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The Cumberland News Mar 31, 1915

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������������'IU I
Devoted Especially to the interest* of CtWinrberSjawd and S**rroun<_Jn|** 01��t!Hc,t.
Y, The News, Twentv-Fjrst Yea**.
Subscription $1,00 a Year
-*, ���<.-���*
I; *
Very special iii Ladies'. House Dresses, made of good quality gingham in
fa wit .and blue shades.
A Leader at $1.50 each
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Special price, $2,. 50 see them
Powell River, March 27,-~
Powell. Bi.ver-hnd its first Liberal
Association 'formed last** night.
Mr.. J. Thomson and Mi:. \V.
Baikie camo over from . Comox
���last Sunday and started to organize tho Liberals of this town in a
in ist effective manner.. The
���in 'tt'iw u'liich was called for at
8 p. m,, was very largely attend-
ed by a number of enthusiastic
Liberals. The foil-wine: ollieer6
were elected-: Hon., President,
Sir Wilfrid Laurier; Hon.. Vice-
President, Mi. Brewu.tor; Presi-
,dent, G. Ji Street; Vice-President, W. Gebbie:' Treasurer, A.
JNiehol^on; .Secretary, .Geo. i'.
Sch ma jo,
T/10 foi lowing ten   ,\vei;e ejected
to t.i 10 executive: It. I). Fidler, J.
o' ��
Cassidy, C. Dittwan, J. -G.illis.
W. Weir, A. McDonald. W,
lloberts, J. Itussell��� J, Kindlan,
T.Ogburn. ' '., ,     ';
A .'tea* the <ei��ctiow .of oiMeera,
Air. J, Thomson, of Cn.iwberland,
addressed the   meeti-H*   at .some
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���j *-,
Pinafores aud Rompers.
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Simon Leiser & Co., Limited,
i*���. _
������ Mr. John Bryden, sr. died at
Victoria on Saturday last, after a
,l>*'ief illness. The deceased geu-
tlem-iH was .a brother ui-law of
lion, Jaiues Dunsiuuir, and was
well known 'throughout tj-w Island.
M>\, Q, 11. Tarboll loft by train
,on Monday morning ior Victoria
.to attend tho i'lineniJ of the late
Mr. John Bidden, whicli will
Jake pla��',o'on Tuesday. .y
FOR SAC-fi���At & gift   price.!
Player pi mio; in  first-class condition.    lUityw guts CO -.wli  ���select**
<od   mcQrd.fi   free,    Apply   Koyal
Hank, Cu ni berland,
Mr. Williiam Roy, of Roys-ton,
has -recently passed his 75th mile-
a'ono. He is a hale old gentle-
Mi's, John Howe, of Dei-man
Island, is visiting her grand-
iihuightei', Mrs, P. >), Doheny.
lt is a pleuture to note that
jDyiimnu can li^ast of a flout at
' last, JtH coiiHtruction has now
begun under tho i-upei vision of
Ur. Fred Piercy, wlio has entire
chargo'of the'job, Whim completed it will bo something iir
the l-Viimauites to he proud of.
Thn float will he much nppreci"
ujud by ihu owners of launches,
who put run ho tlio dunces held in
the Duiiiiiiin Island Athletic Club
Miss Lillian Hood, principal of
lho Douinuii Island school, Iiiih
hift to spend tho Easter vaciition
nt tlie Soil'id cities.
Mr, S. J. UaiiiaieK] is now op.
CMiliug n crow ol fiff-uni or twenty
men, also Mr. James Swim has u
lur*-,** claim to kcup Howard iuul
Iii*. duuk'-y bu^y for tho noxt two
MIIIMIIUl'-i lo come,
Deiiiuan undoubtedly hah awuk-
eiiv��i \\\>\o i��jt t��iti\i\\i\.ltt ts> i...iaj
in nice,
Mp. Horiiw* Smith and two
idiildn ii aie giiei-in of Mr. and
Mn..   (i.   1),   lli-hiliu-H   for   the
j'<,^li:l' Jlo]l'lH)*%
Ci^tonih Iiin,!'clor Mai'cliuiit.
���>';)�� in Jusyi; DlJii:iiilly luet wwli.
Cojuo��:  L-jstriU' lV.riotic   War
Fund, End of February 1915
MeFarlnne $ 263 00
Colliery Company. .... 2125 00
Dance       14 25
J. G, Bij��gs , ���       1 00
I'\ X. Dillman         2 00
Union Hay....      41 55
Interest accrued.......      15 77
.t2462 57
mwi. ��������*������* ��t#Mi
Mrs Rush ford $ 301 25
Mrs. Macintosh     160 00
Mrs Hlli.son     168 00
Mrs Hrown     i6R 00
Mr Ward       to 00
Theatre rent       30 00
Cuinberlaiid Nc\v��....       6 00
Islander       21 00
McFarlaue Hros         r 00
0. U. Saunders        5 00
J. I-J.'McMillau        5 00
Hal on hand Fcba-H,'^ .111587 82
Mavii'.p; cheeked over  receipt:",
and   expenditures as per bank
I,,...".     (    '*....I   ,.,.1    r ,   ,
lo February 28, T.915, wc hereby certify io the omreetJie.ss of
March 25th,  1915.
Qi'mbvrh'u), ]}, C,
-length.    Mr,. Thowwon expressed
his surprise, at the great  nuuiiliw
,0. members who  enrolled   within
the last few d��ys. thero being over
fifty lueiaibers * i'or   a   start.    lie
stated that he had ,.-bee��   told that
it was nu use trying-, to .-orgatme
in Powell   Iliv.er,   as   everything
was Conservative, but he   k-iio'w^
jiua-jytlju.it Jb^_siuue_feeliiig^*ji:i_tjsJ
[ :n L'owell Ilh/OY as in the   rest  oi"
lho Provinse, and that is, that ev-
srybody was" joining iii., in siuasli-
ing   tiie   CoJisoryaijxo   lwachbie,
JNlr. Thomson also' told about th**
good _w,or'k being doii���  in   ui'gxu"
izhig Cic J>iberaJ.-s in  all parts .of
the Prdviuc^   lu rei'eiring to tlie
Liberal    candidate,,    Air,*'   Hugh
Stewart, Air. TJionison stated,that
Air, SlMwart was an ideal 'man l��
repiWBOiit Comox District, being'a
man  ol!�� susrling  worth,   honest.,
ami favorably known all ovor the
district, especially mentioning tht)
fdfit that   Mr,   Stewart   being   u
farniHi* and   iherel'oi'fl   knew   the
hardships and   disadvantages pre-
pmpiors and sottlm's woro  laboring'under,   especially   under   the
present government.
Next, iir, AV. Haikio, of Don-
man Inland, and Vice-Fresident
of the Centrnl Liberal Asuociation
of Comox, addressed tho mooting.
Mr. I-i ti lc io deplored tho bail slato
of alTaiis under the AIcHride-
Howscir Covei'iuneiit, anil especially of the bad roads around the
J'owoll Rivor district, culling alien! ion to the fact llmt thero
woro a number ol nettloi'��' in and
around Fowell Kivor, and only
goat trails to gel, ,t,o .theni, aim
whidevar roads had boon built
wrij'u of 110 uso to the jiro-uinpi-
oi'k, as they started nowhere and
ended nowhere, Air. Ualkio urged tho audience to work and boost
the Association along an hard as
they oould, as a good Uboral As"
fliwiiitioii was tho only iiieanu lo
smash und break up the Conservative machine, which had boon
bunt up through ao much corrupt*"
Mr. Streel, tho   newly   eli'ded
president,     also    addressed    the
in, *��� ��� I f n 1-*     i.i'     i-fiti   >     li*  ���     V.iukiiKi1    r# * �����>
������' n *'"h     ��...��-...   .w.
all to jiut their shoulders  to   the
wheel nnd help l�� boost  lhe  Ale
Hride-Dowser Govi��riiineiit.out ot
power bo tlmt   we   entild   have 11
clean govenuiioiif,
A hearty vutu   of   lliauk:--   win
leiidi'iyd    Mi��Hhi'M   Thonit-on   and
'by them at Powell ltiver; also the
fiecrotary, Mr. Scliinai-jj was ao-
cof Jed 'ft hearty **oto ^3f thanks
���lur tlirs eaiergetiic'Wrty iu which he
helped Al-essrs Tlwnison and llai,-
kie. Ko organize ,thn new . Associ-
atieiti. E*.verybudy in Fowell River is confident that the Conservative .candidate fur Comox .has a
surprise .awaiting him at Powell
ltiver,at ,uext.election.
���On Sunday morning next at II
o'clock.,   ti.ie    Sacrat-neiit   of   the
Lord's Sipper will   be   dispensed.
i,n   .S-t...   .George'-tJ    pjiesbyteriiui
churcli. , In the evening-at 7 o'clock an Easter Message   withap
pre--eoiUimuniou   service   will   lut'
heid  hi   the ��� bas*oinemt    of. the
chur,cJ.i.on -Wed.uosd.jy, .oA-ening at
7.80.,    The pastor  expresses. Uie,
hope that all tho m-embers will be
present at the service  on Sunday
morning.    * ,,
As   spring    approaches,   the
* *
question of work for the unem
played becomes more and more
acute. , Those who remember
the terrible happenings in Lancashire during the American civ
il war, when close upon 200,000
men were known to be* out of
work in that country alone, will
tremble with apprehension, At
that time the philanthropical spi
rit of Britain arose nobly to the
rescue, no less a sum than 9,500-
000, being publicly swhscribed.
This fund was so well adminis-
teted"tlTafai tKouglT"tlie���d i stress
Mr. John Thomson arrived
home on Sunday frnm Powell
Ui-vur, ���slt^k"' look* for big
things fur tho Libera's ut l>owell
Kivor on election day.
Tho Trustees of Comox Dis
Irict Patriotic Wnr Fund hold
their regular monthly mooting nt
Bovan on Friday night last,
Several applications ro Fund support wore acted upon. Thoro are
now nine families receiving benefits from tho Fund, which on account of the hard times and the
increased demand upon it, is uor
holding its own, This fu-nd
should not bo allowed to get down
lo tho vanishing point, Thoro is
now being paid monthly out of
the fund about -$350, which nt
present is coshlctnbly iii oxcobs
of the amount being paid iu; and
the deiiiiindf- upon it aro likely to
grow. It is up to tlm non cmn.
ImtiintB to keep it going or let it
stop. It cannot, he expected thnt
thoi-c working iu tlm mines om
short timo will do moro thnn tlmy
cau do.
ou buildings and railway work*,
wh ich are now almost at a stand
still, ���'
u Iu the face of tbis ju^te :of.a#
aiis the laud is cry iug for labor,
oue thing,that ciin be done is to
separate   the   whoat   from   the
chaff and endeaver first of all to
employ the wheat,' giviug piefer
ence as far as .reasonable, t-��,. tht
men who have othe�� rj--.'gupj*ort.
For this purpose, and in fact foe
t-re.itiiient.of the whole situation,
committees should be formed  iu.y"
every city and town,   and-iegis-
jtr'aiion    ejubodyiug    suitability' ,
strictly kept.   Then such publie-
wprks aa are in-any .way possible.
Dr, F. Reynolds,   of Nanaimo,
was in town on Haturdny,
, .   . ������,������ _ <
Nothing iloing   along   oh-eliim
lines in town this week,   It must
he thi* lull h-nfoi'i* lho storm.
When Bir Uicu-trd McHrhhi returns from Otiiiwa thuo will ho
Komtithing  doinn  *0.    lot  it  he
Tho H. S, Cmvichun lirmiuhl ihi*
mail over Irom Vancouver on
Sunday, bul 100k no return mi.il.
Wo did not ha n if thi'' iM lo lm
purmuionl, or iiieniy t-'niHinoiie
Our e.\"iua)'��ih uppear lo bn up
Builvje i'or the good wuik HtarUMl'aguiikt that1 puimd hy']aw.
11 ���
lasted for a period of nearly five
years, $656,000 remained in tike
hands of the trustees, aud was
expended iu the erection of a
convalescent home iu Laucash
ire. Things are different, in
Cauada to, what they were in
England at that time. The
country was not at war, and al
though prices were high and
the sufferiug was widespread,
people had uot heen called upon
for aid to the almost innumerable works of charity that they
are now. While some of the
money subscribed was used foi
direct r-elief, the bulk of it was
invested iu public works thai
commanded the greatest amount
of individual labor.
it is a lair estimate to prtsume
that at this moment iti Canada
there are 100,000 unemployed.
Mayor Xiartiu, of Montreal, has
placed the number of "out of
works" iu that city at 45,000.
In Toronto there are kuown to
be half as many. In the big
west��rii cities*, especially Winnipeg and Vancouver, there are
probably another twenty or
twenty five thousand. So tha'
we arc not long in arrivin^at the
total suggcitted. It Is not a
question of statistics.
ho.vt.vcr, so much as the
need for instant, jesolu-e.
arid I'-ui'-taiacd action. Work
muM he /ouiui. It ib uot a mau
er of. *-J cannot dig and to beg I
nm ashamed." Practically al)
.ue willing io uuik. The tioub
le ik thnt they mainly belong 10
the constructive trades. There
are, of course, many clerks, ope
ratives in factories, and y.\W>
men and women among them,
hut the hardest lo be suited are
I those who have been employed
should be "proceeded with,. Wlu_t
we arrive at the matter', of farm
labor we come to the very, crux
of  the    situation.    The. large
majority     of the   une1m.pT9y.ed.,
have never, seen a   farm   except
as they   have   beer- travelling
past.   To  another  setjiou   tfc/t
work is uncongenial.    Uuhapp
ily it is   frequently shown tbat,
even under stress, men and won*.,
en will not do work for  whick
they   feel   completely   unfitted.
But' these   cannot  be left,   to
starve..    They must be employ.
ed, but how is a matter for the
committees   to   decide    A$   to
the demand of the laud, farmer*,
must be appealed to, to be as patient as they can, aud to be tri
lenient  aud   generous  to such
laborers as they may obtain.  Af
has been said over and over again, the tines aie   exceptional,
and uot only call upou  us,   but
demand of all ot   us,   that   we
shall practice   self-denial   nud
thus bear   iu some measure  a.
share of the (Oinuiou burden.
....... ���<*,>���-..,���.,..,.,
Tho City Council met iu upt'uiaL
session on Alouiiny night ��ui|
pNSSod Mio Jioau and Suavuiigor
Thtf wttiehoiirto iu r��ir, of < W.
Vl-'Lellmi1** store wis hiokui) i��^
ori Tuoidtkj night nud m couj \o nf
���a.'.kn of potutoe* inken,
��� ��� m
Tlm C'UtA  ����' l-!��-it,(P(-j(-   tin  (ha
.'is*-v*>smeul 1 oil l\��r 111)fi   init,   .'U
Monday ni^hi,   Thmv  wi-n* but
fe* protest*���.
a 11   w 1  urn ,L4ip jn i   i*tti  i
Con-.! Friday, April 'Un*.
���fn ��� ��� ft 1 im
J-'a*-toi* s��-rvi(*����). it*, tlio-
Melliudi>*t church on SiiihIhv ��v��
���niiig will he Mpeciully irtiHnmtiiin
ml inspiring ll will Ihj A-ufag
���ervuv, and Am (tl��e.tnl�� v��i_k
liAvn full elifirjjji. s.  i. ^wi*tfw������i������S^.-i,.vIn,V.Ji.'.iJi������rj!i.-'.N--- *>  THE    NEWS,   CUMBERLAND,    B. C.  Nothing has ever  equaled or .compared  with the medicinal fats  in Scott's Emulsion to  arrest the decline, invigorate  the blood, strengthen the  nervous system, aid the appetite and restore the courage  of better Health.  Scoff's EmuSs&or. is  pur������ health-building food, without  harmful drugs.  TRY IT  M  DUTCH   AGAINST   GERMANS  H-41  Training Officer, For the Army  l'ho SUuiduril lias an urucle oil the  work ot the 0'fleers' Training corps,  Open Letter Warns Germany Against  Expecting Too Much Credulity  in the World  The    leading    Amsterdam    weekly  I paper, the Weekb'ad Voo-r iNederland,  i publishes in the form ol' Van open loi-  I ter to our German friendS" a scathing  I reply to the constant communications-  which, it    says, reach "Holland from  I Germany to explain that Germany has  "a clean-conscience."    The    Amsterdam journal    remarks    tliat ut-ruuu.  reasoning is less effective than German guns, and that, although it is always painful.to disillusion people whe  are in a state of madness, it is necessary to   make   certain   things - plain.  The letter proceeds:  "I- should like to consider for a moment these relations between Germany and Belgium. Strange to say,  tho fact is that, what tho Germans  account, to the Dutch for a virtue they  regard as a crime on the part of the  Belgians���������the maintenance of neutral-  ity, And yot the Belgians are just as  good as we. Thoy wanted to bc neutral, and defend themselves with all  their strength against an attack upon  their neutrality���������as is their duty, aml-  now busily engaged in the tiihixucuoii * as we, too, should still do.  oi' officers for tlie new army which  Lord Kitchener is organizing. The  writer describes one of the schools at  Hcadley,. near Hpsom. ilo .writes.���������"'���������A  most masterly precis of tlu ordinary  military education is made at llcadley  camp, and very particularly have extreme' possibilities   been   overlooked  -'Moreover, as tlio Germans perfectly well know, tlie defence of neutrality is not an act of war. At any rate,  that is the teaching of international  law, about which there-is much zeal  in Germany as well as elsewhere. The  Belgians wanted, in fact, to"be left in  peace���������just like the Dutch. Now thai  and ��������� practical  cartainities  remember-i was  too detrimental to. German war  ed.    In one very, important particular   interests.    'We  '.now,' said  the Ger-  -���������a Kitchener-subaltern has au ad van-', man   chancellor,   'that  we  are  doing  -jtage over the Sandhurst cadet.   The' wrong, but we^cannot help it. lf Bel-  former, knows only too well that what; gium permits us this, ,\ve shall make it  . he is bei-ng taught l.e is sure to i.eed. ; up  afterwards, in  the most friendly  He  begins  a  little, after  six   in   the j way possible.'  morning, and his start ot-the day is 1 . "Really! ' The German imperial  eminently practical. He hustla into j chancelor and the German people  garments of sorts and does extension were surely not so simple as to sup-  exercises'; after that he tubs in the- pose that as soon as the Germ::i gen-  open, dresses,-and has, his breakfast.! eral staff had said the >vord 'must' the  Then follows drill���������parade after par- j matter was for Belgium finished and  ade, with short breaks to rest mind as i done with. Belgium liad another  well   as   body.    The  progress   which i neighbor in the south, and if Belgium  1=  UfH  " J  *Efl  REMEMBER! 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With little effort these may be  converted into productive gardens, lt  requires very little space for a garden that, with ordinary care, will supply an average household with vegetables. By. cultivating the available  ground many Canadian families can  reduce their living expenses, and, :.t  the same lime, secure vegetables  which are absolutely* fresh.  has. been made already is extraordinary. I cannot insist too strongly upon the supreme practicability of the  teaching given these young officers,  in the short, sharp course of instruc-  had. granted Germany the right of  entry, France would have had the  right to regard it as a casus belli.. It  must be one thing or the other.' A  people preserves its neutrality, on all  tion which they are undergoing those sides or preserves it not at all.  responsible for the.administration of,* * * 'Belgium* was compelled to  the scheme, 'have avoided both the j reject it with force. And yet Ger-  Scylia of craminuig,a'nd the Charybdis ' many complains!   .  .of what the immortal Mulvar.e'y con- \ "Ask your professors-of internation-  temptuously called "theourisin.' Short   al law what Germany put her signa-  ' lectures -��������� are sandwiched in. between ture to at the second Hague peace  the drill periods, and at half-past four', conference. Think for a moment of  comes tea. Subsequently there is tne; all that you, people in-Germany felt,  necessary private study. Private study and said, and wrote at the time of  at Headley-.canr' does not 'mean the the Boer war. Think of that, putting  mechanical pouring, over long-winded Belgium in the place of the Transvaal  military treaties. Today we have lhe .and Germany'in the place of England.*  Field Service Pocket* Book,   and   the   Or read your'Wilhelm Tell again, and  young man who has a practical knowl-j  edge of that most admirable epitome  of all military duty is, ipso facto, a  practical soldier. Considering the sud-  _denness_wilh which th.e new army was  "cp'lerd'^iiitc^lJSTirg^ we*"may"Tank"tirs-  training of these young officers as a  ���������military feat." ., I  Teacher���������What does the1'word "cel-  ilncy" mean?  Class-���������The state or condition of being single.  Teacher���������Correct. ��������� Now if you  wanted to express the opposite of cel-  fbicy,' or singleness, what word  ���������would you use?  Bright Pupil ��������� Pleurisy. ��������� The  School.  Warlike Mistress���������Don't you think,  .Jlrrnos, you would like to join Lord  Kitchener's army?  imagine   Switzerland   as   Belgium."  The, letter goes on to remind the  Germans of the provocation offered to  the Belgian people, especially when  they saw'Germans who had-for years  ���������liveu~in"- Belgium-how- acting-as-Gcr-  man spies.' It. is observed thnt whatever "offences against international  law" Rolgian peasants may have committed, the very presence of the German army in the country was, as the  imperial chancellor himself admitted,  an offence against international law.-  It was not enough, however, that the  Belgians should pay once for thi3'  wrong. The Germans made them pay  twice. Quibble ns they may, the Germans will never reconcile that with  their own better conscience, and certainly not with the conscience of the  world,  warts on the hands is a disfigure-  ���������caceful     Footman���������Thank      you, ! mont lhat troubles many ladies. Hollo-  mum, but I don't soa'as 'ow I'd lie  "buttering myself, War's for thnm as  li'sos it, which. I novor did.���������Punch.  way's Corn Cure.will remove the blemishes without pain.  On Sale Everywhere.���������There may  be country merchants who do not keep  Dr. Thomas' Eclectric*. Oil, though  they are few * and far between, and  these may suggest that soma other oil  is just as good. There is nothing so  good as a liniment or as an internal  medicine in certain cases. Take no  other. The demand for it shows that  it is the only popular oil.  Germany's Gospel of Culture  What was that German culture?  What was its object and its practice?  Its first object seemed to be���������inspired,  he supposed, by the forty universities  ���������to destroy all other universities, and  they had begun by destroying the_  University of Louvain, which by solemn treaty they had sworn tr preserve. The second object was to  drown Belgium,-which they.hr 1 guaranteed by a' solemn act, in blood and  in fire, and tne third was .to destroy  all historical monuments within tlieir  reach, aud to do what tlie greatest  barbarians in-history would never  3ven have contemplated. Louvain,  Malines, Se-nlis, all attested the benefits of German culture, and that day  we had the final report that one of  the most glorious monuments of  Christian architecture in the world,  oue of the most historical autotypes  of our Westminster Abbey, the cathedral of Rheims, had been wantonly  bombarded and destroyed by the apostles of German culture.  Can you conceive a more deliberate  and public repudiation of Christianity from that state which is constantly arrogating to itself the special pro-  tection of the Almighty than such 'a  wicked destruction of a great Christ-  inn temple, destroying at the same  time some wounded���������some German  wounded���������even tame Sisters of Charity whe had taken refuge under that  sacred roof? vVell, that is German  culture. That is what is to be spread  at the point of the bayonet by the  Prussian armies all over,the world,  and that German culture is one of the  thiiifs that we are determined to resist.���������Speech, ly Lord Rcuriabfiry._,,.^  ������-.*���������  I  A Good Lamp Burns  lis Own Smoke  The Rayo Lamp  mixes air and oil in  jusl, the- right proportions, so that yon  pet a clear, bright  light without a trace  of smell or smoke.  9&yb  LAMPS  Rnyo lampa nre easy on  lhe oycB-'--Hoft and  steady -light up n whole  room.  Made of-solid brnsH,  nickel plated ��������� hand-  Bomc, made to last.  Easy to clean and rewlclt,  Dr-filrtrr" ovorywhoro  carry - Rayo lamps������������������  various styles and sizes,  ROYALITE OIL it betl  for nil ium  German Shell Fire  i'ii is character of the German shell  fire in described liy Private S. Taylor,  of the 2nd Worcestershire Regiment,  who was wounded by shrapnel during  the fighting at .Mons, and has now ro-  turned to liis home a'. Rowley Regis.  Upon reaching Mons. he says, lliey  received tho ord'.r to sit down to dinner, but before tho meal could be  snrvod shells began to fall union*,'  thom liko hailstones. Thoy woro then  lold to lino the tronchCR. The Gorman-shell firing was deadly, and the  r<*gimt',nt was cut up, whllo the King's  Own Scottish Borderers, who wero on  Uio leff. began the eiiRiiguiiiont 1,700  strong and ended with about 250, As  to tlio shooting of tho Gorman Infantry Taylor said tney could not hit n  hiiystnck in an entry, Not more than  ono bullet In every hundred found its  mill'-'. Tlio British soldiers had Uio  liotlnr of the fight until their ranks  were- thinned.  Taylor wns taken io a church which  had boon transformed Inlo n hospital,  but the building wuh rIioIImI to such  an nxl.nut by tho Gornmns that tlio  woiiiiilnd hud to. bo removed.  Entente Cordiale  The following narrative shows the  comradeship of the British and  French iroops in the trendies:  "A regiment lay in trenches under  a mixed riile and shrapnel lire. Suddenly a couple of privates noticed  that'the French interpreter was awkwardly placed at a** spot where the  trench was not wide enough, to enable him lo mak proper use pi his  rifle.  " 'Tlie Frenchman isn't comfortable,' said one, and both left the  trench, spade in hand, knowing well  TlT3't~tirey~we re~*s er v mg-the-en e my ���������as  targets, dug out the trench in front  of thoir-French comrade, "and returned with unbroken calm to their own,  places and their rifles. '      ,  ������������������"Our British Allies have, as every  one knows, two main pre-occupations  ���������to be able to shave and to nave tea.  No danger deters them from their allegiance to the razor and the teapot.  At ,   in   the  department  of  the  Nord, I heard a British officer of high  rank declare with /,a delicious calm  between two attacks on the towu:  'Gentlemen, it was nothing. Let's go  and have tea.' Meanwhile his men  took* advantage of the brief respite to  crowd round the pump, where, producing soap and strop, thoy proceeded to  shave with little bits' of broken glass  'serving as mirrors."  The writer was profoundly amused by the new British' war-cry, "Are  we down-hearted?" and the resounding "No!" which follows it. Aftor a  volley has swept tho ranks thore is  always some joker to shout the ques-  t'oii, and all the rest roar out .in the  midst of genoral laughter, "No."  How the Kaiser Took It  When Sir Edward Goschen, the late  British ambassador in Berlin, went to  say good-bye to the kaiser, he stalked  into the room where the ambassador  was waiting, dressed in uniform and  wearing British orders and medals on  his breast, which he tore off and threw  at Sir Edward's feet. "Tell' your  king," he said, "that's.'what I think  of him and his medals." He. then  abruptly left the. room, gnashing his  teeth with rage. * J  - When the German menservants at  the British embassy were paid their  wages, thev took.off their livery coats  and spat on them. The ambassador  and his family could set no food at  the embassy, as the servants deserted  and the restaurants .refused to supply  them. Not one of their "friends" in  Berlin stirred a finger to help them.  All this is- in curious contrast to the  courtesy, shown in London to Prince  Lichnowsky ahd Count Mensdorff.���������  London. Express.  BRIGHT, HEALTHY,  ATTRACTIVE GIRLS  TH������IMPEfiIALOILCO.,UmiU(i  WImUwc, Ciliiry, lttlu, Uwtr-il,  Quit*. lUliUi, U������*������!m, SuUImb  iutvi.li, Tw������������i������, On-wi.  lMl!IIIUIi:il;!UlUllllllillllUli;illlMli  urer:  Mlnnrd's Liniment Cures Burns, etc,  W. N. U.-102&  Financial Stringency  Mrn, HarrowH, wnn worried���������that  fact wuh evident to lior husband, although hIio tried very hurd to maintain Her UHiiul chonrful inunnor. Hut,  boforo tlio ovutiliiK wuh ovo:' hIio  imparled lo him tlio ciuiho of hor  uiixloty.  "Will," mild hIio, "1 nm vory- much  nfrald that my bank Ih In a Iind way."  "How iooIIhIi, Maliol! Uon't lot  Unit cause you a moment'** worry,  Why, It'H one of tho HtroiiKOBt llnancial liiHtltutloiiH in tho stato, What  ovor got that Idoa Into your hoatlV"  "Woll, it's very Btningo," ropliod  Mrn, Harrows, Fttlll tinconvliicod.  "Tlny've just returned iv chock of  mine for $40 markod 'No Fund**,'"  An ainuv-ln*' r\ory \a lold of nn nd-  vnnturo which hofoll tlio Royal ScotH  nt tlio front. On ouo occimlon thoy  liad vory little food for two -lay**., antl  thoy woro anxiously awaiting a How  Hold kItclion, which wiih bo large that  tus* hor"". wero rrx-jiilrrvl to null It,  Tlio kitchen arrived after groat delay,  with throo potH IihIIItii" and tho Hold-  iorH meal ready. Iiroagor anticipation  Hill-limn had, Kit the rod round for tholr  dinner, whon a Gorman ulioll landnd In  the middle of tho Ultcilioii, Whicli wnH  blown to rniKinMitH. For fifty ynnlH  round tho ntciy were ntnotli-**r������**i with  tlio dinner whicli tlioy Iind hoped to  eminumn. Singularly onoilgh not a  man was killed, but tho regiment had  to bo hungry���������ana groat-iy,  "Dul you ovor roafl'-Aoflop's Fables,'  mothor?"  "Yob; why*?"  "Was Aoaop a w correspondent?"  Mlllor's Worm Powders not only  make tlie. infantile system untenable  for Worms, but by their action on tho  stomach, liver and bowels they correct  such .troubles as lack of appetite biliousness and other internal disorders  that tho worms create, Children thrive  upon thom and no matter what condition thoir worm-infested stomachs  may bo in, they wlll show improvement aa soon as the treatment begins.  , Canada's Warlorc  Tlio tactical ability of tho Canadian soldier ' In tho vory. nnturo of  things is high. Ilo Is adaptable and  can meet any situation that may  arise, Tho conditions of tho country  In*, which ho lives or has Bpont a considerable part of his life have callod  for the dovolopmont of IiIb faculties  along many Hugh. On tho prairies  ho bocomcB an export rldnr and  iiiiirl'Hiiiaii, In tlio .mountain**, ns a  liuntor or profipoctor, ho develop*)  HtnadltiOHH, alertnoBB and tho ability  to Htiuul fatigue Ilo Ih necutitonioil  to all varieties of cllmato from extreme cold to opproBBlvo hont. Ho Ib  foarloBH- and patriotic. TIiIb Ib a combination that,is hard to boat, and tho  normniiB aro going to And it ho.���������  Victoria TiiiiOB, .*,-  rpHE "Good Old Standby"���������the gun that  * * users swear by against all comers.  Pick out some friend you know who uses one.  Ask him about it. Let him show you the Solid  Breech, Bottom Ejection���������shells, smoke and gases  go down, away from your face; three Safety Devices, simple Take-down, the Hamir.erless feature.  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I was all run down; torturol  with headaches, could not stand any  exertion, and had no appetite, though  of course I hud to force mysolf to oat,  I was in this condition for nearly two  years, and although  doctoring   continually, seemed to bo steadily growing worso, and I was very much discouraged  and despondent. Finally a  frlond urgod mo to try Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills   and    I    discontinued all  othor medicines and   did so.   In tho  courtio of a fow weeks there was i.o  room to doubt that I liad at last found  tho right modlclno.    My appotlto ro-  turnod, tho lioadachofl begun to como  loss frequently, antl color waH returning to my faco, Tho continued vho of  tho Pills for a littlo longor fully ro-  Rtorod my health, and I havo sinco  boon an hoalthy and active an anyono  could wIrIi.   I cannot too strongly ro-  commond Dr, WIlllamB' Pink PJIIb to  othor woalc and ailing girls."  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This bulletin is No. 19 of the second series of the Central Experimental Farm, a copy of which will  be mailed to those to whom the information Is likely to be useful and  who make application to the publications Branch, Department of Agriculture, Ottawa.  A Well Known Man  Mnard'tKLlniment Co,, Limited.  Dear Sirs,���������I can recommend your  MINARD'S LINIMENT for Rheumatism und Sprains, as 1 have used it  tor both with excellent results,  Yours truly,  T. B. LA VERS,  St. John.  war-  pain,  Old Ciontloman (who has Just nn*  Inhnd rt'inlltii" an account of a Hhlp  wreck with loss oi puHHuiiKurs and  all h.-wi'l'i)' Ua! 1 am ncrry for thp  poor tmllorn that woro ilrowiiPil,  Old Lady-Sallora! It Isn't tlio  HullorH, It's tlio jHiBseriBcrs I am sorry  for,   Tho MillorH aro imod to It,  Battling for the Supremacy of Justice  The meaning of the British empire.  stands clear before the world today���������  clearer than the most gifted pe'ns have  ever  written  or  the  most  informed  minds have ever known. The rising of  India  to  claim  her  honorable  placeJ  in the battle'front of all"the Britaina, .  the pouring of her troops across the  seas,  the opening of' her purse, the  eager   service   of   her princes,   the  ,surgmg_acclamation_of_)_er__commp_a_  .(i T ...        ,-    l.*,%.  h"vr;i'l  uh;  j-tj .':*ivc:r: {*.".���������'.  onnugli ch,ango."  "Woll, Mlfltor, you can't oxpect to  liiro a linsH and kerrlilgo an' a export;  accountant for fifty cents a milo."-���������  Ufo.  titerf-fc-MA Granulated Eyelids,  O^Jl 15 Kyeo inl-i-iied by expo*  nutc tu Sun, DuatanJ Wiud  Fv/A-B quickly relieved by Murine  L, V U5l EyeHt-iJiedy. 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Ao wa watched  thom from tlio tronchrij- wo thought lt  impossible for thom to oHcapo -.loath,  Shot and Bholl woro ploughing tlxi  ground up all round thom, it was  magnldcont bravory,. and worthy ot  high recognition.  BIx���������I noticed you wero very cjulclc  to glvo up your scat in tlio stroot car  to that lndy.  Dlx���������Yes, ninco childhood days I  liavo novor folt oaay when I saw &  woman with a ntrap In hor hand*.���������  Boston Transcript  Starting Tree Distribution  Tlio department of agriculture of  tho' Unitod Statos is preparing to Inaugurate a systom of distribution of  treoB In the Western States similar  to that being carried on by the Forestry Branch of the Department of tho  Interior In Canada. Mr. W. A. Peterson, superintendent o������ the nowly-os-  fabllshod field station at Mandan,  N,D��������� U.S.A., has recently visited tho  forest nursery station at Indian Head,  Saskatchewan, in order to get information as to tho method of handling  the work in Canada, as it liac now  boon doflnltoly decided that tho Unitod Statos should propagate and distribute trees from the Mandan station  undor a systom nlniilar to tliat operating In Canada. It is intoroflting to  know that in this respect Canada lias  lod tho way.  A Hln. Job  From a Boston papor comos tlio  story of an old man named Bill Horn-  don, wI.obo pride In hit) non, "Young  Illll," flourlHhod in tho faco of ovory  dlHcouragoniont.  "BIH'b got a fino Job now," tho old  man announced to a neighbor ono  morning; "a lino Job! Saving monoy  fast,"  "What'n ho dolng7" nsltod tho  othor man.  "Ho'b a night printor," 11111 anHWor-  od. "Oh, a Jlno Job! Ho worliB nights  anil savor* his lodgln'B, and thon ho  hIoopb all day and saves his food."  Aftor trying uiiHuceeisbiJully to opon  lhe larder door oiip r.mnll boy tuvnod  to his brother and said:  "It's no uso, Jim, Not ono of thoso  keys will fit lt."  "All right, thon," nald Jim roslgn-  odly, "all wo nan do Is valt until  ���������iij."-;-;'.a <.'a:nc*i homo, -.th* ������ini- hor fnr  Bomothlng for boing good hoys."  faith and loyalty, compose, a spectacle  so moving and so wonderful that silent  contemplation becomes easier than  praise or even gratitude.  When the, kaiser threw down his  brutal deiiauce to the peace of the  world, to the law of nations and to  the rights of humanity, he can little  have dreamt from what distant shore*  the answering shout of justice and its  defenders would return' to him. Where  ho thought to sow discord ho has begotten'unison; where he scattered the  seeds of intimidation he is reaping  the harvest of defiance and Nemesis.  When he broke the borders of a peac -���������  ful neighbor, how could ho .'callzo that  he touched an alarm bringing renioteat  continents to the rescue? How could  tho intoxication of self-will foresee  that Himalaya and Hindu ��������� Kooata  would inarch to the avenging of the  Ardennes?  It is impossible to find words tkot  can express tho' mighty slgniflcanoo  of this gathering of tho nations to punish wrong, and to support me strong  arm uplifted In its deJlanco. No ovaut  in tho history of the world has loot  groator vividness to the dream of  human confederation, of,' a supromo  jurisdiction of justice, and of universal security for common liberty.���������Pall  Mall Gazotto,   ���������  First Fish���������Kurcijienn waters are  getting dangerous with those mine**.  Second Fish���������Thank goodness, tt  doesn't cost us anything to swim to  America.���������Now York Sun.  Dr, Pillom���������Aro you going to call a  con'HiiUatlon?  Dr, Bolus���������I think not. I don't boliovo tho pationt has any moro monoy  than I nood myBolf.���������Uoston Transcript,  Tho portnr apprnnchod  the ahsont  mlndod man in tho font scat In tho  chnlr enr, saying:  "Shall I brush yon off, nlr?"  ���������No, thank you/' was the roply, "I  profor to got off In tho ubuaI man*  no."  On Arms, Would Tlnglo and Itch,  In Ono Groat Mass, Looked'  Scaly,  Used Cuticura Soap and  Ointment,  Rash Disappeared, i  ���������i...i .���������������- _  ,Bo, Iluxton, Ont.���������'-rvfy nkln bronMt  (rtarUwl abnui sovivu jnyim uro. My mm  l*oi*nn to tltmln and Itnli. A walory looking  null, vory duo and done tof-olliur, ironic"  bronk out ovary mummy, It would Itch  and burn aa tht troublo prourotwud and,M  l-waino' worms whim r wratchod IL M  looked twliy and sonly and In onn grtaiM  miuw. My iirnw worn bo tllKflR-urod "t oould  not wemr Hhort hInovoa. T could not holp  ���������crnifililn-j It all tho 1,1 ma and whon I luul  tnl'on a Imth It would Itch and burn for  about nn hour. My flowli na* eon from >  (cratcliliiR. j  "I used all kinds of soap nnd iwod nulphtw  imliH but not'*!')'- would rollovo ma Al  lai-t T cow Ibo ndvivlbemput of Cullciu*  Bnap and Olntmrmt In tlio pnpnr and I Bont  for n sample, Tho namplos liolpod mo to  much I k<u a cako of Cuticura Soap and k  box or Cuticura Olnlmont and boi*an bath*  foil" wllh tlio floup ami water iw hot at I  w"-*. ^*~ l-i C..^A I WuiJ ULtf a I'CUo ii[  ���������lio Ointment and put on tho skin. I did  thin every nlRht nnd morning, I iwod only  Iwo cftlcr-fl of floap nncl ono box of Olnlmont  ������nd In loss than nix woota- tho ranh had all  tJluappoarod and now my arnu look natural  usaln." (fllunod) Mrs. Andrew JobnitoiL  May20,10*-t .  Samples Froo by Mall  A kluttlb cako or CuUcMi* floap and boi'  er Cutlcuri Olnlmont aro orton ���������umclon*  when all ehe liu failed.   8o|_ throuBhoul  tfi������ world,   flunplo of each maflod tree.  ���������nil 33-p. fllrin llook.   Addrem oettrottt  BOutlciM, Dej>i. D, Bo-ton, V, U.k.**l  . I THE    NEWS,   CUMBERLAND;    B. C.  7  The Wretchedness  of Constipation  ' Cun quickly l^ overcome ty  CARTER'S tITTLE  LIVER Pf  Purely vs  ���������act surely  '���������mvaly on thi  ���������Hivef. Cure  Biliousness,  ���������ache,  Di-tfi.    nr     _   jr<&r        .  ���������aess, Mid In-jjgestion.    They do ��������� their duty,  Sftjsll Pi*n# Small D0te, Small Price. <*.'������������������  Genuine must bear Signature  ���������<A  MRS. NEWLYWED SAYS-  '\ can't imagine ho*w you  manage,to'be di-esscd by the  tune vour husband comes  home on a washday-"  Mrs. Wiseneighbor Says-  "1 use an Eddy "Globe"  Washboard and an Eddy Indurated Fibre-ware Tub which  keeps the w.ater warm a long  time."���������*No fear of rust.  BUT BE SURE THEY'RE  Old French Glass .. . Clays Laboratory   .  Later reports from Rheims tend to The clays, laboratory which is now  coniirm impressions lhat the principal being equipped under the department  damage to, the cathedral which is of geology at the University of Alber-  fairly to be called the most serious ta, will be used not only for teaching  is to the stained glass windows. Jt is purposes, but also for the physical  universally recognized that the early testing of clays, one of the chief nat-  French stained glass work is. in a ural products of the province. Th������  class by itself, aud, .of course, this samples sent to the laboratory will b������  fragile material is easily destroyed Uy tested to discover the exact typo of*  I'unfir*. ' article which can best be manufactur-  The finest glass ih Prance, and con- ed from them, whether common brick,  soriuently iu the world, is in the lire' brick, 'tile, sewer pipe, porcelain  Chartres Cathedral; but the Rheims ware, earthenware or china. Until .**���������  Jathedral glass is perhaps ��������� next to cently most of the clays found in A.1-  that of Chartres in value. The great berta have been tested in the east,  rose window over the central or main The presence, in the centre of thejpro-  entrance' of the west front is said to vince, of a fully equipped laboratory  be very badly damaged, but not en- of. this kind, should greatly help-to  tirely destroyed. We are not .inform- d-velop an industry, the mated definitely as to the.amount of tho erials for. which lie so ready to  damage to tho windows1 of tho nave hand. The Geological Survey have bound transepts and choir,"but some re-"gun an examination of the clays found  ports speak of tlio iloor being litter-  in the "western provinces and it is in-  od with crushed and shattered bits' of  tended that the laboratories will mako  glass several inches deep, from which  a more systematic study of the clay  tho inference would be that ninny' of resources within the province.  these*, old  masterpieces-  aro utterly, . .  ruined.    The  earliest of  these dato  irom Uie thirteenth century.  There.is a quality of color in tho  old   Krench  glass  work    which  has  novor been equalled*   by subsequent  i glass workers.   Glass windows lit that'  period  wero not painted,  the entire  color effect being derived  from  the  material, itself,    The. 6ldest  known  verybody  feels better when Liver and  Bowels are norma]. Keep  yours toned up with ���������  Baby Eczema  Becomes Chronic  Causing Great Suffering and Anxiety  ���������Prompt  Relief  and   Cure  by  Dr. Chase's Ointment   .  This  is. one    reason    why    every  vescent-v7CrVAl'  25c. and 60c. at all druggists and  stores. Take Abbey Vita Tablets for  Sick Nerves.  S'USs in France is at uhartres, Le  Mans, iJonrgos,' Rheims, Au::erre aiifi  in the Sainto Chappello of Paris.   *���������_ ,' mother should know about Dr. Chase's ' Dorset regiment' aud 'tWothers 'in the  Tribute to German Doctors  In the course of a letter, dated September 16, an  English ��������� lady resident  at Ostend writes:  "Tonight some stray men from the  Duke of Wellington's regiment, who  were al .Mons, anw got cut off, came  in here, and we had a long talk with  them,    Some of  them1 t wero in  tho  The beauty and charm ot mediaeval   Ointment, since it is an unfailing cure  glass lies to a great extent in the char-, for all itching skin diseases.  acter of the material itself, and especially in the inequality or. it. Uhemi-  iMrs.  writes:  F.' Clarke,    Belmor.t,    Mar..,  "My baby had   >-eczema    on  cally impure and mechanically imper- ��������� her ear, The sore was very bad, and  feet, ��������� ti was seldom crude - in tint br ��������� nothing seemed to do her much gooJi.  texture. It shaded oil from light to ��������� Hearing of the remarkable cures Dr.  dark, according to its'thickness; it Chase's Ointment was makirg, we  ���������vas speckled with air bubo:esj u was *' sent for some, and after the third ap-  itreaked' and clouaed and all these plication the sore began to heal. 1  imperfections of manufacture went lo am glad to say that it ie .quite, well  perfection of color. And age has im- now, and we give the credit to Dr.  proveu it. The .ack of.uniiormity in Chase's Ointment. We cannot recom-  tho material* , has .led to disintegra- j mend this preparation too highly."  tion of its surface.   Soft particles, in it      Here is anothe'  nave been dissolved by the action of  the gases in the atmopshere, and the  surface, pitted like an oyster shell,  refracts the light in a way which adds . "My little girl took eczema when she  mi TO ALL SiWERBiS  Ifyouted'oui ofboius 'kunpo"'1*." "Gin* tlici'i-uKs'  sui/f Ku from Kidney. I'lauder. SKkvous diseases,  CI|K<*N|i;WKM(N|.:S'i,l'I.CKKs,sKIN-EKI'PTIONS,riKES,.  *nec lor F'!-Sii cloth b tjno medical book on  ���������tiles0 Hi!i'3'.<*.*i a/i'1 WONI-KitKOl'-CURES effected by  *l H *N i������V f^fiNC H Rti^lEDY. .������.-, N���������2 rt.3  ���������t'ier'*>Hcd)*'fot'VoUl"Ow*-'-,'lmcn'- Absolutely FREE  No'"lour ������P circulars- No oblWaUons. Dr. _eGli:.<c  Mep Cij,ilAVii|,siocKRi>.K.*,Mi.si-KAn London,Eng  ������-E J**AN*r TQ I-HOVE TKKkapiuK will oukS vou.  Chu-Dren Teething  baby. is very comfortable and  laoghs during the teething  PERIOD.   THaNKSTo  ft! is sr~Wi us cows"  Soothing Syrup  PURfcuY VegeTABUe���������HOT NARCOTIC  greatly to the effect.- "So that an ap  preciablo part of the beauty of old  glass * is the fortuitous result of its  age. This is one reason why no modern glass can be compared with it.  It does not require a very expert eye  to distinguish at a glance between the  modern glass in a cathedral and' the  ancient, aud the superiority -of the  older work stands out in almost eevry  case with unmistakable emphaiss.���������  ���������Boston Transcript.,  C.P.R.   EMPLOY   MANY   LABORERS  British    Subjects    Given   Preference,  . ... Then the Allies,  French and  Russians  Duke  of Wellington's,    and    in  the  territorial battalion    of M that    regi-  i ent.    happiens to be.lieutenant,  so it made  Quite    a meeting.    We  spotted their accent at once,  "They have been stripped of their  rifles, etc., by1 the Germans, who then  let them go. One of the men says  I the Germans have orders to treat the  , English wounded with tenderness, so  the German doctors have done a  great deal for our wounded. These  men' say that after Mons all our  wounded would have died but for the  German doctors.  "A Belgian lieutenant came into  this restaui^m.t for lunch whu has  been through" "seventeen engagements  and still is not wounded."  A. letter has been received from  Captain J. B. George, of the Royal  Irish regiment, who was reported as  missing and badly wounded, stating  that he is in a Red Cross hospital at  Mons. He adds:  Canada  and  the' Navy "I had bad luck.   I was knocked out  "It is  astonishing  how  splendidly  fn the first half hour   I was two days  the Dominion has put out her help in    "    "   " '       ""     "  German and British Cruisers  Now thai the Heligoland light has  seen British and German cruisers exchanging broadsides, naval journals  are discussing the relative merits of  the two national types. For years  Germany has- been building what the  German admiral staff terms "small  cruisers.". T&ese vessels can be distinguished by their bearing the names  of towns���������Lelpsic, Karlsruhe, Emden,  Madgeburg, etc.���������and are all of small  or moderate size, great speed and  light armament. British cruisers aro  not standardized in the same way,  but of late years.ithe admiralty has  beon building a number of very fast  ships, sonio larger, some smaller, than  the Gorman "small cruiser,'" but all  moro heavily armed. Tho . Gorman  ships are all armed with tho 4,1 inch  gun, a weapon which llres a 35-pound  shell, and probably can be discharged  with great rapidity. Tho JirlUsh 4-  inch gun is a lighter weapon; the earlier "marks" lire a 25-pounds shell, and  the projectile from tho later patterns  weighs 31 pounds, The ' British cruisers, however, usually mount C-iiuh  guns as well as the 1-inch weapons,  and tho C-lnch shell weigns 100  pounds.  NO ALUM  another letter, which tells  of the cure of a five-weeks-old baby:  . Mrs.* Wallace Mingon,  River John  Road, Colchester County, N.S., writes  was five weeks old. Though *.. - doc  tored her until she was no: Ay a year  old, she got no Detter. I was advised  to use Dr. Chase's Ointment, and this  treatment completely cured her."  THE FALL WEATHER  HARD ON LITTLE ONES  Canadian fall weather is extremely  hard on little ones. One dny it is  warm and bright and tho next' wc*  and cold, Theso sudden changes  bring on colds, cramps and colic, and  unless baby's little stomach'is kept  right the result may be serious. There  is nothing to equal liaby's Own Tablets in keeping the little ones well.  They sweeten the stomach, regulate  the bowels, break-up colds and make  baby thrive. *, The Tablets are sold by  medicine dealers or by mail at 25  cents a box from The Dr. Williams'  Medicine Co., Brockville *,Ont. "  How  Von   Buelow   Fell  Ono of the special correspondents  at Ostend has learned the exact circumstances surrounding the death of,fant in  her arms released her hold  Fisherman's Heroism ,  A very flue act by the captain of a  fishing steamer relieved tue horror  of one of the mine disasters caused  by tho Genuan navy's warfare against  non-combatants aud neutrals. Tha  steamer Run, belonging to the Wilson  line, was on a voyage from Hull to  Archangel, with some 280 passengers,  chiefly Russians, though some wero  Americans. On the day sho left port  she struck a mine and sank, with  some loss of life. Three steam trawlers, tlie Silaniou, Prince Victor and  Siratou,., steamed up and rescued a  larger number of those who wero  struggling In the water.  As Skipper Wicks, of the Straton,  was driving in among the wreckage,  the lookout man forward sighted two  mines ahead. "Look out, skipper, two.  mines ahead," ho called. "Can't help  it," shouted the skipper back, "it's  risking lives to save lives. And he  hazarded his ship to get alongside an  overturned boat to which a'dozen men  and women were clinging. "Even as  they.reached it a woman with an ������n-  von   Buelow at the battle of  every way." This is an extract from a  letter written by an officer oa. H.M.S.,  F arless,, the mother ship of the 20  destroyers of the First Cruiser flotilla,"  which distinguished itself in- the Heligoland action. By the.way he expresses a desire to see Canadian newspapers for the men as well as-the of-  in a German hospital. They could  not have treated me better had I been  the crown prince, from the" lowest  orderly to'the senior medical officer.  I hope .you will tell this to anyone who  is running down the Germans." .  "Dum-Dum" Bullets  origin  of. the  name  of  these  The  hateful .tools  of ���������warfare,, is  to    be  licers,   "We have alLread in the Eng- . v���������iV��������� ���������  v  -.-Mr.-0. H. B'aiihe, the em'plomeiit j- li'sh papers, what Canada has done, i sought in India. 'They were first made  agent of the C.P.R., atMontreai, states and what she intends to do. Our men ' at* the arsenal ^in Dum-Dum, a town  that he is busy forwarding groups of! are anxious to know more of this and military station about: four miles  laborers to the various points along' country, which has apparently under-, northeast' of 'Calcutta.    Their  pecu-  the   C.P.R., J where J they  are' needed j taken to see that food supplies are , liarity is    that __the_l_eaden_cones_Q r ___  mo-str-Matfy-rcquestS-have-come' .o~~not-rivort;:" ^      /.,...-       j cteel or.nickle clad bullets is exposed ) being found in the vest pocket, and  General  Haelen.  At this battle a lad of 18,"standing alone in a mass of dead, saw  about 800 yards distant an officer  studying a map. The youngster  crawled quickly amongst the corpses  of his comrades until he was within  400 yards of the officer. Then he took  careful aim' and fired. The, officer  fell dead. Rushing up to the body  the Belgian discovered to his surprise that it was that of General von  Buelow.  Taking,off the General's boots and  donning his uniform he managed to  pass through the German, lines. As  he approached the Belgian army ho  discarded the German-helmet and put  on his own cap in fear that he might  be shot.  Subsequent examination of von  Buelow's garment led to German  n^t___J__jl___Yalu.e^_J_i5,0AQ^wnfi^  and fell back into the water, but the  chief engineer, "-'tames" Rannard, fully  clad, dived overboard, caught the woman, and swimming on" his back,' supported her and the child, until tho  crew could pass a line and pull them  to safety. The work of rescue went on  at a feverish rate, for more,than two  hundred people were saved before tho  Runo, whicli all along had been, as a  seaman put it, standing on her head,  gave a lurch and disappeared.  JjsUCK  LOSi-itS   sUXcU  HtttVtNTED  liy   Cuttor'j   Blnckleo   Pllll.-   I.ow-  pilcud, "tosh, rcllalile: prefer, cd by  Wostorn stocloncn tiooauso thoy protect   where   othor   v������cclne������   fail.  Wrllo fot booklet and testimonials,  ' 10-tloJO n|((i-. Blackleg p|Ml $1,00  50.doso pkg,,. Blackleg pllll   4,00  Use nny injector, but Cutter's best.  TliO Superiority of Ciittor. products Is duo to over 15  ���������yours of ������porii\i|g'.|-; In vaccine''"*11,'' '"rums only.,-  ln������l"t on C''ttcr'������,    1" "noJitnlUt^lo. order rf'rret.  THE  CUTTER   LABORATORY,   Berkeley,   Call'ornlfc  ..   PATENTS  FOfitborstoiihnugh & Co., head office,  King.street east, Toronto, Canada.  Hero Is the cold Truth  This Is not an ordinary interna-  "ttoiifU wai-, The crimes committed  ������������������aro Hot against Great-'Britain,' or  Prance, or Belgium, but against hum-  ���������-unity, It is not glory that the allies  ���������are ilglitiii(v ^or, biitdeconcy and the  JioinQ. tho uftfoty of women and child  him, for while, in all the districts  there is'a certain amount of unemployment, the idle material is not sufficient to meet'the'new demand, created  It would not be at all a bad'idea to' at the point, so that they spread out  post,,some of the leading ��������� Canadian' on striking,-making a large, jagged  papers to any of the following ad- i dangerous wound, ln actual practice  dresses: The Naval Officer in Charge. I any military,bullet may be-'made into  by the decision of .the C.P.R. executive , Scapa Flow. Tlie Admiralty Officer, I a dum-dum by nicking the covering  to put on,6,000 men to give, work at aj H.M.S. Victorious, Humber. ' The'; slightly at the apex, so that the heav-  tinie when work is so much desired Commodore, Shotley Barracks, Har-'J ier leaden interior may burst its  by many deserving men, who have wich, The Admiral Superintendent, * sheath at the moment of impact. Both  been thrown out of regular employ-j Chatham Dockyard, or to send them the French and British authorities  mont. Over 1,000 men- have ' been to individual ships In "which case the have given a prompt denial to the  taken on locally to work at th iter-,, address needed: H.M.S. ���������- co. Gen- ��������� Kaiser's statement that their troops  initials; others are employed as they,, eral Post Office, London. ��������� lused these dum-dum bullets    In the  are wanted at a'distance. *   Tlie men who   are keeping   tlieir  present war.. The use of these bullets  Mr.   Baillie   stated to .the Gazette ��������� ceaseless vigil in the North Sea haro; was condemned. at    the Hague con-  that the order was a god send to the' plenty of time   for   reading,   though  ference, though some nations refused  little chance of other amusement oa  shore leavov  '       -c* ,  Ton, arid u,o sanctities of doniosUc  .life.   Tho wrongs of no'gium are the  a.m* i*- camo in handy that tho order  idle men in the city of whoiji' there  were so many. "Of course, jve'do our  best to sift them out a bit," said Mr.  Baillie.    "We glvo the preference to   . u     j    ���������*****_���������   ���������*������  British subjects;  after, that, the Al- HOWS   1 his f  lies, Russians and Belgians;' hut no ytf* offer One Hundred Dollaru ft������.1  Germans or Austrians, Tho men arc ward for any ce80 ot catarrh Uiat !  grateful for the chance. There are cannot bo curod by Hall's Catarrh '  many follows down on their luck who  qUP6i  have been accustomed .* to different|        V, j, cHfl3N15T ft co, T������l**������������, O  conditions, and duties, yet these are|    We, the undorsl(med,,hnve known F.'j,  only too Willing to talco* the Job that* - Cheney for tho last 16 years, and b-ollevo  olTorn     * I lilm. perfectly honorable In ftll   business  "A#   ���������������,,,.<-,,-.'  ���������������������������.���������'   not**    h'nc   o   i������t' transactions and flnnnclaJly able to carry  Of  courso,  the  C.P.R.  has  a  lot   out any oblicatlons made by hU. nrra.  of laboring work to do in any caso,!    NATIONAL BANK OF COMMBRCB,  to agreo to discontinue their use.  "They're six fine sons ye have,  Casey," said Denis O'Flaherty to Lis  frlond. ,,     i '  "They aro," ropliod Casey.  "Do you have much troublo with  them?" inquired Denis.  ���������'Trouble?" said Casey, "l'vo "level*  had to raise my hand to ono of thom,  .except in self-aofence!"  wrongs of humanity, and must bo so  Jnvestipai-Qd and So punished, The  ".nriiiioa of (ijo allloa aro tho police of  ���������iuiiTi-'.iiIty, engaged m hunting down  ������s foul a gang ot criminals as over  ���������torrctlsiod a city or a countryside,���������  Toronto St-ir.  Mllarcl's j.lnlrnei-t Cures Dandruff.  pottor���������fto I know if tho Rooshuns  ilias foully como turough England?  Won, nlr, if this don't prove it, I  <'On't kwnv what.do. A train went  through horo full, und when it camo  ���������JiaclJ I Know'd they'd bin Uoonhiins  Iri It, "caniio tho cushions and doors  Wis eovor<jf| witli snow.���������Punch.  should bo given at such a timo. It  ought to make other corporations  willing to llnd employment for mon  to do vork���������work which might not be  absolutely necessary, and yet which  would- bo of value, if- not now, later  on. Tho example of the C.P,R, Ib  encouraging ln this regard,'" .  Toledo, O. I  Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internul* '  ly, acting directly upon the blood and m������- '     .  eons surfaces .of the system.  Testlmtn-   ing due,  lals sent free. l**rloo, 76 cents per bottle.  ^old���������by nil Dtusfflsts.  Take Hall's Family Pills far eonstlju-  tlon;  Utilizing Vacant Land  ������������������A movement Is on foot in Victoria,  Vancouver iBliind,    towards   the do.  A   Brilliant  Idea  At a banquet of tho minister* of  New York Dr. Johnston of ths Mew-  rlRaniu church told this story:  "Ono of the mombors of my ehureh  "Tirs.-Smith and Jinks aro going to  operate on Hawkins,"  "Necessary?"  "Yes, Dr. Jinks wants a new car,  and Dr, Smith hns a heavy bill com*  London Opinion.  "That's tho way with a man."  . "How that?" .  "Ho often said ho would lay down  his lifo for mo."        ��������� '*  "Woll?"  "And now ho kicks whon I ask him  to lay down a carpet."���������Kansas City  Jurnal,  \  t  A safo mid sure medicine for a  child troubled wllh worms is Mother  ���������Graves' W0rm Exterminator,  , ������������������������        *" 'i,��������� i 111 "������������������ ii  Cavalry Sergeant's Braver;*  ,   Tho following story In told ' by a  ���������wouhilod IJiiHHiir in tho Lincoln Military hoRplttil*   \  "Whrii wo wero wnltln** for tho  ordor to i*o In I n.uv a cavalry sor-  rcoiint who jmd boon badly wounded  throo tlH'Os and wnfl Htlll Hogging at  it, As ho wuh fl-hting I saw him go  to a badly goundou corporal who was  shooting tc> ho taken out of the way  ot lho lino, Tho wounded nnrgo������!it  hound up tho other man's wound, and  thon Hnt h|m on his own horso and  noiit, him huclt out of tho way, Thon I  biiw tho HQ..guunr. limp along or foot  ns bout ho could aftor his ro-j-imnnt to  light again, l don t Know what hocamo  of Jihu, hut I shall novor too a flnor  thing aS'iung uh 1 llvo,",  Ittdtan Root Pills  trfO ...nr'*. -, -r.**A'rit- , t   *.   t  ���������''���������...li   i\\  li*"*"* nearly jj century ago among the  iridiaiifi, and l**arnot* from them by  Dr. Mors,.. Tlioii(.|i repeated attempt* n.ivi- l)eei" .tuad'-'i by phyal.  clui-m ami clieniif-tt". it has been found  I ni pot-nil lit- to Improve the formula or  thp pills. f)r. Motne't Indian Root  Pills urc������v}|Ouscliol(lrf*m*(ly throughout tha World for Constipation and  ������|l Ki'fn*>y and I,lvcr troubles. They  act promptly and effectively, and-  W. N. U. 1025  velopmont of vacant   land   In   and * has Instilled Into his family-tiie honour tho city,   Blniilar to that prac- liof that tho    collodion is a Yitally  ticod  lu Lulgury, and the allotment  uclienie aa carriod on in England.  To   dato   tho Victoria and Island  important part of tho aorvico,  Consequently his littlo boy Thomiu' might call  thi* nub lhat cheers  doofl not Inobrlnto."���������Tit-Hits.  novor coinuH to church without hj������  Development AsHoolatlon, tho Inltia-i contrilntlon,  tor of tho project, Iiiih boon ollorod' "Ono Sunday as*'tho elders began  by ownors bauvoon. aevonty-fivo and to take up tho collodion at tho morn-  a hundrocl parculs of land. Appllou- ing service Thomim looked along tho  tloiiH havo also houii roocivod from pow to hoo If tho varloua mombori*  Individuals   who doniro to   take ad- of the family woro provldod ***1Ui u.  "ia your son ono of Hiobo noisy dissipated   undoi'graduatcB?"  'Not exactly,    Ilo  Is    what    you  but  FOUND OUT  A Trained Nurse Discovered Its Effect  vuniugo of lho Hohomo and socui-q  land for cultivation purpoHOB. Con-  uldorahlo difficulty la experienced in  allotting tlio hum to moot tho wIhIiob  of thoso applying for it, iih tho Inton-  Hoiih of lliOHu d.'Hlrlng land vary  coiiHldorably, with roflpoct to tho  (.'lUKH of cultivation work to bu dono,  ���������Somo nook Hovoral-acroH, while others  roquiro bul a Kinall lot. Whon moro  appllcutlonH uro tn a commltloo will  irocooil with tho apportioning,  It Ib tho Intontlon of t|io provincial  dopartmont of agrlculturo to glvo  prlxoH uh IndiicomontR to ;Iiorj who  tako advantage of tho nohomo, Tlio  coiunilttoo will also glvo jirizefl 'to  thouo making the bout Hhowing aa  cultivators of tho land.  contribution  "Noticing a  guest  of  hln  t-ii*lor_  ompty htimlnd, ho whlsporod:  '"Whoro Ih your money?'  '"I havo nono,' was tho replr.  "Timo wiih Bhort and tho noc������*islty  groat.  In a flash tho littlo folio* met,  tho omoi'goncy ny Haying: |  " 'Horo���������tako rnir.u., That'll pa*r for  you and I'll got undor Uie smvL"*  . Minard's  Liniment for talm  where,  ���������-very-  No ono Is in bettor position to know  tho value of food and drink than a  trained mirm  Spoaldng of coffeo a nurHo writofl:  "I UHOd to drink strong cofi'oo myt-olf,  and Bufforod groatly from hoiuluclie*-  and ludiguHtlou, (Ton Ih Jimt i , injurious iih colToo bociuiHO both contain thu  drug caiTrilno',  "Whilo on a viHlt to my brothorH 1  had a chanco to try I'OHtum, for thoy  drank It ultngothor In placo of aoffno.  Aftor using J'oHtiiiii two wool's I  found I was much b'-riullu-il and liually  my hoadachoH dlHiipeparod and also  tho IndlgOHllon,  'Naturally I Imvo bIiicu utoft I'oHtum  this money King' Albert has turned  over to' the Red Cross organization.  In his jacket was' a secret pocket  containing memoranda full of interesting details about the battlefield  and the future intentions, of the Germans. ,.   -  On hearing of the lad's brave deed  King Albert, after presenting him  with the dead general's horse and  pocketbook, gave him on the spot  the 'OrdeV of the Knight of Leopold,  Could   Hardly   Live   For  Asthma.���������  Writes one man who- after years of ���������  suffering has   found . complete relief  through Dr. J. D: Kellogg';-  Asthma,  Remedy. Now he knows how needless "  has been his suffering. ' This matchless remedy gives sure help to all afflicted with asthma. Inhaled as smoke  or vapor it brings the help so. long  needed.    Every dealer has It or can *  .get-it-for���������you-from-Jiis-wholesaleri���������-  t Blind Man's Wager'  "1 am willing to wages $5,000 that I  will find any address in London, without the aid of a taxi-cab or guide, by  walking and using only motor omnibuses, almost aB quickly as any man  who has his sight."  This.was the claim made by Mr.  Philip E. Layton of Montreal, who has  been blind for fortyone years, during  the discussion which followed his  paper on pianoforte tuning as a profession for tho blind, which was given j of hard usage',  Flogging   in   the   German   Navy  In the month of August the German,  cruiser Magdeburg ran* ashore in tlie  Baltic and fell into the hands of tho  Russians. When her new0 owneru.  searched her a singular discovery was  made. It is thus described iu a dispatch from lJetrogrud, dated Sopt. 3,  appearing iu the London Morning  Post; ���������-     ,  "Considerable sensation has been  created hero by discoveries made on  board the German cruiser Magdeburg,  that was blown up,, alter going, ashore  at the entrance of the Finnish Gulf.  Among the articles lying on the deck������  on the after-part, where bouts woro  lowered for tho majority' of tho crew*  to escape on the accompanying do*  sli'oyers,. were several specimens ot  tlie old 'cat of nine tails.' When th������  Russian authorities wont through tha  ship they Couud'one. of these instruments in every officer's cabin, and all"  boro signs of long, and, iu some casos,  at the International Conference on tho  Blind at Church 1 louse, Westminster.  In spite of the Increased traffic and  tho motor-car, he said, It was easier  for a blind man to get about London  today than, it was 25 years ago.  ���������A Boon for.the Bilious,���������-Tho liver  Is a very sensitive organ and easily  doranged, W'hon.this occurs thero is  undue secretion 'of bile and the acrid  liquid   flows   into   tho  Htomach   and  "These curious attributes or iiavat  rank aro all alike la having a handlo  eight iuchus long, with a loop for the  wrist. Prom tho other end depend  nine leather thongs of formidable appearance, nearly as thick-as tho littlo  linger, and - twelvo inches long, ln  each case tho officer's namo was inscribed on tho handle, Thoso 'cats'  woro handed round for press inspection last night at tho Naval General  Staff hondniinrtor**.   Tlioso loft lying  sourH  it.    In  this  condition  a  man  on dock ahd apparently played tholr  finds tho host remedy in i'arnioloo's, habitual part In speeding up tho Uor-  Vegotablo Pills, which are warranted ~   to speedily correct the dlHordor, Thoro  lu no hotter medicine in tho cntiro list  of pill propurutlons.  man 'Jnckles' during the nervous operation of lowering the boat*- to oh-  capo from tho cruiser lying comfortable aground, ll is cousldorod hero  that tho littlo instruments tell a most  IntnroMting mid significant Htory of  hni'i tho procedure on uoard tho ships of  Industrial Laboratory  Mr, J. KoJbo, M.Sc, (Ojiooii'h)  boon appointed onginoor of tests in tlm I tho Royal Gorman Navy, and provide  Industrial laboratory Just opened at yet anothor Illustration of tho sya-  tho University nf Alberta. Mr, Kelso * tomatic savagery of that Germanism  has for several yours oporatcd the Kol- j dating from 1870, which has roplao-  so loBling laboratories iu Calgary, uml' cd the good old culluru of an oarlior  has been for homo tlnio clu-mlsl for. and hotter Germany,  tho Canada Commit Co. In tho nowl "Tho public aro iiIho to havo an on-  laboratory hu will havo chargo opportunity of Inspecting thorn- lulost-  tho InduHtrlal work,   which Includes ��������� dlscovnrod instruments . of   Prussian  May Naturalize on Compllnrve-s  Owing to tho doubt oxlstlng among; anioiig"my'pu'thmY'"u'n<! hi'ivo iioticod  Judgos ns to lho pmpor courso to pur.' ft  markod  bonoilt whoro  coffee has  i siio, tho Justlco dopartmont will Issno, noon loft off and Postum usod,  n   riilli-r thnt,    nntw-tHmtrindln!:    th" ���������     "I u!Mavc a ^uiluu* Tad ubuiu i'o*.  | war, GornuuiH and Austrians may tako  mm whnn iinnd bv mfiMmrs. It r-rontlv  'tn't Canadian nauinili'/.auon papurs if, helps tho llow of milk In casoH whero  Advloos     hay>     boon     received   thoy havo boon In tho country throo  coffee Ih Incllnnd to dry It un. and  that largo supplloB of Canadian whoat, yonrH  and  compllod  with  tho  legal i where tea causes nervousness  and outs will bo required by Swit/.or-, roqulromontB. j    ������\ ���������nd troublo In gotllng sorvnnts  | to mako Postum. properly,   nut whon  tha testing of nil kinds of Industrial  products, Thn rosoiircoH of tlm labor,  atory will Im at tho disposal not only  of mauiifacturnrs In 'minimi and clays,  and of workers In coal, oil and gati,  hut also of hucIi ostablishnKints an  taiinorlus, packing plants, sugar fac-  torloH, canimrliiH, etc*.  Minard's Liniment Relieves Neural-  Oin,  culture,"  Wnnt Canndinn Whent nnd O.iis  land during thu "war, both for ilomus-  tic usas.  'Am.? :i;lllliux vloll..!";-.' v.oivh wi C.vu-  adian whout wore bought hy Switzerland last v������mr, and thero Ib* ovory Indication tlmt this will ho Incroascd  if lho supply Is available  "Thon Is ono roHjioct," said Ourran,  |t. Is prepared ncrnrdlm* tn iilrnetlnnn  "m -vNiitc-.il iisiniig is ii good deal safer on packago and sorvnd hot with oream  sporl than hunting." i r |������ cortalnly a dollclous hovorago."  "How Is that?' nuorlod CiiBhmon.    |    Namo given   hy Canadian  Postum  "Woll,' oxplalnnd Curran, "wo don't Co., Windsor, Out. Road "Tho Road to  mnko any fatal mistakes hooking up  Wnllvlllo," in pkgs.  "And havo you a nice toucher?"  "Yos; but bIio'h awful wlckod,"  "How?"  "Sho tolls us Illhlo Htorlos on week-  dnynP'���������Tlio Srhool.  Tho bill colloctor's work nppoarB  Quito curious to mo  For though It's novor dono, ono hoars,  U'b alwnys "dun" you boo,  ���������Christian Science Monitor.  mon who happnn lo look liko fish, do  wo?"���������Now York Times.  VlHttor  lunch?  Office Iioy  out aftor,  Wlillo���������Paw, why Is an aftor-dlnnor  apooch cnlloil a toaHt? /  Paw���������Iloeauso it in umially bo dry,  my non.���������Cincinnati Enquirer.  Postum whips In two forms:  Regular Postum���������must bo woll bound.    Jf!c nnd L'fir itarMngo*.  Will tho boss bo hack aftor     Instant Postum���������Is a soluble pow-  I dor.   A tf'aspoonful dissolve nulckly  No, that's what ho wont in a cup of hot water and with cream  and h ii gar, makes a dnllclous hovorago  Instantly.   '.'.Oe. and COc tins.  Tho cost por cup of both kinds Is  about tho same  "Thoro'B a Ron'ucn" for Postum.  ���������������ol(l by Grocer-i,  The Russian People  A foal urn of tlio world si niggle in  the serious aud excited temper of tha  Ituslan pooplo, an tutor cnnlruHt to  tho Indifference) or aversion with  which thny rt'gurdt-'d tlio wnr with  Japan. That wuh an adventure Into  which the I'ovoninmiit blundered In  carrying nut a policy in which the  people look no Interest; this Is a fight  A gentleman was walking through ���������- ||1() p^oplu. Thn wonderful scuno  tho negro port In;, of nn American at Moscow lit tlin opening of hoiUIM-  town, whon ho camo across a woman j tins showed that "tlm jiiohI religious  unmnrclfully heating a little linv.       I ^nnpie tt,  Pnrnrie" ei-.tr.wwt tij-tnn the  ������������������lifir-o. my good woman," ho said, | war an an aot of religion. '  yoi'Au,; Jut l*y the unit, "itin ;.'.i.-,*,i tiul  do that. Whnt hns he done, anyway?"  "Mustn't do that? Wlm*- h;s ho  ���������dono?" ejaculated tho onrngud iiocohh.  "If you want, to know, he's lie-en ami  let' do ehlcken lions' do' open, and all  .1 ^ Ill       ....    r.- *        <���������������   ������������  *       ���������'   ' i    ���������*-   "  ���������" ,  "Woll, that Is not so surlous," said |  the gentleman, soothingly; "chlckons  alwnys romp hnnie to roost."  "C.Qino home!" snorted the woman;  "dem chickens will all go homo!"  Rlh.*-!~-I do to lovo football.  lU-tly I don't. I tlcti.-ot It, .lurk's  gone nnd got his rollnrhono broken,  tirnl 1 ejtn't put toy horn) nn lil-r nhoiiIJ.  er for a month.���������'Hoston Transcript,  He���������How���������aw���������dld you enjoy your!  tour In Franco? |  Rl.f<���������Oh, Immonnoly! It wan no do-  llghtful to hear the French peannnu!  singing lho Mayonnalsol���������Aniwers. ���������4fe;  ,fr������f^aWAS!?sir*������:  tXX������C������^-*KS!������i������^^  jfg*-������ uw^mm:^m^MB, mimm mtJmm4^  ,t.an.-t:.\it *  ;**V^-*.'-"'~~T,^\*^^  I  ?  i  of Dinner Sets, and Toiletware at  prices that will make you buy; io  piece Toilet Set; good patterns'  ���������~- 1,95-���������-  MAROCCHI BROS  GROCFRS   &   BAKERS  AND PROPRIETORS  OF  CUMBERLAND   BOTTLING WORKS  I  !  I  fa  ���������.of British Columbia, Ltd.  ?%:  The Furniture" Store.  -MfclMicc lllock,  A. MoKINNON     Cumberland  ���������!  J   ,.������w������������"������" mii.������i������������.������  Aleuts for Pilsener llreying Qoinpimys BEB.R  ' *' -    Wholesale Dealers in all Kinds or  ���������Wines and Liquors. ���������  ii  Ij,      second  street  'i^l^y*-**j^>*,*-������l^-V^  THE S. S. COWICHAN   WILL SAIL  AS OMDEll" :  .Comox���������Union Bay-Nan a i ^o-V,\kco;uv.K?".-T-R6uTR ,  ��������� Leaves Comox, Sunday, 3 p. m....... .*<������������������'��������� *.... ���������'���������  1 c  Leaves Union Bay,, Sunday, 4 p. ni.....  ���������For Deniuftii Island, Nanaimo and Vancouver.  , jR.KTURN ING���������Leaves Vancouver, Saturday, .8 pu������i  For- Nanaimo, Union Bay and Comox.  Subject to,change without notice.  CHURCH  NGTpJES  ���������.MKTIiOmST  CHCRCH  SEKVICKS.  ublic    Wdi-ship--Sunday,  7  3������  f.*** ������������������������������������ '    -   '  Hible Study  ,(S.   School)  '. ,j..;l;*lUJ *J;.'J*'.*J r'Y7'r?} "';.���������. .���������;',-'' ' J'J '..J, J ,'*. 'J  ;^^y?i^^;^';^^';^-^ ���������"f-:  ;:;'j(>iuaa0 pr:f)"*r aieetji.lgV.^Y������&\  Yir'Any at';,S.^:o;'jp.: 11;/���������/ " T ������������������,: >,,; v ;���������������������������' J  7Jj43i4';Ai;cl~-I#*t^j&.esday pi  -VHw'Y'ibiitl^  :"7:A'MloiM?Y^  :}'7W% K01rlC i������$* / ftlK-S'JJ.Y:-'*;������*  jjy;"y t KKJ^CH URC fe':y  ^A-YipYf.'- AYY-7 uy7,h\iY Y-\). n).J~ ::.6  \Y0: Y$My&q$$\ I ivyyy".' >���������:; *;';,:  h'.Yyi'������������������}y yd.ipyKj*i:30 [;, Jn-yJ.': ������������������ ��������� ������ 'jy  ....*! HJ\���������'!" iii-eUng,*- Wc<Ji"ivi>...j:'.y .cveir  y y JjJ;* r,y.: Pactui'v"���������'iNt'Vy>^n;^j,l]p.od';  At Your  Service  Ladies &  Genjjejjien,  Anything you need  in the Printing line  printed with  NEATNESS   -  ACCURACY  and  DISPATCH  &t the  CUMBERLAND ��������� NEWS  W).  , i)    A.liU.f  M  in'  M  I  j  1  ���������J J H."  p, PHitupps Harrison  ; BARRISTER AND sQUCITOR  NOTARY   PUBLIC     * CONVEYANCING  *J-*-*H-eH***H-*4'**^^  DUNSMUiR  AVENUE  ac*v,viim*&cq*K'&vmMr**w***V'*T  CUMBERLAND,  Manufact.11 red from the   Best  Canadian   Malt   and   Hops  '$  i  ���������unrvMIHifWJ-*"  *������*"  ADDRESSING MAIL  Tlie Liberal Leadersliiia. ,.,.   ��������� , d  **v    ������������������         I     jWOrder to facilitate tlie band  ,.* ir|linp-',o������jnsilat the front .and to  AUhe pr.e^nt moment   Mr. U��������� .^ ?t ^--^ it js r,e  0. Bwwsterja tUo   lender  ,01   the;        ^ ^ &n u]an ^ addves  Liberal party jn British Columbia.; l        ' _     ,      ���������  He is a man who commands  uni-ifetl as lQ";0W,s'      -r---���������  Piisener Brewing Co.,Ld |  ��������� Cumberland,   B, C.  .   ���������. ___���������.��������� . , ���������    7  Also Agents for the Famous   U.B.C. ?  and "New Life'   Beer.  1  %  ywych'^minn  *y,erflal r.espedt  ������ind  who  probacy, .j  WuntB ?i8 m������o*y friends among his j  political flppouents as in his ,om)  ,������������������(^(tf-$(j^ party.   I5wt s^opie people ar,e neve*;  eatis&ed,-they wanMl^e rnoon, and  ���������NOTICE  I'O-N'T -SFJ-INp WOOD,  x ONEY*' for ..iijcojuyoter^t  y.'.u-!' Uepairjug. jf y������uf  * ��������� iil-h it ni,t l-eH-jin).; Iiiuii  .' Mi ii'fllely LKT Lin^TKlJ,  l-l'X IT.     ,(,lyja Ua a ^niif:  F. Lightef  P'ttfca! Watchmaker, leweicr and  *.'.:.!jsji;     SCAVARDQ WMmb  di rn berland.  B. Q,  ..... b m'titM*������a***mmm**l****M*m**iai^ta**W*mma***m*m*****mt*m*  7 ;&'s Y-Marmelli/'st  ...  ���������   Any'pGi'SOiror^jje^sons���������fttf-t-tingi  ������������������e-miyiiig ,qi* t^kjj'g   any , blo,cks  ap ui eectjLon o^   tfee ��������� liberal   party  winIi~rivw~jMSKeKT^T1py~ tove  a.���������P.ank  b ��������� N,5ini.e ,....-...���������  c���������RegimenfaJ* Ntvjnber,   (j._Ootnp.iny, Squadron, Uat**  ���������   -t^iy, of other juu.it. ....  e..���������J$'atta}ion   I      f      T"l**-"nd**1. . . .-���������       o-    ... ** ���������      .  .     t      ,|Bo^������ett������Jwitb-thie. B������w. ])r. Mac  -timber or jvxmwJ, of.aiij/ ^s.criptiodn | ^ay Q- ij)e presbyler^n��������� College,  )el.onging to ���������tlf.o ^Ifingrton @ol- 0f Vonflouwr. ' ^o������'.. PrJncipalsloJ  do.rx C.o'y.. or from or off tim land Colleges :'con?e* high/' ae we haye  '    - I*' ���������*��������� ��������� ,  ^.^Pj^j,^^^..H^H-:--^'H������v^'' ���������H*WHH*M-*'*f**V*^^  \ A New Whisky in Town |  Mi tam^^mm*U  41  :;:Rooming House:!:  .7 V  X       iMirnialifd    Rooms        '.j*  y       Reasonable   1-latcs  of tl".*? saj.d Ooiijpany, or a'jyiQiie  tipping -r-i-ibfrisli pi ^ny d.escripjt-ion  anywlfjere -.ijv'U ilip cof'-ipony's  l,and will bo pronccufctid to tj>,e ft'll  oxteu*t of tlio law.  J. IJ. LOO-lvAUlK  -Cj/ui^ral Usiiif-^.er,  " ColUory Co,y.  :J<  Thi vd House 1m-ou*i  li. C ��������� Telephone  lixchauye  KOfUJE.  Ridi������g.on locjomotjyjea *ji;iil rail  way Giity nf thp M*/io'i T.olljery  Oompnny by .**,������y porson or j������-r-  ������������������ons���������except l.i*.jri (jr.o'-y���������\u strictly  (jrohiV'ted. Kfjiiplpycwj "fft isub-  ifc to f!jriiiii������.'Si*.l for allowing Bam-  Uy order  J. R.  ^OO^ARD,  General ^ai^a^e..  I j KK WHNT AVKNUK   tf  Cuinberlaiid,  J)    C.  ^ 1..;..;..'..j..).>{������i..l������������.'l*-!������l������*l''-!-*!"!--l-*H-*I'  iW-r.'-t-nvawM  h 1 ������v������v������^,t^*^i������A/rrt^s^^  0. H TARBELL  1  Tlieuo will bo a FjKflinJ Good  l-'riijuy Service iu tli������ Alethndii-t  /csliiirxili in tlio liven'm** nt b o'*"  clock. Evi-rybo'ly ln'oi'tjly web  cdiiio.   "0, como lot us worship'*  .i!GH GRADE STOVES  ,j   mi ml KITCHEN -.UTBN6ILS  Sportsmcns Goods  unci  General Hardware  ^1 t**l**A+^i*^*tml****++f*l  Wbfii in il/)i'bt.-"i'Wy t i'ii in p.**.  (J.ivt. r^nnl limn Your   I'liiliQ.  I'.-ictni-y K;<pi'i''n"Hji'.  ]\; '.'���������IMIMU'Hill-  I'l'Ollt    till"    h'll'ljll*^  j."*-i<.-i ins 1'i'iMii tin' A*luuli** to tin-  y *i'i!'if*, C>������p'"-,}* i}> i-'ii'ii** i'livnifli-  1 - !.'..]iii.'������t,  W. ,|. (jour-l will bji in tliir'  ������������������in mi-tilt April jet. l.niiviuu*-  ii"i> nt t|ii.*i ol\\ot), u\t write tijwt  1 . Wo.    H\\\   i\\u,   Wi'.-t,    \ritn-  OPEN SESSION IN  GItACK CIMIIICH  Tlu> Sunday School will hold  an opmi ityster Htmeimi on nox<  Riirnlay at 2,-K), Tho propnun  ifisuod by tlo S, S. Dopnrt-  mont will ho followi-d, nnd hii  luMrofiH to tho hoys nnd given hy  tho pni-tor.  FOR   SALE -West  half of  Lot 4, P.lock 5,  Penrith avenue.  -. ,  . I. ���������   '..    ..*��������� fti,\Ii-f\r  i\U\ll)   "    j'* v.l������tl.������-- ���������  rfiaaop t,o knoy, a������d Dr, MacKay-s  price is just a JitUje mor,e than the  party s^pu* -Jiis^oB^d t.p pay at tbe  Riotj),ep-t,   To paraphruife .a eacre.-Ji  ji)icidei)t l?e de-tpupda t&e  b.ea4 oi  }h.  Rrewst,er   ''on   a   cbarger '���������  This is a  condition  prjecedeiit   to  J>is entertaining tlje   proposal  to  help the JLiberal pafty /)Ut of   tbo  slough into vvhijchthfiy have fallen  ftolonly dops Pr.   fcilacKay   de-*  mand tho lcaidcrship of   the party,  be ajio rc.quirea the editorbbip and  tplo dirftctjop  pf the  Yrar.co)jyer  ^un.   It ie possible tbat tlm party  \vould not object ������yon to   tlje  pap-  )r|/jce of Mr, ijrewsier or tbp mwo-  Jatiop of thpir critic  organ on the  altar of Baperdota}  Q,mbition;   biit  Pr. Macktiy's  demands did   not  slop thero,   As ono wjuid   expect  from a tyan of hia character and  disposition ))���������' could only lend   a  party which was willing to bo puri  jiied of all eartbly burnaoloB which  are apt tu become attached   10  aL,  political ship, bo he requirea that  l lie entire patron ago of the Liberal  party   in   Vancouvor Bhould   bo  placed in Ibo hands of a pomipisBi:  on of bin  choosing,    Prmimably  a body of mon corresponding moro  or bus to the 80-oinl Safviuo Conni) insion  ofViotorii.  'i'lbri in   whoio tlio piny  "jibbfLl" with tho roi*ult tlmt tlju uouru  ���������hip Iim huun u)iru|illy tiTiuIniuuib  und  thu pnrty losdon uro no louder <���������<.<*uot-  tiiiu with Dr,  MnolCay.    )t tliun loHeo  tho opporiuuity ot acuuriug  |i Ivvlvr v  tlurnod in   all tlio panojily uf pru-stjy  lmbllipi������nti; but alfor all tho ivrviuuablo  homoHpufi of Mr. Urowitor nuy waarbotr  tor.-Tho Wp������k,  g ���������pu-st (or second] Cqiiuv  d^au (vO������.tj--gei?"t ��������� * *; ;   r)-. ��������� Britis.i lixpe,djtiojjaFy.,  jFor.ce.....;..... ���������  . Army J-ost Office,  kDN'DQN, ENGLAND  f  I  J?  t-  Gumberland  DYE  WORKS  HIGH-CLASS  DYERS ANP  CLEANERS  Cleaning  Dyeing  and Pressing  Ne#t Dpop to runic ol Commerce,  Dun8myj.li- Ayo. Cujnbor'and,  HAS    ARRIVED !     '���������������������������  "Old Sherman," has aviived in Cumberland.      "Old  Sherman"'  is a new whiskey in Cuinberlaiid. but it  is  iiof a NEW whiskey.      "Old She^naI)', i.s 12 rears of  * '\ ,   - ** * -      ti  age,  possesses  a  wonderfully  line,  mellow flavor.and  aroma and has all   the other characteristics   of   a fine,  old matured whiskey such as only -lames Cordon &Co.,.  of Glasgow and Loudon can prepare.  Ask the man behind the Bar in the Cumberland Hotel  for "OLD SHERMAN."  Mahr^r & Co    Distributers  .t. ' -v  'H**H**H**H**H**H*,M'*W"*I-*M**H*^*S**W^  ^-jiuiiinnniiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiu'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiwiiitiu^  ^  Get your IJ-jncc Invitations  printeel   Hit - the  Cumberland  HOLY TIUNll'Y CHUJtCH  Services for llw KaslJur Sunday  .    Holy C-Miirpuniim -S.30 a m    1..' ���������"���������***'' 1  Ladies' :md Gentlemen's  ���������.'i.'.-itincr C;inls ivatlv nrintcd  n\, fh������ Cumberland News,  PIUR AT COUUTENAV  AlUir,4������of JMuiini;! . **-v*np. i.b 7 I"...  Dune on  ihn *hort- ^rV]?^ ,n,e,"H  June on  ihn *ho������- vtfrv"<" "'���������������"*wn ������" Ub,''UBr  >������st noiic-t,  ami  wiih 4������y������t8|������-������n.  ji m:.v> iuul ixcurwy. ;tt '|?|uij       A.r,l,,!r Hinclilatjcr, Vicar.  At aliout Un o'olook on Tliur������iJ������y night  flro brokt Out nt tha Mfiiilonco of Obm  A-houfnltor, Ar* tliirtu win ipiiokly  Tuuod hau in. 4 th^A $h;c ihvn i-'������r--  (tianv filling liro llghteM on ths icoue,  0*ving to tho Noircoty of w������tor it wm  found fn>i>awibl������ t<> fltv������ ttjo bullililig but  nil tlu furntiurp ������*i|j p������rioD������l offocu  fufo rt-nov**-! Mr> ������np Mrt, AalieoM-  tnr wpr������ftw->f M- Vl)������ tlme -*-1"* H ��������������������������� lv'  li������v*nd t)|U ������wnlr������ from n looomotiv*  vrhivlt )|ii4 P*������m*1 nloio hy Hhorlly bufniii, j  inroiMAUhp R(iiri|*la ropf.  rOUNl)   NOTICK,  I'lihliu Notice is licroliy jjjivon.  tlmt on nnd al'tt'i* llm ITmIi day of  Mnnth 1UI5,   tliat thu  provinion  of tin* Pound  lly-l^nw of tlui City  of Ciiiiihurland ^'ill bi' nlrintly ud  forwiil. of \yhiish nil puroiiB allow-  iug qittln nnd hon-uK to run mm tlie  rttrcotB an* n-quL'stcil th   lakn notion, and govern   thtuiisi'lvuM   nc-  eonliii^ly,  Uy order of tlio Oily Council,  A, Mi;Kinn-hn,  City Cl������j*k.  City Ilnll, I'Mbniury 'Will, iJiL5.  Be ii'-v  Mil.  a Capital Pula Up $11,600,000.  The Royal Bank of Canada,  DRAFTS  ISSUED   IN  ANY~ CURRENCY,   PAYAHLE   ML  OVER   THE   WORLD.  SPECIAL ATTENTION pniil to tfAVINliS ACCOUNTS & IntoroM  at highest Current llniea allowed on DepoHilB of ������1 and upwiirds.  OUMBEULANP, B. 0., Branch, Opon Dally      T. P. C'ConnoH, M���������r.  UNION ^AY, B.O. Branch, Opon rally.     F. Bosworth, MRr.  COURTBNAY,   B. 0,, Branch, OponDallvE. K, Hardwiclc, W(?r  -kiiiiiiuniiiiiiniiiwuwiiiiiHiiiuw  Ma BOHO^R:  Manufacturer of MINERAL WATEK  P. 0. BOX 489  PUQNK 90..,.  CUMBERLAND  tf^r-^rmf^  m*jgr*j*t**#**4p0l"  m-*i  The local banks will  bc closed Friday, Saturday and Monday.  Saturday  proclaimed  has   been  a   public  u mon  -it  ������  WO  ,3v*    ,*������, m*.   ������r������.  CH  J,   N,   McLT'OD      7?r:CPnij-*Tor.  AMeriimn   C'������rt������y i* ill at  our holiday-  ,ociil hoBj-itu) wi^U |Mip||||ioni--i,   ���������  Kut-llth 4 1 UnilTON* Rlwiiyi- on up     il--., t*������������ 'miioiis MII.WAUKKR        ������  littKR-i ���������A**hinm-T.  Il-h-iwian, SoliUi:.-Vu.       "CI^D IJUKY JH-.MlD"  fti'l'Tl'll WllI-iKY. T,*rnl ^Viiirjn rnirt Liquori* of r.ll hlno.n  i\������ i(..nri1|nR ������������>'��������� '������������������"'hV"'! I)*l"i-t"*''i't. nnil-'r tlie i,?(.������./.:iii������ hu.. ri���������li-(A,-n.,.  tvlfl Si !  * I' 1*   t'Url Clun- Mi   rV'.T.   T f-|j. ���������,**-  BATES,  Oi uo per ilny nml ty  4


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