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Creston Review Feb 16, 1934

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 ft Z.)
creston. a.Xyj:i^mJ%. febkuary le, iss*
* - '���'..-  ������'   7; '.'-.-'���'. --7 --7'. 7 :~"':t'\'*v, *-^-.'..-\ -**���. ��� .-        .-     ''       ���-. 7"
No. 47
Creston School
Report, January
Enrolment Last Month was 229
���Divisions 4 and 5 Over Quota
���Attendance Showing Below
vJsua**! SiuiiuHiiii for Regularity
Division S���E. Marriott. Principal.
uuryuunta, oo.
Averse attendance, 34.
Proficiency: Grade 8���Lorraine Olivier,
Gordon Martin, Beryl Palmer. Grade 7*
���Lottie Klein, Ruby Palmer, Helen Mc-
Creath.. V
Francis Bourdon, I. Brady, Billy Craig,
Ruth Davis, Gladys ��� Davies, Maisie
Ferguson. Iona Halls. Stewart Hilton,
Egon ai Hollm, Charlie Klinsensmith;
Wilfred "LaBelle, Phyllis Lowther,
Gordon Martin, Hoghena McCreath.
Lorraine Olivier, Beryl Palmer, Baby
Palmer. Jessie - Spratt, Billy We?,. L.
Wiss, X>. Harkness.
Cooper,   Patsy
Ethel Hendren,
Hijwlsssa-.  WiHse
Division 2���A. Robertson, teacher.
��.-nrci:"-aest, 87.
lance, 33.88.
m. -;��� tftSIV^.   t,M:mS, *
uj.     xSa- ***t    a���;��>m>.   nacravri-
and, James  Bourdon^ Ronald   Cooper
Grade 6���Kenneth Kesier, BoccoUurcio,
Bill Vigne. -
Perfect attendance���Sidney Argyle,
James jsoardon, Konaid Cooper, Rocco
Curcio, "Elsa Foerster, Charlie French,
Marguerite Grant, aek Hall, Teddy
Hewitt, Tom Lewis. Thelma Lowther.
Evelyn Nastasi, Georgirie Paulson,
Mary Ross, Clayton Sindair, Ethel
Smith, Bill Vigne. Bob Vigne, Mary
Watson, Donald Harkness, Margaret
Forbes^  LestieV Harris,
Richard Hood, Eunice
_ _ .. _ . Huracik,. ��wuiur ciua-
band, Eugene Joy, Rose Kinkade. Leona
Lovestrom, Bill MacDonald, Gwendolyn
Moore. Harry Ostendoff, Elmer Pagens,
Lewis Palmer, Anna Pett2er, Victor Peltzer, Kusseli Pridham. Beth Leavitt,
Blair Leavitt*TRobert Ibbetson.
Division 6���Miss Holmes, teacher.
Enrolment. 35:
Average attendance, 31.5. _7
Prvueieneyi Gf��ue ,Ja���Julius juzvig-
ola, Ena Jones, Mary Jean Husband.
Grade lbr-��iieen Weston, Beverley Romano. Crita Ross.
Perfect attendance���Jerry Alderson;
Julfus jpzvigoia. Mary Gardiner. Ena
Jones, Evelyn Kelly, Irma Klein/ Lyle
Klingensmith, Alice Lovestrom. - Alice
Memtt,   Violet  Paj?ens,__ Henry  Read.
Mike Sea^aveVhas disposed  of his
farm atfAi*^^ to
Creston whei�� he lias opened a hotdog
lunch t&sg&jyym^���
?&**�����&& m^iiy
Mrs. HbehneVwno has been a patient
at Creaton hosnitar since the first of the
month, was able to return home on SatV
a*tda-^?7--77777V,--7^ .
j.��.;v ����;V'Wu��w^and daughter, Miss
Elizabeth, left fit the end of the week for
Lethbridge, Alberta, in which city Miss
Elizabeth wiH be-married this month,
and will make her future home near that
city- '���'������ *7V? 777- ?'.o:''?i.iV;  ��� ���"-.
A hard times diihce was held at the
hall on Saturday night last The "best"
dressed lady **-)asM?s. N. P. Wilson in a
costume msdee0��r^lete!y of Scsr aackc
Jobs Babity-won tne gents* prize, with
Herman Miller a close second.
-  -������"���������"   -' .-' --;.;;7.r'':"��� -"'.'--A*        "'-.' ���������-
Mrs. Wear-smuts, who is a patient at
Creston hospital, - continues to improve.
A. D. Poehin is here from Nelson
looking after pruning and other spring,
work at the ranch.
Carl Johnson was here from the Reno
mine, near Nelson, for s weekend visit
with John Johnson.   "
Jock McRobb, jr., is back from a
month's visit with his sister, Mrs. Houle,
at Kimberley-. .
Miss Holly Bond was taken, to Creston hospital on Sunday where she underwent an operation for appendicitis and is
recovering nicely. ���
Mrs. J. Wood was hostess at her home
at the February meeting of Canyon
Ladies'* Hospital Auxiliary on Thursday
Division 3-���Miss Wade,
Enrollment. 35.
Average attendance, 5H.63.
Pr��s*|risncy: Grade 6���*Wi!��^
mas.  Thelssa Stewart.    George
Grsds 5���Edward i/avis, Linden
Esther Oftendorf. 7-7?    __
Perfect     attesdanee���Lliraeiir7��eii,
Georgo    Carr, V Barbara^   ^*^rig^t,
- George' Crawford *fta*^'^*'i*^'"as��2 -'��� *"&*ft^*i""t!?
. tmm
MV ��ud Mrs. H. F"  Hi*!sso"'V of W'ns-.
were weekend guests of Mr. and!
Mrs. W. Ridd.
C. Senesael, 7 A| Lepage and Fred
Smith left last week for Fort Steele,
where, they have secured employment.
Mrs?C Senesael^ Was a weekend visitor-at the home of iier daughter, Mrs. D-.
F. Futh ���' ��j7- Eriekses
��a_ *Srj"
Mrs7 Ernest *^ri**J5!, was a Creston
visitor at the weekend, taking in the
hcspital auxiliary military whist in that
town Friday evening.
'��� ������   -.--���   ���"���:��� ->v'?'^-:-S'.:-.- - .-
A. L. Palmer, of? Creston, local road
foreman, was a b^luess visitor on Friday, V  .    77??7';A^.   7 '7..? -     '7
Quite a number cfrom outside points
were here for the dance in Hunt's hall on
Friday night,
Greyhound bus got stuck and could get
no further. Since then the bus comes
only as far as Wynndel and transfers the
passengers to a Creston garage car, and
awaits their return here.
The Athletic Club military whist on
Saturday night was well attended, in
spite of the bad travelling. 14 tables
were in play, wrth Norway-the winner
with 72 flags. At this table were Mr.
and Mrs. D. Butterfield, D. Taylor and
R. BenpHefctiL Italy "��?02 the booby
honors, having to wnte an I.O.TX. for two
flags. It was in charge of Mr. and Mrs.
E. Uri, Miss O. Hagen and Mrs. Ogilvie.
The cash ""stake xsss,. *14.
Creston Cardinals trimmed Wynndel
reps. 40-24 in the basketball played at
the K. K. Klub meeting on Wednesday.
The teams were: Cardinals���Corrie
4U Holmes 22. Rosa JS, Hs jHorrie 8,
Wynndel���Markin 14, iiagen g, Taylor
1, Payette 1. At bridge the monthly
prizes -were won by Miss D. Butterfield
and A. F. Rudd. The consolation prizes
went to    Mrs.   D.  Butterfield and J.
Hhmihrn 19 m:ii
km- *t amw   a b*a avjsosa
Village Tas Rafc
Same Levy as Past Years���Will
Pay Councillors Salary���May
"Wire H*^B4v��*��2��j_^_Wg^j��jgg*o Ba.
tor Additional Street Lights;
��7 Uii.i.UMiau.
:.*mmm A
*������� 'Siiii
Marion   Staple^   BU��e   Stev/tirt.
Watson, Ardrt^- "WSir,  Wilfred Wight
man, Charlotte 'Wilks, Eri< Jacks.
Division 4���Miss Learmonth, teacher.
V Enrollment, 43, ;vs   ^      J-. ���
Average attendance, 40.22,
Proficiency:  Grade 4���Jean Pridham
Russell Martin, Rosie Rota.    Grade 3���
James O'Neil.   Louise . Hare,  Caroline
-Curdo.. ..   ;.;>7777-7--,,
Perfect attendance���Donald Andrews.
Earle Beninger. George Bourdon, Harley
Brady. Jean Bjmt, Audrey Cooper,
Caroline Curcio. Helen,o'zyigola. Doris
Gabeih 5. Mary .'? "GabelheiV -������ Bertha
Gardiner. Leslie Jones, Tony Joy, Anna
Kinkade, Billy Lewis, Grace Lewis.
Agnes Loveetrom, Russell Martin,
James ..O'Neil -Jean Pridham, Dick*
Staples, Robert Strong. Blanche York,
Nolan Weiss, Sheldon Weiss.
������iV ' ..'���'���.
Division 5���Miss Hobden, teacher.
Enrollment, 41.
Average attendance, 87.92.
Proficiency: Grade 3b���Anna Ppltzer,
Norman Husband, Roaie Morabito.
Grade 2���Gwendolyn Moore, Raymond
Cooper, Lewis Millen.
Perfect attendance���-JoyceArrowsmith.
Patsy Bradley,, Allan Comfort, Raymond
 Miss.Nissie McRobb^ who haa been on
^? Diie ft* tike pbo�� "aifliTO^af ; t"i^i^ds'7the
turnout a^ifae^ C.C:F:Tsocial 'everting en
Friday night* at the hall was smaller than
usual. Cards and dancing ? were the
features. ^"77?   ?'??.WV;,
The contraet  lor ten eems
fov Canyon school has been divided
tween Joe Clayton, Gordon Vance and
A.TEi. iscthamley ^
Mrs. W.:Slea*rt o*Pg;orbin, y?hc is v
ing-with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
P* Mblandsr, rsrt^th a ?>ainfui scciuenf; \
ion Sunday xnomisg. j^Whils standing
hear the heater her|?fothing_ took Jfbre and
before it w��s e^iiBislshed she was badly
recovering n
Canyon was shocked on Sunday to
learn of tbe death of Georjja Boyce in an
auto fatality early that morning
Deceased hae been a frequent visitor
here at the home of. Mr. and Mrs. McRobb for the past eight years, and is
very highly-respected by all who knew
him. ..-.-������
jxanos.   sine is
TheVJanuar^^or��7   of    Kitchemer
school shows the folio,5!?hig "pnpSIs ta&issg
%mt amX^mm-Jmm. .. a-'    jm -J   Jj j^-. _��j_j-     j .a"j'I jt ?V-'J'   ���?''.    -    .*   -   iV'---~   -"   ���* - V-_r"-*- It'
.itU.m:^A--<im*A^=A-Zmm\A -. :^a8t:JiiiJC
A X^ini    :S^iAiX-.;KiQ, ��� IgmSjnXMM^.
Jean- Blalra 70. AKce7Bofe-*ijria68*?7 Grade
4^^-^^/jnibaiasbn i^. Graae?S~Mary
Bohan 687 Grade 2a--Jack7Hi-Bsm*t 7i5i;
Shelagh Newcomen 73, Morforie Blair
68; RalphvAbar 67, Robert Thomson 65.
Grade, 2u���Harold Nelson 69, Maxine
Nowlin 64, James Bohan 42;   v
Walde the dance music was supplied by
E. Ostrensky and F. Hagen, acccrdeon
and piano respectively,   ,
A meeting held in the hall on Thursday night last io discuss stabilization in
connection with small fruits was -poorly
attended due the bad shape the roads
are in A. Martell presided, and 23.
Foxall was named secretary. A F.
Rudd gave information^ re-the apple
stabilisation and read the proposed act
for 1934.-and reviewed the beny deal of
1933 No definite actios was taken, the
meeting adjourning after a lengthy discussion with the suggestion that all
berry growers in Creston Wynndel district be got in touch with. Another
Another meeting to be called at an
early date when it will be known if tbe
parliament of Canada took any action in
the proposed Marketing Act. V
iJKK-. SmgXffm^Jit^S
East Kootenay League Playoffs
Park Pavilion
SAT., FEB. 17th
Men's Game���S.30p.m.
Gir/i' Game-^-7.30 p.m.
Greston Review vs. All Stars
Where it is possible to get on the land
pruning, is JnJuil pwing, and reports, are
to the effect that the trees have wintered
well. .
Frank Baker reports seeing a fully
sized butterfly in the Rocky Point area
on Friday. Robins are somewhat common''here.
Harry and Jim Helrac are back from
Cherry Crepk, near Cranbr ok, where
they purchased a team of work horses at
the John Wood farm.
Rev. M. T. C. Percival had a fair turnout f-r, the monthly Anglican Church
service on Sundayv morning. The new
bishop of Kootenay is to be at Creaton
on the 21st.
Kirk B^ard, who has been a patient at
Creston hospital following the accidental
shooting mishap oh February 4th, is ex-
Eected home before the end of the week,
ut it will be early in   March  before he
can rpflumo his school work.
The roadf in this district are just
about the, worst ever known since Lister
opened in 1019, In an effort at betterment some local nven who previously
were employed out of Sirdar, are now
working on tho Liater-Huscroft road*.-
Some of the younger people enjoyed an
extra bath ai the weekend. While n
party of about twenty were enjoying the
skating on Sunday evening on the John
Huscroft pond, tho ice suddenly gave
way and provided up unexpected partial
Immersion f>r several of the skater**.
',.������.���������   .     ���-.:���/'-.
MetiHra. Bernard. Baker and Bird, of
the Settlors' Association committee,
wore in conference with Frank Putnam,
M'P.P., at tho first of the week, and dis-
cuanod settlement problems very fully
with him. He leavei* at tne end of the
week for Victoria for tho session of tho
Considering tho shapo tho roads aro in
the Community Society dance nt the
nehoolhoiine on Saturday night wan woll
attended, with muuc by Cony on
orehoBtra. Tho tiff air was directly in
charge of tho society president, and
������ocrotnry, Mrp. D. J. McKee and MIh��
AgiiVH Buirliiir.
-  Birth���To Mr. and Mr.  R. Andestad,
February 12th. a daughter.
Chester Robinson of Nelson was renewing acquaintances here last week/
..Murray Hackett, who has been working in Alberta for the past month returned home last week.
The February meeting of t e Women's
Institute will be held at the church on
Tuesday, 20th, at 2.80 p.m.
The St. Valentine dance announced for
the 14th having been postponed, the
regular K.K. Klub meeting is being held
Geo. Mclnnis has been" busy loading
out poles as well as cars of lumber cut
last season at the Winlaw mill. The
latter Is going to the Powell firm at Nelson.
Owing to the bad roads Rev.T.Percival
was unable to get here for Anglican
service Sunday afternoon. Rev.. A.
Walker was here for United Church
worship jit 11 a.m.
, The poor shape th*- roads are in was
il ust rated one day last week when the
The  water  guatre  at t Slough   bridge
reads 2 "��2 arise .72, for tae week.
 .- ",.��� >>;-���>."----. -. - --,-- - --: V' ���"; - --V  ~-;.    *\"-V'-V'"    "   7.7- :
T. .Rogers was a Jbusiness ���WsitoK^to
Creston oifiSfond^
The first regular session, oi tae new
-village co'OtiCil was- quite a busy one.
Routine business was nauch to the fore,
with the most important that of striking
the 1934 tax rate at the old reliable 12
trills, wlta itnprove*-R���tits assessed at 50
per cent of their value Ever since incorporation the 12 mill -rate has prevailed.
A well signed, petition of those interested was to hand asking for * street
light at ihe corner opposite ihe A. L.
Cameron residence ana another at the
north end of the street at the Alex.
Matheson home. - Both "^ill be investx-
gated and report made at March council
meeting. Uliss "A. Fleetwood, who resides at the comer of Victoria Avenue
a&u jnliltiiuc jUtCSu, aSiSeu xdr SCuie sctxou
tc abate th? ^seepage nuisance In that
locality. The request will be given, the
required lBvestifl,atson�� rf^-
^he appeal from tbe Salvation Army
for a grant to help-with its rescue work
received favorable consideration and * a
vote of $26 was authorized. It was decided, nowever, not to send: a' delegate to
Nelson on the loth for a meeting of the
Kootenay "Union .of Municipalities, of
which the village is a member. -
There was a letter from the provincial
fire marshall at Victoria pointing out
that the local deputy fire marshaii had
not, as yet, made any resjo-fts of his ia-
^w'genf***|!E-^f^., -..
The C. O; Rodgers truck from tjreston
was bere the beginning of thfrjwe^7^s*rith
a load of hay.jy.jy ;#7;',7?'7��?;77V7.'7
fo between Vic
Mawson s   and
Creston Motors.
Watchmaker & Jeweler
Payette7 of Wynndel and Bob?
Maxwell of Creston. were visitors to
Kuskanook on Sunday.    .
James S. Wilson and S. Lombardo
-werebn'siness visitors at Creston on
Tu**"*day, between Stages
Joe Koliman; who met with an
accident to his knee last week, has left
for hospital in Cranbrook for treatment.
Fred Marteiio and Sydney Rogers
made the trip by car to Kimberley, Saturday, where they played basketball for
the Creston team.
"Shorty" Millen pf the Kootenay
Telephone Company was'here during the
week repairing telephone wires broken
by blaoting on tbe road.
Paul Ofner of Wynndel, who was
recently operated upon for appendicitis,
ha*- ry>w resumed work -with C. O,
Rodgers at Boulder Creek.
A con��-idpraWe^quantSty of ro��**k was
unloaded at Kootenay Tending by the
way freight on Friday. Both local
"eetion crews wore engaged.
MIbs Ro?e Pascuzzo entertained a
number of her friends at hor home lapt
Tuesday, in honor of Miss Josephine
Pascuzzo who wan her house guest. A
jolly time was had by everyone present.
A return hockey match between Wynndel and Sirdar took place on Wynndel
ice last Sunday. Sirdar was on the low
end ofthe score 6-0. This makes up for
the beating Wynndsl took the previous
Miss Josephine Pascuzzo of Cranbrook, who has been the guest of Miss
Rosio Pascuzzo and Mrs. Jam-*>*"
Mannnrino. left for Trail at tho weekond.
MIsm Rose Pascuzzo accompanied her to
Trail, whoro she will npend a ivcck wltSi
Among those attending the military
whiat drive in aid of tho baseball club of
Wynndel on Saturday evening, we*e:
Mr. and Mrs. J. Poscuftso, Mrs.
Martollo, George.Everall. Frank Hamilton, Lin Anderson, John Audlno and
Tony Pmmzzo.
For two days during the weok it was
found expedient, owing to the condition
of tho rond. to connect tho Fcrvioo bo-
tworn Crefttmi nnd Sanea of the Greyhound ntng^fl by.a nmatl car from Creston. Tho Greyhound coach from Nelson
camo as for as Sancn.
A. E. Whltohouncf, assistant onjglnoer
for tlio donartmont of the interior* waa
hero during the wonk inupoetfng the
wator gunges, leaving that same evening
for Wroxford, A vory clone obrnyrvatlon
in being kopt on water condltionii. Mr,
Whitohotsco wH! nttuni In a f��w Hu^h to
do. some levelling.
the matter have attention at least: once
The Dave?np*T>Tt Hotd^ Spdkasssir Terete
announcing tnat Greston had been/ allotted Tuesday evaming. MarehV^'EOth. for
its participation iss" the Northwest on
Parade broadcast put on^ over station
. ^��^byth'|X^.a-^S'|^]$^
.a^diafe-ti^--l��H?alffl��'!t^- sas&s^
s^sc^lf-'camis^ti^^Jto JrsviseiJ^iis^e-
heceflBaryv77the 7 village Trade License
Bylaw., ������'������    ^aJ:-- '���?.'.��� ?������ -7-?7-'- 'V?���-;-,.���?
There was a letter from A- L Palmer,
local genemi road foreman, stating.the
public works department planned Jo: put
down a permanent road - along Canyon
street, but would do nothing until assured that the water pipe serving that
section of town had been made 100 per
cent watertight. It was decided to at
once get a copy of the provincial Sewer
Act, confer with Col Mallandaine of the
Wateworks Company, as well as local
physicians on the whole question of
sewage and the new road, and, a special
meeting will be held before tho end of
the month to take some action ink the
matter, \
Advertisements are appearing in
week's paper calling for tenders for
position of handyman, aa well as for
11934 supply of lumber. The clerk
also instructed to place on order for
rigated steel pipe required thin year.
TThe clerk will also write B. CrippR
notifying him that hia services aa pound-
keeper has been dispensed with. January accounts passed for payment totalled $326, a gratifying feature of which
was the reduced cost of street lighting,
although tho saving may be somewhat
reduced as under the now arrangement
the town has to replace broken bulbs,
and the breakage of these is becoming
quite an expense.
Baaar IIP    TO    Bmwi
Under the aiifai
Pythian S
K.P. Hall
Card* at &.30 p.m.
EVERYBODY WELCOME! m  EK������   BEVIBW.   CEESTOH.   B.   a  mi  s   tsm V m   g������.s^i  "Fresh from the Gardens  ##  Handicrafts In The ^Vest  Shortiv after the'conclusion of the World's Grain **-*���������>?* b���������ld at R^gi*"*-"*-  laat summer the question arose as to the uses to which tbe big quarter of  a million dollar Grain Show building- could be* devoted, not only in cornec-  tion -witb the annual provincial exhibition but throughout the year. Many  suggestions were advanced, but few had any relation to the subject of the  use to be made of the building in connection with the annual Provincial  ^JjchihJffori     -ryvajihlv  V>?CSUS?   i*i  *"'"**"'   3ise   o������   t!>������   StrUCtl"! ���������L''\   the   **"P<������*i-t   extent  of fioor space, and tbe difficulty in tbese recept years of finding necessary  funds to promote any large development.  The writer now proposes to advance an idea for the consideration not  only of the Regina Provincial Exhibition Board, but of people throughout  the three- -orairie Provinces. This idea is advanced because it is somewhat  in keeping with the international character of the project for which the  building was originally constructed; because it presents an opportunity to  encourage and develop one aspect of our western life We are in danger  of neglecting; and because it appears to be a feasible undertaking at the  present time, and, in fact, may even provide a small source of income to  many people who are in dire ne3d of every cent they can earn.  The suggestion we advance is tbat this building erected to house grain  and other exhibits of the nations of the -world, or at least a portion of it,  should continue to be utilized each year for the display of the handicrafts  of the people of the many nations who constitute such a large proportion  of the population of Western Canadian provinces. In other words, that the  various racial and national groups throughout the West be invited, encouraged, even urged, to revive their home handicrafts on a larger scale  than before and to exhibit the same, the understanding being that the exhibitors have the right to sell the goods they have pLacsd on exhibit if they  bo desire.  What, we ask  exhibition than a  crafts of -different national groups, presided over b-*j sien  each particular group, dressed in their national costumes?  Strength Is The Air  Official   Of   Air 7Ministry   Satisfied  ;'*'*^-it������fc'-v^to^y' Efficiency  OtiviJLiivmii'^^sd.'-;.ABo frequently sets  our flesh <*^ee*plng by allusions to our  unprepare(3"iess to ward off air a.i-  tacks that itis refreshing to hear  the views of a real expert.  I had a talk to-day with one of  the high ..'Officials;, of the Air Ministry. He scoffed at the notion that  we should imitate Italy in constructing "funk hclea" beneath our arterial!  roads. He waa not even greatly concerned that civilians should be trained in the-use;'of-'.gas masks. When I  reminded him that in the matter of  aeroplane squadrons we came very  low down in the list of the seven big  powers/ his contention was thai., it  was not aeroplanes that counted, but  the efficiency of the pilots. Aeroplanes could be turned out at the rate  of hundreds a month if .necessary.  "Where do we stand," I asked, "In  i *-  ' 7 m.A. .._ ._      _. j������ -. _ jnex _������^___..OM     ������t ?* AT-������*vh*������������������i ���������*#***!  LX1C   ItUtt-tVOt    -UX    -ciitvivi*"v/  ��������� .������*���������.%-*���������������������** **%->  by this room," he said, "wo are right  up to the ceiling. And the Power  that conies next is America. Her  position would be just about two-  thirds up the wall."���������London Cor.,  Ottawa Journal.  could provide a more colorful, interesting and instructive  continuous series of booths each devoted to the handi-  Strange Story From Desert  Captive     Legionalries     Huve     Been  Slaves Of Arabs For Years  The members of a colony of captive legionaries who, forgotten by the  world, have, for many years labored  under Arabs in the burning heat of  the desert, are now beginning to find  their "way back to civilization. The  first intimation of the existence of  such a colony came when an ex-  legionary named Lopez Posito, who  had been, regarded as dead for many  years,  IJUOJIMIU  staggered  V'llo  o-P  THE PERFECT PLUG  -a j. FT *< &AJ L fT  M  TWk  rt r* f .ni  BMP A H. A . m. . *"Lj"r  Some years ago the C.P.K. sponsored the holding of exhibitions of handicrafts throughout Canada, and these were attended by thousands of interested vi-sitora. In conjunction with such exhibitions, festivals and concerts  featuring the music of different countries were held. Recently, at Regina,  a highly successful folk .festival and dance was held in which hundreds'of  citizens of non-English speaking nationalities participated,; each providing  their own orchestra or band.  The people of every nationality have some worthwhile contribution  they can make to the upbuilding of this Canadian nation. These people  have chosen Canada, yes, "Western Canada, as their home; they are bringing  their children up to be Canadians. They have a wealth of tradition arising  out of the past histories of their native lands, of music, poetry, literature,  and a bewildering array of handicrafts to contribute that will add richness  to this young nation now in the making. They should be encouraged to  make this contribution. It should be impressed upon them that they are  welcome in Canada; that so far from asking or expecting them to forget  their old homelands and the customs and traditions and handicrafts of their  native countries, we want them to add these as a contribution to the greater  beauty and strength of Canada,  Why not, therefore, utilize at least a portion of the fine World's Grain  Show building to develop a little annual international exhibition put on by  the people of many lands now resident in our midst on these Western plains ?  Let us have the flags of all nations waving again over booths filled with  the arts and handicrafts of Germany, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Jugo-Slayia, Czecho-Slovakia, Roumania, Ukraine,  Greece, "Russia, Austria, Hungary. Let us include China and Japan, who  have, representatives in our midst. And the Irish, the Scotch, the Welsh  should join their contributions with the English, and the French-Canadians  to round out the whole.  At the World's Grain Show last summer there were a few of these  handicraft exhibits, and they were most interesting although rather overshadowed by the magnitude of the show in other respects. But with one  wing of the big building arranged in attractively decorated national  booths, with exhibits of the arts and handicrafts of each ntjftion on display,  with national flags and national costumes,���������and all of which could be provided by and through people now resident in the prairie provinces,���������a use  can be made of the Grain Show building which will return a dividend to  Canada, not In cash perhaps, but in nation building. At the same time  activity in national arts and handicrafts will be encouraged, these arts and  skill in workmanship will not be lost, and, in fact, a valuable and growing  domestic -market developed for hand-made products from many a humble  and needy home.  Cisneros.    in    South-West    Morocco,  completely exhausted.    The Spaniard  told  a strange    tale   of  a  band  of j  legionaries  of   all  nationalities  held.  captive and held: under conditions of I  virtual slavery for> Arab taslsmasters.  A  Jew   named ���������, Aaron . .Cohen, late?,  arrived  in - the  French zone with  a  similar story.    Thereafter a Spanish  commission took up the matter and  after negotiations aided by friendly  Saharan sheiks, the first party of ex-  legionaries arrived at Cap Juby, near  Villa Cisneros.  Good Business With Japan  Value Of Exports In 1933 Over Million Dollars Higher  An increase of more than $1,000,-  000 in Canadian exports to Japan  during the past year was one of the  bright spots of Canada's foreign  trade In 1933, says a trade review of  the department of .trade and commerce. Exports increased from $11,-  995,887 in 1932 to $13,001,704 in 1933.  Exports of wheat flour to Japan  Increased in value from $383,683 to  $609,367; wood pulp shipments increased in value from $884,332 to  $1,444,284 and scrap iron from $18,-  069 to $390,653. Oi** the other hand,  however, marked decreases were  shown in the valu������ of exports of  wheat and lumber. ,  Planning Huge Stadium  Germany Getting Beady For Olympic  Games .Of 1936  Germany is rebuilding for the  Olympic Games of 1936 the great  stadium -which was constructed for  the Olympics of 1916, cancelled because of the war.  Werner March, son of the original  builder, is in charge of remodelling  ths huge arena in the Gfuaewaia,  just outside of Berlin, and plans to  make it more complete even than the  Los Angeles stadium.    7 :���������'������������������< ...���������-.?  It is planned that the m^nstsadium i  will be surrounded by a tennis court,  a cycling ground and a swimming  pool, -with accommodations for, 440,-  000 spectators. Furthermore, a  ground for equestrian sports will be  erected. A home for athletes, to be  called "The Home of German Sports,"  is also planned, as well as buildings  with social centres for the athletes  participating at the 1936 games.  In issuing orders for the reconstruction, Chancellor Hitler declared:  "Germany receives herewith a sports  arena the equal of -which hag never  been seen anywhere in the world/'  The German sports commissioner,  Von Tschammer-Osten and the minister of interior, Wilhelm Frick, have  full powers for conducting construction work. The money needed for the  purpose has already been appropriated by the ministry of finance.  If all Is achieved as foreseen the  Gorman Olympic-Stadium for 1936, It  Is claimed, will be the greatest and  most practical sports centre in the  world.  Engineer Of Famous  Train Receives Medal  On  New "Sear's Honor Conferred  "Driver Of TRoyal Scot  On the platform of Euston station^  from where many travellers have  started a journey, to Canada, J. H.  Thomas, secretary of state for, dominions, presented William Gilbert-  son, engineer of the famous; Royal  Scot, with the medal of the Order  of the British Empire, conferred on  thedriverJn the New- Year's honors  lists in recognition of the great tour  of .the train  mated  train through Canada and the  Out of a million eggs handled last  year by dock workers at Brisbane,  Australia, only one was broken.  r  too f-tSuek "g^ar-^ I  B-srss^af mm      a.ag^llti      ���������  Too Much.Food/i  Late Hours.;  Smoky  Atmosphere  "Pitchblende  Shipped  Out  Nine hundred pounds of pitchblende concentrates were brought  down from Cecal Bear Lake, by Pilot  Matt Berry, Mackenzie Air Services,  and shipped east by rn.il to "tin, Bine  brothers radium refinery at Port  Hope.  "Lamb Condtancnts  The condiments for lamb and mutton are as follows: Mint sauce with  roast lamb (hot or cold); currant  jelly with roast mutton (cold); caper  sauce nml spiced fruits with boiled  lamb and mutton (hot).���������Dominion  Department of Agriculture.  mmm**%m%^J*1mWm^-  ������BjmBMi1IW  ...i-HlAJLTH-;,.  ISfesry Bays-^ioGploss. EBighis  Wrack the Nervous System  Mon nnd women tons night after night on BloopIoBfl  bo-IB. Their eyes do not close* in tho rcfrcahinK  ropoijo that comes to those whoso norves aro right.  Thoy aro irritable and nervous, weak and worn out,  and everything looks dark and gloomy,  MHbiirn's IT, &f N. Pills In tho remedy that in  ri'quii'od to restore thorn tho I'lotwlii.t; of good hoalth.  Thoy bring hack the nouiul rofrouhht-j. "-loop, lotto up  the norveii-, and impart that howm* of buoyancy to th������  spirit:* that ia the i-cuult of t.ia,������,w..wl i.iouU, mhI  jBttytiioul vlaor.  YOUR LIVER'S MAKING  YOU FEEL OUT OF SORTS  Wake up your Liver Bile  ���������No Calomel race-led  When you teal bluo, dopreaaed. Hour on tha  world, that'll your llvor whiah ian t pouring Its  dally two pounds of liquid bile into your bowels.  Dluoatlon and ollmlna'lon nr������ belnff slowed  up, food l������ uooumulfttiiitf and deanylnit ino'cl���������  you and making you fool wrotohod,'   '  M������>ro bowel-movers (ilea ������alta, oil, mineral  water, laxative candy or oliowin������ ������un., or  iwuulinnEo, don't, go far enough. . '        .  You niwl n 'Ivor ntlmulnnti i Cftfter'n I.lttla  liver PIII11 ia the bent ono. Safe. Purely vago.  tablo. Sure. Ai-lc for thorn by namo. Roftiaa  ���������ubstituUo. SAo. at all ilriiffttl.i*. fl"*  ItuHHla I-lns Costly "Project  Dotails of a 951,500,000 project  just started in Russia for the Htudy  of the* human body, ill and healthy,  and from every angle, Including  ougcnlcA nnd heredity, wore made  public, by a two-man commission  which haa been studying American  hospitals and medical centres flU-ico  last November. The project, to bo  known na All-Union Institute of Experimental Modlclno, ifi located In a  Htiburb of Lonlngracl, called "Dol-  Bturbo.  Protective Association  Toronto    "Landlords    Havo    Problem  With Destitute Tenants  Toronto landlords have formed a  protective association. Landlords  should not be shouldered with the  double burden of providing* both free  rent and most of the city's taxes, the  mooting- agreed. It was attended by  about 200 people and lasted moro  than throe hours. .      ��������� ?  H. L. Rogers, former alderman,  was the principal speaker. "It Is unfair," lie declared, "that tho landlord nhould be faced with tho ugly  alternative of having either to turn  a destitute man out on tlio street or  to glvo him fro 0 rent, It ia dishonest to make you pay for relief  through taxes, and thon'to mako you  pay rent for, thp poor when others  who own stocks and boncla hnvn to  pay no more than income taxes."  YET��������� This Morning No "Acid  Headach&"���������No Upset Stomach  my this is the QUICKEST, SUREST and EASIEST wo3  Scientists sa** _      _   to   combat   FEELING   TtllS  EFFECTS of over-indulgence���������tho  most powerful acid ricutrailzcr known  to science. Just do this:  TAKE���������2 tablespoonfuls of Phillips' Milk of Magnesia in a glass of  water BEFORE bed. In thc morning*  take 2 more tablespoonfuls with tha  juice of a WHOLE ORANGE; ghat's  all! Tomorrow you'll feel groat!  Or take the equivalent amount off  Phillips'' Milk of Magnesia tnblels.  Each tablet ia equal to a teaspoon! ul  of tho liquid.  Get genuine Phillips*  Milk oFMagnosia in tho  familiar liquid form, or  tho now, morvolously  Ronvonlent : tola-lets.1 Bo  sure it's PHILLIPS'.,  tho kind doctors endorse.  NOW  IN   TAHef  OH LIQUID rORM  MAOEJN iCANX0'1������ 7'?  .���������HMBBBaaB^MaawataaaaaMBiiaaBWiMaiaaaaaBaaasBM  W.    N.   U.    20B8  1  Wife���������"John, I gave you thia letter  to mall a month ng-o and I juat  found it in your plaid coat pocket!"  Husband���������"X romembor! I took off  tho coat ut tho time to havo you .mow  n, button on It, and It Inn'!; wived, on  yet!"  wtvAe  HE A VV  PAIflA-SANI    WAKED PAPER  (Get tho Qroen box. Keep It In your  kitchen always,   tao.-'pouaivo,  .'/!  .**  IIAMltTOM. QNTAIUO  ���������t.iBli..w*aiii.>iit.>iJ>������. ���������....in.. ������i 11 wiiiByaw  aaafff  -viU TOB5   REVIEW.   C&EST03-T.   S.   ���������L  &  &  INTEREST CUT IS  Iiiitf-g/ii ifi CDEITTi  sj:v&l.l? av ijfi m&immj  Disorders In Paris  MAYOR RINFRET  Ottawa.���������Drastic   changes   ih    the  general   financial   policy   of- Canada  were urged Cu. the Bennett government by one of its-supporters,in the  house of  commons/" James H. Tstltt,  Cons.,  Selkirk,  Man.    He suggested  compulsory reduction ot interest, conversion of government bonds at lower  interest  rates   and   the   issuing   of  $100,000,000  in  cash  to   establish   a  reconstruction purchasing board.  Canada   stood    at    the   economic  v crdss-.roads,   the   Manitoba   member 1  said,    urging    the    government    to  accept a motion proposed by George  Coote, United Farmer   member   for  ^..MacLeod.'   It proposed &.. large scale  ?. national' building   program   financed  ,; by?iiew''������rui^ncy,-''ttt.7escape^iitterest  charg-ea7    N(> flwiflion  w-is  sj-iflurle  on  7.the  Coote   motion,   the   debate   not  being concluded.  "There is an issue facing the government   to-day,   the   like   off  which  "aall never faced any government in  Canada," said Mr. Stitt.        Vi7; i  "To the * extent^*? 7;Wmchi^^  i eminent faces thatpissiae it7 wlllshe  '���������-��������� either victorious or defeated and the  welfare   of   the   great   mass of the  Canadian .people-will be enhanced or  th������-i opportunity lost,"  r_     Uncontrolled    infllatibn.    was    not  acceptable    to    him.,    the    Manitoba  -- member    continued,    but   "I  believe  the-kind of preaching- of'sound money  , we   have   had   in   this   country    is  : wholly unsound.  It  has  been  sweet  . sounding for the receivers of interest  but it  has meant fury  for  the  "masses of Canadians." V 7 7   -  If the government placed $100,-  000,900 behind a reconstruction purchasing- board, ' Canadian industry  .would receive $x,000,000,000 in new  orders, Mr. Stltt predicted. Ihe  board would act as a hopper, whero  farmers could place orders and ie-  -.csive crnnrim stischi*sor Hens on *-*-*  their propesrtyTwithout interest. The  orders would go to Canadian manufacturers, -financed, by the '100,000,-  ���������00O f imd. -*  * ��������� Canadians were being placed in  serfdom by "this straight-jacket" of  interest,''. Mr., Stitt said, advocating  compulsory rate reductions. He proposed legislation cutting SS"^ per  -'cent, off interest rates payable in  Canada under all forms of contract.  In addition, Canada might approach  United I States owners of Canadian  bonds through the international joint  commission, seeking one-third reduction rates in that country. Overtures  mijght be made to English owners of  Canadian bonds.  liiabjilty To Balance ssudgei Factor  In Internal Trouble - -  New York.���������The serious disorders  in Par's conameLiided undivided at ten-',  tion in Wall  Street beeauss  of .the  importance of Prance in international finance and her posit'on as leader'  of the "gold bloc" nations.  - T4e  consensus   in    banking" quarters was that if the republic is forced to abandon the international gold  standard it will be because of conditions  centring  chiefly  around  Tcai-  ancing of the budget, rather than' a~  desire on the part of other nations  to bring about such an evenuality by  importing gold.  It was generally believed . taat if  the country should declare any sort  of ban against the export of gold, it  would have an adverse effect In the  major financial centrss of the world  *rmmAj   _    ^.-Vra.     -   AmmASmm   " V'������At>i������ . . ^/VMA{*|*  Bankers who have studied the  situation7 in France for "spnie time  believe the inability of the several  French governments which have teen  in. .power- in thei last few months to  balance the budget is the one factor  more than anything else contributing" to* the internal upheaval. Important also, they pointed out, is the  Recall Revolution  Rioting In Paris Brings Back Memories Of Fateful Bays Of 1871  Paris.���������As mobs continued rioting  in Paris, despite steps towards formation of a cabinet of national union,  oldQt-ors recalled the fateful communal revolution of 1871 when  Frenchman fought against Frenchman in Paris, virtually under the  eyes of the new German conquerors.  The Franco-German war ended  with the capitulation of Paris. Jan.  29, 1871, after a five-month siege and  bombardment.  On March 8, two weeks after thc  Germans had formally occupied  Paris for two days, the commons "was  proclaimed; in other words^ Paris  was declared independent of any government except that cnosen or its  own7 people,  regardless  of any out-  CATTLE EXPORT  TO**/*!."!        nilllM  ������11 0IS b&LFiiLiA  \  Of  "&ont-real,    who   "with    the    city-  executive,  has  decided   to   ask    the ' side or centr"^1 Power  inflated yvico structure - in the country *ind the "uhfavorable trade balance. .V ""  Welcomed At Naval Base  Prince George Starts Long Tour Of  .South Africa  Simonstown, South Africa.���������"With  the customary naval ceremonial  Prince George, who is starting a long  tour of South Afiica, was welcomed  .to the Simonstown naval base, headquarters of 7ihe African station of  the royal navy/ .  After a civic reception, Van king's  the'"* training  Quebec Legislature to amend the city  charter so that in 1938 and thereafter elections will   take   pLace   the  ~*������..^~..~^a ' mir^-. ^o'~...  -..o   -v������ i    ,������������������...__   ���������,  mmm^m.m.mMy, -- mma^mMMSj.���������M.J . ��������� mm*.     J-.V/V������^UJU^1      8aAOCtCtv8  of in. April as at present.  House Of Lords- Reform  xne revolutionaries took over affairs and then began the second  siege of-Paris, a siege by French;  troops while victorious German  troopsr looked opi The communards  massacred foremost citizens, destroyed many fine buildings. The  punishment "was ruthless; 20,000 men  *mmm*������   wuux^u   nwc   Slam   in   the   sttccts  before the government regained con-  'trol. .. ..      .77   :-���������--'...;.  Railway Amalgamation  vy**! i *f������ ***������* **? **  Ammmmm.^      .������������v������aV������������������a       dL^VVUCb        4m\*J,\Jk  aboazd .the cruiser Dorsetshire, flagship of Vice-Admiral E. R. G. Evan3  ���������"Evans of the Broke."    "1  . Canberra, Australia. ������������������ Tentative  arrangements announced for the visit  several months hence of* Prince  George, who .will also visit New  Zealand, provide for his arrival at  Freemantle on Oct'-"4. He will ccme  direct to Melbourne to attend centenary celebrations of Victoria state.  Later he "will visit all tha other  states."  Lord Salisbury Moves For Considera-  *.*___      .TYJB      v>~m*... . ,.      8*;B1  uvii     XJ-JL    jLvcauju,     UUI  London.1-���������Lord ;, Salisbury moved, in  the house of lords that a "humble!'  address be presented to the king,  "praying" his majesty to consent to  consideration   of   a  bill   for   reform (This MayJEappea Unless Conditions  of th.e house _. of lords. .     " improve, Says Won, Cahan  Lord Salisbury took this step be- Ottawa.��������� Arhalgamation of the  cause he had heen criticized when Canadian Pacific "flallway and the  he first presented the bill last De- ' Canadian National Railway will be un-  cember 19 for usurping the preroga- avoidable unless there is considerable  -tiv's of the king. He wa3 told he improvement in operations during  should have sought permission of hla j the present year, Hon C. H. Cahan,  Calgary.���������Jack Byers, manager of  the -Western. Stock Growers' Association, has received notice from Hex  H. H.-Stevens, minister of tia-Je an J  commerce,  that  cattle  shlpir-c-t.,   ..o  tj^C    *_rXli>.*=ui   xu*jguOIu   cCfila.A.t-iil,     .il   So  of "L932 would be permitted th s yea,  until June 30. An anuouu-emen,  i from Ottawa in December h-d- stated shipments for the fix^t th.c*  months of 1934 would be ie.:t:i.-';e.-  to those in the same period of li/33.  In January, February and March  of last year a total of 7,oS3 beef  animals left Canadian ports for the  United Kingdom. To date this *. ear  nearly 5,000 head have gone to tje  overseas market and had the December ruling been followed, cattle men  here say, asportations would have  shortly ceased.  According to the statement from  Ottawa 20,200 head of cattle wJH  be permitted to enter the United  Kingdom, in the first six months ol  this year. In the first six months  of 1933, 22,050 head left Canada,  9,66? of these being from, western  Canada of which 4,796 were from  Alberta. ;  Byers said the situation for the  last half of this year is still obscure.  Advice from the United Kingdom indicates the quota against Irish and  Canadian cattle has not had the desired effect, for British farmers' returns for home-produced beasts have  not been increased, he said.  majesty to introduce the measure.  The   bill  "would   limit  m.emberah"*,-  in the upper house to 320, of whem  150 would be  hereditary peers,  150  j chosen  from  outside  the hereditary  thsii W^ht j. peeirage, royai peer������(. a reduced number of bishops and law psers. Lord  Salisbury said his scheme would  give  theV lords   sufficient  powers   to  ciixi vmt-ers At Mmveuiidu  secretary of state, said in addressing  the annual meeting of the Ottawa  Women's Conservative Association  and the Conservative . Women's  Forum.  The minister said he did not  speak for the government in making  this suggestion, but that it was his  considered opinion there would be no  prevent   the   country   being   hurried ' alternative to fusion of the two great  into  vast -changes^without   time   to . railroads~&uaiess conditions improved  consider .them. * ���������'"*    V  Ridiug The Rods  Youth   Is   Bailed   Under   Wheels   Of  Train At Jasper  V,Wij^.W , .Um������. a.iV.^������.*   . -..   ^.v. MMM  '.. j-j__j--_,-    t.\m���������     ^.an *���������*.-    ���������*"    T>a8->     t-b-7_  V-<5SH.ig*x.miJit3     ������.jiw    uS3,wj    Ui.    X>ju    iWSS,  am  making Committee  Fifty Member^ Who   Will   Compose  Body Announced In House  Ottawa.-���������Of particular significance  six view of.: the importaEit banking  legislation which will be  considered  Claim To Be Investigated  .. . " ,'..'l .  ''I..;..;...,. ��������� '���������;    "*'���������,' ^.   .'  Natural Resources Compensation? To  B������ Discussed Fetonrary; 19  Ectmonton,���������-Investigation by special comxnission of Alberta's claim  to compensation for natural resources  since the province; was formed In  1905 is scbedi*14$ -to get under way  at Ottawa bn7Feiiruary 19, according-?? to information reaching here.  Mr. Justice Tweedle of tho Alberta  Bupreisie court will be Alberta's representative on the commission,  Saskatchewan will be joinsd with  Alberta in pressing for compenaa-  tioh.  Saslcatchewan  IVIan Heads  Canadian  Shorthorn Breeders' Association  Toronto.���������-The Canadian Shortharn  Breeders' Association in convention  here, passed ; a resolution that; all  money paid in grants at various exhibitions m-ust be paid over by the  exhibitions on a proportionate basis  to all winning animals and not on  the prize list alone, as has been the  practice.  The "following officers were elected:  President, N. M. Ross, Indian Head;  Sask.; first vice-pi-esident, Duncan  Marshall, Duncan, Ont.; second vice-  president, William Waldie, Stratford,  Ont.; secretary-treasurer, G.-.E.. Day,  Guelph, Ont.  wheels of a train in the Jasper yards  after he had jumped from the tender  of the engine.  With   Alex.    Hadds  w asper,  j 16,* Edmonton,  whp  died under   the | during the present session, the names  of the 50 members who will compose the banking and commerce committee have been announced in the  house of commons.  Members from Saskatchewan include W. A. Beynon (Cons., Moose  Jaw); C. E. Bothwell (Lib., Swift  Current); T. F. Donnelly (Lib., Willow Bunch); E. R. MacMillan (Cons.,  Saskatoon); E. E. Perley (Cons., Qu'-  Appelle), and John Vallance '(Lib.,  South BatUeford).  was returning from TVancouver and  was "riding the rods" between the  tender and the first car. It is believed that hs struck a slippery  snow bank and skidded down to the  rails. Hadden, when the train stopped at the station/returned to find  the lifeless body.  wiiiivu WlBlHVil   liOifiilt^  If "Disarmament Slfforts Fail Britain  Must Strengthen Army  London.���������Clear notice that if present disarmament efforts fail and a  state off unlimited rearmament follows, the United Kingdom *will havo  to reconsider the present levels ol  her> own army* was sounded *n the  house of commons by Sir tfohn Simon,  -r "foreign secretary.  Sir John, speaking in debate on  disarmament, stressed the re vis. d  British plan for' disarmament was  a realistic plan seeking a reasonable  compromise. He declared it would  be" followed up by a visit of Anthony  Eden, lord privy seal, to Paris, Rome  and Berlin to make sure the Brir'sl*-  proposals were completely und-ir-  stood.  The British belief that Germany's  claim to equality of "rights must be  recognized before any progress ctn  be made with all-round limitation  and reduction of armaments was also  set forth by Sir'John. There waa  little likelihood of any peace while a  jcrreat nation was held in subjection,  he added.  ANOTHER POLITICAL "PARTY FORMED IN ENGLAND  Business Shows Improvement  l8tpntreal,--^Thci-o has been a distinct improvement iii business In general .during the past few months and  this has been immediately reflected in  tho -output of electricity for industrial purposes, Jamca S. Morris,  president of tho Montreal Light, Heat  nod Power Cons., told the annual  meeting of shareholders.  Amendment To Marking Act  Ottawa.���������-Designed to prevent. deceptions in the marking of articles  manufactured from precious metals,  while at the same time stimulating  Such manufacture *uviOiig* the goldsmiths and silversmiths of Canada, a  bill amending the Precious Metals  Marking act, parsing ',t;j.r'ougU-71ts  committee stage in th** house of com-  mona, now atandia for third rcadlnpr.  Noted Mountain Guide Dead  Cranbrook. B.C.-^-Conrad Knln. 150,  ont* of nnTB-nfln'w tiioit nnf-^fli Alp'jic  guides, la dead. Ho was credited  with; tho only ascent of treacherous  Mount Farnham in tho Solklrk range  and had 'accomplished many othei* notable UBContu.  ^llBWl>ijiaw^*B������iBMai,ia>aiia������m������^>^*M: miimn*iMi*mmmAmmA^imw.ti*Aii m������i*mmm*'m*mtmmmmmmmkMmmmm'im  ; W.   N.   tr.   iaortft   ���������  Suprenno Judco Kotlros  Ottawa.^���������Mr. Justice Robert Smith  has bidden farewell to his brother  judges of the suproma court Of Canada. A natlvo of Cornwall;-'Ont, It's  retirement follows the reaching of  the superannuation age of 75 years.  .Vrobo Ud3. Army Contntctw  Wushingtqn.-~-Unltcci states, army  cohtraotri, already laden with troubla  for at loast threo persons tho administration accuses of lobbying for  them, will become the vehicle for  another c'ongroaslonal Inquiry.  ;,' " Out- picture -ilwwa,;Uio''laador of L1W iM'jwiy-l'in*>wed United Briijiwh,Party,  Cocil Serocold Skoels, an or������i-������nidation opposed to tho Faaclats, seated in hfs  bfllco in London7 Note tho large Union Jaok and a portrait of" King qeovgo.  Mr, Skoolfl, who will bo tho parLy'M eandldato In the coming by-olectlon at  Cambridge, nays th<j United British Party lo a "National Loyalist movo-  meutM which has b<ien formed to tako Immediate action againot the menace  of a socialist dlctatbrsblp and tho dark powers of delay, apathy and ob-  Btvuctlon, 7 777?7y\7. '      '! , ,��������� ���������  Seriously Injured In Riot  Sennior Menier Or iParls Once Wcll-  Known In Canada  Paris. ��������� Senator Gaston Mehlcr,  wealthy chocolate manufacturer, was  beaten during the rioting In th-j  Place de la Concorde. Knocked down  and kicked, his condition waa reported serious.  Senator Menier, seriously injured  during tho height of tho Paris ricta,  used to bo well-known in Canada  where he formerly owned the larga  Island of Anticosti, in tho St. Lawrence river.  Highway Accidents  Philadelphia���������Tako it from Captain W. J. Ruch, of.'tho state highway patrol, there la no ncccsaity for  tho modern automobile to be geared  up to moro than 50 miles an hour because "the avemgo man la not, physically or mentally capable of driving  at greater specda." That, flays tho  troop commander, Is the explanation  for most accidents. .        ���������  i?roi������osed Aid .?<���������? wlnfmto**  Singapore.���������A proposal by tho ncn-  ofilclal members tbat tho government of the Straits Settlements contribute $800,000 toward imperial do-  fence will be made when tho leglti-  latlvc council meots on Febmary 12. THJK   UKJ-jSTOI*   JiJS V MS W  A telephone  call  saved the  ell n ner  John Hendrix telephoned to  his w.fe.  "I'm going to be late tonight,  dear," he said. "Things at the  office have piled up on roe, and  I can's get away for an hour or  so.  "I'm glad   you   telephoned,''  sow     jivaxo.     ajlctsMm ia  was  just going to put the dinner on,  and it would have been spoiled.  m V   m%*%m *  ������"������.  The dinner was saved���������thanks  to that telephone calL  ISOtiRif T@iSpilllRS 00i  USWaTED  ceive of anyone disputing the  right oi the producer to centre!  the products of his labor so long  as he retains an ownership interest in those products. Therefore,  stating that one is , in favor of  grower-control has about the same  significance as stating that one is  in favor of going to heave"**..  The important thing is not the  principle of grower-control, but  the important thing is the principles that are the foundation of  the methods to be employed in  securing this control."  "At the Vernon meeting Mr.  Haskins, and his colleagues, gave  *8>*-������W  t vv-tr^rB-iGa-i/vi-"*.  + *k������8V  tJKBf  the  THE CRESTON REVIEW  Issued every Friday at Creston, B.C  Subscription:    $2.50 "a year in advance.  $3.00 to U.S. points.  C. F. HAYUS, Editor and Owner  CRESTON,   B.C.,   FRIDAY,   FEB. 16  "I am unreservedly in favor of  grower control" stated R. B.  Staples, when questioned by a  representative" of the Vernon  News as to whether or not he had  expressed himself to the Plans  Committee as being in favor of  the plan submitted for grower  control.  "As a matter of fact," continued Mr. Staples, --I have not discussed the plan as a whole with  anyone connected with the Plans  Studying Committee, but if Mr.  Haskins and his colleagues are  interpreting endorsement of their  plan as nothing more than endorsement of grower control I  can see no harm whatever in the  statement which appeared in the  Vernon News of February 1, in  which it was stated that I had expressed myself in favor of the  plan/ Unfortunately endorsement  of the principle of grower-control  means very little.   I cannot con*  method to be employed under  their plan was based on carefully  thought out pHiicipies which  meant that the plan could not be  changed even in detail. At the  Kelowna meeting, they gave me  the impression that possibly there  was no feature of the plan which  could not be altered provided  grower-control was established.  In my opinion, Mr. Kaskins' committee in explaining their plan as  a method of securing grower-control have failed to make clear  what principles are basic and  therefore cannot be changed, and  what things in their plan are details and therefore suject to aiter-  rm.immm.    ������������  aiav/ll.  "I have too much respect for  the ability of Mr. Haskins to  think that he is wasting time  preaching the doctrine of grower-  control when it is obvious that  his audiences are 100 per cent,  true believers.   I believe that his  joint stock company in which all  growers will h&i&yme shareholders  by means of a share contract that  will bring the products of their  orchards under the control of the  directors of the company.  "The articles of association of  this company have not been  made kxiuwn to the general public,  if indeed they have been written.  So far as I ai** concerned I cannot express myself as in favor of  the plan until 1 see these articles  of associatio**,, I can* nowa^er,  definitely state that if these- articles of association do not definitely limit the powers of this company to regulation of those  matters in which the grower is  directly concerned, that if these  articles of association give this  limited company power to pack,  ship or sell fruit* then I sm  opposed to thev plan. I do not  believe that it is possible to elect  from the growers at large three  men who are capable of making  even b. recfisouabl*? attempt at  merchandising the fruit crop of  British Columbia,  "la like manner it is my opinion that it is quite impossible to  endorse the feature of the plan  which divides the province into  merchandising districts until we  see   those   important    "between  committee have lairly final convictions   as   to   what   principles  they intend shall become the  basis of the methods to be used  in securing control. I am disappointed that no logical exposition  of these principles has been forthcoming at the meetings I have  attended. At thesame. time I  know of io reason %Hyoitie  should not analyze the plan and  arrive at fairly accurate conclusions as to the principles on which  it is based."  "What do you think are the  main ideas on which  the plan is  Kocau*^*  ^a-fcaMJi^iJ--, i  "After a careful study of this  plan, or method, of controlling  the fruit industrv, I am convinced  that it is based on two main  ideas. First, the dividing of the  fruit producing sections of the  province into six or more districts, namely Creston, Kootenays, Grand Ferks, Okanagan  and Main Line, which will become merchandising units and for  which some uniform  method of  price   control must be devised;  and second y, the formation of a  Hospital Balance Sheef  Following is the auditor's statement, of  Creston Valley Hospital for year ending  December 31, 1933:  ASSETS.  Equipmen������.~  - ���������  $2851.97  Accounts receivable, less reserve  of $1000 for bad arid doubtful .  debts���������. z :._.-. ~ 4535.19  Loan���������to Building Account      54.55  Cash at bank '.-_ i. -..���������      78.62  ������7020.38  LIABILITIES.  Accounts r*sxI'sble* *7...������������������ -���������? 844.56  Loan, Bank of Commerce...........   625-25  Capital���������Dec. 31,1932 ...$4380.62 .  Surplus on operating ac. ;ll69.90_5550-52  . w   ��������� ������ ��������� ���������. t���������������������������;  .'.':;      ,.���������.���������-..-;":���������������,,���������,.���������������������������,.��������� --0tf.^      .:.2-' $7020.33  OPEEATINd ACCOUNT   ���������  Expenditare  Medical sapplies V__L..���������L~... ....$ 396.97  Laundry���������-?���������.._ ?.~3    340.93  Provision * ..'__.-.. ...   639.57  Repairs and alterations . ....     25.25  Rented 7_ .������������������...��������� ;...   550,00  Salaries��������� '_.._.....-tVr~.. ..-.?..... 1867.35  General expenses;.*,.'-V.���������_���������... _....    -i^fi-fiA  district'' contracts that will guarantee uniformity of action in  each district covering storage*  export, and maintaining of prices.  ���������'Your attitude then is one of  watchful waiting?"  "Let me amend that to 'sympathetic waiting.'   In my opinion  the   'cake'   which  the industry industry.  must eat is only "half baked' pu-s  therefore any judgment as to its  excellence is premature* Meantime it should be remembered  that the plans Committee is  working under the burden of a  tremendous responsibility and  are deserving of every assistance  from all departments of the fruit  -���������.!������!*  ���������i.-js  *������  jti.A.r������-i..-ii,<-a.<r  ffii   A. ft. ffin at   A' * .������*i������O.A.A.iaa.A.A.A.a������.a1i;a.a^.iti.ji������.'A.A.A.A.^.������.J>.A.fl.ai m.���������Ai  The recognized dangers of sickness and colds,which always  increase in cold weather, can be largely avoided by maintaing  ing steady/uniform temperatures in your home with high  carbon coking coal like "CORBIN WASHED." No danger of  explosions or dangerous gases.  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Am A������^ n lifc   A, ,^^.mmAamm*mmAmAmmumAaAmAmjAaAaJAaiAmAmAMaAaa\m. AmAmMmA^mAm4AmAaAmJAMjAmmmJkM^^A\m k.  Rennie's Seeds  SEEDS  OF   PROVEN   QUALITY  AT   REASONABLE    PRICES  "BESTAL"-TOMATOE,   highly   recommended.     Very  early, medium size, bright red and free from ribbing.  "CANADA"-Extra Early.   The principal shipping Tomato grown in the Okanagan.  A WIDE SELECTION of strong goi-miDating, plump, fresh Seeds, are offered in bulk  ami in packets., 3, 5 and Wc. each  CHICK   SEXING- Our   Hatchery   Service   will  include an expert in this line.    By separating the  eockerelH  in day-old   Chicks  feed  costs  may  be   .  halved and the nest, chances given to tho pullets.  Order Chicks early and avoid disappointment.  reston Farmers' Institute  Insurance . ..&. ,..  Water, light and fuel *-.... ...~  Buildings and grounds���������   Surplus to Capital Acct_.._.  .._ 59.4,"  .:.. 487.63  ... 744.36  ... 1169.9Q  .A. A i ,JBi . A .mmJAmmmm.dr*l. Au ^S. ifam^m^MAmAmAm^bmJAmJkmAmJAnAkmmmAmAmAmAmAm&mAmA^AmaSmAkmAmAkmA^A^k.  'V '��������� J ������������������  56478.01  ' Receipts' ���������  Donations and membership .$393.45  Hospital fees __..._... .....V.V4293.86  Government grants...".........  1471.60  Village Creaton grants:.....    231.70  Entertainments j       87.50  '*���������'��������������������������� $6478.01  Examined and found correct.  J. W. HAMILTON, Auditor.  The item of Accounts Payable were as  at the end of December, and since then  part of the Accounts receivable have been  paid bo that at the present time the  amuunt of the acconhts payable have  been reduced o about $100. This nota  tion is made so that there can be no mis-  apprehenpion as to tho operation of the  hospital, as it has practically paid its  way from the beginning in spite of the  difficulties ordinarily contended with.  TICA.N NOW to "get a  WINTER  OVER-  HAXILING for CAR or TRUCK.  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Sttiafll or larac accounts are welcome*.  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  Capital Paid Up $20,000*000  Reserve Fund $20,000,000  Creston BiuEicIii  R. J, Forbes, Manager  *? *fl  V. MAWSON  CJfcE  STON  ilWMUl  ���������ca  ^���������t^-laW-i/W-l'iW-faWtfiW  i '  The C&nsotfdated Mlfluarag &'  Smelting Company of Canada, Ltd.  TRAIL.   BRITISH COLUMBIA  Manufacturer-* of  ELEPHANT Brand  Chemical Fertilizers  Producer** and Roflnoru of  i*  TADANAG Brand  Electrolytic  Ammonium Phosphate  , Sulphate of Atnmo^ia  Triple  Superphosphate  | Lead-Zinc  Cadmium'* llioinuth  s  m0*M*MWtim4m*v*m4mnW*^ -V'^< :  ml  ^ TkJS.? 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Sinclair  mrZ*.aa.g������*,m-m������m  ���������^m.m -mmmmm^mtLm  CARD OFTH.ANKS  12 x 24-ft house, new; flowing water, on  main   highway,  near   Washout  Creek  Apply G. Rohacs, Sirdar.-  P. P. Levirs and B. -Marriott wero  Kimberley visitor Saturday for" the  league basketball game in w*hi*>h the former partici ated as referee,;  WANTED TO RENT���������10 or 16 acres  about half of which must be suitable for  vegetable growing, irrigated land pre! erred.   J. Hoe. Pacific Cafe, Creston;  Rev. A. O. ahd Mrs. Thomson are  Trail visitors this week, where the former  is at the spring session of the Kootenay  presbytery of the Presbyterian Church.  Creston again got an even break in the  basketball gsmes at Bonners "Ferry on  Wednesday evening. Creston girls won  by d jssrgis 27-1S. but the men took a  bad beating���������to the tune of 40-18.  F^l^JCal.     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Ufe Ae   IS*   SiHJK.lL  Ser. Belle, Miss Marion Parker. Sylvia,  liss Eleanor Blair. Peg, Mrs. Hickey  Kitty, MissE.Bjckey.V Mr. KehtiRoy  Browell. Mickey*, Wilfred Bond. Frank,  A. Spencer. PallFred Simister. Yimmy  Yonson (Bob), Harry VanAckeran. The  piay will be put On Thursdy, March 1st.  Fatal Attio Accidant  of  Ray Crisler spent a few days here last  week, returning on Saturday to his camp  at Tcchty.  Mr-*. Bouey and daughter, Audrey, of  Arrow Greek, left at the end. of the week  on a visit with her parents at Weed,  Calif.  The Ladies' Hospital Auxil'mry February meeting was at the home of Mrs  R. A. Palfreyman.   Three new members  were enrolled.  Mr. and Mrs. A. E  .Erickson  at,, the end of   the   week   to  make '.-their?- new home at ILethbridge,  A!feefta,-VB������3re^a^ ?:  H. Meurer of Calgary^ Alberta, who  raseehtly purchased the former G-A-Huht-  ranch^ was here last week arranging for:  spring work and the planting of a considerable quantity of fruit trees.  Alex.    MacDonald   of South Slocan,  assistant    m ster    mechanic'   for West  Kootenay   Power  &  Light    Company;  spent a few days.st the power p!a,'"  the weekend, returning on Tuesday.  noon from Trinity United Church, Creston, with Rev. A. Walker officiating.  Tb*| jp^ibe^ McRobb, G.  Niblow, Vic. Grundy ahd Martin Nelson,  and those remembering with flowers  were Mr* sad Mrs. Meliouu and family,  Mr. and Mrs. W. Cook. Mr. and Mrs.  R. Lowerison, Mr. and Mrs. F. Molander, Mr. and Mrs. H..H. Tooze, and Mr,  and Mrs. B. W. Davis of Rossland.  Agfa������ mWSriSmg  Miss Elsa Willis is home from a week's  ���������visit with Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Tooze at  Canyon Cit 7  Miss Helen Moore, who teaches school  at Lumberton,.was here for the weekend  With her mother, Mrs. H. H. Taylor.  Creston district's first auto mishap __  the year, late Saturday night, resulted in  the death of George Boyce, a quite well  known resident of Canyon City, while  his travelling companion. Fritz Molander  of Kitchener, escaped without injury, by  jumping from the ill fated car.   '  The two- men- were coming . in from  Kitchener to Canyon and at a point  about two miles east of Erickson���������about  Cameron's point���������for some unexplained  reason the'car went oyer the long steep'  bank down to Goat Kiver. Boyce, who  was driving, had no chance of escape,  but as soon as Molander discovered the  serious condition, of his companion he  J Went in ? search -iy oi help. His shouts  Element left at (attractedthe attention of G. A. D  Cameron "and W. Rotzoll, who wert  down:to the unfotunate man, while  Mqlande*--* conpnued o** ito Erickson,  where the police aiid medical help was  summoned and the? injured man was  tr nsported up the grade and taken into  Creston hospital where he died shortly  after. An^ inqv-est was held Monday  morning by Coroner Col. Mallandaine at  which a verdict was reached "that death  was the result of accident and that no  blame can be attached to anyone.  "Geordie," as deceased was famiiiariy  known has made his home with Mr. and  Mrs. J. McRobb at Canyon for the past?  12    years,  and  he was   driving  from'  Kitchener to his Canyon home when the;  accident occurred. "7  Deceased was a native of Moffat,  Dumfreshire, Scotland, and came to this  country in 1910, since when he had worked at mining both in the United States  and at Kimberley. He was unmarried  and is survived, by his parents, two  sisters and two brothers in Moffatt, and  a brother at Pearce, Alberta.  The funeral took place Tuesday after-  TESOERS FOB ViLLASE HANDYMAN  The Village of Crestoh will receive  sealed tenders up to noon of Monday,  February 26th, 1934, for the position of  village handyman. For full information  apply at Village Hall. Lowest or a y  tender not necessarily accepted. E. F.���������  ARROWSMITH, Clerk, c  TENDERS FOB PLANK ANB LUMBEB  Mrs, PARRY's  DFAIITV  OCfllll I  Speoiais  v&  Permanent Waving  vtm   -w w <**, * A^f'  Re:  *������*J*A$  Wmm 11-11  at  of Dn5.6UMW, HACKS3EV & SHORE,  will be.at  St. Eugene Hospital, Cranbrook  M&NDAY, FEBRUARY IB  Anyone wishing to consult him  with regard to EYE, EAR, NOSE or  THROAT, o to be fitted with  glasses, please call at the Hospital on  that date.  Grand  Theatre  Sal., Feb  ROMANCE  and ACTION  RIDE AGAIN!  Hair-raising atunts . .. hifth speed  action .... and dynamic romance .... as   a   dare-devil  rancher takes a mob of gangland racketeers   for a   ride,  ZANE GREY'S  The sympathy of all will go out to  Cecil Hamilton who, on Monday, received word of the death of his -mother  at Calgary. Alberta, after a brief illness.  Burial took place in that c'ty on Wednesday.  There was a fine turnout for the Community Social Club weekly session at the  home of Mrs. Schmidt on Fripay even  ing at which the dance music was by R.  Walde and Ron Smith. The club is  having a holiday this week.  Mr. Sorenson. who has the Vanesp  place on lease, arrived back from Cranbrook hospital at the end of the week,  where he hnB been taking treatment for  his eyes. We regret to report that he  has lost the sight of one eye.  The road at the corner by the E. L T.  Taylor ranch wa*-wobad that on Saturday  it wns necessary to put on a watchman  to advise autoiats of the very bad shape  of the highway, and on Sunday a bridge  was put in to remedy matter1*.  "Yimmy Yonson?** Yob"  with  GEORGE O'BRIEN  OLATttE TRRVOR  EL BRENDELL  UJCirJaE LA VERNE  Those who have Witnessed rehearsals of  "Yimmy Yonson's Yob," which Canyon  Dramatic Club will proaent i aid of the'  Community Hall wiring fund, soy it is  quite tho best Canyon talent has ever  tackled, with the players fitting into the  parts assigned thorn surprisingly well.  Some idea of the comedy may bo hud  from the following synopsis: "Bob, son  of Mr. and Mra. Kent, is accused of  stealing $100,000 from his fathor and ban  seemingly committed suicide. However,  lie Ijutj only disguiiaed himself as u good-  natured Swede/who oomos to the farm  to look for a'yob.' Ho does a little sly  detecting, and with tho aid of Pal, tho  city dot.octivo, who has como to salvo tho  mystery of Rob's ghost, ho- *fli*mlly suc-  coods in laying bare tho plot of Frank and  Svlvia to rob tho old man. Bolle, adopt  ed daughtor of tho Kent's, Io a sweet,  gotitlo girl noerotly married to Bob. Peg,  Mickey andlCltty furuM, the l������uj������hn for  tho ovoning, boing Irish cook. Irish farm  hnnd and a mlachevioiiH girl of 10 rospoc-  tivt**ly.rJ"ho cast:   Mrn.Kont, MrcMosHln-  POUND DISTRICT ACT  Whereas under the provisions of this  Act application has been made to the  Lieutenant-Governor in Council to constitute, as a pound district, all that cer  tain portion or tract of land in the  Nelson-Creston Electoral District, in the  vicinity of Alice Siding���������which may be  more particularly described ns follows:  All that portion of land in the Alice  Siding School District, as established  by Notice published in tnoEritishCol-  umbia Gazette under date of October  23rd, 1928. which lies to the east  of he right of way of the British Columbia Southern Railway and  to the west of the easterly boundary of Sub. Lots Forty-four (44) nd  Sixty-six (06) of District Lot Four  Thousand Five Hundred and Nincty-  flve )4695) Group Ono (1) Kootenay  Districted alKhj".t portion of D'stiiet  Lot Eight Hundred .'arid Ninety-two  (80S5) and District Lot Eight Hundred  and Ninety-one (801) of said Group  Ono (1) Kootenay District lying and  being oast of tho aforesaid right of  way, and without tho limits of the  Village municipality of Cr ston, as  established by Notice published in tho  aforesaid Gazette under dato of May  22nd, 1924, and of thoEriclcson Pound  District, nn cfltabll-"hed by Notico  published in the afore-mid Gazetto  under date of Oetober 16th, 1!)31.  Notice is hereby Given that, thirty doya  after the publication of this notice, the  Lloutonanl-Govornor in Council will  proceed to comply with the application,  unless within the oaid tlmo objection ia  made by eight propriotora within such  proposed pound diutriot, in Form 2 of tho  Schedule of said Act, 1*0 the undorslgnod.  k.,o. Mcdonald.  MiiilBter of AKrlcuJlui'o.  Dopnrtmont of Agriculture,  Victoria, B.C.  January 20tli, 1934,  '���������a  SEALED TENDERS for a supply of  Lumber and Plank for the Village of  Creston will be received up t9 noon of  Tuesday, February, 26th, 1934. For  full particulapuapply at lUie ��������� -Villasce Hall. J-- , *---  E-owesc' or any tender not neeessarily  accepted.   IB. F. ARROWSMITH, Clerk.  ������%    *i***aiif*ik  mmm.XM%Jt  CROiiUIGNOLE  7 .^SPRIAL^/  COMBINATION  g������JKYS TO PAY CASH AT THE IMPERIAL  1  n-'9 SMART TO SkTNRiFTY  ���������and the ''Imperial" is the Mecca of thrifty shqppers  who have always appreciated the best of everything. They  recognize that their friendly neighborhood "Imperial" is the  place to get good values and good treatment.  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Pattullo announces.  Capt. D'Arcy Martin,- of Victoria,  has been named sergeant-at-arms in  the British Columbia legislature, It  n-oe announced "by U. G*-. Perry of  Prince George, the speaker-designate. ��������������������������� ���������';  The decision of Mr. Speaker Black  to stop women knitting in the galleries while listening to debates in  the house of commons was taken as  a blow at the yarn making industry  by one company.  Senator Raoul- "Dandurand, K.C.,  former president of the assembly of  the League of Nations, has been  named president of the University of  Montreal. He succeeds Senator F.  Li. Beique, who died Sept. 1, 1933.  Establishment of a birth control  clinic in "Winnipeg 'will be the aim  of the Winnipeg Birth Control societies soon as funds permit, ������. meeting  of the organization here was told by  Mrs. W. "*"*. Osborne, chairman of the  society.  "Time is running against the  friends of disarmament,** warned Sir  John Simon, secretary for foreign affairs, before a crowded and deeply  attentive house of commons as he  initiated a full-dress debate on disarmament.  Amos Williams, 76, veteran of the  Northwest Rebellion of 1SS5 and  staff-sergeant of the famed 90th Win-  **"���������.������'wO       ���������.������������. .SKS        k���������*������������jve       *5AiiCiv      J^ctJU;,  until a. few- years ago; died in Winnipeg recently. Mr. Williams came to  Manitoba 57 years ago from Cornwall,    Eng.      William    Williams    of  kSntism, .Tstst  Js a son.  you  AA    4_ Am.Am*       1  ���������  ������ ���������  Save Poker Hands     %ve*Yp9&y agrees that "Vogue" and  to gel Better  Cigarette Papers  fa '  5  S^>  "Chaoteclesr" are the best j>apers���������  you caa get 5 large bocks of cither  brand.���������-ficeefor onlv one cotnr%it>t^ *e*  cf "okef Hands, from your nearest  Poker Hand Premium Store or by maiL  Better Cigarettes  w w ��������� mi wx.xjfr ������/   \jtizwr ^fjew...  ... Poker Hands, too  tvith TURRET FINE CUT  Follow the lead of a host of other wise smokers���������  "roll your own" with Turret Fine Cul^-rafid let your  mo-aey hv.y more and Better tobaccO"- You'U get  Poker Hands, too*-*-which you can .exchange free  forthe fast cigarette papers���������"Vogue" or "Chante-  clez*'���������or for other useful gifts. Why smoke any  other Fine Cut when Turret gives you so much more!  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Tim'tfo-T  Little Journeys In Science  0;i-im-nr <*/"imni fee's*AH  I  dUtWAi ^nUOL L&boUN  fii;.tfcKUA������X    -US  Deal With Hoppers  Sftj-rs   "Farmers   Should   Observe   Instructions Of Entomologists  Wheat acreage reduction In the  n������xt crop year would offer no difficulties if the farmers in the "grasshopper-plagued sections observe the  instructions of the entomologists,  assisting them in fighting thia  plague, Hon. W. M. Ascltine, Rose-  town, told the senate.  The farmers havo been advised  not to attempt wheat seeding on  areas over which the insects laid  their eggs last fall, and that area  would constitute more than would  be necessary to achieve the 15 per  cent, acreage reduction, he said.  "There is no Instrument in my  band," says a well known orchestra  leader, "that I cannot play equally  as well as the player himself." He  seems pretty good on his own trumpet, too.  NEON  (By Gordon H. Guest, M.A.)  Plashing their messages in brilliant hues across the skies, neon  signs have in recent years "become Sk-  familiar sight in almost every community. They receive their name  from the gas, neon, which is used in  their manufacture, and which is one  of a rare family known as the Inert  gases.  Neon was discovered in 1904 by  Sir William Ramsay, an English  chemist,. but it was not used extensively for commercial purposes until  the last decade. It is obtained, from  the air, -where it is found in small  amounts, namely in the ratio of  twelve parts of neon to one million  parts of air. Its chief uses are for  illumination and for testing spark  plugs in; gas engines.  Neon signs consist of glass tubes  containing small quantities of the  gas. An electric current is passed  through the tube, causing the neon  to become illuminated. The glow  produced by neon is found to penetrate fog much more clearly than  ordinary white light, and hence it is  used extensively in England to guide  traffic during fogs. At the Lympne  aerodrome in England, on the London-Paris air route, there are huge  beacons made by passing neon  through glass tubes twenty feet long,  and producing an illumination of six  thousand candle-power.  In testing spark plugs of gas engines, tubes containing neon are  used, a brilliant pink-orange glow  showing when the spark plugs are in  order. -v  Neon is known as an "inert" gas  because it bclonga to a family of elements which have neither color nor  odor, and do not combine with any  other elements. Helium, used extensively for inflating balloons and dirigibles is another member of this family. Argon, used commercially for  filling the best typos of light bulbs  is another inert gas. Less well-  known members of the same family  aro krypton and xenon.  JESUS" POWER TO HELP  . Golden "Text: "I desire mercy, and  not sacrifice; for I came not to call  the righteous, but sinners" Matthew  9:13.     7  Lesson: Matthew 8:1���������9:34.  Devotional Reading:   Isaiah. 35:1-6.  Explanation's And Comments  Jesus Came Not to Call the Kighi-  eous, Bat ssuiers, 9:10-13. How could  Matthew better honor his new-found  Master than by letting his friends  know him, too? He "invited Jesus  and others to a feast in. his house  (Lk. 5:29). , As7 Jesus reclined at  table, many publicans and sinners entered and sat with Jesus and the'dis-  l! TaAr���������'-aam-Vmm ~m&  11 irjLU,BmV*Sm,S5       *>J  MjL**        Mia  &#&%? ji���������.**������������������*��������������� B>   ...       m-mjp mmt  By F.M. CROWE, Optometrist-Optician, Calgary  NO. 9-ABE BTUMAN EYES DEGENERATING ?  ^���������5 ������***���������.,_  A+m.^mXmm'mZ. A  QUIVERING  NERVES  When you are justs on edge * * ���������  when you can't stand the children's  noise ... when everything you do  is a burden .;. when you are Irritable nnd blue ... try Lydia E. Pink-  ham's Vegetable Compound. 0B outs  of 100 women report benefit;  It will give you just the extra energy you need. Life will seem worth  living again.  Don't endure another day without  i.Lc L&lp fiUiu ii'katJ&UC'nCr Cuu give Ccu  a bottle from your druggist today.  toAjtsfiuL, &m \JiAAMiCaM^  VEGETABLE    COMPOUND  Good For AH Tlmo  Silver tickets 176 years old nnd  good for all-> time aro still used by  their holders *a,s passes to the beat  scats in Britain's oldest theatre, it has  been revealed. This playhouse is not  in London, as might be supposed,  but is tho Theatre Royal, at Bristol.  Thc silver tickets, admitting tho  bearer to any performance wero presented to aubacriljicia when the house  was inaugurated in 1760, and mostly  havo been handed down to their descendants.  often  classed  together  in  the   Gospels.   The word ."sinners" in this connection   does   not   necessarily   mean  evil men; more often it means men  who fail to perform the stated rites  required by the religious leaders. The  Pharisees regarded with greater abhorrence a man -who transgressed the  ti aditions. of the eiders than a man  of immoral life.   Pharisees were also  uninvited guests at the feast.   It was  customary for .uninvited   guests   to  present themselves at feasts as on-  iookers and even to..er;gags in conversation  with    the    guests.     These  Pharisees  at once  found fault  with  Jesus, complaining   to   the   disciples  that their Master ate with publicans  and sinners.   Jesiis answered for the  disciples: "They that are whole have  no need of a. physician, but they that  are  sick."    The force *-of this argument is, of course, that as a physician labors among the  sick, so the  Physicians     of    Souls    must    labor  among sinners. The Pharisees knew  the words   of   their   Scriptures, but  their  failure to apply them showed  that they did not know   their   true  meaning,  and  Jesus  rebuked   them,  saying, "Go ye and learn what this  meaneth, I desire mercy and not eac-  rlflce"���������a quotation from Hosea 6:6.  The Pharisees were particular not to  eat with publicans and sinners lest  they break one of their ceremonial  laws, but they would not show them  a kindness: they cared for sacrifice,  the externals of their religion, and  not for  mercy,   the  religious  spirit.  "For I came not to call the Hght-  c.ous"���������and   tho    Pharisees    deemed  themselves righteous���������"but sinners."  This question is frequently asked  by people who* observe closely the  steadily increasing number of "glass-  wearers" as compared -with a generation ago. The answer is���������No. The  eyes of the present generation are in  no wise better or weaker than those  of our ancestors unless it can be  proved that the whole physique of  the race has degenerated. Aa-Is the  whole physical body so are the eyes.  But much more Is required of our  eyes today than formerly. The unprecedented growth of manufacturing and commercial life, the, strenuous struggle for existence, the ever,  increasing j coxsiple-fsit^: ' of" ihod������tn  civilization, the knowledge of . the  world in all lines of human endeavour,  knowledge that must be mastered to  achieve success, put far greater  strain>on the eyes to-day than heretofore. Our schools are far more  exacting and severe, the business and  scientific worlds require   closer   ap  plication and more painstaking caret;:  than ever before. Electricity has,-,  turned night into day making it possible to do much -work by artificial:\  illumination that was formerly fan-"--  possible and unnecessary. All thLr.  then requires the use of sharper  vision and more hours per day of it .  than was necessary in former timea :  and because of these exacting de- -  mands on the eyes, latent Imperfec- .  tions and errors of refraction caus��������� ���������  ing eyestrain, are made manifest by-  symptoms of discomfort and distress^,  compelling us to seek improvement;.  of vision and the comfott affprdedi.  by"*prbper glassess**-*-'^��������� i:.o',.iMii;\^\i.   ^.   Investigation has shown that primi- .  tive races of ���������_men have . the samet,-.  irregularities of the eyes as we bave^  the difference lies in the-use to which-...  they are put. So when Nature gives?,,  the warning signa*'s���������common sense ,  would say-r-take heed.  (To Be Continued) 7  Boat Hits WhaJe  Wlreless Operator *Xho"aght Ship Hod  ..../���������       Struck A Rock  The Dollar liner President Taft,  bound from San Francisco to New  York, struck a giant whale when  1,027 miles northwest of Balboa.  "The impact was terrific," the  liner's wireless operator messaged.  "I thought we'd hit a rock. The boat  trembled violently and the passengers  all ran out on deck."  He said the whale appeared stunned after the sfaock and remained on  the surface, forcing the President  Taft to reverse and detour around it.  Teoxhcr���������"Now, ** X write 'n-e-w**  on the biackfcoard, whit <?oes tbat  spell?" "���������' "'7*,:;  Bright Beatrice���������"New."       '',...  Teacher���������-"'Now I'll put a 'ks in  front of it and what have we?"  Bright Beatrice (quickly)i���������"Canoe."~  Woman's Weakness  South  boom-,  Africa    expects    an    auto  W.    N.    U.    203!"  Long Drawn Old; Story  Walter   Thompson   took   a    book  from tho Atelilwon, Knnrnsn, library  80 years ago, rend half of the book,  and then took it back to tho library.  A fow days ago Mr. Thompson wont  back to tho library, got tho same  book and finished roadlng It.  m 9m  ERS  a^w������ ESI������������ *^*5^  Yes, llfo Is a puy.a-10, but Isn't It  fun to work it?  Don't export-  Hia wilt.   With  children's  coldo...Treat  them aa your  own mother did���������  externally. No doo-  fofft Ju~"t rub throat  nnd chest with .,, *  StfpMm*. ."I hod a breakdown!,'  r...J</j.,/.JM.,Az*. lho    |eMt    Htt,e    noI(������  completely unnti-ung mo.  I   could  hardly  rest  at  night and finally; I be*  "came so weak I could  not     net     about     the  house,'*   Said  Mm.   Jas,  Johnson of 19 Bruce St.,  Gn.lt.   Ont   "I had no  . appetite    and    suffered  from feminine wea"cnesi������. After tuktno* a ievrr  bottles of Dr.   Pierce'a Favorite Pre������cripiiuu.  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I'll bet the high  and mighty Avis Werth feels like a  jjuCKCivu   up   gtccn   a.jjjjtc,   nciacu.  The sarilling of the telephone bell  interrupted her monologue. "Uhm!  the green apple herself, I'll bet/'  ''Yeah, hello," she drawled, and  nodded' jher head with confirmation  toward her silent audience of one, in  the' mirror.  "You've seen the latest news?" inquired Avis..  "I just read it, and as if you read  liiy uxlud, the 'phone rings. I guessed  it was you right away."  "Clever of you, I'm sure. But you  haven't been so clever with Mr. Anson as vou extscctrd to be."  .���������*������... .���������**"���������������������������-.*���������"'���������.  ''Well,,and isn't this good enough  .proof., of the reason why? A new  bride���������what would you expect of me  with  such  competition  as   that?     I  ffiiAoa'  if      m.-,T.-nr.i���������M*mr.      o-87<a.Y������      "Vrsll       tfilHn't  it? Not mucji7chance for either of  us, there."  "Either of us?" surprised.  "Well, you know what I mean. No  chance for me to vamp him away  from the Hoyt girl so you could^ take  him over in sympathy," and she  added to herself, "Fine chance yoli'd  a had at him if I had got that far!"  "I don't know why not I"  "You don't ^nean you're not ready  to give him up, yet?"  "Why should I? Just because a  man is married doesn't mean 'thet  he's chained.to a life sentence, does  it? In feet, this?particular situation  makes it easier to break up. But  ill take the affair into my own hands,  ily. She is not to inherit money  when she coves of age and so is  studying commercial art in the hope  of landing an agency job. Others in  the story are Avis Werth, another  wealthy girl who is trying to win  Peter, Sylvia Todd, Peter's model,  and Gus Matson, his former roommate with, whom he has quarrelled.  At a party at an exclusive club  Peter entertains Camilla's guests  with impersonations. When the rest  of the members of the party go to  a' cabaret to continue the gaiety,  Peter and Camilla slip off to the  beach by themselves and fall asleep  on the sand. When they awake if ia  early morning and Avis and another  boy are standing near them. This  makes it necessary for Camilla to announce before the party that sheasd  Peter are married.    Avis is stunned  and Camilla's mother likewise.   Cam-  ,,���������. ,.,- -   .. - ��������� ~.t���������i_+��������� ������������������ ���������, a���������^v������������������...^i.  a decides7 that she must leave the -������ ^a^e xnea^airmtomyown^ands,  humor. "I might have known a  "blond; ffsntlsman Jiks -vou would **?s-  fer a brunette. Weil, ..good luck to  you two, and that means we had better .get to work."       *  '  "Thanks, yes, it does," Peter replied. "I have to get this thing ready  to cast the mold in another week,  or I won't be ready for the exhibit,  after all."  Several days later, when Sylvia  came again to Peter's studio, she observed that the hall was strewn with  crates and boxes  "Someone moving in across the  hall?" she asked him.  "Looks like it, doe3n'-t it?"  "Well, it'll be nice to have near  neighbors. You're sort of alone up  at this end of the hall."  "That's why I took this room. That  suite across the hall is twice as large  as this and twice as much rent, and  I didn't think It was likely to be  occupied very soon.'*  "Know who it is?"  "Haven't the slightest idea. Ncr  do I care. I amv going to foe so busy  for ������jms ue&t ������������������*������*.������ ������.i...' . 05tii-������ cv^^  say hello to anyone."  "Oh, yeah?" thought Sylvia. "Well,  they might say'7'more?;than hello to  ���������uqij *" but she said no more to Peter.  When Camilla, telephoned Mr. Bowman on the morning after, her first  conference ?with his^ executive.s, and  announced that - she ?3aad samples  ready to submit to him, he exclaim������*rd  with dismay and. disappointment,  "But, Mis3 Hoyt, surely you haven't  ���������what 1 mean is,we want you to  take your time, even though we are  anxious to have jtour suggestions as  soon as possible."  "That wa3 what I understood,"' she  agreed patiently, "and they are ready  nbw."  "Very well. .We shall be giai to  see them whenever 7you can come  in." But his voice indicated that he  expected to be keenly disappointed,  because   no   one-could   produce*   a  home of her adopted parents-immedi-  ately and go to live ..with Rose, her  sister, who is a file clerk in a business house. They decide to take an  apartment. Bowman and Weeks, an  advertsing agency, where Camilla  has submitted someF.of- fee"-f������--$-"orkv  send for her and tell her they have  a new account which, requires' unusual treatment of juvenile art. V To  Camilla's surprise she learns that the  account is -that of her fosti-r "father's  company, which has decided oh an  extensive campaign to bolster up lagging business. After a conference with  Mr Bowman, Camilla decides to attempt the work. With Ideas running  riot, in her head she goes home and  spends the night sketching. In the  morning, armed with her samples rhe  sets out for the agency.  (Now Oo On With The Story)    "  '      ^CHAPTER XXX   '.'     .-'���������  'But,    say,"    Sylvia    objected,   *'I  an-wi"!-o     ���������tR-na-Le'V-B    'mnr . x%rrmmA\^    ������^������**������    t-a  g^WWb*>       m^mmA&jAA        4Mjl       ,WW%SA.A*.        Ar\m*A.  ua-laj.,     *Z YKsli  It was a question which" girl had  ���������received the sudden announcement of  Peter's marriage with more disappointment and amazement, Avis or  Sylyia. To Avis, however, it was  merely another obstacle ln the path  toward her ambition.    To Sylvia, it  DANGEROUS  Soothe and relievo  fhem/ build  op  resistance with  'SCOTT'S   "���������'������������������.  .EMULSION  ;.j\> ao-ss-  1f*OT*W  W'/ifttvSW  EM  ma  Impa-'ov-tiai fiavoul* of meutii, ilaU  and vegotablofi. Pays for itself  ttiatiy tinio������ over. All dealon".  or wrlto���������B ���������'"���������  if he's married.. I wouldn't be so  mean aa to cheat a fellow like that  when "he"s done t nothing to me. Be-  -sides,-! have so$e.jsridc-Ia the-e-tSie-s  of - my ' profession,- and-'xny repata.-  tion. Models don't desert'an employer  in. the middle of a piece of work."'  "Suit yourself about that," Avis  agreed indifferently, "but you needn't  worry about quitting me in the  middle of a piece of work. I won't  need your services longer, and if you  see a new tenant ? in Annex Hall  soon, don't recognise me.".  "Okay with me, Miss/Wertii. Rent  two studios in the Annex Hall*'for  aii I care." .  "By the way, you will bs wise if  you drop your efforts to attract Mr.  Anson." ,;;.  "Say, I'm only too glad "dot to foe  under obligation, -to think up new  ways for thawing out tthat iceberg,"  she retorted, but her blue eyes  twinkled with the thought. "Being  under obligation no more, let's ne  out. But I guess if he is still ripe  cherries for you, he is for me, too,  your highness!"  But when Sylvia went to Teter'a  studio on the following day to pose,  she experienced a hew and kindlier  interest in fhj" man and his work,  She twitted him in, her char-acter'siic  gay manner.  "So! young man, you'vo been misrepresenting yourself to mo as a  bachelor, and all the tlmo you were  a married man, with a trusting wife  concealed in your prh'atc life."  "Well, I guess I've given you no  cause for coinplaint," he laughed  easily. ��������� .7       ;7..? *'���������  ���������4T11 say you haven't," she admired.  "But say, I'd Hko to soo the girl that  wtirred you 'lip enough to lead you  to tho marrlago licenfio bureau and  then keep it a seorot.*" 7  "You may, any tlmo you wish. I'll  have -Camilla run In some day and  meet you. She would -''like" to, I'm  auro.".,  "Camilla���������-swell namo.   Is  sho   as  beautiful as hor name sounds?"  7 "*fqver so' much more beautiful!" ho  declared proudly.  Sylvia reflected upon that with  haste. "More beautiful thaja I aioi?"  "1 wouldn't aiiy that^���������no. But  your tyi>os aro so different, "( couldn't  compare you. She Ib about youi* aizlo,  but has dark eyes and black hair."  "Then -I waa waating my time,  anyway,"   alio   nil rugged   wMh   jjnod   , wi.n - >,-i,r^-,*.-,.������-3^.,-,--^^������.a  WVJUj'inrUUt;      ������3KM&l$*sl9*.M\mMM.      &MMUM  deuce  within  less  than  twenty-four  hours. ? ' \>  ,-.  Camilla, however/arranged the  precious ink and color drawings in  the order she wished to display them  "pACH cake wrapped to air-tight waxed  '���������' -"-^ paper���������Royal Yeai3t Cakes always  reach you ia perfect condition. They keep  fresh for -daoaths���������yeu cas he-sure of suc=  cessful results because their full leavening  power will not deteriorate. That's why  Royal Yeast Cakes have heen the standard  of quality for over 5������ years���������why, today,  they are preferred 5ii-���������% out ������f eve^ S  Caaadiao. homes where dry yeast is  used in home baking.  7 ������  FREE���������Tfc������ Royal Yeast Bake Book to use  when yow bake at ftome. 23 tested recipes-���������  loaf breads, rolls, hurts, coffee cakes! 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Ke appeared already to  feel the disappointment which he anticipated in her hasty work. 7  After ail, 7 he thought, like every  young hopeful, the prospect had  stimulated her imagination and she  had leaped Into the first ������4dea that  came to her, with visions of sudden  fame and wealth. That was what  everyone was looking for these days  ���������nothing less���������an elevator to success and wealth. "Ladders to success  were obsolete;, along with one-hoss  shays and celluloid collars.  Mr. Bowman had called a second  conference with less optimism, and  Camilla found herself once more  seated at his right, with six men  surrounding the polished walnut  table. Her fingers trembled a little  ���������with fatigue or apprehension-���������as  she opened the portfolio and laid the  drawing before them.  "Perhaps I had better explain the  Idea briefly before you look at these,"  she suggested modestly.  "Very well, MIbs Hoyt"  (To Be Continued)  IsX-fA   *W-5������   Ww-Po,   ������V������Q ||    T5*jf*Ajaa*?'ari,5r������*r*s    ������*���������*  *  1T:13.  -LsUKe  O "Lord, my best desires fulfill  And help me to rtrign  Life, health, and comfort to Thy  will  -And make Thy pleasure mine.  ���������-Wm. Cowper.  What do our neavy hearts prove  but that other things are sweeter to  us than His will, that we have hot  attained to the~,full mastery of our  true freedom, the full perception of  its power, that our sonshlp is not yet  realized, and its blessedness not yet  proved and known. Our consent  would turn, all our trials into ob=di-  ence.    By consenting we make them  our own,  and offer them with  ourselves again to Him.���������H. E. Manning.  Nothing is intolerable that is necessary.   Now God hath bound trouble  upon thee with a design to try thte,  and   with   purpose   to. reward    and  crown thee.    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'>'������' ������' >������?*?���������?��������� r^ryyg*y*v'-������'*'a-8  ���������  ���������  9  k  ���������  k  ���������  THE FRIENDLY STORE  YOUR MONEY'S WORTH-PLUS  Unusual values ������re a matter of course at the CO-OP.  You will be surprised at the money-saving values offered.  And, of course, you will find the food wholesome and  delicious.  TOMATOES, Royal Purple, (limit 4 tins), tint $ .20  COC04, Fry's Vs per fin     .26  SHREDDED WHEAT, per pkg .12  QUAKER CHINA OATS, pkg       ......   M-  SALMONs Pink, Silver Spray3 Vss tin    : v;    .12  CHIPSO, 2 pkgs    ~. .44  SOAP, Calay, 3 cakes  21  WE DELIVER  World'sDay of Prayer will be  at ureston -with this year's  exercises at Chri t Church this afternoon  at 3 o'clock, to which all ladies are  invited.  Enrollment at CreBton public schco'  for January was 22'"'. whii'h is just about  the highest in local history. Mis.-* Learmonth is now handling 48 pupils in  Division 4.  J. W. Parker, aiWell known lecturer of  the British Israel Federation of British  Columbia,   will   address  a meeting   in  Trinity United Church hall on the even  ing.of March ?th.  The St. Valentine tea and sale of cooking of the Presbyterian Ladies' Aid at  v/ltn. Henderson s on Saturday aiter-  noon. was a splendid financial success,  cash receipts running to abou  $25.  W. M. Arehibnld got, back on Saturday from the B.C. curling bonspiel  at Rosfiland, where his rink got into the  Kr.a'*> of the '������piei's premier event,  the  "to  Greston Valley Oo-Qperafivs Assn.  Phone 12  CRESTON  grand challenge, in which he lost   7-3  gkip Stephens of Rossland.  In the East Kootenay League game at  Kimberley on Saturday night, Creston  men's quintette took a 38 25 beating at  the hands of Kimberley. In order to  stay in the running Crestou must win by  a nine point margin i Saturday night's  game at Park pavilion.  East Kootenay league basketball will  be seen at Park pavilion Saturday night,  whe Kimberley is here for the return  game with Creston men, commencing at  8.30 As a curtain raiser Creston Review  ladies* quintette will play an all:f*tar girls  team at 7.30.   The admission is 25 cents.  .^fc^jaV in ^.B.AiiOi.AiAift.^i. A . tfB ��������� Ji ��������� ^8 makmAmAmAm^mAmA*  ,A.AmJk.A.A.A.A,.A.A.m.  a.m-m.  to the iwS&Si  Closing Out  4  4  SS     4  BJB (-g^f|   ET���������' *a5b  *'!2  m  m, n-m*/ %&*WL %������������- M. ^fe***'  iSSSSmW  4]        ~"       ~~  I  4  GLEAN - UF>  ^ MsMm  UJS  We have several Battery Sets which must be sold at once.     Get yours  now at lowest pn es ever sold.  Any type Storage Battery charged.   Only 85c. now for SIX V Battery.  Li (EOTRIG  JUST AROUND THE CORNER  ���������^;i2s  iK"!"*""K������-JiU  ^^0mS^:,NZS**S^i'^U*mJmi!l  iil������S*HR^Wm35a*BSidi!llU&AamEzH.!.ii  EKATU-RING  from the well-known Parkhitt factory.  No. 929 STEEL BED���������Y\\i\ 2 in. round posts,  Continuous design. Walnut Enamel finish,  in sizes 4.6 awl *.0y priced special  $ 8.75  Springs, 'm table or coil, to fit above '.       S.7S  No. 52 MATTRESS, all cotton, well made    7.75  IMPERIAL MATTRESS, in .si/es 4.0 and 4,0,  a very superior Mattress  10.00  WINNIPEG COUCHES, cable .springs' with  Mattress complete,  covered   in   serviceable  Cretonne  14.00  COT, litter] with cable fabric spring, and roll-np  mattress, c*oniplct.e     7.S0  ALL CANADIAN MADE  Nine residents of the village were  eard at the 1S34 sitting of the village  assessment roll court of revision at the  town "ha 1 on Thursday morning last, all  three councillors comprising the court.  A.* Davies was the, only one who secured .... a reduction.. Amongst those  appealing was Kootenay Telephone  Company against pole mileage.  The growth of Creston troop Boy  Scouts has grown*.to the point where it  has been found necessary to have an  assistant scoutmaster and J. P. Mac  Donald has veryw7!kindly. consented to  take on that work7q-.For- the , cub work  the troop is? fortunate in securing Doble  MacDonald ' as leader.* In - Cranbrook.  Dobte showed, unusual proficiency in  scout effort.     . --.-fr ���������-'...  For the purpose of? raising the necessary funds to wide off'* outstanding  accounts against the hew hospital building, preparations are being made for a  canvass of every home and resident*, of  Creston Valley Letters asking for cooperation and support aee being sent to  the various hospital .organizations, and.  the campaign is scheduled to start before  the end of the month ?  For tbe East Kootenay badminton  tournament, which opens at Cranbrook.  this evening, Creston club will compete  in four divisions. John Murrell will  compete in the men's singles. There  will be two teams in the. men's doubles,  J. P. MacDonald and C. H. Hare. \C R  Long and F. V. Staples. There will be  four local competitors in the ladies'  doubles. Misses Hazel Hobden ahd M.  Smith, Mrs. Levirs and Miss Cecille  Olivier, Mrs. R. Chandler and Miss Jean  The Hospital Women'** Auxiliary  bridge at the ParisA Hall, on Friday  night drew 20 tables of players., and  under the direction of Cha*". Moore the  a air was well handled and very much  enjoyed. First prize went to table  United States, in charge of Mrt*u W. H.  Crawford Mrs. Driffil, Mrs. Hayden and  Mrs. G. Young. Second ��������� prize ^was  annexed by tabl������ Canada, which was  handled by Mrs. W. M Archibald, Mrs  R. St^venf*. Mrp. M. J. Beninger and  Mrs. Jas. Carr. Consolation honors fell  to table Spain at which were Mr.,end  Mrs F. H. Jackson, Miss Wade and R.  S. Smith.  Lethbridge Herald: Wealoy United  Church was the Rcone of a quiet but  pretty wedding Friday. February 9th,  when Harvey Dykstra of the Lethbridge  district, only son of Mr and Mrs. D.  Dykfttrn, of Des Moines, la., ond Mlas  Elizabeth Wiltse, nldcst.daughter of Mr.  Percy Wiltse of Croston, were unitod in  marringe, Rov. A. IC. McMirin ofliciot-  ing. They wore attended by Mr. and  Mrs. II. L. Johnson.    The father of the  mVLmmm     JtS  I TIC?'1-1  7  3  REMEMBER  THE DATES  (S     BT&  ri -Fllh-l KindsIQ  1 Bis 9 {B UUaiJ %P mmwamg  This is where ?.  aa aa^se w  little  mnnau  USm9itm9JI  59 38 8  nrn  9 lunar wau  U    1VI1&   1IU1  -BBB-fiiil  mtm  WL?E wifk^to impress u^oti thsitsnndjij\every.render that  ' w    * .   . 4Eam&-.e**m 9j%   m*������ ���������' *%mm*%   ������-���������   <afE***   a*Amja*A 6-**m*%4t-    - j*tmm *4f      amt*a**a*4%       Jk m mat .-,���������+** mm"*&    '  .4  4  4  4  4  4  4  \  4  ���������  4  4  4  4  ���������4  ���������       '  <  POSITIVELY selling  Women's Wear.  out every . article in- Men*s and  PRF^TIINMFIiriliyiTil F  |jr|\|HI������4j 1 uii .IflEMil'-WFtl^ 1 1L.L.  groceries        COSVIPANY   LTD.  HARDWARE  f**iB."-MJ ���������* HUMmM')������*f f*m   hmm*m+..)*t*m,m,1mm...   *m,.if1,l<*   ***���������������<    l.*A.������*   ������*(���������������--.    M.^-...������,���������*,    p  FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE  PEtMTEOOSrAL  REV, F. G. M. STORY, Pastor.  SUM DAY, F*4"B. 1&  ARROW CREEK SCH0OL���������2.00 p.m.  Sunday School.   8.00 p,m., Chuveh.-  CRESTON���������XI .00 a.m.. Sunday School,  and Biblo Clat-B. 12,00 a.m., Morning  worship. 7.110 p.m.��������� Evangelistic Service, MIbb Lillian Taylor will spoalc.  MID-WEEK SERVICES���������Tuesday 8.00  p.ttW Bible Study. 'iT.-0/aifta'o' thc  Spirit" (1 Cor. xft.), Rov.-F. G. M.  Story finnaldnfy. Friday, 8 p.m., Sub-  joot,"Hindancro������ to Annworod Prny'or."  EVERYBODY WELCOME.  awsom  "  V "   '7     .'.-���������!  0= GRESTON  ������������������S  tiir  141 a  Luuioa -auuiii'iiie d,  Wear Dept.  .'^Pp^f*'V *v**wr,*0"*nm*v}i ������*"'*r������'*''i*'j**^'*^|i-^'������*y'''������������������p ������^  *. ���������^. . a. . Ja    m.    a    -^ ,| -^    f^ i -tj| 11 jfS i a^h p if^ ��������� bIIN i >#>.  >  M* ���������   am -A��������� jbV ���������,a*jV^.attaV���������jatk-.B**aw_j������*^���������.A-.a^^.a^j.^jV^.a*k-.A       A    , ^ r ^ ~ ^ r ^ * mw)im mtl\ M W%+J!m mjffikli  '���������'���������',.     4  .... <  DR Ii! <%  H    vim    JQsBBB   ^mBmmW  WHILE THEY LAST  cents  JUST TO HAND !  Another shipment of Crisp, New  DRESSES of QUALITY PRINTS  in neat Floral and Stripes  ���������all in a wonclorfal assortment of shades  Sized 14 to 44.  S .   ^-^   _^   _^   ^^..^^  A        S4'-'K^' r^   r*^   lUr   *S.  iw       .      *tm ������ mtmJ       1 ^   Mmm**       1���������-/ 1^    4kW^  Dry Goods.       Clothing.       hardware.       Furniture   '  .yyy^^y.  "H  m  p .L^|y..,^|y-J^.-..1-y��������� T^f^-My)!   ^    |-g


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