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The Cumberland News Aug 13, 1913

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c^^.y ���������'���-�����:���
^���ft.st-*j��-�� t? <* *�����*.-
" ,../���
A Journal Devoted Especially., to the Interests 'of Comox L)I��trict.
r-�� \.
Tiir News, Twentieth Yeau
��c^vU*>m* ��^VG^S^�� ���^��^^��^9��-^f**��*v-^^
r:^'vt":wij'R3*\" .ft",.7"TPis.'-,r->- -f^,T?<=*��.tu*s35Basc.
An   odd   line , of  all   sorts  of
men's shoes   to be   cleared   at
$1.50 a pair
Special lines.in Men's Slater's
, Shoes, reg $5 & $5.50 now
���  $2,05 a pair
Men's Dress? Shirts, no cil-
lai'H. filio.iit 100 in iliis line,
reg$l 2.V& $1.'50.  Saturday
c eacii
A now line in Misses'  and   small Ladies'   Skirts.o
0 This is 11 bargain we got, and wo give our customers' tlio benefit.    Price, $2.05; reg, val.  to 35.50
kar 'at
Four Thousand Five
Hundred on Board
Largest Nn in her of .Passengers an
'   Board  S. S, Tmporator That
Ever Crossed tho Atlantic.   ���
Now York, August 7th.���With
more cabin passengers nboard than -
ever crossed ,the Atlantic before in'
any vessel���2110���the  Imperii tor ���
lho bin-gust of ocean liiiei-s, urriv'
ed   late   to-day.    Counting   hoi-
crew,  tho   Imporator   had   more,
than"1,500  persons aboard.    Of
these 803 were in  the first cabin
510 in   tho   secoiWV and   79-k in,
the third,.   In  tho steerage   were
1522 m6re.
The Imperator crossed from
Cherbourg in live days, nineteen
hours and eiylifc minutes.. , ���
\   POLICE COURT.   '      /
President* Joseph Naylor, of", the
IF. M,- W. ol: A. Local, was charged before   Magistrate Abrams o'i
Tuesday, 'with being   one   of an
nnhiwful assembly on the night of
July 19th.'    IJe uw'as   committed
for trial.    James Connors,   John
Connors and   Richard' Goodwin,
were charged with   assault on.tlie
|  | police the 'same night,    they wore
*    also'ooihinitlcd  lor   trial.*   Alex.
Ronald was charged wiui  assaii'lci
on a in.111   named   Rave*- on   the
night of July lOih.    lie.was eon-
_y_i ctiiclaiiiLJiiiiijJ &5_CL_ai i d aosts_
^f>l^lt*<^t>tf^t^AfMfyM sJ%^**T��fffi)*6<*e$f^
atifa Vi aUi^BMiMKi A��i��. atvjc m. t*BM xtv maU wotitwiv mjvmra/nzBrjaA.'+.-ws
Rev.'S. J. Thomson, of Nanau
ni6. chairman -of Nanaimo
Methodist district, occupied the
pulpit of Grace Methodist
ciiiircb on Sunday. . Mr,Thorn-
sou is an able preacher and a
fine genial man.
Mr. T. E. Carey and family
arrived han't from Victoria on
Saturday evening.
Miss Nellie Walker, of the
l.ifj Stoic staff,' arrived home'
Irom Victoria on Sunday, ���
��Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Willard,
who have been at Vancouver
and Victoria for the past week,
arrived home on Saturday night.
Mrs. J. Mateer, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. J., Piket, who has
been vi.-'iting here "for tlie past
tweweeks,- j'e-'urned this week
Lo her lion e iii Vancouver.
Dr. D."K, Kerr, dentist, will
be in CiiiiibeiLind for two weeks,
beginning August' 27.
��� .���<s^,	
Quite a number   of  Cumber
laud people attended   the   Victoria Carnival last weak. ������
  ��> ���
Mr. O. T. Smitlie, of Duncan,
paid Cumberland a vi-it last
week. He remained hut a few
After a great deal of worry and
study we" have figured out   how
��i mnny country editor.'' get noli.
Here is the secret of their   sue.-
cci's.   There is a child   bom   in
the neighborhood,   The. attend-
ing  physician  gets   #10.    The
editor   gives   the   loud   lunged
youngster a great   seiid-ofl   and
get'iSto.    Il is christened and the
minister gets 85 and  the   edito,
gels $00.    It grows and marries.
The   editor   publishes   another
loiiff-windcd flnweiy article and
tells   a   dozen   lies   about "the
"'""���y.t'f'v'      ".'."'       "ceoi'ipli.".'.*,<,.
JJ^���^!w.,,   T!:*.-.'aJ.'.i.^ti��   j^cica  'Jiu
nud a piece of cake.    Thu editor
gem Sooo and a request to carry
the groom's subscription account
another year.    In  the course of
time she dies.    The doctor gets
from f.5 to   sit too,   the   minister
gets v��5 to #100, the editor  pub
1 !�����!!''.��. a none*' of (h-nih   r.u<)   ri'i
ol'-itiuuv    two    coin runs    loin-,
lotl'je .Vf'olu'.jor.s, a lot nf poetry
nnd n e.rd of  thauk.-i   and   gets
���������o.ooo.    No   wonder so   mnny
cquijIiv cUier? '.*& rich.-��iv:.
_��_-���-., _
C, I). Ayres, of .Vancouver, was
charged before. "Magistrate Abrams oh Tuesday, with carrying;'
gun without a -license. ' l'Je'W-VS
convicted and lined .."550 and costs,
$2 50 i'01 a license and the gun
confiscated, He- was .also fined
��10 for carrying a gnu in an auto
in close season.
Rich Strike     ��� " '
On Texada
lieinarkablo Gold Strike is  Ro-
"ported Three Miles From Van
Andii Upon an Old Claim
Vancouver,, August 7.���Knox
W.-ill-oin of the linn of Burns ��fc
Walkeni, lias just returned from
Van Anda and reports a very remarkable gold stiike made by
John MeConville and John .Dana-
her, of this city. <��� The s'riko has
boon made upon an old claim
known as the' Nnt Cracker, about
three miles from Van Andii. This
claim was formerly worked and
about ��14,000 worth of gold taken
ont of a small shaft. The work
was abandoned owing to the
death of tho owner, ���..and in somo
wav the claim wns allowed to
lapse'an j was recently re-staked
by the present owners. ��� ���
Messrs ^Danaher and MeConville have been stripping tho vein
for some distance ami have struck
the main rich values, the ore in
some places running as high as
$4 to $5 'to the pound "of ore. The
find has caused tremendous excite
ment at. Van^Anda, and the mine
is being visited daily by dozens
of miners. It has always been recognized, as a fact that there is a
large gold belt on. Texada Island,
but was never contemplated, that
siu-.h rie.h_vaLuesjvon 1 d-be���disgo-v���
fc. BROS.
The Remainder of oufr Stock
.  -OF���
glens' Silkefcfce Underraicatt
in all the wanted shades.
Regular $1:50.. '..Now-95c.
.Negligee Shirts val. to 1.50 now 75c
^nid.JJoys Batliing Suits going'ut cost,  K
Pelt Hats valy, .2.75,...... now $1.25  S
Sole Agents for the""E" -Boots |
,   E*^3"323t*'''gg^^ .    &
������au>H. *bci��SM^.iv.��.
ra'nknKnb^ paaaaaU3jw^arara:ir.i w-v tgxacsxxjxujaaaqj'*w.a.TB
The public schools of the province will re-open  on   Monday,
August 25th,
Mr. Iv. Hoason, of Vancouver
arrived in town lust Thurachiy,
and is staying at the Cumberland Hotel.
Mr T. Ii. Shoebothani, provincial prosecutor, ,, ai rived in
town this week from  Victoria.
A strong deputation of our
business men left by auto on
Sunday for Victoria, to interview Premier Mrllride in the
matter of a railway into 'Cumberland. Cumberland is bound
to have that railway or know
tho reason why,
Dr. MacNaughton receivid
word this week of ihe .serious
illness of his mother, who live*
at Chatham, r,. 15. The doctor
expected that he might have to
leave for the east immediately
The hotels of Victoria must
have reaped a rich harvest last
we��-k, for it is said , that they
Weie lined to liiell' utmost��� capa- |
city, bieamor after steauiei'
came iu loaded with ocenrsiou-
ints from Vancouver and Seattle.
...... ^ t\ ��� ..
Dr, and Mis. J, A. Gillespie
left for their home at Vancouver
by .Saturday night's boat,
'>'.i!v, wife of   Mi
They nuuiaged elections in a
very indifferent . manner fifty
years ago, according lo Colonist
re.i.iniscenee.s. In Nanaimo con
stitueir:y ' half a ceiituyy back
lhero were two candidates, for
the legislature. One received
live votes and the other three.
Now if a Pi ice had been managing that contest what would
have happened to the three ?
1-0UND���A pair of handcuffs, and .-is this olliee ha,-; uo
iit'o for the "darbys," we wish
that the owuei would come ah nig
pay fifty cents for this notice and
take the things, away, for .ve
might be fooling with lliein and
get   them   oil.  and-Dial  would   ��
tickle Duncan to death,   .
We quote the\ following edi-,
torial comuient from The Labor
Advocate of August 8:
'' "Tired of the monotony of
hearing the Cumberland Islander
and thc'U. M.- W-. .of A." giving each other the lie, the editor
of the Labor Advocate paid a
visit to Cumberland last week in
order to investigate for himself.
He .was well received by the em
plovers, employees and strikers,
The Company,afforded him eve ���
17 facility to visit the mines,
talk with the men and sec for
himself, He missed the e.vplos
ion at No. 7 by just Hvq minutes'
The Cumberland mines uie
working in almost full swing.
Previous to the strike or fo called holiday i.c-oo men were cm
ployed. At the present time a-
bout i,,|oo men are employed.
Previous to the strike the output
per day was 2,000 tons. At the
present time the output is i,,Q2s
tons per day; 2,060 tons was
tho roeoid for one day during
the editor's visit. A large number of Orientals have always
been employed at the Cumberland mines, rlhc yellow and
brown men are certainly holding
thcif I'Wn, men have been large
ly replaced by while the Knglish
speaking white,.Italians.  Aus.tri
tins,  Hungarians,  Montenegrins,
etc.    This  condition   of   affairs
cannot be' regarded  as  sati-d'act
ory in a British Island,-especially
to those who desire   to  see   the
English speaking people pre'dom
j u&lG���Xh Q���Isi a ude-t-S'Ciout o-ii+ion-
that   conditions   are   normal*' is
liardly borne out,   while the  U,
M.   W. of A.'s contentions  that
the Ciimbtrlahd. mines nre oper-.-
ated by a few,Asiatics, is an abs
urd fabrication.    The iuen   with
'out   a   single   exception," spoke
very highly   of   the   Company's
, At No. 7 mine, which is now
called Bevan, there is quite a
little town The Company own
100 neat four room coltnges with
pantry, surrounded by a large
lot sufficient to grow vegetables
for a family for n season. Some
of the dwellers had good vegetable and flower gardens. Three
cottages are rented for 58.50 per
Constable Shirras j>ot one in tin*
neck, and Constables Robei-isou
and Young were belli hit on   tlm-
C"1 ti
leg.' There was' no damage l-i
property'and once-the men jimi-
descended the mine "the cruvd.
dispersed -���Niinainio   Herald   of
At J J. o'clock last, night the
disgraceful seenes of rioting of
the afternoon broke out with renewed violence. One mini, a
iionipany oiliciah was cixjiected at
and a mob c>f men and wo-
e.>.iin'.!rd lo uuuihi'r JiOll
or him, His arrival in tho viciuily of lho shaft
was gi'j'cl"d \\ilh the iinial hooting and jeering, and ;-tono throwing was oven more in cVnh'tice
limn iu the afternoon, All the
polieiuiii'ii on lho job wore .-I ruck*
bv lho living iiii.'^iles. Cilief
lit   on    tho   bhuii icier.
wc-re wailing
Ni-cii w:,;
RAILWAY.   ''.'���
The deputation .that wo it to.
Victoria on Sunday last, in tho
inalter of railway extension ,intc>
Cuii'ibei'lnnd, interviewed ��� 1'rc--
mier McLrido on Monday,- mnl
met with a very cordial and satis
factory reception. The Victoria.
Hoard of Trade gavo their valuable assistance iu pivssiug upon
the premier tho necessity of a
direct, line of railway through
Cumberland. The premier said
that ho was fully in accord with
the desires of the doloo-at.ion, and
promised to do his best in the
inalter " lie also advised that
they interview Chief Kngincci'
Lewis, of 0. N. R., ' which they
did, and that gentleman pminif"-
i'd 10 come up to Cumiiciluud
next week nnd go over the ground
personally. Tlio deputation feel
coulident that, their effort* have
not been in vain. Tbo llo.ird of
Trade and oilier citizen-; are to
bo congratulated on the efforts
pill forth in this direction, which
nro deserving uf ultimate suecc!*.-.
If you don't i\i first Micc-ecd. keep
a -Micking.
The railway boosters   arrived
homo on Tuesday  ni�����111.
. i.   ..'J   aa.jy<Jl> V.U       lU       lUrtll      U'U.I)
("iv'tuueMiay) tinii two men nave
been killed as a result of the
strike trouble at Nanaimo.' One
it in said was killed nt Suit!
Wellington and the other at
Ladyi-uiith or KMensiou. Things
me looking sctioiu-. Chief t'on-
stable Steniicu.son left heie   iiur-
J-c /} r I y y    m o < ��   t* r\ n> ^ ^
Noilieo-h'ii'i 1,-iC-e C,-i-?:i'n- ir. v.hite. crtcMin. atn| ecui,        Vyo ,.ie fho,\iii|; a \^i\ lm go
rimgo iu  the nowchi der.igns from jU.ot) to -V o0 per jmir.
'       .'\ 11    ,11 ui ou.-,    t .i.iiuoie-.,
|l<,< IV-l I..-.
j ;*  r
Madra-- ri'nl ilarne-.' Spots from lin: lo ")."<��� jier yd
Tnpe:-!rv.   Veloiir  mill   Wrep   Kiiniitiin-  Coverings
("ntoil-   and   All   S.tteeiiH
r-n-j i.-11-
l'lvderiek jl,l-'^'o to'.Utv I1.1 the .-(envoi   -jie
Kay, (>��� M:i;oiii<v.t   r,,i ,l,..,.|;i(;1 jtimilili-.
of Mi-, and Mis.  Tlio... Il..g.--a.t, !  *  j|
fc'iinv'ly   of  CumbciI.K.d,   di.<l J     J..iw\��.i i.ci��h(fju. of N.n: .:::*'>, ; il
ou aSi.t'.uday night   last,  niter a    "
J-jc-e  i"ir l>ig  t'l'i'tiiin   nii<i   Ciiriai'i   Mm-iin   Do-play   tliirf  week.
3unsiTJuin Ave.   PA A/1 PR PI   (   C%
Cu rnbci-l a rid     O /T / V 11    l.J L^ L* L^O
.) Cumberland
":X�� -3C
IM.,.. AV-,.     .*#***.��
~~ i-* ���'     .'"J
��� ��� THE NEWS. CUJIBERtAND. B. C  #  MEND  LS  By E. R. PunshoD  Wart.',' Lock A Co., Llmltod  Londcn,  Melbourna & Toronto- ..  (Continued)  CIIAPTKU XII  Outing Shoes  Tor  Everybody  THE PERFECT SHOE  FOR SUMMER SPORTS  ASK YOUR DEALER.  Their Interview  To Tliorold's disordered imagination J  dl.-turhcl  miJ   luculo  f'jvorlsli  by  Ids I  two bk������L".'li-:.s u'.jjh".s and lho strange  er.ir-t'c:is that had him In their. firlii, '  Jt,;i:i liiiil  gradually us-sumed  the us-j  ' l-'. c:   of   soaio   hugu  and   formidable i  loix-c,  .-lijiiJi'st  which ho must  battle}  v,-lrii   all   his   force,   and   which ��������� hid ���������  quo ���������Jcni.'w not  .vliiiiyoJ' mystery and  horror  behind  a   lovely  and  a  smiling- exterior.    -      ^  Ho was nil braced, ho was fierce  and ou;.( r-for the eontlkt as he went  softly���������big man ns ho was, ho yet had  ���������a way of moving very quietly and  r.enily across the, landing to his sitting-room whero the landlady said  that Juan was wailing.  The door was not quite shut, and as  ho approached he had a glimpse of her  through the opening. Ho paused  with a sense of bewilderment and ho  stood pei Cecily still as somehow he  had anticipate, d; hero was merely a  pale aiu weak girl, who sat drooping  on a chair; not beautiful, for the face  was drawn and wan and marked by  many lines; net young,'for sorrow "and  doubi bowed her down liko years; not  strong, for sh.>. trembled as she sat;  not formidable, ior- the deep oyea  filled sometimes with tears that she  would lift, a shaking hand to wipe  ��������� away.  He s'.ood and watched, then frowned and called his anger back to him.  Another sort of trick now, he said  to himself with scorn and he went  into tho room-and closed tho .door behind him.  Sho rose to her feet at once and  for a moment or two they stood looking at each other.  Why are you here? he asked at last  in a voice' so low it was hardly audible.  She did not answer, for she could  wot. by reason of the fear that possessed her. lie was haggard and wild  looking and his eyes wero terrible,  and it seemed he used them like weapons to beat her down as with blows'  of hate and scorn. - She began to  perceive that sho had done a rash  and fnniish thing in coming to him,  and yet even whilo she saw lie was"  hor enemy sho yet divined in him a  frwnd. And his eyes were terrible���������'  madman's���������her fear increased each  moment and still sho could not speak.  Why are you here? ho askod again,  and he raised his hand with a gesturo  (hat scorned to her full of threat,  You���������you would not hurt mc? she  filtered.  ������Why not? Why not? ho muttered in  IV> same? wild way.   " You have hurt  others, havo you not?  Oh. no; oh, never, sho answered  simply.  That is a lie, he said with a sombroi  rag?; uh, that is a. lie.     I know.  Oh, for shame, she paid; on a sudden  her courage and hor confidence  socMiiod  io return  to her;   oh, lam  ashamed of you, sho said again.  ..  Ho looked at her sulkily.  "Why? he asked,  Oh, yon know, she answered. Why,  you aro,big, strong, but you are only  ti coward���������coward with It all.  A man's strength, ho said, watching  her and wondering at her; a man's  Btvcnjsth is often littlo enough against  a woman's cunning,  1*1 ut I am not at nil cunning, she  aiii.wcrcil, with a certain child-like  dignity.  . Nor am I strong, he answered bitterly; and Clod knows tliat is true. ������  He bp,;'.ii) lo walk up find down tho  floor, looking at her sideways over  his shoulder all tlio time, The. whole  net ion   vim  oddly  reminiscent   of  a  to lilm a. force stronger than himself  had taken him and carried him ft way.  Above ali, ho wuf conscious of a great  fatigue,  This la what comes of spending two  night1* out of bed, I suppose, he muttered, I must bo nearly off ���������my nut.  He made up his mind to undress and  go to bed; and such was his fatigue,  both of body- nnd mind, that he fell  almost nt onco into a profound slumber in which ho spent tho rest of tho  day, awakening towards evening ln a  much calmer and more rational stato  of mind.  (To be Continued)  BIRD  MIGRATION  boast' of prey prowling in Its cage,  niul lt wiis woll that Joan had now no  fear; for his heart was hot within  him, It htii-nod, and ho romomhorod  his brother's youth and his death and  hts shame, and also tho revongo that  ho had sworn to take. But Joan  had quite lost all hor fear, Though  ho watched hor furtively, though his  ir .nner was ao wild and fierce, Bho  had only pity for this man who could  have broken hor bctwoen his finger  and thumb. Yet lt was a pity that  wa3 mixod with a'touch of contempt  and with a good deal or vexation,' for  It seemed to her that he was rather  a childish person. Pointing to a  chair sho said sharply:  Sit down, why do you walk about  In Uiat ridiculous manner?  Almost without thinking ho obeyed  her, and she stood opposite to him  with her hands behind her back and  her head a little to one side. , He had  a sudden impression that, she was  very far away, and. when her voic������  camo to him it was as though lt'trav-'  elled from an infinite distance. It  came into his head that really he was  very tired; that these last two nights  ho had not slept.   -  Oh, I beg your pardon, he muttered,  what were you saying?  I was asking, you why you hated  me so? Joan repeated; what is if?  I have never even seen you before.  What have I done to you?'' Why do  you look at mo so? Why do'vou" say  such things?  Do I hate-you? he said looking at  her 'intently. If her eyes shone so,  was it any wonder they had drawn  youu^- Frank to his fate? Yet it  seemed thoy shono with a benign and  gentle light. 'He rested his head upon his hand and looked down musingly at the floor as If studying intentlv  the pattern of the carpet But Wilton "Mayne, he muttered, half to himself, he said such longing, sucli great  and deep-longing was-���������not hate.  Not hate, iepeated Joan, catching  the last words and looking very puzzled, but why did you behave as vou  did the night before last? Why 'did  you pu&h me away and tako MissRoso  from me?     What right had -you to  of  I  i^JilliiEIS^  You wiil Hnd relief fn Zam-Buk!  It eases tlio burning, stinging  pain, stops blooding and brings  ease. Perseverance, with Zam-  Buk, means euro; Why not prova.  tills J   All Drugffistt and. Storeo,-.  " SO* box.  ^^^^.EE^^?J������^  ran FM  ffiHJILES  Tortured With Torriblo Itching and  Burning. Scratched Until Tore  Flesh, Lay Awako for Nights at a  Timo,' Used Cuticura Remedies  end Found a Cure.  PI, Olii, Onl.-ulii,- " WIhmi I wan im yenrn  dd I I1.17.1n to ho UKturnil with ii tniTliiln  Hi-liliiR ninl hurnliiB of tlio pltln, uiul win  told it was i-c/.ymiv. 1 havo had It rlslit  iilum; fur bovcu years Hewly, It I'.'iclnii  wnvr.o wny year. I wnn iiffwtoil from hmi'l  to niilclcii. H K'Hini'il lo tijipew lllcu hives  lit fltT.1, then 1 would lii-jjln to nrrnteh uniII  1 Uii'd my fhv.li. It. would alwfij-H lm nl Hi  lu.i-ht ;vt nielli, 1 luiso wiilic.l iuy>-.rlf iiput;  nlj'ht" H.-riiti'liliw nnd my llnirrrs would bn  Jail Miff (uid eminjii'd from mt.-ucIiIiir, n.i  .'vi' t 'womM lii> V.'ifiUi' riMn (n rifrnli'litmi  Ilium out.   My, how 1 liuvo MiJIVroil!   My  fiil'O lllld HI,ok) Nun;, Win.ut li.y Jiij.; i������ id,1.,1  tif hlvO.-liM li d (11' IliV niul'lilt'-r J.liVlfl������ ,',o;i|)  nnd writr." du ray fuel tlinu I would l>c,(|i\  to hum. I huvu j:i(u iiwiiKii fui' rilrliin at  li timo when my I'cvwna wns nt In v.ur-'l,  "I would Im) tciuu-rl fi,i- nu >!tih>i ut il limn.  1 \.r,n /;/ittlii>? iml only iik-..-t-..iii">n.i, in,'  niiililr.rf hcljiwl, Imt coinjilt'icly dlfihiiirnl  liVnj, Iml il.-.Ml'i foclii/i" Miill.i! ujm-i uie ono  (lisy 111 tin) Miiinni'T ol" HIIO,.Olid hid brforrt  my I'jni uu ailvcriliii'tuiMi't of f'lilli'iui*  lli-in.'-lli't. I( usi'U tlii'iu ni'i'drdhut tu rllr.'c-  tloii* nnd nfi'ir f. f"-.v iipplirfttlonn J |ji>i������i;i  <i) f ���������! ������i'i| ��������������� ,1 r'-Mi-f > lj-'j-I. U li iio-icly  fix nn.iiUii ������iir-o 1 flr*t, ln-ijin rui-l f < un  l.-illhriliA' hiv I'va fi:ii,-'.i| fl r;���������-f. " ttihnvttf  Mlv I.'ii!'.r- V.. WlU'in 11..,.. i;\ I'm.  ���������l J'litlp'l-.' "-.L'tipjir.! Ci.tlniir-i f 'Iritiucut nro  wiM l.y ������iriii,,/*������li riivl iji.i'i ��������� o.rrywlicri',  Kor ft lllx'ril fi-io irinipl't ������,f I'lili, v I'll .'ia-p,  li'Kile.ivttii iMtktritr.t i<> l'iit:r.-lir;i-:.'vCl.t.:,i.  f-'ir,:., I5.-i>t. .',���������>!>. )!..*<tv>;i. I'. .������. A.  W. N. U. CC3  peiiave like that? -���������-5   Ilc-r voice though always low had  ?rown clear and strong as,.sho poured  out her indignant questions. It seemed to him that on a sudden sho had  become beautiful again, had grown  young again, had waxed strong again.  Then tell me, he said slowly, tell  me���������huf'are you sure you do not know  already?  Your question Is another jmpertin-  ���������ence, she said coldly.  And you came here to ask me?  And I came here to ask you, she  said,  I r.m thinking, he said slowlv, of a  house upon the downs, a lonely house  His eyes were liko fire ns he watched  her; though she knew it not, she was  in deadly danger. U ��������� he was wrought  nearly to madness with tho passion of  his restrained emotions. It was  there, ho said Iu strangled tones, that  I Raw your photograph; you know  what happened there?  She shook l.er head rnd looked at  him with a child's candid bewilderment.  llul, really, sho raid, I do not understand what jmi aro talking nnoiitv  what has my photograph to Uo with  Hint house?  He looked at her. It scorned  to him it was not possiblo to doubt  tho words of ono who spoke with  go innocent a frankness, und the dnwn  of an .Jmmenso and amazing relief  showed Itself upon his face,  Ilo put out his hand without saying  anything and ho took hold of hers,  For tho momout lio had forgotlou all  nave that Jonn had said���������and ho bo-  Moved her���������that nho knew nothing of  what had hnpponod Iu that house on  tho downs,  I do believe you, he said slowly, you  must forgive 1110,  Why, Hhn snid, ovorcomo with fronh  nstoiilHlnncjjit. Hcally, sho declared,  I do not know In- tho very least.  She paused, for lio was looking at  her itimln, ills ���������* iukp upon hor lin ml  tightened nnd thero wan something In  his eyes Ihat filled her wllh a now  and different ami ovon moro absorbing terror. Why should ho look at  her liko thut?  Just Union to inn ho snid softly.  1 waul to mil you--  Oh, no, alio interrupted riwlftlv. I  in 11.st go,  Hhn hud come Intending tj nsk him  many tilings. She had wished to  nud nut from lilm tuum-thliiR of Wilton Mnjnc, tho poot, whom alio under-  stood to lm bis friend; nlin had wiali-  od io hij|( what ho kn:.w of the lioui',(i  upon tho (Iowjhc, for lils roftuvnco lo  lt i-till i.inng her oars llko lire; above  nil, 1.I10 Ind desired to forco from him  Some Extraordinary Instances  ��������� Their Travels  Tho ornithologists tell us ihat birds  aro not so invarinblo in their migratory habits as nust persons suppose.  If for instance, the "season is warm,  or their is suillclent food for them  in the north, the birds arc lute starting south.  Nevertheless, the month of October  Is a sort of starting-point'hi the records of tho ornithological societies.  Hut it is not infrequently the case  that birds that migrate in large numbers on October 31st one' year, have  either not arrived or havo passed  south earlier fin the corresponding  d;ito of previous vears.  The Accidental Visitors' List, kept  by the London Zoological Society, is  a record of all birds observed In  Great Britain' and on1 the British  coasts that are not indigenous to the  British Isles, but have ilown thither  from tlie Continent. In England, naturalists, ornithologists, lighthouse-  keepers, masters of vessels, coast-  guardsmen, farmers, and several  country gentlemen gladly report  strange birds which they may observe, and give the date and circumstances of the observation. An examination of 'The Accidental Visitors  List reveals many curious happenings.  Birds native to eastern Clberia and'  China, North Africa and the arctic  regions havo thus been observed in  Great Britain. An extraordinary instance was that of a Canada owl that  alighted in an exhausted condition on  board a vessel off the coast of Cornwall lu -1830. The bird was so fatigued with its long flight across the  Atlantic-that it offered not the-slightest resistance when handled by the  sailors. A Carolina cuckoo was shot  ln Wales in February, 1831,,by Lord  Cawdor. . In 1831 an'American wood-  duck was killed at Dorking, England.  In 1872 three specimens of Cassin's  snow-goose, a native of Labrador, were  seen on the west coast of,'Ireland.  The American societies have also a  record of five individuals of this species shot in Chesapeake Bay in 1871.  The London Zoological ,- So-  ciety also maintains'an accidental visitor's 'list~o~rfislie"s, as weinnTorhinBT  and the' same thing Is dono at the  Woods> Hole, Massachusetts.  These curious wanderers into another continent are doubtless ,the  young of some migratory flock. Such  a flock Is led by an old and experienced bird, which knows the route  north aud south. Occasional'..��������� birds  that have never before been over the  aerial road may get separated from  the flock. They become bewildered,  and fly about, quite at a loss until  they reach land; where that may be  Is entirely a matter of chance, '  Now and then birds that are not  strictly migratory gather In enormous  flocks, nnd sweep over several hundred miles of coun'.-y. Tho, cause that  impels then (0 such action is still a  mystery. Many years ago Turkey  and Bulgaria were Invaded hy enormous flocks of ihe rose-colored pastor;  These birds proved destructive to  vine-yards and growing crops, and the  peasants had to turn out In forco nnd  kill them by the hundreds. A flock  of theso birds would strip a tree of  f rn It In loss 'Mmo than it. takes to tell  of it, and thero wore public rejoicings  ln places nf'fer the vast flocks had  passed, Bo littlo is known of the  cause of such migration Ihat. tlio bird  societies every whore nre constantly  on iho alert to noto any unusual happenings of this sort.  A Great Job  Tramp (recognizing" friend)���������Is that  yersolf, Tcoley? An' what aro ye  doin* ln that hole?'  Friend���������Don't say a word. 'Tis  a folno Job job I have. The fpller  what rui.8 iho hotel Just below here  pays mo fifteen shillings a week to  live hem. end ho ells me 'Tho Hermit of Scrub-Oak Hill. Tho pooplo  comes up 1 ere bo the dox.on lo luk tit  ne and it's good cigars i'i\. smoking  tho whole day long!  RUSSIA'S STATE  RAILWAY8  Wanted a Change  Simpson���������Whatever induced your  uncle to many the widow of a man  who  was hanged?  Jlmpson���������He has been married to  widows liefore. and says he.was tired  of having the virtues of a former husband flung in his face.  Well, my little man, what can I do'  for you? asked tho grocer, as he rubbed his.hands genially together.  Please sir, mother says these matches she bought this morning ain't no  good.  No good! exclaimed Ihe grocer!  now almost as much worried as the  boy. What's the matter with them?  This is tho first complaint l'vo had.  Can't help that, said the small hoy.  "Mother says they ain't no good.  Nonsense! replied the grocer., Then  taking a match from ono of the boxes  he gavo lt a smart rub, which ignited  it immediately, and turned to the boy  again. Well, ho Inquired, what  have you got to say now?  Tho small complainant returned the  d"-dalnful look, undaunted.   ,  That's orl right, guv'nor, ho remarked, but d'you fink my muvver's  coming 'ere to strike matches on your  pants every time she wants a light.  Nearly a Million Passengers Defraud-  ed Government In a Year  Tho statistical report of the State  Railways of Russia Just published  shows by an amusing array of figures  that for somo people, at least it costs  little indeed to travel by rail in Russia., Among the dismissals and punishments lnfllcted-'in tho course of a  year, 315 guards and 133 subordinates  dismissed, and 0,576 guards and 10,-  .473 others lined, aro all catalogued as  having helped wayfarers along without  cufllclent regard for tho0 law, which  decrees that, journeys-by railway lu  Russia shall be paid for.        '    "  But theso odd 20,000 punishments  can scarcely be said to ineot the  needs of tho ?ase. as ln tho course of  a year nearly a million passonjera defrauded tho State Railways management. The exact number is !)0',118.  Altogether as much ns ?SR0.OOO was  found to be due for fares unpaid.  Nearly half tho money was paid at  once, a quarter wns paid later of free  will, and for tho payment of tho rest  the authorities wero compelled to go  to law.  Naturally most of "tho guards nnd  subordinate employees received slight  commissions from ' tho passengers  (hoy helped. Calculating ��������� that' only  a third, or nt the highest estimate a  half, of the cheap travellers aro  caught, the effect on lho railway balance-sheet must he very considerable,  lt Is amusing to note, however, that  for the tinu being the department expresses itself almost satisfied. In  earlier years, It Is explained, the number of passengers without tickets who  got off free was much greater.  I could go through hardships with  the man-1 loved. (1  I'd rather go through a million dollars'.  _.ii^ li  B  Every Woman  Should Use  That splendid, pleasantly  bubbling tonic which stimulates organs and rids the  blood of impurities. Rosy  checks and vigorous health  reward the dally ��������� use oi  Abbey's Effervescent Salt.  Tako A Botllo Home  To-day.  2a  At all Btrvt^sis  25*  E  tr  Asthma Can be cured. Its suffering -is as needless as it is terrible to  endure. After its many years of relief of the most stubborn cures no sufferer can i'juM tho perfect effectiveness of Dr. '.' D. Kellogg's Asthma  Remedy. Comfort of body and peace  of mind return-with its use'and nights  of sound sleep come hack for good.  Ask yo,ur druggist;    he   can   supply  -y 0 U-T = 1 ��������� ;_   $100 Reward, $10o.  The renders ol this paper will bo pleased to learn  that there, is nt leant one dreailcil rtlseoho that eclcneo  tas been able to corn la all Its stages, and Ihat Is  Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure, la tho only positive-  cure now known to tlie medical fraternity. Catarrh  beliiit a I'OiiMliudouul dlaoato, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken jn-  tprnally, iiot'aj directly upon tho blood and mucou9  mrfarca ol tho cyatcin. thereby destroying; Che  'otmdatlon ot the dlfienne, ajdcRlvlnR. tho patient  ;trcnpili by building- up tha constitution and atstol-  Ui? nature In doing Its work. The proprietors liavo  so much faltluln Its cuiatlve powers Ihat tbey oiler  One Hundred Dollars (or nny caso that lt iaile to  -lire.   Send lor list ol testimonials  AOr.rc-fs F. J. CHENEY & CO   Toledo. O.  8o.d hy all UrtiBRlBtg. t5e.    ., ,  TaUc Hall's Family Pllli '.n ro:iet!patlon.  Was a  Dandy Story.  Ho invented a dandy story to tell  lils wife when ho got home after midnight.  Good one, was lt?  A poach; lt would satlE.*/ any woman.  ., It would have but he couldn't tell  it.   ' -  When-the Line wao Busy  Mayor of a . vr distant State, ��������� he'  was talking to the little man from  homo,    - ,   *  I dunno hov.1 you manage tl.oso affairs over there, he was saying, but  over hero, when some of our boys got  tied up ln that thar bankrui-t telephone company I wns telling yer about  they became mlghtv crusty.  01:1  Yus; they didn't llko the way tho  receiver was handlhV tho business nohow,'   . '  Indeed? commented the earnest list-  oner.    Then mny I ask what they did?  Sarthily; I wus going ter tell yer.  They Just hung up the receiver. '  A Simple Answer  Mother���������Well,- dears, did you meet  anyone you know?  The Three' Children (who have, just  returned from their morning walk)���������  Yes; Ruby and Derek.  "Mother���������Where did you meet them?  Barbara (the younr:Gt)-~At the  same place as we was.  Family Cherub���������Miss K'.Uy, won't  you sound your head for me?  Young Lady Visitor���������Sound my  head! What, do you moan, dearie?  Fnmlly Cherub���������Can't yon. do lt?  'Why, miimma told papa you wero rattle-brained,  Minard's Liniment used by Physician*"  Small Sadie���������Mamma,This nKTlceT  you gave me this morning must bo  counterfeit.  Mamma���������Why do you think so,  dear?  Small Sadie -Well, I hoard papa say  one timo that money talks,_ and I'-e  had this' mon-.-y a whole day and it  hasn't 'sa'd .;i word.  '  Warts are disfigurements Hint disappear when treated with Holloway's  Corn Cure.  WELL SATISFIED WITH  :   BABY'S OWN TABLETS  ���������Mrs.  John    Kenny, . St.    Norbert,  Man., says';- "7. I ave used Baby's Own  Tablets  arid,, am  well  satisfied  with  them "     Thousands of otner 1. others  say tho  uamo thing' simply   because  there is no  medlclno for little" onen _  to equal the'Tablets.    T]iey~act"as~a"~  gentle  laxative,  regulate  the 'bowels  and  stomach,  break up colds,  expel  worms and make teething ea-. .  Thcr  Tablets'nre sold by medi.uno dealers  or by mail at 25 cents a box from  The Dr.    Willlamr'��������� Medicine    Co.,  Bi-Dckville, Ont. ..  Loot His Memory  -Gruel,    has  lost,    nil  his  ho  was  11  Hewitt-  monoj;.  Towett���������But.  I  thought  Napoleon of finance,  1 Howllt���������lie was, but ho met n Wol  Ihigton,  MEMORY IMPROVED  Since Leaving OK Tea arid Coffee  Many ju'ivcms suffer from poor memory who lipvor miupjcl, tea and coffeo  liavo anything to do with It,  The ilriif,��������� caffeine--In ton .'.nil cor-  foo, nets Injuriously on tlio norveii nnd  Kurt, cnmiliiK Imperfect e'reiilnllnn,  too much blood lu Iho brain i.t one  time, too little In (inotlici' part. Tills  often ciimii-H 11 dullness which mnkcH  a good memory nearly Impossible.  "I am nonrly 70 years old nnd did  not know ihat coffoo was tho imiisci of  thn stomach Mid heart irouble ] sufl'i".'-  od from for mnny ; earn, until about  four yo.hs uso." writ on a Wrsl.-rn  woman,  "A kind neighbor Induced me lo null  o, fff-r- i.nd try Tostum, ' I hnd boon  Hiiffi'i'lng fievproly ruul wuh :;rently reduced In (lush. After nnlnn' PdhIuni  a llltlo while I found myself Improving       Mv heart heats liociuno regu.  HIM llJUUJIi-l- lu-i jiii 'ami .i.;.V 1 rfl'^l" nv0^ '"������'po MTIV  jr-.'i-'l- * ;���������)-. !'"' new the very IdrV --mp .vnn of my old Htoiwifh I rouble  [oi' nvflvlng thin explanation f.llod hor! n't nil. ��������� My norvoi nro tnciiiy und  1 wllh n panic Bhe could not iiiideruiund ' my mcMiiory decidedly bettor than  j bin. .I11.1 iii'vcriiu'li'ria (ivt-a-anu! livr| while I was "Mug coft'"''  1111 toil.,'. Sho moved buck jow.ii'ihi  1 tb'< (���������(><>'��������� ami lit- followed lur.  On the Instalment System ,lf_  Thoy were experts In many things,  but chiefly in the art of bragging.,At  (lie moment: they wero discussing  lliejr o\v,n triumphs 11s vocalists.  Why, said tho American, looking at  his companion through tho smoke-  rings from his cigar, tho first time I  sang in public tho audience licernlly  slij\ured me with boiiquets���������flowers  of every sort, size'and description.  IV.oss you, there were enough of thom  to fill a flower shop,  Faith, an' I can boat Hint! crloil the  Irishman, Tho lirst time 1 sang was  at nu open-air concfrl, and hogorrn,  lho audience wore thar. delolghtocl  Ihey present od me with a house!  What!' oxclalmo," lho American,  proBontPd yon wll.li a house? You must  bo off your head.  Not a hit of It, rniill.-d Pat. I toll  yo, thoy gnvo 111c a houso. , True, lie  nthlnil, in 11 whisper, thoy wvo mo n  brick nt a time.  Every Dialect to be Preserved  Prof. Ferdinand Drunot, Js establishing a museum of voices with a  view to preserving for future generation the voices and word- of today..  1-lc seems lo bollo\o that the phonograph Is quite as wonderful an invention as that of printing. Ho Is making a world tour from Poking around  by way ot America, and he i,i ovon  going lo catch somo of tho Sioux Indians. Ilo moans tliat this collection  shall embraco every spoken li.nguiigo  in 1ho world ami even has hopes of  making it ns vnsl and complotc as the  national library. Kvory dialect representing every national character-���������  statesman, preacher, actor, or orator  ���������is to bo collecto;"! and 'canned' ln  this vast phonograph museum.  Mabel's auntie was expecU ' on n,  visit.     Just as she was* almost dua  to arrive a telegram came" which read:  MiBsed train, '/ill start sam������  time to-morrow,  Mabel rushed home from school ex-  pectlng to meet auntie. - Instead ol  doing so, however, she was shown  the telegram, She read it through  carefully and laboriously and then  romnrlted:  How silly of nin.tlo, mamma.  Why, dear? Inquired her mother.  Well, don't you. seo? If sho starts  to-morrow .' t the Bamo time che'll Iojo  her train again.  j bl'IUO    f.\|ll,111,ll Hill    (.1  It Didn't Matter  When Frod Kelly miulo a iitiirt lu  journnllnni ho was put on reporting,  Ono night lie was Kent to n big llro  down tho town, A reporter jinnied  Brown was soul wllh him. It. wns  11 largo flro, nnd iiivsontly Jlrown dls-  nppciired. A wall hnd fallen, and  Kelly wiik sure Brown wan under II,  lie rushed to."tin: telephone! and culled up lila City editor,  finy, ho i.lioiilnd Into the telephone,  Brown In gone,     lie's burnod up!  V/IhiI'h that'.' nuked Ilio City editor.  Brown is burned up, I toll you. He  fell Into tlio fire.-  All right, pflld tlio1 Oity editor,  hiiimlng v.'i tho telephone, I'll fiend  down auci'.lirr num.  J > > J.    Mi)   ,M-,   1,1:     r.uu,      1.1.U      .,,v      1  inuiit kcp you iikuIii.  Uh, never, k1i>' (.rh-il unci ran out of  the. room,  Jb1 iiniile no tillt;!iipl to follow hnr,  nan walked  away 111 her hi>������t  ,    ' lie face wiih crimson, her  :l'i!'<r'-<)   u-ildly,  nni)  now nut]  the lnido nt Port 11111 fully ns  coffer "  t.  V"  and  FJH.l'l]  !:. ,-.r'  then  Cnniullan   Poptuin  Write ror book-  Pi)vlllo "  "1 1������1*  well up  rn.."\Vlnd������or. Out  l,.t, "I'll    Uond to  ���������Pdniuin comes In two forma.  llojtul. r (mufil lm boiled),  Instant I'efdum doetm't require linll-  Ini,' but- 'H piepiued liiHlnntly by titlr-  rlriVn level leacpoonfiil lu nu ordinary   CUP   Of   1)0'   Wilier,   \v!lii'"ii   Illd'Ut;*  Kll"    (I'l'inbll-'ll. It-    Dl'i'llH'd    to  her ili.-.i -lie hnd iui-l gone IhmUfdi | ;. V.rdit f('i* n,0ilt l'W''"''-  tin Ki;nniun! interview Ininclunnlo--1 A hit? ���������'"M' i<'.'u!i\.' ir.'*i''' uud ������;diiu-  r.ho ihnuMlit ll hud been imre llko aj people who like hi rung things put jn  iiV.-i'imire ihnn n r-al e\prrlf)iu:f.      in  heap'-iif? spoonful nnd    tjmper    II  Ai.-.l to Thorold al-io It. wi mi-d thntl \\Mi 11 hrj,n nupidv ol rrra.i.  their  int'i-vlfw  Iind  heon   a  htumgo      K5iin.rln.fint until    yon    know    i]\o  ���������on.-.      lie  il'd not know in thi> l������:isi j mt.oi.iH  that pleaHru your pahito nnd  wb" lie hnd wild whiil li: hnd cai.l, or | hnve It serve'. Hint way In th<. future,  '������Wic what ho Iind done.     It Hc������in������tl     "Thfire't. a totm" for 'or.tim.  The Horlrd Man  11 says here Hint, mu'Roonu havo  (It.covei'od that orango-hlopsoinn mny  ho iihod as an anaoHlhetlc, iinhl Mrs.  llonpnck.  J r.lwuyh uitl iii'ii,wh> tna. I .sum .i.i-  coii.-,i:.'.''i<.' \\]wi\ wo v.-(������:.-��������� lYinnled, remarked Mr. llonperk.  Oh my! she oxcUilnu.il liniiatlciiily,  we'll bo Hiiro to hiIhh tlm lirst act.,  Wo'vo been walling a good "ninny niln-  U1CS   HU'   "lUiu.   li>u>ii.:i   \i'i  U.','..::.  Jlourfi, I Bhould nny, he reiilled, rnlh,*  cr tartly.  Oui'M? "lie cried joyfully. Oh,  George, tills Ih ao pi Mil oil!  TIow did iho innvlng-plciture;: of lho  i'wciidlsiP' turn out?  Oil, splmiclldly, Thoy cnuKlil the  brlil' when she wrifl knocked oonfle.  less by being hit wlili an old nhoo, no  thnt   ' Ih Jufit nn lintui'iil ns life.  Mnrlc T.\nln wn.) In a restaurant  ono day and found hlniBolf. noxt io  two young men who wero putting on  a Brent many airs anil ordering tho  wallers about ln a moat impressive  fashion. One of thom gave un order  and told tho waller to Inform tho  cook whom It was for.  Yes, cald tho other, bolter toll him  my nnmo, too, so r.n to mako certain  of its being till 1-if.ht.  Mark, who lint oil swagger, called the  waiter unci said In a 1'ucl volco-���������luring  1110 a iloaon oysters, and whlapor my  nnmo to each of thom.  Bijrno���������Onn of lho piers nt Southampton. A group of boyn playliw in  cliuigerotiR proximity to the odfeo. Suddenly an old sail, who has been a ild-  getly onlooker f tholr gnmbols,  leaver his favorite post and proccodB  Koundly to cuff one of tho lads In  quest ion.  Siiriirlsed by his net Ion flovoral Interrogated tho old tar thereon,  Well, '/.ur, wiih hia reply, It ho liko  thip. Tlr'n't as I enrn a hung \vheth������  or thoy full In or whether Ihoy don't,  ���������hill, It's tho bloomln' uncortalnty nbout  It tliat I can't, stand.  Keep Minard's Liniment In the houst  I.-. ������������������������������������ ll   ia.    ��������� ^...aiyawn  A man whoso chimney was smoking  was looking for Romeono to stop It  from doing so. An old mason went  to him ono day and'said:  I will toll you a way to stop your  chimney from Binoklng if you give mo  a pint of'stout,  The man, pleased with iho offer,  gavo him tho stout, Whon the mnfl������  on was finished tho other asked him  what ho woul.'. do with the chimney,  to which tlio mason replied:       ...  Nevor put. n llro In lt.  lliuiBlan penfiiinti produce great  qiiiintliloB of hand-mado goodn., Thero  nro villages In which every home is a  workshop for tho production of furniture.  Well, Tommy, what do you want to  ho when you grow up?   A lawyer'.'  NlaW.  Oh, I know, You want lo ho a po������  llcon.nii or nu engineer.  Now, 1 don't. 1 wnnnn he u brick-  lnyer.  A bricklayer?   Why,   tlint'H   hard  work.  So'h every thing, But therc'B bu  mnny dnyn n bricklayer don't Jmfioj  work, on ncoount of tlm weather���������tiri  there's bo much roltpn weather.  So thn nppnnilh Jb iiroIobb, then,  doctor? Wo could llvo without It*!  Well, tho juUlcnlH, perlmpu, but not  tho fitii'seoiiR.  Olllcor, said th: IniHRiinnt citizen,  there aro two ,",aml)!lnp hnu:.u.5 on  your belt ojirn sgnlnat tho law.  Is tlmf no? Which ono shall I clone?  The boAy fonl3lnr.j>hnfph'������nn*u(luelpnttnina'ko<M,000mi\tc1icji. Phos*  phorus is one of fnurlccn dementis compojiiif, the body���������divided amoiitf;  nones, flesh, nervous system nnd olhcr organs. The perfect health of body  requites a perfect balance of the elements. These elements come from the  food wc cat���������the stomach extracts and distributes them.  Hut If stomach is dcranjjcil-1ho balance of health Is destroyed nnd the  Wood ucjrti.ol uxi.> tl.ai ,;.'o,;u c!v..;;;;ili to the d.'f'orent er?.in<, nnd Ihrrc*  is blood trouble���������nerve trouble���������heart trouble. Pain Is the hungry cry of  starved organs, Put the liver, stomach and organs of digestion and nutrition Into a condition of health,  That Is just what is done by  DU. PIERCE'S  GOLDEN  MEDICAL   DISCOVERY  which has been so favorably known for over 40 years, It is now put up tn  tnWrl form, ns well as liquid, and can be obtained of medicine dealers  everywhere or hy mall by sending bO cents in lc tlainp& for trial bon���������  Bddrcss R.V. Plcr������, M. U��������� Buffalo, N.Y.  THB COMMON SBNSB MEDICAL ADVISER  It ��������� book of 1008 *���������("������������������ haMitaiomtty bound In riolh-tr������at������  St I'hytlolorfy-llyftena, Anatomy, Maaflelna and li a comj>I������fo  ItMM I'kjsWafl- Baud &0. Ie lUnps to RaVJPItt t*,Du* ido, N.V. O.OT.WS. CTOlOWLAND. B, C.  ���������in*i������ft  I������')������  m  We unhesitatingly I  recommend Magic Baking (  Powder as being the best, purest t  and most healthful  baking pow.  t  der that it is possible to produce.  (  .     CONTAINS NO ALUM   .     |  AH ingredients are plainly printed **  on the label.       .  mmim co.um  TORONTO, ONT.  WINNUPEG-WONTREAL  Monumental Crime  John-Brlght's  voice  was  Lncqr.lvo-  cnlly Tor peace.  lie wns walking onco past the Crimean monument in 'London with ono  "of bis sons, then a lad. Everyone  knows (but Ilio word Crimea is engraved on tho monument. The boy  pointed to the monument', and to ihe  word upon it,"and'asked:  ,' Father, what is that'.','  That, said John 13rlR.it, pointing also io the word, Is a crime.  &  I  SHE WAS HELPLESS  FOR TWO YEARS  .1 ��������� ,j  WHY    MRS.  ��������� BALDWIN       RECOM-  MENDS DODD'S KIDNEY PILLS  She1 Could Find Nothing to Cure Her  , Rheumatism   Till   On-a   Neighbor's  Dodd'3   Kidney  She   Tried  Wi  ���������������������  Advico(  Pills.  Hr. Walburg. Snslc. (Special) .���������"I  can truly,, recommend Dodd's Kidney  Tills for"any. ono .suffering from rhou-  niatlsm." Those arc the words of  Mis, W. A. Baldwin, a highly respected resident of this place. And  Mrs.  Baldwin gives her reasons,  "1 was ne.iriy helpless wl'.li rheumatism for two yeais'," she states.  "1 got medicine fro.n the doctor, and  tried several other remedies but nothing helj ed me. Then one of my  neighbors "advised me to iry Dodd's  Kidney Pills." I bought four boxes,  and Ihey helped almost from the first.  1 have used nearly two dozen boxes  and am nearly cured.''  " Thai rheumatism'is one of the results of diseased kidneys is again  shown in Mrs. Baldwin's case. Sho  had headaches, stiffness of the joints  and backache, lier 8leiP_wasJ)r_qkbn  A Boo6t for the Melon Crop  Elko, B.C.���������-The commercial production of watermelons, niuskinelons  and squashes In the Elko district in  the near future is indlented liy experiments now being, made by L. "W.  "dowry, ono of the older residents of  this district. This work Is supplementary to that of the Government  at its demonstration orchard south of  I his town. Reports given out by  Mr. Howry suite that ho Is obtaining  splendid returns in his investigations  nnd he believes (he oslnbllshmoiit-of  the -fact that. . these products will  thrive ln the. Elko district, wlll.be cf  great benefit to local growers. Although Elko is 308G feet above sea-  level, it Is situated in a valley which  Is practically storm-shlclded by mountain walls. It is these conditions  which arc responsible for the unusually diversified character of the local  crops.  More Railways for Sw-'ft Current  Swift Current, Sask.--The handling  of grain as soon as it is ready for shipment this Fall is now assured over tln>  double, tracks of the C.P.Tl. which  are nearing completion of the gap between Broadview and Brandon,-which  extend through from Swift Current to  Fort'William, a distance of 930 miles,  boforo Ihe close of the present construction season. Meanwhile the  Swift Current-Moose Jaw lino ,of 'tlio  G.T-.P. is now located and surveyed  and this together with tho prospective  entrance of the C.NjH, lino which; la  how rapidly approaching Swift Current  from Gravelburg appears, likely to  work nn early" iransl'ormatlon in ilio  entire tralllc situation in favor of local shippers and producers throughout  this section of Saskatchewan. A nin-  torinl Increase In Swift Current's pro-  sent elevator capacity is contemplated for, the near future, "  MAN  VERSUS .NATURE  A Natural Question  Elmer���������Aunt1.;, did you  ti  "aTiTntin"efre"sli"ihg7 and she was always  tired and nervous. Her limbs swelled and she.was always thirsty. These  are all symptoms.of diseased kidneys,  When she cured her kidneys with  Dodd's Kidney Pills, tho symptoms  vanished- hnd so did the rheumatism.  . Wise Boy  . Boss���������You told me an unl.rul.li yesterday when you said you wanted to  set, away to go (o a'funeral.  Olliee Boy���������Well, the homo club  lost, andii was almost as sad as a  funeral.        ,  Yes, my wife is one in a thousand.  i-'ine coo':?  It isn't that.  Economical.  No, it isn't tliac. ������   ���������  What then?  Sho always listens patiently while  tell her all about the game.  An Ti-ishman, in order to celebrate  the i.dvcnl of a new era, went out on  a lark. ��������� Me didn't' get home till 3 in  the morning, and was barely in the'  house before nurse rushed up, and,  uncovering' a bunch of soft goods,  showed him triplets. The Irishman  -look,  llion  nurse's  j v.���������,.ji-cii��������� uiit=-(.iOCiv��������� v i.iiL'ii_s;mr i~  at the three -of a kind in the  arms, and said:    ���������  I'm not superstitious, but thank hiving that Oi didn't come home f.t  twilve!  Hi  i.  The Johnsons, according to a recent  (dory, had an old hen who insisted  upon neglecting her comfortable nesti  io lay a daily egg in the coal cellar.  i can't think, fretted Mrsi Johnson,  ns she and-her small son Joe, Together  bunted for that particular egg. why  this one hen inslstes upon using the  coal bin,  ,\Vhy, that's easy, mother, exclaim-  od Joe, in astonishment. 1 suppose  she's teen (he sign; Now is the time  to lay In your coal.  i.  Duchess Total Abstainer  The Duchess of Portland, ono or  England's greatest hostesses, has declared herself a vegetarian, and says  she has never drunk wine, tea or coffee. Sho relies on hor natural good  health na a stimulus during the strenuous season,  These statements coming directly  from' Ihe duchess have aroused exceptional interest and doubtless will  exert excellent Influence over .British  women.  Every tii lug my  turn's lo gold,  Then you didn't  hair, after all?  husband    touches  really blench your  .r  r<  \l  l:;!  Please the  Home Folks  13/ serving  Post  Toasties  They urc among the good  things to cat, but not in the  cook book, hc:au3K they require no cooking,  Toasties are always crisp  and appetizing- ready to cat  direct from the package. Yuu  save heaps of time and avoid  hct work in the kitchen.  S^uc licit cream���������sugar if  yr.ii wnnj it���������or cod h'ull  juice, with these fluffy bits of  corn {ind you have a dish  that is fascinating for any  meal of the clay.  Toaitic.) *rc soil by grocers  overywher**.  Cnnndlnn I'onttim C'orchl Compnny,  LM., Wiadsur, Out.  Externally or Internally, it is Cod  ���������When applied externally by' brisk  rubbing, Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil  opens the pores and penetrates"the  tissues as few liniments do, touching  the seat of the troutle and Immediately affording relief. Administered internally, it will still the irritation in  the throat which Induces ''coughing'  and will euro affoUions of thn bronchial tubes and respiratory organt.  Try It and be convinced.  No Yorkshlreman  In a bonevoler.t frame of mind owing to the prospect of, success In the  cricket mulch with Yorkshire, a Lancashire man ttas accosted by ono of  the crowd just disgorged from a  Yorkshire excursion train,  Glvo us a lin, governor. Ah'm a  Yorkshlroniiiu down on his luck,  'Nay, but.that's bad. Well, iih wo  aro babnd to glvo yo a lickln' at  cricket, Ah'd give yo minimal If Ah  were nobbut sure 'at you ur.>'Yorkshire.  Ah swear Ah am.'  Well, then, bore's half,,a crown for  yo. Ah'd mole lt n dollar it 1 were  quite sure ns yo are Yorkshire.  Ah am. really and truly.  Well, then, gf us Uie half-crown  buck,  No sooner was II handed ovor In lho  hopo of the larger sum than the Lancashire pockotecl. jt with a cunning  smile, nnd Hald: "if, tha'd been Yorkshire iha'd uonn a'j^eaii'It bade. Off  tha', goes.  Little  to bo an Indian?  '" Aunt--No,   dear  ask  that?  Littlo Klinor���������Well,  sent mo to your room  1 sa\v fiomo scalps on  table,  used  Why   did   you  whon inninnin  this morning'  your dressing  A Dulchniaii was relating his marvellous escape from . drowning when  thirteen of his companions were lost  Ly tho upsetting of a boat, and lie  alone was caved.  . And how did you escape this?  ed one of his hearers.  I  Ud  not  co  In  to pote,  wan  Din Chilian's placid answer.  a sic-  the  Marvels That  are  yVroiight  Through  Sympathetic Chemistry  Nature, wo may reflect, has a hard  tinuV iiv competition with iho chemist;  Her slow, laborious processes are one  by'one being superseded.  Her most delicate perfumes, which  sho dishes to us'in drops,.are mado  by the gallon In the laboratory. The  Infinite delicacy, of her'tints we stimulate from a material so unroniantic  aa coal tar. Wo ,st,iiecy.o a cellulose*  product through a tiny hoi J. and we  havo the silk oMhe silk.worm, Wo  transform' trees Into paper and educate.'.lie world... Wo imitate tho precious si ones which Nature has produced by gigantic forces in upheaval, and  the only differences, ns was suited In  our courts, recently, Is that tho nrtl-  llclnl product Is more perfect than the  real, Now the chemist, takes starch,  an unromuntlc material enough, and  makes of ii that rubber on which ihe  wheels of tho world go round.  In lho course of his experiments,  man discovers a cheap method of making acetone, an essential of our modern high explosives. Somehow or other  all man's,experiments lead ultimately  to the "explosive, which again shows  how wo reverse processes, for while  Nature begins all her work with an  explosion, man works up to"the explosion as the highest expression of  Ills conquest. ������������������   ���������>  POLISH  ;'N^Pj^ in ���������  Hotl^feathes* because1 there  i$rl-fb Turpentine  Easy to Use, Good for the Shoes  EDDY'S LATEST MATCH-  Safc-Silent  Non-Poisonous '  -TiThe new "Ses-qui"  AFTEREFFECT  OF FEVERS.  Banished Through the Use of Dr.  Williams' Pink Pills.      /  Following wasting disease such as  fevers, many -people find it ditlicult  to regain their - former strength,  They become breathless and tired out  af the least exertion; their appetite  is fickle and they often feel as though,  death was staring them .in the face,  The troublo lies with the blood which  has not returned to its normal condition and is lacking in tho red corpuscles wlihoir,,, which good health is  impossible, lt is at a time like this  that Dr. Williams' Pink Pills prove  their great, tonic value. ���������"Every dose  helps "lo make inw, rich, red blood  which means health and vitality.  Mrs. Theodoie Foley, Alliens, Ont,,  says: "Following an attack of typhoid  fever I was left in a very weak ai.d  'disheartened condition. The smallest exertion left mo worn and tired  oul, and 1 was hardly ablo lo ��������� get  around'.'am". naturally felt, despondent,  -I-deeidod-to-tr-y-piVr-Williama���������PinM  Pills," and they'proved of the greatest  benefit to mc. I am now.a" well and  strong as ever, and can-'do all my  own work, and as we llvo on a farm,  k goes without saying that there la  much to do. ������������������ I feel, therefore, lhac I  cannot say too much in praise of Dr,  Williams' Pink Pills,"  , K you are suffering from the after  effects of fevers, la Grippe, or any  acute disease, you should begin to  get new strength to-day through' the  tonic treatment with Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills. Sold by all medicino  dealers or by mall at 50 cents a box  or six boxes for $2.50 from The Dr.  Williams' "Medlclno Co,, Brockvlllo,  Out.  ��������� lie thought he "'as a connoisseur,  and lie was lamenting the doendnnco  of nit,  Look, lio said, nt tho great. Italian  school of painters. Look even at  tho old Greeks! Why, Zeuxhi painted  grapes so naturally that blr.": camo to  peck nt them,  lie did, did he? said n hearer,  That's nothing, l'vo git a friend who  pnlnts a dog so nntiirnl that ho haa  to paint a muzzle on lilm to koim hlin  from biting.  Whlc'i Two?  Do you see tliat, handsome row of  tall poplars on tho Canadian shore,  standing apparently ,u equal distances apart? asked a melancholy-  looking man of a group of passengers  on the Fort Erie forry-bont at Buffalo.  The group nodded assent,  Well, there's quite a story connected with those' trees, he continued.  Some years ago there lived iu a house  in Buffalo, overlooking ��������� the river, a  vory wealthy banker, whose only  dr.tighter was belov.xl by .i young surveyor". The old man was inclined to  question the .professional skill of  young rod-and-levcl, and t../ j/.-.t him  to the iest he directed him to set  out on the Dominion shore a row of  trees no two of which should be any  farther apart'than any other two.  .The trial proved tlie lover's liiofli-  clenty, nnd forthwith lie was forbidden the, house, and In despair' he  drowned himself,in tlie river. Perhaps  some of you gentlemen with keen eves  can tell which two trees arc farthest  apart.  The group took a critical view of  tho fiilualiou, and each member.selected a different pair of trees. Finally, after much discussion, au appeal  was made to the solemn-faced Strang-'  er to soivo the'problem.  The first and.the last, said he, calmly, resuming his cigar and walki::- ^ff  wiih the air of a sage.  The only matclrto of the kind  in C<-nada.  The "tips" ari positively  harmless. You or your children can bite or swallow them  without danger.  Sold In two sizes���������regular  and pocket..Protect yourself  -by using none.'-bur". Eddy's  'new "Sus-qul " '  Ask  Your  Dealer  UBasnanBxu)  Paul Jones' Promise  After tho great fight in which John  Paul Jones In the Bonhomme Richard  made splinters and shreds of the British vessels. Scrapls the English government generouslly decided that,  though vanquished beyond a question  the captain of the lost vessel'had behaved with becoming bravery and deserved promotion to the ranks of commodore. "Paul Jones heard of this  promotion and Us .cause and said:  Well, by George! If I ever meet that  chap again I'll make him an admiral.  Billiards In India  In India billiards nourishes in a remarkable manner. Every native who  is In a position to please himself has  a table for the uso of his friends and  himself. Nearly all the native rulers have billiard rooms in their palaces, and moro than a few play quile  a good game.  .You drank ioo much punoh at the  reception  yesterday.  -Who saw me drink too much punch?  It  wasn'. necessary    to total    up.  j When  I   came  in  you  were  holding  an*i> animated    conversation    \y,ith    a  piano lamp, "   ���������  -'  T  ma  was cured of Bronchitis and Asth-  by MINARD'S LINIMENT  A..   LIVINGSTON.  i  severe attack of  MINARD'S'   -LINI-  MRS.  Lot  5," P.E.I.  , 1  was cured of  Rheumatism   by  MENT.    ' '   ,  Mahone Bay. JOHN  MADER  1 was cured of a severely" sprained  leg by  MINARD'S  LINIMENT. '  JOSHUA  A.   YVYNACHT.  Hrldgowatcr.  the  em-  ap-  Ono of Ihe neighbors had ivconily  purchased a Utile donkey for her little boy, Waller. Of'coiirsp, all Ilio|  children In Iho neighborhood wore An-  lighted nnd wero allowed their turn  to ride.  The other afternoon Jim, the donkey, acted vory badly, and rnnsed  Wall cr io kick and serenm lo get off  bin buck, when trying to rhlo,  Howard, used ���������), In tolling'about It,  mild: All lho children were afraid,  Wero you afraid, dear? I nskeil,  0 no, lie snid, 1 wasn't nfrnlcl, 1  just mild I don't enro for nny ride  to-ilny, 1 would miller have ono io-  i loirow.  John Pa ton had lost his wife and  on the morning of the I'une'iil he, called on Jessie Ilaxton, a former sweetheart, nnd asked hor to marry lilm,  "Oh, for Hhnnie, John, rays she, to  bo thinking o' marriage nud yer wife  no burled; gae nwa' wl' ye,  On roll eel Inn hU r* (bought she hail  boon too hasty, So she wr.'Jicd for  John roturnlng from tlio graveyard,  She knocked at the window, uid called lilm In. Deed,'John, she said, I  am thinking I was gny an' hasty this  morning,'nnd noo I think I'll accept  your offer. ������  Dlniia. fash,. Jc-isU', the corpHc'.-i  cousin has tn'cn me,  First  Jimmy?  Boot black--Wot'a i In* mnn  Yer looks played out.  Hecoiul  Hoot black-��������� I'lnycV, mil!  Hhriiild think I am.   Juki boon slid  two pollconien a Hhlne,  cr  John, iiRcd 11, was tiolng prerni'ed  for bod.  I'm nfrnld you'll not he nble lo wenr  ibis wulat nny longer, snid his mother,  II Ih getting loo small.  You'll have to get anoiher ||i;|p hny,  nioilior, he nn aw civil thoughtfully,  Diamond Cut Diamond  The     antic?  Hebrew   stood   on  door of his second-hand clothM;;  poriuni.      A  weasel-eyed    man  proached  blm nnd  said, confidential  ly:  See,Hint second-hand shop a little lower down on tho c'.hcr side?  Yes, I zee,  And thai drab Newmarket coat?-  Yes.  Woll, 1 want that coal, but I ain't  going to-pay tho denler's juice for II  because- I am too liy for that, Now,  you're a Jew, and you can cut the  other fellow down and make a bit  yourself, He'll ask i.i least a quid  l'jr thnt coat, Hero's twolvo-uncl-  six. If you buy iho coal for half  a quid you mnke half a dollar. Is  It a dpi'.l?  "Mr. Levi clulchcd the. coins nil.I  darted down th? road. Two minutes  Inter he was back with the coveted  coai.  Good old Iky Mo! roared the wens-  cl-cyed man, Thought you'd pull  It off, Cleared ;. bit yourself,  shouldn't wjm'.er?  young  gent,  replied  vns ma prnncli shop  dor    of.'rcpiit    vns  gspence,  shillings  Man in i Street  I am glad to see  up, in a dam.  "Mother���������Yes. sir.  thing that'j pleased  ihe animals out at  Car  your  i caustically)���������  baby has shut  You're the only  him sinco he saw  the Park. ���������  . ""���������      *"*"                      "          ���������   "*"  i  Do you need Money,?  '  Send for cur application forms.  Do,you need Land?  Send for our list and terms.  Do you need an Executor?..  > Send for, our Will forms sup-'  ,plied free.1'  ,  Do you need an Administrator?  '  Confer with us if deceased left  ������  . no Will.   '    ���������  .,  Do" you need an Assignee ?  Confidential interview invited  and b?st advice ������iven '-with  ,-���������  out fee.  Agents wanted In all Unr.pressnt-  ed District3  Apply to��������� ������"  '  The Standard Trusts Company,,  ,   .  directing jjotir letter simply, to its  '" offices in  Winnipeg,    Saskatoon,    Edmonto.i,  or Vancouver  According to locality in which you  li,./.,,       \'  That bouse I have routed from you,  raid tho dissatisfied tenant, 13 horribly  u'augbty. When I was sitting in the  middle of the room, my hair blew  all over my face. Can't you do something?  ' Don't you think, sir, replied the  house agent, suavely, It would b? easier and cheaper for you to get your  hair cut?  Reduced by Asthma,���������Tho constant, strain of asthma brings the patient to a' dreadful slate of hopeless  exhaustion, Early use should"by all  means be made of (ho famous Dr. J,  I), Kelloiig's Asthma' Remedy, which  more than any oilier nets quickly and  surely on the air passages and brings  blessed help and comfort. No homo  where nsihma Is present In the lo;\^t  degree should be wlflioul tills*' great  remedy,  Campaign  lndii*3tr"ca    at  Veil, mu  loar  Mr, Levi, ash dot  ninl   der  price  of  only   sovi'ii-uiidi-:'  am   shooMt   live  ileal!  in  thlni  on   i  Mi-". Lnugnldo���������Oh, Henry, I boughl  the lovollcHl i������rl nf honks Icxlny on Hi?  liiHliilmuul plan, All I have to do Ih  id pay ?l .fin a mon lb  Mr, Languid,- i'oi' ho,.' ninny  months?  Mrs. Langsiiile-Mercy! . forgot to  iiidc.  A Paris cnhnuiii found a splendid  iiirbnt Hint had been left i.i 1,1s cub.  lie went ai once lo ilu1 Coinoinuil-Miry  of Police.  Very good, my friend; h.iIiI the hit-  tor, conic buck again in a y:ar i.nd  a day, und If, lu lilt meantime. Hip  liirbm haa nut In-cit claim'.,I, il idiull  be yoitis.  for    New  Macleod v  Maclood, Altu.��������� There 4h no bettor'  country In ihe world than the West,  liiild President William Taylor of the  Owen Hound, Ontario, board of trade,  after his reccu; visit to Macleod und  other lending Alberta centres.    What  you  wuiit  In the West now i.i innnu-  fnctuiips and inked farming,       The  Weill is In ml \n net? of the Ha si In the  matter of laying out cities and planning broader si reels, theivhy liunirlng"  ainiil..-  room    for    btrcc.-l    car.*    and j  triniK-i.  Western roadways an1 of the  nli d llip Owen Sound Cap-  tlieir public buildings are ,  That thp Mncleo.l hoard of.  full accord with the views '-  in   regard   to   liny  miiniil'acturln:'   c;i.'  KE SAID���������"l-cwof u.i iv.-ilizc how much s.tlt  we cat, Tlio fnct.tlmt we pet s;;!i on nil  mints and vegetablcs-iii bread, ci!:..- nnd  .pastry���������soupi and sauces���������butter nnd cliciw  , ���������- shows the itnnominee of lihini' (in  absolutely pure Halt."  SHE SAID���������"M'ell, we nre iifIii^ Vl.VDSOH  SAiyr nnrl no one could jn:il:e me believe  there was nny better suit in the whole world  than my old standby 53  IN0SOH.  rAfj/eSAWlT  iiwmMmmuimmuimim*m!?������^  no con-  1 bent, conel  '. Itallsl, ami  1 rplmulld,  trade' Ih In  Milted,   I'spei-lally  I'liouriigonii'ui   of  li'i'prlHi-H, Is ludlciitcil from thu pro.  Kress or pri'seiil iiiumllnlliin-. now be-  lius liandh'd by Industrial ('oinnilnnloii-  or W, (', A.  Mol'l'uli,  Inconsistency '  Wimmeti certainly ain't got  Elsolnce'y.  WUi'h tho matter, Mike?  Mc. wife chased me out wld a roll-  Ing-pin this morning, and  then cried  because I  left  Iinino  without  kissing  her good by,  Where are you going se.KKor? You  sooni busy.  I 11 m busy. Got tn tako, thin pack-  ngn of soil over to the agricultural department to be assayed, I hen 1 must  send kohio (-cods to one of my enn-  siltiii'iilh, and liud some huiiiiikt.)  hoarders for a man wbo nays ho vol.  <>d fur mc I:hi  fall  Lit lie Willie���������Wlm l Is a' lawyer,  pa?  I'll���������A lawyer, my son, Is a mnn who  induces two 1.thn ni.-ii to strip for  a lighi nnd ilien rnnu off Willi their  clothes.,  I flili-ngii k cuiitciiipliitlng thi' in.-u.nl-  1 hitlun of a Sil.ililii.ftilO hlgh-pres^ur.'  1 waier system for lire purposes.  Something  Else to Worry  About  If men were not kept no busy wor.  rylni? about their Inc'-ri'iiKliij'. baidii'-s'i  llu-y, too.  would  doubt lest;  Ik-  try In;;  to got rid of their wrinkles.  A  woman  U Just  a,i >nuug as her  lends will allow h.-r ....be.  llnlda, onelup; a iji-niH dTidy Inn���������; '  lep.s for (he first lime, called in hor'  mother nnd said: Oh, niainnia, como|  and see thih funny bug. llu'.i got,  his raco Iu the middle and he'* walk-  In;; on lih whiskers.  Canada's Great Port  Montreal Is making great liii'irovo-  ikuiiIh lu her wainr-frniii. A writer  lu 'Travel' goes un far uh i.i .-.ay ilia'  she has como within ilu> past jrar 101  be ilio most edleloiit port In Hie  world, nnd nnnng twelve nr fiiii'i������,Mi  of the Mrentpst,  III ;  wan 1  renin  .Mlglll!  quiet villnge In Suli'olk Ihcie;  I.I a I'clel ration In the i-ilm.il-  I lli:> dedication nf a new llr,'-'  It   win   a   giddy   evening, I  IOIIP  lur  .'M  YOUR WIFE WIIX  nppreciair- it when you hiiii^; li  n cau of rtNM'.    For clear.mjj  ll-MI.-!", ���������ffr.r(',ii!,.,yi.,n;..,..;..    ;���������;  I.-ijj llm cows, p-.-eiiug" the ]>>u  nnd unions, there h nothing" lo cju  I'I ll  boy  *filn hia  pIcvtHj  W   N. I.'. 953  Conjuror (who U about  performance)���������WW any  Ifiul 1110 hit n*i������l������itniic..?  Hny onnnM forward.  (���������niijiirnr--linv������������ you over n^n mv>  ii.'for", n������y hnyl  Hoy- No, /iIIi.t.  It leaves Ihe skin imioolh and  tiolt.    Order  from   your  ik-ihr tn-ilay.  Snip Company, MmllfJ.MonlrMl.  SNAP  "���������"."T'et'ci*''  ���������'���������.-i'tiiJ.Vaa'  TiwimiaiMa ���������w.waam.asvaa^  wllh ihrce Hp.'ooheri by local c|i'ri;j'-  111011, mid a Tariff Itcforiu oral ion by  a bal.l-lii'.uled politician.  The gem of thr������ evening win the  iijlluujiig .'.j.it,i, Mny Hiic uiii' lnv-eii-  ���������;J.j 'i )v )'*..' ''.'" il if i-ll !...il !,. ( /  our village���������alviiyn ready, her never  calle.l foil  Symptoms Warn to  Remove, the Cause  ������rdin!>i'v dncT-.r    iT'ivl'  n   ui'ivhiliu;   nyinpicims  A  Al the Tiller  I'allor n:i leave w.\* a hunt lo cs-  icon Jt ih 'he.-il girl, afi-iifi.s me road, an  off-Hhoot of a   busy tjioroiighfiire In  Taoncioit, when an mn.-jhus cam." bowl-  ilng roniicj the c-nni'-r, and th-y 1-������d a  1 nMi-row t he- \io from licing ups-t.   The  .inltorinan pnurcd out the vial.t of bh  wralh upon the cai-.iluctnr.  \Vh;ii'., liu-1 V-..-H- i.f t.'.'.l.'ii' 1.1 i,..,','  c rled the conductor; I uin'i drlvin' am  IV  Xi>, repllfil tlie ,siii. but yon'ic .t -. r-  In' niii't yer?  fnris  than  reincivlni, the cause ol  II.-   i.i   Oi't. 11   f'ullUJ.'lli '1      to  iig.ilui-'l  h!s h. iter Judgiueiit  10 la'l.u'y th" dcnuithl,-. of  '.>'���������'  ff '      In-  rather 1 reniov  Chivi-  Ing (In  tvc  U'ouble, 1  iU    thl.i  In ui-.U'i"  h!.j    put-  cause  Ih food  \wi-.iccl  the  and  y- ..) - ���������,.  s  (ira.lunlly  cure   revlial  iii'i-icc   aud  driven .  and  W.O'A  Hyin;itniiin are removed at a dread'  fill cnji. 11*0 to the organn of ihe Indy.  A.c an oMiini'l.', conMdrr the effect on  IhV pervoiM faviiii in of drug'; an powerful *i,s In Jill in ulaiely "slop h. a 1-  I'ctieia nnd other bodily palnn.  Th" ii'iciinii f-i iim^i e\-baiNMii'f ou  ,-,>si.in, and the i.-.ailt Is thai  p.-ilin hum iielicp n Mini, nnd (he  cm co:i������t:inllv rmwx wenker aa 1  !;-r  l ui"  ' the  ! i-y--'  1 wca  nat in ally   t  t'.i ���������   )*>.- ���������Wc,  Imlgur.uli.g the t\hiciii   drdeii   n.t  , pains, ncli'M and dl'icii-'.'.      . ���������  . This |a Nainre's u.iy of ciiiiig ilbi-  ' case. H Is thi only vay, 11;.i  trcalinent of ^v:npt<ini,s In. only a  inalicaliifi. way of .-Holding p.r.u, U  . overlnnkn the Imputative of, fj-iv.,1'  i tomn nf. 11 warning ot i:upi r.d'i'S  ' noillib , 1  To get tv, 11 an.I };.<���������;> w-l'i n.-.c  'Jr.  ' rhar.e's  Nerve  l-'oo.J  until  th������  blfi-l  1������ neb and red, Hn* nerves >.!*������:������dv .v. J  |th> body niled with b'.'slth au-l tlij.ir.  i*'.-*y  Sir Ud'Uf-ri Tic.' >a>s iha' (he hu,'  I.i the proper (inurnment <nr woin n.  .iii.l 11,������i ih." ii-.j;ijhij������e. They ;nu������t  iwif try to p'-iy ll-ii fi l-fl'?.  Dr. Chase's Nerve Food  :,) l. i������i > a hi)\, a to  JL'  u:  aU ������l"ail<-n, or  '������������������'., Tor mu.  i;uiu;vn#j;i. tii  CU.,   latOV V Jiliiiiienallil tors
,a' .  /er.' V>y  Yw,tiues*l.i'iv the
.;.n.r....blog   Gorptiany.
"',;���-. f..'.pr v.'}!! not hojc.t   iU-olF
.'iifibiy for llm yjiiiiionsoi' gih-
���-   ->}'V aiH't-nj" in its columns*
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Froyinc^ f>f Pritisfi
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(Dcp?4n$n{ of La/ids.)
b:, s-,v....~��'.i.."i.s,'.">:':'K:.'.V1JuV".:-.  -. ��� ""'''-'"��� ";-'��� "'"��� ���''.'.���.'.'.; -:"v"-t. ���'"-" ^���^^ir*A-T'*s^"':rv^u;"-^ ���'.-.���- ���.������,'���:���   '..-'������-> *���'-������-���  ���'-   '" ''     ,B
3 ��� -'���',. ' ir
C. ���
���'���j\y\\     M'M. lit l��J13
ii -K
(,U.'KNi'*K  TO 'Wiui AN!"*
\:s�� WM'KK. "
i"'1'!" h  le'i-.i*-.- ;:!.v��n   that K^nti-
���   s'.i.r.u.i.)  Ui;"il>-ay, i.f   Viut-orin,
������     '!   |;'v f   f  ;i   !���> (..��..<> io tilled   ,-'!l(l
���"-.11; 'haw p." -I ti.'iitu.'c f wwlor
i .Jin u 0i\.;'--,   ��� i ','li  liiws hi   ii
���tl: .ly   dire: n   through   Ntwn^sth
J' ��� ."...   n I nn i i iv nit i StruilM of CJeflr-
���l   ,:o ,i !) ni 3 i  -.n.t   if   ili(H'   Quiilknni
Mm 'wmer wi'JV V.iv, i-tvd' al 'J00O"
'.i :- e:'i ���!   fr,.i>)   iftihv. y n dv, ill  bo used
��� -iict.iI rnily.-uy iy p.-S' b on the. laid
' .Mi-.n-l ns K-iilwny Ki^h"-, nf Wny. Thi-.
. i v.- \>:\> iMM'.nil u ��� ."'is lii'iiiuiiVcni ll.ie
..-1 h.;>- '���'! A-.)!-1, lOllj. Tbu ilppl uftlinn
��� ,! !.��� f'.i->! in tin; o'Jioo cf tho Water Jti-
.���������, ', - ,. Vu't.ni.i, 11. (!. Objee'iona may
.:c '.' d \yi��� ii thti e,iii.< Wnt. r IWorder r,r
v. ..'-'}��� e I'.ivr.j.tr.il.r . f, "W.i'er Kitfhlff,
' ������. i:;uv ���' t l.ti-.liii ;,'���<. V'M'-< ri l Ii, 0.
���".������,'(.";:..' .LT-.v .NANAIMO KA1LWAY
ii. .IC   UKASIaKY
��� I'll'.. ' my"
i-.'GTI"'"")". is' hereby ju.-cn  tlia.t Enqni-
, L'.ai, <":   jN.ui smo  "Unilw.y,   oi  Viotorin,
.)'. (! v.-i'l.ipjilj j ,)���' a i c vi-.ii' in take and
t::i" llW.COOifiil. m u r 2i hocra/ot  water
' 'i       . ���
un   <.f Saiidy i re.),-, u-ircii Uowh iu a noN
Ibciiy . i <\'A\.) i   ihr.nitr.i   No:vcaatle 1);,G-
lii .1  ,-.'i.l  .r-,p:'oa hit i  J.) op  Bhy,  near
}lv'-s.t-vu ' G o.-lc   Tlm watjr will t>.: divor
"i-il a, 2:,'.l;" i p r.ruiin I'smio   Railw.iy  nnd
Will l-ftail f.ii G.!(iri:.l   llclway [J'.UflOJU!.
(n: t'u-'j liiiui 'h.-i.c'iboi .i- Isivilwi'.y Right oi
Y.y.,'l"'v9 rr-l e-�� \v.�� p.v-'tcd on    the
'i .if ;-.j \i' c.j.iioi) v. il I  V,'.- iil-d in tho olliee
of '.ho W..tor i?��.ord-r" afc Victcrii, 1?. C
P ...
p jt-jt >.i i) may bo iil-d w.'.h lho Btiicl
A'aU'r Recorder ��� ;��� .'ith tlie t.'omp'ioller
oi W ���(* r Mijlnr, .l'iilir��it out Buildings
Viclori-., B (-7.
!;,:'0,i;i:halt 4 :>axaimomailv/'ay
fl. K. I.K wSLKV
" Ayent
jipllii uiyV
.COMl'AN'V,   LIMITKD     '        i
' ���.,' ' ' i
Wljcrcu-i   llm  Cuiiipbi'll    Uiver  i'owe? j
0 nipaiiy, Limiiicd, hoieiuufU-r called tlia .^i*
C.-mpanv, is n, oompauy iiH'ni'poVK'.nd inn]-
sr llm J-Companios' AciL,-"' lWl'i, tuul is civ.
powuicc),   ujmnif;   other    lliicii's   by   its
Nk-iii' r.mijsi i>( Ahtiooiutuni,
"Td limply for and obUiu nr.dci tbo pr: t
visioua ��t thu \Vul,*.i" A tit or to- puiclui i>
ojo'liorwiujuonuiro wtiler a\v;nln ov \vu-
tor licen.il n'1 anil
'.'To oonstruct or opeiatu works for Uio ! W
supply or uliiijiUum. o�� wurc r uudcjr the | ;^
'W'nto'r Atsl,"��� " !H,
"Anil   whorcny tho mid IJtinpnny on i ^|
tho27tli Juno,' 111 10, obhiivd u WM'o )
l/oonc��, nnmbonid I'JOl, nuthoriziiiR ihe!
divornion of 2,700 cubic feit of \y:iltsr in i'i
Boi-cinil from tho GiHiipbtd'  Itivt-r for nuw-
eytaklnsf ef the aiid Cami/bull Hivt-r Power
.Compuny, Iiimited, for tho diveniion of
2,7(W cubic; faot ��>f wntor per aoeond from ^
tho Cm-iplwll Ilivcj- for iho gynovnt'on pi'
power und for ihe anle, barior, and e.t-
cha ��Q of sajd power within I l\o foliowii u
d��:cribed torri;oiy, is in roby upprcvos'l
Biibjoot to cho limihtirna of P,.rt ]X of
t.ho Wnt.r Act and to Wio follow iuc; terina
nud coijditibi.'B.:���
1. Tbo Bii'd iiiproyal of lho above un-
derttking nhalt ho oxpieH ly o nuitioiml
on the esc', cution i-jacl iiliii^' <f a "Jiond
\j\ih tl+o Cajiuptrolltr of Water It glita.
The atAA Bond Khali be iu tlie turn ot
twouty tbouavid cio.laiB (3-20,000 00), auV
shali bu by the C'ouip-my and a purely
Compiny aulh-riwd by its t'Lar-'cr fi-r
tbo po i tor man co of oon.traolx of this hind.
2. Tho te-nijWj vcitbiii .whicli tl.e
power g��.ie:at��d from theyiid wa'er may
be'said is within u rudiasof one hundred
aut} fifty piles trora tho power huUso of
ths (iompany.
G.   TK�� anaouMt of th^i capiiil Dlockot'
tho CompRny which ahull lx> >ub!ji;j-ibfd'
boforo tho Company filiall Ix'K'm tbo con-
otnic ion oi the works shtill b& $50,000 00
���A. ��� Tae amount" oi tho capital otuckof [
.beC'ompany \>Jiicli Ehali be paid up before \
the Cjiiipauy shall b^yia tho'coisHtiuctioii [
^rtl"^^TicT^!ratrbV?5O.-00Or0t>--^ -'
FOIl A r.rf'flNCIOT) TAKlri AND
"K01K5H in liereiiy icivon Hint f, (jui-
���fui'lt .'; Njiiaituo Uailv.yy ..r Viutoriu,
Jj ii. y.ill ii|ii��'y fo." .i lino it:.1 to In'to und
ii-c 100,000i-al!.)im iior'J-i houiv, of water
tail o! llind.io <J.-tj?l:i wliiuh flnwa iu n
i oni-er'y direction L;in,ii��h NMbouWh-
Jiiil anil uniiliuH i.iiu I'uyno Stmm) nour
T.-nb!" I'-, vtr. Til.-' wi|..r will bo divo't d
ii: IblO'-iiixitroiiiu fr.ini llubviiy ,ind w 11 bci
l.cid lor (iincn.'il Ki.i'wiiy \-\\v\n> ..'..i c'n tiio
Iind doH-iibed im r.-il vu> rVbt ��� f w..yThie
{intitv wiiu lyQ.ucrt on il,ti i.tdu.hi tin tbo
flr.. iny ot A.njl, lid!!,. The in'plicatii.ii
Mil im filfi. in.i'e i tUc.v nf llm Wulei
|{ cordiir, Viota-.i-iu, H.tf. (J jo.tioi.H inny
bnlilccl will) tho wi-il \S'=��(.. r I'.ccordi r nv
(Vihthi (.! .iiiptroller <>f Wn'i r lii^htH,
I'.ii'i.n i,p:iI Jj.iil< ii);,", V'ijtnii., B. ('..
Jv-f;t!(M,"ii;!' ,'v N -.NU.MU I1AILW.VV
}i. I!-     KA'SLKl"
VOU A l.l(!l.!\"i.:l. '<�� T.\KK AND
Tbo pouipnuy, tihskll begin the con-
'.,'  st uo":ioii ot; ttw yepAu lor tho diversion of
the s'.'.id water aucj for tl 6 gc Sjprnti'ui of
tho B��id power on or baforo ��ho SOili d��y
ot September, 19J1, and before thnt dnte
. hj.ll obtain from the OuiuptrolUr ol \Vu-
.....        i   ,      * .   -
tor RiRhtB, his approvnl of tl.e ldium K'y
the construction of lho eaiil works ��� naAnt
tho provibions of the Wnjier Aut nud Am-
ci dirg Attn as now in force 07 ub way be
in fni co nt the (lute of such Approval c>[jfi
PUni*. The plaiis a d specificaltous hjic'I j $
be filed for approval on or before lU:.-i, d;iy ! ita
of July, 19^. !|
lij. Afipr b^'fjpnijjff the ly-.itnic'.ioo p?!|[
the workj tl'io (Jomimny a^n)l s>ul)initl[a
BBiui-unnnully to tbo Complvolkr of W���� j jM
tor .Uiijhla a progrefi'.) report. | [It.
7. Tn�� Uompiiuy shi'll eomplcotiio worku ^
for tho dcvolopmeat (.t vlitt oj�� thoufruul' |3
([15,000) horiia po-Atr mul liuvo thiu'1 in uo 11��
tltnl operation f U or ly fi ',".��� '.lo .0th ti:iy uf [i
Scptmnbor, VM1. ,-, jm
8.   Tho Comniny  .'ihall \>v./ auMtally ;Q
BMeh h;o np mny lu in '���-.n-o r,t Una thui
or iiuoh onnunl fvo n<i umy be lived by tuiy
futuroief(iilition or 'imut'iiti.'..
0. Any I'.njtliij.rr itj.uoin1."! hy tho
^linirt'or of 1 unds foi that purp'.v.cv: niiull
li.vo fri'O i.tC0��B t'.- uli pi.rt.c of tln�� \V< rlc.i ,
. ���' i
f r tlio purpcBu c/ injpjiil'.u;.: the -,u
���'r.jiijitriiL'i-.'on ,|��
.,1,-    i,;.
Anything you want  hnd- whatever
way you'Want it. Below are a
few of things, we print ��� .
t , ~ ��������� \.
how well YOU will be ol eased
KM��urAn,<ktaatiaDMir Jm.\mk^JCMktm*i^LX
of  t(tu.'ortfliuiii[;  tlmi    tl.
thereof U'hi iiCCrtidiiiuij a.'it  '.he !',!���>!.
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Dunsmutf fivqnue Cutobculand, 13. C.
;iV^^K*^*BKS"^^ l .. .WTIC.IS. "   ,,���������. -'.  i"  I-  i\'  Vancouver Lhnd sDislx;iot',  District Qf ynncouvflr.  TAKE NQTIClj! that J, .(iaorgo  )VerUipr of CawplW. Rivor,   oecu-  .pation.Gruiqer,   intends  to apply  , -for.pera.iBBiq'tv to .lit. re liaise tlje fc,I-  lowing deeoribcel lands/.-- Com awn  .cing tit a.post planted at tho N.K.  oorner   of   Timber  ,lAn\h  43146,  thonco weiBt:80,chaii)S, tlie.iiotuNori.i  20 chains, thonco oast  S0������ chains,  to the shore lino, ihonce souil'i 20  (Ch;\ina moro or ioss a,long tl\o shore  Hue to tho place ofho'^iiuutig,  .GisO^OB'-VERBIBR,  -   Name of Applicant  |I)ato, February 5JCih,-1918  notice   T7"  ���������Sayward ^and J^iatrkit. '  .... - ������  Uutrjot of  Sayward.  TAKE   NOTICE   ili.u    Justin  "jDorr of,uppt',r Valdi'z Inland, occupation farmor1..iitifiids to apply ,for  pormimyon to purchase. i.lie folio,v..  :ing dohoribed lands ���������; ���������Qotinnenciiig  . >aL ������ po.-it plkmcd 10 chains .east oi  jHy.idi.lh-  Lak,o   und  . JO  chains  south of i>T. W. corner o,f J. D. pro  '(GHipii'jn, thonco JO.chiiinB.woat  to  lake, .thenrjo in a aWh-oadtorly du-  .���������action, JO ,cliaii.e along- tf,e  shore  ,of the hike to the iiHersc-ctjoii of/;  p. lino/thenqe north 10 ch(i,ir..s  to;  (point ,of .co.rnmenqeuw.-flt, ,couta,in-;  ring in all (ive acres mpre orW.  ,;ust.ijn: dorh,  Name of Applicant ,iii,f.ujl,  Pate. March ,8th, 1913  -~-^-.J?^i^  Union Steamship Co. of B  ,   W S. .������, COWIG1IAN WILL S^IL AS UNDI5R  ���������tfANAIMO DKNMAN.JSLAND.UNION UAV-COMOXROUTK  ,I>oavo yitncoiivor, Monday, at H p, \n.  * Ari'i.vo Nanaimo, at 11.DO p, in.  .Arrive Union 1%, Tuesday (J a. m.      We Tuesday noon.  -   Arruvc Ooraoy. Tjie*l������y 8 a. in,     ]>avo Tuesday, U a. in.  Wo Nanaimo Cp, m, Tuesday.   Arrive \^u.couvor U.80 p;m.    :  A0rrlVn1?������Tr S oUr^ly '8 ^'  Arrive Nanaimo,   -1130p.il,  Aruve Union .Bay, Sunday 6 a.m. .Depart 5 p.m.    '.        3   l  Ainve Comox, Sunday 8 a.m. Depart, ,>.,���������. .  butycet to .change without notice.  DEINK  alt.ni'.li^dn.Mj  LAND ftlCGiSTRY ACT.'   ,  'Im rn,ii y.vrTiejt of n.n' ap^Uca-  .tion for a ftenh. Corti/jcAte of Title  .to Lof 54. ������MB|) 311] To.wnoiio of  .Ootu'lenay.'      ' "       v  KOTjLOE is hereby |iyeu of my  1   intention at tbo eypi.rat.ion .of one  oalendar,"month fiom Uio-finst "puiV  licalion hereof,to i������fiu<3 a fi'eah Our-  tificato of Title iji"li������u of the CortL  tfoato of   Titio -i������spuwl   to jWph  ' WcPhoe on the 30i"h of March lOOo/-  'and ijunilierod   L09.I0C .which  has  4-���������-beoiKloetr��������� . ^������������������  The purest and best HK#R, and  made in Cumberland.  .J.    N.    McLEOD    ��������� 3?-r.os?iai33X-or,  English -; x BU^'ON always oa tap 11U0, the famous MILWAUKEE  iJEl-JRS���������Aii'ioimer.'Uobcuiian, 8chlU. &o. "OLD GREY UliAKD"  SCOTUU W.HISt.y., Best Wine* and Liquors of all kinds  Tho JJoardjng^ad losing. D,j)nr!;.ni������Kt,- under Uie ltmncrfinla .HupcnnteuJeiioo  'J      . ,   will '" > ii-'Ui d fclirut oltix.i iu ovury rcsjiisut, j  apes;'  tpi- 00 por day upw  ���������*3'  J  I >  Daied, at Land H'egiitry .("Klic'o  ���������yictori*'," B: C, t'hia 2J������t day, of  Peceinber 1912.  8. Y'. W()0'lTON.  Registrar General of Titles,  The Courtenay Hotel  Kviry convenience for gueHla.  TJjeQt7e,n}jtal Hpttl for Sportsmon  Koiir Inn tiui lies-x 0/ Wines anil L'^uwrs  31 the Knr,  HATES  REASONABLE  John Johnston,   Prop  .naat-Mnaw niiiaa>nawiioanMn<ii.fMoai  ���������0  I:  0  j:  Hi  <  to  i  T3  O  O  ��������� *���������������<  0)  j������������������a������l  a-i���������H  00  co  X3  Ci  t/?,  i/j  E  E  o  U  CJ  "A  W  ^J     CD  <J        r^C  in  4-1  b/)  '"2  w    o  (3'  2^  Brewers'.Dried Grains  ofier   you   a safe  and   sound    investment   with a "  good-re turn on ycur money asnvell as an enhanc- ���������  -ed value  from now on.  , A Company with   No Promotion Ska res.  ���������  ACompany withit->    own fiscal agency.  A Company .that will look solely to' the wellfare  of its shareholders.    Shares are now selling at $i���������  for all   cash,   or    on   the   easy   instalment   plan.  op send fop- a Rftospectus to-daj  Better,  Cheaper Than  Most"D,airy Feeds  Milling & Grain Company, Lt<  Distn.butprs '     ,.   N MN'AIMO,-J3. C.  ���������fSXSSEt^essss^'STSss:  ffistffissswnaaaiaza  The ��������� Mercantile" General ��������� Agency,   .Ltd,  " Selling Agents for Canadian' Loan ^Mercantile Co., Ltd������    ������  ��������� Head  offices: "  .j^7,..__2&8.._'iGQ_lIiikiu_Bm^  ��������� Plioiio 3243 ' ��������� Geo. Abbott, Managing Director;  a������Sa? T,n*rtZi*****S-f WW.>*V������JMI-<BT������3l7.-Ult:T>.->.Xft'������aOT^\3af>^  "We Build Homes and .Make;Loans,  ���������j?  c? "       ' " )���������  & ������<������e������������������������<^Xa^XS)^^ ������")������^(������<S������5,������Si?^'^)e<5X^ F������3XS6^���������������������������Cfta)(i^^  aV4UK**-n������U������  W������*aMMJ������W������M\W'ltn4.Wat'aa*W������M������t<ajt������.������W������������l^tttfM������M4W  H  N0TKJJ5.  To whom it mny concern:���������  Tlii* In to uuliiv the public  llmt i\ll irei^iit cjittij������cs on bond-  od goods cletucfl at Union l!uy  for tlie t'omox Valley must be  i>i\icl bcfcire jyo'idi* onu be tnrwnH  cd. Hy order  'Cr.mul.mi Collieries Dunsmuirj  Co.  wi.p,������ a������.������������Ja1l<ai>iii>vaiwmwH11M*'lWWl������t IHHW������WlaHW���������I i������>a������jJ|amia������WHIa*,>>#i������.������^  ^���������Wj  r/������i Qrnnt  Juwliuli.   J^-mnlt/.  ���������ij '1'niiCMi and invli;oMro������i.Uti wliniu  ,1 mu.   Wiikivi    ii,,\  Little cubes of metal  Little tubes of ink,  i^.tn/y >i 'i."t ,������i    n i"*i />!     4-1** ,������,    .,-.,.,,4 ������., 4-������ -- ^j.   ..,������.--..,..   -  *->XLAjlxlKi  ctxlU    l������Ai<J   pXAAlOllig  jJlC^toDfe  Make the millions think,  ijiiaii  There is no better way of ma  king the people think of you  by placing an Ad in Tho NEWS.  Said."  kJa&|Ua������4U^KUJat*%.jnrf^-VY.Ma.&^  ^nywun. Lunil DUtrict;,  Dinti'ict of Siiywiird.  TAK1C NO'.'KUC thntiUeJi'ijO Sluukc, of  Now  Vork, N. Y,, otouputitm   pji^iaci'i',  inlrjiiLi to up[j].v fcr lormiwi ������ to p,!r-  v'iiiSO   ilio   following   ili^i-iilvu luiuls:--  Oiiiuimii.oiug ut a post pluuieil '20 eii viim  uiiuLh of tlm nr.ftlj-iiia.st cunier cf lot f;51,  U-c-non oust 1*0 (^liniiiH, llii-iice.ncntli  W  (���������JiiiiiM, thonco   wost   ������0' oil lin",   thenco  iiouHi '10 clmii:tj  (o jic/ul, nf ftoii'-iiiciiuo-  uui)L contain'tig 80 niroo id. n; or June,  OHOWJK .STUCKB  Kiiilicr M.JJiihkiiiH, A|.,oiit.  Uuio Juno- JOtli, iiJiiil  fiiiywunl lain! Dint ic-L,  Din (���������"kit ui Sijwftrd;  TAKKaNOl'Mi ill it Urtrw (.'iiarlcn  Stout', i.f NoiV "c'nik, JN'. 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Di- tiiot of S.vviiiril.  TAK;'>;.'NOTftJ!';ttlln.t   lUni-y- Alfwl  He b,of ISow York, Nuw Vorl:, ocouiwti-  onvlooti'ioian, iutoiu's to apply f .rpevoua  -:\nn io uurmisiiO!. to puivhiuo tho folio*-  in^! ilotfori'joil  IiuiiIh:���������(,'uimiii'iiuiiiJ,, iii  a  punt pluntt'fl iiu thor'tiiiutli oaut cornoi- uf  thciiiovtli wch'. ipiut'tu'i' of lit iTS:l,   llicnct!  4f diiiiiiHi'Udti  theiioo   '10 cli'ins roitli,  thonco-ll)������h:.JiiSj������-Oilp   tliciit'.i '10   c.-hiinH  eolith topi iut'.f cum iioiicotiii.'ul con i.in-  i������a 100 Riroa ii.oik oi- 1 hu,  Hknhv Ar.i-'HEii llcsn  li'ui'i'.r M. (i.mkiu', Agent.'  IliitoflJiinoluMUi, l'Jli!.  .Say w.-.r.l Lc ,il Uinti-iot.  Diatr'nt ot fjajwuil.  TAKK NOTIC li Unit Willium J<ihu  Sullivan, New York, N, Y., ooenpiit'on  u'l-j-li, intoutlij loiipply for iji'i'ij-i.-uicju i,������  pnrcliiiet! the folio,iin;; (lio f(ilkminj( iliia-  Oi'ib il ]iiii(l,H!---l.'oii)i;:i)ncli,.|f ,il 11 poav  pi uitod 10 oluiiiw Honth fioui tho noutli-  o:iiit"(,'iiiin!i' ������f lui oVO (on pout ft7 Ij tlioncc?  inutli fiO (.'ImiiiH, lli������iicu c-uat 30 oi.tiint,  tl'.i-M's nmUi tO I'h.iiri', llivi.iio -a-.-it So  I'lmiiiH, to pnitit of ocMinnVnui'iiiMil con-  (:iiii i;j lilfl .liven liinru u|- lens.  W.11.1.1 AM JOHN.Sl'LUVAN  l'Vli(;.*.M. (.Jiifliiiic, Agent.  D.ite JiuiOaM.it, UH'.',  .,.<Ha.aa^������a . .aaaWJu. ������..���������������������������, aa>      I       >l    |    IIIUII"       'IT tn~\������ to 1 ������������������< ���������! ������������������������������������!���������������������������  Snywanl l/iml l.'.:;l>l.t,  J) Ht'lul of t4.������j',vu il.  TAKE NOl'K'B thnt Willium Aiik'niwl  lliuilioil, < I' Xow York, K, Y., ������ol-hj (i-  tion I'Li'l;, inU'ii.Iii l-j I'jijly for puriiu^iiiiii,  t.i pufdiiiie lho fii)lowin������ vU^crilic,''!  hiiid:- CoiiiiuuiJi'lni,' nl n pout pliiutcd  IU) ,h .it ������ o :it am! 10 chniiui nvrt): cf t!u-  linrtli-vccst ".oniur <A lot 5511, 'Ji.lbo wc.-t  "(Ooliv'jvc iiioi'ii or lem, lo lot 631, tlmnei*  in oiiuiitic voith uio u ruA lioiiudnry it  lt,l ->"'\, llicjico viii'.t 00 vli.iiiiii in(ii'o or Km  In liwno H'i, tlioiii'ij iinrth '.:) odtiivi to  l-iiiilof  eimin0ji<:c!tiivjiil cunUioiuif   '.'GO  Saywhi-d Lntul Djatiicl.  Dhtriet of S.iywanl.  TAKE NOTICE Hut Jolm Arlivr JVCy.  tf Mow Yoik, Now Yoik, .ccu^ti.'u ilwaSt.  iutoi.clat to  apply   for pcruihslun lo   pur  ehiis-o  thn   foil,wing   tkbcrilioil I'midu:-^  CoiniiioiiriiiK at   u   pot plnnlid  m ihi  Houtli-cnat   comoi- of Leio.u .|(j, .Uiwico.  couth SO  uhaina,   (huu'o  w������bt SO oluiii b?  tllQDCH rot th   80 oliuiutj,   thcucc  oiut  HO  bhninn to poii t of ooinmouccuiciit eonti in  ing U40 actus moro nr leru.  JOHN AUTI1UU DALY  Fiuhfi' 11. (.lat-kiiiP.-Ai'ciit.  D.ito Juno lUtli, lOlii.  fMMl  General Hardware  a  I fy%f\*,**t^pvsftj+\\f*fi*s(i*\\. ������"������ i  . j i.urni iiiui'v or k\.n. \\  ,i|t.l,lAii AL.������iAL.*������l lU.-.caiUi-L'.  l-'ihliwi" M.OxKkiui, A^ont,  | Ditu Jui;.j -JOtii, i<.)U.  lVI>Wlli-|l latllll l)irt.i-iol.  i.i<Viu.-i fi viyniiiit,  TAKKNOTK'j; thtt t'harl-H llov.ry  1/.���������!.���������, if Ni.w York, X. Y.. 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NOTK.'K  Ally pcM'b'Xl c^l   JWI'HOIIH, C'UtlMIJ,',  rciiiMviiiii (.it* inking nny l.iiickt*,  tiiubu'i" Mi'Wocicl.ori-.n;, dftciiijiticjiln  icilciiicriii!.' t'-' tin* ^\'c'linut<'!: Col.  licry <VtY,, or from or off lliv liuul  uf tli������ Kiiid C.-cniijitiny, or nu>0iiu  lipj.inc.1: rubbisli of ativ ilf������iTi|������tir..������  mivvvlicru upon Uie ccjtnjiuuy'ii  l.in.l will lm proiiccutfil In ilxi full  ovti'i.t <>f itii* 'aw.  w. j,, f:oi:i#e().\,  Citnciii! Milliner,  Co llitM'Y f'o.J,  ������ *a\Wa*1IMa������l*������|q������#aj^'������M>IWP*t������t^������l>U(V������  WOTU-'B.  Iluliucion loionv-tiyvi" ih'h, rni{  ivay c;tr.s of Iho Ihtitjii 'Y.iiii.'iy  Cosnjiany iiy any jt^ri-ora r pir-  *->uc- -v'Jict'pl l:iii: uii'i',��������� i. 'ij'i-'.iy  jiroli'l-Urd. Kiiijilo'. '���������("��������� ' n- j!iii������  i<x t.<<'.tifiijihik.al for ;tli������ vsiuy; "���������'.���������thJ*  S'.y oriUr  w. i��������� <".*-n,<n,*NV  c  -::::i;  y.antr,  /���������jt 'H it. '    li  THE NEWS. CUMBERLAND. B. C  Constipation  Vanishes. Forever  Prompt Relief--Permanent Cure  CARTER'S LITTLE  LI VEtl PILLS ncv  (.ill.  P  nbls--act surely  hut {���������cully on  - th* livct.  Stop uftci  dinner  distress  cuiomdi-1  geuion -inprove the complexion��������� hii$;l>t������-u  theeyc,i.,i'i?io// i'iU, Small Uoiv, Small rW.  Genuine mm. baar Signature  Astute Procrastination  Madame Vmlkoff, ln arguing that  iho liul.uariaii army should not ho denied lho haul-earned, honor of entering Constantinople, repeated an Inter-  est ins remark ol' Goneral Oram's apropos ot the failure of the Russian  army to enter the Turkish capital in  IS7(i, which, when similarly placed,  was held hack hy orders from St.  l'piersburj;.  I   was, In   Paris.  Goneral Grant, the  deni. called on me,  tiling lie asked mo  OLD  CONVICT  SHIP  The  she  wi-Hes,   when  American oc-presl-  A linos!. Uio Hrst  was: Can yon ex  plain why iho Russian  J occupy  Constantinople,  so entirely  that, to on  'y������/<*^^A  army did not  when  it "was  in its hands?     J replied  sorrow, our government  ho  ich  .������V,;' I".'���������!aW0Oyp*.QN 1������.;,- :' .'���������������,-  THE   WORLDS   BEST   POLISH  REST AND HEALTH TO MOTHER AND CHILD.  MaOl. V/inblow's Hori'nuNC, Syrup lias been  Med for over SIXTY YKAfcrt l>V Mil,I,IONS of  MOT1IKKS for llicir CI11I.UKKN \V11II,K  XJtl-iTlIINO, with 1'KUIUJCT SliCCKrtS. It  BOOTH KS tll2 CII1I.1), SOl'TKNS Uie C'.UMS,  AJ.I./VYSall I'AIN; CUHKS WIND COMC. and  U the l.cst remedy for Dl.MCKIlOiiV, It ia nl*  ���������aolntclv liariiilcfas. He sure and nsk for "Mrs.  WmvV.v'.i Ssotlilug Syrup.".and tuke ao oLhetf  Kiud.   Twenty-live ceiii-j a bottle.  had telegraphed Ihe order nor to advance further,  Well, replied Grant, all I can say Is,  Uliai. If I had been one of your generals, 1 would'have put the telegram  in my pocket, and have opened It tliroo  d.'iyti laicr at Coiis'anllnople,  Recessional   Ms.>   Sold  for $120  A sheet, of nolcpaper covered with  neatly-written verse, was sold for $1"J0  at Sotheby's . recently. The writer  was Hnclyard Klpllns. and the poem  waa the 1': mous 'Recessional'--  God ol' our fathers known of old-  Lord of our [ar-tluiiK battle lino.  An imeitiling referentv to  poem is made in tv letter 1" *  Mr. Klnlinfi says:  Glad you like the Recessional.  These ll'ilnn* come not for fast inn or  prayer. They arrive hy themselves  somehow. Kvidenlly the idea must  have been in the air, or men would  not have taken to the rhymed expression of it so kindly. t  The sum of ?400 was paid for a let-  ipi- written hy Lord Nelson to Lady  Hamilton from the George Inn, Portsmouth, on September 14, 1805. just  be Tore tho admiral wont, on hoard the  victory, Six.letters written by Lord  Byren realized $603. -  A collection of autograph Idlers by  Charles Lamb. Coleridge rul Sou thoy from the correspondence of .lohu  ,liie originator of tho cen-  for Lhlrty-eipht years an of-  flie house of commons, was  >4 700.     ' .   ������  Success Is the Sole Survivor o.f a  Hideous Traffic  The oldest and    most   'remarkable  j ship .In ihe world is tho old Billlali  prison ship Success, built ia 1730 and  now  ihe only  survivor of J-lngland's  felon fleet.  The,old slii)) Is now a Moating' museum, 'illiislr.itiiii tho horrible treatment of prisoners in an almost for-  gotten" time. On every ono of her  sails'are iainied broad arrowheads,  ihe clisfinsni.shinK mm It of the I0np,l!sh  convict's j-.arh, and her Interior is divided into an array of cells, tiger  dens,' black hole:.-, an '. hlboes, save In  that, part  reserved  for  the crow.  llullt in 1700 nl "Moiilmeln, by the  old pagoda, looking eastward'to the  sea, the Success is iiow 1215 years'  old. No ship of anything liko ,her  m-eat. ago today is seaworthy, yet this  cild hulk under her own sail succeeded in .crossing the Atlantic, her timo  of ninety-six days, however, ci eating  no new record.  Massively hulll ihroujthoiit of solid  Uurinan,, with beautifuK, brass guns  hrlstlln" from hor sides, and illletl  handsomely for the reception of  princes, nobles and the wealthy trader;-, of I lie orient.  Her tonnage is SS9 and sho is 135  feet long and twenty nine'fee', beam.  Her solid sides are two feet, six Inches thick at the bilge and her keelson is a solid teak bulk of tremendous thickness, with sister keelsons  little less massive.  Llroken only by an occasional conflict wiih a pirate craft; the Success  had an honored lifo on the occr.n  until 1802, when she was first chartered ' by the British government'.-to  transport, to Australia the overflow of  (he home jails." L"  WOMAN IN PAIN  FOR THREE YEARS  With  an Aching Shoulder and  Lame  Back That Seemed Incurable  TELLS    OF  WATERPROOF   COLLARS   AND   CUFFS  bomulliiiiK   bc-iloi-   than   linen   nnd   no  laundry   bills.      "Wash   It   with  soap  and  Water.     j\ll stores or direct. Stale style  .���������ind  size.      Knr L'.lc.   we  will  mall  you.  THE    ARLINGTON    CO.    OF   CANADA,  Limited  B3  Frnser Avenue,  Toronto,  Ontario  FUEE TO ALL SUFFERERS.  llrou(ccroUrOPSOIllS"Rl,NI>OW.-.,Or-('.OT'IIIK Bi.l'tS'  SUHT.lt from KIDNfcY, M.AtlUI-.K, NKKVOUS niSKAIES.  CHRONIC UftAKIiKSSI'.S.UI.CI-.l'.S.SKlH KHUl>llOK9.riLF.*C  vnte tar my FHCE liook.   iiik nosr ISSTRCCIIVI  MKDICAI. UOOK hVF.R Will I I'KM.t T I Kl.1.5 AM, about l||C)������  KiiKASKS nnJ tlio RrMMtKMii.K cCRr.a ki-yFCVEn ba  y^SNEW^ENCH7tEMCDVrHatN.27M;3!:  THERAPBOM isrvs^  ull'a tho rorai-ilr tor VOUR OWN ailment. Don't lend acent.  AbaolutolyFUEE, No'tolbffup'clrniljri. Dn LrXLtna  MlU.Cu.tUVIfKSlOCliKD.lUUl'SlKAO.LoNBOM.KNOa  HicUman,  sus, and  fleial of  sold  for i  ��������� Worms cause fretl'iimess and rob  lho In rant of sleep, (lie Ki'ettt noui-  isher. "Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator will clear the. stomach  and intestines aud restore healthfullness.  Mr.  for a  i'l-oin the  chose one  trouble in  h" I been  she. 1<now i  One. day  lous". .' Do  -nialiU   I used to  ant  . Tremendous Blank iidv'ertlsed  maid and got a lot of answers.  crowd  of    applicants    she  And ere'-'long there was  the   family. '    The.   maid  employed   elsewhere, "and  the difference.  the lady became acrimon-  you call yourself ;. lady's  ma'am, replied the serv  befoi-w' i worked for you.  When buying your  Piano insist oh having1 aa  "OTTO   HlisEL"  Piano Action  FALL OF THE INCAS  Fate  Ha-,  who  Ihey  and  sees  of   the   Greek   Race   That  Left Only Trace Behind  What became of the -people  built the Uuzco ruins?' Were  the ancestors of those stolid  down-trodden Indians whom one  today peddling their rude wares iu  lho 'market place of Cuzco? Mr,  Bryce dis-... sed the question iu  his South America,.    Jie says:  The midden Tall of a whole race is  an event so rare in history ihat one  seeks J'or explanations. It may be  that not only the royal Inca family,  but nearly the whole ruling class, was  destroyed in war, leaving only the  peasants, who had already been a?rl's  under their native"'sovereigns. But  ono is disposed to believe that the  tremendous catastrophe which befell  them in the destruction at once of  their dynasty, their empire and their  religion by 'fierce conquerors, incomparably superior in euercy and knowledge, completely broke not only- the  t���������nat-ion���������but���������t lio-ucM f���������res*  individuals who composed  HER      REMARKABLE  CURE  ���������"*l7, ' '  "Very few people could so patiently suffer for three years as I did,"  writes .Mrs. M. D. Ditranc!. from her  homo iu Augusta, "Sometimes I  did feel very discouraged, but l?;u r  ihat a ,remedy, would some day turn  up with tlie power to relieve "my sufferings, Nerviline was the one thing  that over did me real good. II had,  the power to sink into my si Iff, sore  muscles, and if dre v out Uu p.iiii tv. 1  gavo me release from such distress as  few people know. My condition was  largely UhfMiinailc, iiiicl c. i this account 1 do urge e.vory person with  Rheumatic tendencies lo uso Nerviline���������nth it in frequently and bind a  hot flannel cloth over the aching  part.). This Is very soothing and will  surely cure."  lt Is just such cases as this that has1  made Nervilln<> famous in many lands.  No liniment Is so penelrat". ���������<$, so  strong, so pain-subduing. ' Its influence over Neuralgia, Liunlago. Sciatica and Rheumatism Is simply., a  marvel. Thousands of actual,-'permanent cures prove tliii. In the  home Nerviline ia so useful because  it. can ho taken internally with, sure  results, for cramps, stomach pains,  and diarrhoea: lt slops vomiting,  cures nausea.and sick headache, .  No home complete without Nerviline. Family size bottles, jOc, trial  size 25c, at. all storekeepers and  druggists or The Catarrhozone Co.,  Buffalo, N.Y.'  Art Tamed the Tlgera  A privileged few-may h.-.ve aaea the  interesting sight of a sculptor making  his studies and models from life for  Ihe statues of the two tigers which  guurd the entrance to Nassau hall at  Princeton. The st.idles were made  for the most'part in the animal houses  near the Arsenal in Central Park, At  first considerable prodding hy the  keepers was necessary to induce the  zoological samples io come forward  when the sculptor wanted them, After  a time, howover���������Utla is upon the  sculptor's word���������thi beasts got'' so  that when ihey saw him set' up his  stand they came forward* of .their own  accord aud lay crouched as he wished.  The tigers had learned to pose.  Of Course  Fill hor���������Kalherln, 1 wish you'd ask  that young Mr. Spoor-.er why he does  nor go home earlier.        j__  . '���������  Daughter���������But, papa, 1 know why he  doesn't already.  Kdward, used 3, wns taketrto see a  baby cousin which had just arrived  at lho home of his aunt, lie seemed  not. to know what to make of It, and  could not be Induced to come vory  near 11. "  Well, dear, snid lils aunt, what are  we going lo call the baby?  Kdward hacked still further  nnd his eyes grew big. 1 ain't  to talk to it, lie said .hastily.  away  going  The Pessimistic Fat.  Let others at mlsforlvne scoff,  I'm linked ln^mls'ry's chain;  I never had a half-day off  Hut that 'twas sure, lo rain!  Your landlord has gone mad, T hear?  Yes, ma'am we took him off to the  asylum yesterday.  Who would have thought it? And  how did you find out that he. ..was  wrong in his head.  There was no possible doubt whatever; ho had lowered the rents all  round!  Ss the: 'best, rcntedy  known for, simbura,  "heat, rashes, 'eczema,  'sora feet, stings ana  friisters,   A skin food!  Ml J>rugtUtt and StorM.~S0������;,  The nlghl porter at a big hotel was  aslonlsl ed'to see the figure of a man  scantily dressed, descending tlie stairs  iu the early hours of the morning.  Tapping him on the shoulder, the  porter said, brusquely:  What are you doing here?   .  ,   Tbe man turned and said, in a dazo.'.  wny:    >  J beg vour' pardon. 1 am a somnambulist.  Well, sir, wns The reply,.you can't  walk about here like that, no matter  what your religion is!  Bonds,   1'rolk  Sharing,    Series      $100,  S.5U0,  $1,000.   Terms  ;>  years. 'Withdraw-  able after on-" y ar.  r.'iu'i    for     bpesl.l  folder to National Securities  Corporatlo    Limited, Confederation Lite Bldfj,   Toronto.  My sister, when about 4 years old,  heard some people talking about when  their birthday occurred. ��������� She askod  about her birthday nud was (old It.  would'be in October. She began to  cry and said: 1 don't want my birth-  dav  knocked over.  RHEUMATISM OR SCIATICA  |.������ on'.- o" the ino.sl obstlnatci nf (IIhpiihos  to cure. \V������ lnivc a romoily Unit In a  Inrire pi'ivenUiBi' nf cases envoi. This  Is ii pri-scrlptlnn of a practlclm? ph.vnlc-  tun of fiifty-llii'i'i! years (���������xin/rlcnec.  ONE .jOLLAR ihiIv by mull postpaid. If  no relief nr cure follows, wo refund your  tnoiirv, See ynur ilniRKlHt or Wl'ili; uh  lo-'lii'v f'l' lull liifoi-miiiliin.  TEMPI-ETON RHEUMATIC CAPSULE  Co.,   315,   Colleuo   Street,   Toronto,   Ont.  \YAXTI':n.--I.ADII0R TO DO PLAIN  and Unlit K;.'w|iig in home, whole or  spare time; good pay; work sent  any distance; charges paid; send  Mump for full particulars. National MiiniifiicliirliiB Co., Montreal,  A man once received as a present  from a sea captain" a line specimen of  a bird which sailors call the-laugliitig  jackass. As he was carrying It home  he met a brawny Irish navvy, who  stopped and said to him:  Phwat kind of hurrd is thar, sorr?  Thiit'j a laughing jaclcass, explained the owner, genially.  Tho Irishman, thinking ho was being inn do fun of was equal to tho occasion, and responded with a tw.iiililo  of the eye:  It's not yet-self; It's the .hurrd I  mane, sorr?  ':       A New Paint  A men out of work fulled on a lo  cul haii'dii SKcr and iiskcd .hit', if In:  could glvo him a Job.  ]).) you think .vim could paint my  barber's pole? Inquired the huirdrcHs  or,  Yes, said lho man, if ymi'll l  where lo IT' llie Hiripey paint  me  I understand llui. you called on the  plaintiff.     Is that so?  Yes, replied the witness,  What did he snj *  The nllornry for the defence jumped  io his feet nnd objected that the con-  vcrsnllon could not he admitted in  the evidence. A half hour's nrgib  meat followed, and tho judges retired  to their private room lo consider  point,  An hour later .they  filed   Into  court room and announced    thnt  question might he put,  Well, what did the philiitllT wiy  Up weren't home, sir, ciiino I lie  SWC'I'.  sprrn~OL-"~n'  pr-ct of the  it.  They were already a docile and submissive people, and now under a new  tyranny, far harsher than that of  rulers- of their own blood, ihey sank  into hopeless apathy and ceased to  remember what their forefathers had  been. Tiie intensity of their devotion to their sovereign and tholr deity made them helpless whon both  were overthrown, leaving them nothing to turn to, nothing to strive for,  The coiuiuestiidores were wise ��������� In  their hateful way when Ihey put forth  the resources of cruelty to outrage the  feelings of the people and stamp terror in their heart:;,  Chicago's Great Museum  Finding a suluiblo home for  Field museum bcfoi-j the gr?at  might havo mean I to Chicago si  ilndliu; a vacant lot or block,  ir. meant lranisforiiilii<;' one whole  of  the  city, "the  redemption  of  the  fair  m ply  Now  side  bun-  Ihe  the  Iho  nn-  Fad and Fiction  H������ vowed lie would trnwrsi' rngiiig  (.on:, jtii-: to look lino my cye.-i.  When-- lio.i ������i!gh ���������'  No; lust nl/ihl lie telephoned nu<  Ihat It was Minim; loo h ii rd.  You can't e\pr'ct in to accepi Muff  ilk<> thlii. 1'ihl ilu> Indignant editor;  li Isn't poetry tit all���������it's simply gas!  I jife, said the unriitflt'd jioei. ������oitic  Ihlng wrong wllh the moire!  Here Is a cliiinielcr R-lvon to n servant .on  leaving her  hist   sit nation;  The bearer hns been In my house n j  year,  kss  eleven   months,       nnrliifjj  ihla lime she hn.s,shown herself dlll-j  gent  at   (lie .house door,    fniRnl    In  work,  mindful  or herself, prompt In  excuses, friendly towards men, faithful  to  her  lovers,  nnd  hoiios!   when  everything was out of the way.  Mlnnrd'n Liniment usid by Physician"  Any v,irl, says a lady lecturer, can  inari'v any mini she wants to if she  holds' bin IniiW In her mind. All the  same, n.osl girls consider ll a bigger  iinsi'i in bold his letters in her pock-  el.  ngetl fourteen, was found one  an  older siMcr sobbing  and  dreds ot acres from Lake Michigan,  (lio ureal Ion of n nir.jnlfleeiit waler  front and the removal of a great railway station and Its terminal iracks.  Tlie Field museum had tojiave a setting and tho more thought and lime  the setting received, tho greater  seemed lo bo the necessity for lifting  the entire community up to its (standard,  Tills has not been done as yet, hut  Ihe Field museum is to have a grander, n more beautiful site than "MIh  founder could have Imagined possible.  Twenty yours is a long lime lu Chicago, and dream"! al the beginning of  stic.li a period are often roallrles at  its close. Twenty \ears ;.:;o the  conception of a suitable home for tho  Field miinpiiiii aud of n sultahle sot-  tin},' for that homo hiIrJh hnve harm-  oniml entirely with the prevalent Idea  of the IlineHH of things; hut hud such  a home nnd siuh u hcIHiik uh the  founder and friends d.sired been provided ut Hint lime both would today  lio fur below lho ideals of tlio coin-  iiiunlty.  At a cost of a. levy of one half-penny por acre tlie members"'" of the  Naiighton, Suffolk, Sparrow Club,  have destroyed "2.09.1 sparrows and  '374 ii i) "Trgg s"Tl u r llrgTf 'Te~"l)a"st~yeaT,'r"Dui'"  ing the ch'h'g existence of four years  7,b87 birds aiid"l8,031 eggs have been  destroyed.  There was not;even standing room  in the crowded car, but,one more passenger, a young woman, wedged her  way along just inside the doorway.  Kach time tho car took a sudden  lurch forward she, fell helplessly hack  and three times she landed in the  arms-=of a large, comfortable man.  The third time it happened, he said  quietly:  Hadn't you heeler stay here?  A street-corner orator was holding  forth upon a'subject, wo have heard  a ��������� deal about lately���������our unprepared-'  ness for war. Are you -ready to  meet the Gorman? he shouted, and as  nobody seemed to know, he supplied  tl.o answer: You are not. Are you  ready, for anything? was the next  question in a despairing tone,       '  Yes! replied a bucolic-looking individual iu the audience, I'm ready for  a fish supper, and I away to get" if;  'INTERNATIONAL FLY WAIT'  Prevents the Tremendous  Loss irom Flies  rili'i roit l!i������ farmcra uf Cmiili nilllttinii of  dnll.irniimiu.illy liy iut.mIliii;Hu!|;iwth orUUciiini;  ofaiilnnlaitmt I'yctv.HlyrHliH'lu,; thii|iro,lu,tluuuf  milk liyi'mitiuUj'umiiiylnf thi-niilmV.iiftllMUiimi'!'.  livery r.iinii-r or aim 1.rubor kmiwa tUU ititjuicul  to Ix truo from hU un-11 f \|ii>rluiire.  l'lli-antsM-.111.0 m:roitloaj of lifo !yf;|,tr.'ulliii  Dtii'axci friuii f.irni (i (.inn. "Iii(<<r.'i.itkn,.il l'l>-  M'.iy" w!llki*cpl'.<-'*(IT yuiir^nUimliftUtl kivw Mu-iu  j^iti-ft rust frnm tluia js.-atlfk-iuu* In-utK mJiIcIi  will 1111I.11 you iimM uionay In a l.\ia,;i-r pru<tu<:tiuu of  niillc ur luuclaquicker aramh of all aulmila.  SAVE YOUR STOCK  By Using  "INTERHATaO-f-ML  FLY WAY"  It U pcaltlvoly CTinratitfrA to l>������ ftl'i'itlvijn  Driving Amy r'lli-a, Mni><|\iiUii,. oinl nlln-r ImwIi  ,\rlilrh iroiry aUitknucl rualin-q tliolr .'.iiiiliii;i'k|ivity.  ''Ulali,irmli''ititliA|iairnn,laU!n ninlvlll W luuii I  "imifi'i-lly satltfai'Voiy   wliou . u.������i   atcurillBj    lo  dlri'i'i luii'i-  Wciil.������ci> our twi-nly yi-.^ri of r^tiiit.itlou lui'U nf  '���������rnta'riiaMiical liy Way,' m.il ii.,!: yuu lo i������Ut oa  ouri')!i!ti ro LUnr.mi,..'., ,  l\������!l S.'.l.'.l AT AM, nXALXHR. ������������������    ���������,  IKTERKJaTION.V. STOCK FOOD M. Limited.YOaMTO  ^" ��������� ��������� "* ".������J*   "   a* *    > "^^  ,-"C'.vjss.-,..v--v������  a������Ta������.a?jy*l>>a*  ff     <  r������.-;....j /-������������������ Xvv  ii.���������^-,. ���������*/������!������, i^ ���������"���������! -������������������-- ������-������^  Hiking Home  telegraphed   bis  . lie   had  money.  1 shall count the  you, he wound- up  pathos.  Also    the  ties  back.     '  wife   for  hours  wllh  until I see  a  touch  of  she  brie liy   wired  A Brest dealer has been fined for  selling gelatined . caterpillars for  snails. The French are ;i;\rticular  about  their grub.  Customer���������I must. say. wailer, this is  the first time I've had a really tender  steak here.  Waiter (aghast)���������Gocd gracious! I  liiiisl "have given you the'proprietor's  Meak,  Minard's  Liniment  ���������""fiend  .'ii  Lumberman*!  Harvard university had Its  nings al Newton, afterward  bridge, Mass,, in JGflt),  begin-  Cam-  Re gular it y-  of the bowels is an absolute necessity for good health. Unless the,  waste matter from the food which*  collects there in got rid of at least  once a day, it decays and poisons the  whole body, causing biliousness, indigestion and sick nendaches, SaU.i  ,an<l other harsh mineral purgnlives  irritate the delicate lining of the  bowels, Dr. Morse's Indian .Root  Pills���������entirely vegetable ���������- regulate  tho bowels effectively without weak*  ening, sickening or griping.   Use  Dr* Morse's   M  Indian Root Pills  Standing by the entrance of a largo''  estate in the suburbs of Dublin are  two huge dogs carved out of granite,  An Englishman going by In a motor  thought he would have some fun with  tho Irish driver.  Mow often, Jack, do tbey feel those  two big dogs?  Whenever they hark, sir, was the  strnlght-fonvard reply.  RRTS.  EDUOKTlOil.  MEDICINE.  SCIENCE.  Including  EHQIHEEWIia  -Krts-Summer-  Sesslon  HOME, STUDY  Th������ Art* course  may ba ukea by  corre������pondenc������t  bat itudoutc de>lr-  las to graduate  raust attend ona  laioioa. ���������   '  For catanJars writ*  , O. Y. CHOWN  Kiagrttoa, Oat.  She���������Ah,    marriage    confers    such  peace of mind! ���������  He���������Yes, I know most married men  are   for   ever   getting   it   from   their  wives.  ���������   She���������What, pray?    ...     ' <"*������������������  He���������Piece ot mind.- ��������� ������������������'l\\,'i  Bread of the Vikings  TI.9 bread of the vikings found ln  eastern (lothlanc. has been examined  and proves to be a mixture of peas and  pine hark, so that Sweden must havo  had peas tit least 3,000 years ago.  Wealth may be, at,  insists, a trouble, but  got rid of,  tho millionaire  il ia 0110 easily  The militant window-smasher'  bo misptulded, hut  no ono can  tlint she takes groat panes,  may  deny  Dramatic criticism  you got Into the show  at  Itow'd  other evening?  Passed a counterfeit quarter  door,  How was the show?  Well, 1 got'my money's worth.  the  lho  Aw, g'on Mike, Raid tho Hrlilsli soldier, attempting to end the argument,  you're n lobster.  Vo (latter mo, retorted Mike; shuro  a lobster is a wise animal, fur green  Is IiIh color as long as he lives, and  he'll die before ho puis a red coat  on.  tarn  (Oft. ��������� box or tlx Lo-ei for $2.'j'i,  ���������t all dealeri, or The Ooddi Mcdl-  elrw Ct>rop.viy, Llmltcc", Toro.its,  Cinada,  llm miilti'i'V ah" asked, wllh  Miuy  day by  crying.  What is tlio  grew concern.  Tlircit bnvi hnvo iKked Me to go tn  the dance tonlijlii, was tno uuexpeci-;  I'd  IV|'l'> ��������� ,  Well, my ih'iii' chlhl, ci'i'ialiily that :  U not such 11 lerrlbb' inlsforiime.        j  Yi-n, but I told imc fli'i-ii one Unit I;  would go wllh lilm. iind'M. ��������� Inst ono 1  wis n louR-pnnli'r.        ��������� I  ! Llom as W.itchdoQ3  A JlhndeMiiii fiirnier Is report--d to  I have tniiiU'd two African lions to pro-  ���������t<ci lils ju-i'inlrteH. They act as  ' iilitlii [i (nils, inicl arc keenly on fh:>  lal'Ml 10 every sound.      for a ronslcl-  .���������liiele  1 Vim-  I.i-  ha.I  .���������iii.i'.c.yi'.l  d'iKr..  Iml ih,\v were Invjii'iiilily polsoticcl. lie  .Hit,I   th,'   ��������� xp-i'lmciir   wllh   11,'iirt   111  the icsult al hi-, kiiotvli-dge th:il  Ih'1  iking   nf   the   'iv.'si   will   not   Imieli  , |Mllrioi|i."l   fuijd .  An F.asy Pill to Take.���������Some persons havo repugnance lo pills bei'tiuse  of their niiiirieiitllig iiihio. I'jirine-  Ice's Vegetiib.e 1*1111: are ho prepared  its to make litem iiKreeahle in the  most fastidious. The most dn'.lcnte  can take them without feeling the revulsion that follows tlie fiikliiK of ordinary plllrf, ThN Is one l-eniion for  the popularity or Ihetio  pills,   hul      a.'.'  high totilca  tbe hlomiif'',  celebrated  '.,'.>   111 ti I ft   roa.ioii   Ih   their  duality 11 s 11 nr'dlelne for  'I'll:i'.'.' a  liin'i It','  Did you  i ha von'  liirii'd lo  lIVMIIrtll  ��������� j a ���������    -  I" umbv  ������ Tin-  ���������'\\:\   von  eari'v  come by It honestly?  I   l|llllt>   flRlll-f-i")   it   out.     If  ruin lho other day and I  Into a doorway t>> wall  till  c .1  stepped  11 i,i<i| lev-  low coming (clonic with a nice lurne  iimbrelln, and I thought If he was go-  Inn ns far as my house I would beg  the shelter of his umbei-shoot, ������������������ Ho  I stepped out and united'. Where are  you going with Mini umbrella, young  fellow'.' nnd he dropped the umbrella  mill ran.  QSUBBK.  VI. N. U. 9&5  Mr.   I'av,.1, the new  Aiiierlcan  Am-  1..ih. .I'l-ir, f.iis. he cell! i)''i Wei ��������� l.iii-i-  ;,;  ���������    ���������[;,-1    :l;    o'lj-f.-il    fiWrtt'W* H'������  loo no ktifji d foi llr .11.  I say, rciiinrUi'd a fellow tn s-nn-'-  of bin 'coinpaiiloiii*. let us see who can  1 ell lite lilgg-'Ht lie.  All rltthl, fiiiid mif. I'm tin biggest |!ar In I'.iiRland.  Oil. oxctnlnu'd lie* fln������, vv������ ������f;r.������r)A''  to Ml ni������.lii(j but lies, anil you li,>i;|ijl  hy tflllnj? the truth.  It mean) cement of the highest possible qunlitv,  It msinj cement tested by expert* wliose authority u final at tl) our mill*.  It me&ni cement acknowledged by enpineer*, nrcliitects nnd hundreds of thousandi  of farmen to fulfil every requirement of scientifically made Portland cement.  It means a cement that is absolutely reliable, whether used for a great bridgo or  Lt a concrete watering trough.   You can uio  Canada Cement  with completa confidence llmt your concrols [work will ho thorouulily ���������atiafactory.  Vou ought lo havo this conficieiics 111 (iio ceinant you uae, becitudd you Imvo nut tiitj  /.i..i]ilie* lor l.-stlny ltd f]Unlitir.\ ntirh m urn nl the duprnnl of thn rnjincftm tn rKfifjjn of  big contr.-ictinfi John,  Thoua ongineen know that when cement hai pmacd tho tei'.a macla upon it at Cnnsds  Cement inilli, it will.pusi all their teats.  And tliii saiiin cement it sold to you for your tiio, your foundation:), your feeding-floor.  your milk-liouso or your wcitcring-trouBli,  l/������,i Ji,-. ).J..ii' (> f.'it'.���������.-. .--.'.'j.-n /.1 y<:r tf \-t"-\ "Wliiil l',������ t-"arm������r ran iln with rMffaM " C������nnf|������  (-'oi^o_ntn������vrt7������lli to ������|vs eatiil������cli>ry rniulti,   Writ* lot ilia book,   ll not only tell* you how to imi  !.'������1 J i ... i, J..!^ (> f.'i ������'.'.'. ���������--.'.'}:!������ 1.1  j<ir /j--aft","f  .'oment..     .    "      _! :           ._....   ,.  ..  and pl������c* conctoti. Iml will nlio tmiiiil icorai ofu������������a for il on your firm, evary one ol lh������n������ viluahU  lo you.  la tiking (or the book you da not incur tlit iliulitmt oblit-tiion,  There ii ������ Ctntds Coinent Dealer in Your Neighborhood  Addrtstf Furmtri fn/jrmation Jluitau  !'  Canada Cement Company Limited,  Montreal  '.r^Hba^tffl^i  w lM*WTa������*av*Jv .-am  tMafi'i r TiuxeiErzmsKzasx.  scstraa.  ���������;>'i  >t:i  I VA  h ���������  lu  the tows. cmimvY.A-srD^, a  i v  AN   ODD  CONCElf.  The Sleeve  Makes  the   Smart   Gown.  THE  HOT  WATER  BAG.  i  OUR, NEW PAPER  MONEY."  It Vyill Be the Safest and Simplest  System In the World.  When tho new hills that Uncle Sam  a now preparing appear our citizens  will witness the. greatest revolution  tliat has ever been made in the size.  mil appearance of paper money in the  Onlled States. Each one of the 2,000.-  XK),000 notes of'that Uriel now in cir-  mlntloiKwllI be supplemented by uni- longer.. A hot water hag wilJ last uuk-Ii,,  .'oriii pieces,of currency about a qtiai-- longer If at first It W well'-greased*'  :ei; size smaller than that now used.    Inside with olive o,ll or vaseline;..  How to Mend Holes In This Very Use-   j |  //    . ful Article.'  It Is best not to entirely till n rubber   J  hot  water  bottle.    When  partly   lull'  rest tt ou something and press the lop  flown until the water rises In tlio nock.,  then, screw on the top. \ Tills .drives  out tliii air and keeps life 'water hoi-  If the; comment occasioned by the establishment of parcel post. Ihe rural  free delivery and every other innovation Undo Ram has made In the Inst  twenty years could he rolled into one  it would not bring forth n tenth part  )f the popular Interest which will bo  auuiifesleil when the people realize  that each, and every piece of paper  i uionoy is lo, bo changed. That clay  j will sound the doom of the counter-  '/oiler who now raises a ������1 to a'510. a  "flO to a $20. a $20 to a SHO bill or,' li>  diet.' misrepresents any denomination.  ! The value of Uio now .bill will be np-  | an rent ou sight. Any note with Washington's portrait on it will be Si; Jef-  ferson's.- $2; Lincoln's. $!): U rover  Cleveland's. s$10; Alexander Ilanill-  :on"s, $20; Andrew Jackson's, .WO;  Franklin's. $100; John Marshall's. .$."00.  and-so on. It would then bo utterly  Impossible for a forger lo boost a one  Jollm* bill to ti ion dolhii- bill, ns is so  frequently done?, because within a,few  oionths after the system has been in  rogi.o every man, wonian aud child  will have learned that George Washington's picture stands for .$1 and not  P10. We will then have the'safest and  simplest system of national currency  In the world.���������Leslie's.  To mend a rubber bag lirst intlaie  with air and (hen fasten the cork so-'"  eureiy. Now lake.a rubber band,.melt ���������  It over a tlaine and apply while plastic  to Iho lorn place. A small bole maybe covered In this man tier. If. yo.li  have a small piece of thin sheet rubber  Ileal (his also and paste over tho gum  ���������while It. Is still" hot. Adhesive plaster  will also mend it uoally. There Is also  a rivet which Is used for mending purposes. It: has a Hat head on one side,  and tho stem is .threaded to secure u  bur oi) the opposite side.  ���������M-h-H--l"l--:-l������';~i-;������M������j'������i~;������.'~:*'i~r;--;**rT������Pi  GOOD HORSE SENSE. |j  The horse is man's universal   T.  ' motor, without which he could  4  not have attained 'to his present   J.  .degree of civilization -could not   7  oven   have emerged  from  sav-, 4  ,-igery-yet he Is so familiar that  he Is not appreciated until he Is  lost   No other animal' Is so I111-  ,. portant to human welfare, and  <his Improvement by the use of  'Spoil sires should be the care of  eveyy farmer as a mere matter of  economy.���������Kansas Farmer,  4444WH^>M'-H-H-l-444-H-4+-l"I-44  IS" !| "LAZY -MAN'S WAY?"  Use of Commercial, Fertilisers Discun-  cd For and'Against,  Mr. I-'iillerloii, who, wllh his wife, Is  the "betid and front" of I he, Long Island experiment farms, discourses ns  follows on tho use, or, rather, abuse, of  commercial  fertilizers. ' Id answer to  FATAL MATHEMATICS.' ������������������  *"��������� *  IA man MiouiJ many a wotmtn lint* hia  ,.��������������������������� aye iilns seven yo.irs.-GM Maxim,]  J>eo how Uie fates t)u>li- si;||| combine  To spoil a lute of "'misfit Imvo tuvu."  They ..met whon he wns twenty-ninu  And she was only he\������-ntcuii  Por years In absence llit-y ailoro  Karh other. Just as lovorn Uo,  'J'o greet when lio Is lhlrly-four  Ami she. alas, la twenty-two!  When next their mutual naze ihey fix  Tho walling ttnie was nearly o'er.  For he w.-iH hoIhb tliifty-sfix  And sho admitted Iwcnly-fotir.  Tlioy pai-U'd llien (iih I'm ullvc,  11 was i\ jiiieoua slslil lo soe)  Until ho tolaled furiy-ilve  Awl'sho had weathered ifilrty-iliiod.  Tlieir tales will r.evi'i- now ontwlno.  Their courtship's couik<> Is neaily done,  For she's it girl of MXiy-nlno  Ami hv'n u swain of rli;lilv-oue.  ���������New V01!; Sun,  Cookery  points  Possibly.  ro mend rubber goods which are not" the Question, "Aren't you ever going to  MOVING PICTURE SHOWS.  I  OF OlIRI'lf DU CHINK AND liltOOADE.  Illue crepe de rhino.makes this very  natty gown, combined with bine brocaded slIU patterned with a blurry design In- American' Meanly shades of  red, The novel note of the costume Is  to be found In tlie long uiousquetaire ,  ' sleeves ol' tlie brocaded silk.   Touches,,  of tlie same silk are introduced in a  panel at tile side of tbe skirt,  t. Tlie nioclii-i collar nnd surplice fichu  are of cream colored net.  HEADACHE,CURE.  i/j*  Ti  l".  In  ti  'i  ��������� Common   'Sense- Living    and.   Right  Thinking  Remedy  For Most  Ills.   -  There art' two attitudes p_f_tb_e_lio_us_c^_  wife "to a headache. She tnalies it uh  excuse for shitting ber duties, neglect  of her house and general discomfort of  her family, or she accepts it as Inevitable and runs her house with needless pain and discomfort to herself.  There may be an occasional woman  wlio must be a 'martyr to .headache.  The. majority, will Iind the pain curable  If the cause he traced. Do not think  "Another, of my awful headaches!" and  'Kill yonr teeth for bearing with what  philosophy yon can. Far more to tho  point is It to'think. "Why should I  have.another?"  Most headaches can lie cured by common sense living and ordinary care of  (he fiinctiiins uf the body, ju treating  a headache, lirst Iind out the cause.  II tlie hoiisewjfo awakes with a headache each,morning she may lio short ot  ventilation In her room, Let no, fear  ' of draft, or consideration of, hah'glngs  iii'-'i'iiniiluro lead hor lo sleep with  closed windows, Nor should she (hlnlc  -a window raised an inch or two meets  fresh a I r needs.  Anaeiiila causes headaches, If Uie  blood is thin and the How sluggish you  nro sure to lie a martyr to your head,  I'leiity of exercise, especially In the  open ii Ir, and 11 good blood tonic will  uoiiii work a cure, Women of sedentary  life, who use their brains overmuch,  nn; especially prone to this type of  headache, ������  Overwork, overworry and fretting  are prcilllk' causes of headache, especially with Iho nervous, high strung woman wiui takes (00 much out of herself, then gene rn My takes lho rest out  ol her family. Cure? System, punctuality, learning to lot things slide, moro  rest arid sleep and au acquired philosophy.  Heel and Tos Protectors,  Sliicklnus and socks now havedoliioh-  iihic licet and tno portions, which can  lie, removed from tho body of the socle  or stocking and ulmlhir porlloiis substituted for Ilium when Ihey hoeonio  Inn worn to bo repaired, TI1010 detach'  able portions are tho same shape and  lor I hat reason nro liiterchnugeable for  both heel and too, avoiding thu nocos-  ������lty for utilizing or hooping two different Ulndri of spnro portions, ono for (ho  heels and lho other for 1 lio toes of lho  socks or stockings, Tho sparo portions  lire knitted together In one piece, which  makes llii'in less liable lo become mlti-  laid or lost, as would, ho Ihe rase of a  niimbpi' of (������������������opnrale portions,  They May, Perhaps,..In tho Near Fu-  I ture Be Given In the Home.  ' A prediction may safely be made that  In. tho near future provision will be  made for moving pictures in .the home.  When a man decides to build a house  to cost, say, $25,000 or more, the architect will plan the picture room, in  which the family and tlieir guests can  enjoy a* select program'of latest productions. It may be in connection with  a danciug room, or it can bo accomplished in much less space.  A projecting machine suitable for tbe  homo will not, be very costly, aud the  films will doubtless be delivered each  week by companies organized for that  special purpose. Travelers returning  from abroad will find, pictures of cities  and scenes they have visited a wonder-  subject to extreme heat melt gum', tissue in chloroform. Apply one, piece  and-when that hardens place a second  and then a third layer, allowing each  to dry thoroughly before applying the  other. This makes a thin patch which  Is durable.  Do not throw the wornout hot water  bag away, but cut it In round or oval'  pieces and uso as mats to put under  your' flowerpots. '  In the absence of a hot water bottie  or bag a common flannel bag, made In  a. convenient size, with- a drawstring,  will serve in ordinary ailments such as  toothache, earache and other minor  pains. Fill with hot sand or salt. It  is safer than a cheap rubber bottle,  just as efficacious and much- handler  to use.   Keep a half dozen on hand.  A hot plate wrapped in paper and a  soft towel .will retain heat until the  proper articles can bo secured. . Old  magazines heated in the oven make a  good substitute for a hot water bottie.  They hold the heat nearly as long and  .can be used under the back, where a  hot water bottle would not lie well.  STREET SUITS.  Whims and Freakishness Reserved For  Day Dress.  There seems to, be an unwritten law  lu dressmakingdom that, no matter  what eccentric aud freakish effect may  bo the whim of fashion, it shall be "ex-"  pressed solely in costumes to be worn  by day. Tho only "unusual'or freakish  noto in' the walking suit illustrated is  to'be found in the combination checked  ���������'Dhis-combina*-  use fertilizer, Mr. I'lillertonV" he said:  "Bless your souls, yes.   Didn't I use  fertilizer when I plowed that rye under?   Next fall I am going to put on  about ten tons to the acre of manure  again, aud I am going to turn under0  crimson clover, vetch and rye on every "  square foot I can get planted.  "Then I shall userlinie for a sweeten-  ier, for we now can afford the lime a  little time to work. Nest summer when  1 am putting iu a second and third  crop on the same ground I shall probably use blood and bone meal.  "Don't misunderstand me. T think  chemical fertilizers, are bally for old,  wornout land, but lt would be like 'carrying coals to Newcastle' lo put them  "on virgin soil.  "The crazo for chemical fertilizer has  gone too far. There are places where  they have put it on so heavy (with the  theory that If one ton Is good two tons  willho better) that they have chemical  laboratories, not farms, All chemical  fertlllzing^.iH  'lazy   man's  way.'    lie  . claims be will not have weeds, so will  save cultivation. Weeds are the farmer's best friends. They force him, to  cultivate, and,lack of cultivation is tho  .'crime of modem farming. If they'll  pile some old manure on* that ground  now and so liberate through decompo:  sltion tbe various component parts of  the chemical fertilizers they will have  ���������farms again."  iwyers'  briefs  "Because- .they   make   their   clients  short."���������Pittsburgh Press.  '���������  ful help in reciting to friends and rel-  "iri i vesTi TicideniFoT 11TcT.pl :ujes"i huy'llaTe    sk'r t_w il h^-p I ai a-coa t?  visited. ,   :     ,,  "Another  new   industry   which   will  , soon comeiinto existence in all the lar- ,  gcr  cities will   bo  film' photography. 1  .Children's  birthdays,  garden   parlies. I  weddings and other functions which ln  later  days   or' years   recall   pleasant  memories will thus be perpetuated"'by]  the lilm photographer.   He will event- j  ually be considered as much a necos- :  slty  as  tho orchestra.    "Undoubtedly i  one of tlie most acceptable wedding ,,  presents in days to come from parents  to bride and groom will be,a set of  progressive films showing the children  as lliey advanced from Infancy to high -  school days.   As a feature of tho,wedding festivities the pictures  will af;  ford amusement���������Popular, "Mechanics,  -  SMOKING OUT THE BUGS.  Fumigation a Good Way of Getting Rid  of Henhouse Pests??  Puzzled Him.  ' While going along a country road tlio  driver.of au automobile saw ahead of  hi 111 an old man walking by the roadside, also it dog. Tlie dog was not content to remain on ihe sido, but kept  crossing the road and was caught by  the car and instantly .killed.  The driver turued Ihe car as quickly  as possible and went back to see what  damage had been done and found the  farmer gazing sorrowfully at the re'-  mains of the dog. The driver took out  his pocketbook and handed the man  $10, asking if that would-pay for the  dog. ITe.aald it would, so (he other got  iu tlie car aud went away. The old  man watched the car till it was lost to  Britain's Deo Disease Bill.  A curious dllllculty caused the aban.  donment a couple of weeks ago of ouo  of Iho Nrillsh government's minor  measures. Tills was tlio beo disease  ii'lil', which sought to Impose penalties  on persons sending diseased boos from  one place to another by post. When  tlio bill was under discussion It was  remembered Unit there was nothing to  prevent a diseased bee Journeying ou  ils ,owii account, Infected swarms  might, even fly from one spot lo allot hot*. On such a journey a bee, mooting mi Inspector, might refuse to stop  and produce a health enrlllloato" Ueneo i  It. becamo apparent that lho provisions i  of tlio bill were more or less of a farce, |  Fortress of Silistria,  Should Ilmimiiula persuade lUilgarla  lo hand over Slllstrla as "compensation" for her masterly Inactivity (luring the war slio will have secured an  HlinoHt Impregnable fortress. Over  nnd over again Slllstrln Iiiih boon attacked and in ken, but 'since Ihe Uuk-  sdaiis last captured tho city hor fnrll-  llcntloiiH liavo boon regarded as Invulnerable, Hy tho congress of Horlln It  was decided ihat Ilio forts should bo  doinollulled; lint, llko mmio moro Important clauses lu (hat "peace with  honor" treaty, lho decision was honored In tlio broach.���������London Chronicle,  Fumigation Is a means of reaching  germs a lid insect life in the air of the  room and In the cracks and crannies  of the woodwork, says tbe'American  Cultivator.- The house or room should  ,he tightly closed and all fowls excluded, during fumigation.  A simple method Is to bum the sulphur candles now sold at,stores dealing in poultry supplies. The fumes ot  brimstone may also be produced by  burning In a metallic baslu (such as  an old iron kettle) a number of rags'  previously soaked In melted sulphur.  Sulphur may be mixed wllh a littlo  alcohol or kerosene oil and burned, or  Jt may bo sprinkled upon live coals  placed In a chafing dish. Tho house  or room should bo kept closed for several hours and then opened as thoroughly US' possible lo allow the wind  to drive out any remaining trace of  poisonous gas.  In fumigating by burning substances  bo careful not to set llro to the building. Itombmher also that In most  cases tho substances which are used  aro poisonous ��������� to human lifo'aud to  fowls. Carelessness Iu their-use or In  leaving them about where chick or  child can get at them may have dire  results,  view; then, taking off,his hallo scratch  his head, remarked. "I .wonder who  owned that dog?"���������Harper's Magazine.  j Honey and Junket.  ; Ironey Gingerbread.���������Put inicii basin ii cupful uf-iioiiey aud half a cupful  of butter and melt it before iho liro  without stirring, Put Into an enameled Kiiuc-bpnn with half a cupful ot  sour milk (not buttermilk), two eggs  beaten separately and half a teaspoon-  ful each of ginger and cinnamon, Mix  well logetber till thick. Pour into a  greased stpiaro' tin and bake sharply.  'Honey' Trlllo.-Lloat together half a  cupful of milk and' half a cupful of  honey. Cut into cubes two sponge  cakes and dip Into the mixture; their  pile into a dish. .Mako a custard with'1  two eggs, half a pint of milk and a  cupful of honey. Pour the custard  over tlie cakes, decorate with preserved  fruit as preferred and serve either hot  or cold.- ���������  ������������������< Honey Mousse.���������Heat separately tho  yolks of two eggs and mix with n cii|>-  ful of honey. Heat gently over gas until the mixture is thick. Do not. boil.  Let It cool; then stir in the whipped  whites of two eggs. Add half a pint ot"  whipped cream and mix carefully. Put  iuto a mold and set ou Ice to freeze.  Honey l-'udge.���������Hoil together a cupful each of sugar and .milk until It  forms a soft ball If tested in cold,  water. Add n cupful of honey and boil,  until the mixture can be tested as before. Then add a nut of butler and a  lablespoon'ftil of vinegar. Mis all logetber and pour into shallow tins to  cool.  Quite a variety of appetizing yet most'  nourishing dishes can be evolved, with,  the aid of junket tablets.   '���������  Chocolate Junket���������Dissolve half a  cupful of sugar In a quart of lukewarm  milk. -Melt two squares of chocolate.,  add half a cupful of warm milk and  bring to the boll. Remove from the lire  immediately and add remainder of tbe  milk, quarter teaspoonful of vanilla  nnd one dissolved junket tablet. Stir  well and pour into small fancy cups to  set Now take half a cupful of thick  cream, add a few spoonfuls of sweetened milk and beat till quite stiff.  Heat the white of one egg till you can  cut it and add slowly to the beaten,  cream'. Pour the cream mixture over  Ihe junket just before serving and dec-  ������������������ nnifp wllh crystnlU'/prt clwiTlns  Coffee  Quality of Hardness.  Paul Ilelleu, Ihe etcher of beautiful  women, complained ,in'New York of a  certain bard quality in even the fairest  American faces,  "Somo of the most perfect faces I  have seen," he said, "possessed this  quality of .hardness in a marked degree. They reminded me, indeed, of Ihe  girl lo whom a suitor said:  "'Miss Vincent���������Annabel���������hit me  prove my love not by words only, bill  by deeds;'  "'Woll, George,' said tlie young girl  calmly, 'did you bring tlio deeds with  you'.'"'���������Detroit Kreo Press.  Junket. With Coffee Flavor.���������Pour  half a pint of boiling water over two  ounces of coffee. Take a quart of mlllc  sweetened to taste; add lho clear boiling coffee, which should make it. luke-  wifriii. Add one junket tablet, stir well  anil pour Into a glass dish. Serve with  whipped cream on the top.  Cocoa nut Junket���������Sometimes a little  junket Is loft over nnd is usually wasted.- Hero is a nlco way of using It;  One cupful of cocoanut. ono cupful ot  curd from which tho whey has beeii  poured, ono cupful of cream, two yolks  of'eggs and one cupful nf sugar. Placo  all In a saucepan oirthe (Ire and stir  till thick; then pour into a bultered pl������j  dish and bake slowly for ten minutes.  A Hidden Streak,  Aunt Nancy from olo Vlrglniiy ������nyH:  "TIiiii'*h not ono o" uh but what ain't  not 11 stroitk of pure cunsodnasa somo-  vrhar In dero bones, but so long as It'n  (Kino lu'p' hidden un' wo don't glvo It  no clinnco to sen daylight wo kin  ulio'ly keep ilat onory streak from mix*  In' wif our blood, deed wo klnl"  Qul������k Muitnrd Platter.  A trained nurno says that If ouo fo.r-  fotu thooxnrt proportion*) for making a  mustard [ilnuter uno cnu he quickly  mado hy cutting n thick nllc������ of broad,  dlppliig It for Jiwt iv poeonrt In hot water, th<m KpreadliiB with whlto of prb  ind sprinkling thickly with mustard,  fbt vgff -will provent blfotorlna.  Manhattan's Demolished Buildings.  If (ill tho bulltlliigH lorn down annually In tho borough of Manhattan In  Now York clly conhl be assembled  (hey would mako a good sized town,  fjiist year tho number of biillilliius do-  moltahrvl wiui Q10, nnd n cna Innlt'1  hrntiRhl' Ihe total deinollllons to S'JO.  Tho front feet measurement of (ho  houses pulled down wiih 'J-l,S"r>, or tip-  proximately four and tliioo-ciiiarlur  miles, Nino houses out of ten dimlroy-  ed were four storlen high,   ���������  voauit or 'raw hkiuiiati: 00at.  Hon Is ono of the Minitrlosl, feu lures In  tho spring styles. The nklrt Is a I wo  pieced affair, slit ut tlio Hides to give  rroedom m tlio wearer when walking,  The coat worn with (Ills bind; or while  checked skirt Is of black sorgo In cutaway effect, A tiny whlto cloth vest:  bound with black urn id gives 11 jiporty,  niiititil������h fnneh to llilu Krone liy ill I lt������  ciwtunio,  How to Preserve Eggo,  Dip fresh eggs, one at a time, la hot  molted pnrallln, enough to cover tho  egg. Tako out immediately with wlro  tougs mado for that purpose of baling  wire, let pa ratlin harden and dip quickly again, reversing egg, tot cool.  Wrap each ogg separately In waxed or  pnrallln paper, Wrap (jarol'iillj', so aa  not to scratch or break lho coating,  Pack cold In tin fruit cans and seal  with pnrallln, which excludes (ho air.  Hggs so canned air tight will keep several months, tho parnllln having closed  the pores In the shell.' Keep in a cool  place and label cau, "liaticllo with  rare,"-Tnrui and l''lrealdo,  Handy Barn Door Latch.  Kvory fanner or horseman known  how provoking It la to own a horso  that will unlatch a stablo door by sliding or lining (he latch with his teeth  or nose. Tho accompanying sketch  from Popular Mechanics shows a latch  fastener that will battle tho efforts of  Whero It Wns Signed.  Tlie morning class had been duly In-  slruciod and enlightened upon lho subject, of our national Independence. Feeling sure sho had niado a real and lasting Impression with her explanations  and blackboard Illustration, tho young  teacher, began wllh (ho usual round  of questions.  "Now, Sammy Smith, whore was (ho  Declaration of Independence signed'/"  .Sammy, wllh a shout, of glee: "Al de  bottom, ma'am���������(hat's what, you said!"  ��������� Ladles' ironic Journal,  Ronl Trouble' i  Tho college professor who says thai,  children are merely littlo imltnloi'saud  possess no Imagination should become,  acquainted   with   our   lit (In   friends. |  Charles and John, Ouo day John, aged ���������  Ihree, camo running lo his inoOier Inj  deep distress,   Upon Inquiry the mother learned.Ilio canso���������of his tears. j  "Milww,"    walled   John,   "Charles,  drew a picture of I got drowned, and  ho wouldn't draw a picture of he he  uio oul!"���������.liidgo.  Fruit Sandwiches,  Krult sandwiches are more generally  used lliau they used to bo and are so  delicious Ihat thoy ought to form a  part of every sandwich repast. They  satisfy a natural craving for sweets  and aro moro wholesome and, more  easily made than calces or candles.  Dates can be mado Into many savory  pastes for sandwich filling. Make tho  foundation by stoning the dates and  running them through the meat chopper. To a pound of this paste add tho  julco of an orange and tho pulp that  squeezes out with it, rub It smooth  nnd spread between bultered broad.  To a half cupful of dates add a quarter cupful of chopped Kngllsh walnut  moats and a leaspoonfnl of lemon  Juice and spread between buttered  bread.  Approved.  "I see," said lho second slnry mnn  as ho glanced over the paper, "Hint  there's a nucleiy lu Now- Vork for the  suppression of unnocehsary noises,"  "And a good tiling, loo," said Ills pal.  "If they'll only got after them there  boyglar alarms. They never nlarmed  11 boyglar yet"���������New York American,  Short Cuts.  A quick way to warm plates In cold  weather Is to dip (hem lu hot water,  Dry In a dish rack or Willi a towel. Invert tlio bandies of knives, forks and  spoons lu a pitcher of hot water (0  ,! warm then.*  ]    When covers hue tho orglnal Imobr.  replace then with olhurH llmt can bt  I bought for 10 cents por dozen at a novelty storo.  The flavor of llsh Is groally Improver*.  If filed In fat saved from 11 former fry  Ing. .,  Jr  a���������i . a"a������  a^.���������. -ij  The Stenotype,  A now machine called Ihe slonolypo  has boon Invented, which enables tho  shorlliiiiul writer (0 got from -100 to  QflO words a nilnuto upon paper In an  absolutely correct and accuralo form.  Tho bnslH of operating the niacliliio Is  phonetic spelling, ft I-i hut a shorthand typewriter. While lho work  dono Ik virtually tho same aa done hy  ihortliand, It has thu advantage of ho-  lug recorded iu plain Kngllsh churac-  Wit  Prnetlonl Flower Holder.  A Kinii'ilo and prucllcal flower holder  Is mndu of green rubberized silk, tha  shade of miliirtU leaves, nud is outlined wllh n green wire, When worn  It oiTootunlly prevonts lho penetration  of any molsluro lo tho gown, The wlro  edge permits of oluiplng Mm holder h  tho bouquet proper, and (ho latter Is  (hen attached to Iho corsage fir wherever n)������e desired.  iDli^pfe^  To Miiks Plants Crow.  Pin ills will grow moro quickly If n  few drops of ammonia nre added onco a  tveolf, Tho water dhnnld ho lukewarm,  nnt colder than tho nlmos|ihur������. when  ywi water your plant  runs dooii i.aicu, out and iniidb pa nro.  any horse to open tlio dot. Tho latch  cannot be pushed back until the bar  Is raised, dins requiring two movements at lho namo time to open tho  door. Tho latch can bo drawn from  the outNl(it) by using tho old ntylo hitch  Hiring to lift tho hnr and a knob In a  slot to inovo (ho latch,  Hsilth Hint For ths Fsrmsr.  Take on old piece of carpet along  w[tl\ you when yon go (0 dig (ho  boron out of upplii treos. Kneel 00  Hint Innteod of tho damp ground, Mny  in re you n ease* of rhcnimntUin.-  "Farm Jourutt  Hnd Her Inctructiono,  Mri, Siihbiibs (to neighbor's- clillili--  Oh, (hero Ih lho dozen  fresh egg* I  :..',.... your 1 il.i.r io , uid ������������������'..:'.   II  much nro they. Mnry'' ''  The Child - Plca^e'tii, It's -Id cenH  Hut mother says If you grnuiblo it's  ���������'.ri,���������llosion Transcript.  '* AH������"iirli\'������  "Why won'! you Hiage my play,  'How lo Keep a ScrvaiilV "  "It Isn't much of a play,"  "Tim name's enough. Kvery woman  would go If only lo see how Ihe problem Is solved," - Louisville Courier-  ihn'ivnal,  Keep Olf tho Giikm.  "What dncH thai nlgu suyV"  "Keep off (he grasfc."  "They hnve, haven't llicyV  "Vou bed   Tlwy liaven'r let 11 blade  trfix,"- Uiirvnid I.iuiii'ooi).  Quince Souffle.  Slew three or four quinces soft. Huh  through a colander and sweeten. Pniu  Into a glass dish tii)i| cover with a custard made wllh one pint of mill;, three  egg yolks and (wo (ablespoonfnla of  sugar. Whip Ihe whiles of eggs light  with three tiiblcspoonfiilH of sugar and.  heap on top,  Coffee Cake.  Take half a cupful of butter, n nipfiii  nf sugar, 'w������ eggs, half 11 cupful of  molasae.i, half a cupful of oold coffee,  1   . r    1 r  >i     , ���������    1     1 a  ,    , -.     .   -    .  a.,/  of Midii. 11 quarter of a icaspuonful  pitch of cloves and maco and ono ten.  ipoonful of cinnamon. Maku in 11 hitif  bur (In.  Olive and Egg Sundwichss.  Si,ii]it������ nnd chop twriie lhr(;o oilre.  mul four Marly chopped hard belief,  r-xg* ninl ������������������iioiigli iiii'lp'tl biiliei' tc  niabi1 n paste. Sciikom wllh prqipe'  lnrt Ntitt. ���������proud on thin slice* e  drnad from whlHi llm mist lit* he#i  removed uud press (irmly tojj*Uiur It  na Irs. THE NEWS, CUMBERLAMD, BRITISH CQLUMBIA.
mw���'mniji t^m v**��-
xsrwvwutn^n i-j*��im��sisi��fllin.wsr
OsppetEnds 75e. each
Comforters      $1.75 Up
Piilouas at ail
** &*.*
O '��'i
A.Y   carry  ili���� !U->'T STOCK OF KJKNITURK,   Hnus'*
.���'.������A'lSlllNGtf, MXOUSUMS and WALLPAPERS in
i!���.���.�� District,    (/ill nnd inspect our Mock ami crc.it price?.
V.d'hec mock,  A. MoKINNON     Cumberland
;-**-''.JM**! aW**M
���nrrrMTi-"-"- nii^MUS4a>TMV'J��M'..uan*MM��xun'n a jywwn rr.��wi ��
;       !,0    ,'U) ���
I b'ou Yoru
! (kill BlacKsmithing
Tliir,cl St.        Cniiint'i'liiti'l.
I Wood ���Wood:I
EALED TENDERS, superscribed
render for Courtenay Lock-up,"
will be received by ihe Honourable the
Minister of Public Works up to noon of
Monday, tne aSih d-iy of July, .1913, for
ihe erection and completion of Consul-'
bit's (Quarters' and Lock-up ai Courtenay, in ihe Comox Klectord District,.
i'Uns, specifications," contract and
forms ol lender may be seen on and af-
icr the mill day of July, 1913, at ihe
office ol" Mr, J, B-iird, Cumberland, 11.C.
the 1'rovinci.tl Constable, Courtenay,
and ihe Depi'i'tment of public Works,
Victoria, lntcndiiiij tenderers cm, for
the :'iim of u-n dollais(St<>),'olitnit. one
copy of the plans mm! spccihcaiirms by
applyini* to ihe ur.detsi^ned. Tlnssum
will be refunded on the return of ihe
plans 111 ijnoctl order.
Each proposal must be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque or' ccrlifi-
I Tenders will not be considered unless
made out on the forms supplied, signed
with ihe actual signature of ihe tenderer and cndo-icd in the'envelopes furn-
Jh.-il. .       .        ���
The lowest or any lender not necessar
ily accepted.
Public Woiks Engineer
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, Ii. C, July 7th, 1913.
jjy 16   ,. .tojy23
usener urewin:
�� "    "^Sfddr{ (���J ; caio nfdeposit on ",t chartered bank cf
your  order   for    SLA IS   'riy
f*L-         ,,                V V    w w wa, ��
@ Nou- is tlio timo lo placo ��
(i >. 82,50. .-.ptii' double, loa 1 ^
% $1.50.., .per siu^lo load ��
% '           From The   ��� "  " I
I Star Livery Stables I
Tli�� foilowinji is   the   change
in the mail service   Parting this
Steamer's    arrival  at   Union
Tuesday evening . -������ "��� -'��� ��� 6.30
Thursday evening 6.30
' i-j.ttnrdn.y eveninu; ��� ��� ���' 6,30
Tuiins leave the station for Union lis*y us follows:
Tiieiiday eve;iiug ��� - ���'��� 5 o'clock
-"���"AVednesl.-iy morning 7
Thursday evening.. 5      "
Friday morning..... 7      ''
Saturday evening... 5 only
Virsl-class ' printi'il*;'    of    all
Irinds dono at The NKWS Office.
grade instrument in iirst cliiss
condition, For particulars apply at the Klk llotc-l, Uomox.
Cumberland & t'nisn Waterworks
Company, Limited.
Sprinkliiig'will be allowed ,o*cly
two nights a week, viz: .-Tuesdays
and Fridays, from 7 to' (J o'clock
in toe evening. Leaky lap nu;'-5''
be attended to at once. Any chan-i $
ges or additions to existing piping
must be sanctioned hy the Company.
Canada, ni.tclc; p.-iy.vble to the Honourable 1I.0 Minister of nblic Woiks, for a
sin., equal to 10 ver cent of the tender!
which shall bt forfeited if the party len-
derina decline ic enter ' into contract
when called upon to do so, or if he f.nl
to complete the 'work contracted for.
Tlie,cheques or certificates of deposit of
unsuccessful tenderers will be - returned
iu then upon the 'execution of the
contrac1".      ,     ' ��
"Wo print Indies' and geiitlenicns
visiting cards.
We print.wedding invitat'nuis.
���,AVe print ilnnce progriunmes.
. We print hotel bill of faros.   ' "
We. print   iiioal   iiokets,   also
milk and broad tickets.
Wo   ,print   posters," handbills
and dodgers,
We print  placards  and notices
on canvas. -
Wo  print concert programmes
awl-admission tickets.
Wo print, business cards.
Wo print billheads, ordinary or
loose leaf system.
We print letterheads and  note-
We print statements and envelopes.
We turn out  work  when vou
want it and how you want it.
���������"'Ice.tlcel Ice!;.
Supplied to the Public
ORDERS, must be given   not  later
than 10 A.M.   to   ensure   delivery
1      same. .day.
Agents for Pilsener brewing Coir-punj's Dlih,R
\Vhplesale' Dealers in all Kinds of
Wines and Liquors.
jj y ��� Vc/i uti*"
;j*ff*V!F,Msa.���!*�����>�����-'^**a''. KV.'JII P3^''"       ' y��S"
���"J"-* R���* %." .'''I v': ''S % m'1 ���'J-'    '.'���'��� r��
;,'��irf,��s=ia4 ������V^-V��saT- l--.jll..-a����*'.,v-.'..-.'���.., ���*�������'.:.
Uiunbei-land, B.C. July BO, .10
,jj;-'(���'��>��.���.������������!.jN,U'jNy>& ,^'fh:������';-������ :-j.\.y .",..-'/���...;:;y.y.:r:i...."V;j;.:',.-��� ...���:���'��� ������.���."..'���.���.   '���".'..'..^yy*:���'���-���" __i_iyi.i___'";-'."';v;-
^Xi^'-'-^S-ecreta^y: -y^T^yyy^^
wvam~K*S.Ti,rrt r&r.**i lwkw ; njar��r��*
AGENTS WANTFil) lor private Christmas Cards. Ladies or
Gents, Sample liooks nl'no,
Largo Profits. Chipc-hasc, -'Coi'--
dex," Darlington, Kufrhind,
WANTKD ���Agonln for fii'tt
clnso tire company in thi: Comox,
Courtenay and CuiiiWilaiid Dis-
tricls. Apply 1'oi-t. OHieo I,ox
131 'r, Victoria, 15. C,
Mr. Tlu'mas Hum repcjrted at
this olliee today that cows had
almost totally dci'ic'Vid hi�� vegetable garden, li" tlie council
cannot or will not enforce the
pound by-law, t! ey ,-hould he
mado pay for any dumago done
through their iiicompciciiey
JJu' our present council is 1:0
11101 u to blame nloiijj iliis line
th'ui our lornier omnils when
thii- by-law luis hi.-i.-ii p-.t up lo
llietn lor i-ufoicx-iiieiii, This cow
"roauiiiig aboni tlu; ^trcoh ai.d
gardens business is a mii--a 1 ice
lo even bod v.   cxcciiiiny    ilio.iu
,J a> I I   J
who feed their cows 111 people's
garden** in tin- Minimer ���ind on
ihe iii.unii'c licips in W'iiiicT,
for tlie Mill: wajjou
with the Green tiox
��    Our Milk is the product
I ���   of the Uem Fed Cows
���I-UIESH ;MlLi;
Delivered luuriiinjyv.. i:\e:i;ii;.i
CAPITAL, $15,000,000
;RESTv;;$i2i500,000? IJ
Issued by The Canadian Rank of Corninerce, are a safe, convenient and
incspensive method of remitting small sums of money, These Orders,
payable without charge at any bank in Canada (except, in the Yukon
Territory) and in the principal cities of the United States, arc issued at
the following rates:
GOVERNMENT ST. \   . '���    VICTORIA, B; C,
Complete Stock of*"Ye Ohio Firnie!'
Heintztnan���& Co.Pianos'
Dominion Pianos, Thomas Organs
Victor VictroSas, Gramophones and Records
Convenient Terms of Payment Arranged.
809 GOVERNMENT STREET,   Opposite P. 0.   VICTORIA, B. C,
| ^���|t!!!i!!li::;i!il!S:ii!!!:Si!lli!i::ii!i!ii;i:il!lllll!i!ll!:it!!illl!t!iii;i!i;tlllil
S-OapitaWdid-Up^-l-lySeo-.OOO-H-: 1���������Koserve-$137600;060_|^
I   The Royal ��� Bank. of-��� Canada." 1
|   , ,    OVEtt'.THE    WORLD.  . j
I ��� at highest   Cc.irreiil lLtles ailo\yc.-d on Ucpot-itfi'of $1 aud-upwiiirls. ��� =1
~~ OUJaCB'S'a.tiA.^O.-B   0 , Banch, Opa.i, Daily |
i  TJX'flON ""AY, 3.C,   Sub-Branch, Open Tuostlays & Fridays ��� ,.       %
g D.. M. MORRISON, K''iarsaj.ver. j
|j roUHTJSi'J'AY,   H. 0 ,    Branch,   Open Daily. g
| R��� M. HARDWIOKe, Manager. |
Qo nnd under	
Over    5 and not exceeding $10..,
i*     10      " '������"����� 30,
3 centa
G     "
"JO     "
vlioald bc mado by .moans of our SPUC1AL FOREIGN DRAFTS und MONEY-
OOTKRS.   Issued wrilbout dulny at-reasonable rtucs,
(" T-TJ "EJiLA.ND BUANCR ��� V7, T. WHITE, Idnnagcr
.*>.^>-i '.t^*mtn*tr*wa^us**Tzm��.-Mii.in*ww*Mac.r* ^tutmitm^mrmmiM^xm
^������������**��**"4-^*��-^^a-������'���; \.^.r^^^^^SS^^^^m^S^S^^^^ Bs^!2ffiB!B^Si^
Jv C, Knidi.',  i's .'i;y!i!.
'���Ford" ana  l-f'li;\liiu:i'
biles.    CiitE for liiv-
4H>ll>    Y?'!
i i
QKA!,l':ii l'i'\:
y wive.'   !�����>'   ''"
Liiinifc   nut,   i-t'-
tlliJ.JOl.,1! diiy r,    ..'),]
purciiii*" ��� f Li" ic.'i
A .lispitch   t'loni   MfMitvt.il loj'M -.f,7...��'--J   ���������'
c Vancmivur   Piov'u.ccor   ill    \y"- '^"'J roti    ;.��
r2tlt, s.'.-ii'-*--! LiiaL over tun China-   ''��� ij.   *t-JS:*7.  i
nicii hud lci'i the ciiid !cj lab jr :n  n'd. Vi.i.ica 'siur ;.
iliu- cu.il   mines   nf   \ .'uicduvc:-      I'ivo yc,ri�� v\ill  i
I ��'V ���'
Will "Loiivo Uhj I'ost Uili'jei-as Follows. Except Sun ���ay:--
Leave Cuinboi'liuid I'm' (Juiirtonay.......-. ....at S a,in.
"     Clcjtii'tciiiiy for OiMilii'i'lsiiid iitt 8.80 a.in.
(1     Ctiiiiboi'liind for Coiirlc'imy and Comox ut-.10 a. in,
��'    Comox for Cmrleimv mid Cuinbt'i'lnnil ut 1.1 n. in,
"     Cuinborlitiicl I'u! (Jonrtoiiiiy ut'.! ji. in.
(>     CutirUiiiiiy fur OiiinhiThuid id 1!}() p in,
'������    Ciinibi'i'luiid fin'Conrtoimy und Oonuix 2.80 p. in.
"    Ci'iii".\' for Coin-fenny mid C'liibei'luiid 3,80 p, m,
yinj.fh' fiiiv~~CinnlH'rliuid to Coiii'iiiniiy 75c.
Oonrtuniiy to Comox fiOo
K. C*'. K.MDK, jiliciiii l.s, Cuiuk'rliind.    SnwtK July tiSih
i&wF"  ]>;l)������.,L',^ li.li-t   'Hi jil'lipilid Ulld  ll'ttlM'S fitlilllJH'll.
ujMUtY-c awaniv
jarj.au^a��ia^rjaau����^Kaii.-MJ��JW^tfwl>i3jj^��.aarx��a-^j!aaw-,a^wwiMUarjaiiyr��,^n-a,*i*c��ica-��'Ariaa.w:*'i��^1M.a^��^i*, -_
t^J<im ,��>m.""JMi��.��j^��1>y<.''-*'^w-*ir" r ���" f*1'"1'  ririTT hi niltf ���   in 'nrnw ~n nir nnfitwni > rn ihiiiii��ii"K wiw^an mm
l Mvn ir �� m-cfcir' < w**.��wm'
Uil��(��!''��.J-->l>ll. -a *-J
fci��� <HamW-/M*4vVHa>
Sflknufftotaper of MINERAL WATE^ IJ
wr^Vfri<* (a����lBI
���XfMtl- '
T, 0. "BOX '162
rnoiik ao.....
fj i���r 'i ritam-i-mirr-i ���""������-���.��� -���.--"" -���*���--.�����- ...... ��� - - - ���-.., . ......^,T.nt r.|f , r:u-irrr.'-i, '
^tiaMNtVfiiMvw -tww���iiiTiriimiiri-i m   iiiummiii. .������wwinnwiiinniii rn wnnn wiwitmn wrrtrfi'Trirw^ii if nn '
it,    IP  i vjj   'a il.1!       .H.'l��      i ,.    ,.., 1.,
JlliOtU      'iWlJ      ,\'illiiijll|i)       r,(li!v��
hui'i'cjI)-cl  om     to ,1,'idysiiiiili,  on  Hy a,��
\Vi,��liit.,>'diiy   jii^hc  unci   wnckcci ���
t ih stUo mid tliat h
t'.e roniuvoi 'f tl,- ii:
Va-"Licnlnn   '
t-.iiti i1    ��� ,i".
III'  t'lW'M.
9 t
J\;. v;;'f!:,'W'BS'lW^':-2Q:-.HSgh:Grad'e Cycles
1 ?mhj*^ffi^Ml   Huiiibor,   Siiiivef,   Kn field
5v, ?    E      P ' '     /   .    \"      ''"      '"' ''"���    ��� ^ J'A>> r^'"^i*--v Or���* nnd   nflmv   wrl
��'.'���.','l.Vl-*-"..". ���."'-     i;i,'JWI1 HUliC'.-ia
iiuj)   ^oiicd, r
^.^if^rv-'^f "^vi'/i.^'^tly tluumiH   in transit   or [
.'���V.I''l'-'.'".-. ')l:* \. 1  "    \'�� .;'')"���'''"Ai      J/ ViM tniMii    t'miii   li!��i        lli'��    ,..,;/,..   lU
lllt'll     WC
li��     killed.    'I U.J    :ii'o\i-
uiav I"* "'Ui' '��!* it mny In* I'liLc,
About *H)'}   mililic.   u'i'h   ��'
Mlixilll't'lllih   have'    Uc'II     ���"H'li"
ti ��� N"iiir.iiiiic.i
n;i. V ��'" l>
t.r c'-ue Ut��rf-
Mrs. C. I). Oiilanc.i'is ��..     n. I"-'1'1'1-' f0 ���'
r. Jlj'i^-d   in I'i'iVii
niday tttftht on a \i>it im her;
rents. Mi-�����'"��� ���^''���i'  I:'v..t-s   Ab
t'wiMMar ,*, 1/
^ata' this -<   i


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