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The Cumberland News Dec 23, 1914

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Full Text

;-��� ...--""
a *-'..-*-'
\  1 *-���   T
LDnHR i. 'GHHibl
c-      .    V V"   ���      a
0 >'-..
p"^fe   s_-"~4
hi        fa     Iw
E -I-      M_a__&/
Devoted _E*>.._tsCi__Ily to me Interests of Cumberland end Surrounding U-i-vfcr.ct.
���K ,
( V*
Ji       a
rcr^^^'rxj.ar^cv.^wwaff^^^'s^^nriT.w^-r ���K^"^snB_nwc_ffl_-m,M��i!raa>r'�� -
-      -TnK^KNvR.TwENTvF^ST Yk..k " /   CUMCERL.-_KD' IS.'C ,  W3_nNESDA'Y,    1'KC. Yd, ;o?l
^3&-_>�����>'a^ &��v?-��;_'.'.&��^
I  Choicest ' ��� Christmas    Goods* ��
.From Many Lands.
CO ��*/_��� ^^fti^-v"**^^ Si
(^ . ^ ��� ��� - > , ^
5$ ITI-. VV-\ HA. Ae,  ih-iii.-i'iAl-'l-vf. has t-ulidlv  ni-dinAned the <*)
^ JL_) piiiuviiifa'V nf iho sens wi< are in a. r),).<;t'"(i.i   tn    hi;.. <��!
W niy veil nAu.-i;..: wiih oui'A'iii-l'.'iiH'i'Y  1'ii.li i|!.'ii!itv li'i'slr lood (s.
<���"���        '. '. ������.. ,     ���'.,'"       .i." ;>���..'��� ...i. (���_:���
*���'���>*>     ."miiitA- li-.-ni .'dl ""-''i1 llu1 'avoi'.'l   Ui ij;i*.ia*!�� lhe. ( iiviiiinn.' .i.i>..    ._'-,
(Vi    ��� ���
a.'1 .,   .1 ... I.I...,..,,.!_      ,1,
(��.)���    sn1. ii'1
u   f-'i-VU1"-**' ;i L'W >���>' i'k: 'e'.dei'.-'.
., '*.
|->.     ;) iit'l inAltai a- to :*'-im') >-i-:-ly Shop Karly ihi-   \e:i.'.   Ar ^
ui' llu. H.-II 'I atitnniii  rtlii;::i;iMitri   did' in't   au-ivi-.     I.vt Jfj
' $
r"T>rr?,AND valen- t>)
CIA RAISINS Wo a'r.ck (?)
only  l<rau<ia of riTu^i-iued @
nii'i'it and   e:ui coulidi inly x
lewimmeiid ihom io jou. A
'      -     " (?)
" - u
tffidjfo t-INGE'  ftlSAT ��� Tast-Uy !|)
?4v           spiceil   nud   uiadu   in   tiio 0
1��"IG- J ���Tho (v.t.ring ot
Ttu-Miy i:itai llw war Ins
iiisiiriMiiu'il sl-.ipm.itt_, but'
IV (l      .(Ulil'd      OU''   tfllf.-tiia'S
vr ior ii- l'.(Sti!.<ia.ii il;eit'..
The n-Aii).'- aro ihu* nml ji.i-
oy; Ux* liy;-! uio uir i.vSocd-
ingly clK'icc lot.
(^ EOJ_���Giei-io i-1  the smir-
i,Hi i,f' tho aaorld'w tuuply,
���M,A iililioiiKli shipuu'iii-j
vert* hul'I  up   for   a   tmip,
riuofl sanitary wuy, by a re-    (��)
liibloiinri.'.IiiiaL tlio thiny  ���'��
!������      VJiW fortlieXmaspie.     " %
a-   ' ' '   f
LUM   PUDDINGS ��� If ��� S
oiu-H l.ave M-rived as bbfore    '   W^t.      PLUM   PUDDINGS ��� If ��� ^
Fiiuhfeiruahtv.       '     ' w-v.ji you do indooreof goiufr  to    (5)
,vrMi'#      " '-���'������'���> '    ^
ihe trouble of i.nikiiijj y<n-.r   -^
.r.���h   iin-f-. Slale i.ut- ar�� '^VA             '  ��������
��an" d(-,��aAl  nbsoad.Iv oii .������>iW��Iims (IGAF.S-rr your husbaiul },5
llioqualilv.f..urtfouos. wo'llV0  "'A tavlt-ttr,   wlmt    bewr   or ft,
1                     , '>'   Ei'^'UfPli- ���,.,.,,    apjirccialive     f. l I't 0
���'                              mis.lo ^n.'.r. c uld j cu present-hinuvith @
EELS���t.einon. Citron nnd Tlioi'e is'i-obh ,  th;t:v /i box of c gars ?   A W
OiiiiKf,-all   u.oo'l -uouyh to Caimiy ol'-,',>.���> jjifti cigsr ihiitt I), ii  |.ood W
n'.niui yi.ur imjiButioiAYnu '!,V*S    '*!n<-'.s- , ouo kucI i'l'oiu ��nr 1-irgo  as- *2-
will v, anl'tli-iui for yonr X- O'loeciluUi iu f-ot'tuieu*.. you Lava u'viu-iud &
a-i i.-ialaf, lot n6 h-iv. vour ,1;!.iuti' t'f'X'^-. t_i_iet< of .onio of the iinest; @c
Mr. .Harrison iiiliiDiitodtiiat ii
was* up tn tlui _Nl..i\or, its chief
iti.'aiiisti'.it,: ul' tlie o.itv, to- Inv iu,"
.���ii-m:iti<iu"ngalnst tho mini fiu- pi-r-
i'ui'V. Ii' lu.* (Mr. IIMi-risoiAj kinnv
tin-' iiiiiii, Iit-'VaiiiiM prosi'i'.uu- iiim
liimscif, mid atuiiiiiiiiii ��� \ho- M.-iyor
a. t-liioi"  witnos.*!.
T.iaj Mavuv >'.Al Av.A h-' d'A
li:)t 'Ji.'l'il. it wa.*; lhe OnlV-f;ts.*.
.\ld, jMawvell umvcil, .i'im:.dud
by Aid. ?.ii!c.iii'll, tlmt' :i!l tlu-
na:i:t'S iviul out he struck oil tlio
!i,sl���oarritju. Tiio court lhf_:i
 , fo ._
The Final tootbiall match for the Cliiu*
ity Cup, will ba played- at bevan, 'on tho
ufioi-uoou of Chrimiss duy'nt 2..">6 o'clock,
by Cuniberlimd City aud Wc.t Cuiiiber-
liiiid Unittd Clubs. Tbo gamo will be
pla^od for ihe b.netit of the 0. ._ U. lits-
pital. lil-] THEK_, and don't Ko wiih
empty pockets.
��... .t.   1     --IV-' a.    ,        _.     .       _, ^.     . .   -    -    _        j   v.  <_.  . r .   m,        .  	
t i.oj- ir.3 rt:.fi/;!-, pi.s.ililt-.0 ' ''!��� aU pnt'^s,      'orAiids on iho lii.'irlvet.
oiuckor. tto.
Trite tiEi'.-T-F.F*   THS   SERVtCS
' fe     iT^f*5 vwi��ylJ��i ���.-��*MA<-._ ���/> .��*.**'-'���*_���?* rjj> ^^b:^ ^F^atQ-ya-a'a 'J-.--tjo'x.^.aw'>"'J1-i__r:l! l_j_
- l^- ' -        - ,��� ��� ���*.���.��� ��� (.I)    '
��    ..... *. tifi ii Js ,tj ._:> sjt _^r_     .c?v.3   s^;-"^ _: .ci&s ^^0*1 s^^v    (������>
(ii     'a'r.J-*.. Jv.o.;l_ 'C_a'i'r..^.., c-i .      yA-AA.^7yJA7yrr^-y.y. A
I.ICKNSK   i;OAK[)'  AIK\7^7
A   uicoiiiio-  of   tbe   J.icoiis'-iicj
(!\)i)i;riissiiiiiers wu* held un ^\1;(,'���]-'
iKj.*ilay   <.'\-t--uino;   of   la.at   wi-vli.
Tha   Mayor -,-.nd'    Couniiissk/iiei'
D. 'A, U.icDa.nald and A.'-McKin
i"i!i:i, clerk nl' tin) Ixjiinl.   ,
Sir I.it-havd McUriue is to be
cou-^ralulated upoiv having de-
cida/d in favor of a short session
aud iio cenlimious legislation.
This is what miylit have been
expected from so ardent au l:n-
jlicrialist. 1'ush frt.in a visit to
ineQUi Country, where .he enjoyed nnusual iaciiiti-v-s for t-tudy-
inir Uie ^reat (..ue-^.ior.s' wliich
���������iv eijyrufsiug; the aUeulion of
our p. ople in e*\-ery part of tlu-
Kmpir'e, be r'calixes to tbe ful!
ihat he e is but one leai business in hand, and to .distract t.:e
awe: t on or divide the energies
at such a lime woii'd he indefensible. The buMiies-s of tlie co'in-
itig {Session wiH-iie purely   to;*
:ual.    It wiil be resuicied to ihe*
,"' \ ...    N
absolute lH-cessities of    the   mo
nuul, .i::d tiie 'Govt-'rnmenL wiil
be left free lo sin.'gg}.. ,as  it   ha>
becn siiiig^iiiig for some inoulhs
with   the   yigamic   prooieiu   of
carrying on flic business   o_   the
i'i'ovi'ite ur.cier   c.>ii>Utioii_    suc'r,
Ui have novvv existed   before, and
wliiv.!\ caiiild not "have, been untiei
)itted_ by     lhe  'most   d'<.r seeino;
'  .Stn;-_'_Kij'. \oa *Aoa ,-i V
mj. : ��,_ u&m*MamBKi*rx..mmrrix~ tNnuKarnn-a^rnHP- .-���
rtl l-
rt'i                                                 ..                         .                                           i;ftlt.-U         I'V l 11 _         Ult.'aTJ         JIU    e.-a..llia_
1 ih-. iiiuni-f's el    ])ievH)i'.3 i'i-"ii-i*        " " * .           '                    A
������    ���   ,           . ,            . ;          ~      sta'.esinan. So far t'he.v. have i'ui"
i.i    an.l - SjH'i-i.i . inoe lags    w. iv   . ,   ,   ,   ��� ,   '"      "
filled thoir lii*-k   with   cn-idit. aud
read and-ado-ited.
. 'L':ur;t. \\v\\- iwo aT>Ak'nMo..s
t:ii' -.-ei'.e'.M.i ej-i hiii-iemba-.A hctur
Sai.*-, in id mi a[Jj)lica'i.iuu rbr.a ii'i'V.-
hrii'tevi'iei''.    lie^iii-'e,    which    was
ii.---.;'^v��X* Yfe,&';7Y-h'i?Y-YY<���'-Ah'^AA5-. <&&&C��X?>_*..'ai\?>J Q7*Kt'����Yyi<��:(?.A: ''_\y
���'  Ail .ipplica'iion.    fur renewal o{
v. i!i.-la--:.ie. ji.;.n| ivtnil -liqiiiii'iiei i'i-
-���p- ������.-."(i-;. ���.������.iii.'!.. -���      ,"'  ��� "'""
!7'.i-; i.-i.-j.-'.-eitil' ('/ ;:ei'ii>ed nrciii'-
\m!1 no doubt (.merge Ji'.m a oeri-
od of uujne.iK.ia) red diniijidtv
wiih. hunoi' for themselves and
a.iw.iitage to tlie Piovince,.if lli-v"
reeuive.-a t i.i us o.-tho   loyal    sup-
piTT-L~to" wrTTeli rriey are   justly en**
r.itled.-~Tho  'iVeek.
In tlio vear  L'JSO;    ���Jusl'.   aljnut
ii.- rime, ther.' v/.i-j a heavy    fall
t.��� COfi'-'PANYj i AhvU TH.Da
A   .|;,,..slli.miiu>tl!,is   ��'cpm*iI. which |()|'H10wiil   ,;���   Couu*x '"oi-tfict.
I   a
^ Af Ht.^Amlra-w's   I'lysb.'lenau j ^'i.!,eUptorcV��nni.y
cb.aiiel'a, Xan.uniu,  i.'U Tl;ui'-'^hiy". i
IXcemher''   I7!h,      fov.-:;,     I!n:it-!|
Ci!^s::'i, i i-.J-.*:.!   dav.-ghlei oi   ;Mi'. I
and"Mi;vA:Hh't-w A).',, was! c:^Vi.^f..^ nry..,....:v.j
niiiuicl iu .j;.i:n-ije.lo Mr. , A:i-"|. xYlJix>, (iij Ll.i.Vi.j'j-.i^
drfW Thoil.i^"v,. e'd.'.'t: i-on n!" Mv I
, J.'i.'s .'.I'i iilt.'-IIo'ii'iry  en i'.'a-i: liimin m
e-.-iU'ly frr.-ii ,aai t-.-uoiidid visit ty -.���',:!.-. ia-a.-^ j
t=o^roriTDTlr^niiT_nTrrrrr^ait.n2' his   do und    *'������'
flesh. ... -     ������
'Tfie fo 1 I'owing is" froin."the  Innisiail ,T?ro-
vH���cc,M a Conservative  newspaper:
"The warning has gone out'fmu. Prc:.i��
icr Si.ton in no unscrtion t^rms, that nHnan;
companies will ])c permitted, to makc'i. :������..���./'
present war corulitsons ior the .purpose cf-.-v-
iifwin.*' loans for Ions* terms   at- ��� advance1'1
a ) a. >
rates of interest, '["he premier, wrote a personal letter.'to a large loan .company o;.m;.t-
ti'n<' in the province, informing them th:it ;.
copy oi a letter to a chant, in. which di;>
iiiA;t advantage el war conditions was heino*
.i..-iiiih:iiis ia*n v.-M: at ond '''''���'''.. .;i!"'!,, ^1'!'M''^'; ../,1:xv"'!!!v,,;"1"'h:'!*   AM- ^nxwh\ iv;.r.-.)( \y yyh city, died at our Acai taken, had accidental) i.iilen inlo 'hi; h.un." ..��� ��-
antl assuring them that thoy   were    aA'Au..
Y- 7777   bilV   i-'A.
'���u' '^��7i,lf..n ,|| oa,,a. [Sn,.u- iclido liiocii'ii^oiAix Aels
,. ..  .. ���,, ' :    'vl \ivu\ sixt^oM I'liiKii'io^ co!Js: i-i-<*tl in
A -,   t     ��� "*.'.-J - *./'.      **���    '���      yt f\ r r -. i*..-  i) ���* ^ ?"�� i
ld.;.,Ci;!'\U  Or'   Al;:JrJti!l, U'-ingle "'idir.    Tin-   ihe'inaaiet
    , I iv dropped to U) heinw   /er(>, and
' i r ,   ���
Ahv Ciiy e'via''"'-'ii U'.i'L  in    re;.-! a'o;:i-'"\>r tiie .iii"'-' renuiiiieil on tlie
ll--" i-1- sia-n  ,j;i    A'.'il'iriV    i.' i'i;:, i A;' ''ii'ii'-tid  Uni ll  lhe  .VD.'jl   iol.'ii'.viilj^.
ii : a',! Ii;>:'iid in i:,(.'. pre...i'
"'.I'iii- .-'.iii.-.v ai) >*���������:i, ;i:i'i    ei'uai^   to
;\.:i.TiitYs   t,i'   i:!-"vi.i!n    !i:i.'(.-!:!',''i tii-..- U's'i'**.     "\. lioh'   uit'hai-d.-i wei\'
,.'���;'���.��� ."r;:'l ,i*.-d .'.dn'.h-d hirijMied oi all lheii-   limhrt  uotli-
,      ' I      "
a < '\'i\ a load report  ol'   Ooai ���. A'[ iu-;"   lun   thv    l.ruakti    hciiij/   left
.-ii.'iuliii^   in     phu-A.'H. ��� -Coiii'le-inu
'in.l 'Ay-   i..li,i   'riiMiiia-M-- 'nl' li-A-P    'if      <��      i '    .���  i>    ��� ��� i    i i'O'a i-iuii tm v<.uer.s    li-.l. wh-en on
..1.I1U  -.Ji>,. jollil    X lIUllI.-.Oi.,  Oi  Ull.. ] 1U.    ; (;itI-!.   ���|    !l;i\ |-,;.i;i  (,!l  llie j
-, I I million wus iiveiei'd,
' ' t ' jv'^-sli.., ��u-;!v|,i   !���,!.����� Oo��.r|     Af;|i    ?1,:l,.noUillj|    ,,,.,,,    c,];y
Matthew hrown,   ��.f   ih��   AY j ^ ' "',"n,.:'"r *'" '^ Ut>V"'l;^\ Vrl\^- ^w- A iho-., |,..|.ii.1:, ���,.,,���.       o,ovo, \Vc:.!.v   V,-;!la.d,   .-1
a                       '.         "!'ia\ cvi'.iii'io'a. nl  l-.i.-.r  vark,     ii,"!,,,,,.     .���   ���,    ,.  . ,',.",' "   .
iV'ii'e '���;:.��� il,   was   i.y ���;:,'.; :    Uj.yii',. uy... ;    A ,.:  ��� ���,    ,, A     : ''"''���'   "';;'  Sl!';,,'K ' " I:i!1! desl son ot :dv
I rn' ,i
Uu\:l     :ii).spua!. '   He
i-^-Yi'h , :  ,-......  .. ,...-. . ,, - *���'   ' ,.'*i'"i;..-; a tan.'! uiues...   i.i
REGARDING LOAN S;-I " ���--,;���
T " ""
in war times the loau sharV. coru
his own.     Individuals and    '���> .vrA . -.- ��-'*-
nancialh; crippled .fall, a aaaIy    p;...'��� :\
closely knit mesh of the   Sh-' ;:':.
��� 1 oday in Vancouver wo!v..a-    di-'
shark, and he is   waxing Iy i,r..;--.- ���'..,   .-,
eyes* of the governmc-.-i.  -'mk- ,!.i.--,v ''.    . ���-"
erican who  arrived her-_  , .hi:    sp .; *���
$70,000 in cash'hao, boastev'l ��� x:y: !;..
ing judicious loans Jie hasdn^re-   �����;.!   .     ���--.-
by iiftv per  cent,    already- and th-.���'���."
still has $10,600   out, he    holds    ������- .    [   ��� y
valued at $rco,ooo against- th.a .....o-a    ' r- -"���
he is not worryiiig. ���   *
Failure nf the banks to extend   tne .\a. ���
lines, of credit to legit ini ate    l>ush.cs_-e..' 7, ������������
given the loan shark a   large   ' Uaa-A h.���*d_.
lending business.'    Many   caaSes- may be c'-.'
ted where he charges sixty wcr    cent.    n.^'V ,
*a^ t ' J    ' 1     '*
a num.   Many in their extremity oive i;tf w'-' c
iinelv to'the shark.        '   '      " ��� -' '
. Alberta believes-that the ��� loan shark is;A
menace-.to society and, up.on   the- -outbreak ���
of the war the   necessary,  steps weie "���akcrv .
U. \V. WA-
!S ��� tl'lll'.. I       ��� ! ��� 1 l.l.i   It   ....-,  II.TJ.IM'     llie    (.ii:.": HI    iui-.pjl::l ..|l   Moudav   I!K.rillIl.��"Il!-
..    "i       ; lie eirji; ic-'iti a    li. I ol  aameM1 j-  ,,-.;,.,,    ���,.-:.   i    ,i ' * '
;   ,,.���,.   ���.   ���.,...   .      .    ,,    , '-���-���-1"1   ''.'m.-1'i.m-.I    Ihe   :;iv_-  ;... alllit.,- :i|u,..;,,    ;,,   hi,   ^;h
1.'      il'lM.I)-    ll.'lil! I};     ���J.O'i-ei I'fi',,'. . I ,,,,,, .     ,,|       1       . I     '
1   ���' '    '���' .in.-n.'.. ni:-.a- i,.;mi,. ,_.,,_   ,r!;:, ...m.l:1   !ail,     1:ll.,,
I   I      .       1      '.    ' \ I ' 1 a I
a.    (i,i>|.l,)|;-    \,  . I l.l   S     1-,'J)'
'liu.     .vleNwell   1', (ji!i'--!t
* 1 '      a. a a ,';'., 1  1 .. .   .... --,...., -   > \ ���      ,     i ...       . ,. , , |
,���'. .1! i
] llu  ��'-. :i-ei.H'i:ts "i"  1-1.Ii
I      I   ''   "
! ced.
-.I    lliM
',    31 ll'i'i-dii,   hai I'i.'-!:'"'. wlio
��� 'uvi",-:'.-	
I 1 .   na
.''liii'ii Otii,i 1 i-'iinr.
Cliaii"-.'. 'ihSviiLiiicill ol' Oar.d.u.-'
Ciiiis:ii!���,s Oiaelairi'.- uud i";.r;' '.���
sin.- Ovcoratii.'.!*,���al l'ea',*.-)'.���.
1J1-AT HIS   \V!!d-!, I
|',M,l",!!r"!l ";' |,|,||��,M "'--���������-.-"IUM. V^AAv-yin-; "7 l.ij.i.,1',.. (".,. f.,i.;..��."   i ",'.',
iitvd" '���* s*'.'��r.��l:.l was uvi.V.! .1 !*""-. -i:d In-d;.| nur. 11 -1 *-��- :������ pn.-!     y, . r-:S,y   ,!.,    ;.;, ,..:���,,... '; .'
few   U)[.iiii!i;.v.   ;u-,o    Ijv   oi...'   o!  ��!',uv the a-:iea'i)ielils   ol'   sah-   al i ,,��� ���,,.,I()|;;.-. ,.  i..;- v\vh> rn-i-un- '
tl.i-t        '���������-         '    j " ' :"";!
earlv (li.-;aster   ijy such methods/'--   V,.-;co'1-
'I'lio olmii uf SI, (Jwoi't!')''! l'i'��*��'l.iyt'lriu-.i Olmri'li, wiil n'Ri.1.*!- tmnil liolajli'l . >il j.
C,iiiil).".'!.mil,si ���!.:������:���'������.unvi;, eit''.-:"
ens iieatiug liis  wih   up.    )v:v
cr..l of tlie   iieii-liAa.-a   . Aim" in "MMV'-h.imiIs uf sa|i��,  somi'! of iliem
I'liinf.    rov .'in'   veivn,    lill .d ij.'t flie fin.1 (0 _ e-'-r.   nil   t!ie
hnv* ';-.'e,u part of llie   i.i' i-1,' ut.
ind:"; in  Vicliin'ii,    Si'.'onill^,   lie i      [j V(ii   ..,,,,*
Tin- Nvws withhold-;   ili.* man' .|vv':,: ' nt ol,li.'**v'1 ���'>  l'''"d''"-"  Ommi, j H ,. }^
u.if.ie foi- he promise.,   her   il\-.i;'"' '*': '^' ^",-    Tlilnliy  aiM-rdi '
nniy >\ i11ic:- -, innst. appear   hi l.-n-
to oe In !i|   ],i ('ii ui>' J Oli.iiiM'i   .      i
���I'.III".    *'.f'.   AY-      V.ln      A',]-'.'  -,U'i|
mi '!.'���,' "I eity ii"'d;;  I's' A,- !.
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. A-  rrm ��������� s *&%&&: ttttMMKjttfi^Mbv vHVi^H.:.ca&(ttt>-rA  ���������7I--  ������.k&4*mu  *_iiS-r_aW_<-|-__i ������������������������'������������������ ������*"^."!  THE    NEWS,   CUMBERLAND,   B.C.  <P  Her  Vengeance  ^  By Basil Tozer  Ward,   Lock   &   Co.,   Limited  London,  Melbourne, and  Toronto  covered without incident; and just \s [ as regards the neutrality of Belgium.  Mr. Hetherington drew up ai the door; We could not entertain that bargain  cf his great house in Kensington Pai. i either." Sir Edward Grey went on, as  ace Square, a perky' little messenger | already stated, to suggest other terms  boy carrying a large brown paper J on which good relations between Eng-  came along and was just about to as-  land and Germany might be, secured.  (Continued)  "Well, by Jove:" lie'muttered as .13  found Lo his astonishment that each  oue of his pockets was lianginc; empty, turned inside out. "Why, I've been  robbed," he exclaimed, and then paused in fresh bewilderment as he discovered that his watch hau not been  ta.aen, and next that everything take.i  out of his pockets,- his penknife, his  fount'iin pen, lu.< key's, anil so on,  woro. all piled together in the midd.c  of thi* road.  "Where is.papa?" asked Delia, feel-  iii. her bruised cheek.  Hugh looked round. There was no  sign of anyone else anywhere .bout,  ancl Mr. Hetherington appeared to have  vani������hed from the face of the earth.  "Oh, lord," said Hugh helplessly.  Then he took a drink from thr biandy  flask, which hitherto he had disdained but now felt he required. "Weil,  he'c gone," he said faintly.  "Xonsense," snapped Delia, "where  can he have goru'.'"  "Hugh! Delia!" called a voije  softly.   ���������  "Papa," cried Delia, looking round  her.  "Hut wliere is he?" said Hugh, gazing helplessly up at the sky as he  saw no sign of his uncle upon tlie  c .rth,  "Hugh. Hugh," called the voice  again,  this time more loudly.  "Why, he is behind the hedge," exclaimed Delia.  "Good gracious!" said Hugh, moving towards it.  "Don't-let Delia look," called the  voic" agitatedly.  "But what are yoii doing behind  there, uncle?" Why don't you come  through?" asked Hugh.  "Can't you see it's a holly hedge?"  demanded" the voice impatiently.  ' "What about that?" asked Hugh,  reaching-the hedge and, peering over  it. "Oh, my," he said i'n awed tones  as he saw.  "What is it?" asked Delia, approaching.  '" "You   keep   away,"   screamed     Mr.  Hetherington   excitedly,   through   the  hedge. ,  "Good lord!" said Hugh in a loud  whisper, "he has got nothing on."  It was true. Mr. Hethcringtov was  crouching and shivering behind 'the  hedge without so much as a stitch oi  clothing to cover'his portly person.  '.'They've stripped me," he said, almost with tears.    "Two big, bullying  ington; "do you think I am going to  let an outrage like this affect my  plans?"  ."Wha. was the object?" asked Hugh  in a low voice; "that cipher?"  Mr. Hotherington nodded.  "1 suppose so," he said: "I suppose  thoy    thought it was on my persons i  ceud the .teps; of the house when the  millionaire called cut to him sharply to know what he had got there.  . The boy answered that it was a  parcel for Mr. Hetherington. Scowling  darkly, as.if he already suspected the  contents,'Mr. Hetherington took the  parcel and opened it. Sure enough,  it contained the colthes of, whi ,h he  had been robbed, as'" well as everything that had heen in the pockets.  With an air darker and more angry  every moment, Mr, Hetherington ex-  The historic interview between the  German chancellor and the British  ambassador, and thu British gover-  i meat's reply to the chancellor's proposal, show how Britain was driven  to .take part in the war oy honor, by  , bligation, and by the interests of self-  defence. The case falls under two  heads���������France and Belgium, witli  which" we will deal in turn, "in the  case of our .relation to France, there  was the call of honor a'nd self-inter-  What about your wife and children ? Will they  dress well after you are gone ? Will your children  be educated ?   Have a talk to-day with an agent of  THE EXCELSIOR LIFE INSURANCE CO,  OFFICES:���������Winnipeg,   Edmonton,   Saskatoon,  Vancouver.      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So it was arranged, Hugh being a  good   deal   relicvp'd   to  find   that   His  uncle seemed to bear so little malice.;  Mr. Hetherington and Delia accordingly set off together, and  when    they'  were out of sight, Hugh,"beginning to  feel    a trifle chilly in his  .oniewhat,  scanty lutire, emerged   from'   behind  the   hedge   and   wrapped   round   him  one of, the motor car rugs, which Mr.  it " said: ,ieon Cllt' a)U*  ''W0'1 about, as if to  * 1 make certain, absoli tcly certain, tliat  nothing  was concealed* in  them.  "Where did yon get these?" he askod the boy.  "A nigger jrought.it', sir," the lad  answered; "he just handed,it in, and  iind said it was to go express, and  went oil in a huii-y."  1T0 ae Continued)  WHY BRITAIN IS AT WAR  The    Causes   and    the Issues,  Brief   For .1,   From the Diplomatic Correspondence and*  ���������,   Speech?j of Ministers  (By Sir .Edward Cook)  combined.  In '- 04, the Conservative govern-  men' concluded an agreement wit.-.'  France, settling all outstanding questions between her and this country.  In 1007. the Liberal government concluded a similar agreement with Russia. What is called the "Triple Entente" thus grew up botwec.i England; France and Russia. It was often  regarded as a bnlanco against ths  "Triple Alliance" (Austria, Germany,  and Italy), But sc far 1 England  was concerned, it was a friendly relationship, not a formal alliance.- Ex-  cept in the speclllc matters dealt  with by the two agreements, England was undor no obligation to support-either Fran e or Russia. In 1906,  when Germany was giving trouble to  France on account of Morocco, Sir  Edward, Grey expressed tho personal  '-low tc the French government that If  war were forced upon France in con-  sequetia.e of the Anglo-Fr.na.li agree-  FARMERS  Can always make sure of gett'ng the highest prices for WHEAT,  OATS, BARLEY and FLAX, by shipping their car lots to FORT WILLIAM AND  PORT ARTHUR and having them  sold  on  commission-by  THOMPSON   SONS   AND   COMPANY,  THE   WELL-KNOWN   FARMERS'  AGENTS  ' ADDRESS 701-703 Y., GRAIN   EXCH>\NGE, WINNIPEG  (Continued F.-om Last  Week)  'In this solemn hour 1'wish" said ��������� nion.', PHbHc opinion in this country,  Hetherington  in  his  excitement  had  the Tsar, "to assure you once more | w0"m favor the giving of materia\a_8  never thought of.. Then he gathered   that 1 have done-all in my power to 1 wel1 as_ diplomatic support,  up the little heap of his small belong-' avert war." T-.is assurance is borne  11 gs, taken out ->f his pockets, and in  out by the diplomatic correspondence,  loing so he made a singular discov-jlt shows, as the Russian foreign ni in-  doing  ery.  He was very certain, for he remembered the incident perfectly, that'  when that afternoon Mr., Logan had  returned to the office aft^r lunch,  he, Hugh, had thrust into his pocket  an en\ elope on which he had be-in  idly scribbling. Hugh was certain this  envelope had still been in his pocket  when he reached Glenfair, but now ,t  was nowhere to be seen. Had it been  just carelessly lost or thrown away  as something of no value, or had it  been deliberatel * taken?  And if it ha1 been taken, had it  been taken for some trivial reason or  for no reason at all? Or hac it been  taken because scribbled across it  were the words:  "If 0:1 were t. discover .lie secret  of makirg diamonds."  Wondering much whether this inci  ister said, that "no suggestion held  out t > him had been refused. He had  accepted the proposal for a .conference of four, for mediation by Great  Britain and Hal., for direct conversation between Austria and Russia; but  Germany   and   Austria-Hungary   had i  rendered   these   attempts   for!  ineffective   by   evasive   replies!  In 1908,  when the annexation of Bosnia and  Herzegovina by Austria caused an international crisis (Russia protesting  against the annexation and Germany  "in shining armor" , supporting her  Austrian ally), Sir Edward Grey told  the Russian government that this being a Balkan affair, "in which England  had no direct interest or concern, nothing  more , than  diplomatic , support  either rendered these attempts for I would be, K'vfn, b>\ ll(!r,' , rilu. ���������Qh  peace ineffective by evasive replies'! caseAvas left to be decide** on its own  or  had  refused  them  altogether."      1 m^F!,ts'.   .,  "A war were prevented," the Rus-   . ,Nv.hl.t- "ien- ���������3 ,tnf cas<\as,' !t ex.  sian  foreign  secretary  had  said Just-lsted m ^ cntlcal days at   Le LJ"d  t   ere the German ultimatum was re  ceived, "it would be  British   governme:  resume _ shows>, how persistently Sir  1 (IwarrAGrey had worked for peace.  What he deliberately abstained from  doing, no less than what,he c"id, was  governed- by a desire for peace. At  an early stage in the negotiations  the British government was urged  both by France and by Russia to make  of July and beginning of Augus.v  "beTargeir_ue,ro'tii.!France' havinS no lonSer anything to  .nl." The foregoing1 [ear from England, had concentrated  her fleet in the .Mediterran.au, ��������� Her  northern coasts were unprotected.  Sir Edward .Grey's opinion was, "that  if a foreign fleet, .engaged'in a w..r  which France had not sought, and m  which she had uot been the aggressor, came down the English Channel,  arid bombarded and  battered the un-  "n"Iggers^tliey-TTfcKei. "me"- up-and"  threw me over h^ro, anrt'one of-tliem.  set on mv head whi'e the other ripped my clothes off me."  "Whatever   for?"   said   Hugh, ��������� be-,  wilderodly.  "''nor p?.pa!" snid .DeMa. -������   ' ,  "It's very cold,' said Mr. Hetherington. sneezing violently twice over,  "Put what can they have wanted  with your clothes?" asked'Hugh.  "Let us be thankful." said DeMa  meditRtivel*.'. "that they left us ov.rs.'1  "It is beginning to rain," snid Mr. j  ITotheiington shivering.- an" the  pro'M'.d is very rough, and 1 have just'  stepped on a worm, and the wind is  like ice, and .lir-.s are biting mo oil  over, ci-ncciallv where I onn't -each.  Hugh!"'  "V'-'U know I anl your uncle,' said  Mr. TIetlierington 'coaxinglv; "you  might loud me '-our trousers, Hugh"  "But I want ' 'em myself," said  Ilmrh,    "I can't do without 'em,"  "And ynur cont, 'Hugh, urged" Mr.  Holliorliigtoii. "1 shan't wnnt them  for long, my dear hoy, Surely you  wouldn't grudge yonr old mi'de a coat  when ho neols one���������ugh, ugh," nnd  he burst into a violent lit of coughing. "Pclln," he called as ho roi.over-  oil, "speak to your cousin for nie,  won't you?"  "Really,"  snid   Delia,  blushing.    "1  don't think this Iiv a matter I can in-  .  tor foro in," and she retired behind Hie  overturned car. w-V'-ri she KPonind 10  bo nttriol-.od suddenly by 11 violent fit of  choking.  "It is not mud- to nsk, Hugh,"  pleaded, Mr. Hntherlngton; "it'll ie  th'< don th of mo���������nnd the way thoso  filer, are biting .lust where I can't,  roach���������and ruining, too," ho added  with a gioiin.  "Well,   I'm  awfully  snTy about  It,"  p-iM   lh-<'li    "'iM.'   I'll   t.ll   vou   whnt   -  wlll do���������I will lonn you my coat, vest, |  rind tnuiKi'i-H, contenting myself with1  niy shirt und under thing.", In return 1  for 11 loan of   '.'.".Otlii.    That    Is fair  ciio'.'.gli, surely." ;  . " 1 on   young   Sliy'ofk!"     Rp.'eniiied '  Mr,   P.oiliiM'ingt'iii,  "I'll   dlo   Urm���������I  won't he (lone lilac thii't-how dure you  fttiOUipt   to   swindle   "i"   like   lllllI?''  "I'm only proposing a bargain," nild  11 ugh I u vory Injun-d vfliee. "Vou  lire perfectly free to reject it If you  whh, 1 nm tiin'e I inn helm; iih leu-  lout at Is (���������(ini'i'iUlil. wllh nound  IvkI'H'sh nrlnrli'lf".-, Vou t'i'd nie J'ivt  now novor lo uihin an opportunity."  "('fiiii'oiiiid you! ' howled Mr. Iloth-  erlngton.  "I'll I'll throw my linott- In without e*lra charge," said Hugh, "liloud  Ih thicker llian water, as you snid to  nie Jiuit now."  "I'll nover, never " cried Mr, lleth  ertlngtnii,  beginning to dnnce  In  lil������  den', were quite trivial, or whether on ; -a.-.,. ������; .-.������������������_.. -..a. _-.���������_.._.,���������. _a_ _._._.   nrotGf,te(1 co.lsts of i.rancp - ,VP cri,,\t]  the   other hand  it possessed  an   im-j an immediate declaration of complete   ������ot Sor^  menso   significance    Hugh     wraoped   solidarity with Uiem  (July 2-1).    The."0.1  nonoi<'ul>     stand  aside  and  _.-e  menso   significance,   uugn     wraPPa_n y       ^ 1     *      1 t,      JOi!lg on p���������cticaliy wulim s'gh  peateii  the request very strongly  on, of' ������"r. eyes   with  our arms  folded."  July   .0.    Sir  Edward   Grc.    tho'ught i A._r. t,.?._���������l���������t.e_rest,B, ������__',___   A1, the  that he was more likely to be useful  as peace-maker if this country main-  ciarea.ner  intention    01    rem fining  tainod as long-as possible an attitud -,  trf~d^ta^lrm"eT:t^"^Mo"r"eov.r���������tive~groYT  emnidiit had  no  desire  to-intairvene  hn rug more closel.  around him, and  sitting down by  the wayside became-i  plunged into profound meditatior.  CHAPTER V.  =1 Lcrd-AiTabrosg-ftoustpad-  To  Hugh,  deep in  thoughts  which  of. our eyes, with our  ������������������  Br tish   interests  ire  clared   her  intention    of   rem  neutral, France might have withdrawn  .hor fle.t���������ifi'om���������-tho���������Medit  seemed to'himself so wild he w.oud   unjesg tMe hon0r and interests of the,    ...  hardly give them shape  or name, it, coimtry ma(le *t unavoidable.  At the' wlt'1  appear..'   a   comparatively   short   in-;sume  time  intimations    were    giveu  ter val   before   Mr.   Hetherington  ami. th-t  jt  s\-miL\  not  ]je  assumed  that!  Delia  ap.eared  again  in  another of'  the   millionaire's    half-do ;e -.    motor  ears,    Mr.   Hetherington   wa*.     once!  more arraved in his own apparel, ami'  he hanc'od back to Hugh those of his'  he had borrowed;  with the    remark  and as'" we do uot now keep a fleet  there   strong  enough   to  deal   alone  possible    combinations, .   our  trades-routes-anu inter-im_ierial com-  1111(101*  all  conceivable  circumstances  England would stand aside.  The official documents thus -snow  how unremitting were tho efforts  mado by Sir Edward Grey to mainta.n  the  peace  of  Eurc. a  and   by  whom  many gave no reply except by tho  forcible violation of Belgian territory,  and Britain'accordingly declared war.  Thus, by an instructive coincidence, a crisis wliich began by the determination of Austria "(backed by  Germany) to apply brute forco against  the independence of a.small state in  Southeastern Europe camo to a head,  so far as Britain Is- concerned, hy the  determination of Gerninny (in allianc.  with Au.tira) to ride rough-shod over  the neutrality of a small state in  Northwestern Europe. "Gentlemen,"  said the German chancellor in the  Reichstag (Augur.t 4), "wc are now in  a state of necessity, and necessity  knows.no law. Our troops have occupied Luxembourg and perhaps are  already on Belgian soil. Gentlemen,  this is contrary to the dictates of  International Law * * * Anybody  who is threatened, as we are threatened,, and is fighting for his highest  possessions, can have only one  thought���������how he is to back his way  through." " ,  *'If I am asked-what we are flght-  inr for," said the prime minister in  the liouse of commons (August 6), "I  can reply in two sentences. In the  lirst. place, to fulfil a solemn international obligation���������an obligation  which, if it had been entered into between private persons iu the ordinary  concerns of life, would have been regarded as< an obligation not only of  law, but of honor, which no self-respecting man could possibly have repudiated. 1 say, secondly, we are  fighting to vindicate, the principle  which, in these days when material  force sometimes seems to be the dom-  Good Spirits  can only bo enjoyed by those whose  digestive organs work naturally and  regularly. The best corrective and  preventive yet discovered for irregular or faulty action of stomach, liver or  bowels, is known tlie world over to b_  BEECaHAEVB'S  , PILLS-'  Sold everywhere*,   Jn fciox^ii, 25 emit  Nobody Guessed  "It's curious,'" said Brown, "how-  coming events cast their shadows oe-,  fore them, I'll wager a $10 bill none-  of you gentlemen can guess what was.  the last thing played on the organ at  the time of the fire."  "'The Lost .Chord,'" suggested  Smith.  Brown sho >k ills head.  " 'Dies Irae,' " said the classical,  gentleman.  Brown shook his head again,  "What was it, then?",, asked the-  practical member.  Brown got up, reached for his hat-  and went to the door. Then he replied:  "The hose!"  How Suckers Bite  One  Sunday  mor.ing,   on  his  way  inant influence and  factor "in the do-! to church, a deacon observed a  Doy  velopment of mankind, that small na-1 industriously   fishing.    After  the  lad  tionalities are, not to be crushed, in   -iad   landed   several,    he approacned  defiance of international good faith,  ty the arbitrary will of a strong and  overmastering power. I do r.ot believe any nation ever entered into a  great controversy���������and this is one  of the greatest, history will ever know  ���������with   a   clearer     conscience '  and  and said:  "My son, don't you know it is very,  wrong to catch  fish on  the Cabbath'  Day?    And, besides, it is very cruel-'  to impale  that  poor,   helpless   beetle  upon that sharp hook."  "Said   lho  boy,  "Oh, ���������  say,    mister,  thai he  thought that .was the_ most; tilose" ,.frorts were frustrated  expensive suit of clothes that liadj ^j-ev sll0W ajso )10W sjow t|,e r...u-  ever existed. Hugh smiled rather |s)l Kovcrnnient was to commit Brit-  faintly, for he was by no means siireajn t0 nny snare in tllc war- Tn,(t  how his bold stroke tc secure nj"''she1 ultimately Locarno involveal was  loan would turn out, and wiih his. (jlli5 to causfcS wliich had nothing to  rug gathered closely round him, he i (lo wit,, i])p Bai](a,.Si  retired behind the hedge, whence ne'  scon emerged fully clothed again.  Motioning to him to take his seat  beside Delia,, Mr. Hetherington started off at a pace to mako up for lost  time. ,    ,  "We did startle them at the house,  Delia remarked;   "and  they were all  ro astonished that wo wen. going to  start   off again, without evon taking! was   preparing    ���������.������   u.t.aa.u     ..������������������.,. ���������      .  cue of the men servants with us        "| through   Belgium,  and  ho  proceeds!;'"'  to propose a bargain whereby Germany wns to Bocvro the neutrality" of  England ln the impending wnr. The  terms of this proposod bargain wore  theso: 11) First, Knglaud wns to stand  aside wlillo Franco was crushed, a'.m  tho uiidorsliuidlng that (lomu'iy  "aimed at no territorial acquisitions  at the expense of France Sir 13.  (loschon "finnstloneil hts oxcellcn ���������'/  about tho French CoIouIch, and . is  said thut lie w.s unable to. give a  similar nnilortiii.iiig In that respect.'  munlcations tin-;ugh that sea would  l'ave. been in danger.  Accordingly, on August 3, Sir Edward Groy was authorized by the  cabinet, to give an assurance to  France "that i' the Go: 'an fleet  conies into the Channel or Uirougu  the .slorth Sea t<o undertake hostile  operations against French coasts or  _hippin_, the British licet will _,iv_ uii  the protection In its powe..'"  This was not a declaration if war,  bu. a contingent obligation to make  war.    The furthar and  final decision  stronger conviction that it is fighting, 'this is only an imitation.    It am t a.  not for aggression, not for the main-j real bug."     ,     - .  tenance even of its own selfish inter-,    ' Olesu   me!,    replied   tne    deacon  est, but in defiance of principles the \ "Why I thought it was a real bug.  maintenance of which is vital_to_J.he^    The boy.   lilting   a   fine;  string   ot  ciWzaTiM~df"TlTe~^.*^  the  full  conviction,  not   only   .f  the,' these sucKers.           ������-  wisdom and justice, but of the obliga-1  , .    -; --.     "  tions which lay upen us.to c allenge '���������    A certain littlo girl is very fond of  this great issue." ilier bath' bllt she obJects vigorous.y  "T ask the house." said Sir Edward  Grey (August 3), "from the point cf  view of British interests, to consider  i to the drying process.  j'   One day, while her mother was remonstrating with her, she. said, Why,  ' what would  happen,  mamma,  if you  didn't  rusty?  wipe   me   dry?     Would   I   got  "And" "vou," Hugh asked, , "do you  not feel" frightened of another accident?" ,    ,      M  "Not I," she answered laughing,  "tliii is what I like���������only next timo  I hopo papa will be the ono to  charge." Thon she loworod her voice  to a whisper: "Hugh," sho said, "what  ���������ivi-j It done for?"  "1 do not know," ho answered, "but  I think there is Home paper coniinct.a-d  with somo Invention that uncle had In  his pnasfHsIon, i.'id ihnl Uiomi pi-opl'  The decisive day was the "21>th  ofj j��������� j;?8 &XS * ^^ ������' ^"^^  gfteX ������!!.^LdA^^ "an inde  from  for  hassn  sation  meiiior  lor's     w_,u������ .-..voa,_u |,,,u u--.....;Blono   jro,)0s0(1  a  trottl  to atincit iiiiii'i.,,,,,1 t0 i.r,u,COi providing that .i the  a. niles of eithor violated the neutrality of B.lgium, Grout Britain  would  Eng-  Oiflht  what may be at stnke. Tf .France is  beaten in'a struggle of life ami death,  beaten to her knees, loses her position as a great, power, becomes subordinate to the will and power of one  greater     than   herself���������consequences  which! do not. anticipate, .because 1  am sure that Franco hns the power  to defend herself with all the energy  and ability and patriotism which she  has shown so off .in���������still if that were  tc happen, and if Belgian fell under i  the  same  dominating  influence,  nnd |  then Holland ana then Denmark, then ;  won. l   not  Mr,    Gladstone's     words'  come  true,  that just  opposite to us. i������K;7"AS  tnora would  be a  common    intent. WMJ^^  agiUnst  the  unmeasured   aggrandize-, ������jo g jo ������nt������ w liu.   ^ j^    of_  mentof any powei? ! Waterloo.    The Knlsor has been re-  "It may be said, T supnose. that wn i j,,^,'   i,y  England   and , France  for  London Scot (proud of his  lish)���������Aw'll be liame aboct  o'clock the nlcht an ���������  Voice of telephone operator  (obedient to government instructions)���������No ,  foreign languages, please.    Cut off.--  Punch. ,  Wrath Will  Fall  on  Kaiser  "And there tsainore than a chance-  that, in  case  tho Allies  do succeed,  thoy will be inclined to treat Emperor  whoever tlioy may bo, wanted to got '.'ngluiitl was, behind the bud. of  hold of." j Franco, to bo a consoniiii.   party to  "Did thev got It, ilo you thli-k'i"i cioi'iiiany'H iiciiu'i tion of the I*niiu:i  ������]>(,   faked. ' '. Colonics, should France hu iLfual-il -u  "1 think undo burnt It," lliu.li ro- tin: wi-r. l.l Secondly, England, ..o  plied, 'but 1 ilon'l know an. thing at hind tlm back -A l.i'lgi.uu, uas to iu:.-  nil. no hn������ not told uio anything and sent to Gci'iii.iny's violation of ..iho  I nm onlv iniox-sliig," ! neutrality of   lint country���������a ..eiur.ai-  lielhi is'MiI no mor" nml Ihu'li. r''Hii(>. |ty   which   both   Germany   and   Ktig-  Ing nt (lie broad, strong back of Ml.i  i.iH'li', hondiiig <>'.'. I' the steering wlH'd  ir.nl kinking n-.-ailuli'ly alu'iul, t'<*!t  '���������!"i ;"L ihrlllln." nl'^ost In his own  ili'Hpair to think of thai unimaginable  :-,i'.'l'i������l lie hull' beili'Vi'd hln i' ml'- had  "md in '.ils hnndii.   To be nliln to uinlu)  lanil luul pledged UiimiiscIv. by trcity  to r.K|ocl. In roliii'ii (lorniaiiiy gave  n proiuisi! Hint "when t.ic war wai  o\er, Belgian In tog. Ily would bo respected If nho h.ul not slilni again.-;  (ioniiiu.y. rile pn nilso  was givei,,  hn It nlisuivpil--. im  sorry to luow to  dliuiiDi. is, nt all, where wuh Ih.' Aln.l-' say It, '..lit It musl hu placed ou I'u.u-.l  'liu'i'. l.iitift to nmti-li with ''nil'.' And  flipsi'.' i.ihor |ic������ plo iii'iHl lii'llovo 'n  r.uiiii'Lliiiig, wlii.-lliiif this Kcci'oi o. din-  i mon.I     iijiiiiiiiiu'.iiii'lni,  or  Hoini'lliliig  1 11-c, |i;i-ny i-iroiigly  r'-auy    tn    ri'unrt    tn  nioaNurcM,    "if .'no  Icllicrlngton drow  hiallOll   In   Mi'-hi    i"'-1  ,,..���������,.,.,..       .,,���������!,,,    \;\\<"  Mr. Itctliprlngton, wiih nil fibiii>i|iiloiiH  hi  'I   lu.ow   tlu  do. lari'd,  OKP-lt"   ''tit and rngi' when lie put him  t-lirlll    tl.,-.!    ,0,..'..    Ill    tllia   Viarv   tllllllllo   rtf '  'OWI1  n thick clump of homIph. lb- stonncil | "I' "'-,  nhrii|iii>��������� nil, aii ii^iit," tu-- nAoi in  c)till������' .lilti'P'iit Ioi)",-, siaiiillug on one  Ipk iind rubbing tlw ntln������r. "I know  wIipii I'm beat, i accept your tiruis."  "Then I'll come arm. h in ymi," said  Hugh, ami pushing through tho  ]ii'i)gi' ne pruci'i'di ii in iiivi"-i iiiiii-.i-ii  of the uppiT part of his clothing, and  jiroHoiitly Htoixl in nothing but his  lliii'ii shirt arid Ills under clothing imd  Hockt;   wblh'  Mr.   HctliirliiK'im   ''ov-| i*������"; ��������� .,.,.,,,.,,n,,(1  rro.l his altlviTliik' P"r������ou with Hugh's!     " ������>"������t would bo the one.   cv< l.Huud  coat an.l troimcrs  an.l gladly thrust j Mugii. ^ ^^ ^^        ^(l  tl    ,i,tr  A  .liu'i I'i'!,1.   ililur,"  !-,i-   .(.'-U,  turnp.l  up th**  trotis.T \ "������A ������������������, n ofi,}. ,, vory ������������������,���������,.,���������������������������,  li, ��������� flip car, oultt' young  ���������11y a power which was ut that very  nini'iiPiit  iiunoiiiict1''   Its  Intention"   to  violate Its own treaty obllg-ii on- and ,  Inviting   us   to   do   lho   ���������.i.iiu>"   i.Mr, .  ,\Ki|iilth).    13)   i.tiHtly, tlm    biirgiiliix  above   dcscrlbdil   were   to   loi"*i   llm  Imslrt    of    good    relation;.    Iit'tween!  , iii.'lni.il and (Icrmiiiiy.  This "tnfaniniiH proposal" might,1,  suld tl.o prime minister, "liavo hi'cn ,  thrown iiside without coimldiM'iiilon ,  and iilnuwi without hiihwoi"," but m,  tlie liiii-i'iMtH of ppiico, ih already ox-  nlnlnoil,  the  Hrlit'-ili  govoniiiKMit an-  1 .        -,   . ��������� i  ,  i ill*      11.      .11      a.a..|.....(.-      a.,      , <-.  a, ..,...,  "III!--   iii*ilp''tv'������   p.ivorn'TV'iit     f'liiuint  m r  for ii moment piifriiiln the chum'u-  littPii'tii.ii ami pro'niiniMl to do his bniU  lor's proposal t.mt they hIioiiIi! hind  to tr,..'.' iii.. i.m .  ii|lh������-������a.������lvr������   to  iiMi'rallty    on    ijho..  trrniH, Wlmt he links us Is, In offeit,  to Bland by while French Colonies -ini  t'.tri.n ���������mil' Fr'"1.1.- I-i be'Mon ' ri Inn ���������  as Germany does imt Ink.; French territory aH dlitlii't from the Colonies.  Fr",    thn material point of view hii.-Ii  ien iliey were  such exlreino       wOi'o io dhii'ovi'i'  th" Hceri-t of iiiai-5 ng dl.iiuiiiulH." 11 ui.li  <liiii>k IiIiiihcIi' Impatiently; at any  n������e Hi seei-et, wluitever t was an,I  whether It Imd any real existence at  no, tm.l nothing ul nil t" do wi'h lilm.  Tim swung ii.to a little coiuury  where Mr. I  tue  po.ici  co-opc*'-.Ue with ,ne,other for Iti defence. Both countries assented. To  this itctlon "Mr. Gladstono then and  always attached high Importance.'1  "Wo do not think i would bo right;"  ho suld, "even if it' wore safe, to announce that wc would In any case  stand by with folded arms, anu soo  ! rations dono which would nnuv..ni to n  total extinction of public riglit in  Europe." "1 do nol think wo could  look or. while the sacrifice of froodom  ' and lud.ipcnilo:ico was ln course ol  , comniinmntloii," "Tliero ��������� iilsc this  furtl.or consideration, lho forco ut'  1 which wo iiiiisi nil fool niosl deeply,  i an ! th 11 Is ilie, common iT.tprests  | against thu iinmeaHurablu aggrandli'.o-  ment of-any power whatever,"  The samo i; .cslion confronted Mr,  ,As()uIth's govern.nohl In IUM, nnd  thoy took the minio view of lt��������� On  July ill, Sir l.dw.u'il Gi'oy���������III i������\v .)f  txhitlng truiillo.'a, askiid both vrnneo  nnd ilii'iiiniiy, "whethnr l.usy were  prepared to ongago to respect noun"..-  Ity of liulgiinn us long nt no otliur  pow.r vIolntoH it."   On the samo day  l'.i)  "ill HI 1110(1,"  III   ll  CO'llllllHliUlltlOU  lo  It. Igiinii, "that the Belgian Rovera-  iiui.it wlll iiinlmiuti to the iiimi-sl i  fi* ,,ower her lu.itrallty," Belgium in  reply "nxppcts and itnnli'cs tint other  liowers will ohsorve nud uptio.i. lier  'KMiiinllty ivlileh rtho Intend-, lc m;ii.i-  ! tain   to 'the utmost of hor    power,  might    stand    aside,    husband   our  strength, nnd  that whatever happen-  (.1 in the course of this war, at the  end of It Intervene with effect to put  things  right and  to nd.ust thom  to  our own point oi view, If in a crls's  like this we ran away from thoso obligations of honor and Interest ns regards  tlio Belgian    treaty,    I doubt i  whether whntovor metcrlal force wo  might have at the ond It would be .���������!'  vory  much  value In  face of tho ro-'  snoot that wo should hnvo lost, At tho  end  of  this  war,  whether wo  havo  stood nsldo or whether we hnvo boen '  ongnged in it, I do not believe for n,  moment���������even If wo Iind stood aside |  and remnlnp.l nsldo���������Hint wn Rhnuiii  bo In a position, a mntorlnl position, ���������  to use our force decisively    to un lo  what, hnd hapnenpd In the'course or;  t.hn wnr, to prevent thn whole of tlm.  woit of Europe oimoslte lo us, If thr I 'x  hnd been fho result, of llie -var, full-1,  many years, whether rightly or wrongly, as a foe to.permanent peace, and  it is ;on the Kaiser that tholr wrath  will fall, If lm over gets Into their  hands."���������Seattle Sun.  American and English bovs wh.rio-  paronts reside ,.n Paris irve been  forming Into a company of boy Rooms,  Thoy wear uniforms and vill carry  nuiflrfagns for th American nnd British embasHlOH and also fnr the Amei'i-  can and British ambulanco org.iiil/.n-  IIoiib,  Delightful  Wnreo  "I am going to soli IcIssoh at the  charity fair. You'll buy Home, won t.  you?"  "I guess so," said the young mau.  "Are you distributing nny samples?"  Neutral   territory���������Convenient spots       -    -, .    ..       .,       ..,..,, , on llm map to (iiinrler your troopB at.  ng under \\\n domlnnt.lon ot i^hIi'RIp  lll0 mm\*t* of the spots,  l'ro-nroailiiouglit--A   warship   built  4'  nowor, and I am oelto surp Hint our  'Moral position would bc such���������" (The  (]|IV i,,,,-,,,'^ vpsteniav.  roHt of tbo seiitence wnR lost, sn.vs the      j,,,!,,,,,,,,,,', Keeping tlio other mnn  TlmiiH, In a loud out.Hint of <'"^--| Wll|(|���������,. wi,u0 yon coiuplole thn llnlnh-  inR1. , | jug touches. *  Thn lusups boing Hmir vllnl to the.! M(,h|i|ZatlntiH--Wlinlesiiln death no-  p.lvillfnMon of Iho world, and to the; t|(,,,M snrvpil In ailvaiieu lo friends ami  freedom nnd  Integrity of Great  Brit-; noiRhhoi'M.  ���������iln nud of thn British Domlnlonn. "let1,    Muchine Gun--Labor Kiivlug killing  ���������mu   lm   bhvo,"  on  the  nrlmp  minister: device.���������-Lifo,  .nlil. "(Int nil thn rPsonrcPR, not only J  of  this  T'nltPd  I'ln'Tilom, but of tlm >  ���������  one  you  iiman,  sir,"  Mt   hns   been     netlced  I        ..        .1    !       1 ...     ,.,t-      lillt  I have not n<"*ti it today. There has  bpi'ii only oa- car parsed ���������oday. an i  that   went   through   about   an   hour  Franco luiineiliiiiuly gavo Sir Kdwi,  Groy tlio desired nuBuranco. Gennnny  1,,-ivi.i no ami\v.ir,  On A"giiKl ;i Genii.iiv addressed nu  ultimatum to Belgium n.iylng Hint  she would be tn;ated hh an enemy un-  1.,, \\n   oitn'.itrthift   in   Una   vlolntlon  of her territory. Belgium "categorically   I'DlllSCll   tilll)   ilH   U   tlalalhal tkllC   .ium-  lion of the law of nations," and the  King of the Belgians appealed In tho  following terms to King George: "Ite-  inoinhprliig tho numerous proofs ol'  your maleity's friendship and lhat of  your jireiif-eci'Hor, an.l tue nu-mii,v a -  '"   '    of  Englr.iid  tn   1870 and    lhe  vnut emplHi of which It Is the centrp, ���������  ���������.brill be thrown Into Hip icnle " And  W   ns  bear  ournelvpn  through   the:  strueHp     1������   tlio spirit  of Abraham i  Lincoln's war motto: "WlUi mnllce .e-1  ward none*, with charity for all: with  "irmnpss In Hip fight���������uh God gives us  to hoo the rltrl.t���������Int nn ntrlyo ^ on  to nnisii lii������" \mi1iv .V" ,tm ������".  ������<������ ���������''"���������',  ��������� na till", noMnn'c. v:niiT\iVi-   to pt������re  for  him who olml' bevp bornp the hitllo,',  nnd for his widow nnd orphan: to c|o;  nil which nv-v acl>tpvp and oherlwh a;  |UHt and lasting pence," |  "Mllgglns doesn't gel on."  "No, Insists ou I'gurliiB on tho  high cost of living Instead of on linw  to gut the price."---Washington Star,  sor Is In tho laboratory conducting  some chemical experiments. The pro-  a proposal is iimie.-cptnble: for  France, without fun her territory ,n  Europe being taken from her, eoul.l  be so f rushed nn to lose her position  :\'\ ll |.re,i'  _��������� '-r nnd huw;!!'.1 qnlioi-d  hl.m foot into Uiirli's html*  "It Is  b.'ller thnn i.otliiiig." he ������������������������������! ..^,,'j ,},..' YhtYutonrwat a white num. innto  to German  fiolicy.    Altogetlier  ....        .    ,���������,i 0,,*/, ...,'tr.- onlv ri  verv li-iiiil^uee iirmrt   from  Hint,   lt   would   be  a   ills-  piiiI v ii hum  mx  m.-...-* ���������������������������  l...ll������.i.������-.l,'"     ; ,   .   ���������   ,, . ,'j,P r;ir,'riulte young graee  Mr  un  to  mnhf   tht-   Ivirg-iln  the cout arroHS   lis bare chest ,;    , '*      ,;.riM>,������������������i ���������p nt nil." ; with   Germany   at   tlm    oxpenr..    of  "Are you Mill going on to l-on-. *in^1/10,���������,.i;/f.V\ntrt0.. trr.mt.-.l il'.-t-nv France a .Hm-tv- ,,rnn. -l.lrh tin  don?" anl.oil IhiKh.  addresM'l an ullliiiatiim to Germany  Hnving that unless l������y mlilnlglit slio  ci've a satHfnclnry n������|ila lo the ii,H'.-  tlon nsked on July .'11. "Iii" niftJesty'H  government feel bound to tnko all  i?" auk-fil HhrI.. J nl.redlv"and   'prWl*(lrig a  ll������������"nl rn.' good   name   of  this  country   woul-J ; st.'ps  in  thnlr jiowit to  iipImM  !lio  C.rtatnly."  returned   Mr.   tl*-tl..-r.. g���������V?r_clni. the delir,.i.c..t car,: n,v,r recover.   Tlin choncidlor also .n  ^"^S1^!^1';;" ^^h^;^  tltudP  .......  IVoli Si JXTltfi XmX  fn.Hor expect, to go down to poster-(  peal to tlio diplomatic Intervention of  your majesty's government    to safeguard the Integrity of Belgium,"  On M'"iist I Hi" British governnnrit  tho   Laboratory���������Br-r-r-r-r!  ity.  I'rom  Bung! j  The Visitor���������I Impo the profeiisor:  hiiiuri KoiiH.-Tn-uitf.  p ft orl usk������i us to liirgntn awi<> what  VV- N. V. f0.?4  1 V,*- i������r<-.v<a on ' f'UOOl  HSKi  lis  io  ii.irKiim  iiwiij   wnm-   nn< ���������'   i������   ������   ���������������������������������.    ���������*    ............. , y,     .     ....  I    The rent^of tho road to London was tiver obligation or int������r������at we havo (������ tu much a party a* ounmlvw.' Oer- dolplila -U������*r.  Civil tlervli'p  Kvnrnlner���������How In ft,  that ovory llmo you add np a  sum  the   total  oxceods  the  real  amount, i  and Is never K-aa?   What is your ac--  cupa I Ion? :  Applicant���������l'rn a waiter, sir.���������1-liila- [  S.   VUU    MUWMIl������V������>    AM*  WARTIME  Humors uru in circulation  llmt wc nre unable t > supply  orders owintj lo war demand.  This statement is absolutely  incorrect. We arc filling our  orders as usual. Insist on getting wlmt you asl-i for���������Clark's.  W. CLARK, LIMITED  i  ia  ���������___��������� THE    NEWS, J CUMBERLAND,   -B. C.
The Army of Russia
Report of the Belgium Commission of Inquiry Gives Details of
the Outrages Committed by the German Troops in
Louvain���Unthinkable Deeds of Barbarians
The following is a translation com-i     Between   lmpde  and   W'olverthem
ttunicated by tht Belgian Legation of I two wounded Belgian soldiers ia,* near
the   second   report   of   the    Belgian ' a bouse which was on tire. The Ger-
commission of inquiry on the'violation   mans   threw, these   two   unfortunate
of the rights of nations and. of the j men into the names
laws 'and customs of war; .
To M. Carton . e, Winrt, Minister of
Justice, Antwerp: '
The commission of inquiry have the
honor to make tho,following report on
acts of which the town'of Louvain, tho
neighborhood nnd the district of
Muliues hnve been the scene:
'The German army entered Louvain
on Wednesday, August ll), after having burnt down tbe villages through
, which it had passed.
As soon as thoy had entered the
town of Louvain the Germans requisitioned food and lodging for their
, troops. They, went to all the bunks
of the town am. took possession of
Ui 3 cash in hand. German soldiers
burst open the doors of houses which
had beon abandoned by thoir inhabitants, pillaged them, and coiiainitted
other excesses.
The German authorities took as hos-
1*-.gi_s the mayovnof the city, Senator
Van der' Kelen, the vice-recto: cf the
.Catholic University, and the    senior
" priest of the city, besides certain magistrates and aldarmen.. All the weapons   possessed   by   the    inhabitants,
even fencing swords, had already been
given up to the municipal authorities
and placed by'tliem iu the Church of
Saint Pierre.
Iiv a" neighboring  village,, rorbeck-
���   Loo,  on Wednesday,    August    19,  a
young' woman aged twenty-two, whote
husband was with the army, and some
of her relations were surprise I by a
band of German soldiers. The persons
who were with her were locked up ��� n
The Nations' Defences
Russia's Supply of Men Simply Inex-
0 haustible ,
It is a noteworthy fact that the fut-.
ure existence of the Russian empire
depends largely on the peasants.
. The Russian army is recruited
principally from the peasant class
and from various nomadic races inhabiting  the  eastern  provinces.
It is estimated that in all there are
about 120 million peasants in the
Russian empire, and probably no
body of men in existence is so hardy
as this.. Their physique is very tine
as compared with .that of other European races.
They are, however, somewhat .gnor-,,|
ant  and   superstitious,, and   too  frequently the victims   of terrible fam
The    Rhine    Is    Germany's   Natural
The country" that cau boast of a
natural frontier has a huge advantage in time of war.
Britain's greatest asset    is that it
is a tight little .s'.and "sec    in the!
silver sea," whic. makes it so' jecive
from foreign invasion.
The true boundary of Germany on
the west is the Rhine, that migli'-y
river which has . been crossed ottea-
er by armies than any other river iu
the world.
Germany really forsook her .ncient
frontier when she annexed Alsace anu
Lorraine in 1R71.^
The --.ver of romance and beauty L
the natural-frontier of  that  empire,
ines.    In most Russian villages there, and if no foe may cross it the '.'ather-
are no doctors or trained nurses, and  land is really safe.
the  death-rate is  appalling. I    Tlu   sea  takes  the   first  place   in
/_ ll
_     'Wm
���V J -ll__
- A-S
a i��
rv 'fl
'    If
} i Ih
- r
'     I"
latter having just ceased tho pursuit.
Everything tends to prove that the
German regiments llred on one another. At on.e the Germans began
bombarding the town, pretending that,
civilians had llred on the troops, a suggestion which is contradl.ted by all
the witnesses, and could scarcely .have
been possible,,because the inhabitants
of .Louvain had had to give up their
arms to the municipal authorities several days before. The bombardment
lasted till about ten o'clock at night.
T-Iic- Germans then set fire to .the
town. Whenever the fire had not
spreal the German soldiers, entered
the houses and threw fire-grenades
with which some
provided. The .greater.;,.. part of the
town of Louvain was thus a prty to
the flumes, particularly the quarters of
the upper town, comprising the modern cathedral of St. Pierre, the university buildings, together with the
university library, its manuscripts and
collections, and, the Municipal
theatre.' ' - . ��� ���.
The commission .considers it its duty
to  insist,  in   tha  midst  of  all  these
a deserted hous:*., wnile she    herself j horrors,   ou   the - crime    committed
wn's   dragged   into   another    couage, j against civilization by the deliberate
where she was raped by five soldiers | destruction of
. successively.
At nightfall on,August 2. the German troops, repuised by our soldiers,
entered Louvain panic-struck, ooveral
witnesses affirm that the German garrison whicli >ccupied Louvain was erroneously informed that the enemy
were entoring the town. Men ot the
garrison Immediately marched to the
station, shooting haphazard the while,
iv!.!   -Ua^^^ W'-ICI-     I*     ��*-P     ���"������'���iff���*-     ���US��     in     ll1
^L*^!^^^X^?\^   the patient must die-for "such : world, and  the key of which is th
Dr. Sangrado, and if blood-letting and  of which  is    the    ocean,  the lid of
is the will of God!"
, Some villages have the questionable
advantage of a "xnarcharka," or wise
woman, who firmly believes in herbs,
drugs   and- incantations.    A   tew   of
River Indus.
At the present time Italy, the former ally of Ger .lar.y and Austria, is
no doubt greatly influenced in maintaining her neutrality in the big war
these women are   undoubtedly   very  hy the fact that the Alps, that inignty
skilful, but the majority of them are  mountain    barrier    built    by nature,)
French War Correspondent Describes  the  Work of the British
Troops���Deal Terrible Blows in Battle, but do not Exult
Over   the  Enemy's   Sufferings-
In the offiical despatches des'.rib Aftor a-desperate,, bout of hand-to-,
ing the lighting in L'urope. one misses hand fighting, men ami horses m'xed
thai personal note which can only be up together in . seething, compact
brought to light by the war corres- mass, tho German cavalry was r<*
pondeiiL . pulsed and lied in utter disorder, lhe
Although     newspaper    representa , lads of tho .Twelfth  Brigade 'ohbid
_. the
int tight
... Royal
Fleury Lamure, relates the splendid Scots Greys distinguished themselves
work of the'British troops at Mons,, particularly and routed the Germans,
when the Allies won a glorious vie-', thanks to prod.gies of valor worthy
tory.   He says: | of  ancient  history,   making  a  largo
"It was at Mons on Sunday. Aug-, number of prisoners after a brilliant
ust   2S,    The   first   outpost   engage- i pursuit.
merits were beginning and the Brit-! "These are but a few notable In-
ish troops, who had only arrived on stances of what was done almost all
lho scene the same morning, immed- along the battlo front during theso
lately   entered   the    battle    without  engagements.    Dearly "'the   Germans
pic than they cure.
has built up the Russian empire with   she  keeps   out   of   the   conflict
his blood and his  toil is not   a big
man; he is of medium stature, broad
shoulders   and   sturdy,   with    square
forehead,  square  jaw,  regular Arian
features, and a flowing beard, unless  good natural boundary as the sea
Mons was put in a state of defence;    "What impressod    me    abovo    all
s the coolnes
Trenches    wore dug   British   soldier.     Hia   utter   Indiffer-
The ordinary peasant, the man who:    Italy is a peninsula, and as long as j |""J J��� ��.""'-* llJlve seen these foi-  was the coolness   and    dash   of tho
"���      '       -    ���       1         _...        ..<���       Han        ��.-,a-,��a,a4- tl _!���  '    ' �� " S       WOTKlIlg
men were on  the eve of    a terrible   to get, his cup of, tea from his little
a l'.r?.*  'l7^��T^ extrac-fTlraoVuilY the'countries which have | ^-    Personally I could  not help, traveling kitchen
^��L\������   *?  J ih_  Hon. ' I good   natural   frontiers   have  ai  one' feell"R ���������>��������������
lu the same village, on Thursday,
August 20,' German soldiers fetched
fro*** their house a young girl about
sixteen years old and her parents.
"Thoy conducted tliem to a small deserted country house, and while some
of  them   held   back   the   father   and
An    academic  library
one   of   the  treasures  of
which   was
The corpses, of many civilians  en
The typical pure Russian is a great,; time ,or another heen foremost among
big-hearted man,- unlike the Tartars, I the world's powers.
Finns and other Monogolians, he is | . - Altnough todav Spain has fallen
not spiteful. When injured he soldom j from her high estate, vet it mnv still
endeavors to be revenged on hisene- be taken as a truism that there is
mies, like the Tartars, Bashkirs, Khi;*-' uot another country on the Continent���except, nerh'-ins. .Italy���w''ch .s
more naturally adapted for attack cr
defence.  '        ,
Japan   has   a   great   advantage   in
being surrounded by sea". - ,
As a rule frontiers are heavily for-
gise, and other laurnnian' races.
If he is .a true and typical son ol
Russia he endeavors to forget the injury, and relieves his feelings by spitting,   swearing  or  simply  by  saying.
"Bog, Svam" (the Lord be with thee"), j
mother others entered the house, and
finding   the   cellar   open   forced   the I ltirs, were driven out by the lire, tried
i girl to drink.   They then brought her I to   escape  and   fell   into   the. flames.
on to the lawn in" front of the house [ The suburbs of Louvain suffered the
and rhiwd  her successively.    Finally 	
they- stabbed her in  the breast with
, their bayonets.   When this young girl
had   been   abandoned   by  them   after
Diete   abominable   floods   sho     was
and the following day, in view of the
extreme gravity of her condition', she
meaning'that he leaves it to the Al--titled,  ns we hrive    seen  recently    _
miehty to settle the account. ' i Europe,   but   a  mr.t  remarkable" ex
Still, large families are the, rule in ception is the frontier between Can-
Russia, and a childless wife is some- ada and'the United States, /here
cumbered the streets and squares. On j what of a disgrace to her family. It over a stretch of country nearly four
the road from Tirlemont to Louvain! ls cmir e(1 �����' competent observers thousand miles in length not a single
alone a witness counted more than!that Russia could at the present time (0rt is to be "found and not a single
fifty.    On   the ��� doorsteps   of. houses ' summon 25,000.000 men to the colors   gun is mounted,
could   be  seen   carbonized   bodies  of ��� without imposing too great a strain  ���   The  two   North*-American, nations,
inhabitants, who, hiding in tlieir eel-1 uP��n the population of the country.
I was only watching a-\ "I shall never iorget the admirablo
manoeuvre scene, for the phlegm and reply given by a little Englisn sold-
the nonchalance of these soldiers ier' wounded in the hand whom I
would never have permitted one to found sitting by ��� the roadside out-
suppose that the enemy were there side Mons, wearing an air of con-
only a few. miles away. ! sternation I began to talk to him
"Gallant little soldiers! "What and asked him if his wound was
immense confidence they inspired: I hurting him. 'It's not that,' he said,
At the, sight of them; so calm and si with a doleful shake of his head, but
resolute, the people of Mons, panic- I'm blessed if I haven't been and lost
stricken only a few hours before, my pipe in that last, charge.' ..gave
suddenly seemed to gain .a fresh store him mine and he was promptly'comot courage and almost a sense of se-. forted.
"The battle went on for four davs.
'I  asked another what he thought
of the Germans, arid he said: 'They
dwelling side by side under separate
flags and different 1-iws in  the bond
Wife Was'Killed Before His Eyes    ! of brotherhood,    form   an   object-les-
Amid the multitude of people pour--' son  to  the  nations  of  TCurone,  from
same fate.    We can affirm  that the   ;ng into the northern and eastern sta-  which     thoy    might,    if    they  only
houses  in   all   tbe   districts .between   tious of Paris was _ highly intelligent  would, profit in the future.
Louvain and Malines, and most of the   Belgian,  Mr.  Brugmann. of Estinnes,; "	
suburbs of Louvain,itself, have prac-   who,nas been   in   the heart    of the Jewish    SoldidS    Rewarded
tieaYly boon destroyed.    ' , j fighting zone on . the    frontier.    His
the Ge-mans brought to the station "Gorman horsemen," he said, "walk-
squ_Tes of Louvain a group, of more ed into my house without knocking,
than seventy-live persons, incm.di__ and one'of them, an officer, demanded
several prominent citizens - of the .food. My wifo began-'to cook some
tow., among whom were Father Colo- food for them. While it, was cooking,
hoet and another Spanish priest, and 0ur little, child, who is onlv seven
also an American priest. The men months old, started crying. My wife
wore brutally separated from their then commenced feeding the child
wives and children, and after having from the breast,
been subjected" to "the most abomin-. '"This seems to aggravate the of-
ablo treatment by the Germans, who. ncer, for he got. up from his chair in
several   times   threatened    to  shoot  a! temper, and knocked both -niy wife,^ c i],^.,^1'13'
received extreme unction from the
parish priest and was taken to the
hosnit.nl of Louvain, as her life was
despaired of.
On August 24 and 25 Belgian troops
made a sortie from the entrenched
crimn'at. ,Antworn and attac'.ed the
G'. rman army before Mallne..'
Tho Germans wore thrown back on
l-0"vnin and Yilvorde.
'- On entering tha. villages which had
been occupied by the. enemy the R<_1-
jrian army found them devastated. The
Germans,' ns they ertired, had pillaged
nnd burned the villages,, taking with
them the male inhabitants, whom they
forced to march in front of tnem.
"Belgian soldiers entering Hofstado
on August 2f, found tho body of an old
���woman who had boen-killed by'hnyo-,... ..   ,
not  thrusts.    She  still  hold   In   ner i arrested by a German brigade, which Aound of horsemen approaching
I U__tQ_th__D_'__sQnt_w.ar._iiQ-..Te.w_iias_
""been allowed to be a ���military or navr.i
officer iu the Russian service.
But the gallan.ry of the Jews serving in' the rank ami file of the army
has uow been..rewarded,' und in future
members of tho Hebrew; community
will be admitted to the highest ranks.
Already, many commisions have
been granted to .lews lighting a nii.it.,
the Germans,.'and ore long they will
be accorded  full    rights  ct  Uussian
and throughout .this period the Brit-j arc like flies; the more you kill ,the
ish Army, as I am proud to declare, I more, there seem to be.' That was
performed nrodlgies of heroism to the extent of the impressions ho had
c),ieck the German advance. :('n the received duringa. tlmt awful light, and
Monday. August, 24, the Germans, he gave mc his answer with a merry
who were infinitely senorior in num- laugh, showing glint of very wliito
bers, made '���irb'-oiis efforts . to .-pre-' teeth. I saw others going-'un ler fire
vent the British from 'retiring in with a football attached to "their
good  order find  trmd  to drive' t.lmm   knapsacks. 1
back on the Ma-Jbcuge. The firmness I "There'is another thing which
and skill with which the British "re-' struck me enormously; and that ia
treat was conducted foiled this at-jthe humanity bf the British soldier
tempt and inflicted considerable i when the lighting is done. In battle
losses, far higher ihan ours, on the; he is superb. Me puts into the fight
enemy, whose comnect and f��'nov- j all his erergy. all his indomitable
mous'mosses,' hurled at the British | pluck,. He deals-terrible blows at tho
troops wev(__T_iD_at_fll_ui_i._en-baoka-���j-onomyT���But���Vah.e
"The fighting on the 2Gth, ne'-ir J his first thought is of humanity. The
Himbrai, was doimed and desperate. \ British do not eMilt over the enemy's
There again the BriMsh troops made ! losses. Thoy .ry to snatch from
the most, .nlonrtid and. the most solid j death as many as possible of their
resistance  in  their  ter.riblo situation j enemies.    After    the battle the men
of havinc to mako uo for their in-
fprinr'"��v in numbers by, the rnnidHy
of tlmir m-ovoments. Snvor.il regiments
charp-p'i six times running. Nevertheless they extricated themselves from
thViv 0V and eventually fell back -.n
nmorl. order though with hp-nvv bosses
from t.hf. most, terrible artillery fire I
hnv" b��nn s^en,
"nni-inr: this memorable day,, on
which 1 Wrnt lo aimrociuto at their
full worth the admirable qualities of
*''���> British . soldier, one incident
''���'-.loll may bn cited among hundreds
! -i' others is the charge of the Ger-
! map cnviry division of tlio Guards
'ip-alnst tlm Twelfth B''Hi<!h ' Tnfnntrv
Brigade.    It  was  ti   torrib.le  charge.
hands the neodlo with wliich she'was
sewing whon sh" was killed. A woman and her fifteen or sixteen-year-
ol.l son lay rin the ground pierced iy
bayonets, A man had boon hanged,
At .Ro-iriT'St. a neighboring village,
were found (he I odlea of two men,
partly carbonised, One of them had
his  leirs  cut.  off  at  the  knoes,    the
A   workman,   whose  burnt   body
forced thom to march hoforo than in; my dolight I saw they wpre French,
the direction of Mnlirms. In reply to a, ,."|llc normans, on seeing them, gal-
question ofone of the prisoners n ; ioneci cff, m.ti however, without losing
Gorman officer said  thoy wero going; onc of t],P|r number, who wns killed
with whom they have jiist crossed
bludps aro no longer enemies: they
are in their eyes, just poor wounded
fellows, This solicitude, great-heart- =
ed as it is after hard fighting, will .
always redound to the houor of tho
British army. '
"While the Germans burn undefended villages, massacre non-com-,
hatants, and 'finish ' the wounded���
ovon their own���(he British army's
llrsl thought whon tho lighting is ..
done is to save.as iimnv lives as poh.-
"Mo; with such, soldiors bosido us;.
we Allies have no reason to doubt'
the dual crushing of the Gorman\
Guarding- tbe North Atlantic, Close Drink Shops in Russia.;
has ten Jewish'general officers
Tho Immediate rosult of the' wur of
Uio allies iuul Turkey wns that Sorvla, which  had a .lowlsh  population
_PlO��0.O^e^ invisible  Patrol  that Is  Making In the Fae. of . Notion,! CrI.I. th��-
beon Turkish subjects'". Travjl Safe. I Russians Keep.Sober"
Prior to the '-ar the Servian Jews!     \ writer In the Now York Sun, in      After tho war had been iu progress
formed  an  iiiMlgnitlctint  minority.  Of i doscrlbing how -ho trade route   e'i'o.i* about three weeks the Petrograd cor-
 , ,    -������     ���      ,.,   ��� ������     ������      ,   .,���������-,���,   ���,���i���  ini.nh-i    ,        mi  i i , ���-i,i-���r ,a��� ViwA.mn'"��f  theso ��� Jews ,.,G00    woro re. .den ts ot! tho  ..Hantic  Is   guarded   hy   British respondent of the'  London    Morning
othor had lhe arms and legs ci.t oft.  thnt  ��p\CTn\"~j^ 1����", 1,?'i'   ���"     7���     Svln_  an.    Knulc, and wero in tl.e main pros-> warships, says the guarding Is dono Post wrote as followa about tho wavo
lias  ants of Louvain who had oscnpod the  tho loml.    I lin child was ciylng. and   *nnj>na    ���.,.,,���   n)()00 J(,WR  wh()  thL1|1, hy ,U1  uivjs||)ie  nool limI  t|ll8 is-u)i. of so'irioty which marked'the opening
through the use of the wireless    T'io of war in Itussla:
most Important lane for vessel? nm-      "The   term   during   which   nil   tho
nlng from this country to Great llrlt- drink shops of every class In UurrIh
alii is ucrosB tlio North Atlantic, at-.il wero cloned nndi'Mnohlllxatton orders
to give them a tasto of Hie Bo1"'
qulc''-flrors before Antwerp. Thoy
wore, al, last released on the Thursday afternoon nt the gates of Mallnos.
It  appears  from   othor    witios^es
'Then Frenchmen told, mo to come
along Immediately with tliem. I then
went into the house to fetch my wife
and child nnd sisfor-ln-law, but to my
horror 1 found my wife do ml' Sho had
A   workman,   whoro   num.   oouy  nas  nius oi i.ouviuii ��nu nun Hn_ii.iuu u.c  [no ,-(,���(,     , ������. i,,,,,,, Wi,��� ,,��,,,��, .,,,v,
beon  anon by several  wUiiobsos, bus  shooting and   tho  (iru  wore  sent  to, sopmpd none the .wcrso, Sealnr that ! puro'iN-   ���Tho   10,000 Jews  who  then
been struck several times with bayo-, Gormaiiy for a purpose which li still j co<ild' do no go..rt by staving' 1 left (JIU11R n'i''or Servian rule are mostly
nets and then, while still alive, the | nnVnnwn to us, with the child, leaving my wife's sis- residents: of Moimstlr, Uskub nnd It-
' --     ' '   ." ��� '. ������    ,       ,''._'.,_. r��liln
OnrmntiH hnd pournd petroleum ovor| Tho Gorman procodnro ls every
Tii"< nnd thrown h'm Into a house to, whore the samo. Thoy advance along
which tlicy set five. A woman who' a road, shooting liioffonslvo passers-
o'lino out of hor house was killed In by -parLleuluriy blcvcllnts���as well us
tbo same way, i peasants working In llm Holds,
A .witness, whop a evidence has bnnn ��� In tho towna or vIllngoR where thoy
taken bv a roJluh.p. British mihloot, do. ulcm they hoisln by requisitioning fooil
owes Hint ho saw en Aiignut _fi, not nnd drink, which they consume till !n-
far from MnilnoH, during the lust. Bel-  toMcate-d,
gnln attack," nn old man tied hy tho Sonu tlnioH from the Inlnrlo;* of do-
arms to one of tho rnftorR in tho coil- sevtcil liousos they lot off Hmir rltl'is
Ing of his f'ir'n,   The body was com-  at random, and ('oeliiri' Unit It was   In
ter, and h >rc 1 am In Paris, hardly   c','lv      , ,     ...      .     ,
Several hundred Servian .lews serv
ronll'/.irg thnt  it  is not. n "'���*1'tni.'irr>'' n(1Avlth tho colors, the pereentngo of. Hie navy  of  Knglaud  him     . .n  the   expires a  wop|(  toddy. The nxfruonl
ton, being the snmo aa Hint contrllml-, .ravel on Hint lane as nn:o an lt is on   liuiry  aohrloly   witnessed   throughout
ed by  Hip   .lews    to    the Bulgaria*!: iirondway through a very sinipL and   the   period   liisplrci   reforiuorH   with
"Never mind,  I  shall  avenge her.
I shall avenge her."
"Attlln'8  Visiting Card'
forces.   If tho new Servian lews con-
tribute n slmil-ii' quota, Hip-p wlll bn
plelplv ciirhonl/pil. hnt tho herd, nmin  Inhnbltants who llrpi'i. Then the m^nosj l",,���,' "���V'"K
nnd fpp| w*ro niib"Hit, Knrtbor on n  o. llro, mnrdor. .md especially pillage  or\\, ''"���'���  "   .,   .   . .        ...
child   of  nbni't   ftrtPPii   woh  tied   np,   ''/��rl"  ",'"o'>t^""\,n] hv nott of dPllhnr-  oiiiiiiig upon I uriH to surri'iiilur, wliich
tlm hands lmhind the buck, and the atp crupKy, without rommrt to ppx ��r  !"'' '""���"inn dropped in IiIh letter-aiis.!,
-   ' ��� tl)OV  nretpnil  to  ,K opoiily rldlculi'd  hh 'Altllu's  visit-
rhe exploit of the Germari airman," jjorj ,)pws in the army. This numhor
Lieut, von ]|old.icpn, iilarinod no ono I11I1V i,(1 doiiblcil.       .,
hut the three families which suffered      n,,    .,,.no .lews In Grpcco   proper
directly.   The daring visitor appeared iulV(. hpcomp well over S'.ooo by the
bilwei'ii noon and one o'clock on Hun- .-.p.n.i .iiion of .laiilna, Sorres, Kiivulu,
iiuv, living vory high ovor thn no.lli- Kulnrnrlit  and  Salonicn,  which  nlo'i-*
of  _iio  city,    The  innssngo ],���., ya.i'Kio  W-wk, Ihr- majority belong-
b'vlv wim pn'unlnlely torn    open with ago,     I'lvnn     whoiv   m-.i   .���....-...,   .,,, .   t   t    .
Iviycript wmindH. NiiinnroiiR cnrptiPH (,f know llm nctual ncr��on guilty of tlin , "'MA'' , , ,,,  ,��� ,,���������  i_,...,.._i..-..     -, ���
po'iRiinlH lav  on  Hip groiinil  In  pnul- iiptn thov Alo<ro tiny do not r ntoiitl    . l,�� ,!"u" ���10 >? "  , ��,  .       .
ttonii of-imniicitlon, tlmlr anus lifted thomsolvps wllh pvccnllng hlni hiiiii-I ",|"'rH|    wrlI,'H    unnn  |,0"^��PPi l("
nr"' llioir h'Hids cliiRimd, "    "   ' "       '���-   "���	
tiresiili-.g tho (icrnmn aviator.   "Miuil
Ing to the working cIiihuph
AuHtrln hn-< oil"' of the most con-
nliW. liV and nliii'il .Ipwlsh noim'a-
linn'; !u il*" vnrld. and opp with i|iiltc
a r.illltnrv history. AceoHlnr; to tra-
tl t> I (.it. the .'('Wink Hi^Heiupnl III
Pi-iH'uo d-'tPM bai'li to tl'p fall of lho,
and  the  Mt-Nmie Syria
HystPiii'.itlci methec, | the  hopes  that   Hip  peoplo  may   bo
There are nine British warships pal-' brovglit. to realize lt�� ndviintiiROH. It
rolling this North Atlntitlc lann. and '��"��' h" ""'''rstood that this sobrloty
t'ipy arc working in a method very | '�� ���'tn due to the niprc cloning of (lio
slni'llnr to that of tipntrlps at an army ,l,ri,,l! ��l'ops, which )mih alwayK bnnn
unit. TIipro nine warships are the "I"'"' bef"1'" wtilmnl mnierl'iMy i.tToct-
hiittloshlp Glors and tin1 criilsni's i biK driiiikoiiiHviM, limn to Hio.huiIiIoii
Good Hope. Drake, Blake, Kssox, Suf-l ^npclouRiiPHa of Ihp p,.opl.> thorn-
folic. l.nnci.Mtpr, llrliKol ,irnl Hfrwlcli, ""'I*'";' Hial I" the face of a great i,n-
Kai'li one of thi'Ho vptuiPlR has a -pc-: ,|f'" wMii iho sacrlfce Is just and
lion to patrol, nnd li'Mwonn Halifax. rlrht. l'ron (his coiimcIoiihu' h.i (ho
.ml I he Irish const each Iiiih about rpfo mors build, ami ibe govertimoiu
iiiiil miles to protect, Tlmy are .n !)r."!!,.'K"1, i��..'"""'ill llm ahimlnto pro-
inucli wllh oiip niu ther all tin* lime,
..,  mnrlly. hut they hpI/.p tin npporti n <tyf,V,llH0M ,H ll0l ,-���,. you, Wp don't want   ni,,|  t,,,,,,,),.,  ..,.,.
' Tlm BPlglau consul In Uganda, who  to   .loclnuitp   tin  populnt Inn,   pllliigo   r ^      ))n_     ur Kult���ri nor y���lir         ,��� )ho nl|ll,,��� ���, k,,,.,,,,,.,
Ir  now  a   volunlPPr   In   Hip   llnlrrhn   tlio bonnes, and Minn nol thorn on flro.. | Kol(JllHnj   nor   *    ���    *   your  uar\\n\,      'i'i,.'1 .lowluli noulnilon    of Hie    phi-
nrmy. nmoriR thnt whort'vor llw o����r.      Af,aA^'"'"'i.'lll'll^M," !"L ..."/iwai '"ii ��re not ovon original, wretclii'il   pin. u:   Austria, 1,',.V.,.,r,S7;   Huihmvv.
ItoH'ila-Mer-'pi'O'-lnlii.   ILM'.li.j
TrinnV ri"��i��pil Bin coir.ilrv has been nuiHsacrp the" eliul tm Hip idpii In lho
flpvn'it'llorl, The few liihabitants who chnre.h, ami timu ordor Ihn women
renmln In tii" villages (ell of Hip at- to roturn to their 1io����ps ami lo Ip.ivp
rooltIor pnmmlttPil by Hip onnmy.. tholr doom open nil night,
Thus, at Wnpknr/ppl, snvpri HprinaiiH From nevprnl places (he in (tin ponu-
urn i'n id to b"vn aiicppRHlvplv violated lotion hits boon sent to ttermanv,
n woman, ninl thnn to Imvo IcIHpiI her. thorp to ho forcpd, It nnnnnrs. to work
Tn tlm Hnmn vlllnjrn tlmy stripped a hit (he harvnst, nn in tlin old dnyn of
voitpg boy to dm walsl, HirpiifpiiPd Hlnvnry. Thprn nro niiiiiy.PiispR of Hip
iilm wlili 'dentil, holding a revolver lo��iJih'ibHnrilc bplmr forcnrl to net. as
his choRt. tirid'cd hlni with lances.! guldps nnd to dig trpiicliPR nnd nn-
nnd thnn rhnnp'l him Into a Hold and, trenchmiMits for U\e. Hermans, N mcr-
���bot tit him without, howovor, hittingjcus wKhpsrch nssa.t, thnt during their
_|iu> | lllilK'iK'ri,      llllli   llat'll    WIK'II    lllll't'klllK.
V.vPTV*'h<<TP thero [��. ruin ind devi\" the Cacrmn'm Axco oMWi'tiv men -aa)]
tntlon. At Tlupclcpti mnny lnhnbltnn(nl womon, In their front ranks, In order
wnr* Uilloil. liiplvdlni. thn priest, who \ to jrfivp.nl our soldiers ilrlng
���was over eighty years old
1'riiHsliin cuckoo. Where did yon gel   <r."j., ior,
vour  wings,  your   motor?    Who  in
king ii tot:��1 ol' _,r.*.y.:������'...   The iver
ami Hip vcipieln nf ('(iiiiiue.i'ce thai are
ero.'.ilpic the ocean are in touch with
HlPHP Wl'IV'lllps one nfler (lie Oilier.
The eapi-iliiM of the roiniuerclal vcr-
ncls I ii ko liiHlriii.'lloiiH f re .in iho war-
shim where they are to go
"|t   Ik  an  uni'iiuiiy  way
snid  one  nl'l'ieer  who  bail   nuiiie in(
vour   wings,   your   iiiiuur,-     \*. nu   in- miiiing n imiii m .,:> >^.."-.       n-'-  s���|,|  n���(, i<l'Pii>r>r who nml  mude tap   """""i >��  <��> ""i"
vented iivlnllon, (lorinany or Franco? (Ur���  ,im-eenMi?P of .town  to  ibe l'"n-  trln neru'w  tlm opuin  recently. "Wn  '"b il"11 '"-w Mi'Dplie
Who Ilrst ci'cisiiPd I he ChiiniiPl or tho ���ral imtmlnHon. nbonl  PO per e"in. li  ,,(i (Jl, ,, lV .,���,, ni..|,, ;1,,,| ;;r( (i;ni>t;Utt.  ��n the i.nt.!..rtli... i
Alps,  n  liiM'iiiuri   or n   FreiiflimnnV exceeded mily In 11"��hIii, I .'v ������. iw\,^ w|||, ��������� ���r nnother war-'''��������������
hHi'Hoii of i\\e -i'ii)1 of nh'ol'ol for an*
oilier iiiontli. Th�� new pollco orders
for-bld th" sprvii.g of drink even in
rpstnuriieiH I'Mceni hh mi a-'coiMpa.,)-
nti'iit to fnml mul nlwidei"lv prnhlbllH,
Hh snip In liotiln-i for lat.-liu. mvi y or
the "..ipp'y ii1' iters, ns >vho nnvn had
of trnvi'1 " ' ''''f'"''1' nlr'""!.' All |il.'H"-w (r-illug In
Hi,,  iilcihii] |u niy lorin are *<li"t ,-ind spiiI-
i can lm got only
���I a pollen i-iiriHi-
What   did  you  bring  under    your i���   vi^iriti the .fevs nre m'e.M,.,|..i|   sli|    ,ui(,  v.,(  wi, ^(,uu,w  H(i(, om, ���,
wings   thnt   wo   Hliould surroiulnr to j0 .,Unttlv s per cent, of the mllilnry.'tl)ll'M,     ,r^\,v ^,,0,, im  ,,f %-,|(,i,ti |,���t
you���intolllgoiicn or liberty or Justice, ni|l| nMVi.l forep", but the actu*   en-' ,|,(,v '.,.,,, |���iiing un lent mi whal Hn-
truth or lovu.    Nothing of the kind. ri,i|menl  hnn  been far    lu pvccsm of  l() ^..j,,,,, ....j4l.Vi- we will mei't  smue
Vou brought dmitli���u botnb���that  .s (hnt    nuin'>or     .MiRirlcn    armv lests  ���rlifr vcsm-l nnd what we are In do '
all,   That, ts why you wlll novor hnve uvil��n \w of the fuel that the .,���.���. ior i
Paris.    1'arlR   Is     lvlllzatlon In    Its 0f almost every regiment Is n .lew
Wl  n i1 in mm n mum i n i ,\   mill i i ; unnn m mil   m inn   i n i i in n  i ii    u
Fprdlnand �� Relative ot Our Royalty
Prlnr.o FV'n.lnnnd of Ho'ioni'oMerrit
who will bocomo tho ruler of Ron-
Tnnnln ln   tho   event ot the nbillciv
p,.-.,|\al..   -ran.   ���-,_....   1 .- -a.l
ns���burn our city���but wp hI.it 11 never '
surrender. Warm will be wliero/.r the
Krci ch  ting floats, and  iu  the    phi)
Uvf'd   In   the  Dart'
The Pflrioles. Kh^ki Color
i      i'.'i.   . ;..,'..'  ui  iii.ii u��.';...h tu.'  noli-
The iiewn that native Indian '-impi) fudlie. khal.l u��eii  fur arinv purj .i
f-lmntlclPPr wlll   crow over H.p bloody  ^Z10'^- ^rurooAifft^i 111'1"'!   !? J-'T ��f W��!;.,,,^I,!;A'" ��  >'����:�����
llout of your crushed  lyruntn." j ��,.���!; "    '"'"  r,(,h"' .��������������  ��*,""��   Hrltml. army ollie.-r. Million,-., m l���.
>Mll;   ct'r>V' !���   O'A.
Wo nnd tho l-Yonoh imvo got the
wolf by ono enr nnd    tho
by. tho, othnr;' nntl though ho may
tlon of KltiK Ohnrlos���u rtop which Is,1 hlBtonth with torrlblii   pffoct.   ..  	
���tatod to bo lmmlnont, nnd which mny hnvo tho hnrdlh.iod   nnd   pntlorco to! Hcnnonod llrltlsl   r��K"'1-
altor (lie nttlttirlo of the'country to- |,ohi on wo slmli finish lilm In tlio'mnny bnttlcR In mnny lnnds, com-.  b:.ynupt
wnrrln   tlm wnr--is a tllttant mourner ond.    Atid wo Khali Imvo the lumll- huvi; tallmi back s!ov.ly and unbruk
of our own lloynl family. Ills royal
blrhnrss Ih a grnrKlson of ti cousin of
Quppn Vlctorin. 1'rlnco Foniinnnd. Ho
Kpnt or Portugal, ard ho mnrrlndajn process of gron
Bi'iinddttnghtc;'     of    Qaeen Victoria,' of the hcnrt-strlncs
I'rlncoas Jlurio of Edinburgh. I _��� 4)ectntor, Kvor
plcai'iiiru.    heir    bravery    Is    beyond  ,jlu, ho hired a nativn dyer and e.v
I i|ue!<H(iii nud    Hip\" wlll  foili  .���  Iheir   p|.|-|nienleil en cotlon iinlfDi'iiiH whicli
Ottfrlfti'   Pi-ltiili   Inf.infrir 't..,i.m,      iti ..-..-!���   .-      '!"       /;   .',      ���,���. m,,,!,,,,,,   ���ii,t,.i inml, mil   -a,mil
It Is nt time liko this when uu army  haa.  in   iKiiiii'uhir.^ ar.^i-Xiieeteil    to
Is bnmmprei! by ovprpowerlng forveta  prove   "   ���	
their    wnrlh.    It mny not t.'
wen*    i|iiite    different     when     tlmy
t.mergi-d from the wash. Aftar coun.
Iliislnna ,tj...'��]tnol'itlfn���� kIvph way and retreat widely known outside of military c)r- i,,nu rni'.uris   omp   piece   wan. b\  -ie- deialned.    The li(in(,ituln iHone uh
may ����0  boconmsn rout    It may b(> tlint no cles that tlm I'.iirkhns carry a curved ,.|,i,.,it. Unnift which    wns ntlll khit;| Ij have rovi-rul   ..-orp of i';\hps of
If wni'otlior troops In Dm world except thesp knife, twnfppl  long   which U f-ullrd Hi������u||  Hie  laundry  had   work <'  its llrliini   trcueim.    vhlle   the  nrdln
lorco tol HprinonPd  llrltlsl   rpgiiliira, horops of a "K-irkl," In a.li.ltton to the rifle anil wm,  Hut  It  bud  received  no ap.-ehl < '����-. of driinUennesH urn beyond
(iiirkluiK excel In night nt
t.la"l..a.    .IV.il    A'A    \\\f\,     ilpl>!i���u ',.    \,,il.
I'lie eiioi*. oiih rpvpiiup from (ho
! drink HMi'ineiily, whicli nmountPil In
j Hit'! fu . leii.ilee.M' l), l�� by far tho
. Ini-geM Item in lIik HtiKslnn builgot,
| lm' It hi |-ori>ir"l'ei| Hint i.veii Hh fotal
(iiarrlllpa**- wivht be riipidlv coinpcnRiil*
1   I   .1     t tla-i     I >   ,1      '..'���     ���      ;        ,.,,.,
I Hip whole lritlnn. The pntlep "epnrt
ri'iii in .it, i'.'|i-tsi��iirg nearly Iwo trill-
lion liib.iblti'-MH hnve npnenM for
(lie diir.'iHi.u of Mio | rn'MblHon. n BtrlU-
imt nrgiMiMMit in favor of llw cnntlnu-
niirp. 'lie re haw linen no cniiPH ot
liniilljr.iiil'iiii, knifing rolibiTv with vlo-
u-iu <-, .nm "my ii ilnye:! onliiifiry
HutfiH. During . .i whole imrloil only
ll'lit c:i<,("i of driuilieiiiiPHK Imvu'llP.Ptl
lioHfiltnlK nlono tiHimt-
I hood nnd tho   pntionco.   Wo   slinil only' for ri hi.n.lro.1 hours and a l.un- foot,.,!, they often get to Hmlr e.i.'.iiy, ,,,���,,.   That ������� Hip Heerc    The nm.- ,,i     During
t "stick It out." tlioigh no doubt *i will   Are,) mllo-s until Hey woro too riroo fo   ber..re dl-e-.v. red  if, , ..��� K 11, -j,   ti.-j-j.ji ���f ,j.i- d;..!i   ..n   lh��-    .U. iul..i.it m h-He lueii .,i,
��� S bn for US, (VS for thO rent of the world   the (ortlflcd  -Inn b.hln.l  then.  H. be   are gi-en �������.�������������;'���    ,r> )"'>��>P;; m ��   ill.- <h" I..-..I nm.lune.l io |.....le... ��.'i;.t |��lta|   of   Hip
t i.ilsnry-a rending  flnnknl nnd tlm allied nrmy was for night attack,  t will bo decidedly ���n-'- ��� ���      ���������- - ������������������������' ��� - ������ �����������- -
i_H.--l.ondcm    i:,ik.)   the   moment snfp.-fJocl.Pstpr    Post-   t���.;H(by fnr   tlio   (..-rtrmiifl wl.., conm
Kvpri'SS, " wif tiiu rencli of Hip laiirld.
trentuieiit, no far as wiih known, ev-  Munition, tin i.iey nro rnernlv flnrr In-
cejii  Hint  it  hml  li.ileii  into a inet.ii   to the i-ella and ridoiiHPil whon sobnr-
During  tlif    prohibition    tlmro
iiv   ivp pimeH in tho llos-
InciirnbleH, who mmto
faili'leHH khaki color which inakPK our tlii'innnlvnH mnd by drinking methyl-
aaoMiers 5nvi_.Hi.     and    lura il    tlio  ou-ft splriiH, fiirniu.ri! pollsli ami aim-
Iteiiteiiant inlo a millionaire. j liar sucod.-mcfl.
_. &yM��m
��>����� <L����Vai"^l���<fa��,'"ja��CS
H^_���T1__W   Jfjlln^W |W^Ufc)la
��� ���..a-~-a������**af,-����.��* ������M������H��,.^^|H..��,| ������.W^���i
��-.lin A^MTJCVaVPKAVM.--:
^;;",:'AaA^ ,,>';��� v-tf... -A|ff^y.y sA" aA'a^A-^ ���/'���A':1
.,'..-���  :.-. .'���yA-'    ������5._>*\-:__. *^:'i--   A ���"-.-������"'l��Aii..irii?>v   _a-������_&.* ^a*<**�����f,.,'
���{.'���         ���   ';-     i ;.  "        , ���' -..' ,      -t   -    ��� -      -.,"."      ^"      ���     1/ .    .-���   ,���..,., ���    ,;  -   ,. . '   <\,
���-;,., -J-.:1. '   ��� ���'".���-.' '      ' '���IWIM^wi^^' y'-'A , '   '      A
!' "���'��" fl^A til A^A'f |i's��t '"i"^ V'^"'"' ^>f"5t^'j>?* .��� -'f c. :'^1 ^*6^tV--!isrC"
.;.:..  ������!;_. ._ ��.-i.s��.,,',_S    ....aJliJ',      llf.U      XlifiA.    >. a". 5 .a I :. '1. ��� a,  . ' .'I la A       ,,<.��|'J Uu*.;   JJ<a.| V^,
i.j.-K.'a-,^_.'_ra-aat -,:^-,��.'j^,,,*iia.T.a-:7,#'?TJaa
?A%>   ,-iTt
_'.��.,.   a.
s-���A'_VK0K:Si;7e:;M;$aa.S.iCH-----\;;^;/"' [[��� :[x
���*...����� F,Vi."*��.'.
'I""!;tf.:;eiei'e: S.TC'ets;AAm' Atml   AvAile Abhibkets ������������;<nrid"'
,';,.,.   .,.������'.      ,        .   y-7 -y, .; '   '  AJ.-}  ....'- ^   ;..       y.      .-, _  'y ���'-   _..:.,   .   -, -   .    A,.;; ... ft.  '""-..   .'-
"; A-.A-     C'omiArters .in ''.Afull rann'tA'oApriced-,7:7- A
;��� /��� A .-For.A}HaAc0rafa.7-i,. try ,Y[;'*IIH3TWELL'f Q,if A -Be*-A A'��� f* b"'
A���AfAA'-'arid' a;;"KS.a���A0B3S'?:.Sp-iiig -ana MaUrW^A*;' A .-..
AAa^nrv'.afAA 17^'""  A'.Ap'AA . \,ff\b r-*A ,"f;" .;.���,���������: a.\;; f
������'^v-fi-.t^-" :A"i4 �� IMtd fe ^a^aM^IA^^//;,
.."..Juc 'nee -i.ilpr.-r. V ��, si    ^.a^viJta   .i'|��r,-, Kafsci'laBd'     I
->'ffjrY*<*>^^W^ai^^ij!v^ie^^ fc^fa^^WM^^nftf^^s*0**^
A1���^- a*.       *
���I I'.
-.��-i*a*.w*i��iiiutva. B-tvrj^is.w.-iM' i��>w--ai-jT(��CT*i_--��.Tr(?��t_,,(��< ���**,��yui ������wt'iM���o nurrn -,
���:..aWAJv..>'   '��� .--���aA:���.;::���:;;: > :'/���'*"'��������� -"::Yonatiqx ov. 'Tim,:.<_it�����j
: "7; ::cp!RPU!NATil.)'X.:'Ut' Aiie;
;:��'��A; 0]'$ YyQ ��.. YY m'b a k. A;X:N i". ;������ A
���*$.v���:'?:C^- ;:'K'-AND:'PR|��P?3lETpRS;,': ok��'j&Y:r-
������ '^y^BERUAiM Q:' :6bTT'LIIs!G;:'.WdRKS:i"A^
'V,v ' ���. yy-: y r.::yr..Arx:rh::hh.   . -:XyYh-:yry;yry ^ '���;,,,."..,.��. iv^
'Yy: ^A^;���AA:^"r"A"~A"^~-A~A,:'. ������-:-: ''..^''.'A ^A^av'-^ ��������� |;
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F. 0, BOX -182
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I will not bo hot-u vury 1 las.    Tula1 liuub,
2nd Street
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!')��������������� Ahut Now Boon;Opened Up ami i.s   ,,:-���' "f (*)7- :'y,,.J
'" prepared to ���receive"ii.oardovs ���
liCiud by the Day, Week.or   Momlr
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���"      i.   ���������������.���..' ���,.    ���Reasonable Rales���
>i��� " '  'f "'-,.�� '"      ;'       ���   i,'
? Wm a Thomson
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cARivoiATiiANivs    ! Watch KepairiBg
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Air*. Theobald, during ber, ilbj
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v.  c  .     I,,.,.,,..;. ,-..   A���.,,1...U   ���*���   i��.!|;lM_flf   luMW   F.VM^'C   f>t��lAbt^
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I'lX IT.   '(l'vo IV ti Trial."'
*71, *.��, fl^    ��� ^ ���    *��� V * * * ������ i * ���   v f" ' .  "   v *   �����'*"��� -^
"   Choice Cuii'lien by ;'!! the lyvhyy t-.v.Uicir'si.'
8oft Drinks, Ci^ft'a-.'C'i^.tn-tti's, elf.
DuncmuiV U\/.cnvA.        Cumberiand,' i],;C,
^������#���a^���������W"��*���������"'#'��������������'��^*l*-���!",^ ��
(i,^.*!   ,    *.*'.     .,#.^-f),.
n**,^...-..- .'���.*.|n"ir*f#��
Jl .a    mi -  v��s. .'��b   mi"
iu>. a i.
r;d, t, C


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