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The Cumberland News Jul 12, 1910

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 ** J? V w ���** **
/ .A
���**ik.' v*s
A. -Journal Devoted Especially, to the Interests of Coniox District,
The Nrws, Eighteenth Year,
Better Times Means
Better Business.
This department is one to which we give special attention, and "-J,
we keep it stocked with newe.*-. of FRESH CLK .*���*.}�� GOODS. % \
eds and Bedding,
and in-order to get it we will trv to  an-
,<��� ' . **"
ticipate your wants.    If your-grocere order is not satisfactory,*!!
let us know, and we will take ir back, or  replace   it.     YUUR
INTERESTS ARE OURS, und when we satisfy you we sat
isfy ourselves.      This week v.e  have  opened  a large assortment oi
Robertson's Celebrated Marmalades, Jellies'
..^'/"������������>;;'and Jams. ::
The name is a: guarantee in itself���Scotch  Marmalade,   Pine-*^
berry, Raspberry, in i and 2 lb glass; 2, 4 aud 7 lb tins, -
*��3!F We are sole agents for Cumberland.
It eau be served in   various ways���our; booklet will  tell  you'
how.  ' Gall and get one.     Sold in yi pints, pints and quarts.
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Always on Hand.
.������V^*^^-.^***^ j
>*'���<-v:Ai-^a^.A^'^'-'^-*e-'':'''-^*A.-���������^"-���a-H     /���***���, 1    ,    1
Simon Leaser & Co., Ltd.
Dunsmuir Ave., Cumberland.
5 .^vv^.^.J-.���-.���..H���**^���*i*���^���^^H������^���^
�� Fjf I
*JHI iMMirnni***) ��� 111III��� i li"-***WI*i1^
The Magnet Cash Store.
T. E. Bate, Cumberland.
Old Timer Passes Away.
Once again we have to chronicle, the death of a   well-known
NANAIMO, July 12.���The
worst fire in.years occurred about 5:30 yesterday aiternoon,
when fire broke out in the latin
and respected'old timer iu the 1 dry building adjoining' St. Ann's
person of  Mr. John Potter, who  Convent nnd unfortunately could
Agents for Pilsener Brewing Company's 13KER
Wholesale Dealers in all Kinds of
Wines aud Liquors. c
SECOND    STREET      ��� ^
Tlio Orangemen cidi'liriiti'd Iho
glorious Liili, in ��ri'iui,| Klvlo. ��*f
which event, fiii'ihi'i' notice will
bo given.   '
Alex liowiin win, luul his foot
ampl'lalrd 11 few ,lny��� ngo, is dnii'n'
mi well thai, hi, wns able to 'viliies*-.
tin, 1.*i111 ,,f J uly ppijt'i*,, from mt
iiu'iilid'fi I'-ltiiir,
Willie Thompson, son of f),
Thomson, in htiil up wiih 1111 injiii-
(��,| Iviic,', ('.iiinimI by n kii'k fl'om a
mult', on Wednesday hint.
(ii'tii'i'iil Aiiiiiiigc)' Couhou  1111,1
Send us your rmrao and
address, and wc will mail
to you absolutely free, .tho
most comploto catalog of
sportsmen's supplies oven*
published on tho Pacific'
r  VANCOUVER, B.C.   *
passed away ou Wednesday, July
6th, [aged 75 )ears]. Mr. Potter   had been   ailing for a   long
not be caiitrolled. Ii, complete
ly destroyed the convent, a large
threo story   building,  and   the
time, aud every thing possible | Catholic Church, and damaged
was done to restore health, but | ii,e residence of the Rev. Father
alas, he ,-uccimibed lo his illness J lleyuan, entailing loss altogeth*
on the above date. " t.r estimated at between   twenty-
five antl thirty thousand dollars.
HALIFAX, N. S., July i2
The deceased gentleman  was
born iu Staffordshire,   Kngland,
in the year 1835, and later ciim-j A train left Halifax for vSming
to Nova Scotia, finally coming: hil| mines at 4 0,do(jk 1^.^..
out  io   liritish Columbia   about I
twelve   years   ago.   He   leaves'
live soiin I., mourn his loss,  vi;*,, j
James, .loe,  Willie,    Dave   ami
John, nil af whioh reside lio:e.    :
Managing Direnloi'   iMe-Uiiu   j,ni��
, "
I���Ml .illli. 1 I  Till,I .III  IIMII ���   I .��MH,W*l|WIW.iW W.inJitWM��^t*,.��Wi
--in llio roaring farce c,,m",lv���
Sixteen   PEOPLE Sixteen
Band and Orchestra.
Ciimbcrlnnd, W����lii-'��*l*iv and T!,'i,��;./.tr, .FUly yirU *,ti I ZlA.
Coiirtfiniy, Friday, .Inly thnl.    I'lilou liny. Sat'v., July tj.'l.d
JMnriiS.Ktv.n,'] Kiitr. tl.M, A-?iui.isi< 11 T"i,'��� Ch��ldri,ii ��''V.
Have your scats reserved  at usual place.
noon with two companies of the
Koyul Canadian icginient nnd nu
uliicer under command of Mnjor
h'age-i.    The iroopsare sent   to
���,,    ,        . . , rii'iiughill by R(|Ui.-st of thceoal
I lit* iiuoral arrangements worm .   ,       ,
.,  ,,     ,    ,  ,, ���   i :ouipany at 1.I1.11 place.      About
provided lor a.'out thro--mouths!   , .,
,     ,     , , 1 U,uu nifii   and ,joys are out   011
ago bv t !<.��� dectase-d. . *,        . ,     ,,   .    ,.      ,
'\,��� , .'.inki" au I irottbk*. is loared,
Iht* luneral look place I-ndiiy j WINNIJ'Ki;, Mnn, July ��.-
.lAci'iiooiif.-omlhc reshhnce of| TJ|C c.lKCli���I1H for lhe Manitolm
Mr. Davtd P���.t,r, rmoii. II.C. j i^Ki���iallirt; wcte .Ic|(1 vwtcr(lMy
lor lutinn, ut in Cumberland j ^ a.M(h(;tl ju u gom',cle vk.
ocmeieiy, a latge number of rda*   torv lor ���|t. rtnb|J|| Cnvenim,mi
lives and hii'iidi tutning <int-   tot ....   .. ,       ,
. , -,   j J JU'i'** were lew ciiauges in cou-
,'iccoinpanv   tin* remain.'! to   Us    ,.        .     ...
,   .       . "     , ,.,.     .        ,piituencies, but the (iii.'eruiuent
last resting place,    1 lie  funernll
cortege   was led bv the (mtubcr
hind Hanrl.
���'Not rhnd but *"l"ot>lng.**
���'Niglit canic releasing them
from labor
VV uei, ,, nun,1 lioui ui|l  01 1 Jj
dark dens ji
Touched them and they slept" ja
Mrs. Mary Ann Willard, mother 1
of We-lcy Vfil!*,*''l nf thU *'i*y, \
lied nt Victoria W��^t, ,��n Tu*'*��-|
luy .I'i'y I-t'n. The ,lec.��:i>c*l'
buly hnd Itecii nilit,{*f,,r wmm titne,
bill l���*i'd*')tt!i nt l*i*��t W'iim Kuddeit. ;
j Mi md MixWillnr*! will l��ae��.
'*v W,-,!it*'*<l��n'
On Saturday next,   July 16th,   we
start on an EIGHT DAY CLEAR- |
t ANCE SALE,   to make  room   for J
*�����' '*,
t some   large    shipments of new goods  ��
% on the way from the factories.
|      We will "give bargains in all depart-
*i ments,   so' be   sure   and come to the
| store on Saturday and look around.
���jj We wish to impress on our custom-
f ers that  the    prices' we shall give for  &
j Saturday and the following week will  |
jj hold good for that time only.                  t
___       &&&&&i)
^       Dunsmuir Avenue, CUMBERLAND,B.C-
��v^^-fvv,Vv*vTy>*?��*** -V*?��*f*9**>-^^^r*����?^*f9^e��>��t
9-     ,
10F" Next .loor to tlio Uoyal Hank of Cuiuulu, Cuiuh-irlnnd,
. ��.**
will have about the same majority as tbey had in the last House
the parties standing. 38 Censer*
votivs, nud 13 Liberals.
The minister* were returned -..^ im,. of lhc ���10v.;nR-. iv.
I,y increased m-ijoritus tIr*,-��. j twf ^^^ fu, Uj^ ,)( { of ^
ultisabout as expected although |A|t,x<Kmva|iiV, , ,,.,   ||U,  ,. ,,
On Thuisday evening, Jn!"
Sist, Mr. Curtis, of the llrc'.ie
Theatt***, will tuni over ti      ������*..
the l.ibeial.-* weiu hopeful ol" making a better showing,
H"ut.   T!ie   !'
nave iciit'ilv t '*
���ted ',
��� '" '   "��- " The 0! j'Vt i.s ���!   ������'/'*! '.'lie. ami ��� a
Mi*** I.illinu (ti'iint, is holidiiyiii*? jdoub' there wdl be a large aM,*u-
in <'iiiiil)i*rliii*
*tiyM9ma*MAvn!nmMMa^^   .. a-vm
��� ui.��..
I ur, 1     I ** .v v.
V C-l I
1 ��� r
l     Ol ill Ml IV III       * 'J
, 11 *.
i\tl"i��.>   OL
l..,t,l titr \"wtorii
���m ��� *���  -
Tl>i- wiii'u, u. it'll*:, irir. driven
,!,'**���< n '>i"*i'><*��- *>f our '*i'i/.<.|)**i f.
'I.iir i,'.-Jk-,''ive ctmj.iig ttlnee*.
Mattings ton laic to put in sleek and uill be placed
on sale al once as we do not wish to carry  theni ov
er for anotlvr season
Japanas Jutn Mats, pretty desif?nR 3 ac 8 ft. $^ .^0
Japanese JMtottitt|$��, worth 30 6* 35o. ^^^'? li^''
Japanese Bdais, 3 x 0      -      -      -      i^u? v<   �����;���*���
Ladies1 Fancy Stockiixcs in HjMo, M^Uc
find OxWood 5*53��
Dunsmuir Avenue Cumber.end
���*��� His ���*���
Aa-fear af "TillUt A Mmi*.**'** M��iA**
Copyright, mt, bv McOur*, PhSUvJkCo.
KINROSS rose so late next rooming that the early 11 o'clock
dinner of the household served
for his breakfast.
Miss EDery and, Miss Parks when
they took thetr places were eager to
Lear of his adventures of the night before.
"Was there, anything' doing in the
haunted room last night?" Daisy eagerly inquired. "And were you game,
Pete, or did you cut and run?"
"Och." exclaimed Mrs. Morningstar,
aghast, "now you didn't sleep over
there, after all, did you? I didn't hear
jou make any, and you was in your
room till (wheni we got up a'ready this
"Yes," answered Pete, surreptitiously watching Eunice's face opposite him
as lie spoke. He observed that Abe,
at her side, was nearly dislocating his
eyeballs trying to look ut her without
betrayiiK himself by turning his head.
Her habitual manner of utter with-
. drawal from her surroundings was unchanged today, though lie fancied he
detected a quivering of her lashes as
be spoke.
"You really did have the fine courage to sleep in that room?" Georgiana
asked, leaning toward him across the
table, with her smile and tone of iu-.1
vittng his confidence.
"I didn't do so very much at sleep-
In*," he answered.
"Did the spirits keep you awake?"
���she asked Indulgently.
-MSuJi2^5iEtSI_��iij;lroPPe'-' her
knife on her piate and wasstafTngliir
him apprehensively, while Mr. Morningstar suspended his onslaught upon
his food as he awaited his story. Abe
and Ollie also fixed their eyes upon
him wonderinply. Eunice was the only one who did not look at him.
"Did you see it, Doc?" Mrs. Morningstar asked breathlessly, evidently
forgetting In her anxious interest her
objections to Eunice's hearing anything of the story of the room.
"I seen It, yes, ma'am," Peter an-
"Oh, tell us alwut It!" cried Daisy.
"What did It do? Aud what did you
"I ast Jt was It the spook, and It
sayed It was. Then I ast It wouid lt
Mt, and It sot. Then I nst would It
bave a drink, nnd it sayed It didn't
drinU. 'A cigarette r I nut. uuini
run olio, lt sayed. Ain't up tn ,J�����*, I
tole It. Ladles where thinks ���iii.vtliini*
of thelrselfs these days smokes elmi-
rettoH. I says,"
"Oil, a indy, was It?" eieln lined
Daisy. "Did you havo a sympathetic
Wine wllh her?  Go on; tel) us."
"Wnnt somo moro?" he Inquired
amiably. "Well, then, I ast her would
eUo play solitaire with me. Didn't
���gamble, neither, Bbe says,"
"Oil, look here, Potor���sklddoo!" cried
Daisy. "Now, stop jollying us and tell
ua what you did really soo~pUmse."
��he bogged. "Wore you up 1,gainst
anything? You'ro so foxy I never
know wnen yon nre Jollying m."
"No use my tellln' you If you don't
Wee' lne." Peter returned, ostentatiously holding n huge slice of bread on his
palm nnd spreading butter all over il.
������I abnll sloop there tonight:" Daisy
deelnrod. "I'm giuno! And I'll fix that
ghost! 1 only wish it wero a man!" she
"No, you don't, neither!" exclaimed
���Mra, MomlngBtar. "I'll wont ure down
tbat there halt myself nnd mako Urn
door looked l��*fore I'll leave no more
hoarder*' sleep in there! I'm all worried up with tblnkln' Doc wus In there
lost olj*Iit. I jrrt it In my nerves no
ugly if I'm worried up!" she said
Peter felt n lilt "worried up" himself
et Iho thought of hia prospective visit
with Kunlce Umt night Mug Interfered
with either by tbe looking of the door
itr, worse still, by the irrepressible
Daisy Park*, coming in on U���m.
"What's tho matter, popV" he n��ked.
thinking to divert attention from the
dlactiMlnn of the room to the grotesque
���trtpoarttnee of the head of the family,
whoa* neck wat swathe,I in rod flannel
ami who waa mixing himself a dose of
whisky and water.
"I   am l  mu liuuu,     >ii.   J...,......��. ���-���
jijju-H'i'd lidfiricW "' tooV tt,*** <""��V*
���join' to town yontorrtay in the rnln to
git the money off the bank with them
check* you gev me, Pete," he Mid rue-
ftslly. "Don't you be pa*. In' rne aglu
to eo audi check*.'*' Uo rrowlcd.
"i Mm tne Mrn ,*.,,,, i***"i <��>*��<, . .*��.. <*.���..
that tbert dnde -heck of yourn to the
bank like what yoa eayed fur me ��������
do and tole the feller at tbe little win
afar to (My np. lie any*. 'You must hilt,* and girt It back, 'linw a that
I ast blm. 'I ain't no to the****
kert dndt way*-" t ��ii*-�� 'fr,��to*-*i�� t*
em tba hark.' ha aaya. Ko I wrote.
*| Inform* lb>* hr-ro rhr>\ be��rll)*r.'
am. err It tt, lilm ���������r.n. So, thnt
wovldn't do. neither; I m��*t write r>ff
(���y earn*, tor aaya, S��iw, wrHln* 4mn
ewnrw eo w<>r��derfut handy tn m<*. nnd
I waa glttin' mml by *tmt tlm-*! Iiwt
mt amytA be i-oiMn'i *���*,��� tut *'<"' I f*
It right 'l'"*""" **,-�� I if-'io 0 fur htm
Hat | Aon I waal lo hare ty, nxi'i-cu**,
tiotner irlftln* n,y mono* * I d-wt i***
lt#*/e in bank* mxl 1 iHM-er rio.il ��*,
'me: ,%*���*! mttm I fc*��5 "** i,**"***. *W*
hrtr ***>i��l yet: I er*! st ������**�� i*��l I r*n't
���"MS,* <<r*   Di.fcri  ���*����� ��.���*���*���.   V.-.'t  iw.'ii
���soe c-iapt ouch a tar plaster on me and
tied Banner on. so now I Lin make a
little louder yet. I conceited a little
whisky would help���fur all 1 ain't no
drinker, though oncet I did have It so
bad In my Insides It went two months
till 1 got better ag'ln. And." be related
with evident pride tn the facts. "I had
to take a whole gallon of whisky! A
whole gallon in two months! Indeed,
yes. You'll think I'm a drunkard yet!
Ain't? Hut," he boasted, "when a man
Is a man he kin temperance hisself, I'e
don't hnve lo leave It be altogether!
Abe." he added, turning to his son. "I
don't feel fur workin' this after.
You'll have to git along without me.
I'm goin' to lay. Eunice she can go
along to the field over und help you.''
"I need, her here, pop." Mrs. Morningstar quickly objected, a jealous
anxiety in her voice. "It ain't right.
her and our A I.** belu' out there together by theirselves!"
The woman's tone expressed a distrust of tbe girl which brought the
blood to Kinross' face and made
Oeorgiana and Daisy cast their eyes
upon  their plates.
Kinross glanced across the table at
Eunice, Not even a quiver of her
lashes betrayed any effect upon her of
the woman's insinuations. I'ter self
control or indifference, whichever it
was, seemed to him passing strange,
almost blameworthy.
"It's market tomorrow," Mrs. Morningstar went on querulousi*-, "aud
there's all the cummin' to lie did. lt
comes wonderfully onbandy. pop, your
gittiif cold just before market day.
And the yeller cow gives such poor
milk still this while past it'll hardly
churn fur a body. Doc hi** says feed
her chop feed and it'I! hearten her up,
he says, and make* the milk better."
"He says, does he!" sneered Mr.
Morningstar in a toue freighted with
sarcasm. "Yes, I guess a feller would
feed his cows chop feed yet! That
would pay, ain't it? It takes towners
to have the dumm ideas about n cow!"
"Towners?" Oeorgiana questioned,
with a lift of her flue eyebrows.
"Och, I mean a fcody'd think Pete he
was a towner, rf(!oin*J*vendin't such a
dumm thing like That there!"
Mr. Morningstar received a dollar a
week extra on Dr. Kinross' board for
"Ain't you leavln' Eunice stay and
help us?" Mrs. Morningstar persisted.
"Her and Alx> needn't be together."
Her husband obstinately stuck to his
will. "She can work iu the upper field
and him in the lower. Do you hear.
Abe?" he sharply questioned bis son.
Abe growlod'nii affirmative under his
breath,  no was afraid of his father.
"Yes," eried Mr. Mbrnlnwrtar snr-
enstloiitly. "they'll both mind you, too,
when they're out of eyesight tn the
fields over "
"I'll be strollin" over thp-ro some time
this nfter," Mr. Morningstar snld
warniugly. "to see how things Is goin'."
("corglnna. with n queenly lift of bor
dark head and a look of disgust, rose
from the tnble.
Kinross so tbo��o,i?blv sbnrel t)\"
feelinga which Her manner and loo;*
oxpressed and ho fe-'t such strong dl��-
tpproval of Eunice's apparent lack of
sensitiveness to tbe aunnie of this tall;
thnt n sudden warm liking for Oeorgl-
nun stirred In him. Forgetting his role,
he roso Instinctively to stand while sho
passed from the rem. But the net
was so entirely out of chnracier that
neither of tho young Indies recognized
it for whnt It waa, thu'gh Georglnnil's
glance did for nn Inst) nt rest upon lilm
uncertainly with a vnguo surprlso
which quickly brough" hlin to himself
and to his chair,
A little while Inter'is he lingered In
the kitchen nfter dlnxnr to* got a word
nlone with Mrs. MonlngHtnr and (11s
Providence favored & tn by keeping old
MornlngHtnr Indoors) with Mr, Morn-
Ingstnr ns well ho saw Eunice and
Abo start out iogctk"r for tin* tii-ltls.
While Mrs, Mornlrt'stur nnd Olllo
cleared off the tnble ho sented himself
hy tho kltdion wlnrtw and watched
tho youth nnd tho million ns long ns
thoy wero In sight The Incongruity of
a Wolcott working In (lie fields like .1
pensnnt nnd nlong with n fellow like
Abe Morningstar struck hint 11 fresh,
"Now, yon see"���Mr*, Mnnilng��tar
turned to him ns her hnabnnd stretched
���ilmsoif out on the aettee and Olllo ,le
.liirlod with �� pile of dishes to the outer kitchen -"how enuy tbnt there girl
l,t nfter our Abe���her not hnvln* n
word to sny 11 gin workin' In Iho Holds
oiil such n hot afternoon."
"Hni she never doon nny n word
ngfilnsl nnythlng ahe'a naked to do,
doe*** sho?" questioned Klnrons, nveroe
11�� this Interpretation of Eunice's xl
lence and iicqnlearenoe,
"Well. I'd like (0 see her oncet! Whm
eight would she have, I'd like to know?
Pop ho won't even leave Olllo itnd Abe
speak back. What fur wonld he lenvo
"Well. I gnera anyhowr hmtfaely
��*rti(V��i Morf-iugMiK ituwt ��������" m ....
K'wu'iM tuiw tbat bis t-**\**<**r',,n''y b****1
���nut It's different wltb Kunlce." he
twt-an. "Mho's not your own <!�����.} nnd
doe* not owe yoa ft daughter's respect
���tvl obedlenoe."
Mm. Mon,��ii**mr a*i ���**���**, *�����' ...*n
ter she waa sera ping and star**-! at
blm, and Mr. Morningstar sat nf��lcht
on Ihe vettee and fixed him aggressive
ly with bis little slurp eyes.
"Sho owes na inore'n whnt our own
ehlMren owe* na," tha lailer affirmed.
"w rrvt-ln' her tike onr own nmf hor
not l*ln' oorn."
"Uot ro�� hsre rwit *r��l��od* b*-r fl*
yiivr own, sib* wns ts*��.**n ��*>t of
aebool at a yonnger ag* than Ollle was.
jij*<* *hr bas f*ever l-een ��-��.��t��V,| a*
yonr i**<**fHter haa been. I'or ���ear**
���he h*�� lM>on doing the m-tr* of twn
����m*n and na* gfi*t tM*��fbi*if for 11 real
to"'   f.iinf-*
**\V*V��'a    he***>    tellln'    |��u    tbem
tlilnt'*,*'"* Mr. Morningstar a.ke*! with
roiirt+mM v*f.<��m. "Aod what * it j-nur
Irt'i**��*>**��, anyhow!1"
"Kunke the baa the rlfh! tn w<��rk
fo* .*;f Ifffkin' ber when sbe �������� a
**bild yet." Mrs. Morningstar repeated
her oft reiterated argument.
This brought Kinross to tbe point
which he had been driving.
'To pay you for keeping her when
she was a child? But you told me you
bad been paid for tbat���the money
found pinned to her dress. And then,
you know, after a very few years the
child's work more than paid for the
expense of boarding her. So that really, as I heard her tell you. you owe her
back pay: also you owe her, now thnt
she Is of nge, thnt large sum of money
you found pinned to her dress which
you did not use for her."
He hnd turned from tbe window and
sat facing tbem both, speaking with a
cool precision and In a tone of authority which bewildered' them.
"Which you did not use for her." he
ro-neatod. "and which, therefore. 111,1st
ue refunded.- feu win pay to Eunice*
within the next week the sum ot
.��',000. .I'll allow you a thousand
dollars for your care of her up to the
age of six years, though of course you
never gave her a thousand dollars'
worth of care ln the whole nineteen
years you've had her."
"You'll allow!" gasped Mr. Morningstar. while his wife's eyes fairly bulged from her face. "W"hat are you got
to do about it?"
"And how'd you know It was tbnt
much left us?" sputtered Mrs. .Morningstar.
**1 spent the greater part of last
nisrht i'i the haunted room, and." he
6ald, with a mysterious significance,
"1 learned things. Four thousand dollars was found on the child wheu you
took charge of her. You will pay
$3,000 to Eunice within a week. If
you make any difficulty about It I
shall exact her back duv���$2 a week
need it Is It that you're sweet on
her and want to marry her. or what!
Why, I ain't never seen you bo much
as look at her!"
"What was it you seen and heard in
that there room?' growled Morningstar, "that gives you such cheek to
talk up to us?"    ,
"O hosts reveal secrets. I may tell
you after you've paid over the *f3.000,"
"Weil. I alu't paytn' it! Put that in
your pipe and smoke It, will you?"
"As you please. If there's a lawsuit you'll pay lt with interest and
back wages besides. Let me know by
tbe time I come back which you prefer. I'm going away tomorrow morning and will return here In a week."
"Nor here. Me and mom ain't board-
In' you another day."
"Then shall I put up at the village
tavern when I come back *���*"
"I'll tell them young ladles you ain't
no farmhand."
"And lose the money I have promised you if you did not betray who 1
was?" he asked indifferently.
This always strong argument he saw
was answer enough to the threat.
"Now, Mrs. Morningstar." be turned
to her quietly, "will you be so good ns
to let me have the little necklnce and
locket found on the child containing
her photograph and that of a lady?"
Mrs. Morningstar stared at him almost with horror. "Did you see the
ghost, and did sbe tell you about that
there chain and locket?" sInM'altered.
"I can't explain anything to you
now, I may tell you when 1 come
back, Meantime glTe me the necklace."
"Dou't you give lt to him." Morningstar ordered ber. "He'll be usin' it fur
evidence or what."
ior tbo ptist five yeara and interest nu
the **Vi.(K*0 for nineteen years. Hee
here, Morulngstnrl"
He rose and with hia hnndn In his
pockets strolled over to the settee nud
towered over the abrlnking llgure ���f
the little farmer, "I am not a mnn to
wnsto worda or enter Into useless discussion. I mean joat what I say. I
nm going to l-efrlend tbls young girl
and see that ahe giita her rights. I
learned some things In your haunted
room tnst night which have given me
the power, I think, to do so. Now, I
give yon Just a week to make np yonr
miriri if von eaw't feme to the point
by that time I'll help yoa-by means of
a -awsutu   Uo you omi��f��uu,i:
���Vou mnst be craay!" Morningstar
chokingly ���irlatned. "Pay that there
girl WOM! Merafe ear OHIe'll git tilt
ahe gits msrrlsd ���"ready! Why. It
���.r,r��v* ��������������� n�� Ttnrw retf*
"Yon have no rifbt to be rich on
other peopWa teeeay. The 13.000 belongs to Rank*. Now, don't make
any fnsa or I'll eiaet nineteen year*'
Interest boaMea. toe most pay the
money.  That'* MttML**
MWelt. I won't! Oo ahead with yonr
laws-altr Morningaur rwtonrd. \���.
tare ������*��ii��U��etl*.
"I never UMtugbr. Doc you'd fwrti on
aa like tbl* ber**-or I'd eert'nly o**,or
took yea to boardr lamented lira.
Momlnffstar. ber tlweka very white.
tt|*s�� not t��nitat* on yon. Mm
MA*-��litg**t*tr. I'm belntog yon to clear
voar cti<*i*fiew^ and tto the I******-***
thing ����� Ibai ^bai. avt.i. U U ,>aUv
not ma mntn tat te* gtrf* take~**be
may not need the money, tltonKh ���**�����,,(������.
���be roay-bai tor yeet Immortal **�����*���'
��� Wbai do rem emm*   J*-* ma**"f
"it's wore thin." snld Mra. Morolug-
star.   "I wore tt ou Olllo till abe overgrew It n'rondy."
"Let me have It, at nuy rute."
"I got It lu the chest up nttlc.*'
"All right. Vou buvt* It dowu for me
by tills 'ifteruuoii    UeitiemU-r,  Morn-
liifl*tnr." !io concluded, turning to leave
lite room, "I give yot oue week from
today, uni a day more."
lie strolled out. and tbe mnn nnd
woman were loft alone to coufront tbe
horror of pari lug with W.OOO of tbelr
boarded nccumulntlon,
(To on Continue*.)
$50,000 FOR A VlOim
Late George Haddock's Sale Will Reveal Soma Beautiful Inatrumenta.
The announcement that the collection of violins which belonged to the
late Mr. George Haddock, tiie Inmous
musician, is to be sold has aroused
Uie keenest interest amongst dealers
and collectors. The Haddock fiddles
are reputed to be the finest private
collection in existence, the gem being
the "Emperor Stradivarius." pronounced by Joachim to be the finest
violin he had ever seen, and which
is stated to be worth $50,000. it is
nearly two hundred years old, and
notwithstanding its great age looks
as fresh as ii it had but yesterday left
tho hands of Antonio Stradivari, the
famed violin maker of Cremona.
This is a somewhat exceptional
value to be placed on a violin, the
price oi each of the 600 Strads which
are known to be in existence ranging
from ?2,500 to $6,500. Perhaps tbe
only violin which can be compared
with the "Emperor Stradivarius" of
the Haddock collection is the one
which Paganini left to the city of
j Genoa, for which as much as $50,000
has been offered. The Strad presented to the late Dr. Joachim on the occasion o�� his jubilee cost $6,000, while
that presented to Lady Halle by the
Duke of Edinburgh, the late Earl of
Dudley, and the late Lord Hardwicke
cost $5,000.
When Sarasate's will was proved
two years ago it was found that he
had bequeathed $20,000 and a Strad
each io the Conservatoires of Paris
and Madrid,' the money being for the
purpose of founding prizes bearing his
name. Each of the violins was valued
at about $10,000, one of the instruments having been discovered in a
very romantic manner. At one time
it was the property of a Genevan
blacksmith, to whom it had been given by a traveler who could not pay
for the shoeing of his horse. For
years it bun,* on the wall of the blacksmith's houso, until after many years
another horseman, M. Boissier, who
was also a violinist and a collector of
violins, came alon^. The blacksmith
asked M. Boissier to buy the violin
from him at his own price, or else to
find him a purchaser. Af. Boissier carried it away, cleaned off the smoke,
discovered the Strad mark���and did
not defraud the blackstuith.
Twice at least $10,000 bas been paid
by private treaty for Strads, and $7,-
title which it gained from the following incident. Betts was a music-seller
in London some sixty years ago, and
one day a stranger entered his shop
offering a violin for sale at the low
sum of one Guinea. The dealer nt
once jumped at the bnrgain, put down
his i'uinea, and secured the instrument. He retained it in his family
for a 'number of years, and, after
changing hands several times, it wn��s
bought at the figure named by 11 foreign nobleman.
Five years ago $3,500 was paid for
a Strad which for years was played
upon by a strolling musician in the
Notting Hill and Marylcbone districts
of London; while some time ago $$,-
000 was paid for a fiddle which bad
previously been knocked down at an
auction sale to a laborer for $1.50.
Fortunately for him., the laborer knew
something of the value of fiddles, and
a few days Inter sold his treasure to
n dealer in curios for $.'1,000. Ultimately the latter sold it for $3,000-
truly a record bargain.
Pigeons���Halfpenny Each.
Castle VVcmyss, situated on the
Firth of Clyde, where Lord nml Lady
lnverclydo have been spending 11 few
wocks, is a handsome uixl imposing
house, which was built by the lute
Sir John Hums, Lord invorolydo is
ono of best-known --iwrt-imon of tho
North, und besides being a good shot,
is an export at hockey nnu curling.
With 'ono whose fortunes are bound
up with the sun, it is but nnturnl that
ho should include yachting in his list
of rvcreatfoiiK, His lordship tells
ninny good stories, one of his best being connected with 11 pigeon-shooting
mn.tcli.--A party ���f niiiutmir pigeon-
shooters some time ngo urriuiged for
a match, and ordered thirty pigeons
from n denier in 11 neighboring town,
Tho shooting whs of n really wonder*
ful diameter; hut the nrttntl perform-
uncos need not be described in detail,
The net results will b;; gathered rend-
ily from the following note, which
was subsequently received from the
dealer. It ran; "Gentlemen.���I beg
sincerely to thank you for your order,
nnd to intimate thnt 1 <���*' all be only
too happy l��) supply you with any
number ol birds on future occasions
of this sort. The whole of tho thirty
birds, tor which you j*ni<l mo nl Die
rate of olghtponoo per head, returned
homo in safety, and, moreover,
brought with them a strny pigeon. My
urlt'u to your tmrty henceforth will
be sixpence a dozen."
Ths DInvents.
A nobleman against whom insanity was imputed by his relatives waa
a*ked during examination by Lord
Loughborough, "How many legs bas
g sheep"-"
"(loo* vi-*,,* lordehip mean a live
or a dew* vtiorpf acMni tit* wwu<*<
"Is it not the same tbingl" said
the chancellor.
"No, my lord; there Is morn differ*
���nee. A live sheep bas lour legs, ���
dead sheen but two. Tbe others an
shoulder*!'���London Taller.
Butter UO V$an Old.
A remarkaU*'   ,>*.*.   <*** .imu.* mat
PofUdown, County Armagh. Ireland
one day lately, where some peat work
tr* dug up ut a n>'**.*����� a *^ece U hat**
ter. which i�� believed to have lain
emhttldeil in the peat for over MM
y#��r#   The t<iii**��T, -ohHt I* In a lair
itate ��t |.rr.#.rvi��ti��n. 1* eitemaad in
a "flram. ' ntAtomrA   tmt   ot m trae
stamp, and eovtred by a M, havtng
a nosl?,"*" **��� *t<��d handle rnrved o��l ol
tbt* ��*��*# frier** ot w'r��-d a�� Ihe lid
Vor the i*m.r.***i*if hmf a �����**. large
*.*�����'** ha* ��lr*-**ly beet) offered.
Among other notable persons who
celebrated their natal day lust month
was the Karl oi Amherst, who is sev*
only-four years ot nge. The owner oi
about o.OOO acres, I/ord Amherst waa
at one time a cupuin in the Coldstream Guards, and has seen sorrl*-***)
in the Crimean war. He was ���ducat*
���rt �����) Ft/in and ��lr,ee IWW hs�� been
I Pro-aranrfrnuter English J-'roema-ron*.
*. t'b�� ilw-vtLatr.c �������/.-' c>,:.*,'-. tt.* *. J'(.*U^4'
lawyer who was perambulating tha
! court* with an air of scarcely being
; able Vo find linn, lu do anything���
< when his boy tracked him down in
' one of the corridors.   "Oh, sir'" said
VmeK.     W- J 4       ���*** * *'���      ��� ���-    ���'*    '���'��� -'��' ��*?    ���'���' *    '*'  '*' *     -
ft*** with a brief, air." "What, a
'brief Groat heavens!'' And the
j young fellow began to run through
1 the passages as fast as he could for
fear the prey should eseape him.
! "Don't hurry, air," cried the boy.
j'Tvo locked him ini''
Sen-ad In Fourteen Oapltalt.
Ft^finning M* earomr ar an attaohe
at Paris in 1***, the Right Hon. Sir
Charles Stewart Scott forged steadily
ahead until, in IWI. he l-wame Bril-
Ish ambassador at Copenbaten. and
Utence u. Bt. Petersburg In l��Of. He
entererl tbe dii-lomatic service a* a
youth of twenty, and haa ser-red during L���� .iUMii iu fourteen ���*'tpf**iF��.
Sir Charles is an Irishman, ami receive*! hi* education at TrfnltT fW-
lege, Dublin, where he wa# wolf Hired
eeamts hi* fell***.** aa a Jovial, gond*
rtatored eomj*nrO*a.
M. Joteph Chailley. of the Chamber
ol Deputise, . iter a Study of Eastern Affairs, Has Collaborated on a
Book In Which He Pay* a Glowing Tribute to Great Britain's Work.
Among the  Hindu  Race*.
M, Joseph Chailley, a member of
the French Chamber of Deputies, has,,
with the co-operation of Sir Willicni
Meyer, written n valuable and impartial study of the present-day con-
I ditions of the Indian Empire. "Administrative Problems of British India" is comprehensive, calm, and ein.-
inently informative
The Radical politician and the Babu
agitator attempts to deny that East is-
East and West is West. A set of facts*
printed by M. Chailley iu an early
chapter clearly indicate the vast difference.
"As regards child marriage, the statistics are stupefying, ln India the
1901 census showed 121,500 married:
boys and 2-13,500 married girls whose
age was under five; between the ages
ol five nn<l t-en the figures are 760,000
and 2,030,000 respectively; between
ten and fifteen, 2,540,000 and 6,535,000,
"Further, there were no less than
1,277,000 widowed persons under twenty, >f whom 914,000 were lemales. Of
these, 6,000 widowers and 96,000 widows were less than five years of age;;
37,000 widowers and 96,000 widows between five and ten; and 113,000 widowers and 276,000 widows between
ten and fifteen."
Could any (isurcs more dramatically'demonstrate the entire dissimilarity of sow.-il conditions? M. Chailley
notes in the Indian an Oriental disinclination to work.
"At first sight everybody seems to-
be taking an active part in some common toil; as a matter of fact, several
persons nre looking on at the labor of
one. As has been cynically remarked,
out oi five people who seem to be
working, one is doing nothing, one-
is resting, one is looking on, and another is helping the previous three."
- Much, naturally, is said of the
I much-discussed National Party, but
it is insisted tbat it-standi; tor 11
Empire :���
"As a matter of fact, this so-called
National party is really a party of
privilege, a concourse of representatives of (he high castes and the rich,
classes, which is really a stranger tr>*
the nation on whose behalf it professes to speak.   ...
"What would rejoice the Rabus of
Bengal and the Poona Brahman*
would be likely to cause grave displeasure to the men of action in the
United Provinces and the Punjab."
M. Chailley points out some of the
weaknesses of British rules, and explains tlio rmtive unrest, but he adds:
"It would be wrong, however, t->
concludo from the remarks in thi?
chapter that the peoples of India arc
weary of British supremacy or administration. The loyalty of tho groat
majority is still incontestable, and it
extends to students, lawyers. Deeenn
Brahmnns, and even to the Babus of
Ilengnl and the chiefs of the National
party. This was clearly shown by
iho universal nnd spontaneous mourning at the death of Queen Victoria."'
Tha nharo distinction between the-
races nnd tho lack ol social mingling
are, as always, observed, but oven
these are not universal,
"Tho British officers of the Indian-
army nnd the frontier officials are-
. fond of the natives, their companions
(in sport and war, Tlio Englishman
adotoK bravery and respects pride; he
meets both anion-* the native soldiers
on the Northwest Frontier and in the
Punjab und Raioutana.
"A liritish ofllcor's nativo orderly is-
not 11 menial servant; he only looks
I nfter his master's weapons, hut ho it***
devoted to 1,1m, nml it he js ill will
pass nights by his bedside; while on
the Hold of battle he will save him or
die with liim. On actual miUtflry service tlm (.oldier is disciplined and respectful and tlm officer stiff, but out-
(*(it'-> tbey talk freely.
"Tho soldier asks advice from his
officer, and will consult him on his
family affairs or about n lawsuit. The
officer listen nnd helps, and, outside
tho barracks, will walk with a Sepoy
nnd speak to him familiarly. Hence
thero is a rnpproachoment, duo to
oommnn dangers nnd common tast-os,
but It Is nn exception."
M. Chailley points out, too, that
there Is little social life Among the
native* themselves;
"Tho wife of tho well-known and
Intely^leceasod Justice TyabJi of the
High Court of Bombay snld In IftOfl
at tho annual meeting of an Indian
ladles' club: 'We complain that Ruro-
peans keep aloof from us, but that If*
largely our fault, I ask yuu how
many among ourselves, Hindus, Mussulmans, or Parsis, want to meet altogether' I* it pride or mervt which
keeps up apart? Is it not rather *
dlfleronoe In manners, habits, education, dma, language, nnd religion**
Let un.' ahe added, 'begin by union*
ifrmr," onraelves.' These are elgnlfl*
cant remarks.
'"lit Gifiir.'itMul t*I India migbt,
as msny other Governments do, regard IU work with placid and silent
contenttnant," aaya M. Chailley. But
its ntssion for the public good antf
it* desire for Improvement constantly
' L.,'.! .'f *' -''"'���V H�� nritconttnn* h*r
their results- It examines, blame*,
and reforms itself, and, as a eonse-
ouenre. It seems to condemn itself in
the tye* ol superficial critic*.
"Hat any one who has studied Its*
���mplt legislative work and eaamlnad,
stag* hy stage, its different and aw
rmnnlvm creations, feel* hlmaelf bound
to Ml aside Uie criticisms which th*
\ slowl*** or the iin,r>��rf*i��*tfon* of thla
work mtfnl �����*-.������,ok<��, nnd lo tender
homtee to the conseieiitiousne** and
knotledge which it displays.
"lite Indians only i^t��d their talent
end *levo��r��e����; tba English are spa-flatly nre-nr*mpied with charaeter.
fflial tWy k��-��* io wvalnl** I* Ihe moral
1 ���*������* -*f ttm manr roolnesa in deei*
���ion, wpbtity in action, a tumnmete
which can resist temptation, and an
oficryv which can lace threats -��� lr��
lne, a *entia��ent nl duly toward**)
���Mi i-v.ut.try and on*** 11. * $  THE   NEWS,   CUMBERLAND,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  You Cannot Get  The Kidneys Well  Until  You awaken the sluggish  liver  and    bowels���������That   is   why   DR.  CHASE'S  KIDNEY-LIVER  PILLS   succeed.  The kidneys can never be reckoned  with as independent of the liver.       j  Both are filters of the blood. The'  poisons left in the blood by a torpid  liver must be taken out by the kid-,  ncys. i  So one of the first things to think,  about when the kidneys ket sick and  backaches come, is the condition ;  the liver and bowels. .,  Because the fact was considered  when Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills  ���������were perfected, this great medicine  bas a wonderful record for curing the:  most complicated cases of kidney;  disease.  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The aversion of the first manufacturers to the use of the home grown  product long delayed the adoption of  protective measures, but, as last,  these measures were adopted, and under their protection the Canadian  growers were soon in a position to  compel the manufacturers to accept  their products. The present protective law, which is but a readjustment  of the preceding one, gives to the  Canadian tobacco leaf, a protection of  $0.28 per pound. This duty seemrs sufficient to enable home-grown tobaccos  to compete with fair advantage  against similar American products,  their most formidable rivals.  Some ten years ago certain manufacturers took the initiative and endeavored to develop in certain parts  of Canada the culture of those varieties which seemed best adapted to the  climatic conditions and the nature of  the soil. This movement, sometimes  ill-understood, met with a comparative failure in the province of Quebec  and resulted in the creation of a new  centre (Counties of Essex and Kent),  where the growing of the Burley  made very rapid progress. Since then  tobacco culture may be considered as  established in Canada.  In the production of tobacco the  province of Quebec deserves first mention. In fact it was the first part of  Canada, really settled, and it was in  the counties north of the St. Lawrence, in the vicinity of Montreal,  that tobacco culture' first developed.  Chief amongst these counties are  Montcalm, l'Assomption, Joliette,  Deux-Montagnes. To these must be  added a group now becoming more  and more important, that of Rouville  (South Shore of the St. Lawrence),  which would be more accurately designated by the name of "group of  the Yamaska valley."   In this group  MISERABLE WITH  DISCOVERER OF COBALT.  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The climate of the northern section  is rather cold, and the .melting of the  snow and slow drying out of the soil  in late springs sometimes interfere  with cultural operations. Early frosts  are also to be dreaded, for they  threaten the plantations from the first  days of September. But the season  extending from tho 1st of Juno, and  sometimes from the 20th of May to  the 1st of September, is amply sutti-  cient to permit the growth of all the  early varieties.  , At the outset the plantations included the most different tynes, from  the very early indigenous varieties,  such as Canolle," Petit Rouge, Big  Havana, to large and comparatively  slow growing tobaccos such as Blue  Pryor and Burleyg, covering the whole  series of seed leaves. This wns tho  consequence of the lack of a regular  market and of the desire on the part  of the farmers to test all kinds of  vnrietios and discover" ono that would  give thu largest profits, either by its  heavy yields (Burley-and Largo Con-  nooticuts) or by its hi*���������*h prices on tho  market (Canolle, Petit Rouge),  . At on ivlrnndy distant date, in the  neighborhood of Windsor and on tlio  shores of Rivor St. Clair, n small sot-  ���������'Moment of Fronch-Cnniuliiuin hiul nt-  tempted tho growing of tobacco. The  first - results wt-ro encouraging, hut,  owing to tho lack of transportation  facilities and of competition between  buyers, tho prices fall ho low thnt this  culture wns forsaken for market-uar-  (toning whoso nmduots found a profit  If a man falls in love with a pretty  woman he falls out of it again. But  if he falls in love with a plain one  he'll be in love with her all his life.  COMPELLED TO  ABANDON WORK  A Very Severe Case of St.  Vitus Dance Cured by Dr.  Williams'Pink Pills.  St. Vitus dance is a common disease  in children and is ulso found in  highly strung men and women. Tho  only cure lies in plenty of pure blood,  because pure blood is the life food of  the nerves. And Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills is the only- medicine to make  this life food because they contain the  elements that actually make new,  rich, red blood. This statement has  been-proven over and over again and  now from Port Maitlund, N.S., comes  another remarkable piece of evidence  of the powenof Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills over disease, Mr. Lyndon E.  Porter, is ono of "the best known resi.  dents of that town, Ho suffered from  a severe -attack of St. Vitus dance,  and got no help from medicine until  ho began using Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills. He says;���������"My coso wns unusually bud. I wns compelled to  abandon work, I found it Impossible  to sleep, and night after night would  toss about in bed. I wns receiving  medical attention, but in spite of the  enreful treatment I gradually grow  worse. My limbs jerked and twitched to such nn extent Mint I could not  cross tho floor without falling or com-  ing in contact with some piece of fur-  niturc, I could not mi**,* a glass of  water to my lips so badly did niy  arms nnd hands tremble and shake.  Prof. W. G. Miller Was "found ' In  Queen's University.  The simple remark made in Toron- <  to the other day by Professor Willett I  G. Miller, geologist for the Province  of Ontario, that he thinks the country in the vicinity of Hudson Bay is  rich in mineral wealth has set people  asking one another if this is tantamount to a semi-authoritative announcement of the discovery of another vast mineral urea in Ontario.  Professor Miller is not a man who  gushes and splurges over important  discoveries. He it was who located  the wealth of ftie Cobalt and Gow-  ganda districts and his announcement  of the fact that his researches had  revealed a new Eldorado was just as  undramatic as the one just made.  Professor Miller is one of the most  interesting personalities among the  Government officials in Canada. Some  years ago he was professor of mineralogy at Queen's University, Kingston, at a salary of about $2,000 a  year. Then the Provincial Government got hold of him and has kept  him. He could have made a multimillionaire of himself as a result of  his discoveries in Northern Ontario,  but he does not seem to have made  a cent over and above his salary of  $4,500  a  year.  Shortly after his appointment he  was sent up by the Ontraio Government to report on the minerals of  northern Ontario. He made a long  trip in the north, and with his little  prospector's pick, his magnifying  glasses, and a lot of geological knowledge in his head he poked all over  what is now the greatest silver camp  in the world.. There were no mining  men there then and Professor Miller  just went around at his own sweet  will. He discovered that valuable  minerals were there, with values running into untold millions. He went  back to Toronto and reported in a  matter-of-fact, simple . way, exactly  what his trip had revealed. The publication caused no immediate sensation among the general public; but  it did among the knowing ones, and  an active prospecting campaign waa  soon under way, with the results we  all know. As to the man who had so  modestly given the cue, he simply sat  down at his desk, and resumed, his  usual routine work. Had he resigned  his Govenrment appointment, return.  jed_to_the.,noith_and_stakejl,w0.uO  best, claims, he could have made an  immense fortune for himself; but as  he had frequently told friends, ,'he  could not, with any respect for his  honor, have so taken advantage of hia  position as a public .official, The  prospector hasn't eyen scratched the  surface of the country around Hudson Bay, so that when the man who  has been the forerunner of the pros-  pector in Northern Ontario, ventures  the remark that that country is rich  in mineral wealth, people are disposed  to take him at his word.  FAMOUS DOCTOR'S  PRESCRIPTION.  Definitions  A woman Is 11 woman,   A lnrty is  one who t*pendn nil her time in Imiiutl*  fylng lier complexion,     (Man   who  nmkos tho deduction Is a recluse.)  Tho ease with which corns nnd  wartH can be removed liy Tlollowny's  Corn Cum is its strongest recommendation.   It seldom fails.  First Tnilor���������"I lost n good customer by death this week."  Second TniIor���������"What was wrong  with himf"  First Tnllor���������'-ITna n fit!"  n 1   T   M    .     "������.*    1   T>!    '   -*   ,1  ��������� ��������� ������ ���������'���������< .  ......   1  .....   1 ��������� .  shock, T su**.**.o������o."  One   Problem  Solved  Ti'iiclii'r���������If 11 man hm  11  million  dollars loaned nt *l per cent. per milium how much will lu, l���������* worth in  ten yi'iusP  Prodigy���������Nothing, if he eats meut  unci u day,  Keep Minard's Liniment In ths bouse.  "Any accident in your motor trh,  through Italy nnd I'Vitneo. Morganr  "Nothing worth inoniloning, My wife  was thrown out and limited u hit,  hut tho iniu'hlno never got so much  as a scratch."  when n rlvrtl is praised.  [r,    ...ii'ln  1 cannot imagine more severe suffering anil  inconvenience thnn ono i*n-  .   duroH who has St, Vitus Dance,   My  able market in the growing city of 1 father being 11 drmrgist knew of the  Detroit. jimmy cures effected by Dr, Williams'  However, tho experiment wns not j Pink Pills, and mlvl������u,l me to try  useless, Aftor n compnnitlvo failure j them, I did so, inui with the most  in Quebec a .strong con,winy sent (happy results, Tn less thnn two  agents Mirou;;h tho south of tho Coun. 1 months from the time I begun tho use  ty of l*">",,'x to encourage the growing |of the pills T was rt well mnn. ami 1  of tobacco nmon������st tho farmers, This ! hnvo not since luul th,, slightest  was the origin of tobacco oultiire in | symptom of the trouble,"  Ontario. Almost from the outset it 1 All over the world Dr, Williams'  gave n product Mint could compete ! Pink Pills are niakina just such  with imported tobaccos of a similar cures ns Mr. Porter's, They go right  nature. jdown to tin, cans,, of the disease In  During wont pars the tohnceo | tho blood, in this wny they have  crop in l-'nuthorn Ontario has reached" proved In tliniisiinds of cases to cure,  tin, llgiiro of 6,000,000 to (),(m*0,000 . mineniia, headache nnd backaches,  nounds, the greater jmrt of which bo-jrlieiinmtlsm, lumbago, ui'iirnlgla, ner.  longs to tho Hurloy variety, |vousn,'ss, Indigestion, decline n'���������l the  ~  [special ailments of growing irlrls ntxl  Fruit Growing In New Brunswick.    1 women.   Hold bv all medicine dealers  ������������������    i.   .,   ,,     .    ,     , ,     ,!or bv mail nt B0 cent* n box <>r six  *c,iWn..,.'!.,.!!!,Jil.ur���������,!.,.i (Jn.v.,>,?.IV,1,,Ml1, .?!lhoxi,s for $2.60 from   The   Dr.   Wil  'DI''  .  tively taken up by tho Government ol  Mint pruviiu-i*  "���������rd   he  wns  hm,yeil  OIMIUM  TEN FOR TEN CENTS  v   , n.,..   .  1. .1 "���������","���������,'''"'���������", ,*'���������  imxes i���������r $'J.mi iron)    nu*   ur.    wu  New Brunswick and especial y of its ,���������������������������,���������. Ml.lUe-ni. ,��������������������������� Jimekville, Out.  nimloigriiwing resources hm been no.  ,.  'My  husband    wns    a    very  lil'uh-  'IfVTTlordon Turney, H.R.A., who ' H*r>*,.V������  ���������'''[r���������*'' ,  bus   been  ciii'iigeil   since  graduating.,'      ,!',' ,   ,]'", ,,  from thu Ontario Agricultml College, , ������" 'lk" H ���������Vllk-  upon   special horticultural   work   by '    .   ,     ...   "A,   "*~T"*"i ..  tho  Ontario  (iovernnunit,  has  been ' A*,l< ,or Minard's snd Iske no olbsr.  ���������placed in char*-,, of tho work in New "  Brunswick  and  has actively entered |    "My   friend**."   s*,id  the  cnin|,���������ign  upon his duties, i orator, "bewiir,- of I the u���������se tipuloiis  .inert, arc uivto n*,w some twuiiiy-1 ,,<<,<���������'.    ���������..-.���������"i*!.���������*<���������>*���������������������������    ii"*,' .***   ���������*.��������� ������������������  five  vi.,,!>.('  ���������Ilu'-tnliv,.  ,,r,-������������������-,:���������.rd       Mr  ' **" 1"*   t"   -*V'iU"* *bn������   thee   will  nffer  Turney isvisiting those, pruning them 'you 11 dollar for your vole,   (Hisses,)  and having the people of tho district ������������������ D" n��������������� listen t��������� thciii.   Kpuni iln-ui,  meet him f**r discussion.   He is alho  H" "���������*��������� yf'"r diet,ity    lb*,,,****'! >������nr*'  giving attention to the renovation of ' (Continued    applause,i-Philadelphia  old orchards, and has prepared ,1 bub \ lit'dger,  let In  which  i������  l,,������t  off the tires* i|i*:,|.     :   I ing with renovation work, ton graft-  I ing ami spraying. Some additional il*  j lustrntive orclmr**)s will this year he  i iilnnti'tl and then it is propositi! lo  1 hold a series of summer orchard incut. .  I ing* covering this province,  ArratiB'-'riH'iits are also being mmlo  ! to hold a Special French Exhibition  1,1 St. John, in .N"**v,*ii,bur next, tu ,"���������  ; (ollttwcsl  by  exhibit*  ut  the   lt*,y������l  JlorU'ultui-.il Inhibition al I.oii I ,:i.  , Ktii*.. and n disnlny ut the Murium,'  1 Winter Fair nt Amherst, N.H,   It is  ho|������**l at both these exhibit* to (-rc'it-  ! ly exced the dis>ilay last year when j  I New llninswiek apples received such i  favorable notice.  No Back Talk  "Do you think he will answer as her  husband?"  "No more,than once or twice."  A Pill for Brain Workers.���������The man  who works with his brains is more  liable to derangement of the digestive  system than the man who works with,  his hands, because the one calls upon  his  nervous energy  while the  other  applies only his muscular   strength.  Brain fag begets irregularities of tbe  stomach and liver, and the best remedy that can  be used is Parmelee's  Vegetable  Pills.    They  are  specially  compounded for  such  cases  and  all,  those  who  use  them  can certify  to.  their superior power.  Miss Passny���������"The idea of her pretending that she thought my hair was.  grey!"  Miss Knox���������"Yes, so silly of her,"  Miss Passay���������"Yes, just as if you'd  buy grey hair."  An Irish minister's prayer, quoted  at an Edinburgh bazaar,. ran: "We  eive thanks for the large congregation  here assembled, more especially as we  believe that most of the neighboring  churches  are   comparatively  empty.  Survey ore' Fms. i  Surveyors in Knglsnd nro rmid M. j  per acre nnd uut-ul-pockot ejpeiues.  (or valuing Uml  DOMVS '  ^KIDNEY  ^/���������.PILLS  ;  ���������  J '**��������� J-'iAiii.rti ,J-������-*'l ,,,  Simpson and the West.  Among the many men of marked  ability and high character who had  to do with the making of tho early  history of the Canadian West, one of  the ablest and most efficient as an organizer and administrator was Sir  George Simpson, for almost forty  years the chief executive officer of  tho Hudson Bay Co. and practically  tho ruler of all thnt vast region that  stretches westward from the Great  Lakes to tho Pacific Ocenn, With  powers soniowhat akin to thoso of a  sovereign, and with a territory much  greater than that ovor which many  of tho sovereigns of ICuropo held swny,  Sir George SimpRon, although only u  subject and a commoner, may well bo  ranked among tho rulers of his timos.  Tho essential purposes of his rule  wore to maintain penco throughout,  tho many thousands of square miles  of territory ovor which tlio Hudson  Bay Co, enjoyed n monopoly of trade  and which practically included all of  British North America to tho west and  north of tho upper waters of tho OU  tawa Kivor; to carry on throughout  all that vast recion trade with tho  Indians that would result In profit to  his company; to maintain tho intog-  rity of tlio territory as a British pos-  session, and to hold it until, in tho  course of events, It should bo ban,led  over to tho Government of the Canadian people as the groat western  heritage,  As an administrator of tho Hudson  Bay Co. Sir George Simpson wns prob.  nbly unoinialled; but ha failed to for-  see the greater future that lay before  the West as a jmrt of Canada, ,|,>s.  lined as years passed to stretch  from ocean to ocean,  Veteran of the Riel Osmpslgn,  The nuine ol Mr. A. H, Douct, CM*.,  district engineer <>f the National  Transcontinental Hallway in Quebec,  who gave important evidence before  the House of Commons committee-  which wus enquiring into the l.iuns-  den charge*, was about this time  twenty-live years ng��������� prominently before the Canadian'public in connection with tin, Northwest cnnipiiign,  Mr, Dounet, who is 0 grndmite <*f tho  lloyid Military Colleg,', Kingston, was  at lite time the rebellion begun 011 the  engineering siaff of tin, Canadiiiii Pa-  1.   * ,    , .       1  f.ni>,t,f,i*���������, I," \ D (' un the stuff nf  MujoMleiiiTid Middlelon, who wm  his brother-in-law, A tew days afU*r  yoiiup Done*, reached the Norlhwent  Field Force, the desperate little light  nt Fish Creek took place (April 'J-D,  and Mr |l,,in**t ������n- .-,-,'inusly wound-  ��������� **l. t'or nu-t, ol )iio|n*i- nurgical up*  ',!iiHicc������ awl .attention (the extern-xir-  l/,c<! ambulance emp--* had not reached  On* fn/iil id ihe liiit') )R* nearly Jo-t  bis arm, il not his life, H*" refused,  however, to be neat back t*<������ Uio Held  hosiiital siihsemiently established al  HasknbiOn.   nnd   when  the  force ,n|.  van,'t.'ii u|ioii  Iii,tocue in. wii* pin |  upon tin* -t'i,i,i*r N'ifthcotti'.   When  tii.r. v* -! ���������.*.... '..'��������� '��������� '������������������'; -><;, a-. Me- cm  r* ill of the ������,r k.tti le wuii swept her  help)*-*-*,* past \h" rd������*l position m  Hiiti-thi, be [>!*,i-!'-*l to have his cot  moved tii a portliu!*' -** that he could  aid in reiurnmr the tire: but the sur.j  f'-oris would ret |> rniit i������ Mug done.  TernterieU Grewing.  During tbe year eliding Sept. 30th  Inst there '*���������,,.- i*t, iii*'*eas������ ���������( Tl.utH  X-wltonsl* iu llritslii.  DR.   MORSE'S  INDIAN    ROOT    PILLS  are just the right medicine for  ���������s the children. " When they are  constipated���������when their kidneyB  ; are out of order���������when over-indulgence in some favorite food  gives them indigestion ��������� Dr.  Morse's Indian Root Pills will .  quickly and surely, put them  right. Purely vegetable, they  neither sicken, weaken or gripe,  like harsh purcntives. Gukrd your  children's health by always keep- -..  ing a box of Dr, Morse's Indian  Root  Pills  in  the  house.    They  Keep  The  Children  Well  Thla U the  Tima to  Organiza  Inatrumanti, Druma, Bond Muiic, Etc.  EVERY TOWN CAN HAVE A BAND  lowest prices ever quoted.   FtaQoStaloKue,  over 600 illustration *, mailed free.  Wrltou*  for nnytltlnt; ln Mm c or Musical Instrumente.  WHALEY,  ROYCE 6 CO.. Limited  Toronto, Ont,, snd Wlnnt|iog, Wan.  Brass Band  You Can't Cut Out  A MOO HPATIK. VUKF ot������  TaOBOVOHI'IK. bat  ui:  ORBINE  will 1*1 md them off punartiiantlT, in*)  ������,,ti wnrk tha horn tame tlmi. "uoc������  nut ItfUtor or remnr* thi hair, *A 111  tall you nmra if y���������o wri". IJ.M |>rf  bullUit il'liTHorUollv'd.HookUKrM.  ABSORBING, JU��������� (or nuikln*.  ���������-������*-w 11 Louis, IdiiluiiDK Vurli",ta Valiti.Vir.  Iom*I*, Hydro*"!*, lliiptotml Muiclsl er Llr������.  ���������B'Dli,  Ralirs*** (l'"ni������,   AlUyi piln ���������jnli-k!/.  w. r. rsorw, sor., ist r*-******** si., tarmaiatt, ttm,  l,TStSS Mi,., *,,i>,r,.l, ('...dlia ln������l������,  lite l-rtttkti by Htrtk Its* I W������������m Ci��������� emataw  Ik* Sillt-.il am I Chiwicil Ce��������� Wmalm lailKjlrf.  ft ll������**tr������H Irtt. tt. lit., immiut.  .,���������^'  Meant  Perfeot  Results  DY-O-LA  Ymi ilnn'l (*������������n hiv.io knnw wlw, klml i,( rliHh  your linn, 1 if. iti.,,r ol. SAM,*. t>*r Inr AIJ.  Ml.t.kr. .,. IMt'OSMh,,K. f.., ,m| ll���������tu)l,ul  r.nlnr*. II r*m*. Dun't Itlltmrylt. StmnI*Card  ���������nd rtmiklv, ������p.. '  rt\* Jiilinmn-HidnrJior, Co,, Mmlwrf, Montml,  KENDULS  Kills Bone Spavin  Rirl, Vell-y, AHe, M*r *jwl,. isue  "I hive tiMil >unt *A|,i,������m cm* for t  lnn������ limr mil woulit not b������ witlmnt ||,  (l������y������ klMfl ��������� Hour St.nvln liy ,��������������� n������������ "  I'l.K CAKI.SUN,  Tltel  telle thr mUtitt .|������ry,   Ami  liiin.lrnl. nf imuumaiIi. htyt heit tht  ������������������id* *i|tfrirnee in tht pttt toyetrt.  For Spivlru RligNie, Curb,  Splint, Swelling ud  ill l*nrnrs%,  Kte.UH* s->e*la  Cure com id*  liiml.l' maVr*. llir ,n,iw ���������,���������,!,.I .,,<,  w* II ������ii*l .������������.. ni'inry lur mr *������*������������rr  l,r. mi.r i, icmovr. ,l,t (WM mt Ikl  tioutitr.  Kr������l> i iMtlr ���������'������'��������������� tt ht������*1   |lor������  fnt |J,   <*,r������Nl fur imu (ml h������M,    Ail**.  ywit ilrelrt far f.rt ������������jvf mt mt iMrntt  e * Trretttr Om Thr Hor**' *������r **������������������_.  ������������������ I. J. vmall ee. mmam$ taut, *������  W. N. U��������� No. m. THE   ttEWS,   CUMBERLAND,   BRITISH" COLUMBIA.  The Oumbe ^tand Hews  Us ted Every   'F'tesday  by  the  Comox   -St   Cancb-gpland  ���������Ptfb.ishtng   Company.  This papur will not hold itsolf  r������'<j>onsiblo for the opinions'of oih-  ���������j'i-s, as may appear in its columns  irom time to time.  m������ii miiiii ������9jv^mrmm������i. <.i,mmv,*mrvvMt,,m,,,.uvm^wmm'im'> *T?"  TUESDAY, JULY   12,"   1910,  FOR RENT���������Furnished rooms.  Apply Mi's. J. L. Roe, Hospital  Street.  Form No. 9  LAND ACT.  Form of Notice.  New Westminster Lund District,  District of Comox  TAKE notice that Funny.Fran  %m occupation, married woman,  intends to apply for pormibuion to  purchase the following desoribed  land:  Commencing ut a post planted  ut the North East corner of Lot  1015 N. W. D. tlwijce Eaet 80  chains, thonce North 80 chains,  thence "West 80 chains, thence  {South 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres  nioro or less.  FANNY FllANZEN,  Applicant.  CharlesFianzen, Agent.  Dated May 20th, 1910.  Fo* in No. 9.  liritish Culiinihia school popn-l  h'tion, year onding Juno 30, 1S.K.8-j  37.21*7"viz., university 129; high'  1,809; jwolic 34,289. I  British Columbia schools, 911;  teachers 911; school-house:", 153.  Amount spent by provincial government on education ������1,54:7,700,  Value of fisheries, 1908, ������0,405,  0*28, employing 11,768. Total  value, 1809 to 1908-9, $il8���������040,-  357,  Seal catch 1909, 3550. ICstima-  mated salmon pack, 19U0, 000,000  cases.  Estimated lunibei* output, 1909,  800,000,000 ft. Value, *ia,0<K),v  000.  1910 promises to he a recoid  one in British Columbia iu rail-  construction.  - Butter production 1908, 2,296.  977 pounds. Imported, 4,000,000  pounds lbs, There are 22 "creameries.  In December, 1908, British  Columbia apples won 13 lirst priz  es out of 14 entries, and over $4,-  090 iu cash, in competition with  the principal appie growing districts iu tiie United States, at the  National Apple Show, Spokane.  British Columbia possesses the  greatest compact area of merchantable timberjn North America, viz.  182.,750,000 acres.  British Columbia ha6 nearly 200  sawmills, beside shingle, planing  mills, etc.  100,000 acres are planted in  fruit.  Garden, Field  and Flower  Saw crop now-arriving from our growers in England,Franee  Holland, Canada and tho United States. All tested as to vitality mid purity on arrival. Tho hoBt is good enough for our customers. Catalogue free. Business will Le continued at our old  stand until May. Aftor that in now looation, whioh will be announced lator.       Add rust:  M, J. HENRY, 3010 Wesminster Rd, Vancouver  LAND ACT.  ___iBLoi_]__ice.  New Westminster Land District.  District of New Westminster.  TAKE NOTICE that John W.  (ihiiiville, of Lund, li. C. occupation btorekeej'er, intends to apply  f'*r permission to purchase the foi-  l-'winn described lands:���������  (J itutncncing at a post planted  ii'*.i>iit 15 chainH west of S. E. corn-  <- of T L. 29141, thenoe west 40  i'liHijlt", thenco south 40 chains,  iiion, e eat-t 40 chains, thence north  40 chaius to the point of com-  monument,  JOHN W. GLANVILI.E,  Name ofA -ipiicutit (in lull),  Dale June 17th, 1910  BRITISH COU'MWA,  British Columbia is Canada's  1 urgent province, 400 by 700 milns  in area, 395,000 nq������nro miles, or  10 per cent, ot Canada's total area.  P.-pulatJon, 285,000.  Equal to 24 Switzerland*, with  200, square miles of mountains  iSvvitwrlaml 10,000).  British. Columbia has 7.000  inilos of Voubt line,  British Columbia eiquuln iu size  Manitoba, Ontario and Maratimo  proviiiviiu coiiihiiiod, '*. "  Total in moral production, 325  million*).  I'rod notion for 1908, $23,857,  f������.r>, including gold, $5,973 520;  .oppiT. 55,79:.,820; coal *5,00O.  UM), Mlvfi*. Sl,fil������,5uU{ Imu1,91,  004,091.  Average mineral prod net ion, hint  12 years ������l"i,0y,i,UtM), lm>t oyoim  .*i23,!:42,ll00-nearly ,l,,til)|.i.  Hritihli  Coin,nlnt*   cui.tiibiltod  HJ pur cunt, oi I'miml**,'-,  iuinon.1  I rotliictioii in J0(18.  Ciold produutioii Kin*.***. di������uovt*ry  i***-*****,  LIU   iiiittlui,.-,  2')0,U*U-J m|,iih������ iii,n .1 ul inuioral  I    *i������ |.,r pio.-'jH*,',tii,g,  It    hilHlillilfiill'll,*;   I'fttlhlinh-  ROYAL  STANDARD  It is the highest grade flour  on the market at any price.  ^It costs you no more than  oilier flours of inferior quality. It.is absolutely guaranteed by the manufacturers  It is a home industry and  should receive your support.  Each month you have a  chance of winning a handsome Dinner set. The following are the  WINNING  NUMBERS  FOR  JUNK.  54*2* 9->3*9 77796 91398  75926 87436 94638 98632  78623 86437  ������������������Manufactured hy������������������  Vancouver Milling  & Grain Company Ltd  VANCOUVER, B.C.  Form No. 1>,  UNI) AOT.  FllllM UP Nowk,  ('oiwt I.iiiul DiNtriot,  IMbUi-itof New Went minster.  Taur Noik'k  (litl Mnry Timlin, nf  Lund, H.U.. *cuupittiiin nurrlod woman,  iiitumlii t��������� apply for purini'tiiim to put -  llllIM*   tllO  fotluwill-*  (lt**0i,l,i-,|   llUllb!-  ���������Uomoiiouitif tit upo t |,lHiite,l half nii'e  I'KMtrf Mia North Knw 11 no, rut oliiimaj,-  Itliod (or hy M11 Timlin, tliunou South SU  oliiilnHthenc* Krmt 80 el. Inn tin ne., North  HI ib in* lltiiiiti* WiihI B0 oiiiiin*, tu 1'luc.D  ��������� f liu'-liiiiin*'.  In All V TIIUUN, AppUunnt.  1,-1*4,1, Jiiiib'iuti,,, .IK'OI,'.  ''���������'*.| >h,iA���������^,���������l IVUt,  liAND UEtilSTUVACT.  IU   u, Willi n,,,if.,] ���������,  .}.'. mi  li������������������-;   |vTH!M,rrT!iM���������������f .,,,  11   Lieu ;Ji ii.iui,,.,*; ...npiMyiH,.,,        .-���������., Utr a |>t;|lHci|le Orii'nnno  ; J,74h| Wiigun Ji liiihuiiiN, (LMrf*;  l������l*|ti-*.|| l-UMIIIHiill l|���������n   .,[-, 1<.||,>~  ������,' mid nliin-i; *.  null/,,  . mvHi aii'H, \M million  lu'ic-..  -.li,   ll, V UlllpiM'll'*, ������������Ul||4l.',  .*. * V ���������"-* .- ���������.-    ..t'U*.    :,',  * ...V,, j..4*,i   I.,.,*. t������l  hm ������,8,;),tl  li. It,   -, V." 1,11, ������i.-������    II.   ,<  1,1   *,.*���������>������   "ill  I   i**l    li* *!*>      ���������>,  *.  '  ���������.  J.-.,...|.|*  ll*   *  lv'������i  ~'.-.������������UV{ *-|.**f.i )  ���������.������.*��������� i'. ;<;  ,. 11-1*11*1    IUll|  ���������,���������������������,  ���������''.III'.,, 1. ���������', ,,,  Trial t  1 *  ..-*������.*  ,51.  of I'lilc 10 part of Beet ion Ono, j  ���������Toinox Dinirirt,  NOJICKIh hrrttby (���������ivfln thnt j,,  i������ my iiiitiojoii At the ixpiraioii1  j *f 1,11*1 intiiitli Irom th" dnio  of tlicj  1 lir-f  (i,ilili(*Ht���������������rt h������",* *���������   In 1.-.-H*.   (,  J I'U'iiici-tui C'riificMiii id I'd ������������������ ������,*'  ,'��������� vi- IhiiiI i*.*iit*il in .f',1,,1 l!ii|,ti >!  " d I��������� ���������>*��������������� *��������� nn llif ;'0 Ii day *.f ,h,\\ '  Ui'Ml and huih'm r������*il *ii7A>-  j, i������ m������iji������i>  1 ���������*# fj������if>- Ht*(*i������'r������r <������fi,*-'"'i:.  I.iitd lli'ulrlry Olllo", Vict ti.., 11 ( ,:  Hi, i::iu������i_*| of June lull. ���������  ONLY  3. Ycsr.  Coo&'s Cotton Root Compound.  , The gref-t Utorino Toale, aod  .-(.only  sate  oU'ectual Monthly  "1 BegulaWw on which women can  depend.  Sold ia three degroea  ot 8WenBtU-Na. **,(&; Ho. 2,  lOdegrees stronger. -*3; No. 3,  for spooia! cases, 85 per box.  Bold by nil dru-jrists, or B8-.C  ���������orepaid on reoelpb or prioe,  f        -mi.-    freopamphlot. Addre*3i������: TrW  ���������_*ar*_-l*IOIHBCO..TORONTO.OllT. (iomerlvlVwauai  Wood's Pbosphodiao^  Hie Great English Jtcmedy.  Tones and invigorates the ���������wholo  nervoua Ryatom, uwkoe nn\v  'Blcsd Id old Vuins. Curea JVWr  o������". Debility, Mental and Brain Worr.;JM.<  pohuwj, Sexual Weakness. Emissiena, Sjic-  mainrrhota, and Efftctaof Abuse or hvemsn.  Prtoell per box, Rlxfor85.  One -.vill please, cjc  wUlouro. Sold by all drun-giste or moiled in  plain pkB. on rooolut of prUse. A'cui jtam'tiUt  ���������mailed free, Tho Wood ���������������*������-��������� ������������*  i/ormmv Windsor)  ffitV-V*'-"'1'-*-^^  O, H TARBELL  HIGH GRADE STOVES^  And all KITCHEN    UTENSILS '  Sportsmens Goods  and  General Hardware  ���������jjjy^***********'***'**^'-*^  Toronto. Ont.  S.5.UL1THIA"  Licensed for 30 passengers  Towing and freighting to  all points.  Good Accomodation  for Passengers  Special terms to parties by  the dav or week.  For particulars apply to������������������  J. B. HOLMES, Agent  or to  G.LI.-WOOD, Master  Phone 44, Comox, B. C.  A  New  %  Under New  Management.,  Seeds  '8  OP EVERY KIND, in nny  quantify, by the package or  by the pound.  Ornamental Shrubs  Fruit trees  First-Class   Board by.  the day, week or mouth.  Reasonable Rates  The Bar has been new,-  ly replenished with the.*  with the choicest of wines  liquors and cigars.  James   Walters,  Proprietor  CUMBERLAND,' B.* C.  _LCU  Grown to suit   the B, C,  climate.  Catalogue  Free by Mail  Royal Nurseries &  Floral Co.; Ltd.  786 Oraaville Srreet  P. 0.   Box 1063  VANCOUVER, B.C.  -rr**!**ag*3'*_i,_ J.1. .1���������.i_j__, -11.1s.  LAN1) ACT.  Form ofNoliue.  Uaperc, Vanoouvor IbIiiihI L-md DibtriC  DistrietotRui'bit, en>t ot sm.,11 hike  i,b ut J of a mile -iunh of Ouuri-io Liikt*,'  ���������TAKK/NOflC'K thnt i.'Mntildii Louleo  (Employ, ,*f Vauoon-vor.'oouiipntion ranrriocl  wouiii'*,' intonUri to npply for j, raiiiDlon to  imroliiHe fij!lu\vii)|,'(lu60i-ibcii lamln:  (iixnmonairiv nt 11 post planted threo  mile*, north of S,W. oorner of towusliip 8;  thenoo ,-mt 40 olmiiifli thenoe smitJi -10  chain*, croailni' munll riven thonco west  40 ohain**! thenoti north 40 oh line to point  of oainuio'tuoiuwiti boin������ ������bout 160 uOroB,  AIiVKBU K. OROPLKV, grazior,  Vouonuvdr,  Applicnut for that land on thu eur-tem  Hlinrt'Bof Ueorijiu L&ko, Knpsit Dbtrlot  l)iut*d,liiii(.l*it, 11)10,  ������������������������������������������������������������������������^^���������������������������.������������������������������������^������������������������������������*  ���������     tv "nnMiifHTrt'    ������������������'  J     V llfctt-MmS!     ���������*'  '���������*  4>  Dealer* in-,  ALL .KINDS OF.-  Fruit,.Cand|Cigars |;  |Cigarettes*Tloteicco.  Bouora Block,,  OU.MDERLA^D, .D.C.    ||  **e4>*+<>4>4+4>4>++4,*<*4>++4-e> ���������  Not 6nly*'itAit ''a ^'n,ic6 'mild '������������������  smoke, but -the*. "Grand Duke'*  Cigar  lias  all: thoge* necossaiy  qualities which 1 give, so* nuich.  satisfaction to, the������snu)ker.  Form No, 0.  LAND A Of.  F���������r,n of Notico.  Vuno *nver IhIiukI LhiuI DMiint.  DlH'ricH'f Kuper ,on thcoasturn %h *roH  of('e���������r^lo hulw,  TAKK NOTIOK tlmi I, Mot Mn Lnnto  Oropk'y, *'f Vnucoiivor. nonupitiiw m*r*  *-,n| w,11111,11, inlowcl*, to apply for permiH*  "i'lii topiuolnHB tho fulhwIiiK ,Je oribod  l������ii(l,0,immoii('ini*iit ti por-it plitntutl oii-a  mil,' nurtli of tlio S,W, ootow of tiiwiwhip  H; tliniiua Dint 40 chuiiiH; tlion00 north 40  cluiiM* luuui-o wwst 111* f*tr fct, the witters'  u.l.fc ot -.tiiil Ink'*; tliuiiio full i\vii.|' tho  h< nr,' nml luko in r> H���������titli>wtMt dlreollon  .0 point dun north nf pcint ,.f nuiniiiouop.  ir.uut; thttnou Miiuth tu p*<int of oauiiuoiieu  iiii*nt, vontiliiiiii'iiliout lOOuort'H,  WINIKUKU "ALMA OlUJl'LKY,  Advertisui'Bwill confer *iv.f a vor  hy bringing hi Mioir ads, not Jutei*  than Monday, as this will onahlo  tho pi'hitorn, to insert* it in tiie  next issuo on thu lollowing Tuesday.  SatisfiU'tion ��������� Buy* a 'Grand  Duke" and liavo natiufadioii. l!n-  ion mude. hnnil niiidiV anu niado  f.oiu cloar Havana Filler,  FOU.SALK-A Kord Run *  about Automobile, 15-18 Iluiat:-  powor -t (.-.ylimler, nil Ntiwly paint-  tul, new tycnv, and e.vorytliiujr coin*  plute<l :-j>r!co 87UU.0I������. A pjily to  J, il. Johnston, Conrtonay-ilotol,  FOR 8ALE--A llvo rooinnd  Iioiibo on half lot, For fnrtbnr jiai'-  titiiilais apply at thin otllot*.  Sj/.i  ������> * #,   ) 't,,"v*.n*J * 4 ���������  MADE IN CANADA  Uae Only the Beet  UETTS  "TRW]  "���������.���������'���������pl'i'iiiit for llmfl-inil r.-t , f Sm*������tl l.il **,  nl mi. t D-l of ,1 ml!,, noi'lli of Ocor^c I.idic.  Uatml June Int. 1010. -  form No. D.  IiANH M'V.  ForiM or N-iTitT.  dii.t Un.l |)i*ttr,!t,  PU'rii-t of No v Wi'iDilnglcr.  T.ikk N,rt ii������ tint I,l������ Timlin, of l.und,  !(.<'., ��������� t'oup������t*o��������� mitrred womin, iiUnili-  iiH.pl. f������r ,i������-niti >i it,  tn puic..'',*..! tl.  Ml W" ir ileno* Hm,! liintUi-Cotinn** elm;  ,, *)������*    |l ������llt**i,i Ht till** frthl <���������*,<> tii-r '1   ii  It. M, I04, ������li#t)n* Moiitli HOolm'toa inmoo  .*��������������������� H ,-luins tli.TK, ��������� nurtli HO rlnti'-a,  llifur*, ������f"t Wuhnii,!, t * Ui' |*h't', of he-  I,   *  M.f.   HlH.llNl*,   A*C*,ll.  luua u .-a. .u.... 1.11a.  ������������������('������������������sorihk KOK THK NKU'K  0-.LV OKB uPLUK A *������ li  U the Standard Article  READY FOR USB  IN ANY QUANTITY  For making ������o������p, -ofunh-r w*.  Ur, t;omo7|.'ti ������W ptlnr, dtiinfwtt.  1������������ ������lnki, e\oa< lo, dralni ami tor  w*������.������y oirwr purrmm.    A ������������������������  ������.HU������U 2C lbs. iAL SODA.  ifati tVtrwhttt  E W. CRXETT CO., LTD.  laramta,Oni.  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SI'ULEII'JIONDKHS nclilrecs*  iiii<l<i-H i.ii<* .   and  omIoiw.1  d_  JBUJjj  ���������MM  Emu  >  0  p  :i  ���������A  to  a :    n  i*5 - S  _**  Z   U   <M  rf,   ���������������   0  1  - _ 2   JS 2  S ���������l  S,   ,2   m,  ���������*��������� o f -*f t  ���������o    li  il ll  Konu No. II,  ��������� vvi", *r*T  FORM OK NOTICK.  iv������������������i i.**i"������*ii n*������i'i������*������.  Writ let ���������f tie* Wo������Hiiliii'i**-"r.  \KK NOI'ICK lh.it Oluf HoUt.'of  nl, ti.U.,  l".,00|lllV,l,l,    lillll-.iMlli   l���������,B���������*.'h  |i|4y f r jwrmiiflmi tr������ jtuivii h������ 'li**  wl,'������,l���������-o,llK'il I.iuU:- Coimuo viuu  pot pliiiteil ���������������: tlic uoilhflHt .,i*nu r  ,in4 #j������|i1ie,l f *r l������y M������Tli**liit, l! tne*  VHWln'minn, ibM'* w������t *i oh*, n.  ri* .nnth HO el,������l *������. f li ������*���������*,������������������' wmf H*i  nntutlieitlnn-nMcviiniiiu,  Of. K HOL-iT.  Knu-.tiii' JH*iii,i,,mi, in nt.  ������t������<l V.tovU Mad, 1010.  1-pt������-*-*'f*"***-������i*������'^^  flHHORIHK FOIt THK XKWH  Ily onk uollaii a ykau.  -������37  t ,y p  8 .-��������� 8  f., -jn  "  e  ���������*  X  ���������a ���������*  *���������*��������� .  h **���������  "   r,   '  **��������� >  M  -r* ���������>  ���������"���������|������.  .,*. t*. fi  u: ������* 7  ���������i  k  -0  r*  *. '*  9  ������  1  p  1  *?  ���������o  g  ������  M  M  r,  *���������*  The Courtenay Motel  Kv**������ry conVfuiHii***' fur guitnli.  ThoO������*ntiRl Hot-I for Rportmnon  efseil to tin  lorded     "Te, ���������  dor for Sir el Drodjjo fur llrit'sli Colum-  bii," will bo rnoeiveil nt this olllcu u���������'i  4,tlO P. M���������   ou   Weclne������(l*y, July '-'Odi,  I  10, for UJC0ini8triiol-ii.il of 11 iStoi'l Mo*--  Well Twin Screw I'liri*.** Lomliiit- Died*,',  l'lun**,  HpooifloHlion uiifl f im ���������f oai  ti-aut on' b" t*o>*n 11,,d forniHof te*id<,- ol,-  Ini,ied nt tb ���������* Depaitinent,  116 the clllee  of J. h Mloliimit, I.*l.. District ISufjin ei,  M I'uliiuitH   I'-iiil*.  Ibtildiii'',   fi',,   jMnti  Stieut, Montreal *, *l  C ������ , (*, Kstj,   Di* ���������  riet Kimiiieer, C *, fiilnitnm Lite H���������i,,l-  I ill,'* To mil,, Ont., innl I*. A, Keel,'!',  Kh,]��������� DlHirlct Kngiin-or, Nt w Wen ini* h  tor, H. V,  Vor oi,*, loittliM'i,,',' 11 f������ "nl lleil Unit t**i  iloiH \vl I not. I ,* 0 ���������imiili'i' il nnl'8, iiiniI*  mi tlu |i into, I'o iim ���������������|,|,lio,l, nml i*i|t*'"  wiih  tln'ir  i���������.*tu,i   Hi,',, ui'-*".    Hutu,  II i'ir ,10 111/ t'nli* Mnl plntit'H nf iPH'iloiice  III llitic hi* of II in , tl::* Mi* DM ><i<,'li tun  tlio   ul 11 iv ' f Hit*, <'"<M* 'I ''��������� '"���������'' |d '������������������" "'  ICHitlt ,,,)��������� of ciiili nn inIwi ���������f Hit* llrni mu '  bo, I v* li,  'I i:n|,I!III'I.H MIM'i' MM'.I'HV 'IIMI'. or om.iv  Citv ui' iniMimK \'i' \',\iii',ii'V,',ii, H.C., riiKi  III'.M.I, lilM.K AM' I IIAI.UI.N.  Kni-li ,1'inli'i' i'iiw tn* u'O'diijiiiiti' I b;  ill,  *ti<i'i'|it*tl ull, ,|*;t, id, 1* isliiil l*'*t" in  1  -,i,y,���������,Jt,   t,, tlieoitlt- * I' lb**   lb*iiiu,ii,bl'  tlm Mi-i.it*.'��������� , i,f  I'i.IiIh* "*'i i'i' ,-, f I *v, nl;������  i'v 1 In ami ,|,')U������ t."1:,*, Min.iO)   ������,l,if'  w I11,* ii I'tfii'ii ir f t* |u**uii 1 lull,, 1*  (b'clii,,,  tu cuter inu, 11 t'onirimi   wh"*  uilli'ii Hi*",, I" ii** **", ' r (nil t-' ,:i"' I1' ''  tin, work ,'i'inriftfil fi r.   if ill*1  't'l'ii''  l*������ 11,'t iil*,'t-|'titl I Itft. rlii ijllO W 11 lit l'i;-,���������i  1    >��������� . * * ��������� ' '  ',., :,u-,,,l  ll *   li, ��������� ,.1   ,���������*    ,*;   '1 ';.,. :  Ily '*,,l*r.  i N.ii'Oi.KoN ii.ssi:*:i������.  I .*���������(������ -r t ;.ry  I Ut'iiurlment ���������f l'���������l, if W- ri h,  I ,,   ,       . M ,,,       ,'U.,  Hra*,i*\i*r* vti I 11 v bt* |������>t*' i"r U,i  ,idv(,*t,���������(>*. ,'<t if ili,1.-. ������n ell it w ti.nut ,u  ihoriy f,,," in,' Dt'i* tiiii'*"1,  /Vn,.-Ad in the  News  "xiysf'''.'Try it.  Typewriter  Stnge leaves Uo ion for Cuinborlmi'. <v-  Local Airent for the Oliver | er-v SuDilnl morning o��������� nrnvnl of������ COW-  1CHAN;" und * leaves C-i*mix)r],-i, d Hotel  **t, 1  pni,   conneet'i-g  witli  Htiau.er  UDion.  K0T1CE.  Riding on locomotives and   rail  way cars oi   the   Union   Hoiliery  Company by any  person   or   per-  301:E���������except tain crew���������io strictly  proli.''*itcd.    Employees   f.re  sub-  ipc to clirjmiesjil for allowing mm-  Tiy order  Francis 0. Litti-k  ___ MjMiajei  NUTICE TO TPIE PUiBLlC.  Haviuy bu ll; a large warehouse aud ml  at Connenay, I will iti future keep on  bund a'Stoe'? of nil I inds of Hay," Oi-Uiii.,  and Food ut lo'"-enti miuket rules.-' A  Bpicialty will I**, niailuuf ro lur crushed  fe,(l f������������i- licrs-s wbioh vill ma e a .������ viug  of one th,rrt ,��������� tl,H eo.l; of rce,l. Ordo'-*  fdvi-n tin, toitinsLu' or by-, phone will be  promii ly filled, Tnu,*kin-*y(m for jour  jin.tr* uauein 'bo past atnl Buiicitititr n, con  linnunueof ilio wauo 0.1 bioiul er hut**,!  beg to roiLi'b,    li  y.nuw toonminiiud,  .-.'    ; BYROX CHAWFOHD.  NOTICE  Any person or per^oiiF. cutting,  reuiuvino or tiil<in,T anv blocks,  timber or wood, ol'aii-v de^criptiodu  jt-ilouging to t-.io Welliuglon Colliery Co'y., or from or off the land  of the -said Ooinpaiiy. will be, pn,.-.  edited to the, full extent of tne law.  Wellington tCollit ���������  F.   D. Little.  Siipt-riiitfiniont  -Ym\  For Sale.  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S .<������*H t������r ff.MM.   .\(.  jil     ,'. i'.-l *     U,',  P O Box 1 .6  t-honii 29 . . .  *m. .*, w ��������������������� -.jr  -ri**   m,-- \ fr % .   *  \J  \.J   ;J'A   U'mrmmi A I. Xm4 l% k 11   hJ  I'  ���������JIJ.^MBl.- _M**-'**���������-->_--*  va.ma,> ctg ft. <a%*rm*Y������e*rt**r f **���������.*** ir***  ���������r y**i*������f, ��������� 'Wimi* #"������ ***-i p  -������ m.amra,min,<+*i.4ii    .tl THE   NEWS,   CUMBERLAND,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  ft  ll  How a Young French Girl Undertook a Bit of Diplomacy.  desired especially she should read  Then after a trifle more of conversation he left ber aud went upstairs.  . As soon as he had gone she took  the book be had referred to from the j  shelf nnd, sitting down with it. begau  to  read.    It Interested  ber, and  she  By  GWENDOLEN   ADAMS.  [Copyright, 1910, by American Press Asso- '���������  elation.] ,  A ball was In progress at tbe Aus- j  trian embassy in Paris. The host ap- j  proacbed one of his guests. Mile. Ellse i  de Guillemette, a girl of tweuty. offer- j  ed her bis arm and led her to a seclud- I  ed spot. j  "Mademoiselle," he said, "would you ;  like to improve the deplorable financial !  position of your family?" j  "I certainly would, your excelleucy." j  "In my country the government  helps those of noble blood wbo have  lost the wherewithal to retain their  proper station. A republic does not.  It is iu my power to help you."  The ambassador paused and looked  ���������searchingly at the girl's face as lf  ���������wondering if he dared propose what he  had in his mind. Then, with a plunge,  be continued:  "There is a certain state paper that  has been left in the keeping of the  American minister. It is iu the immediate care of Mr. Hugh Hildretli, tbe '  secretary of legation. Mr. Hildretb is :  a bachelor, his mother and sister do- \  Ing the social honors of his house. It !  Ss in my power to secure you an Invi- ;  tation to his house. Go there, find out j  ���������where he keeps this paper, secure pos- I  session of it without his knowledge j  that you have done so. copy its essen- i  tial features, replace it. bring the copy j  to me. and I will give you 500,000 i  francs." I  "Why does your excellency select  me for this work?" asked the astonished girl.  "Because you are sufficiently beautiful and attractive to compel any man  to love you. Love is tbe key we diplomats use to unlock state secrets."  Mile, de Guillemette was as pure a  girl as ever lived, but she was young,  Pat to the Rescue  The Honorable Joseph H, Choate,  formerly U. S. ambassador to England, tells the following story, credit,  ing tbe same to a political speech  made by Sir Henry Campbell-Banner,  man:  A head of a house had complained  ! continued ber perusal of it for some j to three friends���������an Englishman,' an  i time. Meanwhile Mr. and Mrs. HU-��������� Irishman and a Scot���������that his servant  ! ilreth bid her good night as they went | broke a great deal of china.  I up to bed. and she was left alone, i The matter-of-fact Englishman gave  Betweeu  the leaves of the volume ,^ short Jut_( of    practical advice:  j she read was a bit of paper evidently ,   '^fit Zt of his wages," spoke!  , intended for a temporary bookmark. J tnc, thrjftv gco*. ���������  | Something wns written on the paper ,   objection  to the latter course was  j in   pencil,   and   a   natural   curiosity i made on the ground that the wages  j prompted her to read it.   The words j were less than the amount of the dam-  i were. "Behind volume 2, 'Rucine.'"       * ages.   The Irishman at once came to  i    The words seemed  to mean some-1t,1C! rescue with -,  thing. She went to the shelves, found  the works of Racine and removed tbe  second volume. Passing her finger  along the wall behind where it had  stood, she encountered a raised button. Removing several more books  tbat stood beside tbe first, she saw  what   she   had  "Then raise his wages."  HOW'S THIS?  We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case'of Catarrh that can.  not be cured bv Hall's Catarrh Cure.  F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.  We, the undersigned, have known  felt���������something   that j F. J, Cheney for the last 15 years, and  believe him perfectly honorable in all  business transactions and financially  ible  to carry  out    any    obligations  While Vhinktag"iroecu";red  to  ber | ^^g fiK���������jjNAN A MARVIN,  looked like the button of an electric  bell. Sbe was tempted to press It. but  dared not, fearing to ring  i that this might be tbe entrance to a  J secret space  for keeping valuables���������  i perhaps state papers.    Might not the  : paper she had found in the volume be  ! a  memorandum of where the chamber lay.    Doubtless Hildretb had inadvertently used the slip as a book-  \ mark   and   forgotten   to   remove   it.  Moved by curiosity alone, she nerved  herself to press the button.   The door  Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0.  Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken intern-  illy, acting directly upon the blood  nnd mucous surfaces of the system.  Testimonials sent free. Price 75 cents  per bottle.   Sold by all Druggists.  Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.  SUSPENDERS  One bright idea; "The Sliding Cords'* has  unburdened millions of tired backs, once held  down by the rigid kind. Why not yours?  Light, medium nnd heavy weights. All deal-  ers, 50 cents.  Look for tbe genuine���������  "PRESIDENT" on every buckle.  His Views on Suffrage  When a female canvasser asked an  The Silver Lining  'I  felt  sorry   when  I  heard  Could Not Tell at a Glance  Mrs. Be Bore (standing in the doorway)���������Is your mistress at home?  The Maid���������I don't know, ma'am.  Can't tell whether she's at home or  not till I git a good look at ye. If ye  hov a wart on the side o' yer nose,  ma'am, she ain't,  i "I see your hair is falling out, sir,"  remarked the hairdresser, who waa  petting rpady to work the hair tonic  idea on the customer. "You don't see  anything of the sort," rejoined hia  victim. "What you see is the sequel  to a falling out between Mrs. Codgers  and myself."  Only a linguist   can   bore  more languages than one.  you in  your  old farmer to sign a petition in favor I house was burned down, Mrs. Jones,"  ���������'"'*   said Mrs. Hawkins.  "It was too bad," s-ni I Mrs. Jones,  "but it had its bright side. John and  I were both afraid t:> discharge our  cook, but now tbat tbe house is gone,  of course, we don't have to."  The sexton of a small church raises  a few chickens in a small enclosure  of a little safe a few inches square ;j.n his back yard. The eggs of these  flew open. Within lay a paper. Sbe j he sells to somo members of the  took it out and read there in pencil j church.    On  a Snturdav one of his  on the outside. "The open door."  What she had come to do aud hnd  uot tried to do had been done for her.  Here was the document she required.  On a desk in the same room were pen.  Ink and paper.   She alone of the fam-  customers asked him if he could  spare a dozen eggs within the next  two or three days.  "Oh, yes, ma'am," replied the sexton. "I'll bring you a dozen fresh  ones tomorrow morning."  "Oh, no," protested  tbe 'h"usp"-ife.  of a woman's movement he eyed tiie  document for a while with suspicion,  "No, I'm agin' it sure," was the reply, with the emphasis of a man who  had some domestic infelicity. "A woman who is alius a-movin' is alius a-  gettin' in trouble. If you've got anything to keep her quiet I'll sign it."  Little Ruth is the five-year-old  daughter of a New York minister in  one of the large churches. One evening, she climbed upon her father's  knee, and, in her most coaxing way,  asked him to buy her a dolly.  "But, Ruth," objected her father,  "I haven't the money."  "Well," replied the child quickly,  "why can't you take up another special collection."  -apd-the---wtl-;*'-A-ustr.lan-UBed-^ put it back  ily remained below.   Sbe might take  "I should not want you to bring them  the paper to the desk, copy its essen- j on Sunday���������not on Sunday, Jonn."  tial points, which was al) her employer i ���������   required,   replace   it.   put   everything ! Minard's Liniment used by Physicians  back as she found it, and who would i   _, ~   7~~~i     Tl-.,'       -.  be the wiser? j   Farmer Wavback    (Parting   home  ,���������Af,   ��������� ���������.������������������ ������������������������������������������������������f^, ���������.���������������,���������������   .       from the station)��������� Please, ma am do  Another plan suggested Itself to her.      u wear {alse tcoth?*.  Sbo might take the paper to her room. \   yuir Boarder (for   the   summer)���������  Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial is compounded specially to combat dysentery, cholera morbus and all  inflammatory disorders that change of  food or water may set up in the stdm.  aeh and intestines. These complaints  are more common in summer than in  winter, but they are not confined to  the warm months, as undue laxness  of the bowels mav seize a man at anytime. Such a i-uffarer will find speedy  relief in this Cordial.  of devil reasoning which, with a certain fascination such a work I)ad for  her, secured her to his purpose. He  Introduced Hugh Hildretb to ber. who  ���������spent the rest of the evening in her  company, and the next day she received from bis mother a formal Invitation  to visit at her son's country seat.  The Austrian ambassador gave ber  certain   data   by   which   she   would  Farme7^^yi^T^crOl\T~T~donJt-  | mean to be curious.    Only this road  in the safe and replace the books be  fore it  Mile, .de Guillemette stood with the./1'-5. ������ leetl,e rough, and if your teeth  paper in her hand, thinking of the I ?m \ Sood and fast you d batter put  ������500,000 francs that she could gain by | em in y������ur_pocket__  taking a copy of its contents to the J The Beauty of a C(ear Skin.-The  Austrian ambassador. With,the money condition of the liver regulates the  she could place her family at least be-   condition of the blood.   A disordered  yond want Her employer had told  her that such were the methods in  rogue among European diplomats; thai  ho would not scruple himself to obtain  the document surreptitiously; that she  would be unwise to let pass such a  meatis of re-establishing her family.  Then sho thought of the Hlldreths-  mother, daughter, son.  They had with  true American warmth taken her to  their hearts.   They had pitied her for  the position she occupied of one boru  to n station  sho could not support.  Hugh had that very evening told her  of his ambition.   That ambition she  would shatter by stealing the conteuts  of an Important paper which had bpon  { Intrusted to his euro,   no would never  i bo forgiven for the leak, for ho would  be considered olthor a fool or a knave.  She thrust tho document back into  tbo snfo, closed tho door, replaced the  j books before It  and, taking up tho  ; volume that hnd been recommended to  . ber, snt down all of n tremor.  liver causes impurities in the blood  and these show themselves in blemishes on the skin. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills in acting upon tho liver  act upon the Wool and a clear,  healthy skin will follow intelligent  use of ��������� this standard medicine.  Ladies, who will appreciate this prime  quality of these pills, can use ,\hem  with the certainty that the effect will  bo most gratifying.  A forlorn Irishman, reduced to the  last stage of poverty and destitution,  as the last resource made inauiry at  a marine store as follows:���������"D'ye buy-  rags and bones hern?" "Yes," was  the reply. "Then, be jabe.rs," said  Pat, "ye may put me on the scales."   R-edjJVea^^Vejry,_^aJe^_Eyes_  Relieved by Murine Eye Remedy.  Try Murine for your Eye Troubles.  You will like Murine. It Soothes.  5Qc at Your Druggists. Write for Eye  Books Free. Murine Eye Remedy  Co., Toronto. 2  MINISTER WHO TESTED  ZAM-BUK  Charming Hostess (to dyspentic  guest, who has been refusing dish  after dish)���������"I'm so distressed. You  have had no dinner at all."  Guest���������"Thank you���������but I have to  be very particular about my food."  Read   His   Deliberate   Opinion  Rev. T. F. Laugill, "The Manse,"  Carp, Ont., writes:    "Some considerable time ago I began using Zam-Buk  with a view to testing it thoroughly.  I am troubled with eczema, which is  always worse in the   early   part   of  winter, and seems to leave me about  spring.   I tried Zam-Buk immediately  my hands started to break out, and  am pleased to say that it checked the  disease, which is more than I can say  of anything I have ever before tried.  We have how Zam-Buk in the house  Ask  any  mother   who    has    used   continuously,   and   I   carry   a   small  Baby's Own Tablets and she will tell sample box in my pocket."'One even-  you they are the best thing in the ling I happened to look in where an  world for curing stomach and bowel old man had met with an accident a  HELPLESS LITTLE BABIES  troubles and making teething easy.  This is the highest praise a medicine  can get. And we give you the guarantee of a government analyst that  this medicine is absolutely safe. No  other medicine intended "for young  children give mothers such a guarantee. Mrs. Robt, Mieth, Hotham, Ont.,  says-.���������"I cannot tell you how much  good Baby's Own Tablets have done  my habv. I ani sorry I did not know-  about tbem earlier." Sold by medicine dealers or by miil at 25 cents a  box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine  Co., Brockville, Ont.  Canvasser���������"Is your father at  home?"-.  Child���������-"No; daddy and mummy are  both out; but auntie's in."  Canvasser���������"Has your auntie got a  Child���������"No, she's got bronchitis?7-  FOR BABY'S TENDER SKIN  Because   of, its  delicate,   emollient  and antisentic properties derived from  Cuticura  Ointment,  united   with  the  Uncle���������"You ought to be ashamed pjirest of cleansing ingredients    and  of yourself.   Freddie.   Seo what a lot i most, refreshing of flower odours, Cut-  of prizes your sister has git nnd youjicura Soap is unrivalled for preserv-  hnven't- even earned a certificate."    j ing,  purifying  and    beautifying    the  Freddie���������"Oh,, but 1  got a certifi- skin, scdn, hair and hands of infants  week ��������� before, and had lost a finger  nail. I dressed the wound with  Znm-Buk and left the sample box  with them. I have seen the old  gentleman since, and the injury is  cured."  "On another occasion a farmer  called at. "The Manse" and I noticed  a rag on his finger. Enauiring about  the injury, I learned that he had  somehow taken a piece of flesh off,  and the wound had started to fester.  He was afraid it would turn to blood,  poisoning. I gave him about a third  of a box of Zam-Buk and he applied  it. A few days after I saw him, and  he said, "That's great salve of yours;  mv finger is now doing fine."  This is exactly the* kind of-.testimony we most apprecMe. Test Zam-  B���������k! Don't go by hearsay! , You  will find it gives best results in all  Wses ^"etizetnB-^T-i'nEwormT-festering-  sorps. piles, "cuts, bruises, fate sores,  eruptions, and all skin injuries and  diseases. All drugiists and stores,  50c box, or from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, for nrice, but refuse cheap and  harmful substitutes and imitations.  cate once.  Uncle���������"l'lideed !   Whnt for?"  1 Freddie���������"For being born."  "There's one thin? we will have to  change if these ladies wbo wish to  vote have their way," said Senator  Sorghum.  "What's is that?"  "We'll have to quit, talking about  'the wisdom of the plain people.' "  CURED   HIS   RHEUMATISM  Yarmouth, N,S��������� June 2, 1008.���������"I  have been bothered with Rheumatism'  for the past year and have taken a  good many kinds of medicine and  found no relief for it,  "One day n friend ndvhed me    to  ���������ty��������� . .-.,. ..*.. in.   ���������.���������>.,     ,i ,     try Gin Pills, so I did, and after ink.  "How do you llko It?" said a voice  b;g m]y om,'box of them, I felt like  n how in.in,  behind hor,  Turning, sbo saw Hugh HSldrotb advancing.  "Something Is wrong with you," bo  snld sympathetically,  She burst Into convulsive Robbing,  "Toll mo your trouble. Uttlo girl," ho  nddoq, drawing a eliulr up boforo her,  "I thought I would write you n few  linos to let you know how thankful 1  fro! for tbe relief they gave inn, and  would advise all sufferers from Rhou.  mutism to gat Clin PPK"  WM.  CONTY.  Fnmplo free If vou witn National  Drug and Ohomionl Co. (I)ept, N. TJ,),  "I nm not lit. io be In the home of : Toronto.    All dealer* hnvo Gin Pills  "I II*VK UKUK IliiKiMi THAT CUI'TAIH.  know It, the most Important of which i  was thut H related io the "open door"  Jn Chliin, Mile, de Gnllloiiiotlo was ',  received with every nttentio'.i by her  hosts, ami young I IIUI ret li wiih from  thu tll'Ht devoted to her, Indeed, no  Iclnd were thi-y nil that alio 'omul ll  Impossible to attempt to ov'.ort tlio  Hecrci for which Nhe hud coin.?,  Kiirlbi'i'in<n���������, olio bud neltlii'r Hint  cold, f'tiiisi.'li'iiifli'ss nut ii I'd ivtii'.ii'i'd for  mieh a work nor dlplmiiutle ('X|n,i*1,>ii,m<  to Kimble Iim' lo brliiK It t'������ u hikti-ss-  fill li'i'iiiliiiHion, Slit, fell Hint any  word utlei't'd with a view l������ lend up  to the subject of the stud- |���������i-><>i would  result In n detection of lier object.  The roHiili wim Hull uln* n|iuut li week  with th��������� Ililtlrt'ihH without IiiivIiik  wnde tlic HllKhii'Hi progreHM nml announced i hm Kim would leu ve Hit* ntut  day.  Uut Mr. nml Mm, Illhlroth, hint met.  -CU  li,V   Hunt.,   *.*'������.u  ..*/i .-'..���������   '.!   '-     I*'"*  Ci-y.f.'','������������������������������������ The v"*r rtrl would hiivrt  "been glnd to reninfn. but nwny from  tho tliiillgii tntUienco of her employer  tbo furl I lu, I idie bail come f���������r a dl<  liuuoritblc ptirpow, o\i\iroHHvd her. nml  fdm   ul.-hcl   i"  wash  her IiiiwIh  of  -Wlllll    mm*    li,i>i    ii,.',,-. ,.,i.i.������.      ',',������'.  lircHMliig wns the Invitation to rcuinln  lunger tlmi nl,,' cmi-.t'iiiiNl.  The wtine evening Hugh Hildretb  led lier bit', hl������ library nud full to  nuking her ,|U(*hiI*���������i*< iik to her futility,  She told blm whnt Uiey Imi) been la*.  fun I',,* I'l-'.'-il'i'l-", '"-iv |,nr ,,,'iMnT  Iind Hiruuglftl to inniitiiiln ul Iciini n  ���������fl*;*",,.  -I'll,I.'      pii'-l,lull      Mllll      ItitW      ������l���������>  longed I" if-isIM lur irt'itlii-r, tnit wm  powprlftM, Then Ulli-r-'tl, l���������'gu��������� In  talk ut lilu.w'lf find li!*1 nii'lr-itl",,** In  |i,lbll'-   life      Slinille   1,1   lili'  ntlilt'lllpt-  Rtich kind people. Plenao send mo  away!"  "On tho contrary, yon hrtvo nclilftved  that which I huvo never iiehlovt'd-  you hnvo roHlstcd n terrible toinptn-  Hon, I myself hnvo been tempted nml  usually Biit'cunibed. And mine was not  half the Hiruln you hnvo boruu."  Kim looked nt him through her tpnr������  In itMtoiilHhiiH'iit, "How do you know  thnt I have boon tempted'/" nIio iiMkt*d.  "That AiiHirlini'H uii'ihods I know  ���������well. Ho woultl give millions fop the  ooiiipiits of Mio document you have  ���������Just hnnilli'd."  "Vou hiiw me!" Rho wns trembling  from bund to toot.  at fiOe a box���������0 boxes for $2,50,  Cynlciifl-  iiey In"1 '..  wants."  When a nuiii g,'f,H all tlio  money ho weds them's only oue tiling  hr '   "  Rlllieiifl--"And thnt is?"  CynieiiH���������"Moro money,"  For yonr* Mother Grnvos' Worm  Kxtermlnnlnr him ranked ns the most  effective preparation niiitmfiiettic'il,  und it nhvnyt, iniiliiluin*. Its re put n*  tion,  "What is ynur Hen of heavenly  bliHt?" linked tbo young mull who  couldn't think of nnvthing elce to my,  "Mcrryi'jc n man for bis money ,,nd  then lenrning tn love him," replied tlm  WEAK LUNGS  RESTORED BT WCHINE,  (IM ICMUftu li,u.l.���������vl  "Vi'-s; I in Id a imp for you,   When Nrettv gnit*������ wMow.���������niiic/igo' Iloeonl  Uio AUHtrlun Introduced mo | knew hu i Herald,  had a motive.   I hiiw ut oue,> Hint you ! -  werti not tho girl for kiicIi work, nnd  when you wore going nwny without !  even nu nttmupt I deiertnlnod lo put I  you to h novoi'0 lent.    I winded to nee I  bow you would ii"i with the objuet In  vr>,ir ImukI-, fop which vou hnd t'oine. '  I ctiii-ml yonr iitteiiiliui to Mm volume j  1 wwlmU you iu ivtiit and purpowi^  loft u guide in II to my nu fo uud loft :  tht* anto unlocked,    Tben I went tip- '  stair* by the rnuln sfiilrciNr* nnd enmo >  down by n rear on,*.   I hnvo boon bo- j  , t���������,i ,,,.*, i*,|.*Mb, wliei'i. I en,,,i| Hon  nnd not bo nwii, I hnve wlinesN-jd  your leinplntlon und your triumph."     '  "You menu tny degrndntlon at hav- |  Ing llmenod to mi'di n tt'iiiptntfon."  "Not nt nil. Thnt Austrian fiend j  ,*miId mart nn angel on a downward ;  rmirMn You nr,������ ���������wiu-nhlc for tho I  Marling and lo bo roinuieriili-i! lor il���������������  r-mllng, I confeH** I hnve been under j  tin* rack niytelf l<"*t ynu hIhiuUI yield. '.  If you hnd yielded It would hnve ,  broken my ficttrt nnd | xIukiM hnvo ;  regretted fnmptlng you.   Ah il Ih, I re- !  "PaYCHINfc. r,, ,  ol u-i'f>lr In Ihiv/hM h������������wh ������nd ttrMi'lth  whoMcnndiiionhidbf������nr*-ird������dMh<-ipe.  Uu. ll ii ��������� Ionic and frih.biiildw, cob*  mining remJCiXk pf������p������ril������������ m ��������� MooJ  ���������unfnu md gmmicld*.   ll will ilrtnglhin  NEWFOUNDLAND  ?m TRIBUTE  TO  THE   GRAND   WORK   DODD'S  KIDNEY  PILLS ARE  DOING  and children. In the prevention nnd  treatment of torturing, disfiguring  (���������enemas, rashes, "itchinps and irritations, warm baths with Ootieura Soap  nod gentle nnointuurs with Cuticura  Ointment often succeed when all  other methods fail, Guarnntoed abso-  lutely nuro and may be used from the  hour of birth.  The whole of life is merely a matter of ml'ling two and two together  and getting the right" answer.  Minard's Liniment Co,, Limited.  Yarmouth, N/S.  Gentlemen,���������In January lasts, Francis Lee lure, one of the men employed  by me, working in the lumber woods,  had n tree fall on him, crushing him  fearfully. He was, when found,  placed ou a sled and taken home,  where grave fears were entertained  for his recovery, his hips being badly  bruised and his body turned black  from bis ribs to his feet.   We used  ���������pUllMT  tad hctl  p'"m������������'-i  il tlm wink tung*. (wj, out llw  ������)��������� t!-j   rrtiijfc,  nn  rattier ol Iraw lom itindinf.  "PSYCHINE1, Iobm up lU wlml.  lyilrm md dtivw out diwins, hc������li llit  d*c������y*d liM* nnd mtem loii ������nyigy. lu  ui* d-iiiy will pr������v-*nt wid w������rd oB (htl  matt lUbllo ditMM cBBiumMion,  Writ* for ��������� Frit SumI*.  r������t UU *r a Drti|Wi * O"-*". ���������**��������� * ������  HT.*ltM.  Dr. T, A. %     UM  LIMITED,  TORONTO I  Fishermen Regard Them as a Boon to  Mankind���������Mr. Frank Banfiold  Tells How They Cured His Backache.  Garnish, Fortune Bay, Nfld,  (Special),���������Among the fishermen here,  who through exposure to wet and cold  are subject to those piiins and aches  which come from dincused Kidneys,  Dodd's Kidney Pills are looked upon  ns n positive boon to mankind. They  are novor tired of telling how their  iliioknchos nnd their Rheumatism  vanish before, tlio gn>nt Kidney  rouiody.  Among many others Mr. Frank  Rnnflold, after years of suffering, hns  found relief in Dodd'n Kidney Pills,  unci here is what ho is telling his  friends: ���������  "I find ])orl(P* Kidney Pills tho host  medicine for Hncknohe I hnve over  used. 1 only used two boxes and tbey  cured mo of Itncknelie I hnd bad for  five yiw*, It started through n  strain. My father'-, bnck also bother,  ed him, nnd hn got some relief from  one pill I gnve lilm. Tbey wero too  pl'i'doUH to give him more. All persons suffering from llnekncho should  use Doild's Kidney Pills,"  Why do Dodd's Kidney Pills cure  Mfieknelie?   Simply hcwiMir* llnckiielu*  in Kidney neb,*, innl  Doibl'R Kidney ���������  PHIh ])Ohlliv,'ly ciire nil Kidney nclies  nnd  lilt,    TliU bun  been  proved  iii;  tlioiisniids of cusch in r,uindn,   lf you,  jjiiveii'l um'iI them youiwlf nsk your  nelglibnrB,  Strung,-!*���������(to boy looking nt the  nionkcys in tlm r,oo1���������Oiicrr you're  going to be u iiuUirnlUt some dny?  Doy���������Nop,*,   Cartoonist,  It Will Prevent Ulcerated Thront,  ���������At Uio flrnt Rymntoms of nore thront,  which prfsnoeii uloerntlon nnd Inllnm.  mnffnn, dike n itpoonful of Dr.  Thoinns linlectno Uil.    don ������������ ii,il������*  f,itL'ui   i ,   il   li*   ui'lke  \\   ]vAAft\\\r-      Tt  will nllny tho Irritntion nnd prevent  the ulceration nnd nwollinit thnt nro  no painful. TIkhc wbo wr*re prlodi-  cnllv Huhjcel lo fjuln������y hn\*e thu������  mndo themselves Immune to nttnok.  A coroner's jury in lrebiiul delivered Mki following verilint on tho kuiI-  den ilenth of a merchant who luul recently  fulled  in liUHiiiens:���������"We, the  Jury. And, from tlio   doctor's   Rtnte.  ment, Mint I lie ileccimed came to his  , death from licurt failure, Ruperinduoed  ��������� by iiuRlwHR fnilnro, which wnii cnunwl  jby sf���������*i*iiluti,,n tmltirc, wbiidi witn lie-  j result  of fnihirn to m*o fnr enough  i iibiitd,"  A minister one dny f-iund n little  bov in tears, nnd quostio-'o-.l him as  llll������iahe(1 ^^^T^h.S������ of  throe   boMlo'rhe"tsUc,om,plfiS  bn was mighty glad thnt his mother  hadn't done it,  "Why do you rrcfer to hnvo your  father whin you?" quosti**nod tho  inini-t'T. "Is it bco**u-*r* ho is less  severe thnn your mother?"  "No." r'plied the boy, "but when  pletely  cured and -able to return to his work,  SAUVEUR DUVAL,  Klgin Rond, L'Islet Co,, Que.  At n recent Sundnv school treat a  boy was put in charge of ,nni extern-'  I," licks me mn says he's a brute, and i pnrised wnshstnnd. A visitor, nfter a  nlw/ivs gives mo m-moy to buy | wash, asked if there was any charge,  sweets," j "No," said thelad; "but there's tips,"  "Spssm  "raw  (Bin  M/Mll   IN  CANADA  A ton T,uU Jtllr Powdtr���������luii tbt  toeit putt Cilvti root JillrUrotmt  ������������������ly by tbi pun fruit.  Pure Gold Jelly Powders  (Tri*)iMirkl*|lilin<i)  OffM you "Bitif r Qudlty" ea tht tiklr-lw -mik li Om  Onr Boob ofllcrlpc* i������nt Vraa  Ut vi nnd y������u our filuibl* Unit book "Tbt     .  I������ff������t of Dtllelom 0<mni." I, will yo������ ho*r     C55S5SS  to wtikt my nuwlwi ul il-MHiy dctiini ind at-  Iltloui ultdi In rtry llnli tlmi mil ilntoii ������������������  Irwblt it ill.  Pure Gold Mf[j. Co., Limited  To,otto  ^_     l*a  ��������� ������������������������!������* ������������������ t.'HI,  Uni ������i lOt In mmp, tt m 1Mb.  Ini nn*J ������oittf ��������� md lit ui mmt na  lintroui nmpltt of otr VtnlU*  ���������n*i Umoii R>trwumd ��������� mill ou  ol hklni pitwdrr, Mm,Ion -Mr  ]aw* tnd dtilir'i mm* inj tddrtM  /i*n/  SHOE  POLISH  No bsHlM-Het-uMfl-mofie-er here work. ������*a in t������ aMnM  Inotantlv una ���������!������������������������ ������ hard, brlllltint, iMtln-y, mtmtmrpremr pollah.  Oontalni mm Turp������ntln������, Aolcla er ethmr Inlurlaut mvrtMlltnte.  -.i.1. ecAL-ene, ���������*������������ i  nn r. r. o*Lutv ������������������������������., UMiTie, M������miti*������-������,o-*������,������������������*-)������i������ffjii������,M.y,  XIUW  WIW'-'i���������  Iblo ivnrk hIic lux! come to bin lu,���������-*e   juice Hml I ilbi" I  to a(������*'it���������|'H-l, iintiiipti-d l���������*r m *ii,-Tt      The t>������ ���������nulU*������*n-Mt-M, nt lentt tbnt'  Uut ui.'.*; .ii*-! '*���������'������������������'  ,!"'" "!'���������'" ""  'be lifnrtel,   of  lliff   family   rt������nt|-*ilnct   of j  floor JJIb������,   Ellto  tie flnlllemette  nml   her ;  Her ti*>st lurni'd the Rtibje't to titer- mother, wore tumanml Rome time nfter j  nture.   I'or nwlill,- be riUtMixwd bo'*ki ltd* oixtirroncr' tty a mnr'litpsc her ween ,  nnd Ib.ir null,**ri.   Then, ffolng l*> one iMII*>,   FIIm d*  Oolllt*roetfe  and   th#]  of tl,** ������t,fiN,������ ihit lined the mom, he *������Mithy Am������rU*ao dlplornat,Hugh Bii-J'  Ittowcii tel  a txMik that lie ������akl ha drtllt.  In?  PRONOUNCED SI-KEEN  W, N. U, Ne. TW.  I   "Yt'R, pa s������nyH Yale's no place for!  iliim.   Iff, lutH on** week lime,   Howj  inro yon eomin' on?   Do you expect to]  I mill throuuh?"  '   ''Sure thins.   It's n elneh,     Hnly1  fbint* I'm bavin* nny froubln about is*  lmy trloimnnudry." >  ,   *'I heard your Enoli������h wa* !������������'!."  *    "(loo, it'������ fierce,   V*ut   T   gue** I'll *  'buck throusli nil riuht.   I ������lon������ ft jro������<l j  (deal better an fnr ������hi# year   th������������   I  done on it font y,'nr." I  BAKING  POWDIB  MAGIC  BAKING  POWDER  ���������  PURE P WHOLESOME  EWGILLETT CO.LTD.TORONTO.ONI  MAD1  H %t  THE   NEWS,   CUMBERLAND,   BRITISH  COLUMBIA.  FOfc.  SCALDS  AHX>  BURNS  ANSWERS  TO   QUERIES  o*  t'WING to the great amount of  mall received and the limited  space given this department, lt  is absolutely impossible-to answer letters In the Sunday issue following their  receipt. The letters must be answered  in turn, and this ofttlmes requires three  or four weeks.  All correspondents who desire an Immediate answer must inclose a self-  addressed stamped envelope for a reply. This rule must also be compiled  with in regard  to persona] letters.     *���������  I THINK that to every one of us  there comes a time when a good,  sensible knowledge of the proper  -'���������eatment of scalds or burns helps  materially in the alleviation of pain and  the prevention of subsequent trouble. I  have seen children suffer agony for  hours when the remedy was within the  reach of their ignorant elders; and some  grown-ups are carrying scars that are  ugly reminders of a lack of care in this  painful trial bv lire.  Of course, there are certain general  rules to keep clearly in your mind.  lt seems almost unnecessary to emphasize the fact that, lf clothing be on  fire, the person should be placed quickly  on the floor and covered with a woolen  rug or coat. The flat position prevents  the rising of the flames to the head. Serious harm results from the inhalation  of m-e or fumes. Much injury can be  prevented by a cool head and a clear  idea of what to do.  In cases of burns and scalds the clothing must be removed in the most care-  i*ui way. If torn off, there will also  come the skin, and that means a longer  time for the healing process. Blisters  should not be broken. Cut away any  material that surrounds the Injured  parts. Nciver mind about the dress;  tiiere-arc other tfiTngs moreTrnpoFtafTt"  at this time.  A siight burn can be treated with a  solution of baking soda, using a heaping  tablespoonful to a cup ot water. Soft  linen soaked in this should be applied  in bandage form. > This is very effectual  in cases of scalds, where the skin Is not  broken.  Tain is felt when the injured parts  . come in contact with the air. Any salve  that excludes the air from the wound  should be applied. You will find that  vuseline is excellent, at the same time  hastening the healing. Place it upon the  skin before bandaging with linen strips.  if burns or scalds are deep enough  to infect the cells of the true skin, there  '.������ a liability of dlstlgurlng scars. Ex-  'oiihlve or intense burns should be carefully watched. Of course, medical advice is best in extreme cases, a daily  inashii^e with a good cold cream will  pnnciU scars from slighter cases. This  ������ keps up the circulation and Its consequent repair of the tissues nnd prevents  tlio wrinkling nml puckering of Uie skin.  There Is a mixture that should he in  every home, it Is known as Cnrron oil,  and Is made of equal pnrts of limowuter  and Unwed oil, (Ireat vols of this wonderful preparation are always kept In  factor!-'*, and foundries; a large bottle  In a Nervous Condition  Dear Mrs.  Byrnes.  Could you kindly tell me lf, when one Is  very nervous, sbe Is likely to be dizzy, too?  I am troubled with poor circulation; would  that have anything to do with ill  GRATEFUL.  The three troubles of1 which you complain have a very close connection;  that is, the one bas its effect on the  other. The best thing for you to do  is to consult your family physician. You  should give prompt attention to the  matter, so that the trouble will not seriously affect your system.  Rosy Lips and Cheeks  Hear Mrs. Byrnes.  What can I do to make my lips and  cheeks rosy?  What is good to use to cleanse the teeth  so that they will not look yellow?  . What will make my arms, legs and bust  larger? DARK BLUE EYES.  To give your lips and cheeks a healthy  hue you should exercise In the fresh air  as much as possible, get sufficient sleep  and eat wholesome food: Of course, you  can gain an artificial color by using  rouges.  The following recipe will make up  Into a very good tooth powder, which I  advise you to use. Cleansing the teeth  with table salt about once a week will  keep them white. It might prove Injurious to the enamel to use It any  oftener:  Violet Tooth Powder.  Precipitated chalk    2 ounces  Powdered orris root    2 ounces  Crush and mix.  To develop the arms, legs and bust  take plenty of exercise and massage  with olive oil or cocoa butter.  sac of the Eland should then be bathed with  a little toilet vinegar and water, or with a  whit' t0?" ���������, VerV darlt' 8nd * W0U''1 '" "������ ���������sl.to,_ Pressed ������.r P!-*1"?.-1 ou.** .The emi  t-TH������ GIBL PROM CANADA.  To whiten the elbows apply a solution  of peroxide and water. To make the  elbows plump massage them with cocoa  butter. To whiten the neck apply tha  solution of peroxide and water.  To Remove a Brown Spot  Hear Mrs.  Symes.  Will you kindly tell me what will take a  brown   spot  off   my   mouth?    Also  let   me  know what will remove black rings from ,  under Jhe eyes. UNSIGNED.     '  An application of peroxide and water  may remove the brown spot. Black  rings under the eyes usually denote  lack of rest or a disordered system.  Local applications will be of no avail in  this case; It will be necessary for you  to consult a physician.  Recipe for a Pomade  Dear Mrs. Byrnes.  Some time ago I saw in your columns a  rat-reduclne   comade.     "Will   you   Jcindly  publish  it  again,  and   will   It  act Immediately or require a month of constant use?  (Mrs.) M. C.  Following Is the recipe you  request.  Immediate effects will  not  be noticed.  It  will take some time for lt to act;  but to quicken results you should abstain  from   food   that  Is   fat  forming,  such as cereals, potatoes, corn, beans,  etc.:  Iodide  of notasilum   46   grains  vaseline    1% ounces  Lanolin    1% ounces  Tincture of benzoin. 20    drops  Make  into  a pomade and rub over the  fatty part twice a day.  very weak solution of carbolic acid and  water. Sterilize the needle before using lt  by dipping Into boiling water, as the use  of any Instrument, unte s the skin as well  as the needle is thorough!:' cleansed, ts always dangerous.  The callous spots will disappear If  rubbed  with pumice stone.  An excellent corn euro may be made  according to the following recipe:  Sallcyllo acid  30 grains  Extract cannabis lmllca    i grains  Collodion  y,  ounce.  To Remove Nits  Dear Mrs. Symes.  My uttle girl has nits In her hair.   Could  you suggest something to remove same?  A MOTHER.  Pin a towel around the child's neck,  comb the head thoroughly, being sure to  burn  all the combings, and then wash  tbe head in kerosene or alcohol.  Proprietary Article  Dear Mrs. Symes.  I was told to use tho inclosed recipe to  reduce my flesh. Do you advise me to use  it, and how much would It cost?   MARIS.  The recipe  . rletary artL ....__    to recommend or condemn it,  you inclosed Is for a proprietary article, and I am not at liberty  To Improve the Elbows  Dear Mrs. Symes.  The skin on my elbows is dark and loose,  ami I would like to know it I can make it  white and plump by some  treatment.    My  Carefully cut zwdt/   the clothing  should be ln every household.  This mixture should be thoroughly  shaken before applying. When its appearance Is creamy, soak absorbent  cotton in it and place upon the skin.  I have felt Its soothing, cooling effect,  and, when young, have welcomed any >  repetition  of the dose,  There are other kinds of burns upon  which I can but touch here. I refer  to chemical burns. The thing to remem- '  ber Is to neutralize the effect by up.  plying the opposite kind of liquid. An  acid must be treated with an alkaline  fluid, such as a strong soda solution,  or diluted, nmmonln. Then treut tiie  wound as for eny other burn.  Whon it burn Is caused by alkalies, ns  caustic potash or lime, then the application of acid is the proper treatment.  Water and vinegar or diluted lemon  juice In a near-at-hnnd remedy.  Grout enro should always he exercised  throughout the slow process of healing.  Do not attempt to hurry nnture, but It  Is your duty to assist her In every possible intelligent wny,  Warts, Pimples, Blackheads  Dear Mrs. Sym<*s.  Please publish a cure for warts.    Also a  recipe to remove pimples  and   blackheads.  And can you tell me what is good for callous spots and corns? Et R. M.  The  following  recipe  Is  for  a  wart  eradicator, and If used as directed, will  prove effectual:  fubllmed sulphur 120 grains  Glvcerlnc        5 fluid drams  Acetic acid      1 fluid dram  Apply repeatedly to each wart, continuing  the treatment for seVeral days.    Thfe-warts  dry up and then drop'oft.  Bathe the pimples in hot water, dry  gently and apply the cream for which  I   am  giving  the recipe:  Cream for Pimples.  Salicylic add  10 grain*.  Calomel    1 Oram  Lard    1 ounce  Here are the directions for the green  soap treatment which I advise you to  use to get rid of the blackheads; -  Tincture-.*of green soap jounces  Distilled .-witch hazel  2 ounces  Let  this mixture stay on only a few moments; then wash off with hot water.  If the green soap irritates the skin, as it  _sometimes_wlll, use it every other day. Ap-  "py-a���������eoTd~creSir*n :  Green soap may be purchased at any drug ->  store.    It ia not a regular "cake BOap,    but  it  is about the consistency of custard.  Open esch seed acne, with the point of a   -  fine  cambric   needle.    The  hardened  mast  Recipe Repeated  Dear Mrs. Symes.     .  In one of yout* papers you give a recipe  for an astringent for wrinkles or dabby  flesh. It conlalns benzoin, but I forget the  other ingredients. Will you kindly publish  it again? fl. C. L.  I   think  that   this  Is  the  recipe  to  which you refer:  Milk of White Roses.  (A. Cure for Wrinkles.)  Roscwater    Mi Pint  Simple tincture of benzoin    Vt ounce  Attar of roses : S    drops  Put the rosewater in a basin. Add the  tincture of benzoin a drop at.a time. Add  attar of roses and bottle. Apply with cotton at night.  Hairdressing, Manicuring, Etc.  Dear Mrs.   Symes.  I am going to study halrdresslng. manicuring, etc., and Intend to open a class for  r poor but ambitious girls. Will It be all  right for me to have the pupils pay by the  lesson and not by the course? Also, tell me  how to manage the data. I know I m <  have a system,  X have heard from a party ln the tattoo  business   that   he   can   nm'*-*   artificial   i������l  cheeks.    Do you think <>      '*������ laneerous '  (Mrs.) M. >*  Yes. It  will be pei ���������   --*ible  to charge  by the lesson rather t..au by the course.  While   you   are   studying  you   have   a  great opportunity to learn how to conduct a class of your own.    Keep your  eyes open to the system which is used  ln the school which you are attending,  and then profit by It.  It la dangerous and,  I think, unrell-  able-      Perspiring Feet  Dear Mrs.  Symes.  I would like to know if you could give  me a remedy for perspiring feet? I have  tried bathing my feet In borax water and  changing stockings every day, but find It  does me no good, LENA.  The   following   formula   has   proved  helpful in. many cases, bo 1 give it to  J^ui  Salicylic acid ,....:.... 20 scruples  Boric acid    1 dram  Talcum powder    1 ounce  If this does you no good, I advise you  to consult a physician.  Baking soda, for slight burns  Advice on Social Customs  iAw V^s*t*ir-Mi������trU  *rirtt&fi4o//y*m.'faty**uA  f<rJ>*rtaJ(������*~*rM������r <5&*ut������ '  t9^t4m4^m^<^t^U^U������  MAILING YOUR CARDS  T1IKIU" nro somo occasions thnt re-  uuiro u visiting curd to be tent  by   until,   and  It  Ik  nbout   this  pluue of curd ctlquotto  that I  wiih ta spi'uk toduy,  They should iuvc*r be mudo to nerve  tho purpose ot notes, except botwoen  most iiitlniuio friends. They should not  be sent ,o un Invalid to Inquire about  IU* cumin Ion, as It In far more kind and  complimentary to call personally,  An Invalid when convalescing mny an*  Knowledge the many call* made during  lit* or her Illness by wending out card*  un which li written the phrusei "Many  thank* for your kind Inquiries,"  When you are not intimately acquainted with a person, yet wllh to uxpro,.!  your tlianki for a not* of sympathy for  any bei cavemen t or sorrow, a card mny  be mailed two or three weeks after tha  rscilpt of thi utter, Your own, with a  taw words of appreciation, may ba post*  On lo every man and woman who left  cardt, ''With thtnki for your kind iym*  pathy" Is tho bost thing to odd beneath  your nnmo,  Cnrds, of course, enn be engraved at  a stationer's that depress In.a (ormnl  wny your thanks for condolences, nnd 1  need not enlarge upon this point, fur the  best forms nre ulwnys taken for models,  Ilemnmber thut cards should never be  mudo the mediums for declinations or  uccoiiuiiees of Invitations,  If you wish to invito a few friends to  un Informal affulr, your cord, will) tho  nectmsury Information  regarding time,  C'lC,   Is rUllllcU'lU.  H in important to notify friends of tlio  change of address. The old card, with  u line tlritwn through yon, former address and the new one written In pencil  above or opposite, li permissible.  The birth of it child Is announced to  friends by special card* vnt by post  The mother's mime and nildrew*, or both  parentH' minion, nre on one large card,  und a tiny on,, bearing the baby's full  name, with Ihe date of birth, la tied to  ilia upper purl of tho largo ono, Whlto  xutln ribbon is used.  It you have received cardi announcing  tho birth of a child, and cunuut call, you  may mull a vnftlng card, with tha  wordi, "Hearty congratulations," penciled above fho name, A young girl  who wlihai to Intimate lympnthy for  a man frlond should send her citril, ac-  compnnled by that of her mother, In tlii*  way conforming to tho demands of pro-  prlety.  Aftm*  ...   ..  conventional rules, lin't  Aftm* nil. It I" uulte i-uxy to mailer iho          '   i't It7  Solutions to Social Problems  D  Should Comins Marry?  K.tn Mrs. Adsms.  nit   Rnftl^iT'  think  yr-ti kindly Inform me If you  It   advisable  *���������-  ���������  for  cousins   to  IN LtivW, 1,'t 1  VM1VIAXK.U.  It hai boon conceded by people who  have studied thii subject that ft If not  advisable for persona io cloisly rained  M first cousins to marry, it is done,  Howe.er, and I prefer not to solve this  porpl������*lng problem for you,  A Variety of Questions  ttut ������lr������.  '<f������m*  t. In M,V������',||II|| ������ **rt������l IllVlUtlM), lo in lltr*-   nljil-ilt.iwwt, w it ww*' ie let?* i esnl*  tl i*m������r tn ���������ml ������������������> nil* i*t������n in  F l������ ������,i*m  '.i-lltllK  l,j ,*  in il  in,I* -,i''i fa*h!  ���������Mhfs i)w''i*J i't' "dmfnj fii ���������ft.r������onri"u'tt  11 Hi;;   III I  . I **ttn  m m.   I'lfjue till *4������ ���������li** lid ttofi  Iff Ta ���������**������<ts.n,*# tM tn ta i Miid.  1. I i>****|i������d Im ��������� ,*t>l*l iflm, t hstMlM-M  Ifi> it*, n}.   Vlttm nil -M.alira.w4.  a.1  '���������Wo   Ir*   ,������,*   ',* Ifti   w'   ,ti   fiiirnno)  WHMW *���������,**������ ���������altttltkl'jw frtendi  1 WaaM It bt -mod Ions to nm Ut, m>m  Md evet it the Mtwi m-mlf  I, Wltro ���������ml'.i" I'** ������������������', i <*H������'r fi-ST, iIiihiM  th* troy hi eo*������r*d wiu, ������ mi-iUr or tnniMhr  (. I U>������ uoliml tint u>U4 in htk-mI mi  ' - ���������   .   * " ,,���������   .    ' -  ��������� *   *  i-inr.-'i j.iot urt> l",|ui������������   ���������f. I m-tiifd ��������� UwutM-al Ml������d to-al tad Ui  littt* putt* to ������������t*.li.   now ������������������''''���������������������������..vH'  m oitvUiiiuo,  1, If the entertainment ii uulte In.  formal, It would not bo n-rceiiary to  Imv* your oard.  }. Aftir you havo exchanged trtttlngs  fltli tho hoiloas you ihould shako  /-and* with tacft ponion who is rwctlv-  Ing, making a. plau-sanc mii'irk to ������!,,.*h  un������,  i. The tsa sot Is usually put to uio  ���������* hf-i .���������nfr.r'ilritng afien.ft.'ift c**'l ,*> ,'���������  should Ik* placed on a lime tra table in  tho drawing room or library, thr um ���������>,  Is moit certainly In evldenrr; and what  1* mora plnilng to th** *yi* thsn to ���������������**  a wamm prsilde ovtr h*r i*������ tabio  with arse* ani ease?   Ito not m* tht>  sot when  giving a aiipper,  for ns tho  vesufl* holding the hot  water and tea  nro  rather  small   great   Inconvenience  may ho caused if you liavu no maid to  constnntly replenish  them,  '. No; one beverugo is siitllclont,  fl. A trnyrloth would mid ilnlntlnoRP,  (I. lf    you    ennnot    procure    lettuce  lcitvt'H, why not make a fruit mind nnd  corvo It lu a l,i*JJuwttd apple, orange or  fruit sklnf  i. Tho bowl of Hitlnd, n snlml spoon nnd  a sitliid fork nnd the little plates -should  be set on the table before you, and as  yon sorvp, tho mttld should plnce a plate  before cuch r������er*on s,'���������ied at the table.  Tabic Etiquette  Tint Mrm Ailmw.  I'lfim *,,������wer the fiillowlru ii���������e*tloti������ for tn*,  1.   Mt   i|������iiml,i,Wfn   oi   i|hhiii|i������)-,   cut   ol  i. I������ II contW-wd rin nidi, tn drink tn mil  of the uiicor, nr ������bould It bi drunk from tin,  fttiif  ;(, Ar* VmIIitwu ���������ullnlif  I. Ar������ ult uliikrik unrd si much >i tiny cut*  |l������i<������ nslt ce |������r������t  8. aiimilil the iinnklnl* tiickri) in it the nink  nr Jurt i|ite,,i| un tlm Innr Jll.NK K.  1. Tin* present-day, custom la tp place  as many ipauns na It will be neccniary  in ust* during tho meal Ih-hIiIh i),i* sll**  vjt knife or knives, which should be  idiiccl at Urn rlghl of the pluie,  '.'. it Is mo������t Itnpiuper In drink tea  fruiij tho ������u,|������**r! only tin, very iKnurnui  woultl be guilty or such u breach of 4-11-  tilicit,-, The li,.v*,iig������ shoulil moil tlr-  ������������������IrtnUly be drunk from the cup.  ;t. \es; mpeciiiiiy when lh������ carving Is  (tonei ut (In, (able.  ���������I. Tho Individual salt cellars are used  Instead nf tlto salt shakers, or quite fri>-  f|tiently two or more large standi DIM  with salt art* put at convenient places  on the tutilc.  .**. Tbo /������,pi,In rouM n������t ho tucked Ir, it  the noel-; It Is to bo unfolded and plnvert  across the knees.  BrotherAtt'latv Too Affectionate  T*. - *",k  ' ' ���������  , f, ������u I foiibt lid*   i*f 10, isd ,i������<������ I timtlirr-  In l������w ������m*i \*������t. Mn   ������,\n ������,���������������*������ tr,nV#������ ��������� t,m  dnn t thltifc It It rliht unil tnnM Ilk* t������ timo  *������������������������' "PWl1 am* ������m������>*������Ji> wliM*!* (,,'������������ tirui  l,lm iii Hilt liibliin-l >-*t not Mm lilsi.wilsil  m*.   11* t������ ������*ij t'r.,( ��������������� im ������,*>���������;���������,   B   If, II,  Yew would h������v#* saved all fhla trail*  bis had you remonstrated In the hsgln*  mug.  T"ll lilm iiuw that you would like  ttluin. knowing thai ������uch sctluw are not  ���������t all proper. If h������ Is a g*������ntl*min lm  will grant yuur r������������iu**i. and not allow  vour tleolslon to prevent him from oslns;  bind aad court������ou������_Uj >ou,  Answering Invitations  t������sr Mrs, Adtmi  If m wrUiliMi i* <m s i>*f*MMl Mfriwul rinl,  s-i.f li,������l unil*' ir-f t!af������������ ,, ���������!������,<��������������� ,,m,-������,������..n  I.������, sin, <M, in ln������ tnUo-m ,H, iiinit ,orr.������������  11 rtttft firti, *rid if H, *, %��������� I'. li-wtMi, >  iBtltttlan. ow* If dttm-Ml ��������� nolt i* * nM nf  Jfir is excluded by vaseline  Jfesssging with cream  to prevent scars  . , answered, whether accpted  or iliM-llnml, if in-* invitation Is i-x-  t*!,���������liHt nn tinuH i-iiUiiig raid, tin* tv-  spouse should be tiuide In a pers,i������������������l  "-ThJi absence of the letters H, H, V. I',  dons tint mean that the Invlt-iUm,  ,,H���������d nut b������> iinstvfreil. Your Jmig.  mi'iit ami kninvipilge uf ntliiin'tn*  sliituld h������lp ynu tn decide vt\n-t\\vr  <*r no, It net'd be rcspuuiled to. If you  liitnw that your nliM-tice will ci,u*������i. tin*  iinM,****,*! any Incuitvfnlfnco. It l������ only  * oiirici'iis that nIk* Khould rfclve a  reply  fmm  you.  Number of Dances  IM-u*. Iln. Adlinl. ,  1. |tn������ nun* tiiutt n,������\ ��������� boy flinc* wt,h  Ilia ���������sum Kill in nit (Ki.,i,������t  1 A ill*-iiulon ������������,'������ ieinitl������ it lo trlit-thsr i.f  nut t imu imilil imm hu ilMfitcl wifr't tit-  ler.    Whtl wmilil ",������ is,**  3. Hhnilld OUT rirdt III* ������) ttl-nihra)* ,inni|*rr  1. A boy ihould nut dance so many  numfiftrs with uue girl In uu evening  that ho makes himself and her ton-  xplcuous,  i. Y>s. a mnn may marry his ds-  ooaifd wife'* slstt-r.  ,1, Visiting ciii-,ln du not hnvo one's  Icleiilmnt* numtinr primed on them,  while business card* mav.  .Vfi P'oMr  T,������������r Mr������   Ailiimt  1. Willi -dHMllt I m l! i Kruiti i*i,ilmin  i4d,*twt m������ on lili uttrt mil I in ,,it if  <|*,��������������� tfl ft'ti >.Ktt.l  1 tOmM $ tirl it 11 nil ������ tenor biii- of 11  l,i hu flrit ������im������ ll,* tnMd I'm*In Itu uilrdt  ��������� -- ������f_       ...    __.  t   VMiu, .ni>i,i,l l m>i   in | nmii ������ln  J. It  It  |imi*r for  * mil  lo uk ���������  nun to  i-ill nn iii r, ur ilimild tl.* ml, imlll 1,* <���������!> if  ���������lit ot������r th* i,fao*f li4 I in* titttr IMt I.i  It it i*rmit*������ fw i r*rl t������ t4um������ to I )  bii I  ,������*,!   (������krl  lllllil  'llllll* t������  *l,������   it,  ,le,,tti.  ! I.  4*Hn*-Ml  if if ,,*  If, \r,p,     Ir,   /*tvr  1    "l|,H*������   rffrHt   mtitt    I*  -1 I-  Ommr. I i(t������*<*i* IM** arin^lW* trtwu H. *. V,  I* k M ** iti ii-.tiiin*,. ind |t ii i ,*r|.s  ������# nuiii.ti*  ,m t. ������,ti.M>,������4*������ ���������������������[������  lrtim.ti<*  II  ll   r.   V.  I'. I, ..imttttir ll   W  l,,tn.h������f>n      ,n\ ,i,iilim*      mutt     t,r  ai** fb-aii irfM    (, HluyiM ������ imm r.o i*,i*,i������ il,* iiuiiiii,i>  sir* nl * rnuftf n>n !n wl.uui ������l,r In. |*<������  |i*-t������������l������ |t,n������r������*( tm ������.* -thn dM i,o, ir,r,t  ������������a la tli* i*������|-*������ ,-Mi.btr, ������������d **tw> ������ i,l  ���������iwaklnf la kim turn'. Vt.,.i,\.  I. II   is  not   n*������**M������ry   l������  ������������y   *i,y������  it,ln*r; tnerrly Ignore bin liiiiitmi,*,,.  J   Sn; nnli- |,i'|rt*-',-. *r,.*r.|.    -,���������; ,. ,-*i  other l������y their Chrtuilai, iiimes.  X It is better |m>I>( y f**i a girl t*i������.it  ���������(���������'111 -,  vMinir m*������n ������f|.���������������������������������������������������  ������ <!��������� ,'���������.   ���������"  ,-nll ui>,**n h<*������  4 H is sufficient to $������r you *,*��������� (i<t  l-���������rinlnle.t  will, 1,1,1, mO-I  liiiHU  i,|> m.i*  r.   **H. r  *������. .V--H* unfoM ah* hm, ������������iri<*-lh n* *������*v  Impnr-atii   It, r������ll   r m    Hf-*j    n * ������, ,, a  currlt-d nn over the telephone nre not  Indulged I * by wt'H-iiivtl \n-rnni\r.  tl. if >tm know nothing of ihe  young ,���������mi's character, have nothing  to ib* with him. Mi nuxiilR-r, a girl  U  judged  by  !><<r  i, nun*. I men,  In Need of a Mother's Advice  In-ill   Mi������.   Aii������n������.  I sin u Kill <*l I'*. ������������������<! slthouih ynung I  mi,ml it ������i.i���������t ni������iiv inrl������| uimtions (M\  ifturiilnir fnuii ,,ii'������e sITnlrs u Imv, if  l*(���������*'l fatully. tiKii-illy esrntlt me ham'*, on  ,i|'|,r*,vil of ,ny iiiojlm. Tndi-r lh^������������ inn-  *tl,i������ni, i������ It ,*,u,*i-r f*ir the man i,������ put his  ��������� nu tfi'iiii'l ������,������ ,ir ������������*>ii>, in, li) inkliiK hit,-  ��������� nn? I* li |ir*,|'������-r f**r him in Uk* m������ in  fnrnl in,Iim,.- ������n,| kl>t die In ,.i-l,|s*i������ ^,������������1  lilghtr .tPNNIKWItl-fN  I am iist,yr,ls)i)d t" think tbat your  mnttur would allow on,* in young i������>  biiv<- so. In I t-.���������gageti,eni������, but feel iur������  flist If ynu would rmiflde In her. Iclllng  of tlii* young buy's familiarity, *>tn>  would Immediately r*-* onihler th������ matter. It irriulnly l������ oot proper for the  boy tn if , as he doe*, and ynu should  not hesitate to tell him so.  After a Reception  t',������***r Mf������   Ailnm*. .      .  Is it ,n-<������i������*r>' for tn* to rill after a  ftrrntl rwep'lonT     . ,.        . ,,  ,i,sk������ th������ WM i**H. me bftili* "t tl"? '*������,��������� II-  ".,,",,   ,v,.   r, . , . ,1. , ������ ,Vo,',,'*fll'  Vour attendant--* ai ,h<* r*>r������*pilnn la  turisidt-fftJ a visit miii li'-tn nut mUli  th* obligation of an after 'ill.  It 1* Um July << a i-r**,,< who lut  nt tended a wedding r, < [.tlnn fo .-nil  upon tho brlde'i ni,,,h������-r ami the brldt.  j'uti i'l'im.i; ," .���������**������������������"������  Ivar Mn   A.tims ,  1 l*o *..-������ i*. rt. il.i, * rirl nt If ti ten  young in 1* minimi, it ������,������ *>������������ lh������ ronMiii  ���������*f tt* r hi unit ,.      . .  t I������a mm thmk ,t It in>i������f, If a lady  frlrmi uf mihr ������t,**ui*l ���������������*< *<��������������������������� -nt-r in iwr  l.������<ui>������ f*v tun.i ani ���������' *���������-*������ ")yi<* a ������,*-  ,������w*# frnra my awn**. f**������ :>������������������* it ask my  r������l,ll*mtt*   ffWnH   In   HM-*!   Ilir?  1 I *m #*ttii������.| *,������ ,������ Biirriwl, ������n,| if a  nr, rr,������r"i <**r mm. <��������� ������������������-���������<��������� -I ������**" ���������<��������� wn tm  -nr- liirstrr ttm, i,.r *������ ���������..*, i> '-������ m- ri*'*,  f���������r mr u������ itirtil **������- i.i? ni*-i. *��������� ������r������| thm  I sv������  m������   r������itil#������rijir,  f,i,-'<l  s*������.������mj������������"i������  ������*  ,' it u I,. u'������i-". - * ������ ". *������������������ '"���������*>) ��������� ih  u������? toihi'.r   . ������������������'��������� ,.-V   I -HI. I J..V  I. tn my ������pini, n, aid ������*f t* l������ *n������  llttly 1.������, V'*if*������i '������-������ l* "r,������.l It Is  n ������>,'*������ni*> l������ bito^n m a,***! ���������������,!������ ������*r*s at  *..**n  mn tmrir au*  i. If you di,vt' no l,l|t liro,her or *  chiipcron to i-ull for you. It Ik nil right  lo link your friend lu n,i���������e in yuur  girl friend*'*1 huun* ubmit leu or fifteen  mlnuHK li-ffore you nr" ready io |",,v*/.  .1. AnMwrr number two will apply to  your ihiul <|,,'-miIi,ii itlt*o It lw pirf/it.  ly proper for him lu l������uy tht- ogp-.iuies.  When Men Are Introduced  Umt M><*   A-lttmi  If ��������� **ii,I.-i,,hii nn-, a lijy nre wulkln*  llont the iu,-������.| and il,������ >s-. ��������� msfti inutni-r  ,:��������� Ml. linn Irl* n , sin, l.ll ���������,In, M dim   wu-ill  i-iihi-i  or hi,,, '���������"iiii.'iii ii /j)*< ihi'ir li������i������,  <>r unuld t,,*>  i,nh  ������(ukr liini*,!'.'  A IIKAUMH,  Win,, the JDiri ure being Iniruiltu'cd  It Is hi|Tk,*-,i, for their* to ������h������k������- l,an*l������,  It In to lie uitderiMnoil. however, ih'it  both hats -acre rnls*'d ai thoy were aii-  prnii' 1,1,,a t-m-h nilu-r, u ri*������i>***:t tlii*  men owe lo the lady.  Diffrrrncf in Religion  Drsr Mr*. Aitam*.   m t ���������  t  mn   wtn   foml  nf ������   n,rm������n  ('ifholle,  1'Ul    I    ������,))    ft    llUIHUII    I'lolllUllt     ll*    ll  J J   Jl-lifH   of   IVKt*   U ll 4   t   Sill   1,       ill'   I'.K-d   to*  aa mu'ti it 1 da turn,   li ll light fur u������  to an loK'-itim ?  It it mi.us ,,r i M'tin> lilv to gn out  wllh i.tloT f.Ml.mrn If itii- |,*������ nut r������*y  ��������� ���������.l>,    ������.,������t,    r >���������     ��������� fit,      t.ll,    tl   f>(.|    ,...,������|>������,',|    In  Mint O.   I,    I.  T< ,   ,*<������������,,, ���������    ,   i,   *���������   -,. r, *,,.,���������.       \ i.-y*,  not iirt-vrm voii from l������ing Irlrnds.  ,S'u, IV iiy -kluuld *������lt>������ man, tn<- ������-l* If ���������  runs,, tif >s t������ great frl������,ii|, monopollso  a ������;<f>'.<*��������� i.i,"- and pint-ni hwr lium  going ���������ut wllh other monf  h It Prtir.fr 9  Iwtr   Mrr    titiiiiii  I l������ i' l'������^������i l������r a |!rl in |rv ��������������� ������i������l  it���������i,,rr #',, <>J>, if ������h������ IU,** lh������ iw,il������-  msn?  i |< ,t tr*M������������r lor ��������� m*tr,������il wmnln to  ������������t>  i,������   u������*ti|iB  M-iwnts  l,������r sinei   sn.l  (. ,.ii,,   ,<,-ii>������, if t��������� i> i .nir.ii. i io i,v������������  h-r  l.Ml.f *  ] ii ,< i>r.������*r for a ttentlra-an i������ ������.k a  fl,l i>.������ ��������� .i������R.������ if a* Iim i,-., ������>,1 nn in-  rolB-'l-t lu, mr*lt l.������r dautr |���������l"#r K������  ������'.i, fr,. i, ��������������������������������������� t������ ������n,t rl.������������ ri. , In*,* h������r  i,n.i.*-! iW*>  ������������������,,,)������������������"> \?.t   i.KAi'i.iii*  I,   It wo;i!������j tw a most utiyind iMng  In ,1u I i., Mo^irm* \'.,1,-r-���������������'!* it- ',-*������  nin������r gt't'i 11(1*1, no S*ot I nn, t it* yii-i  will rr.-i.t utijtt a i,<������,.i ^i.i. i,., ti  wnuM In-  t I, ������.,)!������* ,������ M������t.r ���������..������*������' ��������� ������n*- i..-������������,,.  ful <���������\,r n.i.. ������t.d ���������!,-���������* lino lw ������^-t.ah  l������r litmMii THE NEWS, CUMliEHL^MU, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  .   *J---������**,|?*-.S-������1TI  ' -fji.-mr. -������������������������ ���������*  mp,i*������muri**;*&aa������ Buasnsswoawan'A  nnnii,mii ������������������ ��������������������������� ������������������n iwwgnera%f  We  T  an- now established in our new premises and  ii via-vour inspection of our stock, U'e have  just opened out a new line of  DRESSERS and STANDS JjiCC *������ CMC PER,  Kungintr in Price From  SET  Our stock i> now  LARGER aud BETTER ASSORT All-XT IN ALL LINES thaii ever before.  77ie Furniture Store  AiMcKINNON  McPhee Block, Cumberland, B. C.  ���������s**>  When in doubt  Lead Trumps,  and when you  want a Cooling  and : Refresh-  Beverage  Locals.*  FQUKD���������Ono    large wooden  uni-:, about half a mil** "it Shelter  l>, : (., on Jtmo  Ut.    Owner can  -:. "t* same by paying t'Xjittnses.  Alex. Salmoud. Comox, B. C  i C C Segriiv)' if  you want  . Piano, Organ, Sowing Machine,  .;. fiit for nil sorts* of musical in-  ,[<��������� iiMoiits, Ouinlit'ilit.i.l, li. C.  .MV.*,. CetMford, in-thor of   Mr.  L"-f-foi'd, of this city, arrived by  T-iuidf.y's boat from Harvey Sta-  iion, N. (���������-, and iiifii'ls making  ]*,--!��������� i.-fiints bore. Mr.-.' U ess ford  ���������am;;, /.ut*-. a ,'ew months ago on a*  ,.-���������':. ,;.',?i '���������etiirnt'l t,������ Hie east ������-  , ti"*, lint niier getUm': a touch   of  0,  wott  .r.*.ve. '���������;������������������: :n  tier oeeitit'U  that  this  tlio be,-t t'i live in.  :.V.*s -1.6:1:1 Ce^lcrd left by  VvY,.l 1 it'-*,cday's boat on 11 visit to  ri'i,���������*.';iv,** on Dennitin I hit'd.  Mrs. Rowan, of Kaj'aiino, moth  i*r t.f Alex, Jiowan, wU" '.no*, with  an accident at No. i iiiiny, arrived  "by TueF-Jsy-s boat.  Mt',*.. Thos. Kobiin-oti, of the  Cumberland Cafe, 1ms jn,-t recoiv-  ������.'d some exewllen/, Victoria (co  Cream. Call in and *i*,t a nice,  cool, refreshing oii-sli; ii',) delicious.  Mra. Piorcy, 01 Dhhiuiii Inland  and Mr, Fred Piore,*), have gone  on an extiindr.il trip le eastern  Canada. On t!*eir h 'im- journey  timy will oonio l,y way ,,f California .  A iuo*t sue.eessfi I 'lance wiih  given in rlit. Cum In*ri nn! Mall on  tho evening of July Twdfcli, llit,  hull wan crowded, the, nui-de, good,  and everybody un joyed 'liuiuselves  to their heart'-* content, The dance  broke up about three i>. 111,  Mr, nnd Mra. Alex, UonaM*  nnd Mr*. C< Si-gmvi* returned  homo Mfier s-jxuidingu l','vv dityR nt  tl* head of the liil'o, Tucy report  liif'ing ,|'i.,iil. u UHft I'lijuynlilt'  outing,  Percy Winch, of Latjysmith,  and party arrived on Monday, to  take in tiie 12th, of July sports.  Mr.' Winch returned to Ladysniith  on Wednesday.  Mr. and Mrs. ,1. ii. Johnston, of  Courtenay, arrive'' home from  Vancouver on Tuesday last.  Mr. II. B. Conrod and L. Alexander, of Vancouver, wero in town  last, week.  The  Purest  Mr. A. (i, Muugeani, of Vancouver, representing Hicks & Lov-  ck, piano dealers, was in to-A'ii last  week.  Miss Vivian Bate,* daughter of  Mr. T. E. Bate," arrived home  from Vancouver on Thursday last.  ���������JJissJJtoitpt-li-y-Staples^-oii-Stel���������  tier, Alberta, arrived  on  TJiurs  day hibt, and is the guest of  Mi".  and Mrs. John Frame.  The Misses Matthews, (laugh--  ters of Mr John Mattews, arrived  home ou Saturday evening hist,  from Toronto. Mrs. Matthews  met her daughters at  Vancouver.  on tne  Goast.  and made in  Cumberland.  Vancouver, July 12.���������Mr. A. D  Mediae,   Viet*   President   of .the  Miss L. Hughes, ..Naiianaimo's  May Queen, is on a visit to this  city and is the guest of Miss Lillian Grant at the  bench.  By request of a number of his  regular customers, "W. J. Goard,  the well known piano tuner, will  make n special trip here in July.  Leave orders at this office.  iS THE QREATE8T  THEATRICAL i SHOW PAPER  IN THE WORLD.  j $4.00 Per Year.   Single Copy, 10 CIs.  ISSUED tVEUBLY.  Sample Copy Free.  FRANK QUEEN PUB. CO. (Ltd),  I ALBERT J. BORIE, J'UHLISUERS,  Huhquh.        -V w, 2sxu sr.. nhw Yonr  HOTEL ARRIVALS.  *A FEW PERSONS WANTED.  Tp complete syndicate now forming for the purpose of  buying 4,000 acres of  B.C. fruit land, $50.00 cash        j  required and large profits, assured.      Send for prospectus and full particulars to the  Mrs. 'J'. I). McLean arrived  home from Dontnun Island, on  Saturday evening last.  Canadian Collieries! Limited, (taid  today, "engineers,-''under the direction of W, L. Coulson, manager  of the mining department, are now  laying out plans' for increasing  the production of uiir mines at  Ladysmitli and Cumberland". "Mr,  Mediae said -U|iey expected to increase the production SO per cent,  before tho end of this year, and  111 yeai'K henct,������will be in a posi-  tion to niine RJ,0UU tons of coal,  daily; or tlii'ee limes rlie nnioiiut  now being e.Nlracted''.    Said Mr.  Alex. Kowaii, thy Mtrathon ruii i Mcliat,.    -This of   course,  The'' following-    arrived     by  Tuesday's boat and are registered at the Cumberland Hotel:  H. Marbeouf,  S. McB. Smith,  G.J. Dorau,     ,  H. McPelvie,  J. Douse,  C. E, Salisbury.  Victoria, B. C.  I-I. W. Miller,  J. L. Trumbull,  Gei-ehett Fur,  Caleb Dando,  F..K. Dunlep,  Vancouver, B. C.  iKootenay Fruit Land Syndicate,!  ? 335 MOMRR STREET,  J VANCOUVER, B. C.  t 4>4>4>^4>&<>4>4>4>4r<r4>*4p<P*4r4>474> ^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������>.*>it>*>^44^^ j  Merchant  -<*-  =Be#lopment=Leagoe,|  tier, hnd one of his feet so badly  injured by being caught in a rope  at No. 4 mine, on Saturday even-  1 ,  ing, that iinmeiliate amputation  was deemed necessary,  \vi  The League met in the Council Chambers on Monday evening. Minutes of previous meeting were adopted as read. Several slight amendments to the  by-law were passed. A telegram  to the Secretary of the Alberni  branch, wishing to know how  many members would be present  at general meeting to take place  on Friday next; also a communication from Head Office in Victoria giving outline of proposed  meeting. Mr. Sniitho drew the  attention of the League to 1 lie  action of the Victoria Board of  Trade, who are agitating for bet-  LADIES' TAILpit-MADE COSTUMES A SPECIALTY  SUITS OlflDE TO   0$DE$ fiJ^D  IN ANY STYLE YOU LU1SH.  PERFECT FIT GUARANTEED.  Prices From $20 to $40,  CUMBERLAN D,  B. C.  JjMUl l'IU"llllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllillllll!!lll!lllll!lllli:illllll!lllllliili:i!l!!llli!!ll^  j Capital $0,000,000. Kesorve $6,700,000 1  |   The Royal Bank of Canada.  ������  CUMBERLAND   B   C  Sub-Branches at Courtenay and Union Bfty.  DRAFTS   ISSUED IN  ANY CURRENCY.   PAYABLE   ALL  OVER THE WORLD.  j SPEOIAL ATTENTION paid lo SAVINGS ACCOUNTS, nnd in*  I lore-it ut Current Rules lillowetl on Deposits of $l.0t) and uptvnrdB'.  M. P.MONTGOJWSRY, Manager.,  I  %lllllll!l!l!llllllllllllllllllllillllllll!llilllllllllll!llllllllllllN^  lillllllllllllllllllll  nieiiii thu I'liijtliiynicMit of many  hundreds of minors, in addition to  thu present   working  J'oreo.    At  prcneul c/iunoL sujiply the (leniuiid j -*1'  mail  cotuinunition   between  nnd ve.---.-nls nro   obliged   lo   wiiil. j Victoria nud Cumberland, for ur  tlierefore for coiling at, t,.e limik.lginK the necessity of daily ser-  Mi'S.  T.  Hiplny arrived  hoiue! v.,*Si j vice by   the K, & N,  exleusioii.  last week, from i.it exteudod   visit  o  i thonce by auto to Cumberland  t'<erwmnmm^m7mw^tevm^mtm%ar  to Vancouver.  TlmC. il  IL   IloMpitnl  Bonn  SIIOWNOTKS.  business transude.  Imvery iidjiM'tivt.'s hit; necessiiry *t> | nction.  jjel litisiiii'Ss for tin* Clniiiiin Com-1  P. Phiujpps Harrison  BARRISTER AND SOLICITOR  NOTARY   PUBLIC CONVEYANCING  It was moved and seconded that  ���������-��������� [the Secretary write the Hoard of  It, is easy to claim thut. you lifivc.:'pniflc urging them lo continue  held theii' regular monthly meet- ���������,ie bt,Ht H**rtw on ('n,,t,,������ 'l h 0IW.V \ in their good work and also to  ing on Monday eviming,H'li,*n l,���������- t * fool th��������� people once, but y<n ��������� thank them on behalf of this  pitnl report was   read   and   other *Jl������'t kl01 |'ilu'in "ll 'l������1'time.   No|branch of Hit*   Lcnguc  for   their  Tiie Seevetary was also: $  iiislvucled to write Mr. Temple- ,%  <*>  sumc.  of Mr. mid Mrs. (J.   H.  T.irl.,.11, !WM,,,i,t|,>,.m1,,v,."'V H,y !iml ,mn,.i"!    Upon the ballott being taken,  DUNSMUIR AVENUE  CUMBERLAND,  WlWWM������U(IIH������iMWIHOTlMWUl������y-l>BflllW���������<l  (���������.$m������m������)m������ms������3)S������������������������������ ������iy&mm&smis������&i^&9^^  They ure loo well l<nou*u. ;]n,m   ns,.inJ, Ins fiU,nJOrt to the  arrived 1.M w,,'k, ,������������������| hi I,,- g,���������,t! ,,"r iy^ tUoy   have   toiiiv.1   ll.u  Mi������������ Kl������ie Col lis, of  Victoria,'},i'"')  at their summer collage,  (iititlf)  'ulllt,  the I'nitod   St tiles   innl   Caiiiidn.  Tlii'V alwayw n,l ..'isi.-c   j.  (������)  (*)  , tbe following ollicet's were elect-j (fi  "���������'   ,v,":ed:     President,   Mr,  J.   Shaw,1 [$    , they have and nothing uiom,   An Vice-l'ie-id-'iit.  .1.  N.  McU-ot1;i(S  Mr������. Kriuik Partridge narrowly , ilii������ U their |n,si, trip it, iUU tor-'Secretary, P.Aftou; Trei������Hiirt*r,! |  twiijit'd what might luivu bt-ni a! rilory for huiu, iim,., ,,0 m,,, 'p|,omas L'icLson, Kxeeulive to! %  Hiii'ions aeeideiit  on   I'Vidiiy  htA. j.dioiild iiii^ hccing tliem and their������act wit]j 0||icevs,  Messrs Sinilhe,! *;-*  jj\jrmwuhKUit;n\\,  S. ISAKA, PROPRIETOR  PHONS 21  mermeeememremmM  J,adies' and Gentlemen's Suits Made   o n^.er  from 820 to 835    All Work First Class  Perfect Pit Guaranteed.  8  Mm. Sitintii'l Ciillioup. ,,f "Twin  (juk"   r..rn������,   Sandwii i,,    aci-oiu  lillllit'd    I,*    !||������r   V'HIIIgl'st   -HII   "(fl'lll'r  ���������riK'', \, iv piiKMiiigmv hy SiindnyV  rtg'iin^ ���������ilfrttii"!-, **ii roil e to pay  11 i-xN'ti'ii'd viwit io ||,*r uliI li*,uie  1,,    Iivin'iil,     Mr*>.   < ���������iibiiiiiii   will  Mif. I'arliidge wiih in  :���������  t*.jmvi'v- ,'a|iabh* eoiujiiiny oi piayum in the i (jartwrighl* and Dr. (iiilespie,  aiii'iion her way   to   the   Umoh.ifouifdy -'Ai.* Vou Crazy" ami en* I r.,.T.,.-.���������inmm  whon iho lioi'io hhyed at 11 piiHsing: j,,y a good  langli.    Thoy  ap|ienr* jj*   'n|j-;   J*>;TATI0   OF   Ai'AM  bir.yele, throwing   the   h���������ly   ������������iit.!H|. ilmCumUdnml Hull,  July SO,      McKlCLVKY,   DKUKASM).  .She ma piek,,| up Ulicoiieiou,, a.,1!.,,, Cl,m.t,lluV( Wl���������,f  ,;,���������.������������������   p  it wiiK thought al   the   lime,   that, .i;j,.,i '  ���������she wan .seriously injur,-*! but upon,        ' ^   mmt^������$������������@^G������<s>&������$<s������ ������������i^m^<i<^������mm������m������  IIV1l||,t,.|lt,t),     -,,f.l  Vlnit   fp'tMI'l*!     |K   I'lltl '>li-lpl,������t,.| i���������.  il  4^o  Hid   !5, -ti,!,,   !,,  *������U     !*,!*,  NjM'I't-  i������!"((l!|.-.  Nl'. v* j*"*,* Iut ui ui\ Iriend,'  .., ,,; ,,;    , *,,.,��������� ������. ... ,- ,..,   ,  r                               .    r  ..    -ft,., ...  ���������'���������. A  WilkriMini. In',*    ,f   tin*  ii.), Nil   if, if lu t|n* ^n .���������������������������!-,    Ii,,������i  V.,'*m fur li'ttiKtdf *>t, |'r . 1 \\H\, Vat,  ������.������iv.-r.    \V������* ;ru������t luul W.iif wi.J  make it t������������rij,'.i.  '���������*���������. rij-wrt,.*J that And* 1 ���������*���������������*'* liij.-  f. ���������.'.'������������������f^ ,*���������M.i    t" *i    lloiilii-V    .'.yjitl*  fm"fi Hen i i,ion linj.  !,,\*    lm-,  ���������< 1'it 11,i������ >*v   fit.-.  ������(���������������������,   'Ini   11,  I ������������������   I' I    I'    )>���������  1**1,1   *'l.  i-ui (ii'.-A 1n1r.se coutainini* I ..  , ,    v  ' ���������*   lien  ut   >.  a niiiii ol minify, i >wner ,'iiu have  .Mr*, hut ridge, w��������� tw [.leit-ed tojsana, l,v p,iyinu t.x|,(!,i������.h. Apply  itiuii, i������e���������i.viuVM.ir.gi,.|i,.ily. ItnWii," Mi'Li'lliin.   IVniith   Ave".  NOTICK IS ilKHKHY GIVICN  tbnt all claim* ngainit* the  Heinle  nf A'liin ^r<*l*"*,'l"ot'   ,|i,^(i,(t!,,/l   u'lic*  1,  ,,v,M!bi*r, !'>n*?, 1, Ut  THE  VERY BEST  PURI.IC MKKTLNG.  A Public Metiiiig will be held  into n i*h"p window*. A hi,ii'l-oiii,'������  tailor inii'ltt dre*������ took the ladyVI  fnac), h.,.1 .,!,.. loft  ������������������rli.������������.b������i.dN|int,|cSc,lool  ii���������ih|inK,ou next  7:;" to ������������������'������������������''* l' "   ,,M,W  t,,"-,y.!ThHwd������ycveui������KJulv i4Ui, at  * Ihn,.,,, u,,!t j>:1,k |iltoUl,. ,!..���������: illiJ|ltf |0t-the purpose ol dis.  I ifl Im- 11 .UUtUnrr Hlid took li.t-U,,^,^ Kr)wn) ���������mWr,. Mr, M.  ' -4I'o.     ���������'*) mi   ih-Mt    l<*,,|,   n v  tluili? I   A:llil tu   |i(H������k ������| ! "       V  ��������� lo.i't Onto how I dti-f. ! Why,  Hun litvn't ki������v*d nit fi*:- thi,,  I ,f*-.lr* '"     Iri'httl.   I .im M*rr>    (  .Uamaui, M, P, P., will I* pre.s*  ",ei.l.  1  ���������*>.���������!  on    M*  I * a* t toy f������������rlf   l.nt    n-v   ,id-*f<*r  t ��������� * ��������� '  ' I ,'*< .''' -nvI tin 'i*i������!i. Tu11.it *.  '- ir lilid *\.v li-oki-il h| Inn, ^1,.1 ^h.,  *���������  i'-L     >ln hnil fB-t>t*fi    lh**    nun    ,,:  IU*  ft  I  ������ 'i i**''i������; it, hi,-  rs  -A������  e;  !,������(,-  < biiTigc ,It,!y II,���������J iik .J,.!,;.  *iW UnUv HitUuhint.I limt ui' w.i  .iiljug r*'tight .li'ffrb'- ���������oj:\'\-.\ lm  'i'i! lit- M'nllld dflliitli*. t .4 it |>itf<  |" tlit*   ���������*>������t��������� t<*   nm,;   ������l 1.1,.    *,.    -I,.  .iiiijfbi f.iml !.'���������*,"������ *���������', M,.. I', -,r,  '��������� ,L,h tv p ��������� t*-.| f.-,* 1...������ti,u:i>',i.  \ntMtulft), duly vciiiitid, to the un-j  dcrfligiicd, on or Ucloio* iln- 20 1,'  day oi Aujitict JlUOjnnd lika ,i*������ 1  ,1,'p lint ,ift,*,' ui'i'l, iln'i' ihe l''ri','M-  trix of iht, ������<iiid Knio.fi will (irocifl j  to diHtribute Iln, HHHctH of tbo Mill  (|<������<!ft-iHc,|, titnoi'K ih������ piirtlo** etuii'i*!  ed tliotoio, h.ivio^ lvuardn only  to]  the flliiinni with   whion thoy  ���������hiillj  then buve notii-o nml   Uie Ksi*ru 1  irix will not !*������������������ H-.il h* for the  miid!  ajf-Jtl", or any |������irt iln-n.'of, to iiii.i  jx������ri������i������n  i������r iitkiii.-* of ivlnwff   flmin  nHtct' ������*hiid not liuvt, 1,,','lt iiM'mVt-d  ,y h,������r ut 1 ho limo of >uoh dUtribu  i n.  |),ii������il ut CiiuiU-rliiiil, It C. July  'U���������. JUIO.  P. ptliM IPi'jJ u\RUl<inv  Sniii-imr u.r ...s ;itA \i.iiot"������  Ks.vu 1IX  Tvy a Bottle of thi* Polish. It will  mnkw your Piano, Oi*Kan or PurnU  tur������ LOOK UIKB 1NBW   FOR SALE BY CHAS. SEQRAVE  D  II  tmmmwtweemauy mvemmmmtmtnyji \\mttvunmmmwaj  j BmemaamxxitmX bamemyjmmeBtm ammmvmKmemaem  WE HAVE HONEY  To invest in nny sound proposition,   TIMBER  ( O.VL, or AGRICULTURAL LANILS.  Make n clenr sketch nnd write fully In your first letter  if you want a definite answer.  Vzsum Canada Investment Company,  ���������FJuttu 4B, Pinole Bloolc, Vancouver* B������C.  wwem  D  i


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