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The Cumberland News Apr 17, 1912

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 A<!> I
?.��� J.
A Journal Devoted JB��peeJat.y?.:tQ the Interests of Comox DlstHct,
. '"���������'     '   ' "    '-' '��� *    ���.''���'-������'   i o-:���_-'-  ���   ���  -~ ' .	
������������������tap������ M      i     ���P���wwil       in i       i������ m    ���*���������������������������
This News, Ni^kt^entii Year.
CUMBERLAND ,;'B;C.y .WEDNESDAY, AH,.- 17  .-912
Subscription $i.qo.a^"ear
. This Spring we have the lar
gest and best assortment, in
handsome,, dainty patterns, in
styles ttislt are absolutely correct in every detail that have
ever been shownhere.
White Lawn Waists, high color, long slocvqs.,$l,2u to 2.50
White All Ovei .Embroidery, sqiuue yoke,",    ... ,   . ���
kimono sleeve..��... .,.�����,,. .1...... ���, '���'.������" -5l-"0
White Cross IW iiiuslin, siilor collar,'   very dainty-���  1-75.
White AlHover T<;ir.broidery,,low neck, kimona sleeve $1.85
White Nainsook, fancy front, low- neck    1.85
White Nainsook, pleated euibr. front, detachable
side frill.... , '../ ��52.50 to 3.C0
White l>Vmity, square yoke,'asp't colored, trim mod. .^^.2.75
"White All-over Eiubr'dy. with luce insertion, pqr.  -
yoke and low neck......  ...... '. _... i. $2.35
.White Nainsook', with colored sailor collar.........'.: 2.35
White Cross Bar Muslin, low neck,'lace etub'dy , '   '  ���
yoke and kimona sleeves..... , \ ,^.50,
White Fine Lawn,- black-and wliiv; faiior collar
^-sleevy���newest -., _.   3.00
White Fine Muslin, emb'd front," tninined Irish .    ������.
lace, sqr. yoke; low neck, detachable side fril].... .-.BOO ���
White-fine Muslin,Irish lace insertion | sleeves-3.25;'to 4 50
Whit4 Fine Nainsook, high collar, kimona sleeve
__     pleated and .iinedace. ,../..,...���  ... .��5.00
'" AND
Furniture and Household
. ".  ." ��� ..v.'"'": .\ s.-.,;:\'.'-'-.' I'-    -        .'       -.."'������""���  -\'< '> \"
'*  -        ," .* K ���
Baths,     ���
\ Supplies; %
Tenders will be reoelv.ed>bv!the
undersigned, foivtke ��tock, Coin���
pwsing Dry Gaede, Groceries,
Boots and .Shoes, Metis Furnish���
Mig etc-'FixUires; including horBee
wagons, etc. abo book accounts
of the General Store lhisines's oj
J.N. McLeod, Cuoaborhmd B. U
Terms of tenders aro u& follow.-.".
���50 per cent cash,1 balauce *2, 3 an<<l
i months with- intejx'st at y :ji'��',-
Jtiinuni. '&>&& balance to be mc-
Mredto'tho salisfact-ion of the
trustees,       '
Tenders will he--received   np'to.,
and including 25th  met. and ane
to be sent to C. ^V". Vey��ey,  care
of   Kelly,   Douglas & Co. Ltd,
C. W Vi'ywsy,
W.'J. .Tnaffe.'
Trustees��� J. N. Mti^eod.
�� -:
'}��� ^
i:lffi��(WfflM|)i|TH�� CANAAN BA��K
PupNib 3L
Those aro only a-fow-of many  lines and, a look  thvpugk
'   -  our stock will convince von a.< to their vnlu'.,".
T, E:
1200 Perish
With Titanic
Most Appalling And tragic Marine
���Disaster In-The'fostfry- Of ������.
.      The Civilized World.    '-_
NiiW YORK, April 15.���Moiw than
l2oo persons, it i<J feared, sank to denlh
curly yesterday, ��lu:n within four hours
after she ensheel in'.vi an iceberg, the
inaiii.notli While Star steamer Titanic
froiii Liverpool io New Yoik on her
nviiden voynye, went to the 10110111' off
'the Newfoundland banks. Of the 2200
persons 'on board, some o( them of
world-wide prominence, only 866 nic
known to have been s.ivca,
Titanic Most, Costly of Ships.
All that is modem, nil that the bruins
of engineers could fashion in murine
build'uiK was in die Titamc's hull. Yo
eyen UYia,colqssu��, the greatest of the 0-
e'em works of man,' crumpled before the
CMidiinif,'miK'ht of n floating icchcrj{..1ho
Titanic, with her threw million dollar's
worth of furnishings and her seven million dollar hull, went to the bottom of the
Atlantic on her maiden voyage At full
epeed, the T,tatnc, 882 feet, 6 inches
luug, weigliing 46.3'8 ����"' nntl ''isplac*
mg 66.000 tonn, crushed into n  floating
berg nnd sank. She carried a crew, of
#60 mid nnd had accomoda'ton for 3'.$on
pii��sengeis, .She was in charge of Ca^J
K. J. Smith. .
Mr, Thompson, who has charge of the
li>.|)iw out t\f tho Strithroivi f��ark. .'U��
i-lvot^ horo, with Mr. Holme*,
The International l-nggiti_ Co,, are
jRoing to u��o oil on their engineH nnd urc
erecting larga tanks on river.
Mernl Sc King have i..cn crtming their
Iimoer ai Men/. t�� v��,t>.
Mr. Wadham is putting up a cold storage plant for fish
TENDERS for knlKotmnmg
upper linllwnvs in Ctnnherhui'1
-Public School,-also lemlens for
putting kwuj! ��o basement. For
jwriirulnrs njij-lv to anv tnember
of the Uoatfl of School Trustees,
A<Mrt**T. II   Cnrcy,  Sccritary
AVe rogrut to havo to chronicle
tlie dealh  .of. Enoch 0. Walker,
ngo 32, who  (Hod' snd lonly   last
Tfiftrflilny ' aibrning of'-heuit fnil
tiro.    Deceased resided, \yith   liii*
sihtor, Mrs. T. H Carey, aiid  has
been a resident, of Cumberland for
ovor twenty yeare,   coming   hero
when a lad with his parents,   Air,
and Mrs. Ed Walker, from Nnn-
niiuo, the place of his birth     Deceased i�� survived by four brothers,   Joseph  atid'LIarley Wiilker,
of Cuinberlaud; Albert Walkoi',ol'
linynes Sound; and William Wal
Iter, of San Fnmeieco;   J'lso tlneo
sistors, Mrs. Carey, of this  eitj;
Mm. T. Sorby, of JJorlland, Oregon; and Mrs. .Jits, Guorgson, of
San Kranciwo,   The funeral took
place last Sunday afternoon   from
tho home of Mr. T, II". Onroy nnd
was very largely   al tended, llev
II, C. Fn'onian olllciating.    The
U.M. W. of A. of which Iho do
ceased   was  a  member, the City
Hand and ��i large ooueoursti of cit
Ijceim accompli 11 ied the remains to
tlioi.r;la��t reeling plneo.   The ful
lowing '.gentlemen aeted a�� pnll-
MeesrHU. Parks, David Walk.
or, Robert Hohinson, Win. Har
itsou, i\uii,i)oyUi iiioiiiuo tioruu,
Samuel Dim*," Waiter Hudson.    1
The floral tiibutes woro as foil-
owe:��� '" .
W..���.,.),;,     M;.' ,,���|  Mm fi T>oiiv
Nauaiino. Mra Maxwell, Mr and
Mru OU Tarbell, Mrs Samuel
CroMos���Mr  and   Mr��   V, J,
Daiby, Mr and Mrs \\n\icr Und
ton, Mr imd   Mm  CIiih.   Wliyt**.
Mr ami Mrs Alex Maxwell.
iJouqnctH -Mr Uupert Shaw,
\Vm JrtM.�� Citn*y, Mr ��>ul Mra Ja��
IIiowji,   Mt and Mr* Kre��.l SJ0U7,
I'tirtland; Mr and Mrs T. E. Bate
n;i.l family,
Sprays��� Mr and Mrs A Walker
��� Ihisktit of lloweiv���Mr and Mrs
II. Walker, ���
Anchor���Mr and Mrs J. N. Mc-
Leod "
We beg to take this opportunity cf
thanking nil the kind friends who assisted us during our leccnt trouble, also for
ihe many beautiful floral nilmtcs.
Mr. and Mrs. T. II. Carey.
The output of coal for, tho lo
ca\ mines for the past month was
49,180 tons.
Mrrf.I*. A. Monnce, Mips Mnr
ion and Master Shannon M'ouuee
arrived iu town last Thursday
We  read   in the speeches of
���those   interested    iu   becoming
milttonairts   by imposing   upon
us the extra tax of from 20 to 40
p-;r cent, which they call   tariff,
and-which their   subsidized   or
gans try to persuade ua is necessary to develop a.new country by
making us pay this   20 to 40 per
cent more than an article   costs
to manufacture .with a fair profit
for putting on the market   and
which is, the chief aim and   endeavor of the   conservatives   lo
perpetuate, and wherever possible increase as' a reward to  the
monopolies and interests that ral
ly to their support, lavishly providing campaign funds,
Then when it suits  the   pur-
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager "
CAPITAL. - $10,000,000
REST, -48,000,005-
' bf^fhe" Canadian" Bank ��f. Commerce' will" receive deposits of^rand..
upwards, on which interest is allowed'at current rates.    There is ro
delay in withdrawing' the whole or any portion of the deposit.   'Small
deposits are'welcomed. * A23t
.  ;   Accounts may be opened in the names of two of more persona, to be  .
operated by any one of the number or by thesurvivor.   A joint account
of this kind saves expense in establishing the ownership of tlie mcii"/ *
after-death, and is especially useful when a man desires to provide for
his wife, or for others depending upon him, in the event of his death,
��� t t ��
The Chancellor's budget just
introduced for 1912-13, shows
the largest atirplus in the history
of the United Kingdom, amount
ing to #32,/Sjj.ooo a realized Pulpitis in hand, and would have
been two millions more, only for
the coal strike.
Tho expenditure estimated for
the year amounts 108934,625,000
or twenty-eight millions .move
than the last years caused by the
cost of.the compulsory insurance
for the workmen, uud  pays   for
pose of these advocates of high Hie purchase   of  nil   the   lele-
Editor Cumiikki.ani) Nr.ws:  '
Sfr:~As our friend, The
lander, cannot combat or
the statement*} that appear under
"Nomede Plume." he takes refuge in beraijng newspapers that
admi's such communicatioiis; it
should know that newspapers to
which it could not hold even a
caudle of illumination accepts
letters so sitrned.
-Wbnt IV editor hn* to say,"
is simply a letter, and it I* well-
known that leading aiticlcs are
often not written by the so-called
euitor, .liiercfoic ivti'uic pu��kvi$; uj
mentorl The Islander should
��how by example what it so virtuously p'caehes, by attacking
thetr wiIter's KigiiaMuv.
tai'ifls they point to Great Britain saying that free trade is ruin
ing that eouutrv and that one
only salvation will be to adopt
a tariff reform'; yet neither her
trade returns nor Uuyd George'a
budgets gave the least excuse for
such base misrepresentations of
phones in the kingdom which
are now owned and oporated by
the Goveniiiieut. for'��� llw benefit
of the public
As nga'mst Hngland's free
trade it is a further fact Jhat iu
spite of Germany's high tariffs
lower wages and longer hours oi
her workers, she is  being under
sold in her owa cotmtry by
many articles of British manut.u*.
ture*. Take cutlery, the Board
ot Ti'ado prove that ShcificUi'.-i
knivcp, celebrated the world ov.
er, shows considerable increa.-.i
in the exports to Germany nnd
that aTtev the cost of freight and
duty they can in consequence oi"
free trade be sold to .German;,
(dieaper than their own product.
It is conclusively proved by"
the budget figures aud Boaid cf
Trade returns that ibo^
whose interest it is to cdv.co c
high tariff** in Canada   wilful y
in is re present facts, for high ;.-��������'.
ill's nic a species of lcga!i/iyi joi?
bury by which tlie protected fi. ���
are enabled to control uii\tl;ctr, a-
well a* labor rind produciio'i*., at
{Comiiiiied on law m)r.)
I   ft
Dl^ESS GOODS Rfit) THimflllflGS
We are (-bowing the proper goods in  Silks, aud Dress Goods,, for., evening
dresses, unliable for the coming bull, April 8th, in all the leading shades. We
i 1. ,i..   1
<��.,.   *��������.V����   fc..W   (illwlt,    ...
I .... ....t.
Mr. J. J. Wier ��'f The NewR,
underwent a Micccisful'opcrA'iou
l;iBt week by l)r* Gilletpie and
Ilteka, aud \a tajudly'reco^ci'ng-
Colored Linens
We me showing 0 Hue of colored linens suitable for coats aud dresses. They
rtime in the following shndes:-Olive, Blue, Butchers' Blue, two nhades of
Fawn, Keseda Green, 27 inches wide, ���  7S��
Colored Silk Underskirts
lust rcrciud n shipment or colored uudkrskirts'in all 'he leading shades, in
h ut.Tatft a.    They cnne full !eugtb,*i, good v*]ne at &..00
ampbell Bros. ������������������> r~  ^ VT-^V n^Hid L IH������ MQ"4������4fr&T'  *   '  'v. ' '������������������������������������./-S.-^'-v^-. ':v^--    " *   r   'K\Z<-:v���������^"-'r1'*^^ ^cr'Vh^ji  THE NEWS. CUMBERLAND, B. C  IN THE  BALANCE  By L 6, MOBERLY  Author of ,,  "Dan  and Another," "A Tanoled  Wel������,"    "Gin of Alison  Deer-  Ina,"  etc.,  etc.  WARD.   LOiK   ft CO..   LIMITED  Loncicn,  Melbo irn������ and   Toronto.  (ContfuuciU.  foi-  lo  lier hand loosed itself .from the  clos" clasp of Ills, aud sirokoil his  aim with a. t-aro?sins touch.  "Xo��������� no���������1 am (|iiltc well. 1 iliilu'l  rouiv to consult yen as a doctor, bill  - -voi.n thin.', lias happened, nr.il 1  want you:- arivlvo. It is no 'nurd lo  know what lo do���������and 1 can't uavuIo  without you. Oliver���������you spolco just  now c!' :i rk-li man coming to you, a  man lor vlioni you could do nolhinjj.  Was ii,.:u niaii���������Milt-s Hornrsloy?''  "Why���������yes--how queer thai you  r-iioukl kn.uv; but, of course���������I l'or-  KOt ���������you mentioned Jouk ago that he  was an old friend of yours. Uy the  bye, didn't you tell mo that ho once  wanted to be moro ilian a friend? 1  never thought of it at all, when I had  practically to sis'-i tho poor fellow's  death warrant yesterday,"  "Is there nothing you'can do  him'.'    lf>  it. roally���������what ho tay  matter of time?"  "Did he tell you about his vi.-it  nio? No--I can do nothing: it is just  a matter of time, and of a short tirno  ���������there is nothing that anybody can  do. I'orhaps ho told you I advised  liim to so- to his Hampshire estate  and live a������ quiet and happy a life as  possible. With happiness and care  lie may live a year���������but "  " Oliver--wait, wait, a moment.    li  is because of Miles that 1 have come j  here to-day. I have got u> think about j  his happinebs: he has put it into my I  hands."  "Into���������your���������hands?'  "It is so difficult to    tell    you    all;  about it.   Tho whole tiling sounds so j  dreadful���������told iu cold blood���������it seems  ���������so   heartless   and    horrible���������but���������  Miles���������came to mo after ho left you  yesterday. Ho told mo ail that you had ;  raid���������he caino���������to ask me to be   his  wife���������for the one year left   him    of  life."  Dynecourt sprang to his feet, a  ��������� dull flush mounted to his forehead.  'His wife���������you ? " ho exclaimed passionately, then, his voice, dropping to  coldness, ho added, "but���������1 forgot���������  you are perfectly free, you aro in no  _way bound to me���������1 havo no_rlj.ln���������-_"  ""Yotriiave "ever;' right"."-- Do-! why-  rose and stood by his side. "Wo are  not. formally bound���������but���������1���������belong  to you���������only lo you.' Her steady  voice broke." "And yet it is so hard  to know what is right to do."  "What is risht!���������with a poor beggar like mo ou ono side, nnd a rich  uhnp like Hernesley on ' tlio other?  No rational person could have any  doubt as to what was right in such  ���������a quandary us that!" His (ones were'  very hitler, and he laughed a bitter  littlo laugh.  "Oliver���������I want, you (o help me."  Dorothy's voice j,uddcu!y steadied itself, she .spoke gently. "You are  stronger than I���������and���������wiser. I wonl  you to seo for mo what I ought to do.  You know���������oh! you know quite well  that I would rather work, my Augurs  to tho bono as tho wife of a ' poor  man I���������loved - limn enjoy all the luxury'in tho world as a rich man's wife.  Hut," Ebomoved towards tliowint.ow  mid Blood looking out at tho one sycamore'tree '.showing green "in tho April  sunHghl, "but���������there aro so many  others to think about besides myself.  J I' tho-decision affected only mo it  would be cany enough to decide."  ���������Who Ohio iw affected? Except inK  that it would bo torturo to me, who  ol.'ic would be hurt?"  "Nobody clue would be hurl excepting inveeir. Hut I cannot, boar oven  to think of hurting you. Hut���������If���������I do  what Miles iu;k.-<, it will .moan that  father and mother can livo in comfort  ngalii���������lt would bo happiness- for  them and  for you "  "For me? Where should I rame !".  excepting "������ having to endure the  knowledge thnt you were another  man's wif������?" , ' '   '  A new look of pain leapt Into Doro-  tliy'u i'VCh. Tlie almost savage ncorn  In his voice- pained her, its nothing  hart pained her yet in tlilu iitrango Interview, and lor the tick oi a i.ueoiul  ���������-no moro--there Hashed through lior  mind the reflection thai with HiIk  man his own gain or loan was of paramount eoiiidcrittloi), whilst .Miles'  whole thought hml henn for her,  Quickly ns It, arose the disloyal reflection wan t-upproHHcd, but It. had  been there���������and we are tolil that no  Impression once stamped upon n  mind is ever wholly displaced again.  "May 1 tell you just how Miles put  It all before lue?" kIio culd, brlelly giving him nn outline of llornesley's pro-  nasal, aud the reason;; for It, "I think  ho felt that for you, too, there might  iio a jHisiUvo advantage ���������and If I  Itnevv Hint by a yonr'tt uucrUle ] could  bring you what would help you Incalculably in your weili, l should fed���������  ___q____f__l_<__|_AtMlli*^  SrVDi&DW.. $  sBEm  I had not made my sacrific In vain.  Miles made it so very plain to mo  thaUI can't help putting It to you in  the same way, even though it sounds  crude and .heartless, and, you see,  Oliver���������if���������if���������I agree to marry him  ���������at tho end of the year I shall bo a  very rich woman. Aud Miles said���������  oh! it seems horrible to repeat it���������  but he said it���������that then I could come  lo you , and there would bono money  dil'ieiili'es any more. And���������whilst I  shrink from it���������I cannot help remembering all the time what a difference  it might nuke to your work, lo your  researches, to your whole future���������ii  you had plenty of money." i  Again u silence foil over tho room,  a yilence in which the tickling of. tho  clock on the inautleplece asserted itself noisily, a silence that, to tho woman who waited, seemed pregnant  with meaning. Outside' In the sunshine the sparrows chirped and twittered amongst the Fye.inore boughs,  on which tho delicate leaves already  I'avi.- a faint, fair promise of spring.  Inride the room, the man who stood  in silenco by the JIVeplace fought a  battle whof-e effects would bo more  far-reaching and more lasting than he  eould oven dimly guess. Wo throw a  P'.bhle into a motionless pool, and be  Hie pei-ble ever so small, the circles  widen and widen to the pool's far  edge, and when the pebble is once  ihrovui we are powerless to hinder  ihe widening of the circles. We  make a decision, we take a step for  good or evil, and the result." of what  we do reach for beyond our ken, and  wo have no power to check the results, when tho step has once been  (akc.ii, the deed once done.  Oliver Dynecourt's mind worked  quickly. Kven whilst Dorothy still  spoke, a lighning Hash of realisation  showed him what the command of a  large sum of money would mean to  him aud his future lie was a pioneer  in his profession. Already he had  adventured far ahead of his colleagues, daring- what they had'not dared; he was on Iho verge of discoveries which mi'ghl. work vast changes  in the world of medicine; but poverty  tied his hands. He could spare neither tho lime nor the money for the  purely research work that was  necessary for the fruition of his labours. But if lie were rich, if the daily  drudgery ot mere bread earning were  lifted from his shoulders, he might  rank amongst tho great scientists,  tlie foremost discoverers, and at the,  thought ambition named high within  him. He had always been ambitious:  the desire lo achieve, tho longing to  he first in the field, these were knitted into the very fabric of his being,  and���������now���������that which had been lacking to him was held out to his hands;  opportunity might be his at last. But  ���������at what a price!- His eyes wandered from tho dial of the clock on which  they had been idly fixed, and turned  towards the tall form of the woman  at the .window. Her beautiful face  was-silhouetted-against-thc���������blue���������of-  thc sky; the grace of her figure was  emphasised bys the weariness of her  attitude, and the bare thought of allowing her to give herself to another  man sent, the blood pulsing feverishly  through Dynecourt's veins.  To let her sell herself for his sake.  Crudely expressed, that was, after all,  what it all meant, for he was shrewd  enough to know that, true woman as  she was, the thought of all that her  marriage with Miles would mean for,  her lover's future would weigh far  heavier with her than any other consideration. Could he let her sell her:  self to this man Hernesley, for a year,  in order that at tho end of the time  ho himself should reap such unspeakable .benefits? , Was it a possible position to face?  No���������a thousand times no. Could he  sec Dorothy���������his : beautiful Dorothy,  whom ho had loved since the first  day ho had seen her.'in-tho.accident  ward ���������lit. St, Hugh's Hospital���������the  wife of another man? It was absurd,  unthinkable���������and���������yet :  Satisfied' ambition���������a, gvont career  --a famous name, These 'might be  his, If ho allowed the woman ho loved'  to���������well���������after���������nil���������to do what? To  marry an upright and honourable  gentleman. To bo his wife for u year,  bringing him the comfort of her presence for all that was left to him of  life, After all���������there would bo a  great generosity in allowing Dorothy  to make Sir Miles' last days 'peaceful  and happy. And���������then thero wero  her father and mother, too. To them  also this marrlngo would iiinko a vast  difference. And���������It was only for a  year,  Afterwards���������how his thoughts leapt  onwards. AflerwardH, when she was  free, he and sho would bo together,  nnd his future would bo assured, Hut  if ho counselled Dorothy to refuse  Hei-ucHley'is offer? What was the  oilier side of the picture? A long con-  iliiuoiiH struggle for himself: years o1'  grinding, monotonous work, beforo he  could hope to glvo himself over lo research and neU-nco���������1[ Indeed the tlmo  ever caino when he could ho glvo himself, Years, too, of wallliiK for Dorothy, years during which they would  both grow old, and worn, and tired.  Why, If hIio Hpont that one year (and  It, would probably bo loss than a yenr,  too) an another man's wire, their  time of walling Would bo shorter, far,  far shorter (bun If sho refused Miles,  and If things wont on as hoforo,  The temptation crept Insidiously  about him. Ambition trod hnrd on  bis piiKslonntn love for Iho woman  whp waited his decision; ambition  plowly ousted IiIh tenderer feelings,  and Oliver Dytecourt wiih a harder j  imn Hu������n b<> Hphlco nt lust after hl.il  long, long silence. * \  "I Unuiv >uu Viouiii 6e li&hi. ������u accept lleriioBley'fl offer," ho wild abruptly. Dorothy ntnrtcd nnd turned  inwards him. "Ah you told me," ho  went on, averting his oyo;i from her  ������������einlv ������;itze, "von have to think of  votir father and mother. Would it be  fair to iheui <o throw away such a  ehanee of making their mturo secure?  Aud���������would it be right to deprive  poor Hernesley himself of tho hap-  piling you can give him? Dorothy���������  you iuked' me to help you to decide,  ..ii.l Uul thovuU It I-.', to nay It- thk  in my decision."  '/"or ci1" d������v-,'<df������1  memeiil   II  .win-  PURIFIEOJIS BLOOD  Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills  Healed Mr. Wilson's. Sores  When the fewers of the body���������bowels,  kidneys and skin ducts���������get clogged up,  the blood quickly becomes impure and  frequently sores break out over the body.  The" way to heal them, as Mr. Richard  Wilson, who lives near London, Ont.,'  found, is to purify the blood. . He  writes:  !'ifor some time I bad been in a low,  depressed condition. My appetite left  tr.e and I soon began to suffer from indigestion. Quite a number of small sores  and blotches formed ah over my 6kin. I  tried medicine for the blood and .used  many kinds of ointments, but without  satisfactory results. What was wanted  was a thorough cleansing of the blood,  and I looked about in vain for some medicine that would accomplish this.  At last Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pilii  were brought to my notice, and they are  ono of the most wonderful medicines I  have ever known. My blood was purified in ^ very short time, sores healed up,  my indigestion vanished. -Tlicy always  have a place in my home and are looked  upon as the family remedy,"  Dr, Morse's Indian Root Pills cleanse  the system thoroughly. Sold by all  dealers a 125c a box. G  ���������if���������I do what you say?"  "Hard? Of course it will be .hard,"  he answered fiercely, passion for an  instant overleaping ambition, "'but--  it can bo borne���������for a year���������or .ess,"  he added more calmly, "wc���������must  bear it, you and I, Dorothy ifor the  sake of all those others���������wo must  bear it."  Sho glanced up at. him swiftly, but  though, iu that moment of renunciation her heart yearned over him as  never before���������sho was still haunted  by the dim feeling that His words did  not ring true.  "And���������for your own sake," she  said, holding his hand in a clinging  clasp, "it. will be easier to bear���������what  will be so very, very hard���������if I  know that I am doing it���������for you."  On the evening of the day on which  Dorothy with aching heart and eyes  dim with unshed tears had walked  away from Dynecourt's house, an express letter from her was put into the  young surgeon's hands.  "Please remember," it ran, "that  Miles Hernesley does not know the  name of the man to whom I had given  my heart. He did hot .wish to know  tho name; and, considering all circumstances, I think it better, that he  should remain in ignorance of it. I  trust you never to tell him of the relation in which you and 1 once stood  to one another.  "Yours, DOROTHY."  As Dynecourt glanced up from reading this letter, his parlourmaid entered the room.  'A. gentleman has called to see you,  sir;"~she~said. "Ho^asks-meHo-say-  lie knows it is very late, but he -is  anxious to speak to you for a few  minutes, and he will not detain you.  The gentleman sent in his card."  Dynecourt, taking the card- from  her, read upon it in a neat formal  handwriting���������  "Mr.1 Edward Soames, Solicitor,  Essex Street, Strand."  (To bo Continued', '  Is briefly told by a few other facts  which speak bo clearly that comment  is unnecessary. . In all Canada there  aro 2,620 banks���������including head offices and branches.' Of that number  27.7 per cent. or.727,, are located in  Jtho wheat-growing provinces of Western Canada. Ten yeara ago"there  were only 71 banks in the Canadian  West���������not quite one-tenth the number  there aro today. And the number  grows weekly. ���������-, ' -  ��������� The bank clearings at Western  points show a' splendid record���������ah increase of 27. per cent, during tire past  year. Last year" tho bank clearings  in tho Eastern Canadian cities amounted to ?4,850,S46,587. In tho cities of  tho West, Including those of Brit-,  ish Columbia, the clearings amounted  to $2,422,106,595."  Building operations bear testimony,  to tho progress of tho -West. Last  year in twelve of the principal centres  ot population the outlay on tho new  structures amounted to fifty and a  half million dollars���������three times as  much as was spent in 1907. During"  tho same pertod tho postal revenuo  collected in these Bamo cities ras increased from $5<H.550 to - 1,722.810,  while the postal revenues of the East  increased 30 per cent., that- of tho  West increased 119 per cent.  Grain is the basis of the prosperity  of tho West, and the centre of 1ho  grain trade is Winnlpog, and Winnipeg  has outstripped tho two great Ameri-.  can cities that are rivals in this commerce.  Last year the wheat recoipts al Winnipeg amounted to 101,326,250 bushels.  At Minneapolis the receipts' were 9t>,-  C-l-7.850 bushels, and at Chicago 42,-  629,751. Tre oat receipts at Winnipeg  wero 26,128,800 bushels, aud at" Minneapolis. 11,400,820. ���������' ' '  The West is' making rapid strides.  To the homeless it offers land, independence and wide opportunities,^ it.  provides .an. enormous and steadily  growing market for the products of  the East, and it also offers a wide  field for the investment of eastern  capital. East aud West each neeas Hie  other," and the prosperity ol: fie one  is shared in by all. Both >Kast a:iJ  West have beforo--them the upbuilding and prosperity of their common  country.���������The  Montreal  Standard.  THE WEST OF 1912  Eve.���������"See here, _ Adam, .I've been  tho making of you. Some women  would have taken every rib you had."  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No. 233  Interesting Facts and Figures of Its  Wonderful Development  When Lord and Lady Ouffcrin set  out from Winnipeg in September 1877,  on .their.-return journey to Ottawa,  they passed up the Rod River by  steamer to the United States frontier,  where; they wero able to take a railway tr?tin arid bo travel by way of St.  Paul ifnd Chicago to Dotroit, whore  they crossed again to Canadian terri-.  tory. Between Western and Eastern  Canada thero was the"h no railway  connection, and In tho West ilself  there wore but a fow'uilles of roughly  built railway in Mauitoba, not then. In  operation, for on their way up tho Red  River tho Vlcc-Rogal party passed a  bai'go carrying to Winnipeg the first  locomotive, that ever turned its wheel  In that city.  That was a littlo moro than thirty-  four years ago. Today there are In  tlio Canadian Weot 10,100 miles of  railway���������more than one-third of tho  total mllongo in all Canada, and this  refei'8 only to tho three pruirlri provinces��������� tho country between tho head  of Lnko Superior and tho Rocky  mountains.' In Manitoba thero aro  :i,7H0 miles of railway, in Saskatchewan, -4,11015, and in Alberta' 2,111���������an  Inerenso of 1.4)10 miles over the mileage of 1011, and nn Increase of six  J lionB'and iiiilua over tlio mileage of  ten yearn ago.  And the great fact must bo borno in  mind���������-great ns nro tho railway facll-  Hies of the West, they nro not ado-  iliinlo to tho needs of Iho country, and  nil hough construction work In bolng  vigorously proHocutcd by throe great  railway companion tlio needs of transportation services keep ahead, of (ho  railway companion,  Tlio West outgrown Us railway facilities about as fast ue n healthy boy  outgrows his clothes.  Tlio first consus lakon after Canada  acquired Prince Rupert's ./Land from  tho Hudson's Uny Company, was thai  uf tho your 1871, and that census gnvo  Manitoba a population of 2R.228, and  tho Northwest Territories 18,000, a  total of 411,228, for the urea now comprised within tho throe pinlrlo prov-  lllCCH.  According io tno census of Juno Ins!,  .ujuiiiofni mm a pupuiatiuu ui i<>v/.������i,  fnvkalrhcwnn An?.'.'.M. MlM-vtn; :U->  010~a totiil of l.UKLUR, or moro people than tho province of Quebec contained when It entered Confederation,  or a UiTVd of a million moro than tie  present population of tho threi Miti'I  il...  ,     r>..,-.,.J.,������A��������� T}^     n;'ft������(,,it     hai-i.  '  illation of our West, in" coiiipju'iiu.i  with tho numbers It Is cnpibb. nf njs- ;  talnlng, making Independent at. 1 W'.ul-1  thy, Is hut no a vanguard to tho main i  army,   Tho Went Is In reality still on'  empty country,   lis farms aro   only  patches on tho prairies, and yet those  jiatc'.eM have paB&cd the million bunhtl  mark In tho production of wheat alone,  There la room In the we������t ror million''  ul to D.ucihy that Oliver's v.onls did   ���������i0.0 of people.    They aro steadily  not ring true, but tslto checked    the  pouring In, and tho day Is not far dls-  On-light with horror, and moved to hi������ hant when Wcaltni Canada, will con-  Hit!*-. tain more people than will be found  ������������������OM.vr," fdio whbpcwl    brokenly, Jj��������� T-ltinlcm Canada,  "Li1.; li ic ijv toid?   Can v.o Lt-iif it j   The progress and wealth1 o! the W������s  CLEAN and SIMPLE to Use.  NO dunce of udntr tlir WUONG Dj-o lor tlie Goixii  onu litis to color.   All colorn.from your Drusirl-1 or  , n������l������ir,   ntlU'. Color Card and STORY Uonklot II,  Tin Johni>on.Rlcliardion Co., Umlmd, Monti-ciil,  How A Gold Mine Was Discovered. ���������  The death hi Sydney ot Mr. W.dter  Hall, a Mount Morgan millionaire., recalls the story of tho discovery of the  famous Queensland gold mine. It  sounds more like somo startling fiction than, a piece of real life. It was  a portion of a selection owned by a  man named Gordon, but tho pasturage  was.very poor, ,and his existence,  which he maintained by keeping a few  head of'cattle was miserable enough.  One day about thirty ..years ago, two  brothers named Morgan, prospectors,  passed his ramshackle nut, built unsuspectingly over untold wealth and  partook of the hospitality which Gordon offered to them as to all other  travellers in the bush; ,- Something  attracted "the trained eyes of the two-  brothers, and picking" up idly a few  samples of stone, they bade Gordon  goodbye. They reappeared soon afterwards, and offered to .buy his pooi-  selection_from_him,_and_he__eongratiK  lated himself on getting 'rid oMt al  ������1 an acre. Even then the Morgans  had no idea of the real value of their  new property, though" they were cot -  fident itn would pay them to work ,it.  They proposed to a Hockhampton resident a sale of half their' interest for  ������2,000 in order to buy mining machinery, and. eventually this gentleman  and three others put in ������500 each.  In a few years they and the Morgans  were all millionaires.  "No, none of these hats suggest my  personality at all. You see, I'm a  groat ��������� racegoer, adore drama, read  classics in the original, sympathize  with the, woman's movement, travel  a good deal and am intensely temperamental. The hat I want must convey  all  this."  Whistles It Open.  ���������Burdened with the necessity of having to rise from his bed to unbolt iho  bedroom door, so that bis, bvei'Afapt  could be brought in, a Londoner has  invented a door "which opens "to bis  whistle. This is accomplished by  means1 of a simple electromagnet  which draws the bolt when a current  passes through it,' a" platinum point,  and a'plaino wire attuned to a certain  note. By sounding this note-or.ono  of its octaves, the-wire vibrates in  response, and this vibration brings'it  in contact with the platinum point,  thus completing the. circuit and bringing a very sensitive relay into opera,  tion. -���������  '��������� Young Wife.���������"Do you think it is  justifiable for a wifo to take' money  from her husband's pockets?" Older  cWifc.���������"It.isn't a case of��������� justification  at'all; it is a case of finding any to  Takcr^-: " ~  Trappers;DeaIers. tn ;  any Kind of Kow Ftirs,  cannot afford to dispose of their collections! without first  obtaining our prices  , sent  upon request.  Remittance forw.-irde't} day (roods received,  Kxprosa and mail changes on all shipments  paid by us. Canada's L-rdest Fur Operator.  Your correspondence solicited.  John HiUam      ��������� * .      Toronto  I  LARGE PROFITS IN MAKING BRICK  bricks can Ou nuitio from Clay, Shalt  or bund. Mill iul'oi minion upon request..  The- Bera  Machinery Mfg.  Co.,  Limited,  Toronto, Ont. '  DISEASED  OF  MEN���������DR.   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She was- having her winding-sheet  warmed.     -,���������     (��������� * _  "X never have lain -1n damp "bedclothes Voile I, was alive," i said tho  old lady in a fcoble whisper,' "and I'm  not going to do it when I'm dead."  ..-���������^Making Money Quickly  ,> Wo hear^of fortunes quickly mafia  ,In .Wall street^ of miners who bave~ accumulated'.eiiMmojia wealth by aJucky  strike,-.- of ,iuv6nCions'Tthat\have mado  inventors rich; but how many of these  instances are there? Just a few," while  .SQuntJessc thousands and hundreds of  thou.antis^have,lost everything In ua-  successful Venture's.*.- < -. ' > - ::..  "'The\prosperous'yb*���������'successful, man'  or woman/is the roaiuwho biijps with*  ���������the. knowledge ot what he or,ghe'ls  biiying, wjiether it he'a piece .dfYbeejr/  a dozen of eggs,,a horse, a houseffcr  stocks, or. bonds.'- ''-.���������> -W * '. *V-  --1 Money .has been.m'ado in Wall street  and will-continue lo be made.'Those  who buy stock when they sell low and  soil them when.they advance must  make m6noy;,.;The operation Is no. different fronf-buying a house or a farm  at a bargain and selling" it at a profit,  "bjjt one Bhould exorcise just as much  .care.in one's transaction as in the  other.      . \v .- ���������-  ,  1 ftave nothing to do with those who.  offer glittering opportunities .to get  rich quickly. Thla wlll-saro you mon-  'ey. It may sound;, very nice to Bay  that one owns a thousand shares of  gold, silver or copper, mine with a par  value of $10,000 and that ��������� cost the  holder only $50 or $100. But what use  is such a certificate unless it has'real  value., .Better nut .Iho $50 or $100 in  one sharp of dividcM-paying stock and  bo satisfied with-^moderate returns  and a moderate pjfijfit an any advance  the stock may enjoy. "   ,  An employer o. men was Inquiring  of another emi^qyer if he could recommend him twp steady, sober.merf.  "Why," you ha\j'o Just come to the  right t mau," was ,'the'reply..'"I; know'  twomen���������the steadiest men you could  meet In a'dayTs) march; in fact, I  watched themfjnone solid hour, when  they .wore with me, and neither of  them '$oVed.',' '=  -=*"i-T,-3 '  I   Son.���������"Whatl ljlnd of a man   Is   a  drone>..papa?"; : Father.���������"One   who  who'���������'stands Ini a revolving door and  waits'for some bne to push it arjurul  [ ������o he"; can get ip, my son."   -  $100 Reward, $100.  T6������ readers ot this'paper will be pleased tr icani  ttmt Uitfre la at least one dreaded disease tlmi science  has bcca-nblo to cure in all Its stages, oik' that 13  Catarrh.  Hall's Ca'tatra Cure- is the onlv  cure uovr known to tlio medical fraternity,  positivo  .. Catarrli  being a .constitutional disease, requires i constitutional treatment. Hall's- Catarrh Cure is taLen ln->  ttrnallyy nctlnc dlrrctly upon,the-blood nnd mucouS  outfaces ot tlio sj'Slcm, thereby destroying tho  .foundation ot tho disease, and Rlvlnft - the patient  otr.',nBth.,by bulld|n__up tho constitution andjftslst-  fsit nature In doing Its "work. Tlio proprietors havo  eo much faith In ttsrcijratlve powers that Ui'ey otter  One Hundred Dotlajp for any case that It fails to  ��������� 7 *sir$������-j_Kcnii-������>r list of tfstinionlai^^^ i." -^ -^-^-  " Address F. .1. CHENEY A CO.. ToledoJO. .  Bald by all Druggists, r:e. "v  XateliaU'S 1'aniily rills for constipation.;  it*  ^ Tommy.���������Tho papers*say if you  smoke cigarettes it changes your "Complexion,       i f - ,        ,  Willie.���������Thai's jlght. I'm always  tanned when I gpt caught smoking  them. Jr* '  ,   '-������  v   l   '        Heaving the Log -;  "Heaving* the Log" is one, of those  picturesque phrases of natural literature which is only hazily understood  by'the land lubber. The "log" Is a  quandranfshaped piece of wood loaded with lead' at tho curve. Tho line  to which It-'is attached is 120 fathoms  long and Ib ��������� divided by knots into  ������qual distances of 47 feet each. I'iio  distancos aro the samo fraction of. if  - nautical milo (a knot) as 28 seconds.  Ib of one hour, 'Consequently lire mim\  bir,of. knots that;������lfy off 4 rdfrin 28  Bwonds aftor Ul* log -is in.thia 'wator-  Ib the speed per hour that the ship is  making. ,   ,i  Sh/MsGwe  entlcitlV klvptf coudhi", cprca coliln, licala ;  Uta tlirbat and hlni*,,  ,-,     -.   as, cento..  i ..I   -���������A party wo'r'o-;.aIklngibf succoss,f;A  certain'man who had mado n fortune  wan monlloncd. ' '  ���������"When th,at man.camo to London  In '79,," ono said, "ovorylhlhg ho pos-  jsoJBBea wan tioduf) ina haudlJOVQhiof,  TodaV-^f^'*  ''���������'*'. ������������������'"." >"'.-',,������������������.���������.  Tho speaker Bmllod and stroked his  '" elose-cllpp.od moustacho. ��������������������������� .  'Today, everything lio posbobbob is  ' tied up in hja,wire's name," lio addod.  ���������Mwmwm���������nl   I  i    iii������mian"-"i������i������"������������  ..    If wo'aro on earth to^iclp othcroi  '   what dro oHione on oarth for?���������',,..,...���������".  yr;'J  ������������������    ,      ���������������������������,'���������,.-���������     .  SCOTT'S  EMULSION  JS THE BEST IN'THE  ,'��������� -���������T wp.RLD ���������''*  because 4t ia made of  " tho purest and ;l?,e8t^in-.  "gredient8, because it  ��������� rnrtbMnn  mnrr* hcnVma,  >rf������������r)^Kf.nmjj  ntid  upbuilding material than  any other Emulsion, and  , because it is a perfect  prndiirt of n nnentirir-  , ally perfect 'pjfa&BJf*  Doctors the world over  recognise  'S  of the Standard prepa*  ration of Cod liver Oil  kt% DRUGdlST.1  ���������    '���������     ���������       -tKi  W, N, U. No. 883  ;Qdland:let us e^% dur;SpecialxAiiti.Saggiiig, Anti-Fricti6n and Accurate Sdwing futures.  1    ���������������'  __A*p"      '''"'*    ���������-" * Not TenderMll OverV ��������� '. -^  \ A. beggar had bee^for a-'lo^tim'o  besieging an old gouty, testy^Hmping  gentleman, who.jefused his i4te with  peatirrltabllity; Upon which the mendicant said:". -y ". ��������� -c .," ....  .. '.'Ah, please your honor's honor',' i  wish Providence Bad made your heart  half as tender as Jsour feet."   '.   *  -rrr-  "Your poem', .used?    I si^uld  not!" answercd.lhe editor.  say  "Would you%Ive mo a candid criticism of it?",   ;.v \^ v..  "Certainly, 'it's clumsy and vulgar  and unspeakably idiotic." -  "Good!"    \                  .-*>���������  "Good?"    -'���������. '���������                     -���������    ��������� '  "Yes, set tovmusic it will become a  popular song.".  i*.'ilokus.���������'.'iSrowusmlth was after \  political Job'for a long tiifce.- What.'s  ho doing now?" Poku's.���������"Nothing.  He's got it.".. /  Sudden Changes  ..many Golds  And   Colds  Are  the ..Starting   Point  of Serious'Diseases ���������"  >-7 ���������,      ' '���������������'��������� J  You  Can  Make  Short  Worl<   .of    a  / Cold'by Using  /DR. GHASEf SYof?  :  LINSEEbrAND   '  TURlPENTlNE  - Sijddbnvchanges of temperature are  fatal" in results. The shock to ���������tho  human system is more.;- than most  people, can stand, and everywhere you  hear'sneezing and cgnghing. -,.  You may bo sure that some, of these  colds will develop Jhto pneumonia'or  consumption. Others will settle on  tho kidneys, and result in serious disease or bring on rheumatic or bodily  pains.        - .  The danger Is in letting colds run  on. By beginning promptly with Dr.  Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine and'taking small doses frequently  you cafi keep tho cough loose, check  the inflammation, and soon rid the  system entirely of tho cold, aud all  the'many possibilities for o'vil.'whloh  It possesses; V   '   f"  ������������������' Don't think flint- anything Is good  enough for a cold. Thero aro lots of-  cough mixtures. But if you want a  standard medicino of proven ��������� merit/  something .that you-can depend on ia  fimo of.' sickness, you will bo satis-,  flod-wlth Dr.'- Chase's���������Syrup of Linseed'and Turpontlne; ������������������.(ri*n<.  > Children like it. Doing composed  of simple Ingredients, it is particularly  suited to* fheir-needs. Ita ,'dnormpus  saloa.prove ttfl effectiveness, 25 cpntB  a bottle, family slzo GO 'ctnts, at' all  dcalors, or, Tjjdmansou, Bates & Co,,  Limited, Toronto.  /���������'Forestry In Europe ; '���������'  Tho productive forest .area in 1002  ,on���������tliQ Grand Duchy oMIosso in Eur-  ono'amounted to 182,213 acres of  slxty-niiib per cent. ���������hi:i.l,)v6ot\:- and  tiilrtyJono jier.,contv oonlfero'iisiflppc-  Iob. The total yield of lu'fubor in 1008  was-4,575,000. quljlo foot. Refuse ill  so far as it is not suitable for'.Jigbto);  lumber,', such as laths or for pulp,' is  used for firewood, Tho oxpendlturoH  for salaries",1 forest cultivation,', nntl  road building amounted to'approximately J7G'1,000, and tho total gross income (from .lumber and flrowood)  was .$1,101,931.. Tho capital represent--  oil by the forcstB ($52,005,354) brought  interest accordingly at j!.21 p9r.c0.ut.  Whoro-Intopslvo forostry of thlrf kind  Is practiHod/foroBt flros aro iinknowh.  Sufficient money ppnnt on Canadian  FovoBt RoBorvoB would greatly roduco  tho flro danger, mulnlaln an adoiumto  lumber;.Bupply,for l,hQ,.country nntl'lji  tlmo become' a sburcb' of rovontio to  tho Government.' ���������,.'���������'  ���������.      ���������1.1, ,'.;t'   .  The manager of a la'rgo Jolimry  ostabllHhmont had the., rather curhiis  nam'o of .VPediBtoB.'.'. Ono day lin������:i,  gngod Homo extra worlimon, ono*-, of  whom was very fond of,l.flr.BjM' *j0  after working for two liourti ho  thought ho would slip Into mmo rjulot  comer and havo a ifmoke. Ho wan  biisy llghthig his pipe >yli������n round {.he  "What are������you dolnw horo?" Haiti  tho manager?        <..      '  "Who aro you?" haitl tlio workman.  "I am Dodging, the mariage/,": wttr  the reply. ������ '  . "So am 1,"   nald   tho   workman,  "iffMTif* In nnd hnvo n BUinko?"  AN OPEN LETTER  FROM A WELL KNOWN CLERGYMAN SHOWING HOW' INDlGES.  ��������� TJON CAN BE, CURED . ,,  Rev. T. A-. Drury, Beamsvllle, Orit.,  writes as follows:���������"For eighteen  years I have been mcroaslnglv impressed with tho wonderful effects for  good wrought by Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills. For somo years I had suffered  almost constantly with chronic dyspepsia of the most stubborn type, attended by different other troubles  which Invariably follow or accompany  it as (its results, prominent among  which were kidney trouble and piles.  Against this complication of diseases.  I,waged .a vigorous warfare, for several monthsjjAiBlng many different remedies, 'none of -which'.gave permanent  relief. In my-discouragement I- was  about to discontinue treatment altogether when I was advised by a Mend  to try Dr:', Williams' Pink PillS, the  use of which, though'under very-unfavorable, circumstances, soon revived  my_drboping courage. The' medicine  struck at. the root of my weakness  and;-the different troubles of which  dys^cjisia was the prime cause released, let go, and disappeared. In one  month I iucreased fifteen pounds in  weight and received a new lease of  life. Only six boxes of pills produced  this wonderful 'chango in my health,  which was miraculously permanent.  "Later mj^slster-became so reduced  by anaemia." (though under the care of  our family doctor) that she could  scaredy.������wallc. In this dangerous cx-  tremity;-Dr. Williams' Pink Pills were  resorted to and in. a brief space of  time restored' her to perfect health. ,  ^Being a minister of the gospel"  niany test cases have cpme under my  notice, ta all of which Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills have fully sustain-od their  world-wide reputation. This is why  I can conscientiously recommend Dr.-  Williams' Pink Pills as being superior,  to anything known to mo in tin*'treatment of many diseases foy. which, they.  are recommended."  VOUL6 ;YOU,tlKE\ THIS -MUSIC?  .;      .   IT IS OFFERED, FFtEEl   -.  .-A-fina composition for the pianoforte, by; the famous ,. composer, J.  ���������Michael Watson, has been published'  by .tho Za'm-Buk Co., of Toronto; and  wo 'aro able to -mako our readers tho  ���������very-useful offer of a copy of" this  March tfor simply" paying postage on  same,' The .composition is not very  difficult, is quite within tho-'reftch'-of  young pianoforte .players, and vis a  wonderfully effective piece of'work..  To obtain a copy,'forward 2- cents  (cost-c-f postage) to The Zam-Buk -Co..  ���������Toronto, asking for a copy, and mentioning this paper.     vv"  Merchant-(to stranger);.���������I thank  you,.sir, tor helping my clerk throw  that book'-agent out. Now what can I  do for you? J  Stranger.���������I'd1 like to'sell you tho  "Ljfo of .Washington."    .���������.'  . \  I,  Wiggs.���������D'Aber has' had-his picture  rejected.     - ~ '' -  Waggs���������Mayge hanging was too good  (or it. ',  ' Through indiscretion in eattog- greqn  fruit in summer many children be-  como subject to cholera morbus canned by-irritating acids that act violently  on the lining of.the Intestines. Pains  and dangerous'purgiugs ensue and tho.  doltc.to, system of-tho child suffers  under the 'drain. In such cases the  safest and surest medicino Is -Dr .7.  D. ��������� Kellogg'.s , Dysentery Cordial. . Itj  will' check, the Inflammation and save  the child's life.  -���������"��������� 'f'        ������.    1 _,  Private Tom Jorios.'(ro colonel, w*o  has .brought him lo' seo a memorial  brass in the church to those of tho  regiment who had fallen in the way  of war)���������Well, sir, if I'd 'a' known  your namo wam!t a going to be  amongst 'em,, blessed''if I. would 'a'  given a penny'to the1 thing.v  ���������      _ . : uJ.,'   ,_  Mlnard's Liniment Cures Colds. Etc  * .  "I've, got 'the 'best mothcr-ln-law in  tho world, She, never says a harsh or  cruel word to'mo. I think so much of  her that-:���������"  "Woltt������.rvo soon somo .liars in my  tlmo, bitf "    '  "Walb'uni.11 I .finish. As T was saying, 'L.thlnlt bo inueh'Of my ihother-  in-law U)k;.ovory -Sunday I 1.0''m) to  the coiTToTBry to-seo'  if ^lio's 'AtIII  Jihore.".  ' Master  (to now pupil).TsiWJjat" is  ybuY.namo, my lltlo.'nian?������������������' ' ":,!  ��������� '��������� Now' Pu pll,���������Tommy.  Master,���������What is your full name?  Now Ptipll.���������Tommy Jones,  Master.���������Then Jones is your laat  name?    " ������������������'...; .     ���������  .Now Pupil.���������No,.It im\'U Whon-I  was born my nun\o' was .Ionqn,.,and  tho^'-didn't glvA Jho oilier nimui for a  mouth "at'tdi'wardB.,,���������- '    ���������'.  .Tthe publisher of the best Farmer's  paper in the Maritime 'Provinces \ in  .writing to us states:    /   ��������� '  "I would say that',1 do,'not know of.  a' medicine that has stood the .test of  time like MINARD'S, LINIMENT. It  has been an unfailing reihcdy in our  household ever since I can remember,  and has, outlived dozeifc of would-be  competitors and imitators."  The largest plant in'the-1'world is  probably a species of seaweed, which  often attains a length of -300 feet: The  stems are} "dried and u&ted ;as ropes  by the South''Sea Islanders. *   ' _   -   1���������;j_. ,.    ..,.'.V  ��������� Opals are"so' sensitive, that exposure  to moisture or heat, or even sudden-  atmosphere change, sometimes ruins  them.   ���������    ...   " '       . .   '  A Marathon of 16SJ9.  A remarkable foot-race-v was run  about. thcVcar 1699 which is , thus_  described in t the manuscript journal  of a lady^gyjio was on'e of'the'spectators: "I drove through the''forest of  Windsor to see a race run by "two  footmen, ah English and a Scotch,-the  former, a taller''bigger man'than the  other. The. ground 'measured' ��������� and  cuU oven_in_'a- round-was- about-^ f piii'-  ���������miles;- they wci*e to run {it -round* 'so  ioften aa'/tS-makc up Cwen'ty-two miles,  which was the distance between Charing Cross and Windsor, Cross���������thfs is  live times 4uite round, and so far as  to mako up tho "odd mil.es and measure. TheyAan a round in twenty-jlye  minutps. 'I saw them run tho first  three rounds and half another in an  hour and seventeen "mjnutes, and  they finished it in two hours aud a  half. The Englishman gained the  start the second round, and kept it at  tho same distance the ilvo rourtds, and  then the Scotchman ,cfimo up to  him and got before him1 to tho post.  Tho Englishman fell -down" 'Within' 'a  few yards of the post.- Many hundred  pounds wero lost and won about it.  They ran both very n'eutly, 'but my  judgment gave it to tho Scotchman  because ho seemed - to-' sa'vo himself  to tho last push."     '   ���������������';..  ,, :,.., A Prlflht  "Lady," "'nf'til - Meandering'  Mike,  would you lend'mo a cake "of soap?"  "Do you,moan to toll mo you want  Boapf .  ' "VoH'm. Me.partnor's Kot.tlio hie'  oupafjin',! want to Bcaro him."  ���������Ho Huiuly art II ui duy and tho'night  alternately follow one another, does  civery doy when It ykldB to darknea.*,  nful every, night when it passim lnt.������  dawn, bwir.wUh it Its own (ale of the  resull������ which it ban silently wroiiRht  upon each of u������, for*cvil or for good,  ���������SV. li, tiU������d*iloi������w. ,���������������<.���������.������������������.  Fresh Supplies in Demand.-^-Whoro-  ever Dr", Thomas',Eclo'ctric Oil has  been' introduced increased supplies  liave been :'ptder.edi showing that  .Whwoyor.-Jf^Boos-'this excellent' Oil  impresses its powor'dn the poople. No  matter In .what hilltudo it'may bo  found its pot'onoy Is nov6r impaired.  It is put .up in most portable shape In  bottles and can bo carried without  fear or breakage    . -  The New Arctic. Race  Mr. Comyns BoauniouT, m tho new  Issue, of Knowledge,/-dlBCUUBos tho  racei^oh Horr Stefansson-dlacavov-  od in tTio Arctic regions; north of British. Coltjmhla. As"t'h6 pdoplo. In flues-  tlo'n Wo Scandinavian in appoaranco,  .iWhas boen suggostod that they aro  descendants'of tho crbWH'liv Sir'John  Franklin's expedition who, intermarried with the Eskimos. If tlils Sv'as ho,  sayiiMtv Beaumont, in Btich a compar-  atl\'o]w'")������|h,ort;nQi'iod, thouo men .would  bo able lo i'r.tflio 'their Identity clear,  In Iobb than ono hundred years men  'belonging to a vitilo raco do not lose  their langungfi, tholr cubIoui or-.forgqt  tholr fothoHaud. Indeed, It rnqulroB an  'IminciiRo period for colonists or ('migrants to: change tholr national ciih-  toniB, und to- hljow tholr earlier history to'paas: Into myth or legend,  Corns aro caused by the pressure; Jll[^fi^^  Of  tight bootll, but no ono,.������li*et1 *.*l: tS^firt ^5.%r?Ii' di������7nnrn Sf noftriv ������-B0O-  troiiblod wlth;.j.hoiii long   .whoiii %W~\&������$* cover a dlBttmco of nearly-,buo  ���������Bljnplo ii,roino/ly as IloIJowny's CoVn' <l������u������B..*. ^<>j     ���������    :'< ,.*.;;  Towns With Troubles    ,  '.London'p trouble Is Ijor fog.  ToUld'n trouble hi earllujiuilu'S.   In  her worst 200,000. people woro. killed,  Ctileutta'H trouble Ih cholera, and  l.ho bubonic jilaguo la tho trouble-of  Bombay.'Kneh cliy payn lo her trouble  an annual 'tribute of 0,000 IIvoh. "   ;  '"it.iiV'i.V"  <v������",,l',ll"   tl\rf' nnlnno      tV-  Bumnier wlntl from the south-oast, It  is exceedingly hot und is accompanied  by blinding, choking cloucU o������ dust,  nS-'that, notliwlthfttandlng a tempera*  lure of 105 or 110 degrees, all windows  must bo closed.       ;���������  Thn mistral Ih the trouble of Mnr-  Bellies. ��������� It Ih an east wind .that jn-  e'reasos tho city's death rate 00 per  dpnt,      -,    ... '������'"���������" ,���������'  ���������llagdiid'H trouble I������ the "Bagdad but-  ,tnn.".. a ,noro that nttacka practically  every rnsldimt'hnd visitor, leaving ;a  permanent buton-shaped Bear.  ���������filjnplo  Cure Ih available.  "What Is tho djffwonco between  valor and -discretion?" remarked Mm,  Brown, looking up from the paper In  which'slip had been reading a leading  article on'(he operations In Tripoli.  "Valor," replied Brown, "Ih bawling  Into ,tho ear -of tho cbamploii pi'iglllflt  U|U  llbhlHUUII   Uiill   ill-   IJH  I lUli,Hi   ^01.  could hner-k Into Mr,"  "And dlRcretirtn?"     ���������  "Is doing it ovor tho tclopliono,"  ,!.:  "Somebody ' Blolc over nt your  house?" "No, ma'am.". "But I ,iiaw  iiu numw'uiiio m nunt . nnyniAii."  "Vos, liia'am. "Tho doctor'hiuU -Uje  o\WmtM wo know that owns an nuto/  mobllo," ,, ��������� *,-; 1  ARLINGTON CHALLENGE  ^AtE|t)r>RO^FC0^LAKS  ���������-��������� aro the.best pytr nvadis'aiici^are;;;V  *.- ;gut������ran;tce,tl tS^give yog sa'tisfne- ".;  1 j.^liph: At^H deialttrsgrgehd us 25p, * 'v  ������������������':��������� .'J starting Vsiyfe and s vz ft required. ���������������������������.._.  iKTWiiairrnTit  ������������������s^FtSsw; A ve,. Terento.VonU no -  *��������� RfeT AND HEALTH TO MOTHER AND'CHILD.  .... i*?;'^'""-?^"' ^n������>TiiiN(i-*vRur lias bcea  Ti?ffi^t0r-.,llltlr   CHir.URRN    W1III.S  5??IvSS,.,,i*.f*"1-"* 801'TBSS ihe GUMs!  & :A) b ?'' J AlN 5 CURltS WIND COLIC, and  is tl e licst remedy for X>IARRlia.A.    It is ab-  \S-.i/ .,iao",1<is^ M s,,r.e nutl Bslc' tot "Mm.  Winslftw-s bopthln.-Syrup" and take no other  wnd.  Iwcuti-.fiveceutsa boltle.    ���������  AGENTS WANTED  tTT^S",8^! ih0 K1'eates>- I-abor Saving  Washing Compound on the market.  Sold by.Eaton & Simpson of Toronto.  Send JOc for sample to Henry Arland,  Berkeley  Apartments,1' Toronto,   Ont.  The Eskimo Toothache "Cure'!  _ The Eskimo "cure" for toothache  rings honestly. Thero is nothing of.  the charm about it. The surgeon'whu  accompanied .Captain .Hose on his ev-.  pedition of the 'thirties,' for instance,  tested the treatment -and was healed.  He was walking .about disconsolately  .with an aChingr tooth in a swelled jaw,  when a sympathetic .Eskimo physician  without any question of fee, came up  and slapped the prominent cheek three  times, and completed-the "cure" bv  blowing in the 'patient's' faco thrice.  Inquiry showed that this was the Eskimo's approved recipe for' tlio  Scourge. :-        .     ���������   .  A train in Arizona was boarded by  robbers, who went through the pockets  .of the lufckless passengers. One of  them happened-to . bo-��������� a,.travelling  .salesjnan from New York, who. when  his'turn came,'fished out $250,-but-  rapidty.took.$12.60 from the pile and  placed it in. his vest pocket. ���������  '���������What'-do' you mean by that?" asked  the robber, as he toyed with' his revolver.   Hurriedly' caino- the hngwer:  . "Mine front, you sureiyVwould not  refuse me, five-"per zent discount on  a strictly cash transaction like.did?"  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Italy Is certainly iiot being robbed of  anything which sho might legitimately claim.- Indeed the,whole doubt il-'  lustrates tbo fact* that Italy is not allowedly: settle everything in her favor  by. a mere declaration of'annexation  on paper. ���������   ���������   *.  :    .  ���������-    .       -, 7   ...        ..     >-.  "Do you have trouble when you ara>  learning   -your'   lessons,,.,.Tommy?"  "Vps, sir."    "What seems to trouble  you most?"   "Tlie teacher!"  'j.  <   u  fiiflc , and Pistol * Cartridges.  The proof of the' pudding is the eating;; the'proof of  the cartridge is' its shooting. The great popularity  attained by Winchester rifle and pistol cartridges  during a period'of over 30 years is the best proof of  their shobting,qualities. They always give satisfaction. Winchester .22 caliber cartridges loaded with  Smokeless powder have the celebrated .Winchester Greaseless Bullets, which make them cleaner to  handle than ahy'cartridges of thiscaliber made.  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'������  11  jy-i.i V">  "V,.;/  >w  &'  :.\ >  THE   NEWS,   CUM&ERLANT),   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,  Tlie 0uml38rlaiid Ita  issued Kvery   Tuesday by  the  Comox   Ot   Cumberland  Pub'.ishing  Company.  ch.iinp, tho ore eouth 80  chains to  p inl 11 comnat nteihent.  ;    W. D.OWEN  Dated April 6ih, 1912  This paper will,hot hold itself  respon-ubly'for tlie opinions of others, as may appear i n ita columns  from time to time.      ,"���������  . \VKl>NKSDAY, A PL. 17,1912,  IN THKSUi'KUMK COljttT oV'BRI'  TISH COhUMUIA.'-  In tin* ������oodH uf John Kevin,ulw> knowu  a������ '���������Join* K*mB,"������r K������v������u, ���������deeeMri, in-  Uattite.  TAS.S XO'.T R thut by i-rder i-f .'.ilia  Ilu. or Judge lUiker, 1<>0<1 i^S* ot the  Sup-on)������Cou tot B.'O.i *va<1&������>n tue'8*d  it������y --f Ayril 19.12, Iho omteraijrimJ *** ������p  yi.n'ea ftiut. Uir&tor ot the ������������t������lo of the  hb ve t*am<Hi iliKUittd, whoditil bt 8*1-  wm Kivor, tt. C. on or *Wut tU������ IQtu day  i,( Feltr.'H-) 1.91'S. inttsaUto,  All <������vc>-ii'uu and oViuw ugaio-t ft������, M-  t.ui ������ni. all ������cooi)nto aud claim* due tb������  i . tl <9'4i. mu t lie prcteuted ami paid,  r������9p������(*tivi;ly, utt'or b>f->Tc Urn loth day of  juu mi. .'���������-���������'.>���������,.���������'..'.��������� -;   ���������  '  - .'W.W. WILIARI),.  Ofiieial^AUminl.irAtur, ;  t'umWriw^.'B.O. "���������������������������'"'..  .,.',���������. ������p:i0������tarl  .COUNTY. COURT OF NAN.-.1-"  MO JIOLDEK AT CUMBER'  LAND.'  ,'"���������;���������..'  It) the g iods ot Samuel Kioholla.  <1 e-astd. inte tat*,  TAKE.NOTICE, that by order  i.f His Honor Judge Barker made  in the ���������above Coui't, on the 3rd day  i.f April 1912, tho undersigned .was  itpp 'itiled administrator of the eR������  t,.te of Samuel Nicholld. dectmsed*,  w ho divd near the City of C.umbe/-  Uml. B C in or about the month  of March 1912,inteistate.  All account* against tbo estate  tuid all acountB duo the o-tato  muni represented and paid, respectively, on or btfora ihe 15th day of  -J-ne-1912._   W. W   WILLARD,  Official   Administrator. ���������  Cumberland. B. C.    .  ap'10toS4  SAYWAUD, LA#I) ^DI-STRICT  District o{iS������ywardVRaiii;e> 1;' ���������  TAKK NOTICE that I, Elii wia  Hannap, by coy ajieut, GeorgeVer-  dier,of Campbell River, V. I. occu  pation married woman, intends uf  apply for permission to pure-hate  tho fol'owing deaoribed land**:���������  CoEnmeiuit'g at a pout planted  n������tir the N .$). corner of lot 351  lh������Mu;������ j-oiithl 10 chniris (tei.) thence  east 10 '.chains (tea) more o* le������.B to  'he point o"J tommencemeni con  taining 20 acres (twenty) mo e or  h������s������.  ':': ��������� 'A  ELWZEIA UANNA-J  Name of Applicant  Date March 2tt.t"h, 1912.  NOTICE,.  In the SiipVeme Conr^ot British  Coliiinbia.  tn the matter   of the   Kstate  oi  Jlenry I3rook������������ decoased, ajid  in tho matter of the ''Official Ad-  ���������    iniinetri\tor*ts Act.'"  NOTICE is   hereby  given   that  under an order   granted   by Hi?  Honour C. Hi Barker dated  tin  15th December, 1911, 1^ the nn-  dersigned was appointed  Admin,  istrator of all and ���������"aingnlar the estate of Henry Brooks.  '   All     parties    having    elaitnt-  against the o&l'ate of the   said de-  cuUBed are   reqiK-Bted  to   fnrnirili  particulars of the same on or before tlie 10th day of January, 1912,  and all parties indebted to the said  estate are requested   to pay sncli  indebtedness to me fi>rth\vith.   ���������;���������'  Gko. Thomson*  Otficial Administrator.  Dated at Nauaiino, K Q. this 15th  _day___of���������Deceinber, A,__j_._19.l_l.__ _.  COUNTS COURT OF NANA I  MO HOLDEN AT CUMBERLAND.' '   , :'.'.,';-.���������. '"  In the goods of  Emil S^ndwick  also known as, "K.mil Sanviek," or  Sandviok, deceased,'intestate..;'-';  TAKE NOTI'oiC that by order  of Hie Honor. Jsd^e Barker, made  in the above Court on the 3rd. day  of April 1912, tho undonignetV by  <������pprimed adinin'stral.ir of the  potato of the above named deceased  who died In Cf-nio.x -Dit-lrict B. O.  mi or about the 7'U day of ' March  15)12, in'oBiate,  All accountr against, and all ac������  countn due the eitate must ha pres������  e Jed and paid, respoelively, on or  t cfoiii th������������ 15th day of June 1912.  w.w.'wauRiv  Ortidal Adn������i.niatrutor,  Cumberland,- B. C.  a|iH0tr.24  IN   THE RU PREVIA  COURT  l)V IUUTISH OOMJMIJIA.  lu 'he pood-i of David Edward?,  dtreand, inteslale.  TAKE N0TI0K that by mdar  of Ifi-, limitif Judge Baiker. local  y\A<:������ ot the Supremo C6uft of B 0,  iiiiidu ou 'ho 3rd tiay of Aptil 1912  the.���������uiidorHfynou was ap^oiiitoiJ ad  ndniatt'iitf-r oi thweitaM ������>f t'ao ah-  ovo mimed deceived who died at  Camp'iuli I.uke or theauibtium on  Maroh KM), 1U12, in(ciliit(>, All  iiccouniH and ciitims aitainHl the oh-  tntotindtiM ntcotii Is und rlnima  iiiift the wfiato numt be prctionled  aud paid, rerpeetlvely, on or be  loru Hit; .t>tn u ���������,������ >���������> ������u,.k ������*,-.,  \v. w. wn.i.Ani),  "Ofliciul udniiniitrator  Cumheihmd, li,/t;,  apltOlomarl  TENDERS.  In the matter of Henry Brooks  j deceased. / .. .' ..  ���������TENDERS for the purchase of  the South Ea6t part of froctioua  North -En^t quarter of Sec. 20,  Township 9. Oomox District, containing 20 acres, will be received  by the undersigned np to.tlje 90th.  day of January 1912.  ' Gko. Thomsox,  Official Administrator,  Nanaiin^, B. O,, Dec. 15th, 1911.  NOTICE. .  NOTICE is hereby given tha  tlio undersigned has ^urcliat'ed the  Laundry business of Mau L'.ik.  All depts nnd claims against the  auld Mali Leo inuet be presented  to him Tor paymotit, and all deptf  dun him must be paid him on or  befvro. the expiration of Miirty  days fioin tlie date hereof,  Wino Fonu.  Dated at Cnmberhind, B. C-.  January 22nd 1912.  TAKE NOTICE that 80 day* ������f  Icri^r dale I intend to apply lo the  Cliti-f Coinniiardonur of Lnndrt for a  lio-u-.^ ',o \v .M'p'ct for coal nnd po-  iroleum'fin at-A under ihe follow  lug land, ������it'ufed in the Comox  DU'ict.  C-uiiuencing at * pout marked  ���������outh uiixt toner of'claim No. %  pin**! r������b#,ut 20 chain* won from  tlie *-������uith e^t corner -.| net lion 32  iU nan l-li������nd. ruuulitg wcot BO  cluiiM, i.onU 80 :hai������f| t*ii *0  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby given that the  pattnti'fihip firm of������' Clontier &  Kiikbridc,"Livory-stabln' keepers  in the City of Cuinborland R.C.  has this day been dissolved.  All debts due the firm mutt bo  paid for with to Mansers I'otter  and Kit kin hie. who is hereby authorised to givo receipts for tho name.  All debt against this firm  must  he presented for piiymonL within  UO days from  the date hereof, to  MessoVs l*ott"r ������fe Kirkbride.  V. n.Ci.ou'nUR  Datetl Jan. 22 1U12.  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Tlie annual meeting of the Co.  tnox Creamery Aaaoointiou Ltd.,  will bo held iu the Agricultural  Hall, Coiirtonay, on Thursday,  .1 an nary 18th, 1U12 at 8 p. m.  \Vm. I^uncak,  Secretary,  i/f -. ' ���������  KSQUIflALT   AND   NANAIMO  -���������.;;;   RAILWAY.  PUBLIC NOTICE \������ hereby  given that the Epquimalt and  Ninfcimo Uaelway Company did  on tha nineteenth day of January,  1012, dH|Kwtt"in <be Laud>Bcclctry  Olllco in the City of Victoria, in  the Province of British Columbia,  plan,'profile and book ot reiorenco  nhowintt the location of Hi pro*  posed) line of railway from Black  Creek to Campbell Biver. Van  cotlvor Inland, Icing Mile 40 to  Mile 72 3, an approved by the  Board, of Railway Commlulontn  foiC Canada. .  .., DATBD    thin  twonlyeceona  day of Januarjvl912.  s, W. F. BAwmiHY,  8ucrftary.  Mra. Simmft will plvo' Iobboiih  ua l������.J |/r*r.o ftt'hov b"01* i" ���������'������������������������������  uiiaieui, foidierly bwwb ty Mr.  James Stewart, on and after  March 4th���������until then in Camp as  usual.  FOIt SALE���������Tbo South East  corner of Mary port Avenue nnd  S������*cond St., with buildings. I*rice  8!)2B.OO, Apply at thla ofllco or  l������. O. Ijox 044 Vancouver.  Wool*! Hwrofaodla*,  t>������i Dtbtlitg, lit*.  ton������M nnd in viabnm Ito wtota  *mjtjLam*mfamtik.  raKiiP  wtHrBr*-  li *H^3' '  'm4t������#m_ /iWittog*. 8r*r  ma or ffrww*  <Strt������ fftre  Say ward Land Dlitrict.  Diitrict ot Say ward.  TAKE   NOTICE ih������t Murray  Qorlay, of  Victoria,   occupation  biokor, intendi to apply for feer  miBflion to purchapo the followinp  doceribfd lands:���������  Commonoing ut a post' planted  at the N. E. corner of Lot 370.  thence we*������t 20 chains, thenoc  north 20 chaini to ihore line,  thtnoe following shore line oaiter-  ly and toutherly to point of com-  mencemont, containing 60 aciu  more or le������.  MURRAY GORLAY     ���������  Name of applicant in full  Date March 27th, 1012.  Sayward Land Diatrict  Diitrict ot Sayward  TAKE NOTIOR 0*������������ rwv A.W  Wood, of YJclorla, ocenpnltou hro-  ker, intendi to apply for |>eroiiB9loi<  to purchase tho following describe*  lauds:���������  at tho S. W. Comer ot Lot 1C5,  thence north 80 chains, thence ww  20chains to shore, tlunce xouthor  ly following shore lino to a point  maktnn 80 chains smithftrly, tfi^ncf  easterly followinn --lioro line lo  point ot commenc( mont, containing 160 acres, more orltus.  PERCY A. E WOOD  Name ot Applicant in full  Date March 2M, 1012  Sayward Land Diitrict  Diitrict of Say#ird  TAKE NQTIO^J tlmi J^rta O.  Sy raona   of Victoria, occupation  gentleman, intends itoepply lor  permianion to,purohaM> t)te follow*  lngdeacrltMtd lands:���������  ' Conmencing aU post planted at  the N, NV- cornsr of lot 816, thence.,  sooth 20 chains,   thence west 80  chaini, thence north oO chaini td  4hore lino, thence Hit following  -hirollno 80 chilns to point ol  oinmencement, containing 280 to*  ,'ei more or less.  KYRUB.O.SYMPNS  Nnoio ot Applicant in full  Drvte March 2Cih, 1012.  ���������PUBMO NOTICE  ���������'��������������������������� ������  all diiccl c^JijCcHcus  f������f*ii>#,l    Ihflt  of flush  closets with the city sewers is  strictly forbidden. All persons  or persons using flush closets  must provide septic tanks, the  overflow of which may be connected with'the city sewers.  By order of the City Council,  . A, McKinnou, City Clerk  City Hall, April 9U1, 191a.  Change of advertisements will  not be received at this office later1  than ta ovclock ntwn 01 %\\v%  days.      .     .. ,. '*', t  -���������"- ;v*j  *"''���������  kMADEIMCANAM  THE  NEWS,  CUMBEBIARD,  ERITISH  COLUMBIA.  Make. YawEXPENSES lifbt  Makaa Your BISCUITS Lfckt  Make* Your CAKES Ll������ht   '  Make. Y������4r BUNS Lbjfet "  Makaa Your LABOR Light  ORDER FROM YOUR  GftOCSR.      '  &w.cjluttcomltd.  Tfrni^Ool.  [The Courtcnay Hotel  V -' '  Every convenience tor guests, "j  r;V;J'-' ,    ..  TheCenttftl Hot*l for Sportsmen:|  iNone but ihe'Beat of ->V?c&:an$!L<quor>  |u ihe Har. V- :.      ^      ;!'  RATES REASONABLB  i'vAVS       - '  John Johnston;, -Prop  BaB^^_^MMBHMaainHBai>'*^>*>******  +4-H HI fl 11 i U 111 t till  0  0  .*  l\������  4)  I  r  \}i  ��������� "tAIfD REGISTRY. AC!!"'  i j m * ' i      i..    i ' 1  To Charlea: Copellii, registered  owner* and- I>. Oapelli, assessed  ownero! Block ���������'D'' of Lot 194,  Conibi Diattict; Map 422; ' ���������'<:  TAKE Kp^ICE that an. application lias been made to register Pit vi������l Roy as the owner id  ���������fee simple of: the'aboyo land  tinder a Tax Sale, ^IJeed   from  the- Deputy/Assessor of  the  v     -    .,        ' ':' -' >  '���������' Pistnct  of. Comox, and you  aro required to contest the claim  of the Tax  Puica^er within 80  ��������� days. . from  the jtirtt  pnblica-  tiou hereof.  Dated at the Land registry Of.  five, Victoria. British Columbia  this 2Cth day of January, 1912.  , ,      S..Y, Wootton  \ ^.RegistrarGeneral;.  T3  O'  O,  XI  C/)  c  *i  fi  6  , PUBLIC .NOTICE f ^  NOTICE is hereby given"&t  all property owners are requested to connect their premises  witli the ��������� iiiew. sewers.l;>yher^ytef  sanie are. completed* on or betorel'  -    * -   ,      , - ...V    '( I   -  the 15th day of March, 1*91^  and. if said connections are not  made by the above date, the Citjf  Council will proceed to., complete  same at the expense o'if the prop*'  erty owners. -���������_;��������� v , '' .. ;���������*���������'������������������  ..'������������������'��������� By order, of        ;���������";;������  The City Council   ""  "  ,    "A.- McKlNNONr\:-\  City ClericT >  Cumberland, B.C. Feb. 20, 191a  a  V    o  UNfONK-S. S. C0< of B.C. Ltd  Najjaimo-Umox Bav- Comox - Route.  .   ' Sniliog as under���������  Twln.wrei* steamer "COWlCHAN"  Leaves Vancouver Thuieday 6 p.m.  Arrive Uof.n (tor Cumberland^ Friday  morning        <���������  .    ���������.  A> rivet C-.mut Friday mottling  . ' ���������  Returning'  Lv    Comox Friday 4pm  " Uulon Bay      "   5   '���������  ���������* Nanalmo 11 p.m.  Leaves Vaiioouver, Saturday 8pm  Arrives Nmuiimo, Saturdny 12 p ax  Arrives Uniuu, Sunday 6 a tn  [for C'uruberlauiiJ  ArrivesCvtuox.   Sunday 8 am  Re'.urniuR:���������  I^enves Comox. Sunday 4pm  Leaven U ������������������'>.. Sunday 6pm  Leaver Nauaimo, Sunday 11 p.m  [Subject to chnDje without i.oio^].-  Notice of Partnership J  -���������Is���������-      /���������'  The business of general' black  smithing and horse-shoetug lately  carried on by George Leigh ton,  at Courtenay, B.C.,.willin future  be carried on by .George Leigh-  tou aud C. H. Adey.     AlLbusi-  ness entrusted to us will, receive  our prompta'ttentionx'ahd satis*  faction guaranteed.  -;:;?:",/  George Leigh ton  ,C. H. A'dev^'V      ,   ������  t  Xmas Presents  A Stock of over  to Select From  Xmas Presents  1  INGS, DIAMONDS,  WATCHES,' FOBS, PENDANTS,  CHAINS, BRACELETS, SILVER-  WARE. LOQKtTS, BROOCHES.  y^y.i.w  BERT  A$TON  THE JEWEliBOX  Duksmuir Ave.,  Next to Tarbkll's Store  VICTORIA LAND DISTRICT  District of Sayward. *  TARE notice that George Hen-  ry Weatof Vancouver, B. C.������oa  cupation Piait Merchant, intends  to apply for permiseion tp purchase the following described  lands:���������Comm*uci������i_; at a post  planted at the N*. W, corner of  ImX 4 D. L23(i thence East along  the survey line 40 chains, thence'  North SO chains, tbenofl Wett 40  chains, thence South alou^ the  lake ihore SO ehaitia, aad cmtaiu  ing^O'aerei.  ,   Gkorcj: Henry West,  Applicant.  Dated November 21i*t, Mill.  -m*  FOR SAi^tjiree milk  cows, first class milkers, also two  heifers- in calf,:, graded stock,  three horses, two drivers aiid a  general purpose mare, age three  and tour'years. Apply; to D,  Roy, Roy's Beach.  J  ROOMS for rent nt Marinelli'a  Rooming House, Derwent Ave- /  DRINK  jjjft  .purest and bestjBEK|U^^d  made in Cumberland.  -  Willi l"M ��������������� 111 l"M 11' H"Mfrl  IN THfc SUPREME COURT  OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  In the matter oi1 the  "Adtttinis-  tratioti Act," aitd in the matter of the Estate?.of Alexander  i Joseph Mellado..deceased,  PURSUANT to to the order  of Mr. Justice Gregory maie iu  the above matter and dated the  5U1 day of February 1912, I  hereby offer for sale Lots 65, 67,  68, 73i and 74 of Section 61,  Courteuay.Towu.ite, iu Comox  District, Province of BritishCol-  unibia, upon tho following con-  ditions:���������Offers for purchase  must be in writing, signed by  the maker thereof and accotnpan  ied byt a certified cheque for &\  least ten per cent of the amount  offcredi OtTeU inade for more  than one parcel shall show the  price offered for each and every  parcel and shall be considered  separate and distiuct tenders for  each aud every parcel therein  mentioned, any one or more of  Avhich offers may be accepted or  rejected by the undersigned.  The-highest or any tender not  necessarily accepted.  Sale subject to approval   of  Court.   All offers must be add.  vaki.h.A *r\ 1������ ��������� T������t,Mlinn"������  *W������rrl<tnn  Barrister &c, Cunibcriand 3^. C.  and must be in the hands of the  said P. Pliillipp* Harrison on or  before the������ loth day of March  1912.  Dated this rath, day of February 191a.  BRUNO MELLADO  Administrator of the   Estate  of J. A, Mellado deceased,  Co**s Cotton ttort (fcnpotttt  mum  iniunHHN  I  Are you insured?  Is your life,Insured?, .'  > V' */'<   "���������' , ��������� ��������� -' ������^i' - ������������������ '���������.'''  Is your home Insured?  ^Are Insured against sicknessand:  _ < Ft  accident?  , Burgtary aiid Automobile Insurance.  WHO AM I ?  ������ J *_.       *  JAM CREATJ3D to sweeten, elevate and  enricli life.  My voice reflj|bfa; harmony-rrheaveu.  My virtues are supreme because I give all  aud takey nothing.  My years of usefulness are r,uhlimited.  My strength holds the tension of forty thou-.  sand poiilias'.^r. *���������/..  My frame is built from selected monarchs ot  mdtintaiu.forest.  My tones vibrate 011 German-made steel wire*  My fingering tips are carved   frour  Uisks  grown in tropical jungles.  My action emj>odi*s the best result of human  effort to obtain strength and resoousive-  ness.    ' ���������;-'<"-  My coat is made, of hard wood���������mahogany,  beryl and Circassian walnut.  No home is complete withoiit thatJor which  lam created���������Music.  I  AM  PIAfsio  The 0C0. A. flfTCHffi Musk Co., Nwahno, B.C.  T. E. BATE,  Local Agent for Cumberland, B.C.  NOTICE is hereby given that jo'daya  after dau I intend m npply to the Honor  able Minister of Lund* for u license to  prospect for co.il and petroJeY*:*. <inder the  foreshore and under the wat������r 011 tiis  lands in And opposite the foilowi'i). <ie-  scribed Innds sitoate ib Rr.pL'it District:  ���������Commtncinjj at a. jmisi pl.mitil on itie  sea beaeh.,11 high w.-ocr :.,.uU ,.! dicing  tersectionof.Sections 14 hiuI 15, Township 2, Port MfcNctll Ka|������jit" I'-if iiuj  (tience north 55 oh������i?i* ni������ \k or it-t to  high water mark on lhc-).ir:iiii^enU'< *i  McNeill Harbor; thence e.ikt������rly Ktimy  shore line to intersection of Section*-2j  and 24. Township 3, thence southerly '6S  rlnins more or less to liijjh wHtKi mark  on soutli store of Port McNeill Uiirbor;  thence westerly along shore line to-point  ot commeBcemenL Roi.\N������ A. LAtRD.  K. J'rict, a.������D������  Dated this 1st day of Sejcembrr, 1911,  NOTICE ,ia hflreby g v������u that nt the  o'txt unafitioR of the Beard nt Licet-M  Couimiulonera ������f the t'i'.y of Cumber  lai.d, I intend to ������i*;i'y 'or a  raneval of lb������ boUl licenne held by me  for.4h������Ne������?Eotflaad Hotel, aituuttid on  the ea.it half of lot 3, ia block 3, Cuuitwr-  land TowuaiU.  JAMBS WALTERS.  Dated this 7ih day of Nov., 19il.   : i  RDP������KT LAND DISTUICT  District of Rtiptrt  TAKK notice thnt Budora Mao LvenoU  of Vanoouvcr. H. C, occn|i������tiou (Widow,  ii-tend* to HD|)fy tar iiermidion to jtur-  ohaw������ tbefollowirgd-ecrib'd laid-: 0������m  mruuug at ������t n p >6t pliintttd si out. - que  tnilo north- and 40 chni: a ������at-t of tho RtGt-  oonxrof Secnon 4, T-WD.hip (j, tbenct*  ixinh HOohnini, thence cast 80 chni* a,  thfluce aonth 80 obain*. tbeuce woat 8U  uhBtna to plaoaof commffloeuwut, oonUiu  iujr 640 acres, more������r l*re.  Horibed on po*t EML'n ti.W. eorcor.  . Kkjsoha Mak , Lgisoy,  ' >J '       ���������'  D ti Clark, Agtn t.  Oottd Dumber 11th, 1910.  for information write the  Vancouver Island  insurance Co.,  820 fort Street      -      -  , .?      r'    ViaORIA, B.C.  iMOVING?  -/  11 v  PlAlNOS AND  FuitNlTURK  V'ftigtir.Wobd and Coal Hauled  INDEPENDENT  ���������X   TRANSFER  RJQHARDSON & HAYWOOD  PHONE C 7  Windermere Ave.  ORDKUS TAKEN FOR NUT  COAL  [ts.1  aUBSORlBE FOR TtfK NEWS  ONLY ONE DOLLAR A YEAR.  ;. NOTICE  Any person or poreons, cutting,  removing or taking any blocki",  timber or wood, of any dcacrlptiodn  Mlongltig to the Wellington Col-  dory Co'y., or front or off the land  of tlio said Ootnpmiy, or anyone  tipping rubbish of any description  nnywhero upon the company'h  land will (m prosecuted to tiio run  ox tent of tho law,  W. L. COITLSON,  tienuial Manager,  NOTICE,  Ridinf. on loeoraotivts and  rail  way cars of the  Union flollierjr  Company by any  \mwt\  or  \m-  wns���������except tain tfrew���������iij strictly  prohiHted.   Kraployees 're tub*  W todiimiM������l for allowing iam*  Uf order  W. L. COULSON,  General Uanagev.  Tuofl, W, ParrsiuoK,  Lieatonant-Qotraraor.  t CANADA :|  PROVINCE or imiTISH   COLUMBIA  GKORGE tdii PI PHI, l>y the Orao������ of  Obi, of Ilu United Kingdom of Ureal  BriUfn aad Iralatd, and of the Drittah  Domini'iUH boyood the  8eai  KINO,  Defender of tho Faith, Kmperorof  India.  To all to whom tW^premntg shall outnc  ���������OaKuriNu,'  W.J. fiowfl������H, jnjTHKWKA8 appli  Attornay-QeniraH " cation bat  been mad* to Ilu Honour the Lieutenant*  Oovaruor ia Cotinoil, under tU "Mtialt>i<  paliUw Inoorpotation Act," by the Muni  oipal Council of the City of CuiaberUud,  lo axMod the limit* of the Municipality,  iu aoourdauce with a resolution paMtd b)  two-Uiirdi of the rounlieia thereof and  ���������������nflroied by a vott of the elioton*!  TENDERS will be received by   Ann wnuiANtbecouaentof thauwnaii  of mure than one-half iu value of the Una'  to bo included within the boumlariea nf thr  ^^^HOOfiW IHIM'  NMH  NOTICE.  RUPKKT LAND DISTRICT  1 Dutrfot of Rupert  TAKE  NOriCR   that Adelaide ��������� Eater  Clark    Rr.wu,   of   Drookfiaid.  N.  V������  married woman, iutenda to apphjt U r per*-'  filiation to parchtee the following dtwirib-  ed lands;���������Conimonoiiig at a poet planted  it aouthwwt oori-er of S'etiou' 19, Town-  iblp fi, theafa north 60 ehaine,,  thenoa  eutSOvhaiat),  theaoe   touth  60 chains  th������not weet 90 chains to pUoo of eomo������en-  ment sontalning fltO aerae mora or let*.  Borlbed oa poet A.E.C.B'������B.W.,oor  AniUIDR KdTKII t'l-iKIt BttOWVt  Dan Clark, nff������nt,  Dated DKAmbar 19tb, in 10.  ���������m'mxss*  tlie underaigned up touoon April  Ut; 1912, lor the building of an  addition to tho Union aftd Comox  Diitrict Hospital, Cuniborhuid.  Plans aud f>peei(icat(oni may be  fccon at Grant & Mounceo1 ullice,  eawmill. Tho lowest or. ny tender not neceafiarily accepted.  F, J, Dalhy, Fcerotary.  Every woman iti Cumberland  and viciitity should call and see  the exceptionally larffe aud  dainty showing of the very latest  iu spring whitewear at The Big  Store,   .  FOR RALE���������20 seres of tin  eleared laud. Four mile* from  Caiuberlaiid and one mile from  Mtnto iehool. Apply Ale* 8om.  errifle, P, O. Box 4, Cumberland,  B.C.  propoMd titosiioa afleolad thireby, and  who are tn titled to patitlon for laoorpora-  tion aa a Mun olpality, baa bati obtaiwd  at a poll bill uuder tba prnviaioaa ot  SMtion 10 of the laid Aotf  Now know vk, therefore^ that by virtue  of the aoikorly o������uUliiatl ia Ihe asid  "Maaicipalitiea Incuiporatlon Act," We  do heraby proolalm that Uia Units of the  Oorporatioa of the City ������f Cuuib������rlaitd  ���������ball be end they horoby are eit*nd������d from  tba lit day ot Juiuary, |912, bo ai to In.  fl..'. (II..I. M*������   f r������������ Ai.������     i������������.il    T������lf,>t,  til  V#������^^.    *.'W%^.     V'--.,    #'-    ������     V1"-1"*       i"^,^ *���������'���������-   . '*    ���������* * f  TjMr Oij*. Ttt<t TtirM������, tnil Vnwr, Mnjf *  ���������ubdivluloo of part ot I^ot Tweoty-cna,  Nel<on Diarlot.  In Turrmoxtr Wiishiok, We have esnsed  Ihtae Our UtUra to be mada Paaiit,  ood Uia Gitat 8������al of Our ������sid Vrov* j  inoe to ba r-ersaata iffiiad,  Witj-suu, UU llonoar Thomas Wu^n'  1'avkiwov, L<������uUiuui>Oov/triior of our  aald Frovinea of Itritiih C-tombla, la  Oar City of Vietotli, tbla twenty lint  diy of DccNinbsr, ia tba )������ar f>( Our  l������.<rd onaU]������uuud si<e linndred tad  eleven, ������ud in tin i#co������d )���������** of Oor  relB������.  By Com maud.  HKXRY iftSOVVOtrVO,  froTlaeid R������������rsUay.  RUPERT LAN!) DISTRICT  Dlttriet of Rnpert  TAKE notice   thnt  Richmond  Charles Bisa of Vancouver, B. C,  Broker intends to apply  (or ]>er  mission to purchase the fol^cwini-  described landi:���������Comniencirg tit  a poet plsnted at i post  I ^twocn  Section 18k, Township 0, an-l >;c;t-  ion 13, Township 20, th*nce won 10  chains, thcuca south 40 >.h;*ii t<,  thunce west 40chain*, thence touili  aOchaiw; tl.ence fRBt   .0 chain**,  thence north 40 clmlnf, ihcnre esst  40������haln������, thence north 80ehoins lo  place of commencement, containing  640 Herts moro or lew:  Scribed on poHl RCK'n K IS cor,  Richmond.Ciiaumm Uiss.  Dan CUrk. n^cnt.  Dalod December lO'.h, 1010,  11UPBUT L,\HO DlttTRICT  Dietriot of Raptit.  TAKE N0T1CK thnt  Kdwird IKV������,  ���������if IlinabamtoD. NY. foichaiiB,intend* to  apply for parcinsion to purohato tba following deicribod lundi.'-ComniencloDK at  ������ p tt pliuftd 2 mllci   wfat   of   lha  south eaat uormr of (kol{< n 24, Towneb l;n  40, llittaou went SO olinlnt, tlieuoe   eoutli  80 cliaini, thaoot oaat HO on������lu������, Utnoa  nnr������t������ ttfl (���������hetne t������������iUflf! iifitonifneoMmMt.  oouuinim <HU aerar, mora or b s������.  H*M OU poet W* N.H, oviutj.  KnwAMii Dvki,  Dab Clark, A|������ai  Datad n*������mbtr liHb. 1810.  \MmUf4  -m        'w  O, M TARBELL  HIGH GRADE STOVES'  And all KITCHEN t'.UTBMBIU  Sportsmem ficwdi  SaaSfS  0>1  ���������.'*���������������  ������i*  .r *",jOT\v>^ ,\V';sv-.''v  .w..?* '-���������?%���������  swsp  t -1  THE NEWS. CUMBERLAND, 15. C.  t M   Md   *.*.***  NEW BRUNSWICK   1  HEARDIieiAGUN  ..       ���������       j,  ������������������   ���������        |j  ANOTHER, ,������PU!;MDID  .CUREqBY  , ,   .       D-ODD'S KIDNE^V't'LS  ���������-  Mrt'iBen.'Gauvang, had  Bg.ckaclf|  so  ��������� -bad. lie had .to qi.it work.���������Rood's  "���������������������������   Kldrieyf ���������Pl,li3,fi?<pci;.}iim.ui}.     $  . Pueilorlng'Settlement, Kent Col, K.  ft, (���������Special)-r:EycYy co'/nor o'f iNew  Krimswfolc tells-of, euros made by  Dndd's Kidney Pill.?, and this settlement can qpnlrlbuto .-its share. ' Mr.  ��������� Hen Gauvatig is-oue man who without  limitation states that ho owofe his  "Roml hcnttlr to.tho- groat Canadian  Kidr.oy remedy, ' '  .   "Yes, Dodd's Kidney Pills certainly  did nioRobd." MVauuvang says'in an  intorviow.    "peforo 1 started taking  ,.them my hack nch>fl so, that 1 find to  -,fil>;o ill) work and 1' also had Mo bo  carofnl how I walked ' tind    fijoved  'about,    I  Cook -nlno "boxes, nil Mold,  ���������nntl they fixed mo,-itp.   Thpy arte tho  . host, .medicino for all diseases ;of tlio  kidneys'." ,!        "'  .."  Dodd's-'Kidney Pills .tiro no oure-all..  They only., euro .kldngys. .But] they  always euro'tho kldnoya and wftjt cured kidneys yotl'- eail'MmVe bactftt'ehevs,  rheumatism, Bright's disease, djabotes  or dropsy.       '   " ',.'.������������������ "I  ���������        '"' ���������      .-  "'--y ������������������������ '������������������-���������������������������  ���������    Not Property Thunder  'Even. ��������� tho' greatest actor-managers  . do not know all thero is,.to.-b'o known  about stagecraft, to judge'"'from a-curious -story : concerning ���������'' Sfr' Herbert  Becrbolmi Tree, says . tho    London  Tilling, :   . \        .'  It appears that at 'tlio"relioarsal> of  a certain ''play ��������� ht ��������� 'His-''' 'Majesty's  Th'ca't'ro a wonderful: climax had been  readied, .wlilc}. ,was���������.t().,l).e heightened  by tho use of the usual thunder and  lightning. '' Tlio ��������� frtflferi: carpenter ->yas  given, .the order.    The  words  wiere  spoken, and i}nstantly,\ a, npjso which  resembled a succession of pistol si.ots  'wits 'hea'r.d' off the wings. '  '��������� ' " What'.tan   earth   ate   you . doing,  man?'.' shouted,. Sir.'.He.rb.ort, rusliing  .. behind, tlio-scenes.   "Do yoil call that  thunder,' it's .not a"bff'",lifte. It."   .;'  "Awfully "soily, sir,' ���������'responded.:tho  -��������� carpenter.i "but- the,,.feqt. Is,  sit;,'    I  couldn't hear , you;: because,,   of"} the  storm.' That was' real' liiutider, sir."  <"*  .Miss Clifton.���������Yes, she'was furious  about tho way in which that paper reported her jna-rriago. t, .   : ;.  -  Miss Avondale.���������Did it'allude to1 her  " age?/    ������������������;   , -. :-���������,-;;    ��������� - '������.;'���������    ���������' :���������-.  ��������� Miss ���������JCliftorj.'-^Indirectly.'  It stated  that.!-Miss;.. Gfjdp. and  Mr.  Yale  were  .married, the'latter be.ing a well-known  ' collector' of antiques'}'''���������  ''"'. You w ill s'ne'ijSc",-' perhaps- feel: ch il ly.  You.'thjiik you "are ''catching ' 'cold;  Don't'ViiitJiliitil^mi'-kitbwIlt. Take a  dosojof Hamllns'-Wizard- Oil, and you  71jusrxaTfir%ai^lr*'coia7^"'^ .        ~   "^~  ' ���������'-"'    >'!::-'-.):V';'iv';  , ^  . ' - ���������*,',.    ������.-'.,..   .���������w'-  ���������,. Miss .Pruyn^WUere' dia;you"get the  de.=i������iv"o'f ypur';Bei,yKnt*s. llvory?  'Saeli.���������0, my"hhce^tors .'used :it!  ... Miga Pruyn.--In'dded!   .. By   .whom  /���������'yVere.Uhey etliployed?  -i*5ii  ciulckly slops coudtis, euros colds; lionla  tun throat aid luuiis       ���������      -      28 crnts.  , When th'o1 people talk' of "th'q good  /"tilings of life',*11 (iiieerly enough they  do not mean thd'-best-things.; They  are using ,a dqcoiiljyo phrase:, The  \viiie.iiia.n or woman will never-lot the  good' things'staiuriJi'thc!' way 'of reaching higher awtf^ie'tter things.'Only  igfroranco doosal-liat.,-,   ,    _..���������;���������  ..���������s^rt'iAtrf-1:  : r.-.f*-*,  .(#(,  Mlnard'6jJnJmMVcu<i*eygarget In cow*  " "Afo'y'bu iionoBt.'wJth. youKBolfi?'!.  ,-  ' '*<'���������" "I'thliil^eo,".-/-:  Uiu*.  '���������'Xbo.n toll mo, do you give up j>6u'r  .;,,��������� ^"?eat Hi'a street car to a s'trapge wo-  .' man ns quickly as you do to'one-.whom  you know bi,"llilnklyon may know?!'  ���������AdniltWiigUlmt ho didn't, Old 'Man  ogpnoB w,oijt''.3>loddlng on'hls'Wa'y:' >'  ")log  i' 'Different Schoolo  -I.  ��������� Do Smoarpalnt.���������- I've boon four (lays,  cettlilg this eye ou tho right shade of  nhVck.      ���������"    ��������� .������"'���������  O'lllnst.ro,���������-,1'vo got a black oyo In  loss time Uiivji tliu't."  It is GriHiinal  to Neglect tlie  :v-'j  "-'������.' (������������������*.  THINK, 'of; the ��������� Buffering  oriinjlcd joy ho^lectcd skin1  iroiibloa ��������� monttil   bccaiisa  ' of (lisfiguraiioti,-physical bo-  ciiuab of jrniu.  'Jriiihlc of tho  .     , plcasuro of a clonr skin, soft,  ..,,. white hanfj^'hud good hair.'  .   These, blessings,, so csschtial  ���������,,    to happiness and ,ovcn s'ue-  ���������:...��������� ccssjit life, aro often'only; ni-  ���������..'���������m.attor.of a littlo thoughtful  -   caro.in tho selection of effec-  , ,;,(4(ltive remedial agents.   Cuti-  ��������� ���������: cura Soap and Cuticura Oint-  '���������**��������� v ���������*&���������' J",Wl, .4p^������J.^uch,.!f6r :'p'o6r  .1.;- .::.���������:. ^"l^JTO ;A r 0 (1,    rough  *--*.'. -^'. -lumsJs* ahd (Jr^.thin^ arid'  m ^.v:; Wif^ZWjA **&������������������ *<&*'. &.'  ���������������' y 'v* ��������� 'Mb) VkwB 'P ftdsfc orimi-  iH-'it!   , . nnlnot tqn.s'n'1h"eni'.":fV'*',:'' "  ,. ""*"""Al������tmiRlt CutlmimtWa^mV'OJrit.;  **. '��������������� ii c>TKI.itftT������Jt.ld* l������y dni(mists-iiii(t.flcaliTil,  '-.   ������������������ ������':���������    '.i?w4ty.tilsatiiJtk p*n\ to "Cutictirn,"  Dejit. m, HoHtoiit.U.S.A., will .(.vuro a  U1. liberal Kim|ilo oMaicb, wilh 32-pnuo  booklet on fcfkin ukl Hculii Trcitrjcui? .  '.���������',,'���������������    ' I'   ''.,      , ,a<   7 ���������'   ������������������������'   ������������������������������������'. ���������   WI N...U. No. 2W  W.'lV'.i.  ,,  RURAL SCHOOL TEACHERS  l   '* "*;l*��������� ���������.        ���������    'j  -I*   >i.-'i..       , ,,���������.,,'   ,  A Course of Study for the Preparation  of Teachers of Rural Schools  J?ct.nllcd outljnos of a normal coursa  foV lHh'arachool-teo.chers in-:, nntncft  study,' oltrmontdry agriculturo, '-sanV  lary  .   ._ opan  Hon of Kural School-Teachers," which  tho United Slates lJurcau of Edtica-  lion has^just pubjished-for free distribution. :T1k\ Au|ljor..<iiVMIe'isj's Fi^r  Mutehlor and \V. J.' Craig, of the  Western Kentucky Slato Normal  School.: Tlfo following paragraphs  consist of brief excerpts' from the  book:  ' '.'"'tile rural "school has, not th.o ��������� influence that It should have. One of  the chief reasons lies In tho fact that  the1 course'of study, is Ill-adapted to  rural life in nil lis relations. We aro  nulled In believing ihnl a school  should train it's pupils for life and lis  worlcwhllo these pupils are living and  working. The course of study taught  in the rufcaA-school,today U\ entirely  too muolr'llidK,t-lio| course" that 16  taught In the city schools. The, conn-  try school will not reach the. position  of efficiency that '.'belongs '';iA;U;\mt)l  a distinctive training Is required of  its teachers.  "A state normal'school should pro-  paro a largo number of teachers to go  ouHnto tbo.r.itfflrcoriimunitlos, thero  lo.be potent factors lir bringing abou-t  .the best rural life. Tlio rural child is  entitled to a courso of -'study and to a  coiu'so of instruction that will dignify  anil enrich his life ���������njrjl inako.lif<} for  hlm in the. rural onviroinnent.;������h'du'ld  ho choose to roinniivtliertf&Qfc^-simply  tolerable, but glorious. l������ ia 'possible  and right, and indeed a duty, to dignify  rural life and to save to It and Its interests the best' blood, of Ulo country/  "To prepare teachers who can meet  this demand, the following course of  study and (raining is proposed: The  flrsb year Ih.largely given to. distinctively rural problems and interests; 'the  .two/succeeding years turn more to*,  ward general scholarship,.. in oijder  that those taking" Iho entire'course'  may be /able not only to tcaclv rural  schools but to enter larger.fieUls. pf  usofulness."|. .    ,  After indicating the'.uliiiral'bfimplies'which snciulil'bo possessed-by. Uie  rural school-teacher, the authors con-  lityie:.,,,.. ,   .    .       -    ".'"'  "It Is now'qul'le generally conceded'  that the following subjects aija,if(jc-_  PRINCE TO, VISIT BERLIN   ���������  . \     ���������       V)'      i\    .  Ho Will be the'Guest of Emperor Wl|.'  Ham and Will Receive Special    ,'  .Honors. '-i :'. ..  ���������...It Is expected .tlipt the- Prlnca of  Wales-WUK^jla vi^t tb.Borllh shortly after Mb-eighteenth blrtlalay in  ;Juno.noxt.'aifd that.he will stay 'lot  a week tvltlrHhe MSfnperor anjl Ijlmp-  ress. Tho Kaiser was cxtremel^ anxious to havo the prince visit, him "a  sjiort time agoj but Queers ,MaVy then  ���������bejel'that Iwfsori wa.fi.too yo'Jng'arid1  that-it \vouJd Bo better, to1 Svait-Xor  another j"ear or bo." AVlillo'thS prthco  is, in thovGenm(n capital'he;'will be  admitted as. a, Kuigbt of the Black  luigle. Wjifr qrder ranks third jn im-  porlnnco ai'uotig European a5. decorations, bcln/?, only- surpassed?by tho  Ciarler atur-the Ooldcri Flfceco of Spain.  Tho inst named. dlBtltf0llon,'. by tho  way, is also likely to-bo? bestowed up-  on tho lVjuco' oi'.Wnlesciby Jvliyj Alfonso during'tho^xnirso of ndxt year.  Tho \islt to" Heri������n will bo .-In stato  and cntorlalumeiits in lionoi* of tho  ��������� pujiK. prln.ee will bo arranged for  'Mly day;"-terminating with % review  of the troops iu the garrison, specially  strengthened for the occasion. Before  thiC'.revi'ew: takcB place thd Kaiser  proposes to creato the prince a colonel  of one of the regiments on paj'ado.  A Standard Medicine.-���������P.arnioleo^s  \regetable* Pills,: cotnpouhdejj iof 6n-  .Qr^ .vegetabl.e substances; Jfnpwn to  havo a revivifying aud s'alutary! effect'  upon the dlgestivo organs," ���������havo.'  through years of 'ttse attained 'so om-  iiiont a poslti(.tb"tlufftliey'..ra������k as"'a  standard medifcihe'." Tlie ailing should  remember this. 'Simple in their composition, they can be assimilated by  tho weakest stomach and are.certain  to'havo a healthful an'd agreeable ef-  ;feet,on the sluggish digestive-organs.  f -ij       . ���������   A  Modern Girl  "Why did you turn him down?"  ; "Jle began to yap about I wo'living  as'clteii'ply as one.   When T geJL,married I cxpect'to makeiihe money'fly.''  WdULD'.N'OTBE WITHOUT.  "' ;*":;    BABY'S OWN TABLETS  easaryior.the pj'opor i,i;aii)ing of rural  chcVs:   "Nature'' study,- el em-  school-teach .  cntiCry principles of'practical-' agrlciiil  ture. sanitary science and .hygiene, "domestic, .ecotiqmy.. and, practical "r>riric-  l])les .init' pfoUrem's'' in ! 'elementary  chemistry "aiid physics are applied-rill  the study of these subiects. The formal,training. ������f most country boys and  gl'rlsGrids'.with the rural school courBbr  A fundamental knowledge of/t^ie fore'-  go|r(g.,s.ub|ects is certaijily a niinimUirf  .toJC.ui'r.cUof~tbo_teacheiLivha_.ti,h.TiiSr'  them for tho lives that .th'ey must  lead."     v  'The outlines of the special course  named are thou 'discussed.,in .delail,-  accompanied with detailed o'utHiies of  tlio ground to be covered, And the manner Jit -whfolr.-tfnc ��������� several pours^s.  should bo?treated.' ' ' - - ': -������������������.;..  "A courso of Study for the Prcpara-'  tlon of Rural School-Teachers'! will be  sent free upon reauesfto the* United  States Bureau of Education, \V\uh!ng-  ton,jDy.Ci..���������ii.     . ; . ,, ._ ..,,.,,.lf, , )  Tho Home  Tho home Is tho most'ideal'of crea-  tio'ns, It dtaa Its patterns on tho mount  only beheld by eye's that are clarified  from caprice and wilful! Indulgence  of tho factious spirit, Nor are' Its  blessings, wop simply by god, times  and gooiT fortuno, popularity' and:  smooth sailing. '       ���������  ,'riioy are moro often won Jry tho  ���������Holy oxporlonco'of sorrow, loss, and  chastening that has sanctified a com-  nipn, .united life, and mado it blessed  even .to ..endiir.o together.: Some,-poo*  plo'B lives \vllt bo sunTiy,whatever bo-  tldoh.' 'Thoy- afo-often inpUiora with  (.mall, means, -whose momory'ln" tholr'  children's hearts niakea sacrod all-tho  lip'di. clmhccs of their,laborious llyds.  A t'6iKlcr care, a sublime patience, fol-  ���������lowed whoro they wont.  Though (hoy wore bowed with labor, oppressed often with pain and  sickness, not physically strong to on-  duro, but still enduring, taking th'o  burden of ptliors upon their shouldero..  taking tho troubles of others Into their  capacious hoartn* ,yet they won mm-,  shlno aud harmony, for tlio homo by  tlio loving and wlso; spirit that was in  thorn.  ���������'���������������������������' "Queen Alexandra.  ��������� Not'Wr ofebtooivmontliB past linn  Murlbor'ougli-.Ho.uso .looked so niiliuaU  imI oh It. has t,ec6nt.ly���������,|t,oyftl carriages  .panned continuously In and hut'of tho  lilg iliito nnd "'Vlslto'rs hurrying to  wrltri iholv" "liainoB in tlio book'nf tlio  portor'n lodge followed each pther all  through th,o day. Altl\otigh for nioiiMin  afler,Bhpi.))(icani.(jia widow Qtioon Alexandra rioMiewlihl neghjeted lior nnislc,'  'which' used lo bo tt fiivor.Uo; Qc^tipa-  lion,' her Majesty has retained till hbr  former.fonrtncijH for tho. pianoforte,  and the ,ino������l, conspicuous objoels In  tbo drawing'.oom aro'tho gmpd.-planpfi  on which nlio llkod'.to piny duotii,'Tho  planoit iminr-ijly aro tho host,that can  be got and- when not In uhii are covered with inagiilflcont Indian owbyold-  tfrloH. 'It may not be gonorally known  I hat In' old tliiyn hor Majosly wiik,  proficient-on tlio littrji. but It Is a long'  lliiif'o filnco sho has played,upon that  Instrumont,        ���������      ,  Mothers who, havo once used Baby's  XhVh Tablets'Tor the!}1 little'oues al-'  whys Ttrodp th'ein in tlie house. They  .realize the value of;the Tablets in  banishing baby's illness when it  'comes,'or better si 111; in warding off  .iliiit!S3: 'by giving htm an occasional  dose .of the .Tablets to keep his stomach arid bowels regular. Concerning  .'them-;,Mrs.' Isaac JUcDonald, Nappan  iStatlpfl.-writes:���������"I have used'Baby's  Pwn. Tablets and would no't now be  without .them as th'ey are 'the very  best' medicine 1 kn'ow of "for little  ones."..,;The Tablets are sold at 25  ccnfs'a'box by medicine dealers or by  ' ail from The Dr.- Williams' Medicine  Co.; Brockville, Ont.- '     *'  n������������--  "Oeorge. .,  "Yes, dear?"        ; '     '   . f.  "Before we wero married you once  asked me if 1 snjoyed a brass band:"  "Y-yes, perhaps I-did."  "You did, and I Eaid ye3; but it  seems I misunderstood you, George.  My wedding ring is' making a black'  mark on my finger.'.'  Small But Potent.���������Parmcloe's Vegetable Pills arc small, but Ihey are  effective in action.*: Tholr fine qualities ;as a,corrector'of stomach troubles are known to thousands .ami they  aro in constant demand everywhere,  by thoso who kndwiwhat a.si&iplo and  safe remedy they are. Thp������?need no  introduction,,to- tho^e. acquainted with  thorn, but-'t6 th'dso.MvJio''maynliot kr.ow  them they aro'proBe'nted as"'the best  preparatloii Pn; tlio' marked for 'dls-  1 orders of:the. stomach.  Will  hl, ^ ,,$5,090.,IN PRIZES FREE  " ��������������������������������� ���������'���������'���������   ,-'���������.        '������������������' "'iT^-TT-., V ���������''  Great Popular Contest Wlrfch  Instruct,"Interest and Aimuse  '-, That progressive and popular champion of tho .people's rights'. rTho Farm-  ors' Weekly Trlbii.no, Winnipeg, is In-  augtiratliig' ii''Great 'Bookloyers' Con-  tfBt.'ifqr ,tiio. instruction, intorost; an.d  amu'pompnt'of'tbo boys, "plrls ' ft'iuf  adults, duiing tho. long' whiter even-  l'nga.'-. lluhdreds of prices,'aggregating  n value ncnuly $0,00(1, aro to,bo GIVEN  AWAY ABSOEUTELY F^ifcH, No soliciting���������no BUbscriblng-Tito. canvas-  Ring aro involved.' It wll.l.bo difficult  fpranyone who oxerclsoB duo caro to  miss 'a prim Send" to tho Tribune,  Winnipeg, for circular explaining tho  novol plan,   . ^,  \  Ono of U10 coinmo.nestj. complainta  of Infi'.nln Is worms, and ������ie most of-  footivo application for U|ohi'Ih Mother  Gr-AVOB' Worm ExtoVnilnaj.br,  ' ��������� -,.- ���������,, _. _ 1  "My dear MIhs Bljrfkltiii>**%rot������  young f-toftlol_.il Hiidly, "it Is with mixed fcollngs I hercwllli. return your  'JUnfl noto.'ln which you nccopt my offer of marriage. You will nhnorvo on  porAwtl tli|il It,- beg,l,nfl 'Dour Percy,'  W.lio ,011 earth I'o'i'cy In, I don't know,  but I-tnko'tlilH' ^ppoiipnily of ronilnd-  Ijig you,Unit my iiitin'o Is George."  PILEO CUTtRD IN 0 TCM'I DAVO - .  Votiv.'drtiUKlRt wl|l refund niojioy If 1'AJiO  01NTMKNT fotlur lo  euro.-  Itcliltiir,  Ullnil.  lUwidliur. or    DOp.  itciimir,  uiiiiii,   iiiucKiii  I'ik.-h'liS (1 to 14 dflyn. i  any' etno of  I'rotrudlns  ^  i '���������  .'������?������,  '?������������������  ������������������������ ,-i- c,.,������,/.  V������  YOU'LL nAVE LESS WORK" "AND MORE .HAY,'*' '.';".'���������'  ^���������'������������������^ 1l" ' " .......   IF" YOU THY' THE MOONEY WAY  Tho PtfiOONEY way"means moro biscuits, less homo, cooking: ���������'��������� - ���������  ;'���������:���������'' '���������*������������������' ���������  BochusoMOONEY'S BISCUITS aro fresh enough and appetising  I '���������  '���������   enough ibtake the plaoo of the product of your dwu oven.   For tho daily meal  I  ���������'.; . -you'll.liko ���������������������������' ������������������������������������         -   .   " . i ;'   '.' ,;  KflQONEY'S PERFECTION  -%  SODA   BISCUITS  ^They're the crispest, creamiest, most delicious soda    ,���������  biscuits ever produced'and they're1 mado in Winnipeg. ' A Western biscuit for Western people.  "'���������'      ������������������      '���������        In air-tight packages or pealed tins r  **;*__^   -!_;_���������__, -">*r  ���������'���������; >i.. ...ft:  HASTHE.GOQD POINTS THAT MAKE.AN IMPLEMENT RELIABLE  Two indopendont sectiona, eacli* operated by a  -l.&vpr, making ,i flexible harrow. EacFu peotlon baa. a  iieavy wajjlior or bumper to Hako^tlio end thntgt. ���������' ���������  ���������   ���������JDisos of tho ve'ity best, carefully.tempered etcbl. 1G-  fnolies diameter.  PearliiRa aro cast boxes fitted witli oil-soaked maplo  busblnea.   Entirely dustproor, lubricated   by.  plpo  ;oH6iv,'.':- ' , >���������   ,  Tlio stool bars supporting tlio frnmo nro strons  and Iieavy, plenty of room botwo.on disc and weight  :box.J        ��������� .       ��������� ��������� >        ,  Wo can tmpply; .cither a tongue or tpngi.olosB dlso  htirrow.   Tho ToiikuoIoss disc Harrow iu'llttcd with  ���������'trunlc-6nly, aa ahowu.ln cut.  Elthor Btj'lo of Disc liar-  Harrow, ���������   0-foot  CUt,   With   3-llOl'BO  oyoner ".. ,410-lbs.  41 'A 28&.  lG-DIsc     . '  Ijttrrow,   8-foot  cut,   with     4--  librae cvoner. .COO-lbs.1  Thoro aro cortain good points that every.Farm,Implomont must possonB befortj it can bo called reliable.  But if it baa thoso coaontlnl featuros it can bo depended upon to do Rood work. The ���������farmer may safely  comIdor tlio pureliano of an implomont, Whon It la offorod .by a firm of unntioHtlonod' rollabillty, and sold  airWoat'-tQ* a .trial test. ( Tlio fact that It is sold at a lowcl* price'Is noroi'le'fillbif "6ll''lts value, l'rlco doos  npt guarantee valuo,     '���������'   ���������.������������������.. . '������������������     ....     ;,,   ,,,-.,.  M I ���������������������������,  ,/i ���������-; ���������'.'' ,   .'"  ���������!.        If you think theoe are reasonable arguments, nnd If you need a now Dlao Harrow thla stSrlng, It  will pay you to wrlfefTorEaton'a.   By return mall th'ey will tell you the exact cost of any^stylo  .���������., nfter,.frelqhlj oharfleB have been t������iken Into account.        "; ��������� -, ,,     .' {  '.Vf "  THE EATON GUARANTEE  ���������'      '     ���������   ������������������"���������' '������'W|   . lw'ltll|< *!."     ,<\     ���������,.���������"���������<������������������>-'���������-���������, .������-"    ��������� ���������(.'!������*���������'���������'   . "'  Every farmer who orders nn EATON Implement Is asked to test it on bis own farm for ten days.'If It  does not satisfy him, nftor test, he can return It and get his moKey bnok In full, with nil freight charges as  well.   If nftor testing It he decides to keep the Imploment, EATON'S will guarantee him against any possl*  lability of loss through faulty construction or material. If anything breaks because It was not made right or not  put together right, EATON'S will oupply a new part free of charge.  I' ������������������������������������ ���������  ���������ttf'������������.%���������������: ..  ������*>���������  Cjiidrlogbam 'Mclrlcoms  ��������� Qtioon Alexandra,sAyV Truth, linu..  proHontod (or Is koIiik to prtisenli tlio  library of tlio HrlllHb MuHotim with a  oo)iy of Klin? iCdward'H, piivitlely print*  .ftd des������rl|)tiv:o catalogue of th'o splond-  -ul  collui-iiim  tn  itiiurt iiuit tumor  sa  BandrliiKhnni Iln.ll* ,,  Tho obJeeUi of art and library at  Santli'luKllnin,.-Ilui; wrJtot" uiKlorHliintltt,  li^d. boon,BQl.tJod by King Edward to  .Piihh tiH)ibHiobm������ with the oututn nnd  It w(i������ bin \v1h11 that tho conlonts of  tho  lliill*'nhnuld  reiniiln  Intnft, nnd  .tlint.uo.tw> of Hip colled lout, should bo  V������fttpvci| tn (Windsor Pantlo or any  pilip.r't'rbwn'voflldiy.ico!"  .*'    "I   ���������    '*.      m     I,' ��������� ."    . - ,'���������  Queen A-lftKondra bnti''iton't' .CIO to  tho Alinoiiw'ji.fi)t)jl.-6f.thod<oii<,lnii lu;is-  pUnl--^jfnu'd 'for n^ljiliiK poor p^tlenti;  lo olilnln 'nortalu beiiofltn ordtrrod l>y  tlio pliyHlclnmi which ctuingt .bo ,'imld  Coi' out of the fci.'ticral Cuud. ���������'  t  ��������� Solmonlstlo,! ������������������ > ���������-'    ���������"'.  TJio Complaint,���������You , hoo. Judge, I  was tt little trio happy, jib you iui.,'lit  Eiiy, wlio.n I v/imt.homo, aiid uny wlfo  was lronln'.v We'd lirfd a word'or two  In tbo nioriiln', an' no 1 BtopB uj> pro  ���������onvnrl ttrmnlto nonro. T nnlrl! "T.ot'n  forgot tlio qunrrol���������\yo ,botb woro  v,.onii," and whai doofa;' hliu do but  sliovo ilmhol iron.nKftlust my lioatl,  'Tho Judge.���������Try'lup to Htuooth It,  ovor, of dotirao. You-can't harni hor  for tlu.t.   Uo bonio, both of you,    '  Minaru't* Liniment-Cvr.eu Ciiphiiieria,  . ���������..:���������,'' 3..;;:. '   ; : '   . , ;,-  -' DoiipatCliPH from .Tripoli report that  t\tirlnt{ ptfcavatlomi by tho .military  In 'tho mimlB of Aln Xnra a Itomtm  Tomnlo lias boon found. Tho tdmplp  has boon doBcrllmd nn praotically in*  tftnt, mid eonttilnlng tho Hkolotons of  a nuiuHor of pcwonn-wlw w,m;.vupj';i ���������-  ontly ovortalton by death wiillo at-  teinpilju. to ���������flow I'roi.V Bourn dutigwr.  ^ovonil iifiiH, liKiltidliw ono I'lllod with  'f,'old Anil' silver coins,,jia\'o been found  l������,i,ho i������ilU.do. Tho;e\VaVntlo'iiM nro  beliffc'WiiOT������������l!'a������rt*������J!������J������ ������raloa tbat  olbor          '   " ' '  My) lonio  WINNIPEG  LIMITED  CANADA  ir .liulldliign   coi.tujnhu.   Htaiimry  pomo.flim"columns "lulvo'"bobu  Ctousnt tu tififit,  OclfCorjtrol ..   ,.  Tho'posooBBbr of an equal, tompo'v  In to'bo'adnllrcd, .Tho mnn or wolmuu  wJio.nlway^, ImH liorfiolf or hlniBolf  In hand, who is cooj, under all uu)ioy*  aiieos nnd ulrcuniHiancoa, who had ah-  HOlUlU   V-OlllTOl   ill.   likU   tUl������>l>c������',   .'���������.������   WiC  ftl^ayB-'ivlllliiK to trust in nny emergency. Hut a person wlio'flushoB- llko  powder tonclmd by.ft llRhtod match,  wlib'Who3 liltmiolf or horoblf upon tho  Hliglitoot provocation, wo illstruBt, ftnd  bavo'ft right to do so.      , _     . '"  In tho baltlo of Hf'o, bo who would  .ftcliiovo Victorian must .keep rvcool  head.   And tlil������ matt or ia largely under our own ,1'onjiol.  _,  ,.|1--tuII n���������    in. jrinin ��������� iT *������  ''  jbo a I rl.���������>,I,fi.'Bh&clced at tho way  ��������� fattier treated you.. I've.'almost w'or-  .' shipped pajiji; h.jt it seems that my  Idol ,1ms twi.ol, cmv."   Tim Sultoiv-  "Clay?   f'oncrr>tp, mow lD^lj'!"    '  The WIndom of .IpV'nny  "Mamma," eaid Johnny, "If' you will  let mo go Just thin ono time, 1 wori't  ask for anything to ont."  "All right," said his mother, "got  ..... .., < ,,  ' Joh.nny, perched on. tbo odgo of a  big chair, becamo rcfltioss as savory'  odon. camo frofiV'thb rogloa of tho  kitchen, At Inst bo blurted out: ;  . /'Thoro'ii lot's" of plo and cakb In this  liotis'o." ./,'.������',  The admonishing face of liltv nvo-  th'er recalled hiR promise, and ho added: "Hut whnt'it flint to,me?"  * '     ���������     ',V"������  in mm"* ������  *. ,'f      Wha^lmpressed^HIm'  ' ���������"'  t "So you got tho oplnioiis of two law-  yt'ru on the caBC Woro tlwilr' opInlonW.  tho eamf 5"  "Ye������, V2R nnh."     ' - '  ���������if -������  ���������*.*:.'.������������������   -.-  ' ..V, ,, ,  ��������� " -''I '.*'  ,*      ' *  .���������' J, I'K  ������������������   Hcw's Your"Health 1  .'A. Scottish recruit stood on ituard  boforo a colonol's tent, whon tho col*  oliol, pttttlftg on*,, hU lioad said iiternly  to tho new soldier:  ���������JWho aro you''" '  ,  ".'uo nuui|. Miiinviii una uuf>,iu>v-vi.  ,  "Find   lloo's yorsolt?"  i  I  Locating tbo Heat  Siiiltli.���������IIow is, your now rurnaot  working1 tliCBo cold days?   .  Jones.���������It doesn't give ns much hoi  air as tho man who sold It to mo.  .'CttEvir  ew  DIXEE TOBACCO  '���������"*   J-.l  ���������   .1 r������wv, ���������  ''^���������?������*������ ���������*'���������',  I  >������'^.4i*������lrW^MMBtf^toMt-H.n  "���������' ^%.,l.'.*,*W������-������tt.* 5j* *:,:,  r+ w-.    ������������������������  1#8fif ������iw-i  .v&p* -, 11  _ -_* sn     I  ���������'"ail  .   .   . * I  THE NEWSi CUMBERLAND. B. C  jTRUE    !  LOVE!  yeara arter tne pair were Uiurrteo, xnt  changed.condition of bcr husband after ber death ,was, simply that he did  not now see her, did not bear her  [ voice; tboro vra* no contact.  T^ie wife  '���������was buried In Peru Laehnlse cemetery,  ,uot that the widower might go'tbere  , to weep, for be did not consider ber  A Story Attempting to Provt  .   Tbat It Is Itnmorttl    \ -  .     By T. G. APPLEBY  Copyright by American1 Press Amq?  elation, 1911.  Professor Marklmm, who occupies  the chnlr of anatomy at 7��������� college, is  a materialist, nis friend Taylor, professor of psychology, Is on extremist  on tbo opposite side, taking Hie ground  that man is nn eternal spirit, Inclosed  tlon, but that. he, might conveniently  visit ber grave occasionally to seo tbat  the plants she best loved nnd which  , bo bad placed "there bo uurtured."  j   *iWhy," asked .Professor .Markbam.  j "If there was'only corruption beneath  .tbe^sod wero "the_ shrubs the woman  . bad loved planted"' there? Corruption  has.no appreciation?1'  ��������� ."In yon materialists," responded Pro?  fessor Taylor, "there is a vacuum  whoro tho faculty of sentiment should  exist. Tho widower did not place the  flowers there for,tbo dead, but for tho  living woman. To him the thread of  her life bad never been broken. Moreover, In out' natures there is that  which wo call association, and tbcro  ART, FANCIES.  Ntvoltlea   In   Tablewart ���������A   8maH  .Fitting For Umbrella* >..''.-.  The new band painted agate war*  opens up not only-a new field of en*  ___  _      dfcavor,  but greater opportunities' to  morf������rpast as augut "except corrup-1 preserve artistic decorative work-in  In h material body. Tho two were dls- '(Xvug t0 Mm n pioasuro \a associating  definitely, for agate-ware, as Is well  known, is practically Indestructible.  Pieces recently exhibited, the flrs|  to be shown In this-country, reveal thi  great possibilities of tbo art. k   -.  For tbo most part "tbey aro la. two  tone effects with plain gold band trimming, and tn thoso "tho chocolate pots,  teapots, mustard holders and coffeepot*  rivaPcblna In beauty. Tho more elaborate pieces exbibitcd are In children'*  sets, either those comprising plate, cup 1  nnd saucer or just the saucer and  mug, but whichever tbey may bo, tbey  cussing questions based upon these  two very different opinions, when Professor Mnrkbnm said:  "Take, for instance, iove. To bo  more particular, let us confine ourselves to lore between the sexes, Sou  men of spiritual bent consider that this  Ib a spiritual condition, a mingling of  two souls. We materialists take It to  be. In tlio Initiative nt least, simply a  device of nature, to' compel obedience  to one of ber laws, procreation.''  "Which wo deny.   Love la eternal."  "Then when ft couple1 who lovo are  separated' by death why Is tho place  of the one who' has been taken filled  'by another?"  ."Cases of real love' are rare. In such  rases the place of tho departed one  Is not tilled by another, i Have known  or heard of several instances of this  true tore, but only 0110 where the conditions I have stated "were fulfilled. It  was related to ine when 1 was studying medicine In Paris, and the principal figure lii the story bad been a professor lu the university whero 1 received my education!  "Jean' Leroux, a' bachelor of thirty-  alx,' a; botanist, was ono morning  tramping through the southern .provinces, hunting for plant specimens,  when lie came upon a chateau tn  whose gardens were many beautiful  flowers. In Ills enthusiasm be jumped  the wall and was soon lost to everything except the objects of his study.  Ho was bending over n'variety of azalea which" he had never seen, though  he was familiar with it through tils  books, when suddenly ho was recall-  -~ed~to~hImseit'rl)y'arinuslcal"7aiaInlno  toIco saying:  " 'Monsieur is absorbed in the flowers.'  ������^  "Leroux looked up into a pair of  eyes that wero looking Into bis.   "  "Now. if you anatomists were to  claim that lovo acts as two chemical  affinities, which on meeting becomo.  one and tbe same substance, I could  in a measure sympathize with you."  Both these persons admitted afterward to the other that tho moment  their eyes met they loved.       1  "'Pardon,' said Leroux, 'I am'a trespasser. I havo boon led by my love  for my profession to exnmlno your  plants.   I will withdraw nt onoo.'  "'On the contrary, you aro welcomo  to study  my  plants to your heart's  content, and If thero nro nay that you  covet I shall bo happy lo give tbem to.  you.'  ���������"For tho rest of that morning Lo-:  ronx and tho lady wandered about ln>  tho gardens,- he giving her much In-,  formation about her plants. Sho loved  them for themselves; but, loving them,  It pleased her to leni'n of-their nature,  Sho was Mile, do In Fontiiyno. who  lived with hor old mother on. tho  place, her father being dend. Made*,  raolRollo was some half dozen/years'  Loroux's junior, and slnco both of thorn  Imd pnssod tho heyday,'of,youth itenri-  not bo claimed Unit tho lovo which  flashed Into being hot weep them was  o'f tho grosser tyjioi Leroux when  naked afterward If that was not,tlio  happiest morning of Ills IIfo replied  thnt it was far happier thntvnny he  had known before,, but no hitpplor  than thoso that followed.  "Mile, do la Fontnyno would not permit Loroux to depart without partaking of luncheon, or.'rothor, tho second  bronkfnst of the French people, and  nftor tlio meal they ���������returned to tho  , garden, la spirit,tho profwwor never  left tbo chateau bo long as Mile, de la  Fontayno remained there, nutnhedld  not remain thero very long-nt least  permanently, for" Loroux was obliged  to bo at the university In Paris, whoro  he lectured, and the two found It ex*  crucial lug to be apart, No great il mo,  therefore, passed lioforo they. wore  married, residing during the winter In  '( Paris and In the summer at the Do la  . Fontfiyuo chntoau.  "Those two lived, so far ns tholr relations to ouch other were coueerned,  In perfect hiipplnoss. No word of anger ever passed between them."  "Was not that Hit* result of normal  nervous system perfectly nsslmilat*  t(V(" tlhkcJ (ItO {fok'IKT.  "I .do not admit It. I bollevo that  from tholr mooting they hmV heenmo  one lining. Nor can It bo snlrt that they  wero united ihrnuali their children, for  ������.* ..MM,.,,.., ,y,,>;m )..-;;���������.: ���������." ���������Jirrr*. II v.'ni  ��������� case of unity between two Individuals whoso Individuality ���������wan lout In  each other. Ami I shall show yon by  nn Incident which occurred Hint this  lovo continued nftor they wero sop*  nraletl by death. I cannot prove that  the love of the one who was taken continued tho same ns before, fur wo cannot seo iK'yutid the veil that Providence has hung between us and thot  which Ilea beyond. I must conllno my-  ���������olf to the cuo who remained bort  ���������men* m.  "Mm*. L*roux fell 111 and died tea  tho plants she loved with the place  whero ber mortal part lay.'  - "Ono* eveulng nbout sunset. Leroux  entered tho cemetery of PereJ-iacbnlse  to visit his wife's grave and^seo tbat  all was In order there. -As. ho approached it ho'was astonished to see a  man, uncovered, bending over the  mound, apparently absorbed in grief.  What could It mean? Loroux bad  never heard his wlfo speak of a brother or other mnlo relatlvo near and  dear to her, and ho wondered who  this mourner could be. Advancing, he  addressed the stranger:  "'Pardon me. May I ask why you  nro thus grieving for my wife?*     .-  "The  man  turned.    Tbo  grief bis  countenance had worn was turned,to.  anger.    ���������   ������������������  " 'Your wife! Then yon are tbe man  who robbed me of taj love.'  '"Your lovel She never had but one  Jove, and that' surely was not yours.  Who are you?' .  '"One who loved the woman who  lies there'���������  " 'She does not lie there,' Interrupted  Leroux. 'She is In heaven. Had you  loved her as you soy, you would not  spOnk of her ns lying there.'  "'1 say I loved ber,' reiterated tbe  other fiercely, 'and she loved me. We  parted In anger'-   .'  " 'Real love Is never angry.   It may  grieve for another's- fault, but It can-,  not be angry.*  " '1 left her. for a foreign land,  America. There I havo been since  then: there 1 prospered. I returned  to do penance aud claim my love. I  beard that- somo /one. bad won ber  band, though I know that no one but'  myself c6uld-have-wonher-heart;-tbat-  sbe bad died nnd was burled here. I  came to ber grave to weep for her,  and fate has brought me the man who  believed be occupied my place.'  "'1 know not what this means,' Loroux rejoined. lit my wife had a lovo  affair before sho married nic she knew  tbat It was net true love and would  pnlu us to speak of It; therefore she  refrained.'  " 'Who are yon to assume* this���������you,  who if you received any love at all,  received a dead love.'  "Tho man. provoked by tho uncompromising certainty of ono he considered his rival, was by tills time bosido  himself with anger.  " 'Had wo weapons I would soon  convince ��������� you that I-nm tho rightful  mate of the woman who Ilea there;  that you aro an Interloper. The only  recomponso you can grnnt mo for tho  robbery you committed is 11 meeting  tomorrow morning la tho Bols do  Iloulogne,' he said.  ���������"Since my wife through a mlstnko  onoo may have thought enough of you  to engage herself to you 1 shall not  harm a hair of your hend.'  "Tho stranger felt convulsively for a  weapon be knew he did not have nbout  "him, then, taking out a eni'dcase, throw  a card at Loroux's feet, saying. 'If  you aro not a coward j shall' hear from  you.' Then ho ���������strode out of tho In-  closuro and down-the,nvontio toward  the cemetery gate.  "Tho card- bore the .noino of .lulea  hombardlor. Leroux, cnlm as when he  entered tho cemetery, attended to what  lip. hnd come to do, then returned to  Paris "On the way he tried to think  of somo mention of n love affair his  wlfo had passed through before meeting him, but he could not. Nevertheless ho wns content to romnlu In Igno-  rnnco concerning It.  ������������������Thin Is what I" call true lovo, and I  will show you thnt the strnngor who  manifested nil the onlwnrd appearance  of lovo Und not experienced It. Not  six months after Professor Leroux had  met him.weeping nt tile grnve of tho  womnn ho believed he loved Leroux,  taking up n newspaper, road n notice  of .tlio. marriage of Jules nomlmrdlcr,  a Franco-American, who had recently  returned on n visit from his ndoptcd  rountry.   \  "Loroux lived the snmo life, so far ns  women were concerned, that, he hnd  lived \lth his wife. In other words,  lifter her'death ho continued to livo  with her In the spirit"  i lie nm 1:1 tor pniiseu for a moment  tiiouiihlliiUy, Ihvn iViu:hulriU  "If I have not proved my case I hnvo  nf least mndc It eonnlly strong and fnr  more acceptable Minn your theory thnt  love Is but n mentis by which nature  ������������������I admit that you hnvo.'f replied  Mmiihnm, "There Is n barrier that  'iclther of us can pans. I reason from  inalogy bused on cnuse and effect thnt  1 see In. material thing** about me,  ���������vhlle your retiKimlng Is linspd on the  'ame prom!������ou In n ������plrinml pctw, Wo  ���������ire both confined within our narrow  ���������iphpre. Nererthelp!-'' from the foundation of the world love bos been rocog-  ntacd ns a divine attribute Indeed, tho  onlv divine nttrlbnte wo possess In the  fleoh. If It Is not eternal w������ may well  onumo tbat ill things die."  $  THE yETERINARY. |  Cattlethataredischargingmu- ���������  cus from the nostrils may be relieved by being forced to breathe  the steam from hot water containing pine tar. .-,  Do not force a sick animal to  get up jvhen It Is lying down. It  will rise of its own volltiou as  soon as it is able, and to force a  beast to the effort is cruel ty.  ' To avoid scratches keep tbe  I' legs of the hm-so free from mud  and the stalls clean and dry.  To cure scours In little pigs  break. four 'fresh eggs-Into a  quart of fresh milk and give It  to a litter, says the American  Swineherd. The llrst dose will  check the trouble, and after tbe  third they wj.II grow as-If never  attacked. Glvo twelve ,hour3  apart.  TIME TABLES.  I  AM up tn aitronomlcs. and te flrurM';  ci-at and clerical  The orblo ot tho planet* I've reduced ~  to tho numerical- ;  Tbo paths of all tho comets add the other  bodies spherical. ��������� -)  . It's really Just as simple as cusi ho. j  t can figure to a parasatis by method* .  - ��������� mathematical -        ..   ,,     !,  TJie route of nny hoplit'e who lias tnado a  march grammatical  And stopped till "Ho Cloarchus" passed a  few remarUs cmphatlcal.  There's nothing any easier for me.  But a minus fo'garithm Is a model of luckily. *  Tho nebular hypothesis a bit of mere vapidity,-  Incapable of causing mo a jot ot tho timid-,  Ity  I feel for railway folders ������r the day,  Ttiouxh "central tlmo" nnd "eastern time"  mean something undeniable,  And reading up In placo of down Is never  . Justifiable.  And type that's black and light faced Is  essential, still I'm liable    -  To board .1 train that uoca the other way.  WomanVWorld  Mrs.  Timmons   Back , In  Washington's Official 8*t  &  It a horse is Inclined to stand  ^ 1 As t0 moCern rnllway Elders, I admit an  over on bis Rneea, lower tbe heels & i        inability  nnd tbe 'knees will bo brought ��������� ** i'ror" grasping why the data which I'm  back in'place.   If the heels aro % '      ��������� seeking with agility    - ,  raised, the more out of plumb the |j-A,e S^uS ���������  knees will bo thrown. ��������� ������ ;   ny .microscopic footnotes down below.  $   For "making oloso connections" I confesa  an Incapacity.  A folder's :'a. and p. m.'s" only foster my  pugnacity.  And. though perhaps I'm lacking in .apparent perspicacity.  I never ilnd tho thing I want to know.  W^W^m#*  BUTTER  PRODUCTION.  What a Little Thinking Has Dona For  th������ Dairyman. ,  v .Tbo average ."farmer has but littlo  Iden, we are couvluced, of tbe wide  difference there Is lu cows or in the  systems ot management, says Hoard's  Dniryman.- Wherever we have taken  cow censuses tho farmers were greatly surprised nt the'difference in results  ns between different herds. That  shows that to the mind of the average  ���������I<\ II. P. in Century' Magazine.  Dyspeptic Philosophy.  Money tniks, ,but' sometimes It contradicts itself;  Some girls blush naturally. With  others It's all put on.  .Lots of people live In the samo  sqtinro who don't inovo1 lu the samo  circle.  fact.  Wo are all npt to bo generous to a  fault, if the fault happens to he ono  of our owu."  Where the bill collector Is concerned  absence surely makes the heart grow  fonder, '  Never strike a man when he is  down, especially If you are going to  strike him for a loan. j ,  " Why is it that the peopj* who don't:  know right from wrong seem always  to be in the wrong?���������New'York Times.  W^^-������������H-l-hH4^HHI*4-H^:-:~K;  "GOLD tg������S AND TJ*JtBBEr,tA-HANDI.B.'''  are most attractive, having painted on  them animals and fowls in quaint designs-in bright colors that wilt surely j  j)l_e_aseJheiRUe,o_pes_____Of course._these__  designs Jiave to be burnqd In with the  agate, and therefore they, too. are likely to last far beyond the time of the  designs fired Into china glaze.  ��������� Tbo new card table and chairs supply a .fbug felt want for the lover's oi  card games. Tbe lour Chairs flt undei  tho table,' their backs being flushed  with Its sides, thus making it very  compact when not in use. It could bo  placed In a nook in a hall or- nny similar place without taking up much room  when not in use.^ It Is very attractive  In appctirniice. being mado of fumed  oak, early English pattern, with the  carving otf the back of each chair being puttelnod after one of tho suits Ou  tho cards.  Tho creator of tho new nut bowl  must possess considerable.of the-artistic Bcnso. The bowl Is1 cut from a sol-  Id piece of holly wood, concaved to  glvo It a graceful and somewhat lint  contour, The wood is beautifully polished, every. grain In It showing exquisitely, and Just to give the needed  touch the nut spoon Is made of heavy  cut-brass burnished till It resemble!!  gold, The whole Is a delight to the  cyo. Very artistic and useful aro tho  new gold tips and umbrella handles.  t ween _ tbe__poorest__and ^V.  r $2.70 to $&'.72. fj,  Common Mistake.  "De man dat allers wants de  biggest an* de most of everything." said Uncle Eben. "Is liable to pick up tin ostrich an'  overlook do turkey bird."���������Wash-  ,itigton-Sta r.   Some men will give $1 to charity  farmer'tho yleVd"per"cow"orrpor head : and then spend $10 to advertise the  Is, as he "supposes, about tbo same.  Yet It Is quite common -to Und 0110  herd mnkiug double or moro tha.ii double tbo clear profit that.one may bo  ou an adjoining farm.  Kveu on experiment^ station farms,  where everything��������� Is supposed to' be  Cone scientifically,'tbey demonstrate n  wonderful difference In cowsr  Tbe Minnesota stationfound cows In  its herd which returned $r55.54. -while"  alongside of (.hem other cows returned  ouly $8.10 after deducting tbe cost of  feed, which was the snme in each case.  The Michigan station found its cows  varied from .$0.18 to 594.0.") after tbe  feed cost was .reckoned. The New  Jersey station shows tbat. calling milk'  worth $1 per hundredweight. Its-cows  varied from' 1.1 cents profit to $-19.72.  Tho Connecticut station figures show a  jlfl_e_rence_a_s,-b_et  the best cows of  Now. there arc thousands of farmers  who, are keeping these low paying cows  and, don't know It.   Something is tbe  matter,  but  tljey  don't know  what  They   know   that   they   nro   getting  mighty littlo-out of their cows.  -' We can see by this how necessary it  Is to hnvo an inquiring mind.    Tho  right   kind   of  farmer   will   not  sit  down under such conditions.   IIo will  set to work to change them, and tho  tlrst thing ho will do will bo to buy a  registered bull of some breeder he can  trust.    That right sort of spirit has  changed whole counties in, Wisconsin  over from 'farmers-whose cows averaged HO pounds of butter per cow per  year to on average for'the whole county "of- 2D0 pounds- per cow.    -  But the minds of these formers were  stirred by dairy reading and ��������� thinking  before the chniige vt as made.   A hundred; pounds more of butter a year per  cow make n'blg difference In the for-  tuno of-tho farmer. -  Copyright by Cllnedlnst  '    MISS. JOHN W.' TIMMONB.  Another charming young hostess has  recently been added to Washington'*  official set, Mrs. John W. Tluuuona,  wife of Lieutenant Timmons. President  Tuft's new uaval aid.  Mrs. Timmons was a Mi*?s Fairbanks,  nnd during her lather's' term ot office  us vice president in the Roosevelt administration she' ably assisted her  mother In doing the social honors ot  the position, ller elevation to Washington'* official circle will cause much  pleasure to bcr many friends at the  capitof.  Mrs..Timmons tor a stunning looking  ���������woman who" is always beautifully  gowned and. like- ber moiher. Mrs.  Fairbanks. Is an enthusiastic clubwoman and deeply* interested-lu the  new" woman movement. She is remark-  ubly well informed on all public questions of the day.  ^H-H~H*-:*4*W*KH-l-H-:-H-l**M"W*i*  A Genius Who Works.  Robert \V.  Chambers,  tho novelist,  was called a genius iho other day nt  the Ceutury club In. New. York. .  ��������� But Xlr" Chambers, 'with his wonted  chnrmlug modes^v, denied that-he was  i a genius. . ,  I " "Unless. Indeed." bo added, "we nc-  ! cept the definition thnt genius is 1 per  [���������cent1 Inspiration and HO per'cent per-'  ' splratlou."���������New York Tribune.  Vanity. <,  "N6w that you have made your pllo  1 suppose you nro happy."  "No; moiher won't lot me seo nny  show I wanter, dnlighter won't lemmo  wear anything 1- wanter. nndthe doctor won't lemmo eat .anything I wanter."���������Lbiilsrlllo Courier-Journal.  Sawing Room Hints.  In/every sowing, room thero should  bo a largo" pasteboard bos In which  can bo placed the various pieces ol  goods''of tho different garments thai  nro made at homo, so thnt if thcr������  should oyer a hole wont' Into the garments thcro'ls always n plnco to go  nnd Ilnd a plocowlth which to patch ot  repair it. ".,."',  To shrink thrond for Trlsh crochet  wind It from the ball or spool on to a  Chicken Dropping and'Hags.  Pigs nro vory fond of chicken droppings, mid that Is the reason they root  over tho chicken coops when they got  to them, writes 0, It. Abruhum In  Farm and I'Mresldo.  I have novor noticed that tho chicken droppings did the pigs nny harm  nnd do not bellovo tbey dn yet, for, as  a rule, thero aro enough pigs In a gong  so that nono get enough to hurt them.  j   I had a sow and pigs that wero doing  1 fine, but tho Row's.nppetlto seemed to  j leavo hor, and sho' would neither oat  nor drink to do any good, though' I  did my best to mnlco tip slop to her  what to do,  ... . . nppetlto. 1 hardly know  hand reel If you havo 0:10. If not, ! for I know It' wiih going to become a  miilVo It Info'ti'skbln by winding it ovor .oerlous problem, So I endeavored to  n mngnzlno, keeping fho latter stiff so Ilnd the cnuso of her loan of nppeilio.  that nil the threads will bo of tlie j Ono morning I culled lior from her  samo length, When the bull or spool jliod to slop hoi'. 11ml sho ciinio direct  Is ull unwound tie several threads ,to tho trough, but nflcr taklng'ti few  nround tho nkoln In dlfforout plncw so i'cwtillown of the best slop I could  Hint It will not get tangled. Then ro Imnko up alio \vnl������od directly to the  move thread from tho nuignr.lno nnd i tool shod, nnd of courso a toolslicd is  put It Into a' bowl of hot water.   Lcl ia favorite haunt of chickens,  It stand two or three hourn, thorn tnk������  out and thoroughly dry. Wind bach  Into it* original uluipe and use.  An 'artistic scarf for a table or piano  enn cnslly bo made by having on oriental design stamped on Bulgarian linen.   Outllno tho pnttern with heavy  blnclc floss nnd fill In tho centers with  vnrloufli'rlch colors, such as aro aeeu  !r. r.!!  handier.".:'  r.crdlcwcvl: thnt h  mado by tho women of tho fnr en������t.  Terra cottn. green nnd old blue with  tracings of gold ntid flllvcr nro tho colors most commonly used,   nurnlalied-  coppor, with limotn of Imitation pro-  clous stones, make tho rlchnst tiller for  tho solid embroidery.   In this worlc  von cim use nil klndslof fancy stltchei  for tho outline >vork-cat stitch, herringbone   darning,   blrdRcye,   sntln  Ultch, wheat and tho daisy loop,   Finish the edge wllh hoary linen lacs  nbout four Inches wide, In which you  can run same of the r>hnd*i that yob  hnro tmed Kn the embroidery.   If tho  lace bus circular centers In the design,  wow 11 bright colored bead or gloss  nallhead In Hi������ (enter.   For littlo ex-  pen������e you can make 1 scarf that 11  bought would coit a crcut detL  After secliig hor gobble up tho drop-  pings ntndR the night previous I concluded I had the problem solved, Fastening nptho shed hog proof, I wns  unfilled that I would got'results, and,  stir*' enough.. I did In nbout twenty  four hours aim "came to her feed" and  novor mlssod a monlfrom that time  on. "______  *m*������m**m*u*imm*am*������**������***M*-Mmm-M*-mwm  Colar of Jsrtayi.  Tho Amorlcun Jersey Ciittlo club  mnkofl no distinction between solid color Jersey cattlo nnd thoso of broken  rolor-tlmt Is, thoso showing woro or  less whlto. It Is true, however, that 11  good mnny people prefer 1 no catlie nt  solid color, but moro or loss whlto  iloos not indicate that tho animal Is not  pure bred, nml.nuy ono who would reject a Jersey simply on account of bro-  ������on color would exhibit very poor  ludgnmn! Indeed,  t  :������:    ������ ! I Deeds of Great Woman.  Iv''   The lady cbnpci of the new, Liver-'  V  pool cathedral, which was'opened re-  3*   cently, will Do adorned by n magnifi-  -;'������������������ cent-scbeme-of-stained glass-window?���������  In  commemoration  of  the  deeds  of.  good women.   All the famous womeu  of the Old and New Testaments'are  commemorated In some  way In  tbe  scheme, but perhaps the most Interesting Innovations ore the windows com-.  uiemornting the deeds of ..great'women,  of recent times.  Tho list is as follows  Mary Collet and all prayerful wo-   ���������  men.  Louise Stewart nnd all the noble  army of martyrs.  Christina   Hossettl   end   all   sweet  singers. -  (Jrnee  Darling nnd all courageous  maidens.  Dr. Allco Marvel and all,who have  laid down their lives for their sisters.  Catherine tllndstone rind all ,loyal  beiiried wives.  Kllznbeih Barrett Browning nnd ull  who have kocii the Inllulte In things.  .lowephlne Httfler and ull brave.cham-  plons of purity.  ��������� Aiuilo Hlndercr and all mlsslonarj  pioneers.  Margaret Godolphln and all who  have kept themselves unspotted In R  corrupt world,  Angola nui'detf-Coutts and nil ������!���������  inoners or the King of heaven.  Mother Cecllo nnd nil womeu loving  ���������ml Inrgo hearted In counsel.  Kll/.nbcth Fry nnd nll-pltlful women.  Agnes .lonofl nnd nil devoted nurses,  <jut!cii Victoria nml nil noblo queens.  Lndy Morgnrot llnnfort nnd nil patronesses of Hnered learning.  Mnry Rogers (siewnrdosii of tbo Stolid) nnd nil fnlthful servants.  Ann Clouch nnd nil true touchers.  Mnry Homorvlllo urd all earnest students.  Husiinnnli Wesley nnd all dovoted  mothers.���������Prosbytei'lnn.  "Rny, mister, hnvo yo got r.cch a  thing 1111 n clgnroito nbout yo? I'vo  hnd Kivli a good dinner It'll bo u  kIiiuuo not to smoko after It,"���������llrown-  lug's Mngtifclno.  Making a Guett.  Ilnrd ' Looking Customer (slinking  into pnwuHliopi-Sny, how much can I  l.ot on thla gold watchT  Plain Clothes Pollcomnn (suddenly  itppeurlngi-Lot mo see It. Il'm, my  friend. I think yo'll get ubout a v*>ar  tn that-Chlcagxi Tribune  Propir Fesdinfl Esssnti-il.  Feeding nil of the <��������������������������� In tlio Mine  vay Is treating thorn unfairly and  heating yourself. Hetnorober that  neb cow hat 1111 appetite of her own  md thit tacti one raries In capacity.  Jealous.  ������������������How did you happen to lone out?"  "Homo or my mlHgiildcd fiiouds got  U|' "ii iiiUomubl/tf |������fui'i!N������mu fur m������,'  explained Congressman Wluiogdoodio,  "Most of tho voter*, however, hnvo no  ���������utomohllc."-Kflnsiifl City Journal.  .^1   ,, , jVijUijj,  Rtelln-You can't put an old hend on  young shoulders.  Hollrt-Ilut you can put a now waist  lluo on any aged worann.-Jiidgo.  * Thi Proerastlnatori.  The trouble with ii-onif of lis  la thnt wo wait till we're triced  up by the thumbs before we'll ..  consent to into ��������� brnc������.-N������w  York. World.  y-?*������-.VW-W-t-l-:-WW-l-}-!->!-W-H-H* ���������  Dainty Dlti of Naokwaar.  About tlio newest thing in neckwatr  Is tho whlto velveteen collar with  oquaro or oval buck llnlnhed nt the  front with two hiiito bullous covered  With tbV velveteen; CutTs nro provided  with tbo collar, but .tbey are sold nop-  nrotoly. They, too, have tho buttons.  One of the daintiest bits of mvkweor  ll tho flowor buckle, the littlo blossoms  being nrraiijrcd iirouml 11 wire that  Hoops them In shape. A velvet ribbon  thrends through the buckle, and It 1"  worn low down nroiind tha hoi torn of  the stock or nt the top If t|n' burklc in  vory smnll, Tho snmo burftlPH nrwUHod  on ribbons Unit hnvo long rnivitt endu  finished with pendent (lower* or ins  wis, Many of tlie uvw *u* uw������" ���������������'  Di.Uhal ins I!...-!.' mll.'Td or sirn^hi  i-ndi with tnRsclH or fringe.  I-.J, jj 1  ���������* ��������� <���������  An InUrnttlno Meatlno.'  An interimtlug nioetlng betworn two  Vi'nif   _t.,,,������if-ii   nnr>i������   rrri-rroil   fivonttv  when Miss Fanny Crosby, the fnmou*  hymn writer, and Mis* Allc* A. Holme*  spent n'quarter hour together In Jersey  City.   Mlns Ilolraea and Miss Crosby  woro students nt tbo Now -York ln������M  tntlon For tho Blind wlitm tboy wore  gkla, aud they dlseuWd school days aa  eagerly us If they had been Vawnr ot  Ili:yu Mawr uluimv.ic.   Mto Crosby. 1"  ulnofy-onc yearn of ago and hav'beeu  blind nine* birth-   Ml������������ Ilolmoa la i<  few years younger.   8l������������ \mt hor light  throtijth nn nt*cldont when alio wil  I tint year* old ...'j" |U-  ���������\(   >       J-   * |-     /��������� V        ���������/ ~v.     rf-  -=>���������>,  *f*.i. *$  *-J'  ^T5,  ������i"   \   ���������'  ������^r^.  W. ���������>  v^r  ,*w  " 1. -������  .m^Tt-im ^^ 1 ��������� W  Mm������,i^uMii.ii'>'il>"*������l"vv*4������ .*m������|i^������i������������'������t���������������M������n.������>v������  tTH������ JiIKW������, (Jliif JJK������LAM!3. Btti'ttSH COLlftiHIUU  3  *'  inf  r^mrniiirrw  WP II <"|.������JtlJIILII.JW, I  i ii,,.. muff ������  *Srfi  NEW GOODS'. B  LACK CURTAINS FilOM 75������ to $6 per pair  aiAnms MUSLINS, art satkijss, anj? ckbtjonnbs  WHITE AND COLORED BED SFRJJAPS-AW, rWCfi?  LINOLEUMS AijTD W^ P.APliRS,  A Full Line of Furniture,  PED3 AND ISBDDWQ ALWAYS OF RASP  WATCH   FOR THE BIG SIGN  A. MoKINNON  M.cPhee Block.      Duusmuir Avenue.-���������    Cumberland  Local Agent for Mason & Risch Pianos,  Phone .52  .Sayward Land District   '  District .of Coast  'Tako n.oticc that lt<*t>inald Waiters, of Vancouver* !>.������., occjjpa-  0������  NOTICE  TAKK Notice the firm of LE*$'  ABU&pO.,, lias this .(Jay  b.ei-n  {tioii, i-ngi'ieer, .intends   to   apply  (iisso]  h *��������� permission to pure-hnso t)i.e .t'ol  jlov ii-fr ili������j.c.rib(������il lands;���������  CoinmoiiGiniT at & post planted  i mile east (if the coinh \vi-s,t cor  nn' of Iol D50, tlionce cast 80 j  chains, south JO chains, ,r������at 81  .clniiis, north ->0 chains ".to point  <of coinmuiicoinont containing #20  jTicroo in ore. or'loss,  Reginald Waters.  Niune of Applicant in full  Robert Henry Oliestnjjjt. Agent  JMo March 12th, lUia,  Skyward iyand District  D;s|rict of Cost  Take notice that Isabel MeKen  yiy. up Vancouver, B, Q. oecnpa-  |t.-on spinster, intends to apply for  j)v'nnisbiou ,tu purchase the follow  ���������j;ig described landf-:-r-?  Commencing at .a post  planted  _.*j|ie n_uh'_eas_t__qf tlie_ 8oiith--w������st  N..' 'HIRANO..-'  FASHIONABLE  TAILOR'  LAPiJSP''  Jfc.ijBNTLBMaN'S .  T.A.I.LQJR. MADJ3     SUITS  FJiOM  &2o.ao TO ������$5.,c-o.  Cj.5Vji.kg  and Pressing  OONK AT  Reasonable Pricks;  Cumberland  MAROCCHI BROS    v  GROCERS   8c   BAKERS  AND PROPRIETORS  Of  ���������CUMBERLAND  BOTTLING WORKS  Local .agent for  Cleveland, Massey-Hanis  and Perfect bicvcles.  Agents forPilsener IJrewin'g Company's BEER'  Wholesale Dealers, in all Kinds of  Wines and Liquors."  J  ved, and the business will  in ft. t.nr.e Uia carri.ed on ,by C.I-JOW  LEhJ & SONS, All '.djubta  against iho former parjliiercjiip  must be presented vjthjn UO days  r'rom tho date hereof, lo Chow Lee  & Sons for paynjent. A" d,ebts  hie or accruing duo the fonii'.-r  piirtnoi'sliipnnn njiust be pajd to  tlie said ^how Lee & Sons, AH  depts owing by Japnneso debtors  to the former partnorship ijrm  must ,b,e paid ,to .Uju^iiajLsu Nnk-  ftiio, ajso Icn.owi) as ii. Abe,  Cliow Lee  JI. Nakano,'  Dated tjjis 25th,   day   of   March  1912.  SECOND   STREET i  NOTICE is hereby given tliat  30 diiys after .datja application will  be made tp tlio  Superintendent of  NOTICE OF   DISSOLUTION  -   OF PARTNERSHIP  ijpi i  TAKE NOTICE that the partnership fini. of Uggio & McLeod  earring on business at Courteuny  i>. C. as* ])ryRoo������'s Merchants was  dissolved on the 2iulJSIai\ch J012.  All debts and chii'i'.s due' and all  .debts and -claims agftinst ih'e fjrm  (Jf Loggie & McLeod must be paib  and presenter (as th.e c.as.e jmny be)  to the iindejrsignpd.  The business will i-i) future be  carried ou by Elmer Loggie and.  Harrv F. Lojzd<* undpr the  firm  *       J on  of Loggia Bros..  Da.ted this 15'Inlay of April 1912  ilaj-ry F. Logg'e."  VICTO HI A LAND DI ST itl.CT  *50i-ner .o.E lot 550, thence y/est  .chains., tljeiif-o south ^O chains,  thence east 80' chains, thence  .iorlh 40 chains to point of ,coin-  /iieiicernent, containing 320 acres,  fiiore pr less.  Isabel AlcKenny,  j^anjo of Applicant iij. full  Uobort Henry Chestnut, A^-'tit  Oito March l?tlj, J.91g.  iimmbib ������������������!���������!��������� ammm\nmm*mm\w-nmjfMfmvmnm^Wf^nttmmWf^^  Sayward Land District  District of Coasf  Takoliptice tliatMiunie  I^orr,  pf   Vancouver. Ji. C."   occupation  , ppinstor, intends to apply for per-  piission to purchase the following  described lands;���������  Commencing at a post planted  at tho south-east conn?-: of lot  J547, thence west 40 cljnitis,thonco  fouth 4.5 cliainSj thonco oiu-t 40  ciiains alpng the north boundary  pt lot .550, thence north 45 cluiiiiB  fo,point of coiiiipciicciiiont, coiir  faiuing 180 acrea,   '  Jflinnje Horr  tyunp of Applicant |n full  Robert Henry Chestnut, Agent  pmc .March 12th, 1012.    .  Sayward Land District  Disiriftf j;f Coiu't  Take iiiiliiie ijiat  Frant'dH Ger  aid MihIhoii, of Vauaouver, IL (\  i.K'fuipiitiun geiitleiimu,  inlendti to  (ipply  for peiiuif-Mion to purcjiuni  |ho fulluA'ing deserilnul litndti; ���������  Oouiinencing at a post planted  at the Honih east eonii'i' nf lot 547  jhent',1 t'������-iSt HO chain.'*, thoncis  K)iith 45 chains to uot'ih bound-  pry of lot 550, thence Vi'^t tllong  f-uid boundary, HO fil������i..n������, thence  liovt'h A?> "hniii" to tlil-< "let.  J'la.'jn.'.s QiJ'.'W  H������'h:p������),  Namo of Applicant in full  Unhurt Henry Ohc������tnitt. Agent  Date Mnre!i l^h, 1012,  / in nm mini i������������ in���������iniiiminimi  Provincial 13oliee, Victoria, for ������  transfer of .the Jiotel jicense jto sell  liquors by retail in the hotel  known as tho Lorne Hotel, situated at ������om.o.x, B, C., ty Geo. M.  IJarlow.  FuiKjKNCK M. Chi-tk.  Dated March 27th, 1012,  District-of Gnast  TAKE nonce that George Kilhy, oi  Vancouver, 1). C, occupation contracioi  and builder, intends to apply for permission to lease the followiiul described  iinds:���������Commencing .it a po>t p'anted  on the W. side of I.o,uj.hboiouv.-l) Inlet,  nearly opposite Crecn Point rapids, and a  little north from the N E. coiner o(  Timber Lim'u*44So8. bcinjj vacant land  thence Somh 20 chains, thence West  40 .chain", tlicnre Nrmh about 25 chai:,-  more or less to high water mark on  Loughborough Inlet, thence- southerly | =���������  following the h:gh water mark.oJ"LoUi_h  borouph Inlet to point of������commence  menl, cont.lining too acres more or less  Gkouok Kii.uy, Applicant.  -Da_t_ed_l_aiiu_.iry_2oth,_j__0j_2____   \ Tommy's Bicycle Shop  w     ' ' ' - '   ��������� "  h        '     v^ ���������GENERAL "REPAIRING- OF���������  I Bicycles, Sowing Machines,  1 Guns, Etc;. Etc.  /t\ * j*      1 ��������� '  $       -      Plumbing Done.  I   Bicycles for Sale  and Hire.  P.O. Box 360 Telephone 7-0  NOW IS THE TIME  "tohave your photo taken at  Powell's   Studio  Flashlights, Views, Portraits, and Postcards.  WORK GUARANTEED       PRICES' REASONABLE  CUMBERLAND  ,#l!llHllll!inilUIII!lllllllllli!ll!l!itniltlllll!li;iU^  I  Capital $6,200,000. ' Eoserve $7,200,0CO  apl 17 my S  NOTICE is hej'ohy giver, tliat  on tlio 24th day of April neicty-n'jl'r  plipntiotj will bo ni'idg to tho  Siipei'iiitondcnt of Provincial Po--  licpfortl.p Irfjuisfer of tlio Jiceneo  for tlio ntjlo of liquor l������y rotniJ in  nntl 1 pon the prt'jnises hnown ������ip  the Union Hotel, situate at Union,  in Nelson District/ noar Cumber-  laud in British Colntiihin, from  Samuel 0, Davis to John Nor  man McLeod, of British Colum-  his  Samuel O,    X    Davis  murk.  John N, McLeod,  Witness to mark of Samuel   C.  Davis, J no. Gibson ;jr,  Dold this7th ilityoi'March, 1012  No better medium' for'.bring-  iii}j your business before  the   public than  by  Ibis menus,  dob Printing  is Out* Specialty and in  this-bine cue  SATISFACTION.  wjwi.1.11.  (CoMituied from first pane,  thpir own will and   ot   tlie  expense of U|c consumer and labor  Ulg classes.  The evidence by comparing  free trade r.ntl lit^h tariffs 1 f  these l\vo countries conclusively  prove Ihnf Wglii toriffis don't  tend to make the people pros  perous who create the weal'h of  fccountry.  CHANCE OF A LIFE.TIME  ���������Eo;- sale, a good cash business,  etsy to handle, no previous ex-  pe'r.ence i.eqtiiicd. Bringing in  i'rom ^140 to 5.50 a month. Will  i-ell for 8500 e'l.sh. For further  particulars apply this office.  -,*>-  ���������i>:>  ��������� HAY   FOR   SALE-Thirty  tons of good   baled- hay,   puce  $14 per ton at Grantham.    F,H.  Janes, Sand wick, B. C,  KO'IK.'E  V1CTO III A LA Nr I)"' DISTKIC1  I   The Royal Bank of Canada;  I DRAFTS   ISSUED   IN   ANY   CURRENCY,. PAYABLE   ALL  I OVER   THE    WORLD.  I SPECIAL ATTENTION paid to SAYINGS ACCOUNTS & iijiere.u  if   at higheef Current RaJt-s aliowtd on Drporits of $1 ilnd upwuids.  g OTJMBERLANr, B. C, Bicnch, Open Daily.  |: UNION WHARF, B. C,   SubrBrach, Open Thursdays     ,  I D. M. MORRISOIS1, Manager.  I .COURTSNAY,   B.C.    Branch,    Open Daily.  WM. MOFP, Manager.  %/||;lllllll!lllllllllllllllllllllllilll!lllllHIIIIIIIIIIIII!ll!llllllllllll!lii:illlllllUllillllllllil!^  ir���������im i Huik.'.iTntimM  ���������ft  ,, District of Goasl  TAKK notice ili;il Major S. Williams,  of V.mcoincr, 1!. C, intends to appK  for permission to lease the lollowiny fie  scribeil lands:���������Commencing at a post  planted on the E.ist side of Philips Arm  near ili,e S. \\\ corner of W and C Limit No. 92. being the S. W. corner, thence  East 40 i.ha'iis, thence Nor.tli fri chd.ins,  thence West 40 cli.mis to nigh water  mark on Philips Arm, thence-1 southcr'y  following the high writer mark tn 'point  of commencement, containing 16) acres  more or less.  M.'.jou S, Williams,  (icni')>e Kdby, Agent.  Ditod J.nui.iry 23rd, 1012.,  P. Philupps Harrison  BARRISTER AND SOLICITOR  NOTARY'   PUBLIC CONVEYANCING  DUNSMUiR AVENUE  CUMBERLAND,  ���������^AmMwmasamwtZKJacamtM  ��������� o   NOTICE is hereby given that 30 cl.iys  Limi D'ntiiot, Const.  Dirttriot of 0"iial. Riiiuo I.  TAKK NOl'U'i'J that I,  Alnry Thulin,  occuiMition Mtinieilwon.uH.iutend to apply to -jm oh'ho  tlio lollo.v i ������ di.-criboa  land;  imX������^t7ptt������oil.--Ul,'tlonoo nor h lico,-Victoria, for ������ transfer of tne h tel  80 i-hnliii'.'thti. oa "wi������t 40' chafna, thtnro , license to sell liquors by retail, in the  auulh 80 ohainH, ihmoj ouit -10 ohninH to j hotel known ns ihe Nelson House, sit-  t'o point of emu-no; cumuii t,   conULinB 11 ited at Union ll-'iy, IL C, to  John A  .���������0.mineuci������R������tnpo tilintcd'..b.nt alter date application will be made to  hni'l uortf', end" -������0 ol.ui h .-twt, d the' tjc SuperintendentV, f   Provincial   l'o-  V. BOfl0^fi=  Manufacturer of MINERAL WATER  ���������1 ; '** ��������� ��������� ��������� * \  %tricmmmm*m*^^tix*t^re^'mm^aar^*-i ; ". ������ '  P. O. BOX 482  PHONE 29,.,.  tfimfwoeaatM-wawc  CUMBERLAND  K ji--rj*arMm*.*mL'Wmwr*aBa-nmr~u* mnmtntm  '  nxaiataurtiVMi  320 noro' moro nr 1BB,  Sigi.o(l, MAHY THULIN,  (I1.0. Vur itr,Agouti  Ditto.l Mnroli 14,1012.  Fraser," ,  KitAsriu & HiHiror.  Dated March 1st 1912,     ���������" v '.     ,  easBVWa!uaata_nM!iii������ ,.111111 ��������� "|r  J'OK SAT.M���������Onsnlinp 1-nvnrh  30 led in length, 7 ft. beahi, H\h,  p., engine, wjll carry 10 pa*Sanger*. Two cabiiiH. Apply Tommy's Uicyclu Shop, 3������1 St,  VIOLIN 8TH1NO", V:0 IS'  HKSIK, ANO 81N0KU  SI',WT,NO MACHISK KKKD  l.ll.S l'or (*'nl������" Uy Cl n . Hcumvc  1 m*99**rmw't>v***!Wm>v*r'^vw^*t*rv*t^  This is the first spring in the ..history of Comox  District lhat the local deinand for eggs, lias been  equal to the supply,. "'Nothing pays belter than  poultry, il' they are rightly managed.'' Begin  with ihe litile'fellows and feed them CHICK  FOOD, which is a mixture of hone meal, wheat,  oats, com and oihor grain, cut and blended in  the right proportion to make them thrive and  grow,    For sale by  "1  i  V  V  A. B. CRAWFORD,    -   - Courtcnay, B.C  MAl'.EIt IN V\X)\)\\ AND,.l������l),;  AVe are showing nearly 40a different linos.of Spring Suiting.''.  Comprising all tl������c now color effects and latest weaves   iu medi-  ���������oainiowwJCTrj-sw TMm������,t������aa������BrK3������^Y|tMBCi^ ������pMOBWt^iwHr������gr ������{|_w  1 ���������*,.. .    ii-  ,  1 .uiw)   \vv4~  Rteds and Cheviots, Donegal  tweeds. Scotch Tweeds, Hltte  and black Serges nnd ChevlolK.  mon   Kay  Co-operative  Company, Ltd.  j Ten Miles for a Cent  From'onc-tenili to ona-fifth centi pet  mile Coven the coil o( opewling a  HARLEY-DAVIDSON  M   O   T   O   1R   C   V   C   T,   K  Tho Sllontdroy follow  Tltii tnnchine it nlw*y������ ready (or a  Iniriy-unlrip or a plemuro run. Will do  lite road work of 3 lionet, No nmenee  when idle, We would lika lo tell you  more ibout the grentett iport i.i the  world,  Come in and tee in.  ' iM. riir/iiY,  r 1 11 * f r  \ C( t������/. I   r  n  ������asss4������mrr*5r-  0  ������������������If you get i' nt riimloy's it's am. Y.'-r.v.r  V 8 - Wo Doi;������ppjrl?K.  flNPPM  n  k


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