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The Cumberland News Jul 20, 1909

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A\ Journal Devoted Especially, to the Interest* of Comox District*
The News,* Eighteenth: Year,
The Biggest Money-Saving Event
.... .^of the Reason;,,....
. . Come to
Prices cut in  all  Depart-
. nietits to Make a.
Never such a chance to buy good Reliable
.... Merchandise so Cheap....
JST* See our Large Show Windows and
Handbills for   Prices- and   Particulars.
Simon Leiser &ilLW Ltd
Ou aud after July 1st, FIVE
PER CENT CASH "'-Mwtynt;
will he given to all pur customers who pay their bills lu full at"
pay-day. On all cash purchases bu delivery TEN PER C'ENT
will be allowed. ';   ,
The above discounts will be
giveu on all goods except sugar,
flour, feed and can vegetables.
All groceries will  be  sold at
, regular prices, aud, we will maintain our reputation for quality
and LOWEST PRICES on all
other lines we carry.
None of our customers can expect to tulctf advantage of the a-
hove liberal diocouuts while
their overdue accounts stand on
onr books.
A full uud complete stock of
GroceHes, Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes etc., will be carried to en-
cble us to supply hotels, boarding houses, lumbermen etc.. at
'shortest possible notice.
Dunsmuir Ave        Cumberland
Some Pretty Shades of Ingrain for you tp choose from.
M ixed Paints, Enamels, Alabastiue, Varnjsli, Stains
aud Baplac, which-makes old furniture like new.
and for 1909
"" ETO
The Magnet
Cash Store
Takes  First
T. E. BATE "f
Big Summer Sale
and will he; continued untfI further notice. All Straw,
Linen and Canvas Hats at HALF PRICE.���Big Reduction in Whitewear, Blouses, CorMiit Covers, Night Gowns,
etc --lppOydB English Print, regular 15c, on sale at lOo
per yd ��� IW Jtemnanti�� In Prints, Flannelettes and Cot-
/.. tons at less than regular" coBt.-���Boys' Summer Wash
Blouses and Suits at Ptices.to clear.���Children's Sandals
75c a pau-.--200 pairs Shoes, Men's WomcnV and Children's ���Shoes,'at half regular prices.
Don't Miss the Golden Opportunity.
YYlrfMAp**^**^** -t*M*IP**��*P��-MMVI
���    *" . "'at    ���'"'
Miss Nellie Matthews, daugh
ter of Mr. aud Mrs. J. Matthews
passed the McGill University entrance exaiuinations held recently, her iuarks beiug 593 out of a
possible 700. Miss , Matthews
was only eight points below
Miss Ida Irene Vermily^a, of
Vancouver, who ranked the high
est, her marks being 601. We
congratulate Miss Matthews ou
her splendid showing. Miss Mat
thews wrote at Vietoria.
Master Lelatid Mouuce passed
the preliminary division of -ma-,-
triculation for the McGill Uni-'
versity, Lelaud ranks among
the highest passed his marks bu*
ing 283.
Miss Sndio Vator, of Vflnooiiver,
arrived hy Saturday's boat, and
during her visit will he tho guest
of Jlriand, Mr*, Pavo Itotiiols.
'���" ''wr', antf* Mr* Dougla-i Brown
arrived by Tuesday's boat,
1 ���      ���... ��� ������
Noil McFayden arrived home by
Saturday's boat.
o       ���
D.   Daniels  arrived homo  by
Saturday's boatV'!
Mi-sl Nixon, of Denman, Island,
paid-pn-intierlitml a vinit last weak.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Wall loft for
Vancouver by Satnrday's boat.
'        ' '      "�� MM    HI-
Mr, y.sDalbv arrived homo on
Tuenddijr night hUt, after spending
a few days at Victoria, his old
Dunsmuir Avenue,
{Wedding Gifts * .S��iK"
Rrtees at} Low a�� $l.oo and up to $350
The Jeuielei*
Next the Royal Bank    Cumberland, R. C.
The debate of the Local Da-
v^loprabnt>.Lo��gUO held at City
Hall lairtlSvenirig^ i^|fi^rly;fwell
attended 'and very much enjoyed.
The subject for debate was, resolved:���That tiie tyoi'k arid purpose of Vie Vancouver inland De-
velepmont Lenguo is in the bent
intercuts of R, C. Thu debate on
both fildue wns spirited and at
times waxed eloquent, reminding
one of the great orators of the
present and bygone days. Owing
to the even nets of dobate no decision Was arrived at wheu tho
mooting adjourned.
It hns been suggested to ns that
tlio debaters oluuigo sides ou th*
same subject.
Tenders are being called for thu
erection of a rectory iu connection
with. Holy Trinity Ohtirch, The
residen-e U to bu built on tbe site
next tho church.
Mr*. W. V,  Hunter and Mien
I'enii Duniio, arrived on Tuesday
���!(Vbt from I .ndvattdth Mm Hun.
h-r, during her May \"\\\ bo the
guest of Mr, and. Mrs, J, Lidille.
Rev, Father Mortens, of Comox
,was iii .town on Monday last.
'���''      '." '"'   '���*.
Chicago, July U.-^Vitliln 010
hundred yards ot the grave of
John Alexander Dowle,Hfty Moth,
odists will ��ooq enwt.a church iu
Zion.CiJy to coat $JO,000. This
is tho first determination to attack
I)owiei��iu in tlio eity of its founder, and a fight to a finish' 1* m.
���pqotod. Overseer Vollra is said to
have declared that he would rather
have a saloon in tho sacred confine*-, of Zion City than a Method-
i-tt church,
��� * - ���'- "��� ���� ' "i1 ���   ������ - ��� ���"-
Agent* for Uulon Brewing Company's DEER and
PORTER.      Wholesale Dealer* iu all Kind* of
Wine* aud Liquors.
postmaster Nunna  expects to
move fntn flu* i,��-.u* **nn* ntHrv> WTt
New Wostmlnster, July 15.���
The Provincial police expect to
secure the otber bodies of t!.o five
girls who were drowned yesterday
while on * picnic to Alceville, nonr
Ikrnot, aliout tun mile up the inlet from Vancouver, Tho |wdy of
Miss Ankers wh* brought to the
Hiiffiieo soon after tlio accident,
aiid Minn ftnck'# body was secured
last evening, "\Vith botter ippli-
auoos for grappling taken out tin*
morning, the bodies of May aud
Annie Murphy, and of Alfhibls
Paulsen will be draped for again
to-day. _
Take'ttotice that at a*flieetnij5
ot the Shareholders and Direct-
ors of the Pilsener Brewing Cam-
pany, Limited, held on July 1 oth
1908, John C, C. Schnoor, was
removed from his office, of Director, Manager aud Presideut of
the said Contpauy, and further
at the said meeting Jofaaunes K,
Schnoor was removed from his
oflice as Director aud Secretary
of the said Company.
Per P. PHii.urrs Harrison,
Company's Counsel.
At St. John's Church, Como^c,
ou Saturday, July s'-yth, Riiulda
Mariuelli waa nutted in Marriage
to XHiB Serafina Maria Tu am n,
l>otli residents of Cuusberland.
The marriage cereaotiy was per
formed by the Rev. H. iierteus,
��� ������ ' 1   V 'Am, 1. im
* London, July 15.���.teaoph War
tin has been enoaen Liberal can-*
didste for East fit. Pancras. in
place of the sitting Liberal mem-
bar, Lea, who is retiring. Tlio n��r,
malLibeial m��j irity l�� aWut 2000,
T, Caroy is orectiug a now ro��i-
donee on Maryjiort Avenue.
,1 ~���*^���^
Noxt regular trip of W. J.
(niaitl will Imouor aUmt Nov. U\.
Uavo orders at News oflice.
Mr. and |tr��. j. N.  McUol
arrived home from   lh*  J2tli  ��>f
July ccLbvutiuu at  He*   \Ve*l
minster, by Tti*wd��y*a boat,
��� "- ���  ��� -
Mrs.   W.  Merriflald    armed
home by Tuesday'* Umt,
Of all Dressed Muslins, Prints, 4 Ginghams
Fancy Piguntd and Plain JWaatint,
���|���, ,  ���nn ��� ���      in ii   11 i liimu ���nm i     -
Saftt'arfriet 18 to40* tor to Salle
AllVueyOrawOtafl___uiMl>m(-ln U l-S*
������i��� hit., i i ���iiani^^t���iiffciiip i.^������ , m,,mmi'mnmMwii��M'm,m in*   ww   ������wi��� i i nm w ���!���*!���i-Wi- i_iiiip-___p��������*_�����*w�� ^
hUiea' Vedereeate. Baffvlat l��*80a ...auZam
������     UaamlUm...   7��c
""*""�� ���������'��� ��� "���'   ������-    ���     - ���'  ,     ���'   , ,��� - ��� �����.�����     i    i    ���,m.     ~���mm.-~~~m.
M��mema,*Uami$rUaee9ea.......... ter 10a ejeet
mUm'aUeamm%au..........., .....99a  ���
CAMPBELL BROS. ���r&fc m&8; cvHmiiVAM'ti. i&����i��U:WWtiism
Tae Giiiiiteiic iijffs
H-ivd   Ev.ery   Tt.e^a.*   by  the
kpmox   &   Cumbspfand
^ut^ishipg  Company.
/This }>aper wilj jjut Iwli **Mf.J
yespousible for the opinions ofyjth-
****.,���.& may appear in its coliufynsj
^r|0��j time to .tijruft.. ^W,
���TUESDAY,   JULY- 2,0. \m,
TA^g NOTICE tfcat ��? ,��xvti,fu4Joa
will be a?*-J�� to Uy> -LoRi'l-t yo ArafiffiWy
,of tbo Provjoco of Britifli Cn.,u��J^i�� *t
ji* n��:t 8��gHoa (<jrjSn Act in-yriuifettB*!
fjba .Campbell Iti,T��r Power </,i).p#ny,
/.in-ited ���.jih all the ooautys kiy# v'o |m>w-
^i* nompuniea .under ti}�� ")��&(*? Afit,
1009,** ond _ j- tfye purpose o�� 4,-.fiff>rn}}ng
tot the Catu^ell Riy.er P.ojra-r. ..oj^pauy,
jLimi^ed, a C��rppan-y iaeorporaf/U jiiifay
the "Comi, ftiesAct, 1897" 04 #ia l?tb
,day pt April, 1909, all tbe rife-la**, iMAf/erai
/Md priTJlefos cpntmueid tfi Lo Vom-
joiny't ilemsrajodumpf Astccj. i<>ji,y.Ji*vch
ure art out in issu,c cfihelu-jtiKh*.'. hm biu
jiiazett** ,of 2,2nd day et Apl, 'S'-! it* P'JK**
J5G7 anil 1.A6S, sad also u}) y/gf li-
penc-B aud vi iyilego* heretofore ur Jiere-
;r_fter ItjCajtcl,or aj plied tor or ���'ti.iued,'
and iu par.tcular, but-Q'lt.B.wiii ,v lin.it
ttlio geaoraiiiy of the for^{oi..i, i'.f the
^allotyiuc p(uippMB*���
(a) -The.f��~_:ructioa or ope--Hon of
���ftolsB or tli* sitpp'y ��r utilix..:o,i of wa-
^ruadertlieMVpterAct, 1,%!),-''
(b) To apply for 0o4 ohta),: nfttlfr th*
provision* $)f (th? "Water Act. liWV!
^ to pijidi**?', orlpfherv'is- ajttifir, water rec* id*,or viator lioe'-cwi.
(c) T�� aupwly wator fp,- 4 ���pjMi'f ����� pur-
j)o����i..as flaptioil by Jtha"-^^-* '..;-i, 1909"
iuperaetiji    companies, incoipiiiat J -pd
jjiiinoorpornted municipaliti,*.'?,
��� (d)   ji�� ini'Hi^',e^*r/)'#n<) ?*������,;*���}' goa to
consviraerg^ sjiJ tpr *vich n\if\-tym t' bnjild
_L_#imittin,8iid,op9rafo3-���i)l g.e^js#rj*Jj{jild.
ptf��, insebinery and plant.
(*) ?".�� conatrijtof, eqqip, c--,er4<�� and
Maintain telegraph upd fo), p ^us sya-
���terns and l/pea.
; (f) To 0 u��trjf,ot, nperapeiH},}' tifin*
fmio, am! improve house*, f��c,o/'jeia; ware-
Jioi^s-s, slfuga, wjiarvpi, fjniidj (���'.. .aroi:
tiong, ifo-rki pp(J c6s��jn��ifl*.(J'?>*l. ��^ al)
((f)   To construct, rperaty n*,fj jpnin.
lain eJp<*trjo worL*8, po^tf -a,f 1 y. ittmtarp*
ing plaut md sppL otber a iivunieucpi
,as nuy J>e none^anry fqr spni/'tili^ ��/e^.-
^ioity,     . '
(h) Prcduciugf pojyer if, ifi/ tft^^Pr
pad of nny kind. ';..-������
|i) "JjiiBifttia^ ejucjtf\o\ly t.ir jigj-b
Jiaat, pover, Uija MpPf'tj-Jfi if *RH����j
���cgium atiil mwj^inery of ef|f -kin,!-,, VrQ*
Ml log tnnp)yaV#, driyi*3��, k��iHii|)K, llf^
inft, erjjuWujf, stnelijajr, diiljup, '���>t}|iH|jf,
nr tot iuy'stber pinpose fuf fli, u ft
ty) i-fi-v?, tftMp. d'pi:�� or 1*4 p,oi,H"OJ
���ii' 1 ..���/ rthur p'i-.i-��*.".
ij,' fj-ia!:),i.,-ti,!;: "li-.C*,r
i'l-rw 0;' (!i-M.'ii.;.(d ;;ofti.
null,*; uuiy he u,*.-d by   ��:.y
C-Iltiililiv, i'*jf*..ij|:'t:i;)1 :.,. ,.,'      ��� ,
(ji, .J.-'-T.i.i*M*Ji-toif >>H*f>r a I ������att-r-
fo%it ayail^le/*/oj^ m��, apBJ,j)*.}ju apd
tUHlrlbntt''** hf oraotio-y dpi?)-*, j |i���rpf.jug
^h*i head ot water ip ��uy pff.t tiu U <\7 "f
^.tor, ojr ���'x'-ouding the >��r#�� ��.-��_.**<*' f. d^
f_nl^'j tlio iy��tp�� of aiijc aifrafo, piin,|.
o|rlal*p, (ntfi aijy ty\m phoflll!'1 UT M-i��a-
tela, la>hnf or '*r*ey*p nr\flUioi>l,t\iiiito\
y\ut, pr wire, flpnitiuetfag i^v r.^wuy,
r**i��v��ir, iquedi^t, moir*, tfi,r.*f. i^ itdiNtfi
���r oiji.r ."reptjo.1 or finlfi * |ij |, i,.��y bt
roqu(i��4 iu eonwctloit��|tlj (I i< ,jn ,iby��
ftfeat aud Ufa cf tli�� finid waja, .'(*| ��atpr
?L0w��r, flr by ityofioif*, ruuami' u. ijrif-ail:
po,, l~.-*rovini,*, ropnirtug pr iu j t,.|nir,(-
any nm **uol) wm-Li, or any |��i>rt Mn'i-puf,
(k)   Cp-wprpwln^ ijjr and  um.jiff  \\}p
(I)   l-l-piutf, itlnklnfr,  Ji)|/,^   fifing,
*t|u.n'��i;,'n.': ifud  *.l),uri*3^ i*V l,|'�� f|n.w,'L
,   ;i*i      ,, ��jj�� lull. 1       t'J*. i-rlBl"*
** .    ,' n*;*;i p'j.cl*, ��� >��� ���'   1, > ". 1-'
��� , tiiKii *i .1, t.*io,iir,i.,i i/j ", n.'ii'i
ii;,11 .niiil* 4u��-,rutlii . ;��i���nti|��
pi Mtfrxt i.%''"itufi, "*.((! ,'t)i nteett,
y\,', ; -*'u., l*|i|��o'aB�� i��n,l i*|,l;,', ��� ��� i(jt*j,itl
��'i ".thi aodmsihin^Mil it"*/ *ay
t!,��tirl�� ]\*a, o��i}ie. na*u*it(t:o< oth*y
* ������ < "*r- ffi'fHrH(ii') ib r. ^ la***' H" t����M��
(,..(   :.'ni.t.-|irt|i'7, i��i!Jnt*|ttiV   Mjt',!��������
. ������ ��� : ...������.��!.. .! ��,j'.1|'i. \fa- ,���.. V i't't*\
>,* '(II. ���* :f,��|��"_*��y ��� w A ������ ��� rt��a*'">H*7
-.!*ti.-:     i'   * * ����H    r,||r  |,|| ll.) ,'Hg-
*' - ������"   -.it.iiJi*"', -.��� ' <���( *' ;,i,l*< ('f vtliiitl'ta
!'.,.���.,. ii*-,i, ,hi..*'v nt uripnnr in fl��ni"M-
:..*, .ill.., .-., A.*v.;v-.-.. j .\*\$, aafvaa
..'.;.i*.c..5iB,in-,v,i' ������ ��� *,l*kn��-*^r-*iil
.,,v*..��, V.. 'i.fa, BU'iif, ��p ft. Url'l^ ��f
,,��ii-mayiy ii*��*��fi^4tn bt Ut��N��)rUi*
mtmta-Mi^.a^i^mme^ma* t*l*yamd
nwrr*-** pflx "wl*)����� i��M���� fi'ii^MIt*
���f-%ui��,*��y MmuM ���"ba^n|||l
.1) T.| 1-.��, n*,.ift|r n��4 ci.r y jn-wm
;������,'���*. HSf-^UB**'!* UP'tfcH'lll'i ...Mil*
,..,, th* fHa^ujf, l��|t wjfwt4��iap*-��*
���t .f er*t ��r ��mt w v ti* ���<(��������#���*. m *J^
(*,|����p^)iBg (NfiHRiaif wj K* mlrW-r,
^tM.^��ia*d .��.���,��# im*. Mli*n _�����.��������*
j sin.'; ,���;:.;* .vscj*^, ro��-it) and ��, leetn.
(q) Tx?-*er��^rWpoJeB, peats, piU-ri-, lamps
flo W, v>ml npy other ��i paratnB jin or np-
nn hi%wtratti.-i.o+di.. atifeta .or *b vine*,
or mgaimrt any- wajli ergfited on tha f am* or
\ad; ininrtt jthtrtjtio.,
. 4-yi) Tke ttm of w^ar or water-power
fur hydraulic minimi pnrp.>aM and for
_nl*j,0|, fffametmototiffg, industrial aad
Hifwferww#' p^r.oae-.wtjti'srthan Uie4B��4)r
er-atvjno.feleotriei^,;-...'.',.  ,   .
(1) To dig tro_che�� ^ dr��>n�� ifud
.tUftrainto lay oubl����, liftta ami wyrn, aad
to pat electric cablet, hmtg, wife*, ajuit-
chaa, and o-pfteuting boanU f.om jts^ oa-
btoa, lin-e an,| wirwi jo, j/n^er, a^ppg, or
acri'B*  all ronda, hf^bwaya.^trp^a  ai.d
*,riJiW^ �����<? TW�� tW��8 ����� ��>"����� �������.#���**'>
r.nioye, i��vl.a<v, r��j^r a_4-r-Jay ajl or
any a-ch cablee, Ijaea^ j^^f, j����i��oJies
l��) Jaja^Mfahy p^rokaM of otter?
wiae, tha rigb'i jt* ate and enj ��y f-leotrie
</raay (/[her pow^r already d yelpyed hy j
jotUeri at r^y point qr jwlata.
(t)   fo pooattDfip, raajajtain,  _ft��f, m-
jRftif#��4 "-enw dayipeg ^ ffijBpujitjnj;I
?|��b*i t��J��Jt *$* V��WPr. I
,(���) To ��#l or Je|t -for ����p; ljght, h/eat,
pow��r, n#d any $u4 all d��y|,csa an,(| appar
ami mo * for wewnrjn-j thaatme, or o h-
erwiae n��e4 in P��nne^ jop wj*^ (be cum-
pnny'a bwJweaB an4 wprjpa.
(v) To 6* rajtca a��j} fratgA* f9r t,he
uao o^ Ijtgbjt, haat apd po^er, and tbe
carriage pf gooda a^.d p^a����ngflra.
(w) T# T^ulre all parsons *spf liai
wifh ajaotr^c IJKbt fft p|#ce and uso oply
/*nfih lsffipfl and -ppliawiea aa ara fUtore*.-
id by tJjjB Gop_iM��ny.
(ww) To aall, assign aad tranter fo
any other p>n|iauy Ja*fully ampowerad
iu that bahalf it iipeaaje or li.qineta, un-
4��W��** WJ ��**��*�����.
Datpd at Yiptofja, ��, C,, 4pt^ Jfi-.h,
B^liNAUp^ K09ERT30M,
Soijjcit^i for tbe applicants
<������*,    any
I Mi  Mw
:* i. iilr'-.v,'
am j men ua., ..,-yw
MaJfoa YWr EXPENSES light;
'���"*��.y������WW Ugh
PW_�� SftOM TOtfl
" rami
Grqrti $p<*rt at the
TAKWKOTJCE that ����V'-to*ia
IfltRllw anu Mn,ni|fnptuijng pom -
panf, J-Mu'd" jnu.id'n apply {
(or puiipiMion tr�� lasso HiefoUoifinR
l^.irihml fatr dnsra lindij-
Onnini��B0|i,(j at 8. W.  corner
i'MPMl/ (^IIMIPU ��.|>��t<��V4t|on)i
liivii.p oof th .t.ad mr-ttpriy a Jong
|1)P high wat(>r nwit to �� point
e>iut* thnt bofttu arossas i|oush,
following hoQW ��orpr,�� |u hlxh w����cr
,.,���4a, t{i.��woc a','M�� l**i��w mi*
liu|idr-��HMX)) M to mwjth of tho
A��urtfpay or reat-^dis Him to a
pail p��araad (ijj tN>oo�� loutlt
��a��*mty [70Jff��t to Ipw watpr mark?
Ulrica along Inv wahtr mark to
iK^fii a��r����s�� 'jmjflii follow lioom
at THE Bia
Grand New Preipium Scheme,
Tbe following articles Given Away;
6R0WTH er eRysTAU
A Mystery of H*tw�� T*>at tf * Puz-
zHe ty fhe gfie.ntjj^a.
One  of  the ^e^tes.t mysteries  ja
the world is the j_r��\W.th <>f .crystals,
��nd one fit fti& *mst dahghtdyl occu-
Stations of p?en of science is the search
ot jhe $ryst4tixi iom? ii**t niom
Iho mnpetwis ot geology apd mine*ra^
)��sy. Tlie^e js something almoeit
stertljng jn th,e .suggestion pt lifelike
forces presented by -the regpjtor
shapes of Qiany crystals.
There M ,�� fe.mafka^le feisemblance
between crystalline growth nnd Uie
growth of animals and plants, espe
Sterling Quality���Tea Spoons,
Dessert Spoons, Tablespoons, Fonfes,
Knives, Butter Knives, Sugar Shells,*
etc.     On exhibit in our show win^
.dows.     C^il md get card with parti.o
Hilary, only limited number to be issijed
Simou Ueiser& Co, litld-
Dunamulr Am,
^A4A^994y4>eMrf **������**���������<��
ta.i    i "i , 'iiwimi-n11!1111 'i ii"  ���* .111 .<*��. j
FOUNP-VollowWi Jjrnwnfe*
f-1-alp dog, kind of tleorlioiuid, well'
trained, it tiut claimed within tun I
dnys, will ha shot, Appty, JJoraca j
Hfiiith. sr���B1(��flkCrp^, j
June 2nd, 190H.J
arsistent Advertising
rofit in every kind 6f business,
���'''''. ... ..>*���-���-���   ' ��� ��� ���
The Qolumnia o( the News are al*-
ways open for more Advertise.
ments;   Try a good big ad.
In Jcb Printing we print anything from a
to a
cially iviith reference to the power of
peaUpg and *rj.pai^jin^ injuries..
If some of jthc loj-vest and simplest
forma uj animal l^fe are torn asnndejr
(they ate not kj.Hed, feut each separate
fart gn>w8 into a pcrfeet animal form.
ti plants this power is much niore
completely deyeloped, while crystals
possess it to an astonishing degree,
jtt has even *beei*i shown that a crystal
.that has Ijeen injured will under some
circumstances suspend its growtii
over the remainder of its surface until the injured part has been repaired,
"Yet (there is no real life in the crystal, but simply .a force that causes its
particles to arrange themselves in
geometric forjns,
Some crystals, it is believed, have
had their growth suspended during
pillions of years, after which enon-
mous lapse of time the growth has
fjeen renewed. Such a process would
be impossible to animnls and plants,
although some imaginative story writ?
ots have treated their readrrs to wonderful accounts of suspended anima*?
tion in man.
In one ^pect, ji has been pointed
out, crystals possess a great advan?
tare over >human beings���they are
able to renew their youth. This is
not because tljey have discovered a
eounterpart ot the marvelous fountain that Ponce de Leon so vainly
searched for, but because the forces
Of trystallization are able to renew
their action wen aftor the greater
parf, of a crystal has been destroyed
through age or accident.
Straightened  It Out.
Ar��hbishbp Mageo was oriGe present
a{, a full dfess debate on the eastward
position, wbjen doubts were expressed
as to the exact meaning of the words
"jjeforc the .table." After a speesh ot
��� and wrote.-" "As to the phrase, "The
piper player before Moses,' doubts
have arisen. Some believe its mean?
ing.to be that the piper played before
j Mosses���that is, at a period anterior
to his birth. Others hold that the
pi|>er played before Moses in tho
sense uf preceding the great lawgiver
when he danced, while others teach
that the piper played (coram Mose)
before or jn the presence of Moses
when the son of Amrtm dined. All
f,bese are wrong, The phrase is to bo
understood as implying that the piper
played ut tiie north end of Moses,
looking soul})," The document waa
handed up to Archbishop Tait, who
Ioo&kJ grnyg,
' Th�� F��te of Fogliu.
What is said to be the' most extra?
, ordinary teat of criminal vengeance
' op record happened at Algiers in 1881),
. A man named Poglio waa nrrested by
I the Fr��*n��h police at the instance of
the Italian Government. Ho was bust
i pseted of complicity k. a Sicilian
murdor cr|mft. mid it was known that
ic- wits a niember of tlic Mafia. In
jr)1 |ie -jvoakonod and promised to tell
gi thd i*ho|o story on condition that his
gj He me, spared. Two mornings later
��Z * hi^ jailer, visiting his coll, found Fog-
Ho' on tho floor, stabbod to tho heart,
���Tha daffgor wag still in tho wound,
and on the (jody lay a eernp of paper
wi|th tho words, "8o perish traitors,"
in" Italian, To this day tho mystery
of thnt dentil wound has nevor been
Quran-it tfelWnf Nawipaperp,
The/* )s a nuoer little romance hid.
(Jqp in the page ef Dobrett devoted to
Sir'Honry Kellott, Hart., whoso iul-
rjiss is giyon us High stroot, Kew,
Molljourmi, Viotoria, AiiRtruliii, No
Jiint.lB glvon t|wit this (uldress ia a
liov/i aenney rand stationer's shop, ol
ivhiph Sir ftenry is pronriutui*. To u
rooont intorvlower ho said he did not
uie his title because, ho added, "li
The editor Ultfis hoys, they are
$o .often abused subtly, And he
often regrets th-ajtJjasir't tiie power
to *n)ph��Bijie tj>.i�� fact? A hoy c,ai>
have a better feiinp as & polite and
Wje!l-iehav,ed boj itiiangn a rough,
flavjng passenl threugli jtlitf mill,
we know, svjifin a hoy, we did no
many unnecessarily ftolisli things
that ^e JBpe��d w?e.8j of our time
no\y in blushing. Jlere is ine
thing that boys cn��i think of with
profit; Good boys are always ad>��
mired. By a good hoy we do not
me*n a sissy or a mollyaoddlo. A
good boy can hnve 3 better timo
than a boy whose parents are always worrying abo��t him, Thero
is nothing which promises a good
tin-ie that a,good boy may pot do.
The mean things boys do always,
cause them trouble, And \ye firm*
ly believe that the boys ajre gom-��
ing better all the time, Yesterday
we witnessed a boy ba|{.- ganio,
without hearing an oath or rough
word, A boy should always bear
his future in mind; he is rapidly
becoming a man, and it is uncomfortable to oecome an unsuccessful
man. Therefore, boys should remember that good boys t>i-e the 'flr.'fc
to be offered positions. Employers are always conteiiing with each
other for the good bo)e, -E.\",
��� The Merchant Prince h^d sent
for the Faithful Olei'lf, who con*
fronted lm master tremblingly. (.
"Jenkins" said   the    Alerehanr
Prince, "you have been in niy eiu��
ploy for twepty-tiye years."
--Ates^.'JJaltered the Faithful
.S)*Al.Et)TRNDEHi addrca>ed to
Iht unbtrilnned nnd endontd "Tender
foi flictric li||it Avturti ftc, fer iht
rojl OMee hodd^u CumhifUnd, fl.C"
will be rewivtd until ft>0Q P* M., on
Mondiy, A��guit8, IfiuO, lor the
f*5rW ���*r)i��nt,lofn>-!i
Tender** it\\\ nflit >*��e wn^dftrwl
UU)im cq��de upon, $nd ip accord-
onet wjtb poodltion* oontainod in
f-.mi (orniibtd ty Dnpirtmeut,
Plant _nd apwlflefttion to be Men
on appllpattoo to Ur, J*i. Stewart,
CUrk of Worki, Cum>r|md. B.C.,
nnd at the p*p��rim��at of public
Work*! Ottaw*.
K��oh tendfr ip-qit be iccompnn ���
led by an acenpted chtque *,ii a
chartered btek, m��de pnyablo lo
t!���� ordpr of the honorable th^ Min-
*.m��t ���_ loir fli-tcr xv.'-'ik; lhcn.ee
a^,^ ppw,.r, fMb f ����i��lMi���� it-rut-j��ouif�� ami eaiturlv nlont luw w��ier
tM.arAaimxeaaraA,       . , m,k i0   #,��� ,# eowir._��_��i*iil,!i,i" ��f ru,,,io Wof W�� i(��^*, l0 ,eu
ad.maaahotr^tf^r: *e   r**x.\l*��.***\*********** [IJh.Ue. *   "   !'d0^
mk��*.aer*eaor ebatwemj ta Pifa>4%|     m__4 f._ ,���__,/, _T_._.    I rArUt<K\)N  1K������KK,
fmY-wayi, oail* *tteata, b��-������ *plp-r
pmrnaej aimt pent m*e f�� ~i,-j*.)i>aae
tejamjeaeere, rna4e ami t*r*f>* ****ere,
ay\*\.im^ trfte*- -f ���*�������*( 4i��* art
Atwnt f����r Vie ortu l.urnt-fir tad   j Beei��farr
MM-fteiurtng Oonpiny, Umbra).! !>fPi,im>*nt of Pohlic Worki.
r.r*yu\9\ ^ntw Hih, \ety.
BKALE1) TKNl)Klt�� nd .tmad
to tbe updarcigned and ���itdoned
���T^mlor for Toit Oflice Fittlngi for
the Cumberland, If. 0., Poit Oflfloe
llulldlna," trill bo received until
8.00 P, M,,on Monday, Augunt'9,
1909, tor thi�� work muiUion*J,
IVn'^w n>\\\ not ho ?��r-}tder<*d
nuk���� Made uuon, and \u *<;wl-
in.��� with conditioub contained in
fortnf furolihsd by tho Department
Plani ��nd ipeuifl-jfttion to be
���ipmj on appllptiflcn   to   \t*   yn��
8tef*rf, CJerk of Workif Cumber
Und, 9. C��� and at the Department
of Public Worki, Ottawa
Kaoh tender mu��l be aooompan*
ltd by an accepted elioque on a
clwtor��d bank, made iviy.iblo t*
the order ef thn llonmirtt,h!n tht��
Miuictor of Puh'ic Work*, "qu/il to
Um pvf cent (10 p. c.) of tlu
amount *,f the tender.
JW order,
Oepariment Jf Pulllo Worki,
Otiawa,ivy 13, HfOU
would bo. absurd for Sir Henry and
Lady Kollett to bo soiling newspapers
from bolilnd a counter. Sir Henry
had a hard struggle to build up hW
suburban newnpnper ngonoy, workin.
from early dawn until midnight, but
the buaincai is now fairly flourishing,
���'Twenty-five yearn ti-day is it
not?" ������
"Yet, sir. Tbapfc yon, sir, ft r
remembering it,"
"Tut! Tut! You have been ai)
honor to the I-Jonse.''
"Thank you ngaii) sir,"
������fYou liuvo proved yourself wop
thy of my confidence."
"Oh, sir!"
"Yon have grown gray in my
^'*Yes, sir."
"Jenkins, na a slight token off
my recognition of this fact 1 havo
a present for you. J*rny accept this
bottlo of hnir.dypj"-���Wonuin'a
Home Companion for July.
Lord lioa-bory hns ileoidod to
take leave of the ^ibernl party.
lie is going to write a letter ii��
which he will give his rtmsuB foi*
bo doing. It will take more thnii
11 letter from tho distingnit-ht'd
peer to stem the tide of Kng) is!)
democraoy. Tho 0 mntry is pas-dug
through ono of tho many orises
which seem iiccc_snry fur the full
development of British institutions
.One might fear the outo.mm, if it
wore not for the liusou of l^nglis])
The Saturday 8un��i)t recently
During IU"e*_rV'eia^1to'tr^t^'"a'entoi'(itl upon its third your, nm
dog to carry newspaper* and assist ;,_    ,;..,..,.,   ,r       ,.,.
him jn his work,
A lecturer, talking of ooonomy, oit.
od the oaio (if a leading ludy tu told
to lilm by hor manager,
The niunoior one Monday night
entared a leading lady's drraslng-rooni
With a hugo bouquot in his hand.
"The florist just sent thi* ovor, witli
the 111))," he murmured confidential,
ly mm hia hand, "f 11 luivu it-cr
H/��N)wn on at tho ond of Uie trial
MM*. eh��"
��>To, don't throw it or," mtfd the
leg-nm ihuy-   "ixit an uslior hand
7" want uruae* Jt   7i"jS "TlTjC
A Olplamatlc Pottpenamtnt.
"J thought you wore going te bo
' * thla month," laid tho Ull
I liad expected te be," Mid the
blue eyed girl, "but I have put It off
throe mon-Wia beaause my birthday
���gto-M thla month, and if I gat mar'
"-1 -k^j my ���rdd,n* anniveiaary
and birthday will como right tegoihor
In fwtere yaari and I'll got only half
aa many prawnta, Ucauaa evurybody
will make one present do for both
Oraaplng tht Ohanei.
Tho pantomime   in   a provincial
tewn hoa fallen very flat, and tho
Eiager ia cativmflly amious not te
an opportunity of intu-ing energy
his eaat,
Umitidi_ii--t cau'i go on ter a minute, afar.  I feel fanny.
Skoaecr���Funny t Great Scott,
pan! Oo on at onoo and make Ihe
pwal el it white it teete,
tho bright Vancouver weekly
is receiving well-domim-d con ���
gratulfitioiiB from tho press of tlm
provfuoo, Titer* U te) ptibllontlon
iu Caiiftda that fetter reflects the
spirit of tlio >Yet��t, nnd while int
often a* not, wo do not find 01^-,
solros iii porfeot agroumeut with
iti views, it !��� iv paper thut ia nl-
���wiiv* wehvimed to onr ��xrihain��n
tnlttenpd read with hitewmt Wn
are glad to know that from 11 ti,
uanoial stflndpoint the Saturday
Sunset hag proved n succeas, ami
u*c* ircpt !hitf t'i" fntnreln-) 1" *t"ro
for it a loug career of increased
proap-rJty ��nd u��-pfulnoa��,���Vor-
iioti Now*,
"We heartily endorse the above,
���Tiie CmnberJen-l Neiv-i
Get your Job Printing
done at the News.
Mr. W, J.   Hoard Ii*ft on tho
������<Jjty of Nanaimo1" for hia itomo
in Vaneoiiier, on  Huudiiy   11101-
{11 ing. after having a wiy ��ucce if ul
ri*il to *h\ MbwlwtuV &  ims   ^TiWS," CUMBlSfel.AlSI������,  BRITISH   COLUMBrA.  ������  A purely herbal bain;"cost  thing -for tho terwJoi* siilns of  children, yst powerful enough  to heal tn adtilfs ohi-onio sorg ;  . highly ohtiseptlof eases'pain  aridsroartingsooa as applied-  ifi*ftt; Is 2am-Bu!ci Jfornembor  It ie-purely herbal���������th mineral  polaane, no animal fata. Power  and purity combined!,������������������*, >  7N#)N fcj.  CO-- .<>'��������� l'-C Lid  .i   ���������. ;   ���������'    j  3������"  AtHrmtstUa aa^.rtmttm $md at^SOc. m max.  NOTICE  Any person-Oi" persons, eu tit ing,  removing or talcing any blocks,!  timber or wood, of.aiiy.deser-iptiodn;!  itiolonging to the W,el*Ungiton Co!-;  jiery Co'y.,, or froin .or off the land  (ot the said Oompauy, wili bo pros-!  rented ,to ,1110 full extent: of the law.':  ^     F,   D. Little.  ���������Superintendent  Wel'J-iiiigton CoMiery -Co,y.  1IEE  The drink of strong men and healthy women.  .Drink. U. B. Ci 8ohenpian  The UNION BREWING Co.,  B.C.  N McLEQpS  ;;PftR>IJlST-CLASS s;  ���������^NlWi JfRtilTK "-"V"-'  '   CJC.ARS * TOBACCOS  tcA-'.-|l<i   ���������:   iTi-'l      '���������"tWii.'fl   VailO'li ������������������.?..  Nit-jcii ,10, IJiiion, Itoiuwt, \Uy  tiie  eteel (/lycle bujituin >prt*vv  ';    ^.'fiteanrr ^OWldijfATSf"  .>>...;  SiiUing aa under��������� >.... .,'. -.-.  lii.i.t-b ">'i coivi*', Snt���������r<l,u '8 ran  A,nves ^Hiviumo, hntumay 12 pm  An ive* |Jjunn, Sun4ay..fi������ ni -  Aitiv'etOvixi'vx,   Sun.'iij 8 a m  u       JLea������e$ t'Vnox.-SuniJ.iy <t p m  '       jL^avAb Uij'oj ouudriy-op m  ATrivo* Ntaaimo, Sntidny 11 j>m  Ai rivoo V'uuuouver Monday ^ a ������,   _  Stnge leaves Union tw- Cupiboi'awl every Si ndav in,mui,.!���������<.*, iu jMtt] of "COW *  KttL\NT;"*i,d W������h, Gywoeijaud Hotel  it' 1 p iu, 'cojiueoti'itf -tith steamer ut  Ui-Aiou.  '   "       9  1LAND A<DT, il^PiERT WSTRICT.  TAKE NOTICE .ttiat NmipMli Leke  j y^igiiiiig  Company, Limited, intends  to  Apply for pennisH ,ii *tf> lease the follnw-  ing d serib d for--shore lands:���������Oommeu-  ������,'ng nt n p st pi listed S,-,utb 45degnoe.i  ���������IS minutes, jEiat 200 fe-tt.-npi ihe South  E :s' c- mer <>t Ind-i .<n Reterve -ailjoiuinK  (the North Bocm-laiy of Sec iou.2,  Town  eh'p 1, Rupoi-t, District, Vancouvrlsl-.nd,  lthence. f-'Uow-'nghigh wat r mark South  <G!)-20 East, "?99 rnliu���������&���������*} North -8? dog o-s  ���������20 IniimteR Mart -438.5 ii,inutes::  Sontb 7*1  ripgnes Uf mniiVtea JSa-t, 193   ,i;i,qul.e :  JKiMh 21 degrae ,   16 minutes lint. 7Q0  .m nntPE:: Noijtl, 7'Odeg.oea Weat,, 1394.4  jiiinuteR:   Suutl,   41   degrees  45 mir..uten  -West, 7u0 niaiuos rooro.or l-iavto the  jliee of beginnii-g, <s- iitaiiiinj*   S3 acrei?  \,, jmo.-eor loir". Loch ted March-2,7th, 1909,  I   ; Ni.mimciI.-w Laics Lo.fiCi.su Qp, .Jjfa..^  es, implements,  Incubators, Etc., Etc  lier A. H., .STJSJUW, Agent,  rf Vauco*, ver, B.. C, |L"gger.  ���������Vjncouv.er, Apr.l 15.h, 1.009. .'5  ���������**ff'������^������������T*-'t^'^}^i^-*y*j'***j*  Dveiy Tool  For the  Farmer.  Walworth=Rolstori Go..M J  Bi, ;g**BOLST0N,  Mahaging Director  H������*lrH**H~J-HH*-'  Prices   and  Quality!  guaranteed  't ������^������a?������������?a������T*������T*������T������*J-������*T***T-'^*������ta ���������''  oWfrTyJT7"^*  I AND, ACT* RUfBRT  WSf BIOT, ���������  Sec E, C. Emdf/ Rgfent, Crj-nob-apiand, B^  "0  ���������TAKE NOTIOE ffchi.i   NirapWuh Luke! .  ' ILri*ZRinge*--flap������ny,   Ljiui'tcid,  iiiteuds to! *{        ,..-._,.  fJ,-p   ,-,,*-  mppiy f-rpwnHssiofi tol<w������the(ri'Jw.!T:aQ0 'fCCOl315DJC;..  ji���������'({ilesci,ib*;lfi>i'o-'hirel������'.nili': Cifismenc- i������  ���������ing at ������ post pi iiited nt the Nor k Wee*. | *^  *c rnor of lot S41, situated in Crown, J.  ���������Grant 20 Rupert DUtruA, V'ano liver la-! ������I"  'umt. theoof iu aS(iut),������'Jy ond W^.ster> j K  direotioiV nlwg high 'water'atoarit  to  ill  i> hit 100 feet Wet*   of tho Smith W*st|  lo ru*.r < f anid Lot 341,, tlenoe ,'n a Btru'glit, ...  line'to the ,]x)ii.,l, of eoinmenoeu-ent,,  Biul!''"  to lit ining 1(1.5 no-r* raoii'e or le������a..   I^uea-  ltd Mere!, 2������th, l;9fti).  Nw'iKihp U;c������ I-ViitfiW Oo.. 1/i'o.  l'rr A. 14 STH^r-W- A*ent'  jof Vunoojtivo'r! B, <���������*.,. I/>gger.  Vancoiwr., Apiiil Wn, 1W0..  .mi", I i    nm       mmmmmmmmmmmmjmmmmmmm  iilseason-at ���������-���������';.. m,^ ������������������  D. HUN DEN* S  ���������NOTICE...  LOST  or  STJUYKI)���������One  1 (COW from Mrs. Harwood's ���������ranch.'  Juis grey neck *i*d reddish legs  foe-low i\w kijees,    Any iuforma-  jtiotj please leave ������,t this oflice.  mimmmmmmmmmmammmmmmm vm IW���������������"  (SO WARS'  CKPHnlCWCE  MM  T������aob Maem  DetyoNtf  OopvnioHTfl Ac,  **���������**-      ������  UtlUlU.  u ���������"���������Ky-l-rt  'xb'mWI -aaMw," ������1, lie*" elmrye, in nm  Scientific Jhnerlcan.  ���������trfes V 8t.. W*tMbltun. ������.T  JOHN   0RYDEN  Proprietor  . 'FIRST7 r CLASS  :  a., iuqs :of; all  . K-'in'ds'.., ...  Riding on locomotivee and rail  way curs of the Union Holliery  Company by any person or }>er-  3ons'~3xcej)t tain crew���������iu strictly!  proh.'.^tefl, KsopJoyees r-re sub-;  :oc tOiViwriisenl for allowing sam-  Uy orjler   ;, *���������   \ ; :,';  {_. ,7 r������*KCIS, O.   LlTTl H  NTouajai *��������� *  COMOX LAND DISTBIGT*  Funeral Diree-!  "v ���������:>��������� ������������������.���������������������������; jiv ������������������*.-���������-r":i  tor? ������������������������������������ and, ������������������-fc.-m-.j  =.������������������ & baimer  ~"   THE KETTLEDRUM  ������t 4a an Iriatrumant That Is Pretty OH-  fiyult to Handle.  tbe'kettledrum lias beeu <=o far lfr.  pmveathat It lm? a i������tch; in fact. It  'contains *l<e "lii^ i;_ii������;e of four nof-i  ��������� it*.i8,>ae Its name sIiotvs, a copper kofr  itle. Or biisJin, covf-rcd.over \nth skin   .  .which can lis tifrorenod or l-^o-ur.cd by  ���������eLtevra placed around ibe edge. Dniuis  *>t tills shape were used by the Itoiri-  n*8fi, hud even earlier by the (������frek������  and  Etruscans.    Out  they  wore  not  ���������Jinown 1*1 -western Eui-'-pe before tba  .crusades.  , Although it may appear bo, tire ket-  itledrum to ixrt at all aW easy l:-stru-  ancnt to.jnannae, for In order lo g^t  .������aclr of tlio four notes .tue player biia  to tuni all.'the flcuews.ahd adju&t the  <������rchmeivt anew.' for this reirson kettledrums are often Used in pairs, ou������  tuned te'tSe*tJir'.vTiot6, the'other to the-  fonith UHoitv.- In tbls way the drummer has iil-wayu tire two'cbiet uoifa tu  ���������the scale to work upon, nnd If the com- ���������  tyaer has not exacted niucb-from hlm  *ue tv-ill bate quite un easy time.   Rnt.  when a. ciioagc of' key ts approaching  ���������It lsflultfri-jxcltlng to- watch the druo-  rae/; scre-wlttg' and ' unscrewing   th&  'the drum an4 lightly tapping to hear if  tt^e.pitch ia tfoev'-and-if *w������*r-coniret  ������������������that" lie often .has to runo his drum  ���������while the whote orchestra is lifting xip.  .itsiltotoc- we renllKc that he must be*  no nieau.muslq|ft!i; that ho must possess an exquisitely sensitive and well  trained ear aod a steady band and  nerve ast.wcll.-Jesirie K. MacDoral*  in St. Wlcholaa.  99^mi*^*f^^mC9^^\  ,-S'lf^Ja,,*  -e     'Raisliig*.."- VL*?:i  ''9 ii ewiny ^s   Fc������iutlati������m������j  -Biiinbetilaiaclr  =ij=er  i For Fall Plantirig  I wood  and Coal  Hauled  Dunsiiiir.r Avenue  CUMBKRLXND, ' 11. C,     jj;  ���������raiiol  lubscribe for  The News  Wood's JfeorabAdift-n  I&^d1nv������t^������;  woajan'Mn  mik'-vS,,,  ot oo*.  j,������ CoMMHoot    fe  ttMmutrffUmmm  l'okiii   I)uel,'_���������Kifft*   for ������al������  [mm Vmt* hrvd   Mock ������2,00 jifr  jittii'gof n.v-Uo for two.  Toulouio    *.fW--o���������IC^ga    00c  di.  Air*. JI. C Nlvoti  pen mau lulwi'l  Imported  maite fuoxm'ius ijkst  FRENCH    'WOaAJJW   AND  .1AIM'^J'JBfS GROWERS.  J-iOJVSE   GROWN  fwit and Ornamental  Trees, Small Fruits, Eng-  liShftOlIy').    a    .   aaa.  (jrow11 in tlio only pint of tlio  Aiiu'i'icnii (wntiiieiit not inf<*������tod  .villi tlio San .ioiw ttiiilo, Onr  ,'iv<,8 <lo nut luu'o to Iks funii{j*nto(l  mul euiiHujueti'tly ilnnui^eil. Full  lino of (aiming l(,i(*l<I n������d Flower  Suoils in Ktock ^j'own liy tlio l*chl  mid most rojluhto I'liciticCunst, anil  furoigw ���������firowora,  Fort-l'liora, Boo 8u*pp'io������, Wpray  PiunpB,''8jrayinjr material Cut FIow-  ers, 13lo  M-   J.    HENRY  Oreo housea, 8e������d Hounua aud Feat  OlBco Addre a,  IJOIO WPBTMINSTKBItOAD,  Branch Nuraary, South Vaiusouver,  Vancouver,    -   B. C.  Tltw-eit}'  wyfi   viulfoil   hy   tlio  lii'iivioi-t tliumlor storm for yi'iirc,  * Take Notice tliint-'Fraser BiveY  Li'iTi.ii^i'* Qo.,'- Li'injted of '..Fraser  Xiiil*. M.Ci Oeeupat.ioK .Sawmill  and.Lmnlicr Company, jutoklfi to  ippljjfjfiir [}eiMii(i*_i������������1,jt^vlt������iKe &fe:  fpllo.pr.gi/lilscril^tV-laiuL-^,.^,  Cqiwnieneiiug nt a pos^* .pluntotl  ���������>'k<m 1<~)Q,,feot' distii'rit 'ft'iid' iu ii  notiflioftPtorly (lireetiou from tho  soutlioiwt. eoriiei' of .Lot tiiMhiuQx  Di-itr-iet, thenee 1500-*-feet South  lli dt^reos, il niiuutee East,  theneo 500 feet North, iti degrees  HI uii"i,ufaos 1-Jast, thonce loOO feot  North, 40 degi*������*s, 41 minutes  Wont, tinmen _toutl*i 40 dmretm M  Qte&sjefimz. 9994tM������4ta}mm9  '.������������������KOTICE.-*.,.,^- ,;: ,  ...   ���������       ���������������������������' T"7" iP ���������i'-J'.y    ''^ '������������������  '��������� -Evcrv-f.Mondav a������d Ffiday.I*  will be in town (to deliver.Fresh  Itwtte-r and aJ! kM.������d������.ofVegetnhleiJ  and uIko 20 to^B.-of- jKrtatoies; will  eell cli-aap, ^���������'*.:;. ���������.>������������������''��������� " ^ j*-;;' ^  Rltiu.Yi*;uk, .-.-  ^'���������Sandwick)  -**:���������-] W0DERN RQYALTY.  ���������Hopalesely Handicapped by tho Prog *  ' :''-'���������������������������'���������'���������'���������     .- rcssof Martkind.  ;Whntt-:is a tnodwrn king for "if not lo  ������et a pattern, of tlic brave, courteous,  ���������a'rbane gentleman and make"a 'comely'  figurehead, for..state occasions? -If h*  faj(li-tiicre.et>ivhat:������irthiy;,iise is her ���������  He cannot cpyein.. He dare uot.attempt te rule.'   He ja op OBtclnssed lor ���������  professional tttiinlng by Uis own gen*  iewiJs.'thaf'he, would cever be tolcratPd  "as-'fti*;TKctIveP',*onj'raan'der hr chief la  ������������������tirae 6t war- .{!������ Is hopelessly below  the  reqiitreinents  of the  ago  If  Iia  -dreatns-of-leadersfelp-ln-arlr'br'lenrii'-^-  Ing, literature .or science.   If he cannrtt  make a brave showing, of the virtue*  and graces of :'ij_ore'primitive tlcooa  when i_e ������ets a cta-ace be falls utterly.  _!M*ibt*ath Is that,modern/royalty. 1-t ,  d-'-i  1-  A&& dtB  West, theiKW Bouth 40 dwgneeR Ui  minuUw West, to point of coin-  inencineot mid ������_-it������tiiii)jg 17.2 a-  ci'oh nibr'o or less.  D.itoil 20th Kehrnnry" 1009.  FliASlCU lilt'KU LtlMHRR C<i. h'l'O.  p������������������������������  comox: land disteiot.  Tula Notice thnt Fraspr Kivor  Lnjulii^ Oo. Li mi tod ol FrnBor  ^ill������,W,.0., Occupiition Si.winillH  mid Luiuhor Company, inhMidi to  apjily for poi'iiiUpiou in loimo the  following  llOKJI'jlit'll    huitlt-  Cuiiiineiieing nt tlm north wont  corner |������������������t of lMntrlet Lot 100,  Coino* Dlstrlet, tlnmi'c north *J0  degrees 10 minut-wKaHr, 1000 feot,  tlienet* south 44 dogi-eon 40 niin-  uteri Kiwt 0500 foot, thenco Smith   JfTl ,.,..|..,.,^0J^ ~-xiXAi������J*-  NOTfe. W^M^l^i  ..  ..' <A  ��������� ^j^^-''    }li.'v  Creditors of the late Klizahet.li';  D.wyer,,'formerlyof ijje New Uug<  Jolid Hpfel, cVuri.hecJatid,' are iioU"  fiied   to' forward    their,  claims  against the estate ta ihs tinder-  sjjjiicd on or before i tho ist day  of .1 unci 'id lily verified with   par  ticulars i*f auy scicurities Jijehj hy  them, and ������,re herehy uotified  that, after the soid date, the uuder  ��������� ������������������ ��������� .      ~ "j ������������������������������������,���������'���������, ��������� i  ������ij{he(l will proceed ,to ^isiijliula  .the e.������'aft\ litti'ing repaid only to  wich claim's ns sjiull ijuj-n hnve  been brought to her *i)otice, ; ,  Vfliicouvcr. April''ajl.ii,, 1.909. vv  MAlWAKKf Tavi.QR  ��������� ��������� * Administratrix  Iiy her Bolicttow   -,  ���������    Mo'ssrs McNeil & Th'id,:    ,'  619GrmivilleSi*, Viiii.cvsiH.'erH.U.  LAND UHOIBTJXY AOT.  liy* is cast for In the great drama ot  tha world'a ������york,/nDd struggles. Ha*  ivpuld bo mote thiir-i,I'll man if he coul* *'  ,llve, up to. the deniauds of ,his birili  ���������Aii-a Iho trndlrfpns Qf bl9 vocation.  Kings wfece forracfly tragedies when  tbey wer^o, evil and great ben������f'if'o������.  .���������fwfwtf'tlj^r'- w^ere Ijoth'.go6d uud wlsa."  ���������iVow thenar6 perilously near the boi*-,  ���������ir.'A^tjBi^roi^,* *,,;..( ���������-, *-;������,��������� -   .. . ������������������'  ��������� ' ��������� ������ ������������������  ��������� .���������ili���������������������������; *'v   ���������'������������������"  "'''JShrexlfiff'has iu'oxtVnplvo,'.folklore     ,  la many.9Piuifrle,i' Sotnefiitiies tiio act ,  ' la, consideml oriihioua ��������� of good and  ���������     ,  eometimes of evil,   Among tho Jewi ,,.  tt has iilways bocfn regnrdod tt\ no ap-  propi'luta uioinent, tweh as the conclusion of 11 bargain, as propitious, nnd a ���������  belief still Ihigers In many parts ot  tho country that .tho regular habit of '  sneezing, particularly after meals, is  '*conducive toJongc?Jty and a piwitf"'.'.;'. '���������'  Won agol-st feve-r.,* Tiie pUJ'E������15U������* ���������' v".  cwtoin of -'saying '-6c4'hlesa 7.o_t,,i"* >, , *  -Vfheo a iHtrson eueejMJfl^, ao jii^'to avoid.4������������������".."   '  evil coDECfifioDces, hns'j^B.coiiuterpart  In many far dlstanf1 yhr^a'.t*.tho globe.  Tho early settlerB In'lirnrlVjfpund*tba  .metitar saluted' ^Ith*"^Jiort* prcserva  youl!" whUe In FIJJMt ma q'wteuriary  to rdtort, may yewilvef -In nhper.   *  stltlous Suffolk thero Is a Hnew.lug ti^ ,.      \  Wt-ence a wish, twl-io a> kiss, .thrloa  a.Iottor nnd four times a'ljtwpiwlat'  ment���������Loiulon Sphere.  1. ,1  Tlit Water Clock.  Tbo earliest aPlilh'fl I Ion of the cTefv'  ey'drn principle.to iwodnee mottoo wn  by Tslang Huiig, A. P. 1?<1, wbo mod*  an "orrery" ropresiinlliitf tho nnparoDt}  motion .of the hen von ly bodies arouKd  tlm un rib. which was kept going by  dropping water.   In tlw f*l*th ewihiir  ef tho Clirlstbi'ii era nu liiiirumoot wu*.  lu uho (n China' which indicated thi'  coiii'hu of time by tbo wpJnht of ���������waU*  as li itrndiniliy came f,*omlhj>,i_Mik ot  , ������ bird awl roi r*fcelye4 \4.a vmaot  N/.)l[tiKliiliartby������iw'n tint it i������ my) on a-jninnce, orory praind r������n>r������iio������Hni  Uio niatUir of mi ii',|.*Hi;iili'iii fer, OitplU  ,_to CuittfluntflHijf II In In I* j, IXXV,  auitiiiii 7^. nml -S, W, fr,iO'i'iiii,l 1 imd  K. H, fiNiitKMiiil i/' ,,f wietlonSU,  tu*, kI, ji II, -final, &fc Ol Comox UU*  t UU  liiltvi I*,, nt thoex|i������',iil''ii������fenfl in <i,Ui  To ��������� d,to 1/ tliv dial l-i.!,' i-ili-'ii lii*,<'i/l lu  i hiui IHi|it!c.t C r ������������.���������������������������,���������������of 'i'i'lo tu a  l><������\������ lamli bKiiud  u Henry-fj'unli Mo*  *I0 dt'L'i'CoH 10 iniuntes Wont 1300 .Uuiilwn on th������7tli NowhW1.^w������, 7tli  1.   , i   ...   1 1 .1.   ���������..,*.. Apiil MW������, and Hih OetoW  1**108, mid  font ... ore or \w U> high  wat...' Uluhori>l{ ml>MMy ,7m, vm ml  mini', thour.o northwMurly follow- \ \novhs,  c i ,. i     ,   .  ,   .,(.,,, 'I**)    ���������**���������',  .nj*     UAlll.l^U     O.IO  ������, ,. ,l,. *������������������<)!.| htt'h  ���������   r o  I;   !./    L������ .Ul.*:*li, AZ ,, V;L|���������i������, h. i���������  mm  hvtin thiliv mt, In*-** \\n have jcuni-  ud.  ������������������i hi ii in    i ������m***m*mmmmmmm  Chiengo, duly M*~.fivck .FoImv-  mjii uud o'fjj'ik** ���������*!" eajMH-teu lo  hold a meeting at l_u������t- John������on  uaid yesterday that u*lu������a tho rtv  tired ������.������iimnpion ��������� ��������� rafurli������B thU city  next Sui������lay, Iia would confront  him at hix iitkt j^ifoiiHiiiK'o umi  The Courtenay Hotel]|KHitiiwrtiflwi eimcir of $10,000  to hi-ud (f Uintah tor a Uttlo. John-  ton ox|a>ct* to eontiiiUA trnining  until ho knows definitely whether  ho can t'.et e match.  Whin  Courtenay  tl-nff'riHi.J*' i't Mftrcl*, YMrX  h, v,n'(K>TroN  Ifi,(ilHtiHr U������mer������l of Titles.  t/> tl),* paint <*f fc'omnkii<i'i/M'i;.'. ;i  dibtuiire of 0500 Ce'ut more or 1������*h*,  tioiititiiiiil^ HO t_an*������a������iiioiio or hm,  Diitwi ttw* 5th. day of Mimdi 1000. W. II. Htrluger npliol������torlng,  I'������..-..4 R������*������.ii Li.mWMi i'*������* LiH.ji������HUM**'hUnih������'g"������'������re|i(iii>; new  _. . j   _jl l..    i i      i LoitngOK and MnitrofHii mmlo to  mmw*amm*mymaimmmw  All local {teum of a business oi-d-ur.  nattiie will be charged for at the  standard rate of joe. n Hue.  >r  livery convenience for gueati.  Tha Oontial %a**l tor Bportawen  Hone but llwi lle>t uf Wine* and Uo,nor<,  it the fir.  RATK8 URAaofHOLE  ���������o-  ���������John Jdhttston,    Prop  Tho Knight*  of  JVthfaa  and  I'v'hiHii '"'iHti'i'1* al'.t'tidcl M'Ci:������**,  ut (inu������e Me'l������o*li>4l I'liurel'i, ou  Sunday ������-vi������nitiif ln^i. TIkt.* waa it  vfrv f.iii utU^jd'.nt'yof tKtthOi'Jeri.  Iv. < . Kiiido   i'ijK, iitting ami  (ioneral r������|������irjng.  Advcrtttwra will eonfer a favor  l,y bringing hi Mielr������ U. not later  thnn Monday, aa tin* will ei������uld������-  th,* jn'i'iier*, to Su-ert it In tlm  ii<<*t briioon tbr������ fallow jug 'IVs*  tht^,  O. H TARBEUL  HIGH GRADE STOVES'  And an KITCHEN   UTKN&IU>  Sportsmens Goods  mid  General Hardware  a nne-tiuildndlli '|)Hi*t4of tbt> flay ot  tucniy.foin; Jxwr-l. A,D',ut thii tlirx  wcrtiiry hewn in ���������!>**. employed i!  vlepHjdriH iimtend*,of win������*r.  Victim of Clroi'mit.ineM.  "That Knullabmrni l������ a funny tlmei*  remarked tbe bnt Mtleaoiaii-lu fnf btfc  luiteli'lie eoan't bean out ot bin er*v*  today." *  ��������� .  "..So; ha iaKf������r.ua<-(vi������_anMtaiiiM_i*  cnnBdcd tlio eofTtv Minioatt.  "Vlctltrt of elrcumatnnPMil"  "Vea; ba put W������ nboes onUWa hl������  door laat nlalit, neeanHant to tba Vine-  Hah Clinton), nnd ���������anmeburtr thrww lhan  at a cat down tbe areawa/."-  ftabuka.  A chill, dark, imiumoil mornlaf. A  Dteokfrnt (able wild an ertf������roirdf4  tribe ot clmuornn-i children. A wor*  rM*d mother m���������1 nn trriiuble fnth'-<*  miiiterlnR ���������omelltluir abmit "no d-wenl  ������*.;i.uw i������i..u," A -iinult thud u|,uiii  ���������oleiuu ty.** froui (ill plate aod m%  ������������������lladn't ona of ua better dlar-too-  4ee Acadanyr.  Kmw Hit Oa_.  Teacher-Sorml of your eutttf4*e  In nrubmHl" are wren*, folway. wt������f  didn't y������������Hk year tntbarieeeapy'ral  J������iliniir-*Caliae I  n-nan'r loo-Wns* f*t  ������:������������������-   *,y   ���������   **.ae������, *   "-v****1-.^^ #*. Jt ^  THE NEWS. CUMBERLAMD, BHlTlSH COLUMBIA.  **"  t.k  ?��������� >���������<*  SUNLIGHT  l^S9J0  55*  li? $&S-iSfli  i'i indispensable in the  camp, *ud iot alt  impromptu meals.  AddaK'.de BOVRIL  to your earned meats  and soups and note  the difference.  BOVRIL  sandwiches are  nutritious and  toothsome.  *i  TlH}JULY UOM K JOURNAL,  There is such an abundance of  good things lu the July Home  Journal tbat it is difficult .to say  just what the outstanding features  are.  "The Doiniuion of To-Day*'  tells of the womleiiul growth of  Cauada from 1867 to 1909, The  new serial story ''The Mystery of  Barry Ingram," by. Annie S.  Swan starts in this number. The  opening chapters give promise  of its being one of the best stories  ever offered to Canadian readers.  ���������'The Awakening' is an excel  lent short story of a dream that  came true. Many girls have  ambitions to become writers.  Their troubles ani perplexities  are told in brief in "The Girl  Who Wants to Write."  Women are coming to the  -front-as���������cx-plorer-i't-sind-a���������short  sketch of the travels of Miss  Agnes Deans Cameron in Northern Canada, is vety entertaining,  ���������Wanted a Beauty Combine,'*  i*t a spleudid articla advocating  the retaining of the natural  beauty of our towns and village*.  It is excellently illustrated with  photographs,  The whole issue i������ profusely  illustrated. The cov-r is au excel  lent repoductfon iu colors of  '���������The Violet Lady,"by Canada* 1  foremost artist, W. Ooode, who  Also contributed th.* "Summer  Girl" which is priuicd Ui colors  inside/  This magazine has improved  so much recently that many  leading Canadian wotiuu are  redding the Home Journal in  preference to foreign publications.  FOR SALE-Two houws, sit.  uate In Jerusalem. Will be sold  cheap, Enquire, P. 1\ Harrison  barristeroaMaw.  Oauxtenay.  Mr. T. J. Barron left for Van-  converlast week to attend the  teachers convention.  Mrs. Akenhead, of Ladysmitli.  is the gue6t of her parents, Mr.  und Mrs. Alex,. Urquhart.  Mr. Norman Shopland has re-  turned home after spending hi6  vacation In Victoria and vicinity.  A tire was sighted last Friday  night from Courtenay bridge, and  'tis thought to be about Woman's  Point.  llirth���������Ow Saturday J ������ly 17th,  190ft, tu tiie wife'of Wm. McLellan a ton;  Horn���������On July EOrh, to the  wife of Mr, Walter Hudson a  daughtor,  ���������,   *" ni ������������������������-  ���������  Born���������On Tuesday, July aeth  to the wife of R. C, Wilson, a  daughter,  DIKD  am-mee  Ou Friday list, Mrs, A.O. H������b  )au died, at the family   hum** Co  muz, aged 81,  Tho fumrral took  place on  Moiiday  afternoon, at 8  o'cloak for interment in the Presbyterian cm tery &.ndwl<*k������  Union Bay Notes.  Miss Greta Brown, who has  been attending school at Victoria, is spending her holidays with  her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred  Brown,  The new Government wharf  is still progressing towards com  , Mr. Alf Horne, manager of the  baseball team; has, since July ist  taken up bis al-ode across at  Henry Bay. Auy of his friends  are welcome at any time to enjoy a cup of tea, in which the  popular mauager has secured for  himself renowned reputation.  A quiet but pretty wedding  Was solemnized on Thursday evening in the cliurch, when Rev.  0. E. JCidd united in holy matri-  mouy-in-the-presence_-of-the-iuu  mediate relatives and family.  Miss Bessie McKay, eldest daugh  ter of Mr. J. W. McKay, and Mr  Louis Mag none, both of Union  Bay. The bride was supported  by her sister. Miss Mary McKay,  while Mr. Edward,Balo supported the groom. After the nuptial  knot being tied the happy couple embarked on the s. s. City of  Nanaimo for Vancouver and  Sound cities, Returning they  will take tip their residence at  Union Bay.f We all join in  wishing Mr. and Mrs. Magnoue  much happiness in their future.  Mrs. A. Muir of Victoria is  tha guest of her parents, Mr. and  Mrs, C. Hooper.  Miss Camsusa, Misses Dalbys,  of Victoria, and Miss Raudle of  Nanaimo are guests of Mr. and  Mrs, A. Cowie, of Fanny Bay.  Miss Faulkuere, of Nels*>n  Hytej, arrived by Thursday's  boat after two week's vacation  Mrs. D. McKuy, of Banff, Al-  ta,, is. the guest of Mr. aud Mrs.  Marshall.  Si'B. Wellington arrived one  Saturday evening and cleared  for Skagway, Alaska, Sunday  evening with cargo of coal.  S. S, Copilano arrived  from  the north to*dty for bunker coal.  S. S. Tordenskjold will arrive  this evening for buuker fuel.  Mc and Mm, D. P. Latham  left ou the s* s. Cowichan to take  up their residence in Vancouver.  Mrs. King, of Victoria, is the  gurst of her son, Mr. Fred King,  surveyor for the Wellington Col  liry Company, at the Nelson  Hotel.  Installation of Officers.  Installation of officers of Benevolence Lodge, No. 14 K. oi P.  The following officers were installed by Deputy Grand Chancellor K. H. Robertson, assisted  by Brothers Hornal and Reid for  tbe ensuing year as follows:���������  C. C. John Horbury;  V.C. Chas. Whyte;  P.���������Joseph Horbury;  K. of R. & S.���������GH Robertson  M. of F.���������R. Hornal;  M. of E.���������J. P. Struthers;  M. at W.���������Harry Whyte;  I. G. George Richrds;  O. G. Thomas Gordon.  MATRON REQUIRED, FOR  UNION & COMOX DISTRICT  HOSPITAL���������Must lie"'Certified  'Nui-s^DTTfiencrC'^  1st. 1909. Salary 50.00 per month  Applications to bo in by July 24.  Address, Secretary   Union & Comox Hospital, Cumberland, B.C.  IN THE MATTER OF THE E8  TATE OF WILLIAM   K.  LEIGHTON, DECEASED,  ���������-and���������  IN THE MATTER  OF  THR  TRUSTEES  AND  EXECU-  TORS' ACT,  NOTICE Is hercbj given that in  pursuance of Section 83 ol the  Trustees' and Executors' Act, Harriot Leixhton, Administratrix oi  the above named Estate, did on  the Oth day of July, 1909, file a Declaration that tbo Estate is insuili*  clout for the payment io full of  the debts and liabilities against the  said KsUte,  FURTHER TAKE NOTICK  that a meeting of the Creditors of  thessid Estate will ho held ut the  office of 0. H. Barker at Nanaimo,  B. C, on Friday the 23rd day of  July, 1909 at 7:80 p.m.  C. H BARKER,  Solicitor for tbe Administratrix.  An Ad in"the News  pays.    Try it.  Uvtf !!r_t'i������fs, Toronto, will stpd you  icrt * uks oi iktii Urn*** i'leairl  totlot m������p, It you mfatlwi IMs j������pef.  NOTICK  em* me*  I wiii be up u������ u>v>n aveiy  Monday j������nd Friday morning,  with m fresh lot of nil kind* of  vegetables and ir.*b butter  Contracts taken to supply logging camps and hotels* AU  Fruits in season, Chit Vend  Sandwick, B. C,  AUTOMQBILKFOR HIRE  at all hours, with a careful drlv  at,   U. 0. tywdc, Cumberland.  Vancouver. July IH���������The  Hismpbmsami Mi������������to ������������p hold  trowaiiiticwu htlr.e lie Item*  lemtn h a hard.foBfrht������ - **������elt(, g  tnxme hare on ttMurdav, Tha tm>ta  %ast Vannww 10. N������w W*t.  Iuln������t*n4 A ero������d "f of*r sia  tiMrtiMtNl wittcM thr fftm,  KOU SALK-One heavy draught  horse, harness and good express  waggon; also almost now double  four inch tired waggon. Apply  to l{art & lUmbrlok, Little River,  Comoi, B, O. 4j8  Bicycle  Riders  Wanted  To ast si pur aft**** whare wo art AM  reprtHan'od. To thoao who will represent us in new territory, we will  supply s mmplo wliool at wliol<*>iel,������  oaat. firlloularsfrM, Write ti,.  Wo ara th* Pioneer Bioyole peoplo ef  the Wd4.   THOS. PLIMLEY,  CENTRAL CY0L*  DIVOT,  j j-JO nov't.. at . Op-pnai'tt Bfinnrar's  aw Ours is the Pionssr Dioyols Store,  VIOTORIA,       B. 0.  If you get it at Plimleya, it's all  right.  ���������wA'ND'WtfY XT'IS A-  Better Flour  \\'e use Beleoted wheat from the  best wheat producing regions of  the Canadian West, where the sun  ���������>hine ,B long, where the soil is rich,  giving to the wheat that quality of  gluten which makeB the very finest  0our. This is factor No I.  ScienUfio milling which follows  the wheat step by step, --electing  onfy the he������t and purest portions  an the wheat grain and making it  into th* naost perfect flour. This i*  I.ctorfro-i  Care exercised in storage and  marketing so that there is no possibility of deterioation from the  time ths flour leaves are hands u ���������  til it reaches you, This is factor No  3.  Now isn't there a reason why  you shoule ask for Royal Standard  Flour- And besides, in every 49 lb  sack there, is a numbered coupon  entitling you to a chance to win  one of''ten beautiful dinner eets  given a Way each month.  ^-Manufactured hy���������  Vancouver Milling  irGrarCampafiy DC  VANCOUVER, B, C.  Notiua iB hereby given tbat Tbirly  Daya after'date I intend to aptly to  ������be Honourable Chief CommiBuionor  of Lrtdtf and Works for a Lioe><������e to  prospwt (0r coal nud ijetmloum under th*3 Mlowiog described lauda situate  in S������y������������M District, B, C., eonimonoing at  a poft on the bank ot the Campbell Hiver  oppo������*-e the S. K. pent of lot 10-1. Thence  due Nurth 30 cnains more or has to the  N. K. oornor post of said lot 1(14; Thenoo  doe **������t 110.70 vhwi.B more or 1������������to the  N. ^Y��������� ������������>������nrr of Mid lot 104. Thcnc  wutb af> Qhftin-*. Theuoe due euit 60.70  chiio* more or leu to plaoe of continence,  ment.  DataA this O.b day of Maroh 1009,  K   l'HIBST.  UOTCK it hereby given that the under-  liyovd intend to apply one month after  the date of tbo flrat pulili-ia-io, 0 this no.  lice to the Guvernor.iu-Oounoil to- approv  al of the pUoi and site of a proponed boon,  ing ground in Comox Harbor In the Dm-  Mttof Conio., V������ oouver IaUud, Url ish  ColnatWv  AJJD NOTICE h a's * given thnt a plan  ot th������ Propoiod work* tutteiher with a de  lorlptiou of the lite have boeu dopotitod  id th* cfllce of the MioUtor of Pttblio  Work* at Ottawa, and in tbe oflloo of the  Dutriot Hi'distrar of Landi in the Oity of  Victoria, Province of IlrltUh 0-jlorobin.  Dated thii iGtli day of March, IW)0.  KKASBlt RIVKR LUMHKR CO.  FOR SALE���������100 acres ot land  %5 "Cos slushed, 0 aores cleared,  friii'111 bouse 18 x 25 x 10. small  orchard. For particulars npply nt  thi* ollice or to K. Grieve, Cour-  toiuty, Ii, 0,  lii,|''t''l''t'*l*'i''t"l"l''I"t''l''i"t"l'*i"i*'l'*t**l"l'*  i| Singer  ;:   SeWing   !;  j: MaGhines  j! For Sale  -ON���������  I Easy Terms::  -AT THE- J!  News Office, i j  Vancouver, July  16,���������A  1)ig  conference is being held   by   the  Liberals here to-day,   Hon.   Win.  Templeman, Hon. Win, Pngsley  ond others, including the provincial Liberal leader, J.  A.  Macdonald, and Stuart Henderson, M.  P., are at the meeting.   It was  decided  this afternoon that Mr,  Macdonald will be chief justice of  the new court of appeal, and  that  Stuart Henderson or John Oliver  be leader of tho  Liberal opposition in the house.  >M''M"M,'^M**,r,)I''l'*W''I''M''l,,H,'H*  FOR SALE���������Jersy cow, in calf,  also one mare good for saddle or  buggy���������Apply News office or to  M. Perez, ConitKnay.  ���������o-  FOR SALE���������Boarding house  and furniture, a snap, at present  occupied by A. Gats. Apply to  A, GaU, or at this office.  FOR SALE; Man or Woman���������  My South African Veteran Bounty  Land Certificate issued by the  Department of Interior, Ottawa;  good for 320 acres of any Dominion land open for entry in Alberta,  Saskatchawan, or Manitoba. Any  person over the age of 18 years,  manor woman, can acquire this  land with this Certificate. For  immediate sale $800.00, Write or  wire, L. E. Tel foi d, 131 Shuter  Street, Toronto, Ontario.  K. AI DA  Merchant  TAILOR  LADIES' TAILOR-MADE COSTUMES A SPECIALTY  SUITS DQRbH TO   Of-JfcE* RfiD  IN flKY STYliB VOO tUISH.  PERFECT JTIT GUARANTEED.  Prices From $20 to $40.  CUM BE RL AN D,  B. C.  ./"-  ������������������������������������������������������ ������^ ���������>������������������������������������ ���������^���������������������������������������������'  ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� #^������������������������������������������������������^0  ���������'���������'    THE ROYAL BANK CF CANADA.  4}  w  o  it  ���������  o  o  o  o  o  CUMBERLAND.  B.C.,  !  Cai'itai.. $4,600,000  ltBSEuvs, 85,31-0,000  Abskts,   *53,000,000  DKr..ii'i.-,?58,000.000  'Money Orders=,*'*?=s  Issued in Dollars, Pounds Sterling,   Frai.es,-Marks, Rubles  ������������������Lires, Kronen, etc.   Payable All  Over   the    World.  SavirgB Accounts Open With One Dollar Upwards.  S. A. M OR LEY,   ������*������>���������������������,  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������   ������������������������������������������������������������������������^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������#4#  VOU'IiU l^EST mpHE OJ1  a 4*Rest More" Mattress  Insist on your denier supplying the   "RESTMORE"  and take no o'her.  "RESTMORE" MATTRESSES  can be secured only at the RIGHT PRICE FURNITURE STORE, where you will find a choice seleo  tion of Furniture aud House Furnishings,  The Right Price  Furniture Store,  A. MoKinnou  Not only is it a nice mild  smoke, but the "Grand Duke"  Cigft? haa nil those necessary  quflUtica which give so much  satisfaction to the smoker.   ���������'��������������� ��������� -a*  lw      .w mm  P. Phillipps Harrison  BARRISTER AND SOLICITER  NOTARY   PUBLIC CONVEYANCING  Dunsmuir Avenue     CUMBERLAND, B.C.  The Pilsener Brewing   Co.  ���������j will be prepared to mpply ;������������������  Crystal Ice  -���������on. or alwnt Jnly lit, 1909���������  ORDERS MAY RfC SENT BV MAIL, OR AT THE  OPFICK.   REHRIOERATORS SUPPLIED  ORD1RS P^OmPTUY ATTBNDBD   TO.  NOTlCE:~No wU will bu  .htwRbd after Monday noon of each  weft''.      " ]  ��������� ������������������������������������ay   Whon Kipling learned that his  tat������* Nrer������ going to bo increased  lie got in an awful state  of mind  4{.(-| t'";:'*''-?^ ���������**',"!:���������-' '���������''yirjlr," dvivr)  In whioh tbe British empire is  wpfMotttoil aa going to ���������'the dom  nltlon bow-wows," Kipling win  intensely patriotic u-hoiiho ox.  hoftad the rant of ns to "pay, pay,  pay." bnt he got In a pnnic ihe  ntownit t*w> collwtion plaw wm  puffed, iu his dlroetloti, Aston  lifting���������isn't it���������bow patrol ic we  afOWIth other jioople'g m'������������ey.  W# all reim-mber how rwidy  Artamu* Ward waa to sacrifice  tl) hh, relations for the good of  his einntry. Tln������r������ stents to ba  n g������>in| winy prwoplt- of this kind  in tbo MolbtT Country j������n������t now.  S. ISAKA, PROPRIETOR  Ladies' and Gentlemen's Suits Made to Order  from too to $35    All Work First Class  Perfect Pit Guaranteed.  -���������������������������������������������������������������  While in Cumberland Deal With  Comox Co-operative Swety,  Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meatsand Farm Produce  All Orders Promptly Delivered.  R. Webster, Manager.  IMM������MtMMMMttM������WMMMMWM������M������M


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