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The Cumberland News Oct 7, 1914

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Array j^i''        i    T ...      '    ,.  , 7 .-��     "-.TV
,.���*/*'���*��� y*^~ ^A*;^>-**j���*���-?*"%*-���
***"-^.fc**rt***lW--****-^ <����***'��M**,��
The News, Twenty First Year
Devoted Especially to tHe Interests of Cumberland and Suiroundlnff District.
- . ,      **��� *-���    ��� ,1 ��� *��� ,i .
*..��.-.��*.���',        , ��..-��-. * '   ii - -ii i iii   ii ���       y
Subscription $i.o<? a Year
WE'HAVE JUST had  del-
ivered to us over ,
which we are placing on sale
sizes 23 to 28, .good hard wear
ing   material just  the thing
for the boys���all have bloomer pauts. - - . .,
A goo i assortment of b.oys'
suits, 28 to '33, made of good
servicabit u.vred
- PRICE $3.75
Extra Special * Values'- in Better Grade
of Cloths in' Suits
for Boys Prices
; $4.50.to $9.50
Correspondence    I
&'Company ������" Limited1.- ;:
lomen's ran
Tlie second general --mectm**** was
held on October Gth, nt 3 o'clock
in   lho   Oddfellows'   Ilnll,     The
Treasurer presented her report,
Monthly BubBciiytions
and dovuti inn $143.00
(from !J2 persons)
Roy Scouts' Collection $131.80
���Bnlnnoc from tho pHiyenncatuip*       8.00
Public School collection    21,00
An output of G3,f)S0 ton-- of}
coal from our local mines for ihei
month uf September, ic. eornoeoa
Tina ino'-wlon gifto of ltintorinl   ,
" to tlio vnluo of    15.00
Lcnviuff ii batonco of ��288,80
Chief Provincial Coiir-tablo
Stephenson,, ol! Nfuuunioj wusjn
town' last week, Mr. Stephenson's mission hero, assist oil ,l>v
Miss 'IvJcDowall, of Victoria, was
to enquire into ease'- of t.ho. needy
ami destitute. This is a now*experience for Cumberland.
Nn Wllf* have yet bnon paid, but ilbont
8145,00 is owintr, Tlio Hiioretury riivo
hor report, f>lio luu'i Kont two paroolf* ot
work to ViioooiiYor na nnnnunoetl nlrondy
in tho local proi'R. Sho alao pointod out
tlio flooaomlonl liiion on which tlio Sooioty
in run, owing ohiofl-/ to tho gouoroiiH Hup-
port of tho towii. First, Uio Sooioty lins
tho uro of tho OildfollowH' TT��\11, 'rnnt frt-o;
Kocinnlly, nil our nol icon, directions, etc.
tire printed free, ihrounli lho or-r-noronity
of Mr, Uiolclo and Mr, Wior, thirdly, our
piU'Oiiln urofliimod freo to Vanoouvnr by
tho Dominion KxproiM Company, Lustly,
tlio ini'ichantH in town nro lotting uh hnvo
all nccoMmry mMiirUla prnoticully nt ami
prion, iuul ntiitlonory, fltnnipH oto iiro do-
untori, Tliun, wo hnvo no workin-j* cxpon-
Hnfl, nil Uio ui"ney botnpc unont on mutori-
u,ln, nlso iiono ol' tho mnurlal in hniii**-
vvautuil, any piece?! of (Junnol loft, foeliitf
usoil for tunkinK bnuebKui.
Wo liko to tnko thia opportunitj' ot na-
Hiirlntj tlw publio tlmt ovory uout of thU
monoy i�� ilovotod d rcotly to tho nolrliors,
jtooordinn to InntrnoUonii received by tlm
(���auroUry, from liond qnnrlcrn, Tho meat
tag win thuu adjourned for n month. A
piroiil ho�� boon forwnrilod lo Vumjouvor
tliis wool-*, oontoiniiig tlio [ollawlnn tirti-
tmiotji / ninfiit Hliiriii, ( pih ot hi.c��h, * jo
piliurt dittit, fi IL'tiiucl huh--., 'A <i.-.*n,ot
eliirtj, -3 iUutiol niglHluxaloH, I pr put-
teai, 2 knitted holi-nots, 11 b��r-.Jr\g��a.
0'ino fur your woric next Tucmlny,
l><U'tuia 2 aud 5 iu tho Od-lfullnuii ]lull.
James Ueid. of Nanaimo, a Harmor resident of Cumberland for
many years, arrived, in town last
week, and will again mako his
homo hero. Mrs. Hind will hv
rive this week. Tlioy will como
The following letter was ie*
ceived from' one of the. ������'boys" at
the great camp:    '   ��       -  ;
-Valcartier Camp, P. Q.
7  September 14., 1914.
Hello People:���Before you go
any further, you had better .sit
down, for this-is "going to be
some letter.'
Iu the lirst place I went up
for medical examination yesterday and passed with ninety per
cent honors, that is, ninety per
cent physically perfect. The examination was very strict too
and lasted about half an hour,
furthermore, I was inoculated
(I'or typhoid) which is accessary" operation belore anyone can
go to the front",.and that's where
I'm going grandad; you can bet
your bottom 'dollar on that.
About four, days ago they called
for' fifteen,*; hundred volunteers
foi* Bermuda. Some of the fellows of our regiment went, but
none of the K. boys"   No'chance
of aclive service over there,  and
*������������ -**. ,
you   have to sign  on "for   three
years, .
Oil account of this inoculation
which is indeed a very painful'
affair,-* we are allowed forty-
eight hours off duty,* consequent
lv this lengthy epistle." We get*
the close in our left arm,'so I am
able to write.
We, vhave sure  been * worked.
ion,--comprising-   some   twenty-
eight'hundred'or three thousand
men, is taken out  at   one   time
and taught-the fine  art of mod
em warfare; afack and defense;
advance and* retreat.     We sweat
in the   heat;   we shiver iu the
cold and'get soaked   in,.ihe rain.
It rains  regularly   every   other
day, in this.country.     Last Sunday the whole camp was out  ou
review before the Duke of ���C,ou-
uaught, Colonel   Sam  .Hughes,
Premier Bordon ahd  all the rest
of the big bugs, including the redoubtable and  popular  Princess
Pat.    Irwevyone goes  crazy over
her, and I suppose,--hoc without
reason, for she. is absolutely   all
right.     There wcru  37000  men
ou parade, all lho cavalry, artil,
levy, field guns, imixiuis, howitzers,   in fact, what is known as a
full compliment,    We wen* cou
gratulated oil  being so   orderly
By order of the Canadian Col-
lierios, no gam-as of any kind will
be permitted on tho U-acreation
grounds on Sunday' between the
hours,of 11 a.-m. and 12 noon,
and between 2 p. m.   nnd 3 p, m.
This order* is   mven   out   of   re-
spoct.to tho hours ol! church service. The . Company has shown
the right spirit in this matter.
Ottawa, Oct. 3���The second
contingent which will consist, of
at least 10,000 more reinforcements for-the army how on the
way to .the front may be tvaimd
iii British Columbia., liepresen-
tatioiis have been made to*, the
govennnent .that the permanent
camp sliould bo removed, from
Valcartier to'������British Columbia,
probably Vancouver Island,
Valcartier is out of the  questi
011 a's a winter  training  camp, on
account bf intense   cold , and,   the
heavy fall  of snow."
��� at
ll is represented that on Vancouver Island trautiup* could easily
continue nil winter under the
most -favorable conditions. It is
also pointed out that, probably
the major portion of "the recruits
when the next call "to arms i��j
made, will bo from the west.
The matter is 'under advisement,
but so tar- nothing definite has
been decided; It is.possible there
.may be two camps, one' in the
east and the other on the coast
J*-*! . -      -. r-
1 Recent Arrivals in Goods that I
�� y '   , (7t
1 Are Much in Demand include
cAlloa. Wheeling
A. Choice Selectiou'of Shades,    imported
from Alloa, Scotland .
Ladies* Waterproof
Two Lines Plain Shades
Waterproof Coats and  Gapes
For School Children���all sizes
Geo. II. Robertson, for many
M�� years a rc'-Meut of Union, died
at his home on Wednesday 11101 n-
���}����*�� after u len,-'thy illnes**.
The "-doc eased was Ui 'yt-av."- of
age. T w iuuvr-il v/iil Uw*
pine.' cV Hi the ''i'iiily ruidt-i.a-
ait^.'Hnfby at *.? p. nt.
Manager Sutherland, of tho Dig
Store, left liiht week oil a bui-iiiese
trip to ViUicouvtM*.
Tlio'uie no legal jiriu'esn by
whi oh (ii-oiil Hritain onu i��nt��mnnd
u I'iugli* Cumuliim foldiei' to witter tlio field in lior aid or even iu
her most needful did'enee, (Irent
liritflin c.iiimot legally l.tl'e a dol-
lat' of C-iiirtda'.' money for this or
any other ivar wiihotit Ciuiiidn's
eytircnr, All miiht ho jrivuii vol-
nitNirily, if it ho given ut all.
Yet men iuul dollars ure given to
1|h> t'-nlr f*.*!'   Cftr,,>.','\''*    '  'svev    '���
give, j.i.-l ���;; !*!' ()vnu IhUn'iu !.���-.>(
had both plij'hloal and legal powei*
to exact tliein, liuloud it in \)ot-
i\h\o that tlioy nre given more
f.ecily this i.'ay, 1'iir what a mini
givoi boo.iiiiso In* witn is io give ii*.
likely to lu; greater than what ho
given under force. 'All in nil
ir, 'ut :\ nulilc picture of devotion
and well drilled, considering the
fact that fifty per cent of I his
whole camp are raw recmi!.���*.. Jt
is entirely new to me. the way
we have to go through thing-;
down Iumc, Captain Fischer,
our battalion comnmndcv, is one
of those men whose uue and only
aim is to yet tin.'!**.*, whcicver
thut may lie. Ivveryoin* har. to
\*o tltrouj'h lire: and water with
him. I have been out ,'icoiitiiiR
with him nbout 8 miles I'tom
camp. We had as our obj'.et
the crest ot" a hill about hall' n
mile high and about two miles
distant, Wc bad to tahetlua
hill   at the full   run aud, as   he,
tl',\\A     '���lllf  ftci'il   ������ll.-i'1  fl-"1     ti'*i-'HV   I
;.'.,o,',���;,,, Jii.sL -.;. tic- ��...v: v." i.ic
hill was a big swamp. alnu\sl. a
hojr; w<^ went through 'that
swamp at the double, uud a i.'Oud
graded road u siuiu-'s tl-.row
away; but we were in extended
order aud Fischer would not let
us close iu on that load; so we.
'*ot thtnl'-.h -Mid uo t'\" hill, i��*t*!
I* 1 * a
teved (t'oiu head  to foot iu .; i'.-kv
went that clay, over twenty
���miles through the -'worst possible
country���iind that was uot tlie
only d.ay either. Do you wonder-
tliat when we come into camp
about 7 or 8 o'clock, we want
nothing but a good strong' cup
of eoflee and our  blankets.
However, this is the life; it
has banking beaten forty different ways. Two months ago 1
would uot have made sixty per
cent on that medical exam, I
feel fit. in, every respect.
Got your letter and* am going to post olliee to see about par
eel: they don't deliver parcels.
Well, good bye Grandad; the
next loiter I send you, will, iu
nil probability, be written on the
ocean'; perhaps not.
Your own Soldier Boy
The following post card was
received by .Mr. J, Walker from
'Mr, Harrv Go.-i.s:
Vnlcaitier. Quebec
������Am hryiuR n fair time here.
.1 am attached to the 31st llritish
Columbia Horse When the Australian contingent comes Ui rough
1 will be transftned to them.
Charley Hurley i.s here also,
(|    . P. S.���Have   you   ever, tried     Rsbiuhooi
(��) -Flour?     You will   probably   receive, thia
�� week     a '   ktter     from       the    "    mill.
w *
ty--    ,       ers of thi-* High Grade  Flour, aud we-'ask
��       -      the favor ofyo'iir' consideration   as   to   its
g tweeu us.    The list of names is furnished
'@   ���������--���;    by, 'ourselves,'*Try 'this fionr; it is'guaran..
teed to be flic lx*st on the   market at any
I Phone 10
P. O. Box 100
(*) ,   -                 ,                                w
ty ty
ty ���                                  *                  i).
ty "                                                         (S,
���Wellington Colliery Jlailway
Company; is runninfjr a daily passenger i'-eivice over lhe new road,
Wo will shortly hnvo a daily
mail,    Thifi is   advnncinf-*.
j\lr. Hart of thu Islander olliee,
has gone to tho hoi-pita) for an operation, We hope he- will prill
through ��U riohi,
.foe. Martin has decided to ro.
enter Dominion politic? on the
Liberal side.
* ��t>	
Mr, and Mrs. Gen, Merrifield,
of Niumiin.-, arrived in town -.-a
Smidiiy i>n a visit to. Mr, and
Mrs. Wm, Merrlfield of the Hoiel
"Win. Merrifield,   with   sortral
of our large and small gam*** liun-
ters, returned  home   on.  Sunday
night   from   a   hunting   trip   to
Di'-iiuian 1-sland.    They   had  fair
Mr. and Mrs. .Joe Stunt, of
South I'mine, \V>is!i,, are in towu,
Gei'tiu-uy is huilding lifly mere
fiiihmiirinoJ. Snltpeter wouldn't
fill vis 11 ei .
������Jaek" Thowifioti uud hii ftou,
Uohert went onm* to Vancouver
on Sunday.
Tho Woiiikiir' 1'ati'li.iti'* Six.'!,
ety i-t doii'ig good work���-mikI it
enn work.
r'. *T **���
to ln*r motherland wlilch' Cun*"
a la oth"i- to tl.-.; "y"/.i> .'f lu-r j mud and p^ili'-v!*- :-. al.vd to .in-
uii'iulriuji a'idunc'uvi.iii-uei'.dil.o'.i want, but thv: be;t of it was
-Koi'ln'-L-r, N.   V. Herald.        ��� V-M" went thn.u��:!> it too.   Wc
��� I*
k ,i#l*>-t'r>*^t'U��4iiJ4��*��i4,4l*Mt��M*M��t.k>Wi^
aMmailia>,u.<l iMm���nin-i
THIS     WKliK.
,,M twn-ar ��r*<*-*������ t*-*W*-��*n��
H*H��wr** �����*���*��� *��** *t*.m��t^*v
Utnl.u"<:ll;ts in :ill silk uml silk inixiuu'.jj, cov-
���. r I *.-*' *������*   mmMi   *t   |*> (���iVfi' ����'t ���"���*!���. <1 *'   f>*J      Ivi pi l Inc
Vr-.jJii S1?25 lo 30.00
Ltv-dii's' Wiilei'Miwd'Coats. Misses'W.'iK'rproof Capes
l .;;���:'if-V, Nlisscs' and Children's Sweat ex Coats.
..... .1        * . .1        1     ��� ���   1 ��� 1
j.,i*.uit*s   .iiii.v.-1 111    paiv.iii,   ku-11   iiiCkh    niiu    ��u.i    ��.iu
button  .md   I.iced.    l\itent and   vici  kid   pomps,
satin pumps in black, white and all Ii-glu shades
for evening wear.
I^V-w^mJF u#M0nm*mmw**y% rm**^t*��*yf*a**imt*m**i*m4**mvm'**mt*e *��� ���HViiwwtMHviM
t:wrH+:..m���v^^^ ,1 ���*'
��� . \
A Debt
By Edgar  Wallace
Ward,  Lock  .& "io.,    Limited
Londor. Melbourne and Toronto
E- i-J
I Continued)
Helder watched her as she took in
l can tell igj,   lu- wont on.    "1 und'-r-
, stand as much abou* your marriage as
: you.   I'mraaicr cur'ous to know how
your uncie o *f ayed us."
Her lips were pursed close 'ogether,
j there was a look ot scorn in hor fine
eyes which maddened him.
j    He reached across with one hand, ho
'switched out the light, and- wiih the
other caught her rov.ghly by the'wrist.
With a quick movement she wrenched
j herself freo and sprsng to the stern of
'the little ca'-in.
I     'If you come near me,", she said. "I
* will jump  overboard." ' '' -
j    There *vas no mistaking the determination In her tone.   -    ��� ,    *
(    "You need i.ot be  afraid," he said
I with'a laugh;  you're too valuable an
tlie details    \                                         article tr* be damaged. 1 suppose Com
"This is my Mfeboat," he said,' with j stock Bell .vill pay pretty handsomely
a return to his old good humor;  he I f��r y**u*'
pointed to tlm big launch affectionately. I As ho spoVe he edged his way near-
' waiting to carry me safely from tha I er to her, and then without a mo-
wreckag.*," ho said. "1 think it is time I "-ciu's warning, sprang at her and
wo loft this country.*' .caught her  ri his ur.ns    Sho shrieked
Ilia two compan-ons wero examining I loudly !lIlli 'n Uie ^-lenc.e of the night
tho boat with interest. I'1 seemed as though she would arouse
Tiger lirowir, terrified as he was at  all that was a'ive    on    the sleeping
"Ho silent ���' ho said savagely.
"Let me. go!" fho cried.
"Will yo-i promise you *,/*>a't
scream?" ho. said.   <*<
"Let me so!" sho said again.
He released \er ana went back to
the cabin.
"Come in he**e," he ordered roughly.
"Put on the light," she said.
He clicked the lutlo button and the
cabin was again Hooded with light.
Still she did not move, save io turn,
her head     Then he; body grew tense.
"Thank God!" hs heard her wli's-
per, "the Lieabreaker."
He looked aft Behind' them, coming ut full speed was a tug, and in a
moment he comprehended its significance. ,"
He sprang forward and ' put his
had over her motiUi and strove to
drag her into he cabin For a moment
they struggled, and the little launch
rocked to p.nd fro with the violence
of their ��� efforts-. Then sudden.y she
wrenched herself free: He put out his
hand to catch her but he was too
late; she had dived head first into the
He heard the shril* , clang of the
tug's engines, and knew tha1' there
had been witnesses to her act. He
tcck a quick step into the cabin and
turned ont Lhe lights again.
Tiger Brown came swiftly aft.
"What is the mutter?"- he said.
Helde:- made no reply for a moment;
then  he laughed.
"If we can reach the Belgian shore
before dayl.ght," he drawled, "we'
shall be extremely fortunate."
He- lookerl back. He was rapidly
increasing t>*e distai.ee between himself and his pursi.err for the Sea-
breaker had turned broadside on,'and
he did not doubt thai the heat had
been lowered to pick up the girl.
"Somehow"--he was speaking halt
to himseK���"I do'not think we shall
reach the Continent
jour desk
the prospect, could not withhold his
admiration for his employer's foresight.
"Say, she's a dandy," he said,
"She's provisioned for a long voy
age, and she's a good sea boat," Holder remarked. "
Suspended from the ceiling was a
steel chain, l'i'om the end of which
hung a handle Ho. pulled .this, and
the doors at the other end swung
open, showing the black waters of the
rivers  beyond.
"Get in," he s'aid. He pointed to the
ladder leaning against tho side of the
boat house, ard Brown, planting ic
firmly against the. boat, * mounted,
heidur tur,u-d to tha girl.
"I shall no, go,'* she said vehemently. "I don't care what you do, I v.ih
not.go. Aren't you satisfied with the
work you've already dene?"
"I think yi_u will go, Mrs. Comstock
Bell," said Helder deliberately. '1
have no de-sire to meet your husband
lu Cholnisfoid Jail."
She went wlv'te to the lips nad'stag-
gered back.    Holder laughed.
"Yes, tliat secret of yours lias been
very well *.op and, so far, I am the
only living person it England except
yourself who knows. I don't think it
matters one *vay or the other," he
Baid;' "and really 1' think your husband is supersensitive. But you will
save me a lot of trouble and yourself
some unpleasantness if you oifer no
resistance to my plan."
"My husband is ar innocent* man,'
said the girl steadily; "he is suffering
tor another's sin."
Helder bowed po'itely.
"Most" peopls -who inhabit prison-5
are innocent; they generally suiter
for the. offences of others," he said.
'Get in!" His tone was imperative,
brutal. "Get in!" he said, harshly,
"1 tell you i want you, you're ne^es-
. sary, and I'm going to take you, if I
She knew Uiat iesistan.ee was use-'
less. By some means she could noi
guess, Helde.- hadid.scoverod the secret she had devote*' all her care to
guarding, 'i o disobey him would in
all probibilily mean the betrayal of
Comstock Boll.
She glanci-d despairingly at Heldor'-,
companions. Browr had showu reluctance io obey but now with free-
oom before lim, ho was as anxious as
Helder to be B-one.    There was only
Liver and Bowel* clow down.
Tone them up with
25c. and 60c! at al! druggists and
stores* Take Abbey Vita Tabltts for
Sick  Nerves.
It was a little'friendly monosyllable,
but it struck the note he most desired. '   "
"You wen surpriped to see me. wero
you not?"
. An unaccountable shyness prevented him calling her by her name.
"No, I was not surprised," he. said
calmly; "but I am surprised now that
I was not."        ,    ,
There was a long silence, which sho
"My uncle," she said, "is he���?"
Comstock Rel! nodded sadly.
"I was afraid eo," she said, gently,
"Poor uncle'"
"lie was much too near my own
age," she said, gently, "for me to regard him' as one i-sually does' that
sort of relation, but he was very good
to me." Her'eyes filled with tears. "I
am���" She stopped suddenly, iind a
tinge of red crept into her'face.
"What?" hi- asked, in a low -voice.
She shoojsr her head.
(To be*Continued)
The Iror.y of Chance
In   the  pretty  saloon   of  the  Sea-
breaker  Verity   Bell  lay,   weak    but
smiling; her hucband oat. by her side
The SHe-i4-. Trombones
Hans Brujer wa* one of the two
trombone payers in the Appollo orchestra. Oi. the evening of a special
concert, in the course of which an
overture that contained a trombone
solo was to be played, Hans received
iiii urgent pvitation to attend a small
party in a neighboring town Mindful of his responsible position in thu
concert, he .-.esitrted for a long time
b' fore accenting but lie was an easygoing, plean-re loving soul, and ���."ik'
idea dawned on. Him���he would' send
a substitute to the concert in his
For the .josition of substitute ha
picked jut a friend who,' could not
play the trombone, hot Hans assured
him that skil* was not necessary; ic
would be 3viough ii'he-should puff
out his checks and move the slide in
perfect time -.-iti* the other, tiombonc
of the instrument and hurried for :he
The substitute went to the hall. The
overture beso... After a wild bufs'l
of music and a crarrh of* drums came
deadly silence The frantic conductor
started at Uie substitute and waved
:is baton,    l-fw.ry h *ad in the orches-
"Unhappily Msted Birds
.' Divorces are not unknown to bird
life. Mrs. O-'.ve Then Miller,'who has
made a careful study of the domestic
life of birds, - say's that marriage
among them is noted for its stability
and joyousn^ss, and that the feathered
Darby and Joan will make sacrifices
to maintain the. family lifo. She cites
the case of a female bird which returned to its mate, preferring life behind
bars with a lover? one to lonely freedom in the woods. *.   V
"I am sorry to say, however," says
Mrs.'Miller, "that in spite of this usually happy state of domestic affairs
there are occasional unmistakable in
stances of bird divorce. Sometimes it
is the husband whotries of his spouse
and drives her away to make rcom fo**
a new bride. Again it ,ls tbe wife,
who, perhaps, makes up her mind that
the father cf tho family is not providing properly for its wants, and rejects him on that score. In one case
of tho kind which i have watched I am
sure this was tha trouble. The husband was a cripple, from nn injury to
his leg, and was certainly rather helpless. But he opposed vehemently all
efforts to drive, him away,, and succeeded ��� in maintain'ng his authority,
until he was again able to care for tils
And apparently some female birds
have advanced notions in regard to
their "righto," and a dozen have bten
seen grouped arcind one poor hunted
male, whioh looked in vain for a way
to escape, but found none.
Furthermore, ' among birds the
choice seems to rest with the female,
and the male can court as ardently
as he pleases, but his wooings will be
in vain unless the fair one is persuaded that he is the proper one to
share her home with her.���Woman's
National Weekly. * *
Beware of
Fake Baking Powder Tests
Unscrupulous manufacturers of baking powder, in order to sell
Uieir product; sometimes resort to the old game of what is known as
"the glass test." In reality it is no test at all, but, in cases where the
prospective buyer does not understand that the so-called "test" is
a fake, pure and, simple, the salesman is sometimes able torn:*ke him
believe it shows conclusively that the so-called baking powder he is
selling, and which of course contains egg albumen, is superior to other
brands which do not contain .this ingredient.
���- Bulletin No. 21, issued by Dairy and Food Bureau of the State of
Utah, reads as follows:���
"The sale,in the State of Utah of baking powders containing
minute quantities of dried egg (albumen) is declared illegal. The
albumen in these baking powders does not actually increase the
leavening power of the powder, but by a series of unfair and deceptive
tests such powders are made to appear to the innocent consumer to
possess three or four times their actual leavening power."
A capital story which Lord Minto
used to delight in telling was of an
experience he had while he was viceroy of India. One morning in Simla
he wanted to npeak to the commander-in-chief o! the Indian army before
the latter started work for the day,
so he set olf unnttendtd to.,pay "an
early call. When he arrived at the
eommander-in-chisf's official residence he found his way barred by a,
sentry, who apparently^, did - not recognize the visitor.
Lord Minto explained that he
wanted,to see the commander in- cli-eC
but the sentry declined to allow him
to pass, -, l
"But I am the Viceroy," protested
his lordship.
The sentry looked at him with a
pitying smile.
"Ah," he -ii.U'1 thoughtfully, "we get;*
all sorts ere. Last' week we 'ad a
cove that kidded 'isself 'e was Queen
Vicoriar's grandfather. We 'ad to.^ut
'im in a strait-waistcoat, so you'd bet
ter push on "���Tit-Bits.
The Size Tney Must Be to Show, Ir.
Our different Telescopes
Tlie Abbe Moreux, director of the
astronomical observatory of Bourges.
France, answers in Cosmos the question, "What ts tho smallest objoct visible on tho moon?'
First, it Is necessary to know what
is tho smallest angular magnitude that
tl.e naked eye can perceive. Experiment, says tbo abbe proves this to ho,
thirty seconds. In other words, an
object that sub-.tends an arc of thirty
seconds is first visible' to the naked
eye. Therefore an object having an
angular diameter of one second can be
seen when it is magnified * thirty
times, An arc of one second represents
about. G,000 square feet at the centre
of the lunar disc. Hence, a telescope
that magiifies thirty times will make
visible a spot. 6,000 feet in diameter
on the surface of the moon.
A more powerful telescope will reveal smaller objects. One with' four
inches aper*��re and a power of 300
will show objects of GOO feet diameter
One with a power of 2,000 diameters
will revaal details measuriug about
ninety feet.
This, however*, i; theory. "Tt takes
a trained and practised eye (to see
fine details Hi rough a telescope. The
agitation of the earth's atmosphere
by winds and currents interferes *er*
ribly with the use of very high powers
in telescopes. An enlargement of 400
diameters almost exceeds the practical limit. It can.be used only oii
perfectly wear, still nights when the
moon is high above thehorizon. This
will reveal objects 450 feet in diamet
er, but will not.show any form or de
Origin of Trooping the Color
The particular parade at which tlio
color, is trooped is common tn many
large garrison towns not only on :h��
king's-birthday, but on other days as*
well. The Uvulttion in the Brigade of
Guards attributes .ho invention of
this parade tc William,.Duke of Cumberland, Col'iiV:' of the Coldstream
and after.wards of the 1st Foot Guar.ts,
who was scandalized at the unsteadiness of officers scarcely, recovered
from their i-.'dnlgli' potation's when
they appeared or parede, at the thoa
usual hour ?f six in the morning.
The Royal Duke it is snid, devised,
the manoeuv.'e which requires eaca
officer and non-con missioned officer
to march slowlr and solitarily on a
straight line direct to his''post. The
least unsteadiness would be certain of
being detecied. Though the necessity
for this test happily no longer exists,
the parade continues to be caried out
in the form it> .vai first established.
The tug iurd turno   and was making
its slow v/ay upjircam, and Gold, by tra turned to see what was the trouble
the Captain's side, vas silently specu-1 But not a sound -aire from '.he, puff
lating upon die result of the telegram I ing, pumping trombone players,
the man clinker. Ye; she saw.no look ihe had despatched to shore, which, ifj    The other man also had sent a sub
cf sympathy la his' eyes.    Her hand ��� elective, wn.k place watchers along i stitute. ",
wns trom'u-Jrj"*,- *e she grasped the lad ! the French and Belgian coasts awaiting the coming of Holder '
Hut wliPtevev tragedy awaited tho
men in the motor boat, tossed and
beaten hy tho nor'-wester which raged
During  one  of the  battles  in  the
Spanish-America-   war an officer'was
wounded in .ho thigh, and for four or
Jiv.e_d ays_s:arg^onb_wfcre_engage(l__at_
tempting to discover   the ball    Their
sounding gave him excruciating pain.
On the fifth day   he   could bear it no
longer, and  cried  to    the    surgeons,
"Gentlemen; in heaven's' name,   what
.-.re you about'"'*
"We are "ooking for tlie bullet."
"Well, why* didn't    you   say so at
first?   It is in my waistcoat pocket'
dc. and mountfld lo tho boat, but she
showed  ,io  ether sip:n  of terror,
JHelder fo'lowed after her and put
the ladder away.
He leant over the st'irn of .the vessel, knocked out the detaining we.ig-*
that lielu the boa'., and -she s.id
Miiootlily down into th-r* water and
swung round with the tide, In a mln
ute tho er.gi'ii*-. wer. rovolyhig noiullv
and the motor-beat wan heading down
Clinker nnd Tiger Rrown had goiid
forward, and Holder .was loft alono
with the girl -i tlm littlo cabin alt. ilo
switched on n small light, evidcntlv
fed by an tic .uniiilator haltery under
the scat, at which pho moved nearer
tlio door nt ihe r,leni
"Perhaps you can give mo some in
format Ion?" ho said   after a while,
Sho rnadi iii- rep1'.   ���
"I think iiovLapa Miccr is liiHe you
In a certain town were two biothors
engaged in "he retail, coal^ business. A
noted evangelist visited tlie town, and
converted ..he elder brother of the
firm. For weeks after his conversion
the brother who ho A lately 'got religion" endeavored to persuade the
other to join the church, Ono day he
. "Why can': you join the church as i
, _, ..���     __ _.. ._   did?"
wan Comst'-oU-nell, a man vindicated\\ sll0,J, vnr\\ng w^*;js 0f advice and on      "It's all   l-jht. for you to he a mam-
grateful u, the poin. or worship, and - counigoment to ills brother standing  ber ot the church,1' replied Richard,
Harry Lauaer tells a story about
Rab McBetli. a frien.i cf his, who went
up to Glasgow oice to see a brother
off to America.    They said "good-by"
oi.tside, 11191": was something ol tra��-ion boardi nn(1 then Rah weRl aBi,&:.e,
cdy In the scone whicl was hcing en j nml ftS the'eiunt shij slowly drifted
acted   in  tljo  little  saloon.  For hero awfty froni tho riua*. Rab continued to
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
He Enjoyed it
Mrs. Bacon���So you ,and your, hus
band-wferit-to-the-musicalc?��� ^~
Mrs. Egbert���Ch, yes,
"Did you enjoy it?"
"Well, I didn't but my husband
seemed to. Yoa know, he can hear
hardly a thirrg "���Yonkers Statesman.
State of Ohio, -Ity of Toledo.     /
Lucas County, ^   - ss.
��� Frank J; Cheney makes oath that hs
Is senior partner of . the Arm of F, J.
Cheney & Co., dolngr business In' the City,
of Toledo. .County nnd State aforesaid '
and that said firm wlll pny the sum of
and every cukc of Catarrh that cannot
be cured by the use of HALL'S CATARRH  CURE.
Sworn to bef-*re me nnd subscribed .n*
my presence, this 6th day of,, December,
A.D. isse.'
(Seal). A. W.'GLEABON.
Notary   Public. *
Hall's IJatarrh Cure ts taken Internally and acts O'l'ecily upon, the blood, and!
mucous surfaces of the system. Send-for
testimonials-)  free. -
F. J. DHET*. BY ��� & CO., Toledo. O.
Sold   by  all  Drugg-ists,   75c, *  ,
Take rlall'8 Family Pills for- ��� Constipation.
here win liln wife, ot whom he had; on deck.
Belwccn Fingers, Spread to Tips,
Would Swell Up, Itch and Burn,
Did Not Dare Put Hands .In
Water, Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment Cured,
Cariimn,   Miinftnlirx.���" A bronkhm out
bl'I'A'.l'll HI.V |lll|"lT*l Willi till' lll'Nl, lI'Dllbll1.     It
wn.*�� vory In-liy iuul Kpri'inl to my lliuici' tlpn
iiffi'etliiK llm mill.i. It first,
iilijii'iin-d In wuii'i-y liilMiiH  i must  i|ii:ill?y  In  tin
no more than twelve hours' knowledge, no lituiro" to liim by convention-
a standards that, any casual nciiuaint-
(nice.   Sho had served lior pur-pose,
This Ahi.- he-self thought, lyliiR
tliero, utterly weary,'too exhausted ���>'
lior recent experiences to do i.nythlng
but think,
Sho had -crved her purpose���and
She had looked nt lilm through half-
closed ey*-1*. foi a long timo before li**
ir-uliKod sho liad returned to con-
scknisnnss; took ln tho now Uror
about his mm Ui which prison life luul
given lilm, lho hpiu'opobb���prison dlot
was njij.ionslblo���-mid the new look
of content which como i to a mail who
In fi'iic .nf cure and from whoso soul
lias be��i lifted u wolght of kocoI
She was rcidy to fnco tho worst,
yot having no clour idea in lior mind,
an to w.iat ���Ait'-, the Host, still Ion***
could slii. di'di-.o wllh any niii'talnty
what (lovul'iuiiu'ii'i. hIio doslri'd ii'i.Ht,
In t Ii tn .uuii ci bin, on this vory sot-
Ii'i-, Hh<* !i id gone Into this vory quon-
tlon tlnui ana tlino iignin with no
I'li'iitiT pn ii. What wuh hor I'liturc������
nml hiu?"
A   Hrliitlon   Nlio  hud   thought,  wuh
divorce  yel  the Hliriink from    tlmt,
, iuul with Riio'l ri-iiHi'ii.    l-'or tlm Miik-
! Huh law W ii boiiHtly law, und derileK
I relief to   lie i|ci*i*rit. uml .clean,    Yen
hog trough  for
imd they vcni mi Inti'iiHi'ly  | dlvorco, you    niiiHi,  "strip    thu    lino
in-liy I MTiiirlifil ilu'iii and  , friouk of lii-iiloMly    he blatantly   int;
li't tlm wutit out. iitiililii** | ashamed, oIku you must go nn living
the lifo wlnoii    ('Iri'iimstiuiccH    liiivi
minio for yon.
With CnniHlock Hall, tlio Ihhuo wuh
cleiirer, lie hiu. nc greater HtruiiKtli
of mind tliun h!io, yet iilnco he ���iiuh-*-
take the itilliiit.ve, His plan had boon,
InHniiHlldy fn-"inoi!, And It was no factor 111 It IK lit'Clhloll III.11 llu- ,7ili it'mi
J..,,   !.'.<���!'!  iipi !   llu
"C.ood-by W..11!"
'"HucU up, Wull!"
"Seo and beli*-.\o yersol!"
Rvory tln.e ho slu-utcd tho sh'p was
a little farther nwav, and Rab accordingly kept raising liis voico niore
and more. The other peoplo 'who
wore shoiuljg good-by wore* dum-
founded, and thol. gond-bys were
honolessly tl.owned in the toar of
Rob's voico,
When the ship whr about linlf .a
milo awny Rab let hlmsolf go with a
llnnl tremendous shout:
"l\llnd 'i:nl w.-lte linmo, Wull!"
A man ntand'n*, noar wont up and
touched itab's arm.
"If Wull di.esn't wrlto when ho gets
lo America,' he suggested, "you
fihould Jim; shoiii, across to remind
koi'is, Thr:,' would Hwrll
up, llt'li iuul burn iuul Dually
the tiiill'i wuiilil looNi-n rind
I'fiinii off, I s-pi'iit ninny
���.I'l'l-lesH nl/!ll(N, 1 did net.
darn to put my ham!*- Jn wiiirf i-xiviii. lu
wanh llif'in.
" 1 kl'Ill UKlflK iiUltljli'llls, ,	
oi.iii:,. nl, J-*;: n . ��� *' *i i ��� >��� -I "i i-..i iiii'.-,'<
tl*,ori'iii|'ill',M would li-ipalliiliiliiit I wiiinnti
fri'o frmii It (iltniii'tlirr. I wn.i Una way fur
nlnn yearn iryliw cviryUilii*.;, I tuard ot
Ciillcuriv Ko;i|i and (.Hiilinnit; uml si-nt for*
tliem nml Jirforn 1 Imd ii*-i'il ihi'in half a
llll/l-ll ium..�� t....- ��� '���������'-  -,������ -���'     '',"
Wiwllltll!  Willi  III" <.'lUi"iiril Snap (Hid lip-
plyltiK llm ("iiili'iira ('Itiiiiicnt l'pc.|in*iitly I
���wuh cured In three Hi'mi lm," c-lrrneil) Mk*i
I'lori'liro K, SiiiidiTMiii. Mny y��, Hill.
l''oriiiiirolli[iii(i/;eiiei-:itliiiiCiii|i-iini i-oap
and Oliitmi'iit lin*.ii i-ii'i-rdi-d tlm n .)-l eeo.
nouili'iil freiilnienl for iilfri'ilnnH of Ui* hl.lu
0f.ll M'lllp tlial- (nl'tMie, llili. Iieril
(ieHtroynleep.   A i*llu;li'!<'M I '.'ifii iisnllliinit.
I'llUl'IIIU. h(n|l imd '-'ulli -��*l lUTil'.' II'  il'-'
*oli| by ilru;*i*;t'i**< and <l.-Au-i i-uo ���.lin.-e.
l-'i-r a liberal freo Kiiiiiile nf eaidi. V-li li t'.J-n.
Iliiob, Ki'll'l pinl-rAfd 1�� I'M IU" Dr.,,' -t
Clicm. Corp., Ui-pt. I>, Jliwlon, ('. S. .\,.
A Difficult Problem
Whon llttjc Doris cllmbwl up to
her I'uthor'f. iUioj it waa (pilto ob
vloiis that some due]) probiuiv. was
H'oiiblliiR hur iii.urt. * l'resen'ly nhe
unburdened    iui'ioK   of   llm   inoiiiciii
tOllll  (|U(<llliOli,
"I'apii," .t'.o raid, "wuh It a very
wine poi'MOi* wlio slid. 'The good dio
"Yoh," HinlJeiJ tho fathor. "I Hup
pone ho niiiht lmvr been voiy, viry
"Well," sild tho child, after nuvl
Itutliig for -omo timo on the iiii])orr,
of IiIh an.iwur, "I'm not ronlly ho
inucli HiirpriSftil a'jout you but���
muiiimy--iu, I don't hoc liow mummy
niuiuigod to get growed up!"
Ainount of Food
Both age and se-r have an important bearing upon Uv* daily quantity
of food which each individual requires. Men, being as atrule larger
than wojien, generally require about
one-tenth mc:c food than their wives
and sisters, but there aro many exceptions to this rulo. As tho growing
bodies of children must be provided
with material for the building up of
now tissue, ovary healthy child should
consume more food In proportion to
work an.l weight thiiu an adult, and
almost every close observer l-as seon
growing boy: who eat vory great
quantities j-1 meat, bread, butter and
vegetables with apparent benefit
when takin/ a large amount of oxer
else every day. Infants under nine
months old cannot digest starchy
food, consequently nono should bo
given them *'he proper food for them
is milk. Trie brain worker's food
ought to bo provided In smal'or hulk,
In moro ciut'y digosted form, and U*
Vlonr���You know, Thomas, you sot | n���re concentrated shapo, tha:. that of
the younger men of the parish a bad i Uie man vho works with his hands
example by going into public houso* 1 in Uie opon nlr, and, whoso oigostion
on Sunday.   Why don't you tauo your' Is ""ally more  rotivo  than  that ot
'but if I join  who's going tc weigh
the coal?"���Tit-nits
' Who is ihat remarkable look'ng
"Himmol! That's tho magician who
yesterday turn id beer Into water, And
thoy lot u mnn llko that, go around
loose!"���Moggendorfor, Blaottcr.
. Swiss Woricn Shoeblacks
In England the shoeblack's calling
has always been a monopoly of tho
men, but in at leas- one Swiss town
il is invaded by w^men. Oi enierg-
ing from the' railway station at Zur-
lcir~ofre_ see?~tlireQ*~middle-aged���wo-r-
men kneeling at their wooden' blocks,
and eager to shine tbe travellers-
boots. Whon no customers aie forthcoming the shooblackesses ov Zurich
spend their, time knitting stockings
an industry closel*' vllied to Uie m: in
vocation of their .ivo3.���London ,Globe.
Once in a whilo the choira do got
back at the minister, as, for example.
In a Connecticut church the other
Sunday raornmg. The minister announced, jusr after the choir had sirng
itr anthem,- is his text: "Now when
the uproar hau ceased.' Hut ihe)
singers bided thol: time patiently,
and rendered in most melodious fashion nnolhd" nn them beginninfe, "Now
It is high titr.-o io awake from sleep.'
When a '.notlior detects from* tho
writhings and fro.ting of a child tlia;
worms aro .Troubling It, sho can pro-
euro uo betto. romedy than Millor'i
Worm Powlti-8, which aro guiirnntted
to totally oxyol worms from 'hr sy.-i-
torn, Thoy may nuisi. vomiting, b-.it
tern. Thoy ,".eed no anxloty, becni'so 't
Is hut a iruuiifes'.'iUioii of theii tluu',-
ough wont. No worms can long exist-whoro th'-s'** Powders are nsiid.'
gallon  of boor homo   on    Saturday
ThomnB������ Ay, sir, A' couldna gang
t' sloop wl' o gallon of boor in Uio
���   .- ���. ,j
Harry Laiidor win   boing rllnorl by
friends ut thr Lambs club, Now York.
oi.o evening, and of courso hosts, Tho
Scotch crmiediim has an endless fund
"A Dundoo farmer, who Hvod not far
from my ol.l homo in bonnlo Scotland," Under told Ills frloiids, "employed n t'-irm hand named Siuidy,
"'Hero, Sunny,' snid ho ono day,
'gang roon nnd nio tlio coos u ciihbiigo
onc-li, hut mln yo glo tho blggOHt to
the coo thut given tlio miilst milk,'
"Sandy departed lo do IiIh mimtor'n
bidding. Upon Iih- roturn tho eld
farmer iihIuh: lilm If ho hud dono as
ho wnH told iuul Iind divided out
tlio oubbiigor- lu'cordltig to merit,
"Ayo, TiuiL'tor,' rojilloil tho Inddln, 'I
g'od 'om ti cnbbagi a head, and hung
th  blKRent opo on iho pump handle,"
tho brain worker.
Visitor to Lltcrar*' Shrlno���You
Imvo Uvo.l hero forty yours? Thon
you must romombor him a�� a boy
What was ha llko?
Oldest Inhabitant -Woll, zur, If 'o
bo tho samo as 'o war when I know
on, 'o can't 'avo changed much.���
London Optti'on.
Ncthlna Doing
Ah Uio ui.:inu!i* mm liltered through
tlio luce (iiir.-nl.in   the bonrilliigdiouHn
Hitting room looked iiIuiohI cony ,md
'Ulrifttve     The  lirfiUitneHH  nHf|   f.onv
eVti'p"w,t��"Vo��ii"tpf'*i't. thawo.l tlu heart of thu oldest
fiO hy fill ten's.   Neviir linforn had lin
found time to   onl* nt hor critically;
ln un tivpiinnlvo moment ho tunod
men now Ins critical fiicultle-'i    w.to '"-v-rds ilio huiiliiidy,    who    wiih IiIh
only  companion  In  tho  room,    am,'
nliiHiilfik hur liimdH fcridly, murmin'od
"Will von he n,y wlfo?"
Tho woiii.in dli) uoi nlnn nor blush. ���
W N   U   1014
ibiiii*i.'d by t'.iu luiowliJilge of, the great
|.service .die Imd  rendered to hlni by
��� ui,-*. n.Hi���M*. ..:,i,:. :.*  r it :���.':������   !���.���!���.���
made. Ilo knew liisllncllvoly that
however largely lib* fe;irn had bulke.l
ip the al'fulr of tiio .UfiO no'o,
ln.wever mu.-li he nmy have thoiiglit,
standing iipr.n lho itireidiold of volun-
U.ry Iiiiiiiiiluticii, that that period wiih
i-i*',"-,'!!   "I" n,r*"1*"-' I'��������������� "���' lllH lho, now was
'���'������"���'������"   !,iit, (rj-f.jj-j  nioiiii.'iit  upon  wlneli    iho
! future d 'pended
|     She loiiiiM. very fvi��n(l��, lit1 thulinhl.
jshe had cl.niiged her wet tliltigs Into
n long --dlk kimono, dull rod, ami lt
j threw Into unitrast tho clear whlto-
I neiis of her \\W.r
""I    r-'li-'' operii'd hpr eytn with a amllo,
'���    -Well''" rbt  said,
Tho French poo** lnw dopnrtment recently advertised for ton Inspectors ti
cull at vnrls tliontroH and chock Uio
reoelpts so nn to mnkn suro Hint tlm
tnxoH duo to tho * dnptirtmont woro
correctly calcu'iatod, Tho number of
ti-pnllPntlnnR fnr thoso posts was 7,.l2il.
"tiadle, went Is ���** KvulUimui.?' auk-
nu tho tonclior,
"Plonso, iim'nm," nnHworod Sndlo,
"n rrt'ntlom'in's a man you don't know
vory woll."
So  Inoonclderate
The Indignant lady talked so loudly Mint hor woob woro made public
proporty to ail In tlio struct, car at
u sumtnor lOiiort.
"Yos, I've iiiltun u furnished houso
horo (or six weeks and I wish we'd
gono to au hotel, It anvcH such
troublo witn tho sorvants. Would
you boliovo It, that whon l'vo brought
my two miiliiH down to this L'onut'l'iil
plnco, w'.ior" tlioy hnvo son, air nnd
Hiinflhlnn at, tlin timo, thoy havo actually nsliot for their night out Just
as If thoy woro at homo? I told
thom that U was a nico return for
my klnd'.ious to thom, So ono of.
uu has to m'BH tho concert onco a
wook to clt p* liomo with tho child'
"Doy, wnich my horse till t como
back!"-called a mnn to a boy lou ig-
ing around the station as ho human-
od to bid farewell to a departing
friend.   ���
"Suro!" said tlio boy, taking tno*
Just thon iho lommotlvo whlst.od,
and tho horso, roarlnir, started '.nil
speed up tho rot'd,
Tho boy (Unroil afior tho floctng nn
Imal, nnd as the owner nppoorod, ox-
olatmed with rullof:
"It's a go.id t-hir,**; you ramo now
sir, for I couldn't Imvo watched hiir*
much lor.gbr."
Llnln.ent    Cures    Dlph-
Ilo���Mnrrv nin, f\oav, nnd I u*|i|
miiko It my duty to aiitlclimto your
ovory wish.
Rlio���Hut ".rn yon snro thnt your no
tlclpntlons would ho ronllyod?
Unless wornifl bo oxpollod from tho
systom, no child tan ho honlthy, Motn-
oi GravoH Worm Hxtormlnnlot Is tho
pest u��i.ilici��jc i;.*��laiit tu 'Icutroy
Is it fir- 'hut Winn iv uiiMi toiii'M
No mnldenly coynosj hIioiio from hor im's suro to got tho worst of It?"
Judge ITutilngton, whon lender of.
tho oppoRlt'on tn tho Now ItnuiH
wick ipRlHltMiro, foprosoiit'iig tlm
county of Westmorolnnd, wiifl onco do-
liverlng a ilgnrous nddrnun In th>
housp imginst somo mnnmirn of tho
governniont, tlion-l-ad hy Mr, Mlnlr,
"Oil, thnt *ny nonstltiionts tn West-
morpltind could honr mn now!" ns-
elnlmod tho oppoilUon loader tn violent tnnofl.
Mr, Rlnlr i otlonod to nn attondnnU
"C"[''-"fi Mk  ���"'rdnwq    ho Bntd
clonr, cold eyis,
"No, nlr," .-.lio mp'ir-'l, with cnlm do-
llborntloii. 'I'm H(,:-ry. but I cannot
marry you, You've been hem four
yon���, nnd -.rre milch too good a board"
<-.r to ti" put op. tin1 fi*"i' ll'it."--London Opinion,
'' A Phyals:l Imposalblllty
Mike, (to *:liemlst)���Tlui doctor said
���"Tiilcr on" o' Hit-no pills', tlin-c times
p. dny." I -ook one of tliem waiist,
but tho 'inn dneni)'*- live ihnl idn t.ilio
wan  of llilui three  timi-.**-."
'Thiit's ruthor overdrawn," replied
lho ono wltlt ii nmirrolHomo wlfo, "I
should any lint lio hna a flghtlni*'
���.lumen."---Town Topics,
"You aro nnt thn hoy you usually
caddies for tool"
���No, -s.r. 1 tossed up wit 'lm {or
"And you won?"
"I lost..'- -I ondo.   Mnll,
A womnn Is w'.I'Jpui older than a
j ���Hinn thinks ���'ho la.
"Goorgo, what are you hurning,
dour?" sho lelicd, goin*? to tho grato
and poorlns ovor lits shouldor,
"Tho loti,ers r. wroto you bofcro
���*c v,...;-o .u: trior)"
"You lioattlosH wretch! I wonder
If nil men nro bo dovold of Hontlmont?
"I am do'np U In your Intercut, clear.
I'm trying to fix things so that whon
I dlo nobody enn dispute my will en
tho ground of Ir.minity."
"Whnt Is Mm rirl-n of your milk?"
"Tell emit-., n qimrf."
"You can deliver tt hnro dnliy, but
mind tho nunllty Is alwayB kood. I
havo a milk tester"
"TJien It will bo live contB motb."--
Young Mnie-Tommy. toll lie* wlmt
your slstor ililultH of mo and I'll glviv
you n nlckni
Tommy��� Ain't n pood latipti worth,
nioro'n that'
Sol���V*J1, thou I wish yon thn snmi.-*
ns you vlslios mo.
Iltny���Thorn vou' am, Sol, Houlnnlnir
It nil over -ignln.������'vli'lnrn *4oplotv,
--^7~-    .   ���    ,/���,'*,,���*������-,,    i. e,., ,i/if';v* -r��Ff**>
wTmi*.*I"! r"*',! .���fSs-M-l.i',' J ''.
'���rX*' I
,#**1'***+y*+*+*iii*,vv��i**4\*.*> *��-��
. ��� NOTICE ij hereby niv on tint" npph-
catieu will bo made to thi Superinteud-
ent of Provincial Police, Victoria for a
lic9u.se to Boll liquor by wholesale upon
th op remises eituntc-d on Lot G, Block JCy
Oumborlaiul Townsite- Oumb��rlaml, B. C
- . OU LI ��� iti USS ATTO.'A p'r-licani.
Dated tkia 1st day ot October 19UJ.
.NOTICE is hereby given thatou tho first
diiy of D iiimbar next" application will bo
mado to ilie Supcriutenduat -of, Proviueial
���Police, Victoria, "fertile j-euowil of "tlio ho-
tol licwnso to Bell liquors by retail iu tne
hotel kuown aa thoL-irne Inptoi,. situutoil at
Comox, li.C.       .    Gkokge M. li.tiaow
.' Dated October 1, 1913., v
NOTICK is hereby given that on ll-e
urst^day of November 1914, application
will be made-to l!;e Superintendent ot
Provincial Police, for a renewal of the
wlu'.exale liqii ir iicense upon ihe premises known as Lot 24, .Subsection J, Nol-
Dated ���Sepiembcr 30, lyi,} , ;l
NOTICE is uOroby ('iron thai, on tlio
Gr.it -.hy of DccemWr m-xl application wi'i
bo livedo to tlie .SiipiiiiiUiMi-lont nl I'r-viu-
cial Police, Vut-oiifi, for the roiio.uilof llu*
hotel lii'oufc'e to sill liquora liy ic'.-iil in lho
Jiot.-l. liuuw as tho Wilsion hotel, I'ttuatod
at Union Hay ll.C,
Au-iucii li.u'K'- Horsk
* Dated .S-e-plember. *.';���?. J!)M
AMtmfi*\nmwu>K%M(*acmivrvrxuvnm*exrt ztm��Bji&n*tiAicnnmi)ixtr**3z<i,*wa
NOTICE, is hereby given Unit on the
first dny ufDecoiuber next uppiioationj-.vill
be made to tho Superintendent of Provincial' Polieo, Victoria, foi-11 renewal of tho
���hotoi license to sell liquors by rutail in
the hotel known, iu the Union hotel, situate at  Union, B.O.   Joh.v N. McLi-roi*
Dated Soptembcr, 123, Wit
'���tOTICEio lieioby given that 011 tlio
fiiuti day of Deceiubar next, application
. will be made to tbo Supei'inkihlcat of tho
. Provincial Police,' Viotoria, for the renow
al of tho hotel license to noil liquors, by
retail in the hotel known ;iis the Wuo-thus
Stopping PIdop, i'lit.ii'.te i-t Oyeter Kiver,
iu the Province of! liiv-itli Columbii.
Da'ed September 21$, 191-1. ,      *
NOTICE is hereby,-jivon   tnat* on   the
first day of Docombcr next application will
cinl Police, Victoria, for the renewal of tha.
1 liofcil licetiro to soil liquors by retail 111 tlie
hotel known as tbo Nolsuu hotel, situated
at Union Bay, B.C.   '      *   Jons I*'ium-.._
Dated September, 'A I9U
" lillli fTFMKMI
���of British Columbia,' Ltd,'-
,  Comox���Ukvon B ay���M a na i mo- V'ancou vku���Routr
Leaves Comox, Suudav, 4 p. in.* Tuesday 1 r p; m-
Leaves Union-Bay, Sunday, 5 p. 111 Tuesday, 12 o'clock, neon
For  Deuman Island*, Nanaimo and Vancouver.
RETURNING"--!*eaves Vancouver, Saturday and Monday, 8 pm
For Nanaimo, Union Bay and Comox.
Subject lo'changc without notice.
1 I HI P $
m m
rrv*. <$t jrt\ m
English 4 x BUBTON always on tap      also, the famous MILWAUKEE
��� BEWR-S���Air.lici-ii-.i-r,  l^.lmmian, Schltz.'&o!       "OLD GREY BEARD"
SCOTCH WHISKY, Boat Wines and Liquors'of all kinds
The lioardmg and Lodging Department, under the Ur-imwlklc' superintendence
will bo toui d Firat-olnsa in every respect. 1      "
Ki 00 por day nnd. Up
BLwaantt am.* m j aKwamoumaz n��>u*. Ksik'^JHau-xunwiYan urn elti r
the reserve, the notice of which appeared 111 the B. C. Gazelle on "Uie 27th clay
of December, 1907, is cancelled in so fails il relates tn the followiirj* parcels of
land:���the \V. 1 2 of ihe S. K. 1-4, tlie
.S. \V. 1-4 and the' S. 1 > of (he ,N. \V.
I-4\\ est of Uie river, in KSeciion 4; the S.
K. 1-4, the S. E. t-4 of ihe li. W. * 1-4
and the !\r.. V.. 1-4 ��n .Section,^; the ^.
i-:r of the S. E. 1 4 in Section S; the S E.
'1-4, lhe S. \V. J-4 .mi(I the K. 1-: of the
���N, E ,1-4 ia Seciion i(>, ami tin-E. 1-2
of lhe S. E i-^* and N. 1-2 in Seciion 21,
all in Tmvnslnp 3/S.iyw;iitl District, and
lhe N. E. 1 4 of 1 hi* N. IC. 1-4 in Section 32; the N IC 1-4 of the S W i 4 and
the N W i*.| andN 1-2 of the N E 1-.1 in
.Section .53; Uie N i-r. (A (he N W 1-4
and ihe,N 1-2 nf ij<e N E 1-4 in Section
;-)4; .mil Uie S 1-2 and N \V 1-4 of the M
W 1-4 in Seciion jj, all in Township ft,
Sayward Disuici.   * *
The said lands will.he op'en forentcy by
|n-e-eni|jiion on Monday, the 18th day of
May ai the hour of 9 o'clock   in the forenoon; all applications   lo.be 'Made al ihe
office of lhe Government   Ajjciu,   Vancouver.    No Pre-emption   Record  shall
include more than 40  acres  of land except in cases where it is  desirable lo   include small fractional   portions  of lej;al
Subdivisions*; information in which con
nection mav bc obtained fro'm'plans   on
view at the above,mentioned Agency.
,'-     Deputy Mini-iter of Lands.
Lands' Department,   Vieioria, IJ.   C,
February i/th   1914. ;
Riuhiu'deou Sbultz* deccused,-iu-
K-state. li;te ol' ' Strandby, Rupert
District, R.'C
IN THE M ATTKltVthe ���-"OIH-'
oial Aihni 11 i***-tr:itors Act,'*
TAKF KOTICH -that hy order oi His Houoi*' Judge Us-.i-ki-r.
inadH on the 10th day of Jiuu-
ID 14-, I was appointed Administrator l)f 'till* ICetHtC' Of til'*;
abovo-nu'iitioncd (k't't'iist'd, nnd all
puitii'i* liavinii I'liiiuift r.^ninst. tin.*
said 0!-.taU* arc iiorj'liy minimi to
fnniiili siliik',, p.-opiM-ly vorifu'it, U*
mu on or boforo tho loth day of
July 11)1.-1. AND all par-
tins indohU'd to snid ustato, aro required to pay'tlu* uinoiitit. of tlu-ii
iiulobti'dness tu mo   forthwith. '
Dated   this  lUtl'i   day of June
W, Wi-.sr.KY Wu.r.ARii,"
Ollioial Aditiiiiistnitui*,
Cuiiibei'huid, B. C.
NOTICE is- hereby ��ivon Unit on the
first day of Dieooiboi' next, applicatoo will
be mado totlioSuporiutoiii-lont of Provincial
Police, Victoria, for tlio i*oiicwnl uf tho ho
fcol lioonso to Hull licjuorB by, rotuil 'iu tho
hotel known iw tho Kvemido ho'tul, aituit-ce
at Courtoniiy, B. 0. ' O', II. I-'kciinku.
. I) itcd September 23, ION.
The Courtenay Hotel
Kviry oonvonionpe for guest**.
ThoContitil Hotid for Spovtamon
None, but the liesc of Wines and fjquovs
at llie Itar.
John Johnston,   Prop
umaxtxurttrit****** **t,hi��.v?-jv*����*m*i ru :*-i��waiiiJiniirti��*i'i��KM'*ii*��
^jv^-WV-l* MJ^S*^-^^i^^.Vl*J��j5
Better, .Cheaper Tlntn  Most'Dairy Feeds
Vancouver Milling & Gram Company, Ltd.
.. Distributors NANAIMO, B. C.
Section 4.2. '   ,
. KOTJCE In   hereby (liver,   thai
one       month        *tfrom,-       "chite,
iitiplication - will be  made'to  tlie
r * '^
Superintendent of Provinoial police.for.a license for the talc of
liquor by wholesale in* and upon
tbe premises situated in ihe"fown
of. Counenny, B. ���C.> known and
dopcribod as Lots 30 and'Sl, Sec-
li QJi-tiL '. 	
EN that the reserve of foreshore
and of the coal under the sea
'fronting ou Nelson and Newcastle Districts, notice of which
appeared in the B. C. Gazette
on'the 6th day of January, 1910,
is cancel ledv.   " *',
It. <A. Rkxwick, ���
Deputy Minister of Lands.
'   Lands Department,'   Victoria,
B. C-, 23rd June, 1914.
AtiTono sondliifl antftch kjc" v*!s->c��">��1.->ti Diny
qiilctlf iisoaruln nur cr>lr,lwi fica vti.&.'*r mi
luvontlna is prsbably iMiie-.tai'lu. (*un:wui.-l<n.,
tl-)r.-��j'.rl��tl>"i*o��[ldcn(bil. H^fJCiCPK oi!?i-,la:i��
so**::, fren. Oilss: woncy ftir iiac*rL']Kr>Mi.*-it��.
I'nu-wite teicn throueh Menu i* C-j. G040lv��
jf-t-rtaiTiofif*, vritbou&elnirra. In tU��
l hsads-xnelj* lUustrft'
���aliitk.u of nny r,cn*--ii
.'.aiiMlr., tl.'S t. yi-ar, \i
ill iiewudMiltrs.
(irviSiu   a*"a   MUp
'  UfuneJi oiDeo. 6*3 F
A handso-itoly* JlluatrRtcd wjoKlp. y.Avojt fl-*-
nulatli.u (i( nny scwitlflo JourrMl. Tyfiai .'or
C^iifcJj., tl.7S t. yt-sr, pa***nco Jfrejiild. gy'ii by
,-sl! iiewsawltn.
! Broedway,
W�� .
*-* '--"* ,\?~ ~i��, ������-/,
No. ti Mim. S--HOO*..
OI--AI-HI-'   TKNUKKS.   snjicrscribed
C. H TARBELL     J,f
HWHttmarntr���-������� wwww m*tt*-tiiw.it^ra>i.wm**haa**
iun-*\if*i.4j\. ,*fi#r*i��*ir'��?��*������������������� ������'.���"���'I. in��ji*n��^��*��i*.in��*i'*
Sportsaicns Goods
General Hardware |
��� iimiiii inri   *-  -......-.��.~����'������
N-OTICKto hcvohy pivuii that
tlio pnrim'raliip bomtotoro cxiBtinn
liCt.wc.iMi .lohn ThoriiHon nnd Arthur Denton under tho firm 11 uinc.
uml ftyliiof tho B. 0. Oiirn^o, cm"'
rviivn* on hur-incne nt -Cunilwrlnnd.
]\. C, wne oi> tlKi,17iii day of July,
1*i)M, duly diiflolvod by niutiml
crfiiHiMit. The B, 0. Grtmgc jh now
Kdluly ownt'ij ftiid will henodort li
bo-cnndiU'icd hy John Thomson.
Alldfthtp >tiii'.dimj previoiiH to tlm
dutei cf dii-Mijulion, tue payrtblo to
Aribur HiMi-nn.
Doted \ufiv.nl'I* IOMi
U. ('. (inrnji��..
EN that the Reserve, a notice of
which appeared in the * Dril'islj
Columbia Gazette on the 27th
day ol! December, 1907, is cancelled in so far as it relates to
lauds covered by Expired Timber Li'cmise No. 42936 -rind
known ns��Lot No. 374, Sayward
Di-Hrict; and tlmt the said lands
will.be opened for staking for
pre-oniption as uusurveyed lauds
in compliance with the provisions of the "Laud Aot" at 9
o'clock iu the forenoon ou Tuesday, August tt, 191,), For
further information apply to the
(���overuinent Agent, Vancouver,
thinngh whose- office all* applications must be made,
It.   A-Rkkwick,
Deputy Minister' of Lauds,
Lauds   Department,   Victoria,
II. C, June io, 191 -i,
Sealed ti'tnloi'i* will bo ���i,o''i*iv-"il
by tho Minifitor of LmiuU tint la
tei' than iiooi: on the 7th day nf
Au^mM, 1.1.1*1, for tho jnii'i-lnnc nf
Liceiiiie X -Ml; to on I. ���r.Hl.OOt)
feel of liiiihci' on an iimmi ailjniii-
illtr r.ot 171, Little. Vi.lde.n b*-l:iii.l,
SuVM'iii'il Hi'il'i'ict' Oui' "fiir will
lie r.U^v.'d I'i*-'.' t!'.'.-��� vt""'."'*l ..'!' th.cI
Kiii'tiici* parliiMilai'.-i of the Chief
lM>n.'i*"t<M', Victoria, l��, <\
7 Depot, gem-*; bieye.lc, plated
I'init', F.tvai^ht handlobiiii*; buck
wlicol lui:* freo wliiicl hub bnike,
tw<�� pitches on   Dunl-i-p   tir*'.'^ on
lliK'l'    wilCCl.       Ko    lilli(ijrn;i|*il     oil
front wheel,    lul'nnnaiion   in   E.
- Trains will arrive at Cumberland from Union 'Jtoy nt S.HO on
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
evenings, and will leave for Union
Hay Wednesday and, 'Friday 111 7
in tho morning, and on Saturday
at 0.30 111 the evening, There is
no ehange in tho   S. S, Cowiiihan
Any person or porsona, cutting,
ronioviiio or .taking miy blocks
tiinbei' or wood, uf any deseriptiodn
.lolonging to tho AVellinn-ton Colliery Co'y*, or I'roiii or off the land
of the said Oompnny. or anyone
tipping rubbish of any description
anywhere upon lhe company's*
land will ho pi'o.-i'i'.uted to llm full
extent of tho law.
J.Jl. LOCKAllD. o
Cu'iiei'iil iM an rigor,
Colliery Co,y,
' Dated this 1.5th. *dny  of   April,
1914.J    -' ' .   ,
y ; ,,      ' ., '���"...",Ltd.-
Conrad ltcilel,
'   ',   '        Applicant
"��������" *m' t
IN THE MATTER of an Application for a fresh Certificate
of Title   to   Section  '5  .Comox
JJ) "'I" Iji-J ��t., :__	
SKA LEI) TKNOKKS. supcrscriiierl
"Toivlcr fa- No. "> Mine Sr.hcul,"
.till b'e rei-civii'ii liy the llanouraljle ihu
MiiiisliT of I'ul-ilic Woiks up to noon of
Ture*tla\f, O.ie iyili<l��\-of May .\qi.\ for
lhe erection ami cjniD'etion of it' two-
room sv.liool-luuiTC ;it No. S Mine, Cumberland, in lhe Ccmnx Jileol.or.'i) Disirict.
l'l.ins, spccilicntn.ii*.-, contirici ���p.ncl
fums ol lender may be seer, on and af-*
1*t .the ist diiy .. of. Mny,.
nj 1 *, at the ��� o iTR.<r e , 0 i
Mi;, J, Hninl, Government Ayent, 3om-
berlitiul, U. C; Mr,. A. J. SiHliiTl.-ind,
Secietary of iheSctiowi Hoard, .Ciimbw-
lind; U. C; and the DepaituiOnt of
Public Wniki-, \'ictor(A.
Hy npplication 10 ' the uiuteraig'iiMl,
crowtractois may ohta;n a copy of the
plans and specific-ili'ins fcr iho sum of
ten ds-Hurs ($10), which will 1)> relundsci
on returiii'i" <jine ini;ivod <)rdvr.
Kach jjioposril  must be ricctmpunied
b��y an accented  bank shcm'ie or- ceriirfi-
cate ofdepoiit on .1 chartered  bank cf
Canada, made payable  10  lhe   Honourable the MinihU-r of Public Woilrs, for'*a
^u^^, equal lo 10 ret* cent of tbe lender,,
.i-hich shall* be. furfcitf d1 if the parry ;ch-
k't'in;' di'c'iine   u:   enter   into  contract
���then called ii|>oi> 10 do' so, or 'if ha i.n". ,
o conv.)lct'-*   the    work.Conir.-icled   for.
Ihe che(*t'e& 01 certificates  of deposit ol -
insucces-ful fendca-rs will   be  retmneri
-.i   the-n   upon   the   execuiioii   of   the*
ronii-n-i., -
itidinf.' on loe-omotivon and   rail
way oiivi*. of   lhe   Union   Colliery
Oompnny liy nny  pi'iM*!*.   ur  piu*-
:{uiii----o:u*vpt lain crew- ������{���.' strictly
prohiVi'fl.    K111 ploy (''ns   ''l*.-  **uh-
icc to (ii.niii.-,.-,.:il for ullowiii"  I'am-
By order
Oener.-il MruKU'i!,.
LIQUOR ACT, 1,010.'     ���
Seel ion -12.
NOTIClfl is -Iwreby given that,
ou tho .1st day of, December next,
application will be mado to the
Superintendent of Provincial l'ol-
ice for renewal'of the hotol licence
to sell liquor by relail in the ho:el
known as ,tne Maliu-pinu .1101*,* 1,
.-i'uat�� al Lund, in lho Province of
British Columbia.
.Dated this'old day di October,
Li QUO 11 ACT, .1910.
Section '1'2.
N'OTHJlil is hciiiby given that,
ou the 1,-t day oi December nest,
application will be innd" 10 the
Siipoiiiiiondi'iit of Provincial Police for renew.-. 1 of tbo hold licence
to null Jitjuor by letni) in the hotel
known iii-i tlm Willow-- Hotel, nitu-
11 to ut* ('imiplell River, in the Province of IMii.-ih ('oliinihiii,
DaUrd   till*-- SUi  dny of DctnUsr,
Siiywiii'il l.iinl  liiii'i'\-.v
])ii,l. id. nf Saviv .i-l
,N0TICE is hereby given oi
my intention at the expiration,oi
one Calendar month- from ,the
��� first publication hereof to iss.ie a
fresh Certificate of Title in lieu
of the Certificate of Title issued
to Thomas P-cecroft Usslier La-
cou on the 3rd day of September
1891, and numbered 12567 A,
which has beeu lost. *
DATED at the Land Registry Office, Victoria, P>. C, this
23rd day of June" 1914.
, vS. Y. Wootton
.Registrar General of Titles.
(Section 35)
Tenc'ers will not be considered' 'urilc.s*-
made out on ihe   Tonus supplied, signed
���.villi the actual signature of the  tenderer and   enclosed in the envelopes-finn
ish.-it l>
The lowest or any lender nol necessar
ily accepted.
*      J. K. GRIFKITi-i,
.Deputy Minister*.ind Pi/blic Works
Knijiiieer- Department of Public Works,'
Viclori:-., lb C, April 28,1914.
myO ' my 16
���C* tr      js.   *���*. w r       ^->. w   -r*mn -t"
for the Milk waoon        ���*>
wiih the Green Hox        %
Our Mill' is the. product
of, the Lest l*ed Cows
%      ^  FRHvSH    MILK | *
^Delivered morninoj* eveninj*;?
NOTICK is hereby given that,
ou the ninth day  oi   May   next,
application will be made  to   the
Superintendent of Provincial Police for the ojiuuiug of a license
I'or the sale of liquor  by retail iu
aud upon the premises to be con
structed in aceoulauee with   the
plans and specific-it ion0, to bo !;;
ed with lhe   -.Superintendent   ol
Provincial   Police,    aud   to   be
kuown as the Pier Motel, aud to
lie situate at or near the [n.ivern
menl wharf at Royston,   Nelson
District, British Columbia, upon
the lands di-seribed as   Lots   20
and -a 1 in P.loek IC of the Subdi -
visivmof pari of sections.)  aud
6 A.
Dated ibis ist day   of   April, j" ��� ~~~
I !. MARUYA       *T
! (io TO-
KOIt   VOlMi
Genl Blacksmithiwg
riiird St.    ciiuibi'i'i.ii'U,
IIai'.kv Inir.NS,
I Ml  .   t " 11    T-fS'lT, M
���(,;��-,-",v-;;vi-'-.Tinv'-1 c.y, Viiiir-t 1
Applicant, j 6 f\      (jlZcXn\Tifl
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Star Livery Stables
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a THE    NEWS,,  CUMBERLAND,   B. C.  Ileal  tiavai  SlmclaUon  ^  A ttraljhUtrwud ENierotu  offer   Irom   au  ectabllubod  firm.    Y������'tj &ra slTlfir awftj  Watches   to   ilioiutuidi    o<  people ������il   o-rer   th������  world    m    a    hma  fcdvo'-tlsunont.    How  U    your    ehauoe    to  Obtain ens.     Write  now,    anclMlut   23  tenu lor oca ol   our  tuhlon-O-.la Latltafl'  Ixkii      Gnordi,     or  WVA &W&%M(/J/y ������"tI������wo i������W to wear  1*. VJ������X*WS^^*5������Krr wllh tha wuch. whleh  mil ba fiven, Kma  (the-M iratchea ara  rnatant������dd flva je������ira),  should Ton Uio ad-  1 T-uitiL?a ol or* xnarval.  .'���������Join ������C������i������. We ������n-������et Ten *������ 1*11 roar friiwda  j.V-wl us and Bhow them tho koaatllal intfh.  i Xuu't Oilnk thla oiltr too good to ba trua, bat wnd  i lift ennte todar nnd caln a Kn������ Watfh. **i'ou  S *t������.ll U, ar.mrcd.-WlU.UMS 4 I.I.0Y3), Wholwto (  ���������I ;.-cc;!'..a llJtvt lit I, (9, Cornwall!* ltoad, London, II., j  ��������� Tjtiit.j-.it. ���������-     R  Millions In Posters  Between 5i2O.OO0,O0O and $25,000,000  was the estimate placed upon the an  Dual revenue from billboards in tbe  United States and Canada, by delegates at the opening session today of  Uie annua! convention of the Poster  Advertising Association of America in  the Morris Guards' Armory. Hawaii  Mil Manila also were represented.  Taking* into account the high figures  paid lor lithographs and the use of  billboard "plants" with which not only  the large cities but hundreds of small  towns are Jotted, the industiy is admitted to b:* one of the most profitable in the country. This accounts, it  ���������von explained, for the large number  oi' theatre owners, baseball magnates  and oil-err who have gone into the  business on an extensive scale during  tlie last th r^e years.���������Atlantic City  cor. Public ledger.  "     F������*UJA|_  FOLIAGE  Looking   Fo/   Mother's  Spectacles  in  Fatfiei's   wlnskers  In the American Muguiiiue James  Montgomery Fiagg writes au amusing  piece euuued "**,*, ni-ikerculiure'" Following is au extract:  "It's a.heartreuumg sight in any  case, this facial landscape gardening,  from tho time that vthey innocently  say at brea-uast, 'You forgot io shavo,  this morning." dear!' (it has taken  three days ior even tho rough sketch  you show them!), to the dreadfui harvest of you*: uordous inspiration.  "Picture the nervous strain on ths  wife and bauts, as they wiUies**, the  gradual budding (blossoming) and  fruition of" the horror. How they sadly watch tho head of the houso slowly  disappearing iu a cloud of brambles.  "See thois outstretched dimpled  arms and hoar those sobbing voices.  'Come back tc us, papa!'  ."Isn't your pride touched on tho raw  when your wife lifts up the door mat  in the vestibule and kisses it gcod  night on account "of its comparative  silkincss? Stop, .consider, you who  through some inherited mental weakness do not know the difference be  tween right and whiskers���������hesitate!  Why add to tin strain of family life?  Even if you have provided your wife  with a vacuum cleaner why multiply  the cares of a busy housekeeper?  "Ask yourself it' it will add in any  way to the pleasure of any one in the  family. When your mother has mislaid her* steal-rimmed spectacles does  it not make one more place that has  to be ransacked?  "Men who embark on a career of  whiskercullare are obviously thoughtless. What man would cultivate wis-  'taria chiiiensis on his chin if he visualized himse'f at some future breakfast having to loop up those vines  with portiere cords in order to slide  a poached o?-g in without .mutilating  it?"  Baseball Players Who Play With Eggs  One of the freakiest ball games ever  staged this spring at Portland, Ore-  goi:, by teams representing two men's  clubs from cnurches.' As a feature it  was worth while.  Each player was required tp carrv  au egg in ont hand and play ball with  the other. Runs and hits were counted as usual, but in addition, any player who broke his egg gave, a run to  the opposing team.  The final score' was 4 to 2 (actual),  but the tota; score was 15 to 11. The  game was a five inning contest. Each  guardian of the initial sack broke  three eggs, one catcher broke three  eggs and the other, one.' The, pitchers  I led iri the number of broken eggs. The  climax of tlu* game camo when the  shortstop threw his egg to lirst base  instead of the ball, with rather disastrous results���������for his own team and  the baseman.  Soft corns are difficult to eradicate,  but llolloway's Corn Cure will draw  tl'cin out painlessly.  , A commccial traveller driving from  tew if ic town through the pine woods  of Florida st*,w a drove of emaciated  Ti7or-back hogs rushly wildly from  tr������i> to ;.rce. He baited at the palings  o." a "Cracker's" home and asked a  iVt man in p. sunbonnet what was tlie  mat lor with the swine.  "Weil,   you* see,"   the   woman  ex-  - j>i&in<'d, "my old man is deaf and  dumb, and when* he wanted to call the  In n business men' club In a western town uiere sprang,-up two factions, one which criticized the steward because he did not provide Uie  members with good meals, and on9  which defended him hotly. The dispute got lier-.er and fiercer. Half the  club wanted to fire the steward at  ouce. The other half said he was efficient. Then, without warning, the  steward himself decided the momentous question' One dny at lunch, time  i> member of tho club asked a' waiter.  "Where's the steward?"* "He ain't  here," replied the waiter. "He said he  was going down the street to get  something good' to eat."���������The Argonaut.   ,  Women First  Two friends b'oarced a great trans-  Atlantic liner and set sail Co**' Cherbourg. Ons was a good fellow. The  other was p niggard.y man. The first  night out ti'.ey v-.-ent to their stateroom,  ' Bay, Bob,' said the niggard'-y man,  "1 wish you'd step out on deck while  I undress."*  "That's a.remarkable request,' objected the i-ood fellow. "Why have  you developed this streak of bashful-  ness at -his. late dr.y? 1 never saw  any signs of it before."  'Never mi.id about that," said, the  niggardly man.   "Yo-1. get out!",  After a long nd acrimonious argument, the good fellow went out bn  deck and stayed ha if an hour. When  he returned to the stateroom the nig  gardly man was stretched out in the  upper berth Moreover, he was dressed up like a Christmas tree in berib  boned nightgown and a woman's.boudoir cap. ,7  "Say!-'*"e"xoiaimed���������tne-good-rfeHowr"  "What in thnnler is the matter? Why  have you got that make-up on?"  Minard's Liniment Co., Limited  Gentlemen,���������In June '98, I had my  hand and wrist bitten and badly mangled by a vicous horse. I suffered  greatly for several days and the tooth  cuts refused to hea*. until your agent  gave me a uottle of MINARD'S LINIMENT, which I began using. The  effect was magical; in five hours the  pain had ceased and in two weeks the  wounds had completely healed and my  hand and arm were as well as ever.  Yours truly,  A. E. ROY,   ���������Carriage Maker.  St.  Antoine. P.Q.  Discussing a popular novel of little  worth, a well known critic said:  "The pathos of the book is. really  hu-thos.' It, leminds me of a man's  widow. . The good woman was ..about  to sell ;ier household' furniture, he:  rugs, pla.ted.ware and what not. As  she was "goiug over these articles her  eyes filled with tears, a host of niom-  ^ories���������rose-to_her_mind,^and_iayjng,  aside a aalf dozen knives, she said:.  " 'Oh,  dear   1, can't let    these go,  "Look at ir-e and be wise," said the  They've oeen in poor George's* mouth  niggardly mixn, "Remember the Titanic. In case- of a wreck, women ami  children first"���������The Popular Maga  zine.  Soak a clean  flcwer-pot  for some  hours, thon  fill  up the hole in the  ,       *.    . , .. . ,i bottom with a piece of sponge; cover  hoes he learned them   to   come when  this  with  a, layer ���������f small  pobb eg  ho lapped on ono of the trees. It  ���������worked all right when they first got  learned, but now them woodpeckers is  nii.kiii' lhe poor things run their  1**j*h oft'."  "I It now a nature fakir," said Mr.  Jlnclio, the author, "wro claims that a  lien of liiH <aat mon'li hatched, from a  witting of sfcv anteou eggs, seventeen  chicks that had, in lieu of feathers,  fur.  "He claimed that those fur-coated  chir.ku wero a proof of nature's adapt-  fcUon of nil fniinals t.^ thoir environ-  nimt, lho seventeen eggs having  brfio of the cold storago variety."  1LWAYS TIRED  May Find   Help  in This  Letter,  ������������������i,*^,toM*j*iiiiii  Half fill.tha pot with alternate Jay  ers of sand, charcoal, and gravel. Th  a piece of fine white muslin round  the top of the pot, pour the water  on it, allowing li*tu run through Jie  flower-pot Into' a pan beneath. The  sponge must bo fr .quently and thor  oughly cleaned.  "My house Is so well organized,'  said Mrs. de Graw, "that I don't go into my lc.tchen once a week."  "That's the pleasant way 3he puts  it," hor hiiBbana explained. "Ab a mat  ter of fact, sho's afi'aid of her cook,"  ���������Judge.  too often."  Scrubwomen  The appearance of charwomen on  their knees scrubbing, an office,floor,'  a public corridor, or! the lobby of a  theatre is aot one which inspires respect in the ordinary passerby. Tlie  work; of public cleaaiiig bears, in aiJi*  tion to the ancienL stigma attuclied  to menial work, the ignominy of being done in public places. The dishevelled working clothes and tlie humble  pesturo of the scrubbers seem to deprive them of any measure oi hunuti  dignity. - * '    '  ���������  In the majority ,of public buildings  the scrubbing It done" in tho most  primitive fashion, for as long ns the  women's labor is as cheap as it Is.  there Is littlo incentive for employes  to adopt improved methods of work.  There is also a general belief that  women do ihlb sort of work, more  thoroughly then mer���������a fact ��������� which  has served to prolong their tenure.  Moreover, iho scrubbing machines  which have been tri-id so far havo not  been satisfactory. The superintendent  of one building experimented* with ono  in the large *-. round floor thoroughfare,  but gave it up and returned to primitive hand-and-knee scrubbers.  The dangers to health from constantly breathing in the germ-laden  dust of great assemblage places need  scarcely be mentioned. The public  cleaning woman is the first and chiof  victim of the disgusting habit of spitting. Decent women were compelled to  scrub floors unspeakably defiled by  spitting, a condition as dangerous as  it was revolting. One woman i\as said  to have ac-uired tuberculosis in her  finger from scut-bin-? the floor of an  orchestra. It is true that not all  cleaning jobs werrr equally bad, but  the worst mvolved hardships which  were an offsose against humanity and  bore no relation to the numbets of  women engaged.  But the ability to make the best of  conditions which we can't remedy belongs to theso women as well as to  others more fortunate than they. Hear  Mrs. Clintoii, as she walks to the  theatre at 5 o'clock on a snowy winter afternoon ."7. think I'm going to  be able to keep this job," she says  "because six womei have tried it be  fore me and all of them gave it up  But I'm a steady worker, and that's  what people want in New York."���������  Katherine Anthony in The Survey.  Her-.Awful Threat  A youngster who already had eaten  more. cheese than was good for her  was greatly injured when the plate  was placed beyond her reach.  "All right for you, mother!" she  cried. "When I get to be a womaa  I'm agoing to sit up" all* night and eat  cheese and * ananas, and"���������she shook  a small, warning finger���������"I'm going  to lick my plate!"  THE BEST  FARM LUBRltANTS  CAPITOL  Cylinder Oil  For steam engines.  Gives maximum of  lubrication for minimum of oil used.  Thousands of satisfied users testify to* its  superior lubricating qualities.  PRAIRIE  Harvester Oil  Just the oil needed for farm machinery.  Reduces friction and wear to a, minimum.  Stays on the bearings, and is not affected  by weather. * ���������=  -  STANDARD  Gas Engine Oil  Burns cleanly with minimum carbon, deposit   Lubricates properly under all heats.  Atlantic Red Oil Premier Gasoline  Renown Dynamo Oil  THE IMPERIAL OIL COMPANY, Limited  Toronto Montreal Winnipeg Vancouver  Ottawa* Quebec , Calfiary > Edmonton  Halifax St. John . Resina Saskatoon  1  He  was  an  inquisitive  old  gentleman, ancl hi wandered about the deck  with   a  freedom   that  threatened   to  bring down on him the wrath of the j tc arouse him today  observant sldpner. Neighbor -Why    didn't  He carried on a one-sided conv-sr  Knew   It, Was  Wet  Wife���������My    nusoand    caiue   lume  from the- club last night with such a  swelled heacf-tliat 1 haven't Dteij able  j-tti-X   *<*km  'k  Swim CrooM, Mich,���������"I ennnot Bpoak  t������o highly of your medicino. When  through neglect or  overwork 1 Ret run  down nnd my appo-  tito is poor nnd I  hnve thnt weak, languid, nlwiiys tired  feolliiff, I put ii bot-  tloof l.yiliuE, Pink-  hiini'H Vogotftblo  Compound, and it  buililn mo up, plvcn  m<* stroncth, nnd restored liifi to perfect  lioulth ajrain, It is truly n ***i"''iit blessing lo v/nrm-'n, and I cannot ppenlc too  liljrlily of it I tnk-n ploaaur'-in rnfiom-  mi-ndiiip it to othi'rn."���������Mrs, Annie  Camuion, IU'\D., No. VSwan Crock,  Michigan,  Anollior Sufforor llfilloved.  Ilcbroii, Mo. ��������� "floforft takiriff your  riirfu'ilios l witn mi run down, iiiscour-  i.j,-������ .1 uinl had U'Uiidti Wfutitn;i.i, I Itffk  Lydin K, I'lnklitun's Vcgiititblo Compound nnd mrd tho Snnatlvo Wnflh, nnd  find todny Hint I nm nn cntiroly new  -womrin, vendy nnd wlllinpj to do my  }i/i-t"iiti'(\rl(   rto\nt   whoro  br-fnn> tnl'lTn*'  your Hiiidloino it wns a drend. I try to  Irriprexi" upon tho minds of nil nliln*?  women I moot Uio benofiu thoy can  derivo from your modicinoa.-' ��������� Mri*.  CiiAiai'S Rowb, IL F. D., No. 1,  Hebron, Mnina.  If you want npncial advioo  writa (ft Lydia F��������� Vinkliam Mori.  iriiiis (,'n., (pontldontiul) Lynn,  toiisM. Your lfit<*������r wil ho -np-fnod,  road himI a-nsw-t-r-r-'l Iiyawnmnn  v.vd Tic''' In K(rf<*< rnufl^*- .  A junior barrister was hurrying  across tc tlio :nw courts when lio almost collided with a cab. The driver  who had pulled up with a jerk, pro  nounced his opinion in plain Engl'sh  about ivfcsont minded peoplo.  "Couldn't you seo the blooniin  'OSS?"  ho  asked,   with withering jar-  CUBlll.  "See him!' gasped the startled bar  rifltor, looking contemptuously at :ho  iMiimal hotwton lho shafts. Then hf  stopped on to tho curb, .."I didn't sou  your horso '/:'on 1 stood in front of  lilm," ho adder, 'but 1 enn seo m-une-  thing when i li-ok nt liim sidowajs,  A copy of ii vury rare hook, tlm  "Speculum Clv-stinnl," printi*d bv  William do Miiclillnin in lis:1,, wns  Hold at Wobb.,1. 'IoiIkhoii'h ru>iiin In  (Jlmiinory lnno for $(!00 a fow tlnvs  ago. Miichliiila mid Union, his  partnor, woro tho lirst prlutore >n  London, and tho farmor had bin press  In lloliioni,  A very mild noni. of Hnglnnd vlcnr  hiiil for nntiio tinin bocn dlnplcnni'1!  with tho quality of nillll snrveil lilm  At lotu'th lm iliHci'inliioil to roiiiim  litrntn with Ha milkman I'or uupplylnq;  siu'h weak Blulf,   Ilo hi'gaii mildly  "l'vo bi'iiii wnniltii*; to hco you In regard to ih ��������� rir.aU'.y of niilli with wlccii  you aro Knrvln*,' mo."  "Yen, Hlr," iiriodHlIy answered lho  triidoHiiinti.  "I only wanted to nay," contlmifit  tho mliilHtor ' thai I imo tho milk lor  dietary purpo-ius inclusively, and not  for clirlHtonlng,"  sation with the "man at the wheel."  and did all thini-'-- he ought not to  have done, and the features of 'he  skipper iverc not good to look upon  . Then, in 'he blissful innocence of  his heart, ho actually approached the  cr-ptain' himself. It was Inevitable that  there should be 3oniPihiug snid, out  It was tho little old gentleman whfl  proceeded tj take tie lirst Innings  * fie told liim his groat-grandmother's  second cousin 'and bocn a saiiorman  and prattloJ of storms that' carr-ied  al' before thorn  "In the lust emergency, \ h-������,vo  hoard," he .'r.mtinuod "it was' custom  ai'y to throw ovarbenrd lho wliole of  the cargo to 'lighten the ship. Did you  ever do ,thar, captain?'  "Woll, .v.m!" admitted tlio sklppor  with surprUinp clioorfulnoss 'Mut  only as a Ian ro-senrce, I never waste  my cargo mitil I've used up my pass  ongers!   Tiny go first!"  Then tho litvlo old gentleman had  a thoughtfu. 11 lhat kept his tongue  quiet for Ivc hours.���������Pearson s  Weekly,  you try  pouring a Ditcher of water ovor Iii3  head.  Wife���������I did that very thing, but  the only thing he did was to call out  foi an umlreiia  Tlio Sorioim -Girl���������I always work t-**  bo ongn^od at a hi-ihor salary thaa  tho year liofrio,  The j-Tivo-i-jtiu air.���������And | always  try to ho oiiriupiI to a higher salary  than tho yon, boforo.  Mcl'hcrsnn,  I'm  ugiiiii,    You'vo  W  .*-.   O   1014  Mr.  W\  V   I'.lbofl. nn  r.nt'l'vh in-  vontnr, Ium ovlilbltod a dnvloo ho Iiiih  invented for o'obIiir thn portholes of  all Uio cibliis fn i nlilf; within a m.n  uio  by  loudilng  a  button    on   lho  brldgn.  , -      ,  i -.   1,1   ,  ...i,....  ,.   ,i,i������ .,.  ,.*v.    O.,,,...-..* .**     .,..fc       .......    ���������   .....,,  it ruck In tho hI-I5������ hIio usually li-ticth-  ovcr to fiiK-h an extent that wator  pourfl through hundreds of pr,"lholos  nnd (Iooh diirimgo which    no    wator  llof'tor-'Woll, Mr  guid to Hen ynr ou  had n long illnom**.  .MoI'Iiorson���������Ay, doetor, and  vnrrn  oxpoiiHlvo wns   -viinilfiin   If     t  wns worth while at ma timo o'- lifo,--  ''unci),  M're Elective  The smal.i uaugiitoi* of n' certain  family had been praying euch evening at bedtime tor a baby sister, The  other morning her mother, reading  the paper, exclaimed: "I seo Mrs.  Smith  has a little daughter,"  "How do you know that?" asked  the child, ���������    *  'I read It tn the paper."  "Read' it lo mo.",'  Tlio mothor road. "Morn on June  i!th to Mr, and Mrs. John Smith, u  uatightor."  Thu child thought a moniont, then  said: "I know what 1 am going to  do. 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Daughliir In the ovunlngj-���������1 ��������� am  very much atruid HonnAliiug will hap  pon to you on tho HtruotB at tilh'Dt,  Vou iniiKt hn iiioi''.' -"i-i'ijlul of yom-HcU,  aud not lm out ho hi to.   If anything  }>i t;t,al   inn',*   ii   !-**   ^ i^u,   . u      Id   un.'.  TlK'V rivo .'iii'.aiif'd now,���������New York  Wookly,  "f noll-jod j ou applauded that arm  Iohh woiuliT M ������ho iihow hiHt night."  "Yon, i <h'i,-,p,lit he doHurvod u hand."  rtf.,,.m- ii-,i,.,.,,,in  JlnkB���������Ho't tn fond of prophoiiylnB,  you might .Irnk ho wiih an I'ligur.'  ItllnkH- --Vi-li  ho'H iir>xt thing to It.  light coinpiii"tnu'ntr can prevent, Tho[llo'a a bom.- Town Toplcn.  di.vlno coiif-Ih'  of floxlblo  Hterl  nul.*)  along tho sldoi of the nhlp nttacli-  cd to lho f.orthol'.'is and worked by  liydrauHo powor.  at niituiiiiw*- a tji-ivn down the hack, alwny** ru:inirns after mo so,  Askcr-Could you kind nio a V!  Toll It���������No. I couldn't.  Askfr���������Il.ivc) you a friend that  would irn'1 'fro n V*>  Tolllt--No, ; hnvo not a frloud tc  Hparo.  "My d'.-nr. flint dr^HK ia cut too low.'  T'ni'io'H n.i ini'iisi.ig you,   You kirk  A t3lt of Gdellc Wit -"���������  A foiomnc o.i ouo ol tlio Inrgusi  I'.lH'B of nib wny linn a konn Oaollc  wit. Oiio ���������vi'-rn: iiftormcon, -.villi**  wallilng nloiig tl.- lino, hu louiiil uih������  of liln mon -rhiiiMly slooplni? an Mia  enibuiiKiuoiK -The "Iiosh" loohiil din  guoHU'dly at tho ���������Iimiiuiuoiii. for n full  iiiiiiufi' and tlicn I'liiniii'luiil "Slapj  on, yo lazy spiilpoon, rilapc on, fur as  long an yun ������lapi; you'vo koI a J'jii,  but whon you ,v-'.ko up you ain't,i,oi  nono,"  Wolsey's Strawberries and cream  By far die greatest achievement  of Cardinal Wclsey was ' combined  strawberries and cream. , A world  benefactor, his failings may' well ho  forgotten and forgiven!  lio'iv long havo Britishers been,  at least, partial fruitarians? Apples,  pears, goosoborrios, and plums ap  poar to havo boon grown In England  for a vory long timo, but cultlvaton  raspberries did not arrive until the  sixteenth jealury.  Rhubarb was Introduced from Rus  sia in 157,'', but did not becomo popular until the nineteenth century. It  is recorded that a peptford e,ardenor  In 1810 sent ,i fow slicks lo the London market, but .voc- umiblo lu llnd a  customer.  Cherries woro brought ov-ar by the  liomiuiR, but coasod to bo cultivated  until ouo of llonry VIU.'s aardonora  roliitrodiicocl them.  Fog Gun Startec- by Wlrelest  A, system .i1 wiro^ss coutrol chat ts  now bo'inc applied successfully-at sov-  oral points i'i Scotland seems to have  solved tho problem of distant control  of acetylen j '0'; gun3 located at pointj  d'fficult to acc-.ps, and provides a  moans by vdilch a number of such in-  stallatlo-.is ihiiy bt; operated tre ni on������  wireless sUrlon without the .locessity  forviBiting ti o difforont signals, except for making ropairs and rop.on-  ishing the aupp*.y of gas. Tho 31m  automatically f ^ods and fires itself at'  rogular Interval.-* until stopped or until ���������  tho supply of acotyh no runs out, and  tho wIioIosb 'ontrol simply provides  a means of ntartlng lt when thero is  a fog and slipping it whon tho 'og  clours, without going noar tho signal  Fui'tlionnora, tlu wireless apparatus  Ih bo arrangi-il unci tuhud that It is not  interfered with by Uio more, powerful  whvos that piny bo Bout out by paaainK  ships or by othor wireless stallous.  "I iindorsiiiud that you fnvor local  eptlon."  "Yos,"  replied   Colonel  Stllwoll.  "Hut you aro not a total iiliiitiiL'or  yOllfHOlf,"  "No,   But my d-iCtor hrifl II ml toil mo  to a vo**y Hinali allowanco, aim I 'iko  t(   r.l'.d  *���������'*   l-'l'l^l-'  nn  piinolhln to tho  o\.  cltoinfliit of rotting i. drink,"  Canada's Cni***les Pure  An analy*ils of 17-4 wnnnplop of can  dli'H ot -ill doncrlptlonB by Mr McOlli  chiof analyBt ">t tho Inland rotrnimo do-  ���������)j.rt;uo^b "h^'-'-<1 tlin' fniiniUnri sivi-t**  havo a lilKh fitaiulliig of purity. Thu  presence 01 arsonic. used soiuotlmos  in coloring, and gl icobo, wns mitiglit  but found only in in'iiulo and Imnuloss  (|iiantltios.  Swnlllioad���������Slnce I liognn hiinincsi.  1 hnvn lltt'i-i ir n.j p������;������-.c l\*.{,|ilu uru  A  G.nnd   Nation  An old 3*i 'ttidh gardonor was show  Ing to a tomlst tho boniitin>- of tho  loch and of tno vi'.i,gu of Ouddii.ga  ton, near liMiiiburMh. It wiib ovou  Ing, aiid iih bo t'xpnttati'il on tho lovo*  ly sceiio and on the glorlot* of tho  country tin moon toho over a hill.,.  Tho old 1 mp. 11 stopped short In th.-  middle nf a suiilci.co and xir/od at  tho moon <n admiration. Thon' he  turned to tho tourist and bii.i1 :  "Thoro'R a moon for yo! I toll yo,  mon, wo'ro 1. grand nation!"  Tho Prima nonni* (aftor tho first  not)���������I won" ro on again unless tliat  Dox party in.ikiis lc������a noise. 1 nearly  hnd hystorica.  Tho Mauiiijor fin surprise)���������1 did  nut hoar any noise,  Tho Prime <)ornn���������You didn't'/  Why, thoy oncorod that iiPBiart of a  contralto four llmop.  From tho Kingc'on PoBt Office  comoB word thut Mr. jnmos McGutro  Is again at work, Uo' was laid up by  001iih on thy ho'ios 0'. his foot, but was  perfuctly cuioil by Putnitin's l-alnlos-i  corn and Wart li'xt.'uct-jr.  ni'-i"'.! ba** T'. tio������������������ pro''.ii',t irr ',v.  portnt'on, on Hod "paiiin." It is 11  kind ot cotton that htowb spontaneously and -biinduiitly in several af  (ho Htatoa o> llra/ti- llithor it lia<i  bion UBod by tho natives tn illllng  pillows nnd ctmMons and foi othor  fl r-in'���������stir' iiros A fnrinrv linn li.-nr-  Btartod ln Switzerland for tho niai.u  fncturo of cloth from his now tisane';  ,,tud now vo*i l.i-.i; l-t-i.'uu'-c thu guwu  I.iih 110 back  .Tack���������1 wns JtjHi admiring Mabel's  ii.ilr.   How ..ri-lty ll In  Mnbol'H i.u il nh sho has come  pioUloi tha.i thai.  CuldtonB-lC - Ar- thoy tho pcllco'.'  Haltiiuore Aiu'rlcnn  "I krow Mabc's cngiigcd."  "How?"  "S-'ho dooRH't    :00k    worrloil  aioio."  Farmer- -Yes, sir, that hired mnn  of mine is ono of the grentoai Invor-  tora of tlui country.  City Rnrlor*���������You don't* flay! What  did he InventV  Farmor���������l'striflnd motion.  Wanted  Realism  In a locout play the atago manngor  Btagod a moiidov with chewing gum  and cold ciio nnd cigarette adB oa  ovory rock iind troo and fence  "Hold, hold," said tho star. "Adi  In our nioadow scono! That'*** carrying coniuiuT.iiilii.in a bit too far,"  "ConiineroliillBm notlilng," said tho  Bingo nuiniigor. "I'm a realist, I am,  and I want that -meadow to look a  genuine ono,'  To the Rescue -  An RnBllBliinuii oat at a bearding-  hoiiBO tnblo. Ono 01 tho hoiirdorB was  tolling a ������tory In which a "(Inch-  flVuiid" flr-iri'd, oilio whh unnhl-n for A  moment 10 llil-ik of tho word.  'It  Will-i  01.0 Ol' liliii-,0���������wliai liO  )UU  ci'.ll  thorn?���������ono ot thoso long  Gorman dogs."  Tho lOiiR'lBlunan dvopt his fork; hii  faco lioamod "Frankfurters!"  any  "How mnny flrh have you   caught,  unclo?" nsko.'i tho papgnrby.  "Waal," replU'd tho agod darky  thoughtfully, "cf Ah rotrh dis hcnti  one Ali'rn nfiHi. an' twn mo', Ali'H unit*  tl������r(*e."���������HirmiriKham   Arc-Herald.  "Woll, ma-ihin is your IiuhPiiml out  of danger?"  "It Ihii'I (itilto Biiro, tho doctor is  comlnB naglt*. "���������La Hiro.  Try Murine Eye  Remedy  I If you have Red, Weak, Watery Eyei  j or Granulated Eyelids.   Don't 8mart���������  -Boothtie Eye Pain. Drug-jlttt 8e|l-Mu>  1 rlne Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, 50c. Mu.  ' rlne Eye Salve in Ateptle Tubee 25c,  60c,   Eye Book Free by Mali.  A* ty* Ttklc be I-i AH Itu ikil Ht*i Cttt  MURINE EYE HEMEDY CO., Chlcig* THE    NEWS,.. CUMBERLAND..    B. C.  tW  dubbed  POISONOUS  MATCHES  In less than two years it will  be unlawful to buy or use  poisonous white phosphorous  matches..  Everybody   should   begin  now to use  EDDY'S NON POISONOUS  "SESQUI" MATCHES  and thus ensure safety in  ���������the home  , Tramp  Steamers .  .Why     are     some   ships  ���������'tramps?"  Well, they aie tramps just as some  individuals are tramps. Tbey go  here and there, just as circumstances  may " dictate looking for employment.  But there -s this . difference���������the  tramp we meet on our roads says he  is looking for work, but often enough  he is secretly praying very bard that  he may not find it. Tbe ocean tramp  simply baa to find it. It', she doesn't  there is trouble Mere, although  some ocean tramps are dishevelled In  appearance, by far the greater proportion o* them have not the slightest suggestion about them ot tbo untidiness of the tiainp 'on which the  policemen has to keep such .-a wary  eye.  As a matter o' fact many piodern  cargo boats are of bugo dimensions*  ' bearing comparison  with0   lhe  Unors  i which quite a  few years ago    were  {regarded  aa  prodigies    of    size.    A  -tramp of six'thousand tons is quite  ! an .-ordinary vessel in'   regard to its  - (v-*-     -There  nre  many' much  larger,  and,   of  course, .hosts   much  smaller.  They go anywhere. Whero there  is cargo to be found.there is also the  ! ocean tramp. She is bound to no  ���������particular pert of call.; She may bo  in the Orient one voyage, and in a  short time may bo nosing round the  ports of, say South America. Then  freights from Me: Joan or American  ports may show greater profits, and  forthwith our tramp is off on a ser  ies of voyigfis between the old ana  the ney\ worlds, until perhapr. more  profitable work offers elsewhere.  ^WM&M:fmm jKE?t, ���������'���������  Everybody now ad-arts  Zam-Buk b^st for these.  Let. it, give YOU ease  ' aud comfort.      .  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In proof of th-  statement, ho tolc* this story   .'  - "Some tLoo age a- teacher in a pub  rl:r school was giving a talk on classic  mythology Lit;V Willie" was" not  very attentive, and when it came to'  the questioning part of the game bt  was lost Jn tlio wilderness. "      .*   ���������-.  ' ' 'Willie..' raid *he teacher, closing  the book anl looking impressively at  the youngster can you tell me who  Cyclops was?"'  "Yes. ma'-mi,' was the pmnipt an-  sver of Wi;li.*. 'h.- was the feher  what wrote the cyclopedia.'"  ^Kip^bw Grain  T,  SHIP YOUR GRAIN to us  and wo will sell it for you  at the highest market price  saving elevator charges  and insuring highest net returns. Liberal Advances. **  '' Write foi (older ns to our  methods&weekly market letter.  LeITCH BROS.  FLOUR MILLS  240^ GRAIN EXCHANGE,. WINNIPEG  Disasters Due to Fog  It may be said that no regulations  and no precautions can avail against  fog. That is too hasty and to sweep-]  ing a conclusion. Fogs,' of course,  cannot be prevented; but disaster  noed not follow upon fog. It is commonly due either . to ships persisting  In moving during fog or to ������������������ some  avoidable blunder in navigation. Tbe  blunder in navigation is usually the  result not of lack of skil'r but of a  defect of temper. There are sea-  bogs as well, as road-hogs, and there  are--obstinate ca'ptams who will imperil their ships rather than deflect  from their course. This sort of thing  can be corrected by, setting up a better tradition, and if necessary by  punishing sternly wherever It can be  proved. The larger question remains  whether ships ought to. proceed in?  fog. That must always be a very  risky business along the great waterways of the world like the Channel  or along a river. There is no rule ,to  guide captains. On the one hand  their owners want them to make a  quick passage- on the other hand,  they have no assurarce that if they  stop other ships will do likewise. Under such circumstances there is  strong temptation to' push on, and:  that, with othor ships', moving, may  be actually safer than stopping.  Clearly, -if regulation is practicable  this is a case for international regulation.���������London Daily News , and  Leader.  PALE AND SICKLY    .  BOYS AND GIRLS  FREE TO ALL SUFFERERS  If vou foul 'OUT 0-f SOU rs* 'UUN DOWN' "GOT Iho lii.utrs'  SUKKKH from KII1NKY, IILADOKK, NRKVOUS DISKASRS,  CllllOmCWRM4NKSS|UI,01'.KS,SKIN KlUII'TtONS.I'll.ES,  write for FACE CLOTH lli-UNI) MKMCAI, iidok'on  thcM'dlm-it-uu ami woudkhkui. CUKKS oflecti-il br  THENi-WFJIENOH REMEDY. N������1 No*** N.3  THERAPION������ffi  theronieilr (or vouii own ailment. Absolutely FREE  Nu'lollaw up circular-), NoolilUiitioiis, DR. UrO.l'KC  Ml'.l).CO,llAVKRSI'OCKI*!l),ll tMI'STKAD LONDON,UNO  WE WANT TO I'HOVK TIIKRAI'lON WIL-L CUKIi VOU.  PATENTS  Fotharstonhaugh & Co., head office,  -King atroet oast Tnonto, Canada.'  . Joseph H..CV*oate and Chauncey -~>"*  pew were invited to a dinner.* Mr.  Choate was to speak" arid it fell to tho  lot of Mr. Depew t* introduce him  which he did thus: "Gentlea������n. permit me to introduce Ambassador  Choate, -Am-.-ri--.',-'s,mr>st inveterate af  ter dinner speaker. All you need to do  to get a-speech out cf Mr. Cheat-? is to  apt-n,his mouti., dror'in a dinuer, ard  up comes your speech."  Mr. Choa-e tnanke'd the senator"for_  ���������liis^c6'iSplimfcrrrr~a"nd_tlieiTsaid: "Mr  Depew says i'yoi. oren my mouirh and  drop in a dinner, up will come.-a  speech, bu*.' I war. you that .if you  open y our. m mths f.nd drop Jin one ot  Senator Depew's speeches, up wil-  come' your tliiitevs." ,.*  Whilo vteitifg- a nephew in New  York, Uncle Hayseed stopped!.in'front  of a movie poster, on which were displayed pictures of lions, tigers, elephants, and other African wild ani*  mals. *���������,' , ,  "Great giu-s, Henry!" he said to his  nephew, "I'm mighty glad to leave  town Saturday afternoon,  'Why are yov so anxious to get  away?" asked ais .nephew.  Pointing to -he poster on tho wall,  Uncle Hayseed real aloud the words,  "To be releasod."  Need All the Strength That Good Red  Blood Can Give  - "What'on earth are you crying  about, little boy?" asked tho neighbor  wlio was strolling by a west Bide  dooryard tho o*.her afternoon.  "Bocause J'm bo mean an' selfish!"  sobbed the lithe ono,  "Oh, I guess you're   not very mean  and selflRh if **, affects you this way.  commented' t'ic     passerby.    "What  malcos you think you aro?"  "See this ti'oad au' jelly. Woll, I'm  so moan an' selfish that I ain't a'goin  to give Willie.none of lt. Boo-oc-iv  hoo!" "  Use** For M,*>nu Cards  "Tt" wouldn't tako  bo many  menu  .-cards to carry ua through at dinner,"  sr.id tho head waiter, "If pooplo diin't  ���������scribble bo many mtes on them and  mako thom unf'c* for uso.   Momoranda  -of all kinds are Jottod down on thoso  -cards durine a   meal.    Arithmetical  puzzles ara folved, tho particulars of  . business deals aro worked out, ilium-  ��������� clul problJins aro wrestled with, non  nets f.ro con posort, and Boolal ongngo-  71101119 nra mndo and brokon.  Tho fact  is, I havo flc-on about ovovything writ-  ���������tci. on a menu card oxcopt a popular  no\c'.   and no doubt I've found   tho  plotfl of Bomo of thom."���������Now York  "TI111C-.S  "Frod didn't blow IiIh brains out  bocanso you jlltod hlni tho othor  might," Hai'l Mnmio. "Ilo camo ovor  nnd proponed to mo,"  "Did ho?" ropliod Dolly. "Thon ho  aimst have got rid of thom lu somo  ���������othor way."  Asthma Dcesn't Wear off Alone. Do  nol make the m-Btako of waiting tor  asthma to -vonr away by, itself, -Vhilo  you are wa-t-iiR tlio dtsonso is surely  gathorlng ,i rtroiigor foothold und,you  llvo ln danger oi Btvongor and yot  stronger attacks Dr, J. p, Kuilogg's  Asthma Romedy tnhon early, will pro-  vent incipient condition from becom-  ln*/ chronij anu savoa hours of awful  Bvit'Cerinpr.  Meroiy an Investigation  "Lady," nald  Plodding Poto, "have  you got any cold vlMlos?"  "Yob.   I'll givo you somo If you'll do  a littlo work "  "I was mo/'oly naliln iib a matter of  scientific Inquiry.   How do you man  ago to koop 'om cold?"���������Washington  Star.  Youth Is th3 time to lay the fouhda--  tion of    he-i'th.    Every  boy aud gin  should have p'enty of pure, led* blood  ar-d strong nerves.   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Sold by al! medicine dealers or sent  by mail, pos*; paid at 50 centB a box  or six boxes for $2,150 by writing direct to Tho Dr. Williams' MbdlcUia  Co., Broclcvillo, Ont.  Platte Fougere Beacon 'Is Unique  Among Marine Guides  What is declared to* be tbe only  unattended lighthouse built* on a  wave-washed rock, possessing a-powerful fog-signal, is the recently' completed Platte. Fougerre Lighthouse,  marking the entrance to the Russell  Channel leading to the Guernsey capi  tal of St. Peter's Port, a spot which  figures in Victor Hugo's great romance, "The-Toilers oMhe Sea." This  unattended tower, built of ferro-con  crete rock, is 80 feet in height. Tbe  head-of, the rock on which it stands  is only visiole at low tide, while it is  difficult to approach even in the  smoothest weather, owing to tides and  currents.* Iviucb. of the foundation  work had to be carried out under  water. * "  The tower, says The Sphere, Is solid  for a height of 46 feet above the  rock, and the base is formed of Portland cement placed in iron moulds  with iron bars driven into the solid  rock to anchor the concrete firmly.  In the sid). to which the building is  exposed to the heaviest seas, massive  beams of ro'led steel are driven into  tlie rock so as to impart additional  strength to the part' of tlie *toweT  where the gieatesv strains are likely  to be set in.  In the entrance level is a compartment containing an electric, motor  and air-corn-.resscr, while on the  floor immediately above is a duplicate installation. The siren projects  through ...the ��������� top of the tower, the  trumpet being so turned as to throw  the sounds -,n a horizontal direction  o\er the water.  .        ,.  On the top of the tower is a small  automatic acetylene gas * 'plant and  light. The foghorn has been heard  thirty * mile? away on the French  coast, whils the ught is brought into  being at su- set and extinguished at  dawn automatically. "  ��������� These devces.' many of which arc  the invention . of the engineer-in-  chief, Mr. E- O Caoford, are cont?oiled from the shore station one and a  quarter milts distant, by means of a,  submarine cable .made specially for  the work. ���������"> his cable is 11 inches in  diameter, and weighs forty-five tens  to the nautical mile  The tower and its installation cost'  $68,000, a, sum five or six times less  than that *\hk'h would have been  needed for an ordinary stone structure.  The Fruitarian Puppy  There are to be found many fruitarian dogs There is one in England which eats apples and bananas  and pineapples, and whose ovvner has  waited patiently for' the strawberry  season.' '    ' ������������������  , The pup's passion for strawberries  ia almost incredible, except to these  who have seen him quivering ', with  anticipat-cn \vr.ou the .fruit comes on  the table. When offered a piece of  -meat and a strawberry, _h_e_takesLth.e.  "latter without any'hesitation*  and he  England Leads In Road  Building  Foreign governments ahd municipalities are copying the English  methods of -oad improvement.  Wo are well aware," says a Road  Board official, "tnat other countries  are taking m practical interest in all  we are doing. We are continually  receiving inquiries from other parts,  notably America."  Tropical countries especially, have  found it to thei** advantage to take  a leaf from England's book, said tha  official. Bjn-.bay, fo.' example, is experimenting wiib dust-preventers.  Contractors, are agieed that EnglaL'i  is the nieces of foreign engineers  who are interested ih road-making.,  France in par.-icular is most aux  ious to ma'r.tain the well-known ex-'  cellence of its main roads, and only  recently ,a little deputation from  Paris crossed over to London to  study our highway*; and system of  traffic regulation.  iUBfll  JiMliiiliaiftftftMiMililflif iM  Don't Persecute  your Bowels  Cut out cathartics and purgatives.   They ti*  brutal���������harsh���������unnecessary. Try ���������  CARTER'S LITTLE  LIVER PILLS  Purely vegetable. Act  gently on the liver,  eliminate bile,and  soothe'Chedcli-  catemembrane  of the bowel.  Core ton-  stipalion,  Bitioat-  ness, ���������    _  Sick Headache and Indigestion, at millions iaott.  Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price*  Genuine musi.beai Signature. .  J  Prosperity Drawback  Bumper enrps are in prospect, but  no doubt there will be pessimists 'ike  the farmer trrld of in the Persian story.,  A visitor pointing to the rich fields of  grain said: "Good friend, you are  fortunate this year. You cannot grum,  ble about your, crop this season, eh?"  "No," .whiticd the farmer, 'but a  crop like this is terribly wearing on  the soil." 4  Renewed Vigor  in Old Age  This Letter orings a Message of Cheer  to the Aged���������Results of Using Dr  Chase's Nervo Focd.  New, rich blood is what is most  needed in the declining years to keep  up energy and vitality." That Dr.  Chase's Nerve Food is a ��������� wonderful  help iu maintaining good health and  prolonging life is attested by the writer of this letter: - "  Mr. Stephen J. Leard, North Tryon,  P.E.I., writes: ''At seventy-live years  of age my iieart gavo out and became  very irregular ard weak in action and  would palpitate. "' My- nerves also became weak, aud I could do nothing  but lie ih bed Jn a languishing condi--  tion, losing stiength aud weight. In  that condition 1 began using Dr.  Chase's Nerve Food, and am cured.  Had I not obtained this treatment I  would now be in the box with the roof  ever my nosre. At; eight-one 1 have  an energy wlikli moans go, audi I am  writing this' -.fitter f.o that old -people  like myself may prolong .their health  and strength by using this great medicine."., 50c; a oox, (J for '$2.50. Fo.-  sale by all dealers.     ���������     ,.      ���������  Not Quite Insolvent  Abraham Lincoln Carter appeared ���������  before the tar of justice in Staunton, Virginia, charged with mealing  seven dollars and fifty cents. fc.vi-  denOo was. strong against him, but  the young lawye*.' appointed by th������j  judge to defena'thc prisoner put up  a strong *.dea and Abraham wa<������  acquitted. , ,  A little later counsel and client..met  outside the coary house., -'1-worked  hard for you this morning, Abraham, ���������  said the lawyer, "and* the court pays  me very little. Thore is a big wood'  pile out behind my house and you had .  better work on it two or three days  and pay your part."  "Yes, suh,", replied  Abraham;  "but'  couldn't I pay you in money "sicad  o' work?"  "Money 1 . Where will you get. any  money, you rascal?" .-"  "Well, boss. I reckon I still got aat  seven dollars an', fifty cents."'  dee's "not ask for eri-ain or sugar.  Indeed, his fondness for the fruit  has proved his undoing; and at present he" is not only In disgrace for  clambering on the t&ble and stealing  strawberrk-s frcm a bowl, but he is  also a little unwell.  His, oAmor's great anxiety ts icst  the pup, in his walks alone should  discover a neighboring strawberry  bod, and start strawberry picking  on liis own.  Puzzlars ���������     ,  ,* A. teacher tn the third grade nt iho.  Warren school recently introduced the  word "veil' , tc the ^.ttentioa of aer  pupil^  Young Arthur hau the study of anatomy at school, and had shown interest in the course. One afternoon aa.  he was hungiily eating a generous-  sized piece of tread and molasses he,  asked his mother, in grave perplexity,  ' Mother, I know where my liver Is,  but where, is my. bacon?"���������rHarpei's  Monthly.  "You know, madam,". sa*id the seedsman, "you don't have to plant, your  potatoes whole; you can cut them up  in small pieces."  "Yes, I know," said Mrs. Newwjfe.J  "that might be very well If we always  wanted to raise potatoes for Lyonn'aise  or for mashing, but we should probably desire to have potatoes served  whole'now and then." u '.-'..  Minard's Liniment Cures Garget In  Cows-  The Vounget'-'r Hushed  When the great Frencl^y chemist'  Chovreul attained lils 'hundredth  birthday he was ontortainod at a public dinner, in whicli his son. o hifen  official in the department ol justico,  sixty-seven -voars old, was also pros  ont'. Tho old man made a speech ahd  Ic telling an anecdote* made a slight  slip, which bis soi corrected. -Old  Chovroul turned iiriund quickly,and  said In a 3hiirp tor.-H, "llusli, youngster, whon I am,,talking." And tho  "youngster" hoid his tonguo,  "What does veil mean?"*.slie asked!  Ihere was ac response. "Ladies wear  them," she explained. Tlieu a smal-  bey spoke up." ��������� *>  "Please, teaniier," he said, "it is a  black clotn ri'e ladies wear o*er dere  faces when he flits is biting "���������  Another teache- also fn the'thira  grade, made an effort to get the child  ron to comprehend the word "lonesome." J  For a little time they were stolidly  silent.  Then a snail boy spoke up  "1 know it   teacher,!' he said.   ���������  "Well, E.ld'e?"  "Pleast, tuiii'cr, I loan some paper  off a boy."���������Cleveland-'Plain  Deaior.  f       Fashionable Service  "My plate is damp."  "Hush," wr.bipored his wife. "That'1*  your soup. They servo small portions  a*- those taiiiionabli; affairs.''���������-Louia-  villo'Courier-Jourua..  Madgo���������You Bliouldn't say ho'n a  "-confirmed bachelor unlosB you know,  Marjorlo���������But I do know; I con-  ���������ilrmod him.���������Now York Timos,  PWfifiM  tf\,ViiVi  ��������� * ���������*' '������"���������'���������  "IS"-'-- '���������hh:.''  i ., ���������,---*,.MJ Jit*u^|at  V������  N. 0. 10H  "How waa it you allowod tho *lro  to got such .. hole on tho placo*?  You'vo got a lira ongino, hnvon't  you?"  "Yob, hut it'o tho first llro sinco it  came, niu tho hoso was ao wrapped up in vronthfl from bolng used to  docornto th** 'ntmjt,. that wo couldn't  get tho wator tiirpiiBh."  Wlfo���������I hlrod n now r-nnlr todny,  Lena Btout, v  iiiib���������Yju JiJ!    And which ia Bhui"  Wlfo���������Wh'Ch what?  Hub���������Loan or stout?���������Douton Transcript.  Doncon sldnnor���������Woll, oiir pastor  rccoiv-nd a call to a nhurch in Oshkbsh  and snys he'll go thoro,  Doncon Grubbor-���������Huh! That's what  becomes o' rr.i^.ng his salary lam yniir.  I'lo's savod up onoiiiih monoy for railroad ticl'.cU.- Dallas News.  Editing by tho Golden Rule  A ciuntry editor wroto: "Hrothor,  don't atop your papor Just because you  don't iigrop with tho editor. Tlio hist  cabbiiffo you sont us didn't agroo with  ur either, but wo didn' drop you from  oui subscription list oi. that utouit."  "What ������ wnnt to soo," said tho ro-  form or, "Is a city that knows absolutely nothing of graft."  "Wlint'4 what I'd llko to hoo," ro-  plicxl thn wi'.rd politician. "Wouldn't it  ho a Rold mtno for somebody."--Now  York Worlo..  Couldn't Forget It  "Saturday night somo miscreant  luggod off a w.l.olo cord of my wood,  and somehow I can't forget abcut  it!" doclartfl Silas,  "Havo you tried to forgot lt?" In  quired his f'iond,  "Yos. Sunday morning I wont Intu  church hoping I could got ii off my  mind, uud beioro 1 luul boon thoro  ilvo minuto, the cnoir stnrtod In  singing The Lost Chord.' no i got  out!"  Time Has Tested It.���������Dr, Thomas'  ITclectric Oil his been on the ma'rlcdt  upwards of thirty years and in that  timo it nas proved a blessing to thousands, It is ir. high favor throughout  Canada and An 'excellence has cnrriou  Hi; fame boyoml tin. seas. It has no  equal in th.- whole list of liniments.  I1' It woro J.oublo tho price lt would be  a ciioap liniment.  Two suburuau mothers met cn..the<-  train one day, and the topic of their  conversation was their'daughters.  "How  .'.id your   d'-.ughter pass.her "���������  examination: fo*, a position as teach-  ���������er-?^--as ked-^n er���������'��������� <^"~   "Pass!"    was - the  answer,   , "ghe  didn't pass ai all. Maybe you wouldn't  believe  it   *.,ut  they/asked   that, girl'  about things thaw happened tong  be-  tor?*. she was'oora." *'    ''"  Parisiione ' ito departing -minister'  ���������-We're a'i very Oorry to lose you, Air.  Foodie.  Mr. Foodlo 'modestly)Never mind.  Mrs. Toudle . I've :\o doubt you will  get a better mi*n noxt lime,'  , Parish ion ������������������* ��������� An no, Mr. Foodie.  That's jv.st what the last minister uaid  when  he ,ef. ���������Svai-ey  Huiletin.  , "Woman jnirt .onsidor it j dread-  fin fate to bi au Jd maul," mused Mr.  Chugwfttor.-  'They do, Josiali," said Mrs, Chug-  water. "Wna-*'^rrtblo sli'-ks they  sometimes u-nrry to '-scape it"'    - '  And JosUi- rubbed his chin and said  nothing.  No Chance  "l think ii'u wroiig for a marrio-1  mnn to gamble."  "It's worso than wrong! It'* Idiotic.  Ills wlfo gl**08 him fits it ho Iosoh und  confiscates the proceeds if be wins."  The Proper Term  "What's fiat?" crlod tho now doctor in tho mining camp. "You say  you havo ���������Mf.ootlng'l painjs' in your  back.   Why, you'r;* wouiwUd, i-ian,"  "That's what T tuAA���������'nhootlay,  pains,'" said Pluto Poto.���������Judge.  Think nctod to tho valuo of ������1,(500  woro found hhldon In tho cork log of  Hurry C. Wtsu whllo ho was uudor-  "TiMmr trontmoTit In '1 hanyU.A 'it T>nr.  vor, Wise hnd regularly uhoi! his artificial limb as a unfc deposit.  "Wliat makes you think it's a caso  of puppy lovo?"  "Oh, ho's alwayo dogging hor stops,"  ���������-Buffalo Expri'SH.  Sho (out tor ovoning Btroll)-���������Oh,  dear. I'm very thirsty!  Ho (broko)- Tnko a look at tho Bl������  Dlppor.���������BOi-ston Tmnscrlpt  Mr, Lloyd tioorBo, aftor [llstrlbiit*  ing prlzos at a nch.ol, Raid lu hopod  tho chililron would Imvo a sooil ro-  cord whon ho camo ngaln. Thoni-  upon thuy toko and with onu uccurd  raid, "Sumo in you, sir."  "I'm  af-tild,"  sail'   Mm.  Twickom  bury, "thnt tho young pr.oplo of tlin  Confosblonn  Tho woiniiji Ji.'6gi.'d lho bacholor  girl not tu go yut uwhllo, Sho wuh  bo urgent that tho girl llnitily sut  down again. Thon the two ������ul por  fcctiy sill! uud blluul, luului g at  ouch .ithoi',  "1 know what ynu am tliinklng,'  aald lho lachelor girl hy ium  by,  ���������Whnt?" usltod tho woman,  "Thul, now you'vo ifot niu to Slav,  you wonder why It wiih you Insu-nud  so. You don't know what to do with  1110 or lo suy lu mu, now I'm hurt' tu  stay."  "How iiiil you ijuosij It?" tho woman laughed,  "l'vo folt Just thut way myself,"  said tho bachelor girl, "ninny and  many a timo."  The Rod Sea  In tho Rod Soa reofu of bright  pink coral aro clearly to lio houii,  ���������yv.cu q. mc lo^-i.j m.u ui Liim bcii iu  tbo work 01 thn or-rul ItiRcrt. \\\u  probably tho true ruiinon lor tho 1  namo of tho Hod Hen Ih ' bitcaiiHii  along its o.v>sterii ������horo Ilea ancluiu  KUom. Tlito word Hlgnlllort "rod."  it wuh given to tlui region not from  thr oolor o! It" "t"^'ito!'" ^.''.l , i,-.,  from Its pooplo. TIii'ho uro ll.i; du-  scondants of him wl-c camo in fnui'  and woary irom huritliiK iuul huIiI  to his brothtr, "Food mo, 1 prav thtm  with that sinio red pottngo, for I am  fi.lnt;" thcrrforo wa** his luvuio cub  od lid om.  Laboratory Projected  A hiilui' ,i!iyHii**s laliuriitory Ih to ho  irriH'tcil In  Sow '/,o,\\mh\, nt Ni-lsim  Tho hIio wil, jirolmbly ln������ on 11 "inn  Tho vory voimg lady was showing  her school 11 'ond from another city  about hor native 'own Presently tlie  pair camo .0 a littlo square hdornod  with a statue o". tho local civil wur  horo.  "It isn't vary much to boast of as  art," said tho sophleUcated yningclilt,  "but It's Important to know about It  because one uauallj aakc ouo lo mool  or.o horo."  The follow'ng definitions taiien from  school oxamination papurs- uro 1 examples of thosL school niistakcr wh-������ro  ono can see traces of the right IdOit  without dollnito form in' the writer's  brain: '  "The bns.- of a f> -angle is 'iho s'.do  that wo don't talk nbout,"  "Tho suio-'inclivo mood Is used In a  dcubtfu. ma'iner."  "Itaplds .-.ro pieces of wator wh ch  run with groat forco dowr tho mid-Jo  of rlvors."  "Kx-comnvinlcatloii moans thnt no  ono is to speak to sonn one,"-���������Christian Register , ,  Hill���������I sou sovoriu French artiste  hnvo agreed to -sign all tholr works  In tho fiit,u',o with thumb prints to pro-  vent frauds upor. prrchnRoru.  ,1111��������� But >\ow will anybody bo abln  to know thu pahr'ng is a Fronoh  rcouo wltuoui tlio ntittio.���������flultlmoro  Mows,  Two Pullman po tors, representing  lilfforoiit rnllroads, mot off duty and  progrcssatl fioni friendly gossip tu  hpiitod nrgumoit. Tholr quarrel, con-  tied about which one worked for tho  I.Tttnr roiul, Tholr claims, llginns,  uml arguinont' enm--* fast and fuiioiiH.  A' Inst iho tall, thin portor settioil  tho dispute with thoso oIuhhIc words:  "Co on, man, wu kills 1110' pooplo dr<n  you fi-lluliH toto"  Tho ii'isfpuh���������Ilow do vou do, Pro-  U'H.sor'.'     ,So ftlau K. soo you, You'vu  lull   ll,'   IVM.l.il'fllllll.'.'i'i,,   llitWIl'l   JOU"  The i������rof('f'*Hor--Yos; 1 took tho  hnths tlii-JO.  Tho llui-ti.-BF"���������Oh that mupt havo  hi'tii 11 'Jullghtfiil cliiiugu for, you,���������  Skiitch.  Wllllo'a    Mtminin��������� Ih Jnm������������.s n nlco  present day nro too much iiK'lhfd to' mil known i.h tlu* Fringo, which ham hi y fo*- ynu to piny m.-iihW with?  A "young blood" belonging to tbo  ��������� newly rich was invlti'd by a frlo.nl-  ly pnti-on to h'n lnuiii- nt Tuxi'do an I  KlVfii a rldii on n hloodod horho. If w.m  a novel and must ilts.",grooabin, to  pnriciu'o, but 'ii.uu-how ������^r other tlu  younK fi'llrtw rnni'ifilfii''" IiIm holniwo  uiiill 1>������' ''inii'' i;i'i"d t \ the *3���������iriliii;  place, Then with nn effort ti appoar  in rli'itly :it l Ih cjipo. h������.' said'  Ir.dulRO   n  f-fn-rtnrlar. limusoiin'iits on  nn  nlovatlon  Sunday,"���������Clifstia?  ileBistor. level.  .'OO   feel  aluno    si,*a  ,    Wlillo vir-~*    ;  time. -Llppiiirnti t.  beat  him    uvoty  NEW  IDEA  Help-id Western Couple  It doesn't pay to stick too closbly to  rid notions cf things. Nuw Id.niu of-  ton loud to botto; hc-allh, success,ana  hnpplnoHH.  This couple ox'imlnod on Idon now  Lo thom and stor-pud up several rounds  on tho houiih' huliti r, Tho nut-band  wrltos:  "Sovoral ycarH ago wn sufforod from  coffoo drlpl'liig, wo*'o slooplosa. nor  vous, sallow, weak und Irritable. .My  wifo iind 1 both loved coffoo and  thought, it was a brneor." (Dolimlon���������  and leu Is just ns Harmful us coiToo,  bociuiHO thoy ooth contain tlio dr.ig,  enffoino).  "Fin-illy, aftor yaars of suflorlng,  we roiul of poBtum and tho Ilium illness of ccfl'co, iind boilovlng Hint to  grow wo slumld glvt������ some iuteut'.ou  to now ideas, wc decided to tost Postum.  "Whon wo trcrtu p, right wo iJIuni It  and wero two 0; lils cinisoil by coffeo. Our frl-Mids noUcod lho clii.r.go���������  froshor skin, sturdlor nerves,   buttur  "Theso changes woro not sudd'-n,  but inci'i'iimid as wo (.nnlliiuod to drink  and 011 joy .Joir*;uin, ui.d wo lint tho dost ro  fOl   *!0*'l*0  "Many of mr frlordn .lid not liito  Postum at lirst, hnMiuch they ild .,*)������  TTirtkf* It .iiibi. But whr-ti \\\n:> d* 'An  I'OHtum lurcDVditif, to iHrcclloiw on  \hK��������� thoy liked It oottor tluiii '.r.ft������o  and worn ImMiIhtcd by tlm riinn^i),"  Nnmo given hy (.iniiaillnti PcHii'm  Co., Wlndso'. Ont. Itoau "Tho Komi to  Wollvllln" tr. pkgs,  Postum new cinnr-B In two ro'-mn  Regular P-jSfum���������ini'.'t lu: woil bntp  od. V/t ninl if.-** pncluiKfs.  insi.int PiTcfum���������-i- 11 *>'iliiwii; pow  dor, Made ',n -.ho cup with hot watiir  ���������no boiling   30 ��������� and rifu* tins.  Th<< cost por cup of both HiuAh U  ibout -.hn nanu,  "Thor-ji's -. hoanon" for Postii'ii.  | ���������-s-jIJ by Uioctrg. ���������������-������������������* ."H^MIAT-* -  THI -HEWS, 'CUMBERLAND,   BRITISH .COLUMBIA,  r-r,**5������=������i=c^*"*ti���������r������������TSxr;7^pr7r������^^  '.S'1'...-i    i;  Co-.'.'j:  :iv**!  .-I*.*:   v. -     .\   ������     1 V.    I  I '      ������������������������  NANAIMO ii*.LD-y-:  ATCUMIiEULANi;  V J i.  ruhtj  ������i*l    wi!  rjoanv.  t hold -.-.itstOf  ri'si  "���������jr-*.-  -;l-:;* :���������>! th" ,-i-i;-,uii-.<of oi.li-  'u7\ r\i.-v;t--:v;  ' * h*-*. columns  fron ;i:���������������-.-.!���������-r--> .1  ,l:i'  WKi'-ii-r-'.iA  '  ���������-VCT. 7     19)-1*  WA..'.*:"y  IS: OTICE  '���������'OK A : :������������������   's  ���������;v- 'lA'.-JM AT?U  *��������� '      <* ���������  >'OTiri. '*. -.*  ���������  ;   ;!  -.i   t.i.rt   Ki,-'(li-  mult  -Si   \.*>*.**:.  -  -,it\-,v,, of    Viotoria,  U. C-   W'-. .,   -.       :  l;i**-rii  in taifi) mi-1  IHU lOO.I'.'C   ;-,,.'*   ���������  .  ���������' V - -i> -1" <.. <!' waitr  nut ff I'-'i -'*������������������-��������� <  - ��������� ,- '���������    'l*i'-.--  )������   u  ii-iith 11 v   ibr ���������  ������������������'.-.   .-'-     Nl:\Vl-.*St'<.'  Disliiot >n 1 - ���������.!.,  ��������� >ii ..I1;* .if (It'or-  jri t nuir li mil ���������������������������*  , /  ��������� 'J   :'..     yi.iali-'iim  Uiv.r. Ih*' wiil ���������-  ,   '  ��������� ���������!--.-,���������. .1 ut ���������:!!,,i(j-  npi-rlru;'. 1;   fruii-   s  1  .1 11  -  -    '.ill'l '������������������* ii!    1)9 lliilld  {i-r gt'iii'i'-ii 1 ii1...  ,   ; i-i-r, ��������� ii !���������'.'.��������� l.i'iul  ���������ilft-i'i iiied ii-*- !; ���������''  ��������� -,'  '. Ill  W  ���������*.���������. ' Tliii  inii t- wii-i j--.-;-.!;.���������'.  y.i- -t.'i'.i' -.1 'in  ihe  ih-A .3;:v ni A-.-r.l.  i'.,r  r      '.'"i* ,--���������������������������;.i.v.riti'ui  ������',\ lr*- ii-.ii*l m Hu-  o.i'  ������������������;: ���������-    y.i   W .ti r lit-  -junior a.: Victm" ���������  ,1*  <'.  * 'I'.-.jim. ��������� *.-o.s may  be iiled wiih tlw  ���������m<  Wl.'i T   iti i'ii'dor   t'i"  vvi-.ii ti 10 i.'iiiiip;-.  oil.  r   t*f  l,V.u.-;r  Kigiits,  Pniluim-M-.t i-iu :-3  1  if  , Vjfi  !���������; 1 1>. C.  USQUIMALT &  .N'AXiLVin RAILWAY  A*,)])!s<!,uit  J], K   UKASLKY  Aj-vnt  n-UG  uiyT  ;:H'*l-anCl'IN Till* 'MATTER of San-.'.! ni!-;  c-iior Tyson deeeaFod, intest-us-,      j  AND  * \  'NT! IK MATTER of the-Otii-I  oial Aiiiiiii-.istrii.toi-? Act.5"     * j  TAKE NOTICK t]mt hy order j  of   His     Honor   Jndp-o   Burkcr, 1  vy ��������� ���������  ���������*���������   1  made tho 5 th .'l-iy., of Noviunbei-. j  1')IB,'I wu-?* uppointed Adminis*-!  Inuor of ilio E������tatf of the nbovo-  mentioiiui! dei-enst-d, md- nil parties ha villi*- claims' against tho  s:iid estate a I'-- herobv jvouirc-d to  furnish i-an\o. *j������ropc!.r]y v-'fUit'd.  to mo on oi*  hi'.i'oi;t?   lho 1 liih day  [Ji'ci-inhor, 1-J1-C.  ' AKl> rill   oar-*  -,     i  tics indcbUid to   said   oatuU',   ai'ftj  required tn pay tlio .'I'liount of  tlii'ir indebtedness- to wl> i'ovth-  witli.  Dalod .this ilth day oi' 'November, 11)13.      ;  W. VfVsr.Kv Vvu.i.AKi),  Ollieial Adininis-tr.'itor,  'Uiiniberlnndj 11 C, "  ���������**���������*-        *S      it a  Y* 4 sS  i*    ' K    ���������*"!   IS  ML   Ivi^  fi I fl  O   rn  WATER NOTICE  FOU A JJCHNCE 10 TAl-JIi: A"NTD ..  US]-: WAT1-7K.  KOTliJI*1 ia hereby (.iver. tluvt Esqui-  niii. t 0; Naiiaiffio llaiUviy, of Yict-iria,  13. (J will apply fir nic.n������si to take aud  use 100,000 giilloiis p.-r i*-' I'.nuru, 'if'water  out of Siiuily.Creuk, whioh ilows iu a northerly (.iioctiou tlii-'iii" 1 No>voa*sllQ llis-  liiut uml empties int 1 1> <���������!*��������� ily, uor.r  Uosewe'l Greek" .The wiiu-r wili' *o; diver-  * ,l-d all'loO-up*.trcnin I'riAn Mtailway  and  will be usud fur General Itubvjy in:rj������o-ies ,-   . .     ,,, .     ,, _.  ,*, the land dePcibed'a. IWI^y Jlight of   *<> ������>������ on 0V b'oforo che 1;jth ot De  K-^nS.  |a*jSs8sss2ffl  IN   THE 'COUNTY   COURT  OF NANAIMO " HOLDER  "' AT CUMBEIILAND, j  IX THE- Al ATTER OF Daniel j  !Miigaii;deco!ised, intestate,, wlio  died at   Cumberland, ]->,* C-   on  Juno 25th 1913.  AND  IN THE MATTER of tho  ''Official Administrators Act.''  TAKE NOTICE that by ordor of His Honor Judge Barker,  made tho 5th day of November,  1013, I was appointed Administrator of tho Estate of the * above-  mentioned deceased, and all parties having claims* ncrainst the  said estate are hereby required to  furnish   s-*.me,c properly   verified.  Wiiy.   This notice viMd  *>��������� s-rcd ou    tlio  Eji-oaud on tb������ 8n] U-y nf Arj.-'l, IbVA.  -Tnu lipjiliwtum ivill \S(5"'lilwi���������iHh���������tiro���������otHoa-  ot Ilio \V*t������r Reoocdfr nl Viotori**, 13. 0.  0'.)j'ic*.tw>ns tti'iy be lilt-d with the eaid.  Watur RcuotOer m1 with the Comytrollw  of Wiil-.r Bigjits, .Parliair.ciit I-ltvldiuiis,  -Viuiorit, IV C.  Vlrii'UI.MALT & K AN A1' MO RAILWAY  Ayi-lici/it  II. E. H.EASLKY  A������unt  juilli:   * mv7  WATER  NOTICE  ,   VO\i A l.TCKNOB TO TAKK AND  US15 WATHl't.  XOliOlii:. ln-roby <jivon th**t E-ijui-  I'ull -.-v Niiiir-imo Uuihv-iy nf Yintorin,  15 ���������(.;. will app'y for uliooui.-u to tn'-re iuu'1  i-.-L' H)0,OuO |,'i'.U*j!>!i !Kn"J*i: hoiiru, oi water  -int, 11 ( llii-di-o G-co'.i, which-Uowh io 11  i*.o,*U,*,*,-ly ilin-i-i-iMi th!'('iiii;U Nu'.pou Din-  h'ii*' mid oirijilkM !i.*.i������ Uiiy.ui Sound nunr  't'-iil.ic ii.sv,-r. Tlio NVrttiir will be divu't'd  ,!'. n'H)"ii-*������'ri'i-!iiiii ii-'",i] U*iil*vii.y und v;ill hn  i.i.fd li,: -;i ,ii:ii:i1 K.V'y.iy |".i:po,-YM on Uio  hml 'Ic-ei'ibf'l an niil-.i'iiy i*i',lil ui w.iyThis  >ir>iioi) wnn |io-;u������i im ..I,y f-rmiul (vi tbe  rir.i -,i���������;. of A},.iJl, I'M;J. Tin** iiiiplkiutinii  will hw i-i-..l in Va: ".lilifc i������f tim Wliter  \\:i:.: *.!..-, Vi..-i.wl'i:i, !^,('*, 0', i,-;;tii>llH may  in-. U-iu.1. v.-':'.,h I'ii.- h:oi\ Vi'.idr lU'tordvr or  v.-illi ilii  .'.*iii.].U*(ilJ*.r  of   Wivu-r  Hifflii.'i,  member. .1913.    AND  all parties  indebted Uj said   estate,   are   re-  indobtodnots to me forthwith.  DiV.ed this UlU^day of No vein-  l>ur/l9ia-. ...  ~\V. WeI-LKY WlLfcABD,  Oni'.'ial Aciministrator,  Cu-nbftrbnd, 1-J. C.  LNT.Hi.il  COUNTY   COURT   OF  "NANAIMO  HOLDEN AT  CUMBERLAND  IN.TIIH MATTER of Dnnir-J O''-  Uoi*ifi-ll,nlfO known  ss  Daniel  John O'Connell. decoayed, in'les-  tatp, who died at Capo Ooiniuou-  oil, Rupert District on Jmuuiry  Vi6,1913.  AND  INT UK MAT HSU of the "Ofi'ioin!  Ailmiuisitriiinrd Ac,:."  TAKE NOTICE that i.y oiderof  IIih  Honor   -Jmini!   liurl'f.i,  ruiuh-  the olh day of Novenibtry  UH.'), 1  v/.is  appointed   Adminii-lrtMor of  lhe Et'tiilf of lhe a-iov*.. mi-'iiiiniit'il  deopa������Ki,-i*.nd  all   panic*-   hnviiij;  . claiivia a(4i\iiiBt tliff   w.d utAnlc uru  hnroby n'i;uirod to 'urniiih   i-ume,  If not,  TRY S  holesonae  A.  ji DHRUOHT at "Joe Walker's'  jizui England Hotel, and in Bot  ..ties at all-''the Hotels '���������'.'  A Most Healthy-  Beveridge"*' and^Tnarcte  from the - PUREST" of Malt  and Hops  ms8LWaWmffl^B*&^^mEE^m������^^^������^^mm8&^&  ilx ���������*> h -fCy"- ���������*** ihh ������fflv*y  wxmx' wntxM mtwtm ml  OT&!:������  a������3^*rS������rK.:i,f.''MliniiiWV.u.*...  3   HI  manumMsmmmarm *rTtaMwra*mmm**n'*a-xi*wuvmMnui**r**BijM  \\vLila\\u,'i.Yin^,\uiimh.\\.C.    ''  l>vc>|������orly v.n'ilhi.L vo mo ������m or  he-j  ii'ii^l'lM.U/r <������������������ WV-MMOU.M.IAVAY   fore tlui   1--U)   dny   cf    Oewnilur, I  I'.. 1'-  ������N  Tir.J ���������y.oyNTY conilT OF  N.'y;,\'.\)(;*!!(*M,l>!CX AT  ry Mi,;!-.:;:. ,-.>;')  IX   'IV. V,     MA'' i'i.H  OF    John  .ii.lm Smyth  ill 1.1-.I! '"I .  I 11-' '-     l .'  ii.y ���������.'���������.���������!���������  ���������din died ill  ���������   -'h - ">, CAVA.  v '���������;' '���������  * i-  A]i'*.li������niit I lill:',.   AND nil imr.iv-i 'nd.i-1-Uid lo J  WARiiHY    I ,.a(ti tninto, tm. a luivcd   to jjny the i  Alli-illt   ! .      r    i l     ���������       '���������     l   I  ,     i   ' .     ������  '     . l Ulnount '.1   ihu'r*   :iu!el-li" 'ir'.-.-ii   tn f  ,,! ni������ forthwilii.  DiUrnl thi.s l,*,t,h d.iy   vd Novv.-ii  birr, UH".  W. \Vi''..-'i.i*'v W.H./.K"  OlUuial Admit j ...������-...  Oiiiiibi!il:*.nd,l: '.'.  Anything you want  and whatever  way you want it. Below are a  few of things we print  Give us, a Trial Order and see  how well YOU will be pleased  ....���������'OHlfihl  ���������   ordor  o?  WATER  NOTICE!  I'OU A U.M'-.N.JK Tl) TAK.U ANl>  I.I.M*' WATKU  IN Tii!'   Si- * :  A11 -i.i ,.*    ���������'. ������������������'���������'���������  ������������������:.-",!������������������' .:���������'���������, r.i \  111**, 1 hn.-ii -     i."    i'*- ii'i;V,   tiimlft  i,,i-.',iii ,:.��������� -  '���������������������������r, \W\.  '   ,,,. ,        ' ���������       *.   i  ,,: iiiutT-'lhiV  \  ,-i li.-     .     ,  limi'iil ''f" ,.;*-''|i.    -���������-������������������   *!  r > n villi: ������������������i.,i..-i ���������  ... it. .  ,*.   ,'t   ,,!t* ! -v ���������'.,' .Ti'.'ii: \'i 10 till-  h',.,,,', ittv,-!-,   'I'm* wuUir will  l-i vlivi i i.-i| \  [h- .-|i*.lr r. i',-1 ���������'.  i i,*    I  "iS'O'flt'l'l ii -ri-.-ri-liy I'ivrn ili'it* M-.-f i- -'  ni.ili. *.'.- TviMini im Tviiij.vn.,-, ol Vict.i ri <i \  It, C. will nwiily lm--"-) Iii i'ii 'I.'  ii> tiilin in. il 1  -l..i..i,,i. I inn lllll.Olll) ii-.il 'Ui i-i-r '2i  Im.icji  -.  .,..,:; VJI "lit (il Ko> Uiiiiii iMiii.H u-m , i-i - ���������     ''���������   ,  I     '"���������'i l-'i'ly iiifi'tit'ii ;iii������'U^.h Ciuni-  uifinri ���������  "'' |,">,< i nml iiiii|'li*;*i ii.J-i.1, Cij-i,'. Iiu'-'i i,  .ii'iii*'���������  i  I, ,. ,i- . , ''  'V  ,,x   ���������'   '"'���������ii'- i'i '-���������iriiiiiii fi'uri U.i*!*./.'t;, mni   will,  ,..,,-,,,,;  I .���������;*,!������������������> iv    1,".'.;   il.1V oii1'1' *'���������'*ll ������-'���������������' W.-imi-i I  l:,nlw':.y |--ii| ��������� <>n .  . ^ i,   ,(-i   \       jlhi'liuul   il������rM.Til.-Ml  an I'.i'.ilwny i'.i.'i-l  nl j  '       | \s',i.i     This   tiii'.iuii v.-'i'i ini,it*,il   on tlii-*-  ''"Li'   '   ������������������:l*'-. "���������f-*, Kr,n,,���������*i ,m ii... :������ril ihij.  uJ A|*ril    l'.M'V. *  .0   ,i.'������-i.,:i>,   of |i*|l0!M)j,!it!lr..m ������ill I-,' Ilicii  '��������������� tl.e ..Him'  Hi'i- H-'1'   ������������������.���������  yi i|iU!''  l. i" i ' j  I I .��������� i v '      - ��������� '     ' '  v i I  I,  ;'i-:lh"l -I tl,i> Wib-r Uicoi'ilc;* ut ViutiHH, li  <'. J  -\ i  '!"-  Clll-  -   i  '   byi  : i>liit(!in-u.i  ii-.ii> 1*"  i:!-..!   Y-'itii fi-M  I ',' ,ii ���������!'.-��������� i-.li-** ni u'rrii n ,- t. ..iii]it-'.'!"i '[  ,11'.   Vi'jlt-'   Ki^i.U,  Vi.i''i-ii,c.'.t   !'* .i'i-Ii.;; , j  \ i.'-. -.1*'. !'.<'. I  ! i>'.(iriMAI.T .**��������� SAN.UMn l.AII.WA'i  ���������������������  m*w,muiMm*mivwl\Bmi'mi*nm itiL*urnm\ * Jt^*ttvAitm^a**\*.*^rtMtmnwmJi^*it*wm*urt i  iLRTTKRIIKADS  ��������� IllLMIHADS  luWRLorrCW  .PAMl'IILKTB  c ata ix)(uncs  '    MENUS  BLOTTKUS  DODGK11S  POSTKUS  Sill I MM NO TAGS  VlSlTlNd OAKDS  liLIvSlNHSS CAIU)S  WKDDINC! STATIONKIIV  S'.ALL IMUXJUAMMKS  ETC., ETC,  KTC.  *mmm wi ������������������**w(*i*nnn-/>.>i������������ii*���������f -ifcpiwi N^-t,     i.   -*r.vtcr,I  i     ��������� i  ,,y^y THE CUMBERLAND' NEWS  .-"i**-"^. i  x ll ..I...  THE   NEWS,  .CUMBERLAND,   B.' C.  aibium  THE    BRITISH    ADMIRALTY    HAS  CREATED A  ROYAL  NAVY  AIR SERVICE  MADE 578 FLOWERS. FOR 10c.  N  t-JO BESTRlbT ONS ON U.S. CATTLE  The Introduction ot "the Aerial Arm  in,, the Brixistt Empire's Fighting  Forces is Considered to be a^ Preface to the History of War in the  Air.n  Thi*" British AdmValty has just an  nouiiceu uie creation 01 a royal naval  air'service witli ita'own Tanks and  uniform.'' ,*  The, promulgation, of the regula-  tioiis iiiarR3 a distinct step in tlie  introduction ot tlie aerial arm into  tne empire's fighting forces, in fact.  lt is a preiace to the history of war  in, ilie ail.  Up to the present date air v?ork  lu the nav/ i.as been of too recent  birth to aumit of the application of  hrm lines . of. organization.* The  present regulations show .that it is  coisiuered tliat. the time has now  arrived when this section ' should  begiu a distinct and individual life o������  its own. ,/e iiave therefore in these  regulations the formation of a royal  naval air service, which is to be con-  si ituted as a distinc. part of the military, or lighting, branch of.the royal  navy.  Tne scheme Is based on the principle that all classes of officers and  men ih. tlnd naval air service shall  enjoy equal .facilities in regard to  military command, so that ��������� officers  aud men of i he military and the non-  military braLches of the royal navy  officers anri men o' the royal niar-  i ines, of tlu-. royal naval .������reserve  forces, those transferred  army  Y.  Factory  Investigations  Reveal  ��������� Pit.te.l Conditions  Pitiful and illegal child labor condi'  tidus were revealed at a hearing bV  fore the New York state factory in"  Yestigatin**"' commission,  George Hall, of the Now York. Chilli  Labor Comm*sslon, displayed sample?  (. f artificial flowers,������letter taiti&ig-  neckties,.and other articles made by"  children in tenement houses. Some rj--  the children doing this work, he aa\A>  were as young as from 5 to 8 yea.*^-  As a fair sample,*Mr, Hall exhibited  a bunch ot v"������-lets which, were mad*?  by a chili of 14 years old/He said ta*3  girl had to make ,570, flowers and 'past-?  them up in wreaths to make 10 cent*-'  The average earnings, he said,, would  not exceed $2 per,week , -.   ���������  Another exhibit was shipping and  price ta^s, in which,a ' grandmotb.e*"  and her granddaughter, 14 years oii'  put wire and cord into the tags. TheX*  were paid 6 cents per 1,000 for wiring  tags and 5 cents per 1,000 for th#  cords.  Another instance showed whero 0-  mother and three children, aged, t0"  spectively 8, 13 and 15 years, mad-?  artificial flowers, their combine^  earnings being betreen $6 and f 7 pe-**  week. Mr. Hall said the children wor1-  required to go to work as early as 0  a.m. and work till 9 o'clock, when the/  -went to school. After school thef  were required to work till 10 o-cloc-"-*-  at night.  Ontfifio Stock Show, Promoters Hav-*  M-ad-e Request to Government  , for Chanced Regulationo*^.  T)1&t the lestrictiens placed by or  cje-r-i-^-ciiuno": upon United States cat-  tie showing at Canadian exhibitions'  -shot-*-*--! be removed is the substance oi  representations made to the agricul-  turn*1 department by live stock shot'  promoters,of Ontario. The restriction^,  r������f<-rre<i to compels United States cattle before being exhibited.in Canada--J  to hav6 been successfully tested  2gainst tubnrcu!osi3 for a peiiod oi  sh -������ioj]iths. It is claimed that thi?  rule hurts the Canadian shows -with-  out compensating benefit. The American exhibitots are uot particularly de*  ���������siroua of coming any way,. and the  resection tends to keep them out  ���������s-vhe.n tl\ey are wanted. There is a sinr  ilur -ruio on the United States sid-3  s-Ud th*-* government took action at  the instance of the Canadian breed*  IER THAT MOVES  POSITIO^FREQUENTLY  slides ba"k fbov the alaskan  Side and into Canadian  territory  CANADA'S ASSET  WESTERN NOTES  A German company has purchase**  four sections of1 land in the vicinitJ**  cf Rosser, Man., with tho intention ot  building a large factory tor themauil*  facture of all kinds of machinery. Tin-3  plant will be ont,of the largest of it's  kind in the Dominion, and it is e>'"-  from thejpected that'about. 12,000 men .will ba  and tnose entered direct from i employed in Its construction. . It is tlia  civil life shall all take rank and  precedence according to their naval  air service giade while performing air  service duties.-  It has. thtrefore been decided ir.  the first instance . to frame J an arbitrary seniority list as regards the  ou'icers and nnni now,engaged on this  work;'' and in future, that all officers  and men will take position on tha  list from the date of their being  graded.. At the' same time the agi  and previoiid service of . candidates  will be adjusted to ensure chat all  shall - begin ao ' nearly equal as is  practicable. . ' ���������.  The . pay is on approximately. the  sp.me rates ai those for submarine  service, ��������� but slightl/ higher on ., the  whole.-    *     ��������� '  The unifon v will be the same as  that worn b-/ executive officers in the  royal navy... A small badge In.the  shape of an eagle will be,worn above  the stripes,on the left sleeve. .The uniform will h? very similar, but '.hs  anchor (the emllem of.,the sea), will  bo ��������� generally .-eplaced by the eagle,  -whielHias-b-'-en-established-as-tne-em---  blem* of the air. *  ,. An important feature of. the new  regulations is that civilians will . be  permitted Jo enter direct into the air  service, in which they will hold a  position of antire, equality with the  other officers. J    ,  New French Law Taxes Foreigners  a, bittei cry isyjoing up c.-om foreigners living- in France owing to thu  new tax of 5 f-er cent on all ^Vairitids  wnich they possess either in Fri-nce or'  ab-oud.  A United States financier who is  building a notable luii<o in Par's declares, that l.o W..U stop the coin-i'.iuc-  tion iii luu residence iml will live  in a-hotel. Others sny they intend to  move to somo country where no such  tax is imposed. Yot others declare  that they will return to thulr old  homes.  If tax free Mcnin.o wore seeking  immigrants the present momout  would accord a great opportunity for  gaining groat additions to its population.! A partner in ono of the Paris  bunks,'says:  "Tho law bus causod consternation  among foreign residents who do uot  relish tho idea of losing 5 per cont, of  thoir incomes, .It. lips oven caused  consternation to bankers, as the law  makes thom collectors of tho tax,  which is not in our line of business.  Wo uro blnmed by our oxcltod clients  for collecting tho tax, and at tho samo  t timo wo soo thom removing thoir so-  1 curlli08 to I'oroign banks, whllo wo  aro oompollod tp employ more clerks  to explain and on forco the now law,"  Tlio law is dosignod to lighten tlio  direct taxes upon tlio fnrmorH, which  aro pressing honvily upon pricon of  products, and ralslt\g the cost of living.  intention cf o the owners to lay tha  foundation 'of a Gorman colony in the  locality. Building operations will be  started at an early dale.  ���������''-***  Valuable .deposits of oxidized shal6  have been found within eight miles ot  Edmonton; Alberta-.-*. It is said th**-1-*  there are enormous quantities in th6  district where the find was mad*'*  Samples have been submitted to experts for analysis. It Is probable th-J*''  the find will .nean tho foundation ot  a profitable-industry, as bricks arJ<-*-  tiles will be lhe products. Firing tests  are now being made with a-* view i<-  finding out if the shale can be profitably worked. ' *  ��������� .*���������*���������>  Over 7,000 men are now employed  on the buildirg of the Pacific GreM  Eastern Railway between Cheakanit'6'  Canyon, B. J., 'and Fort George, 13 C-.  Track laying is in - progress beyoiiA  Cheakamus, where a number. J ot  bridges have recently been- complete1-1*'  Practically, all the grade has been flA-  ished between Squ-.unisli,    B.C.,    tJ������*^  ���������ocean-to?minus---of-*-the-iine7-"an"d~L"i1"  looet, B.C., a distance of. 120, miles.  ...Quite a'rush has taken place for tP*^  placer strike, 35 miles south* of B^  Eddy, on the Fraser river, Brit'.-A  Columbia. This district has' been -worK**  ed some years ago, as tailings and remains of a shack and ' wheelbarrow***  remain.- lieports say that there '^  gold in ������very pan. "  * *   *  A brass manufacturing plant* will V������  established at UeilcJlff, Alta,, by' *\  prominent American rompany. and 't  is expected that it will be in operation this fal.. Th. industrv will gj</<-  employment to i. considerable .humt)0*>  of hands.* *  - ���������   ,  * '���������*-.���������  * '* *  * It Is estimated that there aro stf1.  35,000 homesteads o.' 1(!0 acres each 'A  organized portions ol Manitoba, wh))***  150,000 more will bi opened up wh'i?**-  tho northern part of the province Ih  thrown open Co.- settlement.  * ' * .*. *  A largo body of o'o, rich in galen**-.  carrying hi&-h valuos In silver "uJ(i  load, has boon discovered nt a point 0*1  the north sl.lo of Constance CoV������,  ICsquinmlt, n C. It Ih allogod that tl"i  load can bo traced for a distance), 0^  1,500 fooc ann that the oro la in Huffl*--**.  lent quantity to .ensure Its profituhJ^  working. The lam" haa alroudy bof-t  staked and claimed,  * *   *  .While (llgpiing a well on section ;-A  township 57, lango 1, west of the lift**.  meridian, a body of criulo oil wW  struck. Tho roportoil llnd was mtid%  northwest of Edmonton, Alberta, iui*-i  Nakanmn, Alborta, Over $0,000 wP**fc  spent In foes nt the hinds offico ob  tho'-nrst day nnd tho lnnd around tl"A  woll hiiB boan bliuikoted for aovor^l  inllus,  * *  ������  falsing Crops by Radium  Ti-e effect of   radium   on    plant  p'c^tli has, it is said, been demon-  ^trsJ-ted by   experiments carried out ill  It is claimed that many of tho re*  SUlt3 aj������e so promising that U is po0'  ���������3ible that the use of radium for crcp?  play become o;Qo of its most, important ap&licat!on3 in the future, it.i^  snid that indium has an adverse effect on. the undesirable soil organisms, leaving the useful ones freer t"  ���������3t*iJiulato growth.   *  B^st results are obtained with the  use , ot about one-seven-hundredt^  part of a grtrin of radium to one to*1  ot i30il. The residues left behind*after  rtidiu*tti has oeen. extracted ���������from min'  ei*als Usually contain a minute quantity' of radium.  -'^heq these' residues, which are oi  c,ort*Parative'iy .ittle value, are mixed  in the soil, wheat and barley gro*^  with great r?pidity and the leaves ar-3  usuaHy of a darker uolor. '  The biost decisive results so far rO'  ported.havo been obtained, with radishes and carrots, which ' in some  cases have Dean nearly six times a-3  Jie3*vy *^s' those grown under similar  ccoc^iti*ofls in ordinary soil.  ESxpefjoients aro also being made i������  ascei*tai-j the .influence of both rad  inn* an������j radium ejianation on the size  and color dt flowers and other market gairden produce. It is stated th-jt  one������ incorporated with the soil the  effects of ti'ie" radium residues wil1  rerfiain constant tor- hundreds 0^  ye3rs-,  ' Sceptics will - -ecall. however, tbe  ooce b^laude-d but futile electrical et-  Perhnonts of Lord Rosse, in Irish  Pctato fieldn, an-1 will suspend jud^-'-  nie'-t Until time has tested the radiuU1  cuj-e for bac/ward vegetation.  (The Grand Pacifir Glacie" Moves  About the Sea slope Near Skag^ay.  Where Canadian Territory le Shu*;  Off From the Sea by Alaska Pan-  handle.  Canada's wandering glacier, is back  U-Suln at Uk- old stand in Northern  P^itish Columbia, bringing with it a  harbor.  The Grand Pacific Glacier moves  &bout the sea slope west ot Skagvay.  Where the Canadian territory is shu;  oft from tha sea by the Alaskan Panhandle. It is sixty miles widr*. ,Thiee  years ago 't moved back through .he  Maslc&n strip, bringing the shore line  with it and providing British Columbia with a northern harbor 611 tbe Pac-  Uie.  '  . Thlg patriotic preference on the  part ot. the peripatetic glacier was  Wurmiy approved by the ptople of  PVitlsti Columbia, but a year ago tho  fickle Ihing moved^out again, pushing'  tho harbor in front of it.  This lamentable breach of ' trust  was discovered by Prof.., Lawrence  Wa.rtlD.who went up to call upon'tho  glacier with a party from the International Geological Congress, who  notified Prof. R. W. Brock, deputy  mtnister of mines. , -  - Now Profy, Brock has received another* message from Prof. Lawrence,  announcing that ������,the little truant i3  hack in Canada. The deputy minister  of the opinion  that one day the  Campaign to Spread Knowledge of  Magnifxent Reserve  The visit -it SU* Arthur (jonan Doyle  to Jasper Park has served to oraw the  attention of the travelling public uf  Great Britain to the magnuiceut assei  Canada, possess iir her great national  reserves. -  J. n. Harlclrx. -'oTOmissioner of Dominion parks, is aUo carrying on a  campaign to make these immense playgrounds better known, aud has is-,  sued-,from the department ot the interior attractive so\>veu|rs 'ct Die  mountain peaks, This Is a booklet entitled "Just a Sprig ot ' Mountain  Heather." Attached to its cover is a  piece of real i'urple heather taken  from the Alpine mendows of the Canadian Rockies.  PR^RAM!���������/���������-.   OF   WORK  MA?pE3  ^tlT 3V MARINE AND NAVAL    *  USPARTIV.ENTS.  Wjl-1 locate T'������ree  tireless Station*  jf-1 the   ^t('ai<'s and at  entrance t*  Xt1* ��������� Bay--Tw'o    Lighthouses to to������  O^^-menc^ This Year,  'I'P^ aw.rij)*3 aii(*.naval iiepartinontii  are ^hgugod or. a big  programme "frf  Woj-'h tins s'"umor to' mai<e Hudst*  li-^i/ -tnd Stilts safe, for   uavigution-  T\\(e* wiriii --ss stations \a tho S$trait������  m? no??1-e8Va -e ,    .,    k    , !���������   ; tl'iii ,ut the- evince to the t������ay ai-0 oar  l}r7..}l^xi7 }���������}Jn. Ule..h0-0.^0t_.������.f hag  ?cate-4 U' as to givo a continuous  the signitlcancfc of these reserves anu  of the Dominion's natural heritage 01'  beauty. ���������*  is  Racier will settle in British Columbia  f������r gcod and all, possibly applying fov  naturalization papers, the "general  movement of these ��������� glaciers 1 being  landward.  '  A Notabi    Ice-Master  Peterhead has produced many not-  ���������f he" Boldest of All ^Horsewomen ,  flussta soems to .have given tba  M'of'd the boldest horsewoman' in hi?-  iorf^__ThiiJis_^Mine..._.Kudashe.va,-i-a-.  Co.^sacic, whose avocation is' -making  advent\irous journeys all alone o������-  hoj-seback in the- faro east. Three  ye^rs cigb 3he rode all'the way froli1*  Vi-gdiVQgtock to St. Petersburg, ��������� a  niat.ter.of three thousand miles or  n\of*2, . on her horse, "Mongolia,'"  Mrijich she afterwards presented' to  the Czarevitch. ' In return for this,  the C?.ar sent a beautiful Arabia-*1  ste������A which she christened "Krit,  And on wliuh she is now making a  journey nio-e perilious and thrilling  th.in Uie form-������r one. This time sh**1  is, going acf-ss China and Mongolia  hit0 Turkestan, through regions pra*-,*;  ttcitlly* tintroversed. She sleeps be*  skie���������hor' faithful horse and no harm  ha3 come to -either of them, It, is a  hp.fA lli'o for woman and beast, but  ���������Mrf-**-"* Kudasheva Is making history  an-J -the C/ar is proud of her. giiQ  hopes to liy back hi St. Petersburg  covoreu with the glory of this epoch*  niuHinu under'aking,  May Put Lid on German Capital  13vorybody !n Hcrlln who hua derived profit fiom tlio city's fiir-faniod  night lifo���������and thoi,' nnmo ie logion  ���������Is In a stato of frenzied alarm ovo*.*  tlio tliroatotod Bhufting up of tho  town at u p.m.  . Regulations_ to' that offoct are now  ���������jmlor Bor-ous" .odiiBldorutlon at tho  1-TiihhIiu) niJnlfltry of tho Interior,  which  cortrolH  tho policoj laws.    If  tho flchomo Ib carriod out, Vn outinir,, ..   ,  drinking, dancing or othor ploaHiiro tlio poat offico dopiirtmoiit upon Jitj  A' rich nold strike Iirr boon mndo 0*1  the uppor La.'rd rlvor, Northorn |-trft  IhIi Columbia, It Ih olnlmod that go'^  Indications out lm found for alisi/t*.  tlrod- 111II0H urd tlmt Um gold \n R  rich ub that uncovcrnd In tho YiiUo'V  Ono of tho prnatost illlTkniltios eH*  countorod In roiichlM* tlm |]0|,|fi iB ^  unfrlondllnoBB of tlm Indians.  Parcel  Oost Pnylno Its Way  No spocla. olicak Ih lining Kept P3>  ronovt will bo   ii'hlo to hoop Uh door  open lator ihnn 11 o'clock oxenpt In  rovonuoB, from tho juirdol post, hut tli**j  InspnctorH'. report" tlmt ihe' volume o\  able sailorj and whaling men, but few  have had so alventurous a career as  Wr. John S. Crowthers, a native of the  town, whose death ii Glasgow > has  been announced. Mr. Crowther was  an expert ice master, and acted in that  capacity on several,'memorable expe-  ditiong- He was navigator to Mr.  Leigh-Smith, the explorer, and -ac-  companteu him in his yacht, the Eira,  which *��������������������� struck by' an ice-floe and  founded in .1881.  . The leader of the expedition and the,  crew of tweirty-five meD succeeded in  saviug the whole of their provisions  and tlieir smal'. boats. ^But the .party  was destine! to remain in a hut on  the ice in Pranz Joseph'Land for almost a year. The stores became exhausted, and itisnoi, generally known  that they "-sepende-*. for a time *or  their* substauce to'.a-retriever dog  felonging-to-Mr-Robert-StephenrPet-  erhead- Whilo in Poterhead Mr. Leigh-  Smith 't:;ok a fancy for the canine,  ���������and/'W* Permission of Mr. Stephen,  Mr. L-eigh-Sixith * took the animal  alcng with him. Bob, as the dog was  ntimed. decoyed Polar bears to the  hut," and thus provided food for the  members of the expedition until the.  ice broke up and enabled them to get  to N0va Zemba in theirb oats. Bod  was returned safely to his owuer, and  ii- 'i- war given in Music hall, Peterhead, in honor of the' brave animal.  .���������Tit-BiU.'     '   "  Thirty  Million  Dolkrs Awaiting War  Germany's "war ������hest" reposes jn  the monster tower of Spandau.  The total nmount deposited there is  ?30,000,0J0 in gold,* Which govt-rnnient  insists must be kept inviolato for the  purpose It was orig.nally. destined���������a  fund In cas-j war should press Ger  many so hard that funds,would 00 unavailable elsewhere.'  The gold was cbt'Mned from France  as indemnity lifter the Franco-Prussian wnr, and was p-aced in the tower  to bo held in reservo'for tho, especial  purpose of financing troop's should  Germany evi_*r acaib be called on to  fight. ,.  Recently a g.-eat Corps of clerks un  c*er the watchful c.veS of scores of  troops counved every single coin of  the vast fortune ami found al) intact.  Not a single coin , had, been moved'  from the orig rail resting place given  it when the gold wns stored away.  Many political. lenders jn Germany  who are convince*! that the days of  wars are ever or ou^ht to be, arguo  that the immense, sum could he utilized with gret-.t effec*r���������in some humani-*  tarian c.iusa. ���������   "  ''.  , They* insist that,,'the grim tower  standing there, dedicated to warfare  and wanton strife, is a' sad example  to set before the.nation and the world  in, these enlightened times.  nig _  lir^ ^f coiiuJ-Unicatiou fryiu iJort. Net-,  sou ^iid IV1 'Churchill to the Atlfta-  tiirj, , 'riie irj^ual   Jor'etructiou   of th������  8t{i^hs, however, will not bo heg*J������ .  unt>, hext spring. ���������*. ��������� ���������  ���������tf* ..charge; of Hudson Straits 1������.  ho,i^ done b>" tho st������an������gr. AcaJi������������  whi; other eovernniem vessels art  tnif>n*S soun^-i'gs and mapping tli������  hitf^rs of VTt Nelson, R0rt ChurciiiU  and H the "louth of the Nottuwar  riy*^ ; Tlie ^'Verninent steamor Minto.  whi '^ has J*-***?"- Halifax for Hudson  na*/' carrio J materials f0r lighthouse  CQfiP'-ructio!). The lighthouses are ts '  be .^hinienc^o this, year 0i> either si.la  ot y^ entrance to por*.(Nelson, whilo  an(7^her wnJ ho built upon a itcwlj*  chu^t'Sd shoft' some miles out in-'.ho  b.^y- - The c'-a.u-jg being done ju th*  nio^jh of tl-0 Notta.way river Is prft-  Pa.j*^*ory to. the construction of tlia  pressed ra'^vu^ from the southeast  tc lhe NHt'0hi..l Transtjoiitlni-iital in  coj-i^ction ft-th-.the alternative rout������  fro^ Port -\f'?lson across the nortiiera-  end.^f Jain*?-* Pay and thence byirait  tn r-intreal. The government plans to  bui'r.the southern half of this liii������,  fro^the Nar*������^al Tranr0ntln(*nUu a"*  an ^Ppropr^tion of $1,000,000 waa  Pei^^d last 'Session' for prelirhjnarr,.-  sur*v.^ys TJ"'e Clerqiio syndicate' liad  oti^'hally p'-tantd to bund tlie-wh:!*  liii-^' hut'ai/0,)rding to present piani*  t\\o -Soverrofifcnt-itself will shoulder  the.^-ost of ;hj portion between Mont-  reaJ ^nd the National TrjuicontiuentaL  WILL ^ACVERTise; CANADA  British Engineers May inspect Water  Powers dp the Winnipeg River  Canada's water power, resources  will be adveitised at the Panama rsx*  position in san Prancisro by a-series  of - models ' of typical power pla.its  from the Atlgiitic to jm Pacific. Thas-.*  will'be arranged in a semi-circie in the  Canadian building iti front of a great  Contrc'-'ng   the, Aeroplane  '���������'���������Aen t]e'"iich'\j;elerich drove hia  h*I'J������*he to ��������� htigiu of 2*1,000 1'cet near  LePJ^-c ho  was  beating  the  birds at  ��������� h-^l   own-^ainw.   , ' * . -���������   ���������  F'hnhohlt "aw the condor ll>ing,=**.  a ^"hposed '-eight of 2S,oOO feet; thi-a  g*r(?a,; bird, which nests and roos<*  ���������Ab#'f the 10;000 foot level, niig!*  eqi)at or sur������ass Oolericli's teat, but  .. "' nivi (.jerni'iny  cotlu* do.it. When G'ly-Lussac in ,i85l  thi*"3^ out ,'**-rrier pigeons at height*  ab*?v<3 20,000 f<-et. those tireless tjav.*-  Canadian painting.   Gibson Catlett of  Toronto-wiU'iJaiir'this-picture, which hf? ^roppe'-1 '-eavily toward a denser  will be 85 teet long by 9 feet high,  and will presort a bird's eye- view of  the whole Dominion.  *������������������All-knc.vn���������watcr-r^p"owers~~whet1.T?!T  developed or not, will be depicted oh  this painting The water powers of  the Winnipeg riy^r am' Bow river will  be given special'attention. If possible  the. Association of Brit'sh Rn'gineers.  who meet at San Francisco, will be  brought to 'A'inniPc-g to' inspect; the  water powers. ���������    .. ���������<      -  \   ���������  Over 10,000 Killed on U.S. Railroads  ' The records of tho Interstate Commerce C*raj*is8ion show that for the  year  just  ondod   there  were    lO.laO  Ho-nssteac! Entries'  Homestead er-trios for the month of  May, for the four western piovinces  numbered 2A'M, as compared with 3,-  ���������179 for the ^ame period last year, a de-  cicase of t.'-U. Manitoba entries m-  cro-.ised from 227 to :'18, and Alborta  er tries from 1.139 to l,li������a.. Saskatoho-  wt.ii entries,. on the other hand, fell  i>om 11572 .'ii 1913, t0 875.   The   pio-  hlghly Rpocliil oaaoB, probably hotols traffic Ih Htoiuuly Iiii'itohIjir, and thlH  which miiBt furnish satisfactory ovId*  onco that a liconB-*- Is urgently ro-  aulrod.  1 8lieop Ornzlno Chnngea  At tho Instance of tlio, nilnlstor of  tho Interior, ord<*rn-ln fnnnoil r^n������oti  In 1884 arid 188.1 prohibiting tho grazing of Bliuop in certain plirtions of  Soiitliorn Alberta liavo boon rescinded,  tlio roanon bolng that thoy conlllcr.  with tho roBiilntionn IbbhoiI on Fob-  nmry 18, 1014, whoroby Ioiibob may ho  ^untnil lo n'lnop ovnorn, Tho dlntrl-ft  nffoctod iB bounded on tho wost by tlio  Holly nml St, Mary's rivers, on tho  north hy thn South Saskatchewan  rlvor. on tlio oaflt hy tho woiitorn  hoimilnry of Anninihola an\ ��������� on tho  noutli by,the international boundary  lino, ',  To Renew lilevntor Lenis  Tho cabinot linn dcclrlcd to accept  tho offer of Ilio Grain Groworn' Grain  Company to ro-iow tho lonno of tho  Manitoba go* eminent clovutor systom  for an iiuioflnlto period.  the Bystom Ir working vory astlHfuO*  toilly, It waj baiiBiiniloil In PobruafV  wllh a nvo-iyonnd limit, but thin U/n.  itatlon wnn poon romovcii aii'l purco'-Js  ncooptod ,up to olovnn lioiniils,  Tho pnrcol post Byiitom Ih iiaturrillV  bnlng imti*oiiiKo-f" moro ovtnnciivoiv (������\  tho cit'os than tn the rural piirt������,  whtiro U in yot an Imiuvatioij, UIm  whilo no lUiUlatlcH aro being tabuluK?^  It upponrfl to he pnyliiR Its way uii-l  BUCcoBRfully filling llm miHHion {("t*  which it wad eroiitnil,  $5,000 Awnltlno .1 Olind Man  Mlclmol Jordan, wbo loft Iroland ih  '18*17, Ir hoiiig look nl fur by John 'J\  Dwyer, 7.1 Wall Htront, Now Yoik, wilt,  announces thnt tlio mini of $!i,ooo K  awaiting hlni from 1111 Irish cHinf--,  Ills mothor'fc raaldon mime wns Ilou'h  O'CJraily.  Whon laflt hcnnl oi Mlehael w^  ntiiipoiicil to hu In 11 Montiuii) iiiplh  fito for thn Ullnd, llu was Inju^'-l  at a lira in fit, Pfitrldli'H iinll, lwii-  ton, Homo years ago,,becoming biir)*j,  as tho rosiilt  Not Likely to,Raise Indemnity  A couplo ci members of piirliamcat  in Ottawa sxpresscd' the view tlutt  the dociaartlon of B. A, Lancastoi'i  llf'< that "ne will not seek reelection  h0^ausi- of ho Bmall sessional indeiii*  nity* wt'i load impetus to a tnovomufit  Ue>'t yoar t) increaso the pay of meiJi-  hef--   They uow Get $2,500.  At the an.l c" tiie session beforo la^t  th<"ro was an aggr issive movemerit  for a $4,000 Indemnity, but it was  turned (\QW^ and' this yeiir nothiriR  Wa������, hoard of it, ���������  Whll0 U would bo very popular with  hit*'*ibQrf', 'here is, howeyor, som*1  i'oi}fion to doubt If tho government  Wouhl inereCvB'1 the 'ndornnlty ou ;i)Q  Ov-S of a gcni-ral election,  Qive Vjp use of Rrdlum for Cancer  Oontiftiiy's greatest aurgory speoifil'  ���������stf hnvo .loiuulonoil the uso ot rail-  hitii for tho treatment of cancer iip'1  nr-c ncivv coiiining thomflolvoH. oxclii-  RiV������)y t" th-) fa-intgen rayfl. AmoiiK  tht-m in P/ofessor ll'uttini, dlrator ot  t\w Woman',* Clinic of the Unlvurslt."  of llcriin, wh'. Ium Just pruHontoU a  HuJiibof of vomen t-urcil of imncor H5*  Hid Uoehtgo" moth id.  ���������1'ho Biirg'-oii-Bonoral of thn Gfir*  iiui" army, I'rofosHor nior, who is  Uln������ tho hoiif' of the Riirglcal faculty  of Uio niiivoiHitv In liorlln, Ih aiioth<*r  WD'*> hud roiioiineod faith In nidluiH.  UnJcr Seas in London  A novel u'aturc of tho "Siinny  fipHhi" nxhl'jiUon at KuiTa Court l������  Dr. ilbort'tt IdoHkhydro, au iindor-HO-t  Pavilion from tho portiioloH ol whlijh  Vi*4Horn can watch marine lifo,  'i'ho (jnaen'B Court lako has hocn  tranHfornitsd '"to a mlnlaturo con, uj>>  \i(Ji'i..,; -jf ;;C 1 (**j liilr-f, ltt,'n, u������*Ui,il in  th" Nr*r<h Wf'ft Atlnntlo nnd Mr*-*,lt(*-r  rafioan havo hoor hroiight to London  hi tunl'fl, rive Hundred n������li, ouch \\f>  \Vi������r'l������ of six hot In length, have beer.  lir-fl-'Eht by npechil train and sto.uii*  or frnj*,-, noh-^na, Italy, nnd there* l������  -^������,     r.|-||i-,l     nn ,r-fili,,j-*    f\f    t;^,-.     *t--������i-,,    ,    ,.i;  ���������>l'Piilly".\I'rror  v"  ktllea on railioads    in    tho    United  portional doorcase In British Columbia  blates amlsTOoro than 100,000 persons   .-_...  were injur-d during, the same period.  The figures as to the number killed  and injured a'o official and they indicate that tii 9 railroads are moro  doadly than war.  More -ban 210,003 porsons hnvo  boon killed on Unitod States railroads during tho, last twenty-five  yours and mo.'o than 2,000,000 injured, Figure that out and soo what  It means to famlUeis left dependent,  bereaved and their futures changod,  to iijsurance companies and to tho  ruHr-owli" thcmsolvoB, and you will not  wonder that the Interstate Commorjo  Commission is taking tho miuter seriously.  While tno efforts of the commit  filun nave b-ought about some Im  provonient it Is only slight, as for  tho fiscal your whl2h ended .luno 30  11113, 10,90-1 wore killed, 8M moro than  last year.  ���������Tho rnvitpos of war palo into in-  flignlfljar.co bJforn those H|iont (ndl-  ctaioiifl of t'.u destruction of human  lifo uccomp-inying the peaceful operations of our rnilroL'ds," said a com*  mission iffhlftl.  was oven la-'gor, tho entries in 1913  numbering fc?i, as compared with 52  this year.  During May, 4,785 patents for 287,-  895 acros of hind v ere issued by Uio  Interior dopa-tnieiit, ns compared with  2,710 patann covering ^c^,530 acres  for tho same month in 1913. Americans head tho lint of homesteaders  with a total 0 5-1R Canadian homo-  steadors numbered 345; English, 238;  AiiBtro-Hungririir.n, ;>G5" Russiuna,  194; NorwoplaiiB, fi?; and Swedes, C2.  Homesteads for the month Inclmled  ono Japanese, one chineso and one  African,  GEN-  WOLFE   STATUE  Movernent   to    Erert Memorial Gets  Support of Duke of Connnurjht  Canon Scott'n project for the erection of a moi.iorlal church in honor of  t3on. vvolfo Iiiih rucolvod tho encour*  foment of IJ.lt.il. the Duke of Cou-  naught, who npprovoH of It as a 'numt  Umpiring thoino," nml iirotnlseo to  Blvo (t ovory Hiipport,  Canon Sccti say. that under   ttio i iinn  now   miipiv.i-'B ho and those who aro!  with lilm In the movement nro now  going ahead In real eiiritost, An or.  Paiilu'/tloti committee wlll bo formed  Big Prices Por Autograph Letters  Five thousand Bit hundred dollars  was recolvod ior a collection of nuio-  graph lottors and historical documents put upon solo In London ro-  contly, among thom bolng a scries of  forty-nine loiters from i-souu Mvunimoll  nnd'Bixty-nliio others relating to hini  iviltten by biich fiiinoiiB contonipor-  arlfiH iih Tom Moorn, Sumunl Hogi.rs,  and LclRh Hunt, liritmmeH'K collect-on brought lr. $1)3**,  Somo oHpi-eialiy irnporfnnt doru-  mnnts relating to Urbblo Hums wero  knocked down Tor j;i (ion, Thoy in-  eluded tho iiiiinuflcript, of the poom  "Tlie Hnmhli petition of Uruvr Water  to thn ihiko if Atliolo" mul tho vct-h-h  of "The Snii! Id HoiJier'H DooIiUt. ���������  which UuriM lilniBi'lf dOHCribeil iih "one  of my boH- po;,mn."  Expcdltloi.'-** 150.0CO Miles Journey  ,1, l-'OHtor irtiinkhouHD'H |lrltl������,|i Antarctic expedition w||| mill from Lou-  n l)oi!������milHir.'* Mr, StnakhoiiRn  i'ontciii|iliit;in nirdllii',' tim world in an  occanoi;raphif"il survey which may  equal In results tlm   voyage r,(   tlio  ChiilliMi/icr,   Aa orlRlnnily plnnnnd tlui  HOino    l,,'{fi()  1 Can Ida-    n hi Blind ono In alnwdy |OXIl0(lUlnn  wll'siirvoy    ��������� ,,    ������������������������������������  being formeil rnd ii \b humh-d by Uiu | nilk-.H ot tlu- Antarctic roiiHtllne. The  Wallop or. WilloBden, locmiuogriiphicul Hiirvny Includon   tlm  aijv,  ���������f'e altitiideiimit for birdmen must  n������%! y_ b^X'3, been reached _by .t-Iorr,  Oe-*s.*-'iclirci������?-y"r.vfrrnd ali'ilf years A.t-7  tGj- Wilbur^Wrlght held the .world"  retfotd of ()0 f.;et. ,Glais|ier's butiooa -*  as-^^hsion 0* 29,000 fe������t may be ae-  Ce^^d. hut he war. unconscious at  '���������-h'>' height* a������d ar- uoroplane - pilrt"  oi) lhe whi'J ooes'not care ,'.6 bo "i-  i-pf>RV:ious. When Tisstmdior, in 187������  TQ0e to 'lip'- foet he bi'oughl do'-v*  liijr two earn pan lens dead in'his lia*-  kc**', So i.J-'-'Up.tpIn cliinber has e"W  rolled 25i''r'f' feet Whymper's ex-  j-.c^beuts show that above 1S;(K>0 feet  110 valuing *-���������* exper'ence proventBitht  subtest e^'^tlon from bcim? pdinf'4  ly i'fncult, l  y Miles l-icr oolerich was' perfornv  lw his Perilous exploit, t^fiiuip  li*i"-^r,ch avjtilors wero ccicbr.iii'ij; B;������v-  Ul)^ Bay ner>* Tiirls hy llyliiff' fur  al/G!ist pas.- a reviewm-* post. o������ iteas-  ly Abated y dvalrv chargers. TIn-sn  tw*3 (level jPm on tn of a sinplo i]vx "  f>li^^v how swiftly fie control -nr'Mw '  ao-f"hlntio |9 being perfected. ContKfl  of -^'if'tors is now (|iiite as prosHDi,-; J-  Pi'^l)lem, *  To *f''he a.B'rd census  A. consiis "t birdd In the Unlteti;  St^^s is iit'out to bo tiiken, hy Hu  (l������i?-trtrnciu o?' aBrlotilture. with ill*  Co '-'������������������eriitior- of bird lovers Jirougl-  ouL.tho country.  ���������>% object Ib to diitorinhjfr imv  iru*������V - bird** of pnrtlciilnr ���������ruoxuH  bt������^Ql4 within dcllnlto aroua. H. ir  tli(?**5ht that- by a com pn risen c������f coir  81^ Hguros with ethers already -ivai*'  a\,\������ it will bo pOF-������lbl(j to-iu-jQQrlHiH!  v-'li-phor tl'c proso'.t atatn and t������H-  cri* law'B (Ho effective ami ulioth-ir  Kn/11*'*! and (nRuctlvoroim hlrdu un\ U--  cr^^iHR or docreaslnij |������ nmuhorH.  ') ho department oBtliimtes tliiu. iiv*"  nu-'-f1- In Un*1 eountry ioho a bilium  (lol,urs omoJ} year thro'iKli hmo-*-*.  r������t"ll?OB. A vn������t (k������������il or tJil������ aouui bw  fin^(i If bl^s wero glvcu a uhanr-fi  to Vvo ium work  r'tturo ]|.*n heen, from the hogliy  iil/iR> a crji-ndor for-bird cotiHorv*"  l\ofU Tho niimlinr or imifotfl hu  hn"*1 llinltrd hy birds nnd t!i������ minr  hef of 1������1������*:1k by their food mippV  \\'l,0b men break in upon thin win*  iir^h-Konio*'" dnngo" and trou|>lo o,w  Wnr'-'iO to immigrant*  A elrciiliif iiiih hf.en lnHiied by t.S#t  il-iJ'^'tnietu fJf luimlgnition, d-joinrinf.  ito 'bloiitlo'" henceforth not only Ui  Wf*'*1- nil huf- nurWullurm |nl)urcr>* anl';  ilo^Hllcft iif?uliiHt roniliiK lo Hie b'<r-  H)l{Jl^n, hut '*1ho to reject tliem lr Un*  htl' under 'my of the roHtriclivw  (hj'^eti 01 Uio Iniinlgriitloii rc.^uh-*  tloW.   Tho f'K't thut a Hmi������ who coirw-w  Cct-ndlan New6boy on Hia Trnveli  furin Ib n.wiBod nnd the cuniRlty ot  lhifl������li\iiB la awakened by the ilolnjf-*  of a Cunadlnn newsboy selling London  ���������lliilly ^fnij.-i on tho boulevard**.  J'ntny uynn Is from Mdiuonton try*  'hut t������ win ��������������� $n,no newspaper pri^  foi witlliitiK nioiind   lm world without  Mn<*n������ln������ Mail Rat^n  PorttmriHtor Onornl HnMiminc  fltatod In t io houso rorently ihnt the  PN-Nunt Tati- ot postago on HrlliHh  nowHpap'-iu niiiKii'/'iiioH and trudu  jourijiils senr -"rnn) the Unitod King-  A.     .   , r.   rt   . ,   \ . 1 ,  -'"���������-���������  v-   ' *-���������������������������   ,".--.>s.   ������-*,...am   in   .-uiv.,1  until Ih'j'finl.or n.   He added that Ii'i ', iu.in><:fHHurlly hcuvy   tho mlnlHter of  hopod fihortly to Lo in n pohIUdji to, ,,]tntiu is reiHultil! the establishment  Uti/'-jr the (J'-Megiiry linn (i prnini-M il?.  ojij-f'oym-nnt ,-*'ill not buvo him froni n**  1r\('tU>ti nl  ffirmnriv      In  -.iteli  en.*.   ���������!(������������������������  new  riiiiieu lolli.wiiig on tlio opening |(l���������(-������'-*-rtnient l'iknn llu view Hint if *.#>  i.f tin* J'.'iii.',/*):' (.'in;-j .(/;,) c���������t, ...'..tii;*  ,n,���������;;i-,:t- ,,n,-/. ,1 |)(mir,ioii |,(- iLu-m N��������� uy  fihj-iw :i vnynpn of over l.VMinn nilleii,  wli'eh must bo completed before the  t'Miuilitioii rutuniii ;it the mid of 1919,  Will Reduce Strength ot Corps  lll'l'illlhli   11 II  HI f������-i Kill   Is   COlJ.Sjllun.'fl !  tai-'bg a Ji'b -vlilch mij-Jit oiliorwiu������  hu-/0 been I'lleil by niin of Cninnlalfi  n\i'(\ iiiU'inp'Oyi d union*; whom ovenr  tra'y nnd o"cnpatloii Is already repr>  H,f.fllM.  liYif*Hn| Te^cherB to Hold Confenma*  'f\io Invi'iitlon of Hon. u. a. \itytw%  !S?^������\7BtK^r���������rnT,^ ll,,> "nn,l,,,Bn ",,Kl""rl������������ "������'��������� army mff^t.-r of cdiicntlon for oliu.-r|,,'' io  dltlonB of thr, Rorvl-io nftcr that ���������l.ito. !H|.rvlci. c.r,.,..   Tl.e corps, whl.h were i,"l'������ \h��������� ������.,���������()o,iiil oo.itor^oo \o Tom*  Miniature Irrlgsitlon Far-n  Tlin oily nf Letlilirhfpe Iid-i re-'olce-l  fliiiHiiincoii-onl that the departiiieiil of  tlio lntprlor will Inatnl nn    Irrhr-ited  furin in miniature in Hoi'-lcr-uin I'ark  coiiHlltuti'd i.t their pniHeiit HijindlnB110 i'i \\m wiib unaiiltnoiifly .h������:i.. o.i-i  ter yeiirM n,';r, linvn ion*! been ('(iiiHfil-, m *���������>���������*; moot*"*; of th<' iinperiitl ^Autt  r-re-l Ion 1,-ir, e. (lie army -���������.���������rv|,,. nu.ll-1 u.i/'H.rs I���������.I1 i��������� Cur.to.i i.uH, |^ri(|���������i,.  l.irliiK iriti, 1 thirl Oi tho HrltfHh army1 Iv, UiirIiiim Htuteil that owln-i* \tl ih*  n-tvi<-e I'rtrii*   rind llie eni'lnen-" Him,  ruf, "'n".'!'":.'*-  the f**-'>'*'''r-*-'n-*m tir on  l'iirid������.    Ho   nft ICd'i-.oiiton two nnd ni'-l'lilin 1������ for thn purposo of th'tcrml'ilti*,  half y-i'|ir������; rtfjo,    jje walked from th*''���������'ho proper finioiini of water tr. he op  aprtli of rr.nee to parts, aud ueeni'*' Pilod to tho \arloiiH liny nnd  , ic "e haviur Good times. j crops.  hi  ar/  The e'.nct  ri.������hirt|���������n iu,3   rn.l. hei r,' ut(w could 'inkc. tin   ..,,   di terinlneil,   l-ifi   a   nioro    worknhl-n c^* biore jlnm fir.o aiilcto.   Tin* .1 -tc-  basin  ivill b.   dni'P'it.    ()!tl'-"io   nn ��������� R���������f^ v.,i\\]A h- inm-eil fr..-' of --l.*'*t*  trip .'..jiihi tun  '  1  s  *   l  cereru  null wiil   ������m Riven ttle njipfirtnrilly of h, ������������������ie rcm-fi-ln-oB of the Ttirotito nsi.  uriiiit.f'irr.riK to otlie, corpn. Vcfb,ty. TBX N?W8. Of?M������K������������.A.ttEb,i BRITISH COLUMBIA.'  ������������������*������������������������������������������������.���������" -JVlV m f-w I***"* ,-v-i'.������(,������!r������.w 'j  ^i ^���������nitij^wlwSN, n-^-yi h^hh -^ ii **���������;��������� f-^ihn^. >  M**-v -���������* *.t*"<..   r,������.it,v *���������"*,,������������������*���������*���������������,������* ���������%  "."1W*Wt'*������t. KVtN-ttU-*.* AaitlYO-lt.Ti^-o.ftv-'i ivt fc-i fa1* ���������\^'>li'^\-i������������*������. J.W1'^ ���������*" "���������^���������J*  ^SHs-lp  Kemlnd us that lhe'winter is almost fere  r   ^^^IVWUHI    nTBH* ^TOwt^'IVAUXri'-lM'WKWWwWlff  mnewwow *.iinamv*Mtmj*c*r*M-M.  FOR THE WINTKS WE HAVE COAL and WOOD HEAT.EP.S   -y-EOHr $1.75 TO $20 EACH   ^������������������iint.lt-Ue Sheets; gn.-y   and'   white   blankets  and  Comforters in   ;t full range of prices.  Por aohd cojiifort, try a "BEST WELL1' Stool Bod  ami a "KESTaJOP.E"   Spring and Mmtresa  n  ttUVH.Vl'iX'mi*''* ������������������-'M'Mwmi  nc  The Furniture. Store  r-ci-i-.,* ���������������������!-.,  A. lieKIETNOW     Cumberland  ^t^M"*.-'**''*'**^^^^ ti������t^J>vf!fr*#w'tt***^^  Mi  K3CCH!  J (*3  GROCFRS   6c    BAKLR  .    AND PROPRIETORS  OF"  CUMBERLAND'. BOTTLING "WORKS'  Ai^euls for 1'ilscne'v .Hrewiii;-"** Cunipiuiy's BKKR  Whelesnle Dealers in all Kinds of     ' *  Wines -ind' Liouors.  OND   STREET  IV  fc-Vj^^.V-^n^^i^-fy^VV^^ %"v,������J^������*������iVf^������������������^^i**i������M������^  *c^������*'iVTi������^������,--,������*^������rt������������**i*t*1  s.  v.-*harni('r,    (.'Oinini'iu'in;.-;  '1   *.,.:m    ..���������,.: *.     it  yih-r Unit' UV { h ���������]i-jl[\  Au^iisi, :i, wm   siitjvi.'   iir.    I'moii  ,     i>���������**-,' -tt *''.30   p.    in.    Wi'diH'silny  Tho ("Hy Council melon Monda\   ;i������d l-'ridtiy, and will lonvo   lTiiioii  lin1.-. Tlini'tidiiy morning at S. iuul  ������ vonin*.*, tliero l-'eing present Alder  (M-i, Pn.nl,**-. r.-irnli'im. Miller. Mc  j)r.-!.ald, Min-hell nnd   tho  Mayor.  ���������inlay :-il   .12  niKlniD'ht.  r-   *  No  (''..���������!:i;:'i' in (-'oinchaii'iS scliodnlo.  THE  ������  WI "Wil I  IHI ��������� ������������������WW |||*W  > for    your,.   Sundas,  Sodas,  Ice   Cream,  *   and    CnlifiK-.tioivevy  FRUIT, CIGARS,   TOBACCOS  "  Mitrito'-   of ' -previous    meetm;   J,  ^ ,    ,   ,  , *, ���������- v(^".yvstytytyty������tytyty$<?x$������etym  wi'io rend and  adopted.  Cor.itnuninition    was    received   mpy ���������   ,  f-om Premier VicBriUe re request nf    **" '*"h * *  <-'iy to &nqr.ir*> into reported cases  ���������cf di,?lre.-5 here. The* prouder said  ihut, acti'iir 1k*k alropdy beon, taken  Communication     received   from  Union of H.   C, Municipnlitics requesting that n-full   representation  1 e sent to next   annual meeting���������  .-ipcoived nnd filed.      - - ....  Coin mnn lea'ion    was    received  " -from The Vancouver .General Hos**  pit..)], stilting that one Bid Hokoln,  ::*l.lfeBS, Cumberland, is a   patient  .there  ��������� Communication wag ���������ccsived  from Superinieiideut of Education,  it* funds with which lo' pay salar-  i>}< to teachers in city employ The  ���������.���������nper-inteiKleiH fitated that owing  in illness he had heen unable to  ���������\ir-it Lhe ciiy   in   September,   but  I f-n?  Willie"  v.'nuld endeavour lo~do" so" as  eoon  .:���������- po.--siblo--���������received and filed.y  . Constable McLellan'? report:--  th*.avenger, $78.75; Soalee, 75c. Police Court hues, 01.50. [v-:pendi-  l'.n-e, mc'il** for prisoner, '1;1.'25;  wa'.e-hing rihoner two nights 5,00.  Accounts',--Electric Lighting Co.  ^uo.o-'i; Waler, 50c, A. II. Ivier-  ,-it'ud. 12.15. Passed over to Fill Mice Committee.  The Fire Wardens recommended  ihe purchase of two new hydrants  The council sanctioned purchase of  (turn;,  . Bo.1 rd of Woiks reported that  L'oiiir.'ict for 6hiii|������liii|������' Fire Hall  li.id been awarded to Calhoun &  Hrown for SM1.&0  Aid Mcl-'onald moved, sec by  Aid Piirnbiim, thut. Road Superm-  icndent be lUikud to open up  ,l'\iiii-ih street to ennnout- with Co~  ���������iiox  road���������carried ���������  The Clcilc wiih intitructed to  iii.il out the rales charged hy firo  i fiiuance companies in Nuimiino,  mi tliat Hiune may bo compared  Mill lilies churned hero.  Tlie committee on oxtcni-ion of  c\\y limit's reported pro-i-f--"S  C in ci! in'.jo rn ".!,  METHODIST  CHURCH  SERVICES.''  > .Uublic Worship���������Sunday, ii  a in. and 7 p.  in.  Bible Study (S. School) 2.30-  p. "in.*  Young People's Society���������Monday, 7.30 p. ni.       '  *  Ladies Aid���������First  Tuesday of  every month, at 7.30 p. m. ���������*���������  P. Phillipps Harrison |  BARRISTER AND SOLICITOR' |  ���������������������������    ' &  NOTARY   PUBLIC   ,. '     :                  CONVYAM31N3  tnL*XXMVTH*ni*mWHU*nvnmn  DUNSMUiR AVENUE  CUMBERLAND,  Drink a Bottle of^Pilsen  Ttoith-yottr meals -  notice ihe good effect on appetite and  t  PILSENER 8RBW1NO CO., LTD.     ' ,.  Also distributors for U.B.Cand   Ncwlifc Beers, Nanaimo.-  iilll|l!i!ill!lli:itllllllllllll|||!!lllllll!lll!-!!!!!i:i!l!![ll!^  in , , . i-j  II  -^^.H^H^'H-^^t^^H^H^* A.^^.hl:.^������!������^���������^���������H���������'^'H���������'^���������!"S":������������������;������������������^^������������������^  uc^  T  d-  ^jLW**.  FOR THESE HOT.DAYS  Oliihiren's (ioinpors, "Wusli  ]]ioiis'os  & Suits  ���������    Drepscs,  Caslunoro'CoaU,   etc.  Lndies- "Wiifsts.   .Kiolit  Gowns,  Uminiskirts,  Coinhiii'itioiip,     Cori-ot     Cuveis,' .   Aprons,  lion i'o  I'-ve^e*--., etc.   '  MEN-S Sri'.K. SUIIITS,   TIKS,    FINE   l\NUEin\'.KAIl      1  ���������a  i  1  K  ri  ������  3  if  Cumberland to Union iiav ^ioc. for two "minutes  Dr. Luii'ii/, livjino i-i', dciiion  nirali-d tlmt nit very cli'Vnrly lie-  I'lii'i' l:i"(.u' .iiiiliiMU'in.. in . Ilo Ho  Tnniili-it on Tii'.iduy nud \V'-'U  n������'i*ii|iiy, SiMiii' nl llm It >;ti  \*.i.'i-i' "*!!iiiliii^,    'I'hi* d- e. 1'1'r   wiii  I    l III 11      III   lllit*.     ll) A 11    ill    ll'l'l'l!   01  !  ur itioi:tlr>,  wmti*,' ������Mm,^-r.u *iiMMt,������<'^.>4upu/j wwiir1;t������vin4inpii**H  (-.*-. *^.*K(.M-)'M-������'*-i .'r^tfjm-^a m������ m.a**i**4t, -tt*'t������u������������t������.wnru 1.  LAND KKGllSTJiT ACT*  In Tho Mutter of un Appliea  i'or a fresh Certi!ionto ol' Titlo to  Lot-I, yHlock' ,'K.'* (.^uinhei-laud,  Map 522 A.   ���������     ,  jNaticf is horoby given'of my iu  tontiou ai* lhe cspinUionof ono cul  oiidar iiKJiitli IVcnii tin', first piibli.,  cation horcul' 10 issue a l'reah Cer-  tili'jat*.' oi' 'J'itiy in lieu of the Or-'  tifiat.1 ul' Titlo issuud to Uoorgu  Kiehardson and Itnih Agues  liiehanUou on lho I'-ih day oi'  June, 1911, and Nuiiihered 11(3  K, wiiieli Jms heon lost.  .Dated    at tlm   Land  .Registry  Olliee.   Vicitoi-iu,  llritihh   Coiinn  bin, 1 liis.2-Lth tiny  ol:  Sepleinber,  nnd,  ������. V. WOOTTON  Roifistnir Goneral oi! Titluii,  Tlu) war is eostiii'i- Friiiii'.e,  ���������57,0(10,000 i\ day. Thu outlay  For lho firhl, nixty dny*** i������l' tho con-  ilie.t has Imun ^4^0,000,000, and  t-liu is iukiii������v liko hroko yot.  ���������y   Cuinberlaiid to Fanny Bay  20c' tor two "minutes  ��������������� o Fannv Bay to Cuinberlaiid 20c. for two minutes  X ��������� Fanny Bay tp Taylors.........  2p   Fanny Bay to Union Bay .'....',.  31   Union Bay to Courtenay   ���������j    Union Bav- to Cuinberlaiid   4"   Union Bay to Fanny Bay   ���������*���������������  iB������Miq#ia||DM  . 150. for two nunute.**-,  . T.oc. for two miun'cs  .20c. for two minutes  . ioc. ior two minutes  . ioc. for two minutes  roi*  THE -"IDEAL" STORE    *** *��������� ���������*"*  :9  I  y  :1  ���������r*  :i:  f  Also -special   night   rates  Between 7 p. m. and 8 a. in.  to all points in British Columbia,  Three Times Ihe Regular Day Period for the Regular Dny Rate.  SS^ Make Appointments Any Time During tho Day  1  *-*���������  'i-  t  T  v  ���������'-.  .?.  * !*  l.l..'.l>������-><-.*!!.l.l!:.-'l.--.>.>ll-l.l!.UB^  ^:!IKIlliil!!llinilli!!ll!lll<!llll!lli:illlllllllllllll||||lll||||||||||Hlllll||il!l|||||||l|^ tHIRlKllWraillllllllllllii'^  s %  y  Capitu! Ptiid Up $11,580,000. '   Reserve $13,000,0 ���������     |  M ��������� **  I   The "Royal Bank of Canada.   1  j   -n  Katr.'tffMJra:  imn/rmriii'  %���������. Telephone Co. Ltd i  ���������*{^**  V^>  Wlii'ii mil i f������i I 'i N"."*- iii}.1'  Mni'liini', In* Miri' nnd lyl. ii  >'-l A * 'J', u, n'-** ��������� lit" Li',,-i i  i-.ii the iiiurki'l, iinil will he't  \iiii :i lil'i'iiiiii'. S dd on Hi'inll  liioiilhly jiuyineiiit', nr ut u  '������������������diu'tiou for i"i'*-h, if"li'-ii'i-il,  AnfiH'V n\ Tin* ('m'i-'im lnnd  J i".v- Mjiin*, wlifi-n in ���������.���������'liiii'-  .... :.,��������� ;., )whh T1 -.��������� !������������������ |  ' i'i-i! i i'   uLKrliine   .'iiti--*-u| it's  i  ���������I.?  t.:r i  j     i >J* ������������������K--\'l     [>ll|l������t|tllM*    A'  Ma Hr**/*~f1*<li, ������  !>������������������������������������������  I������  ������  .lit"  y. 1  NOTICK,  Holy Trinity Uliliruh S'irvionn,  Hiunluy, Oft. Jlth, IHtli Siimluy aftor  Trinity, HtrvcHl Feiitivul Servian.  ('olohinllui ur Holy Comniiiiiioii at 8 n,,  in.  Mftliim , Holy I'oininunion nnd t-ormun,  by Uev. iluVoro WhiU-. 11 n.m,  Kvi'tiHuuif ami Hernioi', 7 p. in. I'rcnoh  er, liuv. J. \V. Flinton.'Vioar St. Murlc'i-,  Victoria,  Kiindrty School, '2.30p, in,  VVeilnuiility,  Out.  11,   JivoinonK  (iml  "    -       ')  .....,..*-..i, . j-. ....  Clitif. tlixVr.ro   White.  '*l������n;ytrmr*  In  diM (���������(;. ���������  Mr T, 1), McLean in ill, and ln\tf  L".-*".'.'.' t������������������!:������.���������!? t"- tbo }*nBii|tnl fnr  trontmont. Wo trim thnt thero ib  n-HhinKficrioiiHly wrong with tho  old guullutniin,  Don't for������pi lho Singer Sewijig  Mftdhinu Aceucy *l tho Cumberland  Now-,   v.iii're you cun Ret -uj \>hot>  ,^f'Jl,^.J^J.fJ-..{VrJ,fJ,,J.TJ^*..J-fJ*.-^r|-..^-l''S*f{"'4->i     ({<^r^r|<<r|<r{^.*%r^|i.^.J..^^.>{v''������Jirf[������).f|>.^-i  Have Confidence.     ,eave 'a pcnni,m wife-a,,d ll,rec  children behind you, just tell  ihem to have confidence and  they will be provided for.  That's the way that the great  generals handle their aimies,  They give the men guns, but  pay no attention to conimsary,  They, march 'em up against the  enemy and tell them lo have cou  fivlence.  Serve the devil all your life,  beat your wife, get drunk, gamble, steal, murder and smoke cig  aieties. Ou your deathbed have  covfidenee. It will eome out  alright.  Have confidence lads, elect  McBrid'- nml Bowser ncain. and  it'riti.sii Cvhiiith'ni.i hiU'ru ".''ill be  assured.���������The Greater Vancouver Chinook.  Vdd-A Ward vrss confuted to   liir*  i-'iiif on Sunduy iWjd Moi'idicy with  "CONinDENCI*1:, have confu  deuce," said Sir Richard Me  Bride at  the  recent   conference  when wavs and means of tiding  over the war-depression were di"  cussed. The ola'-inier who  worked the shell games at tiie  Western Ou'ario fairs used the  sell'.*.nine wcrds. And the farm  lads gave up tlieir money like  lambs.  All that the unemployed in  South Vancouver require is confidence, .lust go to n grocer.  Tell him you have confidence  and he'll give you anything you  want in the shop.  II'you have paid twenty dol���������  Inrs a mouth for six years on a  building lot, have live hundred  (ioiiar** lu pay ami no mom*)  with which io pay it, go to the  loan company and tell the manager that you have confidence  and you wiil be given an unlimited peri-id uf time, with uo interest, in which to meet the  balance.  Ifyou k<i to  ������Uc   trout  and  |  DRAFTS   ISSUED' IN   ANY.   CURRENCY,   PAYABLE   ABB g  I OVER   THE    WORLD. |  "S SPECIAL ATTENTION paid to SAVINGS ACCOUNTS'* inieron p  i '��������� 9  I* ut hiirheut Current Iliitcu nlloMtii en 'bains-iis of sfil and upwnrds. |  H ������������������ -        ���������        ' IP  i  CUMBHRLANr), B. C,, Branch, Opcin Dully      D, M. Morrison, Mfjr. |  | *       UNION FAY, B.C. Branch, Cr.t-n laiy-i      r.'Boeworth, Mpr. ��������� |  |  COURTENAY,   B. O , Branch,  OpnnDnilv It. H  Haidwiclc,^ KTgr  %!llllll!llllllllllllllllllllllllli:illllll!llllllllllllllllllllllll;llllll!llllllllllllll!llllll'-=^^  :|llllllllllllllli;illllllllll!l!lllllllllllllllllllllill!l!!l!llltlllll>#  I  I  mx^wn*w9m*ww*xw*:w *******  Uk������ dWiBM-iwii wiiw Miiui***i'U-,niiritwiiiflrn������  Manufacturer of MINERAL WATER  P, O. BOX 482.  PHONE 20.,..  iMMorjri*n**iin-MiiMwim(**iw**( uri wn  CUMBERLAND  N^xt Monday will be Thanks-  giving Dny.  -<*-  A!oxrtndnr Wnlker, of No. 4  Gump, nppnarod l-cfore Mitjia'ratB  Hioklftou Tuesday, fluugud '.villi  il-iiMiis n mure, which lio hnd ldr  ed from Kirkbrult'-i livery. 1I.������  wob fined ~}o and couls  & . (f\  Thomson's   Boarding   House ������  i ty  Mas NowiiUei-n Opened Up ancl is ty  jM'eji'ivfd io rVerive hoarder!". ty  I  *** '  (Si  ty  ty  ty  ty  an  ty  Bond hy the Day, WceK or  Month  ���������Reasonable Rales���������  !������i  ty  Wm. Thomson  Dunsnnuir Avenuo, Nefvr Fourth  Stroct���������Ouinborlttnd, ll, 0.  wJ ty  .*, ���������


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