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The Cumberland News Oct 22, 1913

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���-.   /*���*���.���    ���'   o,  -������,.���-:'���-" s     ^    -'" ."'���~N- -���> !-  '-- At-'   ���������      -'��� '        ...-    '- .'���?��.*:���- ���.--������* ' 7-yr'Y .;,:-
:-*      . ,v'     v.'    ���  ' A,-'"*-? -vN'. -\Air -yyy-'rv-"'- ' .   A.-    *>~    .��'��� ��� UVv-'A
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,:.- Cm.'.. ,._'.;..
- ��� < ..</ . - ���   y
"*  >*!"  i*^ "     *s *   ?
\s* Kit'
A journal Devoted Especially, to the Interest of Comox Otetrtct,
The News,1-Twentieth Year
with   many    men   what
kind   of  clothing   they
shall  wear. . Some*' will-
buy anything that sells it
self   at   a   cheap   price,
while others know by ex
perience the general excellence of our kind of
, clothing, -    We know all
about it from cloth to fin-
, ish, aud stake our reputa-
tion on its wearing quali "
ties.    You  pay as  little
here  as anywhere���very
often less.     All sizes are
ready, and we guarantee
a perfect fit.
It's worth something
���Jo be able to select your
clothes where there's nothing butgood"quality to.,
choose from ; and variety
enough for every hxau*-'
Always   a  pleasure to
show goods.
_   . ������ LIMITED..,         .  ' '
Three Local Nimrods
Go On a Hunting Trip
Ou hat Friday MoBsrs Friw, Johnson
nud Gota, three local nimrods,  departed
t"t tlie lands of tlio bonr, panther iind
mountain goat���heavy on tho goat. Trent
Rivor, tho scono of their iiitondod hunt-
ii)��, h is always had a roputatiou as boiug
a river whero tho water wns so puro that
whoever looked upon it was tempted to
drink; but Prow was armed to resist all
temptation, his Hflo jiiff was iu ovidence
, ��8  ihey    dopartocl   for    thoir    intend
cd six months uojouru.    (Jobs, of bad
Rrub fiinio, win tlio aalf-appointed cook.
His firat atlempt  wan ' supper.    Noxt
morning Frow nud .Tolin.on complained
of pains in tho oloinaoh nud laid in bod,
which speaks volume?' for Gofis's culhu-
��ry   ncconiplUhinouts,    Frew aud Qpss
had quito nn argument n��   to wliioh had
tlio biet Run.   Ficw arnud with a 22
oalibro oluitnod it was tho beat biff gnmu
rlllo In existence,  and while thoy wor��
disputing, Joliufion dinnk nil tlio wliioky
nnd Immediately Frew wauled to depart
for Cumberland, but thoir roturn wiis put
off until l^rew dsinonitrutcil to bin own
Bfttisraotlon thut a 22 rtould hit a mill; eon
'ul six foot rango.   Ho satliillod hlniHulf
until Johnson took ouo   shol *,vlth Ills
Double O,0,,ri!lo aud domo'.iiilie'il   tlio
can, and ns tlint wan tho only gamo in
uiKlit) oxiiopt nomo diieks -*n Vulloiv Hook,
light homo, and thoy put lho vote to a
mooting wliothur tho 'i'i oould kill thom
from Trent Jtlver, Johnson nnd CIokii vol.
log (idvorsely,     Tho purty roturned to
town, Ooti carrying tho grub, nnd the other Uyo oarrymg the load of���I wnn  koju��
to��vg��mo���but boo/.o will do.    Frew
liuitao* recovored.   It Ih roportoJ h�� is
going to join the Bind of Hopo, as Wnlk .r
thiwntMia t. fire iijUJ f
work, "
Tom Nixon was fined $30 and
costs by (J. D. Beadnell,   J,   P..
of Denman Island, ���for shooting
�����. hen pheasant, and Frank Nix-
on was fined1 ��25 aud   costs,   for
shooting a cock pheasant out of
season.    Both offences were com-
mitti'dou September' 15th, but
wero not brought   up  until tho
15th of'October i^th, ou account
of Game Warden Dawley having
difficulty in  securing evidence!
R. H. Lacoti, oi! Denman Island,
was also fined U5 and costs, for
jiaviiig pheasants in his possess
ion on tlio   15th   of September
lnst.    All   fines   impo el   were
liglit, on account of   being   first
offences, but the magistrate said,
that he would ho   more severe in
nny JhUuc owes brought before
liim for lilce oflfcuces.
Note���Tlics^ notices of con-
vietions iuhj lianded in by Mr.
Dawley for pu1>licnliou as a
warning; not to fchow his ability
as a game warden,���.Kd,
.^..fmg   a   d��^'(,
Mr. T. A. Mncfarlane's little
four-year old ��on, is down with
j>i:ei::::o:tk. V.\i U^ that ihe
little chap will have a speedy re-
cuveryfrom tliia insidious dis-
.1       ��� <^���	
Mr. W. J. Guard nud Mr.
Wtight of VaiiCMivfr, with
friends, Mt-ssra Aersnti and Ma-
dill, of Naurtimn, arrived iu town
on Satutday by nuto. Mr.
Hoard is here ou hin regular
puwo luuiug trip. ��.��� fric,;(js
returned south on Sunday.
(October 20th 1913.)
Train leaves Uumberlaud:
Tuesday 7 a, m
Do Strikes Pay? f
'���Strikes do hot pay.    Thoy aiv
a barbarous,.cruel,.costly, and in-
offective way of trying to romedy
the wrongs ��� of labor,"  says  Mr.
Philip Suowden,  M. P.',   writing
in tho Morning Post.    "They do
not pay.the   workmen; they   do
not-pay the community;    the etn
ployers arc the only party who can
bo said  to  gain  in  any  way  hy
them,    thoy    have ' powers , in
which they can speedily more thnn.
recoup themselves for any tempo.!
ary loss'a strike   may inflict, upon
them, .
.."The irresponsible seetibu ,.6f
the Trade Unions  to-day  exercise
ah   influence   altogether   beyond
their numbers.    They .are mainly
responsible for the strikes   wliich
haye   taken  placo in thojast tjvo
years. ' The leaders of the Unions
have   boen led  more  often   than
they have led,    They have.allow;,
ed themselves fo be carried into- a.
turmoil agairist Iheir hotter judgment, because they  had   not   the,
courage to face a   temporary unpopularity.      This    new;  .policy'
of. militancy in Trade Unionism
will:       certainly      ruin .     the
move me 11 t    if -it    is; .not
subdued.   Tho practice of inuring the last two years, has. been a
failure   from  whatever  point-pf
two generations   has   labor-,1'iad
such favorable conditions -for im
proving it.  lot   hy   Trade Union
action" as* it has - had. since: ,1910.;
.Tr.ide-lias been wonderfully, good j*
unemployment; haa   touched the
lowe^t point   on  record;   jt   nas
been  almost- '.impossible  to   get
strike breaking .labor; the profits
of the employers have heon 60 en
ormous that the)'could afford   to
concede.. substantial  advances  of
wages without" fooling the cost.
i*ut in spite of those rare and favorable circumstances the advances
of wages havo in   tlie  aggregate
been very slight.
'���The first losson lo   learn   is
that the strike if not a   means by
which any substantial and periuau
ent improvement m   the lot of la-
bor can be secured.     The second
matter arising out of modern oc-
oriomic developments is  that   the
public are now a third party to every big strike, and their intoroHts
aro quit  as important as thoso of
thu othor two parties.   The Trado
Unions will  have to accopt this
fact.    After all,   the   com   unify
is bigger   than   organized   labor,
and it is a mistake for Trade Un
ionists to suppose that tho moth ���
o<hi fordualing with labor disputes
and tho regulation of wa, on  will
he just  what they desire I hunt |j
he,"���Hy Philip Snuwdon, U,V,
Subscription $1.00 a Year
j Presbyterian Supper
and Concert
Thanksgiving Day passed   off
very quietly and pleasantly here.
The supper giveu'at the Presbyterian  church   in   the   evening
was an excerent spread, and was
well patronized   by   those   who
have a tasto for the good  things,-
such as are always provided  bv
the famous Ladies' Aid   of  this
church;  The concert  held later
in the evening in   the   Cumberland,Hall, was   well  patronized,
and an excellent   programme of
moving pictures,   songs and vio
lin selections rendered.    We will
not go into detail as  to   the   respective merits uf  the, performers, which is critical Work to uu
dertake, but will  say,   lhat their
efforts were very  much appreciated by the attdieuce assembled.
Mr. J.   McMillan -is' a   master
.hand ou the   violin,   liis Scotch
and Irish selections.being simply
grand, and alone were wt.ll worth
the price of admission.    Rev. J
Hood acted as chairman, and being in a very happy   vein, added
greatly to tbe enjoyment of ..the
evening.    But we have no doubt
but that the chicken supper and
the enliveniug��Scottish airs had
greatly to .do".-with-"that.-   We
-tl'MSt tb^l ro<"7 TJ-,,-1.,,1.     ���
__. _.Jt���..ia,���un 1-���-x-_eauyietian"
friehds reaped a rich financial
harvest, as in part'compensation
for their efforts.
We invite, you to inspect the'follo\vin��-:
MEN'S"FOOTWEAK Just to hand our First Fall Shipment of Ames Iloldon and McOready SilOES, in tho
'newes.shapes, colors black and brown,"button and lace.
MENS SUITS-These are here in. tbj newest *hapesa��d
,    styles, colors navy, brown,, .bronze, black, purple etc.
MILLiNEKYr-First showing of Ladies' WinterMiJlinery
LADIES'  BLANKET COATS newest shades and styles
FOB THE OHIL'DREN-The .famous "Margaret" Sweaters and Sweater Suits,   in shades Navy Cardinal & white.
[y^'.oi^Aays.of-, shoot ing game,
'Avhen,'where and" what'you like,
"have gone. If the game. laws
had been more, rigidly enforced
in the past, game would be more
plentiful throughout the province today. Those who are
caught violating the game act,
richly deserve what they get. It
is no time to lock the stable after the horde is stolen.
.;���   TION.'
.. "The election at Chateauguay
w ill be protested," said, the Hon.
Sydney Fisher after n Wgti.y
conference of the. loaders of tho.
Liberal Party and prominent
Liberals of Chateauguay, held   at
Several  hon   coops   iu   town
have been robbed lately,    Chick
on thieves are never   caught   in
this town.   Why?   '
Mr, W, E. Davidson, of the
firm of Smith, Davidson &
Wrigh-, stationers, Vancouver, paid Cumborland a business visit this week.
*o i'* '
. & p, in
Wednesday S p. 111
Thursday 7 a. in
*��"iJfly 5"p. m
Saturday ,7 a. su
S��mlay j a, 111
 1 p. 111
The Dominion Railway Com-
mission paid an official visit to
Ciiiiilierhmd last week to investigate the complaint uuule nt to tlm
dangerous railway cio��*ing nt the
Iwltoin of the Roy lUml So (nv
no public announcement of iheir
��le<ri��i<iii hn.  Ijm.ii giren out.
Samuel Coe, Andrew Aiulor-
sou and William Miller, appear,
cd before Magistrn'c Shaw ou
Tuesday, charged with shootiug
sea gulls at Millard's Beach 011
Octoher 19, They were cou
victcd and fined 825 each and
costs, The maxim um penalty
for this offence is ��300, with or
without    impritfoiimcut,   Game
Wvwdcu Daw icy iaid   tiio  complaint,
Look out for the   green   milk
wagon; I. Maruya.
1. Maitiyi winlu'fi iih Io htiitc
that the .Wim-h,! Uuhy Lu>|.u-
tor Ihik recently vikirud Iua dairy
at Minto, and found his piemiscH
in a very sniiitnry condition, am
compliiiiftiitod him idrio mi t.v
lioallhy condition  of hi.   hi-nl
A Japanese, known as 'Krank.'
who had been employed in the
Union and Waverly hotels, com.
mitted suicide by hanging. The
body was discovered' by some
hunters ou Monday, near the
PerseveroTice road, which hc-s
back of the old Grant & Mounce
sawmill site. An inquest wan
the Windsor Hotel this afternoon.
.Action for.the-appeal .wil'l-Abe
taken at once, as there is*a'strong
feeling among the Cliateauguay
Liberals in favor of protest, and
thoy firmly belie vo' that whon the
revelations, which aro hound lo
result have been made, at the
next olection tlie County will become Liberal again. "   ,      -?-
"We have evidence' that" will
undoubtedly squash the election," said Mr. Fisher.  i
'���Will there bc any prosecutions?" Mr. Fisher  was   asked.
'���I'do noc sec how the guilty
cau escape, when the evidence
at the hearing has been given,"
said Mr, Fisher. '-The prosucu
tion will follow as a nutter of
course."--The Daily Telegraph,
Oct. 15.
-" Mrs. S. D. Marsden  left   last-
week for her home in Chilli.ivack! '
A grand   concert   and dance
wili'be held in the... Union   Hall
���oir-j. naay-evWiugr-Oct,   241177
under the auspices of the Social-,
ist Party of Canada. A good pro-
gramme has been arranged.; '������
We are having just a littc bit
of civic election.'! talk.
A rumor lhat the Government
encouraged by the result in Chat-
cauquay, would bring on a General Election before the New
Year, is Ihe topic of discussion in
Montreal at present, The' idea
now is that the House would
open curly in November, aud af-
lor a foituiglit or so be dissolved,
elections-following immediately.
Try Tlie Uirf Store, if you w.iut ck.n
now (Jroceinsfc; neivKoo(Js anivinij by
ever, ho it, delivery .mil saiisractK/11
We.feel convinced that if the--
pianist at   the   Crown   Theatre-
had been   fortunate   enough   to,
have a club   close  at   baud "on,
Wednesday evening, there would '
have boon oue fiddle scraper the '
less 611 earth,   and   the  coroneV
would have a   job.    If .all   the
cats of tho male gendor were roll-
ed into one, they could not   havj
created a greater discord than that"
fiddler.    But it was the funniest-
thing at the theatre   that   even-
.ing.    For the land of love ! who ���
is it aud where did it come from?
McMillan, go way back   and   sit
down, you're uot iu it   with this
artist.   Owing to his being sti'.-h
a high   priced   performer,    tlie
management could  not   a fiord a
longer engagement  than the 01m
night, which is very much to hu
regret led, for as n laugh producer
he Ls the limit.    In  justico   to
the management, we may state,
that they had no   idea tliat: they
were presenting a P.iganinni M
U�� the musical world.
There i.s no case on record
where any community has- ever
regretted the improvement of its,
tt"4 I  * *M
urewcf* .w apartment,   (ft   JLndioa'l>^n-vtmont.
'Ml   I
Just received a large assortment of Imported Samples of
tbe Latest sjeoteft antl hng-
lisli Tweeds in Madc-to-incas-
tire Overcoatings,
Our Fall Shipment of shoes
now in.
A inrco nB.o>tmnrtt of Bv/nntrro &
Gweutflr Coats,
See our display of Ladies'
Ready-to-wear Mats and Hat
The balance of our stock of
Ladies' Vassar and Minister
Myles Shoes in Hiack andTan
reduced to clear at $4,50.
Juki received novelties i n
Infants' and Children's Footwear.
*���������<^"* t**M+-*****
���asMaaaeaM^ ������<SMK3ttte������KGs;5ti.-ai:?.  ^^a-OTi  ^<w=MWH*4~a*;~i>-^is-������ui.'-  . -\r VJS'.a ^  A-  >���������*- ���������  THE NEWS. .'GUMBEBIiAND. B. C  f  AMENDS  ^  By E. R. Punshon  Ward, Lock & Co��������� LtmlNtf  London, Melbourne A.Toronto*  departure almost  .   ��������� o  (Contlnueaj  Dnt these attempts of lim ��������� were  useless, 'much to .loan's relict, and  presently on her ��������� earnest ' remons-  . trance her mother promised to dlscon-  -. tlnue ihoni. lt was one morning  parly .lint she made this promise, and  in the afternoon of ine same day, the  vision cumo upon her when she was  lens: expecting it.  She wns in iho drawing-room a I. ihe  time, having ventured downstairs for  only the second timo since Lady Martin's ball. Thorold and Joan had been  out, and coming home had met Wilton  Mayne and Dora, and all four returned  lo .lermyn Gardens together in order  , lhat Mayne might see a recent sketch  of .loan's wliich Dora ,declared was  nothing less than a .work of the purest and highest, genius. If was quite  suddenly while they were all chatting  and,laughing together that Dora-cried  out: ���������      ,  Oh, what, is the matter with Mrs.  Durand?  All turned and looked, nnd Thorold  recognized at once that fixed and rigid expression Mrs, Durand ha/A worn  the night of the hall. Joan's ������ace  turned pale as death, and she gave"a  low cry, and Thorold at once put his  arm about her. Dora, ' too, experienced a sudden fear and she shrank  back- behind Wilton Mayne, who for  his part looker, considerably surprised.  What is the matter? lie asked.  Shall I speak  to   her?   whispered  Thorold to Joan.   .    ,  The girl shook her head,, and- she  found the firm pressure of his arm  about her waist indescribably comforting. Suddenly Dora screamed,  and at the same moment Mrs. Durand  'began to speak; all her features absolutely calm and rigid except the  mouth and lips, wliich moved with the  horrid semblance of being used by  soma other and alien  personality-.  Sorrow  ar.d peril, came    the    low  musical voice that Thorold had heard  before and that was so different from  0Mrs. Durand'.; own tones; sorrow and  *   peril enough-���������  Who for? who for?  cried Dorothy  in a high, excited voice.  For a moment there was silence.  -���������T-lien-the~vo!ce--beagan-again:   Surely, it Bald,'whosoever sheddeth  man's'blood, by man his hlood shall  " be shed.    There ls ono here who has  slain a nian;  there is one. here who  must slay the slayer.  The voice ceased and Thorold stepped forward, bearing with hi'r. Joan  whom he held still close to him with  a grip so ntrong and fierce that she  could hardly boa.- it.  A���������lie, he said, and hia face was  very tcrriblo. :  _K' A���������lie, he said tlie second timo and  It seemed to 1.1m that it was his own  dead brother whom he strove against.  A���������Ho, ho ropeated the third time, and  then he laughed a little, but.not mirth-  fully, and bent his head and kissed  Joan full upon tho lips.  CHAPTER XVIII  - ,       Tho Burglary  Fortunately, this lime Mrs. Durand  seemed to suffer a less complete exhaustion than had previously resulted  from these strango visitatlonr.. She  nevor had any memory of what she  said In them; but whllo hitherto they  had always been succeeded by fits of  diop depression and bodily and menial woaknoHi, on this occasion eho  seenu-.d to fall at once into n very  cheerful, contented mood. Jonn  took, hor upstuirs, and remained with  her somo timo. When certain she  was nil right, tho. went down again  to Dora who wi.t still waiting, and  who wat alone, Tliorold and  Mayno  Also on Face, Began to Oozo Water-  like Matter, Torturo of Itchinoss,  Pimples Festered and Enlarged,  Cured In Two Weeks, Thanks to  Cuticura Soap and Ointment,  Mt. KIbIii; Ind. Institute Miincoy, On*  tarlo.���������" I suffered from aUlu troubin for two  mouths boforo takinit Cuticura RcmodN.  Tlio troublo rUartod from  Itchlnou on tho l.ncllc of tho  bauds. When Irrltfltnd, thin  Uuliluct-s turned to plmpliw.'  TIioho plmplM noon benun  to ipniud up tlio amu, from  ������lii������ nrmi tn my wliolo body.  vCY Y Tlmy also camo up oa Uio  1/    A   (ilCO.      /ill*. Illlj  ti/itlml  tii'ir  f my body tlioy bwamo Irr!'  t&u*l l)y my clothing". Thoy b.H<m to oozo  wotor-llko mm ter. Thon befwn an almost  kllllim torturo of Itclilnowj. Wlwn I Bcratehod  I uwnv'd to real., lho plmtilon ond mnko  them oxtrwiifly now, 'nn.y k*vu������u ������...'  enlarged, then tht-y opened nml toft ioro  Hpota. Thane opoUi bceamo fcabbod and  tore beyond c*pro>slon,        ,..'������������������  "I mat for ft iwniplo of Cuticura Roup  ond Olfitmont vtlileh I recolved quicker Hum  I expected. I wri much rrtlovwl at tlio  flf������t ujiplto'.'". 1 eontlnuml applyln* thl������  Cuticura Hcmodlc* for two ttr������l������iit weeks,  fh'Ti I wtot complDtcly cufttJ. tlianVt to  having taken their  immediately, ij  How good of yOii, dear, to stay so  long, Joan said.K.bora with real gratitude, for Dora liad been undoubtedly  <a good bit frightened and disturbed,  hnd Joan had quite expected that.fol-  lowins her'Usual practice, Dora would  have lied instr.atly from the lirst hint  of trouble and grief.  They talked a' little, but on indifferent subjects, and it was only as Dora  was adjusting her hat before the .mirror preparatory to going, that she  said without looking round;  Joan���������Joan���������what do you think that  meant? ,-    ,  I do not know, answered Joan with  a, sigh and troubled look; Mother  has always been a, subject'to such  trances, though usually at long intervals. , What she says in them, she  added reluctantly, "is often just the  simple truth, though it. always seems  strange and mysterious, ��������� but sometimes she has Just talked quite wildly  and at random���������as she did just now,  Joan concljd^d with a visible effort,  lt was very horrid to hear her, said  Dora shuddering- again, but I did like  the way Mr. Thorold seemed to blaze  out. and defy everybody and everything.  Joan kissed her, and they went out  into the hall together and on the way.  Dora suddenly exclaimed: ,  i Oh, I forgot to tell you, Aunt Rachel has to go over to Ireland on some  business with that stupid land of hers,  and so I am staying at.Lady Martin's  till she comes back.  Oh, when are you going ihere? asked Joan. .   - ,  To-r.ight, answered Dora as sbe  opened "the fro:*, door; and as Joan  was turning back' to the drawing-room  after waving, her good-bye, she found  Green standing behind her, apparently  anxious to speak to her.    *  She looked -A him with a smile, and  it struck her that his face was worn  and pale, She wondered if he, were  quite well.  You' are looking quite pale, Mr.  Green, she said with i. touch of anxiety, for she had come to depend a  good deal on his friendship, and she{  felt that of all those around her in)  this liouse he was the only one she  could tru.t. Are you not feeling  well?  Oh, I'm all right, he- answered,  though plainly gratified at- the in:  qulry. Is it true, he went on' abruptly, that yoii'are going to marry this  'ere Mr.  Thorold?  Why, yes, answerc,.'. Joan1 with a  blush and, a laugh, yet wondering why  he asked, since she was certain he  knew all about it.  Then I suppose, he said in a very  gruff, surly manner, as you don't  want to havo no more to do with the  Uke3 of me? Won't want my 'elp to  run away no more, I suppose? Done  witli me for good, eh? -  ���������Why���������do-you-talk���������like-that-?���������Joan,  asked gently. What have I said or  done that you should talk like that?  You have heen my friend when I  had great need of a frienl and I hope  you will always be.  Ah, said he heavily, hut that there  Thorold���������I hates 'im, you see.'  You .hate him?-she repeated in surprise; ���������but why? '    '  Oh���������because, he said slowly; and  then he thinks me dirt���������right enough,  loo���������   ...  Indeed he doe?, nothing of the kind,  cried Joan; and I shall tell him that  you are my friend, and that you have  been kind to us, she added *.yith, a  proud confidence in the effect of anything she chose to.say to her lover.  Will  you,  though?v said  Green  in  tones   almost of .,.incredulity.       Lor'  miss, 'ow good yoii are, ho added with  a certain husldness in his tones. Then  he asked abruptly; That lady who has  just gono���������Ib she a friend of yours?  A dear friend, answered Joan, de-  tcctlng'some moaning ln the question.  Well, said Green, you tell 'cr not to  go to no Lady Martin's to-night���������tomorrow if she likes, but not to-night.  Why? asked Joan.  . I daresn't say no moro, ho replied,  and added in a frightened whisper;  Don't lot on I said that���������lor' that's  Dave  Durand's   voice���������I'll  go���������don't  let on to 'lm, miss, as I snid anything  to you.  He hurried away, and Jonn entered  to hor mother's bed-sldo, full of uneasy doubts and fears, and she determined finally that the next time hIio  biiw Tliorold sho would speak to him  plainly and fully of'tholr position.  In tho kitchen to which Green had  hurried on leaving her, Durand wiis  standing beforo tlio (Ire, plainly in au  impatient and angry mood. He looked up nt Green uh ho ontorod and united:  Well���������-what have you found out?  Nothing, answered Green uurllly, ox-  ccl*t at 'ow uiui wanls to marry 'lm.  1 fancy, mild Durand, that I had  souio idea of that br-forc. Whon 1  brought you hero, dew Mr. Groon, 1  thought a man of yonr charactor nnd  itrttocodentH would bo useful to ua,  Now 1 am Inclined, to regret our  frlond* of tho pollco force did not fall  in with you. lt HCt'lim t-j inn you  would have been as useful to un In  retlremont as you havo beon hero.  Green mndo no answer to tlilR, hut  sat down uud tbniHt hln handy deep  ln lils pockets, and then mured full  at Durand In a way tlmt, very Intelligent person at onco understood au  n warning not to go too far.  Well, well, ho ������ald, porhnpH 1 npolto  too hastily, but you must mnko an allowance for a father's feeling, ' Mr.  Green.  y,',\.a'.. llie rr-nrr of InlV.lnrc to mo  like that thero? nRked Green with an  oath. And don't you call mo Mr,  Green, ho added heavily; eho  calls, mo Mr. Green, JiihI, an if T wiib  a gentleman, and no ono olso shan't.  rio you uiihu-���������  Durnnd Hlmif|KCd his ehouldors i.n-  patiently.     Ho thought Greon must  bo ��������� lh an unusually milky mood nnd  JiiBt anxious to find something to quarrel-about; for ho liad no Idea how  proud Greon was of tho   titlo   'Mr.'  Joan Invariably gave Jilni.   It wat to  htm a Itlnd of token ot respect, H  'meant to him nil thnt honor might  i mean to another���������to licnr It ubh! In  ! mockery nnd scorn wan Intolerable to  him.     nut of nil this Durand hnd no  'Idea.  1 meant to let bhem marry, he ro  tor blackmail. But Billy Man says  It would be too dangerous. He says  Tliorold already has suspicions, and,  of course, Joan has, too, so that it  would not be safe, for him to have her.  What do you think of Thorold, Green?  Durand added'abruptly.  Oh, I���������as for him ��������� stammered  Green, but tho expression on his face  was sufficient, and Durand nodded .with  satisfaction.  Well, he said slowly, I may have to  get you to help us to prevent him from  marrying her. -.       ' * ���������  Green did not speak, but his whole  manner was eloquent, of the disturbance in'.his mind.-" Before he had  sullenly resigned himself to'this marriage of Joan's with the man he disliked so heartily, though he knew well  that it would mean his total and absolute separation from her, Worse  still, it would mean that Joan" would  be told the dark secret of his past, the  dark crime that lay upon his life, for  Thorold knew that he was the Catford Street murderer.  , ���������' ��������� -(To  be  Continued)  He Knew "  The professor of the class in English  history was telling his students of the  impressionable age, about Uie ' Elizabethan era, when, suddenly turning to  one of the young men "who seemed to  be in a dream, he said:  And how*old was Elizabeth, Mr.  CaseV  Eighteen "last birthday, cn-ie the  instant reply from Mr. Case, who.was  thinking of someone else's sister.  A Tombstone to a Trout  A tombstone erected many years  ago to the memory of a trout may be  seen at Blockl'ey. Worcestershire,  England, as proof positive that this  is'not a 'fish story." The, following  text upon the stone tells the interesting story of the fish:  Memory of the old fish. Under the  Old'Fish do lie. Twenty years he  lived and then did die.,He' was so  tame, you understand, he would come  and.eat. out of your hand. -Died April  20, 1855. ���������   Aged 20 years.  Just What Did She Mean?  Miss Naberly���������How long were you  iu attendance on Mrs. Smith before  she died?       .n  Young M.D.���������Fourteen months.  Miss Naberley���������Dear nie! The old  lady must l.ave had wonderful vitality,  Mother���������Why did ye strike my child  for naething?  Teacher���������I struck him because he  wouldn't tell'me where the,, Itiver  Thames was. He only stood and  looked at me.  .. Mother���������lie wad be dumfounded al  yer ignorance, likely. > ���������. ,  Not for Him  An unexplained incident "\vith a* humorous side occurred at a railway station.' A train' was drawing out frcm  the station when a man came 'running  along the platform. Smith! Smith!  Smith! he shouted.  In a,car at" tho rear of the train sat  a passenger, who, hearing the cry,  tia-tist his head out of the window.,Immediately the runner on the platform  struck him a smart blow across the  cheek...  , Every ^mmen't the wheels were revolving more swiftly, and before the  insulted passenger could call an official the train was clear .of tho station. He went, at once to the conductor's quarters.  What kind'of an outrage is this?  he demanded. Here am 1", an innocent passenger, sitting quietly just as  the train pulls out of the station. Suddenly, a man runs dov.n the platform  shrieking Smith! Sin', h! 1 look out  of the window, and he reaches up and  almosts knocks my head off. Now, I  want to���������  Pardon me, interrupted the conductor.     ,1s your name Sm'r.h?  No it isn't and that is just what  makes���������  Well, then, sir, what did you look  out of the window for? There was  not anybody calling you, was there?  Sorry He Spoke  Scientists state that seafaring people should always keep chocolate  handy, remarked the pedantic youth.  Chocolato contains many heat units  and is valuable in time of emergency.-  How nice, responded the girl. Better  take a two-pound box wheji we go  rowing this afternoon.  Another Complication  Horse racing has always.been complex.     'You have to allow for weather, wind condition, of tho horse ahd  condition of the track.  And. now you have to look out,for  interference by suffragettes.  StrUe  of  Oliin.   City  of  Toledo,    \  .   Lucas County )    ���������������  Frank J. Clicm>y makes oath that'ho-is  senior partner of Uio linn of F. J.  Chen-- & Co., doing business In the city  of Toledo, County nnd State aforesaid.  iir.J tli.it wild firm will pay tho sum' of  (j.-li HUNDRED D01,],a..S icr.onch and  every ease of' cnt.nrrh that cannot be  cured bv Iho use of Hall's catarrh Cure.  FRANK  J.   CHENEY.      ���������  Sworn to before in. and subscribed  In his pu'senee, this Gth day of December.  A.D.,  1SS0.  (Seal.) A.  W.  C5TJ3ASON.  Notary  Public"  Hall's Catarrh'Cure Is taken lnternallv,,  ana acts directly on tho blood and  mucous surfaces of lho system. Send  for   testimonials   free..  F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.  '    .iold   by  all  druggists,   T5c.  .. Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.  Worms in children' work havoc.  These pests attack the tendor-linlng of  .thd intestines and if left, to pursue  their ravages undisturbed, will ultimately perforate the *,yall, because  these .worms are of, the0 hook variety  that cling to and feed upon interior  surfaces. Miller's Worm ' Powders  will'not only exterminate these worms  of whatever variety, but will serve to  repair the injury they have done.  He Did  "Tommy came out of a room in which  his father was tacking down the.car-  pet.  ,   He was crying lustily.  Why, Tommy what's the matter, asked his mother.  Papa hit his finger with the hammer,  ���������Well, you needn't cry at'a thing like  that, said the mother.., Why didn't  you laugh?  I did, sobbed Tommy disconsolately.   T.he~boy_Js_all___ilg_i^_sajd_'the_Jloc-  tor, but you want to talk fo him and"  arouse his- ambition. Promiso him  that- you will take him somewhere  when he recovers sufficiently to'' go  out. Talk to him about playing  hockey with the fellows. There are  lots of ways in which you cau interest him, '���������* ���������  -Then the doctor'addressed the little  chap, who was just recovering from  the fever, saying: ,                 >       ���������  .Come, Billy, .cheer up. Wouldnt  you like to go out and slido on the  ice with tho other kids.,,  A faint, smile,stole over the boy's  faco, but that was all.  Wait a minute, doc���������I'll rouse him,  Interrupted the kid's .father. Look  here, Bill, how would you,like to go  out and steal the milk bottles off the  neighbors' porches, drink all the milk  and then smash the bottles In the  street so that the automobile tires  will .explode.  The child sat up and asked,for his  trousers.  -When the doctor callod to fioo the  baby its mother Informed him that  tho medicino left for the infant the  day before was.all gone,  Impossible, declared the surprised  physician. I lold you to glvo him a  teaRpoonful once an hour.  Yes, but John and mother and I  and the nurso hnvo each' had to take  a tenspoonful, too, In order to got  b^Jjy to tako it.  ^V^ III a l* "i  THE "BLUES"  A Lndy Finds Help from Slmpje Food  Civilization brings bleHslngs and also  roBponBlblllticH,  The moro highly organized wo becomo tho moro need thero Is for regu-  liirlty', and naturnl simplicity ln Ufo  food wo eat.  Tlu lawn ot body nutrition Khniild  bo carefully obayed, and tho finer  moro highly developed.brain and nor-  vour Hytitoni not hampered hy a complicated, unwholofiomo dietary.  A lady of high ncrvoun tension  wiys:  "For fifteen yearn I wiibh, mifforer  from dyBpepHla,. I eonfosH that nn  improperly rogulated diet wat the  chiof caiiflo of my Buffering. Finally  nothing tlmt I ft to Boomed to itfireo  with my Biormich, und life, at times,  did not fioem worth living.  "I bo[.an to tako a penHiml������tl������ vlow  o! everything and boo lifts tliroujjh  dark bluo i;1ubb, bo to upeak. My  head became nffected with a heavy  creeping animation nml 1 fenrcd jiarnl-  yulH.  "Palpitation of the licnrf. caused  mo to fonr that I mlRht dlo aurtdonly.  T*"o yottrf ncn, lionrlntr f������rapo-Nuts  no hltrhly BPolicn of by soma cHtlm*  nblo frionuti of niiue, I Anhiih.ui.il w  try it,.  The chango in my condition wat  littlo loss than miraculous. In n  short timo tho palpitation, bad foel������  Jnrf in h*>nrt ,ind body began to dlfl������  appear nnd tho improvement htm continued until at tho present: timo I  flndmyucU in better n health than I  hnvo over enjoyod.  "My weight Jim increased 20 lbs in  tho last year nnd lifo looko bright  ������nd sunny to roo ub It did when I  wdb {. child,'  .., The case concerned a will,, and au  -Irishmnn-cwaa-n���������witness. * ���������  Was the deceased, asked the law-,  yer, In the hubit of talking to himself  'when alone? ' [  I don't know was the reply. '  Come, come, you don't know', and  you pretend that you were intimately  acquainted wi'h him?  The fact is, said Pat drily, I never  .happened.to bo with him when he was  'alone.  Outing Shoes  For  Everybody  THE PERFECT SHOE  FOR SUMMER SPORTS  ASK VOUR DEALER,  -1  it  Horse Always Lost .  The passenger inside the cab suddenly put"his head,out of ihe window and  exclaimed to the driver: Ge'. on, man;  get on.   Wake up your nag.  .Shure, sor. 1 'aven't.the heart to  bate 'im.  What's the matter with him. Is  he sick?  No, sor, 'e's not sick, but it' unlucky  he is, sir, unlucky. You see, sor,  overy morning afore I put 'im in the  cab, I tosses 'im whether 'e'll 'avo a  feed of oats or I'll have a- drink of  whisky, an' the poor baste has lost  five mornings running.  Minard's Liniment Cures Dlstemner  He  Lived  There all   Tight .,  if An anxious father got wind of the  rumor that his son-wi. ��������� leading rather  a convivial life in Town, But the  son strenuously denie.' the charge In  letters to his father. Still unsatisfied, the father made an unexpected  visit to his son's lodgings, and giving  the bell a manly pull, was met by a  grim-faced landlady.  Does Mr. James Smith live here?  asked the father,  Ho does, replied tho landlady. Bring  him right in,  , ���������    .  Difficult to Catch  ���������An Englishman who wag appointed  to an important, post* in China got married soon after.. Amongst t!.2 recipients of the usual little cardboard boxes' containing a piece of wedding cake  was-a'Chinese "merchant with whom  the bridegroo-\ had an outstanding account for goods supplied. After the  honeymoon one cf the first persons the  jKW.l.v_iW_edde"d husband met was his  Celestial creditor.        ~"     ~    "    ~  And how did you like the cake? said  tho Englishman, laughingly, after the  usual congratulations.  Ah, ha! returned the Chinaman, with  a cunning leer, me no such a big fool  to eat him, sah. Mo put cakee in  fire.     Burn him up. ���������   He! ho.  Oil, that's too' bad! said the .Englishman, very much hurt. You might  have tasted il at least,,out of compliment to my wife, and myself. Why  didn't you?  Mo too clu'.;, sah, said tho Celestial,  with the same ciinnln smile. You  owo me monce, Bah! sendee poison  cake; I eat him; I die; you no payee  up. Houp-la. Ho! he! he! I  know you Engloosh.  Championship of United States  Shooting against a field of more thnn ���������  three score of the leading 'short arms'  marksmen of the  country,  Peter J..  Dolfen,  of  Springfield,  Mass.,  regis- ���������  tercd the winning score of 469 out of  a possiblo 500,..the   secoud   highout  score  mado  in   thirteen   consecutive,  years in this event, and became champion revolver   shot' of   the    United  States.   The contest for -the championship was designated as.. Match 'A'  in      the     "United     States      Revolver   Association's   League -and   was  participated in by membeisof revolver clubs ih several large cities between the ".wo oceans.    Thp shooting -  was Conducted under tho manageniont  oi U.S.R.A. ofiicial...on the ranges of  the various clubs and tho taigets for"  warded to the Association's headquarters at Washington, D.C., for. tho lin- ���������  al decisions. ' ,., ���������    ;  Fifty shots were fired at 20 yards on  the standard American target by each  contestant, Mr. Dolfen shooting Hem-,,  ington-UMC    metallic'   cartridges   in  making his exceptionally high score. .  The retiring titlo holder is Di\ ,T. R:'  Hicks, who made -153 oufc_of 500 ai.d  fell into third place.  The new revolver champion is a pos;'  sibillty who has been looming, litrgo  on. the horizon of the'sport for somo1  time. Mr. Dolfen "is- a consistent  maker of remarkable targets in his  work on the Springfield teams'. Last  year ho was made one of the American  contenders fur world's championship  honors at tho Olympic Games at  i :ockholm, and in competition with th������  picked shots of many. countries won,  second placo in the individual \iiistol  match with 474 out of a possible 600,  this score being exceeded only by A,  P. Lane, another mombct of tlie  American team who, shooting Remington-UMC ammunition, won the event  with 499 out of 600, establishing a new '  world's rec;rd.    ���������  4  A fool and his money aro sometimes  a hot proposition.  Such Foolish Questions  Mother���������You wore n ljng lime in the  conservatory  with   Mr.   Willing' last  night, my child.      \Vhat was going  on?  Daughter���������Did you ever sit in tho  conservatory with piipa   beforo   yon  married lilm?  Mother���������I suppose l did.  :   Daughter---Well, mamma,   It's   the  flame old world,  Wise mothers who know-the virtues,'  of  Mother- Graves*  Worm Exterminator always have it'at hand, becauso  It proves Its value,   -vr  Safe From Disturbance  A spider one ,day. was crawling  ���������dDwn-the-aIs!e2of-an-old~churc.h,Jo_pk:_^  ing very disconsolate and wlth'a"'cie- .  cided HmP, and on his way met another spider, who accosted him"as follows: Well, old chap, w.liat'a the  matter. Lost a couple of fat"flies, or  is your liver out of order?--    ���������'   ,.  Neither,  dear  friend.    The fact u  I sleep under the pulpit cushion, nnd  tho vicar will persist in banging on the .  cushion 'to emphasize his points, and I'  anv suffering from threo broken loss.  Oh! I am sorry for you; hut if you'  don't mind sharing my bunk you nro  quite welcome.  And' whero may that be?' .  - In the poor box.    Nobody over'disturbs me there.  PuliesJra iW MA Ointment.'.. imniA)  Joltn JamtMon, Mitr, 0,1013.  Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Olnlmrnt m  Mid tlirouehout tlm world. Html K*mtf  p. & O. Corp., Dcpt, 650. Boaton, U.H.A.,  lurm*a������r4o * och withau.p������geboolfa . nriT5;^ ,hw,htfully, ������nd ijfc-'io wo  ���������=rrrrrrrr;���������: "'    ^-^ (hi**.! TJ;;/rn,fl iJlpAlfjrh Joan���������it would  W. N. U- 963 jftftvt, b*.*n a vcty pretty opportunity  Nnmo Klvcn by tho Canadian Poet-  urn Co., Wludoor, Ont.  "There's a Reason," nnd It it explained in tlio littlo booU, "Tlio Road  to WellvillG," in pkg������.  Evar rcid \h������ >b<)Ve |ettcr7 A  htvJ &n4 Ippeftf* from time to lima.-  they are gtnuine, true, $nd ful] *f  human InUfett*  Man.may declare that he is the lore,  of creation, but all tho samo ho foam  his wife nbovo everything else should  ho hnppen to reach ho.iie very late at  nlglit, Ilflconily a cortnln husband  arrived home much later than UBiial  I'roni tho office. Ilo took o.'f IiIh boots  nnd stole Into the bedroom, but vain  precaution, IiIb wlfo began to Htir,  Quickly the panic-stricken mnn wen',  to the cradle of lilt llrst-born nnd began to rock It vigorously,  What are you doing there, Robert?  quorlod IiIb wlfo.  l'vo beon sitting hero for nearly two  hourH trying to get thla baby to Bleep  ho growled.  Why, Robert, l'vo got him here ln  bed with me, Bfild the spoil no.  And ho never mild anothor word nil  that night.  i. n.i...  nun i.ii.kM  Mouldlnc the Future Rnee  Iliijnnn ougcnicH need not bo and  la not likely to bo a' cold-blooded selection of pnrtnor������ by uomo outside  Hdontlflc authority. Nut lt mny be, and  Ib vory likely to ho, a slowly grow-  inb A,w������vlctlcr. flr"t nmnnc tho moro  Intelllnpnt, mombcrB of tho community nnd then by Imitation aud tanlilou  among tho loss Intelligent���������thnt our  children, the future raco. tho torch  benrern of olvillzatlon for succeeding  ngofl, nrn not tho woro rofiult of  cU&acc 'or Providence, hut. that in it  vory real Bonsto it is within our  power to mould ������������������ Uiem, tht tho salva*  tlon or damnation ot many future  gonoriitlon* Hob ln our toaflpoonful of  toracic acid In t. half pint of hot *a-  tor and lotting it Jtand unlll the acid  crystals aro diBsolvod,  ������ ��������� ��������� " ���������"*������������������*  (l������n ThU Be?  BpcalUnff ot voU*������ .'or women. Btiid  tho nnt girl. I fear that Oraco is becoming lultoyfarm,  IM pot Mrod jtoe lady of the  Mcond Uxt a It* jropcr placo.  X Wertti m  *<stircs  wlUiout  1 Should Worry  Mrs. Smith was repeatedly remind-  ing her hus'jand that sho owned the  silver, thac sho owned tho furniture,  that the piano wns her own private  property, and bo on''until poor Smith  begi������n to wondor what she'd claim  next.  The other night Mrs. S, woke in  alarm. Strango sounds wore heard  ln tho lower parts of the house, and  ���������quickly rousing hev husband, she  cried:  John, John! Get up! There nre burglars in   ho house! .-    ,  Eh? inquired Mr. Smith, rubbing  his eyes.  Burglars downstairs, repented Mrs.  S.  nurglnrs? eaid Smith, as ho turned  ovor. Well, I should worry. I don't  own anything.  OlfWcr (to recruit, who lias missed  overy shot)���������Good heavens, man,  whore nro your shots going?..  Hocrull, (norvonsly)���������I don't know,  sir; they left hero all right.  Couldn't be Done  Two Irishmen wero dlEcr.ssIng tho  various bookB Ihey hud road.  Hnvo you read 'Tho Ettrnnl City?'  1 havo,  Have you read Maile Corelll's  workc?  1 havo that.  Ilavn you rend 'Looking Uiu-.kwai'd?'  How on alrth could I do that?  Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Cows  Garget In  Going Ashing ls good oxerclso for  tho imagination,  A girl wlio paints well may lio  homely, but It Ih hor own fault If  Bho iB.  A Slight Mistake  The tourist stood and gazed In won*  der ac the hill���������such a hill.    It was  amazing!  lovely I  gorpotis!' mngnin-;  cent! enough to make   an   emotloruil ���������  poet swell with ecstasy. ��������� -Tho bctuitl- >  ful flowers studded   hero   and  (hero ,  among tho deep-green fleldu, opening ,  out their gaudy, petals to drink the  warm ri.ys ot tho'sunimev Bim"wero ���������  Bplcndid,  The touilBt almost ran porI tho girl..  who was sitting there���������to climb tlila  fairy--mountain, but ho had (scarcely  taken two Btepr. up its sloping bank  when tho glr'.   jumped. u..   wllh   a ���������  scroam.    You-r-you brute 1 sho nhrlc.1.:- .  ed.   How dnro you tramplo over my  hat.''  Jones Is mighty solid with Ills wife. ���������  How, does ho do lt?    .  Simple .enough. When ho boor to  nee his mother ho tolls his wlfo that  ho llko to ,'<ot back to wife's cooking.  Tho big red' touring car struck a ���������  pedestrian,.rolling him in tho mud, and  maltreating lilm   In   general.    The  owner ran back, greatly excited, after '  .lopping his cur.  Ib ho dead? ho nsked anxiously ot  tho medical man who was 'utlondlng  tho victim,  Oh, nol replied tho doctor, clicorful-  ly, Ho'h not dead; he's merely run  down.  Houfitfr���������-I mn a Holf-nuulo mnn, I  am, ,  HoaHter���������Well there's one Ihlnij you  needn't wouy about.  Iloastcr���������Whnt'fl that?  Hoastor-���������Tnlilng out a patent.  Po You Feel Chilly A  **nm****mmmmimmm****a****   %>jjj   twnwnwrnmmiiwi nn,   ,.���������������������______���������        ������*  Feverish and Ache all Over   ������  I  Peel worn out-blue and Hrcd ? Don't letyour cold develop  Into bronchltle. pneumonia or catarrh. Tho reliublo alter-  Btlv������ ������nd tiMtfc which hu proven Ita value In U>* put 40 yt*t* If  .   DR, PIERCE'S  Olden Medical Discovery  IU*Ur^������U?ltytdlh������llmi*d to the elrenlttlon-the blood In  IU taproved tnd tho ������hoU body  ���������r -_ . _. _ . - thU attrtnt of ������i������tfr# mwllelnil  tbat*i. (���������_ _2**<!MeM, .**>��������� tart, brain ind noryce feel (ho .  T*fmM������|f WHitaeo. Por otm 40 yum *M* nibble tamaAy hu  bttq .old In Hqnid farm by oil modidno iatten. It om tiuw tito,  Mltt������M������tforolntLO0iurtWob__M. If roar dnirgiit  MD tl MSd MMi*������������at lUmpi to R.V.Pkree, 1I.D, BaKlfc  CbJHJPW* S*n**M*ileml AivUtr-m b**k tt  IMA MOM-aMiom att Mc<t!e������! qtu*tl������H*.  *\^t^iU0i,$tmt������tMmp*U]/LV.Pi*rt4.*1,a  *^wwmm<*&mMM<^p'Mi>tM^&(i������*<#. titaft. ������\,*-  V  L^t  ��������� ,;,  fi  i Vt  NO.TIC,K,,is hereby-j������iven tlct app'.;-  .oalien will Ije made'to tha Superintend-,  ,enfc of Proyiuoittl Poljse, Victoria for a  .license.to sell liquor by .wliulesile upon  ,the prolines fiitiiUid.oh..Lot p, m rck 15,  ' ,Cu.i.beiland Townsite, Cumbeilaijci, 15. C  ' ��������� , Ot>l>IAiaSS-VTfrO,Applie..,t  ,D.ted tjiis,ls; day t.f,Qtj.obverjl9li$.  - 'm'"^^^-mmmj^mmsmmaimummu.wm.mmmmmmmmmmmn.m  ',  NOTICE is h������;ruby given that oa ihoflrBt  .diy of 0>j(i)ar    uext.applic.atipu   will, hi;  audo to the Sup(-riutend������i.t" of   Pi-ov ii.cial  Mtylice, .Victoria, fer the renewal qf the ho-  ..lellieouae tojjall   %uors ,by ,retail i������ tne  ,l������p:ttl known as the L ������rn.e hote,, situit ed nt  .Comox, :B.C. .,      .-jt>.ORG,jrM. BABLpjir-  JDrtedQctol'er^.lp.tg.'  ,.'' '" '���������'  .'. '       '    ''  NOTICE is -hereby gi,ven tliat ,(.mthe  |firs^ day of ^oven\bt;r ,10,1,3,'application  \*vill tie made to  \\\q Superintendent, ot  provincial .Police, for a .renewal   qf  die  iWliJleaalc Iiqu )r license upon the pi;em-  jiscs known ;ii Lot 2^, Subsection .1, Nel-  ������on 'pl.tritt.  1'ii.sknkr 'Skewing Company.  Dated October ist, 1913  HSR_?1^^ <m^m&^^,.  NOT .CH it hi-reby giveu ihat 1.11 tlio  (firat duy of (Dqcepitar next,*ppli. at om'u il  ibe made to tbo Supo -iuteudent A Pi-ovin-  ���������fi ul Folic������, Vict uia, fur a ivuewal of tho  ,li4ei 1 ,en^o 11 pell liquors ,by nit ul iu  tbo hotel.knotfuas tho Uuiori hotvl. situate at  U.Jon,.B.C.   Jjo^.N. M^Leoj.  l.)a-..(l tlie 1st day of October, 191$ ���������  NJTICKis bar by ifiv n .that ,011 t!.o  .first day of 1) oeuibei* next, applicatou wi'i  bo i������*de to bo >5apoi;i!iti)a(lft������t of Provincial  jPolicf, Victori., ior tbo ijeaowal ^f the hu-  tql license to sell liqa.a.rs by retail iu the  .Intel known'as tho Kwr.-ide hoiel, situ* ee  ,ftCwrtfcfi^y, B. ib 0. LI. Fijciinku  i'litedUotooor" 1, 1913.  y " m ���������* ���������.������������������ ������-!������������������������������'������ m m ��������������� ��������� m m m ������������������������     m>mm  NOTICE U-uereby'f{ivon,-tbut''oii' the  ;lir.t day of December iiextfapplicutiui wi 1  be liavdo to tbe Superb t.ti:Uiiithof Provincial Pidiee, Vi-toiii;, for the ren^alof the  liotel license to sdl liquor* liy 10 tail in the  ibpt<l kim.WJ ASaU)eAVilaou hotel, oituated  >t Uuit>a Bpy R.C.       /   ''  -���������    ' Al.KREl) ltAl'KH llOKSE  Pat^lQctpbei 1,1913. '  ,  PnioxL Steamship Go. of   -.JJ.V.:'  ���������"    THE S'..S;,COAVieUA;N W.lLl/S&TL_yS .TJND������_1   "  iS'ANAIM.O DENMAN ISLAND-UNION B&Y-C&MOX ROUTE  Leave Vancouver, Monday, at 8 p.ia. '    ' h" '    ,  ., Arriyt,* Namut:iiQ, at 11.30 p, rn.      ....  A.ri'iv.e-lTnioH-B(iy, Tuesday 0 a. in.   ���������   LoCve Tntjsday.noon.  Aw-ive-Couiox, Ttieidny8ji.nl, .   r^ivo Tuesday, 11a. 11V,  Lefive Naisuiui" C p. in..Tuesday.,- Arrive tfaneojiver U.30-p.in. ',,  'Leave Vancouver S(i!urd:iy,8 .p.m. .Arrive  Nanaiiup... it 30  p. ii'J  .An-vve Union Bay, Sunday .6 a\.������i. Depart 5 p.m. ������ :;  Arrjve Comox, Suuday 8a. nu Depart ^ p.m.    .; . ���������'-, "J  ' Subject to change without notice.1 '   * " ' '  >>..*rrK*^v.s������'''  ���������^mii p hZtffc7*-fflr?t  '^W.fifii'ir ' ''''  DEINK  "^gsc^^rw^r^c-^vyi?^'a#J.,.-'y.-������-sik^~>a������ "-a^1 f+.^.^-'u*^^*--* ������*,+.���������  ������������e)������S)������������������������������<5^^ ������m&^m������mt&&&i^dd������ '<&&$S������������&������^&SttSgm>'&  *as  ������  ������  (*)  (���������)  <������'  ������'  The purest and b?st UUER, aud  I  made in Cumberland;  NOTICE b hereby g'iyen tnat on tbe  |fiwt day of Dacemborntxt applioati mwill  ,b������ ,n������-id������ to the Suporiutecda-it of Provin-  oiul Police, Victoria,, for the renewulot the  bovl liceu e 'o sell liq'.iO'.s-by rettil 11 the  tio������l kuotvn u tbo Nel.ou hotel, B.tuued.  at Uoio:\ Buy, B.C. John Fbasku.|  Dat vi October. Is., 1913..    ' I j  JEJje^G&writenay-tlote-l-  ^very iQ9.nyt;nience. for guestB,  The Qev^l $$.$p*l fdr^Sportemen  ���������None b|H'.^';^jft,Qf Wines arid Uquors  .ftdy/w-At.      '& Y  '    ,.  rtVW/'/'.j   v.  '���������s ���������<������������������.. .v.-.>������������������'  REASONABLE  'v.  ::^:  yJohn Johnston,   Prop  , To whom it may concern���������:���������-!=���������  This is to notify the public  that all freight charges on bonded goods,cleared at Union Bay  for the Comox Valley must be  paid before goods cau be forward  tied. By order .  fCanadian Collieries Dunsmuir]  Co,  WATER   NOTICE.  I mi������mmt*mm  NOTICE is hereby given that  W. 0. Weeks and Ii. Duuoll of  Vancouver, U. 0 , wifl q.pply for  a license to tajc.e aj>4 use one cubic, foot of watef pujt pf Cottijre^  CJrvek, which flows in tv j^forth-  pasterly dirccti.oj. 1\U'O\10*. T-pt 48  Newcastle p.Btrjjzt and empties  juto Fanny Uay, Tho water  will be diverted at the Government Road and will be need  i'or mm. 11 fncturing purposes 011  }hc laud described ns N. }l, portion of Lot 48.  This notice was ported on the  ground ou the 251)1 day of A.������{.'  fist 191^. The 'applfpgtJQii will  ))e filed iu the olHce of tljc \V������*  ILer Iipcorder at XvTi|.np.i^yQ. Ob-  jcctiouA njay |^c fjlqd witli ll������e  wniil Water Heeorder, or with  lhe Comptroller of water lights,  parliament liuildiugs, Victoria,  p. C.  W. 0. Wkkks  |i.  DiiiNHi.li.  AppH'anlH.  [I ��������� 'W  ������������������mtrnrn* Wl   yi M)><|W������M__M  ieio  ������  otel  J.    N.    McLEOD       "Pnbr'SilE-Sor.  English 4 x BURTON always 011 tin/ nl.o, tho fanioun M1LWAUKBK  BBKll-?���������Anhoimer. Ui'l> .raia-i, Suhltz. &o, "OLD (JUKY BICAKD"  SCOTCH' WUI._1_Y, Best Wine's and Liquors of all kinds  The t-Si*-ardnig and Lodging 1-) pnrtmont. under tlio nuint'iliato 8U[jonnteu<icuoe  will l)j rou a Fiist class in every rcspeof. ,  ATE8,  Brewers' Dried Grains  ��������� Better,  Cheaper Than Most Dairy Feeds  Vancouver Milling & Grain Company, Ltd.  Distributors    .      NANAIMO..B. C.  ������  I  SHARES Ifi THE  , .offer, you   a safe  and   sound    investment   with a.  giQad return on yodr money as well as' a.n enhanc-5  fid value, irom now on. "  A Company with   N oP iu vt)tip nt S14 ares.       '-. ",.  '  ACcrnpanywith     :-'j  ,<vi   fiscal agency;  A Company   that wilt look solely to, the well fare '  of its' shareholders.    Shares; 'are now selling at $1  for alii   cash,   or1   on   the   ea^y  instalment   plan.  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NOTICE  Any ])orw)it or put-sous, uuUi-n-g,  wmuviiig or Inking tiny Mucku,  timber or wquiJ, uT any (Uwrrjitioiln  Jolongjng lo tlm'Wellington S^  iJcj-y Oo'y.������ or front or off tlm land  of tlio snid Oompnny* or nnyonu  lipping rubbish of any description  nnywhero upon t-lic wiuipnny'H  lnnd will Ini prortccntwl to lliu full  oxtontof |:lm law.  AV. !,. r.OHLHON,     -  C'i'lliory Oo,y,  NOTKJE.  Hiding on locomotivoH and rail  wny curs of the Union Colliery  Company by nny poi-WJi. nr por-  30HB���������oxevpt tiiinciow--ii. strictly  prohibited, KmployceH rrv ������ub-  iiic ta c'lHiuiHritil lor ullowing Knni-  Hy ordor   <  W. h.  COULSON,  General Manager.  "We Build; Homes and Make-Loans."  8  i^X^(tyA\t(i<������Xt\������\������XS<tf^^(i'i^  mquor act mo.  Section 42.  NOTICK fa hereby piver. that  ion tbo let day of DecernIn-r next,  application will lie made to the  Superintendent of Provincial pol  ice for a license for the etile of  liquor by wholesale in and upon  the premises bi t.i a ted in the town  of Courtenay, 0. 0, known nnd  described hh Lots 30 and 81, ������cc-  MonCt.  DuiaA llm lUh day oi Oo. olicr  1,91������.  UNION BREWING COMPANY  Md.  John ALiroechi, Manner  Applicant  LIQUOR ACT, Id 10.  Section >12.  NOTICE is hereby givon tha������,  on the lut day of December next,  application Mill bo mndo to the  8u|o.inb-mdont of Provincial Pol-  ire for renewal of Uie hotel licence  to tell liquor by retail in the hotel  known au tne MttlaRpiim Ifot'd,  finale at Lund, in lho Province of  Ib it toll Columbia.  Oated this 3;h dny of October,  ioia.  FIIBI) THULIN  Appliiaut  tt/1,4 ///''���������"'i^^r^N.  il * yy.xJ fAw-^  Violin Strings,  Talking ma���������  BNTICBD   OR STHAVE1) - A !c,,iut'ncccl,os nm1 Viclor Heconjs  for sale nt tlie New*1 dfliue.  'A  j���������icji>uK t\7A\ loin.  i-.Vction 'Vi,  jfetfcy Hijfer r m Mrown'a Ranch  jkliuto, ciMi ji.vr old, muL'.d drfx  jtrowtt, nalurnl mark on tip of  jjahl o:tr. |nfprnj.int rewarded.  Hn. 0. Brosvn, Maryp >rl Ayt-mje,  Cumberland',  JjpnU   (uryet   h>   place   vow  iux.toidc-1 fu������' pt'intinjjj uiih us������.  g*T OLD NKWSI'APKISS KOU  SALE  AT THIS OFPICK j0j\  'l^,:  4*/X'  fy*..^~fir?-iis  *^������^ ..J/'"'?'"  -r  hr  (iivi-; ua vour n:-:xt c;<  P?.H   V')Y l^]'  1'l.lWSfN.j.  N0T1C1*; in heiehy rIvod that,  mi tbo lrl dny of December u������x),  fi]ipiic(ilicin wiii h\<, nrniti ui tilt-  ^i.pcriiitemh'iit of ProiincM Pol  io fur:niicivnI of llie hotel licence  ���������o (.oil ):f|nnr by ml.i'.l in ti o lio <���������!  known us thi Willow Hot" I, fiiii-  .iJo jit ('..imp'i������ll \y.\*if, in the Pro-*  vinw of !Wiu. Ii(! ilumbl.i.  TViicd  \Ua Hlh clay ul Oci.iber,  ADVERTISEMENT.  NOTICE ie hereby given that an  Action hau- been raised aj������"in������<t the  Prudential A->eur>iuee Com|)iiny  Liudted, 71 Ronfieid Street, VA-xh-  gow, for payment of the pum of  ������131, being the proceeds of lho  Policy No. .157846 with said Com  p:iny on the L'fe of John Junk, 97  LanglandB Road, Govan, Glnpgow,  and that the Sheriff of tin. County  of Lanark, Scotland, hn������ ordered  odverlicoment of notice of snid no-  lion hy interlocutor, an follows:���������  fjlapgow, 19th Scplomher, 19IS.  Holds the fund correctly elnted in  the Petition, and in re-peet tho  Pursuers aiul Nominal llaipern  have consigned the fund ir. the  hnndfl of tho Clot k of Court Exon  era and dbebargos thom of eU  clniuiH in the notion. Appoint;  ini.imnlion of the Action to lo  made by AdveriiKemeiU publinlied  onco in a Now*puper uirculiitiii^.iii  Cutfiberland, Vancouver blind,  Brliluh Columhia,Ctiitiida, tuid up-  p inta olaitnanta in the fund to  lodge - heir el aime with the Clerk  of Court within oiih month from  tbe dale of such advt'rtiaemetit, nmi  pcmla tho cane lo the ndjUHlmont  roll of lilth November coxt.  (Signed)  W. Cl. Scott Mom:uii;i'k  Anenn, McMauti.v, , ���������  A true copy. H.G l).  Jn t������irtj|3 thereof notice ia hmeby  given r-f Htiid mttion ntul of said in  terlopuior.       ,  LOWNDKS A', RKNV. iUK  28 HatliSlri.e'.Clhhfiow, Solicit-  or������ for Run I :i 7.or.  *������i  S^'^i2^  NOTICK TO CONTRACTORS  SKAI-KI  "Tcnil  I'OWKl.I. Rivku I.orK-ur.  KAI-KD TEN'DERS, superscribed  ler for Powell Jiivt-r Lock-u������g  will be receitetl hy the ..onnwablti lhe  Minister of Public .Works up to noon of  Wednesday the 151I1 d.iy of Oct, 11)13 for  the conversion of piescnt Hchool-lious.  nt I'mvcll Kivcr inio a loc:l:-np, const i-  lile's qijai,iers,,,'ind Court-room.  Plans,  specilicitinns,  contract    and  forms of lender may lie seen nn an<l af-  let llie ist day of Octobei 191 j,  at  ih^-  oflilcc   of   Mr. f. Ii.iird, (lavcniii-.tiit A>  gent,  'Jumbi'i'liiiul,   11. C;  llie   lu-vn-  cial   ConHtalilo,    at     Powell    K'uci';'/  or   tlie Department of public    Woikj'  VictoriA,    Intijidin;;   ienden.'iN can, ifir  the sum of tcn'tlol'ais ($10), obtain )on������  1 .0  copy of tlie plans am. ���������'spnilu-.iiio^', by  iipplyiiiK-Ui the iiiuleisij'iieil, wh.wW sun)  v,ill be   lofumlcil   011   tlieir yiionn   in  Xood order. ,j  liacli propo',al nncl bu ,|pcoinj������,.;iieiJ  bv an ii'i-cpteil  bank diM'''" or   (i-riilii  irate of deposit on .1 cIviU'-icmI  b;mk 'i  Canada, niaile pay ihii.: 10 iho. .Ildiioui. '  able llie Minihter of Public Woiks, for a  sin,, cipml lo in tu iu.i o| ihe it'inlcr,  wliich >h.ill bv forl'i!in:il if tin: pany tun-  di*riii|j ib-ciiiHi   it   111U"   into  un.tini'i  whin called upon tu do >.i, or if lie liii)  jo coiiiplele   the    \w.ik ciiiitiacicd   for,  "I lie dumpies 111 < i-i tiiu iiws ni ift'pnsii of  iinsiirrcssful ti'iiili'icrs wiil   be  innincd  In   lln."ii   upon   the   t'sci'iilion   of   llie  11:01111,ic I.  Ti'in'ers will not be amsidcicd iinlr*^  1.,'niH Mipp,icd, ������ij;ned  .,.,...-      I ,1.       ,,  .i. .W.,t.l.l   i  il. "     . I. :'::>.  ina'Jc out oa iIk  ~ I'I  .1  I      ' '  'I  C1TARI.K.S THl'LIN  Ajipliemi  *"   'C ti  .S.ywfin! li,ui,\ VU'.riub  pUUiet ������f .Smuird.  'TAKEPOTICK tS^it f'liitU-% l\u������t '������  Vuii(',ii.vut,j.f Ci ncoiijm'i ni (Miitnu"i'r,  mtiiid' {ti >\n\y 'r Iiiuii''lui ti 1 t.i*.  AlatJ nni'JA'lomi'A'i Anrii V *ft lnnd .���������  C'Oiniite>.Jt������j| *t   1   p<>������*  I'lii'iltJ  lit   lit  S..iifl) Olrtt C������r|li T .if   Vd  *,", (In  t,    "'"-if  $0 (.'Ji;i),j8, ibi������ji.V' 'iiJ'i"'-  Su 1 'iimhh, 1)1.1 co  *i.iiii\\ii\u'.. twa. :..>t li iA ,y������/i" 11 ���������  point  ������f "Soju i.������-iittn.i'uv i-ontiiniifj .vjft j ������*��������� >,"���������>��������� -..      ��������� <tt\,  Hur������*b tU'u'o in \'.t*. ?i',y h' 'A'Ahi  (lii.'.mr^ I'kss" ' '��������� ���������'���������' .     ,' it: ������.vV  PM.-������  M V.-.tl w, A- r   ,  '������������������'-���������'.'��������� ��������������� ���������-���������:'. ��������� ' ���������'  ;-r :.i ���������'.    r  isliod  Tl.e !t������<*'a>:t or .'���������.ity i^i'.-'-.'r r.o*. r.ccc;<i;  jly A. u:ptial.  1.  IC. ClilKl'ITIf,  1 I lii.l ,    11 'in. 1 r.iitj-iicj  Ijepaitmciit nf I'.iiiii.- Wiui s,  Vx'lor'.a, p. (' , fivplf in!)!"- v li,, i-;i .  <������i'H <���������' 1 j  ....%  ���������y*t'^*^i*fft*"a**'*'t*^****tn %* *' ~*m twit  ��������� tf' ���������  li, h.  '11.  .' .,��������� I.  :\ *������������������  'il p  THE NEWS./CTBIBTCKtA'ND.'B: C.  ~y  Make the Liver  Do its Duty  Nine times in ten wV.en the liver is right thi  stomach and bowclf aie right.  CARTER'S LITTLE  LIVER PILLS  -gently but firmly compel a lazy liver  Ai its duty  Cur������ Con  Gtipation,  Indiges  tion,  Sick  .Ieadache, and Diatrej;. W.fter Eating  Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price.  Genuine must bear Signature  .WANTED at once  . Persons to work for us  ln spare timo at,-,home. No experience  required wiih ��������� our NEW ART COLORING PROCESS Eaay and fascinating  woric. Good pay. No canvassing-. Write  for instructions  (free).  COMMERCIAL   ART   STUDIO,  315 College Street. Toronto, Canada.  REST AHD HEALTH TO MOTHER AND 6HILB.  Mb.s. 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HEW YORK or LYMAN BROS  TORONTO.    WHITE I'OR FREE UOOK TO Dll. LE CLKRC  Med. Co, IIaveiistockKd. Hasipstkad, London, Eng.  TRYNEWDHAGEEirASTELESSjrOHMOK    EASY TO  TAKB  SAFE AND  LASTING CURE.  SEE THAT TRADE  MARKED  WORD  'TIIERAPIOS" IS OM  ���������KIT. GOVT. STAMP AFFIXED TO ALL GENUINE PACKETS.  The Heart of a Piano is the  Action.   Insist on the  J'Otto Hlgel"  Piano Action  Whot May. be  Expected  . Cluig, chug!    Br-r-r,    B-r-r!    Honk,  Honk!  Zip, zip!  The pedestrian paused at the intersection of two busy thoroughfares. Ho  saw a car making ac liim from one side,  a motor-cycle on lho other, a motor-  lorry in tlie rear, and a taxJcab  threatened hh w.vlstcoat buttons.  Zlng-gling! - He looked up, and  saw a runaway aeroplane in rapid descent. There was but one chance.  He was standing on a manhole-cover.  Quickly seizing it he lifted tlio lid and  jumped into lhe hole, but alas! only  to be run oyer by a till*-, train.  Good-bye. to Asthma. Persons suffering from lhat extremely trying trouble known ns asthma know what' it is  to long with i,ll tlieir hearts for escape  as from u tyrant. Never do' they  know when an attack may come and  they know lhat. to strugglo unaided is  vain. With Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Hemedy ar, hand, however, they  can nay good-bye lo .lielr enemy nnd  in Joy lifo again!     It helps at. once.  His Obvious Destiny  Thnt   boy   of   ymirn    whistles tlio  "Lovesick Sparrow Walls'.'   vory   correctly,  Oh, lie's u wonder.    Tie I'l'ineiiibers  every nine ho hoars.  Then he'll make a fortune at a comic opera pompon, r hoiik1 day.  Careless Cupid  llPBsle -Oh, Mabel! I -tin In uu aw-  ful dilemma! I have quiirroliod with  Hun-, and liu wants me to send hln  ring back.  Mabel���������Tlial'H ton bnd.  Hossln���������Hut Hint Isn't llie point. I  Imvo forgotten whlc.li Ih his ring,  Posted  You women never Iwp posted on  current cventri,  Why, yon wi,' i'Io. I read nil nbout.  tlio finding of the Pole,     Hut .John?  Well?  How did Ibo Polo happen lo be lost?  A 8trange Fowl  A Hiniilicrii farmer thought, ho hoard  noMuoiii* breaking into hiu chicken-  hoiiHi'. Going to Investigate, he culled out:  Is anyone in tliero?  No, niiiHRit, answered a buns volet1;  nobody but Jus' uh (thlekeiui!  The Coming Maude  Maude Muiler, one day, eating fudge,  Looked up and saw the county judge.  Maude> was a pretty girl, all right���������  His honor fell In love at sight.  And, when about a month had fled.  Maude promised that the judge she'd  wed. .    '  Then o'er the judge's pathway came  A-wealthy, proud and stately dame.  An ardent suffragette was Maude.  Chairwoman o.������ the county board.  I'll gel,square, Maude said without fail  So told the party her sad tale.  Judge had electedDbeen in fall;  In spring they voted bis recall.  The haughty dame refused to wed,  You are no longer judge, she said.  This lesson sad he learned, you bet;  Don't monkey with a suffragette! "  In Casual Water  ojlr. Hrown took a day off, and went  down into the country to llsh. He  found a promising pond, and fished for  three hours without getting a ..single  .bite.  A little farmer boy watched blm  most/of the time. Finally, when  Brown's patience was exhausted, be  said querulously to tho boy: Are there  any flsh in this pond at all?  If there are any, the boy answered,  ihey must be awful. small, sir; for  there wasn't any water at all hsre until it rained yesterday.  , Callahan���������Oi want to git a book to  put th' photographs' av all of me relatives in. ' Oi think this wan will  do.  Shopman���������Bui that isn't a family album, sir; t!hat is a scrap-book.  Callahan--Oh, that's all.right, young  man; all av me'relatives were scrappers. .  The Englishman liad been boasting  about the way they did things across  the pond!  Then the ,^ie\y._Englander thought  he'd have a whack,  Talking about justice boing meted  out quickly, he said, only yesterday  an airman over' here fell out of his  aeroplane, and he was tried and sentenced to six months lu jail before he  hit, the ground.  You don't, say so! drawled the Englishman.     What was the charge?  Vagrancy, replied the Yankee. He  had r.o visible means of support.  Broad���������By the way, old man, do you  remember   borrowing   ten-   shillings  from me six months ago? ,  ���������rthor-fc^Yes -._ :   Broad���������But you said you only wanted it for a short time.  Short���������And I told the truth. I  didn't keep it twenty minutes .   :  Excitement is oftentimes the cause  of queer remarks as well as the cause  of strange telegrams.  A man who had been one of the  passengers on a vessel which had been  widely circulated as lost was rescued  almost by a miracle. , On arrivi.iu at  a place from which he could send a  telegram he forwarded the following  despatch to his partner:  I am saved. Try to break it gently  to my wife.  Intelligent Chollie  Chollle had decided to give up the  'sporting life and settle down to farming, and waa now buying a cow.   ���������,  Now, here's a cow, said tho agent,  that I can highly recommend to you.  She has won sovornl prl/.os at our  county fair, and��������� '  Jleahlly? said Chollie, looking the  animal over admiringly. Ill���������trotting or steeplechase?  Snubbed  Several medical men and a newspaper man wero visiting an lnsono asylum. The omployeo who was showing  them about pointed out a man who  considered hlmsolf tlio Lord.  The newspaper mnn, true to his In-  Rtlncls, seeking to huve nn interview  asked the Insane ono whother ho really mado tho earth In seven tlnys,  Tho latter gavo lilm a look of utter  contempt, and said or ho passed on;  I am not in tho mood to talk Hhop!  Timely Warning  Vou'il better eat It. slow, said Willie to the clergyman who wns dining  with the t'uiully. Mamma novor gives  moro'n ono piece of pie,  Retort That Bit  I'm Horry J ovor mnrrled you! shrieked lho bride, on tho occtiblon of their  llrsl. quarrel,  You ought,to bo! retorted Uio groom  really angry and bitter for the first  llmo. You bout, nomo nice girl out  of a good husband!  President of Eddy   Company .Takes  . ^Cheerful View of Business -  Situation .  Mr. W. H. Rowley, president" of  the E. B. Eddy Company, witu" twenty five or more branches In Canada,  with resident agents in every largo  city from Halifax to Victoria, and with  sixteen or eighteen thousand customers and correspondents in this country, takes a very cheerful vlaw of the  business, situation,  ' Mr. Rowley told Tho World yester-  lorday that "tholr business throughout  Canada was better during the first half  of 1913 than for tho same period of  1912, that is, sales were greater, although profits are less, ^arger sales  show increased consumption'; smaller  profits indicate greater cost, of material, higher wages and cut prices by  senseless rivalry.  The. chief channel of the distribution of Eddy's wares is through the  wholesale grocery and jobbing trades.  Until a few weeks ago, buying was  dono with great caution and only for  immediate needs; now, however, there  i3 less feeling of anxiety than earlier  in the yea;' aud since the mlddlo of  June business is flowing more freely  and goods aro more in demand.    -  Correspondence from every city, in  Canada shows that business in all  lines Is becoming stro.igcr and health-,  ier. The 'hand to mouth' buying of  a few weeks ago ls succeeded by unusual midsummer activity because the  wholesaler's stocks got low, the, retailer's shelves were bare, but now  there is a,better, surer and',rnore easy  feeling among buyers; and tha necessities of life, suc-h as matches, buckets, tubs, paper bags and paper.of all  kinds are in good demand for daily  use. '  Mr. Rowley said: "The majority of  the orders received at the works :.t  Hull for z. month past are marked  'rush,' 'hurry,' 's.a.p.' while nearly  every order call3 for quick delivery,  and that while the demand for goods,  the lack of supplies and material, high  ���������wages and cost of making wiil keep the  price; firmer, 1 expect to tee higher  lists on many lines -nd an end put  to cut prices, although our lists do  not vary very much, taking one year  with another.���������The Toronto World.  A Bouquet  A poetical old shopkeeper was always doing kind things and saying  lovely ones. One spring he was having his shop repainted. He told the  painter to leave a certain corner untouched for the time being; he explained that���������the young people, at that season did" all their courting. there and  he didn't want them to get smudged.  But, objected tho painter, these  young folks would be foola not to  know-the-smoll-of-fresh-palnl. -  Young fellow, said- the old shopkeeper, you havo never had a girl,  that's plain.' If you had, you'd know  that when folks are in love, everything  ���������wet jiaint included���������smells Mo violets and roses.  60c. a box or six box������s for $2.50,  at all deattn, or The Oadds Medl-  cine. Con-ipury. J-J^ltyd,    Toronto,  Canada,  Wlmt makes you carry tlmt. horrible  iihrlek machine I'or an automobile Big-  mil?  r'or humane veiiBon������, ropliod Mr.  CliugglnH. If I can paralyze a person with fear, ho will keep Btlll nud  1 rim run to one uldo of lilti).  ������-__MM ��������� mi aaata ������������������w*W���������������WI  An eiithiiHlimllo fluhenwin was tolling aoino friends about, a proposed  Jibjuiiy u������(> iv a l.ik,. lu C^lc;*::'!c lit  h:iil in co'itrniyihutnn  Are Thero nny trout out thoro? asked ono friend,  Thousands of 'em,  Will thoy bite on._lly?  Will  they?      Why, \\\ey  aro aliHO-  hhl,   ,1-Ari.,.     A ;-.;_.:-. !;:;_  *.  >><���������!" l'������  hind ii treo to bait a hook...  Traveler--Shall I have time to got,  n drink?  Conductor���������Ypb, bIi*.  Traveler���������Cnn you glvo me n guar-  nntoo Hint tho train won't start?  Conductor--Yon, I'll lake one wiih  youi:  VV. N    U   983  ltennle. aged four, met Henry, nfttnl  live, nnd the following converttitlon.  ntiHiiwI; , ,  WIiitt*.wiiatUr jour lioa<l.'  Htiinpr'il it on ii celling  Ona fttt-filarttliT?  '"NOP 1"WT^Tl������yllr���������kill-���������������>--VMlOr-ulU  tloor n������' I wan silting on his tummy.  An' lien whnt'? ,  Papa snc-zt'il.  AIM  UriUSUAL ACTIVITY  The Cautious Scot -  . A Scotchman went to a solicitor,  laid before him a question and asked  him if he could undertaken the case,  reports the Birmingham "Weekly Post.  " Certainly,- replied the solicitor. I  will readily undertake the case. We  are sure to win.  ���������So ye really think it's a good case?  Most decidedly,'my dear sir. I am  prepared to guarantee that you will  secure a favorable verdict.  Ah, weel, I'm much obliged tae ye,  but I dinna think I'll go tae. law this  time, for ye see the case I've laid, before ye is my opponent's.  The Maiden's Prayer  The Lord helps him who helps himself. ','_..  Snatching- another kiss,, he cried,  A footfall sounded on the stair,  Tho  Lord  help  youi   tho   maiden  sighed.  , '��������� ��������� - >  Minard's,Liniment Co,, Limited.  . Gentlemen,���������I have used MINARD'S  LINIMENT on my vessel and in my  family for years, and for the every  day ills and accidents of life I consider it has no equal.  I would not start on a voyage with-  out'lt, if It co3t a dollar a bottle.  CAPT. F. R. DESJARDIN,  Sehr.    "S'orke,"   St.    Andre.   '���������Cam-  ouraska.  One for Mathematician  A noted mathematician, considered  by many a wonder, stopped at a hotel  in a small town in tho English provinces. Thero wero a number of  travelers staying there and thore was  also a gathering of medical men. Ono  of tho doctors thought lt would bo a  jokb to tell tho mathematician that  some of lho M.D.'s had decided to kidnap hlni and take out his brnlns to  learn how it was ho.was so good in  mathematics. Ho was then asked by  thom whnt ho was going to do nbout  it. Ho ropliod: Why, I shall simply  go on without brains just as you doc  tors aro doing,  Nothing Extraordinary  An Americuu tourist in England  was out Hlghtseelng. They look lilm  aboard the old buttk'tililji Victory,  Nelson's llngMhlp. An Kngllsh sailor  escorted the American over the vosae!,  und coming to a raised brass tablet  on tho deck ho suld, as he reverently  removed IiIh hat;  Here, Hlr, Is tho spot whore Lord  Nolflon fell.  Oh, Is It? roplloil tho American  1 'iiindly. Woll, that la not. BiirprlBlng,  I nearly tripped over tho darned thing  rj'Belf.  Unwarranted Pride  J'rofcasor (coining from   IiIb   club,  holding up hia umbrella to hiu wlfo)  ���������You nee, 1 l.aven't forgotten my umbrella.  Mrs, ProfoBBor���������But niy dear, you  didn't lako your umbrella vMtli you;  you left,It nt home,  Lndy VlHltoi���������Tlmt new girl of  youi'fi seoniH ver.' nice and unlet.  iviioivoc������i--Vos, fthn'R vory nniet. Sho  doesn't, even disturb the dust, when  UllU   IS  Cit'ttlliilK,   tho   iUwIt,.  One exception  Grandfather (to Bmall hoy who In  returning to hoIiooI)���������Now, my boy, I  ';������,.������ wrt cbill bnvn a hf>tt������������r report of|  you next term. Tho lam. w������������n*t at  nil satisfactory���������ToBt in yon? exams���������  InBt In tho term murks���������In fact, lnst  In everything.  Indignant Small Boy���������Not InHt In  everything, grandfather; f was top In  age. '������������������  An Exception  So they mltFried in haste..' Then I  suppose, following out' the proverb  they repented at leisure. ���������  No; they repented in haste, also.  Not Guilty  Mistress���������Bridget, " whatever becomes of the cutlery? I am continually missing somo. Really, I suspect thi dustmen as they come  through the scullery.  Cook���������Faith,- marni,    ye're    wrong  there  entolrelyl    They're  too honest'  at all. ���������   Why,   they   brought   back;  thray knoives last week .that they'd,'  found ln t"..e dustbin! ',  Pistol and Rffle Cartridges  Winchester cartridges adapted to  Winchester rifles are made to get  the best possible 'results  out of.  them. As the same equipment;  organization .<and system are  employed in making all Winchester cartridges, it naturally  follows that., Winchester cartridges produce'the best results  in all firearms. Winchester cartridges are made for all calibers  and makes of rifles, revolvers  and pistols.. Sold everywhere  Ask For The Red W Brandi  Case for a Good Lawyer  Why are you so sad? an acquaintance asked a young man whose aunt  had just died-.     You .never appeared  to caro much for the poor lady.  I didn't0sald the youth dolefully;  but I was the means of keeping her in  a lunatic asylum during the last five  years of her life. She has left me  all her money, and now I have got to  prove that she was of sound mind.  An Oil for All Men.���������The sailor, the  soldier,-the fisherman, the lumberman,  the out-door laborer and, all'who are  exposed to injury and tho elements  will And iu Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc  Oil a true and faithful friend. To  ease pain, relieve colds, dress wounds,  subdue lumbago and overcome rheumatism, it has r.o equal. Therefore,-  it should have a place in all home  medicines antl those tak������.������ on a  journey.  Caught -  Pshaw! exclaimed Miss Yerner impatiently. - I am' sure we will miss  the first act. We have waited a  good many minutes for that mother  of_mine_.. .: '  Hours, I should say, MrA SlowmaTT  retorted crossly.  Ours? Oh, George! she cried,- and  laid her bluihing cheek unci his shirt  front.  Willie said the teacher, ls there any  difference between tho words sufficient' anl 'enough'? .' I  , Yes, ma'am, replied Willie. Sufficient Is when mama thinks I have eaten enough,pie, and enough is when I  think I have eaten sufficient.  He Knew One  Some adjectives, said the teacher,  are mado from nouns, such as dangerous, meaning full of danger; and  hazardous, full of hazard. Can any  boy glvo me another example?  Yes,'sir; replied tho fat plo at the  end of tho form; pious, full of pie.  Smith���������J ones seems to have no  thought for anything except his  clothes.  Brown���������Yes, he Is perfectly wrapped up in thom.  Since time lc not n person we can  overtake when he Is past, lot us honor hlni with mirth and cheerful ness  of hc-nri. whllu h' is patmlng.  Things Have Changed  I remember, I romombor,  Bur, thoso days have long gono hy  Tlmt you wero considered brutal  If you killed a luinnlcsn Ily.  POISONOUS MATCHES ARE PASSING AWAY  Dangerous  chemicals are not used In tip- ,   -:  ping  EDDY'S Seo-qul Safe Light matches.  Seo that you get EDDY'S and    no   other  ... 0 ti  "Jusi  as good." -, -\  ASafety-���������In Its .complete sense���������Is absolutely guaranteed, but you must ask for.  EDDY'S new ,  Your  Dealer  Has Them  \  Scs-qui"  Matches  How Long do Animals Live ' "*  Singular differences exist ln the  longevity of the various species of animals. Two such opposites in size  as the crocodile and carp live -300  years; tho elejhant and whale come  next with 200 years to tholr credit.  The falcon takes lead in age for birds,  with 150 years, 100 beiug the limit of  the parrot an.", eagle. Tho Hon and  rhinoceros live 60 years; the goose,  common pike and pelican, 50; the hart  and vulture, 40; the ass, bull a.id camel, 30; the EDrse 25; the peacock, from  24 to 25; the pig, bear, cow, pigeon,  cat,, dog, deer, wolf, and the fresh  .water lobster, 20 year.*. Fifteen  years Is the- average of the duck,  nightingale, lark, fox and pheasant;  the canary and cricket, 10; tho rabbit,  8;.aud the"hare and squirrel 7 years.  Brown���������What did your, wife cSay  about your being so late home the  other night?  Jones-���������Nothing at all'. She just sat  clown at tho piano and played 'Tell  me tho.Old, Old Story.  When he comes soft soaping around  with an 'ax to grind just suggest to  him that ho get a motor attachment  for his jaw and do the wholo job  himself.  Weary  Why, Willie, said his mother, you  haven't prayed for papa and .mamma  and grandpa tonight.  No, and I ain't goin' to any moro,  either. Why should' all the prayla'  for this family have to be done by  me?  Mark Twain was Jn a restaurant  ono day and found himself next to  two young men who wore putting on  n, great many airs and ordering the  waiters about in a most impressive  fashion.{ One of them gave an ordor and told tho waiter to inform tho  cook whom It was for. Yes, said the  other, better tell him my name, too,  bo as to mako certain of Its being all  right.  Mnrk, who haled swagger, called tho  waiter and said In a loud volco: Bring  mo a dozen oysters, and whisper my  namo to each of them,  Mrs. Shortley was discussing lho  latest fashions with a young lady caller,  Did you say your husband was fond  of thoso clinging gowns, Mac? ,  Yes; he likes one to cling to me for  about throo years.  Tlioro In a deal of difference between being useful and belli" used.  1  ��������� n  Mr.' Isaacs���������I sells you d<.t coat at a ,  grand sacrifice.  Customer���������But you say that of.all '.  your goods: How do you make a "*  living? c o  Mr .^Isaacs���������Mein frlent, I makes a  small"profit on de paper-and string.  ... Show Girl (bursting into.manager's  office)���������Quick! There's a fire behind  the scenes, the gang is rushing about  like mad and screaming their heads  AflL.._A_LQpk_3 like a panic. What  will, we do? _ ���������   ���������  ' ~ "A  Manager���������Do?      Ring up the  cur- r  tain, of course, and let the audiencj  think it is the opening chorus.      '  Richard  Mansfield,  the  :.ctor,  had  not much hair, and this fact was commented  on  to  tho  actor  by  a  lady  whose friendship permitted   personal  allusions.  Why, Mr. Mansfield, said the lady,-  you are losing your Imlr all tho time.  You'll bo bald If this,keeps on.    ���������  Koeps on, madam?' Queried the actor, putting his hand on what remained  of his hair. My dally prayer ia  that this will keep on,  Lawyer���������Don't you think I acquitted  myself well ln that trial?  Friend���������Very well, it is a pity  you didn't do as much for your client;.  Modern Improvements  Isn't ho an nwful flat? ,  Yes; but ho,has a motor, a'.yacht,  and drives a four-in-hand. He's what  you might call a flat with modern  improvements!  What sort of n tablet shall bo erected over your grave when you aro  gone? thoy asked of tho man who had  long suffered.  Woll, said the cheerful victim. of  stomach trouble, I think n dyspopala  tablet would be as appropriate an  nny,  ���������Hi,....  -IW!  Look for this  label on every bag  IT means bast quality���������/eared  quality ���������full measure, and  thorough satisfaction.  It if on every bag of  PORTLAND  CANADA  CEMENT  Tho Hoy���������What   doe������   Arbitration  IllO'iU?  Teacher���������Ir. in cans lh.,.t when two  power������ of equnl utreiistli net hold of  a Biinllm- country ihey {isre-e to divide  It <y''Mlly.  f)lritifHH������'l U-un-u'l   ���������- O, h'.r, tnich  iLut. iua.ii! Ili* van'^'l t-i t:l>.-i mi*'  PoiJHivo   JVdlstrlan - - That's     all  vlght.   There'll be nnothcr tiiu* along  1 hi h minuto. '  AMABAPortimiti CEMEN^  TJNLESS you have focilitien for letting cement, you muit  ^ depend upon the manufacturer for Cement that is  reliable ��������� Every car oi Canada Cement is thoroughly  tested, and unless it passes every test it is not allowed to leaVe  the mill,       ���������>���������    ���������ritv....-,--.n^1- ���������   '��������� \  You can dopond upon C������n������da.,Ceraent  Be 9ure you get it.  Canada Cement Company Limited, Montreal  Jhtrait * Canada Ccmtnt dealer in your neighborhood.   II you do rut  know him. mV t������ for hit nMn������. . ^��������� ,j s     ,   . .^jv.^r,-,^ tf...  Vritt tut Uftmatit* Bartauftr a/tii ttt* tt lAi 160 **u -**>* "Wh*  Ih Ttrmtr Cm Di wGk Ctatntt.''  ii  *\i -\a;  '\,'  ~^S*.t������������l^r^n^mgtStUt..t _������-������i'������i---^-^-^-..WiTT.n-^pm.Ti-iirr.w^.^  '.'"���������"'.-'"-' -yr  .    * j  '/  'a  ira       .   A  II  THE NEWS, CUMBEHLAITO, B. C.  MOST^PERFECT MADE  THE INCREASED NUTRITIOUS VALUE OF BREAD MADE  IN THE HOME WITH ROYAL  YEAST CAKES SHOULD,BE  SUFFICIENT INCENTIVE TO  THE CAREFUL HOUSEWIFE  TO GIVE THIS IMPORTANT,  FOOD ITEM THE ATTENTION  TO. WftlCH IT IS JUSTLY ENTITLED.      ���������"_.'. n  HOME BREAD'BAKING REDUCES THE HIGH COST OF  LIVING BY LESSENING THE  AMOUNTOF EXPENSIVE  MEATS .REQUIRED TO SUP*  PLYTHE NECESSARY NOURISHMENT TO THE BODY.  E.W. GlLLETT Co; LTt>.  TORONTO, ONT.  Winnipeg Montreal  Knew Him Well  A certain cantankerous old gentleman not long ago advertised for a  coacWman. who was required," among  other, qualifications, to possess an Intimate acquaintance with the' neighborhood; but, to his great surprise, he  received not a single application^ for  the vacant' post! ---��������������������������� -\��������� ���������   ' A- *-  I cannot, understand it at all, he  said, as-during a. chat one. day ..-with  an old. hostler at the local livery -'stables he had/mentioned "the-fact.  *Let me see, said tho latter, as a  gleam of,intelligence flitted,across his  face, ye hadvertised, I believe, for one  as must be well acquainted with the,  neighborhood, didn't ye? '    '  Vl.did, replied the old gentleman,  "shortly. I want some one who knows  his.way about.        ���������, '��������� .-  Ah, that explains it, was the answer.  Ye see, they who knows the neighborhood well knows ye/too.  , Epicurean Sense  ��������� Sir Leopold) McCHntock, the arctic  explorer, was once giving an account  of his experiences amid the ice fields  of the North. We certainly would  have traveled much farther, he explained, had.not our dogs'given-out  at a critical time. ' But, exclaimed  the lady, who had been listening very  intently, I thought the Eskimo dogs  were perfectly tireless creatures. Sir  Leopold's face wore a whimsically  gloomy expression as he replied: 1���������  er���������speak in'a'culinary sense, miss.  -������������������'- According to Passport  Airamusing story���������which shows the  value ";of the passport system���������-comes  from'Ttussla. ; Princo Metchersky,  who is a journalist by profession, was  commissioned by the Czar to investigate certain agrarian troubles. The  Prince went to Roum.-.nia, and 1'iere  obtained one' of the permits necessary  tor taking livestock across the frontier.  Then he went lo a Russian frontier  ���������post end presented the document to  'tlui oflhMV a.s his warrant to pass.  The iVtieial could read but little' in  ��������� Russian and knew no Roumanian, but  the bu: document, with the coat of  arms t;nd seal, greatly Impressed him,  and he cleerily put the Russian ofll-  uia': stamp on it. "    .  .. His investigations ended, tho Prince  went back to Moscow, and at the first  -oinjo. 1 unity~presented-the-pu88port"tO'  the governor, .saying:  .. With this document I entered Russia, and traveled1 about for five months  yet you must admit that the description of me is scarcely correct or flattering.  ��������� The amazed gov'ernor>ead that tho  Prince was one black sow, full grown,  with one ear partly torn away.  Circumstances, Etc. ' ���������  " Mrs, Brown���������Is this hotel on the  European plan?  Mr. Urown (in preoccupied tones  from behind his . paper)���������Yes, my  dear.'  Mrs. B.���������I'm not feeling hungry  this morning. I think I'll merely  lako some coffoo and rolls.  Mr. B, (laying nsldo paper)���������What  were you asking me, my dear? On  . :lhe European plan? No, it Is not.  Mrs. 1). (to' waiter)-���������You 'may  bring me an oniolet, some sliad, mut-  ion chops, with a' bit of bacon, baked  potatoes, rolls, and coffoo, and afterward some griddle, calces and syrup.  Minard's Llnb.ient Cure.. Colds, Etc.  The Morning's Surprise  Simeon Easy, after living sixty  yoars on a farm, flnds>his quarters on  shipboard somowhat cramped. He ob.  viates the lack of space, however by  stowing his trousers and shoes into a  round cupboard in the side of the vessel, on going to bed.  Seven a.m. Startling disclosures.  , Steward, last night I put my clothes  In.that cubby-hole, an' they ain't there  now. ��������� [l  That ain't a clothes.press; that'6 a  port-hole, sir. ,  Mile. Gaby Deslys, the French dancer, is an exceedingly slender young  person, and for purposes of better demonstrating her art she ���������wears,.. when  on the stage, exceedingly slender  clothes. A person-from the Interior  who had seen the lady; came forth to  tell about her.  What does she look like? asked a  friend.  Well, said the visitor, if she'd shut  one eye she'd look like a needle.  HAD A STROKE  OF PARALYSIS  And^Found'a Cure in Dr._ Chase's  >   -   A  Nerve Food  It 13 always better to.prevept serious "diseases of the nerves. There are  many earnings, such as sleepessness,  irritability, headaches and nervous Indigestion .  Prostration, paralysis and looomo-  tor ataxia only come when the nervous system is * greatly exhausted.  Even though. your ailment may not  yet he very serious, there is a great  satisfaction in" knowing that Dr.  Chase's Nerve Food wilt curo, paralysis in its earlier stages.  Mrs. R. Bright, 215 Booth, Avenue,  Toronto, writes: "Two years ago my  husband had a stroke ������which' left him  ln a weak, nervtJus condition.' He  started taking Dr. Chase's Nerve Food  and Kidney-Liver Pills, and we saw  the good results almost immediately.  They have made a new man of my  husband and we cannot speak too  highly of them."   .  Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 50 cents a  box, 6 for $2.60, all dealers, or Ed-  manson, Bates & Co., Limited, Toronto.  Wrong all the Time  , A political speaker was attacking  the Government with more venom than  reason. ' A * man at tho back of the  hall at last cried out: You're wrong,  .sir! A little nettled, the orator,continued without heeding.  .Presently, in answer to another  strong assertion, came again: You're  wrong sir! The speaker looked angry, but continued on the war path.  You're wrong, sir, again rang out.  Angrily addressing the persistent  one, the orator cried: Look here, I  could tell this man something about  this Government which would make  his hair sta'nd on end!  ��������� You're wrong again, sir!  ultantly from the- critic as  up and removed his hat.  was as bald as an' egg.  George's Error  On a wet, cold, February dayi Georgo  Farmer stood'eoughing befoi j a chemist's window. * i  His eye rested ou a placard, which  said:  No more Coughs,  No more colds.  25c. per bottle.  '. George entered the shop. The chemist said.he could guarantee the anti-  ncold remedy, and   thi   young   man  bought a bottle.  Two days later, he returned 'again  through mire and sleet.  I have drunk the mixture, he gasped, and It seems to have plugged up  my throat, I,can hardly breathe!  The chemist started,  ���������   You drank"it? he cried. Why man,  It's an lndiarubber., solution to put on  tho soles of your shoes.  Children, said the minister, addressing the Sunday school, I want to talk  to you a few moments about one of  tho most I important organs in the  world. What is it that throbs away,  away, nover stopping, never ceasli,g,  whether you wake or sleep,-.light and  day, week in and week out,. without  any vlolltion on your part, hidden  away as it v.ere, in the depths, unseen by you, throbbing, throbbing, rhythmically all your life long? -  And-during the pause of oratorical  effect came a small voice; The Gas  meter.  came ex-  he ��������� stood  His head  Tt > Real Worry  Ch'ief of De'.^ctives-^Now, give us a  description of your.'inlssln-. cashier.  How tall was he?      .  Business Man���������1 don't, know how  tall ho was.;' What worr'es me is  t-hor y wapfoa.nnn.short.  -. ���������'   Her Misapprehension  Ilo (desperately) ��������� Tell nie tho  truth. Is It my poverty Unit stands  between us?  Sho (sadly)���������-Yes.  Ho (with a ray- of hope')���������! admit  that I inn poor, and ho, unfortunately,  is my father; but'I havo an ngtd uncle  who Is very rich and a bachelor. Ho  Is an Invalid, and cannot long survive.  Sho (delightedly)���������How kind nr.d  thoughtful you nro! Will you Intro-  (liico hlni to nio?  I am sending you somo niuniuicrlp'r,  wrot.o ihu budding authoress. I alao  Inclose ii loiter of Introduction from  tho vicar, ono from my teacher, and a  paragraph from our locnl paper, telling of my adoption of a literary earner, Is there anything elso I might  send you to Interest you lu my writings?  Door Madnni, wrote the perspiring  editor lit reply, you ni'Od send mo hut  one thing���������a good short story.  Not Hurt 8oo!ally  I wouldn't aHBOclatw with him. I  understand he's served a 'term In prison.  Tliiit'n truo, but It was for nn of-  fonBO involving a million dollar* or  more: unlliliit. really disgraceful, you  know.  To Men Who Live Inactive Lives.���������  Exercise in the open air is the best  tonic for the stomach and system generally; but there are those who are  compelled to follow sedentary occupations' and the inactivity tends to restrict the healthy action' of the digestive organs and sickness follows.  Parmelee's Vegetable Pills-' regulate  the stomach and liver and restore  healthy action. It is wise to have a  packet'of the pills always on hand.  Willie's Threat , '  Willie was .->. lfttle fellow ot eight,  who with his' mother, stayed at tho  house of an aunt without having made  provision to sleep. Th'jro being no  small boys In his aunt's.family, Willie  was put to bed ln one of his little cousin Deborah's nightgowns. He was  very indignant nt having to wear anything with so many frlla and so much  lace round tho neck and on the  sleeves.'  '���������-1 won't stand It, mother, ho protested loudly on tho second night. I  won't wear anything so glrly! I'll  run away, you seo If I don't, before I'll  put that thing on again. Why, rather than wear ihat���������that horrid nightgown���������I'll sleep raw.!  , Requisite Knowledge  As a country physician was driving  through n village ho saw a man  amusing n crowd with tho antics of  his trick dog, Tlio doclor pulled up  nnd said:  My dear man, how do you manage  to train your dog llko thnt? I can't,  tench mi no a slnglo trick.  Tho man looked up with u Hlmplo  rustic look, and ropliod:  Woll, you see, it's thin wny; you  havo to know mor'ii 'rho dog or you  can't learn him nothln'..  , Rejected Cabinets    , ^  ., Irate Woman���������The photographs you  took of myself and husband are^not at  all-satisfactory and I refuse to accept  them.  Photographer���������What's wrong with  them?  'Irate.Woman���������What's wrong? Why,  ���������my husband looks like a baboon.  Photographer���������Well, that's no fault  of mine, madam. You should have  thought of that before you.had him  taken. >    ���������  One day an Irishman' met an Englishman and .-xjcosted him thus:  Do you, know in what month of the  year my wife talks" the least?  Well, I, suppose when she catches  cold and loses her voice, sal I the Englishman.  Not at all. ' It'i3 in February, said  Paddy'.   ���������  Why is that? asked the Englishman.  Because February has the fewest  days,  No Occasion  Photographer���������Go away, boy! I want  to take a photograph of- this lady!  Boy���������But why?  '���������te  is?*  REMINGTON  UMCv  REPEATING  SHOTGUNS  ���������%,_<*������.������   .m$cti���������  Bottom Ejection; Solid Breech, Hammsrless; Safe  \Jj7HATS the use of a repeatihg^guri that  throws tho shells, smoko and gases Jn  the way of your aim ? >���������    ,  That's the, question that started U3 working" on the  Remington Bottom Ejection Pump Gun���������the only gun of.  of its kind on the "market; ana used by thousands of  . gunners all over the country.  Solid Breech, Hammerlesi.   Perfectly Balanced.   Three Inbuilt Safety Devicei���������accidental dU-  charge impossible.   Simple Take-down���������a quarter turn of the barrel, nilhout tooL ,  ,  ���������   We will be glad to send you a booklet that explain* simply, many technical points of  sun construction which arc well worth your closest study.   Yournomoaju_add.es*     ���������  on a postcard brings it by return mail. .' -*  Remington Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Co., Windsor, Ontari?  Risky  Builder's Man���������HI, guv'nor, that  new row of 'ouses in Maplo Grove are  all fallen down like a pack of cards.  Builder���������Idiot! Didn't I tell you not  to take the scaffolding down till you'd  put up the wall-papers?  Doctor1���������From now you may let your  ���������husband have a glass of beer every  .rlav_. VAii_ilr>/l������wvcf pnrl_9 -  Wife���������Yes, doctor���������just one glass a  day.  Doctor (a week later)���������Now, I hope  you have kept strictly to that one  glass per day that I allowed your husband to take?.  Wifo���������Most decidedly, doctor���������only  he is four weeks in advance-with his  allowance'. !i  . TheaFan  He said the umpire was a thief,  And heaped abuse upon his name;  What ls the cause of all this grief?  His home team lost a game.  To-day he says the 'ump' is great���������  The very best beneath the sun.  Why such a sudden- chango of stale?  To-day his home team won'  Corroboration  You look llko a fool! thundered the  dlsguste-d man to his son jus; home  from Oxford*, more and more like a  conceited, hare-Lrained, helpless fool  overy year!  Just then an acquaintance of the old  gentleman cntored the ofllco and saw  the youth.  Hello. Charlie! Back, "eh? ho exclaimed genialiy. You're getting to  look moro and more llko your fathor  evcry year!  Yea, said Charlie; that's what the  governor's just been telling me.  Two of a Kind  Suitor���������I havo no had habits. I  don't smoke or drink.  Fathor���������Neither has my daughter.  She doesn't piny or sing,  .Waiting at the Church  A young man lived at some distanco  from his bride-elect. In the eventful  day he set off for the station in good  time, ��������� but, being delayed by, friends,  he ,missed his train. Then he Rethought himself of a telegram.  Don't marry till .1 come���������William!  was the message he wired.  ���������The���������teacherTha"d���������been-telling���������the-  class ixoout the rhinoceros family.  Now,-name some things, said she,  that are very dangerous lo get near to  and, that Live horns.  Motor-cars! ' replied little Jennie  Jones, promptly. *   ������������������  Writer's Cramp  Pa, what Is writer's cramp? '  It'-, being cramped for money,  son.     All writers suffer from it.  Epsom Salts  ��������� A distinguished foreigner visiting  Epsom Downs In Thackeray's company  noticed many, men dressed as sailors  who were not, to native and experienced eyes, the real article.  ��������� Ah, said the visitor', these are,, I  suppose," what you call your British  tars?  Oh, ho, replied Thackeray.     Only  Epsom salts.  A Long Time Ago   '"  John, that. Is a'very shatby.ofllGe  coat you're wearing,    remarked   his  employer.  .Yes, sir, said the old clerk meaning-,  ly. I got this coat with the last rise  you gavo uu..  GOOD BLOOD THE  SECRETOF HEALTH  To be Healthy You Must. Keep the  Blood Rich'Red and Pure  Dr. Williams' Pink' Pills are useful  in auy disease caused by thin or_im:  my  Critic (as tho composer played his  last piece)���������Very fine indeed. But  what is-, that passage which make3  the cold chills run down the back.  Composer���������That is where tho wanderer has the hotel bill brought to  mm,  Thn Character of His Excellence  1 toll you, said one mnn to anothor  its they emerged from tl.o dlmly-  llirlitod corridor of n concert hall, I  envv that fellow who wat hinging.  Lnvy Mia !' i Jhrt-J tltu hhrr. Wi53  Jf 1 wero going lo envy n singer Id  select somebody with n hotter voico.  Ills wbh about tho poorest I ever  hoard.  Iff. not his voice 1 envy, mini, was  Mil'  ri'Vly.     it'������  hi*  Vll-itimtHnis,  trail-  ARC  .   Young .lolled ������ay8 thnt nil Ilia! he  needs It a Blurt. No, whui ho need*  In n ficlf-stnrtfr.  Marvellous  1 have beon taking some moving  pictures of life oii your farm, tnld tho  photographer to an agriculturist.  Did you catch my laborers in motion? asked tho farmer,  I think ho.  Ah, well, Helencn I.i n wonderful  thing!  Hoapltallty  And did you onjoy your Afrlcnn  trip, major'.' How did you like tho  savages?  Oh, iloy wtro oxtremely klniMienrl-  od! Thoy v/iintod to keep mo thore  for dinner'  Must Chew the Pill  Is llwo nnv wav you can HiiggoRt  hy which wo can euro her of lior in-  True Christians  A traveller who believed himself to  bo the solo survivor of a shipwreck on  a cannibal Isle, hid for throo days In  terror of hia lifo, Driven out by hunger, ho discovered a thin wlwp . of  smoko rising from a clump of bushes'  Inland, and crawled carefully to Htudy  the typo of savages about lt, Just  nu he reached the clump ho hoard n  voice say: Why in hell did you play  that card? He dropped on his knees  and-devoutly raising IiIb hands, cried!  Thank God, they are Ohrlatlnnn!  iutciUwou tir Uliii  Oh, yes, that's nmy.  I mean without leltlr  him'.' ������������������  Not thai I know of,  Juul-  : her  marry  Try Murine Eye Remedy  li ynu have Ked, Weak, Watery Jiyen  ������r Granulated Eyelid*. boesn't'Hmart  -Soothe* Bye Pain. Druggist* Bell  Murine Bye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, 50c.  Murin* Kye Salve lu Aseptic Tube*,  25c. 50e.    Bye lLtolt Free by Mail.  . A* Kr������ T������������Ue ������*a* Ht AN ������������������������������ MtM H*** tata  Mur.'nq Eye  ftomady Co., Ch(c<__a  W. N. U. WJ  Minard's Uniment Curis  Oipmnena  It Works Both Ways   The Woman���������Here'K a wonderful  thing. I havo Just bocn reading of  a man who reached tho a; j of forty  without lenrnlng how to read or write.  Ilo mot. a womnn, and tor her ������oko ho  made a scholar of   himself   In   two  .Vl:lVV!������.  The Hau���������Tliat'u nothing! I know  n man who was n profound Heholiir nt  for her sake he made a fool of himself In two days!  Colored Epigram  A colored philOHophor ls reported U>  havo snid: Life,   my   brethren,   am  mos'ly made up ot prayln' for rnln,  nnd then wlflhln' lt would clear off.  wmm*am*t**m������t**ai������*maa*ammaam  Ultimatum  My dour, I see you are having somo  oi'tthi'S Di.iile for your .poodle.  ,Yr-H, It, la the Inrcvjt lad.  Woll l enrvo ltolioi-t i-p-ht lior* Hint  I don't i uvton imv dofji. down the  intcu,  When Holloway's Corn Cure la applied to a corn or wart it kills tho  roots and the callosity comos out without !-;ury to the flesh.  The Usual Kind  Have you any alarm clocks? Inquired tlio customer.  Yes, mti'uni, said the man behind  the counter. About what prlco do  you wish to pay for ono?  The- prlco ls no object, if T can get  the kind I am after. What I wnnt Is  qno that will arouse the girl without  waking tlie wholo family.  1 don't know of any such alarm  clock as that, ma'am, snid tho mnn.  Wo koop just tho ordinary kind���������tho  kind that will wake the.whole family without disturbing the girl.  Spoiling the Visit  ���������lho. Amliii'k Womnn- -Dlii y.u t.-njoy  your visit to Stratfonl-on-Avon?  Tho Anu-?|ran VIAltor���������It wns perfectly horrid, thiit'R just what It, wus!  Why, Shnkospeiu'o's tomb was guarded so closely that I didn't get an opportunity to e.lilp off n single souvenir,  or even to write my name r i It!  pure blood, and the list-of. sucli diseases is astonishingly large. Anaemia  literally means a condition -in which  the blood is thin-and watery. In rheumatism the blood becomes thin more  rapidly, than In any other . ('.isease.  After-an attack of la grippe, or acute  fevers tho blood Is always thin and  impure, and Dr'. Williams' Pink Pills  arc the toVilc to use during convalescence. When tlie blood Is poor and  thin tho stomach suffers. The food  firments, gas ahd certain acids form  and tho trouble Is pronounced indigestion or dyspepsia. The r.erves receive from the blood all of their nourishment to keep up their energy and  repair waste or damage.   Some forms  The Scientific Farming of the Woodlot  "There is no p?.rt of the farm which  will give bigger returns for so little  expenditure of time and labor as the  woodlot."      This  statement- 'in   the  July number of the Canadian Forest-.  rj   Journal, L  made by Mr.   B.  R.  Morton, B. Sc. F., the sllvical expert   '  who   is   engaged   by   the   Forestry  Branch at Ottawa to demonstrate to v  the woodland owners of eastern Can-  -  ada just how these bigger returns may ���������  be achieved.   . But if It ls not possl-   '  ble to obtain such expert advice, there .  are yet three ways in which the farm- ���������  er, by the exercise of ordinary common  sense,  can  vastly  improve  the  composition,'production and reproduction of'his woodlot.'  Th? first thing .necessary is "to improve the    character   of    the    crop,  which can be done by cutting down  and using for'fire-wood all diseased"  and deformed trees, us well as such  species whose presence in the wood-  lot is not desirable.'    Only too frequently is the method of cutting exactly the reverse;    Th? best trees are  cut,.often for purposes for which an   .  inferior wood  would  serve,  and- the  poorer species"m-e'.left seed-in the cut-  -0V-er-areas-an.d,tQ������prraduaIly��������� crowd-out���������:.  the better varieties.    Before cutting,'  the farmer should consider first the -  use to which the wo'ou is to be put,  and second, the species-composition of  the woodlot which is most desirable.  Firewood probably   yields   the   be3t  returns for a small acreage and for  this purpose rapid-growers   such   as  poplar, ash and elm should be encouraged, which should make an annual ���������  growth of from one-half to one cord ���������  per acre.     Basswood too, will be In  increasing demand because of its rapid  growth,  because' it coppice^  readily  and becauso of Its value in small sizes  for tho manufacture of excelsior, coop-  erago stock and other small articles'  for which the   wood   Is   particularly  of paralysis are caused by thin blood.' Hdaptcd. Maple reproduces readily,  Tho progress of locomotor ataxia ls| and nithough not a rapid grower, it  stopped ln many cases when the blood. ueVortheless yields a substantial rev  A Makeshift  Look hero, Mose; I.   thought   you  woro going to bo baptized Into tlm  JJ.nnM..*   Plini'Mi'  Vans, Bah. I woh. But Vt belli'  sprinkled into do 'Pluco-piil till do sui -  mer comes.  Their lecupatl no  SI ranger fat Oxford Station)���������WliuL  kind of n town It ihlt'l  Native���������A university town.  Stranger���������Um. Whr.t do the people who don't, attend the university  do?  Native���������Thoy do the stndontH.  A Laugh Escape  A. toucher in   a   suburban   school,  hoiirlng a smothered laugh, inquired  who dared to lie no rude,  .   Plepp.e sir, it. was in.1, answerod a  lo'til lolce, but I did not moan It?  Did not mean It? queried the now  angry teacher  No, Bir.     I laughed "l> my sleeve,  i������UI,   i   UU,    Utll    UlAlii    Mt.Mi'    it At,   ,<    il'sit.'  In niy Aho'r  ls made pure, rich nnd red. This Is  only a partlanist of,,the troubles having tholr origin In impure, watery  blood, and all can bo cured by supplying tho blood with Its missing constituents.  ��������� This is exactly what Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills do. Their chiof mission  Is to make rich, red blood, and this  good blood reaches ovory organ and  cveiy nervo In the human body, thus  driving out disease und bringing renewed health ni.d Hlrongtli to thousands of weak, despondent peoplo,  Ask your neighbors. Thero is not  an Inhabited corner In Canada where  l>. Williams' Pink Pills have not restored soiiie Hiifferer, and all over this  country there,nre grateful people who!  do not hesitate to say they 'owe  health���������In some onsen life Itself���������to  this great medicine. If you are ailing begin to cure yourself to-day by  using Dr. Williams' IMuk-Pills.  Sold hy nil dealers lit medicine or  by snail ut r.O eent-.i u bo:: or ulx boxes  for sj'j.GO from The "Dr. Williams'  Co., iiroekvllle, Out.  In 1011 in the United Htnlou (M,20*1  persons died ot tuherciloais,.  My uoftd n.an, they need laborers  ntkdty \n the lu-xl Vo*ii. Thuitk* U������r  tho warning, bos.. . I'll make a detour .  A Hint  Mr. Sprlgglns (gently)���������My dear, a  Boston man wn������ ulint at by a burglar  and hU life wus uaved by a button  which the bullet struck.  Mr������.   HpriRglns���������Well, whui  hi   UV  Mr. Hprlgglim���������Nothing, only    the  hutton must have been on.  Hero worship In often but another  X..������f.   k*Ok    ikv������',.AWV^..  Teacher���������Now, boys, hero's a little  example In mental arithmetic, How  old would a person ho who wnt horn  in 1S7n?  Pupll���������I'leare, lonelier,, wn-t it a  mini or womnn?  The old lady wiih about to initio ft  railway Journey for the IlrH'. time, nml  when she arrived at the station she  did not know whnt to do.  Young man, bho tnlft to a porter,  who looked about ua old iih Motlumol-  nh, can you ttill ine whoro I cun get  my ticket?  Why, mum, he replied, you got it  at the booklrig-otllee, through the pig-  eon-iiolu..  Being very ntout, who linked at the  hole lu amazement, tuii then hIui hur.it  out. In ii rage.  ��������� **W4     tfWiJ,      ii+y..      lU>|     i     ft  r^?      1 Mri't    n'<  enue when it becomes large enough to  tap. Soft woods llko spruce, balsam and . .no grow much more rapidly than hardwoods and might bo  adviintageously grown for fuel or pulpwood .  When the most suitable spocles hnvo  been selected and tho weed-trees removed, tho woodlot must then be thin-  nod until tho crowns of the best-formed remaining trees aro seen to barely  touch. An acre can only produce a  given amount of wood ench yenr and  tho fewer trees there are to shuro  this yearly Increment, and yet fully  utilize the crown space, tho more rap-  Id will be tho growth of theso trees.  Tho third requisite In the scientific  farming of the woodlot, Is tlint tho  cattle he kept out, especially after  heavy rutting, when reproduction it  most, (h-uicd. Cattle are jiist. ns Injurious to a young crop of tree-seedlings an they are to a young crop ot  (���������rain, They may Indeed' eat tho  griiiiH in the woodlot, hut-lliey would  just na soon, If not sooner, ent th.  youug nnd tender hardwood shoots,  nud tho Hiime can be snid of sheep.  Kven coniferous seedlings are not Immune bo that, certainty In reproduction  Is only assured by fencing olf the cut-  over arens. Dr. Fernow predicts that.  "Tliero will bo n time when tlie wood-  lot will sell lho :nnn or will ba a ������e-  ceiifiiiry part of the farm to make It  vulunble. in the season.i when hia  other work Hluekeiis the farmer could  very enslly Impri ve his woodlot In tin-  tlclpatldii of this ilni of. Iin'n.*;i:n.-d  wood values.  im   .li.tV  1 thrnui'h th  pterin.  Onu duy  piinlHh his  bodleiiee.  Doing Well  Young iiuuiahuIiI a rich uid pompous old go' tleiimn, I wns tint :.lwnyti  thus. 1 did not always ride in a mo.  tor-ear of my- own. When I first  started In life I had lo walk.  You wero lucky, rejolnod the young  ..-  ������M,���������r     T    ft..,.I     .1.1       1    T  V      t     ,  Vrto!"unl' ernwl.      It took mn n lonr? tlmn to  I lenm to wnl!������.  Those wicked   nelKhbo.*   nf   our.*  wore In hard luck, s.il,l Jitphei.  It Borveg thom right, replied llnni.j  i������������y atood nr<uinit whUIux Lu * *iAi>  subBldy instead of going nh-ad and  doing bu'iiliicf.a as we did, ������  Constipation  is an enemy within the camp. It will  undermine the strongest constitution  ind ruin the most vigorous health.  It U*(U to Indigestion, hllioMiness,  Impure blood, bad complexion, sick  headaches, nnd is one o( the. mou  frequent causes of appendiciti*. T������  neglect it is slow suicide. Dr. Morse's  Indian Root Pills positively curt  Constipation. They are entirely  vegetable in competition and do not  sicken, weaken or gripe, Prucrvt  your health by taking  Dr. Morse's   *  Puna  first?  a ilenilHl had uaMulun to,  llve-yi'iir-old sun for dlso-  An he picked ir; tlie rod}  ���������. ������. t,\> -i ,-.j,,i'i.  won't you please give me gns  Monum tints  A quarrelsome couple,   having   ox-  haunted m ny subjects, emtio to ills-  Ui.-.n'il*iK   tOlrtUltolUM,  uii.l  tlu lU'.i!),ir.il  nuked:  My Arnr wii,i' hind of ,i abmo do  vou "jtiipjiose they will gh. in. when  I die?  Hriiiistone. was the reply  Had Tried It  I    Old  (���������eritlernan--Y<fiing man, litte'i  i i���������At tt,rt������',<iii itt a ������Ut'. ,_.  ���������%���������%���������    i    lU'gRh���������-H'ii no use; I did, and Path-  Indian   IVOOt   PillH ,er ent oft my nllowsme...  YOUR WIFE Wilt  appreciate it when you brim; home  a can. of SNAP. Por ete-uiing her  ' hand*, after filling the lamps, milking the cows, pcrlinjf the potatoes  nudotiioiis, there is nothing to equal  SNAP  It leaves tlie kkin smooth and  noft.    Order  from   your  dealer to-day,  I SmpCMni<ny,LHhlt������4,ttMitrtiL,  ,aMMa_,__i_a^  ���������<s;  .������ < ������^.T-*WS^ifv'?^S?*SB?SSf������^ii?MA'?^T^S^  aJ>ia^J"-^W������.^^SSMA'f^^A^^.^:j^-A^  _. _?i mn  *^^5-T>  -T~!TL  *m*tk ,m������mmm ihtt mt\m t^t'fc^  *-*-^&  }?s'icii .Fyepy "im ^yc^ivHlay tlir  ���������Fliw  mpev wjU not b,ohV itsolf  ������--i%w);^r'>Ui t'w tjf<; fMivniqiwof olh-  .������H-sr> }������s umy fipp'*;ir i'difts Qohunn.  f-rom timo U"> j.h'ir- '      o '���������  ���������\VEDNI\SDA\    -.>CT.  22 JsjM.3  QQ|iim^i4  $/\TER RIGHTS BflANCJL  ; 3fttE SAMPKELIi RJYEl-l POWKR  WATER  NO-TrlCE  yO?.'A -l.'.CBN'CI-ATO TAKK ATjlD  ���������   '"UrfK. w__n-:n.  ami  XOtICK ii tt'-ieWy trfyuu  tha.   I^.m-  tm)-, &   S-ii'iiiiivii  llniU-iv, <.f-   Yic.cirin  '. . .        - .    1  V, C wi I ;t >''v f r ������ l'<e:'ts.'. to take  ,isi ��������� 1 iWA'OO jj;Vile-.a >>< 1  mr if rn-i lie's Civi'i-. <��������� i>i\:h iio'vs ia a  ,1111th ily cTie c v l; ti'ipoTf^h "NcwcdsMc  >.)ist,iiet -nt tn>. j i*inio St rails of poor's, i 'neii Siuls \������-e t ,i Ui,, (Junl'u-nm  _Kiv r. lhe water wi i!:u aivtrtud at 2S00--  Al      .   1 ' . .a, ���������'   .     , I ' t  .iiit>lenu   Irmii   ifc,J'.v.,y a.d will boused  I r '*?iht.1 1 ai'. way 1 ii pi.sis on t'io Ind  li'jso.'i'njil ;is UnlvViiv Ki'lj.!. of.Wi -.   Thi,  ,'i t- w,_, I'ustod A- ihe  ground  oil   the  ffyil 1i.1v uf Ayi-h VAl'A     Thu  appixaliiu  -       ..     . .1.   . 1 .       r   ,   ...  .wi ! bj ti.etl >u tlio'S'l'we 1 i   the W.ittr l-U-  Bonlei a; V.et'iri������-H.C    Objections may"  r-i r llecunW < r  Water Ri^ht.,  -L-.i��������� 1 am i.t BinWu. g-, Vjc^-rii li. 0.  j^QUi&ALT & NAXAIMO RAlLvVAY  " ' Applicant-  II. E. BEASjLKY  "."'���������'      ' '   Agent  ;<i lift ' mVT  .' .,.   i .  WATBlT NOTICE  bo I'Ueii wuh thu s.rc) Wc  .;,vi li t-'O pouiptrnilvr  "f  \T  FQR A MCKNCE TO TA&IJ AN1>  '" USE WaTEKL  NOTIC^l ^s hereby j,.( en - that Es������jni-  it &  N.iu-imo Railway,  ef Victoria,  wi _ jp(>]y |>r "a ho nee to take iind  to  nse ^^OCJDgil'I.-.jttS.g^r 2*hotirs,of water  uu of Sandy t ������_tk,' -uh eh $i>.\ti jn a nor-  iherly (i cetiou libruugi !Se*'castJa���������J)i6-  ii rot'and empties iuti IK-ep Hay, near  Sf.se^-e } p.eel?- The wuirfr will b>i di\or-  t.d .it ,'2lo0" i\> ^ream from Railway aud  Lvrtil ���������!'������ ,������oed itit VUnt-rA iiiilvfiy purposes  \Vhereaj, the. Pampbel.   Rive* T^owct  G nni;u'}'������ Limited, heicyiiafttr^callod the  CeiiiK'ft->y, is-ft co'iTipBny moorpoiatect and-  j er the ^���������Q)ra^)anie������J��������� Act.,- IbOV, and js eu._.  'powered,   ancoi*-g   otbe'r    tliifigs.   |$. i*.  Mem rAiufaof AsatiefaUi'i).  '��������� 'To apply, for aud obtain ur.dur t-lio pr. ���������  visions ol *������bu "Water Aut or to   pmebu o  or o'herwisu acquire wnler rcqo-daor water liocMMC-s" and   .  "To construct* or operate woiks for the  bnuia, ctwuteriwpp'y ������f u'iil^atio^ of wauf uathp thp  -���������   -     r ' Water Act.'?1, '  "And   whereas tho s.i������d C< uij>?jny on  tbo2;th June,, I(J10, obtained  a \Ya o  I j cenee, uumborod 190 J, aatborjriwg ihe  diveis;pn of 2,700 cnbipfeit of water per  so con d from the CUmpbelL Hivei; for uua-  .    . in       i'  *^       'i       .    .������ .     *   l   :  -,  er purposes.  TlilS IS TO CJSRTIFV that th^ nnd-  ertakioff of thos^jj Campbell River Power  Company, Limited, fo* the diversion of  2,700 (jnViJQ; fuel of water per .econd from  the Gainpboll Rive*; fof the gcraerat'on of  power and fov the sale, baycer_ and ex  cha go of said powor wilh|u lhe followit ^  d-jtcribed teiri.oiy; is hestjby approved  atil-ject'o (he limitations of P������rt IX of  the Wat.r Act a������d ts the ������ollo������ ing erms  and copilitloeB-;���������  ,1. Tltw ea'd approval o-f lhe ������J>jye \vnr  dsrtiking shall be/ ejep'f^ ly c. jaditiona}  1 6b tfejtxlcution   nad-iiliotj'  cf a   (>oi,d  ��������� al v!.i i     i I. ������������������'..      w  with the Comptrojhr of Water R.pfMe.  Thw eti'd lionft t^all be ia the tvro of  ttvroat-y tbous^ud dodnrs ($"20,000 00) a -A )  ihill bo by the Comp-ny'anil a Stu-ety  Comp-'fty anth-'rised by its (iv ior f������-r  ibo petformauce ef contrac^ of this kiud  ,,2. The teT>-i^������Ty, niihiu which tKe  power gQiieraVed from ^hesaid wv ������r may  be sold is within a radius of oee haodicd  ,i        i    i   ,. . ..,���������   .. .'������������������     i,.i  f  auc|. fifty pjilea |rom rk������   pt,*^er bouse u  thg Company^ A  . o    _  * S. TK^a ariSjOi-jnt ������f thjj capifd sloei. o!  the Corapany wb'Sfa shall bp subicrib- d  belore the Co������������j>any. shall beg^u t^io con-  Btrue iop of the weiiks shaii he, $50t^ W.  ���������   .,    ,     , ,      ���������-,,-���������  h   a      ���������. u4   ,1   4.   Tue amount of the capital stock &i  ������n the bunt dviiuobfti au Rauwuv Right ol *    ' >   a.    ,t,a       .,  '-. !������   ���������  'h   "   Vri      "a.-      .           ���������      ������������������������������������..] beCorapany which eha.J be paid up-before  ���������&..,\.   Ibig. a>tee wis posted o������    the | ,������������������ - ��������� .-���������    .���������".������������������.������������������    :���������   _ :   ���������'.  ���������s. y.     ��������� ���������! ���������-."    ������������������������������������    *������      .- ���������-      .,    .������������������;���������   t the Cjmpany shall begin th*construct!  Kro-m'l.on the Jd Ay off April,  1J>U. |    ��������� ������������������   ".,',,,'*-'������������������,. ^  )������.'   '     '.".���������'���������'  "b  i -u\ l������ -'��������� it'     V   ��������� ������>f the woiki shall bo S^OyOOO-Oft  -iV.ts-r,i-i!-^!,!i'.!i-w--Al_Uc-.nJrtdja_ih___o_hCfi,l-'_,^ii_��������� ii. " "   ���������   '  Ayr.   ������������������:'   .;  A.,    ,%, 1     ,.        , '     ,'-,--      -r ~  ;, f    *    Thet������E?paBY-Buali-begtn-ihe  o|tl.o Water U,cor3 r at yiotofli, ������. O^'^.-'^^j^-^ ^Ai���������--  ,0' jett'Ol-a   Hi-  ^Vater Recorder  1'UCtioB.  tie-con-  Cojapt  of WtT Ri^htf, J'.irlit,������eut BwiWinus,  Vicwi./n 6.  Applif������int  ft. K. EF.A^LijY  Agent  WATER NOTICE  VQK A LlOUN^BL'Wl X"'^^ AND-'  ' Um WAT KB.'   '" ���������  -'\ i, , *._, ���������.' A . fst ustion of th^ works for tbo diversioi. oi  ���������iy te> til.d w:4b the said f A ���������tr.i ���������. ���������'-- Y> ���������:. "'��������� ' ,A - '  ,      ������������������'��������� .-���������   ���������,    ���������,' .;, ".meauidwater Eiuctfxr tne generat^oa of  r   ��������� t������e s������id po^er ot> or before ^ne o^fth day  ofSeptemlser, 1914, and befprf tk,..������ &������&  v���������n,.r.. . T ,,   . .,,.,., .,��������� ��������� , rT ,������ . v   ^hall obtain from the CuHftPt .ollrr of Wa  il->QLlMALI Oi NaNAIMQRAH_^A1   . ��������� T.."v,   .. '     .   *��������� A'   , ' vi  ~ a ��������� -   ���������*'.-   .-���������-���������������        ���������"   Jt ti ter Rights, bis approval ol the plana for  the instruction of the mft works  under  the provisions of the Water Apt and Am-  ending Acta as ^iow in I^)i?e o-{ m saay be  in loree.at tjhe date of each Approval cf  Plans.   The plans a d &pc0fic������tion3 shall  I \>e filed ior approval oa o'*" before !_la dcy  ,V( July, 1^4. "'      ���������'   (^ After bftgiijinwg the contmction ol  t^i*. WOJ'Ish' tb.o Coippapj; ������h������V sivb(!nilf  ftewi-Kiiuuniiy to.Vie t'omptynlkr of Wa-  ter.l-iijj_,its. ������* progress vo_xjj i.  .^HoYo Oompan j sliaii twmpHta tho work-.'  fo������ the development if fifteen thousand  (15,000) borne powir und have tliem io ao  tlia] oju ration u\\ ot \t 1 su tlio- 30th day oi  ^evfibeic, 191 ll   '     ' '   ' '   ' s     "���������   "  ?. Tho Compnny Kba>y pijjr a^^mtl^y  Bitoii Lu na may bj in loree at tbh ^ate  nr ouch aiinmil feo as niuy be lirod hy unj*  future lognliition or onactmetit.   -'  (J, Any En^inotr appoiuted by the  Minis'or of Lands for that purpose ahull  hive free accoaa to all pnrts of the worka  fur tlio jwrprBO of insp^ctint; the Bame,n' i\  of usoei"aiiitng that the totifctiuotifm  jhereof i. in iieeoi danco with tho plow  and siiee liy..lions heroin referred to.  10.' Tho tight of coiiBiruotiiig woi bs on  ^reivn Liuithi of Uie Province shall not Iw  vxcrcUed until ponnio^iou haa been obtain  0>1 ������a provide^ by .Sf^ctioi) ~2\ ol the naicl  Act and iho Rulec mado ttteroundor.  Ml   >     , I  11. Tho right of coiip^\ipti^ lyorku  on priviito laud slinll not bo e^ur^aed ex-  eopi tho permission of tbo oh sor b,W ^won  obtoinod or the proviiions ot Part ^1,11,  of tho atid Aot have boon compiled with.  12. Tbe right of coeutructiritf works  along or acoToma biRuwnyi nhall not be ei  orciMx) oiutpt oxprviw permifiaiim of Vhn  Mini Hor of 1'i^lic Worka, or if aai.l  ^fRh^a^fl nro within a municipality, with  o^ttlytpim^iajon'of the Coanoil ot tlio  Munioi. a|iiy l^aa b������ey obtained n provid*  (A rcapeotiyely by Siotlfuia"27^ and 27'J of  thit )\'������ter Ao(.  WM. It. RQSiJ,  N^ininter p^ Ij������^������  Datcdnt Victoria,n,(J��������� thu llth  day ftf.fniy. im������  ^(������1'TUB is ^ereby av-ep \h\t Bfjiri-  iftfAt & N'tii'iimu Wftilwiy <-i Victoria,  B(. V. w.iii fljju'y for a lino. i������< to, tuio nad  ^8)B'l0^000({!ill������ii par 2-4 hours of wator  nu>, ot Hind o (jreck, which Hows in a  joitherly dir'ectir^ thro^h fylepp ^)iet  j!ri( t nntl Hiipiiiifl \Uo Kaync Sound ifar  Tkiib'o ii ver. Tlm w������l r will bo divct tl  :it, llW-'i'imtioiini femj Ili'Irt-uy und w U bo  used for CSjiiwul Ilailu.iy purpiroa on tlio  hnd 'Im-pi-ibod n* i-��������� il.vi.> ri,.lit t w ylhi.  (loiiej \vn������ iiO/ied ������>ii n-o t'ruiii.d ua the  .Iri ihy i'f Ai'ii,1, WVA l'hi- .niphrnti'������  wil he tilt d in ; ������ t'.'.\o. of ibu AValei  II cordor, Victor:t, IJ i'. t) yjiior.n mil)  bo liltfl with l.'"o mi il W'.it ���������/ Ivi'wir.kr m  f'i li tip 0 .uil>l':'"ih'r "' Wn ��������� v K\_*Ma,  ;; ;���������, VK.r.oii i, ll. t5. -  S ..StiMO II.UI.WAY  A(>|ili.ai)t  ((. K. KASJ,l.y  A_ent  V-irlin r.ojii.Uii  y, -qui:si.sh'i}  'I  NOTICE  "Anything yon want' and whatever.  \yay yolj _wqnt it,'"       Below-'are a  it y, a 1 things we pi:intA,^;^:_  JGi^ejus^a^daL Otdetr and see  how well YQU wjl}b# pi eased  FOli A HGtfNq. Id, TAl^^ AND,  '   USlj WATKR  N()TK;K i- hctrtb'y ti\y,un \h t y, >\ b  \\\i\-'*& Nntiu^ni Ha'biti.v, oi VieUHi,  jf! 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B, C  I  1$  '~*:'i  . t.f  *������������������>���������  OPLE'S   PULPIT  INFANTS "SAVED  FROM TORTURE  Sermon by  CHARLES TJ  RUSSELL ,  ���������Pastor Brooklyn  Tabernacle. -  Thirty  Thousand  Daily  ��������� Saved From Damnation  ���������Good. Work Goes On  tule the First Resurrection class, to  Heavenly' glories: and honors and Divine. ..nature. . Folio-wing ' this, the  -Church with her. Lord-will reign as  kings and priests, for the blessing of  ths entire human family, oi all ages,  bationalities and colors.  A In other .words, according to. the  Bible none have gone to Heaven. As  TAMED THE OLD  SOlDIEH.  Ho Was Not "a Beggar," but Carmen  '   Sylva Became One,  Ono day,, walking in a hospitalward,  the queen of Iloumnnlo/cume upon un  old soldier suffering-from a compound  ' fracture, of  the  leg  and   threatened  Cana Sugar.  Pure cane sugar consists of a mass oil  white crystals (e. g.. the old fashioned ,  ���������'vock candy") easily soluble iu about '  half their weight of.cold or in a small :  quantity of hot water. Caiie sugar It  nbout two aud one-half times as sweef <  ������s grape sugar.  not- anything." They , merely await  the time, when the Kingdom shall be  | in power, and the awakening pro-  | ��������� cesses shall begin-to operate;' and  _y 'they^shall oomo forth from, death-  each in his own band, or company.���������  , London- . ,���������A Bible Students ! ������*nce of that mistake, as expressed in , I Corinthians 15:23;'John. 5-.28, 29. '  invention has been in progress here j our creeds,, our God has been slaiid- I There is another theological-theory,  several��������� clays in tho London��������� Taber-j er������d. Surely to-day every thinking' which, has no Scriptural', foundation,  niicle. Lancaster Gate, W. Pastor Rus- j person, will concede tlint a human ��������� but which claims that every infant i3  ,-ell delivered two addresses to-day. We j being planning such atrocities would immortal, and that the. present .life,  report One of them, from the text | he a thousand times more "devilish long or short, favorable or unfavor-  "Else were your children unholy, but | than any one known in historv. And able; constitutes the only opportun-  now are they holy."���������1 Corinthians surely our- great God, our greater, i ity ever to be enjoyed for reforming,  \*I:14. x     ��������� could not be  worse   than  ihe   worst ��������� character,  and   becoming    fit' for   a  and most depraved of all His crea- '  ture  Jes. j said; ".No man Hath ascended ,-wilb. gangrene.    Ho  would  not giv������  into Heaven."    (John 3:13.)    Hence /Consent to the surgeons to amputate,  there are no infants in Heaven. - All j He feared tbnt should  bo do so  he  infants who "have died have gone to \ Vv0Uid bo classed among tho beggars,  the Bible hell, the. tomb, and'-"know '  The . Pastor declared that his text.  J, which differentiated between holy and ,  lnot holy infants, was probably the j  [basis for. much of the confusion which |  has prevailed in all "denominations on j  [the subject til infant salvation and iu- i  Jfant damnation. .Before discussing hia  I-text.. he wished to. call tlie attention  33. . , ���������  .On the contrary, God must of ne- ]  cessity be the very personification ol  all the graces���������Justice, Wisdom; Love  and Power. Evidently the. God who  foreknew and determined to send  these   32,000,000   human   beings   per  happy eternity. Hence, according to  this unscriptur'al theory, the children  Df" unbelievers���������conceived and born  in sin and depravity as aro all man-"  kind, more or less���������are unprepared  for an eternity of bliss, and consequently must spend that eternity in  pain and horror  of'his hearers to the fact that about'' year to an eternity of torture would j     But,let'us rid   the   mind, of   this  fttwo months ago the Prebyterian Gen-  \eral  Assembly An  the United  States'  Ihad taken a very' advanced theological  J step  oir this=-subject. . .According to  ['telegraphic despatches, it has altered  Vlhe "Presbyterian Confession of Faith  [fo.as to save the non-elect infants as  moll as the elect'-ones.  [.'The-thought that God had arrranged  l**s Plan by which some infants,would  liro to.Heaven' at death, and other in-  mints would go to-eternal torture, has  (for   centuries   greatly   troubled   the  (fminds of all Christian people���������Co tho-  /lie  and   Protestant.   Some  said  that  not'only not be a God-at all, but false theory, and go by Scripture  would be tho. most terrible devil that j alone. As'the Word of God declares,  thediuman mind could conceive! ' - ''God only hnth- immortality." There-  Bible Students are. realizing that a ! 'ore no infants are immortal. When  great mistake has occurred, "and-that | God said "The soul that sinnetb it  the Bible teaches nothing of the kind r .shall die,". He meant it. When He  we had supposed. More and more, us' declared, "All the. wicked will I de-  the eyes of their understanding, open stroy,"..;He' meant it. The penalty  to proper interpretations of God's upon Adam and his race is death;  Word, they are appreciating the Di- I and therefore children arid all others  vine character, and the Bible as never die because of Adam's sin. The worst  before. " *���������  "I am not ii beggar,".said*the stout ,  old soldier proudly. "I'll lose, my life,-'  but not my honor." j  *' 'Tis true," said Carmen Sylvs, "you i  are -not a  beggar,  but  I  nm."    She [  threw herself on her knees nt tlie bed- ;  side.   "I hnve never prayed but to God," j  nnd; taking his hand, she added: "But '  1 now supplicate you to listen to his i  wish and nilue.   Let your leg be lakeu  off and spare your life to your family,  your country aud to nio. and"���������  ,  "And, If 1 consent, what then?"  . "Whnt then!" she exclaimed joyfuV  Iy.   "Why, 1 shall give you the most  "beautiful   artificial   leg ,tliat  can   he  ..made In Europe, nnd when the war la  over you shall come and dance at the  pnlaco with your sons."  "1 consent," ho said softly, "but you  must hold my hand during tho opera*  tlon."-'i'. P.'s London Weekly.  Cactus Fiber In a Bridge.  A  river in   Peru  is  spanned .by- t>  bridge more-than '200 feet in lengtb  which  is  suspended  from   thirty-two  ropes made from cactus fiber.  '.Good.,  form  Deep Water Divers. '  Tbe greatest depth ever reached by h  diver ls said to be 20-1 feet. The greatest depth at which useful work has  been done -Is 182 feet. Sponge and  pearl divers, working without armor,  frequently descend to depths of 150  feet.  The Pastor declared thnt a' week  from now he will consider some of,  the Master's dark sayings, and show  Ul'Vi        mill i.   1 VIV.C1WUI Ui l.'VUH-        k-liivi tt.M v     ,     ��������� ,--.       fc,  , ..������.uf      uuu      wi.^ n  ���������Jthe elect infants would be saved and [ how they   have  been   misinterpreted  .**.!._    .-     _ i . .. i    !.- * i _     1.1    \ l .. ..!,* .      '    nrt A        mien rtnl \s\A *' T������.   A ������,.       1* ���������       .������������������ .1  ijthe non-elect infants would be tortur  |  Ved.   Others had it that any infant by  i.Ojnptism   would' be   brought into. th*J  j'Church  ancl be. saved, while infants  | not thus baptized or sprinkled would  [,-, go to eternal torture.   Others-had it  that none could he saved without regeneration, and these were perplexed  to know how infants could be said to.  be regenerated.   Therefore how could  l they hope that any-infants would be  |{, saved?   The hearts and the heads of  , nil good people'have suffered terribly  for many centuries because of these  confused ideas. ;. ' ._  -   It is gratifying-, the Pastor declared,'  j*'}fiO see Hint with the Presbyterians, at  '.least, 'love.-and   sympathy  have  tri-.  um plied ; and .that, so .far as they are  concerned,   thirty   thousand   infants,  l.daily,go to Heaven, instead'of going"  (to Hell. Certainly this is a missionary.  ,i project of no mean  proportions!   At  ['-this���������ratei-the-y���������no-doubt��������� believe���������thai.  I'Hoaven will'soon begin to have reas-  " oniiblb proportions,, as compared w.ith  |j|?.Hell.   Wc regret that the hretlircn did  , not take any measures looking toward  -the relief of the non-elect infants of  the past who now must number thou-  mud... of  millions.   It  is  worthy  of-  t. consideration, and we trust will have  % their' attention. . .  -  And  since tlie matter is so easily  .���������adjusted,  why  would  it not be  tho  Tn proper thing for all 'Christian denom--  ' inntions. to follow  the lead  and' ex-  * ample ��������� of the Presbyterians?   We fenr  fii'ilhat not many of the other denomin-  ������������������'"'nlions will join tho-Presbyterians in  _ their  generous  work  of .helping ,the  ,, infants.   They  might' reason  thnt  if  ,ji, all infants dying in infancy are saved,.  ���������jit might be-,the-safest thing, that-par-  Vnt-i could do for their children to in-  i, Riiii' their eternal snlvation  by kill-  i^'ing thom in infancy.   Then baby ineu-  k bntors and vnrious devices���������medicines,  ���������' foods, etc.���������intended  for the prcser-  > vntion of infants', lives might como to  ', bo   considered   detrimental    to   tlio  i eternnl interests of the children!  {���������'     But liow  foolish  nil  such theories  reein !   ITnw beautiful by contrast is  tho pimple leaching of tho Hiblo, Unit  ti  tlio salvation for all���������old and. yoiinp  C of hen then lands ns well as of Chris-  X tion Innds is through the resurrection  .>'. power of Messiah's Kingdom���������through  .V-1 ito enlightening nnd uplifting, or.res-  ���������'���������;' iiiTOcting iniluences!   Why-should,wo  v   longer trouble with   tho errors of tlio  \\  Dark Ages whon God's Menange, tho  Vvllihle,   is   now  opening up  for  His  '     people, shining ns an electric himiviu  contrast with' tlio tallow-cnndlo dark-  " xiesfi of Uio croijadRP v     ��������� -      '  ':       PnHtor Russsell doclnred   Umt   no  ���������_���������   felt (jront syinpiUliy for tlio. move mndo  ?by tlio l'ms'bytoi'inn brethren, hut,  " itcvei'tholeM, lio wan unnhlo to agree  with thoir cnnclusloiw, believing that  tlio Biblo .touches otherwise .Ilo  ronli/.Til Unit the Prcfibytorinn view of  Election made it difilcult fov them to  ileal wiih tlio noivoleot, both adults  mul iiifnutR, Ho found tho Scriptures  doclnriiiR thnt God is Beloetinjr. or  electing tho Church from amongBt tho  world, Ilo conceded that thb?o not  ft fleeted would bn properly termed non.  fleet. Hub lio found nothing in tho  Biblo to indicate thnt non-olpclion to  joint-hfirsliip in McbnIiiIi's Kingdom  would mean prodcHtination to un  eternity ol torture'  Tho Pastor realized, too, Umt the  rrosbylerini. friends must feel ennuid-  ernbb. embiirrnsfimont in trying to adjust thoniHt'lvcfl to tholr changed  croud. For if. thoro nro no non-clcct  iiifnntfl, tho.n nil infants nro oloct; nnd  if elect whon infants, how could thoir  and misapplied. ."To-day he must  content himself- with the subject in  hand. -He must discuss God's relationship to the heathen and to infants.  As'we understand it, said the Pastor;" our Presbyterian friends have  changed the statement of the creed  that can befall the .children of unbelievers would,be death."'  What, then;'is the Scriptural hope  for the-children of unbelievers? II ia  exactly the 'same as for the children'1  of saints; namely, that Christ.Jesus  our Lord taskd'death foi- every man  when-He tasted "death for Adam; foi  nil, are under ,-Adam's .sentence ol  condemnation to death. One man's  6in brought the. death penalty upon  all; therefore the one man's Rnnsoin  was the Ransom for all. The children  which  formerly read,  "Elect infants,| of 'unbelievers were redeemed in the  dying in infancy are saved"���������taking  out the word- "elect," arid letting it  read, "Infants, dying, in infancy .are  saved." But is this true Do our  Presbyterian  friends  believe, this?  Come, let,us reason together. Aro  not the children as well as,the-moro  matured members of Adam's family  born in sin and misshapen- in ini-'  quity? Are not all .of these by nature  "children of wrath"? Did not "every  member of Adam's fariiily-come under his sentence and participate in  , the penalty, or curse, of his sin���������  ^lDy.ing,-Jh(yi_slialt_di(_____Js_iiot-,this,  _____!__  I  \  I  rrcdestiimtion change with ndvancinR  yinih Ilia _>mia!hcUc ftdvleo' l*  T������ro������\iytprinn hri'thr^n Is, that tho civ  tiro creed bo rocnut; or, bettor still,  tlint It nnd nil othor croods ho abandoned, nml the Hiblc ns a whole bo nc  ,'ciitt'd. Then, he argued, nil Hlbln  (���������Ulenta could como together wltlio-jt  |,u;u.licv fcr tnviu.il .ni������|'tnnee nvft  untrnnimoled growth in graco, nlotifj  lilblu lines.  i WliiK' tho Pastor mentioned Pro?'  byterinus, his thought included nil  ChrlsUnnii. Tor Miro'ly many othcrB  than IM'eshyterlnna hnvo bean con.  nigning ndiilts And Infants to tbo  liu.nW ol "i Iciul.00,000 every dny,  _ir .12,000,000 every yonr. U> eternrtl tora  the reason that .infants' die at all?  Will not-all concede that had there  been, no-sin there, would have been  no death in the human family? Does  not St. Paul distinctly state,this saying, "By one man's disobediencocsin.  entered the world; nnd death as,the  result of sin, arid thus d?ath. passed  upon nil men because all are sinners"?���������Romans 5;I2;  Psalm 51:5.  Surely  all  Christian  peoplo.  Presbyterians especially, will agree with  mo that tho sentence of death passed  upon Father Adam and inherited- by  his rnce, must heeds-be settled,,enu-  celled,  beiore ��������� any   of. his ..posterity.,.  old or young, could.be released, from  the penalty.   True, we all ngrse that  the death of the Lord Jesus  Chrii-t  is the redemption-price nnd that He  provided it morn than eighteen centuries ngo.   But do we not nlso agree  that Jesus' death, of itself, snves nobody; Unit His merit becomes applicable merely to us of tlio Church nl  such time as wo h<?,lievo in it ancl accent it, appropriating it lo ourselves!  Is not this tlio procUiniiitioivof the  Gospel    Ago���������Believe!    Believe!    Dc  ���������wo not remember the Bible declaration thnt wo nro  justified   by  tait'i,  not by being infiints?   And do we nol  all ngreo thnt fnith cannot be oxer  cised except by a more "or leW de;  velopod   mind?     Hence   all   should  n,groo thnt tho Scriptural proposition  is, thnt nil infants shared in Adnm'a  sentence of death, nnd hnvo provision  also in tho redemptive work of Jesus  Nevertheless, thoy can be saved only  by coming to n   knowledge   of.- God  nnd of Jesus, nnd by then exercising  fnith nnd obedience to the extent n(  ability.   Wo boliovo this to bo an un-  dobntnblo proposition.  If this be so then our Prnsdiylorinri  brethren overstate tho mnttor when  thny declare that nil infants dying in  infancy nro saved. Thoy might very  .properly any, All ��������� infanta dying In  infancy, and everybody olso. coma  under tho provision of Divino grneo in  Christ, and must all bo brought to a  knowledge of tho Truth, that they  mny bo snvodj nnd thon when thuu  brought to know tho Lord nnd the  terms of salvation, tho rfisults will  depend upon theninolvon, If they accept, they may havo tho -everlasting  life provided; if thoy reject, they will  ex.perienco tlio Second Death.  Wo hnvo already intimated, tho  teaching of the Bible. All mankind  cinne under thn Dlviiro curse, or son-  t^nco of death���������not eternal torment,  "In duo time Christ died for the ungodly"���������for every ono of thom���������for  nil thoso who lived boforo His crucifixion, and for all horn since���������for  whlto nnd black, old and young���������of'  ivory nation. Peoavr.c cf thin ^n������Tiil  rednmptlnn, on-nxtonsivo with the  ourse, or sentence ol death, thero is  to bo a recovery from tho curse of  death. All mankind arc thus to bo  mado amen nblo to a relenso from tho  death ponaUy-lo have tho opnorlun-  cf'.'i rcurrfeU"/) "nt of oin nnd denth  conditions back to perfect lifo conditions. Only thoso who wilfully and  intelligently reject this grace of God  will dlo tho Second Death-bo blotted  out ns though they hnd never boen  -perish llko natural bruto boasts.���������  most absolute sense from the enlirn  condemnation of death. Indeed,  none.-. but sinners .were redeemed.  "Christ died for the ungodly." Hence,  all die;-and all need,to be.redeemed,  else they would have "no hope of-a  resurrection. ' -;\  In-.the'' Messianic- ��������� Kingdom, - the  .Resurrection Age, children of believers' will have a little advantage over  the children of unbelievers, in that-  'they--will have less-depraved organ-  ���������isms'lwhen awakened. But under tha  grand resurrection processes then * at  work', "'such disadvantages will- soon  be  overcome.    AlP who   are   willing  "JUMP, JUDY, JUMP!"  Oanfcing In London In the Early Part  of th������ Last' Century.  Lady Bell, writing In the London  Times regarding tho modern dance,  quotes extracts from "The Letter Bag  of Lady Elizabeth Spencer Stanhope."  'The following ��������� passages are taken  from a letter written in 1812:  "Lndy Elizabeth gave a very successful ball, where, for the first time In  London, tho polka was danced In public and people stood upon the chnira  and rout seaLs to^watch It * ���������* * Mr.  Theodore Hook declared that 'tho obnoxious dance was calculated to lead  to tho most licentious consequences.'  * * * Subsequently tbe Sporting Magazine * * * denounced the dance which,  'to the disgrace of sense and tnste,  has obtruded Itself into tho whole circle of the, fashionable world, * * * a  will corrupting dance, * * * a compound of Immodest gesture and In^  -fectlous poison.'"   ,   .   '  On the other hand, I* most also quote  from the snroe work the admonition  of an Irish lady of thnt period nt a  ball to her dnughtor, who wna not displaying enough spirit in her dhncing: t,  - ".lump! Judy.-Jump! The gua'rdsmer  nre looking onl" ���������>  Franco In Africa.  French  equatorial   Africa  is   about  three times the size of the mother country  apd  has  a  population  or  uonrly  <,ooo,obo.  Wood Fibers.  The fibers of wood aro strongest near  ��������� the center of the trunk..  Substitute For Whipped Cream.  Add a sliced banana to the white or  one egg and beat until stiff., The banana will entirely dissolve, aud ��������� you  will' havo a delicious substitute for  whipped cream.,  An Odd Looking Tree.  Tho giant pine at Wakanonra, nea������.  Asaka, Japan, is a remarkable tree,  the' main stem of which rises from a  mass of roots more than ten feet above-  lho ground. These resemble tho .tentacles of a giant octopus or devil fish,  giving It a weird and uncanny appear.'  unce.   " - '���������'   *  Divorces. -  Divorces annually average, seventy-  three to each, 100,000 of population in  lho United States.   In Austria the av-,  yage ls one.  -Intellectual-Humcr  and "obedient shall  be brought'to  a  full knowledge of tbe Truth, and full  ��������� opportunities   for   , complete- Restitution,, back 16 nil'" that" was :lost'in  Adam, for himself and his posterity,  In that day it' will -no more be1 said-,  "Tlie - fathers    havo    eaten    a    sout  grape,  and- the children!s  teeth  are  set on edge."    "Every one shall die  for   his - own   iniquity."    ."The   soul  that sinnetb it shall die."���������Jeremiah  ,31:29, 30; Ezekiol 18:2-4. ..      '' ...  ' How   reasonable   are .the   ways   of  God!, How plainly are they stated in  the Word!   Those who havo the eyo  and the ear ,of faith,-who aro.hearkening to the Word of tho living God  rather -.than  to  the  dead   creeds  of  the-Dark Ages 'hnvo a joy and peaco  of mind which is a source of'strength  linknown  to others. . ;  According to the Divine arrangement, parents nre -responsible in respect to their, children. The conscientious parent has a wonderful opportunity to train his. children in tho  Miui'turo nnd admonition'of tho Lord.  The Christian parent should earnestly..'-seek for Uio wisdom from above,  that .ho mny bo nblo to rightly <lia-  | charge his duties tinder all circum-  sinnecs, oven the most trying.  The Apostle, clearly "distinguishes  between tlie children o( believers atid  the '.children of unbelievers, Hi*  argumc.ht is thnt, tho children of un-  believers nro without nny -relation-  shin'to'-God, nnd without nny super-  vision.-from Him; while-the children  of believers, beams'./ of parental relationship, are ..subjects of Divinn  supervision nnd cure. For thoso a*  for thoir parents .nil things work together , for good���������for thoir welfare,  Thin Divine supervision on account  of their parents will, of course, ter-  mliiato whon Uio individual child  .comes" to vears of discretion nnd re-  sensibility. Then they must entot  into personal relationship with God,  or, like tho remainder of the world,  ho outside of any relationship with  Ilim, until tho Day of Christ, tt  thousand yoars long.  __,    i - i ii ii #  , Hamlet In the Movies.  In September next a film will bt  release which will undoubUdy iiToiiHfl  world-wide interest. It will, show bit  Johnston Forbes-Robertson and h<  member* of his company in the piny  of "Ifnnilet," nnd when completed thfl  film will bo the most perfect yet .pul  into circulation. Ton thousand pounds  is boing spent on th" making of thli  film, Sir Johnston hns taken Ibi  keenest interest in its production and  some idea of his untiring energy may  be jrnthprr-d from the fnct tlint on on*  fiCfiio two days wero expended.  :   Cement Hitching Poit. ,   .  You can make u subs'laulial and  good looking hitching post by,filling' a  nail keg with soft cement, Inserting nil  Iron ring In it/and" when thoroughly  hard knock the bee apart. It can be  moved about, but no horse can get  ������way from it.'     -...-.  Boiled Eggs.        '  ��������� It is quite a mistaken idea to suppose  ���������that'nnlegg-bolled Jdr_hiilf_an-liburAvlll  The region of Intellectual hmm-n,  which mny be roughly illtistrnted by  such snyings as that of George Sand  thnt.nothing is such a restorntlve ns  rhetoric or tho claim advanced hy a  patriot that Shnkespcare wn?, undoubtedly a Scotchmn'non the ground thnt  Ills talents would Justify the supposition. Tbo humor of George Snnd's  eplgrntn depends iipon the perception  Unit rhetoric, which ought to be bnscd  upon n profound conviction, nn overwhelming passion., nn Int'ehso .crithnsb  nRm. Is often little more thnn tho nbnn-  donment of a personality to a mood-of  Intoxicating ebullience, .while tho humor of tho Shakespeare atory lies In n  sense of the way In which h national  predilection wlll overrldo all." reason-  nblo evidence.-A. O. Benson Jn "Af  T>argo." .   The Scotch Invaders.  Ono of the most valiant defenders of  tho Scots pnrllnment was Lord Holhn-  veil, who delivered an eloquent oration  in whicli a vision of Scotlnnd undono  by English Invaders filled tho bill. Ho  saw poor Caledonia overrun by English traders, English attorneys, ling,  llsh Judge������-tbo wholo nation, In fact,  looklhi; In vain for work beennso England had sent her aliens Into overy  town to fill the fat places. Tho nlnrm-  Jug speech produced n profound clfcct  until Lord Marchmont Hiiggosted that  llelhnven should ndd, "1 awoko, and  bohold tt was a dream!" , And a drenra  It bas proved, If'WInterpret dreams  In tho usual wny, by contrarles.-Loti-*  ilon Chronicle  lie ,hard  of digestion  and He  like-a  heavy weight on the stomach.    As a  matter, of fact, i eggs cooked- for that  length of time are very eiislly������digested,  nnd ln many of the big hospitals eggs  nro generally cooked this way for pa-"  tleuts.    ' -'-, '" '.   '   ��������� '' /  When Metald Boil.  The boiling points of metals nre n3  follows: Aluminium, .1.SO0 degrees C.;,  copper, 2,310 degrees C; iron, "2,450'degrees C; lead, 1,5215 degrees C; silver,  T.955 degrees C; tin, 2,270 degrees O.  Small Observances of Society.  While there arc many small observances of the rules of society, some  need but little consideration, while  others, seemingly of almost no Importance, take their place as a necessity,  and their observance murks tlie dlft'e.-- ..  enco between thoso who know, and  thoso who do uot the "proper thiiig"  to do..  Among theso the apparently simple  matter of learning .never to stare at  thoso passed in dally going about It .  perhaps one of the easiest yet  most''  neglected.   It is exceedingly poor taste  to turn about staring aj any one after  passlujj; also to look with aiiy evidence   '  of utroug interest, at a deformed or  otherwise'crippled person met at any  time oi* place.   Such ns theso are ex-     <���������.  qulsltively sensitive,' and to stare nt   ���������  them or to make remarks, even lf in a  low tone, Is tho height of Impoliteness.  To be impolite is to,be rude; rudeness  is evidence of'lack of good breeding;  therefore it is a breach of etiquette to,  let any one that is lame or In any way  afflicted bodily feel that he or slie. it  being commented upon;  ' Another breach tlint is  very 'often  committed without the realization'of  its impropriety ls the pointing iit,ol>-   "  jects when passing along a crowded  thoroughfare.   To walk abreast when ���������  on a crowded street often gives Inconvenience to passersby.   Therefore it is  incorrect,  as  the perfectly' bred  and  .Innately polite person makes it an imperative rule never to inconvenience' ���������  anybody.    Tho man  who steps aside  for a*conductor or any official that is  pursuing his duty is tlie well bred man. '  He does not stop to think, of his own  social position, but follows the proper  instincts of propriety  and politeness  by not hindering' the persou^who is  about his* business;  Alndy bows first to a mnn, thereby  Bhowiug him that sho chooses to recog-  ���������  .ulze him. . If by any chance she fails -  to.do this a man may quickly see that ��������� *  . It is'"not'hitentional, and lie should not    ,  take offense.   In meeting it is considered better form to turn and' walk. If  :but a fow steps, with a friend in the  _fllrection_he_Qr_she_l3_going rather thuu  to stand where the sidewalk may be  obstructed.   In fact, it requires all the -  . smaller, apparently Insignificant thing*  to 'make' life in a crowded ..itice' worth  while at all. ������������������ There is. so much traffic.   -^  eo'niuny people,.,all  bent upou their  own  especial  errands,  that; to  forget,,  and stuud In the way. to stare or to  talk loud and to point are nil breache*  to be avoided. -,.'..  Russian Betrothal Feast.  A-Russian wooing culminates In tho  jetrothnl feast, at which the bride  elect cuts oft a long tress of hair and  glvcslt to her betrothed, who, in turn,  presents. tho bride elect with bread  and suit, nil nlttiond cake and a silver  ring set with a turquoise.  < Muskrats.  Young muskrats aro vofy gcntlo aud  playful and may'be handled w.' bout  fear. Thoy do not grow flerco with  ngo if reared 'In captivity and u iciiS'  lomcd to gentle treatment.  Getting Round It.  A younii lady was critically cxnmln-  lnc.ii pair of ahoes which the clerk had  |ust tltted on. Bho carefully scrutinized first ono foot, then tbo other, Finally nho Bald alowly;  "Don't you thlnlc ono of tny feet l������  Inrger than tho other?"  "N'o, Indeed, madam!" replied tho  would bo diplomatic clerk. "On tho  contrary, I think ono Is smaller tlinr  lho other"���������-Llpptncotfd.  2 fetor 2:12  From this standpoint wo see that  nobody \t saved yot.   All���������both In  ture" if "������'>t because non-elect, thnn   fonts and adults, heatlu-n and ChrU-  necaii&o unrcKoncrnte, or unbapliatcd. ; tinns-go to Sheol, Hades, the tomb,  In Harmony With tho Typewriter  Dobson   hnd   just  bought  ������i   nc*  typewriting machine.  ''Now.  what color ribbon do^ you  V������ 111 it    ful     illis    ll������rtv������������ii.vi        t.it.A.    ..'."  salesman, ,, _. ,  "O, black, by nil means! said Dob-  ton. "You see, my typewriter is ������  widow.'"   Dlvorcii.  Japan Yin* 2I& div<.rei*��������� annually U  each 10,000 of population.  Ireland hnt  law than utic,  Whot ths Trouble W������s.  A mnn was lislng bis automobile.  "Trouble." imki'd a bystander.  "Roiiip," was tlm lacunle utiswer.  "Wtiht power car \������ UV  "Forty horso," camo lho nnswer.  "What seoms to bo the mnttor with  It?"  "Well, fiviu l!<u in.j .'..������ crts I  ihnuld rny thnt thirty nlnn of th������  horses woro dead."  Fashionable Shoemskino.,  A curious crar.0 swept over fashion-  Ablo society in England In 1801). which  nbsorbed tbo. nttentlon of tho smart  world. A mania for making Bhocs  suddenly obsessed, society. ' Lessons  hv tlio nrt woro demanded on nil sides,  mid tho shoemakers "were so busy In  Klvlnjr Instructions that they .had ho  timo to praetlccriholr croft.' Doth  mon anil womon; succumbed  to this  ���������rnzo.  i    Sandals,  Tlio ancient Creoles and Kgypt Inns  tvoro the almplo sandal. Tho Assyrians!  first Introduced tlio heol for Eix-urlty  nnd comfort in walking.  fiur'ei'yV������ii"intciiiionV peoplo are not j tho stti'to of death.    All are iold to Thsy'rs All  Nssdsd.  of accord   with   such   a proposition. : sleep in bhool, Hades, thei tomb, ui>      Q {   ,      U) ,       om   , ht- h,m  fiuroly all muil agrco that somo ������re*.   t    tho b prloui M*���������?***^?c".   dred new teachers at a result of th*  rnUtnKe ban been  made  <lurln������  the ; Dispensation. M������M������������h s Kit ndom  of   "������    ���������  Dnrk Ages, and th������t under tht infill- ' -������������������    Tl��������� "*" ru"h ��������������������� -���������������������������"��������� ��������� ***"* ft  Lest His nuddsr,  "Dlnklo wiyi he doesn't know wttnl  In (lit rrlfh Ji1nivi������lf whl'TI ������lt������ Wif it's out  of town,"  ���������Toi not inrprlsed. tlowornr. hi  know! wlmt to do with hlmsolf when  ilia's tu town, becauso ilu tolls blm.''  Coffss.  Tho Ilrst,mention of coffeo In Kngllsh  ntntutu bookn Is In tho'yoor 1UG0, when  n duty of fourpenco was laid on every  gallon of coffoo mado nnd sold, and In  1703 King Charles Issued a proclamation shuttlnc np tho coffeo houso* ho-  .auso tlioy woro seminaries of sedition.  Tlio-rroncb first convoyed somo coffoo .plants to Martinique In 1727.  whonco .thoy probably spread to thf  neighboring Islands.  Eyelashes.  Tho oyuiahhes givo most, usufui mM  in shading tlio eyes. Tho iivi-rngo per-  son has 100 or ISO bairn on the upper  lid and 80 or 100 on tho lower, or  ������ny, -J&0 to fi00 InsdiPH In all,  Good,Form In Luggage.  For tlie. week end trip there is ue-  rised a'" small case made of cretonne  nnd rubber lined. Wltliiti this case uru  provided loops which hold o' miniature  bos of talcum powder and n tube of  tooth pasto.niid other ultra small sized  toilet articles, including lira, tooth,  brush. Thus one nulls one's needed  Items compactly at hand when In requisition for dressing or packing. When  one has such convenient methods, of  holding olio's things together one It  less likely to forget tiny articles when  they are to ho gathered together for -  the traveling bag,  Por tlio visitor to the seaside, wheth- ���������  er for the day or week end, there Is nu  Imported ense of tan leather which wlll  greatly ndd to the comfort or the possessor. This ���������ls about the size and''  shape of a small suit case and opens in  tho same way. Within-is -n rubber  lining,-which'Is cloth covered nnd adjustable over,.tlio Vot biitliliu. suit. Iu  fho cover'-or the suit oimi are lilted n  mirror, a conih, scissors, n imcltnge of  hairpins, safely plus, both black mul  white, nnd court plaster. Cuinplete. this  costs $115, but It Is well worth tlm  amount.  The newest suit cases, trunks nnd  bngs nro mndo of bright red W'siIIht.  rather startling to the ciikiiiiI .iibsi'iver,  but for tlmso familiar with the dlfllcul.  tlos In Korttng Kuropeiiii baggage not  such an altogether to be di'splwd n<>  lion. Smaller Items are ii'fio made In  ���������his color,  i'  Week End Invitation*,  A grant deal of courtesy Is ruqulrcit  from Uiohu who accept Invitations to  houso pnrtles or for n couple of weeks'  stay with friends, 'Jfieienro loo many  who forget that by making tlnmwlvj-i  ngrccnblo Uiey stand a much groatoi  chanco of living favored with mnny  such Invitations. Tlioy lake for granted nnythlng pleasant Unit coiiii's nnd  decline to mnko a relurn In the way  of giving ns llttht trotfblo ns possible  ������iw1 mnro PKtwIiillv In doing ������<vi>i*y-  thing possiblo In asMlsllug a HoMi-h*  In her entortnlnlnu.  To duniniid a great den I a I any re-  hort Is to show that one I* not milly  accustomed to vory much nt home, Instead of being n proof llmt the op-  Potting Them to 9l������������p.  Bluv-llor hiuband puts thn bnblos m  tecp.    fle-Thafs eaty,   lio wns s  (irlrengbter before bo mnrrled liter,*  Town Toplci.  llory,   Then the Church will constl- j  Kermal School ex������min������tioni.  One bad emropl* tpollr. man; good  Goclsty ef ths Cincinnati.  The (Society of the Cincinnati wns  nn order established by tho oflkcru  pf tho Revolutionary nrmy In I7M to  porpotuato their friendship and to  rtlto funds for the relief of tho widows and orphans of those who hnd  fallen during tho wnr, Jt was tn.  named bcrnur.**- It Included patriots  headed by WnshlnRtnn. between  Tvliom and tho old Unman farmer-  renrrnl. Clnclnnattis. there w#r������ ������np  posed to b* many ro������������roblance������  llO.llltJ    l������    \l>t-    V..,.aV. I'-i     \'   finds fault wllh not only the food, but  with Hiirroundlngs generally, the weather, or lho nolscH, or the diiiupnesR. oi  tho heat or anything that must bc In  tho nature of things iwpwlwl, Hoon Is  li������ft off the list of thoae who need took  for Invitation* now arid ngnln. Ar.i!  If they nro nmbltloos nf belnp ttltei  iRaln they hart better alb-r tb������lr \m.  ley. A Mttto tartfol hmnlllnc or nn-  ftlVntant slluatloim hn* been known ti  work wondem In this sx in other ������������������  \..  .vi  ���������* HflT^_iW������,Ti1,K^.,  Ei%ii������s8l!H^.!*'3$^  sjaaasj^sga^^^a^w^  Pii  ft  >.'f.,f-Av.'."Aa", *"������������������ : <���������,;."��������� >7������������������"'���������a-.''^'vV^J^^^'!A>^V���������^^_rl:?_:^^,^':t> -.'JeS  THE NEWS, CUMBEHLAMD, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  Special  FOR GASH I  of Fancy China and Lace Curtains.    AH  Odd  pieces ot Chlnawear at Half Price.  Lace Curtains at 33 1-3 off.  Our Stock of FURNITURE and House  'Furnishing is still the Best in the District  The Furniture; Store-  McPhee Block, A. MoKINNON     Cumberland  Decay of The  i di\  Tlu* Pr destant cotintiy church'  inns' Aia'-.o itfelf an.l awalccn to  pi-r'si'iU-day duties or po into tlio  (������������������������������������rap pile, ft- mtist di'op some of  'A.< old rn tii ids, old pr jndieos  and tsrhi'ig* and get'into tho  liniiLrpi,0senfc witli moro than rel-  i_;'o'is doorinn; as an excuse for ex  i\' en'in and support, or it will van  iA!i as tho iiir.rniiifif, dew.  T)ii������ is shocking to some whohave  not ha 1 <vi ear to the ground and  notoJ the trend of' modern life  an 1 thought. Bays'' Successful  Fanning.' T.iey resent innovations a:. they call the new eoci 1  uplift. .-"      '  Dnt tho fact still  remains   that  .thore lms been a   lo?s  of  attendance at conntry church services of  from 25 to  5') per cent,  in   the  lust   twenty   years.    And   there  ha* hco i a loss  of membership in  nifisl. cliurolips.    Varions  reasons  fi'igiv-n fortius. -.The auto  is  Illumed.    Moral laxity is blamed.  Tlr**,   that and  the  other reason  -^^i s-gi -ven-f or~l lie-presen t-cond i i ion-r  l.ot each-'persort search the. secrot  fccdssos��������� of.his own  s< ul f������>r  the  ��������� reason why he takes little interest  now in ihe country church.  The country ministry haa failed tn'1-B.'p pace with the mental  di-v lojjme it <-f tha'fann w." The  pe'file are no longer held by  thunderbolts from the pulpit,  They can't be- seared into church  attendance.-  Th i country ministry, doesn't  pay living wages to tie men on  gaged- in , this work, hence the  l(^t. men are leaving it. The  <ounlry 'peoplo are goMing just  what they pny for, A cheap man  y.nuA nflovd to be ttp to.'late���������ho  cm hardly livo with what he gets  uud has none lo spare for books,  niiigiixiaes and hvn'ol that would  lit liim for greater Porvico.  The country churches must  .'hake themselves lo.iso from "their  narrow diinqmitiHtionalisin 'and  got together for a broader and  I otter purpose. In other words  there's a  greater field of   tiseful-  TIMBEU SAL.E X Ott   ..-  SEALED TENDERS will be  roceivod by tlie Minuter of Lands  not liter than noon on the lSth  day of October, 1018, for tho  purchase of Liconeo X 00, to cut  tics* than simply trying to pump'2,822,000 feet of timber on nroa  ivliaioiis teachings into an nn- )yj,,g immediately north of Lot  willing audionofl,     Tho rcli^iotm. .jt-, ,.     - *_ . ,    , ,������  life of to-day ia  .ho t.^ful "S -W7'0rftCJroft ls,and'  ,,ear ]iom������  ������ml   broad,    uplifting   life   that ^ Kft^e l' C?ft8t Dilrtriel.  inkiM  in  every   family ot   i-very     -Two yenrs will bo allowed  for  creed and  "Ibmi-' nnd   work/ for tho removal of tho timber.     Par-  GO TO���������  HUGH MITCHELL  FOll   YOVIY  Gen'l BlacKsmifhirig  ���������AND-- ��������� '  Horseshoeing  ���������* '   -   0  Third St.     , Cumberland,  5������SXS������������������������������������8GB������SXsXa)������������������������������(?  Wood  Wood  Wood  Now is the timejto place  your order   for   SLAB  WOOD  ������2,50,...per double load -  $1.50.'.,'.porsii>gle load  From The  Star Livery Stables  LOOK OUT!!  for tlie Milk wagon  with tlie Green Box  FRESH MILK A:ND  FARM PRODUCE  Our Milk is the product  of the Best, Fed Cows  FRESH   MILK ,  Delivered moruing& evening^  I. MARUYA-  bellm school., bettor boys and  girls iu play and in wnrlc, better  farming, and iHtor law enforcement,  Im w������r ilonominations and stron  gcr,chnrehes, with less of utril'e  and more of unity of effort, are  tin* eying need of the rural dis-  nii-ts,���������Suecosflful Kannino.  ticulura of Chief Forester Victoria  H.O,  the iirime.  The bride is n woman of wn'i  , droits fascination   and   remark  fible   attractiveness,     for,   with!  manner as   enchanting   at-"   the  wand of a siren and a disposition  i.s sweet as ti'C odors of  llowers,  and a spirit as joyous as the '*ar-  oiings of birds ancl mind n������ bril  It.iut ai* those   glittering  tresses  hat hdorn th������ brow of winter,  ; ud wiv'n "uimu u> jnne ,������.*������ dew-  ' rops trembling in a coronet of  violets, she will make the home  ��������� her husband a paradise of cu������  chantuient, like the lovely homo  i.i her ghlhootl, where tlie heav*  en-toned harp of marriage, with  : v chords of love and devotion  Mid fond ejtdearmenis, sent forth  the swecttV   strains   of  felicity  NOTIOK In boroly givon tlui on tlio  (Iiul (Uy of Doc inhor next applioutiou will  lut undo totlio Supurintemlcnt of I'ri'Vin*  o'ul Polled f.r tho roiiewul of tt.o liolul li-  i'.huiio to h> 11 Iii|ii irn,i>) rouil ii thn Intel  liunwu no ibo Woi'illuiH .Stopping I'luco,  iiituu.ont Oj*itor Hi ver, in tho province uf  Ilii Mi Columbia,     An.sik Woonnvii,  Da'ud Ootob.r J, WW  NOTICK Ib horoby givon Uut on tho  HrH da i fy Dn'cinber noxt uppfioittinn will  bn ti.ado to to tlio Hti|jtrii tutiilai't of Pro-  vinciul Police, Victoria, for a ioucw4 i.f  ihit li.it������������l llpflnnft to ������-<>ll l|i|iiniH liy retail  tlin 1). tol known nn thn I'liiirlenay lloiian,  tit'iiilol at Ci-urtci.ti}', ll.C.  John H. Joun.tox,  Du ed Ortobor 1, ll������in..  4iiie pigs, also white ones. Apply Mrs. David Pickles, Den.  man Island.  T ie S. S, (Jl.anmr went on  her winter schedule on,Tuesday,  The steatm-r will   nnivc   at Un  ion Hay Tnesdsiys Wednesdays,  that ever tlrillt-d the sen*** with land Kricinys, and leaves Nanaimo  i  o rhythm������e  pulsing* of eciint-Jfor Vancouver   Thnr.sihiys   nnd  tl* r.'iptnr* --( litrlo'lrvilh- (Ky ) ' cj^. ,:r J:lv5}  ^l.toiiiclc. j  ||P. DUNNE, TAILOR" -  8 Every Man's  Desire  IS TO DE  Well Dressed  Have your Clothes Tailor-Made-."  8  >������������������������������ o m* ������<m> m m *n  Eastern Suits made-to-order  From $15 to $25  OVER.GOATS  $15 to $25  p. diTh^e  AGENT, FOR  ������h,f Itoal %&W& ������atlnrittg  ������otttpanij.  Montreal and Chicago  ',      We giiariinU'e stylo, (it ami workumnslitp.  Latest Mi>des, Newest Fabrics, 250 sanipli-s  aat������$sc9o$t*aotaa���������taa aaaaaaaaataaaaaaaaaaa  MAROGCHI BROS    ^  GROCERS   &   BAKERS    \  AND PROPRIETORS OF *h  CUMBERLAND  BOTTL'NG WORKS  FEED! FEED! FEED  ,'  A. B.: ..CRAWFORD BARN  A large ' stock "of. shorts*   bian, crushed oats, .hay'a  poultry >fied_. for.solo'at'exceptionally low prices.  Phone 32  Courtenay  =7^  OUR STOCK OF  ecu  is noctt fllfiQost  Cofxiplete  and will be all'opi'mi'd   up for inspection  on;        <  ;  Saturdny.    Mako. your selections^now' while  the stc ok is new and clear     ��������� '������������������  Men's and Ladies' Coat  Sweater?,  Underwear, Hosiery, Children's Hoods and Hockey'  Gaps,   Ladies'   Waists, Shawls, and   Fancy  Motor Hoods. ' r  Cent's, Ladies' & Children's House Slippers  Blankets, Xomforters, etc.  i  &  Vt\  i  i-  |  k  Agents for Pilsener'Hrewing Company's BRER  Wholesale Dealers ��������� in all Kinds of     .   ,  Wines .and Liquors.  SECON  STREET t  ���������W     '        *P*7.'>-a,^,  BROS.  MERCHANT   TAILORS  | Ladies' & Gentlemen's Fashionable Tailor i  I;   SUITS MADE TO ORDER .froin   #27' to $30 for tlie |  J |   next two weeks, only.    ��������� Cleaning, rrensiug and Repairing, m  Davis Block, . Cumberland.  */��������� * ��������� ���������  Get Your Shoes Fixed on Time,  It's Your Gain And Mine.  Leslie J. Aston  PRACTICAL BOOT  and SHOE-MAKER  Dunsniuir Avenue,   Cumberland.  The  Iff IM llfl HlniA If I II  WRfi Mil Kli-J  ������*- STORE  THE "IDEAL"-STORE ; Noxt'to'Tiu-beiis^ f]  " ������  ^MHUUllillllllllllllNK  j" CapitarPaid-.Up$ i 175607000 a  "Reserve, I. l"37O0Q^0OO g  1 DRAFT  5  1  X Royal -Bank oi Canada.  IS ISsjUKI). IN   ANY'-'CURRENCY,   PAYABLE- ALL ||  OVER   THE    WORLD. "" M  I SPECIAL ATTENTION paid lo SAVINGS ACCOUNTS & interest  I   at highest Current KaSee allowed on Depo.iiH of $i and. upwards.  OUiffaiSElIiA.?rD, a  O , B-anch, Opan Daily  UNION "AY, B.C.   Sub-Branch, Open Tuesdays & Fridays  D. ML MORRISON, Manager.  COURTENAY,   B.O,   Branch,   Open Doily.  R. H.HARDWICKE, Manajer.  ; %iiuuuuiniiM  P. Phillipps Harrison  BARRISTER AND SOLICITOR  NOTARY   PUBLIC CONVEYANCING  ,1  J.  DUNSMUIR AVENUE  CUMBERLAND,  ow mmemjtvtmrmim  V. BO|Ni0^fl:  Manufacturer of MINERAL WATER  P. O. BOX 483  PHONK30,...  CUMBERLAND  IP YOU GET IT AT      PLIMLEY'S  Get out in the open on an  Motocte  IT'S ALL RIGHT  General Merchants and Bakers  ���������.'-"tuugsaaiiw w^ii "ami1*.! i"iji������  FBUIT, OAI^riDir ETC'  P. O. Box 262 Cumberland, B.C.  Yod oaver know the  true exhilaration o(  metorcycUtiA t|M you  rldo the Indiaa���������  twpMUIIr ihn 19].. Ititilati.  The new comfort featarea  nabn it more than ever tti  perleot motoroyole. vnr������*  tlon and jpltlnd don't exht.  jpltind  ouronc  rower, 8peod and Endurance unequnled  by *ny olhej rootorofcle, Coiti neit to  nothing to maintain. Eeiler to ride than  ��������� bloyole.   Needi 110 faro^e. 5.  Thos. Plimley  739 VATES STREET  VICTORIA, B. O.


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