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Creston Review May 6, 1927

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Vol. XIX.
v/j.��uuao> jl>^ a** ,
*"_>"OT _r_ a ter
IklA.^ ^--."tr:
Fruit Exchange
Reduces Charges
Shippers through Creston Co Operative Frufct Exchange were out in large
numbers fir the meeting at the firm's
warehouse Wednesday night last, with
the presid-ent, it. J. E_ong. in charge
of proceedings.
J. W. ~ Hamilton, the Exchange
accountant, presented a carefully prepared statement of tlie year's operations, including the balance sheet, the
latter reveailing an exceptionally
satisfactory standing for the Exchange, wbiSs,the trading ran to a
total pf ��8,285 -packages of all kinds
bandied during the year. The balance
sheet waa adopted as read, and the
election of directors resulted in the
ehoice of Jasf, Conapton to serve
out the uhes-pired two-year term of
Jas. AdtHi-d, who has moved to tlae
coast, and J. -M. Ct&igie and John
Hull, elected for a three-year term.
These with R..J. Long,*?. SS. VaufAcfc
eras. H.Young and IS. W. Klangen-
smith constitute the board of directors
for ICHfJY '
A very satisfactory announcement
was made to ihe effect that for the
past year the commission charged foa.
handling the output bad been reduced
from 10 6�� 9 per cent,, and credit for
this amount has been given Exchange
patterns. After & "thorough discussion
it was decided 5n future to make only
a box charge for handling pi-oductsy
instead of the formerdouble collection
of commission aiad packing charge.
This policy has been inaugurated in
all the other locals of the Associated
Growers, and the matter of fixing tbe
bos assessment was left with the
director-s and management
���F. SS..  _2b_cl__  who has   'us
named  dbairman   of   the   board   of.
direction under the new Fruit Marketing Actt was an   interested   spectator
at  the   meeting,   having   pre^iosssly  oust
addret&sed a. large meeting of _u_ the  nMR
orchard ists.
tngnt, at which the bride and groom
were generously remembered with
articles suitable for the home, and a
very pleasant evening was spent with
music and old time sociability.
.- Manford and Arvid Samuelson are
leading the way with clearing operation* In this section, being, busy with
considerable slashing on their Canyon
Canyon is now enjoying tbe benefits that come from having a shoe
repair shop located in tbe district. J.
W. Kwasny has opened in tthat lane in
tbe former Gilbert house near the
Presenting "The
NextgSunday is Mother.s Day, and
/^_��-.h. n..11
be appropriate for the occasion. Rev.
S. Newby was her& on Sunday last for
the monthly Church of England
service. -
?y Canyon is due to lose a very active
sanuiiy nest week when Mr. and Mrs.
Geo. Strong and; family are leaving
for Creston, where they are taking
over the Commercial Hotel in that
town. They have been valued workers in church and "commu��ty aetivi-
..tlves ssdai'- are sorry to see them go.
W. JL. Zeigl��s, minings engineer of
Wallace, Idaho, made a visit at the
LeadvIUe mine on That red Ay lass.
���B"  ��*��
!i"l    Sr.^w
.\*V.    Tj*~ia,~.A
NUatad   and   Clarence   Devlin,    were
motor visitors at Creston on Saturday.
Albert Ragotte was here from
Daver, .haho, on a visit over tbe
Harry Spence of the Sash & Door
^^ Company, spent the weekend at bis
Mr.   and   Mta.   Onaer   Geroux   and
daughter, Joan, and Miss Edith Ger-
wers   motor  business   callers at
Creston Tfeursd-av.
Trinity Church Dfrataaatip CI��b,
which *Qtyr.v.M_ ati tnoi-U-lA?** .ttwsfc vmoLf
in the oomedy; -^Safetyfjlrsfc-" �����*>��
this year preset-ting another mirth
produc-er'in *The Arrival of Kitty,'*
���which will be seen at tbe Grand
west Thursday night. May 12th
-with the curtain rising at 8 o'clock.
This year's comedy is a three act
��ffersngPthst has to do with the
matrimonial affairs of one, Jane, in
love with Bobby Baxter, young and
handsome, hut who, in os-der to
inherit a small fortu no, must v. ed
Benjamin Moore, old and nervous
and has a thiret. There is also an
as&t Jsns, a hssssly old ___a5d -with
lots? of moii-^y, who wants a man.
Also there is an * actress, Kitty,
whose arrival causes innumerable
tangled situations and laughter
galore* And her efforts at fuu
making is ably supplemented by
Tir.g, a belihop; Sisette,a !lf-ranch
maid; atad SaostseS, a colored porter.
With this galaxy of talent the
comedy ���possibilities of the play are
at once apparent, and with eaoh of
the parts in competent hands there
nan  Iia .in, ���*"""���/��������->*���? t-I.Jci n��ai^p   ft4**->mner
by the club will outclass the 1926
success. uSe.fety First."
Reserve seats are now on a_ale at
the drugstore^ at 75 . cents, and
general admissions Iwill he available at po^ialaf slices of 5G and 25c.
school at 10.15, Kev, Janzow wiii be
TK**v>g for Lutheran worship Ibis Friday
The Winlaw mill got in its first of
the season's drive of logs, which arrived on Monday.
. Tne water on the flats has risen. On
account.of the .flooding the channel
bridge has bson removed.
The W.A. May meeting, is at Mrs.
Owles pn Wednesday, 11th, at 2.30
p.m.   Hew members will be welcomed.
A representative ftom Vancoiaver is
here ready to commence installing the
machinery at the pre cooling plant.
Goirasr Back to
Wilfred Lisngston left at the middle
of last week for Spokane and expects
"to connect with a season's work in the
Kellogg, Idaho, country.
Herb Sparrow, is here on a month's
vacation frona Kimberley, spent last
week with friends ih Nelson.
Mrs. Chudley and son, George, have
left for Litadner, wSaere they join Mr.
Chudley, who has taken a. small poultry farm near that town.
J. B. Hopkins, who haB been working at iogging contracts in the Arrow
Creek section the past two seasons, is
back ag-ain to "reside on his place in
Huscroft section.
C. A. JKobinson, who has been a
business visitor at Cialgaa-y, Alberta,
the past couple of weeks, at rived home
attheexidof the week.
Fired Browelt, who has been work*
ing at Bonningtbn tbe past several
-nontSis, is home again to take caare of
spring work at the ratneh.
Miss ISissie Mcftofab, a recent graduate of Kelson business college, is nnw
in charge of, the boohkeepEnsr work at
the Crisler garage at Erickson.
There was a large turnout of friends
off Mr. nnd Mrs. Dhvo Rogers for the
niiaccllaneotts shower tendered them
at   the   comnmity   hall   laat   Friday
-kffAT\/\R1ll!Wd _f 1
*m*}   _n
- A 1 m__r.*aa4h ��a
After trying out a three-day fair
for the past six years, the newly elected directors of Creston Valley Agri-
cuitnr_t| ,As��oeiatioD are revestis.;";
back to a two-day exhibition���for
1927 at least���and have tentatively set
Thursday and ^Friday. September 28th
and 3QftbB as the dates for thi5? year's
fair, and for the successful handling
of the undertaking the following committees have just taeen named:
Finance���J. R. Forbes, ���5. W. Allan.
Grounds���Guy Greenwood. J.R.Fob?-
bes, F. J. Klinge_;smith, H. Young.
Prize last���M. B. Joyce, Sam Moos*
Mrs. Geo. Cartwright,  Li. J-ittle^ohh-.
Attractiobs ���-Malor Maila��ds.me,
Guy Greenwood, 3. B. Forbes. '.-''>4s^
Secretary F. H.*JacksO*af is -etert.aa|f
in this- week on t4saa arhni-fa. t'*??"* o*-f
writing the fair's friends at outside
'gaoints- soliciting special prizes. The
getting of help in this quarter is becoming more serious each year and if
OrestonV fair is to be kept up to its
previous high standards better financial backing must toe secured locally.
F. P. Sullivan and Milo Fogarty of
Flagstone were here on business at
the weekend.
and    son,
friends   at
Trinity Church Toung People
present the breezy mirfch-
of KJ{{y"
in Three Acts
Mrs. Carl Lindbloom
Elmer, were calling on
Caret ton on   Saturday.
Angus Catnerom and Bay McKelvey
of Erickson have taken a contriac& to
haul the Paulson cut of poles from the
Goat River to Kitchener.
.Blisses Esther J^-elson and Edith
Geroux and Lewis Simpscn were
motor visitors at Creston on Saturday
Everybody is welcomed to the dance
ixa Hunt's Ha!! en Saturday evening.
May 7th, for which the music will be
supplied by Mrs.  Lister's oicheatra.
Z. Geroux left on Thursday last for
OlnreBholm, Alberta, where he expects
to be for the next few months.
Joe Laivergne made  u trip   to Cran
bvook on Friday to consult Dr. Green.
Joe had   his  leg   broken   almost four
month ago, and   Is still having some
trouble with it. f
Kitchener had its delegation at the
picture show in Creston on Saturday
night in Misses Ellen and Mildred Ar.-
deen nnd Polly Anoruaoff and Messrs.
Alphonse Lal'age, Marcel Senesael
tand Omor Geroux.
Mrs. B. Johnson
visitor ot Cranbrook
nt the end'os lust week.
Will Wickholm spunt the weekend
with his parent* at Canyon.
Mrs. Victor Millar, who Is residing
at the Rush Sc Door Company,
received a sudden call to Yahk last
week, to be with her mother, who
was taken seriously ill.
Mrs. Stan. Grearorv is back from
Winnipeg-, Man., where she spent the
winter months with her parents.
^JackJPitt Brooke Ieft on Wednesday
for Nelson* where he obtained a situation, axad will be remaining for tome
time.     .
Alex Cameron returned on Friday
fron; Cranbrook **�� here -he has ba?pj> in
the hospital for some days suffering
from bronchitis.
Mrs.   Ashely   Cooper  got
Sunday from a visit at Trail.
back on
. Capb. Catts, forestry offlciaE, was
here on Friday and gave tne school
pupils a talk on forest protection.
Cherry aud pear trees, as well as
currants,, are in bloom. It looks now
as if the pear trees suffered In the
April frost, the buds being quite badly
Kev. S. Newby will be here for
Church of England service on Sunday   morning   at   11,   with   Sunday
was   a   business
a couple of dayt��
Women's Institute
will hold their annual
Bulb Display
Sale of Home Caohwg
and Sale of Flowers
Beserve Seats .* V . ,
���orwutr.'m .mjm.baiutj, titiatua '-sue
Plan .at Drugstore.
At leant 1200 nflreH of the dyked
land on the Idaho aide wilt be planted
to seed peava this y*��r. A price of
throe oento a pound Is guaranteed,
and yields up to 40 bushels an, acre are
Due to harvesting at the wrong time-
a-nd "poor griding the potato growers
nflifocintton In.the Windermere country was only ublcv to pay) Its growers
���ft2d it ton for Netted Gems and t$&& a
ion for white-*.
TYInitv Gh-iFCii BassiiiBEif
Safy., MAY
3 to 5.80 p.m.
Everybody Welcome
gave this area a look over a coaiple of
days last week, with a view to baying
one of the improved places.
School re-opened on April 25th
after the vacation and had. the attendance increased by-one. The newcomer
I is Kitty Beards���the second Lister-born
member of the' Beard family to start
her educational career ^in the hs^ttl
school. " " **
Albert Ted#_*rd and a crew of .half a
dozen men were put on forest fire
protection wns'fe-ear.y last week, looking after a ~ blaze that had started in
the L.S.B. timber here.
Jas. Duncan left at the end of the
week for Ainsworth, where he will
mix the mulligan for about a month
for a survey party Chas. Moore has at
work there.
The forest fire season opened six
days ahead of schedule this year, Geo.
Huscroft going back on patrol on
April 24th, instead of May 1st,  as last
Mr. and Mrs. ��_. Helme are just back
from a five-weeks1 holiday visit with
friends in Vancouver and Victoria,
and will spend the nest few months
with their son, Harry, at their Lister
Capt. Oatte, forestry officer in the
Ya.hk-CreBton ureaa, visited the Lister
and Huscroft schools oa the 28th,
he gave a talk on the wisdom of fotest
Dav Henderson of Creston was here
on Friday on his semi-annual in spec
tion of the local school, and found
everything well up to sanitary standards.
Mr, Tingle of Calgary, Alberta, post-
office inspector, was hero on his usual
checkup on Tuesday, and found the
office in very satisfactory shape in
every detail.
Ilev, 8. Newby will be here for
Church of England service on Sunday
tiftemoon at 5* o'clock. At least two of
his confirmation class are from Lister.
IXorb SpukTOW gob buck, oai Slouda-y
from an enjoyable week's visit with
friends in Nelson. ?
Harry Yerbury and his partner, R.
!0oddo of Erickson, havo cloned the
trapping season, and arrived from
Cultus Creek at tbe fire, of the week.
They aro noil pleased with the season
operations, which included tbe take of
nine live marten for tho Yorbtary for
farm at Lister.
The feature of this week is the do
livery of baby chicks.   Fred Powers
igot ��500 of tlH��m of *tho Wyanndotto
aatral.1 from the well known Solly farm
at Westholme, Vancouver Island, und
mr*. iiitwrau jied.oiw hum r<��<*'wi--��n4 *���*��!<
Leghorns from a prominent Portland,
' Oregon, poultry farm.
Miss Lucy Marshall, who has been
on a visit with her sister, Mrs. W.
Kelly, at Bjko, arrived home at the
end of the week.
R. Steward is , eomblnlsig business
and pleasure on a few days" visit at
Nelson' this f week.
J. Brubacker has gone to Kii-cherser
to work: for the summer,, and will be
engineer at the Sash Sc Door Company
' "Capt. Oatt-C forestry officer, was a
visitor at'Alice Siding school bn "Wednesday last, when he gave a talk on-
the -"--Value of Our Forest and Forest
Spraying operations commenced at
the first of the week, the Ash-Webster co-operative outfit being on the
rounds, Tuesday.
Van San and Parson's Beauty strawberry plants are coming into bloom
in thia section, which would mean
berries at about June 10th if the
weather takes a favorable turn and
stays right,
Victor Carr left at the first of the
week with his team for the Lardeau,
where he has a pole skidding contract
that will last about six weeks,
The average attendance At Alice
Siding School for April was iT.ao, and
Principal Marrlot reports the highest
standing as follows: Grade 7���Fred
Taylor. Grade 6���Esther Smith.
Grade -r^-Betty Smith. Grade 3���
Ethel Mather. Grade 2���Geoffrey
Constable. Giade 1���Elsie Mather.
Perfect attendance���Harry Mather,
Edith Mather, Ethel Mather. Betty
Smith, Gordon Smith. Bather Smith.
Special for
We haue a splendid line of
Moir s Chocolates
551.00  and!  $2.00
Also Neihon's and WUlard9*
_^  ^^      toj_ _t^^af.    MiL^J^^ ^U .��___*    ma^malmm\   ����_____.
mBB ^BB   jfff j^F^f T^^ma*   ^   ^*1      fl  *��� WTI Vw TfflL
***** m  ��j- j^j^j^ig^s^
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The Albertie is an Jt.M.S.P. sieana-  er. She was foraaaei'ly l.no-wn as tlae  Ohio, one of the world faanoia.s '.'O**'  liners. She will join the St. Lawrence -fleer, witla a reputation equal  t.������ hea* size aiad, ha add hi am to bohi.?  the bisKest stream an* ever to stall tan  the St. Lawrence io Montreal, will be  : one of the most, luxua-iotis to naake  . Montreal   her   u-rmanal.  The Albtrtie wall be used oai the  direct service to Liverpool easabound  '������������������. while oai the westbound rotate she  ; will call at Quecnstown. She wall  , leave I-ivea-pool on her first west-  , boum! voyage under the now name  j on April   22 and will    steam    oait    of  With Restates He Got  ; Montreal on  hoi  ! age on May 7.  1 Built In 1923, the Albertlc is 587  ���������feet, lonjj, 72 feet Avide and 37.U feet:  \ deep and she has seven decks. "A"  is   the   observation   deck;   "B"  is  the  healthy .appetite.  Oaa "C.deek too nrr the luxurious  suites 'eoinpa'ising beda-ooan, with  separate beds, sitting l-ooan ami bath-  rooaal Avhile -on *'!>" deck aro a few  ntore suites, and siaaeroajiais twgefIlea* with tiae 0lining rooau. Ilae haven  ot refuge after big appetites have  beeaa ereatetl oai deck in tlae tangy  sea   sua*.  There aae three other decks, "J*.."  "F" and "G" which are used for .  staterooms whore passengers can]  be assured of a restful sleep after \  tbe activities of thai day on thej  spacious decks. i  Tlao  equipment of the  Alberfic em  j  bodies  the   latest designs in  wireless!  telegraphy   and   subaiaaa-ino   signalliii.-; |  appai-atais,   firepa*oo'f    and    watea-tiKhl:  bfalkheads,   combined,   semaphore   and j  Morse   siprnctlling     appliances,     while  ttaaiong   other   features   there   aae   on  'board  for the convenience of passeai- j  gers, two barber shops, a ladies hair-  dressing- parlor, and a library.  Tlae  Albertic  will  make  eight voyages   froan   Montreal  this   sea-son,   on  Juno 3,   July 2, July 30. Aug-  Manitoba   Mail   Speaks   Highlv   of! boar,  deck  on   which   are  located   the  I smoking  rooau,   the  lounge,  the  Dodd's Kidney Pills  fia-st east bound voy- i May  7S  ' ust   27,   September    24,    October    22. j  itnd   November. 19,   and   on   all   these j  voyages  she  will carry cabin, tourist [  ; third   cabin   and   third,   class   passen-1  ' gers   direct to  Liverpool.  On  her last {  \ trip   of  the 'season* site Will   call,   en !  read-   rotiae.  at Glasgow. j  Claims  Mr. W. G. Kemble Used Dodd's Kidney Pills for Weak Kidneys and  Found Them Very Beneficial.  Mannedosa, Man. (Spt?<:ial) ��������� Tho  following as one of the many letters  of praise whioh we aro coaitinaially  receiving. It coaanes Prom Mr. W. G.  Keaaible, of Watei's Btreet. 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Television    ~-  Has  Spanned  Ocean  Canadian Air Force  New       York-London       Demonstration i  Promised   by   BrFv.ish   Inventor        j  Four     Modern     Fighting     Planes     to  Replace Obsolete Aircraft  Replacement of a few obsolete war.  John  L.  Baia-d, young    British    in- j type aircraft by a flight of few* mod-  to' have established  television between London and New  York, lie proposes to give a wireless  telephone - television demonsta-ataoia  between. Loudon and a New York  store shortly. A special receiving set  has been built for tho purpose.  em" Fighting 'planes to familiaa*3ze  oflicers of the Canadian ah* force in  the haaadling of modem 'planes is  provided for in the estimates passed  recently by Parliament, according;  to the Department of National - De- \  fence.    Thn    aia*     service     estimates!  Mr  Baird   said    tlaat.     for    sevoa-aa j passed  by   the House totalled  $3,$93,-  sky-  day  iza'd homes all  One  of   New    York's    newest  Ret'aper.s  burns enough  coal in n  fo heal   four averag  winter.  ������������ *T d3*ZSJ^    '*}m^p ^ff     B *8* l^ff fj    Tjr ^t|P*^3^nr^  The Least Noise  Made Her Jump  Mrs. W. IT. Talo}*, Ashorn, Man.,1  writes:���������"I was betltoTeil very much  witlt nay heart anal nerves, naad tlao  lr-nst noiso would mtiko iaae jmiari and  ���������duvAst ptop nay heart; boating.  1 told iny mother about It onn day,  mail t-\u> natid that. ������lio iiitai baien  baalliero-d the snano way and told mo to  ijct  u bo.x of  weeks he carried on his experianents  be j. ween his station at Coaalsdoai atml  a station tweuty-fivov aaiiles outside  New York. A new station is being  installed in Amoa-iea by moans of  which. Mr. Baird saj'o it wall be possible to deaaionsiralo the practicability of his inveaalioaa. If these tests  are .successful, Television,' Limited,  the company of which bo is technical  dia*eelor,   will   place   a   Televisloai   a-e*  coiving eet on   the  naarket:  al, a, cost  of $11,0.  "WUlospa-ead In.toi'av>t was aa*ouso������i  iat London by the saaccajsHful televltJ  ion experiments botweeaa New Voi'lt  and Wa.shaaigtoaa. All hough auany ex-  poa-iaaients iat television laaivo been  boon made in Ihitain, enghaoers of  the tlenenal l'ost OHice tta-e not "co-  opt'i-aritag with tlie .scionlists on both  sides or the Atlantic who aro trying  lo bjiaag Ihis new development within reach of the public. A post, oilleo  ofllclal, questioned oat the BUb.leet.'l  a*iM>U������-d, "There Is aaauch to be done  before the post office alms at. a public   ���������.lervlco   of   "television."  'heart  'Wla^ia T ltn.fl ludceri tlao ono box I felt  cjuiUi a lot heater arid by Uio tiaiitj X had  tJikeu threu boicn I gol, italinf.'���������*  I'rie.t;  .'���������(���������ft.  a  liox at  id I   (joalcr*,  or  >nH.ii������'.l     diri'ci,    1>I������     J������:ctiij)|.    of    prltlO    l>Jf  jTho T. Mllbiin. Co., Limited, To"roniiiy  | The Cltntiging West  ;     Stnattar  W.   A.   Ihicluman,   publisher of     (he     Lethbrldgn    Herald,    ad-  j droHsed   the   Toa-o'nlo     Young     Moil's  roccmlly on "Tins  ' pointing out the  3n pronrc.-r, from  growing to mixed  laadURtriial cenlroa  temHaag   to    broaden  293. Of this $1,669,694 was for 3Uili-  tary training aaid oporatloai' and $2,-  222,503 for cavil govern an ont opea*a-  tions and civil aviaiaoaa.    .  llesides providing for the new  'planes, the former estimates' will  enable tho training on a small scale  of aa. reserve of otlieors Jind air staff.  The estimates covering civil aviation consist mostly of foi-cst ano  survey sei'vices for other government departments.  Tlae program includes this year air  patrols for fiav aletectloaa and" suppression of over 70,000,000 aeroa of  forested hinds in I'lastern and Northern Manitoba and. Northern Sa*-  l-afchowan, aaad for -fire dutuetloaa  patrols of over 11,500,000 aca-es iaa the  fores I, reserves iaa ahe foot hills of 1lie  I-ocrhy Moaaaalains iaa >Ve-of������u-n Alher  tit,  The aii- survey program inehiales  work iia ovory provliico iaa tlae Dominion. Tho growing Importance ol  thin foatui'o of aviation has beam  recogaal/.ed and tho dorado patent of  the re;ioaai-t'0;i of- the aiorth country  are largely depnndoaat on gootl maps  being inado avallablo ol* venio'o ills-  ti'letH now* bet'omiaig of' great Importance through their rnlnftvi! oa- for  est weal Ih.  These.tours are so varied in. itineraries, in interest, ir.  duratien and in co&t, that you rn&y choose one that  meets   votir   requirements   and   purse.    *5-a������tf.      ������rA(G       _____  rticuiarly   meets   vo*ur  White Star Standard of Service is assured in each  XT'-  $1������SS  6m% t_S   -gg-g^  Hoard of Trade  ("'hanging   West  'i--___..;r..:>r..iai-<'ii  ntraigh'-   grain  fni'julng,      with  ah.avnloplng,   ail I  $*������5  "-??ij.s    P.ft._������_jJ_**>o������ *������_, **_-S>!_m-v'llc_t������fea_tB  Retairn fare. Family party, thir4 class, personally  conducted, by Rev. W. G. Walsh. Keturn date optional within one year.    Sailing to Liverpool on magnificent ,-  iyiegantiCB - __VIay 2S-S*  3s������-i3l;.Oldl ?S*������ast*^0aa������g?s9 He-ll-������������ois  Personally conducted. Aaa excellent opportimity to  cross with home folks on the magnificent  Megantic^ May 21st  Go home with your own home folk, personally con-  by  Mr.  Robt.' "Stessrart of Toronto  on  magnificent  Megantic, May 21st  R-O-Uitd TEfip TROWS  Holyhead, Anglesea, North Wales, Aug. 1st to 6th.    Sailing  on superb White Star Liner  *8*_r*������_   .s*^!^  ducted  $A^@  Manx Homecoming Tour 1927. Lands at Douglas  direct. Answer the call to all Manxmen from their Elian  .Vannin.    Cross with brother Manxmen on th������s magnificent  Alhertic, June 3rd. /  ^ ^ &%������& ZmR Hotftl&eff-m Ofiitaspio _B2_ce������_wsia._a  Tburist Third Cabin, under the direction of Mr. T, Moacley  Williams, New fLiskeard, Ont.  Regina, J*uly 7tH-  PSlgrtttiage to Roane, 57 days, $875, Cabin class, all  necessary expenses included. Visiting principal  cities in seven European countries. ^SPajreSex S"sr_assc*sas"  *To'ar_t.;-/study^? French while touring Europe; $260 for 24  days, to' $580 for 52 days, depending on length ot tour and  places visited. All necessary expenses included. Both Hone  tTours sail from New York on famous Red Star Line?  .L-apiand, July ?tli  J&^& J Tourist XHird Cabin  itteludSng all necaessary *e_N.pons������a_j  "Under the auspices of the Canadian Legion (British Etripire  Service League). Visiting Canadian Cemeteries and Battlefields in Belgium and France. The most important points include Lille, Ypres, Arras, The Somiaie, Paris, London and.  their immediate vicinities r��������� sailing oai the magnificent  Megaxitic, July 16tl������  %tS      m%Umfop&m.n Ts?e_i_3aig������?������ S������*_as?s  ^ m&r        o ���������Cabin or Tourist _C_-iz>cS Cabin  England, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy. Conducted Tours,  37 days $315 and up, according to itinerary and class. Also  independent tours all sailings. Special Feature : 50% cash,  balance in 10.equal monthly installments after yon return;  or, if paid in full, less $%. Every, .week until August 20th,  first sailing on superb Steamer  Doric, May 28tH ���������  astla IaAt������_ifasa������i-<i>8aa-l S������-$ga&������r  ���������   <���������   SO Bays  Ostend June 5th to 10th. Optional extension tours in  England, Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, and Italy  of 30-44-58 or 65 days with costs ranging from $425 to $850.  Leaving Montreal on magnificent  Me-gant������c������ May,31st.'.  &m s^fij Sti������<*s*@ial Tons? $������ :������s������&9as&e& ������.s& SDa^-s  e&Ja Jf ^j&     By popular request. Under auspices of. the i>aught-  |sjl , ers of Isabella'and the spiritual direction of Sever-  *^��������� end Father Thomas J. Heifernan.   Choice of Tour  ist Third Cabin for $375 or. of Cabin for $500 to $650 according to accommodations occupied. AH necessary expenses included.   Sailing on beautiful White Star X_iner  Regina* July 7th#  g^3^gl������g Fo|itaIas? Fvetieh Xotia*  ^   37 ������ays  iTr������_P'       **W   Personally conducted.   Visiting 5 countries, 22 cities.  l&|) England,   Fa-ance,   Belgium,   Switzerland   and   Italy.  Choice of Tourist Third Class for $385 or of Cabin  for   $500.     All. necessary   expenses   included.    .Sailing   on  superb White Star Liner  llir-  oeoaaaainla-'  aaul labor baHls of tlao  If ,vi>aa want a naaa) U* pralso. yi*������aai-  judKUient all you have to du if. iigta--*  with hina,  'J'lna il.;\������*lopuia;nt of viulio Iaa Swo-  ih'-u now covot-ii tho oiitla-o eountry.  Morn  alum  200,000  roa���������������������������Ivlni/ fai>t������ na-a'  <!;-;<'���������.  i  111    UAH.  ia  uiacxcelled   for   Dyeing"  ���������nd Tinttaag:,    Profeataional  Oyemuse the  Same Kind of  JBLgmW     B     B_HI ^sMmmr  9943 Coi&ve-Atiotft  ^B������ ^tfe  ^msu\sm*fmmM  ^BHEk  mmWrnmsk. Wsmmsmu E9i mm  Doric, July 3rd  Tourist Third Cabin  SS etiayo  $39������  $495  To Eiialnaacl. Scallnncl. Iielnnd, Molinncl, Belalum, Fa-nnce, Ger-  many. Personally conducted���������.ill n__ce$s*ai'y exponoes. Saillno on  l.eautiful   Wlaite St.ia-   Linen..  Regina - Doric - Megan tic ���������  June 11-18-25.   July7,  Hubbell College. To������ia.������s ���������* wy da$r������  Tourist VltlvdL Cabin'  To tEnnlnntl, Irel.-ind," Scotland, Holland, Belnluiii, Goi*mrany.  Prance. Two tllfroron*. If.liacrni*ie������ to chooue from. Under the direction of Eni'l B. Hut-bell, rind peraoraally conducted. Price In -  ctiicleo all net.Cbi;.iry cxiinnst'D. Snllli.0 on bonutllul White St.-ar  .Ste;naaf*ii_.  June X1-18-2B- y July 2-7-16-23-30.  Aug. 6  Xhos. Cook -fie Son's Totitttt  V.irloty of touro to Europe from $495 for 30 dfiys to $725  for d?. d-iya. dcpeiicllnu   on   tftiaflth    of   tour   nnd    plnces  vllilted.   Tourlat Third Cnbln, rll aiece_iB.*ary _.Kprns������u In-  Saillno froi'i  Montreal on beautiful White titcir Llneru.  Doric* June 25- July 23. - Albertic, July 2  Retina* July 7tH-  Alrao Cnbln Clnss Tour "Albertlc*" July, 2���������Enoland, Holland, The  Rhlaic, G������rnaniay, Switzerland, Itnly .iiid France. Retua*nlno Auo,  30.    Iiacluslvc tiire, $0-10.  For complete Infornantlon   nnd   booklet,   phone,  wrlto or cnl,l personally nt out* neni-cat oflicc.  224 Portnae Avo., Wlnnlpeo;   Land   Bldci.,   C.*al-  otary; 11������ Roo������rr- Qldp.. v.nncouvci*. 25 Kltia St.  IS, Toronto; or L-ocnl ajte.-inatililp AOfiiUa.  $j*m&mmt Otoovaomm from Moi.tvoaB&  eluded.  I^jfp-^*^ THE    REVIEW,    -CRESTON,    B,    C.
tfg-s Embarrassing Position
Experienced By
T9 w       1   '
j__^_i-Uiiiik   iaOlUJ
Ml83"Jeannc,Ginsberg, Bronx. 3ST. Y-, writes: "X had become accustomed to arising each day with a heavy head, diazy and bad
taste in my mouth. My bowels were frequently .clogged and constipated. Ono day I becamp so sick to my stomach I had to leave
an. important job and go home. A friend advised
usijag them and -whenever my stomach and head goes bad again
I'll certainly ktaow what to do/'
CARTER'S -LITTI-T. hIVRR PIT.T.S are sugar coated, small, easy
lo swallow, purely vegetable, and relieve the bowels free from pain.
They -tonic the system as they are purely vegetable aud do not
contain Mercury, Calomel or other poisonous drugs.
CARTEL'S LITTLE LIVER PILLS, 25c. and 75c. red packages.
L me  to   take
I  feel  greaUy relieved  since
Authority   oii   Agriculture
Dr. GrisdaU Has Intimate  Knowledge
of-Ail Phases o? Basic Industry
ffh-. .1? II. Grisdale, deputy' minister
of   agriculture,   who   is   chairman   ol
] tlae -executive     committee      of      the
| world's 'poultry'; congret s   to   be   helo
an Ottawa this year, is recognized as
Li ae   f oremos t  au t1 tor i ty    on     agracui-
.tui'e   and   agiicuitural    *:ondilions"  in
Canada. The woilv :which' lie has been
called  iipoaa io  aaait'itii'iiiiie and  the experience   which   hf-   lias   gained   dur-
ing  his''-30'"'''yeai-s'' bi     Rovernment
Uncanny   imitation
Of   Human   Voice
English Inventor Makes Organ-pipe
Reed Speak Clearly *
By the use of an organ-pipe reed,
has ftngea-s and a bellows operated by
fpot. am English inventor has succeeded in imitating the '-.human voice
to an extent that is uncanny., It'lit-
a-eed serves as, the yocal^ o^rgan and
the fingea-s as tlae tongue and lap?,
lie _ leoeiiLly produced" the .sentenc.-,
""Hello, [London; a re? you there?" as
el early   as   if    he    were    teiephoaiing
service in the Federal department of j efom   New   Yotlt,   It   is   claimed   that
agriculture?ha?ve   givfen. Oiim ?ah ?inti-j Ljtg   experiment   proves   that   the   haa-
phases:    ��i
Benefactor To
Human Race
Founder  oF  Antiseptic  Surgery   Made
Many   SeHous   Operations
Macau lay.   the   most     brilliant      oi.
the     Victorian  ��� historians, f deelaayeo
that   the   greatest   benefactor   to ���the..
human   race  wan   the man  who  gi-evi
festeriaag   was   to     keep     the
out.     One   ot   has   most    daring
valions   was*"*/when   he   used
acid,  a   violeait poison   to  prevent in
matte  Icnowledge?. of    all
Caaiada's basic iaidttslty.
Born at Sto. .Mai-'the, Qtit>..  in ;IS7n.
he  received   his ?<Sarly    education     at.
,_j_i_^_ j.Vaiaklcelv  Hilt .-ft-gli,'. school . .and   " :it
germs S Albert   College,   P.ellevilie, and spent
��   iuno- I tw<> yt-f-'-t's at Toroaxto   University. Tie
carbolic* : subgeqiaeiilly ". " entered     the     Ontario ���
V Agricultural';.    College      at       Guelph..,
man   voice   Is   largely   ;iarter-hanicar
aesial|    a>L'   ntiascular  "aiad- '.-nervous   aa,-
taon.      . ?     .
Veteran "Mount.e*: Dead
John Stuttaford Member , of First;
Contingent 4o Reach MacLeod j
-.Tohn Stuttaiord, sr,. .believed to Of]
n.cton in .surgical oases. Another i wHere- he won the gold anedal for his ; r]lc last survivor of the Jirst t-ontiaa-']
great contribution to .surgery was'' -vear' u<0 conipleted his agTlcailturua-j gen(? <>r itoyal North West. Mounted ]
Ifas substitution" of "catgut," which is ; .course* at the Agricultural College, i police 1o ,.eac1l MacLeod in :lS7.t,!
absorbed in tune, to silk and other j Ames, Jowa, where he gradaiateo j dj<,d there recently after thw be*a {
materials^ themselves the cause otj^11-11 the-- degree of bachelor oa* Agri--j vaii f>J a iii;erkvu. spent in. Alberta. I
trouble,   used   up  to   then   foi-   salving | eultui-e. . j      Mr.' Stuttaford   came   ?td    MacLeod!
up   breaks   in   human   tissue.   Lister's |     1[e rtrst entered  the service of the ;-with   tlie"'famous   French  police exp...|
new    system     enabled     surgeons    to I Governanent of-Canada at the central I ditipaa;-. Hie  your   before -Colonel ��� Mac- !
two blades  of grass  where  only   oanfj'venture  on   bl-aiaa,   chest   and
must    daring
had .grown before.   IJaat what   then is������ inal  operatliits    i'a*os!_
the due meed of him .who is- crediteo [ his day eA-eia
with having saved more human lives 'coiled.
in the latter days of the nineteenth.
centui-y than were lost in the wars
of the hundred years that preceden
it? That was said of Joseph. Lord
Lister, the founder of antiseptic surgery, the hundredth auniversaa-y of
whose birth was recently celebi'ateu.
lie it was who perceived tlao faa-
aeachiiag implications of Pasteur ���?
epochal discoveries anal realized that
a new era in sua-gery-��� woaild ��� dawt.
when wounds ceased to be the
ha*ee��lliag phice.of; genus, ft was Sir
William Osier, the famous Canaalaan
surgeon, Mho summed tap .Listers
services to ci.ili-iJition in this airre'st-
ing sentence: "Before.'aia.tise_.ric stu-
gery, bacteria Avere itiofe deadly thati,'
bullets."   in   fact,   iu     the     old     day*
Germany's Burden Easy
Tax Load of Englishman .is
Thirds More Than Teuton's
Once more the ��� British \vitj Have
brought home to them the truth aliat
war is an expensive business. Already the most heavily -taxed people
in the world, they heard from Winston Churchill, that they .must pay
yet more taxes to meet tlie annual
-eS2O.O0O.OOO and. ��$30,000,000.
' Of this, ireauiendous -sum,' which, it
is calculated,- means that every T'.ns-
lislaman- works one day iaa five foa
the C-overnment. half goes for debt
charges. Of this -��-110,000,000. more
thau nine-tenths,  goes   toward   caring
abdoan-! cxpei-imentat farm,     where     he     had j ceod  headed   bis   forces "'in to   the ter I
before i charge   of   the   work   in   animal   luitr��� | ,ritoi*ies.   He   lived   in   MacLeod ��� eva-r!
j'ba'ndry   and   field   haisbandi*y   curried   }*j31t:���j. ��� ���
i ott 'iu the '"experimental 'farm system. The d-aad veteran was buried. Jioa*c-;
; fie ^succeeded the late Dr. -Wan. with.. full military- honors,, a unique i
j Saunders as director ot experaiatental j feature,of, the ceremonies being taaat.;
y���farms Iai 1911, and during the period j Vix veteians of the police .evpeditioni
' 191M91S'. when he held that ��� posi-jor j$74 aetetl as paU-bearers.
the   experaancutal   faa-ans   brairacla '
Here's a washboard so strong
tlaat a big, 165 pound man can
stand on It without damaging it
in the slightest way.
That tough SjfiJP Pearl Enameled
rubbing surface is mighty near everlasting, and the rest of the board is
builtiu the sameavay. The remarkable wearing qualities of this sturdy
washboard demonstrate the Jifelbri-gj
���wear you get irotia all S^i?, xsnamei- .
ed ^ifCare utensils. Made by that old
established Canadian company.
the Si ai-ia-T Metal Products Co.  ^^V
gaiiaed   a   reputation,   and     its     worac
gathered  a!i impetus which makes it
today one  of   the most  important in-
eiiences   an   the   developmena   of   Can
adian  agriculture.
til? 1.9IS, when the department of
agiieulture was 'shorn ol' a number ol
its-���"branches   wbiclt   <fid   not   pertain
Weight of. British Debt
to  _a 34i'icai��.uUs
.��� 4v��..y.na a-iii'n i ���
,   and   becanie' :i  purely !
depaarlment. ?Dr, Gris-[
dale., became .deputy ininister, aiwlj
the same year he was g'vanted thej
of '.D-Sq.-Y.  by    Laval
i sity.
Amount Owing to States Placed
6,700 Tons pf Cold
Oj'eat Uritiiia's-debt to the I'tiitcul
Slates would make a lump of gold !
weighing- fi,70(5 ���tons*-.: Lieul-.-Col. L. S. \
Aiiipi',.-, Hecretary tor the Doinhiions. {
estlmateal iai a speeich at the anavuali
dinner oi the Mining and Ma-tallur-1
sy Instifiitieai,   London. ;
. ' ""J'hercfore,"   he   added.   *"oiar   dobtj
for  tlae pro*> ?
than   for'.
nt-i ���
Little Helps r or i nis w een
over  one-fourth of  those  wounded   in j for*   the     i;7,000.000,000    or     ��35,000,-
hatlle   died,  not   of   the   direct   injur-1 000.000   the   World'  War  cost l.Sriiain.
U-s.   but   of   subsequent   infection. j      Thi.<   calls   attention   to   how   much
Contrary   to ��� tlae 'theo'c-y which >hau| mcu-e; it-is   casting ?Britaiu   to   luaui
���(..l-eek times, that
froan ���eartj^-^-ClUne^ than it is \
the .revei-' which ] costing .Germany. Using dollars fori
accompanied the septic process was-'! ease?'--o'f. calculation the Kug-lisli <rOV-
i\ necessary part of natural healing.; eminent owes $35,000,000,000 ano
Lister proved not 'only that suppura-j Iter debt charges ai--> $2,000,000,000 j
lion was ..not .necessary hut that at j annaaally. Germany having wipeo i
was the preventable cause of deaths-out her debt, owes the Bawes plan!
following certain wounds a nil many ; ancui ties the present. to tail value of!
serious, operations. Hospital gaat ! which is estimated al. $1.1,000,000,000.1
grene becaane so common if no  long ; Cat der   the  maxiinum     rinnuitios,    she!
il     as     a ' pays   $<_00,000,000    yettrly.    She    payr.'.
debt     to     the
States   wta.s lit tided   ita   10_
L>aaiver-P i0 Amei*u.a is more'' on.
I pectoi* and  ua iia ing eaigiaaeer
|      Siaice   his   appoint meait    its   deputy j tiu. fijaancaei*."
j head of  the department, Dr. (..risdate j      *n,e   T*.riti��h
! h.ts.   on   several  o'ecasions.   been   call-
fed   tapoia to aet  ;ts" agticuliural advis-
ler  to inembers; of?the ;Goveraimont in
negotiations     vilally-     affecting      the
I agriculture of  the  Doin anion. Iai  :192_J.
; he iiHsisted iu the presentation to the
I lmpea*ial     Covei'nment     of    Canada's
i casa? in regard to  the importation ot |
! sfeoclcer  cattle  which   finally   lesulteu j
in the removaL ot  tlae canbargo which
had f been   in   existence   for   30  year,".
In  J023,  he   accompanied   the   Canadian'delegation  to   the  Imperial   coat-
That   all   may   learn,   and   all
be comforted.���1  Cor. xiv.  3.1.
! When   God  gives   (o   ife   ihe   clearest
l-iaited;      sight. - ,
it  ?t,t.00.-: He  dees   not  touch     our ���������eyes**'''    watti
���      love,  but  sorrow.   .-'",-.
? . '       '  ���    ���'' . j / ���-Jolm Iloyle O'lieilly.
THAT  RARV  AF VniH?^       '      We   "'"at' suHor' ih   ouiT-elves   be-
in/il   OjUDI   IT   lUUIViJ       | core' we   eah   truly   lovo   others:   aim
���'**��������� j we   amist   suffer   greatl.v     before     we
Keep   Him   "Well   With   the   Aid! can   love   widely.     Why   it   is   so  we
of Baby's Own Tablets ! may  not. be able to teii. -unless it  be-
No matter    how   .stroaig   aaid    rosy ' th.it only thus do vre gain a thpi'ousn
: knowledge  of oiii'selves.     There is in
the   heart   ot   man   a   secret   elaanaoer
i where Clod has  put all haamnni'y aaad
Itim.'(>)f;   touch   the   door    with     ihe
,m-  xva,  possible toward    ���    .,0    ..   ^���   _ ���    .-,���    -- N.'��?'?;' f0renoe   as  agricultural   adviser     ano
aaecessary evil, r Lister was put on i fwo-tlnrds ol that amount tins jyoaa-.;
tiae i-aghf trade by reading a paper i Thus if, will "be."'seen that it is cost
by V'nstetti*, iu which l.he great, inj? German 'taxpayers aboul. one ���'
Frenchman had .shown that pulro-. thia*d as auunli as if is costing Jtsitisaa ;
faction was due to the presence ol' fax payors to cure for the war debt,
miniate laving "germs'* and not to The Fretinh this yonr appropriaia.. j
the aiir Itself.    As a- result of his own | 2:1,000,000,000   francs,   or   about   ^..OO,-
000,000.     The debt claarge.s are aboan.
the   same   jaa-oportioaa   to   the   budget
a��  the   f.lratish hut less  than hall on
a  gold   basis.     The.  French   waa*  debt
e\-peril nam ty Lister came   to  the  con-!
elusion  that' the oatly way to pa-event
. iieled   in   the   same  capacity   iai   coia.-
! amotion   with   the    [nipm-ial    economia.
conference  of   U��2B.  He   is a member
of the research council of
i and ;joitrf chairman of ...tho
i losis and rust romaniitees
��� council.
of    that
Mrs. E. Searls
Broadcasts Good News
cost i.s   thus '50  per cent,   mor?  tlataia
theCermaai  anaximum,
Had   New   Experience
At   Bird   Sanctuary
~-nn.vb.all   Mtiaallo
WomlHtnaak. Ont. ������- ul fnaand Pr.
l'MM-ec'rt Kiivorilc l>ren��i,i,i|��tiim eviaolleiafc
. as n Ionic and nerve iiictHcina. .. wits an a
anaidowia, wt'talccneaI slnte of haaalt.h. My,
iicrvi's were all aiiiHcl, I itoitld not wlcop
sinal haid very litlla* np(��ialife. I took Dr.
.I'..*rite's*, l-'avorilis I'nasi'.ripl.itiii land foiand
if vi'iy laelfal'iil. II; sliai-|K*aical up my
appetite, Hl.ri-tt|_;t'.ioiuul amy nerve.., anal I
,'coiili.nlei'.p. Itbiiiltiatc up an hralllt anal T
fell linller in every wuy. J IhiiiU Una
*l'"!ivon(c PrMvara-iptioaa' ifl tlao Intent
incdiamu' nny v\'<��mau r.tn dala*.,'* Mrs. f'..
{"���'������nis, l��71 (/lailcrhuiy Si..
Any ilraiajt iilnrc, in lal>Iutn or I Una id, a">l��
f-eaul 'l(>e Ut l>r, Pierce's Laaliomiory an
IhialiidmiM', ihal.r for I rial pl-tt. of tub*
W.     Nr.      I'
Famous      Naturalist      Proves      That \
-"Wild   Geese"   Are   Not   Wild |
Jack . JMlnor, fsimous auil.uatili.sl. i
avhose biral saaaetunry til .KiiiKHvillc. j
is one ol I he show phtces oi" tlnlarlii. |
has coaatended for aa, louj.; time that !'
the < 'amidliin wild' ^oore Is not wild!
���that I 11. Is humans ba'iiiKs thai are ���
wild. flu linil a new a'xporaoaaca, :
Willi*- -���aaterltiluliiK a psi.riy aat' visit !
ors nt his plitcn, who aii-i'lveil llntrc'
al. dawai fo ,:ea�� ��*eese lloek I't'olli iha>i
lake ti. his ponds, fit* wats iiilnmpl-l
lata; <o Hliow the visitors how ha-!
(���.������laitp'i's Hie hlrds froan oaae i��ond la. j
another���-(.hi. simple act oi throwhiM >
corn robs al llieaaa. 'IMieri- was nii�� j
goose, wlili!h would' not be perinunl* |
oil, ^ilnpv threw taevoriil cobs al iht-!
hi I'd, htll In vein. Finally, vviiia deli -,
iil'tit he hit one aaf thai birds. II auere ;
ly .happed 1ta whin's, anil continued?
in swim, "Tlnil -������"���riiiinly prnva'H alu��<
l.he wild j_;oi>ho Is nail i.h wild ith It is ���
HUpi>ont.'.i|   to   he,"   Miner aleelaivd.
Tlia; American cjuh'i; Ituaeh, v.*ath
its high '���stools, flipping "llapjacks,
odors of "ham sua" aiaad slivill crie��
of waiters, has hvvaded Mexico City.
Siestas are broken ais aim crowds
Hock lo eat snndwlelus at fhr new
while ta-onts.
-   ' ' '   '. ,���������.">;, ',',���"? , ':,-;j
....... ^ ^
Bladder Weakness
Remedied by
Gin Pills
your child  may     be    he     requires    a
laxative     sometimes     so     that.     the i
stomach  may   be   kept sweet  and   th<:
system- clean.
Formerly the laxative medicine.-
Riven to children weae
ones���chstor oil. semi
:taad so on. Hut now Baby's Own i
Tablets, easily adraiatast.oa-ed and \
pleasant, to take, have 'superseded !
these. The children like fhahv's Owaa .
Not only aca tt laxative but in many
other wsiys lliese Tablets tare an;
ideail remedy for little ones. They |
quickly a'cihaco feverishness. rellaava- j
indii4estlou; colli: and voiaiit iia��, pre- ;
vent coaastipation. eiieck diurr^'laoea, :
allay toothim-; iaains and .prouaote |
healthful, aaatural slocja.
Voaa   cam   Ret   llnby's   Own   Tablets
ait any  dealer in  medicine   or   al.   "__n i
cents   a  box   trom  Tlae   \)r.   Williaaais' ,
IMedleine   Co.,   P.rotkvalle,   Out.
io   disagreeable j hand   of   sufferiiiK   and   it   (lies   qjjen.
a   tea    powders j an(l   miin   finds   himself   one   with" alt
others,     aud     Clod
midst of tliem.
Hinaself     in     the
T.   Mtintrer.
.Many   ���uoflier.s   can    testify   to    I ho
virl.u.��  of   Mother   titaves*  Woa'tia   F.\-'
terminator,   bocauso ���they   know   from
(���xpauaenee   how   assefu!   il-   is.
S peak ha r   <ii'   IVuJt,    the   _arss
csutsetl   a   lot   of   trouble   I'or  ilia
Bu-OFalo, man recommends
them lor kidney and
bladder trouble
<:ii'si;oiw,r: "oh, denr, no! I Him- J
lily could a.ail walk u step in wlioes t
Hull   pinch   1iha-  ihtTt."
Shoe -'h't-i.: "I'm sorry, miiiliini. j
but you've tried on (ill our difforenl |
;;:,vh :-,, The,-,i: :.ho!"' :_.v tlie cr.e-. j
ye.ii    were    wearlnl-;    when    j r.n    c:iiii.-I
in "
Gin Pills brimjr you quack a*olacf;
from urinary anal bladder troubles,
Thoy Bootho the kidneys antl b.ad-
tlor and get rid of that burning
senf-ation; the froquenf. desiro to
urinate is overcome.; brick dust deposits disappcaa*. You can again
on joy comfort by day and sou ml
filocji hy night, Thoaananda of people
are relieved of bladder and kidney
troubles ovtuy yoar. i.t_i_,ij wiiai.
George F. Doettorl, Buflfalo, N.Y.,
aaya or (Jin Pi'Ur:
"I ."ni(T-!i*c��l fiotia MmlUiT vrc��il;n-"i?i
m>fl fiv<iu����t. ni'-iiiati.ii.. I hml \.r\en\
uttuT K_<4i--iy aviiuiUic-., l>ut wot no
l-clia'f. Ailvinoal trt take Ciiit IMII��. 1
did -u>. nnd ��ft<si" tattiaiir haill" a 1-ox
not(c<>i] maiuli lnia��n��v.*na��nt, I .'un
lalnc-Mn-Iy rceainnniuntl th��H^ i-illft Ui
���..youi. niiH'ca-iiai* fi'0���� Ulaliary aim I
bltKlilcr  -SorMtau-arm*��nt.'*
Tf yota laave hoaaluchos, backache,
auric acid, pain it) the kidney*, dh:-
Rinefita, fro>f|iienF, urination or mwoI-
Icwi' jointii, Gin Pills will correct,
thorn. r>0a a box at all druggists.
"ilae National Drug ��fe Chemieat
Co. of Curtada, Limited, Toronto,
Cuauulu. i: .
222nd   RhtlaHon Re-Union
Association   to  be   Formed   of  Former
Members of  This   Unit
At    a    'Ko-aauion     l��hana.r     of     Hie,
222nd   Haltiilioii    hold     Ita    AVinnipa-g j
roccntly.   It   w.as   decldt.d   to   I'oraai   rtnj
AsHOfiathiaa   Tor   tho   jvurposp   of   h:i\-
Ing an  annual   LUMinlnn,  and   lca>oplai^|
lornioa*   anonibors     of     ahe     unit     iaa [
touch   vvllli   reach   oilier.   Fiall   para In-';
ulars   or   tlao   asi-oelothin   r-an   he   oh- j
lalated  hy  nonanauiiinaling     with     T.t.-(
Co],  Jas.     I.lghtronl.     oT    Light tool's j
i TranhI'im-   Co.,   Wiaaailpeg,   or   Mr.   .Ins, '
; Humis,   I'.'o   Hydro   Ofllnes,   King   SI,,'
' AVlnnli'f^rr.   It   Is   hopetl   i<-��   na*.ik����   ihis ;
ussoulal.lon a   ra^til    Miaa-a-ss    and     an
1 I'lii-niVr   ineinbi-r   nl'   liie   haitallon   aie'
| iia-god to sa'inl   in  their  iiiiines niul aat-1
1 dri'-sces.
���'No   ne.'il   in   a-iaiTi��r   wlih   .*a��ins,   <ji*
<o  run   ihe  i. dc ol.'  p.iriiag  alta��m.  Ittv
. move   tha-iii     smelly     and      palnl����ssl>
-\\iali   llullaiv. it,\ 's   ��. !��arn   lirnaouM'..
IWany Radio Phone Calla
The l*oslm:<sier-Oeni��rnl annnunr.*al
' ihm in ihe ond nl i\iiir��'li tin* uiiniher
; .11" UiiitMAtlimt l<* radio telephone
������ 4*alls psa-sini': hetwi-en Mni;liiiid and
j Ainer.en was __!ft7 wa-stward and .IH>
' i'il.'lu;na].
Minard's  Liniment  soothes tired  feet.
In IStiS Mae lirsl rogulaady i-duipiieal
go\ eiaaaaient lish linKdmry on this
.���oiitimvut was erertiMl by rlu* Doaaain-
ion ol' Canada al   Nowensl le���  Ontiirlo.
Minard'B     soot laos      sore
ill-oil     ri?er.     Ilatluv���alien
well   with   Minard's.
A-i OKca-.n *t<> i\"vi:n"tous. si-:no
Ioi cur tn'tt UmI of liivrMtila.ti!. wniitfil,
mm.I fr��*-f. n(tvl-,<>'. *ri��<> l!nms.H' (Viiii.
pnny, lutfriiiiUmml fan-nt Altui-iiL*j-'4i, "71
Kunl'  St.,  OttHWH..
mJi tt mm* 1 %mm Hv StM I V IL* ��j> %m0
Sick Hradnche, Sour   Stomach.
Constipation easily avoided and
liver   aroused   without  calomel
Chamberlain's Tablets
h       Never fticken or gripe-��� 25c
Golno    flDlilr.**/-
-tak<.      Mln.-ird'c      Llnl-
t*M_a Mtcw rnrtMOH naEMHtnv. *����.���%
���nu��mmm i.i tertm m r*���^*>i-.i wn_n
yiaii, - m * U~~m m*~�� u ���**+** m* Ho,*
lf��_. I tftf l.l_>��<l��r e_.__.rira.. wtt., �� tor HIAorf J.
(tlaltti 1.1 �������.*��.��.   H..a(-r(.hri.nLaW.kk��ti��-
-0X1,1     "
C��. -t_*-- ��l������M 4-t.W.IX -n��-l->* THE  CRESTOSI  BSTSS'-Sf  BBss.  :STON BEViEW  IsSiied every Friday at Creston, B_C.  Subscription t S2.50a.yea.r sn advance  SS.ttG fco I7.S. aaoints.  p. P.."fi[A-i.B, Editor and Owner,  ORESTON, B.C.. FRIBAY. MAY   fl  ___-r>���������������_.^������. tru������������ s.%.*.   _     *jr*������  -_V ������-t^������AM������������  _s * <__-_,������������  The village commissioners have  just compieted the plan tin*"? out of  about 100 abade trees, oh? Victoria  and Barton A^entles. A ' likely  variety of maple has been used and  every possible eare taken in setting  thein out  to assure   their growth.  All that, can be done by the  council to give at least two of the  village streets that attractive  appearance that regular lines of  shade trees afford has been taken  care of.  The f attire of the trees is entirely  in the hands of the residents of  the town whose first groat eare  should be to instill into the minds  of the younger generation the need  of observing a hands off" "policy -**>���������  all tliwesin   respect of  the  natartlers-  And some useful oo operative  effort of the same sort can be ren  dered by the school te chers aa  well as the instructors in the Sunday schools in reminding the ui_  aud coming genera ion that the  trees can only make the desired  growth when left severely alone.  The usual legal precautions will,  of course, he taken "to secure protection bub this must be supplemented by a general and persistent campaign of educating all and  to   giVe    the    saplings  a  son, I_ee, and  daughter, Mrs. Patinol,  at Yahk ;*. few days hist tveek.  Fred Wayiett, who has oecapsed the  house on the, R. ?B. Statues ranch the  past couple of years, has moved Snfeo  the Boyd -residence. Ted and Ivan  Stspleaare operating the ranch this  year and are quartered in the house.  Afte*> a two weeks1 vacation O.P.R  agent Bundy resumed work on  Monday.      Part of the vacation was spent  putting the station Sower garden in  shape for the growing season.  Erickson heard- with very deep re  gret at the weekend of the death of a  former citizen, Frank Palmer, who  passed away at the Nelson hospital on  Saturday evening, after a week's  illness. From 1917 till about a year  ago dece-ssed had resided here and had  taken an active part en community  life leaving last spring'for the Nelson  district wh^are he was a  farm of Palmer & Johnston  a sawmill at Six Mile. Previous to  coming nere he Was in the Pouce  Coupe country in northern B.C., and  prior to that art Alaska. He was 47  years of age. The funeral took place  on Monday to Kelson cemetery.  off. Morfey Burnett, William Craig,  Gladys ' Davis, R.i.fch Davies* Dorss  JBerguson, Irving Ferguson, Maisie  Ferguson, Irwin Nickel, Joan Greenwood, Frank Herdman, Ernest Ireland., William f Kern aghrnj ^Charles  Kiingensmitlh Thomas Lewis, Gordon  Martin, Helen McOreath, Douglas Mc  Lauchlin, Francis McLauchlin, Bervl  Palmer, Maud Ross, Jack Ross, Jean  Ryckman, Jessie Spratt, Edra Wat  key, WiHiam Weir, I>oa*as Walters  Ruth Spencer,. Eva Philips, Norman  Philips, Robert Willis.  :\  r===M   ^tsmmmm* _������_._.___. _������_#   ������f������f_*______>--_���������������  ��������� ������������% ,-������*-__>��������� iFy   mmrm&m^mT  &~5>&5>\m^5*  Jll^iAL  Hat Foa SaI-E���������Two loads, suitable  for naulching.   W.J.Truscott, Creston.  _ t_,  GAINS EIGHT POUNDS  SINCE TAKING VINOL  "l felt sluggish, drowsy and weak,  partner an the l^- friend **.igH&s.ed Vinol, Now 1 feel  ������������ ^������������^.*rv��������� fine and have gained 8 poamds."���������R.  on,  operating   H  BHi,ev>   The very piB8T week you  *" tal'e Vinol you begin to feel stronger,  ent and sleep, better. , For over 25  years, this simple, strengthening iron  and cod liver Compound has been  helping neivous. rundown women,  tired in en, and pate, sickly children.  Creston ftraag & Book Store.  April Standings  Creston School  _1   v;ai-������uv_v.  Division 1���������H. McLellan, PrsncipaK  Proficiency: Grade S-Jean McCreath  Frank Byrne, Aiieen Spratt. Grade 7  Cleriiatine Marsiiall and Betty Spears  equal. Fsiy Pendry.  Perfeet attendance���������Geprge Willis-  Dora Spratt, John Blince, Madge  Moorre, Aileen Spratt, Frank Crawford. Gwendoline Webster, Let-tie  Coulin'g, Fay Pendry, William Bayle,  Marion Burnett, Bar? Christie, Ste-Ha  Herdmnn, Manaiel Irvlnf-**, Dora Nickel, Clems*tine Marshall.^Betty Speerf,  Harold Benangft_r, Frederick, Alderson,  Arthur Webster.  > JK-J"*.** ������������._,  . rui a__-c->   B-_r _Tka*_a  rM C__.Q/vrY)=kB*.  NOTICE  Under the provisions of Sub*  section 1 of Section 16 of the  Produce Marketing Aot of the  1926 27 (Statutes of the Province  of British Columbia, it is required that all fruit and) vegetable  shippers shall apply for a license  from the Interior Tree Fruit and  Vegetable Committee of -Direo  tion for the period ending 31st  March, 1928, and all shippers  should apply to the Committee  for such license forthwith.  Xjicense fee for car lot shippers  Ten Dollars ($10.00); less than  ear lots. Two [Dollars and Fifty-  Cent- ($2.50), cash to accompany  i&utitM,  nntHia  IP  During the   recent   electric light  plebiscite   much   -was heard   about  exercising  economy.    Village wide  practice of this excellent habit will  he appreciated���������the trees and their  planting   out cost  us all some real  money;    and will  continue   to cost  something if  replacements have to  he made, as mast surely be the case  if the appearance of the street is to  he kept uniforpn.  9    IflMMII  The Fair Needs Help  Grade 6: Proficiency���������Frank Morrow. Improvement���������Mary Maione.  "a^/t^jf-.5q-_p-���������Do?otbe?2. S^tHS-cSoaia-ls., __-^oro^=  thy Marsha!!, Marjorae -Learmnntb.  Grade 5: Proficiency���������Cora Biccum.  Improvement���������Frances Moore.f" Writing���������Annie Ii-eland.  Perfect attendance���������Cora Biccum.  Herbert Couling, Tom Crawford,  Herbert Dodd, Minnie Downes, Jean  Fisher Annie Ireland, Edith ������_ewis,  Frances Lewis, Dorothea Macdonald,  Mary Maione, Doi-othy Marshall, Andrew Maiaer, Frances Moore, Faank  Morrow, Allan Speers. Roland Miller.  I_eRoy Johnson, Elba Willis, Jean  Henderson.  IB.  HPUM lUft  ntMDLI-tTO^  A. a.nnun,  Penticton,B.C. Vernon,B.G_  For the Committee.  EVER since  ed into the  been "wondering,  era! Motors build  the Pontiac Six fiash-  -oaarket, folks have  *sWhen wiii Gen-  a sport roadster  on the Pontiac Six chassis ?    How scon  -will Pontiac Six power, speed, beauty and  endurance be offered in a dashing-, low-  swung two to four passenger type?"  Now   .   .  ���������.   here it isS     As lithe as a  athoro-ughbred, as happy as a lark, as smart  as a debutante just back from Paris.  Lucerne Blue is the "prevailing color ������������������  Lucerne Blue -Diico brightened hy striping  in Faerie Red.    And just as far from the  commonplace is everything else about the  car������������������grey shark grain leather upholstery,  nickel-plated windshield side arms, a completely removable top of double texture  . g^ey-:���������and a swanky, faring rear deck with  a snadous dlsaopearm*"* r-imble seat ?  You never saw a sport roadster quite Eke this-���������  at  infitnfifp,.  trnmrf*.   ag   a|g������f_>.  eye. And it tfiere's youth in your blood-���������or  youth in years���������you'll be wanting it some day  soon���������because it's a splendid quality car, through  PF-2520  ana tnrou^a.  PRODUCT CF  43ENERAL MOTOIIS 0F CANADA, I.IMITEO  The usual secretarial drive via the  correspondence route has just been  laaissched io ee.ure vsrhatevor outside capital there is going to help  finance Crestoia's fall fair.  Of late years revesH-.es   fn������m this  source   have   been on    the decline  and it 5s now   apparent   that if the  local exhibition is to kept up to the  .tandsrdg to other years there moat  be   nacre generous sv.pport locally.  Most everyone oan at least afford  the customary one   dollar member  ship, and there are also   more than  a few sufficiently interested  in the  exhibition to put up special prizes  who have   heen   holding   hack due  the fact that no special invitation  has  been   given   them to ussist in  this way.  Iu addition to being generous  these would be donors may have  their own individual ideas as to  how the money can he spent to get  the best all round results, nnd the  directorate wish it to be every  where and at all times understood  that local donations of this sort are  especially welcomed and none will  UefiUxj ^luiall or too J_-_*g;e to reokevti  attention.  j\11 seem to bo agreed that the  Almightly helps those who help  themselves. Unless there w a  wholehearted application of this  principle hy this community bo-  ward the annual exhibition none*  >at>mJ be eurpriued if the fair has  to he abandoned altogether.  PROVINCIAL ELECTION'S AGT  Creston Electoral District  Alf. Boffey loft. _������t ih������" end of tho  w*_"*-I*. ">>��������������� A-.i.iiv.-aJlu whs.io lac wEH ho  haHperon  a  nnrvey erew Ohi������������. Moore  ht-M nt work there.  Mi'H. V. He He vvum ii y lull, or with her  Division 3���������Mass Wade, Teacher.  Gi ade 5: Proficiency���������Sarah Quinn,  John Ganuache, Arthur Nichols. Improvement���������John Guam ache. Grade 4:  Proficiency���������Molly Moore. Clifford  York, Harry Johnson. Improvement  ���������Lucille Davis.  Th-.8e registering perfect attendnnce  ���������Haibert Beninger, Robert Dickson,  Jim Downes, Sydney Fisher, Helen  Hop wood. Jack Johnston, Hesper  Lewis, Noima Marshia.ll, Molly Moore,  Bert Morrow, George Maarrell, Phyllis  Macdonald, Hurold McLaren, Arthur  Nichols, Nellie Pnyne, Jane Ross  Doaap-lns Spier*, Daisy Trevelyan,  Clifford York, Jay Bliss, John Giaan-  aohe Harry Johnson.  Division 4���������Miss Holmes, Teochor.  Grade 3 Senior: Proficiency���������Margaret Burnett. Improvement.���������Hugh-  eaia McCreath.. Wrltinpr improvement  ���������Doris Bayle. Gritde S Junior: Proficiency���������Jean McLnnchliin. Improvement���������George Dodd. . Writing Improvement���������Everett Walker.  Those regieatering perfect attendance  ���������Douglas Alderson, Doris Baylp,  Raymond Bevan, Maargaret Ba.mntt,  Dorothy Coll It. George Dodd, Clarence  Embrcp, William Ferj_"������aon, Ttnth  Hare, Margaret Henderson, Stuart  Hilton, Emmet Johnson, Aileen JCHn-  RenBaiilth, Hughenaa McOrenth. Lloyd  MeLiaren, Jeitw MeT������i������nehlan, Norman  Twickel, Camilla Romano. Stuart  Spiers, IJIennor Spratt, Charles Taylor.  Division 5���������Miss Hardy, Teacher.  Grade 1 Junior: Proflolonoy���������Doris  Walters, Mary Roan, Prank Herdman.  Writing���������Doals Walters. Improve-  i.toitt���������Evu Philips. Grade 1 Senior���������  Proficiency���������Doris Beningor, Elena  AndroHoff, Malse l'*ergUHon, Writing  ���������Gordon Martin. Improvement���������  Norman Philips. Grade 2 Junior:  Proficiency���������Doris Ferguson, Dorlw  Henrtv. Ruth Davis. Writing���������Kdith  Walkey. Iniprovenaeiat���������Taaan LuwIh.  Griiilo 2 Senlort Proflolonoy���������Ruth  Spencer, Irving I'W$"hoii, Gladys Da-  vlen. Writing���������Dnugliiw McLnuchlan,  Xmpvovomont���������Kd������wln Pendry.  Per-ft^t atti-ntlance���������Kienn   Aii.1i*om-  NOTICB is hereby given that I shall, on Mem  day, the 16th day of May, 1927, at the hour of 10  o'clock in the forenoon, at the Courthouse,  Creston, hold a'sllti-ier of the Court of Revision  for the puriH.se of revising: the list of voters for  tho said electoral district, and of hearing: and  determining any and all objections to the retention of any name on the said Hist, or to the  registration as ������. voter of any applicant tor  registration: and for the other purposes set  forth in the Provincial Elections" Act.  Dated at Ca-oston. B.C., this lalth day of April,  1927" C. F. HAYES.  _Etc*j*ii-t*rt-r of Voters,  Creston Electoral District.  HANSON GARAGE  Cranbrook,   b-c.  trsi  i  n  lOWPRiCES  Printed Butter Wraps  at  a aa-Ss   _a"%**SVS*--_?wr  Stand  for   QUALITY and  FIT  combined  with good WEARING QUALITIES  Silk and liisle, all colors       .75  Silk,and Artsilk, 4-ply heel and toe       .95  Fine Silk, all colors     1.50  Gi    I    I    BV ��������� g/r m WHm W%mW  iris Hose in Kewpie Fine Kib  Sizets 4 to ������J*, prices 35c. up  Boys' Peter Pan, for hard wear, all sizes  Watson's Underwear for Women  Ladies' Vests, V neck and open styles, ail sizes 30, 40, 50, 60, 75c  Extra out sizes in Vests and Combinations.  fj^ mm^ Ij***** ^pl. *@mff*^ g^g        iajS B!!!f hjhwI Bk iml nFH-H    Wss _^^(^b  mW%>B_ *k% B tt,J_IB������     1W1i|Qb^'1j_J-_^1^| 1 p9���������ISLl.     mSJSwJS  Sggyggt*    mWt    'IH* >-H_W-NIMl   "ymgUge^       msm        ^-mmv&m*    **.     *m m*.   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Truck^i Starter-^-  :|f_R.ii6kBtell Pasa. ?���������  4:Raackatell Triick���������  ifky>_0_r_.    --������.*������  - ?iO50  ,- 582.00  .- 680.00  .-. teaoo  :: 836 00  ~ 489.00  SAC. 4\S\  -.649.00  -515.00  ~ S85.00  v. 70.00  ~ 100.00  SeticiMonev  use tlie Money Orders  sold at all braiackes of this  Bank*    '  j.jj-fE?y   _-__;������_���������;  B4-U."cy ta_^UL-ci-Lp Ofiu  cors.ven������ent* aad are  readily casked In all parts  of the world.  s^is? ---x>_r_a:  A ^ADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  Paid Up $2OsOQOeOO0  Reserve Wtxad $20,000*000  The Women's Institute are having  their animal bulb show in Trinity  Church basement Saturday afternoon,  5_h_' *7t,h* with afternoon ten, asd ss&le  of home soaking sand __o*avers.  Mrs. W. S. Watson was very .acceptably help celebrate her seventy-seventh  birthday on Snturday, when a company of .ladies front Christ Churcb  congregation dropped in unexpectedly  for ji few hours of oldtaroe sociability  and to present, her with a china tea  service and all'; the other birthday  good wishes.  Trinity Chureh Dramatic. Club who  SCO!?ed sn< ha success a vear ago in the  cofmedy,,,**������9afetyFirst,'* why this year  present the brei&y laugh {setter, "Tbe  Arrival  of Kitty," at the Grand next j  Thursday night, May  I2tb,  with the j  cuytkip   at- 8.   -Reserve settts  as*������ *75r,  |  and the plan is at the drugstore*  General admission 50 and 2oc.  The   ladies? pf.  the    L..O.B. A.    hail  only o fairf burn out at thtiir afternoon abridge - on Thaarsday, at which  the prize' winners werae Ma-s:~Beninger  and Mrs. H. J. Long, with Mrs. J at*.  Goofc CHvr-yizipi o_f. the low score honors. Everyone was taken with the  comfortable qiiartears the lc������dgef?-.;have  fitted ������p over the Mercantile store,  and the refreshments were very mraHh  eatiijoyed.  23 candidates received the rite of  .confirmation at the service at the  Holy Cross Church at the 9.30 traass on  Saturday morning at which Bishop  K.dd"*of Calgary, Alberta, officiated,  assisted by Father Oiallanan, and Will  Manuel and Prank Byrne serving at  the altar. His lordship was also celbaa-  aut at a mass at 8.30 Both services  were largely attended. Mrs. H. J. Ir-  vinh avasin cgaa-ge of the rmaasac..  The village tree plain ting campaign  was finished oaaa T?ri lay. 104 maples  have been set nut on Victoria and  Barton Avenues. Tb������ lower end of the  Synui IPiJOlPilll ST PrifH_-.������ I  Ilgis     ars Hraiil    m      m  m _s  Br Iw  m     m jiaa bbi      s  We have -fvatched many sinall business accounts opened m this Bank  gro'w. We could cite instances when  the small business has grown to be  the leading industry in the commun*  fty ih '^^cJli it Is established. The  service of fhe officers of this Bank  may assist your business to become  a leading industry.   3_jl_ 'J    IF* i. ..,-���������,,*..���������. -6_.    Q-KST  Coach��������� ��������� - ��������� ��������� ���������  100S  r'��������� ��������� -r ���������"���������������". . 102S  Sedan��������� ��������� ~~  WH  Landau Sedan������������������ ��������� ���������  11 SI  Roadster Delivery ���������   Includes Bumper, Spare Tire, jylGtormeter.  One-Ton Truck������������������   Ail kinds of  Used  Cars  1  i  Sale  1  ay  _sr*~  IMPEI  C W. ALLAN,  CRESTON BRANCH,  Mqnaijor.  1  ���������_,���������   _____ -Offish,. _���������_*[ *  l%-f*)_9  PREMIER   OARAGE  PALMER   &    MAXWELL  SERVICE ON ANYTHING OPERATED BY GASOLINE  order to keep the stores"-. busy twelve  months in the year other necessary  lines will be c rried. Shares-are selling  at $25 and the association reports a  good demand'for'stock. Local storage  will be anaugiia-ated to assure a steady  supply and if necessary some" who.e  saling will also be done.  f   VmIUI  MEAT MERCHANTS  jTBY OUR  SHAMROCK PORK SAUSAGE  Ah ecotaomiciil dish, easy to serve.  .r   Shamrock Brand HAM, BACON ana LARD  GLENDALE CREAMERY BUTTER  Government graded, highest quality.  FRESH and CURED FISH  nil varieties.  Choicest BEEF, PORK, MUTTON, VEAL, LAMB  a*fIL/_r_:jVo   ir,__/__j./_,___  jf"^L^C/__. _ft��������� Jf Jrr���������J"JlJ  increases egg production and produces better poultry.    Baay tho best.  -_-_r---a-S_-_-------_--^^  DeFore&t A Cro&Ioy  ���������^^^^^^_ _gl^_ _^___^        _gpi      .^_MH___-____. ___M__l___h-_,     _____-_f-__-_tiM-_l ���������___________���������_____!  ____MMM____.  H.MJJf���������F *WEWS  gem, 'm^gMKT m M VmK?S������Tf   sTskV M&A _f������_f_fB  ���������.,",���������   ���������..'",' ,,|, ,,>'..'���������'.������,���������, a,' ,, ,  ,,   ., ���������"   '.I. i.,".,.",T^r:;1"''.'. ���������i..'i'..|,... " ���������V'|.'7i^7^7ri!rinr?jiMj^^i^li?^N^!^?  Installed in Console Cabinet made  hy McLagan.  Cannot Be surpassed by anything in Radio.  Lower prices and can give easy terms,  Will be pleased  to  have you call  in  and near our machine any  evening.    Everything in Radio Batteries.  former thaoroughfare has Rone Bin-  planted until such time as a needed  fili is made from Trinity Church  to Canyon: street. Every care has  been taken in setting them out to  assure their g-'osvtb and if the citisene,  partacularly the yoaangsters. Will give  the trees a chance there is. no reason  why a majority tepf them should not  make a healthy Raiaowth.  Prior to her de'parture to^reside at  Kelowna Mrs. E. B. Staples was|cuest  of honor at an at home tn Trinity  United Church SaaH at whach a very  pleasant tame was spent with music,  contests and dainty supper, at which  she was presented with a, hand puint-  eai fruit bowl from the ladies' aid and  church ahoir as a little show jof appre-  oiation of invaluable sea-vices rendered  both organizations. 'The presentation  was made by Mrs. G. Cartwright, and  was ssiitabiy acknowledged by the  recipient.  Mr. and Mrs. H. 6. Staples and two  sons. Clarence and Allan, left at the  end of the week for Kelowna, where  they wall be making their home for  probably the iaest year, Mv. Staples  having recently taken the position of  prairie sales aaannager of Sales Service,  Limited, an organizatioii of independent sbippei'S with headquarters in that  town. Has new work is of u si mil tar  sorb to that toiken cure or last year for  Nash-Samjmgtrtn and will give him  time'to supervise Creston Growers.  Limited, of which ho is manuginp;  director, and will have Fiank Putnam  as assistant aamnuger at Oreston.  ���������'Comrades of the Way," the young  people's oigianizalion in connection  with the United Church at Canyon  had full charge of the Young People's  Depitrtmi'tit work itfc Trinity Chuach  on Thaarsday night last, at which tho  butfinea-s cotadiact of the Comrades  was exemplified as well aa the Initiation ceremony. a������>d Miinfoid Samuel-  Hon gave a timely talk on the alms  objects of this organization which ts  immensely popular Hb Canyon, enjoying tho regaalur attendance of alraoiib  00 pov cent, of bht? eHj>lble yrtunj;  people there. Ab the close refreah-  meaitu were served, and the evening  ���������was highly appreciated by the Cren-  fcon young people.  The outcoiiao oi the mooting of indte-  pendent growers held threw weeks ago  ab wjiich Alf. Nelson outlined a plan  for operating a chain of t������toa*ca to ucll  tho local oachiu-d product direct io the  ontaaumor. Is ihat un application has  jamb been aent to Victoria for i. charter  for Cre������ton Oo-Operatlvc' t^rult ond  Produce Assoc I lit ion with E.Noaagulcr,  Alf. Nelson, A. Comfort, O. Moore and  O. Nickel nanH'd provisional dlrectoi'r..  Present plana are to operate about  half h <1oiK������n ntna-^H, and tn handle all  fruit, vegetable*-! anrt other produce  I frauaa  a selcct-vd  lot of growers.     Kn  On the job Again  i have opened up a brand new store���������-  The same conditions as before;  For when I quit, I sure was sack.  And had to quit the business quick.  We manufacture a flour today,  Also a bi-eai-fasl food���������  Driven constipation far away-  Tested and proven good.  If you*d prevent the surgeon's knife  From son or daughter;    brother, wife;  Then try this flour, there's   no deceit,  We'll give to you  the tried reeeipey  If you'd add -tea years to yonr days.  And waJk in -wisdom's pleasant ways.  Then buy the goods we have to sell,  They'll keep you hearty,  strong and  well.  You never found us in the lurch���������  Our store is.opposite the church.  Our goods the best,  without a doubt;  Drop in today and try us out.  A dollar saved.as a dollar earned,  A fact that   never should be spurned.  We sell for cash;    no other way;  You'll save right here; try us today.  Royal  Household    Flour  we   cell  for  five-  Just as sure as you're alive.  And for feed wheat we sell the best;  Two-twenty-?ive 1   Well, I'll be blest 1  Por every ninety-eight of flour we aell  We make of this a rule:  To gave a swim and shower bath  In the KSmera-ld swim mine pool,  ���������T. M# EbMONDSON  ORCHARDS-FOR SALE OR BENT  Young orchrird for sale at Creston.  6 acres planted to Mcintosh, Delicious  and Bartlett Pears. Al proposition.  Cash or terms.      C. MOORE, Creston.  Fruit ranch for rent,, near Kuskanook,. on lake, and high way.f, Ssug  Cherries principally. Apply Robt.  Lamont, Creston. or S. Bysouth (Kuskanook) Sirdar P.O.  '   ^ BOAR FOk SERVICE  Berkshire Boar, service $2.50.    A. G������  COX, Vaness Ranch, Alice Siding.  SlfNSPSSSQF  o  gfflliyEZF&AL AGT  FORM _"���������"  Certificate of Improvements  _vor/c__r  Klondike No. 1 Fractional Mineral  Claim, situate in the Nelson Mining  Division of Kootenay District.  Whore located: Noiwr Yinlr, B.O.; adjoininp;  tlao Yftiikoo tilrl.  TAKE NOTIOB that I. A. H. Grooai, acting  a������ agent for William Thoanaa MoDowoll, oc  Ymir. B.O., Troav Miaaor'a Cortiflcato Na 002-flo,  Intend, sixty clays from tlao date hereof, to  apply to tho Minlnjg; Ilooordor for a Cortiflcato  of Improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining  a Orown. Grant of tho above claim.  And further tn-ko notice that notion, under  Section 85. must ho ooanmonccxl before tho Inaai-  anoo of such Cortiflcato of Improvements.  Dated thia Oth day of Auguet. ipaa _.���������,���������,���������  A.!_. ORKICN.  MINERAL ACT  FORM F  Certificate of Improvements  -vor/O-sr  Midnight Fractional Mineral Claim,  eituate in the Nelson Mining Division  of Kootenay District.  Whorolocntod: On Shoop Crook, adjoining tho  Queen *Mlno Group.  TAKK NOTIOHJ that I. A, H. Green, iwtliia an  OKent for Mlehaul ���������Miirphy, of KahIo. H.O., I^indo  MlncrN  Oorl.lflaato  No,   tH7(llc. Itateaial,  talxty  ... ^ . ...  ilftyii froi  Mining: ii  inutitH for  the i  Grant of the abu  to  tho  miartivo-  rown  m tho dnto  horoof. to> apply  loooaxlor for aCertialoalm of Iinia  purpotae of obtatninar a 0:  jvo olalnn.  .. maiaimr Utkai mol-loo i.iuii, luitiori. miiiivt-   Jon Hfi, nautit Un coiiiikiqiiccmI uoforo the ttmu-  lux*-- t>f fauolt Co. J.UlaviJ^i of tmpr������vo*m(vnUi.  Dat^d thin lHtdny-ot' Fehitmry, it������7.  A. II. UK1CICN.  aim*  Sootk  LilNfiACFAMENIlMENTS  Vao_u--_������ unreserved, _iurv������y*_-J  Crown lands aaaajr b. pre-e-apted by  British subjeots over 18 yea_t_ryof mgm,  aaa by aUssss on _lscl������s*iss_r inteatlora  to become Britlsti. sublaotffl. oon_U.-  tioBjavl upon residence,' occupation,  and Improvement for arBrtoultuaml  purposes.  Full -nfernuttlon conceraioer regn-  latlons reg-ardlntr' pro-amptlons la  rgriven in Bulletin No. 1, I_&nd Series,  "How to Pro-onapt IjbsiCL." copies ���������*  which can be obtained tree ot cbarsa  by addresolntrr tha "Oepaxtment of  Lands, Vlctorrtsw B.<3��������� or tc������ aaay Goy-  ernmont Aarent. r  Records will be gtrantod cov������rtis������  only land suitable for f_^rTlc_d-ajaar->J  purposes, and whioh la not tlmbo"5-  land, l.o., carryiraff ov������r 6,000 boasa  foot por aor������ vroatot t*h^ Coast R&ttiie  and 8,000 foot per ttcro ������atst of that  Hanse.  Applications for ps^-emptlota������ cure  ro bo addrogfi-dd to "the B-ond Co**n-  mlasloner of tho I_a_nd Reoordlnra; ul-  ���������/lalon. In which th������ land aa.ppl.ed for  la _aituated. and aro anadik on nrtnted  forms, copies of whioh roan be obtained from the __euad Commissioner.  Pre-emptions must be oooupled for  five years -and lmprove_n.ontfl mada  to value of |10 per acre, Inoludlnc  clearing and cultlvatlaar At least hve  acres, beforo a Crowaa Oarant oan bs  received.  Vox mors detailed info-rmatlon sos  the Bulletin "How to Pre-empt  Laiad."  ���������       PURCHASE #  Applications are received for purchase of vacant un& unreserved  Crown lands, not being- tlmberland,  for agricultural purposes; minimum  prloe of flrst-olaes (arable) land Is $0  per aero, and occond-clasa ierazing'i  land *860 per aero. Further Information roBardlner purohaso or lesss  of Crown lands Is idven In Bulletin  No. 10, I_and Seiioo, "Puroharune and  Xieaae of Crown l-nande."  Mill, factory, or industrial. sites on  timber land, not exceeding 40 -teres,  may be purchased or leased, tho conditions Including payment ol  atumpage.  HOMESITE   LEAQEB  Unsurvoyed ai-oas, not e-covedins &i  acres, may be  leasod as  homeBltes*,  'conditional   upon   a  dwelling:   belnj.  .orootod In the first year, title belnj  obtainable  after  rssldonce  and  lm~  fprovement  conditions   aro    afulfllled  ;>and land has been surveyed.  LBASE&  For arraslnsr and Industrial purposes areas not eatceedlnir 640 aor������������  xuuy l/o l&um<$>iii hy ono p^raon o_* it  company,  GRAZING  Under the aroalnr Aot the Prov*  lnoe Is divids* into grauilnr district*  and the r&neo admlnloterod under a  daraelnff % Commlsalonor. Annual  _rrailn_r pernaalts are laasaaad based on  numbers am������>*r*d, priority belns; frtven  to eefabllsltsa owner*, atock-owiver*  may form   assoslatlons    for    ranee  m^Uw-w.>i������im     ZTji'wh*,  u������   |KWbi'.!������-_ly   ik������^  permits  ere a*vr*_l*-*_5bl������   Soi*    settlers.  ssjcniaesm  and   trftV_.lt*-n_,   u.������   m   imm  ftKSCH!.. '������������������X *������  THE   BlSVtE^ "\ iPBESTOK,    B.   ���������.  Gtown in the best gardens ixii  Orient.   ;  iBiended fey men trained in the  world's greatest tea market  Husbands Desert Wives  ere a. ��������� jr.  Cases by These Oeseriions  Tlao   MonLa-eal   Stair   says .editorial-  ly:    ''Pitable  'suaTei-3UK   is   caused   by  | the  IrtiKedy  o!" '���������'. fliu.sbnnds  their wives and  chahlreai.  desorrfttiK  Then-- lias  j Kaon a maiiced increase ol' this crtiea  \  "isfi.oocltea  iao-n  Packed in the  best  packet yet  found for tea���������Aluminum*  eonduet for ^some years parft. Staiis>-  lies ecxn piled fr<*.na oourt rpcoa-ily. Hi  our own city, t'leraouytrato tlae soa  rowi'itl fact that, fully 23 par v.ottl. ot  Iho ehildron placed Lit .hiatiuations ot  nil kind.", ami who are pnu:U<*;ilty  supi>orU>d on. charity, aro "iatrto  cents" vrho have been doserlod b)  til oil- fathers. Atari, t la ink of ii. iaa  2'1 per ceaat. of those, dofcertaoai <-saso*y  tin-"' nun her  was 'loft     ill.     Here   ' vco  SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON  ������������������ May'i      PETER'S  DENIAL.    AMD  ANCE  ruii-et-NT-  CeOl'dcii'Text: Let ���������hian that- ihhilcoth  lie stjiiidetli, Hike -heed lest lie fall.���������  I  Cor. 1Q.12.  lesson:? Mark .11.5.3: 51,. C<!-71:  Laiko 22.61 ���������  K2.  Devotional 'itoadins:   Psalm  5t.l-fh  aO~ "F~ Tl.-  -      -   - - -     -   - -j_    xtikM  JB.   V^  AT���������^L ?  Xll/llll.  Tlae  development   of   Cun.ua  is  entering,   in   fact   h;\.s   already   entered  a  n-;-V'-  phase  and   ono   which    hold.-    promise,   ot    i.*,*.I*_.iiv*-V   enormously    to   th������  populatioai,,..-wealth,   uml   oeoiaotn"*     strength    ol"    tin*    '1'caruiaiiota.    In    all     tho  provinces,   -\viih   tho   a-iN (.-option.   o>    the   Maritimes,   the   attention   of   movent  atit'Uis tmd   people  ai-e   iuvrad  _icriU-\vaa*ds.  The history of Canadian growth during the iir>t hall ct uttU'y of 1'on-  tederation records development upoi������ oast.' and <sve*t lours, hej'iimiu'.;' wkli. the  a<-<yui.>ition. by the new t\-born lK<minLori of tlie Hudson's Bay t'o. laud.--- ot  ihe -west and the building; of tne Canadian I'acitic Unitway; then eaaiu*. the  construction of thi> Canadian Northern: aaad uatnUr> the projection of the  National Transeontiiu,!;*:Hl and Cuuui Truak Pacific acrons the continent.  Practically  all  irafiu- moved  t:>..-i   ami   west,  and in   ILece   v.-et4.em provitice-:-  \sa-;   iT*. uaieiatlv  necessary  in ortU>i  have   brutiil   cruelty   on   ahe   part   of  haa.sbaud   and  father."  A VERY RELIABLE j  HOME TREATMENT!  now   weak:,   Kun-JJown   Jfeopie  Gaai Obtain Relief  BuiMs Extra Miks  a  comparaai** ely  ^.'aort disuince  apart   on  a  jtau'th ���������  a Jong roundabout jomue;-  one place to uaiothet- or.l\  and  souilt line.  -\.s a  resaali  of tl-.U- taaly  and  tjuite una urn I  pt*oKf;iinui-:������ of  dovolovmcnt,  (';<nacla beoauie as ia i-otnan-y. so fnr as  setEletnent and trade was conii������i-aieu,  a   narrow*- siriia  .sta'ta^air.!.*; all The  v.ay  from  the  Ackiaatie  to  tho  Baciaie,  "but.  '���������onsi&tins of fev>*er people- than :u-e ao be foutid in 'H'uropea.n countries which  in   are;-,   are   smaller  Cu-.ui   Canadian   provinces.     Canada,   liad   length   "but   it  lacked  depda,   a   condition   which   iv.aale    for   ^Teaikness    as   a    national    <anit.  beoause o"?  the  icreat   distances  se[Uirar.in.^- aim  peoplu  ami   Ieadiaag  to  a-   too  sreat diversity of interests, a la el* of knowledge of tha- needs anal problems of j  the different sc'ctious.- MarlCnues. Ontaa-io and Qaiebe'% the Prairie West, ihe ;  'I'ltcific slope,���������a resuratu s- :-:io;a;(l rather than a national view-point. Always :  a here exisieal the pos-dbiliry cl This than fbi-oad sn.-appuiK ai, s-ome lioint. i  at is, therefore, a laaariei* of aaational saaif ������:ie.:ion that Cauada is now oia j  tha- tliVeshold of its secoaad *.*rt-a? developaiaent.���������-a ileveiot>m.eut norlliwai-ds |  which will t;ive the Dominion what ir has hitherto kicked, depth as Ave-11 as  length. Front all quarax-rs. ten*, eriauieutal, finaucial. nianufact'-iiring-, coures the .  confident -oreiUeiioa. thai, the i.ext two or tha-ee decades will witness a. eoan- '  oleto tra.iisforanaria>n in this respecr. aaul haa-dly a "week misses, tlaat -some:  iaew  enl.erprisa-  involviat;  nerthern  development ia not reportod. s  Derelojj,:aaent.  wairics. i!iiance<l  hy   C'aiiaidiaii.   '.I-hitish    nsd    I'niied    Stuios  capital  and   involvini*-  an   In\ estiaaeait  of  close   aipoaa   one  billion  dollars,   are;  under way in Quebec which will  i*e.siilt  an ahe eHrablishmenu  of great  indtis-  ta-a'al jilaaits, the empioynu-nv oi tens of thousands oL" auen. the c-i'ealion of new !  cities and towrns.  und aaa  onoranoias expan.sioaa in the  trade   of  i.lio Dniiiinioia. \  These aa'e practically ;tll io the north of present sutiled areas. ���������  Iaa Ontario, the L'ro\ \u< iai C;ov<'rnaaieaal. lias deeiiled to push cons'..riu-tiorv i  of their railway t.hnaan-'h io .lanaes Uay, Avhile. throtmharut both old suid :������������ew i  naaniaag areas of Northern Ontario tinpiecedeiited activiay in prospecting atu'. '  aleveloptnent is in  pres/i-efs.  Manitoba, has awaka-ued taj Hie iiotenaialitit-s ol' ais vast norther-n. Terrl-  toa-y and, as in Ontavio anal (.aaoboe, rlio eyes aaad energies of the -people are  boiuK foiaaiSKcd oia auinaMal anal wtater-power development the.a-e witla uH tlia.t  i.liis amt.st. mean in imiustrial expansion. Tlae Inasiness uaeaa of Winnapes  a-ealize they can no Ion ire v depend for laifine growth ni>oai being simply a.  "wholesalo aaad  disi lilnting   ceiiire   for   the west.  The ago-old demand ail" ih'; Prairie "West loa- an outlet on Hudson lla> is  aa last btdng met by iij.;--*::'a.'.sr!ivo aci.laan arid tlie last, sectwua to ha- built will,  heforo nan ii y naoaiths, he eotnphaloal. The lulo.sj aliscovauies iaa t.'e.ie?ac������' aaid ill'  \ eiation niv being employed l.o oxpodifo Hits AvorU. Airphines have for wet>K'.s  lw'(<ii c-iirrj ing aiieta ainl E-upplie*s (.roan i In - end o[ siajol io Claurchill. olii.-r  nh-platios will paia'ot the T.l'iadson Sr.milH, ali'lila.nes airt> being oauiiloyed iu  survey worl< in noi'i.laeiii I'a.'l-ai.ehewan. in* well as in northern Oniurio, lin-  jiaart.-iiat branch lines ol railway sivo to be baaill in aaor.,hofn 8Mska.t<*liewan to  <'i>nuecl existing rallwais with the v������>rul ������o the IStiy. while the Saskalehewnn  t.Joa emauent has appointed a coniiaiissioja to i mi Ice. oxpari inuuiry into' (he  wlude siihjead of i>owi>i' de\ e'.opaiaanal within tlae I'rovaaaeo.  Alberaa has push>(l rjiihvays well inlaa the north of thai. I'lovlnc'. anil II  is now known there exi.--.rs at A^-eali.li of oil. auincr.-vl und other t'osoiareaiK ::n  rhoso aiortheru streiehes, as well as vast fi*acis of ferih(> lands saa'tahle lor  ttgrii-ultiu-e. Invsligatioii Is taow ta> he niiiale of the most Kitiasthh' route lor ;���������  milwaay I'rnni atortheru .Mheria through Itfitish Colliliibia lav the I'.icille, <'oast.  ���������'��������� ��������� ���������   .'. , '���������.; '   :..*."���������:���������..'.". '. ':��������������������������������������������� r..-.'j,r':���������������������������-������������������ ���������'"   ������������������... -jl1.-!.:1 .������������������- ;. > ':.'���������:."���������. '  ���������.,",_i:"1 !"������������������,���������������������������.","���������-v raasgr  explanations   and   Comments  1. ���������Iu the ��������� Palace of the High /Priest,  Murk ,14.5a, 5-l:-"Thiv rlni.e is stt'r.o;*  the. betrayal and m-rest In the. Uiw-  dtm of Oefhseanane. "''Jfvvo'"' painful  scenes are being enacted an the  palace of tlae high priest. Above; in  the Assembly Hall, stands .Testis before tlae Sanheilrin. <ehief prlests aaid  elders nnd " scaiboH), tlid Judge or  the World" Is being judged by? men  obsessed by Jiutraikl, bent on delivering him up- to death.  Below   an   tbe. courtj'ard  sits  Petei*.  tie  hail   followyed Jesus siffir  off, and  had "cutcarstd   "eveit   within,   into   the  court of  the  high  priest," Mark tells  us.     The    oxiiajsisioa    is    redundant,  ��������� iiaid     *-������uggests     tlae     idea     of f one  ' stealtltily   feading  hts  way.   into    tbe  d������>auf  of   the    palace,,   venLaaving    far  , tho.i*  ant!     farfclaer    in,    staid' '��������� gaiining  Among   the   maaiy   remedies  offered" cbtiraga-   with   eac.h   stop/'  lair   tlit-   .ttaainUtiuance   or   rosuHiition t     Thai conrtvaral  was  the inner quad-  of  healtla  and  streirgth,  there is none >;i,ugU\ around   which Iho palace  was  can     compare     with     Dr.     Williams"; built.     With   the     oilicers    '(doubtless  Pink    falls.     Mt>st   ailments   are.   due ; the anilatarv guard who had delivered  taa   poor,   thin    blood.       Da*.    Williams"' up   their   Prlfouer   ond   were 'waiting  i'iuit   1-iLis  naive   a.   specific   aetiou  on ; for ���������   further      oa*ders>,     fl'etei'      was j  the   blood,   making   it   rich,   red   and! waawiaa^   himself*, by the   lire   which'  pure.     Uhrotigb  this richer blood   tbo:Sibwed   in   an  <>i>en   elaaa-coal   brazier. {  tissues     of     the     body     are     better | ln  tiie  spring the nights sire  cold: at "  laourat-hod.   and   the   functions   of   the, Jea-tuadein   and   a  lire  is   welcome."  taa  travel  trom ; b<nty     bettor      perloraaaeal.      Anaeiuic ,  stiffau-ers,   weu-k.   languid   and   nervous '  . people  speedily   find   now   health   and '  i strength   through   tlie     use     of     this j  ; meilicuae.     This   was   the   experience j  -lot'  Mi*s.   .John    Armour,    !<outh   Mono!  ghan. taut., who. says:-   "l aan one of.;  '��������� tha>.  many    thousaatds    avLio   have    re-'.  , gained  health   throtigb   the fts.e of i'>r. !  ' Willia.aus* .t'ank Fills, and   I take this j  : opportunity  of     ssiyiug    a    word    in j  : vraise:  o I:  this  KpleattUd anodicine-.   He-i  I fore  beginuing the   use of this modi-i  ! cmii I  AA^a.s Tiale  and badly run dovvn..j  ; f   found   it   <lillicult  to   do   any   luni.se j  i Arork   and   was   fired   fund   breathless* !  j at:, the h.-ast exertion. "L had tried sov-1  j era I   medicines    without   benefit,    and!  I Sinai ly   decide   to    ta*y    ]>a\    Willianis";  ': Piul������  Pills.   Soon   E  began   to  lead   bor- !  tor, sleep better, smd cat better,  and \  found   niy   weig'lit    increa-sing.    In-    :i \  \ word E felt lake si new person, f have ���������  since     recommended     the     pills      to!  others   Avho    Iisia-o   taken    theua    with !  e.quatlA-  gotid   ra^sults." I  Try l>r. Williams." I'ink Pills foa- ,  anat-iiiia, rheuaiiatisLU. iieursilgin, nor-1  Aoia-ssiesp.   '.falce   them   as   a   tonic   if j  v on are  not-     in     the     best    uh.vsicjiti   condition   sind   tultirate   si   resistance'; ~      "" j  that   will   keep   you   Avell   and   strong. |      The .iaidicatiaaaas   of   worm   are   rest- j  Get  sa   box   from     the     nearest     drug i lossne.ss.   grinding  of the   teeth,   pieu.- j  store  aud  begin   thi"-.  treatment   au>Av. i Lug of the nose, extremei peevishness, '  Tiro   lulls   aire,  sold   by   all  rnedlciaie ! o-ften   eoaivnlsious.   Tinder   these   con-,  desilers or Avail be sent b.v mail at 50c ; ditioias  one    of    tin?    best    remedies  is  apprehensive     at     **. "]  . i  disciple    of    his !  ���������    -      1  the      brnzaea*V  his   too   fsiuail  "Sullen,   and  word,.-'.'.  Peter,   tlae    bold  L.ord,  Ca'ouches       above  slender   flame,  .Flinching   to    hear  ? iar name,  Dandied.   with   <Jhri?������L's,   defiant   to  deny,  - fliCst   one   should ficicelv  Svbisper."  'Crucify I'  Tlae   tongue,   abrupt   to  ceaasure  or  confess.  -Is  stitled   by   occasions  liarsla   di.s-  1ross;  "T*.HE. Flrestorae iproc-eas  *v of Cium-Dippiang is  one of the mo&t important  of the many Firestone  contarib-ttions td -more  econoax-ical highway transportation.  By thi* proceea, every fiber  of every cord is thoroughly  saturated And inmlated with  rubber, ^min.mlzing frictisss.  and heat so destructive to tars  life.  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' j .       . ,  AVhite     yet     the ,-tears    upon   liis.! "V ?;>u". x\orU**,  eheelis avc're  Met.  From  Tfer.hanj- - and     Riiua     <"-eth  se.iiiane."     -���������     Klwood     Lindsay  Jlains.  Firestone Builds the Only Gum-I_������i5>pe������_: Tires  Jasper National Park  .laasper national park in Alberta,  ���������with an area of 1,400 sqaiare miles,  is one of the largest '"playgrouaads"'  A part of? this rosea-c������?  to the north of the central- section is  still unexplored, baat the park is he-  iaig rjqaidly opeiteal up hy the con  srriaefiion   of  trails   aaad   highways. "  a   box  hy   wiitius"  The   l.*������r.  "WilViaaus"  Medic-ino   t'aa.,   I'.roelcvilliN   Ont.  The Swiss Industries Fair. the  oriKiai ol" which dates baek lo the  naidalle A,i;es, v.i.ll be held at liasel  Haas year, April 2 to J.*.*,  ill at can   hi:-  j<ot    is    Miller's    Worm  i i'owders.       Tlaey     will     attack      the  I worms   as   soma   as   jul.uiij:istered   and  i thoy  pass  away in   ihe    evacuations. ���������  i The  little sui'ferea'  wilL he  imiue.dUite-j  ; ly eased  aud  a retiarai   of the attack j  ! Avill   aiot   ha> likely. i  \      Strangled   with   Asthma  is   the only .  i e.vpt'a>.-*.sioaa thait. seetais to convey :  what is eaulured from au nftiac:l< <>r j  flits   frotablo,     Tlae   relie.f  fa-ona   I>r;   .1, !  ! !������.   Kdlloss's   A^thiua   lloiuedy  is   be- !  1 yond .measure. Where, all was sul'a'���������  ferine   there ooiiush  ciotaai'ort   aaid  runt. \  ; itreachuiK  beeonn-H ������������������ noi'iuai    and    Liu.-,  'bronchial,   tubes    ue-mpletoty    cleared.  ! Tliis   iiiierpaalled'    reuiody     Is     worth j  . iiumi.s   1.lai'ies   ils   pt'lue   Id  all  who   use ;  '- !'������������������ !  I'lii'iiilivi.'   iJiissaans   iiJaee  a   cerl.ill���������:  i <aie ol" character In. the liunals of deaai j  i persons,   to   he   jUven    li>   SaliaT    I'elci:  ' al   a ln>  R'aia's of  Heaven.  Af Iho Klortous feast of knowlodfje  some pebple^nover get any further  than   alie  soiap.   .  ("ritl stttaleiats at Willia.au aand Atary  <lollege who do liot make eighty 3n  their studies ���������may not have "dates"  jiiul   oilier, social privileges.  Spring Time is  CELERY KING Time  Brew a cup of this line old vegetable tonic.  Lt is all the spring anedicinc you need.  It dtives. oiat winter's-'poisons, improves  the appetite and makes you feel better  right away. CELERY KING is good for-;  the whole family.   At druggists, 30c & 60c.  VERY HARD  URGE PIMPLES  Spread Over Face and  Hands. Cuticura Heals.  "My tiouble bepan with a few  pimples on nay face and haiadti and  soon * pa-fad all nvw theraa. The  pimpl^fa *wrrr vrry hard, lara^r1. and  aral, nnd festered and scaled ovei.  They iacbed and baanaed bo that I  KcruLchcd them, which cuuucd erup-  tlMi.'.i. My facr *.v.'e; di'.e.'ifjurrd, and  I could not put my handu in waler  ������������������nd cfjuld hwrdly ilu aaiy work.  "A friend udviik-d aiac tu try Cuti-  aaura Jioap and Ointment so I pair-  ehaHrd tiome, uiad in about two  moanh'i I wait- cuinpletnly healed.*'  ��������� Hi*;urjacJ I Minn je-nnir- Duchurme,  481 Giruux St.. Norwood, Man.  CaiUeaiiu Sua!*, Olmnieiat and  Tali-aim tat/ all yen aieeal for every-  ij.l'/   11 ������>.������.!   rfi.li   4illi..������.J.V    (I... puuit. m,  .'l������\<ipt������   V!������nh   )'t������* fl  U.i\      Kililr...  C.iimitlun  *i������j,������-     "lUt������.*������   la.. W*������)r������������.i"   i-f,r������, ('������*������-.  <:.ill< nrfc SIi������������im������  Mlir.U  25c.  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Recoonition For the Most Oute.-.naid-  ing Book of the Year  A <;oiit'e..leiM< Ion I'rl/e for Litem  liure, to he aiwunled aimtiallv to the  'pUiiihoi* of thi1 nuiHl outsiniMliim  j Ciiaiitdlaii IhioU of ihe > i;; 11, h.i- h<t(>n  j f,HKKf'Hl.a*il hy tin- Caaaadlan .Viitlaorrt*  i Ai'soeiat ioaa in (!iiniao<'.t.|oia villa l.lo*  j r-iilehrai ion of ���������Cnaci.ila'.-', HiMiofh  j bin halay,  I The N'aiioia;a| JO\-a>eutive ol tin-  j An thorn' AHHoeial.Lon hy a huaiilmoii������  j \o<e    has     aiaenian lall/.a'd      Ihe      'Pi-Lane  .VUili.-d'.'i ,   HIIKKcwtiiiiK   <h������-   ^->t'i(i^ ii.siU������'  ivl'  .Ttiblli'o I'-aiiid to endow in iierpenill.y  ��������� i-meli :m iiiiiaaaii.1 prize for I lie oiicoili''  , :ii',������-aau'iit   of  t-annditin   Iheralnre.  - Kill   wai'tD   with    Minard's   Liniment,  is no niuiaie.-.i,hni.oi>h' healer. It  aaeeds na> lt*Hfiin<iiitstl other limit the  in*,������\ aaia'd aha' ivI.H naal.irfl'y imyoue' ns  lo  ilu   ett'eartlvanieriH,  M(ii'<<   niiaieral  |)in'l;.ni:e    have  the    I'orllaiaid  p.Tl  dlsli'in.  da.-:i*o> ea-ii'H     of     ill)  lltdy    been    laaade    lla  euaial   iireia,   ITiiU'e   ltn  An   Oil  of    Merit.' Ih-.   Tluonas'  i'lailecirii' <������il is not a JiUilbiV ������������l' r.aeil  ielnal Hiahrituiaeen llirow'ia loKi'ther  and iiaiHlmd hy ���������oK'ei'l.irtlaai?, hial the  a-aiMiilr of the <*ari!t:ul Lnvemlinitinii oa'  liie hea-linjA uaaalliios tH' eeilaiu ������*-Js  oiieli'ivah  of   I Bit*  .$^",0,(11111 'hlaiuimd ' art  m>plleal "to   Ilia"  hiininit  body.     II   Ih  ai rare ftombiiialion and If won aaad  kept" paahllr I'livcuf fi'oiu tlae lla'taf. A  u-lal of II will cairry ������*oi������vi<-tIon t,o  any who douhl .1,-, pov er |i������ ivpali'  anil   h������-al.  There ih only one "Hot-Shot" and at as an Eve ready-  Columbia. Look for the name ���������JHot-Sl-Ot" and ianture yourRelf  the maximum of depearcltible power per square inch ot  battery.  All-Metal Hot-Shot case protects your battery aRaanst  damp   or   accident���������safeguard I aiK   your   power   uupply   at   all  times.  Keanembcr���������There   as   oaily   one   "Hot-Shot"  and at as an Evcrcady-Columbia.  ���������Cunacliiin National Carbon Co., Limilccl  Montreal Toronto -. Wiiaiaipeal Vancouver  Tun* In on CICY, Wlnuipi-iT. for Kvrreatly l'i<������-  lir-tuH. Saumlny March 19tti.ll inm., b_ui������*Uy  March 26th. II i>.������"-. Sunday April 3rd, 10 p.m.,  Siianlay April  10ih, 9 p.m.  Whan si woman  .'-hoppin;'. Ml." i'mUm  ll������������-\    talK   aho|i,  is   nnalih<      lo     i;e  on  a   ie-i;-,iihi>i   ami  A   J i ii I il re   of   Ilu-   I'll I moll I on    K\hlhl  lion   111i:t   y'iir   rill   b������* rmolhi-i   hlslor-  leiil      i������af.!.'>i*:iial,      eoiniiti-iuonn hit;.    I lie  a I i:i saiosa al    iMhih'c   aif   tin*   Uoinlnlon  ���������4i*4TC_*-|  KE*-*^'  '���������t"T-l  kVESoEADt  ^jemmig .jr^.KHi    ������MM>^*ira|k      *W*tih*M *enT    ts%.  C_#OJl_iJ J-ViklSM A  Units****'" 'S^Sjul- 'af"aj|*_ft'i8*l!tf% tz  ~th<cy htt hnpr  VV  N,      t *.  I1*7H  l=or    dlnteinper MJnrtrd'fl    Limiiaaent. TilJii .vj^V^W^ U.  LP"  W" II_flC?���������?fP  I'^-'ri'l^^i*  E   1 %Jr%Jr -~B  f%JmJM,  I0EQUI  FRf_Iffil  After-f'siti. tng*j extending  WcH KiiGwn Horseman Killed  Captain   Lidimgtoai,  Victim   of   Horn'e-  payne   Wreck,  Was   Bringing  Shipment of Horsea VV������st  Ottawa.���������Captain 3. Jjidingtoh, who  way .kilted  in the    -..train    wreck    aat  T-T_T,"l'__r������5������-'' VTtO **i������r*)Kir>       fl-i". in*ni'MflliVr*nil  rs and   '"ocCaipyln-aj     105 a dueling a  thipanent .-of  thoroughbreds  Ottawa, -���������>  over  two y.ec  days,   the   goiaea-al- .freight   rates   inquiry by  tlie Board of Ilailway  Coai>  misstbners Is drawing to a close. The j  Snuuii'y/yis  expected to  bo  completed  this  week..  Isaac Palblado,  K.C.,  ahe last coun  aieI. to.-4.bo  heard  for t'h.o prov inept*, or  other's  opposing rates i-qcreas^si  con-  eluded, liis y address and W.? N. f/ifiiley,  K.C..  Toronto, at  oiice    opened    the  ease for the railways.    lie ro mar lied  ott  the  changes  which  had  occurred  since  tlie  first    important-   argument  on  fa-eight     rates    was     before     the  board,   in   191.1.      Import-ant   changes  had occurred in? transportatto-i eondi-  tious.'jlti? thqsa?;; days therefwus  oaaly  oaie   transcontinental    railway-    span-  ning Canada.     So,   too,   the   scope  oi.  *tais,  ittouiry  was   far   more   swoopiatg  and  comprehensive    than    any    previous investigation had been anal the  judgrmeait of the board,Whenreder-  e<l,  would be of  the ? grea test  inipoi -  lance to all concerned ������������������ to the railway, the provinces aud  fhe nation- a*.  a:. whole.     .  Bit*. PilbUido dealt at some loiigfn  with the matter of equalization. He  declared equaiization' of rates wan-  an ianpo'ssibility today. ..Any" .attempi'  to adjust the prasent rates, structures today oaa the principle of ua-  equal rate for eajual mileage iai every  part of the country would ' meau  chaos aaid disaster to the commerce  ot the  country. '  It  was   far more  necessary,  he declared,  to set about    an    adjustment  which   would ���������enable   the   natural   re-,  sources  of the     country,    ahe     frttU,  lumber,   canuing" products,   fish,   etc.,  to move 'from the point of production  to   thei''moist profitable,   market    ana  so .facilitate  the  development of that  market,  both* domes lie " a'tttT   foreign,  than it was  to* legislate so  that  the  , arnder iai  Mont real  could    serve . las  local market, of say IC>0 miles radius,  at  the   same   cost    of     fa-au&portatlon  as   the   trader     iu    Winnipeg     could  .-serve   his.      .:,���������;-���������     S'}     . ?:-;     :.s" :-'*'?,  .Equalization of rates, said Mr. 'Pit-.  . blado, was no new idea. An:attempt  had been made in 1S73 tq^put equalization legislation through the Cah-  adiaaa Parliament but without success and a similar attempt in. the  Imperial Parliament, the previous  year had met a lake fate. Today it  was no more practicable than, it was  half a century ago.  is   ar  kaiowai   horseman... His   father, ���������'Major  | Ladingtoai,   aud     hLanself     were     cota-  fa*oaat Ijngistnd atid had -been in yOttu-  \va for several days whe^c some of  the horses wore disposed of. Majoi  Lidiugton to������dc iii while here- -and IK  iat the civil   hospital.  The son, on Waster. .Monday,., proceeded, assisted' by helpers Gai-nett  Hull, If.. Kndersly, and Patrick Broti-  erick, alt believed to havo conic,  from - Tbamo. ��������� England,   to   load ��������� tlie  1MST  ATWASHSNGTO  . Waslai u gton.--A sen < i ment a] traveller dpwai old familiar roads was  how right lion. J. Ramsay MacDon-  ald, former Labor Pi-iane Minister of  Great Britain, described himself, to  the? Canadian Press ,. cora-esiiondoii t  here, .when Ire arrivor foi* a. brim'  visit to Sir EstateHoward, .flic''British ..ambassador.  Rural     Schools     Entitled    io    Experienced   Teachers   Opinion   of  ..-   Dr.-Kerby  ;  ISdmonton.���������"Rural school children  are not getting a. fair dear today,"  declared Dr. George "W. fKcrby, priu-  cipai of Mount Royal Colleges, Calgary, an an address before the convent] on of the" Alberta -Edttcati on al  Association here. He deplored the  tendency to train teachers I'or liaiul-  ling city schools, ? they "sending?; of  junior and often immature'"teachers  to country schools to gain experience  and a  lack of    sympathy    for    rui-al  "The average  rural school   trustee  Mr.   Mjti>Donaid :   stated     that     his   looks: at the country school as a lit-  rem a inder o������ the horses some 35,  which "were being taken <o Winnipeg-  and Vancouver where they wore' to-  be   SOld.? ,y .  fSix.of the horses in the? ship inetit  were sold while the party was here  to Captain Jenkins, of Toronto.  Joseph Oleoson, of Ottawa, bought  one, and eight were soid in New  York, j_.il the remainder of the shipment, except two, ' it is believed,  were killed in the wreck.  The horses were believed to have  all won races in they old country and  was ^t: valuable collection. Major Lid-  ingtori, and his son had planned on  returning to England for another  shipment-'; in. -August.  Government Refuses To Act  Peking    Officials    Reject    Soviet    De  mands  in   Connection   With   Raid  Paris.���������Rejection    by    the    Peking  Government  o������   the   demands  visit had" no political slgnifl.cauice. He  said he was unable to reach Canada  oit Otis trip as pressure of business  compelled-him to sail .for. home very  soon.      ...  Asked if British Label- had seriously resented this deportation law of  1919 in Canada, Mr. MaeDomJd said  he had never been seriously alarmed  that the sedition laws of the Dominion, woa.il. d ho unfairly used agaiust  Britishers   there.  Ita the? opinion of the former Prime  Minister, the Baldwin Government  had "fumbled," and the trend of  political opinion was in faVor of the  return to a Labor- Coverjinieait iaa ���������  Great Britain on his analysis of ihe:  vote in recent by-elections- ju Leith  and South wark.  Mr*; "MacDonaid predicted a reem-  reu.ee of tlie coal miners' strike unless wrongs of the miners were redressed soon, lie did not believe,  however, that the general strike  of  tlae I ���������"���������V'.apon Would  be  used    next    time,  tie building where a, little teacher  teaches little -things to little children \  for a little while, at ;a little salary,"  declared Dr. Ivoxby. "There is need  to coaisider, tlae whole question of  rural education, which as greater  than the wheat pool or .immigration  problems."  Canada's JuMiee  Russian Trade  Russian. Soviet Govei*nment in connection with the raid on the Soviet.  buildings in tho embassy compound  at Peking, is reported'aat a-despatch  to the.-.'.. laido-Pacific Agency. The raid  on orders ot* Uae Koi'tlier'n Chinese  authorities,was carried out on April  <i.  Two days after the raid the Soviet  Government ordered all the embassy-officials to leave and in a note  delivered to ihe Chinese charge  d'affaires at Moscow, anade a series  of demands. These included inune-  diate evacuation of police from ' fhe  compound, the release of - ail tlic'se  arrested in the raid, and the return-  of ..rait ...documents seized, iogether  with all money, peiv?oaial property,  household goods and books taken by  the police.   .  remarking that   many     who    favoreta  the general  strike weapon bad founa  themselves   unwilling   ta   be   "getter-j  ally struck." '   !  M"r. MiieDoaiald ' was a., lunch eon  guest at the British embassy ana  wa-s entertained at dinner by the  executive council of the American  Federation of Labor.  Another Royal Exhibit  Sir   Arthur Curry Would  Like to See  Preparations Hurried  Up  'Montreal. -��������� The apathy with  which, he said, Canadians were stp-  pi-oaehing the jubilee date of Con-j  federation was, deplored by Sir'  Arthur Currie, commander-in-chief  of the Canadian troops during 'the  war and principal of McGill University. He spoke before the ElecLidcal  Club of Montreal.  "Jubilee committees have taeen appointed,''' said Sir Arthur, "but J  would like to see some sign of activity upon the part, of those forming  those, committees. The birthday of  Confederation is not fair off. It is  high tiane something "were done. I  know that o'n the first of July those  great bells at Ottawa will peal out  hut   they, will  not-reach the- general  public of Canada."  British Peer Joins laborites  lianprcvement     in      Agriculture"    ana  Industries is   Reported  Montreal.---A   big . Uritlsh    concern  engaged    iat   '.shipbuilding'   has    approached   the   chief   concession   com.  ntittoe of the Union of Soviet Socialist    fRepublics    offering    $100,000,000  long   term,   credits   to   baaild   mea-caav  tile   ships   '"or   the   Soviel,   uccordlug  to  atnnoimcamient   made   here   by   a1 be  , trade   delegation   of   the   Union,   The  ��������� offer,   it  wjts   sfat'od,   was  aiow  under  conj-idoa-afioiv.  During the four months of the  ''current fiscal yeaa*, hegiaaning October, :ifD2<f, export trade of. Hat.  CS.S.Il. reaaclied ,$ 135.B 11,000. loav-  Jng a I'jtvorahle irado bnlanaje of  nearly $18,000,000. Ta-adlng was cni-  I'led on pi'lnclpiiHy wit It eastoi-aa  ' cunntrles. Tlie SovlaM: representatives declared, the population of Russia was now 'ML805,000 nrul Hl-satis*  lies .showed a general 1in|>a'n\'C'ineait  in sagrlciilfiiro anal JniluHiries since  the  1il!!l   period  of ah'pres'.sloil.  Arctic Filer ia Safe  New Vorl<,---'Tho Novtb Ainerlcnii  Ka������WHpttpi*-t* AUInnce Iuih beer* iul'orm-  aanl tlua.1. Lia������ui. Ona*ge 11. Wilklns,  AaT.tlc filer, who has been iiil.KHlt!g  Kinee Mnrch 20, when lie hopped nit  from Point P.nriow Ahasl'ia, foa- ihe  uimxplora.Ml ra'gloiiH lo (he iinrlh, has  lnnde  n  sul'e  vi>lui'ii   to l?eeehy jaolnr  Nerjrc'a SUIra Turns White  ilhtsgow, Ky. - Mugeiao Claarl',  aiegrn, \v1ao::e h1������Iu began Io change  color a few yearn iigo, In tleiul nt lil.s  home ne.-ir Snlpliur \Ar������ ��������� H. At (he I hue  of tils iloitlii ������'l;irl>'H f;Mn ]i.'el virtually ba.'i.'ti. ii'inihforaaard n'ruiii WacH  to  while.  Sir  Robert Peel   Haa   Gone   Over  to  Labor Party  London���������Another maBanber of the  British nobiliiyy is to ,ioin<the Labor  Party, 'Sir; -Robert **" Peel, 'baronet,  grandson, of the statesman, "Hobble"  Peel, Ca'pm whom the London police-  aaien derlrod tho aaickname which  has clung to them since early in the  Victoriant pea*iod, has announced has  intention ot participating in politics  on the side of Labor. The young peer  already has under c������ni-;hlcratiou pra>'  posals to stand for Paa'llament iai the  Tanvvvovth division of South Staffordshire, 'bis home, AvhJcli. was the dl-  vtskm i-epa*eseuted by lais grano-  failier' wheal he  entoi-pd "polilics,'  Whll-r* prime a'ninisler, the older  Pool i'ou tided the modern police  foiTOv and imauediately the policc-  aaaen becauno k.nown as "llohbles;  n mi ������1ho ua "IVelea-B," Intl. tlie la I to.  desigualioaa lasted only for a short  tluie.  Belgian   Queen   Announces   Entry  for  Poultry Congress"  G ttawa.���������S till another -member o i:  a European royal family is to -be'ars  exhibitor rrit the world's poultry congress to be held in Ottawa from  July 27 to August 4.. Coaiga*ess head-  aiicirters received word froan llrus-  .sels that included iu the Belgian national live hard exhibit wotild be aj  number of fowl the porperty of Her j  Majesty .Queen Elizabeth of Belgiuan.  Tlae Belgian exhibit will consist  fowl,  pigeons and  rabbits.  Other royal inhibitors already announced are Mis Majesty King  George, II.R.EI. the Frlnoe of *V\rak\s  and IIJMI. the .Prince of the Astu-  riaSj heir to- the Span lb h throaio.  Hopes to  Retain   aMacBrien's Services  Ottawa.-���������The hope that     tlie    services  of   Major-Ga-meral  J.    H.    Mac  1 Brien,   chief   of  staff   of   the  Depart-';  meat pjl 'National' T>efence,  might be]  retained   was   expressed   by   Premier  King,   addressing   the   officers   of  tha?  Covei'UG'r-Genei-ars   Foot    Guards    at  a. dinner.     CSeueral"  MacBrien    some  time  ago  tendered    his    resignation.  Premier   King   paid  General  MacBrien.  high   tribute   to  Expects to Win Wager  Toronto.���������W. H. Chapman, aged  77, who has walked nearly 10,000  males  since  July,  1028,    lo    win,    he  a says, a $5,000 wager, passed through  01 i this  city  April   19.   Ho     has     yet     to  j cross the continent to comply av1I.Ii  Ihe rules of tlie wager. Tie started  from Milwaukee and he a.s uoav goiaig  to' Cocliraaio, and .expected to be in  Vancouver and complete the a*ouaid  tj*Ip .some   ahiip  in  the  summer.    ; '"  WAIT FOR ii YEAR  OttjiAva.���������There  will   be     no     i������a>-  mea-tts   Otis   year   to   the  civilian- sufferers  from  the  great Avar.  ;������������������������������������''Separations'     Commissioner     Friei  has. not yet completed his Avork.  It is understood that the secretary  of state has been for some tiin<5  pressing Mi*-.- Friel to hurry has reports- seven bemg still? unfinished,  but has been unable to speed thia-s*  up.y. Tho result is that niany "'iii-;-'  po'vei-isiied citizens of Canada must  sufTee for another yea-r "without the  compensation payments which ? ihe  Doininion   is .willing  to  pay.  These A-vax*.��������� suli'erers haA*e no legat  clattai, but the'pa^uciple f__has beam  generally acjeepted '..that compassionate payments Arill lie made out of  Canada's share . of the -, repar������tioai������'  under  the  DaAves plan.  There is 3io legislation authorizing  this and whatever payment is maa'tw  inust be specifically, voted ' by pai-liai-  inasait. An attempt Avas made iavo  years ago to get.parliament to?vip>te  pa3"t of tlie money, but this"Svas"'refused. Parliament Avanted the fuJl  report." ? '?  v\''s^ai      rifi i-a if* >-������-irfi*������-a-      nrAVftWH^'l     ->*wl  the commissioner's naaal report missing, there Avas no vote passed. : -The  secretary of state admits that some  of the claimants are in a destitute  condition, yet nothing can be donas  for them.  Canada has received $1,000,517 in  paymeaats on reparation, account, and  still has -113,789,130 due froan Great  Britain. The latter sum, however,  is dependent on the settlement of  other accounts between Britain and  Caanula. If this sum is paid theiv  Avail be $7,79S:9 37 available on reparation's aceoaint, together with any  Dawes instalments paid in the mean-'  tame.  The iiolic.y of the government? avith  a-eTerence to this money will not Im  decided until Commissioner Friel  .malves  his3  report..  The Brifisii,-, parlianient apprppa*t-  ated ?27,50O;O09 fd'r distribution1 to  cl aimants,. who had suffered y?loss.  Canadiaiis:; domiciled in ?Britain??ha?ve  tlius been compensated, but Canadians domiciled at hoaxie must still  wait nearly "aiih'e years, after tiae Avar  is   over.  Federalship Seizure Illegal  JaadQes     Hands     Down      Decision     in  California  Court  S?aan Francisco Cat.���������Handing down  aa, declaloaa that tlao Roi/.uco last  Miia'cli of Iho stoantHhlp FiHlerajship  with lis million-dollar cargo of Hnuor  and. annul of tho captain and 3 0  mouthers of the crow, 300 nallcft off  iho Calti'oa'iiln coast, Avals Jllognl, Foil-  ernl .ludgai Ttnua-qaaln a-aaleal thai. Ihe  selKtirc avuh In violation of U'oaty  i-oliillonflhlpft hot ween nul.lons.  (.:������a!ilitlu S, S, Slono, skipper of the  FeiTni'inbihip, nnd 1 ������> nimnh������T������ nf ha*  er<n\% vrore releasod froaaa Jal! folloAV-  i������fl  I-Iai'-' Jitdiu-moiii.  Announces Anaemia Cure  ^>'SUIO'^v:  Ready For Public Use Very Soon  SaMs Rochester Doctor  Rochester, N7V. ��������� Man has pro-  claiaited a new victory over disease.  with ' tho announcoment. that Avtthin  a feAV Avehks Ihore will be ready for  fjublic uso ai oure foi* anaemia that  has been successful in DO out of .10!)  cases.  The ���������innoaanceanent Avas aaiade hy  Da*, tioorgcs R. Whipple, dean of the  medical schools of tho 1 Tail versify of  Koehestei*, after leu years of experiments an Avhii-h he has beeaa nssis(ed  by Mrs. Frieda ri. ilnbuans,' pliyHio-  logtst at the sa-hool. For the pusl.  ���������(avo' years 'Dr. George K. Mi not. and  Dr. KalAviai ,1. Colin, of llarA'ard uae-  dioal school, have coHnboaaited wil'.i  llaenaa.  The euro 1s a seautia discovered  during a decade, of o.sporliucaitiiag on  aiainemic dogs and Immaus. It is au  -(���������xlnia-f of hoof livei' but lias iaot yet  heen sutlichmtly puriHed l.o anal-a*  ultomaajal idontifleaalion or nstniing  pOHslble. it Avill he disfiibuteai  tltrough Hcleeloil physicians In .tho  various cities as was done Aviah insulin.  New Fashions from Japan  era. .so  Hfamclc  by  tlao  the  ���������SupporU New Votlno -till  London.���������Lloyd <1eorRa>   has   i������rom-  W.     N.  1C78  'I ticse inaunK Itidjiot-. avJjo   ar������>   liraA-ailltaa^    on   tlu^   w*M'h_  Canadian I'aclib*. ilnKshlp <lm  inaupty-i'M ������>. Scol laiid, wero   s;c>  hoaiitiful iw.rm.entH ihey, hjiav when nlielr loui- caamo round |������ Japan Uial: thoy  wont and pm-rliimcd o>������e. oi the n>osl; vnttHlnaullnKr namely, tho laaoii.   This, oh  una be  seen  from tho  euKra.vliag,  U a very  hcauill'nl  port or p-haw]  wlio'ao  1hc������3 liis  supporl   to  Ib'i Govenii'ii������Mi������*fl I iValds cam bo arrauiKed JaiN-ordiriK ha tassto 'In. alaaio:"!   any Hlta|������o di.iB������ia*eal. Thoy  aneiiHUrxi   Klvlnfr  worn en   of   ?A   reita-s jare vrvy altract Ively  hKUrn-d in  lloraal  ih ���������������!������������������ sand   Trnm ahe  wwrnl rappcar-  of ������*r<i   tlao  fi'janchlse,    That   n'tctiHttro  aaace ol! 1hoan, II. wivuhl aiot be siirprlhlpaia; if UieHe yotiiaa? ladles I������eca.ano tho  li-i   J-u  In;  IrJruilucn,! In   l\u;   rinur-c   oi ' *"���������,������"!'.'tanr'"  ''iiio'd  'if n. tt^vr s'iodaloia  iFi'I|'fiia������i(iii<   fi-oni, .fna������an,   Aaavvvjay,  wa> make  i ('(natnioMH  choi'ily.        - Ja prcMmt u-t' Sho hhrn f.t.hlKiugli  not i>'' lb.,. i;su-navnij  lo oan* ������r������(liif*3.  Only Two Dry Provinces  Government Liquor Control Gbea  Effect in New Brun&wick  FrodnflcttHi, N.lt.���������Tlae province or  New Umiaswicls. J'ovpuilly iiHsocialee  itnelf with ihe other <.Ax provincieu of  Canada which now have CJovernment  coaala-ol liquor Iuavh wiaen Limafoiuaaai-  Covea-aaor Todd ftsive Itoyail aiHHamf ao  the measure Avhieh patiRed flic 1>kI.*-"-  laUiro an������l which a?Ivi'kn tlals provlaare  an ttcL Hlnailur In many rcBpeetta \u  thai, wlik-h will Mhortly couio inlo  ostea-atlon   in   Ontario.  TIiIh   li'iive;-;   only  Nova.  Scotl������   ami  Prince.   I'Mwaj'd   IhIhiuI   Avitla   leanjiei--  * u**c������'  lir.vyi   l.:iAi'il   on     y-roIsJblt^Mi     "''  (j tho aaa In rvf alcohol. THE  ���������BE������TOH  ItEYISW  Local and Personal  ^ Post Sale���������Nice young cow, price  $60.    C. Siuar, Canyon.  Goat   For   Bat^s���������Yoting   Saaraea  doe, fs*esh.    O. Blair, Canyon.  Hat For Sale���������Two loads, suitable  foa* mulching.    W..5.Trnscott. Oreston.  Wanted���������One-horse cultivator, also two well-broken ponies, about 1009  .pounds each.    Write   Box 27, Review  >t/asiC������r.  Houses Fob Sale��������� Five-room bouse  on two lots on Fifth street, or will  rent to reliable party. " id. S. McCreath, Creston.  Fok Salk���������Gold Coin potatoes, for  seed or eating;, $1.50 sack delivei-ed.  Also a Woodyatt lawn mower, $6.50.  P. Bofley, Oreston.  STf6AWB_5B_."_r Plants���������For sale Van  San strawberry plants, from unfmated  stock, guaranteed true,'and ft-ee_froan  weevil and other pests, $7 per IOuO. L,  "Little-john, Erickson.  iieai  Ghureh Si  irviot  ������  Horse Fob Sa__k���������Weight nbout  1350. good for ranch work. Wm. J.  Truscott, Oreston.  _ Fob Salb���������Barrel spray pump, Rood  for 1000 trees, never used, cost $40 and  going at $25.    Geo. Davie, Canyon.  Up to the first of May licenses have  been issued at Creston for the opera,  tion of ISO autos and motor trucks.  Grapes���������For sale, Italian jrrape  vine, fine and healthy, 50 senta per  root/ or reduced prices for quantities.  S. Pmscuzzo, Sirdar.  Fob -Salk���������-Pony, harness, saddle,  bridle, and rig*; also pony cutter; $80  for the whole outfit. Used very little.  T. Leamaii, Creston.  Mrs. W. Fisher and Mrs. Charile  Armstrong were visitors with Nelson"  fi'iends a few cla^s the fovs part of the  week, leaving on.Saturday.  *  R. A. Comfcvt has just had the  telephone installed at Creston dairy  and orders for milk and cream can be  placed in advance of deliveay.  H. . S. McCreath has this week  moved into the R. B. Staples residence  on Victoria., Avenue, which he purchased a couple of weeks ago.  - The' May meeting- of Creston and  District Women's Institute will he  held on Friday afternoon nest. May  13th. With the removal of Mrs. B. B.  Staples and.Miss Scrimgeour there are  two vacanc.es" in the executive to be  failed.  Rev. A. 3. BoutI, Bishop of Kootenay, - will be. here for an evening  service on Tuesday, May loth, at  which he will administer the rite of  confirmaation? to a class, mostly of  adults, which has been prepared by  the rector. Rev. S. Newby.  Creston yd������v Operative    Fruit    Ex  Sunday,  iviaY e  WYNNDEL���������11 a.na.  "LISTER���������8 00 nan.  CRESTON���������7.B0 p.m.  The Start in Life  is Everything  and CHICKS raised on  Ogilvie's Scratch Feed  and Growing Mask  change anavoui meeting on Thursday  night was largely attended. J. SA.  Craigie  and John Hall  were elected  ft���������_      i-_J  Jas. Conapton will serve out balance of  Jas Ad lard's term of two years.  Dong Barney, who has spent the  past ftitar months with has old taUicuraa  at Cranbrook, retnrned to Creston at  the end ot the week. Has hotel at Mc-  Connell has just been rented hy  Angelct Klzztato-"of Canhrook, who is  applying for a beer- parlor license for  the premises. -.  Kelly*s new drugstore will be house-  warmed tonight (Friday) with a dance  that as beiuj* *������������!��������� on by the ladies of-  the L.O. B. A. to which popular prices  of admission of 75 cents to gentlemen  and 50 cents taa ladies wall prevail, and  aao extra charge for supper. Dancing  is at 9 o'clock.  In connection'with an %ssay writing^  contest   on    the   subject,   ''Cas-adiaH  Confederation," open to all hi^h school  pupils,   announcement   as  just   made  that Clarence Staples has been award-,  ed first place at Oreston.    This co_*spe-  tion  is being carried   on   across   the  Dominion with the intention of awarding a medal to the  author of the best  essay who is equally capable  of delivering his literary  production  in  the  way of an   address.    Oand "dates  are  eliminated   by   inspectorates   and   as  young Staples appears to be?winner  for East Kootenay it is expected he  will  have  to appear  at Peiataeton ut  which point all  the  Inspectorate v.rin=  ners in the interior will  be heard and  a candidate selected to compete against  ihe   winners from other  grouped inspectorates  in ii  final competition to  secure the student to represent British  Columbia  in   the all Canada competition.  i  UfgEr Sriit-aci-  ���������uuOnvtiS  __-������"*  jjor me __6__t?rew _  supply   government   TJ3. Teat  Milk and Cream as below:  MILK  JERSEY.... S Quarts for $1  HO_L.@TEIN.llQKartsfor $1  Pint.. . .25c.    J-Pint., .i5c.  mrarwuuniuliiVfrtTD r^X>T.Tn������l>iO  J. JBi LJMZJ*.  UVXl XJ    ������. ������J- VI a.w :v*i _^-UJi.t������ w������  -  R-. A. COMPORT  next fall.  LAYERS  Then use  Developer  Follow   with  Egg Mash and Scratch Feed  ���������the trick is done.  Harden and Field Seeds  FARMERS' SUPPLY DEPOT  CHAS. MUBBEI_I_  -----       ��������� ��������� -��������� - i'      i ��������� -1 ��������� .  MJ&frf and ������Besatmf&  Shoem ������������/&������������&  ias &*r*g������&sf������  New Stock of  Harness  Second Hand Store in  . .   connection   *  ^"ja ^���������JJ^*JIJJ2J' jjj? mj*f\tm*m\ ^CBsm  ___S____k ^rr^km\  BS S5 *^S  Me SmS@*$!Sm@BM$  Shoe anal Harness Repairing  Dasector-s of the agricultural association have decided on a two-day fair  this year, and it wall be held Thursday  and Friday, Sept. 29th and 30th.  Mass Marguerite Crawford left on  Tuesday" for Haanna. Alberta, near  which town she will an ehaa-ge of a  school until the midsummer vacation,  Fred Smith has been named delegate  fstsm Trinity Obm-ch t������i the B.C. cota-  fea*ence of the United Church which  opens in Vancouver on the 15th of  May.  Harold Lloyd in has sterling comedy,  "For Hfavei's Sake,"   will  be  seen at | the week, and whose death  occurred  tbe   Grand    two nights,   Friday   and j Saturday evening.  Saturday,   6th   and   7th,    at   regular  pi ices.  Mr. and Mrs. Martin have vacated  the residence at Ihe depot for the  summer and are occupying the house  on the Barton ranch, next the Premier garage.  BRANDTHEATR  Fri, & Sat., May  M.  ^ j-a^^l-****!  _- AW.* V������"fc*,  in  I    l_rV_T_r|  ������-������������������������*-# Jf - ~  Mrs. Ft. B. Staples and Alf. Palmer  got & hurried call to Kelson on Thursday afternoon due tbe critical condition of their brothpa*, Frank Palmer.  who underwent a critical operation an  the hospital in that city at  the  end of  Cha^. Sioore sot hss" on Saturday  to Ainsworth, where he will have  charge of a crew of half a dozen men  doing some mining survey work in  that district.  Shoe repair shop at Canyon'open for  b isauess. All work guaranteed or.  money refunded, and prompt service  assured. Shop next to schoolhouse.  J. W. Kwasny.  Mrs. Lister's orchestra has been  secured for the Rod and Gun Club  Jance on Tuesday evening. May 24th.  which will be held in the Grand  theatre ballroom.  Notwithstanding the prevailing financial stringency provincial police  revenues at Creston for April totalled  over $1800. and of this amount $1728  was for motor licenses. *  Creston   Dairy  is doing  its   part-to  keep down   the   high   cost of   living:  Milk prices   have been   reduced   to 11  qnaifcsfora   dollar   of   the   Holstein9  and 8 quarts of Jersey.  "���������During his stay an Creston Bishop  Kidd of Calgiary' was as guest of Mr.  an J Mrs. A. Manuel. At Fernie the  Sunday previous the bishop had a  confaratantion class of alanost 200  J. S-. Clark, a well known mounted  pilice constable who was"on. duty here  up to about the time the post was  closed, and who hns been on the north  patrol for the past three y������ ars, expects  to leave Fort Simpson, N.W.T., about  the end of the month, on his return  to duty in central Albei-ta.  Before leaving for his new. home at  Penticton Clarence Staples was suit  ably remembered by the high school  students who, on Friday, afternoon  presented hian with a Parker fonntain  pen and pencil set. Be has been  prominent in all the high school activi-  ies and will be missed by all the students. ' v" ������������������'���������  Sunday inaugurated the usual four  months of -patrol-work to cope with  forest fires, with Geo. Huscroft iii  charge of the Creston Valley, with  "the title of assistant ranger. In fact  George went to work six days ahead  of tame, a fire having *fco be taken care  of in the timber at Lister early last  week.  President Malhandaine is asking for  a.faill turnout of hoard of trade members for, the May meeting on Tuesday  iOth, to get on with!: co'nijplete lining  Up of the board partic.-partioh on the  Conffedenttion jubilee 'celebration.  Now that D. T. Scrimsoeur has departed a new secretary will have to be  elected.  Your old favorite in one of  his best and latest laugh  storms���������a Feature-length  Comedy. Don't miss a  good laugh.  Hodge Podge Neass Reels  REGULAR PRICES  g*^*%-f-f  /  Just, arrived a nice assortment of the  latest Bow  Ties at  35c, or 3 for $1  I also carry a full stock  Four-in-Hand and  Knitted  Ties  ranging from 50c. to $1.25.  MEN'S HOSIERY  A complete range  carried in stock.  V. MAWSON  TENDERS FOR PURCHASE OF STANDIN6  TIMBER and MILL PLANT  SPRING!  ��������� 9 *_*?**������     firSk.7 ft i  and  Sulphur and Cream, of Tartar Lozenges  BASEBALL OUTEITS COMPLETE  See our Store for Specials to  Clear Before Moving  ESTON  1 Swr" .mm  SEALED TENDERS for thepurchoaoof tbo  above montioaod, addrosaod "Tontlors for Pur-  choso of Timber." will bo received by tho under-  signed un to and including 12 o'clock nooaa on  tho lOUi day of May, 1027. .  The Timber for sale bolns: the "Licensed Nairn  bora 71.0 and 7140. containing approximately  Ten Million Foot and including a smrill Mill  Plant on tho (zround. It ia sltuatetl at Cainn  Lister, near Creeaton, B.O., and can ho viowed  at anj? time on application to Mr. J. Bird, Camp  JLlBtci- *l*raxllnff Sc Supply Company, Camp  "LiRter, H.O.  TK-tMS.Casli: oi* cnah with doforrod payments ranuHfnctory to X^and fiettlomont Board,  may bo arrranffed.    Cheque equal in amount to  i*������jO_r  lllffh  -���������     -    -..   I-1?     -       cent, of bid mui*t accompany each toncter.  >r any tender not nocenflarilyneeontod.  LAND SBTTI.KMKNT HOARD,  600 Bnporlor Sfcreot,  Victoria, B.O.  WATER ACT  Notice of Application for the  Approval of Plans  Tiuke not Ico that Crcaaton Reclamation Com  .���������laultod, -will apply to tho Comptrolloa* oi  .-ltti������tt* tite tho approval of the plastn of  nany, Llaultod, will apply to tho Comptrolloa* of  WnUJr I.l^S>tt������ tor tho approval of tho plastn of  ilia *worlcH to bo oonfttruclod for tho dlvornlon  at water from Goat River mulur application for  it! f������M������T������w������ for Inw^Hnt'* waitnr pnriwwn, wlilnla  a>u>pll>t--tioii waif tilutl in tho otllco oC tlao Water  Ittoawler at NnlHon on the tflt.h day of Novom-  Vaer,iT-iat.  Thw water Ih to ba������ diverted from tlao Hiilrl  stream on N.IC. l-l To. H. ICootoimy, for paaiv  noaao of reclamation of a iHirtion of tho Kooto-  nay Flal������.  'flaw i>lati>������ uud HpeelllcatlonM of tlie uald workii  hav* licen Hlwl In tho olllco of tho Comptroller,  aiad d������plli*at_*a of taucli pltum amd ������i������oalll<uitlonii  uro now open to Imipnetinn tn the office of tlio  OI>JiM:tlon>i inii-y l.io Maid with tlie Comptroller  at any, time prior ������������ the ox pi rat Ion of thirty  iiuyw_wfU'<- i-i<������ i'uui im'iAit i*l\\j4i it! tJ.Ii. M*lli:ii,  The dato of the tlrMt piihllayit I������jii of thlH riotleo  Ih April Ifi. Ht������7.  CHICHTON RKJUbAM ATION COMPANY,  Hy A  1/1*1)., AiiplldaiikU  1* MctJUi;i.O(.!lf, Auonl.  Under the new Taxation Act aepjailo-  tiiatiB !-8 places of biasineoa outside the  village h&vc been ivRistea-ed for the  new ii88osBtni'nt. In town nbout 40  have received registration certificates.  Notices haive gone, oait this week for  the annua! meeting of Creston Ridino;  Liberal Association, which, will be held  at Nelt-on on Thursday, evening next.  O. P. Hayes  is tha? retiring president.  Creston village commissioners meet  in regular May session on Mondiiy  at which 3t is expected the necessary  three readings wail be given the by-  law coveting the electric light agrce-  naent with 0. O. l-todgtns.  Mies McGregor, a Dominion field  secretary of tho W.M.8.. .had a lurgo  baarnbaat for tho afternoon meeting she  addret>eed In Trinity Church hall on  Tuesday afternoon last While here  Hbu was guest of Mi-8, T. R3. XSdriiond  son.  A supply of spray machines and  poison powder has been received at  Creston and Mi. Dentiyn, tho en torn o-  logisb In chaa go of this work, is expected in a few daya to commence tho  work of ridding the Valley of potato  buga.  Carl Ambrose, a transient rosidotit,  was up before Magistrate Mallandaine  on Thurdity afternoon laat on iaa charge  of getting uaonoy aamler faloe pretunc-  en���������on a chequo cashed aftor hourta  at the I'acitle reutaairant. He was  r.iimuidod for eight itaya. Chiaf Guia-  auaxi ^^f "Nf<jbaftn, who ������*������������ ������'id.nr������lr������������j 1,i������  tlio city that day, took Ambloma to  Neitaoaa, Uf a-wait hU bt'aalitg on May  Oth.  But we never ^  to make low  price!  You buy here^  VV mm\ UmJIJQi     ���������_L>*i#!'%^    ^l^^L^H *������������������>!* ft  o������jl������.c������ or sccuir*���������  ing merchandise  of the highest  quality at the  lowest prices  obtainable!  All merchandise sold in thia atore ia purohaaed by  ua on a quality basis first, at tho lowest price ab tain able  for Kpod quality.  And that mean- to our customers absolute satisfaction with every purchase.  Price ia.what,you pay���������SERVICE IS WHAT  YOU GET. By sacrificing serviceability, prices can be  made lower and lower. At Speer'e serviceability is  never sacrificed to make low price.     -  HOW SPEERS LOW PRICES ARE MADE  AND QUALITY ALWAYS MAINTAINED.  By bein������ in a position to handle lar^o quantities, by  marking all purchase* for oat-h, by having purohaaaQ  mado by trained buyers who nrb oontatantly in touch  with the best markets; for Quality merchandise At the  lowest prices.-  For twenty  years���������since 1906���������wo have sold mer  ohandiee that always IQ WHAT IT SEEMS TO BE���������  merchandise  that will   stand your inspection   uaad rMtive  yon service lonp- af ier the price ia forgotten.  For twenty years wo hiive done business with our  customers m the full spirit of tho Golden Rule, and trust  by ourme*,hods of fair dealing, coupled with complete  stocks of merchandise, to merit an inoroaBed share of  your business for the future.  Dry Goods  Groceries  -tiijBj������|j^"^"^BI>|^^ ^^^ "^J^'jX  u  Furniture  BeCGURtsBQ  mmrnkmrnmrnm.  mam  taaa


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