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The Cumberland News Jun 9, 1915

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 ���hV' "hi** Vi *1913      I
k  ���        ,   y���\   .-, 0* 7
i -'>"-'��� ������
���   \--"/ *. .*" '.*���*
��~4r>�� -uffetoMu* ww"-. U:VU<i
���A A
4^,*/ Q
Devoted S&pfc-clnSIy to the Inrtsresta of Cumberland and Surrounding Dhstrict.
6    T:n?NKws, TwrntvPirkt Y'kak   ��� ���    r CUMKKRLAND, B. C , 'WEDNKSDAY, JUNIS   9- :<j.j5
S.ur.scKiPTiOK .f.r.ot-; a Vv*,
yi-V   ��-��ti^--w"^'-*<r-��'��r?y*T*****t,*-i,**c,-iw
rf*M-*��J'**��,��'*��*'*-(rt'*<,I*��**.'W,"��>**^ *���        "
hnve had delivered to-day a ship- ,
ir-.cnt of-Crepes which have been
' so scarce this season
Shades, bine, pale .blue, white,   cham-
pa.qne an-r \ ;ouy  ������Tirclnn
A Special Sale o.f  Ladies' .Dresses���
Our siMel: is much too targe ancl we
have cull the prices so deep .that
a quick, clearance should follow
l. Special in Children's Cotton  Dresses
up to $2.00, to be cleared
at 75c. each-''
Ladies' Summer Undervcsts
\* "fi     m* ri"*1*!   i/"** "1 *v"**1   J**-^
ibe, ^ocand Jd0c
* Ladies' Summer Waists, 50. new styles
75c eaoli
, Penman's   Summer Hose for ladies
*������?*���"�����*,/"*���  rs   -Aniyi   *
AJ7x\J^ IX  p.Oiii.
Complete rany;e of newest ladies collars '
-n _a*!\- o._s tock-_M.o Lilin C-Cq tt Qii_ui_w.hi t e pi u.k_a u_d	
.luntnatiMtirairarnwa r��i ���mm innnniini winn ium
blue, used (���niiio.iy instcid of, D. M. C.
'   ' lVn*in\s Gloves���A  new  .stock   of this well-
known-brand     All sizes.
(!, I Thoriileii, who is   in   Vjc-
rorhi, has pout tho I'lOgTO-s ti
''��� ciiih nf a pot-tiT which hv used to
(���'Jmiihiti! recruiting in Kii{j-mid-
,1 rem Is. l'To rurilin. The country i.*1 Jiir.-iiitvilicr a trip to Ger-
ninny  in   lho spring   to   h.   few
SSJ.O 'fHllt'li.       All      lioll'l     I'Npi'lll-l'S
itnd railway ��� hi res- jntid, Good
shoutine and hiiiitintjf," agi'S IN Mb
(?). .Willi's mid ammunition silp-
jiIumi free,, Cheap trip in ilu*.
Whine. Apply ur iiiiui', an there
is uiiiy ii liniiii-d uiunhi'i' (om'
mi II ioi 1) ri'ijiii n-:d.���Gliilliwiu-.k
A voiy   intcri'sii-^ letter   from
ll.'iri'V Gnos, who   is sorvitifH  the
J'linpiic ni ihu  I'ruiii, will  appear
ill Dill' lii'Xt  isMKi,
Union Hny i^ 11 hit nn llm f|iiiot,
nl'ii-r tno S, S, Wellinoton re-
piiirii.g ni'iivit'i'S.
Dr. I'1. liny null is, of  Kauai inn,
und Air**,   Key Holds,   jmid   Gum
liciiiinl'ii vi.sit on   Sii'iti'ilay,   und
I'i'tiiiiii'd liointi tin Sunday.
Ki'v. Wm, Kilintr mid family
win iriivi* on iMiumiiiy lor, Air,
Kllinit h iiciv cliiu'i;!*, ni'iir Vim-
(���Oliver. 1/ ill*** ini-oiililiif jmstni"
nl'     Gineo      .Mul hud int     oiilircli,
l-ll/lllM    I .I'i il'ii   11 .  fi III.   "1    Ill-Ill     "��lli|   M-
ai'li' if  prt'iK-.licr it!-,  iho init^niiii;
pUKtur,     tl.O     Ml'tilllllieth    of     thin
luwii v\ill   imvo   littio   ciiiM*   for
cninpliiii't.    Mr.     KUiott   it'   no
IiiiIIim-*.    hi'l.-'t,
l'"r,tti.\ I''.* ui'. nm t*l .dr. ilu,-,
;;lrn'.   ,ii:iri   V. -In   ii,*..i.iii   , l'c ���'!> !1 jih.t-i- hick
l.'.-l,       ill       ll��>  -I'M I '!��l|l         Oil     S.        S    j   ll'   I   y-''.'t-   H-.-llI
^���-li.*1 ^i ���*.. luul.*'! I-i! *\i*.'.' \ .uh j ���"'* ������i- 1 ������������'������i
 ���-  yh--i> ii,',],��� r;.f"
Jn'-'T- i'-irlitr, i-f Niinniiin-, ;:i-! tjuuu-n,.; j,:,
IIVn! Jn li-AO ou    l i:t-:t;n. ;
TKN'DKliS will ho ivi'dived hy
rhe nnih'1'.-.iifiU'il. up tu S.itnnhi*,
J uiiu * J1* 1 Ji. ;it 12 o'clock, fnr *wo
wn^n'i 1 ii.-., humors, one lmr.-e, nnd
ono unto. Tho uhnvo will hu
sild ('..��� ke ivoly or si pur loly.
further inhinr.iiiion cun he nli-
tiiim-d at W. G. Mclu'iin's 1-t.oro,
*    W. 0. IIOSS,
for ,!innoK"I5oy,
Tho I'ollowiiin i-1 11   li-Jt,   ol'   lhe
Kjiorli-* to lm hold   hy   tho   Iloviin
Athletic Ai-wiwi'ilioii, ut Ilcvun, un
Duininiun Dny:
(Jlnldri'ii'rt lliii'i'S.'
T5 yutdi'..   hoy-*!   tiiruao^^'d  rnw,
I'i vi'itfi-i nnd under
oO yards, girls' nice, 10 yonis nml
100 yiirds, hoys'  Hack men 10 nnd
00 yurtls. hoys' nice, II   imd under
100 v<h*. hoys' moo, M and in.der
���' r t
lo yds c'.rn anil t-jioon race*,   huyi-*
mid nirls under 112
1.00 yds, iiirl*,'.   tlireii'liiin;   noetlle
rime, 10 yours und under
"Hi y��U, i��irU' r;uv. Ll- :uid   under
1 (\l\   ,1 ���  1   I       I ���       . i .'
'Mil    t<��o.   U"i*' .*lll|l|llll^       l.l.t,    11/
uiiu uiiut-r
Ludies1 UitceS
J DO yls, 'imrrii'd Indies
100 yd", fiiwlo Indie.*
(���liim-1!: 1,'iieo
*1H) ynrdu (.liiii'-M' ui ly
J.'ljll   OS t     UlKJ!
���110   V.'ll'ils, dlljUllll'-i!    Olllv
* * *���
Ml It*:-  I'.'.eht.i
TtiU-uf-Wiil', tive ii  t-hlo, npi'ii
I''o(.!h;i*j] dni'l/iiiiii' <'*inli*.''t
CI re i-iy ]>ole,
Cl,��ltin<c the iioos-e,
"      *      *
Ambulance Bemonstati'n
To be Held iu Connection  With
.'the   Spoils  nt   llevau
on Dominion   Da\^
i. A team shall be composed of
live men, including   a captain
*���' providing they are employies
of the ci. (!. (b.) Limited-
���2. The captain shall select the
patient from Tne team, and'
designate the member or mem
hers.of the team to perform
the event.
3. The captain shall control his
team in* their fiekrwork ���by
���';iving audible commands.
4. The captain may select hi 111-
;*elf as one of the members
\" ho will perform the event.
5. 'I'he captain or other members shaTl not prompt the pers
on perfoiming the event.
6. At ihe conclusion of any ev
ent the eapiain shall raise hi*
right hand and announce his
team's number. The-* team
shall remain at its ,post  until
, relieved by the judge.
7. The triangular bandage only
shall bc us-id in lhe contest.   .
"TSTlHTspTTnls innsf'be * prepared"
'  on the field,  for  each event re
quiiing their use. .
9.  No practicing shall   be allow
ed on the field before   the   be
inning of ihe contest:.
I 10. The teams will be number
ed consecutively, beginning"
at No. i and.thcv shall occu
py their cousecuiive positions
011 the lield,
ti- Iti evjuts iijv.-lvi ng resusit
atiou, the rescue of the patient
and stretcher drill, ihe judge
may require the'ieains to   per
v.*****1 ���*?.��;(
^���i3frrx^tv^T^-^itTl*M r
'���"'������--���������mttTmfflil'Wra^ tttj $
;SLAND   ��� ��� ���
���'  FRUIT "JARS ���   ;
Economy and 'Mai-!'on   Plntw, Quhrtii
and S*-3filf Cations
lj\  'Ji. '   YY
i���*���*���' -Is1"
HU, .wWMttww nmm&e em.
"*^ n,ai����wi,Mr��i��Mninl��-����i����w>��riiHtll�������������� -~r. ,
nftanacenca mxes
.etter From The Front'harm as iiotl!in",sl,ort of'ni;acn
Ions. For the fiist. three or four
days we were in the very thick
of it; and under heavy rifle and
shell five practically all the time
and during that time I had sear
cskv���ininu cels-slccD-.���A-l-te-i���Uia!-.- ���
��� C-**
what remained of us for thevesto
The following letter has been
received by*-the Rev.Wm Elliott
from his sou, Fletcher./ wlio is
doing active at the front :���
" FraW^Ivra3^8nrrnp*3
Dear -ones: , At last, after u-iarly ,two weeks spent' in
the district of our recent battles,
subsequent to its opening, and
.ecery day under fire of some
sort, we have been relieved and
ire now back   almost out of  the
lor ,1 separately-
13. Time will not be an element
unless/the team or men per
forming exceed a reasonable
time, cr fail to give treatment
' promptly
13, All First Aid Supplies, inelu
ding blankets, shall be piovid
cd hy each u-am.
r   Not diiiii^   the  most   import
ant   ihiug first 5   points   dis
cou 11 led.
?..  Failure of   captain   to   com
maud pioperh���2   points   dis
3. Slowness in work aud lauk ol
aivuiiiou--,1 points u'i.-i .ouu-ed
.-),  Failure to en lively  cover  ti
two weeks I spoke of, weie duj-
iu in reserve positions, in various places, free from, rifle 'fire,
but subjected to more or less
shell fire, every day. VVe lived
and   slept in   the holes we   had
*' r,S.-~-l haven't ri'ceivfcd Hiail
of auv descri])iion ior over two
weeks, There is a great deal be'
ing sorted.1 hough, aud I ' hope
soon to hear from som�� oue at
home. Fletcher.
,    ..,, .  ��� lUii'g'   on 1 selves   practicallv   dav
sound of the guns,, resting   and       7    . l -   '
T.   ,.,,,, '       ,    and night,    when the coast was
reorganizing*.     It thrilled   us   to1 ft
.    , ,    ,   ,  ' , .clear, so to   speak,    we- might
Llie nearts as we   maiched  back 1 ' ,.   ,        ,
t, . , , ',       ,   , ' movcaboiU a   little aud   stretch
tne   other  night���a  sultry  hot
night���foot sore, soaking with
perspiration and" very tired, Ao
find ihat what we had beeu
thiough was appreciated. As
we inarched through the billet
area of a territmial regiment,
well.after midnight, we were
suddenly electrified lo hear at
ihe'head of our column an military band, in full , blast
and " there it stayed for nearly
half au hour. We forgot thmj
we were weaiy, we forgot we
had heavy packs on our backs,
we forgot our sore feet; our
raliks immediately becaui'e drowsed, our eherilh weie thrown out,
the step was .-olid and like that
of oue nian, we were thrilled
with the cheers of the night robed and shirt tailed "terror-.,''
who had, uu nod out aud lined
lite load all along Uio way, 'and
wound or ignorance of loca | we returned a.-. be.-.t we could
Hon of 'injury---.j. points! ilieir gootl wi'-hes, and cheered
discounted. '' he   baud after  eaeh   sehclinti.
5., luefi'ective ailiticial ivspiiati ��� i'i hat voluntatily "loaned   baud
011���10 points discounted.        jW'-ikcd in nie, and in in*.-  men,
fi,  Splint      iiupropeily       pad J a:, great a   irausl'oi'i.n'tiou   as   1
ded or applud i".   poinls   di-'jl'.ave ever si.en or thonghi ]iossi-
connled. j hie--we laii ly   1,Milled with de-
7. Tight, loose or impiopeily apl light   at   it:��,   hi.v. notes.     My!
our limbs, but if aeroplanes
were oveihead, or if shells s'ait-
ed coming our way, we inust'ue-
cessaiily get back to cover���out
of sight of aeroplanes and out of
danger iroiii shell splinters. Our
rest back, here is therefore very
welcome. Still'we are busy, for
theie is a lol to do to reorganize
us, Hut the nervous strain is
over, we can move about freely,
au uiidatkeued light will uo Ion-
Mr. James Smith left by Monday's train-as a delegate of Union Lodge No. 11,. I,O.O.F. to
attend a convention of iheGrand
Lodge to be' held at New Westminster this week. .   '
Thu OUth Kegii'iieui,   N'iimi����������������
Ililh's, has uflVred " u   siuiom!   hut.
tii I inn l.o replace    lo   that   extent
the los-sus at kaiig'niaie.k.
The.King of   the   llelgiiins   has'
(joiil'i'iTdl   upon   Lord    Kiiehenur .
ihe (ii'iind (Jonlmi ufilit- Urdur of
Leopold, nml had a I mi heen uisde :t,
Knight ol   the   Hurler   hy    King
...<t   ,v *
pweii    OitHU.t^e.i --o   j.t'ini,.-.  1....1.1W*.   ���   >���
conn 1 eii. ioir, own
8.  Insecure or grauuv   knots-���^ I    Aul�� .lonei i-= in nur li-if.-ilion I
puiiiis diseouuteij. '     now
<1    Iluelctii iiis'. aid  inrit<".ial��� '.   ��� .'ii-.i'.ut* ���,��� <,���' , -.  l- i- 1, .t ,*
.. ,   , iii- 1 woiiiui :\;\ i 1 j��� i* 11:j��� ��� 1 j in
pi.n's ui.icoiinied, ;''��ud   Ips  comvoiv   w.is   iim-nni I .,    .     *     , ,
��� ���        ��� ��� ...     side .sliot, ;,;-,d near the  ur>t   >���-���
The I'xi'i'inIvc of tht.i .Itiiiu'd of
Tritde met ill llm Uotnieii i.'liain.
her   on   jMondny   eNeuini*;,    'lhe
ger draw lire.      I've had a good . uuiUei'  of   tjeiidiiti*;   deli'gutes   to
sleep or two. a shave at last, and  New     Wentiuiiir-ter to   mieiid "a ..
I hope soon to have a change of
underwear aud a  bath,   for   my
piesent underwear is rather lively and I certainly would be clean
er   for   a   htilh���it's   nearly   a
month since my last.
I am enclosing Dad's letter ol'
April 10th to George.   It arrived
a few days loo late   for  him.    I
am enclosing one of my   recent
photos for your cousin,   but  niu
unable to get oue of George.      I
am afraid outside ol the biief details of George's death   which   I
gave you bclore, I cau odd li'nle.
In such au action as   there was
that day. with so  manv   casual
ties,  and   so   much to   do,   hi'.
m-ites���fiulv one raini* nut of hi-
���er-Mi-.U  -(\|i". 'ell   little, i\::d   1   :'.-
side of lhe fact lhat   he   sulleied
.    , no p.nn, tiial he liad been doinv
He i iiuie live: w ill tniile j        ,   .    .      ,      , ,   ,.    , , *
1        ! iu^ dui\  !earhs*-H'. and   MMt lit-
ilea.1,    ���
10   Failute to have on hand mi'.V, []u)*v d^H-'d C' vx      I saw liim
-  .    .       , .    .  1   ,   'and other frim.'-1 ft 1A \ estenhu. "-he    acimn,    I    know   noilnii'.:-
icieut aud piopu   ni.iteriai   I <;       t . * ' \ ,   .
, ,       . -   ,   1     Vou will lia-.i'   iiiiil   l��v    n'i'.v, Uni 11 iv   t uoueh,   and    ihough
compU'le :\ dressing    -, i'oiut>: .... ���-*
!ii. Lack of neatness    *.��   puii.t?
A ���.���.���!��� W-.1.1 '��>..:.-11
v   '������'.������ :< i
IU jw-uy, o'.o.
<���"- :.tiM-::;ioi .
eni   .1; i-.U^'.c.'.'.'
i " .ol- d,
VK,   :' -��� 11 ���tne h-t,! '-i_
j J" 'in1    ..,. ea**,'.*11 .J,
t'-u'i'  l.'lt t|   ( h   "u;|i-:*    J,*.'
many accounts 11  Mir activitt- -..; yiiV jt)��� |-,mis decplv,   I am  int-
iitltu iiu   !���; i.'.-uti.tl *.', .11  i'ii;'   J,: 1    ,'        1     .1 1.
,   , , *'   .in i!!-i .'.   fioiid ut mv biolher    It
���i>w-.'.    iv'.vivv-l.      ; 1 - ���: 11 -. i -.. *     ;i":i'.', ' ,
11       .11.V, ;     '���"���   1 ���..;*.  11! -��.i( 1 ui'.",   ami    1   -111 �����
Or-. , .il 'i   /'. nt ali  1  1 1 1    ��� ..\    '.-, '
iii.it 1 ,,-.i, i'h/i"." --itfiid in-.ii !.,,nii"w w*-' ,U!'-sl    s'atnl   ma    n1i.i*i*
��� ,iv tc fia*. I- i.'i-n 1 ii|n:;-,*h   i*    nU'witli as bi.ive hrai !���*;'.a* ;���'���-.* iid
,*itli ���
.;.i*   1
���Ml   -
"i"--o iu��tt  1    .,.;
���    '������   t   ������i::��f:
itni. )',:   i  ������.... . '���"���-v.
*. -   .!*.'.������     IllJil'.l
ui niv    have    ji.rjii'ii'f d
lin-'elilijj; of (Jelill'id LuWel" Muili-
l.iud lioiird.s of Trade, with the
���j hi in: l. ol luiVMiy 'lie lioanls el'
irmieol inuli'1* ol \ nnetMiver \t>
laud iiieludiid wuh tlm aliowi as-
,-oeiulioln*1, wai- <1 tx'listt'il, illid
na 11, was i*. iiii-iiU'ivd lo lie tu lhe
hc-t iuteri'."*;.-! uf iho d^tiiet, n>
luive I'i'pi'c.-fii'tiilivj'.i aeiil. i.i ihis
iiiipnriaii! oailn-riiig'ul' i)n, laiards
.���I 1 r.iiU', .di,-.-!1."* K. \\\. Iih-klo
iilid \V, L, Liiwit'iic.t! were iip-
poiiru'd ih'legat('.->,
The puli'tlH ot (ifiit-l'iil Mali-
iiger Lot'loud ol the. Cunadiitu
Collierii'"-. airi\i.d hell! fiulii
I'l'iiii-rleniiiii, ('. S.,  mi   Siitui'iluv
tt ��
|it.*"i. We tciimL thut their vit-it,
ue it Inii" or -.hoi'!, \i ill prove nn
1 nj'.^abie ���a;i'.
��ih      -
t )\er thn ly Aii>.i,iita- and tun*:
,    .   11    1     , ,      ;       . 1. ..
i'i.'*. ,.m*I d'.'tMel !a-l tii-.'l-:, nnd
'..lit I lo tin il.It 1 iiliii-ut r���l.ijir.,
It  ir. tiir* r-il    -t  pi'i������ -,      Tl'.i*- I'tiiili-
iiy ciui't :ifi mi in i-Yhif   un*. eh'iir
t- ���
������I"*  Willi     IO ill     r!'i lll't'-     lit      lilt,-)
��r:u'i. i.i   I! i.   .���������.ni' '    A 11   (Mi .���>!��� 1 <f
j.ii'��i"iiiiuii 1- iielier than   a l.o'.iiui
i*i    flilr.
���'.'.ii'.g h.te, and
.-..!�� .1  '.'.cut lull ol line
Fl.hTCHKR    ��
i.'X.  ivi.'ijj )���   i.ni.'.ing   nn r.uXn
pfl>  l-tl'M-V    M'lMt-i-    H'lAettl    tv,tiiu��
,,,,,;sl  '..-rl-iu.l and Koy��tou  on 1 , V. IU
nam day. .*,' * ::������������������;$���������;  .*,��������������������������� ���������-���������<>���������:���������:������������������:  :-h.S  .:*-*;-e-...  THE    NEWS,   CUMBERLAND, ��������� B. G.  ^**T?!T-ffiB!  m  ���������/.  Mil  i'1  333SSZS  e  Lessons  Easier  IF the child has a  big, generous  light to study by.  The  ���������������  lamp . saves eye  strain. It is kerosene light at its best  ��������� clear, mellow,  and unfiickering.  The RAYO does nol  smoke or smell. It is  easy lb light, easy to  eban, and easy to re-  i| { wick. The RA YO  costs' little, but you  cannot get a better  lamp at any price.  Made in Canada  ROYALITE OIL it best for all tne*  THE IMPERIAL OIL CO., Limited  Wtonipo-f    C������|i:������rjr "Regim Montreal  CiicUc       llililax     Cd.-noaloa   Saiktton  fiattmer Toronto OlUw*    "  ���������L-*  ���������piii*.:,*.,.,  x*id^u**atttittJm  frm~  THE INDIANS'' GRIEF*  ���������"Bobs" Had Warm Place in the Heart  of the Soldier  The last visit ot" Lord Roberts to thp  "arm *>���������i n���������tii e���������fl e lu.���������i s���������de s c rib e u���������i n���������a-  communique issued by tlie Press  Bureau. The aged field marshal paid  visits to headquarters of divisions and  those of tlie cavalry. "At each place  two men from each unit,. Hritislt and  Indian, were drawn'up tor Inspection,  and Uie field marshal paused here aim  librae with a icindly question, in Hindustani, which was keenly appreciated  by those who Iind the honor to represent their corps. Nearly every man  had come ytrnlkht "from the trenches;  but in spite ot lhe severe strain  which tlioy have undergone thoy looked keen,* hard and soldierly. A-t each  bait Lord Roberts said a few words of  Velcomo and encouragement to the oC-  flcers assembled to meet liim, biddins  tiieru as Llioir colonol. In chief to remember that the Indian corps, the first  linpsrial contribution to the empire's  Hnuii'8 in tlio field, would be joined  by othor contingent*- one and all do-  :-lt*-.*i.'-iiiujil to bring ihe struggle against  .a powerful aiid relentless euoiny'io the  ��������� only possible conehifilon."  Tho news of Lord Itoborla' death  ���������was rOPclvr.nl everywhere with cxpros-  ��������� Hiou's of proi'ouiuV'grlof, and spread so  .ijulckly among the Indian officers and  "iinV. aiulfllo Uiui there were few who  ..'i.'nJ' not. heard It at Ilio oxtrenio flank  oi ihe corim liny, before [ho Any was  far advanced, l)nly olio "other Hug-  li shin an has attained to anything near  th" pin co which Lord UoberlH filled in  J.lie heart tif Hi1) Indian soldier, and  t.lu.1 v.as .lobn Nicholson. I'nt it Is safe  ui ray that the devotion to Lord  vlolx.'tts bus had a mensum ot liuman  ft.'Crctlon in II. which no other Nngllsh  man Iiiih been ablo lo command.  Should Smash the  ihtary Machine  Why tlie American Republic Desires  Success to the Allies  Oswald liiu'ison Vl.laril in Scrib-  m;i*b Alagu/.iuu, discitdj-uig "iiiTinany  huibiuiiiiii," concludes wuh this view  us UKiicniiag American .sentiment for  lhe allies:  "iVo true I'rioiul of (iormanv ln (lie  Relief at Once  Cure Certain  Conclusive Evidence That Dr. Chaee's  Ointment  Cures,   Itchinr,   files  Mr.   Jolin   d.     McDonald,    .J':.ctou,  N.S., wriiL'n: "I used Dr. Chase'j Ointment for iichiug piles, and found that  | the Ilrst application gave relief. After  | using a lew boxes ot the ointment  i  was conipit-icly cured, and enn-recom-  llniu'd  tiiaies can wu-.fi  for  uer any' ,..,.,,  ,.   ,,;���������,,,��������� ., ..-.��������� ������������������*������������������,..,,.��������� ..,.���������,���������  success linu will convince the masses j men<1 il lilKl)1>' ^ ilU su.tierers troin  of iior people mat true national great-(  ness depends soicly on limitary power  'I o du no means positive inlidelii.y to  our own iustiuitioi.s���������and to humanity. If there are tiennaii-Ainericans  or others who pi each this doctrine  tlmi true national worth is measured  by, iho relative perfection ol a military machine and the number of battleships, they sojourn among us but  are no, of us". They are ignorant as to  a chief t.'aching of tho republic; they  are gro,;.s'.y untrue to the men of '-IS  wiio lied when tho Prussian niililurlsig  blew to pieces that noble uprising  aud ended that bravo if hopeless do-  niand for true democracy.  "Whether the Germans, blinded bp  tho Sturm and Drang they are now  Hissing through, can perceive it or not,  uorman victory would spell the  ���������trengtheiiing of absolutism every-  ���������viiei'o and of its bond servant, mill-  ...I'ism, it would mean the subordina-  n of the nobler Germany to tho re-  .ionary.   It would mean not a Gov-  ���������uy to be beloved and  honored of  .. thinking men, but a Germany   to  feared and dreaded, with all libcal  ���������  idencie.s crushed  within her.    Her  ...H" aspiration would   then, perhaps,  fresh territories to    conquer and  itaiuly   more  ��������� and    more    sacri-  -:* ��������� for    the    military    machine.  ./.'.ainst   this   possibility     Americans  ���������i .ist protest-the louder the morethey  ���������ve    indebted to Germany, the moro  iacy admire her, the more they pity  tier, the greater the anguish thoy feel  Uiat the very existence of this nation  of, Kant, Goethe, Schiller, Wagner and  all the.rest of Its really great men  has been recklessly stai'ed in a' war  utterly unnecessary, about whose real  causes.no man is clear.  "The more he loves Germany the  more the real American must pray-  that she be saved from the dangerous  forces within her which are threaten*  ing to overwhelm what is best iu her.  alio must be shown that what is going  on today is a denial of Christianity  and nothing else, Hor splendid abilities, her powers of organization, her  sentiment, her idealism the wond  needs for the prevention pf wars an/1  not for the deification of tlie war  spirit.  "Americans who believe in self-government and democracy can take but  onq stand against absolutism and arbitrary power. In Germany we must  hope for a re-awakening of the spirit  of 1848 which will recognize at least  -whareiii���������liasuthe_gr.eat_poj!\Ler^o_L_tl.i_e,  United States in this hour, It rests  not in the number of our. battleships  nor in the size of our .army, but in our  moral power; in the vigor of our democratic institutions in the fact that  this country loves justice, trutn, and  righ:; that the judgments of its-common people are, In the long run, profoundly wise; that the judgment today is swayed neither by entangling  alliances, nor by the lust of conquest,  nor'by the blasphemlous doctrine tliat  God is on the side of the largest battalions.  Relieves Asthma at Once.���������If you  could read the thousands of unsolicited letters -received -by the makers  from grateful users you, tbo, would  realize tho remarkable curing powers  of Dr. J, D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy.'  All cases, Incipient and cnronlc, are  bono/1 led by this groat family remedy, and many of them are cured.  Why suffer or experiment with worthless preparations wluiii the genuine  Kellogg's can bo purchased everywhere,  ���������or, Worn field, n. former lllsJiop of  London, was a widower with children,  lli-s niiirrlf'il a widow with children,  nnt) he had a family by Ills second  wif*-:. One dny this lady rushed Into  Oii library mid said In an excltod  li-ui": "Dn'nnnin io Ihn nursery; your  children find my children are endeavoring to kill our children,"  Why She Decided to Leave  Mrs. Allen'ii new n<*i'viinl eanip to  her the morning after her arrival and  imid;  "I'm going lo lave ynz, ilium, to-  du",*.   I'll not stay any longer,"  "Going to leave?" orloil Mrs, Allen,  la iiiKizouient, "Why In tlm world  tro vou going lo leave so houii?"  "Wf.ll, mum," wild the girl, "when I  en mo yfiHtortlay mornfii', you gnvo me  tl'.n boyn to yer tninltit und drawers  r.ml jowol cafies to I'tipo fur yo?.."  "Why, yet, no I did." mild lho mU-  trr-HR. "That aliowm] that I triistoil  ynu, What Is tho matter?"  "Well, yer roo, mum," wild Hie an*  vnnt, "Ihey don't ono of 'em llt,"---Ch!-  cage Newr  ROUNDED  UP  UHLANS  Exciting Sport With Aeroplane and  Motor, Cars  A vivid story of a chase of Uhlans  la given by an officer of the Army  idudical Corps, In a letter to friends in  Birmingham. Ho nays: One of our  naval aviators dropped In to break-  I'atti the other day. Ho has been having a topping time In conjunction with  the armoured ears. When wo got  here the district was overrun by  small parties of Uhlans, who wore a  this tlisease. Sou I ave my^pei'mlsslon  io use tiiis letter for the beno'it of  othars."  Mr. James M. Douglass, Superior  Junction, Out,, writes; "For about  six years 1 suffered from piles, and  often could not work for two or three  days at a lime, so great .was the suffering from pHiii and Itching. Doctors  .rented me in vain, and I tried many  treatments beforo 1 came across .Dr.  Chase's Ointment. 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'He gives  twice who gives quickly,' was never  batter proven than it was by Canada,  from wliich Dominion assistance was  quickly rendered.  "The difficulty of procuring food  supplies in Europe and the necessities of- the people in Ueigiuni increase  almost proportionately, until the hope  of help is gradually being narrowed  to reliance upon the generosity of  those who live on the North American continent. Thousands of tons of  supplies,. including those brought by  the Nova Scotian ship,' Tremorvah,  have ben distributed, yet there ' are  pitiful requests for assistance from  small and large Belgian -villages.  "To supply the actua. necessities  of the seven million people remaining in Belgium, reliable authorities  estimate that 80,000 tons of foodstuffs  will be required throughout the winter.  What is most needed is wheat, flour,  corn, cornmeal, beans, peas, potatoes,  "biscuits-bacon���������and���������inoney:���������  "The freight and all shipping expenses on every cargo of such supplies will gladly* be paid by the commission for relief, who will also pay  all expenses incurred in the actual  distribution of the supplies in Belgium.  "Canada, with her great resources,  is In a splendid position to help. She  has already done much, but we do  not hesitate' in these .appalling circumstances to ask her to do moro.  (Sgd.) "HERBERT C. HOOVER,  "Chairman."  BROKE THE   RECORD  World's Record  For Tunnel-Boring (3  Broken  on  i. o   C.P.R.   Rogers' ���������  Pass Tunnel  World's   records   ior  tunnel-boring  have   net-it  Cibiaulished    by    Aiessrs.  Colby Bros., Weicn !tnd S.ewari, con-  tractors ou tho C.P.R. Rogers' Pass  tunnel  scneme.    Lust  uioiuh,  states  Mr.  A-  C   Dennis,  superintendent ot  construction for the contractors, 817  feci   of   tiio   "pioneer"   heading���������the  preliminary slum running parallel 'o ���������  Uie mum passage, from which opera-  lions are directed at several points-���������!  was excavated. The American-reco.:tl'  for a mouth's tuinul boring was 810'  feet and this feat was accomplished in  ;u   days,   while   there1 was   only   30  days last mouth.  i'he maximum amount of excavation .  on a tunnel heading for a day was  formerly 'IG feet this projection being  accomplished on tuo Slmplon tiinuol  through tho Alps. This record wus  eclipsed one day last month on the  tunnel through the Selkirks when ;'7  feet was excavated, The world's record  was beaten also for a week, 22 feot  of rock bolng bored. ��������� ,  As a result of the rapid progress  now being mauo with the tunneling  operations, the contractors aro now  confident that tney will put the Rogers' Pass tunnel through several  months' earlier than their contract  with the Canadian PnQi/lc calls for,  Tho live mile, double tracked passage  (hough the base of Mount Macdonald  Is to be ready, according to the terms  of the linn's agreement by the iend  of 1910, At the present rato of projection it is estimated^that the tunnel  will bc completed in the summer of  1'jlG. , '    "  There remains 10,000 feet of the  "pioneer" shaft yet to be driven, 10,-  640 feet having already been bored.  At tho west, end of construction 817  feet of the preliminary shaft ,and 640  feet of the main passage was excavated last month. *From the eastern portal 527 feet of the' former and 588 feet  of the latter, was .Projected.  Although the 'work has been well  advanced the hardest\art of the actual  boring has yet to bp\ done. Mr. Dennis states that the', next, two miles  through tho heart of* the- mountain  will have to bo dug out of a particularly hard kind of rock...',     ���������   : - ;,\  TAKE NOTICE ''.j  Wc publish, simple, straight testimonials, not press agents' interviews,  from well known people.  y Prom all over America they testify1,1  to the merits of MINARD'S LINlf  AIIONT, the best of Household Reiiie'-  cJies. " , .**'  MINARD'S LINIMENT CO., LIMITED.  -   _#"  COLT DISTEMPER  Can bo handled vory cuslly. 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Won His.,Command  Few of the 2,000 officers'Lord Kitchener needs for his new army can have  had loss military experience than most  officers ,of the federal army during tho  American Civil war, but we may hope  that they all possess equal mental  alertness. Distrusting tlie uncouth  appearance of an old backwoodsman  who had appointed, himself to the  command of u rough and ready Infantry, regiment. General Grain resolved  to tost his handling o������ force. So he  snid, "Colonel I want you to order  your men to como to attention, shoulder arms and march in close column  to their left flank." This complicated  command did not hi tho least puzzle t'lo  amateur strategist, who promptly thundered to his fellow ruffians, "Look  wild thar! Tote yer gunsl Thicken and  go loft endways! Git!" The man-.*  oouvro proved a brilliant success, and  tho new colonel was formally com-  missioned.���������London Chronicle,  A Powerful Medicine.���������-The healing  properties ln six essentia!    oils nro  ���������  ,  _ _     .   concentrated In every bottlo of   Dr,  nuisance, so the naval man collected  Thomas' Kclcctrlc Oil, forming ono of  a fow good lOngliBh motor curs, mil  Uio most benollclal liniments ovor of-  -     -   I   ��������� .    .        ..    -    . n         mi, .....  "Won't your i-,vile slug ior tin,1'  "Siii���������,���������.'     1 Ji-'.'.i u!,)it A hor .ml lo."  r*hHinlelj)ir.a Ledgir.  Dr. Morse's  "*     ���������* ���������*��������� ��������� . *****. i    tr% ��������� <��������� m  exactly meet the nrcd which bo often  nriseuln every family for a mriliclno  to open up nnd rcgulat-* the bowclii.  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Thousands  can testify ae to Its power In allaying  pain, and many thousands moro can  c ji'tlfy that thoy owo tholr health to  It. Us wonderful power Is uot ox-  prosHud by lis cheapness,.  Are you as porfeet physically nB you  BCi'in lo be1! ho nuked.  (Yrialuly, ulie replied.,  Han there ever been any insanity i-i j  your family?  Nover.  liavu you a depraved taste of any  Wnd?  Certainly not,  Are your Uetli  In  good  condition  Buried Alive by Austrians   1 ' -  Women and Children Found Mutilated  by Bayonet ,Thrusts  Professor Reisse, of. Lausanne university, writes a letter to the "Paris  Temps describing alleged Austrian atrocities he lias-seen personally in the  Shabatz district of Servia. Accompanied by Prefect Lasitch aud M. Darlov-  atz, the ex-Servian consul in Paris,  lie says:  '���������I conducted the minutest inquiry  in the district occupied a few weeks  by the Austrians, interrogated many  people, opened graves and examined  burned houses, ln tlie towns and  villages visited the Austrians killed  over 1,100 civilians, whose bodies  wore found. Over 2,200 disappeared.  ���������ie ages of tho massacred persons  vary from two months, to ninety-  two years, and 25 per: cent, woro  women, l-'veu . the oldest wero uot  spared. ���������>  "At Uastav> two invalid sisters  woro found,1 after the enemy had  departed, dead and mutilated by  numerous bayonet thrusts. Indeed,  mutilation is a common practice  among tho Austrians. At Prenlav-  or a wounded soldier was roasted  alive in bed, I saw myself his foot  and the burncil patch on the floor  whoro the Uro vas lighted under  the bed.  ��������� "At Leiclmltzd 109 hostages, aged  from nine to eighty-two years, wero  ranged, fastened together with cords  and wlro at the brink of a grave  twenty yards long, throo wide nnd  two (loop. Then soldlors llrod nud  all fell together Into the gravo,  which tho soldiers lllled Immediately,  though many woro unwouiid**d. i  had tlilf* tomb opened, and Judgo  that fully half tho unfortunates wero  buried allvo,"  No Market for Sauerkraut  Pickled Cabbage With German Name  Drug on Market  Manufacturers of sauerkraut In tho  Dominion will in future be wiso to  chango the namo of that palatable'  German relish to "pickled cabbage,"  otherwlso ihey will llnd it a drug on  the market. At least, this has been  the exponeneo of the Campbellforu  l-'ruit Company, which now has GD0  45-gallon barrels of sauerkraut on its  hands, for which it Is looking, for a  market' in vain, says a report from  Ottawa.  The company, lintling it impossible  to dispose of its supply here, and having tho German market cut oft, communicated with the department of  trade and commerce, and asked it 11  it could not llnd a market. The department circularized its trade commissioners ln England and elsewhere,  advertising for sale 60 barrels of  sauerkraut.  * Only one reply'has so far been received, and it is not encouraging.  It is from the trade commissioner at  Bristol, and is to tho effect: "After  making extensive inquiries I And there  is no demand for sauerkraut in this  district."  Child Prodigies a Danger  Precocity Indicates, One-Sided Development,;  Says Lewis M. Terman in the  Forum: .     *  All writers on the precocity of genius have noted the frequency with1  which it is confined to particular lines,  while in other respects there may be  no unusual promise. Tho mathematical prodigies, for example are, as,a  class, notoriously one-sided in tlieir  ability, as are also the wonder children of music and the stage. The precocity of the latler is comincd chiefly  to   their  emotional  development.  The narrowing o" interests and talents is always an event to be deplor-  -edT-and-agalnst-its-premature-appeai*-.  ance parents and teachers * should religiously stand ,. guard. Sometimes  cuildrcu who could be fitted for quiet  and, useful lives an "staged" on account of some insignificant gift of nature, such as ability to perform feats  of memory or of arithmetical calculation, with the result, that all the  .other interests atrophy and the personality dries up. The emotions bo-  come distorted, and nothing remains  but a caricature of. what a human being should be. Under thb kind of  treatment even the rudiments of common senso sometimes disappear, leaving the person practically an imbeci.'o  in all respects excopt his particular  gift.  the Children's favorite  All Flavors  Packed in Gold  Lined Tins  Can be had from  your Grocer  I  Errsrr^  ���������*���������  ..I....I     i-im.,1.1     I      M'nluli     ,if     Mi.uuiii. ilia.     Ol'   IIO.UIIU 111'  Or  IIHIISUHUUH.  elect David  I. Walsh of Musbitehus  oUh:  Sumo time ago the nlork visited tho  homo of a happy young couple lu 11  New Kiiglnnd town, nnd wishing tn  notify her gli'l ciuim, who lived jn a  .l!.,t::ilt ''".'', t'"'*' ���������"ii'iHii'v "Mil the foi.  lowlni- telegram:  "For unto us u ciitki lb born,- -  Isaiah ix, (j,"  "Oh, John," exclaimed (he girl chum  tf her husband 011 rocuiving tho  illsp-itch. "I have Just go>, u telegram  frnm lilntlyrt, ami what do you think?"  "Vou Jiavi' gut uie i-.*.nu*"U"ii t-i,i ������i  Ilrst In the conundrum Bmito," Inilulg-  nntly smiled John. "What's tho ana-  swor?"  "llliidyH li-m a baby hoy!" onthunlni"-  tlcaily ix'iipoiitlud littlo wlfey. "Ills  11111110 Is Imilah ami he weighs nine  funuiAi ������-fv ttinwcH."���������J'hlludcl'tlna  Telegraph,  Rtri'it. Hallway Cuii'lUviUr-���������How  many?  Scotchman-- Twa  CoLiliicior���������What!  Scotchman���������Twa, twa!  ('(indue.or--Twu twa yourni*lf.  (And tlio light wan ou1.���������WUlt**������M  i'tuplu Cuw.  Not at all.  Thank hen vou! Now let's make lovo  a Utile while,"���������Chicago UocoriMIor-  aid.  "My wif  gets nothing but appi-elicn-  1 r"   111* , M  "Hew pm?"  1    "She's afraid or cows tn the country  1 and automobiles in town,"  "rttarit Young Lady���������Ttint gawky  freak! Why you told me he was n  nobby young fellow!  Tfo:ii'horniiR    Friontl���������Y(-9*     but    I  spoiled it iih a k.  Automol'lllnR hns improved my appetite tremendously.  That's good!  Yes, hut now I enn't afford to cat,  Soldier was Starving  Officer Devoured Chunk of Dread Ly  ing in the  Road  "We had 11 nightmare walk for iiino  days and i)lghtH( wllh hardly n rust,"  says a Hrltitsh officer.  "I don't ililnk w������ over had three  houi'H ull told to cat or sleep, As for  eating, It was seldom wo could boll  water for lea, iuul Qiir meat had to ho  thrown uway becauso wu could not  arrango to cook It. Tor several days  together I, ut loam, novor had any  moat, and walked my boots oil'. I  sometimes fell on my knccB from  she*!*' exhaustion, but after a littlo  rest begun the eternal trump again.  "For tho hint two days I had practically if not literally, nothing to tut  <yr\A on nlnoi). And thon 1 miw a  chunk of broad Jylng by the rouu-  tiidu. 1 luaii*-.) Ai ]'., mul u L'haun't'-ir  in u motor tun' a little' further on asked mo, 'Are you hungry, sir?' I ropliod  that I thought I wan, and he pioduced  a pot of apricot jam and threw It to  mo. If you bellevo mu, I net willy  criuti lot nuuh***.���������, i>.���������-l >'.*. {��������� -i'.i bufiii,  out us I devoured that blessod loaf  and ���������jiuii,"  Here Is a prescription which has  obtained circulation in Knglnnd:  Mix some Woolwich Powders with  Tinct of Iron or lissonoe of Lead, and  'inter in pills (or shells). Have  ready a littlo British Army (a little  goes a Icng way), some Urus-iels  Sprouts and French Mustered. Add  a utile Oaimdian Cheese 41111 Australian Lamb and season with tho  best Indian Curry. Sot it on a Kiteh-  oner, and ltcop stirring until quite  hot.  If this doe.-* not make tho pationt  porsplro freely, rub tho best Uusslan  .lear.-i' (Irease on hia chest and wrap  in Berlin Wool.  .���������Dr. Cannon's Prescription.  P.S.*���������The patient must on no ao-  count havo any Peace-Soup until the  swellng lu tno head hu, qulto disappeared.  Need of Belgium.  Boforo tho peoplo of this country is  a double duty towards the sulTorlng in  Bolglum and tlio hardships th.at faco  tho imomployi'd at home. 1 hero are  7,000,000 war wrecked HelB'.itns, with  many thousands of thom starving.  Despatches from tho American relief  commission ln llelglum tells us thut  11 million and a half of peoplo nro now  dependent upon soup kitchens for  daily Hmitominci). A broad lino of 11  fow hundred In our cities stirs all  hearts. Whal would be (lio answer  If we could soo wllh our own eyes  hundreds <���������������������������' thousands standing for  lioiii'H to gut the Lure necessaries of  lifo? TIioho 11 hi" to give must maku  tho necessary sacrlllct* and glvo both  horn and In Belgium.���������Now *-'-'''  ProHa.  Complete course of instruction, $1.00  postpaid, Canadian Playwrights' Association, 1002 Union Trust' Bldg.,  Winnipeg.  Atrocities by Germans Told  Belgians Now Breaking Silence���������Wer#  Afraid of Huns to Talk  Belgians, wlio formerly were afraid  to talk of German atrocities, are gradually breaking their silence.  .. At Andonne, which was practically  destroyed, according to Alfred Lens, a  Belgian���������cherGermans-killed���������4Q0-civ������-  ilians,'many of whom wc. j business  men.  "The chief of police told mc," said  Mr. Lens, "that C5 civillanc were  locked in a church and told that they  would be shot within 30 minutes,  r'yery five minutes a soldier would  enter to remind the* unfortunate that  they had so many minutes left to'live.  When the half hour had expired, all  were brought out led before a file of  soldiers and lined up in a row.  "Some wished to cover their eyes,  but the soldiers forced down their  arms with bayonets. They were kept  in this agony of suspense for another  half an.hour, beforo tlie order was  given to lire. So fierce were the repeated volleys that tho ���������dead were  hardly recognizable. Any who showed signs of lifo wore promptly des-,  patched.either with tho butt end of a  rlllo, or a bayonet.  "The towii was thoroughly looted,  the soldiers sparing not even tho  homes of the poor, while tho jowelery'  shops* wero dripped of tlieir stocks.  Two hundred and eight bouses woro  set on fire.  "1 counted In a ditch 233 civilians  who had been shot.  "In Dinant, civilians, , as the world  has already heard; peiishod by tho  hundreds. Perhaps 1,000 were killed.  The men were shot In the prcsenco  of thoir wives ant', children, Tiny  wore- ilrst,, riddled with rttle bullets  nncl then cut Into shreds by machine  gun tire.   ���������  "Tho eommnnrlpr adopted n lofty  tono in regard to thu wholo matter,  assorting that thesi methods weio  necessary In ordor that the Belgian  nation might bo properly impressoa.  Ho was to refrain from acts calculated lo prolong the horrors o.1 war. Ho  snid that the Delphi iih liad kllk-d  enough Germans in Liege and 'sniped'  enough unsuspecting soldiers to warrant 'any Bort of retribution whatever.' "  York  All mothers can put away anxiety  regarding t iolr Htilforlng children  whon lhoy liavu Mother Graves' Worm  Kxtormlnntor to glvo rollef. Us effects  arc suro and laKtiii1.-,  "Womon are tho sploo of life."  "That's the time you   said   uome-  t'lii.g!"  "And life without aplco would ho"���������  "Splco? I thought you nald spies!"  ropliod the mnn whoso wlfo had found  a poker chip in hln pocket.���������HoiiHton  Pout,  When KimliiH .lohiisliig's sfin arrived,  lie looked just llko his poppy,  lu fact, the d:*eiah done declared,  lie. was n cirlion copy.  IIH III *  Prof.--Can you namo 0 liquid which  don't freeze?  Stowed���������Hot wntcr, sir.  'M0RRING. NKUKALGlC HEADACHE CURED  HEAD-SPOTTING DISTRESS VANISHES INSTANTLY  This  Wondcrfal   tenOn,*^^**** ������ Sc" *������  last drop  TYPHOID  li no more nfccinnr--  than Smallpox, Army  i:\i.tlrrii-r hi%Annmiltiilr&  thn t.!f.Ktft nilrtculGui -t'l-  tter, ���������nilbiimleiinrM.t.f Antityphoid Viiccinaiim,  Bit v-K<-.in-.t*l NOW ly your fhyilclsn, you tit  foul funr.y. It li more vital th'������n fcouc Iniursnct,  A������k your phytlel-n, tlmcciit, wittid for "ll������v������  JWh-mT-rtboU!'" t-*'.lln|- or Trphold Vieclnt,  (Mulls dam uie, ������nd danger from Typhoid Cinlrri,  XHt CVlUtt UIM/MT01Y, fctlttJlY, WL  tuiurm t *<eiaii * nism v-tu v. 1. ���������tv.utim  Fit  Ada.uurt,'como right along! You're  flirting with ihat HtudPiit over thero!  You iind aiio'hci' .���������ubJe-.-.t right away.  For painting or lllrtliiB'f���������Mcggen-  dojfcr Illfifit^r.  Urctor���������ThoRc plga of youri ire In  flno condition, Hoilgo.  Hodge���������Yds, ?ur, tlioy bo. An* If we  wua oil on ub (lt to die an them arc,  we'd do.���������Llv*rool Mercury.   .  RUB  Lini-mont. Nuvor Fuils  ON~~NKRVILINE  Numilgla quickly currd is twice,  nay, ton Union cuii.mI. Littlo neuralgia  piifitH grow into big one������, hut "Norvt-  linu' 111 h>ii iiiUtiiit-h rteile-i'ii.* even tho  worst onuK. l'*v<n a Mingle application  will remove the norvo <:n;i-jnHilnn that  cniiKffl thi' pain.  Norvllino ponctratei* deeply Into thj  fcure liRSUf, rvaches the source of inflammation, drlvaa tt out root nnd  branch. Kvcry drop of Nerviline U  potent In pain tubdulng power, ������nd it*  Norvllino Ih not  groauy,  *'..**   ������-.   t/-l"   .���������*��������� ."���������''.M''"f.'   powor   Iq   lit  leant live times greater lu strength  than ordinary romedlPfl.  Wo guarantee Norvllino wlll cur������  rKMiralBfu���������not only relievo it, but  actually und pormancntly euro lt. Ju3t  In tho namo wuy will It euro lumbago,  Rrlnflr.i, Htlifii'MiM nnd rheumatism,  To cowiucr oil muscular and nerv*  P'tln, uuo Nerviline. A largo bottle la  tin- home koops tno doctors bill mnall.  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You will feel the benefit every  washday in the year, for the  Indurated Tub keeps the  water hot for so long thai it  saves much lifting and carrying of water���������and the - wash-  ds-havc���������a���������special���������crimp-  which without ' tearing the  clothes, loosens the dirt very  easily.  * ,     '  Buy   your home   a  Xmas  present, Mrs.   Housekeeper,  but be sure they are EDDY'S  Children teething  BABY IS VERY COMFORTABLE AND  .LAUGHS DURING THE TEETHING  PERIOD. ..THANKS TO  Mrs., Winslow*s  Soothing Syrup  PURELY VEGETABLE���������NOT NARCOTIC  Shrinkage In Supply is Noticeable and  ic Surmised That Agents of the  Kaiser Arc Storing it  A distinct shrinkage Id visible in  the-amount1 of iruceuJ-io gold in Knglaud. lt is suggested that u great  deal of missing gold in is the hands  of Germans or has been* smuggled  abroad by Gorman agents or by neutrals in the emp.oy of Germany.  Germans lu business in Knglaud  liavo the ^aiiie opportunity as Englishmen of getting gold. In view of the  importance whlih gold plays in tho  war, a Gorman who collects English gold is rentl3rlng his country  very valuable help, ovon If ho only  locks it up' in his safe. Possibly this  is being extensively done an part of  a deliberate scheme.  Thoro Is tho still moro omnlous  possibility that the gold thus * taiton  from circulation Is being secretly  taken away from tho count.'y to Germany, The oxport of a largo quantity  of gold In one consignment would, jf  course, bo noted and chocked, but at  present thero Is nothing to prcvont  individuals from smuggling away sov*  oral hundred pounds' worth of gold  concealed about their porjons or ln  their luggage.  Huiulrsd o������ Gorman women aro  leaving tho coin try, and thero are  thousands of subjects of neutral countries travelling from England to Holland, Denmark, ���������" Sweden and elsewhere.. Many may be German agents.  During the past three months the  not receipts of gold from abroad officially recorded havo amounted to as  mucl. as thirty millions sterling.  Moreover, the nation has put Into cir-  c lation new treat dry notes equivalent to another thirty and a quarter  millions of gold, aud Bank of England  notes equivalent t'b about another  ive millions. Thee notes should obviously , diminish the circulation of  gold throughout the country by taking its place and driving it back, to  the Uanlt of Scotland. Yet the stock  of gold at the Bank of England has  uot increased by 'more than the  amount received from abroad.  The increased government expenditure, which now amounts to nearly a  million a,day, does not r.ccount. for  ihe enonnoub increase' in circulation,  for it,is offset by the diminished ������e-  iiuirementt of currency in other quarters. '  Hence the belief that money is ..o  some extent being hoarded.  PALE AND SICKLY  BOYS AND GIRLS  Need All the Strength That Good Red  blood Can Give  Women as Soldiers  Russian  Women  Aro  Very  Eager to  Get Into Battle Line  The army authorities are    having  their troublos discovering ancl sending  back to their homes women who have  volunteered iu tlie ranks disguised as  Youth is the tim. to lay tlio founda- ^en.   There have been numerous lation for health.   Every boy and girl stances of the kind-since   the   war  should have plenty of pure, red blood started, especially among the .uiascu-  and strong nerves.   With* thin, impure Hue looking peasant   women   of   tho  blood they start life with n, handicap northern provinces.  loo great to win success and happl- , 0u������ of those was, Nadezhda Ornats-  ness.   Pure, red blood means healtn- k>'. a muscular, well educated peasant  t'ul growth,   strong   nerves,   a clear woman from   the   province of   Arch-  brain and a good digestion. In a word,  angel.   Sho   bad   posed   as a man  pure blood is tho foundation of health,  through the second part of the Man-  The signs of thin, impure blood are churlan camp?,ign, and was praised -Or  many aud unmistakable.   The pule, lr- hox courage by   General   Grlppenbeg.  rltable boy or girl, who has no appe- Jiwly in tho present war she re-en-  tito or ambition, is always tired* out, listed and fought lu faouth Poland, and  melancholy, short of breath, and who   t was not until after the battlo of  does not grow strong, is the victim of Lublln-hrusnick that hor sex was dis-  auacmia, or b!ooilloasucss---tho great- covered and sho was discharged.  j-si, enemy of yo'.th. A Girl named Liuba   Uglickl   was  Thore is Just one thing to do for Present at four engagements iu East  thoso boys and girls���������build up the. Prussia and West Poland, and was  blood with Dr. WIlllamB' Pink Pills for wounded slightly. She says that (lur-  tt.o People. , You clui't afford to ox- ���������������������������K long range fighting sho had no  pertinent with other romoilies for f������a-'- but had a horror of crossing  there must bo no guesswork in the bayonets with tho enemy,  treatment of anaemia. Through ncg-j iwo (laughters of a land proprietor  Unit or wrong treatment anaemia at Kursk have been arrested on their  gradually develops into the pernicious way to join tho colors, one of them  form which is practically incurablo. I posing us "Prince Adrlanoff," and tho  Dr, Williams' Pink Pills work directly. other as hor servant,  ou the blood, giving it just the ele- A peasant woman, who was killed at  monts wliich it lacks. In this way ! Cumblnnen, had donned hor husband's  these Pills build up every 'organ and. clothes and impersonated him whr-n  Children Suffer the Worst  nerve In the body, thus developing  strong, rugged boys and girls. Mlas  Anna Losoko, Grand Forks, B.C., says:  "1 think that before taking Dr. Will-  lams' Pink , Pills I was one of tho  most miserable girls alive. I was  hardly over free from awful bead-  acliesr was as pale as a ghost, and  could not go upstairs without stoppin-j  to rest.' Now since taking the Pills  the tieadaches have gone, my appetite  is good and 1 am equal to almost any  exertion, and you may be sure I will  always recommend Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills."  Sold by all medicine dealers or sent  by mail, post paid at 50 cents a box,  or six boxes for $2.50 by writing direct to The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,  Brockvllle, Out.,  he shirked tho summons.   Sho did not  'want her family to bo shamed.  Two schoolgirls of tho capital, aged  14, wrote the Grand Duke Nicholas,  begging to be accepted as volunteers.  The grand duke wrote thom personally, pralslnfe their patriotism, but recommending that they Iind scope for  tlioir service in caring,for tho wounded adding: "I am convinced if over  you had ��������� the occasion you would uphold, the glory and might of the emperor and the honor of your country.  ���������"������������������>       ��������� ���������   ���������      ������������������  Death of a Brave Man  *fHB NEW FRENCH RFMRDV. N.I Nol NA  THERAPJONKStfTS  iflMttllCieS**, CUKKSCIIItONICWK.SKNRSS,t,������ST VIOOli  ti  VIM, KinftKY    UbAII'IKK. IllblUShU, 111.001)   POISON.  Hl.F.S, KITIIItlt NO, IlKCOnmbOrMMI, SI. POST 4 OTI  r.OUOl:RACO,M. UliF.KMAN ST. NI'.W YURKOt LVMAN BRO������  ���������TOKONTt). WIIITH POR FKOB HOOK TO DR, I.It CLBKO  MKn.CO.FUVKKSTOCKUn, IMMPSTKAfl  UONIMN  UNO.  ���������J'llYNIJWIJIlAqtUITASll'.I.KSSll'OltMOI'   EASY TO TAU  THERAPION^-iS'���������*  llr.lt IHAT THAW:   MAilKKO WORD  "TIIUKAPION    IB OH  ���������������������������it- aovT.ifAUf Afmitr* to am. genuim rActtiT-i  Nev. Year's Maid In Yellow Brocade  A trim"New Year's maid,  In her yellow brocade,  Comes tripping aiong down the middle  'Tweeu dancers a-row,  How her ilasuing eyes glow, *  As she treads to the tune of the iiddle!  .. All, pert little flirt  Of "tne" "witchery skirt,  Your wiles so alluringly tender  Lend wine io the head  Of the rustics who tread  -Speilbound-by-your-anklea^so^slender!1"  With lips in a curve,  x  As you posture and swerve,  You smile on each gallant entrancing.  With coquettish art  You are playing your part  And   treading on hearts  with    your  dancing,  Ah, sweet New Year's maid,  V���������    Iu the yollow brocade,  Ton'rut you are d.'incing as sprightly  ln the firelight glow  As you dfd long ago���������  And you tread on the hearts, ah, as  '    lightly!  ���������Horace Soymour Keller, in Judged  The Unlucky Belgian  What    Will  be Done  With  Refugees  From Belgium?  The question of the repatriation1 of  ,the Belgian refugees in England has  been under consideration lor some  lime. There has been a certain division on this subject in the Belgian  cabinet itself, one view being that the  people should be sent back to the big  cities like Antwerp, and ordinary commercial life resumed.  There are others who hold the view  that if the people do return it is impossible that commercial and business  life can resume its normal courses  under . present ��������� circumstances, and,  -moveoverf-that-it-would~be_extremeiy"  undesirable to have the ruined cities  and villages re-populated at present,  as they are likely to suffer greatly  wnen once attain they become the  scen6 of sanguinary lighting, as the  allit-B advance, to drive the Germans  out of Belgium. This is the pro-;  dominant view of Belgian ministers  and municipal authorities.  "Get Cover,  Boys;  They  .^re  Firing  at You."  "Jaucy being shelled by a heavy  battery for six weeks . nd-'only one  man killed. " They have fired almost  a thousand shells. Last night they  attacked us here, but were driven  back with a loss of GOO killed and  wounded. I suppose you read in the  papers about ont of our oulcers "be*  Red Cross Nurses Tell  or  Hardships  Youngsters Undergo In War  Area  "Amid all the horrors of thl3 war,  there is none that compares with tho  suffering of littlo children.'' This is  the. opinion expressed by two Red  uioss nurses, Mrs. Patton Bethuno,  the wifa of an English officer, and Dr.  Ethel Ormiston, a New Zealaudor,  who have just returned to Loudon 'after, varied exeriences in Flanders and  along tho Dutch frontier. ,  They both worked closo to thoflrlng  lino and ministered to the British,  French, Belgian and German wounded,  Their servicos wero accepted by tho  Germans at a timo whon tho Gorman  casualties wero so heavy that ,the  medical service was inadequate to  cC)po with tho wounded brought back  from tho front. They wor.> brought In  direct contact with most of the many-  sided horrors of war, but .among them  all that which tho deepest impression upon them is tho indescribable  misery which was lnillctod.upon tho,  babes and sucklings.  "At Sluis," ..aid Mrs, Botauno, "Just  over tho Dutch frontier, we saw hundreds of littlo innocents of ages varying from .me month to ten years, who  were sufforing from scarcity of both  food and clothiug. Ono poor littlo kid  between, two and three months old,  had a strip of linen for tno solo covering of his poor littlo body, which was  llko an Icicle. Tho Dutch wero doing  everything possible, but the relief organization there, as everywhere, socio-  ed totally inadequate.,  In Flanders wo saw'many heartbreaking cases ot childish sufforing.  Thero were boys and girls from 7 to  10 years of age who' were trudging  along .with their mothers, carrying  bundles of their poor household effects, fleeing from-, thoy know not  what terrors. Wo could sympathize  with tho men who had been strickon  down in their health and vigor, and  our hearts went out to the women  who had lied their homes In panic, but'  the suffering" we witnessed that  curdled the blood in our veins was  that of the little children,"  THAT COLD YOU HAVE  may bring sickness, doctors bills'and  loss of work; you know that serioui  sickness usually starts with a cold, and  a cold only exists, where weakness  exists.   Remember ihat.  Overcome the weakness and nalura  cures the cold���������that is the law oi,.  reason. Carefully avoid drugged pills,  syrups or stimulants; they are only  props and braces and whips.  It is the pure medicinal nourishment  in Scott's Emulsion tliat quickly enriches the blood, strengthens the lung������  and helps heal the air passages.  And mark this well���������Scott's Emulsion generates body-heat as protection  against winter sickness. Get Scott's  at your drug store to-day. It alwayu  strengthens and buijds up.  1*-J1      Scott & Itawne, Toronto, OnUrlo.  Minard's Liniment Cures Garget In  Cows.  BLUFFING THE  ENEMY  PATENTS  FcathersUmhiuigli & Co,, head office,  King street east, Toronto, Canada.  Neec" Vcte-ln.'iry Officers  An official memorandum says:  "A  .large number of veterinary oft'lcors aro  warned by tho uilhila department at  'Ottawa for service In tho1 imperial  fcrmy vetcrlniiry corps ut tho tiout,  .ttlmost Immediately.  "A number more- arc wanted from  ���������nil over Canada for sorvlco with tho  ���������socoml Ciuiiuliiui cxpodltlowtry forco.  Properly <|iiuliflod veterinary sur-  ,goons, who desire to go would ob-  llgo by willing direct to tho Quur-  ���������tomastor-Uenornl, D. A. Mucdonnld,  Ottawa, aud nlso to tho district or  ���������divisional oli'tccr commanding In  ���������theli iuunodluto locality."  Irato Diner���������Hoy, waiter, thoro's not  ���������a drop of mil coffee in tlilu mixture I  , l������'i'03h Wnltor���������Somo littlo bird told  joii, 1 titiplinjo?  Lnito Diner���������Yos; a swallow I���������  P1111 -oton Tiger.  Dangerous But Successful Move of an  English Division  "A great game of bluff," is described  by Lance Corporal I-l. H. Gibson, of the  znA Border uegimem, in a letter to  ,iis brother at orking. "It may surprise a lot of peoplo to know that the  division has never beon ln France, but  in Belgium ull the time, playing a  great, gamo of UluiT, wliich wus dangor-  ous, but successful," he says, "On tho  ovoning of tlu fourth day' lu tho  troiicuos ' wo woro rolioved by tho  French marines, ' everything being  done openly, so that lt couki bo soon  that the British rotlred to .the outskirts of ,   As soon us darkness  fell wo manned all tho roads to guard  luigltist a i'uali, while Uie Froucli retired from the trouciies through uu,  "Tho Gorni'.ns started shelling tho  empty troncl.es for four hours, but we  woro leuviug the town boforo tlioy  t'ountJ out tholr mistake, not losing a  num. We did a forcod night march,  and kept them on the go after us ior  four days. All lho time this was drawing tiio Gorman troops from Antwerp.  Then camo our dangerous movo, as  wo woro botwoon tho Gormaus from  Antwerp and Von Kluclt's army, which  was being drlvon towards us by Gon-  oral Frouch. Tho Gernuius must havo  thought ub strongor than we woro, ub  tlioy could havo wlpod us out. Anyhow,  wo got* to V���������, entrenched, and hold  it for oiglil days beforo tho 1st Division got, through to our rellof."  If it is true that a Britisher's houso  is his castle, it is even truer 'of a  flat. A flat has only one entrance, if it  is. not on the ground floor, and can be  held against almost any odds. But  thore are some* things you can't keep  out, and one of them is sound���������especially from the flat bolow.  , Young Tutplpplo lived in solitary  state In a ��������� llat. Bolow him another  hermit named Quarter, who was  struggling hard and painfully to master the cornet. Up to now the cornet  has had decidedly tlio best of lt.  Everybody residing within a mile  and a half of. tho persevering Quarter  suffered untold agonies eighteen houi'B  of tho twenty-four; but Tutplpplo  camo, off much the worst of It.  Somo hint of the gonoral fooling  of brooding dlscoutont must have  reached Quarter, for ho callod on Tut-  plpple lust Friday.  "Do you ilud tlmt my constant practising makes you nervous?" ho askod  diffidently.  "Oh, no," anBwerod the .uifferor. "At  least, not now. I used to bo very nervous. Now I don't euro a straw what  tho neighbors do to you or how soon  thoy do it'"  ing killed. This was Lord Arthur  Hay. I was next him wlien he lost  his life. , The Irish Guards vere1 ordered to attack a hill on which- a  party of Germans had been posted.  Tiie hill was covered with thick woods  "and there were German'snipers up  the trees and anywhere.-, they could  post themselves.  "We came in contact; with Lord  Arthur Hay arid a company of men,  He asked what compauy I belonged  .to I_neplied,-iNo,-lI-sir.!-���������-Well-r-he-  remarked, 'get off to- your left.', No  sooner did I move away than a bullet,  skimming my arm, struck Lord Arthur  in the stomach. He fell like a log.  I lay down a few feet from him, and  after several minutes another fellow  came crawling towards me, and together we tried to remove Lord Arthur.  "When wo touched him he opened  'his 1 yes and said, 'Get cover, boys;  they are firing at you.' We took him  from the ground, and, as we were  raising him, a second bullet came  between myself and my companion  and struck Lord Arthur in the back,  It passed through his chest, tearing  his coat as it camo out, A minute  later a brave man had died,���������Private  John Brady, 1st Irish Guards.  Coaxed German Out  Things here are rather warm at the  present moment, in fact have been  for nearly  a  fortnight, writes   Corporal  W.  Gray,  of  the H.F.A.    Wo  average two or three hundred rounds  a day,    and  some days more  than  that.  One day we fired over 900 rounds;  and the German.infantry lost thousands. We let them have it hot. for  hours.  Some of the Seaforth Highlanders,  whose trenches are in front of ours,  coaxed the Germans , to mako a  charge. They started an, attack,  when suddenly the Jocks hopped out  -of-tlieir-trenchea-and-began-to-retire*  The Germans at once began a  charge, and when they were nearly  on the Jocks three machine guns on  either side, which , were cunningly  concealed, enfiladed ,them. Then the  Seaforths had their "charge.  Not    many  Germans  returned  to  their trenches,  Britain wants Eggs and Flax  Also Said to be Opening For Woollen  Goods Manufactured Here   0  J. It. Hay, Cauiulaln trado commissioner at Birmingham, reports that  while a considerable quantity of Canadian oggs have reached the Birmingham market, the demand is far in excess of tho,,supply.' The price of fresh  laid eggs he quotes at 75 cents' per  dozen, ilo notes that Britain imports  eggs every year*to the value ot ?45,-,  000,000, of which Canada last oyear  supplied only $5,000 worth. The chiof  source of supply is Russia, but this  is "shut off .by the war.  Mr. Dyer, trade commissioner ot  Leeds, says there Is an opportunity  for tho export of flax libra and also  (lax straw from Canada, in view of  tho cessation of,supplies from Russia.  Other articles for which' there is a demand in Great Britain owing to the  lack of supplies from Russia, Siberia,  China, and other countries, include hog  bristles, horsehair, horns, leather,,  knitted goods, .woollen underwear. Ia  regard to knitted goods, one English  firm has written the department of  tradv and commr ce as follows: "Our  inquiry for knitted goods was prompted by a desire to see them replace similar woollen underclothing of German  manufacture,* which have baen extensively sold in this country. From long  residence in the Dominion w? are familiar with tho lines of woollen goods  manufactured there and universally  wotu by farmers, lumberme:., and  others,engaged in manual labor, and,  think there is an opportunity to introduce these, as well as finer lines of  manufactures."  Beware  of  Ointments  for Catarrh  That  . Contain Mercury .  as mercury will surely destroy the sonsa  of tjincll nntl "complutuly doruneo lhe  wholu syHlem when entering It tliroimli  Uio mueou'j surfaces. Such urticlcs aliould  never bo used except on proscriptions  from reputable pltyaielnns, as tho dunuiKo  thoy will tlo Is ten fold to tlio good vou  cun possibly derive from thom, iiall's  Catarrh Cure, mnnul'uutureU by F. J.  Chenoy & Co.. Toledo, 0��������� contains no  mercury, and Im 111 Hon Intonmlly, acting  directly upon tho blood and nuicouH sur-  faces of Uio system, ln buying Hull's  Catarrh Curo bu suro you j-ot tlio genuine. It Is taiton internally and 'mado  In Toledo. Ohio, by i*. J. Chonoy & Co.  Testimonials   freo,  Sold by Druggists. lJiicc, 7Co, per bottle,  Tako Hall's Family XJlll������ for conellpa-  tlon.  I had a bolloct egg served mo for  IrouUfiiDl with tho namo Gcuovlovo  -on It.  Now, isn't that romantlo!  it didn't strike uio ns being ro  romantic, Thoro was also tlio dato,  1008.  Warts Removed Without Pain  I'utnatn's Painless Wart and Com  Extractor novor fulls to remove  Warts, O-.'ns or Bunions, without  pain, la u fow hours. Glvo I'utuam's  a trial.  Worn out by a Ions sorlos ot appalling Fronch oxorcisos, whoroln tho  blunders woro ub tho Bands of tho  sou, a hapless high school mlstrosa de-  clarod hor Intontlon ot writing to  ricrcnco's sctscr, riwi'cj^c Iw^ln-u  hor teacher in tho face. "Ma will ho  awfully angry."  "I am afraid sho will, but it Is my  duty to write to her, Klor-t-ncc.  "i dont know," said Floronco, doubtfully. "You soo, mothor aiwayu does  my French for me."  Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.  There was tho usual charge of  struggling humanity whon. tlio 'bus  pulled up by tho -pavement. But tho  couduotor was buhiul timo aud ho did  not want to loso any P&y-  Old Mrs. Shimmer JttHt up from  Pooko-on-tho-Poko, did not know anything about that���������and If Bho had it  wouldn't havo mado any difforonco,  With ouo foot ou tho step and tho  othor on tho pavement, sho put tho  harried conductor through u sort of  'l!ufitimn*a Catechism,  "Now, I don't want to go past my  daughter's* houso. Wlll you titop tho  'bus whon I ring tho loll?"  "Yes, ma'am."  "Do you go round by tho free lib-  raryV"  "Yes ma'am."  "How long will It tnko tho 'bus to  got to Laurel avontio?"  "Twenty mlnutos ma'am."   /  "Aro you suro wo shall get tliero ln  oxactly twenty mlnutos?"  "No, ma'am."  "How much Is tho faro?"  "Twopence, ma'am, and I'm not  married. But tho driver, who Ib cull-  ou auip, ior snort, ims got a wife,  three rhlldtni, atid a Wi'vclel"  Protecting Implements From Rust  A correspondent or the Breeders'  Magazine givos this advice on this subject:  Housing falls because it does not  keep tho : 'oisiure laden atmosphere  from contact with the surface of tlio  steel. There are many cheap gummy  or oily substances that will protect a  bright plough or hoo or other farm  tool. 1 havo . found heavy unrefined  oil effective and eailly applied. Axle  greaso is used so gonornlly for waggons that many farmers apply that. :t  Is more expensive and more difficult to  spread so as to cover the ontlro surface of the tool. .Unrefined cottonseed  oil and tlio low grade catsor oil spread  readily and carry jum and oil enough  to dry slowly and cover well, and they  do not dry so hard as llnsood oil,1  which prevents tho plough or hoo from  scouring readily.  A barrel of heavy lubricating oil m  tho farm wlll save any further outlay  IV: axle greaso or machine oil. It Is  good for killing vermin on animals  and for protecting toolb from rust-  It only wo get tho 1110:1 to apply lt.  A Mild PHI for Delicate Women,���������  The most delicate woman,can undergo a course of Parmelee's Vegetable  Pills without fear of uuplcasi nt con-  rge5uenfifi.s������_iheii^8���������tion,_svJille-whoU3r-  el'fective, is mild'and'agreeable. No  violent pains or pursings follow their  use, as thousands of women who have  used them can testify.' .They are,  therefore, strongly recommended to  women, who aro moro prone to disorders of tho digestive organs than  men.  A fledging dentist was giad of the  opportunity to fill the practice or a  friend In ;. country town for a few  weeks whilo the latter enjoyed a vacation at tho seasi'e. Ono day a farmer came In���������a big, muscular chap,  full blooded���������one of the sort, whose  teoth come like the roots of oak treo3.  As he sat in the chair ho asked,  "Will It hurt?"  , ���������eoliiig in a rather jocular moo^  the fledging answered,  "���������Well, If It doesn't It shan't nost  you anything."  Thon ho fell to wor. The to^th  camo even harder than ho'' oxpected  so as tho man got up from tho chair  and pulled himself together���������ho had  not uttered a sound���������tho dentist *ald:  "Woll, did lt h wfi"  "Not a bit," answered tlui countryman, and strode out of tho ot'Clco,  loaving tho dentist minus a foe.  In a Barber Shop  It was In a suburban harbor shop,  and a farmor with a week's growth  of stubby beard had seated himself  in a chair to havo his whiskers crop-  poil.  "Guess you'll have,a timo glttin'  them off," ho romarkod, us tho barber  began rubbing on the luiher.  "Uh, I don't know," suld tho harbor  carolossly, "All boards look cllko to  me."  "Wunst I wont Into a barber shop to  git shaved," resumed the farmor,'"and  aftor tho barber was dono and I was  puyln' hlni, ho remarked, 'Say, old  mau, If all boards was llko youm, I'd  (lull tho barber biiHiuess.' 1 sez to  lilm, 1 sez, 'Woll, you haven't got anything on mo, old man, if all harbors  was llko you, I'd iot my bean', grow."  ���������Columbus Dispatch.  Thoro Is nothing repulslvo In Miller's Worm Powdors, and they are as  pleitHiint to take ns sugar, so that fow  chlldrou will refuse them. In somo  casus they citiiHo vomiting through  tholr action In an uiiBound stomac.i,  but this Is only a manifestation of  their ckaiiHlng power, no indication  that they uro hurtful. Thoy cun do  thor <uguly depended upou to clear  all worms from the systom,  EPOCH  Gen..ans  IN MODERN WARFARE  Man���������I want you to jmint mi* a life-  slzo picture of tho "nmskle" I caught  on rny vacation. He wub about two foot  In length.  Artist���������How long?  Mnn-*-notter mako It flvo foot. I  n*nn'i. want to py/nrffnrntu too much,���������  Chicago Nous,  First nuelncBe Man���������To what do  you attrlbuto your buccoss?  Second H.M.���������To tho fact ihat I was  always first at tho offlco, Hor Bovt-n-  toon years I caught tbo six-fifteen Into  town.  Poor Man���������I've novcr been able to  savo anything.  Millionaire���������Then you'vo saved  yourself u wholo lot of worry.���������Ilotilon  1 l(tllt.CII]Jl.  Try Steel JacketJ Against  British rI.'Icj  For tlio first timo In modorn war-  faro tho GermaiiB made uso near  Ariiientlures of armoured jackets for  infantry: heavy stool cuirasses  reaching from thu shoulders nearly  down to tho knee,  Jn theso they march slowly forward till thoy ro.ich tho vory edge of  a trench, "looking llko blooming tor-  tolscs," aald a Tommy At ins. "Hilt  wo havo tho Imyouoi ready (or 'om  when thoy got to uh," lie went on,  "and wo sha'n't havo anything 10  fear from 'shelly-bclllo**',* unless pur-  hups in a night attack,"  This niod-ji'ii revival of thn old  Itomtin armod foot soldier murks an  epoch In modorn wnrfaro.  ' English Nowslo (selling oxtras)--  Better 'ave one and read about It  now, sir; It miRht bo coutr.rJ'ctod in  the morning.���������-Punch.  Askom���������Did you got much of an allowance this month?  Tolem���������No; sho ouly permitted m������  to hold hcr hand.  Armored Motor Cars  Much Inflamed. Child Not Recognizable Troubled with Itching.  Used Cuticura Soap and .Ointment.   Froo from Troublo.  Mlnnrrl'n Unlrn-snt Cuire.ti Coldn, iMc.  Early to R|b6'  The excltoiuuiil cf Uio biggott wheat  crop that ho had ever grown led a  farmor uour Wlnlleld, Kunsus, 10 rouse  She���������How do you s������PPo������o the apes  crack the hard biioIIb of the nuts tlioy  pick up?  He���������With a monkey wrench, of  ���������"ourse.  W.N.U.lOtf  lag rn the first day of the harvest.  Ono Ozark "bill billy," who mul  fioufht work In tho western wheat  fields, tumbled out of bed a', tho farm,  cr's cull, ond wns eagerly eating breakfast when his follow workmen app.'iir-  eft. After lio had mowed away a quant-  ity of hot ciHitjh, four fried.<-ggn nnd  two cupB of coffeo, ho rose from tho  table, aud Grubbed Ufa aul. case. The  fanner caught the fleam of ivaoderluht  ���������ure to Sun, Dustind Will   in his cyo.  "Look hiTt>," he said, ln alarm,  "where oro you gtartln* to?"  Tho "hill billy" did not stop, but  called back over lis shoulder:  "To find somo decent plneo wher*  Sffa*.W*Pa granulated EydM.%  \Jg[ --C Lytt inflrtmtd tiy e*j*o-  --*   .   Cflib     flu* 4 .... J U.'la> J  Blnnfoli], Quo.���������-"A year ngo my little  lxiy, thn*  yearn  old, wiw  itiriif'twl wllh  rliiKWurin ou Uio t'liln.   It did not apt-oar  tn inulto lil iti NtilTnr anil  I  I*nl(l no attention to It.   Hut  whnt wn-i my ^urjirino whoti  u'ter a timo tlio oruptlon in-  crwusod by linlf nntl wiu much  Inllnnietl,    I rommnntrvj to  mo a remedy, but tlio brtmk-  inii out only tpruut to that  It covorod tlio wliolo of hit  a  Dm.*   jiti viiut nut rocognlt-  nVlr..     "lie*   imii'l't-J    IL*  eruption oft-in, wlilrh mado It  ml.    What   troubled   him  vtaitUiolifiilu*-, ->  ���������----������������������-        ���������i������������������.:,���������.   ������������������   Mm  ........11       ni.vltiikMM-'inwjr It for a year without  0 were n nuisance, ������o Um nbvo    rtolnf? ,llm Imy     ,. T������.o*i I n,,,t for ������.....���������  n  '.'olk'cti'd  11  lov.    (*ooJ   MiKlisli    ,<.,.t  <     . .. . /������������������- ���������      ������������������       ���������   f  hia faro moniltiK nii'l <'Vi nil**-, with lh>> Outl-  rura .So.-tp and warm water t>-*foro applying  llm C'titlt'iirtk Ointment, At. tlio rati of **.  month lio wm iiinipli-ii'ly In* from tlit'1  troublo.*' (SIkiiwI) Mm. .\Ifri\l Trepaulur,  Mar. 10, IUM.  Put to Good Use In Rounding up the  Uhlans'  An officer of tho Army Modlcal  Corps, In a letter to frioads tn Ulrm-  Ingl.um, tells of thu uxcullent use .0  whicli English motor cars aro put.  Ha says;  f)no  ot mtr Tin "it!  nvtttlrirn  dv^nnpfl  In to bvekfast tho othor day. Ho  nits been liavui)- u io'i|iiiis tiiuu ������u  conjunction with the armored cars,  Whon wo got here the district was  ovorrun by Binall pnrtlos of Uhlans,  who  ma  miiioT i<ii.">, in'*, luih ui -pinn imtu-  round tlitm, oii'l followed the aero-  piano round tin; country. Whon  the avlulur spoiled a party ol Uhlans ho signalled down to the curs  whero thoy wero. One of thu nun  waited and   iho others  went  round  B-������"*m 7 .*���������*���������������*������������������-, quIcklrrrlievtdbyMarlBt  mm/ \ 15 SI -*-r*D������medy. NoSnuutlnj-,  *������ luit Eye Comfort.   A������  "our Drufifltt't 50c *������r ItotUe. MitUeEjl  First B.M.-Ab, I 86������1 AU da*������ to itl*tinTubej2Se. ForB������ok������1ibeEyerrw������k .    _       .........  your 6fcrly tralula������. Drugguu ������ MhU������ t*f������(tentij ���������t��������� Cklcifff   I can sleep tht rost of tho night!  and, having fixed n tim''. thoy c:Jiiiio       C-,mi>lfl������t P��������������������������� I,., ������..ll  on  tho boaKiira  Hum  ull  hIiIl-i-  nud       ������**imi>io������ i rce liy Mail  potted    them     with    inuxlnm.    Tho;    For red, rotmb, rtmp<*������Mi Rn.i Mi-i'-'.ing  -.���������.Iiulu  dUulct  v.a���������   clear   iu  a  foil-, tt^mU, lu'ltluw, Utru'im pulmv ami jv.-.ti.t.t*.  ulghU IIuhithiikIh with 'thapelru-- imll-i, n ono n-Kt t  Wo aro doing all light, and thero Is J -fuilrur.% tM-.-umV.nt work* wonder**. Roau  no dfrubl wh'tlovcr US to what tbo , huntit on mlrin-?, In hoi wator twICuitcuvA  end is going to bo. Our Ioi at aro h������.-ip. Dry, anoint with Cuilcuia Ointment  light considering tho amount of 1 und wear ������oU bnnilww or old, loose elovn  fighting which Is going on. An on- during the nl������ht, Karapla <J ttth w������ll������4  rrmoui- number hnv������ b������***n wounded,' f-**o, vltn ;\2\\. ?,klu ttooU. Adikt** ihmv  but comparatively few killed.,, ard "CuUcur*. Uepu D, Dwton, V. 8. A.*" 'M&i-r-*^  a^^-Y^.-*,;* I" \> IUW B.TTiK* ������/-Ji W.V.m f T/J^ V/JM.  ���������"���������v*>-w*(V \ " - "���������^-*>i*'r������.,a#^^**wA'i*������v������.fe-a^������'^������������ia������M������.'������;  ������*,Ai-***������.- *.>!-������������������������������������*������������������* 1-i***-* "*���������***      ,  ,'fv;-  JTJ'jwJ  ���������������������������* * ! ��������� .;  ������������������*��������� i'-t'tj j. ^J'  ��������� ��������� i.  "��������� iv1,'* ������ ' .'ii1'  -��������� SJ'-'.. ��������� ���������������������������'������������������'  -.';['   *'*   ���������'***"   ���������**'," '  y 'J������*y  '���������������������������ii * :    '" J'i*.  .��������� * & *. ���������  !-���������������������������'���������'? ,  1* ��������� '",       . *  J.Jj ..'���������;,   .J'.*'  '    '���������*!'    . ���������'   ,     '      'U  .-. ���������**<���������          ������������������; )���������  ax:..  '* i'i         ..��������� l>  ���������"���������ifrvi!  :i   "*'��������� ���������' " J; ���������  ���������' ������!     ������������������ ������������������������������������::;,  :'��������� ** ?"  '.*.'���������*  ������������������������������������ 1    ���������>���������*: ���������'���������.* i'.***  h\ j -t!-  .���������:*"%'l' '**  '������������������������������������i;'.  .:*  ;3'   *:  - 7i ���������'���������'o:" ;l  .. .'A**.-   i-i:  ������������������'���������"���������'  . 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V- ���������' "''*v'*':J ������������������'i.*Vj i:/h .".������"  I CapitiatTiiid Up $11,000,000,        J.   '.-. *-" 'yX1   ''Betcn^liJJ- --;*;: :^J  ���������������*������������������*:.���������������������������������������������'���������������������������.���������'.*������������������   ,..������������������*.    ,..���������*....'���������     ,-,.'    ���������.,-,���������'���������.���������    ' ,. .   ...i!  ","'.'." '"' ' ",   ''"'  "  '.,"���������'���������   ':'������"'.,";" uy  !:;/yTb^  OVWb    Tii IC    WOULD.  S D U A FTS. ISSU ID D'   IN * ANY i, G.U 11IIKN^ V,   PAY AIVLK   AI. (i p|  I'  |,!s I'lOC lAL AT'i'KNT������ON paid -uy HAiVl N(i B; ACCOliNTS tt in iVrion i'|  U'  J  ���������������������������'������  in���������'lii-i'lio-H .Cnrrt'iitlUiU's iiliiiw.-ci op Ds^(mils of $1 ,11 ml upwiird.B.. f}  Hitoof itHliiiigloiiil], ,;\viittif nml booininy  g  cuMRHFLAWDi B, C , Brhnoh,-Opoii Daily '"���������''��������� ���������'*.'' "V. C'Connoll, M|r*  |  (TroundH for tha ^,1. ...II], to bo.vm.pnot   .jj-.   ,-; IQ ^BiG| branch,iOpon laiiyv*     F. B������wo,th, Itf Rr.        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II  Hfiidwiok,; Kj-r  %l;lllllllll!il!lllllllllllllllllillllilllllllll!liillli!i:itl!ll!iillliaililtiWI!^  "if.MtwniuiunN-NM'VUM'Miiii^^ ������!-���������������**������*��������� i.wfa' nwf ���������***.��������� i w<^-H:x*w**m������mmm*w*k**  mvanwi*Ma*uM   "     "'   ..������  *.w  (i)  %  Y������J  !-*)  I  ���������tit)  (s)  ,������  ��������� to  1*1  *(r)  ���������(���������)  FotriPUHE  IGE  ' (I .  !'���������������������������'  ur|  B--I  ICGjCRBAM"'SUNOflKS' and SODAS  U3F Came to King's lco Cream I'nrlo'V  igt**t>tnei*i>ti*'itH*ri***iimt*  Whoro yon will 'pA, lho 1IKST aOODB IN TOWN with  ���������'..-���������''���������'":��������������������������� -(Joo.l, OJw.'in Bt'iyii'o*���������:���������  Ice Gream Supplied in Quantiles.it Cheap Prices to Balls,  Paitics, Pic Ntcs, 'etc.," at a .few hour's nolice  KING'S ICE CEEAM PABLOR  1 ���������.,i|Wwiwli������M������MfcWIIIM������ll������MWM������W������.V.W^ (it'  Biinsmnir Avenue ���������tUMBEELAHDf,B- 0. ,$  ��������� ��������� ������������������*���������.....' *t*������i*  (fcj   '*        ���������   ;��������� I  01'''^"'--'  t*;      ;������������������ ,  (���������)::-  '   *"   *  (S)  Wn '��������� "      -':' <  (���������>)   '       ,    ���������������������������'".'.':.  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I'.iiiiV.*., Sflntz, ko, <��������� "tll/D HHI'V UI'IAUU"  suui'UH WHISKY, BcBt AVincs) and Liquoi'H of r.ll kirids  'I'll* H.'ftrtluiK nml U>'l������ine l)'|i'irtrn<-i.t, tin.lcr tloi i:;|(ociliat<i ���������.ufa-mttcttdt-noa  . will 1������j idu- -fi Virr-t. #-1rt>i*t in *vi ry  It ii* s������nM Hmt trout falling i^;  iuiiiv ir'ioil in tlu*.Vicinity (>f   th'l  *      rl ��������� .      .        .        *f   ������������������   ,    ��������� j  I'lci! ric  jKiwiM'huiiMi, ��������� Cunrlt-im j  } river.  ��������� iVSklES 1  >l 00 per day fttvl Up


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