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The Cumberland News Feb 24, 1915

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ess v<n
���'''"'������'���      7  ?n,       ''^N*
f A", ' ���    '     �� ��� ><<<      ���/S ?a     '
������, ''OA*'-. " - y*    <$
Devoted Especially to tne Interests at Cumberland and Surrounding Dustrlcj:.
Tiik News, Twenty-Fiust Ykak
bwp��� ��_i * '���fcji^i.*t-T>ywt^x*W'WMg��-iy^r-^-<jwrtf >-����u..<����)wr * **��
Goods, Gent's
Furnishings,'-   and
, ,   House Furnishings
Sale Commences Sat, Feb., 13th;
A Special   Opportunity,
to Save Money. ������
erms Cash J
erms Cash'-*:
��� i*.i fa��� m4.Tmmmr*m*A7��4jua*itKn*.tiM>toti'jui 1 rti 1 n ��� 1* nwi i iwjg _ 1 t.i 41
LtEISER���& Co..lid
The followiii��; ,Night Letter
was forwarded Mr. C. A, Crosby
General Manager of,.the lioyal
Bank ol'.Canivda, Vancouver, P>.
C, asking him to reconsider the
'���removal oi '1.1 r. Morrison from
iNuuberlatid Branch:
Cumberland, IJ. C,
���   February 19th, 1915
To Mr. C. A. Crosbie,
Kuyal.llAnk of Canada,?
Vancouver. B C,
1 have been requested   by   tlie
'business people of Cumberland
to ask to reconsider   romoval oi
Mr. Morrison, as we think  it  i.s
to t.'.e best interest of bank and
city to retain him at the present
time,  Petition following, Please
*\�� ���
The following answer was received;
Vancouver, I], C.
February 201I1, 1915
" (J. A. Piinihuui,
Cumberland, IJ. C.
While we feed deeply grateful
for your appreciation of Mr Mor-
jison his length  of  satisfactory
service at Cuinberlaiid lor near'
ly foui years demands recognition by deserved promotion, and
'lie Au* profit  iicci'i-iiiit nf hi'*
j'c'V.' [.'lYiAu'I   wil.A   he   lvphu-i)
on account of ill health, other'
wise we would have beeu glad
lo meet your wishes.
BIRTH���At   CiiHiWIaiid. nu
Feh, SOrli, tb Alia   wihi   of   "Miv
'Hugh iUelveiwo, uf' Courtenay, ��i
Get your D*mc<? Invitations
printed at the Cumberhntl
Mr, Conrad Jtoifol, of tlio
Union Brewing Co., ' Nanuiino,
was in town |a_l. week,
The object of the average nor"
mal nation U to have more prosperity to raise more taxes to
build more battleships to seek
more markets to sell more goods
to have more paosperity to rnise
more taxes to build more battleships to seek more markets to
sell more goods to have more
prosperity aud so on until something'uuforseeu happens ��� K.\.
T;ike million** of b-st ni'.n and
mix -.villi si iot uu,) Aw)), -u-'t-inu
tv.ith with
iUrs Hen peck���" Is there any
difference between a (Vn'l and a
fortress ? "
Mr Heupeck���l,I should ium
giiie a fortress, my love,  would
be harder to silence,"
m- ���     ... {J,, ,    _���
hi orilor to u liotlor elisorviitiin of tlio
Wooldy Koat L),iy, wo, tljo unili'niignoil
Cltir^yiiieii at  Gumborhuid,  (,'ivo notice
luul LiuuiUi, iu. ������c Wil.t li.t, J/...V.1..V1.
fuliottCtilll WUtikl 7ll7a,  aud   lltu.lt   nl   tbo
larger tow iih in ]), <J��� wo nhfifl ofllointo ut
Siiudiy fiinurulH only in cii.hoi of uxtroiuo
��� -    ���   ���<>--��
atncK Burns. lu.li.
We congratulated Chevalier
Patrick Burns, of Calgary, last
week on being made a Knight
Commander of St. Gregory the
Great. There was quite an int-
ersting ceremony of investiture
Mgr. McNally, Bishop of Calgary, officiating. The Daily Herald, Calgary, has .a cut of the
Papal-Bull making Mr Burns a
Knight, a cut of Mr. Burns himself, and; a cut of the insignia,
and 8-pt cross with inscription.
"Pro Deo et ' Principe/' We
'jud this biographical note of lhe
new Knight in the same paper.
It will' be,of iuter.es;t to Ontario
Catholics, one of whom Sir Patrick really is":
Patrick"Burusj or as he is well
and truly known to   his Host  of
���admirers.   ��� lPat" Burns, is   one!
of the best known figures- in  the
great  far   West.    President   of.
..the P, Burns'.& Company, Limited,, .pork  packers-''   provisional's,
aud ranchers of Calgary, he also,
enjoys ���' the distinction of knowing, that i.t was   he  himself who
founded the great  hquse  wliich
now occupies such a high  posi"
tion iu the Dominion of Canada.
It      is     common'     knowledge
how   he came  to  this,country,
how he saw a-ud.how he conquer
-ed-s���Tb 6-11*1 au-y-d iffi cu 1 t-ies-w-h i ch.
Jay'in his way were 'jiddeii   over
in true  Irish,   fashion,, aud the
tact that no ti aces of regret have
been; left ou   the trail   i-r, one of
the factors which go to make the
lepuUition wliich Pat Burns now
Borniu Ohhawa, 0<jt., ou July
13th, 1S56, Mr-Burns came to
Calgary and established his pres
ent business in 1S99. Seeing'
the possibilities of this Piovince
and having had a large experience of ranching and cattle raising in Manitoba, it was not long
befoie Mr, Burns succeeded in
laying the foundation stone of
the hugft business of which he is
now the head. From 1S79 to
1890 he engaged in the business
of which he is now a master, al
Winnipeg, aud it is largely owing to his experience there thai
he was enabled to cany to a
successful issue therbusiness in
In 1901 he married Eileen
Ellis, lhe daughter of Thomas
Ellis, of Victoria, B, ('., und hn.-i
one son, Mr. Burn.'* is a Libcia!
in politics, Mr Burns, w!i6 is
as modest as he i.s influential,hns
more than onco declined the nomination us a candidate for Parli
auieutary honors, often saying
thai his Mine is fully taken up
with the many duties which devolve ui)on him as the head of a'
linu which controls business in
upwards of 27 different cities
towns and settlements iu lhe
Western  Province of Canada.
��� ranTtarunr- ������������
���tttrt   1
' Swiss BCunlin* ��sd Cambric Kfcbroidwv Edgings  tn  4.,.
5 and S inch widtht, with l����rti<ra M ��navci_ ��t 1,1. yu.
Corjiet Caver Embraidery���iTtw Designs, at 26c vd.
��� Allovor uadFlounciag'Embroideries nt 85c yd.
45 inch Skirting Embroidery in Novelty Pattariis SOc yd.
9 Q
ri'aj 1T.V1   ' 'P%
bio-id,   burn  (*ru[j.s,
, luwu aiifl cities, statvj
jOOUI'C*:.. iiljj COOli
widows v,i"�� orphaur;,  diain off
The lt-asuu the K...,uuw
drinks nnt of a saucer is because
all his mugs me at the 1'iuut.,
Ladies' ami Guiulttuum's
visiting C.inls neatly j��riuit*ii
iti the Cumberland News,
' ll. , ��� 'M' ,\
jjcucum  <v ) .   i oj;c,
To Our   beloved   vSou,   Patrick
Ihirus;    Udovcd Sou,   health
and apostolic benediction,
1 ut* ver>    many  and  uor.ii/n.
services  rendered by you in that
new diocese of Calgary,   and not
less the z.ea!  and. energy  which
\uu unremittingly display in pu>
iuoii;j.; religious and ch-inialde
woiks of every   hind   manik'.suy
j��i jve Miu   Wi.ilky tu 'a :���- \\:    .1:
our hands that which y.uir iiiohj
op jo   w'.uuiy   levi-mun-ud..   .1.
mu.-'t illiiMii'us title d i:im,o 1,7.
tecogni'.iou ul' your i:t"i!*.<. ���
(otitimud uu Im':!; \u^<-A,       '
Lark Hill, Jan. -t, 11115.
Duar Bunch:
One dny. when 1 camo
home (where I w is "holidaying),
heforo Mr, nnd Mrs. Montgomery,, and luul the dog barking at
ine, as -I was unable to get in, the
door opened sit, thoir neighbor's;
and a young lady asked "Is lhat
a soldier ?"'������������Ves."���'/Tlw Can-
adhui !"��� "Yes."��� "Ome in."
And so I wilt} heralded into ar,-
othw-hom��, and when announced,
a      ��� 0 n
���n-fathor^-i-'iot-her-f��� eist-er*-,���and^-I-
pros ui ne, lover, vacated as many
ehairs at once, Rnceessively pump-
od niy hand and" pressed "nie to
-it on all thu chairs, Somo wel-
i!i>ini', I can tell yoii; aiid T liad a
great time, for about an liour, un
lil Mr. and Mrs. M. "came home.
One ��'f tli�� lirsr, questions nsked
was, ''would you like a hot hath?'
Tliitf sort of non plussed inn, until it occtirled'to me that I had
written "Miuity," tolling him
of the Salisbury ��� guntlonmn
who liad ffivun Ludd and mo hot
I'l.nllis, Apparently tlio story had
On tlio UOlh Muntv Kot his
li'iive, ami, us lift hml never heon
in Lmdon, ho doeidod to g<�� *lown
wiih nie, and wo had a fine timu
for a couple of days, lt may
fice.iu striiiigo iu think of me piloting nu Englishman around London, but 1 hut is what I did, Mon.
ty Imd an iiuelo there, and when
uo looked him up, ho insisted
lhat we go out and slay wiih liim,
so wo did. Ilo has a lowly
pine.!*, about 13 iniloB i'roni Lou.
dun, nnd a hiiiiily of three; nnd I
oiijnycd myself iiuiiu.'iu'uly. Yon
wtiit't npprt'i'iato what a tihangu
it i-s to idt in front of a grate fire
:iii<l mix with civilians and
Ull; to Woiihoi   iio'iin,
And jusi think, I wore a eonplo
of silk pAJunius ! 111 lho ovon"
ino' two  vonnif   Holgmu   nihliura
ro ��. o r-i
rnuiii tn; nho foiir girls: nml wo
had a great timo. Tho Belgians
worn like 'lug nvorgrown boys,
full of jinuik>: mni lho coiivci'uh-
lion was ciirrieil mi,   i-oiiio'.iinos
Messrs W. W. Wilhud and A.
Armstrong, who wero delegates
from Mount I lurch L. 0. L., to
Orange Grand Lodge , of." B. C.,
which met at. Chilliwack lust
we��k, arrived  ;homo   on .Sunday
usv_r& o!
Duncan ThoniPon, of Niimiiino,
was in ���' town tbis Mviwl.. Mr,
iThomaou has disposed of his
property on Dunhinuit* avonuu to
���a party in .Nanahiio.
Mr. I). M. Morrison left by
Sunday's bosi't for Yiiucoiiver, en
route for Craubrooke- tin.*, smuu of
his future activities,     lbi.w.ib ne-
companied as far as   Union    Bay
liy >i party of friends in iiiilua.
Hon. T. ii. Heueage, Provincial CoHiissioiior lioy St-ciiit.-, w-ij!
visit1 Cuuibej'lmul on Fiiduv, Ma-.
4th.. Ho will inspect the Unin-
ijorland troop, and meet with the
niombors of tho association.'
Fov, Jus, Hood left on Moiidiiy
for. Victoria, to attend a meeting
of the Proidiytory.
Tlio Trustors of the. 'Comox
District Relief Fund met in the
Council Chambers on Kridny evening. In the absence of Chair
man Willunl, T. A. Sprustou was
votml to the   ehnir,
Soerotftry llondoreon rr��d tho
minuios t.f jirovious meeting.
The offer of tho Uaiimlian Collieries, to supply one loud of eoa] free
per mouth to ihe families of thufc
who had left for ihn I'mut, for ,'i
period of six month*-, and ilmi
Mr. Kilpntrick would dwliver
samo free of charge, wns neccpU'il
with n vole of tlmnlis for the gea-
ei'otis uller,
The I'lthe oT Mrs, Geo. Brown,
whose son, George, has joined the
Canadian f toos, was di.,tMt*i-..d,
Hlid laid on the table for i'uuire
e.oiisideriition. Bevan truui ��s reported tlmt Krunk Coj��i�� had {ji-
elded to leuvo foi the front, lea��
i/i"[ a wife and i��at�� eiiild. Unin.
liei'lund tatisiees ie[iortiid A I'nti"
.,       ,       i- ,   ., ..     ' Ider i'h jemiiig I lio   ainiy.     It wit*
I't'lMIPllj   Which    tll(>      \Olllltf      Dllll'l ,1 n )
,,         \      e\       ,\             1             .IdeeiWeil to will ami seo   1/     mutc
;ilili*> snokc   ilvev.M'1,    nml   niiv.i"1 ���'
.    ,.    ,. I      ', . ,     .,      ,, ,    iiiuii  were accented liclore plaeim:
UiiloB III lMigli-.li, ivliieh    Ihu   Feb1                           ' '
ginns were picking up,
I wm lucky i.i ii"t.   leaving   I'm
The  R C.
fuel oil arc piutiacr r.'^y
a howl againsttlie proposed  duty '���- on   :his
commodity.   Thev an:
looking alter their interests, and so are \v#.
-  It rcma'ins.'iolK* ^-':'' -
who has   the iv.-j-a'influence with t*-e y'X:-
ers' that be. . l:he "Yu-y
tt)i:ia Board of' TnT.'!"
,'      ��~   J J I
thy  with  "the   movt.
ment for the proiectioA
of the ByC    '   ;
What do the
of hurl oil   carv
the  coal inmciA1
shut down, .a'aa
miners idle, aiy.\
families in ��� want 1
,. This is ci,.: :.
and "the milk of
iwaii ;��� kirdu.'.'.-.j.'
considerable rfiii:
ter of .sell intercA.
ed with it.
if  aii'
< v':
Or t'us
town null) ni'oiii 11 -ii',  lor ii,iU ) I
gone on the S.ltO ij.iin,   I   would
have been in llie wi-tek. of whiidi
you   may    linye   road.    I   liiitil'
* *
idioul title Were killed, itlul   aliou'
tliir'y Jiijinvd.
\.,f -���   In  nil,
Krtruj* ��!u: .e^itviiMn against
ijiu lr��.'��: ������ntrv o)' lufj oil,
i their luiiiilii's on the fiimi.
The M'orn'nry read lho iluunii.il
.���'iii'Mii-i.i.'u'liiph 19 nn follows:---
DhhIi mi huiul !.lf>71��r>r>; ri-eeipic
trom emndinn ColliurieH employ
di'.**, *tJilS.OI). Arreun owl-^ Me
f ne1 by city hii�� scribviii  uonhtii-
eoll��'Oti.fl in n '""tv (l.-i \ s. N'f'; ,<
adjotirneii, to Uiei't ,il lli^.m . n
Miiieh  I'.Mh.
Tlio City Oouoilunt.n   rru-.W ���,���'������-    .
on iluiiit*y ��v*iiiaij.%   Aid.' I !.;-���! . ^
th�� only nljK��ii|(j��,
.Miiiutoa of   lut   /���(;vlw   ��i��'-   -:,.'-������ A
iiK'f-tiiitr.i weie read nuil *d< pi-1.
(Ji'1'umiliiiui.Moii ?rc:,'   J^iinici J'.- ili -
mi.'in nnd Sup ply Co., L' '.,    ��� .!.<'.'it<
StfUcitiii,; biibiiiOH", leui-ivtit��. ..i ;M  '
CuiiillluliioiitiM' from Crui'i CV     -i
JraulH mill llttii.jii,    I'lin l',"ni a. ..^,J
will wimiill witli Mr. ilnniy>�� h'..-���>   ���:���
iluriox wiinii,
Itilli uud 'AccpiiiiliJi���D ie Tiii.t1;;
CuinbirliwiJ IS*��rtn. VL'-'-ft', \ . b, v-',: ��� -i ^
,i."li; li. Nakuniwlii, hiu.; t'.vV   I.. \i'a- :r
I'tVJ.rS'Klw. ]7uibi<'<i , -IVO); .'.....'k-
Kinnuj), V,HJ���Tetul bl&J 6^.
ll'M'yuriiltii^ in.."." iu d"   ijfii-'ii'   ���*'   ���'���
it*,   11 wai >���<ii iiiu^.'1 ,.n- -iM-     '-.'��� '...'
Ii'.uli hu ui^jiua '!,��� i,  v,!'-    ���.    ;-
Clirt; Hli'illl i,f l,l,fnlU.   .',','iu-n-   .v
rei;S .H-'-i'i   Uin-tt - i.'Ml.'il
ll'MOil nl 11' nl'li   I'fi-'Oi-'l    , ;.        i
'i:.rla't. i'-.'vin in l��iale  ,, iw^wit '���
'I'lie <0'.Hl4)lmtlli...'.in   vi-   .   i ' ,'  '    '.I
Hit IMS 'Mil tAl'   ir.'.l.'i.i    '..���.">;  �����     i,
ll witn i|ni.'iiti���l t'.i.t ���'��'���  i' -I--I-. .   ���'  ^
Iju rikii)ly i.iib,ifti(l. mi  in.  i.'.t   '  ".,
l^i,l,    L.-.W,
Tlm <"i.iii.��II d.'-i'iiW.l  tin.* ! ..
nlluul.1 lie leii.'ii ��� :���. fi"' i'i'y ;>'iii'
AM,   Mob ..��.-1  i.i" ������il.  ���f >���
ll''i'i��'irt..ii, tlmt i o enn '���'������ ��� '���      i
tn loo'*    iliti,   tl.i-    Mi.tt ''I        . i      !,,
��� ���  t'.,. .:
HiiOa-l fot our  void   tuiii"*;,    I
i,;-i)i,...,      : ,.,  <..,
i l .��.--, ll.t'dunui.
1 '     I'.'*,. ', \ I    ' ���'
,   UJ^!     -I   .���   '    I ,    '.   '   ���
ihey   f-IimiiM     be   ilowi'-uiid-oui. | ��;,(,,^��.,
���re ivi'i'. v,'c:
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Later, at Vouviues, the officer' writes: "Our men, behaved like  vandals. The.spectacle of the corpses  of all the killed inhabitants baffles description. Not ono house remains  standing. We rescued survivors, and  shot them in parties���������men, women,  and children. At Villers-sur-Fragne  the people warned tho French that the  Germans were coming, and the latter  set fire to the village aud shot the  priest and many residents. Tho com*  pany camped at Guidessus. A Gorman  cyclist fell, and his rille wont off, and  he alleged in? excuse that he had been,  fired on. The village was therefore  burned and all the inhabitants thrown  Into the llames. Two hundred inhabit-  ants of Peppes were killed. The officer  thinks they included innocent people.  ���������Press Association War Special. ,  Thanks, Mr. Sobotka! ���������  Przcmysl, Przemysl, how often has  it proven a stumbling-block to our.untutored tongues! Fain would we have  rolled it musically, or mouthed it, or  hissed it, or twanged it. ' But we  cralrtn't get anywhere near what  .seemed to be a correct pronounciation  It constituted the despair~oE^the \va>  fan! A dozen time J a day it, recurred  in conversation. It became Perze-  bizzle, Perchimel. and even P-R-Z to  a certain nonindustrious few. Now  the secret is out. The most mis-pronounced, of all words will'now in future lose that reputation. Secretary  Sobotka of the Austrian embassy says  il should be pronounced "S-h-i-m-e-a-  s-e-I."  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This gave  us such a good opinion of Dr. Chase s  Kidney-Liver pills that we always  keep them in the house to be used for  all derangements of the kidneys, liver  and bowels." Dr. Chase's Kidney-  Liver Pills, 25c a box, 5 for $1.00, ail  dealers, ��������� or Edmanson, Bates &. Co.,  Limited, Toronto.  A GOOD MEDICINE  FOR THE BABY  Baby's Own Tablets arc the vory  best medicino a mother can give her  little ones. They sweeten tho stomach, regulate the bowels, break up  colds, promote healthful . sleep���������in  fact thoy curo all the minor ills of little ones. The mother may feci absolutely safe in giving them to hor children for thoy are guaranteed by a  government analyst to be strictly free  from all injurious drugs. The Tablets  aro sold hy medicino dealers or hy  mail at 2G cents a box from The IDr.  Williams' Medicine Co,, Brockville,  Ont, i .      ���������  The Indian Troops  A few months ago,'General Sir Ian  Hamilton, Inspector-General of the  Overseas Forces, in his scrap book on  tire-flvst~part���������of-the���������Russo-Japanese  war, recorded:  "Evcry thinking soldier who has  served on our recent Indian campaigns is aware that for the requirements of such operations, a good  Sikh, Pathan or Gurkha battalion is  more generally serviceable than a  British battalion." t  ���������He also wrote: "Why, there is material' in the north of India, and in  Nopal sufficient and /It, under good  leadership, to shake the artificial society of Europe to its founda'.ion."  It is computed tliat this material  ���������ould furnish at least two million  soldiers to the "reserves" of which  Lord Kitchener made, reference ��������� recently.  An Example  "fi very tl* ing dooms to ho going up  Jn prlco, Would you boliovo It, II costs  almost as much nowailayii to dress a  child tin It (loon a grown porson!"  "I don't doubt It at all. Only yesterday I hnd to buy a now dog collar for  .Kin, nnd. tlio prices hnvo almost  doubled."���������Dolroll Froo Press.  Where Canndinn Sacks Arc Going  Tho ton thousand Backs which  brought Giuiiiilii'B gift of Hour hnvo  boot, purchased nt llvo shillings aploco  ami the proceeds donated to Ihu  Princo of Wales fund. Many of lho  purchaser* nro ..onverllng tho hii_i:h  Itito pillow covers. Tho propomil comes  from Wales Unit ono of tho .saclu  ohould lio placed  lu every museum,  Europe's Spoiled Child  Ono grnvlcus lady the Kaiser was  always terribly afraid of, This was  his grandmother, Queen Victoria, of  whom ho stood In groat awo, and who  had a way of treating liim llko tho  snnilt child of l.urnpo ho Is, He liked  King Edward only In a vory modorn tc  degree, and the Peacemaker, who had  a vory ofl'oellvo way of showing what  lm thought of people, novor rofralnod  from lotting tlio Gorman Kinperor  know that 1.Ir altitude towards this  country waa foolish. The Kaiser wns  alw.ij'H very Jealous of King Edward's  pnpulnrlly and his enormous Inlliioncj  in tho _ov.nnll, of Europe. Tho nattering rocoptlon that King Edward received when he went to Ischl to see  Uio aged Austrian Emperor mndo William II. nervous about a possible do-  Unction of tlio -sympathies of IiIh ally.  Gun Bases Found Near Paris  Ac ording to several wounded British soldiers In the American ^Women's  Hospital at Paignton, the discovery  was made of concrete gun bases nearer Paris than tlu German nrmy got  iu Goneral von Kluck's advance.  They explain this ln the samo way  as tho tindiiig o������ concreto bases before Namur and Maubougo and noar  Soissons, mylng it is believed .that  tin Germans bought or routed certain stretcher of land years before  tho war and then got exact measurements of the ra.igos, which is tho  reason their artillery fire was so effective.  Teacher���������Tell mo what lesson can  ho learned from the parable of the  prodigal son?  Small pupil (thinking of tlio husks)  ���������It teaches peoplo to stay where thoy  aro comfortable,  Mr. Bingham-- Why did that woman  koop you tilnndlng at tho door for half  in hour??  Win Talkatlvo Wife���������She nald Rhe  hadn't timo to como In,���������Pearson's  Weekly.  AM������ir������ir*h Tint one nf might doidii  An cnvlort mnn in lio;  Uo can pronounce ihu uauuti ho icuAa  Ot townu iu Hungary,  -���������Boston Transcript.  Quail   on  Toast  At tho beginning of the hunting  season nn nnthiwlustle nlnirod nnnie.l  Smith telegraphed u hotel friend ln  tlio gamo region far innervation, and  at tlio appointed time liu was right on  the job,  "Hollo, Harry?" ho oxclnlmod, Minting mine host, iir ho dragged his dogH  and guns to tlio hotol vonuuluh.  "Everything all .right?"  "Couldn't., bo hot tor," was the  prompt response of mlno host.  "Ilow about tho game?" returned  tlm sportsman ougorly. "Aro thoro any  ijiiails around?" .!  "Well, I Rhould nny ho!" doclnrod  miuo host. "livery timo tho cook  tliiuH-i .i Ji-fii-io p!������,co ii! to-a.','t mil lhe  back window, four or llvo fat quails  ,'lght to boo whlc'i ono slinll Uo down  on it!"���������Philadelphia Tolograph.  Positive Relief  from tho fiiifferinj; canned hy (Ha*  ordered conditions of tlio onjatm  of difr������\.lion and elimination���������  from iiidi|_oHtioTi nnd biliouiincsa���������  ulwaya wmircd liy tiio oafo,  attain    nnd    g_nt!o    action    of  Beecham's  Pills  Stlil ���������rtrywtxr*.  la lioaat, 28 Ctttfc  W. N, U. 1028  Frightened I'nHRonger���������-'firo Whoa!  There's an old lollow itfti ou tno 'bus!  Conductor���������Or! right, sonny, |<"s  paid 'la fuiu���������Piinoh.  lllx���������Vou may depend upon It llmt  your friends won't forgot you nB long  as ynu hnvo mo:ioy.  DI*: -Tli-it's rifht: p.qpncinlly If you  have borrowed lt from tlusm.  Grateful pationt���������Ily tho wny, doc-  lor, I should bo glad If you would  send hi your bill soon,  Jimlnont Physician���������Nover mind  about that, my dour madam; you must  got quite strong lirat.  A REBELLION  Food   Demanded  Despatches Tha*: Thrill the Empire  The most famous despatch oi mod-  urn times was the one from Lord  lioberis, anuouueiur; the relief' oi  .ilal'ekiug, which sent a thrill throughout the whole empire.  lt concludes: "The flying column  iK'der the command of Colonel D.  Mahou, whicL - roliovod Mai'eking,  marched at the rate of lifteen miles a  day for fourteen consecutivo days, and  successively accomplished its object,  despite the determined opposition of  the enemy." Simple aud direct, like  the man who wrote it'  Havelock's despatch concerning the  relief of Lucknow is one of thu nation's treasures. "Tho cheors of the  troops *'cchocd through the courts of  the palace." he writes, "responsive to  the bugle sound, and on they rusuud  to assured victory. Tho enemy could  nowhere witk'taud thom. in a fow  minutes the wholo of tho buildings  were iu our possession."  Of Wellington's despatches, tbo  most interesting, and ono of the longest, being that which concerns the  Battle of Waterloo. Ho , first describes the action, iu some detail and  the immensity of tho result, and concludes: "Such a desperate action  could not be fought and such advantages gained without great los3,  and 1 am sorry to add that ours have  been imnunse. Tho army has never  upon any occasion conducted itself  better. Tho Division of Guards set  an examp-o which was followed by  all, and there is no officer or description of troops that did not behave  ���������veil. I should not do justice to my  own feelinrs, or to Marshal Blucher  and the Prussian army if I did not  attribute the successful result'of this  arduous day to the arrival and timely  assistance I received,front them.".  The despatches of Wellington from  the Peninsula are classics' of their  kind, so concentrated and masterly  are they, jut possibly the most memorable despatch which ever reached  England lies undc* a glass case in  lhe .British Museum.  It is the despatch announcing, the  Battle of Trafalgar .and the death cf  Nelson.   "  It is one of the great thrilling messages of the world.       '   .  Tho despatch is .simple and unadorned. , It was written by, Nelson's  second, in command, the noble Col-  lingwood. "The ever-to-be-lamented  death," it runs, "of Vice-Admiral Lord  Viscount Nelson, who, in the' late  conflict with the enemy, fell in the  hour of victory."  Then follows an account of the  great fight," concluding with a generous note of praise for the gallant  fight put up by our foe, and finishing with the words, ��������� "It pleased the  Almighty Disposer of all events to  grant His Majesty's arms a complete  and glorious victory."  Field Marshal French has already  given us despatches that have touched the nation's soul, through their  strongly sympathetic tone.  WireirhlTl?Tran3,eci'Sivo~victory-to~aii~  nounce, ,no' doubt he will rise to "the  occasion' as nobly as any of the great  men who have had wonderful news to  impart..  SOLID CHOCOLATE  MAPLE BUDS  For bites between meals  there is nothing equal to  Maple Buds���������-all the goodness of the Indies seems  to be caught and prisoned  these pure, velvet-  smooth bits of solid chocolate���������and they're so wholesome and nourishing too.  I  I  i  283  ^������l������iM  $  I  What about your wife and children ?   Will they 1  dress well after you are gone ?   Will your children  be educated ?   Have a talk to-day with an agent of  THE EXCELSIOR LIEE INSURANCE CO,  OFFICES:���������Winnipeg,    Edmonton,   Saskatoon,  Vancouver.      Agents Wanted.  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It now rest3  on seventy' concreto piers, whicli go  down to b.'d rock, and it ls iu bettor  shapo than lt was beforo. It will he  at onco filled wlt'i grain,  IN A RIGHTEOUS CAUSE  The Earl of Beaconsfield on B.-;tain in  Peace and War  The late Earl of Beaconslield, in replying to the toast of "Her Majesty's  Ministers," during the unsettled state  of Europe at the time, near the clo$o  of his speech used these words, which  are now recalled as being particularly  applicable to the present war:  "The Lord Mayor has told us today that Britain is the country of all  others whose policy is peace. We havo  nothing to gain by war. We aro essentially a non-aggressive power,  There are no cities and no provinces  that we desire to appropriate. Wo have  built up an empire of which we are  proud, and our proudest boast is this  ���������that this empire subsists as much  upon sympathy lis upon forco, But if  the struggle comos it should bi recollected that thore is no country so pre.  pared for war as Britain; thero is no  country whoso resources are' so great  in a righteous cause. Britain Is not  a country Unit wlll have to inquire  whether sho can enter In a second  or a third campaign. She will commence tho fight that will not ond until right is dono."  A Guaranteed Corn Cure For 25 Cents  Putnam's PalnleBH Corn Extractor is  guaranteed to romovo hard, soft rr  blooding Corns in twenty-four hours  without pain. Tako only Putnam's, it's  tho host,  your  Ilawl'lu**--Why  do  you  nlgn  niur,<i "J. John It. M, II. Hrown?"  Hrown-lU'cati:; It Is my nnmo, 1  wnn diristi'tu'd hy a minister vho  utiittoroil.���������Miihlc   Trades.  11-17���������Aro you liiHtrumontal in col-  \nio, iiflstlrti!  l'.U4���������Yon. follow.; I play tho piano  ln Uio band,���������Stanford Chaparral.  Tho human body will stand a lot of  abuse hut soiiiollnieu It will surely ro>  bol and demand proper foo.i in placo  of tho pastry, atiirchy, groasy Kluifa  on which If has beon mndo sick,  Thon Ib tho timo to try drapcj-Nnt-i,  the most sclcntlln and porfoct food lu  tho world,  A woman writes; "Throo years  ago I was very ill with catarrh of tho  stomach and was given up to dlo by  ono doctor. I laid in bod four months  and my stomach wiib bo weak that 1  could not koop down modlclno or  liiirdly any kind of food and war ho  weak and omnclnted nftor four month.,  of tills starvation that my daughter  rvnitil nnsllv lift, mn from bod and put  mo In my cluilr.  "lint \ni,ib ax my ula:n:ic)i waa, .1  acenptod, rellghcd and digested drape-  Nuts without any difficulty tlio Ilrst  timo that wonderful food was tried.  "I nm low strong and in bettor  hoalth than for a givnt many yoars  ami it Ti i gr.uiuaiiy ',uw������i������h ah't bitu,,.,-  or. I niy on (Irapn-Niits for mucii  of tho nourlHhniont that I got, The  results havo certainly been wonderful  in my cuso ami prove tlint, no stomach  Ik fo woak It wiil not digest Grape-  Nuts.  "Mv biibv imt. fat from fondlng on  (;r,i|!'-Niiln, I waa afraid '. would have  to .lop giving ilio food to him, hut I  \'.iu"."a it in u lii'iiltliy at for lil.i  lir-aMli is jUHt p.'irft'ct." Xami' glvon hy  ('imadlan  Postum Co., WlmlHor, Ont.  l.noit in pIvrs. for tliejuinoiis Ilttla  hook, 'The Hunt] to WVllvllln."  "Thtro's a Uoaptn."  Ever rend the above letter? A new  ont appears from time to time. They  are genuine, true, and full of human  Interest.  Many mothers havo reason to bless  Mother Gravos' Worm lOxternilnatcr,  because it has relieved the littlo ones  of suffering and mado tbom healthy..  British Soldiers Llko Their Officers  Or.o of tho plo.asuntoHt fonluros of  tho letters from our soldiers at tho  front is tho way In which they seem  unanlinousy to pralso tholr officers.  "Our troops woro nil good chaps,"  writes a corporal In tho ColilstroniiiH  now homo In hospital, "Thoy would  do anything for tho mon, und wero  as cool us cucumbers, but 1 am afraid  thoy woro too daring," It' appears  to bo tho gonoral vordlct; and, after  all, lt will surprise no one who knows  anything of tlio Hritlsli army in thoso  days,  Our officers have always been gallant and worthy u. tholr commands;  but during tho past fow yours tlio  organi'/.ation of tho iirniy has drawn  thom closer to tholr men than whb  over tho caso boforo, wltt. results  of an unprocedontedly friendly and  compleU understanding. Officers uml  mon uliko rorfolvod that, though it  may bo comparatively wniall, tho  British army should bo as noar per-  iuUiuu .i-i .������������} I.uman Institution car.  ho. Thoy worknil Hide by Hldn to that  ond, and now thoy aro lighting togoth-  or in tho most spJendld way, a band of  brothers, Tho officers cannot pralso  their men too highly, and tlie mnn aro  as ontliualnHtlc ovor tholr. officers,  '���������nm- r>vfir<i>r<* won> unlr-mHd," writ or a  corporal of tlio lioyal Scots.  The Difference  It ls Hlmply n irioutlon of standards.  Defenceless misfortune urousPH ln  (ioniums tlio ftistWa to trnmplo and Insult, nud ln Britons the denlro to sue-  rn. uiui liiilmmd. U v.111 L������l������i: an ;u;o,.  at least to educate them In siidi mat-  . .:; up in (>'ir \o\o) W' could ni'v������T,  thank heaven, lu degraded to theirs.  -London Daily Mall.  "You Hflcd to tend me etinfty hofn.ro  wo were married," she said bitterly,  "Yes," he -epllod, Just ������������ Mu������-r!y,  "and before wo wero married your  father would occaniennlly hand mn a  tow pood cigars."���������WnshJnuton Blar.  Tho Financial Nows says It may  bo stated on undonlnblo authority  that attempts have already Leon  mado to assasnlnato (ho Kaiser and  hi., son, Mio Crown Princo. Tlioro  can bo no doubt, says tlio writer,  that tho defeat of Germany In tho  present war moans for tho Kaiser  ouo of two things���������-olther death 'at  his r-'vn or somebody duo's hands, or  olso flight to a no.'i-Toutoiilc soil. Ever  sinco Gormany b.igaii to make prop'ar-  atlon for nn attack tho Kaiser had  heen Investing ImniniiHO Hums of  money on this Bido of thn Atlantic. Ilo  Ir ono of tho largest, landowners in  tlio Western RIiiIoh���������not In Ills namo  of course. Ho owns considerable sections of proporty In tho west of Can-  ada,  1 Protection  of   Birds  Mr. John E. Ea^yards, the progressive county 'superintendent of Allegany County, Md., -A.o is urging all his  :eacl ers to add the study anil protection of birds to thoir school activities  in order to arouse increase I interest  in al." school work, has formulated the  following plan of operation for Kara-  Journal Liberty Boll Bird club work  in the schools under his supervision:  1. Each school should build two or  three bird ho ses in the vicinity of  the school houst.  2, 'Each child should bring daily a  small amount of grain to the toachor  to be useu for feodlng the birds during the winter, yeediug should begin  at ence, beforo cold weathor drives  the birds away.  II. A clear' space near tho school-  house should be solectod for (.he feeding ground, and birds should bo fed  there daily. (Urcad crumbs and grain).  4. In t. o wintor a pioce of suot  should bo nailed to a branch of a nearby tree. Birds lovo suet In cold  woat'.or.'  ' G. A pan, or o .her vossol, of wator  should .bo kept near the ' t'oodlng  ground,  "Aiany of our song and what we call  summer birds go south In tho wintur,"  says Superintendent EdwardB, "not bo-  causo our climate Is too cold, but because the birds cau find no food In tho  north. Thousands of birds, partridges  and phoas nits died from starvation in  this coun try last year. Touchers will  find It easy lo go, tholr pupils in.or-  cstod In saving tho livos'of our Tenth-  ured friends. Hnvo your pupils begin  at once to accumulate a grain Biipply  for the wintor.  "Got oach pupil to sign tho following pledgi, nnd send lt in to the Liberty Moll Mlrd Club of the Kami Journal,  Philadelphia, wh'ch will fiend a bulgo-  Initton free or chargo to minimi each  pupil who signs tho pledge always to  protect onr feathered frlonilR.  The Plodgn; "I dcslro lo become a  mombor of iho Liberty Moll Bird Club  of tlio Farm Journal, Philadelphia, mul  I promlHo lo stiiily and protect all  ami.-; and Iiihoc. voroim IiIhIh und do  what 1 can for lho club."  "Your daughter rooiiih to  havo a  great nuiiiv suitors."  "Yor, nt least four or live."  "Which ono does Bhe favor?"  "I don't know,   Hho hooiiir to bo ob-  florvlng a Htrlct neutrality."  Atlondiiiit���������Sir, Dovll, t'iit> hi a registration ckir'.c.  Do^ll���������Go{.il! Hnvo lilm wrl'a out  tho history of tho world forwnrd anil  backward, nnd If lin in nicer, ono ml?-  lako, to start all ovor again.���������-Illinois  Slron.  WHEN RHEUMATISM STRIKES THE HEART  IT KILLS "NERYILINE" THE CURE  Effect   of    Nerviline   on  Chronic Cases Is Almost  Mimical  Exposuro to wot or cold is apt lo  bring on nn attack.  Tho munctos Btiffen, tho joints swell,  and oxortlbn brings on oxcrutlatlng  twinges,  Ofinn fho pain shifts from ono part  to nuothor, and tbis Is dangerous, ua  tho heart Ib apt to bo attacked, Doa.Ui  us a rule follows a heart attack,  Tho pain of rheuniutlBiii i������ quickly  rubbed away with Norvllino.  TIiIh Is a swift, lusting, nnd tato  wny to euro rlioiimatlsm. You can de-  pond on Nerviline. It hns tho power,  the penetrating forco, the control over  i pnin that U ko _.���������i������uutlul to a rheumatic remedy.  Lots of testimony to prove Ncrvl-  lliio's cortalnly to cure,  Tho following letter Ib from Mr. 13.  O. Hunt!or, Port of Hpiiln, Trinidad:  "I,nnt year I was severely troubled  with rhoumutnim. 1 had n ui my  arum, shoulders and knees, Thu pain  wns at times oxcrutUting, nml laid mo  up to that 1 couldn't work. J wont  to Smith llrothors' Drug storo and  was ndvlHod by tho mnnager to uho  'Norvllino,' That was excellent nd-  vleo. I iisfd Nerviline as tllrontoft nm!  was cured, completely curod of ovory  trneo of my old oneniy."  Onco you uso Norvllino vou'll real-  Ijio It's different from all tho othors���������  that'll contains Boinethlng that gota  rlpht "nt" (ho pain thn minuto you  rub it on. Tho larcu 50 cent family  slzo Is tho most economical���������got ||  i.idiiy, or olso tho jr. cent trial size  Sold by di)hlfar������ evarywhore, or th������  Cntarrhoiona ftu Kington, Canada ftyx ���������  \ ���������  \  THE    NEWS,   CUMBERLAND,   B. C.  . ���������(  ������  ir_f_iTliiiri-iif>Tiiifir"ir--nflT 'A  The Army of  Constipation  Is Growing Smaller Every Day.  CARTER'S LITTLE  LIVER PILLS ate  Uespoasible���������they not _  only give relief���������  -lliey permanently  cure Constipation. . Mil  _ionj use  ���������them for  .Bilious-  Ytess, Indigestion, Sick Headache, Sallow Skin.  .Small Pill, Small Dote, Small Price.  ��������� Genuine must bear Signature  The  child's  delight.  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Tho operation'of' tho latest  instruments of this kind Is explained  by Sauvaire Jourdan, Saya Mrs. Jour-  dan :  , "When powerful artillery has beon  installed on board of a. warship lt is  of the utmost importance to givo to  tlioso wlio aro to operato it the means  ot doing so with tho greatest efficiency. Among these means the education and training of thoso who nro  to serve tlio _.un. stands in the Ilrst  placo,    aiid    immediately    afterward  come, the instruments that   mako it    ~.                                         ,-.,,.,  possible   to 'mow the distanco of Uie  know Umt lho Briti'h army Is lighting  object to  >e hit.                                    under his direction, side by side witn  It is considered ""  "  make   delicious  sandwiches.  i.   Valor of the French  Much lies behind these pithy   and  modest dally reports from the Freuc'i  minister of war. ��������� Tho   advance hero,  tho village take'-' tlu.re, often means  some of tii ^ bravest and fiercest lighting the   world has ovor seen.   Competent observer   who havo of late visited the front report lhat the Freiuh  army is displaying heroic .alor in this  mighty struggle.    For weeks now the  French troops, only aided on one section of th.ir U113 by our own gal hnt  countrymen,   have held up tho enemy  at every point.   Tlicy have had to face  the most formidable attacks, and have  repeatedly repulsed tlnm.   They have  won ground at placo aftor placo. The  heavy losses of the   Germans, which  are now admitted even in Berlin, attest tholr unconquerable heroism. The  Fronch army has always enjoyed an  Incomparable reputation for Intrepidity in attack.   Since this war began lt  lias  earned  fresh and  even  greater  fame for Us unshaken tenacity aud Its  indomitable doggodness.   Tho British  nation  watch with  tho    profoundost  admiration    the    ceaseless    struggle  which the Frccnh army is mnintniuitc  with so much skill and success.    It  retains entire conhdenco in the strategy of General .loffrc, and Is proud to  ZAM-BUK CURES PILES  17  Though we have somewhat advanced prices  because ot the increas-  o  ed cost and scarcity of  [  raw material/ the usual  high standard of our  quality wilt be  maintained.  Children Teething  BABY IS VERY COMFORTABLE AND  LAUGHS DURING THE TEETHING  PERIOD.   THANKS TO  IIVIRS.  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"Its length, which i3 precisely determined, serves as the base of a  triangle, on which the point whoso  distr.nco is to be measured is the apex,  A very simple formula then gives the  distance sc light,  "The light rays, reaching the two  extremities of the base, strike the  reflecting surfaces of two mirrors,  placed at the ends of the telemeter,  and : re reflected through the lenses  to the centre of the in&trument, where  two othormirrors, Ml, M2, placed one  above the other; receive them and reflect them into the eyepiece.  "Bach object lens forms an Image  of the object seen, and the observer  sees "in his field of images that, according to the type of instrument.,  may appear to touch each other or be  slightly, separated. In the latest model  the two images appear one above the  other, separated by a fine- line, and  the two partial images are seen in per-  ���������fer.t alignment.  "If now, the object seen approaches  the left end .of the telemeter, the ray  received by a reflector placed at the  right end will assume a new direction,  ami the partial imag. reflected by  tho two central mirrors will no longer  -ancear i'n exact coincidence. "      v  "The interval between tlie"two"jar"  tiai images> might' thus serve as the'  measure of the distance, since, as the  object approaches, the interval will  become greater; but the measurement  of this interval would be very difficult to effect with sufficient precision,  and it would be impossible to obtain  it even approximately if the instrument or the object wore in motion.  This is why optical or'mechanical  devices have been adopted, by means  of which the trajectry of one or other  light-ray, in the" interior of the instrument, is modified so as to bring  the two partial images eack, into coincidence. An ivory scale measures  the amount of motion necessary to do  this,' and thus gives tho distanco  Bought,  "It is evident that the length ot tho  base em_iioyod is an important ele-  mont, on which (Upends in great part  the precision of tho telemeter. On  the bridge of a shii tho length of the  instrument is limited, The Fronc'a  navy now uses tolemotor;j about  six ;oct long.  "To reduce tho chanco of error to  a minimum, tho measurement taken  by a slgnle telemeter is not acceptor  as correct. Several instruments aro  used at once- and the average ls  taken.  "In tho English navy, 'batteries of  sovtrnl tolemotors aro used, so connected that the operation of ono  moves the othors, and a singlo reading kIvcr tho m nn distance.  "The Barr & Slroud is certainly an  excollont Instrument, but tho : -arch of  progress Is continuous, and thero ls  now talk of a new telemeter in which  tho base used shall not bo six feet,  ��������� *t Iho total length of lho ship on  bonrd of which tho observation Is  made, that Is to sny, with modem, armor elmls. about GOO foot. Tho precision will timu bo practically perfect.���������  Nature,  his brave troops. It discern-: in the  ern courage of Prance a determination equal to its own. Shoulder to  shoulder, tho allies in the west will  continue to wage this war with unflinching zeal until Prance is cloarrd  of the foe, until the Belgian nation is  restored to tho possession of its own  country, and until the menace of Prussian domination which has so long  brooded over Europe is shattered forever.���������rLondon Times.  You should take a vacation, . old  ctiap.  ; suppose all things benefit by a  rest..  Sure. Even tl. < calendar is freshened up by takir.g a month off.  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Wood Used In Maritime Provinces  , Two hundred million feet, board  measure, of wood per yoar are rehired by the various industries of tho  Maritime Provinces that uso wood as  their raw material���������not to speak of  .he' many millions of feet of timbor  ..isej} in rough building construction  '.or polos and railway cross-piles, fuel  nnd the many other usos of timbor.  Siich is the conclusion of an investigation recently mado by.the Forestry  Branch of the Dominion Department  of tho Interior into the wood-using  industries of th<- Maritime Provinces,  and published as tlieir Bulletin ;No. H  "Wooduslng Industries of tho Maritime Provinces." Tho value of the  wood used Is,nearly $3,700,000; of this  entire amount only 12.3 per cent,���������  about 25,000,000 feet���������was imported.  Twenty-eight kinds of wood are  used in tho Industries, spruco occupying first placo. A list of tho uses of  each particular wood in tho industries  is a feature of tho bulletin.  Tho report is compiled from reports  sent In by ovor six hundred manufacturers of tho province, a classified list  of whom, with their nddrobses, is  given in the work.  Copies '.nay be obtained on application to the Director of Forestry, Dopartmont of the ,'nterlor, Ottawa.  ��������� No Rest With Asthma.���������Asthma usually attacks at night, the one timo  when rest Is needed most. Hence tho  loss of strength, tho nervous debility,  th_ loss of llesh and other evils which  must bo expected unless relief is so-  cured. Fortunately relief is possiblo.  Dr, J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy  has proved Its merits through years of  service. A trial will surely convince  you.  Bronchial  f^CtfUgfts  The prostrating  cough tears down  your strength.  The clogged *ir-tube������ directly affect yonr lungs and speedily lead to  pleurisy, pneumonia, coroumptioa.  SCOTT'S EMULSION'overcomea  bronchitis in an easy, natural way.  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"When I was a clerk in a grocery  store," remarked Bowers, a"mong other  things, "I received only nine dollars a  week, and, like many other young men,  I fell in with bad companions and began to gamble.   I���������" N   "  "I see," interrupted the benevolent  party sadly; "you were tempted and  took money which did not belong to  you." ' ,,  "Oh, no," cheerily responded Bowers. "In less than a month 1 won enough  money to buy th-. grocery."���������Philadelphia Telegraph.        ' h  Mllner says Attack Is on,Empire  Speaking at Manchester Lord Mllner said the British empire was the  gr������at object at present attacked, not  France, not Russia, not even tho .British Isles, but the position of hegemony  wliich Britain held and the'ideals for  which Britons stood throughout the  world. "We have boen considerably  successful in dealing with the French  in Canada but nib'ody could say we  had absorbed them," he mid. "Though  two .civilizations remained side by  side, affecting oue another extraordin-'  arily slightly, but on doubt both are  satisfied with th' political system under which they live, lt is a tremendous, success and" an immense credit  to our imperial system and its marvellous tolerance that we should have  French-Canadians now5 to fight for tho  maintenance of British integrity."  Stricter Censorship Will be Established Over Paprs Entering and  In Canada  Tho government is taking stops to  stop so far as possible a persistent  pro-Gdrinand and pro-Austrian agitation in some oi>, lho foreign settlements, particularly in Western Canada, which might later ou lead to  dangerous outbreaks. A pro-Gorman  propaganda is boing carried ou wherever possible in Canada by German,  agents and sympathizers in tlia  United Str.tes. German pamphlets  printed in the Euglish, Gorman, Austrian and Hungarian lauguges aro boing mailed into Canada surreptitiously, and some articles of a decidedly  pro-German and pro-Austrian agita-  I>daring in a few of the German' pap-,  ors hi tht west, particularly in Alberta.  The government intends to establish a considerably stricter censor-  siiip.ovcr the enc.-y and publication ot  this sort of literature in Canada, and  if warnings sent out to German editA  ers ��������� in ��������� Canada are not. observed,  more drastic action will be jiromptly  taken. As one stop towards counteracting this pro-German propaganda  all German papers iu Canada will  probably bo required lo publls' in full  the British white paper, setting forth,  the British side of tho case and tu������  causes of the war.    ������  "Yos, I oflon think that womon aro  tis well nunlllled for war as men. My  nnishaiid is opposed to It. But I ofton  ���������tool at If I'd llko to loavo homo and  igot Into tho thick of tlio light."  ��������� "Hut why loavo homo?"���������Clovoland  Plain Doulor,  Tho Smiths woro having somo  -trouble with l..o ^limbing in the house  .-and upon Investigation found that a  ���������doitd frog bad by Bomo "uoans got  caught In ouo of lho pipes.  Mr. Smith aftorwnrds recounted (ho  incident to 1.1b old (Scotch neighbor,  .and conclvdod bin story by remark-  ���������2iijr: "And what do you think tho  trouble w������*b? A frog had got caught  In ono of tho ripos,"  "Ohl" wallod the tondcr-hcarted  floot.   "Tho puir trogglo." x  Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper,  A very systematic business man  tried to educate Lis young wife to keep  coi'rect household accounts. With  this end in view he gave hev an account boo), and instructing her to enter on one side all'her expenses in detail, and on the other side money received. At tlu end of tho ilrst month  the fair y.mng wife carrieVl. lior account book to her husband in triumph,  "Joe," said she, "I have., done ,whal  you asked," But a groan of despair  c.icaped from the husband's lips when  ho read on one page: "Hcccived from  Dick, $100," and on tho other, "Spent  lt."  Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.  Mrs. Bakor���������Is tho tnblo nt your  boarding houso o������ unvarying excellence?  Mrs, Barker���������No; thoro nro days  whon wo don't hoar a word ot gossip.  ���������Judgo,  A groat Impression has boon mnili  on British opinion by tlio Czar's attempt to mako ltussla a temperance  and almost teetotal ompiro nt ono  stroke.  For a govorumont to doprlvo Itsolf  voluntarily of $'35,000,000 of rovonuo  In poaco timo would lin unproendent-  oft; to do so in war llmo, when sovornl  million mnn aro In tho Hold lu almost  Incredible.  tondon writori acclaim tho CzarV  ant aB a splendid illustration of tho  now llussia, craned uy war.  Sho���������Oh, do bo ltccrfull You trod  right on mo corns I  11o���������Sorry, Why do you grow such  things?  Sl.o���������I grows 'om for a 'obby, llko  at some growa 'ordmiu uiiu _u>.'.,  London Skotch.  Automobiles for Life Saving  So serious ls tlio dearth of transport facilities ��������� tho front that Uio  British Hod Cross Society aro making  a most'oarnosl \ppoal to tho.BrltiBli  public to provido a remedy.   '  ,  Tho war office has paid a high tribute to the British society, and its  appeal for motor-anibiilancoB is receiving heart} support,  Already an imnu-iiBo number of  automobiles hav.. boon placed at llioir  disposal. In u fow hourB they aro  st ripped of tholr bodies and fitted up  as two or four Blrotchor ambulances,  and sen1, on to tho front.  Whoro people havo boon unable to  sond'ears thoy Imvo forwarded chocks  for $2,000, tho prlco ut which a hiiI'.-  ablo car can bo purchased,  Ono Ronoroua donor baa provided  tho wherewithal to buy ton hiicIi cars,  another boui a chock to cover Ihu  cost of throo, whilst still othors, as  soon an thoy woro mado aware i/f lho  groat ncod, camo forward with thol.  cars and hoir offor of service as  drlvora, .'lu society, howovor, will  provido chauffeurs and all nucosHiirloH  If only tho vohlcloH aro forthcoming.  , Tho cars for which thorn is the  greatest need aro Uiobo whoro thorj  is a dlHtiuico ot at leust C foot 4  InchoH trom tho back of tho ulMorlng  wiicol to a vortical lino drawn from  tho contro of tho hack wheel. Such  cau aiv bwl .-.uIIl.,1 for fcur'ilrMHvr  nmbulancon, for tho over-lapping  would not, on tall any sovoro jolting oi  tlio wounded acrosH difficult roads.  It would bt- Impossible to overrate  tho valuo of thoRti glflH.    Knch  enr  thus lent will bo directly tho moan  cf iivlntj vow i uniy valuable liven.  The senator and the mayor woro  walking up the .-.venue, The senator  was moro than middle-aged and considerably more than fat, and, dearly  as tho major loved lilm, ho also lovod  his joko,  Tl.e senator turned with anplcasod  expression on his benign counlcnnnco  nnd said, "Major, did you seo that  pretty girl smile at me?"  fVOh, ilu.t's nothing," ropliod his  friend. "The first time I snw you I  laughod out loud!"  Barber���������Your hair's very thin on  the top, sir."  Customor���������Ah, I'm glad of that;  I hate fat hair,  W. N. U. 1020  Jii.ks���������Boarding ln tho country,  now, oh? Whnt do you do with yourself ovonliiRs?  Winks���������Somo nighta I sit outdoors  to koop r.rjtil, jind othor nlghtn I ro t->  lod to keep warm.  An old Scotch ,/omnn ^a������ endeavoring to soil a hen to a neighbor.  And nre you suro, said tho neighbor, thnt tho bird line not ono do-  f.; t?  Wtel, said its owner, Ah'll no say  it hnsna' ono defect. It wlll lay x  bit teg on lhe 1 ord's Day.  A Remedy for Earache.���������To havo  tho oaracho Ih to ondnro lorlurn. Tho  oar Is a dollcato organ and fow earn  to deal with It, coriHldorlng It woric  for n doctor. Dr, Thomas* ftclcctri.  Oil offorH a Bimplo remedy. A few  drops upuii a piece of lint or medicated cotton and placed In tho oar will  work wonders In relieving pain,  Mt.thor���������Whnt do yon think you  will make out of n*������ daughter's tal-  ���������nt? I  Professor (nbnont mlneilly.��������� About'  two dollars a lesson, it the piano1  holdo out.  SUPERIOR-  "Surpnssin-4 others in greatness, goodness, extent or  value of any quality."���������  Century 'Dictionary.  That's the "definition, and  that's why Post Toasties arc  culled the  Superior Corn Flakes  i  ���������the    surpassing,    delicate  Indian   Corn   flavour   being  sealed in by skilled toasting  mmmm**wmmmmfmmmmtmmmm  with sugar and salt.  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The proprietors havo so much  ''ii111 In Us cui^tlvo powers thnt thev  ?������?.r ,?n^,,HVndred Dollarr for any caso  that It falls to cure. Send for list of tea-  tlmonlals. ,  ' Address P. J CHT5NEV 6. CO., To-  ������i' ������-���������?ola���������by a" Di-upulsts, 76e.  Take   Hall's   Family   Pills   tm   coiisupal  $1,C00 SHELLS  Bo*h  Disappeared  An old farmer in England was  anxious to marry, but could uot make  up his mind between tlie charms o������  a certain comely widow in the neighborhood and lior equally charmin_;  daughter.  At last ho dete mined to, let chance  solve the problem.  "I'll ax one I fust sees a-gotn' in,''  ho-muttered, and off ho started on his  amatory errand. Dut when.'he arrived, bot!. inoth.ii* and daughter wore  sitting In the donrway.  "Dang lt!" he cried. "Here was i  comin' to ax one o' 'oo to marry nio,  an' I swore the fust 'un should ha'  the chance, Hut thoro yo -otli bo together. I'll shot my eyes now, an'  Llie ono as dona'* want mo ���������nust go in-  /loors, Th' o-o r; stays Is my wlt'o '.o  bo."  Shutting his ,jyoR, tho old fanner  counted ten solemnly; there, was r\  subauod chuckle, but whoii ho oneno.i  thom both women hnd gono.  Mlnnrd'8 Liniment Cureo Diphtheria.  What  Is  Costs. Britain  to   Keep  Up  a Dreadnought  Every time a big gun is llred, $1,- ;  500 goes in smoke aud a splash,"and  there are 372 such, guns in the Brit-,o  ish home fleet.    Torpedoes   cost teu������  times as much, but they have the advantages   from   the  taxpayers'   pointo  of view, that they cau.be picked up"  again  aftor they  have been llred  ia  practice.    ���������   Many" of "the b"k slTYps" infrn~oii~fuel���������  as au.auxiliary to their coal, or at  least are fitted for that purposo, but  there are 127 torpedo craft beside the  submarines which burn oil .ubl alono.  lu the aggregate their tanks ana  double bottoms can accommodate 10,'-���������  3.15 tons of fuel, for which Britain haa  to pay $25 a ton.  Coal ls not so expensive, but it does..  not go,so far. If the twenty-seven  Dreadnoughts now in full commission  were sent on an . eight-hours' full-  power coal burning' run tlicy could ���������  consume '1,320 tons of fuel, running  up a bill of sonic $15,000.  If a single Dreadnought battle squadron of eight ships wero ordered to  stoam at full :peod for twenty-four  hours and to lire each gun and oach  torpoAo -tube once, tho cost to the nation wo'iltl be approximately $1,000,.  000, allowing nothing for the depreciation of material..  "Treachery" to Germany  Tho German ssoldior soenu to tliln.t  ihat the wholo world belongs to lilm.  Tho Holghins, for daring to dofemi  tholr country and to deny to tho Gorman troops uu unimpeded pus:ugc, aro  criminals who havo lo ho punitiliori, us  at Louvain and Mallucs, Tho "lltho  Krunch lad" who dares lo koop his  uio'itli clciHud when Uurinaiis demand  io know where Kronen troops nro lo  bu found Is a "tnltor," who Is immediately shot. And this glorloiiH foal of  nriuB Ifi nol only rucurdoil in a luuor  from tho front, but Is actuiilly roprlut-  ml for tho cdlllcutloiiH of tho tli'i'iiiun  peoplo at homo. "A good Christian, n  good soldlor," said thu Kaiser onco  iu ouo of hlr. Iiii.iiiiiurahki HpeuchuH,  Woll, when next tlio Kaiser shows  lilniHolf on cany tonus with tho Al-  mighty, lho UiiAnO which will cros,'  our mind will bn t..ut of tlin "lltl.o  .'roi.uh lad" whoso "iruachory" lo  (jcriniiny cost lilm hia life,������������������WostniliiH-  tor Oazelto,  To Co-operate With Canada.,  A government memorandum directs  public attention to the fact that tho  Canadian war contingent association  In London has completed Its organisation and le ready to, co-operato with  Canadian comiui'tecs intending aid to  Iho Canadian forces, medical or otherwise, or hy acting as reprosentatlvoa  of lho Rod Cross Societies, Daughters ot tlio ompiro or other palriotlo  bodies. Those arc urged to correspond with tho iiHBoclntlon us to tho  assistance thoy wish to rondir In tho  emergency.  Tho knlsor Imfl nlwnys prlilod lilm-  self on his uttnlnmnniH. lie has glvon  lil.i friends tho Impression tlint ho was  a great hoIiIIit, and u groat sailor, that  he could wrlto poetry and composo  mitski nml llmt somo of his paintings  ilnsu'veil to hang lu the Berlin salon.  Ah a mnttor of fact, ho Iiiih not the  liitoll'icluul afiiii.iiiHmis ol in. imir,  aim li.ih I'uDul ))I)i!.:(.'3f the linnliv.'orm \  of Kuropc. Tltmigh narrow In IiIb  sympathies, tlio Russian omporor in a  wonderfully woll roiul mini, (lis  AftiuBtlc lour Instilled in liim a lovo  for Indian history.  i'llt:  l.Ri.ii in,.,   7���������vvr," ,..!'.;!.'V 1 .'..���������." ?!"."  cold Hlntuu.H<|iin b.'iuity, has Imnu as  lvuch a mystery at her liii'ibnnd. HIio  has boon doscrlbod as nn empress  who, for all the emotion sho nIiowh,  might have been curved out of mnrbln;  ho an n rollgloiiH nxnlto./riili- linpros-!  'ilon of the tsarina Is a. falsi, onn. In  lho company of )mr clilltlnui sin; ls rt>  vmilfirt sir an affo'Hlonato, wnrm-hoart-  ui v,diu.ui; away from the mirt'ory  ftia Rooms to hide all her real qualities, Onco the omprnsH wan askod  vliol rci.Teallon tbe lived 1 etL She  "pllod'. "A po.">n������ woll read and aloud.  1 intry calms tlia soul and mnkCA It  j irons."  Itching and Burning, Scratching  Irritated, Disfigured for n'Timo,  Used Cuticura Soap and Oint-  inpnti   Pimplos Disappeared,  17/W1 Wliinliif'K 8t��������� Mi'itlim, fault.-*"1  ww truiilili'il wlili liflilnn iiliiipli* en my  fiu'o for ovi-r lliri'o yi'.'irrt. They wcrn r������l  mwl iiiihliiluly, Tlmy cuum-d iK'hlmt nnft  Imrnlnn iuul I usi'il lo wr-ach iuul Irrlutln  tlKuii, Tlm lin������l;lii(. out/ tJlhflKuroil imi tot  a Minn.  "I (rlr-ilmnny vrnll-ailviTllHiv] troalmnnliij  hhbIj its Pn'mtIjiiIiiii,   ,'  olfl,, but wltlioul hiiri-csi. A hIwI, llnm HHO  I na\r tho ndvcrtlwMN'iifc of Oidcur-i Sonp  nml Olnimnili In u Im-al paper and aftor  I Iind IrU'il a trim naniplo I could nimi a ro-  in.vknlilo improYTmmiL, 1 wnslird my faro  wlili tlm Kmu nm) Own nnpllnd tlm Ointment two or tlin-rt UiiU'M n day. AUcr iislnu  niwri) Cuiu'iir,i hii.ni ,i.,a| i ��������������� !wu->, l (':.!]-  rill-ii, Oldlmi'llt, ah HHj pimple, rnmplitfnly  i|].in|)|M*nri.*il." {SIbihuJ) Nicholas Koch;  Juno 111, 1014.  Samples Free by Mall  AKt'!ii:rntliiiirif uioilii'ruh.'n found no unrip  tn wil tiiilUxl for I'lraniliiK nml purifying Um  (.kin and hnlr ot InfnnU nml children u  Ciiili'iiraSnap,    Iih uIhoIiho purity nnd nv>  fri'ulilriK frftRrniiro almiu nro hiihiikIi to r������v>  nmmcnil ll nbovo ordinary nliln map*, but  limn) aro udtltvl to t.lu������ut <iualltl<w delicate  yet etTc'tlvo rmollli'iit propi-Hlo*, rl'vlvfti!  from CutUuirn Olnimnnt, wliU'li rtnulur It  mnrt valtmMti In nvpnimilnK a tendency to  rthiri*������MiiB crnptlmiH and promoting tx now  nml condition of nkln and hair health.   Ou-  Ileum Hoap and Olntmrnt nolil tlwouubou*  tlio world.   Por llborat froo namplo of wchj  wiih ,'12-p, book, Mind pott-curd to ''Ciitk  cun, Deyt. D, llwtton. U. 8. A'Aj ' ..^.l.,.,.���������AL^W. ..-<1I_.4  ".-r -^-V'T_xy-^irt_j?tfttT^t-t3;?fc������-^j!r:'.*i^'i*"*'*^__  ���������'*--c.x & Vf  A- 'J   ifi     .'*  -^-;*n;tTR..ii^.n';;.;'" .".'"������._  ���������������.,������n* ��������� tfWMfc MPiaj������lH.HIWmHI  ��������������������������� .~������.......^.~^~....-..i  i  i.i i, ������������������������.,.,���������, ,,..^.���������~ ������������������.,������������������������������������.-m*~~~~*.~ ^... ........... .  '_''*."**"'.i'i'". -  ;A..'xrvrrf^trrr^^rr^t-rxnsicirrx^������^  o  la  t\J*. ������i  I  rt'"^'  ^yUM^WN*******^ ������������^V^'������^^^)fV������*A^J^  Tczssrsrr* TSBCTfRS."rrs-wws ta^a>riA^pT ��������� wa *u_w^������" .  V  .1  of Dinner Sets, and Toiletware at  T.rir'.s that will make vou buy;   io  }Y J J  piece Toilet.Set; good patterns ...  ''   ��������� $ 1,95���������  MAROCCH1-BROS...  'GROCFRS.   Sc   -BAKERS  AND PROPRIETORS   OF  CUMBERLAND   BOTTLING WORKS  nn i  Q<-  he Furniture S  M.I'll.. Illoolc, A. Mo  re  Cumberland  i,<r*.fr<V������*i. .���������*������ f.-m.\ ���������  l-wni'tf.'" iv*-r-.r,������'v  ��������� mm aa wru<wmwA< * w tnittti  CHURCH   NpTCES  :-j}.;Ti,H)i)isr cu-cRCiri  SKUVIUKS.  i  I'ub'iic    Wor.ihi;.��������� ������Um J ay,   7  ,;v   n:.  Mr.   1).    M-   Morrihon.   on.  Saturday evening   last,    was  .presented   with  a   handsome  oold watch, as a token  o( es-  Agents for Pilsener Brewing Company's 1>KER  Wholesale Dealers in all Kinds of  Wines ancl Liquors,.  SECOND  'STREET      ' 1  m *--. ������t*m*������KSKi*\T*  liible Study .(S.  SlIiooI) 2 30 leem from sevcjul of. his most  intimate friends. The pres-  entation was made in the  parlors "��������� of the Cumberlaiul  Hotel" by Mr. G. W. Clinton,  accompanied by very appropriate remarks. After the  presentation, a very pleasant  farewell evening was spent.  Mr. Morrison was deserved-  ]y popular here, as the efforts  put forth to have him remain  \Will show.  ji. m.  Kpworih .bc.i!>uc--Mon"  yhiy 7.30 p. ;.n.  '.; iitajji1 prayer meeting,   Wed"  1 --'lav stt ft,00  \i. ni.  I. uli-.-s Aid���������yir.n  Tuesday of  ,rvciv mouth, at 7.30 p. in.  ,A.a.i-,'\Wv. Wm. Elliott, J). A.  ''ST (iKORCJlC'S  1'K.I-SUVr  tkr-ian- church. '  ���������:-'    x :c->. ] 1 n. in. uud  ~i p. ,u,i.  '      ;...-  ��������� "i-l,^.   1.30 p.   HI.  t.*S::ii'hy   di;n>l 2.HO p. .u,\.  I'.-iA-r Miicliu^, WcdneMiyy cveii-  .1 Yy...A),  PAator. Vw.v. ,1ms. lltiod.  P. Phillipps Harrison  BARRISTER AND SOLICJTOR  \r.  NOTARY   PUBLIC  f   DUN.SyiUiR  AVENUE  u EU\MnA*tv*jii*-Tnpa^nai^en*fr-rT^\tmwmimnw. ���������  CONVEYANCING  CUMBERLAND,  of British Golnmbia, laid.  'TIl'K S. S. COWIOJIAN   Wild, N.\!i.   AS i;\l>K!l  Comox--Union Bay���������Nana uio���������Vancouvkk���������Routk  _ -     Leave.** Comox, Sunday, 3 p. in. A   Leaves Union I_ays, Sunday, .] p. m....  For Deuinau Island, Nanaimo and Vancouver.'  .   RETURNING���������Leaves .Vancouver, Saturday, 8 pm  I'or Nanaimo, Union Hay aud Comox.  Subject to change wit-bout notice.  rnvtmofx  mminMyamwj*. H*-*w*QCJ*mm**]m-i*>**i*****ii*m  1  I  ���������\i !_   ������_0 wV_i__j_   -_,tiO iJOtill. AJl-iyj  "Mr. -I.'H. McMillan   rein met1,  to town tljis week  from   his trip.  ' ' f  i  l * 1  4  1  /ianufacturccl from the   Best  Cariaclian    Malt   and    Hop?  SOLDIER'S PROMINITiON   to   One Out   of  Three .Copirad.es  Survive.  Union Hay ha.  recently  form  od :i Lilierni   Association, wi  Perth Soldier's Remarkable K,x>*  perien.ee..  ��������� 'The-following is  tak.cn from tlw  '���������People's Journal,''  published iq  Perth,- Scotland^���������  "Lance-Corporal' Robert Rusfcford,  1 ONT st'KSP U.OUH  !��������� ONI'A' for, mcouiiJC'-rnt,  W Icli Hi'p.'iirii'C. jf i'''ur  > i.k'li ii ii'.I. Ui-c, i:ur timo  mi n'lil'.-ly IjKT IltillTKlt  I i:. IT.     (1 vc U.-i 1; Trml.  ..il  ~i_j  f? -.;:[:.i'd V/atcismalter, lewder ana  a .<::;.!.., 1L0-IL0 Theatre Building  '.. turiberlsnd,  B, O.  F. Lighter  tl, a of the Black-Watpji, a w.ell-known  uiembership   o"f" seventeen   us   , l^rth solder, ^as _haxl_a, remar^  ,',    n     ,,���������i.��������� 1   ',\e,,.- ialile escape   at   the  front.    \Vh"en  starter.     1 .icCuuiberland   A^o-, tho ^...^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^  ���������^.iation is  growing   by  Jeups and J were attacked   hy    the   Prussian  buiinds. appWcations  for ine;iibijr- Guards in November   laat, ,he was  ship buinir received   overy   meet    wounded by a bullet fired at a ran  i       - " ** \j^a of 40ynr.ds, and lt jyoB the doc������  tors opinion that jt wna the felocity  of the l'ullet���������tbnt saved his life. It  entered liis chest and glanced down  wards, and passed .out of h s buck  It is Hiitisfaciory to Jearn that the  lance-corporal ia junking RaiisfncU  ory ptogress towarda recovery. ^  pathetic    incident    attends    the  wounding of 1'usliford.ITe and two  We ^notice that Janitor t 00k.  of Uie post   oiiice,    is   on   deck  14 km um**t*na ������������irti������������A(rrst������K'Mi������������*������������****m������*T������W  ,���������.' .'vv i.���������^���������^���������^���������^^������������������;������������������!H������'^���������^v'W'^������������������^'I-^  ;'��������� :1vq Y.Marinelli,,s|  ���������:���������: dooming Housed  ���������;.'.'-    ��������� lMiniishcd    Rooms  Reasonable   Rates  ���������'!  . IV"   Tl*ird House Kroui    ���������  I .' U. C   'relcphoue  ���������'!' Kxchanue  ing night.  uv'f' ���������  again.  ;/    DKRWlvNT AVivNUIC   ������  ��������� ���������      Cuuiherlaud, J.{    C.        j*  r .-,,   i.\i.Mrtrtim.m.-*.mn.mm^arum.irxiwt.r..-ir-.-.-K-.m  ')    )    "V  NOTICE  Any person or persons, cytling,  reiuiiving or taking any ", Mocks  tiniber or wood, of any dc^M'iptiodii  jelonging to tho Wellington Colliery Co'v-, or from or of I1 tlie land  it-' a      '  of the. said Oouipunv. or anyone  tipping rubbish of nny description  anywhere upon ihe company's  hit id will be piusi'initod'to jLJio full  * le.Ntent of tiie law.  J. li, J.O0KAL1I), -  Guiieral jVanager,  Colliery Co,y,  (Continued froiii'iVont page.)  Wherefore, by these our let���������  tevs, w\e make, appoint' and declare you a Knight Coii.niander  ot tlie Order of St. Gregory llu-  Great, in the civil class, and  we enroll you among the mos".  disiing-uislied body of knights.  W'e grant, then, to you, be-  loye4 5.9u, the light and privilege, fj'eely aud openly, to dress  in the ,unifo.'in proper, to tins  kujgh.ly order aud degree, and  to .vear the insignia proper   to  _th__ I.igher_rank,_nai__eLy.,_-_tht*.  octa<jo|iia. cross 'of gold Willi  the re.4 .surface, bearing in tbe  centre tlje image of bl. Giey  ory .the Grpati to be worn oii' a  ycd silk ribbon edged with orange, hung atound llie neck- 'i'o  prevent any nus'.ake ns to the  correct dress and the right' and  the 'Ugh. and proper wanner #f  bearing the cross, we bid the  accon*nr>n\ing book of legula  tions of the Order lo be ������������������ trans-  ujiltsid to you.  Given in St. Peter's J11 Rome  other Perl lish. JY* men-���������Private Cha  luuii.r the sealof the Wxhcnnan  i  ener Brewing  Cumberland,   B. C.  u  f  t  1 Also-Agents for the Famous   U.B.G. t,  4' ' and  "New  Life'   Beer."  muanrvatMiMnnMiiuwur  1-  i  i*'I'i<^^,4*'4,^'4,^,'^<^*M^,{'^",*j_''W',^.*.r'^  ntMiMMK'Jimn  ^\'iilillltiriiliilii;iilii;!iliiiUniiiiilHiiniliiilililili;il!iUii!l!iill!ili;iliiil;iUill:U!llll:ih^  2 f.  Ee u',,\ * i :; Mai ������  E  S  Capital Paid Up $11,560,000.  The Royal Bank of Canada.  ���������'.y*ii*\jhtoiiJ\jmty'i\''f<9'<r**t<-*t**  0. H TA'RBELL     I  ���������     -. - - *������t tur-mtt   uy������ *������������������������������������ ��������������� ������t .       1  i.t  tltt,T\n,0**tit***.\H**������.-'t'' !.���������*������������������*-**      f ���������  ���������:;ii GRADE STOVfcS*  .. ��������� n.i  Kll'CKKN . UTl'.Mnlt.:-.  .iiortsmcnsGoods I  ������U(1  I General Hardware  1  \V "'ti in 'lull1'). ��������� -play  Iriiinps.  !'��������� v Cioai'd hiim' Vour   I'mno,  I'ni.lOI'y Kxperipiieo.  I.'  .���������i;;;imi"'iih I'roni   llw   U'liding  f��������� ''^if.*i--i������������tf from thn AUiiiiiii- in liio  j' ''liii'.    Copius of thulin fiirnifli.  )r 1   I'' (pli'-'t,  W. ,). (ioanJ w'.fi i'f "i "11-  , if, .iiiuii April 1-t, l.^nv'0 uy.  ib-rr ut tliis I'llicc, nr wri'p diivcl,  1    *���������!���������'.    .ilii   Avo.   Wt-i-t,    Vim-  notn;e, .  Hiding on loeoinotivos and   rail  way car? of' tlui   Union   Oolliery  Uonipany by any  pwrsoii   or  p������r������  joua���������or\'e������])t lain cro\v--i������ Htricily  prohibited,    lit 11 ployccs   Te suh-  it'c tuoicniirtsiil for iiilowinn sitin-  Ily order  J.  K.   UOCKARD,  ('I'MieialMaua-j,'.'..  NOTIOK,  Mi, Ki'iu 1*. Ileniioberg. wishes  to Miiuiiinn.i. that ho is p.������i.'piil'cd lo  Lrivi.' hji-soiirj iu French, Aiimiiic  de-sirou# of taking up cniu*-.*, will  plcaso coiuiuuniiiiito with llie  above. Address 1������. 0. Mo.\ -WU,  Cumberland, li. 1),  ������.^������������������������������������������������������������  ���������mmm������*a.mm  , , aa,    ��������������������������� mi  ���������  N^T!H'\  NOTIOI! 1. linrei y ������ivun   tlmt nt tlio  u<lft iihuUih.' ol" tin*  lliidnl   of   L i-'iimm  C'oiniiiiM������1i)i'orrt ������f tlio C ly nt Ciiinli-r  .laud, T intjuJ to upijly bir 11 IiiikiiIim'nl'  lllu wl)ii1ei.ili-lli'uin liuciiM1 InV't ",v I'1"  .jo Lot (I, li|.i;li l"t, Cniiiliciliiinl T������\ui-  nit������, to Dunlin (.' Mnn1 i.'t<i,  CIAI.I MI.'SSATTO.  Uat'jil f.bruury Illlh, J01."i.  rifts McIntO'sh, pilllochry, and Cor  poral ]Lrno*<i SnJt, hallinbrig���������se.t v  ed in   the  JJhiok  Wntch  together,  and were inse|.������nrab^ companions,  When their potiod of Hcrvico with  the line regiment was up tho  three  friondfi emigrated   to   Vnncouvi'r.  On the outbreak of hostilities ench  ono um called up,    Privnte Mcintosh   travelled from Ihu plii.cn jn  wliich he was employed on a Hpee-  iul cngino     On hoard Bteu men ho  three spldierB conlinucd thoir com:  conipanioncbip,  oa ajso until they  wore ordered lo the continent,     Of  tho tin co  only   Lance    Coipouil  Itushford is leH. Corporal Salt, was  killed at tlio Buttle of lho   Aifiie,  and Private Molntoahon the 2:5.d  j.pcHiuber     licfotc he fell mortal ���������  ly founded CorporulSalt nppearud  to liavo a   premonition   that   he  would not como through.   To ouo  of !.U oHicnrs tho cor|ionil gavo u  gold watclj |itL'Huiiled to him liofore  lm iMTiigtaU'tl  lo Oanaiiii.    banco  Corporal  Jtushloid mtv d in iho  Hind? Watch for many yuii'f,   and  wiib for 11 lime located i|t IIjotiuueua  Jlurracks, Perth."  on the thirtieth day of Novej.ib  er, ii'i   the jcar nineteen' bundled -jud fourteen, ��������� the   fifst   ol  our PontifK'iijp. ^        -.  -  ]>. QMU). CASPARRI,  Secretaiy of vStiiu.  (Se^tl pf.'the Fisherman )  ��������� Oa! hul ic Record,  y  I  I  DRAFTS   ISSUED   IN   ANY    OUUlJliNCY,   PAYABLE   ALL y  OYKIt   TIIK    WOULD.  I srKOlAL ATTENTION paid !o SAY1N0S ACCOUNTS & ifiereA g  i   lit bijtheHt Current Raits allowed on Deposits of $1 and upwards.' fj  I CUMBERLAND, B, C, Branch, Open Daily      D,, M. Morrison, Mgr. g  g"      UNION "PAY, B.C, Branch, OpenTaily.      F. Eoswort-h, IV'Br. g  B '"OUIITENAY,   B, G, Branch, Opon Dnilv R. H  Haidwiok,  Mgr |  %ll!llllllliillllUIIIII!lllllll!llll!IIIHIIIllllllllllllllUlllllllllli;itli:illXlllllillllUIIIIIIIIII>IIIH  \  =V. BCtlOHfl=  Frank Partridge, of Union Buy,  wnsii patient at our hospital last  wijuk with uu injurtid Iiiind, he,  hiivintr noni'lv Hevt'ruil one of  Ilia  lin<ioi������ with an a\o,  r. , . .        r^-i    All kiniis of Printing  \\h.A)^\)     Kopor   hns ^IJ* Done <>u  Av. shon,  fl  ���������:��������� J:tirl   tlu:   appnin:-1    ttfv^i "f,ti.:..,   ami   wi-h  ' '  ' Ir.f.'ji:"^,.-. uii'l iicnir.u y, ;il   llu*  I'I   Pi       -IS       AiKOlOail.  iVmiii!:i'i..Ni������ si;w, oi:i!'i:  i'jj^'lC:'    (���������������'     0.t,A,\;!.  s^/yvyy-^^vw^/yy^vy'^/yv  I  POI-NO    NOTK'K.  Public, Notice is  hereby   iiivfil.  llnii un and after   llie   loth day of  March   .I'lD,   that, tlm  proviso 1  of lhe Pol|||d   Jl\-Lnw of the CU)'  of Cumberland will bo ntrictly e������l  foiciid, of whi'di all pel-'-.mih'allowing cnttloiind hor������u^ to run ou tie  siii.|t|i- are reiiiieared  fh    Itdio uy  tire, ami ^overti   ihem-elvtc   no-  !������������������*  ('iHMiiM;iyt  J!v ur.li-rorili'i Ci'v ('mm*,;.  A. yuv.-.y.:--.  l^it} ll:i|i.' I'.-opA 1   '-An. I'M".    }  POLICE C0U1U'  : ��������� Verginiu P/arinclli wns before Magistrate Llickle on  -inturday la.st, ona charge nf  clninkc:iK.:ss. Vurginio got  drunk, and the policeman  sent him home; but Verginio  is of a persevering imture, and  persisted in visiting theloeal ho  tels, to the policemrn s annoyance, and lie had perforce to  plai:e bim in durance vile,���������  I'ined $^ and costs,  Chine; Senile;, appeiued belorii  tlm **(y>nli'' 011 Tuesday, chareod  with rifling a bicycle nn'the Hide*-  walk iiiHidu tho city limits, nud  luul to "cough iij*** fjvo plunks.  I ,m tm h a ���������* 10 tn 4Tb  Wimiijiiii/vi 1 1^ MI--44  DYE  WORKS  .-HiaH.CUA������9  DYE^S- AND  Cl EAK������R9  Clcanfng  Dyeing  and Pressing  !    "*:��������� ::l Xit.or to EaU: ot Ccmmorcp,  _.uu*mvt'.i Ave- (umbvriimtli  Manufacturer of MINERAL WATER j  P. 0. BOX 482  PHONE 89....  CUMBERLAND  \  (���������Xs)������^*������������������������������������������:^ ������������������������������������������������5)������������������5)������������������������'i')������������������������  ������  Thomson's   Boarding , House |  Hns Now Uccu Opened Up and is  prepared to receive hoarders  Hoard by the Day", Week or  Mouth  ���������Ri'usouable Rates���������  (!)  (���������J  8  (���������)   xtt���������    rtMm^^mm^^^.       Dunsmuir Avormo, Near Fourth   ������  ������ Wm.. Thomson      stroet~cmr.bon.md, n. 0.     I  is)  W������������G������������&������&������^������������i������������i^^  iimm^  0  ������  ,T.    W     T^pT^On  'roT'"'? r?T-:,".  KngliHli ��������������� x UUIITON alwuyH im tap nlno, Hip fmwum MILWAUICKl-;  ������KK������W���������AiJhun.'H, Ilolieuii.i'i, .Suliltf, Ao, "UI^D i)HHV HKMU)"  SCQWU WHISKY, DoBt Wir.ns and" Liquorc of all Uinrls  Tin' tli'Sfding nnft l.ml(������in(r f)> (i.-trtrtifr t. unArr thn er.ni-'.li'iii' 'i"[.'innf������:i.|rtin:i)  will luioui li l''iit>t dust in nvi.ry n-ypcut.  JlATr.S ,  91 00 )ur dny mu\ yp


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