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The Cumberland News Nov 12, 1913

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W   a
.  t*.
U ������"/''���
\a i-       '"��� C'ia ...'..*���'.. ���:.--���. . ,       ,
x    \ \e'Yt v \rA^JournaI Devoted, Especially* to the Interests o. Comox District.
The News, Twentieth Year
Subscription.$r.oo a Year,
1 No reserve-���every hat reduced!
The -season is only beginning, and
you ought to take advantage of this;op
portunity, to secure an up-to-date 'mo-
0 ' 1
del. at a fraction of its original price.
.-*' '.Mere is where your dollar can do
the work of two. . ^
Dunsmuir Avenue,
Representatives of the
Law or an Enduring Craze.
To tho Editor:���- A
This unfortunate old'world is
always encumbered with tho "la-
tost craze.",
Wo havo, or have-; had, us the
caso may be/fheBunnyllug.'.a'Tha
Tango Dane.,"   "Tango'Tons,"
"boultou     Cocktail,"      "Tango
Cocktail," and forty thousand otli
or crazes, not to mention thu slit
skirt crazy, etc.    Wu hnvo always
with us, as wo ha vi. tho  poor and
tho arm chair critics,  a particular
crazo, which though   it, no doubt
originated ages .ago,   is jiover-tho-
loes woll  qualified lo rank as. tho
"latest" on account  0.  its  .boing.
always to the fore,    I refer to. tho
chronic and to say ���thoyleast "coif-
temptivble.habit of ��� a great Jtunir-
hor of, otherwise harmless iiidfvid
uals, mostly arm -chairctitic^who
.on the slightest provocation, -and
as is more often the case witlitout
any provocation,-,harshly critic.;..,
slander aud Jibol our worthy constables and magistrates, to the full
extent of their peev ish nature. These,
arm-chair critics, aftor a substantial   nie.il,   whilo smoking'their
usual   allowance of baled hay^ and
with their pedal extremities ..firmly anchored upon tho mdst'eohven
ient article at hand,, will br.wse
/-r��.learn on good authority
that Mr. T. E. Bate will in all
probability be. a " candidate for
'mayor at our next civic elections..
Mr. Bate has had several yeais
experience at our council board,
aud 11s ho, is a progressive businessman, should make a good
chief magistrate. If ho should
he our, uoxt mayor, we think
that he would be absolutely fair,
and that no party or parties
would havo any strings on him.
This is our opinion aud uot as a
boost for Mr. Bate, as we have
no intention in the coming elections of boosting lor aiiyone.
Coroner Abrams left on Tuesday for Campbell River, to hold
an inquest on the body of a man
killed at Grauile Bay.
��� The manager of tho Crown
Theatre extends his thanks to
tho public of Cumberland for
iheir kind support of'Stock Co,
and begs toanuonnco that he has
made "arrangements for several
more gocd companies to.appear
here, including the Royal, Vin
Moore Stock Co., Allen Players
aud others. In regard to pictures, a contract has just been
signed for First-liu n Films only
to be shown at this theatre in the
future. This includes all the
best American aud European
films. It would bo impossible to
show this class of film in Cumborland alone, unless we had
other houses to support us, owing to the high cost of these
Miss Sophy Walker arrived
home from Seattle ou Friday evening
Mrs. Joseph Walker of the
New Knglaud Hotel, left by Sun
day's boat en route for Spokane,
Wash., ou a hurried trip, iu answer toa telegram from her Bister, Mrs. George Westfield, who
in ill at that place,
Miss Themie Hayman ("Aunty,) according to Monday's Van
couver Sun, has 93,155   votes to
her crcdi', aud she has a number
ot subsciiptions to send in.
You never know the number
of bald, heads   there   are   until
vnwWillp with the   nrettv rdrls
4 **
comes to town.
We think that a supply of
rubV'r i:cc!:s wo1.;If? $A) woll, n*
the strain on the old ones must
have been great last week.
A report of the last City Council proceeding*  will   appear   in
our next in.ne.
The Lord Uishop of British
Columbia is expected in Cumberland on Fiiday evening next.
Immediately upou his arrival,
ICvensoug will be held in Holy
Trinity-'ochurch. On Sunday
lho 16th, Ilis Lordship will
preach at thu morning aud evening services, nnd will at the ev
ening service administer the Apostolic Rito of Holy   Confirnia-
. ��� TT , *   I       1     ,    ~l.   ...   ��1. ,
a.VIA        kXV.  Vital   A'.-> �����  ^< .Aavaa a. a. a,..a.
afternoon rervice at Itevan, Du
ring his stay in district he will
vii-it Denman Island, aud inspect
thu new church there, also the
Missions of U.van, Courtenay,
Comox Day aud Lu/.u.
When a good   show conies  to
town, (lie dojl.irs   arc fo.theom-
through  a  sheaf of   newspapers,
yollow    and ' otherwise,   'mostly
otherwise,     and    .after-     this
rtren'uous    mental    exercise
-will .proceed,- for. many moons Jo
criticize aiid give thoir intelligent
and mature views   aud   opinions
concerning every conceivable sub
juct, matter or person; but nothing delights those strango peevish
littlo yahoos, better  than  to  find
* '
some flimsy' pretext for abusing
somo person, connected with the
police forco or the courts of jus
ti��c. Now, without wishing to go
through lhat acrobatic process,
known as throwing bouquets at
one,s self, I will, in all modesty
eay that personally,' ,1 am. very
slow to criticize tlio actions of tho
polico and magistrals.or any other'porson forthat muttoiyinlosbliitu
in poseossion of ull facts aud such
facts fully justify criticism, but-in
referring to that certain item np.
poariug in ono of tlio late issues of
tho''Courtenay lioviow," relaiivo
to ono William Smith, I fool call-
ed upon to severely const!ro tho po
lice, etc., which will, no doubt do
light tho aforonu'iilioncd yahoos.
It appears that Smith, whilo driv
ing, or attempting lo drive a horse
and waggon along lhe public high
wuy, was considerably under I lio
influence" of intoxicating liquor
and that, somo mean ooi-.tublo arrested him then and there. Now,
though a drunken mail driving or
attempting to drive a horso is a
decided menace to others who tuny
make uso of tho highway, and
though such conduct in contrary
to 1110 law of tho land, yet at a tax
payer, Uritiah Subject and Iov.t
of lhiiisli fair play, plus all llie
other virtues posses-sod by tin1
or d i n ury     arm chair    critic,
trial; now, though this is absol
nfely untrue (tho fact1 being.that
tho ��� accused was arrested,, locked
up ovor night to sober up, brought
boforo a magistrate next day, duly
tried, convicted and fined) yot I
would liko to know what lho
deuce theso rascals meant by treat
ing the delinquent in such a man
nor ? Thoir actions are a distinct
outrage, why ono would be almost
forced to believe that the lock up
was,built und intended for tho pur
pose of locking up lawbreakers
ami tint magistrates wero appoint
ed to try such individuals.    "
And ngain this item shows a
furiher outrage inasmuch that the
jailer on default of tiiu accused
paying tho fine imposed and not-,
withstanding the fact that a prom
inont,  reputable,  rich, good, np
right, etc. etc. etc;,   bnsines man
promised to pay such fine, was cm
el enough to": decline to .allow the
accused'to leave the jail.    Accord
iug to law where tlie sentence a
wards a,fine and in default impris
onnient���as it. was in Smith's case
���Mid such  fine   is not   actually
pa'd 111 current coin, the convicted
person must, in  Mich   event,   re
main in durance vile for the term
mentioned iti tho   conviction,   nn
less  such   tine   be  sooner   paid.
Now,   notwithstanding this trifl
ing.technical, provision, I   in   the
namo of   llrilislf Justice,   Fair-
Play, and in the name of  all   the
arm-chair critics and   Yahoos   in
iii tho  whole ���-universe,' emphatically Btato that the" jailer should
have released Iriond  Smith forthwith.    And further tho   item   in
-q uestidi .-statesri n-effectj���t hat-S,T
was .not given  a   trial. and .'immediately afterwards, states, in of
feet, that S., did not havo   a   fair
hearing,    It .   therefore   appears
that, on the one.hand S.,-  was lin
ed without being tried for "his of
fence, and on the other hand that
ho WAS tried   for   such   offence,
but such trial  was   unfair,  whicli
appears to mo rather contradictory,
Asa matter of fact   tlieeo   allega
tions aro absolutely false and with
out foundation iti   fact,   and   can
unly be classed ac wild   and  .reck
We invite you to inspect the following-:
MEN'S FOOTWEAR Just ur hand our First, Kail Ship- p
ment of Ames Iloldon and   McGmuly   SHOES,   in   the ^
ncwes shapes, colors black and   brown, button and   lace, th
MENS SUITS���Theso aro here in the newest shapes nnd
styles, colors navy, brown,   bronze, black, purple ete.-
MILLINERY���First showing of Ladies' WihtdrMillii/ory
LADIES'  ULANKF/., COATS newest shades -and .siylos. fe
FOR THE CHILDREN���The famous "Margaret" Sweat- fr
, ers and Sweater Suits,  in shades Navy Cardinal & white. ��
���-ora-j^cwm .* *����
The Vicar and Mrs; Franklin-
Watson will be ""at1 home" ' on
Monday evening,,'Nov; 17th,
from 7 to 9.30 o'clock,- to give
all the members of.' the emigre-
galion_an opportunity of meeting
Uis Lordship, the Bishop of Columbia, ��
less'statements Th person who
wrote'tho aforementioned item al
logos, in offecl, that it is reported
that JJlind Pigs aro boing opcrat
od within reach of tho Constables
stationed in this community. If
t-uch is tho civfo, the person origi
nally responsible for bucIi repnrU
and every por-,on who has good
and Hullicionl reason to believe tho
mmo to be true, should do his duty,
us a haW-abiding and reputable
citizen, and advise I ho polico of all
material factB of which ho is aware
in connection with tho matter, instead of contenting himself with
throwing ont vague hints. Suroly
a poison,even with a sadly porver*
tod Hi'iiso of hia duiioa aa a citizen,
would on acquiring knowiedgo of
1 he serious breach of tho laws of
tho land, tu lco i turned int a stops lo
fieo theoffaindur punished. It seems
10 be that tho peoplo who shout tho
most nbout lb:.', certain brand of
of Juelico known iiB,'Uritirth Fair-
jday," aro tho vory people who are
iho most lux in as.iHtinn lo curry
nut and onfoico that bfunil of latv
known an "llriiiHli."
Tluitil<in_; ynu forsprtct*,
I rumuin, yours truly
'. The concert advertised ..for
next Tuesday evening, ������iu-,!tlie
Cumberland Hall,-- promii'��..s.. an
evening of more llian or<liuary
interest in the'musical and en
tertaiument" line.' Rova'u orchestra is a new organization in
that ambitious littlo town and it is
sure of receiving a cordial welcome in Cumbcilaud. Other
Bevan 'talent so distinguished
itself at the recent concert there,
that we arc anxious to hear it.
Mr. and Mrs. ,Murnhv, whe will
present a "one act comedietta,"
are experienced public entertainers, and iu their individual ach:
as well as in the play, are certain
to delight the r.ui.iience. Wc
hear a good deal of our Cumber
laud Glecineii, nnd our contemporary published something in
reference to thom which we ini
aginc will baldly bear trarisl.it-
ing into English, bul fiom what
we hear we have uo doubt the
Gleemcu will give a good ac
ciiunt of themselves that night.
Uesides the above, wc understand ih.it .several olheis of oui
best entertainers will lend theii
assistance to iuak<�� this evening a
teal treat.. Rest'ived kctt tickets are on .wleat the Drug Slur".
What more cau we sav bul HJod
save the Ring" ?
', The officers and   members   of.
Union Lodge, No. 1 r I. 0. O. P.
turned out fairly well.on Fridr.y
evening last, to. rec.ive   aud en-f,-
tertaiu Mr. R'.    Dudley,   Grand
Master of I.��0. 0.- F'., B. C..   11e -
was introduced to the   lodge ; by
ter lodge.closed a committee eon- ,
sistiug of J. VV, Hoibury, ly- McNiven aud W. C. Colling .��uved
supper in   the   lodge   room,   ro
.whicli'  full   justice   was 'dono".
'Hie remainder   of  the -evening
was spent in. songs,   lecitatii'iui.,
toasts     and     speeches.   Jamc::'
Smith, N. G. ot-cupicd the chair.
The toast of the evening was lhe
Grand Lodge, replied ' to  by   li.
Dudley, Gtand Master;  John C.
Iitowu, Grand   llciald.    Iu   his
reniaiks the Grand Master stated
that the I. 0. 0. F; wns   ouo of,
if uot lhe greatest   fraternal   orders   in   the world.    At the end
of 1912 they bad a   membership
of about 2,3'-;o,ooo, their total re
ceipts J.:8,9.^2,758,38, Iheir to Y
expondiUne wm.   #9.871,.\yr\Yi,
the total relief I und was*   ��5.^1.!,-
323 15, und their invcs'rd tuiu'
amount to  %J'<J3��i.3;.^95-3^'
There w.'is present, Hror. Jmun.
nud John loiinnis, who i;.. ������
been iu close couiiiiomoiH for the
past three, months, liver)mi.:
preceul enjoyed lhe .social lja;i).
ei'ing. which Was brought to a
close iu the "wre snia' houi.i"
hy ringing "Au'd   Lang  Syne; '
Mr*. James L. IJrywu is  s<.'ri ���
ou-dy ill.
Miss Polli'i llanu'uy   is ������!<-" oi
the post oilice .si.tfl.
Dr. Kerr, dentin, will l���� ii-
Cumborland Novi'tnber VA. aud
l"i��J!����wing we��-k,
 11 1:1.
aa . a* , .   .. ���'��
right this .baleful constable had in
arrcBting the per.ion above referr
ed to 'i   The propel coiuvo lo pur
sue would havo been for the cut
stablo in ��jue��ition to givo the
linqticiit u dh.'.on or i-o iroA-
au hour'j-lecture on tlu>o. il* u
drinking booze, itini Midi let libit
t;o on his wav.    The ileni   uliuv
O *
ivferred to slate* that   the aen.-i'il
\.a* "I'lievt-iP'  of   1*15,   witi. .i,i
-k������  *,'  "T   n��i-    ,   ' w  r     "  ?"_.'      i
Jf. \"'   a^Hl   *J   ���  I' 1       "f   M"l
. *.
-.,.������>�����������    \H    ��-*�����*"    a
,!   _.
1   k
By E. R. Punshon
Wvrt.  Lcck &  Co., LlmltviJ
l-cudon,  Melbourna & Toronto )})
i i:.i��
ii.i fi
���:i i -:
'a   I   iiiiil
'.I L0.1M.I
."!', i.i.11
licence I:i lil?
���  thought ol'
(You-   C'n en
'il    Hi if.   :i-\Vi
l>Oi*I��l>t iUkl
C\[lCting lill
JVll'f'lIIOjsf    ill
i  IiIh   much
us,     W
si n t
I'.nri.cil off for
Y.   llC 1   ..O.-'All
II' wlio opined ihc-
wjtfi ;i gniviiy of
(it hor
. :i'.,n.'.: I lull w.-mhl \;\\\o
; .-orn.d ���; ; l'-i :i;!r,-ii ;it any
.old lilm -i'-.;U Ml.i.-i .I>;;ui
i'.-���'.:-- nl;-;; Imini d!;iiely.
I right, siiiii 'llion-ld, crossing i!ic
;>> .'-apis ih.* diawing-ro.'in whiih-
ushering lili'i. hm just
v. .r.i \a-i'.:i you, my niiin. 'Dial
('.owns ui which 1 set
yo-.i   put   (Hit  (lio  ii i-f'.'
���.iniiiiiii.-u-al Cl con, taken
i\l ihis sudden demand
even known that Tli.-.r-
y-uift   him.       Why!   1
WW .4
wit a
y ii
",r. . s-
������1      '
i COi
,'iiLii you liioioi. ho slnm-
, ii-;, yo.i'ilf), said Thorold iiiiil
and :-:hol out ami hf soi/.- (.Ire en
i'o collar,      Oil, yes, you do,  lie
!--! ilon'l, Green ars.'-i'tod again und
:; f-.i '.o struggle, but Thorold shook
! ii.i as a terrier sha'.ef: : rat, and
���,,!.���,-) .'ililng J:liii from lho ground',,ear-
.��� i :i 'hini hy Lho collar of his'coat in-
. i ii\i ihawiug-room whoro ho dropped
a'-va if) on" of tlio chairs. Now tell
��� - '*" --iid '-landing ovor him, hug*
nml   tlireatoning.   tell   nie   Lho   Lruth
.���  imd avnaL became of niy brother's
body, and '.hen as Green failed Lo answer r.i. th?" momenr. ho t.o k him by
rhe .lii'0'.it. and in Lho fury of his rage'
s.'.ir.c'il en the vory point of sLrang-
Y'.vii. hi in then and there.
uh���h���h, gurgled' Croon, choking,
l.'-.rir.ir' go���oh!
Tell me, said Thon .d in tones of a
deadly in'ontion.     Toll iiuickly���or���
Oii. o!i���li. groaned Green, thinking
r.nri-l- liis '.im 1 our was come. Oh,
'i was liiiri' -.1. sir. un.'er Lho trees behind.     O'.i, sir/you will kill me.
1'rrlujps. perhaps, said Thorold soft-
la. iiur t-.ll mo why you put'the tire
.ni,:���!'is truth, mind���well, why die',
j ou nu'. the lire out.? ��
localise, groaned out Greon as Lhe
i.w, aimii-j  ";.?;'   li.o 'Ji;af>pt j"C''0'lc--Q'1  ""
ill hi fell his senses reeling nnd seciiv-
,,ii lo see lights dancin.c before his
ryrs, because .:he was there���because
��� ho was hidde i there.���upstairs where
vou never looked.
And Thorolal's hands fell away from
:.'i-i-fii's throat, and there war. a long
nonien: ol silence before at last Thor-
���ftil ittkeft In tone-- no less hoarse
ii:d Inili.-tliK-i ihan Green's had been
' i.i*.e moment before.
SlK-?--'.vho''���now tell nie-���who was
hiding there?     Who? ,--.������
A'-.i Joan, n:iit.rprod Oreori, feeling
his bi'u'.od throat, and In : whirl of
iiiM'"' Tliorold plucked him up as though
'.o da-th 'him  upon ihs grounc again,
don-ii sv.��--.nl, Ib him ihat ho was
going mad. ar.d ho groaned aloud. ' o
-you tell in,-', lro su.d slowly, thai ull
tiio timo sh.* was hidden in ono of Hie
ro'.iiua above? ���
Now whci Thorold said hidden, "ie
used h" word In Its active ponso, iuul
iiii'ijjM she was hiding horsoli' of her
own lroe v.iji; but wnon Groon, soared out of his life almost, and tivnih-
ling from head io foot, when he said
niudon, ho used the worn in a passive
scriso anil mount she wis hidden by
some one else, Hnt this was 'i nicely of language, far beyond iho consideration oi eu.hoi' of them in his present mood.
Yes, U )���..'����� n mut t.o rod, yos, sho. was
hidden thero���in the littlo room at ilio
riglit of .jhe stairs, I know,'hul 1 didn't, dare'tell you for foar of what you
might do.
Thorold laughed harshly, and pressed one hand to hjs forehead which was
Mirobbing painfully. He- stood for
some two or three minutes in this
attitude, whilo Greon- crouched and
trembled before him. iind feared lost
again his rago should come upon him.
As clearly as his ( jnfused mind per-
mittou, Thorold was asking hiniseir
wliar. br would have done if ho had
known as .10 bent over his murdered
brother ihat ,)oan was hiding above.
It"seemed to him sho must'be guilty;
for if not, why had she hidden? Why
had she even risked doath by llro rather than show herself to him? His
breast heaved with the violence .of his
emotion, and he tried to speak but
could not. He'remembered that that
very morning���so long ago���it. had
seemed to him that he oould stake his
life on .loan's innocence���oi...Ioan having been' miles away at tho time, of
Prank's death���but now, he learnt she
was hidden in one of the upper rooms.
How. she had fooled him, then, how
she had fooled him since!
As for you, he said mildly to Green,
you had better go.
Green slid from the room, and Thorold went- and stood b. the mantelpiece. He noticed th.it he - was" trembling ancl shaking violently, and by a
great effort? ho forced himself into
some kind of outer composure.
"^tTseems To~mer~he H.rd~aTouarTirar
neither she nor I���that neither of \i3
is lit to' live any longer���ah-h;-,, and
she was hidden there .white I stood
by Frar.k',-3 side and wondered who
had murdered hlju���and all the1 time
sho was hidden; ui)'above.
He walked slowly to the door and
opened it. ��� He had no idea what, he
wr.s going to do, and of this ho was
glad, for it seemed to him tha'. if ai.y
purpose framed itself in his mind il
conn; with me.
Bhe started rjulckly. and- looked ai
him. ami she saw thnt his eves were
like  fire. .
Gome wiih-me. lie repeated, il ,>va<a
your mother',-- bidding. I promised
liar���a)ne must Icee;. one's promis'c-s lo
llie dying���to the dead���uome wiih nie,
She shrank from him for bis manner
terrified her, but using his great
strength, ho drew her near again.
Come with me, ho 'said once more.
Oh, no; oh, uo, she murmured, still
resisting. How can I when iny mother���when poor mother is only dead
just. now.
Have 1 not left my dead? lie asked.
Oh, 1 do nor' know you when you
nro like this, .he .faltered.
Gome wiih me,' he repeated, and
drew her still towards the door,
Her efforls ceased for he ^'iis too
idi'ong for hoi. . She fell thai he compelled her.
Slowly the.
thai house, lie
lowing slowly;
won onl togeiher from
leading her nnd sho fol-
and with a face like
death, and eyes of horror, Green, who
had crept up lhe stairway again,
waiclied thom from behind '.a ihey
weni   iheir way,
(To  be  Com. lined)
When the Biggest City'Had a Famine
,->o much milk is sent up to London
ai ! tho price is so high that poor people 'in country districts have simply
to go without il, was Um startling
statement made by Lady Meyer at. the
conference of the National Food Reform Association tbo other day.
But it is'.ioi. so surprisin.,"after all
when we remember what a mighty
volume of milk the peoplo of Ihe metropolis consume every year -about
112,000,000 gallons for which .they pay
annually about livo million pounds.
There is, no city of magnitude in the
world ihat can compete against London with  its milk supply.
About fifty years ago the milk thai.
>was consumed In London mostly came,
from districts within (he nietronoliian
area. Hut foo'. and mouth disease
broke out among the cows, ,ind if was
then that London experienced a real
milk famine. It was at this iime that
a far-seeing man-���Sir George Barh.'im
1���thought of getting milk from the
healthy cows in.Wilts and Hants,,
London's greatest supply of.. ni'lk.
comes from Wilts, but large quantities come also from Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and Surrey. Milk
has como to London even from Wales;
Ireland and Penzance, and in a.few
instances from Scotland. The following- figures ��represent approximately
the number of churns whicli are
brought, by different railways to.���London every year (each churn contains
about 14 gallons    ot'i-rtilk):     Great
An Obliging Horse
A doclor and a clergyman were
ercising their horses ono morning in
country lime", when an argument arose
between them as lo which of iho nnlmals  possessed   ihe  sweeter  disposition,
I'll wager that J. their respective
tempers could be tried, said the doctor,
mine would be far away the belter. ���
'That's all nonsense,0 retorted the
clergyman.. My imiro has lho best
iomper of aiiy-hors- in Uie. neighborhood.
Well, here's,,a stiff hedge, let us
ivy tlieir leaping capabilities, suggested ihe doctor.
Right yon1 are, agreed his friend,
.The'doctor's hunter quietly" refused
the jump, although p\ifc at if again
and again. Tho clergyman's' little
mare also refused, but at the same
time threw back' hor ears and exhibited considerable ill-iempei'.' When
repeatedly urged to jump she finally
accomplished a cleve: buck-jumping
feat, which threw her master straight
over ihe hedge. Strange to relate,
the reverend gentleman was quite unhurt, and scrambling to his feet commenced to scrape the mud from his
broadcloth, whilst tbe J.octor laughingly remarked:
Perhaps you are convinced now that
my animal has'a belter disposition
than yours. , "      '   .
Not at all! replied tin'clergyman.
My ���ina're"is' such :\n unselfish littlo.
brute thai, although unable .16 ia^ke.
tbe fence herself, she-had no desire to
keep me from , going over. In fact,
she facilitated'the ino.de of my transit
whilst your horse dlsplayedAi dog-in-
the-manger temperament, by not going
himself and not .allowing you to go
either. -���
Where the Danger Was
The train was undoubtedly a record-
breaker for speed. . It held the slow-
traveling championship of tho States.
The passenger who had beer, fidgeting
in liis seat for several.hour got up at
last and strolled along the corridor to
the front of iho ' .-aiii,,,.where ho came
upon the.guui-d playing marbles with
the engine-driver.
Hallow,,fhero! he called. I suppose
you don't mind' a hit of good advice
if It's given in a friendly spirit?
The conduc'ior pocketed two niarbles
mid said he A In't. ���--��� ��� \
Then why, said the pale passenger,
don't you havo ihe cow-catcher taken
off the. front and put on the back.
The conductor' stared hard and sus-
Why should wo? lie asked at length.
Why, responded ibe pale pa.-.senger,
for fear a cow might, come along the
track and bito somebody,
Warts    wlll   reiidca-    ihe .prettiest
lauds unsightly,     Clear   the   excrescences a way by using Hollow.iy'B Oom
Cure, which acts thoroughly and painlessly.
Oil the Future Fuel of Navies
There can'bo no dor.;., that the naval i'ii lure Hos wllholl as against coal.
A given tonnage of oil as against, an
equal'tonnage of coal will enable (he
samo'shlp to steam much faster, Lo get
up speed quicker und to travel 4) per
cent, farther.; moreover, the supply,
can be replenished in a small fraction
of the, lime, ami on .ho high sea iu
lu-'airly any weather .instead of in port.
When you add thai, per knot steamed*,lhe cost is nbout the came, and
that, lhe world's visible'supply seems
as lii/lnia-fj fpr any near Allure as the
coal supply, the'..case seems conclusive. The objection that coal Is a
home product while oil is imported,
is of uo relevance., from a naval or
strategical point of' view, because if
we were prevented from importing oil
we could not import any ulher necessity of national existence.
This and oilier objections will no
doubt continue to L-e urged, since the
withdrawal of' the British navy's consumption, followed as it ��� must be by
ihat of foreign navies, will _. a serious thing for the steam-coal producers in our midst. Theirs are powerful interests, but not interests in
whose favor the admiralty, could properly forego the highest naval efficiency���London Chronicle.
For Women
Who  Work
is the best, tonic.   It prevents
headaches and biliousness by
stimulating  the- liver  and'
digestive  organs to -natural
action,   a
;; nd ihen seeming io recover h!:. self-
���I'.'..���::-c,':sioii to..some degree Ik him fall
l-a.'k upon tho chair, where he lay
in'.rihlIng anc' frightened nearly oui,
nf his 11/o.
.-  ���*! on. are lying io me, Thorold snid.
But i:o knew here v'.'is no lie.
Givui lay and trembled t.nd made
ip* answer, daring Hardly '.o breathe
nnd'.,. ;M]a.. fu.y 0f r.i<r_ t,)i;it imd burst
iipnu him so suddenly.
Pi you say, Thorold risked, that all
iho llm.*��� lie paused abruptly, and
l I:, ui'-inory pleturid the seen, to him
M'uh extraordinary vividness. Thou
all i'.ic iime Unit ho had brooded over
..it- dead br.dy of h!s murdered brol.li-
i r beriiiiili, she, .loiui, she was hidden
i'i on... nf the rooms above,     His dead
i n.
ur muid.Toil .p. the prime of l.ls
-and .loan win ni ho loved--
dead aud .loan alive���Joan hid-
| tlstol Cartridges
would be dreadful.
But on the threshold, as he opened
the door of tho room, something seemed to check hlni. and .ie stood still for
a moment or two, wondering what it
was had brought him' to a standstill.
He raised oiu hand with a puzzled
gesture, and then be realised that it
was because Green was standing at
the bead of the kitchen stairs, watching 1.1m vory intently and i.pparently
quite prepared to run for bis life af
a moment's notice,
Seeing he was noticed, Green appeared to hesitate and then spoke, though
wllh obvious fear lest the sound of his
voice should produce) In Thorold such
another whirlwind of rage as thnt he
had Juki, experienced,
Begging your pnrtion, he' said nervously, but sho told me to telegraph It
-���and so I did, but perhaps you have
not, had lt yet?
What do you m?nn? Thorold asked.
Why, Mrs, Durand���she's dead���sho
died this morning, answered Greon
shuffling his foot nervously.
Ah, so, thorold said, softly. Dead?
but. why not?--death "is ti common
thing. ' Now, there Is my young brother. ' Thorold paused to smllo amiably. Now thoro Is my young brother, ho repented, mid ho is dead also,
Gh, oh, niutta'rod Green, In fresh
panic, and turning, bolted down the
kitchen iiuili'H.
Tliorold l-j.ikcd aftor liim, mildly
liiii'pi'lseil at Hie abi'iiptiiosH of IiIh departure, and then ho hoiird a ll_-it. soft
step moving above Ilo raised hln
voice and I'lillcd, nnd .loan at once answered, ilo stood waiting lit lho bottom of th.* nl al ri*., unit she cann' invll'l-
ly down iln'ii), and while ho wailed
ther.! pasiu'd like lightning through his
liraiii a thousand chiiI'iim-i], niliiiiili-
iiouh, frightful IhoiiglitH.
N'uw, If rlie wi'i'i- hiding Hutu that
day, ho Hiiiil to hlm.'-i!.', iftw intini b"
guilty, ot- els" Mln1 would lutvc .hown
lui*. ��� If, or tl'd, or nnytltln.' ruther
than have bidden iliore--but, if she la
guilty ah, how \ oil nlw hau iloc.elv.'tl
iu.>. ' Hi-ally, It faeniH to iiv>, h" unit-
l.'i-cd half nhiuil, tlmt neither one or us
is III to live.
I'M ward! Joan culhd hfi�� Hoftly as
she iiiiiie down the .lairs, hearing that
' '      ,,ll".l"'\        a"*!""* i.'iw hut        Mil'
ll   was.   Kdward,  tbo
Western ~rrailw"ay7""TTi!UU;0"0"0:    CiruriTS."
Great     Northern    Railway,"     400,000
churiis; ���  Midland    Railway,    341,000
churns; London and Brighton Railway
25i>.000 chums.
All these railways took to the enterprise from the beginning and what
then proved an ill-paying Jteni is npw
one-of the most flourishing, aiid keen
competition exists in counties which
are traversed by more than one railway company, Special trains led to
the building of special milk vans .and
the movement towards sanitary insulation led to' improvements which
were not dreamt of at. an earlier day.
Every line has its refrigerating vans
with special' accessories for excluding
dust and all kinds of germs. The latest pattern of milk van belongs to the
London and Southwestern Railway.
They aro fitted like modern-Pullmans,
with Westinghoiise and vacuum brakes
and oil gas lamps, and the Inner ventilation is evei. better than tha': of the
best passenger coach.
Tho' farmor, or his assistant, vises
early .n tho morning, not. solely out of
consideration for the crowing of the
cock or rising sun; it Is the exigency
of railway traffic which sets the alarm.
Tho patient kino awaif in the sheds
l.ho milkmaid, or nun , or boy, or automatic milking machine.
Patent strainers and coolers pre-
pare tho milk for transport. The
cooler has taken tho place of an old
pnicilco of .-nirroptltioiiBly dusting
honiclo "acid Into tlio churns
, In the siimir.ei, for tin Imperial gallon, t.ho fanner receives 7d, and Sd..
and in winter Od. nnd .Oil., dc-llverod
at the London terminus, and the transportation costs lilm one penny nov
Deafness Cannot be Cured
"IT? raTa "rriTipt lea ti ons���a s���i-i i ey���wi ��J. '��� o t-
l-piich tlio diseased portion of ' Ilio ear.
Tliero is only one way to mire deafness
nnd Uiai is by constitutional remedies.
PeafnesH i.s .-anseil by nn inflamed condition of the nuicnus lining: of Uie Euc--.
iiu'htnn 'tube. When this tube. Is in-
Ilamcd you have ,:t rumbling sound or
linpei-i'c.-t b'^ni-liif,-, and when It Is entlre-
Iv closed, Dem'nesK is the result, and unless lhe iiiflamnnuion can bo taken out
nnd Ilils Iubo l-Mlored io Hh nr.rinnl condition, lu'iir!ni.,wlll be destroyed forever;
nine cises oui nf ton nre cmi.scd by Catarrh, which Is nothiiiR' but nn Inflamed
"condition  of the mucous  surt'nees.    ���
We will B'ive Onu'Hundred Dollars for
any case of Deafness (caused by cnt-
an-hl .ihat cumin,! be. cured by Hall's
Calni'i'h Cure.    Send for ulrculnrs free.
K. .1,  l.'l IH. KY & CO., Toledo, Ohio,
Hold by Di-iitfRlfilH.  75c.
Tnkfi ]Tali's Family Pills for constipation.
Rosy. Cheeks
follow it* dally uaf���because this
plratnnllY bubbling clrlnl; ie mildly
l��!>_tlve In its notion, and clears the
blood ol Impuriticn.
���  1'ftko a. Bcllle IlomoTo-aUy.        ,'a
SoUMjy druggists and
^   stores
J throughout
* GO".
Handicapped "by Fashion
The liin.) has pasaod, said the orator haughtily, whon any man tan hide
himsoli' behind a woman', jiottlcoiita,
You bot, cominfiiited thu oynlo in
a had; seat. Tho.se X-. ay shirts havo
slopped thai.
IV.lnai'd'a. Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
-Now, Johnny,,said his mothor, .we
shall have company to dinner'today,
and r don't want you to sny a word
while they are here, then no one need
find'out that you are so silly.
The guests- came. After some'"desultory remarks,'-a gentleman, who is
passionately fond of children, turned
ha'AioIranyr"whose~rnother, beitTg""uusi-
ly engagod in another part/ of lho
room, did not hoar (he conversation
that ensued.
Well. iny.son, said tho gentleman,
pleaaanily.how old ar.* yon?   ���
Johnny, obeying orders, sat lilib .-.
Can't you  tell
another, thinking
lid out.
Still Johnny spake not.
I can make him talk, said a bright
young lady. You like ihe girls belter
than you'do those horrid men,;,don't
you, .10,11 nny".' Now, come over here
beside ino and tell mo how old you
Silen. as the i.rave.
1 ���.Why, 1 believe the hoy is an idiot!
said the gentleman who har first addressed him, In a bantering way.
Thero, ma. said lie. 'Tain't no use!
I hain't opened my month, and Ihey
all linow lt,already!
This Should Hold Him Awhile
Two issoiirl editors -.ho .have
waged a word . battle for. .some "tii.-o
seemed to ha\ o. about exhausted thcni-
-elves'. One of Ihem hurls this bludgeon as a climax to the feud: '
He now lies burled in his own mud.
NTot even a .urkoy buzzard remains
above the horizon c*? ooze to mark his
burii-1 spot. A. turkey .uz/.ard has
got-..ome sense. If knows vhen -t
has got enough. Nobody would have
gall enough- to ask a buzzard lo put'ii
clamp' on its nohe and make a meal of
pure iviud. "We feel it a high honor
to be at'tftcked by him in any way.
lf wo had not. been denounced "by
him and'. liis sort, we would feel that
wo had been.derelecl in our duty and
had fallen short of life's ideals.
me youi-��� age?  said
the,,boy a little dlf-
Are Pure Jam improved by
Uie ' addition   of " Pure
��� ������A pple-J elly-^- :���
Try It Ali Grocers
it ni
Ought to Work
I'm afraid Iheji. boiled
very fresh,
Wrll. the name flenovlevo on ono
of (horn, suggested the head 'waiter,
Mr. Wopsoy is romii'ilic iiiiil-fliut will
dls'imcl. )ii�� attention li! the -eggs are
not so good,
.My husband duoMi't. euro for grand
Hut, I noili:o ho ni'phiuilH vi���.��i'oiiHl,v,
lie doc.'H Unit to lioop awake,
Now Oi'li'iiiiH ri'iinli'i'n all
Cored for hiiIo to bo soc-ni-fiy
io proU'iit ll from HIoh.
Il'OiUl   of-
w rn piiod
Food Worth Its Wclunt In Gold
ilio do:'
or to put
and giv.j
i in: mm
n i
knovlti"  what
repeat ed.
My (lod, ho
lov..- you.
Oh, mull,
groaiH-ii,  I low   Hindi  J
��� I'uid, I hough hor
l'xctpt the powder, cvcrythlnc
that fjo.'i into Winchester cart*
tiaiccu ia in��'i" !�����. �����_.. ;v."ii pjahl
under our c.ire ful fiiip.rvinlon.
This Bystcin cnablcauH to produce
..n.ii.ur.illoii vl..<.!. ii U'.ij-nrior to
al) other muV.en. To get it any*
where 'lit. bait iv...c..i���:y lo a:,k
for Wlnchenter Tnalte tnA look for
for ihe  Red W on the package,
WiNOHKsren Re��atinoa��m3Co.
Nkw havm.n, Conn.
W. ii. 'J. 0B7
Ynu iniih 1 not tnll: Hki
No, ni��. he ngr.'cd, no, f inn.-i ii<>(-~
not now.
Hnt i*u-iy l.bio of hiu lulu;, yonrnod
towarilH her. und when \u> put <>m !-'.��
iiaml and look Ihth It HfOiiu-il to hlni
lhat all th.- llf"' of hln poul llowfd from
lilm Inro hor.
It Ih tuMlitliK���I InvulHTitn llie wiwo
)i.. hhIA to hlmwcir with u lingo und
riaVflllni. utivngth In ht" toin-a. 7,ii
ifuitl��T what, tbo did--no l..filter If it
V'vp." ���'���>' ^>r<irlir-r���I love lu-r dill���
! tnore.
Kdward. Mild   .loan utttdn, \>n. lm In-
.toifiipitA lif-r with a prdur^. ,����nd tlio
j f,rrM��iitV> of bin ����ni. upon hern hurt
Il.fr till ��!����� n-Infl out with the \m\n.
Ah,  Tory no  in",  In* wtitK-rcil, but
Wo tiiiiin.ly *x|iot'.i
uh ou uoiiic kind of
v.. liltlci1 meillcliii-'fl.
An MiiBlcru doctur liroiij'h' a pa-
lionl soiiit'thln.i. eiitlroiy dliTori'iit and
lhe lcaults are tiuly InU'i-eHiiug.
"Two yi'.irB ago," writes thin jm-
Monl. "I was a fi-oi|iieni vlotlin of iiouio
Imilgonllou and hllloufiiosf, being allowed to ful: very fow thlngH. On.i
day om family dortur broii;rlit me a
. Tai m 11   tvx'l'.��T<��    vrivlnc-  li��   h'wl   found
Komothlng for mo to oat.
111!  tviUll   It  Valtri  il  1000  talU'al   ll!U|Jl;'
Nutii and cm'ii i.h llu goldfti color
might imi.'pf'Ki it wan worth Its weight
In ��.old. 1 was rich and tired, Irving
one IhtiiR after another to no avail,
hnt  ^nlicr.ni..i|  tn tvv ,'U't ]]0W  fond,
"W'elJ! It f.iirpdh-i..' my iioctor'H
foudfst antU'li'i.'itlon and every day
nitii-0 then 1 bluo. hli'sai'd (lu good doctor nnd tlif Inventor of <,iap'..-Nut��,
"I noticed Improvf-iiiciu at on..�� and
in a nionth'K lime my for'-ier i-pells of
Indigestion had dlHiipp.'iti'a':d. In two
moiiilia I H'it, Ilia.; a ii'V, um it. My
mind wiir tii'ieh ck-ai'i r and k.oncr,
iny (.Diiy uioV tn. !'�����*��� W'tiaWi. vt youth,
find Ihln cft:nlltloii bus ci.iiiliiuf'd."
"Tlifi-��''�� a Hfiis.in." Niiiiu. glvrtii
tiv t'onadlrui l'��>itiiiii Co., Windhor, Out,
liciii. "Tho lloud to Wolivill"." in pkgif.
Ever read the .ibovc letter? A ntw
one appear, from tlnin to llrr.e They
���re qenukoe, tiue, ati.d foil of l.;,i.\i.ii
Hiiylnfj the Game
A pompous director of a large railway company once landed at a small
million nnd requested the porter to
carry IiIh bag. The Htittloniunoter was
quick to notice Mio importance of Ihe
ill-rival, and as the porter panned him
struggling wllh the heavy (ilndiitoiu),
managed to whi.piT. Du careful. Dill!
That's Lord Wank, one of tlio illrcci-
The poi'lpr'H chance of a lip \nulsli-
eil with this information. ,but nubile-
iliia'iilly upon )'ollni|ulHlilng Uie bag, '. o
wim iiHliiiiltiliod to llnd lilmoolf ihe re-
clplpiil of ii. Hhllllng,
.Mi.nicnl.'ii'lly Hiirprl.-icd, he siiii-cd at
ilie coin In lils luilm, nml tho dlrecior
thinking hhi bolmvloui' hiivoi'imI of ills-
Hiiitiafiictlon, vcinarUed: Hnili-r lhe
ooiujiiiiiy'i. iegiil��tl(��iin you aro nol unp.
ported to accept gnitutticH,
Yes, Hlr -- no, fir. stamm"i'Pd ihe
j.ortor, and then, nn'ovei-lng l'.i holf-
control nm'. cloning IiIh left eyelid, ho
Mild: Hut oil.'-' employ, never tlAUt on
It wiih n crowded car. Among tliof-o
who could not llnd iienln wiih ii youug
lndy. Clowe to whero .she Blood mi
old man wnt Hitting. He lilrugglod
im if to itrlwo. Tho young woman cant
a glance or wci-ui ut onu ���<��� nm un u i
!.:.,!..��� I'lbli'i] iif-wiijiaj)!-]".' r'.caM* do |
not gel up, nho wild to tlm old mini, T
beg you don'r, Tho conductor rang
tlio bell and ihe car went on, The
old nian'H fciituri-rt worked convulsively and he mopped hln fnco wllh his
iHIWJkVieiliH.        Al   l Hi-   Ihai    .-\"|>pi>ti���i
placo he ftgnlu Hied lo rUe, nnd again
the young woman tiled to Ptop lilm.
I would much rather mand, tbe Haiti
continuing to block bin way, I don't
care whether you wot.Id o. not, ��ald
iho old mini crlnmon with fury, I ivant
iu get out. Vriu've made me pom^
half n mil-* too far nlready. Hero
you mop thv cur. Hut il wiih too
Inlo. 1he hell had nlready rung mid
he had lo wuh until tho next stopping
place wai reach'd,
Mln:rd's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
, -A Dudcllng Financier,
Onislda Jr, wan snowing hard and ihe
teacher considered it hor duty io warn
lior charger.',
Hoys and girl? uliould he very careful colds al (his tlnie, hho nald, solemnly. .1 had a darl.ng lllllo brother
only Hevon years old. One day ho
went out in the sno v with IiIh now
sled and caught cold. .Pneumonia hoi
in and in throo days . o way (load.
A luiHli fell upon tho Hchoolroor.i;
then n youngster In lho buck row stood
u11 and naked:
Where':* his sled'.'
, Richest Spot In  Canada*.-
In Toronto, Canada, thore are two
blocks oii Kiii2 Street, between Yonge
and  Bay  st.-ec'ts,   and .including  tlu/
corners  of  thoce  two  cross  '-".reels,
which composes  Ihu richest strip of
property in Canada,   The land alone
iri  these two blocks ia -,/orlh on an
approximate ��� 'estin.iue,      .10,0.0,000,
whilo the buildings aro worth $9,600,-
000.     Kev structures'to cost. ��6,1:00.- ,
000 have been started, or will be .un^
der construction    this   year.     Thu8>H'
Including tho natural adviv.   j in land
values that.r-.ay   bo   expected,   this
t,i"00 feet or frontage in the heart o��$
lhe clly of Toronto will have, by lho
end of the your, a value closely approaching l}:in,000,000.
All Nlg'it with,, Asthma. Everyone
knows how. attacks of ast.imi*. often
keep Iheir victim awake the wholo
night long. Morning find, lilm-wholly
unlit led for .i. da;1 of business, and yet,
business 'mist iitlll be .arricd through.
All this nU'ht, ���'���������ufl'erlng and lack of
rest, can be avoided by the prompt
uro of Dr. .!. D, Kellogg's, Asllimr. Hemedy, which positively doca ilrlvo
away (he ai.Uicks.
i!loiho woman wii.'.i the
claims Sennlor Slici'Piii'y
Wouldn't yon like to see
wen ring a ballot?
hiillot! <-x-
of Texas..
a    ivomaii
llobfi'l.  Uio
at a beer-
and every
Under  tln>  hedge  an
rrnper, ihIcln.j long piiIIh
liottle.   The now curate eyed blm sadly, then approached and spoke.   Tell
mc, my miin, said ihe new em-ate,
that till you hnvo lo drink?
ItolifM-i  nodded,
And you drink il all da
ilii. 7
Ah.'iIii Uobi'i'i nodded, nud (he new
cum to ciiHl up his liniidH, Then ho
exiracied Klxpuuce from his w.ilstroat
nml suld: Tako tlmt, my hum, H wlll
buy you wniioihliig Iwllci'.
Thanks, guv'noi��� ihiiul.H, iiiiii-inui'ed
Robert, ilcrply iiffeeted. I rcclton a,
Iiiiil. o' beer hi more I'rlendlylllip than
this cold tea.
- Put aud .Um were trudging along the
dusty road when a big touring car
[laspcd tliem with a whiz llko a roar
of n gigantic .ockct, and disappeared
In a cloud of dual,
Horry! exclaimed Vat, thim chug
waggons must, cost a hapn a cash.
The rich In UiIk country la fairly burning money,
lndade, thin, replied Jim, be Ilio
Kiuell av ll. It. must bo thar. minted
u oney we do bo bearing uo inucli
Towne  -Do yon make your cook
for what she breaks.
Suburbs (In iimnzomciil)���.Make her
pay? 1 uliould sny not. Why, every
nioinh, bi:sidi'H paying her Hillary, wo
reward her llboiull'' for what Mio djd
not  break,
.Mrs, iliigrox���Toll me, lU'ofesHor,
will mv daughter ever become u great
1 ion* Vogloselinlulo--] ganuot dill.
Mi'H. Hiigi*ox--Hul bus sho nono a.f
lho nuallllciitloiiH ncc.f-.'iHiii'y for a good
lien* Vogleiichnll���le~-Aeh! Villi, ma-
tarn: the hna two luuidtH!
What Ih ho rnrn as n dny In June.'
links ihe put"..     \\>  lain't lip.fiw���nn-
I'V-n It It vfalne tor     nnn who ht*
11 a ft'.uft o year.
The Sf��.m_.���li
Is the Tarset
Aim to make Hint strong-ami ril���c��ttoti rooiI-biw! you
wlll keep woll 1 No chain ia stronger than its weakest
link. No man is stronger tliun liis stomach. With
stomach disordered a train of diseases follow.
mm��* Golden Medical Discovery
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~my**r* m *tiwr       I m*.*?%~l-Z;;.:  %:z2������v?Z?-r~'--i:--rP'*-''Srr-r-7���������  "*������������������  (j.  THE   NEWS;   CUMBEftLAXD,   nftiTIBH   COLTJMBfA.  _*=���������,-  i  '<. NOTICE-fa horoby given tUst application will he made to tb^ Superintendent ot Provincial Polios, Victoria for a  lioonse io sell liquor by whole'aalo opon  tho preaiisea situated on Lot., Blook 15,  Cumberland Townsito, Cumberland, B. C  : -, C1ALI MUSSAXTO.Applioiut.  Dited this 1st day ef Ootober 1913.  NOTICE! is luroby given ttutou tho ilrst  day of i) .O'os'wr ne_t application will bo  made to the Supwriateudaii.t of Pr.vii.cial  Polico, Victoria, fertile renewal of the hotel liotuse to wil liquurs by rotail iu tno  hotel known as the L true bote., Bitiiuiod at  Comox, B.C. Gkojiou M; Barlow.  D*tod Ootober 1, 1918. ' ..   '  a ' ���������     .  ffH_M_HMM_W������M_������a_������__MlMMMMMMnn*  NOTICE is hereby given thataon tbe  first day of November 1913, application  will be made to die Superintendent ot  Provincial Police, for a renewal of the  whjlesaile .iqt) ir license upon the premises known as Lot 24, Subsection 1, Nelson District. "      -  . I'msKNKR Brewing Company.  Dated October ist, 1913 '  ������   ���������  NOTICE ia hereby given that on tho  first day of December noxt applii.ation,'tt ill  be mado to the Supo.inteuduitt of Provincial Police, Victiria, for a ivuewal of tlio  hotel ln-enBO tosell liquors by roUil iu  tlio hotel koowu on tba Union hotel, situate, at Union, B.C. John N. McLko_  .', D_\������<1 the .tat day of October, 1913  ���������'.'��������� NOTICE is hereby ?iv n that on tho  first day of Daember noxt, appbeaton will  bo made to the'Saporiutoudeut of Proviuoial  Police, Viotoria, for tho reuowal of the hotel liootinc. to soil liquors by retail iu lho  hotel known aa tho Uvoreidb hotel, situv.ee  at C<������irti������ay, B, 0. 0. H. Fkchmkr.  .'DaatodOobobor1!, 1913.   ,.'  NOTICE is Hereby giveu that oa tlio  first dny of December liext application will  bo made to tha .Su_erir.ton.le.it of Pr.iviu-  cial Pulico, Viitorin, for the renewal of the  hotel lioenae to 8<H liqn.<������r_,by totailin tho  hot.-l kuow.i ns the Wilsc-ia hotel, situated  ������t Uuiou Bay li.C;.      .     - ;  A-TRKD BAPEB IIORXE  Dated Octobei 1, 1913.  _r  NOTICK is hereby given tnnt on the  first day of December m-xt application will  be mud a tn the Superii.te-deat of; Proviti-  oiiil Police, Victoria, for, the ronownlof the.  hottd llcea.ao to sell liquors by retail 111 the  hotel kuown as tho Nelson hotel, aitmted  -at-Uni6'.\-BayrB.G��������� Jons-ER_s_R.|.  DaUd Ootobor Int, 1913.      ���������'  Union Steamship Co, of B. 0.  TUE S. S. COWICHAN W1LJ. SAIL AS UNDER  NANAIMO DENMANISLAND-UNION BAY-COMOXROUTE  . a    Leave .Vancouver, Monday, at 8 p, tii.'   .   . '  .   Arrivo Nanaimb; at, 11.30,p. m.- ���������   ,  Arrive Union Bay, Tuesday 6 t..,m.  *   ' Loave Tiies n.  Arrive Comox, Tuesday 8 a. in.     Leave Tuesday, 11 a."m,  Leave Nanaimo Op. in. Tuesday.   Arrivo Vancouver 0.30 p.m.  Leave Vancouver Saturday"8 p.m. ���������* Arrive   Na nahuo,   11.30 p. in  Anive Union Bay, Sunday 6 a.m. Depart 5 p.m.   a v  Arrive.Comox, Sunday 8 a^m, Depart 4 p.m.  Subject to change without notice.  DRINK  The purast and best BEER, and  made in Cumberland.  *  liiOll  ���������  J.    N.    McIiEOD'     IPROlFSlIBTor.'  32  ______  ���������"���������Wj^.pi ���������, O" ��������� " 1'.. '."'.'It I" ���������������I"W  ������MhMMauaM������Ma������wMa^������AaMVMatMMSMi.m  SHARES IH THE  Hngliab 4 x BURTON always on tap      nl.o. tho famous MILWAUKEE  -., BEERS���������Anheuaor, BphuUa.ia.ti, Sohlte, 4c.       "OLD GREY BKARQ."  '   SCOTCH WHISKY, Beet Wines and Liquors, of all kinds  The J&t&rding and Lodging 'Departinent, under Uie immediate suportntendenoo  A   will l>������ lou-.-.d Fimt-clbsa l������ oywy respe.ui._  ATE8,  " tp 1 00 p������r day  wgsnawtiwwmujm^^  J^'VaV''' .'  A  \A     .  I  Y  .  |>.    - '\.  V.'t '.  ��������� 1   I  The Courtenay Hotel  Every convenience for guests.  The.Cential Hotel for Sportsmoa  None but the Best of Wiocs and Liquors  . a.    --'' "        .      . q  ; ������at the Har.  RATES  REASONABLE  John Johnston,   Prop  AA-  l"*ty[{  a'-'  f *        a'  I      '   <������.'  ..  <:' '  A ">'  V"  L'> 'i.  offer   you. a safe  and   sound    investment   with a  good return on your money as well as an enhanc-  :; ,  ed value  from now on.  A Company .with   NoP.iiom ^tio^ShXrj-S^   ,  ACcmpanywith     :/.:   ,(.v 1.'fiscal agency..  A Company   that will look -solely to  the wellfare  of its shareholders.     Shares are_ now. selling at $i  ��������� for all   cash,   or    on   the   easy   instalment   plan.  Call oi. ���������send.fqi. a Prospectus to-day  Brewers! Dried Grains  Better,. Cheaper Than1 Most Dairy Feeds  Vancouver Milling & Grain Company, Ltd.  '.    Distributors       ,. NANAIMO, B. C.  WATER   NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that  W, 0. Weejcs and B. Diinoll of  Yancouvcr, B. 0 , will apply for  a'license to take and use oue cubic foot of water out of Couger  Greek, wlridi flows iu ������i North-  ���������easterly direction through Lot 48  Newcastle District nud empties  into Fanny Bay. Tho water  will ,bc diverted at the, Government Road and will be used  for manufacturing purposes ou  the laud described ns N. E. portion of Lot 48.  This notice was posted on the  ground on the 25th day of August 1913. The application will  bc filed iu the oihec of the Water Recorder at Nanaimo. Ob-  jectionfl may be filed with the  natd Water Recorder, or with  tho Comptroller of water tights,  Parliament Buildings, Victoria,  B.O.  W. 0. Wkuk's  B.  DlWKM.  Applicants.  Little cubes of metal  Little tubes of ink,  Brains and the printing presses  Make the millions think,  ������.  TKp   Mercantile- General   Agency,    Ltd.  ���������  Sailing Agents for Canadian Loan & .Mercantile'Co.., Ltd*  Head  offices:   ���������   ���������  207, 208,' 209 Union Bank Building._Coruer Yiew aud Gov't.,  Streets,  Yictoria.B. C.  Phone 3243  Geo. Abbott, Managing Director.  ,. "We Build Homes and -Make Loans."  9 &$������������������������������^^  There is no better way of making the people think of you than  by placing an Ad in The NEWS.  "NuffSaid."  LIQUOR ACT 1910.  Section 42,  NOTICE I������''Bhereby, given that  on tho 1st day of December 'next,  application will bo mndo to the  Supeni.lendo.it of Provlnuinl police for a license for ihg eulo of  liquor by wholesalo in und upon  the premises situated in the town  of Courtenay, B. Cf known and  ili'sciibcd ub Lots'30 and 31. Pec-  ion Oi.  Dated thiu llth dny of Ooioher  1913.  UNION BREWING COMPANY  Ltd.  John Mtuocchl, MunnRor  Applicant  LIQUOR ACT, HHO.1  Heotion 42.  J     0. H TARBELL  I HIGH GRADE STOVES1  . Sportsmcns Goods  IniNl  General Hardware  NOTICK  Auy]M*i'8on or porsons, cutting,  romoviiig or taking inly Ubcka,  timber or wood, of any doficriptiodn  jolonging to tlio Wellington Colliery Co'y., ovfi'om or off tl^lnnd  uf tiw baiJ CuiiijiMt.}'. ot anyone  tipping rubbish of any desoription  nnywhero wpoii U>e ooinpnny's  land will lut proiccutod to tho full  uxtont of tho law.  AV. I, COULSON,  (icnoriil Manager,  Co Ilicry 0o,y,  Violin Strit'Rs. Talking tnn-  chiueneedle������nd Victor Records  (or sale at tho New* oftkt:.  IN THE COUNTY   COUKT   OK  NANAIMO HOLDEN AT  CUM BE ULAN I)  IN   THE   MATTER   of TbomaP  Smith, dfceauad, intoutalc. who  diod in Nulson Distiict on April  20lhl913.  AND  IN THE MATTER of iho-'OlTicinl  Adminit-trnloi'B Act."  TAKE NOTICE i)mt by order  of Hiu Honor .TiuIro Barker, mado  lho l?!h thy of faJnvnml.nr lOlu.fwup  appointed adininlBlratorof tho E*.  lato of tho abovo mentioned do  coHfld, and . nil parlies havlqp  dniniB ngaitiHttho  safd esUto arc  NOTICE Ih horeby Klven Hint,  ontholBtdi\y of December nt-xt,  nppllcatinn will bo mode to thu  Snpoiinlendent of Provincial Pollco f������tr renewal of lho hotel Kcunco  to eell liquor by rolall in tlio hotel  known as tne Mulaspinu Uotol,  Hituitto nl Lund, in lho Province ol  Biitlnh Columbia.  Dalcd tbis 8lh day of October,  1013,  FRED TllOUiN  Aiiplh'-anf  t r'\ ,' r-it\    a It'V    10)0  ljlVi^'a'**   XI' k1    ���������*- ������    '  Paction -12.  Don't   forget  to   pltcc  yonr  ������cxt order fpr priming with ns.  NOTICE,  Riding on loeomotivcB ahd   rail  way earn 0/  tlio  Union  ftoIHoiy  Company by any person   or  per-  5ona���������<5xccpt tain crow���������^ strictly  proh!^Ueil.    K������ipl*ycc������ , *.ro ������ub-  U;c to uMuiiiMul for allowing rarn-  By order  W. L. COULSON,  General Manager.  NOTICE U heieby glvon tl������=v  on tho l������t duy of December next,  advertisement;  "���������-������_ ������  NOTICE is hereby given I bat an  Action hao been rai?ed ngainbtthe  Prudential Appunuico Company  Liirdted, 71 Renfield Street, OIob  row, for payment of tbo Finn of  ������131, beinR ibo proceeds of lho  Policy No. 0157846 with snid Com  pany on theL'fe of Jr.hn .luck, 97  Lan'glands Ito-id, Govan, Glasgow,  and that Um Sheriff ������f thn County  of Lanark, Scotland, has ordered  advorliBomont of notico of. nul action by interlocutor, as follow?:-  Glasgow,  10th rSeptembmr, 19U1.  Holds tho fund correctly etuied in  the Petition, and   in   reject  tho  Purfiucra   and     Nominal   Raiporo  havo   conHigncd  the fund  ir. ihu  hiii'ila ������f ihn Ch'ik of Court Kxon  m'k and dUchar������(M  Ihem  of    i.ll  olainiH in tho   action.    Appoint-  iniimation of   thu   Action   lo   -0  mndo by Advcrii-omont publiHbcd  onco in a Nowppupcr (jirculiitin;. in  (Juuiberland,    VaneouviT   Island,  HilliHh Co'.umlda,Cnnnda. nnd ������p-  p-'intn claimanlH in  tho  fund  to  lodi:o'heir cluima with tbo Olurk  of Court within nn������ month from  the date of huch advertisement, and  eenda the cam to the adjustment  roll of lUth Novombor licxt.  (i.ii'iu*d)  ,,. \t      -  Aitciiu. .\iwMaM7.v,  A I run copy, H.C.I).  In tcrniB tlinreof notice it limohy  ^Iven of Biiid action and of mud in-  luilocuU.r.  I.OWNDKS & RENWICK  28 Bath Street, Ola-Bow, Holicit-  ������n. fur K'.'mI Raifor.  NOTIOK, is liereby givnt. that at the  next irMj.t.ni. of tho Bo:inl of License C������ m  misnouerH of tlio City oc Ciiinbirliv.nl, I  i"tond to n.:.ply fair a reuo*al ol thu hotel licauKO hold by mo for the Wav-;rl*f  Hod, situated on lot 2, Wix* 3, Cumber  land TowHBitc.  l'KANK DALLOS  Dntfld'thw-Jlth dtyci OA. 1013.    : ���������   ���������  hereby require, to   furni'li  flame, u^pUcallnn  will ho mndo to  Ibe  properly verified, lo mo on or bo- (Superintendent of  Provincial Pol-   '   ''--*--   it.,. fornvM-wid <���������< thi������ hritid  Wu-ucm  1.0 veil liquor by tetail in ilu* h������> fl  known iiPltho Willow? lloti-i.-i'n-  alo at C & .\\d oil River, in tbe Province cf It ii.MliColiwilii.'.  I>-il"(i  thia Hlh d.������vof October.  CHARLES THl'US  j aim yw"  fore tbe HUh day of Diwmber,  I OKI. AND all parliM indebted to  pa d Cfltito, are required to pay tho  amount of their ftulobtedno-B to  me forth nil h������  Dat-nlthi- I lib dayof  Noveiu-  bor, 10l������.  Official Ailmirb'rnior,  Cviwbi'rliW'd, lb C  Ni. lice is hereby given tint' at the  next mcetinx of the Hoard' of License  Coinmissioiici'5 I intend to apply for a  renewal of tlui hotel license h������Ul by me  for the New ..reload Hotel, situated on  block 3, lot 3, C������n,bcM'l.tii'l Townsite.  .    JOSEPH WALKER  Dated Oct, 29th, 19U- __  NOTICK w he 1 ciiy (;iven thai .it the  ruivt meciiiii,* of ihe Hoard of Licence  CoiHiainiioncrs of the Ciiy of Cuinberlaiid, 1 inU'iid >o apply for a renew..! of  the hotel license held by me for the  "KinK t'lCOiKu" Hotel, wlu.itect on lut y,  bluel; 7, Cuntljcrlaiul Townsite,  ��������� ViCTOH HONOUA  Dated this 29111 d.iy of Oct., 1 y��������� 3���������   "  NOTICK Ia horeby ������ivi'ii that at tho  veil ni'-i't'' u of the Hoiml cf I/ohho  CoiinniHHloiiini of tlm City of r,..nb'.r.  hunt, 1 int.'iiul In npj ly h-r a remwul iif tho  ������.linl(>imla! li������|iior lioi'ijiu hi'ld hy idm, .iu  unlod  on   lot I'i, block   I),  CiiwilwrUu'J  T(,wiJ^iU������,  JO IN MAHOaHL  Dated th'rt '20th dijr of Oct.. tf-iS.  NOTICK in i< hert������>.) p.ivhi tl>V. ut tho  next meelinK <t tho hoard cf Lio^nnj  Coun.dfs!orj������r8 ol the City ot Cumber*  !.r.' ! is lev. *'������������������ i"'!" fT ������ "rf>n)<nnl of  tho wltol������ni!������ t.'pior litfi-.n* ln>td t������y tno  *n block IS, lot ti, Oinnhhrtand Townflltc.  CIA LI M17SUTTO.  l),it.d lliirt 20th d*y of Oot., 101,1  y,itru'v I, li.*"litf "iven lli^t Rt lh<������  mxt mtrtii'i! A tii*. b.i<uA 11' Liccm.' Com-  iiiiiM'jyiiih'ot Un City >i( Cnt.biT'.ard, I  nt������,>ml to njip y tor -. r������'i������i'wnl of lh������ h������t-  ,,0 JicciiKM h'dd by m- for die Lu nhi rlnt.il  Hoitl, Mlu.it (1 on lo* 1, block f������, t'uin' or*  Hnrl Triv* i?w|*������������.  WILLIAM MEIilUFlMLU.  li:it<-,U i^WtliiUy -.f-la .. i'Al'A  N'OTICK !��������������� h'-rtby tt'ivoi tint at thn  iH!>tHi"itinj.'.'f I'i* I'oiril 'f J-i^ r>H'<-'o'-,v  muni-'iiTK ot the City ot Cunberlntid. *e  UiU'iid to upl'I.v tor a it'tn'Wai (f thi' 1������'������t-  ellli'Micw .ml.! hy uh f -r 'h* V������i,d..uii-  ll.iti'1, Mt'Jit.Ston Ji.l... VWk X ('uml .v  '..vl.al TuAUUlt.:. . ��������� MtKiti It't't's.  *, ���������  JO^KPII l)AMONTK SX;*^.������;,7V' -".'I:*-  *>'  1>S ?ts.Vc Ebe:jh8firA  ���������'<&'\ .7 ���������i.ii...������.*.n.t������...lc .t...'-,(.h������vl,<.!������  ra^hi/--r&k<,,-,������'ii'ji ������.������>t',i������. us-ii-'arf   ii-'-"  . ft..h>i'hi.  Mrn' ���������' .'���������������.'' Iii-'" lr' - '';    "  M4-, ... '������ -      .  nit������������i (K-'ob^r cyth, ioi;i  i.\uvi������������i 'Li\iH.ii|\  '��������� Vow. il"wr'i"'*. '���������'���������' rr*'   i" 1 *���������  ���������"������������������':,"'���������:'  JO.iKIMI   tOlt,\t t.i)   , ^;ii,.,1-.*. V.;.' Y ',i,\ t'.rw, yjia. ..���������.',������������������ i0  '    1    J-i IA"'-      .*������  .^'���������-<-t'>t ili  U-   1* '-   a-   ������*"'���������" ���������ai"  m%,1 '.ft/'"-     t. '. *"**������-.������������ f"'t ..������������'A. *;*-^__,  \A7i*Y .ru'wi r*r**ui������������wU  1  1 Wl  1'  1  tm 1   ������!t*V._,.*w*WTfc.Vi  *Vl*������.f'''  ���������   ^j- _arf<o^*->j. a;* ^r-*-^-  A^^r,-K*!  uyyy&s: .*&tj?$^&r.:>o ,fcvs*_ .can:  THF. N1.WR. rTT^fp,T?T'r,A^rrk> v,. o.  M  When buying: your Piano  sist on having an  in**  ������������������OTTO  HIGEL"  '  Piano  Action  VHC NEW F.'ENCH REMEDY. No1. No2. UA.'  THSRAPION &}!?������.  f..<.; ��������� rem, cikj scii"oiic.v.'Mi. .r5s,Lo>r vjr.oa.  ft \1"��������� I I >a, ..   HI.'-Dia'.'!, Ii. .UStS. _!._0D   POISON,1  .!'. I-', ii. !->t i.'ai. ['i������-(ic.:>.ii). -im;. ji, rest i ers  fr .'a,,.- a. t!.. sj. b: siia'ns sr.^:'. vo^Kori.ruAS'Bpr.s  -a, ;<.. ... i .���������ii". i on FREE book to Ds. i... O.tr.o  HUM".., "\\" !��������� u.tKnaiUMi'irtMi, London, i:sg,  II.    ... a. l.H'.i.t -lIVitl'M SjIIOKMO.     I.ASV  10   I'Klt  THERAPION KW3.������c  t������^   I   l\."   l'lfia.    aiaiH.V-,1 \,n;.tj   * flltRAPlo*)' IS OS  Jstr.a.Livi.MA'jy AiUMa.STa.ALL CL*.(.r.:c i'\ci:-;_,  ^__f^^  IJ"a'. Silver  C'iom.'ii Is a .'-ci^n-  li;\- ljiop'ir.itl.n  f pi?a. tally adapted  foi* ilpimlnt. all  kinds of SILVKH  .V:  _a.i_L)    I'l.ATi.,  Aiip.raOKS,     ci;.  CLASS, 0!' "SVIX.  DOWS. It is ,1  piuvly      vegetablo  compound  does    not  nny   !iijiuiou.s  t>tai*,c_s.    Any  and  contain  SUIj-  art-  l.;l<> polisher! ^vitii  lPRAI". will ac-  (lulio a beautiful  lustre lhat will uoi  tarnish.  For  sa'e   1j>   a!!  D->ali-rs.  Large Fa.mlng  It would, says a British Cloumbla  paper, be -. i.vealation to those accustomed to ihe small farms of Europe  and tho oast lo witness tho harvesting  oper-lions'O- one of tho big prairie  wheat farina. On a 17,000 acre farm  near Medicine Hat forty-one tractors,  each hauling five binders, are engaged  in cutting wheat.  Co'nmr-iuing oa ill is statement the  Vancouver Sun says   that,   in   some  ways this may he a matter for pride,  but after all the land should support  as many people as it  can and while  i farming in a big way may surprise the  ! .'trai.ger   on   the   far-flung   prairies,  i even .hero ii  w aid l>e better if the  I land were divided .ii;lo small holdings.  Tn a new Voiiiiu*   liice this the <?n-  | tiro iJirection of affairs should be to-  [w'aid. tlie greatest good for tho greatest niiinbe. and this principle is cer-  , u.inly not boing carried out when _ap-  ' italists   are    farming    thousands   of  'acres with    hired   help,   who   might  j .lieifisolvcs   he   independent   ettltlva-  , tori*.   Tii'* ideal condition   to    which  jeviry country shot 11 look is that in  , whicli   the  small producer cultivates  his acres io tho best aduuitage; gets  I the most, on!  of tlio .soil and v understands thai io get thai lu* must'return  ! ih much as lie set?.  Constipation  Vanishes Forever  Prompt Relief���������Permanent Cure  CARTER'S LITTLE  LIVER PILLS never  tail.   Parable���������act i  but gently <  lhe liver.  Stop afte  dinner  distress ���������  ewe indigestion���������improve the complexion���������brighten  the cyei. Small Pill, Small Dote, Small Price.  Genuine mustbew. Signature  SEST AHDHEALTH TO MOTHER AHD CHILQ.  Mjt..W.:.SLO\\'s Soo huso Svm-r I'-Xbeea  liseaioro'.cr KIXTV YIvVRS by MILLIONS of  KOTIIKKS io.' itielr CIIII.HRUN. Willi<K  THKTHlN'G, with 1>KKFI-.CT si'ca-.ss. Jt  SOOTHES tlm CIliU), SOITENS tlu* CT .Mis.  iij -VYS all I'AIX , 0. RI' S WINP COI.10. aud  ia. (lie iwst re:iwdv ior IHA''KII_:.>. il if. ab-  solutclv haimlcs. Be sine .-rnd a-,k tor "Mrs.  Win'-low''! iioollilug Sjnip," and Ujii no other  kind.   Twcuty-iiNa.-chilis, a lxittl..  A >o..i_g dandy entered an optician's  shot) reconily and {isk.d io be shown  spme eyeglasses. II" was given a  pair io try on. but finding them unsuitable, remarked:  What v,ill you du mho. these don't  ������uif me?  Well, i'i! give _ ou a ���������stroiiRer pair-  Well���������er���������er���������if Ihey don't suit either?  'I'll'ii I'll :'iw \(.u strop cr pair  still.    '  And if they fail, said the dandy,  what would you art", ise mc tt) do?  Oh, snapped lhe iraie optician, get  an intellig.ni doj; am} a yard of  string  Wrtiertl-rtUUF   COLLARS  AND  CUFFS i  Sonieihlnij bettor thati linen und no  laundry lulls. Wash it with soap and  Water. All stores or diicct. State stylo  md size. For use. i\e will mail yoa.  THE ARLINGTON CO. OF CANADA,  08 Fraser Avenue. Toronto; Ontario  Limited  .WANTED at once  arge  reisons to woilt Cor us  i'i spaic l!;ne at hon.e. Xo experic-nco  reriiiiie1 with our NEW ART COLORING PROCESS Kasy and f.isclnatlns  work. Good pay. ^a'o canvassing. Write I  for ih<;fii.'ction<> C/iee). t  COMMERCIAL  ART  STUDIO, J  ilo Coliege Street, Toronto, Canada  Field Shoots for Connactlci.il  Cham.f.ionship  One hundritl and thirty-one bhootevs  faced the traps, in ..he Western Trap-  shoolers' f.oague Toumam^.-.t, held  July __ at Da-bury, Conn. With a  high score of 97 clay iargots broken  out of a possible 100. in the main  event, W. R. Xeivsomo, of Hartford,  shooting llemingion-UYiG syeed shells,  became the Connecticut sta'e chanj-  ion.  Real Irish  One da.   an irishman and an Eng-  iiuhmiui were standing a: the Ca.rncr  i p! a htirfv thoroughforc. when a blind  Sv.-cclcr.lwi'j's (jreut wor*< nn fTcivcnandHsHJ  | and llie tiiu alter dealt. >K*0 paired, only il wnt';!  I p_-.lp.iial.       H.J.avr 43SEutliiAve.,Toronto, Oal.|  Readily Answered..  The railway ticket collector in J'hig:  land put his head iu at the carriage  door and ailtlie.-s.eil the jolly individual  inside:  Tickt-i, please!  he said.  The smiling one looked im him with  alcoholic sadiicbs.  Cot no ticket (hit-); don't bother  me, he said, settling down again,  The eolleelor at once produced hia  rot eipt   hook  and  anor consulting  a.  inble of fares exclaim, d.  ,I''iW' nnd six, pler.se,  The (idler thought for a moment and  lookln;, up, said: l'.l.jtn,,  w.an pass^rcfos". "toTn^nvmra-w;ut:eu'  in'tiisht int i a puhli:' Iioufc.  Pat, who had watclicd tho incident,  icmavl-pcl to his companion that he  couldn't understand how one who had  lost his sight could walk s-o unerringly.  The Knglishnian began to point out to  htin thai blind men had mere of the  other senses, .iich a������. touch, smell,  etc.  Tn fact, he said io Pat, if a mau is  deficient in one way he always has it  iu another.  Then"all oi! a sudd.'it the light dawned over Pat's clouded brain, and he excitedly exclaimed: Begorr.t, you're  right (here, me boy! i saw a man  today who had a shot I leg, and beclnd,  hh    th"!' one was a little longer.  Practical Education  Said a professional nia.i the other  day. Why <?.j not our city schools  teach the pupils how to write an ordinary business letter? "Why do they  not givc-lh.m an edvcaVion lhat will  be sufficiently praeticr.1 that they en  be relied upon to copy a document  with at least a redimentary idea of  what it is about? He went on to  .ell how he had to have his typist make  several copies of a documeent before  sho could get a correct one, because  she insisted in writing words that  sounded like those in the original, hut  liad no sense at all in the connection  in which she used them. He say*.  that there is much ground for many  such complaints.  Our personal exper.enco does r.ot  enable us to express any opinion on  this point, but a similar complaint has  frequently been made to us. We  hardly know what remedy lo suggest  but it is certainly beyond all questions  that a pupil who has graduated from  the nigh School ought Ia know how  to write a letter, and know that precedent and president, are different  words. In view of tho complaints re-  f3rred to, we suggest to tho school  authorities that the matter may be  worth a little inquiry, and lhat if a  real evil exists, mean", should bc 'taken to remedy it.  It is much more important that a  clerk ia an ollu or a counting room  should 'be able to write a business  letter or add up a column of figures  correctly than to be able tc tell how  often Henry VIII. was married or how  far it is to the moon. lt is much  more imponant to be ablo to copy a  Virtue is its Own Re ard  The Jiovo is an adage that ii seldom I'ppeaU'ti hy the Under of lo&t.  properly when a substantia 1 money  i onslderation in Involved In the ret-  Ioi iu Ion of the thing found; hut an  Oklahoma ..inner who 1 railed and  found n lutli* boj who had been luB|  for Hcu'i'.il dajs reft.ha'.l the ������ewartl  of $501) that had been offered for the  child'', i el urn; the father's and mother's joy, h'-' '-alii, wat reward eunuch  for hliu.  I    Useful Ii: C.unp.���������Explorers, survey-  j ors, prospectors and luiulcr.* will Had  I Dr. Thomas' Ecl.ctric OU vory useful  'iu camp.   When iho feet an;, legs aro  1 wet  and cold it is woll to rub them  freely wllh the OU and tho result will  be the prevention of pains iu lho muscles, and l ould a cut, or contusion, or  sprain be sustained, nothln,>, could be  bettor as a dressiiiR or lotion.  Sail in \cry necessary to uie digesa-  tlve processes of all iiiiitutils and especially of tho.������e living on a (.reou  teg'etiil.le ration. The action of the  suit lu lho (ii|.est,lvc orgiint l.fln to  in a I. c quicker ilie^a-duiilatlon of fond.  and aiiiniahi thai arc without snlr for  Decrease In Cocooiib  Tlieie Is a steady decrease in silk  cocoons lu h'ranoe. The large bounty  paid by the govern' out to fotter the  Industry has nol been suniclent 1o  rai.-ic the averng.. Erance may send  n ci.iiiinb.Hloii to Japan to study Lho  hilk growing condltloim there, at the  Japanese silk prop inereaHCH every  year.  The sou and daughters o<' Dr. Una,  iho foi'iniM' pro 'l'donal ] "P.,Idem of tho  Chinese republic, arc at solionl In the  U.S.     Mr. Hun In a frewluiuin In die  an. b'lig'h ol' tin..' In Pii.nnier Irmtifl-' Cljii,.... 0f "omnuM- ��������� al the nulverMty  laifl> hci'.la lo lose II������hIi. Their coii-|(lj. i-^ufoniiu, MU| ||,P two young- wo-  dlilon nit.:,' ho recoyni/.-il alnioKt iU it ; nnjn are .ainilcii ii at Huell'ti Henitiiury  ghiucc.      Ari'itiigeiuont. ougti'   lo  be j,,  ij,.i-Uc*lo>. Cul.     (Jim of them has  lal"l) snileil for lu'iino to recover her  health, which wiu broken liy a long  illness and o\eriuudy.  iniiile io |;ce|i Halt cimiliiuniiHly before  all animals. In slimmer It It an cany  iiiallii' lo buy a coupR. of hundrctl  pouiKii nf ordinal', ruck Halt ami leave  a few ('luniks of It around the wain'-  ituc place whore Hie cuttle, aheep,  horses, and hoi;^ can reach li an. lime  lhe;. happen to f>,f,l dm criivliU'  P<ihlinlsli'e;i.i (lo old svo.i.iini \on  letter won't itn.     It's ovi.'rweluii:  Ami vlutt In thai, my dear.'  '  |,OHiiiiii.lr.'������iiii���������It's  uio  lieu j.    Von  lllU.t     pl|(    iUllllil.l lalltl|i    Oil    li.  Sni.������. Ii'i, jnlvlii'', ;,oii arc Another  ttiiini'i 'would mat.ii \\ lutnU'r ihiiii  wlmi It !(> ali't'iulj.  I,ov(. may lj(. blind, bin It l.u'l deaf  It iilv..i;.'i bean liu-abam1 wli.ti lie  i.'.hi-'.t In lain and iiilln owr die nil ������������������  hmmi nitiitiun'.     ,  The ii.iiglHtl'iile had ihe mbfoliilie  \o be cros.i-eyi'd ibe lemilt n' which  ai dims was ratber unuiniui'. One  day he had -Hrr-i. prinoners bei'nro lilm,  What'H ymi!��������� minie,1 en imk|.iIi'������.cI o.'  one [ki the lcfi.  j    .t.miua  Pnter-ton, proiniiily    rciille.l  I the mnn on llie ilglil.  I    The mnn .in the l.eiu'h uiit.hI round  iiulikl..     I  v,a,, mu  ail'livriclug \i)'i,  sir!  lie ���������-iuipi,"(l.  Al  tills .hu out; iu llie C'cilrn ijuala-  ing ami trembling wiih fear, ulaiiiui. r-  i ed    I    I    ,)"wi' open my mouth, nlr!  prehension of what the language  means than to be able to analyze a  sentence according 1o the latest tomfool notions as tc the construction of  sentences. We had occasion to look  over a modern grain mar the other day  and undertake to aa.*, tha. Shakespeare. Milton, Addison or llacaulay  could not have scored ?��������� out of a possible 100 if they were set to answer an  examination paper on' it. Possibly a  little more ol pract.cal instruction in  English and a little less (hcor, might  not be amiss.  The Victorious Captain  ��������� The captain was an eccentric of the  first water, and numbered anions his  peculiarities the fact, that ho never  gavo the desired answer to a direct  question. An amusing instance of  this evasii'.a habit is related.  Ono morning four of his friends who  wero aware of this trait in ills char-  actor observed the captain _olng to  marker, antl after some bantering entered Into a bet as to the practicability of learning from him the price he  paid for his purchase, They accordingly settled the preliminaries, and,  statio'tiiig themselves in different  points along' the si rout which ho had  to pass on his way home, availed hia  coming,  Very soon the bluff old mill made  his appearance 'with hevenil pigeons  Annul hi- trom his hand.  As he approacha'd, the'first .iiosllon-  er accosted him with; Good morning,  captain! Whnt did jou glv.1 for your  pigeons','  Mo.ipj!      responded   '.ho   caplaln,  1'.uilly as he continued his Journey,  The Hocoiid gentleman a illtlu farther  on nddivMHOd lilm.     How go plgco'.  this naming, cM-naiii? lie it.kod.  They A n't go at all I carry 'om!  was the ansa I In fuel cry leply.  Shortly after thnt the (iaplain met  lho "bird "iiieHtlnuer, who having asked tlio .inm ol day, citHiiiilly Inquired:  How much niv pigeons n dw.en, cap-  lulu'.'  I dou'f know, I only bought a  lialf-a-do/.eii, suld the old gotitlPtnnii,  Mill plodding on Ills way.  J'li'iilly, iho fourth and tout of tho  conspirator,) attacked the weary old  mariner by nliisenlni; in ilie bland-  ir,t lone.-,: A line lol of pigeon,, you  hare I hero, eaplalii, Wlmt did you  u.M ihem I'i r'.'  Tn cut! was U)e einpluuli.' rejoin-  d'T.  Tho      ciptaln'ii    occentrk'liy    was  ll'.'IK'l'I'Ollll   left   llllollllIIl'llUIMl,  Aluminum Cooking Vessels are Safe  An investigation has been carried  on by the laboratory of the London  Lancet into the. extent and way ia  'Which various aluminum cooking'Vessels were' affected by tho usual articles of food auc1 flavoring materials  used in cooking. The only case in  which a deterogatory result worti.y  of consideration was obtained was in  the use1 of baking soda, and this  should therefore ba ivoided.1" However  a warning" to this effect is frequently  issued when aluminum cooking vessels are sold. It appears, therefore,  that the nse of pure aluminum cooking vessel: nped occasion, no misgiving as to possible evil effects.  Uealiam���������I've got'his goat.  Mrs. Benham-~1 Will bet he will  havo you arrested for cruelly to animals.  The   Harbor   (afte.    the   shave)-  Hair dyed, sir.  Customer���������Ves, it died about  years ago.  Ihe  llinard'a Liniment Co,, Limited.  Dear Sirs,���������I had a Bleeding Tumor  on my face or ;. long time and tried a  number of remedies without auy good  results. I was advised to try MINARD'S LINIMENT, and afler using  several bottles it made a complete  cure, and it healed all up and disappear '. altogether,1'3  DAVID HENDERSON.  Belleislo Station, Kings Co. N.B, Sept.  17, 1901.  o .  A young housewife was showing a  new and inexperienced servant about  tho house, explaining tho various duties that would be hers. In an upper  hall they came suddenly to the head  of the back stairs, and .the lady said:  Nancy, you will go down this way,  always! and with that the mistress  slipped and tumbled, going all the way  down with many lurches and bumps.  The new maid was aghast.    ���������  Lor, missus, I'm afraid I won't suit  you at all. That way of goin' downstairs is a bit too dangerous i'or me.  V/hensver you feel a headache coming on take_  ' NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers -  They stop headaches promptly and surely.. Do not contain  opium, morphine, phenacetln, acetanilid or other dangerous ���������  drugs.   25c. & box a! yonr Druggist's. ,     125  NATIONAL ORUQ AND  CHEMICAL  CO. OF CANADA.   LIMITED.  *Mi������^TM>WT������m^w  The Culture of Good Speech  Culture is Uio result of th. constant  choice of overylhi. g that make, life  beautiful. la manners, habits,  thoughts, books, words or conveisat-  ion the cultivated man or woman aims  to choose (ho best. If one 1*": been  negligent la these matters ,* uew  Star: may be mado.  It may1 bo a surprise when we realise how veiy limited is our vocabulary  and how we have been satisfied with  it. A good vocabulary may be acquired by reading books which are  worth reading, as well as ly talking  with those who express thenr: Ives in  tho speech of educated people.  It is noitho'r pedantic nor it it affected to use well chosen '..-jrds. lt  is not desirable to uso long, dillicult  words. The simplest, most direct  most vigorous words are usually convincing.  The habit"of using slang destroys  fho taste for good English. A- slang  phrase may seem crisp or condensed,  but it is not wit. Usually it, Js coarse  and cheap and may be compared to a  counterfeit cola,  We should be as ca.-eful to choose  correct words as to be careful in dress;  Women give much thought to' tho appearance of tlieir dress, yet there are  many pretty, well-dressed women who  seem unconscious that their attractiveness suffers an eclipse when they  speak. 0  Wind a towel wrung out or cold water about your lame Iniee .vhen you  go to bed at night. Cover that with  a dry cloth, with a nice warm bit of  flannel about tbo whole. In the  1 :*niiig your knee, will feel almost  well.  Tctclier���������U'hat is  the   forco  ihat  rakes tho world move?  Tommy���������The landlord.  Marvelous ������s;apeo  I was on the top   floor   of r.   .ky-  '.crapor, said tlv> first flct!      expert  visiting a poulterer, yv'hen a fire broke  out-and cut olf ail retreat.  "How did you escape"? askod the second expert,        ������  Oh, \ simply i^uclfed a goose and r,o  got 'down.'  Well, said number Iwo, whose- professional pride was hurt, I was onco  in a similar position. The escapes  were too short, and hundreds of people watched from the street, cxpocti. j;  every moment that tht flames would  reach me. But I did not lose my  presenco'of ..ind; as they gazed up'l  -walked down the 'stares.'  Complete i:> itself, Moiiier Cravw"  Worm Exterminator does i ot require  tho assistance of any other medicine  to mako it effective. It dees not*Tail  to do, its work.  Mauled a Bit  ' Two costers, were in the HrKish Museum, looking at the statute ot a Roman gladiator. One of its arms was  broken off, his left leg end... at tho  knee, his helmet was battered, and  thero were several chips from the face  of the warrior. Underneath the statue was an inscription:  Victory.  ' Lor' .lumme, Bill, said the "gentleman in pearlies, if that there' bloke  won tho victory, what mu.t 'a'bean  the state of the bloke wbat lost?  Matches and Fire Losses  Ou this continent, matches are  everywhere. Every room contains  matches and even <.very pocket" of a  man's clothing contains matches. They  are scattered about on desks and in  drawers and are so common, and aro  handled so carelessly that it is not to  be wondered that-we havo a great  many fires resulting from their use.  ON BOARD THE CUNARD   LINER MAURETANIA  On ���������'A' deck.   The names from left 10 right arei���������Mr. Thomas Royden (dcputy-chalrmfcii of th������   Cunara   Cow  pany), His Majesty the King. Commander W/T, Turner, R.N.R. (Captain of the   Mauretanla!), ivlr.    A.   A.  Booth  (Chairman of the Cunard Company) and Her Majesty the Queen.     In the   aeco.ul   row, ta   the  right, may be seen Prince Albert,nnd Lieut. F. G. Brown, R.N.R. (Staff-Captain of   the   'Mauretanh'). '"  been  No Files on _o.ton  1 iiosioii, it In claimed, hm  .lived IIimt. ine ll. 11ii1.-vu.t- ti,- in.  .-....._.'��������� i\ A 1 iTj'.i:'''n'. lb" rc'ivi"!  I of immure from Rlablrd evo day nnd  i tho covering  clo&fij   of nil garbage  |������:ilUH,        Tile   l������l',iellli'     of     dent io;, lug  I die Hy"i, bl'ee llug-plila I '. b| Mll'itly  l)Lt'  II ei- uml mure eiYectli.' than Watting  1 1.11.   'll,,    .na'l    ..r      ,...-      .,,-.,. n  r-iion.'ii to inquire : v attlng.  I     Du  ! da5?  ; 'ine  A!!'  I naHaini  M������irch of P. OflreuB  .wblna I:,   fnr   jiroare.a-'.i   iheno  We lllMRl get our chni eh Into  .-���������I ill ".,>  n garage?  Ill*'f.i!   .1    f'HIl  00c 0 ', o������ or ������lx boxes for J2.50,  ���������i. .ill dealers, or Thn DaHs Medicine Comp. 1 y, ���������' hvlted, Toronto,  ���������Z'oitln  Ifi. N. U   967  Lamlliiiii   (v.ho hurt catmlif a man  jui". 1'iisniliifr mi liW ground)- -lt������ldti't >ou  j .(���������(��������� in'   liytb'.. lioaril-1'iiv.i'i :   Tre'<-  1 parser.) will be proierutef)'.'  ,     Tl'efipiiHSer -Well,  'twero  HI,.*    this  ' tf,   .   ra-.   Iho  boar*],  but   wheu  1  A, ul  .MviVc,  I  dldn'r road any fur-  7 ur, 'con I thought It warn't nnv huii*  ! not* of mine  \    lf t'i' ii. klriic of a w.iti-h disturb*  A .11.     i'lliibel.,  t.y  ttirilllt    ..  lllmbl  .  'mi' It    IA, will cii!uplc"i������ iy dtMtlen  ;, n<- hoiiiii)  Too Many Splinters  A now fimt bowler wat being tried  ,\,. ,1 *.' '. ' !"' . II' '- 11 -'."rn  tv-pi 1 'eh, ��������� nd had a pair of Hundow  iii'inn,  Wliuz! mii.h Un fli'nt ball, like a  Lull A from u rifle; there wtui :t crash  ami one of the Mumps vat taut bad;  lu (lie pavilion with u i'miiicM Tor a  ..   .     -a, MM.,.,,,  f.f*,.,,.   ��������� i,i,,it\ .   v������r>ye  wrecked iu tiie ilrst over, but although  the . peetator* cheered, the captain of  ihe ib'lillng nido wore a very worried  look.  Oon't put Vm In quite ko f.i.1, If you  ran help It, lu. remarked t,i tlm now  man.  Not ro t.ihi.' .ueiied t.it imwler. *nu  a Nfii'Iioivio power hcowI.    Why'.'  Vo. li ia ,i '.nil up e.Iiab >o i'n. pla. In,;  for, KiKpped the bklMiei. net ,1 Itie-  woud fnctoiv.  A Good Trail  1  -Ull  Sll.'ll  II  JOOI* C,lllVeiH..tl01l.ill������t.  aim Buhl. What v,rinla #\o������ ..dvl.e mo  to dot    a  t.iiltiv.ite tl" Itabli, nuil.iin, eulit*  tar<������ the habit, be rf-jilb-d ipiU-klj.  A man ������i������1don if������b/.t-i bnv. many  friends he hadn't got until ).������������������ tons  for offlc*  For a farmer^ silo,  a county road, or a  railroad bridge,  CANADAPortiand cement  j:-  can bc depended upon lo make concrete, that will last for generation...���������There is only one grade���������the best that science and skill can make.  Ths label oa evety big it your guarantem  o. satisfaction.  Canada Cement Company Limited, Montreal  thtrt h * CtitaJ* Crwtnl Jt/tler inymr ntighbtrhttd���������lfjtu Jt ml Iww him, *ti ut fit hit tutmt.  ���������s  ffiJffimv#*M&?M������'W^  '.;.:- - >��������� ���������*���������   -V ������������������"'  I' ���������t*   a-N  ,������   *���������',���������.������-_������V*-������   >* ^\- >������������������'  *.*v>*-,V.a\#^*M,tV  *: A:,*������*'**."'N-i"  ���������a  ���������|-i'^..'l..'..'li!'--"'"'"yt~**.'~*'    '���������'-'.. ���������"" *"-' "-"-*��������� .-������������������'-l^f-a.r1'"'.:'.'. . - _r^'T'T-i^^s'4^rai'^';y .-grf'T-a-yr* t^to-v-���������*-. *.-������^v  '" ''���������'" ��������� v;; 'y--'-: ''fIfH3_^OTWsrGT.Tl^^!KT?T;A^^Ti. -n,1 o. ���������*  ^ ^ny^-W^-*-? Ves.*  *���������***-���������* ���������c-T'.'1*^*'���������'-'**������ ������v- *  .     *��������� _ *���������**  .jj'i;.$i,a>1  METALLIC  CARTRIDGES  hcther your"aim is a Remington or any  other standard make, whatever it .calibre and  the load you need, you want Remington-UMC  metallics���������not because they are necessarily  stamped with the same name as your firearm,  but because they give more accurate results.  This company haa been making ammunition for fifty  years. We produce metallics for overy standard, mate of  arm���������and every Reminglon-UMC cartridge is tested in  lhe" arm for which it is made.  . Mny wesenclyou n booklet explaining'simply many ot tbe  technical points of ammunition manufacture,   Your name ���������nd  address on ������ post card will bring it by return mail.'  Remington  Arms-Uniou  Metallic  Cartridge  Co.,   Windsor,   Ontario  , Nea. on a Sheep's Back \  A woll authenticated'story of a starling's nost on a sheep's back comes  from Buckland B.-ewer, near l:itlcfoi'cl,  ou the authority ol a Cardiff gentleman; who has just returned,, from .*���������<  ,visit there. During sheep shearing  operations on Gournwood farm, whicli  Is in the occupation of a Mr. Cox,  one of the shearers cut in half a young  starling which was in a nest that had  been built in tlio sheep's wool. Tho  nest, which contained two other fledglings slill alive, was compose.! of moss  and twigs. For sonic weeks previous  to Uie shearing the sheep, with others,  had hnd t.he run of three fields near  the fi'.nu.  Life is Uncertain  of  a   wooden  ���������the   life  or   pail.  Save limc--tempcr~-dollars-Tby using"  utensils 'that seem to never wear out.  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Duniine, a retired British army officer,  underwent most ���������"sii(!..es.������nl ' trials on  (he aerodrome recent.y in the presence  of General Augiiste liirsehnuei*, com-  niaiuler of ..the serial' corp-:; of the  ronoh army.  Major Julian Felix, a French ariiiy  aviator .vas the pilot. Ho ascended  In ii hi;.h, gusty wind, considered too  strong to face hy thp orlu r aviators  present; ������������������    ���������    .  The apparatus displayed a degree of  stability which drew _ expressions of  amazement "'from' all ihe expert witnesses. 1'Yem time to' time, Major  Felix removed his hands from the levers ami held them abovo-hid head to  show the, automatic e(|utlibruini c the  machine, which remained on a, perfect  level, oven when it encoiiu.ored eddies,  air pockets ov squall a.  John D. Rockefeller, Jr. tells a slory  of his-father: ;  Father tells many." stories. ' Some  times lie tells a'new'ono. Not long  ago ho'related one to me that concerned a man who ,-iul Imbibed too  fioely.-, The man iii this condition  fell inlo a watering trough. ' To the  officer, who camo to help hlr.i out as he  wallowed in the water ho said:  Oftzer,. ken i-\e. self. You save-women and ahildren.     ���������>  Traffic Problems In Japan  A taxicab service on"the pattern of  that of Toklo has been projected for  the city of Hakata and Fukncka, in  ���������Fukucka Prefecture." and is expected  to he in operation soon. As the city  is mere or less ilat, taxlcabg ccr.lu bo  run economically but the "narrow and  crowded streets would make it. difficult to attain even a moderate speed,  says tho American consul. Even-the  jinrikshas. at. times havo difQculty in  getting through the crowds, as everyone walks in the streets, and there  arc no sidewalks, and it seems more  than likely that the seijyic'e^would  prove unpopular, espefctaiiyAi.y.hero  should be accident's ' and p. lestriaiis  should bo injured. A  ARTISTS IN THE WORKHOUSE  NERVOUSJHILDREN  ARE      OFTEN      IN   ,THE    EARLY  STAGES   OF ST. VITUS DANCE  "       Had Her Own Way  It was 11 sunny day, and tho florist's  window, full of .Rally-docked llowerw,  looked u.uisually sod active.  Soon tliero entered 11 lady of allrac-  llvo appearance, but with a certain  firmness of expression, indicative- of a  disposition lo have her own wny.  Sho selected a hrlllldnt'looklng  plain, In a Japanese Hover-pot, ami  liuvlup ascertained tho price, iuul announced (hai she would tako lr, inquired if'It w.uKl do well ir. tho sun.  Certainly, mint, snid lho florist's a>  slHtant,  Don'l. say it will ir ll. wu 't, sho remarked, dharply, Now, If It grows  well lu lhe sun, wlll the ::l.atla hui'l.  "it V  Not In Jhe least, muni, responded  the asfllKlii..''.  Ah, tbo lulil, with a (I_h('fiitng of  Yho lips; here Ih 11 plant tlmt In do-  t'lfti'od to (lo equally woll In Hliiulo < ;���������  Htm, which lo say Hie loam, ls neither natural nor probable.  Precisely, nuulfim. You too, it'��������� an  tirlilU'lul pi nt,  And (hen tho lady, having paid fo.'  lifi' pureluiiie,'wont, onl, witli a flushed  ' fneo and Hhui. the door with u shun  (hat nearly broko Uio rIjiss piwioIh.  ��������� A 3.ifc Pill for Su'ferere.���������Tliero ii'-o  plll'i thai violently pui'go antl fill tlm  iiloinaHi mul ! .it est I 09 with pain. Pm--  melot''n Vi'Ko.nbl I'm** l1|,,J "'"'��������� nI1''  effective. Th y (ire .purely vegetable,  no lilnenil imrKutlv't eiitorlug \n\o  their .���������oiiipoHiU.il! and their effect It  Hooihlnn and benuflolnl. 'I'rJ* Lliom ..ml  hn eouvliieei.. Thousands, onu aliout  their r.rrnl'dtrnllvo qualities boi-mmo  Uioiisiindfi, owe Uiolr hnallhy nml  utiieiiRtli 10 timely u*e of ihU iuohI ox-  rollout medicine.  NURSE'S YEARS  OF EXPERIENCE  Proves Di*,.Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills  Best Treatment   for    Kidney    and  Stomach Troubles.  The trained nurse has even ^mitcr  opportunities than tho doclor himself  to watch the action of medicine in  specific canes,  For years the wrlior of this loiter  lias been recommending tho use ot  Dr. UhiiHo'fi Khlnoy-I.lver Pills among  her palionts, and ls firmly convinced  tlmt ������if> {realinput U bo prompt nnd  C'f.'OCtlVC.  Tills Is tlio most valuable ovkIhkio  nhrulnnblo, and wo believe tli-.l all  who know Mrs, Duffy will appreciate  ft lo Dip full, knowing Mint she would'  nol, recommend anything lu which sho  had not. the fullest confidence,  Mrs. Duffy, nurse, 11.1 l.owb street,  Toronto, wrlien; "I havo used Dr.  CIiiisp'h Klilney-Uvei' Pilln for yeni's,  und recommend thom lo iny n:itlontn  for all dlHoiders of the kldneyn, liver  and nioniricli, J11 all my prol'onniuiinl  oxppr'.pnco I I'.avi! found nnllilug bel-  ter," Dr, CIiiiho's Kldney-Llver PIIIh,  one pill n dose, l!n ppiiIk i box, all  dealers or Kdiiuiniion, l.ni.ta ^1*. (.'n.,  Idmlted, Toronto.  A tlory Harry l<iiinh'' lold wnt  uhout 1111 old Scotch Hiiiiipki'epei'. who  v.'jis hfing qucstloie'd hy n rntlier in-  qulrtltlvo vUlior who paid iieraslonnl  visit!) to lho neighborhood, nml wanted to know nil nboiii the tUn and value of tha ettate,  Are (here many (leer on the plan.'.'  was one of hts qticHlloim,  UnndralH, sir!   wim the gnmekeep-  They Need a Tonic to Strengthen the  Weak Nerves and Restore Them  to Natural Health -   j  Many a child has been, called awkward, has been punished in school for  not keeping' still, or for dropping  things, when the child is not, really at  fault, as the trouble is rtcll., _'..'���������'Vitus  dance,, in .its earlier stages.' So common is this' ervous' disease in "childhood  that, in 'somo  schools" one-fifth  ���������Df-allTtlnr-pu^l9-mive-bccn-found-suf������44  fering from.it in one form cr another.  Before the proseneo of the disease is  heir, -et1 .hero is usually, a disturbance of the general health.'' The child  shows ILatlessnts.*. and inattention.  Then it become;-. restle_s, and twitch-  nig of the inv'sclos and jerking of the'  limbs and body follow. A remedy that  cures St. Vitiic dance aud cures it so  thoroughly 'that" no trace of the disease remaUis is Dr. "Williams.' ' Pink  Pills, hicli make the new blood necessary 1 to feed the starving nerves and  give,?.then, tho noiir.sluiiei.1 Uiey demand.  Mrs, Hiram 'Bnrnh.rl, Scoti; Junction, Oi.l.. says: "About Iwo years ago  my oldest daughter, L.ahel, then ten  years oi'age, wa*. stricken with'St.  Vitus dance. Sho could not keep still  for half a minute, no ��������� mallei''.how  liurd she vied, HaT limbs would  jerk and (witch and overy llltlo thing  would start l.er crying, I gave hor  several, bottle, of medlclr.0 said lo he  good for the nerves, but instead of  helping her slit was steadily growing worse, Iler volco would change  so that we could hardly un'derstand  her, and her faco became twitched until she did t.ot look llko the same  child. I had ns-,.1 Dr.'Williams' Pink  Pills myself \vh_n run down, iuul finally decided to givt her these, .When  she had taken two boxes 1 could notice an Imp-ovotnoiit, and by the (tmo  Hho had used five boxes she was fully  cured. However, I was determined  to make- tho ouio permanent If possible, and 1 gave her two boxes more,  and I cnu .nw'.i.'ully say that sho lia.1  never liml a symptom of the trouble  iilnce, and Is now as britthl. and active  a:, any child of hor ago. I heartily  recommend Dr. Williams' Pink Pills  tu all ii'Othevs as the result or wliac  they have done for my child ami myself."  Sold by all medicine dealers ur hy  mall nt (.0 nontf a box or six- hoses  for ������'>.:,!) fvjiu Tlu I������Is- WIHI.uiiiOledl-  cine Cm , llrockvllle, Ont,  Many Unfortunates Peally. Clever  -  -1' kin..   Articles - From  Ver;.   In-,  ferur Materials '_-,  HI any inmates of British workhouses  are clever, ingenious, brainy people,  who through no fault of their own are  down on their luck, homeless and  friendless. Many cf these.ave old, Infirm, crippled, blind, derif, or affile tod  in some way or other. But-where  there's a'vill "thero"s a way, and the  Ingenious man will generally find scope  for his ingenuity even in a workhouse  A man in West'Bromwich workhouse  makes dainty hatpin slaiids, etc. from  hones. His only'tool ia a penknife;  his other accessories aro sandpaper,  glue and scraps cf velvet. Tho bones  are washed perfectly clean ard after  being'cut the requisite size ant", shapo  they aro rubbed and'polished till they  become as smooth and bright as ivory.  At Wolveraampton workhouse" a  helpless cripple���������except, with hi3  hands���������made a beaut ftii b'i-spread.  It was composed of small squares of  linen. The man designed the pattern  for each "square, no two alike, and  then embroidered them with blue  thread. The flni-lied articl. was valued at ?25.  Threo Inmates of Chester woiklioiiso  one an imbecile, completed a handsome pulpit for the workhoune church.  It ls worth ������100, although! the cost, of  the material was an insignificant sum.  A pauper at ltockford workhouse  carved a splendid b iplisir.nl font from  a solid block cf Bath stone.  Kensington- workhouse contains a  number of oil .-ah-tlngs which were  executed by one of the inmates.  Among them is' an excellent copy of  Reubens' Descent fro. t_c Cross; also portraits of the royal family.  An exjmember of the Scottish Academy was fov some time an inmate of  Carlisle workhouse. While there "he  painted several landscapes which now  brighten the Avails of the workhouse  -hospital.   '  'V-The Wirrall guardians had a most  troublesome inmate until ��������� he turned  his'iijteiuion'to wood carving. Among  other things he mado an exquisitely  carvedj, and polished oak tray. Another nian in the same workhouse  made r,^salt-cellar from a salmon'tin  and a iYk.de of broken glass, ancl an  artistic tl&Jvcr vase out of r. soda, water bottle'wid bent-ironwork.  well Shsned Shoes  are the Foundation of.Good appearance  SHOE PGU  GIVES k QUICK, BRILLIANT POLISH THAT LASTS  EASY TO USE, GOOD FOR THE SHOES  SHIP YOUR GRAIN TO  PETER   JANSEN   COMPANY  Grain Commission Merchants  Mako Hills Lading read: Port Arthur or Fort William.  Oo., Winnipeg.  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At'  ter residing there sis years he succeeded in ' accumulating $42, ' being  mado up of pennies which'he earned  hy writing letters for other' inmates,  ll e charge being one penny .1 letter.  Quite recently.?, clever sculptor was  discovered In th'> ' Sout-wark work-  house, ' He- made a' Jlve-t'oot lectern  for use in the workhouse chapel. Although made of rough yellow deal full  ot .knots and cracks, it.is a splendid  piece of work. It is surmounted by  an eagle with outstretched pinions.  The bird revolves on a.'carvod pedestal, 'i'lie panels of tho pedestal aro  worka of art .iu thomselv s, One depicts anangel arising from the ground  with a chllil, another nn uii_el polntl. _,'  heavenward, The same man also  fashioned quito a number of small anl-  inula which he colored and stained in  (���������hum imitation of.tho natural objects,  and ,lie is> very clever with crayons,  for he drow a peacock on ono of the  wulls, every feather of which is beautifully colored with sur.irlsliit. naturalness.  ��������� ONTARIO   VETERINARY   COLLEGE  . TEMPERANCE . STREET," TORONTO.  Affiliated with the University of Tconto ahd under -the 'control of the  ���������   ���������     Department o[ Agriculture of Ontario, .    .  ���������      ,,      COLLEGE   RE-OPENS OCTOBER 1ST., 1913.    ���������',  N.B.���������Calendar on application. E. A. 'A. Grange, V.S., M. Sc, Principal.  'Hints For 'Western Grain Shippers'  Write us today "for this interesting]booklet',' sent free'19 all farmers until stock ��������� exhausted.   ��������� -    '"���������-,.'  HANSEN GRAIN COMPANY,  Licensed'Grain Commission" Merchants, ' Bonded,   NVinnipeg,   Man.  Czar Paul's Little Whim  ���������The law that hare the succession of  women " to the throne- of Russia is  comparatively modern. But for this  law the eldest daughter of the Czar  might succeed her fa'her, or any of  his daughters In natural or.ier, failing  the succession of the little Czarevitch.  Catherine, the Great, beloved of her  people,' died after wearing tho impor-  perlal crown for ?A years. Iler brilliant reign camo to a close about tho  beginning of tho nineteenth century,  and the succession fell to her sou.  Tho Czar Paul's rule was as corrupt  us his mother's had been wlso unci liberal, and at llie end of llvo years .ho  was assassinated. Paul: the unpopular decreed that no wcmiin should succeed to tho throne.' No doubt, his  subjects til-lowed hlm.lo info.'.that his  poll Ileal, pics were nothing to Uiobo  that mother used lo 11111 Itc- -Al any  irate the decree has remaine.! In force  up to tho present,  A toiii'lHl I'l'inrnlng from 1111 o\l.'iid-  (.|i ri'ii. was i'lir.iit lo ci'DriR lho l.tft*.  .'.u't 0:1 'lu*- '���������"i>" ,ln tin* ���������.':...'ond f.l.i-  lion '..T homo.  K.i ,\ I'up'n. lit Kilil. a.' ho s|."|.p<-(. j  timid';/ liV.o Ua rickety nil vuiit. 1I1U1  boat i.e.-mx voiy .^hp.ky. wa>i aiivhirly!  over lost In hot V j  "Nut  to m>' Knowledge  replied 'ihoj  bri.iuuiui,     Thero    wuh   ihi'u*    men,  drowned iVoni lift" Inat Thurwday, but  wo found Ihem nil 110A high lido tho  il11 y nf������er.  Cic-ii'-va. r'l'edfirlo.k I). Urunl wild in  his servant one morning: .hinmn, I  have loft my m.v..i   Inotn   out,       1  i  \wwit U hililiiiff ."������������������  Huiiiethliii. Hia'lit'' '.���������  Oh! no.   ' t havo a '  to carry It homo.  linn.;'Minn horo  itr   1.-   -l  Illl.lI.UC!)  ponso.  Kinnrr ntnu vhi������ onlv niaki'H  nl tlm othor   follow s    c.\-  1,  Many httro^"  TIUIIlHIMKl", ��������� ���������  liimworod.  !���������*   UlAl    .tl*?  iiiaiiy Kiu'llhiM?  oiniik'.nlly.  iho  Kir.  W  in.-  filhi'i*  nn'  >!(   HUW  \ iMlt 'I'  wont 011.  g'.tinekeepoi'  .', iwo "(ho.'.-*  nsked ������nr-  I wiini tumii iii������i������jii.  -U  ,1 t,  Regularity-  ot tlm boweli l������ nn nbsolutft nccea-  i.ilv for Rood health. Unlrss tins  WiiBic matter Irom the food whii-'n  r.ullccifl llicre i������ p,ot ritl ofot Ica^t  oik 1- a day. it ika.i*,������.u.<i p.i,���������iu ll'.s  v. hole hotly, causini hilioiiMic^, iiuli-  gfMmn mul iich uradachoii. Salts  nnd oilier harsh mineral purgatives  irritate thtt d*1icat������ liniiij{ of the  bowels. Dr. MorM!*. I1uli.u1 Root  I'ill.���������fiilirely vcjjctdbl^- loguJatt.  tht Ui������<,t.'actfJ,','t!*''>.y v itboiir 1vr.1l..  ening, tickening or fcrlpiug.   UiC  0?r. Morse's. ��������� ������������������  IndUn Root Pills  mont, thon lie said:  Well. Hlr, they--they com  Ihoil���������jus' like yo.Ki'lf!  noo an  Vc., uh, lho ;T.va,,t :in.'v-ov  'lhe '{i-i'ieral rlvonflod for dlnnoi* Uuu  ui������ht. nald nt.uln:  I nupposo, .liuiu'H,  that you did as 1 Jolil you ubu :l Uium:  hoofs ,, ,  Ves, Hlr, said bo, nud Ihln Ih nil I  emiui 1 01. rut iii������-ni. ������,������������ii.. ���������.-'������������������  ���������  --  al who' bought thom buld ho would  liiivo'nlvon ,li lf a di.lar I.' vay day  liHflii'f. bocii-fco lur ati-  Minard's Liniment for sah everywhere  The  La".' of Coo.f.en'j'.i'lon  Ikon limy thi? inor'nln?: ruklun off  til-; I-avo; thul.fail! from '!k- iroot ���������T  my ������:������hi hftiid .h'1������1j];i'I*.  Doii'i you huv- any lea.o;, of vour  own'.',,  \'et: ihov st. io my I. ft liaiirf tioti.ii-  \V.  U. 0S7  1 .b.'itti. Ati^t, [ i.'aii: '.. _;.[. y.MX a  \ question. You'll answer mc truthful-  ily, v.on'i you'?  I Ym. d������Hi. Wliat Is it*.'  j If you bud nmi'i met un, ,\������.u'il  jhav" lo'fd <a e J'ist lhe j;.tw\ wouldn't  vou*'  Wanted a Tip  Pr-rhaiH Lord Flnlxitim may Ki\<>  '.h  Heard Enough  Yoiin.;' Giles,''efiRor to jdn the Mo*  tropolltun Vollco ��������� Force, Journeyed to  London to pass the neeenHary medical oxn ml nation. Thlf* lio survived  satisfactorily, nnd Iho noxt day tho  proud recruit was Interviewed by n  high ollicial.  Well, my mnn, said the latter you  look like ii proiiilfllnB' tort of follow.  Whnt kind of education hnve you had".'  Oh, sir, said tho recruit, I was odu-  caled at 11 country school.  Ab, and you hnvo n 'Good goneral  ktiowl.xlKO, I hope,  Oh, yon, sir.  1 wonder���������e'm, you loll me, for ox*  ample, how many uilloi I'. 1-t from  London to Kdlnbuvfjh.  At tli!.������ 111'4 reeniil bocnin norvotifi-  ly iw'ltaii'd. and nt leiitnh !'���������" blurled  mil:  l.oo; hero, h!i", lf yon ro ).oIiik Io  , put mi: ou ihat bent, I'm done with lho  ' I'OI'l'l.'-  Corn Mufflnc snd Heforrm-  A Hoolyk'Klftv of praotloal toiiipor  ihttil.Hotlmt, v'duoatlonal'iuul aoclnl reform cau ho holi'od Kf'o'itly by corn  1 .illlns. Those who like corn niuf-  Hum will iiiHtmUly iUU'oh Unit ho A  I'Ujhl���������-ivhnlovoi' form hln aiiKnofillonH  mny t.tlo.     It Hcemn tlint ha known  a 'I , ,1  ,, ,_.,.    ......a  tli*n> U\ iho *tft\\o t������vn������������ viM'.kit'i f>f Kon-!  tueky by tenchln:. hcUdoI chlldron how]  to bn (ilenii and their pnrontH how to 1  cook corn ni.iffid.'.   In other wa>nl;' the ,  Iiiliuhltuiit.'i had to be rained to th'-  corn  mnffli.  fltir;<������,      Wlll   lt   ho  ro  k���������*..  :..- :.._!:-. tl:,. ' iv! '* I ���������" *��������� ������������������ ���������'""-  BdvoH nhovo it conform 10 Ua .Sparta 11  Klmpllclty and uit-Frrncblflod  pnlaiu-  blllry; '  For Company  Fii���������t Pitman (to pal, wht, Ih whool-  Sleep Is the great iioi.rlt-hpr of ill-  Tiints, and wltlioul. peaceful sloop tho  child will not tluiv. Tbis cannot, be  r;or. If the Infant ho troubled with  worms. Mill.'. Worm Powders will  destroy worm, anil drive them from  tho sy-itcm, and nfta.a*wnrds tho child's  will bn uiull&turbod, Tho powders  cniuiol. Injure tho most deliento baby,  and thoro Ii notlilm? co effective for  reBtnrlng tlio health of n worm-worn  Infiiut.  L  . First Steam Bus  tdy'-Dorothy Nevlll, who reinembci'-  ed when sedan chairs were used, remembers also, and mentions in ber  'Jtomlulsconces,' the Ilrst l'.ondon  steam bus which ran for the first time  just 80 years a'go. Tho inventor was  Waller Hancock, and the llrsl appear-  lincQ'of the 'vehicle, a cumbersome nf-  fair named the Urn, created ume.i excitement. It carried,14 passengers-.  and ran from PuddinRton to the Hank  at a charge of Cd. all the way.' Uh  sii:cohh iod to th. Introduction of scleral other buses, h .Uiey wore withdrawn In coiisoqtien^e of iIil- tunipiko  acts of lS'lO. I saw Sir Mo'srs Monlo.  floro f?o In a sedan chair.. 1 Llie prince  of Wales' ftiu '.on pnrly nl Mnrlbor-  ou_j.1i lio'iso in .1878, writes 11 correspondent, Sir Closes vas llien !>,.. Tho  lhirty was on Siiturdii., so his Jewish  principles prevonlod hlir fron tisiiif."  IiIh horses, hut tlio men-woro not his  /servants. ��������� They were not. forced to  labor.     So It wiih nil rlKlil.  MTnard'6 Llnlmer.- Cures Ua..clruf*.  Very True  : liOdRor���������lliit you (idrertlscd that one  could boo for miles from thin room I '  I.amlludy���������Well, so you cun. You  c..n ,soo tbo moon throw1,'.! tho sky������  lll'.ht. and ain't that inllos away,  A Hard One  l-'uthor!  Well, wlmt :������ UV  It says hen n  111:111 is  the coinptuiy he Uoops.  fnthor'.'  Voh, yes, yes.  Well, fnibor, If a Rood  company will, a bad until,  known  H ihat  mini koopM  Is 1 lio aoiul  Hinn luul bi'i'iiuHo ho keeps company  with the had mnn. and Ih tho bin  Komi because ho koo^is roiiipnuy  tho Rood mnn?  CoIIoko Kultor  bceii wnUini. , lo  you.  Uaiiihol     (lu    dojipiilr)-  KOOi|-lll|{lll, 'WUS it'.'  Ml evening I Imvo  Hii*.    .so moth In;,    lo  ���������It  a v\v, tlj'.ii ou thj,Hrl-UU nwrhods ofjjw? .. harrow nlont'.'tho atreoi on 81111-  ImfitoiiiiiK rtnd t'liojiponiiff. UtlKailoii��������� j day.���������Hnllo land! Wlmt b������ oop to with  fllvon-rt -olloud ������jvro|)leil���������:u ft ludo 'nn ��������� your hnrrow"?  relievo nur pys.t'i*m" of Ita RiiUlnn  lnys anil iirohlblilvj cost.  A drill H'Tif.-uiit wns drllll.������ tlui re-  v...;; ::., ::.    . *  ���������*   ' ������������������' >"!������  V'.vi'vvihtu^ wont mnoolhly until lilnnk  cnrtrldnoii wci-o itlHlrlbutoil. I  Tlm   roocnilu  were   instructed Vo  lo.nl  t\,Ar \Aoeet  and  Ptand  nt  th'*-  I'.'iKly, .'ind thon tho iior;_rtiinl nave tho  comma ml:  ,.,.    ...    .tii.  ....  Prlviito I.unii wan piiuled. lie low-  i-fod bli Ri'.n- li  Wh.'oli one It Will, he n.slieil.  .tr-x^^frs'i *  The Best Treatment  for ItchingScalps, Dan-  ill-  Try Murine Eye Remedy  If yon liavo Red, Weak, Wntcry^K/e..  or .irnmilftted fcyriiilt,   l)de������n'v iv.uv.t  ���������Sootbct,  Murlno X  Mnrins  2Sc,  SOc. " |_ye Ilooki I'rc'e !>>��������� Mail.  Aa tr* T������Ml< *���������������* Ur AH Ir������������ thil **** tart  Murln* Ry* Ktcn'dr Co., Cblcaf*  itllHletl KyClHW,     M06:A1 l .V.Ui'.t,  cu Eye Pain. DniKRi-.^ f*U  Rye Hemedy, Liquid. 25c, ������0c.  hye Salve In A--eptii* 'lnbt������,  Bocond l'Pman���������If* llko this. I lost. f.o^,]  my Tok lhe other   dny,   nnd   I   Junf  hrtuBht n\y harrov.' wiih ni* tor com-  pn'rij'.     \ man look* mtch n fool hy  hlninolft  A N������w Departn-.rnt  Thai nqw iiii.naBcr la a wonder. <lc-  e.lareft tlit>'(.ep.irtment s.oro head.  As to how?  Has a bnrgaln t%U evory diy, a.ni  ������oJU nparlv every woman ar r.icbb'W i  polity i,ftf���������!ia t\\������ ru.h b'filtiii. '  .'wo >'lrl. ocviip'od a sout ������.n ft car,  Tholr conversntlon was fuiflh'l.nUy  loud fn b.a ho-ird for uovornl Heats  ioikkI. Ya.'.-i, hiilA olio at UsuUl. Ll/.ti  left this iiioiitltii. for lb', normal  .H!io W ������{ijlii������; to niiiUrt ��������� n  toaohoi- out of lierne 1. Hhe la? nnid  Ui" other; wbai'-i she Kolnu to toaeh"?  Woll, to ������(.������ If Hifl rof)Vf*rAatbiii wnn  hfr'.iiB fully appseclated by tho othJi*  5tut-iorirort. glo-'-a thlnkli ������.about ilplr-  iionUriiiB In niatbcnmtlc������.  druu and Falling Hair  Htr f-ifhor (ulernlyi- Vruu.tt mnn.      {cad you swiporr my i.nuj,ht*r in the, lu'YwiUY.  \*\\\o Av'-i *i"fn m <*nv.aiuied tu?  "lAJVf-r  tbriklyf    I ������..'������. ho'   Id  U  a^huinfil i"  To stlay ltrh::-c tt-A irrlut'o.j A th-* :''A\t,  pfi'ven! Ory, Uun nml f������!liiii; lia.i, r-vnovu  cui.atK, icili'i lit.,I iloniltulf, Pli'l piuutut,! till  Kfuv.Ui and li"auty of tin Inir, th" ftill.iwlnn  flfffUl trMlmcm li mmt rttnalie, njfiral'l*  }tift economical. On r^tlrlm;, rurnh tlt������* naif  ftt.'j nfjliflit nit nmurir}, ft.fr* ti.aj;ln nt tho kMa  and ji.ul.e a parting, gi'inly rublAis Cutinii.  olntt/icnt Into tii* p^tllns v.Hli a tilt of sntf.  Ci;.;.-:. Ull un -t UviviiA A. V;r :".:;_.���������:. Anu'.".6  u<Hiil'.>'>������1 \>a<j':;i;-t ������lni:it ] u.f un ,ik)i opart  itnlll ftoi������h')1������!.oalp lia������ WiMta*at<,'l,th<>pt:r������  iviaja lj������li!(; irt rr-l !Ji������ ("ut'.c-.'.ra n!r.ttr.,rt on tii*  *.-aff> ������V7ri h(lM m������ <���������} J'^ ht'-r. 'Hit  r.'.xt .r.(.ti\l!.j, alianif.iJal -Ad! Ci.lM_fX MSit  an<l Lot v.tU-r. HhinunxM alnn" may lm  u%*tl at oft^n ai ajwaW*. to.t o.-..ai ut  f������f.M   a   rtiorlffl   ft   u-'ncr.ilf/  n-jlv'-rtf   tft  I ihh iip������'.'Iai freatrocnt Ui- v-tuiirn''- lift'..". C*iiil������  t rut* fluap an<f Ointrn*n! aro ������.<i!,f IhroaKhoul  A llhtTftl jiainplo of rat-It, nlih  rt-'-ns*., tHiiVati-'a i������ii Km t-ar., :ip.| iri-^uitH)*  at ���������l.iral.ia tar.'l ar4l|>, *rnt <..-'���������' ���������-���������   t*r"'t-������j  ���������Vj'l.-.,r*," l������.'(,t.'-' !l������. I   A   A. ' YT"V������. ���������-*���������������������������-   ������������������*,*  .^._?7*ww..L������^r������pp.w^BB^B.���������>,^>>^Jli^(_.il i������M^^w������i^m^ti.r^i.fi>wva^^Xii^^'t^'*^^^.  m*v~ tv&tnat+i*  mlrA***l* 1*m-1*lfftm)fHm"^il*'  5SE^_������Sw2S<  HMJT.' U'KX^S-������.~  *"  -������������������i-r-i-r-i       ���������  -,...���������.    ���������>,������������������������������������.-���������������������������pa  > _"^������P'  ���������������������������.���������������^-j1^"'������������_ .;���������" '������������������w -���������������       "TJ  The GuiBberlasd Hews  issued Kvevy by  Wednesday the  Comcx   &   Canobei-Iand  Bub-iahing. Conftpany.  This paper, wilt is.������t hold itself*  r*--ponstW������ for tbo opinions of others, aa maty appear in its- columns  trom time to nim>.  WEDNESDAY .NOV. 12  1918  WATER NOTICE  FOR A UCRNCK  TO TAKK AND  USK WATKR.  NOTICE is, hereby pivon that Bjqni-  n.nb & Niunimo Hsrl^ny, of Victoria,  H. C wid n ��������� p'y h r n I" f"C' to t.iho end  ua-> 100.UOO callous \xr 2-1 t. >ur_, i.f water  ou of T'Kitnt'H Gn'or, 'A-b-b flows iji a  nm th.i-rly dir-O'-i'Mi through Newcastle  Distriot -I*. I imp'i n i������t) S.i'tiiJ.of Goor-  ni ne.r I. io'Ih we^t of Hiv������ Quali'-uni  Kiv v. 1 lv Witer wi I he div. i-fcwj nt 2900"  u|.stten������i fnm itvlwuy iv.dujll boused  {or Reinr ������1 rai'.wuy \ w pt-B-. ou the l-'iid  do-wii'd na Ifiibvay Right of Wuy. Thi*  no, e *rn-posted'������ ihe proutu, on the  ;kx\ ih.y of April. Iftli). Thu Ai>pl'.cati>n  wi ! I.W b;ci! iu the olKoe of tlto \V.itt-r Recorder at. Victor..., 15. C Ohjeo'-ion. may  be tiled with the Bird Water Recorder or  wi'h *M Comptroller nf Wli'-er Rights,  l\i ham 11 Uuddi (.������, Vic-rii B. C.  ESQUIMAU & NANAIMO RAILWAY  Applicant  B. JI. BKA&LKY   ,  Agent  >l_ltt ,������y7  WATER NOTICE  FOR A LICENC'E TO TAKE AND  U-HE WATER.  IN TUlvCatl^TY ail'KV Ub"  NANAIMO IIOI.DEX     -  ATCUMBKULANEX.  : IN THE MATTER 'ol" Skroh ElU  eno. Tysoiv deceased intv&tatOv  '"ANO  IN THE MATTER of (lie "Offl-  a.ial Administrators Act."  TAKE NOTICK that hy order  (if His Honor Jn<lgt> BarXw>  nimka tho 5th day of Novemher,  liU3,'I was nppointwl Adminis--  tiwor uf iho Estiito of llw t\Uuvo-  : mentioned doowised, and all p>'������  ties hiving claims against tho  sniil estate m> hereby inquired to  furnish sjuuc. properly, verified,  to tno on or before the 18th day  Di-cwnhw, 1913.. AND nil pfu  tie* indebted to snid .state, are  required to jyiy tlio amount of  their indebtedness to me forth,  with.  Dated this llth day of Novem  her, 1913.."-  \V. AVfsi.Ey Wim.-a������������j.  Official Administrator,  Cumberland, B. Ca  KOTICE is hereby gia-en that Esqui-  wi t <������ Nanicaa R-ilWa-}', of Victoria,  ]j. 0 wi.l'i^'ily i.r a llotowi- to tako and  Uso'100,(X>i'>g'4ili)iia p.ir fi. hours, ot water  om of Sandy < reck,'which tlo-va in a northerly I'.i-octioa through No-vcastlu Dis-  liiot ami nupties into IXep Buy,, near  Honcwe'I Crfeek-. Tho vnit-jr will b3 diver-  lad _t 3.150*'-1.p-(ream frnm Railway aud  "wili'ho"ijae[i*{orGL>uef������i-|>ailway:pUip03es  on t\.o luiul de_ci&ed as Kail way Right of  \V-iv, 'Him n^tiee w������a poBtt-d on lho  grouuil oa th* ftrd d-y of April, 1913.  The spial'dtion ������UI '\)������ tiV-d i������ th������ oflice  ct tho Water Record tjat Victorii, B. C.  Objections liny ho fi.t-.-d with the said  Wator Recorder rr with tho ..mptiollw-  cf W^ttr Rylits, P.irliam������������t Bu'ldiugs,  Victorii, 15 0.  .^QUIMALT & NANAIMO RAILWAY  Applicant  U. E. III'.ASLEY  Agont  mitt tt wy7  IN   THE  COUNTY   COUKT  OF NANAIMO   HOLDEN  AT CUMBERLAND.  IN THE, HATTER OF Daniel  Muffin de������eased, intestate, who  died nt   Cmnberhmd, ]i. C-   on  June 25th 1913.  AND  IN THE MATTER of tlie  '"Official Administrators Act.,r  TAKE NOTICE that by or  der of His Honor Judge Barker,  mad& tiie 5th day of November,  1913, I was ; appointed Administrator of the Estate of the above-  mentioned deceased, and all parties having claims . against the  said estate are hereby required to  farn'sh  same,   properly  verified,  to nie on or beforo the 13th of De  .ce fiber. 1913.    AND all parties  indebted to said   ostate,   are   required to pay the amount of their  indebtedness to me forthwith,  Date., this llth day of Novem  ber, 1913.  AV, We-lky Wiixaro,  Oflicia. Administrator,  CnuiWland, B. C.  ��������� r������" ������������������ "M*������ "Si* v*i*tw  WATER  NOTICE  is'OR A LIUMNCK TO TAKK AND  UriB WATBR.  NOt JOE ia hereby givon that Kiqui-  unit i( Nan&iuao Riiihv.������y (������f Victoria,  Tl W> wil apply ftir i������ lioeaisi lo W<o anrt  TiieUX.00O({iiltni������ po������2-.t Iioiid, of water  mn ol Hindoo Cicel*, which B*dwh in a  northerly ilircntion tlir(iu|}li Ne!non Uis-t  tn'd uni Hiiiniiirt inlo llnyno .Sonix. near  Ti-nblo U'vcr. Tii" witur will bo illvo'-t- ll  . $i. llDD-iiiuitruiiin fmi'ii HuUviiy rinil w 11 bo  'iisril |nr <i'!iieuil laiiilMiy imrvti'i���������������! on tho  | .in] iliiM|'ibi>il ;i-i r.'U'.vii) riglit "I wyl'liia  yiiticu wr.a |iuui.'il in. wit,' lroilfri tii tlio  ���������Iri d.iy of April, Ii-1!-' Tin- a. plitRtu-n  ivi I l������* i'ilwl in Vie oHlc; oi llw Wator  I! iiocth'f, Victoria, ILO. 0 id'timm. amy  \)o lllcd with fid s:iiil W:ib r I'.i't'or.lir or  tvitlitln ('niif)trollcr nf VW.r l',i|������r(t.,  I'.irlin i.o.il II liliiiiif,", Vi.itoiii, H. (3.  K.*(.)UIM.UVi: & N\NAIM0UAIL\VAY  Applicant  ll. IJ.    EASLI1V  Aj_ont  IN THR COUNTY COURT OF  NANAIMO IIOLOISN. \T  OUMBKRhANl)  IN   THB    MATT 1.1.  0\?   J. hn  Smiih also known nt John Smyth  il(������3������u������������d, jri'oululu.  'vim dii'ii at  K.|i. lHli\r.don July Ti, 10l������.  AND  IN TUB MATrEK of iho1 Oillnin)  A'.lminirtiratord Act"  ���������I'AKh iNuiiul'j mat by ouhr oi  jliri ilnnor Judgo Ihiikur, miulo  utlio'jlli dnyof Nuvombcr, J 01 .*..  I wilt) appolntn'l Admini-itriiti r  pf ihoEatato ol ihn tihovu-inon-  lioiiO'l dtconued, nml all par1 km  having claims nf;ain t Ih'.1 paM  j������emU' .iro horoby rfiquircd to fur-  nijli knunr, propurly vurified, lo  |uh un or boforo tlu������ 1') li tlay of  Uicuinbor, HUIi. ANU nil p.ir  I'n-w inilr'bffiHc- mill iMale, .'ire  pMjuirw.l lo ji.iy liift amount of  |h_ir iiulcblelnce-a tn nu> fort li-  \vHli.  \UUA lliis IHli   I y of   Nov?n.������  ������������.t, Iii i.i  W. Wrt-.'.v . Wu.t ahd,  Oilk'ial Ai!iiiii:i������tr..tri.,  tliun'-. rl.'iul. li. t'.  IN THB)  COUNTY  COURT  OF  NANAIMO HOLDEN AT  CUMBERLAND  IN THE MATTER of D_ni^l 0������-  VJonnJ',also known ss  Daniel  John O'Counell, decease J, in ten  tate, who died nt Capo Ccmmor  ell, Rupoit District on Jnnutirj  26,1913.  AND  XN THE MAT. Eli o/ tho"Offloial  Aclmiiiistriuora Act."  TAKE NOTICE that by oider of  Hie Honor Judgo Hnrki'J, mndo  tho 5th dny of November, 1913,1  waB Appointed Administrator of  tho FBtatc of the nbovo mentioned  decoaeed, ond all partius having  clitima upainat tbo snid estate Are  horeby required to furnish same,  proporly voriflod, to mo on or before lhe 13th duy of December,  1913. AND all pariios indeblod to  miid eBinte, arc required to pay the  amount of their indobtfdnoHB to  um forthwith,  Dated thirt llth day-of Novem  tor, 1913.  \V. V/VKI.KY WlbLAUI!  Offhiiiil Adminiiitrator  Cumberlnnd, B. C.  WATER NOTICE  ���������    ii ma >MM_iin������wp  FOR A LIOKSCE TO TAKK AXD  IWfi WATK.lt  NOTlflR in liornhy Rivon lliut l>'|ni������  nmh A Niitiahifl lUilivny, of Victcrit,  B, 0. wMI npply for a llconeo to take nml  usi! 100.000 Kill-IM pur 2t houm, of wiiti-r i  r it.      .a        . t. ���������   1  a-a.-a...   aa^^   V,.a_...,  a....a,..  ciiy direction tliroitgh CoindX I>i_trtcf  antl .mptio-i into Ciun-y. llirbnur, noiu  Tio't Hlviir. The wnttr will bo ilii'irtml  tu'������30 ��������� u;iatr������um from Hnllwiiy ami w ill  In u������������l for Oimornl Hail wny 'imjuit't on  (!.- I,iv.tl ile-ucibcil as Huil*iiy Hiiiltt of  Way. Thin niitinu wan po������teil on Uio  /rouml o������ tl.B 'A i tiny ������f April I'.lllt  <il'l|S) ajjpllcatkm will * c (Ha.l in tho utlbe  oi'ilio WtiUr H<i*oit1������r ������t VU'torh, 11. C.  M j. eiioii. mny bj likil wi h tlio mid  Wnt*r llfeonli r or with tlia C<iii|������tr_'li.i  ! "f W.trr HUliti, l'arlumont i)i)ildii.g>,  Vj t-irU. r. r.  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B. a  '1-  FEELING AFTER  THE GOD OF LOVE  lie reaming non.ejcot tronTJ mro_ Lu fcein $_creAitfc!>le, *_4f ,IT������ EH  & perdition, ^f torment, I was aecus* ' aever mado even 9. profeuion of Chris-  tomcd to t.^king of myself ss one of HjuiUyT Suoh hypbwleies���������iiqldlng one  ���������tho Eloct, *M appreciating the Lore atandard and preaching another ���������; Rre  of- God, wV-hh. haft provided for tht' bringing Christianity into reproach,  salvation ai the Elect.' Fraud is tho word which in the' con-  As a boy ������f 8ovonteoii,-a member of   oeptlon of many fits thoir own formal-  ������. ,   the Y.M.O.A-j-I engngod, u did other .ism and thnt of ethers.    They recog-  fllSFep.e*   members tit *Wt tiluo, in what wo call- ,. aire tho Apostolio picture of oui* times,  i ed Gospel j^aehing-^iiot realizing the " "Having & form of godlmesB, but de*  eedS. meaning of the word Gospel���������that It   aylng its power."���������2 Timothy 8:5,   _���������>- adgniilos   iitoai. tldi������g������ of'great joy, I a, Love, of Our Text.  ...     '   ���������   l ���������        which shall P������ to all people."  Like the i    ���������.        .,     B5l]i ��������� tn .   ���������    f Q d,  DARKNESS COVERS TBE 2ARTH f^***^ &������*%������'& ^ ������**������������&. oV* & t������t_  - _a_ -      | tared Hell, ������W- AooK. >^J**"r������ ������������   t Wofl     ������t* ^     ' inUrpolalod  Pastor  Russell' Thrills Believers  and  **������** to. as.^Jt its.lllover ������������P?r*titj?������* i 00nt���������dl������t   tlie, gr06at   statement   Uiat  Skeptics Dy His Picture of the True  ^..^J.-'-f JJ, ������K'������   jRS'wV t __    Qod l9 Love-lho very essence nml "cm-  Ood-Thektor's Earl.   Teaching ���������^&*$$!*t"^*   ^������ ^r^Z^^  of Hell-He Beca.no a-SKeptic-|    J?������^������^ ^^  His  Recovery  of  Moro  Than  He  ������J^;J/������     ^    Sid* A!}   *>������...-. mercy end grace!   H ������- ������������o,  Divine Character  Mi  sented by the Cre  WhsnT. Le7i School."  I lemtmbei*, I remember Uie day that I'  HUlt school.'",,."' i  I *i\ * nice fllploma,, tax minding-every  rule., > I  I wns tho wisest mortal who ever Uft tha  Place, !  There wan no person like me ln all the  human race.  ,1 had old Ho:a������r -faded and Solomon ������������  well, ,, ���������     !  The real reach of my knowledge would  "'     take too lone to tell,. |  And t  was  downright   sorry,-  It  really  ���������   itemed a shams ' j  That I should have to ko oui and teach  the worldiU game,     , I  JTor I waa tender hearted" and  couldn't ,  bear to seo ��������� "    !  The looks of Jealous anger when -people  heard of me. .  ni������,   was   kind  found' that tho differences bctwoen  Glasgow, Scot- thom wero' trivial*, t hoy all hnd the  bind, ... . ���������.��������� ono foundi.'''<sn of jloavenly anlvnliou  ���������Pastor Russell for the saijjUy fow, nntl eternal torture  preached to-dny for tho tho^ands of millions in heath*  from tho text, on m([ ju ^^ri8tinu landj. . Tho moro  "God so loved-tho i investigated, tho more I folt suro a  world that lie t'uvo g_0ilt mistfik*������ had boon mado; that'a  Ilia Only Begotten rcal God ^ubTnot havo such a plan;  such an a^angeinottt as oin* creeds  declared. I throw tbeni all awayj'nnd,  thinking tl>o Bible lho basis, for them  all, I threw *t after'tho creeds. ', \  So^HUDgor I'or CKid. : '���������  llaving   ������\ae   known   God   ns  Son, that whoso  over believed on  Him might not perish, but havo over-  lnsiin g life."���������  John ,!:1G.       "'  ' '      ,  . Tho Pastor declared that' the doc-  trino of -total depravity ia totally  wrong. ' Tho likoness' of God, which  wus perfect in Father Adam, still persists in somo" degree in all of Adam's  my  gave 'ti is Only  Begotten Son, that >vhosoovec bcliev-  eth in Him should not perish, but havo  everlasting life."  Yet seo how Ave have twisted this  good Word of God to make out of it  something evil .We seized upon the  word perish, knowing woll that it.nigni-  fles to destroy, to annihilate, to render  llfolosn. Satan poi'siindcd us that such,  a penalty would not sufficiently terrify,  and not rapidly enough Jill the rolls'"  of church membership. _3"e induced  our forefathers, through :lho ''doctrines.of domons," to say that perish  hero  moans" the   reverse   of- whnt' it  Heavenly J?lUhor, I could ilud u'o soul   moans  in ordinary  conversation���������that  children, sadlv fallen" though they bc.". "���������?. intelligent:, personal Creator;  Indeed, no" one is so fallen as not to | Wisdom aud Power wore boforo  ' . . .. . .     ��������� Aa-nrar     ufr.^rV     a.acrlaf '       M-tr     attttl'  have a reasonable conception of his  own debasement, a" feeling that ho .is  justly out of touch with his Creator,  and worthy of somo kind of puniah-  mont.   In every human breast there is  rest withot)t Sim. ��������� Hy soul hungered  for His loV������ and wo, I still held to  tho great /^ct thj-U our Uuivorso has  -     -     * "  ~     '    -    His  mo on  every star^ night,1 My' studios in  anatomy .Mvificecl mo that I myself,  all human^J", yet^ every creature, is  foarfully jifl.il wonderfully in. do. Tho  moro I stud'Sd, tho more 1 became coil'  it moans to go to endless woe, to bo  mot by fire-proof de\;il_, nud be confined to all otornity in horrible sufferings.  Woll did Satau succeed in deceiving  us uutil wo did not, even think of ques-  ��������� tioning his lies and absurdities.  .. If any ono suggested' thnt perish,  means to destroy, lho Adversary would  stir up persecution, and brand such a  ono a heretic.     If tho heretic asked  manage   to  lilm.    Ycm  iftt  see.  The . teacher,   to   aeaur*  enough to .ay  The  other  folks   would  (don. tomo way.   '  I  couldn't  quite  believe  that wa. before ��������� I  I'd taken my first toddle ottUtde the col* \  lege door, j  Then 1 set forth to conquer the poor, Old, '  easy world >  With  wind  and  weather charming: nnd ,  every nail unfui'lecl. > I  'Twas0 several Ion. yeaisiico, how many '  t forgot,   ' !  But etllt' I don't mind owr,!.i' the -world i  ain't conquered yet.  I remember, I remember..the.day that'I j  quit school; ' I  fllnca then I have been learnln' how.not !  to he a fool. ,''  ���������Anaconda Standard   ' i  . WrtKt'. He Welting For.  MWn.Y don't you ask Uer to marry  you ? you've been calling on her for  two yeai'K now."  "I know, but I'm wfliUug."      ,.  "You've heard her glug hundreds of  lluiee, aud you like hf voice."-  ���������.That'- true."'  "You've heard Uer l^ny. tbo piano.  You    know    slie'k   ini   nocompllslioai  musician."  , "Yes."  "You've eaten meals sho lias cooked.  You've seoii lier liiiudiwoi'lc about llm  house," She'd mako a RiJlfiiidld house-  wife."  "1 know all tlint, but"--  "fihe'u n deljgbtful hostess.  You'vo  seen lier" whon elio wns entcrlalnlny  fi'IeiidB."  "1 admit ilial."  ."'l'lien'wliy wnii; any longer''",  "I'm waiting to see Uor In a quarrel  with hot* mother. I waiit to seo Uow  she acts when she Iobi'."' lier temper."���������  Detroit Freo Press.  JYKlady's  JVItrfoi'  also a .entimenl of pity, and a feeling ! Pnce*\ ^[ tho cy. could nover have how'any one cou dbo tortured forever  of the need of Divine pity. ' But just! como by cPlnce, couW not havo boon m fire and not bo. consumed, ho was  there serious errors, received from nur ! evolved by ^ nalUrt god; and so with    3- -' --'--<-- *-' --'   - '  forefathers in tho Dark Ages, bar tho evciT otW functl0H of my body-tho  way and discourage those who 'desire to muscle.8' tl������e nervos and the power to  roturn to fellowship with their Creator.   "J��������� in .ve������on8o# to ������>e mere thinking,  Manv Christians aro benevolent, willing, l^orshippcd tho God of Wh-  lympathetic, ready to .ond a helping \ jJ^1ftJ,?l^f'-C08fldeat tLttt I;v."Ould  hand and to givo a word of encourage  toent." Many aro ready to holp tho unfortunates, to Bing them' eonge of God's  lovo and sympathy and pity.' But theso  helps aro discounted by tho great, central thought supported by all thp va-  >ious creeds called  orthodox;  namely,  '.that God is indeed very angry in send-  ���������-Ing nearly ovory'membor of our raco to  an otornity of touure���������ninoty thousand  every ��������� twenty-four -.��������� hours   being t the  ��������� presont schedule. . .  Creeds Drive ,Away From God.  Whiln tlin ("iTirintinn forgets the atro-  clous misreprcsonturions of thu a;..iiio  charactor given by the creeds, and remembers chiefly  the   loving' wordB  of  , encouragement given in tho Bible,  it  is not so with the Binncr, who has not.  vot, tasted that tho Lord is gracious.  " ilia thoughts revert to tho fact that  .ho is a sinner, and ,to,tho tonching thnt  Moter'nnl  torment  is  his  doom.  '-If  he  "can livo for awhilo a docont life, he  , bogins to hopo that he may escape tho  threatened torture; but when he falls  .again   into   trespasses   and   sins,   he  strives to forgot ovorythihg, and especially God itnd; tho futuro torture of  which ho has boen told.    Ho escapes  best from all roligioua thought in the  bar-room, at tho gaming tablo, and in  ?cneral surrendor to sin.. Ho hns, a  oar of God, which he soldom confesses, ahd wliich ho holies with Mb  profanity. , Ho is miserable in tho 'presence of tho pure, tho'holy,' and fears  ��������� tho Bible.  Well did Batnn know how to turn  tho hearts and mindB of humanity  away from God and from tho Bible!  With what cunning did ho introduco  thoso wicked misroproBOntiitions of  God's character into tho creeds of  Christian people during tho Dark  Ages! St. Paul gaugos tho matter  properly in tho words, "Tho god of  this world hath blinded tho minds of  thoso who bolieve not, lost tho light of  tho glorlon. Gospel of Christ, who is  tho Imago of God, should shine unto  thom."���������!3 Corinthian. _|._.  Even .in tho blessed twilight of tho  Apostolio timed, when tho Church was  !;uardod from Sal an'a delusions, St.  'nul realized that comparatively fow  of tho brethren had a clear insight  Into tho lovo of God, Henco his prayer: "I pray (lod for you, that tho oyes  of your undemanding being oponod,  yo inny know what is tho hopo of yonr  calling, that yo may bo able lo com*  proliend with' all Biiintu lho breadth  and longth and depth and holglil, and  to know tho Lovo of God, which paBs������  eth till undemanding." lf this knowledge of lho Lovo of God is tho great  nood of Christians, if thiilr eyes of un-  durstnndinij can only partially appreciate, oh, what is the iieed of the poor  world, thoroughly blinded by Patau  nnd unablu to sno anything?  How Can Wo Bo Otherwine Than  Indignant?  And lot us not forget that Salmi has  .sod Christian tongues and Christian  pens to do this blinding of the world.  . a'ho Message of God Is Love in tho  Dible is clonv. plain, beautiful. Tho  nUroprcsentatloim nnd contradictions  ������f that Lovo by our forefathers, ns ro-  presented iu lho creeds, evidently was  [ho Inspiration of Balm, at tho Apos-  lie aeciaiCM. Am only to, but v,u AA-  rei'F.iry was nfnlsted by bin cotjm< of  fallen* nngols, ns F . I'nul again do-  llares that somo glvo hoed to toduclng  ipirlts and doctrines of demons.���������1  timothy i\L  We owe it lo oursnlves, to our faml-  , ties and \o.\ws uuild m gi-r.tihi to v.\-  lerly destroy theso blasphemous misrepresentation! of God's Charactor and  Plan. Since our eyos nre gradunlly  opening to hco tlio real situation, how  find Him' #������<*d  Left to *ho resources of my own-'  brain, I a^ed, Cotdd others and my-  Belf posaog?! as. "gifts of our Creator,  tho"' qualities of ' Justice and Love,  which ' we','esteem the vory highest,  and yet tl>ftt Creator Himself be destitute of these? fho. answer xif. my  mind was, Purely, as Ho that formed  tho'oyb Q&n goo, lie that gavo humanity th" qualities of_ Justice and  Love, mu.* posse., those qualities iu  infinite m.^ur'e.  Thus I'pShcld "witli _tko eyes of my  donounced as'both'a fool and n knavo  for not appreciating tho fact that God  could inject life into tho poor sufferer  for the millions upon millions of years  of eternity..      ���������   "  How foolish we' were! How stupid  not to see tho origin of such nonsense  ���������not to perceive the simplicity of  God's Word that the penalty upon sinners was to porish ��������� not to seo that  God sent His Son to redeem man from  his perishing c6ndition7 a:d to open up  for Adam and all his race it, way to life  ������������������everlasting life!  Quito1 true, this life can .come only  through tlie .Life-giver/ the Redeemer.  Quite true, none inn receive it in ignorance, aud comparatively few see with  the eyes of their understanding "or hear  with  tho  ears  of" their  understanding  A Redeeming Distinction.  '  Bertou was sent to school'for tlia  first time.   At tho close of the ilrst day  he eanio home wearing a very happ>/  expression.  "Well, Berlon," said his mother, "you j  look' so pleased that I'm sure you gol j  on very woll indeed. How did you get ,i  on with tUe,spelling?"  "I couldn't spell many ot the words,  mother," admitted ., Berton, "an":j  couldn't vend much of anything ellliei*.'!  "Why, that's too bad," snid the i_ol_.'  er, rather shocked. "Did you do well  with Uio other studies?" '-  "  "Not very," .replied the boy. "i  couldn't remember the 'rllbmetie oi  ���������JoVrgorpUy very well."  Berlon's mother's face wore.a lool)  of'disappointment. Bertou, rushing M  her, exclaimed joyfully:  ��������� "But thnt don't' make any difference)  ,mother. 'The1 girls nil like me,' an' l'v^  got tbe biggest feet of auy boy in IN  ��������� rooni!"���������-New-.York Evening Post.  GrandpR.    "  Grandpa.never Elts around  When thu earth ls stcamlnp:  iirandpa never may bo found  in a corner, drcuiiilng,'  Oiandpa may not cniolessly  Hear hia grandchild cooing;  Poor old grandpa has to be  Always up und ao'ns:.  Grandpa, niay not efilmiy II*  Tn .a nook ihat'.^mhii.y;    "  Grandpa has to itecP his *>������������������  'On a certain lady;  ���������  Grandpa hns to slt'UP late  When ho long's to slumber;  ,   Many troubles, umall and great  Grandpa's Joye encumber..^  Grandpa ceased lone, long ago,  To bo young and sprightly;  He must make pretentions, though',  . -    To ������tep forward lightly;  ' Grandpa finds tho joy-s of life  Tbo.-o-scuro to. mention;  Grandpa has a fair young wif*  Who demands attention.  -8, j������. Klser In Chlcigo Reoord-IIeraUI.  -understaud^-g-i-tho-great���������God���������of���������the���������tho���������Message���������of���������grace���������iri���������the���������present  Uuivorso, infinite in His Wisdom, in time. But God 'a ' provision through  His Powof' in 'liis Justice, in His Christ is a resurrection for tho dead���������  Lovo. I w.^hippod ftgoin, rejoiced that not only "the just, who now by-faith  I could \('\q coufldcaco in wiy God, ���������" are justified, but also, the unjust, who  and realize that Ho bad made neither . are still aliens, foreigners, strangers  the world ^or oui- raco��������� in vain-pthat   .from God.;   ���������: ... "   ���������  Ho hnd so^o wise, jurt, loving purpose ;       "The G.spel of the Kingdom."  ...Thus it is that by Divino -arrangement nono can   now   understand   tbe  in connq.t������������>t with our creation.  Intelligent  peoples  Most  Thoroughly'  Seduced.  My next thought was, Would, not a  S'ust and 10vmg God bo pleusod to" mako  anown _1j0' purposes to His creatures  who dosirtfd. to Know and do His will?  Tho answ"' of n.y.. mind was, that I  might conMontly eb'ok God's Mossago.  Thinking that I hitd already sufticient-  ly oxaraln^ tho J.iblo, I turned my at-,  tontiori to hoathoii, religions, - only to  find thoin Jess rational in some l-pspeots  than my oWn. Kyidoatly tho most intelligent peoples of the world havo  boon the Wost,-thoroughly soduccd by  Satan��������� and .Ms "doctrlnou of demons,"  into belling tho moot horriblo things  respecting the Creator and His purpose  toward Hi*5 human eroutiires.  Divino Plan, for human salvation from  perishing, oxcopt ns they como to understand respecting tho kingdom���������that  God has promised that the Redeemer,  who purchased tho world by His sacrifice, ahall becomo tho world's Great  High Priest, Prophet and .King, and for  a thouHnnd years grant to Adam and  his family tho blessed opportunity of  knowing and accepting tho Divino  torms whereby thoy may bo saved  from perishing, from death ��������� whereby  thoy.may bo fully resurrected, raised  up, out of present sin and death conditions to tho fulness of.life attainable  nt the ond of Messiah's Reign.  It iB only incidental to this great  j Plan of tho world's salvation that tho  Flnallyj ^ ^solved on a fresh study ' Church is now callod in advance to  of the liiti'o, UHfliirlng myself first that ' wnlk by faith in tho footsteps of tho  my colore^ spectacles nnd those, of my ��������� Redeemer nud to beeomo His Bride  friends \.������Vq 'thoroughly broken, and and Joint-heir in lho Heavenly King-  my mind 6htlrely uiitrammcled. Not dom. TBo groat work of Christ is for  without stumbling!) and diftlcultios did tho world, tho blessing of all tho fnm.  tho Lord lUaduiilIy lead mo to clearer lies of lho earth, by tbo resurrection  and yot (jlonror light upon His word, ' work of tlio thousand years of His  until I foiJhd that tho bash of nil dif- . Mossinnic Kingdom,  The Modern Poloniu*.  My ion.'-j'oujstart away today,  Your own career beginning,' _     ������ , .  And there aro triumphs which you e~y  , "You're eager to bo winning.'.  Your heart Is brave,"youraim le high,  .And niaynd change defeat you. ;  May fortune, oro your proud hopes die.  Come sweetly forth to.meet you.   . ?  My son, the way Is'hard-and long  ��������� That you must be pursuing, , - , ���������  And many eunn!n_vfoes and strong  Will Bohemo for. your undoing, ���������  But cling to hope and try to learn   ;  To keep from ld!o fretting, ������  -Vor ever fear that you may earn  More pay than you are getting.  My eon, be ready for your chance, ,:  Nor linger healtatlng,  Vet do not reclUeasly ativance  Where reason counsels waiting.  I3e wise,' bo strong, nor snio'-o nor drln_,  . - Deem every cent a raro one.  ; if you'll obey these rules 1 think  Your chance urny bo a fair one.' '"*  ���������Chicago Hecord-Ilerald,'  Gfreen Firet.  An Irishman who wat too old fot,  active work was offered the position oi  crossing tend., at a small railroad station. He looked dubious as iho duties  of the oflice were explained to him and  tho moaning of tbe various- flags was  clearly slated, I  "In tbo case of danger will) a,train  coming of course ybu wave the red  flag," said his friend, proceeding-with  his' explanation. ��������� J j  ; A hard old baud grasped his arm. ��������� j  ' "Man, dear, it'll never do," snid Pat- '  rick, shaking his head solemnly. ' "1  could never trust myself to remember  .to wave a red flog whin there was a  green wan- handy."���������Current Litera-  IHVft'.         , .;-.��������� ���������  This is tho great hopo lho world  jioods, which thrills tho henrts ol! nil  who hear it. And although their eyes  and oars of understanding bo still hindered by Satan, tho Divino promlro it,  that   in   (ho   coming   Messianic   Day,  _..���������   .       ....   ,.  ... ...          when 1ho shadows of the dark night of  ing UiIh, 1 uuo my rtinson frooly within j sin are past, all tho blind eyes shall bo  the limit,. '5f it? declarations, but never; opened, all tho deaf curb r-bnll bc un  Acuity lay" >n our following Satan's lie,  "Yo shall Uo^.FUrflly dio."  From t^Ht timo. tho entire _.lblo  gradually Wumo illuminated, beautiful, gi'anJ/ harmonious! Nowj boloved  hoarors,'jt stands-pro-ominont beforo  my mind fts tho y,'Qti of God.  Rouliz  outside of Us imtlioi'lty,  Mankind Nood to Bo Encouraged���������Not'  Browboaton. |  No pen cun toll the pen'co and joy j  and blosn'-lg thut a clour knowledge  of the tr1'0 God lias brought into my'  own hoixj-t nntl \\fe, "It FiitiHtlOM my'  loiiglnga <"i nothing ol.o can do," .  am seekliiR no fiirtliflr. Thoro ia notb-  ing moro *o ba Ooflred���������oxcupt to got  this won<J������J'ful .Story mora r.lrnrly beforo my J'Mnd aiul to opprociato moro  and moro Mio Divine Churncli'i', as il-  liiBtrutod W tho Divine l'lnn, which  God iB gradually working out for lho  blessing, /lv������t of tlie Church, a������u\ after"  wards fo'' thn world. Can you wonder that * havo.nympHMiy i!or. houost  skeptics, Xvbo 111(0. myeuif havo lost  thoir wnfi and sympathy, loo, for the  groat m^H of iiuinkliid, who have  novor ltri"M'ii Qodl  I'orhap^ t can g'pproeinte bettor llian  p.aa.fa    ^{a^^^,    rf   Of   Tfa.-.1 '"    ..t-/\, * ^    ,. 1. .  I'  a a ...a      a  ^..        v t     ^^.      ,...., j   ,.      ,, .....  it meatm \m be "without God and with- I  out hopo ih tho world "���������how lononomo, i  how solitavy the iviiy, bow nimleiM, 1he ;  wanderlpKi how 1/Itier the disappoint- ;  monts Ih^t find no vaheo in hope of n !  hotter divjM   I t\m pcr'nundod thut man-  !:!.-!']  s-'d  :.*.;.'?  t'  bc  .'.���������:.'.-"."��������� i. 1 ;-ci  oucourag/sd   than to  bo  bvow-bcMen,'  threatened.) alnrmfd,   At r.ny vale, the  doereaHliig church attendance, in spite  of   opor^Uo   mude   and   sensational  .topped, nnd lho knowiedgo of tho glory  of God shall Jill tho wholo world, and  bo a Message of Hopo to every  creature,  inn we bo otherwise than indigent and loplw, p^vos thpt tho masses of tho  jealous for the honor of our God and P.^P-.o r'/w lonffor to be scared into  |or Mil Indwjn^o of liii Truth amongst  )br fellowmcn,  Tbe r tutor'j rersonol Itzporiesce.  I ipeak from experience.    Not that  [ have bad the experience of being an  ���������   Throo Ohooi.,  Hrown; "Hnvo you noen thtv Intent  invention 1"  iTonos!   "No, what in ill"  Brown.��������� "A collar-button with a  little jihtinngr'aph innido tluil ^vil| enll  out when it rolls into u dark corner  under tho bod, "Hero T. mn! Hero I  nm'!"  An Off Day.  First Horseman (tn'.econd ditln, who  hai had snveral nasty fnlls): "Megin-  nor. like myself, I see."  Hecond ilorneman! "Oii, nn, T'vn  followed lho hounds (iff nnd on for  years',"  J:'ir������t Horseman: "I. sec - J see! Thi������,  thon,.is mercl'y ononof your 'off' day*."  tiupcu'ac.iii.  "What do you think of n friend who  would not venture to phmg* into n  river for you when you wero drown-  ingf" asked tbo sentiment nl member  of the i*luVi  "I should say," replied fjplcer,  "that his friendship was all on tho surface."  rbonogrnph Clocks.  Clocks without  hands  or faces *r������  now common in flwltzerlnnd.   The timepiece stand* in tbe hall, snd when ���������  Random Reflection*.  The , tougu Is boneless, yet It can  otrllao burner than tbo list. .  Speech in not silver In tbo settlement;  of tho groa. r's bill,  You mnv be expert In steering your  auto and    t run Into debt. (  The purse proud mnn doesn't object  to pulling bis prldo in bis pocket.        '  Tho self nintio man Is not Infrequently like othor nmiiteiir productions.  When opportunity knocks nt tbe door  lt ls almost certain to roqulro a llltlo  ready cash. , ,  Never moot trouble halfway. Let It  travel tlio full distance and It may  wear Itself out.-Hostim Tiunsorlpt.  The Suffragist'- Dilemma.  I ehall not vote foi"Mrs. Brlgg*.  ;���������  I do not'Ilka her gown; .  And I. remember well the dl.e  1 grot from Clara Bro^n.  ".emlma Patterson MaJtoo  Shall get no vote of mine;  A. horrid, utuckup thins' Is she���������.  And also I decilne , .  'i'o vote for Anastaala Bun'ce.   .  I fairly boll with reffe  When I recall lhat more than once  She lied about my"age.       ���������    .  And Mabel Jones and -Atnes Carr  And Clementina Ball  I'll .cratch, because tbey nover ar������  "At home" the dnys'I call.  I cannot vole, you understand  Tor Angelina Pratt,  Because Bho Isn't stylish and  Sho wears a'last year's hat..  Oh, _oodnes_ me! That brings me Ihrough  The list,   This ballot's small.  There's no one left.   What ehall I do?  I Cannot voto at sill  .-Springfield (Mass.) Union,  the HtM*/������nw_.rd ���������nd 1j.v   tbroali  of  eternal t^mont,   _.. ...   ...  ,  And ftO uot fill Christian mln{���������ter,i to   button ii pressed, by meon������ of^phono  somo eufOut dJ������c������ni this t Is not tbii  Oh, Don't You  Remember? ,  Oh, don't, you remember tho hall caniei,  lien Bolt,  The ball names wo played years ago? ���������  We pluyl'.d In a bumpy old two by four  lOt ���������'  -And walloped the ball to and fro.  And don't you rein������nil.������r tlm runs, Uun  Bolt,  Tho rune that wero inr.do by the retire.  Tlio���������coi:iit at the end of lho Rlorlous fray  Was one hundred io seventy-four.  And don't you rememhsr the chill. Ben  "    Bolt.  The chill Hint went, through every vein,  When a bomo run went over tlm iisIeIi-  bo.', fenco  And bliia! >a<uil ������ big window puno!  -Mllwjtiluo Ki'iitbivl.  A Hint. ��������� "  A Utile girl cnmi) down lo iIpkkoM at  a dinner, parly nnd eat n'ext to liur  niollutf, 'J'hN lndy wti mucii oci'iipled  In tulkliiK lo lior iiolnlibn.H and omitted to hIvo tlio olilld aiiytlilii:., After  fsoino llmo <bo littlo girl, nmiblo to bnnr  It any lonpt-r, wlili KtdiM rlslnu; In her  throat, held np her plnlo and nald,  "noon anybody wnnt a eleiin plate'.'"���������  Nownvk St in*.  Don't-olooy.  ,V iti.il   ,va..,j        Ua,|,   (,.       ... 4.   IBI..A   ,. ...a*  J.'or llm ilna'M nf *utiii"������,i' l"-nt  Don't foi'net tbo temper twisted  Tlinl you're llnblo tn meat.  As ynu dodge (bo iiilAnlx1. worklrr  In the things you eat and drlnli  Don't forget tbo dangers Inching  In the things you clinuce to ihlnlc.  The sun tlint blazes tontd  M������y develop, you wlll find;  Bpencbi'H small but very horrid  In the superheated mind.  Bo when seeltlng the prevention  Of n state of hfullli Infirm  Don't forget to give attention  To tho active tiouul* u.rm,  m-Washington Rt������f.  Brotherly Affection.  The volunteer regiments bad i;onft  Inlo camp for tho usual sumuiei' niu-  ueuvora and lho commlsBiivy (lopnrl;-  ment bad arranged with a nelgbborliiK  farmer for the delivery of certain supplies. ���������  Ono day the runner's boy arrived  di'lvliig a learn of uuilu... One of���������llit>  rcKlmontiil blinds was' out reliuarslnp;.  so tlio boy jiiniiied from bis wiikoii nnt'  bold lho mules until tlio bund hue  ma robed past,  "Why do you luuiji; on to your brothers ro lightly." wild ono of tho ofll-  eors. "Don't they llko niuslu?"  "Oh, It Isn't (Iml." foplletl the boy.  "I'm ufrnld (hey nil).ht enlist."���������Fun.  Care of Hands In Summer.  Tbo bunds In siiiiim.r, if tlioy are to  be l.i_i>t soft,  wiil to and  emooth. .re-  tiuiro almost as uiu.jIi euro and atieu-  tlon ns during Ibo colder months, for  tbo sun ami hot nh* imvo' :i most dry--.-  ing .iVuct ou tho skin, making lt hard   ,  looking and  wrinkled,'     I'e\V' women  reall/.u Hint it Is'uluv.s. as easy to lell ���������  I lio ngo by the hands as lho face, although '60t.no   hands   have   been   ko  neglected  by  their owucru. Unit tbey  look old long before thoy bhould, aud  tho same iiiuy_bo said of some I'uees.  Never Judge a woman's ago olthcr  by  her, bunds or her face,  for both  aro ko largely liitluoiK-otl by tho treatment tbey havo received In lho past  thai it Is never quile fair to do so. '  II'iikIs do nol. ago and  wrlnklo In u  duy  or a  week.     Tbe process  is so  gradual that if Is not noticed till tbo  owner of ;i  pair'of aged  hands suddenly awakens to the fact lhat, what-'  ever" may. be said to tho .contrary by  kind and'indulgent friends, ber hands  ���������  ' stamp her as past forty, although her  face may not look thirty.  To keep your hands Iu really good  condition during the summer'you must  feed Ihem by glvini. them a .liberal  supply of oil or cream every night.  For Ibis yon may uso cocoa butter,  pure.nlmond oil, mixed with a littlo  tine on lineal, or a paste made from the  yolks of two eggs, n tahloapoonl'ul of  pure almond oil, one of honey and u  tcaspoonful of simple tincture of ben-,  zolu; Mix nil these together, beating  tbo yolks of the eggs Ilrst, then stirring  tbo honey, then tbo oil and..lastly tbe  benzoin. Heat to a cream, smear over .  the hands, then Blip on a pair of old  chamois leather gloves with boles out  in the palms and wear them all night.  Onco a week Is .ulllelont for this  treatment when tlio hands arc In fairly  good coudition. but when they have .  been much , neglected It should bo,  given every night for two. or' three  Week's Ull they, nro soft and smooth;  then the weekly treatment will bo  ample to keep them nice and youthful  looking. '" -, - A ,  ��������� Hands wliich turn rod .nud appear  swollen ,ln   hot   weather "'should   bo  -washed���������lu warni���������wn.tcr���������XB_v-or���������cold),   and" a fe\v drops of liquid ammonia���������  should bo n.ddcd to tho' water. . After  washing lliey sbould be .dusted .with -  sliii'eh.and all gloves should bo quit-  loose fitting.  Many ' women suffer with moist, '  clammy bands during summer, ��������� and  nothing is more uucomforlablc or moro  disastrous to gloves, which become  stained and spoiled with ono won ring.  To remedy this, sponge..the hands after  washing In warm water with a lotion  mndo by mixing ono. part can do  cologno with two parts rosownter awl  dust with boric ncid powder mixed  with half its quantity of starch. Urusli  tlio powder off and lho hands will feel  dry nnd fresh.  "When choosing gloves for summer  wear chooso a ulsto which will bo too  large rnlbor than too small. Squeezing  the biNids In tight gloves makes them  look larger rather than smaller and  onuses thom to becomo swollen and  red, as It Impedes (ho proper clrcnla-  lion, Boforo pulling on lho gloves  dust a littlo boric powder Into tlie  fingers and palmy, as this not only  makes (bom slip on moro easily, but  keeps the hands dry nnd cool.  The OPnce.  When Also ran In unci dance, foi nit  Across the dimly place  The very motes were i;ind to seo  Her sweet iu.i1,������hk<'>' kiiu'o;  When him danced In, nu  .onli.l, si> Iliihi.  Acrosn the dusty floor  Bhe iniirto iho dntlii'iit eornars bright,  Tills littlo mn I'd of four.  fin might the fays In fairy d-iyi  Hiimi'danced across lhe Inn  And down tha m>st'o inooniu ways,  Ho light, Kfi i|unln(, so free,  Tint iiuihlu of Uuiho haliy I'm  Amos* the <hi!.iy iloor  Hi'lngM bach In ci'lmcs fnlut ami itwm  The Utile inulil of four.  -t'lev������tm������l i'lnln l>j.ler,  the rcnii'i fom������ of them give /or dii-  eontlnulfl to WMh tbe ereo.i oil t  tllon, n Mranuer from Ood, but I hnve jRr),er ^!tncf   % not thli tbe reniion  .ad the oxoorieneo of losing my Ood, tj,tt, ^ d.fl������������������e������ of tbe creeds, end Id  > The child of believing p������renti, snd ln������ eontr������^j������Mon   \\>mot.   every   t_ner*l  loetrlnatod along Cnlvlnlatio llnei to nr\\et 1%  t tthUnwaihlug  effoir  to  ��������� leltev* thnt only the Kleet, * bendful, ni\u> xut* tb������t Vie tleceascd Is a tt\a\    ,_ ,    ,.   would ever reach glory, end tbat au itt(j BOll# td g^vto, eve* ti bli lif< * leventy yean obi.  gronblc arrangemonti, it ealls ou.  f,IUlf-pa������t five," or -;Wve reinutei (o  nine," ai the caio may be.  An Evasive* Answer.  "What do you thtni: of our envoy  filroordlnaryV nsked tbo tourist,  ,    "Ho milts lho titlo admirably," re-  A Long lUcord. piled tbo coiirtcoun and dlK..'rcftt dlplo-  Torty Ta������*r������ ln tbo workhovie i������ thi n,8t ..IIc j, 0Dft of 1)(0 ril0^t fSt^,lo^  record of a man living ������t New Hon ^ onrera I orer ttw."- n������'������lmor#  (County   Wctford.)   The    mmate   ^ , Amei Icnw. "  A New Version.  Toiielicr ��������� Now, Jnlnitiy Itluloi, K,������t  up and lell tho ehiJ"a what yon know  rilmnt WIIIIimii Tell,  .loIiiin.v-WIHiain    Tell    wan    gnmo  ���������md ���������  Tefichci'.-Ami wlii'iier.-r bu drew hia  howntl'liig-  .lutiiMiy-Ainl \vlu.'ii������vei' he diew Ilk  l.mviaii'liig be-lie���������  Teiii'liei'-lJc .vluitJ.i  .Idliniiy liiiakliij: n wiil ii.'i;..'triii-Ht'  rung lho hell nnd gm n punk ulgnr.-  Kt, I,nul������ Kniiublb'.  Line 'Km Out.  UifiV. i.*'i\< threa itiO'.isnnd jeins tuo  Via tlmt. If ns Inuiitre.  'l"l,|>>   iis.it-al |tOI,<l tl*U Ut  .Ih'.cIiii  Atid lulter bell In T>;r*.  "A-an Ntnsvsh srl fliilte n p������c������.  Homo clstt Itsi) |!������ljyt_n,  Itul Vil'.cn tbey ������ilo������fd ths |i������nnsnl rttt  7';.a l!.ti:t(������ u,<v.i)s nori.  Mere sIrtt.!*. almln nr ln������'tle plsys  Jntt mul.* th* t'l-rutrt ftt-i  To4.ty, ts tn tho** Ciiolei-.l dsyt.  'lbs hii'*������������ *i������f������y������ va'r..  -l^uinllle Ceurltr-JeuiT.al  To Reduce Double Chin.  Tho greatest of nil Inventors bus bo-  como a beauty npeelallst.  After revolutionizing Industry, thread-  lug nations together with his quadruples'telegraph wlro and lils eluetrle  railway lines, nftcr Increasing tbo value of llie country's products until  57,01)0,000.000 Is Invested In Industries founded or touched by his Invcii.  Huns, Thi'iunH A. IMIson Iiom removed  n double chin,  .lokliur? Nol at nil, ' AkIc Mrs l-MI-  ion,  If you luive ever met tbo white haired muster of things olo.'lrl..' you know  his willingness to Inugh, It's iiHiinlly nt  hliii������elf. Veil will nol !n������ ^iirprlsfd.  then, lo learn tlint l-Mlson smilingly  iitii]iiiiiii*ed lm would hi'lghtt'ii eyes,  ppin-lilfy clipnks, till our .iclt luillowa  nud nliollsh faiirpliiH cblini, all by his  now nnd Infallible proeom-i'iilllnii  down sh'pp find fooill  "I Imvo provod to my wife, at leail,"  he suld, wlili a I winkle, "Hint women  who would keen young iuul slender  must l'lavcr Klcop but sis hours. l.c.-s  would be lu'ller, but. .Is will do,  'Tunny, Isn't It. how yon enn talk  yourself black In (lie fnco trying to  demonstrate solc-nce to n womnnT Hho  won't listen. Talk honulv in her nnd  her iiiiipntfoii Mio. ������ llko uluo. r'uniiy,  1,1, i ;t ;��������� Aii.Ui'iw. ( io pinU'ii my putiii,  hnnifilied ibe chin nntl tatiglil licrlo  sleep k!v linui'.t lnsl(>n������I nf iiI.ip."  Mi'v, I'MNmii I.s ho fnr tho mily fnmlly i|la-i'l|i'(. nf the new hofitity ihrory,  l.l     .    at      I    '-.������.    ��������� /     ,  ���������   II I"   I ,.(,���������    Ij.r   I    ;  young Inventor, Is nol hoi boring iiiurh  nbout t'Mi'ii f'hlni', Hiijs her father,  Neil ber me thr- boyu. Tlicodorp nud  t.'harh'n "nut wnii,"t:a.wi IMpn lbllhon.  "They'll (HI ciiiiift roiini! lo my niiy of  thinking aunu: di-y,"  Per Persplrjnn Hsncls.  Hands tluil  nm rlwn.n iliio'p from  |iprn|ilrnilin may bo rrMeinl if ti.-nU'd  ���������inch dnv wllh n preparctbir. it'..".!c of  | ulni'fy  ginnis of cologi'p vnft  fit wen  trvnniH of fluetiiro nf lii'llinl.o.iui     'i b!s  sbiinld '���������<��������� r,;;jiMrd tl.'io ������'���������������������������* >��������� "  >>r  \ will' .'.;r"',.'?('f;'t',o frl !l,'n     '������  Out (tir  ' den It cd BfTci't If proi)fil) UNftd. atc;%,aV^.--*.-* .tAV���������-���������'  - -\  TH1_ NEWS, CUMBERLAMD, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  I"  wiMCkwnwi; __  WALLPAPER BARGAINS ' ������aa^������������9*9������3*ra������������i������������������e ������������sees������***������*������*������*������������������***  To make room for our new stock of 1914  - - paper, balance of old Stock - -  r ���������������*"-. ' "    "'V -   ' ' "  ,nV  CLEI4REDX������UT)  y ,n -i, ni, rmrmrrr "i " "*       tm******m*mm^asmmr  t*f*? ^������_CM-S-MS  at once.   Call and get prices.  A new lot -or CablStsT^uffetts and Malleable Beds just opened out..  A full line   of  Pillows,   Blankets,   Stoves  and'Ranges' lo choose from.  The Furniture Store  Mcl*lice lllork, ,__. MoKINNON     Cumberland  '���������^���������������������������������������������>������#������I>W ��������������������������������������� ^ e������*4  ���������.M���������-M ****  ( NOTICK  Anv rcrson or persons inten  tliii" to register as voters, as  lH)lcit_rs of ngivetiictif of sale of  laud or leal propi-rlv. muse fite  wiih llie Municipal Cleric a  Statutory declaration, proving  that lie or sdi. is tlio hoKier of  the last agreement of sale lo purchase land or real prnpcrty, or  tlio last 'assignee thereof, and  thnt the current year's taxes are  paid, before the closing; of the  voters list- at five p. m.��������� on Nov.  30th 19T3, otherwise tlieir name  <>'��������� names shall not be inserted  on lhe list, of municipal voters. .  A. McKinnon,'  City   Clerk.  Ciiy Hall, Nov. 11 ill 1913.  ������������������ _    NOTICE  (Com t of lievision)  A Court of Revision  to revise  tin-1 voters list for the year 1914,  'will   be   held    in   the   Couneii  GO TO���������  HUjEtH MITCHELL  ���������FOB   YOUI?  Gen'l Blacksmithing  :    ��������� AND���������  Horseshoeing  Third St.       Cumberland,  Cameron fluto  CLiEflHiriO  I Phone 1074, 521 Superior St  Victoria, B. 0.  MMB-M-MsMaaB-tMBg I-IHIIIIII iiirim^Mg *fr pigii������ii-^y_M__-_������_y  flu L _ii._.������iyijjy������--. rf...i.i<ftWVi''   ���������"���������* *ff mB*mmm*mmaemmmBBSBtaaaaammt..  FEED!'FEED! FEED  DA. B. CRAWFORD BARN  DA large   stock of shorts,   bran, crushed oats,   hay a  poultiy fujd for'Ealo nt exceptionally,low prices.  Phone 33  Courtenay  s 1 -������*������ m*  ^Wood Wood!  Wood  Now is the time.to place  yonr  order   for    SLAB  WOOD  '���������������2,50.. .per'double load  ,#1.50 ��������� per single load  From The  Star Livery Stables I  We have for sale_a few slightly used and rebuilt  cars in first class condition, which must be 1 old to meet $  real estate payments. ���������   , ������.  Buick, 4 passenger,       $275 %  Ford Touring Gar, $325 |  Ford Touring Car, $350 8  |  Ford Touring Car (1912)$425 |  Gralt,FivePassenger ( 1*9-12)       j  Demonstrator, slightly used, elecric starter, )    fcHSA $  and lights.   . i    f"JV' |  Ford Touring Car $275 |  g and scveial other Touring Cars and Trucks. J  3   .  S3  SS  m  !������!*���������; Jb&tttf��������� O/fn'trssmi-i' *T' ���������  MAROCCHI BROS    ^  GROCERS   8c   BAKERS  AND PROPRIETORS  OPA  CUMBERLAND  BOTTLING WORKS  Watch pop The  BIG SAIE on  Saturday  November 15th,  ', - . 1 ������  Everything in store reduced.  STORE CLOSED   FRIDAY  f      ������A  Chamber.*, on Wednesday, December ioth, 1913 at 7.30 p. in.  The-Court shall hear and determine, any applicalon to strike out  -or add any name or names which  may have been improperly iu-  6'M't(*d or omitted fioin the list, ol'  which' all persons are horeby re-  qnired'to lake no'.ice.  A. McKinnon,  City Clerk.  Cify Hall. Nov.  nth. 1913.  NSW  PASSENGER SCHEDULE.  (October  20th 1913.)  T  Train leaves Cumberland '<  Tuesday 7 n, 111  ���������'     12 15 p. m  ���������'     B p. 111  Wednesday 5 p. 111  'Thursday 7 a. in  Fridav 5 p. m  Saturday 7 a. 111  Bnnday.... ,, 7 a 111  ��������� ��������� # ������ 1 * * . ifi. 1.11  !.)��������� Ill  ^���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^  iLOOK OUT!  for the Milk wagon  with the Green Box  FRESH MILK AND  *   FARM PRODUCE  Our Tvlill. is the product  of the Best Fed Cows  FRESH   MILK  ��������� Delivered inoniing& evening'  I        J. MARUYA  _r  Judging by the crowds that  Attended the Crown Theatre last  week, the Colonial Company  must have been all right, They  were spnrklin.g and funny. The  best company of entertainer*  that has been here for a long  lime.  ji o���������:   HIMTHDAY PARTY  L.'i't Tuesday evening about  twenty -five boys mid nirls met  at the home of Alderman and  .Mrs. Aspesl to celebrato lhe  j-iylith anniversary of their dau-  ghier, Vi> ian'rf birthday.    After  ir-Mti*''-' nf -ill  ).-iiuK*   ll;ld    lirtot i)',-  i'uljjl^rrl in, l1"- pir'y 'I'.ljni.rn" d  I.) i'ivj supper room, where the  )Oiiiigi������tei"H did ample justice loj  ���������he <.;.io"l iliingr. hH bulVr;; them.  'J'he party broke up about jo o'clock, tired, but as happy as  clams. The fair hostesB was the  recipient of many pniity pris-  ^ its from her chums,  TIMBEL1 SALE X 07  SEALED TENDERS will be  received by the Minister of Lnnds  not later than noon on the 2lst  dny of November, 1918, for the  pureliriso of Timber Jjieenee X. 07,  envt rinff Lot 4-84, Cracroft Island.  Two vears will bo allowed for  thu removal of tho timber, IV-  tiunlars of Chief Foreeter Victoria  IJ. C,  NOTICK in lioroly glvon Unit on tlie  MiHt d������y of b'C m'icr noxt appllontion will  >i" undo tn tlio MiijioiiiituHdciit of 1'r.vin.  c>i 11 rulioo fur tho ronima] of tlio hotel li-  u.i.ho 11 hi 11 llquni'H Iij rotuil in tlm Into]  kiiuffd uh iho Wooillmx Stttppinv; l'laco,  -i< mv mi*, Oyntor Hi ver, in tlio provitiuu uf  ,lii i-ili CohunhU.     Assik Wouuhuh.  I),i"od0otoljei'1, Iiiiil.  NuriOKiH horoby Kivcn that on the  i!r;-> du 1 fy iJi'O'jmbor noxt iip|ilii;ation will  Im h inlo to to tlio .Superintendent of Provincial Police, Victoria, for a renewal ot  ilit. Iiutol licoiiBC to roll liquor, by rotnil  :li������ )i"t.l known iiHtli'j Cmirleiiifiy llouue,  .���������������,,((n.������ nt P.iiirfcrrij', lit*  .Tons H. JdiiMirroy.  D.rml Oololuir 1, 1913.  Agents for Pilsener Brewing. Com pane's BP^ER  .       ,V. iroleialeADealers "iTTalrKi nSs^f x    "  Wines aud Liquors.  SECOND   STREET ]  \������ljfyVafltt*a*^ta*Ailll������+*^^ *M*(*******t*#*+a^  i3____S_S__-_S-SB__---S  J      THE "IDEAL", STORE     'Next to Tarbells      j  nrtiimnuHiiuwmitmiiuuiitiaiuTnmimmitiinBMHDftuiuutntiiMu  ���������������   ��������� <'**"���������^���������'"^i^aaiiiiiii^m^^m*m*Bmm**H*mm^^mK^m^^mm^mmmm**mumi  ^_iiwiiraiiiiuiiiiniuiiiuiiiiii;iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuii.!iHiiii!i!iiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiii._w  ,{������j..^j^j.^j,.j^j������j������!w}^������j������j^..j������j������j~{*j.vJ. ���������H^-H<*Ww!~H-H~S"H"Hn~W*4������  _a_jjii  |     MERCHANT   TAILORS  Ladies' & Gentlemen's Fashionable Tailor i  SUITS MADE TO ORDER   from   $2">   lo |3o for tho  Cleaning, Pressing and Ri'|nuii^',  Davis Block,     Cumborland.  _^gl____-____a___fflB--_5^ 1%������0$EXES2&^  Get Your Shoes Fixed on Time,    |  It's Your Gain And Mine.  heslie J. Aston  PRACTICAL BOOT  Lid~'SHd&MAX������R  Bun3_iiiiir Avenue,   Cumberland.  |, Capital Paid Up $11,560,000. Boserye $13.0dO,000"|~ I'M  Royal Bank of- Canada,   t^l  1 DRAFTS "iSssUED   IN   ANY    CURRENCY,   PAYABLE   AU<iJ(|  I '       OVER   THE    WOULD.  I SPECIAL ATTENTION.paid lo SAVINGS ACCOUNTS & intere.'i |  I   ut highept Current Rales allowi don bqiotii. of $1 and upwurde,  | OU_IBSRL_.JfD, B  0 , Qaach, Open Daily  i UNION.vAY, B.O.   Sub-Branch, Open Tuesdays & Fridays  j D.M. MORRISON, Manager. %������m  I roURTENAY,   B.O,    Branch,   Open Daily. ,,      i I.  1 - R. M. HARDWICKE, Menas'er. ������ fe  %tiiiiiiiiinniiiiiiiiiiiniuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiutiiiii \_  ���������P. PhiLlipps Harrison  i  NOTARY   PUBLIC  BARRISTER AND SOLICITOR  "  ft  CONVEYANCING       1  i  DUNSMUiR AVENUE  CUMBERLAND,  .VaL  =V.  BOflO^fl:  iM  ��������� I  _-_-*_---nmix waiee-IJ  P. 0. BOX 483  PHONE 20,.,,  CUMBERLAND  Sen rioiico in thiu i-'/Iuiiim nl  Court of l.cvifdnii 'd' Vo't-rn. ulrti  Cii-at \niii- t'M' ovor llu* A {.refill.>nt  n!   Sti!<'    iidlict'.     ;md    {.��������� I    v������H 1"  I It undor toml that Mr. F. A. Achml,  (lijmty mlnliitor of \nhcr, ih ttt Namm",  1 . -n t ,1     1......    1^.,,....  a*. a.������a.ta_  . v    ,'. ,,, ^|V._ *   ^aa..������.    a.���������Jj      aa-.vg,  0 jrr.vo ut n lu7u on which to suttlo the  ���������lU'lla.,  ��������� ���������-,������������������,��������� tt  Mr.   .John   Thomnon    loft   by  II nil,.'* honl foi Vancouver.  k.t2Z2_z:  Cook's Cottoa Root Comp.nnd.  niji-  >  I-   III, ll  ir .(.,  It,  Il.'-tll'.H,,'   -.l������:Mi,r.  Tho Stoat Ut������Tlro TonI������, rt.n'.  bnlr   tutu   en'o-An-l Kit  ' "  flfowl iWr/:-. w i.tfli wattii  .cpoiid.  .s.l.lj.a, fljtw ui  ontiily  Jrtntnn  -   .       -        ...--. QZtClX-  of .tr������.'u?tli-.\o.'. fa; No %  ^ iir bflt  -'.IV iit wi ai  * "ir>c������  (tr fcrt-rt.Ual c������w, *S por bflt  i-v.u-'^w w       ���������    -->lj't Of B.--  ^      .'tttjnwpliU.*,. AilftrtMt TAI  :i'(|irji?',)":"iiOc.,Toiio.iro,o������iT. v^i"'^^!  yiy      prcr*i,.l  en   ru* 1;.. ot  Colonial J/Iasical  Stoek Company  will play a return visit to the  CBOWN   THEATRE  Friday arid Saturday,  November, 14 and 15.  "THE HOTEL FLIMFLAM"  Popular prices, 25, 50 & 75c  '4  IF YOU GET IT AT      PLIMLEY'S  IT'S ALL RIGHT  Big pall in  Gyele Prices  During stock-inking we have found that we  hnve quite n, number of scconcMiniR. shop-  rnjhvl MfjH "t'pt'jrnf;'! fro.oi hin?" nvic.hi.'M.'.'j  ,an(l nre holding an end of season clearance  at big price reductions.    Look into, this.  Thos. Plimley  m  "4.  '$  ft  t  17  Ai  Y)  ^l'_  'A  730 YATES STRBBT  victor:.-., b. c. I  f't  H   m ������������������������������������MW-iiibi      i


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