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The Cumberland News Mar 24, 1915

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Array J
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��"   t
Yj*   ���
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.- i(i
' j i"-i ^   <*�� i -*-,*��� r '���     -
- *������"-.J'*-?f,   v .,*-/->"
���*"*-. .v.,* ���':::.... '"^''������*
Devoted Especially to tHe Interestsof Cumberland and Surcoundlng. Dlatfiot.
��������  'It**" ���  .    ,.���  ���t. ,...,��� ^    .. I        |.l -������      I .-         .Ml.��� . I
Thr News, Twenty First Yhak
giim���_ i*tn*w*wnwii*i'T*i,nrBfiaiM__ . ��� n  irwray
1 ���..
! {
Very special in Ladies' House Dresses, made of. good quality gingham in
fawn and blue shades.
A Leader at $1.50 each
New Crepe Cloths, in Dolly Varden.
designs. -Just the latest for dresses
and waists. ,.    Price 20o. yd
Ladies' Cloth Pumps, in all sizes.    .
Special at $1.95 a pair
For a few days we.will place ,011 sale a.
good assortment of Ladies' Skirts,
regular prices- to $6.50.
Special price .$2.50 see them
,.��"���*I"J "�����' ���n-~��� trrri.Tnmra.x^aautMxas^iiiBamsma
unej��!.."i**y.ra*n ���Y^,i..j<jT.wT^,BHV^m-7T,ruT.j^,.il.p,h1p^;i.JlaT i^^wfi ���irriirm-i-i'--~Trum*9*' 3
Always   remember    our Leader . in
x-Corsets at 95o a pair
What "have we today? A one
man government���Czarism. The
people, of this province now
must face a most important issue
and that issue is, shall they sup
port with their ballots the Mc-
Rvide government-and thus have
Czarism I'or the next five years
to come, or shall they exert
themselves to the utmost to secure a strong opposition in the
House and thereby assure them
selves or a democratic government���a government by and fo.r
the people? '     .   .
One   needs uo violent   argu"'
1 a
ments, uo blare of trumpets:" to
impress one as to which of .llie
two forms of government is 'the
better for the people.
We say, without any fear of
reasonable contradiction, ' that
had there beeu a strong opposition iu the Legislative Assembly
that the Act passed by tbe -Government permitting the Dominion Trust to'accept the people.'s
money - on deposit���an illegal
Act���an Act .which the Honorable Attorney-General must have
known was illegal-^would never
have been passed;   andthat   the
Pattern ami Ready-to-Wear
���Hats..    .
Children's Silk and.Muslin
S'lk Blouses.
Newest Creations  in Ladies Neckwear.
Pen ins'   (guarantied) Kid
*   Gloves.
,    "Invtcttis"  Shoes and '
Special lines i
in Ladies'
(Cotton Crepej
asud  *
,Cottc-n Crepes, Rie<* CY"*th j
i'livlin.*-!,    '  '
dhAYvd r
-Zephyr "Gir.;.;"h -j*,-
i. i. V   -J -'
T&SI&   {
Middv Mouses,   Children'.*- ) it
v ���' ' j *
.   ., Frocks-. \ '.
'''*.'' ������ i '��� f-
' Pinafores'and -R-omiixts.   .( ?.
ESI    n��*irjjTix3!,*,gj,--i*--��*^ tots* ii** rx', ��*���*{ c/^r *
Mi-sj. P-en. tthear, of. Tiio.onin,
.arrived in town last week, pn ii
..visit to roliiLi
_ Mrs. Thos. Scott und .young
id moltlcr, loft by S. S. Charmer,
Saturday, 13th, on an extended
���visit to i'rioiids nt Nanaimo find
* Mi.-s Hate, who has been vi-dt-
iuo lii.'i''tii'ut, Mrs. Onninston, for
it ho past Ax mouths, left, ac'-onr
���paiuvl by her tiiuit cu *  llm  l-'itli,
tu join hor liiotliG'-, who i;-i at
jii'L^i'iit in Nauidiiio, Mrs. and
Mist* lialo will hail on tlio loth
Jul' thoir homo in Australia.
- jMi'tJ. P. J. Uohony, who 1ms
bum t-uH\u'in<j; I'or tho past wool*:
will) ,'i ,*jovi.'i''o eokl, in si'lliuioiiiJy
rocuvoii'd to louvu on Kridny to
visit fi ion11.-* on Hornby Island.
Mr, Cli'tiii'iit Dopnpo, ii now
losidi/iu on tlio Jtihind, hns inovoil
���into his now rot-idoiico.
Tlio oi nit riicl rooeiitly uwurdrd
bv Mr. J iih. OniiiinHoii to .Inrf.
MoNiiny;lii ifi iiuiiriiiy <;iini|)li'tiiiii,
also tlm nut' uwa 'dod llm iltips by
Fred l'ii'i'i'v.
Mi*. Ai iSwnn, mail  foroman- Is*
j'liybiX I'/i" iotpi.'1'.i.t* lo tho ruts, by
applying ��_J'.ivi'l.    Koop tho god
work i��j>; probably llm iii.'.\'r. ^rant
will In- htiJl'ioioiitly   lai'on   to   i^ivo
ail jhiUm of   tlm   io.hIs   a   t-tpiiiiii
i   i
i\ti*.-i;. i.ii.i Hiiwkiu**., oi CvittM.\.
is vii-itin^ Mr, and Mrs, iid.
Mi>, \V. A. Houclioi' uud Ium-
iiv loft �����; tho J-Oth for J lardy
��� 1-iliii-d, win ro thoy ��ill ivAdo for
jt lu* *'ifli'.in>r inonili.-*.
John' Tho 11 im ni, of this city, a: d
William Haikio, ol JJo-.ruuin Island, left on Sundiiy for Powell
River, whom the.y will spi-iid tlio
uo.\t. woek or ton 'l.'i^s oleetioiiooi'-
iiifriu tho Liberal interest.-",
Good wi'do/iin** and,, gnnlin^
work is boinjT done from lho o,or"
uor of 1mfill street and Dunsniuir
avoiiuo down tuwsird I l.o V.'
, t
Tho performance ontitlod "Tho
Ministers Brido,(' f��iven under the
nuspicDs of tlio Liiflio3' Aid of S.
George's Presbyterian church on
Friday evening last, wits f-p'oiulidly onnctod, and voty much enjoyed hy tho largo aid u| prociativo
audicticoagfc-niblcil to wiineea it.
Before tho cIomi Mr. J. Suthorlund,
on bolinlf of himself and tho other
porformcre. iu a neat speech mado
a presentation to Mr. J. A, Taylor,
undor wIioho direction the play
wnp produced. Tho pastor, 1'tov.
Hood thankud tbo audionco ou bo-
Imlf of lhe Jaulloh' Aid, and inti*'
mritntl that tho play may bo repeated at other points In tho (Wh-
the Minister-of Finance is a  ser
vant '6f .the   government,   and.
that  ���'therefore  the  government
fhi.sn-iai.tcr] is" responsible,   mor
allyifnot legally, for his actions
The*   newspapers   credit   the
minister'in question with excus ���
ing hiuiseit on the.   ground   that
he   jmade-.a bad.bargain and lost
mouey-in traftic_ing in' govern-
uieut'live stock.     The mitlister
is surely-- not .suggesting  that.lie
he   knew in the first place   that
the bargain would be a bad oiie,
.and   that, he would lose ��� money
hereby. .'      '       .    .
Fifty Killed by Snow and Land-
*       * *   t
f.slid.e a.t ihe Britannia Mines '
-���..'.     ���**. i, - * * *
K. II'. llovy C   Y.cn.Ay.x
00 I ).:('.-
Sir Uiohard bus tfono upon anr
other pilyriinatjio���-11111 to tho "foot
of tho throno" tbiti time, ju;-t to
Ottawa, Tho object of tlm miff-ion
in not lo demand bolter tenm from
��� lio Dominion, but to nrr.-iigo   lho
H o n 6rableTJ7ictTEl! i��on7~MilT"iT"
ter oi Finance aud Agricul'tur-e,
Wc-uld -never-have*trafficked *i''u
livestock, the property of the
Cioverinueuf and of ihe people.
We do  not   w i.A\   U)   appear
harsh ur unjus\ uor   to   suggest
that the actions of the geut-ie-
meii   above referred to come   in
any way within the purview  of
the ciiminal law, but we do   sav
o ' ���*
most emphatically, lhat their nc
tions were founded  ou bad priir'
ciple,   aud that bad principle   is
the gateway lo corruption aud
political immorality.
We 'nave heard it said, in de
fence of the Minister of Finance,
that his actions iu trafficking in
the Government live-stock was
not against the law; this may
be true enough, but still it is bad
in principle, aud a person occ.u"
pjiug that icsponsible aud exalt
ed position, is expected to be. as
was Caesav,*i'ni,:!',-;, above, suspicion.
Thero ai'o"iutiny lU'tious, whmh
though not iigninst tho law, am
equally bad in prineiplo cum pin id
with sou in of thoso which nre
ngniiist tlm law; for instii/ieo,
npi-iil;iii<- broadly, lying uiidci-
unlit lends to coi'i'iiption, nud
siiiin,liiiiii-.i lo the j o litoniinry.
and  if- ng.'iiii.Ht the law,  uhil.*.! h-
. Vancouver, March. 22.��� -One
of those minor cataclysms' of na
ture which every now and again
shock the public, imagination by
carrying iu their.w;ake deatlraud
destruction occurred at fl,.ec;l5ri.t
aiinia mine at midniglit. on Sun
day iu the shapcof a stupendous
snow aud landslide' which, s���epi
to.their death   fij'ty   luiiuan   be
^Ve .cau,.iniagine just the  am*.;"'*"1' ..;���'- ..,._-������.���^,.
0JVU.L,qf sympathy tliat ,a bufglar
would 'geif 011 gravely inlorinihg"
tiie judge-, that he should Le ac
quitted ou the ground lhat on
nreakiuo- into a house he got no-
thing but a severe handling and
lost money by the venture.
Cuinborlitiid Hall* was eroyvdod
on Tuesday night, lo hoar Mr. C.
M. Woodworth, a proniinoiil Van-
ooiiY'-'i' l.niTK**loi', nnd a former
prosidoni ol'-tno Vtinconvor Con-
sorviitivo Association, disotiga lho
polilical issiioB of tlm dny, in connection wiih this province. 'Mi*.
Woodworth flaved   tlin   Me.Ihido
govornmont on ils niilwny policy,
and .-.i general dominoiaMon of-'tlio
uiaobino," Ho urged lhat tho
salvation of tlm country depended
upon tho ousting of Mollrido and
Howsor, who ho eousidored woro
plunging lho province into finaii-
cinl ruin. The t"*poa!;or urged
t'i,".! indeporeieiit men be cloctod,
wli'ihor they bo ('nncerviilivi^
Liberal, or Sue i a I ist; nud thnt 'it
wa-. not so inii'.'li a iiiattoi' of parly, ;ts of men of integrity and
ir'iiot', Mr. Woodworili in a
I'lour aiid forceful i-ncul'-'r, and
was link-lied In wil!) mni'l'ed ��t
teiitioii, nud wiiliuiii ititoiriiplion,
Mr, (Jiiiiilwiu. :t proininenl lo
<mI Sooiali^i. luldrei-st'd ilm un-oi--
iuo; ut. lho olo-m of Mr. Wiu-d*
wni'd's   (���j.eei'h,     lie    i-l   a   good
pi',d<or, uml put up a   verv    I'no.i
iii'', ii-il iilider until,  lends to cor" , ,     ,, , '
,,T ' iirgilin-'iil for tlie   imiisi- in* I'l'pi'o
ruji'i'iii, and   is   c(jtuiily   bad   in
With what is* charaeterized'i.- 'bv
***     1
the ��� few survivors.-aR au��.*-almost
indescribable, but chiefly resenib
ling the sound .made by a eoless
al explosion--the effect of a vol
tune of air suddenly compressed
and forced forward at a terrific
pace by a huge solid mass���huu
dreds of thousands of tons,, of
earth and snow aud rocks and
trees slid without warning from
their foundation high up near
the top of the mountain aud des
cended upon bunk house, cook
house, rock house, tramway ter
minal aud dwellings, completely
wrecking and burying Uiem and
killing nearly all lhe human be
ings who occupied them.
The following i.s clipped from
the Nanaimo Herald of March
22nd :
'���The  death occtured   Sundav
illustrated artielj 0.-.
plios in Wa-r Vim;',"
*-i series of Px'tor A ' P-.it. > ' '���-'���"   ."* -
t'ci* jjni.'itiiigjov^i(!.<���;��� (���'������. .���-   1'. ,
niu might h.ol'i (.*n,a y-;-i!'   ,'t*" ! .*" -
uaiiy l)iot;i-;-uie..i  !',"v *-. /i;;*-;       !". .
iimr-*, in iny llelii-.i'.,   '.v'1 *-,�����-:*..t ��;*
ibis crisis, not*  isnw..��i I'i.i-    i;"'    .--.
eoiiiitrynii'ii of rito-e    i'*.iu k ���..';.-
ro'i--a!ly defoinlin*.*"   ib-ilis..     jio::;-.*
and lieai'ts on l]>o  R ���!���)'., vi;- '- ��� ���
uy7    Tlniy -.\-ii; do 1 :.'���;:   d'-i. ���  ������-
���working their   i-U'i'is'��� i.-ft "'-.
��� Ii'i*   grave    dili'lciiit'iis���'���:      "Mi -
tait 1 and, ii. jioisiblc ,   'j,! :"J-.u-e.'!���;
p"0'*Ju-*o of the ���������*.! ai-*.. not' o-'C..-."!.-2^
it is. (as iii-JJ-vct. it   ';vi!]��� b;} *���<"-���]..-.
it   :*
.-Hiil* to 00 So.   I'm'
��� l"<jei'i 1 jcv*
WlO Oi.-',?ird, Uii.li!f*J'';l?-;'i,;|tUO   d,u\.
ol every B'itou, each   i.i   i-7. ���;*.������:
sphere, ro do his part   r ���  lu-fp .us*
c .uiiti-y in tlm rime of   )h -     . ���-.;���
need,"    ]* i.-ot  ovo v Oa'i:1. iii'.'i .:
* it .
IJriNm in hi,w.irt and   synrAiit'.*   if
l .   ���    n
lui by i.etual birth.
lAiQDIU tic;;
Great    Uriuun     lms    'itt\ ���_.-*��*-*���(!
in ii ro niiiuny in this  com*;;'-, 'if.;
in nny other country iu :h<- ������.���.���.,r ���!������
outside llm    iji.itud    bt.Hes.    j: 1 ..
total    is   S2,MJO.00U0f,-'',    bei..��
etjiud to i'lDf" f..*v e\i-iy uo'-Ui, v..,
ma/i add child.
This money lm**; gone !n,*.;-11; '.,
provide riiil'AJiy ano'  - ther   '��� *���;.���
\\\'..i- i'ur et'.rr\ ing '..-ii < '.tr   !���-, ��� :e
11, is    loiiucd    uioiiev,    ne '     !'.'*-.( '
i'120.UUO,(iOU      \.\'Yi-..t     ."HH't-'ty,
'I h;il    ilileti h.       ioilsl     *|i.
Tlii-iv i.- ti   it a ' v 1..-a:.' <;!
tlio lai'lii jil'o.i!ie,->   v.e    t- -i
U>|i-e o*. ei' ii.iM ;;i'o\ ���.
���������t-    A ::o
'���*i"   I'--.1   \'t
i.o:'        i-;.   .1)
at Cedar District  of  Charles ��,;�����'"��������� ">   hmv.   pnnneiio..   -, ,.
'co\el' ollr illlcieM    pill '11. lit-    iijl'i
Heunie, aged 6q years, a long
time resident ot that dtaliirt, Uo
was a native of Ayrshire. Scot-
laud, coming about forty youtK
ago to this district, -nnd cauduct
iug a farm for 'he past l""" *'
25 years. He was uiniuirrkd.
nud is .survived  bv  liis  biothei-i ,;.,-,,
���Coil  <'i'i:i!ive     In, .-lliic :i��     1. ouMi
iiiiiiulniu It.c cou'-li s .-. *"���*   ll'.
TI11.1 i- oiie uhn'r ci* to ii
tion,     \\"h\ ii* it    in'Oi
(Jiiiiai(;i  , t   ih,��    ji ; li-'iij ���!-   '
blioiihl Mici'i-itHi'lhe   mn 1 -.iii ^. iho
? '  '
i'liero wu.- a hot   ii-i;v��   ni,   t.i.i
(.   Netlai'
��� 1 hue f-::i"'.'!
Lost teriris no can i-iiu r?ir itumn,^ ,,,-jm.,pjt% tIjou^m it duvn not Jisap**-(&:��i|iiu-l tlmel-ia!
fiordon wiib rosiiuui 10   tins   V>.   S, .    , 4    t .,     .
1 pen to lend to uio penitentiary.
It, which haa thrown up its hands
nnd adndtp tlmt it can oomph to
nultilcr it* own "mir Su* Jlichard's
���'undoriakinRH." Thi:* timo nu picturo of tbo Premier appeur.-i iu tho
piign-rof l)iHtiri;iU* in this city. He
ia nol ipvon u *'|.',iHd*ifnd-oif,
IIin dt')��ortur.; i," nol londerod j,;lur-
Wn liriVe aii-0 lie-ifd    it    Sliid in
di'l'etiee of    lhe    ���>re*-ent    "overu
Duncan P>nniv,   Mid two Mi-ters,,,-.   t��uiiird:'V   i.i'ht.
Mr!-,, John Piaine, Nanaimo, and! L;|*l !
M��.s. 'lltos. While,   of Cedar Vo,\ .       ���*.-.-.-.--- ���
ft i" i-eporie,(  : Iu**   II ir ry JMny-
HiitS,     Mr. Wm.   lieMn-iiin.:   .��-|Uici. |jiii((!i    ,���..������,,,.,.   tli*     ,)���.  " ,S nW
���'    Tito luui'ial  wiil   fake   plnee |s    j,.���. ,;,.)lU���,.x   lvi|-   tlI. .,��� ;riil,.
, this afUim.ou leaving  lhe  ii.i-.i-j prid'eni   C i.t-r-.^iw   <-'.!-(!.i..i;e
110i.v wki:k
:. 1   v;
I.,. I���.).l i.
deuce  oi  Duncan   Penny   at   :
o't'liic-k, 'be Kiv.   Dr. McLuki
....      f    - ���        /    ir ' iuiis by the lauiinu   o\   tlio   pailv 1 ,      ...     1   . ,,
eet tor   tlie   Cai'.ti'wun   t ulbei-.e.-. ��� y 7     ,     ,. - '      ��� | one ir.cmber theieot
, .,. ,.       ..  . ,     , \ lulu -luii.ii.     lie iiiiipi}' 'm.\\\ii av.'.vy
Jhi" Hi   ue ;i.t*f���.\\   Jin'   O.ij.'j.un).,        ,       ..   , . ���    ...
*..,.,.       I ���uuht'Hildcd   and   un*miij."   Oh.
^'tdifoit.'n.     Mi>.  >.'-tla:ul n-it ill!   , ���      ���   ���    >      1      . \, ��. 1:.       ,   ������ .   ..   ..
thi'crui-i \ici����iudf:-of outrageous  ;snir.-.h.. .. i.......e. ,> m-
nmiit, ihat they cannot be een.-ur jin Holy Trini'v   ������'���.ni-.-h ou M-nn,m ^'beiaiiU}*. '
ed for the net ions id   th-*   MiuiH.-jduy,   Tii"..da\,   Weiiie -day    n:,d       _       '-"*        * "
,.i .,,      ,    , *.                 ���,,     V":      I      .'���ic-'r.-'   Pi ���'�� tiff itml - Uln
..I Pimuux*. as tin: Mino.ter   v.a-   * hlllv,���,.��� "' " I'* "' -     ! '*" ^ '���" .    .     . ,,     , . f |Piit ���   . *   ���
.   ! ^ll,M.i;lle.i,-";,-i"-!  ,. t.tr - ,.��.i "*',r ''"��� !"rf/���'.""���*   'll    I-	
no* Cm   iM.VMiMii.-nl,    but    fuivi   ,     *���       _                     .         ,,          1 i-����i. '���">��� 1 \f.--i-n-d l<> ������niv.-.'.
*' : no ���' i 1't" : - < 1  - ���-���' 1.1''--, 1 ���
\i>Y tl.ii i'o! ������iii.... .-i i     . >< "   i-i!*.'-   ���
I I   lot;!-.,- a** j}   his     li-H.'n*    U i'i     i'i*
" ��� I 'I   ni'K,
Wf i.i*.    tu It    III
���i" it ply j
ii-- ..i.i..*.
.j" ..-���.'
1 .'Hv bu that city.
���>. -rvie
.1.  A,
1 ��� ,:������ ���  ii..,
t 1
t   *   .'
1     i:
1        1'...
.. .,    (,.���
1 ui.1,
* ;,i ilM,di��t
4    k   *' - -      "         *
1* ���!
������iie    ','.
���    1   ���     i   !
:-..; *- -N.-ilid
a.   i-
Joittino!���Victoria Tinit.s
or the Ur.i'.i ui "ni-. s.uv;-.r,r;   1.
:tt p ,.- l.y
1; -,'���        1'  I""
'I-,',. v-;i; wl') >'�� Awd.rcii-t. .
ll '
md  :'J p. im. s "* I
V,      I    M-. S. .!,  Mnr-den   avA   \\\\h-\
���'"'''    "'' ���' jdnU'Ji'er   left   for  ll.eir   Imttie   iv.\"i,'v   ,'"i';"'<',!    ����'    l':..-��i\/.f    ul
\' Y 11 *...,-.'< d ttt.,t *l,\\. * -jmi*
��� 1 ��
i i'liiiltn..) k on Wi i)n<-.-ilu v,
j -.'hieb lf.Mii| ���re h, .ivv cuition*.
I .- 7Xk  THB    NEWS,   CUMBERLAND,   B. C.  WAR CRIPPLES OPERA  An Ancient Prophecy j  /*. r_irtor cf the Figaro oomrauni-.  caies lo tlmt newspaper the 1'ollowin.j!  Many   Prominent  Stars  Are  Serving  in the Armies  The war is  playing    havoc    with  ;rand opera in Europe and the man-  gers'are at tlieir wits' ends to got  tale singers, most of whom are serv  .ig their various    countries at    the  ont.  It is unlikely tha* London will have  is usual opera season at' Convent Gar-  ��������� en next summer, nor will the Beech-  .m Russian season take place.  German impresscrios are making  -.rave attempts to carry ou tlieir operatic season. For one performance of  "Parsifal" the principal tenor had to  be re<iuisitioned from the barracks  and sent back lo duty afterward.  MaVOUS WOMEN  D'stance  i    Deceptive  When a man starts to tell me about  soin,.- long siuu limue on game in the  r*     a i   r- j n i- r l   t   ���������    .l   m woods, I most usually ask him if ae  un Only r.nd Re.iel by lotting the Nerves paced the distance���������or es imateci tt,  Wise  and     experienced    mother  With New Rich olojd  The woman who "llies to pieces'  over the least noise or excitement  soon fades ahd loseJ*> her good looks.  Dark rings appear under her eyes, the  lines about her laoutli aud forehead  deepen and lengthen, the eyes become  sunken, the face drawn and the complexion sallow.  The trouble is nervousness and if  the strain is not relieved aud the  aerves properly nourished, nervous  collapse and years of sickness may  easily follow. Dr. Williams' Pink  v'ills for rale I'ooplc will save you  from this dreadful affliction. These  rich ,blood thai  ma  TORTURE OF SCIATICA CURED QUICK!  "NERVILINE" A SUCCESS EVERY TIE  rienccu     monies y-j-js make the new, rich ,blood  hlrett uro .roubied   ll0uri*-������ies ..nd  tones  the nerves  prediction, dated 1700, taken from the. know when their chlum-n- mi* .���������.uuun.-u   uoui'i'iies ..tut  tones  tne nerves  archives of Cmiterets: : with worms and lose no time in apply- \ {ni{\Khes, every trace of nervousness.  "Whi'ii horseless vehicles run iu the' ing Miller's Worm Powders, the most , A!rs   Margaret Doniev, Amherst, N.S.,  Bti'1'i.-is-, 'effective vermifuge that cai be used l^ys.   "i   believe  Dr" Williams'   Pink  "'When men can apeak from one ond   IMs absolute iu cle..'"ing the system '. ^nis'saved nie from the grave. I was  ol* the world to the other; ���������  '"In the year lull;  "in Maj  there-will he talk of war;  ''1.. June it will be decided ou;  "In-July it will   to declared;  "ln August th-jre will be tears in the  .eyes of mothers  and  sweethearts;  "In Seplv-iubcr hostilities will con*  liut.e."  of worms and restoring those healthy  conditions without which there can be  uo comfort for "he child, or hope ol  robust growth, ll is the most trustworthy of worm exterminators,  No c'uilrt should be-allowed to suffer  en hour from worms when prompt relief can bc got iii a simple but strong  mildly���������Mother .Graves'   Worm   Ex-   lives occurred in German South West  terminator, .     . Africa,    The government of the kais  er, raw in matters of colonial admin-  Honor Unknown  The history cf Rations contains no  more shocking example of perfidy  than Germany's dealings wiih Col.  Maritz, the Boer soldier who has  raised a futile rebellion in South  .il'rica.   Ten years ago a rising ot na  il p-to-Date Stamps  istration, found themselves unable lo  The postage stamp is always up-to-  cop** with the situation  and appealed'  ate and  Cuba gltes us    the    latest  \������ Great lintain lor aid. At tha   tune  exau-.pie of keeping up with the times.  Au entirely new set has just been;- Issued showing on the regular postu1  issues a map ot the island with lines  nunung the principal steamship connections with neighboring countries  The special delivery stamp is even  more interesting. It shows an aero  plane of modern type flying ovei  Moro Castle at the entrance to Hay  ana harbor. The stamp is unique and  should be sought with keen interest  by Loy or girl collectors.  ~~ ~" -i    i  Minard's Liniment Co., Ltd.  Gentlemen,���������In  July,   1U05,  I    was  thrown from a ro^d machine, injuring  my hip and back badly and .was ob  liged to use a crutch for l-l months.  In Sept., 1906,  Mr. Wm. Outri-lge of  land!"  Lachute urged me to-try MINARD'S  LINIMENT,     which  I   did   with   the  most satisfactory results and today 1  am as well as ever in my life.,.  Yours sincerely,  -* '     his  MATTHEW   x    BAINES  mark  souih Africa had nol received its full  lutoiuimy, and the British government  generously respo *ded by se.iding Col.  .".ariiz and a commando of live liun-  Jred picked men, used to native methods of warfare to '"undertake the task  of restoring order. This they did, and  probably saved the territory to the  kaiser, as well as the lives of man;  German settlors.' And how ��������� id the  German government show its grali-  u;de? It simply bought out Col. Maritz, "hook, line and sinker,", and made  arrangements with him to treacherously strike at England when "The Day"  should arrive;  This   episode   shows   the   absolute  iioral rotteni.ess of the kaiser's gov-  ���������niinont. This is the country that  .vhenever it can be heard is shrieking  perfidious  Albion,"  "traitorous  Eng-  Toronto Saturday Night.  m-  It Was All Right  The traveller liad spent the night  at Uie station hotel, and in the morning, after a hurried breakfast, found  himself will only live minutes iu  which to catch the train, lie made a  helter-skelter   progress   to   Uie   plat-  Renewed Vigor  in Old Age  This Letter Br'innii a Message of Cheer  to the^Aged���������Results of Using  -  Dr.1 Chase's  Nerve  Food  New,  rich   blood  is  what is  most  taken down with nervous prostration,  and for mont is was unable to walk. 1  .slowly recovered until I was able to  go about, but there the miprovemoiu  i tided. I was getting weaker and  weaker until 1 could jum get from the  oed io a couch, ihe leasi noise would  set tne trciiLling all over, and i*..'*en  when I went to the table 1 would leave  it hungry and ' yet unable to eat.  .Sometimes 1 was taken with smothering spells and fell as if 1 was going -.o  die. At ether times 1 would be so  nervous that 1 could nol hold anything in niy lianas. 1 was doctoring  all tiie time, but without benefit, and  linally 1 niadt up my mind 1 would try  Jr. Williams' Pink Pills. They were  the lirst medicine that gave me any  relief, and' 1 was soon able to take a  short walk. ,1 continued using ihe  Pills, gradually gaining new health  and strength, until 1 finally Jell as  well as ever I did in my life. At the  time Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cured me  1 was living in sackville, and my illness and cure was known to everyone  in that.place, and my friends, like  mvself, believe the Pills saved my  life."  These Pills are sold by all medicine  dealers or will be sent by mail at 30  cents a box or six boxes for ������2.50 by  The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,  Brockville, Out.  PAYS DEARLY FOR NEUTRALITV  needed in- flie"^ecl"infnE7yearS~nrkBep"  up * energy and vitality. "That Dr.  Chase's' Nerve Foou is a wonderful  help in m lintaining good health and  prolonging life is attested by the writer of this letter:  Mr. Stephen J. Leard, North Tyron,  P.E.I., writes;  "At seventy-five years  form, and then ^uudonly remembered of age my heart gave out and became  'that, he had left his despatch case, | very irresu'ar and weak in action and  containing valuables, on tin dressing  would palpitate.    My nerves also be-  table in his bedroom. After a moment's hesitation he seized his baggage from tlie porter.  came weak, and I could do nothing  but lie in bed in a languishing condition, losing strengh and weight.   Iu  "Quick!" heeded, "run up as fast  that   condition   1 began   using   Dr.  as ever you cau to No. G9 and see if l* Chase's  Nerve Food, and am cured,  have left a green morocco despatch  case on the right hand corner of the  dressing labia."  The  youth  darted liko    lightning,  and the traveller, hanging out of tho  Had I not obtained this treatment .  would now be in the box with the roof  over my nose. At eighty-one I have  an energy whicli means go, and I am  writing this letter so that old people  .carriage  window,    watch    in ���������* hand, I like myself may prolong their health  ���������timed *ho passing moments with aug-1 ahd strength by using this great modi-  ineiiting anxiety. The train was  .on the ini.vo as the porter sprinted  along the platform, empty handed.  "Yes, sir," he panted, "that's right,  .sir; you left it cm the corner of Uio  .dressing table, sir!"  *'My farewell appearance was an  occasion of the greatest aytliiislusm,"  said ono prima   lonim.  "Yes," replied the othor * "Isn't. 1.  remarkable that such a large number of people should have seemed ;,o  tin-lighted to hear you for the last  timo?"  cine."    50c a box, G for $2.50.  sale by ull dealers.  For  LETTERS TO   ENEMY COUNTRIES  Let Them  Speak  For Themselves  ���������You needn't take nny-  body's word for the superior-  ily of Post Tonslii'H���������  Clot ti package from your  Grocer, pour some of the  crisp, sweet (lakes into ft dish,  add cream or milk, and n  sprinkle of sugar if you wish.  Then be the judge of  Post  Toasties  The Superior  Corn  Flakes  ���������mtulc from the hearts of the  finest Indian Corn, skillfully  cooked, scaaunoii, ruiieii uiid  toasted.  Toasties arc not ordinary  "corn flakes," so remember  when you want Superior Corn  Flakes to ask your grocer for  POST TOASTIES  Canadian l'orf.nu ��������� <'ri>;.l Co, Ltd,  wiw'fiir, out.  They May be Sent Through Agency of  Neutral  Country  The    government    has received   \  communication from tho foreign office  giving the regulations which must bo  observed iu regard to forwarding let-  tors or money to British subjects defined lu an enemy country. Neither  letters nor money can be forwarded  through the foreign    office    or    tho  United States embasBy in Londou to  individual   British   subjects    abroad.  . rlvato letters  .o (Jorumny nud Aus-  ria-llinigiiry, through neiitrai    coun-  rlus, aro now allowed lo be forwarded  aibject to  tlio  usual  conditions    of  .oiu'orKhip.   gutters cannot, however,  io  lorwiirdoil direct lo (Jo.'many or  ui-nrlu-lluugury.      Uriliali    subjects  nd  Dihurti  wishing  to communicate  ���������.'1th friends iu o .oniy countries uiuat  onvtird    tlieir    letters    through    nu  guiicy in a neutral country, and cor-  ���������'spoiiik'iits  may  t-oloet  thoir    own  guiicy.    .M..*Ki**rj   Cook  St. Son havo  ���������xpi-*.:.**tii:d their willingness-* lo iirrang'j  o: the traiiHinlHsloti of Btich letters,  md appllc itions bhould be liuulo io  .hum,  Letters inU.nd.'d for IrnnnmUBlon to  ���������tunny countries should bo uh brief uh  (-ori.-iblc, Hhould coiifiiiu nothing hut  licnional matter, und "should If poa-  Bible bu written In tho iiennun hin-  ago.  Land  of  Dykes  is  Suffering   Heavily  From Great War  -  Holland is learning in this war time  the disadvantages of being a neutral  country, says a ^ondo.. correspondent  in Holland."  Perhaps the advantages are as embarrassing as * the disadvantages.  With war all around her, she has become a* p.ace of refuge, a clearing  house for'**elegrams and letters that  cannot ��������� pass direct from England to  ���������3eruia-n-y;--a���������common���������platform_on  which men whose countries are in  bitter enmity may meet on the terms  of old friendship.        -��������� -  Her neutrality has made the arrival'  within her southern frontier of Gorman oi Belgian- soldiers, Hying from  their respective* enemies, a rather  trying form'of enforced hospitality.  a' concentration camp at Alkamaar  has it nucleus ot men from both  armies, and there is the constant fear  lhat this involuntary hospitality may  lead to international complications.  No wonder that little , Holland is  massing hor troops to drive back tho  soldiers, -who, in th** heat of ilight  from battle seek to be her guests.  ' But Holland is paying tho price.  It is not i'or nothing that a littlo  nation, with millions less people than  London, put over 400,000 men under  arms'. At nil costs she will light for  her Independence, and among, these  stolid silent people ther- is never a  murmur at the bacrillce. It is not only  the men who have been colled to the  colors and tlie families that are left  without breadwinner who are paying  the price,  " All over Holland men and women  aro being turned out of doors, and  ueing their houses pulled down because the buildings, set up under the  shadow of forts, interfere with .-the  all round range of the guns.  The correspondent says: "I met-a-  nian w'-) had disappeared* from* A in-  slerdam for a couple of days, *ile  lold nio Quietly that ho had been Into  the country south of here to see how  his old puroniH woro getting on. They  wero fiiriiiTR. Suddenly ut midnight  tlioy and their neighbors had notice  that within an liour tholr homes mujt  bo pulled down. Imagine what it  meant, lu the mln and durlcnoss, to  puck all tho housolold goous on carts,  fo drive liorocd and cuttle along the  narrow road that lops the dyke, and  to Hml thu best tihelter llmt can be  had af u safe distance from the for tii,"  lf ihe lauer, 1 ueduci 'J.0 per cent  for conscious exaggeration and divide !  lhe reniai-.der by two to arrive at the  true range.  This not because I am inordinately  suspicious, bul because I know a little  bit about human nature and also have  done considerable distance judging in  the woods.  No man is going to'give himself the  worst of it. When he has estimated his  distance, usually from memory, hours  or even days after the lirst excitement  of a successful shot has passed, he almost invariably adds a bit. to'make  sure he is getting p.ll the credit that's  coming to him, 1 know this to be a  fact, because 1 do it myself.  "Walking around in the woods I have  often found very profitable amusement  in estimating the range to some mark  ahead of me and then counting my  steps. The denser tho timber the  greater the over-estimate. When one  considers the tremendous detail of the"  thick woods, this is easily understood,  Picking a tamarack swamp as boing  level and much moro free from'under-  brush thau (lie uplands, I started out  to clear a 200-yard ride range, l'y pacing and measurement 1 know il to be  200 yards, yet, were 1 to glimpse a  deer down a similar vista, 1 am sure  my snap verdict would be -100 or 500  yards. And you can bet I'd give myself the benefit of the doubt and call  it 500 talking about it.  How", erroneous the usual "long  shot" estimate is bour.d to be" is  proven by the fact that "I had to fell  five trees, each one big enough to  completely obscure a, page of the  iiaily News when viewed from the  firing point, and clear away any quantity of saplings and brush to get a two-  f'* jt lane -.'own which to squeeze a rifle  bullet.  And this in what hunters in this part  of the country, would call unusually'  open woods.  The longest actual distance I might  have aimed a rifle at a deer before my  ax work on this range was a scant  60 yards.  Incidentally, this is another blow at  the superstition that modern high  power rifles range dangerously far in  the woods. Any one of the live trees  in direct line of fire was big enoujh  to stop any soft point bullet, if hit fair,  or so mushroom it - as to make its  further ranging negligible, if merely  grazed.  Long shots are possible,  but they  are almost invariably hill-to-hill, shots  over the tops of ..iterveniiig trees and  . level shots in the woods.���������C. L.  Gilman in Minneapolis I*tews.  Stops the Pain Quick���������Act*  Like Magic���������-s Harmless  and Pleasant  Sciatica is the mest severo pain man  can suffer. The great sciatic nerve is  deeply placed, and-you can' reach it  only by a pain remedy,.as penetrating  and powerful as NERVILINE.  The glory of Nerviline is in its  strength���������in its marvellous power of  penetrating deeply. In severe pains,  such as sciatica and neuralgia," NEUV-  V INK demonstrates its superiority  over every other remedy.  Extraordinary pains, such as rheumatic or sciatica, can be overcome  only by a remedy us extraordinary  as Nerviline. In many lands - it has  *.\  shown itself to be the,best for littlt  patns, best for big pains, and best for  ���������?U pains.  When one has acute rheumatlo  i>?;Jns, stiff joints or a stiff neck, don't  experiment���������seek k, remedy that  cures. Like lightning in rapidity, aa  sure as fate in its certainty of relief,  Nerviline can never be surpassed for  the removal of pain, no matter what  advance science* may make. It it*  perfection in its line. Do not trifle  with ordinary or oily liniments, use  Nerviline. Prove its efficacy���������it's the  one liniment that rubs riglit into the  core of the pain. * ���������  A largo BO cent bottle will cure the  aches ai.d pains,of the whole family.  Trial size, 25 cents. Sold by all dealers everywhere, or the Catarrhozone  Co., Kingston, Canada.  'STANDS   FIRM* ON    EMBARGO  United States Wants to Take Part in  Australia's Auction Sales  .Ambassador Page has reported from  London -that Groat Britain for lhe  present, is unwilling to modify lhe  embargo on ihe exportation of wool  from Australia. Wooi uealers, how-  over, are hoping through ihe stale department to continue negotiations so  as to enable them to' parueipaie in the  auction sales soon to be held iu Australia. ,  The British government is underr  stood to have replied to Ambassador  Page that for the present tno mother  country would use all the wool raiseii  in Australia, though when it* becamo  apparent that there would be a surplus, some arrangement might .be  made whereby American lirms could  obtain part of the product. The only  condition under whicli they could get  any wool, however, would be* with  guarantees that the product be used  only in manufacturing goods contracted for by Great Britain.  Minard's Liniment Cures Garget in  Cows. ���������        ��������� -    '  Atrocity   Stories  It is a matter of justice to say .'"nat'  ���������Uie-cor-taiu-and-authenticatedJicfiQiiAta.  by known competent witnesses  show humanity and kindness on the  part, of the combatants, both Germans  and. the allies. War begets not only  horrible things but a nervous state of  mind that originates and is credulous  of stories of horrible things. That  there is some reality oK-fact and a  wide range of fancy as to "atrocities"  is probably true of all wars. It is,,* to  the glory of huL.an nature if on the  whole it does not frequently abuso  the ruthless opportunity and license  of war. ''  None the less savage deeds seem  to have been done, and these are not  disproved by the evidence of-a more  merciful spirit today.���������'-Now York  Sun. \  Wretcheo From Asthma.���������Strength  of body and vigor of mind are inevitably impaired by the visitations ci  asthma. Who can live under -the  cloud of ecurring at.tacits and keep  body and mind at their full efficiency?  Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Hemedy  dissipates the cloud by removing the  cause.* It does relieve. It does restore the sufferer to normal bodily  trim and mental happiness.  Flattery ������������������*  Examining Admiral (to naval candidate)���������Now mention three great admirals.  Candidate���������Drake, Nelson, and���������i  beg your pardon, sir, I didn't quit*  catch vour name.���������Punch.  "So your daughter is married?  Then you should be a proud woman.  Marriage ennobles .the sex. Nothing  can beat a good wife;"  "A bad 'usba .d can, mister���������aa"  she's got 'im!"  When Ethel waa live years old oho  went to school ofr the first time.  "How   do   you  like  your   teacher,  Ethel?" asked'her mother.  "Well,   mamma,  I  don't  think  the  teacher knows very much."  -Why not, my dear?"  ���������. "Why she  keeps  asking  questions  all the time?"  "Could I be indicted as a trespasser  for fishing in these waters?"  "No; but you could be hindlted as tt  loonatic."  "And why?"  ��������� "Cos  there  ain't  no    fish    there,  guv'nor."  A Mystery Explained-  The village had been billed owith  "Lecture ou* Keats" for over a fortnight. The evening arrived at length,  bringing the lecturer ready to discourse on the poet.* The advertised  chairman, was replaced by a local resident. This worthy Introduced the  lecturer and terminated his remarks  THE JOHN INGLIS CO.,  LIMITED  ,  ENGINEERS & BOILERMAKERS  by saying:-      *" a   "And, now, my friends, we shall  soon all know what I personally have  often wondered���������what was Keats?"  The Salt���������Yes, mum, that'c a man-  o'-war."  The Lady���������How interesting; and  what is that little one just in front?"  The Salt���������Oh, tnat's just a tug,  mum."  The Lady���������Oh, yes, of course; tug  of war.   I've heard'of them.  Beware so long as you live of judging peoplo by appoarauces��������� La Fontaine.  Engines of all kinds, Boilers of all  kinds, Plumbing Machinery,  Tanks, Heavy Plate Work, etc.���������  Writo for prices.   *  14 STRACHAN AVE.,  TORONTO,      -      CANADA  HINT  TO  CANALIAN3  The Tact of Old Sam  Tho Htout Iii dy BtruRglod with dlfllculty  Into   tho    railway    carriage).  'Ah," sho Kurtim'.,   "That door might  liu' been mndo by 'Old Sam."  She  piuiHuil  for breuih, and then  ���������irueoiuk'il to explain;  "You see Old Ssuui wim one of thom  cluipH 'oo'd got on. Wont from a  ihreu uud ulx cottagi* to a big 'ouse.  Hut 'Ib niisHUH wasn't used to a big  'ouse, and njient nil 'or timo ln kitchen wl' t' uorvuutH, OM Kotn dUlii  llko this, but 'o novor argued wl' women.   Now, Bho wur Blout, liko mu  Antwerp's Cathedral  Antwerp    cathedral is the largest  and  most   beautiful  Gothic  in   the  Netherlands, with a roof supported by,  125 pillars,).and an exquisite spire 40.1  feet high, in whicli hangs a splendid  carillon -qf.vbollfi.'     ho interior is enriched by tteubi-ui's three masterpieces  tho  "Descent from  the  Cross,"  the*  "Elovtuion of the Cross," and "Tno j  Assumption." Near by, in the Placo I  Vorte,  is  die  ytutuo  of  Houbens  In I  bronze, the iiguro being 13 foot, mount- ���������  ed oil a pedestal 21) feet in height. I  Noxt to the cathodral tlio Hotel do!  Ville is tho chiof architectural feuturo'  ,o������ Antwerp, close to which are the  'famous sixteenth century guild houses  belonging to tlio different corporations  of the city.   The Hotel do VIllo was  built in IBM, and is replofo with priceless tapestry, furniture, sculpture and  paiutlngs.   In tho Grand Place, ou the  west sl-.lo of whicli tho liotol stands,  la ono of tho moat interesting bronze  fountains lu Europe. II is surmounted  by a statue of Sub ins Bra bo, a mythical horo, wltt tlufcau-d uud cut off the  hand of the glunt Antigonus.    Tho  latter ufiod to exact a heavy toll from  vcbucIs entering tho Scheldt, und ruth-  lossly cut off and throw into tho rlvor  a hand of ovcry -shipmaster who ro-  fused to pay.   llcncc, sitya tho legend,  the namo of tho town, Antwerp, from  hand  worjien���������worpou  moaning    to  throw.  What about your wife and children ? ' Will they  dress well after you are gone P  Will your children  lj.be educated P   Have a talk to-day with an agent of  f THE EXCELSIOR LIFE INSURANCE CO,  OFFICES ---Winnipeg,   Edmonton,   Saskatoon,  Vancouver.      Agents Wanted.  FARMERS  2Ali>?,Wwy8 ro^" *ur*- of Betting tho highest prices for WHEAT, OAT8,  ?f!SUEY and FLAX- by chipping their car lots to FORT WILLIAM  AND PORT ARTHUR and having them sold on commission by  THOMPSON   SONS   AND   COMPANY,  THE WELL-KNOWN   FARMERS' AGENTS.    ADDRESS  701-703  Y.,  GRAIN  EXCHANGE, WINNIPEG.  Answered nt Last  A Swede was being, oxuniinod ln a  cutio lu n Jllnnouotft town where tho  defendant wuh uecutied ol' hivultihg i  pluto gltttia window wllh n largo  Htono. Uo wuh prcBtiod to lull how  big the Ktune waa, but lie could not  explain, . !  Britain Will Need Wheat Next Year  as Woll nt, Volunteers  Tlio WcntmlnHtor Onzotto, rofurrliiR nnd whllo they wtm uwuy ho'd the" I'lt-  over the (���������xiiinlnullon from tlio ltuv  CnJUifta'H wllllii''iio������t to Jnuroaao I cheti wl* t' servants,   Old Hum didn't yoru iu thu   hopu   ot gultiii*,' uoiuo  "Wub It (ib hlB at; my flat?" asked'  So ho tul'.oB lior awny to iiltickpool,  tlio norvoiiB judKO,    who had tit I-i on  her contribution ot ui'jn. i - 150,000 by \ vanu could get In iuul out, uni not tliii  next autumn, Buys.  "Wu rui-oKi'iA* lu tiiu luu uiat i,.i'i-  ...Ja L Ij. V.jv J'-'"ht \u the full e-ttent  tf Hu resnnr-rpR, hnt \\e tihnll nxpnet  lho recruiting nt homo will have boi-  lloil the Ihhiio befuro we Iiuvj tu briiij;  ;iny buch number of men -.rom Cun-  ���������ula.   Wo    ha/o    to romoiibor thut  . .     . ' ' - ..!..      I ..      ,1. ..1.1-.  il\Jiil   V^fc.....*.*    ...      .     ,....-      ..     .     ....  ���������iorvlcf!.    KIio will Imvo to be, lo  mlsBlR.   That did "er, tlmt Abb"  -     " i    in     . \     ,,,.,  I.  U      ,Y44Mk    4     V������4������.     t.������h.t, .......     ���������������     ...^'..  tipjiwlle,  And nil pnt U)Ht In admiration of the  tncti'iiliieBH of O'd bum.  Ills i-'liiiicefi���������Toll nio, Count, why  do vou iiU'-i*,*- kisB my left hand?  JIli'   l IHllil--1 uu     a>u  *wt  imuutu.  roiitiltB.  "lt liano blRBor," tho Swedo ropliod.  ������������������w.-i. it ���������**** hlr- nn mv two OKtHY"  "It Dane blKiter."  "Wuti it   ii li ni a.t my ludd!"'  "It Lmnu about aa lou;*, but not to  thick!" replied tho Swodo, amid tno  laughter of tlio courL  The Snplent Clerk  A learned youn/j woman ot lloston  l-irRo nxtwit, the-granary ot tho ''K^l^nKillnlL-Vf- I was Bpoiidln-, llier vacation In a lit  .ilru and n wn ������r- to com- ���������--.cc->hb- ti n (���������Viiit-.Tlion tliat In rn him-*'Uo l**aco *������������������ Northern Malno, To tho  -silly tliroiiRh ibis war lhe men work-'   . ,*" ^,'V, Lii uh-n '"",*   "' * "'" " '"  local   book   shop of tlio village sho  UK In lho lUAAt ot Canada will bo do-       ������ wl*u" >ou Klb"* *-������ choquoB, la *,,  went om ttftornoon ftm, mado *JU,0WU  trr tin'Ir   kIium almost   ������������ effectively -, 1 hor mental wantfl to tlio clerk:  In.  as tliosi: actu..lly al tho front."  man, i'CAV,A GrsnuldlciJ Eyelids,  lure to Su������, nusl-u-id VMed  v-y. h. u. voio  ���������*I'\ her,'!  mlA  the  youm*  htive di'fiiW'il  not  tu* -.ut.-i  L  but to ko In lor an ard-iih; caruor.  You don't f-HJf't, 1 suppose, to my be-  coniliiR nn aruiit?"  ���������.   _. ^. ,.     _    ._  "Object'.'     Why,   my   boy,  I'm  Ae- Y ������'m  -v' Com^rt'   At  IlKht.-il to have you become nn artist Your Unir^������ri JOc pciljotile. Morlae Eyt  ,-ir<ivl*l������*������l. of course,    Uwit you don';, ������������������������������" r*ib<--2-Jc. F<->-B-������k������.|ikeE>tfrr*tiV  I diuv, uu um. ' Drutfe'������i* oi HurlaeCyeSeae-iyCt..Chluif  "I Bhould liko tho 'Lottoro of: Jano  Wclish Carlylo."  "I beg your pardon, miss," said tlio  lorh, "but this ain't no poBt offlco,"  IPt/AC quickly relieved hy Murine  H���������J \J������5> ���������t>������B������������������-*y_iNoSmiiiuij*,  Two deacon* onco disputing about  . proposed new burying ground, ono  omnrkod: "I'M novur bo burled    In  ottnd as    .ik as T L    "  "Wbat an obatlncu mnn!" aald tha  ,*hor.   "It my Ufo la spired, I will."  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"is literally  dammed with Gorman corpses, ou  whicli our troop3 crossed 'without  wetting their feet. The ruiu falls i���������  torrents. The wounded that we picu  up are but huiutin pti.*odies, bundles  of mud and i blood, shapeless bodies  whoso'only 'sign of life takes the  lorm of noarse groans of pain. Who  will tako the responsibility of this  mighty hecatomb? What punishment  is reserved ior, the man who has  caused, the Mower of the youth of  durepo to be .nassacred?"  "We advance -villi great difficulty.  Our boot, stic.' in tin mud auj  clotted blood. A terriblo feeling of  iiorror grips us. We. march on almost without knowing what we are  doing. We are mere automatons, unable to think, stupid,, dumb, craze'u  with horror by tho enormity of the  cataclysm.  "A - soldier wallows in a pool of  mud. Another, whom we pick up  is still alive, although his lower jaw  is completely g 1 e. , Here, a maa  both of whose legs p.re broken, drugs  himseU along on his bleeding limbs.  Theve another, whose shoulder has  ,en shot ou, utter a gro:-n c? agony,  arther off, mowed down by our terrible 75 centimeter guns', piled one  on the other, horses and men' form  a terrible heap, '.hese on lop, stricken in '.heir last chaige, still holdinj  their ..abres ih their stiff hands,  arms, outstretched. -  "Words cannot describe the horrible vision, *the terrifying spectacle  of these dead and wounded, annihi-  .ated in the awfu. shock ��������� of armed  nations in'this, ihe most civilized e.-a  since creation. <p Mny this war be the  last, spasm of tiiu war* monster on  *.' r planet." *  Even the Laziest Liver  and Bowels respond to  the gentle action of  s&fa  Take  Efffer-.  vescenf  At all Druggists and Stores. ,  Abbe>    Vita  Tablets for Sick  Nerves  POPULAR W'TH TROOPS  General Smith-ronien Trusts in  Hono. of he Soldier  General Stni.a-Dorrien, who has  earned such high praise from Sir  John French, is the most popular  general in the British army, because | card' that I will send after ihe war is  PRAISES  VALOR  OF  ENEMY  Kaiser's  Troops   Die  With   Faces '.o  foe, Writes (-rench Captain  "In one litue corner six men had  crawled to die together.   One of them  still held in his simened hand a posiai  Fi.EE TO ALL SUFFERERS  Il villi lool 'OlM'olSOKi'S* 'KUK DOWN' '00 l- Ihf BI.UHS'  Si-Fruit from K11>NKY, BLADDER, NKRVOUS DISEASES,  CUKONICWKAKNKSS.Ul.ChKS.SKlN FKUPTIONS.PILKS,  writ,"  (or FrtEE CLOTH  K.iUSI) MKD1CAL BOOK ON  tliesB ili-jo,-ni.ii au.l WONDKIIFUL cumis effected br  TH e NEW FRENCH REMEDY. N.i N.2 N.3  THERAPIONSi-STf'tt  tn������r-medy[or vour own ailment, Abioluiely FRKB  No'follow up circular!, No obligations, Ur, LkClkkO  MKn.Cij.llAVKKSi-DCKRii.Htui'srKAP London,Kno  WE WANT TO  1'KUVI TIIKKAMUN WILL CUBIC \0U.  Children Teething  BABY IS VERY COMFORTABLE AND  LAUGHS DURING THE TEETHING  PERIOD,   THANKS TO  Mrs. Wins-lows  Soothing Syrup  (PURELY VEGETABLE���������NOT NARCOTIff  Stop the Co*:_h.���������-CougJiins is  'caused by irritation in the respiratory,  passages and is the el'ior. to dislodge  ^bsU'uctions thai come from inflammation of the muscous membrane. Treatment with Dr. '"nomas' ISolectrie Oil  will  allay  the    inflammation' and  i;i  consequence���������tlia���������cough���������will; cea-ie,-  Try it and you will use no other preparation for a.coid.  KINGDOI.i   OF   HANOVER  War    May    Return  Old   Hanoverian  Kingdom to Power  It is announced from" Petrograd  that the czar will set up the kingdom  of Hanover, now incorporated iu  Western Prussia, if he crushes 'Germany with tho aid of the allies. His  i nee for king will be tho young  Duke" of Brunswick, although the  i uke's father, the Duke of Cumberland, is living. Th" Dune of Cumber-  .and is the lK-ir to the throne ot Han-  cver, a claim he has never been aole  to enforce. The son is now lighting  iu the ranks of the kaiser's army.  Hanover opposed Prussia in many  wars, starting at least as lar back as  Frederick' the Great's time. At the  close of the six weeks', war, about half  a century ago, Prussia absorbed Hanover and   eposed the like of kings.  '.here was a great hubbub in the  Prussian royal family when the six  sons of the kaiser learned their pretty  sister was in love v/ith the young man  upon whom the crown of Hanover  would, have descended, had not the  Prussian, mailed fist intervened. They*  ..ed that the marriage should' not  take place, unless the Duke' of Brunswick formally renounced all claims to  lhe1 throne of Hanover and,swore unconditional allegiance to the house of  Hohenzollern. They called upon their  sister, as a loyal Hohen/.ollern, to give  up the match unlcs her husband subordinated himself thoroughly ��������� to Ho-  -henzollern. -���������>  But the princess declared she would  marry the Duke cf Brunswick even  -if it meant exile and impoverishment.  Perhaps she had an intuitive feeling  that the crown would some time rest  on her brew if she stood firm. At* any  rate, the young couple won their  point, ancl were married without conditions. Following the birth of her  baby there was general reconciliation  on the sunace at least.  during the whole of his career, ihe  soldiers' welfare has always occupied  first place inMiis programme.  Nine-tenths of his service has been  passed in India, and it was there at  Quetta that he built the lirst soldiers' club that the army has known.  The general's first public appearance in Kngland was made on a Wes-  leyan platform, from which he delivered a lengthy,, speech in favor of  ameliorating the discomforts of barrack life.  He is one of the few soldiers who  can speak eloquently and without  notes.  Tho acts which perhaps have endeared him to Tommy Atkins more  than any others were the repeal of  piquet duty and the freedom granted  to soldiers during manoeuvres.  Until General Smith-Dorrien took  command at Alders-hot piquets of four  or eight men paraded the streets until  midnight.' General Smith-Dorrien put  the soldiers on his honor not to misbehave himself in the public streets  and abolished the piquets. They havo  -..ever beeu rein Hated.  'GUARD THE CHILDREN  FROM AUTUMN COLDS  The fall is the most severe season  of the year for colds���������one day is warm  while the next Is wet and cold, and  unless the mother is on her guard tho  little ones are seized with colds that  may hang on all winter. Baby's Own  Tablets are mothers' best friend in  preventing ,or banishing colds. They  act as a gentle laxative, keeping the  bowels and stomach, freo and sweet.  An'occr.sional dose will prevent cold  or if cold does come on suddenly the  prompt use. of the Tablets will quickly cure it. The Tablets are* sold * by  medicine dealers or b.v mail -t 25 cents  a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,, Ont.  . Bitter Out of Sight c "  . The ready applicant for a "job" had  unexpectedly obtained what he asked  and was set to wheel top dressing tor  gardening , operations. Half way  through the morning his temporary  employer had occasion to criticize his  method of going to work.  "Why don't you push the wheelbarrow instead of dragging it after  you?" he was askc'.. "It would save  you troublo."  "Not me," growled Weary Willie  disgustedly. "I'm.sick of the sight of  the blamed thing."  PATENTS  7catlierstonlituigli & Co,, head office,  King street euat, Toronto, Canada',  A  Japanese  Dog  Bomo of tho -JaptuioBo papors tell  ������������������of a lnrgo dog tlmt for the past quar-  'lor of a century litis had Its homo in  '���������tho JuptinoHO Naval Officers' club ut  .Kuro. Naturally tho dog litis ititido  Jriunds with most of tho ol'flcei'B, It  is u good lt-mporod animal, tuid litis  Jiuvor been known to tjluiU anything,  lu hln younger days the dog was quite  .unlive nntl 11 lay ful, but ho now spondn  unoat of tlio time lying mid sloeping  -outBide tho gnto,, In rainy woutlior  "IiIh bushy bad*. Is Roniotlinos used by  ���������cureless club membL-rH for n door mat,  ���������lo wlpo tholr boots upon, but tlio dog  nuv*;r seems lo coin plain,  Long oxpoiienco hiui trained tho  ������������������ilng bo woll Unit ho dlHtltigiilnlicB all  -.sorts of bugle calls nt their first  nound, mul from "rovolllo" lo "llglils  out" ench call finds liim nt liln pro-  por station. A dog wlio can atlll at-  ���������tend to tlio call o������ duty nt the uro of  'twonty-flvo Ib a remarkable oxniuplo  ���������of long Ufo nnd devotion.  Remove Those Unsightly Warts  by applying Putuam's Corn and Wart.  Extractor. 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Tito following figures ar*.* taken from  reliable dictionaries u tho various languages anc. aro fr.irly complote: English, 450,000 words; German, 300,000  woros; Frouch, 14U.0O0 words; Italian  140,000 words; Spuuish, 120,000 words.  ���������New York Tlin jo  Bpnrlcor--,Toncs Is lucky!  I'lUgRO���������How bo?  Spnrltor���������Ilo wants to liny n farm,  liut hasn't tho prlco,���������Exclinngo.  >-*������fC^SW������*^  PDpm  '.__.h7*'pAp -i\'p' ���������.������������������.ff,-".',**., /y  '���������iuvsamW!MM**ti*m*'i  Two IrlBhmon mot once and referred  to tho illness of a third. "Poor Michael  llogiiti! Faith;'I'm afraid he's going  to die," said ono.  "And why should ho ilio?" said tho  other.  "Och, suro 'ho's got so thin I You're  thin nnd I'm thin, but begorra Michael  is thinner than thu both ol us put to*  gothor,"   ,i  Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper,  Thought Sho Recognized Him  "I3vnn onlmnls show tholr feollng,"  roiniirkeil Do Wolf Iloppor, tho como-  dlnn, to n frlond tho other dny. "Only  ycBtordny nn nnimal showed mo Brntt-  tudo. 1 was wandering nlong a stronm  in the country whon I mot n cow ;n  groat iUal.i'088, lior cnii wns drowning. 1 plunged ln the water nnd rescued tho calf nnd tiio grateful cow  Halted my hand."  "'Hint wasn't Brntltudo," ropliod tho  frlond. "Thu cow' thought sho had  twins,"  over to his family, that they may  know at least mat their son died a  Christian death, lt will be some sma*l  consoiaiion to this Christian family.  "A little further on was anolner  group of eight, who also apparently  nad garnered together to die. ln the  midst of the sprawling bodies, a little  prayer -ook was open at the prayer  for the dying. Ea.r German soldier  carried one of these books containing  prayers before battle, for the dead,  and so on. One luces to think that  these soldiers, our enemies, who have  died in this manner, are no', the same  ones who massacrei- women, children  and old men and dispatched tho  wounded.  The above paragraphs are extracts  from a letter written by a French captain of cavalry at ihe front to a friend  in Paris, and published in the Figaro,  ln the letter the author describes with  feeling liis impressions as he came  across the German dead who lay in  windrows. They had been surprised  first by, French shell and then by  French,bayonets. He gave due credit  to a brave enemy.  "I took advantage of a few hours of  liberty," lie says, 'to go to the battlefield of the woods c! , to the east  of B ; 1 saw there the most touching spectacle of my life. The dead  were so thick one could not count  them, but one forgot that they were  bodies in the vision of the high, moral  lesson in the scene. I have sent several  of my officers thero on a pilgrimage,  that they may profit by it, The German dead lay there, more than six  hundred of them, resting where death  had surprised them.  "Here a section that had been  marching, bayonets fixed ou their  .pieces; there a section who had died  while they were on their kliees, firing  carefully; the officers at their posts,  before or behind, as the case might be.  Not an officer or man had turned to  the rear. Nearly all these men were  reservists. Here and there the dead  of line regiments lay where they had  fallen; the regularity of their alignment and intervals was most impressing. ". '  1 "Passing along the German line I  coula see the elfects of our 75ni cannon. Men intrenched in deep shelters  had been torn out by the devastating  shells. A little further to the rear, in  the interior of the woods, long lines  of dead men again. Our���������t:harging infantry had left their marks on these."  The writer then describes the post  card he mentioned before, which was  held iii the hand of a dead soldk'r,  "The card," he says, "was addressed  to Landwermann Hubsch, l komp.  Ersatz' bataillon, regiment No.' 142,  Mulhenn 7 B.' Online side reserved  for correspondence'was written:  !������K������ ?,J,.? =-���������?';i?jiI'������La'S Dh-ZSY^JXilSSSt  luusiems aiiKe;���������net-ween���������the���������ages���������otj-^,,-,,, .. ,,��������� ���������__ _j ���������p 4,,���������__��������� .,���������,,  Willi   ituz;   a   suuven.ii~ot���������the���������good-  God to you, for today is your birthday.  Strength  for Motherhood  MOTHERHOOD is not a  time for experiment; but for  proven qualities, and nothing:  A exceeds  the value of good  *) cheer,  needful exercise and  SCOTT'S EMULSIpN.  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It  will be recalled that Samson carried  off the gates ������of this city. Turkish  troops have mobilized around the  Gulf of Akaba and the Sinai peninsula.  Over the same ground more than.3,000  years ago the great prophet Moses led  the children of Israel. Turkish troops  have been reported as concentrated  at .Mosul on the Tigris, which is across  ihe river from ancient" Nineveh.  * There has been widespread distress  and devastation" throughout the Holy  Land  caused by  the  wholesale  con-  Permanent prohibition of the sale  of absinthe and kindred alcoholic beverages in France may be a result ot  the war. Transportation and sale ot  absinthe were forbidden when the war  began, but traffic in other intoxicants  was continued. The government .has  now supplemented its'original ordi .-  with another forbidding the sale of  any alcoholic drinks similar to ab-  synthe, There is a marked movement  in all, parts of France tending tc'perpetuate this prohibiton.  Ccus cannot exist when Holloway's  Corn Cure is applied to them, becauso  it goes to tho root and kills tho  growth. . .  -    Willing''  Her Father���������Young man, young  man, would you take my daughter  from me? You don't know a father's  feelings at such a time! I must suppress them! '"  Her Lover���������Oh, that's all riglit! If  you want to give three cheers, go  ahead!���������Chicago News.  eighteen and forty-two  The Jewish colonists of Palestine  have been especial sufferers. Actual  deaths from starvation have been reported in the Holy City itself. Most  of the 00,000 Jews in Jerusalem are  from Russia, Roumania and Germany.  Their source' of livelihood has been  the trade remittances which they have  received through the mails from home.  War has stopped this income. Many  of the colonists are old people who  have., gone to the land of promise to  spend their declining years, and these  are unequal to the special exertions  necessary to obtain funds to leave  the country. It is said that comparatively few of these Jewish settlers aro  Americans, but relief is sorely needed  by them.���������Albany Knickerbocker  Press.  '.'If the wind blows this way for another hour," sait- the captain on board  of a ship in danger of being wrecked,  to a passenger.who was a clergyman,  "we shall all b..  in heaven."  "Gor -forbid!" was tho prayerful  answer of the divine."  Two IrlBhmon Bhovollng sand on a  hot day stopped to rest nnd to exchange views on tho labor ('uoatlon,  "Pat, thla la mighty liurd work wo  nro nt."  'It la :-..^-mi\, J'.r.v.nr, Vv.t -rhnt VAiA  of work \t it you'd lolko if you could  L -t lt?"  "Woll," finld tho othor, loaning ro-  ficctivoly upon his shovel, "for a nice,  tihy, clnno bnnlnr-fR, I think I would  llko to bo a Illshop."  Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.  \ .    ���������   ���������������������������   !���������������������������������������������������������������   ������������������������ I      I Hll  Out of "Caste"  Many peop.o, unless actually familiar with the ways und customs of the  l^ttvo of India, havo little idea ub  to bow superstltlo runny of those  pooplo aro, especially with rogard to  tholr "casto" system,  In tills district, not very long ngo,  a coolio, whilst passiug through tho  jungle, wus suddouly attacked and  moat severely nuiulud by u bear.  His comrndos, howovor, although  thoy know tlint a fow miles distant  thoro wiib a woll equipped hospital,  convoyed lilm to a vllltigo close by,  whore ho wns kept without modtcul  assistance ot any kind and in a blazing Bun for threo daya.  Whon ovuutually brought into tho  hospital the man's plight mny bo better itnagtnod than described. Tho surgeon uml his aBBlBltiiits in lin it god to  Uooi' him cillvo, but IiIb faco Ib ho ills-  flgurod that ho Ih known In tho din*  trlct as tho "reacho wnllnh" ibetu'  man). Tho mout extraordinary thing  about this case Is that the utifrrlitti-  ato person ,vas, during the time he lay  In tho hospital, considerud by iho  fraturnlty to bo unclean, with the result that Ills own wlfo was, through  iiUoudliig to his requirements, thrown  out of "cilig,"���������Tho India duetto. "  A Pill That Llghtena Life.���������To the  man who Is a* victim of indigestloa  the transaction of business becomes  an added misery. Ho cannot concentrate his mind upon his tasks and  loss ancl voxatlon attend him, To such  a man Parmelee's Vegetable Pills of-  for relief. A courso of troatmont, according to directions, will convince  aim of Jholr great excellence. Thoy  are confidently rocommoudoci bocauso  thoy will Co all that is claimed for  thom,  "Do you think our boy wlll have any  trouble in passing his examinations 1"  asked the mother,  "Don't you worry ropliod the father. "A boy who can got across a football flold the wuy ho does can pass  anythlug."-���������Wajhlngtou  Star,  Bad  WON'T  Food  nnd  MIX  Health  Won";  ���������    .- *   lv   I '   ~ ������  he "I'lMiv  W. H. V, 1030  Recruit onters recruiting station,  most anxious o got into Kitchnnor'n  unity niid dotormlnod to accommodato  himself to any condltlcnB as thoy  arise.  Officer (nllinfj tn form)-~What'i  your religion?  Z--alouA recruit���������Well, what aro  you short of?���������Punch.  "I Irifise--. Jnno last night while the  wasn't locking."  "What did sh* do!"  "Turned hor bank on mo til even-  :ng:'���������Philadelphia Udj, f.  The Suicide  V., false    rortd:"  crinR,  And ruglsterH despair,  Tho frightened liatuwcl vainly trios  To grab lilm by tho hair.  Into tlio rushing tldo ho flops,  DfRnitr* thn mnidon's squeal.  Tho operator never stjp.''  Tho progress ot his rcoi.  "iou did it like n pair of clams!"  Tho chief yolls irom tlio shore.  "Bomo action to It now, you hams I  Go ovor It onco moro I"  Goo*!  Mix  The human stomach stands much  ubuso but it won't roturn good health  if you glvo lt lad food,  lf you loo<l right you should feol  right, for proper food and a good mind  Ib tho Bufo road to liuttltli.  "A yonr tigo 1 became much alarmed nbout my limillh for 1 began to iml'-  for after each meal no mutior how littlo 1 ate," nays a Western woman,  "I llmt my nppotlto and tho very  thought ot loud gruw dlsiiiHU'l'ul, with  tho result thut I wai- not nourished  and got wutik and thin.  "My homo euros woro very heavy,  for b- sido a lnrgo fnmlly of my own I  hnvo nlso to look out for an aged  mothor. Thon* was no one to rlioiildor  my houKohold bunions, nml como what  might 1 niuiit bear them, nud this  iliought nearly drove, me frantic when  I roallzed that by health waa breulUiib'  down  Best wishes from our hearts. Your  brother Fritz, your sister Gretchen.'  ;'On the back was a holy picture,  representing the Saviour surrounded  by the disciples at Emmaus with the  printed quotation: 'But they constrained Him, saying, Stay with us, because  it is toward evening, and the day is  now far spent. Luke xxiv,* 29. And  underneath in handwriting, 'The Lord  says, Behold, I am with you always,  even to the end of time.'  "We are at present in garrison at  R , whore officers, men and horses  are well taken care of. I sleep every  night in a real bed in a house whose  owner has left, Tne village is throe  kilometres from the enemy's lines;  all tho inhabitants have been expelled, for spies had been found signalling  at night to the enemy, and heavy  bombardments caused. It was a harsh  measure to drive but nil theso poor  peoplo, but It had to be done, and  there again tho innocents havo had to  pay for tho guilty.  "This part ot the battlefield la a  veritable slego, and our infantry only  advances very slowly, digging1 Its way  through tho earth, as at Sobastopol,  making from 200 to 300 metres a day.  "My squadron holds the supporting  point of R .   That Is tho only service that cavalry can do hero.   Wo  have bocomo u new arm, 'fortress cavalry,"   Our Infantry men play curds in  the trenches a fow mctros, from tho  onomy,  Tho lines aro so close at cor- j  tain points  that  tho soldier:*  throw j  hand    grenades    ln    tho    Groninn I  trenches, twenty-five or thirty ynrds-  awny, reminding ono of tho tales told  by votorans of tho Crimen. ,  "Tho plans of our general Bluff urn!  good, for if wo tried an open campaign'  and attack wo would waste usi-hst-ily,  lho liveH of thouHaudH of good men,'  Tho onerny linn oiitronched himself  moHt formidably.    *  "Our men havo ndnptcd thomnolvcs  admirably to thn situation. Our troop-  er������ organize tlie defcncoi* of tho villages with great spirit, They stmuth  loopholer* in wiiIIh, In Iioubi-.**, make  barricade!*, cover windows with mat-  trni'fii'B to shield them from Hhrapiu-I,  nnd do It all In good humor. It Ik a  change and lt miiuhph them. Our  moral and phytileal utato Is excellent.  "On our loft ia t'.^ "tilt commanded  hy Colonol Z ,   It i������ a unit of ro*  servo, but the nnmo of Hh chiof and  hts military valor havo made it tho  equal of any of tho regular linn regiments. When ono nsks tho mon of  thlH brigade who is tholr chief, thoy  respond boldly, and with disgust for  your ignorance:   'Why, It In Colonol  Z !' It In nstonlBlilnjr how 'ho pro**-  tfgo of n nnmn will transform a troop  end glvo it cohesion. This namo Is  morn than a ring,   11 Is, for those col  ShTP=It*Ti!rust*"be~great-'to^l*e--a-"nan-���������  One dress suit lasts you for years and  years and a woman must have a new.  dress for every party.  He���������That's why one dress suit lasts  a man for years and years.   .  Sex Hygiene  For the Male  Dr. O. F. LydJtoa, wor 14-faniou* authority, spsclalUt, Uolurtr, n-uthor, has  wrltton On an������w������r to every question ro-  lntlng to *ex ln thli book. No mas  should niarry who htu not learned the  lMi-oaa  It  tet-oh-i.  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"My uncomfortable feelings In Btomach disappeared ni. lf by uiaclc and  in itn Incr- mtuy hnort Hpi-cu ot Utnii  I was ati'iln mysolf. Since tUcn I havo  rained Vi pounds In wolf-lit through a.  summer nf hurd woric and ronllzo I mn  a vory different woman, all duo to tho  splendid foud, Grupe-Nuts." Namo  given by Canadian 1'ostum Co., WiniJ-  sor, Ont.  Road the famous littlo book, "Tho  noad to Wollvlllo," ln plcgB. "Thoro's  a Hi r.on."  Ever read tha above letter? A new  one appears from time to time. They  are rjenulne, true and full ef human  Interest  In Thousands  of Homes  enrly nnd cortnin. relief Is found  for tho nilmonta to which nil nro  nubJoct���������nilmenU duo to defective  or irregular action of tlio stomach,  livor, kidneys or bowels���������in Uio  most famous family remedy,  Uio    world    litui    ovor    known.  PlLLl  "Well, William, heard anything of  your son?"  "No, vnlss: but they'll send *o to  t>in frnm **li������hl aw.iv. "R be iust tho  nuin they ho wtntln' thoro."  "I'm suro ho Is. Hut why do you  think ho will ro straight lo tho  front?"  "Why, you seo, mlsH, 'o'll bo ablo to  show 'om tho way about. 'K was nt  tho Iloor war, an' knows all Uiora  ,t   .  ..   t.n���������m  ..,^J     ...������>  "Mother, can I ko out ond haro my  liliotu^rupli Liken?"  "No, I guess It Isn't worth whllo."  "Well, thon, you might lot mo go  and havo a tooth pulled.   1 now so  anywhor-a."  -   .*   f- t  |.-.*-wvi*J to i^ so rcllnlilf* an tnrrf-tivt**!  or provenUves of Uio sufTcrlncs, dull  foeHngi* nnd dan-jnrduo to indigestion  orblllounncos. Ifyou will try thom  \o clennso your flyntfim, purify your  your liver and regulate your  bowels, you will know why bo  many rely on Beecham's Pills to  Insure Health  and Happiness  LarvMSaU ai Aaf WaiUta* la t*U W������rtt  I _ M-i anrrvkara. I* Win, *������������ *a*������  J. ������������������.W^-*-)**'. ���������'���������"V'--       V^"-    ftfi-S-".!*.    -i^'-S1."*.   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Reaves .Union Bay., Sunday, <} p. in.....  For Peuinau Island,- Nanaimo and Vancouver.  ���������RETURNING���������Leaves Vancouver, Saturday, 8 p.m  ���������    'For Nanaimo, Union Bay and Comox.  wSubjeAttp .change \vithout notice, . ._ ,  1  wjwvua-DKJ-tA* ***ur.w -vt*^m**aim*  0 H U R G H   N O T C E S   I yi^^<fMf7(i(i^'&^^^������<^^������^  At  Your  MHT-IOD1ST  CHURCH  SERVICES.    '  Public    Worship���������Sunday,   7  ni.  Service   [2  |  P. PHILLIPPS BaRRISON  Ladies &  Gentlemen,  Bible Study  {S.'  School) 2 30  *i������������������/������������������������������������ '���������     ���������       Anything you need  Kpworih League--Muii" ���������/ ^  ,<.p, 7*3������ P- *m"  C )ttni;t'. prayer meeting, ��������� '^ ed"  !   -..av Mt 8.00 p. -in.  Ladies Aid ��������� I-rir*-t   Tuesday oi  ������-.\'\v month, at 7.30 P- m-  v"  I'.-.-'ior, I lev. 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WOODS  ������  ������ (il  ���������ri.T^TTF������.g������rr--M������a-x*-fcir-r,T-iii. ******** ������������������" ������������������'��������� ���������������'" ������������������- ���������-   MEETING OF COUNCIL  City Council   met in   regular  g      * ������> {session' Monday evening,   March  li Teamster .aud   Liveryman  ������122nd.    A full   board being  pres'  ������s i*������) \ ' i  il     611  (y  7 (V;     e 111. a)  ������ 'Reaming of All Kind-*". $) ':  * '1!   i  ?  **>  ���������V  ������*.  **;������������������  *  ���������*>  Manufactured .from the   Best  Canadian   'Malt   and   Hops  sener Brewing  Cumberland,, B, C.  *  I  t A!so Agents for the Famous   U.B,C. X  ���������KIGS   KOK   IJ IKK  . .-NT    Si-KNI)    <.-C0 1)  ' ''.\'!*jr   for    nu'.-'iMiiieti-Tiu  , *. ���������*-;���������   ,r.i-|i:ii;-i-{,'.   ii'   :���������"���������>������i-  ..;   ,1   ;;    ;*,. 1     ItiCi i*!*.'    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Board I j Capital Paid Up $11,500,000:  I fit" Works   was instructed to ex  and "New  Life'   Beer.  tf*^*''K-''irH"fr-M-^^  is  i!' ��������� .'������������������ i  ���������:  . ���������. ��������������� a .  :i! VVgldttnaSttf, Jeweler 'end  SCAVAROO IJiJilDlNG.  ,imberland.  B. 0;  l���������l-il%-*-Mv<-'������-'^-->���������,  '���������������������������"i'vrv-v-rv  .���������.��������������� ...,j.  .:::;)btning Hbu&ej  ���������i*  l;ir.-ni-"he;i    U'jom:1. .>������  ���������v n      .  ���������         *���������*         - ,                 .'". rostei.,- ic   n>.*i :au\u.     "u������"'  timber or u-ood, of finydesicriptioilp .rOL'XD    NOTICK.          !af Works   was instructed to ex  wlo%i:it; to tlm Wellington Col- ,^llb]it. \,"uti.Ce i*  l.ci-eliy  <i,iveu. | am,;,lt. same 'and   report, conditi  .icry Oo'y., or from or off ,th������ land t]���������,t tl��������� ���������MI| ni"t(M-  tlio  l3th dny of 10nSi'   pron, Constable  Ward re  uf tlw piuM Ooiniinny,   or  anyone MRrch 1J-II5,   tb.at the   prm is.ion   porting fire in   stove    pi)>e    in  lipping rubbish of any descriptinii q[ t)|(j pomiil   1)y\/AW ur {u,> ciiy ca]jin on   C.  Mulatto's pivmis  niii.m1ii.Hi    11111,11     ilio   f.fiiTHiniiv's     ... ^.'      ,      i      i  J. -ii i... ...,.:,..!,. ,.,i   I r    i     i..     r>.*....    \xr���������..,i.������.,o  anywhere upon the company's  land will bo pro.'-ecnted to tJw* full  extent of tin.* law.  J. Il."].O0KAUl),    ������������������  ���������(Toneral ,Man������tror,  . CoMiery -Co,)'.  ���������      -     ., ���������   *-"������������������'  ���������  of CiiiiilK-rlinid will be f-ii-i':tly cd |t.s; referred   to    Fir.e ������������������ Wardens  '.ol'ccd, (vf whi'*.li all pci**-oiiri .'djnw.; l0  |aj.e _c \0Ut  ,v"-'*  i ���������        i >~       incr cattle aud horses to run on th**;    Constable \Vn\-c] reported the  .-iti'eiil.** nro I'cqiU'Stt'.d  ib    lake int"  lice, and g-ewr-i    lliem.-eh'i's   ac-  t  tn*"!  eoiMiiioiy,  following collections:  Scavenging  I-i.*.-.!.'--!'!!--':-'.*,'.-  :.:���������   Third  IL>u.*i   Vf^m  ]',. C*    'i>e'".-p1i;jlK'  M:*"chauge  .     , - I \ It r - - \1 ri\       \   \ ' 1 .' \'  1 ' T *  Cumh'.vl.u'.'i,  (>    ���������-'���������  ;...,i../..1.,v..r..;..5..!..!..:..:-v:.*;-.;'.;-;.-v  fc   ,      . ,.,r   * . ,,-.--,...  -.-*"*..4;, tm ���������!-*' r ���������'"  IU . i'<r\  ..,'v-"*-.>'v*������<ii'^,/"^'"*.,'*('iv" i"^'"'.*''���������'-.-."���������i        ^  ���������������������������    M  o. I-i TARS'TLL  ... 1 1    j ty 1  ������ ������v T"*    !   '"' '11 / ���������"' ���������"  '-,  ,7^tiuM)T.^Coj   ;   'AWCMYM    U'l l..*.':.il   * -f  :.i)3ilsm(fns floods I  and A  Y*md\ Hardware |  n^.^*^*!.,!'.!^1^' i' *������_',')  NOTICE.  Uidiiii! o*.i locomotives and   rail'  f.-ay cars of   tne   Union   Roll'my''  Company by :my   pcir-ou   or   \n.'Y-  ���������"i>n,----.*xi'i'pt 'miii (:i<".v---i.; strictly  ���������ii'o!t;'--Led,     i'Jni|.ioy(.(--)   " jy   ������ub-  ''(���������(.- lc '..i-s-uiiHsul lor itlhiwiua  sum-  by oicut  J.  R.   LO(*K.ARD,  C'<eui:ral.Mana;������\i..  XOTICK.  Mi. Kric I', llisiinebcro-, wishes  ll, illllHlllllC" llmt hu   i.- pKcp-ti-cd to  'di" let--- 'Ji;. ill   I'Vi'iicli.    j\ii_* r-m-  ���������h'-in-ii*. of t.-ilJii;,! np   coiiir*',', will  l*lc:i>|.    (-1 >i 11111 u U) cm I''      with      lhe  .l.u-c.    Ad.ln-'h I'.  O.   Ilo;," .\!Uh  ���������   . ��������� , 1   1 ���������   , *  ���������,��������� Uni ,il-i i,ln   I,    l������     V, ,  xoTi''!���������:.  N'O'I'ICI'. i.s Iii r**1 y noon   Unit nl Un  1* '.I    .11. '���������'. Iij;   Of    III!'    I! .-,'iri!     1 f     1/ t'l'HM  '.'���������iiiiiiiir'-i.. i'i';; A ;ln' Cl)   o|   ('i.ihIi )-  iiU'l, /   iii 111'..1 '-\>Ai   '"���������' "  li-'"''*"r'.'I I  lie ., !nili..il,. ii'j "'   l-'.c'i-r  I.i lil l.y   i.i>  <i;i Lii'.U,   Jil  i:k    ]"',    (,,'1 iii'ii-.I :liil   Tnwii-  ���������il.', t.o I) ituiit 0. "Ii.r ��������� < t.i.  ������'I.\I.I  '"I.'.-' '.VT'I''1.  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Ii  Haidwiclt,  Mg-r         |  %/i:iiiiiiiiii:iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!:iiiiiiiiM  iiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:!:^  * n���������nr��������� ���������**���������*������������������*-** '"���������������������������'-" ���������*������������������ "*��������� *w***������nw  winiiKi-niMriTTT--'- ��������� ���������������������������* **������-*mi-*-- _.._������nm������u.i  14 ���������fui,rj������-i-r**������njiuiw(������tauf-v  DYE  WORKS  HIGW-CLAGS  DYERS AND  CLEANERS  10^  *,, in doubt.   - play   I'.imp.-  .. ( '".i'ii   il.ln-   1 (,: !      I'.'ail'l  ��������� - ���������  '   "      .' '���������������������������>' '  t',"-..||i|- I'iniii   '.nt*   n-ii'in-*..'  i  > ��������� !''-i"ii the Aihii'li* I" li'������   rt*-  "p.".- '  ,|     .nm*  : 1.   1     I  iimlv ti isirv ciiuiMju  S'Ti'iccu I'.- ilu' S'liii'Iay I'i'xt be"  f in- K icii'i' ��������� PnJm Siiiniliiv .  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Hate '...8 9.65  Waterworks Co, ;.o  (J & U ICh-'C  (Jo... 45.85  C II   Tail), 11      1.00  CuiulH-rlni'l   N'l-ws..   13.00  Ci,aiiL'Co.(V,.iiconvor) 30,17  II  Ii Com ad   17.00  .Cicorff*.1 Peacock    i/.uy  Uck*m-d 10   l'iiiancc Commit  tve  ' Laud instrument.*-'- -John Lidd  lc appeared on hdiail" of his  boy and stilled that his instrii  intuit had been votuvued to  band hall about six weeks ago  Mv.s Dillimm appeared on buba  h ul IJr-.inaii Lilhii.-iii and slat  t-.l -biii he had ti-'iiincd his after  a dispute rcj.;.iidii>u���������baud 111011  t-y wil.1 Joe Demonic. Hoth  ii'.-truui'.-uts mv liow tuissiii]^  a*, well as many oilu-s.'  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DOX 482  ���������PH0N13 SO,...  CUMBERLAND  ���������m^mumim^nmm  ���������" " 'n"-,i'  1 Thomson's   Boarding   House g  g Has Now Hclmi Opened Up nml is g  g prepared to receive hoarders gj  a  ^  ty  ���������<p i*7)  % Hoard by the Day, Weelt or  MoutN |j  ' ii) ���������Ruisouable Kates��������� (���������)  ���������*? ttt   -    ^IM*^*������������������**        Diiiumuir Aviimw, Nnnr Fourth (J  'i' WUl.   1 HOmSOIl atnu-l-Cumborlitud, II. 0. (���������)  ft) ' tv  {������������������ iv  ....... , t  ���������aiiMn.ManaitM,w,,*]KMm������Miiiw  m i # m  J.   N.   MoLlliOP     T?jr.cr'������icrnr.  ������3 ira ������  Anhur H'-c'ula; i-r,  \';<.'.tr,  '���������'   0-liii! ibu Mii'idi Ihi- tii.if.  j Mt-K.������ mn������niiil'-iJ lou'.'l ni i-omt nl Jli.'ViHi-  Iftli r.ll AvU' ������������������',). -. 1  It'ill.  ,���������       .       "T   , ., , ,���������    1 .  !    Tin' chirk 'm* nutt-uutcttn m.i.-nro lt)l I !  !    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Au,- "OM) li!*ii''V HKAilU"  iU.'O'JVH VVHI.*iKY, fipBt Will*.* nnd Liquor* of nil IciaiU  V������i> .'"'-nling u-tfl i.oilKin-' |) -'irlmei't. uii.I.t Um itnnu-iliAt*- ->f.;.t*riii������������*n.li*nr<i-  \.i\', '..    .iu1 (1 J'ii.*������ ul..,-.* . 1 ,vvry i1*- . .ci  \ ir..!- (A  ;��������� it   ���������   t  ���������.���������I -i'i'-i' . >." .1   .- . 1 > ������������������ >n   ' ������*' I'.  1,  I'o:'  ".-lut  . i'  ��������� |!|!i'i-.-'      ".*:���������'*   tiiiti'i' 1   .It-pii'i*  , 1  l'lli-rt'   ll.'..')!    I."   I'l'tl'Uf   titltiiliMW     'AH  ('..ii.'i'.J mlj'.x'.->���������������.  <i ������������������, a :.���������-'. 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