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Creston Review Nov 20, 1925

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Vol. XVII.
Noi 40
���j. -.
Friday and Saturday
Nt>V, 27th <& 28th
viiifiifiniiiJi��ii��ii in
The Mightiest Dramatic spectacle of All the Ages!
Mrs. Searle left on Monday for Hill.
crest, Alberta, where she will * spend
the winter with Mr. Searle, who has a
position there as engineer at oneof the
The rain of the past ten days has put
th fields in gieat shape and most
everyone ie busy with fall ploughing
at present. * "
The football team of the United
Church Tux is Square boys at Creston
is due here on Saturday for a game
with the Canyon aggregation.
Miss Minnie Strong is away at
present on a. visit with her brother,
Norman, who is employed near Coeur
d* Alene, Idaho, at present.
Mrs. Earnhardt of Gienlilly is here
nt present on a visit with her parent**,
Mr. and Mrs, P. Knott,. arriving in
time for-the dramatic concert on" Friday night.
Canyon football team had the best
of the argument with the .Lister team
at .Lister on Saturday afternoon.
winning by a. margion of one goal to
nothing, . Qeorge Niblow putting
through the counter.
Geo. Davie has just completed the
clearing of two acres on the ten acre
tract he purchased opposite his own.
- place from the, L.SJES. j��.6aupl&%of^^rs
ago. Since purchasing the Hall, ranch
Mr. Doric has in five years twelve
acres of clearing to his credit.
The ignited Church, ladies' Aid had a
packed house for their dramatic entertainment on Friday night, the feature
of which was the domestic comedy,
*'A Matrimonial Agency, which whs
put on by a company of seven consisting of Mrs. Pochin, Mrs. * Blair, Mrs.
Ted Strong   and   Mrs.   RoyBrbfcell,
Presbyterian Ladies' Aid
and Messrs. F. Harbuck, Alf.  Spencer
and  Mr.' Jenks.   Unusual ability was
shown by all the .characters wf t.|�� Mrs
E$lair particularly capable in th'e humA
orous role of the family seivant.   Mr.
Skating- Rink is
Harback scored ah it with his com
song, "Ten Little Nigger Boys, and
other appreciated vocal numbers were
contributed by Jeff Knott, A. Spencer
and Mr. and Sirs. Kolthaminer, whilst
pleasing variety was lent the affair in
recitations by Miss Bffiie Littiejohn
and Esther Staples. After meeting
the expenses of the evening the aid
will clear up at least$40.   -
Manford Samuelson, who is in
charge of the United Church work at
Yahk. Moyie and Lumbet-ton, will
take the service at Canyon on Sunday
evening, in an.exch-.nge of work With
Mr. Harback. Tbe sacrament of the
Lord's Supper whs dispensed at the
evening service on tbe 15th. at which
Rev. J. Herdman presided.
Local and Personal
the example set by Major Mallandaine
and the fair board- and give the  rink
Sk.   ~ -     . - - '-    _   ar~w        '   _��� fr-hs suDBortifc  deserves. -
Assure- v-reston   Xhe~ ti2ens who ���. ^^ the
necessary financial  backing have-been
Opering the fair building as a. skat- ^un^ in securing the   services   of
ing and curling rink is   a   move   thatlFr8d Waylett as manager,  which en-
will meet with the approval  of every-��8uresi;httfcthe  r,nfe   wiH   be   V^^vly
one in   the district.   Tne   fact   that
there has been no place in  the  village
where onryoung-people could go for
recreation'during the winter  months
has been foi? sometime recognized as a
situation that is more or less serious,
every public spirited   citizen   will   be
relieved to know that with~the opening
of the Creston Kink this situation will
no longer exist.
Ever since its formation  the fall fair
hoard has worked whole heartedly for
the good* of the district and in making
it possible to use the fair building this
winter ihe^/have" given   just another
example of the right kind  of public
spirit.    The   Goat  Mountain   Waterworks Company is also assisting the
new enterprise by piahing water avail
able.    Doubtless the publicwill follow
conducted in every way.
The plans are to make the charges
for skating as low as possible with free
afternoons for the smaller children.   ..
Work i** already- well under way.
The Interior of the building has been
cleared out, the ground ' levelled "and
the water piped inside, ready to take
Advantage of tl
Will be held in the
at, Nov. 28
3 to 5.30 p.m.
ab      put;    CUUglf^nUunai   uicctiui;    iii
connection    with . Christ   Church   at
home in the   Pirish   Hall   on   Friday
night the church committee was asked
to thoroughly   canvass   the   situation
and if the outlook was atall promising
to at once ask the   bishop   to   send   a
Buec*ssor"to ite-^H. "vjarley^. who   is
leaving fop^urrey in. Decernber�� -"
*- - >-      .'" " *'
A. McL. < Fletcher,   Dominion    fruit
inspector,   "Nelson,, was   here   on   an
Official visit, a couple of days at the end
of the  week.    He   is   now   compiling
the figures on   the   1925- crop   ih   the
Valley and these go  to show that at
least 25.000 crates of strawberries were
shipped    this   year,    with   "Wynndel
supplying more than^four-fif ths of the
���A Matrimonial Agency," the com
edy drama that made such a- tremendous bit as presented by the Canyon
dramatic ciub on Friday night- at
Canyon, will lie "repeated at Creston
on ThVrsduy evening, November 26th,
at 8 p.m., in the United Church.
There will also be some musical numbers to-round out a very fine evening's
entertainment. A silver collection
will be taken.
The Alice Siding Musical Party had
a fine turnout at their opening .dance
at the Grand Theatre ballroom on
Wednesday night. All the favorite
dances were on the programme with
the orchestra supplying music that
included the popular old numbers as
well as the newest selections which
were rendered faultlessly. The supper
was excellent and everyone enjoyed
the evening.immensely.
Kitchen Shower
G. Brown of Cranbrook is here with
a crew of three men making repairs to
the steam line that heats'the boarding
house and cars, and getting things in
shape for the winter months.
Mr.. Dill of Nelson, executor of the
estate of the late Mrs. Jones,   was at
I Kuskanook at. the  weekend in connection with business affairs.
MBSsse Sidinff
*%, ��� i '1 ���   ���
-��� *
Clifford Seaver, who has been a
visitor here with Mr. and Mrs.-R.
Stewart for tbe past week, has returned, to his home at Three Pines,  Idaho.
,C S. Hester was a business visitor
in Nelson a few days .the latter part of
the -week.
Mrs. Payne is spending a few days
at-Kitchener this week, the guest of
Mrs. McGonegal. -*"
H. H. Taylor is back into the fuel
business again; setting up his Wee
McGregor wood sawing outfit a few
days ago.
Robert and: Hector Stewart spent a
few days at "Wynndel lost week, on
chimney building work in that section.
Armistice Day was fittingly observed
at the Alice Siding school on Wednes
day last, the time honored   two   minutes silence being observed.
The rain of the cast week put
sufficient moisture into the soij. for
fall ploughing to start and the ranch-
_&��m.   ..vie.
Vaiiao  of"   St.
Believing that there are at'
least a few friends of the United
Church wiio would like to help
wwith tb^.turn|^i*fig of the articles
needed by the^Iiadies* Aid in'tlie
equipping of the kitchen in the
church basement the ladies are
having a kitchen shower and be
low will be foiled a list of articles
that Will come in most useful:
"Wash boiler.   "*���
2 large dishpans.
4 large pitchers.
6 platters.
100 dessert plates.
6 large spoons.
Table and Tea spoonB.
Salt and peppers.
Sugar and creams.
Tea and coffee pots.
Dish towels.
The ladies will be at the pai*
sonage on Tuesday afternoon,
November 24fch, to receive all
donation-;, and it is asked that as
many as can will please tqri/jn
their gifts that day as the dishes
will be needed afe the supper on
the 26th.
Sale of Work and
Honie Cooking
, Rev. G. Williams, a returned missionary from Formosa, spoke on the
work In that country to a fair sized
audience in the United Church on
Wednesday night last. His trip
through western Canada is part of the
effort to aroiiBe fnterestin the church's
$4,000*000 budget of which amount it
is now announced the congregations
ut Kitchener, Lister, Canyon, Creston
stnd Wynndel are looked to to ralne
LXlon t miss- the season a
greatest Comedy success
SEAMD TENDERS will be received up till 4 p.m.,
TUESDAY. NOVEMBER, 24th, 1025, for the ereption oP a
Municipal Building, and the removing of the present. Firo
Hull. Plans and specifications may be seen at the Courthouse.    Lowest, or any tender not necessarily accepted.
W. O. TAYLOR, Olerk 6f Municipality.
in   a repeat performance
""by the Canyon Dramatic   ���
Company, in the
United Church, Greston
Thiirc   linif *)mt
1 tltll wf lUJig XO
8.00 \6.m. Prompt.
"You'll never stop laughing,"
say those^who Baw the play
at Canyon on the 13th.
Silver Goilecfion Taken
Dinner and then the IS how.
Dr. Henderson of Creston  paid Sir
dar a professional   visit   on   Tuesday,
being called here on   account   of   the
I'.lnesa of Mrs. Toierico,'   who   is   now
recovering nicely.
*: MrsT Jaef Coofc of-di*sfen5fl^S^'
or" with Sirdar ^friends this Week, the
guest of Mrs. Loasby,.    "
Sid McCabe' arrived back on Tuesday with the B&S crew and plant,
and-is busy on repair work at this
" John Toierico, "section foreman, who
has been on the. sick list for the past
three weeks, is now coming - around
nicely, and will shortly be back at
work. In his absence P. Lombardo is
in charge of the crew. "*"
Frank S*mister of Creston whs here
list week with his team and made
delivery of about 40 tons of Gait coal
to Sirdar householders. The shipment
was brought In by. Mr. Simister,
" Pt Cherbo-left a few days ago for
"Winnipeg;, Man., where he is combining business with a pleasure trip. In
his absence Mrs. Cherbo and son are
visiting with her daughter ut Hillcrest
S. Pascuzzo was a business visitor at
Creston on Monday on the loot'out for
a work hors^ to replace the one burned
in the"flre that destroyed his barn on
Saturday night. v   " ���
There was a good turnout and most
enjoyable time at the benefit dance at
the schoolhouse on Saturday night in
aid of the affairs of the late Frank
Cherbo,- who was drowned at the
Landing about -a month ago. The
affair was cut short due to the fire
alariiy being sounded just about the
time t:iie crowd w��s .preparing tb sit'
down to lunch. * The event was
launched by Que Oman, who was ably
assisted by Mr. und Mrs. Cam and
'< The moot dicjistroun flr*"- Sirdar has
had in many years occurred about
midnight Suturduy, when the barn on
the S. PasciiKZO ranch was discovered
on fl.ro, with the flames spreading so
rapidly that little or nothing could be
saved, n horse and two cows being
aniohgfit tho property destroyed, as j
well nn bay and Implement*-.. Aboxit
the only thing saved wm*. a cow which
In the excitement broko loose from tbe
stall and managed to break through
the barn siding and escape with considerable scorching, but able to get
around.... The iiro is moat likely'due to
combustion in the hay, and* will ��*ntnil
a loss In tho neighborhood of 91000,
witd no insurance. |
Review advts. get results, according
-to H. Stewart,- who recently-advertised
a number of young pigs for sale, sell-.
ing the whole lot of them; some of the
buyers being at -Boswell,
JLne    Alice
%-?e^a^C^^fc-fi ,on, W^n^da^ -^i^i t
fo^����da_ce in the Grand T&eatre=4��ll-.
room/Vhd'orf* the 27th. are booked to
rynnde..   -'
l'"_r-l'' ?*^
assist at a eoncert al
Pork���Fresh killed,
feeding, ready Friday
at Jackson's Store.
and   our  own
and   Saturday*
Applications will be received by the
undersigned up to Saturday, December, 5th, 1025, for the position of
manager of the Eriekson branch of the
CrestonfValley  Co Operative   Assoc!-.
��� ..��-.-.            T"U���. _^.*_.a_.S-*.��_.*.!^it=_r_ anmlar,    f      ^
             ��M��_a v*-m.mm.��_,_..>       mmm.rn.mjj       - -        ���
MAWSON, secretary.
Tenders will be recived up till
Thursday, December 10th, 1925 for 500
35^foot poles and the digging of 600
pole holes. I'or full particulars see
E. C. Gibbs at the postofflce, Cr**ston,
or write Nakusp Power & Light Company, Nakusp, B.C.
The Laaies' Aid of the United
Church are having their
Thanksgiving Dinner in
Unltfliri Glmrch BasemBnt
TiiiiR linif 5i
SIX to EIGHT p.m.
Et.oast %&nichen ana yip^yn-y
Pumpkin Pie
and  all  the   other  old  time
Dinner  dishes.
IjseilEQi Qfl j��tJv*t
*C*-,ro-(-.*��**T.irvfl V *C*7*-*-loA*ir,a1-., !���������_-.���������������__ *wwk*ji -. ^mnya^iftmJtMfft jbj l*<fttii;i in. . 4 ���������nm  TT  OSE   KkVlEW,    CRIE^TON,   B.   G.  People who use "Red Rose"  are usually  those who like tea ol extra good quality  Latest Triumph Of  British Optical Industry  The ORANGE PEKOE is extra good.    Try it!  Ill i i.i  " '���������' _ '       '..' ' ' "        7 .��������� ���������    i      ' ���������    ��������� i m  Tlie Cqming General Erection  The outstanding event of the week* in which this article is written was  the dissolution of."Parliament and the calling of a general election to take  place next month to choose a new House of Commons. This is a matter in  which every citizen of Canada is vitally interested regardless of individual  party vie.ws and affiliations or position occupied in the.economic life of the  Dominion.  The fortunes of political parties are not the concern "of this particular  column; what, we are concerned about are the' fortunes of the Dominion of  Canada, and, in particular, of Western Canada because of a profound conviction that it will only be through the settlement, the development, the prosperity of this vast western land that permanent growth and prosperity will  come to the Dominion as a whole. Support given, or opposition voiced. .In  this column to any given policy in the past, or'that may be given or voiced  in the future, is not because such policy may originate with any "particular  political parts', hut because of its bearing on Canada's progress and prosperity.  In the coming election, as in all elections, many conscientious voters will  find themselves in somewliat of a quandary just how to mark their ballot paper.  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The: problem is there, but in the final analysis  it.must be decided by the voter.  One thing the individual voter can do, and that is to use all his influence  to secure the selection of a candidate In whom he has every confidence as a  local representative by the party whose policies he supports and in whose  leaders he has confidence. Such action on his part is one of the duties of  citizenship which the individual voter owes to bis country. ���������-  Another course of action on the part of the individual voter is to refrain  pledging his support to any one candidate until all the candidates arein.the  field, and the opposing policies of the contending parties are clearly outlined  and understood. f Nobody should pledge such a valuable thing as their vote  "in the dark" ancl without full knowledge of all the facts which have a bearing  in the election. w .^    ?.  In the approaching election thejre is another and grave consideration which  must influence the voter in the marking of his ballot. Since Confederation,  with the exception of the last four years, the party in power at Ottawa, whether  Liberal, Conservative or Unionist, has always commanded a substantial and  working majority.. It was able to govern, and if it was guilty of neglect and  failure to grapple and deal with national problems, the responsibility rested  squarely on its shoulders.  During the past four years the Government of the day did not-liosseris Such  ii majority. Tho House of Commons was divided into three distinct groups,  each with policies of their own. The outstanding feature of Conservative  policy was wholly unacceptable to the Progressive group and to the vast majority of the Government following; the principles and primary features of  Progressive policy were equally unacceptable to tht- Conservatives and to a  terrain section of the Liberals. Inasmuch as the Government -of tho day  had to depend upon the support of one group or the other, a deadlock usually  resulted, and party considerations and manoeuvrlngs became paramount to the  n.itlonal welfare and progress.  As a result, Canada has drifted at a time when decisive action was urgently m'���������������������������led. Everybody recognizes the situation. The Opposition make it a  charge against the Government; the Government admits the situation has  c.*-:i.*"ieil bur holds it-seli? blameless in view of the conditions whicluconfronted it.  Great Britain _*ufE������"*re.-l from exactly the same situation until an election  bream..* imperailv-e. Then the people put an'end to an impossible situation  by t-.--uirnln.p- one party wirh an overwhelming majority and a clear mandate  to govern. In th* \a.*i United States election the voters were faced with a  s-irnllar r-robl'-m, and Ui'-y. too, decided In the interests of good government  to giv������- on.- group a o!**ar and substantial working majority.  In liifr f-t'-r-tion n <*���������-���������_ r month the voters of Canada must face thi* lasuo and  ri'-cid-* It, J'r.garrl)<���������������������������>*��������� of the outcome of the voting, it is important that do-  cisivo action one way or the other be taken, and an end put to prosont Indecision and drifting leading to worse than stagnation in tho development and  carrying into effect of policies and reforms calculated to promoto the national  w-'lfar**-.  Make Better Lenses Than .Any Other  -  Country Iri World  A cinematograph machine which will  take 4.800 pitcures a second is one of  the latest triumphs of Britisii makers  of ^optical instruments. It can be  needle show-. Tor. example, the effect  pf the Impact of projectiles on armored plate.'  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It ia about time for people to wake  up to the fact that Chinese legal ideas,  like her arts, were very advanced  when Europ'o was in a state of barbarism.���������New York Telegram.  Tourist   Traffic ��������� Extending   North  Northern--Rockies   Will   Be   Mecca   of  World Says Louis W. HiU  "World tourist traffic Is tending  north. This generation will see the  time when the Northern Rockies will  be the Mecca of the wealth and society of Europe and America. The  next, generation will' see ..the dev el op-  men t of Alaska as the centre of the  world tourist traffic." < This is the  opinion expressed here by Louis W.  Hill, president of the Great Northern  Railway, and son of the famous fountt-  eryuC tlie road, James J. Hill .        -.>  Mr. Hill, who is motoring through  the Canadian Rockies with William  Kenny,- vice-president of his road, expresses the hope that the United  States will copy the superior park  laws and highways which he has found  north of the border.  As the one to whom credit Is given  for discovering and opening up Glacier National Park, Montana, Mr. IIIH  believes that good auto roads are now  the strongest medium for developing  the tourist-possibilities of a country.  Such roads as the Banff-Windermere  highway will in the next generation  stretch clear Into the wilds of Alaska,  he predicted.  DON'T WAIT?  'till you get sick. ~  Use Minard's������������������ the great  '������������������-., .1 preventative, y y   .  Ottawa,-in Canada; Sydney, Melbourne "and Perth, in Australia; and  Pretoria in South Africa, all have the  right to mint their own gold coins.  Corns are painful growths,  way's Corn Remover will  them.  Hollo-  remove  Mother Graves' \Vorra Exterminator  will drive worms from the system  without injury to the "child, because its  action, while fully effective, is mild.  dealer or by mall at 50c a box  The Dr. Williams' Medicine  Brockville, Ont.  from  Co.,  Riffians  Are   Good   Fighters  Fletcher's  f   *'. 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"Paj-lt . *_*bv<9*i*o  DKMV|KIG*PAlN*nNC*MODELUNC*DESIGN  DIPUOMA. COURSE ��������� JUNIOR COURSE.  TEACHERS COURSE ��������� C*OMMERClAL ART  CA-RE1D R*C A* PrlnctpAl  5������B*lon 1025-20 Opaits Ootaber 5th  ,. For 'Protpechu ylfipfa   To Ihefhlrat  *-*0  Ti������ .'-void imitations, always look for the aitf-nature of  Cife*^/? A&^cJjt^*  -A....f..u.**.v   If,-s.rrt:!.--;';     N.'������   <)',i\u\r-..     i'lt/V-Ctuii*!   c.'<-rn*-'h",rc   j-'-couir.ittid  it-  Are Holding Their Own "'���������'Aaalrist  France and Spain  The Itlfllun tribesmen 111 Morocco  wi/t bo able lo maintain their Independence' against the French and  Spaniards far some time, in the opinion of Rlr Charles Hohhouse. former  Britisii army ollicor, and ox-postmas-  tor-general, who has returned to L.on.-  dott from In*-pert in-- Him condition of  the Itifllari refugeo-i at Tangier, on behalf of the League of Nations.  "Despite gitmdloHo slnrloft, lhe Hlf-  thniH urn holding tlu-Ir own against,  '���������"ranee and Spain," he laid the newspapermen. "II will undoubtedly hu a  eime of Europe ngnlast Africa, If the  v,'*iv !'*, '*.���������..���������!������"<! on, und It lool:.", "v.* !"'  Africa will hold her own, and a little  more,  "The lUffs are ������i-eal. fighters. They  hav-i up-to-date cqulpim-iil,'and their  Fender, Abd-el-lvrlni, Im a nitui of re-  iiiiu kuhle military  capacity.",  Keep  Minar-J'-i  Lin I ment In the  house  W.    N.    IT.     inui  Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for  Meaduch  Fain  Neuralgia  Toothachi  Colds  Neu ri Lis  Lumbago  Rheumatism  ___.      iiJLf *���������  Accept   only  4-Bayer"   package  which contains proven directions.  llim-ly   t'lJ������v������i"   ho.wH   of   12   tuhlutm  Al-u������ hoUW of-2-t und 100   -Dnigslut-i.  AMj.lrli*  U llj* trad.-   m������rk   .wiflHt.'nc.l   lu  Oii-iuila"   ft llnj-iT Ma-infjii-lmy  *>f (Mohojiim-Uc*-  _.<-Ma-������|..r of Ha.lli'rllci-1-lal J Ao.-fvl Miillc-UI.- Aria!, "A. S, A."I. Wlilla- ll U well UliaivtM  Unit An>Ul.i tui'uii-i llujf������.*r UJBiJUfnctura'. In u.itaUt Ilu- -uit'lK* uculiixt liriltal lonw, llit> Tul.li-ti*  of   Hi������y������r Uum\it4.uf  will  U- uluuim-U  wltu   iU������������lp gfimrnl   icmltt  iMarU,  lUu   "llnycc Omii."  nm ,.-',',H--..s,'.j,������?;ii'iA^;vfe!--.ft,o**1^.*  tjte  review; creston  b.  c  Canada ]V[-ust HoU* Fast To  JL?m^   j. nat   vy^Ids   x ogetlier  Component Parts Of Empire  Revering of some of the old ties ofi  the-Bi"ii.i������*h Empire- is natural nnd rea- ������������������.  sonable  progi-'ess; but few  in  Cultivation Of Drug Plants  Used For  Canada : Small Plot of Land Might be  think on that accounttliat the empire j ' Tris- Purpose '  i.s disintegrating; said Sir George j Formerly, as" Mr. John Adonis.-as-  Foster, in a public address at Vic- J sistant dominion botanist, says in his  toria. bulletin    on    "Medicinal    plants    and  "Some    people    say   Jt   would    not  Their Cultivation in Canada," certain  snake any difference if the .empire was  a republic, nnd headed by a president  or a monarchy headed by <a King/' Sir  George added.       ^  "'But tho - British Empire/"scattered  as it is .over the surface of the world  and composed of races; and. tribes of  All colors and beliefs, is licki together  by that common sovereignty' of ours.  "'It is symbol oi sovereignty that has  made the British Empire what it is  and we must holu* fast to that link that  welds into a wJiole -all the scattered  parts of the empire."  Market. For .Western Wheat  Norway   Will -Get   Wheat   In. Canada  "   '"' Says Commissioner  Most of the wheat Norway requires  this year will come from Canada, ac-  j / ^  cording to A. Johannessen, of tbe Norwegian   food   commission,   Olsoj   who  visited Winnipeg, on his.-way through'  the west to study crop arid marketing  conditions leere.        ���������-..-_���������-.-"7  Many European millers and grain  merchants suffered such heavy losses  during-"the slump in wheat prices  frota" February to May- this year that  they will be-afraid of making large  contracts for next year he-said. "  ;-kJS.il the iuipprtytrade of grains and  flour to Norway is handled by the  Norwegian Government, Mr. Johannessen explained. It is .a provisional  measure, adopted during the war, and  which the government still finds ad-  visabJe to keep in force owing to unfavorable ������������������'agricultural condi tions v-in  1 hey country. .7- From 1.914 to 1917  ..private ������������������ importers \as well as the  government handled import trade of  grains. In 3 917 Ihe^govjerjauieiit took  it over entii'-jly.  urug pjants growing'wild in this-country were io. be had lor the mere  trouble of gathering. Excess of use  of this privilege has led to their scare  Dominions  Need   Population  Strong  Rapid Progress Depends On  Immigration Policy  Continued and rapid progress in the  -Dominions depends upon the contin-  uedrand rapid increase of their population, s&ys the London Morning Post.  Such increase can only be accomplished by means of inter-imperiai migra- -   New Profession For Women  lion.    v. There  are   in   this   eountrv   a  n    ������ ��������� ������ -  great niany more persons than the' industries of , the country can support.  But-before any large scheme of emigration can. be carried into execution,  it ls necessary to ensure that new settlers in the Dominions shall bo provided with a market for.their produce*.  Great Britain is tho best market in  the world:  and hy weans *>f ?������  polic*  ,..,_, ....      .,,   _.      ^ , ot preference the products of the Do-  lty and in then-wild state to such prac-   ���������,,J7 ���������  .       * 7>>_ ,       _,     *  ��������� minions may  De given the^advantagS  .- 7.  Alfalfa Is Good Horse Feed  Experiments. Show Prejudice Against  It'ls Unfounded  An cxpeiiment conducted by the  Michigan Agricultural College seems  to show th*a"t, to some- extent..at least,  the . prejudice', against '-.alfalfa as a  horse feed i_* not. founded on fact;  Horses which Avere fed alfalfa regularly for a year- maintained their  weight, and "good condition, and did  just-as much work at less feed cost'  than their te^jn-matcs.  Nine teams, of! horses-, varying from  2V4 to J-l yeaiisd age, were selected  fcTr lhe expeiiment. One horse ol  each team was fed corn and alfalfa '.incl  -thevplhei' corn, bats and timothy: ���������  Thealfaira-reclr horses consumed an  tical disappearance as now toi^quire  their cultivation. Particularly is this  true of Seneca snake root and Golden  Seal. Mr. Adams, in dealing-with this  subject, gives the common sense advice that unless a farmer can convince  himself that he can" realize larger  profits per acre from the growth of  drug^plants than from the usual farm  products, he would be unwise to. attempt it unless as a sort of subsidiary  means of -supplementing his income.  However, he ca.mrun no risk by devoting a small plot of about an acre to  drug plant culture as an experiment  for a few years. He might grow at  least ten different sorts of those best  suited to his locality. ' The plants for  which there is demand are: Golden  Seal, which is collected in autumn after the seeds have ripened; white mustard, the. seeds of which, and Black  Mustard,-'wlien ground and mixed, constitute the mustard of commerce; Seneca Snake Root or Mountain Flax,  is collected in autumn and can' be  grown on any soil suitable for field  crops; Marsh ���������Mallow,>Sacr-ed Bark or  Bearberry, Anise, Caraway, Coriander,  Fennel, "VVintergreeh or -.Clie.ckerberry-,"  Horehound, Peppermint and others,  descriptions of all of which are given  in the bulletin, which can be had by  addressing the'publication branch, Ottawa. .Above everything farmers ar.e  warned: against paying heed to flamboyant advertisements purporting to  tell of big profits that can be made by  growing medicinal plants.    -  over foreign products.,. But, again,-  the possibility^^, emigration on a great  scale depends upon the working together, of Liie^ Dominions with this  country. _&ew essential it is to  their populations \yith"English stock  the Dominions have not yet thoroughly understood. It appeared in the  course of the parliamentary debate  that, by reason of delay overseas, some  50,000 persons, approved by the authorities, ar.e waiting to migrate.  Plenty Of Flowers In Canada  Many Cultivated in England That  .Grew Wi.d Here  tady Byng, .who is an enthusiastic  flower ioverf wishes to transplant  some Canadian flowers to her English  garden and to that end sent for her  English gardener to make a special  study .of.-these "wild things. Recently  at Jasper lodge, before a little audience invited to me e t her, she spoke  Informally on the subject. She commented on - the number of flowers  which she said 'over in England*^*-ere  only to be found in gardens, and there  were frequently cultivated at considerable cost, but which out here In Canada people literally trod underfoot,  . they -were"'.'sop.plentiful. 7 She urged  j the members to* cultivate f rock gardens in Jasper. Her Excellency said  It was astonishing^ how many people  overseas thought that there were no  flowers in Canada.  _; f^T^  ��������� JLXJ'JLA  Increaeed Taxati  INecessarily F<  For Better Public Service  olio w  * V   Canadian    Finance,    of    Winnipeg.  '        ��������� ���������-.    - i points out that we are too apt lo cry  rd    Hospitai    in    New   York    Does,? tt"?,v against .irhjit. LaXaiion lakes  from  Flourishing Business .      \n*' "vrithout reckoning up in tbe other  Miss Emilia Steinacber, niece of the 1 column   what  'it is  late Dr. J. J. Henna, one of the foun  ders  of the French  Hospital  in Now j should . be  York, and for many  years chief sur- j *������'bich the  taxes are  geon there, has the unique profession (are th������igs which  of bird surgeon.      Receiving her surgical    training    from    her uncle, Miss  Steinacber applied her. skill to feathered  pets' and has restored  hundreds  ol" sick birds to health during fche past  twenty-three    years.    - She    was    the  only visiting physician on the staff ot  the     late     Miss    "Virginia   Pope,  well  known bird doctor, who maintained a  home for birds in New York for many  years. -n  At Miss Steinacher's hospital and  boarding home for feathered pets are  birds suffering from various, troubles.  One bullfincn is slowly gettiug feathers again, on his bald head,> tho bald--  ness being due. to an over-rich diet at  the hands of a fond owner. A handsome green parrot- that had been too  weak to stand and had laid for days Impending in recent years has run away  on a cushion, is now talking again with  a return-to his previous spirits. A  troopear is recovering the use of a  badly mended leg that Miss Steinacber  reset. A once blind" canary now sees*  after the surgeon had removed three  growths' irom its eye. '        r  y Miss Steiaacher claims that a real  love for birds is a necessary basis for  all successful treatment and care of  them. She operates on little canaries to remote tumors, mends broHten  legs and wings, prescribes: special diets  for upset digestions and intestinal disorders and trains birds in good habits,  such as daily baths and neatness with  their seed.  taxation   does   for   up.  not. so much  the    taxation" that  criticized    as the way in  spent.       If tliez-e  can    be    dispensed  with as needless luxuries, then  taxes  fijtoulsl net be raised in oruer io purchase them.      Uut civilized    men,    in  communities   that   are   organized,   demand so many services, that the chief  question   is   to  supply   these   services  at reasonable cost to-the taxpayer who  wants them.    ,  Citizens, says Canadian Finance,  cannot expect to be considered consistent if they clamor for improvements in one breath^ and for lower  taxes in the next, for no progress can-  be made in that waj-. What people  get in the way of public improvement  they must pay for, and. they can't havo  everything they want atfd lower taxes  too.  At    the     same    time, while   public  One of the Mysteries  No  Ignorant Of Canada  12,2 pounds* oT. corn and  while  One Has Ever Found the Nature, of  ^      v    Light  ,-  Immortality    awaits     the    research  worker' who can solve"*the mystery ol  the nature of light.  The theory that light consists of  waves is apparently substantiated by.  such phenomena as reflection..     -  On    tho    other hand, many experiments    seem    to uphold the quantum  theory,'.the  theory that light consists I  of definite particles of energy.   .  Phs'.sieitfls find themselves up  against a real difficulty. '��������� One wit in  the scjontiflc world says'that they, are  solving the problem " by using- J the  wave theory nn Monday, Wednesifcty  and Friday ant. the quantum theory on |  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.'  average    ol  17.!>3   of alfalfa  r'fer , day;   whilh    the What   Advertising    Does  others ate S pounds- of corn-ivnd C.23 * Adv<*rtjsing���������published news o  pounds of oats, with :i9."������i> pounds of j available goods, investments and serv-  -timothy. It costs 31 cents a day fori ices���������enlarges the market and creates  feed1 with the '"alfalfa-led 'horses ami'new wants-. More advertising, more  3"- cents   for  the  timothy-fed  horses.-'production,    more    consumption    and  Saskatchewan Leads  .  With. Registered Seed  Has Three Hundred Growers Against  lYlanitoba's F^rty-eight  The field inspection of registered  seed in the western provinces is now  practically finished for the season.  The number of fields , is slightly increased   from   last  year,   although   at  j first the applications were somewhat  less.      The number picked up on the  i way by -inspectors has brought tho  total well np. Saskatchewan leads  with about 300 growers of registered  seed. Manitoba has.4$ this year as  against 31 .last season.  In Saskatchewan the seed grain  competitions were.also judged and, as  the provincial staff of district representatives was working pn this, the Dominion seed branch staff joined forces  aud pooled the work to,avold duplication of routes.  The former.gulned an .average of 21  pott fids "ititrlng , the year, and their  iii rite si lost 1,7 pounds each.  (more   accumulation  of wealth!     ' Ad'-  BritisK  Boys  For  Alberta  Contingent   of , Boys   "for   Training   at  yAlberta Government Farm   School  Arrangementh are now being made  for,-bringing ever this -yenr'.s contingent of nrU.i.sh l"������rni boyf^ I'or training  at. tlie Alberta tiovernu.ent rarm  schools. 7  Hon. (Seoj'ge Hon d ley Iiiik finked  that 'they bo'hern by tho. middle ;6f  "���������de'tobet* as the schools wilt open October 27. Tluii'ryl.- to bun maximum.  limit ol* 100' boys, and they will be  routed^ "*illr<e������.:t." from Mug I and l.o lhe'  ���������three sehobln nl: Vermilion, OMh and  drire.'*liolni.  phi.n to (ollowed this year,  'ItidH will pay their own  t'eliooh*,  nntl  tlie  oveVne:**-  _._.<_U.|    U'll!    ' i-lur.Jj/"J*;ili"    ilu-;  .lOvcnimHil   nn ,������   monthly  lKiMs,;  Jl. i.s'nut IclpiiN-il the lull quoin will  he ri'i.ehi'it  without  d I III cully,  vortislng is the  making -a poor  soil belter.  rerfilizor  soil good  of business,  nnd a good  Buying  Cenminy  goods.      In  More Canadian Goods  li. buying more Canadian  the twelve month.'- Glided  July, Canadian export-- to CJurnuuiy  were "f:52,4as.2<>R, tui increase of fourteen million dollars. Canadian purchases in Genut.ny, oh "fHie-olher hand,  were $0,035,2(55, an increase of Iohb  than one million dollars.  Under tin*  4 he- 1 Iritis 11  way ai I   the  i'-������-J I h-'iue'jit    ,  Vvn v I n<*l-i I  per.enpUa  -���������  Reviving the Ancient  Flowers that bloomed in ancient  Egypt.. 20 centuries before Cleopatra,,  and wheat mul barley,.taken into the  royal tombs to sustain Pharaohs on  their post-mortem travels, have been  brought to Chicago by Prof. James  Henry Breasted, noted Egyptologist of  the Chicago University.  Premier Ferguson -Tells English  Journalists He Was Amazed  The married farmer with sufficient  money to establish himself: and,-the  boy- from the middle classes who can  be trained into a farmer are the kind  of Immigrants'.Ontario most desires,  Premier <_"-.' -H. Ferguson" told? a party  of ten, English ' journalists w;h6 were  in Toronto in the course of a- tour of  the Dominion.  ���������Mr. Ferguson^ told the journalists  that when he -was in England the  thing that amazed htm was the want  of knowledge of Canada and conditions  ln Canada. "I found that people knew  far more about. Australia and New  Zealand thaa they df4 of -this CountiT.  We '.need men: over- there who really  understand conditions In, Canada." ���������  beyond all bounds, anybody who hopes  to get back to the low taxes of 20 years  ago, is in<lialgtug in aii elusive dream.  To get back to tlie liovrer tax-/ levels  would mean to get back to the Inferior  school systems and the bad roads and  poorer lighting of those days.  Taxpayers are paying for more than  they were and in many cases more  than they should; but it should no*  be forgotten that they are getting  more, too, and that in many Instances  srhat they "are getting Is worth the  price they pay.   ,.  This is no argument for extravagance. ISxtravagance with taxes is  a. wicked injustice upon those whose  hard won earnings contribute to the  public treasury,-and is not. only directly burdensome, but is made indirectly  1 pernicious by tlie-poison of a demoral  izing examp'e.  Settlers From  Uoitedl  States  Adjustable Wate*?������ Wheel  ���������Will  Rise and  Fall Any Height Up to  36 Feet  A water wheel has been invented  which jfi designed to adjust itself automatically to'"the varying height'of  the. propelling stream. As first constructed the wheel has eight V-shaped paddles about 13 feet long and 1-1  Indies wide, and'it is so mounted on  an airtight tank that lt rises and falls  with the river's changes through any  Time For Beat Work '  TeH'l.'- performed ou 112 students at  Colgate University by Dr. Donald  Ijiih'd, indicate that, tho average.mind  does-its best worlc at S'n'.ni. and tho  poorosI:. work at -1 p.m, "Wednesday  it- the best day of the week nnd'Saturday the poorest.  Many   American   Farmers   Taking   Up  Land  tn Western  Canada  Returned ircm what he regards as  a remarkably encouraging inspection  of the various, agencies in the niid-  western, uorihweste-rn and southwestern states; J. Bruce Walker, super  tendent or immigration in the "Cfiuted  States, states that from April 1 to Au-  gust 31, of this year the number of  farmers sent up from tliese states to  settle land in Western Canada shows  an 5iicrea.se.' of 50 per cent, over the  figures for the same-period aiui from  the. same region last year.  He stated, too, that from March 1  to August 3i litis year the Canadian  National Railways, the Canadian Pacific Railways and the Hudson's^ Hay  Company'sold more land in Western  Canada than iu a similar period Tor  the past ten ^ears.  : **A11 hW^:hav<iitd:.:iaoy,L said Mr,-'Walker, "is to get those Western American runners to go and see Canada;  Canada will do the rest. It* Canada  Willi her wond-irfulTvvheat fields cannot induce these iHeople* to stay no  other agency can,. They are going  lo Canada in steadily'increasing numbers  to see ih*1 country  and j-teadily  Bulgaria 1b using convict labor in an  extensive programme of reforestation, j  XractorS' and^Xnresli^rs for tlie Harvest  ol ji man  iJUIll.  until jitter he h:.s made h<'i"  m������&  height up to 36 feet. \ It is used for  pumping irrigating water from a cits- f increasing numbers of ihosi- people  lance of 280 feet to a height of 70 feet ;U-G taking "mid and staying. lie-  above the source. Pumps and gear- ,)orts fro1��������� armies of ihe department  ing are placed on the river bank, and hvherever located in th������* Fni:<d States  Hie wheel airl-tank are cpnijMi'Cted by a' 5lii u.\\ ^\u;. . aino storv."  shaft having universal    couplings    at:. . _' *___���������  oachend.-.  ^ Borrowed Fashion  "1~~ '     Indian girls yn the Glacier Xatlonul  Park  reservation   bub  :heir  hair just  Hkc the pale ind' city misi.es.      Th- y  "?, use ^rouge,  too. of ;i hue   ihat   blend.-  with their eopp'r colored eonipb-xioii.  And  'he wi_u������ii"t_t ������������i������J hiiwawta umke ia  for them from liei-bs'which ihey gather on-the wood-Hi slopes of the -Rocky  Mountains.      Out   in   I be   west > 1 hi'.--������.  Indian.-*   take   it   for   granted   that   tin*  pah*  ftic-- girls got  the  idea  of cheek  palm lug   from   the   American    ImHttn  custom. ju*-t  an  the  i lie     is_uj-     ijoiibing  "v. hile  >i.--ta-i>."  r  W.    N.   'I'  J.r.iH  ������������������nn..  l������.-|a*t nl' ii reford Hhipineni of tractors and threshers from Ihe J. T, Capo Threshing  Machine  witji'li   /eit   i In iv   recent I,v   over Ca iiru) Ian tMciljc lines I'or lhe western wheat  Uelda.    '  Company, of Tor-  Lixli.tn   girls   liio'.i  iuthu   ij'osu   iit������ .;  First CertEue Taken *'  1'r.lil two year.-; ;igo no ('{���������ii.suj; ni" iha������  popu hit ion ot  J'ji]������'.-������ In.- had  been   i,-ii -  -���������fi .^ince the lime of Solomon,    in )WJ'l,  llu-re  w*'l*e   S.'!.7J>j1   Jews   in   the   emit;  in  '   l(������a|.-iy  ilu- I r������l;������F     in     ���������������< linim a-i|      ���������<. *  1 lus.tJitia.  imwii,iai_iM-i*i������M*iHii .THE  CBESTOK BEVISW  -EtAM.EiR4-ES ''" "  MrviceIswk)n::  Local and Personal  AU the late~sheet music popular hits*  and all the new Victor Sis Master's  Voice records at Creston Drug & Book  Store. * j  November 27th. A feature to the vocal  numbers will be several Harry Lauder  mmXt  __ *__fM9^M*mmWmm\tmm\     *__9 _Oj_____!__^  MmWGJmWim^Bg fWSBMmt feS^S"  ���������am aM Winter  Lidgate Bros.  SJ&M mnel iieavjr  reputed to be" a chip,ofi* the old blopfe.  Por good   measure' the   Alice " Siding  I Musical   Party   will" render    several  selections.-,       -. -         ���������     _   _     _  Gobbett Tanch when 13 geese were  shot for with twelve entries on each  bii*d. Frank Staples was the high  guis with three birds. Ray McKelvey  and R. B. Staples -"cuch got twos and  Gerald Timmons. H. Christie, Joe  Romano, JL.. Littiejohn and Geo. Lead-  beater one each.  There was   n   fine   turnout   at   the  November ~ congregational   social- ��������� of  numbers by   his  understudy,   who - sb- Christ Church i_ the. Parish   Hall -on  [Friday night, the feature o> which  was .the music. for darieiog by the  eight-piece orchestra of the Alice Siding Musical Party, with * Hector Stew  art in charge of the floor. The fore '  part of the evening was Riven over to  whist at which the prize scores were  made by Mrs. B.' W. Payne and Jobs*  Murrell. Th������ Guild ladies served a  Very'fine lunch, and" the evening was  very much enjoyed by all.  S  ,L5  ftddtdd  11BAI   B  SIfll  1  New Stock of  Harness  Second Hand Store in  connection  Am WlirmhaW  Shoe and Harness Repairing  hrlstmas  -   ���������.  Call and see the ROYAL.  series, also the MXJTXJ AL.  Greeting Card   samples.  I take orders.    No deposit.  Delivery any time before  Christmas.  H. L. Crosthwait on Friday disposed  of his fine "five-acre ranch adjoining  town to a Mr. Morley of Coleman,.  Alberta, who has been in the Valley  for a few days looking over properties.  Mrs. Crosthwait and the two boys are  leaving at the end of-the week to spend  the winter In Montreal, but Mr,  Crosthwait will be remaining until  spring, when the new owner gets  possession.  The enlarged irrigation committee  of the board of trade which' is now-  made  up   of   Jas. Adlard,   chairman;  B. Start.   C. W. Allan,   ES. C. Gibbs  C. F. Hayes and S. A. Speers, had its  first meeting on Tuesday night when  the whole irrigation problrm was  threshed out and plans laid for investigational 'work, definite action or. some  one of which will be taken almost  immediately.  A preliminary gathering of the cnrl  ing enthusiasts was held at the'Fraser  Bakery on Fiiday night when the  ptospects of having a season at the  roarin* game was discussed and it was  decided to canvass the town and  district for members and to see what  arrangements could be made for ice  with the i-ino. management, and xeport  at another' meeting. M.". R. .Joyce  presided, and the utmost enthusiasm  prevailed. *"*  AirHvbo appreciate the oldtime popular concerts of solos, duetts, choruses  and litereary numbers from hand  picked local talent should , be at. the  concert and musibale at the old school-  house.   "Wynndel,   on   Friday   night.  GRAND  \  IHEBBBY GIVE NOTICES that on MONDAY, the 7tli day of D__JO^JMBBfClS25/at the hour of  10 a.in., at the Court house,'Nelson, B.C;, T shall Offer for Bale at Public Auction the mineral claims in the  list hereinafter set out,, ot ths persons in the -aid list hereinafter sat out", for delinquent taxes unpaid by said  persons on the 30th day of June, 1925, and for penalty, costs and expenses, it the., cot-l au&ouz&t.' du@ la saot  sooner paid. ���������-. *  '   '������������������-. -    * ~y *        \ '   -"       " "       ^    * -v*"   *-'  The Collector will be pleased to -receive any ' informatiori respecting the following ,list -where the  owner is or. was a member of the Allied Forces and entitled to the benefits of Section 151 (2) of the  ���������'Taxation .Act 1922.** . *:  LIST OF PROPERTIES  /  NELSON MINING DIVISION  -2Sr-  NAME OF OWNER  NAME OF CLAIM  XjOtNo.  Tax.  Penalty  Costs and  Expenses -  TOTAL,  Helen Louise Lueke   Lake, John   G..  Heatbcote, G. W. B. _���������_.  Devlin. - John G .   Archibald,  Helen (et al)   V. MAWSON  CRESTON  Davenport, A. L.  Devlin,. John G.  Purgold, Thos   Hutchinson, R, A. (et al).  .Armour Plate   ,r��������� Aim --  " -31.00  -  B  .Bethel 1_   10222  13.00  .  rC       *      '-  -  .Canadian Belle -  .Columbia ___..,..   .    -4788   _ 8870,  - .12.75  13.00  .Deer Trail^   .Delware.. ...J.  ..... 2814   5136  11.00  10.00  -  _*.-  _-  ���������  .Edward D.   .Evening Star-    8872  .mmmm.m%mmmmm .*..^_.^.*_M   lO    ,,������  0.00  - ...10.00  .55  .65  13.75  13.75  25.30  27.40  .64  .66  13.76  18.75  .     27.14  27.40  .55   .  .50  13.75  13.75  25.30  . ;    24.25  .80  .50  13.75  .13.75  20.05  24.25  .-Flying Dutchman   .._  -._6146'  Green City G. M. S. & D Co .!....:.. Hallaes ; 1 ^ 5467  McLeod, Harry ���������.__.;.���������._j^^_..:...^_lianky pansy FractiOaa i.^^4808  Hutchinson, It. A. (et nl) __~, . ; Independence .���������  "Orowther.    .Joseph ..&       vv.iieaViey,   -  3osephi:���������_������������������^__7i_. 1 _. ... .Iroquois .  Green, G. H. ..���������.1_���������.^_ . __Iroh Silver.   -  OGILVIE Goods are dependable  Just Arrived  Men's and Boys  HEAVY  Rubbers  Shirts  Socks  and  Mitts  PRICES EIGHT.  Jacksons  in the  Old School House  DUCK CREEK  on  FrMiUi' Mnw -97  DOORS open at 7.30  CONCERT at 8 p.m.  Mi Leod, Harry   i ���������  Grieve, A. D..���������.  Hutchinson. K. A. (et al).._  McLeod, Harry   Purgold, Thos. -._ 1_   Devlin, J. G._..  ...Kipling Fraction-.  ...Last Chance.  _^j5148   -������. 2SI  __>3342   4810   ^4834  M  ���������.^Mars   .. .Marl pose ,   _. Morning Star���������,  ...5149  -,_4809  _3779  9.75  9.75  tfc.W  5.75  4.00  8.50  1.50  13.00  12.SS5  10.25  12.00  .43-  .40  .29  .20  .43  .08  13.75  13.75  13.75  13.75  13.75  1&75  ^.9S  23.99  mfm *\m.  xt.vo  19.79  mm. _n,_a_.  16.33  N  Hutchinson, K. A. (et'al)^ ^,  Hjitchinson, R. A. (et al).. ..  Green, G. H.... ;.... r.  Brassey, Sir Thos. A. ^.  Brassey, Sir Thos. A  ...  .   Navada.���������     m. '       ^....  ......8869  7.50  *  jP   Phoebus...���������^ . :   ....Pilot Knob_-^.^_.^^   .-...5147  ......5145  7.50  12.25  s   Silver Queen ; .    Star of the East. .    Star of the West __. ���������  ~.^5477   1312  _13U  8.00  9.50  8.75  IHutchinson, R. A   Hutchinson, B. A. .  Parker, C. M. (et al).._   Venus.....  ���������;   Venus Fraction:.  ���������Yakignii:  .^......���������...���������5160  ._���������..^^2418   4227  11.75  4.25  4.25  .65  13.75  27.40  .61 -'  .51  .60  .13.75  13.75  -43.75  26.61  24.51  26.35  .38  13.75  21.63  .38  .61  18.75  13.715  21.63  .26.61  .40  .48  .44  13.76  ia75  13.75 v  2215  23.73  22.94  .59  .21  13.75  13.75  26.0W  18.21  .21  13.75  18.21  "���������"*-  - Old Favorite Songs  The Songs yon like.  "*  The Songs that never die.  High Class Musical Numbers  The Alice  Siding  Musical  Party,  with    the   noted    violinist,   Mr.  Lunt, and his pupils.  HARRY LAUDER'S  Understudy in several of his  favorite songs.  oa If you wish to spend onp enjnyable  evening before 1*1*25 bids us adieu Luke  in this concert and havi your wish  gratified; also help a good cause.  Admission . . 50c.  THE POPUL.AK FBICE.  Tickets and   Programmes at Mr.  E., ButterlMd find Mr. aTa**, Wood  Stores.  Come in your car and bring your  friends.  TRAIL CREEK MINING DIVISION  B ���������  British     Columbia      Phoenix       Co., - ,  Ltd     ^ iBanner Hill Fraction������������������.;._,..._3286  British      Columbia      Phoenix      Co., v  Ltd.  Black Pearls J.S34  Roaf, J.   R. ,  ...  ConoBtock...  ���������*������������������������������������������* ������mmvOvx  British     Columbia     Phoenix   Co.,    East    Columbia      Mountain  Ltd..          Fraction J. , ^ .8287  Gold Hill Mining Co.   Inland Mining Co.,  Ltd...   Gold H������I    ...Inland Empire   j".1." jjuanij.uut.j..ll'i(|'j-iilj.'.'v;������-^l'J"|8ij-iJ.!ig������-*J-iiwtm-HJSnaiituturJmuiiua  FIFTEEN HUNDRED CLUB  THIS IS OF VITAL INTEREST TO YOU. JoSn  the Forme and District Fifteen Hundred Club and  protect your family. No medical examination. Ho  profits. No shareholders. Persona of either eox.  may become members. Membernbip f<se, $5.00;  and $2.00 annual dues.  A. E. DAVIES. Representative, CRESTON  mt***mmt  C  i  '   -A    K  Blevins, J. D. (Estate).... .....Knoxville  Fraction���������  RS  Tern an, W. G j.   Mammoth ....  4_3rllUl������>4   \J������    Mv* .>,.u.,,,,i������.Mt,,,,.,..Ht.H,*oi>*>N-M*i������.������*iMliBCOb_.^M������^M������im^^  British      Columbia     Phocni"      Co.,  Ltd _���������-^ .... ���������. Mascot Fraction^   British      Oolumbia       Phoi.mlx     Co.  Ltd  ....^ ���������,Miohigamlo  ���������  N  a;o  .3880  .2106  'Z. ..... 085   1844  ���������ls������8  .-..1204   1048  Nest Egg Mining Co., Ltd.  Nest Egg...���������..   British       Columbia      Phoenix     Co.,  Ltd.  ���������  North Columbia Frac. 8285  Boyd, Joseph U.   .Red Eaglo-  ������_������  ���������������������������un  5  Inland Mining Oo.,|Ltd,  Ternan, W  ing Co.,|Ltd.  *     %*M $ mmr+*+*m *-������������������������**-*-*���������*  WPktrW mmmtmmmmm*  Ternan, W. G ������������  McKay, W.  M    ...Saginaw Fraction..'.  ^.......St. yLawrewco .  .-"Onolo 8am .  ������..Uu<-le E5a������a    1016  .3-181  ..1107  V  083  ��������� .8239  **<m mmm*  2.26  6.B0  i-  11.75  .50  13.00  13.00  .25  fe.25  11.00  4.00  3.50  11.50  .8.25  6.75  8.50  7.75  8.50  "10.00  .11  .33  .59  ,03  .65  .65  .01  18.75  13.76  18.75  13.75  18.76  19.76  18.75  18.11  20.68  25.09  14.28  27,40  27.40  14.01  .20  .65  18.75  18,76  10.26  25.30  .20  13.7d  rimim  .18  18,76  .17.48  .58  13.75  25.D3  .41  13.75  22.41  ,'M  ���������18  .80  .43  1.05  laJ/.O  ia75  18.76  13.75  18.75  m.ri&  17.48  21.80  W  7  0  35������to5 -t ������dcon, B.C., this 12th day of Ostobw, 1^5.  H. K, TOWNSKND  Provincial OoIIootor  ia;',_a.iljiaai.l)aiil.IMI>,i1J  Mttlauei  mm  "linriiriailii wiiuia  nit  ���������������������������""���������'-^"'���������liliiiiilltiilt  /*������  X"  mmamsm  ________a  "-"- ���������"���������-"���������^-'-���������"-'.iiBn������������������-mm  muiuwi  .________������__��������� .-���������.���������,- ~ At the Women's Institute meeting  on Friday afternoon the treasurer  reported the cash intake at the  Armistice whist the Wednesday night  previous was about $32.  Exceptionally mild weather still  prevails and just now it would look as  if the fellows who announced that the  October snowfall ��������� presaged *an open  winter were not far astray.  Rev. .Mr. Daly arrived from the  prairie   on   Saturday  and    took   the  caan<r;.u>n ������,*��������� al-S.^.  "D~~.~1~.~4 .;.._ _Plt .__.   ������.w. . ������^%_w .*w ������...ao m. ������.*r-o_jr va_r������.aci_i* v/amua.VAjL \*.m  JQnnalaanp  *_j,m������������.,,i������j ,  ���������.11  4TF I4IL  us   reiuUiniii^  ui  charge for at least the present.  .A one year" lease Jnas been given on  the main building at the fair grounds  for skating rink purposes and "as &oon  as the weather, stiffens a start will be  made at.flooding and ice making.  Don't  iqoduu  -������������A      ������*-*-*-*.  ForSaUS���������Good work mare, raOO  lbs.; democrat,- buggy, treadle grindstone, new; plough, 10-inch, new;  mattock and garden,, tools. These  articles are priced forjqulck sale.. X>.  H. Linn, Eriekson. ���������    "    ^   ���������  The village commissioners have just  purchased the lot on Barfcpn Avenue,  lately owned by the Women's Institute,  and wtll'at once move the "fireball to it.  We understand the building will be  enlarged to prpvi-fe a meeting place  foi the council and office for the village  clerk.   ' *" -...  , Due to .' unexpected demand for  advertising space this issue we are  compelled to hold over till nest week  considerable" local news including a  report of the Women's Institute and  che ..reorganization bf the young  people's work' at the United Church.  miss the corned.  Agency,", by the Canyon  Dramatic Club in the United Church  on Thursday evening, November 26th.  The admission is silver collection.    .  The Hustlers Tuxis Square boys of  the United Church will play their first  football game of the season on Saturday, when they journey to Canyon for  jsl. match with tbe boys of ihat place.  Rev. A. Weir, who has been in  charge of the Presbyterian Church for  the past two months, left ou Thursday  for the Slocan. where he will be pastor  of the churches at New' Denver and  Silverton.  Dcryour Christmas shopping at thV  Presbyterian Ladies' Aid bazaar-which  is to be held in the Parish Hall on  Saturday afternoon, November 28th  from 3.00 to 5.30. Afternoon tea and  refreshments served*  Anglican Church Services  SUNDAY, NOV. 22  CRESTON  7.30 p.m.  Ft  Pianoforfe,  Organ ana  Singing"Lessons .  AR1HUR CQLLIS, Crerton  P.O. Box 76  CHAS. MOORE, P.E.  ENGINEER   .ARCHITECT  SURVEYOR  pCegiateredl  CRESTON, B.C.   "*  Greater Convenience  Rates of  Commission  THE PRICE OF EGGS IS GOOD  and will foe better  THE ONE ESSENTIAL FOR HIGH PRODUCTION is the  right kind of   Mash   and   Scratch Feed, with Shell, Grit,  Charcoal, Epsom Salts, etc. '       :. .  THE OTHER ESSENTIAL is THE RIGHT KIND of HEN���������  Layers, not boarders.    We supply the necessary high quality  feed;  the rest is up to yoiif.  Flour, Feed, Sugar, Salt, Gas, Coal Oil, Plow Shares, Barb Wire  GOOD GEADE, at  S20.00 TON  HOME GROWN  ENQUIRE AT OFFICE.  GHAS. O.- RODGERS  POXMAmjFACTU^ER '  ������*'Vj,'\  PbiiDMC o  r*������n������  . BURNS & CO.,  MEAT MERCHANTS  lmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwm+tmmmmmimmmmmmmm*mm0mm**m^  JTRY OUMI  shAMROCK PORK SAUSAGE  An economical dish, easy to tierve.  Shamrock Brand HAM, BACON anajLARD  ^"^   U>      ty*     u  y ^*������fc      IB      0      ]&% ^"m1 il*_| mmf^    ___A      __ ���������I? ST^ fi*__ "HI V ' B"_i W   ^'^MMfftm^ te**g  mm������  \JlfrLjnSC^M"BA^JPxLm~*KZ0       ���������%.*--Jf^l.IC3tjiM^Jfr'/Crfm. W MkS'BkJ Jj    Jf ^~fijly\.  Government graded, highest quality.    -.  FRESH and CURED FISH  alt varieties,  Choicest BEEI,PORK. MUTTON, VEAL, LAMB  BVRNS* IDEAL POULTRY FOOD  increases egg production and produces hotter poultry.    Buy the heM.  ������IKII^mmwmmm^  Local nnd Personal  Fob Saj_.Pt���������.SO U.S. . .Rifle, in good  shape.    Percy Boffey, Creston.  ������  ForRen*-*���������Two room cottage, good  location.    Apply F. H. Jackson.  Miss Edna Nicholls left on Saturday  on a visit with her sister, Mrs. Broley,  in Spokane.  Pigs Fob. Sale���������Heady for delivery,  six weeks old, $5, each. A. & H, A  Comfort, Creston."  - Col. Harrington of Edgewood was a  weekend visitor in Creston, the guest  of Rev. H- Varley.  Pork���������Fresh killed,   and   our  own  * 31 J _   Tal-.JJ  ]        O .. a-.-_J..���������  iccuiUK)  >couy   jutauajr     nun     uat,uiuay,  at Jackson's Store.  - - Alex. Lidgate was a business visitor  at Cranbrook a couple of days the fore  part of the week.  Lionel Moore,' who has been working  at Silverton for the past few months,  is home at., present.  For Sale or Trade���������Chevrolet  engine in good running order. Write  Box 27, Review Office.  All the late sheet music popular hits",  and -all the new Victor His Master's  Voice records at Creston Drug ������te Book  Store.  For Rbnt���������7 room house, with  water; also stable and poultry house,  910 month. Apply A. N. Couling,  Oreston.  For SA"L*e:���������Potatoes, 2 cents per. lb;  Turnips, \l*\ cents lb. Pickling onions  10 cents per pound. Fred K. Smith,  Oreston. *  F. "VV. Steady, eyesight special tot, of  Vancouver, will be at the hotel Tuesday afternoon and evening;. Please  remember date.  Plots For Sam-���������Good Yorkshire'  Chester White pigg for sale, six weeks  old, $0 each. P. W. Foot, Fairview  Ranch, Creston.  - Mrs. O. G��������� Bennett of Fernie was  renewing acquaintances in town for a  few days at the end of the week, the  guest of M rpi. Varley.  After a months visit wjth friends  here Mr. and^Mfra. Wm. J. Dow left  on Thursdny for Sumiuorlttnd, where  thoy will visit with relatives,  Lami-b For Salk���������Ah Aladdin and  alu'i an anglo lump, both In good working order, mid going at your own  price.    Enquire Review Officii.  Miss LoiiSho Bevan left on Sunday  for Kitchener, where she fs takin-j;  charge of the second   room   that   has  j"������*'t br*'..! r*p������'*v*d fr* thnt school at thi'-b  point.  Up to  $2.50 to  5.00 to  lO.OOto  30.00to  50.00 to  60.00 to  $52.50  5.00  10.00  30.00  50.00  ������0.00  80.00  SOcOO to 100.00  - 3c  - 7c  - 10c  - 12c  ��������� 15c  ���������Vrl&C  - - 20c  - 24c  T9 HE Tellers of this Bank sett  . -*���������* Bank Money Orders payable anywhere in Canada���������at  any Bank,- and our .Agents  abroad honor these Orders at  current  rates  of  Exchange.  * -, When yon wish to remit small  siim-r of ^mohey^ask the teller  ,,; for a Bank Money Order.  69  IMPERIAL   BANK  C. W. AM-AN,  mammmmmmaamtaBm  GRESTON BRANCH*  *���������=���������ana  .Manager.  ���������B__R~*B___  -Besiped FORD  JUST RECEIVED. Call and see it. Ride in it  and you will buy no other. You will hardly believe  its a Ford. > Several conveniences tbat surpass any '  cai*_ in the market.  -After looking over a great many makes of RADIO PHONES I  - have selected one^that I fully believe and that loan convince  you cannot be surpassed* and it ia the THERMODYNE.  It coptB you nothing to call and hear it.  BE VAN'S  GARAGE  R. S. BEVAN, Prop.  Exclusive Ford Dealer  Mortgage Interest  TiE ready to meet the pay*  *-*   ment when it falls due.  - Begin now by depositing regu-  . lariy in a Savings Ac-outit.  TN addition to th������ interest thus  ���������*- provided forP yow. "wttl probably have something as well  to apply en the priz&cips-L  OF COMMERCE  Cespital Paid Up $20mOetmjjQOO  R_*crve Faml $20^00.000  Creaton Branch - D. T. ScrimReour, Manager  r  B  -'lir"-| f*~."T ri"*"���������������������������������������������������������������,"-��������� -  alMMMMIfHa  "333  Sm*S*E*������3ESS  ^_S3S_SSffiXE_-  m  mmm  ���������mmmmm  mmm  p^iS*������gw.**������w.iffi*iii'l ("���������������������*���������  m  wmmmmmmmmmm^mmmm  JMNMNUmMMI  km  mmtrymm  ���������AW  *wtwi_y%jBa.-^iauw  W'gtWBl.^W"'*^^ TKE - ^SryTET^   CRESTON,^ "$.   O.  fills  H EAbAGH-VbTlioU S H_SS  in rn *vtiS_������j>  :^i*i^E^^--*4^  Paper From FJax Straw  It-is understood that paper from flax  straw as a new Alberta industry is  making- some progress towards" realization and the Provincial Government  is continuing its investigation into the  business possibilities, of such an -en-  terprse. Sufficient experimentation  bas  already been  done  for the  pres-  viii,   uui    iuj. ,.���������������--"_.    QciaiiS   iii.   CuJUtujCili^i.  wiih getting a possible indusny under  wa*y will bo gathered from the government by the trade commission er.  ,3W  fsm^miMM  A LOVE EPIC OF THE FAR KOSM  Copyright, 1917. by Doubleday,   Page; &   Co.  "BAREE, SON OF KAZA^,"' a Vitagraph Picture. With Wolf, the War Dog.  Is an Adaptation  of This Story  SYNOPSIS  I euaies���������his -jaws    gaping,    his - head    | swinging   slowly,  liis   iegs.��������� weakening  Baree, wandering in the woods, came ; under-him as the blood poured through  upon Wakayoo, the black bear, andrj],iS torn lungs. Baree whined���������be"  fascinated, wntched him knock fish out!.   . -������-���������i.������������������      i . , ���������������  ,    ,��������� ,.     ..'���������'*.  of the pool. He learned where Wa- ^ Wakayoo had fished lor him, be-  kayoo cached-his provisions, a discov- j cause he had come to look on him as a  ery that solved the food problem for friend, and because he knew it was  the young wolf-dog.      One day he sud-   death that Wakayoo was  facing now.  denly found himself face to face with . m,,,.,.,,      .t ���������   ,     ,   __    _,      .  Pierrot, the trapper, and his daughter. | Therc vas��������� a -- th,rd shot���������tho last.  Nepeese, the Willow, who a fev days j ^ akayoo sank dovn in his tracks. His  before had shot and slightly wounded-fbig head dropped between "liis fore-  Baree, thinking him a wolf.      Nepeese; paws.      A racking cough or two came  now pursued Baree,    who    cpncealed        _       .   ..   . ���������  himself beneath a great boulder. jto Barce*   Aad then therc was ������1<>nce.  CHAPTER  VII.-^Continued.  From where he lay Baree could see  what happened. Scarcely had he  crawled under the rock when Nepeese  and Pierrot appeared through the  break in the dip. and flopped. The  fact that they stopped tbrilled Baree.  They were afraid of Wakayoo! The  big bear was two-thirds of the way  across the meadow. The sun fell on  him, so that his coat shone like black  satin. Pierrot stared at him for a  moment. Pierrot did-not kill for the  Jove of killing. Necessity made him  a conservationist. But he saw that'  in spite of the lateness of the season,  Wakayoo's coat was splendid���������-and he  raised his rifle.  Baree saw this action. He saw, a  mcynent later, something spit from the  end of the gun, and then he heard that  deafening crash that had come .^vith  his own hur';, when the Willow's bullet had burned through- his flesh. He  turned his 2yes swiftly to Wakayoo.  The big bear had stumbled; he was on  his knees; and then he struggled up  and lumbered on.  The roar of the rifle came again, and  a second tlmo Wakayoo went down.  Pierrot could not miss- at. that distance. Wakayoo made a splendid  mark, it was slaughter; yet. for Pierrot and Nepeese ii was business���������the  business of life.  Baree'was shlvormsr. It was mot  from, excitement than fear, for he had  losr. his own fear in the tragedy ot  thesa-; rnom:-iiis. A low whine rose jn  his throat a>: he looked at. Wakayoo,  "aim had ii>.-n again and faced his r-n-  CHAPTER'Vm.  As Nepeese gazed about tlie rock-  walled end of the canyon, the prison  into whtch .IreJ** had driven Wakayoo  and Baree, Pierrot looked up again  from his skinning of the big black  bear, and he i-cuttered something that  no one but himself cVuTti. have heard.  "Non, it is not possible^ he had said  a moment before; but to Nepeese it  was possible���������tho thought that was in  her    mind.        It    was    a    wonderful  HARD PIMP1.ES  ALL OVER FACE  For About Three Years.  Healed hy ���������-tfc*ira.  " I had trouble with pimples and  blackheads for about, three years.  The pimples were scattered all over  rny face and were bard and red,  They itched and burned a Dot causing me to scratch and the scratching 'caused eruptions*, My face  looked so badly tjxat I was ashamed  to go out.  ' " I began using Cuticura Soap  and-Ointment and rhey helped nae.  I continued the treatment and in two  months I was completely hea-Jed."  (Signed) Miss Helen Budnik, R, 1,  Box 11, Necedah, Wis., Sept. 27,  13247...  Rely on Cuticura Soap,Ointment  and Talcum to keep you-* skin clear.  Bu&ple Efteh Vtt������ Vr Hail. Address Cane-Man  DejW>t:"BWnhaxaie, ltd, Man***-"-*   Price, 8o������l>  v?I____       **���������*-���������- ^ ���������   --    **   Ac    ___.___._J__   t_*ft._>       T*������*l ������������������.im    fl?! .  wae. Oi.itraent 25 and POc. Taleom ZBo  B0T* Cn-curs SbsviDS Stick 25c.  J  \  It was more "than pos-  ���������*-������-  T  .1  mother's pet?  sible. '....-'. " . :-<!  Baree had not moved an inch from  under his rock. He. lay like a thing  stunned,-'liis-eyes fixed steadily oh the  scene" of' the    tragedy    out   in the  meadow.  Baree wanted to approach. It was  like an invisible string tugging at Ills -  very heart. It was Kazan, and not  Gray Wolf, calling to him back  through the centuries, a ���������'call" that  was as old as the Egyptian pyramids  and perhaps ten thousand years older.  feut against that*desire Gray Wolf was  pullirg from dut the black ages of the  forests. The wolf held him quiet and  motionless. Nepeese was looking  about her* She was smiling. For a  moment her face was turned toward  him, and he saw the white shine of her  teeth, and her 'beautiful eyes seenled  glowing straight at him.  And then, suddenly, she dropped on  her knees and peered under the rock.  Their eyes met. For at least half  a minute there ��������� was not a sound. - Nepeese did not move, and her breath  came so softly, that Baraee could not  hear it.  . Then she said, almost in a whisper:  ...\ ������������������'���������������������������.������������������  "Baree!       Baroe!       Dpi Baree!"  It was the first time Baree had heard f  made an effort to move the stone  -Rthich dosed in the hollow under the  big boulder, but it was wedged in  tightly.     Then she began digging with  a stick.  Five minutes���������and Nepeese could  mov\ the stone. She tugged at it.  Inch by inch she dragged ' it oul  until at last itJay at her feet and the  opening was ready for her body. She  looked again toward Pierrot. H. was  still busy, and she laughed softly as  she untied a big red-and-w-hite Bay  handkerchief from about her shoulders. With this she would secure  Baree. She dropped..on her- hands  and knees and then lowered herself  Hat on the ground and began crawling  into the hollow under the boulder.  Baree had moved. Wiilf the back  or his head flattened against the rock  he beard ^something which Nepeese  had not hea^rdy he? had felt a slow aiid.  growing presoUie, and from this pressure he had dragged hiihself slowly���������  and the pressure Still followed. The  mass of rock was settling! Nepeese  did not see or hear or understand.  She was calling to liim more and more  pleadingly:  '"Baree���������Barce���������Baree-������������������"  Her head and .'-shoulders'-'and-both  arms were under the rock now. The  glow of her eyes'was very close to  Baree.      He whined.      The thrill of a  ntf  Home-made   mustard   pickles./  How deliciojis ��������� and how easy  to put up. Here's the recipe;���������  ^      MUSTARD PICKLES  1 qt. small onions      1 large cauliflower  1 qt. cucu-n'bers 2 heads celery  2 red peppers  Peel onions, cu-t vegetables in small  pieces, cover with weak brine and let  stand ovemigh*. In the morning  bring to* a boil and drain off...  Take 2 cups brown sugar, 1 .cup  Hour, 6 iavlcspoonfuls Keen's i*jS.F.  Mu&tard, 1 tabic spoonful turmeric and =-,  2 quarts -vineg-ar. Boil 'this mixture  for twenty minutes, etirrinr continually. Pour oyer vegetables Hot. Let  stand tea _<Iays, stirring every day,  then bottle'.  373R  ' great and' impending danger stirred, in  i his blood.     Andjthen   (To be cont.inued>7"  COLOR IT NEW WITH  "DIAMOND DYES  vt  x_  Just   Dip  to   Tint  to  Dye  or   Boil  tisian  ���������J May Queen Opens Bridge  May Queen- Kathleen-cut the silken  ribbon at- the recent official opening  of the new bridge over the South  "Thompson River at Kamloops, B.C.,  which cost $23S,000. '.A'bevy of pretty  girls representing Canada and her  provinces took a prominent part in the  ceremony.  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He  knew that it was not an enemy; he  knew that the dark eyes shining al  him so wonderfully wei-e not filled  with the desire to harm���������and the  voice that came 1o him softly was like  SUMMER COMPLAINTS.  faJUuL.    LiIllJu&B    lj���������l_d  Woman's Profile On  \- Cliffs Of Dover  d~rew    herself    out and stoou   a sll'angC'a,ld 'hrllliniR music.  "She  *.  once more  in the sunshine  DOCTOR ADVISED  AN OPERATION  I  p������riencc with Lydia E. Pink  ham's Vegetable Conr-pound  Provost, A Iherta. ~-'' Perhaps you will  remember .nendin*** me one of your book!.  a year ago. I was in ;t baa condition  -mrf w^'jld onfTer **-wful pains at tin-v-*  and t;ov]'I not do anything. The doctor  paid I could not have children unless I  "went under an operation. 1 read testi-  rrumialfl of Lydia I*'. Pinkham's Vegetable O.inpo-md in the paper*, and a friend  recommended me to tr-k-? it. After taking three bottles I licrami. much lictter  and now 1 have a bonny briny girl four  thought.      It th rilled her to tho depth  of hor wild, beautiful soul,      U sent a  glow into her eyes and a deeper (lush  or excitement into her chocks and IJ pry.  As she quested   the.  ragged edges of  ilu? little ni'-ndow for i-iRnis of the dog-  pup, her thoughts flushed back swiftly.  Two   yuarj.   a*-.<~-   they  had   buried   her  } .princess m._il.i-.r under the tall spruce;  Read   Alberta   Woman S   Ex-in*-a r t.h*-ir eabin.   '   That   (lay IMorrof.s  .sun had sol. lor nil lime, and her own  lit".' was filled wiih n. vast loneliness.  I Thei-<.\had b *r.*n ihree at the grnvesitle  1 thru afi.emoon ti.s the run went down���������  I l'i<*i*i*fit, hi'i-.-������ It' and n dog, a grout,  'powerful hu-ley "-illi tt while .star on  I his liro.'it.. mih! ;i white-l ipped p;ir, W<-  j had   heen   ho.- dead   niol her's  pel   from  j puppyltood her  bodyguard,   with   hoi*  1 alwa- ���������". even  with  liis head resting on  i tlo- i ide of her bed ;is 'h"* died.       And  ; Ihat   rilt-hti   t.Ii-i -   iil.'l.l   ol   I Iw   day   thoy  huii'il   h- v,   l lie  do--   lirul   <|| ���������jjippoitred,  lie   had  -.on-'  a ;  cp.tielly  and   us   eoiii-  plei'ty    ie;    Iut   -pji'il, No   one    evei*  :!!'��������������� nlrii  alter  Hint.       it   wan .*-"irange,  7'uul  io  Pierrot  It. wa.s a. niii'iU'le.     I'leep  ] in "hi.-:    lien rt    he   was    tilled   with   th'*  '.vuiiili'i Itil eomieiluii  ihat   the dog hud  monthH <r.'rl.  .'������   mv ijousewoi'ic  and  hetj* a linle with the cn->ros-. i rerom-  mf*nd the Vep;ef,-vl)l������-������ Co*n|'iound to rny  fri<Mi<ln and am v/ui.ji^ U������r y**u U> ti.-re  thi Ft testimonial letter."���������Mm, A. A.  Adam:*!, no** ."!, 1'rovu.s*, Alberta,  Pains in Left S:dc  L-uVuw. Quehc.:. " I U.<M UyiYxx E-  Pinkham'H Ve(.retahle ..f%>nipo:tnd b*v  caune 1 ::iuir.~-roil wit!, painn in my left  nirte ar*rj hnd. and -.>.*:th -.vestkn-**?:! and  other   l .-(>ut>L'.".i   wo men   .���������<> uticn  have.  i   j.-,,',;,       .,  :   '*^';.j'   ���������'��������� i  ''-'-       .���������    ������������������:.- 1/'...-.    t  . ii .",  the Vef.re-.ribh- fV-aropoui'ifi rtd'/orftired ir,  the 'Montr i.'jil ">!.r_.r..i_ud," ar.d I laave  taken four hottb'.'-. of it. I w������.- a v-r-j  tuck wrvmari and f r**^-! no jj-.ueli better I  would not be- without: it, I ;d>.o ijf>������*r  Lydia I'). I'inkharn'.'i ."-'an.itivf*- Wash, f  ref-onn.m<-nd th'- jYiediein'*'! to my frsej-id"-  Jtrid 1 am willint* fcr you to u*v- m.  let-  U'? ns a tefltimonial. " Mrn. M. VJ'. Horn,  ���������JJ-'t Notre  Dame St., Lachtn-*, (IvAxu:.  "Baree!      Baree!       Upl Baree!"  Over and over agr.ln the W'illow called to him like that, while on he*r face  she tried to draw herself a few inches  farther  iind?r   the   rock.       Sho   could  not:  reach   him.       There   was   still   a  foot, between her hand and Baree, and  she could not wedge herself in an inch  move,   ���������   And  then  she saw whore on  ���������the other side of the rock there was a  hollow.  shu'>. in   by  a   si one.       If  she ;  had  removed  the  stone, and  eonre in ���������  Ihat way���������  She drew horsolf out. nnd stood oner  moro    in    the    .sunshine.      .Tier    heart  thrilled.       I'i rrrol.  was  busy over  his'  he nr���������and .she would not call him, Shu  ":     : ���������.���������'���������."..'.'..'..':...'..." ''f ":."'""  ���������*^*C___r*������|?-ttJI HBfclrf*^    82! A Ka>IEf Cl  Thousands of Them  DIE EVERY 5UIVIIVIER  Tlio iiot wentlier is very hard, on  lialiics Htnrtitifj* io <>ut tlieir teeth.  On the fii-Ml ,si};-u**(if any h������OHen������-N,s of  IIin   howi'ls   tlm   iiiotlic'r   fliuubj,, ffivo  - a few dose?-  nl"   .  , At the first sign of illness during  the hot \feather give the little ones  Baby's Own Tablets or in a few hours  he may be bayoad aid. ThesefTablets  will prevent summer complaints Jf; given occasionally to live well child, and  will promptly relieve tliese troubles if  they cbme on. suddenly. Baby"s: Own  Tablets should always be kept in every  home whetc there are young, children.  There is no other medicine as good  and the mother has the_guarantee~of a  government analj-st that they are absolutely safe. Thej^ are sold by al#  "druggists or will be mailetjL on receipt  of price, 25 cents per box, by The Dr.  Williams Medicine Co., Brockville,  Ont. A little booklet, "Care-of the  Baby in Health and Sickness," will be  sent free to any mother on request.  Heavy Fall of Chalk Leaves Complete  Clear Outline  The   outlined  profile, of a  woman's  head  has  appeared on the face  of  a  great  white   cliff between  Dover  and  St.  Margaret's   Bay.  near the  ssicred  memorial   to   the   Dover   Patrol.       I*  suddenly came into view after a heavy  fall of chalk from the top oi the cliff.  Boatmen    who    passed  the  clin* in  their  boats���������the  beach  below cannot  be reached on foot���������saw one day thnt  the chalk liad fallen In such a way as  to produce on the cliff   the    complete  clear outline of a woman's face.      The  eye -in   profile   is   closed,   the   nose  is  ,.simight, antl long, the lips are parted !  ! and the "head is bowed its if in prayer i  or meditation.      Tin* I'ace is lurned to-  ! wards  Dover.       II. is easy  to  discern  | the shape of tlie slcull and a swoop of  i'hair over tho forehead,  j     The  face has caused no Utile com*  ��������� incur   among   Dover boat men.     Sotihj  \ have christened it. "'Tlio Lady.*'      IL Is  ! not considered  a subject I'or jests  or  laughter.       Tho  profile I.-j pointed .out  to one by the boatmen in tones closely rosenibling nw<*.  Seek Grain Survey Board  . .With the certainty of increased  grain trade for the port of Vancouver,  following the* equalization., of freight  rates, business, interests will make a  renewed effort to-have a grain survey  board established at Vancouver. Alberta interests are expected to c*o-  operate.  V.  Olll  ���������  V". I'll  I'  >'ll >  ���������I'I  i:  :'  _\'i t-i  la  .���������,  .t \  i :,.-  ���������I  oil  ��������� ��������� ,i  III  Hire  "4-U  <  'ial  ,  ri n ft  1  lOi  1Kb  !     -I'til  a!  ��������� 1    <  ' :i '  i.a.  ?   ii  liei  r-   I- i  '1  1.7  1,.  ���������   11,'������i  V  .1.'  il  jt'il  Im,.      ..i-l'������i ������".*i   W'.volil    inlo  ' .-���������('   Illl't     Jl '.ll    I III'  \l !'��������� ibiiii'i"-    reliool  :-"aJI'     ii.'I'J     I-   ;iJI|l"(|  ���������e   win  a I   Nt'l'  a   ���������'i'*'Jit  .'.hi.!���������   pe.ople   and   lb*   real  be     Irtp-v.'   thnt    I'b'iTolV  .1 .lillpir- Ullbt''. ! "he   iM'lb'V  ' lnol hei 'm Jilp.k ,������ !'. a  '* /ilni'fl ih*' u/oi'i <���������  I   l'/,\)>-   \,r I I ii'  '.*.' i >Iva- ;  laoj'ilhl.-    Ill,i'     Mil  eilliej  l'l'oti  S*i  --un1-'  vv  V  I .".��������������� I  V. :e  Ml  III    . II"!    h  .1   blood   f������(   her  TIiIn will f|iiii!klv olfHet ibn iliai-rlin-fl,  vojuiting mid piirf{ing, and, jii'i'bups  unvii the linbv'i- life,  "'ui   op *������<ily by 'J be 'I.',  riiilbnuu *.l>\).t  Lkimtcd, Toron.lt*, Oat.  Scared the Passengers  A Humps I cad tube train was leaving Itol.siz." Park Station, London,  when there wiis.n loud bang. Several  women screamed, tlio conductor looked uneasy, one housewife with a handful nl" puree]" jumped up ami made tor  Ihe door.  A < lilltl sobbed���������und looked reproachfully at her rip-lit bund, which  held a pleci* of Hiring and Ilu* fragment-,  of ti  'oy balloon.  Doe.���������"Well, what'.-" troubling you?" j  INulo-nt.-���������"Fiviiu-.iii    pains    Jn    tii*< j  baek."  Doe, "Ilert-   are   -"onio   pills;    lake I  one     iiHpen     mi mil e.s     before     /ia1n,s j  -dart." ' ' ' !  Ohl-fashloned idetiH may !>��������������� 1ho best  i .it ������iun~.->, bui  you <.-������u'l jiUti .to ,uiU) b>  j feeding it o:it������.  ,A W.ONDER.  '������-��������� FUL, natural  walef softener ���������  leaves the hands  soft and white. "Refuses to scratch.  wcoTrntN  cLi:a*.rJui:������!-i  ".imitkb  CALaBAWV,    CANADA  CLEANSER  Miiiiiifneliii'eil   fly  V������F^TP*t������IM    m. IF AIM ft IE WK,     t.llWl.TFn  aSideit, Aeetvtfl,   \V.   It.   IiiTitly  tk. Vo..   I.id.,  V'ttiicuuviii',   Li.iJ.  ^^mmmmm  mwmmm  mmm  ijatrt.in.iiiiHiilii. jaiyn������iu*tiiii..������������"������"������"'"|'  rMN.la.a.iia,il������aa,���������������a..  a*m^it*.^^rt*.4tmt/ml ������... -.anifcir���������!  k.'j������. \tA4JW*Xwmm**U  mmmmmmmtm  mmma TKE ; P^ipSW,    CRESTON,    B.    C.  P  1 &  r r TO  ���������"    J-  "  !|l-r.  i,>  fivjxl&H/l  Sp.fiMBf������!������  Ontario   Makes Drastic  For, motors  ������_ /  Lanns  B*_.������3  *    -   "l,      \VMh lhe cream  ���������I _'   k     te"Inr .  \\)V.c.r.'V?\'ii **p������>A IT  vVM'.v'iu-/ ww il-u-wvi- ra*  F_r<s_ Recipe  B-ol*��������� *���������  v--   Write the Borden Co.  Limited,   Montreal*  Must Obtain Driving Permits and" May"  Have to. Pass Examination  . Ever3r man and woman who drives  a motor car In Ontario next year will  first have to obtain a driving permit,  Hon. G. S. Henry, minister of public  works and highways, told the annual  meeting of the Canadian Automobile  Association at Toronto.  The issuance of these permits would,  in all probability, in due course be  followed by compulsory examination  for all* drivers, he said. Any conviction for traffic act infractions registered against a motorist "would be entered upon his permit and could lead to  the permanent revocation of license to  drive.  Bea SIsliiiYigsciioJar  ^7    . .use. . ������������������*  use  ������u>__K  e**__ft  SS&oe Polish  <**���������������*������  ���������ftmtr a Hoes  ���������tT. e. -at-*-  May  Abandon  Dirigibles  Will Live On Beans  Find Graves, Of  Massacred Christians  Of     Jap  U  Since 191S. two billion dollars in  overdue income tax and delinquent  penalties have been collected in the  United States."      " '"  The aeroplane service of the l_"ur-  ope Uniou, Comprising 16 aerial navigation companies!, is to he continued  during" the winter this year for the  first time. ^  Mrs. Isabella Forke, mother or  Robert Forke, leader- of the Progressive party >n the House of Commons,  died at the latter'* home in Pipestone  recently, aged 91 years.  Provision that one-third of his million dollar estate be used for the relief of school teachers, was a feature  of the will of the late Simon Gratz,  Philadelphia.  Field-Marshal Karon Plumer, new  Britisii high commissioner for Palestine, has arrived at Jerusalem and  taken-'the* oath under tho commission  Professor Batista GrassI, the famous  bacteriological and physician, died recently at the age of 70. He was widely known in the international medical  World as an investigator of malarial,  diseases. -AxkAjky'  ;77/.;y  The: London Daily ���������"Mail:says the  British Government^ijias ordered the  arrest of all Communists concerned ia  v plots ijjsrhich have been brought to light  during' the past few weeks to influence troops at the Aldershot camp aud  elsewhere.  .."���������'���������'-���������  yA'AA; '.���������  The "newsboy plane" ls the latest  aerial stunt. A Springfield, 111., newspaper tried delivery of "papers by dropping them at the farmers' doors from  an aeroplane, and three-fiirths of the  farmers reported safe arrival of their  papers.  The chimes of "Big Ben" in the Parliament Buildings at London were  hoard, plainly iu San 3������"ranclsco over  special telegraph-and cable circuits.  Sir Francis Lewis Castle Floud, London, permanent secretary of agriculture and fisheries sluc������_rl920, has been  appointed a member of the overseas  settlement committee.  Printer's Sick Stomach  and Headaches  Almost Cost Job  S. Government Virtually Decides to  Concentrate on Aeroplanes -  . The  Shenandoah  disaster  probably  will result in temporary, if not complete abandonment hy the government  of its lighter than air activities.  The Los Angeles may be sold for  what it will bring, the Lakehurst air  station probably closed, helium extrac**  tion will be curtailed and from now on  appropriations and energies wilK be  concentrated on aeroplanes.  The programme had virtually" been  decided for reasons of economy, before the loss of the Shenandoah, and  with th-rs new proof of the vulnerability of dirigibles seems more certain  than ever to be adopted. ,  Mr. K. M. Collina o������ Woodliaven,  N. V., aays, "Instead of plodding  through my work wearily on account  of Mt_*k headaches aiul &our .st-'Uiach,  I now enjoy goo.! health and ambition,  can do more and better work and life  is worth living. I have never before  given my name to advexttse a medicine,  hut you cannot iiu.igiue how didcrcnt  I feel ntnee I tlhcox-ered Carter's Little  Livcrl-ill..*'  Carer's Little Liver Pills tonic the  tVliole uyHtem tlijough the liver and  hmvef-i. They act as a mild and effective laxative, in o Kentlc manner without any bad  after effect.-.,  *I*ri-bi-*iini*ntle<l and for sale by all  drugj Htor������������.  W  N,   it.   :iuai  ....SSitj|������  ;.-* ���������xcht$iupjpaft<?ms\  Solving the Food Problem For Russia's  Population .  v A newly discovered foodstuff, which  may insure" Soviet Russia against famine and enable the government to approach a solution of the" food problem  for millidns of her population is occupying official attention in Moscow.  The new food Is the~product of a Budapest-physiologist, Dr. Ladlslaus Berc-  zeller, who is conferring* with the government regarding the production and  distribution of Soya bean flour, a foodstuff which  is  said  to possess  great  nutriment.       Fifteen  or  twenty  flour  mills are in operation, but so far unequipped  with the   pfOper  machinery  to" provide  food  for ten  million persons.     In nutriment value, one pound  of Soya bean flour equals two pounds  of meat, plus a half pound of wheat  flour and Its usefulness above all ls aa  a meat and egg substitute.     It is estimated  that the  introduction of Soya  bean flour on the scale now contemplated/ would enable the :Soviet Government to release: ��������� 600 tons of meat  and eggs daily for export.  Believed To Bo Victims  Revolution in 1637  Dr. Earl R. Bull, Methodist Episcopal missionary in charge of work in  Loo Chow Islands, Japarh, has discovered the buvial ground of 11,000 Chris-*  tions, believed jto have been killed in  au uprising during the -revolution of  1637.  . An inscription found near the  grounds hy Dr. Bull states that in all  33,000 Christians "were slain, beheaded and buried.  The , heads of th������ victims were  buried in one spot and the bodies  carried to   another  place,     so     there  -,aa..^!������-..-_  again, the inscription said.  Tho massacre practically wiped out  all the Catholic converts in the country.  OUR GR^S^wnn n otttititje.  ^mmmm^*        ^""i^"     ^mm.  **Mb ���������^ta^"B"' *_^__,  ^^to   ^^fc^^P*   m^m^^ m^^^mW ^      ^ ���������^^^^r    m\^^ ~^^ ������hv~ t^^^ ~%^^   m\\\mm^mw mrMmwmm. *m^mwm* ^Mmmm^^mW  Uncomfortable Antiques      ^  Old Furniture Not As Comfortable As  Modern Kind  While very high prices are paid for  antique furniture wo know that such  furniture .is not always the most com-  fortable'ln which; to recline.      When  Queen Alexandra ywas   visiting   York  many years ago aa princess of "Wales  she   stayed  at  the  treasurer's house,  an4., dining one night at the Deanery  as the guest ot Dean Purey Gust, she  dropped  into a lounge"* chair and  remarked: "How splendid to drop into a  comfortable chair, after too much CyVil-  11am and Mary."      fclur ancestors carried themselves well, but it must have  been at the cost of many weary hours  spent itt-straight-backed chairs.  Like a Grip at tho Throat.      For a  disease that Is not classed as fatal  there Is probably none which causes  mbre terrible suffering than asthma.  Sleep is impossible, the sufferer becomes exhausted and finally, though*  the attack passes, ls left in unceasing dread of its return. Dr. J. D.  Kellogg's Aathma Remedy ls a wonderful remedial agent. It immediately relieves the restricted air passages  as thousands can Justify. It is sold  by dealers everywhere.  Some men are so unlucky that if  an earthquake should break out it  wouldn't swallow tho land until the  day after they had paid the taxes on  It.  ��������� A-.    Horizontal  1���������{Save      forth       loud  sounds: :7.  6���������^Foregoes.  11���������Plant much used for  soups. _, '   -  12���������i*re.eze.  1-i���������Nostril.  15���������Determine.  ?6���������N o t a b I &    achievements.  18-~NeuraIgIa.  19���������Northwestern     state  <abbr.).  20���������Prefix meaning again  21.���������-Provided that,    v  23���������Negative.  24���������Opposed.  28���������Ditch around a castle.''  ' :"���������'������������������ -    '     '     '  SO���������Greek letter.  31���������Thoroughfare.  33���������European country.  34���������Embalmed dead body  35���������PedaL extremities.  43���������Part of "to be."  y  45���������In that manner.'  46���������Right (abbr/).  47���������Fourth note of "diatonic scale.  48���������Unruly crowd.  50-~Sel]f-respect.  53-^;Xiohg- slender marine  fiSTl.  54���������Ardor inspired by  enthusiasm.  56���������Single unit.  57���������Mend.  ,5S���������Public road.  59���������Running knots.  38���������Weird.  40���������-Holds back.  Vertical  1���������Carnlverous  mal (contr.).  2���������Pieced out.  3���������Dexterity.-."  4���������S o u t h e r n  (abbr).  5���������Perish.  6���������-Damp.  Within.  8���������Cistern.  mam-  state  I    o���������  J    8���������  9���������Ireland.  10���������Measure of time.  13���������Proofreader's mark.  16���������Marsh..  17���������Rest.  20���������Revolves.  22���������Effervesce.     ' -  24���������Prank. ~  25���������Opinion--'  26���������:Pacific island oi iiie  Polynesian group.  27���������Large cupolas.   "  29���������Sufflx   denoting;   full  of.   .  32���������Birthplace  of Burns.  35���������Blaze3. "  37���������-Single seed of corn,  39-^-Desires earnestly,  il���������Pacifier. -  42���������Wrath.  4S4���������Cast the feathers.  47-���������-Passage charge.  49���������Impede.  51���������Decaj".  52���������Low resort.  53���������Aeriform fluid.  i 55-7-PoInt of compass.  1 57���������Act.     -"  Charming   Envelope Chemise  When    it    comes to undergarments  you can  be just as frivolous as. you | larly troubled should lose no time in  Sorea Flee Before It.���������There are  many who have been afflicted with  Bores and. have-driven themhway with  Dr. Thomas' Eclectric OH.     All Binil-  pleaso.      Ju-st a few running-stitches.! applying   this    splendid    remedy,    ns  a bit of hand-embroidery    and    some j theVe is nothing like it; to be had.     It  dainty lace and ribbon, and ,you have  a choice bit of underwear of your very  o-vn making. Tho diagram pictures  the simplicity of the step-lu chomlsti  above, which may be scalloped at the  lower edge or left plain. The sides  of both tho front and back aro cut ln  over the.hips and slightly gathered to  the upper part, insuring a perfect fit.  Sizes 36. 10 and 41 Inches bust. Size  36 bust i.i su.tablo'for 34 and 36, sizo  ���������10 for 38 and 40, and size 44 for 42  and 44. Sire 36 bust requires 1%  yards of 3G:5nch or 40-lnch material.  Price 20 cents.  Our Fashion Book, Illustrating the  newest nnd most practical Rtyles, will  bo or Intorest to every homo tli'oss-  iruiker. Price of tho book 10 cents the  cony. Each.copy includes ono coupon good for five cents in the purchase of nny pattern.  How To Order Patt-erna  Address���������Winnipeg" Newspaper Union,  17S McDermot Ave,, WlnnipeQ  'PR.torn No..  ,. .S!������"-..  1 tt * mmm # ������������m ������-������������������*'  #���������������'-' ***** ���������  1 ������ m * * ������-4r-������  Is cheap, but its power ls ln no way  expressed by Its low price.  In the long burled city of Ur of the  Chaldees, a piece ofs sculpture has  been dug up, showing a lively picture  of workiUyen carrying mortar, up ladders.  Minard's Lin'ment for Distemper  A British ship building firm pr&B  diets that motorshlpa will replace  steamships. It is building 13 largo  vessels which will bo operated by  gasoline motors.  Turks Abandoning Old Customs  Officials Must yVear Hats and Ores a  Like Europeans  More and more the newly-born  Turkish Republic is abandoning old  Turkish customs and substituting  European methods, while the fez and  turban as national headgear seem to  be going Into tho discard. The council of conimissalrs has. docreed that all  officials must dress in European fashion and wear hats.  Only prleids aro'to be permitted to  wear turbans and thoy must uncover  within government offices.  '��������� '   v  The Oil of the People.���������Many oils  have come and gone, but Dr. Thomas*  Eclectric OU continues to maintain its  position and increase its sphere ot  usefulness each year. Its sterling  qualities ha "o brought lt to the front  and kopt lt there, and lt can truly bo  called tho oil of the people. Thousands luwo benefited by It und would  uso no'Other preparation.  Answer To Lmtt Week's Puzzle  \<r jf '-������ "���������'   . ** *****  1 **��������� . mmt ....... ...*  ' mm ....... *m_������ m+m m ������* ��������������������������� ���������  ��������� mm, . m*. . ..mm  Name.......  i. OWaU .. m. . . . ��������� > ��������������� m;, .: . mm. . sh> ���������  S rOVIuCO . _> mm .......... a������w ������ mm ������  2������.'Mui    ZZw m^Ailm   Ui   wlM.lUt������tJl    iVm-fitD    Uuiu  care fully) .  J-pJat B'|**lB*Wj  ;/.,af| ������>,.<.!���������!,.������������������������������.Wfe..il������j������*  4,,    ,..|.-.vi,���������������������,:.l..*.,������.������  ��������� vl   I   \   \   . '      .  Crown Prince Umberto of Italy has  been allowed $80,^00 a year for inn In-  tonance. .  Demand  For  Domestics  Saskatchewai Farmers'' Wives Are In.  Need of  Household   Help  ^iiHkutohownn.   t'armnra'   wives   are  looking  anxlouHly   for  the   household  help which Iho bureau of labor and In-  duutri'cs ot tho Provincial Government  arranged to be new, to them from thn  British lulus under the Imperial Government ovoraeiiH  settlement scheni--. t  Th bureau contracted for 100 doine.**-  tlcn to be Hunt to Saskatchewan during the year and barely half have arrived.      Moat of the demand  Is  from  farm women.  Ask ior Minard's and take no other  IH-*MMHNM_|M-IMaMMaMHM<^^  JPM** Keeps EYES  Clear, BWfjHfc ������twl l&eautifad  "WtltcMuTln* Cb..Cht������Mto.forEf ������C������i eBooV  RESSMAKIN���������, MILL!N������|iY  T'liplls ������������n-olHmr now will ir������*-t our  S I'I-"'MA I. lt-VTK for clnJ"-*-*.'- oiv������������U������k dur-  Inie th������* month. R^ikI for prr������ap������*ctti������.  -WlNNirfcXl   |->HKj"S-MAK:kNi3   AMU   MJIj-  i.t:a's;:r.v    *.-;*5ioor..     :-..'*..:.-..    a^-'.ri.     rs  l>onnUI St.      fc>iMH.!-il iat������.*������ to out ot town  "ilMal.-.llt.H.  THE   ������*_W   HRKNOH   RKMKDV.  THERAPION NO 1  >^r"������__isr*___> AC������l__r_i__l IMn ���������*>  "yflri Cr*11*_ i_ p������f_������ii| pyifi SL  M������,] far UU������<lal������r Ca������uu"r UTjIu. 3 t.t aiftajJ 4%  fikla DiM-uui-ti. H**.3f������rC"iroi-9cW*������Jin*������ftea.  ������as ii ���������������-1 x*Di-*'*. cnte wit., r.tr.w iw ������r<on *wt..a������-  ?**.*,.".-,   ... -������..������   r.   [.,,,,,,...a.*a v "'*|  >.������,.*  Zf^mi.Um^'tO'i'km'n. tv 4.1.9 ivr. ������t..1roi-(������N,Jatti.Ow������  VH. ifBKitW*-.* .*****. H*-m Va������nUCI������. -' sx  'iHE   CB_B3T���������&   SKVtEW  x  EAT IViORE WHEAT  Do it with BfeEAD, CAKES, PASTRIES  and PUDDINGS baked with.  F  g7._? ���������; ���������������������������,,'*' g.fi'-  vWe have a full line of  Flouir4, Feed, Hay and Grain  . ���������*... also  Sugar, Salt, Nails  and Groceries  always in stock.  **  QUALITY and PRICE GUARANTEED.  This is your business;   support ii !  Oreston vasisy Go-Operative Assn.  cf the church on Thursday evening,  November 3dth. from G to 8 o'clock.;'!  Tbe admissseiv.is 50 and 25 cents.    -  For SAtaS���������2 single beds and  mattresses, camp' cot and mattress,  sewing machine (treadle), washing  machine. 2 kitchen tables, kitchen  cabinet, 3 kitchen chairs, 4 arm chairs,  .washstand, Coleman, -gasoline lamps.  Apply BLevJ H. Varley, Greston."  Undoubtedly the* greatest moving  picture value Creston has ever beeii  offered is -'The Ten Commandments,'  which will be shown at regular prices  at the Grand on FridajNand Saturday,  November . &7th -and. S������8th, with a  matinee on Friday afternoon, at 3.30.  AU who have occasion to  north past the drugstore should watch  their step, as the*' sloping sidewalk  that was formerly in use there and Is  replaced by a set of about nine "steps  -which brings pedestrians down to the  level again at- the Murrell feed store.  An oldtime auction of farm stock,  poultry, implements and household  furniture is announced for Saturday,  November 21st, at 1 o'clock ut the  McCreath livery barn, when auctioneer J.~F. Hose will sell the effects of  K. Kleist. There will be no reserve  as Mr. Kleist has leased his ranch sind  is moving away.  travel  ITI  ^| Advance showing of Christmas Toys  % China, Pottery, Leather Goods  ^ Books, Fanpy Goods, Stationery  ^ ~ Smokes and Pipes.  rf  Personal Greeting Cards  5 Albums tQ choose from. Order early  GRESTON DRUG & BOOK STORE  GEO. _������. JSmMYJi&  CRESTON  ERICKSON  The season for trout fishing closed j  on Sunday. Local anglers no not j  appear to have been as busy on the j  ���������streams iu 1925 as in former years.  Local and Personal  GRAND THEATRE  SATURDAY, Hov.  from bis famous novd end  pfay. It's the fanciest love  Stacy ever filmed!  uu������fa,  NORMA:  CONRAD NA^L  RBNEE ADORgg  WKISEft H1Ej__  ������Meaes_: fty Air cOu-iJiWQ   p-omtai %_jOUXS B. MASHER.  ! A meeting -if the Hustlers Tuxis  ] Squat e was held on Friday night at  the Adiard paint shop. A very interesting programme- was the fete ofjA e  uitght. The. next meeting will be he'd  on Friday, 20th. at the paint shop.  K. Kleist, who has been visiting at  Laird and other Saskatchewan poihts  for the last three months, arrived  home at the middle of last ..week.    He  states', that threshing in central  Saskatchewan is pretty well completed. '---  Public school inspector Manning  spent most of last week in Creston on  an official visit, and his reports on the  various rooms are now in the hands of  the trustees and indicate that this  year's;Stkff J throughout is most competent.    7  .Rev. H. and Mrs. Varley left on  Monday for., Kamloops. The latter's  health has been precarious the past  few months and it is expected she will  remain at the sanitarium at that  point for treatment until probably  March.  Provincial police H. McLaren left on  Friday for New Westminster, being:  one of three officers who are taking a  batch of five prisoners from Nelson to  serve a term in the penetentiary in  that city. John Ward, the convicted  bunk robber, is in the party.  Roast chicken, pumpkin pie, and all  the other good eats will be served at  the United Church Ladies' Aid  Thanksgiving Dinner in  the basement  EYESIGHT SPECIALIST COMING !  i" m   ^g]ji     r_^_s��������� m fl^M^-"^ti^to ii  Eyesight Specialist, of Vancouver  Will be at CRESTON on Tuesday afternoon and  evening, NOV. 24th, at Hotel, and also on Wednesday  ���������until train time. Kindly make your appointments as  early as possible.  FANCY GOODS for XMAS.  ,r.,:::\.r..xxr.  I will be in the former Oo-Operative Building  ERICKSON, on FRIDAY and SATURDAY  NOV. 27th and 28th, with a choice selection of  Linen,    Jewellery,     Brass   Goods  _E-������iS������Ca������ciOier **  Come and inspect these goods.    The prices arc right.  _L*"*W__i_fc BS~**"^H       SH'^   i^^^������Sfi<_t      \w\\ mm\1^   m    Ba"%!^i  W mwt'^m ..j^y ���������Jiwla..   ...JBB.iia   **mwm%*w.*4mWW*'*-.*������m*^       ��������� JmWL--        ^mwW^^miwm  ���������,JM   . ^Bhfc*  The Old Co������Op. - ERICKSON  m  Ghrimtntas Ss QnBy S   WeeUrs Away  OVR NEW ASSORTMENT OF  gives you a large ancb exclusive range to choose your presents from.  Luncheon Sets, Runners, Cushion Tops  Towels,   Centre Pieces,  Buffet Sets  -   ��������������� 4 ������-__-������___-���������! *-*������*���������    ���������������-__ *-*���������������������        B-*"������iB__t_-t__Ay   ."^is-s-ft-R  .&___.-0*_ MS���������%*-". _y Hm*"*mmJS^&f A ____%jr WW       m~ma.gSr*r  I     mm.  PSU  A FUL1. RANGE OF  - i ' . -  -_ ���������^ - *  D.M.C* Mouline and Pear! Cotton, Artsy! Kope  Silkene Crochet Cotton*        ^  .______.        ��������� J *" *g  iiafTi ur ������Su.ery ��������� _rs%j"^ ***%.  Dry Seeds  Groceries  Furniture  Hardware  Warmer Underwear for Men  Jf^otnen ana  You will all need warmer Underwear for the coming  cooler weather. -  ,* *"* .:.""'        .. ������������������-���������-.. <;..���������. y ��������� >  When buying come in and see our stock which includes  the well known and reliable makers such as Watson s, Stan-  field's and Penman's.  **������  We have the above in shirts, Drawers and Combinations Suits, also a line of finer All Wpol Combinations for  Men in Jaeger and olher English makes.  OUR PRICES MARKED IN  PLAIN  FIGURES.  Ti  UHI"g 11  MPAKIY  LIMITED  mmm  wamwm*mmpmmewm  mmm  ^s*_^____a_______a__  u_____w___u__a_a__  _3&*t^i#&fl3_fe^  mmmmm  IUUlUl.I__l  ���������~m������������������������*i\ ..^M^ifcat^a-^Hi^^ 'UMIIItlTflHin ftlt  twA__,^J,-������^,||ii|)^ Jm^imo^UMr^.  _. ���������_ _^^_L.^J. __,__*!__. __.M..������Hl___lBiMM__j


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