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The Cumberland News Oct 20, 1915

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Devoted Especially to the Interests of Cumberland and Surrounding LHmtriot.
The Nkws, Twenty-First Yeah
��� i ��� ����������� tr\m*nt
Subscript*on gi.oo a Year
&   Ft-5
��� ./im&mm
kz*> .,,;v...:j'.-..'....-r;.'_;.%;
Vi: ":'..;V.*.t-1   V-v-
l _���-? ^Ssl
UN   ��&
Ynu con depend on
fit,- style and workmanship, when    you
to owe y c u satisfac-
We will be pleased
to show you our com
plete range of Suits
and Overcoats made
by this firm.
in the newest slinpe; our price is right
Men's Soft Felt Hals���.1 ons'i^n-
itieni of ibo Invest American Felts
h<i\e arrived,
for llie F.-ill.    "Sunfield's" arid   Penman's at the old price.
Gent's Furnishings
& Company, Limited
Dunsniuir Ave., CiiBifeerlaiid
Evaryone will be grateful at
the response made to the Red
Cross Tea appeal, held at Mr and
Mrs Stuart's residence last week
considering the conditions here,
the amount realized, $27.00, was
good, and the entertainment provided was in every way very
As the Government appear to
intimate that tt is not now essen
rial that more machine guns,
should be offered. Something
should be,decided iu the matter
of the Cumberland fund raised
for the pbrpose of. the contributions should either be returned
or the amount ou hand.be given
to the Red Cross branch here,
the latter would in the opinion
of Gatherer, be prefsrabie, a!l
who gave  have  given  for  war
Hand-knit.   Sweater "
,made-to-ord'er  in  all styles with   Sweater, |
Coat and��Tcque to match, in shades of red
browns, greens, blues, tangos, white, blac
; Special Value in  32 inch
in neat stripes at
8 YDS. POR $4.00
Another shipment b{  Ladies'  Kail   Millinery in Trimmed and Readj:to-wear Hats
in'velvets and felts-.
W-   ���   ���   ���   '���'.������
exempt from the seven aud ahalf
per cent upom Indian corn, bind
er\, twine, mowing machines,
binders, and reapers and harvesters, but he has to' pay it upou
ploughs, harrows, horserakes,
seed drills, windmills, cultivat-
ors, manure   spreaders,   hayload
It is nice to Imvo a frirnd ytho
will uinke yo�� i present of $105/
000 ju*t for old times sake. And,
wo tLionglit that tlio dnys uf Damon and l'vthias were over.
Tue City Council met in regular so.bion on Monday evening,
there being presotit Alilenncn
MacDimalil, Hrown, Hunks, Car-
uy nnd tli��   Mayor,"
Miuuios of previous mooting
wore rend nml nd opted.
(.'oinniiinicntiun from Mrs. Geo.
Clinton,  Sect.   Ladies'    Patriotic
Society, acknowledging receipt of
$3-1.80, net proceeds for Allied
fur liiglit Ijiittune.
.Hills mid Accounts:
.John Thomson, $B.OO; C. II.
Tarbell & Son, 13.05; Elec Light,
���M-.iJo; 1). G. Crawford, :.f>.!15;
A. iMeKlimon, 3.00,
Aid, Hunks ropoi'ced water
di'iiiiib tit fourth St, connected
wiih city goweis,,. alfO n wuter
drum put ncciotss .Diiin-iiiiiir tiven
no nt Fin-t Street
'A meeting of the collector** for
the Miichino Gun Fund wus c*U-
etl for Tue-idi.y, Oui. 20, nt 7.30
p m in   llm   Council   CIiuiiiIut..
All col Worn nro iihkil; to attend this mooting.
Householders wishing lo be ���
como vouua for   tho   yenr   193(1,
imiht rotiiator during   the   month
of Octolor
Doiit'i forget ijio novl eiiler-
tniniui'iit to ho held in Grace
Moll o.litt Church on I'Yidny evening nt 8 o'clock. It will only
cost you KVi'iita,
Air, ll, IIoiiilvi'.Miu, manager of
Ko, 4 tu'inii is in Vidorin, t.ml
may be homo on   iSitturduy night,
It U good.byo for thih year   to
tlie gouilvojtl sumimv time.
Loudon, Kng. Sept. Si!),
via Toronto, Out. 29, Vdlo.
His Honour the Lieutenant Governor cf the Province   of   J>.    0.
Victoria, H. C.
1 beg to inlortu  you   thnt   the
Hritish  ]*led   Cross   Society   nnd
the Order of Sr. John .in  view  of
tho grout demands upon   their  resources both   in  Kriiuoo and  thu
Near East have decided   to   mnko
nn nppt'iil throughout   tho Empire
by street, nnd other collections upon tho twenty "first day of October
next tho   money   received   from
this appeal will  ho   dovolod   entirely to relieving the suffering of
our wounded Koldiere nud  sailors
from hom . und   overseas   nt   tho
various scuts of war from till purU
of thu King's Dominions we hnvo
already received   generous   assio"
tuneo in our work, but   with   tho
iiii'.ruiw. of JJrltUh   nnd   Overseas
I'o ices ut tho Front thero ir a cor-
responding inoroui-H iu our expeti"
��.l it mo and we slinll ho truly grute
ful to you if you will help  us  by
organizing un ujijieal nud sending
the proceeds to us for   thu  ujoclh
which I hnvo   nnined   I hhull   lm
gieutly obliged ii you   Wiil kindly
communicate,   tho    foregoing   to
your Govurnment.
Their Mnji'Sties the King and
(Jueoii, and Uor .Mujusty (Juecn
Alexniulru ale giving titi tlieir gracious piitronage, and 1 trust that
you will nho lo able to seo your
way to help,
I'/sesideiit   of    the   Hrtiish   \UA
Cross Society, Hl\  Pall Mall, Lon-
ers, potatoe diggers, feee cutters,
grain'.ciushers,- fanning mills,
hay tedders, farm, road or field
axes, hoes, rakes, pronged fork-*
paiu'es, shovels, spades. Yet-all
these articles are largely prodttc
ed in Canada, aud consequently
will not pay duty and are of no
mateiial benefit to the treasury
wliich only applies to important,
goods, yet the farmer has to pay
the yi per cent add tional upon
every article he buys on this list
Assuming that the material used
iu the manufacture bf these artic
les represent 40 per cent of the
sellliug price aud the mauufactu
rer has to pay 7A per on the 40
per ceut realize that would be
about 3 cents on every dollar,
whilst he gels 7^ per cent, extra
protection on every dollar of the
of the finished article; this makes him a present of t\\ per cent
which the laimer has to pay
without benefiting the Domini
ou treasury a single cent.
That is uot all, the tax hits
the farmer ou clothing, furniltr
re, provisions, iu shoit all his tie
ces-siiies and the treasury only
gets Si.00 throueh tV.e tax and
the Ca'nadiou manufacturers
pockets an extra $3,00.
Isn't this ji sugar-cnated pill
'or the fanners ? How long will
thoy submit lo always come out
the little end of the horn, whilst.
purposes aud none ever dreamed
of i''s being   returned  lo   them
a :d no worthier object than con
tributing. to the comforts of.our
b.iys at the front through. theRed
Cross agency could be devised,
remembering that they are figh
iug. and- many of thtw-giving
up life itself for ns, who perforce are staying at. home, would
it not be well to call a meeting
and decide what should be done
"He Giveth Twice Who Giveth
Farmers in the western provinces were up iu arms because
the Government had notified
them lhat the seed, giain and
fodder supplied must all be re
paid out of this year's harvest,
prices have fallen and directly
the Dardeuells are opened are
likely to fall lower still for a
time, but the most serious complaint made was the seed wheat
supplied which was composed of
nine difk-rcnt varieties of wheal
besides besides fouled with mustard and other weed r.ceds, producing rt mixed sample, difficult
to sell at any price, and tlie different varieties ripened unevenly;
the early kind shelling out before the late were ripe to cut, en
tailing heavy losses, to say r.o'lr
ing about the weeds, of which
one year's seeding makes seven
weeding;   again,    the    farmers
pointed out, that because of  the-1 nuiiKct, wiiete pi.ee:, ;.s a tu.e.t
are higher
The bearding up of   the    Ideal
Store,front   is ceriaiuly   a prutee
tio[i-tn_iliH_^itt*��s but it_doiitiii2j.
���11 Bi���, __.
look good.    ' -
;rit System
To Encourage Good Work
in School."
, In order to stimulate'pupils
to put forth their best effort..,
th_e teachers will at encLoLeacha_
Freii Siiniulerf,  ton of Mr. K L
day afternoon through tlio cup
si/Jog of a boat, iu which ho nnd
n companion mimed Marsh wero
in, Mar?:li tried hard to ivsauo
his companion but fail ml through
cxhmtPtioii. Tlio body was recovered shortly after the accident. Tin* dcci'Sfed was 17 ywr��
of nge,
month select from each room
the live pupils,who have clone
the   most   satisfactory   w-ork.
 -,        ..._._,��        ..*, tI _i,t*v. tu.  v irji ft,
imndwrs, We.t C��>��;berl��iid, wtot 'pi     -,.-,,__��� Yc A ' -i       -n
', 7 , 1. . 1 illt- n:i'"es of these pupils will
rowued 111 Comwx Liika  on.  I'rr , , ,. ,    , . ,      ,"
     be published in the local news
A"team belonging to Campbell
Bros., ran nwiiy, on Wcdm:_day
alteruoon,:uid batlly wrvckml the
wagon nt .Seavnrdo's ��onier.
Mr Win Olipluint ninl   sou,   of
Victoria, weie in   town tlii* week.
.lohn Scavanlo apjienred lufon-
Mttgislrnto Hii'klo, on n elittrgo of
taking wood from tlu* Canndiuti
Colliery (.'oiupiuiy's litudri witli-
oiit puiniisFioii, Ho wat lined
?2.r> 00 hh.I en. I., with %\"i <1hmi-
iigow, I'V.iuk Meiti in tho ^ikiuc
court vt'At rlinrged with helping
liuunolf to cubbngM from the Com**
|iniii*Vi* furin. An it wuh a fuvt
ollVnec, lie war- ��illowe<l (<��� ^o on
���lus-pct'iie'l H'lili'iiir, Mr 1' I'
liarrUoii pn^reuled,
Anv furilu'i* itii'ii' will hi'diull
the uiauufacttiicr bounces out of
ihe big ond, avid ihis bv the govi
eminent    that is beting   nud with n.'m.Mln.g t��� ihw
praying   for    mono   production
and yet would   not    niv?    him
Mr aud    Mr*   Tlionus   liiddc
livo     I'XjIf'Cl^l      llOltl?      lU'Xl      VYcelv
access to    a larger    i:i.-iikt*t K.r| frnm , i,in'ng tho   Sin    Fruiieiico
his wheat to ihe United Stausj |(,hj(i
very low prices uow, they would
like to hold all ihey could, hop
thev would stiffen later on, the
result is that on Bill September
the Government agreed to coll
ect only half of the amount, .''aimers should learn from tliis tliat
Sir. i���*. r unin. ������'.   > it "Ha, iiii-.ii
:��i;f'r of the Strj'ci Stuin^ M.iihiiv
(J'-mpftiiy  for   Vm cmnisr   It-lnint.
wail   in   tr.wn    Ilii.-*   wn1.;.    Mr.
Fullor  r-'iort*.   lotn   of   j-rosj-rct��
|"p  lo    lhe    pi'Offclit,     till*-    ''H1
paper, and each' pupil soselwct- "
ed will also receive an "Honors .
A  record  will be kept in a.
conspicuous   position  in  wich
class room of scholars who receive honors month b'V month.
Such n. scheme will surely
promote ���,; spirit of emulation
in the pupils and stimulate
them to yield the most,satisfactory results in their power.
Uor Sir:���My attcnilon has just bee*
.drawn in .SkuUIamN Ihiici- in Yiuir l��ue
nl ilie. Sill nl|o,, ^iviiif; an mcmiut of tlie
:i(Ciclcni tn liiuisrli'iuul my nephew, A.
W, Idicns, ��on of Mr. John Idiens, Viu-
lnii:i, wlien li;;hliii[' Klniijjside each ullicr
111 llu; iirni.ho at Y|jio, lie ..pppem*.
in vv.ni to know ih. wlirir.ili aui <.l th*
nephew, 1 ion pruscd lo say he nas \t-
Kivfii'ji iind now ai ShoincliflV, aw-oiiiijf
in j;tit into iheM.riiiK line :i��.iin. Anoili.
rr in.'in (jilting wiili iliem in llir ����Hie
lu-nrli wus ,\\t\ I-, r'ailtliuipc *ho liu
iliQsime nt Sc,% Mine; It? tsi-iped mini tliv 2.'|ili of Au>:ii'.i, when fiom tin- .v-
count* nivi-n hy lm'opTon, lm f-Np^ed
liiuw-H fin x ffw sfmiioH iihmc ll��:
(inn Ii, i\ Mipci t*ur,hl Ii tin :n 1^'; held
di'.nli hriui' inst.iiiiniifoiif.
I li.s n.'i.li'-.a. . I ii'.ik- i�� .1 line, fiifhtrr
mill tin- Amc.. Mv .idviof to ill >OtiP){
it. u- Ihmu lioxui;' i.i i i^ i'f ineNirn; it
uuu vvloi Lou :vi %Mi,i wiil i.t',i- kriiin lv<n^
down. It v;.����*% oin* .elf i KlitideiKd to
my i.i^'. lur j; ol 'he ]i',v��i'-it ���teune
li|i),wlruiii|j ibf i'I-.m-1 -o' rii'T will Ik'
,i |,u el in i nun* .if! (i tin* u.o '.to', ir, it
Hilt     m'HV,    W l! I /     Wn!     H.iMI     lo    lot    tllt'lf
�����ni .Oi,. .i * \o tinf. >..ii  mip   uiinci   lite
'',t.,tl.     I   .iiotn ' l.-M'"   I'.i^ftlf,   Imt   h.iv-
Iii.-Cll til' bf*\ lii'i!tt.ls   ill     liif     f'ili j lUK ,A Ki,,i|iU.u, ,,i \���i: lnii.i  I .tilt Um U.A
mill*' fur   n nuc tine, ! �� iln�� m leiru new nu kt.,
S'n n<  1- i-H
....    ,,      ., i ior libuini']"'^i:ii:   lonchitxv vviniii
they ate a power poh'icnlly  ii   .   *     , , ,,    ''
' * ' StllriW' ft    li't'lT.
tlicy   only   net   unitedly.    The 	
Honleu   (iovtnuncnt    \wm\o    -r     <.!,-���< :..... ,i   ���,
t m   M 4 '* '
��;;ami stand disjj'.iy, ih;.t llu* f.ti ;.!,.,,, u.iS t/i\^. j....
ij.^wtie >jitcinlly covxd  i-v ,; *(l ]iilt'itif,..
UM. IDillNJi
Mr*-, .! toji-n NS'atil tui'l rhililion |
li.ft fa.t    Viiiitvun'i*   on   .MWnl'iy, i  +
���,i to int to I'm   \Mvn.��   ni Mr. !     Wc :.rc ].lwn-.l   to   yaww   Mint
W;,,,!, i Kiiuili Pulliy ir   Ada   in   n
t'hvill^ t<>  till'    lu-wvv    w-n,    tin*
(A njio'i
��� I ���!���-!-1! V 1 }��� ���-"' 0
no .ij.i    j,ot   hi'i-J    i.n.il    o  i^s,<j;v    All Ui.id'- i 1  1 .mtiUj
"!���>** r,,i���n j;;.v en \V<-V '    *\lxP*  n��'V}i. ow   \\*.t* ^inn
in tl.i* K-t/'l'ii-- i.-iy. I :"   "">t   riglit   throiijjl.
Ui i'o'Ait.ii.
iu the H*ar la.\t-s, aa he wouni ia
W*��>t~ i i-i ���
",f- III   f'-r     -jL\\i\   U-  t  U1.il \
Repeating Rifles
You'ro ready, for emergencies with a Remington-UMC
Repeating Rifle. Six to 1"> shots���with'Mp ed and accuracy
that' only, World-Standard Arms can insure.. Clean cut
lines���perfect balance���light weight--and rapid action
are the qutstdtuimg features of Remington-UMC Rifles.
Metallic Cartridges
Remington-UMC Metallics in every calibre���
for all sporting and military Arms: Kvery'
cartridge gauged in���lhe  Arm for which it'a
made. "Use them---for a better day's sport.
"Straight Shaotiiin Tip.i" and
our Catalog FREKon request.
Remington Arms-Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
{Contractors tu the  liritishvltaperial and
O'tA.ia't 0'��t'rj��C!t(_.)
[Tourists in Rockies
fyrhk  '
Scarcity,of Butte.:
Setting- Fence Post?.
Canadian   Exporters ' Have   Chance  to j Decay First Begins at Ground  Line���
Make   Profitable   Deals,   Gays  ��� "' j      ���      Larger End to be  Placed
Trade Commissioner Ross �� ! . Down   ��
��� .v.Xcvei'before lias there been sucli a ' The Scientific American says: It
scarcity of butter in Australia." writes; js a VGrv common belief among farm-
1). 11. 'Ross, the Canadian trade com-i ers thai a post will dast ������ longer if
missioner at, Melbourne, in a letter Iq i se_ ju jhe ground the reverse of
llie trade and commerce department. > ^av it grew in the tree, in other
pointing out rhe chances -there are I words, ' with the butt end up'.
for Canadian exporters.
The l export of .butter from
Zealand is prohibited.' be says, and j smal]/end down. "The supposition-is
liiv_.c sluiime.Us , of UuvmaA batter ! that sap-in a tree is 'alwavs ascend-
fronr Vancouver,, and American but- inR ov al leasl thaL it'is caasisr (0!.
ter from .San. Francisco, ��� havo lie?n I llu!; Sii]} lo ?0 il0 than'down.' ('onse-
4H*iUaUo-tt���Uie���.importers. Tbe i ,ni.,vnn-A ii ivi ni-ffiiPil luruiiik'a p.cist
wholesale prii^e for prime butter ,in[��.,sicU; dowiA tendsTTo7 preventWe
Melboui'iuris now; 'IS cents per pound l r:-v, ol- wutRri lleip3 l0 keep/the wood
unprecedented   value���and  my '
���  ��'��< words,   with   the   butt   end   up'.,   Ac-.   .',,,.i-Y   ���   , 1,    ' . '.
Aiordinglv,l one v.$ee$  manv   posts,  cs-;lultl l-'yWen J�� Ahe A\ay
���New;-1H?ci;(llv end and    ite p0!:u., wlth the   spn-atioiis, to find a c
Banff and Lake Louise Attracted Um
. usual(,Nutnber of Americans
, Rack in, Montreal .frpui. the \ve.ct,
Mr. .1. M. Gibbon, general publicity
agent of, the C.P.R., haa an "inspiriftg
story to tell of the tourist traffic iu
the C.P.R. resorts iu lhe Rockies and
the phenomenal crop in -the prairie
provinces.  ���>        ���      ._ "
"Only those 'who have paid a visit
this    summer    to    Haul,   and    Lake
Louise," he says,  "can  realize what
tiiis unprecedented Hood of American
tourists  means to Canada.    Many, of
j them have come in spite, of alarmist.
I reports thai ihey would be subject to!
| annoying,ireainient ut the frontier and
I even at the risk of conscription. They
jure (U'i>aitiii_; gratified at the courtesy
I ihey  have  cspo'rieiu-ed  from- govern-
j niont  officials and impressed by the
'service and  comfort    they .have mot
with all alonj. the line of "Uio C.P.R.
! ,\;, i'or tiie scenery between- Vancouver
j atid  Calgary,  thoy are unanimous ,in
suyins that nothing in all their"trtivels-
in America or Europe can equal this
amazing train riffe.
"Many whom "1 talked to confessed
tliat their visit to,, Canada,.had converted them froi*.wiiidiff.,erence to ar��
denin sympathy >yjt\-* the cause of the
Allies. Theyv-had ^-"ead Camtdiau
papers on the trains^iI'mii the hotels,
they had met and 'learned to-like
'Canadian people and. Canadian ways
and they had fell a'brotherly affection for the .line fellows they saw in
khaki "uniform wherever they went.
'ThisUotirist. invasion .of the Canadian
Rockies will mean at' least fifty thousand new real friends ,'i'or Canada in
theU'nited��SUues.    _  " "      '
"The'V'isitofs this ye-.tr include many
��� leaders of American society, members j
'��� of the old families of Boston, l'hiladel- j
; phi a aud Mew York,    and' prominent!!
i iiK'i'chnnts.   ;,lawyers    iind politicians
; from-tlt/ Middle West.   Maude Adams,
'���tho actress., spent  a'mouth  at Lake
Louise, murine golf course at Banff is
now a 'recognized social rendezvous.
"ln spite of the vast expenditures
made by the .(\"P���R. on tne moiintr.in
hotels ami de luxe equipment'of trains
during the past three years in antici-1
pation of��tliis year's travel,' the result
shows that npt one cent top much has'
been spent, for both hotels and trainA
have been taxed to capacity. At Lake
Louise    on   several evenings over .-,
^  thousand dinners lave. , been ^served.
yy. The close ��� co-oparation   between the
' ' train and hotel service enabled every
,^..  traveler, however little forethought he
!'    *  ���  *- ���    ���   '���* 0f advance re-
comfortable bed.
As for the dining car service, there
���watt not,, one Lmet who dill not take
his hat .'off to the C.P.R. /i'lie now.
'dia.plel.ic., blended menus' seelnert to
catch tiio fancy of the" American lour-
- 4-gfr^Mi-d���ea-e-i-tod.-iu.uuu���faxora-l'-l e. co u__,
m'ent."   " �� <���  .
Mr. Gibbon travelled .over two new
yg7~*���   If you are visiting Toronto, or .'live here, you are, welcome, to come to our
^i>    -  oflices ancWead scores of original testimonials from reputable men and women ���
who have used this treatment,   'if you cannot come we   will   send   Booklet,  containing
Sworn" Testimony iYo.n those who have been helped and benefited. -
SSiito 14, Cosgrave Building, 1G3 Yonjie Street,, TOROKTO, CANADA.
-an   unprecedented   vatue���anu  my : ,lr. ��� amI    t^.refore renders .it -less ,,        ,   ,. .   .  ,     ..
plies are limited. ��� ���      \\'Ai,\c to t'tceav    As -i matter, of fact   ln'anch lules operated ,hy the Cr-P.M
Hoth the mail and cargo steamers l hA, or  w-.<6r' e-tii  (low' in either l|dl-  in 15rilisil  Columbia, the Kettle
from    Vancouver,    and     the    c^vgo y-,,,,;,iv    Y-Uh  ,nm,il    fafiliivAm^ the ���'lej'  Railway abetween   J'cnticton
Conserve Resources
Conservation of> All Our Resource, of
Vital Necessity During War
',* Sir Edward Carsom in his, stirring
'manifesto on the lirst. year of the wur
from .tho British viewpoint says .that
nobody knows how long- the Blnigyle
will continue, but that the allies will
never agree to peace until all their demands are satisfied.    .  '
.That is the situation in plain language. The only thing (hat can bring
.about peace without the attainment
qi the obj.ect each country is lighting
for is exhaustion, or a, decisive beating. The character of tho warfare
and tlie employment of such.vast
numbers of. troops preclude the pos-.
sihilily of a single cngageiiicnt decl-��
sive in its nature. The struggle may,
and will, bo marked by many- great
individual conflicts, but the chief factor'will be the endurance of tlio 'belligerents: the nation, or .combination of
nations,, with the superior staying-
power will emerge victorious. ,       ~ ���
��lt is up to,us all to aid in the result
by every possible conservation of our
resource's. The Germans have. eliminated1 waste, ancl are thereby that
much, better prepared to continue the-
struggle; without this.genius for organizing _ths uAustro-German- forces
would today be in a desperate pos'i-'
lion in all likelihood. ['
" There are 'Countless ways wherein
w��e might profitably emulate the enemy. The matter of alcoholic .consumption is one of these. Jt-is'tindeni--
able, thiii money spent, for liquor,
���ordinarily1.,brings" no return oT usefulness to the consumer or purchaser,
So far as concerns the consumer the
money is, completely,, wasted, its ex-
-;ift-��Utji.!^-r-P-fiuliiiig merely in the gra't-"
ilicalion of an appetite
ment gets a certain
steamers from SI. John,*"1 have, recc-ni-
ly arrived at Australian port's with
full cargoes, and", as a t matter o.! interest, much more cargo of ('an:;u-
lna origin is. offering than the
aicaiiici's can acconnnodfite. ]u some
iiiKtant'os bulky good:-? have of necessity been ��� diverted, from the reftulai*
shipping lines t-ii��sailing vessels landing at Xew York,
���Miller's XVorraJViwderg will "no I only
cspel wurnib from i,.Un system, bhlwill
.induce, healtliful conditions of tha'system under.which worms can no longer
.thrive, Worms keep a child in a continual state "of restlessness, and pain,
and tliero cau. be. no comfort for the
little one uulll the cause of suffering
be removed, which can be easily done
by the use of these powders, than
wlifcii llim-c is nothing more effective,
The  Flanker-Farmer Get-Tocjcthcr
"If any 'iwo men go band in hand,
nnd play a liu'ge part in the matter
of good 'liim';-, they are the t'lii-m.-i' nnd
the banker," said }}. V. IUiitU -of Illinois, al Ihe ivmii IVuilci'-Kiii'lliei*
coiil'eiTiicd al Clilcago, Througiioiu
the I'nile/l Slafeii bank'i'.-i ar" making
a on ,io|iit' i-IVui'l lo cs-'ainiiie fanning
thi'i/iigh tlm lens of a mici-oscupi' iu-
(U-ad of 'lliriiiigli l!n> wrarni mul of a
tel-'fcopi.1 ' ,t
llai'tiin W, curric went lo thiii Hank-
ei*-l,,:irui.'i- ��!<iiii'"i-f-n<ic, mid b'iii'iifd a
lot of thing,-! almill Jhe li. nki'i's' of-
t'oi-i-i,, to conic to a li('tt"i* iiiidci'siiiiid-
i:i:. v.lilt lhe fiirnii'is "ilnr priuriiT
purp-i.-u' i, In cdncaU' Hi" li uilm., nol
t:,:   fa'.:,,' ,-," ������ ''''' * c    d"b ������ ���( ���
with ef(tial
to   the' contrary   is
Ontario Women.
nopi'.liii* notion
Careful experiments on the, relative durability of post timbers have
been made at ihe Ohio agricultural
experiment station and the above
question was ..considered. Olio fence
in particular >., conl.iine I lfjij .black
locust posts, of which "SR were set
with the lop eini up,
cud,'down   and  :11   d
whnt   position-a   they    were  set.
Ihe end  of ym years f.0 posts, or
per, 'cent., "were   decayed.    Of
Midway and  the   .Kootenay   Central
Railway between the Crow's Nest line
and the C.P.RAmaiu line al GolduiT.
The scenery along both lines' as ex1-
cpptionally beautiful" and yet entirely
different from that of the main line,
so that  -ash  alternative    routes they
should   seen   become   popular.    Con-
siderabla settlement has   followed (lie
���"i u-iih iii/> inn i "oustruction of these lines, which both
id        hsiS.   li?! so-i'vonliBtvlc-ts well suited for mixed
���'arming aiiiljriuf growing.   The Kel-
i tie. Valley Kuilway will make access
C.P.R. 'which in
quite as pic-
this !l""' a k^0-'"1011 ol  ino
....Fiilmr.        1~       H.��i'���    Inn    im I"    mijM1'-   (iibljOll'S   0|lillioil   Is
w ,   nd "ou/ m erl Z^ ImolS j ��"'^��J "�� ���* -^ <"**. g" R
' '���namely,     the  run   alopg  Christina
,ake   and   the   steep   banks   of  llie
��� Columbia river.
words, one-third of those set top down
rotted off, as compared with only a,,Utile over, QiiiMiixth of ihos:' set toji'iiji. i
From (liis and numerou,:.; olher oi)��(.-r-| ' T"
vatiniiH the conclusion wa.-." readied Corns eripiilo tlio feet nnd make
"lhat there is no difference which end ' walking a torture, yet sure relief in
Is pm In llie ground, except that llie'. I h'* shape of UullowayV. Corn Cure
sounder or larger'end.should have tlie| is within leach of all.
preference," (
The decay of a prist
Hi ground liim, since il
llu* "conditions as; to air
are most favorable lo
iiioii , of" rot 'tiusing-
things being equal,, tiie
posi tiie longer il will
ing a  pcsl   often  uicaii!
Is mosljy al ;
Is there ihai. ,
and moisture I
tho develo))-1
fungi,    Oilier I
M.ore Bombastic Talk From Kaiser
A f''reiK'h torpedo boat has cup-
lured near Tripoli a sailing vessel Hying the Cii-Hdi flag. Aboard her were
a  few Turks and $:'(i,oo.  in Gorman
coin, it number of Hciinitars and oilier
Oriental vlil.-i, am] an eugrosned cas-
kei foiiliil/iiJig' the following letter in
to the chief
larger Uie
:tst. Invert-
put l iny the
small  rfi.l   In  lhe ground, ahd >?,hen , A,.���,,,,,  r,,on,  lhl. 1(.lis(M,
Ihis Is doin. llie time r.'(|iim;d lo rol ;���,��� ,ho St,,UJUSH| ���.j|,c:
off i.t Ias tiiaii  wji. ri'- th.' big ond is
down,   If bolli-i'iids arc ('(iiuiU;- i.'uiind
Ih ��� |a"gcr s.houlil go into tile   .round.
If one (.ml is defootiw Ii should be up.
,'d.ice the condiiioim above xnmift avo
niiiny I line, more favorable to dui'ali-
i'l.i ��� 'il'ati !'i' l ;o nr b"low i'i.' M'mind
Iiuv. .
''I'raises to, the niosl high God���
Knip.'ior WUiiaiu, son of Clrirlo-
inaniie, Allah's envoy and IhIuiu's pro-
lector to the Illustrious Chief of Son-
idiss!: We pmy God lo lend our ni'lliy
In \iciory, our wlll is ihalthy valor-
��� ni. v.'aVr'or.' a-hull evpel the infidels
from   lhe tribe l)e|oiinliig lo the true
Tbe govern-
lax from the maii-
nfacUive and, sale of liquor, and this is
often advanced-as an economic argument; but the remainder of the cost
ds'purely a-drain on the resources'of
the individual, and thus also tlie nation, without any useful return to
either.       ��� '  -
Would not the present be'an a ns-.
picious time to .begin a movemenfjo
impress'upon all the advantages from-
a personal and a patriotic standpoint
of ���abstaining from liquor/.' Thosheer
waste of money-in Canada in the pur-;
chase and consumption of liquor, to
say nothing-of its oilier undeniable effects,'at a time when evefy, good,
cili'/.en .should bo strain ing every
nerve' to conserve the'resources of the
country is lamentable.1' Do we like
our beverage better thim our country?
ho we care less for Canada than tho
average German cares fpr the fatherland?���-Ottawa Citizen,
It*d what's  inside,
the cup that counts.
110  UNIVERSITY AVE., - . -       ,     , - TORONTO, CANADA
Underft,the  control  of  (Ho Dopartmont  of  Agriculture  of  Ontario.
Aillliateii with ilio University of Toronto.
COLLEGE   RE-OF^ENS" FRIDAY,   1ST   0CT03ER,   1915   "
-     i:.  A.   A."GUANGI_,   V.S.,  M.Sc.  rrinclpa!.-
Xo symptoms lhat indicate any of
Ihe. ailments of childhood should bo
allowed to pass without prompt alien-
tion, The lUllo ailment'may soon become a serious one and porhupsnn Utile life passes out.' If Baby's Own
TablofH fiVe kept in lho house minor
(roubles can be promptly cured,,and
serious ones averted, The Tablets
can be given to the new-horn babe as
well as jhe growing child. Thousand':
of mothers use no other medicine for
their littlo ones. They tf,i'e wild by
medicine dealers or by nuill al 'A,
eonls a bo_, from The Ur. Williams'
Medicine -Co., Hrockvllle, Out
Chatham, Htft       Aituf lime ium I Juwl
K"!U'lal  l��i'enl;i!ir,Mi,    It  terminate I  in
Ipl.l'a    11    |,;.|    t-MM',
IV. I'li-r.';-'. Lc-or-
' I iptinli Wt'.H
iiiiciid''ti lo
Oiai'ils in the Garden of Udsn
A   xton   uf  bow   fho   ��'nd   J ii'i)'
ciigir.'.i d ijm Siaiuliim! Guiird.s in
lb i.-ii>i,  G.iif  l,i  told   id ,.i   l'.'M"!'
| beiiv,iM'rt and  tlieii' command T.   To
> ini-j end we M-.uI I lie arms and nmiiey,
,ci��iai).| ili�� tribe chiefs of our common
liu-11'ui'!,    whom   Alliilt   annilillnles,  sliidl
",���-' i ow h< Yi-f tlfo.   S'l he il.    William,''
ie.', life's li
. ori.io'l.
a jol((
')', it's n Jes
10    till'
H'i',  life  |m
llie loafer, lite hi
re,JU    *.
ICI   i'.a'll
' Kiiimui
j s- h'Hi-
I/Sen  i"p d'W'd
by .Mrs.   Woolfrics, id' ChuicU '
i licit ei, Km:.!, frmu her ,a>u, t
il ain  I'rido  v. miiidi> liii.-t i-]i)f '
4    '^m ,'-*"i'-"-*
il *   W-""-t\  ���"_/   ^'hM1'''''"'"
R'lfe fKA'./(.mi.l.l.H,.-lil.   It,..   ,..   a,-  ���-.l)v  ul   on,"
WmfM's.^' t^Jsr'T*k-1" '���''���'"K ������ ���""'"��; d..u ..I Kd. ii, aii .mu
*''r   WK,y-'''/y-'M t\ ioiaMvi  I  v !..*' lni|, , amriulle'i mv d.ti
tX-m^i'id- -   'fhy-A-'-7 ���-,',
l'i\kWm^''r'r  'fi,'-!:'
\i\f io ;>���!
I'dllltl   Ll'    .mi",      \
''All I   "a.-lKUla l.'l 'I'i;
IN'-iln illt'  If  1>> il>|{ l,"'"l   ilA.h     V, ill (,MM' ,;,
��, fnir   Irinl"    Ylic-    .Ini''.   ,.\ci,i'.ii',   iij'
lvj^.il' ;*i , CirtMi.'iiit, (bii.
. 1,1 HU\  ilci.iit;,
W        ii|' I'."!'.''
in Citii.ni ��� h n
1'l'aaa   lipli<.||      i>
Af   lilt!  (II 'il   M'llipi.illi
!l, ii    ai,  a.i ,   |( .     ,     .
xo.i'Ay   lu'lpiiil   i' ������ ��� 1;.
J'ViVol-i'e   l'li'fic|'i|>li(���i.
'I iiOUa-Illldr!  (ll   Wu".|.'i
tnki'ii i! iM'fi iliil'iiilii'i', ���
ib-   ('i.ai-.-"'fi I'avol ," J'i"" lipiw.ii i�� a
trie lA'iiu in wm..	
For Invi-liK Im, l.-n I. :u;J.(. 7: cVli--.
mcni.'d <|i'pt-i'.A,ou, tl..",n,>._ , l.tiir-h;',
Mu-lh, la-iliirli* a')'! ("ill lA-iiYi, v.mi',1
Kh.v.bl tt.'VU fail t'i I'.A" Iht H'..i ;.ihI
triii' ttiumio'K liteda-iil",  ���
jVrparcd    fA'dii    iiaiui'i-."    i ��� -** *��   ��:.d
*i-.,l. Jt      ��..,-||.|ip   '    ]|l)    id   -llltlll    <lf    li   ii-n'i',
'K'lt   WAV   ll.iliill'lll   ��IJ_4i '-fil< ti',     in . .  "
' -5,!-��   or  piplid  'one    '  VAl'i*  l>i j'li-.-i-,
I:,,' i! ���!-" ll'i'.i'l, HaiV.ti'i, A Aa, I . '.. I :
U"i' itic<ii'-.d a.hv".
!*r, I'iej..-���'.����� I'!<...-. ti.t   V'Yf a );'  < ' A
th.-...... M'li'i' aXyi [..iy f.y, /'.,"-.
t,- -i \i v up mer iii'/i'ic ft.y, io-' iv. i.. *..
\',,"., ��� ���)..���.'��� i>-n '���������"' .'" "''��� n'f, ' '
i.j,A,i, ,.. (',..   - "���'    I-- "���
n-i.-.-t: v.-; .-iiJd.-, I.t-ion ii.u-.J- -ip of " '������
, ��'tt��-. !���*. .1     Mi'!     tHlllC'l     lli"!'.'l��c!     piUI-
uph-ia'-.T. ii4iioiii<!t'*r" i' '."i \m ���'-���������'��
���AmU.k I?./ tf,- % Y'- l>'1" ">* '���" J"r
����"*nv''. * .ir<-<u-.'-r tUftJ or four int
IMC  llO'dlltlll     ship ,
d-iii f  think,, I   have   told ]
il.. ciiiihli'v, a.-,
lived   In,   bill j
ll!   in  tin- (Lull    Cllll    ! ' c    ll'l'
.tie ircc*', with li
 ,    ,   ".���   lulnml    and   win n
��� le-ivi- Ibai liti��� re in tlio upi'li d":ji M
r i!i(,ii ,:iid .; t nil!"-, whJt-Ji tr ii��m
,'��� n'd v. it it i.'ait r lur KA.Tal utile,".
. ,i,'d to mrf.'li I "i in'li' -' th" of In i*
i,,, ,i.i,| i'.\f \-;i--v v,n i up vm nd onr
i i , , , (''nur dt'.vn ib.' bat lie
Mill ��� , . li v.,��.- all the b, m of
nn    mul  ihi'  piifiiiH'i'.'i
Miiiard'K l.inliiicnl Co,, l.ltiiili'.l,
A).'nr Sin-. ��� I bad n Ulecdlii", Tumor
mi in, f.it i' I'm' u limn l line and trh'il
n nuiiiht r of reumdii'it wlilioin uny
uocA I'dulf-'. I iwi.f ndvlio-il io liy
Al IN All)'* l,l.\'l ,M1-:,NT. and nil- . u ���
lli;', red nil botlle, il mad'' it cnuiplt'ti'
i in-" and li Iti-nli'd nil up und dl'iip-
piuircd nltoi.i'llu'r,
i��\viii ij.;\ti;.:i.'.'i>.\'(
C. M. i -A Station, Kin-- . Co.,  S It,
H"pt.  t T, IVbi.
,'o thr- li'twyer, llfcV u trial,
To the poet, life's n noil;.',;
I'o, llie doctor, llfc'i, ,i jinilcni
Who need.-i trontim-ut rlKlit alun:..
I'o tlie t.nlilb'1', lii'c'ic a battle,
To the, tffieli.'i*. ilt'e'n a i.clm
Mf'h u r.""d tlilnn to th'1 i*,t
|t':( ii  fniluri) lo the foul.
ait rr,
'I  IH'I   'ub
ciiiinne i
lull!   II',   lues    a   h     a,
A Lqiuj Walk
ciiili'i;.' pniti'M.-ior.
To the mnn upon the ermine
Life'.-' huw, and be.ivy rnid' :
IC'-i a  1'iniilili' to the niiinbli'i',
Tu tlie ni'.'i't bant, lue is imni'
l.lfe In bul n Inn:? viuiiilinn
'i'o ilie niiiti who Iovck liifi ivorlc;
Life's nn" cvorliiKtliiK effurt
To Hhuii'lduly, to the Klilvl..
l'',i In      M ',   l.l'i.i   !    h,"ll   t'li..    ;,'��� ���'
,;   hi ,   ha,   tlm  >.liorif.-(   man
.llllllll", I     I ll'   III.        |l     ". al i    11 .i.li     Ilia
Um  Saihium!  Cuiii-ii,-..   iiul     lid,
il ll
t\ ii.i
i in ...,    M
, bid   s,,\U
' 111!'   of  be
��� Visited  hi.
I'f f .inii ��� il m'IioI'.i lie t'|ilill" \cry r.liM'iit iiiindi'd. II"
i muni Ml iiifce, uud u di-iinl
.    'i-r
',1 the
|-���  Hi,'. di'Vll,  it':!  u  wiiHli-up
���I'o tbe foi'i'iuuii, It'll ii di'UK.
al! i!i-a;i' in -I  limn, limy c mhl hot eel
a i'f, o..r ,. '.in -nt r   pn mj v.cl) ii��/iir
In lim' pell.-" oi lier hi'; I .li'.i ai, \Vli"ii|
rii-  paii. ed   for  bi'caili,  111'1 piiil'1;'-ol'|
���nt r   pn !'.
:   n.iM'i ,    \V-
ii  Ibi' !-. uf ii
tru'u tie
,'Caii  lin-  rutin  I.'
led.    ..ICi   fi-A-t
II..M        \..lll?
.pp�� .ttaie "
.a     .,11,.    ,l,.tl"
pi,l|,0    .'tllll
it?  Miihlrtil
M.ulinn.M-id,!  P
���a I
I  '-
'Oil', till  ,|
t    A!      It
1     I'l'l        I
��� ��� f a,eii'
i   ; ",
i> ,i;n
,t  it.   ill.
I  ' '
i   i.i
fni"       Le-
il"! ���    AifH)
!t l" 1,��
\\ ii'n
fe I-   ���  A
��� llu'
rb-d   the  ii'oilei-.
\ ll.l
I..IHU li -
I ie1
III   i   I. I
i'.    ,"' 'i ;
I. i n
! lime
���. iii'.
i'     he
;n en
. As,;:
i'o i
is now
profi ;.
,i�� iii, .,
.i   la
'���| siii��ul��'
Iltellt   llltlll
for  the   lii't-t   lime,   1   wnt
hi. d lo li'-nv my ��' i��bbi��ru
ii marie n im   n.i \ ��� . a..
America.    \
bhi'.; .word     lihtctiliif.   to,   t
nay ho
takliiK i
1 In
ard th.
Virtues of the Homely Onion
Onions supply a complete euro in
Uieraselves for cold, as'well as being'a
wonderful remedy in eases of insomnia. Ah onion euro breakfast"iiieludoH
a poached eg;v pn toant, three table-
spoonfuls of fried onions and a cup of
coffee. Luncheons of sandwiches mado
of brown bread, buttered, and filled
with (ine chopped raw onion. neafconeil
Willi salt and'peppo* malte lhe second
menl on Iho schedule.
For the supper, the onipn may be
fried as for breakfast, and ..catcn, wllh
a chop and a baked potntn, The effic
acy of onlqiiR ly ^vell known lo tlie
Kiiisorfi of Italy and Spain, v.1 ho cut
the movery day lo improve the ipiullty
of their voices and keep them fflnoolli.
Onion pltifitei'H nre prescribed to break
up hard coughs, They are made of
fried onion'placed between Iwo ullees
of old muslin. Tho plusicr in kept
quito hot until the patient is fiim-Ay
in'bed, when it Is placed on the client,
to Ktny over nltflit. Onion syrup lu
claimed by some to he uneiiiiiilled e.y
', a cure for a bad o.AA i'ii the head.
! It Is In Demand.- !-'o !<i'eiil ii the
i deiniinil I'or Pr. TIioiiuik' Kcleotrlc Oil
���thai u liinte fuclory is kept eontiiiiutUy
j Imny iiuikiui. and liDttlliin it. To -bo
��� In dcnituid hIiowh poptilitr iippreclntkni
of ibis prepiinilloi), which >-tntidH at
.the head of proprietary compmiiidH as
���the leadinit Oil In the inurkel, iuul it
Ik (jeilenilly iiduillteil thai It iri (Icmoiv-
i in;; of lhe lead.
Two Wheat Her.ds on Single Stalk
North Pallotii Hum the qui-id'Cid. uu
well iik ii'Tlifipi; ilie Ini'Ki'Hi, (.rain crop
i'"W>i' raided iu any country oi like nren,
lu the M'tltheiiHt eoi'lKT of tlie Hale
ilo'iv nre whole ih'ldc, ill which there
;;.v tv.o lieinl-' I'i III'" flalk.
Kiii'inei'M who en inn io North Dakota
fium Indiana, Jlili.oK and Iowa arc
unable to nccotiiit for the prowtll, except tluil II ii a freak of nnturo ne
tiiiUiiii', from cx'.-epiionnlly line i;row-
Inn- iv'i'iiilifi' followhm- u rainy period.
Tlicy  Hiy  tluil  tin1'}   never  heard  of
"liell   fl   IM'OVVtll   ill   till*  HllltCS   ill   Wliich
they foriii.'ily ineu, I'lonct i .soiu��
iUAiOtiii, .mi '.'��� 7 A/; i; '!'��'.' to
llieiii, too
'i'lie double liendK, In priiclli-ally all
citrct!,  nro  iilli   ri/.e   auu   tit*-   ktiiie'.-!
arc well lilhnl,   In ��enie Insliuiceii the
j'.rowth    v, ill   rni'iiu   iitniont
,.'....'       " "   "*' '"''
(.-really incri'iisu the  lli��.,'!d��.i.-
ici f'livt riiniieit wheat e��ti��mte
at.tte, a yhld thai t< tn a new
Licensed and Bonded Dealers'
Over 16,000 I-'nrmer Shareholders ar�� behind'1
you when ymi consiun your grain or srll on Ir.-iclctu
ICO MeDermol St., \Vinni[ii*t(, or 100  Dsuj!��i
Block, Cnlimry
"The car thut upeftkl (or itinll
DI��liibiilor"�� lor M��nilol>�� and baikalclirwcin. J��nil
(or dcBcripllv* literature. Sumc lerntor/ still o*aa
(or local uijency,
Excellent Transporatlon Arranoementa
The llnniidian war eontliisctit naHoc- ���
Int ion, of which Sr tleorne I'crley,
Ouiiudltm IiIkIi coniiiilsKloiier, is proni-
dent, and Mr. J. M. Colnior, C.hLV,".,
honorary necretnry, in a coiiuiiunic-.i-
tlon to |,ii'iil.-('ol. Hirdwlilstle. honor-
ury fieeretiiry of tlm niiuoiiitl vobvt
coitiinificc, nt a Ich Hint tho O'lHocinUon
Is worltln;; In the olo��'-"*t co operaliou
with oi'ficei'B coniiiHtlidlilK Hie mitts ot
Ihe coiitIiiK'cntH, al Hie front nnd at
Shoi'iieUlfe, nnd also with tlie inilltiiry
forward I n |. ofllcei'H, bolh in lho I'nlU'i
KiiiKdoiii and lhe ovcrHen.i lianes, Kv
celli'iit iirriiimi-ineiilrt liuve heon niaihi
with the Jli'Itinh uiitliorillen for tnuisi.
portal Ion of extra coiiu'orl* which, tlui
icwocialkni Ih KcinliK. to flic from for
the uuo of,tho l,'iuni(llu!) troipx,
When 1 came out uf (liuivli mi i<:.n-
dny 1 found my Ihii'hu fiml mdecp lu
Mil'  HllOll.
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I> '&Y  THE NEWS. CUMBERL'ANTD, B; C  \  Make the Liver  Do its Dtity  Nine times in ten when the liver is right the  \  ������Som&ch and bowels are right.  CARTER'S LITTLE  UVER PILLS  gently but  ' pel a laiy Iiv.  do its duty  Cures Con  etipation,  , Indigestion,  Sick'  ���������   Headache, and Distress after Eating.  Small PHI, Small Dose, Small Price  must bear Signature  S The Minister of Horseslioes  Genuine  &&������**  Consumer's Point of View  C^^zt  w  I,  Of Today  Is the 'perfected product of  over 60 "years experience in  the match.making business.  i How a London School Teacher Solved  '*,. the Problem of Horseshoes for  the Army* ;  The horses and mules of the British  army are being very largely, shod by a  London teacher! Behind that, bald-fact  there is a great romance of thought,  energy  and  organization,  wliich  has  sprung    up    where chaos and black  dismay existed- not very long ago1.'  ���������We  think  of horseshoes as  being  hand-wrought  in ���������>- village'"    smithies,  where, rosy cheeked  children  at the  door watch  the sparks fly  from"the  ringing.anvil,"jut shoes for the horses  ot an army, even in times of peace,  must  be  mado by machinery.    That  had lone,' been done ih Great Britain,  wkh.ihc result, that the trade was concentrated in llie hands of a few linns,  who, when the demand came for an  enormolisly    increased output,  found  themselves unable fo furnish the supplies required.   The British,army was,  therefore, in it very serious posilion,  for horses break and,wrench off their  shoes on the hard and broken roads  jof war time iu a way that is unequal-  jk I in time of peace, "        ���������  )    \viint was lo he done to'meet1 the  .great heed of- Uie army'.'    Somebody  ;at the war office mentioned, .Mr. A. V..  | Hill, a.London count.yeounc.il school  i teacher,  who had    beeu    conducting  ' classes   for   blacksmith   work   ih   his  lf correctly held and struck  on any rough surface, is warranted to give a steady, clear  Hgh"., first'stroke.  TheE.B.*EddyCo.  LIMITED  Hull,  Canada  WATERPROOF COLLARS AND'CUFFS  Sotn.iMng   belter "than .Unnn 'mut   tii*  .lnumtry   bill*'     Wasli   It   will. k**ap  water.'    All  atorf.s ,oc direct.    Slate  iiul size. ' l*ei-,96c  we will mail yon  THE  ARLtNOTOi-l  COMPANY  OF CAf<A0A  n -    "        Ltmltotl     ,    -  ,   08 Frasor Avenuo, Toronto, Ontario  llllal  siylf  v spare time, at nights'nt ;ia scliool in  j Benuoiulsey. iUr.fliil is not a farrier?  j he., is , nol even an amat .tf-r farrier,  (���������but he knows all the farriers in the  j towns and villages, for so interested  ; Was he in his, subject that he had  1 started'and successfully conducted a  j paper,.for bhck'smiihs called, the  , vtl" To .Mv. Hill then, the, war office  j turned with a request for shoes' for,  ! horses.  I    Ar. Will's answer was practical and'  ' immediate.   He put a notice to blacksmiths in liis'paper;  he got iu touch  with blacksmiths big and small, townsmen and villagers.   "How many shoes  a week can you supply?"'  he asked  each smith. ' Each promised according  to    his ability���������some a few  dozens,  | some a few hundredweights..some in  lions.   Mr. Hill mapped the country in-  ��������� lo districts,..appointed.depot- for each  : big area, and hi a few weeks had 4,000  a master blacksmiths at. work, all'lurn-  i ing out shoes for tlie horses und mules  I of��������� the British army.  J Io organized a department at. the  war ohice',,an(l, giving.up school teach;  ing, lie'directs this deparlmeat himself; with eighty, clerks appointed to  serve under him." livery day shoes are  being hammered out in tlio smithies  from Wick "to Falmouih. They go to  the,,depots, and then on to Jlermond-  soy, whom they'are inspected and  iu'^u;- then they go to" 'Woolwich  arid out to the front.. A  'Quietly the work gaes on. without  fuss or excitement, hut Mr. I lill is providing- a hundred tons of shoes? a.week,  over "a "million, shoes  a" month,  and  Local    Merchants    Should   Advertise  Their Wares to Successfully Hold  " Trade  It appeals to tho Hardware Trade  that the western newspaper wliich recently conducted a prize letter contest  with "the view of ascertaining at first  hand the reason why in tho neighborhood bf'half a million dollars annually  went from that city to the, mail order  centres has done the thisg i\_hic.h has  generally been left undone iu all the  anti-mail "order agitation. o-  Thero aro assuredly reasons why  tho consumers patronize these concerns instead of. thei: local stores.  Therefore, it stems' reasonable that,  oife of the lirst steps to .tuke'in organizing a campaign with a view of reducing this,'ti;end is������to ascertain from  Ihe consumer himself the reasons why  ho does business with the ,mail order  house rather than with his local dealer.    ���������  The results of this prize letter campaign are interest iue,- therefore as being ii move to get atAhe fundament. Is  of the problem. A number ct orcifsons  appeared ia the different letters received. '  ��������� Summed up, the ones most common  to all letters were that the local dealers did not carry th,e kind, of merchandise desired by the consumer, and  ihut "liP' likewise did not. adequately  advertise the merchandise which he  did'carry in stock.-  These two things are comparatively" easy to do. Any retajler should dx:  peel to study the requirements of his  trade and buy liis stock accordingly-  He should, also naturally expect to let  An- j his constituency know, through -, the  medium, of window displays and print-  ,ed advertisements, what he has to offer and-the. pries at which''he holds  tho merchandise.    -   ���������    ,  Can  you  profitably apply tho  iind-  'ings ofHliis newspaper to. the future  "conduct of your  retail ���������stbre'.'���������Krom  Hardware ���������Trade. ��������� ���������  fejJOROUTO. ONJw,,������*K:  up....' "*;  r The best  yeast in  the world.  Makes  perfect  \HbVead.  MADEi\V  '  IN'      \v  CANADAJS  Ls  E.W.GILLETT COMPANY LIMITED  TORONTO. ONT.  WINNIPEG MONTRCM  Winter Dairying Pays  The Boy as a Partner  Catarrh Cannot Be Cured  with LOCAL ATl'LlCATION'S, as they  i-annot'reach the scut of tin; disease. Ca-  larrli-is a blood or constitutional diseaso,  and in order to cure"it you must take internal remedies. IJ all's Catarrh Cui-i is  taken Internally, and acts directly upon  the blood and mucous surfaces. Hairs'  Catarrh Cure is not a quack medicine. It  was prescribed by one'of the best physicians in this country for years and' i.s a  regular, prescription.-' It is composed of  the boil ionics. Icqown, combined wiltrthe  best blood puriiiei, acting directly on tbe  mucous fiuTaces.-The perfect combination of the two ingredients is what produces-such wonderful results in curing  catarrh. Send for testimonials, freo.  ]���������'. J. CHKNlaJV & CO., X'rops., Toledo, O.  Sold by Druggists, price 75c  Take Wall's Family i'ilis,fur Constipation.  '? -    ��������� ' ' ,  Encourage   the   Boy  to   Stay   on   the  Farm by Giving Him an-Interest  _  ,  in the Business  lt doesn't, seem right that the boys  should so' often feel that they must  leave home for, profitable and attractive employment. Jn most other lines  of business it is the hope of the, business man. to'see his sons follow in the  same business "and take it over when  he leaves it. Plans are made to that'  end, and the boy is trained up to ,,'a  thorough understanding. of  ness." Of. course it doesn't always  work out, as planned, bat every effort  is made by the parent in most eases.  On too many farms evcry energy  seems to "be directed toward driving"  the boy away from" the ������farm as soon  asTie is old enough to get away, Very  often his father wants him' lo slay,  urges and sometimes .commands him  to stay. But it is top' late. The boy  has never been made"to feel that he  is a partner 'in the business of thai  farm- Nothing is ever talked'over  with him; nothing is ever explained.  And it isn't any wonder he proeeecls  to hike. There are exceptions,to this  unfortunate method.. . Letters written  on neatly printed., farm .stationery  sometimes come, and on it the managers of the farm are gravely announced as'"'A. H. C. &��������������� Son." -���������Closer' ac-  (juali-tance often reveals the fact that  Ylu "Son" may he ten, fifteen or twenty years old���������Oklahoma Farmer.  Milk Production is Greatest When  Cows  Freshen  in  Fall ���������  There are so many Advantages in  having dairy cows come fresh in  the fall, while the disadvantages are  but very few, if any, that one wonders, why1 so little progress' is being  made in that direction,, Those who  have silos, ami no one can afford Ao  dairy without a silo in these days of  high priced land,' should be especially  anxious to have at least two-thirds ot  their, cows eiUvo'feiu the' fall of'the  year.        ���������,'���������',  September1'!.5; a good .month to have  the cows freshen. If grass Is, short at  that time it 'can be supplemented  witli silage and the necessary grain,  and thus the -How of milk brought  up to the., largest amount possible.  Later, with nu abundance of- succulent feed at hand, the milk flow can  easily be maintained throughout the  wiiitcr monlhs. Then, by the time  grass corned and the cows have given  milk for seven, or eight months and  the Uow unuls to diminish, it will 'be  revived when the cows are turned  on good  pasture,  while  in July  and  aiid  a* liberal flow  either drv or  August when the  Hies  are   bad  :  , ���������������������������MOTHERS'!'. *  .  -"'  Don't .fail   to   iiroeuYo  ��������� MRS. 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N^������l N.������2 N.3,  t ;irnidet-u(pii:r  I jiiursi'lf ilitii  tlif r������racd. lor VOt;K _������VK,-illm,>u!, Abiiilii(������lr FJIES  .No'lollow u|i rlrcnlais, Noul>liij,itlDnv Ok, l.rCl V.r'i'  MM' Cu.llAVKKfitUCKHU.IlAMI'SIEM) LONDON,I'.Nli  WK WAN!  -10 t'HQVt. Tllt.ml'laj). ������St.UC������ltlC \0������.  I ehei.iio and goes- on his way rejoicmg.  ' Ti0iei'������ was never  c\uiet, cool headed organization,'Wh^t j  the British army witli .all Us organize.- \  tion could not do for itsalf a school j  teacher has done for it, and the min-'  isler of horseslioes is,.oue ot the most  ssuteessfu! servants on  the nation in  these  Paper,  days, of  l,-o. .don.  ported ofitlTFTrenTRin invention j-iktw  previously mentioned. It serves to  ,t greater triumph of i show ' how .Germany develops the  scieiuific side of her efforts as the war  proceeds. _ ' 0 '   , ,  o"The incendiary fire bombs, which  contain some composition producing  sufficient heat to start a ilame in anything that will burn, are'now, familiar.'  The Germans have invented a method  of using something similar in tho form  of, or combined wiih, shrapnel.  '���������Reports say any ,man struck by  shrapnel from' those tilings i.s terribly  burned, the burns often proving fatal,  even when- only a limb is. struck.   ,  '���������Prasumab'ly phosphorus enters into  the consumption of this new weapon,  as also do'certain poisonous bullets,"  its need.���������The Little  lie vod  ���������yield  $2 to $5  A DAV an ! com mis-  si.in paid, Local representatives.- lCilher sex. Kxperience  iiiinecessury,^ Spare linio 'luicoplcii.  Nichols, Liinfted, Publishers, Toronto,  Seed PoUtoea.,  ,lt liris'been quite generally he  that, a, small potato seed will  jit st as'(arge a crop as large tubeis-  Kxie'iiifive * tests niiiile at the South  Dakoja experinumt station, liowevcr,  prove Quito conclnsirely that this  theory is not true in practice. In Ihese  ex1) crime tits the use of^Kixonble Rt-ed  prtuhiced a greater proportion of po-  titl'oes of desirable &i'/.e. than the use  of .culls. Tiio type of potatoes pro-  iliu'.d from culls used aa seed is meris-  ttralily saiaUcr, in tlio llrsl gt/iier.'Uiou,  from those'produced from selected  tubers. The rennlir. of this experi-  !iie.iil furiih'h (iunnliliitlre" evlileiice  til at the use of culls for seed unifies  potatoes1 to run on* Not. only is the  type of potatoes produced from selected seed larger thnn from culls, says  ihe oxpi'i'linenters, bin nlso Um inijr-  uge ivi'iglil' of tulu'i-s pioduced is  ���������rwdi'i',  Victor Hugo's Prophecy  "A day will conie when the only  }iiitilcl)olil wlll he lhe iiiarkct open lo  iiominercc, and llie mind opening to  new ideas, A. tiny will come when  bullets iuul bomb "shells will he replaced by vot oh, hy the universal sitf. I A Cure Fop Rheumatism.���������A pain-  l'ragc of mitioiisihy iirbitriition ol a; ful and iii'i-sisient form of rlieimmtlsni  sovereign minute,' which will -be Uijj.< etms.d j,v impurliios In the blood,  Kliropo whul the pai'tianiciit is to:t|���������. iv.miIi of defective action of the  Knglnnil, the diet to tiei'inuny, the j ||Ver nnd kidneys, The hlood becomes  legisliitlvo iiHHcuibly to Kriiiico, a (luyj,,,!,^,,,,! jlV ll)P introdncUo**. of -nrie  -wiU'couie when a ciuinon hall will tit* 11M.:|.(, which causers much pain In tlm  I'S'liibiicd in public iiiiih;,iiiiI'v, Ju.-,| us | iIsmi.vi and In the,, joints. Purmelee's  on Iniitriiiuoni of toriure is now, nud { Votvtahle'Pills uro kmAvn lo have cf-  fnc'people will lut-ihtoiiUlii'il how -^iuli ; i*,.rn*.l iiuuiv reiiinrk;.li|i' cures, und  5> thing could Imvo heen. A dny A ill (,;,,,!,. 11s,. |, sirongly rccoiumenileil. A  com.* iilmii tlu'M������ti\o iiiiiticiiMi jii'iiuph,;,,.,.,} ,������������������ ,11,.,,, wjh convince nuyoii.,' of  Minard's  Liniment Cures Dandruff,  ,.ohn firier Uibben, prpsiilunt of  l'riucotoii University, snid at,the Lake  lilohoiik'arbilralidn conference: "The  day is not yet come wlien violence and  oppression will melt invny before right  like the plumber's bill. Like, I repent, (lit' ''lumber's bill.'. Vol', a plumber, you know, onco presented to a  millionaire. 11 bill for $Hiu for minding  a pipe. Hut tiie millloiinire liiiiiilpf)  lho pltiinborN 11' dollar note antl said  serenelyi/Receipt tlmt bill fo yours in  full.'  " 'But���������hllt-a"'   PiUd   the   plumber,  ���������"ltoci'ipl li in full,' ilio millionaire  repealed. "1 uhoiI to be a plumber myself.'  ' The plumber nt this wavo a great  start, receipted the, bill uud handed  lhe   hilllioniiira   &I)   coins   cl'tume,"  Freedom for the Poles.  In" addressing the reichstag, the  Gernihh chancellor, Von Bethiuanu-  Hollwcg, referred to the recent-victories of'the kaiser's armies in.'Russian-Poland. "In part he said: "The  present occupation.oC the, Polish'east  frontier is the beginning of an evolu-  conditions arc against  of milk, the cows are  very soon will be.   '        ���������   - .     ',-,  lit, other words, tho cow , that'!  calves in the fall has a mucht better  opportunity to produce a' large  amount of milk and butterfat. ���������in a  season than* thp one that freshens in.;  tlie spring., ,Tin's is .readily appreciated upon a little relleetion. Suppose a cow freshens in May when,  lie', {wsj".. pastures are good. She gives a large  flow of milk during May and June,  first because feed, is abundant, and  second because ,sho has recently  freshened. But nd ��������� sooner , has she  started i.h an the hot months of "July  and August' with dies and perhaps,,  dried up pastures r.ro upon her and  the milk flbw, immediately drops.  Wlien cooler weather returns, and  grass revives tliero will be a slight  increase in, the yield of milk, but a  full flow iiofmal for that period caii:,  not be obtained ��������� till the cow has  calved again. This.' means that a  herd of low producing cows must be  carried through the winter months,  with profits greatly reduced, but the  labor, remaining practically Ihe ..same.  It does not take'quite so long to  milk a cow giving a small amount  of milk as one ' producing a large-  flow, but ��������� it reci.-.ires just as much,  labor to feed and. care for-a low  nroducer as for the highest producer  in the world, and the task of doing  the other chores is the same for all  kinds of cows.  \  ������������������      ' h  "    -  It'is safe to say that a given cow  will, produce twenty per cent, more  milk and butterfat when she calves  in the frill than when "she comes  fresh in the .spring.' This increase in  production should in itself be enough  Selling' Agents  ���������   ^ Wanted   -.  In every Town in Canada toseM.  "Sterling' Clothes" to measure.  They are absolutely guaranteed*  Write for particulars.  Sterling Tailoring Co.,  535 College Street,   -   Toronto  ihe rnli"d Minus of Aiui'i.eii,nud ilio  united sliiH'H of Kiimpc, slinll he >u������>u  t>;tending the Ium; of ivilow-sh.j*  ji'i'oss the oconn. cxcliHiiging tln-lt'  proiluclH, Iheir liulnr.lry, their an.-',  (heir ..f'liiiiii, I'l.'iirliig. liii- truth, liu  proving creiiiioti tifli" tlio eye of Hn-  I'lviilCT, uml iinlliiitt, for ilu' uo'm| of  nil, these Mvo lri't,,:l-'tl! .e nntl itititiln'  powers- 1 lie I'i'iit.'ii.liy of im*n ,uu! the  JMIW "V of C(ll  - ���������������i.  "lollirr.: call riicli.s l.now \\!ic;t tiii'ir!  rhllli'i'ii lire iroiihleii villi \������ori,i',. and1  'liej  lime no llltlo III nppl.v III-.', th-' ln"l '���������  Of    I'lMlii'llll'H"   .Mother    Cl'tlVe;.'    Wut'JIl *  KM.in.Jmiloi'.  iheir value,  Locomotives.Will Tow Shl|i  i Xo P*>-'i 1 lmn I'i npi'dal electI'h  : ii'i-nw^ ini' hcli.g built for (im I  ! SMtC.i goVi'1'llllli'llt  to I)'1  us.ul  li  ! inr, sh'p.   iliioni'/ti  I locks.     IC-ich  iomi'1-. 1111  loco.  nit.'d  lots-  the  l'i.iiiilli:i Pitiiitl  liiucl.llio   welj'.hjt   S-..MM.  ms 11  11 active cifon  of  Uo was the kIowcmi hoy 011 earili  and luul beer, fired nt three phicc, in  two weeks; so Ills parents had tippivn-  I iced him to n jinMirnllnl.  even he found liim slow. II  iiiil 1 tvo hours to ,':i\e tne cun-  tii >lr seed, nml in slid; u pin  h a 'cad hnlierily and four Pi  11 coijvotyus. The onl) pniin  lilm war that 'he Win .villlng,  Hiu  lool  nrloii  (hi'oir  plcli  nboiil  "And wlm'," lie asked, Iras iug .pei.t  11 whole ufici'iiooii cluiiiging, liie guld  thlii'i'' wa,ter, "?diull t du no iv, ������-lv.'"  Tl.o    ituliirnlhi    tr.n    hl>!    Uj>',*-j*,-������  rougli his locU.'i.  uon which will lead uTc cbuhtTj-7  from ' the ltussimi "yoke, towards a  brighter future, in whicn.she will bc  able to develop and cultivate her national character. Further German and  Austrian'viclories will free the Balkan  nations from oppression, ' and make  possible the prpciple of 'the Balkans  for the Balkan nations.'". "Were Wier-  many to be the final victor in this  world-conflict sin would emancipate  the Poles-and t.he Balkan "peoples just  as she has lifted the peoples ..of. Alsace-Lorraine and Belgium to constitutional freedom,  Let Oirds Alone  Albert Ploeger is rawhiding,, himself for doing what he says was an  unmanly aol," lie had,a pen of liogs  which he was fattening,.and it !loek���������of  blackbirds lived in the pen. ctitfng. us  he supposed, the grain he was feeding  lho swine',' lie boro their intrusion  for 11 while, but becoming en:iugered  ul. tlieir supposed depredations Upon  his hog'feed, he llred a load of shot  into the Hock in,the pen, killing thirteen birds. Bent upon easing liis  conscience for .lhe act by examining  Iheir stomach'.., certain that ho would  llnd his grain therein, what was his  chugrin when, upon cutting open the  thirl0011 birds' stomachs, not a single  grain of corn or oilier cereal was  found, lint, instead each stomach was  filed with insecls, files, and worms-  Albert, says the old hIio! gun is now  hung ,up In the ruck, und blackbirds  iind iiieadowlarks nro inviled lo mnko  hiu home tlieir home, in the future.  The late.a-.i official reports regard ing  tho harvest show tluil Italy need** LV  (Mii.iHlO.Oiip ' iioiyid . of fi I'n. In for her  eoiisumpllon until iu>\t year, .losl ot  tlihi grain, if In understood, will he  purebna-cd  iu  America.  Teuton Revcna'!  ��������� tl. im.iiH may ������'t lr,l".itt '���������' ,,'for  hanging of th" names.of I'ctro-  iniil Pr/.i'ins. 1 by ri iisiiiilii." Hie  1 capital VS'at-uitlsuge.  '"'"..���������      ^t,���������,-n oj_i_ ,1 a_.|__.i_l_i i\ A.n__ith______S_���������  lt.t:u    \.   ,\Y   ������..^i,^,.Ii.t r.r t-A.  f.f%\\-^  rraQliim  have the majority of his cows, freshen  in the fall, but there are more factors favoring the practice: One of  these is the higher price which dairy  products> command , in - winter than  in summer. Another is the cheaper  labor. Labor 'is- cheapest during the  period ������when milk and .butter bring  the highest prices "on the market.  Then, too, Uie farmer himself can  devote more time to ,the cows in  winter when farm work is reduced  to a minimum and his time is not  so valuable, 'The .first three months  after spring opens are tlie busiest  in,, ihe whole year .for ihe farmer,  just when cows that calve, .in tlm  spring need the most attention, ��������� 'Die  inevitable result'is more or less neglect, and neglect1 early in (.lie lactation period,is.mighty expensive bush.  noss. ' -1  When it comes to. raising skim-  milk calves, ihopo born in, Ihe Tall  soon learn lo eat grain and therefore grow faster ihsm those that are  dropped just ns 'Urns-* comes and hi  not leam to onl .grain .before extreme  heal aud millions of hies begin lo  make life miserable for Ihem. Then,  too,1 full calves, if intended for lhe  dnirv, can be bred to drop their lir.-t  calces iu the fall as two yenr  Mtint real Pamily Herald,  City Wife More Lonesome (1  Than Farm Woman  Author    Declares    Monotonous  Lives  Abound   in   Nineteenth   Ward,  Chicago  The writer of early American life in,  the'middle westAand far west'empha-  siaes the hardships suffered by the  women - pioneers who 'accompanied  iheir husbands on the" plunge into  the "''wilderness," and points to the-  wearying monotony of life led by women on the frontiers,  The student of agricultural society  calls attention to' the dreary life of  .women whoso farmer, husbands aro  unable to give tl.em relief from, the  monotony of work on the farm.. '  And the traveller across the deserts  which lie. just east of.the Pacific coast,  pities the women who must pass-then-  lives in the monotony of sand rnd sun  and does' not marvel when lie is told  that niany beconfe "eccentric" and  some actually insane under the terrific strain.       .  ���������- .  "But according to Lucille M. Win-  dette, who has just completed a series  of investigations into tho life of,tho  working cila'ss, there are women living  within the boundaries of the second  largest city in the country whose lives  are just as dreary, just as monotonous,  just as "maddening.as the lives of-tho  pioneer' women," the. women, of tho  farm, and the women of the'desert. \  Aliss Wiudette's investigations were"  confined   chiefly  io .the    Nineteenth  TOJtTHiiuira- WL-rCfrotilrtrt  olds,  Makes Breathing Easy.���������The constriction of the air passages nnd the  struggle for breath, too familiar evidence", ,f asthmatic, trouble, ,. cannot  liauiil Dr. ,1. i>. Kellngn/s Asthma Remedy, This in Hie famous remedy  wliich U luioivn I ur and wide for its  complete, elfeciiveuess even under  verv . 1 vori) runiUtioti!'. it is w> tut-  tried, experimental prop:inilio)i, but  ,m,'.' Kith i|i..uy jc.'ir.t of iiron;-, service  Iheir lives, tbe>'<>  women  too  it-comti liopeles.i drurisofl.  behind  ilo.in;!-.  il.    Buy it irom youi'  ���������st  U,< 1  grail  1'idii.  Family  Toothuomo   and  Cookimj  Kond  Rent  ires No  Iiuh,    1 oy itMii'd hit inoi'm-r  i. ri;.- an  me.mm nt' (nay tlrnp   ,\'u  I'tind  I ml  helped  the'r  l':Ml'il\,  Hh������     says    (imp- A'tiis    v.n;-  11 llCI'i  lil   \-i  Iff niiiMiihm  ���������I.  lll'M  I lie  "While   1  I'i glllllll.,  11 that  i;,-in-.  ���������, III,-  I   1.1    ,  '.My little  IS' Illntifll-'-nhf  ���������il'ler   !���������. III'.   V.eailed   v  f���������iit ll ���������<>" >Jll   ���������      ������'a'.  Wil,'   tiler,.    I   I!"  i   g.tillell   l.i h.lll  wiiell  I   relUI'iieil  JJIMpe-.V-'IS   ill  lil  i'i.od  and it'll rn  hoille   I   he  flu- family  hiiliy short-  as   lerr   111  .-ii.i,-   |itt...  Theory and Practice  An engineer   mimed Prank  Ijil..,   IWilleli   li   boo!., ^ "Tifl'YOAi  lUtill   I't'O;!!!'-","      Which   liii-   p!  alherthes us i'utiti'iiHtiiig  (lie  Kocsiei"  of   Cli-  ibllrl.er  Amen-  can enimnoiiV.ciilUi with C.i'I'uhui de-  iiioci'iicy. li n'l-tii!" ihai (lerin.uiy has  ah iuliiiil"!?' u'lHrv goveimm lit, ln;Ui>r  j.ati'HuH-iu itii'l ati'ioi dtlimio'e, hetter  ..eliO'iis .iiiirl'idi^irinl nn tioidr, bi-licr  iiieiho.l. <������l Imil'-llig iitiil Al: ))liiniilii,i,  a .uiifihii ua:. , '������������������I"! ihat tin Ui.-rui.ui  aro.y 1. "tb.' 1 rent 'i-l urcaivi/atioii  cm r I.ecu perl'i eted by 1'ue  ili,"   Mr, Koi-'di-r, v,>as horn,  I'I       Ill     III.     ll ill        Cl      t'llli.la.     ,        il.ll  |,i-  I    'IV' el\-e  y..;i!S  ili  the '  mill   lie   i-i   iiot   liolng i  Wlli  ,'      J).l",.H'l   il  S\,!|'l  Witieli l-.a*-  I,rain of m.'i  I'llll'i-ii,   i'O't  I rnu-d    -la  IK.IU'l 1  1  1 ilu-a':-.     Ull'!'  I'  i:it  th" bom*  lin    Ilie    nlie  Inn 1;  In .1  M  B'������*  in th t'liutn;.  , 1' 111.   u'.'��������� 11  ..  a I.-. 1  ol   l-e  poit-'  I  tua I'I-11  v eei-. and i'\Sf (iiiil  1 MiM  (ii-'l   111   l|(Ul-eW i'i ���������.   I'   i.i  1 a".1 Tribiiiu-  Wi e  1 nil,.!  ll/llri  a>V  U   ���������  ������������������lire  It'll  111  lhe  lit  1'iiln  .User'  n,-ird'", Llr.imetU Believes H"nral  OA  no.  h-a and we  ,llt|l'|   . II   I  lll.H  In   i',.ili,Jl.a  in  rh'ii i", ery ill in;;.  .1 n  .i.'.'l  .Shi  p.m.  I  ll,',;. I  Ih  i'1'f   Colin:   in   be-.*   I'-ec-     tun-   ilal   1  s>appy (liotiglii tirri-d nie in try Uiaite  Mn >.,naked m a Jinie w.'i'in ini'k.  ' ;u  ery  aii'i  '.! l.l'  ��������� lore  r.i-rrti Tr  lur,   rate  fdH'nv.i'il  r   "r-ifi  tlt'a.l ''  le.   the  ,illli>   ii'  a  mil  III"  log,  '11.   II    V.iH'i  ���������.an t 11.1 ���������  ut  a c  ia  prn\eiuei!t S'S Uu at u:ie  Va H HI'li rouiiil llllll i.u .t  ..-���������iblc on  Uni))' -Nut,-.  'V'l.ll.rUlllt*   I'm'   "���������' \e|,-,l   1,1"  (lit      r.i I'e  sti.i I. ��������� n   V. it'i   I,a  l!'i>   ... in ��������� time   run!  (tin In:-.  .,,.,,, .,j ,:., .   , ,iij,j ,,,,������ ri'lis;i  1,1    111,     ,',,.ll| I    loud    l;ii'    I,  1,,\ ItM'I'-e-    .... l>thl'l������  A-'  I lll������-  \\,,' all .<;ipi' < ���������.<!-'  '  ���������'. ,.,1 l. ���������   4**1*1 >- (or  I Ai" il a ll*.' ���������������'���������  ;i',a.������   ;.|i I'D    b;    ������  .iti,)>('..i|i  .   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"'iH'il    V  'iKI  111'  ill  Iii  .nit  n i  l'.i  1 .if  I  II Ml  aii.iv  I    1,1 'I: ���������'  I niu ::  and t n  thai   ti  l.ll' ,,  the   in ;  '<������)  1 )' t  iu vie  A  'All I  J  ftew j  "ft ov*  1  u:i-l  alv  ,"1/1. ���������  MM  !.���������> t;  f-ltlt  I       11  all  Ull  Ul!  hiu  IM.      I   -  ri,-1!  ten of  K������-j-j  r:< it  le- im  , >i n.  a ht. >i   th','  .'iiiiur,  ���������   war  lieu c  <  H  <4  .-<  -i  i  "njrra-vnTert.  ical of> those in many Qther parts Of  Chicago. , In, tier report, which .is entitled I'Lifo ahd Work- Among Our  Xeishb'ors," she reviews in detail the  various phases of life among the working people. 0 ��������� -- '    ' ���������  Hero are some,of her conclusions:  "Xo thoughtful person can fail to be  struck by the monotony wliich characterizes the life of most married  women1 in the working class. Thighs  less marked in the more typical slum  districts, whero the*life is lived,, more  in common. But tho vyomeif are little  bettor thnn shut-ins, who live' in these,  streets and spend the whole duy Indoors, when their' husbands are at  work.  "The youiiR- moihor who has all the  care of a yrowi'nj. family of children,  has lit Lio opportunity for visiting  aboufi. She "inny step Into her neighbor's house, cr meet others'in the yard  or on the front doorrtep to gossip, but  rarely does she go furl lier, and if she  Is able to gel away for a holiday or nu  evening at tlie movies she must usually tu Uc the In by with her.  "KiiiKT.tiou,. ua a rule 'no limited  a.moiif, bqth Jewish and Italian women', sadly narrows iheir own resources, and in the deadening monotony of  till en  "Where there are three 01' four  young children, especially babies in  .linns, illness or tinaneiul ��������� loss falls  'heavily npoi. the mother, who has  then to be nurse, cook, and,,housemaid  all in one, without proper means to  support either tin* children or herself.  To this cuoklua. and washiti;.. for men  lod'iier.i is generally added, who, if unemployed, htay about tbe house.  "Jewish women have much moro  fr. u-doiu llian the Italian women, vilri  can decide uoihlnt. about Uie houso a:  Aulih'Ui, u.' AU} hpuul a penny wit!,-  mil the husband's conseiii, The Jewlsu  wife often works with lier husband,  ami (tins ehlii'i inulie tlm Jiviiij:, Tlm  Jewish   people   lik"   to   live   Well,   mill  the  women  are  excecdinuly  fond of  j'v.elh-i'.i ami line clothe.".  "Mother.!' ������-hfli.s are * undue!',d at  Mull house and ut ime't 01 the setill'-  muni.-, aud. uii.Aloux in Uie neirjilior  Iiood )'i-w ham In hpcal, Kti.*,l(t ii,  inn -a limited loeabniary ii t;.iiin-il by  1 oiiI.h * ',-IUl flhi 1 woiite.i am! e riirill  circle 01 'in w   irl.'iiiii-      \n  in ������|iu.itil-  A;, lileetlll,',  lei,11 loll Yy  Sl|lf������ll    ill   (A  til.I  hul.  ful-  Sv.eiten'o Anny  he   Swedl'dl   fll'lin   ia   llllll   the   hn iv  iind ni');-! eiixiwit m lhe coimtry h  ���������*iee ���������    i'n-    mil nrl'illi    Of    ''��������� ���������  le . II  iliAim.it  (lOUle  .     ,  .     aj     VI.a      .  mi   troop'  ���������   icni.iiudi i-  M .lOtliK   VI"  I'liuiuieiii'-'d  ���������lllllll'l lOllCij  Will,  I tl  Will  h.il '  iV'll!  ,������������������   in  1  td  11 '  ,1'  ���������  fu  rl   IJ"(  -.   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O, zSMTISH CO Vt^tM^  ������������������,il   ,, m ��������� ;������,, ,^_f .  ,H.^. i ��������� ii.a w i uni .  ;'������- -'mty-r"'- ���������". '>'viif''vXi������������.'vJi')'*-i>������������v,������  s.,   .ii    /j    ?*^������>4 .{<���������������-������(. #--'������* .������-*���������������  ::  i  .- j      L. x    '-.   v._,.'  H-^ui> ya_tf'* j.     t! Uo*' 6    X  ,v^U*^^^*'V^f*d^^^-4^5^i  oo  .....  ������     A .���������_     W v,^  ,-t- -,.-  ��������� : >  _fc   BAKERS  AMD PROP-Ai i'i 'A-.3   0>-  OU\Vir?*;tRLAWD   rOTTLING  WORKS  AgeJits Cor riU.-jicr i'n- .Aa Ao ;:.,>'-<; As RKttR  X\Tlliile.-*a'-t'  YbA.  ii aAAX uid.-'. of  4  ������l      li  Aytt  ;y>  \Vi-uc:; -.'.{kV. iv>._fii-:T.i.  Scco'nd    -Street  '. i i7y'jr$fv'^-*'j&^'&<*Yit>v^ Af^-i-ru^vf^w*^^.****^0***  i.1  ;i!  ���������ji  .v   -i  pei'snii ie-  y \������������������-. :.. . -a.  ;> or  Ink in-.'    a:-,'    ��������� '���������  ������������������!��������� '''btnl. nf nr v ric ';a". '���������: ,  A <" tu ti ������������������   '^'"cUi-a'A'a.,  V., ur iV un <'r A'' 7 ���������' Aug i fis  ���������������������������.  Al'our.a.AY,   ur   ;'uivo!if-! <*:  ��������� -i'-hbisli of t'.::v ���������������e.--'tt-_ j.������tit.:i i J'|  1 it  IK-AUMIUU  A ; -?���������*  P: Phillipps Harrison  BARRISTER AND SOLICITOR  NOTARY   PUBLIC CONVEYANCING  ewrauvwwf kj^mw������ v^M-iiTur^^awirrswrt  ii.  a-ujioii  -tii.-   '.-/iTMiianv'.- :& DUNT.MUiR  AVENUE  ',        *.     -* -   i !'"i  CUMBERLAND,   |  *i>-fMi*ii'*w������,i������t- i*������*. i������*-.'i_.n. 'j-*r**-*^rr^2^tTiaatxr.r3raiiJizi3i7tcr"&riJX^*+-*^ uu  ru  llf.     ii.  Si   ' . 1 '  "; KkI  ....      ii  .!. :-.. I.OCKAlll).  GeiHiral' Manager,  Cullicry C'o.v.  ��������� ���������'.<vt:.. arid rail  Tiiinn r\iilie:y  [������������������a'*V)S\    ..���������!'    jivi'  i*maBzi*asx^axi.ixxaa  L'.\>i.lOU ACT, .010,  /ecMon 42.  NOTICE is  hneby given   thai,  LIQUOR ACT, 1910.  Section 41.  is  Sc!i ������ '���������-.  ;    '���������! eel! 1';.'.  a-.aaa i..siric'.!y,oi-. thclst (h.yoi   December next,;    NOTICE ia  hereby  given  that,  u."."y.m   -re  ^h- \ applicarion  will be nnd"  to   U'e'on ulC iBlday   0.  December next,  or :.;.���������,; :i<_   ^'t.-iSupeniiletiJcitt of  Provincial Pol -    ,;���������A.       ,-,, .      u  ,���������  ,,'  |\.*1 ���������*������.*.   i,  ^y -.-��������� i 1 J    .  ! oN'i' f*'. i;N!������ Hi'  ��������� oNKY fo- m oin-.A  W .ich lU'jinirii (!��������� if '���������  v i.t :||   i-l   II   1     li'e   i   :'     .  - ii imaii-'y   I-K '   I ���������''���������!! ���������  I'iX IT.     (I ve IA -. 'J'.'  777yy7:i\  ice for reie.'Wal of the hotel  licence  application   will be  made  to  tlio  Superintendent  of Provincial Pol-  o Eell liquor by ictail in the hotel   ."    . i   * .,     i   .������������������ i-   ' ������������������  .. i.J ,     . jee for renewal of tlio hotel licence  l".t".rr������i; V.:u;-*''e.. ' rcr-'Own as tho  Willow-' Hotel, filn-   ,      ,, ,. ,        .   ���������, .     ,u   i   ,���������i    _ . ' to sell liquor by retail- in   the hotel      nie at Campbell River, in the Pro-   , , .        >r ,      ���������       Tr~i~i  I .     . , .     ' .     ��������� known   as tne    MalaepinH -Hotel,  ! vinee of I'ritis i Culuinhin.        >���������       '   ., -, ,T      i   ���������    ,i     r>  ,,- '    ���������r  ��������� ! - situate at Lnnd, in tbe Province ol  H?ai������H4iiTi-S������tb-(k-3s-ot-Su.piftmben^.vt-M ������.,^_i .���������   J ' '  jfliireiruuiinnbia. ���������   1910- FllED THULIN  Applicant  Dp ted this 14llr'(lay of September  *    Is  M?f *^#  ���������of British Columbia, Ltd,���������  THE S. S. COWICHAN   WILL SAIL   AS U.NDKL?  C.:omox���������Uniox Ijay���������Naxalmo--VakcouvKr���������Routh  ,,Leaves (^-otnox, vSnnday, 3 p. m , ,  Leaves Union Ray, Sunday, L\ p. iu....  For Denman Island/Nanaimo and Vancouver.  RKTURNINO-Ltaves Vancouver, Saturday, 8 pm  ..For Nanaimo, Union Bay and Comox.  Subject to change without notice.  ������m 1 niiMiiiffiiiw 1 man ������m un  ���������{^nl^nV*i*'l,'\''i^  f  i  i  T  J  i  re  t  Y  .aniilacturccl from the   Best  Cariadian    Malt   and   ! lops  isesier Brewing ^v.������  Cumberland,   B. G.  ug*jmxxpi*Oi'!\xm*Miiua  !  ���������i-  1  f Also Aoepls for the Fcimous   IJ.B.C. &  i  ���������*- _ tr  ^-���������^i^A-'l-'H*'H-'H-''^H^  *  *-  and' "New Life''  Beer.  fcjl  IWJWI  .���������.XAyyAyh,,.: ._;     .'   -'A;^.  [*; --.-*,.;-.- :;- ���������; '-  i. -.���������'.-. -,.-.- ���������A-..-V.JA$.i  1   t^'' *  .    -r.������"    .   '.-   , -:i-   - "- ��������� I     :'������������������'i"i*Pw* *i  h^vwii -;-:-,������������������;;:;,.. 7h,yy&$-  ^7-%YYY77y;Yy..7x77yyhm  i     ���������y.r*"-'-  "���������'��������� -"������������������*���������������������������*���������������������������  -   ���������    -.---'-..^J_qi  \11   W'i  .1  CHARLES THULIN  ��������� Aiiplicn  NOTICK i-* Hereby Riven  that on   the   1015-.  first d<y of December next application svi.l  "7*"*?-*$   k������ m*>dc lo tho Sniicriutendcnt < t l*rovi������-  ^r������L*^a<ti-T*.*������iMcwTrji->-^wriv**!u'T^jtx^-^JKJX^  lir;     /'iii sva;- -.���������;;..'���������/,*..  .;,;"'!!��������� n   voarr.. ihi/.,.'- ,  P;-3i:<i:ii! WaS.c!is,?:.!icr, S.-.v/ci-ir aiHliifowo-k at iiiv-i-;i  \a.  ���������C v-V.'h:-,,'     SCAVAJ&O U!Jii.Dir:G.!^i������'- l,icvinf.-.i.-.x*i.:.  ���������.���������-.-.���������.^  a, Uuio,:,Ily H<Ci  -.���������������...^ '.������.-.���������>*.���������,-.?:y������ ' Ali*iii'.i) H.vi'na Hi'hsk  fes   '^inl P.licfi, Vi;l'.';iii, for the rono.valof Ilia  ' "*  '' 1*^3   liotf] liceas; to f-11 liquors hy iotail in the  ������������������������������������ia    iiotcl Uaiiwn na tiio Wilson hotel, oituatcd  r?r"t -i  Cumberland  A. 0.  a^m1.b*-W* iiI4 1(*t%������������������������- ���������  wniiwm������M.������������<* *WH������-^Kty������ .������M>l  NOTKl'.iH liofoby given Uiat on tbo  tirt;t tby  if D.cum'ier nyxtAnpiiIiciltion  .���������(".".���������.'.".���������vrn'-i-.'.'.v.-. . ��������� ���������; |'-ft.;.',^.'"-'-y;'.j(-iJ-.-;.-- '-'WmV]       ���������        '    ,l       )  ������������������  '-r       W ���������f'.T   ������.*.-^'-.*;'���������--'i* A' "���������>':'A"'-".i'>'.;'r-; "��������� '&i:y77&$YiY������& ��������� "'ll lie mado to llioSu^ri'iteudonlof Ilio  ,: ^.. ^3 V. i^.-r>- - - ������������������- -���������>-��������� ������.;. ] K;yv,-v-,;^; ^^.^tM ��������� l'"������vlncW r������liw- vittoriil-f,!r th(J ,C110W,   Pllffilev's for BlCVClGS  '   L-yth'SlL.-'- '..Iw,       .''..������������������.*v> i-    -���������--;���������'  I '��������� ..<������������������.-.. -.-...../ -..v. ../.^J^-. ^"**-^fcil^*������ ,rfr(an in llinlrnhBl linnwn 11a tlii!\V..ftil)iiia   \ ..    ___      __    ._  ���������  ,.T..-'   J...-'.-,/-  rt-tail in tlio Imtel known ns th������ \VuoUlws  ! .Stuitpim: I'ftco, Hituiitc nt Oybler Iliver,  ' iu iIju l'rovinco of HritKh Coluiiibi,i.  L'llliiislu'd     Jl'ii.ni,; h i -       'r''  KAivoiiAA-   I:..---      ";|;i    FOltSALE���������A large J,  & J | annibWoo.miw.  ���������i*   Taylor  Rtil'o,   nearly   now,    Cos ' Dated Sciitomiier 120, 1015.  li C.  Th-i'iY:  ]\\{.",ii\'U'.'i:  ���������;������������������:;:������������������ Third H"';;;'^(,'n  ';' $m,  wm ������������n for less tiuu1  a   linK cost.   Apply this oflice.  y " '!* '  T  V   r.KUWKNT .Wl^Nl'i';   s,  I,.,, 1 ...,t    nr     ,  .U  **-  .1.  RVMucmwmi  ICYCLE  ARQAINS  (  a.  1  Oi'.n'.u.'il.nid.   II    <A  :���������-.";'���������; -; *. ���������. *; 1 .'. ��������� ��������� 1 ��������� 1 , . .'  '������UI *.VA    '������������> -* .+   '  ki'  "���������-.'.'V-m^ ...rr;^!'- J'*..*i-n**>/lA������.Jj^  .11   rAIU'.5l.t.     _  1    ,:.       ���������   HI It'll I'.;*'     tii': NS1J.S ���������?  i  '   ..t.orJsuiens Goods J  stmt. /f  1  ( ^-r.cral Hardware |  ������*   1' 1 1  |M   J   ** . '  I .;.  ������������������ ... .,  I :    -.    ., -. i.i  ' in'' bu'.'*  HOLY   TK1 MIY t'ill.'UUI  Sm-icotf   lur '2Ia  Sundav  al'ier  Tiiuity.  11.-ly ('.'-.jamiiini "-, S .".0 n. in.  -:-.- A ;��������� " ! -..1 ?.",���������' p. tn.  ]'". Wi'Hl;'  7  I .  ill  St:i\ ''ax's oi iii'L'tcc-.siot: in be-  ll.-'lf nl  1J   -M, ]'\.'!i.'i-S  (>ll    Wt'illlt:!  NilTIUK irtlicreby jjivon  Unit on  tlie  iitut day of ltaceinliorticxLapplicul.m will  1>2 iiuido lo thu 'Snporiuloi-doiit of i'tovin-   /    ,, ,        , , .  .,,,,.    ,..,.,,, , ru    ) abc inakv of machine  is icp  cud rolico, \ ictoi'iii, for the renewal or the  / ...       L  lioU'l licctiso to ficll liqiKiiH by rolnil in tbe  liu'.cl known aa tlio N0U0.1 lint.il, ntivitud !   , ^CfJJuMjm cl find Slj(ip"Soil������l  nt. UniimUny, B.C. .Ioiin Fi:askii. !?   UicyclfS,    l"i|h    ladies'    mill  lively wi'll known and roli-  ble mak-. of machine  is icp  resented in our' collection or  Dutuil Sopiumbisr, 2!>, Ii)l5  (Jem's 1 wide Is. Wiile today  ) for a lUt ol thcni and save  NOTICK 13 hereby Riven tlmt on tbe ;( niouey  fiiM day of Doia'iiilH')' 1915, applicition  will be ni.'nle to  the .Superiiileiidwt ot  it iV   ill  ! I'liivmcinl Vulic, fov a icih'-.miI  nf ibe  al ���������'. ���������'!���������' 0. 111, 1 1 invmcKii i'umc, tov a i'cih".mh  m   the ��������� 1  AMliiir lli.cbLi-."-!-, Vicar.      j "luie-alf l.������,..nv license upon ibe p.cni. I'   ^     ine-. kno.vti -a\ l.ot 2.}, Hiili-rnion i, N'cl-  Sunn1 !i"iii,Ic lire tiiikiinl I'liiitit'li  son Di-i.irt.  Thos. Plimley  7S7-7������0 Johnpon Bt  rii.M.N'ia; llin:\\i.\i; Company,     VJCTOIUA,  ������������������> i.'iy tliat |)r,   ^'nin't'j: -IkhiI'I rr. i    I) \w.A October io, 1015 !j  -iv.a.    < !i\i't'n'in tu a   i'ii ui<!������' '< '���������  "   '     ~ ���������._.-.���������.���������������  J    Noni'K in lif'tiy }-,iv 11 tb.t on Um  ' rintt duy ui I) eundinr Jinx I, nppluM'.o 1 will   \  \b<\ tnvlti totliiiSuporiiitciidijntof I'riiviuoiiil  Ki-'iin tbe I'Vont lm-   ('(iino    tlit-; **"������''*".  Victml.i, for ronuwal of   iho bo  , ,. . it������. 11.   t tcl lii'onifi to hi II HiiHoru by ro'-ml   in   tho  (.'(I'ii    11"W* (i     Itl'illlKil Kl'l   t(l   \\ I Lm   ,    . , , .1    11    ���������   l n      v   ,  1   ..     .    '  .  f I : ll ������t<'l I'pnwn (i������ uit-ll(Miot Jhy hi,iliil,mtiiil6  B.C.  I When You Need  Pap-erhan'ging,  Shingling,  House Repairing,   of All  t  y  -\>  \'  ���������f  d-  I  'Hi  ��������� LKAVK   YOUR   ORDER WITH���������. ���������  ���������I-  t  %  I  T-  m  e an  All Work Guaranteed  Satisfactory  ������J������������;..J������������j.^J.������j.������j-tJ������.!.������j������������J.i^.������t<tj������^.������J������������J.������J<������J������J������.J.'J~J������>l������������J������������J������������J^  ^i:i;iii;ii!i!t;iiiiiiiiii'iiiiiu'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiii:iini;iiii:n  f Capital r,iid Up $11,080,000.  Feiou i,  '. i   m (  The Royal Bank of Canada,   g  I DFJAPTS 'iSrfUKl)   IN   ANY   UUULIKN'CY,   TAYA4U.K   ALL  OVKI  'UK    WOULD.  H  I SPKUIAL AT'i'KNTlON paid tu >jAVIN(!8 ACCOUNTS & inli-Kwi [  t   iii'hi'ilieut Current Hnles nlluwcd on Doposjitu of * I and upwurdp.   |  I OUMBETJIiAND, B, O , Branch, Opon Datty T. V. C'Connoll, Mgr  I        UNION TAY, B.C. Branch, Open rally* F. Bctworth, KRr..  1  roUUTEMAT,   U,0, Branch,  Opon DaiJv It, II  HaidwioJt,  Wffr  ^fblllllllllliiailllillllllWUIIIilHIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIUIIIIUllllUIIJIIIIIIl'lllll^  ���������ii- lii'iinl in tlii' i'..im\   $,   # s***t'%taj*m****ttr'mu  llrnwn. MVll-k'I.V.VII    flllll     f'l.'plllM!'j,lt irt.nMt 11.y, 11. (J.  tint-iHiii'in     .Iii.l    now    wo   lmil I AhlHvUT UOSS  (_* ��������� ��������� ii''.";   <\-   1 'I'n'n f'nvjiiiriil    Hrown, |  NOW 1,2.  .L,',t |.sii(iiil'l * - W i 11 ] t.-^ * I'.'i'p ^"ing it, wc  L- ' "iiAii    M'iui'.i-! w ' 11 oil li Im li-iuni  in-   pii-;i.-i-'l    tia  ;   ���������, . u;    : i'i-    ',1 u     I < ')'.  1  , -.'a ��������� 'Ar tb  .. .; -,  f   7>, ,i ilu. ���������,:i:,u.' r mi .uU*-.','"i'ii Iti Ml lis (nuii'fiil.  ; ', -.1 ]iv'i,'< liir.;.'.     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A Trifl Will Convince You.  f ...     ,     Ai.-.M* fjjiv n.<".''i^iic-l up lu'ic  Sunscrilx:   !<>r   I he! ������������������,,, ;i,���������i ,,4 ;.. ,]���������. (i;,ic(nm-  (   I'MJiKIM.ANH        Nr\SM.'.' '> l1 *''] "'['"���������    -TI-CMI'.f li..-  . W. -���������.'' \i\\\   l.ii: ���������'   Ax   tu'." t   id  Sa!������:.r;ripti<������n prio- $r.  'Ii'iu ItitcJ; (i^itiu  i  'J\*.iujii!j������ of All Kind.**.     ,i  ;' Kic.s i-ou titiu-; ;|  '?���������        Charges Kcasomibl'!.      \*v  |  ���������t- '*>';.  t"rK\M   Ml'.liTS   A I.t. TWAINS'?  L. NEVILLE  Below Sawmill, Roy Rood,  ROYSTON, U. C.  kt;VSTo,        IL C.  a*/  i  i i>* Lvavc ordc-is at llu- office  of the Cl'Miikki.and Nkws.  '!>  (.  '���������?>  l������J  J";  (u)  (������)  i^\  | Fort PU^E ICE CHEAJVI |  ICC OREflM SUNOflES  ond SODAS  BSy Come to Kinj/'j; lc������ Cream Parlor,  flAWiniinMn  Wlmro yim will uot Uio IHKT (lOODH IN TOWN witli  ������������������_Oooil, CMouii Suvlcp   Ice Cream Supplied in QwhiWcs at Cheap Pi ices to Balls,  Parties, Pic Nics, etc., a. a ftw hour's notice  KING'S ICE CREAM PABLOR  *w*m****t*ytx** lutmu**  Duiihmuir Avon no  i  %  t.i  iv  Ci)  tUMBElUiAND, 13 C.    [|  (������.<i&G/<i<&i^<^ (^i)^������)^4Xs/4:/^.w^i'.^i>S'������^.!)  Sii#^  0  lofel  J,    IJ,   KcI<1.0U      l-'j:i,t.'*'v.i-iiJ������.m,  Kii^iMi * *i lUIH'l'ON' ulw:i;> on up tUn, tlio (mrioiu MlLWAUKt'l?  riKKHS���������Anlnmn'1". II li.'.mi", HMtr, Ao. ������������������01,1) MUKY UWAKD"  h(.'0lVII���������V.'ll|������!lvY. L'cat WmuB nad Llquui-8 of all binAa  Tlif tl''.ir������?������tij! ami iMumk l> p4rtnu-i<t. uut'i-r t\u< immti^iitii mjiununnitlmiui  \.ill li' ton ii Flint uiui*. In c.vfiry rcrpfut.  IIATEB,  1  I * a  91 oo por day twA Uf  K������ l? <��������� ',* <���������'���������'.���������������' ���������/'? '���������/���������;���������'������,'������'!*���������*��������� '4>1A|>.Vk_


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