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The Cumberland News Jun 6, 1911

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���iimiimi' *'i i iirr*--*iniiiiTfoiw_i_-_rr^ ."
4h '*'"'"'
/ /���    ���
'   / A A >�� 'i
A Journal Devoted Bspeclally* to the Interest* of pom ox District.
,The News, Nineteenth Year.
Subscription $1.00 a Yesk
._,.,_ .* ji
.l)-<l.*>  'V
The Store
of* Quality
The Store
Of Quality
Mens Negligee and
Laundered Shirts
An immense showing in both lines
������-evety, line the very newest, and at
every price. ;.
A,splendid showing for summer.
Every pattern correct.
Straws in every Shape
Fedoras in almost every shade, and
��� the latest"blocks. * STIFF HATS
" fii^h^l iffeWsfiapein        ~:   ~
All we ask of you,is to,look them over.   .Tljcy sell themselves;
Simort Leiser 6c Co., Ltd���
Durismulr Ave.* " Cumberland.
Furniture and Household
, aaJ*M**tf**!k^a**4**a*t1^ *^tf5S
v Varnish
Cite' Etc.
L ' __________ *
T.. E, Bate, Cumberland.
Our Summer  Suits are    at
hand.      Quality  and  Prices
are Rioht,
The   following   goods   have
arrived   and are in  the best
of condition:
Laces and Embroideries,
CHngliams, .Prints. Testings,
Summer Dress Goods, Etc.
Agents for Pilsener Brewing Company's BHER
-.Wholesale Dealers in all Kinds of.
'   .   , Wines and Liquors.
' ******m**mr*al**i**a^
Narrow Escape
'Mr. E, B. Paul, inspector of
schools for Victoria and Grand
Muster of B.C. Masons, am vet. in
town on Thursday evening last,
and paid an olHciul visit to onr
local. Masonic lodge on Friday
evening. He left on Saturday for
Courtenay to visit the Masonic
lodge there.
ii ni'iwu'
Special Attraction
Miss Irene Hale in Classic Song At
the City Hail this Week.
Manager  Curtis has  secured
Miss Irene Hale for a short season.     The  San Francisco, Call
says:���Miss "Hale's art is such
that vocal capacity becomes a sec
ondary   consideration.      Vocal
gifts she has, but her personality
is so much more potent a factor
in her success, even on the con-
cert stage, that gifts and   deficiencies alike are lost sight of. She
is  always   the  embodiment of
what she snips, tjirl or goddess,
and ao jiMwt* nre her character.1
izations that oue forgets to analyze her higti noes; her  middle
register, or any other of the mere
uiaiiik^Uiiions oi' vocAiiz-atiou."
On Thursday night classical
music only will be rendered, both
instrumental aud vocal. Miss
Hale will sing a selection from a
well known Grand Opera.
The City Band has been engaged to furnish music for those
waiting on the outside for the
second perfoimance, and Baud
Mftsfpr Lewi* his srcuicd some
of the very latest selections for
thp baud for this special occasion.
togging Engine Plunges Fifteen feet
from Trestle.
Airs 0. IL Tfti'bcl'l nrrivod homo
froin Vancouver by Thursday's
John M. Jenkins, a well known
resident hero for many years, died
at the old Moii's Home, Ht Kiiin
loops, on Mny'82nd.
A; Long Tramp.
Deputy, Game Warden John
Gr ham, of, Nanaimo, and onr
local provincial constable Bert
Stephenson, stnrted from Alberni'
Sunday morning at 4: o'clock and
reached here at 8 o' clock Sunday
night, a distance of 82-J miles to
the head of'Comox Lake. Coming
over tho mountains they encountered about, two. feet of snow,
which made it rather arduous
walking, Bert, and tlio gnmo
warden, wo understand', wero on
tlie lookout for poachers who are
known to havo been persistently
infringing the provincial game
Dunsmuie Ave.
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
1 n
With its large number, of branches,, agents.and correspontksnts, The
Canadian Bank of.Commerce is ablo to effect collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rates. Rates will be quoted on
application..        .    . --
Cheques.and drafts on all countries of the world, c.rawn in sterling-,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles, or nny other foreign currency,
can be negotiated at The Canadian Hank of Commerce, at reasonable rates.
A donkey engine 'discharging
logs nt tho beach from Eraser's
logging eaiup suddenly toppled
bver,front,the track last Saturday
afternoon and plunged somoilfteon
feet into the mud lints loft dry, by
tlio receding tide, half burying itself iu tho mud. A mncli more
serious catastrophe wa* nvor.ed.by
only a narrow margin as*those on
the toppling engine leaped to safe
ty, Ernest Hoi wood was sitting
on tho platform of thu engine at
th'l Hint" 'uv. '.'.-HvU' '\ \"\iih\ t\"M\<-fn\'
to miilcr -jt.-i..<i.'... The dritur was
inside tho cab at the moment thu
engine left the trnck, and imitle a
running leaf) for safety, barely
saving himself as the engine took
the piiingo. It seems that a hook
used in hoisting the logs from the
cars hud in somo way failed to dis
engage nt Mio proper meinour, the
strain tilting the engine from the
rail*, It was a close call for both
the engineer and Ernie, and we
congratulate them on their lucky
Dr. Kerr, dentist, will Im at the
Cumberland Hotel on ami ttfitr
Saturday* June 10th.
Mr. Curtis, of. tho Electric
Theatre, arrived homo from Port,
land, Ore., on  Friday morning.
Mr. ami Win, A.���Mc*Kiiigiit]vtt
on Saturday for Vancouver, Mr,
Melvnightjuis resigned liis position
here as Superintendent of tho
Water Workb Company.
Mr. h, A; Mounce returned on
Thursday ovuuir.g hist from u trip
to Stettlui!,, Alberta.
The ifwiftbyteriim Sunday School
have arranged to hold their annual
picuicat ALiiiiird'H ijeaeii, on Cur-
ouarion Day, J.uuu22nd, l'arents
and friends of tho children are
cordially, invited.
Mr, Jiobortson,, colporteur of
the British and Foreign Bible
Society has been canvassing the
town and Valley. H" hardly
knows whether to attribute to indifference or to over supply the
I'nct. that his sales have not been
Ilcrt Aston, our local jeweler,
is becoming quite a diamond
specialist, having sold a iin in her
of diamond rings here at knockdown prices.
The Plea-taut Word Circle of
Grueo Methodist Church enter-
tninod the Young Men's Bible
Cla>s nt a social evening on the
tennis court aud in tho class room
lust, evening. The basket ball
contest between tho Whites and
Blues of tho V. M. R. C. was au
interesting feature of the evening,
Refreshments wore served" in thu
vestry, and all seemed to thoroughly enjoy the social time.
A small binsso occurred on Saturday night .about/ ll o'clock in
a, shed nt the rear of A.lI.PeaceyV
drug store, Tlie nhirm was quick
ly.responded to liy the Uro depart-*
ment who soon lu'td tho tire under
control, which might otherwise
huve proved a serious conflagration
 -.>.-" '.--"
Mr. IT, Crewe is in town, look
ing into the possibilities of erecting a skating rink in this city,
Dr. Kerr,   dentist,   will   visit
Courtonay from June lst to 10th.
FOR SALE���A good genoral
purpose horse. Apply K, Webster, City.
"Gambling" was the subject ot
the addrosB in the Methodist
church last Sunday evening in tho
series of addresses being gbVen on
"EviIb of To-day." Tito *ubjoet
for next Sunday evening i* to bo
"Lying." x A solo will be r-.iirif.rcd
during the service by Mr. A, "Inah,
ivoontly from Wales.
H.M.C S. Itninhow i* ut Comox ^
and loaves on the J 8th for CJoron ���
ntion festivities at Vancouver.
Miss Vivian Bate leaves on
Friday for New Westminster,
after spendingsix weeks* vacation
here at her home.
Kev. W. Ivifld, of Union Bay,)
will  preach in   tho Pitsbyteiian
church next Sunday, June ll.'hoth
morning and evening,
A social is to be held in tho
Metbodit-t Church next* Wednesday evoning. Thu lawns will of-
fvr ploa^ant indutvinontfi to social
enjoj^nteut, ond n.fr.'.htnents and
u A\x>.l tttt-euud }.it.gt;_-U...e v.ill
be provide! lHf��*r in the church,
*'_-��.���� jiuMie is cordially invit* ��i.
WW-UtW      WUWWiM.     mmfi.mfmlm'+ml    X\f 1        C*-m V> ��t    k-*A __*-.     mm* 4*A*A
tuer days for Women and Children.
Ladies' Wash Suits, blue, uile .uid cream,  **��� . aa
ex ra goC��d values at  4*^��Vv
! H I
Children's Pinafores, Uompers, .Sunshades, Jtounets,
Etc., Ktc.
Boxs'Wash Suits, in Buster and Blouse stjlcs, and
extra Blouses,
A new line of Lndien' Silk and Net Blouses. Collars,
aud Bow��, etc., JUST IN.
Gripipbell Bfos.
[__iHari.FXi '1     - ���        ,-'.-.��>**��� ,'*'���'��� '���/
'   ������������', I '.- '
���,/,   ���   <*r,-'.������.���.-.-w ���*������,"-*���"-���**:.    """p.:,-*"'
/, ' '
'  .    0 'l
-[\'�� 'JV
.._   'V *.,( '";,-������.���'.%'v-1,, ] ���.,,. (\ rt
tmajtitht, 1908. by th* HcClw* dee*-
,  ��u>*   Copyrfeti-. 1997. 19M. by
S-Uwtri Uwtnl Wkita
men. Then for the first time somebody
noticed that, nltbougb the tug had
come to a standstill, her screw was
still turning slowly over nnd over, holding her against tbe erratic strong Jerk-
"Bravechaps:    l.rnve chaps*    snld
Dr. Mc.Mtillen to Cnrroll. "Hut, do you
know, to my mind'.',the.bravest of them
all are "thut nigger nnd his tlrenum
nailed down In the hold where thoy
can't see nur Know 'what's going on."
The tug* had rounded tin- end,of the
pier. The tlrst ot tier thousand enemies, sweeping In trom the open, bad
struck her fair.     P
"She enn'*stand, that, all right," said
one of the lite saving crew.', "But wult
till she'drops down to the .vessels."
The Sprite was now iio distant that
tbe loom of the great sens swallowed
ber from riew save when she rose on
tbe crest of some mighty billow.
"There,'.she's' turned now]" cried
eoroe one.
Beneath the trail of black smoke
she had shifted direction. With startling swiftness the Sprite darted out of
the horluni Into full view. Kor tbe
first time the spectators realized0 tbe
size., and weight nf the seas. One moment the whole of her deck was visible, tbe nest her bow alone showed
high as the back suction caught her
and dragged her into the hollow. A
sea rose behind. Nothing of the tug
was to be seen. It seemed that no
power could prevent her being overwhelmed. Yet somehow always she
���staggered out of the gulf untilshe was
aeain cast forward like a chip.
"Maybe they ain't catchln' p'tlculBr
b��� at that wheel to hold her from
yawing!" muttered the tug captain.',
The Sprite rushed at the outer line
of breakers. The combers crested and
���fell with a roar, just as in milder
weather the surf breaks,on the beach.
A woman In the crowd screamed. But
at the edge of destruction the Sprite
came to a shuddering stop. Her powerful propellers had been., set to the
reverse. Thus she hovered on the edge
of the breakers, awaiting her chance.
If one of tne, waves should happen to
the tug on; her flat stern deck; would
indubitably bury her. The'.,situation
was awful In Its extreme simplicity.
Would Captain Mnrsh see his opportunity before the law of chances would
bring along the wave that; would overwhelm him?
Two or three of the townsmen walked np and down. One-woman prayed
aloud in short hysterical sentences.
"0 God. save them! 0 Lord. 0
Orde stood on top of a half burled
log, his entire being concentrated on
the maneuver being executed. Only
Newmnrk apparently remained as palm
as ever. ��� ,
Suddenly, without warning, occurred
one of those Inexplicable lulls that lu-
terposo often amid the wildest uproars. Between two waves the Sprite
darted forward directly for the nearest of the wrecks.
"She'll, collide."' some one shrlpked.
But the tng swerved and turned on a
Jong diagonal across the end of the
bar.     i
Marsh had chosen his moment with,
exactitude, lie had taken advnntago
of tho brief lull of Jumbled Hens after
tbo "threo largest waves" had swept
by. Yet ln shallow water and wltb
tbe strong inshore set. even thnt lull
was nil too short. The Sprite was
staggered by the breakers; her spped
was checked: her stern was dragged
around. She tore herself from tho
grasp of Iho current, lilnvelopod In a
blinding hail of spray, she struggled
desperately to extricate herself beforo
tbo resumption or tho Inrger sens
Hhould roll her over to destruction. Already these Inrger Bens were racing in
from the open.
fnr out In the hike against tbe tumbling horizon Carroll saw heave up for
n second tho shoulder of n mighty
wbvo. And Instinctively she perceived
this wave as o deadly enemy of tlm
littlo tug and huw It bending all its
great energies to hurrying in on timo
to catch the victim before It could escape. Her whole being wns concentrated in a continually shifting calculation of the respective dlMtnnccs between tho iug and the piers, tho tug
and the rolentleftoly udviiticlng wave.
"Oh. go!" she exhorted tho Sprite
under ber breath.
Huge and towering, iho woro enmo
on now en Italy nnd deliberately. Tho
Sprite wns oft the end of tho pier
whon the wuve lirted her, Just In tbe
noaltlrw h��r enemy would have selected to crush her life out ngulnnt tho
cribs. Slowly the tug rose ugiiiiiNl its
shoulder, wiih lifted onward, pulsed,
and then witb a swift forward thrust
tbo wave broke, smothering tho pier
and lighthouse beneath tons of wnter.
A IOW, MK*0lnM-*.i V��i��i- 4m.��.�� i'lutl. iim
cflDwd. And then-uud then-over beyond tho pier they saw gliding n battered blnck stnek from which still poured dellnnily clouds of gray smoke.
The Sprlto was wifo.
"I wonder If she git the line aboard."
speculated tbe tugboat captain nt last
Tho crowd surged over to tbe piers
again. Below thru, nine find fell the
Sprite. All the fnncy scrollwork of her j
upper works, the cornice of her deck t
house, the light rigging of her cabin, j
hnd disappeared. The mil smokestsck j
was bent awry.
At night "f Mftrvh tin* e-rnn-it *>nt up '
��� yell, lie paid no utii-oiion. Une of:
t|ie life saving men Inwd a mooring j
line nslioie.   it was M-mii hy a duxeii ,
'���Stifll collider some one shrieked.
lng of a slender rope that ran through
her stern chocks and Into the water.
"He got It aboard!" yelled the man,
Another cheer broke out
The life saving crew took charge.
It was necessary to pass the line
around the,end of the pier and back
to the beach. This was a dangerous
job and one requiring considerable
power and ingenuity, for the strain on
the line imposed by the waters was
terrific, and the breaking sens rendered work ou the piers extremely
A number of the curious lingered
about the Sprite. Marsh and Orde
were In consultation over tbe smashed
stern. Harvey leaned out his little
square door.
"No."   he   answered   a   query. , "I j nttie trouble."
Newmark explained tbat he bad real-'
ly been taking advantage of a lucky
"Otherwise." he' finished, "we
shouldn't bave been tble to get tbe
Job done for another year. If that big
Cronln contract goes through���well,
you know what tbat would mean in
the shipyards���nobody would get even
a look ln. And McLeod ts willing to
give us a price to keep bis men busy.
So, you see. I hud to close at once."
���'It's a good chance, nl 1 right," admitted Orde. "but It never occurred to
mc we'd build'any more vessels until
we'd recovered n little,"
"Recovered." Newmark repented
coldly. "I don't see whnt 'recovered'
bas to do with it If the roil! burned
down we'd rebuild, wouldn't we? And
ns we're making $15,000 a year out of
our freighting It seeraa to mo too good
a business to let slip Into other hands."
"I suppose so." ngreod Orde.
"Therefore   I   hnd lo net  without
lyou." Newmnrk finished,
.   "Of course." agreed Orde drearily.
"Joe." replied Orde, "I-I don't think,
I'll stay downtown this morning.   1"���]
Newmark glanced up keenly.
"You don't look well," said be; "kind
ot pale arouud the gills: bilious."
Orde closed bis desk and went out.
Newmark turned back to bis, papers.
From an inner pocket be produced a
cigar. Tbe corners of his mouth slowly curved in a grim smile.
Orde immediately set Into' motion the
machinery ot banking to borrow on tbe
California timber. Taylor took charge
of this, as the only man in Monrovia
who hnd Orde's confidence. At the
end of a necessary delay Orde received notice that the west had been beard
from. He stepped across the ball to
the lawyer's ofllce.
"Well, Frank," said he. "glad we
managed to push it through with so
Bo   an
Numberlng   Will
Elaborate Work.
Tt costs something to take the census   in  Canada.    The   appropriation
for the ptirpo.e is $1,000,000. but Mr.
Archibald   Blue,  the census commis-
At the A-3 of. 35 Years, Member For ��� R'onPr* -"ny" thnt the cost would ex-
n    ���      i    a       ___..._ .    _ i cewl this amount.
Regina Is Ons of the Strongest of      TN, commj5.ionf>rs W ho���n
the Government's Younger Supporters���He Graduated From Toronto University With Honors Iri
Thero  is
West ��� who,
appointed and th 'ir names will soon ba
announced.     There   are 2Hf ��� in   all.
Three permanent officers, *.. the Cen-
j stis Mureiiu will im a-.igned to meet
! the   commissioner*   nt   vnriou*   eon-
. j venient   points   throughout   the  Do-
a  youns  man  from  the ; niiiuon.   Thero will prnbn'hlv' be four
since -he entered   Pnrlia- | or live meeting places in Ontario and
years of age. won Regina for Uie Lib- j MaritwieTrovlncc7'..ndF'one in" each
end party by ix large majority, and   0f   the   Western   province*.   The in
ment in 1008   has comei to the,front | th* Fame number in Quebec.    Ther
rapidly.   William Melville Martin, 35 , y,\\\ |)P   one   m0etinc   place   in   th
-���__.l-._-       _lf      nmi l!l__--<-       Dllrllnn       t _- _.       ll>_.       T    ��1. t      �� _. .. _. . . ~ _T
he is the admitted lender of the younger set of Western supporters of Sir
Wilfrid Laurier in the House.   Thut
wasn't what you all would call scairt���
that is, not really scairt���Jess a little
ne'vous. All 1 bad to do was to feed
ber slabs and listen foh my bell. Tou
see, Cap'n Mn'sh. he was In cha'ge."
"No. sir." Captain Marsh was saying
emphatically to his employer. "1 can't
figure it out except on one thing. You
see. it's stove from underneath. A sea
would have smashed it from above.
That last sea must 've lifted us bodily
right over tbe coruer ot the pier."
"Well, maybe." assented Orde doubtfully.
"Sure thing." repeated Marsh, with
"Well, you'd better not tell 'em so
man Ananias." ended Orde.
The wild and picturesque work of
rescue was under way. The line bad
been successfully brought to the left
of the lighthouse. To It had been attached the rope and to that the heavy
cable. These the crew of the schooner
had dragged out and made fast to a
mast The shore end passed over*a
tall scissors. When the cable was
tightened the breeches buoy was put
into commission, and before long the
first member of the crew was hauled
ashore, plunging tn and out of the
waves as tbe rope tightened or slackened. Ho was a flaxen haired Norwegian. .The crew and its volunteers
worked quickly. Cnrroll and Mina
stayed until dusk and after, watching |
Taylor arose, shut carefully the door
into his outer office, walked to the
window,   looked  contemplatively  out
upon the hotel back yard and returned
to his desk.
"But there is trouble," said be curtly.
"What's tbe matter'/" asked Orde.
"The banks refuse tbe loan."
Orde stared at him In blank astonishment.
"What  grounds can they  possibly
have for that?"
"It's about the title,"
"But 1 thought*5 you went over tbe
"I did," stated Taylor emphatically,
"and I'll stake my reputation as a law-
_yop���tha .-everything _ls__strnlght,_aiKl_
clear from the land oflice Itselt. I've
wired for an explanation, and we
ought surely to know something definite by tomorrow."
For the first lime in his business career a real anxiety giiiiw-t*d Orde's vitals.He bad been lu many tight
places, but* 'somehow heretofore success or failure had seemed to ftlrh
about immaterial, like points gained
or conceded In the gnine. Now the
game itself was at Issue.-* Property,
-reputation   and
were at stake.   Therefore he awaited
further news .wltb. till' greatest Impatience.
The message came the following day.
he will go far in Federal politics is
the ilrm opinion of his political
friends and foes. It seemed inevitable a short time ago that Mr. Martin
would be transferred to the provincial sphere, but so far the blow .has
i not fallen. A splendid speaker, filled
witp- Western optimism, a graduate of
Toronto University, where he took
honors in art- and classics, Mr. Martin has no difficulty at all in catching the ear of the' House. He. is one
of a young band surrounding Sir Wilfrid Laurier, filled with the fire of
militant  Liberalism.
struotions to the enumerators will he
given in May. Thp latter hnve not
ns yet been appointed.    Aotunl work
i on   the   census \ will   be   commenced
i June 1.
It has been orraneed that the factors or district managers ot the Hudson Bav Co. will take the census -it
the different stations of thia company, and one of the principnl of-.
ficers of the company has been appointed a commissioner, The Indian
agents of, the Government will take
the census at Indian asencies. They
will receive instructions direct from
the Census Bureau and report to it
instead of to the Department of In-
diun Affairs. At the last census there
were J),1...00 full-blood Indians in
Cr.nada and 34.4P1 hnlf-hreeds. It ii
expected that the ahoriginie., while
not showing any great inciea.e. will
be able to hold their own. While
perhaps the most marked increase, in
lhe population of C.nadn will be
found in the cities, rapid strides havo
been made in the rural districts of
OnM-io nnd the West. The Provinces
of Saskatchewan and Albprta will, it
is expected, show the iireate.t increase. Manitoba will show a substantial pain, but the province is a
comparatively small one and a larv?e
portion of it has been settled for
the long heavy labor of rescue.   The   pected."
women making, the hot coffee found
their services becoming vuluablo., Big
Ores of driftwood wore ignited. Tbey
wore useful for light us well ub
warmth. ,, ���*'..���>'
Ordo discovered tho two glrln and
drew Carroll ono side.
"You'd better go homo now, sweetheart." said he. "Bobby '1! be wultlng
for you."
"I suppose so." she assented. "But
hasn't It been exciting? Whoso vessels wero they, do you knowV"
Orde glanced nt her strangejy.
"They were ours," said he,
A Prophecy Fulfilled.
���It-is- reiated-of-Albert-Pell rthat-line-
old English gentleman whose whole
life was devoted to the reform of the
Rp-'lish poor laws and to the general
uplifting and improvement of the condition, moral, social, and political, uf
the English agricultural laborer, that
one of the first well-known men whom
he met as a small boy ��� was Wilber-
fcorce, wlio.'used."to stay with his father, Sir' Albert Pell, in the country.'-,
When one of the Pell's friends was
an infant in arms, his nurse was
.swept by an election to the very foot
the family's future -of* York hustings at a famous contest
for the county in which Wilbertorce
wns one of'the principal actors. With
all the earnestness and vigor which
distinguished him, he was pressing
his benetici..nt views on the abolition
of r' 'very.
Curried away by the depths of bis
convictions and enthusiastic .inspiration,* he reached over the balcony, and
snatching the baby from the' arms of
its* astonished nurse, held It up over
his head in the face of the people
exclfiminct��� "See this nnd hear my
prophecy! Before t'-is child dies there
will, not.be a white man in tho world
owning a slave."
Pell's friend survived the Civil W-ir
in the . United States, and virtually
Wilberforce's prophecy was fulfilled.
Land   oilice Under investigation.**
Orde rend.    "FraudulPtit entries bus-
,111)1'. mounted tlie ollleo stttlri
next dny with a vory heavy
step. Tho loss of tho North
Btar and of tho two schooners
meant it gMii deal to him ut that tlmo,
"1 can't understand why Floyd ntnrt-
cd," wild ordo. "He ought to know
bottor than to face sure prospects of a
fall blow. I'll tun his soul for that,
all right."
"I'm partly responsible," said Now-
"you!" cried Orde.
"yes. You see that Smith & Mab-
Icy shipment wns Important enough to
strain u point, for-tind It's only twenty-lour hours or st�����unu it ceriuimy
i_!<-'i'_ lomU uh It H u*-m* Ki>\u�� to bloti'.
Poor Floyd reels bnd enough."
Orde begun to uppreclnto his circumstances. Tho loss on the cargo of
"uppers" represented $20,000 In tnouoy,
,\" fr;r ?!;;*  N*���*-*.'"-I   ftur ntirl   imp cnn.
sorts, save for the insurance, they
wero simply eliminated. The loss of
*IR>,000 or so on them, however, did
not mean n diminution of tho company's present cash resources to that
amount nnd ����� did not Immediately
nffw't Orde's ciUcuhUlaos. ���*, to the
payment of the notes which wero now
uoon to come due,
Orde disappeared for a week, his
organizing nbllliles claimed for the
distribution of the rond crews. When
he ret ur net) to the ofllce Newmnrk
*howed him <*otitrnct�� for the construction of three new vessels.
"I get them for $.V��.000." *n!d he,
"with $.'10,000 of It on long time."
"Without    consulting    me!"    cried
Tnyior glanced up nl Orde with commiseration.
"They simply won't lend money on
nn uncertainty." snld he.
"Frank," said Ordo, rousing himself,
"I've got to be hem I couldn't' get
awny If my life depended on* It. I
want you to go to California nnd Ionic
nfter those Inleresln for me. Mnko
whnt'arrangements joii please, but go.
It'll be like n sort of .vacation to you.
And I'll mnke It worth your while.
Tnke Clnru with you, Now. strnlghtPQ
It out its quick or you run. Borrow;
thnt money on It nnd send It on
p.d. ri."
Tnyior hesitated. "All right," ho snld
nt Inst.
"Good!" cried Onlo, rising nnd hold-
Ing out hln hand. lie made hln wny to
the ofllce of the Welton Lumber company.
"Look hero. Weltiin," he demanded
abruptly when lie hnd reached that
operulbr's private tilllre. "how much of
a cut nro' you gnlim to mnke* thii
"About 20.000.000," replied Welton.
".lust figuring on lhe drive." snld
Ordo, nodding n fiiiwell
Ho then drove in tlie oillces or nil tho
mon owning timber mi ih��> river When
ho hnd collected hln, sin list Ior ho returned to his desk,,where he tilled tho
bnckn of several envelopes wllh his
characteristically niliiute ligurcs. Ho
nodded his head vl-awrously.
"Joo." he culled iiitoks to bis partner. "I'm going to cut that wholo 40,-
000.000 we hnve left,"
"Do you think yoii cnn do it? It'i
two years' work."
"Sure thing." ronll.il Orde, Then to
hlmsolf lie added. "I'v-t* got to,"
���-    -jp
(To be continued.)
Flrnt Weeleyan Methodist Peer.
The death of Lord Wolverhampton
recalls tho rather curious coincidence
thnt he, Lord Cnvr'ngton, an<l Lord Klein, who snt'-together in the Into Sir
Henry Cnmphell-Bnnnermnn's Cabinet, were nil born on the same dav o'
tho yonr���vin,, Mny 10th. A powerful
speaker, Lord Wolverhampton never
wrote out his speeches His plan wok
to saturate his mind with the facts,
nnd then to mako a few notes of the
ordor in which ho proposed to di.nl
with tlicm in hiH speech. "If you
would l^r-oni'1 n -grcnt sponsor," he
onoo snid, "practice, practice, prne.
lice, nnd nlwuy. hp sure of yonr
foots," He wn. the llrt��t wlieilor nnd
one of tlm firm Nonconformist- to be
admitted to the Onblnot, n# well ait
the llrst Wosleynn Methodist to be
niisccl to tho peerage,
Tho 10,000,000 inhnhitnn-U of Cnn-
cfiF.li! nro mndo up of- tho remnants
of many ancient nonmdlo tribes. According to UtiR.iiin litiitiHtio-, only
2,500,000 nro Uiisslnns, 1,000,000 are
Armenians, 1,600,000 Tnrtnri nnd
Qeorgiuns, while tho re.t nro principally Mohnntmctlnn tribes. It is
niwted that thero nrn thirty different longuuguB and diuiects upoke.n in
Dry mitil ,t$eS_t .Mr.
A cubic loot of dry air weighs more
thnn n cubic loot of moi. t sir nt the
same temperature and pren.nrp. The
addition oi vnpor to it cubic foot ol
drv nir enlnn.f��- the volume of the
mixture if the nir is free to expand,
as  in  the  ntmoiiphpro,  and   ng   thu
Hamar Greenwood's Tip.
In a recent article it was stated that
if Mr.. Hamar Orepnwood once con-
quprcl the British House of Commons
nothing seemed to be in the path of,
a brilliant career. Mr. Greenwood
quick'y signalized his return to the
House by making.a speech, the second
of^ his career, the opportunity being
afforded by the precipitation of a tariff discussion which enabled Mr.,
Greenwood to tell what he knows
about* Canada.
In some ways Mr. Greenwood's ca-
" rnJ7~hTasT bfie n~a"ni fifve 1 "r" H e" w e n t't o"
Englnnd immediately after graduating
from the University of Toronto, without friends, without fortune, without
anything but his own personality. A
story is told o* him which is probably
aiJ.cryphal but well illustrates the
Greenwood temperament. It is related that on one occasion when Greenwood was., lecturing in"-.the cause of
temperance, he was a.guert.nt a grand
country house in the English "village
when, ho was to speak. In the morning a valet entered the guest chamber'
an*, proceeded to arrange Mr. Greenwood's apparel. Out of a- trousers'
pocket dropped a two-and-sixpence,
which wan,'as it happened, at the mo-
merit the entire liquid capital of the
coming statesman. After a time the
gucbt- opened his eyes The valet who,
no doubt, had his own impressions
about the meagre contents of the
guest's pockets, remarkei: "The two-
and-sixpence which dropped out of
your pocket I have, laid unthe table,
sir." Greenwood's reply camo brick,
"Oh! thnt is fc you,,riiy man, llcft
; it in thnt pocket for you in caso I did
not waken."
Those days nro not bo long since,
hut in another sense nre far away.
Apart from politics, Mr. Greenwood's
lnw practice is now understood to bo
exceedingly romuno*-tivo.
i*       *       *
Whlmi ahd Fads.
Sir .lames Whitnoy, Premier of Ontario, likes oratices almost as well as
the Hon. Ro'dolnhn" Lemieux, Post-
mnstor-Gonoral, likes candies.
Provincial* Treasurer MnthoBon of
Ontario, lor rocrention, rends books of
advent uro and. lovo stories.
"Hilly" Moore, tho Mnckenzio and
Mann iiide-de-enmp, litis a horror of
ill-troatlng dumb animals.
Crown Attorney'-Corley oi Toronto
tins a big library and Apoixls most
of ..Is ovonlngB in it.
Judgo Idington of tho Supremo
Court for n long timo regarded tlio
telephone as nn undesirable .innovation.
Chairman Mnhon of the Domhiiflii
Railway CommlHsion is an urdont
Hon. William Patorson, Minister nl
Customs, Ih never ho happy ��tt when
hn stonln away to tho smoking room
during a debute, puts his foul up on a
oh nir, nnd roiuln it newspaper,
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Imh made It a
llfo-Wip rule not to bo Interviewed,
Ho.i S. H. Make is a'keen student
of cartoons, nnd nn admirer of Fur-
City Architect McCnllum of Toronto
lion a prejudlco against wlro nnilH, Ho
declares    that    thoy    mako    fluom
"Oiki of Dr. nenttio Nenbitt's most
KrueHomo jokes wns an itttctupt to (it
his well-rounded pi-rfioniility into each
of a series of cofllns.���Toronto Weekly
Stir. '���''
The Ancient Port and , Dockyard*
Made Famous aa the Temporary
Home of Great English Seamen l��
Now Training Admirals ��� Day* of *"'
War With France Were Busy Ona��
In  the   Naval   Depot.
Th�� Halifax dockyrd, once famouf
in the annals of Britain's conquests,
has again resumed importance as a
naval ba.o, says W. H. Dennis in The
Globe. With the arrival' of the cruiser Niobe, the first vessel in the east,
to fo**m the nucleus of the Canadian.
Navy, and the fitting up of the Nara_
Hospital as a college ior tho training
of cadets, this once-noted naval yard
has taken on a little of its old-time
activity. When the American colonies
that now form tiie United States re-'
volted from the mother country the,
Halifax docky-ard became the only,
naval base on this side of the Atlantic. But.beforo the days*of the revolution Halifax had been the rendezvous
of the famous expedition that gathered for the conquest of Louisburg and
Here Boscowen and Sir Charles
Hardy refreshed their fleet and waited the coming of Gen. Amherst, preparatory to their famous attack on the '
Dunkirk of America, and a year afterwards Admiral Saunders-and Gen.
Wolfe gailed out of the harbor to the
conquest of Quebec. The most celebrated nanies connected with the
naval warfare appear in the record*
of thi* yard. On two tablets until
recently in the Admiralty House,
Halifax, are inscribed the names of
many of the most distinguished Admirals of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries,
In the old troubled days when war
vexed Europe and America, there
were stirring timet, in Halifax. The
harbor thronged with ships of war,
or valuable prizes captured from the
enemy. A great number of 'people
found employment in the dockyard as
shipwrights, caulkers, smiths and rig-j
gers. British men-of-war and capturr!
ed French frigates had to be repaired, after hot battles on the high seas,
and in war timet, a large staff of
mechanics was constantly engaged in
this work. ,
In   the  dockyard   records   we   find
many orders similar to the following r
"Halifax Yard, Sept. 4, 1805.
Hard Position to Fill.
i.mployrnent Agent*���Why do you
leave a place In which you hnvo worked iu mnny years!
Jomostic���Well, ynu see, tbe mi.mi*
die' last month.
"Tliu boutx.   i.  loii.ty   now, I  fcup.
" 'Tftin't that,
is dind the uifusti'f bloitu-g tvtrything'
on mu."
T!ii N'c.v Art O...!..���"}-.
, ...   ...   ,..,   ���,, ,   ......    Thn n.nv nntionnlnrt gallery ofW
i vapor hns only ni.out two-thlrds thd | ��'���" I" oxpectod to be opened in about
density of dry air nt tho tamo (em- throe mon lis. The occasion, nl Um
pcrnttire and pre..ure the density of opening wi 1 bo mndo nn ofllcinl tunc-
'��� ���' *       ���       ...-'.      don fnr which invitations )o promi
nent artists nnd public men will bo
fannmi On nccnunf of limited space of
the gallery no exhibitions will be held
in it. but students will bo given an
opportunity to copy pictures wheu
tb *y desiro to do so.
tho mixture W lesj thnn thnt of dry
Cott oi Secret Service,
ffttt    if*    Ultl'XmXX   MVl.-t     �����-!.'U��-     111 i
���-.in expended    ��%V.V.��0   out    ot  tin
I2M..00O voted, during u.v yuar WOO-lO
P����t  In Frontinae.
According to a statement by .1. G,
.,       , MoNulty, ninnnger of the Ontario Ex-
I now the iniMti*   pl0r��lion Syndicate, Frontennc Count*
"""" wi��. have groat profit some dny from
the peat industry.   Thero nre thou-
s��nd���� of ncrr�� of  -wmI   peat  in  tint
notthern   part  of   the   county,   and
there  \��  b��-ln-v��*��l  to  be  i-nuuijli  voul',
��t ft fair depth to supply all eastern j
Ontario. i
A Woman's Farm.
A voting womnn named Hillmnn it
the -ii-th * head of n profitable f��rm
of nearly 2.0WI acres nesr Moosejaw,
Fask. She recently refused a position
on the directornlo of the Canadian
Grain drawers' Association.
"The blacksmiths to be employed
from 5 o'clock in the morning until
9 o'clock at night,
(Signed) "John N. Inglefeed,
. "Commissioner, H.M. Navy Yard."
:   And  again  we find a reference to
'the activity in the yard on Feb. 13,
1801.    Ellas  Marshall;   master shipwright,  and   J;  Jackson,  maater-at-
aims,  report to  Sir William  Parker
"concerning the erection of buildings
in  the dockyard.    They report that,
they could not be erected on account
of scarcity of men, paused by employ-
ment' on the hospital.
In old days the piers and jetties
|of the dockyard echoed to the songs
of the jolly jack-tars that have made
the story of Great Britain', prowess
upon the seas a world-stirring drama. Famous captains have passed,
in and out of its pillared gates; have
married and lived within its walls.
Nelson's renowned captains have given their orders to tho master, shipwrights after hulls and riggings of
their ships hod encountered the storm
of battle or felt the fury of the elements.*'' "''""
On Nov. 17, 1807, a fashionable-
wodding took place at Halifax which
constituted one of the interests in
local society circlea 61 that time. Sir
Thomas Harflyi one of Nelson's, famous, captains, had arrived in' Halifax
in October, aftor his ship, the Triumph, with Borneo! the North American fleet, had boen engaged watching-
a number of the French men-of-war
shut up in Chesapeake Bay, When
the gallant captain, under order*-
from his chief, Admiral Sir George
Oranfleld Berkeley, was ordered to-
Halifax to refit and repair ho little*
drennwd that at Halifax dookynrd ho
was fated to ment his future wife,
in the person of tho charming dnugh-
tor of tho commander of tho North.
Amoriciui htntion. The brave commander of tho Triumph, thon 38 yearn-
of nge, was not long in port before'
ho surrendered to tho churni* of Miss
Louise Emily Borkoloy, daughter of
.Admirnl Borkoley, and grnndttnughter
of Lord Lonnox,
Tho navul hospital, which is being-
fltbKl up to rocolvo tho nnvnl cadet��r
nnd which is to ho tho collego, is n
plain brick building situated nt tho
north  extremity  of  tho  ynrd.    Thn
111111(1111" in not vory old, being'built
about  tho onrly  sixties of tho Imt
century.   Th.* Ilrtft hospital for sielc
nnd disabled soamen was built during the period of the American revolution.   It wns destroyed by fire in tho*
enrly yenr* of tho nineteenth century,
ft is more thun "thirty yenrs since
Iho Inst wooden thrco-dockor met He
fnto  ut  a   ��hip   breaker's  hands   in
niilifc.::.   Thnt ship -"-V the PvrnTt.u��
I and hnd long outlnRtod Its oompnn-
I ions,   huvins?  sorved   as  a  boating
j mn<tnrini> nt the dockynrd.   To what
chip the   figurehead nt Hnlifax* belonged  if not known, nnd trndition
snys nothitiB ot its history.   It i_ the-
1 t,n)y .,.r,.i>.r.t left of the ��*irrintr dnv��
j when Grout Britain's fleet fought in
i many pnrttt of the world.
I    The  nuval  officials  in  the   yard,
A with one or two exceptions, nre Kng-
I lish  naval  officers.   Cnptnin   Mnrtirv
t holds the position of Commnnder of
j the Ynrd, Commander of thi* Nnvnl
j College, am. Commander of the cruih-
! er  Cannes.    The  Canndn  hnt.  been-
, tin; I.itgaliip of the Canadian fishery
! probation fleet, arid ha* alwny* been.,
i eonducte<l on royal navy lines.   Sho^
; is, strictly tpcaking, Oie pioneer ship* ���
, of tho Canadian navy.   All her oill-
I cers are KnglUhmen.
I     The Naval College opened on Jan,
\ lfi, with a clans of 21 cadet**, from*
'������ wh^o numberh Canada's future a I*
! mitals and captain* will bo ohcmiii. .,' --.-I ��������� ; - ���������.A_.ft.tMn'. i UV .**-,-**.������������������������ \>^i iT^Tf^TT^TT^  I'lfaliillli^  1''    '     f   -        r -    .   '.; s .'* ���������'   "���������"* *-.*��������� ', -" i *-v.", ���������*>������!<���������    - - fl ���������  tMntmammnwtifwiimi  ���������v   '#  ab  '-v-'.  ���������>������������������ : **.*..  THE   NEWS:,   CUMBERLAND;   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  \  MADE IN CANADA  HH      fl^B   WhmH' MHB       .hPBbhB^A       H_M____n_]__f  YEAST  CAKES  MOST PERFECT MADE    <  Has been Canada's favorite  Yeast over a quarter of a  century. Enough for 5 cts  to produce 50 large loaves  n of fine, wholesome, * nourishing, home-made bread.  Do not experiment���������there  is nothing Mjust as good."  E. W. CILLKTT CO. 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The same J.P. once directed a jury  to find that the deceased committed  "self-suicide," and this time even the  local paper began to make remarks.  So next day his worship explained  things from the bench. "I wouldn't  have minded if I'd said it," he snorted indignantly, "but I didn't. What 1  said was the deceased committed suicide himself.   And so hi, did!"  Even at social gatherings one J.P.  did not fail to distinguish himself.  At an up-country concert, in the Tara-  naki District of New Zealand, at  which tin chairma.1 was a local J.P.  the following startling announcement  Vv'.s made from thechair: "Ladies and  .S������^len^J_^^nexLhltem___p.n_the_  program "is a uu'et liy Mr. Hantirews."  The latter, gentleman approached the  chairman with "I can't perform a  duet by' myself. If I played by myself,-that would be a solo.. Miss Smith  und I will play the duet." The chairman, rising again, with due gravity,  said: "Ladies and gentlemen, Mr.  Handrews' ses 'e's unable to perform  a duet by 'iniself, but Miss Smith and  'e will play a solo I"  It is even now a recognized fact  that neither intellectual capacity, nor  education, knowledge of law, etc.. p:i-  ters into the consideration ot qualifications for the position of a Justice of  the Peace,' in comparison with-, the  claims that may have been established by services rendered in connection  with electioneering to candidates of  the right color in the judgment of tho  Government of the day; hut it is interesting to note that in New Zealand  the line was recently drawn with re-  fnird to a recipient of charitable aid.  t is not surprising, in the circurn-  stancos. tn f'nd that applications of  tho following description are occasionally received by members of the  Upper Houso:  "Sir,���������What about J.P. you niniti,  promiss abont? i soo Ji. Solomons 1?  ono,' i think i am u fltur man than:  him and Shaw. Poor then dotl't get  no justieo way things is, you ort to lie.  ishamed yourself, not to have mo,on,  others got on. i won't vote for you no  more,'and when i won't nobody in out  street will nithor.--Yi.ur icHpaetfly."  Society "Wasters."  A curious:"coincidence linl.a th*!  tragedy* of Lord Loiirim's brother,  who, after clieapperiring four, ycarc  'iiflfo, in reported to huvo boon found  buried in a grave in the I.lo ni  Wight, nnd tlio fact that "Mlas El.  Initio Cecil," who ia nppoarlnir in  "The Girl in the Train" nt tho Vim-  dnvlllo, is no Icm n person than'tlm  Hon. Helen C<?cll Douglas. Scott-  Montagu, the elder daughter of Lord  Montagu of llenulieu. Lord I.eitrim'*  brother disappeared to onrtt hi. own  livintf, hoottu.o ho found society  "arttliclnl nnd unreal," To quote hl������  own words further, "I finally decided  that K I stuck"to London drawing-  rooms my,life "would ferment Into  mere froth like those of the nobility  around me." And -Ml.a* "Cecil" i_  cmiiilly btrong in hor condemnation  of London society. "Whnt nort of  people," sho gnya, "gravitate toward,  so-called .oeietyP Wnstori. I may  bo young,, hut I know what I like,  and It is certainly not that vaennt  thing tho weekly papers call nooloty."  Lord Montagu himself i. a man  who prefer, work lo nn idlo cxlnt-  ence, and since ins Oxiortf any*.  ���������when he mlithixuhheH hhinmU im mi  athlete, he hns earned n reputation  n������ u journullst, onglnoor, sclontUt,  nnd nil-round sportsman. For four,  teen yonra he wns M.P. for tho l^nxy  Forest Division of Humpshlre. An  opposition carwa._i.r, -who onto  .ought an elector'* yoto, wns met  with tho roplys "No, sir j I elects the  Hon'rablo Motor-Bioko" ��������� clootu'iit  testimony to tho "motor-bloke's"  popularity. Lord Montagu win the  flr*t man to tnko King Edward for a  motor-ride.  "My dear," said a- wife who had  been married three years, as site  beamed across the table on her, lord  and master, "tell me what first attracted you to me? What pleasant  characteristic did I possess which  placed me above other women in your  sight?"  .  And  her  lord   and  master  simply  said���������"I give it up,"  Portland cement cost $3 a barrel in  1880, but because of the improvements made in its manufacture it .is  profitably sold for 81 cents a barrel  at present.   ���������  SPRING IMPURITIES  IMJHE BLOOD  MAKE    THE    USE   OF   A   TONIC  MEDICINE A NECESSITY  Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are an all  year round tonic, blood-builder,* and  nerve-restorer. ���������' But they are especially valuable in the spring when the  system is loaded with impurities as  a result of .the indoor life of the long  winter months. There is no other season when the blood is really so much  in need of purifying and enriching,  and every dose of these Pills helps to  make new, rich, red blood. In the  spring one feels tired and'weak���������Dr.  Williams' Pink Pills give strength.  In the spring the- appetite is often  poor-���������Dr. Williams' Pink Pills develop the appetite, .tone the stomach  and aid weak digestion. It is in the  spring that poisons in the blood find  an outlet in disfiguring pimples, eruptions and boils���������Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills speedily clear the skin because  they'go * to"'tlie'root~pf" tlie~trdubl .Tin  the blood. In the spring anaemia, rheumatism, neuralgia, and many other  troubles, are most- persistent because  of poor weak- blood, and it is at this  time, when all nature regains life,  that the blood most seriously needs  attention. To improve and fortify the  blood is the special mission of Dr.  Williams1 Pink Pills, and that is why  they are the best spring medicine in  existence. If you feel the need of a  medicine this spring give Dr, Williams' Pink Pills a fair trial and you  will rejoice in new health, new  strength nnd new energy, and will be  especially fitted to stand tho torrid  heat which comes a little later.   ���������  These Pills are sold by all medicine  dealers or sent by mail at 50 cents  a box, or six boxes for $2.50 by The  Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brock-  ville, Ont.  "Too true,"  "What are you going to do about  "Get married.  "Some of the greatest classical composers did not make nny .money,"  snid the guest at the musical. "Yes."  answered Mr.1 Cumrox, "thnt thought  is about the only thing that gives me  any comfort when I listen to tha  things they composed."  HOW   t6"~SAVE~ MONEY  First Venerable Man���������"I met old  Bill James just now, and he had the  nssttronee to tell nie that ho felt tis  fresh as a two-year-old."  Second Venerable Man���������"Likely he  meant a two-yonr-old egg."  Mlnard's Liniment for sale everywhere  ��������� ), ���������     ..    There is such a thing ns luck, but  jt is in men, not in things.  Theie Pllli Ouro, Rh*umntl������m.~To tho  manv who suffer from rheumatism a trial  of I'nrmoloo'H Vocotablo Pllln Ib rcoom-  rnonded. Thev hove pronounced action  upon tho liver and kldneyo and by regit*  l..tl.)Bf tlio notion of thoi������o or una. act an  an alternative in preventing the admixture of iirlii .eld and blond that eauRen  thin painful dl .ordor.. Thoy mtiflt bo  token ocoordlnii to directions and used  Htcadlly nnd thoy will speedily give evidence of their beneflciiil effects.  Interesting    Facts    Connected  Consort's Headgear.  Those who go to see the regalia at  the Tower of London often make dis-  ��������� paraging remarks regarding the crown  And you are losing your beauty." ' designated, as that, of the Queen-Con-  'It's all gone, ma." sort, and' certainly, beside the splen-  It really is.   And so is your plump-, Uors of tho imperial crown, with the  ncs13- ' 'i oblong Star-of Africa, the lUthy of tho  . (I m nothing but skin and bones." j Black Prince, and the York Sapphire,  There's no denying   it���������   my dear. | it   appeals   somewhat    insignificant.  lou are a mere wreck of your former) The facts, however,   relating to the  self* ' crown of'the consort are by no moans  generally known, and in the elaborate extant descriptions of past coronations the chief attention has been  directed to the 'sovereign with very  littlo more than bare mention of the  "royal ornaments" of his,wife. None  the less, there is an intcre.ting aspect to the question, especially when  all are thinking of.the detail, of-next  June's great solemnity, when th.  Queen's crown, now in course of making,^ will attract" all. eyes.  Iri* the. old regalia,/ destroyed by  Parliamentary order in 1640, there  were two crowns associated witb the  queens. First, wag that entered in  the inventory that was made ns:  "The'Queene's Crown of Massy gold,  weighing three pounds ten ounce?,  enriched with 20 sapphires, 22 rubies  bainss. 83 pearles. The gold (flv-.  ounces being abated for the weight of  the stones) valued at ������40 a lb., the  sapphires at ������120, rubies at ������40, and  the pearls at ������41 10s." The entire  value was set down at ������338. Of greater interest, however, is the entry a.  to Queen Edith's crown, she, of  course, being the wife of Edward'the  Confessor-. Whether this was but  traditionally associated with her, it  is in these days impossible to say,  for learned antiquarian research ha.  not established much as to the old  regalia; but the Puritan valuers had  little respect for any ancient or saintly associations, and contemptuously  appraised this at ������16, with the explanation, "formerly thought to be of  massy goulde, but upon trial found  to be of silver gilt, enriched, with  garnett., foule pearle, sapphires, and  some odd stones." Only one representation of it is known to exist, and  that may be seen in the picture of  Queen Henrietta Maria in the.National Portrait Gallery, where it is at tho  side of her majesty.  The crown now known as the  "Consort's Crown" was the one made  for Mary of'Modena, wife of James  II. Originally this was probably a  notable example of Stuart jewellers'  craft in fine gold. The design' was of  crosses and fleurs de lis, and the  arches met in a- mound or orb surmounted by a cross. The jewels used  .were diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and  pearls, and were of great value; but  "iris'-st'ated-'that'manyof'these'were"-"  subsequently removed for other purposes, and very inferior stones'substituted for them. '��������� It has a cap or  lining of ruby-purple velvet, and a  narrow line of ermine is shown where  it rests upon the hair. At the' same  time was made the ivory rod, and  this has been borne by all our  queens-consort , since. The crown,  however, in more, modern days has  not been used, and the title, therefore,  has become misleading.  Another crown there is in tlie regalia/which wu-*made for Mary II.,  at her saering jointly with William of  Orange. It is, not of any specinl  value or beauty, though, of course, it  wns used in a ceremony that is  unique in our coronation annnls.  With it is the gold rod or sceptre,  also specially made for her.  'A Pointer to Housekeepers  Look at the financial side of Zam-  Buk's use. A cut sustained in the  home, the store, or the workshop, a  sore which is unattended, results, say,  in festering or blood-poisoning. You  hnve to lay off for i\ day or two. What  does that mean when pay day comes  round? Zam-Buk insures you against  that loss! A little Zam-Buk applied  to such an injury prevents all danger of blood-poisoning, takes out the  smarting and heals.  Heads of families know how costly  doctoring is. Be wise and act, on the  preventive line. A box of Zam-Buk  in the home is so all-round useful,,  ���������The baby's rashes, the older children's cuts and bruises, the inevitable  burn, cut, or scald���������for all these, as  well as for more serious ailments,  such as piles, ulcers, eczema, ringworm, etc., Zam-Buk is without" a  rival.  Dangers of Shaving.���������You get n cut  at the barber's shop. ��������� A little Zam-  Buk smeared on the wound prevents  all danger. If any ailment has been  contracted, Zam-Buk cures. Mr.  George Hobden, 108 Manitoba street,  St. Thomas. Ontario, says: "I contracted barbels rash, and the whole  of0 my left cheek broke out in one  mas. of rod, watery pimples and  sores. These'spread to the other parts  of my face, until my face and neck  were covered with running sores.  How far the disease would have  spread had it, not been for Zam-Buk,  I don't know. I applied this balm/  and in a short time Zam-Buk effected  a complete cure."  Zam-Buk Soap is ns' good as the  balmJ_buUn__n__different_wa_y:i_ Washed  "in Zaih-Buk" Soap the "skin is disinfected and disease germs lying upon  it are killed. Mothers will find it  unequalled for baby's bath.  Zam-Buk Balm and Zam-Buk Soap  are sold by all druggists and stores  at 50c. for the balm and 25c. tablet  for the soap.  "I had n message from the Black  Hand," said the resident of Graft-  burg. "They told me to leave $2,000  in a' vacant house on a _ certain  street."  "Did you tell the police?"  "Right away."  "Whnt did they do?"  "They said thnt while I was nbout it  I might leave them a couple of thousand in the same place."���������Washington Star.  Minard's Liniment relieves Neuralgia  Tn thin era nf expensive living the  father ot ten children hns imtroriuous  job.  ��������� -I conwlrlor MINARD'S LINIMENT  the BEST Liniment in use,  I got my foot badly jammed lately.  T hiit..p������.H well with MINARD'S  LINIMENT, and It wns uh well as  over next day,  Yours very truly,  T. G. MoMULLEN.  "Do you consider it n moral -wrong  to client a lawyer?" nitked thn'ponton  who is always looking for a chance to  stnrt, Koniothlnor. "Nn." replied the  man whoso specialty is worldly wisdom, "Ihi. I <.-ju.,Ji.' it ii, |.hy.it.M2  impossibility." , "  At present there are in operation in  Jnpnn several glnBS works which have  coused reductions in prices, but ns  yet hnve been unable to do any special injury to the sale of foreign goods  in tliat country. The value of Japan's  importations of glassware in 1907 was  $1,264,9:18; in 1908,-$1,026,298, nnd in  1909, $1,402,302. -     '  TO, CURE A COLD~lJN~ONE DAY  Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine  Tablets. Druggists refund money if it  fails to ouro. E, W. GKOVE'S signa-  turo on each box.   25cf  Tommy���������Pop, what does mttltutn in  pnrvo mounP  Tommy's Pop���������Multum in pnrvo is  Latin, my son. It means���������or���������well,  haven't you ever soon a fat woman In  a bathing Hiiit?  ShMhGum  MUMy elope Miiche, aataa aolda, a**b  (aa  -turoctiMMi lunga. ���������       ' lliMf  "Do you moan to tell me thnt you  trent your servant tin one of tho fninily?" nnld Mrs. Askum.  "Certainly not," answered Mrs.  Ruralton. "We tiled that, hut now,  ln order to keep a servant with uh,  wo hnvo to'trout hor ns au honored  guest,"  MONEY BACK IF YOU  ARE NOT SATISFIED  GIN PILLS ARE GUARANTEED  Every box of GIN PILLS is sold  with a positive guarantee of money  back if they fail to give prompt relief  and to effect a cure if properly used."  We know just what GIN PILLS  have done for others nnd will do for  you.  We know that GIN PILLS hnvo  been sold in all parts of Canada for  years and today are tbe most popu-  lar nnd most effective kidney remedy  in the world.  We know that GIN PILLS will  promptly soothe "the irritnted bladder,  relieve congestion of the Kidnevs,  tnke awny the soreness in the-Ba'ck  nnd through the hips, and completely  cure Kidney Trouble nnd Rheuma- ���������  t1.^.- ~Wo positively guarantee that  GIN PILLS will *|0 this and we  pledge ourselves to return vour money  should GIN PILLS not do all that  wp claim for them.  Buv GIN PILLS on this gunrantee,  backed by the largest wholesale drug  ^ouse in the British Empire,  50c. a box���������6 for $2.50���������at dealers or  from us direct. Sample box free on  request. National Drug and Chemical-  Co., Dept. N.U., Toronto. 54  "Do you know anything about  palmistry, Herbert?" she asked.     '  "Oh, not much," he answered, with  the air of modesty which is not intended to be implicitly believed in.  "Not, a great deal, although I had an  experience last night which' might be  considered a remarkable example of  the art you mention. I happened to  glance at the hand of a friend of mine  and I immediately predicted that he  would presently become the possessor  of a considerable amount of money;  Before he left the room he had a nice  little sum.handed to him."  "And you told    it   just   from   his  hand?"  ��������� "Yes; it had four aces in it."  Ktarioi  ISO'S  IS    THK    NAME  ,    OT   THE   BEST    MCDICINE  for COUGHS    C  COLDS  M'arinel_S>������__m>tSmi_rt-Sooth���������8 Eye Pain  PwwfcH UM Ifarta It. tmmh. Unit,������.. Mc. $LM  Hv-^JL*-*- SmU** ta A*"*** T������b������* XBc $1.00  EYH BOOKS AND ADVICE FRBE BT lf___t<-  BiuoineE^eRemedyCo^Ghicago  REST AND HEALTH TO MOTHER AND CHILD.  Mka.*WlHSLOW*������ 800THINO SY*W hM ben  DRair*r  agfwar s ?r.������ *������%*������ ���������  Boysl Baseball Outfit Free  Nightcap May Be Restored.  Put on your old white nightcap  once more. English physicians are  confident that tho abandonment of the  ..md-looking thing that grandfntnor used to wear aa, candlo in hand, he led  tbo ghostly procession to the cold bedrooms upstairs, protected him from  coughs, colds ' and influen7,a. One  physician, in discussing the advantages of nightcap's,' says; "i ���������''���������'  "Tho mati who would not venturo  into the garden by day without some  protection for his head goes deliberately to sloop in u chilly bedroom,  under a welter of bedclothes whicli  cover hini to the chin and leave, tho  napo of tlio neck and tho head���������of all  puna ol the body thoso most aonsU  tivo to chill���������absolutely without protection. Thon ho is -surprised that ho  should be the victim of u succession  of, lnfluon������tt colds which last him  through the winter, and probably thu  greater part of tho summer us well.  If there were more work for the makers of tho old-fnnhionod woolly nightcaps there would bo loss for tho doc  tor������."  . _.   .   W������ ������r������fi������ln( a aaacf;  Qutfft jpo_.tlv.|yrilB8 mutly  fa* abovi  Boy* I  'Utflln  ���������uebali  ... __������ mim aa  It Mod.U of*  udar'1 glove and Gatehat't mitt, both  __Ma ot good barwhldt iMthw, a NgtiUucm  HJH Mil. % good ilropu iSmi-lf ������_ ������J*������al������r  Trial li ln������������p������t.������lvA,-  >r from d,va  tlum or any  f. r from ilynpoimln, indigent ion, riiounm  ny nllment   nrli'  Eontnnt of tho alee .live Hy_t  of I'armelpA'ii  Veitctablti  Pill*  ment  rarnfumnnt of tho alee .live Hy������tem, & trial  Po thouo who Htif-  cHilon, riiounm  ������lntt   from   tto-  Ireaiure in ttouaan.  A hoard ot golden treasure, including golden pectorals, inscribed with  names of tho Ethiopian king* of all  Egypt,w������s unoarthod ��������� fow day* ago at  tho ftneient Ethiopian capital In the  Sudan. A great palace ol later timet  hat be������n outlined too, and a daii and  troy el throne and etei* ado.W-d wltb  UepreaenUtiont of bound eiptlvii  liave alto bean found. I  -���������������������������DODDS.\  < KIDNEY 2        _.....   I ti  roenm  mnndod, should tht mifTernr bo utmo-  (liialntml with thorn. Tho trial will hu in-  (ixpoiiHlve and tho rciHult .will bo anothor  (uutonior for thin nxnollnnt m. dlnlno. Ho  oifi'ctive Ih their action that many cures  can certainly ho traced to their um* whero  A tV-T'T*    J*-!"**-.     !*.*."("    J"*'."**.     .*���������.!���������'.>���������(��������� H-r      "  i The rejected auitor roso and looked  for hiH hat.  "If yon will not marry me," he  1 Raid, "let us, at least, be friends,"  Tho fair girl nhook her hend.  "N'o"i������Vf. p-������1/lli������ ?ii������iUo.1    "T  .im nt..  posed (o both annexation and reciprocity."  Whereupon ho went   away   much  humbled.  A Limited Edition.  Thero is a paper published in London onllcd tho Anti-Hop Hat. It de.  pends for its circulation not upon suh-  ������oril-i-.H, but upon the will of an eccentric old man who hated the conventional form of hondgoar with a  hatred which ho carried beyond tho  grnve, Ho fought tho "atovopipo" hat  while alive, and when ho died he left  his nephew $2,000 tx year on condition that he edit und publish a monthly paper devoted to ridiculing tho  'Hop hat," Tho nephow accepted tho  legacy and the re������ponsiblllty und ist?  auoH IiIh paper regularly, though ho  eonlinea each edition to three conies,  r,ne>  fnr  hi-o.oflf  liyxtt   en*   inr  on������������h   nf  the   old   man'n   executori.���������London  sunward.   *  at Mir hlih-������iidt������iBl>o������������*djHmiearda.priateii  u lovely town end Mid. Thete mu ilk* hot  HtM m ��������� for t0������ i ell mii efenta aar ������������������  wnaa told, raturm.������ ike maty, ana aa  will Med ymi the abat* antii all ihai*.i  Here's a Home Dye  That  ANYONE  Oan Um*.  NOME DVtlNQ has  ������lw������yi bean more or  Un of a difficult under-  tilting- Not ������������������ when  you um  DYOLA  Stnd for Htnvla  Cite mil Storr  ttW&'il&aoM.  KiciiAHnaoN  CO.. UmlUJ.  _. Mnwiftl.t-in.  JUST THINK Of ITI  With OV-P-LA you can color tltlur Wool,  Cotton, Sill or Ml*_d -    ���������---'���������   ������������������-  uni on* ur  ���������AMI Dv<  DNO By fo  the  WRONG  . Ooodi Perfectly with  , e, , No chance .of tulnf the  or the Goodi youljmtocolor.  Stop  That  limp  \  Wig Wearing Very Old.  The iiuclunt t'gyptlana nil wore Wig..,  and tho early Christiana from A, 1).  I.-if      I ( ������_ .. .m ���������   I 1 I     i  *.m.      .-*     .V.     U.     ������>fct     **....*-.U- .*..*.*     4-     *.w.-*.-  head covering a badge of distinction^  ���������thin, too, in direct opposition to  Tertullian, who In vain declared them  devicea and Inventions of tho devil.  AdvertlBomentg���������eapecially tlio.... of, A uim..- ... it*,,.  a peraonal chnrnctor-are not alwayH ,,       ,   fi  . ! ���������   ������t  ������l������nrni!tc,rl������.... by n mm- ������.1 piopw. ,'* le ������������t(motod that tomeoi the  tion. Onn of the most aiiwulnr demand or tbo new King George  "uKony" adverllai'iiuuiu wa, piii.teJ (������"������"���������" ������t������mp l.nnn.nnn ������itnm;>������ will  reivnt.y in a Lancashire ii..'tt-.|ia|)cr.l,.fcv!,> ������ Pfjntwl ������very hour of the  lit ran as follows:  j   "Willie, return  to your detracted  wif������ nnd frantio children- lh������ ynu  I want to hear of your old niiilh-r's snl-  i-.ulnr You will if you do ii"t ht ua  [know whoro you arc. An;���������<"'}'. "v"*'  jbnek your father's colored nuter-  I schaum 1"  forking day throughout a whole year.  -      - - *       |     -     .    i     -   ii V  A Coaling Record.  By  taking  1,100 tons of coal  on  board ������t tlie tate of twsnty-lwo lo.w  pnr hour, the r-ruhnr \nhUb-* hn , constituted i������ record for thu swoncl crui*-  Itr squadron of the British navy.  i  Change that llmplaf, ttatUa* harm  Iuto ��������� louiid, Ufitthr tint**, wilting  aad <������f������r te de a food day's work.  Sprain, Xlairttaa* or aay other Urn*-  ���������tu kt*p, yeut bors* iu lb* stab...  Cur* tl wllh  Kendall's  Spavin Cure  tl ftiret without l**������tiiB a ������<���������',  bl.mlih or white Jull������~.>*c_u_������U.-0-*i  ���������nl blUler.  rort Kill., ������.C, June 14th IOCS)  "Have been uiluf your ..lulment for  years aad (tad It all ihat you represent,  _U.it as.. Ut*. without It foi 13ytais."  OROKOM OOKIXW.  %f, a UUU-<J for ������.'.. Hiceileal Inr  househstd use. SelJ ty ill dttlne,  Aik for free bnek "A Treallw On The  Horse " *.f wrtt* ws for cepy. SS  pt. i. j. kcniiu ct. iMstan ruu, Vt  W. N. U., Ne. 142 the . news:, . etHUBETOAyPt j3gra������S3M^51^-  N0T1CS ia hereby given that 30 day.  ! after dat I ii-tend to nyply  to   the   Koti,  , ,^        , r 1,1 Minister o' Ltwids f������r a hofci st* ti������-prosiJBL'i  ^'���������'t    '"-V-Ty     l'1^'^     m       l     ...r.-o.l.or.p.'tr m-m-ner the fmeflhor.  .4-    -n,>C   ���������-&     CU'-n1'1-1''11'^'1^.,* <l������*������J(>rtlisw*jt*r on.liie.Wa i,    apd  j oppn.ite SaywajM {NHtrivtend doaoribed ss  i-.llowni- CuMiiUMimiott -ta .oil planted  !(������   the non b ae-i l& ohaipi noith   of the  TUB Burto^M te  in;-*  jo ishing   Cornr.������ .������y  T:ii- jjayoi*' v.ill not -������"!-��������� * ^'S*  t;-j)unsii>!e for tliu ������.>.pii>--���������������������������������������> <���������: ��������� ''���������������  _....,, ns may appear in *���������*> *-<';->!111,?  *imii1 lime to time.  T '!..-',] ),\ V,    --um** tJiti.  .Jl  TENUEilS.  nmthe ato������wj#r mt I 0 7$. SJaynard D'B-  ii:-.. rh������;nj������i4ue a a W uhnfo , thenee  dut* s outh UU _&atns, tbenoe due ��������� v e*t 05  ol.aitta iiiorv or Idsa o.bijj-1. wator mark ou  -.ua '-fc-,i*l), thenou northerly uloug said  "������ uub to linos uf commencnaent.  ��������� 8; J: E>_Aso_.-.s,  ..Iv.   I'KUfV, 1l*������."T.C.  UiU'.d.thifc '-'.'ti J.;, of .M.'jv-i, ll-il.  Separate Sealed Twinl-nns For ^41 p  ]dying the Union tt (.-niunx l">is-  1-' t Hospital, Cumln-rUnti, for  .. n_ y������ar from June Int. l'.Ul. to  J ma lst, 1912, with gjMiM'ri*.!*.,  meftt, milk ,.nd butter. S.tinplea  ���������������.i' Tea, Cfffee, Cocoa, etc.. to U* ds-  J1 v.red at tuohospital on or Ik-*���������  Ure May 27th 1911. AU tenders]  to be sent to F. Dalby, kJewwtury,  by May 27th  1911.  The lowest or any  tendo -,   not  neceBBurily accepted.  -*tr-  EOTIGE.  ���������;t'.iji!,y. A'ii: '������������������������  ifiumi  uEis.r  _.*-.��������� i'l'lh, ot tiilft ui'Jiith.   *w   thoso j  ���������dem^us of  having   phot.m   taken  will please call before that date���������  J7ih JSay.  Johnson Rro3,  _p    ..���������  WAITED���������A few howr-u-rs in  private family,   Apply thi-i uli_ce.   f ���������***. .      ���������  WHITE    WYANDOTTE   and  PEKIN DUCK hatching eggs  ���������������5.oo per50; Sio.i.o p-r too.  ImprovedSharpi.es bruAw-  PERBY PLANTS���������$4 50 per 500.  L. F SOLLY, "  , Lakeview Poultry Farm,  Weitlioline. E- &N. Ry.  NO LICK iahnr_-l.y giveu  tlut  30  _!���������.__  .ifter do 0 I mtoud to.npp'y to tue   Hon  -V] inu.ter of La*'dii fur a licenao tn yronptiot  fur c<al and ita.'.oleun. undtr the following  dttjciibt-tl lands situate in   Soyward   Di_-  triit, 110.*.���������CommMucit g M a post plnnt-  od at tue norUios.it corner of Timber Lea e  No 47, oa tie b"ii'< oi  CampbBll  Rivor,  thauui due s-.uth 77 16 chaius oioioor lu.a  to. the n;iutliMUSt comer   oi  s .id   Timber  L. ase No 47 and Qatue.-ui   Riwr  India -  UiB-jrvf, thence tl aa wist 80 .Imius, then e  duo west SO china., thenue due noith 80  uhniuB, thenco due ea������t SOthauw to plaoe������f  ccmoBtuuc meut.  Maria. Jane Pri'jcst,  E, Priest, Bjfent.  Dateod this 28th day of Mnroh, 1911. '  m.,ii^.i. ������������������.��������������������������������������������� ml ��������� in   ���������������������������*��������������������������� wi 1 in    ,���������������������������*������������������ *���������*��������� ���������.       -wiih  NO i'lCE in huroby giv^u that  30 days  attfi* dutel iriteud to apyy to   t'.e   H������n  ���������-l_nit+<*r of L.'*..iils Jor a lioanpt-1<������ prospei t  ������ur ij.it;t"-i_.c'ji)->trn!otun under the follutvmg  d< scrilnid Iniid** aiiuate in Say*, ard   District ������nd !>e:u^ fhv C'niEpbell Ri^er ludihn  Ktaorvo:   <.oininenciufr at a past idtu&te 1,11  .hn h-Kik of Campbell River a.t_d being t_e  aorth-Acat coruer of said R.a.ive; tbouce  due   south   25  chains moro ot lesr t<*> ihe  Siuthweat coruer of. .aid  Reserve:   thence  due ea.t t>0 ohaina to sen      ch; thi net. noi-  therly and kOtthwesterly aloa������ .oa beach  ar.  .       pbt-11 Rivor t" plnoe of commexice  ment, K. Pkiest,  Datod this "28 th day nt Mai oh, 1911.  FOR .SALE���������One iwmbRtor  nnd two V.rboders, Oaimcity BOO.  ]->iee $50 for the lot.    Apply thia  oilice.  *������ iv.'i...'..' ..I'nijA.-.j,"-.*1 "i -mi  COURT OF REVISION,  ' "A Court of Revision will be held in tha  City (Council Chambers on Tlnir.day,  May 18th, 1911, at 7,30 p.m., f-rihe pur-  poseof hearinycomplotnlF, if.mv, against  the a.Sf.ssment of properly in the City ol  Cunberland fnr the ys.ii* 1911.  Any person or persons Intvlox complaint inc-it |,'ive notice in wri*inj< at least  ten 'lays be ton. '"he d<Me of nieetint;,  ALKX, M'cKlNNON, Ci:v Clerk,  Cur.ibf.rlr\m!,'1- C, Ajj.il 51.I1, -,nn,  vf^fmvm.-w-if..u.,'J-.. ,.it������..ifc-_r*i,-������..r *-<������-yv.-.-....iibwii)  10% BONDS 10%  An  Attractive   Offering  for a Short Term  Investment.  We con offer'the conservative  investor for a short .'while only  an opportunity of placing his  surplus funds iti a hii.h*t lass security benring a rati: of .interest  pi feu per cent.  aammm**menmiiiimiim>em*t* ���������  Only 150 ol' these Convertible  Dcbeuttires ut u par value of -Jioo  each. Available. -  Dj   not   ������Miiublr������    iu    stooV.;.,  NOTICE U liertby given thnt at the  uext meeting, of the Board of License Com-  n-i-aiouers of the City of Cumberland, 1  intend 10 npp y for a renewal of tho hotel liceuee hold by me for 1 he Cumberland  HottJ, bituattr-d on lot 1, blook H, Cutn'-er-  laudlownBile.  WILLIAM MERR1FIB3L.D.  Dated t-is loth d������>y of May, 1911.  "^fl01_rTr'fiereb71^^tiri-nit'~the''  next m> otiog of the Board "f L-c-iiso  Con.uiis8ioi.erB of the Oitv of Cumb.-i-  land, I intond to ap_ ly tnt a renewal nf tlie  wMeflftle liquor liciiee ht;ld 1 y boo, bit-  uoted ou lot 12, blook 6,, Cumberland  Townj.ite,  JOHN MAROOOHI  Dated th'������ 15th day of May, 1911.  am-m  NOTICE ia hereby given thnt at th  noxt meet-ng of tho Board nt Lico.se O..111  miwionert. of tho City ot Curub.rland, I  iotond to fti-ply for a rone^ul of tha hot  el license held by me tho VVav<.rly  Ho.ol, situated ou lot 2, blooL 3, Curahei  land TowuBite,  PRA^K DALLOS  Dntod -.hi.. lBth day of Shy,"lllll  ���������  NOTt.-.i. ia ln.rol)j* (j*ivon tn.t nl t.l(  next nje-ntin^ of tho'lJoanl of JjiociiHu  Comm'aHionora of the Oi y nf i.:urahor-  lniid, I intend to ' ijiply lor u  ronewr.l of the hotbl lm_������_bo h������-ld by. mc  fn* tho Nuw Kn^luptl Molal, wluniti'Ol on  tb? aunt bnlf nf J.h 3, Ij bluck 3, Cumbi������r-  Itind TowibU������.  J<\MB8 WALTERS';  D.itoi\ tliia 15th dHy of Mr; ,  NOTIUIUh ' hop-by plvon thnt lit lhi>  no������t moctliigof tho 'Hoard of Llo*.<i*Hi.Oo-*.t  mii-sitiniTB ot tho Oity of (Jumborliuuli v.'o  iutuiitl to upply for u iodowuI . t tlut ho.ol lie ntie hold by u������ tor tho Veuclomo  llotolt hltuntod on lot fi blook 3 Onmboi-  hind Towi.Hite.  WILSON k I.UA.MEKRG..  nntvd this lfitbVl*y of May, IHU.  itii  NOTI' B ii buroby luivtn   that  ut  ihe  j l!v .(  l������Hi������ti(l(j .:f ;ll* ll.'UI'ii nt l.ioi.llfil* Ooil|.  ',\l"V f.������l*m,k. Of sptXHJ-J inifi-inw*������:l'������ fur ilui t'ily I'f (.u-iilioiluud.   I  The TAILOR.  WWII lil{iW������-������WW������������������J-M-*-MI^M������WI������lMI������M������������WWBW  CLEANING, PRESSING  and REPAIRING.  L.adle������' Wofk  ������ Specialty*  !,.,!i.-,-l., Ln; [}'.', t���������',!...* where your  l.ru.cij'.'l und* iu'.vi'vsl is si-oitretl,  VVuiTH |yr liii'titcr p.iricuhu'K  of this K.Mid issue will \\ ti \mv-  < cnhirly ittiactive iu investors,  I'lompr. application is uu-eswy  fc������ nuwjin'i' ii. li.uhed,  mmkt tiEcoiUTiEs,  yrniii'-m  llL'-MU'lil.  Vauoouver (>l.i������.������r!���������  1101 OtmirSion, Trust  founding,  Vancouver, B. Q.  N() JCti ��������� Iih hy/.*.ttii i.li*it Jl. dnyn  ,Hi'i-r ds<* 1 na<n-t'0 pply t* uih Hn-  * .. Ob.tif C ���������iJ.,!.iW'.iuni>������* ni L'<ii'lt nml  '. oik'-tor* liniii.i' u������ iif"'"'^ f'i* ������*o������I  u t.i (nam ������������������.mn nml r'hi. folluwlnu il.wrili.  u Iitu. ���������i 11 t-- 'n {>i;,witM oi-* riot, J'.C,  -11 .ii i.iv..|*i > in* . |i..*t (i-".'t"'t Ht tlie  ������.* i- i.'*>i-������l wiih*. ���������! IV.'t, Lf*u ������ No, iff,  t ci- -.a il ,t> gi.u !i 75 i*.i-.i.m, ih. uiw (Iiiii  ������. tiiuii e, litrutf tt< -0 untlh 75 ������linl.-i'  lr.o t "f I������h- i������tl u n rth Iwhh. iiry of mid  'V iv'*> I, a ������> Ni-. 4k, il)i<n������f du������ w<>t HO  Cfiain. to nhn*> it ���������eori>������if������n������v������fn������,nt  HI aw a J Am 1'ciw,  into'id to 'ipjily lorn louevul of iiiv whol<-  .���������d-.li) ll-iuoi liOiJi'H- ln.-lil by 111 -, ilHuatiul 011  toi IJ, blook 18, tJumboi l-'ind roviiHiti,  OlALl MUSaATTI,  Diitod thin lt.tlnl������y of Slay, 11)11.  m^fmmmtwmnnw������ii"������>������"wi|i.M������-WWm*-*mm**mi a at n'W i'^'1���������"mma*������  NOTIOB m heroby givun that ut tliu uuxt  muring ut tin) liuiuil of Llenso OoUlinii*  oitiieiHof the Llvy of Cumborland. I ia.  lend to upply for it rmiowiil of iho wholo.  Hiilo liquor l|6oiliio bold hy m.*, Hitiutod  on lot 12, blook 7, Ouiiiburluiiil Tow.^hito  FRANK, HUAVAftOO,"  liuMd thin 1 nth d*V of Mny. 1011  D.i.v. thi-OHtb  NOTICB In beroUy ttlven that ut tho  n������itniDetlnif of 'lie lto.rd of LIcouho  CimimlB'h.'Moriii of th" City of Cumbor.  hiul, I intond lo npiilv foi n romwnl of  the who.owilo .iKjunr iitiiriiHo iioni by ta-".  ������itunti.il nn lot 0, blook 7, Oiunberltnd  Towimiie,  viorou RONORA.  Datod thin loth day cf May, 1011  1 1 niiiir-mirT--_-~- '���������~-^~~--mt^^m^,^'mmmmiimmmmm^mmmmmtmmmim^im^ma^m^^mmmmt*mimam  UKTIUING IfltOM BUSINESS  SAI.K, CoiiHihiiu^ uf b-'in^ htHj������*.  ing, huhltirrt, ntt'p lii'Mctrt &   tite.  11. J.TIicohalil.  . ������mg**������***_a]_00*mmf9m-mlf*mamma^  An Ac! in the  JSte\vs  f,iv t.mront,  pays,    1 ry it.  ���������urtftiinMiJU.    lr J  SAYWAUD LAND DISTRICT.  Diatriot of Snywnrd,  TAKK notioo tlm'. (_oor({0 Loiooilur lli-  minRtiui, of Vanoouvir, M,0��������� meohnnlo,  intoruln to upply (or pcrmlioion to iiurohiuo  tlm fullowiiiB dosuribod limdn:���������  (���������'oinmonoi.-sf ������t 11 \inat pluuted ������t tho  Southwoit ofirnnrof lot l.5!2| thouoB north  KO chains, tliunuo weat 75 chnini, thonoo  Hi uth 8U ohalna, thonoe oaat 75 ohainu. to  poiut of oommunoomont, oontalniiifj 1100  Q0rv������, mO'OOr Icflfl.  ftRO-niiif LitroRHTHii RiuiNM'roN,  Itobort lloiiv-Uiuianut, aumt,  Ut.toml.U.mhlHU. 1011.  flAYWAUD LAND DMTRKW  Diitrlotof Haywiird,  TAKR KOTICK tlmt Piitriok William  liQ-liA OlnrU. nf ViuiiKiuvir, R.O., Uw  oUm'i Intondu to npply for porrain-lun to  ������iurohi������e tlio follo*l������������ do'oril'ad Und������t  C.,n.m������neln(t nt n jjont plnntwl h������. the  ������ollthw������*t eortinr of lot .Vi2| tlmnoo CBBt 80  uliuiim, thuliii Hnuth Gl ohuiuu, itu'iuw  wmt40ohiii'iH, ihuio* nouth 10 ohainu,  thon'*. wont 40 oliiilnx, ibenco noith 80  oh 'hm to pla��������� ������' toiuineuoiUauul, coutain  ill Mfl mhi. mnre nr l������������%  Patrick Wihiam Lkhmk Cubic.  \\i\n t- tin ry Chorjiit, nK������iit.  Daiud Mai oh Oth, Wll.  ll  o BALED TENDKR3 nddrm-fioA tn thi*  ���������������������������*'��������� unduriigued, mid oiidiir.-ocl MTui'il������r  for Public Bnild'ln'pr,*Oranbruok, B.O.,  will ho ri'Ciilvcd until4,00 P.M., Morula,,  Juuo 12, 1911, tor tlm ooiiiti'iiotioa of r  I'ubllo Building at"Ci'niibronk, B.O,  Plana, RpGoilioatlou and furiu ot 0011-  traot omi bo noon aud forma of tendon obtained at tho ollleo of Mr. Win liondorcu-u,  ltuuidciit Architect, Vio.oriu, li.O., at tlut  Pout Ulllou, Urnnbioik, nud at thiu Du<  partmont.  IViKons tondodiiu nru notified tlmt teud  urn will nur, buounaldmcd uulo-n niiulo ou  tbti pi'lntuil in rui BUppli^i, uml niKiicd  with thi ir ui'iuiil -i^i.utui-iH; ntutiiiK thoir  oueiipiui..|iu hitd piiiuun 01 rimiiliMiou. 'In  tlio cnno of limi*, tin uo.unl ui|{i)uiuiv, thu  natuio of thu ouoiiiiiuitiu and pi non ut roni*  donuo nf ouoh moiiibur of ths linn mu.t bo  givon,  lilimh tundi/i'. uiUhI he lU'Ui.mpuiiiod hy 1111  iicnopiod ohoijuo uu a ������ln.ri<mil bunk, pay-  ablu 10 thwoidorol the llouuur*ule the  MiuU-or uf l'lihll-j W'lrku, oqinl n um p.r  coat (10 p.o.) of tl.ci 0mount nf thu toiulur,  whloh will bu forfniUni tl iho |.oi hi>u leno-  urinK (led no to o.itor linouoontniutwliou  culo-i up-in tmlono, or f.il tu uomidoto  r,im unrk cmrnotoil lor. If tho tondor Uu  not lia'optiid the unoiillo will bu intuiliod,  Tho I. upnr .mont dous noi hind uuolt to  oouopt tho lowuit or any tondor.  By orilor,  ILCDESIIOCHHRS,  -*., t-r. t'l'j*  D������partui������ut of Public Workn,  OUawii, M������y 13,1011.  NiwBpiporti will not bo pnld tor thi* ml-  vertUomtnt it thoy int.crt it without authority In in tlii* ]Xp_r went.  District of Sayward.  , TAKE NOTICB th-.t Willinm  Caldwell, of l-nnark, Out., m in inf.  man, iiilends to apply for porniiB  eioti to purchaffl tho following do-  Bcr.bod land).:���������Comwonoing at n  pont )ilHntPtl at the northwest corner  of Lot 400, Ourrlnglon Bay, Bay-  ward District, tlionoo following Iho  north boundary of ot 490 easterly  for 40 oliHins, thonoo north 20  ohuiiiH, thonco worft to the ahoio lino  ihonoe Houthw^Hlcrly and fo'lowii.fi  tieHhnro ll������ioto the point of com-  ti.onccinoiit, containing lew. than 80  ll(!rpP. W'lhhlAM OAbDWKLI.,  Jno, .Mtti.Hon,fcnont  Datod Fob. 28th, 1911, L  IP YOU WANT GOOD  PRINTING GO TO THE  NEWS. VIKST-CUS8 WOKK  8AYVVAKD LAND DISTRICT.  ____     '  Diatriot ol Sny wmri*  TAKE notion that Sidnny Hoaumiui, of  Vnnuouver, II 0��������� moolinnio, iiitonil* tn  apply for j������"niaHinu to purohaso tho fol-  lowintf dtHO'lbi'd Iaiul8!~  OmnmnnolnK nt ������ post plnnUd at tlio  Hoiltliwost oorncr ot lot o52| thonoo iouth  80 ehaim, thonco wont 80 ohntn*, thunoo  , l  '������������������������.   ,    *,       ii     ,..,. i nr\ i>i.������in-i    I ,  III.llil OU UltUltl*,  ltiUil������.v w~'������ --.J ���������- ���������-,    l  ylitiw vl UitiniMiin-iMYit   oo-ntnlnlnj;  (ttO  iioron, inoronr Hm.  Sinsijv Hbahmak,  Rob-rfc llonry Oncitnnt, ngont,  DaUul Mnrob Oth, 1011.   ""HAYWARD LAND WSTUIOT,  District nfany ward.  TAKE ootlno tint Nnnotto   Jonoph, of  Vancouver,   W. C Spnutir, intondi to  apply for permUnli-nlAVorohiiM tho fol.  IowUik dciwrlb-j-Jl lanilnj���������  fi'inmnoing tt������p������������t plnntoiV nt tho  BoutheaHt oomur nt Ul U7; tbeuco uorth  HOemiiiB. thenca om* 80 ohoJnn, tlionoo  sooth BO ofailo-*. thonco wen ai oIibIoh  t> thn p tint of oominutcoinout, aonUiu-  inyO-tO 'Oioi raiirenrleBB.  Nasmtk Johbi-ii,  ltohort llonry Oh������������.oit, agent,  Dated Mnioli7th,.10U.,  SAYWAUD LANDDIS-XmOT.  D'.Btriotof;8���������Jy���������w^^rlI,,.  , TAKK NOTICE.tlut Arthur- Riwkn.1  Hunt, of Vi noouver. 1J.C, trnnafior-c agent,  iiitenils to apply for pormlBiiibu to purolnttt  tho followlin. <le������cvlb������id lnudBi*-Ofliiimc'nc������  iuH at ni>o.b planted ot tho niiiitli.iiHt corner of lot 510, on th������ north- bou.idai-y ot  lot 047, thenoo north 80 olmine,; thenoe  on .t 7B ohainH, thono-f Bo'uth 80*'olioliiH,  thaiio.jwen<. 75 ohainu to point of ooniinoneo  mont, coutnlnii.R 1100 uoron, n.om.or Icbb.  AllT!IUK;K0Wr,A>!!.> I.KHT,'.  Hoburt llmiry Ohi'HtnuW ngoni.  D������tcd Mftr������*h 7th, 10U.  "sAiYiWAHI) UND^STrTcT.  DUtriot of Siiywhril.  TAKI? NOTIoK that Sutnuol Heumnn..  of Vaiioouvur, IM,),, nn'Ohanic, iuioudn t'ti  npply for inimUslon io*piuoliiuw iho fol  Io-a tig (loBOnihnd lnnd':���������CoinnicnoiiiB Ht ft  pimt planto.l nt thsuotlthnui-t ooruor of lot  BOOi thonoo onnt lflDuhuiiifl, then oil kbuilv  40 ohnina, thenou wo4 75 ohntim (mor* or  loHyi) thonoo north 0 ohainn, thenoo wimt  BO ohnim, tbouoo north SO chnini to volnt  ot oonunonoomont, ooutulniriK 000 aorei,  moro or limn.      Samobi. Hbarman,  llohort llonry Otitis in ut, afiont  Dntod Mnroh 8th, 1011.  SAYWARD LAND DIBTRICT.  Difltrickof Bay.wnrd.  i'Ah.������"i notitw ttiat *r������uuoj i*roii(fn������ni������  wifooC W. h\ i.ioualmi#, of V������uoiifcV������*rv,  ll.C, intondi to npply for pormmaiou to  purohnao tbo followioff dcscrilwd lnnd :.--  UoimnnnoiuK &t n pont plnntod 4/1 uliniim  w������Btof tin. notuliiwiit corner of lot 5471  theuonen.t 120 ohtlns, thenoe nouth 40  olulns, tlionoo wo at 120 cl-tino, thenoo  north 40 chains to point of oommonoi mon,,  oontnining 480 aoroa, more or leu.  tn.-NCR*. llHOUnifAM.  Robert llonry OliMtnut, nffont  DftUd Mnroh 8th, 1011.  'TT'ood'o Tliospb. ditta,  TM Orent XnaU*h JUmtdy.  Tones nna )nvlfro������(e<i tliu wholo  norvoui w������Um, junkiw now  llleodn omVoRi* Ourtnlirrr.  "'rtw ������*l**l Jtrqia.Werrv, Da  ml fvtnlftitKi.EnUnlonii, 8,n; ���������  aaftftrttiafAbuatpr _w.������*_������.  .ill for |A. Ono Mill pi wuio. i.x  /A*6������������tf, MtpMandJtrqin,}Verry,J)a  r*\<        ~S  on  )H>ruiuon-i>, HtM.  pu%lwrrktwt\ an  WkMllpcrtr  ouiu. oitU xtj uu unwuuu'oi" tolled...  phuu|i  -^rmorli/'i^iuisori.  rew mnv ktU  JnaCa,  Toront^JDnt.  v. *t ', iambi!'* J *   -1*     **!,   *"������  mh  ^a __ii-C-4-.  %j*mmm  _HHa������  mfammmamim-trnfmimnmi  APPLICATION FOR STORING-WATER  (a.)~:The plaoe of tho proposed; reasfvoir  for storing Oomox^Lake, B.'C.-  tt.JThe moans by, vhich. it, is .proposed  to store the water by a dam at, outlet  of  J_.ike>>  v' (o,) The area of the reservoir site or  aitei at each toot in death above the outlet  8000 aorea.  (v.) How ia it propoied to acquire th������  lnudueoeasary for the purpose By purohise  ifutoessary.  {w.) Approximately the number of aore  feet iut-uded tn be impounded 80,000,  < (t.) Wnether it is proposed to lower the  wttt������r iu any natural Uke or sUnding body  of water, and, if an, then���������  1. The antioipuwd extent ot tbe lowering Not lowered.  i. iThe means proposed to be adopted to  )ow4r and refill.   3. Tbe uature aud onoraoter, in detail,  of the works proposed to be constructed to  provide for the discharge aud penning back  of the wa*.er 13y concrete dam with regulating gates oontrolliug tne discharge.  [fc> Jjusture]  Wklwngto������ OowiHBir Company, LtD.,  W.'L- Coulhox, General Manager.  f (P.O. udareas) Victoria, R.C.  jH.nut.iy 16Ui, 1911.  ���������THE' .NEWS;   CDMBEBLaSHT,  BRITISH- GQLVMBTM.-  f'  it  Special  Holiday  ^rew  For Sale by all  Hotels  in Kegs or Bottles  The UNION BREWING Co.,       Nanaimo,  HERCULES Stump Pullers  -     -      FOR  SALE  BY     -     -  Walworth^Rolsto'n Co   ������*  1020-Westminster Ave.,      Vancouver, B. C.  is indispensable in the  camp, land for .all  impromptu meals.  AddalittleBOVRIL  to your canned meats  and soups and note  the difference.  BOVRIL  sandwiches are  i  nutritious and  toothsome.  67  I  WATER NOTICB.  NOTICB Ib hereby given that sw  application will be made under Part  V. of the "Water Act, 1909." to ob-  <aiu u duo lnu in _Uu   Diviu'io*   ui!   (J. mux  District.  (a.) The name ot Company in full:  Welliugt-.u.Colliery (Jcmp������uy,   Limi.eil.  The ho.id ofHoe Viotoria, B.C.  Tho capital, h..\v divide-.!, *>howini{  nmoHttt yaiduj. $2.0(0,0000 divided iuto  tO.000 .-.haresof $1U0 00each fully paidup  <If for mining purposes) Free Miner's Certificate No   (b.) The name of lake, stream or  uouj.ce (if unnamed, the description  it) Puntlerg. River.  (c.) The point of diversion: At a  point above the falls on tho Pumlod^e  River, Comox Di-.triot.  ("d.)- The quantity of water applied  (or (in cubic feet per second):  G70.  (e.) The character of the proposed  work.: tjeneruti'ig plant, power vtoiks, aud  electrio works, aud plain a id other maoh-  iuery and cmv.uiences ntuoasary for prc-  dnoia? power.  ~"(f.)"The premisesroiTwhlcirtbe'wiT-"  ter is to be used (describe same): On  or iu ihe vi. initv ..f t e Wi-ldngt -n > olii  ory Company'������������������ Ltd. property uud  holding, in Comox D; .t ic:.  (gi) The purposes pn which the water is to lie u-ed: Geueratiug eleotneicj-,  and 'or light, he-it, |.owor, operation ������>f  motoi'4, -snuuiOB, andmiohint'i'y nf al' kinds  aud generally fur th.-e������erci������e of oil power,  and priyilegen of apo.er company uuder  Part IX. of above Aot.  (i.) If the water is to be used for  power or mining purposes describe  the plaoe wbore the water is .to bo  returned to' some natural cbaanol,  and the difference in altitude betweon  point of diversion and point of return At a vonvoiileHt plaoo li.iow tun  Ktoiightoa Fill* iu tho vicinit ntl-nt  Brown River, Sections 10 und i-i T , if,  Comox DUtriot. Tl o point o* td ru ix  about, 200 feet lower altitude than i i poiut  of di* eolno.  (j.) Area of Grown land lntondod to  be occupied by tho proposed works:  N'mo,  (k.) This notice wbb posted on tho  aixiotjoth duy of Jimuary, 1011, aud iippl -  Gfttimi will be made tn the oommisuloiier  on tho 28rd day ui February, 1011  *.''���������*��������� ,  (1.) Give thp names and nddreseeo  of any riparian proprietors or  'Ho-  < otioee who or whose lands are likely  \ to be aflectod by tho proposed works.  ��������� either nbove or bslow tho outlet:  W. liinvtm Colliery.Uirtn|j*ny. Lul.  Attach    copy of nucli ports of the  Company's memorandum of aseooln-  tion an rut^horlsM* *h������ propoaed application and work!  (Hl������nfttiue)  WlthUNOTON 0OL UK "11V      .   '    i       '   ,  W, li. Coolson, Genoral Man*(0if.  (P.O. mldroiB) Vlotorli, 11.0.  Kxtrftnt from the mkmoiuhdiui oy ixmui.  , Arm op thk WniiUNoroM Coi.i.ikuy  t'OMI'ANV, UMlTKl),  (i) To aoqulne by piiroliMe, grant, leaio  cr in miy othor mautior. witter or  Hull's to wntor .. ;'..,.,.,,.....'..,;,,,,  |/1] To tuny on tho butlnoHH of ,.,  oleotiiu li.'ht, hMiUiHl power supply,,,,,  [n] Tn niaiiufaotiiio and iihh i.s a motive  pinror i* I .otrioity, and to m .niifiicturi.  or iicqulrn pi tut, machinery, apimra.nn,  and njatoiiilBof iivory kinl for tho pro*  uumi.ui nml ulkUibiiiiuu ui' uicuwiuily, ,,  t* fl<mi*.!it,i., \xr.n nr AWjintt, of mipjilv nr Ah'-  trihut.i I'leotrloity ,,...,.,. for lia.ltlrg or  motivopownr....,.un(l to construe!, Iny  down, e*.tiblUh, ������n*l carry out MAxi*,  wlio*. lino., iiuounmlntoiu, Iiuhub nud  worliH, '���������'���������  ��������� *w*^MWMIw,Wiii-,i>iii*n ,i,,,i..._i!.i_..*m_.wip ..mmtnium.,:, .v���������*mi*������,m  Applications Wanted.  CITY OF CUMBKHIvAND.  A I'l'LlCATIONA marked ������������������Applies.  **��������� tion for City, Volir.������* " wilt be rx,-  celvetl by the under.njned up to Mon-  d <y, May 2211JI, at (1 p.m., for iliupo.iiion  of Ciiy l'olice for.niKlu duty. Duiiet to  cilimmer.ee M������y 31. r.  S.11 irv $8ii per innnih anil one suit of  clothe, per yenr,  Appliianl must he of good moral char-  ncter nnd of *tr ctly tempernie hnbits,  A. M(?K1N NON, City Cu:UK.  City H.tll,*,M,iy-������ml, igit.  fi'  *:S  amm  CT  tf  4  fl.  0  ������  a  ta  SEf  ������o 5  s tf ������  5HH,  S tt ������  1������ B  is ������  ������������������2 5 5"  * : 1^  '*     -d  ri  J ������J *.  "3   *m    ce  .    m  N   Ft  m     m    -  _.     ������     4*  a  ������  i-m  a  S  a  u  9   **  Ot   9  a   -"*  >-  f"8  3 -?  o   -  a  X XI  C       *_0m  H  <! ���������>  ���������* I a  Jm rr _>  *������ *_! __!  __ "^ H  ?������3 *  W fO co    ������  ' TO-  _:  H  a.  a  e   v  .S' >.'  m. u  * ������  E    4)'  ������.2-  j: rt  *. .co-  m     ^  ii  m.m  *f   If  ~    3  5   ?.  ������ ;���������  0-  fm  . u> ���������*  n    .  .m      a,  6-..S  ���������c   ���������;  c Ji  13  a  OS  611  8  ������  ���������0  I*  OS  i������  ft  i,  tt  *a  u  ft  o  o  oo  ���������������  <  tn  NOTICE  AnyporsoH or persons, cutting,  removing or taking' any , blocks,  timber or wood, of any descriptiodn  jelonging to the .Wellington Col-  nery Co'y.,.orfrom or off tli������land  of the said Company, or anyone  tipping rubbish anywhere except  at the dump-provided, or neglect-,  ing to level it when tipped to the  satisfaction of the Company, wilf  be prosecuted to the full extent of  tno Jaw. ",   ���������,  1VJ, COULSON,.  General Manager,  Wellington Colliery. Co,y.  !__9___  ,...-/  *,VA-y\  ^miWii m���������*miWl\'  . 'i-._V tk$ IP- S������S *3 ^^    H       * mm  'If ' ^  Makes Your EXPENSES Lijjhi  Makcc Your BISCUITS Ushl  Make. Your CAKES Light  Mako. Your BUNS L_(jht  Make. Your LABOR Light  ,   OftDER FROM YOUR  S<K. GROCER.  E.W.CILLETTCO..LTD.  Toronto, Cat  **��������� it*  The Courtenay Hotel  Every convenience for guoata.  Tho Oontml Hotol for Sportsmen  Nonn but the. Best of Wines nnd Liquors  at the Uar.  RATES  REAWONABLB  I, BI.ll_.UI'IH .UIU.MB*  John Johnston,    Prop  NOTKJE.  Ridingion locomotive., arid- rail  ���������vav cars of the Union flolliery  Comjmny by any person or persons���������except tain crow���������id striotly  (n-ohJH&ed, Employees *re sub-  ;pc to ciHtniRsal for allowing. earn-  By order   '  W. L. coulson;.  General Manager,.  ff^t-*-^Y'������-naja\^/^im^gm*^^\J^  C. H TARBELL  i_������������*#tU-^*IVW_l_M-������.nfr*MWMW-MrM'w���������p  l-WWt'Waili.BK.umfi IKIKIHlllBlnnnM  HIGH GRADE STOVES  And all KITCHEN -.UTENSILS  Sportsmens Goods  and ( ���������-������������������  General Hardware  FAIRFIELD 1  : store-z: I  I         J. JACK,. Pkqj'.; $  J    A Fine Assortment of j  51      lhe Choicest Candies,  jj      t'ruils aud Tobacco.  Vancouver Ice Cream, $  $ Dtmpirniir Ave.  Oumberlnnd <������  rilHWMIWIIIHIH  NOTICE TO-THE.PUI.LIC.  Hiving built ��������� Inrgo wnrohouoo and mill  nt Crmrlon������y, 1 will In fu uro koop on  hind a fliook of. 11 hinds of Hay, Oraiu,  iimU'di'd it lowe.t raurlcot rntoH, A  BpcolBltywill!ho Wado of roller oniHliotl  fowl f������rliiirum which will mako a Hnvltw  of mill thin' Id tliu 004 of hod. Ordor*  given tlio tonmater or liy phono will: bo  promptly tillod. Thunklnx y<m for your  pntr* tinjju in tho punt iind pollol'ltitf u oon  linuvnon of tliu nnmo on hroodor Imot, 1  hog to romuin  Youm to oommnud,  KYRON CRAWFORD.  ������*$<I'^*4������'0<>0<������^>^9<M>994>^9*  UNION S. S. CO., (.f I..C Ud  Nanaimo'Uniom Hav- Comox - Camnikm.  Ktvr.11 Routk.  SniliiiuftH undor���������  Twin.iorew ������i<������nmur "COWIOIIAN"  L-iwih Vaticonver Thi..ndnv (111.m.  An Ivo Union (for Cuiiilioiluiul) FriiUy  mornliiK  At rlv. 1 0������mn)c Friday m������mlnjr  ArrlvflUjuiiihell lllvur l*'iiiii������> nnon  H< turning!  Lv    OnniM Friduy 4 i> m  ������������������ Union ll������y      "  6   "  ���������' N.initmo midnight  Ubvpb V������D00uver, Snturdav 8 p in  Arrlvoti N������rihimoi Snturdiiy 12 pm  Arrivon Unitm. ������uinliy ll 11 in  [for -u'uuiWIftit.il  Arrive Uoinox.  Miudny 8 a ni  Honiroliw-  itttxvea Tomox. "undny 4pm  Uuivisa Un'-v,. Hundiiy fi p tn  Lmve. N%iinituo, Mindiiy nudight  I .abieat iu iimHi+a W'.^u. kUJ.i 1  ,���������*       '  it  Dealer iu  ALL KINDS OF  RUPERT LAND DISTRICT  District ol Rupert  TAKE nollce that Gardiner Alexander Brady Spencer of Alameda  (Jul., ocenporion plumber, intondp  10 apply for nerniiffion to purchase  tbe following; described lundt:���������  Commfiicing at 11 post planted  about 30 chains west of the Hou'.h  east corner of Section 24, Township  21, thence west 80 ohaiue. thence  south 80 chuine, thenoe t't\8t 80  chnins, thence north to touth ������oore  of Wolf Lake, thence westerly along  eouth phore to msr end of lake,  Ihence ea. t along north shore about  40 filiates, ihence north to place of  commencern������nt, containing '400  acres more or less.  ���������   Scribed o������ post, G.A.B.S.'s N.E.  corner.  Gaucher Alexakdes Brady  Spencer.  Dnn Clark. Agent  Dated December 14th, 1910.  ���������"rJTpkrt "iXm district"  District of Rupert  TAKE notice that John Henry  Kerritish Richard.on, of Vancouver, B. C, occupalion Steamboat  Steward, intend* to apply for permission to.purchaee the following  described, lands:-.���������Commencing at  a-post planted about 40 chuins  north of the southwest corner of  Section 3f.Township 21, theuce.west  80_chains,.thence-eou,th-80-ehiiine,-  thencp. east 80 chains, thence noifh  ^S0 chains to  place of commence  jr.iint containing.640 acrtw more or  less.  ;      Ji Hi K. R'sN-E corner.  Joiin.Henhy, Kkrrinbh, RiuiiAitn-  _.0_\'.  Dan Glnrk, Asent.  Dnted DfloemhW 16th, 1910.  BUPEttT LAND D1STKJX.T.  Uutriot of Rupert.  TAKE NOTICE tlmt Jambs Brad-haw-,  of Kmuoriu, iflorld*, onrpenter, intunils  to apply for permission to purchase thn  following dcRcnbed lane's:���������Comun-nomtr  at a poht pliinud 2 miles wo. t of the tl.E.  ooruor of Saotinu 24, lowimhip 20, thenoe  _n..rll_ 40 uli.ii.H, thunoo w������st 80 olit.ii h,  Ihi.no- aouth 40 olmine, theuoo oi4 80  chains to plnco of ooiiimfiioemont., oon-  tftiniiiff 820 nori's mmo ur lt������i.,  Soribed on post J B'o S.E. ooiiur,  Jamio. Bkadshaw,  ��������� ,  , Uwi Ckrk, agont.  Dated Deoomlwr 19th, 1910,  ���������J** 1 ������������������" ������   ��������� * - ������������������       . .   ������������������ ,���������r--i-m-nr ������������������1 jit ti gi  '    ttUPKttT LAND DISTRICT  DiHti-iofc of Bupert.  TAKE NOTICE th-t Ouailen Jndnon  Minor, nt Ui'iiohuo,   N.Y.,   lotai'd min-  ei't iiitonds to apply for po.misBion  to  RU PERT LAND DI .STRICT  - l>i_rciiot of Rupert.  TAKE notice that Fndora Mne L -eson  ��������� of Vanoouvor/ B. O. "occupation j{Widow,  '.' i .teoda 10 appjy for per-niation to purchase the follo-wirg described lRtd4;Oom  . raeuciug at at a p nt pliinted about o:.c  mile north and 40 chair a mt of the 8. E.  comer of Section i, T'.wui.hip 8, theucv  north 80 chain., thence t;ia. 80 chui-is,  theueo south 80 obainv, theuoe west 80  ohaina to pluoe of'commencement, coiitA'.u  ing 010 acres, morn or lt_a.  * Soribed ������m po.t EML'b S.W. corner.  E.vdoraMae Leeson,  D>ti Cuik, Ageut. -  Sated December Uth, 1810.  RUPEHT LAND DI^TUICT  Dtstric-; of Rnport  TAKE  NOTICE    that Adelaide  Ester  Oark    Br.wb,   of   Brookfioid,   N.  Y.,  married -Arcman. intends to apply f������.������* per-  missiou to purchase the follovrnDK dotnrib-  edlaudi;���������CommenoiDg at a p������������t planted  at eouthweut ooruerof Stoiiou  Jl1, Township 9, thenre north   80 chain.,,   thenou  'oast 80 ohain.,   thence   south   80  oha.ii.,  theno. webt 80 ohainu to plaoe of coinmcu-  ment ooutaiuiug G40 acre, moro or loss.  Scribed on post A.E.C.BV S.W. cor  Al)HLAlDE KSTKK (.'l.AItK l.ROW_,\  Dan (.Haik, ag.-iit,  Dnted December 19th, 1ft 10.  RUPERT LAND  DISTRICT,  District 0* Rupert  TAKE notifce that Richmond  Charles Bifs of Vancouver, B. C,  Broker intends to apply for per  mission to purchase the following  described lands':- Commencing at  a poat phinted nt {��������� post hetween  Section 18k, Township 9, and Section 13, Township 20, thsnee west 40  chain?, thence . eouth 40 chains,  thence west 40 chains, thence south  80 chains; thence east 40 chaina,  thence north 40 chains, thence eaet  40'chaiub, thence north 80chaine to  ptnee of commenremeiit, contaiulng  .640 ncres more or lesi-:  Scrihed or. poat RCli'rf N E cor. ���������  Richmond Chaki.i*:. Biss.  Dun Clark, agent.  Djited D^ceaiher 19ih, 1910.  UPERT LAND  DISTRICT  ..    -      District..!. Rupert -   TA K E nol ice 1 lnu Bertram Jac.es  TaisLei.yf.VafiCiuvvr/JJ. 0,  occu'-.  pation JTxprcs* Manager inienda [,i  to apply ff*r p3Mii'8_iion' to puichaf-ft  the  f.d)     11,j������  detciil.t-d   ]j,p,,f>:���������  Cou_n<   \cii-g 'at. a   pisi   planted  abo    ill) chains vves  of th.- r-u>!i  ea  .cornc' of Set:tioii  24, Town.  9hip2i,   the. ch   wwi   SO   chain*.,  theoce touth K0 chain:*, i..������ i-n-- m:-  ���������80 chains, ihence norti    ���������*���������[���������   -..-���������"������������������������������������,  to place   cf  c-.(utti>*no<... ���������*;*.   y,?--  tainiug 640 acm������ nun* r..- 1-. s.  Scrihed on po-t N^R J T'i. >: j:'.  BetRTBAM JtkKkm T^KllK,  Dan Clark, ugont  Dated December Mih, 1910.  I  RUP1-.RT LAND DISTRICT   n  District ot Ruport  TAKE, notice   that   Margueiite  Leitch nf Vancouver, B.C.. occu-  patiun Saleslady, inlendu to apply-  for perisiepion to jjurchate the following described Unde: -  Commencing at a post planted  at the n������������rth eaet corner qf Section  34, Towneliip 20. thence west 80 >  chainc, thence south 80 chains,  tbenceeaot 80 chain������, thence north  80 chains to place of commencement, containing. 640. acres, more  or less.  Scribed on po8f, M.L.'b N. E.cor.  .   MaRGUKRITE LEITCHj  1      Dan. Clark, Agent.  Dated December 16th, 1910.  ,- RUPERT LAND   DISTRICT  District of Ruqert  . TAKE notice that Delia Brooks.  of    Vancouver.    B.    C,   Married  woman, intends to app^  for permission to purchase  the following  described lamb:���������Commencing at  -post-plunted-iit-the���������northwei_n;or-  n������-r of  Section    30,   Township   9.  thence ea_>t 80 chains, thonce south  80 chaini., thence we&t 'SO chainp,  thenc* north 80 uhaitiB to place oi  coiRi-Ronceiueni    containing    640  ���������acres more or less.   ..  Scribed on Po������M). B\. N. W  cor.  Dblla. Brooks,  Dan Clark, Agont,-  Dnted December 17th, 1910.  puruiiftso tho fpllbViiil. dnei.bed latul-:  O.511 o'oiiiirut <t post idiinted 2 liil-oa  went 01 thu HVt loi'iiur of Buotiou24,T������jwu  Fruit, Candy Cigars  I Cigarettes & Tobacco.  Bonora Mock,  j    OUMBKRI.AND, B.O.  ship 20, 'thence  m.rth 80 obih n, thenco  e&Ht HO  cluiiiiH, . hotioo Houih 80 ohaiuH,  thonoo ,wu-t 80 tihiiipu, tn pliiuu'ol anhirii- ���������  o'uonu'ut, oivnlui'i'iiriK Oil), im*. limm or  Um.        ��������� -,-��������� ii.(JnA������l.U������ Juimon MiNl.lt  8-r'biid on poat CJM'h vSVV corner  ,'.'''       I).in CUrk, Agent.  Dnted D.C'mliorJpih, 1010    ,���������  ���������;RUPIB|tTIiANl)mST!lIOT  Ulntrlotof l-U|"Tt.  ���������TAKHNilTit'B thttrtrorg'6'OlrtunL-!.  rbcijue^tU t, of Viiiionuvir. U.O., iiioih-  lUlic;.i) 0MW,idVtT, Iuto ilnUi npply for pa'niu  plon to|>W'0Wi*������ Iho f'llowi ({dd-urihoil  laiHln:-0')HiaV(i>Ci u at. a p " t plant nl ono  milu cunt bfifiiB:'iirlh -i-fHi. cornur of fltct-  ion 18, TovnwAJn 0, tljenco 'tut, Nil oliaim,  thoiciMioMt<|w<llV'i"������li tho tie ���������w*r,.t 81.  clialnti, tlionco;.Mia\h I-J t li ������������������ins to plucu  of coiiiniPncom*oi|i,touta'ni.iK 1120 ucraii,  ruoio or Icmx.     'vu'  aorllied oii poHt'.q(,l.M'n S\V oorhcr.  ClKOIUlH 0inXUB'J.AUMCiUl(,MM.I,RlU  Jim Ulurlt, At-.-oot.  Daln.l Do ombi-r 20th, 1010.  RUPBUT L \ND OlSIItlCr  DiBtrict of Rupert.  TAKENOTIOE. thnt  E.lw.������rd  Dvko,  nf Uinirluimton. 2. Y-. io.chni8ii,in 0. do to  apply for ponj_i_nit.u to j/uiohaBo tho following dusorilied lands:���������GomniouciuiiK at  .1 p st.pluui-td.2  mile,    wnst   ������t    tli������  eouth eaut oiirncr of S< otion 2-1, T(������wnnhip  20, ihonoe wu.*t 60 chni.jr,  thtnon    roiiUi  80 chains,  thuuuo mat 80 . cliai.*-., tntuco  north 80 oh-*inB tn plnco ofoommousflinont,  ���������ontfti.iintj 6-lO.oroH. inure or Iubh,  Sanlied on p"������t. ED'n N.E, ooruor,  liDWAUI) Dvkb,  Dan (Jlarlf, Af^eut.  -  Dated Do ombur 19th, 1910,  HUl'KUl'LANDUISTIUCr  L>ihtrlct. of Rupert.  TAKB NOTIOMtlwtThrnitw Frederick  Trwker, of Vuiioouv������r, H.G., teloRi'aph  oitor Ur, lutendn to apply for poi mil -  pfdii 10 f-uroli mo tho f-.liov. inn doaorlhjil  Innd-si���������Oiuiiiionoiag ut, a pout, plantt*d at  tho north wo 1. cim*** of R-o i jii 18, Town  HhipO, thom.e south bO dliiunn, thorne  euut 8(t oh inn, theuoo nonh 80 olmin**,  thoi 00 wont 80 oliiiluB to plnpo/f coiu-  iiH)'ii_emcnt, coutii'iiir^ 640 noroB, moro  or l.-es.  Soribodonpoifc'J'Pr'BN.W  c mor.  TlKJMAH l'llRDKHICK TAfiKKU,  1J.N Ulllik, AiJOllt.  I)������t<'iU)jcoinh������r l-Otb. 1010  (Mvs Cotton Root Ccirijiouad  Thift fjtoab Utnrlno Timli', u<id  OTlF, Mio ninictiml Monthly  \l.trnVytiWf 11 v.'lUah womoti o-va  doponil. Puid In thn-.) dourrivM  o| ntronsth-No. 1. W 1 No. [X  10(liif'vc.ni .troiKTor, V3| Np. II.  lold   ,  ironnld  >y i������u (.ruffrruita, op ne*t  pronnld on roooipt. of    *  Vivo pamphlet. A<lar������_  ;& por tot-  "i, op Hd.0  of prUMJ.  far ftnoultil cnum,  Bold l>y i������il "  on  _. ..    m- m _... .....nphk  &lWHlM 11Nt CO.TonONTO, OliT. ilornvrln WWW.  JOHN. McLEODS  FOR .ailHT.CI.AflS  CANDY, KRUITH.  ������IOA������fi-* TOKAOCChl  r.uncirr  \wx nrwnin'M  i^*l������.       tf m,J A  I.4.KI   4. .  NOriOttW horolty (jn*,in th*t en the Hr������t  d#y ol I)(������(ii.iiilirr txu% eppliuttion will- hu  m������H������ to tli* Hfipnriqi-ftiiitoot* of; Provincial  Vn\\c*. VlqiorU, lor tbo rvnewal ot thn ho.  t*l 1 ei -m 10 irll I ()unr*l>y r*Ui! inth*  hotel km*i*n ������* th* _\irt*Am;i>..;i hnt.al, Ml  at'nl at Od noi, ll.C. J. JlJlotMin/  Daiwl OoldU-r II, 1910.  "'District ol Rtiporl.  TAKE notice thnt Horry Pniten  Archibald of Vnricouver, l\ C, en*  r*    1    t.fty      illlM^li.'     * "i     ������������������ ������    1    1  ; -   f   i ��������� -   , ������    *  **,**������������������*><��������� a %   t.U*.Sw. -*.*.���������     K-t   \*y.,j     l\ln     |'    .iil������Q  ������ion 10 purohiipe lhe following do  hcrUifcd IhikIbj���������CommoucinK nt  n  poet pli.iiioil 4 chuhd north of K M  Uoaon'fl puutltwoiit corner,  thonce  north ������10 chnin-', thctKu  wet  W  cha'rti",  Ihenco  itntuh   40 elm ho.  thenco eon .Oi'hnlna  to   placo  of  conitni'tirenicni,    oontaininy    1(10  acroa, mor or lo.������  Scrlhi'don p .hi H.P.A.Virl.K cor  llikftny Vvrrt'iS ^ rt:trrr:.vf,r>,  Dnn Clark, agent"  Datod Dm   llth, 1010.  Tl  0  0  I  m  r  ui  <  *  m  d  mt  mt  .*  *.  IL  r,  ������,i  **f  t  a  0  73  o  o  a*"  gl Umii-Mi  .CD  fmmt  OO  I * I*  as  CD  mmm\Zm*ni  CI  03  t/.  *m,  o  U  *>  <u  4mt  u,  w  u~������  -������.    .    .   _.������-.,.   ������_.,������.  RUPERT.LAND  DISTRICT';  District of Rnpert "   -   :  .TAKE notice thai. Edoa, Fisher'  ,  Spencer of Alameda, C������l., matried,  woman, intends  to apply' for permit*, ion to purchase the following-  de.crihtd lands:���������  Commencing at a post plan.���������-_.-.  at the .outh wept corner of Section,  2 Township 21,t thence east 80s  chains, thence north' 80 .chaini--,.  'hence west 80 chains, thence south. .  80 chains to place of commence-,  ment, containing 640 acres more or ,,  .less. (  Scr-beJ on post EP.F.'p S W.cor..'*  ***DSA  FlfiHER  SpTtNCER  Dan Clark, Agent.  -Da ted-Deoem ber=l 61 hTl 910:   RUPERT LAND'DISTRICT,  District of Rupert.  TAKE notice that Haitlec A?hby  of Vancouver, B,C , married woman-  intends lo apply lor permiftion  to  purchase the   following de.cnbed  landn:���������  Commencing at a   pout, planted.-  at tho Fotiih.eost corner of Section  3, Towm-hip 21, thence noeth   80  chains,   thence   west    80 choinn, :  theroee' south 80 chainp,   ihenrc  east 80 chains   to   plnco   of  cm* ���������  meticement, cuntaining 640 iice-w  moro or lees  *   Scrihed on poRt, H.'A.'. S.TC. ent.  ���������  BAir-n*- Am.tiv  Dan Clark, Ag^nt.  D^ted Decnnher 16ih, 1010.  RUPERT LAND DISTRICT  DiBtHnt of l'iuport.  TAKE NOriOR thnt Lillinn fthoppnrd,  of Vancouver,. B.O.. mnrriod woitiau, Jc-  tondn to ai ply for pormifision tn prtrel.n'.o ���������  dm followiuR d<Roribed Inndn:���������C .triraoii  oiiig- in apnn plauted nt tha nouth en.t  01.rn- r ������������f S*o������Ion 81, Township 21, .Ih-uob  north 80 chains, theaco west 80 clinics,  lhiM*oe BAuch 80ohnin������, ihonoo enst 80  ohninfl l.i.pUoo of commuiencomott, eon- -  tui'iin-.' (I'W acres, moro or l*m,  ���������8o.ibid.on pest J.B'11 .1,1., oomw-  LiM.iAN*PijKrpAiiri.  ^ _ .,-       . ,Di������> Clork, AH0Dt.  Dntrd Dooembor 13lh, 1010.  RUPERT LAND DWTKIOT  District of Rupvrt,  TAIC13 NOTIOB that William Wndman  flhopp������fil, of   VmiooaTOr,; B. C.,   o*th-  intt tiiftker, Intouds to������������������ apply for permission ti pmoiiiiHn thn follonlDff d<������cHbeil  luniNiOomivoncldR nt a pest planted oue ,  milu wcit of tbo touthout oomor of Sao-  lion 21, TownKhlp 21.  Ihenoe north 80^  oluiiiH, tlu>noe wcit .80 dlinltin,   thorce  ������cml������8D alitiii'M, thonoa mm 80 obitoH to  pluou of ooiiiintii>oomi)iii, oontaiuiog 610-  oonv, more or io s.  Scribod on p.cl W W fl's S.E. onrnor,  Wn,MAM W������n������iA.v .Snr.mni),  ,. ,', Unn Clnrk, Agont,  Diit.dPoe.mhor 18t.li.  MHO.  RUPERT LAKUDJS'lRiCT  Dintrjot of Rnport,  TAKH NOTION that WiHinm Kord-  riok Tinker, of V.nooov.if 11,0, mi. nu met nr  orw ������Kont, ii.Ioi <U t<������ npply fo> Tn.r_ni>Hii-in  lo purohaau tlm f llowh ��������������� cidsntlh-vi Inm!*;  v.o iiinviioini'(it  a  jio-t pin (ni about 1  M'lU' '"I'I Of It).'   *w������.J*i})M--������i Vail)'������   ol /.(,*���������������>  ti..n IH, Triwiii'.ip p, tlumoo.ustV0eliiilnn  t������n.'oi   couth HO diai" , there.  ������e������t 80-  idiiiiiis. he ci nor h 80 .Imnh to pluoiot  onmnt^i 11 iu������.i_t,   ooitaiuinK  GtO   hor a  mon* it 'rim.  Wu mam KKNOIltnC Taskm,  ��������� .    .        . D411 f!Urk, Ago it,  Dot*' l>c. nlicr 19 h, 1910.  RUPI-RTLANDDWIRlCr  Distriot tf Rat ort.  TiKV yOTICB  thut U.U)\W M.mk.  liott't.      i.J    Vnuootivor.   11, C.     ttlea,  ol rl;  In hivi   I,. ������rr1j. f,,r p.*rmi.nion to  1 u.chi t������ Iin tnl nw t u a������*������o ih (1 lurd*-;���������  t'cnrm-numir ������t... \v<,t |il u������������ut lmr-'rh  *m .r ii-r-f <nt   <> Xi. Tuw.tdiip '.������(>,,  th.< Cf B"nt���������' SO c   Inn   tho cu  t\ini   SO.  pti .-.I* tii-i.c.   -nitiii. Wt olnioM,  th-nctt,  ti-em HO-h \ *, ������������������ ,Uc*  r|   romiii.i)c������-  Wiii t. <>.*. Ult*\iutfV*i.nrta mn i*..'" fan  *-*<nl- 11 irt> p.>t isr_ N W, roficr. '  ll������*ti������-t,l,A ���������f������iS*KHov������ir,  ���������     , . '-*������" * I' rk, A|_������bU  D l>*i.uuru...r IBiu.  1'J.a  tWfHvHdf H-t"M^Hi-I-WLi'l.^*r *oo-^:  THE   NEWS,   CUMBERLAND,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  SOLD THE  WORLD OVER.  POPULAR PICTURES.  Reproductions Havo Netted  Fortune!  for Publishers.  An artist's lot is not always a  happy ono. The late Holman Hunt  ������trugali**d for years against ad versa  criticism In his effort to simplify,  purify, and beautify, British ort. At  r ne time his povrety was so great thnt  v.. nvide up his mind to emigrate to  Canada;- but, fortunately, Milln'.s  camo to his brother artist's rescuo,  nnd per*uadod him to go down into  Surrey and continue his work.  Tt was here that he painted the  background for his fnmou. picture,  "Th.-* I-i'.'lit of the World." For three  months Holman Hunt painted nil  ni_.ht in ilie open air by the Unlit of  thn fu! moon and u solitary candle,  and during that time he placed upon  the canvas hi? immortal work. All  over the world "The. Licht of the  World" wai exhibited, and caused 11  great .on.ation. Reproductions sold  in every town and country village.  rts sale, up to tVc present time cannot fall far short'of a million pounds.  Tbe original picture was placed in  a chapel "at Oxford, but later the  artist ..pent some weeks in repairing  the damage .hat had been caused .by  neelect.. Then ho jainted. a lamer  copy, which was hung in St. Patrick's Cathedral.  "Tbe Light of the World" is al-  most, but not quite, tl.e most popular  religious   painting  in   existence.     It  ^Conserve the Moisture arid Increase the Yield Fully Twenty per cent.   Call and see them.  PAYING PREMIUMS 70 YEARS.  An Expert  "Spouter is  a pretty  able debater,  isn't he?"  "I should say so!   Why, he can call  an opponent a liar and a scoundrel in j  15 different ways without violating the'  rules of order."  Catarrh Cannot Be Cured  With LOCAL APPLICATIONS. M they ennnot r_������e������  th* tut ot the disease. Catarrh Is a blood or const.  tutlooal disease, aud In order to cure It you must uie  Internal remedies Hull's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, and acta directly upon the blood and mucous  ���������urlaces. 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Minard's    Liniment    Cures    Dandruff  He was an old merchant ft*ho had  built up a big business by advertising.  "John," said his wife, "what do  you want*on vour tombstone?"  "Oh," he answered, "it isn't important what the text is so long as it gets  good space and is well displayed^"  Comedian���������"You seem to bo in  cellent spirits to-night, sir."  Actor-Manager ��������� "Yes, splendid  house to-night, old man, great crowds,  lots of money, and such a jam at the thi  doors that they've crushed all the  ancient eggs they had in their pockets."  Why suffor from corns whon they cnn  be painlessly rooted out by usmp. Hoi-  loway's Corn Cure.  Troubles,   like  by nursing.  babies,  grow  larger  Bohia Blanca, Argentina, is ( the  greatest wheat shipping city of South  America.  ing for, some time they appear to  open. It is, of course, merely^ an  artist's trick, but so wonderful doe-,  it seem that some people regard it  as a miracle.   This is the most popu-  and well  over a million reproduction, of it  have been sold.  The picture that beats all record*  is thai of tbe Eiffel Tower. In two  years one firm of photographers sold  over 700,000 copies, and at the present time there are between 3,000,000  and 4,000.000 scattered about the  world.  Compared with this, the sales cf  photographs of the Tower Bridge are  quite insignificant, although - they  amount to nearly 1,000,000. Strange  to .ay, Londoners do not buy many  of these pictures. Most of them are  bought by visitors to the Metropolis,  who.take*tbem away as souvenirs.  The historical interest of the Tower  of  Lond.vi   always  appeals  to  those  who come  to London for a holiday,  and hundreds of thousands of photo-  graphs-of the Tower have been carried across the Atlantic to the States.  The sales of it greatly exceed  those  -of-thd-Tower-Bridger-and-since-photo-  ox-   granby -beeame so popular it is' esti-  ��������� mated  that about   1,200,000   pictures  of  the Tower  have  been   produced.  At the  small sum of a  penny each  would realize $25,000. but many  of these were sold for two and three  .shillings; and even more.  The sales of photographs of tbe late  Queen "Victoria were simply enormous, and must during her lifetime  have totalled 1,500,000. Thousands if  pounds jyorth have been sold in the  Colonies. and in India, and'in one  case ii single Australian firm took  over 525,000 worth in one consignment. The photographs of Queen  Alexandra command a ready sale;  one firm makes over $5,000 a year  from this source alone.  And the Company Wants Postage For  Mailing the Receipt.  Your  favorite  funny   paper   would  blush  to  publish  a  number  without  including a few stories of the careful i  business  methods of the Scotchman, j  but the other day it witnessed,an evi-.  deuce of the canny business methods  of an l.nglisli company, which makea (  the   saying   that   "the   farthing   waa}  made so the Scotch could be charit- (  able" look pale. i I  Mr. Henry William Eddis, of No. J  172 R ox borough street east, Toronto,  a quarter of n century n;o thoj'city's  beat known accountant, and the'founder ol the Institute of Accountants in  Toronto, is perhaps the oldest living  paying Caii_t-**.an insurance policy  holder. He is now in his. ninety-dirst  year, and haa curried insurance on  his life in an English company for  seventy years ��������� some time before the  foundation of any Canadian institute i of the nature. In those days  paid-"p policies and all fucIi fancy  brands were unknown. There was just  you  ear for  hich  ,t tho  death of the one insured  Mr Eddis hr . long'ago paid in more  money than the total amount of the  insurance, but on this form of policy  he must keep up.the j;early remittance  just tho same to keep the insurance  in force. .- , ,  Despite this faa(t, in sending the .receipt back to hinj'for' the.seventy-first  premium, the general mantger of the  English company requested,'in a'note  wr'.-.an in bis own hand -on the bottom of the receipt, "that in future in  sending the premium would Mr. Eddis please include a p<?nny for postage for mailing r"ceipt."  Can  Star.  you beat  itP-jrToronto Weekly  Increase In Immigrants.  For the ten months, April to January, of the current fiscal year, the  number of immigrants who arrived  in Canada was 200,687. as compared  with 165,567 during the corresponding  months of last fiscal year. The gain  is 57 per cent.  The number who arrived at ocean  ports for the same period was 158,670,  _a_s_aga_inst J48.456 for a like period^  last year,"an" increase"of "88 per cent7  From the United States, for the same  ten months there were 102.017 immigrant arrivals; for the corresponding  ten months of last fiscal year there  were 80,862, the gain from this source  being 26 per cent.  Shibhb Gun  ������������������iokly ttepn oougha. ���������ore* aoUia, haul*  th*   throat nnd   lung*   -    <       39 oaaiXa,  To believe that things will go wrong  is not only bad morals, but bad judgment as well.  No man is on his way, who doesn't  know where ho is going.  PILES CURED IN 6 TO 14 DAYS  Your druggist will refund money ll  PAZO OINTMENT fails to cure any  ���������caso of Itching, Blind, Bleeding oi  Protruding Piles tn 6 to 14 days.   50c  "Boss, I've just come out of u hospi-  ���������tal, an'-���������"  "What?"  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In fact, sometimes they leap to the  eve, a*? in that clause in tbe Irish  Bank Act of 1808 which provides that  "the pioiits shall be equally divided,  and th'e residue go to the Governor";  and in an old-time act once quoted  by Lord Palmerston, which provided  for the possibility of Good Friday tailing on a Sunday���������a "happy thought"  oi which even the late-Major O'Gor-  man might well have been proud.  The most enthusiastic believer in  vaccination might well take alarm at  one ;section in an Act .of .26 and 27  Vict.', which made vaccination compulsory in Scotland1. By a section of  this act the. registrar was ordered "to  make out a list of the names and addresses of such persons a3 have failed  to transmit or lodge a certificate ot  vaccination ,and upon receipt of the  list or order of a vaccinator appointed  . . . t'o vaccinate the'persons named in the list, he, in pursuance- ot  such order, shall vaccinate the per-  ��������� sons named therein."  . As it was the duty of parents to forward the certificate, it was thus clear  that if tbey failed, from oversight, or  any other reason, to do so, they  would have to submit their own arms  tc, the needle and lymph, a penalty  which, it is not necessary to say,  was as little contemplated by the law  as .. would be relished by the parents.  Equallv alarming was the Act passed in 52* George III. for the registration of births in England. By tht  14t"._ Section of this Act, "if any person falsifies or defaces registers oi  issues a false copy of an entry, he  shall, on conviction, be deemed and  adjudged to be guilty of felony, and  shall be transported for a term of  fourteen vears."  So far. so good! The penalty might  be unduly heavy, but at least it fell  on the culnrit. But read a little farther. By Section 18, "one-half of the  _.fs,_s___or .penalties _.to-.be-levied, in _p_ur__.  suance oi this act shall go to the person who shall inform Or sue for the  same." Thus the promised inducement to anyone whose zeal led- him  to report a breach of this law was that  the informer should himself go to,  "Botany Bay" for- seven years-'(half  the penalty) to ruminate on the.folly  of coming   to -the assistance of jus-  trice { , "  A statute for the rebuilding of  Chelmsford Jail provided that prisoners should be confined in the old jail  until the new one was built. A very  proper precaution, one would think.  But as a subsequent clause ordered  that the new prison should be constructed out of the materials of the old  oho, the. difficulty of providing accommodation for the prisoners during the  pulling down and rebuilding was so  obvious that a new Bill had to be  drafted.  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You don't want, to he]  exnerliiienti'd on, and for thi.-* reason i  will insist nn i-eeing the portrait and1  tb  ���������signature of A. W. Cbu.-e, M.I)  flunoiiK Ib'ceipt Bonk author, on  bottle >*fhi buy.  Ah it i.-. iiui'le ol simple ingredient-,  ol proven value, it 1. well suited fnr  nut. iih a. tri-iiliiii'ht fnr I'hililt'i-ii. Tb.it  it is effective iu the <'iire nf eiuiip,  bronchitis, whooping .-/iiit.h and tin*  most (severe rouirh.-. and <'i>l������i������ i_ at-  tested by it', many year.*" nf cotitinueil  A'llCCi'H.-. illlll ('lioiinoim .uie.., 'Si mitt .  nil dealer., or l..i:;iun*-.<������n. Hit..-. ���������&  Co., TotouUi.  W. N. U., No. 842  Botany Bay,  Sir Joseph Hanks was the man who  invented the onoo familiar phrase  "Hotnny Bay.' Uo was the botanist  iitt'iehed to tho expedition of Captain  Cook, tlio "Australian Columbus.'*  Landing at this bay, oIobo to the prod-  ent oity of Sydney, ho found such*  an nbnndftiiee of strange plants and  flowers that he associated tho word  "botany" with it for all time For a  lung time Botany Bay and Australia  were synonymous in l.ngland. Sydney  hnj spread out "to tho historic bay,  nnd ymi enn travn! by tram ear to  "Botany." Ittwas Sir Joseph Bunks  wlir,   mndo   the   1-r.mfnroo   nnd   othor  Australian animals known to science,  ���������Louuim ijriipiuu.  A tatting Flower.  A   common   South   African   Anwar  pos. o������i .n.-t   the  valuable'   property   of  .      '     .    i   ������     ������   , ���������,    .\  ..**- |t,.t^,  **,���������������������������->���������.  k...    ...'J  ,..- ���������.*...'   *...   .,.v,iv.  after cutting. It Is a white Star of  Bethlehem, producing ft compact  spike of flowers on ft Rtiff, erect stalk  IB iuc-h<*������ hi 2 feet long, The flower*  ���������"'lure of a ibin and papery tis.ue, nil  Shfloh's Gun?  It-to-UyB.oiM coughs, aanaaoldn, bcala  To* throat and lung*. *   ���������   ��������� 35 o������nt__  Miss Possny���������"You lmvo saved my  lifo, young man. How can I repay  youP How can I show my gratitudoP  Are you married?"  Young Mnn-���������"Yos; oome nnd bo o  cook for un."--Woman's Homo Companion.  SUFFERED "36"  HER CHILDHOOD  BUT     DODD'S     KIDNEY  MADE MRS. LAPRAIR  NEW WOMAN  PILLS  E A  Scotch Students.  Many a man who never had  "schooling" gets an education,  often a surprisingly good ono.  A traveler in Scotland once met a  farmer whose ff. ound rent was about  $20-a year and who wrote poetry in  Gaelic that was-'of high'order.   ,  This same traveler met a youth in  Scotland who rode from home on  horseback to the seaport and then  across,Scotland to Aberdeen,, where he  sold his horse to enter tho university,  It is related of another, Scotch man  that ho was'overheard repeating a line  of Tennyson, whereupon * nine one  asked him what poet ho liked best.  "Homer," ho replied.   >  "Whose translation do'ymi*road?"  "I rarely rend a translation," he  said,*wiping tho fish scales from his  apron. "1. liko best to ri;ud Humor  In the original Greek,"  NipUsing   Lady  that   should  value to the  Canada.  gives an experience  prove of ^Immense  suffering women,of  Laprairlfivillo,  Ont. (Spooial).  white exei pt the yellow anthers. It  enn be .ent over n������. a cut flower from  South Africa to Britain, and th������.li  Ih������<m for weeks in water.  A Collector of Med,.|_,  A Yi.rk-.hiro collector of medal.,  Dr. A. A. Payne, Ht!W>-".r.*U'jh, fllief-  Held, |-*m{., hn. been amassim; medals  Vn ov-r twenty ye/ir*-, ii.*i,| hs^ a  rnff-niinn nf 2..VW vrnrtfi ������;/���������<������. ffe  Jim llfty iiii'daU that hav** b������-i-n connected with either the peerage, haro-  i..t.- or knighthood!.  Nipisslnut District,  After HiifforinR from  various "forma ot kidney ills Rinoo ������ho  ii.-niM 'i nbOd Mro A T.nprnirlo *i������ it  well woman' and once moro it has  been proved thut no cane ot Kidney  Troubio is too severe or of too long  standing for Dodd's Kidney Pills to  ouro.  Interviewed rejjnrdiiig her cure,  Mrn   T.nprairie snid:  "Sineo 1 was twelve years oi ago 1  hnvo Buffered from Kidney Disease, I  was nlwnys tired. My hack would  ache and I nlwavH had a sharp pnin  in tlio top pnrt of my head. My heart  also troubled tne.  "Hearing of Dodd's Kidney Bills, 1  gavo tiiem a trial, mvl no v. I fco.l liko  a new woman."  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LsMMhift. f ���������������!������������������<*.  Sol?artrrahiraIn Ciaaia sad U. 1. awn-tin.  U mtaaa 2% mil, *. -"���������**���������,. -VI**-.-.  Lmmmmmimlmmm  frffi-'f-flffjITrf^  Wi  THE   NEWS,   CUMBERLAND,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  (\ ���������  k  I   I!  i  .'"Discharged for fresher and prettier girls."  IT WOULD bo vain to try to close  our eyes to *-he importance of any  topic  brought for-ward  to  this  department  when   a  flood  of  letters  follows the mention of the same.  Some weeks ago there -appeared here  a letter from a working girl," signed  "Justicla." She set forth stfdngly and  Bhe asserted truthfully the circumstances under w.hicli she Is' trying to  earn a-n honest livelihood ^as a sales-  . woman in a department store. In printing the communication I asked a free  discussion of the matter laid before us.  In effect, 1 appealed to readers, conver-  ���������sant���������with jthe~ii_e~of "girls'"-wo"rWi-g""_n""  chops and offices to testify to the truth  or falsity of the t story as , typical ot  the lives of an ' immense1-'class of  women. ,  Answers have poured dn upon me in  ench numbers and ln tone so earnest  ���������somo of them so vehement���������that 1  nm constrained to grant the discussion more room than can bo found under  the head of the Housemothers' Exchange  The.theme is intensely interesting to  those wlio have made the best interests  of Hie business girl a serious study.  There are thousands and tens of thou-  ' aands of them in our _rreat cities ond  smaller towns, it Is no exaggeration to  say that 5oo women go out from their  homes dally to toll by the side of men,  and along the same lines, with them,  where one earned her dally' bread in the  business world llfty years ago.  It is of vital Imporuinco to this and  tlie noxt generation to comprehend tho  effect of her changed life, her altered  Ideals, her uttoi.y different nlms nnd  expectations, upon the young .woman of  this practical ago.  The letters for which I now give place  may help us to solvo tlio problem.  Each Is genuine, and those published  fairly represent tho grent mass for  which we havo no space to spare.  '.'.'    *;      No. I    '   \ .'"*��������� ...  "Tlio most Important letter printed  In your Corner of late Is that from  Iho clover working girl signing herself 'Justicla.' All (hat Hhe way? ,,  la true, and she does not picture  things half as -darkly ns tho  rea-llty Is,  "1 atartod out In Hf������ aa she did,  fortified by a fair education and  good home training. What of the-  many who have neither, who go out  from homes whero * par erne are ignorant or oveiindulgeni and let their  girla bring themselves up? Those  who have J>ad the right 'early training cannot appreciate what a terrible drawback it ts to be with-,  out it.  "I was at a meeting of a ladles'  club th������ other day when this vital  question of fortifying daughters I  ������gainst certain temptations came,  up. One member spoke of how  differently mon act in their homes  toward wives, motlfers, 6 lst ere and  friends from what they do to shopgirls and stenographers. Another  woman corrected her: 'You mean  that some men behave in that way,  All do not.' ��������� kept'silent. But In  my soul I thought it might be the  rule and not the exception. These  ���������were women of wealth and reline-  ment, who had never known the  pressure of want. What could they  know of what the working girl has  to. do and bear? They labor hard  and Incessantly, doing $15 worth of  work for $5, and have so little with  which to get food, lodging and clothing that they are driven into a life  of disgrace,  "Oh, for a few hundreds of Jane  Addamses in this bard world!  "I am a trained nurse, and during  my novitiate at the hospital a little  blind girl was brought to us, whose  history rivaled ��������� that of Nydia in  ��������� 'The Last Days of Pompeii.' I could  tell you tales of the cruelty and  sufferings of the girl who must  work In the open world for her dally  bread that would horrify you who  live  In  sheltered  homes.  "To our working girl 1 would say,  'Trust God. and when in tlii-e need  appeal to some of the noble organ- '  izations that are interested in -helping and elevating .'you. In the end  you will "win out" and look back  upon a clean, well-spent life.'  "SYMPATHIZER, (Kenosha, Wis.)."  No. n  "Is it possible that you do not  know tlmt 'Justicla' has calmly and  mildly portrayed the joyless existence of the average storegirl?  "If you do not know this, do. by  all meane, investigate the conditions  of her existence. I can hardly conceive of -any-- people who are more  tortured than moat of .these girls.  Like 'Justicla,' they have cravings  for wholesome joys; more or less refinement Is born in them.' They are,  one and'"all, desirous to rise above  their lowly rotation. They would like  to be happily married and have  , homes -of their' own. They would  like to look forward to the time  when their work will be less hard  and when they will not have to  stand for hours, sick or well.  "What1 are their prospects? So far  from seeing light ahead, they wonder how long they oan live honestly  and get enough food and clothes to  make them  tolerably  comfortable.  " 'Justlcla's noonday meal is a fair  sample of what they -all get.  They  _must_.dress__wel___!:i- order���������to���������'hold- ���������  their jobs,'' and the food which may  .be bought out of "what is left after  Saying for clothes and lodgings is  arely enough" to sustain existence.  As a result, they become, in a short  time, pinched, irritable and homely,  ���������and they' are discharged, .to make  room for fresher land prettier girls,  who, in turn, go through the same  experience,  "There Is now much complaint  nnd general outcry because some  women have to stand in the cars  for'ten or fifteen minutes on their  way home from shopping expeditions. A worthy agitation! But  what of women who have to stand  all day long and sometimes " late  into the night? Who writes to the  editor about her? The blnck slaves  of the south had no refined sensibilities, and animal existence in  comparative comfort sntlsiied them.  Our white slaves behind tho coun- '  tera and at desks long for higher  things. They see women of 'wealth  and refinement and easy lives dally,  and they must long secretly for  something bettor than the endless  monotony of drudgery for Junt  food and clothes,  "When Wendell Phillips snw tho  realization of his ambition In tho  abolition of Rlavery, ho fell to work  ujion the nlulltlon of wng.-slav-  "ry. In this he failed, Wage-  slavery is continually, growing  worse.  "You seem willing to publish  more of those girls* letters. Do  ho, by nil means. You may not  work a reform, but you may at  least call attention to the need  Of It.  "Women are banding together  to * suppress the 'white slave' truffle, if they can ilnd such a traffic, ,  it Is, oi course, laudable to sup- ..  press It. Whnt they are looking  fnr Is but ri tiny pimple compared  with tlio great iilcor of white olav-  ery depleted by 'Justicla,' The  nogroes of the south wero fed nnd  housed because their Borvlceu were  needed,   Tho tool, must bo kept In  repair and bright, i Our store-  girls may starve. What matters?  There are plenty more, to take their  place. The' southern slave was  . cared for in his old age. The  store-girl Is discharged. God  knows  what  becomes  of  her!  "Pardon my presuming to Instruct you! I am older than you,  and have seen and thought more  of  this  particular matter-.  "A   MASCULINE   MEMBER  (Providence, R. I.)."  As is my custom when a masculine  member takes the time and pains to  contribute to our columns, I give him  full opportunity and profound respect.  If I may have, in the bottom of my  heart, a misgiving that he* Is a little  drastic in his censure of employers, and  Indiscriminate in his Inclusion of all  shopgirls in the category of "slaves,"  1 honor the generous warmth that spurs  Jiim to the defense of the oppressed  and tho courage he draws from honest  conviction.  If I have not, as he says truly, investigated the subject as thoroughly as  No. Ill '  "Was 'Justioia' right ln what she  says of the life of a business woman?  Yes, and yet again, yes! Please leave  out name and place, but I can tell  you' of a girl belonging to an excellent family, who met with similar  experiences. She was a clerk in u  store in a large city at 1.7 per week,  and had the customary hall bedroom In a 'nice' private house, but  was compelled to give it up because  of the Insults offored 'by the husband of aiMther 'roomer,' a, mun  in charge of .the .dress goods department of the city's most fashionable store. After sundry similar  experiences she went back to her  home In a small town, and today  prays that her daughter may never  be bitten by the microbe of girlish  self-support, but may meet her  'Jack' and toe prepared to be the  mistress and, if need be, the maid-  of-all-work In a modest cottage  home, ���������  "Girls, if you must go out from  your homes, go with high ideals and  strong hearts, and keep up both  spiritual-and physical training. That  will help.  "Mrs. F.'W. It. P. (Clinton, la.)."  No.  IV  "I am an elderly -widow Thing with  my only daughter in a neat flat upon  a respectable but not fashionable  street. We have 'a modest Income  derived from property my husband  left-me. He never "had-a large salary, but we lived so far within it  that we put aside a few hundreds'  yearly. We economized chiefly lithe matter of servants. After my  daughter left school. I dismissed the  mald-of-all-work, hired a , washerwoman to come in two days in the  week to do the heavier part of the  work, and my daughter and I divided the -housework between us.  Thus we saved a little more every  year. Now that we 'have the interest  of our savings to live upon, we are  glad of economies to which we .became so accustomed that we did not  find them oppressive.  "We live moro than comfortably,  for we have many of the small luxuries of life. We take magazines,  subscribe to-the library, and once in  a while buy books we dress well;  have a good pew in church and contribute to churcn charities (a privilege, in our opinion), have a friend  drop Iri every day or two to luncheon  or to tea, and Indulge ourselves once  a month with tickets lo the theater  or a concert or lecture.  "In short, we have a dear and  ���������happy  home  and enjoy it  heartily.  "upon the floor below us live a  printer and his wife and two daughters. The wife is not strong and so  far unfit for housework that when  she undertakes to do it all, she invariably breaks down and is confined  to her bed for a day or���������sometimes  tr  "I knew absolutely nothing about  cooking."  ���������he hae, I yet recall that there are notable exceptions to the rule of abject -slavery under which those he  champions struggle ln vain.' One ot  thoso exceptions was brought to our  notice some weeks ago by a well-written  letter from a girl In Richmond, Va.,  who told of the .gentle consideration  displayed by ber employers for the  clerks and saleswomen of the establishment. A similar instance came to  my observation last week, in conversation with a' philanthropist, who has  just finished the tour <;. department  stores In New York City, 1 learned  with deop gratification, of tlie measures  adopted ln several loodlng shops for  tho comfort and happiness of women  employes, Thoy are looked after In  elcknewi and ln health, and, so far as la  practicable, thero Is kindly supervision  of tholr morals,  I tako excoptlon, more decidedly, to  *.! tho statement that my mciltor Is older  ,,* than J, I may not havo seen as much of  - tho bualness world ob he has; I am poa-  Jtlyo that I havo lived In the great outer  world for moro years, But lot thut  ;1>U88|  r *     .  ,*     i  ���������^���������^*mmmmmmmmmmmmmtumimmmwfimmmmM  "What of women who have to  stand all day!"  ���������a week. So she hires a colored  woman to come in for general housework. She is engaged by the day,  sleeps out of the house, I often  meet her upon the stairs on her way  out, ami she always carries a bundle done up in paper. She comes in  empty-handed In the morning. You  know what that means as well as I  do!  "The two daughters have been In  business ever since they left school.  One is a stenographer, the other is  a 'saleslady' in a big department  store. The father took the pains to  tell me one day that 'there is no  gain to him in their work.' He  pays all the household expenses, and  he 'would not let the girls pay  board In their father's house.' They  freely confess that they have taken  ���������their respective positions ln order to  dress better than the father can afford to have them do. '  "Last month the mother was so far  from well that the- doctor ordered  her to visit her sister in a southern  city. The colored woman took that  time to fall 111. . One of the daughters  ran up tMe next day to ask for the  address of my laundress.  " 'She looks like such, a nice, respectable-person that we thought she  might come to us and straighten out  things somewhat,' she said. 'We are  in a terrible "fix." ��������� You see, my sister and I know absolutely nothing  about .cooking. Neither of .-us could  boil an egg nor cook a potato to  save our lives. We do manage to  make the beds and dust the rooms,  after a fashion, but al] three of us  -had-to-get-our--meal.-~at-a--restau���������  rant yesterday, and my father just  hates it!'  "The question is, what manner of  wives and housekeepers those girls  ������n,  Contentedly sowing hor trousHeiiu."  THE HOUSEMOTHERS' EXCHANGE  IMPORTANT NOTICE  ���������traEOAUBb af the enormom  J< number, of letter* tent to  *~* the Kxchanpe, I mutt atk  contributor* to limit their communication* to 100 wordi, except  in case* of formula* or recipe*  which rflgu.ro greater apace. I  want all my corroipomteiit* to  have a *no������i.ti0 <ti the Oornir,  and if my regueif. in thi������ reaped  In oompllcd with it will be potni-  ble to print many mere letter*.  Attention i* catted to the fact  that Marlon llarland cannot receive money far pattern*, aa ahe  has nn connection with any department that anil* them.  ���������uRiir (more If liked), 1-3 tempoonful of  winner, li ti-aapoonrul. of cinnamon, a littlo  nutmeg. 1 uuapnonful of vanilla, 1-3 leu-  upooiiful tit lemon.  Mix thorouuhl/ nnd tmko In n dcip pie-  pun. lln.il wlll������ itooil unit..  (21 Another of K.undmothoi-'i recipea ot  whicli w������ never tfroi  Pound Cako  Ono pound of butter (2 cupa), l pound  of lunar <_ cupa), i pound of ������K8_ (to ur  lj,' according to. al������c), i pound of (lour  fliwul after alftlnir. 4 cupa), y pound or  bliinched_ und MlireJ.tc.tI nliii-iida (1 oup), \l  pound of .hrnltjed citron tl cup), ������,������ pound  of aultana-rulilni (abouc _ cupa), a iiuio  nutmeg. ..No .uiiu. or linking powder.  Hunt whlto**.nml yolk* of ckk* icpntntoly,  and fold In the flour. Thin may bo _ak.d  In amftll imn*   like oup cukca,  or In  two  Htorngo bolng an unknown abomination of doNOhtUoii-und fuithtuj bout-  lng did the work.  A Chair Will Lighten a Burden  To "H. n,  0."  I would'any tt.nl  forty  /car* hko I wu������ given up ua a vlutlm ' *  canaunmtlon.    1   begun   *(i  bellnvo   llmt  limit dlu, nnil, thinking ������o, i kiciv worae  year* nice I wn* given up ua a vlutlm to  initio-     "          ' "       -   -   "     ilio, _ .... . ���������.���������   I(uluthim wlio know tnitl my mother and  ������Inter died of the fell dlaeuao ri-enlled 'lino  lllkllllf   XI!  UWllllU  1   begun  llilnEl  wno km  I or the  -i wy fun  t ui iu mo.   My young couaiua could nol wot  their f.c|  wi-t  without  falllnu  Inlo u (le*  J-.ro loaves.   It will k-i-cp ftlmoit Imlnmiltc-  V n* Ioiik ua fruit cuko If aliiit up  Pumpkin  Pie  "Like  Grandmother's"  ��������� ������w-r\r+,**r *,   m,.. ,.,..,I,w.. %, m, ,.    ..   Ill , t  H' of thfl fullneRR nt a Kruteful nwt  ���������i������ pneroui noul by n Mlanouri cor-  it'Kpotulent, I extract what will intercat  Mlow-mfmb+ra. _ fe������*l a.lilnh hi k<<i������-  .njr the throbbing heart of the enmrnii-  nlcailin to myaeir, It Im too pergonal  nnd liit.lrinito to bo put into print.  I     w,,l,lnln     ���������.l,rtf    rv>'������<|,    l-r,     ^'--^-,   ;.;'     '  -  pwHrvJaJ for I'he Kxchnnge. V'nolc in  Hint a reclp-B for pumpkin pie.* Now, ot  .���������(.ur-. ft, v/ti Kltmild not eat plo. Hut wa  tint 1 uaod to thlnk-and J mill think  ���������no oh* nmkea mich pumpkin pie* an  my New Knulund Rrnnrtmotht������r made.  Hho mild thoy were Juat llk������ mlno-fl  pled In that thoy needed In HeimoniaK  11 llt*Io of everything good one hap-  tutnftl Xi, U,\tf. In tht- Ixhim*. An iti.ai������  ly aa I ftiti itoi it down to exact 1111 n.  tir-pinem, thia ta whnt nhe ovolvml:  I'nr eaili il('-lini. i-uri nf .K-urm-ii ati.l  tlraliHil fiumrliiti, .tiiv-iiit.!. ulillo h-it, m|U������  ���������alt <ml l.iiil.r, 3 nip* nf milk. 2 i-axt,  1  ���������at.Vi.i'fv.nful*  **a.h  *������f  l.rf.wtt ������������������������������_  whlin  jy-alnioat  ..  In n Unlit liox or cnn.  I mw a query In Urn I3xc)i������ni.a laat ium-  mer n������ to whether or not Imlilnit powder bin-  rult dough cnulil ljct kept for aomo limira  nftor mixing before Jbnltlnir. I have liept It  ovnrnlglii In lh������ rnf.lK..ntor with fnir ru-  aulta, The p_r..ot union of tho ehemlonl  rtenifnta   which , Induce   the   "rlilnir"   la,  T    '''MmV      f,f,/,.*,n,*-.|l���������lw...     ,;*..(..     ,_,,. I,.     ,1        (.  lluuneo of heat. Ko, If ono 1.111 Uiiii iho  rtmiirli i"i\l\ (for n Mtnltcil .Win-. ].i���������rliiip.1.  U will not luHii IlKhtn.H-.  I coni'iuiln wllh conlln) ip-i-ttlnAi to ilhtr  m.mliera of the l-xclinntr. tu which I hnva  "llUlKlrJ In."  A. 1* H. (Kanana City, Mo.).  I Append to thi* valuable addition  to our trerimiry cnmmftni.nt.lon of thn  Judicious parenthetical mention of  ineamirea fn n rod no (.-ailing for  pounda nnd ounce*, it Ir not overy  lioiiHowlfo who hn* tnwtworthy hcaIpm  in her kitchen, It Ih unquoatlonnhly  eiiHlor and i|iili*l������*r to iii*_iihii.������ thnn  to weigh, our new and thrlcft-wel-  como member offom tm the choice.  Tho reelpu for tho Incomparable  potnut cake of the olden time imIim  ������yci and mouth water. Note the alg-  nincnnt N, th: "Ko soda or baking  l,owdi*r u,-i*il.'- CiriiiulniuiIiuiM Hcoiiutil  whort cut* to ilK-it-it-xi. In cfike and  pudding making nn "*hl_fle.n" and  ''downriidit   laxy."    Fif-sli   *kk*���������cold  xavcrul on my futlier'a aldo who liud domi  0, My young i-ou.Iiiii could not uot  . <���������! wi-t without falllnu Inlo u ue-  ollno,    All ili'Mpnlred of my r.covory,   My  Iniitmnd told me thnt hn hnd aeioctPi) u  101110 for our two lllll* onna, nddlnit tlmt ho  mtw u girl who inlKht Uecuuits Mn, No.  Twol  lliat wna the Inat .trnwl 1 ilftH-iniltu-il I  would not,dlfl.to olillaw any of tlio pnriy or  to prove tholr dul������furi'riMiiettun* true. Wo  {aft tha oltv nnd lived In a country place in  Mlclilxan, whera 1 ������>ould ho oul-of-dnora  much of Ihn time, nml where I could |i������'f  rich ot-rfin, whloh I tmik (ivory mornlnn  w th n little whialty, liiHteml of cod liver  oil, which spoiled my uppetlte, I nlno au  raw beefati-Rk chomied line und acuamind.  liul. nlinvc nil (���������!������(��������� T ili-t. i-mlne,1 Im mv  ������-������ii muni mat 1 wwilil live, If |ioa*;hlf.     ,  I nm mill (iliv.- (na thin inter nrnvi-K) nnd  '-.*'���������*- ,'rt-;iA .������''*������''> "���������-ii umil luieiy, Ww loul  elaht elilldren and luive liurle'l anine of  ilii-iii,  II la my liutUinil ulin la nm-. the Invalid.  lie U almoin in-1iiI.n<i from paralynia. ,  If he hnd n  wWl elinlr,  It  would tic i������  ifnt comfort to him ftmnighUn t������������ hur-  den of life noniiHvhni for mc, but wi, lmvo  Tio nienna In niinro fur Hie mirflmu*.  it in** icKiimiiiiy (.limiiil inn ciiiiiiii.c Itit'i  "lira. ll. H. (!.," I ahull h������ Kl*d. Vou m������y  loll her. mo.nH't-r. tlmt our elil������*������t non <ah*  Klvt-ii Junt on������ yenr of life whan tin wnu l������  nm] ei*etned nc-liinljj* In the throei of dl������������(*-  liiilon, uiu mijintiy wn������ laid hy the u������Jt  ptiyalclana tn in- lulH-itiiiloiU, ,ir. a* wo  u. Ml Irt rail It, onniurnptlon, Ho rd*overe<-  entlrely, nnd he is today a antendld mnn In  idiyajque. ()ur younaen troy haa htatt tlgM-  lnu tuh'Tculo. I������ tor aotrie mnntha witli the  num. luwi'H I enipliil-ed, ������u,j he will, I  mint, win out.  Knrilva my auxirettlAn wllh reitard to the  rhnlr. t hnve in wim-crt mv imnPand'a  fiiliiu kU|m������ fiuiu iiMin Id room, nml my  .lioiilrtcia uie iH-iilrinlfiR to hend under lhe  ;lr������ln. I nm tnalnir fleah and alrttmih. If  I rould luircw 11 chair, u woul.1 he u ll<������������-  inif,   111.- .leap Invalid will ������rd tmi Jl i,,i,|f.  3  fi.f.0^r'. I"* nppolltn la.very nnnr, Home,  lime-, hu enta hut nnce In four dnya. find  help iml   He linuwa lieall  Mr*. I'. I), (ChlcuKo).  Wo h<xx-e n Iiii*ko nnd iictlvo biMinoli of  our .flxolmtiRo In Chlongo, Noml Junk  of It to n-wi)t out MiIr bi'iivo wlfo nnd  mothnr, who tiirnn from tho thought of  hor own norrown und nollcltndo to cheor  hor alitor In nftllctlonV Hor mMroHH Ih  in mv hand������. And what you do, do  auiekiyl  Rhubarb for Rheumatism  . Will you kindly tell mo how rhubarb root  with raw -kk und lemon Julca In need for  rjinumatlamf A no. iho Juat proiio.tlona of  rliuliiirh nntl andn in the preacrlptlon enn-  nlnln������ theae, InRrcdjeniaT I lmve Kiiffered  lonu from rl'eumntl.m, nnd I nhouid he  deeply arnleful 10 nnv one who would rIvis  me 11 cure for It.       IC. c. (Aflnttta. On,),'  The cut tlnir you Incloac Ih explnnallnn  pf your (iiicrle. iiIIihIch to chawing rniiv  linrh rciol fnr ���������elieiimillnm   .inl in u������i.,������  ilu* iimody nt tha namo tlmo with talc  '"'���������     n���������Vr    fl?*(f     "'IO     fl-MtH)     lUlff     mm)))'.  Tho rhubarb root I* ehowml three time*  ������ ������lav nml tha jt.ira awallnwcd. A rnw  CRK l-cnton Hirht with Iho Juice of half  ������ lemon I* takon at hrcukfiiHt time  ��������� J "J. mlxturo of rhuhnrb and hoiI.1 lo  which I rfforraft In commentlnR upon  Ilia communication may he hnd In pre  I**"1* Liiiitw-* iium.ri-ii in ;t iiii_--  from any driiKulat, Thay are ready for  iiac. The (IniifKlat or yonr doctor will  tall you how many to tnko an a ������lono  nml how often, They nrft haniilf'HM, ami  Invaluable na n mild lnxfitlvc nud cor-  rcctlvo of ������n unenay aiomnch.  Critstlt's.t Pies  I wiih to thank the m������-ml>ei������ who re.  "pond.d aOReneroualy lo mv n-iiueal for  reel) .-���������< Inr hnlK-imllli cup ���������. ,f 1 .,[���������  'I'he eld York *!������te r������ufeh r������-el' - Kiwi hy  'Milt* (','* llMlri-U) Ik im. .,1 ilio really  ������ilil kind I want.d, Hut I cmui.ii mnke ft  IkiII wltli-iiil ciirilltnr, ed-l '">��������� IMilfh  4imai)iie>ibi-f'a    #������.up    ������n,i    j.v|>    JM    not  curdle.   Can���������nnd will���������anybody tell ine how  10 overcome the difficultyT  If "G.- E. P." (Lone Roclt, Cal.) will '  nut a tablespoonful uf flour into each  pumpkin pie and. bnkc them thoroiinthly,  ' the mixture will hot nettle to the bottom,  The oven must not be too not, I bake mine  for an hour. If you use lots of eggs, the  pics will bake In leas time,  My Dutch grandmother, und many others  of her day, uced no t-KKS, especially when  they wore denr,, nnd 1 well recollect how  Rood those plon tasted! Of course, they"  needed to be a little thicker than If eugs  had gone Into them. Sometimes half mo-  lueses was used and half sugar, with plenty  of- ginger, allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg.  Do nor put cloves Into pumpkin pie, It  Bpolln the flavor of tho pumpkin.  -   ,  .Havo you room for a couple of recipes -  warranted good?  Custald and Pumpkin  Pie&  . (!-   ..Without  Crust  ' Butter a 'deep eusturd tin with a full tea-  spnonful of butter, ,nnd rub well to the edgu  of tho toil. Whllo it it warm, Hlft over  the buttered FAir-fuco'Dnc t-ormmal until thu  tin Ja thickly and. evenly covered. Khake  off all that does not, udliure to thu tin nnd  Ict It cqul bcl'oio- pouring Inlo tho pun tho  uimturd nr the pumpliln mixture. Unite and  let It got cold before cutting It, This was  my mother's -recipe, and It Is over liity  years old,  Butter Without n Churn (Again!)  1 put thren pints of thick oroam into a  live-pound tin cun, 0110 with a ttcrow top,  nnd when It Is of the rlirnt temperature fur  churning, I snnlin ll violently'so as to agitato the crc.m nil tho way down, Tho  ��������� butter "Will "come" in from three to five  minutes, I do it while sitting down at my  ense. The tin cnn Ir _a������ler to wash thnn  tho churn. ... . .      ,    _  The main secret of butter making Is to  lmve tno crcnin of the.right tempeintui-e,  I recollect when 1 win n littlo girl churning  In the oid-fiishloiied atone churn for ono  hour-nnd how I hated Iti      ,.     *       ���������  I think if lifiUMiiwIves would study tho  philosophy of cookery and not bo content  to do ihlnfw "Just us incy wero taught,"  without knowing the "why und wherefore,"  housewifery; Including cooking, would nut  bo tho drudgery most women mnko 11.  M.  V-. K, fKaralloiit',  Cal,).  Your cruatlom  pic.  nre 'highly  rcc-  ominoixkMl   in   voKotarlun   mnnuulH   of  cookery.    1   huvo   never   cuton   them,  nor, to bo fnuik, have (hoy ovor roc-  oiiimcndcd   thornsclvou   to   mo" by   tho  hoarliig of th������ wir.   Yot If ho wIhc a  lioiwomWhor <ua  yotirHelf IndorflCH tho  roclpo, wn mimt loml 11 moro fiivoiablO  judgment.'' 'v  Recipe for li oiling Eggs  I'ut them on In co)d water, and when It  bolla.  the, eggs will   >o .done,  thu whites  loft nnd rtlauallble nnd tho vollis. Ilk" cus-  liirJ-nn ond not nttulued by IkiIIIiik ttiem  in tho usual wuy.  in .110 Mfj   w H_ {V/mtrti ,|1)t  Viva Wko deKliMblo ontl will bo unlncd  by laying the orbh In wator n littlo  nJoro .Iwin lukowiirm and tnin.-orrlni.  .I������:m <i nilnuto tut to a auucfiji-aii nf  tttMniK wotor which you liovo.Jtiwt ro-  mtviHf from I he IH". cover Inntanty  itivd wrap tho iiiiucopun In m thick cloth,  or IHU tea coxy ovur It, uinl leuve thim  foi* l������*n mlniitcii, The egg will bo of 11  i.tiM.ir-1-llkn   coiiMlntftncy   throughout.  Thia in tho Hunm prliiclpte thu<t regulates -tho lltclcH,-! cookor.  // German Stew  U ".Imie," of flil'aim, would try my tkIi*  fur ������tcw, clir wuulil ���������'���������������.! " ,K,'' eiltsit to  naka a italic.ni������ *mr. It fit ;l������on to inr lv  m. 0������in.*ii w.ll..t Ic'-������". VJ������ ���������"* a limllv f  fimr. I Iinv-ao ii"!" wi������rlli of round uti-nk,  cut think and iu |-lf*,.������ an ��������� l������}'li or wi W\������i>',  wash ami drv ������nd lull iii''" I" llinir, lliu  iil.iiit I i_liU-������|i,������,i1(iil. ..I ������llv. oil    (Mill JavWi  Miy; j"iiiiy"ii lo'llV'iralloii', Iml any fft will  du U tliU piii|Min������, I put lU oil or drlpphi/  In Ilia aaurrpan and fry II* meal m tli������ until  I lis) a nice limiui ern������t. Tlila tahfta Imlf nn  hour -low ((HikliiK. I ii>e mi a������l*di������ mat lo  privent Imniltiif, W'lim it l'������������ lirie*������i*������d, I add  slmut S piiitai of I.iIIiiik wuler and klilimei,  eiiverwl, for au hour. Tluii I add half a can nt  tomatoes; I sikkInl/i'd onion, .alt ani isipprr  lo lanlai 3 large, f-airi<t������, ml Irtiathwl.e; i or J  tii-illiiin-iditi'-d iKiUioi-i. I wait niiill tin* meat  1������ ttlider Mime piiltu>������* in ll.e ������'iniil .i'*4il������t,',>������,  piKhlliK Ihem wrli l<i\*imd Hip Imllom el Uie  tint, leavintf the luml nn t<v|i, Tlm wrt.l.li������  HI... nl*. ni nn Imiir <���������< ��������� - '  ���������rid* r-Mli-.- Hit* H1111..I inlrl'-al*. Iml In ri-������llf������  It h nol, I fiijnv lhe iU)������ un wim h wi- line  ���������lew fnr dinner, 1 ein read nr >ew wlill* II It  n*-4ie*t', Tfl.e H*r-H������li!i������ -in* i-npaml while llm*  uic.t  in fr)inf.    Ur a-*ir mi  II,e nmt  nule.  W'lll mnke. I know them very slightly, but they dress handsomely, and  on Sundays they' walk und drive  with young men of respectable appearance. The presumption is that '  Mioy will marry some day.  "As I have said, the father could  support them in comfort If thev  would stay at home and help run  the house.- 1 ask myself, dn reading the 'hard luck' stories "of  shopgirls and> stcnograp-hera, what  ���������proportion of them are driven to  that klndj of 'slavery' toy actual  necessity, and how many prefer to  take all the risks and endure < tho  toil involved in the life of the bust- ,  ness woman to living at home a,nd  tnkingr their part in  the  task of  making both  ends meet and lapping a little every month?  "This is what I would submit to  the constituency: If���������we will say���������  20 per cent of these 'slaves' enter  upon business life, deliberately and  of their own free choice���������and with  ,   both   eyes, wide open!���������are  we  not  ,  wasting pity  upon them?  "I   don't   mean  to   be   i....sh .in  . ,judgment,   but   I1 have   seen   both  sides   of   the   shield.      For   therO  are  two  sides!     And,   lifting! my*  head from my paper, my eyeslfall*'  upon my own girl, sewing content- ���������>  edly  the  trousseau   she  is  to* uso  next spring when I give her ,into  the keeping of   a   man   we   have  known  and trusted ��������� for  years;   and  the rush of the trolley cars without,    mingling -" with    the     driving  rain.against the windows, reminds  me of the thousands of other girls,  crowded    like    driven    cattle   .into  the    seats and aisles, on the way -  * to  boarding houses and   'hall   bed- '  ���������rooms.i���������Js^lt-a-wonderthat^llke���������  Paddy s    parrot, ���������  'i    keep    up    a  miRhty  thinking' as  t������  that  other  side of the shield?      ���������������  "AN OLD-FASHIONE..   MOTHER   (Chicago)."   ���������  the gravy thick, and It l������ beautifully browned.  Voinb stew may be made iu the same way,  . leatinu out tho tomatoea.  As for the objcetlon talwl to putting potatoes  nnd ciurntH In plum jiiidilliiK, I inclose a recipe  that cnll- for !x_th, It should be hard to Ilnd a  better.  Plum  Pudding  One cup of carrot's and the same of potatoes,,  chouped in.a meat Rrlnder and preiwd down in.  the cup. Add a ti'a.pomiful of aodn to the po-  totoeb-, IH cuiis of cliopiitil snet; 1 eupof i-nlslna.  and !n cnii of curinnlB, 1'4 cupa of bread-  erumliH. >,fc tramioonful each of nutmeg and  of mound clove*, 1 (cuBnoonfiil of cinnamon,  ���������',i teiiM>oonful of nalt.  Slcnm in a covered keitlo 4 or 5 horn*..  K, M. II, (I.01 AukcIch, Call,     '  Mny J "fiBk modestly, in the spirit of*  honest research, wluit make.i your puddling light, since It contains no eggs,  -and no raising clement'except tho Bmulli  quantity of nodn mixed with tho i������0������  tatocH? And Is there enough Juice Ir.  tho vcgetablcv to keep the mass from  b<.lng heavy 'arid clammy? As Mlaa  Uasa Dnrlfci says, "1 merely a������k for  Information."  Wo aro always ready to bring forth  triniHiiit'8, new and old, In the lino of  reclpcd that will lend varlttv to hoiiM-  holilH' bills of fate. And it, now and  then, rnne noem*������ a hit t-cceivtrlc,' wny,  , Uioi'o'o tho greater wrloty.  '..'.. Pot-Poiirri  l am aendlnx you n anmple oj my roM  pot-pourri to unit u y.u tun tell what will  mnko It the "renl thing,"  I hnvo. nearly a quuit of pptnln aniVthould  1 ko tu utilize it. for, olthouKh in the  "I, and of l-'ldwera," 1 nm not -.Ituatcd ao  uh 10 .jet petnla for a now ono. This acorns  tpuaty.   Cun it ho "roornnnlxod"T  nWiU-D ���������(California).  l'Vom tho Hpcclmon liu-ioflod 1 can glvo  you littlo liopu of nuiovnitlng tlio potpourri, Tlmio woro not enough biiIccn  In* It at tlr.t. Then, 1 fancy that It  w������H mndo of dried polulH. The bent wao  jni-H aro alouked with petal), gaihorad  willy in tho day, milled down and loti  .Miiib for a week or 11 month beforo tlio  Hplcea and eunfiiiiKi.1 oIIh ain added,  I have a jar of )iot-|ioiinl prcHurved In  thin way wnleh Ih fnigrant after twenty  yeiirn' kcoiilng,  ���������,For Goiter  li|1 tinaww to |iiiiuli|e������ friim thoan aflllnteil  na I wna oncii, | ahoulil like 10 Imnd In a,  bit of i������-r. iiini 1 nxpeiUnee,  About (iliihteen yinia 11 uu I li.ul 11 giilter.  It wna (lliiuno.iiii uh Niich l>y two reputobla  pliyHiuhnia, hr thia elty. I wna cuied by  lliu fiillowlnx truntiiieiil!  .Mullein Icnvi-H wein mveped In pun. elder  vinegar, nui-.ii liellliiK hot, Then ll waa ni.  lowed tn act cold nml put away In a cuveiml  vr������i_l. 1 miiaaniied tin- HWellliiij ativi-ral  time, a dny with ihlailecoctlon, in a few  mnntha It, entirely dl������n|*|iea.ud and tliara U  now no almi of It,  Thi������ Ix for the bi-n������(|t of any ono who  luiN 11 iinlter.   it cnn do no barm,  J. V, l), iiAiulavllle, Ky.),  At thin rain mullnln will becomo  onn  of thu  moHt  v/ilunlilo Uoiiih  In  Htoi-klng the fumlly medicino cIiohi,  Whetiici' or not thoy. can euro  gu-ltoi* tlm miiH.iigf* hero uilvlHfd (*nn*  not injure thu put lent,  Smile!  Sl.K 10 tt that, wl  t-nther thnn froi  frciiuon-tly on yn  KV, 10 tt that, wlmn young, amllob  rnwna  npposir  moat  >*nnr fneen, for yon  nro provided with mii.cla'a that liy tholr  ii"n  will   lenvo  llnf")   wllleli" Will   1rdl   fh-r.  Mi(iry nf yuui* liven. Do not borrow troubio about tho Irregularity of your ten*  turoH, but Mfc to It that you mm tlm  fiictil iiiiincIon no n������ lo leave 11 ttory of  klndiH'Ha and Hweetnew of dlapoHltlon,  In order that the miiuk may Imj a  Iruthfiil one, mnko Hiiro that you nro  H-aiiy luml nnd iovlug, uinl thon you  will nnt Ikivb lo think of tlw record or  Hill     ,'.!.������.  Uh-lle young le,irn tlmt yo^. invf, to  11 reilnln eKtmit, the modeling of yonr  fari-H* __njl������.H������t *y ���������"������������������������* *****"*  TS������ xsmLLIlS^  .J3L Ess^essssio I p  fl  tt  THE FURNITURE'STORE  8  RR.F.BISCGE,  REAli' estate(  ��������� NKvV STOCK Ol*-*  Sideboards; Buffets, -jJ_.J  ..China Cabinets, Dinner 0  Ii and Extension Tables ~  ILl-l-l-IW  Brttf!* ^UYisBABDROftI8  Cheapest Lots in Courtenay  1 A fow left at  or $100 Terms  $35 down  L  WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY  A. MOKIN3S: ON McPhee Block, Cumberland  ie 9  COMHUNIOaTIONS.  Courtenay S.C.  ������������B������������*^_g_winnp Tmua's-s.rT.r-ni  *������->amni_Bcs_;_(ral i**__ .m* xa,vs~jj.  BeB__B_-_aafl������i--gj___^ Wll III���������ijv  GENERAL AGENTS, FOR THE  Roys' Insurance Oo.. Ltd.  London & Lancashire Fire Insurance Co.  Standard Lif5 Assurance Co.  London Assurance Corporation (Marine)  London & Provincial Marine and General  Insurance Co.. Ltd.  Ocean Marine insurance Co., Ltd.  London & Lancashire Guarantee Accident-  Co.  Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co.  National Security Co., of New York.  Resident Agents*  O. Ro BATES W. W. WILLARD  Courtenay 9UIT,beria"ci   =^^rl7TWB3:CHh&rGo.vXtd.-   |        Temple Building. Fort S;-> Victoria, B.C.        |  ^.ajWBBWBWtfBBK**3* ���������w****'"'���������  MMQccovccccGGttecMo ��������� J Cumberland Hall Pictures  are Good.  In the Baby Show contest  in  the Cumberland  Hall   No.   58  won the gold wa'ch: and   No.  123 won the clock.     Owing to  some-oversight on the part of ihe  film exchange not, sending films  by express, this? Hall had perforce  to close down, as the pictures did  not arrive in time.    This entails  loss to the management of   this  popular resort, and   the   public  generally have been greatly dis  'appointed, as the'picture's shown  at this popular resort are good,  clean and up-to-date,    The Hall  opened again ou Monday with a  series of three excellent, pictures,  which are well worth seeing.  IB. Cloutier*  Geaeral Bbctertiith  EoraeBkoeiag'a Bpr.qi 'ty.  T_i!rd Ave,, Cuuit><_r!and  e$<MMKt6$0$GG ������SO. C-tSGOM  .mm-mmrnmrnnmrtt  "WANTED--A general .orvunt for  light housework. A pply- News  oilice;.  FOR SALE���������102 ..eiriv of tlio  .'mont. of luml in, N0U011 Distriot,  two and a Imlf miles I'mfu Cum*  biu'lurid. JO ac.es oa-sily clewed,  ���������J.D acros fjror������I   Umbo ,   eloso   to  School nt  Omni-* Inking ������������mp.  comer   of place,    Kim*  niiUlji.g  Mto liupy io cut inlo ��������� ten-aero  bloel.-., For twins apply to N.  Harvey, Happy Valley.  FOR  SALTS���������A. li^ht  team, mares, quiet, and not  afraid ol aulos; also light  i.l(. .ih''.- iiavu^.;. t' J 15 \\'M<n,  LiUlc I*lu-i?.v,s road, Comox.  .,__.-_ .___.������> , .. _  LOST���������A )i(iy t.iiveil>p(i fluii-  tuining $".;. lfi, on Saturday Inst,  oilIt-Hr hohveeii McK.iniiitn'rt Mory  and tlie JtititU ol (.'onmiei'co or. I.o-  twuen <I. Maroeclii'A ami No. 7  station. A anltMtiiiitinl reward  will \m n.'-iiil io t!u������ iiiiilti' ny i'e-  tUHuni.' to Tony   .lukaiio  or thin  ifiWrnm. .  Vuueouvev, June 5.���������"The Oa  radian   Collier}'"-    (Punsmnir),  All   Canadian    Govern meut  Annuities are payable fo. life no  matter how long the   Annuitant  may live, but   lhe   Guaranteed  Annuity,   that   is an   Annuity  which for a slightly increased pay  driving i������e"t is guaranteed to be* paid for  5, 10. 15, or 2oyears, as may be*  desired should the A minium t die-  before the period mentioned had  expired, enables a purchaser to  provide for the contingency that  .someone may be dependent upon  him at the time the annuity falls  due,     For example, a man 75  years ot age recently purchased  an Immediate Annuity of ������300 to  be guaranteed for 10 years,   .<������r  which he paid #2,643,     If  he  should die, say at So, ihe #300 a  year will be paid lo lii.s heirs for  ��������� he remaining five year..; but in  any case he will receive lhe annuity as long as he lives, should  he live to be one hundred years  or more.     This means, in other  The fall of the Mighty.  And it came to pass that, a certain man of renowu whilst on  his way to the Temple which  stood upon, the banks of the river  was met on his way by a mighty  Campbell, who tried to destroy  the man of renown because he  brought the business of the  mighty Campbell to naught.   .  And it came to pass, as they  wrestled one with ano'her, t'.iat  the man of renown put forth his  hand and smote the mighty  Campbell so that he fell to the  earth, and "great was the fall  thereof,  And it came to pass also that  the waters of the river were  turned as it were into blood.  And behold, the people marvel  led, saying,   "What  manner  of  plague is this that the waters oi  the river have turned into blood?'  And   a   certain   man   named  Charlie, a painter by trade, rose  up and said, "Hearkeu unto me,  O ye of little faith; it is no plague  but the blood of the mighty Camp  bell   that    has    darkened    the  waters" , ��������� *���������  And it came to paes  that  the  "people-rose-up-witli- one���������accord  , and caniH unto the place  where  j the mighty  Campbell   lay,   and  they besought him that'he should  arise aud depart   from   thence;  and he arose aud departed.  And it came to pass that whilst  he journeyed with his face toward the City of Destiny, that  there arose a migtity wind which  smote the mighty Campbell so  -that he could uot contain himself,  and as he entered the gates of the  city, he cried with a loud voice,  saying, "Behold the great and  mighty .Campbell*who has come  to deliver his .people from the  snares of the capitalists."  And it came to pass that there'  lived in the city certain young  men whose fame'spread through-  out the land for their wisdom in  discussing the affairs of the Em  pire. Now the mighty Campbell  hearing ol the fame of these  young men called his servant unto  him, saying, "Go, bring me three  of these wise young men of the  HAVE  YOUR  PHOTO  TAKEN!    ,  -i-AT���������  Powell's   Studio.  Work guaranteed.  Prices reasonable.  S. ISAKA. PROPRIETOR PHONE 21  Ladies' and  Gentlemen's Suits Made   \? ^rder  from ������20 to.������35    All Work First ,Class   ���������  Perfect Pit Guaranteed.  *akji****Afi*Afi****y>>^^  SELLING OUT  BUGGIES and'  FARM IMPLEMENTS  AT     LOWEST     CASH     PRICBSJ  manufacturer of  MINERAL    WATERS  Bonora Block  CUMBERLAND  \  P.O. Box 432  Phone   2-9  B.C. HARDWARE Co., Ltd,  733 Johnson St.-, Victoria.  aV  JwSfi+MVaf^^  ^IIUIII|llilllUUIIIIHIIIIII������ ' *  I Capital $6,200,000. ,     Reserve $7,200,000  |  i   The Royal Bank of Canada,,   j.  1 TOTNT ACCOUNTS may be opened in the names of two oi  more |  I persons, lo be operated by any one of them.-and in the event uf, ������  j       . death to be paid to lhe survivor without, any formality g  I qPFCMAL ATTENTION pa'ui to SAVINGS ACCOUNTS & interest |  I   at hiahert Current Rates allowed on Ueponts of $L and upwards.    |  The Universal  Fire Extinguisher,  Energetic representative or  agents wanted for the Universal  FireJExtiTig"utsher;"An--exeellent-  l,seller." Needed in every house.  Apply to  ���������H. JACOBSEN COMPANY,  Vancouver, B.C.  seech   thee,   from ' hence, lest a  greater evil befall thee!"  And he   rose up and departed  to his abode by ihe waters ol: the  river.  And it came to pass that there  was peace restored iu the city,  aud the wise nun ot the city  managed the affairs ot the kingdom as it was established in the  beginning, even so unto this day.  ��������� From the Apocryphal Book of  Ishmael.  CUMBERLAND, B. C., Bioncli, Open Daily.  COURTENAY,   B.C, ;Sub-Branch,   Open  Tuesdays, and  FRIDAYS.  UNION WHARF, B. 0.,  Sub-Brach, Open Thursdays  | H   p. MONTGOMERY, Manager. -.  jelP_HiLL(EES Harrison  BAl STER AND SOLICITOR  NOTARY   PUBLIC  CONVEYANCING  DUNSMUIR AVENUE  CUMBERLAND,  V. BO^OlRfU  GUholesale Dealer in WINES, IilQUOR fit BEER  City Council  A special meeting of the conn*  p. 0. BOX 482  PHONE 20....  CUMBERLAND  cil was held on -Monday night to  discuss the Pound by-law.  Present���������Mayor McLeod, Aid-  - ��������� ...    ���������      ... ennen Painha.u, Banks, McNeil,  Oity of Destiny, that I  may im-1 Maxwell nud Willard.  Limi ed- has uot purclmsed the | wordi*, tlmt the sum of 83,000 is  c 'id mines of tbe We, tern Fuel' guaranteed to be pnld whether lie  Co,, nor bar it nuv iuto ion 0f !{ive������ ?r r,iw'1 tlle *8������643 "n(J  -i !.,. ... ���������' L���������;,i \ r. \t --���������-, been invested at 6 percent, aud  ci* in;' so,     slul A.    ).    McRac, . ,-_.   . ���������* . '     ,..  "     .,        . .    ��������� ��������� I was  vieldin������(   an    income    ol  \,ee.jux*������i.iiui.ii tit; .. nucr cum ^^jj.cjj; so ,hut his income is  y.\M\, m flny m flniiil ..I n report' nnw nlniost double that which he  sent on. from VVtonn. I'onuerly   received,     Literature  ��������� -���������"���������**��������������� - fully explaining  the   Aunuiiies  Vnncouv v..   Jmie    6.. Four HilitMue   m  applicable   to both  thonVau'l men of   the   building V0"MK   nwd   ������.!tl nm*v bc lmd ,,y  , . ���������,. wriiing 10 S T Uastedo, Stfpcr-  trartUH quit work here,     I n, chv iini.ndciU oi  . wuic1inn   CfQVt\rn.  lwnhnve decided not to iQino Ueut Annuities, Ottawa, 10 w,iiom  out. ! letlU'*-** g������> <toe of postage  *i  part unto them the rudiments of  Reciprocity.''  And the young men hearing  the challenge, waxed wroth, nud  held council together, saying,  "What manner of man is this  ihat he dictates,to the young men  uf the City of Destiny."  Aud they appointed three of  their number, and sent them unto  tjie presence of the mighty Camp  bell, And wheu they came unto  the presence of the mighty Uamp  bell they found him sitting  clo'hcd aud m his right mlud.  And the young men ���������v\\A unto  him "Wlio ait thou, and what ir.  thy business with the wise men  of the City or .Destiny?"  Aud the mighty Campbell  opened his mouth and spake,  Baying) "I am he who hath come  amongst you to teach you that  which you should know about  the affairs of the kingdom.M '  Now the young men marvelled  amongst themselves saying,  ���������'What shall we do unto this  man?1' And they turned again  unto the mighty Campbell aud  lifted np their voice with one  itti'd r,;l, sa\ing, ' Depav.t, w^ belt  Committee representing the  city band waited upon the council asking that the city provide a  room in which the baud could  practice, as the fire brigade intended using their present quarters for fire hall purposes, The  mayor informed the committee  that the council could not deal  with the mat'er at a special meet  iug but that the matter would be  taken up at the next regular,  meeting, and that the council  chambers were at their disposal  for band practices.  PotTwrt JUm.aw���������The alder  men were all of the opinion that  horses running at large was a  constant source of danger, and  that as loug as they were allowed  to do so it was impossible to keep  the sidewalks in repair. Also  that cows should not be allowed  out at night, and that cattle,  other than cows actually milking,  should not be allowed to run at  lurge at any time.  Aid Purnhnm asked permission  to bring in an amendment to the  amendment u\' the Pound   Bylaw.    Permission planted.  Council adjourned..  This is the first spring in the history of Comox  District that the local demand for eggs has been,  equal to tbe supply,     Nothing pays better than  poultry, if they are rightly managed,     Begin [$,]  with the little fellows and* feed'. them CHICK  HOOD, which is a mixture of bone meal, wheat,  oats, com and othor grain, cut and blended in  the right proportion to make them thrive and  grow,   For sale by  A. B. CRAWFORD,    -.. - Courtenay, B.C  _DKAJ,EIUN FLOUR AND FEED,  -AN D-  .Aufftfn'rtWl-fifi'  ________ Will  W *W jfrBWUtl Hy   IW tarn mtM W i-*a**-  A nice advertising��������� "Souvenir  will be sent free to every   pros-  pectivd buyer who sends for our  Catalogue aud mentions this ad  vertisement.  I r"iv*_/*3������  1   Lwl iVl L������lZ������ I %  OPFICB AND STORE 730 YATES ST..  Oaraok. 727 JOHNSON 9T���������  VICTORIA, f3,C  ������������������If you get it at Plimley's it's au, uioirr."  fcjA p 0 ���������Wo Bo Hopftirinfif.  ^^jm*M������mat*W^^  ���������H


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