pre-  \ious expei ience not essential to engaging.  Address Manager, 132  Lake Street,  Chicago,  III., U.S.A.  THeGITY7^A  *'���������'������������������'- R. Williarnsoti Prop  ist. Avenue Ladysmith B. C.  .������***������-*������������������*i������*������tt.*a***"������������4������e*   ���������������������������.���������..���������-���������..���������*.o������*0"C*������������  *  STOVES!                        STOVES! 1  we are making HEATERS and RANGES of j  Latest .Styles and Newest Pauerns������-Wedo j  A'| kinds oi Foundry and Repair Work |  |   Nickei PJaiing in all its branches a Specialty j  \  _  |  I   Ladysmith Stove & Iron Works Co. Ld f  TELEPIIONM-: 53  V. O. Box 42.  ..#..#..������������.������.4m������.***  ���������j   Ticket and' Freight' OflT.cj,   75  Goveinmeiit Street.  I  I  Transcontinental  Trains Daily  The New Train  mm     ft*  ORIENTAL LIMITED  The Train of  Ease,   Elegance,  Excellence.  Every  mile a pictuxe,   and  1  no smo'-e to spoil thc   view. ��������� |  |      Through Compartment,   Ob- \  servatibn and  Pullman  Sleep- **  , ers;    also    Through    To-irist  i Cars to Chicago.    u  At antic Steamship Bisuness t7 Europe  It our Specir . E  Union    Terminals     ith.all ?  SU-amcr lines. 1  Uerth  reservations  by wicel ������  Great .Northern S.S. Co., f,  FOK JAPAN    AND  CHINA. |  S/ S. Minnesota   will   sail |  from, Seattle,   April  28th. , |  ���������For  rates,  foldeis .aiwl   full |  information,   call  on  or    ad- S  dress, t  ' S. G. YEKKES,  A.G.P.A.-,  Seattle, Wash  E. 11. STEPHEN,  Gen.  Agent,'Victoria, B.C  t      WM.  MUNRIR,   President     J.  W. COBlTRN,  Manning'Director.      J  *- ' Tclephane   l-li. *  . The - Ladysmith Lumber Co, Ltd.  MILLS   AT  PIDDICK   AND   LADY SMITH-' ��������� ��������� '���������   ������       .   w������������,  Shingles ei ������pecieilty  MANbKACTUKKRS   OF   Roujih and Dressed Fir ami Cedar Jiiimbers  LATHS,   RlIINOl/ES,   WOULDINTIS,      ETC.,     of    thc  BEST  (JUAL1TY SEASONED.      AND   Dllli-M)     FLOOltl^OS      AND      f  K1MS1IINO  LI A1BKR IN  STOCK *  J.  THE TYEE COPPER CO., Ltd.  | PURCHASERS  AND SMELTERS OF COPPUR, GOLD AND  SILVF.R OS<ES.  Smelting Works at  LADYSMITH,     B. C.  f     HEAD OFFICE  I DUNCANS STATION.  Vancouver Island, B, 0,  GLERMONT LIVINGSTON  General Manager.  t   4.'4.4f.4'4"f'^4'^4"{-l'-)-{'-l"!":-i- ���������:���������<��������� -:-.'-!-?��������� ��������� f ���������I'^+'l-^-I������f������I"I"J"h+'I-"I"I-T-;-I"-I'*"i'+++-M������  Ik. J HENBYS  NJUIE3    QREJEN-  HOUSE* AND SEED  HOUSES  8110   Testaiinster Road,  VliNCOHVEftV  Headquarters for^   PACIFIC GKOWNa������rden.VIIelJ  ���������n4 llower SEEDS "  lot distribution. ;  Large stocK of Home  Growr. FRUIT and ORNAMENTAL TREES  %iS~ now matured for Spring.  No expense, loss or delay of lumigiition or inspection  Let me >ricc your list  hefore  placing your   order. Oreennouse Plants,  .Floral Packages, Fertilizers,  etc.  3010  Westminster Road.  VANCOUVER, B.  C.  TICKET OFFICE  Cor. Government and Kates Sts.  VICTORIA, B   C  2 Trains daily  to-St.  Paul,  '^lianeanolis,  Dululh   and  , East.    " f  2'Trains    daily     to Denver,  -;'Omaha,,Kansas City, St.' ,  Louis     anil    East'     and  -,.., Southeast. ,  ;u;2L-5    ���������'..  Atlantic !itc;iinslii[> Tickets on  ssilti to mid from nil J$uroi>vun_  Points  This is the ONLY line       to  YELLOWSTONE PARK.  ,   Tourist sleepers on all (rains  For particulars call  on'   or  write E. E. Illackwood, Cien-  etal Agent,  Victoria,  13.C."  A.    D. ^  Charlton,   A.G.P.A., .  ��������� ."   N.P.,   Portland, Ore.  2C *x  Are You  ,    , i      , ; i  Going: E^ st  Then b������ aura yoar tickets rearf    ������Ib  tbt   IHlfffiERI  PAINTING,        PAPEkHANOIN0  CTC.  Work dcnK properly and at rL-reprices. A Aili line of Wall Paper,  and Painter's Supplies Residence on  Roberta Street  J   B   SMITH. Pr,>-  The only line now making .UNION  DEPOT eonnections at ST. PAUL  and MINNEAPOLIS with the  through trains from the Pacific  Coast.  THE     SHORTEST     LINE, TH  FINEST  TRAINS,   THE   LOWEST  RATES,  THE FASTEST TIME.  BETWEEN  MINNEAPOLIS,   ST.   PAUL,  CHICAGO,    OMAHA,    KANSAS CIT\  and ALL POINTS EAST.  , For complete information ask yon  local agent or write,  F. W. PARKER  General  4 feat  -'tO 2n4 Ave., Seattle.  ���������m  '������5  Cor, 5th. Avenue & Baden Powell Street  Open night and Day. A good meaJ at anj hour  Meals 35c.an.! >J),v irJ  LADYStVllTH BAKERY  CHOICE    CAKES    AND   PASTRY  ALWAYS    FRESH   ON HAND  Wedding"    Cal-ea   Hade   to  Order  FRUITS'   AND    CANDIES OF  ALL  KINDS.    fRESH   BREAD   EVERY   DAY  Prices    are     Very. Reasonable.,,    All  Customers are Treated Alike."  HOP  LEE A CO.  ON THE   ������3PLANADE.  CUBANCIGARFACTORY  Maririfactnrers of the Famous  C.UJiAN BLOSSOM  Noue bit   Union Labor. Employed  n  J.  BOOTH. Prop  SHWtS ABUHS  Having tak** ������>ver the barber shop  known    as      tlit  Ladysmith Shaving  Parlors, High St., I   intend, by keep  ing competent  workmen,  to conduct  a first-class  establishment,  and   - re-  ..Doa ers ia  Pianos and  Organs ..  LadysiTiith, B.C  ���������-���������   NOTICE-      ���������  ���������The partnership existing- between  G. 11 -Rumming and W. E. Rumminf  carrying on business in. the City ol  Ladysinitli, ���������' B. C, as ���������manufacturers,  of. carbonated ���������beverages', etc., under  the firm name of Rumming P.ros., i?  hereby dissolved. All outstanding  accounts must be paid to W. E.-Kum-  ining, who will conlinuc tho business  and pay all accounts against the fii'w  of Rumming Bros.  -    0.  IT. RUMUIING,  \V. E. RUMMING.  spectfully solicit your patironage.        '   Date(,  at LadySmith this 28th Day  of leb., 1906; .���������,:,..,.,.  ������  I  '-h', THE DAILY LEDGER  MANCHURIA WILL BE  OPEN TO ALL ON MAY 1.  Wash ing I on, April 9.���������The following was given out today at  'the .Japanese embassy: Owing to  tho fact that the withdrawal of the  troops Irom Manchuria "not having  sumcientl.v progres.ied, tho Japanese  government, hitherto has" not permitted citizens and vessels of foreign countries, to enter the ports  and regions of Manchuria, nor allowed foreign consuls to ' proceed  to*!ic>ir posts there-ill. Considerate  progress, however having now lx-eii  made in this respect, the Japanese  government ha-; decided in accordan  cc with the principles of the open  iloor and erpial opportunities , ever  advocated by them. to permit cit-  i/ons'and vesicls of foreign countries to enter., from Mav 1. An  Tung llscinn un.l Tatc.ng ICno, and  to allow foreign' couimnls to^pro  cecd to their   posts     at,     An     Tung  llscian. Ero,in Juno I, foreign con  suls shall he allowed to proceed  to their ports at Mukden and travelling foreigners ' in'the interior of  Manchuria will be permitted in so  far . as military cxigvneies do not  pi-event it- It has been, l'urthei  decided that the Japanese govern  nient will open Palny. (Talien Wan)  to the commerce ol the world in, as  near future as possible. Judgin;,  from the .present condition of 'he  interior of Manchuria it is , impossible for the Japanese authorities;-to provide such foreign travellers with adequate accomodation  in housing and other mutters. Those  therefore who enter" the interior of  Manchuria' do so entirely at their  own .risk and the Japanese government ' do "not hold themselves re  sj onsibl.-> for any injury which the  sustain from (.audits or other mar  auders.  ! ���������  NANAIMO NEWS NOTES  /  The Fuciniy>i'.s of St. ���������Andrews church  choir are going on with preparations for the concert to be given  ��������� at the church on Easter .Monday evening. The alfair promises to be a  great success. Full particulars will  appear later. a  A meeting- of the Sports Commit  tee ~'to"',discuss mailers in connection  with the 21th ol* May celebration.'  will 1)0 held tomorrow night,at 7:30  o'clock   in  the   Alhlctic, club.  The.local post office staff spent, a  few hours very busily this afternoon ..their .being- no less than seventy bags of mail to sort. -��������� This, is  an unusually heavy mail for thj  Nniiaimo ' oflice and was caused''by  the arrival of delayed ens-tern  mail.  The managemnt of the local sawmill have installed a new fire alarm system at, their giant. The geu-  ei-aToHice is'connected .. with the fire  hall, and in the .case of an outbreak the lire-hell, can. be rung- by  means of an electl io' wire, connecting the  hall" of the   mill.  MAUTNE. _.,  SS.    Tilania     arrived ������t      North-  , field    about     2 o'clock this      morning.-    Shu will   load   'half    a    cargo  , there     and complete here.       '  SS. Junette is expected in for  sack coal for the north on Wednesday.  Thc Protection mule skinners met  and defeated those of No. 1 Sun  *lny morning by the score of 2 ,to 1-  Onlythrec: innings wore played, when  l.a'oie Williams faced the pitches-.-  yiiil hit the ball such a swat- thai  the bat fell to pieces in his hands  l'rotectionclnims the game liovv-  over, and are now "out with a  challenge to the drivers of Brechin  for a baseball \game in the nenr  futuie.  m.'  CARD. -  Mr, and Mrs. William Steele,- jr.-,  take this method for thanking all  those friends who sent floral tributes  nnd otherwise -expressed kind sympathy in their sad loss in the passing away of their daughter, Christina   Isabel.  The full report of Mr. Thomas  lludge, as mode public by the Mines  department  at    Victoria    of      the  conditions jpbtaining    in    Number  One iniiie is practically as stated  in The Herald of Sunday Morning.  _vix., A .continuance ���������_o.f, the carelul  ��������� management of the mine, under competent mine men. In-spec-tor Dick's  and the Miners' Committees reports  oi ��������� a month ago aie fully concurred  in by  Mr.   lludge.  Mr.     J.   lr. Ilalpemiy,   of Alberni,  came ovcr.dn yesterday's stage   and  loft this  morning   for   Texada Island  via Vancouver.    Mr..  Ilalpemiy state.,  that a   half, a" dorcn moil'   under   the  direction     of  a foreman,     arc       aL  work   on. the Southern'.  Cross   Minos'  and it   is expected     that  the     force  will be  increased,,    before vnry  long  Alberni    is  about thc    same     as  u->  mil   this, season except) 'tliat       so mo  more       mining-      activity     is  being  shown.  THE MASQTTKRADK BALL.^.  The Masquerade ball to-be giver  next Monday . night' in , the ��������� Opera  House under tlic^auspi<*s"of the Com  panions of - the Forest-ami ' Maple  Leaf Dancing Club, .promises to he  one of-the "most ^successful ever held  in "the city.",-The proceeds will go  to the" Hospital ami such being the  ease the event should be well patron  i/.ed. -  The following is the prize  list:  First���������-Uest ..dressed lady, bracelet;  $<���������>.   Awarded   by K.  W. Harding.  Second, best dressed^hvrty, hat !?���������*>,  by D.   Spencer.  Best Dressed gent���������"Free Press, ������G,  Xoiris  JJros.  Second best dressed gentleman, hat  S.5, D.   Spencer.'l;   "     '       < -J  Uest' Flower' girl���������������5. in gold, Mis.  M.    J.    Booth.  Uest National character���������Gentleman  ���������Pair trousers, S5. Powers & Driylo-  Ilest National character, lady-  Collar and cuff box,  ������2.25, J.  Saiup-  i .  son.  Best  eharact or��������� Clock.  sustained  $���������2.50.   J.  Sampson.  Best Gypsy���������Pair vases,    ������1.25,  by"  \V.   M. Langton.  Best   Topsy��������� Lady's    collar,  ������1,   by  ������  friend, ' ,���������       -  Best   Weary   Willie���������Box    of- choco'  fates,   '75c.   Clarke  &  Frost.  ^Ilest   Prize Waltz, $.2.50. H_ "Allen.  "������ Best    Comic  Group���������' Box     cigars.  ?.S.50.^ Enterprise' Co.  - 'V       .. ,  Best   Comic-Tjacly���������Berry, set, ������5-50  W.   IT.   Morton.     i ���������     ' *~  Despatches from Honolulu s' ������-io  that-the British cruiser Flora, ng-  til about a year ago on this station  niid.the Cainoion, also a cruiser,  Imve arrived there. It is not known  at present if the Flora \vill visit  thc Island' before returning to the  Cliine.se station.  'Phe annual 'convention, o? British  Columbia 'Teachers' Association will  he held at Victoria during thc last  week- in .June. A large attendance  or Provincial Teachers is expected  and it is also probable that several noted educationalists from the  East > will'hu present to participate  in the discussions.  EXCELLENT  Train Service  BETWEEN  GHI0A60, LONDON,  MOSiTfOL, QUEBEC,    '  PORTLAND, BOSTON,  And tUo Principal HuslncsB Centers of  Ontario, Quebec, and the  Maritime Provinces.  ALSO TO BUFFALO, HEW YORK AND  PHILADELPHIA, VIA HIAGARA FALLS.  ForTlmBlables, etc.,nddrosB  CEO. W. VAUX,  Assistant Ofln'l Passenger mid Ticket Agent, J  i:i5 Adams St., CHICAGO, ILL.  It is suggested , in Victoria that  the citizens of that place taUe  steps to fittingly'ui'arke thc departure - of- the imperial .'j. forces  from J3squimaul,i. The flavor has  called a public' 'meeting' to discuss  the'proposition..'  Tho boycott-on American goods  in the'Orient is-practically ���������broken.  says a Frisco despatch. -Ileturnin^  tourists and business men and oven  the .��������� Chinese who. arrived,, today on  (he bi# liner America Mam. admit as much, nnd they say. that if  is only a matter^ of lime when discrimination against' wares from  the United States:;will entirely disappear.  ;���������..:-������������������+,    ..-.���������- _  M. P-alHeres' election as president-  of the"' French' Renublicv ebst'!$0,uC0.  His salary/is $20,000. :  CITY FATHERS IN  WEEKLY CONCLAVE  All membeis of the City Council  weie piesent at the weekly iiieeiiiitf  lust evening- I'lie session was a  short one, the business Ijeliitf transacted    in   about half an  hour.  1 he warrant book for the month  of .March submit ted. by Aid. Barnes, chairman of the Finances Com-  mitiu,  ,  showed   the following   totals:  Public  Works     Water Works JJept.   ...  Police  iJopai-tmoiit.   ..  City  Oflii-i-s ���������   School  Salaries-,  etc.  Fire  Pepartmerit     .Vauaimo  Ceinelery ...  Aluniripril   Counc il^ ...  Street  Lighting      Misrallcnoiis    Chanties       $   6(i8 tiH  ....    yao <>".  ...    :'.id c.i  ....    2:50 ":J^  ..I.   i:ii:j 17  ....     189 20  d9 lr.  ....      115 00  ....     --IKd I.".  ....      235 70  10 00  (ieor.-o Cahot Lodge, Egyptologist,  poet and student, is his father's private secretary in thc United States  Senate.  : .Total; V-���������>('>   ������9  Ivlovud by Aid. Hodgson, seconded by Aid. Kirkham. that the  amount  bo paid.   Carried.  The poundkeeper reported that during the week no animals had been  impounded. '  The City Manager submitted tho  following report, which was received  and  filed. .  I   beg   to   report     the   expenditures  for  wages   for  the   past   week       as  follows-  lleplnnking T'ridcanx:    street  iJridge     K'lilding  New  sidevvnlU      on  Fronl  Street   -.    ,  'Paking' np  six   inch   pipe on  Pricloaux Street      fioiie'ial" work on drains     Total  802 an  1  also    bog   lo     report  the      eight-  $27  (>2  R������  00  25  00  -"ft  (IS  foot sidewalk on I'.astioii .sliec-t,  lie-1 ween CeiiiinujL.'-l St reel' and. Skin  ner Street complete at the following  cost:  Lumber   $54   GO  Labor     22  77  Spiles        2 00  *������������������*������������������y""  'Total  $79 37  II allowance of ������4.62 for reino���������-  ing old sidewalk is made then  the work is complete at estimated  cont, of   %w-1.75.  Water works department, maintenance and operating expense of  lowering ;j jncli luum on Nicol St.'  and other repair vv oi K   ut   a    cost of   .'.    S32 50  Service account     15 05  Tola! SJ7   ">u  Aid. Kirkiitim report "il Mint, sut-  isfactory   ariung-t'inenls   had been  made     with    Munager    Column  of the  hjcal   sawmill      regarding    the       hydrant   that     he,      -Mr.    Coburn,    had  recjuested       .should   be      placed   in   the  neighborhood     of   lii-i lumber stocks..  Aid.     Dick   moved    that     a       new  sidewalk      be   coiHtructed     on      the  north  side   of   lUslion   Street,      from  Skinner    .street    to  the   bridge.    Also  that'the" sidewalk   on   tho sout'h side  ol" Mist ion    Street   from    Commercial r.  to   Skinnr-r   Street     be reconstrurted  and   that   a   new   sidewalk  be     built  on   Commercial-Street  from  IJasc-ion j  si i eel  to   Skinner stier-t. '      j  Aid.    Kirkham    seconded   the    motion,     which   was  carried   The  conn  c-il   then    adiourned      till       Tuesday  next.  j NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that I in-  ! tend to apply at the next sitting  of the License Board ol the City of  Ladysmith B.C., for a transfer of  the ictail liq'uor license now held by  me for the premises known as the Ladysmith Hotel, situated on Lot 9,  lilucl '21, to Robt. Scott and Alex-  Smith.  \ F. W. MILLAR  J . by his ally, in fact,  1 ' MARGARET  A.   REII  Dated at Ladysmith the  lOlh day of  March, 1906. '  Union  Brewing  Co  NANAIMO    B. C. T  Hanufacturers of the  HILBERT  mSM  MT,VESUVIUS ERUPTION  CAUSES MUCH LOSS  -Vaples, April 9.���������This has been  a. day of terror for the cities,  towns and country about Ileum  Vesuvius, confirmed reports placing  ihe number ol dead and injured at  several hundred. Not many fails  can be Qi.utined upon which to ba.-o  an accurate estimate. At midnight  the situation appeals more assuring  Tne lava streams have diminished  in volume and in some directions  have stopped altogether' while copious rainfall is cooling the la;-M  where  it  lies     stationary. Almost  equally   with  the    devastation-vvro :  The r������ads are crowded with men  and women crjing pitifully.. Special trains, wanships, " and steamers are employed in conveying thc  homeless people to places of sal-  ety'while larjjc: numbers of person-,  are fleeing overland in tho direction  of Caserta- Not less that 15,000  refugees have reached Caslellanmn,  is anchored. This vessel left the  where the steamei Princess Mafada  Island of Capri with 1,000, passengers, including many foreigners oa  board,  hut she   was  uuable. to  reach  equally   wiui   cim    iu;nini������vii/..   ������������������ ���������" ���������     ..������������...,   ....-  ..���������������������������  ght by the   lava is thc damage   done   her destination owing   to the stifling  by cinders of which incredible quantities have been 'carried great dis  taiices'. This has caused the practical destruction of San (luisppi-u.  a place ot" 0,000 inhabitants. .All  but 200 of tho people had fled tho  villiage nnd these assembled in I be  church to attend mass- While the.  priest was performing his servn.-.'.  the roof fell and 00 persons were  badly injured. These unfortunates  were Tor hours without' Surgical  or medical assistance. The on .  thing left standing in the church  was a statue of St. An ��������� ��������� ��������� he preservation of which the p n.r homeless people    accepted     as     a miracle  fumes and ashes from the. volcano  which enveloped her a mile from the  coast. King Victor Fmimanuel and  Queen Helena have further endeaied  themselves to the people hy their  activity in behalf" of the sulfeiers  by thc- eruption. ' nnd the government is exerting itself relieving thc  destitute. This work, however, is  obstructed by lhe congestion of  ali moans of transportation which  aie" monopolized in the ciutv ing of  persons out of the zone of danger. The king and queen and their  suites arrived at Naples ibis morn  ing from TJoine.  Later   in   the  afternoon   the    party  nnd promise of delivery from their rt.|.urnod to Naples and vUitod ihe  peril At Ottajano, live chinches ' u-mpoiar\ lodging places prepared  and' ten houses fell under the weight (ljl. Lne roiugces from the Ve.suviuii  of ashes and cinders, which lie four towns and villages. Tho conditions  ie'et deep on the ground In the fall .u Tone Amui/.iatia and Pompeii  of the building about 12 per cent ' nilproved today owing to the change  were killed and many more or less ' ,��������� the direct ion taken li;. the flowing  seriously injuied. The village- is iaVa. F.ai ly in the clay apprehension  completely deserted from its pop-|wat, felt lor the iifhabilant.s of 'the  ulation. After the evacuation oijcollntry m the vicinity of Caserta,  the place Ihe barracks and the pris- .,, place, about 35,000 population, in  cms fell in. Reports from inland I whoso dnection the lava was then  tow iu������   depart     terrible   devastation   , (lowing  Saugiorgia Cremona, Port i> i Itc"*-  ina '���������''' and ' Tarre Del ' Greco-'-.: have  been afuiost completely abandoned.  Most of the buildings in the' vil-  liagos are of flimsy' construction,  nnd have flat, roofs and so are  poorly     calculated      to   bear the  weight of ashes and cinders that  have fallen upon them. It will ho  found   that      a   considerable       mini-  Tho town ol No hi, an old place  of 15,000 inhabitants,, twenty miles  from Naples. has .sufTerwl .severly  from the fall of ashes coining from  the' crater, which were carried by  the wind as far as 'the Adriatic -sea.  About. 150,000 refugees from the  district of Sonrina Vesuivinna.  have sought refuge here. When, the  Inst   trnin      was      leaving    Boscot re  bel- of iieople have perished by tho case yesterday a fi-esh crater opened  fulling of their homes. Although n0;U- the observatory station. Only  the eruption of the. Volcano is less ai)0ut 2,000 inhalvitnnl.s of 30;000  violent than it Was twenty four of Torre Annunzinti ddred to re-  hours ngo, the nshos are still nmin \u the toRn which was patrol!  'ailing- in great, cfuant ities. Ttefugves ed li.v troops. AH the rn ilvvnys were  I'om the threatened or dost rciyed vil delnyod today owing in the track.* J  ngos nre pouring into Naples by ��������� being covered with cinders and tele  he thousands, arriving from every ��������� graph is common icnf inn will all  direction. points is badly congested.  Any  Kind  of  Job  Printing  Done Promptly and  WELL  Ai  TltE  LEDGER  Office  1st Avenue  W. SILER  GrENEKAL EXPRESS 4\^D  DELIVERY  WORK  rROMPTLY   P-  Leave orders at the Abbotsford  J. PIERCY & GO.  Manufacturers Of.���������  IRONCLAD   BRAND  CLOTHING,  OVERALLS,  TOP SHIRTS,  ETC,  WHOLESALE DRY GOOD  VICTORIA, B. G.  TUP"   FflJST  7-HVlSIOxV  mown  residents of   51'nniioba.  I    Knieler���������What's, Smith's   business?  j    Roc':vr��������� Tie  manufact ros     sccond-  ! hand antomobiks.���������New York Sim.  |  _o���������i���������  The Duke of 0onnaiii?ht is one of  (he mos'i experienced ��������� liorticulturi-sts  of the day. -'When at his homo at  Earshot house, he busies'-'himself almost c*very day in his gar-don. He  lays out ,,-the l:eds .with his own  hand's-, nnd    has  ci'iiite a remarhahk*  knowledge' of botany.  base-  the  six  Regina, April 0.��������� The first leg- ,\ meeting of the Nanaimo  isiature divided today for the lirst. . 1)1VH club will be held on  time on oiniosition's aincndnient to ' fit ii-ket. grounds- tonight at  address in reply vote, standing, I :'> ' o'clock for the purpose of electing  government, to 7, opposition. Two n captain- of the team for the com-  govermiRviit members unci one pro- jr.g season  'vineial fighter were absent. The  House is expected fo adjourn tomorrow for Knster Holidays. There ' nipeg Street Tcnilway came to an  was a lively debate this evening up- end on Saturday. The company tm  on alleged crooked work in elect- nonnees that all former employees  ion. Opposition charging members ' will be retained, if tboy have not  of tlie government with contesting been found guilty 'nf damaging the  with'-vrooUa. , naming' several      wv.il j Company's property. ���������-.���������.. -   NOTICE  From      this  date  the  undersigned  will  not be  responsible lot  any  Indebtedness      incurred except on       >  written orOer signed by the secretary  ! Rowland Machin.  V.  I. EXPLORATION & DEVELOPMENT CO.,  LTD.  Non Personal Liability.  Victoria, B.  C, M������y  18th. Iflfil.  HAY, GRAIN and  FARM PRODlia  The strike   of employees of-the Win  Orders will he delivered anywhere  in the city promptly and at the Io ���������?  est possible prices.  Leave orders at Christie's, oa tk*  EiplaBftdi.  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W RIGHT  3u.11er Street   -  -   Ladyorriitli, B O  ������������������..������������������.������������������������������������"���������..������������������.���������������������������  First Class !  j RIGS FOR HIRE j  j WOOD   and   BARK I  | For Sale and  Delivered {  ? EXPRESS WORK 5  DAVID JOHNSON       1  ?    PHONG 66 u LADYSiWITH    f  ^������������..,..,..#..,........,..,..#���������#.....,.1..<���������^^^.<_^^.^.^_#^#-##,#-#>^.^-^i^i#<-#i##M#iii#.^.iil^#4##i<^  Express Work  LIGHT TEAMING  Wood and B irk f or S i!e  , SEE  J    KEMP.  OR LEAVE    ORDERS   WITH  - W. CARTER,-  fTRST   AVENUE  PHONE      6 0  NOTICE  LADYSMITH   WATER WORKS  Consumers are requested to call at   the office     on Roberts   Street ai.il  pay Water     Rates, between the 10th    and the 25th of each ni,n!h.  Office Hours I P. M. 4.30  T, J BLAND  SUPERINTEN D ENT.  Public  Notice  vj    Attention Is called to the   fact that tkt  |0gilvie Flour flills Co,   Limited  1   makers of  R0>rAL HOUSEHOLD   FLOUR,     haTe for some *imt  3   past been producing flour In'a   Tastly  improved  and p������rlfl-' 'orro  I    by the aid of ELECTRICITY  and having secured control ol    all the basic patents relatlnj thereto, take, this opportunity of a drisinp  lhe  public  that  any  Sj    orized users of the electrical   flour purifying processes   will ^e pro-  ���������ecuted.  Ogilvie Flour Mills Company Lcoiit9d   ,  ^ are ih.3    oaiiy    uaiiiar^ ia Caaala  whose  Flour  I is purified by tho Electric Process  .���������������<  I  V  I  DAY SCHOOL.  Usual subjects taught; also language^ : drawing in pencil and crayons, paint ng in oils and water colors, pianoforte and vocal lessons given in classes or individually.  MISS   BERTRAM,  I-adysinith.  B   U.  >r. R. B. Diei  Surgeon Dentist       ,  All  work guaranteed, and at reas<  able rates.  RESIDENCE AND. OFFICE   ,  Gatacre St. Ladysmith  open at i������i: hours;1  Ladysmith Tempie No. 5  K >  Sisters meets atthe Oddfellows   i   U  2nd. and   4th  Tuesday   at   i...     ;   j,  Mrs.  Kate Tate secretary.  UNITED ANCIENT  ORDER 0V  DRUIDS  Wellington Grove No. 4 U. A. 0. 0  Meets in the I' 0 O .F. Hail, i a-  Uysmith, the Second and i^o'ji^h  Wednesdays of each montli. comine.no  ir.g Wednesday,  l?.th..  1905.  Vis-iting Druids     arc 'nvited to attend.  13y Order. :^, ���������,,,.'._,  WM. RAFTER, Keci Socty.  ���������   - -       PATRICK BURK, N. A. p3*  "II���������yUrtX Wn^UKtfJTVWl SUftiMe.  THE DAILY LEDGER  $:  33!  LOCAL ITEMS  FOR SALE  Twelve   head   of  cows   and Milk  route.    Apply P. 0. Box 99.  Quality  Seldom Equalled ���������  Never~Excelled!  Ladyimlth, B. C.  That's All!  i^ *********  Call   and Get   Acquainted  Smoiie Big B. Cigars  Procure your Easier Hat at Simmi  Lc'iscr A  Co., Ltd.  air. C. Robinson and daughter left  on the twelve o'clock tram for Co-  mox, where they  will visit fiieiuls.  Mr. A.J. McMurtric journeyed up  the line today on a lishing expe<li.  tion."  'I here will likely be a special meeting of' the council this week, as  there is business of importan e to  transact.  Easter gifts of Neckties, Silk hand-  Aerchiefs, and a large variety of  oilier silk articles to choose from al  Simon Leiser &  Co.'s,  Ltii.  As stated' in Tlie Lodger recently,  a( balloon ascension will take plac?  at .Messrs. Blair <fe Adam's this  week.  .   tIt has not    yet  been decided     whether  the    stor s   will   he closed     011  Fiulay.or  Monday    next.     A   decision  will be announced  tomorrow.  The Ladysmith  are    nd ert:'s ng  length  of    which  one year.    This s  ITaidware 00mpan -  garden Ik so, each  is guarantee I     foi  ihould be an induce  ment for l02al gardencis.  \*t The Indies of Ladysmith nre cor-  di:illyJ invitied to thc Millirr-ry Opening  at  Simon  Leiser &  Co.'s,  Ltd ,  . and inspect the New York and Bos-  'ton style of Hats which will be worn  this  season.  Mr. Fran'v Shepheid, of Nanaimo  iihe well known surveyor, went down  on the mnrning train to Mt. Sid cr  with ' his survey outfit to survey  som������ mining properties in that promising camp.'  FAST  I5L-WEEKLY   STEAM EUS  JMOCOMMENDEIJ.  Ottawa, Apnl 'J.���������One of the features of the transportation Com-  nussion's ivpoil that is nut in-  k*cluded in the summary 01" its contents published last winter 1 ���������was a  1 commendation in favor of establishing a fast steamship service on  the Atlantic between Canada and  Cieat Britain, especially designed  for t'he conveyance of mails, passen-  H.'rs and fast perishable freight.  "In view,"   say  the commissioners,  "of     the     fact     that  such a service  would   also   be   of   great   importanco I  as a   link in  the   chain  of      imperial 1  jiitorcommnnkatLon   between   Britain j  and   its   dependencies   and   its    allies,!  in   1 ho   Far     East,    as   well  as       its  possessions in  the  Pacific, your com  mission    recommends    that   negotiations   be  entered     into   with  the    im-  pi-riul    goM-rnmei.t,    ha\ing   in    view  a   joint subsidy    to  a company  for  a  hist   class service,    not less frequently   than   bi-weekly     between   Halifax  and   Liverpool       th"  sumo    to   < arrv  lhe    Biiiish   mail   for   this    .-ontment  nnd   its  (lependeiK-ieT      in   lhe   Pacili.  and  Far Ensi       It should be specially  adopted nnd intended    for the c-nr-  n.iKC of dairy produce, chilled meats  nnd   oilier  perishable    ������oods  and  e>:-  piess   noouS,    and    should  also    mc���������'.  the   1 erimicmenls    ol   llm   British   Admiralty for cniT.\inR   li-uop1? or ollu-r  service in   time of  v.ar-    Raid       fast  .service to    r^o in   operation  by     date  ol* completion    of  the  Grand     Trunk  Hnilvvav in     five years       fiom    this  date "  The Commission advised also tln������  establishment of a similar fast sei-  a ice on (he Tacific to the, Orient,  such     as   the   needs    of that    trade  d( inaml.   o .  LESE '1IAJESTE  GONE MAD.  German judges an- undoubtedly possessed of a very jealous ,'cgi.id for  the honor of I heir Kaiser ! 1.1 it  would seem fiom a despatch "r^-'iiit-  h rec-hed- from Beilin that this  icgard may be carried to the veise  el  absurdity.  According to this dispatih a butcher n .med K s er, n co'i' ersatio-i  with a friend some three years ago,  happened to make a- remark not al-  toc.cthei of a iis'/ectful character  legal ding the Kaiser.  } A few da;.s ago Kisker and bis  11 land h,id a dispute and the acquaintance,' being of a revengeful  disposit on, let nought himself of thc  1.He words spo'en three years before  . n:I communicate./1 with the police.  I is'er was theieupon hailed before  the coiuts and sentenced to siv  months' imprisonment; thc fact that  ! u offence was committed so long  <iu.o  had  no   weight with   the    judge  It is said that the Kaiser takes  a more lenient view of ksc Ma;cste  than do his judged and has fu^Went-  1 been known 1o annul sentences  \ Inch have been passed on his sub-  pets for Ibis offence. It wo.iid ap-  . ear I hat this pari miliar offender  c'Ters another oppr rluniiv to his Ma-  .fily to exercise his loval prcioga-  live.  C.   D.   U.  CORSETS  "BAT'S  WING'*  One of the great  FAVORITES  for  Summer   Wear  6  In WHITE   and   Drab  We have Twelve Different  Styles in This Celebrated  Mai^e of Corset and can  fit any form   'UTtow  us for Corsets  IN THE  WOULD  OF, LABOR.  Tlie Commercial TcJt^raphers' Convent iont will be hold 111 Cincinnati,  L������oinn nj, -May 7. Delegates -will he  picsent fiom all paits of the Lin ted  States and Caiuula.  There is a movement on foot to  ha\e the Sunday preceding aboi  Day set .aside as I abor Sunday with  sierial ser.ices in the churches' for  workingmen.  The Trades and Labor Co.: .cil of  Edmonton is drifting a mechanics'  lien act, which has the support of  the government of. the Northwest  territory, and it will he passes! at  the ne\t  meeting of   that body.  The Lithogra] hei.s as1 ooiation is  one of more than -1500 members and  is, one of the best salaried trades in  tine counliy, no lithogiapher foeiug ol-  igii le to niiembcrshin until he is'able  to earn I a s ilary of  $'20 a  week.  It- is rcpoited that a new; amendment to the child labor law, which  will male it moic effective "down  (he state," is being uiged by several central bodies and local unions of  the Illinois Federation of Labor outside Chicago.  A bureau' oflnV^r inhumation for  the benefit of Italian iniinigiauts  see'ins eniployircnl in New Vork  cijy has jest been incnrporaUd 'at  Albany, N.V. it is sluted that tin?  bureau will tike no part in strikes  or supply  stii'c-Lreakeis.  Rev. Charles Stel/le, the Chicago  evangelist, who icccnlly conducted  uoo! day meetings in Buffalo, NT. Y..  carries a membership card in the International Association of Machinists  lie followed this trade before cn^er-  ni; the ministry.    '  NOTICE  NOTICE  is hcieby  given   that I   intend to ap'plj* at' the next sitting of  the License Beard of the city of La-  dv smith B.C   for a transfer of there-  tail   liquor   license now  held  by  me  foi   the  premises known as the New  Western Hotel,   situated on  Lot   -l  Block 28,  to John Menghini.  '   atty      D. H.  DAVIS.  Dated at Ladysmith this loth day of  March, 1906. . ���������    "  I  FOR SALE  Eggs from Pure Bred Stock  Ali Birds Trap Nested  No Inferior layers-Kept  Baned, Buff and While Roc!;s  Whi'o Wyandot'tes, White and Brown  Leghoins.  $1 Per Setting  $6 Per Hundred  E. STKWART,  Box 2f.8 Ladysmith, B.C.  Cn Wodn2slgy, April 25, Vie members of the Young Ladies' Guild, of  the English Chinch, will hoW a social in the church tending, the en-  1, rtainment commencing at  7.30.  Miss  Fit/.���������I'm po  glad you called,  Mr. GushinMton,    I've   just   ra'"ed  a  Won't  cale  foi   Willie's    Ijiitkday,  you  ha'.e a  piece of if'  Air. fJushington��������� I'm afraid Willie  will object.  Willie���������Naw' You ain't no pnr-  ticular friend of mine. I don't care  mIi t happens to yer. ��������� PluludJ.hia  Press. 1  JUST RECEIVED  A New Assortment of���������  at  it's soon M  GRf-P  QUICKLY   KNOCKED  PUT.  >"Some weeks "ago, during the sv  ere , winter  weather, (both my     vvifi  and  myself  contracted  scveie    cokls  '> which    speedily    developed into    th'  worst Kind  of la  giippo   with all i(s . .  miserable symptoms,'''     sajs  Air.   .1. !     Dr.   Dier can he fouid at any tin  _-S.J Egleston,    of Alaple Landing,  Io-   at his office on Gatacre st.  His    dc-'  wa.    "Knees and joints aching, mus-( U   work is   giaranteed   to  be  first  cles sore, head stopped up, eyes   and   class and rates reasonable ������1  nose running,  with    alternate si ell-,  j  o-  U/V(J. praser  Merchant Tailor  FIRST AVENUE.  Suits Made to Order to Fit and_to your  Satisfaction. Call and see Stock  SSS4iiiKS^a^".'S.^32^������i������V:  'of chills and fever. 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Does he piopose to siir-  iender the avails thereof to the  Hears) Lookers and to demote him.  self hcicafter to the other side? Has  he nui'de up his mind henceforth to  be amenj; "the safe and sane?"  These inquiries aie suggested by  Mr. Hryan's article in the April Century on "Iiidi".idualism \s. Socialism." Althaugli his woids are  sua'c and he see's to a^oid unnecesv-  saiily injuunn the feelin������s of his socialistic Jiicuds���������Keeping hold of their  ban Is until lie is sure thai he has  lii inly ^rasped thcs2 of thjir opponents���������Mi. Bryan seems to enroll him-  seli as" more of a belie\er in the  benefits of com,elit:on thin of legal  and enforced  co-oier.ttion.  Mi Riyf.n'.s ]irisunt attitude, as re-  \ea'ed m tins aiticle, does not fun-  daunt n I ally differ From that ie.ealod  iiy Frosklcnl Roose\elt n his well  l.nov.'ii Minneapolis speech���������that indi-  \ilualism is thc ideal, but;that to  secure it and to preser-.e comrcti-  ticn "In a consu-nHy increasing  n'imbcr of cr.s'iji' lo shackle cunning  as in lhe past we ha\e shac'-icl  lorcc," and that new ctn-lilions  "nial'c netess.iry a clu'ii^c fr.om the  old attiti.de of t-he state and nation  towaii'l property " Mr. Hryan lcp-  lcs'^nls thc iliial rather than the urban anifator, and the farmer is not  as ipceithe lo socialism as the city  uvr man.���������From  New  YorI<   Globe.  A FAIR DEAL.  A' southern congressman tells a  story of an .. ol'i negro in Alatmina  who, in bis bargaining, "is always a-  fraul that he may "get the worst of  it.'" On one occasion, it appears, the  a������cd da-ruey went after a calf that he  hud past tired all snmincr, and asked  what   he owed   for  the   pasturing.  "1   have ubill  of $10  against you"  said   the fjirmer  who had undertaken  thc care of  thc animal,   "buti   f you  are  willing,  T.I- lake the calf     and  call  it settled."  "No, sab!" promptly exclaimed  tbe nec-ro, "I'll do nothing like dat.  But," be added, after a pause, "I'll  tell you what-1 will;do���������you keep the  calf two weeks longer aml-vou ...can  have it."  m^sssssaaisssgssss^is^^sssi^s^sssss^^^i  Plumbing and Tinsrnithing  HONK   AT  Reasonable Prices  ��������� By   J. ANDERSON  Leave orders  at  Peterson's  Fum -  lure Store,  or telephone No 53.  on  of this-wcek. You are cordially  invited to attend and inspect the  Latest Designs in Hats and Millinery  'S1MCN LEISER & CO Ltd.  Nbtiee  . A. HOWE, ofCHEMAINUS, has opened the MEAT-  WARKEf lately    run   by W. Ward, on Roberts stree  with a run line of fir^t class iweais  ! PORK AND SAUSAGE A SPECIALTY  A TrialSoIicitd^  A.     HOWE, PHONE 20  ,giaWM.V������^T^---������.ia������^aj1g|1>) r  i     _,    ' . . '   , - -   .   GARDEN HOSE  Every Length Guaranteed  ���������. ��������� ���������>   ������      .-   / "  i.        for  One Year  Fu'JStock  Cotton, Rubber and Wire Wound  The Ladysmith Hardware Go. Ltd.  M. H. SIMPSOitt  Solicitor,  Et������.  Money Jo   Uan  1st. Avena? UOTSiVHH  LADYSMilOOTEL   BAB  Haying ta^en over the bar-room of  the above hotel, we intend to run a  first-class, up-to-date establishment,  and in soLiciting the patronage o������  four friends a������d the public in general,  wc guars-ltec  aood  treatment  to all.  We  should  like  to show you     our  larg-c assortment of������������������  \A/all Papers  Hanging in  price   from  ioc. Double Roll and   Up  They are tlie very  latest in ..'Wail  and  Ceiling  Decorations.    Just  from  the factory.    Over ton thousand rolls  to choose from.     Wo also carry     a  large range of������������������  Varnishes, Varnish Stains,  Paints, Oils, Brushes and  Window Q!a?s  In  fact   everything  to  Beautify   the  ���������Moure, at���������  H. KAYS  WALL PAPER DEPOT  R. icon  A, Smith  Proprietors.  'PHONES   CONNECTED  WITH  FIRE  HALL .".,,".''.  31���������Hotel  Cecil. . . /, .  ���������15���������Hotel, A'b'botsfowl.  A21��������� G. C. Pickard.  B21-tR.  J.   Bowen.  28���������F.  W.   Hawes,  18���������Dr. Wasson.  1G���������A. Cornwall,  22���������Siler.      W. ���������'.'-���������������������������'  CHURCH NOTICES   '  PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH  \Rev. R. Boyle,'pastor.  .Morning Service���������11 a.m.  ; Evening service���������7:30  p.m.;  Evening   Service���������7   p.m."  Bible study class,  Wednesday evening at   7.30.  CHURCH OF ENGLAND.  Rev.  R. J.  Bowen, Rector,  Morning Service���������IL a.m.  Child run's   Sunday   School���������2.30.  Evening service and sermon���������7 p.m.  METHODIST CHURCH.  Rev.  W, C. Schlichtcr, pastor.  Morning Service���������11 a. m.  RHEUMATISM' MAKES LH, E  ^.���������\ ,.���������'MISERABLE.  I.adt smith Temple'-No. 5, Rathbone  Sisters, intend giving a supper and  t'an'-e on'the night of Easter Monday  April  ltth. st.  Smoke Little B. Cigars.  :-A happy home is Uic-'m'osfc vafiift-  blc session that is within the reach  of mgn'liiml, ' hnfc you cannot enjoy  its comforts if you' are suii'eiing) from  rheumatism.. You throw aside busi.  jicss cares when you enter your home  and you can be relieved .from those  rheumatism pains also by applying  Chaini).erlaiii's Pnin Balm. One ap-  i'Lcation will give you relief and its  continual use for a short time will  bring a'.out a psrmaueut' cure. For  sale by  Ladysmith  Pharmacy.  Smol-:e Little B. Cigars.  Ml  v'il  i  '������������������;���������*������������������ ���������  v :j???zRy$irrvr������?:w?:~-:*  ���������W������������-v


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