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The Cumberland News Apr 29, 1914

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.   •'v-'-s -1'
A Journal Devoted BapeCj^ufe>tp the Interests of Corhox Strict.
The,News, Twentieth Year
"Why Should The Spirifof'■
*    Mortal Be'Proud;M"r
-GKAS5 CHAIRS—natural shades, very
. cnnjfoi table ar.d cosy
LARGE EASY CHAIRS in various designs, very attractive as well as conifnrta-
,*• PBIOE $5 50 EACH
tension rests, one you can go to sleep in--
nicely.  "">',,.
"    .    ,.f PRICE $5.05.
; ■* \ '
jjMr.   James   Abrams,    An  Old
Pioneer Of This City Crosses
.*•     The Great Divide
-.splendid piece of furniture      ,'.   *:
PRICE $8 50
Oh, , why' should the spirit of
wot tai be proud ? v .,"" '
Like a swift  fleeting  meteor, a
fast flying dtoiid,
A flash of the lightening a:      '.   ,, ., . ,
,      \     e.° \     .        ^, 0,:co "gain has a noi(!hb.»r aod n oitiV
break of.the wave,    '       ,, *   boen Cftrriod l0 hllk;  ]mm^    |
He passes from life to Ins.rest inVuraere in -cro»d8 TO0' 8een in our'
the grave :  ,      Fetreots.   If is with fcollnge «>f aiacere re-1
uTh'e leaves of the oak and-\vill-lgr0t   wo   recora" tll£"  death> °- Mr-|
.,..-' OWS will fade, '"        '    *       LJamca Abrams, which took place sudden-'
Be? scattered around aud togeth-F Ht bU h°me °a'FrMaynigbfc-    He aQL'
"''"•' er. be laid •    ' ' |compauied a party of Wands on a visit to1
a,Vj-,i,'     „,     '■    ',.,       ,,-   '    ,lNo-8 m»ne fn the at'teruoon, whilst therel
And  he young and, he old, ,tud|h0 oomplalued of • '     S
■     'lhe low and lhe h,gh,   •/,  " gfrionds rondel .him every  „S3'starJ
.bhall mquldei to dust, audrtogc
*-   .';",-    , HAMMOCKS in'various'designs and. at
prices to suit every pursc^   '  - .
. .    ,' ^ ' J ,   ASK TO SEE THEM
-VERANDAH   BLINDS In all siVes '*    '   .   /  ,'
"   PRICES FROM 05c" T/P "
*>.-'. -%  "
'     '     ' * 'M       , * -   % *-* , • „ I,
u   With one of   ouv   Verandah Elind3 and  a.
nice-Hammock, you' can- enjoy , the -. sunny
days  ia   t leisure   and, comfort   ....
Simon Leiser&-.Co'.
titer- shall die,
"The infanta „mother attended
-.and'loved,   '    ,''''' ''}
The mother that infant's affec-
tioiMvho proved;    ' "V
The" husband that mother and. ,
We are now showing the largest
and most complete range of
we have ever shown in Cumber-
land.      The following lines are
very much in dema n d':- .
possible, «n ^onioot thorn nooornpauibdl
>im home in tho'au'o. 'A.fter  resting *"
jjwhile and taking somo refreshment he up
gpeared  to  have  reoovored, but feeling^
jeomowhat  tired, said ho would  lie down"
gaud rest, when he nlmogt immodfately ex
^pircd without, a strugglo,     He waa ia his
j70th y';arv and had resided iu Cumberland'
dnfant who blest,      y^ - ' |for more than twenty, ycare,- holding the
Eacli,'all, are'-away to their dw'el Lposition of Polioa Magistrate for tlio city,1
ling of rest.     ^      .'.'"-       jjl SliPendi«ry Magislrato und Coroner for
i'the distriot until his death
TIig Victoria Duy Spbrt^Coni-
iniiU'o met in the .Council Charii-
- hers on Saturday evening,, • President J..N. McLood' in tho chair.
It was decided to celebrate ' on
Monday; 'May,. '25lli,..although
eovorjil present' wero in favor of
Saturday; tlio2.-M. The several
sub coinniittoos \um\ nainod,"al8o
the judges.    Secretary Sloan ati
• nouiieod lhe names of the collectors, for tho, different mines. It
i« anticipated lhat the collections
will bo iii excess "of •. last year,
which ninoiinted'to a diHiiclsome
sum.' The- Wost Cumberland
Conservative Hand will provide
the,music. The committees will
meet to make iinal arrangements
at the call of the president.
MrsrJi.hn. Jack left/for
laud on Sunday. ■■  '.■       ;.
- Scot-
The concert hold in the Cum-
herland Hall, on Friday evening,
uiiclor the ausploes of the Oitlx-jus-
Voters Iyoagno, was a grand sue
cot-a, a goodly number being In
nttpiidiwcQ, who thoroughly enjoyed every item on tho program
f'rom start to linlali. Tho Oleo-
inon, iib usual, did exceedingly
well,' Tin's combination of vocalist?, Cumberland may well be
proud of, for tlmy l( nro c!an*y.
Tlio Synij)liony Orcliowtm' wns
Himply gniud, ami hold the audi-
eileo' o|ii»iptnrc(l, with its well
eluiROn" ,iind arlindciilly rendi-ml
selections, Every member of the
OrctticiAtra , is an artist,, .MIsp
Strung won' Jrosh laurels ns a
flweetand pleiiKinir  vno.uUnt,    Kite
' is n bonnie   singer,
We always expect grand thing*
from Miss Loiiiitu Dlclde, ami she
«.*'-j iiO{ dih,\jipoint on liiih oeea-
Bion,   Miss   Dickie has   a   fine
, voJm atid knows liow to use it io
ndvaiitngo. "Louisa" can -sing
her way Into tho hearts of her
nudioiico if anyone cm,
Willi good miinic, and a jolly
crowd, tho (Ihucu after tho onler.
taiummk,w«r» v«r^ inuelt enjoyed.,
"Mr, ami.Mrs! '.las'. Crossau, of
Nnniiiini), ■ arrived i)» town on
Sunday to atfeiwj the,'fuiierul of
theiruld frie.)d,"t]ie- laVeJ James
■A.. Abrams. They aro tlie guests
of Mr. and Un,- Juhn-ihomson.
'It is about time tho, clouds
went out of business for a while
tuid let "Old Sol"'get his licks
in. If wo aro not wob-footod, wo
ought to bo.
-'The hand of the king 'tliat the
.   sceptre hath borne,:/'":;' •'.
The brow of the priest tliat the
',-'.   mitre hath.worn,/
The eye of the sage and the ■-
'*   ■>heart of the brave,-' ■'■ - ,_*
Are hidden and lost iu' the.-l
.depthsof ihe grave.'■':;•   ■
"The maidpn,whose chVek'y.ou"
"ii ~«iWf riimrwtii>^r-:i
^ Mr. Abrams waa formerly a'reaidout of<*
'Nanaimo,-and in 1878 wns eleoted to rep-^
present that diatriotin tho Provincial Legial
Jlaturo iu the AValkem Government; hoi
•was urged in 18S2 to again stand, but re-'
ijfueed,-as bia buainess nbsorbed all  his
He was boru at Napn-
^titno and errergy
^nee, ".Ontario, on the lll'h of' Octobw^
|184i; arid Vas educated at the Naparreo^
..        .. ,v      SAcadeuiy.-- Ia 18(?4 he onmetothis coastl     E
 —-t——;'--       . 'r-T/-v-v-i-THj>)j-va/-orT-j snamajlaridiiig"in San Fran-J     _
*».   ,    , '       "  -   k        ;- . ,'    w J   '"' -■■ •■■ »"»""», iuliuiu^ iu oau rran-
bhonebea,u:y and pleasure—Iier|B'l««(/a' journey,, then.'of thirty-seven
* ' -'.*Ulu Plls- are by;     . "V todays; "iu 1807 he moved td British Colum-1
'. ',; lb ■■ '"■
i-belove"d: heryalfd pfaised
'Ladies',White Canvas Yacht''      *:*
ing and Tenuis Shoes.... .«.: .£1.40
• Ladies' Wl'.itc Canvas Oxfords-.;..   2.50
'• Ladies' White Canvas Hutti Boots
" Misses'-White Canvas Slippers '.
, with two straps	
Children's .Canvas Slippers	
Boys''Gray Canvas Shoes. ...;'...
.Youth's Grey Canvas Shoes "..   i.25
See   our Cloth Top Button ,  '
,all sizes for  ladies- a,tT ^'5,25
2 75 '
r 50,.
All of the above pm-
ees  less  5 jpep   eent
-And the memory ..6f those/tlnit.' |bia, startingid business .ia. Nanaimo;' iu
***'•' "  ,'beloVerl- 1ir>"',:Vn*i1 -rvfoiioV-l :.vV**- '
/I^SS'u^eold/h'la'-'Ndnurrad/rbuBiness, alsol
Are alike froiu' the minds of the ijjkw »liarein one in Vanoouver, aftcrwardaf
'    -  Uviugeiased.     ,  -'' Iwaieleotod to tho Naaaimn City Connoi),*
: r. .       ,'....'.' '■> plater refusing to ruu for mayor.
'•Ihe baiut who enjoyed the com 1,. Mi-. Abramawas a prominent member]
nniuion of. heaven... ' Sottho MaBonio Ordor, in Which ho hehf
The sinner who dared to remain- Rbi^'h-office; ho waa also .V member. of tho
JjTJuitod Workmen".
J Ho is survived by a wif'o, two sons and*!
.four daughters, all grown up, to all o^
^Iro'm Cumberland ■ imd district londor^
sincere aympathy. I
Uo wan iutorrod in Cumborland. cenre-
The; \vise and tbe foolish, the
,'   guilty and just-
Have quietly mingled their bones
iu the dust.
Our city policeman looks right
fiiHrt, and more businosidiko iu
hib now uniform.
Rabies has made its nppeamnco
amongst'the dogs of the Cowiolum
district. Two Aiispittioiis cases
also occurred spine months apo
at Mission, Tho disoiiRu has up.
jieared in Oregon, and possibly
in tho State of Washinglon ■ as
''So tbe multitude goes, like the >
flower aud the weed
That wither away to let others
■ succeed; '   .'
So the multitude comes, even
those wc behold,
To repeat every tale that hath
often been told.
tery ou Sunday nftorncon, with Mrsoiiio^
honors,   The Rev.  B.' 0.  Froemnu ul-'
bo oUwiatod at" tho Iioutn and gravo,      I
j   Tho following guutloiiioa aoted as pnll-
.boarora: D. D. Me lino, (loo, W. Clinton,
Jno. ThoniBou, Wm.Lswroneo, hr. (1. K.
MooNauuhton, Alf, U, Homo,
I ■ *    *    *
-If its %he^
■':..- •'■WeHaveif
MacFarlane Bros., Limited
Phone io P; 0., Box i.oo
A couple of SiiffraftOltM invaded the' Nuivb oflice "on Mou-
djiy aftOi'iioon, and Ihrealened to
knock our bluohfl oil1 with a iiiul.
let, nnh'rth we promised to advo"
onto votes fur women. We wish
that "Diet-'," with a loaded cigar,
or a moiteo, hud been in the office ut the time. We held up
our luuidt' und promised — vo\va
for women, ■ They pruniitted us
that the "Tinurn RIoiimi'" wnnld
nevt have their attention;11 hut,
they will use an u persuader, , u
bunch of loaded cignrt) instead of
a mullet. I'ooV Dlek, lie Ia nl-
wayn iipngainsl it,
We forgot to put them on to lhe
•-Timgo Cooktnil Mixer,'' but his
turn will come next,
The '(--ideiKv of Mr. Allan,
Minto, wiw tot-illy destroyed by
fire on Siiliij'diiy nfleriioi'in
''For we are the same as our
fathers have been;
Wc see the same sights that om
falliera have seen,
Wc drink the same stream and
,.  we feel the' samcMiu,
And run Ilie same coiuse that
our fathers have run, '
"The thought!* we are thinking
our fathers'would think,
l-Tom Lhe death wc arc .shrinking our I'uthets would hhtiiik
To the lift! we are clinging our
lathers would cliuy;
Hut it speeds from the earth like
a bird ou the wing.
'•Yes ! hope and despondency,
pleasure and pain,
Are miuj'led logcthci' like sunshine and rain;
And the smile and the tear, the
song ami the dirge,
Still follow each other like surge
upon surge,
■* -Tj.s the I wink of an eye. 'tis
lhe draught of the breath.
Krom the blossom of heal Ih to
' the paleness of death,
Krom the fjuilded saloon (o the
bier and the shroud:--
Oh, why should the spiut ol
m'ortal be proud ? "
■—William K: ;>
Mr8..1umoR A.  Abrania  and  f«mil,v,J
A quiet wedding wiw soleiu-
nized in Vancouver, April 22nd,
[when Heat rice Vidn, eldest daugh
iter of Mi'p, David Pi(d<leH, of
Denman Island, and JMr. Put rick
J. Dolmny,  general   ni'Tcliniii, of
reuvomont; alao for tho many and boiurti
fid floral oiruntigH,
,uuh to thank tbu many frltndi, for thoiraDonimin Irtlaiid,   were  miiied in
Iriiulnoafl nnd Bympathyliitholr rcoout bo-ll i      i   i      i      i       r
I       ,..•*.!    jr iv.uv.mi, uo,^(]ly  |1()|y   i,0IU]s   0[   iiiatiimony,
After I ho eeromony,   this happy
MJmmmmmmi^im^m^mmmmdionpie loft on   their   honeymoon
'! by S. S. Prineeso Sonliin. lor vie-
Uvirydlo.l«lllb   made   t.l u;rlium(, tk.lirilllf
«»nko   \iel<:na _ Ony  celebralion|    M|,   ,„„,    ^   l)ohony   wi||
lomo  on   Doiuiuiu
Hid heel in'lllie  hihliiry  of Cun
berland; and we Imvo   hue'
good OIK'S.
" ■-   tlmir
i't eongriitulatioiis and best wi«h-
. n   The Nkws exlends its
A koii of Kred Cniren, (if Kan.
ny Hny, wuiulmwuuiliit rlmt plnct
m Momliiy night.
Lrlnolco'fot« Onk nnd
Sttilnecl rinocct and
I^inolutni «
—■«■■■■■ iii JM^M^MM.-1)rr,flMw||||)|f|1 niniMM-jH
We quote tho following pura..
graph from the Victoria News ot
April 25:
"Last wcuk we drew attention
to tho persistent attempts of iha-
wur-nt-imy price party to" instal
their fnghlfiihintioiiH in the minds
of the eeliool eliildicn of thin city,
It is iinrjuealimmbly the first t.i«p
in ii Giiiiipnign Io inlroduee compulsory niiliinry or naval training.
Onccaeeiifitoiii the rising rronet
ration to the idea that anna.
uients nro necussary, ami they will
be a long \v»iy ou the load to nc-
kiiuwlwdging the neeeisity of eon.
lii'ud lliiii)o.i.ii "Uorlility," nod  noil
i'B Io the yo.uiig couple,—'"ThiU'e'Ji Iyi-.ii umonut u> nauli us l'.»r -u ilihi Ji;u j<
nothing too good for the Irinli.''     ouueunn«l.
rnt^mim MUtmtmmmm
Spucial Margiuns in Tapestry and iintusLds C?arpet Squarci*
Irom $i^.5o"io .-fcu.oo.       GIVliN A WAV I-RICH with
every Carpet Square sold,   one llih.scll's Cai|,t:t S\vce|.cr.
LiiiolcuniH, Mattings, Hull and  ;. tnir Liuolt'.um.s
Stmicil Mattings, Mats largo size 45c each
Nottingham Laa\ Swiss Muslin and bungalow size curtains
from $1.25 to ,1 50
Arl Muslins, Scrims, Madras Muslins,  Plain und Itardcreri
Kiamincs and Harness Spots, fiom 15c to 60c per yard
■M.uwa« u.««iura
Mityfr ■tv.
; *j*'
If J
*...  I
A Debt
By Edgar Wallace
Ward, Lock    & Co.,    Limited
IU Londor, Melbourne and Toronto
The man obeyed. Insk'- was a
Email rubber stamp and an ink pud.
Dell took up tho stamp and examined
It. It was a f .csimilo reproduction of
his signature; a stamp which, attached to a chcquo,';would be honored. He
had arranged this much with hisbank
though the manager had demurred at
the risk.
Bell replaced the stamp, locked the
box,, and placed tho kevs in his pocket. ■  „    -     '
Tho man was retiring, when Bell,
called him back.
Parker, he said, I am leaving England in a few weeks' time, and I wish
you to take charge of the house. I
have made provisions for your wages
to be paid regularly, and I have other
instructions to give'you later.
Will you be away for long, sir? ask-
■ cd the .man.
Bell hesitated, lingering his-moustache absently.
I -may be away for—a few years, lie
Indeed, 3ir.
If Bell had said that he would have
been away for the rest of his lifeke
would havo said no more.
B,eil walked to the far end" of the
room and stood gazing out of therv/in-
dow. Tho man made a move*meu't as
if to go.       o   ''
Wait a moment, Parker, he said over
his shoulder. ?Ic stood irresolutely as
if he were not sure- of himself, like a
man hesitating before two roads.
eaid. It was done; and it was not a
difficult beginning. Perhaps if he told
Parker often enough he would summon
courage to tell his own world.
I am going to be married, he repeated, half aloud.
May' I congratulate you, sir, with
»11 respect? said Parker, a little dolefully.
Comstock turned with a hard little
imllc.  '-'
You need not worry about your position, ho said; it will make no difference to you,     We shall go abroad—
my wife and I. ■ ,,
, There was a silence.
If I might be so bold, sir, said Parli-
yi cr, do I know the lady?
You probably do, said Bell, a,nd his
'Mips twitched.    It is as likely that you
know her, as it is that I do.
' Ho changed the subject abruptly.
I am expecting Mrn. Granger Collate in an hour; bIiow her in here.
Parker bowed and left him.
Bell walked to tho window.
Mrs. Granger   Collak   was   in   his
.. mind.-    Sho was also in tho mind of
. London.   A tall, beautiful woman, delicately moulded, with tho face of an an-
gel Mid tho morals of a Catherine.
Ho looked round1 tho room and smiled in'splto of his troubled mind. She
would turn this hoi so of his inside
out. Sho would tax his enormous income to its fullest extent, Prcbably
Bho would sot herself to Anglicise
him wilh tho ohlect of soeurlr % n title
tor him.    People would laugh behind
his back and pity him, but no breath
of scandal would reach the -i-agile littlo woman, in New England whom he
(called Mother. She ■ would accept
I Grace Granger—would bt> a little
shocked with her perhaps. But there
aro worse si-ocks than the" presentation of a smart wife.   .
And  Mrs.   Granger   Colla!;  was  a
clever woman, a discreet woman.   She
knew   how   to   hold   her     tonguo.
Tho cleverest lawyer at the bar had
discovered that when he cross-exam-.
ined her in a recent caus\? celobre. \
Comstock Bell made a wry face at l
the recollection.
. She loved travel, and she wanted
money, and she was nearly-at tho end
of her tether.   She might as well be
Mrs. Comstock Bell as Mrs. Granger
Collak.   Ho' would only ask her to
keep his name out of the mud and
somehow ho felt Cut she would do
At six o'clock* Parker ushered in the
woman whose fate, hung i-\ the balance.
. Sha, was dressed in a plain tailor-
made costume, and-ker beauty did not
suffer though she was tho type of woman who looked her best in dresses of
vaguo lino and cloudy substance.
Ho regarded the tailor-made as a
concession to his propriety and was
Sit, there, won't you? He pushed
a big restful.club chair to the side of
his desk, so that she faced him.
Now, what is your trouble?
" You mean, what Is the extent? she
smiled. I.think that if I could raise
three thousand pounds, I Bhould be
able to got away." I can manage with
less, she added,, watching 1 "s face, and
I irate asking you for .my.--,
He opened a drawer in.,tho, writing
table and took out a cheque'1 book.'
With Ms uninjured hand he tore or.t
a slip.   ■ '
, Fill it in, he said as ho pushed -t
across the table to her. Make it payable to bearer.1 -
It was then that she noticed the
bandaged hand.
■Have you hurt yourself? she asked
in some concern.
It is nothing, said Bell. He, choso a
pen for her, then from another drawer
he took tho rosewood box and opened
it. Very car "ally he inked the
stamp, and when she had blotted the
cheque, ho pressed the little rubber
signature in Its place.
They will cash that'for.,you, he sard,
and now I want to talk to you.
She put the cheque in her gold hag,
and sat upright in the chair,"with her
hands folded in hei lap.
I am not goi .;: to give you
three thousand pound's worth of advice, he said, smilingly. I do not
intend • talking .to you for your good
—but for mills."
He was leaning back in the padded
writing chair, his elbows on the arms,
accomplish their purpose
'with maximum efficiency
and minimum.discomfort.
Increasing  doses  are not
25c.  a box  at your
Druggist's. 17*,
National Brnf mdChemtea]
„Co, ol Cauda, llmltc*. ,
Never Misses a Chance
In tho campaign of 1896, said a
congressman from.tho v.-esc, a horse-
thief in Wyoming was sentenced to be
hanged, A largo crowd had assembled to tako in the event. After adjusting the noo*M the sheriff said;
Now, Bob, if there's anything you want
to say tho custom is to allow you 10
minutes to get it tiff. Tho prisonor
shook his head. I don't want to say
ho answered, get along with
Pay Day on the CiP.R. is a Bljj Event
and an Immense Sum Is Distributed Over the System
Pay day on the C.P.K. ia an eagerly
anticipated event; and each month the
Company pays out over $0,000,000 in
cheques, distributed over tho systom.
By actual count the cheques reach a
total of 120,000, and'this number with
tho growth of the system and the consequent, need of more men, ever grows.
"We do everything in our power to
accommodate the employees," says Mr.
H. E. Suckling, tho treasurer of the
C.P.R. There is a great deal of time
and work associated with the monthly
pay day; and if wo had to have it twice
a month, as is thecaso in certain ot
tho States—well, it would mean a lot
more troublo, a doubled staff and considerable more expense, We havo to
do It1 in Vermont and Maine, which wo
pass through and which havo tho
bi-monthly payments, • and I can toll
you it is work. In several of,, tho
States it' ia tho same; but wherever
it is found it is becauso State legislators pander to tho so'callcd labor vote
A Carelessly Treated Cold
is the source of most sickness because drugged
pUls} syrups and alcoholic mixtures are
uncertain and unsafe,
Scott's Emulsion has been relied upon by
physicians for forty years as the safe and sensible
remedy to suppress the cold and build up tlie
enfeebled forces to avert throat and lung troubles.
Don't tolerate alcoholic substitutes, but insist
on the B&nakus Scott's Emutskm* One bottle usually
lasts longer than a cold.   Every druggist kas it \un
A gentleman whe had been spending a holiday at a Scottish seaside village noted for its golf links asked one
of tho caddies if ho got much carrying
in tho AvinU.- time.  '
Nae. sir, nao, replied   tho   caddie,
nothing, no uii£>»«n.-u, b" *™ub ...v....— *"„*_,__i0. n,wi   in ttr*
tho hanging.       Before    tho   sheriff 'term payments^and   to foci.
Our people have not sought for short iTh'^^ao'camdng'in   the •wlnte:
ecing!„_._      Ye seCi lt.B tuls vray.     if its
lature jumped up., Hold on! he shouted, so long as the prisonor don't want
to talk I'd like to take 10 minutes to
tell the crowd why this country needs
free silver.
A reverend canon of the Angelican
church relates that on one occasion it
fell to his lot-to marry his footman to
his, cook. The footman would persist
throughout the service in.putting hie
Anger to' h'is forehead every time his
master addressed him, in accordance
with ' custom. The reverend"**gen'tle-
man remonstrated in an undertone;
Don't touch your forehead, Johu, but
say the words after me. Then aloud:
Wilt thou take this woman to be 'thy
wedded wife? etc..
John, bearing in mind the canon's
hint, replied; After you, sir! and the
assembled friends burst into laughter.
I am thinking of getting married,
he said slowly.    ,
I am glad to hear it, she said with
a. little laugh; who is tho fortunate
woman? ,    , .
I don't know,' said Comstock, Bell.'.
Sho leant forward, a pretty little,
frown' on her face,
'   You don't know?,, My dear    Com1'
stock, what nonsense!
Ho shook his head.
It isn't nonsense, ho said ruefully.
I am undecided; I was going to ask—
Ho sloppet' Something within him
put a check upon his tongue; a voice
{stronger than the voice of conscience
and moro insistent than the voice
which urged the expediency of the act,
cried No!
Yes? she asked.
Oh, somebody, he said vaguely.
You don't want to tell mo?
No—that ib it; I don't want to toll
French Detective's Revenge
M. Calchas, tho pamous French detective, was l.oted for his skill as a
"shadower." Having quarreled for ad.
ministrative reasons with -M. Lepine
during the lattor's reign at the prefecture, ho threatened to havs his vengeance. ' '
It's no use trying to kill me,, said the
prefect genially. I am too well looked
after for that.
I have a much better and less ob-'
vious plan than that, retorted the detective.    Just wait and see. .
A'week laer M. Calchas appeared in
<hF>_nrefect's_studv-land presented an
\ ominous document.   It was the record
of M., Leprae's doings day by day, .hour
by hour, almost" minute * by minute
since their last interview and it was | nevertheless
with rather-a wan-smile that the prefect perused it Satisfied with his
characteristic vengeance the detective
assured M. Lepine that.the "dossier"
for that week would not be given to
the world.
Think of a 30b of sending out twice a
month 120,000 cheques. Thoro was
some talk at Otawa somo years ago of
initiating bi-monthly payments; but
the matter was not pursued.
"Tho singlo monthly payment works
well; it is a' certain fixed date which
does not vary; there is a fixedness
which gives security;,and it suits all
the people ■ with whom they. deal.
Branch banks will bo found all -over
tho system, close to the place'of work
and payment, so that ■. there is ' no
trouble in getting the cheques cashed
The wages list is constantly increasing on the C.P.R.'
A decade ago tho total number of
employees was something like G5.000.
Today it is over 120,000 in all grades
of activity. It might bo said, that
over 500,000 persons are directly interested in, and look forward to. the
monthly pay day, while if we consider
the allied interests, tho individual relations sustained one way or another,
the commercial and industrial affiliations of the company outsido the regular list, of, employees, we get over
1,000,000 people more or less directly
concerned in the issuance,, once a
mouth, of these seemingly innumerable bits of paper which,are so eagerly transmuted Into bread r,nd butter.^
If, however,.we get,bcyond all those*
who arc more or less directly interested in the company, and reach out to
tho" various activrtios._.wbich 'depend
on the company—each """Industrial or-
.ganism^i.th_its own army ofcmploy-
ees; if we consider every ailied~or**a£r
fected interest, we find that tlie entire
population is, remotely, it may be; .hut
nevertheless, certainly affected ■■> in
their lives and outlook by the operations of the C.P.R., and, with' measurable closeness, concerned for,the pay
time.      ,         .      x  ..,
no sna' it's f"ost; if it's no trout, its
sna'; if it's neither sna' nor frost, its
rain; if It's no rain, it's wind; an if
it's r. flno day, it's the Sawbath.     -
Corns' cannot.exist when Holloway s
Corn Cure Is applied to them..because
It goesr,to the root and kills tho grovrtu.
' Mrs. Blank—My husband has the
clearest head of any man 1 ever met •--
. Mrs. Franks—So my husband tells
me.    Ho says there's nothing in it.
She Jolly Well Did ',
Mary had a lot of .cash,
•Twas left her by her "fawthor, «■
And perhaps sho didn't cut    dash—
Oh, say, you' know—well, rawtker!
Guest (a famous tenor, to hio hos:
tess)—I should be very glad to -sing
ill you; but unfortunately I am rather;
hoarse tonight "    '" .   .
Hostess-Oh, what a shame! And
isn't there anything elso you can do.
Is Putnam's Corn Extractor . Forty
years' success in many lanco proves
the superiority of Putnam's Painless
Corn SacJcver every otto rem*
dv. Safe, painless, P*^.."?&-?,$■
Painless   Corn   Extractor   acutely
\>he Saw Ono
Mrs. R. was nn extremely careful
mother and . ad repeatedly cautioned
her G-ycar-old daughter against hand*
ling nny object that might contain
gerni's. , Ono day tho little girl cams
^in and said: .
Motlier, I am never going to play/
with my kitty any more, becauso sha,
has germs.on her.
Oh, no, repl!ad her mother,"there are -
no germs on your kitten.
Yes, there are, insisted the, child.   1
saw ono hop. *-."'••
certain to   remove   corns,
druggists, price 25c, ", .'
' • A young "man who had spent his life
in a country village went;U> DjbUn to
seek his' fortune. On the day of hrs
arrival ho walked into a restaurant and
If 'your baby is sickly, i: his' littlo
stomach is out of order or his bowels
need regulating, no other . medicine
will have such prompt or beneficial effect as Baby's Own .TabKs. Thous*
ands of other mothers use no- other
medicine,for their little ones. : Concerning them Mrs. John G. Crockett,,:
Glenborrie, N.S., writes:. "I havo. used
Baby's Own Tablets- for stomach troubles, vomiting and constipation, and
in every instance they have proved
successful. I would use no other
medicine for my littlo ones.", '.Th«
Tablets are -old by medicine dealers
or by mail at 25 con s a bos. from Tha-
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Ont *
The ClerksKnew
■ A clerk ' showed forty patterns: of
ginghams to a man whose wife had
sent-him to' buy some for her,' and to
every pattern tho man said: My wlfo.
said' sho" didn't 'want anything like
that. Tho clerk, put- tho last pteco
back on the slielf. Sirs ho said, you'
don't want glnsham. '.What you want
is a divorce,    .'."-.    ..'"•''
_ -.__!.• .. n5ii«_iy-'»ttpc—brought
oraerea  duiuci.-—*-"w—* «■—   —-——
Skin Beneath Lifeless, Fingers
Painful, Sleepless Nights, Used
Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment,  Complaint Gone,
70 Afsrlcoln fit,. Il.-illfas, K, R.—"Somo
limn uuo my 1'nnrr milta Ix-win to <lmi>olT,
tlio result It MftS ln-llovcd of lead polsonlnc
'J'ho nulls tlienwilvpn worn brlttlo and dry,
tho nUIn lifMiotiUi bclnn llfi'lowi loolclnic My
flnr.iTS wero oxcmslviily painful causini;
•li'oiilwi nlKlitfl, I \vm troiitort for about
tlirdfl mniHIiH and llio nnllx unnv hkiUii bub
mvny from tliu lli.-.slr. uf tho nm-cru and tliun
fell olT tiitaln,
"HavkiiK heard a fjrritt dwil of Ciiilciira
floap and ointment 1 wnt for ti i-amplo of'
both In llio liopo of I heir heullni; my fingers
vnuuj uuo uo j'^.'i'"!. .'.« ..!..'.'. r.f'.cr
tra'lilnj; my "iwVi vn>\\ vltlt 11m ("Jullciirft
Bnnp I rublind tho Outlnuro- Ohitmutit all
around llio finder cmln tind woro rIovcs to
pru\ uit tho Ointment from hclnij ruldwl off,
tliuii tii'.idu l|i tho mornlnu wnnlird my liiuidd
with tho Cut'rturiv Roup, Tim Cuticura
i. ..I.....;';!..' ,-.•'. V"11 or'!"" I'treet nnd
fcl'Uir u~lnn. them fur a uliort tslillo I iuw fiur-
iBtal to fo<l ftiiKorn much Imh «oro and
irrtdnnlnu to ii'MUmi) nmoro ImnlUiy nni'ear«
nnw'StliofimRiw whlnli had unmn under tlio
old niill't disappeared find tlu-n new (.irons'
imlla formed. Thin trouble had lifted about
clfdilwn month!- before 11M1115 Ouilfiini Hoap
nod Ointment yttiiUer u.-lin; Minufi.r tl.n<i
months my finder nnllH hud ftrown htruiiR
mill i-om|il.ilul had uuln ly ;-;one." C^lrmed)
lirmwt Nedijonl. Oct, u, WJ.
flutlcnra Soap and Cuticura Ointment aro
■old by ilrugKUU and dialim cvrrj where.
A hIiikIo sot 1.4 tiffr-n tiuffleli-ut. 1'or a liberal
•froo uatiipla of each, with 'M-\i. book, neml
postcard i',o roltt.'f Drug & CLtJj.i. ''<*«..
Duyt. U.BoityU.U.S. A.
W. N. U. 091
Loaning back In her chair she
laughed—a bright, delighted little
laugh of sheer enjoyment.
Really, for so terrible a person, she
said, you aro a goose. Tell mo who
sho is. Comstock. I know all the women of Louden,' I know them down
to tho core of, thei.- selfish souls. Tell
rro^vho she'Is,', and I will (ell you
if slio Ib worthy of you.   ,
I .don't think I know her, he said,
and roBO awkwardly.
She sliriiRgcd her graceful shoulders
nnd rose, offering him her hand.
You ivcro going to tell me, and then
you wore afraid, sho mild, her eyes
dancing. But tho laughter died out
when sho flaw hlswhlto face. Womanlike, fiho realised ho was suffering.
I am sorry, Bho said gontly, and I
think I will g.r. 1 am very gratfful
Id yon, Comstock. , ,
Ho arrested lior thnnkfi with ages-
Don't speak of it, ho said. T will
call on you In a dny or so you will
not have Ud't town?
No, 1 Phall li« in London till tho
end of tho wode.
Ho walked with l.cr to tho hall door
and oponed It for her.
aomlhyo, and thanks, nho Raid.
An rcvolr, said Coiniitoek Boll. 1
nrny call to-mo:row, when I may havo
more couniKo.
Sha thought over his worda ns nho
drove liiicik to lior Knlghtsbrlilno lint,
nnd could Imngitio r.o rousnii for lilt
Boll, loft nlono, fvpttled down to
upend the rest of tho evening by
He had ,«. littlo dinner served on a
tray In tho library, and when this had
boon Honrr-d awiiy, ho looked tho library door. Parkor, pnm'iriK tliu
closed noor, liLi.iid tlio nlow dUliin;',
of a typewriter, tho deliberate "chick
—clack—cluck" which niai-'B tho op-
oration of tlio typo.
(To bo Continued)
' Probably the first time in the history
of any province in the Dominion a
movement has been started in Saskatchewan to form an association iu
different districts for tho co-operative
marketing of eggs, and the increasing
of tho egg output.   It is the desire to
place this industry on a profit producing basis without increasing tho cost
to tho consumer;, and In fact, if *tho
schemo works well, a reduction may
be expected.     It 1b proposed to have
nlno branches of this association; tho
head quarters to bo at Iteglna,  An association has been, organized at Lloyd-
minster, and others will b,o organized
at Rod vers, Milestone, Tugasko, Forgot, Graham Hill,   Penzance,   Elfros
and Wilcox,
Fish and Tobacco
A peculiar aroma Is given to tho tobacco raised  tn  the  Platana region,
Turkey, by the uso as a fertilizer of a
small ilsh called hamsl.
 ■■ ■  1, ■ ii   <•*
The Blindness of Virtue
Heard on a red car in upper Broad-
I don't doubt ho was guilty, but I
don't think lie ought to Imvj been Impeach ed.
Two Nairies Unknown to Fame
I wonder who nmdo tho' first umbrella?
1 don't know.   1 wonjler who iiwlpcd
Starving    on    Poorly
Mora Appropriate
Shino 'tun up, sir? cried tlio young
liuoiblrick. 111 poiltth 'em no'ti you kin
see yor fueo I., 'orn, k1i\
ThimkB, my good hid, but I am entirely HttilHflod to boo my feet In thorn.
iiiplkd l-'roi'i; rnd on ho wrnf.
"Several'jear 11K0 T wan actually
HtnrVnB." W'ltcs u girl, "yet dared
not cat for fen   of 'ho consequences,
"I huil fluff en ' indlKOBllon from
over-work, Irregular meal: and improper food, uv.til at lam my Btomuoli
became ho woak I could mi' ncurcoly
any food will-out grdiC difltrosB.
"yany kinds tf food worfc-lrled, all
with tho nani^ dlacpuraKlmruffecta. 1
Bteadlly lout health «itid fltrength until
I waa but a wreck of my former self,
"Having lioarrt of Grape-Nuts and
Itn rrreat morllft, t purchased a pack-
• V.it "v!th 1"nn 1lnrn <'"'' H would I
i'oip mo.—I was bo dir.courtigod.
"I found it not only nppi,u/iuB but
that 1 could . at It as I llkod and that
it sathdled the craving for food without wiublnR dlBtroBB, nnd if '1 may ubo
tho osproBBlon, "It filled tho bill."
.,,.  .   ..,nr,i;-n   rJrnjio.Vut-r  wn«  my1
princiiial'arUoio of diet I felt from
llio very flrnt that I had found the
rlultt way t health and lmpplnoBB,
and my antlclpatlonn woro fully real-
'"WltH its continued uoo I regained
ni" uiwnl health and stronRth. Today
She Shuffled, He Cut ' "
At a country ball a farmer had engaged a pretty coquette for, the next
danco but a gallant captain coming
along persuaded the young lady to can-
col her previous engagement in favor
of himself. The fanner, overhearing
tho conversation went to a card table
and sat down to i.,gamo of * "hist.
A few, minutes later tho captain
stepped up to tho young ,lady to excuse himself as he had f jrgotten that
ho was already engaged- to another.
Miss Coquette, much chargrlned, then
made tracks for tho. whist table, hoping to securo her first partner.
Nodding to th farmer and with her
face covered with smiles sho sweetly
I think, sir, that it is time to take
our places.
Tho old farmer, in the act of dividing the pack for tho next dciler, courteously replied:
No, Mlsa S. I moan to keep my present place.   When ladles shuffle I cut,
Why She Wept
When -Ten; ins Anally managed to
wako up, lie found his wlfo wooping
, My darling! ho exclaimed, What in
tho world Ib tho matter?
Jonklns begged her to tell It to him
and finally alio consoutcd to sny thin
1 thought I was- walking down the
Btreot and camo to a Bhop whoro it
Bald: HuBbnndR for salo. You could
got beautiful ones for $fi,000 and very
nice-looking ones for ovou as littlo as
Selectiil And woro thoro any that looked
1 liko mo, iiBked Jenkins, not altogether
'J'ho goes boenmo suddenly violent.
Dnzpim of thorn! giinped Mra. Jenklnn.
Done up In bunches liko nBpnriipUR and
marked twonly-llvo cents a bunch.
in tho meal in all those littlo
sacred to restaurant keeping and arranged them in tempting array around
the man's plate. For half, an hour he
sflt and .lookPd at the untouched dinner. Overcome by hunger, he called
the waiter, who had been watching him
wonderingly, and said: .. 1 . „'
. Look hero, mister, if you don't hurry
and bring my dinner I will est up your
A Boon for the Bilious.—-The liver ii
a very sensitivo organ i\m" easily de-
vanged.^^Jion_Ml-°-CAurs  there. is
HOW'S THIS : -       .
"Wo offer Oiio IIu.,dred Dollara Reward
for any ease cf Catarrh that cannot bo
cured by Ilnll's Catarrh Cure.
If. .T. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo. O.
Wo. the undcrslirnod havo known P. J.
Chcnoy for the lust Ifi years and bellevo
him perfectly honorable tn all business
transactions r -id H.ia dally able to carry
out any oblleat.on mado by his firm.
Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Curo Is taken Internally,
aetlnp directly upon tho blood and inijc-
ous surfaces of the system. Testimonials
sent. frco. Price 7r> cents per bottle.
Sold  by  all  .•-.lRRlf'ts.
Take Hull's Family Tills for constipation,
Nix—Most of thoso so called algi'ots
thoy sny, aro only horsehair.  .
Dlx—Yori, algrot Is merely their nom
do plun.o.'
And VctTl'ey Admlr: Soldiers
Ho—Yen, 1 am a'801(1101'.   I helped
England win the Boor war.
She—Is '.list so?    Which sldo wero
you on"
Mlnard's Liniment Curea'Dlstemper,
Mrs. Pester—Don't you rer.lly think
that women have more piitlonco tnan'
, Mr, Pester—I am -"tiro of It. Iliavn
boiin wfttclilnj; you play solltalro nil
(jvonluK with a dude that's four or fivo
cards short,
undue-secretion "of bile' and .the. acrid-,
liquid flows into tho stomach, and
sours it. It is a most distressing ail- <■
me'ut, and many aro prone to it. In
this condition a man finds the best remedy in Parmelee's Vegetable' Pills*,
which aro warranted to speedily correct the disorder^ • There1 la no better
medicine in tho entire' list of pill preparations.
11 *
An Extraordinary Projectile
• .A child's struggles with th? intricate
facts of history aro sometimes almost
as serious a matter to him as tho bat-
les of which ho reads, Tho results
however, aro not alwayB vilhout humor- as a story in Everybody's Maga-
Kino shows,
A small hoy handed In the following
in an examine tion   paper   in,   United
States history: „,,,«.•
General Braddock was killed in tn«
Revolutionary war. He had threo
horses shot under him, and a fourth
won; through his clothes.
Minar.d's Unlment Cures
Cowb   .
Garget   III
go   eight
Nothing on Him
Teacher—Tho camel can
days without water.
Freddy—So could I If -aa would lot
Crawford—What's the-matter wlW
that fellow w 10 Is holding on to the
lamppost nnfl shuffling'his feet.
Cr.ibshaw-rr'niero wns a llmo when
I'd havo said ho was druuk, but now
,'orhaps ho'r, practising a row danco.
Von'remember I missed you several
times liiBt year. '
Yost, Biiid tlio guide.
Well, I am a belter shot now.
Mother—Tliero wero two appki* lnj   Mr.   .Tohnfiii-g-Sny,   Mr.   Dorinnn,
A NVw York wmunn bns been grant-
*10,000 n year alimony,     In lior ciibo
mnrrlnRo seems to have boon, a
fcbfiful failure.
Predatory Commander
Teacher—Aicsandor tho Grcnt wnfl
no lover of luxury   In wnr ho ato
only tho rations of a common floWlor.
WIHio—Didn't tho poor soldiers /jet
anything to eat at all?
nrlflogroonv-bldn'tl   look  like   a
fool when I wns nt tlio altnr rnll?
Best Miw-rNo; but   anyone   could
11   1 ,P,i M'm'o vnt vnuvHfMr.
A Social Necessity
Why Ib your daughter taking Iobboiib
on tho violin?    m* she Rhown spec-
l«l aiitlludo for tho violin?
No   but every Klrl linn t- tako Iob-
SOnfl   OU   WJli'V--— k»'»   >»v *   •■
Pays in Repair
jftonnlr work lm« cost mo moro than
tl *» original wacbluo, Htornicd tho phy*
BlCIlopalr work dooo poy better, Bald
« ,. .trtmohilc man.    You find it so in
tho cupboard, Tommy, and now there
is only one.    JIow'b that?
Tommy (who boob 110 way out of it)
—Well, ma, It wan bo dark in there
Hint 1 didn't Beo tho olliorj
A Talking Point
Tblfl phonograph, averrod tlio'snloa-
mini, neodB no lutroductlcn.
Why not?
Il Bpoaks for itself.
A niodorato f,mount of footbnll keeps
ono hctlthy and fully nllvo, Kays an
utliloto.    Allvo and kicking, in fact.
what nm do nieaiiing of dis here line
on do ticket whar It Bays "not trans-
Mr. Doi'iunn — Dnt moatiB, Bro'r
Jobnalng, dut :*o gen'lomnn am admli>
ted unions ho conu's hlnisolf,
The Heal Beglnnera
navenyelp—Tho modorn piny Boem»
to bo nothing moro nor loan than the
dramatization of blolog'ea'. fmpiilttcrf.-**
Can you toll mo who started tbla sex
bUBlno.BR, anyway,
HlfTatlclc—I don't know, unlesa It wn«
tho Iflorodora Sox Tetto.
Success depends largely upon
Good Health
am'wen nndcaneat^nytidn^niuo.l^aute^^ ««  you?
Gubrt—nrairley iinyr. be would rather
Steve- -l don't .»li',,»<» ''Im.   1 had din<
\ii-r tn ' it Iiouki' ci!-/' nliOit.
yet flrnpo-Nuts food tormn r. part of
my bill ot fare."
Namo Riven by Canadian PoBtuin
Co., Windsor, Ont.   Read "Tho Hoad
to  Wellvlllc,"  in  pk&R.   "TUero'a  0
Ever re»d tbe above letter?   A new
on» nppeam from tlmo to time.   The;-
are genuine, true, and full of human
And the doctor ilnally admitted tbat
Uo did.
AmonB other tbingu koIhr out of
fashion aro long-term wedding annlver-
It latca a. very lone r/;rso to buy
In your r«ce for buccmb don't loose light ot tho fact Uiat only
through irood health can you attain BuccejB,
Th* tenilon you must nocensarlly placa upon your nerves, und tho
•nriwi rf lSS?oSrelie you havo to wako nt times muBt b«
balanced in bodio *way.
Dr. Pierced Golden Medical Discovery
IX hddnclng pote$r-a vitalising power. It ncU on
tho .tomleh Ma orjcaiui of dlseitlon n«d nutrition, Uius
^SCffthTbloodl and tfvlnff stronirth to the nerves,
KeUyaJdlnir tho liver to perforrnJUivery ImporUnt
w£ I"«*£«'• <WJ«». M.Jical Mew* bM.been
Zeeeufol for » ffeneraUon o« atonic and body builder.
Sffb mSrfn. dealer. In liquid or tablet form-
S3 SJX of •Tebleti"ronUed on receipt of 50 ohc
If In Uffiflff htsMh writa Dr. R. V. Pierce*
hiiStyaTLelkl.' Hold Buffalo. New York.
<l*t« •5tlto«~»» J008
piaai, •ntwwr* hoiti
•f. iWlie.U qu«*Uutt»
wblcb #?fir, mom»n,
lohMW. 8*»lFREE
taflodibWUif (••"I'
kJilrcu en t«c«l»l m
60 MMHt lU*P»,l«
i%»r*p sin***1'* >.■+■»>«-•'«*'.
/  .
-' '   -'.  »»*■;■'    v.- * ■»>
**■    ' i          i K\      "
.„...-..„.  .,.,,,_„, „.J„l.v> ^ _	
./-.' ,.,.v • •-    .sv
.0 .   .'   '.
, •-. NOTICE ia Ivwoby Riven'tbit appli-
-catien wili bo made to tk* Superbteud-
«nt of. Provincial Pokoe, Victoria lor a
-" license to sell liquor; by. wholesale. upou
thvpreitf«6s«ituafcdW.£ot.6,' Block S 5;
\ Cu.uUorlaud To'waaite,'Cumberland,'li'. C
•      (MAM MUSSATTO.Applimut.
. . D'.t>tf iWalsu'day <J October 1913.    '     .
: . NOITCE is luroby given that ou the first
day of 0 .-oiu'w   nest application  will   bt
,\n ihade to the Supcriutendtut ol   Provincial
, Police, Victoria, fer the renewal of the hotel iioemmto sell  liquorB  by retail iu tne
hotel kuowa as tnoLirno hbtcx, situated at
' Coihox,"B'..0. -GkoJr&E M. Barlow
' Dated October I, 1918.
... 'NOT.ICE is.hereby" given that on the
■..' first day of November j oi 3, application
c will be made to  the Superintendent ol
Provincial Police,"for* renewal  of the
wbjlcsalc liqi" »r licen-« upon the prem-
,   .iscs known'aa JL«( 24,'Subsection i, Ncl-
, *    son District.     e        '   ;   ■--
.     l).itcd October 1st, <cjjj    ■
NOTICE-W  b.reby rivea diatou the
, flr?fc day of Deooudier iwxi'applti-at.oii «tl
be made to Hie Siipciateudiii t ..f Pro'viu-
.oiul Police, Viet .a*, f.,rn r-upual of,tho
, "h.itoi license bi Bell rJiqu»«M by uifciil  in
• Uiohotel kmnvu ni the Uuiun.'iuYtel..Bit-
,v,  unto at IMm. B.C.   Joiur N. McLuon
■' -*jn*u* tlie 1st day of Uctolviy 1913   '
**—SSm»i———'■■ " *-      IIIIIMmwiii SMlltMMI
»    ■'NOTICE iS^lwrvb'y-jriv.u   Uiat on'tho
first day of 1) eeailtor u'est, aiifjlieaiou'will
to iiiide to the Saporintondeut of PrWiuoial
'» ., Police, -Victoria, for tho rouowal of the hotel lioeaso to sell liquora by retail   ia   the
L»tel knowp as tho Uvomido hbiwl, situate
;. at Courtotiay, B. C.*     <■    O.II; Fibihomi.
D vied October 1, 1313. . .   -    r   -
m ■■»■■ «■ m mtf ■■■■>>>>>,ft ^^ ^,,   ^^
NOTICE is uereby given, that on the
'» firut day of-Docorabur uext application w ill
be made to the iJuporintorileiit of Previa-:
«al Police, Viotoiiiyfor thoreisovvalc-f the
liotel lioenae to s41 liquor*-by W.ailiu the,
trot d kn<.«r:i ns the Wil*bu hbtoj, situated
at Uuiou Bay li<i. ■
■  y     , '- Alfred IUrun Hob.sk
Dated October 1, 1913. .,-'""
■■ NOTICE is hereby given   tnat on   tho
: first day of December m.xt application will
bo made to the Superintendent; of Provincial Police; Victoria; for the renewal of tliu
-'  luK'U'eoti.e to sell Ii«;ir6:fl l>y retail m the
• bo'cl known as tl»! Nelaou hofcci,- sitm'tv.
-at L'aioa Buy, B.C.. ,-    . '. JoHsr.Fiiisctt.?
Datod Qotobor Is-. 101S.    -
Z^f^j^ Goluriibia, Lt&C
s.  Como*-,Uwok Bav-Nanaimo -Vaucouver-Roote
^aves Comoxi Sunday, 4 p.,,„.......... .. ..,.Tuesday rf^.
Lewes Union Bay, Sunday, 5 p. m... .Tuesday, i2 o'clock,-noon
l?PM^TT>Mr°weU'nan Mai,d» Nanaimo an^ Vancouver.      ,
^ttiUKNING-Leav^ Vancouver, Saturday and Monday, 8.pn-
•> For Nanaimo, Union Bay 'and Comox. '   * .
Subject to change without notice.
The puresUnd best BKER,, and
made iu Cumberland;
- •'
J.   N.   JffcLEOD
SnS"4 X BURT0N ^^y 00 toP     »*«». th« famoM MILWAUKEB'
,  BIU.lt'*—Anhonaer,' Uobetniatj, Scl ta, 4c.     .VOLD GREY BEARD"
. .SCOTCH WHISKY,   \    Beet ^ iaei, a«d Liquors of ail kiada
The^r-awlmg aad Lodging pilpartmer.t, uador Uw'tmmediato aapenuteadenoe
v.yh ho toui.d First olafla iu every respeot. •
H>1 00 por day and TJp
^.Tlye^Courtenay, Hotcl"
./ i-'Ev^ry copvenien<-e,for guests,''.
T.The'Gentitcil-Jaotul for Spprtsmeh-
None but tljc' [Jest of Wines 4'nd' Liquors
'auhe liar.'   '■' ,    "' ' > ,
John Johnston,   Prop
, Herbert Ilntton   deceived, iu
,  tOAtatc, late of Oonrtenay'. B C.
IN THE MATTEII of the "Offi-
ciul AdiniiiiBtrntoi'6 Act,"   •
TAKF NOTICE that by or-
■dor (if His Honor Judge   Ijurkor,
liindn  on   the lltli' day of  Feb
niiiry, I0M:,  I    was ■ appointed
A*liiiiuwti'utoi' ut' the Estate of ill**
.nbove mentioned doeoiibi.d, and all
jmi tics having claims against the
.eaid cttfate are horeliy  rwj[iiirc.<l to
TiiVnioh Biuue, propwly verilied, to
mo on or boforo tho 15th day of
March    1914.    AND    all    par-
ties indebted to flaid ostate, are re-
quired to pay tho amount of thoir.
imlobtodnoBs to me forthwitli.
Dated this 11th day of Fob™
ary 10U.
Wrf Wismjy Wir.i.AKi»,
(.     Oiliciu! AiliniiiiHtrator,
,   Cumberland, B. C.
lhe reserve, the notice"of. »hicli np|jear-
»J i" ihe JJ. C. CaKtie on ibe *a;th day
j «f December, 1^7, is'cancelled in-so far
j is il relates to the following parcels of
l.and:-the\V. S 3ofilicS.  E, 1-4, ihe
•S. \V. j-4 and,ihe S. t * of lhe. N.   W.
i-4«est of ihe river in' Scciion 4; die S.
E. «M; tlie S. E. 1.4 of the s.   W.  j-4
and.the N. E/1-4 in Secdon 5:   the, S.
i~i of the S. E. 1 4 in Scaiim 8; lhe S E.
i-4i ihe S. W. j-4 ,-.nd the K. 1-2 «f the
N; E jr-4 in Sec*Ion 16,:und lhe E. t-a
of ihe S. E i-4 nnd N. 1-3 in Section 21,
all in Township 3, S.iyw-,rd Dis-.rkt, and
ihe N. E. 1.1 of.ihe N. K. 1-4 \n Sac-
lion 32; the N E -.4 of'thc S W 1 4 and
the N W i-4 andN J-2 of the N E 1-4 in
Jjtciiou jjjiheN j-aof the N W 1-4
andjhe N 1-2 of iIhj N E 1-4 in Sctt'ion
34\ and the S 1-2 and N W 1-4 of the N
:W 1-4 i« Section 35, till in Township 6,
S.iyward District. • "   „
The said I.inds will be open foi-entry by
pre-emption on Monday, the 181I1 day of
May at the hour of 9 o'clock   nulie fore-
noon; ail applications  to bo made at tlie
office of the Government   Agent,   Vancouver.    No Pre-emption   Record shall
include more man 40 acres of land except in cases where it is desirable 10 in-
dude small fractional' portions of legal
Subdivisions information in which coi'i
neclion uiay be obtained frojn plans   on
view at ihe above mentioned Agency.
r      H.A. RKNWICK
Deputy Minister of Lands
Lands Department; . Victoria, 13.   C,
February uth  1914.
., "^ECEll»TS
GovM grant "to City.... §5037 95
(-JoVtgrnnt toCi-mp... IOCS 2o
High School fees.!..,. 370 OU
Special Gov11 grunt.... 2300.00
Paid by  City of Cutu- /
Uerlaud,.,   3110 70
*, Total Roeeipts,..'. .812392 90,
Teachers1 salaries   §7925 00
Janitor.-., .* ...........
Seuwuger..; ,....
Twlegnms. telephone..;-
A. Maxwell, hauhigo...
Potter &  Ivirkbrido,. 0
TBAnc Marks
C0P¥R1tll-!T5 6c.
.Blnotlir ,„..„,„. ^„,1L,™,... ,„,
w.'a.'«s!,tff, TrtlftonttA-.f^ii, ia d<t
dUO Br»«cl.fTffico. w VEU\VMhlLl4«i:D.£,U
luillhlfjry ,
Brewers' Dried Grains
-Better, .Cheaper Than Most "Dairy Feeds.
Milling & Gram Company, Ltd.
Distributors. NVNAIMO, B. C    :
Section 42.
:';;   NOTICE
"    LANDS
.Every   conveyance from    the
Esquimalt   &   Nanaimo R  lway,
Company, , not   already registered,1
should be lodged in the Land Registry   Office   before   May    31 st,
next, pursuant to the Land Regis,
try Act Amendment Actf  1914."
Land Agent
NOTICE Ts hereby giver (hat
one      month .      froui date,
i.jJiJnv.,niOii—wurtie-niiine io tho
Superintendent of Provinoinl »pol
lofc for a license for the sale of
liquor by whol«Bal« in and''u{,on
the iiremi.-'ca *St.mled ui Uio town
of   Courtenay,' II. C,  known nnd
jdcBciibcd im Lois SO und.31, Sec-
I Daled Una 35th day of April,
Conrad Roiiel,
T, D. Mcl^tiii, sUtfion-
ory ttiid repairs,.
A, IT, IVacoy,   stution.
.,   cry,and books. '..,
News »«       ....
O. li. T«i'bi»il, supplies
and labor	
Dr. G.K.MHcNaugliton'
inedicnJ inspect-ion-,:
Thomson Stationery Co
Free Text Book  Office
books :..
J. J. Doscrgati,   Ti-iid-
tees*, -'Asaociutiuir. ,
Daily ,;Province. tulvV
■Sec'y'8 Salary 12 uiob '
Newlmpy.ife Asliley,iii- ■
u snrahce, new school ,
PosfngH   and   station-
«ry, 12 inos...:;._
Wm. Potter, labor"....   '•
l>.  Kilpatrick,   coal..
'banjing ; "
(a.C. (D) Li mi ted, coal
S. Leisor & Co./ chalk
Shi I »ata, clock.:.,...".
T. E.''13ate, hose, glass
.   siuidries'	
32 50
\ 0U
• i
03 Iii
U 00
1\) 00
44 05;
112 50!
23 29
.   25 00
GO 00
145 00
22 5(i
127 50
1 or
0 50
12 25
■22 5<
Cf.,Downes, "books....
I-  W„   Niurnfl,   water
12 mes
34 00
o oi.
tmrvM-mmm itmi»wi
O. H TARBELL     i
*MfiH wit mmmtm
4\\*i vdl KnCHiiN,,«.UrtiNblLtt
Sportsmens Goods
General Hardware
Violin »Slriiifth, Talking nm-
cliinc uociUcs ami Victoi Retold.-,
for sale at tho New« oflice.
■Don* l   forget   to  pUcc  your
IH'Sl order for priii'liuR with us.
Any person or po^oiia, eiiitin;*,
rtMiioving or taking any Mock*,
timber or wood, ol'any doncHptfodn
Jolongiiig to the Wellington Colliery Co'y., or from or off tho land
of tlio Raid (Joinprtiiy, or anyone
tlppiiifi rnbbisli of any description
nnvwhero upon tiie company'n,
land will be prosecutod to the full
CKltMit of tbe law,
h It. I.IKJKAU1),
„ Colliery Co,y.
NOTloi.      :"""      "
Hiding on locomotivt-s and   mil
way earn of  tlio   Union   Polliory
Company by any pen-on   or por.
juiih—i»xu-pL lain cr«*tv— iii ^tncilv
prohibited.    KmploycoH  pro sub-
U-c todiPtui.-Hnl for allowing Bam
Uy order
General Man
IN> THE   MATTE!*   of TIiquibh
Smith, dccoiiuod, iiitoi»tnl<i, who
died in Neluon  Diatriol on April
20th 1.   . *
Adminletrators Act "
lAKh AUT1UK that by order
of J Jib Honor,' Jiid-jo Hnrker. inado
llio 6lh day of Novontbor IDI.I.Ivyhh
nppO'inled iidininlKtrattirof the jfifc.
lalo of the above miMilionrd dc
ooiiflfii), and all parties havhc,
cliilmsJngninHt llio wifd PHiate are
'- u rnlhh mi mo,
properly verified, lojiiin t^n or bo-
">rolho 13th   day  of  lh,cum\m,
11913.   AND all parlii'H indebted io
3iV d '.'t-taUi, ure  luiiuiiud to pay tho
amount 6f  their fndcbtedno-6  to
mo forthwith.
1> ftt'idthb Uth day of Novum
'<t, 1013.
Onicitil Admir.itIraicr,
Cu!tjb<jria:'d, l'>. V        ,
LIQUOR" ACT, 1910.
.Section 42.
NOTICE is iioieby given that,
on the Ut day of December next,
abdication "will be made to the
Superin'ondcnt of Provincial Police for lenewal of tho holel licence
to eoll liquor by retail in the bole1
known aa too Mulaspiim Hoi si.
i-i uato at Lund, in (ho Province of
Hritii-1* Columbia.
Dated thiB'Sihday of October,
lioyston   Mill,  lumber
High school pupik; six
day's,  teaching...
Sfiliool keys 	
Washing towels  	
Special grant expeudit-
■liu'o, Clark&Stftwart
Co, i.td. fiirnituni.^
A. McKinno.n, i'urti'tre
Septic tunk      '275 00
Impairs to old .sjhool     690 00
MapB        45 00
Labor putting   in  now
desks  „   i00 00
12 00
C t30
1150 07
200 00
Total expendit. 1013   $12302 00
High school fees due $54 00
liispeetfuliy. Biibmiltoil.
Hoard of School Trustees, Otrrii-
borland, n. C„ Juii. 3, 1UJ4
I hereby certify thar I have ix-
OEAf:ED   TESUliRS,  supet^:nl-?5'
^ *T(.-tK.lct; f:r' L-ick-up ,iiul   Married
Constable'* Quarters ixC VowcV  k-ver.'
«ill Oe rociuxi by the   Honourable  the
.M\ni-.ter of Public Works up  ii; .iot.n of
Fiui.-iy tiicaotli d.<y, of Febm-iry JQ14 for "
.he erect!()•> ami ^-tir.D'tuon ef  lor.k-ui»°
ind marrietl cor.s'.jble's qiiarlcrj r\! Powell   R'iv'L-!', ;'in ' t'lse'/Co<noK    Llectcr.-ii   .
Disi'ncl.        . '      „
Plans;   specificrtti«n«, - corHta'<*t     and-
forms ol tender may be seen cm and after the 2nd day of KebwaiA iqj!},  at'the
office, of-the1  Provincial Constable,   at *■
?i\\t)l   Ki>ej ;,N;,r.   J., Ju.v.ul,   Gevcnr-
.aic«t Aj-eut, "utJibtrUnd^lJ C.; Mr.  ),,.
Mahony, ncveraireui.Ag'ciu, V-aicovver
B.  C; er   lh«   Depiitir.eiii   of   I'jUlie  *
Works, Victoi ia. ,
Intending terxlertr* cnn. forUie^um
<-f ten dol!ai5 (Sio), obt«in 017?
copy oi ilie plans ..vul' specifications l.y'
applying to the undersigned, which swrn" .
will be' refunded on their i»-ivrj ra
good order,   . * "
Each proposal  must be' accompi.-Die«
by an accepted  bank cheuuo or   cerUn"-
caie of deposit on  ,1 chartered  bank ef   •
Caii.ida,'!-nade pay.fele' to  ilie, Honour-   -
.hie lhe Minister of Public W'oiks. for  a    •'
m.. £{;<■»I tji jo  1 ts: cam of ihe tenilet,
"*nrte irsiitri rbTi^n^nra"lrTi!e"^TnTyTTeiv
derlny decline   ic   enlcr „ into .^-onirnot
,v. hen called upon 10 ilo so.-or if lie taU-
■o complete   the"' w«.t1< ci*niui(.'.fcd   for.
'. '   i 1 '
The cbtqnci 01 certificates of deposit ol '
unsuccessful tendorfcrs will  be rtrurne'd
Ui   ih'cn   upon   the   execution   of  the
contract.,'- , .
Tenders will iiotl'bc considered unle^-   '
made run on the  forms supplied, signed
•villi the actual signature of-ihe tender-,
er.and  •cnclo'icd in the envelopos ftirn-
The lowest or miv lender noi necesi-ar
ily acccpled. •
'    J. E. GRIFFITH, ,' ,
Deputy Minimcr.ind, Pnblc Works   '
Engineer; Uepaitnicni of Public Works,
Viciwift, U. C„ Jiii:iai> 31 si, |.yi,).
f'-'J ■ ''       feuS   '
w,n;>«»iww mwww»^
Section 42,
NOTICE In hoic'by [riven Hint,
on tho ldt day ot Dccombor noxt,
applieaiion will be nn<b* to the
Siiporinloudont of 1'roviiu'iiil Police for renown 1 of the lolel lieeiuie
to all liquor by icitui) in the hotel
known as.lho Wilhiw Hotel, nilu.
ato at Ctimjiloll Uivor, in the Provinces of IlriiiHhColumbia,
Da led lhid,8lh dityof October,
(Section 35)
NOTICIC is hereby given thai,
ou the ninth day  ot   May   next,
.application will bo made  to   the
Superintendent of Provincial IV
lice for the j»rniilin» of a license
for the sale of liquor by retail in
and upon the promises to be con-
structed in accordance with   the f,
plans and specifications to be tiled with the   Superintendent   ol
Provincial   Police,   and   to   lie
known as the, Pier Hotel, and to
Applicant be situate nt or near the guvc-rn
l mem whart at Roystou,   Nelson
Wood's ^honpilodlMfc; District. Hrilish Colunihia, upon
Canadian Oovcfnincr.* *
flhow v/e iiavo the pirreat,  f}\
nnd hlglictt olrt-nj.'.'.M jpoJn. till
R„ Gtllctt'rt in  uinA  by  llio .fr
iSfl every win-re. Cwli 1*.*. tf}\t
fft 'A lucre than t!:o i-iferkn /:.:-;i|
m W adulterated Weds. hi il'-J
M M E.\V.CUI.LET*fO.,I.T(xW t,(f)
Pih Two'-i". 0«r. ,\Lfy,
» *      .. "^     m.    *!i111   '».'*'*l"l,Wii    ^lU.'.ni*l !      ffaj
" "•»«*»»»«*«»« «■.*.«
W'Joimann.llnvlj:.M'.fnli')Uiv..W   the lauds dePCI'lbed  a«    Lots    ZO   ^,fr*f <»-$*$"*$$>4"*C<? C'i**v*M«>^i
•itj.iiiiiviiii* K>-niflin,  jii'l<c«i   iiriw .          ^ MJ ▼▼»▼*> . v»>.w»^
and 21 in Illuclc K of the Subdi-i *
^'fi-inij f\f   T\^>j-J  r\f
/,rte^r^'K!".,|■v"l,* ■'/"Klin, »ii*Uc*i   n-iw
1 im IkliUitu, Mrntut tiiwl i'rvir. UWru, "••
fvH'ii'iirii, timml U'ftii-nfh 1. Knn'jtrinn*. N".
wui.rrliMi, mill Jy/«1f tif .iiiiuitfir lt,nx«Ht« i
I'i; «oifIpcrJjoK.nUflirts Oi'o\\ll||iluiiay.x 1/   4
will e-.tttx  Holi hyr all Uru'/i-Uta or iniiUcd In i O A.
Iilwiuiltir.on rowliil of piuti.  AVw>«i«n".r(u I      TA  .   . ., .        ,   , ...
wxuufite. tho wood Mndicins o*.    -       Dated this 1st day   0    Aorii
>rar,ntrlu WWMt) Toronto, Ont. ' '*H"»»
Hauuy Idikn.s.
NOTICE U hereby «Iven tint nt »ho
liuxt uioeliii(,'of tho Hoard of Mosiibo Coin
rnl»r;lr.rwn «.f tlm f*ffy of, Cumberland, v.c
inlo< A to apply for * iiiiunvftl ef tlio hot-
<>l llc-rino hoM by tir- f«r \he Vfjnilorrr
Motel, m»U!.f,o(lon lot f>, block ,*, Cumlof.
laid TowbiiiU>.
f* tv.!Octnb'.r VMi, l.l.".
The Or*-it UtiQh iA Htmvlv.
'•*>r/*. $ Jv'"!.UT.8<*!,r9f0lfA'"o'l'w*J
. . . _ Ttv»;y«p*|W*skn'.vi.K.»Bt»,riir'.t
• .*.ijt:a ,.. uux liniin \v ,7r,-y, AWsWon*.A>i*
.i.u.,1 ,\tjMi, /u.|,i/ti.c*. utfetlii >4 Al>ai>e nr
.:nx*m, nil of niiK-ii. kiwi tn ConaumMtan.
tiilraUly, Iii'.rttuiy mvlnii tnrlv ffmv<\ V V,»
I per|il.ff..».l*lor?i. «tun will p|«;,!,o, Mv tvj.j
vrn. Mt>Mby(i)lilniaft.>i!ior Mailed It '>tain
'tUaWCOD Modiclne Co.t VlrUiyr. Ov
u new out?j
If! the Miih wrgnn        «»
with the Owen Hos*
Our iliil; i.s ihe p*:t',iift
of ilu- Hest I'Vd (V.v:
VKVSAl    Aifl.K
Delivered iuoT»inf ix "VtiMij"
lilVK uS Y«>rT:   M- . 1   ivit
d k r" !«<; R j o p. i * !< j n t;:■•"<*.
t ■4".'*^, .*<v i"**- *% t'.r  ,7"
'*■"*"** •*■«■«- ^^tt«*il iu .•M^Xrf'-.ltvAw'i.i/* »*■«*«* ,. itrVir ^n.n^iwii.it.i. <,     " -, -i ■„,   •'
»*#* ^^'•^•mi'-.
•   O   >
i.4-i ;-
i.. 'jniiftitfiiiff ftMifAtifi*Ttft*ifiJL^*j*A*ft**t
Vanishes Forever
TPronipt Relief— Permanent Cure
■ j .foil. 'Purely veget-
-hulcently on
lhe liver.
Stop alter
cuie indi-4- w ——
gejlion—impiovc  the complexion—bn^hten
Hie eyes. Small Pill, Small Dose, Small hice.
Genuine must leu Signature
A  Elenl  Ltvar  Simulation
A ittKlilitlorrcM centrum
offer   from   tn   eilal>lit!ieit
linn.    V«*« ara clfinir nv&y
*L'bM   in   Uiommdi    c(
pc^pla all   OYir   tha
v.-orl.t   ci    a    huff.
ndietllicratnt.     Now
>SWi"'^-,JSi/><'*-;^*SkiSJk       '•    >'°'lr   chaarn   to
/*W*S«S«ri5«'sJwk - »hMa oao-   wt-ita
£*/7^«fiS®Hs3riTOvM    now'    «nrloilnir   SU
fjf,'---iSSSCW^tMMnl    M"u 'or C1"5 c'   0l!r
"  Msi3ttiSSS0MKnllli    luhloaibto rjadle»-
ufn.lBI J,i I JftWI/AH Ul    Jon,     Ouarils,     or
Gfltita1   A'thorU.   Milt
miiaci uM to wcer
wl.li tl:a watch, which
will    lv)    I'lYOK     l"t«o
(thesa  .vrfitrtoa    nco
ffutranfacil P»*« yei\ra\
ohjuld  you UXt vi.
•   ' vanuce of onrni arret,
lorn offer. vr« trpe.'t ran to tell your frlemli
eboat ua and dhow thorn the bMattful watch.
Don': think thU olftr too rood to ta (rue, hn: .end
25 cent, to-dar. and (tain a Fnwi .,Wal,'h. Voa
w:ll U ama-«J -WILLIAMS 4 LI.OVD, W)io'.o»«lo
Jowflllcrt (Udjit. 1<S). 89, Cornwallla Koai, London, S.,
Many  Falce Colors in Light.
Under ordinary circumstances" the
eolo:1 of light',.- used for. Industrial purposes i5 not ri matter o£ very great
consequence, but r.ow and' then tho
character of the work is such that
some attention must.be given- to he
question of color. A-well known-Gorman engineer,has recently been ■mak-
in»j a very oxhauc'.'. j -study' of 'the
colors of the common sources'of light
which brings out the fact that ol the
illi'.miiiniits :•: present, use none comes
very :.ear to daylight as that term is
ordinarily understood.
The only lig-ht which, unscreened,
comes tolerably near the ordinary daylight, is iin'io^tutiatc'.y cNtrc-moly inefficient as a scure.! cf ligltt. and. various
atlenijits havo, beer, made to use
screens to coi reel it to'daylight color.
A sunlight afreet is easier to gut, .arid
a pix-liy clos-f- approximation, is furnished hy tho ii-tignelic arc lam p. which
has too much red by. loss than £ per
cent, .ind not uiough blue by about l>
por cent. All tho incaduscjut lampst
—gas and clec'ric—are t. long way
fiom white, iuiving in general two
or throe tutor too . much red and
scarcely half enough'bluo for a proper
balance. Tho arc' lumps likewise arc
rather far from beiiig white, let alone
a match for daylight, although very
much nearer than any of the incudes-
cciits. The new r.itrogen lamps occupy an intonuedia'uj position distinctly less near to white than tho arcs, and
aro very much whiter than any previous ineadoscouls. Finally, as freaks
in tho list, como the vapor lamps of
various kinds.'
- It must not ho supposed that nearness to white, however, gives a just
value of a lump for illuminating purposes. Altogether, the progress of artificial lighting shows Letter aud uinore;
useful color vi.'.ues year by year.
Kept the Opposition Buoy    ,
The only instance known wherein an
•employee was paid by his employer
for gambling occurred in Nc'.v Orleans.
Walter Lamar..-., a child of <-?althy Italians, was kidnapped r.nd the interest
was intensc.t-througliout the gulf coast
The staffs of the two leading morning dailies ..-ere engaged in "draw"
after hours wl.on tho'cily editor of ■ ne
of them was called out. lie summor.-
cd a reporter.
Get back in there and play at the
paper's' exper.rc: he hissed. Make it
lively. „ *   ■
The reporter raised 'em and hoisted
'.em and lifted 'em for an hour.
Then' the game was broken up' by
'cries of ."Extra! Extra!" and the staff
of the other- paper read ,_with emotion
that the body of the child had been
.foil nil J -.   	
The Bell Bir.1 \
Tlie most remarkable thing in connection with the beli bird is its powerful voice.- It i tors a clear . .metallic
note that ca:, bo .lieurd at r.'Tiistance
ol' three "miles. . Its noise j-j. like that
produced, by blacksmith.striking liis
anvil. Sometimes .it repeal V its notes
in quick''successibn,.sometimes at fairly, long.intervals.. The: D.is no-mistake
about the voice, of this .-bird; It, is.loud,
and piercing and wov.ld be heard above
the din producer.".' by every inmate of
the ".oo raisin's its voice r.; once. Except for a space of naked skin on the
throat and around ll.o eyes which dur-
in;- the brooding tho breeding seas-.i
is of- green color, this bird i i pure
w'.ito. Tho c'v.ixast.bctwec.-, the,series in V e-bo'i' birds "is extreme, for,
while the male is pur? white, the fo-
male is brov, uish c-'cen.. Darwin ' 3-
fors (0 tho l-;ll bird when he points
■/lit -tliat "white is a very raro^color
in torrosirlnl h=i)ecie-.' of moderate slx.o
and inoffensive haLils."'
A Bird With Hands'
In the forests of British Guiana,
says tho London Globe, lives tho ho-
aetairi, a singular bird, whose young
possess a free claw at the end of each
wing, whk'h they use almost as the
monkey uses his hands in tree climbing. The nest of tho boactzin is in a
tree, overhanging- the Water and tho
young, unlike most birds are active
from tho 'first. The outermost quill
feathers of the wing, which' might
hamper tlio free use of the claws, do
not grow much until the rest of the
wing is stroiiT.ci'ough "to make climbing less necessary. Then they grow
out, and the cla,»'s are absorbed. The
adult bird does not need them. Should
c young hoactzin fall into, the water
it makes for the .shore and seizes a
branch, up, which it quickly climbs.
Singleton—I say. old man, doesn't
your spending so much time at the
club get: you into trouble at home?*'
Wc'ddorley—On the contrary, dear
boy, it keeps me out of it.
Joints Quit Aching—Nerviline
Drives Soreness Away
NO   MORE   oTIFFNEbS.     I*»AIN     OR
SIDS. OR   LIMBS    '   " .    ..
Wonderful "Nerviline"-is the Remedy
A marvelous pain reliever.:
Not an ordinary liniment — just
about five times more powerful,' more
penetrating, more pain-subduing than
any thick, oily or ammonia liniment,
Nerviliuo fairly eats up the pain-and
stiffness in chronic rheumatic joints,
gives quick relief to those' llirobljing
pains, and never burns or even stains
the. skin. , •, -.'    '
"Rheumatism kept my joints swollen and sore for.ten years. My right
knee Joint was often1 too painful to allow me to walk. Ir.' this crippled,
tortured condition I found Nerviline
a blessing. Its warm, soothing action
brought relief I had given up hoping
for. I rubbed on quantities of Nerviline and improved steadily. I also
look Fen-ozone at nieal time in order
to purify and enrich my blood. I am
today well end' can .recommend my
treatment most co:.sclontiously:
(Signed)  C. PARKS,
Prince Albert '
Net an ache or p'air. in the muscles
or joints that Nerviline won't cure.
It's wonderful for lumbago and sciatica; for neuralgia, stiff neck, earache
and toothache. " Nerviline is simply'a
wonder. Best family liuiment known
and largely-used for the past'forty
years. Sold by dealers everywhere,
large family size bottle- 60c," small
size 25c. : Refuse a substitute, tako
onlv "Nerviline."
350 Shot- Air ^SS
Ixll'le^icpfatcr, iMiniiirrliiii, lever
•cilim,  i!iin nit-lid fiiiiili.   I<*|{UK  lor lelllnt  24  nl
our    hrmiliful  ilr,tttn   mirk   limidlirruliirli   it   10
enm each    OiJur at once.     No niniirv requireil,
co„ it c.iiifi iiuiii., iii'i; iii. outline
There v,:\.^ a !en dollar check from
the editor "in-the reporter's envelop*'
ner.'i i'j-day .    <•
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
Some Surprife for tho Doctor
There is a story, currenc r.bout a
.widely known London doctor. About
11 o'clock ono morning he was rung up
by a wealthy patient and begged to
come over r.t once. . Turning out of bod
he rushed off expecting to find the man
in extremis. Imagine his surprise' at
being ushered into a dining room
where a gay supper party v:; assembled. The iirst remark made, to him
was: Oh, docti •, I am so glad .you havo
come. Wo wanted you to sottlo a bet
as to exactly where the diaphragm is,
ITe iot only '.old them whtro the diaphragm was, but told them them-many
other things, Tho patient tried to mollify him by asking Ms foe. Still furiously angry ho named a staggering
ono which to his surpri;': was paid on
the snot.
II. may be that there is as much nutrition in,a nickel's worth of beans as
there is iii a dozen eggs. No woman
however, has been clever enough to
concoct a cake rc-cipo whore beans can
bo used iu place of hen fruit.
A "futurist" orchestra, has been organized in . Paris. The cats on the
back fonens will now have professional
opposition,     ' ■■■
Need the Rich, Red Blood Dr. Williams'
Pink.Pills Actually Make ".
Thin-bloodtc". people do :.-': remain
so from choict., but from indifference;
in some cases from despar ■ People
who ar; pale, languid, with palpitation
of the heart, some difficulty .it breathing and a te:-.Coney to be easily-tired
'■.1ra_?.i)fi'nv.iTi."-_fr.fiT)-i ihin blriotl.' They,
need only the resolution .to'takeMba
right treatment and stick *d it .until
cured. The remedy that can' be relied
upon.is Dr. W. Mams' Pink Pills for
Pale People. * Wil: ov,ery doso they
make new blood, and now blood means
health and 'strength: The rod cheeks,
good appetite, increasing weight and
strength that follow tho use oi these
Pills 'prove their great value to thin-
bloodeit people. Here is an example.
Mrs. IL Sto-k-, Afton "load. P.13.L.
says: "Following child-birth 1 took a
pain in my head which grow so bad
I had to call in a doctor. He told me
that my blood had turned to water and
that i'was in a serious condition.-He
treated me four months, but still the
pain remained, and my condition wns
growiug pitiable, 1 lost my appetite
and was so weak and run down Hiatal
could no more than walk across,' "a
room. 1 w.iis as pale as a. corpse, and
the, doctor tolr my friends ho had but
Utile hopes cf my getting better. A
cousin who or>mo to see me urged me
to try Dr. Wllliaiii'i' Pink Pills, and!
sent and got a supply, In about .-,
month after beginning their use I had
much relief, and by tho time 1 had
taken six moro boxes I was fully cured
nnd Colt as well as ever I did in my
llfo. I have never had 'a twinge of
the pain since, and fool that I owo my
lire to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, ns thoy
cured me after the -loclo.' had fulled."
Sold by nil medlcino dealers or sent
bv mall at CO cents a box or six boxes
for $2.R0 by The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co,, Hrockvillo, Out.
nti'.ttkly utopa  couijha,
this t'.iroat una luncK.
curen colds, nnd  heah
i:      ao ccnu,
Wc ulso buy Hides mid Souoca Hoot
Mi AUD mm TO MOTHER KHU 611110.
!(Nr,WiNiLow'ri Bnovitiiic. Briu'i* liaa beni
ts.Vi ior ovct HtX'l'Y IfHAUrtiiv MIl.l.MNH ol
MuTUHKS  tin    'liar   Ulll.rilU'X   Willi.!*
'xni'TiiiNO with vKHi'j'er kucokss.   it
bwUTlIKS th'; CJUt.Il   Klll'TltHrt Uir (iUMll
t».!..Vinull I'AliV i CUUKS WINU COLIC, und
trie ixit rrmeny for iu/.K'IWI'A. It i» at>
•olnlrlv liiriMlcn, il: mirt and auk toi "Mru,
■WitnlLV/'.- K'ji/lliliir; S-iT"!"," rinc* iutf no olt-ei
kind.  Xiveuli''lii'cccuuu uoltlu
l'Vlhi'1-«lnn»inu,j,l. & I'n.. Hone1 Olllc •,
K'nu; Stri'i'l, l-liiHt, Toronto, Cnniulu
Mosa Bre.id
A kind nT hivi..i Is mndi; iiIoiir llio
r.,i"iHii'.i rl'i'i' I iv thi- liwlliins l'r,)in :i
tliu, ri tit:.( gl Os,:'. Oil thi; HpMICt: III'
ii'"1. Tin- in ij-ji Is prepared hy plat--
In;? !l In ln'iips, sprinkling it with wn-
tor and iporiiililln;,' Is to fi'-niont. Then
H l« rolled Into iiall« n-- '>ig ns it maii'H
head atnl •liot-r* .ii'i   li:ik*d In pltH.
Truth—and Then Some
A C:l(}veliuui mini vlsltotl the hind of
his rjitliorn on u recent vacation and
while In the Nmorulil Iflo took <u trip
to the luki'8 of Kllliirncy. Ills guide
of coliri-C', told tin: most w.ondcrl'ul
Ktories and legends of the region,
Put. said tho Clcvolnndcr, do you
ever He about thes. things?
No, nor, iiHflortoil Pat, I iilvfir 1 to
iihmit thim, 1 uhvayii toll tho truth
In every parlUailur, only 1 uildj to It.
Willie Had Been Peeping
MrF. Kawlii—Your slatc'r (liincc!'.'.
rimio Is Tut'l-ii., I undcrntand,
Willie—Yt-B, and I gumm ho muiU
he n (h'Kci'iiili.iit of Dick Turpln. 'canso
lie holris fIsIv: up every llma'lio enllR.
M«n and the Flnrj
Uncle Snin Ih udvortiHlng for n woman to patch hittlfl-ilnsn «t fii a day—
r\i,i| nnty ni;*1', <1ri i month In Iho mnn
who carry them!    '
Da.iyjroub ,•
1 am thin..!?:-? of tourln;; In South
A*rh-a iv.\l ..cason, remiti'l;e;i tho coin-
'i' i
Promoting the Janitor
They were joint owners of an apartment-bouse, aud one day tbe junior
partner sought his colleagues in some
The janitor wants ten dollars moro
per .month, or he'll leave. I hate .to
give up the money, but we can't sparo
' The senior partner disappeared and
returned.in a few moments., .-  -.
'it's all right, he sah-. iiiave satisfied him, and it' didn't cost us anything. f.
How's that?
The'janitor is now th-j superintendent. ,   "      . .   ,
" Good work:  declared    tho    junior
partner.   - Bu„ why didn't you  make
him superintendent in the first place?
Because, answered-the senior member, I knew he'd .want a „ promotion
eventually.     Every man -wants a pro-
"motion some lime, arid toTTuy muia7"a
good man deserves one.
Po: ed on Autographs
During an interval in London W. ..,.
Scully, so -io tells jr."Further lleinin-
iscencoiv. of .a South Africa.:. Pioneer."
had room's in PLnlicoo witu a land-
tody of snobb.sh tendeu*:ios, \-ho made
acult'of ''superior-persons." He tells
this-amusing experience.-
1 had been.for a short visit to Rud-
yard Kipling at Hottingdeaii. and had
brought back :. bunch of losses from his
[.arden. .Seeing that.Mrs; Wand was
so proud of her colebrltes,'I thought
1 would let. her know that I, too, knew
a'.celebrity, so when she c:.me.to set
the breakfast-table, next morning I
pointed to the flowers and -aid:.
There, -Mrs. WaiuX you'would never guess whore these roses cr.ine from.
Thoy camo from the garden of 'the
groat'MivKiplint'..- .    ,     ;
Mrs. Kipling.     Who's ho?,
.Good gracious. I exclaimed.' Surely
yon know winy Mr, Kipling is. Why
his autograph is' worth a guinea,
Mrs. Wand left the room without replying. . She returned a few minutes
later With,a look of, skepticism on her
face, and as she put down the toast
rack, remarked:    ■
Well, he ought to bo- good , looking
at tl at.  <■'
Strangled With Asthma ij the only
expression that seems to convey what
is endured from an attack of this
trouble. The relief, from Dr. .J. D.
Kcllogg's Asthma Remedy .is beyond
measure. Where all was - sufferlug
comes .comfort and rest. Breathing
becomes normal and the bronchial
tubes completely cleared. This un-
quailed remedy is worth many times
its price to ail who use it.
How to Beat tho Taxi
Man (at oJoctor's' night bell)—Doctor, how much are your charges at
my house? ,
• Doctor (through  .speaking, tube)-r
Three dollars.   .
Man—All right. Please tako me
home at once. (As they arrive in the
doctor's automobile)—Hero' ■ your fee,
do :tor.   A taxi costs twice as much. <
I, wanted to' marry her against her
father's will.
Regular peach    I suppos*-;
No. She's une of those -.canit-elopo
Read What Mrs.; Harris S'-.ys   About
Them''   ,'
.Mrs.,T. Harris   ot   Tyneside,   Ont..
knows all about GIN PILLS.   "I am.
now taking   niy   third   box' of   GIN
PILLS" she writes.'"The pains acr^r,:
my,back and itidneys hr.3 almost entirely gone.     I wa   a grea1. sufferer
from Rheumatism but it ht-i all left
me. I strongly advise all women, a'Uo
suiter from Pain In Tho ' Back   and
Weak Kidneys, to" try GIN PILLS."
GOc. a Box, v   for   $2.60.      Sample,
free if you   w.rita -National" Drug.; &
Chemical Co., of Canada, Limited. To-
"0':to.     *' '   .' ■'."■•■.
A Diptomaitc Excoriation
I overheard a group of girls discussing tho merits of their" employers and,
from their remarks' it waB apparent
that a majority of them were stenographers. Somo were loud in praise
of their employers,, while others woro
not. One miss seemed greatly impressed by hers.
He is always so'adept at answering
letters tliat I have no trouble at all,
she said. Ho isn't afraid to say anything he nioaus. The other day he
called mo over to take a letter, and his
dictation was like this:   ■  -
Sir, my typist, being a,lady, cannot
tako down what I think of you; I being, a gentleman, cannot even think
it; but you, being neither, can easily
guess my; thoughts.'
Revinge Is Sweet
I have come to give notico ma'am.
Mistress—ludoed? v
Maid—And would you give me a
good reference, ma'am? I am going
to Mrs. Jones, across the vay.
Mistress—The tesi in tho world,
Maggie.   I hato that woman.
if you feel'our olsours"KUN down" 'got Uu>m,i'ks'
sui'i-ku from ki»nf.v, ulauuck, nervous oiseasks,.
write for'FREE cloth bound mkuical book o*
these diseases; atur.woNnKRFUf; ctmifS effected l>y
I andtlcckteior
I yourself if it ii
the remedy for VOurown ailment.' Absolutely FREH
>'o'follow up'circulars. No obligations. Dlt.LCCl.KilO
Mkd.co.Havkrstockkd.IIampstkad r.osnoN.K.so'
■ nKnbn rnurav>n ncmKui ■
A, :,olonel wanted a manservant, so
he inserted'an advej'tisomeht in the
cal weekly ;;nd received a great many
applications, but none oE them suited
-his 'requirements. But at Ir.st an Irishman-was shown into his presence.
What I want, said .'.ie colonel, is a
.useful man—one who can cook, drive
a motor, look after a pair of horses,
clean booJ.sar:d windows, feed the poultry, milk the, cow, and do a little.painting and paper-hanging.
Excuse me, sir, 'cried Murphy,' what
kind of soil-have ye hero? .        ''
Soil! sriLppetl, tho coloi.cl, what's
that got to. do with it? '    ■ v ,-   .
Well, replied Murphy, I thought that
if the soil was .clay, I might ' maka
bricks in my Bparo time.
Orvlllo. Wright's stabll/er will make
aoi'opliuu'r; ns sure us automobiles, absolutely "fool prooC" ho -r.ys. Dut
when w:is the; fool proof automobile Invented?
To get Uin gotiulno call for. full iiamo.
roi nlKnnture or H. \V. OROVK. 'Curoa
a Cold In O.:o Diiy.   2fic.
A Heavenly Gift
A girl with pretty, rony chcekfi won
wiilkthrJ down u street In n I'.oiillieni
t.liy when sho lieurd a cluliiiiaii fmy
lo'hl^ c6".*iiiar.loit:
Hy heaven, Bhc'a painted!
Tiivniiig quickly about sho siild with
dignity: Vcsi, nnd by hoiivon only.
Vou never licai t>f a face powder factory being forced to Hhut dosvn on account of poor biiBlnuss.
A client plueo this world will be
We'll Hpoitk but once a week,
i; at HOivn tlni" wu nil iiKi'to
J()   (ulli.t    ui-tui .•    (<u   ,->(a.in.
Tin1 iiudi-r iii..; .;. ..< .
ftyiiipathy  limn hni.es,
'.i.ui ;
,1i|r,i   nn.l    ilfin'r     j.nnltrrl
.U)/1 vllllaii.     An OKtricli egg wolglifi
from two to throw pounds.
Try   Murins   Eye   Remedy
]( yoil luivo tied. lVea!i, O.'atery I-.yci
or (JninulaU'd liwlid-i. Doe.u't .Smart
wSutthiM l!ye' Vain. Uri:i!!jls!.J iieil
BlHrin5**l,'vo Keraccly, i.ifitn'd, ■Jx-, 50c.
blurinu tiyo iiulvc In A.-cu'..^ 'i'«l.v.i,
25:,' SOc.    V.yts Hooks l''r<?e ».y Mail,
I  A.' if i />■»" '■*•*>' ,or A" e>'<" <>ut N**<( c*'*
W. N. U. 99!
The ftimlly was n bli? one, and tlio
c limit-, taker had been obliged to
make u long call In order to got tho
nrivH.Kiry data. And he had to nsk a
gi'isat many niiei'tlunt-, J.ittlc Althea
had listened with burning indignation
in iier liiv.tfil ftn Vilutt nun t ol»>ildoi'i.-il
hi» unwarrattlod I'lUctitlomi; but alio
kept quiet until jiiHt ns ho was vauldli-
in,!,' out of tiif door, ahu couU contain
herhe'.f n.> I'-nigor. and rlio burnt out
wlib: Hay, what did you ask no miuiy
nue.uioiis lor, you o'd cur-l-omtrlcU?
Italy te su'llluB off porno old wnrnlilps
to Turkey. Veaco hath lifif victories
no lfSH rfnowiH'd than wa.*.
You can't avoid duty by Uiiluz a by.
Scoffera at policewomen w!|l do well
Io consider ono of Chicago',, who subdued a aired car rowdy and took him
to tho HiutIon lioiuu) riiuglo handed.
'I lllrt   IS    ill'     I.lilt)    Ol    1 III-    lift-,    uui
don't try to got ton free with sornoj
■Well, They Were
Tho :-oy at the bond ot .tho class will
stato what wero the dar.i ages of
the world.
Hoy hesitates.
Next, Master ,;onos can you tell
me what tho darkagca wero?
I guess thoy wore the ages before
spectacles woro Invented,   .
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria
**> .Mrs, Newgold—Oonovlovi-, Albertine,
you are r.ot "'laying that duet together,
One of you'aro a bar ahead of the
Oonoviovo (proudly)-- Well, '[ was
tho ono ahead, anyway.
An Italian,sculptor-pnyn that American women litivij big foot,1 Kvlilontly
ho pocked,    ,-rf ,"'**?.
Homo people don't, boliovo till thoy
sny, but thoy expect others to.
The iivin who faros host nt nil auction Halo Is t'.'o oiip who bitiH on no-
Ihlng. •'.!
Concrete Tanks and Troughs
Never Rot or Leak
HpIIE most practical tanks, whether for. water or
sewage, are built of concrete. They never rust,
rot, dry out or leak. They never rieetj new hoops
or paint. They last a lifetime and icldom require repairing;,
which ninlcei them the cheapest tank* that can be built.
Clean, Sanitary Watering Troughs
are just as necessary as the animali that drink from theme The
farmer'! best interests are beinft served'when his stock is insured a plentiful supply of clear, clean water from a trough
that is permanent and sanitary.
"What the Farmer can do with Concrete" is the name of
a handsome free book- that tells all. about concrete (links/
watering troiiRlia ami oilier uses of concrete that will save
every farmer many dollars.   Write for it to-day.
Farmer's Information Bureau ,
Canada Cement Company Limited
503 Herald Building, Montreal
Regularity '     ■
ol the bowels is an absolute uecen*
wily lor good health. Unlt-sn the
warte matter from the food which
cullttu there is got rid of at least
once u day, it decays and poisons the
whole body', caiuine biliousness, Indi*
Rest ion and tick headache!-. Salt*
and other harsh mineral purgatives
irritate the delicate lining of till
bowel?. Dr. Morte's Indian Root
Pills—pnrin-fj* vrger.ibli? — r<"|»i;!.tre
the bo*els e(Tective!y# without weak'
ening, ilckming or griping,   Use
Dr. Morse's   M
Indian Root Pills
Convincing to Ladies-
TKis Oven Test!
.$ So that you may use less Hour; we
do what a home cook would do if she
were in our place.
From every shipment of wheat
delivnrd nt our mills wc take a ten
ipound sample.   Wc grind thi3 into
Ms%M ft tfttii sl«0A m ^our*   ^rcac^ *8 baked from the flour,
PM 1P ITV     Wc find tnat some 8anlPIes make
m ■> ^^ m ^^ ^ >um,    more [jreilJ ^w^ better bread than
\ others.   So wc keep the shipment from
N which the more and better bread
i \       comes,   The others we sell.
■fc^        You save money by using Hoiy;
\that bears this name.   And voir get
&ctter bread. ,'
V /
°JMore(fBreaa^and BetteryBread" and
iy^iieti^Jt**&&!&<»>*>"" v'"4" w
'; 'r
.- Sick headaches-—neuralgic hsadachss-—spl'.tling,
blinding hcadachta—all vunlsh when you lake
^ Na-Dru-Co Headache Wafers
•  They do hot  contain  phcn'acetlh. "acetaniltd;
norphijje,' opium or any other dangerous drug.
— 25c. abox at your Druggist's. ' ^        ,23
National Okuo «. Chcmicai Co. or Canada, Limitcd.
, Cold Facts
The attorneys for'the plaintiff in a
suit before federal. Judge'Smith Mc-
Pherson ot Iowa were attempting to'iu-
trodueo into the record of the case? the
diary of the deceased mother of-the
defendant which contained references
to a love "affair, between her daughter!
a widow, and-the defendant also" dead,
against, whose estate the ■. suit .was
brought. The court, finally ruled that
the diary might bo admitted, but- be-
.fore- so ruling ha tolij the jury this
story: ; ' .
• Down in my.country,' said Judge Mc-
Pherson, Bill Loveridge was trying to
keep .'from paying his landlord, the rent
duo' on the farm he had been working.
It was necessary for Rill's attorney to
show that the winter had been an especially-hard one.- To prove, the extent of tho dif'.iculties under v/hio.h
"Jill had labc-ed. Bill's f.iary=was'introduced and among oilier ontrleB laid
before the jury was this;
Nov. 27.'  Ground, froze ou this dale
and stayed frozen nil winter.
When Sending to
For Relatives or Friends
or Travelling Yourself,
Ask for Tickets by
London via,Southampton and Queenstown to Quebec and Montreal during
Summer. .       ■ -       <
London via Southampton and Queenstown to Halifax and Portland during
winter. . ,       , .
Liverpool via Queenstown to Halifax, Portland and Boston.- .
.   f   13,400 Tons Each (new 1913)     '"' 10,000 Tons. .5,000  Tons
Twin-screw steamers' carrying one'class (II.)'Cabin and Third Class,
only and havo won great favor wltb the travelling public.
„  . •    ■ '     tlS.150 Tons^'paers-—Twin .Screw) *"       (20.000 Tons) Turbine
Carrying First, .Second and Third Class. .   ,
.Tho Cunard Company also maint*ir^rervices' between:   .
New York. Queenstown, Fishguard,-Liverpool.
New York, Mediterranean, Adriatic.      * ' 0 -
Boston, Queenstown, Fishguard, Liverpool.
. Including the fasto-i steamers in the world, "Lusitania," "Mauretania"
■ Now building-'for Canadian Service, S. S.."AURANLV"—14,000 tons.
For descriptive literature, sailings, etc., apply' to'any railway or Steamship Agent "or ,
' A young lady in the suburbs is extremely foiid of llowcrs. In the early
days of spring she .'.United ■:< small'bed
of, sweet peas. She found the seeds'
in a package behind the clock on the
mantel. They were in a'small white
envelope, unmarked,, but she felt sure
they *>vere swectpeas. Four weeks later she began to be excited V; the failure of- the peas to appear. She had
tended them well, kept her bed clear
of weeds and' well watered. But for
mere accident she might still be in
doubt., Her father was taken ill ono
day und asked his'daughter to get the
package of pills from behir .f the clock.
Tho young lady was unable to find any
pills behind tbo clock. She remembered. She thinks she knows now why
the swectpeas never came up. -"
On Sale. Everywhere—There may
be country'merchants who do not keep
Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil, though they
are fow.a'inV.far between, and these
may suggest'- that some other oil is
just as good. There is nothing so
good as a lieinient or as an internal
medicine in certain cases.-. Take no
oilier. The demand for it
it is the only popular oil.
Monument to a Quack
That the men'who make great medical discoveries and who perform won-1
derful surgical operations arejioncred '
in life and that imposing monuments
to their memory are reared when thoy
have passed .-way seems only fitting,
"says a writer in the Hamburg Frem-
denblatt, but that a quack whose.name
as   such   lus for   generations   boon
known in Germany should be thus honored is* remarkable. . , -   ;
- A stately .uoiuunoiit . showing    Dr-
ISisenbart extracting a tooth from a
writhing boy, the work of Professor
Eberlein, has been erected at llaun-
Mundon, where the wonder doctor was
ft Time's Changes
' Why is it that laws which worked
,vo:-y well fifty or .'ixty years ago are
being discarded? Why is it that laws
which .a quarter of a-century ago would
have'been laughed down a:o getting
upon the books of cvery.state in tho
Union. Why U it that thei\» are new
ideas in teaching, new ideas' about the
liberty of llio individual, new ideas
about a man's relationship with his
neighbor? . Why is il in short, that,
there is a rant discontent with old in-
ttiuuious and old ways? It- is' . be-
becauso tho world has outgrown the
government, the ideas, the habits of
thought that fitted 'easily and serenely
enough' into -ho livis of our great-
grandparents but vhieh are creaking
in their joints now. Life today is a
very different thing from life fifty or
sixty years ago.
A Delicate .Hint
A jarvcy was driving,with r.u Eng-
Couldn't Foo! Joseph
.    A country gentleman recently had-
, liis house fitted with electric bells and
givuig!>his .instructions to his servant,
ho said:   .    -", ■    '
- Now, Lwaut you to'understand me
clearly, Joseph, that whn I.ring once," I
■want you, and when I ring twice I want
~juaggieTtne"lToil5e"nTalaT*~"; "   ^
'„ The bell rahgT Joseph never camo.
'Presently it rang'again, and Maggie
hurried to liei master, who was /ery
angry. - - .<• - -'    ■
', Wh>' diiUft that rascal Joseph coma
*wueh I rang for'him?..demanded the
gentleman. , v
Well, sir, answered "Maggie, Joseph
vas busy reading the paper when ho
, heard tho first ring, and he said to mo:
'Now, Maggie; wait until n'u.'.ter rings
again, and.then it will be you he
■ Fastidious
This, towel Js disgraceful, declared
tlie drummer at the mining cump hotel. . .. .     .
.. Boss, paid tho dilapidated colored
porter, sewMity five men done wiped
dcy hau's on dat towel.dis" very.morn-
in' an' you'is de first one to complain.
What's all the row over on the next
block? a reporter asked of u police-
Aw, only a wooden   wedding,
A wooden wedding?
Sure. A couple of Pojes Is getting
married. "   ■
Presence of Mint!
Mother (to daughter) who is being
carried off through the air by a blnst
of wind lhat ha- caught her umbrella;
—Hold tight,'Emilia! I will go and
telephone to the nvlalkm ground and
got them to scud aa aeroplane after
. 0
Fnlrvillo, Sept. SO, 1002.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dour SU's,--\Vc' wihli to inform you
thill, wo consider your MIN'AHD'S LINIMENT a very Mipr-rior article, ant".
wo tiro K as a rsui'o relief for 8oro+,
tliront and chest.    When I toll you I
•would not be without it If tho prleo
win* one dollar a bottle, Ijnean It,
Yours truly,   '
Awakening Intelligence
Do.-u—DId Civ   y get cf' any bright
remark lust,night'.'
Atln—Yob,' bright fur Clmlly.     Ho
b;.: I ho couldn't titlr.'i.   of   mi'thing
Worth uayliig,
Fifty Yards on the Head "
The curious miter shaped'headdres's.
worn' by women of quality in Spa-.n
during the middle ages,is,described as
"The Queeiir of .Aragou,"' by, -H. L.
Miron. ,'• It'consisted of an uudcrcoil'
with" plaited edges covered by- a second .resembling a Phrygian'or Catalajtr
that of a nightcap. - These miters, supposed .to be of original origin were introduced into Spain by.Beatrice'cf Su-
ahia,"quc2n of Ferdinand, the-'saint of
Castile.'- Very J.ot md heavy . they
must havo lic-c'u considering that sometimes as much as fifty yi.r's cf material were iise. to make then." They
were fastenc. under' tho chin by a ribbon or band. The same writer refers
to the silver bed ladders used for
climbing into ihe high medical beds.  -
When depressed,- blue, bilious and
out of sorts you may attribute>'.tbis
condition to poison in tho blood, resulting from cnrclcss onllng—eating
too much, eating too quickly or eating
what.does not agrce.«
■ For three or lour days there aro
looseness of tho bowels, fickle appetite,
acute indigestion and all-gono foollngs.
Efficiency is lowered, business deals
aro spoiled, pleasures are interfered
with, and tho sick spoil may prove-
dreadfully cxponslvo to you.
By using Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pills ns soon as trouble is apparent
such mi attack may bo cut "short, au.l
regular healthful action of tho digest-
Ivo organs quickly restored.. Mo
treatment so promptly cleanses the
filtering and oscrotory organs, and
thereby rids tho body of poisonous
waste matter. Tlio dlgeiillvo system
resumes Ha natural functions, mid vigor and energy are restored to uii.-.d
and body.
Mr, Iloylo wns it most Indulj'o'.t
father, hut ot Into ho had commenced
to thii.k his son Arthur war. taking
advantage of his geuoroHlty,
Why. when I wns your line, youii*;
man, bo srild nun mcrnlng, after a particularly urgent deman • for more
fund.i, I didn't liavo an much money
Io Bjiend in a mouth uy you upend In a
Well, ilnd, don'i ncold n;.* ahoul It,
said the youth. Why don't you go
for ,'.,rniidfiitlier.   •
.How is it, .colonel, asked the hopeful young bunko stcerer, addressing
the hoi'.ry-lieaded master oZ^tlio craft,
that you havo'alwnys been so successful in pickitig out 'juicy suckers and
never, have '•• .waste your time on u.v
profitable. subjects.     • '   , ■"      ;
I simply, w ..t til! I hear a'man say
that, he is a pretty good judge'of human nature, replied the veteran, and
then 1 know he is just what I am looking for. . ,. '    '  -.
lisli- visitor on a bitterly cold day in
December through the wilds of Con-
nemara. They .became quite sociable
on the way, and the native, in a burst
of confidence, .pointed but a shebeen
where the "best potheen in Con-
naught might be obtained." The Englishman, only too glad to get au opportunity of warming himself, offered
refreshment, which offer .was readily
accepted." ..,   , •    .    ,     . \
"fis a very cold: day in these parts,
::ows that!-Pat, observed the tourist.
'Tis, yer honor, replied Pat. ' lie
raised his glass, and the concents
speedily vanished. - Aud there's truth
in, the.old saying,"he suggestively added, smacking, his-lips, ono swallow
never made a summer.
Can be bandied very easily.
The slcl; aro cured, and all
others In same stable-, no matter how "exposed,"' Itept from
liuvlne tho disease, by uslns'
CUItU. Glvo on the tongue or
in feed. ■ Acrs on the blood ami
expels germs of all tonus ot
distemper. liest remedy ever
known for mares In foal. Drug--
irlsts and harness dealers. Cut
allows how to poultice- throats;
Our fie j booklet s'lves everything. Largest selling hor3«
remedy in existence—IS years, nistilbutors—AU, WUOI.KSA1.U DRUCC'STS.
SPOHN  MEDICAL CO.. Chemists and HiieteiioloRists, Goshen,  Ind.,  U.S.A.
S .
Have a Special Crimp That
Makes Washing Very Easy.
j and Temper
Are  Eaty
on Hand*   .- '
and    Clothea
Can alwayt mak* aura of getting the highest prlcea Tor
BARLEY and FLAX, Ly shipping their enr lota to FOR*.
PORT ARTHUR and having them sold on commission ,by
When you count up tho worries that-
■  enter some lives
•Ji.) •. oc stop       *   .
Till you add .*.. tin? husband.- Vno go
with 'heir wives
:      When.thoy shop.
'     , Facte for Millionaires
""A billion in Great Britain is ■■>. mil.-,
l'lou of millions.  1.000,003.000.000."  In
France and the United States a billio.i
is si thousand miUl»ns;'*l,000.000.000.
II !u osllmntctl that in llio United
SlntCH 1112 persona out of 100,000 nro
In pi'lHon on any given" day, In Italy
217 und In tlit» United Kingdom 19.
You i.'ilil yon nt'.:M ma!.;- i>:ii<:i ioiuo
to torms,
T did, nnd the:' v.pro tlio vIIohI any
ono ever applied to me,
%]4f ^  nVlfgritM.   .ini'v-'vldt*
aW*Xk *°"e'  rjrePar'it*l9n'   whiuh
2J—J. ma'/^a   bad   complexions
i2» ^<i0^• a:u' i'5^ t'n*:-bftlsr.
•*^ Splendid lor chafed,
chapped, sare  skin or
0\** cracked lips.
<*\t*     In loc o?.il tfam jar.r at
your Dn-'Eglst's. 212
tl C«Hl, UffitM, Mjntrei).
'I'lmiv Ib iioIIiImr repulfilve In Mil-
lerV Worm Vowt'eifl, and U:oy nre no
Idcii.-iaiit to litKo us BiiKfir, ho that few
children will retime thorn. In r.otne
cnBCH they miiHo vomltlnff tlirousli
their iictlon U\ an uniioiiitd Btomncli,
but thin Ih only a iuiinlfentatloii of
their eleuiifil'.fi power, no Indication
that they urn hurtful. They can he
tlioroiiKlily tlopoiulod upon tj clour all
iiu,«.,i,  .iil.ll   till.-  b^tilClll,
Tiie Oldest Epigram
An episrnm miist pass througii many,
hands'iind go1, much pollshii c, before it
is a perfect jewel. You may remember, says'tho London Chronicle, how
Oscar Wilde sent on the slaae the
man of the world' through fh? drawlnjj
i-oom door with the opiirrnnr. "Thoro
is one thiiiK I never could resist, that
is tcniplation." Dut you may trace it
from tho surd on of Kden, where tlie
masciillno pKn for mercy was that tho
"woman tempted me."
She found l.ir dourest. Blrl chum In
teai'P.  '
The Elttml?on wa'.' unexpected, .being ratlior enmr ou und vulRiir. Hut
the p'.ttrlcluii' Rirl was sympathutlo
onoimli to Inquire, .lust :;;■; any other
jjlrl mil.'lit.
Why, dear, what < n pir.Lh Is the mat-
Men nre nil IIiu'h! sobheu . -o lirokon
heart ed one.
Oil, 'lon't ray (Ii.it! prole;.led the
otlier, .That'.-, too broiul ti «oiun'all/a-
Well, 1 HiippoHp thoro are Rome i;ooil,
Iirnest rcllnw.i who r.re not. Hut nil
tlio really nh'u mon arc!
Car of the Czar
The-private car of the czar of Russia
is,.said vto • be practically ,dynamite
'proof and owir.g to its weight it-could
not be run-bri'riiost of the European
lines. The-car'is elegantly furnished
aiid also contains a.chapel, where pray-
./l,..-._., i.p-r.ff'il'-i'l-tV*.*— hi a lc.flf.iljl _!P_hn_P7!lr_
UIR    III C— Oli..^. VU-Wl-i,*M~t]<«*N..y-.—*  ..tj—v'...-
travels with only one chef, who,is well
along in yearn p.nd.vvho served his father and for awhile the grandfather of
the present Gci'man emperor. ,
Hlo Beautiful Thougiit
How far Is It to tho moon'' Inonlr-
ed CoiifiroHiiniiin Klnbdub.
About 250,000 mllnn, I bollovo, Why?
Tlilnli of tlio   nilliMiRet    refipnnded
tho tuitifHtiiaii, wllli a la.wiwii) look,
Honx--I MiniiKlit you eaid that the
man war' n miiHlclnnV    .
You certainly told ma ho wrote mr>
I told >ou )• t- w.ift a <.uiu|ii)nur ol
heirs,,     Ho bcIIh Koolblnr; syrup..,
Ilaviiii,' been refoiniod, money will
no lonRor be a rpproncli to Itn popflOHH-
or nnd pi-rfii ily loj-ppntRblo pcopio
will not be nsibamcd to be hcou In Ha
V/. N. U.«-»!
T-.Voncniy U a nnru.-ni ^centrlcli'y
illicit uil, fii.iHt'- a woman to apend
half n day a. <1 :i ritmrtT In car furcs
to fict u C-c-oni R-vJ of co ton (or a
Of   Lunch
tho wife said,  "B.'irnj  home
a package of
Toaslies are wonderfully
good at any meal, and somehow seem to match the appetite of both home folka
and jyuests.
Bits   of   selected    Indian
Corn,     d»>lir;i1fly   or»n«innpr|
cooked, rolled thin and toasted to a rich golden brown—
that's Post Toasties.
Fresh, tender and crisp,
Teady-lo-eal direct from the
package. With cream and
a sprinkle of sugar—
"TheMemory Lingers"
Toasties sold by Grocers
Ciui.Clnn iVmum Cereal Company,
Ltd., Windsor, Ont.
Mrs. John Cabot, After Six Years'
Suffering, Tried Dodd's,Kidney^Pills
and Found New Life and Energy.
■ White. Head-F-'i'ce, Que. (Special).
One more woman has risen to toll her
suffering slstors they can ilnd relief
in Dodd's Kidney Pills.'' That woman
is Mrs. John fin hoi, well knewn and
highly cspected .-".eie, and'she expresses lior entliu.'asm in theso words: "I
cortniniy roe. mm end, Dodd't, Kidney
Pills.     ThoriV is nothing better."
Asked to ;,rive her oxperioiico. Mrs.
Cabot continued: "My trouble started
in a cold, and I suffered fc-/ six years,
I'liouiuntlsni, noim-'igln, stiffness of
tlie joints, cramps in the muscles and
heart, tlulteriiig- weiv aiuout; my
symploins, an.'-, dually Tlrlght's Dlscnse
doveloped, ',t win: then 1 fitarled to
use Dodd's Kidnoy IMlls, and they
helped me .ln.ost from the start.
Alter, taking 'our boxen I feel liko a
new "*omnn."
Dodd's Kidney Pills curs tho Md-
noys. Hciillli/ kidneys slralii n'l tho
InipurllloB nnd polM.ins—nil tlio seeda
of dlscaso—out cf tho lilouii. I'odd'ii
Kidney Pilln not only euiv the disease
hut by ensuring good blood glvu new
llfn anil energy to every part of llio
The most successful of Hie innrket gardeiicVs iu Crtnsdn, many of thetu customers for two    '
scucrntions, and some for three, buy Bruce'a seeds, beouisc, ever siuce this business wai
-   established by us Sixty-fouryiars ago, they found they could relr.oullicm'iu everyiiwny, '
Retime belter results thas from any other seeds. ■ .,'       0' I"''
To these men quality a nd jjenniuatiou is the big consideratvou, u theirjbrcad and bulteir,
. depends on tlictr crops. - t
V'e would sny to the amateur and also the farmer, vrho are not'eustomers,
•   "It Will Pay You To Buy Bruce's Seeds"
foritlatcsthesame time and trouble to pl.uit.'and care for poor seed ai for cood  «m4
■ poor seed means dissatisfaction and loss fur a surety,      ••'      \ ■
Write for our jia-page illustrated and descriptive catalogtie of VeffeUible, ranu and
l-'lowcr .Seeds, riants, Bulbs,' Poultry Supplies and (5ardcu Tools aud ImpieiueribVetc
It will be mailed l-'REE to all applicants.   U'XrTJZ TO-DAY. .      -
. 'Mmtm:^msmim^
s.-iiuft old stufr
The Old Your was paekliiK up preparatory to bin departniv.
liavo you anything to nay before you
leave? bo was asked.
I don't know that I have. No, 1
kuohh not.     UiiIckh—■
Yen, no ou,
If I had my ilfe to llvi. over npinln I
would do ii wliolo lot i.lffi'i'Pnt. 1
wlub I had known then what I know
new,     I would li.uo-
TIiiiI'k what they all vay. It's old
Perfectly Tame
That man las a wonderfully well
trained memory.
Von. IIo can make II reinoinhfi' any.
thlnir ho clioosen.
Wht ii the Matter?
Janitor, Janitor, Ih your honrl Kfiinite,
What l« ti!.< matter In low?
Willi yi.iti' cold b to I'd lie lire and :.i>!ily
' nttlre,
t. i . i  i,... i     ii' i ,.
oaod Hindsight
I» Dibble a man who can be depended on to jrlvo n Rood account- of
hluiHolf In an emoiR'oiicy?
Yes, :-ft.er llio cinoiRcncy has pnBseil.
Pilcfi Cuicd In' 0 to M Days
Drusi'vlntH   refund   money   If   I'A'/O
OIN'TMKNT  falls  to    euro    llchlnir,
Hllnd, iiltiudlnK or   Protruding   Piles,
First upplicatlou jiIvob relief,   fiOc.
The,law forbids nil loltorlcn
And'nnmofl of cluince, 'tis miid.
Why Isn't nuirrlar.n then taboo?
It coiiioh iitulin' tliat head,
Mother—N'ow, Willy, you told nw a
fiili-ohood. Do you know what happen-
ed to Hi11 o boyH who toll fulHi'liouilH'.'
Willy (ahooplnlily)—No, ma'am. .
MoUic-r-Wly,.". bljj black mini with
only olio eye In the ci-ntiv cC IiIh tot*'-
head eomori alotu? and IIIoh with him
up to tho moon ami niake« him pick
sticks ror ll.n balanco of his llfo.
Now. von will never i,<>11 n fubHiood
ajjulu will you?     It. Ih awfully wlcUcd.
Uiilliei' a youim Kirl «• w0!l1' 8Uo1» -
Y"f    (tuito
Knew It Since Childhood
A certain local character In u New
nrunswlck vlHtiBc, whose statemeiits
wore often more emphntle than truthful, was oneo a %ltnons In a potty
trial Jni;olvlnr» tho owiiershlp of an
autjir, and positively IdontKlt'd 11 an
the properly of one'of the parties U>
the suit.
Do you aweur that you know thin
aiiROi'V nskt'd tlio attoriii.'.- lor tins
oilier Hide,
Yen, nlr.
How loni.; have you known It? continued tho croKii-exnminer.
■ I havo known that n\w\\ said llio
wlLiieuH In an linproHslvo tone, ever
since II wiirt a Kinder.
the  Ijmily remedy lor  Coimhn  tnj  Cold*
"until  dote.   !i;n»ll battU.   Ue*t itiuce ttTS.
Let ns lly. mild the ardent love t bold
To hlrt fulieiit I'liMclnator,
Not Hint h»> feared lior fntlirr'u wratli
Dut that lit was uu aviator.
What will people who nro refrnlnliiff
fi'nni p.iltnr» ni»"» (In w|t^ 'ill (Vo nw,tin,»
they will havo riiivoil up by BiirliiK?
Dig Guns Bend
One rjf tho ntoHl Horloin, probh-ms
of army and navy cniilnoerH Im the
hondluK of Hrent kui.h by their own
wolKlit, wire woiiiul khur boiiiK the
wor.'it oflVndnrs In MiIm {inrlleiil.-ir,
A Harvard professor ways Hint the
Pcn't Stay   )eaf Any Logger— Follow
the   ProceJalon—Use   Catarrhozone
Nine fiutei! In ten of hard honrin"
lire /".irahlf. ''
lly curable wc don't mean rellev-
;ibli'-wr mean lhat Ihe hciir^ of hear-
ffllarrhiizone hi no experiment for
denfiirf'H, '■'
TlioufiiindB hefor.. you liav: clrnrcd
Catarrh out ot their heads by tlu> ulcl
r.f (IntniTlinz1. tie and liavt- thereby
been cured ot dr-afiii'sa.
No bnttorl.fi    or    mltil»t<to    t<'l«v
;jiiK h one of the llwtt anlmalH Hint '|n., rav, i,,. perniaunntly bronrrht back, t pIuuich io boitier   you—na     jnlcnml
(wo have.   TIiIh, however, l.-t an ronaon I   catarrh uptially *thidch the ilcarnpsn. (inodlvlnr to tiiic—you have itlmply to
for bein:; one.
Playlnfj S&fe
Sr-mtior V.'cm'j.it is Wttc-ly disn;v
poliirorl In flu; wlr''!t»Mi Mysteni.
iiow to?
He thoiifihl you ronld «enn c wlrelenn
incMBaRo v.ltliout nuytlilii:; b'-ifiB l»nt
J or iiAfxt.
itnirbal   mnd'tlon    and  follow .sj.eela'. dlrfrlionn to" the Cai*     '
Cure tlie i
you   remove   tin*   fnun-i    of    your
pom- licnrliiK. .i
If you wcr. f«i'<* you liad r-atarr'isl
dKifrifiK you would u.-e .i real cute at
ciuio—ot" roiirff J'fU ^"on!d.
Th".'*1 U n erne frr you—one that In
Inr-viienflve-plivi-.int to us. -•- and
bine if do I<-   w ;ri: t-ioniti*»!.!./.
arrlio:'oiie Inhnlcr. Do UiN and you'll
liuil a woudiittil lHir»'.iiwiue,'. In short
Any driiawi.' liin supply you l\\l.ir»
rho'/nne. or yr»i- t'.w. «or 1 s-eeuvc it
jiont f»:iU .in-.'«; v';,':t ^r:i;ttiT from
rbc c.itni.'iu>( in- Co, i'im.'!.urn r.ia»
.mda "WW"™
..   '"£-£. .. \
•» * n/>i V"'"' *»-$»» .ar* j---*-
I.     (
• su-'ci, Hvc-vv by   YVVdnesday tho
^tr-ox   &    Cumbapland
rcoi:dhi*ag   Company.
'i      T-^r-'i' vlH not hoitl-'itsiOjf.
r'.Sjyjr.Gijl-*. »•"»■ *It«j opinions of oih-
,-sv is' !ii:\Y fi'^var in its oohunne
•■-■).:■ timo to"*'*'ia "    '
\ Mo\-.i.->A\ APR.' 2fl   19J4
ll.v-   WArr.lt.
*\u  '.OK i. kwi'f>y kivoii that Kiqui-
.  .    y\   K<ti.:uiMo Haihviiy, <if   Victoria,
'. <"'  v i ' ,vp'y f- r a lu-ere.i.to Uk« and
-- 'oo.ti-iO yabuiisi pur -\ hours, i-f watar
-in ..:'Tiiii;-.ii'n Cri-iil',  v.l.ich iliws is   a
,•.!.!'h rly   dir o'-ii-n   through   Kowcasth-
|>.istriet '-'.'. I crap i s into .Strr.iis of Goor-
{,i.i:e;r;i;a'l i wet  «f  \1>z  Qualicnm
' lliv r. Tlv water wi I bo clivatwl at i"900"
>:t«t..eiMi  fr>m   labv.-y nnd will bo ua-.d
tor Rpn-ril railway i*r pi!3«sontli« lmd
osefiluv.1 a? !':■»!-vay H\6\h of Way. , Thi'
jdii't wni plated •>•! fie grouud on   the
Jul (iiy of Ai.r'L 19l3.     '1 hu" applicaH-m
wi'! t» fi-eu in tlio c\:lico iii tlio ^\^lt^.r R*-
jovd«r ai Victoria, B. 0.    Objeoiious may
lv* ii'cx! villi tho enU! Watrr Recorder <r
wi.!* 'i>.e Cumpti-iiilor cf Water Righto,
jV-rsiin •> t Huilcii'.frs, Vicli.m, B. 0.''
?'M*i6 '        .. my7
IK TilKCiH?NTY t or^r-OK
enorTyson deceased, iiiU-tiUite,
LN THE MATTER ot tliu "Oilt-
liitil Admiiustnitors Act.'"
TAKE NOTICE th-rt-hy order
o£.'■ IIis ■ ,• Honor-   Judge-   Broker,
mudo the Sth.'iay   of   November,
10IB, I wns appointed   A'diiiinis-"
tratur of tlie KsUito  of the uhuvo
moutioned, deceased, nnd  all  pur-'
ties' hfiviii-T  chums   ujj;iinst   the
&s*M ostRle nro lierehy   required to
furnislt, snmo.   pi'opoily  verified,
to nie on or before  tho 18th day
December, 10lB.    AND all   par-
ties indebted to  6nid   estate,   nre
required'to pay   tlio   umouiit   of
their indebtedness   to , mo   forthwith.
Dated this lllh day of November,1913. ■   "    - "
..   W, Wj-slev Willard,
Official Administrator,
Cumberland; 0. C,
-    o USE W.-vTKR.   o
NOTICE is'hereby £ivea that- Esqui-
i;yi i. <.-< N.in.ii:no Kailwiy, oi Victoria,
U. C wi Uppiy f'-ir a i c nca to take and
uao I "&,'/>') (jtd <i!8 p- t 2-i hour a, of w uter
,r.-r r. * f-'iKtly >. ri;i!i, wii-tflifiows ia a uor-
lhj*--y '.i- ecti.)i throu;*rli Ka*ca&tie.Dis;-
t.-i^s's.r.ii i KVHtiw'into D^ep Buy, near
V1.-.:ov.-eiCfouk- The wdk-r will,b'.- divor said estate nre hereby reqnii'eirto
t.-d d.1 2150" up tre\m irurn Railway ai)d
ivHl be used far 0«'ui?ral Riilwxy pmpo.-es
im tho land deHuube.1 as Raihvny Right of |
Miif/nn'clecwised,- intestate,  who
died at  Cnmberl.-ii'id, 1*5. C   on
June 25th 1913.     ' .      •
IN THEMATTER of tlie  '-Official Administrators Act."
TAKE NOTICE that- by " order of His Honor Judge Barker, [
made the 5th day .of November,
191B, I'was appointed Adminis-
tratorpf the.Esttito of the above-
mentioned deceased, and all parties liiivinrV clfum3""nu"ainst   the
'groQiiil on the 3d d y of April, 1913.
Tno f.]i]j1 oitiidn v. ill bt lil«d in the cilice
of tlio Writoi- R oordi'V- ni Victorii, B. C.
Oi^rtiora may bo liK-il with ihe Biiid
WfaLcr Recorder i,i-v.ilh tho Comp'.rollfi-r
of \V*t<'r R.ightf, 3?.irliaroout, Buddinga,
Vic*oTi&,'c 0. "
"      }\, I?,. BEASLKY
funiish paine, ' properly _ verified,
to me on or before the 13th of De- I
comber-— iIU3.^_jLNX>_--all_i!iJi-lius
indebted,to eirtd estate, aro required to pay lhe amennt of their
indebtedness to me i'oi'thwith.,
1 Dated this lith O.ny of November, 1018.      ,      "'
"YV. Wi'bbiiY AVrr.LA-ui),
Ofiicial Administrator,
Cumberland, B. C.
', VOUCH in horyUy piven tint >I q,ui-
vuilt & Nuviimo Railway- of Viotorio,
li 0. will nijp'y Cor u liuo:iCJ to take unci
ilie .100,000 pnllona [>rrr 2-t Iioum, of water
out ot Hindoo U.'i'fi!-, which tlovrfl in ft
loril.prly dirrrlioii tliroiiflh Nulfiou IDi^-
Jri< t p.mI t'intjIit'B Mto Uayno Sound aour
TiiihJo ll'vcr. Tin5 wiitor will bo tllvo'ticr
jt IbW-iiimbronin from Riilwny and w.l! bo
uw.'d for GonpraJ Riiilwuy purpoiw oh tho
tuid dt<cri)wrt ita r.dUvuy viglit t,i w.i/Cliis
notion W5i (-.OiiJoil on wliO ground o^i llio
3rd day '-f Ajtrii, 1QU'. Tho aiijilieatim
wi'i'l ho fi>"d i'l l*-? ollloo of the W.iler
U*:(»r.<ur, VJotorir,, ft.CL 0'ji*Jtioiif+inny
I'lO'fil'-d «W( Uio brtid Wulrr Uoixjnloy or
rifch il*" Oitnptcolk'.' of U'a'i-.r liiffhtn.
I'Vi-WriT-vi' BjiiUiliijri, V'ctot11, H. O.
y,SQWJ \i.\ t *','. ,V \ WA1M0 R AILWAV
U. 13.    JiASLbV
JN   T-flK     M-'A-TTKIt  OF   John
Sn'fllh alvolumwn na John Smyth
decflnflC'd.in'Oi'tnto.   'vho died at
Ui-lil X«lninl.on .Tuly fl, tOl».
Mi I)
IN THE MATTE.!* of .Daniel O'-
oUornJUjiils-O' l-.nown Sf Darnel
, John 0'QoiimiH, decb.ised, intcs-
■ _iatr, \sho died at, Cnpi-Cemrciev
ell, Itupert Dial run on January
2G, ioi'a.
INT HE.MATI'ICU oi'the "Officinl
Admiribti'iiiwiH Ac:.'-'
TAK1B K0T10K thai i>? older of
His-i Honor Jtid^e   i'-\rk".»,  math'
ihe 6.h'ili>y of  Movtmiv."',  1013,1
was  ftppoiiiWiJ   Adciiiii.'-'trutor of
lb©- Estii'oof the it'-rwe rnc'-fioned
(U'cnnstKli and  al!   partis   having!
ckiluis ngiiina' th'-*   naid* ♦'Riaionre '
■'IwrerVy rwp.iiivd to ,£t»ri>ish   an me, j
psojierly voiiik'd, to i.'ie <>\t or  be- ;
foto tho l.'iih dny «-f »><ji«Tiber,
101 rp. AN0 ut'f t):»r.i".«.i'r;ds-bii'(l to
hi id i-ciatc, ii-'u- rtor.irul   u> ;••;);/ lhe
nmoutit ol llicir
mi' fortliwid',.
Dated llii- I Vi: day   t I  .'
bur, 101».
\V. V/l-KI.MV V.'ii.i v
ouici'ii yyy-.
i.l- ' , in
FOi* A Lio:-,N«:y, r.tTN^i''
\yi) ".va".1 .:;-
NCf.f'KIK w lio-ib> «!»■•■.. .■
JK TUB M'A/lrrwil of iho-'OHloial
Adrninwii'uiorif Act"
YAKK NM'IOK Hirst hy   ordor  ol
Kiw Honor ilml'ito IVi fleer, made
Urn .!Ui liny of  Jvuvijiniior, li/lii, |iu«|r, u Katn,v:M ;;hJ.m.
I was ap-wiiriti'.-l    Admi»T<lri\lor | K.('. will nppiy t'->1'(■! <*'•■•"
of tito Bsiato -'f   ih'>  nbovi<-ni<m-!Ui,*1C(V)00^il;*"* '■ :
disnod dtxeai'd, i.nd all  partis
hnvin*.' ehiiiiH' nr.un-t  the mid I
(u-intH .at1 li!;!*!!1*)' .venire."! to h< j
uiuh same, pruporly   vcrifjed, to:
me on or k»f'.>rc the JfMi day i-f'
Uncember, l!M-°>.   AN'l> all »/»r
lien ind«ltUl,.l i«>   !»>»id t.-bU?, i..*.
r^ptired to pay  tho  Buiount
(heir inilubU lii»"-« I *  um ....'.
IDalfil  llii? )U!i  «'i.' of   y»vrjti'
lout of Ro'. 'Jru-'i. "•:.!
.irly din-'iti-jii
: i;i-
OIHui.it AdminiHtrfitr.r,
"»* *v #*"   »>*'>-**
\C*J5i*t:.> -*;•■;
^ -
;    )
It's both
OH DRAUGHT at"Joe Walker's"
Leoi Er>giand -Hotel, and in Bot«
"'■■ .   ties arWTTtTie'
A Most Healthy:  Beyeridge! and  made;
from the PUREST   of Malt and Hops
5,322223 3ESliSSaS^^5£^a«K51^^
Anything you want  and^ whatever
way, you want it. Below arc a
few of things we print
Give us a Trial Order
how well YOU will be
and see
■m ww wnMiwwwiwnMwiiim
j*.rTc?r*\Mr*^v! r'M.'ns
HManyiM'Ww'iM'MW ■»**!
jj«M»J«>M««M^«Um« rmrtWri^t.<lwW^,#<(Wmlj(ttMW<Mt<MHWWI,rfy>
•••••-^^^^miumm''''~ infin .miiiii	
-ir- F
Wow President of tho Oiitaiio'.Motor
League Has Heon a Html Worker
Iu Behalf of   Good  Roads   and
Sound Motor Legislation—From*
.   tuont In tho Organization of the
; Motoring Fraternity.
Dr. P. E. -DQlittle, who ha3 been
•IcclodT .president of "tho* Ontario
Motor" League by acclamation, is so
. well known the country over, .'that
tho uowb of his election will be wel-
tome not only to motorists but also
DH. P. K. DOOLITTU?; ,/*-•=
to those Interested In tho good roads
movement.   Dr. Dolittle was one" of
, the pioneer motorists in , Canada.
"When   automobiles first   began   to
■ snort and puff he became interested
nod he. was, perhaps, the first tour-
tog motorist Ontario had. The doc-'
tor has always been, in tho forefront
of-motor organization. Ho was connected with tho League from the
first and has been one of .the workers In the fight for good' roads and
reasonable motoring legislation., In
making him president of tho League
members have fittingly rewarded a
gentleman who has given unspared
,, effort and timo to the cause for-
which the organization stands..   -
'Women as Officials.
The question whether women, aro
''eligible to!qualify for the.purpose of
practicing as solicitors was raised in
the Court of Appeal, before the Master of the Rolls and other Lords Justices, upon the'appeal of Miss, Gwyn-
against her.     -  ' . '\ ■ ■"
... The plea in support of Miss "Bebb's
claim wasthat she'was a "person"
within the meaning of the ..Solicitors
" Acta ,an<l "persons" were, entitled to,
bo admitted to the preliminary exam-'
Inatlon of candidates held by the Incorporated,Law Society. The former
decision was that Miss Bebb both by
common'law and statute law was disqualified, by reason of her box.
Lord Robcr.t Cecil, K.C., was the
lady's leading counsel, and said that
three other ladies woro awaiting tho
determination of Miss Bebb's case.
The Master of tho Rolls: Can women bo churchwardens?   „
Lord R. Cecil: They, can even be
Queens and Regents, and they have
been from tho earl-eat- times! A woman waa Keeper of tho Great Seal-
Eleanor, wife of Henry III.
Counsel said, that women had also
been:—   >
Hereditary Lord nigh Constnbl;,
Great Chamberlain.
Governor ot a workhouse
Hereditary sheriff.
Solicitors' clerks.
Sir Robert Flnlay, K.C., was hoard
against,tho claim, and tho hearing
wan adjourned.
All Hydrogen Makers.
Professor Sir" James Dowar, lecturing ut tho' Royal . Institution In
London recently mentioned a re-
markablo discovery which ho made
Jn the courso of bin heat researches,
It was that every living animal wur
constantly giving oft hydrogen gas
during respiration.
Ono of his nHBlHtiuitt", Mr. Green,
gavo off as much nB a half litre
dally, whilo lVwar hlmwcW only produced 100 cubic centimetres,
Tito production of hydrogon In
eonnoctlon with the processes of digestion lia'n boon long known, but
apart from thlH there is a stoutly and
uniform exhalation of hydrogen,
"Whore dooa It all go?" ho^aakod.
In tho course,ot ngen It Ihib accumulated to an enormous extent unions
It has escaped from tlio atmosphere
or came to ourth In tho form of water. Probably both these procoBiios
worn going on to boiuo .oxtont."
ProfcflRor Dewar showed ahlnstni-
m&t he lmd Invented to measure, the
A Humble Joker.     „.       •
"Humphrey Ward, the husband of
-ytio well-known novelist, likes to'Joko
about hla nononlty,!'       •■-.   - '   ■
Tliu Kiieuitiii- was a ij)UKu*iuo
"Humphrey Ward, they toll me,"
the editor wont on, "once onlorod
his wife's study while she wbb out,
and glanced over the manuscript upon her writing desk.
"Ho read lhe Hontonce, "She swept
tho room with a bright; fresh
glanco,' and, taking up a ponell, ho
wroto on 'tho margin of tho pago, 'If
nlio would only sweep the room with
a bright, frenh broom'.' .   „
"Heading on,' he enmo to, 'Sho
touched a button and a footman appeared,' Ills marginal -nolo to thin
vjuh, .'Aluii, ulie will never touch a
"And now he camo upon the non-
•tenco, 'Sho  decided   to   mend   ber
ways,'   And Again ho wrote, 'Hope-1
les«.  She'll uevor mend anytlilng'."'
House Built on Fairy Path AH Broken |
To Pieces.. ''•'''/
" A Dublin correspondent Bonds an
extraordinary dispatch in regard lb a
collection'of ghost stories which the
Rev. St. John D. Seymour, rector of
Cappawhlte, County Tippcrary, has
received. He Is writing a book on
psychical phenomena and advertised
for records of "experiences." Tho replies he received were more numerous
than ho had over,. eveu*in his moBt
hopeful moments," expected. '   ,,
"I have received," ho said, '.'more
ghost stories than I could get Into ,a
single book." He went on,to relato
a specimen' "fairy" story which he
obtained from a man at Port Arlington, Queen's County:
* "A man near hero saved 92,000
and built himself a house on a fairy
path., During his first night in the
houso all tho furniture—chairs; beds
aud crockery—moved as if on wires,
and after an, hour everything was
broken, and tho man himself was seriously hurt. Having spent his life's
savinga on the hous, he determined
to live in it. Whon he recovered from
his injuries he again went to live in
the house. He had a similar experience, and finally ho had to leave."   .
A justice of tho peace, G. II. Miller, of Edgeworthstown, County.
Longford, related the following experience:
"During the winter of 1875 I was
riding a horse past the old ruins and
burial ground of Abb'cyshuile, on a
bright moonlight night. In the middle, of the churchyard' I saw what I
took to be a policeman in a long overcoat. He walked toward me and suddenly disappeared. I could see. no
trace of him. Afterward I learned
that it was not a policeman, but' a
monk, whose ghost appeared thcrq so
often that after dark people would
go mile's out of their way to avoid
passing the churchyard.'.'
' A woman told the following uncanny story of a haunted castle, in the
:.oulh of Ireland: «
"When wo went to live iu the castle
we .could hear people talking in every
room, and inovory hall and corridor,
but no explanation could bo' found.
Often and often wo heard terrible
righting in the glen beside the castle
the hideous roar of angry' voices' and
the clashing of steel. No person
wouldogo down* "the glen after dark.
' -"Ono night I was Bitting: talking
with my governess whon I heard a
step coming upstairs slowly.-I iwent
out and mot tho figure on the landing
—it was the figure of a woman. She
walked past me, hurried to a window
at the end of the landing and; with a
shriek which I shall never, forget, she
fell°heavily to the ground outside."
.*   "Kitchener's Power. '•■
In Egypt Lord Kitchener,, exercises
"urffettefell'powerTlimPso. is wholly
unconcerned about tho Yiews of the
Imperial Government, for, unless they
coincided ' with-' liis'■-■'.own,-- he'-simply
wou'nl not carry, them out.   .
Lord'Kitchener understands lhat
the Egyptian native .is Impressd by
porapiand trappings', and soho always
drives in an open victoria, preceded
by running syces (grooms) in gorr
geous liveries and' accompanied .' y
outriders. His'lavlshness with Government monoy, it is oald,. is only
equalled' by his frugality: .with,his
own. -.Kitchener does the whole work
of the Egyptian Government himsolf
and- ignores the Khedive's .existence.
Ho works 1C hours a day and rarely,
if over, accepts social engagements.
.Ho Is a terror to his sul.ordinat.es,
judging thorn so'ely by results, wlth-
our fear or favor. He gives only the
curtOBt-acknowkdgemen'; when thoy
do well and Is sorerc whon thoy fr.il,
Hindu Chief Installed.
A new ruling chief,-the MahariiJ
Rana TJdrii Ban Singh, chief of tho
Rajput State of Dholptir,, has beon
Invested with full ruling powors.
Tho ceremony of tnvostituro .was
performed In a durbar nt tho palace
lately, when Sir Elliott Colvln, Governor-General's Agent In Uajputana,
attached the "sarpoch" (a jewelled
ornament) to the young chief's turban and prosontcd him with a nwonl,
Tho agent also road a letter In which
the Vicoroy congratulated tho Mtvlia-
raj Kami on the assumption of the
duties ot his high position, "Rest
(insured," tho Vicoroy added, "that
In timo of doubt or cllfflcully you
can count on my friendship and sup-,
, Whoro Do They Go?
You have rerd ot tho men of the
Volturno who rushed tlio boats and
were knocked back by tho -captain,
What becomes of such mon In after
days? Do they hide In Hliiune from
their fellows, fearful that thoy may
bo recognised and their Infamy proclaimed'/ A public librarian once told
mo of a man who camo to him for a
book on notable, Bhlpwreckn. Ho
nearchod tlio pagon 'eagerly, then
pointed out a pfuumgn roforrlng to a
noaman wjio tried to take a womon's
place In a lifeboat, rind hud;boon.nhot
by the captain,' "I'm that 'man,", he
declared, proud that his exploit
shouhi appear tn print, und offered to
show the,shot toour.c to support hlr
clalm!—llontjon Chronhdo,
The Message Capt? Robert Scott Left
For Bis Pal.
The closest friend of Capt. Robert
Scott, the English explorer, *who with
three companions met death "liko,
English gentlemen," last February
while on tho return trip from, a
polar. expedition- was J. M. Bdrrle,
tho author and playwright. Peter
Scott, only son ot the dead hero, is
Barrio's godson and gets his first
name from tho playwright's "Poter
Pan,". Scott and Barrle,"both quiot,
retiring mon and inveterate pipe
smokers, were a kindred souls for
years and were constantly together
Ih and about London. Ono of the
last messages found beside the captain's body In his tomb of Ico was
directed to "Jimniio" Bairie. -Written In load pencil, and toward the
end.going off into almost indecipherable scratches, it closes with the
abruptness ot a thing written by a
dying hand, A moro poignant fare-,
well one1 cannot conceive., than tho
-"Wo aro pegging out in a very
comfortless spot. Hoping this letter
may bo found and sent to you, I
write, a word of farewell. I want
you to help my widow and my boy—
your godson. Wo are showing that.
Englishmen can still die with a bold
spirit, fighting it out to the end. ,lt
will be known that, wo have accomplished our object in. reaching the
pole, and that wo have done overy-
thirfg possible, ^ even to sacrificing
ourselves, in order to savo sick companions, I think that-the country
ought to help those who are loft behind to mourn, us, Good-bye". I am
not at all afraid ot ,tho end, but sad
to miss many a humble pleasure
which I had" planned for tho futiiro
on our long marches." I may not
have proved a great explorer, but we
have done tho greatest march ever
made and eonio very near to great
success. Good-bye,' my dear friend.
"We'are-very near the-end, but
have not and will riot lose our good
cheerQ. We have had four days of
storm in. our,tent aud uowhere's
food or fuel. We did Intend to" finish ourselves when things proved
liko this,, but we have decided, to die
naturally in the track. As a dying
man, my,dear friend, be good to my
wife and1 child. Give the boy a
chance in.life if the state,"won't do
It. He ought tO'.havc good 'stuff -in
him.' * * * I never' mefa man in my
life- whom 1 -admired, and "loved
-moro than you, but" I,never'could
show you how much your friendship
meant to me, for you had much to
give and-1.nothing.",     ,*  ■  '
Stage Superstitions.. ,
*. The ill-fortune which has led for
the second time to the peremptory
closing of the London Opera \lIouso
jwill go far to substanUatethe. super'--
stitions. of stage folk. Actors .have
their -own-, 'peculiar .code of. fancies.
You mufjt not'whistle; in the dressing, room, under , penalty of being
thrust out (whatever • your ; desha-:
bille) to turn rpund.three times in
the passage before regaining adntit-
'tiiuco.'' For.to whistle is to invite
bad'luck for "the show." Again' In
rehearsal the tag, or final words of
the play must never be uttered. And
you must not open an umbrella on
tho stage. Many other things are
regarded as ominous in stageland, so
can you-wondor that Maiden lane
shook its ^h.cad when tho London
Opera House was- opened on Nov.
13,1911? 'There-wps confirmation
whon Mr. Hammorste x closed it on
tho thirteenth of a month—July 13,
Kffectimiliy, Lessens Crime,
T'lPrn  li   flr,nrnr>iv"-ntiv   ortryin
First Dublin Strike.    l
Trobably tho first Dublin strike
occurred about 100 years ago, whon
the piers of Kingstown harbor were
being constructed. Tho material
was raised in tho granito quarries
at Killlnoy, closo by, and'"coastod"
down a tramway. Major Slrr, who
played a notorious part In Dublin
during tho Insurrection of 1798, was
walking up tho tramway when he
heard a dlschargo of artillery." iHo
turned round just as a loaded wagon
was started, and being right In tho
way would have been killed but for
the promptness of the brnkoman,
When the news reached tho quarries
there was an Umlaut iitrike, Tlio
workmen insisted on (ho dismissal
of tho brakomnn on tho ground that
"It was h'ono'of hla business to nave
the _. major's ' life,"—London Dally
To Stop Violence.
Tho Bengal Government lift.') aii-
'lounccd that tn view of tlio oontlnu-
■rnuo of political nnd other dacnlty In
■ndla, gun llccneen will Im freely !h-
uiod to nierclnutii and other men of
,'ood standing in inn rural dhilrletn,
on condition that they employ pensioned Bcpoys us armed watchmen.
J'liero has been an increase In llio
numbor of miirilnrii In Bengal, the In-
.ipector-genorul reports; nncT ho men-
dona Unit in many enseu the crime Iu
committed on the align tout provocation. Tho following Instance Is liven: A man threatened that he would
disinherit bin son-in-law, who thereupon hired someone to murder him.
Ton riipooa (?3.7!>) wns the prlco
naked and given.
Halfpenny Dinner**,
A largo numbor of visitors wero
rbero Is Xo Other City Like Her In
i tho World. '<■
Sir William SoulBby, who, w*s private secretary to tho Lord Mayor before most, Londoners of to-day were
born, and has been private secretary
to every Lord Mayor sH*e, has be-\
doing a groat, servlco, in trying- to
drlvo homo to tin Londoner that London has a personality, that London is
unlq**ue—whorefrom i'. follows that a
Londoner mvst rank Above all other
men in the world.
. But Sir.William slopped short, or
tho interviewers did not report him
fully, London is not ;i city; London is
hot like anything else in the world—
merely because it Is the very Heart
of the World. To-day, 'o be a Londoner ia equivalent'to having been'a
Roman citizen of two thousand years
The Personality of London — wo
ought to thank thill'doyen of private
secretaries, that super-private secretary, for the -phrase. London has a
personality, she Is a living thing, tho
most vast, most pathetic, thing which
our civilization-has produced.
Can anyone conceive tlio .world*
with London eliminated., It would bo
a world in ruin, a world in sackcloth
and ashes. Trade rivals may-halo us,
rail at us, raise tariff barriers agains?
us; but London remains all-essential
to their trade. A disaster to London
would mean starvation.to untold millions. , ., '
To-day-how many Londoners realize the immensity of thair privPego
in belonging to tho Imperial City?
Here and thero you fiud a mau 'w' o
knows ono who has been behind the
scenes and und'-r^'ands lln.hollow-
ness at the claims of other cities, other nations.' In ono short street alone;*
Mincing-lane, the.g.-eajer part of tho
trade of the Far East is handled/and
the Far East has always been, from
a trade point of -view, the' prize of
tho world.   '
There arc about half a dozen such,
places/places right, on tho main track',
where your hand :'s on the world's
pulse. Of these, I think, I would put
Hong Kong first, the greatest ot seaports, the finest jew.el in the Imperial
.crown, tho clearing-house of half a
world. Stand oh the stevm of tho
posloftk'e of Hout' Kong, and.ycu will
see all tho nations of. the earth pass
before you; and, sooner or later you
will see all the men and women you
have met'in ot'^er great ports ,pass
you.' Stand oh the quwj-, ..where the
police take your name before yoi. enter a sampan, lest your boatmen cut
your throat, and you" will-realize,- In
part at least; the immensity of the
British Mercantile Marine; also you
will realize, if .'ou.have a s'ense of
proportion, the gro'*, ing ..menace of
Gorman competition. ', . .'.." t. ,
-Really, Hong-Kong is part-of Lqn-
It close in-wealth. Until you' have
scon these, two ports, you'cannot realize at all the secret of our national
.greatness."*We'aro the richest people
the world has ever known, wc handle
awol'-uie of trad' c'.niost to put'a few
million people into Australia and
South Africa) and have 'lent them
more than a few million pounds, but
such places as Hong Kong and Singapore, and because- London Luslness
men and London bankers seized the
opportunities presented to them.
Calcutta and Boutbay are splendid,
magnificent; but thoy are,not parts of
London. India herself is great enough
to claim, and to hold, thorn for her
own. Other famous cities, such as
Melbourne or Toronto, are merely
Colonial, with Colonial interests. You
cannot feel the pulse of tbe world
N»allng In them.
, What other cliy has" a personality,
in the cosmopolitan sense of tho
word, what other clty.can tako ui.'.o
herself all tlu i.ooplca of llio world,
absorb them, mako them part of her
wondrous self?    ,,
-. Paris is—well, I'nris. Sho Is unique, delightful, the Frai ce. The Pn-
rlslan linn little or nothing in oom-
\ioti with that wonderful peas; ntry
"hlch forms the' backbone of the .*-
-ond nation of tho world. Vienna,
Hirlin, Peter:,burg'—theso aro merely
ocal capitals. Ro.no In the ghost nf
i groat trndlllon. ■
Ueruarknble Cases of Veople Dumb
for Years, Speaking.", ""
The recent case ot a youn? woman
!n;Englr.nd, who, after being deaf and
dumb for 21 years, Is slowlyrecovering both nearlng and speech — the
shock of tho tragic end of her brother, who., drowned himself in the
Stour, being regarded as responsible
for tho miraculous examplOoOf shock
succeeding where Coctors,,havr fall-j-l
—recalls similar instances.
..Some timo ago tho^ narrow escape
of a boy from drowning off North
Shields fish quay had'a remarkable
sequel. While efforts wore ^ being
made to restore tho apparently
drowned hoy to consciousness by
means of artificlarrcsplrnllbn, a man
who,had been deprived of speech two
years earlier as the result'of an aed-
ient, pushed through the crowd merely out of curiosity. As soon as he
Raw the prostrate boy, although not
In any way related to him, the sight
gave him such a shock that his speech
suddenly returned, and ho fell to tho
ground In ,a slate of collapse.' Upon
recovering-he continued to speak
freely, and has suffered no further impediment Glncel
It Is not many years since- a remarkable case of dumbness'excited
great interest In medical' circles in
Germany. Twclvo months earlier a
Bavarian cattle dealer had been kicked by a horse, with the result^that he
completely lost the use. of his voice.
A year later he wa.: riding a doomed
horse to the knacker's yard, wheiVthe
animal, who clearly had plenty of life.
In him. began to kick nnd"»*)lunge l.ri
a dangerous manner. The man, \ye
are told, lost his.head completely iii
wild excitement, and after a few minutes began to talk, completely regaining his speech to the boundless
astonishment ot his friends.   •
.            \ ' .
: Trapping tho Gossip.
c Mrs.  Pankhurst was compliment,
ed by a repovtcr ono day on'the way
she subdues" hecklers.
"We. suffragists," saidi Mrs. Pankhurst, good-humorcdly, '"have wide
experience with hecklers. At one
time "they upset me, but riow 1
rather enjoy their foolish questions.
If they are. too perBistent, though—
that is different. A noisy audience
is very disagreeable to a public
speaker."' °
Mrs.   Pankhurst,   smiling,  continued:    "I can  sympathize   with   the
minister" who was greatly disturbed
by a certain,   set ,ot   women in   hia "I
congregation  who   persistently  gossiped in a loud tone during" service.
,  "One Sunday morning he executed
a plan which he had devised to stop
this annoyance.    At. a given signal
the choir stopped abruptly' on a cor-,
-tai n-w o r d-i n-th e-i a id dle-o f-a-hy m im--
'    "Then one of the gossips, unable
to check herself,'was heard all over
the church to say:
,• " 'I always fry mine in lard.',
"  " 'As we now know,'   announced
the minister, 'that she always fries
lieTs' lu lard, wc will proceed with
the  singing.' "
Lnmlinnrk Is M^deraised.
An ancient slono weir on tlui Kivr-i
Dee, constructed by Hugh Lupus,
Hurl of ('heritor, between 1070 and
1101 Is being utilized lp supply tho
city of Client' • with electricity. Tho
weir'wan originally erected to drive
corn mills, and the milling Industry
continued up to 11)07. In, 1910, however, OliPHter Corporation, who had
purchased the property, dlHinanllcd
tho mills. Mr. S. E. llrltlon. tho city
electrical engineer, then dovlBod a
nchomo for converting the water power Into electrical energy, and It Is bo-
licved that the annual saving thus effected will repay the capital expenditure in live yearn. It Is CHliniuli'd that
llio Installation will yield 1,250.000
units par annum at a font of lnnu than
0.3d per unit, Inclusive of capital
Kears British Decadence.
Sir- James , Crichton-Browne, lr.
speaking rccontly at tho annual
meeting of, tho National League for
Physical Education and Improvement in London;" urged tho importance of grappling with "tho greatest
catastrophe that could befall the
world—tho decadence and deterioration of tho British nice."
He asserted that in tho largo public
schools of Britain to-day it would be
impossible to ink', ten absolutely
Bound children. From the reports of
medical officers it seemed as If almost every child had some Haw or
blemish that interfered wit';'his education or must mar moro or lens his
prospect In life. '. < '■ might look In
vain, ho added, for child-stuff out of
which to build a Venus de Medici or
the Apollo Belvedere,
(.Now Zealand, largely bncauno thoy i oreBunt at tlio oponing of tho Half-
make a mreiuiuurt ufiurl there to ar-   P«-'jjij-JIuihji- ^u^hi  luv poor ..!;!!-
(Iron at Brunswick Hull, White
chapel. The monU are made by tho
London Vegetarian Society. A
hdlfponny   dlnneru   conslstH   of   a
real, try, convict,- hang and bury o
criminal within two wopkB of thr
commission of; hia crime, If this lv
murder, or," If not a hanging offonco
to pot him as ouicklv ns nnrwlhli
into a illflugrocablo prlnon, where lu
will havo to-work hard and fnro upon bread and water.
Most Decidedly In.
Mrfl. Pankhurnt, tho Kngllnh milt-
tnnt/onld at a lunrhoon recently:
"Wo are all jail birds, all of us
English militants.
ul calteed one afternoon' at Mr«.
Cobdon Sander«on'«. f.
< ".'la Mr». Cobden Sandertion In?'
I nuked tho butler.
" 'Yen,    mndatn,*    ho   nnnwarod,
cr&vcL?, 'In for tevtti Tnontht.1"
plato of rroup, the ingrodlonts of
which are buller beami, lentlln, Hplit
pean nnd barley. With thin Ih nerved
a Bltco of wholemeal bread. Then
cotnon pudding, which In made of
cocodnnt fnt Instead ot imot, whole.
meal InBtond of white flour, with
curronto, candled peel, and «ugar.
A Protracted Service.
• They must have long church Rcr-
•Icon In a certain town where a pap"
imounced of n certain church, "Tho
AdvnnlagcH of Advertising.
Tho following paragraph from an
*rllclo by Andrew Lang may prove
profitably HiiggoHtlvo to Ihonri who
\m<.\ wares to iiell and are uhy about
"When n'gooso lays an egg," said
''!•    T ITif,   "«»hf»   lno(   fl'fliMln-1  riff    n«
if sho worn nslinmed of It—because
iliu ih a goose. Whon a hen lay ft an
,'gg—ah, hIio culls heaven mid earth
to witness III The hen in a natural
born advertIper. Honro tho demand
for hens' eggs exceeds the demand
for rnnno "i*''"1,  snd  th" '",n t'l" Ml
the business hIio can attend to."
Green Sunset* In Knglnud.
Croon sunsets seen by the Russian explororB in tho newly discovered polar land havn boon matched
In England. Throughout November
and December of 1K83 the intensity
and afterglows were of "wonderful.
Intensity and varied' colors. .At
Chelsea enpeeittlly the uun wont
down over the Thames and a blase
of unearthly beauty' ranging from
deepest red lo green, an may b>i bpoii
In a 1'urloH of walnr color hkutche:,
iiuulo at the time and now preserved
In the Chelsea free library. Sir Norman Lockyer and other inUronomcif
tttribiilod those winter uunnetn to
the volcanic dust projected by ihe
irreat eruption of Kraltnlou, in Java,
In the previous August.
ScolIniicl'N National Badge.
The Order of the Thlntlo of which
'.ont   llnldano   is   to    ho    made   n
might, diiten only from the lant day
•f 170It.   Centuries earlier, however,
ho thistle wan the national badge of
rot land, nnd the origin of its run-
k'trmtU- use Is referred by tradition
o the  nnuinli invasion nf .Iroltund.
.'ho Invaders planned a night attack,
uul  march Ing barefoot,   had   eon
rived to creep closo up to the Sent-
ish forces unobserved, when ono ol
Hem stepped on a thlnllu and titter
•d a cry of  pain,   The  alarm  wnt-
'-,•"   v-.'! lhe ;'.'.'.'..;!: f-.".-'\!,    Ou1. c!
"rutinitio   the   thlKtln   wan    ndoplfd
as  lhe  InniKnlii of  Scotland.—London ChrouU'le.
Bobbed riillaiilhroplHi,
Now und then tho philanthropist is
iomowhat dlflcournged, Recently Mr.
Hlcbard Kerr lectured on telenco to
SOI oonrlefa In Tortland Prison, nnd
waa received with onthuBianm. Hut
luring his ftlmonrn from homo at
Mltcham on the »ame evei.lng other
biirglara still at ".argo raided him and
carried off even hJn stock ef postage
sUmpa.   We did not know that bur-
!regular norvlcen will comtnenro next    „,„,,„,    „v „v ..,„„ ,.,.„  
Sunday nt 3 p.m. nnd continue until U|ftrn wero »o dishonorable or phllan-
further notice."                               Iihroplat* to credulom.
roppers In South Africa-.
The penny famine In Mngland   Is
South Africa. Pennies may bo there,
but ono mcclB vory few between
Cape Town and Buluwnyo, lyid even
IhoHO ono doenn't know what to do
with. For tho "tickey" (our almost
nlmoleto threepenny bit) la the low-
».«f roln used. Vef on th* tramways
In Cape Town there are three-
ha'penny farea. Inatcad of change
from the eonductor yon receive «
toucher entitling   you   to  another
Refusal   ot   !,«dy Scott' to   Tako a
Royal  Bcsideuce  Recalls  Provfr
Otis'   Kpisodes   ' Connected   Wlt^
the Guests'; of Brito.in-^-iliun|ito^
.Court. Contains Twenty Families  .,
" ot llW.nvtioi- ivrd Indigence.
It is announced tbat  Lady  Scott,"
widow of Hie hero of tho South Pole,'    g
has.declined ihe offer of a royal residence, as u mark of the disapproval
of tho way, tn which the fund raised   .
in honor of the ill-fated British expo-:
dltlou has been handled. It is only lu
the, past year or bo l) at tho great
majority of us ■have, heard it a royal,
residence ns dnttlnct'from   tho.residence of tho relgu'ng monarch, and   <
probably few people knew what it is.
Royal  residences'first-broke ihtc
print in recent times, when it was
announced th t„the private solicitors
of King' George were about Jo apply
to,tho couvts with n view ot having
sundry occupants ot royal residence!!
removed.   Later ou we beard that an
appeal to lenrned counsel had resulted in advice not to sue, because tho
royal complainants would have lost.-
The case  h\ point was that of a
noblewoman who had been placed In
a royal residence by tho late King  ',
'Edward, which means that she had
been given apartments rent free, Af- ,.
ter the King's death it was suggested
that slie should vacate m order that
some"' other recipient   of   tho royal
benevolence   might   move   In,. KinaJ   ".
George, having   friends   of his owa
that he wished to provide for.  It am
pears; however,-that tho occupant. ><
a royal residence is thero for life, and
that the widow of this class'of tenant
can also stay hb, long as,sho lives, ,
unless specific   provision   has been.;'
made to the contrary.
No doubt  ever sineo   the   Norman
Conquest the Kings of England havfl
been   providing    certain    of    their
friends with.free lodging for tho remainder of .their-days In recognition,
of some service rendered. 'Up to tho
timo of . responsible   government   it
was the fashion of royally'to "present , '
Its favorites   with   a' few thousand,
acres of .land and a grant from the.
public treasury, but after theso^pre- -,
rogatlvea had been rNallshed, espe- ,
cially after the coming of the Hanoverians,   certain   royal   residences
were.reserved, and the reigning monarch was permitted to install in them
his needy friends,and relatives.
Strictly speaking,   to-day .Parliament might assert Its right to say that
the tenants should not bo the partl-
culjir friend's of  the reigning sove-'
should-bo reserved for those .whom
Parliament   might  designate.    As a.
matter ot fact, the offer of a.royal   -
residence to Lady Scott is'a recog-   0
nltlon ot the fact that the royal residences are" not exclusively intended
for,, tho   personal   favorites   of   tho
King.  "■
Hampton Court which Is ono of
the show places ot London, and waa
once the. homo'of''royalty, is a palaco
inhabited chiefly by indigent persona
of rank or distinction that tho King
has a right to nominate as free tenants. Some twenty families occupy
tho premises. Their accommodation
ranges from five to twelve rooms, and
If the King wero to rent tho apartments, he would Tecelve some $20,00(1
or'$30,000 a year, and tho money -
would ge into his private purse. Incidentally it might bo remarked tliat
the nation pays $7.r>,000 a year for
tho maintenance of Hampton Court;,..
The present tenants are, for tho most
part, widows and daughterr* ot army
aud navy officers -r men who hold
minor offices In tho royal household.
Before being eligible as tenants It
Is necessary that the applicant maka
tin affidavit to tho effect that hla or
her Income Is not moro than f 1,00©
a year. In tho other royal resldoncca
no such rule applies, and at the-present time many apartments ar. occupied by persons well able to pay for
their accommodation.
A ciino in point, is that nf tho Countess Fedora Cilelchen, a cousin of ins „,
King, who was granted apartments by
King Edward, or rather her fa the;
wan given tho privilege of living .rent*
frnn by Queen Victoria, and King Ed-'
ward confirmed tho daughter In the
premlHCH at Kt. James' Prince.
It w;n; ihiK eounlciuj wl'o -was re-
queRlcd by the ngonlu of King fleovgft
to pay rent, but sho declined upon
the Bcore of poverty. It tfi notorlouii
that the countess, who In ti sculptor,
o.5 oU\ and Ik. iiIho In receipt of a
penmen, in earning anno $20,000 or
?2r>,000 a year, and can well afford
to pity good rent. Novcrlhclo&B, tho
coiiPtcHs has refused lo move or pay
rent, and htm left-It to the King to,
decide upon any further ntt-pat
The gift nuildenccn around Wind-
nor aro ulno Bald to be n Bourco of con-
|aldr:rablt' annoyance to King (■corgi1,
who findB them occupied by porr-onn
who havo no particular claim upon
him or upon the nation. The ton-
nntn have thf advantage of tho own-
ore In this respect, that King George
la very loath to appear In a court of
Thoro are nine of llicnn resldencon
at Windsor, and of tho tenant ii six
hnd no aneHnl nrrnnpomonr w-tlh
King Edward, who Installed them, nn
(o uWr v.tctttfuu upon demand, it
la held lhat unli-im thero was u legal
agreement to thin affect the tenant!
oan continue to occupy during their
lifetime, and most of them will no.
doubt tn»,ts* \Tnon their l«*rat rich! in!
tho matter. \
Sir Dlghton Probyn, King KdwanPa
Keeper of the Privy Puree, has not)
only a fine aulto ut Wlndaor, but haa^
aomo exclusive right* In a park, lift
accma to havo regarded tho park a*
bin own to nuch an extent that ho h&a\
apent nnvi.ral thousands of dollar* la
beautlfylna; it. Ho aaya ho will mov«
whet; ho lu rtlmlurticd for hla (ut,-,
provemenu, but u hla expenditure
dom not Improvfl the tremlaea, «xcepti
want one.   Would the aaroo prarilco l?or hli. own   «^uP?ne?!   W .tM!™!
beffanlble   and
I fiTiiloa?-
lr<A)   la  ccnniless
have   brcn   refuted.   "l»Tobably  SUri
Dllhton will be burled from WlnAufc ■
\ il ;<:■,'
MB.>#«»k, '-Jhauv«uaE^4Un,^->v^K»w.j.ji
pecial lines of Crockery ; to
clear at Bargain Prices
ew lines* of Linoleums, Wall
Paroer rand Furniture
Just opened out
A" full line of Fawcett's Stoves
and Ranges on hand
McPhee Tdook, A. MoKlNDJON'    Cumberland
of Caini'le ]};il:i»uo, who died on
April 21si, .1911
•   Oli. how wc miss liim,   ,,
uiccciiuj>' Heir's alone can
Knrth lias lost him, heaven
■    has' found him,
' Jps'us has done all things well.
The light  is from our house
hold gone;
The voice we loved Is still,
A pl-ice is vac.uit at our hearth
The world can never fill.
Gone, dear husband, yes/ for-c'
ever; ,'       " '
Here thou could'st no lunger
- Play,
All thy toil and care is ended
Called from time and earth-
(—Inserted by his wife
aud family )■
 :<j» :—
The rr.-ii'deii thieves are still at
it, niid-tliu chickens nv'fc' wiping
the'-sun and ruin ii) "getting the
oMi-Ueii truck out <»f the giound.
Chief Constable David Steph-
etiBon, and Geo. ^Thomson, ■ government agent at Niiuiuino. arrival in town on   Tuesday,   evening
J'V si 11 to from Niinfiiuic. and returned on Wednesday. Mr.
Thou son sat as vuvwav .in > tlie
iiKj'uest held over tlie remains ol'
the Curreu lad. drowned at Fan-
i.y Day, and the. 111.u1 killed nt
.No. 8 mine, ■
The Ladies of the Maccabees
held a most enjoyable social 011
Thursday evening- last, It.was
tlie most successful function thai
the Ladies have had since ''heir
lodge was instituted-in this city.
Progressive whist, one of the
main features of the evening, interspersed'1 with - some novel
games, were greatly enjoyed,
Refreshments of all  sorts   were
served, except r.The'iprize for
the two best whist players \va
awarded to Mrs. Thos. Rickson
aud Mr L, .Aston; .while -Miss
Minnie Plorbury and Mr. Leu
Ca\vthonic wete awarded the
"booby" prize—a Japanese doll.
The. 'Booze" HasHim-
He Can't Quitf
" "He'' is pn haps, abrwiossimn, or a wnge-earner,
yith family dependent upon him bul'eviogin him; The
w<»rldis unsympjthttio.   It juds^s by experience.   It
. knows him fw nn hab tnal drunkard and it brands him
ns boyoml li.ipe—doomed.   IJut that niao cm quit—
■Yes, He  CANQujt--ancrin
Three Days, Too!
A'coholism is SOT a disease. The Gatlin diagno-
' pis has led to a s-ystum that cure*, ahcl cmei pe-innnen-;
tty.   No drugs, to bypoderJermio itijectjoiu-^juat' rest.
excellent food privacy and heibal meduiins FOH
' ONLY THREE DAYS.   Then.- if the oure ia no: cum'
pi t«.  is not Riiisf.*1 tory to ptiens and ilwse interest.
(rl in him, t'vor* cout puiil id i>.£uune'd without question
i'r ci iniiU'iit. '
This is NOT a Gold Cure-It is
The Only Real, Permanent Cure
for Alcoholism. Don't Wait-
Write or Call Now Today.
Phone 54-66
4S5 Fort Street
Victoria, B. C
MMjnnw « Mwt^se-«acii«w*ww»^«*«^*««*»Jt,c««jwwin*wMi
The following ,is copied   from
The Britis.i Columbia Federtion-
ist of  April-I-f, -in speaking, of
labpr coiit3it'ioiis in Vancouver :
^fTt is conservatively estimated
that t-he avesage number of out-
of-works can be placed at 60 per
cent,* Very little* new work is
being   started.     Tlie - prospects
Tlie white, builds of inouruing
•worn.by Tim finnily of t|«« liro Mr
Abriunr" at l.it> funeral, vvuro out
of nvpent 10 a reipiest made by
hi 111 yeaf.i airo.'
Work ).-> ei-iiwiieiK'ed on tlio now
< j.elii l.i \\m. Almtit it down
men ar; at p"o'i»;it wn ployed' sunk
ing reaily for the fouiidiiikui.
The coioner's jury in 'he enquiry 'as to,, the cause of the
f'.eaih ol William Stiles, who was
loiuwl dead on top of the cage
iii N'o H sli.'ift on Tuesday
■•.lorning, re'urn eel mi open verdict, there bung no evidence
to show how   deceased met his
^_ ^	
The ciiy ju d difUiict will sad
ly miss lhe kindly old   ''judge,''
who hud been such a prominent
iij'ine amongst us   for so many
si-Sri-,    ''He went (-ill, even   as
lhe going down ol the lidc."
.. .»   «   - «■.
The Uilii'.,' A id of St. CeorgoV
1'iohjVi'i'i ill eliwrdj, «|J| Judd
1I.1 ir hsi/,iiiir mi'l supper on Tnefi-
i'.uv. Mmv r.Mli.
'I '<■; j-striir. ij»'lr,i|',''l 1'ie '.MiKtUtei .If
( .'«;!;.ill on T'lesiliiv, Ia a ;. ore   of 4 — e,
™ _—_.. <,^..
M» K V-V, ^(.^■jMth m Ivr»i'tiuin<»
ii.-ii.'iii^'er mel piili'li;:Kiii^ agent
i'.i Uiiii-'h Columbia Uieworie?,
!.i"iitnd,   V'iiieuu\i'«',   nnivt'd   iu
:n.\ 11  nil   1 ui4t tiiiv.
for the sea.sou are decidedly poor
The bricklayers out of an act
ive  membership of   341   report
that only 117 are employed'.
The building laboiers report
that fully three-fourths of their
number are out of jobs, and. not
rwd not a lew are leaving the
The membership fee for the
city sewer employee.'', has been
reduced 16 $r from now to May
lstH      ./  •
The sfcect metal workers re
port that jo per cent.'of those iu
the Urade are unemployed at,pre
sent,. „ The general outlook is no
improvement in,.si^ht.
Hvidge   and    structural iion
workers sNite that all  hands are
working,   numbering  over   200
The prospects are good  for  the
The situation with the car pen
tirs has not been worse in yearsT
There nre, easily 500 walking the
streets looking for employment.
There are al present over 1000
belonging lo the culinary crafts
wit 11 about 300 loafing.
.Printers number 265, with
about 65 idle.
Out of 800 laundry woikers,
over 300 are out of employment
About 10 per cent, ol the rlet*»
Irieal worker?) me out of employment. There are about 450 here,
Out of 1000 steam and operat
ing engineers, 750 are  working
at lhe present time.
The barbers say business is
Machinists state that rj; per c.
of those following the trade arc
A majority of the painters are
idle, although thik is "clean up''
Agents for Pilsener l'rewing Company's BEER
Wholesale Dealers in all Kinds of
Wines aud Liquors.
> ■'■■ ■   t; " >
SIR EDMUND WALKER,C.V.O..LL.D.,D.C.L..President    ','--
ALEXANDER LAIRD, Genera! Manager      "    JOHN AIRD. Ass't General Manager
r-, -LESLIE. J. ASTOM;:;,V '£
-PraoticalBbct; and Slioemaker
V w Repairs Neat and - Promptly
., .Miners'' and.'.Loggers' ■;' •".'■■,"-,*-;
'.':' ;Bodts to ■ Measure -:-'■;. y"^
Dunsmuir. Ave.,    Cumberland
CAPITAL. $15,000,000    RESERVE FID. $13.500,000
The pim-hindu   u^nr   fnr   the
t.   J*, K. w\i> in i'.-.vii l:i-t  week,
\ in ut niuiM'il   W'ti'i'in   Siilf
*   - ;■/'•.'! Ii-'ll1. •>   ' • '• 1]   •!
h .t.'i   tut   Ti; •-■). ■      U   is   1
ki»"vni how it ha} p'.M : L
A br.iueh "f the Hoy Scouts is
being organiz.-d here.
On. ■
This Bank oilers unsurpassecTfacilities to those doing business with
foreign countries. It is speciallv.cquippcd for the purchase and sale of
Sterling and other Foreign .exchange,.drafts and Cable Transfers, and
for thefinancing of imports' and exports of merchandise.
Commercial Credits, Foreign Drafts, Money Orders, Travellers' Cheques and Letters of Credit issued and available in all parts of the world.
Collections effected promptly at reasonable rates. , S22
Any person or ..persons found   ®®®(8>&3>(sX£^^
cutting timber on   my   property
ou Roy Road without   my   permission will be prossecuted,"
W. WITOHKLI,.    ' '
-The first shipment of .our spring stock  of
" .   ""'.*    Shoes have arrived in-?/'."..   "t', '".•'■-
Men's Tan and Bl4ck Bittton
I/adies' Tan ■ Gun Metal, and
Navy Blue; Suede im
Lace and Button
Walph for our Sale of Odds and Ends after
*,-' Slock-Taking ...
THE. "IDEAL'' STOBE    . Next UiT^bells
McRae, Acton; Haynian
I  Capital Paid *ffp$i 1,560,000. Reserve $13]000,00°
LOST—Dark chestnut iniire"
(coll,) "missing since Ihe ' last
week iu January from F nuy
.Hay. A rewavI of Si00 will be
paid for information |<iveu to
Geo. Stevens, Fanny Day.
Gen'l Blacksmithing
Third St.      Cniiil»ei'li.i:a
I Wood   Wood!
I       Wood
^ Now is the lfine to place
(•), your oi'dur for SI.AII
% . WOOD   ■'
S    $2,50... jier dotihlH load jgj
i       .— k
I   , Vroiii The   ' <§
Star Livery Stables |
1 ..      ' OVER   TIIK- WOULD.;'.   ''    '.'/.."';   '   |.
I SPECIAL ATVICNTION j.nid io;SA\*IN(5S ACCOUNTS & interest §'
i   ■ " -.''''■.'"''.     ■'- ' - - '"   i
I   nt hif/hest Current llatcp allowed on'iJepoi-its of $"l anil upwards,    i
| OUMBERLANT>, B. O , Brunch, Open Daily     D.M. Morrison, Mgr. |
I'        UNION PAY, B.O, Brar.cb, Ojenlni'y.      F, let'worth, Mgr. I
I roU&TEtfAY,   B. O , Brunch, Open Daily It. H. Hartlwlck,  Mgr |
P. Phillipps Harrison
a young Jnpuiese, iu hotel or
slore. Speaks good English.
Apply Kohayiifihi. No. 1 ('amp
room eottiigf*, on I'oiirilh Avoune,
Apply lit Ideiil Store,
KOK    SALE—Nine
«..»•»*«.»*•«.••••.«.•.«.••.•«   nj'«r,4 nt «8 ii'idi.    Money niiHt ne-
P'OK f-AI.K- d'oa^, kids- an    gj up-iuy lhe  onltv,   I have a'io
hilly. Terms on npplic.'ii.'ou lo
IT. Wilkinson, Liit':* Wivei
Lazoj Comox,,H, 0.
HJKTH--At   CumbeTlmd nn
Thttl-d»\ , Aplil   ^-.vH,     10    M'.S,
Tinmii.-i* Scott, w idij^ r>f ijjc I.ilc
i^o. s; .. ,. . 1 ,     ,     '
1 houns Scott, Dcuinan Is and, a
•ot! ,      ,
Snyward Lund Dlitriot.
Diitriot of Sn>wan).
TAKE NOTICE tbnt IMi-n  Uul',  of
If 13 lot Ilay, H. C, IntonilH lo  apply   for
pormlnnion '0 lomo tho folio wind doiurib-
«il Jnuil:—Mtnajj inland 10 Vamlojpli Ureok
Jiiiiuou, on C'orcu/. Uiiimi, coiuiuuiuninf ut
a portt plnnled 011 tlio Houtliwent corner of
uliiiid, tliouco ffllowiiiw tliu i.l.ofoij'jrlh*
orly nround th« ialnml to point  of com-
mrnrf-nifrit, (■ont.ainlnir flfry i»crr»< mnrn or
U.ilo.1 Mnrch 14, ION.
Wo nre jileaecd to »rio lli.t   Mr. C. Do
fVieuri»ia|)'nlly letuveriiitf from 11  l»m
is"r«.' •..( i'l to<,
\\\ J. (lonrd, the e.xptrl piano
tuiiei, will he iu Imvii next week
:«n- li.isii,c>s( U«'vrve yi-ur luu"
iuy for "hiil,l
ii>v mi'ci one hruyil   SO'V mid eight
riueking plj,r,    Apply l'ohert So
Ui>, II TiiU' Irihunl.
MMiMMwj »mimu 11 mmu ■iinaur' hmti^^i	
I-Ult SAl.K— !loui»v and 10
iieiee of liui'J on Ilo^'e* Rond,
.■lohu lo town, TeriiiH f 150.00
down, haluni'ii moid lily. IJuiit-^
to rent,    Apply P. O.   Dox
..   ,1  1        IV,
'ti   11..,-» III..1.1 .
V. BOfiOl^R:
Manufacturer of MINERAL WATER
P. O. BOX 402'
PHONE 20....
WANTKD-Reliuble a«t-nt to
liandle     Indian      motorcycles,
Wholesale price jjiven   ou   ma
vlrints 10 um:  v»a   il.iiVwu.ii'i.uiu-i.
if  pmchasor   means  business,
VVri'e, Thos,   I'iiiuley,   Vic
loriu H. 0,
I-'OK S.-VT.M (JHKA!'-Uu!i'.or
litvd inn, iu U'Hi'l eiiuditi.iii,
with est a H't of nUinl"timl
w tiU,   Apply this iiliho
Get out ih the open on an *T* \~)C> C^FlW
of the
Comes with lhe months Ijffl-1
^*   "N"%",   of Sprinp and at IMimlcys |'B
Vv« Mut Ucw iii  everything is ready far the I j?*
Irun ixlillaritlon «l   t"...'JJ..j   ,,,w]   ,U,, \lA]L;,.i I }W§
notoroyollai till you, !r.}iUi>l ,ina ,*"J: •',f)l<;''f1, I if
rida th. India*—j  I hu 1914, "Illlhau       I he | \M
MpMMIrl^t^'ladiu. <l MolM|. ,- vc|cSi     T!u, ,0,4 -*
Tb« M«r oooafort ftattrei   •«(Wri->n,r r«ir« tmA ilw»
wake it nor* liian «var th* !   UVtrMnil    C.lft nnd I JC
I"Vc*>>' , pent>cl nioioit»u». Viura* i new CVtic moiU'.iM uv liii:
^s * tion met Jolting don't aifit. u.Mri,pu i,..irlinf» m.,i.,„.'u ..it
Powor, 8wod and Endnrfflet *fl«qualed world S ItratimLf makers; all
br any ottiar motoroyflla. Com n«t to await your choice, Send
■othlni to maintain,   Kailar to ride that   .•     /■    ,'    .  \nntitl tn J,,.,
• bloyoia.  Nwda no (irafe.       •    .j 'or,rt:e catalogue to-cfay,
Flios. Plimley
victoi; * A, B. C
iMUH'JWW m^vvsmsviTss^CSKsy-mmm»x^


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