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The Cumberland News Jul 17, 1912

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' -/���'
��� ���-���   -St* - ������
.-!*"���* V"
f\C.t :>&*���#'/?���  <������;/   S^*"-f?
_.-'.'-_.      J*      *-'-.-. jC***. _���/*��*   _.<"���'*       ' _-"     .-"*
A tjburna! Deyoted ^specially, to th^s Interests of ComoK District*
".I.HI..U   '..IB'WH     ,     '"''    l'        I ' ������ i,( i w^^ynpi.1 ni i ii i    iwr1".,1.'!' 1 I   Ul    ii   ' ii  iii        ���' ii   qj_     |
Ti.i. Nfi'ws, Twentieth Year.
"���wr^-,,11 i-x-^wu
iwini'iiiii inn  ,mawam.mX��imutmTmmmam-mmmm's*m��iamta*m
Merc is a rare opportunity to secure  fashionable   white
I wear" at astonishing* prices.    Do not miss this opportunity
Everything marked in plain figures on a iied Tag. _
__^-'_c^c..i>'-, Wtilstia, Corset Covefs,
Dravvsra, Night -'Gowns, V^dei-^
skirtSj Aprons, E>a.nty White and
Cr lot*ed Dfesses, ' in the newest
. styles and correct trirnmlnjgs.
Special Prices on Window- Certain Muslin
" |A "Full* Range of Matting Rugs���every price
All' White wear Goes; Everything
*       Marked in Plain Figures
te* ��������� ���
m<Lj ��
ehold 1
rZ^-Xm--SJmmT..*-Lm, 0'
SI.CTQOf* LiEISEP,'& c6.';Iid|
���^^^5^^-:^-Ji^_^ $$jaasfifcs^C$3^
*-Ui_ttErJ3HWrK. TZ-a*.mmVmV*-K T3Z.XKIU*;
The Following is the schedule
for the arrival and   departure  ol'
���the mails;---
Arrive Tuesday.'. at, 8.30 p, m.
Arrive Thursday at 8.30 pin.
Arrive .Saturday at-.. .8,30 p.m.
Depart* Wednesday .... at 7 a.m.
Depart Friday al 7 a. in,
Depart Saturday at 4.30 p.111
JWi'iiy <>r the milo parlies who
p.iss ilii'(..iit>h Union Hay nn tlu.ir
way fi'oiii'-Viwtiu'ia,,, Vancouver
and '-Nanaimo,* never think" of
' .coining, to Cuinhei'land���Why ?
./'Wi lliu in Mchellau is ,u'lTwiiii}>
liis business lot ou Diuismiiir
avenue und his residence on Pen.
rith avenue for uah..
Oil next * Monday evening, a
.concert will lie yivou iu tlio City
.lull, iiiiilui' tlio auupiaou of the
Oiiiiiliei'laiid (junior*) Riot hull
Team; for the purpose of raising
i-uiU'ic'ieni tiiii'ln to pay the team's
ex I ion,sea to Nauuiiuo, whero our
hoys will content Ktipcriority with
a fool* I tall team iu thai;'oity in tlio
pear fnliin.
London, July 15.���-In his serine) n at Deuohy on Sunday, the
Ardhhisho'p of Yoik I'tuted that
ho h;id ��pnl.*f*>n ; to KMim Opr** jn-
!*'-; T".u"''d.*iy regard j)]-,' (lie *w]yi:'-
ability of.hi<** ui.'je.sty's di'seeu-
xling into the coal milling pit. after the disaster at ('adeby, when
,^u many lives wero lost, and lhe
Kiii|< was determined to make
the desoi'iii. His Majesty an-
sweietl the Arehbishop .sajipg:
MVhale. ei'happens, ! desire to
iflhne w Inn ever ti.'-ks that my
lloiiL-rs may hive to undergo,"'
Didn't I he Uhei'.ds dn il  In Yni
good ia .Saskatchewan I
Tlie <.j-i'��." ngLtercd bO in the
$\w\v \\[ 0,1)0 11, up Pli Tuefiduv,
Tho regular meetiug of the
City Goiuicil was held on .Monday
evening, lli.ro hoing- present Aid.
Ih veridgc, Cmnphcll, ' Maxwell
an<' the Mayor.
Minutes of previous regular
and special meeting's were read
and adopted.-
(���Ininuiiiiijciition from T Kirk-
wood, (dh'iirg i-civicis as int-pee-
or of eonsLi'uclion of ��id walk at a
salary of $25 p��-sr week, wiib ro:
ct'ivod and filedI;
Com 1111111 h;u 1 ion '".��� from. City
Hand re grant 'of #,00 was order
ed paid.
Idealriu Light, #70,30, Colonist,
10,00; II, ,1...Theobald, i.U.00;
Islander, .9.00; C. II, Tnrl.'oll,
SH.S5; I'ire Brigade, 18.00; Cum
hei'luud Dept. Stores, 1.T5.
(.���onsl'tihlo (iruy's report:--
Seavongor, Siilti-l-.'oO; Night Po-
lice, -12,50; Lolutioii Hospital,
S'i.OO: Hull lient, 40.00; Dog
17,00, Police Court, 20,00; City
Uoad Tax, 2.00.
the Health Ollie.r's lialf-yenrly
report was received, and the well
on tho Wubiici* propertv was nv-
ih>i'��'d (dosed, and the Hoard of
Works instructed to proceed with
the work of connecting Ihe eabius
with lhu city sewer.
Ti-miiTf, \v**ri_ ivfiMvi/d i'ov priu-
ling Trades Lieenso , lly-Liiw-
Lhiiider,' 3,10 copies $}.(); Cum-
hi.'i'land Now-., "200 copieH iji'OO,
The Iidiinder tnnder wns Jieeepled.
Thn oil" i* of Diitchoi' Maxwell,
of Vijiieouver, to supply a competent engineer at a salary of
two, liuuda.<l dollars a mouth to
an pel intend the eousliueiiou of
cement sidewalks, wn-* accepted
.71- ���-��� 'T. ' -.-   *l-^i;-i
Important Communication From Union Bay
Adofph  Andersen's Annual Bath.
, Under the auspices of the
Union Bay Keep Jvleen , Society,
dipt, Adolph Anderson, other-
wi.n known as the ''Ediwited
Swede," made his uiinual plunge
from Govern ment Wharf, here,
last Kriday, Fortunately a large
niiiuh*-*' oi' his most intimate
friends were present on this ni'Mii-
orahle occasion win 11 with their
help he "Slipped the Slip." His
immersion wns rather premature,
lio. having no ' time , to disroho,
Tlie president of tliu society who
is a well known painter here, and
who is a jynod'Wiminer, 'pecured
a rope from a nearhy launch and
managed with the help of three of
tho crow of theC. Y, ii. stoamer
Princes. Kim, pulled him ashore.
As tho old snug says, uIIo*s Another Color Now'' and that's why
the liurhoi' muster is taking actinn
against him midor the ''I'wllulion
The Cleric was
procure a   set *Bf
in��true.led to
the Revised
Statutes of IJ. (J. nt a cost of $20,
and Si 75 lbi' postage.
The Trades License Hy liaw
wns reconsidered, adopted and
finally passed.
The by-law for the regulation
of the conmnidiou of wooden
buildings waft introduced by Aid.
lH'veiui^e 11,11(1 itau a in .si ami
Kceoud time.
A by-law Id borrow money to
eons' met ct-iiifiu sukwalks on
Duusniiiir avenue, was introduced by Aid. Maxwell and
Wad u firsi and H-eoud linu*.
Council adjourned.
Help our Hoard ot" Trade ojl
yon c.ui **Dad" will he thero
fls sgop ns |it; drops   hjs   ntjeks.
LOST��� A .pocket book contain
ing a largo Mini of money, be.
tweon "Strikers roint" and Ouni-
heriand. Reward will he paid oii
return to John On\ (Mark's
hoai'iliiighouse, Penrith Ave.,Ciiiii
herland. Ji. C.
Dr. Gillespie and fnniily left
on Sunday afternoon hy auto for
Naniuino, whero they took boat
I'm; their*new home at Vancouver.
Coniox Women'-*! Institute will
hold a Flower Exhibition in the
Coiiitouay Agricultural Hull on
thu afternoon and evening of
Thursday, August 15th, This
promUos In be a very interesting
Mr��.-"H. 1\ Collii? and dimgii,
tevs, of Victorm iirrivcd -on- Tues-
dny.evoning, They will iniininoi'
nt ('ru ri ley bench.
The (Jai'tloy hoiudi folic am ex
peeling fjiiilo a   nuniikJi' Of  relatives and fri'iiids this Biinimer to
Rliai'o with ihem the  plensures of
that' pleasant,,Bt-ai-ido  ri^ort.
Dr. MielcH, our popular young
doctor, hitfi been appointed  iiPbi.-*
timt loDr. >riuij\rnug)itoi).    --He'iJ
nil right.'"
Special Bargains iti
'Ladies' Wkitewear
..Now is the-tini*. to fill your whitewear requirements,
at prices which will appeal to the careful buyer>���-
Night Gowns
Corset Covers
From $1.50 to 2.25
From 35c to j.25
From 6ac. r. ;.?.S   '
From {..?.�� to ������..75
We'have also a full r*,inge of J'rjlnts.'Ginjihams, Cham
brays aud Fancy Muslins, well worth vour iiisnecliou,
Exeeptional values in Men'** Negligee and Soft ,Shirts in
stripes and dot patterns to suit all testes from   $l to 2.75
TheOMteM Bepartment; Stores,
PRopriktors   Dnnsmuir Ave., CUMBERLAND, B. C.
Phone 10 P. O.  Box 100.
1. _fg^Tji��0.j-.M__wa_r.i, 1��.. twtBaTf*|.^__j ����� �� *m*t*t*
. ������ y**""1*
CAPITA!:; $15,000,000 RESTrSi^jSOOyOOQ^
*   MONEY  ORDERS ������
Issued by The Canadian Bank of Commerce,- are a safe, convenient atiij
inexpensive method of remitting small sums of money. These Orders,
payable without charge at nny bank in Canada (except in the Yukori
Territory) and in the principal cities of-the United States, are i.sucd at
the following; rates:
$5 and under ,..,.   8 cents*
Over    5 and hot exceeding $10    6     "
"     10      " " 30 10     '*
�����*     30      " " 50 15     '(
should bo made by moans cf our SPECIAL FOREIGN DRAFTS and MONEY
ORDERS.   Issued without delay at reoconabie rales.
CUMBERLAND H11ANCH W. T. WHITE,   *Wftnftffo��
Misfi IU-ynoldu, the pnpular
pimiist and vocalist will l>e��� ten-
tiered a farewoll benefit l<y her
friends and ndiuirorH, in tlioCuni-
herlaud Mall on Kriday ovt'iiinj*.
Mr. Stnddart I1116 kindly dinuitfii
the hull .for tho oceithion. A '
splendid ]iroij;i'ainino i; being arranged VVo bespeak a huuipi-r
house for Mih*s Rt))iiuld��, no sin-
in over ready, with her. splendi i
niupicnl talents to aid every ov-r-1
cauf*uBinc".>h(* has1 been 'iun<ni^
lis. A d.'inee will ho held al'tei-
the entertainment.
Sumo of tho iiK'ii who were en-
joying tlieiiUH'lve�� at the heuche.s
Inst Sunday had nnt even the pro'
verbial iig lenf t'��f. I'erhaps 1 huy
havo heard the cull of "jMan'h
First Kt*tat(\"
The output of coal ' from local
uiiwfilbr the month of June wr.s
50,525 tons.
William llayinan, was openi'ed
upon for inward trouble at V'ai>
onvor (h'uernl Hospital two
weeks apo. lie is eonvalcPeing
**o rapidly, that hn jfi pjcijccJecj
j liouio next  week,
tJovi riiiiieut ;\g(?i)t, Ihiird, A*i
*e��sni-, Me!'. Smith and Super,
intcndi'iit of I'o:i Is, Wiliuhiii*. t,
left Union Hay on Monday Inst,
on t'npl, Nixon'." launch, on an
oil'u'ial viuH io tlie northern' por-
tidiiof Vancouver Ldund and Uv'*
Muiiilaii'l. They e.spuat to hn
awjy lor aouu-.   tiuu*.
Russell, tlie harher. hup moved
inlo a"portion of the stoje oceii'
piml hy Mi*t"i. .lack.
Mch'en/.ie hrothei.H, sons of
Mr. J, McKenzie ol, The Big
S'ore staff, have opened up fi
fine pool and hil Hard room-in the
Mel'hee' Block, Courtenay,.
1  n>
Dargams are great�� appreciated, uonc
fail to call in before ihe sale lines
are all picked over* cJ{qw is -^
Campbell   'Bros,
i nt,
mmaimaaaia, amif**mm
ammrmmmmaWfmmmmm^f^ mmmmmmaammmW  mtV  tt  THE NEWS, CTOtttElf EAOTD. B. CL  OLD LADY AL1BST  A Remarkable and Convincing Statement of the Success *of Cuticura  Soap and Ointment in theTreat-  mentof the Pain, Itching and  Burning of Eczema  "I, tho undersigned, csnnot glvo enough  ' J>ral.->e to the Outk-ma _lotn.dl... I liatl heen  doctoilng for tit least a year lor ccuoma on  my foot. 1 had tried doctor nfie. doctor nil  to no avail. When u young girl 1 sprained,  my anMo thioo dllTeiciU times, paying littlo  or no ru trillion to it, when flvo yeanf ago  ��������� a Finull spot showed upon my loft ankle.  1 was worried and sent for a do_:_r. lis  ���������.aid It was eczema. Ho drew _ .mall bniiu  Irani tho ankle about tho _!.e of a mnt.l*  aud about un inch long. Tlm small (tola  l*re\v to about tho size of iuv itpjilo, and  the eczema spread to the knee. Tlio doctors  never could heal thu holo In the ankle.  Tho whole foot run water all tho time.  "My husband and my sons wero tip night  and day whceliiiR mo from ono room to another In tho hope of giving me somo relief.  1 would Kit for hours at a timo In front of  tho fireplace hoping for daybreuk. The  pain waa so intense 1 was ulniott c'roiy.  In fact,, I would loso my reason for hours  at a time. One day a, friend of mine dropped  ��������� In lo seo me. No moro had alio elanceu at  my foot thnn she exclaimed, 'Mrs. "b'lnnciran,  why in the world don't you try tho Outi���������  mra Remedies!' Being disgusted with tho  doctors und their medicines, and not bei-if.  able to sleep at all, I decided to give, tha  Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment a  tilal. After using them three days that  jilKht I slept as sound as a silver dollar  for eight Ipng hours. 1 awoke In the morning-  vlth but very little pain, In fact, I thoiigli.  1 wps in heaven. After using the Cuticura  llemedies'for three montliB I was perfectly  irstibred -to health, thanks to the Cuticura  Soap and Ointment.    I will be, sixty-four  IN THE  BALANCE  By L. 6, MOBERLY  Author of  "Dan and Another," "A Tan-jHd  W������b,"    "Sin of Alison Ocarina," etc..  ������tc  WARD,  LOOK  It CO., LIMITED  London, Molbojrna and   Toronto.  years of age my next birthday, hule and  nearty at present." (Signed) Mrs. Julia Flnne-  Ban,*223-UehertSt.,St.Lout.i,Mo���������Mar.71'll.  Cuticura Soap and Ointment aro sold  throughout the world. Send to Potter D. <fe  0. Corp., 47 Columbus Ave., Boston, U. S. A.,  tor free sample of cacit with 32-p. book.  i ��������� When your order comes from the proeer's  ece that he bus sent you WINDSORTA1*1,1$  6AI/r. 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Whon who t'xpf'flH hlin to bo  (Continued.*  "He is worrying about Mr. Tritton's  piece of nows," Dorothy said lo herself, Bitting down near the open drawing room window, where Bhe could enjoy tho soft nir and tho fragrance of  Juno, "1 won't bother him just now.  Uo wants to light out the thing by  himself,"'and although she could never afterwards havo told a line,in tho  book sho held, or a single syllable of  Its contents, sho read porsistently for  the best part of au hour, until tho  sharp clanging of tho door bell made  her lift her.head from her book, and  at (he same moment Miles came into  tho room. He looked very tired, the  worried expression that had been in  his eyes when ho told her of Denis  Tritton's claim haunted them again,  and he sank into a chair by her Bide  with u little sigh.  "I've been trying to make out exactly what my, position will be,  if this, fellow Denis Tritton  reigns in my stead," ho said with  a sorry attempt at a laugh; "I must  set'my house in order, if I am to  make place for him!"  "It is very hateful of me, but I can't  bear to think of that man with the  furtive eyes taking your place, Miles.  I don't want him to be Sir Denis. He  is just the type ot a person I most  detest, "When he came to Handhurst  Rectory as a boy I could never bear  him, and he used to honor me with a  kind of absurd devotion which made  me sick!"       ���������     ,        .  Her vehemence brought a smile to  Miles' lips, but the smile faded as  quickly as.it had come, and he sat  silent for a moment, gazing out into  (.he night, then exclaimed impetuously.  "For God's sako, don't let us talk of  the man.   He and I "  The door at "the far end of the big  drawing room opened noisily, far more  noisily than it was ever opened in  that well.;;' ordered, establishment,  where.'all the wheels were kept well  oiled, /and every piece of domestic  machinery ran__smootlily. So noisily  indeed was theTbutler's entrance, that  Miles frowned, and turned sharply to  the man who, was advancing towards  him;���������but���������theT-expression-oii*-the-*ser--  vant's face checked his master's utterance, and the words Miles had been  about to utter froze upon his lips1.  "If you please, sir," the man stammered,, glsiroing from Miles to Dorothy, "could I spook to you .'or a <:;_���������  ment?"  "What is the matter, Mercer'' Dorothy asked.  "Yes, what on earth Is the matter?"  Miles put in, with so strange a note  of irritation in his voico that Dorothy  looked at'"him anxiously. "Do you  "want me for anything? Speak up,  man, have you seen a ghost, or what?"  "No���������sir���������but, I would rather���������I  mean, I think���������I mean if I might speak  to you in the library, sir���������something������������������"  'What in tho world's the matter,  Mercer?" Miles asked with increased  irritability. "If thoro Is anything to  say to me, say it here and now,"  "Someone has called, sir-to���������to���������"  tho man glanced ovonhis   shoulder,  .and    his    already    white faco grew  whiter,  "something ��������� has  happened,  sir," ho blurted out at lant, "and   I  didn't think hor ladyship "  Miles rose from his sqtit.  "Something happened? Well, what,  has happened? Why can't you loll  mo and havo dono with It? Perhaps I had bettor go and see, dear,"  ho added moro gently, <turni������g to his I  wife, "though 1 can't Imagine what  could havo happened to causo all this  fuss and mystery."  "Well,   Hir,   my   lady "   Mercer  stammered, looking from one to tho  othor hc!plc_���������ly, "It, took me all ot ti  heap���������I felt too upset to- "  "What tho devil Ih it?" cried MIIob  moved out of his usual cnlmno'.H, "Ib  someone wuitlng to spoak to mo?"  "Yon, wlr���������HobHon camo up hlniHolf  ���������ho found It���������aiid ho thought he'd  best, como straight lo you."  "Found It? l-'otiiKl what?" MIIob  paused half way to tho door, "and  llobBon? Tho .policeman, do you  moun? Jh it Homo pouching bother  again?"  "No, sir, it'B���������woi-HO than that,"  Morcer dropped hln voice, with a  backward glance nt Dorothy, who  had risen and watt watching them  with a perturbed faco, Tho whispered words reached hor oars, nnd  with a (Hidden proKoiillineiit of evil  who wont to Mil***.' Hide,- boiiio nulitlo  liiHtliiot telling lior thnt It wiib no  oommonjilneo onourrenco which could  havo no iipHPt Morcor'H ordinary do-  coroiiHiioBH, or made lilm run counter  tn every tradition of IiIh olu.fi.  "You need not mind my hearing  what linn happened," nho wild to lilm.  "I would rathor know, whatever It  In Yon, n1en<-*> Mllcifl lei Mf*ronr toll  us here, nnd now," nho added, when  .Wily. ...utt-u io ������i_.nuy iuhboih,  "uliat In wrong, Mercor?"  "HobHon enmft up, my lndy. to U>11  Sir Mile, tbat���������on hla first round,  jiiHt two hours ngo, he found���������a-~n���������  Iind *'���������������������������;*'  With a sick foreboding at her  heart, a foreboding only. reVider-.d  deeper by Mercer's last broken sentence, Dorothy followed her husband  downstairs, and across tho hall to  the library. Through the half-open  door a murmur of voices was audi'  bio, and Miles stopped short for a  moment, glancing back at Mercer  who brought up tho rear.  "I thought you told ino "Hob.on  wanted to speak to me,' ho said,  "who else is hero?"  "Doctor Webster came with Hob-  son, sir," was the hesitating reply,  "and���������and���������Mr. Fowler."  "Mr. Fo-svlpr!" Miles stared in undisguised bewilderment and anger,  as his butler named a neighboring  landowner and magistrate, whose estate matched, with the Hernesley  acres. *    -.,  ''Mercer seems to have gone off his  head," he murmured under his breath  to Dorothy, "why didn't ho tell me  Fowler was here, and what; does Fowler want at this time of night?'*  Without waiting for a reply, which  Dorothy was certainly unable to give,  Miles pushed ���������' open the library door,  and upon his entrance into the room,  silence fell upon the three men who  awaited him. It was a strangely, embarrassed silencei and as Miles lopk-  ed from one to the other of the throe  faces, he experienced the Bensation of  forming part of a nightmare. Mi*.  Fowler, a fall spare man with iron  gray hair, and a kindly face, stood  beside the table, and Dorothy, coming immediately. after her husband,  observed that he straightened himself a littlo upon seeing Miles, as  though he were bracing himself to  perform some, unpleasant task. The  doctor, "a" chubby faced man with  keen blue eyes, was leaning against  tho mantelpiece, and he, too, pulled  himself into an upright, position as  the Hernesleys entered, whilst Hob-  son, the village policeman, fidgetted  from one foot to the other, and looked the image of discomfort and uneasiness.  (To bo Continued.)  A Dodflo Jhat Failed.  A party of four���������two young ladies  and two young men���������became acquainted at a dance and after it was  over tho young men requested tho  pleasure of seeing tho ladiea home,  which was granted, and the four made  their way towards tho fashionable  part of the town.  Stopping outside a large hoiiBe in  the best street of the neighborhood,  the glrla indicated that this was their  destination.,  "I'll just run in and seo what mamma Is doing," exclaimed ono of them,  and forthwith she ran up the path  leading to the front door, returning in  a short time minus coat and hat.  "Mamma says we must hurry In  now dear, as it is getting late," 8he  said to tho 'other.  They stood talking and laughing for  Bomo timo when, much to tho girls'  ooustornntion, a gentleman came down  tho path carrying a lady's coat and  hat and addressing the lady, said:  "Do these belong to you? T found  them hanging on tho door handle of  my house."  Needless to say, the coat and hat  wero acknowledged, but, tho young  lady nover again attempted to make  herself out to bo what sho is not.  "I think wo met  last winter. Your  familiar to me."  "Hut I didn't have it then."  "No; but I did..  at. this restaurant  overcoat is  very  'I  BORDERING ON  THE MIRACULOUS  ���������* -_____________  JOHN    M'ELROY'S   HEART   TROUBLE     CURED     BY     DODD'S  KIDNEY PILLS.  China's Opium Trade.  The United States consul at Hong  Kong reports that in lOOtl the imports  of opiiim into China constituted about  8.6 per cent, of the total import,  while in i9.l*>, with an immense decrease in the volume of the imports  and with very little increase in the  totalimport trade of the country, the  imports of opium constituted about 12  per cent, of the whole. However,  tilts increase in price and the entire  imports of opium into 'China during  lTTfO may be taken as the culminating  point in the contest against" the use  of .tho������drugain China. The imports,  though sir-all as compared: with the  year before, were nevertheless made  largely in anticipation of further restriction of imports by law���������an anticipation which is in a considerable-degree already justified. The actual  imports for actual consumption are  less now than before, and are growing smaller and smaller month by  month.  Could Not Work All Summer, and  Doctor Failed to Help,.but Cure  Was Quick When He Used Dodd's  Kidney Pl||8.  Benton, N. 13.���������(Special.)��������� Bordering on the miraculous is the curo 'A  John McElroy, a young man we;!  known here. He was suffering from  heart trouble and was so bad that all  last summer he was not able to do a  day's work. Dodd's Kidney Pills  cured him. In telling the story of his  cure, Mr. McElroy says:  '1 went to a doctor,"who said I"had  palpitation, but his medicine did not  seem to reach the spot. I suffered  for over a year and all last summer  1 was not able to do a day's work, My  Bleep was broken and unrcfreshing. I  felt heavy and sleepy after meals, and  I wns always tired and nervous. 1  perspired freely with tlie least oxer-  tion.  "After I had finished taking the  doctor's medicine, and as I felt no  better, I read in an almanac what  Dodd'a Kidney Pills could do .nd  made up my mind to try them. Before  I had finished the" first box I felt dif-  ferent, and by the "time the second  was half gone I was working in the  woods and doing good work.'  Rainfall and Consumption.  A study of the influence of   rain-  bearing winds upon the prevalence of  tuberculosis has been'made  by Dr.  William   Gordon,    physician, .to tho  Uoyal   Devon   and Exeter   Hospital.  After (.iaBsifylng several Devonshire  parishes according to their exposure  to rainy winds, Doctor Gordon searched out In precisely which parishes the  deaths from consumption  during   n  serleB of years had mainly occurred,  Ho found Ihat tho death-rate in tint  parishes     exposed   to   rain-bearing  winds was generally,twice as high ns  that of tho parishes ahblterod   from  them.     Further investlgatlouB were  conducted   In many other localities,  among them tho city of'Exetor. Tho  , result wan the Banie.   Doctor Gordon  declares that tho Important point to  consider is tho matter of Bheller from  tho rnln-boaring winds of the locality,  exposure to which Is a more serious  mnttor   thnn    altitude, character of  soil, or ovon tho amount of rainfall.  While we wore playing cards one  evening, my little nieco Hazel, 3 years  old, got rather tired of our playing,  so what did she do"but gather the  cards up in a neat little pile and,  with the seven spot of spades on top,  started -to.., talk, and said: "What!  Are you tired of playing tards���������(cards)?  Alwite (all right), then we'll put you  in tho box." She didn't want to tell  us to quit, so she got around it another way. ,  The Latest  Thing in Stoves  ForVmidnight supper, as for any other meal at any  other time, the very latest thing in stoves���������the best  that stove-artists can do���������  It Burns Oil I NwBeE/SctlOlt  ���������No Ashes  It   Concentrates Heat  ^-/Vb Waste  It is Handy  -No Dirt  It is Ready  ���������No Delay  :Mt'it? ������*.c*u I'.ri./vM i:  Oil Cook stove  It concentrate* the lient when you want it  ������__ where vou want it. It it at quick as sai,  steadier and handier than cor.!, cheaper than  electricity.  kThe New Perfection Stove htt lone, e_������m_le_,  turquoite-blue chimneys. It ij hendtomely finitlied  io nickel, with cabinet top, drop ������helvci, towel  neb, etc.   Made with 1,2 or 3 buracri.  All detlerj carry tho ��������� New Perfection *5lov..  Free Cook-Book with every tlove. Cook-Book ���������!������������������ .  given to anyone ieadini 5 cent*, to cover mailing cott. >  THE IMPERIAL OIL COMPANY, Limited  '���������  The Veracious Verger���������In the far  corner lies .William the Conqueror;  behind the organ, whero you can't see  'em, are the toonis o' Guy Fox, Robin  'Ood, and Cardinal Wolsey. Now does  that guide book, "aa I sees you 'avo  in your 'and, tell you who Is lyln' 'ere,  air?  Tho Skeptical Tourist���������No, but I  can guess.  Gilbert and the Dandy.  Sir William S. Gilbert was oue night  standing in tho porch of a London  theatre after the play, when a stylishly  cressed youns? dandy, mistaking uim  for an attendant, approached him and  8aid:v *',"/.     . \: ','���������'..,������������������ /' ::  "I say, call me a cab, will you?"  Fixing lhe stylish ono coldly with  his eye; Sir William replied:  ','Sir, you are a cad."  For a moment tho stranger was too  amazed to move, brjt, realizing his  mistake, hastily took off his hat,  bowed to Sir William, und fled,hastily  Into the night.  Keep Mlnard's Liniment In tiie house.  "We've a brand new mahogany  piano," said Mr. Cumrox, "Tint nobody in your family can play it."  "Yos, that's the boat thing about It,"  "I tell you, advertising 'pays.'  "Well, what is on your mind?" "Somo  time ago I advertised for a lost flvo*  dollar bill, and a stranger who had  picked ono up on tho street restored  it to me. This morning while looking through an old ault I found tho  V I thought I'd lout,"*-Boston Transcript.  A Statesman's Reply.  A story Is told of tho visit to England of tho late Sir Goorgo 131 lenno  Cartler, whon ho was a loading figure  in the Canadian Government, and of  an answer ho made to the late Queen  Victoria that won hor Majesty's favor,  and caused tho Quoon to take a friendly Jnterent In tho Canadian etato.-  man,  Sir George���������or Mr. ('nrtlor, as ho  was tlioii~wnn u guest of Iho Quoon  at, Windsor Citfillo, nnd in tho courso  of a conversation Her Majesty Inquired about tho groat bridge at Montreal.  "Mr. Cartler," snM llio Queen, "I  hear that tho Victoria bridge at Montreal i. a very lino Htrucf.uro. How  many foot is it from shore to shon*?"  "When wo Canadians build a  bridge," was tho rrply, "'and doillcato  it to your Majesty, wo measure It not  in feet hut In miles."  The Quoon was ho pleased with lhe  answer Ihat sho talked for nn hour  about the bridge and the railway .yu-  tcm,  How to REMOVE SUPERFLUOUS HAIR  From tho Face, Arms and Nook Told Froo  ' Society women and aotres.es nil ovor  Europe are -strongly Indorsing a now  marvellous discovery of how to roinov*  fuperfluouB Uolr from tho face, arms and  ���������neck. This new discovery is now for thn  first time Introduced Into Canada. Any!  Woman affilotod with the growth of sup.  .rfluous hair can obtain tho informatlor.  froe of oharge.' Send you namo and address together, with a 2 cent stamp tu,  Madame Fayard, Room 25, Stobart Blocty  Winnipeg.  Amy���������Why, did Miss Antique discharge her butler?  Mamie���������rile boasted that ho had  grown gray in her service.  For Pure Sweets.  London.���������Owing to tho unpatisfac-  lory conditions under which caramel  wrapping has been carried ou in  homes of out-workers in Islington, tho  borough council mado representations  lo tho Homo Olllco, with tho result,  that tho homo work provisions of  the factory and workshop act of 3001  havo now been mado applicable lo  tho manufacture of chocolates and  Bweetmeats,  I .v*!   . V,_^,    i-:~_.,__r>.'  Which is his  ���������I'ui'cs 'curiy,  m.'i.i  . ..  i filarm clock for ;i o'clock, nud whon  it koi-h oil* hIui K<-tn up and dri'SRos,  nnd Ih mid*.1, rclrowlied ami reiiruncli-  fill,"  Better Still.  .Mi,.-.    Did    M.ibi'l    K.i.    th.it.    civ-  ffliGoicr kIio (.poke of providing her-  t-.'-lf ri'- *i j*r'\'';'<*fi<m a..a!ii'*t. biti'i;!;.;.;?  l-.v.i- No;   ������h(j   vmI  a .'vf_('  JudRo. *-c,'-~  *���������',������������������ ���������,, ..". ������������������* '' '".      _  W. N. U. ������98.  Mile:* utlcifd a nliarp exclamation,  but ho did not Int.mipt Mercer's  halting tw'nUuiC'-H, ami iho man continued���������  "It. was at the <*n. of tl\o Jnnc, sir,  jtirit where you I urn off toward*" Iho  ������������������������������������mmon a    vm-y '���������,i.e._-  oov.wr liy  nn;***!ion ';:.���������s*������.  nokfl-i ��������� eay'-i  m  *'*���������", iiuif*: tluid. r!r, ami a:: r.oon ni  hc'.l fclrhcd thu doctor, TIobHon  thoiiitht he'd In Ht com*' ctrnlght tip  hi -re ������������������ ���������bet.-aiiKf*��������� h-1 tmrul "  "Hut  vim  I'i d-'ful,  my K^-l  man.  who--.'  lio.lv  did  Hulwon  find?    Tor  The !3m1������;-> Chhuc.  Tin Stratford )I������*rnld wi>*������ lliat in a  Chlnot-o .'iili*wreck ������hr* rule 1* to wttve  men flrBt, then children, thon women,  tlm t'mo.y heli'K that men nj*o mot-J  vnlnnMo tn Ihr* ntntn   -i-Min ,i���������,.ili._.������',.  ���������������n*ii<.n uro ji biinku. Huwevcr, wo  must roniomber th*>t things ate *���������?.!!.*  lug in China.  ������ win __!>���������-��������������� iiwmw ia *  Wlrci Were Crossed.  Ho'cl man (wlio tlilnlis he l������ calling down hu f)fi^'"*'l')-'s'''"*'' ' ',|" "'������������������"  ft heart .ml a liver, .-ii'ht jib* uml ;������  f^ioH.il.'i".    Now  1   want   Ihcni  rli;ht  nwny.  ]{jiil\vny Oftlre (which li.is br-rn fon-  nf-Hctl ������>y inlMaUc*)-~Siiriy, inn iho  wreck hau bcni ckarcd up. ��������� Han  Franclfio V*M.  i HERE'S no mislaking the expression of a man wKoie 'farm is well "improved."  lit'looks as prosperous as he feels.  It isn't the size of a place that cotmU most, nor its actual 'dollars-and-cent*  value, It's rather that "well kept," thrifty appearance; tlie appearance that makes  you think of fat stock, and well-filled barns, and comfortable, contented living.  Neat, permanent improvements go further in giving a farm this appearance than  any other feature.  Concrete Is The Ideal Material  for such Improvom.nls. It Is nflst, hnrmonlx.lnnr with lis piirrnnndlnrs In-thw rniinfrv.  _.v������riasting, it. ennnut bo Injured by nro, frost, wind or HHhtnlna*. Ago���������lnatead of  rnunln.tr it  lo  ilr-cny    iirluully tm-lrw- il au-nintn-y,  (.oncr.t������������) n������vor nt-ntfti r������ipnlr���������itrst cost 1s Inst cost. Now Improvomonts can bo added  yoar after year with Ices expense than would bo required to keep woodon structures  tn rtpalr,  Concret. walks, foodlnff floors, dairy-barns, Ice-house., root-cellars, well-curblnff.  fence postu, sllos���������whlch of thoso does your farm ncod most? Whatovor you want to  build, It's host to build H of concret*. "  Do you want to know moro uboui this ������u*t>Jeet of permanent farm improvements?  Then wrlto for y6ur copy of  ���������'What The Farmer Con Do With Concrete."  It's ��������� book of 16<) pi.ts, tailing how other  Urmiri hive uud tho "htndy matirlal" to  good idvint������o*< Publlihiid to (ill st 66c. a  copy, It Is now bilno offered frtt ts all farmers  who wrltt (or ft, AOireaa  (fciiJa Cement Co. U<J4 b">'j1  N������li������ut Duik Duildini, Montreal ���������'���������'  i#  I*  V  Ti ' ���������  THE NEWS. CUMBERLAND, B. C  DRINK HABIT I  CURED  J  IN 3 DAYS  '"    Tho Neal Three-Day   Treatment   for   the  liquor  habit commends itself to all thoso whose nervous systems demand liquor, because thero are no bad after'  effects and no hypodermic   injections���������tho  treatment  is so mild and so harmless that a child could tako It.  Wrlto for   descriptive booklet aud othor information.   Everything strictly confidential. <  The Neal Treatment for the drug* habit Ib perfeot  and permanent in its, effect.  Neal Institute Co.  2244 Smith St.,  Regina, Sask.  405 Broadway,  Winnipeg, Man.  820 13th Ave. West,  Calgary, Alta.  ft   .-"  FOR  PINK  EYE  DISTEMPER  CATARRHAL   FEVER  AND ALL NOSE  AND THROAT  DISEASES  Cures tlio sick and acts as a preventative for others.  Liquid Riven on tho tongue. Safe, for brood mares and  nil others. Best Kidney remedy; CO cents a bottle; $6,00  the dozen. Sold by all di'inrglsts and harness bouses. Dis.  trim-tors ���������  AM. WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS.  ������POHN   MEDICAL   CO.,   Bacteriologists,  GOSHEN,  IND,f U. S. A.  NA-DRUCO  LAXATIVES  Women's commonest ailment  ���������the root of so much of their  til-health���������promptly yields to  the'gentle but certain action  ��������� of Na-Dru-Co Laxatives.  25c. a box at your druggist's.  NATIONAL DRUO ANtJ CHCMICAL CO.  OF CANADA, LIMITCD. /  Act Well!  And that you may, profit by  the health-restoring, strength-  giving properties of the time-*  tested famous family remedy  BEECHAM'S  PILLS   ,  Reason for Haste.  There's an old story about an Irishman .who was painting' a fence and  who worked fast so that ho might get  the job-finished before tho paint gave  out. Onr grandfathers laughed at  that joke .before our .grandfathers  bought razors.' ,-" '. "       ���������"���������"���������   ���������''.   ..'  The* new version camo ��������� in yesterday; the setting is'up't* date, but  the old point stilt sticks out. Our  correspondent aays:  "I have a touring car and I have a  chauffeur ... .Th^;, latter is a bright  Italian boy arid an invaluable servant.  The othor night, ten miles from home,  but inside the city limits, I observed  that ho was putting on a_burst of  speed.  " 'Slow down a bit, Guiseppe,' I  warned him;, 'we'll be arrested If we  keep up this speed.'"  " 'Scusa ' me, mister boss,' he answered; 'we're ten mlla from home  an only got enough gas for free mlla.  Eef we no hurry we never mak' eet!'"  Qulp������.  To rlse������ to nettle down.  . Many a man will devour a girl ���������witli  kisses, only to find after marriage that  she disagrees with lilm.  There is room at the top���������still more  at tho bottom. ���������  Don't many a man to reform him,  girls, unless you have a good profession or trad*.  II in hot water, take comfort from  tho thought, that you will soon, like aa  egg. get hardened to It.  ��������������������������� I, i. <  .....   ��������������� * ,-  A Cure for Fever and Ague.���������Disturbance of tho Btomach and livor  always precedes attacks of fever and  aguo, showing derangement ot the dl-  gestiver organs and deterioration ln  tho quality of tho blood, In-these ailments Parmalee's Vegetable Pills  have been found ntbst effective, abating tho fever and subduing the ague  ts a few days. There are many who  are subject to these distressing disturbances and to these there is no better preparation procurable as a means  of relief.  T  ���������*���������".  *   >    . ^���������     11.     ",$���������������.  Has Bones Badly Beaten.  Nip���������Bonea Is speaker of the house  and only 80.  Tuck���������TKht's nothing! My wire became speaker of the house (>s soon as  I married her and she was only 22,  SPASMS OF  COUGHING  And Frantic Gasping for Breath Common to  Bronchitis and  Asthma.  Sold ������������������/orywber*,     ���������  tn boxei, 25c  Gopher Rifles  -.'."'���������;.        22 CALIBRE  Winchester,   model  1002, .'*.',...,,... .$5.00  Havnjto Jr., model J.1KH,.............W.00  Stevens'   "(Ji-ackshot"   ..............14.80  Repeuter,    mbM   -"Mil,"   20  money  ro  ar  iavrtg-'*.  Bitot h *.,* ,   flo Unfa. Hon  ffuurautc.d  ���������untied.  The HiNGSTON-SMITH ARM8 CO., Ltd.  Oept. U. Wlnnlpofj.  |      ������alT"hTlP WANTED.  ���������Railway Agents, Telegraphers and  Clerks in great domand throughout  North-West. Six mon thn will quail*  ty you. Duy and Mall Courses. Poal-  ���������nous secured. Froo book 19 ox-  plains.   Dominion School Telegraphy,  Toronto.   ������������������  Ask for MlnarcTs and take no other.  China Forging Ahead.  Peklif.���������At Ihe trial of a Chinaman  ln Nanking recently a jury of twelve  of IiIb -fellow-countrymen was impanelled and a translation of the British  oath administered to them.  DR. CHASE'S SY<r  LINSEED AND  TURPENTINE  Both bronchitis aud asthma are dis-.  eases of the nerves as well as of the  bronchial tubes, and for this reason  only slight irritation or excitement is  required to bring on the terrible  coughing spells and frantic gasping  for breath.  There is. nothing like Dr. Chase's  Syrup of Linseed arid Turpentine" tb  bring relief to sufferers from bronchitis "arid'asthma".-*',,' *'",'.' '.    ",-'���������.',..  if soothes the irritated nerves,.  ��������� eases and ' prevents- tlie attacks" of  coughing and enables the system to  throw off ,tlie disease. In fact the.  great popularity of this medicino is  largely due to its success, in curing  bronchitis and severe chest colds.  Since -permanent recovery depends  largely on getting' the nervous system thoroughly restored, Dr. Chase's'  Nervd Food is df~"Jtlie���������gr_ateM"  assistance in revitalizing the wasted  nerve cells. This; combined treatment is Ideal as a cure for bronchitis  and asthma, for, while the Linseed'  and Turpentine brings relief to the  organs of respiration, tho Nerve Food  restores the body to full health and  strength, and enables it to fight off  disease.  Thoro are many imitations of Dr.  Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine. Tho portrait and signature of  A. W. Chase, M.D., are on every bottle of the genuine;- 25c a bott'lo, at  all dealers, or Kdmanson, Bates &  Co., Limited, Toronto.  Premium List Issued,  The preliminary premium list of  the International Dry-Farmed. Products Exposition, to be held ftlJL.erti-  bridge, Alberta, October 21 to 26, la*,  been issued, and is one of the HyV,  Interesting ever sont out so Q.avj^ ia  a season. It p.ves the farmois son,  pleto instiTcliouB as to tho pre[<������ra������  tlorig ot exhibits, and is designed lo  iamlll&rl.o ru with the dot all? essential to success at the time of putting ln the crop, for then is the timo  tho best work tells lu securing prise-  winning products..  The rules and regulations aro given  in full, the methods of judging likely  to be adopted being suggested so that  exhibitor, may havo an opportunity  to consider them and express their  opinions and offer suggestions in advance of the publication of the Official  Premium List, which it is planned to  Issue about August 1. -  The swoepstake prizes and the special premiums already donated are  announced, and the list given of tho  grains', grasses, fruits and veegtables  that may be, entered for competition.  Every farmer should have a copy  of this premium list at once, and it  will be Bent free upon request to John  T. Eurna, executive secretary-treasurer, International Dry-Farming Congress, Lethbridgc, Alberta, and packages of them will bo supplied boards  of trado Interested in the Congress  and Exposition for distribution upon  request,  Married Couples on Farms.  The greatest source of satisfactory  farm help in tho west has been in  the married couples.. The employment of theso solves to some extent  both the domestic and farm help problem, and wo wish that many more  couples were available. Thero is an  objection, however, to this plan of  hiring married couples.. It is very  difficult to secure a man and his wife  who aro both competent. In many  cases the one Is a good servant and  the other is a poor one. By discharging the poor one the farmer Is  forced to lose them both, and Is consequently greatly inconvenienced.  Where any farmer Is fortunate  enough to have a satisfactory man  and his wifo as help on tho farm,  he should be _wllling,..to build va separate house for them, give them a,  milch cow, a.,small..plot-for a garden  and- "'Other conveniences to make' a  homo for theriC'thus securing probably the most permanent kind of help  to be obtained.���������Nor-West Farmer,  Winnipeg, .Man. .    '  A Needed Suggestion.  Tho restaurant manager stood behind the cashier's desk, wearing his  etock-In-trado smile for each customer.   AN  EXCELLENT REMEDY.  Baby's Own Tablets are an excellent remedy for little ones.  Thoy never fall to relieve baby  of stomach and bowol complaints  or the many other littlo ills that  worry him. Besides this they are  absolutely safe, being guaranteed by a government analyst to  contain no opiates or other harmful drugs. Concerning thorn,.  Mrs. Sam Logros, Ste. Ceclle,  Que,, writes: "I have found  Baby'8 Own Tablota an oxcellont  remedy for my little ono and  would not bo without; them." Tho  Tablets aro , sold by medicino  dealors or by mall at 2!> cents-a  box from The Dr. Williams*  Medicino Co,, Brockvillo, Ont.  of  Death Duties In France.  , Paris,���������Tho British -chamber  commerce ln Paris has again petitioned the chancellor of the exchequer  with regard to tho double Imposition  of death duties -on the estates of British residents in France, and asking  for tho same reductions- as 'aro allowed is tho caso of residents In the  colonies.  An old gentleman came up. "I notice," said he, fumbling his wallet,  "that you advertise to make your own  pies."  "Yes, sir," answered the manager,  proudly, "ye do,"  ' "Will you permit me to offer a suggestion'"  "Certainly, sir; certainly. We  should bo most happy to have you."  "Well, then,.let someone else make  ���������em."  Mlnard's Liniment, the Lumberman'i  Friend.  A story coinos from Grimsby, whom  firms advertise to sell fish direct to  nmnll purchasers. The glowing ad*  verllBemontB aBltod for tho sending ot  half a crown with a \\������t of tho viuto*  tion of fiflh preferred. Ono letter  read:  "I want two salmon, a dozen wl\lt-  lng, u dozen fresh herrings, somo  plalee, and If you havo them you can  odd a lobster."  Tho next day the lady received a  Jotter which read: ������  "Dear Madam: Pleaso send niiotlior  flUp.iieo anil wo will forward tho  trawler."  "Which Is correct,'! asked a poultry  Instructress ot her class, "to speak ot  r slttlni. lien or a Hotting hen?''  "I don't know," replied an Interested student, "anil, what's moro, 1 don't  caro, nut thoro's ono thing I would  llko lo know. Wlien a hen cackloa,  lias sho been laying or la Bho lying?"  ^ ������_____���������._ ��������� =5  ' Physician at Watering-place (to patient's husband)--Aiid after all, tho  great thing for your wlfo is exercise,  Uoob she tako any?  Patient . Husband*-Tako any! I  should say Bho did. Why, doctor, nho  changes her dress at least six times  a day.  -,v-NV W\  .4*.-.:'*   J'.  dom>������  j//. PI LIS M  _a.OT>$  ,Wj N, U. 898.  Tilting Rook of Argentina.  In Argentina .thoy havo had a tilting rock bo fiimoiiB that Its destruction Booms to havo bo<Jn regarded as  n national calamity, nnd hns led to  suggestion ot lis restoration, **ua it  it woro a .acred relic or ft Venetian  Campanile,  It was so balanced upon t]io edgo  ot a cliff thnt the wind alone waa  Bald to have set It, oscillating, and ex-  curslouB were mado to it from Buenos  Ayros, distant about 200 miles.���������  Sprlngllold Hepubllcan,  ��������� ��������� nl.   i ��������� im n" ��������� ������vui-*������n-i_t '  Whllo iiulonioblloH aro not yot within tho reach of all, exporlenco teaches  that almost all aro within tho reach of  automobile*"*,  Attacks of cholera and dysentery  como quickly, there seldom being any  warning of tho visit. Komedlivl action muflt bo taken Just as quickly if  the patient la to bo spared great suffering and permanent injury to the  .. , ���������       .-. - ��������������� i%., .,������������������.,-������������������ ���������*���������*���������,���������  juiu-ti  ������(icii.������.i������..^.i v.   ���������"���������   .-.-.,������....   t- ������������������'-���������  vonflWt prfpnrntlon for thn piirposn  Ih Dr. .T. I), Kollogg'a Dysentery Cordial. It can be got at small cost at  any drug sloro or general dealer's,  and It will afford relief before n doctor can bo called,,  "Didn't that man complain when  yon clmrged him with a broken appointment?"  "No," replied the dentist; "ho Bald  breaking un appointment wllh mo w;u  worth evory cent it cost."  ��������� _Hi_m._in._i_ ,*mm,IM������<w,_mm*mBwmi*  "But," said the returned explorer,  "iillhough I seemed to bo hopelessly  lost.,, and lluro was not the Blightest  sign of a trail, I was not tho least  alarmed, for at that moment some  nomadic Kurds rode Into my camp."  "Why wero you not alarmed?" asked a Hetcner,  "J knew the Kurds would show me  (ho Vbe)'." '���������'  Holloway's  corn out by  prove It,  Corn   Curo takes tho  tho roots.   Try It and  "Was it an elaborate dinner ?"  "Vory,"  "Plenty of champagne?"  "Flowed Just llko wntor, but that  wasn't the chief display."  "Thnt so?      Woro tho favors un  usual?"  "Thoy wero of solid gold. But what  roally attracted tlio most attention waa  thnt thoro Boomed to bo tin millniltel  supply of buttor,"*-Judgo..  Plant Some Evergreens.  How warm and cheering tho green  of tho evergreens looks during the  cold, snowy days. It seems almost  llko summer to go among them when  the sun shines, aud particularly when  they aro thick enough to break oft  the wind and, as is so often tho case,  a few. birds still remaining in the  north are flitting among them, The  southern home may plant them* or not,  but no northern farm home,can'afford  to bo without nt least a^fow of them  to break' tin: bareness of tho long,  leafless,1 snowy Benson, Lot us re-  solvo Irrevocably that this, summer  wo will Htirely start a few overgroons.  ���������Dakota Farmor,  Mlnard's Liniment used by Physician*  Of nil tho sad words wo seo In print  And this ih a genonil rule.  Aro itiioHo conveying the dally hint,  "Unsettled with rain, and cool,"  At a fashlonablo dinner, where all  tho ladles woro docolloto gowns oxcopt  one, the littlo three-year-old eon of tho  family was brought In to miy good  night to IiIb mother, Later, whon the  nurso" wits putting him to bed Bho  uul.til )i!;r. Y,'".'!ch 1.1 ���������*!'-���������' '���������'-" ^''���������f' 'n-  hi������Rt. "Thn ono with  bo replied.  Invitation to President Taft.  A handsome ongrossod invitation,  upon velum paper, with purplo plush  bordor, wan sont by tho Canadian  Board of Control and, tho international ofllce.B ot tho International Dry  Farming 'Congress to Ills Excellency  Will lain Howard Taft, prosldent of  tho United States, through tho Dominion government of Canada at Ottawa, Tho engrossing wiib dono by  ltobort Sugo, a "merchant of Lethbridgc, Albortii, tho invitation being  mounted by the Western Printers and  Stationers, Limited, und It was a most  creditable ploco of work,  Serious Interview.  Tho bookkeeper camo out looking  mystorlous and ciUled for tho ofllea  l'������y  "What nre you doing'.'"  "Nuthln'." *  "Tho boss wants to boo yon right  away. 1 guess IL's ilia bounce for  youi'B.  "Nix," declared the oillco boy. "1  know what he wants,"  "What docs he want?"  "Ho wants to know whnt now play*  ers hnvo been Hlgnoti"���������I^ouiavillo  Courier-Journal.  /(  =STANDARD  Gas Engine Oil  gives tho beet lubrication possible, alike In kerosene*,  gaiollne and gas engines. Keeps.Iti body at. high temperatures.   Equally  good for-ext������.{.a)^l*reft!*jngs.  ��������� ���������*<&__ *.,*,  ,a������*v"  Mica Axle Kfiase  saves power and fuel In your tractors. The.beat known,  most liked axle greaie made. Never rubs off. Never  gums.  Silver Star  Engine  Engine Kerosene Oil  Gasoline  Granite Harvester Oil���������Tho Bhort cut oil; specially prepared for uso on reapers, binders and threshers, (iv.at-  ly reduces friction and wear. Body not affected by  moisture or change "of climate..  Capitol Cylinder Oil���������Tho very best oil for steam plants  on the farm. Lasts longer and gets moro power from  the engine, wllh less wear, than any cheap substitutes;  costs less in the end.  W  Atlantic Rod Engine Oil���������Strongly recommended for slow  and medium speed engines and machinery. Kases tho  bearings and lightens tho load.  The Imperial Oil Co., Limited  'Ml  - [ P&rt-sMei  ,*������  "I have a money-saving Invention���������  handy granaries to allow field threshing over your farm. Move them about  each year. You save long hauls at  harvest time. In  spring you scatter  small straw stacks  ���������no burning of  straw."  "These granaries come in compact  bundles, A boy can set up and bolt  one together in a few bourn. Four  padlocks protect the grain. Separator  delivery into a spout on tho side or  into roof manhole���������saves work during threshing. Your grain is protected  from vermin, wet and thieves. flSell  it.when you are ready, loading direct  from the granary into your wagon,  or bogging it. No musty or heated  grain, Q Oct my granary and be independent of elevators for selling.  Sell at the highest price, no matter  how long you store . your", grain;  The Pedlar Granary protects you."  "Write me for my booklet. It ������ho*w liow proiltnblc iny  Cirqnnry i������ even on n tinelr (.tiiirK-r-f-c-etloii. form. Vm  It for 1912.   The lloolc Telia of 111. Money for You."  The PEDLAR PEOPLE Limited  Writ, for Booklet No.sa OSHAWA, ONT.  WDSfNIPEO   CALGARY  EDMOKTON     QCOINA  70Uml)-r__l,   Crimn Il'ock      CM 3rd Bt.W.  ������0I KttllwtrSt.S.  SASKATOON *v MOOSE JAW        IBTBBB1DOE  Dn-wor ICtt     ,   etro Wliltlotk A. Morlitt      3.3 Kllth 8t, 8,  Many  Sizes  r.  ISO  200  30Q  400  BOO  600  ���������nd  1,000  Imperial  Uufllitlfl,  Pull Measure  Guaranteed.  r>  "Uy ICO-buihel Qrtrurr, ihow-  lng door. Alio without door,  U ilmlrait, bhowi bow enijr to  Us Brum, wlun wnnlrri, Othtr  rut at left (haw* ���������pnul forTunil  filling h ttucbed to Qranury."  :~\  7or  Direct your Inquiry to the Pedlar place nearest you.   They will answer you  promptly and   ������avo you time.  :-"3  Method In His Madneto.  IIo'i" rerilly the nlcoBt boy I know,  So I lake him* along wherever I no;  To theatre, party, baseball Riune,  Or any placo oluo that a boy can name,  Ilia ovory wish Ib at my command  And all ho wants Ih right at hantl,  But UiIh confoBfllon I havo lo, make,  I do it all for hln BlBter'n sake.  the clrt>HH nn,"  My eluter was trying to per.uade  her littlo boy to bo droaaed. Ah usual,  ho thouRht differently and ran nway  ���������/.- J-?..? ??'': ���������'���������ot"'"'"-:' c*"M'"3 J*!m ���������*>  number of tltne. liotom hn replied,  Baying: "Moiher, yott called mo flvo  tlmoB before I heard you. 1 counted  them,"  To havo the children Bound nnd  hen I thy Ih tho firnt, rnre of a mother.  They cannot bo healthy It troubled  with wormn. Uho Mother Gvavcs'  Worm l-Mmnliiator.  flar-on���������Homebody Raid titer* wan  RomethlniT stunning nbout your wlf������������'n  now dross.   1 don't hoo It.  Kj?bert-~Of rourpe, you tlnn't- You  don't suppose she'd leave the prlcs  mark on it, do yout  Timing Him.  "I havo learned,'' said tho pMlijito  detect!vi1, ' wneitj your boh wont ititi'i  lulilui; "hi; u-j-U'iJiii i'i }"Mir jnoiH-y  drawer,"  ���������That Ih important," eaid tho father, "Ho took $1,000, and he's Hiiro  to return after ho Rftunnders It,"  "Hn took thn train for New York,"  finid the detective.  "Then," romnrkod tho father, "he'll  bo back inside of a week."���������Cloveland  Plain Dealer.  "Don't you think UiIh hat makes mo  look ton yeara younger?"  "Yob, and ho does my husband."  "How charming! What did ho Buy?"  "Ho remarked laBt nlwht that whon  you took off your hat you looked ton  years ol*S.''."���������VHoRCtido Hlaelter.  His Quess.'  "Wlint will bo fashionable th'.  HjirliiK?" .  "Whatever Ihey happen tn bo'ovor*  -.toekoil wllh In Paris, I .itin*os,"~-Hoi*  ton Tronacrlpt.  Helping Hands,  "Whnt. nre you doing for tho upllf1,  Maude V'  "I uni" tcachliiR poor giii������ the null-  monlfl ot brldRO wl.lst.   And ynu?"  "Oh, I .im eollnr.tliiR enst off nnlo  mobiles to distribute among''worthy  pti scma."  "Wero you not seared whon tlio  nwHkrd. highwayman como through  the sleeping ear and demanded your  money at the point of a revolver''"  "Seared? No, I thought ii wuh a  mighty good joke ou the porter,' ���������  Uuflalo Kxprr.ss.  London.���������A charity costume ball,  which will probably bo known na tho  ambassadors "ball, will bo hold at  Olympla on .Tune 3, Tho proceeds will  bo devoted to a charity or ohnrltloi  not yot sclootod,  *m~  "Do you lovo mo, Charles?" Inquired  tho beautiful girl. "Of course, I do."  "Do you thinl* only of me, by day and  night?" "Well, I'll bo frouk with you.  Now and then I ihiuk ut b������U'.-l'ttU."*-~  Washington Herald.  "Just fancy! Thoro's a fasting man  who has been living Tor f-iriv-tlvo  days on water." ��������� '  "Go on." , .*.. iii     ���������    ,  "V������-m; ho wa* a ���������<"ft (*spuin,'  HOW TO PRESERVE YOUTH AND BEAUTY.  . Ui. *ti.ul  a.wlvi   ml   > vmH.   ������,.u   nUf.!   ��������� - ���������    >���������'"   t ��������� ' ' ������ ' "!'....  ���������A\n pmr*<*r iir������<l*r������t������ii*.rlln!< of her wominly system thd wclUhelnil. Hvery womnn,  founil or old, should know hmtlf ond her physios! msko up. A |ooU way t������  arrive st thii knowledge ii to (ct ��������� Hood doolor book, moll for initsiive, si " Ilia  IWIe's Common Seme Medleil Adviier," by It. V. Pierce, M. I)., which con  readily be procured by sendinl tlilrty-ons ceuti (or cloth-bound copy, odtlrr.nlnjj  Or. Pleros, at Boffslo, N. Y.    "*���������������������������������<���������.���������.    "**''."     , -JA      ,>,,���������,  Thf wfimnniy ._'������frm t������ * <UII*<(il<*i m������r*Wnf* ������������ti!plt r������n ordv bi������ rornnsrf H to tbe in������  irlcite meoli.niim oi o beautiful watch which will keep in *o������d tuBi)ini order only  wltb good iafd and the proper oiling it the ri|lit time, io tliat the delicate inecb-  "��������� -1 i'������ * _^**tjS������-������ tnliin tnsy not bo u'������rfi eut,  Very many time* yoiind women  <et old or run dowu before tlirlr time thrb\if>li ignorance and  (he improper handling of thi* h-.iman meclmniim. Mental  depremlon, ������ confuted head, backache, he.difclie, or hot  (lathe* and many iymotomi or deiVngeitient of the womanly  iysltm cift be avoided by t*, proper iiAdit'i'.ai-dlnj|of whet Id  do, in tltose trvini tlrnea that come lo all women,    "*  "  "  ' '.������������������.���������.. ������������������/.���������:i,3jv.f:^.-������'*,:.'*.;ri*-'-- ��������� -  Mai 0, ft. vVii.i i**49,������. Lynnliaran, V������, mW.a: 'It U ������l* y#Mt  ���������ln*������ my hoalth ������������vo way. 1 had .emata (r������tibl������ and all tha doctors  11 ,mplny������d thr������f) tald I would ril*. (nu not !*���������?><> to do my work.  h_J to hlr. avmswa all thi* tlm*. Fhally, I tt*4 In th������* ^*l������t'������������������ a\*)M%  Sir. Viatea'a Yavnrila I'rw^riptlnn, an-1 ri������ldM to try It. I had nol  u*ic*n but to* hottla untH I r������V"j4 h nlA fl<Ji_l m������ rwd. I Uh������V. ts all,  nv������ tf>ltl#s of 'Fnvorlta rr*������<SrlpU<������' M t#h tfnOo]<l������n Madlctl  I������'������r<rttry,' in! now I am ������M* to*1������m mj* Kwi.r*(*k,*M b-va������alft������4  fourUim pound.. I tdvlM all womwi wha tuff*r from femala trouljl���������  Uiu. WtuiAiu.     wui >mi yMMiwti'iii*uiwUwt_,'  U'������tl<it.ttWwtd;tta������giu.**u"Ju .  * ',-.
_$$ .)m& WMm&mvt m^M^iS^MMMm.
^.��.^_-F.    _ _....��.*��.-_-(��� ^tiHr,   t+if    M>l.*''*' "*���
' TIib Gumtierlajid !ta*
i ���**���*,i-jd. Every Tuesday l>y- the
i^omox & Cqmberland
* Publishing   Cor^paj^y.
'Puis paper  wjll not hold  itself
".���-rviu-sibio For i ho opinions of c>th-
���:_���!���.������, as u.ij.y appear iu its column.
��� from timo to time.
*\VK!.>:\'KSl)AV, JULY. 37 1912,
' TAKI* NiypKJE* that tfu days nf
i-V ;>i'v 1 init'iiii to app'y to llio
>'. hi.i Coiuitii^iiiiu-r of Lauds for n
tl i,---ii eto mo-pect for conI'juul pe
-.i.hi-iiin/xi .'iinl uuder tlie follow-
��� ��� -j <!i* eriU 1 h.r.d, hUualed ui tlio
- * , *������������, x LM.-tiiot.
< 0 . i�� t/Mc intf at n jio.-t marked
���*j*.\iU w M roii,*,-!* fi (.liiim No. 1,
._i .a*-1 -.*.W. .ut 2Q cliiDUJ* w?i)l from
,!' i*- ,-m.ili t.*i'-t corner uf ..i-lion 32
��� f.��-. inn l-!imi, runnii>g oust 80
;hiiiH, iix>r li SO chain?, vrtetSOj
0iii in*-, the-me south 80 chains to
,;��� hit ����'cnuuiet:,ccmeiit.
-, lltTtiU S'l'KWAItT
"'l>:iUd June 8ia, 'l912      	
'" '       '  I'urtu Of Notiee.
\i.tu*e is- UiTuby (j;ivtu tint   .SO
\ \s ai'li'i* date 1 intend to   Supply
fQr# the loih'ti*��y''tif "June 1912.
���W.-.V. WILLARD,
.Oftifcial (idwiiniatraior
Cumberl-mo*, B. G.
njil. Otonmrl
Diatriot of Sayward, Range 1,
TAKE NOTICE that I, Eli. ��.ia
Mannar, hy my agent, Ch-orgts Vcr-
*lio.'. of Campbell .Rivpr, V. I. occu
pation .jjarrjed WQw,an, intends to
i'1'ply for permission to purehas-c
the ft iJV.yi *.*.<$ dsscrilt.d. linv.l**:���
Cuiuiufiu-ipg at s. jH>s*t planted
iii'iirtheN. ... corner of let 351
iIk-ik*. .outli 10 chitina (lei,, thence
east .10 chiiins ilea, more o* lo-.a to
ho point of connneJicenu'iit con
laiuinj! 20 ncros .twenty) moio oi
Kit me of Applicant
Date Miirt-ft 20th, 1912.
y-vpr-ml Land _)_**tri��*t
District. of (lo.-t
Tnko notice that Isabel McKeu
ny. of Vancouver, B. C  occupa-
tion sp?nsU'.r, intends to apply fot
-permission to unrehash tho follow
iiinfdt'.t-ri'tred .ainjv;���
Coinint-nvintr at ?. post   pl.*i*jited
one milo east   of uho   sonili-wof't
corner of lot 5i_0, thenee west   SO
chains, thence  south   -.0   chains,
thence   fast   80   chain**,   thenct-
.' the- Honourable   JMiiiitti-i"   of !'1---'*1* A{) ^-wm ter point  of com-
,   .. . lh f    imeiieeme��>t, eoiitaiuinij* &_<h\eres.
���*"���.'?���<.   ���*.��� a uc*tuis-'. to prospect for     ��� .   ���      ,    -    �����
��� ,    ..       more or le**."*-.
.-.nl i.iu'l petroleum under tin* tore ��� fcafyd iNjeh'eimy,
cs*. eve ami umler tlie wntui* o?i the. [ Name of Applicant in full
.bi ds in nnd opposite thu  tollow-r     Rubevt Henry,(..hentnut, Agent
..a.;* .ies-crih-.d ltimls sitnate in Ru-1 f)^e March lSilr, FJ12*.
'���-.fit  District :--Coii",i^e!iciofJi t\\  a| r
���p si  phmted on thp s^i hesicb   ^ [ S^ywnnl Lane) District
'uii'li svut.r lourk at  tlie  intersec-j
���ami of Sect ions H nnd 1^, Town
v iip 2. Port McNeil, Rupert Dis--
��� !;f**'l.iii i'"i*;
:i!'ii*:*.  iht'Peo north   fifty-live,. 5f)
-.-���*..lin-f more or less to high water
-.murk on the   mirth  si'de'of   Port
McXeil   Ihu-hor; thenee   easterly
iiioiig the shore   line to   intersection of.lSectioMS 23 und 31, T-iwu-
.v'ni.j'.-.iiipuci' ?.i-intlu��rlv_.Gft elmint
���mure or less to high wut'.r   niftr.^
���nth side of said Port McNeil
thenee   wesieyly   nlong
i.h*..'-i* line to   place pj! coinine*.H'e_
:im*i-ii.'       Ro'i.ANi) A. Laird
Francis T. Tordift'e, Agent
i)ale>l this Sih day of April 1012
,   . Form Oil Koiiee.
Notice isjierehy given that 30
iViy^.'ifter date I intend lo apply
..���.I* the Honoiirahlo Miiiis*"er of
iJvfii'th* for a license to prospect for
rod and petroleum under the fore
..-lion,', and under the wntcron the
���Hilda in and opposite the iollpw-
Vm'' descrilied IniiiU' situnte in Ru
n.'i't District:- Couitiiencing at, n
jiost planted on the sua heiiph w\
jiigh wiitet* marl-; at the . ijiton.ee-
|i.7n ol'SecDims li-Vitnd 13, Town-
vhip B/l'ort McN'Oill, Rupert Dis
..trict, thenep portli SO elmiha,"80,
llieiice west ten chains, 1.0, more
or less to high water murk on
���Ledge Point; thencp vyosterly
idoti'g jihcro line to intersections of
;>'.'i.MH)iis 23 mid 8i..T<nvn��liip 2j
llience Hiiitherlv sixly-eightchaiiiH
i)S, iiiiiru or It:;., to 'hi^h \vator
iiuirk on Ninth ��i��lu "f l1"!-^ Nvijl
Jlnrhor; thettcsi c:��slt'',*ly nlpng
t-liore line to phieo of coiuin(-ince-
iueiit,       John S. Ki'.NN'Knv,
Fimncifi M. Turdifre.A^'iit
Ihitml thi- Sth day of April 1012
District of Coast
Take Notice that l.egiuajd Waters, of Vancouver, l>.C..o��CHpn-
:tiyur engineer,, intends,   to   apjdy
for permission, to purchase the follow]]'g des-cii'lied lands:���
ConiB_encing at a post planted
1 mile east of tho south west coiner of   lot 550,   thenee e-i st   SO
j chains, south 10 chains,   ""t.*st   SO
cliiiiiiP, north   40 chains to   poiut
..--.,,-    . _ _   _ _      . _.   u	
acre* u.ure o? .ess.
Reginald Waters,
Name of Applicant in full
Rdberl IlbiiVy (Jhestnut, Agent
Date March 12.il), 1012.
Sayward Land District
District of Coast
Take nuliee that Frances Gerald Hudson, of Vancouver, Y>. ('.
occupation gentleman, intends to
apply for permission'to purchase
the following described lands:--
Cuiniiiencing at a post planted
at the-south east corner of lot 517
thenco east 80 chains, theuce
���sputh. 15 chains to north bound-
ary of lot 550, thenco west along
snid boundary, .^0 chains, theuce
north 15 chains to this post,
I'l'ftiices Geriild Hudson,
Name of Applicant in full
Roberi IJeiiry'CiieHuut. Agent
Dutu March 12th, 1012.
PORT MANN, mainland terrain,
usofothe Canadian Northern Railway, is
regarded   by   those   who know,   as   the
*r> ' , % i      'a
ureatcst city of opportunity in north America to<day. It -cannot help becoming
one of the very highest cities in the west-
Property values cannot help going away
Buy  lots there now- and you arc in
on the ground fl��or-   kvei7 iot w^ nial<G
you a small fortune.
Until prices are raised .wc can offer
you close, in lots 33 x 122. ft (guaranteed
high, dry and level,.or- your money back)
fer* $275. -Terms $15 down, $;io a month
no interest,  no taxes, till 1914.  ���
"Other guaranteed; lots for $120; $3
a month. Booklet ar.d ful-1 particulars at
this office, from
-or- lrotu���r
"Ths; Port Olann People."
���'������"'.'" ��� ' v ���  ������       ��� ���''  ,C1    '
837 Hastings Street, West
Vancouver, B. C.
vSayward Land District
District of Coast
��� 'J'nl-u* uoticu thnt Min'njo Kerr,
of Vaneuiiver.' li, C, occupation
spiiiKter, intendH to npply for permission to purchase the following
descrilied lantls: ���
l.'o,miiien^iii|Ji at a past pliinte..
n\ the aottlh.enst   eorner   of   lot
517, 'llieiice west -10 cliniiiH.ihcnce
���-oiilh 45 eliniiiH,' thence  em-t  4-0
Noi'lTiTTs hereby }��iv��.-n dint .it the eiiui'iiH along tlie  imi'tli  houiitlnry
iVjx. inot'tiii1.;Of ihe Hotrdnl' l.icen**e
\'.,iininisiioii<iri>tifthe Ciiy nf (.'umber*,
'..ind, I inpiii| to nf)|ily for i*. 1k>u-I liccus".
^> >c!l lii|iioi's hy rcirul in nml iii*<m dip
Mil c
kiV'Vd  ,,*j dn.'  "K
t .coi
t'ltcLsiniAK! I <*'ii 1 *>i ';, block  ';, Cum!'*
'.-i-l'tt.d Tewnsiif.
D.ttcd this 15th il.ty ol'Miiy t9��*��-
.. In th�� koikIh <>l .lo^n l>f,vin,niHO known
rtV'M'ilvt K'Vtt'.i/'or K.ovt'ii, ibt:.'��P<*i), ill'.'
TAICKNOI'ICR that by nnh-y  <f   Ills
i ' ,.    I ., 1  ,,.   1>-.l-nr    \���n ;1     il1.l(f.<    I f     tbe
H.iincnii* C'dti t of II. 0,,, iriH(<. n tb<j Uni
of lot riot), I In-nee north 45 chain.
lo point of commeiiccmtmt, con-
mining \H\ iic^,
Minuje l\err
Form Of JN'oiico.
Notice \a licM'ehy given that 80
days after date. 1 intend U> .,npply
lo tfic IJonotirahlo Minister of
Lands for a license to pvoi��pi*ct for
coal ami juitrolotiiu umler Iho
forcf-hore ami umler lhe water on
the laiidK in a <\ opposite the J'ol-
InwiiK' desert I ted hinds Kit nil tod in
Un pert District :-Ooninien<'ing nt
at a post planted ��� n the sea beach
nt hijih water murk at the inter
duel inn of Sections 14- and lo,
Town>]ii|i "J, Tort McNeil, Ru*
perl District; thence north llfty.
live,    .Vi   chains   more o��* h't*�� Ui
Xhiuic of Applicant i�� full | high wider   nu rk   on the   north
Roheri Henry (/lvcstutit, Ageni i hide   of   I'ort   McNeil   Harbor;
Dale March 12th. 101JJ, j thenc.:  following the .-mi heucli at
���������*������*-   -    ��� ���""���" ���'��� ! high water mark around the head
.r t.   .' - ��� i "��� ,' '������.,. ,   ,,C
'l    Hill  M..I     , u    j ....I   I
KM    U    -Ximm*,&��\.mSjtm.l\    ^
,*|iy of,April lr��l'J, the umJismiKnod w.nnii
, ..uitcil u'lir.i (ivl''.**tl,r ��* I'10 fM"*t0 ��1 tho
, li .vn nuini-'l.dt��';i*��foJi whodii"! lit Siih
nm,. Ituor, H. 0. ci a,' -.bout tha Ifitli duy
���f FoJ.Miuy lOi'.l.ur'""'",.    ,,.
' All ��'T"ti il^iinil c ikii.H.i^nirnt tho ta-
i ,,.>, ,iini ub itci.'W'iul. tui'i k.'.-i:t.ii ilua  Hit'.
ru ��1 iCU'o m.i t, >'<3 I"�� ���"���.ii-'l nn<i .fiii,!,
.'.: ji c.wi-!,/,  on t,r b.f in: ll.��*,'5tb ��biy (if
(.11; 101--- * ,.    .   .
\��.*   \V   ivu.l AUD,
'' ���       '      n.'h'jiii' A-lndui'trst-11
* . rt'xrLii"  V, C.
j ment, l;|<Ai*,W4U M '*\tLU>ll:t'l-.
| Dateil thiis Sih day of April lODi
jxiuiJJi-iiiiiJjriiiiii*n.r*T   ( ' ,   I   U    I        , ini >���������������**----------------���
I   ^1   I   ^ma-*+ mmmmm
���pn -0 am'-a^amaaauaaaajammmitii ���*w**����wwwtM^^i*��****iw����i^rji��_t^M��^^
Foil SALiv-A hlackteaiu of
hoi-M;s; a good   gi-m.-ia!   pm-posu j NOTICE i*   hereby given   that
tfnin,     Apply Smith Urns . Siinr] ' c , , . **|
,,      ,,.!,,,,   , i alter June    \b\\\ u.12. \\c Mil
wick.    \\ ill -sell cheap        || j
' 'not he    responsible    la* ��>���>'
PUULK) NOTICK is hereby
p-ivuiv that ihe Efquimali and
Nanaimo Unvlway Company did
on Urn ninctceii'h day of January,
1912, deposit in 'ho Laud Koi*,i**iry
Ollleo in ili(�� City r.f Victoria, in
th. Province of BriliHh (Joliimbia.
phm, projlle nnd hook of rctoreuco
sliowiim ilit' luciniiin of lis pto
pociid line nf ruilwayfroin Bli.ck
Crcok to Oiimplicll   llivor,   Van
com vor Jt-1-iinl, uliiB MH�� ,|1) l0
Mile 72:., a�� npproved hv ibc
Hoard of Railway CommiHhioiioo
for On nnd a,
DATKI)    thin   twenty-SHcend
day ol* .Linuary, 1012.
\V. F. SAi.Hiuntv,
,,  Sterol ary,
.S.iywiud Land l>i��.inet.
District ot Snywatd.
TAKE NOTICK that Murray
Ooilay, of Victoria, occupation,
hiokor, intoiHlH to npply fur pur-
mifi.ion to purchnfo tho (o'p>winj.
dctcrihid lnnd?:--r
Commbi-plng at. a post planted
at the* N. K. eornor of Lot !170,
thonco ' WftH 20 chains lli-*��noe
north 20 chuins to nhoro lino,
Uieiio. following ahnro line ci\Hier-
lv and "outhoilv I" p*��i��t ��' ('on*'
Snywurd Land Dip'riot
District of Snywai'd
TAKE NOTICE that Kyrlo O.
(Syinon. i f Vio'oria, occupation
gentlenmn, ialends to apply^foi**
permission to purchtiHo tho "follow-
iiiftdoscribiid lands:--
Op nniunciriR at a post plnnlod at
tho N. \V cornor of lot ft 10, thenco
aouth 20 chiiini", thenen wont 80
chains, lliento north hO chuinn to
elioro lino, thenco eimt following"
u ho ro lino 80 chnin. to point of
I'Jujm.s will tiivi-
im'IAmirl l,rl'**tife, r.ve��*'r.�� '('iiiinihi.',
lc**.so'i.s lj
|.-l��!fl comrnc-ert in oui n mi*,*.
' ���"" ;,,,V "m,,,,r  ,"'r '���'���"* ���      WIL.l.lX ^ {!RAMI!i:K({
��� i'
Mi't*. Siinina  will  fjivo  lefpoiji*
on the pint o at her  Iioiiro in -lor-
ufiiilom, fnrinorly  owned  hy Mr
.1 nines   IStewavt,     pn   mid   alter
March 4th���tint.I then in Ctunpai*
��� , ������ ���*�����������-������ ���  ���
POIl SALK���Tho South Ivast
cnriier of .Maryport Ayomio and
Second St., with hnihtipga. Price
��{)ii5.0li, Apply nt���"thirt ollleo oi*
Y. O. Ilox 04*1 Vancouver.
Wood'o Pb.M_)!fcteAinot
The  tirrnl   /t'lifVfs't   Jlemtily.
Toikm mul-'nvlitoro tlm thu wliiilo
liiirvmirt i*y*it.i)iit.   ni.tkcM   iisv
ill.-Kiln old V.luii, C(,t'M.Vii',
'��*> Ih'Uttilu, Mrntitl ttml llrniti Irwri;  l)>
pohnt-nr*i, kf.nml Wi'ukitf**. I'!i'tif��',i>ii'i. .S';/.
;��.ilartiiii'fi,ttiitl Elf'fit of ,\'m.uim' l.Frri-r
1'ikufl jut l>,\", t\;:ti,t?\   ��'"�� w��!lpif �����'���,���,!.'
will, 'iii*.   CM fiy nil flniia.HU* or iit;tlli<l li
,I,Uli!.'..,;. Ull r.'(,'.-li-'- I.f lll'f".',:.   .'.I ,t> i nn- hhi
ntii'M.int. Tho /.'tfotl Medicino Co.
.'tw**'.- Wiw'.anr, Tftfamfa*fi*){y
l   . ,,.i,.. -*������.,.,,II ' f ��'��'"' I'M
uionco.vicnt,   eoutnii.iiH.   00 acna pommonpement, coiuaini..^ 280 ac
mmourlo^. . tob moro or 1cm.
NutYip of ap|di<iv>Hinfull,
Dafo March 27th, 1012,
-I f
Namo of Applioiint in full
Pato March 2(Hh, 11)12.
amaaa* 0��r*F**m*SVm
Haywtud Land District I FORM W NOTICE
* DiBtrict of Sayward N w Westtninstei'Land District
TAKE NOTICE that I'ercy A,K ' pistript of New West-minsler BC
Weo-I. of Victoria, occu|)atuin iirtv
leer, itUonds to apply ioj \viu>'>*^���'���'���
to imrchiiBO the t'olluwiuK ec,-cnh<d
lamlp:*- ' .
.OommcncluR ul n p^t l>h-*-(c,<
ntlho S. W. Cori.er ol Lot IfiB,
thenco north 80 ch'.ii)H,tl't'uct- uim
20ehnin��lo ehore, thenco w.mhor-
ly following shore li uo ma v��"**.*'
mn'Hintf 80 obaintsH.mthorly, theme
viiHtcrly followinii ��l <"�� ,il10 . U)
point of ctMum'uiqi'ii'-'nti tontnu-
itip; 1\',0 lii'itiri mote o: l�� *"���
Name ol Applicant in full
Dftte March 2��r<l, lO.l'i
TAKE NOTICK thnt I, Demy
rieicy, of vSaiitlwiek, Li, C, uccu-.
pation Fainter, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the
following (Jo&cribed lands:���Com
,]]���,n!i,i�� .**���   >, iv *.-��� t.1 r>i<fr��rl -it t^w>
.  ����..    ,i,ft  i,.     "   ^     ;���'   t    ���-"    ~ "  ���
goutli-Kast cornci', I'.botit one.
tind n litt\f miles fiom Lloyd
Vuiut, in llouifiny channel,
thepce 20 cbainS north, theuce'
2Q c' n us \vcMt, thence 20 clinius
south, theuce 20 t'liaiu-' timt, tn
point of eoiiiiiicweu.t.nt, ..ontniu-
itttf 40 acres. Hint l',v ',<������<< '*
"    A '   '  Appljraut,
Date July. lytli; iqu-        s>euM I ���������"  ���������Jt *t"*\   ^'^r.^'^^."������^-^^  ft''  r"  hi  MADE IN CANADA  i.l>t,willl,    ,.*_i_.T.    it immt*J--,--J  <$m:^mm";,������mmmm*m,- i8OT������^-t^^  ..NOTICE.! -iier-fey given that at tho  uext meeting ot tbo Board of License Com  miss'oners of tlio City of Cumberland, we  intend to apply for a renewal c f the hot-  .el lic-nse held by us for the Ve-idome  Hotel, ytuatod oh lot T\ block 3. Cumbet-  l#nd Towt.ait_.  WILSON & BRAMBERG.  Makes Your EXPENSES Light  T.lakeo Your IJISCUIT.* Ugh*  Makes Your CAKES Light  Makes Your DUNS Lisht  Makes Your LABOR Light  ORDER FROM YOUJ?  CRQPE1J,  E. TV. GILLETT CO., LTB.  Toronto, Ont.  ,.._.    J .U������<  H  ll  _ I -   ..     . L '.  The Courtenay Hotel  Every ������on.vei������ien*,e lor gucBtB.  Tho Centia". Hotel for Sportsmen  _tx'on������ but the Best of Wines and Liquors  ,il the Liar.  RATES REASONABLE  Dated this 7th d*y rf Nov., 1911.  NOTICE i* herb/ given that at thi-  next melting of the lio-sid of License Commissioners of tha City of Ciimbcrliir.il, 1  ntend to npp y for a renewal of the h >t-  ������1 Jicejjse hel<l by ml for the Cmuboi-liiud  Hotel, situnttd on lot 1,-block ii, Cum'er-  1-itid ToAiisite.  ��������� WILLIAM MERRIFIELD.  Dated fcl.is 7th dny of Nov., 191L  NOTICE is hereby given that 30 days  titer date application will be made to  the Superintendent of Provincial Police,  Victoria, li. C, for a ttansler of the hotel license to sell liquors by iei.nl in the  h-(cl known ts lhe I'oit Aii-.iist*i Hotel,  situated at Comox, ll.C, fiom John  (.'buries Clarence to Amos Codington.  John Chaui.ks Clauenck,  Holder of Licence.  Amos Cot'unoton,  Applicant.  Dated M.tv ijjth, 1912.  .John Johnston,   Prop  HM^l,,H'Hh*fri',i**W'4^i,i,'t,4,'i','^,4,4-������  u  SO  i  (8  t  li  c  -HI-  T3  O  O  o  QJ  aC  CO  c/)  CD  ac  -0  c  Cm  c  ���������  <J���������(  Ui  ���������J)  a   l-H  6  6  o  V  ���������*->  C3  ���������*->  (A  W  W3  r  <  bo  c  '-5  S-  ���������3 ������  _i> n_  tf 2,  at  A  w  fi������ ^_  H 10  PUBLIC NOTICE '  NOTICK is hereby given that  Mi property owners are request-,  ed to connect their premises  with the new sewers, wherever  same are completed, on or. before  the'15th day of March, 1912,  and if said connections are not  made by the above date, the City  Council will proceed to complete  same at the expense of the property owners.  By order of  The City Council  A. McKINNON.  City Clerk,  Cumberland, B.C. Feb, '20, rgia  11 11 1 H| mm  '  ���������   ��������� "    '"**    "���������*<'  at*-.  ED_n3]  Xnil"lLT_b  An Ac! in the   News  pays.    Try it.  UOOMS for rent ut Murinolli's  Rooming llotise, Derweut Ave-   0 _  FOR SAi.E-Three milk  cows, first class milkers also two  heifers in calf, graded stock,  three horses, two drivers and a  general purpose mare, age three  and lour years. Apply to D.  Rov, Roy's Beach.  Union Steamship Co. of B. 0. Ltd.  -    THE 8. S. OOWICIIAN WILL SAIL  AS TJNDEU  POWKLL RIVER-COMOX-UNION-CAMPBELL RIVER route  Leave Vancouver Thtus. 2 p, mArrive Coniox Friday 6 a. m.  :, Depart 7 a. 111  Arrive Union Bay Friday 7 a.m. depart 9 a m.  (For Campbell Ri  ver, wayports for Vancouver.  NANAIMO DEN MAN ISLAND-UNION BAY-COMOX ROUTE  Leave Vancouver Saturday 8 p.m.  Arrive Nanaimo, 12 midnight  Arrive Union Bay, Sunday 6 a 111. Depart 5 p m.  Arrive Comox, Sunday 8 a 111. Depart 4 p.m.  Subject to change without notice.  FOR   SALE  CORNER    LOT   AND   ADJOINING   LOT  . House, Barn, and two full sized lots, thoroughly  .cleared, First-class garden, ten roomed house, barn 50x^0  and other outbuildings. Beautifully -situated, on oue of  the main thoroughfares ,of Cumberland. Price $3000;  terms $2000 cash; balance to arrange. A snap, and one  of the best buys in City. For particulars apply at Tho  Office of the News, Cumberland  13. C.  FOR SALE  HALF LOT size 30'x uo, situated on Dnnsmuir Aver,  ue ; iu good business location, close to the Bank of Commerce. Price ������1500; terms, ������1000 cash; balance to suit  purchaser. For particulars apply at The News office,  Cumberland. B. C.  1  ! I  ji  1    1  VICTORIA LAND .;qff*8TKK3S:  .Distrietiof ---Bay ward.    .  TARE notice thut-(_eoi*ge HeiU  r.y Ay est of -.Vancouver, B. *C������, oe  cttjntiion ,Fi. h Merchant, iutende  to -apply lor -porimsfciuU'i to purchase ,tlie ..(..lowing 'deacciUiti  lauds:���������Commencing at a poet  planted at tlio IS. AV. corner of  Lot 4. D. L28G tlie nee East' iiloNjg  the survey li.iO'iv) -...Hint., thenco  North ������0 chains, thence '\Ve_t. 40  chains, thence South along tht  hike shore 20 chain., and contain  ing 80 acres. "  GtfORG.K IlENHY WUsT..  AjipHcant  Dated Norpmbci'21ft, 1U11.  amamaammsmmWmtmSMfMM^  ,j^W9������������������  DRINK  Cement blocks etc.  -concrete chimney  blocks a specialty.  Samples to be seen  at McKean & Bis-  coe's store, Courtenay, B.C.  JES?** For estimates and particulars write J. Lawrence, Comox,  Ii. C.  The purest and best BEER, and  made in Cumberland.  COPVBIG  ������M>������eeG������--������8ac'������@@'9eca������e  We are showing nearly 400 different lines of Spring Suitings,  Comprising all the new color effects and latest weaves iu medium weight Cloths. Fancy Worsteds aud Cheviots, Donegal  Tweeds. Scotch Tweeds, Blue  and black Serges aud Cheviots.  Union   Bay  NOTICE is Ijorcby jjno. thxt 3<id,'yt  .tft.i date 1 ".lit. n<i to ..pj.ly to the Ho not  ���������thie MiniMcr 01 L.iihU for .'. In:������iisc to  prospect forced and prtrol<.ui-.i under the  foioshoic and under the u-ver on tht  lands iii and opposite the I'uilouing described lands situate in Rupert 'District.  -Conimt nciri',' a������. a post plained on the  sea 1'c.ich at hi������h waler mark at th. intersection of Sections 14 nnd 15, Townr  ship 2, Port McNeill Rupert Dis licg  tHence norlh 55 chains 111* re or less t������  high water mark on tV.c ���������������������������"<��������� J- j ide ol I'i nit  McNeill Harbor; thence easterly iilonj-  shote line to imcr.cctio.i of bc:-iion" _j  and 24. Township 3, thenct' .otiil.eily bi  rhtins mote or less to hich watct tn.ul;  or, south shore of Po1'. McNeill llajbor;  thence westerly aloay slune line io poin;  ol commencement. - Koi..**.vo A. Laird,  E. 1'iieM, ,T.;etii  Dated this ut day of Scpti'i.ibci*, 1911..  !KMa������H������BaaMM__a___^_������������aa_-__HM_H_H_i  NOTICE is hnr.by_.ivou tmil nt the  mxt iiiei-itiiiB of tho Hear,, of Licei-sn  Comnaisaiuuci8 ot tho City of Cumber  laud, I iniend ti *���������}������;/}' for ������,  renow-al i,f tlio hot, 1 iic*jnso hold by me  Cor r,he NtwEnRlnud Hotel. .Hunted on  tho .as', half of lot 3, in block .3, Cr.ntbr..  land Towt.silo.  JAiiES WALTERS.  D_lcd this 7th day of Nov., 1911.  RUPERT LAND DISTRICT  .'is'ri.t of Rupurt.  TAKEnot.ce that  F-udora Mac ]_���������-������..*\  ot Vanot uver, H. U.    cccu_,atioti j,Widow,  i teuda to appjy ir Fer.nis-i'nj to pur-,  chaic the t, ll.wi! g d t-oiibed Im d :. O-.nj  ramcinj*-at ft n p tt planted   ai;ou't   oix*  milo north  and 40 chnii a > att of the '*. E.,  cori.ei* of Sec i������m i, T<-wu*hip  8,   then.-*'  iu nli 80cil.aii>������, thonco ������������.���������; ������0 chiy _  thonco sout'i 80 ciiniu",   Lhecco, vv^t  Sti^  Company, Ltd.  ^illllllllllllltllllltllllllllll |l||||||lllll!llllllll!tllli:ilUIIIIIUI|lllllllillll!|������^^  S ���������         '.   -. '.."'  - -- ��������� *    ������������������ s  INOT1 OK id hereby given tha  tJO days after date application will  be made lo tho Snperii.teudent of  Provincial Police,..Victoria, for n  transfer of the hotel license to sell  liquors by. retail in the hotel  ..known as the Lorno Hotel, fiitti*  ntod at Coniox, B. C, from .Florence M. Glilro to Geo. M, Barlow.  Fi.ouj.Ncrc M. Oi.iki'k.  Holder ol License.  Okoucii-* iM. Baki.ow,  Applieant'.  J).toil M.aah SToli;   101.3,  '    KOU SALK--A hook all yonrg  ������������������ppor'tfi uhonld' road,     price $1.00  AddiTss lettei'i*, il rawer 'H,  Nnh-  fl'lllO, Jl, C,  NOTICK.  ace  V*  Are you insured?  Is your life Insured?  Is your home Insured?  Are Insured against sickness and  ident?  Liability, Burglary and Automobile Insurance,  FOll INFOUMATION WHITE ..THE  Vancouver Island   insurance  Co.,  820 Port Street ���������      - '.'..-       VICTORIA, B.C,  ^iiiitnitiiHiiiiitiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiintintiiiiH^  MOVING ?  Pianos and   ���������  Fu^NlTUllK  Freiglir, Wood and Coal Hauled  INDEPENDENT  TRANSFER  RICHARDSON & HAYWOOD  PHONIC 5 7  Windermere Ave.  i  ORDERS I'AJvI.N   FOR  NUT   COAI,  .������->���������������������������������>������������������<������������������������ ������m ��������������������������������������������������� ������������������i.i.'J  To whom it may concern;������������������  Thi* is to  notify the   public  that all freight elmrges ou bonded goods cleared   at Union Bay  for the Coniox Valley   must   be  '���������ii   <* , i      ,i    i ..... i  pilltt   UClUiC  (^���������JUMO  UIU   IK.  <U| U.iiu  eti. Jiy unlet  Canadian Collieries I)unHinuir|  11  Co,  HAV i'OR SAiyii���������i'iiiriy  tons of good baled hay, ptice  #14 per ton at Grantham. 1MI.  Janes, Sandwick, H. C,  VO\< ������SAKK���������(in������)line lnuncli  30 Icet iu leu;;1 h, 7 ft beam, RJh,  p . engine, will carry iq pnsseu-  gers, Two cabin*. Apply Tom-  V?v'.s Bicycle Shop, 3rd St,  ft  'fi  o  E  -A o -3  Wei '  p 11  mt   W    "M  ago  go g  fin  'fl m*  i  m  8  *m  8*  m,  e  B      m  iH  8  0M  m  im_r  ti  ri  if.Q  ������*:*** tt  b "m  a C  *" b.  i ������  nS  O    p   4)  ," * ta  > *���������  m    A  t%       ���������   ������  =2  */,������*.       O    Tm  <5    *\r*     wi 1������  H  j| A    is   J  I a   3  ���������r o     M  H  f  Ji  .S Oi ft  W ������ y,  Ul  0  1.  A  I-  s  a  f4  m7mmT  8UU80UIBK FOR TIIK'NKWS  ONIA'OXK J)OJ.IiAU'A YEAR.'  NOTICK  Any person or porsoni?, cutting  retniiviii^ or Inking liny, bloekp,  timlier or wood, of any dec'criptioiln  uilonging to tho Wellington Col-  dory Co'y*, or from or off tlie land  of the Hitid Compnny, or anyone  tipping rubbish of any description  anywhere upon (lie company's  hind will he pro-ieciitod to the full  extent of tho law,  H ,   It.   COt   l.OU.1)  lioiiemi Munngui',  Wellington Colllury Co,y.  NOTICE.  Ridiiip; on loeoniotivim nnd rail  may ou*. of Ihe Union C.<>11iory  Company by any pernor, -ir per-  kiiih���������except tnincicw i-. ntrictly  tiroJi������l,te>l. KniplnyffH ���������**������* ttib*  }i>c Itidtj-miHsal for allowing fa.i^-  Hy order  W, L. COUI,SON,  t  NOTICK.  S.'iywai'd Land District.  District of Sayward.  TAKE NOTICE that -I, Walter Gajjc  cf Como-*, H. C, occupation firirn'i*, intends loiipply for permission to pur*  eli.ise ilic following dcsci'tbcd laiuis.--  Conmien'cinj{ "sit .1 post plantPcl on tlie  south-west side of Small Island ia Clow,  land Harbour 011 V.tldez Island, ihcncu  follo\vinj{ blicre line to place of com*  ninnccment incltidiiiK' '"''tl* porirrtif* of  island contaiiiin*. 15 acres more or less,  WALTER f.Al'.E.  I), I'. J'ldcock, Agent.  Dated April I7tlii 1912*  "iScB NOTICE tbnt Joirph H. V������y ������1  S -fiiinf-li, It. U��������� 11 Ini nirinau^r, iiitcn<ln to  npply fur r liocium to pronpi ot fir 0 ml ami  i-ctroleun* ril tho f<illowui.' ilmerili'tl  Until*:���������OinnmoreliiR at tt p-at pliintml on  llio ROiilh-cait cnnrr <f (.rot'o'i III, H������*  port Dittiriit, M*!o������hii Ma'itl, tliuieo  u-wtHOolmln^.'Uionco ii'irUi 8) 0 iitim,  tlwucioit)'; HO.'in'im, tluiiicu nouth 80  olmitH to tlio pnii.t nf floiiimoiieonu'iiti  Dnled llth dttyolMitr.il, I1M2.  JOSICI'll II  K(IY, Umtor.  Mt.)'Jlm:,;u  mHm_^Hmj&mmmmmitt_^t0t_mgi_timim  Have y<w   heard   the   latest  sonj^l 'iiiey tmiiu l^uit kick in,  My Dojr Aroitii.'   Come and get  a copv al The New" Ofl'tee. Only  a few copies left.  TAKI. NOTICK that II. 1). Y-n\>y.  marrlod womnn, rf'Vi.toru, B.C., in  tends't.i ap_ ly for a lico... to prof-peo*. for  ooaland potroloum oa t'io folio *������iug Ann-  cribod lands:���������Commenuing at u post  plamed on tho south-wtst cornor of Heo-  Uoq 40, Rupert Difitnot, Malcolm IhUikI,  thence e������st 80 ehr.ii.s, thonoo north 80  chains, iho 00 wesf. 80 clifiiii*", thonco  south 80 chains to tho poiut of ..lnnuncc-  mout  Dated llth day of Marjh  1912.  II. B. MOSr.Y, Looitor.  JoHoiih H. Foy, Aftoiit.  npl'2t iiijSl  TAKK N0TICB that K. Sib'oy, Bti-nog  graphor of Vio'orit, II. C, ijteutlu to upply for a 1 O'Jii.o to pi-o.|jcct for caul sua  putrol urn on tho ollowim doacri'ierl  Ia tl.:���������Couimou-itig nt n {-osl phuilo 1 on  tho north- oiut cornor of Section -11, Rupert DUtriot, MiUoltn Iuluiul, thoiioi went  80 oha'uo, thenco 1101 th SOolmins, thou.--  oust 80 cluliB, thonci nouth 80 ol-nii-g to  the poiut of commoi ct'ment,  JJUiOd Utb day of Miroli, 1018  ���������K. SIl'LKY, Locator  *������ Jowph II. Fny, Agont  npl 2_'ni>'3l  oi! fiins 10 piaoe or co:i,-on>n<30inomriXiutMej7  nif. (i_0 acr.R, mi'i'o 1 r lr.s.  Sonbtd on \to t ETxIL'ti S.W. corner..  ExdukaMa)-: Lee.*',on,  D..n Cluik, Agoi t.  Dated Dooombor llth, 1910.  TAltli NOTKMi that J. Y, Muuliy, oi  Vlctoiin, IJ, 0 , .Suorotiry, inU-udi to n\t-  ply for i^ liuoimo to *,ToHp(ot for conl aul  potroloum on Iho folbwiiu dowiritfd  luntlf:���������U.iiniiionoiii1. at it pant plnnt-d on  the noitlMV.ut oor-nor nf Hoction 17. Hn*  ptit Uiutriot, Mnlo >lm I������lnid, thoimo  twutli 80 ohainH, thniioo oiut HO olu-1 h,  thenco uoilh SO olittiiiH, thruco wont 6"  oliaim tn tho point of aninmonuuiiicu*.  Dated lltli dny of Mmori 101'.',  J. I'*. MUSIIV, Lioator,  Jonpli IJ. Foy, A'.oi.t  apl*2l my 31  RUPEIST LAND DISTRICT  Didtric of R'lpert  TAKI.   JOriCl-;    that  Adolnide   Ftitet-  0 ark    I.i--wu,   of   Knoklitid    N.  Y.,  married womau. iutrnd1, to apply f< r por-.  iiiisi.ion lo purchu.B the followiiijtf di'frib-  ndlaiuh:���������Cnnincnc'Pi; at a poat pUnttd  it soutliwe&t Conor of Sioliou  19, Toi������n-  .h'p il, thourc uorth   SU chninn,,   thonoo  ontt SO ehuiuf,   thonco   muth   80  chain., .  tin net xxi'.t 80 o'uiius to placi* ofcommcu-  ment oont.-tiiiii.ij G10 ncro. moro or Iot.������.  Scribed on j-ost A.K,<'.}*������'*��������� S.W. cor  AnRi.AinB I<;stj:r '.'iiABK Drown.  Dan Clark, ngt-nt,  Dn'od Drcomljor 10*.h, lltlO.  UUPKRT LAND PIBTRICT^  Dii-lrict of Rupert  TAKE  nolico   that   Richmond  Chnrlea Bips of Vancouver, B, C,  Broker intends fo apply  for  pur  triiflaion to y.urchaso the following  described, land.:��������� Commencing ,nt  a poet planted nt i   post  l-.U't-un  goction 18k, Township 'J, and Sect'  ion 18, Township 20, th?nco weet 40.  chain?, thonco  eoutli   40 cliuii**^  thence wi-bv <0 chiuiir, thonco touth  80 eliaim*; tl.ence <ml 40  chniu������,  tiieuco norlh 10 cliaint', ihciu'ii ea6t  'lOclinin., thenco north HOchiiiitB to  p.nco of rciuiincncerr ent, conlaiuiug;  610 iicrts more or lent:  Scrlhttl on '|io*ti;H'CB'. N E cor.  KlC'llMONn ClIAKI.KH Jiiss.  Dun Clnrk, upjoot.  Dnlotl Dfcenihnr If) h, 1010, ���������  UUPKlir LAND DISritlCT  District of Unpiit.  TAKK NOTICK  Unit  I-Mwnrd  tyVt,  , t l)i������-;lj:ti������toi). KV. ������ivt-hiiiiii>,intei d. to,  npply fur *>m ulnulon lo jiitio' a������o tlio fol**>  lowiDBdoKirlitcil liindHi���������CiininnnoiiiDR nt"  I |l .1 llmtdl  'J   llliiOi     xvi lit    of     tli a  i:miD' c.ni t.tn������#-r nf H10 ion -f, Town������hi fs  W, tl'.'i..* \V4>t f>0 tuliaiux- tliteoo   ronth-  HI) t'.lini m,   ftioiicAOMt tiu   nluii'-*,  tOtUOO  11.I'.It t'l .mivH t<> 1 > I .ci' ('fuoiii'a.oicanicnt,  dniiti>inini{ (MUui roH, moro or 1<h 1,  Sji'ih <l on pout KD'm N-K, ciirnor.  LmvAim Dvkj*.  Iv...   fl.,.'-      X ..(I-I-  .., ,. ���������   V.m. .. ,  ��������� .mi. .. ...  TAKB NOTICK th it D I>. Mnlr, ui  V.tttorU, II. 0., Amount nt, iutcndH to apply for a Jinpimu to pionp'nt for omit ami  pi'trnl.iim on llio foil, wing1 dcfu-nl-id  land11���������O* mmoi'Cinft ut a pout planted oa  11 ,'      ,      I *.-������,(".    M<      tl,,  j, jt 3>i-.'lrS'-J. Mi.h'nlm  hUu\. tlftre or.--1   lMr* !������n<<������mlirr 10th. 1010  E��������� chain*-,Ohiico lioith f)0 chuirn,  Uieicr  xi**������t  80  chiilia,   thenco   uPktftO claim.  Iheiion iouth 80 ultal 8 to tho poiut of 0,411  u'.nooinout.  luteit ililiuayoi S1������r * * *, i.'t.'.  1). 1)  MU1U. Locator  JoHcph II, Foy, A������ont  Rpl'.M iiiyHI  O.HTARBELL   T  If YOU want Results place  yourj  Ad in The News.   A prompt, re-!  aponse is sure to come,. "Uuff said? 'i  '   W ���������*' m m m> *        ft ���������**���������**���������   *>--m       * ���������*** *        ������**   ������ ���������*���������* a  HIGH GRADE STOVES'  '   And nil X1TCHKN ���������'.UTENSILS  Sportsmer.s Goods  mul  Siaera! K.rd'.vsic f  I ,m ^flCW���������X^A4t*V-S  -*'    ^'^t.~JUt*~-Z t-SV^m'-fm1  *,jwa-1* ���������^-VA**K*a?S7;  i*,^aS?Kx5r������fr^,**3P^^5:  TT-TK VTF.ws.. rTTMTJF'RT^.TVTD. 1*. Ct  BADLY ULCERATED LEG  Zam-Buk   Cured   Her   When   So  She Had to Use Crutches.  Bad  For varlcoso sores, bad leg, or  chronic ulcers, Zam-Buk iu without  equal iih a healer. A proof of this la  just to hand from Montreal, Mrs. T.  IM wards ot 164 Amherst St., writes:  '���������Somo tlmo ago i\ bad novo broko out  on my left leg near the ankle. For  u week or two I did not heed It, but  it got so bad 1 could hardly walk. 1  sent for our doctor, and he told mo  1 would havo lo luy up with tho  wound. J did ho for three week.. At  the end oi' that time tho ulcer healed  a little, but I could only move nbout  by using crutches.  '  "The soro then broke out badly,  nud the doctor told me thai, tho only  thins ihnt would cure it would be an  operation, and that I should have lo  lav un for n year. This, I knew waa  Imosslblpo, as I had a family to attend to,  "My son had cured a bad cut, on  hi. linger by using Zuni-1.uk, and ho  advised mc to glvo this balm a trial.  I did so, and in less than a week's  time it gavo mo wonderful relief. It  stopped the palt*. which had been so  bad that many nights I did not get  a wink of sleep. In a very short time  tho wound was so much better that  I had no moro sleepless nights, and  was also ablo to move about aud do  my work. I persevered with Zam-  Buk, with tho result that the wound  Is now perfectly cured, and the limb  Is as Bound and strong as ever. To  any person suffering from ulcerated  sores I would say, 'try Zam-Buk.'"  ' Zam-Buk Is just as good for piles,  abscesses, boils, scalp sores, blood  poison, festering wounds, cuts, burns,  scalds, bruises, eczema, eruptions and  all other injuries and diseases. All  druggists and stores 50c box, or Zam-  Buk Co., Toronto, for price. Refuse  harmful substitutes and imitations.  Have you tried Zam-Buk Soap? 25c  tablet.  Demonstration by Comparison.  Beforo tho use of chloroform had  become so general aa It is in our day,  a quack advertised that he would  draw teeth -painlessly. A patient was  placed In tho chair, tho Instrument  applied to his tooth with a wrench,  followed by a groan from tho un-  pleasantly surprised sufferer. ,  "Stop!" said tho dentist. "Compose  yoiirsolf. I told you I would glvo you  no pain, but I only ' gave you that  twinge to show you Dr, Carter's operation." * -  Again tho instrument waa applied  to tho tooth, and another tug and  another roar.,  "Now, don't >_���������<** Impatient.  That Is  the den-  Logan's method," said  application, another tug,  Dr.  tist.  Another  another roar,  "Now, pray do be quiet. That Is  Dr. Tate's way. I see very well that  you do net llko it, and I am not surprised."  By this time the tooth hung by a  thread, and, whipping It out, tho op-  orator exultlngl/ exclaimed: "That's  my. modo of extracting teeth. You are  now able fo compare it with tho operations of Carter, Logan and Tate."  Why Bees Work ln the Dark.  Bees go out all day gathering honey  and work at night in the hive, building their combs as perfectly as if an  electric light, shone there all the time.  "Why do they prefer to work in Uie  dark?" is often asked.  Everyone knows that honey is a  liquid with no solid sugar in it. After  standing it gradually assumes a  crystalline appearance or granulates  and ultimately becomes a solid mass.  Honey has been experimentally inclosed in well-corked flasks, some of  which were kept in perfect darkness,  while tho others were exposed to the  light.  The result was that the portion ex-  _-P__sed__Jo_t_he_JighLso_o_n__crystal_l_ized,__  while that kept iu the dark remained  unchanged. Jienco we seo why the  bees are so careful to obscure the  glass windows which are placed in  their hives,'  The existence of the young depends on the liquidity of the saccharine food presented to them, and if  light woro allowed access to this it  would, in all ^obabillly, prove fatal  to the inmates of tho hive.  BANISH PIMPLES  AND ERUPTIONS  In  the  Spring  Most  People  Need s  Tonlo Medicine.  Ono of tho surest signs that the  blood is out of order is the pimples,  unsightly eruptions and eczema that  como frequently with the chauge from  winter lo spring. Theso prove that  the long indoor life of winter has had  its affect upon the blood, and that a  tonic medicine is needed to put It  right. Indeed there are few people  who do not need a tonic at this season. Bad blood does not merely Dhow  itself In disfiguring eruptions. To  this samo condition is due attacks of  rheumatism and lumbago, the sharp  stabbing pains of sciatica and neuralgia; poor appetite and a desire to  avoid exertion. You cannot cure  th������se troubles by the use of purgative medicines���������you need a tonic, and  a tonic only, aud among all._n$dTcines  there' is none can equal Dr. "Williams'  Pink Pills for their tonic, life-giving,  nerve-restoring powers. Every dose  of this medicine makes new, rich  blood, which drives out impurities,  stimulates every .orgaiv'and brings* a  feeling of new health and energy to  the weak, tired, ailing men, women  and children. If you aro out of sorts  give tho medicine a trial and seejhow  quickly it will restore tho appetite, revive drooping spirits, and fill your  veins with new, health-giving blood.  You can get theso pills from any  medicine dealer or by mail at 50  ���������cents���������a-box-or-six-boxes-for-$2:50;  from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,  Brockville, Ont.  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HIKK Ooinr f'.rd and MTOnV lloo.l.t.  li* Jolmiun.lUclurdiuu Go* 'Jmlud, llontrui  She���������No, I can never marry you, but  we can alwp-ys be friend,..  I la���������Well, that Ie oue of (he advantages of getting married.- -Life  T cured a horse of (he Mange with  MINARD'S LINIMENT.  CHRISTOPHER SAUNDERS.  Dnlhousie.  I cured a horse, badly lorn by a  pitch    fork,    with  MLNARD'S  LINIMENT. EDW. L1NLIEF.  St. Polor's, C. B.  ���������I cured a horoo of a bad swelling  by MINARD'S LINIMENT.  TIIOS. W. PAYNE.  Bathur.f, N, B.  Mora tha \ (50 per cent, of tho railroad cats built In tho United Statos  this year *wlJl bo of all stool construe-  Hon. ������������������*.  .il  fitato of Olito," City of Toiido      V    '  I . Luoos County. /   ���������*  I Frank J. Cheney make, oath that he la  Bonjor partner of tho firm of v. J, Chonoy  A Com doing buelnenfl In tho city of Toft  ,t.do, County an* State nforotnui. and that  ���������Mil firm will jay tho sum of ONI3 HUM  bnJSD DOLlAltfl for oaeh and ovd-V  can. pf Cattur that oonnot bo cured by  y^CHENBT Cularrh Cu?'*' *'������ANK  BTVfirn it Woro mo nnd aubsorlbod In  MIXED FARMING-THE  FARMING THAT PAYS  Tho writer, yeara ago, when conversing with Mr. S. A, Bedford, lata  superintendent ol tbe Brandon Ex*  perimental Farm, waa told by that  gentleman that he had known of many  farmers who' had failed as wheat  .growers, but he had never known of  ono farmer to fail who honestly practiced mixed farming." Mr, Bedford spoko* the truth. Nover  was thero a sterner lesson given than  tho western farmers have gotten, this  year. They staked thoir all on one  crop���������wheat and other grain���������and that  crop though largo was not a success.  Tho result, as wo all,know, has been  losses by bad harvest weather causing damp and wet grain, losses caused  by tho farmers flooding tho market  through making a mad rush to sell It.  Tho results we also see: notes over-  duo at tho banks, storekeepers' accounts unsettled, machinery unpaid  for, wholesale and manufacturing  Arms dunning for tho money due them  by tho western farmers.  To uso a trlto saying, "our farmers  put all their eggs ln ono basket, tho  baBket fell, the eggs were smashed,  and all that wero left sras the frag-  mests to pay for a year's work. How  different would It havo been had the  farmers had the revenue from their  dairy cattle and their hogs to fall  back upon He would then have beon  ablo to pay his way, and bo able to  bear tho loss on ono Item of his Income, so long as others wero profitable. There is no room for disputing tho fact., that what is known ns  "mixed farming" is good farming, safe  farming and profitable farming.  Look abroad and see how the farmers who. pay a yearly rent of from  $5 to $15 an acre make farming pay.  It is not by confining themselves lo  growing crops of grain. That is their  smallest source of revenue. The making of butter and cheese; the raising  and fattening of hogs, sheep and cattle for the butcher; iho breeding of  horses; the growing of roots and vegetables for market, all contribute to  the British farmers' bank account and  enable him to pay high rents to his  landlord. Here, -In this northwestern  Canada, the land is fertile. The farmers have-no rents to pay. But when  bad seasons come, as come they will,  the single crop on which the farmer's  wholly depend, Is a failure, and the  majority of them arc brought'to the  brink of ruin. Diversified farming  would remedy all this..  .  Now, we will give a' brief glance  at Ontario, and see .what mixed farming has done for that province. Fifty-  years ago, grain, growing had resulted in impoverishing the land to such  an extent that in large districts' it  would not, grow anything to yield a  profit.^__Thjj dai_ry_Jndustry__has_work_  ed"wonders in'imprdving these conditions. For instance, look at 'the  county of Oxford. The land is now  fertile and will grow anything. Good  large brick barns, comfortable and  large brick and stone homes have replaced the ramshackle, dilapidated log  buildings, and there Is an air of comfort and prosperity on every farm, At  Woodstock and Ingersoll, markets are  held every week at which aro to be  seen cheese buyers from all parts of  the province, and eyen from Britnln,  Tho quality of lhe cheeso is equal to  any in the world and commands tho  highest prices. In other parts of that  province tho result has been equally  satisfactory.  Tho factory system prevails, mostly  In Ontario, but there aro a great,  many private dairies which aro very  profitable, though the farms aro small',  few of them exceeding one hundred  acres. For example, the writer knows  of farms of that size whero twenty  to twonty-fivo milk cows are kept and  tho milk Is made Into cheeso and butter and sold Jn tho, local markets.  The dairies arc operated on (ho most  Improved principles, a member of the  family thoroughly learning tho business In one of the many nearby cheese  factories. All those farms giyo a  good profit to thoir owners. Thoir  handsome horses and (he woll-drossed  and good-looking sons ana "laughters  of tho house, as thoy go tn church  on Sundays lit their dmiblo-Hoaled  bii.\Kie_, bear unmlnlakablo testimony  lo Iho success of mixed farming,  '2l,T> P_8?flnce' th'S ������tU **?'?* ������^e������^w>  Rtfe-ftl.) ' A. VT, C-LBASON,    *  1 __ ���������*-   .. . Notary Public.  ��������� JMA Catarrh Cure It taken Internally.  and Mt_    directly   on   tho   blood drid  muoolio Btirfaoes of thu nyetom.  for testimonials ttta,  I P. J, CHENIQY. A CO,,  ,  Bold by all druvglatn, 75o,  1 Tako II ���������**   ~  tion.  T_l������do, 0,  Tail's Family Pill a for oonittpi-  "Whnt Is a counter-irritant?" asked  Mrs, Smlthera,  "A countor-lrrllanl," ropllod Smith-  crs, "Is a womnn who makos tho  shopman pull down everything from  tho shelves for two hours, an thon  buys a pennyworth of hairpins."  Hive the differ-  coil of a good  lir.|:>i- und fl ft\- ll.r  conl of a bottle of |  KfiitlairibpivlnCure.  Vou cut cure ��������� fl'iavl**, tr'.pUtit,  Ringbone, Ilony C.iowili or *,amene������i.  Willi l������, MUf llininnnili lnv/i dour,  )<<*i<l  thf������*  Uttfr������ ��������� tlicy  will prove  that  KcuiUiri i*  The One Sale, lettable Care.  Cwitl. Out, l)w. Kit.. III*.  Iliui I'M m������ your Tr������4tli< on tt>< lln* '������������������ !  b>r< I.,i������m tttlnjt *">nr ll|������������ln''ur.! fun iinintttr  of yuktt wllh I'ooil ru'roM, lining duilnif lint  Hint t-uri-il t li|i������ .In mi n vtliuUn inn. tml  tii.��������� nlut trnwit thil.i-, ������������riilii_������, (to,  ������l**.uUv������ljr, VumtUn li-mlrr  W. W. flniirii,eniti.|.t, All* ,������rlUi: J.il/ Ivlli.UII  "I luvt .Mil fur Hrmvln I'un tm l'*r*. md  Uiu .Midi,'..*..;; i���������;i,l f. (.| ���������������4 .n i,,/ UA if  flllU, ������������������,.) H|,l|.iU������r���������l ftt*tli>< mi l,���������iM.    f fll it  tuil ll curat wli-rir-r U is ttlMMt ���������ipilfil."  Ho iici-J tn ^.irry nln.ul your !i������*<f If  you li������T* a bolilf of Kfti-itlt'i Bjuvln  Cure on liiin't (or tmcr(rucy, (let n  tattle from your'Irui'i-lnt at onr., I'on't  Ukt! ��������� ������uli������tilutr. Tlif srnt Jior.k,  "Trf������tt������������ on flu* Hori*," fru*, of druic  f lllll, or Willi* In ua  Dr. II. J. k'm.ill C.��������� Kaoiboro Fall*. VI.  W. N. U. 898.  The Decay of Manner*  Wc nro IIvlntf In u tlmo In which It  vr.nnot bti.s.vlil <"',.r milliner.'nro nmlu*  Inlnlng thoniBi'lvoa. A groat mnny  people Bny thin Ih not to bo deplored  uh there In no tlmo for obnolelo for*  mulltloH and courtosloH which woro nil  right In a moro leisure wo, but which  do not ko with tho motor, tho tolo-  phono nnd llio typewriter,  I oiioHtlon whi'tlier 1 am llltoly to  Havo mutih tlmo by walking along  without any regard for tho feellngd  of othor pooplo, If everybody behaved  an ho lilted Iho street would hooii bo  blocked. However, Iho real reaaon  why our lnnnnerH art������ docnylng Ih  Hint pooplo don't want to bo bothered.  Whv Hlinnlrl tlinv rrt 1 **������f* tholr hntn nr  wrlto n lottejr after a visit, or give  up a bi-.tt to a lad j.' wuiio no. Why  not no a Hteji furl hor? Why not bite  your brond at dinner, or piit your  knlfo in your mouth'/ Oh, you say,  you draw tho linn thoro, It, hurls tho  iVnllngH of olhor peonli*.   lOxiirllv.  These old forins* nnfT rules arc usf"-  fill to reniliid us of our obligations  lo others; iliey help to keep nllvo, for  examplo, lhe respect for womniihood  which seenis to he wnnliig nmong ns.  To think of the feelings of the person with whom you ary that is (ho  l-hritilit-.O   Of   ll������.ll    ������������������olilfl'l.'SS.      Villi    Hi-  member tho atory of tho young ollicer  who illnod tor (he /lr.'if (line nt in.;;;!,  iiini inltlii). "uj) 1 ���������. linger bowl, dmulc  from  It,  .'hn tolonel lnim****ll.ili'l.v to.ik up  his linger bowl nnd did Ihe .nine, nyl  all the rest at the table followed bin  example. Xu whie man will exult,  iiv-v fli" docay of nil'1.' ami forum  whirl, l.t'lji iu make iicople kinder,  more thoughtful of others  Drives Asthma Llko Magic. Tho  Imincdlnto help from Dr. J. ]). Kel-  logg's Asthma Ilomcdy seemH llko  magic, Nevertheless It Is only a natural remedy used lu a natural way.  Tho smoke or vapor, reaching tho  most remoto passage ot tho nffootod  tubes, brushes aside the trouble and  opens a way for fresh ah* to onter.  It Is sold by dealers throughout tho  land,  Little brother Loo, while looking  out of the window, saw some birds  moving nbout In tho rain storm and  remarked: "Tho poor little birds,  they must slay out Jn tho rain," His  elder slstor explained the birds like  to be out In the rain, to bo bathod  and washed clean., He then answer,  ed: "Woll, Ihev nln't llko me. then "  5^c*--:  ?5?**  .W**-.  S3**\  c/*-  W>8*^  1  -mfi  MOONEY'S  ������  ISCUITS  I  1  "iii  ARE     THINNE  o    *  That makes thorn neater, crisper, daintier, more appetizing". . ���������        <  Tho one biscuit good enough to takQ the place of your own baking,'  Fresh as the biscuits from your own oven,  Think what that means! Freedom from a broiling kitchen-leisure on the porch  6r ia tho parlor.'   Timo to do tho littlo knick-knacks that have been neglected.  MOONEY'S PERFECTION  SODA BISCUITS  Are the creamiest, crispest crackers made.  They are baked in the big sanitary factory in Winnipeg-  right at your very door.  Uso MOONEY'S and. bo  sure  of a  biscuit  that  ia  absolutely fresh; a biscuit that will satisfy the family,  i.  In tempting packages or sealed tins  nsyou prefer.  1 "LET MOONEY DO IT"  ������������������.1  \1  II  An. Imperial Chicken ^Fancier.  It may.be Interesting to'owners of,  chicken farms to jknriyr -that -a genuine enthusiast Ui-- the pastime of  poultry-raising lived and flourished as  far back as the year 410 A. D. when  Alaric the Goth was busying himself  ubout~.he~sack~of~I.ome: The"Rev.'  Dr. George Hodges' "Saints and Heroes" Is the authority for the story.  Only the Roman emperor seemed  unmoved by this tremendous calamity. He was in a .safe retreat "at Ravenna when the news came. It is remembered of Honorlus that there  were only two matters in which he  was ever known to show interest, Ono  waB the safety of his own imperial-  person, the other was tho raising of  hens, ln which he was very successful. Hla favorite hen was named  Home.  "Your Majesty Rome has perished!"  thoy came crying.  "Why," ho said, "only an hour ngo  she was feeding out of my hand!"  And when they told him It was the  capital of tho world that had been  destroyed ho was much relieved.  A Costly Gamble,  Mr. Marshall Hall, tho well-known  K, C��������� tells the following story of -a  County Court action in which, ho took  part: "I remembor many years ngo  bolng taken down to a County Court.  I looked at tho brief and found that  tho wholo amount to bo sued for was  $30, while my own feo was more than  Ave tlmos that sum, and I could not  make tho matter out. It was an action for trespass ��������� seizing a horso In  execution, and tho sort of hor bo It  was can ho Imnghied���������and In tho ond  I won. Tho ens-) took the wholo day.  Thon when it was all" ovor T heard  that there was a bet of $2,500 depending on lhe result of tho caso,. Tho  parties wero all hotkey people, and  thoy knew thoy would got a fair run  for tholr money, They used mo for  the purpose ot a gamble  Novor starch linen that Ib to ho  stored for a long tlmo; It Is apt to  crack, and If loft for many years will  rot. lllnso Iho articles qulto free  from starch, dry, and fold away, If  possible, ln bluo papor. Tho bluo  paper lioeps thorn from turning yol-  low.  The Twin Cities*  The tourist wns for tho Jlr.t time  vlowlng tho Panama city of Colon  anil tho Amorlean city of Crlstobnl  f-ltUng sldo by side nt thu Atlanta ond  of tlio canal.  "\Vlmt la It (hey call lhe American  city'" he naked.  , "Cristobal"  "That Is too bad," ho said "It should  Lo Colon and Semicolon."  Ninety-nine.  ���������Have    you ever noticed what, frequent    use  is made of the number  ninety-nine?  If you buy a leasehold house, you  will probably find that the tenure of  tho___j)roperty_Jast3 fOr a period^ of  ninety-nine years Should "the" doctor  come to examine your lungs, he will  most likely tell you to say ninety-  nine, and to repeat it several times,  while he listens th'������*<_h a stethoscope to the passago of air through  your breathing apparatus. v  Sometimes the number is pronounced "ninety-and-nine," which  makes it appear more full-sounding  and emphatic. In this form, It Is very  prominent In a famous revival liymn  which was popular some years ago,  and which Is founded on tho parable  of the hundred sheep, one of which  wandered away and got lost, while  tho "nlnoty-and-nlno" remained safe  in the fold. This parable also shows  that in ancient tlmos tho number had  a recognized place in the every-day  language,  . A train which run's every day In  tho year botwoon Toulon and Paris is  knows as tho "rapldo des flours"���������tho  cut-flower express. This train car-  rlos nothing but cut flowers, In baskets and pastoboard boxes, for tho  Paris market. Tho violets of Hyeres,  the rosos und carnations of Antibos  and tho Roman hyacinths of Alhoules  and Carquleronnes aro on the flower  stands of Paris in 18 hours from tho  time thoy are growing on the shores  of tho Mediterranean A good many  are shipped also to the cities of Germany and Belgium and oven as far  us Vienna and St. Petersburg The  packages aro handled by a special  train crow thnt sorts them out like  mall matter. Tho speed at. which  this "cut*flowor express" runs is  greater than that of any other train  In Europo and it Is almost Invariably  on tlmo  Life on the Planets.  The possible exlstenco of life on  tho planets is discussed in the "Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada" by Professor R. G.  Aitken of the Lick Observatory, who  ���������_unMaTlM^"thFlatMf*'coBclu_Ion,s~of*"  astronomers upon this question. Professor Aitken considers that the existence of a high form of life on the  moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, lira-  nas or Neptune Is extremely improbable. Although Venus greatly resembles the earth, it is generally believed  by astronomers that tlio day and tho  year of the planet are of equal duration. In that caso no lifo jjn.n exist  upon it. Concerning Mars, rrofessor  Aitken says that "astronomers aro not  agreed as to whfthor the much-dls-  cusBed markings' aro canals or merely  earthquake cracks. There are, no  permanent bodies of water on tho  planet.. The best that can be said is  that although tho tomporature on  Mars Is very low,"ther/j may bo on th������  planet, to a limited extent, tho conditions essential to life; probably only  vegetable and low-order animal life,  but no beings of Intelligence."'  Lady Irono (agod four)���������Mamma,  why do i"eoplo havo noses?  Tho Duchess-Common people, my  dear, havo noses that they may sneozo  and smell, but high-born pooplo llko  us havo noses that thoy may express  tholr contempt for common pooplo."  Tho hootjaclc and tho cat they mot;  Sho dodged and yelled wltirgloo.  Young man, you'll need that bookjack  yot,  "Thou you'll remembor mo."  ' "An Unquenchable Flre.  A YonkerB, N. Y��������� physlclau had A  negro cook who was a chronic com-  plaluor. Ono day ehe camo ln groaning with a misery In hor sldo nnd the  doctor offered to proscribe for her.  Ho "vent lo tho dining room, poured  out a spoonful of game .auco, stirred  ln some English mustard and sprinkling a littlo salt and -popper in,  handod Uio tloso to Iho sufferer, telling her to tnko It down at one swallow.  It was two weeks or moro beforo  Mary turned up with a, new pain, Thin  time It wns in lior othor side. Her employer offered to mix her another dobo  of his medicino,  "No; suh," said Mary firmly. "I'm  rnuoh obliged to you, doctor; hut Vbo  done got my mind mado up nover ngln  to drink nothing what water won't  squonch.  Kidder���������That fellow makes a living  writing light Action,  Klddee���������Ho docBii't look llko a literary ohap.  Klddor���������-Ho's   not,   Ho makos out������  statements for tho electric light company.  tViiau n,y ilmthhU't Ihitla w.u (ineii  yearn old she was standing by the  window oun gloomy day listening to  llio (U<-tAitt thunder. After nski.'tt  mo several times whni. It was, I said:  "Why, (hat Is thunder." Whllo -die  was .'ondeniig wluu thunder might  bo, It began to ruin great big drops.  "0, mnmmn," said Doris, "seo the  poor thunder Is crying,"  "I think she will make a fine wife,  I httvo been calling on her for several  muiilliH now, ami m-urly always '"iih!  her darning ono of her father's socks,"  "That caught an:, tuo, until I .maul  out that It was the eaiao sock."-'  Kansas City Journal..  MIhh B(*t*>i*c-1u*i���������T wonder if l"n<-l<)  Jim remembered mo when ho made  his will7   I used to sing to liiui,  I.av.yci' Y__, :lh. evidently vtUu-.-if  bend yon���������nt k'ft.f, your name Isn't  uii'Utlotk'd In the document.  Lawyer (to wlliiesa)*��������� Now, then,  Mr. Murphy, giyo us your last reel-  uuiiuo.  Mtirphv -Tnllh, nor, T ("luivmv. \m\  It'll ho llio clmltery, (Vim thlnkln'.  A Hli moro���������Did your bulldog get a  prlzo at tho dog show?  Ashley���������Ypr, he got a thousand-  dolldi'-prjj'o poodle.  Protege of a Counten.  Liverpool.���������The Countess of War-  Warwick Is bearing tho expense of  tho musical education ot a Yorkshire  mill lad named Iluckle, whoso violin  playing nUractcd hor attention at a  Leeds concert.  . H(8T AND HEALTH TO MOTHER AND CHILD,  YMM.W|i������l"U"������w't ftooYiti-tfti avari** hli Uiia  ^JornvtrpiXTV YH A Its by MlUToN. of  te  ftiwrn-er sixty VHARflby MITXToN. of  irifRHH for their CHU.DREN miXlM  lUTHtNO, witli HUU'ttC V BtlCCCHB.    It  oVum is-t cuitr*, w-riftn*. the gums.  Ml  Ci tliat  AVU 111 PAIN: CURHU WIND COWC. .fit.  .. .Hteut vctilt-iy fy( Dl.VUKtlU-.A, U I* kit.  ���������olutcly bari-ilm. lie lure and *.k for "M>������  "Wlni-Wi Koothlnr Svrup," ami tak������ bo otUw  Wad.  V wtoty_v������ emu a Uottl*.  Soret Flea Before It���������There aro  many who havo been'afflicted with  sores and havo driven thorn awny  with Dr. Thomas' Ecloctrlc Oil, which  acts llko magic. All similarly troubled should lose so timo Is applying  but Ub p.n-.cr U ln no-way ex-y.'ts-Ml  this splondld remedy, as thoro la  nothing like it to bo had., it is cneap.  I'Ul I!*' ..-I'lcw in hi ub wuy ci'i'i'iJfiicu  by its low prlco.  amaa*mw****aamws*am*m**amwaami*maam  Quite Sufficient.  A hoy, twelve years old! with an  nic   nf   turilitU'linl"   vfi'ilrtrinMnn    tvntil  to his teacher and handed In the following noto from his mother beforo  toeing his seal:  "Dear Sirs Pleaso excuse .Tames  for hoi .being pr^eent yesterday. Ho  played truniif, but yM fioedn't "Whip  him for 11, na the hoy ho played tnf*  ant with and him fell out and he  licked James, and a man they threw  hIoju-k nt caught hint, nnd lu-ki-il hlrn,  ami tho driver of a cart thoy hung on  licked hlrn; nnd a owner of a eat they  chased licked him.. Then I licked him  I when he came home, and his father  1 lieked him. and I h������il lo nlvo lilm an*  | other for being .Impudent to mo for  teUiiiK hU UUu-r. Ho you iH.-ed iml  lick lilm*until next time. Ho thinks  ho will nltend regular In future."  About Sealing Wax.  Sealing wax In tho present form  was first noted In I.om)jn In the middle of tho Blxtoonth century. A sort  of earth was used hy tho ancient  MgyptlaiiB In'seallng paporH and documents. Tho JKgyptlanB placed such  earth on tho horns of cattle and upon  It was stamped tho seal of tho prleist.  Thus woro Identified tho cattle to ha  used In tho sacrifices.  i llv  W������> ii'M   ui.it.  The fllrlnfl la-ll was ncd Itm-nKfl  beforo iho sixteenth century, Two  Crooks ln that country (1538) gavo nti  exhibition hoforo Charles V��������� descoud-  lng Into v-yiter of considerable depth  In nn Inverted largo kettle. They  took OOjA'ii ���������Willi  lilt-in uiuirtii^ i)_,������iw..  Tho'nttn returned to tho earth level  ���������without belnu wet. Tho light wai  still burning..  1  CATJSIW  a^m mm m\m\w -\awaaar aammr m^aaw  Tread jof (ly-     \jS2&\  Step safely,- Ug=^1  CAT'S PAW RUBBER SOLES if  EwihmIij ton pak-nloil (baIiires  of Cal* Paw Heels.    ���������0 *t ? -������ "���������::-.-#���������*. HT. j!'_" L_."!j  THE NEWS.' CUMBERLAND.-"n. C  ft^N**VMMWM������<^^^*^^*^^^^#M������^^^������^������/%^^ft^*^^^ffl  TEMPER AND  GREEN TULLE  I  And a Ring That Was Thought  .0 Be Lost.   '  *  *-.       -   I i  By SARA M'CONNELL. "^  Ho "was busy getting the thought of  her out of his mlud, sore put to it to  he free nnd bis own man again. She  .was capricious, Inconstant, rain; sho  waft self willed and fnll of wiles; she  was-ob, sho wns Alexandra Lee. Ho  .-would not thluk of her.  A great deal that hnd happened that  tight was blurred to him. ' But the  bang of the carriage door as they  started home reverberated In his mlud  llko the crack ot doom. It bad slipped  from his hand and swung to with a  crash. Alexandra's laugh mocked him.  "With any ono else, George, I'd have  ���������aid tho door slammed."  Ho remembered how she looked as  he turned, something strange In her  eyes thnt matched, lu Impresslou, the  misty multitudinous ru IB lugs and bil-  lowlugs of hor gown���������that frivolous,  fluttering, eluslvo green tulle he hnd  .watched all evening as sho danced  with every other man ln the room���������  with Ilerbert nartley, a dawdllug,  gangling derelict, a signpost to every  path but that of rectitude-of all men  in tho world, Herbert nartleyl  From her carriage corner Alexandra  sighed. "I've had such a good time,  and now I suppose there's the piper  to pay."-  "If you mean there Is Hartley to  Bctllo for"- .  "Ilerbert? You've a tone that hints  at 'thirdly and fourthly, brethren,' and  poor Herbert! He's so much more of  a song than a sermon."  That'began It. He had never meant  to quarrel, only to deal with her In a  firm, prompt fashion, as a man should.  But he lectured ben  She* bent down as ho ended. "Are  . you there, AlexandraV.' she asked of  the floor. "Poor dear, there Is nothing  left to pick up. Oh, I'm tired, tired!  I'm stifled. I can't breathe. There,  take it back!'' And she tossed the  ring across to him. "Now one can  draw a free breath."  "Alexandra!" he begged.  But ho had cut, und she meant he  should pay.   And hers was a pretty  _ glft_of tablejurning. __   Ho held his anger down. No more  doors should slam by chance about  him, and it was only as they neared  the house that be interrupted:   -  "We haven't gained anything this  way. Discuss me again. The point is  Herbert Hartley."  "Then I. must put on my bonds  again?   Where is the ring?"  But ho hadn't the ring.     J   ���������  "You bad It last."  "I laid it in your lap."  But it was not ln her lap, on the  Seat nor in tho carriage. Alexandra  laughed. "Oh, thrifty George, are you  6iiro you've not taken it back for safe  keeping?". '.���������������������������".*��������� \': .        '--r':-^-.:-.-  Ho stood a long moment at her door.  "And Hartley?" bo said.  Insistence' wns match to her powder.  "How can I answer unless wo'ro engaged? And pcoplo can't bo engaged  without rings, can they, George? You  oecm to think with mlno on tbat li  fall to remember. Bring it back to me  and-good night."   ;  After a week of wrath mingled with  pain ho got himself under control and  wroto hor. But tho answer camo back  tho samo absurd, maddening, nlniost  insulting reiterntlon-tbo ring, always  tho ring, "A perversity first or a pro-  text, did sho uso it now ns a weapon?  Ho hadn't tho ring, sho know.  Lifo wns turmoil onco Alexandra entered, nnd ho remembered with what  ���������perverso astuteness sbo had said her-  coif: "I'm llko a mustard plaster on  your mind. You'd better lake mo off  beforo I rnlso a blister."  But sho wns ln "every wind that  blew, and without her nothing wsb  worth whllo that onco had boon.  So for a fortnight ho had gone about  his accustomed ways,. nud, though  many a ������������������flutter of familiar skirts Iind  set his heart a*jump, yet ho never had  mot Xloxa since tbat night, Then a  caso of somo Importance took him out  of town with such sharp demand upon  all his faculties tbat bo hnd known a  sort of respite.  But back in tbo town his work was  nil to do again. Ha went his wuy  down to bis'ofllce. Ho bowed to peo-  plo who drovo ptmt with n swift hope  thnt Alexa would not bo with thorn,  And then unexpectedly with a group  near tho nurds-tbero wns Alexal  Yes, It wns Alexandra and Kvelyn  nurd und with thorn Herbert Hartley.  Tho group stood until ho hnd nlmost  reached them, wheu Hartley turned,  and Evelyn went back to tho house,  Whllo Alexa stopped by uie uuru.  iwuiuuucutiia.-.*.  Uo know sho had seen lilm long before, hut-It won one of her Insincerities ho moat dlslll.ed-slio noted nut  ncuto surprise.  Ho put n stllfor guard  Ul'Ull   Uiu.iv"..".  A sllffer gunrd!   She called It hy  trwther name. She bated lilm when  e wan like that, How futllo ho made  Iter feel, how trivial, how vnlnl Well,  ���������t least sho would make hlrn feel once  moro and betray It Hho would wring  out of hlw a protest,  And then hor mind mlacnv. her.  "Wns ebe being left with the ultufltlon  on her hnndsf Would ho accept without protest'/ Would ho ncVcr .peaU?  Bho looked up and then down again  lo ber ungloved baud on which bU  eyes were fixed. A seal ring of Herbert's took tho place ot-tbe ono that  was losf. A Joke-a stupid joke-but  stupidity lent her a stammering tongue.  "George, George!" sho called after  him, but she entreated only nu inflexible back. With Herbert's name on ber  lips and Herbert's ring on her finger,  she was Indeed left committed to tho  situation the lest of her desiring.  * *       ���������       ���������    ' ���������       ���������      *  Alexandra flaunted Herbert Hartley  In Greenfield's face. Sho waved him  abroad like a banner. If the town  bummed with rumors -of her, site helped the rumor wax, but helped it to no  explanation.  But with her family there was ono  topic that, llko tho weapon used ln  committing a crime, seemed always  impossible to dispose of. Tho nllo  ���������green, tulle���������why didn't sho wear "it?  And titat was tho one thing sho couldn't  do.  It was their bouse dressmaker that  in a measure vanquished her at last.  "One, two, three." measured tho woman. "That's only onco hnd a quarter,  und I'll need ns much again. Those  ruffles on your nile green undcrpcttl-  coat-they'ro a match, Miss Alexandra,  nnd wo'ro in a hurry."  Alexandra went into her room, shutting the door behind. The tulle hung  upon the hooks with a kind of deQnnt  grace, as if it still held something ot  its owner's quality. She took the gown  down slowly and sprend it gently out  upon tho bed. How happy sho had  been when she had worn it���������the last  time she had been happy!  Sho had meant they should have a  memorable evening, sho and George  and tbe gown. And how had it so  fallen out? Coquetry? What did it  mean except that if it wero good to bo  with George it was a Joy still subtler  to danco away with somo one else  knowing his eyes held her, followed  her, and that for each the crowded  room held only the other? Provocation, alluring, half a mystery to herself, it was like a fold of tho silk that  shimmered over its sill*: lining.  She slipped down upon the floor by  the bedside uud began to rip the  flounces. What was it he said that bad  mado her so angry? Her vanity was  as endless as her caprice. Hoshouldn''  have said it, and yet���������It was truo  enough. Well, she had warned him.  He was well rid of her. He had como  out of tho matter with a better grace  than sho had, except about the ring.  No doubt it bud been found long ago.  It angered her afresh _lo think how  stubborn ho bad been not" to have told  her. The way to make her feel how  small she was was not to tell ber so���������  that never served���������but to take the big  wny nnd put her in tho wrong by being- generous.. __f._he_had_giyon_he_r_a_  chance, half a chance���������  The scissors- snipped, snipped. It  was thus she bad laid a sharp tool,on  her happiness. She was cutting the  stuff, but what did tt matter? She wag  always cutting and tearing something  dear to her.  And the ruffles must come off, they  said. She bent nearer. She might as  well tear and be done.  What was this hard thing on which  tho scissors struck and caught? Not,  surely uot��������� In bcr hand lay tbe ring.  ��������� '     ���������      *      .*      *       *      *  "Alexal" He had come at her urgent  summons, but hotly rebellious. And yet  Alexa; there beforo hlm-a curious figure huug about with green silk ruffles���������  Alexa, grieved, remorseful, pouring her  heart out. How was it possible to withstand her?  "And I suppose," ho snld, tho ring  half back in its place again���������*I suppose  I'll have to marry you to gavo you  from"���������.'  But sho would not iet'hlm speak tho  obnoxious namo.  "You'll have to'marry, roe to save mo  from Alexandra Leo."  Running the river rapids.  PERILOUS BOATING  A New Zealand Stream That  Yields a Series of Thrills.  PYTHONS AS PETS.  Order of the Garter.,���������>.'���������"  It Is certainly to l.dward III. that  England owes tho existence of tho Or*  dor of tho Garter with its motto, "Honl  solt qui rani y pouRo," commonly but  rather, freely translated as "Evil to  him who ovll thinks." A moro literal  reading would bo, "Shamed bo ho who  thinks ovll of it." Tho order wns'established on April 23,1340. This is iu*  dubltnble, but it is uncertain why tbo  garter was selected as its namo and  symbol and what Is tbo special significance of tho motto. Polydoro (Vergil,  whoso history appeared ln 1530, nearly  200 years after tho event, is tho curliest  authority for tho familiar story that  tho Countess of Salisbury, ono of tho  king's favorites, dropped her garter nt  a ball nnd tbnt Edward picked it up  nnd hnnded It bnck wltb tho remark  that Is uow proverbial. Unfortunately  for this story, It is known that "IIoul  solt qui mnl y penso" was a famlllur  proverb long beforo Kdwiird'a dny.-  St, Louis Republic.  Tho Journey Down the Wanganul Is  Highly Exciting In Spots, Where the  Swaying Steamer Plunges Through  the Lines of Boiling Breakers.  Steambontiug In New Zealand, to  Judge by Charles Edward Russell's account of it in tho Twentieth Century  Magazine, hns ln it more excitement  than relaxation. It is a more or less  nervo racking experience, not only for  tho anxious passengers, but for tho seasoned steamboat men as well.  , The swift water courses that come  down from tho lofty backbone of tho  Islands-nre full of rapids that can keep  tho most skillful pilot on tho nuxlous  seat until they havo been successfully  "run." This is the story of such an  achievement somewhere on the Wanganul river:  . The captain, a sunburned and active  young Scot, stands at tho great wheel  forward on the upper deck, wbenco bo  can see bow nnd stern. Two stout  Maori youths sit on the forecastle; two  hover above the rudder; all nre armed  with long, iron shod poles that are to  be objects of your anxious concern before the voyage is done.  ! The boat is slipping smoothly along  the uurjppled reach. You look up of a  sudden and catch your breath. The  rapid is directly in front of you, the  steamer is tearing into It, ond how cau  nny vessel get through Buch a place?  Hero goes tho narrow stream, roaring  and singing past tho rocks. You can  see the bottom everywhere. It looks  only an inch or two from the smrface.  ; The whole thing pitches visibly downward. Beyond' at n lower level shines  tho smooth, dark green surface of the  next rench. The green and the silver  nro beautiful, Tho singing .of the water Is music, but for theso you caro not,  for you see plainly that in another moment the boat, even now lurching suggestively, will be rolled over like a log,  nnd you will be grasping at some bowlder in the flood.  , "Mennwhile the captain spins tho  wheel back and forth like a squirrel's  cage, with his gaze fixed intently upon  tho water just ahead, as if he read,  through it and scanned the stones' beneath. Tho brown Maoris stand for-,  ward and aft, with their poles in their  hands.  j���������As^the_boat_pliinges-_-into_the���������_fir_st_  line of boiling breakers the bow sinks  under you, the swift current catches  the stern und slings it sldewise. A  tremendous clatter arises, the boat careens and shakes as if sho were falling apart, and you, standing on the upper deck and nervously holding tbo  hand rail, give yourself up for lost, for  tho keel is already traveling on tbo  rocks and gravel of tho bottom. .  '; "Now, then! Now, then!" yells tho  captain. Tbe Maoris put their strength  upon the poles. Just as the craft seems  sliding sldewise Into tho bowlders thnt  lino her path she slips out through the  passage,Into'tlio','placid green and sll-  Yer of tlie next reach; rind tho captain,  Bounding tho Jlnglo bell, settles down  to a cup of ten, holding the wheel with  one hand. You could not touch bottom  here with the statue of Liberty.  '; If I can read men better than rapids  the Scot himself is not always stiro  how he is coming but of these tangles.  Sometimes his quick, rasping orders to  tho Maoris havo tho ragged edgo of  nuxloty, nud his manner of tearing  with hands and foot at tho wheel indicates a considerable concern. Onoo  I board him mutter under his breath  the national slogan; "I lino ma dootsl  1 lino: ma dootsl" as wo shot into n  particularly nbomlnablo plcco of water.  ; Tho -channel, no moro than wldo  enough for tho littlo hull, turned sharply nt the bottom of tho slide, nnd I had  something rather worso than doubts  ob the.boat went sldewise down, scelug  whnt was ahead for hor. If in au Instant sho can gather full speed ahead  Bho can slip through; otherwise plainly sho will strike her .Ide against tho  reef and onpslzo.  i "Now, thon, Jumbo," shouts the cap*  tain us ho paws with ono hand for the  engine boll, "glvo It to ber!" The pro*  poller buzzes. Tho Maoris, with feet  braced, tug at tho poles. Tbey soem  to bo too late. Willi a bang the boat  hits tbo bank, careens far ovor and  amid tho startled.screams of tho pas*  Bcngors slides oil Into tbo doep water  nnd goes safely on her way,  j I conclude that that pilot must be a  master of Ills craft. Of a fcoro of  places ho is nblo to hit tbe bank at tho  ���������single spot that Is Rafe.  Caught the Crowd.  At nightfall tbo Junior partner's ex>  puliation of tbo duy changed to chagrin,  and bo clamored noisily for tho errand  boy's dismissal.  "Bolter think It over," Iho senior  partner till vised.  "Why wuslm Hm hi IWulihu." 11.  Junior partner retorted, "when ho'a  J got to go? Hero I am, lying nwnko  overy night for n: week planning an  tiffocllvo window decoration, which Is  i.,;���������.;.I Icii *. }.v:zb.ss "^'*1' *>?���������? n"^  dny by tho stupidity of that boy, who  leaves threo yards of blue woolen dti**jt  rng draped around silver tnuUrdu  nud trays of diamonds."  "Well," said tho elder Jeweler, "peo  plo Btopped and looked, didn't tlieyi"  "Yod, but what o.-tbixt d-.ut rag?"  growled tbo Junior,  "That'll why I advUe jo.i (������������������ U.p  the boy," advised tho -.color mildly.  "If It hadn't been for him ! nm afraid  nobody w<ftld butt looked nt all."-*  Kerr York Boo*  The Advanee ef 8cUnc������.  We used to thluk that the smartest  man ever born was the Connect lent  Ynnkeo fclio grafted whlto birch on red  maples audi grow barber poles.   Now  ���������plneo roo������ to nn erpprlmenter attached  to tho Horlln war otllco who has crossed carrier pigeons with parrots, so that  WHUelmstiusso can now "get verbal  messages through tbo enemy's lluea.-  'Llpplncolt's.  Willing to Hcl'p,  Mr. flncon-lt Is snld It would take  a man working eight hours a day oyer  ninety years to count and slack a  billion dollar* at tho rnto of a dollar a  fcetonil. Mm. na������m-Don't worry  about It, dear. If you ever get It I'll  pi'oiuUo tu licit" you count lt.-Yonl.*eni  fita teaman,  The Man Liked Them, but They Were  Not Appreciated by His Wife.  'An Englishman who spent much time  in Bengal tells in Blackwood's Magazine nbout a couple of pythons that  were kept ns pets. Ho says:  "Oue hears a good deal about tbe  snakes, but one Bees very little of them  at any time and in cold weather nothing at all. Indeed, the only snakes I  saw wero two great pythons which a  planter kept in ono ot his Indigo vats  for his private delectation. He loved to  watch them aud feed tbem and poke  them .with a slick and see their flat,  vicious heads drive at it with the  speed and force of a steam hammer.  "His wife'liked them less because  one of tbem had onco escaped from tho  vat and wandered into her bedrooli.  It was duyllme, und shq. was resting  from tho heat, nud, hearing it advance,  breathing heavily, 6he thought it was  hor somewhat usthmatlcnl fox terrier  and (old It to lie down. As It seemed  to be making for her bed instead, she  looked up lo Uud that It was oue of tbe  pythons looking for. a warm place ln  which to He. Her screams brought her  husband, who, unnoyed by this escapade of a "pet which bis wlfo had never properly appreciated, thoughtlessly  seized it by the neck, with the result  that in a twinkling It had knotted itself  around his arm and nearly pulped it  before his bearer could arrlvo and get  it by the tail.  "Two men, it seems, can deal with a  python fairly effectively by grasping  ench an end of it, thus preventing it  from weaving itself Into the colls thnt  crush. But no single mau is of much  use, for the reason that be cannot ln  the.nature of things grasp and keep  taut au eighteen foot length of writhing muscle. The planter told me tbnt,  as it was, his arm had turned black and  blue all over, as If it bad been squeezed  in a heavy door, and It was weeks before be could use it, But he still loved  his python."  A BISMARCK STORY.  I  REFORMED   BY  A   SONG.  Nordica Saved Her Jewels-arid Made ������  Thief an Honest Man.  Mme. Lillian Nordica, tbe singer,  once upon returning from a concert  tour decided to go straight to ber villa  ih France! accompanied only by ber  maid. Sho knew there were no serv-^  ants there ac the time, but felt no'  nlarm. Tbey arrived in the early evening and enjoyed being home again.  At nearly midnight they sat softly  talking together, with only the mellow  moonlight flooding the rooms, when  they beard a window off the south  balcony being raised, and an instant  "iaier"steps~wei"ebeaid-in thehall.-   Almost paralyzed with fear-no one  to help, no weapon at hand���������there  flashed over the prima donna a realization of her power of song. "It has  moved thousands," she thought, and  with trembling notes she begau to sing  what had been uppermost in ber  thoughts before the entrance of the Intruder, "Dome, Sweet Home." The exquisite voice grew steadier, aud it rang  out in lis sweetest, purest strains.  Then followed "Old Folks at Home,"  but her audience had gone. Tbe maid  saw a dark figure creep through the  window,and steal ucross the luwn und  out of the gate.  Some" weeks later Nordica received  the following letter:  Dear Madame-On the night of the -���������  I entered your home to relieve you of all  your diamonds, Jewels and money, but an  angel sane rang out In the sweet words of  mother's songs, and my hand and heart  were arrested, and I vowed never, never  malt, to do aught that would sorrow that  sainted one.  "I am now emta-jed in honest work,  <3od  bleBS yot. I  -v ���������Ladles' nome Journal.  "* ��������� Each Otherness.  Nothing Is of real vttlue In the world  except pooplo. Never hurt a person by  a wrong thought or by word or by uct.  Never hurt each olher. Then go on n  bit. discovering expedition and Ilnd  each other. Never say, "That person  has nothing in lilm," for that only  means that you haven't fouudit yet.  Then, lust of nil, ucver think you nro  tho only persou. You aro Just a part  of "each other," You aro not somebody nnd tho rest of us everybody else.  We uro each other. Llfo is each otherness, not evcrybody-olscness.-St. Nicholas. ,���������, * - ���������  ,m  ��������� ,|   ������������������  Graves In Pswn.  In times of ilimuclnl dltllcultles tho  Loochooans, residents of tho southwestern islands of Japan, sometimes  pawn the graves of their relatives.  They are alwayo redeemed, however,  fulluro to do so meaning family disgrace, The turtle bnck shaped tombs,  usually located ou a hillside facing tho  water, nro elaborate nffttlrs of stono  nnd cement, and their cost and upkeep  often bunkrui't the family.     _,  Hopeless.  "Why don't yon make up your mind  to cease pei'iuitttuB your wife to hen*  pock you'."  "1 linve made It up half ������ dozen  .     li     1 . ,    ,-M-  j Learning; make* n man fit company  lor himself.-Young. '  j������eed rit nil, flhc* rf>ft^f*fl;i<o eiwortf*  that I have a mlnd/'-Cljlcngo Trlb*  uno.   ,   English ������������������ She li 8peke.  French (Ih.nfi'enr <to deaf farmer on  a Maine roadi-Cnn you tell roc, pare,  rere 1 get some of tt gasoline? Farmer (with his hand to his ear)-Iley?  French Cbuuffcur-Non, non, non I Not  to bay-_c cazzollne. Zlss ecz a motorcar, not a borsc-Harper"-.  It Showi tho Gentler Side of the Man  of Blood and Iron.  The French surgeon Czernleke In his  reminiscences of tj.e Franco-Prusslau  war tells a story tbat seems to place  Bismarck in a new and moro gentle  light.   He says:    '"  "Seated on somo straw aadjiropped  up uga|nst a pillar of the cirur.li ot  Uezo'n'villo was one Of our poor soldiers, a quite young man named llos-  signoL A shell, Blriklng him like tlie  lash of a whip, had carried awny both  his eyes and the bridge of his nose,  leaving the front of the skull bare.  This fearful wound wns covered wllh  a dressing. Ho lay there calm, silent  and motionless, lu quiet resignation.  "Bismarck stopped in front ot lilm  nnd asked mo what was his ease. lie  seemed really touched. 'There Is war  for you. messieurs, tho senators and  deputies!' Then, turning to one of  his suit, be snld, 'Flense bring mo  somo wlno and a gln.s.' Ho 111 led the  glass to the brim, took n sip, aud then,  gently topping tho shoulder of the poor  martyr, ho snld, 'My friend, will yon  not drink something?' liour-ing himself from tho deathlike stupor thut was  creeping over him, tbe man assented.  "We then saw. Bismarck stoop and  very softly and slowly give lhe wounded soldier the wine. Hlslng again, he  drank what was left In tbe glns9 and  said, 'What is your name, my boy, nnd  where do you come from?' 'Rosslgnol,  from Brittany.' The count then took  bis hand and said, '1 urn Mlsmarck,  my comrade, and I nm very proud to  have drunk out of tbe same glass ns a  brave man like you,' and. stretching  his hand over the horribly mutilated  head, he seemed to give him a, mute  benediction."  ANIMAL SWIMMERS.  Beit of All, Though Not the Swiftest. U  the Polar Bear.  The rhinoceros und hippopotamus nre  wonderful swimmers and divers, while  the Indian elephant crosses great, rivers with heavy loads. The elk and the  reindeer are first class swimmers. The  elk keeps his bead above water nnd  crosses directly from bank to buuk to  avoid turning. The reindeer, on the  other hand, turns as often ns be likes,  keeping his head only a little above  the surface.  But of all swimmers of all climes the  best, though not the swiftest, is the  polar bear, who pusses half his time In  the water swimming nnd diving. His  swimming power Is nothing short of  miraculous If it be remembered that  the water in the regions he frequents  is Invariably cold and thnt cold is nor*  ma!ly-prohibltlvQ___to_,goo(____wlmmlng.  Thero are bears that can swim from  forty to fifty kilometers without-great  effort .  One of the swiftest swimming animals Is the squirrel. A sportsman on  one occasion, having at hand a squirrel  born In captivity which had never Eeen  water, wonted to see if It could swim  and took It with him in a rowboat to  the center of u lake. The squirrel turned toward the bunk, head und paws  above the water, back und tail underneath it, and began to swim so1 rapidly  that the man recovered it when it neared the shadow water near tho land. It  is said that even mnny nonnquatlc  birds will swim like ducks if on attempt b<������ mad(? to drown them.���������Harper's.  Colors and Light. u ~ y  White has the greatest property ot  reflecting light of any color nnd black  the least. While white receives tho  color it immediately sends it away  again in" the form of reflected light.  Black absorbs light. Lay a white and  a black piece of cloth on tho snow und  that under tho while doLh will remain  ns it Is, while under tho black ono It  will melt. This suggests a reason ns  to why white garments are coolest for  summer wear. Tbey do not absorb  the bout aud light from tho sun, but ro-  fleet It off. In winter the dnrk absorbs tlio light nnd accomplishes moro  whnt one wants, so dark clothing Is  tho common thing for winter use. If  yon wnnt.a cool house In summer paint  It whlte.--Now York World.  A DEED OF DARING  One of Mad Anthony Wayne's  Remarkable Achievements.  STORMING OF STONY. POINT.  Terrible Temptation. *' '  "Of courso," snld tho man who wild  looklngout of the window nt the heavy  rain, "I don't believe George Washington was cupnble of telling a lie. Hut I  don't consider that cherry tree Incident  much of a test"  "Could you dovUe a better one?'  "Yes. I'd like to know what Washington would have said If ho bad stood  at the d-jor of a restnuranton it stormy  night aud the waiter had hurried up to  bim with n One new silk umbrella with  nn Ivory bundle nnd no namo on It uiitl  ���������aid, 'Isn't this yours, ulrV "--Washington Ktar.   Heme Melodrama.  "Tho cards aro marked I" said tlio  man.  The woman cowered.  "The cards aro innrLi-dl" be repeat*  fld  There was no tragedy bowever.  Beems tho bnby had got hold ot a  lead pencil nnd marked up tbe euchre  dedt.-Waablngtoii Ih-rald.  Peculiar.  "Ona 0" do fl"'*"'' <-\irff*"t.%\- thlri|t*,l  about n fool," .wld Undo YMn, "Is do  way he'll holler and git mad If you  don't let lilm show off bit mUfortu_e."  -.WMblogton 8tmr,  Curleue.  "lucre's one curious turns iitioui discovering places," said Johnny. "TraU  Bermuda, for Jnstnuce. It wn< discovered by a mnn named "Rcrmiidci  How he happened to stumble on a  plnce wltb a unmo just like hla benU  m..''  This Brilliant Feat ml Arme, In Whlcfi  Success Was Won at the Point of the  Bayonet, W**s One of tho Most Desperate Incident!- of Any War. '.  One of (he most marvelous achievements t-reilllcd lo Amcrlrnii bravery  and strategy was ihat of the capture  of Stony Point hy Mud Anthony  Wayne, who was one of the most pie-  lure-.que figures of tbo American revolution. When lie wns superseded in  coiiiniaiid ot" the Pennsylvania lino,  even after his brilliant biktcss at Mon-  moulh on .luno "S, )77S, a less ambitious and pnlrlollc mnn would havo resigned hi-". oo*unil-"sion.  Il .ectned Uiu Irony of fate lh.it tho  "setbuck In his career should follow so  closely the utflrlul encomiums for lib  woik nt Moiimontb. but thai very setback gavo him Stony l'olnt-the greatest opportunity ot bis life���������und ho  made good,  Thero wero two Important factors,  discipline nnd vnlor, thnt onteretl Inlo  this remarkable achievement, the rupture of u fortress on tbe Hudson hold  by tho British and consldcrrd almost  Impregnable. . Stony Uolnl*. was un W-  hind and the fortress wns built on a  rock which was precipitous nnd rough.  It was guarded by three redoubts uud  protect ed by n double aba Us of logs  thnt extended across tho,. peninsula.  Tho post wns garrisoned by (!07 men,  whe felt so secure in their position that  they wore wont to refer to the post a,i  tho "Little Gibraltar."  On July 14 (ietieral Wnyno assembled ull bis troops nt Sandy Beach,  nnd at (but moment none of his sol*  dlers knew the plans of their commander. The -following day the  march began over n. wilderness trail  and In perfect silence. Not a man  was allowed to leave tho column under penalty of death. By S o'clock  that night they were within one aud  one-half miles of the British fortress.  Then the men wero told of tbe desperate work ahead ot them nnd the battle ordin* rend,  No uiiin was allowed to load his  musket, and the battle was (o bo won j  or lost with tho bayonet alone. One  portion of the order provided Unit any  man found retreating a single foot  wns .to bo put to doalh at once.  ���������Gloso-to-mldnl������ht--th������"-order-to-ad���������'-   vnnce was given. Tho fort was lo be  nttneked from all sides. Once in motion General Wayne lost no time.' The  British opened Uro with guns, both  Brent and small, Seventeen of the  twenty meu In one nd vnnce gunrd  wero shot down, but. the companies In  the rear eagerly pressed on, General  Wayne himself, struck In the head  with a musket ball, fell stunucd'. Ho  recovered In n moment and, rising on  ono knee, shouted: "March on! March  on!" Then, turning to his aids he  begged them to take him Into the fort  so thnt If his wound was mortal ho  would die tit the head of his column.  General Wayne's wound drove his-  followers to a frenzy. They dashed  up tho hill and battered down nil opposition. Colonel" Kleury, n French  olDcer In the American service, at the  bend ot his determined bund forced  his way up tho redoubt and ris tho  soldiers poured Into tho fort grasped  tho British llug nnd lowered It. Tho  victory wits complete; Tho BrltlHh  lost B3 killed and MS taken prisoners,  of whom 70 wero wounded. Tho  'Americans lost 15 killed und hnd S.'t  wounded. Jt was ono of the most  daring nnd desperate Incidents of any  war.  From every point of view the storming  of Stony Point wns n remarkable feat  of arms, hut buck of the success of  thnt night wns n story of preparedness,  the causo which him nlwn.vs been over,  shtidowed by the brilliancy of tho result, (lOtioni! Wuyno hnd trained his  men, sllniulnled their pride, enforced  rigid discipline, hnd tbem nt tho point  of nttnek ut the right momoiit uud  then with inspiring vnlor led thorn.  Tho victory nt Klony Point naturally  aroused a tremendous cnthuslnsm, nnd  It camo nt tlio right time. Tho country was depressed If not qulto discouraged, nnd Stony Point wns llko a tonic.  It gnvo the pooplo moro strength, moro  courage nnd nt n tlmo when they Rud-  ly needed It. Not only did General  Wuyno receive olllclnl recognition, but  bo was In receipt of hundreds of ron-  Ki-ntulntory loiters expressing popular ���������  nud professional opinion. - Chicago  Nowi,   ,."   .    A Cheerful Quoo������*tlon.  Not long ago a stock of crockery wni  bid nt unci Ion, mid Mrs, Wll-mii nt-  tended the snle. Wlifii Hhe returned  bcr face was rudlnnt wllh joy.  "You must |oin tbo cremation tsocb  ,.������������������������������������������ ������-i*rf������ tlio (lr������t ttvnrri* inlift Mild lo  her Inislmml.  Alt*. W���������Wlint for?     *  Aim. W.-I'vo bought such a lovely  vnse to bold yonr ashes! You hove no  tdeii how It will set off tho iniiiilcl*  lilece.-I.ondon Answers.  Nor a Brats Band,.  rtonth-WhrU  \% tin* difference b#-  i tween charity nml philanthropy? Hub*  j -Charity doesn't lire s pren uscnt.-  I Cincinnati l-'nijulfer.  He* li Right to Be Resentful.  *I don't mind having my trotiscrt,  my cent, my necktlo or even my collit  id'tushcd wltb mud by an automobile,"  ������nrs n Houth Hroud street inuu. "Hut  when one motorcar ���������patters riiy spec,  tiu'ie. i-o thnt I can't sen to dodge tbe  tiivt ono 1 think I bare a right to feel  tc.tntfut."���������NewRtV: News.  i   Saving coat* too Ut* wktt yott g������t  . t������ U������������ boJtow.-B������nioi* ���������&������*&>/fljgffls,,^^M^J^M:������' '&tt,m'm> ffl>w&ffi&      m_ , w,_,__.,���������.,_,   SPECIAL SAi  Pin  ^-t������^Q"*_i.-.r.'__.'_!-.'r,r-**a.^*/jFj1 ^-335*avicacK_Ev #KT,-3_-v.:-j:-rrj____i������r^_i*'-\f-'*"^     I  ,<rvJ3 ������.'.*lir:;_*J-^=__:--_^.^j,_.*._.   ������_jpES>&-i������^;������_a___. ^^���������*va**sr2S_K=������'-_uE ' (Tir.**"*"'  ���������_f.y " "'   "' ' ^   j  <*���������. Si  55!  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Try thorn.  ]hejCpbcrland Departmental Stores,;haye  i    a F ull Range of .these Brands inllocli-*:  &���������*__*���������>���������.������  ii-horMnn: if  L uole.im> iu iV-o  nnil 02 1-2 ciita -wr sijitiiiu y.i, tp on 1  -J. for pny-day wink 4o_ fiiil .Vi. per _ <j. j d  A I'll 1,1 lineal" Furniture, Beds,  A,M0K1NN0H  _ 1 ������������������������  *;j)  l*v  ������������������Vfl  !-*������  ,1  * tj������.jwcJtuyx-Mn-tA-T-*"-***- ���������*>  ���������jt.iw.ii.il .������������������tii_ii'irw_M*W-r***-r.-m-wrnT������^  NOTICK IS II 1-flii.BY GIVE.!'.%t  The -Wellington Ooliio y Railway Com;  1'rtny 'deposited on"' F.bui try   iho 1*0*'li,  & ._. _���������  ���������  '>������- ��������� *-���������  ipto.vcs, -uni Ranges 'always on S  *M* I'or Pay Week. S y    |  ������1  -88  !|ig     McPhee Ulook.       Duiisiiiuir Ayenu������,      ^-uinl^rkiid,   fi|  5kx___a*������ic������*������n������  ^tsiaKtaasKavamam am.  NOTICK  .C.uiiiberland    6c    Union    \Vater-s  ���������ujrks Co .   Ltd.  ������������������--.' ,    -        ,*  ..->,.  .-ISii.riiiUHiig   .will   -tye    .al:lo\ved  r;3)!y I wo Dalits/ a    \y������ek.    .yi,^y li.012. i.'the'Lpd llegistrt'^ODice, Victo. j  /i'UHHl'AY and FlMDAA'. t>0lll   ria.B. G:."a  duly  certitted coiy.fit the    L_-  = 7 too o'clock in the evening.- '    P.1������P. IW������lo n������a took, of reference as ,tp: '*"���������  /���������    ���������   J\   '��������������������������� "���������#������������������ '       *���������"   ;    ��������� ��������� ,   ,   proved and sanoljiopod   by ,tlie M^uislor. of  tk;u;y laps must  be  amended ttailways af the iProyiuoe, February Gth,  '���������(.) a! ���������onciv- ������������������ o--11)1?, o,f a Section',of.-n proposod'lino-* of  Any'chn.ug-es or   additions ��������� ,to  -.-A'.i.s'ing* piping must be sanction  cd !.)v .Uicc-otupany.  ���������'"\*   ' iV'byde'r.; ;. '.'���������*'  <������������������   It. W. Nukns, 3<';cre,l.ary*  Cuiiibei-land,"*B.  C... June*  2.9th  1.    .:        ' ��������� . -,. .,.:..-        _ ")     .  1 S)I2'.     "  i������-Vft*i-_iilflA-3W'_������nvirii.''"t.T.i������cji.Tc*<^^  ���������: ;���������*      ;".*.'��������� LAND' ACT"'":���������"  Sayward Land I^_i_>i.  ��������� & ,   ���������   :       ni.MruU of Go.tst.       ���������      ,.  TAKK N';0'I ICE'that W'illi.-tm Jiarry  Ji-uley of Vancouver, li. C.  occupation  iiVnl.-ci,-, nilcntl-".   I(i apply for pciini..ion  (o !-.;a-c tlic^follow in1; described .land.:,���������-  1 ������������������  .       - -      -  \,      '  C'i;:v:';:';.ic';ili_ at U pi.-'t pi,.:ned at -lllyh  .i.-it'i'i- r.iaik about 40 chains east of May-  lit f i'uini. Mead .Island.'..thence-east 20  - . hamy, thence soiiili .40 chain������, thence  u*e-.i 20 chains, ihencc north 40 , chains  :o'*p lint of comiiiciKCiiicnt containint. So  1 *w_���������nw������tf*i������>w_jT.- *.'������".-fjw.������������cv.-K 5M������������a*4.������V  'ifm^i e!������'������("i^-.*^.\������'''^*'tf^ ,i^^j*s^^^^rV*������ii<������^^,-^Sif^<\  {km ��������� ���������������������������" * . " :. -   -y.&  t'   MADArru|: PDnc;'' "^  ,GR.OCFRS\&' BAH  AND PROPRIETORS .OF j>vv  .OUMBERLAND  BOTT:LiNG WORKS  Agents far Pilsener Hrewing ("oii.M)ati\y BEKR  '���������''?  ,"' '.AVlioleSale Deiilers  in, all Kinds o.f. ';������������������'������������������  Wines and Liquors. "���������-.  G  rmtf irrw. VTmm\ V*"'* f.myru ***?'  3 S'i\;Lil,'^.J  railway froin The .Wellinstpn Cciliiery  .Oom-'iiny.'. rnilwny near Trent lliyor in  Section .6, a, 'Township. 2;.- Nelson DM-  vict, -B. C, from these thro^sh u.nil over  Seoiions 6, a, and4, and"Lot 8(3, Nolso.u.  District; Lo.ta 8'2, 153, 1 oh, 281 i'' Wt 179,  138, 130, 90, \H, '227,. '__������2Si'' and alsg  Section 3, Township 9, Comoxy^isfcri^t  .to ^(-oUou 3, Township 6, Comox District, B..O., "\Vvi\iDgton .ColUery -Riihvay  ,Company by ' '  'y/. L. 'COULSON, "**���������  :   President.'  F'.' CpMPTO'N/ ."'<'���������'.*-,..'.  .   ' ", ./   *..' Secretary,'  ^y'*riV^*n**v**^^ ^^*^^,^^^t^^y^^������^^ir>p  T...^ ���������.-_��������� .>.,_.������.^, ,.-..._������-i.^nmT. M������T������^^Jwr_B������a^TOiiT^a_gu^mjra.-������J^*^<l?wo.������������..-c;*������y.m-iwref������;.  tctit.-. .~ 1 u . 1 _���������. 'i���������rvr. . ���������  '" \VlLi rti m' HaRKV  I'l'Rl.^V, '  ��������� "' '��������� '.*'���������'-'   Name of Applicaiit  Jeny (ji.-na.2ie, Agcnl.  paie May .iSdi, 1913.  f^nTrtra'fflnwTJfir-JrBwwttx'arxj A_.s3������ti^*r-������>������n*r������e-rn������rtin������  For in Ol: 'Notice.  I. hen.' are no . petty', j,' aioiigit'Sin  tliis ������o.\v'n. One t'iti^eii'- g.t-,10;  mother, -wpi-'k to^ethc?!* cash 1.1 p'jo.-'  getljer and anytliiiig (jlial is al-  tein.pted'i. ,i.t ,,st.,ccess. = AnilierisL'*-  lu-is.i assets iir1.- its-liien,jjiid wouu'ti,  "Notice-is 11 ere by o-i veil-lliat 80  il ivk after'dute I intend lo-. apply  iu'��������� tho Honour.bJe M|nister of  laindsfor i'. liceiifo U) prospect for  '.'o:tl and peiroleuni inider tlu foj*e-  i-hoih and iincJer -lhe water on ihe  ���������I.inil', in and opp .site tlip folloy*.'-  iiit,r tJescriUd liuiil������ .itnitio in Ru-  ;      *"' ' ��������� ; t" 1      '      t .:'  perl .l>ir.iiieC'--C"oininencirig at 11  110.I 11 tan ted on the sen bp.i'eh til,  hi}i,!i wiUer lunrkat. the inlcn-cciioii  of isections _(} anil 17, 'r������nyii3hip 1  an! :!, Port McNeill, Ituperl, ])ia  I'ii'-i; ih'ence, noil h eighty ehi'.in ,S0  i benoe west eiyhiy chiiin^SO; thence  io.iih nixiy-two chii.iiii. t\2, inpre  ir !e. !* lo l,iji,h wulor nrul; on poutli  Miie of I'oriMcNtiil ilailiorjiheiipe  i-i,-iorly i'lo,ii-4 I'lioi'-.-. linv.tfi place  ol' c'oiiiiiioiiccnit'iij.  Ai'rimiAi.nTi-|u>i*-'i'*}'*  Km in i.** M . Toiiiiffu., A{'enl.  r):iie<i ihisiUhdny of April lDI'J  I'onn  Of Notice.  N'olico is hereby ������jfi V1 ���������    t It Jit   HO  jlnjs nl'ter ilriio I iiilenil   tn   Hpply  jo  lhe    1 loiiiiiii'iihlo    Minis!or'   of  I.11111I,1; for'a license to pnispcct I'm  nml ninl pi'ti'oleiiiii uiith-r the fore  flu ire and nndei ihe Wuler on   the  h'.llil** in and Opposite    lhe l'ollo\v-  i"-;r <h .--i'i i'ot d liie! -  >itliiilo ill Ilu-  peri  I 'i.i!i'i:-!; ��������� ���������(Y.iiiiiH'iK'nio* 11!   a  j.i".*>i   pia-lip-'i i'ii     I i.-c:    .-en  licit'.'II Hi  hioh '-, ���������. 11��������� r r.-iitv)i   .-.'    tin* '"tei':;i'e.  li  nol :-.-(��������� ti   !!. HmiihI   17, T-'Wu  siliji I ate! :.:,    IVii'l  McNeill.   Rn  jVr!   J):-   I ii't, iheiiie nojlll   ei;.dit\  {���������bain,-    !-(<l*,     tlicinre   e.i.st    i-i},!.hl\  1 11.' id.. ���������.'><:   111 i.-i 11, e ,>i.ni 1 ii     i-i ������1 o 1 . - 1 i������-  ,-.'.,.. , 'if"  M * e . i.iti 11.' 111, iirn.il . ' 11 u - .- v-  llioil Wlllt'V llilil k i'U ."!',; Il ;,i.le oj  I'ol'l .������!<*. |Ci.������ I.iai-i'ii, lnunce aa .si  erlv .'dono idioi'i* line    lo   place o! I  ^n~TiTi^~_fow*Ti jy|lTy. gro\\*.' ^Tid  j.r'oaper,jiist"'fis lojig ris jjll (*!ii?s<4  will continue J;p \voi')c tqg-elljei*'in  1J10 fut'ire as tljo.y have i'ii*.* tlie  pn.t.~-A^idierst 'JNTt'w..,.  The o.iijtp.u.t pf cp'il Vi.ir l������i'iii'*-h  Colliinjijn for'lhe prist- ton v'-ai'.-;  totnlled ^0; 5^0,01)7 \ons/ l!u*  Hi ���������mber pf I'leusoii. eniplqyi'il np;  greoiiting 55,1-4:8. 'fho iicoiilents  pccin'iiig diii'ing iho ppfit yen) nj-'e  11s f011o\yb : Knfnl 10,/i Serious 2B,  Slight 83."; '���������' ,*'" "  'V'vlljp %Fayd.eiv,of 'fhe: Roy,  al Bank staff ai'rivpd jionie on  .Saturday iVoiii x,i t.vvo-xy.eeks.ya1'.  ciiiou spent' at Vaiicouy'.er. '''...���������  . -The C,u.mbeti"land '-'lloard --of'  Trade 'vnt.l on 'I'ut-sday e,yeuing.  A goodly nunibe;* y\yei'^:" present.'  S_vevar.n;a.tte!'.s of iinpin'-tanc.e  were discu-i.sed. ,T:lje    Tel  ephone .Cunpauy ,\vill b,e '��������� asked  .t.) give '".us a- night   f.e'i'(/i.ce. ���������'''���������A  .coiniiii tee wa? '.* appointed lo'Tu';'  'tei',vde\v..El.ect}*ic,:L.ig)it   .C1o.'.':,'..re:--'  <jardin'j   -belter', light'"  service.  - *���������     .       -,      >2> *���������   1 " ^   . 1 *     ���������  .      *���������     ���������,  Seci'e;tary .was instructed1 tp write  the p. N. K, in the matter:,"of  hringhigilieij: line t-3n*oiiglj;Gnin  Kcrland; '      :'  ~~V\%tth-(7ii-in-b'eTl'"aitd^gr  -..,-.. -_-,...... :<a>-7-���������_.������������������.,.������������������,���������..,.'���������,  Anauto party froin--'Dniicaji,  whom we njetat Union Bay, and  whp' had vis-ited C unib.eilahd  a sho/l tiiiie.ngq, pqnip'aiijed \\v\t  they were unable to get:a.night1,  ac'c'oinotiatiq'i). in ��������� 'he city, and  ha<! to vetiiihi tq the Bay.  .  -ucjuc iasntiT������[. a^nimmaxiif% i-uw**^ri__^*Mt__^au-|"_-Airi'-riJr_^  Tl.AOilKirW ANTE!} for Miu  to public,'school. Sahu'y; ������75.00  per nipiiih'. Apply to Alex SSniu  ei'viile, Siicivtiiry,  Minto, II. (1.  Grahnphors8*f!jeed{es for sale.'by  Cha5;'.S������gravc at ihe News���������* office.  mmammaxamtioma-ri'Ta'te-TT!^  ���������-.;.. .. ; :. land* act;* .      ' .,  (: , .^^y-.var.cl Land Dis'tricn. .���������  TAK12 NO'n'J)-; that John Stanjs-  l-uis jGiU'roll, of New York, -N. Y., ocru  p.i.tioi),. f'.h.gincc.e,��������� in'tencl.-s tn.'-apply for  p.ennission 10 purchase U,c roll.ou.in^.de,-  senbod. h.uuls: ���������(/Onimcnciiig. at a [i.ost  pt an ted at the S.'Wf corner! Of Lot 550  thence lib* th * 40 chai ns. .1 lie rice west  22.70, chains l.o the cast, boundary of Lot  5."3, thence south alony said boundary  __t> t.-hain-", t.hcnx:e ea.r 22.76 'chaii:s to  point of'cotnm'e.ncenierit .coinaining- ,91  '���������i("re*_morc 'or less. "y, '"'',,���������*  > jouj? .Stanislaus C.ftROi.u :  -Rcbei-.i. ���������Ht'nr'yfJhestiiUi, Agein.  'pate-May )oth, n*. 12.  jt-cl'2 i':':   -   V"        * '"���������'d.hkM I fl  *..*. '.,;��������� land M<i*ne;i*:;:   ,y-y  Sayivard Land Distfjct  '  -TAKE* NOTICE '���������.ijia^'**.Cliarlcs   O*  i-'l\:.ii, uf,!';iew ':Yoik,   N. .N'('-'occiJ.|..tti.)i)  |4. Hakanishi, Pvop,  *J"J,"5"Ji'J"'|^fJ"-l-"-J-<'{->'i''^'"i'������J-*J*  .���������GUNKUAL* RKPAlRIN'i OF���������  | Bicycles, Sowing Machines,  |   . ������������������.-., ,������������������V'.;Q.uns./JS-.tc-r.:;-Eto?i  ���������(*) ��������� ���������.:"'���������    '".;y-'':;.^.*:" ." ..,-,-'���������', .':'..',-;".." .-,.". ���������;,-,-,-.:..   -���������.;...  f.;Bibycles:ibi?.B*ale"  .,   ^QCal a^ior;::--'  <*y.."'''..'." ������������������".������������������"������������������   ,���������' ^_,,*' ���������*'-/      'Clevt-laud. Massey-Hanis   "  |_ ������������������:.;.'.;  -anct-Mire,,;;-.;.: ^and"Perfect, bicycles.*: v:  %������������������'.���������':     V.b. 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NOTARY   PUBLIC CDNVEYANCING  DUNSMUiR  AVENUE  Cumberland;":  mTajMl^CtU.M\^^VmmVUtV'-,tfm*m'iJt^  ,*^iSSt3!S^\/i,S0fi  ���������Manirfaoturer of MIH^E AL WATEB  P. 0. BOX 48S  1-HO.Ji. 20.V..  CUMBERLAND  I   ^L^-matt atwiafJ*ttj*ramir^xnaam:4^ .i;-**-* j. ������������������iffc.rv.^w****"*^^ *������(.������������*i������i<Mr������l������  fAf^!..l^^dl^���������������.���������^*!J*.8llVW^^lVl#H.-tn^^KVlr.J.u^_hw^^  ==---ii!lll||!li;|lll!|||||;!ilini'  u ;!!|ll!l|||||i|||!|||| j=s==r===r_. ||l!l||||l!l|i||:i!|!!ill!!lll!| =.: .*,'-rr.:n=:|||||!||!!||i|||!'1||||!l||l!llll ==r.  ...... ,4       /^  '*w7l  Mi^^TS ''V'/V'TM*   '";"w^-^     vV.'.*'//'!v,>'.// <Ta\  P i Hi/    J^,K\       \\/../    ;'! i \ \'- J���������'      I''*' -"><   / / I  \ V >*>'        (/^Vi V  ,,,., i iiy "������ "      ^ ������������������-;?;;:-;:"-        'HtJMbiiH ���������  '*���������'" *  w   ' ������  1'!  ..   .. 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