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And takes this opportunity of thanking our many patrons
and friend? for their valued trade during the last 12 months
and solicits a continuation of their favours.
The Big Store for the coming year will be pushed in tho
same energetic, honest and straightforward manner and eveiy-
thing done to make it a better and even more thoroughly up*
to-date and progressive establishment.
Our Motto will Klill be, "Best Goods at Lowest Possible
By opening an account with the Biu Store for   1907 you
will be comipenchig the New Year wisely, as you then can
.rest assured of getting your supplies at your entire satisfaction. '���.*'.    v '
Winning Numbers
for Xmas Prizes at the Big Store.
7th-J 927
8 : ���117tf"
OtVi��� 858
LIMITED      ���
J. T. UIDSTOINE, Manager
.��M'-1"M-H"H"I"1"1"H"1"I"I"1"I"1"1"1' -M'M'fr'lwH'M''M"M"M'>H,,I,>M'
So may the new year be a happy one to you,
J     Happy to many more whose happiness depends on you.     J
So may each year be happier than the last,   .:.,������
���Dickens.     1
STODDART The Jeweler,
~n n i��� r
of tho Hev Bed StalutuB oi Canada aud
Amuudiag AotH.
provimieut; to the Taotom Rivor, Van
oouver Inland,
TAKE NOTICK that thc"Viotoria Lumber and Mftuufarturins Company, Limited, havo tbli day, in punmanoo ol
bootiuuO ��if tho Aot M��p��'0tin�� ocrUm
Worka oomtruotnd io or ov��r Naviflttble
Wataw, ttlod a plau and dMoriptlon of tho
w��poi��-d*iito with the Minister of Publlo
\Vorlcn at Ottawa and a duplUwto thorool iu
tho oflioo ol tho Ro_iHt.rar of Titl* for tho
Dwtrtot in which mioh worlc in proposed to
bo oonnti iioioilt .    .
AND TAKE NOTICK that on Mond-ty
the 88th day ol .Unuarj, }007, applioatum
will ho made to th�� Oimrnor-Qwatal in
Counoil for approval thurenl.
Dated thit 17th dav of D-soomher, IWO.
Coal Mines Regulation
Board of Examiners
All account owing raa innm ��w
preBontod for payment boforo Dec.
81bi, and all accounts duo mo must
be nuid ��)efore tho *Mii* date.
1 8.0.DAVl��,tiou'r.
.      FOR H
A hot water )*'������
menu almost n w,
with   attach-
Apply at thi.
following ciutltuto the Hoard of Examin
en for the Ouiub rlaud Oulliory during tlie
year I007t���
Appointed by owneri���Charlw MaUhewu
Alteruatei ���David Walker
-David NhIIIhD.
Appointed by the Lleat
Governor in  Connoil���John Smiley
Elected by the Minera���Tho*.,a-t ltlpley
Alternatei ���John Uorbtiry
���Daniel Stowurt
Not��i���Aicema^ea aot *��� M��mt>��ra ot  the
Buaid in the itbuonae af tho*-  ngnUriy up-
pointed or tloitod to aot ujOiouu,
All |toriioiu intere��tul may obtain full su
formation by applying tu the Stcrotaiy oi
tha rlonrd, Mr John Knslt-y of Oiiiuliftrlftrtd,
BC -...%      .
Dawd thu 20.U duy of DwoimWi, 130C
��� Kiohaid McHrHo
M uta;troi Min*��.
The Concert in aid of the Sanitarium held   in   the   Cumberland
Hall last Thursday  evening   was
attended hy a large and, appreciative audience, though  ihere   were
still, left a few empty seits   which,
considering the worthy i object   of
tho  entertainment,   should   have
been filled.   However it: ^nust   be
refhembered that at this.Season, so
many attractions are putgout   that
people cannot wellaffonjp; to  contribute to everything, so'that   the
profits will be eminently ��� satisfact-
.ry,   The first number op the programme, a musical "The Seasons"
was sung by Misses L   Bjckle,   R.
Bickle, M. Meilado, A'; lieese,  N.
Winuingham, L. Parks,fN. Stewart
and M   McNeil.   The fgiris   were
beautifully costumed ��6   represent
the four seasons, two for each season.   A very pretty scene.   Masters
J. McNe 1 and \V   Thompon   then
entertained with a Chinese sketch,
sung in   character.   Though   nervous, the boys were   greeted   with
much applause, their get   up  and
acting were excel lent.   Little Jean
Mi.ler ihen sang   'Allan  Watex",
and it is no stretch of imagination
to say that the audience were cap
tured by her sweet  voice  and   ac
curate and  fueling   interpretation
of the lovely   old   song., Singing
a   child.   Thomson,  and.. McNeil
then gave "'Jennie   Jones",   after
which the operetta ,,"Little  Snow-
Whit'e"iwUB begun.
The chaiacteru, a list   of  which
appeared in our last issue, sustained their    parts   most   creditably
through thit* very pietty. and rather
difficult little  play.   The   Misses
Dowdall, in   leading   parts,  were
very good indeed, and  little  fault
could be found with tbe whole performance,   A pietty scene was the
very graoeful dance of  the  majds
of Honour,   Thu accompa.nimentu
were played by Mis  J'sFrame and
for the "Seasons"  by ^Miss  Irene
Mounce,   Rev Mr Christmas acted
as announcer, and in hia  opening
remarks made mention uf the pressing need of an institution for consumptives-ami thanked  al   who
had aided in getting up the  affair,
specially me honing   the  trouble
and pernerva**rm of MrB W R   Anderson in devo ing much   timo  to
the niaiingemcir. and   training  of
the performer-.   After  God   Save
the King, the fl nr wus cleared a'ftd
dancing was indulged in for several
Tho matinfremeni dif^ire to publicly thank thn per oi niftrs, for their
Hirvice-', (he Mayor ji-iid Council
fur u��e <>f ilu�� City H - I for practices
Mn J H Pikot for uhi of Cumb'r
Ifcud Hull, Mes-r- Giunt& Mutinco
fur lirewotid, the Culliery Co for
In in of artiolec, Me����ra Clinton,
Matthews, Thomsoni Meilado,
BruOM, and the WoodniM for flags
Mr Winnim-ham, Murdooh, Monto,
and Mix�� Dentoji ior orohesint
niuHlo, and any and all others who
\r.U\A\v nflninted towards the en-
certain mont on tho!?7th.
Total Receipts  ��� .$58.10
Kx pen *�����!*:
Kla^.Hwordi. Printing
and liuiidt-nUl*. JUU0
Ualanco deposited in Rank, f!Hi<t��
mmmemm^m^mmimwt^k" i*n-��ww���*
Christmas   Presents
The Magnet Cash Storp Loads Them All
���.J J*!''     TJ
,,��^.*_w-. -��Mri_��^��Mt__U_*l!W��at��B����3M ��mi��W*��ll_��BI��*��*��_Wl__
wi'1; i r;i'ie, urni shouted to Sw lir
anu Mclvenzie in the biKcVemilh
shi>p. clopi-i by. '1 hfty did uot. hoiix
h'-n by n-asun of the form*, and Mc
lV'-r fired a shot, th> bullet p.*s<ing
between the tvvii men and lod.iiin^;
in a j>i-��* of oats in the corner of*
"Santa Claus' Surprise" was the | buiidinx, they ran out, and another
title of a Cantata performed by the | shot wan tired at them withoat   ef-
'  ' f��tt.    Tlien Hiiot^ were fi:i:d iii    1*3
cook ho;��>�����, stable and offic,_, meAti-
Mr J. B, Bonne* left Wednetid*^
���m a vtait to N.tiKUiu<> a rut Vj\ncon
ver, returning ou Satuuloy.
young people of Grace Church at
their   annual  Christmas   festival. # . ..  ���  	
Instead of a tree, a fireplace   and j while the cook, in tbe buuk h-use
chimney was rvpresenied, and at    wa* searching for a rifle, but aome
the proper time, Santa was drawn    of ihe others concealed it, ihut- uro
into view from outbids, sitting on    ^]^*' ����-.��.;.*..i - .-��   j���    ,^ ,
his Bleljjh, which" was also loaded
with presents. .-, A troop of Brownies acted fn place,of reindeer,  theee
being not easily obtainable.     The
whole affair was moat .successful,
and the management and performers deserve much  credit for   thtir
St George'e Presbyterian Church
-held-i ta-annualJClhrMmab tree erv
tertaiment on Cbri^traap niuht, and
a most enji-yable programme waB
gone through, singing, reeilatioiiB,
etc., causing the evening to pass
quickly and pleasantly. Santa
Glaus appeared in due course and
bestowed his piesenls wi*h lavish
hand. The usual Rood cheer and
well wishing drew all together in
Chris-ian harm'my
��� ������. '-������*, ������..        '.
the Elections
The Gazette notifies that Nominations ure on J-muary 19fh, and
Polling on February 2nd The
House ujcetB on M��rclt.7th
Word wae received heie Friday
ihroigh E Swa.n, who ban bom
working in Taylors, logging camp
at OyHtor Rivor that J i\kivor,
whose land i.- iming logged, ln.d nn
Thur-diiy ordered the men to (juit
work, and aiunwai'd.*, urntyd with
a rltK proceeded lo .hoot up tln��
camp. Thc men took to the womlH
quickly without anyone being hurl
Countable Tnoimou muried at once
for the (iltice, and aiTo.-aed Mclvor
as he wuh coming out of tho b.^n.
The cointablo gut here wiih hi1*'
prlt-oncr about 10 o'clock tit nigln
and placed him in the lookup.
Thi-Taylor log^iny Co purtihwii
Mr Mclvnr'i* timber Home time ago
on a 8tumpugo baHig, and have
been logging the chiim foi i-ome
time Thur.-dity, an H^rnim, tli>-
iiHHisianl cook, was preparing din
/', MHvnr CATtw to tho ,-ookhoui.��
and tuiti *'y u iiei't'.'nt tro i ������ ilvio
tiiitiiii', fitr.aan there will iioddoik
here too wu   it,",    Iu iin.m   ii^ke*!
IP'li     O   llj ,   tllltjl    IIV',11 t ''      ,_,
i, ,!i f',o evory one of il"i?i), 1 wii'
��� uii iduji.*' you, I ImV' known yr.:
\i it i,o,a, but   every   ��� tb'i   -i *
>1 ho -hut"'      I?-MJiit,,      liiou^
nuur more ni<ou< ii,,i.- .uoivor ���>{,. ���
i  ��� ���-* *" -
bablv averting a tra^tdy.    Mclvor
next approached   the   otlice   dear,
winch was partly open, and  c-Ilod
lo the two men in*dd�� 'o c.��tn* </Ut.
T' ey not replying, he s.-ud "I  wiil
stir you out ol there", and   "mvr:ed
Iliu ride, which-evideiuiy   hud   in
empty magazine.   He leaned.' ti."-
ward& hif Cabin, as though to.-.g'Jt
more ;-hella, then came bucA:, io-'ik---'
ed at hiniiri',   da.Led   it  on", tho
^tTTin7d^litl'^TnifpUci~oirir;   BeeTnjj--
he was unarmed, the   men   iubide -
made a run lor is und got into the
'xoods with the rest, uud the en:ire5"
erew left 8nd went to varioua neighbors houfces for the night.
Mclvor'. hn.- lived*for nun-.y yeiirs
.itOystei Ri or,-and while always
cuisidi-red a little eccentric, he iue
never broken out in this serious
manner before.
The prisoner was given a prt��
limenary huating in the Court
HouBe ou Sa-.uday, before Judge
Abranip, the wi'.ne-ses having at
riv.-d f'um Oy��ier River. Mr Ha ���
Mtion appearing for the defence.
l"ho *;viiiuiice wm* suoli that the-t
wuh no alternative lu commiltiiig
for trial.
. v
, :i , ... "   ('   I'ti,.*     ,
timo after, he m# Mclvor  couju��
T.e annual uief. \r-. ot t/ienhaje
hi.idori. and | in on-Comox Cn-1."
cry An* 'Ci.rioi. Ltd. will   ho   in. ';
nt Agricultural IImI,   Couri':...*..'.
���I.u.ufiry loth, ll)i*7.   8 pm
Riul-itrd IJ Hurfnr.'
���.t-.-'Vuli ��� /
���--- ��� ���-O-'    ' -  ���
Air K, lloH..-nll, \eiio)y of the J1i^
"���'t'ire, puiii t.'i.mdn'1-una u visit Itu-st
Mr W. Glea*>oti, formerly of the
Xiw Kugitiiid, in utayitig iu tti��n
nir a few davit,
Mibc Ba'e, ����iih her little fti-'or
.ml bro.her. left   Unt   Friday   l����r
.^t'lBOll 1 liC   O. UO'J��    It'.tIO     ,.',.%/
\ .i vt- iiiori'AM'U net anittvy, ano   ut-
i��-d ��m<rv   -iniuiieni.iu   for   i��o>.t
ll.tti:   to   pniiiiuUO    \tM    ilt��:i's    ������-
���   i "    , >���    t I'f  t- Vr-4      in r...
i'frtodmrttitjr,   t��a-' inp..n. *'
.. If UH tlir *.���* Iff ixoiut;   t:\        ,),:<,
',,\    \"   I!.it,ncuii*ui ii.   <toxx. ,oi-*>
��� .,<��� Kiiti iv iut��ri '"tt for a vlhlt,
tO iS.HI..��H.i��.
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Of the Waldorf-Astoria, William Waldorf Astor owns the Waldorf side, whllo John Jacob owns the  Astoria portion, and theso twin hotels  are divided by such a partition wall as  existed in the Astor homo, where the  mother and son live sido by aide.���������  Argonaut  Pal* Por tlio "Von."  Either in an unguarded moment or  with premeditation Hon* Gcorg Grell  of Coburg signed his namo "von Grell"  ond,wns straightway taken to court  charged with false pretenses and aslced  to produce documentary evidence Justifying his appropriation of the "von."  Tho best he could do was to display an  ancient hatbox which contained tho  "vou" In gold letters. Tho hatbox  hud belonged to his father. Tho evidence was not accepted, aud, his father  being dead, llorr Uoorg was lined GOO  marks for "falsely assuming a tltlo to  which ho hud uo rlgbt."  WINDOWS  HOLLOW SHEET METAL SASH f<FRAME  METALLIC ROOFING C?  LIMITED  TORONTO & WINN I PEG  itiwswr  ^AMHERST.  i_VEED%_  Practically  all  makers of good clothes  in Canada use Hewson  Tweeds.  Ivook for the tag  that gua-rautes pure wool.  '.' fs  Thelootweat Question  Answered���������  Weaf  Words utterly fail  Bufferiiif,' canned by  cruel   treatments   Hnmofir������f'H   i-eoom-  mondial for their cure, such as, surgical operations and burn-in*? -with rod  hot iron. ,* ���������  tj l     ������      Unl  n   ooij  Wintitic pain  tnisi'vy nnd wvPtcbcdno^VtnV 'fooling  ���������thnn any known dis-cnso:l4y^iA)oriomc������  cki*  ng  bullion diu^nrftlioM  hiiig,   burning 'ahd^tjj  ft pcrtcct  of    ill'  pn in  It i.s a groat mistake .-to   mn  that tlie i'ffi'ot-1 of pile* nr#������ local,  UIU  ��������� ior'  ns a inntier of fact, tli('jj/,n(ip the vitality of mind ami body and slowly  but surely had to the niinatlo/fibf  but sun-ly  liiui  to tho  ruination of  the h^nlt'i Thi h truo of itrhinir  und protruding nn w*.Ji in oi hh-ed^sn  iii!'".',    w'jMi li..f')ii|������C������    fif    if;O   Ti   tf-,of  ilooil,  ft iv iii'ni'  i lipid Jn  tli'ir r|i-H;~-  troua offer!,",  Dr. (..'ha-M-',-** Oiiilu*j-MitvJ}iii';.v a!mo*?  imtimt ivli'-t fi-iitn t!"o iw-l.ini.*. burning . ftttttriitu MUiMitioiiH of piliv, and  is a l������������Mitivc and thorough cum for  to di'sciibo the every form of thia  wretched,  tortur-  pilos   nnd   tho ing, and ofti'iitituoH, stubborn disease.  Mr. John Johnson, Cowley, Alberta,  writes:  -���������'Throo years ago 1 was cured  of blind, Helling piles   of   27   years  standing by uwing Dr. Ohrtso's Oint-  v*-*������r*t t ,,-.���������! to, -iMpl, t\%nt rlonth  would be ���������)������������������*. nnlv relief I would ovor  got from tn,' temblo mmery ot pile**..  Often 1 am* Iniil np for throo diiyn  at a time ,u,.l at other times worked  when I should havu boon in bed,  "Dr. Ch;i-,'\s Ointment is worth sixty Hollar* a mo.v iji������U'iiO *n ni\t,f v<������,,������������������*-,,  I am a rliii rent man since using it,  I am farniti'j all the timo ami n.-vor  miss a day. Words fail to oxpivus  my gratitude for tlie cure thin oint.  ment mndu for mo, I cannot toll  half nn much about it an it de.-civos  Anyone doubting tin 5 cim hi he -iiu-i't  to me."  I)r. niaj<. 1 uiiitiui'iit, Ui,- hi-I*,  gunranteed oure for every form of  pilor. fin cvi.t... a box, nt*all dealer*  or by mail postpaid on receipt of  price by IvJmanson, linim Ac Co.,  Toruii'.'j.  if 11  T  Tho Putnnm Cottage,  Tbo Tut nam cottage In Greenwich,  Conn., is to bo dedicated as a museum  by Tutnam chapter, Daughters of the  American Itevolutlon. This Is a small  house whoso legend Is that Israel Tutnam was occupying It as his quarter!  when surprised by British cavalry, nud  be dashed away on his trusty mar*  dowu tho precipitous steps of "Put'i  bill," was shot nt, but turned at the  foot of the stops and shouted, "I'll  bang ye to tho next tree when I get  ye!" Tbo cottago ls about 200 yearg  old.    JtottJ* and Letters ���������  Tenor taingsum- Ou, '%*pt/3, 'appjr.  'appy be llsy dreams." FroftMor���������  Rtopl stool Why don't you sound the  uh7' Tenor-It don't ro no higher  Hum "g."--CfrrU*U������tt itogUter.  t>iU������������t FUciX Data In TtX.totrw.  Professor James li Brcastod, tbt  Egyptologist, who bnt lately returned  to tbls country from Kgypt, wrltos tbat  the oldest fixed date In history It 4241  B. C. In that year, ho says, tbo calendar wn a -Mrabllshwl, tho year beginning  on what would now bo July 10. Conie-  (jucntly thf* rnlondar now In use If  0,117 years old. The professor arrived  tt these conclusion* daring bli long exploration trip to tho Nile valley, when  bt compared the astronomical datet la  tbt old and middle kingdom! of Egypt  Wdfttem  Wintir  Weather  Don't Get Wet!  TOWER'8 SLICKERS  will keep you dry u  nothing ebe will,becroi#  they are tht product of  the beit materisli and  ���������eventy yearn* experience In mtnufatKring.  ���������tjOWOfc    A. J. TOWER CO.  \**m^__ffmt\ Boston, U-S.A,  So Sudden.  Edie.���������Were you taken by surprise  when he proposed, dear?.  Ella-���������Goodness, yes ! Why, I' had  not even looked up his financial  standing.���������Ally Sloper.  engraved  Calling gard$  tj Your name engraved in grace*  ful Ryrie Script on & Copper Plate  will be furnished by our Stationery  Department for 11.00. The supplying and plate-printing of one hundred  Calling Cards will be done for an  -additional-? 1-tOO,���������������������������������������������,--���������   _  -tjlhe *rd stock used is made  specially to our order and is of the  thin "snappy" sort, that denote*  quality-elegance,  <JOur Catalogue contains specimens of engraved Wedding Invita-  tions/Society Stationery, Etc.  Drop ut a postal card and tti. mil  itndytmfrt* ������f charge our Ittrgt iliu*.  trattd eatahgut a/Je-ixlry, Silvtrmmnf,  Ltatktr Good*, ttc.  l&wntto.Otit.  What  youngster  thinks of  his stock-  WW^W'V.v WW I  M0'V   And when isn't  4 "'v ���������"'*'    he tearing here and  there in his rough-  ' and-tumble playing 1  Dominion  Brand  Stockings  outwear two pain  of ordinary stockings  ���������and are comfortable and  well-  shaped.  Just try them.  Look tor the  "lag that ttU  every pair,        io  on  DOMINION  HOW MILU  Almost as Old  As the Hills.  Johnson's ,  A^liniment  ka* buan on Ihe market for 96 years  ani hit b������en curing lamene**. cut*,  bumf, bruises all that tlmir. Try it,  ���������Jt,.., thr-m tlmnt m mtii'ti t������0n, Alt itrtlm.  I 8. JOm.'drtH A CO., KntUm, Mum,  W   N   U   No.  009 THE   NEWS,   CUMBERLAND.  BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  .$  ������.  te  i���������  f  QUANTOCK's great-grandmother,  you remember, sudlienly expired before she had quite told  the dwarf the secret of the  rock. And this filled him with grief  and anxiety, for he loved the gentle  Blvina, and for her sake longed to  save the village from the terrible  flood which his great-grandmother  had foretold, and which he could not  prevent without learning the half-revealed secret about the rock.  The villagers, after the death of his  old great-grandmother, saw nothing  of Quantock for many weeks; and  when he went Into the village, and the  children were about to tantalize him,  as usual, Elvlna rushed forward and  protected him. o  They all liked Elvina; besides, was  she not the daughter of the Mayor?  So they allowed the dwarf to go his  way in peace, and once more he had  to thank the pretty girl for her kindness. In return he told her of what  the ancient dame had said to him, and  she was grateful, indeed, and Informed herr'father, the Mayor, who was  very seriously alarmed, for he knew  what havoc the mountain floods had  done to other villages. ���������  All through the summer Quantock  went exploring the mountains to try  to And the rock his great-grandmother had referred to. Sometimes  he spent whole nights and days on the  banks of the mountain lake, feeding  upon berries and goat's milk, in his  anxiety to discover the half-revealed  secret.  Once or twice he descended to Delly-  dale worn out and tired, and the villagers wondered why he was always  up in the mountains, for they could  often see his poor dwarfed figure  climbing slowly from peak to peak.  On the occasions of his visits he was  always kindly greeted by Elvina,  whose friendly smiles gladdened his  heart, and he went away more firmly  -_resojye_d thaa_e:y_&rj_tft ���������Ba.ve___.e__ah.d_.  therefore, the entire village from the  flood.  - The summer passed away and the  rains began to descend, and Quantock,  the dwarf, began to despair of ever  finding the rock, when one day, as he  was seeking shelter from a very hard-  downpour of rain, he missed his footing and rolled down the mountain  side until he fell into a sort of cavern,  where, although haltstunned, he managed to creep into a dry corner.  In the morning, when the sun was  up, he examined his hiding place, and  found he was Immediately beneath a  ) gigantic   rock   that    rested   on   two  ledges of black stone.   Instinct told  him that here was the rock which he  had so long been seeking.  He saw at once that if a flood reached this point it would diverge and  overwhelm the village. But if the  rock could be removed, then the  stream would rush down the channel,  which was now and had for centuries  been blocked by this enormous rock.  He hurried down to the village, and,  seeking out Elvina, begged her to go  and see the rock, and she went. Then  the Mayor and chief villagers went  and were convinced, and only Stor-  mont, who was angry because the  dwarf had discovered what he and  other young man had sought for in  vain, and because Elvina was ever a  warm champion of the dwarf, laughed  at the idea, and. walking away, called  them all a "pack of fools and gulls."  The season, as Quantock's great-grandmother had predicted, was the wettest  for years. The rain came down in blinding torrents, and the Mayor was at his  wits' end what to do. At last Quantock,  the dwarf, said:  "Let all the horses in the village be  harnessed together; let a chain be fastened round the rock, and then let all the  steeds be urged forward."  Again Stormont laughed; and as he  was one of the richest grape growers  in the country, the people had to listen  to him; but he had no sensible suggestion to make. So, the Mayor called a  meeting in the Town Hall, and told  them of the dwarf's proposition, and,  somewhat shamefacedly, the villagers,  remembering how they had treated the  unfortunate cripple,  agreed that, as it  was the only plan to save them all, it  should be tried.  Already the lake was trickling over;  and if the earthwork should give way  the rush would come. Just as Quantock  had suggested, the rock was chained  round and the horses harnessed thereto; and none too soon, for the waters,  high ih-the mountains, were giving forth  angry mumblings. And at the very first  tug at the rock the dam began to  weaken and a heavy, stream gushed  forth with violence. For over an hour,  amidst the greatest excitement that almost amounted to a panic, the horses,  cheered on by the met, struggled with  the gigaiitic stone.  At last it showed signs ofmoving, as  the waters came nearer and nearer, and  Stormont finally began to take an interest in the work, but his offers of help  were too late to do him any good. However, he insisted on pushing his way  closer to the rock than was really safe,  in order to see if it was really shifting  from its position.  "A long pull, and a strong pull and  a pull all together," you know, usually  brings about successful results. So the  rock, with a sound as of thunder, rolled  from the ledge, crushing reckless Stormont beneath its enormous weight, just  as the lake burst, and, with the fury of  a thousand seas, roared down the mountain side, frito the open channel���������and,  thanks to Quantock. the dwarf, the vil  lage was saved.  All along Quantock had loved Elvinaj  but now Elvina for the first time madel  an open declaration of her love fpr him.  and her intention to marry the Dwarf  Hero of Dellydale.  Her father tried to dissuade her from  her purpose, promising to make Quantock as rich as he could desire to vbe,  if only she would reconsider her decision. ������'  But no! "My heart,'- said Elvina, "is  with the true heart of one who has suffered���������with one who has proved himself  a hero."  So it ended by the prettiest girl in  Dellydale becoming the bride of Quantock, the dwarf. S. J. F.  Kindness to a Horse  THE other day a one-horse wagon,  loaded with iron pipe for a neMl  house ori the hillside^ came along.  The horse did his very best, but it was  with the greatest effort that he could  _d_rag.hls_heayy_load .o.verithe_leyel space-  Bounce Battle  DO i-J wan* u jolly game that you  can play outdoors or indoors, us  you plenae? Here is���������the game of  Bounce Battle.  Each ot tho players (who play In pairs,  by the way) must bend over until his  elbows are bolow his knees,1 and clasp  his hands about his shins. Then some  one should thrust a stick ��������� a smooth,  round one���������through the aperture between his knees nnd elbows.  Now, trussed ln thlis fashion, two  players should attack each other, each  trying to push tho other off his balance,  no thnt ho will roll nn his back, where  he will be quito helpless to rise, unless  ho unclasps his hahds nnd removoH tho  stick. But while trying to push his opponent each one must be very careful to  preserve IiIb own balnnce.  A gentle shove with your shoulder, a  nudge with your elbow or a ,1olt with  your hip will do the trick, if you strike  your oppononi at a moment when his  balance Is uncertain.  Bo careful not to hop against him if  he Its on the lookout and braced for the  attack, for In thnt case your effort will  be fatal to your own balance.  But It In  old game.   It was played by knights o  old.   And it is played,by the soldiers of  the British army to this day; also by  tho   schoolboys   of   Eton    ond    other  schools In England.  Not Her Kind of Garden.  I A POOR, little neglected-looklng child  ' A\attracted the attention of a certain  "charitably inclined lady who  chanced to be going through the market.  Thinking to learn something of the  child's life and perhaps do something  for her, the lady asked:  "Little girl, do you go to the kindergarten?"  Turning a pair of wondering eyes on  her, thochlld replied:  "No, I don't know anything about  that kind of a garden. Our garden Is a  tater garden, and pap put some be������n������  and onions In It."  A TJnique Pet.  _/f*HE wife of the Governor of North  * I    Borneo has a pet that few peoplo  ��������� will envy her, The Governor's  Jiouso is near a jungle, and out of this  .there strayed one morning n baby rhinoceros. Captured ns a curiosity, he  soon became tiimo, and now refuses to  return to the wilds,  Sixteen quarts of milk a day Is whnt  this pet requires, nnd on It ho thrives  and grows fat, Ho does not look miieh(  llko tho full-grown rhinoceros, nnd  might be mistaken for n curious sort of  hog, were it not for his ptnglo horn,  'Ho In devoted to his mistress and follows her nbout like hor dog.  /"  Tom Tit's Experiments  *  Simple as A, B, 0,  JOHNNIE was his mother's Joy and  tho pride of his fond father'** honrt,  Flo hnd Jimt hern sent tn sohovil,  nnd his parents oxpectod grout things  of lilm,  "lie's* simply wonderful!" snid IiIh  mother proudly, to pome friends who  turned, up ono night when .Jnhiinlo wiih  on exhibition. "LlHtcri to the child I  Npw, Johnnlo darling, let every ono hoc  What good grammar you know, Come,  now, what's the feminine for h-e-l-r?"  "Unbliltr answered Johnnie promptly.  "Anybody knows that!"  at the foot of the hill. The driver was-  determined that the horse should do the-  work, and urged and lashed him unmercifully.  Very quickly a lady, followed by  two beautiful dogs, appeared, upon tho  scene and remonstrated with tht  driver upon his treatment of this  horse, pointing out the fact that the  faithful animal could not, Instead o)  would not, draw the load. She sug������  gested that a part of the Iron be re������  moved. The driver was determiner  not to remove any of the load, because he did not caro to work in thi'  broiling sun, and the horse was prob'  ably not his, any way.  The woman was in no wise dtscour*  aged ln her humane effort. She told.  the driver to lot his horso rest anr  sho would see that tho load reached  Its ��������� dostlnatlti> Thero wan anothef  team with two horses down the street  and thither went the woman, and mj  friend, who happened to bo a spectator of this scone, saw that tht  woman talked a fow minutes and the*  tho man unhitched his horses am  came over to tho other wagon, and it  ten minutes tho heavy load was land' ���������  ed at Its destination.  Tha lady's faco fairly beamed wltl  joy, One would have Ihought tha  tho men had done her Home groat per  sonal favor.  "Now whnt can I do for you?" shi  asked.  "Oh, nothing. Wo hnvo to do llttlt  things for each other, you know," sail  the one who had given tho aid.  But tho lady ran across the stred  to her lovely hillside cottage and caml  bnck with a luscious-looking pic  which she insisted upon their eating  You should have seen those tonrnstorl  tako off thoir hats to tho woman, nl  thoy started down tho hill, though  neither of them knew Hint sho wn'  , ciovaland'n most famous woman  writer, Snrnh l\. Bolton,���������Clev������laniJ  Plain Dealer,  iftn-<>fi]tiBfilW Moa to intend to hop  agalirttAhlm; that lu, hop toward him,  then iuddonly hop aside, He is HMy  to topple forward. If he does not, surprint' him presently by hopping ngalnst  Ijim nuur axl, uuu ���������������������** *������������������������>������ *������vv������ v<*.k v  backward. _  The greatest fun Is to got up a Bounce  Battle tournament.   Pit six, night or a,  doion pairs against each other, and then-  pit Iho winners against each other, and  no on till all but one bme been defeat-  Always pit  boys  or  girls  of eaual  ���������)80 and weight against cuch other,  ^ It Is said thatBounce Battle Is a very  "What'g the TJoef"  Suppose tho giant "What's the Uso"  Wont striding through tho land,  Destroying with IiIh vain excuse  The peacp on every hand.  Whoro Is thu boy who would not trv  To hinder him from passing by?  If "What's tho Use" net out to mako  The imtloiiH all his own,  How many boys would undertake  . To place, him on his throne'  I think they'd rise on every hand,  *_     * *- * v* ���������-��������� **V***-+* j      *tfaAi*%A,  A world of busy builders keens      -  The way of purpose fair;  No sentinel on duty sleeps,  Thero In no time to spare:  And fow thero aro who mako a truco  To aid the giant "Whnt's the nse."  ���������frnnk Wntrott  Hint   in  the Mr-rnt-w  ***������r. \  The Oldest Architectural Ruins,  The oldest architectural ruins In the  world are believed to bo tho rock-cut temples nt ipnambnnf, on the left bank of tho  Nile, In Nubia. Th������ largest of these  ancient tempi** rontnln* rViim-vn nnirt-  mems. hewn out of tojld stone. Thc  ruins are supposed to ho ������00O years old,  I HAVE nn unusually Interesting experiment for you to try today, boys  and girls.  Tnko a number of books, rung-  ing in alao from a very largo one to a.  email one, and set them upright on the  lloor, Thou cut a sheet of wrapping  .paper about the width of the books  'and procure a lamp.  Light tho lamp nnd turn It so high  ���������that It smokes. Then pnss the paper  'back and forth over the lump chimney  until the ontlro surface on one side Is  t/l.i.'i   ,:::,l '.'..    !..:;;'; .... '.;  Now Inv the sheet enrefullv down  over the books, allowing u u> sink  doxs/n low between book*, and lay the  lower end In a plato.  Then take a glass of water and a  dropper and drop water, ono drop nt a  time, slowly on top nf the largest hook.  If      ���������.IO     In.n*.  ,l|.|tr,l,.     ,1a     nil     fvlniiirttt  nary thing-bowling "down the blackened  sheet of paper, thon up to the top of  the second largest honk, down tho next  Incline and up to tho top nf the next  book, and so on until It comes to rest  In the pinto at the end of the line,  Ho with the next drop and the next,  till you can have the pleasure of watching n whole string of drops rsclnir up  hill and down to their goal-the Plate.  If you try this experiment with plain  paper, the drops of witter will not bp-  hnve in the fashion Just described, unn  you till Tom Tit why the paper must be  blackened with lump smoke?  Try this experiment next:  Draw two figures with charcoal on a  wall-say, the head of an old mnn nnd  tho head of nn old woman. At th"  mouth of one put n little gunpowder,  fHHtonod on with Isinglass; at the mouth  of tho other, put a tnnrHo) of phosphorus, fastened on with isinglass,  When vou plnoe n lighted inner nonr  llie KUllpoVVUer UlollUl, tlie c\-*ii'hjoll  v.'l'.t -tut tho llfVil mit' XeO \t ������������������"<! Vhire  it next mur the phosphor in* mouth, tho  taper will suddenly light union.        ...  This is n curious phenomenon, and If  you have made your preparations In  secret, It will neom most mysterious to  your friends. ,  Wonderful Luke, *  Ono nf the wonders oi Jav<, I* A lake  of boiling mud, two miles In circumference, In the centre of -vhlch Immense  columns of soft, hot nuid continually  rlne and full, Boflldes these columns  there are. two gigantic bubbles near the  nh'f- which fill op htto hue* balloon*  nm! explode on an average, three limes  per minute.  III? ,.,  ^���������IA .'^Ifi'v   V  In summer time the J.ipiuicHe boys  an,I glils "i;o out n-iSsliliu?" il������.v  after <lny after sornl (cleml.iMi. width  l,ley 10 oh with ii rod lllli) Inlil ll!H,',  ninl tliey tarry huine lh������'J*������   vfilVjt'u*  Hi )IH*-J||ol'|iel*H   ll)   NIMIlll   lmHll'"i������   I'JlgeS,  e.intent   to   hntig   them   up   and   listen  i., , h-.i.;..** "ioi-it..   .i" "!! t*y  inii������. we 'WMjws,, mmmm^Aim, .m&nm. <^v\mmA.  jfTg^^^tassasMaigggg  ���������STAR'  I8BA8, Md  RRAYMEN  *nn������^   and   B&UBbK   Rlfe-S  For   mm.       #EA.   ������,^BB������s  tPROMFTEf ATTH&DEft.TO  _MHBaff_^HB_______H_a_n__H__a__^H-_aa_-wa^^ ^K  3rd St, Cumberland 1  l  F'H^M'***SiM^^SHi  H__mw������w������uBin_(i-nnnMii  When In Courtenay Stay At  Tfo$ Courtenay Hotel  fivety ^j-wenienCe for gueBts.  *-IH *!��������������� ,.;'l'" '.''*   "*.'  '"'    ',"'i,'*r?'"'S<!?'.**"   '������������������"***���������' ���������-���������-'"    ��������� ������������������'���������       ri*i���������  ������������������*������������������-���������  Vh������ Centital Hotel for Sportsmen  Wone but the B_st of Wines and Liquors  at the Bar.  RATE������ REASONABLE  ���������John Johnston,    Prop,  Wa 3- Anderson,  lDJL\."V1f3t      TPiso^EiXEsr.  Efijj-i.*i 4 a '^Jia'flON atw^B ou tap; -Aso, ftie tanoww MtfliWAUISKB  BB8SRS-^!tu������iea������,^ Bf/horrt������n, tfchlHz, *a "OM) ������������U\T BKAifcO"  StfUWCJH WaePWi Best Wines and Mquoi-s of ail k-ndB.  The Bo������r<SQg and Ibodgiug U.-.paitinent, under tho immediate eupertntendenee of Mas  Davis, wi!1 be found First class hi wveny resipect.  BATES,  ���������/  Camp!)  oo per day u/pWards.  KERY  A Fine S-sleotton af P ABBES  always   on fcatid.  FB2JSH B-BmAT) evejfy day  Ortlevo fbr JJPECM J.   A2IES yrosaptfcy attseaded ta  ft  mot Avenue  MerM  ?������PI7LAR PRICES  ALL STYLES  CUSTOMS BROKERAGE  executed at short notice.  lews Office  j_M������M������>^p^^_������M-_lwuwwi������������<������--_--_-l-l������iWHiiin ���������    nun  BIROS OEilfOEB  COURTENAY., B.C.,  ���������BREEDER of    olstein Cattle, Ches-  ter \Vhite Pijjs,,  Barred Plymout  Rocks, &c.  JMPROVEB STOCK  AT FARMERS PRICES.  tmag_mmmm)m\**j*>*^  a^_aaVmmmm*amamW*mmmyammama^^ ���������'������  LNT1_RWIN6        IN8TRC0TIVB  "CORRECT ^ENGLISH-  HOW TO USE IT."  A   MOMVHliY MiKM/aNIl   DiWOTBU   TO   THU  Usv, oi   '-OnciMHir.  Joskpwiwjs TiJiuoK Ban-mi, Editor.  Partial Contents for thie Month,  ���������Corn-no in Kn������lli������h for thu lle������ii)uur.  Course in Kniilihh f������r thc Advunond Pupil.  How to Increase 0/io'n Vocabulary,  T.he Art ol (JonvcrHftlion.  Should and Would;   How tn H������e them.  Uronunuiatioim (Century Dictionary),  Oarroot Erijttivh iu v.liy Home,  Oorreot Kiii(ll������h m uo Kulviol.  WHftt to Hay nud W|>at Sf������t to Say,  Oourse io i#������yrer������VVriHn������ nwl Puuotuatioh,,  Alplittbotid list el Al?l������vii*>i!v,i'onB.  BuHuesfi Jfltinjwh tor tho Hnainoiie Man.  Compound Wordi   E|ow to Write Thom,  Studies io Biiglinh C/ivovaluio.  ���������MB, ,1 ���������  $1 a Yoar, Soad 10c for sample copy  fiOMfflGT ENGLISH, Evanston, III.  !ManH-a-������-������aMMaHMiiMi-Mnii^HM^  OOOoO OOOOOOOOOOOUOt  1 Livery 1  OTTIPIE IS H'EfrKBY GJVKN ufaat  ua ap^lioatVm will _e  made  \o  the  L&::i?lativt)A������**.c������nb!y ..f ������hu Prorinoe  ot Briish Columbia at its ne.*.* Sea-  sion, for an Aot t������. inccrpora'e a  company to build aNiia of railway ot sfcaui!--  ard or narrow gwij^, to iia operated liy  ateatn ot electrici'.-v, Irom a pojnt at or near  the head of Portland Oao_l thence following the Talley of B*?ar Kiver a dhfcaeiee of  thirty mii.es, with "power to build,/icpi-j,  jnainiaiu and optr&te l)rauuo lm������!������' of tif-eyu  miles in lengthTrovTie~mai^~l*iTe"aitd-paTr���������  ticularly up Oilier,   Sitter ami  Amorieiju  (Jvaeka; and   also   to   establish   pormaueivj,  track's for coll-soting aud distributing  yanitT  oa the main lipe or any branch or branches  to ooiiatract, operate,   maiuuin. and   ow?  telef,'iaph and telephone   pules,   or   either/'  along tbe route of tho said   railway   or   its  bvauchofl, or In connection   therewith, and  fco transmit meflaa������e_ for ootnmni,:ial pur-  po������e������u and to char^o tolls Uuvr������r6r; to ,,oufi;>  ate .elcctrioity and supply li^ht,   heat   and  power aud erect, oun������r.ruoi, bulla and iml,*,i  tala the neoustary b*.*il(Hn^s ami wurku, and  to generate any Uiml of po\\cr C������r 'hn pm-  poses aforesaid, or iu onuiioctim ihuiovvith  for roward; to cotonrt'.'j with and entur iu'.o  vuiiniiijl arrau^mncrtats   wilrli   t������ny   railway,  atid to co������Htrui*6 -fcertisipal   sidingai   at   atiy  Much conueottoriB; to rbceife hoo\ nnv (;ov.  crnmoul, pci"������on, or body c^Wat", grant')  of taiui, money, bnuusoi*, pviviluyoa or othci?  aciMlBUneo, iuuid ot tho conuia uottnii of tho  Com^iny'n nn'luvtn.Ulnj?������; with power to ova  by pure 11 aft p. of looutieu, or lea:*) mines and  null and dispone of m lioldiiw' wl'-h pcwn,v  to own, out* ami operate wauir power ooti-  vr-nimnt to lhe road for tbo Csiunany'H railway and other pivpoROs,   and   to   ei-erci-m  Mich powoi'is an am ���������t;i-K>i������*.-.l by \'-i%v\.% LV nu !  V ot tne "Wail's* (;lfi,u,iw,,rj,,iw,i!*i.!.i!,-.ui) Act'  will:, pi et or to bin!d, .nrn, ,'ijm.i!.m*.iii wli.n v������.u  N01?KIE IS I-TBRB3Y GIVEN that 30  dayu aiter date 1 intend to make application to the Honorable the Chief Oommiijaion-  or ot Lands and Works, for special licence  to out and earry away timber fe-oni the following deec!"Tli������d hndo situawd  Ku 1 Corotueaicicg at a post about 600  yards north from t.he month of the lat  river of importation on the eaat aide of' Buttle- Lake from the eonch eud; running 40  chains eaaV; 140 obulus Bouth then 40 oh������it<s  "Tnore-or-losS-to-shore-and���������following��������� shure-  , back to point Of commencement.  No 2 Otimmeuuiug at a post about 40  chains wfst of mouth ot 2nd river ou east  side of Buttle Lake from south end running  south 80 chains; east 80 oh .ins; thence  north 80 chains; to shore and following  shore back to point ot oommeuoetneitt,  [ No 3 Oommenoinx at the south-west  corner of No 2 running south 80 chants;  tkeiwo east 80 chains; thenco north 80  chains; thenoo west 80 ohiini to pohit of  cotrlmonooment  CE, McILROY,   ,  Oumberland, N������.v. 11, l������0fl.'.  dfr-4t  ^^   *-;'r."���������v^S',',i - r -  * * i'i   ��������������������������� ���������������"?-'? i ��������� ."sr.-^.       I   *v   i  rn-t..-1-.ii..���������:,,.,.',7,:���������������������������'....���������-.-a..ji������c" ���������   sh    - I  s, s. "Oity of Nanaimo.  Siails ko������o Victoria Tue_Aft>, 7 a.in., for  Nonfliina, calling ,\\ N^rth Stuwich  Gowichim Bay, 'Mmple riny, ffiio/lon,  Ruper analThet*s bt.iradj ������lmu freight  oi p;is*-:en^eFs offer.  Leaves N--.ivi.oin Ta"*fidty, t p-*-, far  H������i������ri B*y nisi Cdm.*.  Leaves -?.<iin������x Wednesiiay, .8 a.oau, fer  *dnioH Bay and Nunaii-uo.  Leaves Nanaimo Tiiur-iday, 7 a.m., fer 1  (Somox and way parts.  Loaves Samox PwClay, 7 a,n.} for Nanaimo and Wity ports. ���������  Sails fro.m. Vanaimo Fm1a\, 2 p.ra��������� .or  Victoria, aniline at Wuper and Theus  Islands, Sroften, Maple Bay, (.owleti-  an Hay and Nor-ib Savvn-ich when  frw^lit and  passengers offer  NaUrth  Saaiii-sb  wfe������n tide and wfeatiw  ton-ditien������  pe_������iit.  M. J. Henrfs  Nurseries and Seedhoares  , Large stoek oi HOMH CHGWN-  IVuit an*^ Oro-������roenkl Trees notr  matured for -fee Pell TradeA  No eKfuenae, loia or dofey of fumi-  gafi*" or mtpeetiw.  Head-qiflrierii i-r P&eiSe C-.ttt  trr-ow-n Gurden, Pield, swid Flower  8ee*S������j h) season.  BSSS^PPLJfiS, Stay P������^pa  Whale Oil S<)������p, <3reenhout!e Plants  ���������Ont P'ower?, Bulbs for Fall Plant-,  iig.  We do busbHetsj* on our own  Troonde���������no sent to p������y and are  prepared to'meet all eompetiti������n.  Let hqh prw������ your list before plae������  ing your ordar.  Co-alosrue   Free*  M. J������ HSNRY  3010 Westminister Road  VaMCQtivor B.C.  VAKOOTJYSR - NAl\iA31������0 - LADY-  SMI-TH   BOinBfiS  g. R.     "JOAN."  Sails from Vancouver for Nanaimo  daily, extept Sundays, at T.30 p.m.  Sails from Nanaimo for Vancouver  daily, etceept Sundays, ai 7 a.m.  "TIM=K=T=A-Bl7E~'K-FrK^G'TlA^E~  Mondny,@Gio;i"r U\% \S)*M  ���������.���������..������       ��������� ���������   ^ . .���������  NORTH BOUND���������Rwid Down  Stations.  Victor lis  Bunnell,  Shawnigu),  Passenger  T������uins  I  Dull*  Jocbi u;id biii)k.:!:i ',1 c,;an.  i;io"i '.Villi tti a  Oninpany'ii uudorwi-injj'ij aiu: to luiil.-i, <>���������������.���������;  'j������!ui[> liiui tiudiilai. nt. imj- wyA nl-iui* vu..������*iti  aud hunts, and optiiato them u*i tUe wat������va  i������f Uio J'uA'inco u'id :Vi������.������r.������ a," uiint tl). rot i,  aud to mako tratlie arraii^ereentn \<iili rail  way, pteaiiiboat an ! ohir eompauioHS and  lor all othor lu'cmi-ti ry or im-Ht������Utl rights  p(>wi,cn and jiuvHugOij in that Ijehalf  l)a,hd ut Viotoria 11.0., ti-.e i2ud day of  AnuuHt, lUOti.  BBKKTS vt TAVLOH,  t'.'jwitors for tn������) Ai>pluiauti.  dl2������flt  K0XV9S.  Uiilinc on lo<'omofciven nnd  ml  wav oara of   de   U*nU>n   nol*twty  Gdnipiwy by any  pomm, ���������*   P������Jf  Bonn���������excopt Krtinci^w���������w K***yy  UHJliU"**-*- ���������������  >mili iv> ������*.. u  llm-  !<���������  IfiVOM  1  r*r*} #'iwh������  Qd LLL & &it iT_,  %tty>  i   o  % >'    ,'���������... **-������. ���������  to  cifiiiii^ at  - ? i >< s  ���������un   j  furnish Sivli^h Rie^  and do  riviM.i-.'.U  D. KILPATRICK  Cu.\ii,l.KI,ANt>  O OOOOOOOOO0OOOGO0  -:n\  Vjttsstifm 0. hnmm  bXMHtr**-  JWMHMH  .hStOKE ��������� -  *���������  BLOSSOM*,  "CLP. AN  r-H-.AV  c  vi.-m  THK -  Cuban Cigar Factory  M. J. HVitH, Pri>pr,itot,  0T1CI IS   WBRKBY GIVEN  that at  |^  ',he ������oat, BCHaion of s-he Legislative Au-  ttoitibly of the Province of Hritish Columbia, apjjlication will bo mado fnr a.. Aot  to incorporate a Company with   power   to  appropriate aad v-w from thc moat tiutable  point so much of tho wator of Khtada Kiver  in Range V, Ooaut Diutriok, BuitibU Columbia, ah may be iieoem-.ary for the purpo������,-os of  the Company to fwipyly powor,   light and  heat tor mining, doincntio, nuiniifftcturiu^  and other purposes, to tlielnlialiit-aiitfl, oor-  poi'iitio.iu, JidiiCH. inilln, umnul'iWtorieH and  Bill other work* of Uiu Teiuipueun l,oiili,,,uU  ,lubn 'Hand, Digby Island  and  adjtcout  Iftlutids iti Ckmiit Dlawictj aud alao with pow  or to ci>n.f(.������ii(!t nm workn at A-uuh ptauo   ou  thu 1-iulhi.u'ly pai'v of Kaicn Inland oa may  be flfcoijicrt iiuiRi Huitublo, luul lo   lay  pijx.3  for ooiivuyioy; the wrnio to   the Inhabivaut*  nf _aid Inland; luid ut aupijjy,   trauwnU nod  dlntribute power, light and boat hy  00m'  prtuHcd ulr, cluotri'-ity and gair to tho inha-  biUutft, eurpoiatiuriu, huiioh,  mil**, nunit-  factorieH and all otluir   work������ wibUin  tb>i  DUtriot before raAutfoiu'ri ami the nurronud-  1_H dlntiiat within a minis* of 75 miloi fio.u  tlio *aid I _ hud a ltivertaud ali/otoooniitriuH  and maintain tramway, railway  ami   tfclo-  plionii ayvteum in umi maid padlun and to 1?"  teud tim -.aid hy.u.iu������ to other ditfUloU oon-  ti^unoK tbererot and al_o to oreet, lay, con-  sm-iidi aud maiuta������u all ������uoh workv, luidtfoiti  tiaold, ro_<li', -uWay������,   !>uildln_n,   tauui,  tlumeii, dauia, r*������yowayn, poluw, pipei, wiru**,  oikilua, acruotnreauad uppUauoui OM may bo  %M.i%i<*t"try to fully and eompltiUily oarry oat  XX'e pur-jMiio-w nl the Oominny,   And alio lo  have thu right to outer and to  appropriate  land* for titan for gas worki, power-houaoi,  it������tioni, tramway IUum and other neoowwy  work*, and to appropriate, um and  divwt  90 much ot tho mire-norde* wauirt  ui   **u>  j  rivttr or crct-k whioh may   be   found   tr.o������t;  convtult'Dt  and advaut*ig������nu������ within   the  mild rmtiiiM an may Ixi iioiuwaiy Jortho por-  po.vu ot r,hu eottipitiiy in   wrdor   to  tioppty  power, K������ht and n������at to   tlio   UihabiunU,  U'lrporaiijtiii, ifiuiw.,   Hid in,   inii.i>'������'..������i;l("ii'>.������  ���������T,a (iUu.*.r * otkfi wiiliin ihe iuid radiuo, and  t,i '. ��������� 'M 1-.n'li iitioir tiiiuu* tkn aiu u.t.utui.Ut  or ooimucivt to itu itt������in*ocut ol tttt nhovu  utiect* <>r any o! t!ii,-n.  bated thin 14.h day of NavemUt, 19oli.  JOHN W,AH,  Ageoi tor the Vtomoljara.  0t-j8 -  Oi.bfelolidl,  Cewiohau,  Eokailab,  DonoanV,  Snincnon,  WeHtholwa,  (.Toomainu',  Lidy������nii}!i,  Sj nth NVelliugtwo,  K mauno,  W-jIIiiikUh),  ll.     -������������������ijiw ���������   - ������������������*>.r*rwiiim.-i*im*i,***������"'*������  BOUrjMLBOUNU-Heiul Up  'Ho. v  De. tt.00  9 ()4  2C> 2  IR.8  10.40  10.4S  10 U  11 00  11,07  li),!8  1,1 -Hi  IV. tti  1,2.18  V������.������l)  A> lii.KJ  Suuday  Wed.  Sat,  No. 3  Do. 15 00  Id "4  10.17  10.22  16.30  1641  16,'W  ISM  1.7 fo  17. asi  n a.  17.65  IH.1'9  18. Hi)  Ar ll> 4ii  E. C. Emde  Bicycles and Supplies.  Lo������al Agent   for  Comox Dist I ret for  Cleveland  M assey-Harris  Bramford  Perfect  t    R'ambii!r :   IinparidJ  Bicycle 5,  Fairbanks - Mor-e Gaeolene    _  JJ*aok of all X-rad&a' ������ugiu'������ "|.  - ��������� ,1 ������������������!������������������ n--iiwiiii������iimwnwwj*w^-w**,  Second hand Wheels  for sale.  Impm.  if>  Acetylene Supplies  Bicycle: and general  Repairing of  h������wi-ng'  Mrtahin������s,      Fishing  Rudx, Guti8 etc.        N  S������ii-s*iv grow; A, &a w* yum ���������  mini unci ItU'd,  Key end Pift������ ftt-'ing,  Viotoria,  Kasai-18,  Sha--'rJig*w������  ������<  Gobble Hill.  Cowiehan,  KoUiitlah,  Diiuean'd,  HoiiU'iioj,  \J"������������th<ilm(\  t/linmainuN.  UidjftmJih,  it  Month WullinHJbon,  Nau*'M'"i  WeMng*nn, *  >'<������, 2  Ar. 12. t������B  M.t  4U.5  Id 40  10 15  10 Ml  Ul Wt  V.47  e,.i7  D/'    O.iM)  Ar. 8<^0  8. iti  8.15  xie. 8.0t)  Ko. 4  Ar ]8 55  . IB.56  10,51  )0.-������8  1.7-."  Iff .08  n.o:i  iti.ris  I6,9'l  Itt, 22  no. ir. .(<8  Ar. ������ft.4l  15.4T  lb IS  Do. 15 00  tfiiiwU  mmm  in! St., OumUiland!  $&  'nuiu.������md Ml'a -nwl '-Jnmmrft.itfon 'Pt-ft*.  tml'S ml halo, ;;ooM uvui rail uud site n,.������(  tfn6^ ������t tv/o nid on^UaH cvut* pur ioile,  SvuchU X.ru tux iifid "VCiiNiera Kit lW.or.  i'seas*, nnd to'luted rttcs fur pai-ves nt-iy  he ,tn'nn*.i'd foi "il iippbtsriuiii to klic  Dist, l*awi. A span, at Vi-itwi'-i.  *W>e Compunv rworves th������ rixjjhx to  chrtntie wifliottt previous nonet, wu.imew.  ������aifuig clriies nnu ho'"" 0' wrffii".)};.  lvNir-ui'MOfi '1 uihux-m on Sale Irom and to  all ai-itiejiis, ^ood ftir ifo'tog ^itwiey Saturday md Suiidny, v������turii(ii^ not fiucr  ,han Mondav. '  J, 'V W������TTf������ A.���������. flnp. n(5. flu-si B������r.  tt, L. fOritr^W, TM������������  Frt. A Him   Ar.  For Sale by Tender  The Estate of John  McDonald.  'fouler������ will be r> o-^ivwl hy tlie   uudv-  Mijned at  the un<ti'nMftiii.l')r.od mid roan up  to Duoeuibiir 2t'h lOOQ^tor the pnrehaite 01  tba onderm������������tton pn pwitient���������  yy \ A li ..t tiaft ulU 126  M������y Gil,  Comox l)intr ������!,   Id acrw,   mor������ or  I >-������������,,  The hii(h������t or aay tmid.r no. bm-cH mly  ac septal.  WftiLKY  W'lJXAKU,  iMhooJ   Ad ���������> liUtmtOf,  Oualetltui li-O, l>r**m\m Sra I JO*.  ���������iv-ats  ���������fl  \yaVeply fjotel-1  FfttiVOlft0* Auoommod'tlon  ,, ..aU Dkottjoiii-bla Kate������ ,,,  BEST OF WrKKS & U^UOItS,  S. SHORE,  P������0l������Uk������l!OR.  Cumberland  Hotel ���������-*  COK. DIW������M������XR AVBNUHJ  ��������� UMBKlbl./lN]>  I   0, ^;  -  ��������� i  MnO. H. PTTW'PrrtjM--   ittteae.-'        *'  VV i*tm tit Cuuatiofiiui-j iio iiitt  and may at the Cumberland  Hotel, Fiwt-CUii 'Aceowod*.  ���������blob for traanout aud p������rnu4H������  ont boatdar*.  Sample Rooms and Public Hall .  Run in Connection with Hdtol  <  Unim Uonx $1.00 to t'^.00 p������r dajr,.  TO CURB A COLD IV OMB BAY ,  TA LaXaTIVK liROMOtJlHSlKK UV.  IVit A I iliofgl-.*' rtin.'it uia un������m*������ ff ity  tail* Id ������nre. K, W. Qrera'a atfaatmw tit  Ium^I^v.   *%e. Ml  i ������������������** THE  NEWS.   CUMBERLAND.  BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  ���������t  TIfE CUMBERLAND NEWS  Issued Every Tuesday,  W. B. AMBiSBS.6N,    -     -     -      M<3R  The oolumns of Thb News are open to all  who wish to express therein views o matters of publio interest.  While we do not hold ourselves re -onst-  ble for the utterances of correspondents, we  ���������serve the right of declining to insert  onununieations unnecessarily personal.  MONDAY, Dec 31,   J908  Her View ol It.  ������������������Mlnel" cried the lordling. ������All mlnel*  And he undertook to draw the girl to  him.  "Yours!" retorted the beautiful but so*  phlsticated maiden of wealth, drawing  jaway. "Well, I guess not. You've got  Jt wrong. ���������Vm simply Investing in a hus-  tmnd and a title as au addition to my  establishment."���������-Chicago Post  MSNINQ dOURNAiU  NOW IN ITS 39th YEAR  The loading mining periodical of  tho world, with the stronsest editorial  stall ot any technical publication. 'i  Subscription $5.00 a yoar (Including U. S., Canadian, Mexican postapo).  Sample copy tree. Sond lor Boot  Catalogue.  VTrm.TCATioN omcK  SOS Pearl Street, New York  NOTICE  6HERLOCK HULMbS, JK.  Another One of Hit Remarkable De*  dactionit Comes to Light.  i Sherlock' Holmes, Jr., clutched hi_ com  panion's arm and said:       ^  ���������'Do you see that mab?"  "Yes. You mean the oue with the, mustache and goatee, don't youV  "The same. He was awake all last  night with the toothache. His wife  Vl wanted-to put the hot water bottle on  pjr> , kifl cheek, but he wouldn't have it, and  ���������ht made him promise to have the thing  palled today. His tooth isn't aching now,  though."  Then ...he is a. friend of yours, is he?  UNhy don't you mtroda-ie me 7"  "A. friend of uiine? No. 1 never saw  0 tim until I called your attention to him  ft moment ago."  The great aaurcnr ������-.rwtlve'n compan*  Jon shied away -dm ������ aiamcd woman  Who sees AVu Ting iJ'a.ig ouiiug to ask  questions and <aid:  "Sherlock, there's,, ao use talking. I've  fot to quit associating with you. This  nhcanny way you havo if finding'out'all  about people,who are strangers to you is  a making ������ne nervous. I'm afraid of you.  ;��������� jHow do you kjaow this man had the  toothache all last pight?"  "Look at his eyes. They are all rt-jd.  They are the eyes of a man who hut  Tbeen robbed of sleep."  "Yes.   1 can see that Wb eyes are red  -���������--^ot-parhapaJi.o_is_a_v}ctlm_of_hay f*761  or something of that kind."   , "^   "~~~T~  o   "No.   If  yon  could  make  deductions  you   wrould   know   better.   Look   again  Ttou will see a dentist's sign in a window  * jscroas ��������� street theye."  ,4Yes;.I see it."  "I noticed that he gave a ntldden start  , ������?hen he happened to see that sign, and  bait stopped as If he thought of going  ' over. Ths-n he put * baiid up to bis  cheek, assumed a cheerful look and hurried on. So you see his tooth baa quit  Ming."  "But how do you know he didn't have  a hot water bottle against his cheek last  oightr  ���������'Because he hit- iust had a shave. A  Bin never gets nhaved the next morning  ���������iter letting his cheok rest upon a hot  water bottle. Of cours*- his wife wanted  him to let her add to bis misery by boiling hit������ ?aoe, because that's atwnys a wo-  Mian's way in such u enne of being kind."  - "Perhaps. But 1 think you have left  one point unexplained. How do you  know ths mun has a wife?"  v w0h. but you're dull. You're about the  poorest deductor I over saw Didn't yon  Botlct- that be wna wetiriug a hair wntch  Chain? Who but u roan with a good,  ���������trong wife whose hair composed It  Would wear one of those thiu������s iu thU  ���������nllgbtouod age?"-Ohicago Reword-llor  ��������� .aw.   , llwr Gentle Hint.  "Aw you very foud of your clnV  Jf������hn?" she aiki'd.  "Why, yes," ho snid, "1 like tt pretty  well."  "I should think you'd be mure careful  of Ity reputation, then," she Hiiggosted.  Thcrearti't'. when he came homo InU  Blid hui) ditlltulty (hiding tho keyhole, ho  told her bo hud been to the theater, It  being Imumu-rliil to him whnt laud of a  reputation tho thuatcr got.���������Chicago  Tost.   MecthanleitUr Connldored.  As the I'lergytnim dlmtUHed the newly  Married pair he tucked tin? tee lu Ills vest  poeM with it mutter of courso air, observing which, o Mend remarked:  "l Itiiitgluo thut form of rovoout n������t)������������  be nn everyday ulfiilr wltb you, Yov  pocket it mo iiJi'cbnDicnlly."  "Why shouldn't I accept It mechanic  Illy, good sir?" replied.thu divine. "It l������  wnUMU#atl"U for Joiner work, Uu't It?**���������  Itlcbmoiid IH������piiti'h.  No Occpalon For Ttemors*.  "Yea," the farmer snid, "I've rals������d ���������  big crop of hops this year, but I uln't  ,  .    lulte easy in my cousclonce wben I think  ��������� v    bow It'll all be worked up into lagti  >   botr,"  , . VVou mny  dxdet ynti? nmtploii," re-  ' piled bU frlond from the city,  "ttdenct  b*4i dUcovered several wonderful ways  Of  tanking  beer   by   wing  something  cheaper than hops."���������Chicago Tribnns,  rettlnm ������li������ ������*h������r ��������������������������� tn tu  Mother-lithel is the very imag* of  wbat I wo������ at ber age.  He���������Itoallyl I shouldn't bave thought  It possible.  Mother (eoWtj)-Mny I ask why?  lie (seeing bis error ami striving to ret  tlfy lO-Ob-fi���������l wns r������>������������<-if.ng what *  long time ago tbst must bave betn.  At Analtier's A f <*���������?������-��������������������������� Tern.  De���������I'm thinking seriously of resuming  business.  8he-l tbonght yea hnd retired pent*  amtly.  "I thottght en, ton, bat I seed eoine et-  *nm for not attending toy wW* *t\m>  ftooa ttia**���������Brooklyn Life.  A GLa v-a-������ti*'i Our-a   for    Piles.  Itching.   B'.w>d,   Blc.^'nji or  1������\ -c^dWg-  Files.     D ������������������'dfn^.i r_h..,.' mon. v  ���������   FA3t)  OTNi'M-SWT fHrts to our. a--, --a."!', 'io mav  ter of-h������������w long ntftnrtliig, in 6 m H dos/a.  Fwaf. apuli'eation g-ii-en mae a-i.' iv-o.    SOo.  If JJJiur^W.nugtKt hasf't it st-rni 5flo. i, **t������A*pb'  audi* w������|j be.ior������8*������rrle<l post>-^������fii by "IHirie  Vl������d"n4ne Hoi,, i?,r m^**-, "tib*  \\ WT'LLARH is prepnro^ b*  ' * *' '. M ur,y Orders for Emv or  Heavy  Uaroc-ae,   at  fibort a������������ i(;e.  ������������������l-WM       lil.MK*Tl  WiUL.\H!VRLOi:L      Cumberland.  JOHN ..McLEODS  8'OR FITtSt-C?LASS  ()      C5ANDY, FRWITS,  ; -CJIWARH-'ife TbBA0@@S,'  TRADE ���������r.;.\RKis.''  ��������������������������� bestc..-*,  CQPVl<lO.>t'- ..v. Ao  Anyone sdndlrvr a phot*-.?, arivt ti-*e-^ .i ��������� ��������� im'nitty  4*oli iljraacortJi'.r, fi������e, \������fcotl:.. in V-i--iM',<r;, i, '���������  giMbulily in-ttc.ifi.toj. CV'aUBanWatioos.' ilstm).  ������jn-i<4,eutl_l. Olil'.'tt apenei- .:.j nM'.irliU;- i������tmu;V  to awica.   W" have a '.���������*i'.,.i*i>ui.or. -ifn'e������.  JPftt.onts tuitisn tlu-oogb Mdl.'j .<��������� Cc. locofts  sbooSiU uoti-oo la tbe  aCIEXTIFW'ilfiERICJlW,  "WWIt'tJ'T ''!l"������*>lo<l, lawist'-'ii*c:.'.! .ion o*  .PUKw^V-. ,'i;.l-J������l. woeU?fl"!^-jLL,.������.,; n'yottj  %mX\r&-t ��������� i������ ttTiOCllKfl fcESk-ir, l UJlSX>  BOtvil OS '^Stmt^i X**^.^fSSw������i������  8������  I    v*. .>*  ii iii A ������  Tbo  Ovcot.  A>>f/H*A,  .Rerwdjn.  Tfto.08 and tr. v i,' wArn H. ta wholo  fJutcrYO-mn aysU'ini, 'gsisk-sa   wy-y  Isj, Mmtal and. ^ra4n fl''-n/, lfi.it  Sttrim Wcoknefia, Eniisiti: .is, !$r������jftf  TvanatWeds of.Abiikew ./&5?,^',5.  ���������ft poifeox. stxfhr|5. Ovo wilUwo������������i,������,..'i  ~ "��������������������������� *  --- f.jalleQ in  AU  Ont.  Morrochi   ros,  BAKBBS  DREAD, Cak������B���������an({ Fie������ doWver-  t)d dally to any pitn ������f #������ty.  '<-y-*MSf*&is^^  ww wty*K ov     fi.v_a_.Ar__r.*  ���������mmmmmmmMWMimmW     "    \Mt Vi V' Hf-')  *m*  JAPANBSt  JStIC  MUNICIPALITY OF TBE CITY OP  *  CUMBERLAND.  NOMINATIONS for Oue Sohool Trustee  will be received on Monday, the 14th day  of January, 1907, at 12 o'clock noou.  The mode of nomination of candidates  shall be as follows���������The candidate shall be  nominated in writing, the writ,iii������ shull bo  subscribed by two voters o{ the Municipality, as proposer aud seconder, and shall be  delivered to the Returning Offiocr at any  time between the date of tho notice and 11.  p in. of the day of .nomination,' and in the  event of more than one nomination a Poll  will bo opfti ������hI ou Thursday the 17th day of  January 1907 at the,Pulling. Station, next  Whitney Blcck.Ouuilnj'land B.C , of which  every person id hereby required to take notice and govern himself accordingly.  Qualifications for Trustee are as follows:  All persons beiup-hous-.'holders in the Municipality and being a British subject of the  full age of 21 years, and otherwise qualified  by this Act to voto at the election of School  Trustees in the aaid Municipality shall be  eligible to be elected or to serve as a School  Trustee.  Given under my hand at the City of Cum-  ,berlaud this 22nd d&y of Dedember,  1906  ALEX. Mo'KlNNON,.,,.*>  ��������� Pvuturniag Officer  3*-j9  IsTOTIOEJ.  PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN  to the Elector's ol U^ Municipality of Cum-  berand thai I require the prc-jeuce of tht  said Electors at the Polling Station on  Dunsmuir Avenue ou Monday, the I4th daj  of J.<nuitry, lW.'^au 12 o'clock noon, for  th ��������� purpose ot electing a Mny "or aud Alder  men to represent them fur me year 1907.  The mode o' noujinacion of candidates  shall be as follows:���������  . The candidate shall be uqininated iu  writing; the writing ahdl be- Bubauribed by  two voters of the Municipality as piopocer  and seoonder, a;id shall be itehvored'to the  Returning Officer at any time between the  date of the notice and 2 p.m. of the day of  the nomination, and iu the event of a poll  being uece������s>*.ry, such poll will be open  ed on Thursday, the 17th day of January  1907, at the ������������������' Polling Station, next  Wnitudy BlocR, Dunsmuir Avenue, Cumberland, B.C., of which every person is  mreby'required to take notice and govern  himself accordingly.  The qualificatiou as candidate for Mayor  is as follows.���������-  He must be a male British subject of the  luli"^"e~isf,-T;wenty*oae-years-aud~not-diS'=.  qualified under any law aud have been for  the six months next preceding the day of  nomination the registered owner in the  Land Registry Office of land and real property in the City of the assessed value on  the last Municipal Assessuieut-Roil of $1000  or more over and above auy registered ic,-  cuinberauce or charge,, and who is otherwise qualflied as a municipal voter.  The qualification us .andidite for Alder  men is as follows:���������  Ho must be a British subject of the full  age ot twenty-one years and uot disqualified  under any law, and have beeu lor six  months next preceding the day of nomination the registered o*vuer in tho Land Registry Offico of land aud roal property in  the City of the assessed value on the last  Munioipal Assessment Roll of $500'or more  over and above auy registered lucumbaranoe  or ohargo, and who is <;thurwise qualuiod as  % municipal voter.  Given under my������rand at the  City of  Cumberland this 22ud day of December 1906  ALISX. McKlNNON,  Returning Offlcor,  3t-j9  ::.  'Bhe drink of string n^-irarfid heaUky -wo-Qi-aa  Un!(.)rBkewery^Beer  Is The Beit  Hott5*������d or In  Berrete,  mmubMw*  The UK10R- BREWING Co., -     iimM 3. C.  mawssmswmnwtmtiiramatin 111���������1 t/-*aiVw.'c<giieiww:*:  5?>  *K. AID A    ���������  iNESE   TAILOR  ���������ftim's' Suits acici L-A������ys' 'tWof-Ml ^o_*������������es nea-t'ly ft-������i,i3ii������d  te Lat������at ift������hi������*Q8.    ^av-gea Righ*.*  a**' a.  >..-#&.+ti++. ������������������'-<.<,>-  NOTICE  TENDERS FOB CROWN LANDS  Sealed Tenders, endorsed "Tenders fur  Land", will be received by the undersigned  up to noon ol Fi-iday 28oh poci:iiiber,1906,  for the following Crown Liiuds, situated in  the Comox Assiesaureiit Diotriut:���������  S. E.J af Lot 156, Comox* District  ���������40 acres  Lot 6 Ne. castle District���������-138 acres  Lot 12 Newcastle District���������164 acr^s  The high, st,or any teuder will   uot. neo-  "SssaTiijrbe-sccepted  !  John Baird  '���������' ���������   Government Agent.  Cumberland, B C 8th Dec. 1906  ���������Jt 26d  Cbeep-riil'Llnra,  **! painted a winter sconp the other day  lb nt was so true to niitiii'-*' tbat iht; tber*  nioiiH'ter in my studio fell twmty de.'  gives."  "Humph! That'B notbinR. I painted  B portra'u of Mr. Ui-owo lust year tbnt  wai so lifelike that 1 hud to shave it regularly." '  .. ���������.���������.������������������  Only Tw* Clnanen.  Stenogniphcr-Do you write 'Meat  mndara" lit the bcrlnnlntf of a letter ti  sn niimaii-lcd won'..-. iV  Eniplojer��������� Yea; at the bop;lnriln^ of a  letter to nny wowin, whether she Is  married or jimf wirtts to be���������Somor  ville Journal.  *nd Adventure  Ashore and Afloat  with ,.  ROD and GUN  If you like to read of the experljnce? of  anglers, shooters and campers or y"  or If you are. 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Sole Agents for B THE   NEWS,   CUMBERLAND,  BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  ^���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^  Olive's Courtship  BY LAURA JEAN LIBBEY  Author ol "A Cruel Revenge/' "A Forbidden Marriage," " A Beautiful Coquette/'" The  jfr Heiress of Cameron Hall."  *���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  (Continued.)  t  X  ���������  :  w  CHAPTER XVI.  Judge Kneeland repented the question, "Who was tho young man you  wore talking to by the cabin window, and who came and looked after you as you hurried down the  gang-plank?" And as he spoke he fixed his keen gray eyes searchingly upon her face, wondering why the question should so agitate her.  The girl tried to speak, but the  name she would have uttered died  away in her throat, leaving no  sound.  How could she breath the words  that would consign the man she loved to a prison cell, even though he  and her own dear father , were the  bitterest of foes? No, she could not.  She would die first.  "Why do you not answer? Did you  not hear me?" exclaimed the judge,  irritably,  "1���������"  Before he could conclude the sentence Olive's head had fallen heavily  forward on her breast, and she slipped from the seat beside him to his  feet in a death-like swoon.  The judge was thoroughly frightened, lie drove quickly to the nearest drug-store, which, fortunately  enough, was in close proximity, and  restoratives were quickly applied,  and in less than ten minutes later  the judgo was greatly relieved to  see Olive open her eyes.  "Now, what in the world caused  the girl to go off like that?" he  mused, never dreaming that his  question had the slightest thing to  do with it, concluding that the great  excitement which she had undergone  during the past few days had told  upon her delicate nerves. "Do you  feel better now, Olive?" he asked,  anxiously, as he helped her into the  death which he had but so recently  come into, possession of,' and which  completely exonerated Roger.  "And there is another matter which  we might,as well settle here and  now," continued the judge, "and  that is the question concerning  Olive's future, which we were discussing on that never-to-be-forgotten  morning when this trouble occurred,  and I have only to say, my dear  boy, that I wish to take you once  more into my employ, and if you are  of the same mind concerning Olive  that you were then, why, I simply  withdraw my objections, and you  are at liberty to win the littlo  witch's lqvo, providing you can."  (To be continued.)  A MAN TO AVOID.  COMPARISONS.  coupe again to  drive home.  "Yes, quite well, papa," she assented���������a little weai'ily he thought���������  as she leaned back among tho cushions.  "I, should like to stop at the 'Argus' office to put in a personal, if  you don't mind the delay of a few  moments. By the bye," he added, "I  have strange news to tell you'about  Koger Glendenning."  Olive tried to speak, but it seemed  to her as if ,a hand heavy us death  lay on her lips and held them fast.  "Tall-a about your romances," went  on tho judge, quickly; "why, what I  have just heard would make the fu-  ituro of a novelist, if one could get  hold of it who could work it up  right. You know fto'iio of us thought  Roger was burned in that fire, while  others felt sure he escaped,"  Olive nodded faintly. Every word  seemed liko the sharp thrust of a  sword through her heart. "Ah,  Heaven! had hor lather recognized  him'?" It scorned liko an ago to her  until ho uttered the next words.  "I wish that I could ascertain his  Into beyond  all shadow of   doubt,"  ho    wont on,  thoughtfully,     "for   I  have just learned through papers forwarded mo to-day thnt ho was    entirely innocent of that forgery, nnd  that his    villainous brothor    Oscar  wns tho real criminal.     Oscar   met  with a terrible)    accident in    Philadelphia, yesterday, which resulted in  his doath a few hours later, and on  his iluuth-bed lie made a lull confession to a notary whom ho hnd sinn-  moned. Now listen, Olive, mid   seo if  you  hnvo ovor  heard  anything    liko  it, This Oscar forged my namo to a  noto,  thinking hu would have ainplo  tiuio to tuko it up do it should full  clue.  In this ho   miscalculated,   and  on  tlio day when it must leak out,  ho camo und cunt'ossed to his brother Hogcr what ho hud done, throwing himself on bis mercy to aid him  in raising tho money to taku up tho  note and savo himself.     Hogcr,   In  his groat indignation und iingur, bitterly refusing     Then    tlio   scheming  younger brothor thought of tt clover  plan to bund Hogur to his will.   Ho  avowed then mid there that ho, Oscar, had jnfit proposal murringo   to  yen,  Olive,   and  that yon  luul that  tiny accepted liiui, i{iul that if I discovered tho existence of tho    forged  noto it would ruin his prospects."  A low cry of utter honor    broke  from the girl's white lips; but not  heeding it, hor father wont, on:  "k iiuppunod to Know tlmt    Roger  hitiix.it    tUVU-ii   ,**������",   ���������",���������    tii .11 ,   ,'uS    *.'(���������(>  an hour before Om'.m rami! to him  ho luul nskml mo il" In* miirht. pay  his addresses to you, ami wliilo tho  question    was pending l.i'twc-ert    us,  ..n-l    !.,,f-,r,.    T    ,-i.nl  I    ,,i<* .    -    ���������      <��������� ,.!  thoro was uu irit.<*iTi������pti<ii,-~u lawyer  wished to consult mu vn important  business. And by tho tim*.' ho hud  concluded his business, in camo a  man with this forged noto (Which  was got up in Mogii'fj, handwriting)  for paymont It-��������������������������������������������� !��������������������������� 'h- nm't. wonderful, tho most magnanimous part  <->f iht> whob' :ifi.iO- |t....,m ,. h" ho-  licvt'd you JoVi.<l \n- bint lur, and rather thnn bring unhappinixs t������ you  through him, Houcr look tlio wholo  nffair on his own xh on Idem and  would havt Ucm v nt to prison with  closed  lips had he ..not escaped,    or  had  he  been  found  since.  Such  conduct simply amazes, me. I have never  before known such *'a case of wonderful    sacrifice.    Jt  fairly    appalls  me  when  1   think of it.  My mission    to *  the   'Argus'     oflice  is  to send    des-j  patches far and  wide to find*'   Roger1  (ilendenning,   if he is in thc land of  the  living,   and  bring him back and  restore him to public trust and con- j  faience. 1 declare, it, is. certainly more '  wonderful than the general    run    of  novels." |  He was utterly shocked at the  scene which followed. J  Olive threw    herself :\n his  . arms, j  clinging to him and weeping��������� hyster- '  it-ally,  though he could not begin to '  interpret the unintelligible words she  was   endeavoring  to  utter    between  her choking sobs  and strange laughter.  "Olive!" he cried, "what are you  trying to say? You remind me of a  child of ten instead of a young woman of twenty."  She never knew in what words she  told him, making him understand,  at length, that it was Roger Glen-  dpnning whom he had seen at the  cabin window.  The judge ordered the horses turned at once, and they drove back  with all speed to the steamer; but  they were too late. Roger Glendenning had already gone ashore.  Their search for him proved all in  vain. If the earth had suddenly opened and swallowed him, he could  not have been more completely hidden from them. Then they proceeded  to advertise for him.  Roger Glendenning saw the advertisements, and smiled bitterly to  himself, wondering if they thought  him mad enough to walk with open  eyes into the trap they had spread  for him Again and again he read  lhe���������itersa_a.dvertJsement-_which^.con^  DREADED L0UP-GAR0U.  tained but these few words  "If Roger Glendenning will call at  No. ��������� Block Avenue, he will learn  of something greatly to his advantage."  "Somo one has recognized me, and  they are on my track," he muttered.  "The only thing for me to do is to  leave Albany with as little delay as  possible."  This he was just about doing when  a later "personal" caught his eye,  and held him spellbound with emotion, it read as follows:  "Will- Roger Glendenning grant  Olive K an interview, at her earnest request, at No. -v- B  Avenue,  Tuesday afternoon?"  Thoso words seemed to fire his  brain, seemed to mako his heart  throb a thousand times faster than  was its wont, and to mako tho blood  course madly through his veins.  Olive had sent for him; she wished  to seo him. That one thought was  sweeter than tho breath of heaven  to his dry, scorched soul.  Onco tho wonder vaguoly stole over him that it was all a mso. But  no; they would not daro uso her  namo in that way in such a case.  She would never permit it And Inst-  ly camo tho chill thought, had they  provailod upon Olivo to botray hini?  Ah, no! Perish tho mlsorablo idea  that had found lodgmont for ovon an  instant in his brain, Ho might as  well mistrust ono of Clod's white  angels, ho told himself.  IIo mado up his mind to go to her,  Sho would never call to him in vain.  Why, bo would havo laid down lifo  itself, and thought it no sacrilico,  for her sweot sake. Ho would trust  blindly to Heaven und to Olivo. Sbo  bad called him. Ho would go, come  what might, ffo would not go to her  in disguise. No, ho could never do  that; and, utterly regardless of possiblo consequences, Roger Glowlon-  nlng presented hlmsolf at tho hour  and plnco appointed.  IIo wun ushered into a cool, dim  parlor, odorous with tho peifumo of  grent vnsos heaped with groat crimson roses and white hyacinths.  A momont later ho heard a woll  known step in tho corridor without.  It was not. Olive's stop, hut hor father's, lie spiling to his feet, whlto  ns doath, and tho only words his  HpH could utter were, "Trapped"  and "Ah, God! bo pitiful-trapped by  the girl l love!" Kre ho could recover himself, nnd in almost tho noxt  instant oi  nini', tti. ipruuruit    wciw  MH.pi   U.t'iih ,      .ii.%1     'llitltiO      JiilVuhll-d  stood on the threshold.  If bo had suddenly pointed a pistol nt his heart, ttomdcnnlng's surprise could not, ainve boon mora   In-  ,...,,.  tii,.n   1,.   ���������,.' w������,   lltnn  fnrwnrd  with outstret.iH-d hnnd, Exclaiming,  "Welcome, H������is'"i\-to c������������r homo!"  (Slcndonnlng-quito believed thot bft  wns in a dremti. Ho was too dumbfounded forai'tenineu.  ������������������Sit down," said tho judge, kind-,  |j', ni he noted the yntW'*' mnn't  grent agitation,       I have much   to  ������,,,'���������   to   vmi     lNif-.-r "  The interview lasted over nn hour,  nnd duiinix tlmt timo the judgo hnd  fully ���������cxpluiiml to Gh-ndf miing all  thr- 'knowledge mnoming the forgery  mid   ()"cai'*������   cv.nte**nion   and   tiupic  Strang. Superstition of Canadian Wilderness���������"Blame Good   Howler."       i  Bob's natural young voice hroke the  strained "alienee."' "That fellow is a  blamed good howler," he observed, and  the frightened guides drew a long  breath, and Vezina showed his access  of courage by getl-lng up to throw a  handful of blrchbark on the Are. Bob  chuckled a bit, unconscious of the bad  moment he had averted. "Vezina, did  you think that howling: was a loup-  garou?" he asked.  And with that something happened  which, fitting as It did to the strained  tension of the superstitious men, was  extraordinary and uncomfortable. I  The blaze of the blrchibark Just  thrown on went out quickly, and a log  fell away at the moment, scattering  the others, leaving us suddenly in par  tlal darkness. Coming after the Intense  light, It seemed more profound, and it  was as If the firelight had been turned  off and moonlight turned on at a  touch, for tre whole breeze swept  forest stirred with mystical white I  fingers*. An opening of an old  windfall ran from um to the rlv- j  er, and there came from this glade" a,  loud, sharp crash of a broken limb.  Every eye turned to the spot. In the  path of the moon, 'black against the  whlte-Hghted river, high on pedestal of  ���������torm-fellad" tree trunks, stood a big  wolf. Still as death the wild thing regarded us, and still as death we stared  back, and then with a spring I was in  my tent, and with another I was hack  rifle in hand.  I cannot remember loading or cooking, but I, remember seeing the dark  mass at the end of the barrel and I  remember the shot dying in the hills.  If I had hit, If we had dragged a dead  animal Into camp, all would have been_  "simple. But 1 missea7~~WIthout soundr  or so the men said, the creature melted  Into the silver forest, and left me a  ���������et of frightened children to handle,  Josef, Indeed, was reasonable, but the  others were in a pitiable state, I  "It was���������it was," Vezina stammered  through clicking teeth, "it was the���������  loup-garon." And he gazed at me with  big childish eyos as if begging me t������  contradict.  The One Who Ia Generally Dl-Ulced  by Other Men.  v The cynical old maid would probably  tell us that all men should be avoided.  The happily married young woman  will say that is nonsense���������all men are  good, as undoubtedly they are to a certain extent. Rarely does one come I  across any man who is thoroughly  bad.  Yet the old maid is not entirely  Wrong, either. There are some men  whom It is well to avoid, and the young  girl who Is just entering social lifo  should take the advice of those who  have had more experience than herself  ���������that is to say, in the greHter Issues.  It savors of youth and almost foolishness to refuse to know a man even  slightly because of some faults.  In the matter of real friendship, however, and marriage, a girl is unwise If  she accept as friend or lover a man  whom other men dislike. Such a man  (/is not often worthy of a good woman's  consideration and certainly the Inexperienced girl is better to keep at  arm's length a.man of this sort.  Either he ls mean or selfish, a blusterer or must plead guilty to other  faults. As an acquaintance perhaps he  might be possible, but as a friend most  inadvisable.  One wants a man who is comparatively strong all over if he Is to be admitted to the innermost sanctuary. The  man who is impossible in one or more  respects must certainly be relegated  to the mere outward fringe.���������New York  American.  OLD SCRAPBOOKS.  A FAMOUS OLD HYMN.  Pathetic Origin ot "Blest Be the Tie  That Blnda."  A pathetic and yet charming story Is  told of tho origin of the well known  hymn, "Blest B_ the Tie That Binds,"  which was written by Rev. John Faw-  cett, an English Baptist, who died in  1817, having spent nearly sixty years  ln the ministry.  It was in 1772, after a few years  Bpent in pastoral work, that be was  called to London to succeed the Rov.  Dr. Gill.  been preached near Molnsgate, in  Yorkshire, Six or seven wagons stood  loaded with bis furniture and books,  and all was ready for departure,  But bis loving people were heartbroken. Mon, women and children  gathered and clung about bim and bis  family wltb sad and tearful faces,  Finally, overwhelmed wltb the sorrow  of thoso thoy were leaving, Dr, Faw-  cott and bis wifo sat down on ono of  tbo packing casos and gave way to  grief,  "Oh, John," cried Mrs. Fawcett al  last, "I cannot bear this! I know not  bow to go."  "Nor I either," returned ber bu*  band, "and wo will not go, Tbe wagons shall bo unloaded and everything  put In its old place."  Ills pooplo wore flllod with Intense  joy and gratitude at this determination. Dr, Fawcett n't onco sont a lot-  tor to London explaining tbo ci>������e tjnd  tben resolutely rejffti*m$/to tils work  on a salary of less thaif $200 a year.  This hymn was writton by Dr, Fawcett to commemorate tho event  Hmnllest Kept He.  Tbo smallest reptile Is tho gecko, ���������  thick tongu-cd llstai'd wblcb runs  about, in tho night It averages two  laches lu lougtb, tall Included, and  lives In Africa. It can walk on tbo  celling backward   Mi-lnur on I.ove ami Kian-ei,  She���������That's nil vory pretty. Jack. bo*  do yoa*t)il-rik wo can llvo on lovo and  ii\*M>������jjfr He���������It's   much   tho   safest.  Isoued or tnlnted.-Bxcbango.  ricnnlnff White Wool Shawls.  Shoulder shawls of whlto wool yarn  and tho vnrlojM other articles now se  popular ft) crocheted and knitted work  ���������.p-cvi't- U������ A a* well nflor whut hai  tfouchW rtiom n* beforo. A dry want  is UiM fur xw'h whlto wool tliiiitfi*.  Tnko an excellent wblto flour and rub  ouch article tn St exactly at If you won  washing it ln liquid. Two or three rub  tangs may be im-easarf.  They   Sometime-   Prove   a   Serlona  Menace to Health.  Old scrapbooks are a menace to  health. For several reasons they harbor more dust than any other old books.  Usually the pagea are pasted on both  sides, making them thick and' uneven,  They are broad, and their ornate bindings are seldom behind glass doors, but  easily accessible on tables and shelves.  After turning over the pages, sneezing,  head colds and hay fever have often  resulted without the cause being suspected. In our library was a scrap-  book of colored fashion plates from  1853 to 1892. Another was filled with  newspaper clippings of the war be-  "tweearthiritatesr- They^were-prizeii"  and frequently read, but colds almost  invariably followed. We sent them to  a bindery to be fumigated and rebound.  To prevent in great measure this condition, use a carbolized paste, paste  only on one side of the page, keep them  behind glass and provide them with  oil paper covers. Do not let this adverse side prevent any one from making scrapbooks Use preventives as  with all old books whose pages have  been turned until they are sufficiently  uneven to harbor dust.���������Good Housekeeping.   ^ , "  LONG WALK IN OFFICE,  Ae Soon aa *We Begin to Make Them  We Begin to Suffer.  , We would not have to strive so for  courage if what we vaguely call  "things" yrere more evenly distributed  among us, for no one's lot would then  eoem to hi/n an evil one. If we Were  all humpbacked or lame or blind;  if every husband were unfaithful and  every child a cross; if we were all poor  and no man had any more than another; if nobody's son died in his early  strength and nobody was loved while  we sat neglected, then ' who" of us  would know what sorrows and afflictions were? We-.would take each of  them for granted, as a Chinaman takes  his yellow skin and an Indian his red  ouo.  It ls because;we see our estate differing from that of our fellows tbat we  are tempted to comparisons, and It ia  in tho making of thoso comparison*}^  that a sense of our sorrows, like the  knowledge of our afflictions, is first  born. How would we have known that  we were poor unless we had seen some  one else who was richer or that our  son was unsuccessful unless the son of  somebody else were making a great  mark ln the world? Would our little  children be unhappy with only one  dress had they not seen other children with two?  It comes to this, then: When we begin to make comparisons, we begin to  suffer. This may seem to ie a hard  saying, but it is a true one.���������Lilllo  Hamilton French In Harper's Bazar.  Giant Whale Tows a Steamer.  The whaling steamer Orion, which  Captain Balcom and his associates an?  operating In connection with their modern station at Sechart, on the west  coast of Vancouver island, B.C., figured In an exciting adventure lost week,  the outcome of which was for two  hours in doubt, while a monster "sulphur bottom" whale, seventy-nine feet  in length, towed the steamer seaward  at better than fifteen knot speed.  The whale had been harpooned in  the ordinary manner, but was not killed, as usual, the bomb attached to the  harpoon failing to explode at the critical Instant. As the monster was only  wounded and enraged there was nothing else to do but pay out line and  play the big fish until it should becomo  exhausted! For two hours the whale  traveled seaward, towing the steamer.  It kept under water the greater part  of the time, coming up at quarter hour  Aver nee Dnntncns Mnn  Covers Vast  Territory In a Year.  "If I had a cent for every mllo I  walk during oflice hours every day I'd  soon bo able to retire," Is a remark  frequently beard from men and wo-  His farewell sermon bad   men wbo are kept ou their feet whllo  at business. The general impression Is  that tbe distance traveled dally is very  great. And so it may be. But tbe slm-  pie Axperiment of carrying a pedometer for a few w������oks will probably  show that one's Income at a cent a  mile would not be worth collecting un-  til tho ond of a year.  A downtown oflice man lias just finished an experiment of this nature. Ho  carried a pedometer six weeks, registering Its total each night. At tho end  of that time It was found tliat tho distance traveled, though varying greatly  from day to day, came to a fairly even  average at tbe end of ouch week,  How mauy rnlloa do you suppose bo  walked on tho day of bis hlghost record? Twenty? Thirty? Klfty? No,  only nlno miles, Tho lowest record  camo tbo very u������t dny and was a  mllo and a balf. But tbo average for  each week was thtrty-tbroo and one-  third miles, or aa average of six and a  balf mile*** for each working day, Tho  six weeks showed totals as follows:  80V4. 27%, 37, 34, 32%, 30, or an aggregate of 200 miles aud a balf mils over.  At tbe end of six weeks, therefore, be  would have colloctod |2 at a cent a  mile,  In tbo courso of a year tbls office  traveling represents an Impressive  walking tour, wltb Its total of 1,733  miles, If made as a continuous trip  ���������cross country it would tuko him ftutu  Now York to Bismarck, N. D��������� or to  Galveston, Tftc,  Interval! toTblowT and so hard did "if  pull that the blades of the harpoon  loosened in its flesh.  The whale's pace grew steadily.less,  however, until it finally1 became very  weak. The high speed at which lt had  traveled and the heavy drag of the  steamer told, and the effect of the tow  was Intensified by reversing the ship's  engines. Finally one of the ship's boats  crept up on the wftale and" four, haw?  lances were burled in its vitals.  Tho Crumpet Story. ,  Oliver Wendell Holmes professed to  have a profound respect for the Dutch,  possibly on account of what he used  to call "tho European aborigines of  America" being Dutch. Ho gavo an  nnpect of slyness to his respect which  Inspired the idea that It wus not uu-  tempered. by humor, but ho maintained  tbat tho Dutch, in spito of'their stolidity, had a great deal of humor themselves, "For Instance," he would sny,  "the. crumpet story Iiiib a Dutch origin,'!' "What Is the crumpet story?"  peoplo would ask, And he would tell  thom that it, had many variants, but  the oue with which ho was familiar  was about a man who wns going to bo  hanged nnd wns uskod whether ho hud  any last request to muke and said ho  would liko to havo a dozen hot crura-  jiets, vory buttery, because he had never 'Jnrod to oat more than one boforo.  .KgulUil tg J ana.  Mllfs-Wlndlg evidently bli wheel!  In Ms bend.  Giles-Vcs, and that's not tbo worst  of It, oltbor,  Miles-No?  Olios-No, Ills jaws aro ball bearing.  ���������Chicago News.  ���������Im Tteat,  Wtat ll called elm doit Is really tbo  teedt of tbe tree, wblcb ripen boforo  tbt loaves are perfectly formed.  IGconomlcnl,  "Mother said sho thought you wero  extravagant, Tom, but I proved you  wore not."  "You darling! How did you ao  that?"  "Toid her you wero wltb rao two  hours lent night and only kissed mo  onco."              Knew Froui Ksiiertaueo,  "I Bay," said a friend the other day,  'you are uu old liaud at it. I lutto  only Just got uuirrletl, and don't understand much iifcour the biwlnoss, but bat  a married man any rights left when  bo once assumes tlio hyiuotu������nl responsibilities?"  "Rights? Yen, lots! He's a right  to pay all tbe bi*.:s, to"-  "8top. I mean tills, Lot me glvo  you an Instance. Kvory box ond  drawor and portmanteau and, In fact.  n-porr   niMiMnhl**   ror������ont-if������1n   of   nvo*******  . . .*  rtoBorlptlon In utiiffnrt full of my wlfo'n  property ond when I want to put away  a few cuffs and collars"���������  "Hold burdi 1 know wbatyou mean.  Listen, young man. If your bedroom  xroeo    trtO    rnriln    Xniit*     find     llyit'd  from tbe floor to the celling wltb  drawers and you wanted a plnco to  stow away a Couple of collars, yott  couldn't flntJ a nook tlmt wasn't full of  balrplnsi tufts of frizzes, paus, scent  boxes, old glovw**, powder puffs, rlngo  ���������ud tilings. Ho just accept the Inevitable. Wrap your personal property In  tor old mMVf.pfij>pr or soro-p brown paper  and hido the pnrt������l under tbo bed."  llie Inquirer aml\c*i loudly and Ironically and passed oa a wiser If not ������  **mtter maa THE   NEWS,   CUMBERLAND, BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  MRS. EMMA FLEISSNER  Suffered Over Two Years���������Health Was  In a Precarious Condition���������Causod  By Pelvic Catarrh,  SAN SALVADOR.  Built on a Volcano, tlie IleBulU Aro  Somewliut Startling,  San Salvador is built on ai volcano.  tt has been three times destroyed by  an earthquake, but the people are becoming accustomed to such excitement  now. Earthquakes are pretty frequent,  and, 'waile,-ohe.is naturally nervous,  there ia really little danger to life.  The shocks have been known to come  as frequently as eighty times in an  hoi'r.  The effects are quite peculiar In the  city is a brick column, nine feet high  and three feet square, which was removed a hundred feet without losing  Its perpendicular or cracking the mortar.  The ground under the city Is full of  caverns o! unknown depth. A man  wns digging a well there. Ihe last  Bti-oke he gavo with his pick the bottom fell out,.and,he..and Ids pick and  all fell through, nobody knows where.  Tbere is a volco no not far from San  Salvador that soinw years ago discharged lava over a forest The wood  all caught fire, of course, but the lava,  being light and easily cooled, formed  and hardened into long arcades through  which it was possible to walk. Even  now the imprint of the trunks and  branches of the trees can be seen.  .M  The Visigoth*.  The Visigoths in Spain, from Alarlc,  In 38? A. D., to Roderic, in 709, had  -thirty-four kings.  Healthful, Delicious  Flo��������� Up Hill.  The Mississippi river flows up Sill.  Its mouth is higher than its source���������  that is, farther from the center of the  earth, on account of the bulge or the  earth toward the equator.  HEALTH AND STRENGTH  RESTORED BY PE-RU-NA  Mrs. Emma Fleissn'er, 1412 Sixth  Ave,, Seattle, Wash., Worthy Treasurer Sons of Temperance, writes:  "I suffered over two years with irregular and painful periods. My health  was in a very precarious condition and  I was anxious to find something to restore my health  and strength.  "I was very glad to try Peruna and  delighted to find that it was _doingme  good. I continued to use it a little  over three months and found my  troubles removed.  "I consider it a splendid medicine  and shall never be wii>Dut it, taking a  ������i������se occasionally when I feel rundown and tired"  Our files contain thousands of testimonials which ''Dr. Hartman has received from grateful, happy women  who have been restored to health by  his remedy. Peruna.  No Excursion Ticket.  Beenaway���������Let me see! /About No-  goodson���������when I left he was going  from bad to worse, and��������� \Staidhome���������  It subsequently developed that he had  no retirn coupon.  Probably a Hopeles* Cams.  Mr. Upmore���������You know Bilsford?  He tries to put up a bold and plausible  front, but I understand his case thoroughly. He's meretricious through and  through. Mr. Gaswell���������Why-er���������I  thought he was operated on for that a  few months ago.���������Chicago Tribune.  Primitive Wales.  It is an interesting fact, and one  showing bow little have been the surface changes wrought In agricultural  Wales, that a well defined Roman road  exists to this day in tbe very heart  of Llandrindod and, with a few breaks,  can be traced to the outskirts of  Magos, a couple of miles away.  The Telephone.  June 25, 1S70, at tho Centennial exhibition in Philadelphia, the telephone  was for the first time exhibited to the  public: A few months before Alexander Graham Boll had perfected his  Invention, but it was "not until a month  after the opening of the Centennial that  it occurred to him to exhibit tbe won������  der working device at the great fair.  and Cleanly Prepared.  EIYL.ON  -SRCEN  Ss all PURE TEA and Is rapidly taking  the place of Japan Teas.  Lead    Packets   Only,   40c,   50c,    and   60c   per   lb.     At   all   grocer*.  Parthian Kings.  For over 400 years every Parthian  king bore the name of Arsaces in addition to his own.  A Roofed Lake.  On the Mangislilak peninsula, in the  Caspian sea, there is a lake that has a  roof of salt crystals thick and strong  enough to allow men and horses to  cross it on foot.  LanKnairea,  The English language,, according to  a statistician who has made a study of  the comparative wealth, of languages,  beads the list with the enormous vocabulary of 200,000 words. German  comes next, with 80,000 wopds; then  Italian, witb 75,000; French, with 30,-  000; Turkish, with 22.500, and Spanish,  wltb 20.000.  Euphony.  "He eats pie for breakfast," they say  fo the beautiful young thing who is  going to be introduced.to the man.  "Ho\v uncouth,'' she'shudders.  "But be is worth forty millions,"  they continue.  ".���������Si, he is not uncouth!" her mother  says gently. "He is merely eccentric,  Alilliceht, dear."���������Judge.  -LACK OF ENERGY.  The "Mbst Popular fill.���������The pill is  the moBt popular of all forms of medicine, and of Pills the most popular  are Parmelee's Vegetable Pills, because they do what it is asserted they  can do, and are not put forward on  any fictitious claims to excellence.  They are compact and portable they  are easily taken, they do not nausoato  or gripe, and they give relief in the  most stubborn eases.  Major Dreyfus, wno was detailed  with one of the artillery rogimonts at  Vincennes, France, has boon given an  independent military command at  Vinconnoa.  Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.  Tho Bari'iunnd Es Marros arms factory, situated in the Rue Obcrkampf,  has boon destroyed by fire. Tho factory was ono of tlio most important  in 'Franco,  Bunllght Soap Is better than other  son pa, but Is host when used ln the  Sunlight way, Buy Sunlight Soap  and follow directions,  Reassured,  "And you will always lovo mo,  Harold?" asks tlio fair young thing,  with an expression of harrowing doubt  on her faco.  "Always, my angel���������always 1 Till  the (dtlon roll together ns a scroll nnd  the dead titan* crash into thc yawning  abyss of eternity!" declares the noble  young man who has sworn to her  that her image is indelibly engraved  upon his heart.  " DODD'S %*  KIDNEY^  i'//( PILLS  4  V KlnNf'.Y.������' .(t  ������������������'    V     fi,. .   '    J    tjt    ..ft,   .   j  ,.A\>.  A Common Trouble Among Growing  Boys���������A New'Blood Supply is  Needed-^Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills Actually Make  New Blood.  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My appetite  failed mo, I had occasional violent  headaches, and I began to suffer from  indigostion. I was failing so rapidly  that I began to four consumption.'.was  fastening it&elf upon mo. Our family  doctor treated mo, but I did not feain  under hia caro, I was in a vory dis-  courogod state whon a friend from  Montreal cumo to eoo mo. Ho strongly adviHod mo to try Dr. Williams'  Pink l'ills. I did so and iimido of  throo wooks I began to fool bottor, my  appotito begun to improve and 1  Boomed to havo a fooling: of now courage. I continued the pills until I had  takon ton boxes and i am now enjoying tho host of health i ovor had.  My euro surprised many of my  friends who begun to regard mo as  incurablo, and I utiongly advieo othor  young mon who aro weak to follow  my example and glvo Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills a fair trial."  Thero is no mystery about tho cures  Dr. Williams' Pink Pills make. 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Do not overrate your power of mind  and underrate that of your pretty  frocks, says a modern philosopher, and  whllo ho may excite tho scorn of somo  "t.rong feminine minds tliore Is not a  IHtlo evldonco that many women of  emancipated aspirations bavo already  taken unto themselves tills gem of wis-  uom.  A Good Tooth Powder,  The following is a most satisfactory  tooth powdor: Mix woll together two  . ounces each of powderod orris root and  camphorated chalk. Add twelve drops  of eucalyptus oil nnd again mix. Keep  In air tight tin if possible.  aasiwsw!  WWB9  Does fit  Doesn't  shrink  Ten  Perfectly bate.  Dr. Whipple, long Bishop of Minnesota, was about to hold religious  services near an Indian village, in  on of tho western states, and boforc  going to the place of meeting asked  tha chtof, who was liH ho.t, whofhor  it was snfo for him to leavo his effect*  unguarded in the Mp*������. "Plenty  aafe," grunted Uio red man. 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MI  hear," said  Mrs.  Gaddie,  "that'  your husband's got a job as superintendent of a cemetery and you're going there to live."  "Well?" replied Mrs. Naybor shortly.  "Well, I was thinking it would be an  awful ghostly and creepy sort of neighborhood."  "Perhaps, but the neighborhood will  not be prying into our business."  SCOTCH EXPERIENCED GIRLS (city or  farm) and FARM HELP (married or  single)���������From best Scotch Agricultural  Districts. Npne supplied without satisfactory references. Sail now, November  Term, or Spring. Standard wages expected Mail wants and wages offered direct  to James P. Ballantine, Emigration Agent,  Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. Note address for future use, as many satisfied  f&rmera now enquiring for additional help.  Stolen Pleasure  The children will show you  (he merits of Mooney's biscuits  if you give them the chance.  Mooney's Perfection  Cream Sodas  have made themselves famous  all over Canada in a very short  time. Crisp, inviting, tasty.  Different from *ny other cracker  you have eve/ eaten,  Say jMootfey's" to your grocer.  Vfa*/ of Ono Met,  Ho was romantic, but bashful for bli  ago. At twenty-flto It Is expected  nowadays tbnt n man should bo mottei  (if r,io*_    pt\i\ ������,-nrt Mc fie,,,,! l���������  .-mntryon  but n trifle nli1������������r old winivh Inrttwl ia  bo a widow. Tlio co!iv<'r������ntlon hn<|  turned on tbo ever Important subject  of mothers-in-law. There wns a lull In  tlio argument,  (laslng fur, she slgbod  For Northwest  Winter Wear  there is no other Underwearlike  Stanfield's  UnshrinKable  Underwear  Warm enough to defy the  most severe blizzard  ���������yet not too heavy for  comfort.  Made in all weights and  sizes for all climates and  figures. u  Inshl on hating Stanllcld's.  m  After Labor, Recreation  Travel Is thi Acme of  Recreation.  %*,.'..   it.., \A,  ���������Ah, me! I nhull never hare anotbei  mother-in-law!"  IIo looked nt her with Interest for a  moment and then uinR-iiIy blurted out  "My mother died when I was ?erj  young"*  It war an lundroi tfMioo, but be eouU  uot draw bad., ttic thrcx fj rrclf Intf  Iii* arms, and thoy huve lived happily-  ������p to oow.-Kew York FroM.  Whoa you travel ������������������euro tbt  beet in equipment, comfort,  and safety, and use the  Canadian  Northern  Railway  BitnnioB rates this winter  in every direction. East.  ooutn Mild West, Man* >ou/  want* known to any Caned-  Ian Northern agent, who wlU  be glad to furnish the fullest  information, or write  GEO. H. SHAW,  Traffic Manegeri     Winnipeg.  W   N   U   No    609 mm- ffifiwaL ������������s%������lam5v ������irara, j60iL?5it^M.  a//  ���������"r.:  J.).... US'  m��������� iMi.nn'j.iLi'f'  PAND  SPECIAL  With every DOLLAR spent or paid into  our store by December 3 1st, you yyill be  entitled to a TICKET in the drawing on  New Years Day for 3 Beautiful Prizes.  lBt���������A handsome Brass Bed and apringe, Value $40.00  . 2nd���������A hand?ome Oak and leather Chair, V-iv.eJ20.00  Srd-r-A 96 piece Set of Dishes,  .Value M8.00  These do not cost you anything. Secure  some of the tickets.  Besides these we  are offering  pects are good, and with the continuance of the McBride Gov't in power for a few years longer this Province will without doubt   come  to  its own.  ELECTOR  Prices in  Lines  during the month of December.  4  f  PASTRY  .25c per dozen,  .25c **  25o   "  ������        it  ti        (.  Cheese Cakes,. .26c per dozen  Fruit Squares,. 25c ,"���������*���������   "  Rock Cakes,.. 15c    H       ���������"  Sugar Cookies, 10c M       "  Ginger Bare,.. 10c   "  Turnovers,  Tarts,   PattieB,   Cream pufis,.36c  Eclairs,.. 35c   New is the time to order yovr Xmae ak      ,frkes from $1.00 tOp.50  '���������''     Custard  Pi^~ ��������� -'      ���������  .^^^"2" ���������ch.  BUNS.      Pl*in- 10c dosTFruit;;'.......15c doz:  2oc  No. W. B. A. did not receive a  complimentary, just rubhered. J.  A. Bates however did, and repaid  the compliment bv a covert insult  to all the worthy people who^e  childreri took part. Hia mind is  too small, too paltry to realize that  ho insults tbe I'Ublie when a*ming  at an individual. Why did tho  "indignation meeting" not materialize ? We will tell you. It ia because there are certain iacts in connection with the trustees' action  not yet made public. They will-  be made public, in these columns,  should there be any necessity.  Then there wiil be fun for more than  0D6.  The "Poorhouse" incident is not  yet forgotten.  Regarding spelling, well, as the  Zoological garden product is a better judge ot whisky, and is more  conversant wi*h the word alluded  to than we are, we gladly yield him*  the palm. It is only his due, as  the word is so often in his mouth  when reading the News rousts.  f The .Zoological Garden product,  repc-rts a policw court'cast', instituted-by the City authorities, and tell**-1  that "P. P. Harrison defended the  cafe for the City". - Peouliar 1  Mr J. R. Hill has purchased the  house and plot at Comox Bay, formerly held by Mr Theobald, and  is making extensive improvements.  Thursday last, Mr ^Nixon arrived  in Comox with his new steamer,  towing a gasu.ine launch for Mr  Hill. Mr Nixon's new boat is a  powerful twin screw, tug, and wiil  be sufficient to tow anything which  may offer itself in- the neighbcr-  -hood-r-^���������-���������-^-~^_--________ ,_._  BUNS!   BUNS!!    BUNS.!!)  :.-* -MARROCHI Bros.  \ ' ��������� ���������*'���������*'(>���������'  All kinds of Cakes for Xmas and New Years baked to order  REAL SCOTCH  SHORTBRRAp) * :-  plain -\nd tastefully decorated ^itLnauy motto desired.  All our Oakos Baked with tho CHOICES r TA.BLB BUTIEEt.  T1JW ^SjfV Fataed Gingerbread  fill   i^Uit " -aad Celebrated Coffee Buns  *-n- "ft-t-Min  ___j_i-M_,v.-uB^>i  attkmmmm'  JL QuJI Evenings  _      ������  S Are Banished  WHEN YOU OWW   4  imwa  '..Sraphophone  It Will Vsoviue  THE BEST MUSIC  THE KUNNIRSTSONGS  THE MOST LAUGHABLE  STORIES  KIGiri' AT YCH'U OWK   S'lRUMDE, AT  a Modkratk Cost,   . Wj-m-tb l'Oit  OATALU'JUK Olt CALL   AT *   ,  i,t������vm<\.ww������ t*twt^irme*ammmm*mri  HIGH GRADE STOVES  And all KITCHEN UTENSILS  iportsmeitt Goods  and  sneral..Hardware  CT  CAMPBELL'S BAKERY,      Cumkfand  1906 = 1907  ���������The year 1906 with all its joys  -and Borrows will have passed in^o  history at midnight.     To many it  seems but a short  span  since the  same was said of tho year previous,  demonstrating the truth to this effect that the unrelenting scythe of  Father Time  appears  to  gather  ppeed as the  ages  advance.     In  Borneo!the churches, services will  be held suitable to the occasion, and  paany will gather to watch "the old  year out and  the  new  year  in."  As the old year slowly rolls away,  Miany   will  inwardly   resolve  to  spend the now year bolter.     Expressions of the sincerity of welcome  to 1907 by those gathered about tho  family   hearth,   hands-locked  br  "Auld Lang Syne", will ho passed  and as the clock solemnly tolls tho  hour of midnight the orowds thoroughly imbued with  tho holiday  fpirit will tender tho exit of the old  ���������nd the advent of tho Now Year in  a fitting manner.  Zo cacb an& aU ot out 0Ub*  ficctbcrs wc velsb a lbat>P������ ant)  prosperous Mew lear.  Letter To The Public.  With tho approach of a general  et'Tliuil iUli-v������"U i/iif: .....*���������  .������.    ..     ,.  JltlO-*i Htiialinn -p ,M '*'*������������������ num..' .*...,>������  everywhere, ThegtMierul f-'ding is  that il*e Government hnn jjniued  Pii*i������������nntial strfni.' h thronrbont iJi*1  Province. In quartern where Hon.  Mr McUrido and his collenpu^n have  been most bitturlv uiitH^wn/<id in  the pa*t, tho opinion in frankly  confuted   tha'.   the   Go "orn merit.,  when it it ���������.���������oi*rt ii tho oountry will  win out all along iho 1 o This  conclusion is bap������u upon tho mo*t  ���������obsianiia! rn^onH. In tboreku-  Jion of  his colleague*,  Hon.   Mr  McBrid.e successfully   gauged  t^ie;  r-qnirements    of    the    situation.'  The country wan completely* pros- \  trated as a result of the maladministration of  former   Government,  and it was essential that the executive should be composed of the bent  men in the country, and now lhe  wisdom   of   his  appointments   if  plainly   manifect.     The Dept. of  Lands and Woikswas probably the  moat important one in the Goverfl  ment.   Hon R. Oreen, selected for  the head of this departrpont,  waa  known throughout the Province as  a su.ce������sful business mnn, one who  by his long experience in  busine:*!  was eminently fitted for the office,  When he took office, it was no state  secret that the affairs of  Jhis  dir  partment were ii> a wretched Btato  of confusion    It \yp jmpi-HHible ������.o  secure reliable information from the  clerks, and   tho public  geneially  formed oonclusioDS that wi-re not io  the orodit of tho department   This  Was tho condition uf  affairs  when  Mr Green tqok chargn, and it la to  his own credit, and the credit of the  Gov't, that th-e Jjop't, of Juands and  Works is nqw ponduptod in a manner to win l|ie commendation of the  public.    The flitunjuun ul tho Province had boen ho   bafjly   managed  that the banks  practically   closed  down upMi Mr AloBride within u  fow days from tho date ho to*.k office.   Tu nv-iidjust the financial af  fairs uf tim Province demuiuled tho  exorci.H- uf t������������iiitiK, mnl io Mr Tat*  ������������������" '      , .!��������� ,, ^i-tittbuuai ui Hie h*ist-  ui oi itHioriiifi jno   credit  of IJ. t;.  Mure, n^iiin, Mr .ucllride doraon-  stratod   ihe   prudence   and  fore.  ��������� hrMf ht \i ��������� ->l,f>'>Mi*f������ \\r Tntlow f.-r  the position of Finance Minister,  The same roport holds good of every  department in, thu Gov't. Mr My-  Bride has given evidence of capacity ���������.'.;������������������.! .hua-./Juu. Uv, waa cu. ful  ! to neiioc'i uooii* for hiu departmmit,  ' nnd they in turn have not proven  receunl lo lhe trui������������ repoicd in  them. The outlook for B C. could  not be better.   In ull hues prui-  : Miss Nellie Mati hews went below  to visit friends on Friday,  Mr R^aa^has bogun; his election campaign and is now actively  cauvafsiii'g the District.  Miss Nash was a passenger on  Friday to Vancouver.     ...  vioxobia, kanaiho  Vancouvejb.  Sole Ageiits For B.C.  ��������� * SB-  tm&ti-jim:LV&yz&^  POLLEGIATE   SCIIO0S  '.; "POR'.BOYS  TheLaure!3. Bclchar Street  ���������v::Virtoria'.B,.'C.'-'.. ������������������}  ���������tm*  Pai-on  and   Visitor,,  THE LORD   m-'.lli'I'   OF'COLUMBIA.  F. PHILLIPS HAREI80H  Barrister and Solicit^*- p  and  Notary Public  Conveyancing  OnilirlaM  Cia  ���������'im  J.W.  rti...^,,^ .ii^.-,-���������-.   LAINf>, KHQ.,   M, A.,   CXF(>RD,  A aistul by three Gra-luut-s-1 of the R(.oi>y-  nized Uiiivei-ditic** .,1 (*!reai Britain <ud Oi>u.  adli.  Moderaro tcnris (or bi inU'Ts.  ��������� Propbrty co:jk.s'.s ol^fi'N; 90103 with spaci-  ous aolioo! bniltijiias, txteusive recroa!in>  grounds. i-ytu<niiiwn. Gndt,t e.wpa or^-aon  ized.  ��������� APPLY TO   ������RAn-M.\STWR..  a*3ism2axiBWiSii������w;j������BULi*w^  Advertise in tub Nkws  Mr P Ryan fell as he was coming down stairs at his home near  Comox last week, and wivs unfortunate enough to break an arm.  He was brought up here, and the  Olliery surgeons are attending  him.  A runaway   whioh' fortunately  ended not feeriouHly,   occurred last  week on the main street here.   M r  J03 Grieve waa  starting   off  with  bis team and wagon to go to Comox when the poie dropped from the  nock yoke, the horses started off at  a gallop, and Mr Osoir Davis who  was in the wagon with Mr  Grieve,  threw himself out, sustaining  pov  ere bruises.   The teura continued  on thoir mad race with Mr Grieve  holding  to  the  lines,  until  Mr  Mooren store was reuohed whon a  wheel coming in contact with a  telegraph pole, thd sudden   shook  parted the traces  and  threw  Mr  Grieve out over tho   dashboard.  Fortunately, hi* injuries were not  serious,   The horses ran to the next  corner und stopped.   It wm  found  that one uf them was rather badly  cut about the chest.  Mi������B Rale wari tho rec'picnt of a  handpome present at Christmas  ''"in hflrnnpils at Nctlnon.   A Very  ' f.-c'.phMm't hnvd <-,'i������,r|\f1l  NOTICE  Siraytiu io u*/ -jtiiUmi-j-.-. I 2 yr  old red and while heifor, 2 yearling  heife-is, brindlu,.������nd red, 1 jem-y  calf, ted and white. Unltss chimed and oxpensesof keep and advor-  lining p'tid in 10 d&yn irom lUm  t\v..* will bo bold lot. ;>uch ex.-on^v.  Wm Matthrwran  Comox BC  Doo, 19,100ft  IT OUES A LONf WAY  _ -J^k  ^^^A___L_.W__. ^=^-   mm  H.-iving S-cur d  - - 200;Lambs *-���������  wo will be in a position ^o fijl yott|r  ordertf'durinfi the c-.-ming wlniM,  ,���������11 ������������������,������,���������, m������,i������,i*���������������������mammmmmmmmf  tl  BL  r*l!  AN FOR A SAVINGS FUND  ������h������fci"> .MilfM J* V-������������ ���������"%l*A ������iM*<''1.'. -I'V.'.  i* /���������  \w ia*WVifn,%iwii^*^'.<__ii>i_i>������1il^>a^iiii#i_rfa������*t mi*^j>ttem*nt*mrawt*m*  a.w^wX������A*^/m*tAVeet*w9>^ ~  r / ���������     a ���������  The.ROYAL  SANK- OF CANADA  ai fin*1'* ������*item.-. *a*m\wtf*ti*#+ w %*.*,.A^wiixxMm+xnataArmtr*****  Cupttal (paid up),      $8,000,(MJ0      Kest,  ..$8,437,183  Clieorful .md careful nttwition will be ^Jven to all Dftpo*i������or������, v-bcJther  then iircounts nre. Lii^e or small.  Wji pny 8 pc\r ������3ont INTE5W5ST on Deposiia, eompoim������l?  od twico a yon-, fJ>,,  j$3$m   You can bank w3th usbjpjimall,  A. n/NETIT.Rliny Mgr.              Cumberland B 0.  Open ray Nis__ta ; .,7 p*,m to 9 p>m,  m  FOR YOUR NEXT  SUJT  tvf *vtm-f*"*v*m xv*  If vou wrtut S)iti:',inotion in pwoe and matwial PLAO-JB  YOURNKXrOUDKRWrrU  T. H. CAREY, Tailor,      Comberland B. C.  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