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The Cumberland News Sep 23, 1914

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���thy.. --
���J"~ ���,���/���** <*��� / \^'Y" x'-r.y ���>������..>- <*^%^ ���--"
' ���  '       ,/ ' ;^ \ ���    '" Yy7   ' *���'--���--. ������ . -
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���'.. yf'-i- ' "''
The News, Twenty-First'Year
^  ^Devqted Especially to tHe Interests of Cumberland and Surrounding District.
'":'������-���-   '      ,'    CUMBERLAND, .B. C. WEDNESDAY, SEPT. S3, 1914
Subscription $1.60 a Year
WE HAVE JUST had   delivered to us over
which we are placing on  sale
EACH  S2.95
sizes 23 to 2S, good hard wear
ing   material just the  thing
for the boys���all have bloom-,
er pants.
A goo 1 assortment of boys'
suits, 28 to 23t made of good
servicable tweed-
,  ��� ,  PRICE $3.75
Extra Special  'Values-in. Better Grade
of Cloths   in   Suits
for Boys- Prices  *
���  $4.5-0,to $9.5,0
& Company, LimiteC $;
*$ - . y . ""$
UQRN���On Sunday, Septem
ber  l3tii,   to  the   wife   of   Mr,
Henry Richards, a dauglitor.
Mis. V. Marinoili is a patient
at the 0. & LI. llospitid,'suffering
from some inward trouble.
Mr, V. Marinelli. who has been
confined to his hod for several
,weeks suffering from a sprained
clo, is now  able to  ho arunnd
And now Henry iu as proud as
I  , Correspondence    I
Mr. "\Vm. Thomson, son of Mr.
Duncan Thomson formerly cf
this city, has started a boarding
house at the old stand, corner of
Duiisiuiiir nAvcnuo and Pourlh
Streets. Thoso who want board
and room f-hould,.give "Willie" a
trial, Satisfaction guaranteed and
moderate rates.
It is hard for men
to be patriotic on an
gmpty stomach ; nut
there arc some.
The sun coming out. again on
Tumbiy helped to brighten things
up, ui'ler having had miuh a dull
spell and ��o much rain.
Don't Forget the PntrioticOon-
eert in th Ilo-Ilo Theatre on next
Friday night. An excellent pin-
gramme 'ib provided for the occas
jnn eonMrtting uf imlruu.eutid aud
vocal Holofl, step daueiiig, humor-
on* heieclioiiH, eic. em; ii1k�� the
(Jmnberhuul Symphony Orc.hcKua
end Cuiisorvntivu Hand will Turn"
j.di appropriate colt'otioua for the
uvciiMnn, ltoiw��mbor the I'amilus
of tlmsu wh't have gone to the
front hy uaL'oni/in^ iiiih concert.
To Editor Nk-ws. "
1        ' *   0
Sir:���C.iun berland and Dis
trict as usual-has- promptly rallied to the assistance of those
who have gone to- fight for
us in this aweful war, also for
those they have left behind.
Our women have organize*,!
and are cheerful lv civiiij* their
time and labor to provide necessary comforts for our soldiers at
the front.
Our newspapers and prominent public men.arc daily telling
us that we must not spare either
ourselves or our substance, in
this our time of stress, but
give our last man aud last dollar
and certainly the response of our
mcrchaius and civil soi van ts and
workers generally is magnificent,
but so far as I have seen, there
has been uo organized giving by
our members of parliament, aud
senators; what a valuable: contrl
bution it would be if they all agreed to give their next .sessional
ulUuwanee, they aie paid more
ior a comparatively shoyt attendance a year than most nf us get
fir a year's work; besides, they
get their transportation free,
with no deductions for wet days;
nor or thev laid off (ov lark 'bf de
maud for their services. Then
why should they not join the pro
ceSMou aud i��ive of their sub*;
tancc as freely as the great ma.
jority are doing.
The following articles are
some of the things asked for by
the authorities for our men at
the Front:*
.. Grey flannel shirts; flannel or
kitted choleia belts, hospital bed
jackets and dressing gowns,
sweaters, (no rolPcollar), Balar*.
lava helmets, flannel uudevvests,
grey woolen socks, . hospital
nightshirts, (strong cotton or
flanuel), handkerchiefs, (cheese
cloth washed first, or china, silk
size 18 iiuhs square), tablecloths, traycloths roller towels,
.teacloths, etc.-, sheets and pillow
cases,.sizes 1SX30, 16x24, 14x16,
fomentation wringers, hot water
bottlo, covers," suspenders, bachelors buttons, safety pins, watertight match boxes, cqurt plaster,
bandages, (directions below).
Those.willing to work please
call at the Oddfellows Hall oil
Tuesday afternoon next between
2 and��5 o^clock, when materials
will be given out. Those willing to give materials or donations please, communicate ' with
one of the committee. Those
prefeiring. to-give finised garments please- note that ��� they,
must be made of the best0 materials and of regulation pattern.
They do not need fine sewing
-but strong sewing���good turnings allowed aud in many cases
the seams" stitched, twice.
.l'audages: Material, softest un-
-widths required, 2 1 2-, in., 3 1-2
in,, 4 1-2.in., and 6 in., wide., .:
��� Material uee��d not be washed'
as they are sterilized ' before
Each bandage must be firmly
rolled. '   '
"Housewives" or ''Mending
Kits," have been asked for.
They must be according to the
following directions:
Outside to be made of coarse
linen chintz, cretonne, duck or
oilier smooth, ' strong material,
size 5 i-2 by 13 inches; interior
to be lined with flannel, aud to
contain two small pockets, one
at end and one in centre, also at
tach two loose squares stitched
loosely, for pins, needles etc.
Each should contain safely
pins, sewing and darning needle*,
small straight stissois, shirt and
bachelor bullous, black   darning
Meinzelf von eommer's day vent
**������ -
To blav at vnr all roundt aboudt,
Und Enrobe-s ������tinny toys" to '
roubt, 4
Meinzelf !���und Gott
Meinselt1 deased der Russian
1W !
Und Froggio's leg, 1 doo, did,. *
tear !
Der Lion's tail gome vorhis
schare    -
Fromc Meinzelf !���und Gott
[ vos his schordt ! ��I vos his
shieldt !    , ��� *   ���
Meinzelf did guardt him in the
Budt, llimmel!   Ach S   dor
hi-A. to yieldt   ..
*�� i*
Wos Gott '���by Gott.
Rudt tings mit nie are nodt so
Dho-Eurob dells Me I vos matt!
Und in mein heart L veel sobs
.     Now.I, meinzelf���AM GOTT
���John" Bull
August 29th, 1914 '     ���"
Eecent Arrivals in Goods that 1
Are Much in Demand include
cAlloa Wheeling
A   Choice "Selection of Shades,,. imported
from Alloa, Scotland
Ladies* Waterproof
Two Lines Plain Sha-des
Waterproof Coats and Gapes |
The OityCouuoil ipet on Mon-.
day night, a full hoard being
Minutes of.. proyions meeting
took their regular courso. \
Communication from  Canadian
its was read,'and a eomiuitt.ee .was
appointed to report oil. the, mattei
atnu^xt Council meeting.
Accounts: Telephone, - 10e.*,
Tarbell &' Son, 8-1.05; Ji. G.
Crawford;','() 1.00; .f. 1 l.orbury.,l^'.o
T. IS. Date, 13.10; Wavurly Hotel,
3.00. .
J."L. Drown and Leu Chuv-
thoi;iie, us a deputation from the
unemployed, of this city, addressed
the Council in their behalf, stating
I hnt between three and four hundred were out, of employment, aijd
askod that something be "done, for
tliem. These gentlemen stated
thnt it was not charity they were
after, but the means of earning a
livelihood.    The  Mayor said that
he knew or about forty families
who were on the verge of dire
want, but thnt the city was not in
a   positimi   financially   to   assist
For School Children���all sizes
P. S.���Have  ,you   ever tried     Robinhood .
Flour?     You will   piobably   roceive   this* >���
week     a     le ter.    fiom.      the mill-.'
ers of thin H��igli Grade  Flour, aud we ask ' ,
the favor of your consideration   a.s   to   its .
contents.    This is  a   personal matter. be..
-twee'n-usT���-The-Hst-of-nanies-i ^furnished;���~^~-���y/L
by ourselves. Try this flour; it is guaftiiu
teed to be' the best on the ^market "at any.   . ���
.price. ,"'     ,..'.-
MacFaerlane Bros., Limited
Phone io
P. O. Box ioo
���*ji/������m��������������������(!����^.. y����<����������!m��������*>����������(ty
ium,    The  Council decided   tn
wool,   black   aud   white   linen ' ���u'mJ a ^ilumoul nf   eunditions as
thread, court plaster and foot-
casc j:owder; sew tape on cud
for tie.-.
MAIIRIKU-At ihe Kii'-lish
church, Sandwick, Sept. aoth, by
Rev. K. Lay cock, Alexandnv
King and Mrs J'^stli"!' Jack,
"Lucille   L'jve"   at the Ilo Ilu
Theatre on Thiusiay ni^ht.
\Vc have at present one of the
worst mail seivices iu the his"
lory of Cumberland. We appear lo be veiy largely off the
map; and why ? Decausc we
are too easy, aud put up with -it,
lu some ways we are au easy
ri'prosented to the government,
with a request that a commission
he appointed to investigate.
It wils roporteil lhat the lire
hall ".vie} badly in need of shingling elc, The Hoard of 'Works
were authorized to attend to same.
I.', Anderson arked that City
Hull be extended lliirl) feet, if
not, he would he obliged  tu fnvn\
promises elsewhere. Mr Anderson will ho informed that the
Couneii cannot see its wiiy clear
to comply with his request,
Communication I nun Vancouver ro cost of hydrants���passed
over to friro wardens and fire
chief "to deal with,
The Superintendent of. Kducii
cation will bo reminded of hia
promised visit to Cumberland,
also or the fact, that three months
leathers salaries are1 about due,
and the eity without, money to
pay them,
Constable Ward suggested, aud
made a businesslike proposition to
the couneii, in regard to u   hoii't-e
the Board of Works to report upon.
Alderman Maxwell was up in.
the air, over a revolver, which
the Chief of I'olieohml taken eiist
with him,   the   property   of   tint
Council adjourned.
�����������  ��� ��� -t> -�����������
The football nuiiui at llevan on
Saturday afternoon between Cum-
berland ard llevan teams, resultc*
in li���2. On Sunday the same
teams again tried coiicIiihoiik on
ilie Hiiiiiu ground, which' resulted
in it win for Huvaii liy ,'! -1.
(iiM'innn  snbiiuitini'��   ajtpear to
ie gi'tring  thfir   work   iu.    All
being built, for  the   polieenum in
.. ,    , .    '        , ...    ,    Hi ore to pay when    the day o
rear o| lock-up,    It was   Ielt   to      , ' ���
reckoning come*.
Mrs, (Ucv.UVui.' Kllifliit, will
receive on 1'viday,. -.\"lh. and
will be pleased lu sec as many
of her friend.-, as possible at the
parsonage, 1'enrith Avenue,
Patriotic Concert in
I lo-llo Theatre (in Friday evening at 8.
D^n't miss it.
HIS lioiiig' thu time for showing
mnv full clothing styles���thu man
who lus worn
\rt     \\yt
C,un[i\ji:)Yit C\\ii}i'iiiri iilioj/  oil  DuiiMiiuir
Ave, will sw; and buy his new fall suit.
Ifyou urc looking lor clothing that  is
\iU*.->l *,Utsii"CuH;,   ill iv Urt*i ,-IUi M*VVu-i:,)iAl
too will wear Campbell's this winter.
m. Ji
I-'-j-j-.j-j-j.>.}.I-l-l-l���I-l**I**W-'l**HI*'l* ���W"H"J*,I*,iM!"H'*H*��!-,H^*M*,W- THE    NEWS,   CUMBERLAND,    B.C.
;��*    i
A Debt
By Edgar  Wallace
Ward,  Lock    & Co,    Limited
London,  Melbourne and Toronto
^        ' J
Tom Maples lips formed tbe word.
"Nothing." tut' the set of his ji'.w
showed HO'der that this .was a,, last
act of defiance.
"What did you do with them?" lie
persisted.�� "Do you hear, Maple, wl at
did you ilo with them? 1 tell you I'm
not going h leave you mi til you answer me. Yoa mohkovetl with those
Again he -shook the mnn with all
lm strength.* His.teeth chattered and
in very weakness the tears roll-d
down liis cheeks, but, dying as lie
was, he cleiic'.iei'. his jaw thi* tighter.,
"I " began   llulik'i*,  white    wit'i
rage; then Tiger Brown, a silent spectator of the ixeno. grasped his arm.
"There's 'i c*.r coming down the
drive," he whispered. ������
They listened. They could hear i: e
"chuff-chuff" t.1 the engine.
"Get dowFtaiis,, get downstairs
quickly," said tlrowii. ��
Closing the 'loor oi the sick man's
room behind *hem they mado their
way to tlie high ceilinged living room
a..d crept to the door. They heard die
ca/ slop. Somebody approached the
door .and knocked, loudly aud autho- i-
Helder l?id his finger on his lips to
eiijoin silence. Again there came a
knock, and the three men in the
<*oom  looked at one another.
"Onen���in lhj King's name!" it said.
"The police!" lu- gasped, and looked round for seme way of escape.
���Helder did 'iot lose his .nerve. The
car had bcrjn housed in a little shed
at the rear of the building. He led the
way swiftly across the tiled door of
V>e kitchen to the rear of the premises.*
;He took a c.uuious survey from the
bay window. There was nobody in
si;rht. He unbolted the door and step-
ped out, the two men following. They
gained tlie shed.
"Jump in!" said Holder-
He kmw the noise of the engines
would attract the police, but that had
tc be ricked
He slipped .". big silk'handkerchief
from his pock*t, and tied-it round his
f;*ec. so that only the space .hetween
his hat and his'eyes was visible.
The car jerked forward over the
uneven surface of the yard and'gained the road. * He saw two men running out from the house, but he had
the start, and unless the road was
guarded at the other end he would
"hTve no���tiiffictilty���in���reaching��� London. He did not doubt but that sufficient .evidence existed to identify
him wit".! the gnng, but he was.playing
his last desperate card, and fortune
was with Jtiit. "o an extraordinary extent. *
'   .:- i-l        CHAPTER XIX.
Wi'.lctts' *
Gold had seen the car vanish. He
had not had time to elaborate piepar-
af ions which would include, all chances
of Helder's' -scape.
"Jle can wait" ho said, and addressed himself fo the task of entering the 'ouiUling.
While lie wc- examining the front
door,  he realized thut the    fugitives
must,  have  left  tome  ether    Ingress j
open, and he and the two Setlnnd Yard |
men made, their way to the back ot,
the bunding.   Tin- dopr through which
Heldf-r hurt pasocd was ajar; Gold ran
In.   The slmp'e arrangement of the interior made a smirch no difficult matter.    The t'oor of Maple's prison hnd
not been secured, and Gold made his
way to the bedside of tlie forger.
It did n"t -��*(' a modica! trainiiig
to know ihat Tom Maple was In a
- had way, and Gold's first huslm-ss
was to send for a doctor. The Hick
mnn lay topslng to find fro on hlsi
pillow, mutter':)", ineohorentJv. Gold,
wnde n quick smirch of the apnrtmi nt!
He found a    oumbo     ot   unfinished
Hands and Arms. Burning and Painful. Suffered Day and Night from
Itching, Cured by Cuticura Soap
and Cuticura Ointment.
fit. Vornnliiun, Quo.���"My llltlo idrl
Rot ringworm nil over tlio fare, liiiiuU, nml
Bruin, I wns nlvon a sort of whlto ointment
nml 11 lin a plilul ol water lo
wn.sli with. Afiir olKlit
(liiyw of thin irwiiini'iit thu
rliiiiworniH IiihU-iuI of lu-nl-
Inn biruino durk ri'il nnd
Wi'l'l' HIU'iMdlllK,  tlll'll  woro
liiiriilni? mid painful, Tlio
child Kiiirerort day and nlwht
' from tho ��n*nt lichlin*. I
wuh very illHiurlii'd,
"Ono evonliii" I fniinil a miii'iln of ('ml-
rum Honp nml ointment tlmt I Imrt ro-
t\\imU'il tho yi'iir Iji'lurn. Ho I cimum-timl
ti wiiih with tlui Hiinill plwoof ('uUriiraiJoitp,
tln'ii ttpplyliiK I lm O'tlairn uiiuiiifiii. una
IU U��* i iA tit l).;f.< i! -j i llu' i'1'lU v.:i'i nif-
fcrliif* Irm. Tlii'n wn wmifi In mimn frlenili
In Moittrral to ����t tuimn Outli'tiriv Map and
Ointment for ut. Afn.'i* Idiom ilayn' trvav-
tnt'nt tlm rliiKWormt with iTimlril over nnd
wliulsli, tlii'n on tho t*vi*nty-(lfth duy tlioy
wero lui Of j' Wi'i *...' �����" v - ��� -'- -*������"'���
Mario LoiiWo Itlou, Mny W, 10ia.
Wlum you buy a Ann toilet float* think of
tboadvantnRM Cuticura Sonp po-w^in over
(ho moit uxpfiinlvo toilet nono ��m*r miulo.
In addition to Iwlnii aiwolutfly pnro and re-
fre-ttilrtKlv* frn��rant, It U ilt'llcUely yot iiITmi-
tlifly mnllcaiiMl, kIvIiir you two noapu In
onu. IV tolli't und li tilclii ��nnp at. <mn prt.is
Cuticura Hoap ami Cuticura Ointment aro
Mid by dniwti'H Mini ilului evi-ryuliT*;,
For a tltieral frn�� **wii'l<* of cu n, wii h .TJ-p.
UmV, n-nil po��t-<*ar.l lo J'utur Ururf 4
Ctiuro. Corp., Dt-pi. I>. lu>'��Utn, t.H. A.
iN, H   U. 1012
plates, darani-.g evidence of the use
to which !)ie house had been put.-He
had finished his search when the detective he nad dispatched returned
with the dootr***.
"IJrn afraid wa shan't be able to get
him away," said the surgeon, after a
brief'examination; 'his heart is a.l
wrong, and tturo are probably othe."
complications vLich I am not now
able to, liscover."'
Gold locked i;t Ins watch.
"I'm expectirg his niece," lm sail;
"I left woid for her. .Ry luck I got
Into communication just before I left
town, and I w).*ed her to come here
Where is the nearest post office?"
"Theve is one at Royston," said
the doctor; "your car will get yju
there in 'wenty minutes."
There was no time to be lost; he
must communicate at once \yith tne
police and secure the arrest of Haider.
He had sufficient evidence now.
He sat down to a little table in tne
stone room below and wrote rapid'.y.
He was in che midct of his messa-re
when one of th-* detectives-came In.
"There's r ca. coming down tne
road,"' he "aid.
"It's Mrs Bell, I expect." said
Gold.     ���
Ho left the half-written message on
the table and went out; but it was i.
man who sprang from tlie car, a tr.ll
man whose walk was strangely fauiil-
a.  to Gold.
"Bell!" he gasped,.'
Without a word Comstock Bell
strode into the house. In the light
thrown by a hanging lamp h'.s face
was pale and drawn.
"Where's my wife?" he asked.
"I'm expeotlig her," said Gold, In
A shadow,of alarm passed over the
voting man's face.
"Where have you���?" began  Go^l.
'.'I will tell you later." said the
other, hurriedly. '-I passed my wife's
car four m:les on the road; it had
broken down and the chauffour told
me she nnu.t h-we gone on here. Could
she mave missed the way?"
Gold shook his head.*
"I don't thi.ik It's. possible. 'She
may have gone back, to London. I
will send this message off by one of
the men and go back to town with you
in your car."
"Where's Maple?" asked Comstock
"He's upstairs," answered .the other
"' "Is he ueac'?" Comstock Bell's voice
was sharp, his face went suddealy
"No, lia's not dead," said Gold, "but
I'm afraid he won't last long."'
"Is he conscious?"
The decto*1 was coming downstairs
as be spoke, mid overheard the question,
were  not, worried,  is  it  possible   to
:He's conscious now," he said, "but
he ought not to be worried.
Comstock Bel' hesitated.
"Tbis is a matter which affects isy
whole   life"   h��   said.     "Suppose   Le
were not worried, is it possible to save
-h i m?" _^ ���_
The doctor shook his head.
"Then I must speak to liim," sa'-*
Comstock Bell, decidedly. "Come
wivh mc!"
Tlie three men went upstairs 'o-
gether, Maple .lay in his bed, propped up on pi'lows. He smiled feebly
at Gold, who was the first to entpr,
but as the tall form of Ccmstock
Bell came through the doorway Ij5s
eyes widpned antl his lips trembled in
a* prehension.
"Comstock nell?" he whispered.
The other i.odcled, and walking.slowly to the side of the bed, sat down
and laid his hands gently on the tMn
wrists: of the other,  *
"Wh<*re liavo you comn from?'' asked Maple in t. weak voice.
Comstock Pell hesitated, then he
said slowly���
"I have just come from prison"
"Prison?" -.Y'li'sperHd the other,
Comstock Pell nodded. ' Ther;-. wan
a deathly sIIoiicg in the room. Gold
realized thin affairs had reached 'ho
groat crisis 'n Comstock Bell's life,
lie watched 'ho tall young mnn his
lean face softened with compassion as
he leant forwird ever the bed.
"From prlfl'-n," he repeated. "Yenrs
ago thero was n forgery commuted 'n
Paris. Two students wore Involved,
one commuted the forgery nnd passed the note, 'ho othor was unawnro
that IiIh friend had taken such a des-
poratest^p. Thoy hnd tllst'iipsod iho
forgery as a groat joke; both were
known to he concerned In the plot,
and whon the crime was detected hodmen left tho cojntry. For somo time
their '(lentltlos were confused."
Tom Manic lay staring ut the celling, his lips framing the words lie
could not ppc-tik.
"A few nu'iithi ago," Conistrek
Hell ivctit T., "I, wlio was the intio-
pcnt inemb'r of tho little confederacy,
gave myrt" f up to the police for tin
p.i'ltiip,, hocMMipp I wiih sick with nppro-
lienslon, mul hi'ciiiiHn ] knew thnt tlin
police w Ti nualn Honrchlng for Wil-
luttH. In WIlli'tlK' iiiinii) I was con-
ik.'inncd ind KOiiienpod "
"And  Willed j lr dPiid," Rnld Gold.
"Whv did vou do Buch n mail tl;lng'"
"Wlllolto  Ih al-ve" said Coiimtoek
Thn num on Dip bed Riiilh'd faintly.
"Yen," he paid In a low voice, "ho
Is allvp-l nm Wllletti*"
1    lie turned over on hip hMo and eon-
Jilnupil iir tliniigli pppiiklng to hlniBP f;
thfj   had  ��i)iin> difficulty  In Inuring
I hlni, for at limes his voice sank till
I It wnp hut n whkiper.
"I nm WII'pttB." Iip wont on, "poor
Tom WIII-llK. WUlPtts." he whlspoipi,
wonderlngly,    "j    thoughf    J  shoiilil
never lvar ilat u inic again."
lie was sllont for n long Mme, so
IUIK  Uun   n<<-'*   li 'il'.:,-.   'm:  \���ift  '..A- :
.i ���������������������"  a-i" IV.c doc'ov Ipnnt over him,
toitchlni* lot tnoo np.'iily,
"lie Ik dead," Hnid tlio doctor.
*   ���   *
An hour later Comslock Bell and
field were on their wny to London.
���;���;,��� m- -i..   ...,.:,,.: ���*.<.* 1���.?.���?.'.'.'*,.,".-*"
"I loft ("!K*lm��fnrd thlB morning,"
pnld CoiiiHtPok Bell. "I reeelvpil thp
rPtnlKHlon of my pontonee an a tphuU
of the notion nf thi' French pollen���
it was Fecotntp'R drlitgH, nnd I went
Htinlght nn lo Southend, wliich my
wife hnd mndp her heail'marton*."
Gold wiih ii littlo niizzlfil rind thow-
oft |r. und CornHtock Bell explained
hrii tiy.
"When I,Imd deeldi'd tlint I should
exphtp the prime nf which I was ae-
iMixpil, I looked .ihoiit for nn agent
wltiui I could tn.Pt. I dTldPil tn m:>r-
ry    My plan wnn to keep my Imprlaou
ment secret To this end I bought
a tug boat and had it fitted. My object was :o allcw niy agent to pass
unobserved to and from London,
which was necessary for many reasons. ' The day I left England''on my
honeymoon I \ve*.t no farther than
Boulogne; my tug carried n*c? back to
a seaside resor':, and from thence my
wife and I journeyed to London. That
night I surrendered. By a piece of-ill-
fortune ' my wife was ' seen at niy
house. She had gone there to find a
rubber stamp with rny name which I
had foolishly U-ft behind."
iTq oe Continued)
Fat'a Retort
An Englishman was driving aro..nd
County Tipperary one warm day
when he came across a farmer setting-potatoes. -Thinking to have a
joke with him, ht* ���begnn;
, J'WelJ, Pat. what are you planting?"  ..
"Praties, sir," said Pat.
"Do you tlil'ik potatoes will como
up?" asked the Englishman.    ,
"Of ooursj, * sniV Pat.
".Why, I set onions last year in our
garden, and carrots came up," said tho
"Oh." said Pet. "1 set an acre of,
turnips lust year .in that Held ,over!
there, and do you know what came'
"No."  replied   the  Englishman.
"Mike Murphy's old black donkey,
and ate them all." answered ��� Pat.���
��� "I see." said, the sad young man,
"that Ermintrude has a new' motorcar."
"Yes, her papa gave her a dandy,"
gurgled the joyful youth.
"And how does she like it?"
"She says she is madly in love with
"Another case where man is displaced by machinery."
"Call  off  your  dog,  for    goodness
' No use, he's deaf."���Le Rire.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
*y loc&l irpllc��tlon��, u ihey cannot reach the tU.
IMsd forUca ot (Ue ��&r. Thero la only ooa way Vt
litre dtA&wa, and tbat Is by constitutional rtmedlNi
Deafneu Is caused by, aa Inflamed condition ol th��
nucoiu lining oi the Eustachian Tu.be. When thia
tube U Inflame! yuu have ft rumbling sound or imperfect hearlnc, and when tt 1> onUreiy closed, Deal-
seal is the result, and unless tbe luflcmmailon can be
taken out and this tube restored to ite r.orinil condl-
(Sob, hearloc Y.lll be deatroyod lorevtr; nine cucc'
eut ol wa are caused by Catarrh, which Is nothln*
but an Inflamed condition ot the mucous surfaces.
We vill flro One Hundred Dollars tor any case ot
Ossitntas (caused by catarrh) that ennnot be our��d
*T HaU'i Catarrh Cure,   Send for circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY * CO.. Toled*. *
BoW by Dru��*1st��. 76o.
Txte Hall's Family FUla for ooostlpattoo.
War'= Mark on the Candy Trade
Certain 'oothsome confectioiis
known aii "Mexican kisses" were favorite baigau*. day candies inc New
York for a long time- Recently the
signs iu the shops carrying these
sweets-were cianged to read "Pecan
Maple Kisse3."
���-^IhyJ^_asked_a,-Ja(lv__sh_o_p.p.er.    '  -
The  sales-j;- i  raised  her eyebrows
as she  answered, "Because    of    the
trouble In Mexico, you know."
"That rea'iy r.in.de a difference?"
"You'd  be  surprised  to  know how
The Gcal of Success
A Boston philanthropist, it Is said,
not  long ago  i-ee Jived  the following
"Dear and Noble Sur: Knowing
your kind hart an nobleness 'of
nachur ,1 rite thepe few lines to -ist
will you be so kind as to add to
y.pur good deuls the following. I
have lately lo^t niy horse, myt-hom-*
,aii my who. So being horseless,
honicless and wlft-less 1 am up agin it
hard trying to e>.iu a living Would
you be- so kind in tho goodness of
your grate hart to help me along
sjme fluniishially until I can replace
my three loss-s when I am shurc i
can make good my losses an wo.ild
pay back the iono 'with intrest, A
small lone would help but a biger
ono would help n.e to reach the g^ile
of suokcess Sn'.ner and therefore you
would get your money back sooner,
so lt would t,e b'-'ter for both If tl'.ii
lone could he !.i'*ge as possihld, IKipe
to havo i'a\orai*le reply etc."
Source of Unllmted Contributions to
tre Rh-hes of Literature
IU* came Jimldly Into the editor's
"Pardon nie, sir, but would you!like
an au'.horitative article on the immigration question?"
"That isn': ouite In our line."
"How about feminism?"
"Af**nid we cannot use It."
"Perhaps you would like to have
Wall street shewn up in an iulmit-
i.biy witty and yet dignified und
���.c-arcliing manner?"
"Sorry, but it'does not interest us."
"Well, say a stirring article on Mexico, giving "the inside facts."
"Nothing rn Mexico today."
"Perhaps you would like-a bunch of
wonderful  short  stories?"
"We are lather- long on short
stories."       ��� **'
"Well, how about some poetical masterpieces? Anything from four cantos
in* You know, thev are quite fashionable how, Can let you have a metrical best sell r in a couple of weeks "
'1 am afraid not. Is there anything
you ciunio* furnish?"
"Nothing sir Philosophy, hlstoiy.
pi-etry, Ihiiikii--how about a series of
snappy urtich s on health? Perhaps
you would like to have your readers
diet by a :io\v cysteni just Invenud.
It makes no di:Torence, there Is nothing in the whole range of literature
that I cannot supply you with Hcc's
my card. In '-ase you want anything
let'me know."
He got up to go. The editor smiled.
"May I ask whether you run an
agency or a syndicate?-"
"Neither, Fir. I am only,, the proud
father of a r.'neteen-year-ol'd girl who
has a talent for literature and has
just been graduated from an American college."���Life.
How to Make   Homemade Scents
Lavender Vater.���Put into a bet-
tie and,shake W3il������ one-eighth of a
pint of spirits of wine, one-eighth of
ai ounce <jf o 1 of lavender and a
quarter of a dram of essence of ambergris.
Eau Ae Co*,jgi:e���Half an oiiLce
each of oils of lemon and berga.iiot,,
sixteenth of an ounce of oil of oraaga'
peel, quarter 'A ?. dram of oil of
neroll, five drops oi essence of musk
or emhergris. Reduce this, amount of
ingredients l\ half a pint of rectified
spirits of wine
Numerous perfumes may be madf;
by adding to a small quantity i,f
rectified spirit- cf wine oils of geranium, sandalwood, rosemary or essence ef bergamot, ��� musk or ambergris, ' adding it drop by drop until
the desired peraime is obtained.
Il.ese ingredients may be obtained
from any dnio" store.
Minard's    Linic.er.t    Cures     Diphtheria.
Bill���And vou sny they ran away to
idt niarrlou?
I"- ���''   nt\ vh'i| t'-ev did.
"Ami  her  fall.fr���did    ho    follow
'. "Suro thing."
"And did he untcli up with them?".
"Tie certainly (Md.   Why, h,.'s livhg
with thom yet!"���Yotikei*8>Statesman
What Makes the Crest on tlieJ Wave?
When the wioft blows over the aea
it forms waves that follow on In "Uie"
.direction of :hy wind. The water in
the waves themselves moves '���eaby
ii��* and down aud down and backwards
and forwaids with a very slight. move-
ment In a , iorward direction. Tho
stronger the wind- that makes the
waves, the higher will the crest on
the waves be, the deeper the ho.lows
between them, the greater their 'ength
and the faster will they move forward. The crest is formed by the action of tho wlr.d on the mass of tno
wave whe'- tho wa.ve ceases to nijvo
fbnvaid. The movement of the wave
is (|iiib npan Jrom the movement of
tho whole mass of water, as we.may
see on th'- mr'ace of a river whe-n tne
wind Is blowing against the direction
of the stream. In thnt case the wind
willjorro wav-s in its own direction.
The same thing may bo noticed at
the mouth of a harbor, if tho wind is
blowing on \t, the shore whllo th.e
tldo to going out.
Warts o.i Mr.' nands It a disfigurement thnt. trouble? many ladies, Hollo-
wpy's Corn Cure will ,remove the
blemishes without pain.
Or,ce an Inland Sea
It la the (������.intention ot geologists
that tlio Mo-llterranean waB, once x
great Inlai'tl iea and that the moun-
Uv.iioiis vocks separating' It from tht*
At'iititk: wiv in the course of age:-
worn nw.iy hy Mia force of the wnts-r.
Intpvostoil Party- -You say thifj bon
crn not be upset?
Inventor���-I'.'s Impossible. The tanks
nro filled with vl,',litlng fluid.
The Highest Tunnel
Ever s.nco the discovery of South
America the, great Andean chain of
u-ountains, *.\"n**-h runs from ond to
end of the continent, has formed a
formidablo barrier to Intercourse between the nation inhabiting it. indeed, it hac-actually been simpler for
people livlnc iu the Argentine to
make long sea voyrges in order to
reach their neighbors in Chile rather
than attempt to cross the natural
fiontler dividing them. But the'proud
Andes have now been subdued by -he
burrowing thr: ugh of a tunnel, the
lcftiestri (of -any considerable length)
iu the world- This Is to bo found on
the'Transandina Railway,'which runs
from Buenos Ayres "on the Atlantic to
Valparaiso on '.Le Pacific, a distance
of 8SSS miles. In ascending the Andes
the track follows more or less closeiy
the old Andean trail till it reaches
the foot of iha Cumbre Pass. He*e,
ai an altitude of 10,500 feet above the
sea level, "he ���aummlt of, the .mighty
lVMige of mountains is pierced by- a
tunnel just over two miles in length,
It. was at once *.i difficult and arduous feat, necessitating the toll of an
army of brave men for several ye;."s
in a reglou of eternal snow aud frightful bllzzar's hnlced, this tunnel In
the Andes lies l.cOO feet higher than
the highest carriage road In Europe
that over the SUevio Pass���and
more than 3,500 fret higher than the
Mount Cenis, St. Gothard and Simplon
Passes. With the opening of the Panama Canal tho commercial import**.!**"��
of this tunnel cau hardly be exaggerated.
Nova Scotia'* Untitled Acres
. Food for thought is contained In ihe
figures given by the census and statistics branch of the department bi
trade ani commerce. According . to
this authority, .in Nova Scotia, e'Ven
with threo hundred years' settlement,
out of, an available area for_ cu.i'.v.v
tion of 8,000,000 acres, ' not a
million are itct.ia"ly under cultivation.
Leading merchants in the .Maritime
Provinces feel,that with the' possibilities possessed by such a widespread
territory, the great problems to be
met are those of adequate transportation and markets. It is pointed out,
says a Halifax message, that the
United States, witli its already enormous and :apidly increasing population, must ultimately .become the
largest purchaser of Canadian products. The fact is not lost sight of,
however, of tbe opportunities offered
by the now fast developing South
American Republics, wliich are atso
bound to become patrotis of Canadian
food products.
Punishment in Effigy
Punishment lu'. uffigy was legalJy
practiced in .Prahce and with greiJ
solemnity up' to tlie time of the first
revolution. - If , the man condemned
escaped a dummy was put up in liis
cell and the entire routine of ir.e
law allowed to take its course. The
warrant was read to it, and on the
day appointed^ _was_conducted to
the scaffold i.i the ��� p"resen"ce"""of"air
the legal fimctiOiiarien and with all
the circumstances of the law,' Sometimes the safn'u person** was executed
in effigy simultaneously in sever ai
(ities, but ti.at did hot exempt him
from actual punishment should he
be afterward caught. The scaffold
was always leady."
The afternoon was warm,. holidays
were approaching, and the teacher
was almost worn out trying to drum
tho elements of grammar Into the
craniums of her pupils.
"Now, Johnny," she said wearily,
"tell me���woulu It be proper for you
to say: 'You 'nn't learn me nothing?"
Johnny looked thoughtful for a
moment, and then replied in a tone of
"Yes, mum "
The teacher sighed.
"Why. Johnny?" alio asked. 'Tell
me why.'
And the answer came quick and
"Cause yer can't"���St, Paul Dispatch,
"She" was working at a woolen article for n ha-Hiar. "Ho" asked nor
what she wit making.
"A comforter ���' bhe replied.
"That is exactly what I want," he
answered.       '���
"Oh. I shnll be most hnppy to make
you one," she Innocently rejoined.
And she old��� Woekly Telegraph.
"What Ih  proper to serve  with  a
club sandwlfih?"
"Oh, something with a stick in it
^:WM��&��M��: 7
���V     ���>  ' ������>������-, <���>.-- 'V - i   V   - "     ......     **: - ,'   *
A Simple System   -
There is more than one. wry    to-*
keep nn account book.    Tlie method,
of one woman is In the direction of
simplifying,    the    distracting    mat*
ters of debit t-r.d credit.
Mrs. Twiller is extravagant in her
expenditure i<.'i" housekeeping,- according to her husband's ideas. With
p. view of rectifying this falling, he
recently bought her an attractive
liule account book, and carefully explained Us uso to her.
"Now,' ho sild, "hero is a $20 bill
Put down wluu ". give you on this
side, and yov: ''"expenditure . on ' the
other. When that' money 1*5 gone yoa
fchall hnve more."
A fow days alter, he asked, to see
the book, which Mrs. Twiller , produced with un air of modes*, pride.
On one pngt- wiib written ..'Received'
from Johii ?2u," On the opposlte-
"Spept.lt i.ll."
Drives Asthma Lik* Magic. The Immediate helps from Dr J. D. Kellogg's
Asthma Remedy seems like magi*..
Nevertheless it It, orly a natural nm-
edy used'it. ft natural "way. The" smoko
or vapor, reaching the most remuo
passage of the affected tubes.'brushes,
aside the trouble, and opens'a way for
fiesh air to enter. It is sold by dealers throughout the land.
Washington In London ,
, Some BngLstir-ien do^uot take kindly, to the suggestion that a monument
to George Washington should be
placed in Westminster abbey. "Are-
we," asks ��� the London Outlook, "to
have-a monument to the men n**&
women and children who were Ms victims? Then le* iis b*-: logical for oiue-
and erect anoVner monument to the
late .Pref-id-in*. Kruger. Equally wich.
Washington, he had the two necessary qualifications���he was the mortal
enemy of-England, and he persecuted:
a British population. What - more is*
Minard's Liniment Cutes CUds, etc.
Dolly���We, haa to practice Choptm
for three houis today, mamma.        ,,��'���
Mrs. Parvenoo- -Really, my dear,
shoppin' is all very well, but vcur
papa sent you tc the ladies' acaflsifly
to learn nvisi'c tiiiJ. that sort o-'thin^."'
���London Mi.il.
*   Beresford's Dilemma
Lord . Charles   Beresford,   Lhe* Rng-   ,
lish "naval* off'cer   once    hurled    at  '���
New Yotk, and   was'immediately ask-'
fcd to dinner by a deputation of pro:ni-
uent men, who would tako no denial..
He appeared a: Lhe banquet iu* morn-.
attired,"and ho began his speech by*'
apologizing vor his apparent .iack of"
good, manners.
Ho had  confided  his  difficulty,   l.e*
said, iii ��� being at, the eleventh 'hour   "-
without evening .clothes, to the hotel
manager, who.tpld him that the mat-,
ter was qult^' easy, ahd that he hadJ
only to  start a  trifle early and  call
in  at Messrs.  So-and-Sc,    96''  Something avenue, off 4952nd street, where ,
he  would  oo  accommodated    in  no ��
time ���
To his dismay, however, the shopkeeper pxpressed his regret and in- '
ability to comply with his request,
and said, "The fact is, sir, I have
generally some twenty-five suits of
evening clothed on hire, but there's
a big dinner In the city tonight to' ,.
Admiral Charles Beresford, and they
have all been loaned out!"
- "Mamma, am ��� made of dust?
���"Yes, my cnlld."
"Well, ihen, whaJ road did I como   *
off of?"
Wlillo���Phw, wati Solomon the
smartest man'
Pnw���No, my son. The smartest
man was the fellow who started the
theory Muit tobacco -smoko wim good
for house plants���Cincinnati En-
"How do you like your new flftt?"
"It's a llltlo restrict ed." replied tho
patient man. ���T.iey won't allow you
tr ralso ulilUJrin "oi pots. They evon
noniplnlr if vo*i mist- your volco."���
WaHhington Stnr
is good teat'
Tlw Illustration TjoIow uho*��8 tho now lino of tho Canadian Pacific
Railway woBtward from Woyburn. Thin lino, whon oompletad, will connect Woyburn and LothbrldKO and opens ono of tho boot agricultural
dlstrfotsiu tho wholo wosfc. It Is, In fact, nn omplro hitherto without
railway facUitloB, but now in direct communication with a number of
wholosalo centers as Bhown by tho map.   In addition to regular freight
sorvico tliis now lino hat* a pasaongor train
dally, oxcopt Sunday, each wny between
Woyburn and Bhaunavon, malclng close
connections each way with Saskatoon,
Hogina, Moose Jaw, Winnipeg, St. Paul,
and Minneapolis*
j *jv   '
9 y q y i y -j
H *      **
'o^ It,,   "Iff*
- V"��<?
ToShtunivon >kii25mi*
Frtm   ��� ����� JO ���
^ty/kUL iMnt>  mi'*n-i������u-f ������������������  .-.a... .* i*,j  J^^^^Sij^^?������^^?' 3ffiE?$8R 'WiiMlfLiL  NQTICB i������', horeby Kiveu th:. t nppli-  , eatien .will bo mado to tfia Superintend^  eat of I'rovincial-Poboo, .Viotoria ,'for,a  license to sell liquor   by  \7holpsal6 upon  vthe premises situated on,Lot 6,- Blook.IB,"  :*Cuiuborlaud Townsite, Cumborland, li O  CiAhl MUSSATTO, Applicant."  .Sated this 1st dny of'Octobor,ll)l3.  NOTICK in htroby given tlutoa the firat  .���������day of [)jo,nbar   next .applioatiou' will   be  made to the Superiutendeiit of   Provincial  Police, Victoria, fertile .renewal of the hotel license to eell  liquors  by retail iu tne,  ,hotel,kuown as the L������rno hotel, situated at  Comox. B.C.      '   "Gi:oki-������ Al.Jiuu.ow  Dated Ootober'l,.1913.  *^^*c-*fr;gi������������K?&^*fr'^\'������'^^ r^y^^o..,,,^,.  NOTICE is hereby given that on the  first day of November J 913, application  will be made to lli? Superintendent ot  Provincial folice, foiva renewal of the  .wlijle.-al^liqu >r license" upon the premisses known as Lot 24, Subsoction !,' Xel-  v-3011 District.  I-JUIENER JJKKWINO CO.Ml'XN'V.  NJ.tted Octobcr'-ist, jyy  NO'l'lCS io hereby {<ive;i timt on tho  ���������flr������.t d.iy of December noxinpplkiit.oi������;\ul!  he made to thb Supo iuleiului.t nf I'rovin-  clidToluja, Victoi i������, C-r a nuuuai of the  '4i<>toi license to cell Jii*u<iM by id.iil in  th������hotel known.us the Uniun lutvl, sit-  ttufco at  Uniou.ii.C.   John N. M.cl.t:o*A  Od'jil the 1st day of October, IIUS-  NOTIU-IS������ hereby i;iv*. u that ou tlio  I'lrat day ot D.oouilior noxt, uppliouWm will  ,4)8 mndo to ilie Siiporiiitoudent of ,l'ruviiiainl  ,Polico, Victoria, fur tho renewal of Hia lionet liceuce to soil I tailors by retail hi tlio  .iiotel known aa tho Kvtrode hotel, sitiiatee  .at Courtouay, U. 0.   ������ '.,   0. H. Funis uu.  Dited OotoiKr 1, 1913. ,  NOTIOK is Hereby givuo .thnt. ou the  jflrst d.iy of DoccEiber next application will  be nude to the Sapcrindendent of I'rovin-  liial Polico, Victoi ii*, for lheroi.o������vaiof the  iiotel Ifcenso to siil liquors liy u't-iilintthtij  'Ciottl km.w.1 ns.tbe IViUou hotel, actuated,  .at Union Hay B.C. c)  Ai.vt.ki-i Hapits1. 1Io������sk(  Dated Oftoboi ],, 1913.  NOTICE is -hereby given   tmit on   the-  'first dny.oC Dacuiiibor ner-t ay.plioatlon Willi  . l������ mndi* to the SNipariutov.iifint di iPro'vin-i  ���������sirtl Vnlkn, ATictcria,"t'or tlio retiew������l.<*f the]  '. iboul license 10 seH li^wow l������y rdtaila-i the  lio*el kiiKwn aa the NeUsn li������tel, sftuved!  sat .Union liny, li.C .iTohk 'Fuasgii."  <������>atod Gotoher 1st, ISIS..  THe, Go-LMt-eaay Hotel  .33v*-rf .*eonyei\k!iie<? \ror'f>v*ests.  ���������Th* Coatial Hotel "tor Spootissaeii  of British Columbia, Ltd,���������  ,   , TUE S. 8. CWIGHAU   WILLSAIL AS IhNDER  . Coftox���������UNiON' Bay���������Nanaimo-���������Vancoitvi-r���������Routk  Leaves Comox, Sunday, 4 p. ui Tuesday 11 p,,m-  Leaves Union Bay, Sunday, 5 p, m... .Tuesday, 12 o'clock, iioou  '     ,       For Deuman Island, Nanaimo and Vancouver.  RETURNING���������Lewes Vancouver, Saturday and Monday, S pm  , For Nanaimo, Union Kay and Comox. "   "  ������        " >~ . . '  .Subject to ch.iuge without notice.   ���������  ������  J.    N".   McLEOD      PEOPElsior,  English * r. BURTON always on up nlso. tho famous MILWAUKEE  BKERS���������Aiihonacr,- Bubiimis,n, Schlt?, &c. "OLD GUBV BKAUD"  vSCOTOH WHISKY.       . Beet Wines and Liquors of all kinds  The Koarding ������ud Lodging Dt-partmcnt. uuder tho immediate superintendence  will be tour.d First class id every respect.  CANCELLATION* QiniK-  SEliVE.,  NOTICE IS 11KRK11Y GIVEN that  the reseive, ihe nolire of which appear-  oA in thu* li. C, (lazeuc on tho njih day  of Dea:n\her.,i9o7i is cancolled in so i\ir.  as ii relates to the following 'Jparcels oi  bmli-theW. 1 s ofiheS. K. i-j, ihe  ���������S. W': i'-4 anil theS. 1 ' of the N. \V.  1 -.jiv est of ihe river in Section 4; the S,  E. 1-4. the-S. E. 1.4 of the S. -A'. 1^4  'iml the N. E.1-4 m Section 5: the S.  i-i of the S. E., 1 4 in Scciion S; the S K.  1-4, tho S. \V. 1*4 .md the E. i-i of the  N. E 1-4 in Section 16, aiitl tlio E. i-z  of lhe S. E t-4 ami N, 1-2 iu Sectional,  all in Township j, S.iywt.rd Disnict, and  llie N\ E. 1 4 of Aw N. H. 1-4 in S.v-  lion ,*2; the N E 1.4 ol'thc S W 1 4 nnd  lhe N VV 1.4 tuuIN 1-2 of the N E i-.i in  .Section jj-the N 1-2 of the N \Y i-.|  ami the N 1-2 efihe N E 1-4 in Section  :A'< uni the S 1-: ami N W 1-4 of ihe N  \V 1*4 hi Section ���������*;, all in Township f*,  Sayward District.  The said lands will be open foientry by  pre-emption 011 Monday, the 18th clay ol  May at the hour of 9'0'clock  111 the forenoon; ail applications  to b������ "iade at the  oTiceof the Government   Ayent,   Vancouver.   No Pre-emption , Record shall  include mohe than 40 acres of land except in cases where it is desirable to in.  chide small fractional  portions oflej-al  Subdivisions; information in which cou  neciion may.be obtained from plans   oa  view at ilie above mentioned Agency.  R. A/RENWICk''  ' Deputy Mini.iier of Lands.  Lands  Department, - Vietoria, IL-   C,  February 1,1th, 1914. '  It ATEB,  91 00 per day nnd T/p  'Vs'T)ire~i3Ktia5~iSQ"&CT<!"tr".v/.iso^ gfca iLiouors;  ?,t U������: Bar:   ���������  ���������ftATMS- .       WEAS-ONABLE  .John Johnston.' Prop  53 *&w**i^tft\^<f%^x>*^^  CM TARBELL  rewers  rains  ,   , diet ter., Chciioer" Than Most Dairy Fcwls  Vancmiver Milling & Grain Company* Ltd.  Distributors        'NANAIMO,' B.C.  tmw GMDE STOVES;  And nil KJTCHEN.. .UTEN.S1J.S  Sporisiacns Goods  General Hardware  ������ MADE IN CANADA  m Pure Food Insures  1 GOOD HEALTH  Magic  m       Baking  Powder  Insures Pure Food.  & W. OILLETT CO.. LTD.  TopopI'j. Ont.  am  CANCELLATION   OV RH-  ,    S1.CRVH,  NOTrcKIS HE UK BY GIVEN that th-e Reseive, a uotice of  xv^icli appeared in the iJrifish  Columbia1 Gazette on the -27th  day of December, 1907, is caii;  oelled in so far,as it. reiatcs :to  Hands ooveved by Kxpired,- Tim'*.  iber, Liconse KfA. ^.293(>''"'and  kaiown as Lot No. 374, : Sayward  Disbict: aiVd that,.die' said laiuls  will beJonehed for staking; for  pre-o������^ptiou as utasurvcyed lands  ���������in conjpianoe witlii( the provisions of tbe "Land Act" at 9  o1 clock.'Vn .the forenoon on Tues  day,   Artist    ".   1914.    l?or  'further i^fonuatiou"npply to the  OoverniueVl Agent, Vancouver,  throiigliVhosi! oflice  all.  applications must he .made.,        ,     *v  It.  A. RiiNwrcK,.  Deputy Minister of Lauds,  Lauds   Depart ment,   Victoria,  H. C, June 10, H)\t\,  suaimeusohkdl'le;   -  Trains will arrive al Cuinbi.*;'-  iatul from Union Jiuy al. SAO on  Tuesday, Thursday and fciiturd-iy,  oveiiings, ami will leav������ foe Uuinn  Day Wednesday and Friday at 7  in tho moi'inny*, and on ���������Saturday  at 5,30 in tlm yvouing. Tliei'is is  no chiuigp in thw   S. S, Cowichan  cliediikv-  NOTICE.  it *-rh-*u *mt***m������ma*vmm  DISSO^UTfOK OK  rAUTXKKr  rill 1 J'.  NOH0I51R hiirehy piven" tlint  tho purl tiers hip herotoforo exisUuK  Uiiwcisu Jonn ltioi.usoii mul Artii-  ur DiMiUin undor iliu uni) niitiiu  and piyloof Uiu B.C. t'iavnj-0, cm- ...      .    ,  ryin- on hmium at   CuiuWrlaml, | *���������*w> > ,utor������������������ [" ("  )\, V,, was on tha 17th day of July,  Scaled tenders will he received  hy tlm.Minister of Y.iindi* nnt la  ter than noon on lhe 7th day of  August, 101-I, for the purchase ol  Lieense X 211; to cut 4iK1,000  fret of tinihei'on an area adjoining Lot 174, little Valdi'H Island,  Sayward DiVl'i'iet.    Quo year will  III* it Unwed  fni* tlin    VMMnvnl nf tlin  \v.uhuw  Kurthiu' particulars of the Chief  ': ,..' NOTICE  Any jxu'Ron or persons, cutting,  removing or taking any blocks  timber or wood, ol'anyjdeseriptiodn  xilonging to the Wellington Colliery Co1)'., or from or off the land  of the said Couipnuy, or nnyono  tipping rubbish of any description  anywhere upon the. company's  land will lm prosecuted lo thn full  extent of #tlie. law.  J.'It.- LOCKAUl),  Uoneral .Manager,  "  Colliery On,y,  .LIQUOR AOT 1010.  Section 42.  ���������NOTICE Ts  hereby giver*   lhat  one.,      month from date,  application will be made to the  Superintendent of Provincial police for a license for the sale of  liquor by wholesale in and upon  tbe premises sit.iated in lho town  of >Courlcna,y, .15. C, known and  desctibed as .Lots 30 and 31,- Section (i I.    ���������"  -ADated-t-hta^l-fjl-h-idiry^of���������Aprilv  19U'. ....  ;UNI0N .B11E-W1NG COMPANY  .Ltd.  .Conrad Keilel,  ���������>��������� Applicant  ,  L1QQOR ACT, 1910.  Section -]2. '  N0TI0P3 ifl hereby given that,  on the 1st day ot* December next,  application will be mado to the  Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel licence  ,lu sell liquor by retail in the bniel  known as tne Miilaspina Uotol,  ,-i uate'at Lund, in the Province of  Ih'ilirth Columbia.  Dated this Slh day of October,  1013,  FRED. THULIN  Applicant  CANCELLATION ���������OF RE-  S1CRVK.  NOTICE IS HE UK BY GIVEN that iho reserve of foreshore  and of the coal under the sea  fronting on Nelson and Newcastle Districts, notice of which  appeared in the IL U. Gazette  on the 6th clay of January, uuo,  is cancelled. .  lt. A. Rknw.ick,  Deputy Minister of Lands.  Lands Department,   Victoria,"  IL 0.^231^ June, 1914.  Of"YfVC>MT8.������iC,  hnyy.i rs:-i\ng t,vl..������cl! t"..l ctirr\- j.-v* -jjvj*  Qutv!:!; <tff!*Tta!is ������yr <jm.'i<>:j l'xu>' ^l,i"t!i.*i������.������*i'  iyi^ck-i n iiCf, c!!b<mt  a* x-(���������,'*���������"������������*���������'-<>- *.* t.���������**>.- r'     ri"  A !i.;*ir���������:o!.*.')' Ull'*1:;: -; yc':'i; ' .. .  cv'-HiftJl of M*   ������������������ ' .:*.'*' *v ,* ".  .iiH.l'i.tl.lb a va k..    i;   y - ��������� ��������� ������������������    :,  ������', PO" * -."al**:  !^f-^L^-'!-^-^V!;>*-\  ^.���������iu������i������0c!;c, jay 1..,NViftlu-s-.*!. .*   ,  IN THE COUNTY COURT OF        ***ms*wm*ov^ft'8a"TrAW"  NANAIMO HOLDEN AT  ���������NANAIMO,  IN THE MATTER' OF   Henry  Richardson Shalt/., deceased,  intestate, late of   Stratidby, Rupert  District,'������. C  \\TT) l" '              1 ruwn.'l>ii '������j������rilt.n'.<lj*p,'HaMlu.',"(i" 0. '.'���������{.'.������������������ih,  *V,N1 *    -*| |i('-.5i!:r������������!yi'iin0.i.>i:ii. |l,*i"!'*'*j;{o=j*i.>.':t(  tV -'^i-t ���������* l\r \ i|vi'i * )< ,,i' .!,��������� ...'^i*;'1 li!',"* *'r"0, "A-"'. ar-J.K'y rv; oji-i'. j'-*n'oi...  U>   i ill'. MA I J. IrAi p* tlie "V^ui- ; J_Wt\}y<r.O,!-," ^ <t i.t".\ t. ..:.^.-:n  oial v\*.]niioitvt:'.*it������**r5*- A������*i,"  TAKK NOTICE ti..\i hy .-'.r-.  der oi'IiU'Honor diulao r.r.i-ket-,  niiul<- on the 10th dayof Juiu*  lill L, I was3 appointed A������1-  miiustrator of. the Estate of t'*"  above-'nientiuned dei'entsi.-d. and all  parties Laving elaiuis agaiv.st, tlu>  said estate are hereby required to  furnish suine, properly vta-ilietl,, to  uie on. or bi-l't'i'o the lutlv dny of  July IUM. AND all par-  tios indebted to *nid estate, are required to pay the amount of tln-ir  indebtediH'^ii to me   forthwith.  Dated this 10th day of Jmu  101*1.   ' :*     .      "  AV. VVKai.irv Wii.r.AKiJ,  Ollicial Adiu-ii'iistraror,  Ciimhe.i'lasid, B. 0.  /  /  NOTICE TO CONTKACIORS  L������AND REGISTRY   ACT.  1 ��������� IN THE MATTER of nu Application for a fresh Oertilic.ite  of Title to Section 5 Coi'iiox  District.  No. S.J-'inv; School.  SKA1.KI)   TENOKRS,   su:������;r������criUo������.'  "Tomlcr frtr' No.  b  Mine  School,"  will be toreiveii hy tin,   Ui"*iiuir.ibli: tlie ���������  .Minister of l'lil'lii-: Woi-ks up to r'..**i oi  Tuesday, ilii* njili d.iv of "Mrfy  1 .?:.���������*. f.5r*:  lhe erection  ami  c">ini"lcuon  cf a Iwo-  titoni sihool-lu'ii'x* -it No. <S Mi*i<-*. Ciui-  bv.thi'.v.\v ui "lie Ccii\.)\ KU'ety:.������l"lJ",.V!ic'.-  I'lnns, spccificttl'oii-*-, contract ' ;i:itl  Ti'rnis Ml tender tn ay be kcimi on ami- ���������i*-*  ter tlie - ., isi ilny ***f May,  1914, .1 t th^, 0.1T1 c e oi  Mr. j. l!;iird, Governnn'MAj'eiit, wluii- ���������  Ijei-I.md, IJ. C; Mr. A. J. .Sutburl.mtl. -  Secretory of the y\:hool iioard, '."usabN^  land; U. C; ������tnl tk������ l.^p.n^'ip**!**. bf  Public Works, Victoria. ���������  By :ipplicaii.)!i   io' tho   undi'i-=.t;;**e<ti  cotur.icioi-; (u.iy obui:n a cc*\y  ot  *.l;<i  plans .ind s;;eri(ican**ins for ihe jnm ^of -,  ten dolling {S'.o), w'Ai K yft be  c<ifim\ti*4- .  on reiuvning s.i'oio in yood ord-.r.  linch proposal iiihm be' .icGompi.nte*^*  by ail acccpied  bank cheque or   cerlili  cite of deposit <*'. .*��������� cha'itcied   bmsk of  Canada, made payable  to tkc   H;>i*..���������������������������������*- ���������   ,  a!.-i!e the Minister of I'libiirVvoi* ., tor' a  mil. eijual 10 *o, ret; cent of.ibe le'iile*-,  ������liicirsh:ill ht: forfe'l.'cd' if thi: p.ti-iy m-t- ' ��������� ���������  -.lorinj* decline   \c   riuct   it������lo  i-ontract   "  whr-n called upon to f.o. 5.0, or if,!ir.  '.n!   "  hi <\>iiij>!e',o   lite   W rk -:-!*ii;A.'*..i   f*'..'  'I ho o!'.vc|-.ies oi ccitjit'..*. ::U\   of i!rpM*:.i' .<:.'  ui*isii.-i'es**|i:ii tiTiiicu'i:. ������;ii  b:   reinnii*    '  in   ilio-n   ttpor.   lho ��������� c\i*ciJi'iori   of   tin*  'cotuirJ*.t. . r.  NOTICE is hereby given- of  iny intention at the expiration'oi  one Calendar month from the  first, publication hereof to issue a  fresh Certifi'eate of Title in lieu  of the Certificate of Title issued  to Thomas Beecroft TJssher I'.a-  con ou the 3rd day of Sepjeinber  1S91, and numbered 12567 A,  which has been lost.'  DATED at the Laud Registry Office, Victoria, IJ. C, this  ���������23rd day of June 1914.  ��������� vS. Y. WootTon  Registrar General of Titles.  ���������___m4������-  NOTII.'JS.  Uidiiu,'nn loooniotives aud rail  tvav ears of the Union flolliery  (\1n1pt1ny by nny pi.'rwjn iir per*  snUK���������exeepl lain iuhw-tL strietly  proluHted. ]Cni)ihiyees r,re >iub-  ioo to (]i*-uiii-*Hiil [or allowiuj;  hiuii*  Uv order'  J. R.  LOCKARD,  Oe-jeral Mana-ie..  fP.T1. i'l-vivji *.\ i\l,t.-������\ Jl^iviVft-Ti ?;���������*. Sv������rSri  ,tt    '.'��������� i'k'V  LIQUOR AOT, 1010.  Section 42.  NOTICE ia hereby f-iven thnt.  on the 1 nt day ot December noxt,  implication will be mado 10 the  Sujii'rii.ictuh'nt.of. Provincial Police for renownl <������! tho holxil licence  10 sell liipior by letni), in the hotel  known nntho Willow? llotid, eilu-  nU> atCnmphell River, iu tho Proving; of IlritishColumbia.  Da led  thin,.Slh dny of Oetohur,  una.  ClIAllLKS TIIUMN  Applieant  LIQUOR  AOT, I9IO  11    (vSection 35)  NOTICE i.s hereby given that,  ou the,ninth day  ol   Mny   next,  application will,,be made  to   the  Superintendent of Provincial Po  .lice for the j* ran ting of a license  for the sale of licpior by retail iu  and upon the premises to be con.  structed iu, accordance with   the  plans and specifications to be filed with the   Superintendent   ot  Provincial   Police,    and   to   be  kuown as the Pier Hotel, and to  be situate (it or tu-ar the jjovern  nient wharf at Royston,   N-.-lvon  District, Dritish Cohunhiii, upon  the lands described as   Lots   20  and 21 iu Pluck E of the Subdivision of pail of sections.)   and  6 A.  ���������** 3'ciK'crs witTTiTiT- l^rcon^iuopKr mih^r,*-*  made out on lhe lorni? ���������*t>pphpU, ?;i'ned  with |!i**. actual siiji-iaiui-: <���������! iho f.-niict-  erand enclosed in the ctivtlopw Itirr.  islii'd.     ,   '  The lowest or any lendcrinot ni:������'-:ss;iT  :!y acccplcd.  J. "}���������:. GRIFFITH,  Deputy'Minister and I'libUc Works  Rnj-iiiiior; Dep.mment of lJub!it- Wnrks,  Victorii*., U. C,, April :o,k;.'.i.  my6 inyiS-  MWiwL������^4t������������wrm  ���������^^#-^^^^^<j-4>0-*H>'**<MK,>?*'t-,,*'><f'  **  \m ou i ii  for lho Milk w:i;.^)ii  will) the lireeu Pox  FRESH MILK A NO  ������        1'ARM PRODUCE  2    Our -Milk is the product.  I      of ihe Uest Ko.l Cows  %      (  FRESH    MTLK  0 Delivered morning^: evciiiup;^  j I. MARUYA J  GIVE US YOUR NKXT OP  DER   EOR JOH   PRINTING.  (JO TO���������  HUGH MITCHELL  KOli   YOUR  Ceni Biacksmithing  -AND   Horseshoeing  Third St.       Cumberland  I  t Wood   Woodi?  Wood  1!)M, dulv   d'.at'olved  bv   mutunl  * *# tf *  ..cmiRMiit. The iV C. (iiiru;;������ is now  solely inv\������������.'..l &n\\ will beneefor'.h  lm conduelt'd by .'iohn Thomson.  All ilehte ,-tai tlinp; previous to the  LOSTi)Kls'nJLK^ from Ko.  V Depot, ponPs hie.yele. plated  vim**, fit might handlebar**, huel*.  wheel has ]'vw whcid huh bralu*,  two pi trims on   Dunlop   lire,'* on  ti)  Iti  ���������5}  V,,i  ������ll,  Jalc <-f ilifKiiiHiv.n, are puj'fthlu to | i,rtvl-  wheol,    No  mudouavd   on  Arihurl.ieai.it.. ,, ! front whroi,     iiitoniiatioii   to   K.  ������.������.ilcd An;;' ^-L IUJ1, j |5nM,t���������n|lf N'((. s Mim>(  0| f��������� ].,,_  th Vhhrazc.       WwU  Ci'Y W*"\ CnjuhciiMid.  your order   for   SI.AIJ  W<VOD  (*.-)    i������2,/i0,. .pn* donl-lo loui  ft  -'  ������������������)  Prom Tho  I Star Livery Slabies  id  i*>  'h  ������  (���������)  .-���������I  ���������<i������  l')  if)  NOTICK  Saywnrd Lund Hit*'riot  Dint.icl. of Saywir4  TMCK NO'VUM''  tluU. .IuhUii  IV.ht o(  \':.bb .. I.I...A. 'A   ('  Dated this ist d:\y   oi   April, I "*���������  nu,  Hankv Idimn:;,  Applicant.  iff  Inivi'V, inli nd-  ,     H.v,.i,i  i'j-.; ly h";   j*. '*:,  Vi-.K*.  i.ltniV   f.w^  Ct,.!,,,, ���������  .....    rt  'IV, 11..*  A.   ......  " ,     ., *  V '��������� ������������������ ,��������� ��������� *"    ... *  I,,.-.*, .. |>U      \   .<������tvl,    *V������������.VV,I������H  W  *JAW^?A���������^'���������A���������(���������\������������������^  Lipurulino tl... fo!joivi.,;j AenetiloA liuubi   ^ s,.,c ^ ������������������. Nt.WH ^^  Coiiuiioneitit'tit n po** i.l:iuli'il (i'ii <;luii h  c;uil of llyiiriiitlij/ilti', oa liiicof VA) ].,   . ��������������������������� ������������������.    ��������� .  Clum No, UU iht'ii-.-i (<��������� 1 rhiiiiii wud !���������< j m.-^r t \*i;     .,] .\(* \ \ ] X Ks  . hiifii i,| ),ut< , lliclicu MliiiiK Miiiiin <'i 1 11 i'  in it HouUi'iiufiluily <Jirieiuui, Inuitocn  i'Iiimh lo lho intorHBc i������m uf ucHt liiic  ���������if .Ittstln Dorr l'i-i'-(tn**ticii jtlioucn mrtli  PA I KED  1 't>?^^>iviV^^i������*'^i-i\fcV irt&kW  ������^ Cleaning  and  Hepair-iwg  SHOP  , d������'iikin.������.  1'iop,.   '  ��������� i*'.i fct-.'Iti ������',,','<.-������<l  All  mi iiriM'Uiptioti Iiihi t"n cliainn lo puint of  ThoSi������}-oi��������� Aj-iul   is   .iround ;     t..,,^ L..MW, wv.-���������.*. .. ;>;  i-vt'vy nioiilh.    Leruv* \ our  'G^ntlniHi  1  l*f  ;\  ll-  e..������ nioneoiutmt, nml oiuUiuii'S (Jvn l&J /V?(. ,if   f1u, * ,*������MIMVrl.T!.".    --*n  n.,.n.. 1)U1,,,      L,n������v, and ihey will be ���������*iir--.W.:  N ���������!������������������������.* .iVp'i^'.'  '������ pi^inp'ly^wln-i  >���������*'.<vl MtiytiTth, VAli !iivc*s in tuwii.  "A.  ���������Ln-i Wo Uyi Vor\c ' '  9mu* :rAr 'H-'!1 --'.rr     ���������"��������� ���������*������������������ -  (tiA'jyi/tJj'YY-i-- '-'."��������� .*���������"���������'.  \l*r i'L'a .tyV'YSVi'Y..     >ln  l������\u*: at iins orncjs .^J- 1  THE    NEWS,   CUMBERLAND,    B. C.  POISONOUS  MATCHES '  In loss than two years  it will  bc unlawful to buy or use  poisonous white phos-  .������������������phorous  matches  Everybody    should   begin  now to use  EDDY'S NON POISONOUS  "SESQUI" MATCHES  and thus ensure safety in  the home  I Mecl-.anic Turns Farmer  I    Whon the i-i.y man, green at,farming, turns :o ujrriculturo for a living,  .'very   frwju^itly  .'lis  former  vocation  ; proves    of    tremoutlous    assistance.  j Thus  a  salesmai   is  pretty   sure   to  market his products to advantage;  a  ! pi ofesslonnl    man    brings    exce.lent  Judgment 10 his cmw work; a tradesman  possesses trained ability  which  vorks in  handily  in  his now  enterprise.   If a n an has made a' success  of something  oli.o,  the likelihood of  h'ni   succnedlusj    at    farming is increased.  Thus it was with Mr? R. A. Alexander of Aldergrovo, B.C., who was  formerly a machine dislgncr by profession. Alexander In his new sphere  at once found many ways of turning  his expert knowledge to account..Ou  most farms t������e workshop contains  simply a bone1'., a vice, nnd various  liniid tools. AJexiui'ler installed a  ���������;ompariitlvely complete .machine  shop, mpilppod with anvil, forgo,.,drlll-  MUCH PAIN FROM  KIDNEY DISEASE  Doctored in Vain Until Dr. Chase's  Kidney Llvtr'Pills Were Used  Kidney derangements are cfwn as-  rociated with disorders of the liver  and bowels, and under these conditions. ord;.uary kidney medicines usually fail to effect cure, lt is because '-  their uniquo, combined actiou ou tne  liver, kidneys wft bowels that Dr-  Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills aro sg generally successful, even iu tho most  complicated cases.  . Mr. KmMH'.cl Reruard, farmor, St.  Paul's, Ken. comity, N.B., writes: ���������  "About eight ben years ago, my wife  was bad with ktd/ey disease and suC-  ferod greatly from headaches, pains  ln bowels and stomach, and her heart  was affected. For a year she was  I treated by her doctor, with no appar  ! ing miichino, handsaw and steel, iron . cnt bouoflt. SJio then used llvo boxos  land woodworking tools. 0f Dr. Chase's Klduoy-Liver Pills with  1 This miichino shop has proved oflmosl satisfactory results. This gave  ���������invaluable assistance in conducting |Ua.8Uci, a g00!j opinion of Dr. Chase's  ;tho  firm.    Ono of Alexanders most Kidney-Liver Pills   that   we   always-  ������  Ileal  htvtt  Simulation  LO WATCH FREE.  A ���������tnlchUM-wurd intiwoot  uffrr .Irom an MUblUhed  firm. Ws ������n thing ������w������r  M'lUjioe to tltotutbl. at  pooplt ail ovirf Um  world u * hunt  ndTortla-mimt. Now  U your clunw to  obUIn one. Writs  new, iraelwlnu u  ooatfi lor cue nl em*  (uhloiubU L������JUi'  r.ong Guard., or  Oeu'V All'erU, iml  carrlafffl p&ld to wtrfir  wllh tho witth, which  will t>9 riym Frot  tthnw watehot tn  guaranteed firs rear*',  iliould yoa Uk* ad.  vuUja of otir tnu-vol-  loos oltor. VF������ etpect too to Wl roar lrlond*  cbont u������ nnd b'jow them the bountiful witch.  Don't think tills otter too rood to tu Uu, bit uml  85 con to today nnd pnin k Fiee Witch. Toa  Will 1������ ti.wcd ���������WILLIAMS k LLOYD,, WUole������l������  ., Javcllcra iJJcpt. 11*), 83, Comwalll* lluul, Lomloa, U.,  N 7> ���������:!-���������*. J.  ambitious undertakings is now nc&r  ing completion, li Is a farm steam  ; engine, with a uoniiiia'. capacity of  two horiopowor but which actuaMy  will develop flvo or six. Mounted on  trucks it ia "as'ly transported from  one part, of the farm to another, at-  tend'ng to sucli operations as woodcutting and ffvd-t-jnnding.        ,,  Alexander has not permitted' his inclination toward iiiechanics to keep  him away from primary farm work  lie has lint', spif-ndld success in daiiy-  ingf, handling grade Jerseys , exclusively. His field crops have been  uniformly successful and his potatoes  are always among the best in the district. The lattei he takes parHcuJar  pride in. declaring that Aldergrove is  adapted to spuds as .few districts on  the American continent are.���������J. T. B  in Montreal 3'ar-  Fft������������ TO All SUFFERERS  llj'OJti.,!, IjUl of SOKlS'l'.UN DOWH' 'GUI' llie BLUES"  fUfrJiK from KWUKY, BLAtoKK, NKRVOUS DI&KASKS,  CMKuSlC'A'KAiCSKSS,ULCEKS,SKIN F.KUP rlONS.PILKS,  write   (or  FrtEE CLOTH   HilUND MEDICAL  BOOK ON  thee dis������*fi's an.l wonderful cukks effected br  TH������N.:W FRENCH REMEDY. Nol No2 N.3  THERAPION^f.%  the remedy for YOUR OWN ailment. Absolutely FREE  N'o'lullcv ui' circulars. No obligations. Ok.LkCLEkC  MEI) i. ..H*lVEKB*tOCKll!),HAMI"jTKAI) LONDON.ENG  WE  WANT TO  PKOV������  T1IEKAPIUN WILL CUkiu  YOU.  PARENTS  Fethevstonhaugh & Co., head office.  King sire?t -ts'aAt,* Toronto, Canada   '  Won Fame o'n Its Merits.���������The unbounded popularity that Dr. Thorni's'  Klectrc Oil pnpys is not attributable  to any plaboratr advertising, for it has  not been so a'lv.evtlseil. but is entirely due to -.he merits of this Oil as a  medicine. In every city, town and  "namlot in ihe eom.try it is sought after solely because of its good qualities.  keep them in the house to bo used for  all derangements of the kidneys, liver  and bowels." Dr. .Chase's Kldney-  Llver Pills, 25c a hox, 5 for $1.00, all  dealers, or Kdmunson, Bates &*' Co,  Limited, Toronto,-  R<iac!y For it  Young Wife���������Don't you admire a  man who always says the right thing  at the right lime?  The Spins ior���������I'm .sure I could Jf  1 ever have lhe pleasure of meeting  such a ma*-.���������London illustrated Bits.  A FAMOUS  PHILOSOPHER  Roger  Discouraging ^  Mother���������Why, Ethel, you mustn't  be sad on your birthday. What is it?  Ethel���������Well, Tcmmy'll ��������� be eight  next month, and then he'll be ,a y<;ar  older than int again, and I've tried  so hard to tai.ch him up.���������Loudon  Punch..  How to  Open  r.  Stiff  Penknife  Sometimes   't   its   very   difficult   to  opon the bli.*.ur-s of a ue\v'_peuk'"ife. .-?  -"th"05G~G L"criie-i hafh&STi o i-'o e e n���������i -a���������u se-  (ur so ne timo. The blades work v-e.ry  bliffly, a.id -ve ire liable to .bival* our  fi.iger-nails if we irj too hard to raise  the bliido with 1\ ��������� Tbcio is, .lowa.ei,  a method of opar.ing a stiff blade that  is very simple, ard at the same'time  BO-ems very astonishing if we have  never tried it. or seen It done. We  ���������slip a piece of folded paper under the  blade, and thsj, taking the two (laps  of tlie paper, wo can easily raise tho  blade without the blade cutting tlio  paper, as we should usppose it would  do. Of co.irse, the paper used must  ���������not bo tlilck. O.ily a thin' kind of pap-  ' ei can be worked under the blade, ai.d  a narrow strl)) is quite sufficient for  the purposo.  A marl.-i? *vt s testifying about the  explosion of a gun on a war vessel���������  nu explosion which had sent him to  the hospital for some months.  "Please give .-our version of the explosion," lie was asked,  "Well." ha said. "I was standing beside the gun, there was an awful racket, and the doctor said: 'Sit np and  take this,"���������Ladles' Home Journal.  Oliver Wecd-.ll Holmes was strollicg  oi: the beach o:ip day when he began  chatting wUb ,\ littie girl who wls  building pyramids of sand. His charm  of personality had its customary effect  arid t.he child soon slipped, her '.'and in  his and-walked with him. By and'by  the little (inr; said she must return to  her mother.  ' "Good-bye, mv dear," said Mr.  Holmes, "and when mother asks you  where you !*ave been, tell her -hut  you have btjuis walking on the bench  with Oliver Wendell Holmes."  The great name was absolutely r,n-  tnown to the child, hut she recognized  500,000,000 Stamps for Commonwealth  According to 'Colonial Life" it is  the intention of the Australian postmaster-general that the new sixpenny  stamp, which is to bear a representation of a bodcaburra as a' main feature, snail b. printef. in ink whi.-h  will give a.:, near as possible the eoior  of the bird's plumage. It will probably  be a month or two before the stamp  is available fo** general circulation.  It is estimated that for the current  twelve month- no fewer than 50,1)00,-  000 stamps w'-.l be required for the  Commonwealth of which about 400,-  000,000 will Le ot the penny denomination.���������Westminster Gazette.  the courtesy n thlT words-~of-"lH;F  stranger friend and'was.not to 'ie outdone. His-pleasant smile and how acquired a quaint gravity as imitated  by Ui2 child. She- replied:  "And when' >ou go home, and th^y  ask you where you ha.ye been, tell  them that.-you were walking on tie  beach*with Mary Susanna Brown."  If Tormented With Corns  Save yourself pain.,  worry and dis-  tress, by using the neevr*f>iil'ng Put  A Sitter Disappointment  "��������� "When I was in Paris," remarked  the collector of curios, ".I discovered  in a booksta'l a volume which I-knew  at first glance to be of extraordinary  value. 1 joulci scarcely believe the  "goolrnrcKr^B niat ttl*5B57"l~i nqn irrd'TJre*  price of tho dealer. Just'think of it!  I could have, had that treasuie foi a  'song!" ��������� 4  "Well, why didi.\ you* get it?"   .    *  "Never  couid   fing  a   note  in   my  life," cried  che ct-'llootor, bursting 'a--  to tears.  Bacon Predicted Steamsh'pa  and Aeroplanes  '' The seventh leutonary of the bl-tU  of Itoger Bacos was celebrated recently at Oxford University, whero  tht famous philosopher studied somo  years.  Bacon tppearr to have predicted  many things which have - been" reab  \zeft, such as tho bteninship, the automobile and the flyin-; machine.  One of the earliest pf Bacon's miner  v*orks, tho treatioO "on the marvelous power o^ art and nature,' was  first printed iv Paris in 1512. His  early reputation for, magical pow*5ra  nnd mechanical Inventions partly  arose out of a passage In that treatise, stating that It was possiblo to  make "instruments . of' navigation  without mtn to row iu them;" "chariots' moving with unspeakable* force,  without any living creature in them;  and even au iuatrumeut ' to fly  wttlial if one sit in tho midst of tho  Instrument, and do turn an engine,  by which the wings, being artificially  composed, may beat the air after the  manner of a flying bird." "Also per-  spects may b������ so formed that things  far off shall soeni most nigh unto  us." lie further states that "from  saltpetre and other ingredients, wo  aro able to mako a Are that shall  burn' at any distance wo please."  The sciences traversed by Roger  Bacon In the course ot his published  works Include Theology, Speculative  Philosophy, JIathomatics, Geography,  Astronomy, Physics, Optics, Chemistry, Experimental Science and Moral  Philosophy. He was interested in  every one of these sciences taken  separately, but he also realized the  close connection of all the scleuc.es  to one another. He tells .us, in his  Opus Tertium that all the sciences  are* connected, and' foster one another  with mutual aid." s  Roger Bacon was profoundly convinced of the influence of tho stars  on the life of man. He even held,  with Albu-nazar, that the origins of  all religions, aud cof their several  sects, depende.'. upon the'conjunctions  of the planers, and it has been sur;  inis'ed tJiat ti.is was one of ihe 'novelties" of opinion for which be was  condemned Dy the authorities of thd  Franciscan Order.  But such co*jld only have ,been part,  of the pretext for tho severe' sentence  passed upon aim. The crime Oi  which;* in the eyes of his superiors,  he was really guilty was an unflinching devotion to the cause of liberty,  progress aud reform. He was punished by persons in authority for the  unpardonable offence di' holding opinions in advanc-; of those of his own  time; but Uu* present generation wUl  assuredly rejoice in the honor that  is being paid to the memory of one  who was a votary of learning , and  science, as wa:i as^a martyr-iii' the  sacked cause ol liberty. '  namV'CoiT. ind Wart Extractor,  reliable and acts quickly.  It is  There had boon friction between the  choir and mirister for some time past,  but so far tho singers had more ���������han  held thoir own. However, one Sunday  mornliif-, the minister, after listening  to the sinking of the usual anthem, announced in p. loud, clear voice: "My  text this mori.'ng will be, 'Now, Wh**n  the Upror..r Has ��������� Ceased.'" For a  moment the members of the choir  looked crestfallen  Value of Learning  Teacher- I wonder what your mother wouid.sr.y if she knew'how backward you are in geography?  Girl���������Oh, anther says she never  learnt jogfry ,and she's married, and  Aunt Sally says she never learnt jog-  fry and :*he's married, and you did  learn jogfry auu ycu ain't married-  _^What could be_ more sad than a  mafPwitlroura .���������oulvtT>,*'?!'"fe'eirngIy''asi?  ed the high school literature teacher  of her class".   , -  "A country without a man," responded a pretty girl just->as' feelingly.��������� To-  peka Jouranl.  Beware of    , ; ���������  ���������  Fake Baking Powder Tests  ,    ("THE SPICE MILL"'(N.Y.), SEPTEMBER, 191.3.) "  Unscrupulous manufacturers of baking powder, in order to sell  their product, sometimes resort to the old game of what is known as  "the glass test." In reality it is no test at all, but, in cases where the  prospective buytc^Jojes not understand that the so-called "test" is  a fake, pure and simple, the salesman is sometimes able to make h'im  believe it shows conclusively that the so-called baking powder he is  selling, and which of course contains egg albumen, is superior to other  brauds which do not contain this ingredient.  Bulletin No. 21, issued by Dairy and Food Bureau "of the State of  Utah, reads as follows:���������      " '   -  "The sale in the State of Utah of baking powders containing  minute quantities of dried egg (albumen) is declared illegal. The  albumen in these baking powders docs not actually increase the  leavening power of the powder, but by a series of unfair arid deceptive  tests such powders are made to appear to the innocent consumer to  possess three or four times their actual leavening power."  Too Much For the Whale  The Sunday cuhool teacher wus making a review  of  tne  Biblo  lesson. ���������  "Who wus the wisest man, James?"  "Solomon. ���������  "That's right - Now, Frank, who  was the strongest man?"  "Jonah."  "Wrong. What reason have you for  believing Jonah to bo the strougrst  man?"      ,.   ,  ' 'Causa the whalo couldn't hold aim  after it got liim Jown."���������Philadelphia  North AniLrlcaa.  Nora was applying for a place as  cook, and when asked for a refereuce  presented the following:  'To who It ;na������* concern:  "This is to certify that Nora Foley  has worked fpr us for a. woek aud  we aro satisfied."  r  1     WIRE   WOUNDS  ,M'y mare, a very valuable one, was  badly bruised and cut by being caughr  in a wire fence. Some of the wounds  would not. heal, although I tried many  different medicines. Dr. Bell advised  me to use MINARD'S LINIMENT, diluted at first, then stronger as the  sores began to look better, until after  three weeks, the sores have healen,  and best of all, the hair is growiug  well, and is^.NOT WHITE as is most  always the ''case in horse wounds.  F. M. DOUCET.  Weymouth. ; vj  Old Scotchwoman���������The last steak 1  got frae ye I could hae soled Jie  boots wi' it*-  Butcher���������And why did ye no dae  it? '     .   "  Woman���������So I wid if I could hae got  the pegs -;ae g-ng through it  A street Arab stood "on the weighing  machine ,   ,   ���������.  In the light of tho lingering day.'  -Then���������a���������counterfeit-i-penny��������� he-^dropt-  in the slot,  -  And silently 'stole a-weigh.   .  Barber an Important Official In Egypt  Somq interesting fucts regarding  barbers tire'couUined in Lord Kitchener's repot on tho condition of  Kgypt and the Sudan during the .ast  your.  "The ordlnury". village barbur in  Egypt," says tho report, "heart a o.er-  tain resemblance iu so far as his  profession gooij to tho barber-surg.ou  of ancient lima in England. Ho la  author'zed by law afte:1 having passed  an examination, to perform the oper  ation of vac*.Ination, application of.  leeches, cuppng and simple dressings,  and is rorbidde.i by the same law to  older or preseirbe medicine.  "Every barber must attend a  course ot lectures of three weeks'  duration at the Mudiria government  hospital and pass au examination for  certificate fn each village. one of  these barber-j is appointed by the  public health department as its -e-.  presentative.  - "Barbers io appointed are'called  sanitary barbers, and amohg their  special duties are the following: Vac-  dilation, examination of deaths, is- *  sue of per.nlts of bural, render le-  ports of deaths involving suspicion cf  infectious diseaso.  'If tho sanitary barber is. unable  to read or,.write, the work of registration is done by the village .tax collector."     L  'Wise and experienced mothers'  know when thein children are troubled  with worms and lose no time in applying Miller's Worm Powders, the most  effective vermifugj that can be us'td.  It is absolute in clearing the system  of worms and restoring those healthy  conditions without which, there can **o,  ���������no* comfort for the child, br hope of  robust growth. Ii is ,.the most trustworthy ofs-worm exterminators.  Not Thai Kind       .   \,  g'.vo  your,   patient    any  Tulips'*"    ������    '  j_  "Do  you  meat���������-Mrs^  "No, Indeed;  the doctor has order-'  ed a strictly  valetudinary diet."  The Mistress���������I'm surprised chat  you want to 'eave, Mary. I consider  you've a very good situation. As you  know, I do somi ,of the work myself    .-  Mary---Ybs, but you don't do it .o  my   satisfacr.o.i.���������Sketch.  FAKER'S WIFE  ALMOST A WRECK  Restored to Health by Lydia  E. Pinkham's Vegetable  Compound���������Her  Own Story.  \ionden, Ont���������"lama farmer's wifo  *n<! a very busy womnn, Last summer  I was taken with  severe pains In my  back ho bad tlint I  could not Rot up or  scarcely move without pnin, arid my  porioda woro painful. M y husband  culled in a Rood doctor and 1 wiih undor  his caro for tome  timo, but lio did mo  little or no Rood.  0m* dny n friend of mine told mo to  try L;,dln E. I'inklinm's Vo go tablo  Compound iih nlie hnd been greatly  bulpvii by it I began taking it and  conn not woll, and my periods bocamo  nut'irul HRhin. Since then I have had  purfeot lionltli. In fact I have novor folt  ���������o well in my life. Lydin tu. t'ltikiiHii* b  WiCi'tniiit! CuinpuUiiJ in a iiiodkbio  many women need. If you think tills  letter will holp other womon plflnso publish It"-Mrs. K. C. Yoi*NO,Tnmbling'������  Corner, T.ondon, Ontario, Cnnada.  Vi lilill'li VillOhuiiVif ttiiM tuuaviUki������tl'CC2-  Ing IUh peculiar to tholr sex should not  doubt the ability of Lydia E. PirikhanVi  Vogotttblo Compound to rostoro Ihoir  health.  If you liavo the HHghtcst Aoiil>t  thut !>yillft rc.Plnkliam'H Vcjrctii-  hlo Compound wUl Jiclpyou,wrlto  to Lydia l3.1MnklmmMcrtlclnoCo.  (conlldcntlftl) Lynn������Maii������.,for m\-  vlc������. Vour letter will bo opened,  rend nnd nniwered by n woman,  nml liHrt In utrlct confidence.  pni'fion had {.cored fpr once. Then in  tht sofost whlspoi ' they deckled to  mr.lf.0 a rIIbU .".Iteration" In the musical programme, and when the senium  concluded -;ln organ pealed forth iuul  the chUr triumphantly Rtinp*: "Now it  Is high timo to wake.out of sleop."  To Fancc 1,1 Italy  Owhj,- to ths amount of smuggling  "I contrabra-'i sooAs, from Swit/.er*.  land and the conf-equotit loss cf re o-  nue, the I'ftlinn govorumont lias do-  c'.dcd to fence the fronlior wlrh metal  netting, Tht 'letting Is about n.no  Thoy folt that the! feet high, and '.o it is attached beils,  Two PhlhideiplUans wore talking of  iho fortune of a third donls*on of ihat  city whon one said:  "His first 'ucky strike'was in eg,is.  lio bough' 1C.C00 dozen nt. a low fig-  uro, put them ii ot/ld stonigp find s'ld  tliem at a p it lit of more linn -100 por  cotit, That wa? the cornerstone of his  grout fortune."  "Ah," exclaimed tho other. "Then  tho lions laid it!"���������Harper's Magazine  which the moment the netting is  toucliod or trjddr:*. on crcfttt*** -gi.0ii  u ringing that . 7. tlio customs officials  lire, immeilliuolv or the alert for some  dl-'tanco uloiig the line.  It has uUu lies., decided to in-  cronsi* thi? number of posts and employees Those officials will bc provided with poller dogs, tho nnlinnls  being oxpoct������,t to attack and catch  smugglers hiift to light tholr dogs.  Secretary Bryan's Succcbbcs  Soeretavy Hryun scored anothor  fiiicoos������i iih' a humorist ollcltltm rmirii  nf laughter rinin thi- pupils of a New  Jersny ncliou* fn glrla with si'.oh  (HiostloiiH oa ' Why dooa n red Cuw  who 1'iitH Ki*i"iii gniHH give whlto  mlllt that yl-l(lM yellow butlor?"  Tlio Kecrctnry'ri jirofcHHloMnl tue-  e.<m wns 'nntiir.iHy gratifying to lilm,  but -Meii a trliiinpl: Is, of courso. of  compnnillvcly litflo coiiBt'iiunnco to  a mnn who Int for months kept iho  rlfilhllltiiR of Uio wholo diplomatic  world In a cottiUun Mute of Inflammation���������Now York Sun.  Thn homo instinct Iii crabs Ih 111 ih*  (.ruled In i-oiiio uuhoij recently roporti-d  from, Knglri.ul Several m-itbH from  Yorkshire, llberati'd at flliegnoha, In  Uncolrifililre, waliced homo ngnln. A  i'.iuoL 'uiiiuiiiitu'i; V....1.. v.;-..: t'.-.a. c? ^  yialr of ortibn mnlo and fomiilp, which  woro tnlfon 1)1 the Biinio trap oft Ami  yorlcHhlro ciaRt, Tlicy woro carried to  Lincolnshire, mi.rki'd, and rotnm-'d to  tUo Hoa nl different plnces along tho  count. Tn tho courfie of timo tho  ::.'.:.*:*? p.,,.!r, Inv'"!" "num1 r-noh nthor >n  tho flea, wero enpturod toguthor n .ioc-  ond time Jn a trap at thoir original  homo In YorltBhlro.���������llrltlsh Culfom-  inn.  The Wrong  Man  Pat got a jrb ir. tho Ironworks, lie  got lodgings in a boiirJliig-hotiHO,  where i>la bedmuto wns a culorpd  mnn.  Aftot* tolling thp Inn din dy to call  him nt hIx o'o'.oo.k, he wont to bed.  Ills friend came home Into that night  ii'.u Ii'i tlioughi, he would havo a joke  with Pat hy blackening his fr.co. Pat  was n littlo late nest morning, and  wishing to be early at his work rho  lint morning, ho didn't stop tc wnsl)  his fnco.  "I'm tlio irmu you gnvo tlio Job to  yi'Hlorilny," ho mud to tho foreman.  "No," Bti'tl ho, ". gnvo It to a whlto  man."  After a hot tllHctiflidon tho foromnn  took Put Into Um office to look nt  hlniHelf hi   he uii.ror  Put Junked and cxclnlmod, 'lie-  gorni! and U'b tho wrong man aim's  wakened,"  W. N. U. 1012  Jopppli Chambi'rliiln was tlio gtiPHt  of honor 'n n.i liiipnrtniit city, Tho  mayor prosldnl nm! when coffoo was  being noivod li" leniiMl ovor r.nd  tciicli.Ml  Mr.  Chnmborlnln, Baying:  "Shall <ve let tin; people enjoy thom-  roIvob a littlo lunger or hud wo bolter  have our bp.;i*ci. now,''  Chlarln* and (to D|ccov������rer  Chlorine U pprhnpa tho mest im-  p' rtant ot nil gusu.1 in coinmeru'.ul  ohctiilHlry. It ih the great bleacaor,  v'itliout which wo could hnvo no  while :iu.n d wiiiu- hit aw li;r..i, U in  n'.ho th<*> tost dIKlnfoctant known. Jt  l.s oHBcntial to thu uiiiiiiifacttiror of  ch orofo 'in, and It iu used exliuiHlvo*  ly for tho oxlractloii of gold fiom '.it  oro������.    Chlorlie'b value to tho wo:Id  GunpovA'der for the Soil  Brown gunpowder, manuf'icturod '.'or  the purpose of destruction, is being  turned-into focd, An" experimenter  has found that it makes an excelltnt  ff-rtilizor for garden vegetables, as lt  contains about 80 per cent, of potassium nitrate Large quantities of the  powder made for nn y use have beon  displaced 'Dy ilie newer smokeless  powder, and thej government authorities so\ight a way of utlizlng the discarded explosive, Ii. ita new employ'  mont of adding to me country's food  supply :i )& thoroughly wet and worked Into the .ioi!.���������-New York Tribune.  What about your wife and children ? Will they  dress well after you are gone ? Will your children  be educated?   Have a talk to-day with an agent of  THE EXCELSIOR LIFE INSURANCE CO,  OFFICES:���������Winnipeg, \ Edmonton,   Saskatoon,  Vancouver.       Agents Wanted.  Tho cultured young womtir. from  Boston was ;rying to make converea*  tlon,  "Do yen car������; for Crabbe's Tales?"  she asked,  "I novor ate i-nv " replied tho b*oezy  girl from Cluearto* "but I'm Just dead  stuck o, lobsters!"-Judgo.*  "This cowid lc disgraceful," declared the ri/unimoi' nt tho mining  camp hotel. 'Hoss," said the col>>  cd porter, "severty-llvo men (hmo  wiped dey aiu's on dnt towel dis  nmwiiin', aud you is do lirst to complain!"  The Chaperon���������Young man, y.vu  have your i.rm /.round that young  lady's wnlnt.  Thn Young Map���������Thanka! l'vo boon  trying to llnd th-> spot all ovenlng, but  v/lth the-Hii -.ipw gowns a follow hardly  knows whero ho's at,  "Now, doii't talk too liuicn when  you go to onl. on your neighbor You  im>y answer 'I'lestlemb, of coiirso."  "That Ib nl- I ovfi' do," mild, tho  child. "And they ask n great m.it.y  ciuPBtionfi. Law time they asked how  much snla**y pnpfi got nml If ho o*'or  aunrrolod wlt-i you"--Kuusai: City  Journal.  Plump rarty--Oh, denr, how droaful ,.,���������,.  It IB to got fat llko this! Not long has been lucnlcuablo, yet Schoclo, tl.o  ngo I hiu to nn artlht, fur Diana, aad man who dlspo.-oroo It, lived hungry  now tho mmo mon has ongnged mc-^aud died a paupi-r  for nii InnUecpcr'ii  wifo!"��������� I-'llfijorido      ^        matter.  A local band \aiib ono dny playing In  Scotland, whou ar* old native camo up  and aslcod tho bniidmnBlpr what tho  pleco was thov were rondorlug.  "That's 'The Death oi Nelson.'" re-  pllod rlio hniidninftfr,  "Aye, mon. reiituruod the Jialnu  "yo hue -,'Jvi'.. b-ui an awtn' dof-'th,"������������������  Pea-tor. W-JPkly  "I Bhould liUu to Imvo your opinion  of my picture.'' ho nnld to tho crlt'c.  "It ftnuoliito^y worthloBB," tho othur  rojiiHid M.i'jri.-."-.  "Oh. I know tliat." pursued tho nrt-  1st, "but It would really InteroHt one  vory much IndPtd."���������Borllnor titling  Giinflt-���������Drlng mo Borno upple  pl<������.  Walter���������Sony, mu.1i.;   It Jupt    run  out.  Guest���������Follow it, then; follow  It  Try Murine Eye  Remedy  If you have R������<i, Weak, Watery Eyet  or Granulated Eyelid*.   Don't Smart���������  n      . ��������� ... 8ooth������������ Eye Pain.   DruoflliU Sell Mtt*  Opening   a Lasaar    n   llRvonintro, i   ,     E e ,(emedy, Liquid, S5o., BOc. Mu.  Mr������. DBlt^ipitj. tod o funn> arc;        /, 8alv, ^n A������eptfe Tubea 25c,  dot*: "Last yi-nr I oaked a man whtm   ������������e   {yt Cook trtt by Mall.  1 met what lm fed: chiefly Intcres-ed I DWC*   7:. -  . -   .��������� J |U, Kl . -  In-   He Hiww.-r.-d. *I am tbrow.ng j,y I Ulf'r'*-T"Uv? remedy   i ChS,,  whole* aoul Into pig*." 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XN-Low,  a  London consu'ilug engineer, has given a short .-Hscnptl'jn of the apparatus and ' method of the new wonder.  The   transmitter  is  a  screeu    composed of colls Of selenium, tho electrical resistance of which varies according to the light that touches it.  Over this screen there passes a synchronously running roller consisting  of n  nuinbir of pieces, which    nre  alternating conductors and insulators.  Tho roller is driven by a motor of  3,000 revolutions a minute, and   tho  resulting . variations    of    light    are  tiausmittod along an ordinary    conducting wire.   The   receiver is mado  up of a sorbs of cells operated by  tho passage of polarized  light through  thin'salts of steel and at this receiver the object, which , is before    the  transmitter ii> reproduced as a nickering linage.  The process is described ns a "kino-  matographlc application of common  electrical prl-*el*.'es." Tho system  litis been tested .trough a resistance  equivalent to a d'stance of four miles,  but, in tho opinion of Dr Low, thero  It, no reason why It should not - be  equally effective over far greatei distances'.  "The tonus of tho human voice, of  which there are .hundreds of graduations." say a Dr. Low,, "enn be reproduced by ivire'est- telephony. The  gradations of ilg'-t aro far stmp:er  thnn those of sound, and it should be  possible to devise a wireless means  fit transmission. 1 will commit'1 myself to the prophecy' "that In fifty  vcars people will look, back w.th  wonder at the days when it-was ne-  cessary to be' at a' person's side In  order to see aire. When this day  arrives, consider how it will change  the conditions of warfare. Imagine  the altered ' methods of military operations when you can see what ..is  happening miloA away."  At present tha image reproduced li  of the size, which the eye of a camera would tako. It shows variations  of light and s.-.ado somewhat ln lhe  decree of a halftone* block, but.it  does not -eproiuce color.  Dr. Low Is well known In London  as a consulting engineer, and has engaged in laboratory' research for the  government. A number of inventions sti.nd to his*.������. credit, including  the low lil"?h pressure motor and a  high pressure petrol engine. The  experiment In connection with light  by wire have extended over live  years.      ..' ,,'  In the transmitting screen se'eninm  may be replaced by any :dlamagii9ti������*  miiterial. . The sost of the apparatus  is considerable as the o,oiiduc-���������  five sections of the roller, are made  cf platinum.   "*  Your Liver  is Clogged up  Thitt'i Why You're Tired-Out of -f  Sorts���������Havt no Appetitt,  CARTER'S LITTLE  LIVER PILLS  will put you right  - ia a icw dcys.  They do  tlieir duty  .  Cure  Constipation,  Biliousness, Indigestion, anil Sick Headache.  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"It got so  dirty that I just had to eat It."  x' Elephant Training '  Not all elephants are qualified for  ilsor-hunting. Every animal used  in the sport must be steady, obedient, and feariess, for If a single elephant misUtShaves or bolts when hi?  confronts ono of the huge cats, the  deadly contagion of fear may sprtad  broadcast, aud runaways, broken palanquins and loss of life may result.  lt is interesting to know how men  select tho animals to train ior tho  hunt.  As a preliminary ctep, they ' walk  tho elophauts back and* forth In a  court whero ai'o ranged cages containing tigers ard leopards (for tha  sporting rajal:s generally have private menageries) Whon they hav&  become accuntomed to the smell of  theso animals, a tiger is chained to  a post in an open space with a leash  cau'fully regulated to limit tho length  ov his leaps. The mahouts theu forcd  the pupil elephant tu' approach as  near the post uh safety allows, aud to  remain for somo time within a fow  stops of the tiger.  Each Jay thoy lengthen the tiger's  chain; and tho prisoner, which Is kept  half starved that he may be the m**ro  ferocious, charges fiercely at the elephant as it comes near: Those elephants which    Eland    tholr   grot'ii.1  German Emperor Patron of Nurses  The versatility of the German emperor has often, beeu remarked, but  not the least Interesting phase of his  activities Is the personal Interest  which he takes in music. This is the  more surprising the Morning Post  (London) says, for the stronuous life  of tho modern monarch' leaves but littlo for the cultivation of individual  tastes.  King David, Nero, and King Ludwig  of Bavaria were artists. Henry. VIII.  loved music-makings.- and played upon  the recordor. Queeu Elizabeth oncour-  ixged the study . of music among her  people, and was herself au adept of  the concerd ,of sweet sounds," aid  Frederick tho Great sought solace  from the aafflrs of stato by gathering  musicians around him, playing upon  thb (lute, and writliif, military marches  and other pieces. Frederick, indeed,  stands out as tho monarch of ilu-  watt who did most to foster a iove of  tho art. Ho took'an active part In iho  musical lifo cf his people, and exerted  a personal Influence upon the operatic  performances of his day. Ills unme. In  this connection, is Inseparable from  uhat of Bach. , ,  The present emperor has done much  to maintain that uithuslasm for good,  music whle'i hue for,so long character  without    flln'-hli-.g    are      considered   t7ed his peoplo  lt Is strange to think  ~..-lijln.l     /������.,������    .t. .*  u....fr    1..     It.r.    l,~,\r.lti   \   ..   ...      ...i     in     _..ii_   ~    ..   qualified for the', hunt lu the Jungle,  but those that hayo revealed the  least timidity are degraded fsom tha  rank of hunter���������tho aristocracy of  their kind���������r.iv) aro ��������� turned over to  ignominious iahor. ,  According to a zoologist of the Calcutta Museum,- among every thousand  elephants that undergo this tralnl'ig.  only about fifty will=Ttot bolt when  brought face to'free with the-chained  tiger; but '-early half of those that  stand their ground bravely at first,  retreat before a more ferocious assault.  "SUC-  ���������ifleed in being as good looking as thijir  mothers."���������Washington Star.  Why She W**s Glad  "I'm so glad "on proposed! That  puts me one-u-i or. Delia. She's only  'Jind three this month."���������Philadelphia  Record,    - *  Looked Suspicious  'Mayor'*.Mitchel; of New  York was  Where Alice  Failed  Husband,, (tj stiond wife)���������You  don't cook like Alice, my' ilrst wife,  used to do, Mary", he said, in'tones  of gentle, oxroperating reproot. "No;  A. seems to mo you cau't cook' like  the used lu." . *���������  On"anovher occasion he' remarked:  "You nre not so smart at- getting about  as Alice waa Yoi: , don't appear to  catch on where she left off."  About Mils^tlme a heavy rolling pin  came in- contact with his head. "Wnat  do you, mean by that?" he exclaimed  In agony. ���������'  "1 am doing the work that Alice  neglected." sh. replied, with evident  satisfaction.  Thert ".-as more peace in-that household, afterward ������,  ot the inai* whom Europe calls a war  lord exhibiting such zealous interest In  the arts of peace. In his self-appointed rolo of p--aector of all.Hose fn-  finances which make the world-m-to  cultural the emperor reminds us of  ������.he pictures of F.ncieut warriors with  sword and harp   ���������  Even the Laziest Liver  and Bowels respond to  the gentle action of  vesceniSgaflf?  At ail Druggist* and Stores.  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"How?',:  "With a se*vtn*> machine, a cutting  ���������tnble, two dres.iers4ndummios, tlu'-o  flowing chairs,ami a full-length mlr-  for."  /  "Pa, what's a feebly?"  'There isn't any such thing, Harold."  "Yob, thero is    lt   says   In   t'.ii3  book  that  tho    young  man    had  a  -feebly growing down on his cheek"  "I'm afrn'd you may think we're glv-  lug you a lr-. of fiah this wook, old  man," suld tho gonial host, as thoy sot  ���������down to dinner "Tho fact Is my wife  'has pot hold of what sounds llko a  ���������really capital dovlco for removing  a tishhone stuck In tho throat, and wo  ���������want to ..oo lf lt work"."���������Tit-Bits.  campaign  'My' accuser,"' we learn from a  centempovary, "reminds ��������� me' cf Hi  Dcolittlc. Hi was the champion liar  of his-na'tlva village.  "One day Hi '*as arrested, and  brought before tho local just.ee for  chicken stealtnr..  " 'Jedgo, yer honor,' he . said, ' 'I  plead guilty on .tho advice of my  lawyer,'  "But the local justice gazed at the  uotcd provnrlcator and rubbed his  chin dubiously.  "'I duniio-I'm afraid,' he stammered; 'I guess���������wai, Hiram, I guess  I'll have to i.4vu more evidence ��������� boforo 1.61-ntonue you.1"  When the Walter Wins -  Two u*<*n ware wrangling as to  who should Battle with tho waiter  for the luncheon. Whon'' the question hud beon finally decided and  the cor tost ante had gone the waller  said to o'.o of his regular customer,  who was a wl.noss of the scone:  "That's what wo liko, for every time  It happens we come In for an oxt**a  tip, * The man who couldn't get the  check has only one way to get. oven,  and that Is by giving the waiter  something, hnd Aim times out of  ten lie does It and make the amount  more than ho v/oiild have glvon If ho  had paid tho shock. This ono ordor-  od oxtra cigars and left the change  for me. Wc iiko the 'glvo mo the  olioquo1 quarrels." -  the best piepaartion for thnt" purpose  Is Parmel^e'R Vegetable Pills. General  use for years has won' them a leading  p'aco in medlcini?. A trial will attest  their value.  A Sugge-ition In Economy  According to the "Railway Gazette,''  an American.railway ���������.���������ecently sent a  Ualn over it? system to collect scrap  material ������u d odds and ends of every  kind, the tral-i carrying a dlvlbkiLai  superintendent and his staff. Sci'-.p  and obsolete material was collected  to the amount of 147 car loads, valued  at v,$42,000, anu after deductiug tha  cost of labor, train expenses, etc.,  there was a net gain-of $39,000. As  showing the conditions, twelve bottles  of ink were found at a small station  where one bottle would suffice for a  year, and at "a lother point fifty non-  'nsulated bridle rods were found at a  station on t'eiritory which was track-  circuited throughout. Useless at such  points, :hr e materials were,serviceable elsewhere.  Into  Minard's Llnlm nt Cures Gurget In  *Cows.  An old Roldflsu brooding station ln  ���������thu outskirts of Toklo, Japan has a  jiond iirou of 4*1,000 sqiiaro feet and  nn annua' output of about COO.ono  so dll ah, in addition to which gohion  (carp fthft common carp aro grov/n.  T<.>. persons nro omployod in tho  ���������blanches of tho work, nnd six vnrlo-  tlon of flbh arc handled.  "Toll me about your aunt, old Mrs*  Blank. Sho intuit bo rather fcnb'.o  ���������now."  "Wo burled her last year," bald ibo  ether.  "Hurled her? Bear mo! la the old  lady tlond?"  llYes; tl.rit'B why wo burled hoi,"  ���������wns the rosponuo ���������-Tlt-DUs.  A   Pre-R(tnan   Wall  The Romai?. wail had a curious, but  little known., p.'edecossor.  , Before doing the thing themselves,  the  Romans counselled  the    Dritcns  to build a wa'', with the resttlf that���������  "The Britons, wanting masons,  built that wall, not of stone as they  woro advised, but made it of , turf,  and that so chi-der that lt served  little or nothing at all for their defence and tho army . . . bure  dewn all that was boforo thom.",  Tho Romars woro again sent fo'r,  and though they 'told tho Britons  plainly thnt H -waa not for their eacc*  or lelsuie to* tnko upon Miom any  more such.. lohh' and laborious jour-  i-cys for their rtofenco," thoy built tor  thom a wall of hard stono, "tho Britons putting to their helping hands- us  laborers."  A Model in Prohibition  We must pronounce the West Virginia law for th... suppression of liquor  traffic the brightest and "most . consummate flower" of the prohibition  spirit whicli has sj far blossomed Into  statue form in any of the' nine states  new  under thh policy.    Drug stoics  ���������nr, nhanliifply harri' ' from selling .irv_  Intoxicants. evjn on a physician'*  prescription, anil ovjy on such a prescription and after personal examination of '.he p*>t-ent cc prove that he Is  not addicted' .c its use can raw alcMiol  he sold.' Pe."soiu associating with  cubs where liquor is sold or'bartered  or-givoa away.are liable to tines and  imprisonment " (.  Theso provisions should effectually  dry up those who occasionally dr'nk  and buy lt. as they go along, and wo  hope they will���������New York World.  Anaemia Unless  Checked   Passes  Hopeless Decline  Anaemia is liko a spectre that steals  on you unawares and drives all happiness out o������J existence,- It Is a thief  that robs you r*f jour life and energy.  Thousands ot women In this country  .are tho victims o: anaemia !that is,  bloodlessnesc), which spares neither  rich nor poor young or old.-It robs  -a oman of her nealth, her vitality, her  beauty-of everything-that gives a  woman her��������� v*".i*rii.. The chle*' symptoms of this trouble Include a uis-  t."Ste for fooi', prostrating headaches,  extreme h'.ngrur, loss of weight, nervousness, pale cheeks', lips and gui/ii.,  heart palpitations, dizziness' and a  constant feeling of wretchedness.  ;- The only wa.. to effect acure is to  increase the bl.:od supply���������to make 'it  pure, rich' and red. Dr- Williams' Pink  Pills have saved thousands of young  girls and women from the early into  that threatened ihem through anaemia's ravage? for these pills enrich  the blood, stimulate thd circulation,  nourish the nerves, and restore the  energy and perfect health that make  women' attractive.*   If vou' are a vie-  a Difference  i you think   ho's  an  Make.  Beulah���������Don'  awful boro?  Belle���������Why, no, I don't.  "Why?   Didn't ho tolk Incessantly  wlillo ho wns with you?"  "Yos, but ho talked   about mo."-���������  Yonkers Statesman.   ,  Not Much Account, After All  Sir Robert Ball, the famous Er.g-  liMi  astronomer, .wlioso    death    occurred a few months ago,   used to ���������....,.,.. uv ���������.,,....,..  .....  DuiiBlnk observatory.   A man   came omy luu'  to him one d.iy and  "Fifty Fifty"  "I think, William, I'll ask those now  people noxt. door to tako dinner with  us tonight."  "What for?"  "Woll, tiio butcher, by mlRtako, left  asked If ho  might look at tho moon through the  telescope  "Suroly you can," suld Ball. 'Como  round tonight and I shall be vory  happy to lot yon soa it through tho  tolcficopo."  "Can't I boo It now?" asked elm  would-bo nritronomor. surprised,  "I am sorry that you can not," said  Ball. "You wlll havo to wait until  night." ti  "Huh! Then youi old telescope  Is not ho great a thing ns '. thought  lt waHl" cried ihu man, rellovod from  his illusion. '1 can scu the moon at  night without Jt"  Poetry Excels Poems  Tho romantic spirit lu tho wind that  unfolds tin loveliest offlorosconco of  tbe huamn mJnii. Tho groat poets are  of necessity romantlbts, for thoy aro  aa   i\^\Ji.tiii   .i.������<t'<>   iu    ������������������������*���������    K������fc.������nj   t,.  vnotry, \v\Ae\\ In nnWImntnfl rnmanen.  LeHHor mon are writers ot pooms, of  vorso. A nian is not an artist bo-  cause he palr.ts pictures, a poet bo-  ouuso bo writes poems; tho rnnlcor, the  Inventor, tbo seor, lie and ]\e only Is  ���������v��������� ,,j?������   m,c. .irjlot���������WllMnni  cimrp  Are the Poor Shiftless  It hurt" me. uo.hear the tone In  whicli the poor arc condemned, a*  "shiftl'!-.Js," o.' "having a pauper  spirit."..jiut .as" It would lf a crowd  mocked at n child for its weakness, cr  laughed at n lame man been use ho  could not. run, or a blind man b������?cauHe  ho stumbled.  "Lazy!" Somo of thom aro "born  tlrod," and enter* into life without  thoir sharo c, \lgor or vitality. Somo  of their mothers wero o*'erwork.'d  and undaMiourishod, perhaps scrofulous. Some oi thorn, themselves, are  ovor-worked and under-fed or hnvo  lost tl.olr efficiency through Illness or  oxpoHti-'O. And they breathe polB-.ii-  oils air, sleoplng I* unvontllntrd qunr  tors, six or twolvo In a room. Thoy  drink scwngo-poisonod water tluit  makes peoplo iPtharglc and dull. -Albion Fellows Bacon In Tho Survey.  "Ifni-oT-l)Ioo"dlessnfcSs in any* way, do  'iot let it run .nto a hopeless dcel-ue.  but begin the use of Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills today- The following bit  of "evidence proves, the wortn oi this  -medicine Mrs. Maurice Sims, Liverpool, N.S.. says: "Dr, Williams' Pink  Pills have been a blessing to me  About two years ago I was so ..badly  run do'vn that 1 had to give up ail  work and ?,o to bed. My husband t'lui  pareiiis were much* worried aho.it mo  as they thong'*t '" wns going Into consumption. The doctor who was attending me changed his medicine *ev-  enil times, but it did me no gooa and  1 began to for: vory much discourag-  od myself. One day a frlond advised  mo to try. Dr, Williams' Pink Pills  and I decided to do so. In a few weeks  I felt much bettei and I continued  taking tho pills for a couple of moiilhs  until I was a?aln in perfect health- I  believe that lf I had not taken Dr.  Williams' Pink Pills 1 would not have  survived, and I shall alwnys be very,  grateful for what thoy havo done for  mo."  You can get those pills from nny  doalor In medicine or by mall at 50  cents a box or six boxos for $2.50 from  Tho Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,  Biockvillo, Out.  Six    Million    Dollars    Distributed t������  C.P.R. Employees Each  Month  On tho ."lft?eiith of each.month the  C.P.R.   will pnj   In. wages cor tho  wholo systom $6,000,000 ������������������ ThU Is tht  monthly record In round numbers, 120,-  000 cheques being drawn every month.  It- seems only ll.e day beforo yesterday when 50.000 .cheques were deemed to represont a tremendous month-  1> wage list. The'number of employees  grows all the timo, in spite of car-iful  F.ppolntment  and   economic 'working.  Those monthly cheques find their way ,  Into the most    distant,    tho    oddest.  places. They ar* hurried, In enclosures a '  to the dstant parts of British Columbia.   They find tuolr way to the con-,  structio*: camps, removed from civilization.   They reach the ..employees at    "i  the way-side station, showing a single  tuft of grass amid the general aridity.  And, howove. ion������ly or small' or discouraging the localitj or district, thoro '  will  be  some-one  thero  to  cash ^the  cheque for the employee. There may  .bo a bank in a tent, which   s  very  frequently  tho  fact.    If'^thcre  Is  *io  bank there  is a company's agent of  some kind to whom the cheques will-  be addressed and who will distribute  them to tho men in tho district.   To  make out the nay lists and issue tho  cheques to  correspond to the    book-   .  keeping and rd* tho work so advanced-  as  to, have  all  things  ready  at  tno  t  right date, on the .stroke of the clork, ���������  requires a large stuff at hendquarters.  (And whether tha times be good or cad,  Ih'b figures rising or falling, tho $6,-  000,000  hav*  to  bt' provided  on  tho  fifteenth of each month to the minu'.e.  The    exco.������tii.-j.ally strong,'position of  tho CanaiHan'P-ioflc has embled it to  pass   through   a   *���������ime*- of   stringency,  .alwnys. making more  than  it?  dividend, wiih cttnpk  funds at its instant  disposal..   Th.?r- Ms been, as far as   *  possiblo, rcti-enehment during 'hopast  few months.- Tllllt itncRJinLmsmi-'iiiil-.   il*o company hac parted with any' of  its employees;-but It "has not undertaken k-w work necessitating tho.om- .  .piuymont of mv, hands, or the d'.s-  L-nrscment ci sum*, other than thoso  already arranged foi under older pro-  g-sunmes! "No. man ii. the se^'ice of  tlie company, nish or low, has any  doubt, about thai monthly cheque,  wliich will be rionored'ln nil ports of  the Dominion  The Unbeliever diftor the spiritual  Ist Bounce)���������Buroly you don't believe  that the spirit of your dead husband  upset all that furniture?  Tho Widow���������Well, I don't know.  Qborgo ,jwiib dreadfully clumpy���������Sydney Bulletin  Up Against It    "Do you boliovo in saving up tor a  inlny day?"  "I certainly co, but what'd a follow  going to do whon his salary hardly  keeps liim fcolng In fair weather?"--  Detroit Froo ProBs.  Mnolc Word  Dlnor���������l'vo forgotten whnt I wanted to order in* I had lt ou tho tip of  my tongue.  Wultor���������What did you miy about a  tip, Blr?���������Hon8ton Transcript  Cohon���������Handn up, o������* I'll shoot.  Quick-witted Burglar���������Fifty dollars  for do gun!  Cohui���������S-.dl-Carfoylo, ���������  "Never give tip."  "I don't; 1 tall thom to como around  r.CT't ''.v0*. k "  Tl.oy wore discussing tho rohitlvo  position of various conn trios us niiisl*  |eal controB, Cli'i-n-iiny sot-mod to havo  tho most votitrlcH, much to tho evident (llflplot'Hino of one oxcltnblo I������al-  lan, who wished his own country , to  carry off the pilm-  "Italy Ih turning out tho mosi mual.  chins, and has always turned out tho  most." ho cried.  "Aeh!" exclaimjtl a German present, "can you blnmo thom?"���������Answers.  "I havo como to ask for tho hand of  your daughter" Bald Iho young m.in.  "liavo a chair," said her father, kindly. "I prosnnio you have mndo nn estimate of whi.t It wil! cottt to keep my  daughter Jn the stylo to which nlio has  been accustomed?"  "I have, sir"  "And whnt aro your figures?"  "Ton thousand dollars a year,"  "I'm sorry, m' boy," said tho older  man, "but I cannot nfford to throw  ilWuj        f>,U������U    A   it..'--       .tnu.iHI     hllllJI  ban flpimd lm enn do It for -JR.onO."  V*- N. U. 1012  8ho���������What in tho world makes  broken-down widowers so anxious to  innrry ngnln?  He���������Possibly homiise thoy want to  Bel repalrod.���������Boston Transcript.  He���������I lovo vou with all my hra**t.  Let mo toll you of   my   devotion���������  ���������' Hho���������While vou uro on youi knees  I would you mind tyln*- mv *hoo lace,  jllcaso?���������Phliadi-Uhla Lcd������������r.  The Pink of Health  is overy woman's right:  but mn.T*v tiroi troubled  with sallow complexions,  headaches, backaches, low  spirits���������until they lenrn that  suro relief may bo found in  DtettlouklStMUl VdMUVt-MtyiV Inn Bo.  &tU ttrrfttmttm,     U *���������������������. t- "*-������  Longest Telephone Cable  Tho teloplif no cablo which Is to connect Aldoburgh ISnglnnd, with Wnl-  choron, Nethorlandh, is to bo seventy-  nine nautical miles In length, making  It the longest submarino telephone  tablo In the world lt will furnlKh  telcphono cnnmuiilcatlon botwoon  London and llorlln The cable Is to bo  of the foui con- Pupln loaded typo  Something  Better  "Thon you can't got nio a government plum?"  "No," said Senator Wombat. "But  what'B otto'vi'ltry government phini?  I havo Bocurod fo, you Rome plum  seeds from ih'* ilopnrtnient of ugrl*  cult uro. Oo Iioiik r.nd Htnrt nu orcliard  of your own, my frlond!"���������Judge.  A gin who Ba-* tho Atlantic ocean  for tho lli'Ht timn. wiih HUiiidlng on tl,������  hi'ii-jh, j-nzln-* drenmlly ovor the ax.  \)imto of foaming water,  "So this Ih the llrnt timo you've over  Been tho oc*>au," nnld her imcort.  "Yoh, the vc;y first timo,"  "And whnt do you think nf It?"  "Ah!" nho Higher; In    oeslitKy,   'It  an.ells J'ist Mko    oyators."- -National  I'ood Miign/lnt*.  There is an old gentleman In Phl'a- '  dolphin app'rcachln-** thi ninety mark  who still findii n.uch zest In life, and, ,'  having rofnihea all of his faculties,  he feels *hnt a few of the physlal  dis-abilltles cf agj aru of small account.     .   "       ' '     '"  Ills nephew Is a mnn of small tnct,  a fact which has always aroused tho  iro of tlio old man.  A few weeks before the M gent's  eighty-ninth h'rthday this nephew,  who had boo** overweighted wllh business cares for years, started in a trip  ti. lSuropo tha >��������� was to consume *,  year,  "I havo como to Bay good-bye,".'in-  jncuncod the nephew to the o'd man.  | "I am Blurting abroad to ho goiif n  year���������perhaps longer. ��������� I thought I  might never���������wo *, you understand���������-I  wanted to bo sure to see you onco  moro."  Whereupon tho oh! man lennod forward, fixed his nephew with his bead-*  like oyoH,  "IIIH," ho ta'ift ImproHslvely, "do yon  moan to toll mo tho doctor doesn't  think you'll Hw'to got bade'-"  buck  '���������That'a a good ldoa, nia'an-," said  the now servant, ".liivlng tho hoiIu and  water mixed m then) bottlob with  ������qulrtii.   I doi o the scullery Iloor in  Minard's Llnlmjnt Cures Distemper,  Tho pompous Judgn glared Bternly  over his HpectncluH nt the tiittoi.'-il  piimiiitii' who nun ln.-t'ii (irnggeii Del oro  tin' har ut Justice on a ch.'U'.'t.- A van-  raney.  "Have you over earned a dollar in  your lift'?" ho.asked hi line fico'ti-  "Yes, your honor," wnu the n.HpoiiHe  "I voted for you at the liiHt election."  "Hips aro coming In again."  "Hurray!    Moihor can  como  from lSuropo."   _____  *v  GOOD   CHANGE  Ten and Cuftae to Postum  The liirgu nrny of pursoiiH who tiny*  found relhf worn  niai.y chronlJ all- -  inetitH hv changing from tea and cof-  fijo to I'oBtum iih a dally bovorngo Is  growing ouch Jay.  It Ih only * dimple <n*<*Mtlou of trying It for oiii'Milf In order to know  the joy of i-Jtinnliig health ur. real*  !zi'd by this younp lady. Hho wrltoB*  ''1 had boon a toffou drinker nwiir*  ly all my Ufo and It iilYoeled niy et'-m-  nub���������caused ipjjoi.miIji antl I wan riol-  (nun without a lii.'.iutichi'" (Tea Ih Just  nn InJuriotiH liectuu. It contnliiH lho  f.aine dr g. cunoliip). "I hnd hoard  about. Piuttim mil how botiellciiil tt  WUH,   BO  CO'lClUdC't   tp.  CJVItL  COffOO   ..lid  try It.  "I wan delighted with tho ehi'W'o I  can now rA-o\ wil und noldoni ovor  hnvo lionndohi'. My Rtomncli Iiiih got'  ton Htrong ninl I can ont without Hiif������  fori ne aftorwani ii. i think mv who!*  system gro'iily iionotitcd  by Postum.  ..!).<���������*     al-o    hi.fl'jtil   li.illl  'My  tics left out of ttit dozen."'  Gazette.  -Pall Mall  Tho courts have decided thnt coltrn  futures contracts are perfectly legal,  dcHplto  the objections at  HtntoHinoti  who  have  lost   money   fooling   with i ler  them-  Horvant (h.dng hIida-ii silver cup  won by miutor (! the imiiHo In golf  handicap)��������� Ym ������lr, It'ii a L'omihfiil  ci.p. I don't Iwio-*, anything about golf  myHolf, hut belli*, tall and thin, of  course, you're able to run wcl..~Vat  Slide���������L't   hid   (AOiy    ullH   Who   (UK  Htniwi pros|;.nlt>.  Sklt'W- PL'Mculnrly If  It's    tone  OAiitlotis. nt morn, he lies nbout tho  pO'l'l.  MIh rod and lino n-MWlstr.  Holdly. tn i������vo  n������trld������  n tavirn ������tool,  Hu lies ub jut his tilth.  Hlotnaoh troub'o while hi* drunk coff'-o,  hut now, since using Pohtii'n, ho fo'.'ln  ho much h.'ttof lm would not go hack  to ooil'oo fo* .i!iyihlii������."  Namo ulvfii hy Ci'Mnllan    Poitum  (U-i   Vtl.l'in'lli    v)l>  -      Hi .Ul       tuo    HltlO  f Wollvi'.lo," U) ikgH.  PoHiuni cool's i:i two forniK:  ������������������"Mr Postum���������itiuht ho iv������*l! boli*  od, K>c .iml' Vr-c p.ieltngoH.  Instant Poitim���������U a iiolubto pow������  dor. A toaspni'iiful dinpolvo* quickly  In ii ouji of hdt wator nnd with cionm  and Hiii*ar n iu������ a ���������|i>llci'>iiK bovougs  ,n������tnntly     Me nn.l title tins.     ,i  The ojMt |i������r oiip ������l both kltll-li It  about th������ H-im*.*.  ������������������There's a Uea������pn" f<*r PArtum.  '������������������tolft by arocori. if> ������������������ *. ���������-.>��������� .'i,-  ,;vj>.  !-������ * ��������� ��������� i. ���������_��������� ���������> .\ j i  #���������"������*"'������������������. -���������������>���������������������������.���������.   ������..���������   _���������....     I    ���������., , ,-lZ-..'-1 '      !. . ..i'i ., Hi I. I    .oiimji.-  .���������l.dAiiiinv.ti-n-..-..    - ^.~  .,.*,.-.���������.   .-     ._; ������������������.... 1 -  _. .      . .���������...���������������������������    ,  -r,'r..'.T^t'>?:Tft^-^.-''-*P?J*^^  'J  \-7-.'.. .*Oy the  ��������� -c-.'v'is-^.d  .;j..tv^Dy.'  ' -    "lOl-i    UB.*lf  ���������***.*i):'. iisuf fii'n-  i  'ii *������������������?��������� cobs'.iiii*  ������  .\i.'  NOTICE  <��������� U1   i-L jl U i"  ::a:;aimi) iiolde.n  AT .CUMBERLAND.  IN THE MATTER of Sarah Ell-  o.ior Tyson dot-eased, intestate, ;, '  AND  IX TRE MA IT JUt of tho <\OflJ-  ���������dal Administrators Act,'7  TAKE NOTICK that hy order  <A   liis    Honor   Judge   Barker,  -i-'-.i* -.1 > -c-i I jmado tho 5tli day  of   Noyombor.  obi. 1.  -!���������"������ hi;A J .  l'Ji3, I .was appointed  Administrator of thu-Estntu  of tho,abovo-  o  mentioned deceased, and all par-  lifo liavinif claims against' the  said estate aj*������- hereby required to'  furnish same, properly verified,  to nie on or hel'ore tho loth day  Oeeembur, 11)13. AND nil parties indebted to snid estate, are  required to pay the amount oi"  iheir indebtedness lo n>o forthwith.  Dated this llth day of November, 1013.        '        "  AV. Wrsr.KY Wiu.aki*-,  Official Administrator,  Until berland, \h C>  ������BEa������^^  *<"'   ,e<*j T-1 ta.kk auu  'J^'V-VAi'l'tt.  ���������'. ti L ^c-vc-bv -.'ivim  mat JEsqui-  v -iin> Uailwny, ol   Victoria,  ���������    i '/ U t - Vu-oyc '��������� lo tnkr mul  '.out; per '.24 hull's, of w.itur  ���������   Clti:'*',    which   ll-i.VH   i!)    tl  ir, '."-iii-n   t.'irou^h   Newoantle  ..'.i! 'I'lipiiiri luto "itrsiiiH ui' Ooit-  ') ���������:*'.. s \M)<t  of  B!ir  Qualiaum  1    .'.'-iter Trill 1>B div, rtcl tit ,.'9l>0"  i.   -vuin   rail-A'-iy !::*,d n\ ill  b.: usi'd  itr.v! i*?.ihv;*.y pU**.*iuK>8 or. V.m Uud  V *u Railwiy Kiyht A Woy.   Tliii  ..1 p.f.-ttj-l uu t!is Rr;ni'.<l on   the  .' Ajinl. lOlu.     !}}���������: ������|iii).������i.i*ui>t-  ������'������������������4 i.i 'tie y'licn nf ilrit* Wati-r l-U*-  ���������t, Viotorifj, B. O.    Objucvijna may  ���������ri'b tho said Wtitur K.-.'cunler ur  ���������i<  f.>i:optioll������r  of Water KightP.  ri -i . l vii'in'fi?, "io'.i-ru H. 0.  ���������' ' ���������- .;r <:J: NANAIMO KAILWAY  Appllcaut  H. K   JiLvlSLFA  ARL'tlt  31 vT  *R  NOTICE  I. JUr  I.TOUNOJ-J JIUTAkH AND  ' USK'v.'.VPEK. \--:-  r:  :fl luiroby (..ivon   fn.*������t- Es'jui-  *.   Ma)i*.ii.r,io l!ai!,.,--iv,   nf Viotoria,  u . *    * ���������        i  in) Ki't-l;-' i'^r ii !-cri;os * li.. ki'-o *iu(l  i  -.i.'.y'ii ;. t'hf.y p"r 'A ���������������������������������������������urn, <���������! water  '. .;." *���������<*.:���������!)* Cveel.j w'riiclj iIowb ia a uor-  ���������i !   'ij-ect.ioii   .hr-iuy.i   N.s'.c.-iatie Uis-  - liy   ."'..l i.i.!-,uie*i int i D cu  IS-y,  toar  ,   j .%-������������������' 1 Crook*   Tr.e ':riit;.-* will bo dive*  ,! .'.:.'.30." trp.trcdin frijtjjj   Udilway  and  .: . ti.s i\t\ii it-: "Juiim-s! 'Jliilw.iy'yurpoaes  * ��������� : i.-i Ir.n.I il"ii������i".bi.---i aif*Kiillwi.y Uight of  ���������  ������������������'���������.   Tljw. ii-fieo \v������������/ p.-stt*il on    the  ������������������'���������-il on viv? ^il A v''ii|- Api.il, !1D13.  yiiiic^ttui* -a i!���������  ba tiji.l". in thi) oi?iee  Vi'.x':.t IVconnT at "y.iotora������, B. C-  -i...  '.any bu !'U������d 'A'iih-*ih������3 wiid  l!.-*<)!Sc- ������r wiish "ftia Uomptiullnr  IN   THE   (H)IJN'PY   COUUT  OF NANAIMO   HOLDEN  ATCUMBEliLAND.   '  IN THE JMATTEIt OV Daniel  JMngiui doncused, int^stato,  who  ' died al   Cumberland, Ji. C.   on  .Juno Klh 1013.  AND     '  IN'THE MATTEli oi the ,-Officii! Administrators Aot.'*  TAKE NOTICE that by or-  der ol Hi? Ilono!* Judge iJarkor,  mudi) tho 5th day of Novomhor,  lp!3, L wfis appointed Adminia:  tratoi" oi tho Estiito of tho above-  moitioiied deqeased, and all parties having claims against 'the  said estate are hereby required to  furnish same, properly verified,  tp mo on or before the 18th of De-  comber. 1913.- AND all parties  indebted to said estate, are required to pay tho ameuut of their  TTTdcbteu rws"to-me-������ar thwi t-li-r^���������  Dated this lit.h_.day of Novem-  ' t-.^- iii..*.-**, Tv-di ioio-.it JludiKnjjSi \\M,.    1f!X3  .'���������iv   'i. (?. '^���������r- I       '  Ollicial Administrator,  Cumberliuid, B. C.  ;*= 7L"  ���������5j.^4TM0 RAILWAY  ��������� Api'Kcin-it  '    il. U- BlilASLISY  Agent  myT  ���������AAT'iiiR" NOTICE  POIt A .Vr<:KNCE TO'^iKIJ AND  "^Ot'JOK is i-iereby xivc-ri that K>qui-  .���������.���������il* J-< Kaiuiiao ItailfMy i>^, Victoria,  )'. G. vill HiH*!/ foraliceni*' t<lj ti^<.a and  ui-1:100,000<,'!;).'isih fur'J-fMiourj, ot water  -���������at of liim'lcio UrL'������!l������3 ������������������yhich Jlowa \u a  northerly lireotinn llvrovyh "Molfion Dis-  ]h ;L am] fi^jj'.ioB iiuii Huyno  Sound uuur  i������l������ii: Ui\ar. Thu itM-Jur will ho diyorti d  }X llOO-'mmiirni.m fnun Rubviiy am1, will t>o  i.iin'. li.T U-on'-i'.il Huslv.'iiy imrfioiiis om tlie  i,ii.il liuM/i-'bod i.������i'iijil^������y ji[:lit (il wny I'll',8  ,i(uiv''.' Mt'i: [.c.itrcl yj Jin evonnit i'-ii tlio  .ii-.l J.iy iif -\\'i\\, Viihi, Thu .xiijilicfitiifli  will liu likit in tlift offiOtf ol tbo V/ntcr  It'.'coniur, Vift07ia, B,U. O^ji-ationH umy  Jwlilw.1 with tlio nu''l Wnltr I'wi'oujdor ov  ^���������ith ill*- O-uui'.triilu-r ol Wt,*vr Ritjlili,  ('.irlmn.eivl limlilinifi, Viutoiii, 13- C.  fSQtfiMALT .i KANAhMOIt.silAVAV  A^ipliciirtt  \l IJ.     KASIJSV  Agont  ]'S  THE COUNTY LM\JK'.V 0������  NANA IMOHOI.IUfl NAT       J*  CL\\JNV.HUNl> |ln'r' l'U;  jiS'   Tliii    MATTICI*'.   W   .luhA  Htujili nlst/kimwii uh .fuhn i'Miiyth\,  di.-ef.need, in'i'.siii tu,   ".'ht: died ut  Ittiii IvUr.tUy. 'A'dy *>, V.iU-4.  INTMiC  COUNTY   COURT   OF  NANAIMO HOLDEN AT  CUMBERLAND  IN THE MATTER of Daniel 0'-  Copn-1.1, aIjo known  es ,Daniol  John 0-Carinell, deceased, intos-  late, *vho died at Capo Coimnor-  ell, Ku'iert, District ou January  26, l'J13.'  AND  .UNT HE MA'iTRIi of the "Official  Administrators Act."  TAKE NOTICE that hy oiderof  His Honor Judge Harkcs, made  tho IJlh day of November, JSM3, J  waa s\ppointert AdnainiJ-trator oi  lhe KstrtiD of the above jvient'loiioc! |  rlucofts-u}, iindi nil par tit-,?' iiavin;- J  ciainm ngRsnst tho Ba:;l estalo arm  hcjfiby rw'UJred, io furnish same,!  properly veriUud, to too or- or be-1  fore tho 18th day oJ Docemi'-'ii', \  HH������. AND liii pariiw iiiilofcrtad to J  i-aid <:3taift, arft required to j-ay I Sic |i  amount of thti!: itiilobuu-.'tisKrt . in [  mn lc-rthwiih. ('  Dutedtliirf \ U'n dixy  ol Kovi-in*)  V. Wl'M l-.V  \>r."t t.A'..''  (ViJIdal Ailun:.', ,..^..  Cumbt.i-h'iml, <: i..',  ]N Tilly M.VVPIrill ol iLu-'Olttftin  Admtjn-iiriUors Aet"  -MKJ'l NOTiC Kl hat >.-v   #*r.'ior  of I  WATER NOTICE''  SX)R A Ai<1'".l:M',*i*'. Tu'J'AKI  j:s������ WA'lKli  A'.'t'  JI is lloi)i>r iliii'lt.'e  }/ii;iw:-r,  XOmM m Jivvil.  made I   ;s\7ru/i'i ,m iiv.-i i������> .a*-1*  tlio fob diiyi-.i   Niivi'inbMr,  1'iiKJ. - nvtlt U Hiniiiimii 'ArUt-uj, ^.  '.'   .  ^vvarf ap^iii\ti*'l    Aijii-iinif-Ualnr'?;.(', H-iHnj-^y inr a lnt'ii.-i *.o A\ r  id I bo W-taln A   I bv  ������j)m/vo- ibt.ii- |v������*- ,J1������'0()0 ^IC-.ivi j>or til 'aik-c, ia m  tinnwl ib'iiinH*'dvimii all   \iAri\w'-u"Y",7^JY"t"''Y ",''  jiavi.nR chi/unA i>'*::������������������ t  llw* vn'vl j 7^ ^7^ '��������� , Y'  ^Ulf ���������������������������n* hereby r^juin-j* lr> fur i'i' Mli i<;v  niiih pai������if������, |ir������*it'riy   vftrifie.l, to!',n j*,:"').  i  .n������i <���������(> nr be*'in- fl'.*1   1'.* b   il'i'.V 'A'-" u.  ���������tr  Whv  l*nuir.i'i  7l,fit������|i-j';  i)������ccmb������'rf WAd.   AM> nil j'ltr*  litu iiid'-iiud to  Htiid  ������t-lali?, art,-  /Kpiired to ynj !!;���������> awonnl  ni  r  ibcir irvivbj'i'diiiif,'* t:* m������ ioitH-jni tlie iv^ut *,  vi'lt,. f H'vfeiiiMin may I-  rr '. ' i i.r W.iti-r  l'.t������|vtn,  f'������i\  ff&riWA' .Vif.l.ti������.l'.C  \V. \\*W. Wi^Mift ! l.*>fil'IMAlX\* XAX..*llM(iK/l.f.).������..  OUil'liin Ailwiuiftt^tor, I A->t*/U'ai.������ I  i i  '���������**  <  If not, yoa had better  TRY SOPE It's both  holesome^: Palatable  V  ^ DRRUGHT at "Joe Walker's"  ^etu England Hotel, and in Bot-  ties at all the Hotels  from the PUREST "of Malt and Hops  ,1 .113  .   Anything you waiTt  and whatever  way you want it. Below are a.  few of things we print  Give us a Trial Order and see  how well YOU will be pleased  ia  LKTTKR1IKADS  JMhLllKAl.).S  KNVKI.OPKS  1'AMI-llLKTS  CATAI-OUUKS  MICNIIS  ���������      llf.OTTl'.llS  J)ODOKU8  1-OhTKltS  SlllPl'iXO TAGS  VifStTiNj} r,.\[M)K  Jii.tiiSli&ii C'AliDS  Vv'HDl->lX(i STATIONKItV  HALL I'lUH-lUAMMES  ETC., KTC,  KTC.  mm**, i ������4dMK(������MariUir������ ������  4  DMBEBLAND  NEWS THE    NEWS,   CUMBERLAND,    B. C.  #7  THE WELLAND CANAL  HAS NO COUNTRY  A    GIGANTIC     PROJECT     UNDER  .���������*   WAY THAT r* NATIONAL IN  SIGNIFICANCE  . Canada Is Spending Fifty Million Dollars    to    Improve    Transportation  Facilities���������To   Carry    Trade'From  East and Wes.t  Today Canada is making geography,  not of the ephemeral sort, thai passes  away In a generation, bat of that perm-  auent aud substantial character that  ���������will endure for o century and boyond.  Right in the heart of this North Amor- i  lean continent���������-almost at the ,doors r f  Toronto���������Canada is engaged upon a  project magaiilcent In Its conception,  revolutionary In Us offect, national .n  Its significance It.Is this that Canada is about in the building of the  r.-'\v Welland Ship Canal '   '  The nppellmlou, Wellaud Canal, is  pei haps three-quarters of a contury  old. The old folks u.lked of it, overy  school child leanis of it as part ot  the dally curriculum. ..But, with all  this, howo many know that right at  the threshold of Toronto Is geography  In the'inaklnj:,? A nation is convening its wealth, Its brains, Its muscle, to  overcome tho natural'?- obstacle to  navigation p-.'esenJei! In the Niagara  cataract���������or better to improve the  .facilities of the existing gap; to .'n-  sure that the trade of Canada will  flow east and we-t, and that Canada  herself shall become one of the carrier-nations 01 the world.  These are some of the problems involved   In  the  proposal    to  build  a  new Weland 'Ship Canal and it is to  ��������� their solution  that the gigantic project is now unaer way.  It is no idlo boast to speak of tho  construction of the new canal across  the Niagara Peninsula as one of the  world's greatcr.u engineering tasks Indeed, the osvimaod expenditure of  550,000,000 would ��������� be sufficient to  warrant that -lalm. But ' In these  days of great .engineering construc-  . tion the new Welland Canal will rival  in its challenge to, science the connecting waterway'at Panama, where  two ocea.is arc joined, and in its com-  n.ercial efficiency to the prototype of  all big-canals, i at Suez. (  There is' i romance in the histor;  i of what maj\,'be called the Welland  Canalsj and there is the charm of  fiction in tlie story of 'the conception,  design and new the construction.*- of  the greater Wellanct. For its realisation men havp striven in the glare of  the nooday and the quiet* of the  night, In the halls of parliament and  in the secluded purlieus 'of the council cha.nbe.  It is a mane work; it is a work  f'.>i many men; it is a worthy task for  a nation. ,��������� The met who build* those  canals don't figure in digits Th-y  compound in tnousrJuds. .The ,,faith is  _giiien~o_;ihem_tQ_remoy_e-���������jnounlams,  They pjc'k up' a railway here and* deposit, it bodily over there- They compute quantities nn.; distances as if the  smallest thing to do was* to lift a  great steamsulp with- ten thousand  i-s.is of cargo oi-er a 300-foot hill, and  place It on" an ev?n keel ?,5 miles  away.  It is worthy to note that the directing genius of tne new Welland Canal  is a pure Canadian product. lMr. John  Lalng Weller a ei.gineer in charge of,  Burvey, design and construction. He"  Is one cf the. Increasing number of  graduates who now encircle the globe  ln one branch of the imperial service  or another wh; have brought great  and lasting credit to their alma mater  ���������the Royal Military College at Kingston. Mr. Weller was born at Co-  bourg. on February 13, 1862, At tho  ngo of twenty-one ho was assistant  engineer on the Trent Canal; from  1888 to 1900 he was connected with  the St,. Lnwronoo Canal system, ami  from .1900 to 1912 superintendent oi^  tho Welland Caiial. When the serious break occurrou In the Cornwall  Canal In 1008; Mr. Wotlor was callod  from St. Catharines to take charge of  tho .work.  Tho first shovel started to work on  October 3, 1913, and the specifications  provide for tho completion of all contracts In timo for the opeuluij of tho  canal in 1918.  Fifty million dollars is, rough'v  ���������peaking, Mr. Wollor's estimate of tho  cost of completing the canal. The  prices so far obtained from the contractors placo the cost considerably  bolow his ostlmatc, and ono ambition  tlio onglnoor has lsiV that tho whole  undertaking may be completed and  handed ovor to the government within tho original osllmato,  All the work la being dono by contract, excopt tho building of the lock  Kates, which are prnvldctl hy tho department to Insure uniformity of final  Hy and a, lower price, In view of the  number rcqulrtd Guard lockH will  be put In at Fort Wollor antl Port Col-  borne. Caro I.ub boon taken to  provido amplo Biifety factors to make  the enna! socuro against, emergen*  cIob. Mr. Wollor's experience with  canalH hau enabled him to Introduce  Into his doslgu many Improvements  that wlll facilitate the eaBo ot operation. The lockH aro all of tho samo  bI/.o, and the parts are Interchange-  able, In the multitude of dotal] today ho has a vision of tho completed  canal, with the products of the  prairies mooting tho Imports from tho  old land; cnntorn Canadn grasping  through Its long ntrotolios the hand of  tho west In ono great national purposo,���������Toronto Glolio,  DAIRV COMO'Rrnfj  Canada Sent J. A Ruddlck to Meeting  In Switzerland  Mr. J. A. Ruddlck, Dominion dairy  commissioner, lias returned from nt*  totaling the sessions of the International Dairy Coupr-as at Berne, Swlt*  Borland. The congress Ib hold there  trl-onnlally and/gnthors together the  tr;oBt eminent fialry oxports of all  parts of tho world.  Tho dologat's woro given a vory  hearty welcome at tho capital of Alpine republic nd tho addresses w.;ro  roplelo with the latest and best of  scientific prcjresn In dairying. Tho  ttddror.Bes wejv road chiefly In French  but Bonne we*e ginon In Gorman and  other? In English  Russian Tailor May  Not be Allowed  to Land on Either Continents  Whether Ike Willis, a Russian tail-  oi; aged 30, will permanently becomo  a passanger on liners; travelling be  tween AnKrioa England and Russia  when ho co.nes out of aa Eagl'sh prison I'n a'year'b timo is a niattor for  speculation, ;.  Willis is. ar undesirable alien, who  was charged at London session's with  contraventini' aa expulsion order  wliich had followed his practice of a  confidence trick. His counsel, Mr.  Purcell, told a "curious story about  him. ��������� Born in Russia, "* Willie was  brought, to Ens; and when - yoars old.  He spent eighteen y.ars in this country and must of the remainder of his  life he had be-on ia America He had  a wlfo and two children. ���������  On two occasions he had been sent  to Russia by boat,tut as he was unable to speak the language the authorities declined to allow lilm to land.  Tho first time hu was sent back here  and ho had now returned to see Li i  wlfo and children and to1 take them  away. It was difficult to know what  would .happen to him ln tho circumstances and he might permanently becomo a passenger ou ..liners travelling  between the different countries.  The unwanted Willis was said to  have been twice rejected by tho Unit:  ed States authorities and if the Russians **efuso to havo hlni back ^ ho  seems destined for a life on tho rolling deep unless he obligingly seeks  a watery grave.  FOR TOWN  BETTERMENT  SOULS VS* ALGEBRA  Dr.   Francis   Denounces   Majority   of  Teacners as Ignorant  Denunciation of the present .school  system uttered by Dr. J. H. Francis,  superintendent "of schools, Los Angeles, Cal... caused u stir among delegates present, at a session of the  National Education association held at  St. Paul.  "God bless the girl who refuses to  study algebra, a study wliich causes  many girls to iose their souls," was  one ot Dr. Francis' statements'.  "The-average literature teacher., had  no soul and little brain," he continued-  'It is a wicked waste of a child's  life to compel nim to study with her.  ���������'Most of our teachers are selfish  egotists, would-be scholars, hiding behind the word 'conservatism,' afraid  of any new method .because it would  show her'ignorance.*  "Progress, too, is blocked by the  great civic religious and political interests.  "I would rather send my child to a  teacher with a soul than one ' with  brains whose only object is to have the  child reach the answer in.the back of  the book. ,-   -  "Nine-tenths of our immorality is  due,-to damagj done by teachers to  boys and.girls Defore, they reach high  schools."  ,Kamloops,_B-C_.,_Qpens_Eiiblic_Market  The city of Kamloops, B.C., : has  opened a public market. On the opening day a goodly .crowd of citizens  .were present- early in the morning,  ready" to'receive the "vendors. But  the farmers .d'owed- less earnestness  than the citizens; the earliest vehicle  was half an iiour mte, and only 16  more appeared in the course of the  day. The market '<��������� conditions were  such that the demand largely exceeded the supply and the small amount  ,of produce offered was readily disposed of. This success should encourage more of the surrounding farmers  to tako advantage of, the market-  White tanners will not compete with  the Chinese in peddling their proouce  from door to door, but might reasonably be expected to moot their customers at a central .market. Kamloops  Is to be congratulated on lis efforts  to bring customers and producers into direct contact with one another,  and this praiseworthy effort should  meet with the success It deserves  Practical    Suggestion . for   Improved  Social   Conditions  in  Town  and* Country  In the city, there are societies of all  kinds tor civic improvement���������oity  planning associations, city clubs, social servce leagues, health societies���������  cue list grows longer every day. But  wnat about the country town? -Does  il need nothing? Is life In the couu-  try town or -v Uage so near perfection  thut no improvement can take placv?  ? Yet we rarely Loar this matter discussed. Either* we have grown accustomed to things as they are. or  havo been discouraged at repeated fai-  ures. Only a fe* days ago a country  school teacher wrote* me with a vhw  to coming to the city so that he might  find a field ior community work. His  eybs had apparently not beon openod  to' tho grei.t needs aud woiulorful opportunities for social service that were  all about him Jn his own little town  For his benefit and for that of hundreds of Hhers like him, let mo quote  a few paragraphs from an article by  P. M. Hansen oi Des Moines:  "Business jealousies, social Jealousies, and miduulcrBtaudlngs are of frequent occurrence and assumo large  proportions In town lifo. in some  towns certain social,, lodgo or. church  groups make for rery distinct sots or  cliques* All this calls for a getting  together for mutual helpfulness to understand each other and to realize  that it's all ono big family , with a  common Interest- Events which aro  community-wide in their nature, such  as banquets, receptions, play events,  etc., may weil be planned with tho  idea in mind of doing what has just  been suggested above. If even all tho  men of a town would meet, onco a  month or so and discuss the community problems and mix socially it would  be worth while. In one town a commercial club has done with good results just this very thing. The writer  has always said that if some industry  could bo devised to make use of the  winter months of idleness ot! many  men-In small towns it would be a  blessing not only'to the men but to  the community. - There , is a great  economic waste here.  The public health Is a thing of .vital  coLcern in each town, and yet how little real attention is given to it. A survey of almost any small town would,  reveal some startling facts as to the  conditions endangering health. No  more practical thing could be done  than to make a health survey of a  community and then take action.  . A town, clean-up day has been1 one  of the first things thought'of in town  betterment tc safeguard' health and to  beautify1 the town. There Is an abundance of literature on the-preservation  of health which can.be made use tf  in such campaigns- .    .    /  The educational interests of a community can .beh'elped by any group  with real community vision. Are the  public schools the best? Is,the building the best? Are the courses what  they should be?   These and many oth  BENEFICIAL EFFECTS  OF FOREST  THE    FUNCTIONS    OF   THE   GOVERNMENT FOREST RESERVES  1     IS OUTLINED  MILITIA PRMSED BY  BROOKE  KAISER FOR POPULAR SPORT  Wants to See the Masses Uplifted by  ' Athletics  Tho Emperor of Germany, who has  shown a warm appreciation of all  kinds oi! sport, believes that the object should tie :. physical upbuilding of  the masses va'her than |in ��������� effort to  set now records. In a speech at the  dinner at the BrutiB-nuttol-Koog, fcl-  lowing the Lower Elbe regatta, tho  monarch said lhat ho saw with joy  the 'earnest accomplishments of tho  nation ln sport .{and contlnuod: "I :lo-  slro to direct attention to a mutter  as to which ' boliovo our nation Is on  tho right track This h an endeavor to  confer the chief benefits of sport upon  Uio wholo peoplo, to bring the masses  up to a high plane, and not to sort out  Individual, tlrst-eluBB performances  from the dead lovel, which roimilns  generally lower."  ALL ARE TUBERCULOUS  Sir William Osier Stnrtleo a Big  Audience nt Leeds Conference  Sir William ObIoi-, Regius IVofos-  borof Meillelno nt Oxford university,  Hlarllotl the l.tigo andlonco attending  iho conference of the Association lor  the Prevention of Consumption by ie]|.  Ing Ihem that limy worn practically all  tuberculous.   Ho nald:  "If with the aid of radium and a  mloroBCopo I could look nt the chests  of tho audience '. nm adilrosBlng, In  00 per cent, cf yon 1 should discover  n small Tocub or area of tuberculosis."  Sir William demanded, In the Interests ot tho statu, tlio establishment of rlulft coulrel over co������su������.p*  Uvea.  Beef Stored For Eighteen Years  A lilndqtmnor of frozen hoof exhibited at Smithfield after boing in  coid storage lor eighteen years of-  forq, a rcmurkablo examplo of tlio revolution which refrigeration bat  made In tho food supply. Although  sonii'What faded In appearance, part  of It Iiiib already boon used * no frod,  and lr said to bo still sound.  Tho hln'lquai'fer wan shlppec" from  Australia In 1890 and was kept in  cold storage foi experimental pir-  poses at Malta until the government  ti.ok over Its warehouse somo montha  ago- (,* '  ers would be practical questions to get"  concerned about and Interested in. In  one case" a small club of men kept continually at it till they got a new school  building. Then there is need of such  supplementary eductaionar'work'iii a  community 'as can be gotten through  lectures, 'libraries, reading clubs, agri-  cullural short courses.  The town school houses might, well  be made, uso of literary, events, debates, discussions, etc. which are of  communif-wide interest. In one  community the school building Is used  often for' debates which pack the largest "room.  Proper recreation and entertainment  for the people of a community is no  small factor in making for character  and contentment as'well as community pride. Some organizations should  take a hand in seeing that public recreation is properly directed. Wl o  runs the town ball team and does It  respect honor, truth and the Sabbath?  Is the team out to win at any price,  thus giving the town a bad namo, and  ruining some characters? And If tlie  team Is all rlgh I, is it getting tho support'it should get? Aro the boys and  girls being given a chance a play iind  Is It under iho proper supervision?  The question of public morals, law  enforcement and things along this line  should not escape the programme maker for town bottormont. The proper  surroundings for boys and girls is of  the most Importance to any community. What aro their Ideals? Aro the  homes, the schools nnd the churches  giving thom what Ihey need to mako  worth while characters? Aro fathers  taking an Interest In the boys? The  promotion ,of education a������ to tlio pro-  por hnntlllng of and the importance  of young pooplo through Institutes, literature, father nnd son banquets, spec-  la! addresses by experts in churches,  aro menus tt omi'hnHiy/rx lie need nf  action along this lino A special study  of tl.e special *ani"tatlons urd tho  character destroying Inlliieiices In a  town inlpht wol' bo presented to  groij.s of f'llhors onco or twk-i a year.  On ono occasion this was dono and It  was llko a bomb. Tho men hadn't  thought about lt.' Ono group of men  undortook to have vile pictures removed from the town barber shop and  thoy ciinio down. And, hy tlio way,  did you ever notion how some things  are tolerated In town barber shops,  etc, that cltifB would not stand for a  minuto?  To carry into effect somo of thn  above suggestions a commercial club  of mon moot monthly. Their meetings  consist of four things: 1, aocliil time  (may have something to oat); 2, presentation either by local man or out-  elder or both of some apodal prohlom  which Is to bo discussed; !l, discussion  by llu; imini'ci.1 of tlii> ia\i\i. in ijiii*^-  tlon', 4, (lolrirnte tn "nmmltteep tho Ao-  sites of tho group ns to any action to  be taken, Such a courso has almost  regenerated a town.",,  Pcrhnps your community Is Just  waiting for you to ntart something������������������  Cr.:sirl)y:ici by the Ca.ii.vihs Welfare  League.  The Remedy For the Many Evils Foi ,  lowing  Jeforcstatlor.  is the Carry-j  Ing Out of a Policy of Conservation  Under Government Control.  A perpetual timber supply, resulting  from- systematic  methods of cutting  is commonly, and correctly,. supposed  i to be the  chief purposo of making  ' forest reserves.  Another purpose, scarcely, lf at ti'.l  inferior, is Auu. of regulating the runoff from, th water-sheds of rivers, on  which,.on account of the fact, that tho  land is un-suited for farming, throueh  its being too poor In quality or too  rocky, or being at too high a level and  so exposed to frosts, trees form the  most profitable crop.  Forests maintained for this latter  purposo are called 'protection forests,'  Possibly the best example of such a  forest, and certainly the largest protection forest In tiiu world, is tho  Rocky Mountains Porest Reserve ln  Alberta, which now has an area ot I'O,.  SDH square' miies.      .      .    , .  Portunately t'io Dominion _ "govern-1  mont early'recognized the value of'  such protection forests, and, by, '.no  creation of forest reserves in eho  west, the great rivers of the plains  having-their source in these' watersheds were savc-d from the disastrous  Hoods, the ,ow-water stages, and the  flllliig-up of the river-beds with eroded soil, so characteristic of the rivers  originating in the denuded water-sheds  of the eastern United- States.  In this latter region many areas in  the-Appalachian mountains, which  cover a large part of Pennsylvania,  Virginia, the Carolinas and other  States were very severely cut, and  have been repeatedly swept by lire, so  that the forests have been entirely  destroyed. When rain falls on such  an area, the wuler runs off almost Immediately; if, on the other hand, the  area were covered with forest, the  soil would be more spongy and able  to retain water, aud the water would  be hindered in running off by tlie tree-  roots and the debris on the ground.  Moreove.*. the water, in its rapid run-'  off, gradually takes with It the soil,  and where the soil covering the rocks  j.is thin, it is apt to be washed away  entirely. Hen:e there is lost any pos-  sibility of growing a new forest on the  new bare rock. The soil'carri'ed away  eventually found its way to the larger  rivers and harbours, and did actual  harm by silting . these, up. The increased irregularity of flow in the  streams���������excessively full - in* spring  tand as scanty in midsummer���������greatly  (lessened tte value"of the water-power  situated on tnem. Accordingly an agi-:  tation-sprang up to" take steps to re-  afforest suoh areus as above referred  to, and aftor some years the Weeks  Bill was finally passed in 1911, setting  aside .1.11.000,000' for the purpose of  conserving thu navigability of navag-  able streams, by buying up and ultimately rc-affore&thig tho denuded  areas on imro.-tant water-sheds.' At  present over five and a half million  acres' in ths Apalachians "havo been  purchased or approved  for purchase.  The right of tho federal govern^  nient to expropriate such lands by purchase hinged on the power of promoting navigation, given by the constitution. In Canada the Dominon govern-  niet was also gven the regulation of  navigation by tho British North Anic."-  lea Act of 18G7, and'it has been suggested tliat, In those parts of eastern  Canada where wasto water-sheds  clearly oxort a detrimental influence  on the navigability of'rivers, the Dominion government should co-operato  with the provincial governments in  there establishing and conserving forest growth. Such a water-shed Is. that  of tho Trent rlvor, Whero, according to  a report lately issued by tho commission of conservation, ns tho result of  repeated llres, about 150,000 acres aro  practically desert land. The Trent valley canal wlikh passes through this  region, mis already cost the Dominion government upwards of $10,000,-  000, and, as above report points out,  tho re-osiabllshmont of a forest covor  ou the denuded water-shod for tho  conservation of water-supplies Is ono  of paramount Importance to the naniil.  Tho remody for tho many evils following deforestation as pointed out In  this roport Ip tho carrying out of a  policy of i-oiisoi'vat Ion under Dominion, provincial ur municipal control,  Says Canadian  Soldiers Can  Readily  Adapt 1 hemselves to Conditiono  "The mldistoi of militia should be  well satisfied with the manoeuvres  this year, for they have been productive of many interesting lessons," declared Lord Brooke in an Interview.  He .commnidccl the ��������� Peiewawa camp  and afterwards Inspected "the Maritime camps-  "Tho Canadian' * soldier," added  Brooke, "leads a more strenuous iife  and therefore can adapt himself more  quickly to tho conditions of military  service than* tho European. I was  most favorably impressed with the  spirit of the troops and" the genuine  hard work dene during the time they  woro in training,  "The mobilization of thirteen thou-  sard men at Petewawa in so short a  time could not havo been possiblo  except for the complete harmonv existing between thu railways and the,  mobilization , staff. Col. Hughes 1<M  doing his best by means of cadet  movements, drill halls and personal  influence to keep In close touch with  the needs ot lho militia; . and thus  building up an efficient force.  'The system of * interchange of  iinepi-ial ofTlcors inaugurated bv Ool.  Hughes has proved most useful In  bringing about an exchange of Ideas  and a co-operation that must resuL  beneficially to the empire as a-whole.  Iho presence jf H.R.H. the Luke of  Connnught and Sir Robert Hordon  at Petewawa did much to stimulate  the interest ct the troops in their  work."  FROM  BARNDOORS OF FARMERS  Alleged    Auto . Delivery Scheme  For  Prairies   by   C.P.R.  The C.P.R. Is repoited to be arranging for the adoption on a large scale  of a system . of supplementary ..transportation by motor wagons in tha  prairie provinces which will practically bring the rail'\yy to the barn doors  of evcry farmer'in'Its territory. =Kyery  freight statior, .will be made.a depot  for a "(loot of mot-jr wagons, of a  type specially devised for this service, .the nu.uber varying according  to the size an" importance of,the district served. It Is expected that important stations .will have from 12 to  a score of thoca cars In service.  The cars, winch; owing to the nature  of the prairie territory, will not,.have  tc negotiate any i.eavy. grades are designed to carrv vtbuit one-sixth of a  railway carlor.il of   merchandise'.and  are'particularly ulaptcd for the, trans-j  port of grain-   The   chief importance,  wiil, of course  be in connection with  the moving of sralr harvested in nut  iiinn but the teliof of the authorities  is that sufficiert service can be made!  of cars for Jelivsring supplies to farmers and so assisting in the,establishing of homesteaders on'their   lair! as  to justify keeping them in service all  the year round    Otherwise it is 'evident that the 'n/estment would hardly  Jwi_ justified ���������, ���������x   .REFORMS PUT INTO EFFECT  ' ��������� '  Royal   Commission   Proposals  Accepted by Department of Justice  Reforms in the admlnistrntlQn of  the Kingston penitentiary suggested  by the commission which made un extensive investigation into' the siiliject  are bong put into effect by the department .of justice, Any system inaugurate! with Kingston will, of  course, be applied to the other penal  institutions.  Convicts nt Kingston who used to  have on Sundays their last meal of  the day in the early afternoon are to  havo an evonihg meal. While knives  are not to bo-allowed, a now kind of  spoon and fork will be furnished.  The system of tubbing and lioslrg  Is to bo abolished or bo very sparingly reso-ted to, and in addition to  the resident physician a visiting  physician is Ukoly to bo engaged for  tho different institutions. There  havo also boen a number of changes  In tlio staff at Kingston,  The commission Biiggest more outside work ior tho convicts, such as  farm labor ,anri particularly rocom-  mends that the* manufacturing operations be extended so as to include  manufacture of things such as furniture, etc., roqulred in government do-  partmonts. This is recognized as a  largo question which would require  very careful consideration boforo boing made effective  1,000 Miles of Ralls  Tho Grand Trunk Pacific Hallway  havo constructed nearly 1,000 miles  of main and branch lines during the  lain twelve tr.ontlifl. This would not  have been possible bad not track-lay-  Inr? machine i been brought Into requisition. One of these track-layers  has put down five nntl a half miles of  steel lu a slug1   day.  Exhibits of Experimental Farms  The Dominion experimental farms  this year will ''u ivproHentod at all tho  Important fairs of Ciuimlu by a special exhibit (Uffereni ftom any yot  known Six exhibits hnvo boen prepared, ouch with a view to show.ng  lu a graphic iiiiinnor what the Dominion fiirinfl nro doing to help solve ihe  probloma of tho Canndinn farmer, imd  to point out huw tbo Information had  at the farms may bo obtained and put  ���������tito practice,  l*3iich exhibit will go to the fairs .n  that part of Canada for which It has  boen specially prepared. Tho ninlii exhibits have it*i been designed and iih*  somblcd at tho Central Kxporlmental  Farm, Ottiiwr, by .1. P. Watson, acting under tho direct supervision of tno  director of the Dominion farms, Mr, j.  II. fltisdiile, Each exhibit occupies a  space seventy-two feet wldo, i>mi con-,  Blsts of twelvM panels.   Two panols luj  (.<it.ii \iA] Oi* iw>t-i*ii.i. Ini the hpucltti  exhibit of the' brnneh farms In tbe  locality whoro the show is boing Bold.  ABSINTHE   NOW   USED   MORE  Switzerland Produces More of Drink  Than An/ Other Country-  Ravages In Morocco  A crazo for nbslntho Is spreading  ali over tho continent, nnd to Hug-  land. Tho snh of absinthe Is rigorously forhldde'i In Switzerland. The  curious thing li that Switzerland Is  the largest producer of nhsliitlin In  Europe, and every drop Is exported  undor fail official control. The absinthe to bn procured Biirreptltloinly  In tlie Swiss cafes Is smuggled through  from Franco.  In Morocco the absinthe ernzo has  become so burl that thn Sultan has  prohibited Its mnntifneluro, sale or  importation. This decreo was mndo  at. the request of nenoral Lyatitey, tho  French president In Fez, All travellers  agree thnt Hie effects of drinking absinthe In Morocco nro appalling, Cnr-  avails have beon (Inscribed ns Inden  with ahfllnlhe, carrying It from the  roast to the Interior,  Farms of Germany Supply the Soldiers  Of ovory hundred subjocts to military diitv In Oermany. fiR.fl ner cent, nf  tho farmer U<fth nro fit for service,  against, 31.9 per cont. In Ilorlln proper,  which shows tlio smallest porcontago  of ablo-bodled youths of any place in  tho omplro. Tho statist Ics, which arc  for the yenr 1012, have Just been mndo  public. Wlimorsdorf, one of 'ho  Greater Herlin municipalities, which  haB t|ie lowest deatb-rato of any city  of fjorrnnnv, fumlsbPH .IR.:.' reerilffl  foi service among every hundn-d men  examined, a flgur.i exceeding Mint of  any other -urge city Ijj the country.  Forestry Is the art of utilizing tlin  forest and at tlio samo timo porppttuit-  inir It It ]a ivbi-ftly uimiurluti; It Ua*  nothing (except Incidentally) to do  with the osthetc aspects of forest  giowth which concern tho InndRcp.pn  gardenor. Wood-crops Is Us object,  Just ns food-crops Is tho object of  rth������;������������.5;u.-������i. ������';,������ only obligation  which forestry Imposes In the uv:o tr  harvest of a forest growth Ir to systematically replace the harvested  crop. In this obligation mainly, If not  alone, does forestry dlffor from Ium-  berlng.���������Kornow.  Lord Wlmborne Sells Estate  Lord \Vlriihnrn#   who brought back  the pnin cup from America, )in������ sold '  IiIh Cardiff estate in South Wales lorj  ff.00,000.  SENTjFROM TRAINS  DETAILED'EXPEI?IMENTS ON THE  LACKAWANNA RAILROAD HAVE  PROVEN  SUCCESSFUL  Wirelesi Servio For Operating Trains  is Now no Longer an Experiment���������-  Communicating With Moving Trai������  Will Prevent Wrecks.  Since the fl-st wireless telegrupk  message from a moving train to a used station .vas Unfiled, from the fast  Lackawanna Ijnii.ed to Scranion, I'a.,  the improvement* of the wireless Bi?r-  vice between tvaina and stations for  commercial .iik operating 'purpose*  has been dtondily going ou. L B.  Foley, tbe Uickuwai nr.'s superintend*  ei t of -''telegraph, who originated tho  TWuof llu- train win less system and  has been In charge oi the tests, is  making satisfactory cxpei intents ia  Holds hardly though, of when the ncv.  t'se of wireless was lirst conceived- ���������  The lniest accomplishment is Uie  setting of signals by wireless fioni a  moving train or from a lixed wireless  station. Foley' says that there is uo  longer nny doubt that the wireless  can be depended on for this sb;naJ  service.; if u.< operator at a st alien,  ht- says, wants to sot a slgnrl for ������  moving train not ln comma ni cat ion.  with him ho oan cause the semaphore  blade of the slgnn! post to rise cr fall  'as- he wishes by simply sounding tb*  proper ilotx am' dashes ou his key;  "Signals cab be sent by wireless,"  said Foley, "as easily and as surely a* *  they arc now sent by 'electricity conducted by wli^es. We have a selective  device by -which an operator can get  a signal at any point if he lias occasion.  to llag a trail.    ���������       ..  "This moans thnt if any ''mistakes  aro made in the orders issued to engineers iind conductors, at stations or  In the ouse of an emergency "in whicli  a train must oe stopped to .avert ao.  accident the station operator cau sis-  nal the Iraln as certainly as (f he find,  direct wile jomin'unicatlon with soma  cne on board..-  "Another valuable use. to which th������o  wireless controlled signals can b*������  put," said Fol-jy, "is the handling of  freight trains on long runs. At present a through fi eight must make many  steps between its starting point and  destination, so that orders and instructions concernliig riglit. of wajr  can be dell'ered to the conductors,  but these frequent stops are a .soi.rce  of expense.,ai.d delay which will oe  abolished  by the  wireless  telegraph. ���������  "Keeping trains in motion for long  distances without stops will reseit ia  great economy of operation." , said  Foley. /Railroad operating;.officials  know how expensive It is to start aid  stop heavy freight trains, (lie additional cost of"fuel with the attendant  pulling out of drawl.amis and tho.wpar;  and .tanr_iOf>iiJie_^fiuJuniont I*u!acj���������m>-  incoiis'dcrable items> in rtheiriKelv.**.  With' direct communication with *  train and the ability to set and release  signals by wireless, dispatchers cau  keep In.touch with conductors and  make the stops, ncpdlcss- The wireless  permits the dispatcher to board ov^ry  train and deliver his instructions as  surely as if. he handed them to ihe  conductor in a sealed envelope.  "That tho wireless service for ordinary operating purposes is no longer,  ae expei'lment is proved b.v the fact  that the Lackawanna has already <!������-  fended upon it when wire coinmunlidu  tlon was cut olT, Recently, when a severe storm put nil telephone and t< lo-  graph lilies out of commission In lr.<������  mountain divisior. of the Lncknwnnna  railroad, all train.orders w������>ru hawP.'d  by wireless between Scranion <nnj  ningliamptoii for,' two hours during:  which fifty-four oidors.wero transmitted."    V    ,    ���������'������  "Com-.iiunb'atjon hy wireless t*':������-���������  graph to and f.'om fixed stations with  'moving trains is tio longer ai: uncertainty," Foley said. "Hnllrottds can  now go ahead and Install ibe nen'-ico  without any fear oi failure, The service can be put Into operation without  increasing tht train crews."  Commercial telegrams hnve already  boon sent from the Lackawanna Limited and a sot of regular toll rates Is  now bolnj,' prepared by tho railroad  and tolograpb companies,  FUR   FARMING   IN   CANADA  Commission   on   Conservation Issues  Second Edition of Publication  . As an indication of the jirog���������*���������>���������������  which the .uibjoct of fur farming is  mnklng In Canada, and tho demand {Or  HUirntiiro and reliable InformnilDn <������  tbo Biibjoct, tho commission of conwr-  vatlon lifts found It necessary to H,*un  a furtlur edlt'oi. of. Its publicuiiun,  "Fur Funning In Canada,"  Tho Ilrst, e.iltlon, although ,i Jurjiio  nuinbor wiih printed, had become irm*  plotoly oxliuuHtul, and iih coiiplil' r-  ablo further Information on the hiiu-  Ject hail become available llm ciio-  mlHsion consider od It. ihIvImiMo :uat  thin bo pliiced-ln the IiiukIh of Ukipo  to whom it would in.; of Horvlu.'. Tie  present volume, wlibu devoting u l.irg*  part to the subject of fox raining, also covers the breeding nml raising  for fur purponoB ot such other nii!iii:i;������  an Knrrikul sheep (the nfl'xprliuj <������f  which nro known as the PithIhb  lambs), racoon, mink, mnrn'ii HhIhjt,  muskrnt, bonver, reindeer, the niooce,  etc Vnluablo Information Hfttlvs  to the fur trade, tbo principal world  markets and apivosimato prices rt  fur Bklni) aro Included tn the \ ultima.  Cable From New Vork to Panama  Tlui work of laying a cable beiwm*  New York and I'Htiama, a dlstauco ot  2.&00 miles, one of Hie gn-ntr-ut undertakings, will begin In October.  It will bo laid at a coHt of ab������nt  t&.OOO.OOft bY the Telcgrnrib fount motion Co, of London, with the ciWrt  ship Colonia, which wlll lay tlm ciH������  at the rate of about seven knots aa  hour.  Capital Crimes nnd Foreigners  Tho degree to which forelgncm ars  ri'H|iiiiihlliWi tor capita! crlim-u In t'i*  Dominion Is ladlcated by tbo 'net tlui  of 11 death liciitfua u recently hvton*  the jiikIIc-3 di purtiiiHjt, thero wna oat  a Catimllnn o; lirltli.h subject iu tb*  lltt- ��������� >MfWWMl,������M| W  '\fm**a 'i. ~-������ MM-t.MM'W  ;������^k^  ' n   i M iu������w w^ i w win fcUiMn ������ I ���������.**���������.���������**<.���������**��������� i iwi 11 ti*****m*v*tt.. ��������� !w*  vlfct***V'-'-;-"^V������-"..^^.  4?Tv*^??~*-Wa yj*W*^^^  ssware  Table Sots; 4 pieces ' 75c a set  Tablo Sets, 4 pieces $1,80 and $2.00  Jelly Glasses with Cops  80c a dozen  Glass Tumblers '. 50o a dozen  Glfias Salt and Pepper Shakerb T.erry Sots   etc.  etc.  atmf^0^*titt*^*t*tian,  See our Stock of Furniture,   House l'lirnishiiiRs  Wull Papers, Ranges,   etc. etc.  MAROGCH1 BROS  GROCFRS   &   BAKERS  AND PROPRIETORS  OF  CUMBERLAND  BOTTLING WORKS  The Furniture Store  McPhee Ulock,  A* MoKINNON     Cumberland  Ape������ts for Pilsener Hrcwing Company's BRER  Wholesale Dealers in all Kinds of  Wines and Liquors.  SECOND   STREET  S.   y.    Uliiiniii'i*,   comnu'iicing  ,., O.        *- ��������� V/IUU 1IH-I , V villi '   "   O  Notice to All Subjects of a..s.^ wm ��������� ^v,, ;;t r..io���������  '             .                                . t    J Hay at o.JJO   p.    in.    Yw>di)i'S<lnY  Germany and  Austria-Hungary  ay at n.ou p  and Friday, and will leiwv I'liion  Hay, Thursday inoriiiug.itf. 8, and  on Friday nt 111 nmlniolit. Nt  ciiiingu in Ccnvielmn's ^cliodiilo.  P. PHILLIPPS HARRISON  Notice is hereby   ������iveu, . that  sill persons who are   subjects   of  Kicriuany and Austria-Hungary,  viio reside or cuter   lhe   City oi  O'.uiibeiland, nre, required hcre-  ���������xv- li to   present   themselves, to  -.i'i the Chief of Police of the City  .M'Cumberland  V>. C.   to jjiere  have their names, addresses and  ...    .'Vcriptions and  make   such re-  port and give such other  infor-  maiion and follow such  directi-  q s as shall be  requited   or  di"  liciedbylhe   Chief  of  Police.  .A'1 keepers of   boarding   houses  .and rooming houses ��������� in. the City  ���������ot Cumberland are.   n-<.,uired    lo  isr.bmit the names   of all persons  iff German or   Austria"Hungari  .*: n nationality domiciled on their.  ��������� j -emises to the Chief   of   Police  ������������������iJjJiiuCjlALoLCuinbeiliUKh R.J3.  And   further  tnko nctieo   that  i"t\- 1=110)1 perf-ons'who am Ruhjeets  .-. I' tlm eo'.inli'ies  aforesaid who d������j  1 <>t ('(imply with the abovw require  ���������i-.i'ijtn .forthwith will   be  jsroeudi'd  5>i;niiist.  City Constable McLellan .has  r reived the forms which are  1 . 'ue filled in bv all subjects of  liurmany and Austria-Hungary,  jiow residing in British Coluiu-  li.i. The Chief will be at the  ���������1 oliee ofliue on , Tuesday' after-  31 ouu. and nil interested .should  (all on him .u that lime and  i-u-fkc the necessary -declaration.  0������������������.������������������������$:������������������������������������*  BARRISTER AND SOLICITOR  NOTARY "PUBLIC  "Drink a Bottle of ^Usenet,  ���������fi '..���������'.    ���������������������������:������������������.' ,. : ��������� ' :���������*���������"  '���������':'.     ���������- ,���������.'      .'���������,'.��������� 'fit  %>ith yottr meals  Notice the good effect on appetite and digestion  PILSENER BREWllSO CO., LTD*.  Also distributors for U.ll.C and   Nowlifc llucrs, Nanaimo;  inHiiiiiiiiiitiniiiiiiiiiniiiiiiHiiaiHiitiiii^^^  CON VYANCING  TRY  THE  DUNSMUiR AVENUE  CUMBERLAND,  for    yonr   Sundae,  Sodas, lco- Cream,     .   y  .   and    Confectionery  FUUIT, CIGARS,  TOBACCOS  ''Willie"  ������S>������(������������������������������������������������������������������(^������������������^  WANTED���������The loan of a  knitting machine fov the Ladies'  Patriotic Guild.  ^.H..S..H4*.t-^^^  3  ������ I  MKTHOD1ST CHURCH  .   SERVICES.  S2-:  FOR THESE HOT DAYS  .. Children's Uompers, Wash  Blouses '& Suits '  Dreest-s, Ciishiiiorn Cyats'. utu.  Ladies' Waists, ���������Night- Gowns, Undorskirts,  C0111 hi nations.     Corset     Covers,     Aprons,,  Uoiiijo Dresses, etc.  MEN'S SILK SIJLIiTS,   TIES,'   FINE   IhNDEBW.EAli  j.  Public   Worship���������Sunday, ii  a m. and 7 p.  111.  Bible Study   (S.   School)'2.30  p. ni.  Young People's Society���������Monday, 7.30 p. 111.,  Ladies Aid���������Piist Tuesday of  evciy month, at 7.30 p. m.  THE "IDEAL" STORE  Next to Tarbells  =3  ft  Applications For Renewals of Hotel Licenses.  NOTICK,  ���������Holy Trinity Chui'i-.h  of  Ting'  hind, Cuiulu'i'liiiid.  St.|-vie������'s for   Sunday.   Sept. 27.  HI h Sundnj* al'li'i' Trinity. .,  Matins and sonnon, ut 11 a. in.  KvHiKong and mormon  7 p, in.  r-'u'.iji'i'.t. "And thni'H  was uo moro  ,,������������������.���������������'  Weok-dny Si'i-vici'K,  Tuesday,   Siipi. ail. St, Michael  t mI All Angels  Dny.   Mutiny und  J,unity at. il 11. in.  ��������� Wmlnesduy, Sept.  'd b L.\<*ti!n<r  i' rvici! and genuon nt fc o'clock,  Smidny hcliuol in  ciiiucli   ',1,'dO  j . in.  Chus, A, deViM-c, White,  Clciyyiiiiin in Chiirge nl hirhli,  NOTICE in lieroby given that on tlio  llrfit day of Docoiubor noxt, nppliontion  will bo 11 rule to Iho Supoi'intonrttmt of llm  Provincial Polico, Viit.irin, for the renew  nl of tho hotel license to noil liquors by  rotnil in tlio hotol known us tlioWuoilluis  Stopping l'lnco, Hitunto ������t Oyt>t.or Itivor,  in eho 1'rovinco of llriii������h Oolumlii.i.  Annik W'llODIITJS,  IMoil Soptcmber'J!!, 101-1,  NOTIOH is horoby yiven tnul nn thu  Ural, ilny of Dacumbor next iipplicution will  ho mndo to tho Siiporintuniloiit nf I'rnvin-  oiiil l'nliuc, Vicloi'iu, fur thu runowal "f thi  lioU'l liciiuuo to Hull liijimiH by n.tail 111 thu  liotnl known ftH tlio Noluon lioU'l, mluatufl  nt Union liny, H,('. Jons* l'n.isr.ii,  JJutod Sopteiiibcr, 211, 111!4  Cumberland' to Union Pay ioc, for two minutes  Cumberland to Funnv Hay 2.0c. tor two nnnutes  Fanuv Bay to Cumberland 20c. for two minutes.  Fanuv Bay. to Taylor" : * * 'A^' for two mim,teS-  Fanny Bav to Union. Bay  ioc. for two minutes  Union Bay. to Courtenay ������oc. for two minutes.  Union Bav, to Cumberland ioc. ior two minutes.  Union Bay to Fanny Bay ...; ....:.. 1.0c. for two minutes.  Also,  special   night   rates  Between 7 p. m. and 8 a. in.  to all points in British Columbia,  Three Times the Regular Day Period for the Regular DayRate.  E3? Make Appointments Any Time During the Day.  ���������Jane  <*c*  "iT  ll!lilll!!lllll!llllllllliniinilllll!lllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!IIIIIHIIIIUIIIIil^  A\\l^llllllllllllllll!lllll!llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!llllllllllll|||||||||||||||:i|||!li:il||||||ll||H  3 ,.1-'*  a  Capital Paid Up $11,560,000. Hobotvo 813 000,0  i        - ��������� ��������� Y  ' hi  I   The Royal Bank of Canada,  I DRAFTS ISriUED IN ANY. CUKllKNCY, PAYAHLK ALL  I OVER THB WORLD. ���������  I .SPECIAL ATTENTION paid to SAVINGS ACCOUNTS. & iutero.u  g at big beet Current Uati-a allowed o:\ Dcpoaite of $1 and upwards. |'  1 CUMBERLAND, B. 0., Branch, Opon Dull/ D, M. Morrison, Mgr. |  I         UNION PAY, B,0, Branch, Opmi I ui y.      P.^Bcswovth, Mgr. |  I  COURTENAY,   B, 0 , Branch, Op-n Diu'lv R. H. Hnidwiclt^ Mgr |  ^IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll* T-^llilllllll|||llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltllllllllllll\#,'  ne Co. Ltd |  ;;.M,4.4������H'^HH4'^W-M'**4':ll-M"m^^  =V. BO^onft  Manufacturer of MINERAL WATER  f  P. 0. BOX 483,  PHONE 20....  CUMBERLAND  Vnloiirlinr Cntnp, Sgpt. \l\,--  '1 he minister of militia Haled ti,-  j,.-:lit llurl HI,21)0 men, TOO borhnt  i-i.il all Uio artillery and mbur  * i|iiipmf)nt now here, would \io fnr-  vv" ir<\ Id Knglaud as gonn uh triintf  l-iir'.p and convoy ships' could bo  pmvidi'd. Colonel Iliujlien exphiin  i-1 iliiittho 31,000 nian doniprisiiig  iiii"l.'en infantry ro^inunith, in- notiuk Ib lieroby Rivo������ that on tbo  i' nun Uio i'iiiici.*������M i'ii:iici,i Llgiii li^t tisty ������r Uwombcr iiianijij.iiviU.ou'.w.li  .ri nntry, iih wuii urf two cnv������Jr> Lomailo tutlmdnpisiiuiumuiit m i'mviu-  ujiiiiKMilu, tho Drftgoons nnd tlio 0j���������i polico, Victoriu, for 11 ronownl of tlio  NraihonwiH, TllO niinintitr nhu |10tol JiccnflO to wil Ji<|iiorn by rotnll ir,  yiati-il Ihnl ho hoped  t) nml  !������0n|tlu,|loU)| Ull(IWU lul t)l0 Union hotol, ait-  NO'I'ICK in 'KM'oljy fjivon tlmt on thu  llt'Kt duy oT Dbuondinr noxt uiiiiliuutiim a \A  liu mwiU) tothe Suiierinti'iiilciil. or I'l-oviu-  uiui I'olict1, Victoi Ui, for tlio ronrnvnlof Um  hotel lli.-oimu to H(l! lii|Uoi'H by rot nil jn tlio  hotel know na thi) Wilmm hotel, iiitiuitoil  nl. Union Hny ll.C,  Ai.ruunltAVKH IIijiink  DutQil So|itcmber, U3.10I1  iniudiitiii guiiB unci l.rjO armored  iiiuikH, tho contribution of wuililiy  (Jiinndimm, Thoro is ionic utici-r  tninty up to whothcr nil tho ull'ictr*  nt Vuli-nrtior will jro to Kn^lniid,  hu' it is   dated to ho   u   Impfful  *������i  ������������������ni'li turiiin^ out  In he lU" i.A-c  (!'iiici(]nriil)lo -pricuhilion uboiiuitri  it* 10 vv nut iiMj ihu Cuna.ii .OH will  b- p'tt to when thty  rvm-h  Ki^  11 lui.  uritu nt Union, H.C,   .lou.v N. McI.kod  IJfctml Hoptemhor, '2'A, 111 14  NOTICK in horoby ^jivun that 011 tlm  timt duy of Lk'cnmbor nuxt, ixpiilioatofi will  bo m*ihi tuthoMipurintumlentol I'lovinei.vl  I'oliuc ViLtorii, (or tlm runowid uf tlio ho  tcl hwn*f in m-M liuuurM by lutuil in lho  li.itil known u* tho Hveniilc howl, iituv.ee  it C'liirtniuy, )i. U. I). 11. tV.i-iiNMi.  U.telSn.uiidtxia, VMi.  Place Your Fire Insurance with  The National Benefit Life &  Property Assurance Co.,  ���������of London, England--  "Prompt Settlements" Our Motto.  .Ia.iiii.rybd., Km. in N������.-w VV-htmiuntof, a^uAi-d Uwxty \nhi  (JhnfjuiiH uovuriiiH ������i������mo, (jivun Jnnunry lltb  Fnbr.iary IUjIi, 1'lw in O.mil)orln������.1-Fr������l O-hhI, ������������������Nd. *.lja������te.l,.K.ib.  IBthj  Aj.rll Uml. Fire iu Nathan, ndjiistml April Brd; Choqu-i mil Aj.nl !Wth  Aur.l Uiltli, Tin; in Vimmiu, aojiihiVoii kua aMWd. M*J 'W  b<]  1  ������t  ft  Thomson's   Boarding   House I  W. E Ramsay  Agent,        Cumberland,  B. C  G\  <���������)  ������  (t)  ������  ������  i*l  Hits Now Ik-tMi Opened Up mid is  wpjv.iml to leceivc- hoarders  Boird by tlie Day, Week or  Month  ���������Ri-tisuii������i>lc Kates���������  Dutiimuir Av������nue, Near fourth  Btroot���������Oumborlimd, It, 0,  Wm, Thomson


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