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The Cumberland News Apr 25, 1911

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>.-i'> -���.��,'. i-..' \"'"'j_lr . '     , j*,.;.   ������ ��� .rtV- w ���'   V* .*   "    - '     ���' ,*-,..    '.'-'.-���'-,     -   v    >   "V ' i  '''V>    ���>"'"*i,,?'v '*<'-i >' '. --   ' ���*.' '   i"    li-"}",*.-- '
"i jSw'\" y^i   '-'"'x '''v   ''���'���V"'   ���      <���     -      ���'  '-   '   ���"' "   *     <���     ' '"��� ���'-" * ^*  -.-.�����    '    ��� '.',j -v   -
.--'I. f
'A Journal Devoted Especially/to th�� Inter**��t�� o* Comox District.
The News, Nineteenth Year,
�� ���*���* **>*>. -W.4i.PIS* n.
; i\
Subscription $1.00 a Ye.��.f
The Store
of Quality
The Store
Of Quality
������ ���
Spring Hat Talk.
"George Washington and his little
hatchet*" You all know the story.- Now the difference
between George Washington and us is that while "George",
couldn't tell.'a lie, -we' can���but don't have to ' when talking
about our'business. We never say so much (to its -advantage
' ' -      '   "'   as,wheu we state "a few truths."
��� <��� Our Styles are the latest.    'They are original,  novel,
arid attractive.
Only the best material used in  the manufacturing of
our Hats.
Our Hats have only to be seen to meet with ready sale,
Fancy Shirts: "We  carry a full and complete
range and nifty dressers can rely on having the very
newest materials.aud patterns. ?
Simon Leteer 8c C6T,Lia.
Dunsmulr Ave.,
Agents for Pilsener Brewing Company's BEER
Wholesale Dealers in air Kinds of
Wines and Liquors,
Tho Japanese who has been
boon missing for several months
nnd was supposed to haw boon
drowned by falling off u boom of
logs near Courtomiy, was found
flouting in,Comox Bay on Wed-
npaday last. Tho remains wore
interred in tho Japanoso cemetery.
*��� ��� '-. ��� . V,
'..", ' TRYi,
The Magnet Gash 5fore>
^ T.. E..-. Bate;i Cumberland.
Our Summer Suits are   at
hand.     Quality and Prices
are Right,
The following  goods   have
arrived and are in  the best
of condition:
-Laoes and Embroideries,
Ginghams, Prints, Vestings,
Summer Dress Goods, Etc.
<w.'i'").   1      n'
Sports to be Held on the
Old Grounds.
Wilson   Dunn,    his  daughter
Jreno and Mrs. Walton,, mo'hor
of tho Into Mrs. Dunn, arrived by
Saturday's boat.
Mi88 Livingston, of Vancouvor
arrived in rown last wook, and ia
the 'guest'of' Mr. and Mr.-), John
Mr. Warn of J. N. MoLood'B
OBtnhlinhinKiVt loft by Sunday's
bout for Vnncon vor ou.it hiiHinuPB
Dr, Korr, dentist, will bo nt
Cotirtonay from Friday, April 28
to Saturday May Cth.
     i��. �������� -
Tj*3t uc li��ivc m auto jitur.dc on
t)/o 24tl��, Thtiiw <iro enough go*��d
enrs in town to makon vory credit
nble flhowing.
Mr, W. W. Clinton loft by Sun
dnys bout on   u businoas trip to
Lidnnd G, Monnco, one of our
local high school pupils, hns sue
comtfutly pitted the Pioliininary
Surveyors'  Exftiniimtiyi),
Mr, J, Abntmi left by Sun.
drty's bout for Vnnoonver, en 1 ltd
thonco by tho serious Ilbu'wn of
his druightor, Mrs. Littlo.
Mr. and Mrs. Puliuor jirrlved
from Vancouver on Saturday, and
will i-csido for tho summer in Dr,
MnfNTiiMnrlif'ou'H vi*fibli��n����(k.
Tho overland mail will discon-
biuo aftor tho 00th in.st,
Mrs John Frnmo will loave
by Woduo day morning's boat en
routo for England, whom Blicwill
remain for several month,
Don't forgot tho Presbyterian
Sandfly School ourerbtlrim<��nt In
OmnlmrlHiid Hall, on Friday
evening, April 28th.
Mr, George Robertson, who has
boon confined to his homo for
puveral weokn with rlionmatism,
is wo are pleamed to honr ini-
proving.   Wo s^mpntljice   with
yon George, having  bef?n   there
Tho public meeting called for
Monday ovouing to arrange for a
24th of May celebration, was as
well attended as is usual on such
occasions. Mr. Uhas. Grant was
nppoiniod secretary, und Mr. H.
F. Montgomery treasurer. All
present woro appointed a general
committee, out of which wiire
named th'o several sub-commlttei's,
The following are tho committees and of whom composed!
Advertising���J. h. Brown, F,
Programme���J. L, Brown, F. Dal
by, J. U. 'Juliiwon, A. Uovvan, J,
('amoroii, .1. It. Johnson.
Grouiuls���J. Thomson, .1. Stow
art, A. Walker.
Mayor McLeod and Aldorinmi
Wilhird woro appointed a commit
tM to interview tho Company re
collection nt tho initios,
Collectors at Union Uay���T.
Hudson, J, Humphrey, E, Clark,
Collectors at tho hank pay-bay
���J, Bonnie, Joo Horhury, J.
Collectors at Conrtenay���M.
Coo, It. M, Allon, It. Somervillo.
Collectors nt Ciimborhnid���J.
Thomson, J, L, Brown, F, Dalliy.
Collector.'! at Japton nnv.il Qhlr.:;
town���W. Hayman, II. Winning
It was decided to hold the
sports ou tho old grounds, they
being more convenient,
The Colliery Company will be
asked to allow tho Courtonny train
to run up to Cumberland on their
lino on the 21th, If this request
i�� granted, ��t Ur(*�� nnmW tnny bo
oxpi-cted to fiomo from Courtcuay
and Comox q[\ that day,
. Manager Cnrtis of the Electric
Theatre mado a very generous of
fer to. the meeting, namely that he
would give'the entire receipts of
one evenings entertainment to*
ward the celebration fund, and said
that if tin active committee would
assist him, a hbiidtiome sum could
bo realized. Mr. Curtis was tendered a heaity vote of thanks for
his most guiioruus offer
This should be the banner yoar
in the history of Cumberland for
raising funds for tho 24th of May
sports, thero being more young
men in our city at the present
time, than at any time in its history, tho majority of whom wo bo.
lievo will respond liberally to tho
c ill of the collectors, Wo have
many from tho Old Land who
know what sports aro and how 'o
on joy them, and can add greatly
to their success, if wo can but get
them interested. It is to bo hoped
that no large amounts will ho
thown away this year as in pro
vious yenrK  for wry indilforont,
uniiitoros'ing events, Wo have
in mind ti so mil hid football match
that was played or tried to be
phyed In tlu< Rrtoii-diirkucBs a few
years ago', ��<n I a bund uri   dollars
J. N, McLEOD, f���-
^ ��� v-
"j-J?! \
of The Canadian Bank of Commerce will receive deposit! oi $i and
upwards, on which interest is allowed at current rates. There Is no
delay ib withdrawing the whole or any portion of the deposit. Sm.d!
deposits are welcomed. ?i3,
Accounts may be opened io the names of two or more per-ons, to h*
operated by any one of the number or by the survivor, A joint account
of this kind saves expense in establishing the ownership of tbo moiuy
after death, and is especially useful when a man desiros to provide, tor
his wife, or for others depending upon him, in the event of his death,
���?<:*,-, ;. ���
pocketed by tho players, which
was simply rank, aud tho money
should not have been paid for
such an exhibition.���Ed,
 W. T. WHITE, Kh'.afv r
Dr. Korr, dentist, will make
hip next visit to Cumberland,
Wednesday, June Hth,
Conrtenay bus a building bumn
on,���What'tJ the matter with Cum
Mr. and M rs. VV, Lawronc* Wit
by HaturdayV boat for Viuieou-
Thero have bean several now
cars purchased by Cumberland
men this spring, namely It. Grant,
Alex Camerun, and Dr, Gillespie,
who expects a fliio new ����Kord" in
a few days, When the newspaper
men mako ovor and above what
would start a good peanut stand,
and nil tho delinquent subscriber*!
pay up, they too may indulge in
lilco luxuries.
To supply the (Timed State*
revenue cutters, used iu the Bell
ring Sea patrol, with fuel, the
Norwegian steamer Titariia ha$
been chartered by the Alaska,
Commercial Company, The Ti*
tatiia will load 5,000 tons of coat
at Ladysmith enrly next month
for discharge at Ounalaska.
 . ^���.���_ ,, .  ..,H , 1 wm-mm-w*ww*vm-^*Fw*m**W*MW*W*m*mW*m*m*m**m*mWimW*W*mmW
London, April -15,���Iu an interview here Sir Tiiomti Shaii-
ghnessy stated that coutract.i
would shortly be let by the C.l��.
K, for two steamers for the P.ici.
fie trade of 15,000 tons each with
a speed of 18 knots. He said that
there were five times as many
applicants for the company'*
farms as could be supplied
Kmbrncwsftll that is newest* bast and correct.    We
want you to call and inspect 'beui-tliB very latest in
Spring and Kaslor appnnl for careful dressers.
We luive the handiwork ul Cminda's foremost clothes
maker*, tailored from seh-cted RngH��h and Scotch
fiibricn. ,.finiu that w{l| im-dstii'ti up to every man**
particular rrqiilrmueut,
W�� inviit. you to look now whether you buy or not.
"F  '������ '' in III nn    m*m*Ji
Cajnpbell Bfps.
.��*<#J'ilk*ir* ,4<4i����*��l 5?ftWf$i;  ;S*aJM&;-  THE   NEWS,   CUMBERLAND,   BRITISH  COLUMBIA.  Riverman  By STEWART  EDWARD  WHITE  CamriCbi. I90S. by th* NcChm Urn-  Cwrijht. 1907, IWS. by  Stewul Eiwwtl WKMa  gocKl does that do us alter onr water.  Is gone? And, Jim. uiy son. If wo  bans this drive I'll be burled so deep 1  never will din myself out No; I've  got to go."  ���������  (Continued,)  The ice went out early. When the  rtver ran clear in its lower reaches lie  took his rear crew to Carlln's rollwnys.  This crew was forty in number, a  fcard bitten, tough band of veterans,  weather beaten, scarred.- in numerous  fights or by the backwoods scourge of  smallpox, compact, muscular, fearless,  loyal, outspoken and free to criticise���������  In short, men to do great things under  e strong leader. The breaking of the  roll ways began. The logs bad been  hauled to the river, where they were  banked In piles twenty and even  thirty feet In height. The bed of the  stream Itself was tilled with them for  a mile, save in a narrow channel left  down through the middle to allow for  Borne flow of water; the banks were  piled with them, side on. ready to roll  down at the urging of the men.  First the entire crew by means of its  peavies rolled the lower logs into the  current to be rapidly borne away.  Some tiers would be stuck together by  Ice and considerable prying and heaving were necessary in order to crack  thern apart. But forty men soon had  the river full. Orde detailed some six  or eight to drop below in order that  the river might run clear to the. next  section, where the next crew would  take up the task. These men walked  to the edges of the roll way, rolled a  log apiece into the water, stepped  aboard, leaned against their peavies  and were swept away by the swift  current The logs on which they ���������stood  whirled in the eddies, caromed against  other timbers, slackened speed, shot  away. Never did the riders alter their  poses of easy equilibrium.  The evening of the Becond day Orde  received a visit from Jim Denning,  foreman of the next section ��������� below,  bringing with him Charlie, the cook of  Daly's last year's drive.  ���������This fellow drifted in tonight two  "days- 'gte_after~a"~drunkrand-be-tell8  a mighty queer story,'' said Denning.  "He says a crew of sixty bad men  from the Saginaw have been sent in  by Heiuzman just to tight and annoy {  M."  ������������������Well, where are they?"  '���������"Don't know."  "Bring, him over and let's hear the'  atory," said Orde.  "It's straight, Mr. Orde," said the  cook, approaching. "There's a big crew  brought in from the Saginaw waters to  do you up. They're supposed to be  over here to run his drive, but reujly  they's goin' to tight and raise h���������, for  why would he want sixty men to  break out them, little roll ways of his'n  up at the headwaters? He only owns  a,'forty' up there, and It ain't more'n  half cut anyway."  "i didn't know ho owned any."  "Yes,   sir.,   He   bought   that  littlo  Johnson piece last winter"  ' "Is he breaking out his rollways below?" Orde naked Denning.  "No,  sir,"  struck In  Charlie,  "h������  adn't,"   ������������������'��������� .���������!.'���������'.������������������-.,<  "How do you happen to be so wise?"  Inquired Orde.  "Well." explained Charlie, "when I  cot, bnck from the woods last week I  just sort of happened into McNeill's  place. I wasn't drlnkin' a dropI" he  cried virtuously in answer to Ordo'i  mmtofi.  M0f course not." eaid Orde.   "I wai  just thinking of the last tlmo wo wo**������  ���������ln thero together.".  ���������That's Just it!" cried Charllo. "They  waa always soro nt you about that  Well, In blew old man floliuiman and  McNeill himself. 1 Just lay low nnd  heard tholr talk. They didn't see mo,  bo they opened hor up wide."  "Wluit did you hear?"  "Well, McNeill ho agreed to got *  Rang of bad ones from tho Snglnow  to run In on tho rlvor. And McNeill  "��������� Mid, 'That's ull,right about the chhIi,  Mr, Holnzmnt), but I boon llggerln' on  gottln' oven with Orde 'for somo my*  ������elf.' IIo'h payln' them $4 a day,  Now, who'd pay that for Just rlvor  work?"  Ordo nodded nt ,llm Donning.  "Hold on. Charlie." mijd ho. "Why  nro you giving nil this nwuy, If you  wero working for tlolns'.ninn?"  "I'm workln' for you now," replied  .Chtirllo w|j.li dignity, /.'And, besides,  you helped mo out once yourself,"  "If that crew's iipen sent In thero it  moans only .ono tiling at that ond of  tlio lino," said orde.       -        !;  "6ur������*. Tiwy'iv buiil up t<> tt������.slc* out  tbo water In the reservoir and hang  thi* end of tho drive," replied Denning.  "What would you do?" asked Ordo.  "Wo|l." said Donning slowly and  vrltli a ccr'.'iJ.'j pini Jo.v, "I icr.'t bet  tlioso Saginaw river pigH aro any moro  two flsted than the boys on thi* river.  I'd bo up and clean 'em out."  "Won't do," negatived Orde briefly.  "In tho first place, an you know very  well, wo'ro short handed now, and wo  can't spare the men front iho work.  In tho second place, we'd hang up  iuru.  ���������it Isn't ��������� fair game. Delay will  lung us. Taking men off tho work  will hang ns, I've got to see what can  be done by talking to them."  "Talking!" Denning snorted. "Yoa  mlffhf n<* well whlitle down th* draft  pipe of Initios!   They'll kill you. sure!1-  "I'm scared. I'm willing to admit It  Hut I don't see what ������Iho to do. Of  course ac'ti got no rights, but what  g]Chapier  23  A'  GROUP of throe small log cab-  lus marked the Johnson and  later the Ilelnzman camp.  From the chimneys a smoke,  arose. Twenty- or thirty rivermen  lounged about the sunny side of the  largest structure. Orde clucked to his  horses, aud the spidery wheels of the  buckboard swung lightly over the wet  hummocks, to come to a stop opposite  the men.  "Hello, boys!" said he cheerfully.  No oue replied. Orde looked them  over with some interest. They were a  dirty, unkempt, unshaven, hard looking lot, with bloodshot eyes; a flicker  of the daredevil in expression, beyond  the first youth, hardened into an enduring toughness of Qber���������bad men  from the Saginaw in truth and, unless  Orde was mistaken, men just off a  drunk and therefore especially dangerous, men eager to tight at the drop of  the hat and ready to employ all the  terrifying weapons of tbe rough and  tumble. .���������������������������".������������������  "Who's your boss?" asked Orde. "  "The Rough Red," a man snarled. '  Orde had beard of this man, of his  personality and bis deeds. Like Silver  Jack of tbe Muskegon, his exploits bad  been celebrated in song. A big, broad  faced man, with a red beard, strong as  a bull and savage as a wild beast, it  was said tbat while jobbing for Morrison & Daly in' some of tbat firm's Saginaw, valley holdings the Rough Red  discovered that a horse bad gone lame.  He called the driver of that team before him. seized an iron starting bar  and with it broke the man's leg. ''Try  th' lameness yourself, Barney Matlan,"  my water you're planning to waster  "What?" In a tone of vast astonishment, the Rough Red. mentioned his  probable deserts In the future life.  "Luk here. Jack." said he after a  moment, "here's a crew of white water  birlers that ye can't beat nowheres.  What do ye wnnt 'us to do? We're  now gettln' $4 a day and board from  that miirderin' ould villain .Heinzman,  so we can afford to wurrk for ye  cheap."  Orde hesitated.  "Oh, please do now, darlint!" wheedled the Rough Red, his littlo eyea  ngleam with mischief. "Slnd us Borne  more peavies. and we'll blip ye on yure  rollways. And till us afore ye go  how ye want this dam, and that's th'  way she'll be. Come, now, dear, and  ain't ye short handed now?"  Orde slapped his knee aud laughed.  "This is sure one deuce of a Joke!"  he cried.   "It sure, bel  "I'll take you boys on." said Orde  at last, "at the usual ��������� wages���������dollar  and a half for the jam, three for tbe  rear. 1 doubt if you'll see much of  Heinzman's money when this leaks  out."  (To be continued.)  FRIEND OF KINGS.  Sir  and  "Why, Jim Bourkel" cried Orde.  eaid he.   To appeal to the charity ol  such a' man would be utterly useless.  Orde saw this point He picked up bis  reins and spoke to his team.  A huge riverman planted Iilmsell  squarely in the way. Tho others, rising, slowly surrounded tho rig.  He drove deliberately ahead, forcing  tbe men to stop aside,, and stopped his  -horses.', by a stub. He tied them thero  and descended. A huge form appeared above the rlvor bank.  Ordo made out tho great square figure of tbo boss, his soft hat, his flaming red beard, his dingy maeklnaw  coat, his dingy black and white check-  ed flannel shirt, his dingy blub trouscrti  tucked Into high socks, and, instead ot  driving boots, bis ordinary lumberman's rubbers. In a moment he thrust  through the brush and stood before  Orde, He stared at the.young man,  and then, with a wild Irish yell, loaned upon him, Orde, caught unawares,  was unoblo to ntnigglo against tho gigantic riverman, Ho was pinned back  against the wall, and tho Rough Rod's  faco was within two foot of his own.  "And how aro yo, yo ould darlint?"  Rhouted tho latter, with a roll of oaths.  "Why, Jim Bourkel" cried Ordo.  Tho Rough Rod jerked him to his  foot and pounded him mightily on tho  back.  "You ould snoo&orl" lie bellowed.  "Whoro th' blunlcoty blank did yo  como fj-om? Uyos," ho Hhoutod to tho  inon, "It's mo ould bORft on th* Au  Sablo six year back-that tlmo, yo  mind, whin we had th* Ico Jam! Glory  bo, but I'm glnd to boo yo!"  "I didn't know you'd turned Into the  Hough Red," laughed Ordo.  The Rough Red grinned.  "What have ye been doln'?"  "That's Jui������ It.' Jimmy," m\i\ Orrttv  drnwlnf,  tl������������ giant ono sldo, out of  oar shot   "All my eggs nro In ono  basket, and It's a mean trick of you  to hire out for (11 thy lucro to kick tliat  bnHkot."  "What  do   yo   mnno?"  asked  the  1 Rough Red.  "You don't mean to toll mo," countered Ordo, "thnt this crew has boon  ! sent up hero Just to break out those  i measly littlo rolIwayH?"  I    "Thlm?"   said   tho   Rough    Rod.  I "Thlm?   Not much!   Tlilm's my body-  ! guard.   They can lick tholr weight In  wild cats, nnd I'd lolke well ia ne������. Mi'  gang of blghbnnkers thnt Inflsts this  river Miry to pry thlm out   We wero  slnt Intro to folght.   Mo boss and th'  sucker that's drolren this river has  a row on!"  "Jimmy." said Ordo. "didn't you  know that I um tho gentleman tnnt  mentioned? I'm driving this river,  nnd that's my dnm-kecper you've got  hid away soinowhcro here, and that's  Charles  Rose   Is  a  Liberal  a Strenuous Campaigner.  Sir Charles Rose was a close personal  friend  ot   King . Edward  VII.  during  his  lifetime,   and   since   the  latter's 'death.' the 'Canadian baronet  has been on just as. intimate, terms  with King George.    Sir Charles has  long been a member of the Jackey  Club, and is an extensive owner and  breeder of  race horses.    His entries  have frequently  won honors  in  the  great national events of t'.ie English  turf, and his wins have always been  popular, for he is singularly beloved  of the jockeys, the trainers and others who make their livelihood through!  the  acknowledged "sport of kings."'  Just as the late King was, so is Sir1  Charles a keen yachtsman. -For ma'ny;  years Sir Charles was-a: partner in  thj great London .-'banking house of  Morton, Rose & Co.  At present he i3  .director of a number of financial corporations,   including   several   banks.  He is extremely wealthy in his own  right, and his wife, who was a daughter of ivtr. John Robinson McClean,  a  great mining operator of Cannock  jCJvi_se___Stan^ojxlshire^, also inherited,,a  handsome fortune. "Three" somToi' Sir  Charles served as officers in the South  African  war, and two of them gave  their lives Lor the Empire. Sir Charles  first attained political prominence in  1903, when, a'tor a mos'  sensational  and   exciting   contest   he   surprised  everybody by redeeming his present  seat for the Liberal party.    He had  contested the seat in 1900, and.had  been badly defeated by another prominent millionaire sportsman, Mr. Mc-  Calmont.   '. ve  election  of  1903  was  fought with exceptiona.  vigor, horse  owners, trulners, and jockeys 'joining  in the canvass.   Motor cars were in  such constant use that ihe local supply of gasoline temporarily gave out.  During the final hours of the contest  preceding  the   voting,   Sir    Charles,  covering 100 miles in his automobile,  personally canvassed one-ha'.f of the  constituency, while Lady Rose, in her  own   Bumptuous  car,   mude   a  final  tour  round  the other halt.    At the  general   election   Inst   January,   Sir  Charles lost his sent by 120.votes, but  he hns- again  Bucceedc". in  turning  the tables upon his opponents by a  majority of 399,        "���������������������������.���������  Canada's Champion Dancer  ��������� Cured of Piles by Zam-Buk  Mr. Thomas J.' Hogan,, Champion  Clog and Pedestal Dancer of Canada,  who resides at 59 Chambord St., Montreal writes: "It gives me much pleasure to let you know my opinion of  your wonderful Zam-Buk. For some  time- past I havo been troubled with  piles, but this year I suffered so much  that I was obliged to cancel a number of engagements. I tried all the  so-ciilled remedies that were recommended, but they seemed to do mono  pood. Having been advised to" try  Zam-Buk 1 purchased a box, and after applying it a few times I felt  marked relief. I continued with the  Zam-Buk treatment, and the relief  was extended into a permanent cure.  I gladly permit you to uso my experience as nn illustration of tho great  value of Zam-Buk for piles."  Another illustration of how Zam-  Buk cures long-standing enses of  piles is provided by Mr. William  Kenty, of Upper Nine Mile River,  Hants Co., N.S. Ho says: "I suffered terribly from piles, the pain at  times being almost unbearable. Zam-  Buk was recommended to me so I  procured a .supply and commenced  with the treatment. ��������� After a very  short time Zam-Buk effected a complete cure."  Zam-Buk is also a cure for ulcers,  abscesses, eczema, cold sores, chapped hands, varicose ulcers, rashes,  blood-poison, ringworm, cuts, burns,  bruises, children's abrasions, tetter,  salt rheum, etc. All druggists and  stores sell at 50c. a box, or post free  from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, for price,  Zam-Buk Soap, which may be had  from any druggist at 25c. a tablet,  should be. used instead of ordinary  soap in all cases of eruptions and  skin diseases.  Zena  Dare's  First Appearance.  Thii popular young actre?s, who is  engaged to" the second son of Lord  Esher. confessed to the writer a short  time ago that, like her sister PhyllK  she suffers greatly from stage fright,  and that before her first appearance  as a leading lady in "The Catch of  the Season" at the Vaudeville, Lon-  don. in 1904 she was literallv petrified  with fright. "First I grew hot as the  hour of my' debut approached. Then  I grew cold, t My, knees shook and  my teeth chattered. Then I became  hot again. In fact, altogether T  must have experienced every variation of temperature between zero and  104 degrees in the shade. I am perfectly certain that no criminal sentenced to death ever experienced such  mental torture as I did on my first  appearance in London."  Swimming for Actors.  Perhaps the most amusing of the  stories in the Era Annunl is the following, narrated by Mr. Edward  Terry. "Some years ago, when playing at Leeds, I started a swimming  competition among the members of  my company, and, to encourage them,  offered as a prize a silver loving cup  (won, by the way, by the late Edward Lonnen).' The event apparently created some interest in the town,  and a friend heard two men engaged  in a discussion as follows: First  Man: 'I say, dust to know this 'ere  Terry'* given a coop to bes' swimmer  i' company?' Second Man: 'Aye.  What's that forP* First Man: 'Oh,  I suppose it's to keep them playactors clean!'"  Our Wants.  ���������TIb true, an every man must know  (And every man regrets It),  .Man wants but ���������little- hero below  And very seldom gets it.  ���������Puck.  Sifton's  Humor.  Although Hon. A, L. Sifton, Prme  Minister of A'.bortn, usually leaves the  impression with many that he is a  plain, matter-of-fact man, scarcely if  ever diverting from the serious aspect of a situation, the following incident in Mr. Sifton's early political  career shows him to possess a keen  and'rnther peculiar sons������'of humor.  In tho early'nineties Sifton and Dr.  Brott vera candidates in the Banff  constituency, lor a sent in tho territorial House, and on account of tho  groat,.distance ninny hnd to como to  attend their meetings, they agreed to  hold joint meetings, tho Libera! candidate speaking first and Dr, Brott occupying tho rest of tho time,  Toward tlio clone of tho enmpalgn  n moot in: was held nt tho small mining town of Anthracite. When Mr.  Sifton had flniehed his speech tho  doctor had not yot arrived, After  waiting in vain for half an hour thu  audience been mo restless, An idea  suddenly occurred to Sifton, Ho told  tho people that as ho had boon present and hoard Dr. Brett's sneoeh every  night for tlio past two weeks, ho bo-  lioved ho know it as well ns tlio doctor  himself, nnd with their permission  ho would tlolivor it for the absent candidate.  Shouts nf "Go on" cam������ in response  nnd so Sifton commenced. Ho was  nbout hnlf way through when tho doc-  kir arrived. Without any explanations hp quietly took his mat, remarking that tbey had boon wniting Homo  time, , Dr, welt opened hi.-! address  with his usual flowery remark*, hut  /before ho had proceeded very fur tho  nudionco wore in a fit of laughter,  mtiioh to the enjoyment of Mr, Sifton  and tlio i..rcat amiv/omotit of tho  spenkor.  He Got Hit.  Looking up from his miWne on������  .nlffbt ho remarked to his wife, "Do  you know what I'd havo done il I  bad been NapoleonP"  "Yes," sho nnsworod. "You'd hav������  , Bcttlpd down In Corsica and i-pi-nt  ���������your Hli" grumbling about bud luck  and hard times.  bt*  Convalescent.  Knlcker-Has Jonca  recovered  health?  Bockor-YCell. If bo were-a prominent man ho would bo on tbo eoventh  page.-Harpor's Bazar.  Imufflolent.  A yearly ens it of wino thoy owe  in payment tor a laureate's lay.  ���������TIs not chough to drown his wo������  At wnat tho envious critics any.  -WaBnlncrton Star.  An Ardent Wooer.  ' Mashlngton (who jg taking b'l  leave)���������;Aw, it sei'iiirt to me, Miss Mwr-  kigU, I have fnwtfolton something.  Aw���������let mo 8tio, Min* Morluigh���������Your  glove*,' perhaps MUshlngton���������Oh,  nol Now 1 wcint'iiibuli. Aw���������will yoM  mawwy mer  When the Odds  Are Against You  Wlllll.il.!     ���������������������������������������������,���������  You Can Depend on DR. CHASE'S SYRUP  OF LINSEED AND TURPENTINE  to Help You, If You Get  the Genuine  What a fight ROOfi on during tlio  winter hoiihom ngnlnut coughs anil  eoldn, Tho ohildron aro oaroloBR about  keeping dry and warm, and tho pur-  ont.n uro worried to hour thorn cough,  Tlio bfwt insurance against sorloiiR  results is iho use of Dr, Chase's  Syrup of LitiHowl and Turpentine.  Bo well-known is this modicino and  ;ic unlvprPMllj*' x\*or\ t',*,nt *''<* need  RRaronly loll "you of its morita. Hut  wo do want to warn you against imitation a .nnd BubstitutoB,  Onoo you know that there nro at  Innst four Imitations of Dr. Chase's  Syrup of Linseed'and Turpentine on  tins inuiUil iou Mic ii.it likely io let  nny dealer talk yon into accepting  anything but tiio gonuino, on each  bottle of which nro tho portrait and  siRnaturo of A. W, Clmse, M.D., tho  j famous Receipt'Book author,  Imitations aro sold on tho reputation of MiIh groat medicine, nml not  on thidr own merits, or why should  they nol hnvo a name, nf tholr own.  With Iho genuine Dr, Chnso's Hyrup  of Linseed and Tnrpontino you can  readily n\orennto croup, bronchitis,  whooping cough, throat irritation ami  iho most serious cnuglm and colds.  25 rents u bottle; family t>i?e. Co  corit.t; nil denier* or KdinariHon, llatcs  iV Co.,'Toronto.  SEATS EASILY, LOST,  Great   Britain   U   Strict   With   Her  Legislators.  "To pain a seat in the British House  of Common? is no1 easy task in these  days of, strenuously-contested elections; to lose one is a~-far simpler  matter. -  A glass of beer given by a-too-  generous canvasser to a wavering  elector, a promise of employment, nn  omission in the return of election ex-  penses, or the issue of a poster with-  out the name and address of the  printer asd publisher, ore a few offences, among many, fraught with  grave consequences to the triumnhant  member. Recent election petitions  have shown the truth of this.  If personally responsible tor corrupt practices, the unhappy candidate, on conviction, is incapacitated  for election to any constituency for  seven years, nnd hi? late election ia  rendered void. Whether the candidate be personally responsible, or  responsible only through hi? agents,  a conviction nf illegal practices usually carries with it tho latter penalty,  nnd the unseated member hai before  him the option of retiring.from public  Hie for a season or of once more facing the music of another contest.  It must be borne in mind, too, that  a candidate is, with certain exceptions, liable for the illegal practices  of nil persons who may, on ,the trial  of the election petition, be held to be  his  agents.  It is possible, however, to have to  vacate a seat in the House under  happier circumstances than these.  For example, a writ may be issued  summoning a member to the House  of Lords; and, as peers of Parliament  and peers of the realm���������with tho  exception of Irish peers, not included  j in the twenty-eight representatives of  Great Britain���������are ineligible tor a  seat in the Commons, the newly-born  peer retires to his rest with blushing  honors thick upon him, and leaves  to some other aspirant for Parliamentary honors the fierce turmoil of  another contest.  Acceptance of the "Stewardship of  the Chiltern Hundreds." or, wh"n  that office is not available, the  "Manor of the East Hendred," is. of  course, equivalent to resignation, and  is the usual method of vacating a  seat in' Parliament.'  There are three cases on record  whero a member has heen appointed  agent of a militia regiment to enable  him to vacate his seat and stand for  some other constituency.  The. election of a member to the  House of Commons .an -also be rendered void by bankruptcy or lunacy,  but. in such a case, the seat is not  iinmediately, vacnted.   Six months' grace is" allowed by  law before the House can order the  issue of a new writ.  A number of most intersting eas*?'  have .arisen out of the famous Act  known as the 6th of Arne, the 25th  section of which enacts thnt. if a  member shall accept any office cf,  profit from the crown, his election  shall be void, but such person shall  be capable of re-election. ,  There are certain exceptions, however, provided for hy statute. A few  offices of profit there arp acceptance  of which does not .entail ���������he vocation  of a sent in the Commons, nmonu  them being those of Financinl Seen*,  tnry to the Wr.r Office, Governor of  the Bnnk of Englnnd, and thp office  of Paymnster-Genernl. A' further ex  emption has been made which pro.  vidos that a member may accept other  offices in succession to the one for  which he sought re-election without  vacating his seat.  India Wand of Holidays.  Tndin is n country of cternnl hnli-  dnys. Every sect and, tribe, roughly  spenking, has Its own,festivals, nnd  thpse are religiously observed. On  such occasions tho open spaces are  fillpd with swings nnd morry-go������  rounds, and the booths where fond  and Rwpotments aro sold do a roaring  trade. It is very Interesting to watch  tho different racial typeB that come  to make holiday���������hero womon veiled  and mysterious, thoro wojmpn who  "show their faces'and wear tight-fitting  trousers instead of skirts. The people  nre of all shades���������from the fair, almost European, complexion of tho  northern types, to tho practically  coal-black of the original Dravidean  stock of tho south, It is in India, nt  tho typical religious fairs, thnt you  will see the qnnint origlnnls of the  "Grent Wheels" known to exhibition  visitors of tho weflt.  THE COMING CHAMPION  B. SCHWENGERS OF VICTORIA IS  GREAT TENNIS PLAYER.  Young Man Who Ha������ Won Everything In Sight on the Canadian  Pacific Coast, Is Now Looking East  and May Wrest the Laurels From  Capt. Foulkes of Ottawa Before  Very Long.  Capt. Foulkes of Ottawa is' tho  Canadian Tennis Champion. For two  or three.years he has been practically  unbeatable, nnd his match with Baird  played in Toronto last season was  one of the greatest ever seen in Canada. In the autumn ho went West  to Victoria, B.C., where he formerly  lived.  The star of the west is a citiuen of  the capital city, by the name of Mr.  Bernard  Schwengers.    Besides  being  BERNARD SCHWENGERS.  ranked" as a citizen of Victoria h������  holds the title of beinjj the Northwest  Pacific Tennis Champion, having defeated all aspirants for that title dur-  eing tho last three years. 86 they '  decided that here was their chance.  Accordingly they arranged for a match  on a Saturday afternoon a few week*  ago, between the two giants, just to  see what they could do. It was to  have been a five set match, but after  the first three sets were' concluded it  was found that it was not necessary  to play tho five. Schwengers won the  first three, with the score of 6-2, 6-3,  6-17" : ���������:   Everyone who witnessed the game  admired the spirit of sportsmanship  which inspired Capt. Foulkes after he  had finished his season and was considered the undisputed Canadian  champion, to take on Schwengers in a  post-season match.  It means now that next season  when the Northwets Pacific Coast  champion commence������ to throw his  challenges broadcast he will include  the captain in his repertoire. ,And  just now it is beginning, to look as if  the championship laurels of Canadian,  tennis might be planted' on the shores  of the Pacific and take firm root by  this time next year.  It is bound to come. Schwengers  is young. Everything on the coast is-'  his. He must sock now fields���������in th������  east.  W. N U., No. 838.  Marring! In Burma.  In Burma mnrrlago is civil, not religious, nnd is regarded ns a simplo  partnership which, if not happy, may  ho dissolved at nny time. After mar*  rlago thero is no outward symbol llko,  a wodding ring on a Burmwo woman.  Sho doos not even adopt hor husband's nnmo, but retains hor own.  Tho husband hag no right over tho  property which his wlfo possesses bo-  foro marriage nor ovor tho property  which sho might acquire nftor marriage. Tho Burmeso womnn can appear in law courts to represent her  husband. ������n contrnctB with a third  person she and hor husband sign thoir  nnmos together. Thoy can borrow  money on loint security. Both husband and wife can sign deeds und  leiui mouijy. And ttht-'ii iht-ro Is no  longer any lovo between a married  couple they can get a divorce with  alacrity, <���������������.  ���������������������������-���������----������������������-  ^ Anything to Oblige.  Tho conductor of tho old-fashioned,  slow-going London horso bus turned  to tho drlvor.  "Look 'oro," ho exclaimed disgustedly, "a bloke's Jurt got in thnt wants  yor to pull up nt tho next 'ouso after  tho fourth lamppost wot'i got yeller  blind*!"  "url rito���������orl rite!" responded John.  "People ain't wenrin' out thoir boot  leather, 1 don't think I Jen go an*  nr.'. Mm which part of th������ 'obio 'o'd  like to be druv to���������int������r the purler wi*  tho family, or hup to 'is room la tbo  battle I"���������London Answers.  Th* Vorsclous Cod.  I So voracious ii the codfUh that il  will swnl1o\i' anything it tees in mo-  linu  1 A Titled Fruit-Seller.  Amongst other things, the Earl of  Harrington, who recently celebrated  his Bixty-seventh birthday, has proved himself a very keen gardener, and  not only grows excellent fruit, bur.  till recently sold it at a shop at Charing Cross for tho bonefit of his tenants. His lordship is ono of the most  picturesque personalities in th������  world of sport and still indulges in  much hunting and yachting. Ho is,  most famous, however, as a polo-  player. He was tho first president  and ono of tho original founders of  the Polo-Pony Society, rendering.not  only good ��������� service to tho game,! but  also to tho improvement of the riding  pony, for ho broods nearly all hl������  own hunters and polo ponies, Ho  wns responsible for the compilation of  the Polo-Pony Stud Book.  How to Stop Swearing.  When Sir Richard Hawkins' Bhip,  the Dainty, was off the Guinea coast  it ������might flro and had a narrow os-  capo from destruction. Tho sequol, as  told by John Barnott in "Fighting  Admirals," wn������ curious: "Tho men  thankod God (or thoir doliveranco and  m a mark of gratitude- took occasion  to banish swearing from th������ littlo  fleet. By general consent it wns or-  darned that a palmer, or ferrule,  should bo oarrled by any ono who was  'taken with an oath' and thnt h������  should give tho next who swore a,  stroke with it, At tho end of tho day  lie who hud tho ferrule roooived Uireo  strokes from tho captain on tho. muster. Within thro������ days thoro was no  moro swoarlng aboard tho ship������."  A Million an Hour.  Tho Government printers who have-  accuicj the ofneial cnntr*\ct for th<*-  wipply of postngo stamps for 1011 and  onwards havo built a now factory for  tho purposo near London, whero tho*/  nro already turning out stamps at the  rato of a million an hour. An thojr  calculate 5,000 working hours to the  iv������i,r, the total number of ������t������irop<������  printed per annum will ho 6,000 rail-  lions. The stamps aro printed on  shoots of 240, whloh shoots In their  plain form aro worth a penny; when  they loavo tho factory thoir value  is ������1.  His Favorite Phrase,  Once, when they woro talking literature, Mrs. Isabel Strong said t*v  Hobert Louis Stovenson,, "At least  you have no mannerisms." Whereupon Stevenson took n copy of hl������  own "Merry Men," which sho wns>  ���������wading, out of her hands and read,  "Ttwns a wonderful clear night of  stars." "Oh," ho ������aid, "how many,  many times I havo written 'a wonderful dear night of stars.' " u  THE   NEWS,   CUMBEBLAND,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  MADE IN CANADA  YEAST  CAKES  MOST PERFECT MADE    \  Has been Canada's favorite"  Yeast over a quarter of a  century. Enough for 5 eta  to produce SO large loaves  of fine, wholesome* nourishing, home-made bread.  Do not experiment���������there  i������ nothing "just as good."  E. W. Q1LLITT CO. LTD.  _WWTt������,T,(  WiM  Winnipeg  TORONTO, ONT.  Awarded highest honors at  all Eijpotiiiou.  Montr*������'  FOR  PINK EYE  DISTEMPER  CATARRHAL FEVER  AND ALL NOSE  AND  THROAT DISEASES  Cures the sick and acta aa a preventative for others. Liquid jrlvcn on  the tongue. Safe for brood mures and all othera. Bostjildney remedy:  60 centa a bottle. M.00 the dozen. Sold by all dru^lsts and harness  houses.   Distributors���������ALL WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS. uurneBa  SPOHN MEDICAL CO.. Cht-aists. Goshea. Ind.. D. S. A.  WHEN IT COMES TO  PAPER BAGS and  MATCHES  We ar������   everywhere wtth the   standard good*.  Paper and Matches are our specialties.    Let us  know your wants���������we'll do the rest.  TheE.B.EddyCo.Ud  HULL, CANADA  TEES & PERSSE, LIMITED, A������.������nts, Winn?**."?. Calgary, Edmonton  '     Regina, Fort William aiid Port Ar.hur.  Deranging Him  After the operation. Doctor���������"Now  nurse, take the patient's temperature."  Patient���������(feebly)���������"Oh, doctor, do  leave me something in my system."���������  Baltimore  American.  ���������W  Silchly stops condha. cores colds, heals  ��������� throat ud tunas.      ���������   ���������   ���������      39 cents.  If women voted I reckon there  would be o good deal of bonnets and  bribery among them that had husbands lookin' fer votes.  tn   Insectiand  Jim  .Cricketr���������Any  new  resolutions  Mr. Cabbage Bug���������Yes, indeed, old  man; I have turned over a new leaf.  The Beit Liver Pill.���������The action of the  liver is easily ' disarranged. A sudden  chill, undue exposure to the elements,  over-indulgence    in    some' favorite  food,  _??I1,?.,?-?J3 l1* _drinkin_.._aro___a   few___of the  causes. " But- whatever may" be the ca'tieie,"  Parmelee's Vegetable Pills can be relied  upon as" the best corrective that can be  taken. They are the leading liver pills  and they have no superiors among such  preparations. >  Teaching the Kangaroos  An effort is being made to organize  a baseball league in Australia. The  fans will be able to give the- kangaroos demonstrations in the'gentle art  of kicking never before witnessed in  the bush country.���������Vancouver Province. -'  PILES CURED IN 6 TO 14 DAYS  Your druggist will refund money if  PAZO OINTMENT fails to cure any  case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or  Protruding Piles in 6 to 14 days.   50c.  All men ain't born equal. There's  more mouths' than, there is silver  spoons  to  go   around.  A pleasant medicine for children is  Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator and  there is nothing bettor for'driving worms  from the system.  I don't kcer how many furriners  come to this country to enjoy the  manifold blessin's of Republican institutions, but they have got to leave  there furrih manners and niarrals behind them.  As between God an' Mammon " in  runnin' a campaign, it don't take  much hard guessin' to name the winner.  Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.  Gentlemen, ��������� Theodore Dorias, ��������� a  customer of mine, was completely  cured oi. rheumatism after five years  of suffering, bv the judicious use of  MINARD'S LINIMENT.  The above Mfcts can be verified by  writing to him; to the Parish Priest  or any of his neighbors.  A. COTE, Merchant.  St. Isidore, Que., 12 May, '98.  "Why don't you get an automobile?" My dear sir, I don't need it.  I have^three life insurance policies  and several boils on my neck, my  wife'b a nag, my barley crop has  failed���������so I have troubles enough already."  ���������"���������N** N>SW\\\^ ,.  ALWAYS COOL AND SWEET  ,'������X'*\\^y'������%%\i������>.s^������,\|x\>i.^.,Vs,.>\vN^'. v<^l<v^\\^\vxW\\\���������������,���������  EMPIRE  ���������ISavycu;  dGARETTEs"  Im*������uu. TWanttt Cm *> Ci.Hn.tn lint's*  W  .-.^A  X  .>***,  MM**-*.!*!.  (AM  LSNttN  SMS  lO^Per  Packet  WMmlWmwm  ^Ji AVY C UT  Cigarettes  3S������?  A CANADIAN PHILOSOPHER.  Prof. George J, Blewett Has Found  , , Fame Abroad.  Prof. George J. Blewett of Victoria  College, who last year was honored  with a call to deliver the lectures ou  th������ Taylor Foundation at Yale, is a  recognized force in the world of letters though littlo known in Toronto  outside of academic circles. He has  not any decided talent for preaching,  and is not fond nf public appearances  of any kind. Ho teado a life given  over to books and meditation, and except for thick-crowding fancies might  fittingly be described as a lonely man,  fulfilling the old ideal of the ascetic  philosopher. For his years there ia  not a moro widely read student nor  a greater master of English prose style  in Canada.  Dr. Blewett was bom in St. Thomas  in 1873, and comes of an old Cornish  family. From his infancy lie was  scarcely ever seen without a book in  his hand. He matriculated in 1890,  but after spending over two years at  the University oi Toronto was obliged, on account of, ill-health, to go  west, where He engaged in Methodist  mission work in Alberta for three  years. Returning to Victoria College,  he proceeded with his course, and was  graduated with high honors in the department of philosophy in 1897. He  spent the next two years in Toronto,  in post-graduate work in his chosen  subject. Following this, hes pursued  his studies in Germany and at Harvard University. At the latter institution he was showered with honors  and received a fellowship for a year  at Oxford and Berlin.  Dr. Blewett was appointed in the^  autumn of 1901 professor of philosophy  in Wesley College, Winnipeg. After  serving there with great acceptance  for five years he was called to Victoria College, and since coming to  Toronto has received tempting offers  to assume professorships in the United States.  Prof. Blewett published in 1907 a  large volume of philosophical essays  entitled "The Study of Nature and  the Vision of God." This book was  received with cordial praise not only  by the daily press, but by such learn-'  ed publications as The London Quarterly Review, The Expository Time3,  The London Spectator, The Philosophical Review, The Revue de Meta-  physique et de Morale of Paris, and  The Review of Theology and Philosophy of Edinburgh. -  A Vast Unknown Land.  Nineteen-ten has been a red letter  year in the history, of the Upper Fras:  er River, for in June last the woods  re-echoed the strident blast of the siren of a steamboat which pushed its  Jiay__successfuUy_up_.fr_om___F_ort__Geo_rge_  to Tete Jaune Cache, conclusively  proving that,' with ease, its treacherous waters could be navigated by a  shallow draft vessel. .Next year, a  fleet of commodious stern-wheelers,  will tear incessantly up and down,  bearing constructional material, men,  and provisions for the building of the  line. Thus, the Grand Trunk Pacific  will effect two remarkable achievements in ono stroke���������will develop a  vast tract of unknown land by penetrating it with the iron horse, and  open a long-closed waterway to steam  navigation.  The Fraser River Valley will, in the  course of a few years, become one of  the busiest and most prosperous agricultural and industrial belts in British Columbia. As the river is traversed, the mountain ranges roll well  back, leaving a wide, yawning valley  through which tho river makes its tortuous way, doubling and redoubling  upon itself. To give some idea of this  extraordinary wandering, it may be  mention that whereas you must  cover 320 miles to journey by water  from Tote Jaune Cache to fort  George, the railway, by following al-  most an air line, only requires 200  miles o( steel' to connect tho two  points.  , Tho whole of tho valley Is covered  with dense impenetrable primeval forest,-stretching from tho water's edge  right up to the timber-lino on the  mountains. Fortunately, flro has  wrought but little damage hero, and  the timber in of distinct value too,  Just how mnny hundred million dollars this huge forest represents to the  British Columbian Government it ifl  impossible to say. Towering Douglas  fir aro in profusion, while tho spruce,  hemlock, and cedar are also prolific.  Dr. Grenfell In London.  Dr. Wilfred T. Groniell, O.M.G., who  is well-known in Canada bocauso of  his useful work in Labrador, is at  present in England, whoro ho Ib attracting considerable notice On Fob.  0, ho delivered a lecture In Queen's  Hall, London, beforo a brilliant audi-  onco. Ho was described by Tho Westminster Giuetto an "oho of tho best  story-tollers living," which is praUo  indeed. Dr, Gronfoll describes him*  sell ns "tho most popular doctor in  his district," and as ho is tho only  doctor in one-quarter oi a continent,  hia claim is not overstated.  As a youngstor, Dr. Grenfell plnyed  Rugby for Oxford. Ho is an excellent  shot and all-round athlete. Ho was  house surgeon to Sir Fred. Trovoo, bo-  fore crossing the Atlantic to New*  foundland and proeeoding to his cbo*-  on work in Labrador nearly nineteen  WAnff.   nan      Tr",   <<Hffi������f'������"fl<l   v>(*T<)<*  if   OiKt  extennivo country ho has set up four  hospitals, which aro ot great bunout  to tho sea-going pooplo.   Ho spends  fiart of ������acn year l������������turine to rai<w  and* for his work, and his lectures  abound in good stories and stirring  rmuRnei1* denlinrf with tbo ndv^ntnr-  ous lives And simple heroism of th*  pooplo among whom he works.  Natural Talsnt,  "Tlie teacher Informs me thnt Mnry  Anderson Wombat has coitaidcrablo  drnmntie talent."  "That's what. Why, that girl can't  r������wlte the multiplication table without making tho moat elegant go**  turoa."  "Let good digestion wait on appetite, aid health on both I"  They will if you tako Shxxbswaw  NA-Or^SPEPSJ&bCETS  , They correct stomach disorders, assist digestion, and make life worth  living again for the victim of dyspepsia. 50s. a box. If your druggist has  not stocked them yet, send us 50c. and we will mall them. 35  Nations! Drag sad Chamical Compear ol Canada. Lbaltad,      ���������     MaatraaL  Appleford  Counter  Check  Book  The best equipped factory for producing Counter Check Books  in Canada.  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BRITISH   COLUMIItA,  "���������ay    ���������'^trr'Wrrrf*  Tao -ijutnb8rl&nd l.re  i*'vi.-d   T,)\'ery   Vuesihiv   .������v   i'!"*  C*0?T������.j;x     .Vt     iUini.:-i'jr,i.  ''ub ishinq   <Jo *.'���������{-���������   -"w  'I.its jKiju-r will nm iml't i'.M'ii  pi- .|i.in>ii>lo for flie oiiinioW"* <<i I'ln*  ������.'���������. ;is tuny iijijK'ar in i"* w'Unins  t.'uin linn* U> lioio.  TI'^SDAV,  A^ril 25   .     I'JU,  ������������������������*���������*--���������*��������� i*W *  FOtt S A Hi���������A ft-rootm-l house  on Maryport Aveum, hi.wt-en  Second und Third etmis, Aj������j������ly  this otlice.  SUMMER Si'HESL'I.S  TheSS. Princess Mnry will  sail as under:���������  Leave Victoria Tuesday. 7.00  ii m., for Nanaimo, Umou aud  Comox.  Leave Comox Wednesday 8.00  am., for Union, Nanaimo aud  Vancouver.  Leave Vancouver Thmsday,  9.00 a.m., for Nauaiino. Union  and Comox.  Leave Comox Friday. 8.00 a.m.  for Union, Nanaimo aud Vancouver.  ., Leave Vancouver Saturday,  9.00 a.m., for Nanaimo, Union  and Comox.  Leave Comox Sundav. '2.15  am., fur Union, Nanain.o Vancouver and Victoria.  IF YOU WANT  GOOD PRINTI .-j  GIVE US A  TRIAL  'NT W  FOR   SALE���������One    i :<*nb*������tor  and two hrooders, Oapm-iiy ^60.  Price $50 for the lot. Apply this  office.  (e.) The character of the proposed  I    oik   iIdiii 4  il   luiue _;������((_,.  (t.) The premises on which the wa-  ; ttv is to be. used (describe same): In  >l tf >1U< p < III        t   e liilJU u (lug   1 lltt   ������->t������.I������**-  of th; Ouuipb?U Vivev, about one half iniie  ���������eli>.' C1 upitvli Ki\e Fail*.  (g.) Tho purpose* For which the  *at������r jb t ��������� I "ft usflii p������i * i-r purposes.  (h.) If for Irrigation descrlho the  land intended to be irrigated, giving  acreage  .,'   N"one.  (i) If the water la to be used for  power or mining purposes describe  the place where the water Is to be  returned to some natural channel,  and the difference in attitude between  point ot diveraion and point of re-  ������urn: Thawte is to bcr* n-ned. t'* ilu  Campbell River at a p iut id'ont oue mil  Mow the OarapheU lliv**r Fulls mid nhh-  ilifforome in al'iMidft will bt> nlir-nt !100 ft.  (j.) Area or Crown land intended to  be occupied by the proposed works;  About 330 uoies;  (k.)Thls notice wae posted on the  <eooi)<1 ilny hi January, 1911, ������ml appliiu  tion will be    made to the   Commis-  ��������� io eron tbo twcutj-iourth day of, February, ion  1.) Give tbe names and addresses  ot any riparian proprietors or licensees who or 'whose lands are likely to  be affected by the proposed works,  either above or below the outlet:  The cmwii,'hi* British Amirca Timber  Co., Ltd., of Victoria, B.C., KorMi Pacific  Lumbar Co., Lt-\��������� of Vancouver. B.".; P.  GnJaby, of Chicago, Illinois: Interaction  iiiTimbir Co., ot Vuuc U er, B C '  Attach copy of such parte of the  Company's memorandum of association as authorize the proposed application and works.  (a] The construction oi operation of  werlc or fie ������wpply'������rutilization of watir  nndei" he "W ter Act, 1909."  ', b) To apply for and obtain muW the  provisions of (he "Wnter Act, 1909," or to  purcha.i'or ot hoi wiie acquire ARter records or w-������ier lie mei*.  The Campbkm, ^iyebPowk������ compass,  Limited,  G. H. Burn-*: W.Wal'ace Grime,  P.O   addieof* Hox "24 Directois.  Victona, B.C.  SEHfcgg^gapfcESB^^  ���������**���������_-.<������������������* a-r whjiiw*1'''!-*'1 0mtt*<m*^������i^nn-,*m������^*m**)i**,f\i**M'**rti*fm  COURT OF REVISION.  J" A Court of Revision will be held in the  "Clty"X7)UnaPCli^ib"e7r"on"Tii"u"r=day^  M.������y i8th, 1911, at 7.30 pi)������.. f"i ihe purpose of hearing comploims, if anv, ,i|jainst  the assessment of property in tho City ol  Cumberland for the year 1911  Any person or persons having complaint incst jjive notice in wri-in ��������� at least  ten days before tbe d*tc of mc'ti**?.  Alex. McKinnon, Ci<v Clerk.  Cumberland, B C , April 5th, 1911.  10% BONDJloi  An  Attractive   Offering  for a Short Torm  Investment.   ,  We can offer the conservative  investor for a short .wink-',only  an opportunity of placing his  surplus funds in a Ih^IicImss security bearing a rate ol' iuterest  ot ten per cent.  Only 150 of these Convertible  i H'bentures at a par value of tfioo  each, available.  Do not gamble in stocks,  shares and other forms of speculation, but INVEST wh.-re your  principal and intertst i* secured,  Wkitp. for fui'thej- par.ieiilars  ot tlii.*; Uotid issue whi'-h' ia par-  ucivlnrly uttradive to investors.  Prompt application is lueessavy  as number is limited,  OiSAWiUf 8MEITB3.  LIBflsD.  Vancoiwer Olfice:���������  1101 Ot minion Trust  Building,  Vancouver, B. C.  WATI5U NOTIOR.  NOTICE In   hereby plvcn that  an  appllentlon will be mado under Part  V, of the ������������������Wntor Act, 1900,M to  Ob-  ���������     11 iit'Uii' in t    H y ������'im 1'ivi i 11  ��������� I  V   t riM Water Hi    ������������������ t  .   The nimv of Ohio it lu 'nil   IV  <*   ,;.-: u;������v  .'''    ������������������ r :���������;.   V. 7.- ��������� 5t^?.  I' 0 heirj i.ni.o. OlIiuB  f It r ir  A Hub  i' h n, 61* F r   ,   . Vi t .0,  The capital, hnw divided, ehowln?  w o>i c |)������nl b'j" ��������� 0U nivi 0 11 11 5itJ  h   t-i ut 8ioo,ui ��������� a, .1.    <������in en 1 aid iip  (If for mlnlmr pnrpnaea) Free Mlo-  fr'si Cfi-tlficnte No  ������  (b) The n -me of tbe In e, wtroani  or so urea (if unnamed, Mia ueicrip.  t n ���������    ������    b    l. 1 >. \'    on     *.'!���������  (c; The point ct dlvor.Mon: About  TllutuituiC.   "VI' l..    .  (A.) The quantity of wntsr applied  for Mn r.ublo feet r^** aecuud)   iu <���������  }e t*4i,  WATER NOTICE. ,  NOTICE is hereby given that an  application will be made under Part  JL^*te^Yiater_Ael, 1909______to^ obtain a license iu the Comox Div siou of V'.  to ia Wati-r District.  (a) The name of Company in  full:  Tiiv Campbell ltiver I-ower Cumpanv.Ltd  The head . ffiuj: Office* <if Barnard  &  II .1 e ta a, 514 F<������t S*. , Vietor-u, B.������V  The capital, how divided, showing  niuuui t p tiJ up $50,000, ,,ividotl into 00*���������  blmres  of $1 CO each;  amount  paid    u  810,000.  (If for mining purposes) Freo Miner's Certificate No '.   (b.) The name of the lako, stream  or source- flf unnamed, the description in Upper (la ujjboll Lane, Viuuouvor  Inland  (c.) The point of diversion: At tho  foot of Upper Gam-iboU Ln'-i'.  (d.) The quantity of water applied  for (in cubic   feet   per   second)  Ilu cube feet.  (e.) Tho character of tho proposed  Wiiilu Uum ii'<o sluice ituit't..  (t.) The promlsoB on which tho wa-  tor is to be used (describe name)  At tome pi'lnt on th������ land aim,., lliu   aik  ott,o U.tnpb 11 riv r  boat ono huU inilo  below Catnpbsll liver Fdllo,  (g.) The purposes for which   tho  ������U Ul'  in Ui bu UM 11! 1" 1 ((()I' !��������� I'|J W li  (h) If for Irrigation doscribo thu  land intended to bo irrigatod, yivina  n>creaf^o..,,,.,,,,,. ,,,..,.,....^x....,,,,, ,...*,..,i  None.  (i.) If tho watcr< in to be used for  powor or mining purposes doscri.be  tho placo where the water is to bo  returned to somo natural channol,  and tho difference in altitude between  point of dlvornlon and point of ro-  I'.iriii Tliu wti'.ur i������ 11 luiuituucil to ilie  * iillli'liill nviir id n piiint n'Miut nnu mil"  ivilow t e0innpbnl| il er FiIIh ami tbo <llf  fcroiH'O in ultintile wiP Im abimi lloo leot.  (j.)Arca of Crown lnnd intcDde.il to  bo occupied by tho proposed works'  /-.li nt 3JiJ������oit,  (k.) Tbls notice was poatod (in the  lik/lmi diii ot J nunr>, Ulll.U'H appli a-  linn will hi ininlii to thn CoiiiiuInh otmr mi  tbo t*������onty*fo������r:,li day of February, 1911,  (1.) Give tho naroos nnd addroeaes  of any rlpnrlnn'proprietors or llcen-  hqo who or whoiio lands are Ukoly to  BESaSSSSOSSQSBBBBBH  r.      I  tu     0>  lilt  The TAILOR.  CLEANING,. .PRESSING'  and REPAIRING. ���������  ' mmi������mtm*mmme***mv*mtmmmmmmmmMmmwtm������Mmtmm*m*m������  UfidleM' Work  a Specialty*  (Hbtr above or bcVm- the outlet,'.  T*|. J* i Uh .Vuorioiiu Timb r Co,, Ltd,,  ofViot.'.w. HO} W'irth I'aoiflo Limibr  C1., Lt1, of Vmioouviir, 11 0: V, t'udahy,  of' 'nieiiKo, II inoiss lntcrnnt.i<'tml Timber  On , ol Vftnoouw, MX-, hmimnifcit Ai Nauaiino Hallway Compiny.  Attnrh copy of uuch parts of the  . Compnny'n memorniidiiin of aoBocla-  i tion ns autlioriao the proposed appH-  1 cation and works,  j 11. Ti������ ooiiii rui;t">n or o.if ration of work*  ! nr tin, Hnp|i|yor iitiliza'iim of watcc rnnlftr  't'M.-'Wuer Ait. 1!)09"  l>. To apply for nml nblain under th<  |in>v HintiH'f t,in> ������ Water A������t, l!l!������'J," or to  iNir>'tia������������o-n.|iirt*iMi������'<-utrewa'iii reooul*  ur < "i'"m lir*i' * n  ': ul. Ca.v,1'Hi:lu Uivta Pi wu'ieosfiMvv,  LiMtrriil 1., .������. lliiu;,t, (V. WaiUwi-iti���������������������������������������  il u 1   a  I' u- ������'U e-������i������<* 721.VvK.ua, H.O.  BAYWARD LAND DISTRICT..  Diuti'iot of Snywiirrl,  TAKK notice thu'iOoorRO LeleonLnr Hi-  min^toDi of Viiiioouvir, H.O., iiiccbnnio,  ititi'mia to apply for pi riiiUfdun topuruluve  ihe following ilesuribed lancln:������������������  < o'liinencliiK at a p>������������*. planted nt the  South wont nomerof lot 55'2i llionoo nairt.li  HO eliainn, thntii'0 wout 78 rlmiui, ihanee  south 81) ohaiiiu, tlninoi) out 7fi oliniiu, tn  [loiut of ooiiimunooiiiont, eoi.tniiitiiB 000  lie wi, moo O' lews.  OKIIHIII'. iii'ilCUU.U   hl.Ml.M.HI.-,,  I!nV\ort  Hi   ,tv t'lil'.llillt, \igr\\\ .  Ontoil Mnrohibh 11)11  SAYWAHM������ t.ANH   nTSTKKVP  Dirtriut nf H.'iyw.'rd,  TAKE NOTICK thot Patriok William  Lo IIh Ularli, <f Vmiiiiiuv.r, H.Q., biw  olork, I 'tends to npply for permiofi^n to  (.urnhaaa tho follow intf do>oil' oil Hilda!  Comminoing ut a pent planted 111 iho  ������oulh\V������ i r'ornflroflol r.5'2j IheiicniiiMl SO  eht������ii>������. tln-nec south 01 ehabm, ibenee  wi.Ht lilubiii ih, thut'oo Boulh HI chiiinH,  tlumr*n wO������.t 40 olmiuH, llouco noitb HO  oli'ir a tn place of uoiiHiinnoiMinint, contain  i������ g ftfti fti'M*. U)'������r*i(urb4*,  k'A'iiUcW. Wll.t.t,ut,I.i';!i.ii'. Ct.ua;.(J  Itob r* lU'Vy CliMB'.iul, n^eiit.  Da'ed MBiOhWh, 1911.  C BALED TENDHKS mldn-iBod to.tbo  *-^ nml' r.i(.ned, und eudor ed ''Tender  for Kx.ini i k Warohourie, Vaiiocnvur,  D.O.," will bo loocivud until 4,00 P.M.,  on Mondiiy, Apill U4, 1011, f. v the onn-  ftructiou of tm Exurri.iiiinj?' Wurehouae,  Vaueonvor, M.O,  Piana, Hpetiiiiontion und firm of eon-'  triot etui be mum und forma of tondor o'i  tuinoil ut tiio olilces of Mr,,), Ji Cyr, Su-  poiintoiideiiL of Publio iivtiHingH tt Mini-  itolM, I'o t Ullliio Uuildiig, Winnipeg.  M������n., Mr. Win. llimileraoii, Keaitlent Ac*  chituut, Vioiorin, 11,0,, at the IW. oiQou,  Vaiii'ouvi1)', and at thlw Depni tmont,  P������rHi)..Hto,iiloiiii|_ nro wiiiifleil t'lft'. bind  ova will iiir,,bn uoiiaiiluriiil unkcri mndo 01  libit priiitnd fonnv iiuppliiV, u d hIkiuiI  with 'lnic ocelli i'igiii.nifiH| Ht������t 111,* tli*''r  ()HlJU|IM'i   11H "fill plUCOHOf   I'lhillOllOU,        In  tlio mm ul' liriiiii, th uo uul mjointure, LI 111  iuIuiu of the iiooin a'1 u und pliiooof reai-  iliiin.i) u tun ch iiiuinucr of thu linn niu-t he  i.ivi-n,  Kuiiii tundur mu t lib aoonniinniod by on  uooepiecl ol.oqtie 111 a nhiroitd bunk, paj-  rati|*i to lb.* onbr of tlia Hoiimir.il.lu the  MliiiHior of Pnb'lj W'irltH, oijniil U< Inn p t  cent (10 p.e.) if tl 0 utiiomit of tho toniler,  (VillUII  (V<ii <'<> iuiUin..'! ii k.ln> (������������;lon . li;i.iM  uritiK .!<>-') ���������.*-' i-i a ii'i lu.0,1 ii'iilr.i'l��������� whrn  ouliod epmi t������ <lo no, or fill to eoiiiiilulc  tlio vu.ru 0 n nictcil lor.   If tho tender l������i  not lla'optud ibo clioijuu will liu lOtiiril'Kl,  Tliu Uepar'.tiioijc ilous not hind i'.solf lo  aouo.it ihe lownht or uny tomlii'.  Jty or.ler,  K. 0. UESHOOllWUS,  Mi'ur.tmy.  Dtpartment of Pnblm WorkH,  Otm*������n, MnrohSS, 1011.  NtwH|������������jn)r������ will not Im paid for thi* ad-  vflrtUoi'itrit if tboy in-r.rtu without nutli-  nrity fi'iu tin- D.pir mint.  IF VOU WANT GOOD  PRINTINO 00 TO THK  N EWS. FI UST-CLASS WORK  BAYWARD LAND .-DISTRICT.  Patriot of Sivy ward.  TAKE NOTICE tlv.t William  Caldwell, of Uniuk, Ont,, miniim  man. intends to .npply for permis  pion to purohapo tbo following Hti*  scr.bed lauds:���������Commencing at a  pout plnnlcd n't thn! north went corner  of Lot 400, Ciirriii|..fon Buy, Suy  ward DiiUrici. tliencu following iho  north boundary of ot 490 ooHterly  for 40 obnins. thonco north 20  ohaini*, thenoo west to thoBhoro lino  ihoni!e PouiliwcHturly and Uv.lowing  tbo choro line to tbo point of '.'om*  n.onoiimctil, ooniiiiniiig Itw I ban 80  UC1TP*'. WlbblAM  OaUIWKU.,  ,)no, MnnHoiungont  Oa'od Fob. 28tli,  SAYWAIIU LAND DWTHJOT.  i  PlBtrlotsnfSnyward.  TAKK notice that Sidiifly lloaumnn, of  I'unuouvnr, 11, 0,, inochimiu, iiitemlii lo  apply for pcrmiBBioii tn purolinao the fob  lowniK ilep.oi Ibcil liiinhj:���������  0"n������neneinu at a pout pla'itoil at tho  floulliwoRt corner ot lot f>fi2' thence aoutb  'm oimliVu, tbonoo wo.t, 80 nhidnn, tin noi>  n'.vth R0 ohniiifl, thnnoo oimt 80 ohilinv, tn  p'noi* cf omitnonooniunt ooniiiininn 040  1101 en, moro or I������hh,  Niiinuy Hkahman,  Hob rl, Henry Onoatnut, apjont.  j\  1    ; ������1       1, nil,     im )  IllVI'll   MJlt.U U..I,    4v.l  ~AYVVAUD LAN!) WffERIOT,  Dlalrlctof Snywiinl.  TAKK noiieo that Nanolto .loeoph, of  Vanooiivor, R ('., Bpjnatar, inlenda to  npply ffirpiirmiiHliw to purohaso the fob  lowing doHaribtil lonilu;--  I'Vimtn neinu at -v po.it. idanted nt tho  S'.utliiniHt uoriuir of lot M7. thence north  Wli'linl p, tho co ana 80 ohaina, tlieneo  pouth SO -JmitH. Ihenci* won 8(������ ohnli.a  11 tliu 11 >liit of 0'imroei caniont, oontsin*  ing (MO  oio������ nuTOiir Iohb.  NAhttiU' JuiiUVit,  Hubert Henry Ohefctnnt. gent.  t.-tttoit Mnio;. 7th, KJIL  SAYWAED LAND DISTRICT.  D'stnot of y.iywarcl:.  TAKK NOTICE that Arthur tyowjiuid  IJflut, of Vancouver, B.C., tranaport u������uiit,  Intends to apply tor perniisaiou to puroliafO  thu fullowinj; doaofibuil lundflSr-Qoniiaeuo-  lug at- a pott planted nttbe m utbeasb corner of lot 5 HI, b'������ ihu north! bou.ulary of  lot 517, tlienoa north 80 chains,  tbeuco  eiiHt 70 oIkiuin  thenor south SO aliaiinv  thenoiJweHt 75 ohuiiiH tn point of commence  meat, oontBlniiiK 000 Huron, more or Iobb.  Authuu Rowland I iwr,  Robert Henry CliOBtmit, ngotu.  Dated March 7th, 11)11,  BAY.WA IU)' LANirrMSTK 1 CT.  DlHlriot of Sayward.'  TAKK NOIIuU thatSnnviollk'iinmnn,  of ,Vauoouver, 11.0,; miohnio, intoiulH to  npply for tii'unimlnu to puiohiiHo, tho fol  Iok'1 ^ ilcBOnlbod land- i���������Commt noing at a  post piiiutoil nt the flouthneot cornorof lot  MO 1 thonao oiut 100 olmiiiM, thenou huuIi  ���������lOuniiittB, thouoe we*t7Rohitinii (more or  le������H;)thenoe north 5 obuma, thonco weet  85 elinina, thouou uorth 35 ohnlriH 10 *joii t  ot ooinnionoenieut, cotitninin^ 600 noron,  moroorlous.     Samuri, Hkahman.  Itobort Henry Cheatnut, atont  D^WlMaroh 8th, 1011.  SAY WARD LAND DISTRICT.  Ptotrictof Snytrnvrl,  TAKK notice Ihut Vruneen !>,rhvfj'ni\<m,  wifo of W, P. Brou(|hni).', of Vnnoouvor,  K.O.. Intundi to apply for pcrmlnBion to  purohftso tho following doRorlliHil huul !���������  Ooiiirnpriointt nt a pont pliintod '1(1 ulir.iiiH  wentoi lliu aouibuifnl cotuvr u u% u*7i  thenon ea4 120 ohaltm, thenou aoutb 40  ehain������, thenoo woat 120 chui.������, tlionoo  north 40 cbaina to point of oon menoi men ,  contiiinina 480 uoien, mora or luaa.  Fhanobh BriOUOHAM.  Itobort Henry Cheatnut, ngent  Diitail Maroh 8th, 1011.  Wood'o Phoapliodino,     ^10  nni, nidk/w   j������uw  , The Great RnolWi  JknttdL  Tonea and lnvlgam(������atha whulo  w^K������iJtJwUl?"',3,}'l "Mini* *n','������w   am*'  nt M>UU)i, Mtuhtl and Tlruin Warn, h -������������������  lo.mtiit.y, KcjtunlWcuknt'h,*. /iVniit'o/r/, ."���������>, ������������������  mnterrlimti, n nd Ktfrttii GfMimw har'utn.  rriooII porbox, n\xlor*i On������ willjilu.iwj.t..������  wtlliraro. HuU byall dniKirUuior iimlliiil l;i  plnln plirr, en ri*oolpt, of prrno, AW jwm'llW  waiM/mt, Tho Wood Motfl&ini- Oo.  ijomerly W\nd*or) To������������ntn|Onu ;���������>.'',*������������,;,,_���������.iff  V  ,1'tt*  APPLICATION FOR STORING WATER  (a) Tho piaco of tho proposed rcmrvoir  for storing Ooinux L:.ka, B.C. #  (t.) ,Thi means by vhieli it ia propoBod  to store the wntor hy a dam at outlet of  I/ike,"'  (u,) The area of the reservoir sit������ or  sitf-a at each foot in death above tho outlet  8000 uores,  (v.) How is it proposed to acquire tho  laud ncces tat y for tho puiposio By purohaso  if nscesairy.  (*.) Approximately tbo number of acre  foot intended to bo impounded 80,000.  (x.) Wmsther it ia propoauil to Mver tho  water iu any natural lako or nUudiuj. body  of wntor, and, if !>ii, tlun���������-  1. Tlie iMitimpottid oxtoutof the knvar-  ing Not loworiii!.  ������'. Tlio m*ius proposed to Ik- adopted to  lower uiid rutill....... ...:   3, Tno iMUiro und onaraoter, iu "detail,  of tho worlcii prououml to lu constructed 'o  prnvido for the diBchiir_.e and peuuiug buok  of tho via er By concrete dma with roj_u-  lating gaits controlling tlio dueSuirgo.  [S gjaturn]  WbI-WSOToN CoM,t������KY I'OMI'ANV,   LtD���������  W.'L. Coulhox, General Maiiajjtr.  (f.O. ivdircBs) Vicoria, 13.0.  Juuuuiy lGlh, 1011.  WATER NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that aa  application will be made under Part  V. of .the "Water Act, 1909," to ob-  tu.n u lioe.ati iu 1110 1) viaiOM ������if (J mux  District.  (a.) The name of Company in full:  Welling! u O1.P1.ory Ocmpuny,'  Limi eil.  The head dfllee V'iutoria, B 0.  Tim, capital, h w di'iiUvl, "allowing  amount i������������d up SsUK 0,0000 divided into  ������0,000 rharea of $100 110 ouch fully pviilup  (If for mining purposes) Free Minor's Certificate No'   (b.) Tho name of lake, stream or  Bource (if unnamed, the description  i*) Pun tie gi R.\er.  (c.) The point of diversion: At a  poi t'il)Oi,e the fads on the IV.ntled.n  Rivor, Oomox Di-triui.  (d.) The quantity of water applied  for (in cubic feet per second):  1570.' ���������  (e.) Tho character of the proposed  wok : l;*enerati"i������ p;a'.fc,piiw<-r noiks. ami  olectrio worke, and plaut a d- other 11 aoh-  incry aodcuivt-uienoes ucoesaaiy for producing powir.  (f.) The premises on which the wa-  jTKfr^sws,';- cvfefcji^:; nivmsi? 'Columbia.  SpecM'''  Holiday}  For Salaby all  Hotels  l������������gs or Bottles  The UNION BREW1M Co.,    ' Nanaimo. B.  HERCULESltu^Tuiiers  -      -���������     FOR   SALE   BY      -     -  Walworth-Rolston Co   lm  lOaojjrw^ggter Ave., Vr.noouver, B. 0.  ������������������  ���������-*! t*Mdiini.���������������,ltl|w  1,1  s ntHactRivirtmtrjww  ternhTTf6^bTTisWl(Ies^he_8wn^rOn  or iu iIih vi ���������init'. ��������� f tio W.-liingt -n Colli  'ei-y Company'i Ltd. propersy and   hold:  i u.s in Com ix D stiic.  (g.) The purposes on which the wa-  tir is to lie u ed: Gent-rathi.* -emotriciiy,  and or light, heat, power, operation ������,f  motoiv, cngiuei, aud miohii.t.-ry of al. kinds  and generally for ibi-oxorciso if nil power*  an 1 priyilegea of a i.o ��������� or company in.dm  j Put IX. of abovo Aot.  (i.) If the water is to be used for  power or mining purposes describe  | the place where the water la to be  returned to some natural channol,  and the dlftorcnco in altitude between  point of diversion and point of return At ft convenient pluoo i>> ,ow te  ���������Sto'ightoa Pilla'in tlio vmmily ������-utl������it  Brown River, Suction* HI and t>l T,i., 9,  (Joipox DUtriot. Tio po nt of i etn.ru m  i.lmut '200 feet lower al iibudu than the point  of di'Orsion.  (j.) Area'of Crown land intended to  bo occuplod by the proposed worke:  None,  (k.) This notice wan posted'on tho  HiX'Uijiith (lay of Ja iiiary, lUll. *m1 uppi-  cii'.inu will bo made to ilia y nn uia.in or  on tho2!Jrd day of February, 1911  (1.) Give the names nnd addroaaos  of any riparian proprietors or licenses who or whose lando aro likely  to bo affected by tho proposed works,  elthor nbovo or bolow the outlott  AV liOfctiiti Lolliory Company, Ltd,  Attach    copy of BttclipartB of tlio  Company's memorandum of auRocta-  tion no authorize 'bo proposed application and works  [(Hlgnat'iio)  lVni.MsnTONCm,un iv 'Tj i*   ,  W, L. Coulmow, Gmierril Matunetv-  is indispensable in the  camp, and for all  impromptu meals.  AddalhtleBOVRlL  to your canned meats  and soups and note  the difference.  B O V R I L  sandwiches are  nutritious and  toothsome.  ������7  RUPE RT LAND D^.STlUi.T  District of Rupert.���������  TAKK not oi   <hat  Pndora Mi.e L ��������� --v.  of Vanoouver, II. O.    oecupatiea ^Wiaow,  l'teudi, t.o apii.y f-r per.idi-iou to pur-  ohtue the folluw'igd gcdu d land*-; Dm  niLUosug nt at a p nt plumed   nliout  o-,e  milo north and 40 chums ��������� i-1, <,f the S. E  corner of Sow ion 4, TvW.vluj.   8,   thouoi  north HO chaiim, thence tusi 8U chains,  thence south 80 cnnui*.   !hence west till  chuioo fopltiuvot cosnmtiiceaiem;, ojiituu  in/,' 010 auros, murii < r l?m.  Scribed < n po-t JBML'k S.w. comer.  KnookaMai: Lxkson,  D>n Ciuik, Agent.  DutPil DoeemborlltJi, V.>'0.  w :  ^i  j  W Q .2     u  ���������J >. * 2   ���������  -I   rJ    _, 1-  -a es ������ g������ g  SOg ������   a,  13 ������ ������8  z* & s I  **    *o ������  i    .J   ������ cm  ������*J ; f 3  *  u 2. ������  a  ���������a  It  ���������>  a.  3  &  *o  ;<  9  ft  O  O  ������  <w   .r  0   .���������  :.*���������������  ���������    ������ S  R ���������? ������ a 5  *  J' S   ���������  IS ~ c- -=  *, - . za  O   . - > ej. '*  --<    *  j, t      .  03  :t3;������:.C4v-V'5"  ... ^  '^������������������'hii'M''  _G   'f'  . ,.'  '*������ v r   ��������� ^  .-.    a.  .U.,r:..    .j  .'u,H>b ."^ :  '���������c., Eli,.-;.-...:, e-r  *������.;������:'!������,���������'���������:���������'?;���������  ������������������ ":'^.;--;v v -io-.  ''.i,-:i:'.���������'���������'��������� ?..;���������"!' *'?  E-i.  (A  ".j.i^'..  NOTIOE  Aiiy pwson or persons, cutting,  vPMuviiig or taking   nny   lilockp,  tiinbor or wood, of any descriptiorli'  jtilonging to tliH Wullington Colliery Co'y., or from or off tlio liim]  uf tho said (Joninany,   or  anyone  tipping rubbish anywhere except  at tliu tinmj) prcivi'itid, or ii(.'glot;i:-  ing to level it when tipped to tlie  satisfaction of tlie. Company, y> will  bo prosecuted to tho full.ex tout of  tne law.  W. ), COlfLSO.V.  "      ���������  C-Joneral Manager,  Wellino'ton Colliery Co,y.   ��������� ������������������  "*���������  rroTicE.,  ' Riclitig-on, ioco!n>������nvi������s and   rail  -vav curs  of-   t!;e   Union   Colliery  Company.l-y any   ])erson   or   per-  ioiiu���������e?;oe|>t tnin crew���������io strictly  proli.'lited.    Kmployees   're  -$ub-.  ���������i>c lo f.isniistsal for nllowiiig  sum  By order  ,   UL I,.  COULSON,  General Manager.  |><f^jo<a������(i<v^'*WiJ^*r������'������*������*^**^  C. H TARBELL  t.*i*'trw-mMi?-*������*T*BV������*rv*-Mf'ium*ma*a������i *.>* wMmnxm*t)mv*\m  MtJai Year CXPEPffi^J Uzhi    A  MalMa.Your CISCUITS LiclU  Mmkeu Your CAKES LiS!it  ^ffi  tJUkm Your 13UN3 LiCht      [Jr ^  Mahos Your LA DOR.' Ljht  ORDER FROM YOUR  GROCER.  E.w.c:aEr:co.,LTi������.  ,*%-/\ 'I'ortmto, Or.  MFffmmm  The Courtenay Hotel  Every convenienee forgueBls.  ThoOoutial Hotel for Sportsmen  None but ihe Best of Wines and Liquors  at the Mar.  RATES  tnf.  REASONABLE  -I1.'.   I    .   .."S  John Johnston.    Prop  |(l',0, iiildmoa)  VlolorlH. B.I',  Blktiaoii from the mkmok'.isdiim w ashooi-  ATI0M OP*Till* WKIJ.INCITO.S': Ool.UttltV  Comi'Anv, laMtricii',  (u) l'o HUfiuine by puruliHuo, (jrunt, leimo  tir in .iiiy other iniuinor ',. w akr or  ijiliteto water .. ... ,,,,,,,',.   I |,|J Tooirry en the husinuan of   Vjluutiio li^ht, hunt nml power anpply.,,.,  g{ [/J To iiiiiiiiifiiotiiro ul)') use pb ii uiotivo  iwwor rltolrioity,.,,, ,uiul to mimifuotiiru  Lr nc.qiura phut, machinery,  anpiinvtuti,  llllil WiitiMliln of p*'C**<,* hljld   f(!_- 'liig   i^u-  (liintion nnd dltitrlhiitinn n( et',pt,ir,'lv.  ..  11 tfoiH'Tiit", mo or dli'poko of supply or dl#-  piiiuto eltotrioity ......... for ll|.htii jr tw  Lnot-ivH powi'r,...,.Riid to ponfltruef, lay  iUiwn, ust'hJiitli, 'nn<l carry out oaliliM,  U.va,    llui.*,   u^.*uiuiniuin,     kHiiipB ^illlll  vlirUn,  TAKK NOTICK Hint William V. 8,iiiih,  f Vunoouvor, oconpatfon, tarpi'iitur, in<  lopdH to Apply for pormianinii lo  purulinto  '   followi, g il').n:riUd   hnilni���������Connuiiio-  \m at it pout pltiittd nt 'lio'noitli, oatit onr.  1 i' ol No, l,th������ini!e north tlOoHning, thanoo  iul80ohainK,   tlioiioo  Bimtli   80 uliiiim,  men went SO th-iiis to point ul oonuii-  uiuuMjt,   uoiiiaininy  0(0 iicriti, in< ro or  u. WILLIAM F. .SMITH,  N.uno of A^ipliimnt,  l|;te.Uuuo Dili, 1010,  'NOTICE TO THR PtrnLldi'  Having built u largo wniphoiiHoaiid nrlt  at Oourienny. 1 will in fivuro hoop on  hand n alookof nil I'lmln of liny, Orcin,  nud Food at lowecfc niaihot Milan, A  Hliiiolally will ho made of roller oniHliorl  ftiml fir horHCJ whioh will nulla* a hivIIii,'  of ono thin'in the oOjI of hod. Onlorn  (ziyoa tho twiwdter or lij* phono will; be  promptly lllleili. Tlinnkliitf you for your  pair' nn������n in the pnnl; imd fioiicliinir n con  timintioo of ilia oaiiiii ou bnudur liiiou, ]  bog to nnii'i"  Youm tn comniliml,  1IYRON CRAWPORD.  UNION S. S. CO,, of B.C. Ltd  NANAIM(������*UNrOK   1?AV- COMOK-rAMI-nVI,!,  KlVKIl llO'lTH,  8iiilin������iui iii'dur���������  Tivin-manw Hiwniiir ' COWJOIIAN"  Louvi'H Vancouvor Thundny 0 i"iin.  Arrivn TTninn  (for CnmKcjln'n?^  I\',!J..,v  nioriiiii)!  Air vi'H Cnmux Fr'duy morning  Arrive Ouiopholl Hivur I'Viduy n ion  Hiliirninii!  Lv    Comox Fridhy4 n m  " Union Hay       <������   fi   ������  ��������������� Nanali-io inidiiiijlit  Louviirt V.iocouvei, Hiiturilnv B {. m  Arriven iWmiinio, Hnlunlny 1*2 jnu  Arrivoh Union, Sunday il a in  [tor iniiiliurlaimj  Arrives Comox,   Huinlny 8 a m  j    Heniii.lnw:���������  /.e/iron Couox. Sunday I p w  L*-4vei������ Un'o.i Hundnyfipm       ���������  Liiivn-j N'ltiaimo, .Siiinliiy niuiU'tit  [Mitjuot o vnnuijti without ion J  And nil  KITCHPJN    UTENSILS  Sportsmens Goods  amd  General Hardware  |   FAIRFIELD  STORE I  J. JACK,   Phop.  KUPERT LAND DISTRICT  Diflrict of Rupert  \.  TAKE noMcp tli.it Gardiner Al-  ���������������������������xander Bnuly Spencer nf Alameda  Oal,, occuporioi' |ihimber, intends  'O apply for nprmiH-ion to purchase  the following described land^ :���������  (Jomni'iicingut a post planted  about 30 chains west of tho couth  enpt corner of Sec'.ion 24, Township  21, (hence west 80 ohnina. thonco  south 80 cbaitiP, I hence east 80  chains, thence north to houib iooro  of Wolf Luke, thence westerly along  couth Hiore to wesr end of lake,  thence eaPt :ilon������ north shore nbout  ���������JO chains, ihauce north to place of  commencement, .containing 400  acres more or lets.  .-Scribed on pos , G.A.B.S.'s N.E.'  corner.  GaKDMER   A LEX ANDES "BllADY  Spenckr.  l>in Clark. Agent  D-ilcfl Do.'embRr'Mili, 1910.  ���������W *I1��������� ���������! ���������in I Mil ������������������ ���������_������������������-**1 ���������f-'t*-' ������������^������*���������i-** -*��������� nw+****!**f*r*-m*.  ��������� ii U 1'is.H I1 U iN l> DISTRICT'  / District of Rupert  TAKE notice that John Henry  Kerriiit-h Riehitrd������on, of Vkiicou  ver. B. 0., iccupalion Steamboat  StBWard, intends to apply for per-  mist-iun io piMchnee the following  deecriled lai'dr-:.���������Commencing at  a post planted about 40 chains  nonhot the gnu(hwe3t corner of  Sfction 3, Towmship 21, thence west  80 chains, thence pouih 80 chuin^,  thoTK'TwsTSOTIiaiTi^ thence norfb  *?" trtuunaru  to  &  i*  * to  \to  to  t  i  to  to  to  to  to  z   \l  <j DuiiBiYiuir Ave,   Ciitnborlimd to  ���������Mu>nwu������<.in<.,i ir������i������p.i...itWri������m__a mimmuman,^mm  A l(,iiie Assortment of  the Choicest Candies,  I-'ruita and Tohucco  Vancouver Ico Cream,  Dealer in  AIJv KINDS OK  1 Fruit, Candy Cigars  | Cigarettes* Tobacco.  l������oiioi a I'Upck,  CUMI1KRLAND, 13.0.  i>4-0>*^O*^*>^*t<V<V'J>-������4**<ft<������*  80 chains  to  place of' romim nee  ment corilaii'iing G40 acres more of  ifcEB.  J. H. K. R'p N E corner.  John Hba'ky Kkrhlvsii RicirAiin-  ?ox.  Dan Clark, Auent.  Duled December 16th, 1910.  ltUn<;iiTLANDDJSTlUGT  Dibtiiot tf Itupeit ���������  TAKE NOTICE (hut J anion Bradshaw,  o������ JCniJoha, Floriili, cinpaiiiur, inuni b  to apply for pi rniiasmn to purchtiiio tin  following dc-nuriburt Iiiik's:���������Coaniuno'iu:  .it a pout plan11 d 2 iiulei wi-hc of tl<o ti.li.  (jonii r oi" Sua i'li 'ii, 1own������hip 2'), t.iu'nc'i*  iiui'th 40 ih i a, tb'j'du ueut SO ohm h,  Uhiiod fiO'uh '10 ohtiiiiH, thunae oii't HO  olmins to piano uf coinmuieeineat, con-  tuiniig 9'20  acres m������iio or Ihsh.  Scnboil on pent J II'ss.E. uortur,  JaMJW UllADHriAW,  Uau Ohulc, nneir.  Willed D^oeiubnr 10th, 10.10.  ,/������! a******���������m*>**���������***>t*mm**M*a> *h>mm **������*m*>***im*i ������*w*i��������������� up w������*>'<i <*  RUl'EUT bANDDIdTlilCT  DiNtriul; ot llirperc.  TAKE NOT1CU tiltb OliailoB .Tiidsmi  Miner, if Uuionoi, N.Y��������� lotirul rainier, intend!? to apply fur pe'rui Hflloa to  puroiiA o ihw follown.K dub(fiibo<l land-:  V ini,i oiioini; ut a post 11 mtud 2 mi ed  went oi tho HE ton it of Sc-ctioii 2J, Ti.wn  *>hipi!i), tht'iiue in.it i 80 ohid h, tlvnon  1'iiMt ;.0 ohiiiiii, thonco huuUi <S0 ohiiinH,  tlionoo w'������t 80 ohiiina, tn phd of ou'limi-  o i-i'ini-nt oiiliiininuf fl'IO now, ninro or  lO'H, CrrAui.CTilmwoM Miniiu  " Siii'.brtd on post OJiVL'c SW o luior  ]hn Clsi'rti Ayont.  Dun ill) ember ID.h, 1010  ���������UUPiiUT LAND M'TKIOT  Diatrior. of Hiipcru  TAKE   .VOTIOK    time  Adelaide  Ester  Ourl:    lli-wii,   of   Brookfieid,   N.  Y.,  inn aud ivomim. ialmidi f<> apply f' r p������*-  nu'psiou id ���������mrcliHM) tho followtn.^ dt+nrih-  odliiiuli'i ��������� Ciinmiono'iig nt a pot,t pl.iiiU'd  at.nwitliw������8t oon or of Sidiou  lt\ 'I'mvu-  nhip il, Ihi'upo north   SO  ohain*-,,   thciine  uatittiOulmioj,   thonco    nouth   80   oliuiiiB,  tlietioe Mot SOchniDito plnco of no'jiinoa-  iiidiiL coi.t lining 010 fiorc������ moro or lo*e.  Ssribtd on post A.B.t\_B'n S.W. cor  AnatAiur. Kstmu Clahk Iiinwx.,  Uau CUiKJ ajs'im,  Datod Dccoiiiluir 10th, lftlfl.  RUPERT LAND  DISTRICT  Dietrict of Rupert  TAKE nol ice lhat Richmond  Charts }Ji.-s cf Vancouvtr, li. Oi,  Broker intends io apply fur per  mission to purchaso the following  desonbed Jimde:��������� Commencing at  a poRi plimtcd at -j pest ' between  geatinn 18k, Townrhip 9, and boot-  ion ] o, Township 20, thvnct wen 40  chain ���������. thence r-outh 40'chains,  thence west 40 cboins, ilience south  80 oliains; thence east 40 chains,  thence north 40 chains, ibeme eatt  40chainH,'llience north 80chains to  (hactiof {ornmcnccrcent, comaiuing  6*10 ii ores oicre or h'ss:  ttcribi'd on ]io.-ii RCB'd N E cor.  JiICIIMOM) ClIAltLKS  BjSS.  Dan Clark, iigent.  Dated Deoomher 10th, 1010.  flUi'iilfiT L.\Nf/  Dif-TK-i/i  Dihi.-K", >.f Jv.tr,������-.'':  T.\ !<E no!mo t:*ai Bo.-jmlj .yf.; u������ ���������  Tasker ff V^nciUM r, li.  ('.   wC-v  pation Ktcpres*- Muna'gi-r ii''(*nd<- !-'���������  to apply for pciuiiptiion to ^ii'1*-'  the  ft 11 <jwiny  de^ciibcd   lundi-:���������  Comniei ciiii',   at   a   pctt   j.li.nfed  about 110 chain*-���������������������.������.���������  nf iht-  *  vih  east cori.er  of Seeiion  -;i,   ii.*..-ii-  ship'21,'ihd co   wt**t   80   chainp,  tbtp.iCO tomh 80 clifllni', tl'.vice eus.v  80 chain?, thfeiicu tioiui o0 chains  lo place   if  cuiuniei.",eniont,   (x^n-  taining 640bcres mo;c or 3et'^.  frcribed on po*.t N?i< J T's K.lu  Hktrtram Jamil*! Ta kki:,  D.m Clyi'l;, apenl  Dated Deceml.cr Mih, IblO.  RUPERT LAND   DISTRICT  District oi  lluqcrt  TAKE notice that Delia Brooks,  of ' Vancouver, li. C, Mnrricd  woman, intends to app'y fur per-  missi'in to purchase liie iuUowin'g  depcribed lands:���������Commencing, a!  jpnsl planted at tjie   north west cor  ner of Section    30,   township   9.  ther.ee eubt 80 chains, thence south  SOchaiiif, thence -west M)-'chain?,  thence north 8'J chains to jdace of  c.immer.ceinent    contaii ing     640  acres more or lees.  Scribed ou. Pout I). B'r N. W  cor.  Dei.ija Bbooks,  "   Lhfn Clark, Agont.  Diited December 17th,  1910.  KUPBKT LAND nidl'IilCT  District of Bupcrt.  TAKE NOTICE   that   Jfiilwarrt   Dike,  of UinKlininton. NY. eonohmau.inici cih Io  apply, for ponaifBiou to purohuto tho following dcHoribod JuDdfi'���������Oi'iun.eiiuiiiiK ur.  * p Ht pUn ul 2   miloi    west    o(    Ilu:  Boulli oiml, o iiner of i>io<i'Hi '24, Towmhip  lit), liuiioy wu,t 80 oliaiui-,  ilujiiM   -ouUi  HO clininn,  tliauoe o tHt 81)   chAin.-, tncneo  north 8U a)n,nf< to pi oj ufci>iti...oi.summit;,  oijiitui.'iiis (III) 'lurhH, move or lusn,  Soril.od on p 'Hi ED'n N.K., unrn'.r  J'.mVAKI) Dvkk.  Dd'i Cllirlr, Aff.ent.  Datiil I),* ivahcrl'Jih. 1910.  RUPERT LAND DISTRICT  Die:net of Rupert  TAKE notice that Mur^xicn'to  Leiich uf Vancouver, B.C., occu-  Ijativii Saknlady, inienclu u������ appl.v  for jHirmisKion io pcrchuec the lol-  lotvini������ described lund*?: -  Cbmm'onfi*ii������! at a -j)0������t pifuvud  at the n^rtheiipt cormr of Secion  34, Township 20, thence we--" SO  chain?, " 1 hence soc������.h 80 chaine,  iln'i;ceo:i:i 80 chain", thence nolh  80 chain'' to place of conixnor',.R*  ment, containing 640 acres, more  or lens.  Scribed in posd, M.L.'e N. E.cor.  Margukkitr LEITCHi  Dan. CJiuk, Af'ent.  Dated December .lfith, 1910.  *9**m>*������*m*mm -������^*in*fc<r������ wm,mmwm*m*m-������m tmmm ���������������' ������  w ���������������>'������������������  RUPERT LAND .DISTRICT  District of Rupert  TAKE notice that Edna Fieber  Spencer of A hi mod.'i, Cal., married  woman, imends to apply for per-  mipnion to purchase tho following'  described land?:������������������ '  Commencing af a po������*t planted  nt i he moth west corner of free tion  2 Township 21, tbence ear-f SO-  ���������Mmim;, thence north 80 ch-iins  ibence wosi 80 rhaina, thence. i-ou'Mi  80 chains to place of i'omnicoct*- ���������  ment, containing (W0 acrv;-; more or  Scribed oti po.������t, K.P.F.'s S W.cor,,  KdNA  FjSHKK  SrKNCRK  Dan Clark, Ageu'. ,  Dated D_ei_eni}__cr_J8ih,*_iai0   JOHN McLEODS  FOR VI UST-'JLAHS  CANDY, Kltf/ITS.  OKI ARK & TOBACCOS  *-**������*m***������tm*0imw*t*m*m*'*y*>***i*mt r*tiMnmmim*v*tmm*m*mmmmH*m!m*m  NOTH'Kin hordiv ������Ivmi tint on tho IIwt  lUy ol Pccoiiihrr nixt bppliciitioii will ho  rimilii to Hid .Snporiuttiinlunt of J'roviotlal  Poliofi. N'ioiorin, for Urn rvnowal of the Im-  Ul ho. mi lu h> II tii.uorM hy rtlitl in Iho  boil ku'������ ���������"** ��������������������������� tin* Pt>tt A **(.���������'������������������������������ hi.t"l, *it  | tmtMlnlfVni,'*/, !������.''. f. U ttuuau,  Jlnteti iietniier 11.  ���������KUPKUTLAMD DISTRICT  Difltriutof Ilnpirt.  TA KB N0TIUK tuat i U orgo Uirtua Ja*  rniti'iio MIIIit, ot Vimoniiv. r. U.U., iiiuoh-  aiiUiileii iiiMir,into daleapply forpi.rmu  Himi to ptiioi'iiHO llio r-llowi n dooribwl  liimti/:���������Oiiiim -I'd >��������� nt ii pout piuutid ono  nul.i oum oi tlio i orlh <-������v comer w S> ot-  i������n 18, Tow, whip II, Uhjiico . u*t 80 olmlo*',  iho'icnimr h,40ch i������������������, tho co \v.������,4 81)  jebiiinH,.thori'ce H'iii',1. Ai) ilnini* to plaoo  of couiiiiui ceiuuit, co.itau'ii y 320 noro������,  mo o or low.  Soritmil on poHt i'JUI.M'h SW oorlirr.  OlcpntlK ClHl'CH I-'AJtocytJI) MlM.KU,  Diiil Ut.iri>, Ai,cnt.  DajoilJ^rtmihi'i'SOih, 1910  UUTEKT LAND D1STIUCT.  liibtiict ot Riipurt.  TAKK nolicothiitMarry Pntton  Archibald of Viincoiivnr. H C, on-  i-'iiieer, intondH to ap(,]y for ,<<*rmifl'  .iinn io purcliiifie iho foMowing do  Hcrilied landn:--Conitiiei.iiiin/ m a  \m*i pli.ntod 4 chiihR north of B M  Leewn'8 Hoiuliwcut corner, thence  tiorib 40 chains, tlum������Hi wo-t *10  clurn*", Ihcncc ooijih 40 diaim,  thetiro t'liKt 40 chiliiin   rn   pluti-   of  cominenccmcnt.    conlaining    1(!0  atre^. mor or le^  Scribed on p fill.P.A.'.SK n.r  Hahhv Tatiun AmiiiHAi.n,  I'"i <di,k, npr������tn  Ditfcil f)ej   1 lib, 11)10,  ltUl'KlU'fiANDI-WTRICT"  DUtiiot,of Kuporr.  TAKB NOTICli th-t Thoinas Fredariok  TiiHKor, of Vaucouv/r, Jt.C, icle/jnipji  opiritui,intivi)i'lB to npply for puMuli1-  pinn to purolinso thu f ilhiwiui. dciici ibocl  liiiKlfi-Oiirnmenclng hi n, i.,n������t jilii-iti'ita*;  tho non ii wo^t O'lrnur of S o'Ioh 18, Town  iliipil, thonoo south HO chains, thiuuo  oust SO nli in', ihcnco rii-r h 80 nhairiiv,'  tnoi-oo wmt 80 oniiiim to place i f cou,-  iiieiiouiiicm, coiiiiiiiiiuy 0411 hoioh, tiiorj  or Jims,'  Scribrfil on pn*t 'IV C'f. N.VV  e-vnci.'.  TltOMAH FltKllBUICK I'ahkki.,  Dun (Jhulc, Ajjont,  Dit"dI).u'Oiiilwir 10th, 11)10  RUPERT, LAND DISTRICT  District of Rupert.  ���������   TAKE no'ice thnt Manice Avrdi)  cf Vancouver, B,0 , murriedwornani  intends lo apply for ptrnii'aion  uv  purchafe the   following derenbed-  landa: ���������  Opmmencini. at a pout planierl  at I be Hotuli caai corner of. Section  3, Township 21, ihence noi*lh 80  chnitip, the-nce we<-t SO ohnina,  thenooe couth 80 cbsir.p, thence  oast 80 nbfiins tn p]������co of com-  ninnccmen!, eoniiiiniug C*I0 aoies  more or lean  Scribed on jwl. If.A.'.*- S.E. i-or.  JImi-k!-; AHinv  D.n. Clink, Ag'int.  Dfitecl December Idtn, 21*10.  Mt's Cotfoo Roof Coiiapoufld,  Tan erroati Ulmlnn Toiiii?, nail  iiwily wni'o oii'oiminl ���������Alnnthly.  allomilatoi'oa.whloli wonion can  rd0|>aiiil. Hold hi throe ilogrnes  W of MronBtli-No. ������. 1*11 No. ������,  J) 10(lo������no������.iHtroaBOr__h3| No. a,  9 forspcolahoaiioii, IS per be*  ,____}  Bold liy all tlniiwuto, or h������>0  vfV      proimld on rocofpli of prion.  9fltl'*Ul8ieiHlC0..Ttinfl'ITO,UHT. U������rmtrlvWirM*i>a  K*-I*-t*'i*i*'l'*t������t*'J-j*'l<'l-<(->j[-'j<*l*>l^(*^*'l*^ji  P   o  I   ������  I   ^  <  ���������ii  E  i  c  si  $  6  XIUW.RX LAM.) DWVTJfOT  Dlfttri.ili of llii'iflrt,  TAKK KOTKlli! fiat LiMitm .Shei-pirnl,  c'l ' nuei'iivir. Ij. C, ii'iin'iod ivo.*i:������n, in-  t'-ni^K to imply for 1'oi'minNiou to iui!,i.'li,'i���������fl  tho lollovintf '.1,1,1'ribccl liia.i.'ij'-C'i'.ii-w.  emp   at r������ pen'-pliiDt-'it nt tho iii-uih   t%.������n*.  c nm* ot fcvCiiini 24, Tov^shiii ;H, IIihhcj  north W) chilii)i,   thanci* 'ViKt ,'Vi d'ninf,  tlt<*ii<;���������.- iioufb SOohahi',   ihonoo   i-nrt  .'���������<)  ohdnr. to phco ������f '.loiiiiiiiuoinviiiiii'i, ������>.,-.-i.  taii,in.' iHO uurou, more or I*,������ ���������.  Biribidon p.im Wn >.,V.. or.rii-,-'.  JjiMiAM ^'narTinji.  ' 1'.Im, i'!'ti������!'if,;Ai.fi.'������t,  D/it1"! Dcoembor 13ib,,llhO.  RUPRRTUNDliE-'irr./pT  Dlulriot of ilu port.  TAKE NOTIOU that Wlli.a.-.. Wmirof.ii  Slioppufd, nf Vunoouvor, ti.O,,-^.),.  inct iui*kur, iutouda to apply fit pori*";*!-  hIoii t" jiiirOiinnn tha following utfccr.otx!  luidh! Cforanoncld/i nt n piat plninni nno  milo went of tho ������outhi.knt corner .f Moo*  lionlM, TewnMlip 21. thn..o������ uorlh Wl  ohulim, ttinnoo vH.'it 10 chaitiD, tlionK>  lOirbHO olmfiid, tlmtiou oiut, 80 .hiuiu 'o  plucii of ooiniiiniieomoiit., oontaiiiiiij. i!10  aor<������', moro or or.  Soiibrid on |io*l W W B'i< f! S. no.-r. :���������  WiMiiAM WnnMA.vSnni'i'Arir..  Dntrrl Peotmber 18th, 1910.  ItUl'KHT LAND 1J1.S1 KKIT  IJjutrlct of Ullpart.  TAKK KOTICK   that VVillfniu KV.iJ.  rinkTa������kor. ot V.-noouver ]?,(:. ninaufui mr  orHHKout, Intiwlw to apply tor tiirati i.'"ti  lO purchftiti tlmfollrWi.iff tlri;pn\)f)il hit,,) ;  I'niiiintnnlnrfiit t not i\lt>,>������.. ��������� '>. . ;  a-ilii rant of Urn tiorihwiaticoi-ii-r it f*'i-  ti>iii IH, Towi'rtip v ihiim������<.i.i������iiM)f.h,iink  ti'oiii'c eoutn Q0 eli**i<i, lima* w e< i 6u  I'hnlnJ, thoi ci north ftl ohflia 11 pine*���������<<'  coiriin������"ioro������,������t, ooitninitiff 'MO i.������*r ���������������'  inori> > c lo������,  Mori .-ion po������t WKTk NM". non r-r  I* ll.LIAM KllNDBICK 'J'AaKSH,  Unit Clara, Aj,o.it.  DnUi' I) c������ntl'������jr 10ih, 1010,  f*i  vm*  CD  \mt������'*M  kH4'H-^4'.!-$^HH*4^-W-H-H*  llUPRKrLANDUI8THlOr  Didtrio if Huioirt.  TAKK NOTICK that Imbrth Mcn'i-  lou-i, uf Vanoonvpr, 11. V., ������������lm  ohrk, inien'Utrt apply for ii#rinir������ii'*i tn  i ure!iM'<" ha lidlow lu i 'hiiil- ii Uuij*:-  t'nii Di'Doiii* nt ������ p������'������'t pbntoriat hi i(, r h  the Cfa^itfi 80 ciihid   thonco O'H   bd  elnili*. Ih i,oi   rniit'i Ht) olimiaii,   thiitnv  ,wuHt 80, h i m,  o tldfi* of   cownvu'**.'  im* t. coi t������inii'(r(itMi-t'*i'Kinnic u' i������������n5,  .S.-rlb don p'^f IM'* N U.^ti.ui..',  Ih.ihki,u iMoNKHOr.llC,  ii Dim ''ptik, Amu t  V> t������'<UJ<coH,ij t LCiU. U>.(V  ���������aU 8^^5^S5*^R*"*"*"*S**********E>*"*"?***I*"****?^  .LJU.IL.U-.WiUU.UJJJUlllUWJIII.  tmmamm*am  ������������UJ������..U11J1������JUU������UI  I||1UIIIM||HI|UUU1I#,  J   .    ' .'       . '?     *(iTy77~7T**T~*'''':*-''T*l,^**"*M**^���������_������l������w���������^  ���������an ..i���������.i.^^.., ���������������������������,���������, ,-_-rr..^ ,���������--���������,���������.  i. \  THE   NEWS,   CUMBERLAND,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  SUFFERED  23 YEARS  Ctnstant Sufferer From Chron-  v   lo Catarrh Ralisvod by  Parana.-  Mrs. J. H.  Bour Van d,  San Saba.  Texas, writes  ' "Fpr 23 yenrs  I whs a constant sufferer  from chronic  catarrh. j  had a sov-  cre misery  and burnint*  in tho top  of my head.  There was almost a continual dropping of mucus into my  throat which  cnused frequent expec:  to ration. My  entire system gradual-.  ly became involved, and  my condition  grew worse.  I hadan'incessant cough and frequent  attacks of bilious colic, from which it  seemed'I could not recover, My how-  els also became affected, causing  alarming attacks of hemorrhages. I  tried many remedies, whi.cjijriive only  temporary relief or no relief at all.  I at last* tried Peruna, and in three,  days I was relieved of the bowel derangement. After using five bottle?  I was entirely cured. I most cheerfully recommend the use, of Peruna  to any one similarly afflicted."  Mr������. J. H. Bourlandi  Stern Necessity  "I"cannot "live hut a week longer  without you."  "Foolish talk. Duke. How can you  fix upon a specific" length of time?"  "Ze landlord fix on it, miss,, not I."  The hotter the campaign the faster  the 'fat will fry.  fiTATE OF OniO ClTT OF TOLEDO, I   ���������   ,  ...., : Lucas countv. -   ..������������������ p8* ' ���������   ( ���������>'  Frank J. Cukhey makes oath that he Is senlot  partner ol tba Ira ot F. J. Cheney * Co.. doing  business la the City ol Toledo, County and State  ���������loraiM, and that said firm will.pay the ium ol  ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS lor each and every  ~**jBC.oI������GATARHB_that.ciinuot,be._cured_Uy_J,l__uu_i_ot  H*u/a Catarrh Curk. 7 7  FRANK J. CHENEY.  Sworn to before mo and subscribed In my presence.  IMa fib day ot December, A. D��������� 1836. ,  j ~*-" I A. W. QLEA80N.  I^i'l-   ' '���������'....���������'������������������ Notary public.  . Hall's Catarrh Cure la taken Internally and acts  llroctlyupon the blood and mucous aurlacea ot the  lyatem.  Semi [or testimonials, Iree.  ���������������    - F. J. CHENEY * CO.. Toledo, O.  Sold by all DniRRlsU. 75c. .  Take Hall's Family Pills lor constipation.  The solemnity of the meeting was  somewhat disturbed when the eloquent young theologian pictured in  growing words the selfishness of men  who spent their evenings at the club,  leaving their wives in lonelinos" at  home. "Think, my hearers," said he,  "of a poor, neglected wife, all alone  in the great dreary house, rocking the  cradle of her sleeping babe with one  foot and wiping her tears with the  other."  '"What makes the crowd gather so  Over there?"  "Oh, vulgar curiosity, I suppose,  Let's go over."���������Harvard Lampoon.  Baby Nearly  Mrs, M.O. Maltiand. of .Tanpor,  ANit., toll* in tho following lottor of  nor child's rcmarkablo euro by tho  ���������Cuticura llowodioei  . t'Whrn my boy w������ about three month.  told lib lictid brulio out Willi a nuih which  *w������i very iU'hy and nm a watqy Quid. We  tried nVtirytlifnK wo could butliu got woir  Mil tho tl/no, till It Bpiuncltq bin arnw, hw  Huid then to Ills ontue body, He rot *  bad that he cuno near dying. The, rat'  jrouW Jtcli w that ho would eeretch ti  the Wood raa and. a thin, yollowlili itui  got woiro  jifj thi'ii (6 his ohllrrj bpdy,   lie Kot ������.d  'ten  lowL  \ thi  nrewnt htm twirMWiMii;  Ww'iti'et  dyinit.  .. would ���������..  S������������iOeeJFbvor~hDi nlllowV^e tvoru ,  ln������. I had to put mitten* onlih liuudii to  Srewnt htm teariait id* iJdn,  Ho wns ol-  io������t ii ekdotaa ewiiui littlo hands were  thin Uko claws.  _"HP fM. ���������?!"* tb<*ut *W month* plion  *m.l\M Uutlcuru Ituniedlna, , I had not  laid him down In lila andlo In tlie duy-  time for e, long wlille. I wwhod him with  Cutlcurn ttoap end put oa one application  of Cutlcurft Ointment and he wan ������o  ioothod that he could sleep. You don't  know how, Rind I was he felt better, It  took ono box of Cuticura Ointment and  ���������pretty now pnq c*ko of Cuticurn Boap to  ���������cure him, I think our boy would have  ���������died, but for the Cutlcurn lUpvedta ar.tl 1  ���������hill always remain a Arm frfrnd of them.  T.������ wtr rurwl mnr������ thnti fw(ir*ty vakmi tii������r> I  lend th wo has beoa no return of tho I  (Signed) Mas. M. 0, MArn^Nn,  Janpur, Out,  Ho more ronflnflng pjoof of tho tfit-1  ewiy iuhI f.������>rioiny of the Cuticura Item*'  ���������sdlfifi could be plven. As la this Instance. ���������  ���������, stiiKlo cuki) nf Cuticura Boap anil t>ox ol  r*iiMrni", n|n|rni'*it nn> oftfn miflli'lMit '  Hold throughout the world. 1'oUor Drug j  A Chein, Cora- Hnlo J'rope., llOHtnn, '  B.������, A. Benil lux tree Cuticura Booklet,  toa sldu aad scalp dluftiweo.  HUGGED THE SKELETON.  And   Then    Chopin    Composed    Hi������  Famous Funeral March.  A picturesque ^account of the in-  spiration sought'by Chopin for tho  composition of his famous funeral  march, afterward inserted in his pi-  aao sonata in B flat minor, is told by  the venerable painter, M.s Ziem, in  the Annales.  M. Ziem, who is now aged ninety,  relates that when little more than a  boy. after a dinner party in a friend's  studio, he had the idea, in a fit ol  high spirits, to bring from a cup.  board a skeleton. The Princo da  Polignnc, who was of tho party, insisted on placing the skeleton on a musio  stool and guiding tho bones of tha  fingers over the keys of the piano.  This was in the romantic thirties,  and the savor of tho exploit was much  oonrecinted.  'Not long after Chopin called on  M. Ziom to seek respite after an ap-  palling nisht passed in a struggle  with ghosts that had stroked him,  twined round him and sought to  entice him to tho underworld. The  recital of his nightmares recalled to  M. Ziem the piano performance by  the skeleton and the Princo de Po-  lignac.  Chopin shuddered; then he asked,  "Have you a skeleton?" M. Ziem  had not," but promised to obtain ono  that very evening.  "Then," ha goes on, "what had  been only a frolic became something  grand, agonising, terrible. Pale, his  eyes burning with fever, Chopin wrap-  ped himself in a long winding sheet  and as he sat at the piano held  against his bosom the skeleton, the  specter of his sleepless nights.  "In the lugubrious silence the notes  streamed from tho piano, broadly,  slowly, overwhelmingly���������an unim-  agined music���������the funeral march! It  was created there before our eyes,  and it dragged our souls into its unholy rhythm.  "Then the strains died down. We  rushed toward Chopin. He had put  forth so prodigious an effort that we  'thought he had fainted in his winding sheet."  Bogus Baronet���������Deceased.  "Tho bogus baronet is as dead as  the proverbial door-nail," remarked  the detective, laying down his cigarette. "He will no longer be able to  impose upon simple-minded folk.  He will never again live on the fat of  other people's lands, or parade in  borrowed plumage. His reign is  ended."  . "Whv?" asked the editor anxious-  ly, for M' "B.B." had figured promin-  _e_ntjy��������� in_many^ of_hia_ plots.   Because," answered "th"e "'expert,  "the first authentic list of barot-ats is  about to be published, and only those  who are named in it will be recognized. It was King Edward's idea.  He discovered that under the old  haphazard system it was next to impossible to differentiate between real  and sham baronets. So. he ordered an  ,-��������� ''���������linl 1 ist. to be drawn up; and it  will probably be revised and published annually. Yes, you will have to  look out for a fresh type of villain,  I'm afraid," he added, "for in a very  short while this type will certainly  become extinct."���������Answers.  BUY COCKSHUT   DRILLS  THE FRAME WITH ONE BEAM INSURES A STRONG FOUNDATION.  .  Reno Style ,  "Gladys looks quite different since  she separated from her husband���������-  sho now woars her hair a la divorce."  "How's that?"  "Parted."  RHEUMATISM CURED  TO STAY CURED  Liniments of No Avail���������The Trouble  Must be Treated Through  The Blood  I  This article is intended as a talk to  the man or woman with rheumatism  who wants to be cured. Not merely  relieved, not half cured, but actually  cured. The most a rheumatic sufferer can hope for in rubbing t something on the swollen aching joints is  a little relief. And all tho while the  trouble is becoming more* firmly seated. Medical authorities now know  that rheumatism is rooted in, the  blood, and that while rubbing on liniments or hot fomentations may give  temporary relief, they cannot possibly  cure���������you must go to the root of the  trouble in the blood. That is why  Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure rheumatism. They make new, rich, blood,  which expels tho poisonous acid, and  the rheumatism disappears. There  are thousands of former rheumatic  sufferers in Canada, now well and,  strong, who thank Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills that they arc now free from the  aches and \jains and tortures of this  dreaded trouble. Mr. Joseph Ludding-  ton, New Harbor, N.S., says: "Some  three years ago my wife was stricken  with rheumatism, and suffered so  much that we despaired of her ever-  getting well again. At first she was  able to go about, but in spite of all  we did for her she grew so bad that  we had to lift her in and out of bed  and finally the pain grew so excruciating that we could only move her  little by litt'e, with tho sheet under  her. Finally we were induced to get  Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for her. I  do not remember just' how many  boxes she took but I do know that  they were tho first medicine that  reached the disease, and that she'continued to' improve until she was again  as well as ever, and could do her  household work. To us it is simply  marvellous what Dr, Williams' Pink  Pills did for her and we aro glad to  'Rive~this'testi)trionial -in- the-hope-that  it will benefit some other poor sufferer."  Dr. William's Pink Pills are sold  by all medicine dealers or will be  sent by mail at 50 cents a box or six  boxes for ?2.50 by writing The Dr.  Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,  Ont.   .  My   Lover's  Return  Ah, joyful day-, the day I longed (;to  see.  How often have I hoped to see thy  dawn.  How weary havo I been the days gone  hy.  The  dnys   that    left   me    to    my  thoughts  alone  But nh, those weary thoughts of mine  Today   have    vanished    like     the  morning's   dew,   > a  Because   I    have  within  my  reach  again  The hoint which I do lovo so true.  Mlnard's   Liniment   Cures   Dandruff  Coral ostrich feathers are wonderfully effective on a' black velvet hat.  WHAT EVERY WOMAN  SHOULD KNOW  DODD'S KIDNEY PILLS THE SURE  CURE FOR ALL ACHES  AND PAINS.  Dr. Russel Wallace.  That great scientist and traveler,  Dr. Russel Wallace, who recently  added to his many astonishing  achievements by writing yet another  book, "The World of Life," is now in  his 89th year.  He'started life as a land surveyor,  and subsequently became a teacher,  but Darwin's "Voyage of a Beagle"  aroused his interest ih botany and  entomology, with the result that he  immediately started off on tho first  of the many voyages which have  filled his life.  Dr. Wallace's flrat trip was to,the  Amazon, but on returning all his  scientific researches woro lost in a  shipwreck, Then, instead of coming  back to England, ho went to tho  Malay Archipelago, where ho stayed  eight years, and tho result was an  opooh-making book.    .  Our Grandmother's Curls.  An early Victorian coiffure, is reappearing in London and Paris, for  the,,sausage curls, three on each side  of the faoo, aro oomintr into fashion  again. The youthful stylo of hat now  worn by tall women is responsible  for. tho faRhion, says tho coiffures, bo-  obuho tho curls fill out hollows just  hack of the ears, The caps so popu-.  lar now havo also had their sharo In  bringing back this stylo, nn littlo  ringlets peeping from tho sides of tho  laoo and flowor trimmed ten capu  sown nocftssary,  Another enrly, Victorian stylo which  Is being introduced is tho decollete  gown stoning off tho shoulders. Tho  ugly littlo enpo which accompanied  this sort of Iroek )m not como back  with it, A variety of beautiful searf  capos in fur, velvet and chiffon aro  \m\d in place of. tho stiff tight ahoul-  dor cjipc-s of old".  A Dog Hotel,  Beef bono broth and good, Bound  food aro served in warm, woll-alrod  rooms to tho hail a huiuirml or ������u  ���������Jot,.*, in Ihe BrHJ."h i'.np' hotel, nr-nY  Southampton, whore the Board of  Agriculture takes care for a certain  length of timo of all dogs brought  Into Britain, so as to make suro that  hydrophobia does not creep in       ,  Ho Had Been Holped Once.  Two Turks wero at a French banquet. Toward tho end of the feast a  Frenchman selected a toothpick from  tho tray near him and poliUily pass.  or] thf tray on to IiIh nolghlior, who,  however, , peremptorily declined tho  offi'r, exclaiming*.  "No, thank youj 1 have already  eaten two of tho accursed things."  Then He Went Mad.  Mihlrml���������Pnpn, will our new main-  mn iro mad nftor nwhilof  Father���������What a question!  Why do  i you th*nk mi^h a thiner  Mildred-Well, I haard h������r t*ll th������  cook ycftterdny that she got "badly bitten when the married youl  Speaking of some    men's   heads-  there is plenty of room at the top.  TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY  Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine  Tablets. Druggists refund money if it  fails to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature on each box.   25c.  A woman can't resist buying a ten-  cent pan marked down to nine cents,  even if her kitchen is full of them.  The chap who gets a free ride in a  patrol wagon isn't carried away with  enthusiasm.  ShiJoh's Cure  quiokly steps coughs, eures colds, heals  the throat and limes. .   .   . lift oasts.  He���������"D'you think you could aing  'For over and over?' "  8ho~-"Wcll, I don't think so. I'm  only down hero for tho week-end."  '.It Bldi Pnln Begone.���������When newaltfla  racks tho norvos or lumbago cripples tho  hack tn tho tlmo to tost tho vlrtucR of  Dr, Thomas' Kolootrio Oil. Woll rubbed  In It, will still tho pain and iiroduoo a  Bonoation of cano and rent. Thoro in  nothlniif Uko It, as a llnlmont for ltd our.  atlvo proportion aro uroat, A trial of it  will oBtablltih faith in It.  Mrs, Vaillancourt adds her experience to the great mass of proof that  Dodd's Kidney Pills are woman's  best friend.  -That the  Lafond, Alberta (Special),  women of  the  West  Dodd's Kidney Pills  from those aches and pains that only  women know is becoming more evident every day, and Mrs. Agnes Vaillancourt, of  this  place  gladly  gives  her experience as an addition to the  mass oi proof that is being piled up.  "For three years I suffered intensely with Kidney Disease," Mrs. Vaillancourt states. "I had pain everywhere. I only used six boxes of  Dodd's Kidney Pills and I am completely cured of all my aches and  pains.   I am in perfect health today."  Woman's health depends on her  Kidneys, If they are not in perfect  order the impurities are- not strained  out of her blood and she cannot be  healthy. She feels it in every part  of her body and the results is that  she is weary and worn and full of  aches and pains. What every woman  should know is that there is sure relief and perfect health for her if she  uses Dodd's Kidney Pills.  HOW CURRELLY ROSE. ,  Canadian Archaeologist Went In For  Many Lines of Work.  It is oftentimes & curious and interesting study to trace out the chain  oi circumstances by which somo men  attain to positions of prominence in  the world. That their success in many  cases is due apparently to some  chance turn of the wheel of fortune is  matter of common observation.  Tn tln> case of Charles Trick Cur-"  roily, who, at the comparatively early  njivot' inirty-t'our, holds the important  position of Director of the new Arch-  aeologicul Museum of tlie University  of Toronto, and is himself an archaeologist of international fame, his whole  career; so far as it concerns itself  with his chosen calling, depends on  the eccentric purchase ono day in a  London shop of a littlo Egyptian  image.  To got the story from his own lips  one must visit him in what will be  the -scene of his future labors. The  Museum, of which only the basement  has been completed, is still in a  chaotic condition, and the visitor  must needs climb over piles of earth  and make his way awkwardly thjough  a window in order to reach ihe finished portion of the building. Here  Mr. Currelly, who, by the way, has  only recently come to Toronto from  London to take up   his   permanent  Typhoid fever and other epidemics  prove to be diminished by floods, instead of being increased, as has been  supposed.  Minard's Liniment relieves Neuralgia  "Yes, ma'am," said the salesman;  "the price of that goods is $10 a yard,  and it is worth every dollar of-'it."  "I don't doubt that, sir," responded  the sharp-featured woman, "it's worth  probably every dollar, considered in  its separate and individual capacity  as a dollar, but it isn't worth ten of  them. Show mo something else, if  you please."  Blcl'lo'B Anti-OonRiimptlvo Syrup Is an  unparalleled romody for coldm couglm  Influenza and diseasei* of the throat and  lunBfl. Tho fame of the medicino routs  upon years of BiicnoHRful ubo in eradicating those affections, and in protoctlni.  mankind from the fatal ravages of consumption, and as a neglected cold leads  to consumption, one cannot be too careful to fight it in its early stages, Bioklo'fl  Syrup Ib tho woapon, use it.  A short time since a Mr. Knott wns  tried in an interior county of Georgia  for a violation of law. The verdict of  the jury was: "We find the prisoner  Knott guilty." The judge was at a  loss whether to sentence or not.  Mrs.Hutton���������"Wo aro organizing a  piano club, Mr, Flatloigh, Will you  join us?"  Flntloigh.���������"With plonsuro, Mrs.  Hutlonl What pianial do you pro-  pose to club first?  Plenty of fresh air,  sleeping out-doors and a  plain, nourishing diet art  all good and helpful, but  the most important of  Scott's Emulsion  It is the standard treatment prescribed by physicians all over the world  for this dread dbease. It  is the ideal food-medicine to heal the lungs  and build up the wasting  body.  roR sal* yiy am. mtcootm  i 1 Sm4 ���������*������.,��������������������������������������� ������f **t** utklfilto  oar l*������������ullfiil tUvltw ll.nk m4 OblM't  HktU.bD.itk. Koch timk *.uUl������������ * Qmt  L*wfc V*a������t>  SCOTT * SOWN!  tM WslMwf Si., WmI. Tat^to,0t4  Sorn Throat is no trifling ailment  It will sometimes carry infection to  the cniro system through   the   food  you oat,   Hamlin's Wizard Oil curoB  Soi-o Throat.  Self-control is nn admirable trait  that puts a lot of so-called pleasure  in tho discard heap.  Mlnard's Liniment for sale everywhere  If >r woman knows a thing, it  doesn't tako her husband long to  know nbout it.  Corns raaRo much sufforlnir hut TTol-  loway's Corn Cure offorg a epoedy sure,  and Hfttldfaotory rellof.  nre finding in res_,ieilce. js to be found superintend-  a sure relief ing the iniUal work of getting the .  place in "shape for the reception of  bis treasures. A man of solid build  and medium height, he has the cultured speech and the conversational  charm of one who has long been associated with men of intellect and  artistic ability. Added to this is a  noticeable enthusiasm for his work,,  which betrays itself in the earnestness  with which he speaks of,his plans.  And now to trace out the. curious  chain of incidents which have been  instrumental in bringing him to his  present enviable position.      Born  at  Exeter, Ontario, in 187G, of a fami'y  which can trace its descent back to  a refugee Lombard family from northern   Italy,   he   inherited   an   artistic  temperament,  which will account  in  >iome degree  for his ��������� subsequent  career.   He   was   entered   at   Victoria  University   in -1894,  and,    strangely  enough, took up the, natural science  course of the University of Toronto,  _3.t_udy.ing__und_er__ Professors    Ramsay_  Wright    and-  Coleman". " Following"  graduation in 1898 he undertook lay  missionary work in the Dauphin district of Manitoba  on behalf of  the  Methodist Church, but, realizing the  limitations   of  his  training   and  his  lack of reading, he returned to Victoria at the end of two years and entered upon the study of philosophy,  political science, Greek and Hebrew.  In  this work   he  was. brought  into  close touch   with  Prof.  Mavor,  who  suggested that he should go to France,  and, to secure his doctor's degree, investigate how much the conflict of the  forces of the Church and Socialism  was influencing the working classes.  With tho object in view of becoming  for tho 'purpose a journeyman wood-  carver, he set out for the continent.  .  Up to this point nothing out of tho  ordinary had happened.   He reached  London,'., where:''ho purposod staying  for a week and discussing his work  with Prince Kropotkin, whom he had  known for, some time,   Ono day ho  chanced to notice in the window of a  London'shop a littlo Egyptian figure.  Ho know something about the subject  nf Fisvntian nntiqirties, having been  interested in a collection of curios  wnicti Mr, Walter Massey had onco  brought back to Toronto, and, dooming tno image valuable, ho purchased  it nnd !put it in his pocket,, A little  later he was wandering through   tho  British Museum rind quite accidentally became ongngod   in conversation  with nn old Uontloman,' Dniwi'ng his  handkorohief from   his   pocket,  tho  imago rolled out.   The old gentleman,  to  whom   ho  thereupon   showe<l   it,  was nuioh iiitcosWl, nnd ihoy began  to talk about Egypt.   To this chance ���������  conversation Mr.  Currolly owed  the  intrnduMion ho then received to Iho  groat   Egyptologist,   Prof,   Flinders  Potrlo. Tho old gontloman wna a eon-  trolling force in the Egypt Exploration Fund, of which Pctrie was the  notivo head.   In half an hour from  tho timo ho mot Potrie he wan ofK-rod  '   Galloping Reporter .  W. It. Holt, the,galloping reporter,,  trom London, described neatly at the  New York Press Club the essentials  of good reporting.  "A good reporter," he said, "should  be able to handle a man as an as-  astronomer handles a telescope���������that  is, he should be able to draw him  out, sec through him and shut him  up."���������New York Sun.  CURED HIS BLADDER TROUBLE.  Two hunters returning from tho  CntsklllH, deckled to trv somo Now  York Oltv humor upon the agent of a  Utile railroad station in the foothills.  "When does tho 3.40 train got lnl������"  asked one.  Thn old man regarded him seriously and at length. "Wall," he said,  ''she generally gets in just a loetle bo-  hind the engine."  Tin tor they approached him respectfully, "About timo thnt train is duo,  isn't It UneleP"  "Yon," said thn agent, she's about  duo, Thovo comes tho conductor's  dog, "���������Everybody's Magazine.  "TTow h thr> now flllnp; system?  BueoossP "risked thn ngant of tho mer-  ohnnt to whom he had sold a "system" a few, days before,  "Great," said the merchant.  "Good," snld tlio merchant, mlv  Wma h!;. lia-'Js. "And how _������������������ the  business?" I;  "nusinessP" cohoed thn merchant.  "Oh, wo hnvo stopped business to at-  tond to tho filing Hystorn."  Smith and Brown, running opposite  wnyn round a corner, struck eneb  other.  "Oh." says Smith, "how you mado  my bend ring!"  "That's a sign it's hollow," said  Brown.  "Didn't yours ring," said. Smith.  "No," said Brown.  "That's n sign it's cracked," said  his friend .���������Idnas  The longer a woman Is married to a  mnn ihe moro respect aho may have  (or an old bachelor.  tho position of tho explornr's assist-  nnt, Prince Kropotkin, with whom he  disouflftod tho proposal, advised him to  accept it, and in this way his caraer  as an nrchaoologiat began,  Aa an archnoologist Mr, Currelly  has hnd a distinguished enreor. Ho  was personally responsible for several  ol tho more important discoveries of  rooont yoars,  Talked With Their Hands.  Hon, I. B," Lucas, M,P,P��������� is telling  a good weathor atory, It is about  two Jows. If Mr, Lucas represented  somo constituencies perhaps no would  n,pt toll tho story, but as ho represent  a Groy riding it doosn't mnttor. Thoso  two iluwu iiom walking along a '.'tro'-t  In Winniper? tho other day. The trior,  momntnr was forty bnlow 7.oro, "but  we don't fool it." Thouo two .Tows,  however, did leel It, and they were  walking along with ehouldora bent  so thnt thoy could got their hnnds  light uov.n L the bottom;) of thrlr  pockets, Thoy wnllcod along in dead  sllorico. Finally ono said to tho  other*.  "Ikoy, why don't you talk?"  Tlio reply came back ���������. "Why don't  you tnlk yourself, and froosse your own  hawliP"  Th* Deoedent Drama.  1800. ,  I hata to see a problem play  In which tho loadinir lady  Foela often called upon to say  lior former Itfo waa shady.  1010.  Wut to the modern problem pis/  The old !��������� not a marker.  For now we hear the lady nay  Her future will be darlcor,  -Club Fellow.  Mr. Herbert Bauer, of Davisville,  says be owes Gin Pills a debt of gratitude which he can never repay. He  suffered for years with Bladder Trouble, and could not pass urine except  by much straining, which caused  great pain.'  Mr. Bauer sent for a free sample of  Gin Pills. The first do'se did him so  much good that he ordered six boxes  and began to take them regularly.  A month's treatment completely cured  him.  You can try Gin Pills before you  buy them. Write National Drug &  Chemical Co. (Dept. N.U.), Toronto,  for free sample. At all dealers 50c  a box, 6 for $2.50.  Always say just what you think���������if  you don't want to, make friends.  Jewels cost more than kisses; they  don't count for as much with women.  SHohbGwe  ooickly stops coughs, cures colds, heal*  the  throat and  luces.-   -   ���������  26 Mats.  Nervous Party���������"The train seems to  be travelling at a fearful pace,  ma'am."  Elderly Female���������"Yus, ain't it? My  Bill's a-drivin' of the 'ingin, an' 'e  can make 'er go when 'e?8 got a drop  o' drink in 'im."  ���������Piso'S  ^^rH^ESTMEDICINE^  nSnioucHS h Colds!  REST AND HEALTH TO MOTHER AND CHILD.  MB.S. 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That laborer was passing poor who did  not, know him and the delicacies he  hawked ab.ut the streets.  English stories take the muflln for  granted in detailing the ways and meant)  of family life. Our dignified lexicon has  five or six words, Single and compound,  in which It figures.  The muflln itself is "a light, round,  epongy cake. The English variety Is  usually oalen toasted and buttered."  The plain fact being that the English  muflln is IT! and that all others are  "varieties",of the original stock. This  Is tacitly acknowledged In America, In  the sale of "English ;mufllns" by every  baker. Another dictionary defines tho  lword as "a cylindrical cake, usually  eaten' for breakfast and tea."  In England���������the home of the muffin  and the haunt of the muflln man���������the  appearance of the "cake," toasted, hot  and buttered, marks the distinction between, a simple "afternoon tea" and a  ' "high tea," at which function thin slices  of pink ham accompany the muffin, and  marmalade makes of it a second course.  . The .English housemothers, say that  what' go In "the States" for mu81n3  " ehould have other names. The muffin  proper as known to them, and which has  come down from immemorial days���������centuries, perhaps���������is invariably "raised"  with yeast. The same Is asserted of the  crumpet, which is a first cousin of the  tened on top and bottom, with straight  sides,   having   tulien   the   form   of   tho  ' ring.   Lexicographers tuke notice of the  muflln ring, too,  When I was a child my young blood  was chilled and my curly hair stood  up straight at the hearing of a &rew-  some conundrum sprung upon a party  of youngsters by an evil-minded lad.  It had to do with a "bottomless vessel  to hold blood and bones In." It was  mingled relief and disappointment to  learn that the horror was a weddlntf  ring. Going into the kitchen soon after,  nnd seeing the colored mistress of the  realm pouring batter into a bottomless  vessel that yet did not let it escape, I  ever thereafter associated It with the  ghastly puzzle.      (  That the ring retained the semlllquld  remained a mystery until I was old  enough to comprehend that the hgt  griddle upon which it was set instantly  seared the batter into a bottom crust.  MOST of our readers never ' so  much as heard of htm until Mrs.  Whitney's inimitable series of  "We Girls" .books introduced  two lines of the old English song to us.  Some, like myself, may have seen the  Absurd travesty, of it In vogue twenty-  odd years ago at Summer , watering  places and Adirondack hotels, when a  line of young persons joined nands and  danced to music, up one side of th������  room and-down the other, singing:   O  don't_you_know_lhe mufliiuman  Who Uvea In Maiden lane?  The youth of either sex Jn front of  whom the laughing singers halted.  marking time to the merry tune and  singing the challenge, was expected to  rise, join In the chant, link hande with  the member of the gang at the end of  the line and dance to the piping of hie  or her comrades,  Mrs. Whitney's girls invited their associates to unite In the house-to-house  mission of dally loving and dally serving begun by the Holablrds and their  congeners.  They ��������� sang the lino correctly, if my  memory serves mo aright.''  Origin and date of Ihe ancient ditty  ere unknowr to this generation.  O-h-hl do you know the muflln man  Who lives In Drury lane?  may  have   antedated   tho. actors   who  mado  Mio   "kane"    famous,    Or,    for  aught any of us now alive can say, It  may have been the chorus to a satirical  roundelay,   We would call it now "a  topical  song."  Tho muflln man It Immortalizes was  ono of tho best-known figures tn tho  London streets two centuries ago.  The.gravo nuthor of a work upon tho  vexed question ot "London Labor and  in a tolerably warm place, where the  temperature will remain even all night.  In t'������o > summer six hours Is enough  for the rising.  In the morning sift half a pint of flour  upon the foaming surface ami beat.It In  hard with'a wooden spoon, The result  should bo a feoft .dough, rather than  batter, Let this rise for half an hour,  or until It nearly doubles in bulk, and  pour into the muflln rings. These should  be well greased and arranged In order  upon tho hot 'griddle on the top of the  range. Much depends upon the heat,of  griddle and range.  *. A soapstonc griddle needs no greasing.' If you use an iron griddle, bo sura  to grease It evenly and well.  In ten minutes slip, a coke-turner  under the muffins and invert them dexterously. When both sides are done run  n knife blade around the inside of each  ring and turn out the mutllns. Split  while hot, butter and send to table at  once.  They, are best> when eaten fresh. Yet  .the English rarely do this. Nor do we  who buy the muffins from the baker  who (Ills with us the place of the muffin  man. Muffins are no longer peddled from  door to door or cried in the streets,  "well swathed In flannel to retain the  heat."  The modern Englishwoman likes them  as well when warmed over by toasting  the inside of the split cake. Which  splitting, by the way, must be done by  tearing apart the halves after running  a kniie around the outer edge.  English Crumpets  Stir into *three gills of blood-warm  water a tablespoonful of melted butter  and a half teaspoonful each of sugar  and salt.' Lastly, break a quarter of a  yeast cake Into bits and crumble It Into  the mixture.  Have ready a half-pint cupful of  sifted flour, and beat into this with a  wooden spoon. It should make a,very  stiff batter.  .Add more flour gradually  if'It is not stiff at first. ''Have at hand  a scant cupful of warm (not hot) milk  and add to the batter (or dough) slowly,  beating steadily until the batter is just-  full.    Shallow   rings   are  required   for  crumpets, .which are not, when baked,  much   moro   than   half,- as   thick   as ���������  muffins..,  Ba������o steadily, turning when the under  side' is fully done. ".  Crumpets  are  not  split  before  they ���������  are eaten. ,  , English Bread Crumpets  These are  always  made on baking  , day,  Take out a pint of dough which has  risen all night and Is ready to he  wrought into loaves. Put Into a mixing  bowl and burrow a hole in the middle  nbout halfway to tho .bottom of tho  mass. Have two eggs beaten very light  and with a wooden spoon work them  Into the dough.  When they have yellowed the dough  all through, begin'to boat In lukewarm  milk until .you have a batter a little ���������  thicker than that of griddle cakes. Mix  and stir hard for a, minute, cover and  leave to rise for an hour.  Pour by. the ladleful upon a hot  griddle; turn when the- lower side Is  done. Butter while they aro smoking  hot and serve.  They are lighter than tho ' stirrer  muffin and not so tough. To my taatfc,  they are more palatable.  American Muffins  Which are���������the English being judges*  to be classed as "scones," and In Larf ���������  cashlre as "lard,cakes.'< .  They are, with a few exceptions,  quick breads," owing their buoyancy and  tenderness to the eggs and butter they  : contain.  Here is one of.the best of the tribe:  Bice Muffins  Cream together two tablespoonfuls of -  butter, or one of butter and one of lard, '  with a scant tablespoonful of sugar.  Beat three eggs , light and add to the  creamed shortening and sugar. Now  stir In a quart of milk (lukewarm) and  a pint of flour, sifted three times' with  a teaspoonful of baking powder. Next  beat In a teaspoonful of salt, and when  you have a thin;'smooth batter,a cupful  of cold boiled rice. Beat for two minutes; turn into greased pate pans and  , bake in a quick oven. Keep covered  for five minutes, then brown lightly.  Serve whole and at once. They will  be sweet, tender and delicious.' Break  apart and butter, when you begin to eat  them. With honey or powdered sugar  they make a nice dessert tor luncheon.  Hominy Muffins  -ftre-yet-more-toothsome-.than-rlce.������������������  Work into two  cups of fine hominy,  ���������strokes from the bottom of the bowl for  three minutes and stir In a teaspoonful  of soda dissolved in warm water. Last  of all, fold in a cupful of sifted flour  &i you would Into sponge cake.  Mix  and   bake  quickly   and   eat  hot.  They should melt In the mouth.  American Balsed Muffins ,  ' Make a smooth batter of a'- quart of.  milk, half a yeast cake dissolved in a ���������>,  little warm water, two tablespoonfuls  of white sugar, one tablespoonful of  butter, a teaspoonful of salt, and flour  for a good batter. It should have a little more consistency than pound-cake  batter. Pour into a bowl; cover and  let it rise all night in winter; in'sum-'  mer, six .hours. In the morning, or  when the'six hours are> up,  stir very'  "They nre baked on a griddle."  national "delicacy." And another distinguishing feoituro of both cousins���������  they nre bnked upon both sides upon a  grlddlo, whereas the "varieties" called  "muffins" with us nro usnolly bnked in  the oven nml not turned. Cnnnenuontly,  tho muflln and  the crumpet aro flat-  Thp following recipes nre given In reply to numerous requests for Instructions as to the manufacture of "real  "English muffins, such as wo get abroad  and which are sold by our bakers hero."  The formulas may be relied upon as  genuine'.' They, ,wero obtained in England and from authentic sources.  English Muffins  Heat a pint of milk to scalding,- but  do not lot It boll. Stir Into It a tablespoonful of lard or butter nnd let It get  lukewarm. Have ready sifted a pint of  flour and a teaspoonful of salt. It In.  well to sift it twice to make sure the  salt Is evenly distributed. Also, to dry  the flour In the sun or In an open oven.  Dissolve half a yeast cake In threo  tablespoonfuls of warm water and bent  Into tho batter, Heat ham for three  minutes, Set aside to rise in a howl,  covered with a thick cloth, or In a mixing bowl with u perforated cover,   Set  \  stiff enough to pour from the bowl, You  should ,keep up the beating for nt least  five minutes,   Let It rise four hours,  Grease your muffin rings; arrange  thfi.n upon a heated nnd greased griddle,  and when they are qulto warm pour the  batter Into   them   until   they  are  half  "Queen Muffins."  boiled nnd cold, three' cups of loppered  milk or sour buttermilk, two tablespoonfuls of melted butter, two even  tenspoonfuls of salt, two tablespoonfulH  of Riignr, and when theRe ingredients  lure thoroughly Incorporated, threo well-  (beaten eggs,   Beat with quick, upward  hnrd and boat Into It four well-beaten  eggs.  Havo your greased muflln rings arranged in a heated baking pan in a  quick oven. Pour in the batter, filling  each ring halfway to tho top; uhut the  oven ut onco and do not reopen It fur  twenty minutes,  THE   HOUSEMOTHERS.'   EXCHANGE  IMPORTANT NOTICE  ���������tnEOAVSK of tho enormous  hi numbor of letters sent to  ���������*������������������* tho Nmchanpe, I must ask  contributors to limit thoir com~  muiifcaffoiifl to too words, except  in eases of formulas ��������� or "recipe*  whioh require greater spaoe, I  want all my correspondents to  have a showinp in the Corner,  and if my 'request in this respect  is complied with it will he pomI-  me to print many more letter*.  Paying Debts  WW'article that bv "A Mother" (liar-  rlRburnr. Pa.), "How onn wo nay our  debts If other* do not pay, tut"   ������  An. astonishing number of puoplo aro oare-  Mil, n Hint respect.   My.huibn.nd has boon  ���������\ business  for twenty., yours,  nnd over*/  P  1  littlo while thoro ls.it low of 120 or.imj.  wlifeh, of courso, mnkos m got along upon  thnt much less, It In not Just, wo pay  our bills, nn mnttor how Inoonvon nnt t may  bo nt tlio tlmo, ns ovory ono should. W������  mny novo to wear ohonpor clothes thnn  snmo of our neighbors, but wo hnvo the approval of honest ennsoloncns.  Hnvo you room for a woo roalpo?  Pudding Sauoo  Ono tnblospoonful onoh of buttor nml flouri  a cupful of milk ami 11 of a cup of brown  "Xlt tho 'tumor ami stir In tho Hour until  Iho "roux" Is smooth!.boll throe minutes,  otlrr ng canstnnlly, nnd odd tho stignr, It Is  Rood I    ���������  Mrs, 11. F, W. (Davenport, In,),  Our correspondent touches nil too.  1'l.Mly upon the liilt'iilty of n^t "*v*.*l*irr |  one's honest debta. It Is nothing loss  thnn a dollbernto theft to shirk the  payment of n bill whon It In due, The  man or woman who lots tradesman or  lumlncsM iio'iuuliUaiiue or friend lose f������5  or $500 duo him for value received or  borrowed steals the amount ns truly ns  It he picked tlio uruuitor s -lockm or  robbed a silver chest.'  I am dlshonost������-uot almoHt, but actually���������If, when I contract u debt, r hnvo  not good reason for behoving that I oun  pay whon tho hill fulls duo. Tho  woman who does not pay her dross-'  mulcer does not own iho clothes glib  wears, The householder who dries not  t'riy tho grocer eritu nnd drinks ns o  imui'or might, at tho expense of tho mar.  who trusted him for thn food,  One ennnot he too punctilious lu thtu  ���������matter. Tho habit of "letting bill*  run" Is tho first step In n enu-er of  ihtovery., If you ore indllnod to doubt  thlH, sit down and compute tho amount  of Interest the creditor Iohos during the  weekjj or months of piperustlniitlon,  m  Fermented Jelly  I .have about forty  gin mob'of  Jolly of  various flavors  which havo souroil through  bidng kept In too warm u pUco, Tlio Joints  nro not molded, but now'-or firinonteut Can  'It bo.uaed In any,wayV-    ���������  Mrs, J. M, 0. (Sallna, Knn.),  Turn It nil livto a kettle; stir In a tea-  ,spoonful of tanking hoiIu, The maim will  offorvoHco furiously, Lot tho hubblon  subsldo und bring to n boll, Add a  cupful of Hiignr. tor every two uuurtH  of tho Jolly ,iml cook gently for ton  imiMitofl, Turn Into gimmes nml when  It Id ookl nnd Arm pour molted purafllno  upon tho Hiirlnoo nnu nt on the tops.  Kflop In a cool, tlnrlc plooo, \  Jollies nnd proservos retloemod from  absolute. uhoIohhiioiih In this way hnvo  not tho lino flavor of those which liuvo  not fermented, Vet thoy nro not tin-  pnlutublo and will do service In hiiucoh,  cake flllln.ru, etc, Thoy nro very tol-  orablo lit puddings. Bitch nn broad-anil-  Jam nuddlngs,  And the children cat them natlsfledly  with brood nnd buttor,  To Flavor Cot tape Cheese  .With roKiird to the recipe .for uottiiBo  otimmo published In a Into Issuv of tho Kx-  olmnBo, 1 would lay J have oqtoh tho snmo,  wliloli wns. vory nooil.   It lu  ovon  moro  .vii ui,     .vt.n     iwij     H.fuM.      *i.    in     "Villi     Hill  dollolous whon flavored with onion,  kindly fo^mo.).^ t^ls.was do-m  Orato an onion flno. Put It Into a bit  t������f cliixeucloth .tiivJ *i|in;c/H' out, Uiu Juieu.  When,your 'Minis nro firm chop (Ino ami  work In tho Jtileo. Do onroful not to got  too much In. The cheoso should nave  Just whiU the Kronen mil "un ������oiipoon"  (ii numilclon) of the-onion, "J'hon work  In a few spoonfuls of rich cronm until  vnu hnvo thn rli'hr roniiliiiprit^.    0t,i_ {���������  tHHtO,  Potato Doughnuts  f.,9?*. P,lnt. (**��������� .h������t mnBhed notnto, ��������� tohlo-  npnnfill nf hiittur, 3 ������ims, 3 cups of KifUiu-  tpfl mmrjr, it cups onimir slfiod several  Imos with 2 tonspoonfuls.of luililni* pow-  &.J- ���������������m' O',���������*weot milk. Flavor with  niilmoit or vanilla. .  _ Mix tin* Imtlor iinil stmsr with thi������ nnlnto;  fconl until It In dluvnlvi'd, when  It  will ho  nimoM liquid,   * " "      "  It Is ItiKOworm. uffii exgs, wmid* nni  Luli? toiipthiH*. very light! aiWtUinii iu lli  potato mlxiuri*.   Now ptlr In thn m IU, ih  Inch thiol  Lot It. cool until  OKI**, whites npn  iu  In*  tho Imklnir pmvflm* and fluv  A shwt about n      k ami tut  ...... ., nun nor <>(  Into siiniuui  an  Fry, In hlsshur hot, dooo fat,         . Thoso douirlinuts absorb vory littlo fat,  aro Unlit and (lcllolouB, ,,_,.,,   .  ,  Mrs, U, 8. II. (ICookuk, In.),  Thoy have tho added virtu.* of wholo-  flomonosB, ho' fur as tho cruller family,  or nnythlnff fried In fat, can bo wholesome  All doughnuts and tholr congenors are  bettor the second day than on tho first.  nnd moro dlgeutlhlcf, The hot. fat hns  ovuporatod partially. It should novor  ponotrnto beyond tho mtrfaco,' If of tuo  right temperature, It forms instantly  an ' Imnorvloim couting, which excludes  the fat from the heart.  Tea-Stained Linen  Kindly glvo mo n roolpa for removing   ,  to* stains from tuDIo Ilium,,       .,   . ,  Mrs, V, (Onmdon, N. J.).  First rliiHO tho linen In soft, lulto-  warm water, Thou uoak It overnight  In a strong solution of aroura of tartar-,.  und wator. Next morning rlnso again,  .and if thoro remain any vostlgo of tho  stain, lay tho linen tn tlio sun for flltf  or Hovon hours, wetting hourly, with,  lomon Julco, ���������        ,��������� , ���������  Next tlmo tea Ib splllod upon tho  linen, wash out at onoo with clonn  lukewarm water and It will loavo no  stulii, Much dopoiulH upon washing  spots while thoy are fresh. There are  few that will not yield to that summary troiitmont. Ink, while wet, mny  bo removod uulokly ami ccmipleloly by  washing tho fnbrlo In plenty of swoot  milk, I havo scon a huge black spot  mado hy tho full of a bottle* of ink upon  i\ ciirppt tnhen out svtthln ten inlnut'"-.i  by tho vlgorotiMn application of milk,  .S'j.'.'jiht; SiLvly, Jj.ih.,!ji_, Die iiill). [ur  fresh several tlmos, Finally, wash tho  milk out, with warm suds and rinse  with alcohol,  Give Us Plenty of Time  A Kna^ot from i'Uttcviiic, Viht,, foi  a menu for a luncheon to bo servod  nt a nllvor woddlng on a cortnln date,  wnn not received until tho day hnd  pnssod. I tnlto thin opportunity to  notify correnpondontR of tho necessity  of wrltlnff homo wonlm In advance of  tho dato of any function concerning  which thoy i would have ad vino, In  tho hiHtanoo before mo, tho ostonmoil  corrimiionilont sunt In n rnclpn for  Jllhlloal cake, for whlnh wo tender  our thankx, with iho oxprpsHfil hope  that wo may he nf sorvloo tn l.nr nt  Homo future day, nlthnugh won wore  too into io olllclato at the sllvcrl wed-  ding.   II Ih not, howevor, too late to  oftor Blncoro eongrntulatlons and best  wishes for her continued life and hap-  plnoHB.  A Word for the Roux  WIH you tulio In a now momlior?  Whot you soy nf n "roux" Is (run. 1'nvo  you tried It upon voijcioblps? My uri'mi-  mother, a Koud old Oorinnn hnusfrnu, .uimil  to mnlio u mux 'and pour It uver j-iihlmi,'''.  splnnoh. boons nnd. In foot, all kinds of  YMi������tnblei, after thoy woro oooUvd ami  ilriilnid,  Buttormlllt soup was, likewise, ono of htr  good dlshos. Wo nto It ns, n first courso  to our moal, lunohoon or dinner.  ������  ' .    0, I.. W. ilirooklyn, N, Y.).  A whlto roux In that case became  "drawn butter," culled by some "whlto  sauce," It Ih a decided Improvement to  onlonH, cubhagoi potntoos, ctlery, eio, 1  have novor soon It onten with aplnacn,  You nro hoartlly welcomiHl to our ever-  wldonlng "Family Circle."  ;'.; ���������������������������'''���������'' A Helpful Quartet  .���������_,Will you kindly statoln tho,Kjichnniro  "���������that   onions   will   not   stnln   ihoflriRers  . doopl.v If tho hitler nro greased uiiforu tlio  .onion* nro,,pnrod?        ���������      ...  i.   Also Hint punch stnlns which,will  not  "holl nut" mny bo oIWcmiI hy whlslty.  ,    J'orhnps somo ipothir ��������� niny llko to hnvo  a roolpn for npnlo snuco onlio,, now thnt  oggs nro so donr? It noviir fulls.  Applo Sauce Oakfi  Otis nup of sugnr, \(, nupof slmrtonlngi I  cup of unswootonod applo sauce. 1 teaspoon-  ful of. BOiln dlssolvod in .n lltllo hot watsr  nnrt stirred Into tho applo sarnie, 1*4 cups  of pnslry flour, >/_ teaspoonful of olovus, t  tonspnnnftil of olnnnmnn, a little nutmeg  ���������ml sole, 1 oun or r.ilslns,  ,l.i,,tv,:    lit   .1   ftk.VV    vVtl,.  Mrs. J. II. II, (Mlddlotown, Conn,),  A|i.ilur.. ulc ,i Ul/lt clit.i|KI   l/i.ili Cklsa,  although'the prtros tlomntuloil for the  klng.of frultg fur oxcood thoso wo pnld  for them formerly. The Id u of s������l>-  Ntltutlng them for ������'kkh Ih novel, The  combination with soda Impnits the  "mining" power,  ���������Steak in a New Form  Hfivo you svor tried roulndenl   They nm  inili^soinuwhat after Hie finhiuo ni ''num*  Koulnden  Cut roimd stenk Into smnll strips, sprend  tho������o wllh chnppml fst pork seasoned to  tHBl*i ro 1 upi lis soourely with niiuui  twine iimt dtp Intu Hour, mum icily In n  i-nsMroljt a kooiI'SIkiI ploco of lumen put  the. mnlnilrn in; oov������r ond lut them eouk  tn Ihflr own ih|ci> tar flft������i>n mlmiifs, nntl-  ln������ tbem onrit or Iwleo. Tin it t"i������r In a  gMmroiis jupful of wtttcri co'-er iuid cook  g������nlly until thoy urn done, nip nnd re-  move tn������ etrlnu nti(| ������������rvt< In their own  ������r*vy,      T1I.I.IHJ K. (Sheboygan. Wis.).  Of course, tho gravy HhouUl bo drained  off and thickened with browned flour  before serving, Iloll up onco and pour  buck ovsr tho meat.  And would nol the rouliitlon he moro  savory If cooked In weak stock Instead  of boiling wnlerV Forgive the suggestion, but tho now dish strlkus. mo ns n  Pleasing novelty and I would hnvo It  uh good un may b.\ IIuuhcwIvch on the  lookout for variation!) of dally faro  without. Increase of expondlturo cannot  pass this by.  Old English Cake Recipe  Tha town of Bhrowsbury, In, Hnglom!,  anvo Its mum) to cnlio so dullolons nnd  hi,    vll I .It-    I' '.'III     ���������'.    'I' . '������"   <!>������   '       HIM'    WO  buy or mnko todny.  thnt I  thought you  '���������night 'IIUo to hnvo. It, ,  l)lrceitlons must hu fnltlifully followod.  My mother tnndo thesn liiikis In. IOiikIiiiiiI  sovontyflvo .yours hko. Thy hnd. .thnn  wolMoaorved fnmo. . Tho rouipuhiis been  In  iisa  for,  probably,  hiindnils of vinirs,  Thoy cannot bo mndo auconssfully In hot  weather. ���������, , ��������� ,  Shrewsbury Gakos  cuko seemed  absurd,    Yet read  what  our member from California says;  1 nolo vein iiiply to a contributor who  uw.'H isnl iiiAtoad of butter In cnko-mnltlnK.  You sav you "do not sua how good cake  niri lw imiijfi without l-iitiin'.'' You oicopt,  nutuinllv. snonco cuko.  I inulio nil <iiii!h of i<nkd nml I do not  iisu ono ounc'i of buttiir, .Nor do I ever  inn Un noov oukol if you Imil ever worked hi  a luikfishnp ymi would know thnt buttpr In  rarely, uut into nny exwpt "extra work."  Thnt Is.  In si'mclhlng ospi'olully llnw.  Homo time Ii-slmll sond you o_ reelpo for  ft nak������ thnt I comiiosod myn(il(. Thcrs Is noi  u. i.nrliqlo of butter. In it,  I'ut a tenspoonful ot sugar In tlie bottom  of your oven and your plus will brown  beautifully.-  tniAlll.HH II. W, <H������n irtnnolsrn. Onl.).  Let tin havo tho original composition.  From a profoiiNlonal'bakor It comes with  u rciiily-miulo ropiitntlon.  Cooking Pomegranate*  In, a Into Issuv of iho liiccliiitiuo   i r������ad  nn  liuiiiliy ns tn wuys nt oaokinit poms-  . urnnaiea, You niiHWurod tlmt you knew jf  nmio  m���������..  luck.  four tlinosr li n. imiiuil., nf lonf siigor  grnnnrl to n powder; U a .pound of ��������� host  frosh buttor, Theso ltigridf<i������ils must hu  rubbed together with iho lips of tbo lingers  until you hiivnn hoop of wlutt looks llko  oonrroenrntnoal, ., ,,      ,���������    ,  limit 3 or 0 oggs very light, .Mom]  wllh thn other Ingn-rtlents to n dough stiff  snnugti lo Im rolled out, Holl Into n thin-  sliiiet upon a pastry l.urml,   Cut Into rounds  li,i      ,    i,      .      ;i ill        .1 ,iui   i:iiiiii  tlmy should ho of n p'nl'lsh*hrn\vn.   As romi  ns   lln'.v  urn   iloni-,   put   Intu  n   culm  box  wrnnpid Inn eb'th lo ' mil do Iho nlr, ,,  As   Bhrowsbury   Mites  hnvo  a   ponullnr.  ('      ,,;     ,,f    ���������,!.:'.!     i: : <������������������,    !f    '"."i.1.     .-in. i lv    ti"  cording to. thn reoip , nnv fbivorlng or  yi-iuit piiwdi-r wfiold ���������"'"'i tni-m. A tmlf  tmisiioonful of siiliiinl n litihi oviir-  wiinlil in sumir itnu I���������iiU'r hi.iiiiiimiov.i-  mont. MMII.Y <Virginia Ilsneh),  Having been on the looreiut for thli  nnrlent nnd hnnorithle n"lji'.- for many  wcekH, I am extremely uruillled to get  hold  of It,   Wo nn' wiltiiug  vnl.uihin  ;..;;'!,...    f...     ������),,.   }.'.;..I    f.-.,���������|    (.11,.   VI*--  gliiin.ncnch ('(intlngfiiit. Thlewmor Virginia hail a ropii.aiinn fur excellent  cookery In colonial days, and H ban  kept It up,  Lard Instead of Butter  From another quarter of our territory  eonifg a word In favor of tho n'llvit tuition of lard for butter In ciiko-initklng.  Thero must he more In the pliu thnn  nremi'il posulble to nic ������( the r> t  glance. T have hoard of combining the  two "uhortonlngn" in pustrv aim t-vi-u  In gingerbread.   That mrd could lake  tho place of Wnttor In the linor kinds ������f  Hi-iiipi-n, ���������   oy  Hint l nml il,. .,���������..,���������..��������� ,.v,^...   , ���������..,v  tfMiid thorn, but they seem rensonslilii,  Let me *uy Hint, t gut much of hnlp and  siiuRi'siliiii from ihn. Kxi-luingo,  Why fim't women bn cr/nlent to bo housn-  keepers, wives and inotlmisl  romogrannto loo  Cut n diuen rlp������ pomegranntea In hnlf and  reiimvn sei-ds from tlio rim! cwfullv, 1'reis  on ciiifftillv ilinuiiili n slnvn.   I)n nnt lunnk  ilu   Mm..,   uk   Ilu:  li,n..1,1,.  inual   uiiliiiil*ulil.  Kllr  I  iniiii'il nf smtnr  Into Ilu* ]iili'ii inilll  /.'     it.    .11'.���������.,/!������  .'.       ,l.),|    l,la.iU:ili     H    ,/illl     vi  wntor.   Himln nnd frenxi>,  Poniegranato Joliy and Jam  T'fce tti������i tsrl vftrh-tlrs, r-r iIkji-c sfimo-  Whet ntiderilnn, nnd proresil ns fur otlu-r  sueh nrepmnthuis, Thu Jolly Is inirikiilurly  henutltul.'  f*f>MOj|*rnt*ntri Wlnr*  Mny Im nimbi successfully, and tin* fruit.  ������������������Mids iiniovfil, may ho served, oookoi or  fn-sti, with flavoring of nrnnge blossom,  rosnwlrr or ooconnut  nnd sugar,  Mts, M. I), M. (.', (.laokaonvllie, 111,).  The foregoing recipes sliod a kind of  tropical warmth through our lCxchau������������.  I'omegranittoH nro doar In northern  marlints, but our territory embracea iho  milder climes, whoro vegetation la perpetual ami more than twolve manner  nf friiltn aro to ho had for tho gathering ivcry mouth of the yiuir.  T hopit the California hounemother  with naked for ways nf conking th*  I'hiesh' milt will ������eo the fornulan contributed by tho Illinois member. ���������������������rigW������^*it^WWQJ!M������<*������*(s^ ,^^iJ������^(*^W4^WMr������B������ii^ ^*XM*x*J*#W*ttMV*m������^  '.���������^���������u^NuWa^aatr*���������*^*-  rJ|J*WWIlf|f-*JL4J^lrL  3rnr-*irp*!t*{s7r  iMsf^Mo'-^tkaoU^  ������M>Mitif.>i.hiM^J..J.!.������..fi.^M,...J..^..,,,.....,,J,^1^.....'... H--n   "-  tv     ir s -   i  -".I -   ��������� '.   i.-ini ���������iiaifl ���������������������������ww  m n |i   nrnnni    * ��������� f  . ^w.-tjssjk wiswiw.**.' ���������������.������..>!������������   yyi*5!������<^Etm'g*taMimfjf *g-aa*<u������,*r������s'/MMyi  THE FU1MITURE STORE  -____________������ss������B>MiM ���������MSMW������^*atft������������-'r������> ��������� ��������� .������as>'a������ n������������������ ' iwiasWMBW*t-na__Ms^������*B������*M<aiii c ������tM<a*asV<������Jfc>w������''WwaMWWfa>*������aMs������> ���������'*  ;M^*^,rfiii������'-w^^ B  N LAV STOCK  ��������� OF ���������  LACE CURTAINS  FRILLED MADRAS  PLAIN  SCRIMS and MUSLINS  COURTENAY LOTS  FOR SALE  $iSO UP.���������EASY TERMS.  Bush, and Farm Lands, ..  Sea and River Frontage  {A Choice Assortment, with a  full range of prices.  BEADNELL & BISOOE,    '|i������  Real Estate Agents   Offices: "���������"������������������������������������ggSSZ^B |  A. MclONNON  McPhcc Block, Cumberland  THURSDAY AND   FRIDAY  PROGRAM  Film I.���������LOVE AND LAND.  A Cines drama of unusual interest.  Film 11.���������ON  KENTUCKY SOIL.  The Great W;ir Ihama replete with stirring action,  acted by the Reliance "All-Star Stock Co."���������Sensational End of lie Spy��������� Aii Episode of the Civil War  in the United States.*���������Thrilling Deeds of the .Union  Spv in the Enemy's Camp.  COMMUNICATIONS.      '  Cumberland, B.C. April.24,  ?n.  To the Editor of the Cumberland  News:���������  On behalf of the Council will  you kindly allow me space in  your paper to reply to "S.B."  re furniture for pest house.  Sir, it has often been said, and  justly so, that circumstances  alter cases It would be well for  you, 'S.B.f.' when you next tinder  take to censure the Council for  supposed neglect of duty, to remember and act upon this well-  known aphorism.  Allow me, 'Mr S,B,,' to state  the circumstances of the case in  question, and you will then, I  crust, be less amazed as to what  the new Council has done, At  about 5.30 p.m., on March 31st,  1911, Dr Mallard, of Couitenay,  B.C, inquired over the phone if  H. Bonora  cnanufaetufep of  MINERAL    WATERS  Ladies' and Gentlemen's Suits Made  to ^rder  from $20 to 835    All -Work First Class  Perfect Pit Guaranteed.  Merchant  TAILOR  Bonora Block  P.O. Box 432  Phone   2*9  CUMBERLAND  *V**fS>������������������������**"**'ITTt **������������������*��������������� ���������*r-*r-*y-*��������������� ���������*��������� ������- '  It AID A  BBlBBPYaOTECHNiCBISPUY  The old Kentuckian. Col.. Goring, is loyal to-the Uirou cause.  His sou enlists in the Confederate  army.    The Union spv is order-  "ed~iuto "ahe" eneimSHi fies- -to-  secure some drawing, ������'ui to ac  complish his purpose is compelled  to kill young' Goring.    Pursued  and in danger   of  oakums,   he  takes refuge in   Goriug\s home,  and the old Colonel hides him in  a large basket.    Tlie searching  party fail to discover   hi in,   aud  as they depart the body   of the  home on  dead soldier is brongm  a stretcher.   The Colonel is horrified at the realization that   he  has protected the   slayer  of his  son, and is rent   by   conflicting  emotions      His love of country  bids" luuTprotecniie^U n ion-spy,"  and his paternal love cries out for  vengeance. The latter overcomes  him,   and   quickly closing the  cov.t of the basket, he locks   it  securely, and piling it with a mas  of inflamable material he touches  a match to it and rushes out.   lu  a few moments the entire house  is a seething caldron  of   Barnes*  -the pyre of the unfortunate spy,  the pest house was occupied,  stating that he had a veiy sick  patient and asking if we would  have a fire lit and have things as  comfortable as possible, and ht  would pay us for our trouble.  Now, JSir, Mr J. R. Gray pro.  ceeded immediately to put "on a  fire, but returned in about ������  quarter of an ho in aud informed  us that tnere waslTeuher'bed'or  bed clothing in said building. He  HAVE  YOUR  PHOTO  TAKEN!  ���������AT���������  Powell's IStiidio.  I Work guaranteed.  Prices reasonable.  LADIES' TAILOR-MADE COSTUMES A SPECIALTY  SUITS OflRDE TO   O^DER RflD  IH ANY STYbE YOU WISH.  PERFECT TIT GUARANTEED.  Prioes From $20 to $40.  CUMBERLAND, -       r B' c-  ^VNsVsVW,VVSrNSN*VVVyV   WVVMV*"****^^    ..^���������._^UmMl.miottllllinlllSIHItUN**aVr^tBtMfK^ ������$fe.  Illustrated som> -   -  Miss Gladys Cunliffe  Accompanist, Miss Walker,  Film III���������THE PARROT.  A laughable Pathe Bros. Comedy.  Look out for the $65,000  production   soon,  "The Fall of Troy."  Halifax, April 25 ���������Three  ocean liners arrived yesterday  after a delay on 1 his coast of  about thirty-six hour*, caused by  snowstorms- They ha 1 between  them 2735 passengers, uearly[jall  bound for the west ami nearly al!  d.'tuvn from the British Isles.  The Victorian had 1517 of these  new settlers, Ihe Meyantic  had  910, and the Carthaginian   318.  ��������������������������� ������ ������������������������ ".1 ������������������ 1  Prince Rupert, Apiil 25.���������The  sjrike of laborers on city street  contracts was oflicinlly declared  off ut a meeting of the men last  night. They notified Mayor  Manpon to-day. Contractors will  restart tlie m;n as,they are needed. The motion to end ihe strike  curried unanimously. The meu  will return to work for },jlr cents  an hour.  FOR SALE���������A 'fnmie cottage  situated on the corner of Derwent  Avonuo and Third St, Well leu-  ced. Fur-further puitioiilurii up  ply A, MoK.iniion> Cumberland,  li. C.  RETIRING PUOM BUSINESS  SALE, Consisting of tHug mug-  ing, ladder*, step l������u'tl������r������ &   etc.  II,'J.Theulmld.  Dr. D.E. Korr. dentist, will hu  at Cumberland from Wednesday,  April 12th, to 27th, Inclusive..  Vancouver. April 25���������Seveu  Indian thaJV, ic^tc^c.itutg al!  ��������� he tribes ������������f the Pr������i<er valley,  will attend the "oron i't ������i\. (Jltief  M tMilan will oe til: le vler of the  party.  LOST, STRAYED OR ST0-  LEN���������-A brown fluble collie dog,  answering to tho tmui" of Shep,  from Courtenay, on Sunday, the  2nd, iiifct. Anyone harboring  hu my, will bo pruwouled according  to law.  Hugh Morrison,  flmirtenny. II. 0.  was instructed to go and purchase same at once. Of course  lie did not go into a tailor shop  or a gents' furnishings store, but  like any other man would do, he  went to a furniture store and  purchased to ihe ainouut of $51  ���������not $80, as kS. li.' says.  Now, Sir, I call to witness that  99 out of 100 would have done  ihe same thing under the circum  ��������� stances, with the patient ou his  way  lo town.     Perhaps   4S.1V  would   have   him wait on ihe  street until ho could get a tender  in.      1   would advise some of  those high-minded writers to acquaint themselves with facts and  use a little judgment before ruth  iug to press wiih simple thoughts  that run through their  minds.  We all think that it was'Lhds H,  who aid the writing to  the  Islander, as no one else is trying to  make   himself   conspicuous   iu  every nousenfce.  '"  J. N. McLeod, Mayor.  On Wednesday night liibt, Provincial OonstubloB Stoplieubini mid  DuyidBoii and city police McLol-  1111 aud Gray mitdo a mid 011 the op*  iiiiu joints ol! Chinatown.  Threo placea woro raided, four  toon Chinorto and u largo quantity  uf opium Mccured, Tho prisoners  woro titkou to tho lockup In a dray,  and Biihgeqiiontly roluased ou bull  of $50. each,  Tho cuso came np for trial on  Friday, before Magistrate Alt.  rams, and rouultod in two being  couvictod and lined, $50. and $00  roHpootlvoly, ono vomnndud anil  tho balance acquitted,  Mr. P. P.  llarriion conducted  I  R Cloutier.  General Blacksmith  Capital $6,200,000. Reeervo $7,200,000  The Royal Bank of Canada.  JOINT ACCOUNTS may be opened in the names of two ot more  persons, to be operated by nny one of them, and in the event of  death to be paid to the Burvivor without any formality  SPECIAL ATTENTION paid to SAVINGS ACCOUNTS & interest  at highest Current Rates allowed on Deposits of $1 and upwards.  CTJMBEBLAND, B. 0., Branch, Open Daily.  COTTRTENAY,  B. 0, ^Bub-Branch,   Open Tuesday��������� and  FRIDAYS.  -UNION WHARF, B. 0.,  Sub-Brach, Open Thursdays  H. P. MONTGOMERY, Manager.  P7  Horseshoeing a Specialty.  PHlbtiPPS-HARRISON  BARRISTER AND SOLICITOR  NOTARY   PUBLIC CONVEYANCING  Third Ave., Cumberland  DUNSMUIR AVENUE  CUMBERLAND,  Obituary.  The death took place on Friday  morning, lutjt of M.r. Cainill o Bal-  nc^no, after an   illnenft oh a  few  hours, uaiiBod by intorual honior-  rlmgo.    Thu deceased wns 53 jears  of age, and hud   bueu u resident  here for a number of   year*), and  wns highly respected.   A widow,  ono non uml live daughters are left  to inoiini his loss.   Tne   funeral  took place  on  Sunday   al'leruoon  from tho family residence, and was  largely   attended,    ltov.   Father  Mortuna ollicinted.   Tho pallbeur-  ers were  Messrs John Thomson,  Duvid  Nellist,   John   Struthers,  Victor Uonura, Virgin io Mariuelli  and John Enrico.  Tlio I olio wing, is a list of floral  offerings;-���������  GU'bes--Airs. V. Tapella and  family, Pythian Sisters.  WrertUw���������Mr. aud Mrs, T. Jien  ni-tt, Mr, and Mrs, V, Mariuelli,  Mr, and Mrs,, F. liobba, Mis,  Dirkis and family, Mr, and Mrs.  E. (iinsburg.  Crosse-!���������Mr. and Mrs, John  Matthews, Mr. mid Mrs.  V.  Pi-  ehettl,  Boquets���������Mr. and Mrs. Uono,  Mr, aud Mrs, Forroro, Miss lior*  bury, Alii*. Aiinio tJuuuH, Mr. ttuu  Mrs, S, Mngiioni, Mr. and Mrs.  Sciwardn, Mr.and Mrs. 1) Walttei.  =V. BOJIOH^  rjdholesale Ocoletr in WlfiES, l������IQUOR fit BEER  P. 0. BOX 488  PHONE 29....  CUMBERLAND  This is the first spring in the history o!! pomox  District that the local demand for eggs has been  equal to the supply. Nothing pays better than  poultry, if they are rightly iMnMed. Begin  with the little fellows and feed them, UHlLK.  FOOD, which is a mixture of hone meal wheat,  oats, com and other grain, cut and blended m  the right proportion to make them thrive and  grow.   For sale by  A. B. CRAWFORD, . -   - Courtcnay, B.C  DEALER IN FLOUR AND FEED-  V.uicmtvor, Anril?4 ���������fharles  A wedding purty in Russia, con.  sistiupjof ono hundred and twenty  people, wore with thn exception of  two, .flavoured by wolves while  < trnvolling from ObMipoflf to TiihIi  . ,... v..... v., ........T  -. ( f|7iv(.||),|ir iroiii wiiMinoii uj jiimii  \V JcmiinRs and T R Moore wtie' Vm{^ ft distance of twenty mil������s.  oomiiMiicd r->r trial bv the Miagi.' 'T,l(i .v0|v<lfi oTtacfct������i the parly by  ti.ir*-, Mr isimw. vest-.���������r-lay, on a h���������I|drc,|8# xiw womnn nml uhil'-  c^������������e of c ^praoy to dvfruud ,,���������,��������� ww ,],��������� firilf ������0 U thrown  in eomiccii'ii. witU iha **'*. of the  stock of Hudson H������y M'ulwnl lu-  surtacc Cotttpany.  WANTED���������A few boarders In  private family.   Apply, this ofliee.   ���������   London,, April 25.-��������� Anti-Mormon demonstrations were held at  Birkenhead and other towns yes  tcrday. There wns much excitement and a strong feeling was  displayed against  the   Mormon  out "and ntcriUced, not one eacap- ! propaganda.    Hecate of police  ing.tbo brine being among  tlu������j precautions there was   no  jinmbor. j orders,  C A Knew THANKS.  To those who have been with  us iu our horeavemeut aud by kind  words nnd kindly acts have tried  to lesion onr korrow, we extend  our sincere thanks.  Mrs. 0. Ualmjno  And Family.  Now that  tho Lenten   nonuon  in over.   *mM   functions of   ol|  cljs.l kinds are again iu full swing iuj  '���������UiimlHirlnud.  ^������  Kirmer English  Standard Canadian  Humber English  <A**^r,**-M<*������**rin rnn������������*ii������il  Enfield EuglS^b  Singer English  Massey-Oushlon   Canadian  Singer 3 speeH     F.nVjlish  Singer De Luxe   English  Beeston Humber English  One, Two aud Three Speeds added to  any machine at extra cost.     Send for  Catalogue.  THOS- PLIMLEY,  orr.ee anci j������mjJJSJ^ctliy ST.. VICTORIA,  B.C  aANAOt. 727 JOHNSON OT..  If you get i' at Plimiey's it's AU, itioiiT."  $35  $35  $45  $45'  $R������  $65  $65  $So  $90  $100  P0-W# BoKtpftirinB.  ���������/


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