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The Cumberland News Jan 29, 1913

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" if.
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���;A' ,-V(-
!��'.'.' t*,V '
;. \"- Y c-
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.*, ������"' .- y -,       ���   ������'      ������.���A   - "S- -���
* .. -  . '.. - -   ,- ",,   ' 1- '.   ���/
A,    ���     v a   ��� ?: ���.���,��,':-. y   '
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H7xY' 77 \Y:^U^^QjYB^x' ' ��� "
A    . /' V,      ���"'���-.        , .      .   "V  ^V '
- fl - y-      .'A. -a       A       ��� *-%W \
*' A. ��� ��V fe*^
A Journal Devoted Especially;,?to the Interests of Comox District*
; TheNews,Twentieth .Year.
���Cumberland; b/.c;* '.-Wednesday, jan. 29, :9_3
Wliiqh'. means, many lines." must   be
���\cleared but, ��� as  we do ;not; want, to
take^them in~ stock, atid we will require the   room;f6? new goods, that
? will soon arrive./ ��� '-���-'; "'::'a.' ���;.". ^ A'
j* :'WEM
and are offering you" ;a splendid opportunity* to secure1 many'.lines at
Bargain Prices. Special Prices on
.remainder of up-to-date winter millinery; Eememb^r the date.
Until January 31st.
/Our Grocery J Department, is . al ways
stocked with: nothing but clean,? new;
lines at    closest   prices.  . We,  want
yovnr prder: and Guarantee .satis-
' leibjibhl^'\ xyy C^Phphe^'3$,
������M.1 /
/_  crXl
y��tr-y,ih-.  ^
The Progress of-: Sixteen
Years In tumberipd
Arid Vicinity ^
Mr. Forsyth's Impressions
Dance In New Ha!!
Largely Attended
The concert and danco held at
the opening of the U.M.W. of A.
Hull on lust Friday evening ?was
a function that will long bo remembered by those whd wero
lucky enough to bo piesont. Never beforo in tho history of Cum-
berland was thoro such a con-
course of people assembled to
onjoy thoinsolvea. The. concert
started about 8 o'clock and con
i       ' ���
eluded about 10 p. in,, which
was very much onjoyod by all, af
tor which dancing commenced;
tho opening dnnco being the
Kiiiu.il March," uu loss than 150
couplo Inking part, to thc ^trains
of excellent music by the piano
and violin (insisted by the band,
whoho musical selections suited
tho dancurs udmiraoly, llofrcsh-
menu of all kinds wero Bcrvcd du.
ring'lho evening. Tho utmost
order prevailed and everybody en.
joyed thoiuflolvoB immonaely, No
Iohb than 507 wero prceent, in
fact It mado tho writer wonder
where eo many people camo trom.
���i ���	
Krmik Parks hns boeni rccom-
M\.tHAt.*i* ily   kti1*.    v,<^��t,tfc,k 'irtuSv.  *k��-
soctatjon for the position of post-
master here, iu succession to Mr,
Nuuus, who will by his request,
be transferred to the customs of.
ficc, -Air, Dal by having resigned
lu take u pu;-ii.'iou with thc Col
lieiy Company. i
D. Irving, organizer nnd fiuan
cial a^citt for the U.   M. 'W. ot
A., was m town last week.
Can Not
Reduce Rate
���>, ���,      ,,'.
Reply From Sir Thomas Shatigh-
ncssy On Coal Ques-
Victoria, Jan., 27.-T-A' telegram was received by the Premier
on Saturday from Sir, Thomas
Shaiighnossy replying to tho mes-
sago sent a day or so ago at the
request of Vancouver's, private
members and Mr. Carter-Cotton,
In this tlio railway president was
asked for a reduced rato upon coal
from tho Nicola mines to relieve
tho-present fuel shorfago,, Sir
Thomas replied:
. "Our present rate on conl from
Merritt io Vancouver, a distance
of 225 miles, is only $1.80 per
ton. This leaves uo margin foi-
any reduction.
Au interesting light���and u
new ono��~-\vftB thrown on the
whole subject of coal and H&
prlco by a Vnncouvor dealer in
convcrtsatiun with the Province to
duy.    He eaid;
'"Tnoro i�� really no quoslion of
freight rates from Nicoln, Wo
Imvo tried to get conl from th'or*
and we are quiio willing to ppy
tbo iitiu, Uh the Iruuule is coai is
unobtainable. 'J'no tii out jN'orih-
oro has bean bringing Eome iu
from Princoton during ih winter,
bul with all lho Fourco-jof supply
thoro h hardly any now to bo lin.)
A uroat dool is i roughl from ��tunt>
tlo, In Konaimo the I'ituution ic
antjravatotl by a fire which i. to
ported to Imvo beer, rising in oro
of thu ch'.fta for more than n
"Wlnlo we are on the hui.jout, J
would !i'..e '.oeail yo;ir at u.-iitioii
to (hu fi.ct il.at iu six ycuii tl.o
price of coal Im? no;  Ineu raited
The sound of' tho Chn>mor's
whistle, ns wo neared Hornby Isj-
land, brought mo to'the* upper
deck.to look for the old landmarks
and watch for familiar,faces��� of
peoplo whom I' had known ;for
mure than sixteen years. x . There
were few of the old tiiners*at U'��e
wharf;   some had- moved ?away
-* .    .p..      "     .h :
and others had taken tlieir. places'
and a few of the older .-'setth-irs
have long since died..,
I.John Ford. who. liad often rowed, nie. a'ceross turbulimt waters
whon I was tfjhissioriery; Was .at
the wharf and greeted mo .warmly
It was a' real'pleasure- to talk over
old times and learn of tho-? .progress of, Denman as well as Horn-
by Islands.   .-���'-. '   \
>    I once bached on   Denman Island   and both islands were'Vyefy
-familiar to me,'- and ���naturally i I
was glad to get news - concerning^
the people and the increasing'pop-
ulatidn of,, both  places. -���".. Ain'ong
jhefirstl   recognized':on.Denman
iiig /the. old familiar pipe;,-' Mr-
Swan looked about" the s}inio��i��x "
���ce'pt' for "''a 'feA^^x'tra' grey 'iif^ti-Sf
Daikia looked as if time had dealt
kindly with him..   -
��� Many changes-have taken place
on Denman Wand; the,,sawmill,
the lighthouse and the new wharf
are a,fow.of the things  I noticed
from tlio wharf.
Union Bay, with the new government wharf, tho enlarged ho-
tol,. the numerous residences, the
Federated Church   and, a  d'atlv
boat "service are some of the
things that impressed ,me with
tlio progrcssiveiioss of that little
town, I am < told that George
Howo has moved away and the
genial and obliging Mr, Krasu
is slill at tho old stand and in the
firm of 1'Yascr & Ilishop,
Cumberland was my destination
Fur1 several weeks I had been
planning to vit.it this city with
thc homo folks aud meeting old
In this short space it would ,be
impossible for mo. to mention nil
tho improvements I have 800.1 and
,tho people I havo met, ''Ilave
thero been any changes in sixteen
years I " There are few cities in
the Kant that have made grontrr
progress in nixtceu years than
Cumberland; I may mention a
few of tho changes:���
A number ot new. otmuingu
have been erected in tho hueim-sn
faction; electric light, waterworks
two new banks, post oillco building, high ���. school, Presbyterian
manse, Vicarage, Campbells'
store, KiugGoorgo Motel, hospital enlarged and many new rcsU
doncon. Samuki, M. KoicfVTir
It. is ; stated that, our public
school estimates < for 1913, will
be about eleven thousand dollars?
���Where is the money coming
from ? That's the question.
,We must wait patiently and see
how tbe new council is going
to deal with the financial problems of the'year. The property
owners are not iu a position to
stand increased taxation for the
support of onr public, school.
Our only salvation is, that" the
government will very materially
como to',   our  assistance.^���will
HP' a
,- 0    	
A protest has been eutered by
ex- mayor Beckwith against the
election of" Mayor Morley, of
Victorir." * '"     ���
Kev., Forsyth aiid family left
by Tuesday night's boat en route
for Freewater, Oregon'. . _ u
- -Mr, Duncan Thomson arrived
hoine from . Vancouver by Tuf-
da'y^moruing's.'boat, and returned
to that/ city by the . evening's
boat, where lie, with Mrs. Thomson will leave for Scotland, to be
'absent several months. ���-'���
���_. The remains of.the late -Wil-
-c I .     f
Ham Anderfou were interred in
the Catholic cemetery, Confox,ou
Saturday. ; His'last resting place
overlooks the waters;, where his
two, ~ boys - were   drowned   one
UR Micl-winter    Sale   is
now, over,- but   we  still
have a few lines lhat must,be
' cleared before stock-taking on
the ist of-February.
HOUSE SHOES���while thoy last
25 por cent discount
KUUBBR FOOTWEAR, specials below cost
at .snap prices.   -
..  Our new goods for Spring 1013 are beginning to arrive aiul wiien placed in stock  vytll
give us one of tlio'freshcst .and   best Ubsorted
�� stocks iu town.   - "
Our Grocery Department, as usual, is right
up-rto date with Oleun, Fresh Goods at right
prices,  '   -        ,   '
st6rmy..uiglit-several years ago,
while on their way from Union
:I3ay to'Cpmbx'. iu,'a:.l��bat;'-': The
/ bodies ,;wefe :neviJr''Tecbvered.,r'
'Don't kick about the price of
"coal iu this'town.' It is cheaper
thaii'wood, for. the same amount
of buruing.-TWe are not kick.
ing, just merely mentioning the
It is reported  that ladysinith
is havinga   little labor demon-
tr        1 *���* i
stratiou of its owii.
Dr. Hicks left by Sundays
boat for. Vancouver, where lie
will be operated'��� upon! Dr.;
Gillespie also returned' to that
city by the same boat.
'. Mrs,.(Dr.) Gijlcspie and Iter
two childien left-Vancouver last
weeirTor~Sout IIerxT"CalilofuiaT"
where they 'will remain for sev
er'al mouths for the benefit' of
her ..little soil's health"' A'..:.   . r
,, The Labor Commission ;\yill.
visit Cumberland on February
19th, as announced oillcially iu
tliesa columns. Let us hope
that it will have the desired effect.
im tho price of labor of men deliver-
i /; nn I tint pi ice of huul.ige gonornlly.   Six ye.im n^o we cold  at
, t .8.75 por ion n\ the bunkvu; lhat
lit Vniicouvt-r.    WitnV  hau mitwl   id the nrke to day "       *
 0 _.
Cumberland needs a steady
hand and cleat,vision at the helm
this year to avoid the bumps.
The ''beautiful" has had a
bad shaking up the past few
f-"' -o ���
A snow avalanche from the
adjoining building, came pretty
near putting thc Nkws office
out of commission on Tuesday."
Windows were broken hy the
shock to tho building aud the
doors jammed; und Charlie hit
the ��� high spots'' for the street.
 ������ -'
Tuesday night's outgoing train
was well filled  with   passengers.
The defeated civi: candidates
apppcar to be happy over their
defeat, and arc satisfied to let
the other fellows worry,
Addressing the British' Columbia Federation of Labor nt its
annual session in Victoria, Sir
Richard McBride-told the 'delegates that the recently crated
provincial labor commission was
not designed for settlement of
strikes, but for the investigation
of labor conditions generally
throughout the province.
Twenty, nine resolutions ro
Hpecliug mining were passed,.the
convention voting in favor of a
higher Handard of -technical
knowledge iu inspectors, imd
lhat they be provincial mciij a
six-hour day; the abolition of
piece woik; a minimum daily
wage of Vt\\ a minimum age 'of
18, aud tho prohibition of intoxicants iu or around the mines.
Harry Murdock is engineering at South Wellington.
Thc.death occurred this.-uioiu-
iug at 5 o'clock- at St. Joseph's
Hospital; of William.. Auderton.
The deceased, who  was, 76 yeans
���        ���* * *       -        f y     /   ���
of age: was born in England;"and
had   ,lived s' in     this" country
for the- past'  41 -years/  having '���
moved to Victoria several  yeu^s"'
Hgo?    0e*_s7survived b*y his'wife^T
two sons in   Victoria, ?aud   two/
sous and n daughter -in.'Comox,.
where the rem'aiiis.wiir'be'Vship^ " :
ped'some time during ihe.week.'"''
���^Victoria Times,' Jan.'23.
Rev. S.  Ma Forsyth occupied
the pulpit of St. George's  I.'res-...
byteriau church ou Sunday even-
_ i ' ii*' *
ing.,    ?      '     - �� .     \
Dr, Kerr, dentist;  will be at
Courtenay Jau, 29th, to i'Vb. 8th '
, Dv, J. A. Gillespie,' of Vancouver, arrived in town on Friday
evening. He is here iu con nee*,
tion with the sudden and a*rioits
illueus of Dr, Hick^, assistant
colliery surgeon, who was ���Uricfc-
6n with appendicitis a few days
ago. We were pleased to see Llie
doctor again, but regret tlie circumstances under which became,
Dr, Gillespie has had a fine
residence erected at Vancouver,
which he will occupy on Mis,
Gillespie\s return ��� ficun.Califor.
Thc Canadian Hank of Com-
ineice will open up its branch at
Courtenay this week.
It cost Canada $1,204,614 to
fake the last census.
Lookout, you dou't get it iu
the neck from the snow slides.
is*-;\,v> sin1*i.i^wi*iv,��i��*:*<**:,
Stock-Taking Prices on All Goods
A Pew of Our Many Reductions
\\ rappuio'.io aim iiiom��e> nnrinsU'ttuiii vxciu*iv<s jinmnu icg'2-?��e jd.^ALK i'lvICL 6>n��, ioi <*j.0i)
1500 yds of Art Muplin, a^orled pattarnf, ro�� 20c and 15c per yd, HALIC 1��RK!K HI yds for 1 00
1000 yd? Knn.'y Frilled Curlain M.i-liu, te�� <10o a yd SALIC PIUCK l ydv for $1 00
COO ,d�� of J.i]t.iiicFQ,Crfp'>n In wif roK-H, rpg 4Do n yard, fiALK HftICK 4 ydr for *l 00
a00 3 fid of Jupnro'-p Art Ciop.m Kimunn Cloth, rrg S.lc h yl SALB X'KICIC 8 >"d�� Ui 50c
Similar Reductions on Alt Fall and Winter Stock
Good Selections to Choose From
-i_!L S  At-ii'ir-':  'l^Y y  ~yi--  iT-a>K ,  Kf-,'   ���������  -PA \'  * -r" >���������*-.��������� '  % y ������������������  %  A  St  :*l  ll  m  !.*  ��������� L  ������  |,j f  1  s ������������������:  i . i_  ..-���������^A.- '  :!/  .  I,  Tint MEWK. CUMBERLAND. }_. C,  "���������wnygf *W*<������.WnCW mttWg^HiMfcr*** jHIja j.  f������.     V  +it**in atif&taanK* *tiiaa^*wafiii^yK^ti*i*^fUC!tS'  _a_j_<a__Biia^ije5ig8a6i^5<8������'W ������������****" *wyy ~  >?'>r *;.;���������  IN THE  BALANCE  SyL6,\M0BERLV   ������  V������A������B, LOOK ft ��������������������� UMITM  L������mIw, MilWwni an* TwwiW.  (OMttntfL  God! How .could this man speak Jn  iliat easy, quiet tone, of wbat ln lils  f'\vii minil ho was convinced wus a  'loath sentence?- Tho thought swept  into Dyiiecourt's mind, and with It tlio  further reflection, should ho treat suoh  ;i aoatenco with such tranquility, 6uch  ������������������ouipnrativo HghtnoBB. Cpuld lio  race death with so unflinching a front,  such steadfast eyes? Aaain a shudder ran through him, thc thought of  flonlh was unpalatable- Just then; lio  had' no wish to remember that dread  watcher-at tho doov of lifo. Life  Jt self was all that concerned him, life  and��������� Dorothy. .And, for tho man  hefojo him? Well! he expected to  ��������� die. ho had faced tho worst of the  ierror, why shake his fortitude now  when really���������  Do you .lulls: I may live out niy  your? Miles' voice, with that pudden  ring ln lt ot wistful appeal, stabbed  ihrough. all Dynecourt's self-docep-  Hon. ITo - .quo.red his shoulders almost as if preparing .to do battle with  an actual foe, and lio pulled himself  upright in his ,chair, and looked  wl might into the otl\pv man's'oyes.  Sir Miles, ho said, with a certain  hesitation that yet held in It no indecision, I cannot bo quito certain until  ) have examined thoroughly into tho  i-onditiou of things until I can see just  what has taken place since you came  to me In April. Bul���������tlio othor day  I ma,<Je a discovery. For d long time  I have been working towards it, and I  .think I havo succeeded. If my suppositions ��������� aro correct, thero is a���������a  possible operation for your case, and  if, I can operate successfully, there���������  .is do reason, why your lifo should encl  in a year.  '  He spoke wllh long pauses between  .iu's words, and after that ono -long  glance into Miles' ���������eyes, ho looked  down-at a prjpor he held in his hand,  with a nervousness of manner entire-j  ly foreign to lilm. But it was of tho  senso of tho words only that 'Miles  (ooK' any cognisance, the manner- of  (heir speaking mattered "nothing - lo  him., lie leant forward with a sudden, eager light on his face, and his  hand that touched the rim of. the  iable-'vlslbly shook.   ' ."*    __ ^   Do you mean to say tliat. I have"  a chance-of���������-life? ho exclaimed, that  there ls somo operation which-may  arrest, tlio disease? ��������� . ^  Dynecourt bent his head. ������������������  . Only, within the'last fow weeks. 7  have como upon tho track of what for  ���������voar-s I havo hoped to find, and I believe that an operation could be successfully performed upon you, .if���������  .  Yes, if���������   y y  If���������wo are'fn time, Dynecourt added  gravely, his eyes lifting themselves  to Hevnoslov's again.  You mean to say���������it may bo too late  --to save me?    ���������  It may, and I ought 1o wffm yon,  I Jio operation will be a difficult and a  very dangerous one-, but��������� Dynecourt  paused, and it almost soemed as if the  ��������� words would choke him, but���������if it Is  successful���������there is no reason why  you should not he perfectly well again.  Perfect ly���������well? Miles'" oyes looked  nulto dazed, but���������I can't tako it in,  Am you trying to tell me that the old  verdict may bo reversed, that���������thoro  will bo no black cap, nnd no' death  warrant, after all?  Tf you consent to thc .operation, -anil  if.tho oporat'ou is successful, you will  lio a man of normal heallli and  strength. Dynoeourf, spolco hurriedly, an If tho words must he uttered  now���������or nover,  EXCHANGES  Fort Itouge, Winnipeg, 6 clear titled lots.wid eoino cash, for wild or  improved quarter or,halt flection otwestasrn land.--   -  . ��������� ���������  80 IIovso Power automobile aiid aome. clear title .lots and , cash. for  good Improved half section. ./ " -  8 fully modern houses centrally situated in Winnipeg well rented for  western land. <> /  Writo ue for list of choice Winnipeg inyestmenits, also for booklet  on fortunes mado ln Winnipeg real estate wlitch will, Interest you.>  SCOTT, HII,L ft CO., I  22 Canada Ufo Bulld.nfl, -   Winnipeg, Man  S3  My God! Ilornesley exclaimed. My  God, and ho drow out a handkerchief  and wiped hie face and brow, upon  Which stood great .beads Oot perspiration. "   .  Ho takes the.nowa of lifo less calmly than he took tho verdict of death,  Dynecourt reflected; and Hernesley  said hoarsely���������  It doesn't scorn quito possible to believe it yet, and I must have time to  think it ovor, I ���������ho roso from his  chair and. drew his hand across his  eyes���������:l don't know tliat I liavo any  right to���������havo this operation. ���������' I���������he  laughed shortly���������1 have undertaken to  die in. a glvon time; I. oughtn't to go  back from,, my word. My wife���������I  must talk lt over with my wifo beforo  I give you my decision.  Not the &ariie  Tlrno was when he had.been an officer In a .Tack regiment? But'he  had fallen on evil days. . Now ho waa  compelled by force of'circumstances  to resign his commlBolon, and enlist in  another, rogiment aa a humble private.  Ho found lt, however, ���������; very hard to  forget his former position, and when  ho was requested by a sergeant to hold  his horso he remarked:.  Eiv���������you���������er���������forget, .sergeant, that  I onco held his Majesty's commission.  The -sergeant looked at him iu tho  cold and critical way that only a sergeant can. -^a .-A  Did you, my sou? ho asked. Well,  you can Just hold one of his Majesty's horses - now.-     '  BABY LOVES  HIS BATH  %  KN  X\),'A   '*IWojLni"-^CL^J  i/:  CUTICURA  o r\nv\  ���������I  A., Dtkr J:of|>s tin; plan and ?calp  ��������� clean and clear, so sweet: and  ���������.���������nlihv. Used villi Cullcum Olnt-  ...i-nt, it soolhcs irritations which  i ;(icn prevent f.lcc-p and if iK-glcclcd  1 ic-corao' chronic disfiRurcincnts.  Millions of mothers use thc?c pure,  -iwect and gentle emollientn for  every purpose of the toilet, bath  and misery,  f'ili!iilMf'nnnk"<l I.I'll''o.l h\( x.l.l lliwu'ilimil  tl.f.ani-1.). A lll.'ri.t minpin i-l rmti, viiit ������.:���������..������������������  Im.lktinfl.fi isfB (if"' i.'.tffi" (it '!���������" fl.lnnml  t' tip,������'nf. vtM-lnt. Mnlo m T''ii(.f 1 i.'i.\i A. i lieai,  Carf, P. J'l. Sfll'i IHilMi, I.', li. A,  W.N  U.   026  CHAPTER XX.VII  r  We Will Wire to Mr. Dynecourt  It was lato evening when Miles  opened the door of his wife's boudoir,  a room in which eho loved to'sit if  her liusbaud were out or away. By  Miles' wish'it had been re-decorated  for hei* before iher marriage, and its  dainty charm-boro ��������� witness to 'tho  thought and caro he had bestowed upon it. Tho walJs, tinted the faintest  roso color, were hung with water-color sketches of such scenery as was  most dear to Dorothy's heart. Hero  was a -stretch pf. purple .moorland,  there a wide sunlit, sea," and here again  a dell of birches at whose feet swung  golden daffodils. Tho chairs and sofa wore upholstered in a sliatle of rose-  color less faint than the walls,-whilst  carpet and curtains contained' tho  same hue ln deeper tones.-,* About  the whole room was an indescribable  air of loveliness which enhanced tho  beauty of tho woman wlio sat closo to  the open window; drinking In' the  fresh evening air, whilst - tho light  from softly-shaded lamps fell "on tho  delicate outlines of her faco and ou  hei* bright crown of hair. Miles stood  silently ln the. doorway for an instant  hi* ������yes fixed hungrilyupon her; then,  as he made some* slight movement sho  turned and sprang to her feet.  Mile's, she. cried. I did not think  you would bo back till later: I-have  been thinking about you so much all  day, wondering���������but, .what, is It?.she  exclaimed breaking off suddenly as ho  -advanced-Jnto-theTpom-afld-tho-liglifc-  fell upon his face." Why���������do you  look like that? Are you very tired���������  'or���������has something happened?  Tho tiredness doesn't, matter, he  answered, a little smile' crossing his  worn face, and���������I have beon trying to  mules up-my mind all the way down  in tlio train whether or not to tell  yon���������what���������has happened.  Then there is something? She push-  'ed tho most   comfortablo   chair   towards him and tried ��������� to   draw   him  down to It.     Toll mo, Miles.  I think���������1 can. tell.you better If I  am standing, ho answered. But I  doubt very much whether 1 ought to  tell you at all. Ilo. looked at her  wistfully. I've been trying to make  myself see. that "If I was worth my  salt I should hold my tongue, and just  go cu in Bilenco till���������the end���������but���������-  Vou must corlainly tell me, his wife  interrupted, :Don't have any doubts  at all, Whatever It is, I must bo  told. If there is ������omo fresh troublo  w'o can help each othor to beai'^it,  It's more of a troublo for you than  for mo, ho snid, his eyes again looking wistfully into hers, lt seems to  inol ought to hold my tongue, Dorothy, and yet, woak fool that I fun, 1  want you to help-nie mako my choice.  Mako your choice? What choice?  Has���������Nr. Dynecourt��������� ��������� ���������-  If���������Dynecourt hnd known all tho  circumstances, as well as you and I  know them, perhaps ho would have  held his tongue and not given mo tbis  opening for rhoice at nil, Miles said  dreamily, lie, or anybody olso who  knew everything���������who know that I-���������  am bound ill honor to dio nt an appointed time, would have let woll  alone, anil lut mo peg out quietly  wlflioul, puttinp: jiosBlbilitlea before  mn whjnh-- mako complications.  Complications---possibilities? Mflesi,  ploaso tell mo what you mean. Is  it, a fvr-sli worry? Did Mr. Dynecourt  And thliift'H-���������worso than you thought?  Hho wiih KlniKllim- ijnlto floHO to lilm  her hn'nd on IiIh arm, her oycH looking ploddingly into hln, anil ho suddenly caught, her to hini with a movement that hnd Jn it an im wont oil  roiittlmci'H.  Jt������������������Ih not a woyya) worry or a frobh  I rouble. Wcjiiinj. for you; nml if I  witnn'1, a brute-1 lOiould koop this  fi'ciin you by k-noplng my Hpn flhut  and dying quietly when tho llmo  i.-,imtt. Uut���������I'm only human, Dor-  rtlby���������-how cnn J let thin clnmco bf  lifo clip'.'  A o'.iaiico of lifo',' Sho drev,* Loi'Kulf  from hiu arm, a llunh on hor fa'io. '  I'm phoing you a norry. trick,   liu  anawoml witli a touch of rnuorflo in  hln voice; in fiwit, I'm not playing the  '..I,,.  '.'. ..'"..     !'"���������' D"iki">i.iv' I'lfti'' \vo  I iliet thovft is a idifinco���������nn off chanco  ��������� ��������� tlint 1 mayn't di������i uftf-v nil,  Dorothy could not fljionli.' ubo only  looked f'.lcntly inlo 1>H* hurihiiml'H  fnco, a olrnnfto tulnuilt of cmotlnn  ^Mi-ring wi<liln Hf'V.  ;-.;!.;/������������������. '.,"���������;  i -iv  "io i-t'A   ^"'.1    Mlion  went mi, speaKing hurriedly, Dynecourt linn ninilo a new dii-r.ovory. H  ���������seeiUH that for a loin, time bo linn  bent on the track of the i<|>cclnl elif?-  Ci-w.-i I hat's biiUu-rlisg mo, <m il��������� mni-  ili'iily���������oiiu duy in the honpltul, llie  iiuhv-it lo lho riddle lie has boon try-  livu io liblio li'iii')i;il.bffi>ri- liim. M'-  miy a ii f-iuno bho Hint, nil in n (IiihIi.  jle i-a\v  I.in- )iui-hihllii,v ul I'll ii|n-l'iilitli.  - .if ii/ciii'o ior v,imt luul, iililierlo  'f-f-nu'il liicurablc. And���������Ilio cium> of  iiiiil imii.'iil ill tlif- liiiHjil/al watt Ifton-  tlcul wIMi mine.   '  l'1'fi be I'ontlniiPd)  A Pill for All Seasons.���������Winter and  summer, in any latitude,- -whether in  torrid, zone ovr Arctio temperaturo,  Parmelee's Vegetable Pills can be depended upon to do Uiolr work. Tho  dyspeptic wlll find them a friend always and should carry tliem with him  every whore. They are, mado to withstand any climate' and are warranted  to keep- their freshness ami strength.  They do not gr,ow stale, t\ quality not  possessed in many pills now on' Uho  inarke);.' ' .  Stranger���������Could you help a poor  fellow -whoso wlfo and children, are  thirsty?     '  x '  Jones���������Why aro they thirsty?  Stranger���������Why, we just got a case  of beer from a kind lady, but we ain't  got no money to buy a corkscrew,  see?  Minard's  Liniment Cures Diphtheria  ��������� Owing to tiie rapid growth of business in the city of Edmonton the  freight offices of the Grand .Trunk Pacific there have become inadequate  necessitating Uie move which has just  befea" accomplished to large and more  pretentious quarteva. Tho old building will be devoted to'the Grand Trunk  Cartage and the various foremen for  the present. " ^ '.  - Deafnesr Cannot bo Cured .  by local applications, 'as they cannot  reach the diseased portion of tho ear.-  There ls only ono way to euro deafness,  and that is \r; constitutional, remedies.  Deafness .Is caused by an Inflamed con-  -dltloii-oCthe_ira>cou^U]ilnE_o__the._E_uc^  tachlan Tube. When* thUTtube ,"ls" lri-~  flamed you havo a rumbling nound or  Imperfect heaitng, and when it is entirely ele sed, Dcr.fness la tho result, "and unless tho inflammation can bo taken- out  and this tube restored to Its normal condition, liearlnff will bo destroyed for ever;  nine cases out of ten are caused by CiiV  arrh,-'Which ts nothing but an Inflamed  condition of tho mucous (surfaces.  Wo will pl/e Ono Hundred Dollars for  any cane of Deafness (causod by catarrh)  that cannot be .cured by Hall's Catarrh  Curo.      Send  i'or circulars, free.  F..,j. CH13NHY & CO., Toledo, O.  Sold by Dj-ubkIsIs, 7Bo.  Talc* Hall's Family Pills for constipation.  MONUMENT TO WOMAN. PIONEER  Farm Woman Will  Erect a   Fitting  Memorial to Hei* Who Blazed tho  Way to. the Golden West  At the eeooni annual session-of'the  Internatlonal Congress- of Farm Wo-  mea, held at' Lothbridgo tho , last  woek of October, the koyaoto was the  betterment, of .country life,* Uio lessening of the biii-ttens ot-tlio farmer's wife  and'.mothQr,' the adoption,of methods  e?ftd dovices that.?will conserve' (the,  woman,-and tho'Improvement of. the  home, tho country church and the rural community. The-speakers numbered many men1 and. women of note  inoludlng Dr. John A. Widstoo, Hon.  'Martin' Burrell, Jlivza All Kiill Kahu,  Miss Alice. Kavenhlll, Dr. Liberty 1-1.  Bailey, Alexander' A'ar'onsolin, Mrs.  John iJarberfc;' Mrs'. Alborta Kepper,  Rev? Matthew Brown McNutt and  Prof.  Goo.  W.  Puthnm.. ,..    '  Tho Congress elected Mrs. John  Ilarbcrt oi Manssiuolu, Colo., prosi--  dont, nnd' re-elected Mrs. -.Tohn T.  Burns,'secrotary. by acclamation. Oklahoma City - wnsr chosen-ns tho next  meeting plnco.     { ������ -'..-'  Tho cJoaing session' was-marked by  the decision.to raise a pioneer.fund  with which to erect a largo monum-int  tn bronze to the lirst farm woman of  tho golden west, * A model was  shown of a farm-MVoman standing; on  n. doorstep with ono arm? cnclrcllii.i  the neck of. her hopeful son. and her  eyes looking toward tlio sotting eun  across tho great prairie farm; depicting tho oveniuar aour when tho husband nnd father,' tho pioneer uud!  home builder, was duo to return from'  his day's toil in the field. ,'        \ :  Tho suggestion'of Mils paying,.tribute to tlie noble woman who first  blazed the way " across tho * desert  prairies originated with Charles Ohrie-  tadora, of Point Loma, Calif., and',tho  young sculptor Who had . submitted  tlie model desired that his namo,-'bo  kept .secret until -the accomplishment  of his great work.. .  "A comnvitteo wus appointed to further the raising of a fund of $150,-  000 within one year, comprising Miss  Irma B. Mathews of Oklahoma City,  .Okla; Mrs. li. W. Charles of Manitou, .Man., and Mrs. John T. Burns of  Oklahoma City, Okla. The Canadian  delegates started the popular sub-'  scriptlon with $47.50.  The plan of subscription is.to urgo  a popular contribution to the fund iln  10 cent payments. ' The organization  to carry on the campaign In every  state wDl be named by .the committee  at an "early date. - In tiie meantime  thoso desirous of contributing their  mite may send it to ttio secretary;  ���������Mrs. John T. Burns, Oklahoma City,  Okla. "    '  A-feature' of ihe Dry-Farming products exposition held during the week  was the women's exhibit, "and thesis-  plays made" by tho farm women and  the home economic-societies were "as  much onjoyod by tlie visitors as the  grand displays of farm-, products A'  _D_iirlng tho week' the International  Getting Along"' ,:  Spratts���������Miss Elder Is much older  than I,thought;    .-   - ���������    -   .'","'  ITuhker���������Impassible.   A      , .  .  Spratts���������Well, I asked, her-'if she  had read Aesop's Fables and aha, said  she read the-n when they .first- canio  out.  '.- y        . - '���������  . Ueports. froni the west stato that  great oxci'tom-ent reigns at Kits'elas on  the line of .the" Grand Trunk Pacifl'o  irr British Columbia over rich finds-" of  ireo milling gold bearing ore that havo  lately.been discovered. -That th^s Is  the real, thing,says the'report.".ls "established, bej'ond doubt; ��������� assays made  recently havo run as high as $700 to  tho ton and quantities of,tlio ore'aro,  to be found .within a'short distanco ot  the railroad. So' far lio great auKinnt  of work hasboo.doiio and it "is i-m-  pvobablo that activo . operations will  commonce before^the spring. Numbers  of claims have boon staked, however,.  and ono company thinks that with -tho  railwiy facilities at hand thoy may lie  able -to' mnlto'a trial shipment in tho  tmmcdiutd future. - -*  Quoi*)"���������Is'  a   bridft . self-possessed  after her fathor givoa her away?  No, Cordolia, a dancing academy is  not necessarily a hop joint.  No Chance    \  And what is your occupation? ask-'  ed the insurance agent'''       ������������������   l  ��������� ,1'mt Avoodman.' .'^-During' the hunting season season.I act as guidp, ��������� .  ' Oh, I'm siorry, ,but my-'company .  won't write a policy in your class. .? .  :   Why' not? Surely I'm a good risk.  -.My dear sir, you're not a risk, you're.  a .certainty.       .   ...   "���������������������������   '" '-'���������."   " 7 .  ���������-Two' old" college -chums'. lost ;sight  of each other for years'. ^ '-'One days  ono of-them, do'.yu on his,luck, worn  ���������  of face aniUclolhos, entered a.eli'ciip '.  eating-houso and-seated".himself-at a,  table.* * .,      ,'-.''V   ���������-. -:  "Yes'sir? asked Uie 'shabby 'waiter  briskly. , *_*-,"���������  Thon tho custodier.looked" up anil  ���������to"'his amazement recognised -his 'old  chum, "     -A      * .  *   ,    . ,  Great Scott, mau, ho exclaimed. ;  Fancy you having sunk, j'being u ���������'  waller and in a place like this, ton.  ,Thu waiter turned up his- no.se."' ,  'Yos, I'm a wall civile replied sarcaK-  tlcnlly' but thank gooduoss 1 don'i: oil'-  luvro. *. ,     .   '       -     -  ', If yon,make a remark, don't you on-  3oS" having someone5flay: In Uiat So'.'.  lt a man and wll> nro one"it in bn-  causo���������'tlioy are tied for "first place.  o  VA SHIP VOUR GRAIN TO ���������  PETE1J JANSEN COMPANY  ���������r������ln CornmlMlon Merch������ntii      '"., Wfnnlpt'a, MtnttoW  Wrw^i     dta,t ut&1 por.t Arm������r *t JTeit .W.Ulam. ��������� Notify. P������Ur Juwtft '  Co., WiBnipec.  Liber*) Ativioctt  Prompt Return*  Boat Qrarto.  MMMMMH  Advantages and Saving by Using  Livestock Means Success  Oui nearly   every,   farm   livostock  raising is merely a eide lino when 4t  should be tho main thing.     There Is  no. placo whore tho farmer cau market his corn and roughage -so profitable  as feeding it to good livestock, says  tho Kansas Farmer.   Tlio market is  right at homo In tho feed lot and  no long hauls to.town aro necessary.  If a farmer can feed 'Wio (10 cont corn  to  good hogs which  will pay him  80 cents for It, docs ho not make an-  advance on the, price of lils corn and  a profit* in tho fertility roturncd to  tho ceil, as well as a 'saving of ex-  poiiE'ein tho hauling?   Brooding purebred livestock is a business which  should bo entorcd gradually and retired from reluctantly,     Improving the  common utock a littlo each year will  lend up to tho pure-bred bueinoss.  Tliero cau exist no permanent system  of agriculture without livestock and,  on, high-priced land, puro-hrcd slock  ���������is the only kind to have.  ���������  Farm .Women's Press Association hefd  several meetings at .which officers  wero. elected, and if was decided, to  establish, a state or provincial auxiliary ln every stato and province in  North America, and also to havo 'representatives from foreign countries.  Thia auxiliary organization,, .which  started at Colorado Springs in 1911  with 11 members, now numbers 54, 20  of whom were lu attendance. Mrs.  Mary L. Blgolbw, of the Farm, Stock  and Homo Journal,of Minneapolis was  elected- president? and' Miss Mary A.  Whedon-���������of -The Farmer's Wife,-St.  Paul, secretary-treasurer.    '  In ili.*. writing we desire to p ut beforo ojr .Wostern Farmers th������  aayins-.and advantage.of loading grain direct on cars. Shipping��������� grain '  through an"'elevator, it matters, not whether a Government elevator ov  ono run. by. air elevator company or individual owner, does   not "add':-  the lead fraction of a cent' to thtf valuo of lhe grain,' nor d'ooS' it,give',  tho farmer any better chance of'marketing Jt to.advantage thaiv wheii"  loaded dirept on cars;   But loading direct an cars' cuts out in' the first  place the elevator.charge, which is usually l?_c.    por   bushel,   day  $17.50 on a thousand bushel car.'     Tho elevator . dockage   is ��������� also  saved: this may,bo worth.more or, less, depending partly on how dirty ..  , the grain is, but mostly.on the.-farmer's 'ability, in- holding his own  with tho elevator'man taking It'in. ' -On "tho average   the--' dockage  may be' considered-' worth-So por bushpl to tho.farmer, or say $30 per?"  car of 3,000 bushels.-   When.grain fs load3d direct Into car over-thi.  Loading Platform, the farmer knows for sure that ..it la his very own'  grain that will bo graded by tho" inspector,: and that ho''wlll -,without  doubt receive,the full and exact, outturn; of his, car at' whichever ter'-,.  miiiul elevator it Js unloaded;'"for all grain 'h unloaded from tha cars-  under government superintendance nnd^wel-jhed by properly'qualifled..  government weighmen 'under- tho rules and ciipervision of the Domln^  Ion Government Board of Grain'Commissioners.   '.'    >���������   -.   ;     ' "A-A  '   Of- <*ourse, it makes no differ once in, our loading of the farmers'  grain .whether it has been shipped through an-elevator' orVo\*or'th_'  Loading Platform,'but it can..easily be;seen from wlmt'we'-have stated,,  above where the farmer's advantage- lib.; when it saves him around"'-  $50 or. moro_on every "car h'e'Bhipg,',     ..--., A   ,   ~  ���������'.....,.        .?'.'  -.���������^Vo-continuorto-act-as-the-farmers'--ageRWh-h->elvi'!ig^rvfter^and-ilia--i-  i' posing of cavlot shipments,'of wheat;- oats, barley nnd llaX' strlctlyAon*  & commission of 1 cent per bushel.     We tre not connected; with.'  nor interested in any,'elevator companies or elevators,'either local or-  terminal, neither are .wo" track buyers, in fact, we nover buy farmers' grain on our own account, but only to km dlo and,dispose of thug-rain entrusted to us as tho agents of those who employ us.:  -Many  ���������years' experience, with a wide connection and ample facilities fbr'en-'  paging in'this "special-branch of the grain trade,'have given us are-  putatlpn of the highest character in-itj.    \V_- mako liberal, advances",  on car bills of lading.     Writo us for shipping instructions and mark-''  ct information.     We give as references to our. reliability, efficiency ,'  'mid financial standing any city or country. Bank'Manage:* in Wostern .  Canada.     ' ��������� '    ������������������ ���������        . . '  Thompson Sons & Company  4F4|   '  Al  A inuri'onn have flhorl legs antl sLlll"  carry liis bead high,-.  It alwayfl. costs more to acquire a  grouch than Un worth.  nrwi m wi  ''������������������������������������������������ i**,ta***ar t*  Between the toothacho and the dent-  '1st a man ia forced to choose between  two ovlla.  An a vonnlfugo tiinro is nothing ho  potent aii Mother Graves' Worm Kx-  terminator, and it can be given to the  mont .delicate child without four of  Injury to tho coimUtiiUo'i.  WW>ni i  ���������win���������������a*mt*u  Loin of |ioor men aro tho ardilleclM  of otliPt' inen'-s riches,  tfmmi* ������������������������������������������    in- ii>^p������t������������l* ���������������������'���������*  Noihlng wo-rrioH n iiaBging wife so  miuihafi n husband wlm won't got.  mad.,   ,  Mln������rd'������ Liniment Ciimi Olitempir  Domonetratlnfl.  Mrn, Vry���������-What is all thai liolno  fit yoiir JioiiriP, WIUIcV  WiUlo���������Mn told pa I,,wan just like  h!'.-.i alvi'T *l*r,It^.'-'^*- -a'vl t'o '".iM T  'wriHii'i���������nnd now thry'ro having it  out,-  Out of  Sorts?  T     ,(c       rt V.      t-,,.1 ll, -  ij\}ll3      Ol        t-ii,-)\.\JI������ilVili.  - ~ '   H,\.  blues ��������� and many serious  sicknesses you will avoid if  you keep your bowels, livor  :ind stomach in good work*  ing order by timely use of  ma*, mm mm Af*.*, m *a HjifA  PILLS  ' Millions of Matches  Fifty years ago your grandfather  bought matches tied up in bundles.  They wore, thick   wooden   matches  with strong-smelling sulphur heads.  Many of,these'matches your grandfather bought and used carefully and  sparingly, camo from ��������� a little ' shed  oIobq to Gloucester.  ���������" Thore, wiih a fow willing hands to  help Jiim.-o. Samuel John Moreland  turned out matches which, although  the best of thoir time, were verycrudo  things compared with tho neat boxes  of matches yoa buy today.  But Moreland had realised that la  matches \va3 to be found a fortune.  Ho determined that Morelaud's matches should bo famous."  Today in placo of that littlo shod  nnd almost on the same -spot thero  Simula a hugo factory that turns, out  Morelaud's "ISngland's Glory," matches ,at tho rate of twolvo million an  hour.  Tho match making maohino Is really tlio lust word in mnehlnory. ^ftor  tho blocks of Umber havo been,out  up into flplintp, lho maohino takes  (hem, holds thom ln tho proper position,and dtps thom iu paraffin ,���������  After Mot U Just puts tlieir heads  lalo tho composition of which tho  hoad of a -march Is1 miulo. dries thom,  ami drops tho flnlwhod innlnhoB, ready  counted, into boxes walling to recolvo  thom,  Within a nlJiglo hour of tho arrival  of loga of timhor from iho wharf they  are cut up and convorlod into mutches  roady fur Lho busy hmmowH'o or Lho  smoker,  To wullc ovf'i' thn factory, which  covers bovpii nerea and is boiiif-. (Hi-  Ini'goil, takes ovfi- an hour.  "liiinland'i! Glory" moLch.'s aro  known ovei*ywIi<'i't>, nn aro .lohn Hull  matchoB. another product of Morb-  liuid'H amazlni. ctierny and j'orefllfiht  Ill'ty yearn ago.  Wauled*--A porter and jnun of ull  work.   Ho ran the nclvertlisnmont ihat  ..*.*........  ���������������'.������*     ...        ' /  numiiR tho kppllcanlfl wna a sturdy  Irlfthman, psifiod with   more   iiiukcIoi  tliun book lea rn lag.  Ih* strollfd slowly In'.n the ������liop and  ',1'ftKCil round rnflmr niiflorinl-iilj'. TJmn  he osplfd a largo notice Hiiupcndoil  fr-y-it lUn 'ny.i-iiotU "ho]f  Dlcltena', works, i.ll Llilu wn.;k for :l|l  KhilllllRS. '  Tho niiiifuiTK'f'iiH'iil at ounft tii'ouiiO'3  t-h.. nil lier fchnrp trmpor of lho son of  JCi-ln.    '  Oi camo boYC aflcr this jub, lie ro-  marl-ril io the boolr-fiollm', but Ol'vo  t'liaiift'.-.l jnn lulu i.     1 iW-U-iiri (-nu \unl.  all the week for   Hlxteen   hob   If  lie  i li.iln *, l.ti: I'm luuAi'l If Ol'.ui   i.'.olii'i  I m.    Vo'h bolter ln'ipc Mel;* us.  GRAIN COMMISSION  MERCHANTS,  ..  '% -  701703 Y Grain  Exchange.  Winnipeg, Canada.  W  GRAIN GROWERS!  GRAIN GROWERS of the West, what isyoiir  fluty to the'Gram Growers' Grain Company?  H JTAVK now n, rOHcrvo fund of $260,RCO.t.O, with n'pnid uv  (iapltnl of" $(100,000.   lu addition to paying   ������   patlnfautmy       ������  (Uvldond to our HlmrehoUlei-H, wo Imvo In tbo laHt Hlx. yniivn  donatad about 140,000 to tho Western Grain rtrower-i' Association*  nnd lo othor educfitional work tiinoiit. tho runners.  ��������� Had tho B'rain Umt mado this profit .bonn elilppcd lo otlin;-  Arms or aonimiHSioii housow, Uift dtvIdmidH pulrt to Hliarcholiloi-M unil ���������  Uii������,doiiutloi)8 to tlio Grain Growers'  AhuocIiiiIoiii' would jjo U,  inoroiiso tho pi'oIHh of private cemmlsulon Iioiihch nnd gi'aln dedlors.  UonlJAs theso facts, wo liavo ereatod comptitUIou In tho ttrnln  iraflo that could not oomo by nny other innmiN, Onv export  iiotlviilfts havo boen-BuooeBBful in Uecpiiu. WIuulpoc cash ciuota-  -ilcms for grain liRht up to fixport voIuph, RCtthur lor tho fiu-mcv  HOuiothlfiR oloser lo what Biipply mid donumd would warnint,  Voirwlll nolioo tlmt thftio la this your nn-oxtm ofi'ort nitidc nn  Iho pnrt of n Ini'KO numbfli" of oommloslou Hiwh and othors In tin.  hiiKlnoHR in liavliu; lho country covered by trnelc buyers, nti-oo'.-.  ijuyorM and hoIIbIIoi-.i tor fti'tftii. Tills nil oo.ult) mom-y ivik'I tl*.������  fai-mor pnys for U all In commissions; It' you t-hlp lo yonr own  Company you pny your own iiRency tho oominlsnlou. What is not  uuoil'lii oonduotlnj. tlm IhwiIiiobs of Tlio Grain Ornwoi-H' Ovalu  Oompnny poos to Inevonso our rnsei'vo fund, m pny dlvIdcndN tr.  onr iitnoldioldurn nnd to oarjy on luVlltlonnl oduoaUonal worl: In  lho Interests of tbo produooi'H ot uniln.  Wo nro opoi-ntliiR tho Manitoba (lovonniKiit lino.of elAvntor.".  Our oporntors \slll tnlto your Rintn to stoi-(.,,buy In enr loads on  track <ir In wubkoii lomln on street.  Kai'inorw havo nlwuyrf nioliitnlnod tlmt Tlio fii-aln Orowow.1'  ib-iilii Oompnny Jifcilert a terminal olc-vMor -to mnko ihem an  i-ffeotivo force In hooping up tho prloo of ri-iUh nnd in f;lvln������ tlio  ii I'nniioi'H tho host sci-v-h.-o lo plnco Umlr piodnots In Mio consumm-'.'  liiivulii on ulllmato mrirluits. You hnvo your own terminal now,  mul wo thus npp'iiil to you to help innlni this uiuluvtalrlni. n  suucohm l.y cotiNlRiilm. your prnJn to '1'ho Ciruln lii-owoi-s' ciiiiln  ��������� 'ompmiy'M term Inn I nt Port AMUrtif.i.*'  Also imbNorlliu fov stoc-lr, tho rf.ldltlotifil e.ipiinl Ih muoh ncert'M  ���������   If -\.o mu 10 tint (A- tlm tu-oi"ci;ativn .fl/ld,   IK-cldi-H, It I.s a koiim'I  liiv������Btiii':iiti ' ',���������,'���������  GRAIN GROWERS; it'ift' all in your hands,  what arcjyon tfoi"^ to do ?  THE GRAIN GROWERS' GRAIN CO., LTD.  WINNIPtU  CALGARY  Cold ������������ir)fwli������r#,  III 1in*������l, 2$������.    I il/.;ij-.'l'.  i    Vou enn alwnyn ������et a lot for your  1 annoy If ynu {ntLonlyf n r<������' o^ia'rt  Tn Backache the  Kidneys Speak  H l������ thtlr way of pMIIhk your atlrntlon to tlfo find  iliht tlicy nre not In imrf.^t eimilllloii,  Mnny peoplo  who prrKtintly Ignornl rrpentwl warnlnc* |.lv������'n  V.y thu lldii*.v������ ������rn now rhroiilu milTrtoin fiom ktilrtry  ������r..I bldililfi' i-nm|i1ni!il������ vl.lili vill Niuy wllb ilium  natll tlwy alt, uii.f (.^iltcj������ U<(<u tl.t tn>l.  How hukU taller to lulp dm lldnf.yn tlm women*  they plow iilrim (,l tin ft'.nt *. hllU nMldUni'H 'I'iiIii  ������������U. f'J.AHy>' hV. 1.1.,'i Ni'nil-i I'ti.i.s tn.tlmo.  'iUiy eoiilam Niilm#������ own rimr-iit-*. lUrr lift 1 he Lolni-vi out of tLeir iwmmrtry  (^prcnl'in nml Mcit ilf:m fit*.In in uonrn.1 ������cti.ity, Hc<l.f cverywheio ��������������� lifty rent*  * Un or tiitllnl ������!ir������.t J.y 41  THE MARTIN, MOLE & WYNNE 00.,      WINNIPEG, OIN A DA  ���������i V--- --   i���������7--:vmm���������r*���������t*~"- ip... .���������^-,%,%,^^rm~r^.^..^m*.  .A     _   \ '''--J   [  -X'.. .. "     >'-      -;a",-...-a    X li     .-���������*    a.JJ a 'V      ���������-    ,...  ��������� A ��������� ���������. -*'.-.- ���������- ���������l ������������������., ���������' - a ��������� ��������������������������� * >��������� -. 't������r -s. ^, f ���������- - ��������� y  ���������* '-���������.."'.- ���������     ���������       i"- "*'-i.      '.-*..������ -  '."���������   . ���������   :   -'-.-( _���������"���������  ,'..'< ���������''. N"  L        a,   -^i  ���������"���������"     i,"-'<���������-.-",'_*.: "a  ���������;.v*v--7'.:->  .> --a- v*;,"  i  J?  1  -: a ������   ...  "':  ������V ������������������: ���������}*  am -"news; etMrferh: awo* b. a'  iWlWiER  f3������0l#:?:  not only keeps cold: out buS  conseryesbodiy-w&rmlli; body-  fnt serves the same'purpose,  it enables ua to resist unsettled  "elements and serves as the  great source of our body-heat.  Greater body-warmth means  richer blood, more fat, not  obesity but fat which the body  consumes for warmth, vitality,  reaistance-power���������aa a furnace  consumes coal.for hent-~-  Scott*s Emahion does thia.  '.������������������ A tcaspoonful after each  meal makes body-warmm~r  healthy,, active blood-  sharpens the*appetite and.  makes all good food do good.  // drives out and keep* out cold*  by raising endurance-power  and creating strength. .  Reject substitute* for SCOTTS.  ,   Scott & Bourne, Toronto, Ontario  ?:White Pine Culls Now In Demand,'.  - A peculiar feature of current, lum^  _ ber demand in tho old white plno 'sec-  , U0113 of,tho North Is the' ortraordln-  nry requirement foi" low grado stock.  It Is.'bo persistent and devourins*that  It tnlcos .in 'culls',bo ranks that.20 or  ���������30 years ago .they would have-boon  considered  rofUBo,  flt only for the  .-roughest kind of patching up of sheds,  nnd whon accumulation becamo too  burdensomo they were thrown Into  tlio ��������� burner or, used to build wharves  or roadways, of for firewood. Grading  downward has come, with the demand  fcr box material, until* three-mon  boards,-' ns thoy ��������� hnve ��������� been jocosely  -called, arc- now\gi-aded'ns-No. E or  anything .below "that.*1    The call for  Aaw-grade stuff has become so general ��������� anaTinsIatont -that such .stuff, is  more saleable than tlio"medium, and  . better qualities. -   This feature is,true'  \;iot only of thc lumber market of'the  Northern States, but pertains also to  that of Canada..; At Toronto'.tho do-  - nittnd for the-lower grades, of 'pino  'is*'especially active and'larg'o,' eo that  there." ia a veritable shortage of mill  culls and what are���������called���������<dead.pickings, in'it. , tTIvifl 'condition with re-  . spect to the lumber market of Ontario,shows'iiow closely Uie .lumber trade  'jof-lha^prbtincWs���������ooiinocted-^wlth-  .that of this country;.the samo requirements- for ..cull lumber���������namely, for  box manufactureir-provalling in tbat  provtaco.as in tho'northern'part of  thoJJnitod .States. The way in  which.- thb .cull lumber of tlio Northern States and Canada Is boing.used  up ^almost ��������� to the last' carload ha*s  moro than ordinary significance It  Cleans that .anything ln tho shape of  J tree .or log Is being utilized In the  a way of sawed'product, and that tlm-  Va* that' was onco considered usable  inly as' firewood ls now being converted' into lumber that actually soils  quicker than,good stock.���������-American  f.umbermtui.. a- a  ��������� Poor old Patrick! . He was-but the  shadow of- his old self. Ho.was a sol-  dlor boy who'd boen serving In a minor wnr In the hill country of India,  and he'd had a rough "time, bedad?  ,, So seedy, ,30 tliin and worn Indeed',  was Pa'lriclc that he wan1 invalided  ���������homo Hint ho might havo an early opportunity of pulling hiniflolf togother,  ��������� und allowing that ho waa truthfully  a brawny son of Krlu,  As"ho stopped nshoro from the troopship jit Southampton his cousin Timothy stoppod up to meet him."     4- ,.  Why, Palsy, my bhoy, remarked tho  cousin, it's right glad that Oi am to  seo ye'ro back from ,lho front.  Patrick lookod grieved and' sad,  ���������chastened and ill-nt-easo,  ncdad, Tim, ho said. Oi knew OI  was thin, but Ol'm . bothered if 01  thought I was as thin ns that?r  ad  ���������   Tlio Cheery Ad. M������in  Now Merchant���������How   big   an  would you advise?  Advertising Mnn���������Thnt doponds on  how many tons - of customors your  store floor will sustain. You would  ,not want 'em to break through into  tho collar, of courso.  The mnn wlio has a photograph of  his wlfo'and kids on his desk may ho  11 oontimontnllst���������but Iio'ij a dependable sort of a coot.  in  Tho Btunnicr girl 3ms   resigned  favor ot iho cncldlwioirio girl,    i  nt,  *%  TWO POINTERS ON HOW  TO CURE A COLO  When you begin to sniff ami feel a  bu. iing sensation in the unmil passnucA,  ox when a tickling irrittUioti in your  throat starts yott coughing, the flrut  important thing it to act ������t onc������. It's  iho n*7i1������r**t\ rrftft fitnt 1"*'>v.,.!_ ti".ub!i  ���������otue aiid dingerous,  'i'lie second important tiling to do (1  to take Na-Dru-Co Syrup of linseed,  Slcorlee and Chlorodyne, ami keep it un  11 tho cold diiappfnm entlrdy.  Na-Drw-Co Syrup of Unseed, Wcorlco  and Chlorodrns li nbiolutrlv frto frnm  Jnarmiul drug.*, nnd can enlely be given  even to.moderately young children,  It is pleasant taitlng and quick acting,'  promptly relieving tho irritation of thc  throat and nostrils, loosenf!ig tho  mucus, promoting expectoration, and  checking the cold.  Votrr clfii-ffffst lm JTi.TVi. Co Syrup  of Llnsttd, Licorice and Chlorodyne in  3JIC and 50c bottlw, or fin qulrklrm������r  it tor you. CotnjMundf d hy tlie National  Drug ond Chemical Co. of Canada,  Limited. 3]j  W.N.U, 0?1  .   :    Tho Etiquetto of War .      .  War���������that 43 -warfare between civilized nations���������has - its coda ot etiquette, knows as tho Customs/ft!,War,  'some.of which are written, others tacitly-agreed to, \*���������  ,; Obvious example* of .fighting etl-  qiiette are the rules whloh. proteot the  .Red Cross flag of tho ambulanoe, and  forbid the uso of explosive, or-within  limits, expanding bullets.  , Nominally, tt general may use any  means- in' his power to bring his foo  to subjection, A leader may out off  his enomy'8 ft/od and.water supplies,  He may eubjeothlm to" all .the horrors  of famino and thirst; but he must not  poison1 his food or water. ���������  - Suppose a place is bulged and  that outside the 'walls are wells whloh  the besolgers cannotseffeotlve]y hold,'  and which thobeseiged can reaoh  under cover of night. The baselgors  would be Justified In eendlng parties  to fill up tho wells with oarth and  stones, or to destroy thom with dyna*  mlto. On the othor hand, to pollute  the wella with poteon or to throw' dead  animals into them, would bo an infamy. ���������  A prisonor of war has his' rights.  Ha may bo naked to glvo his parole-  to promise not to escnpo; but he must  not, bo forced to givo his parolo, and  Is not to be punlshod for refusing to  do so. A.prisoner on parole who attempts to esoapo is liable to bo shot,  either whon osoaplng. or ifv retaken  alive, r ,.   -    ��������� \  Airunparoled prisoner may also be  shot while in the, act of ������aoaplng;  but if. recaptured, it would be murder  to shoot him, though he may bo  placed ; In more- rigorous confinement .-'.'., ���������  * A ^-prisoner may b* compelled to  earn his koop by working at his trade  if ho has'one, or by ,doing work for  his 'captors not of a purely ��������� military  nature. Thus, ho may be orderod to  assist In draining' tho camp in which  he is a prisoner! but it 'would not be-  fair to put him to building fortifications. -  ������������������',.     - '    ' .I'  ' The customs of war Justify the employment of spios,.bU'J under,certain  rules.': - If a soldier voluntarily, turns  traitor, tho other Bldo.ara eutltled to  make uso'of him; butit is'not right  to tempt a soldior to betray his own  side. '.,.,?  If thus temptod; a man mny pretend to turn traitor,-and deceive the  enemy with false information. On the  other liand, voluntarily to go over to  tho onemy, pretending to bo a,traitor  or deserter, would ' be dishonorable  conduct���������that Is' Jf the pretended  traitor Is an officer or soldier,  A spy, ot course; has no rights, and  ���������is at all times 'liable to be shot or  hanged at sight,  '���������-'An .officer or A soldier,' however,  caught ln the enemy's camp must not  be treated asa spy, but as a'prisoner  of war, provided he Is not dlBgulsed.  * If a commander- takes part in, a  charge, or'persistently osposos hlm-  ^oiLift_flr-o,-h.o-jnu8t_takaUils-chance-  of being shot; "but in big,affairs it is  not the ,gnme. to detail marksmen to  try to pink off your opponent's general, though every effort, may be made  to capture him, * (      '   '  , Whon'a city or town is', bombarded;  publlicbulldlngs���������unless used for.defensive, purposos���������.should bo spared  as far as possible, When a place is  captured, the.victorious foe is entitled  to solzo art treasures and bo on, and  to hold them to ransom. To Injure  or destroy thom would be tbo act of a  vandal. *  ���������  , .When.a country ls Invaded, tho invader can' compel the Inhabitants to  supply him with food and other supplies, nud to act a3 guides,, workmen,  and drivers.    ���������   ,,, ,   .,  * A porson'who, not belonging to any  recognized military force, takes up  arms against an invader Is,liable'to  bo shot liko a dog .when captured. Retaliation is sanctioned ,by the customs  of'war. It is military vongoance,  and takes placo when an outrago  committed on ono sido ls avenged by  tho commission of it similar act on tho  other.  Thus, an unjust execution of prison,  ers by lho onemy may bo followed by  tho execution of an equal number of  prisoners hold'by tlio'opponents,  Sabbnth Desecration  In illustration of tho dreary Glasgow Sunday a lecturer told this story  of tho lato J, L. Toolo. Ho wns leaving his hoteljn Glasgow ono lino Sunday morning when tho sun was shining brightly, As ho was strolling  along Qo-orgo Square a policoman  oj'cd 'lilm suspiciously, and at last approached and said:  Yo had bettor tak' caro what yo'ro  doin'.  Whnt nm I doing? inquired Toole,  and added with a merry wink, why,  I'm not ovon whistling.  No, ropliod tho ninswrglnn in sol-  011m nnd reproving tones; but yo'ro  looking almost us Iinpoy a.i if it were  Moniliiy;  vTho prisoner Is discharged.  What's that, Judgo?  You nro discharged. I eay.  Mut Judgo, I pleaded gullly.  I can't holp that,   Goon away.  I pleaded guilty, your honor, and  guilty I wus, aud I think 1 ought to go  to Jail.  WJ11 you keep still? Tho court Is  dono with your case,  Tlio Indictment diurgfld nio with ub*  lugy poisonous flavors in noda water,  Judge.'and. I coi'lalnly did, Now I  want to pay Iho penally.  Onco and for nil, my man,   I ordor  i*nt\ -In null 1int1tni'ln������������ ihln niMi'i't-    \**h  wero ch urged with adulterating ���������sodn  vator. "ilio ovidonco allowed tliat  yoii.IaheWod jour bottles sody water,  That Iris ymi mit. Thorn lo no law  ngnlnst putting impurities in sody wa*  t<-i\ Tho law refers only to soda wa-  <r-v,"r,tr  I hid r.o Intention of evading tho  law, Judgo. I spelt It aody through  Ignorance. Can't yati send mo up for  a month or so?  No, sir, not for a minuto. Tlio law  Is tho law nnd I am hero to.defend It  from violation.   Officer,   throw   this  pU.t'K llllO l\lU bllfi-i..  Kthvaid clpuneil up $10,000 yesterday.  Kdwlr.--Grc.it.     How did ho do It?  Mdwnrd���������Oh, eriny enough. T'scd*  ono of theao now machines for washing bank liotet.  MONKEY AND SEAR FIQHT  Brutal Exhibition In an English Town  Is Stopped by Audlonca [  '. An o~xoltlng, .seen������ occurred. at a  music hall, in.whioh tho audlenco rose  In a body and protested against the  performance .was ��������� described. to ��������� the  Scarborough magistrates yesterday  when, John Hendrlokson, proprietor of  an animal oircus, was summoned lor  cruelty to a amall bear and-rmonkey,  It was alleged that on Monday night  defendant introduced at the -Peoplo's  Palace and Aquarium what was des-,  cribod as a flghtbetwoen the bear and  the'monkey,' ��������� Tlie latter had tied to  Its neck a heavy weight, which pro-;,  vented it from.moving - easily; .and a  small blaok bear was dragged on to  tho stage," evldontly very much against  Its wlll.  I, am now'Introducing John Johnson, defondaut told the audlonce. You  will now se<. a fight botween blaok and  white, Ho then Incited" tlio animals  to fight, ,   .     ���������  Tho monk.y Jumped upon tho bear's  back and bit it about tho eyes.-The  boar attempted to escape from tha  stage, but.tho defendant dragged lt  forward again and a fierce struggle of  about one minute's duration'' ensued  botween- tho animals. '  The boar freed itself,'' but the'de-  fondant again Brought it up to'the  scratch ami a further fight took placo.  ��������� Tho audlenco roso almost on'masse,  and protested against tho continuance  .of tho disgraceful exhibition and-subsequently tho-manager-barred tho performance for tho rost of thb week.  Defendant told tho magistrates that  ho was very sorry that he had over  shown the bear?;' Tho two animals  had-played together like kittens. .  The magistrates imposed a-fine of  ?3 and" cost j,     ��������� '7 ,  ANAEMIC GIRLS  SEEHTEVERYWHERE  Nine Out  of, Every, Ten  Show  Symptoms   of. This,"Serious  *..",��������� Trouble  So steadlly-does anaemia undermine  ���������the healtliof young? growing-girls,and  young women that it 13 rightly regard-'  ed as one of the greatest enemies of  her .sex," ��������� Nino women- out of ten  aro bloodless,- moro, or less, and in  many cases neglect has allowed anaemia to develop into hopeless decline,  There Js a'.security and iiew'streugth  for 'weak,' tired girls and womoii-in  Dr. .Williams' Pink ' Pills.' for ��������� Palo  Peoplo. They - actually , mako-, tihe  new, good blood ofhealth 'that banlsHi-  es tho "alwapa tired" weakness, and  tho continual -backaches,, of ,anaemia.  Tliey. drlv.0 away'headaches,'.the low  spirits,' tho palpitation of .the over-  ���������wormsiflThear nunniib'' fi ts���������of nnsrvou s~  ness. that mark tho'./women whose  weak -blood Is unable to nourish their  wasting frames. Dr.' Williams' Pink  Pills havo given ��������� health to unhappy  iihaemlcs-in eases-top 'numerous-to  record. ��������� Hero' Is one example. Miss  Hat tie Bv. White, .-.Whitehall, Out.,  saysi'-'Some two years ago I became  very-much run. down, I consulted a  doctor who told mo that It was a bad  ciiso'of -anaemia and nervousness. /  had most of tho symptoms that accompany this troublo, such ns headaches,  a tired' feeling, poor appetite, and pallor.* Tho doctor's medicine did not  seem to help mo and 'thon I began  changing from ono medlclno to another, but with no better results/  Finally at tho suggestion of'my mother I deckled to try.Dr. iVIlHiims' pink  Pills. I got two boxos and by tho  time I hnd "token tliem. I hogan. to fed  hotter; This cheered mo very much,  and I contlnuod using the Pills until  I had taken lUiio or ten boxes, whon  I was again enjoying tho very best  of health, and had gained in weight as  well. I havo proved In my caso that  Dr. Williams' Pink Pills aro a euro  for anaemia, and can recommend  tlioni to similar sufferers,"  Sold by all modlclno .dealers or by  mall at 60 cents a- box, or six boxes  for $2.50. from Tho-Dr, Williams''  Medlclno Co,, Drockvlllo, Out,  Matter of Tasto  Ilo was tho sort ot, young mon who  tnlcos a girl out and talks n-iot of  protty things, but nover dreams of buying anything, not ovon a penny bar of  cocbanut lnffy, Thoy, hnd boon walking out 'together for quito a Mmo, and  sho was getting a' bit tired,of-It. Ono  ovonlng thoy camo to a pnuso outwldo  a gaily decorated confoctlonor's shop.  Look, darling, ho whispered gushingly,  I can nco your beautiful sweet face  quito clearly In thnt window.  Mut sho wns determined on makln.;  .1 chango. That's all right, Georgo.  nbout my swoot faco, filto said, coldly,  I'm tlvod ot hearing about lt, I wish  you'd remember my ������wcot tooth now  and then Instead,  Don't Persecute  your Bowels  -  Cut out c������lhartlc������ and purmuivej.   Thty _r*  brut������l������_ar*li-uniicccH������ry. Try -  CARTER'S LITTLE  . LIVER PILLS  , Purely vegetable. Act  ttntlyocthoiiver,  .eliminate bib.nad  (oothethedelc  catemembrau*  ofthebowel.  Can Con.  itlualitti,  ���������Bilhat.  ��������� gin,    ���������  Sitk Ihaiacht anal Intittttttn, ai millitni foott.  Small Pill, Small Db*e, Small Price.  ' Genuine mi������������ lea Signature  '  8HAW8 SCHOOLS     ���������  .The Central Business Collogo, Toronto, with Four City Branch Schools,  ���������The Central Telegraph and Itaihsad  School and Tho ShawCorrospondenoo  School, ar<> row, commonly known as  'Shaw's Schools." In theso schools  a groat work Is being dono in training  young pooplo for business. pursuits  and for earning good salaries,- The  annual curriculum is" interesting and  is mailed froo on sending request to  W. H.. ��������� Shaw,' President,, Toronto,  Ont/ ' -  Detected  "  One Saturday night, as'the hour  struck eight, a small figure might have  boen seen sitting up-in Its cot,,and  gazing .thoughtfully into spaco. Tho  thinker was little fcobbio and',he was  up against-the biggest problem he had  over had to tackle.in all ������ke vast e"5c-  podence of-his six years. ���������  Wero father, mother and * brother  Jack going out whlla ho was put safely to-bed?* That was the question  and ohrhow to find out. "...  - Stay! A thought suddenly struck  Master Bobble, aged six, anil ho called  to bro.thor Jack to1 comtf"- at once,  Brother Jack came and was hugged  -violently for. two or three moments  and then, thrustxn one.^ide.   .     *y  Call mummle now! demanded Bobble.   ,        ' .,  .. Mummle was ���������'called and .subjected  to identically, the samo treatment, except after pushing her away from  lilm,, Bobble'looked steadily, at her,  triumph struggling with sorrow inhls  face as he exclaimed.'  ,. There!,I knew it. You aro all go-  .Ing-out without me!- ' I can smell  fr^sh.soap on your faces"!   -    ������������������  '-- .     rt.      . - -     -��������� ���������    ���������   -  ��������� Used-according to directions',\Dr. .T.  D., Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial will  afford relief lu the-most-acuto form of  3urarrier7-eompiatiTtT^Wii(>novor"~tira  attack Huiuifosts.Itself 110.time should  be lost In-seeking, lho aid-of the Cordial. It will act immediately on the  stomach ahd Intestines and allay the  irritation and-pain, -A.trial oHt'wllI  :convln'co anyouo of tiio truth of these  assertions.        , ���������       -  A physician tells a story of a philanthropic doclor in a Pennsylvania  coal,mining town who presented each  household with a nico new thermometer and told thb peoplo the necessity  of malnlalnlng proper temperature,  When making his rounds ono day ho  observed his thermometer hanging In  the room. Ilo enquired of tho woman of the houso if'she had remembered his instructions,  Indeed, sir, I do. was tho rospongo.  I hang tho thing right up thore and  I watch It carefully to see it does not  get too high..  Good, oxclalmcd lho doctor. And  what do you do wlien tho temperature  rises abovo 70 degrees?  ��������� Why, sir. answered tho woman, with  Iho nlr of ono faithful to a trust,  when it gels^oo high I tako lt down  and put it outsldo unUl It coojs off,  The average woman 'knows moro  about hor neighbor than she know3  about, hersolf. "      "v  Wilson���������Why do you roll your cigarettes?   ' ,/.  Nelson���������Well, old clmpplo, I must  tako some exorcise, you know,  Androw Cnrnoglo tells ti (nio about  taking a Gorman financier travelling  In America on n visit lo Nlugimi l-'nlh*.  Tho millionaire, accustomed (0 outbursts of wonderment and onthnsl.iiuii  was nol. a littlo nntonUied to aeo his  TflHtonlc frlond ntand nnd gnzn stol-  Idly upon tliat roari������������ cataract without evincing tho faintest emotion,  I'liially, miabh* ns ho admits, any  long.-r to conceal hiu chagrin nud dlx.  appointment Mr, Cnrnoglo turned to  IiIh companion and a3kcd:  fl-Ml'l     .-,   .,     ll     .-t-     It   .,'  t     . ������    1  *     ���������.   1      .     y   v    ���������      !>>*������������������***      a***t*  *t     ���������*       |i   v������**������ ft     nt  HlK'lt? ������������������  Vol.'/ nsked tho ("nrmnn.  Why, tlmt gi������iintlo body of wilor  pouring over that lofty jMCflpIee.  The gentleman from tho fatherland  fltood for a fow peenndtt longf-v, then  'firtl. -1/!   ttrs   }At\tiiUt*   rirt/l   ������M'im1>  Veil.   Vat'ii to hinder it? '  A Treat  Anytime  Crisp,' delicately  browned  When nnyono nays to a whso man:  Inii't tlmt tho heat way? ho always  cay3 yes.  Many n Ji.ny Inq n^rjnlrM -nr,^ f.-vy  good liublts by not following In tho  fOOiSlf-pH Of Il!w'f/ltil'l*.  Mlnard'i  Liniment Cure*  Cowi  Cargtt  In  1*h* utrMHiotiii minister d! ponies  roUs'tin h" the r>r.isd.  Post  Toasties  Ready io servo without  further cooking bylidding  rvr"nar\-������ n* ry7dlr  .......... i*.  i.......  Often used with fresh  ii  or ennned fruit.  "1 he Memory Linyer*"  SEED GRAIN AND  POTATOES -  Distribution From tho Dominion    Ex-  * perhriental   Farms. ,1912-1913  By Instructions" of the Hon. Minister of Agriculture a distribution' of  superior sorts of graiu and pofatoea  wil! be mado during -tho coming winter and spring to Canadian farmers,  The samples for general distribution  will consist of sprang wheat, 5 lbs;  'whito.oatfl--* lbs; barley, B lbs; and  field peas 6 lbs. These will be sent  out,from Ottawa, A distribution of  potatoes in 3 lb samples' will be carried on from' several of the experimental farms, the Central Farm at  Ottawa, supplying only,the provinces  >of Ontario and Quebec . All samples  will bo'.sent free, by mall.  ��������� Applicants must give particulars in  regard to the soil on tholr farms, and-  somo account of their experiouco \?Ith  such .kind's of grain (or potatoes) as  they have grown, so that a promising  sort*'for their conditions may be se-  leotcd*.. '      ,'       *>,  Each application must be separate  and must be signed by the applicant.  Only one sample of grain and one of  potatoes can be sent to each farm.  Applications on any kind of. printed  form cannot bo accepted. If two or  moro samples aro asked for In the  same letter only one will be sent.  As' tho supply of seed ls limited,  farmers are advised to apply early;  but the applications will not necessar-,  ily bo filled in the exact order, in  which thoy are received. * Preference will always be given to the most  thoughtful and explicit requests. Applications received after the end of |-  January will probably be too late.  acAll applications for grain (and -applications from, tho provinces of Ontario and Quebec- for potatoes) should  bo.addressed to the Dominion Cereal-  ist. Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa. Such applications require no  postage. If otherwise addressed do-  lay and disappointment may occur.  Applications;" .-for potatoes,; from  farmers ln any other province should  be addressed (postago prepaid) to the  Superintendent of the nearest Branch  Experimental Parm In'that province.  SS  (SFUMMATQSY RHEUMATISM  C������nqu������r������d by GI N PILLS   .;  Mr, W, G. Reid, Hamilton, Ont.,wiiies;  >v I have been for the lost two years' h  cripple Wilh Muscular and Inflammatory  Klseuiuatisui, 1 tried almost cvcrvlhin"������"  knowu "to, medical science aiid eouglrt  change of clinule wiiliout relief. Your  manager.!! thi. city .--commended Gin'  I ills and 1 have since takeii eight boxes,  and am now cured. -I consider Gin  1 u s the conqueror of Rheumatism and  IkMaey Disease"."'  50c a' box, 6 i'or ^.,50. Sample free  if you write National Dnnjnud Chemical  Co. of Canada, Limited, tomuw.     is:.'  THE 'ALBERTA' HOTEL  715 MAIN ST., WINNIPEG  A f#w doert ������outh of-CP.R. bijlo.  R������t#������ li.&O to 12.00 par day  1    "���������MsmMMawoana  ..   CuUIno urtexco!|t������   ^  ,H#t ������nd cold water In every rtdra  ^���������tel   practically   Flrapr������o*,  All Outildo Room*  '" Awful Asthma Attaoki. Is there a  member of your family who is In the  pow������r, of this distressing trouble? No  ���������servico you can render h\m will equal  tiie bringing to his attentloa of Dr.  Ji D. Kellogg's Afl'thma Remedy. This  remarkable-i-remedy. rests Its- reputation upon what It has dono for others.  It-has a* truly wonderful record( covering years and years of success'in  .almost every part of this' continent,  and' even beyondtho seas.        -     ."  A. Mailer of no Importance  .. Little Kitty,, with arms spread well  across th"> Ul le*,' and with Utrle tongae  well out, was bending over a.piece' of  paper," on whloh she made queer and'  illogical dots and marks.   .   -j;     . '   Darling, .erled_tier_rnbther?Jaa_she_  came'into the'dinlnVroom" and found  tho curly head so low over its task,  what' are,you doing? .   ���������  Oh, 'Just writing to my friend,' Llllie  Smith I answered Kitty quietly,'and  resumed lier wayward scratokes. '  Her mother suppressed a laugh as  sho wathed tlie earnest little dashes  scrawled across the white . paper.  Thon. shovilnally eaid, trying to speak  with as much indlffarence Jn her voice  as had" her little daughter:  But, dearo*it, you don't->know how  to write, do you?  No, ��������� mumslo, replied tlie small  sci-ibo, as she glanced round pityingly  at her parent. But what does that  matter? Lilllo Smith can't read.  Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Ao.  Made to Measure  >  The travoller was waiting at tho  'lltlle'countrysldo station whon he was  suddenly startled by a sharp ringing  of a boll.  Instantly throe of'the railway employees ra'ngod "themsolvoa up In a  lino on the' platform, and atoo*d at attention.       " ' ,   ' ' '   '  ���������A moment later a Iocomotlvo flashed by with'a slnglo carriage, Out of  lho window of tho carriage a man  was leaning. He madij hurried notes  ln a pocket-book as he passed.-  Tho travoller marvellod greatly, nnd  Inquired ot lho station-master the  meaning of tbo strango scono ho.had  witnessed.  That? ropliod tho official, That was  Iho company's tailor measuring us for  now suits.  Thon the traveller wont mad and  promptly bought a station sandwich.  Very Evident  An old, bon-vivnnt who kept a- flno  establishment received, a vlBlt from  lils maiden-aunt, Ilo took great prldo  in showing hor ovor tho plnco nnd  pointing out Its many tronsuros, ro-  marks Llpplncott'fi, Ah a special  favor ho lot hor havo & gllmpso of his  fnnious wlno cellar.  Vou'ro iho first womnn who has  over sot foot In lioro. ho said.  Gracious. I should nay I was, Bho  ropliod. Why tho placo is full of cobwebs,  Everybody likes the  WALKER HOUSE,  "The House of Plenty"    <  TORONTO'S FAMOUS  HOTEL-  American and European Plans  Geo.  Wright A ^Mack Carroll  Proprietors  *"���������  CATTLE  FATTEN  QUICK.  ER  ���������take on weight taster-^-  make* Detter toeuf���������when dehorned. Cows givo more  milk���������and half the danger in  shipping by rail or boat is  eliminated., ' ��������� '  - " KEYSTONE .DEHORNER  -*> ' /does the work in.2 minule.*.  ���������   ��������� Cuts from .4 sides, at once.  .. Write for free, booklet. -  '- '-. ���������"   R. H. McKENNA,     -  .  Jl������ 'Robert Bt.   Toronto,  Ont.  Mention  tills, paper. ���������  ?A?A MAPLE  BUTTER  A'All grocer* 25c. lb. Tin-  If your. Clothier .does not sell  see the. other fellow -  VERIBRITE VENOlLi  THE WORLD'S BEST WOOD  POLISH  Cleans and dlslnfoctu ovorythlng  In your home from tho collar to tha  attlo, Put It on your duslor and  dust Hardwood. Floors, Woodwork,  MnolouniB, Pianos, Ifurnitiiro, oto,  Malcos 0' ery thing Just llko now.'  Monoy rofunded'lf not satisfactory.  Made by the-  DOMESTIC 8PECIALTV CO,, Ltd.  Hamilton, Canada  Canadian Poitum C������rc*l Co.,  Ltd,, Windsor, Ontario,  Whllo tho r.ew Grand Trunk Pacific  hotel In Kdmonton has boon ohrlBton.  cd nff<w Sir John A. Macdonnlrt tho  Great Canadian etatcAinnn it ia nlao  nald to bo n fact thnt thn original w-t-  tier in lho Alborlan Cnpltnl wau a man  nnmod Win JInedonald, who enmo  frnin.flnrlh fit lho dono of thn rj/rht-  ffjitJi conlury and ostabllshcd what  Js today a thrivlnc city of C5.000 boforo iho Hudson's'Hay (Jompanv orfot������  od Ha fore nnd trad Ins station cm tuo  l:.:.bn ul Lbo $A.>b..li7n<rAu;, Lh't,:, 1:  h raid Hint ho crcMed lho plains wllh  un ox team Jn lho nunnnor of 17S0 and  located on a farm ovcr-lookliiK tho  rlvor. within a atono'a throw ot what  In new tlio principal buBlucus thor-  ("itjniurr-. 1 uii8 ino 'I'liiiu-au Mac-  donald," v.Ill havo double nescalations  and> a link with tho history of tlio  elly ln whloh It Ib situated uo woll an  wiih Iho history of Uio /-ntlro piunln-  ion,  When Papa'Sleopi  "When my pa'a ownlto ho's still,  DI* llko you nnd mo,  Novor makos a bit of noise  DU still ns ho can bo,  Uut when ho goes to sloop, oh,  Ho mnlcoft such a clattor  Bnarw you,almost half to death  Wona'rlns wlmt'u tho matter.  First ho bIvos a growl or two,  Thon hoglns to rumblo;  Thon lots out ft unort or two,  Thou ho'll groaii and erumblo,  Wondor if pa's broko insldft,  Or boon irottlng ru.itod,  'Spool I'd bettor liavo him fixed  Or ho'll wake up butted,  All younp; widows nr* not mciry.  but 'somo of thom wlll bo if the men  flay yo������, befur* Jenp yenr ontN.  Tii; Playlttg of It  Town Hand Lfader���������Tills In ureal,  ."Icit of the nuj^enco Ij v.\j{i!:.'.  Obco playor-~Aw, I bn I: Jmj'i. iho  r-rntltiu-nt of tbo ploco-^U'H tho wny  wv s'.uyeA it,  N'alurally an ttctrnna thinks i������hf*'* a  r*tJl *^r whan she*., irtilsel u, Uw Met,  Slie Hail SticVt  Beautiful Hands  <Ht l! w*% r.-r.'-r.-tii' eiHrr.t  tint  sh.  yttft   fiVAP,   the  ei'J.'liml  Ii.iihI  t'.ensff, t������ it-  i,\.iCiit-\lUil\ll  tit UvAsewCiXm,  Kati'l cttanvi  hy any fitlier  tiamo do ttf/t  ���������me!! ni at to,  Avoid rmiV  Im)i������'..,',>'������.������iid  jfiicmticr \',.*  t>a*,������f %tU  SNAP  t+7?nmsma* ^tMMKM^l* t&UmtHLViAH H-la'w*,^  i-J*-*rf*iWfrM*f,"^^W'Z,^^^Jll  "m   Hi^"  ^;'.���������^^rrs^=ttyjsif-^u%h*������ji^**i  |Ay- '  5 'A.--  , li       ? ,--  ,��������� A". S"~ .  '  ' J*      [���������'*        *.t-^.a'A' .i. .      .,'..;.. .t_i ..   "���������   ,..   ... .    ^y7^-i'')*^-ia<-'^'!l^*'*a:t3a'a7M***ftaKyg^ IS  ' *    a,.' I-'   -   ��������� -        .   '���������    \   -,      ���������    ,- i '��������� ''   '.    a"*,    ,       -���������.'    -  A A' ' '    '-      '      ..' .' ,-    N*"'      ,'      ;\ ".'     ' ,   - "A. >    ? ^ A -     .-'.* ^ _ *,    ������    -,~*    -     -V 'y-    *  j"' ��������� ^-\, J>~ ^',r j    f- ~      - -      (   ���������* ,   '.���������;*'  ^'.."'''*^ ' .'.','-'V ,'a." ^''" ,'''l'\  ,''      '  ',>,-^-.'  ���������    !*���������-  tW  NfiSVS,   OtfMBEBLA^Q,   BBmw: CObmifttA;.  I  r ���������-"  /,'.  vir iJitolaM Jews,  " "v' Y-viry Tuesday by the  yit^-.y & Cumberland  ^.i&r-rhiog., Company. ���������  * inoXAC  r-   i  will nut hldd itself  r^I '';..���������*������!-iii for the opinions of olh-  ������-y\ . ivio.-iy appear in its columns  ��������� l'.i . :*.?-.. io time.  ^&ls  *sx  -^-y.tvm*-.-s"m^i- 'Mj������,r^-~r&:-vt^-l?^.".-'  TaT;,tr".n-  y.rV?.,y.v������^tT!>g'A' ~' J>*-* wKV'-r*T-<s^7������aw.tfv.w.?������vKM'/J^-m  H-.-iASbAV, J AN. 20, lUi2  .'vr* -m-....m   m   mm.*'     **'+*-,��������� If m?***iQII%^n**IV**il^l*f**i/**V)t*t*IV***ltt*', l������ ������)������������������������������.>  '. ivward I,ind District,  f >i<tritt of Donio'A,  ' .. .,>��������������� NOP!'?;.: ih.u Mary Thulin ol'  -  rd,-.  CVnroupuion nnurrit'tl   woman  i  '. .'<   ui 'ipf.ly  for pcrcnissmn lo pnr-  -.-.,  lite. /iill<n������ii>;> dcr.crihod  land.*.: ���������  nnci*i-.i>j; nt  a posi planted ni   lhe  ...   <-e-si L.tnMji''of T. L.  No, 4433S,  '��������� ���������   ���������' ��������� itib   So chains, thence, wet .}o  . . a. 'hence  s'nitli 5'o chains more cr  ,.v        '���������')'. ) lino, ihence .dong lhe shore  -���������.-��������� ., 1 m .iria^noi-t or-'less to plac- oi  a.-, -  .".'; c;>:������:,.i'rjiiii[>'   3<><_ acres*word or  ���������  *"������������������>  GEORGE VERDIER '  Agent for Mary Thulin  dy -Viinw! ������-jih, i(}\-2.        :   '  S'iyw.Vk. Lan'd Uisickt, '"'  ,, District of Comox.  "AKE X <_>TI CE 1 Wat Charles Thitii'n,  ������������������   '.und,'RC.,occupation merchant, in-  '.: ds tc, ispply  for  piirmha.i"onto   pur-  t'ltii'; ihe ilie following r;escribed land*-���������  tl-, tnnencing .it a post planted'in Browns  *Ay :u the north-east comer of TV L J  *hA-Yh   thence  west So   chaiivs, Ihence  ?.j.-'h 2i oliiiin,!.  tlwhtce eist. So chains.  '..> the shore-iiiie/thence-south. 20 chains |  wore or less, nlony shore-line to- pl-uce of |  beginning conUvKing i6p acres r.*.ore or |  ^"I'j. ' a  ^ _  '. '       fiEORGE VERDIER  a P^&Yi'.\ff^  DEPARTMENT OP MINES,  s 1  "Coil Minea 'Ueguli������tipit,Aci." .  Bo.\rd. of Ex-imineirB,  NOTICE ia hereby Rivon lhat  thu'following conetitnte the Board  of-Examiners for the Cumberland  Colliery duraig the' your 131 or  Appointed by the Own-, r?, Frank  J.-iynt-B.,  Al wnate?, Ctuirles Parnham,  John.^iilei-pie. j  Appoint'oLl'lij tl.e l.U'ttlonnnt' \  Govimor in Council, UoIhtI Ilon-[  il arson,  El'.'olfcd b>* ll.O'.Minevu, William  .roiH'B.  AlUTiialos. ������Tohn Thoin'on, D;m-  iol Marsh.  AU persons interested  may obtain full information by   applying  ^to the Secretory oJ tha Hoard,   Mr.  Robert. Henderson,    Cumboi.land,  li.C. ...  * NoTia'-.���������AUematG?' act, ai -Members of tbe Hoard in tho iib.-oiice cf  rt)jo.-o regularly apj-ointed or eluded tu act 1 hereon.  moitARl) McHRIDE,  Minister of Mines.  ;Bated the-23rd day of E^o,/19l2.  Agent foi Civvies Thulin f  ^ate Aus-ust i.-yh, 1913,  r  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  1   ������oa v'-mA. J������ir)d Bistrii.t.  Dtstr.?ir oFCcmox.  TAK'F: NQTICE.ihat George-Vmh-  tr,-i.f  ..C.,c-ccupit:on  pT.,!en.lj'io..ipi'iy for permission to- par-  ^'i1.m;so fa)ila).viiy.f d-ii5-.:ribeil l's-tids:���������  iJ".;;m-;!'JiK.inj.Avt a post .planted at the  s.-rith vip-r. earner oi Lot f,7,tViencc nort'n  30 ch li,-,s to; the phcre lm?, thence follow  ^T^-*sl������~i^m6i'irouiidUh������^poiniiiaUie.  ^-i.xce oi. beginning.^ - '  GJv.0RCE. VERDIER  ���������   ' 1/V.O.aScuoOL?,,  QEALED' TEXDERS,' superscribed  O "Tenders- for Lnzo School^' "will be  .received by the Honosrable the Rlinis-  '.ex oi? PaWic Works up to noon of Satur-  clay, t1a������ tSJih^y cS januayy^igis, for ���������'  tne eractvun and completion ol a smaii  cne-roonv frame stliool on cbvscreta foundations at Law, m the Camoy, Electornl  -DLiLricL     -���������   Mans,' specificiiticn ,  forms of Tender may  contrjsct,   and  seen on and af-  ip.iit Ai*.rM-.st I'^tTi, fgi-3-  Sayward Land District.  District of.Cowoh.  TAKE NOTICE that Fred Timlin,  t������( Yv.i-i, 11,C, occupation merchant, m-  w:nrli m^apply for permissian to oui-  ���������7", ,.>. ,|\e following dc-icribed? r������nd:~  dr i niu'T:'u\. at a post 'plan-fed at the  Sj-ii h-s.ui cornar of Timber   Lease No.  Applicant j ter the 2Silv day of December,. I9-.I2,  at.  , ihe-offV.e of Mr,'George Tlionison, Gov  ernmeot" Agew,, Nanaimo f'- Mr. John  lia'rd, ttoveri^icnt. A{{ent.. Cumberland;  Mr. W. J. Mil er,.Cdn>o\ V. r. j.iwd ihe  DepaMment of Public \Vo**l:sr Parlia-  mantBuildings, Victoria, B.C.  Copiesofike plans and   j.pce'rficntion*  'may bc e]i'vamcrt Kir \>urposcs ������f tendc-.--  nj; on deposstiiiB ?-. cc'riified   cheq.uc   of  . $1^ to- be- refunded onsiciuiut of plans  ^.S^dicnce  wpl  8J   chams,  d^^^y^aftciido^. by dale- i������nd������ns   are  z.yv.y. 0.) ch-i'.ns, tbeitce eist S'o chains to  klrj sluire line, iheiKe foilowin-,' shore  Hivt north 80 chains, more orlcssto the  tftiw .if bOjjinsim,' contaiiiing, '640 acres  more or, less,  GEOR'GE VIS-RDIER  ,   A-geiit for Fred TUuliii  iiy-i'.c August t4<li, i'9f2  "LIQU0R LI-CENiS'K frCS.'*  (Sermon 4^f)  NOTICE.is hdvtiby j-iveivthato.v the  yih'd.u- of Qvlober  next,   applicaticm  "id .". .aido lo tha 'Stipaniv.emleiH   of  Vi^/inciil Police'r tlu ir.nsfsrof the  ,-.!.-��������� ie for the snlc  of  liq.uor by  i^iail  rn :<ud' if.ioi?. the premises kmi.vw.is the  Wiini.vs Hutt.1, hitwUc a CaiTiphcll. Riv-  sr, :.\-iti������h Columbia, from-Cb.'irlt;'-Tint-  i-i-iv.l   ISiiH'i'Son \ITann.in   to   GliarK'S  ': 'uiVr., of Gimpbell River., HrUish^Col-  M'lli 1.  Uaic'd tins r4tTvfI.1v of ftupt , 101.2  THULIN & I IAN NAN  Hojci'.-r^of Liu-iiii;  ������;UAU L1CS IHU 1.1 N  Apfjlitiot fir Transfer  S.u v.'itvil I .unci   District  ��������� Distiict or Saywavd  .ARK notice    tliat. WfUrDn  7: ���������ci Gihson, of \ iinconvor. on-  - . j 'i ni, paintci, inUMi'.l.-i lo   up-  ;.i   ������..v j.-M'ivissi'm^ to ^ jiuivhasu  -:"! ib'f'.owitig (kscri-bul  YAuh'.���������  ���������.'oinwi.Tichijj nt a post jili'iil^ an  r!j Ann i".\ci of the north cost cor-  n-.t of VimWr Llceusu 3332, then*  ,:t..o,i- .������c!i:i!M,   t,,f"'"   w^'  ���������to Ci..llU������. l*'.-.l������wv w;-l 'A^'hYwr  ihence north ?.(>   chains to jioint  uf   comiuviu'cmeiit,    ronuiiuiup."  1 ��������� .it-."* nt'/i'o ov )uy,  nnd is  Tie-  iwwn White nnd S.iiitio;i nu-is.  William ...nr-s (iniMos  S. MaiuJw Carttrr, Ajjvnt.  D'tc Ati.jusl3ist,, 191?,'  recNivablo.'  Ench proposal' most be accompanied  by an accepted bank cheque or Cintifi-  cate of deposit on a chartered bank cf  iCivnad'a^nwciaip-a.yabic to tho- Itonour-  able the-Minister oUv olir. Walks, for a  snu. eijual to 10 rev cert of the lender,  which.shall be forfeited if ���������lu'.j-.uny tendering, ckei'rn* io- cnitii iu--" contract  when called upon to do, 8f..'.-i if he l.nl  to- I'tiraplen? the vv cuiiiractcd foi.  The cbo<jue&or. curtrficaies c-f fle;?i)*)il ol  um.iiccessful>en. r.rcvs will be rotunu'd  lu them upon the execution of tin- ;  r.oiiiracl.  TendfiW will not be con-udrtprr unless  made out on tilie i'onns sti|>-plic'dr signed  'wiih tin. acf<al'Siij_n,'ittii'e of die tender-  ei,, and, e������clo;!������cl in tbe envelopes furn-  i-lu-d.  Thc ioMCSlorany Hinder i,oi ntccsMii  ily ucc  ;, li. GKII'TITW,  1'ubli   WoiV.s Kut'iiieer.  Depiirtrnent of l-'ublic Winks,  , a\'ic'i������iin,ll.C>, 24th Dtrembi-r, n;i2.  dc;'3Ui)jaiii8  #v*mt***A*.)-w������i*t**i**  Na'nCMisboreby^iven tlmt appV  taiion will Vw.rmidc to tin: hii|)crii������tend-  cut of Provintiiil i'dire inr a renewal of  ihft ln'tcl liceiV'i!'. ;i sell li(|tims by retail  in nnd upon the piumi-icu Imoun ni������ tlie  New Iiotcl llcrim, Minuted on Lot <J.\  .Subdivision of Lot'. Nortlieii.t f|'iiirli.'i f  ofL"t.M& I U-iy,  .Snywiiid  1M������  tr cl, IJ. C  JOSKWI DICK, Ajinlicnt.  Dated Deer a8ih,' if>i;.  .MinWiA<.U������a>"'  R>li SAJ.K���������A l'ui'1; nil )'uimn  'ti/:������. f'.ui'ii*! iv- i. p:"' *1-(1,������  Acl.in?.-1 K-ttiT?, ������lri'.v,i'r i-l,  Knit-  A Alb, lUh  NOTlCi-Ju iuuij'tii  tfta,,  I).!   i.jl'b-  outW'n will bo mado to tlu Sui'uiiiiUud-  intol  I'liiVinuiit Viilicv,   v*i<-t<ni.. ftn-������;  lii'i-ijHi" lowll l������iuoi-   b>   wliuli'H tin upon  'til. Illf'vi'l',1 l.ltllllui du   I .'J I  f),   IJ|ll(.'li   lil,  I'll.������.b'.-'li'ildTti,v list. , (,;ill)jbi)i)i.liii, V������. Vj  H'AblMl^SA'lTO,   Applicii.t.  DiitultliUlS.iidnywt Uiio, I'M':.  ��������� ���������<���������* t������V������ Hi**********. ������*������*���������  LUMBER  *+*.-*��������� *v*������  Trv 'fie: U'n' Store, if >������������������.. Au: ,b. -  i.,:,i Ofiwrit*,; vn*'\iom\-, .Ai'..'-;^ '������������������  *u.t.   LiV,  didivi-rv   A'ht    .iii .1 i'I-oi  ^' Mi,*������t'J1'l'        <-  IK YOH WAN"!  um:  , ski: rs  CutvioN St'-vintil ihi.   '. ii'iircd.  CeiMViy.,   II. \...  t* \ I  V   f.T."  V������V)t.������7*  "V  I /  Little cubes, of-metal  Little tubes of ink,  Brains and the printing presses  Make the millions think,  There is no better way of making the peoplo think of you than  by placing, an Ad in The NEWS.  "NuffSaid."  tesff^^t?^���������"^^  Brewers' Dried Grains  HcLter, Cheaper Thnn Most Dairy Feeds  Vancouver Milling & Grain Company, Ltd.  Diiiiributoni  N:\NAIM0, li. C.  WBBB������BCKWTS  '      ' ,-; -LAND  AClV;'/.'/  *'.'���������'>..-_  ' Vancouver "Land' District'" ~'A  "���������  "  .'���������' District of Sayward?*--' ' ,v. -. A  "TAKE NOTIUE . ihftt/.Mich'nfclA  Young, of Brooklyn. New'Yofk, oo'-?.. ;  cuivdiion Janitor,'intends ib aj-p!y ' *���������  for per minion to ;p\ir'ohaeo the'following described land^^'omrnen  .. ,  cing tit a  post nlahted" 50 chains''.  i.orth of the; north west.corner -oi,    ,  lot 5S2, .then .0 .past , 40 , chains,-'  thence ,Fouth-.50  chui'n-,   thfji.ee .;  west'40 chains, thence, north. 50  .chiiina-'to point ol cmnmencemenl, .  cofniai'ning 200 uore?* inore or le^_,  ���������"'-    MICHAEL'YOUNG, A ....  ��������� '  ���������"'-'��������� AAjijilicant  1    A'-'Thomad M.-itUr, Ageut  Dutr October 30i.li,' 1012.*"   ".    :  ���������Vancouver'Land District' --  District of,Say wiirJ-. ���������  TAKK NOTICK that   WiHitim>  Peter.Adams,  of New York, New  3York, occupation,   inilesiinin,   in-  I end a to anply for parmi.-tinn to'  purclnipe tho following  do'crU'ed  iind>:~Comn;encing     at   a .. jiost  iilanted at the north-weal conipr.bf  ��������� be   eoolh ' ' li.'.li    i-f-���������'  1*������>    D90,  ��������� hfMico   south   SO  elm in?, jhei.cb  wci-t.40 chains, more or ltps lo . tho  f>aat.liDfibf lot. 58.^,  tbcn'ce   north.,  80 chains,   thence, ta-rt 40 chains,  ���������  iiiorc f*r le?s to print of ci.mn.encb-"-  im'nt,"containinti.320 Herbs ni-'-re c-v   ,  lees. \  . ' * '.'   t-  ���������''' WILLIAM" PJSJER /U)'AMS,/  Y"'."y  l;       . **    ^     :,*Aivji!icttni  ,���������-  /Thbtniis Matii'.rAAgent  Dat.*-, October 20th, 1912"   A '      '. ;  &881 ������������������'  3f������g%.'   ?'  CANCKLLATION' OF RESERVE'  NOTICE is ' hereby given lhat the  rfescive existing by reason of ihe -notice  published ln'thc-ilriiiMi Coluijib-.il .Gaz .  etie'of De'ceiiibei- 2?ih, -lo/t-.j, is caocell-  ���������:d iii su f.ir-as lhe .same relate-;, ttoll.e  ___U,Mij_H_described ' hinds; so as nvper-'  mit'of lhe sale .of thc.tmiber suniUing !"  ihereon:���������        '' "-,'���������'      ''   ,    7  Commencing at ilie'nonh-cast ��������� corner  of' Lot No? 2849, RedoiKia I>hmJ,-" New  Westminster District-; ihenei*. cast - 13  rh.iins ; ihence norih 4-cli.dnb ; iheiice  :;.lst 19 chains ; thence south 25  chains; thence west 32 chains ; moreAr -  le-'s 10 ilie east' bmuid'.iry of Lot No.  2.49 ; ihence northerly, nliuij^ ihe rast  bo'indaiy of K.iid lot to thc point of  comnicncemeni ; containing_by admeas-  iiremenl 75 acres; moie or less.'  ROIHCRT.A. ''RKNWICK,  Di'puiy Minister of L.mds.  Oepai'tinciU of Lands,  Victoria/H. C, Dccembci- inh, 191a,  dec 24 to mar 26  NOTICE.   '  TAKK NOTICE ihu an Applicatign  will he mailc to-ihe LicuU'iuuit-Governor in Council at tht* Paili.-inicnf UiiiliU  in������s, Victori'i, liriiish Coluinbia, on  Thursday, the 30th day of Jiinu.'irjv 1913,  ���������tit the. hour of eleven o'clock in thc forenoon, for the approval of the nndcrtak.  ini{ of the wiimpbell River Power Company Limned, lhat the conditions of iAe,  occupation, fi'llnif! of limber and other  conditions provided for in Sections a;i,  222 and 223 o,( the Water Act be settled  pursti.itii to such seciions, mul that the  lime for submitliiu! detailed p'.ans cf the  Company's woiks be extended until idler  the flood period of 1913 :  ANOl-'URTHEK TAKK NOTICE  tlini 11 copy 01 the Application is mi filo  1.1 the oflice of the' Wntcr Record'  cr for Victoria Water Uisurlci, ,md in  the olliee of the Compu oiler of Water  Ri^jhta at Victoria,  DATl.D at Victoria, Il CMthi������ a.jth  dny of Dofemhei', 1912 .'  UQUKKTSON & IIKISTKUMAM  Kolicitni'i, for die Campbell Rivei  Power Company Limited.  MAIL SURVIOK.  Mails for Dispatch:���������Vitu������o������-  ver,   Violorici,  Nnimimo,  etc;,,,  Tlic.i.t^V,    7 1^   \\ m\ '\\\\\Yi(li\r  uud Sutuulaj', Ci a,   in,  Comox and DiHtrict:���������Tues-  dny, ia 15 p, m,; Wednesday  and Friday, 4.30 \), m,  S S. Cowichan, Sunday at 2  p, m. nnd Tnesdn)' nt 6 a, in,'  Mails Arriving:���������Vancouver,  Victoria, Nanaimo, etc., Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday aud  I'riday ni^hl*.  Cuiiiux Di.-'.ti'icl:���������W-diiesdajY  Thursday uud Sain 1 day,  S. 3. Cowiciinu, Sunday mom*  in^ aud Tuesday about u^im.  i  ij  A..,^'  j  ���������������    -  Jf  ���������\l #Mif ������i-a * a!  ���������~'SrS,,V  *������*:.  .-    /*A'- ' '..frv-01,,-:   -, -     -    ������-.. A.  -,r- A C ^-A-   '*   -Ji   : ,��������� ~   - -   .   -' "   -,     J     -Aa. .-v --\'.--.-.- ��������� -X7   "I     5-V-,    ,V   ��������� A-. -      -������,.,*������        -'     ������AAa"    J '      i-v *   y ~, , * A \     * , **      <>"    ',       ,J**        ���������   A*   * ^ f *"/?-"'-? A.% > *    ' \  f rV,'? J-W. ,"?i  /  1-;  -r  /  .  ' .NOTICE ia , hej-aby glvan tli.it : at; tho  next mWUagof.tiie. Boird ul Lidc-nsoCoin  .'niisBioners of the ,'City of Cumberland; J  . intend to apply-for a'i'cne.walcf tho hotel license "held, by me for tho Veudoma  Hotel, situated o.i lot6, block 3, Cumberland ToW-sitA :   ���������'.  ��������� .a.   \ ���������*���������'   '.���������������>.  .--   v ?R. S. ROBERTSON.  Dated .Novembor 6*.th, 1.12. y ' ������"-. ������������������ r '  . NOTIOE U-hereby Riven that at the  " nrxl meeting of the Board of License Con\-  \tWi_ioijors o! thrf City nf "Civi.berlaitd, I  i-.tend to npp y tor a. renewal of the hot-  ��������� el license held by ine for tho Com berland  Hottl, bitnati-S on lot 1,' block (5, CumL'er-  "Ijad To������-ii8i'e. , ,     '   -     :*.   ',  4   .'.    '{  ���������     WILUAM MERR1FIEL1).  Dnted.t'.is6th,diiy of Nov.; m������''- J. ��������� '>  ' NOTRE ia hereby Igivea tint "at the  .nt-xt tnec-tti'g'of sth4 Board of Liocnse Com-  mwii'ioern for,ilie'Oi'.y of Cu.tiberhnd.  I  ilio sd to apply for a' ienowal of,the whol.-  ' sale liq'iior.licouaa held by niv situated oa  lot 0, block 15, Cumberland Townsite. , .  CIAU MUSSATTI.  Duted thiij 6 h duy ef Nov., 1912.   !     .  Notice is ���������.hereby.givenyth.ii -at -the  next meeting of tlie'.-Board'' of License  Commissioner^! iiiteml to apply" for a  renft'wnlof the hoiclJicer.se held i.^y me-"  for the:rjfew England Hojel, situated "on  block ^Ibt 3,'CuinberUiid-Tdwnsite.'* - ���������  a?- ',,;.; , '"JOSEPH WALKER  ���������Dated Nov; 7th,-1913.���������.;���������'��������� -,  t^v Rfi At)  ?ih the?|SlEW.S  V  NOTICE is heceby given that 30 days  after date application' will be' madero  -NOTICE io lierfefiy.given^tiiat  oh the-first dayA'oI:. J^ecemUn:  ui'xC application will' be mado to  the Siiporinteiideiit-'of.' Provincial  4'olict', Victoria,. B.C.-, for- a- ie-  newal of. thodiotel license to'sell  liquors, by retail., iir llie 'hotel-  knowii. as the Afalaspina?Hotel,  situated n't Lnnd. 1>. O. '- ^ A  '" 'ITtED THULIN ���������  Dated October 10ih, 1 IJ 12 ���������  MTs Cottea Root Cqapouna  .Tbo groat Utcrlro".Touts-, 'mi'.-.  only safo- eirootuol Monthi*'  ^tteeuiatoron whicli women oa/_  depoud. SoWta threo .dee-reoi  of EtrenBtL-No. i. ?1;, No. 3,  W degrees strongoiv ?3; No. 8,  tor epoclal cosca, 85 per bos..  Bold by nil tlruKKtste, or se..(  tor epoclal cosca, 85 per bos  Bold by o3l tlrugKtste, or se..i  prcpa������a . on receipt of prJc������.  Bkkj pamphlet. Addroaa: flSH  ��������� *m*m^i m*m ������������������#������<  ��������� -NOTICE is', hereby j;'ivea"Lhat at tho  foit n.oct.ng of tho Board of iico'.so Cm  ibissimiora of llie Oity of tuiuberlartd, I  . i. toud to ii"?ply for a reno>iiLjof the hot-  el liooiiBO hald by ma for tlio ^Vavurly  Ho ol, Mtuated on 1 .if 2, block "8, JDiiiiibtr  land TowuBite.     ..   " .,,    h ���������'������������������., VV .  \.     , FRANK "DALLOS. ,.  Dated tl.i������ 6th d ���������>��������� of N������'v.,;'l912!.   J   '"'  ./ .������ '^' _, K������epamphlet. Addroaa: T������i  WlfflrttaHCIIUCO-TORBJITO. ONT. formerly Wirnt+A  the Superintendent' of I'lovihcial Police;!   ^riK^G^\li7T^^^  Victoria, 11. C.,' for a renewal of the lio-     SP^UU  '   KE.WARD  tcl licetisc'toselRiciuorsby. reMil.in thel- '.   ' '���������       "''  hotel known as (he Port AuguhtaHotel,''    '^^ above reward will be paid  situated'M-Coraox. B. C. -   .,j f���������r the recovery of tlm body of 0.  " Amos Cotthtoton,. H.-Strand, who was  drowned off  jDuiimnn   Island- on   Thursday,  Dec. 12th.  Tho. Anderson Logging Co.',  Dated Oct, 2nd, 1912  An Ad in the   News  pays.    Try. it.-    .  Union Bay, B. C.  ���������win wnwaitftw  NOTICE i. li- r������')l.y'g'Vuirthrit at tho i.ex1.  lawiiM. of ihe Boa-d.nf Lio'-h?o Commit  8101* s qf the, Ci y ofCumboj-Iand; I in-  ���������   tend ti opjd> for a r-.ne*nl'bf.;ho whol'c-  ^   enlel:quor'lt.-o������dolield by   m -,' sitiuted  , ou lot 12, block 7, CumburUnd Towr.hito  * '   '' ' '    .FRANK. SCAVAltlX).-'  ; Dated this C:b day,of Nov., 1912    -  ���������-i x   LA.ND ttEUISTRY.AC'r.    '  - In tiits MATTiJ'it   of" nn  application for  a f/csli Certificate of Title  - to Lot 54. [Jildjj.SlJ] Townsiie'of  - Courtenay."      ���������-    ". - '��������� ,.  A"    NOTICE is-'hervby j fveii of my  iiitontion at-llie i-.x[iiraliori of. oiip  y calendar month from the first���������pub-  lie*. tion lioroof to.inijne .I'frbsii.CJfr-  tifv.'aic of Title in' lieu^of the Ci-rti-  . fioitte of.- Titk-v  h������m-d -to   Joseph  ��������� McP;>ce'oii.ihB30:hpf March 1005,-  ,ar.d nuoiborctl .1031)00.which��������� bas  been lojt-,'    \  "- ; "       " -   '- ��������� '-   . ���������;  ,y   Da.eU? at-Land Rpgi-,t'ry  Oflice  JOuiuJ^iS',lB-^.,_Qais^Ist^dft.yl!,of-  ' E. C, Emde, i.s agent for the  ''Ford'' and- '���������Clialuier" automo-  bilos.'' Oars for hire.    Phone 18  Union Steamship Co. of B. C.Ltd  ��������� -''  ��������� THE- S. .S., COW1GIIAN .WILL SAIL AS 'UNDUIi  w.anaimo.denman--island..uni6n bay-comox route  ;.-'       f     -      Leayb Vancouver, Monday, at 8 p? in. -      "    "- -   ,  /  - ; .Arrivo Nanaimo; at 11.30 p, m. - - *"��������� ���������  - ;Arrive Union Bayi"Tuesday..G,H;in.  ,." Le-ive^Tnesday noon.  ���������    Arrive Comox, Tuesday 8 a. In.     Uxyo Tuesday, .11 ,i. ���������,.��������� .  Leave Nan.-iinio 6 j). 111. Tuesday/   Arrive VanconvoVU.30ip.ui.  Leave Vancouver Saturday's p.n.i.   Arrive  Nanaimo,   ii'^op.  Arnye Union Bay,, Sunday 6 a. m. Depart 5p.m. A  ArnveComox, Sunday 8 am.'Depart 4 pjii."     '  Subject to change.without uofice.    ���������_     ���������-.'",'.  m  .D.-{oejo'..er J91*2:  -    /������    -   - '  S   Y.? WOpTTO^;  '-Upsiftrsf Genenil of Titles).  llie Courtenay Motel  '. -Every coiiyeuionr������ foi'-guoals.   -  The.Ooatial Ixot'ol for Sportsmen  ^1 \ i -  None bm the Iicst of Wines and Liqaors  at the Bar. . ,  .   AATES        -RBASUNABLB -  Fine. Engraving |L  in Sopia of   the jgf  Borden ; Cabinet ���������  for Readers   of  the '  ������������������"News'-Advertiser"  -pV'ERTONE -wants a picture of ^he members of  *y?' the Government of Canada.,   The "News-Advcr-  iiser"-liBs had prepared for the occlusive "use of its'r.a-  .ders in thi$ province a  largo  engraved ' phil'e of   Rt.  Hon. li. L', Borden and his liiiiiisters.   '  The group is redrawn from the latest photographs  of tho eighteen Ministers, who compose the advisers of  *IIis lltfynl Highness lho Governor-General It ii'priii.  ted, iu Sejiiit on heavy board ready for framing, and  will be of the greatest educational" value in the home,-  1 the school nnd the library." ���������' .   ^  The Prim.! Minister, HON. Ii. L. BOFJDEN, oc^ f^  cupies a central portion, and is shown standing at Iho W?S.  head of the Connuil Table. Seated about him' aro liis ffi'J  colleague*. ,t .    ' [$%  Dimly in the-background the features of Sir John |c|_j  iMacdonald look down on his successors, ���������  H.OW to Obtain the Picture ���������  "' "This fine eiigravinrf. of  which a limited liinnbur  hnvo been jircteuled, will be Fent'. ' " .    ������  JFREEOFGHARGE.  to new subscribers oivlo   old   subscribers,'  who  renew  their subscriptions f/w one year ($3.00) i$t\Xi  ,.   . For out, of town subscribers,  the picture  will  be fjK/}j  tubed aud postage prepaid.       ��������� . '   -       W/J&  '   -ST ' I M ' I ��������� '     ' ' B.***/!.**  , iNon-subscribers may obtain copies1 on payment.of  50 cents." If "mailed 10 'cents extra, for tubing and  postage."     ��������� A. ' >.  ��������� Applications  and remittances (cash limst-accou-ip-   \  "any order]-, must'be made to ' ?..'���������-  fcvM������ard L*(i(l   >       >   -  y'Y,  J)'V"C* "'*>* ,S5ay wiipJ..     ...... .,  TAKE .SOTl^Hmt C'baniii. u"S\URr- *  .Daubar,, of,:" New   Tork,    ^'o������v-'','Ttff-fc, r  ^ecapatioii ckik.'h.iend'toa.'il"} foi por-"-'  raha-;,.!i   to i>Urchasa������_thc-  ixlj^yg hv.-'--  erib'edkndt: Commouciag at nyniA :-U_i-.  oil at uoi-tt*.._cast to lier ������f;I.t 5S'i).  '.j.wco  iorh.Mch,i s, thti;ce ,*,veVt 80 ' ot-aii a,,  Ih'.nco o ii LS0  disiios,', thf."-.^' ������-0Rt  SU  -hhini to p' i|it uf c ���������.*���������.-uv*i OMnobl c-onii.is.  ���������ng Gift uci't. ui.vo orl.^s.  CHANNI'NO STUART DUNJi.R,  -   i^shci M.Qwl,i:_<, As&it.  Onto Juno *23nl,l9L'2  Saywt.r.1 Lui-d J^-tikt.  .DUtriot of S.yvvpril'.-.  TAKE NOTK'E tbat John Ar hn>"* Daly,  of Xew Yoi k, Kcw York, < ciiip������ti- u ila'rk  iutoidsto  njiply  for prrini������si������n to ywr  ,.  cliasb - tlio   full -wing , dosKribe t lauds:���������  Coiiimeuciag at   a,, po t  plant-d   _t ihe  miuth-oatit' corner of J.eaao 46?   thence  south SO obaiy.;   tluKco  nut SOch.iuu,  th������nceLi)������th  80chi.i������H,   ih'-ncc  <;t.t 80  clmips t-> poii_t ul couiiActo.uufct cvnuia'  ^1 j,ii������ v;S0 actoi uioro ������r 1^8. ;,  .TUU_..AU'1HU*K DALY  Fidiorll. GsiJiinc, Aj;eut.  D^t������ Juno 24th. :t������W.- ;.     .  John Johnston?   Prop  1 .la,  tmi*t*mitir������immrw*ntimMmBi*mm-jaAj*imrisn**M!au  |V'M,i1,i*^^������M^i','l''J*Jl,'W,'i''4,'i','W''ii  o  0  T3  x,  CO  <  ���������Q  O  CO  8'c^  I  v.  -'  m  i  *  0  T3  C  a  c  w  Ui  . m  ��������� *-t  B  "S  o  tn  <L)  l  \**gm\4  v  V)  w  b/3  R  and best BEER, aud ���������  in Cumberland.  ������  J.   IJ.   HcLEOD.     IPnorsaxsxor.  -���������   EngliHli 4 ..'UUUTON alw'aye on tap .'   aloo, tho famous SHLWAUKBB  ���������^     BE13R5���������Anhoiiawr, Uubmnia.i, Schltz, io. ���������     "OLD ClKKY BKAHD"     ���������  SUOXOil WUI3KY,,   .    Beet Wir.cs au.d Liquors of all kinds.     '  o 1  The hoarding and Lodging Di-pnrtmertt, under tho immediate mipoi-iutcudenco of V.xt  ,1   ��������� Daviu, will hu ion..d Firat olasfl in overy i-ospeot,','  ATES,  ipl 00 por day upwards.  NOTIOE. '  1 Riding pn locomotives and rail  way cars of the Onion fiolliory  Compnny by any poiwn ������jr per������  ijons���������except tain crew���������i������; strictly  [>roh?Hted. Employees ������rc sub-  ioc to difltniBBal for allowing earn-  By ordor  W. L.  COULSON,  General Manager, '  d  CD  E  ��������� %  8 -g  o  W^-H-H-l-hH-*:"M"I-F-*t"M"I-I"Wl  ..    NOTICE. '  To whom it may concern:���������  "Thi" if! to notify lhe public  thai al! fi tight chmges vii bond-  cd goods clciucd at Union Hay  for the Comox Vnlley nniul be  paid before goods can bc iorward  ed, Uy order  Canadian Collieries Dunsniuir]  Co,  LIQUOR LICENSE  BY-LAW  ' 1011.  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV  EN lhat at tho next regular moot  hifj of tho "Hoard of I.iconuo Com*  TiifBHionurA of lho Mutiloipidity of  Cumborland, application will ho  made to lho fluid ��������� IJtxird ol! Coin  mlBfiionoi'B for tho Iraiinfoi' of the  liooiifitt foi"tho bh.o ot liquor by  retail lu and upon tho promia-ti  Known an tho Vcndomo Hotel, fllt-  tiatoon DuiiKiiiiiir Avon no, in tho  City of Ctunhorlftiul, from Robert  S. Robt'ideon lo liohcrt McNeil,  *������f tho nnid Pity r������P Cmnhovland,  JJ.iUd ul  CiKiilarlaiid,   I),  C,  this 10th dny of Oucumbor 1012,  R. 8.* UOllKUTSON  lloldor of Llconso  KOIJEliT McNEIL  .TraiififfrtH?,  0.:H. TARBELL  WU������W*������ ttumr*u*ui*'*at*^*0.im'*a*a*c*i^ ������.a������i,i  HIGH GRADE STOVES  And all KITCHEN .".UTENSILS  I Sportsmens Goods  oisd  General Hardware  Sny word L������nil District. '  District cl S iv.vanl.������  TAKE KO'i'lCE   <lut   Walter B������Wl'  Ket,''(.f.   New    y0rk.    Ne.v     Yilik  ucoiip-itiou '  lubOi-tfjy   ijtei,a<' lb   -vnply  foi- pun iision 1.0 puiclia^ ido   k>l owl. g  (iMiCiilu'lKiudi.:���������Coini;.L--.i ���������;   \ n \t, t  planted l'JA _h}i������i������ w_.t a-..d   !0 o.lri������n.  u-..rt.ii uf ihi B������ttt!i ets-V cir-iui A-U:.^  Al, tli������n������������ bohi'j SOcb imi, ������,���������������; ot n,^iY'  (ibidm    tl.cHdt iMith   _:_ .'bDioj,   thi.x as  wtdL-liI ohaiu3.to point Ueoijmi'.i't.o.ino. t  conuinio-; 310 abr_^. moro or le.-t?. ',' -'���������  .    WALTEU. BEL JELL biiST  ,   Tuhor M. G������������ikiu������i Aton'-.-  Dute Juuj24U), 1912. - v <   "  ������*y.iihft Laud Di-.trict. ���������   ���������  1) ist-vat-.-of Sj.vwa.nl.'  TAKliMOTlOli tbut (Jintlu* K-n-ai of '.  V-ir-o-Juv:!-, B. '.O.; ocjuya'i ��������������� contrc. or,  iritebdili! aiiply   fsr   pei_ai..iosi' t'> -'jiur-  (ib-iF-i die fo-Jo* ine    cLwiihnl   ]?.i;<l.:���������  UoDin_..oinl;.at   u, past   plauted   uv   ih_  ���������Jfuth east coruni of lot S7S, xhft-.us'<*���������<...5  Id cbain3. thenoa south fea t-hi'tw^ Ul.t-c^  tafct 40 eiiuins, tiietcu'ncir.h S3 cirnius :,i  yoim   of conaoieucoiiicatcoutaiiiidg* 3_M-  acrps rriore" or"lees.' '���������'"���������     ���������.,   ' *   1- ,  .    .  ,     .    ��������� \   . '<"   Ch/.hles Poxr .���������  kI Yt:    in*'������!heT,..M.'C.-*_l_iBs,._S:ioai.  .mm^m., ������~m n. ^e-.-Jm^iMmmmmmmmmmKmi^JmmM -  -��������� feaywf'inl' L.-iod Diptn'ct'". A-'-'  ' , ��������� ���������L)iB.rct criSjyvi-Krd ���������'- - -  TAKirXOTJCii that Mvnlo Bconeite'  if .Vancouver, oc^iii-tion *Nnr<������<;, iuiin'ii  '.-> u|..*.'!y I'or pos-fiiie^on to- ihuch'-vj ih������  Mlo-MU}- de������orl������6d !ubd-:-<_o.-nm������i:ci?u  ���������At a post plauted -tt'U-. ���������*' ''  '_^^*y^Mnyt������)^A. plaiJ^q ���������tt?tlie   notttu*-i3. ___rc.������_  >.*-.* w������ TO//'J  'jf ii,t'~S5:i'lheu������oea.-c  40 euaiu'*,' U^ui������  ��������� ��������� t���������yj$  therics D"rUl '.40 :<i'-8ii>s,   tho-co   wess  ���������li) chains,   theii.a , ebuth -40  obai.'x^.Aii  i-uiflt offi cnmniom'om.Ht 'coDtiuaiui/  1������J0*  iitifis iiio're or less,       "    * r  . -.'     'M'/RTtiiBosjiiri'i-  ,w , r KHherM. G-.ski^, h^xA:  Dated Juue 19th, 1912. "  '. Pianos and .4  FuRNi'i:u'Rie  Freight, Wood and Coal Hauled  ���������RICHA11DSON k UAYW.OOD  PHONE'5.7      :     .-  Windermere Ave.  ORDttRS'TAKHN  KOR NUT   COAI,  lU_������W������ll*f ������������������**���������  NOTICE.  m**t%  NOTICE ia hercby^.iven lhat  she gcncinl-Hlore lntwiuoss or Dun  can Hrcs. hn.i this duy been void  lo Jaiues^ H. Piirkiii.- All accounts due lhe late linn must bo  paid 10 I<1. Duncan, who will set.  lie nil hahiliiies.  Sand wick,/)ct. ml 1,9.3.  NOTICE  SiiiwnidLaiicl District.  DiHtnct of fiaywurd.  TAKE NOTICE tint Oimrl-n .Hoary  IUa^,   of  Now V'orlt,   N. Y.,   cccupotiou  Say war tl Land Di������trict ���������  UiNtrict-of .Saywnrd. ,. "  ��������� TAKE NOTJCJ. thit V/ilJum ��������� John  ���������Whiting 0������ Noa- York, $'. Y., outiipation  Ei'glnc.r, iuten'lav,to up;1.ly .f.ir'pnnnissioH  to i:\ii-cha 0 tho foliowiii.; deaoiibed lnuds:  ���������Oom.������ie������n!ii-g at a post pin������led (J0 cbiiiuy  iiouth'ttii'd 80 (���������b.-.iu. nisi fro'n ibo no:th  east cQ.uec ot lot 579 (on. post 5M) tlionoo  north 20 ohjtins, Ih* nee we������t'30 ihiiiip,  tlisuoo south 20 clijiiun, tboaoo oast 30  thiiua to point, of Q<;mme.i cemoiit oon-  taiuiuj; GO rtotoi woro or lese.  \VlI,l.I.taMaJoHN AVlIlTINC  FisliPfi-  M, GitBluDi'i A{;cnt  D.itt*d Juho23i'i1, 191 a.    .  Say word Lui-d Dielriol.      , ���������  A ' ,  DLliiot of Sny ward.  TAKK NOTICK tlint Hairy Alfred  Hob, of Now Vork, Now York, oroupnti-  ou idootriolnn, intO'n'H tn apply furpurmln  nion to punnin .ioa to puroha-o' tl'O follo*v.  inC fk'Bcrliiod Ittodt:-(,!otiii)iencitii. at n  *lfEln������,i..t ..di to npply for ,,��������������������� wwn poflt p,wM ul t,,0 floulh wmi ,,  Lit It   t'/>llriun 1   i.i fit  Iiilv'Iiwv ili HArlliriil    ntwlj.  to ]>. YiihuKQ lb'J fo'lowiii'f Ouioriboil lmiddi  Co!nm'rt������cl"K-nt ft ]>;ut |<.liuilnd at tbo  iioi'iii.Qil.t ooriior of fot 55'^, thenco uoi'tlt,  'JO ilu'.iiBi Ihi-iiKio w.'Ht. 20 ol-uliiH, Ihenoo  titiil-.. '20 ol'il'n-', tlionoo ouHt CO I'hiii'io to  point of commiiiicGin.ut coiitiiiiin(* -10  iioi-y-i uiorv oi losa.  riJAKLliN JIliNUY HKgT  I'.'-lior M. Qukijia, Aj; ut,  nt������JuDo SOli, 1012.  ��������� ������������������������) ������>������������������ ���������    np������M^ HI  ii   m* *****trvm, ���������*,**, .i..********m****i^*a****m*r  Siiyiviiiil bund OtWiot,  , niiiirliit of Su/ttiinr,  T ������KE"N0 WAu tlmt (.loartfo S*ttioUc. of  Vtvw York, Ni.V.i ocoupilioii giij-lfjiwr,  mtrii.lu to cpply /if i (junimi'iu to pur-  I'll'Mij tlio foliowihk dfUCllU'd lUllillI!���������  ('ciiiiiuqneliig i.( ii put j.'anUd CO fiidini  niX'tii of tlio lioi'lli'fiuit cri'ii.rof lot Ml,  tU.M'.o firnI U0 .Itiii h, iIk.hco north >|0  oliiii.ii, tl.oi-f.'M  wo������t  VO  eliiili",   thoi.co  HOII ll dO   Uliultlt   |(>   pi) lit nf   C'M.llltnClV  iiu-nti oonlain'tig HO mrn, uu.ri n lo-w.  CJWUrjK HTUCKB  Pii-liur M, fbiuldiui, Aboiit.  ta'MnnolUtli, lUlsl.  Anyporeon or pcrsoiiB, citlliii^,  removing or tftking  any   blocks,  i  **t**m*mt*m  WWIHHT ******  fh Weed-to rho^luUiUi  ^2'^ri".   Jl V'" f,"'t Wi*  ft'iimit".  Ritfljt   1/ TimoiiHjiairiSliifjMrtntU.Mjiiil.  tf*WV������*t*i||. vl in nil Vi-lin. t'ip<-i X.-,.  oui fidittttp, Mtut-il o.iit Muf.'n IVoit'.,, /������..  },<jH.(������tir(/, iStvwil hlnkitttu. Wrn/.vmVm.i, /,<," -  tiisilirrli *���������* fm,i i,w/r.-,ij ,,f jUi.hmi .u������ //../ ������>.  l'riiHitfl  i'T  I'rl  ivi  /. m.nitil. r. friA/irffau, n,irt1.*n,rrn,i, t,-,,-,  .,im,(tn-tl]!tf'<lA UfAlllHfitiO /{ll'WI  per lior, r\ t,t*.r tm i ii\<������ will j'lt-^'-, i-i  Biyimrd J.^nd Uut;i'4.  DiriltliU of J*������ywM-<1.  timhor or wood, of imvdnKci'ipliorlp .,TAKf^Tl1-.  ''''A ^ cUa?w  ,    ".      .    .,     ������..".. '   ..  ,    y.unii, of New   I mlt, iv,..,  <wiiip.itioi������  ,i -  Ci'.  ll'    '.' .-    .  i> VlUn^l*.jil    V,..*"  iu-r nf  the north wont qminer of lot C8!i, t.li'.'ii������o  ���������10 ohiiiiifioufit, llibiKMi -10 ohitinu I'oith,  theuco 40 o'.ni'iii woit, thouy.) -10 chuiim  couth to p'duli f OMn iioiKOiiioiit c-mlidn-  lii;j 100 au'iJ'i uioio or l<f-n  llf.N'iiY Arii'itKu Hi^ii  I.a'.yl'Vi M. (i .tk'ui; A_unt,  PdlM Junottit*!, Iftl'.'.  Sftjwurd bud DUtilot,  VbAr'n;'' ot Soiwu-d. ''  TAKK NUTIUK Uiat William John  yulliv.Mi, Ntiw Yoili, N, Y., oocnpiit'Oii  ulcflf, iuluui.li tOi������pj.ly fi;r porniioiou t-<  piii'oliKiio tlio fullfMing tho folhiwluu Ant'  oiib.djiiiidij:���������t'ouiiuouoli'K i't   n>   pui.l  )i|ill)tOil   10 ctluilJit HOI.til   f'(i(H   tlm  POlllll*  out poii'or nt h'l fil'.l (on pout 571) Itifuon  ll'irtli 80 phiillie, tlw non uni 8J oliiitnii,  tliomm U'Uitii BO ulii'in, ilnuitfi mint .0  oliuinn, t������ pm'fit of 0 loiiuciioiiiiinil con.  Uikiug 010 i.u.m iinxo or Inn. ,.  WILLIAM JOIINSULLIVA'H  J'tihorJI. ftJiiiliiim, Agont.  Data Juno 81..I, 1(119,  Sav ward  Land Distiict     '  -'  '  Diu'riot if M'.y.vurd  .TAKE NOTiCJU   that  JQH*ph   Hen-y  Rtor.f New Vorlt/'oooup tiou SdiBJUi-,.-  iiiti-uds io apply tor pe.ui.ssion   to  'iu---  chuso   ihe   tiido.riu^' dtfi.-iibi-,!   laciie:������������������  I'ominunoiayiit ujjostpluiiti'd 90   chu'ij-t  weit i-.nd ton fcliai.it u'c������rch of tho ti..iitlv  wii-t corner of 1 anu 4 ft, thence- uorlh UU<  ohnins, thooooenst'20 ^unius, theno aoutu '  'JO chu:un, thuaoe want 20cIuuih tu pmnt.  of  ooiiinii'iicenieut  cout*iuij)g  40' co.o������ ���������  mo. e or Lhh. , '-,  .JosEi'ii'tfuNRY Baeb:  ���������    '   ��������� Fiiiboi-.M. GusWes, Ageai.  Duled Juiifi2ut,li, 1912. ,        ���������   '  Skyward Laud DUtriuti  D Htrict of JSjivA-ard  TAKK NOITOU   Umt Juuig* IJormrd,  Dnuii of New York, N.   Y., ocoupiiliui  Teachtir, inlor.da to npply fur prirumirion-  t������i piirokuuii tn? toi.owiui ih.'iJcriiiod Umd i  ���������tJ'ijuii.oid.h'i; aiu p;.3t   piaukd iA, tin,  iiwih enn ciu'iHir of lot &_;">, thouoo 'north'  80 oliiiii.!'., t'i������M'o weH.C 80 chains, thtn.s  KOi.tU 80 vhalnu, tlu'iioo uun U0 uhiiinu to  j.'iii*- nf cun mi-iue.-nnit cootniriit-.j; 010  cics uioro or bin.  Jamkb Hr.iiNAiiu Uutin1  l,'inli.jr''M. Oiaiijfe, AtfiUt,  Oulo-l.ruiioS'ltli, 1012  SuywBrd.Ln.nl DUlriot.  Dif{;i lot, iiftiuywurd.  TAKK NOTICE th.t John LconiiVd  Ryan ������f New York, Nop/ York, ixonputl-  i.ji iinilur, interJ.i to llpjily fnr purinl s.ou  la purchase ilio pnivli-uo tho ffillo'Al-^-.ii).  I'i'fibod liu.ili.:���������(.uniiHMiciii^ ut it p'i>t  plwto.l lit tho noith.ou'.t curuor nf fio  uoi 111 of,;.i qmirU'r i.f h.t f/S't, tbonco 0������������t  '60 ob don, thuuee iiorlh -JOchduD, vlii/������cu  wmit 80 ditiii'h, theno i i-oiUli 10 ehtdtm to.  p.iiiit of co.innciHwfiiti'l cuulnl'diifc' 320  mutt ifioiu oi Ib'.o.  JO .IN LWN UID RYAN  Kiih'.T M.a/ivkJui, Ajjout.  l)������lo.Tuno2Hli, 19LS,  Sfiywiird lifttid District  D!������trlr:t of rr'ny^iil'd  T/iKK not!������.'������ tlmt ji.lm  Cus.  ���������������idy,    of    Now   Vork, ��������� ft   V.,  occupation    Fireman,      intends  }.   **������, I i   ���������    | - *i       I Yy       t   ������   r>  .1 . ������i_ A>*iv������*     < W     iiiil ���������  At-   r���������  1  r . w .  I ft    .,,    Ill ���������  { " "II V  <)i,i..v    Ijiu    AdliMi'ilig     dvacrih^d  NOTICK ii htrchy kIvmi llmt oppli-  o.id'in will' ho nuidfi l<> llm Su,,(ir  liifotidcnt nf i-rtivini'lnl ivjlc* VfototJo,  ;fof ll licciiBO H������ nil liij'mi'   by  wi.dl.tLlu  uv -in the pr.iiiiti. aiiiiiitnl ou   bir.', extent of llm law.  HJook C, OuniUrlniid Townsite, CumUr  lory (Vy., or from or off tholmid  of tho fluid Ooiupmiy, or nnyQiiu  tipping rubbish of any description  nnywhero upon Uu; cotnpuny'H  liiii'l will bit I'lOftOouloil lo tim lull  (.Ink, iuttnlw t/j Mpply lm-j.erinii).)-oi t>  l-t;rolinw> tho folWiiff di'.Pfl'Hil liitnlik!-  <.V)ini;iof',oli.g nt u pi4 (lu-.t'id JO c:lK.a)n.  ivu������t uud 20 olisiiiH H'.l'th . I d,f icit'i'imil  :ofnor  ��������� I  Cityward LiuA UtUiA,  iyii������l'|gt of ...lyiimd,,,  TAKK NOriCJfi tluil, VVHIUm AtiKmiatJ IftudB!���������CoilllHUIiclMc" fit  U   !)0������t  I)!ic!)������Qi ������-f   Now Ywrkv'N. Y., fenA'ay', .,   i ,���������,   i   .       ' ,���������, ,   ,u,  tu,, i.iJi, t.i...iAW!.yn .r i' ��������� plunle'l JiO chain* south and HI)  lloii.tlorK, liilniiili) vrk������pp|y for pln'iiiui.nHi  '     ,  to pitiuhiuo lho follow'uir' i1.:i;,������rilirtt^������'ilsUMf,i fast nf thu uorlh coriii'i* nf  hiild:���������CyiMiKtifi.itr ftt ji ,,p������pit phsnUd' hi ^lAf tliojiv wut-l Ui) uliuilln to  UOchidtii in/it mil" -Uicha' ������ uoilb ot thr. .    .. ,       .   . ,   ....    _,  nortli- wosii-umur^U CM, li���������,���������, nvA,,':lst ' ^I"^'.Vnf lot fib I, throe..  M qlm'ni moid or Iciil,   fo led fi.'il^l.r.gujj'-'ntli "$ dull Jit*,   tV.CIK'C   t'llct   530  ull) mrn.  BoM liy ill ilnieifSt/t or i;.������  Iiv  ^lt  '--.i.-i  I1...I lr  plidi l'fcw, mi ti.o*Tnt of i'.(t u, A't i" [i un' Ulu  vwilolfi'ft, VhwweoJ Kortfoln* On.  utrxrrly U'fct'iiw) Taronton Qui,  Unci, IJ. O.  Jon.* MAtiotfiiir, A|ipHc,nt  I)������r<d thip l������.h day of Decmbor, 1012.  W. J...COULSON,  (h)Iioi;u1 iMunngftr,  C'������ Uii'i'V Co,}1  uf lot B:-4, tiiMice mi'. -10 i.lriitii',' 10 ohdim muth nUu������ rn������t, buiiudnry 'f.Jijiiiiti, (Ikmico north HOchuinsto  li-noi flcutl.  Woln.fiN   ihet'co i������������l  40 f lot 551, thenco uiHt COvUini morn or h*A .,,:���������. ,,r ,^.���������,��������� ,,    , * ��������� ..,  ���������.  uUi������������lM.������..,0ii...tl.i!n(.i.,i,.i..lo.������iu.' bAmuih,  iu-,,������ ..ouh -io oiudur, u, !''*"/   ' '���������^^"'^'^'������������������^������; C'..nl'i.u  .'.illllU!'..������Miii.'ut ci.v.li.i;*.ii.|; liOati'C'. lii.'-ro  pi.int nf  cri.ni. ..>iu-"ii!<-iil  i<i!i!ulriii!������������   '.������o.   I",-!? ������������() llffi'vi moro Of l������'������i'.  ���������r lt'LB, .kcrwum<.u������#m li..,.-. j doHN G.'.SMjr  iivnnm>i<iiiM.vji'rn������rl miiitui  ,iiftiiu.iim..nnAnui t >.   . n    ,.     . .   >    .  fiKoisntiCMAi.i.u.ss-roNi-:  riwhi'r i). U*H':Ufli AK������i.t.  ! Dat* Jum. I'J.h, pjljf.  'J'l  ������  WILJ.lA.tl Al'OAUSTm������niOrK; VWuey   M. f.n-kiri^Ui-'UU  Innh' r 11.. |a).kiuk, A.',ci\l  D������t������ Jouo ttOtii, iVl'.  1  VlaWd dum 20th, 11)12.  t  ���������&.  &������,.r*>vy /'  &*E j'V-.,.-;, .-.���������.  "3i"i".';V;"  '#,f ���������'���������'*-',  -r&SA  ���������Af-.;-    ���������  !'������"���������-' A  ������������������ ���������'"''-" 7A7A['AyZ7Y 7 ' 7"-'-''Y >*"  Uy  'iT.*  ii'  1  i?  A-  il  . i  t'i-  pr*  W;    '  ?i  li'.  I  !K  ht������  V  I'  U  h  -*. .-"V  v.  ���������thk" news.-;cu?j*beij land; B.; c : -  '������������������"'.'.'.- ������; A-  .-O'"  v  AGONIES OF  -    GALL-STONES  SANOL ,la- tho    Most   Reliable   and  Rapid Cure for this Painful arid  Dangerous    Disease.   Strong -  Testimonials  " 'i'hcro arc hundreds of -sufferers from  sall-scones who will be firlad to know of  th. great results being; dertvod irom tho  ��������� use of SANOL, tlio romedy that Is safe,  suro and remarkably japld In its fiction.  It remove, tha necessity of an operation,  ��������� lteltet: comes-promptly, the stones being-  dissolved or passed off fn the stool without, danger 10 tli6 patient and without  . pain, SANOL has cured hundreds of  "people In Cnnada ot this palnlfui nnd dan.  serous djKeaso. Wo havo nrany testimonials from people who   liavo, ihua   been  , cured. For obvious reasons avs cannot  publish their names but many.o* tlioso  who li/ivo been cured, arc (iidto willing to  ��������� tell others Jn conlldoiiDo of tho result*, ot  usinK SANOL. Wo nro able to elvo  names ami uddressos of numbers of  ihfsi- iii.u wiil sladly ilo so to fill who  inquire,  Tliii SoUawltip- <-xtrfiei |s tuicen from the  lelier of ji wall-Known Toronto pentld-  m;<n.     ,  "Ji'-plylnsr lo your It-tier, T followed your  insti-uotlo.j.'i and r-urc-liawil two bottles of  ���������>AN01., You mlKlit t-tnd mo a. much  oi lho mixture rial m-ed. If l'Ctm In any  way help tho halo of SANOL, mid b.v doing ho iioli noma oilier unfortunate, I  '..wiil I'o only too pk-ased lo do eo,-uh I  consider it tho )>c-sl rom.dy ever mftdo.  You liavo a jaodiclno that la worth usll-  Uonri.'-' ���������  SAXO/, Is (ili-i������.idy widely fietignlzeft by  the ntcdlc-.d piofrsslon of Canada iih a  snwihLo rf-medy for Kidney fitones, Rail-  eton.iH, Klduoy diHoase,' {.-.vivol, elonea in  the bladder ttnil all other diseases duo lo  tho prujioncn of urio r.e.Id in tho svjtom,  SANOf. ls also h ������renl and rellablo preventive and if taken at any timo by those  who havo any wctiUnos������ of the Kidney or  bladder will often prevent a serious ill-  HOM-V,  HANOI, !������ -made onlv by th������ SANOT.  3IAXi;i''AOTURINO COrUl'.-VNY, LTD.,  a77,Main Streot, Wlrnilpf-E, For salo by  all druggists ,or direct from ,the makers  rtt J1..10 tier bottlo,  CANCER  Book Frse.    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Thla  did'not wori'y him so muoh,aa the  ono fact that ho could never find his  clothes lu the morning on getting up,  having completely forgotten whero he  had laid them.  One memorable day, however, a  brilliant Inspiration came to him, He  would devise a clothes plan, ��������� He did,  and it ran something like this:  Coat oh third peg left hand corner  ol- room, >valstcoat and trousers on  chair by bed, collar on <loor-handle,  tie through hey of door, vest on floor  by window,' cuffs, on bedstead knobs,  shire on portmanteau, socles on gasbracket, boots outside door, professor  in bed, *  "  This worked splendidly, and next  morning tho dear old thing collected  his .wardrobe with lightning rapidity,  until ho came to Uio last item on his  list. Ho rushed to the bed; "but lt  was ompty,  Jlimning Ida hand through, his  scanty grey locks, he ' exclaimed, jn  deop^despair:  Tliero! Now tho professor Is lost.  I'm much afraid after all thin plan Is  no good.  ARE YOUR HMDS CHAPPED?  Zam-Buk Will Cure Them. '  TEACHER CURED  OF BARBER'S ITCH  TELLS OF CURES AMONG HIS PL).  P1LS THAT WERE REMARKABLB  Raw, Inflamed, Itching Skin Is Soothed  and-Healed by h  DR CHASE'S OINTMENT  ��������� Barber's Itch is a form of Ringworm  wliich, wheavonco started, is most annoying and' unsightly, and most difilcult to cure, ' Barbers often reiusa to  shavo anyono having this disease for  fear of passing it on to other customers ....        '  But you can curo Barber's itch and  keep the skin wonderfully soft and  healthy by applying Dr, Chase's Ointment. Just read what this teacheA  has to say about tlia healing power of  Dr. Chase's Ointment', ���������  -Mr. Chas, C, Polrier, Upper-Cara-  quet, N.D.. writes:���������"Two years ago  whilo teaching at Shippegim I caught  Barber's Itch,, A friend told me Dr,  Chaso's Ointment would cure mo, a3  it had liim, Whe.i I went for.a box  I, thought" it dear, but when I Jpund  how good it-was I thought it cheap,  "-��������� "Not only was I cured by that single-  box. but it also cured two of my. pupils, and this too' quickly to ho 'believed,- ' Oue' of them, a, girl, had a  running sore-on-"the chin,-which the  doctor liad tried in'vain to "euro,-The  other had n sore on the -car; water  _riinniiig._oi____Q__i.__all iho'timo. . I  can certify ' to -the cure of these  cases,"  " Wherever there is itcliin'g skin or  a sore that refuses to heal you. can  apply Dr. Chase's Ointment with positive "assurance that tho result will bo  entirely-satisfactory, The soolhtag,  healing power of ihistgroat ointment  is truly wonderful, 6'0o, h box, at all  dealers or Kdmanson, Bates &��������� Co,,  Limited, Toronto,  The particular .danger of 'chapped"  hands And cold cracks .(apart alto-.  gether from tho pain) is that tho cold  13 likely, to penetrate and set up in*  flammation, festering, or blood-poison",  DlreQtly tho ekirt is brolcon by a out.  graze or scratch, or chafed and cracked by the action of the cold -winds  and wateri the one noceseary precaution is to apply Zam-Buk freely.'    '. ���������,  Tho pure herbal juices from^whloh  Zam-Bulc is prepared are so perfectly  combined and'refined that the' Immediate effect of these Zam-Buk dressings  is soothing, antiseptic, aiid .healing;  Pain and inflammation are allayed,  disease germ's .expelled' from -the  wound or sore.- and tho latter is  quickly .healed, . ���������  ��������� Zam-Buk'Is not only a powerful  healer and skin nuriflerj it is strong-,  ly antiseptic and germicidal, and so  forms tho ideal protection for the skin  against disease germs,  r It quickly heals cold cracks, chaps,  chilblains, cold sores, etc,  'Mrs, 0, M, Phoon, Neuchatel, Alta.,  writes!���������"I must'tell you how pleased  I am with Zam-Buk. My husband had  ���������an old frostbite on Ids foot for many  years, and had tried almost every  known remedy without any effect, but  the first application of Zam-Buk seemed to help him so much that he persevered ;ind the sore is now cured, We  would not be without Zam-Buk in the  house,"  Zam-Buk ,1s also a suro euro for  piles,, eczema, ulcers, abscesses, scalp  sores, blood-poison, bad log. eruptions,  etc," lis purely-herbal composition  makes it tho ideal balm for babies and  young children, All druggists and  stores sell Zam-Buk dOo, bos or post  freo from Zam-Buk Co,,-Toronto, for  prices, Try also Zam-Buk Soap, 25o?  tablet,  Morning, said Busiman as he mot nn  acquaintance travelling up to town  on the late train. Strango. meeting  you, Vou generally'travel" up ���������a bit  earlier than, this, What's become of  the train you used to catch?  Oh, replied tlio other, that train's  been taken off,     _  Taken off, is"it? asked Mi\ B,, with  unnecessary curiosity, I .' .suppose  you miss it?  Not eo often as I used to, came the  response, .A  An actor who is known as Lew la of  German doscont, and his father speaks  broken English, Low says tha old  gentlemen wroht to a,big art;gallery  rocently and'came homo greatly enthused,  Saw a flue painting,- Louis," lie said.  You did? ,'-  -  Yes it was a'fine one���������hundreds-ol  people looking at it, it" must haf been  worth'a hundred-dollars, sure.  What was its name asked Lew,  _J3Qfc-LcarLteiliy_0-U_n_o_t. but it va3 a  G.T.P. CONSTRUCTION  Largo Forco of.'Men to be Employed  Thlt,Winter on.Western Extensions  ��������� -In a.'recent interview,' Mr, 'Morley  Donaldson, vice president and general  manager of the;, Grand Trunk Pacific  Railway has given an interesting accouut ,of tho' progress of that road."  He; states that' 6,000 men will bo em-'  ployed by tho G.T.P. during the-coming winter.'-* Oil the \western. end  alono 4,600 men iire.no'w at work'and  before- many *wecks; have, passed "this"  number will iuivo"increased to C.000;,  while, working eastward- from .Ilazel-  ton there .are at present.1,700 workmen on the main line. ,'��������� Practically  "all -the necessary force" for the season's operations iu the mountains Is  now engaged and although -additional  men could bo -set to work thero will  be JioMelay even if the present number fails to be augmented, Miv Donaldson statos that no exact forecast  can be made as to th3 possibility of  the Hue being completed to the Pacific coast in 1013. .Every effort ,1s  being mado to expedite construction  but until'Juno'of next year it would  be impossible to say what tho prospects of completing the line would bo.  .The Grand Trunk Pacific,has never  been in better shape to handlo dts  share of "the western crop than has  boen, tho case this year. About 35  per cent,of tho crop has already boen  removed to tlio lake ports; said Mr.  Donaldson, and although, tho harvest  has boen muclv'hcavler and much later  than in Mil tho, proportion handled  by our company- is already greater  than. before. At Wostport tho big  2,500.000 elevator built by the G.T,  P. will be'ready for uso in the very  near future and this will servo to al-  loviato congestion' very considerably.  Twenty "flvo new locomotives have  heon' commissioned' ior. tho western  traffic, and (hero hai also .been a big  increase in tho; number of grain cars.  Not so much as a -. whisper of complaint has been roceivod and apparently the grain is being-taken out as  fast as ilt can be brought in by tho  farmers,    , ������   .. <��������� ���������  Tho construction ,.bf the Grand  Trunk Pacific's dry dock, at' Prince  Rupert"is destined in the opinion-of  experts to havo an important effect  -upon..the shipping trade of the Pacific coast, Iri the-first place when  the company lays 'up its steamers as  it does at this timo.of year thoy will  bo--berthed in Princo Rupert preferably tu ary other port and this' will  bo their heMh_uartors ln .consequence.  Many of the' othor coast sloame/s  which aro al rrescnt forced- to -go  elsewhere' for repairs and overhauling  will tie up in future nt theterminis  id tho G.T,P., whose new plant will  eclipse anything of its kind upon the  Pacific coast, being capable of.handling 20,000 ion vessels, Already a  300 foot pier has been ^erected and  rapid progre-*-. is being made .'ipon'  the mammoLh structuro,'  Wlmt are you doing dear? askod tlio  Jit ilo pli'i'u nicttliGi', ns sho paiiHcil lo  Joolt at Bojno, vory fllnm.ro niarlci tho  nhlld was making on a pleco of paper  I'm writing n letter to Lllllo -Smith,  wa-s Uio answer,  But niy dear, laughed tho molher,  you dou't know how to wrlto,  Oh, that doosu't matter, mother,  Lllllo doesn't know how 10 read,  Dladaln for Dignity  A cent, whoso name was Macintosh,  Mid who wao proud of tho fact ihat  ho was dlrct'Uy floscondcil from the  flilet of tlio chni. wits Imvlns a dis-  puto over (ho fnro ho owed lo n 1nx!  driver who had (ran a ported lilm lo his  'limno In lho KuhI, Kiul,  The mini wllh tho motor i-illcod loud  nnd luiralily, nml it nn&vrod tho J11 s__.li-  Iiuulrr,  Do you know wlm I am? ho do*  mnudt-d, proudly, iIihwIiik lilmiiolf up  to ids full liolgiii.     I'm a Macintosh,  'lh'i tu.vl finoi-iod,  I don't c/tro It yoii'ro fin umbrella,  ho nald,     I'll hn\o my rlii'lits.  I tell you, Edgoly, said Mr, Todd  as they sat Jn tho park, tho'way women dress iheso days Js absurd, And  nlno times out of ten it is tho fault  of tho men, .lust for instance, take  that womnn coming down .lho park,  Somo fool husband has told hor she  looks porfecily charming in that outrageous get-up, lacking the stamina, to  como right out bluntly and tell hor  that slio looks ponitivoly ridiculous,  Sinco this remark, Mr. Todd has  novel* booh scon In public without his  gl-insos,    Tlio woman was Mrs, Todd,  MINARD'S J.l.N'IllHNT CO., LTD,  Coiitloinoii,���������In, ,Tuly ' 3005 I was  thrown from 11 rond machine, injuring  iny hip and back ,badly and was  obliged 1o use a crutch for 11 months.  In Hopt, 'JDOO Mr, Wm, Oulrldgo of  Lachulo urged me to try MINARD'S  LINIMENT, which I did with tho most  satisfactory results and lo-dny I nm  as well as ever In iny lifo.  Yours slncorely,  his  J.L.TTIIRW x JJATiVWB.  murk  flno picture,  Describe it*- to mo,'    0  Yell, said the old gentleman, there  vas threo fellers, Von was playing  the fife, von was playing the drum,  and tho other had a headache.  For  Frost  B|tes  and  Chilblains,���������  Chilblains como from -undue exposure  to slush and cold and froso-bito from  tho icy winds of winter, In tho treatment of cither there is no better preparation than Dr, Thomas' Klocti-io  Oil, as it counteracts the inflammation  and relieves the pain, Tho notion of  tho oil Js instantaneous and Us application is oxtrbmcly simple.  A tall, austere man, who was evidently, u stranger In thoso parts entered-a church ln a small lown in  Maine, tie took a seat in Uio rear  of the church and listened apparently  Interested for.a.short whllo, After  that ho hogan to show nervousness,  Leaning ovor nn old gentleman? on his  right, evidently an old momboi' of tho  congregation, ho whispered!  " How long hns ho beon preaching?  Tlilrty-livo years, I Ihlnk, responded  (ho old man; but I don't know exactly.  I'll slay thon, dncldod the stranger,  Ilo must bo noai'ly finished,  i^^gggwijS  p������RFECTI0  &Jy     Smokeless  Efficient ^ Will heat a good sized room  * even in the coldest weather.  Economical.   Burns nine hours on one  gallon of oil. a  Ornamental*   Nickel trimmings; plain  ; -  a steel or  enameled tur  quoise-blue drums.  Portable, u^asily carried from room to  room j weighs only  eleven pounds; handle doesn't get hot  Doesn't Smoke  Doesn't Leak  Easily Cleaned  and Re-wicked  Inexpensive  Lasts for year*  At DettUrt Btinrywhtra  THE IMPERIAL OIL COMPANY, Limited  WINNIPEG        - ST������ JOHN,  ..   MONTREAL  -���������   TORONTO        HALIFAX .'  m  Whenever" you see a well  gloved hand think of   ���������;  PERRIN  x'*  I'I, wa''. filar.dlnK near otv of tbo  stump windows in tho gcnoral post office, Ills fnco was Unshod ������ml his  feature:! dlutortod, whilo lio tugnod  with IiIh tec Ih ttt n Knot in hlfi-hiind-  Icorchlof, "When lho lenot gavo way  a frlond, who had hoyi witching the  unusual pnrl'ornmnco, stepped up and  nuked: 'What wuh tho Knot for ���������to ro-  mc-mlier ROinetlilngV  . Yes, lo hnvo my wKo'ii umbrella  mended.  Did you Imvo It done?  No; forgot tlio blnnird llilng Jn fho  subway, Jlut i romomborcd (lie luiot  all .'[.III,  I fow old ls your baby brother? ashed lltllo Tommy of a play-male,  Ono yoor old, replied Johnny, ..  Ah, oxclalmcd Tommy, l'vo got a  dog a year old ninl ho crin^walk twico  us woll as your brother,  Woll', so ho oiiRhfc to, ropliod Johnny,    lie's got twlno us many logs, ,  The averago spinster Insists Uiat she  Ih bc-caiiao alio wants to bo,  An Idlo rumor novor spends much  Mmo In lho oillco of a busy man,  ���������w���������i     ���������w������ywwiMi  A^Stmst*.  frfle, a box or tlx box������������ Tor f2.80,  it #lt dealer;, or 'Iht t>odd. Medietas Company* Llmlt������d; Toronto,  Carina.  ti n ", ^n  So yon urn going 10 scliool, my lit-  tin mini? Well, well, And what do  you lonrn fit iwiliooiy  Iloadln' an' wrltln, im' nrlthmotlo,  Why, I didn't Know i'lio Hdlinols  taught thoso (lilies any moro, Whero  do you llvo','        ������  In flint fiat building?  W'Jilo-il Jluor do jimi um on]  ? ������_..���������������������������; "���������..'ai.',  Count up and HPf\  I can't,  You nun, I thought you wld y,tu  Hludiod (irlihmctloV  I do, but I i-au'i. fiount lhat far yot,  NVu Kill V <ill>.   y,ln. Ul U.l, .il i'ii.  (.lan.-i.  Ah. J.-u'l:, old follow, Havcn'f po������ti  you hIiu'o you,' wr-dding two yo-ii'H  ng'������.     1 low \>ne* matrimony'/  Very woll, tlmnkn, nut, Jovo, tt'ri  e.poimhi> ffiniforl,   Tlio ilrosfltnulter  iiic'ld, li'   I  h'.d   Iii'" It  Ynu   would have  j-emnluod  filni'lc,  Ay,  Ni), no, but J would ba\t������ m.111 led  (ho ilriibi'in.'il.oi',  'J ilf������   llM.l'J*    0"  f-.rr.HM.  ru. ������uu ifi'i'.n ihttlr  Thprrt nro spolfl on tho mm, yet  pomo pooplo aspect a email boy lo bo  porfi-et,  A FRIEND'S ADVICE  Somellilno Worth Llstenlno To  A young num wus advised by n  frlond to eat Clrapo-NutR bocnufio he  wns nit run down Q'c-m a spell of .over,  Ilo lollrt fho Rtory.  "Lnal fl/ti'lm; I had tut nlliwlt of  fever that, left mo In a very weal; eon-  ilitlon, ] Imd to ijuH.jvoili; had no  nppt.-llto, was lici-vtiuH and dlEcour-  npod,  "A frlond advised mo to cat drape-.  NuIh, but I paid 110 nl ton! Ion lo hlni  and Kept 110U111.? worse nu time wont  by,  "I look rnuny Ulndrf of inoillolno but  IIU.'II.I Ol   tllUIII  tA.-fIllVtl   HI  I.t.,I,  .IfI,   .H,.  ;���������*-.-!fn ".-'a'' f'oiopV'le-l.v "im dwn my  blood gnt, out of order from want"of  propor food, nnd sovornl vory large  bollri lii'ulio uut un my ric-ch, I \kis  no weuK 1 could bunliy wall;,  "Ono day   jiiolhor   ordered   pome  \f) I tljlU   **\ 'll t       ������������������i i������     *>-'*.*     -  t*     **- *   ' S m .  somo. \ felt bolter and flint nlglil  reslt-d fine, As I continual to use  tho food every day, I jsnuv filrongoi'  liteadlly and now havo rngjiltifil my  fonunr good licnllli, I would not bo  wiiliout (Sraiie-.VulH nn I believe 11 In  Ilio nnt.1i liHilili-jjIvfnj,' food ln llm  woihl," N.iinii itlvi'ii by Canadian  l'n.ilum Co,. Wtii'lff.r. Ont,  itfiil Uio IukiIc, '"ino llm. to Ut 11-  vlllc," ln itUgfl,    ' ihcro'rf a rcaEon,"  Ever re.id the nbevu lelfdr? A new  one nppenra from time to time, Tlioy  are genuine, true, mid full of fiutvftn  Intfrefi*.  Australian Sclieme, They Say' Would  . be Incentive to Immorality  .'������������������'The recent decision " of tho labor government to grant to tlio moth-  ors of all. children born-in Australia  a maternity bonus of $25 is' attended  by many more difucultics than its  authors 'anticipated, Tlio sura of  $2,000,000 is io be distributed in tho  present financial year, ending June 80,  1918 and the noxt year.a Parser sum  will besot asido, ' >   -  Financo however, Is not tho dlfllcul-  ty, The stumbling block Is the question of tho extension of tho grant to  to tho mothars of illegitimate children.  The prime minister, in his capacity of  treasurer has decided that the grant  shall bo indiscriminate���������in tho sonso  (hat no question ns to whether tho  mother was married or unmarried  shall affect any claim (0 iho $25,  Tho .churches and particularly the  council of churches���������n body, of Protestant doiionlnullonnllsts Interested  in social and political questions���������  strongly rosent this doolslon, and dc-  cla'ro that Jt is--  1������������������A-Bllght on tho sanctity of mnrrlngo.  3���������An oncoiirngement of vice,  3���������-A BtlmV.us to immorality,  ��������� 4���������An outi-ago on tiie moral sentiment of tha community,  Jt is urgod.tlint thoro ware registered In Australia lnst year about 7200  illegitimate clilldix-n, A bonus of-  $2r> por child would amount Jn thoso  oaseH'lo .180,000 which It ls suggested might bo i'nr hotter spout In subsidizing mntornlly Iioiuor, rofiigos and  othor voluntary agencies -which aid  lho fullen nnd llioso who have lost  tholr wny In lliln young country.  Amid thin storm of ngilutlon tho  policy of tho federal labor govoni-  mont remains unchanged. Mr.  Klshor dovoted flvo minutes only to  lils reply to Ilio arguments of an ln������  lluonllal ilopuliillon of clorgymon, who  Implored lilm lo stay hln hand and  that flro .tiiliiulPH \yns absorbed by a  cnndld declaration that tho nchomo  would go forward on tho linen proposed, and that lio wnn unconvinced  thnt tlioro wnn any :00ml peril In. adhesion to 1 bono lines, Tho govoni-  merit desired to como to the financial  nnnltitiint'0 of womon at tho most trying period of tholr lives and would  consider thom nlmply as mothers.  I      M>������������MI  (���������������������-������1������I,M������������II1     *���������***  Hia Forlorn Hope  It wan n thrilling story that Hrown  Imd (0 loll; (IIwiut nnd mil.twroclc  bruvory against odds, and wisdom  whon nil wltswero BCiiltcrod���������oxooiit  llrown'w!  T   l\-/\   [.Vinilfcnf,1!   ���������jll'lmn*    lift   fi\\r\  whrn his iinrr������tlvo,linil ran for nn  hour, it wn,i tho most Imleoua sou-  sntlou Iniiiglimblf*; uud as I Hank fur  tho third tlm*; my prist lifo seemed to  rlno before mo in n norlon of grim,  rnaliailo iiIcluvoH.    I saw oveiythlug  1   I.,..!   fivr-r  dMir.  A miuiniir of f.yiupatliy rolled from  the lips of listening friends; but just  ns |lrown v<'.iii preparing to rofliinio,  ���������loneH, who was nltilng quietly In a  corner, inteniiptcd lilm, wlinrply and  hopefully:    ,  And did ynu happen lo no/.ce, Uo  a:>licd. n ph'tnif ci nif' landing >ou a  fiver ln tho aulnmn of 1000?  What.He Gained -  - Jlrs. -Smi'tiU- was -grieved .and.disappointed-at-tSis-conduct���������of���������hor���������son-  Itobert", Slio called him Into her"presence and questioned him freely as to  his latest enormity,  Ure; Kayos tolls.mo that you tlod  a tin can to hor do'g'a tall, sho said?  Ye3, mother.. - .?,  What a shameful thing to do,  Yos, ma'am,  tyo you know that the poor dog ran  away so far that ihe has 'jnevor como  bach���������that ho probably ran hlmsolf to  death? ���������   ��������� ���������     ���������-.  Yes, ma'am, '  Oh, Itobort, .What did you.gain  by such conduot?     f,  I gained a dollar from Mr, Hayes.  THE BEST MEDICINE FOR YOUNG  CHILDREN  Mrs, TJlilorlo Roborgo, Lao Long,  Quo., writes:���������-"1 havo used. Hnby'8  Own Tablets for my baby who Buffered ��������� team' stomach troublo nnd vomiting, also from constipation and thoy  completely cured (him, I can recommend Ihem to all mothers as tho vory  best modlclno for young chlldron, Tho  Tablots aro superior lo all othor medicines Tiot^only'boenum. tlioy promptly  curo stomach trouble, constipation,  collb; etc, but boonuso tlicy nro guaranteed to ho absolutely eafo nnd froo  from all (harmful drugs, Sold' by medicine dealers or by mail ot 2(5 cents  a box from Tho nr. Williams' Modlclno'Co,, BrockWlloi Ont,  y&i& Tio-'&M&U'ji^t'  ?n*4 dcfyAc  fyp&ca/ti&feyua/  wmm.  ONtDVIwAUKINDS'"������������w|  irmttt0**atm  It* tli������ CLEANEST, SIMPLEST, in. BEST HOME  OVIt, ont eta bur-Why 7011 don't ������venhive to  know wb������t KIND of Cloth yotur Good* nrt intdo  ol,..3o Mlitkk*! ar* Impoiiltil*. '  6tnd for Free Color Card, Story Boohlct, ind  BookUt giving rciulti ot Dyclnr OY*r other colon,  - Tilt JOHNSON-RICHARDSON CO,, Llmlt.il,  Montrtil, CunrnU.  A littlo Irishman ia a stato of great  cxcltc-mont and dishnbllo ran into th������  lobby of a hotol. ���������  I want a room, ho' said to tho cleric;  and I want'lt quick,  What room ��������� do yon want? inquired  tbo clerlt politely'.' .  I want 1)7.     .' '  Slut U7 Is already occupied���������Mulligan has that room.  I know ho has, responded tho littlo  IrlBhmnh. I'm Mulligan, nnd I just  fell out of tho window. ���������  But madam, an.il tho surgeon, after  tho woman lmtl rocovorod consciousness ln Uio 'hospital why didn't you  stop when tho crossing pollcoman (held  up his hnnd? Thon you wouldn't  hnvo boon struck by tho automobile,  What, Mo otop when, Jim Mnglnnls  holds up -lils hand? I'd let you Unow  I'm hia wlfo and ho novcr saw the day  when J:a wuld boBu mo,  It nrfnu porfecily natural for somo  womou to bo artificial,  Bavo your money and tho chance*  aro thnt you will novfir regret It.  ��������� Koine!Inns a burglar  1,0 di'StlTlt.  ,A\Cd Hull) lo  rf-trr.'flp"  hiiiy  elilwr  t-,rm   one'i  rhiii.K"i-r or reform lt, ���������'  Oh^HMDottle.  iVkOUt  ��������� Lmi'i liiur,  JCHli������ir*M-htllMi  llt������*IK������i4.li'tr4ii*U  ICun tinnl liln \it),  ���������Th* ������-Ji������r lull oliVf  luul* ������t/ t������n tin  Xttianttt, lltnytatt  luifinr ii������������ iiwi-i titii I  |ddl'i, Tlnilhrrullit]  t V.l'iifil.  lllwiUitptiirliMMIT Whr������Mt������l������WlU������l  BCondall's  f    Spavin Oui**     J  III I'MilJf !��������� fit* tUM ������l Cm\������, M'!<| M>ll   _ I  Rlmbtin*. ,u������nr-  CiKfiht *r ������������. VJj  finniM   Iror.    U1'litH fr***^    '/t V  W ,nihil  titntit     tlif-l'f rttiuy****!^. T  ���������iinii cj Olhtv l'Amtfl linrta, '    'iirA..^****.   '  li|l'-!n������l \*nirtl*t Itwr  *������-r 31 }->-������.'),   in \)i* ������t,i,  ������il-,���������������nil yi't <n dflp.i.l  tu, C������ul"ilil< ������lbn(������ ml  Tho theatrical ngont was Interviewing Ilamlot Brown, tho tragedian.  His object was to socuro his services  for a new play which was about lo  bo produced. Tho latter, howeven.  did not eoom to tivlco much iutera.il lu  the project.  Whnt'fi lt about, anyhow, ho nshod,  Wol.1, ropliod tho otiie-r, tho play ils  n historical ono. Tho li.euo of it' Is  laid In England: porlod, Ilonry V.  During tho wholo courso of tho ploco  the King Js absent hi Franco; Now--  Say. no moro, Interrupted tho actor,  with a lordly wnvo.of bin hnnd. I'll  fnlio tho part of Uio Icing, Hut, of  course, ho added. I nhnll expect,my  oxpoiiBCfl paid to Franco,  piitf M  ������ in 1    nlmfWWMHMW  Good for Evil  Young Mnstor Hilly Tubbs reached  homo recently with his nose Htronin-  lug gore,  Goodness grn'olousl exclaimed his  lilndhoarted Mother. What ovor  hnvo you boon doing?  lion-hob! roared Wllllnm the non-  Conqueror.   That boy JlnggB lilt my .  noso 'cob I called lilm t\ bully!  Thero, tlioro! cooed his mother, ns  sho restored lho smnll rmintoniincft  to order, _��������� Ml glvo you something  ������'c* lo elvo llliln Uftfetib-. That win  bo rcturjilng good for ovll.  Accordingly noxt ��������� ��������� morning nilly  slarlod out with a wonderful plum-  calco for tho wnrlllio Tommy Bnggo,  Ilut cllnnor-tlitfo taw him tippearlng  in tho ihsiojico wit'n two loi'bly eyes  so Waclc and nwollen that lt won dlf.  llciilt oven to cry,  Wlillo. darling, wlmt hau happened?  nslicd tho trembling mothor, an nho  drew his aching little head to her  heart, ,,  Tommy H.iffls br, -be, UlUo iv.'.W  Rasp('il--ho want* ti Unow |t you'j)  ir mi h'l'i n J.'tm-tfirt fli?!j tuns,  **inmm* ,m**^*m   9 a*********m.*, ^^  ITcro li tho rorlpo f/>r maktn't Wall  ������tr������'t consomme; 'tuba n Htiii, com.  mon .torU, and sovcu times rn nt'ii-h  wdtor���������lhcn catch your lamb.  .1  'I .1.  - *-   v.  ��������� i.  J.  ^..'o^. y;??yt>y-yVy}^''"?y\ "y'H >!"***^./:Vv^:a^ c  _       _____      ���������  ���������.-   . A   "      ' ���������  LARRY'S WEDDING  A Sudden Change From Mis-,  ery to Happiness.  By CONSTANCE D'A. MACKAV.  ���������  ���������'  ���������  -���������  ******************** ******  ykt\  . .Jt  i'-.r:: .  ���������\.-  .'$-  *  "__.  ^r *  ' When Larry Donovan w������s promoted  from,footman to coachman aud moved  from a room -over .the Etablcs to a trim  cottage with a 'fine view of tho Hera-  ���������leads' lawn be;felt as If the,summit  of., his ambition had been, reached; If  gcn'ius Is a enpacilj-for bard work tarry could' well lay claim to lt, for he  toiled early aud leto with a pertinacity <  which sct-4iJ.ni high lu the estimation of  lis employer and enabled Llm to put  by' ii Bring- sura by tho time lie had  been In American Uiree years.' -  Thero was only one thing wanting  fo'.iuaUo- Larry's- happiness complete,.  ?nnd Iliat was- the presence of Ellen  ��������� O'Meara, who'wa's already'ou* uor way  from tiie old. country. A month ago  Lurry had sent the money - for her  transportation. * '" ' <" ' '���������  l-'llen was tbe" belle of Ballymoran,  ^and his winning her was to bc viewed  In tho light of a great triumph.. For"  iwlii.'e It had been pip and tuck as to  whether she would marry h!m or Tlm  Kearny.. Uut Kjlon bad chosen Larry,  Hnd" in tiie letters sbo wrote hlra from  .time lo timo there was "no in'enlloirof  Tim Kenniy.       y   ?        - . -  ���������  v   "Share, bet* heart's all mine," said  Larry to.himself,.,and as the day of  t KllchVlanding" approached his joy ..been ino more and more apparent; ',  "'    Indeed, tho wholo Hemslead bouse-.  > hold-took nn interest-In.JCIIen's'homec  coi'iiiti'-A The scrvauis.knew hcr.'agtf to  ' a dot, that bet* eyes were as blue as'the _  . lake's of .Killaruey, iind her, bair-lilt*'  Afi'iiniished copper.--"  The morning of bis wedding dawned  "clearly, and Larry was In jubilant splr-  ' Jls*as-ho took tho Long Island train'for  ' New York,   flow Ellen would delight  '" fn. theip.littlo cottage and exult In the  ' "Wprtee'that her husband was not a  - groom, but a full fledged coachman!.  '   Larry boarded the .Immigrant ferry-  ..lioiit, and it was not tillbe bad.'reaeh-  -'fi! ciie''lfn'iHlgraOon.'biil!d|,ug ou-Ellis  ' Island-that he- found the steamer on  -wrhiei) li'llen was coming-wns a-day  *   UUoa ' -' ' ?   'A '-   ���������*���������-?���������  a A whole twenly'-four bour.s_.to-spend  .without lillenl ' Larry -wandered dis,-.  "';<Vui'solalely .1b roug h t he" long, ba re hai Is  A-'ot-.tiio building.^stbppingtolook at thb  ' ���������'���������&*%]_���������'landed "immigrants iii their cage-  .-��������� like' compartments and thinking bf'tlie  ;'; tiiub. when be had been like them-, ^in,  ^on&-of^the--i3:il(3Ni-girrwus"tnikifi'g"t07a  - blue coated official arid biting1 her lips  "'  to-keep, (rom'crying.   Sbo was'young  nnd slender with deepgray eyes.- . \  ��������� -I'm sorry," the ollicial was' saying  kindly, "but,wo-iiaven't been .'able to  .-, get any"word ot tbo aunt who.,was.to,  ��������� meet yon, aiid-you're'too young,a girl  ���������to work-alono in the city, -U's against  - (lie law. -If your-aiuit.cioesii't como.for  ��������� you you'll bare to go back to Ireland  to your own people.".     -'       '"'",  "Hut they're all dead," 'said the gh:i."  '��������� "Sbiire, there's no ouo belonging to me  at nil except -this aunt ln Now- l'orfc  whom  I've nl ver'soon'.'  An' If she  doesn't como for mo"- The girl .broke  off .wllh a sudden so\ so childish, su  piteous, that Larry, In splto of his Imp-  lilncss, folt bis heart'ncho for her. -  "it's a shame, it Is," ho said to lilm-  "  self. .'"A poor young, bit bf a thing  ,liko that! J<'allb, It iny Ellen, was only  hero ivo might think of something to  * do fur the girl."  And on lils way back  to -.Now  Voile Larry determined  to  - spent, to Kllun about tho mnllcr. , Women's  wits-wero much,  belter than  men's In Biicli'-cwsos.  Next morning ho was early nt Ihe  isl-.iml-Mid Instead of- wnlLlng Jn ths  Itiiiiilgratkin bulldlug tramped up and  '"Adown oulsldo Ihut lio might catch tho  (Init Bllmpso of lho boat tlr.it was,  "bringing Nllen to lilm,   rrescntly lio  . '   ilcfwrlcd 11, nntl his blood vnocd at tho  algid.  Ho alond ������s nonr ns ho could lo tho  gangplank und anxiously Hcnunod tlio  faces of tho Immigrants crowded on tbo  deck, but Ellon's, wnn uot among thorn,  Lnrry wii3 tilled wllh an anguish of  apprehension., Then Ills honrr tenpnd,  Uo had scon lho glint ol* Ellon's rod  gold,hair.   Tor nn Inslant sho,faced  lilm, Ibolr oyos mot, nnd tluin sho turn-  fi! nnd spoko lo a man benldo lier. flo  Inughod and pushed bock Ills cii|), As  ho did ho Lnrry recognized lilm.   11  was TJm Kearny, Thoy woro coming  down tlio gaugpIunlMiow, and ISI Ici i.  (o sloady liorsolf, put n I mrn linud on  (lio Hilling. On lior fonrl.li finger clonm-  -   ed a plain gold woddlim ring.     ,  Larry was too stunned,to ppcnk,  Dazed, ho Inrnoil toward llio'Jminlgi'n-  (Ion building. Ilo Inlaw not what lo  do or whero lo go, rJ'lio mockerv of II  nil swept over lilin-tho fruitless years  af planning nnd working, lho lllllo  houso lhat ho had mean! to lm an happy In,   Worso llian ull, (ho lihnmn of  rdurulnj. 'alono amoto  lilm  to tlio  quick,  lluf lis lio Mumbled ou tlioro  ilixubvd liihHifcil ins tiiliM UlU liliiinol'V  of ibo firay /'jroJ ;,'*."* Iw faJ .-������.vu lho  day before. Sho bud been so Imlpluiw,  '^   yet so Tovoly In Uor grief.   Somehow  tlio wollcdlon ol lior loneliness socin-  r'd (o ilrflw hi in toward her ub If by nn  "Slnuo, mlsory loves company," ho  . Snid lo blmsti.'lf, "and If tin) ������lrl could  only lonrn lo caro. for mo Mis Joy and  nnt Borrow might bo In storo for u������,"  Flo qiilolKMPil Id* stops, fumbling In  * his picket for tlio li'Muro wlili which  Mr, ITctitslontl luul InvcMad lilm In  enso ho had troublo In proving Mils  rlKht 1.) Ellt'ii. Tlicy ccrlillcd on to  lirry'������ clisuctcr and crrnnd lifyond ������  fioubt ap4 sitisfled the middle aged of-  Ccial who rah his eye *crosa them..     !  '��������� "Well?'he said.      . ]  Tho situation was a difficult one, and ]  1. toot liarry gome ��������� moments' to tr- !  .plain.      " ,-      <'=-���������-      -'"���������'[  Finally the official throw back his  head and laughed.^ "Wo't������ had a good  many romances on the Island," h������  cried, "but this beats alll  Still, as far  as I can see, there's nothing a gains,  jour marrying tbo girl if she cbnseuts.  At present she's expecting to.be deported, for we've found that her aunt  died some, days after, tho girl sailed." "  *' So Nora UacManiis xyas called^froin  the women's deteution room and came  with a "look of wondor, a wonder wuleb,  dcepencdas'sue_sa\v Larry. ���������*',..'   .  "They're telling too you're fmm tho  owld sod.",said he,-"and. that your  name's Nora.JJacManus.   Ib it of tha  1 nulstiowan'MacManuses ye aroV!      ' |  "yes,"-said Nora,x Uer toice was as |  soft as the run of a river.  . "I was at Innlshowan once myself,1*  ���������aid Larry, and be;went bn to speak ol!  tbo aid  people and  tho old limes,  "l^altli, they're a groat bond whin peoplo aro In a strango land," ho sold.'  ' Then Larry took both of Nora's bandit  it tho samo timo.  "Nora, girl." be said, "listen to me."  Whllo ho was speaking she kept ber  gray eyes fixed ou bis honest blue onus.  Ho did not pause until ho had told her  tho whole story. "I've lost faith in  one woman." bo declared, "but not In  all. And tho'lltllo'bouse back there is  lonely and empty, and my lieart-shure,  it's lorioly and amply too. WHI yeoome  .and fill it, Nora, nlana? Will yo trust  mo whin (I tell ye tliat the lougcr ������  Klniid here speakin' with,ye lho more  I love yo?''l;      A "���������  "It gives mc n fc'ollu'o'homeloknowi  they havo the'Blarney, stone In America," said Nora, a gleam of humor ap-1  Bearing in her cyb. '- ' *./     c  "I'm no worse than on aunt ye nlver  ,bad Heen,". pleaaerl Larry; "aud I may  bo some bettor. And the people whero  we're.golng-shure, they'll nlv<k,knou  but whfit yoii'ro tbo girl I came hero to  marry., There's such a things'"as hive  al.firstslgbr, Nora, dnrlint, and that's  wliafs,tho matter with-me this ndn-  ;        SUrVfMp^OyES.  ,' L tScbic: tniitutumtJtl dllanjma.1' - '"  i "Maw, who is this youug maiden ������wcet  I tea advancing up tb* street with ���������whiffing itrldo and imitinc face, tho pictur* ot  tuoh *������iy grace* -.,  - 'Tig Qladya fair,  - Maid debonair,    -   "' ���������  Whom I ���������     -  Mad* love to all ot laat July!-   -  "And who ta that beside h<r, o������������ with  locks-all golden as the sun, with cherry,  lips and rogulah glance and airy movement of the danco?  . 'Tts Phyllis dear;  A child of cheer,, i   -  With whom  I spooned away last August's gloom! -  "And with tliem walks another dame, a*'  Widow with .a heart of flame, hei* dainty-  weeds as freshly, gey as any wild rose on  tha way I     '" .  'Tis dear Babette,        ?  Whoso eyes, ���������tut wet, a '  1 strove ,  ������������������ In June to dry with words of iovel ������  "The -three" togethert,   Visloa rare, yet  vision fraught with woe and carol Should  they   compare   their ��������� notes,   alas,   what  dreadful things would come to pasul  ' ,,.  -  ' -     To save my necfc  ..    I'd belter trek "  ���������    And seeit  BoniA easy way to make a sneakl"  ISNVOY. "  And llial is why he turned and fled  And up & darkened alley sped,  < Tho while the dames who saw lilm flee  Grinned at caoh other merrily.  ���������Carlyta Smith in Harper's Weekly. ���������  A TWO LEGGED DONKEY,r I NEW 6UINEA A QUEER PLACE;  Atmospheric Answers.  nie. Al|, say, yo'll marry me, though I  know ye've uivef set ey!es on me .before"��������� ' ���������:';..       r ���������    ���������   ~  ���������  "Oh,-Imt 1 have!" cried Nora, "yesterday In the hall"��������� She stopped with  a quick blush. -A- ... "','., -  . "Abl"." cried the delighted Larry.  "Then ye" did. uotlco' me. -. my, angel!"  Tivas hardly a wink I got fast night,  for your faco kept. bauntin' me. t  thought of .what I'd heard ye say and"  how lonely and hard it was .for yo, a  girl In a strange land." A * , - ,. "J  '-/'Did ye, 'lio.wV's'said -Nora.-' "There's  few would have, thought o' that."- A'  wonderful change passed over lier face.  _ber-+eyes-Koflened*r4-"If-"y6-Uilnb==ll!-  Qr Hew Pa Meriyala Happened to MI**  HI* Train.  , "How many children have'you, Mrs.,  ilerlvale?"  "Three-two bojs and a girl-Mr.  Borer.'.'  *, ���������  "That's flue.   I congratulate you."  ���������Thank you.- "You must ,como but  ,and see them some time. Everybody  Bays they're "the dearest little things  that ever were. I must tell you wbat  my eldest boy,-Barry, said when his  father" camo home late Inst night."  "Was Mr. Merlvalo late-last ul$bt7" '  "Late to. dinner,'I mean., Oh,' he  was all right! Harry met blm at the  door nud said: , ;*' "' , .  "Papa, you ought, to be ashamed ot  yourself. We've been .waiting, more  than half nn hour for you.'"    ���������  "That wus very clever.",  , "Oh, no; lt wasn't I-Iany's remark  that was clever, but I thought his father's reply was rather interesting. Lie  bent down and kissed the dear, little  follow,and said:"'! couldn't'help it.  dear, t waa'a stopped In the Btreet by  a donkey and couldn't get paatiiim in  time to cat������h my tratn. l'vo been wondering ever'siuce wbat Jack could,  have meant.'" , ;  "Very curious. I met bim when lie  was ou his way home last-ulsbt and  stopped and , talked' to" hlm-qnlle  awhile, but be didn't say anything*to  mc about a donkey."���������Boston Journal  ". i  Boarder���������Your steal' is just-like tbe  weather���������rather raw. "  -' - - '���������  . Landlady���������Xour board bill's-like the  weather.'- too,��������� unsettled. ��������� IMttsburgb-  Press.' ��������� . " *'      ' f - ���������"   7i ������������������ y  you're   still' shure"���������? She -fullered,"  groping for a word.     '     ���������-.....'  "Ah, Nora, is It /les' ye menu?"  crie'dthe eeslatlo Larry. .'.  .  ' *Aud Nora nodded. ���������       ,   ,  So Larry and Nora were married,'  and the kindly "ofiicial and.tbo matron  of the detention room were'witnesses  of tho simple ceremony. And It charm,  ed tlint as ho and bis brido stood on  the deck of (he Immigrant ferry tlioy  camo face to faco :wlth Mr. and Mrs.  Tim .Kearny, also bound for A'ow  York,     'A '   %  "Norn, my dear,'.' 'snid Larry, "thla  Js'51'rs. Kearny. Mrs. Kearny, I'd loiko  to mako you Rcrjiiainted with my wlfo,  Mrs. Lawrence Donovan." lie shot a  sharp look al; Tim. "Is It on vour wed-  din' Ihrlp yo aro?" bo questioned mid1  without waltlug for nn answer drew,  Nora toward tho bow of tho-JjontAso  Umt In going down" the gangplank they  took procedendo of Mr. and Airs. Tlm  Kearny, who followed sullenly behind  and woro Just In lime to soo?Larry-.call,  a cab,' baud Nora Inlo it and,' jumping  In'nftcr lier, dose tho door wltb a victorious slam..  Her Curiosity.    \ , , ��������� _ .  "Am"I the first girl you ever loved?"  asked tlie damsel."  This question may  lead you "to? believe that, she was .a-  fool,.but the sequel might "alter your'  'opinion, 'y 7-   y   . -   ':     ��������� , .  "No, darling,"  confessed., our hero"  J>xavoJy4C^1'-9-u-ato--,1<)**���������Jlutlwnat-lt-  THSave loved.another??' Can't you see  ?'tl_at it has-but prepared me" to appreciate "the greater and .nobler love I  Lave for ypuV"...- '-".,"        :'    "  "Yes, sweetheart.   But tn that case  how do' 1 know that'the love yoii  have foi* me'tnay not be preparing you  to appreciate ,a greater and nobler  one for tho next'girl?,. What am l-a  halfway bouse, a junction-or a tormina I?"���������Cleveland Tlaln Dealer.  Taking,No Risks.  The other evening,'bn the top of'-a  steep and dangerous,, hill in 'Lancashire, .a reckless cyclist was about to  mount hi9 uiackino wbeu he*was accosted by an oldjiiian", who said, "Say,  measter, art. tha goin'" to- ride dbon  tboor?"   ���������"    ���������'   ',.      "*-'     '.     ���������  ^Yes," responded the cyclist..".Why-  'not?" ���������"?-'"   '.,- ' .     " ..   ������      ���������''.''  ;.."Verr'y .weei,"- saldA the  old ��������� man,  .."Ah'll trbublbAllieo for two pun tou."  ' ."Two pound ten!" gasped'the cyclist  "What fori"V      ���������- '     *   ."'.,'   A ?  ..."Them iron railings round, ma garden at't' bottom o'-t' bill. .Them rail-  lugs cost mo* two pun ten, an'. Ah's  just abootstired of.hevin'.'em smashed  'wl'thick headed.byslcklisls."  ���������"  .-a  ."Who's going' to ��������� touch your rail-,  'bigs?" demanded, the cyclist.  ' "Thoo is,", said the, villager, "if,tha.  roides doon that bill, - Ah used to'vr'ait  for my brass at t' bottom o' tAbill,  but It, don't pay. ,-T' last pair o' Idiots  wot broke their yeds agaiu' them rail-  rlngs deed aforb Ah could collect dam-  -8ges, an'-Ah'm .taklri'' noa.ri'sks noo."  Tho cyclist decided to?wall; down  after all,-~renuy Pictorial.       ��������� ,   ?  Sesides Cannibal* They Have BuU*r-  . . . ��������� fliet'ss Big ������s Robins.  ;A Jet [ black buttevfly, valued at  fO,000, at big almost aa a robin, with  wings measuring eleven nnd a half  inches from tip to tip, biis been brought  to Loudon from New ,G������lnea by A. L.  Mock, an explorer,lu the service oi  'Walter Rothschild',' "millionaire owner  of the \ famous private museum ln  Trlng park. ��������� ..  Several new varieties of butterflies.  by far tbo largest in the world, were  discovered in Now Guinea by-Mock,  "I had to take"' up from the coast,!.?  , he says, "cases of pearl shell, toina-,  hawks and beads of all kinds*before  I coiiid get. the assistance of Lbe'uallye*?  in capturing the butterflies. The' natives shoot tbemwith four pronged  arrows, which they use for killing  birds?       * , .  . * '  ,  .'"The ,/eniale giant butlerllles are  black or browu or white, but tho males  are splendidly marked in green or gold.  1 brought buck also wijlh mo a butterfly which,has^ hairy body on account  of tli������t. luteiis'e coldness of tho,Snow'  mouaialus. 'v'"       /  "A couple of my native.Dny hunters  ���������were iillicd and eaten by New Culuea  cannibals, who kindly seiit ,iii'.---back  ���������the bones."   - ." '-"~Y.    '  ."Tho hairy ' butterfly .described by  Mock, now in tho ItothSchild; nollec-  tion, Is .almost-furry, Ho thick is Its  covering, and it has a wonderful appearance. -The explorer, who has been  twenty-three years in Now Culuea,  brings back, with him aiso- specimens  of ihe famous birds of paradise.���������British Press Dispatch, y     ���������      7 ,<,  Womafl'sWorld  Mlas Addsms Tells Why She  Joined the Proflressive Party,  ���������THE OLD UTE PASS.  by  y At the Primaries.  '.It had boon-a,hard day St the,polls.  "The addition" ofjnonrly a thousand women's votes to tbo polf made tho count*  ing n prolonged proposition.  "Well; '.Tamest- said Mrs. Walllcky,-  as her husband-returned from bis'arduous, labors as a,teller, "how did the  *roto go?"      -   ' '        !'  "Nine hundred and two miles fot  BIJdad,''70$ for ^lathers, eight .recipes  for tomato, ketchup; four wash Hats  and a iiillllner'a bill," aald .Walllcky.  ..*'It?vWn mighty' Interesting vote."-  judge. yy   .     ���������'   ;,.'-;   '  '    .'.������������������-;   "MiSsd Metaphor.'       "*-_  ���������   "The worst case of -u 'mixed nielphor  .known.^said-aiteaeher-ofiKngiiSh^afc'  the ^University of Pen'nsylvanla.^'was  the output'of Sir,Ellis Asliiiiead Bart-  -IcttV who belonged-to a .Philadelphia  familj'. ��������� Sir Ellis "once  wrote, to the  London Times: ;  [ " 'The concert of the powers in China  Is a uiero delusive screen,'.agreeable In'  .sound, very tickling to the ignorant ear,'  ^calculated, to draw the cheers of the  groundlings, but which" really"serves  only hs a blind to ourselves, as a cover  for^ministcrlar Inaction, as a sounding  board tells onr foes of our plans, and  tuf'a lever wherowitirthey are enabled  ��������� to checkmate our policy.'  "Imagine," ended tbe instructor���������  "Imagino. n screen doing ull thatl"-  Washlugtou'Slnr.  Trail,,..Near Pike's-Peak, Marked  - Marble Tablets.-  Tho'oKMHe puss Indian trail, which  was found by the Grst'whlte'vjsilors to  lhe Pike's pe'hkregiou, is now marked  by marble tablets, placed there the other day jointly by iho hands'of while  men and Indians, lt is this latter fact,  the participation In tho ceremony by a  baud of scvern." score of Uto Indians  frbunthe: Ignaclb reservation. ,which  especially.gifcfifiesus.   . .'(      '. ,,  ��������� " Now that'the period of Indian peril  is past-.we cannot afford not to do justico'to vtho peoplo. who had. ibis continent  before 'wo   ciiiue���������who- niade  toils through  forest -and  niount'ii.  ranges, who left us their stately grave  j tumult as-part of our characteristic  [scenery and gave namesfto���������countries  j and towns, rivers aiid mountains inuu-  | merable."-.'   ',?'"' ' -.-"', A   '-  They, had an.-honorable histoi'yf.thl-?  race of red men, and,'though they ivcij.  iiot^abiffTto^ompeteTsucce'ssfully with  tis; tliey displayed s'oifife.of the noblest  aiid most splendid qualities of courage  and endurance in tliat Unequal-struggle.' We must give them our respect,  'and the,setting up of these tablets������iu  the old Uto, pass Is exactly what could  ,be predicted of a race gifted, like ours,  with Imaginative sympathy for 'the  past.���������Chicago Post.        ?���������',   ������������������     , ���������*  Ghosts In Penmanship,  "At" Jus!; ono' ran 11s who. refused to  give mo n Job said *No' for a reason  Hint I enn npproflnte," said n man  who flnds,it dillicult to ;llnd work.  ���������TIo would not linvo me liccnusp my  hnudwrltlng was an oxnet oony ot his.  I went to lilm excellently recommended nnd iho old gentlemen sopinnd  to llko me, but'ho snid lip.could not  stand lt,tb be faced constantly ^lln  that reproduction of bis own writing.  '"it would bo nearly ns spooky,' he  mill, 'ns having n doublo In tho olllco.  Now,'If you could olmnge'r-,  nihil 1 couldn't. I liavo been willing  Ibis wny for fifteen yonr*,; and It Is  hard lo'tench nn old clork now, tricks  In poiiiimnsJilp, no 1 lost tho Job. i  uudor.ilnud exnotly how tlio old gnntlo-  mnn felt. . I think It would bnvo nut  on my owii'iierven to bn foiwer <urn>  Ing over pngci Hint I couldn't toll  whclhor I or ootno ono cl'so had writ-,  ten."-Now fork Time*.   '   '  '    "    'Housefurnl6hing Note.  "My' husb'find," writes Mrs. Pozolla,  to tho Chaperon, "was quito bnld when  11 mnvi'lod him, although otherwise per<  1 foclly good. I first washed bis hend  ��������� with a cleansing solution and a stiff   ....  brush; then'I sandpapered It,' starling  cd his uoso .ngolnst lhe odi^o of ^ tho  with luo"vo'ugli pnper and usiug each  opon door, and' ho said threo simply  Poor Girl.        ";  'How long bnvo you been m'arrled?"  "It'wilt be sir' mouths uest Thuvs-  dny," ' '  ,.  "And do you .still regard your bus-,  linud as thb most wonderful man, who  ever waft born?" ���������   .  ���������Then the poor gli'l broke "down, and  sobbed piteously.. When Bhe could trust  lierself to spenk nguln.sho *nid:  ��������� "No, Charles hns disappointed me'  terribly, .. I'm nf-frald I , hnve wre<"  wrecked my ludlfe. LHSt night when  I nsked him to got up and seo if thore  wasn't u burglar In our room'ho bump"  The Lance In Warfare.  , The  lance   has   been  ridiculed   by  many military experts on the ground  lhat it is out of date and cumbersome,  but lho -weapon*still has its advocates  who point out Jts value -in shock tactics and in ciiynlry chai ;es.   Jn Germany,* for Imraiuco, tho lauco In lho  bauds of the Prussian UJiIiiu remains a,  fdrmldnble weapon, "/atgecftlly ��������� a Ilea.-'  lion has been callod ta;,llie .fact llmt,  the lanco point often' makes.; too deep  a"wound for lhe shaft to������be������yv'lpdrawii  quickly, and that, Uicrcfore^tljo. lancer  runs tho" risk Of "hitvlng lb wrenched  from hia grasp in tlio 'clmrge.  'I'd. \iow  of ihis lho cavalry in Germany'have  been experimenting '.witli a iiriw kind  of lance carrying a ball bolow the baso  of the lanco head.   It is said Hint Ibe  now arm is Just, as effective In disabling nn enemy nud is free from many  (llSiHlvniitngos.-lTui'pcr's.  emtio down to tho finest. After Ihnl  I robbed lt nt intervals with my bare  hand for sevoral dnya, nnd-now It Is  lovoly. It hns all tho dull rich finish  io ihucb iidmlrcd, and tho natural grain  shows beautlfulty."���������Kaimus Clly Slnr,  awful swoitr words Just as If thoy cam*  natural lo lilm."-*. Cblenuo Hecc-rd-Ifer-  Hia.  Hep Choice.  ���������' rnllioi'-MHdwul, If you dlsohry ngaln  J wlll surely'epank you.   ���������  On rntIioi**������ return homo Hint even-  lug Mildred otice moro acknowledged  Ihnl sho hnd again disobeyed,  h'tithcr (flrmlyl-You nro going lo bo  ipiuikcrt.   Vou mny choose your own  Imo.  When shnll It bo?  Mildred (live yenra old, tliouRlitfully)  t-Yosteidfiy,���������Wotnnn's ITomo Coroiwn-  ou.  pood Value ef Clmere.  The iiopulur lilt-n Hint oIiooho In link  eiiHlly or IhoroiiNhly tllgoHllbfo \s a'  (lolnslon, Inventlgnlbtw ' by '1hft' ;ex������  poi'lnionl Btnllon capurls of tho (Jo-  pnrlioont of ngiicnltiiro prnvo Hint  plipp'ain rnnlri wllh r������fhr������r 'rtr.p'o fmil . . ,, ������������������ _ , ���������, , _ ,  product* In the- Ihoro.i^i.psfl will, ������������������������lil*r.M-T^nn������ Wor^h  vtbbib It mny b������ (llirnslcd nml Ihnl: It  A Costly Choice.  "I don't think I'll let my iliiiigultr  nmrry you, young man."  "Why not, sir?"  '  "Woll. you hnro somewhat expensive.  tflfltOH."  "How do you know Hini?"1  '���������Why,   vmi   ������'!int   lo   n  New Coppn* Alloy.  A new copper nlloy which has tlio  IinVdnna-s of steel and hns grciil lonsllo  strenglh   hns   boen   invculed  bf n  P'reucli niotallurglHt.   -IrHovon poundH  of cnromlum aro moiled for ono hour  trllh eleven pounds of nliinilnlnm, and  I hoii 'AM pounds of copper are added.  Tho cut Iro charge Js kept at fusing  louipurnturo for half an hour.   Thou  ilfly-ilvo ponmln of nickel nro added,  nrui tho wiljlui'o Im' honied nnotlipr  hour, after which forty-four pounds of  v.lnc nro added,   The proporllona <if  copper ami chroinluin cnn bo vnrlotl,  uncording lo the iwo lo tVhluli (ho nlloy  Is (o ho put, but Iho order lu which  Ilio moliils aro brought lo moiling loin-  iici'iiliire. iisi nlso tho add II Inn of niu illinium, luuat not be elinngpil.  ry   )������)'  Miserly Old Mau-  er up thiitinlrroi',  tfe>.  -Here, waller, coy-  1 enn't 6loud (ho  Klrnln,   It IooI.b us If l'vo got to pny  for (ivo,-Pearson's Weekly.  (a iiullo ns oiiHlly digo������U'd nn a ciiiii-  painblo (I'linunt uf meat. CIioopo In  fliuid In smnll iiimnHtloH-for Ub nulrb  llvo rnliio tut- woll ������������ for Uh flavor.  Coinpiircd mifljyiiwiljy wllb many ot  nur common fnndi, oin';Aiimi'Icnn np  ntnmlnril faulory cIippho viiiiIjb oxreeih  (ugly lilgli. Jt contfllrin riomiy <wIpo  is mucii protein, wolcht for weight,  ii beef of Average conujoslllon anil Ilx  ���������uel vnluo li moro Ihttn Iwleo tut grcnt.  /t'exceU hocf, cguff, milk, bread, pom- .  Iwi'nnrt nfiiilni In fiereenfazo of fnt I  md hi fuel vnluo and nil of (Iicko but  IrJed beof In prolclnr-r.csll������'������ Wcplily. .  Pnw Knowo Everythlno.  A'lllln-l'iiw, wlm I Is nu liTllimt?  rnw-Anythlng Ihnl U ������ nuisance,  my 6on.  Wlillo--Well, what Is ������ coiinli'.-lrrl-  (at) I?  I������n\v-A womnn nl ������ bargain utile-  Cliielnnnll Rnijulrcr.  Llko ��������� Block,''  Kdylhe-.Mr. Densely llilnks he hai  a vnry level hi'fld.  Kltfye Helm. K's level ou Ilio top  nud piiriuuidlcului on lho uldei.-l-'ort  Wnyiio Jourmil.  Help!  "Here's .'in JIcm," ohnciiAl IJI*e**,  who wns looking over tho exchanges,  "lo the effect llial tho king of Sweden  miaou prlzo dogs" on Ills f/irni."  "1 Biipposo lio mos thom," Buggi-nlcd  ltrooh.K, ''lo drive !:!.���������; i"!l^-L!.y:������..'."  After which lho rnltle of lho lypo-  wrllor, broko out nfro������li wllh grr-Ht  vIol������nce.-Clilc������BO Tribune.  noaion For Orlof.  Kind Wlfo~,!olin, denr, wbat are you  weening about?  .!u������buu4-I������-r Just looked lluouch  IUIm unto tuppllcft PKtnluftUQ and rind  ' tliero nro - 2,800 eicconnrict our car  i ba-.ii't Bot.-CblcnBO N������wi,  Plckliin B.iby S|)tn|j������i, -.  ���������J'bi) i;uion of SpoiiKO l''lilUM'le������ Is  IryliiK lc rofoi'in tlm wnfilcfnl prnctIceH  of lho llshet'tnmi of Culm. Awordlug  !o iho Cuba .Vows (Uiit/um), Ihn Iiii-M*  ucss dono lu lho first half of the our-  I'piil, yenr w.im only $:so,<JOO, it third of.  what It Bhould luive boon. The n>hor-  iiit..i ..itilbiitu liii*. miIhiik cd lo llm ins  Anvm of WO, bul tbi: nidjii U lAftlug  idpps In prove lo ihem Ihnl Ihey alone  nro tii blame uml thnt lho only wny to  revive Iho.bUHlnoNS h lo lei: Ihobnby  npniiROB nlono nnd wall uulll lliey have  crown li> i,p*nP',',il<'e "I"?  Th������ Dlvlnlno Moil. i.  The |llll'llO!ll(!!KI Slip|)OKOtl lo be fSlllll'  Hod by llm dlvlulnjf rod hns now b������ou  ] uorlotiHly iesloil In GPi'iunii Soulhwoet  ! Africa, where, It Ik unld, noincililiii? like  j KO') exi'.crlmoiiU weie mndo ^Ith 11 ln  j .cnrcli of wnlfi', nbout SO por. cnrit of  : thcio  loIi.K hUi-ciwhful.    II hns alio  been need wllh micccii In Unnovor lo  hii'llcnte (lie prewnce or o(upiw!<e ef  | nine ot inlit ot iiotiih Ir (he noil.  .; UIoS JA.SM ADDIUS,   . 0 ,'     ''   ������������������  Mis* Jane Addama of Unll( House-    ,  1bo ono is-inseparably associ'ated with  the" otheiv-le, an overy one knows, taking 8n ncllve. part .In the-Rouscvell  prasidentlal campaign.'    ,   " "   '  To the question'of "Wnj'are'youa  rrograsfilva?''. Miss Addnms replied:  . "1 went Into the-parly, as I'eaid al-  -.tlie lime, becnuso it was .standing fen  many of. the ..things 1 bad been wont- -  tnjx for for years.- Tbo social reforms    ,  2 ffird beeu working for .and'the legis.   ,  lati'on for woman-for which I had been , '  working nre put atjast Into:practical '  politics,   The platform Is a good one, s,  and^all these" matters are matters for",  legjslgtion. '        '. ��������� 7 i  ."IHs^surprising.' conllnuea.SUES Ad- ^  ��������� datiis>-V,how 'the campaign has'served ".,  edncntlonal purposes so far.-   Peoplo  ard ieari'i'ilng things'about .social, re-:;  fbrma/pf'whlcli many, were--ignorant,';  lt-a&rpunts to'aUe&sndoua campaign  '  of ������d'ncatioii... It has started many, -  persons,-tliiuVlhg..,nbdut" economic,'., so-.?'.  clit!r" and   sociologfcal"1 questions .who?; .  Imvo nover given tbe'matter mrich.time --  or'coasideraiiQU."   7 v     y'[7'..['h'- '',  .   aii^Addama bad tho following to,,-  ���������ay.,ajlb.uf,ltho Indreasedinterest of ���������-.  lav o'iiJ'c9>i>bM)ol I lies':-1--^1 t^w'as���������in evi ta~  bieV/aiid-it'is quite nnt'ural,tbat it'  nbotild.'be. -Arid it^ls only natural that  -women should be divided Into different -���������  camps f;ln politics jiist "as men' are.   -,  They divldo when lt conies to religious . ���������-���������,  bellefBA'.   ' "       '-.���������'".-    -'''",   ���������!���������  Whs  Wiil  Be Mlatreii of'tho.Whlto  '-     "Houso?,  >Vbo will' be the first indy' of the"  land?   Well, just at present-there Is a  little doubt on this absorbing subject.  liut.it Is inierestlng to know that the  wives of all, the presidential Richmond*  In tho field nro well equipped for the -'  position of wicrowued queen of'th*   '  iWhlioEonse. . '^ .  Q'hcro avo five'feminine" candidate*    v  for this onvlablo social position.  They- ���������  nre Mrs? Wllllnm Howard Taft, Mm.  Woodrow Wilson, Mrs, Theodore lloose- .  volt, .Mrs? Kugene Victor;/hobs nud  .  Mw,-Cbafln.  ,, Air*. Wllllnm Uowai'd-Taft, tho pros-  cut Indy of the Whllo House, wont11������  ,  the mansion wolleijulpppd former new  kphero hnd, of course; if sho rcainln������ .,  anotlior fuiir,yciifs nt tho soclnl helm '���������  "Ihlugs avIII go on iu (ho snmo grncloun;- *  Inctful ninnuor.   As Holen ncrrou of  Cliiclnnhil, sho hnd boen ontortalned  it Wnslilnglon by Mrs. llullic'rford ������,  Unyes, Mho wns related lo .ludgo Iler-  rou, Mrs. Tuft's father.  Slio snw much  ot oflklnl society when her Husband  was solicitor general, .ocretnry of wnr  and governor general of (ho Philippines,   Mm. Taft 1������ not (nil nnd hns  brown hnlr'nnd eyes,, Bho drosses woll  nud I������ a good pollllcln'n, ���������  The present Mrs. I!oo?cvelt wns Ml.������m  Kdiih t'nrow,   itnUicr nbovo modtum  height, sho hna n graceful enrringo nnd  liitclllxoiit fciitiiie,'*. Horn In New York  cJty, JWIIIi Oirow's homo wna not, fnv  from lho RouKovell..', On Dec. 10,1SS0.  Tlioodoie Uoosovolt nud Ills boyhood  filpud  i\ci������ mnrrled In historic St;  licnrgu's church lu London,' After sov-  rrnl uioulln' irnvel on tha continent  lliey rciurncd to Ameilcn, going to llvi������  it Oy������lri' Mny, N.��������� Y��������� iliclr preicnt  tiouic,  | Alra. Woodrow (Wllsnn Is n dKiightur  , of (ho south uud 11111 All the chnrm of  \ ilie ivoiiiniitiooil of Jllxle. lh������. WH-  mu was Helen Lotibio Axson of (.ioor-  giu nud nm������i;lrl showed n decided lai-  ���������nt for painting, nud fcho would probably bnvo hnd a career an nn nrllsr  Iind tho mil given up moxl ut her work  In lull lluo upon lmr mnrrlngo In 1SS.1  lo Proftiinor Wilson, Mrs. Wilson l������  hvi* miHuniid i auupniilmi, lmr citl 1-  flrcn'ii tbijji {.ml n i.-imiiiilng lioslcs.t,  She ti n homo woman (lnoiigli mul  through, y'rl bollov.a In womnn'* duty  to the tjommiinll.r.  Mi'i, Kugciio V; Doha hns been tho  wife ot " r.rctlwsUt.'rtl miidid.itoi 5v������  long Hint H Is no longer it new sonna-  tlon. Ilcfore her luftrrhigo to tbo labor candidate slio wna Mlua Ilathcrlno  Mctecl. KIio Ji n plcnsnnt faced woman of dellghtfiO punoiifllUy .nnd nb-  aorb������d In lli������ fight of'lior.liimbnnd'i  pfti-ly, ' i1  Mrt, C'hnfln, tho rl.e oMiin I'rolilbT-  tly.ti iioioliifp, wna Mlua Carrie A,  IlunUr of '.Vfaconsln nml waa nctlva  for y������ira In tlio rrolilbltlnn caui* on-  til bar hei Ith no longer pehultlrd.  t���������r^ flplftfe!'";  'WyifY"  iBY:  #te.  attest a  ^v *_' t  it"  If  il  r  ItfM"  I  1  1-1  \\r  THE NEWS. CIBtBERLABlD, BKITISH .COLUMBIA  ���������p>*.iwm.������i*WM   'am'i*,wa**a**m***am**i���������wwwuwt'iMW a,****m*a**m*a*taM***mm*ii aa ommmmm ������������������ iiiiH'ti hmm iiunii h **t ********* w '*������������������ ���������������������������������������������"^^  LAND   NOTICK  Vancouver Land .District'  Dif-trici of Sayward  TAKE NOTICE tliat   Mjrtlu  Iionnelto, oi Vancouver,, ociMip*i  Mining 100 acres move . or less.  [ ' My'ictlk* Buknktit, Applicant,  .Tom Maticr, 'Agoiit,.:'.  ! Date<l January 3rd,_ 1913.  Gtey J)hnlc������ts from...  "Wliito Blankets ,..  Ci'iriforUu's from.-    $2,75 ft pair  . .... 4,00 a pair  SI.75.each aiid np  1  A new Stock of Extension Tables, Parlor Tables and Chairs cf  ���������ff=s=^>>-, all kinds, just received ���������r^^55^)  We always carry a full stock ef Beds and Bedding,  Springs and Mattresses  Kaweim'a Stovoa und Kan^es nro tlio best.  OALK���������AND-INSl'ECT���������THEM.'* ..  McPhee Block, A. MoKIMHON    Cumberland  J.OST~IJot\v<>ena Cumberland  tR'ii, nurse, intends to apply for and Courtenay ou Satutday  permission to purchase - tho. foi ! night, a left hand fur,, glove,  lowing described .la'mle:.-Coiu j Please" return ' to. Nkws office,  moneing at a post,-, planted "and .Reward.,., ,  marked ihe nortk-vvo'st. corner of  lot 584; tlicnce east AQ chains,  not th 40 chnin.v thenco west 40  chains, ihence sontli 40 .-chains  lo poirit of commencement; eon-  POR- SALE��������� 6o sucking pigs,  $3,00 each, money to accompany  order. . Apply Robert -Soilaii,  Hornby Island,   ' '  the ������������������ canadian. 'bank  ?. a:-.qF:.commerce-,..:?:  CAPITAL. $15:000,000 REST, $12,500,000  ���������-MONEY.. ORDERS  Issued by Tlio Canadian Bank-of Commerce, are a safe, convenient and  inexpensive -method of remitting small sums of money.,? These W^rs,  payable without charge at any bank in- Canada (except m the ,Yufcon  Territory) and in the principal cities of,the United States, arc issued at  ���������������  r  "i.".."!!!!!!!  '"3 cents  6    "  10    M  8.8  Wxnrx.'a*mMa*m*jm  .LABOUR COMMISSION  ���������_���������-o  SITTINGS of the Provincial Labour  0 m >.i6.t m will bo held its follow*  IN TUE COUNTY  COURT OF  NANAIMO HOLDEN AC CUMIlliltLAND.  Iu r.obatr:���������  In the matter ol the lnet Will mid Tes-  tnnio-.it of Obnrlei Davenp. rt Sayner.  deopn'-O'l. '-  X  TAKE NOTICE that by order of Ilia  NnnaM-o-Mondav, February  17th, at  Hono,*Judgft Barker,-m.d.m tho nbo^  8 i, in., Coart-housc.      ������ I *>** on :he -i: ,,d������y of D.cm* or,  1912  UU!������.*land-WLdi.c.d������y, February I9.h, i thouadcrMgucd was grwkdWbreef ad  miuiM-rati n \u h AVill nmirxed of tho os-  ui 8 p. in.  A;berui���������Monday; February  24th, at  S i>. m.  L ulj'iuuih���������Tuesday, -February   25tl*,  ut ij 30 _��������� m. A  15. ve t m���������Monday, Maroh 3rd, at 2.80  I>, m ,*  " Chilliwiiok��������� Tuesday, March 4th,  at  '2 30 p. m.' ���������     "        .    ,   l"  Now Wi-Btmiaater���������Thursday, March 6,  ut 11-a', w., pit); Hall.  Vancouver���������Friday, March 7th, at 10  a' -m., Coui-t-bonto.  T-.ru CoiuniaBion is empowered" to it-  "    ,-' q iro into all maltors affecting the condition; of libbur in Britiuh Coiumbin?    All  "   j) i- o b iutere.ted* are iuvtled to a*.tei d  aid give evidence.   -  H. G. PARSONS  ' " ^      , Chairman  7V: It 'McNamaba,'- .:���������-.;*/  Suc.etary j'^0  t^f^HH^f^mtgmj^^a^^^a-mmmm^mm^ml^mmmmm**^ ^^^^-^i^^*^^���������^^^"^^-^  _^_^TheJI������jtf firearms  KUorney-Gencral Boweer' is introducing a. measure intothe. local  'house making it an offense foj any  oi.e under the age of eighteen to  poses-* revolvers, slingshots, knuck  ledusierB, and the like, It ia hIbo  u> he provided that no weapons  t-h.ill be sold to minors and that  Srtl- s of all such weapnna f hall Le  , reported lo the police.  Whon tl.o measure becomes law  wu hopo it will bo >igidly enforced.  Revolvers are dangerous plaything.-  ' .nud a source of temptation to any  aeiixo minded boy who gels a hold  of one, How many deadly acei  dents are daily recorded in lhe  t reus of the pr'ovince from lb"  dandling of (iroorms by children.  Wo hnve hud a Mid oxporionce in  ������ thi- diatrict only in tho last couple  of inoDlhe.  Ii would bo interouting to know  iho number of people in tho prov  ince who curry -firearms. It would  i?l-o lo lnlereeling to know bow  ninny have tho right to carry weap  ens cipahlo of taking lifo,  Tho ploa is tl.at revdvcrB tiro  carried uy a menne of defence ag<  ninstnttncli, hul nii.e tin;cm out of  ten iho [jo^oafior would be betur  off without it, nu ho ntuntlu HtvU  ohinee ariiinet lho expoit in the  i hooting game. Men Imvo lived it  u\'rry purl of the world, vIhI oii  what are knoivn ub lho toughffll  f polB in the country nud havo no*  h id to carry n gun, Nti lior havo  ihoy gcuten into troublo. Tho  h.iiidy ruvulver is moro often Iht'  i itiwi' of loading lo foiioua trouble.  If ihoro were' fewer pooplo who  ciinicd rovolvbrH for prjteetivc  iri^u'inea Ihero would lio fawor people who f.ct into horioun shootinp  vi'rnpcfi.���������Hei'i'ld.  TO D.MRY^l'N.  I'or vSnlc nt a sacrifice���������Two  "Magnet" Crpam Sepamtors(t,u  best separator on tlie market)  sues 1x3, capacity 350 to 400  and 650 to 700 lbs per hour  There being absolutely no call  for scpurntoru iu and round Vic-  to!ia, thi!a{_/M!t is Riving up flit-  sale of tbeiu and odors these a-  half tbe wholesale cost, viz: 550  aud Mo each, or Sioo for tlu  two. These are the latest pat  irrus���������never brcu out i.f tlu  r������toie. Apply li. Grubb, so$f-  Cw'nd Building, Victoria, It. C.  tatu of tho above-named Cliarlos D S .y-  no'-, cloct*a8td, who died at Koek Bay, B*  C, on or ahf-ut Mny 7th, 1912: ���������     ������  All accounts against the  said E.-.t<i'e  a.id till cccwuntB dne the er������id B.tate muat  ho presented aud paid nsptctiveiy ou *������r  before tho Fir.t dity ot Mnrc-h, 1913.  P 0   W._W., WILLARD  Official" Ad uiiuis' ratur  i) . ���������  Cumberland, B. C. jan 29 m^r ]  IN THK SUPREME COURT OF BRIT  ISH COLUMBIA, NANAIMO   ..  REGISTRY    ���������    "  MAROCCH1 BROS  GROCERS   8c   BAKERS  AND PROPRIETORS  OF  CUMBERLAND,BOTTLING WORKS  '   Agents for Pilsener Hrewiug Company's BEER  Wholesale Denlers in all Kinds of  .Wines.-and Liquors. "  .-,  SECOND   STREET  ��������� Iu tho Ro.-ds of \Vullaco A. Strick 1 ab  nlso known rs WjllUam W. A. Striok-a-d  dece^red, IntftBtate. s .  , TAKB NOTICE, thot ly order of Hia  Hui.or, Judge Barke**,- made iu tie ab'<ve  Unurt on the 13-.h d^y of November 1912  the iuider.'.i������ned was 8pp inted Ad<nii=r-  -frbt-'r^of���������the -estate ,of_i he-ibovt-namnd  di-ceased, who dud a* Purtland in the,  Stnto of Oregon, one of lhe United Stat* f\  of Aaierhft, on or wb ut the 29tli dr-y ot  May, 1912, In'e^tate?  AH accounts,mid cla:m9 against the  sitidnutsto and all accounts duo the Hid  kBtitte must lie presonted and paid rpspect  ively on or before the L.t <*ny of March,  1913.  W. W.  WiLLARU  .  Official Adaii'iUtintor.  Cura' erlhnd,- B. C.   ���������  &&- OLD NEWSPAPERS FOR  .SALE  AT THIS OFFICE  Real Estate and Insurance,  Licensed Auctioneers and Valuers.  , We hnve>.n large miiiiber of onqniries i'or acreage in  '    'Conn������x���������V������lloy ;' if ydu lmv'e anyiluno   to. soil,   L.ST;  ',' with us, ���������' ~'rfy ���������'.    ���������'" ���������'. ' ������������������  We are AtJCTIONEERS  SEE US iF you want'ii-salv aii'd we will in"range fitin at tho- shorUfi  -  ������p'.)8siblo notice"and get, the B EST 'Pi UOKS.  GOURTENAy,        ' B, C.  y InOTICE.     '  ^ThatirjN-eiioy-of^u.nil������er���������  land, 15.-C, lias been doing, business in the said city as.-deslers in  Chinese general merchandise' fin  der the firm name *.of,..X)hong  Sing & Co.; has this day,sold to  Gun Que and Yip Kin C������>. All  accoun's hereafter "hetweeh tlie  said J... J. Choy in the liame of  Chong Sing & Co.', we will not  be responsible. ,  Yip Kin',1-'  (tiiu Qu;;.  Date! at Cumberland this '291U  day of January, 1913.  the-following-: rates:  $5 arid under  Over    5 and not exceeding $1.0  -   u    10      ���������������             "'><        30 ... .  . , i������    30,    ������������ . ������.������ 50 ....13    **  REMITTANCES  ABROAD  should bo made by moana of our SPECIAL FOREIGN DRAFTS ������nd MONEY  ORDERS.'  Issued without delay nt rewspnabte r������te& ,,  CUMBERLAND BUAWOH..;.'..  ?....., W. ,  iiH!ti!!iii!invinir.ituimiii!iiii!ui!!s;iuiniisiiiiw^  i .    - :  a   --       .   ...'...     ,������������������'-",    i"  r  hmn %to -f tatto  GOVERNMENT-ST. \y;      VICTORIA; B. ���������,  Complete Stock, of ''Ye Oldc Firme"     ,'    ;.  Heintznian^%6. Pianos  ������^ v*-KS������lW.������W.-*Br>^^^'^^  \y t  ryr  '    *' As  A'    fl  M  Lm  Show of  Fall Hats, Auto  Bonnets,  Children's Hats etc.  NOW   ON  Courtenay,   B. C.  Dominion Pianos, Thomas Organs  Victor Victroias, Gramophones and Records  WRITE' FOR CATALOG AND PRICE LISTS.A *4  .    . ..Convenient Terms of Payment Arranged.  :ite  809 GOVERNMENT,STREET,  Opposite P. 0.   VICTORIA, B.C  1!lltll!lil!lliUllin!Oni������  ^aiHlilllll)h!ll!lli:H!liliilH!l!lll!!illill!lll!lllillllll]lllill!lllillllllll!li������l!!)i^  I Capital Paid Up,$l 1,500,000.'' '       a   .   Resd/vo $12,500,000  T���������i-r~t-*~i  Royal  The cHew Scale Williams  By   tl  nc  Used Exclusively in Canada  METROPOLITAN   OPERA COMPANY  (of New York.)  If you want a good reliable Piano, it wiil pay you to give us a call.  Wo nro Sole Ajjent������ forth������ nbovo nnd othor Rellnblo Makes. W������  nlso enrry th������ Victor arnmophon������ and Vlctrolna,  WE aUARANTER SATISFACTION.  Dunsmore's "Music House" Church St., Nanaimo  B. C.  iMBJuwiii-wrt-ait^^ -mtwimmm- mrauiii imiiiiii  NEW GOODS  Our Fall Goods are arriving by <:very boat.     We have just  H opened up a nice range of Ladies' Blouses in French Flan-  H nel with ^oft collar and double cuffs in all ujlurs,   These arc  the newest thin������' in the Blouse line at $3.50 and $4.00  WOOL BLANKETS  !l Made from carefully selected Canadian wool.   You should see  our line before purchasing* your winter blankets, as we consider wc have the best line on the market for thc money.  Grey and white at $4.50 lo $7,-50 per pair,  The "Ideal"  MAUOSHLOCK McUne,    Aeton,   Hnyinnn, PUNSMUIU AVKNTK  ������ DRAFTS'  I;. V.SD'-IN   ANY   CURRENCY,   PAYABLE M,L.  ������.' ;    OVER. THE    WORLD.' ;  .;   ' . -'    'yy' .'  I SPECIAL AT'i'JSNTiON paid to"SAYIXGS;ACCOUNTS/A ii'itrrW  I   ut highest Cum-ist ItnU-s ulhiwwl on Inpoyit. of $1 'and'Upwards.   |  | -       CTJMBERLAND, B. C., Bionch, Open Daily. ."'  I UNIOJI WHAEF, B.O.,v Sub-Brach', Qpen ThurBdays. .  j D. M. MORRISON, Manager.    ?  | '    COUB-TENAY,   B.O,    Branch,   Open Daily.  | WMi HOPf, Manager.  %:iimtiiiiiittuiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiii:iii!iii!i!iiiiiii:iiiii:ii!iuiiiii!ii:iin!i!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiira  Ah  ";'Y  y  ���������'i-i  P. PhilLipps Harrison  BARRISTER AND SOLICITOR  NOTARY   PUBLIC CONVEYANCING  i  ���������I'  M  DUNSMUiR AVENUE  CUMBERLAND,  D  V. BOISiO^R:  Manufacturer of MINERAL WATER  P. 0. BOX 483  PHOME 30....  CUMBERLAND  *smm0mmmM**miWwum*mm*m*'tm*t  fl IF YOU GET IT AT  iniinii!i!iiiii���������7���������T-iiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiii  PLIMLEY'S  :ttllllt:illltrJIIHIII!Uttlli  IT'S All. RIGHT  u  Store  The CANADIAN  "KING OF  THE ROAD"  is llie MASSBY  SILVER  RIBBON  \J X  KjJLrllt  The "Mussoy Silver Rilibon"  iti ii Caiiiuliati liuillt'' iiihuIiIiio nf  'ho fi������t. griuU*. KIi-ri, tlio licul  of U'Hlod imilwInlB nro clioecn  nml ]>nt to^ui)>or in a wny tlmt  liim givon cnlivo Hiititifnction lo  Hvepyono w!k������ovp!' ou'iih ono. TIim  appciinmco and ihiitli of tlu;  ���������������fiilvor Rdilton" Ir hU tl.nt. tlu-  nido of n pjclin*,' cntlnifiimt  jucndd \\U\\ for, and Plmiloj,'.  prices, tlio ltiwoet flossihlc, at |  AJimii n ijiiHiJiy N\ii",������t'i ouiiiti xiob  sibly l������o ])iir<:l>a<*vd  Mwlolu nt $-IB and 8(15  ���������Writo   fm- llliiRtrntf������il,liM  739 YATES STRBBT  ���������   m���������iijiaiai;aainniinayj���������r-  THOS. PLIMLEY  VICTORIA, B. C.  *{���������  ���������%  4nsn.rat_!eitg4  ft  w  wmmmmim


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