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Creston Review Jul 17, 1925

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Array Ifou XVII.
CEESTON, B. a/Fkft>AY, JUlrY 17, 1��25
Ho. 22
G. A. Hnnt was a  weekend  visitor
at Cranbrook. -   -
A very ba^ fire is   raging ��pw Goat
. River and most of the available  men
here have been called out to fight it.
B. McGpnegrf received the sad news
a few days agoof bisbi?>fctoer, William,
feeing killed in. a motor accident at
Chase.   _   ' -r '-
The seicretary of the school board is.
trf*tt.mW\tr ��� vrmw    ItSa,*' amuSl    ftliuMa,    rlRVft~
a���� ���~ ��������   "     ������-���*- _.~7V!"'        "���     ��� "" " **
For the position .of teacher no less
than one hundred applications have
been received from   Vancouver atone.
5��3��.yi��urstc.T_ assd-Mss.7H_fc:^"-_��H?fi��
in serving a buffet��� luncheon,^ J^��jwd_
Mrs. Kirsch .leaving latet-_in the afi_-_8>
noon by motor on.a   honeymoon   trip
.via Nelson tsi   Spokane. -Seattle  and
other coast  cities,   after which   they
-will make their  home  in   Dover, the
bride    travelling     in     dark     brown
with burnt orange trimmings with hat
to match.  -The popularity of th bride
was' strikingljjg^��videneed in -he. 'social
functions in'feer honor which preceded
the happy event' and, the many hand-
.some wedding gifts* that were received.
The bride ia & Very popular member of
the younger set and ihe bea& wishvs of
a.wide circle of friends., are  extended
for a long and happy wedded life.
Simon Taylor and H. B. Carter
were,here last week, putting men to
work taking (Clown the .mill once
owned by Kitchener TimberCompany.
They are moving tbe machinery'to the
other side of W&sa.
lhe Amusement Club, have theit
fortnightly danee on"Saturday. With
the Orestes orchestral. ��"!!<nin!**i_-.0' the
_ausic a large crowd is looked for.      ^.
The auto traffic through-Kitchener
this    month    is    the.   heaviest   ever
witnessed, the tourist- rush last Satui.
day being particularly heavy.
Mr. and Mrs. Bayle of Creston and
family were camping at GoatfeJl a'
couple of days laut week,' white Mr.
Bayle was' winding * .up some timber
business in that area.
The trustees are negotiating with
-Miss '' Randall to take . charge of
Kitchener school nest tern-.. She has
taught at the Huscroft school" for two
years, and comes very highly recom
District engineer Wm. Ramsay was
in here on an official   vihit the  early
part of July, and in addition tb road
matters his attention   was drawn , .
openings street to ^m^mT^p^lpr^sii
residents on' Kttehenter  Heights, as
well as the necessity 7��>ff seaie sidewalk
construction. '-     '
M: Wik*"w"h sawmill reanmect cutting
last, week, after a few weeks" shutdown
for tbe berry season.
A large camping party left on Bun-
day morning in O. -Ringheim''s motor!
boat, heading for Cuiius Creek, where
they figure to sfcay fbr a week  or ten
days. "       '
BlRTBiV-On July 12th,   to   Mr.   and
Mrs. North wast- calling on Creston
friends betv/eenPfrain^ion Friday.
Mrs. -Roy Prase tor,." who' has been a
visitor with her parents at Cranbrook
for some days past, returned, on Satur-.
day.      '       '.'.<."" '~*\"
Mrs. Moore   and7,Sasnily    of  Cran
brook, who have beeh holidaying "with
Mrs. Lossby the past  week,   left for
home on Saturday.  * .
Rev. fl. Varley-;"|rill be here for
Church of Bngiand service in the
schoolhouse on Sunday evening at 7.30
ISxcavatipn -work jb completed for
the proposed liquor. store at Sirdar,
which will "be built jests a lot between
the new residence -of'&.-Pascuzz6 and
the Rogers store.      i'
fchp election* of a. trustee and,, auditor.
Announcement was made that Gordon
Hunt*- r of Vancouver has accepted the-
principalship for next year, and comes
well recom mended.' The annual meeting will be asked to have the new
assessment raise $200 to carry on the
school next year. W. D. Touhey is
the retiring trustee, Mv. Rogers and
Mr. "North completing the board, with
Mrs. Jones, auditor.
*i _~_ St'	
Harold   "Langston, ~ who   Saas
working at   Kimbeiley   for   the
two months, is here this .week.
few days stay at the ranch.
for a
Whitsnaa, a daughter.
Jack Hindley is here on a visit "from
the Old-Country, and is the guest of
his bmthar, Charles. He came on to
here Srom Harrop, where he was &.
gsset-'t of a'brother who has, a farm atr
tbnS poih%.
. Bass are now running strong in the
month of Duck   Creek   and some very
v*a ajaaag^aa v
Kinm.' _Lain��Bay is ciauujjHjg   cue; fwaoo-
enger run formerly taken by Conductor Hall, who haa just been stiperan-
uated, but his appointment is only
temporary as conductors Tiffih and
Dallas aw*" senior to him. -
Mrs. Jcnes Waajhere on Saturday en
route to Creston -on,* a business visit.
The auto tottriste- parsing through
Kuskanook 60 far thjs stsafcen are more
numerous than in any past year.
Mr. and Mrs.. Brawn  are  expected
b-iacVthiis-week-from a   three  weeks1
vacation spent at Pentieton and eoasV
���   The hours of-the.jjwitch crew under*
went a,- change  ����-the"~first  ox  the
month, the work now starting at 1 a.m. ] future,
and they knock *>S: -about- nine in the
A. Ia��toi!le is another Kimberiey
resident who is here at present looking'
after some worl*- on his ranch.
C. H. Phillips and his friend, Geo.
Hannington, of Kimbesley, Bpent sa
few days at" the Phillips ranch this
Another of tne L-tstergirl graduates
at this year's Normal school has beeit
appointed to a local school,'Miss Hazel
Hobdejii having accepted the position
of principal of the Huscroft school,
succeeding Mtss Randall, who- has had
charge for two years.
W. Millington arrived front Kimberiey at the end of the week and is busy
packing up the household effects, pre
paratory to-moving   tn JESnurne,   near
"Vancouver, where they will reside in
A-Nelson firm .-ss^bwsy with logging
operations in the ' l&uskariook  district
back of th��Kreii.ranchc and has almoa*-
aboons off- logs  ready-to   water  fori
towing to their mill In that city.
R. B. Staples of Crefiton was among
the uBaernten trying-out their luck in
this district at the weekend, the
feature bf which was the catch of a
couple of very fine chai���the first of.
the slsc sver takeaa in locsS welters, ��s
very few of thmi ever negotiate the
Goat River canyon.
Geo. *Young has some men at work
clearing out trails and getting the Hill
claims on Iron Mountain ii, shape for
an inspection by* Mr. "Wilson" of Fern
ie, who is making" the ^dalt on behalf
of soiriV eastern capitalists -who are
prepaired to back a steel plant if
enttlctent iron ore can be obtained to
keep it busy.   .
Atthe annua]   school  meeting   on
Saturday  night  B.   McGonegal   was
elected, to succeed himself for another
three-year term on the board of trustees, and' with*^^'^^Hiint??and'' B.
Johnson will make up this year's boaid
,; of jnianngnient.y;' ������.���Alf. ^. Howard.';. ;���***"����,
re-elected auditor. and- u AUvik.l*;**y. . tp
secure $4<0O for Behind phrposew^ will be
made to finance   the  school  for- the
next twelve months.
Mr. and Mrs.* Paul Ofner were Nel
son vssslore this week, the latter hav-1
ing to go there for medical attention,
returning on Tuesday.
The tennis club held the last of their
boose, on "Strtw^i-o^y^^-iigrhtr"- A.'yv5qry
Sar|^is-'cfi-w��i afca^nde_,7 and��� everyone
bad a real j;odd tin^e.       _.      i i..
B. Bectc, who has been visiting his^J than usual for this time of
sister, Mrs. W. A. Robinson, left last-
week for Appledale, where he, has
bought a piece of propei-tv. He. is
having the hsy cut" on it and the
ploughing done before returning here^
Miet-s Flossie Bvans
was a visitor to
Bonners Ferry at fche first of the week
Principal Kolthammer is at Summit
Creek at present, where he is in
charge of a crew fighting fire in that
area. - ���
Miss F. Lyne of Vancouver^ who is
holidaying with her parents ut Creston, was a Friday and Saturday visitor
with Miss F. Knott.
Prairie schooners still continue to
come along on tbe trek so_th. Five of
them went through on Saturday.
- Mr. and Mrs. Speaker and famiFy
are now residents at Eriekson, occupying the M. McDougall place, which he
pin-chased & few weeks ago.    ���*.
Mrs. Wetherhead  -was  a  guest  of
honor at an   afternoon  reception  at
Mra, Knott's on  Monday,   when   the
ladies   of OaJtuyoss���*��n the eve of her
departure for   Nelsons-presented" her
with a silver  cake  dish/ by   way   of
showing appreciation of their  guest's
good work ever since coming here in
all lines of community endeavor. They
will be leaving at the end of the week,
and all will be sorry to see them go aa
Canyon has never had  morp   willing
and progressive citizens thsss Mr. and
Mrs. WetherhetMjL -,
One of the most harmonious and all
round satisfactory annual school-meet--
tng~Canyon has had for some time was
that of Saturday night,- which was
presided over by F. Knott-and -at'
which T. Mawson was elected to the
vacancy on tbe trustee board, replacing A. D. Pochin, who declined ore-
election,   whilst    F.   Knott   was  the
uisanssnoais c&aOice ��or a.a*-us��aOr.
Wearmonth   and   H*  _"oung  axe the
��<-��� Wm^'^m^^^Bm^il^^^.'oit^.^nA ejjnce"��-_
ti��4^ moven��ent?w��i*^dX po-?ts a��d
lumber-goings east -the - freight   traffic
through Sirdarisjust.a" little heavier
v/here, we understand, she is entering k   ��.-.   _ ft ,      	
thehospital m that town to taae tbe   ^ finance ^^^^j affaiT8 ^ ^^
three-year course as a nur*e. J .       vear
E. Ferguson, pmvinciat assessoi-,pf
Nelson, made a visit of inspection to
the^Os-ter a|^aA.^to-ejp^_f tii�� wee%��
SoUerili-ICirsch. Nupiioti*
A p-retty- July wedding.'wW' that of
Wednesday' * afternp-vn    at     Christ
Church when   Miss   Maude  Alberta,
eldest    daughter   of. ��������� ���'���.*lr^;':iitnd.-'-Mr��.^
Etlward    Bottorill,., -. / ^!9w��tir4; V.vomi^aHe!* *i>'k*|��'-
marriage with Tl'iie��idor��M. Kirsch c)if
Dover,   Idaho, . the  ��*e^^��V;;Ile'ir/e.,Jtty
Varley,    ofllciatlng;* t�� ycompany of
fri ends and Invited gn*st)B witnenslng
the happy event.   The hvlde, who wao
given away liy her father, wits hahd-
somely gowned in   white  satin   with
handkerchief drapes and veil, with H
boquei of sweet petts.   The bridesmaid
was her aluter,  Mian   Annie   Botterlll,
who was attired, in,peach shaded radium silk and ahio curHed a bonnet of
nwect pons.   The   bent   iiiaii wim Mr,
LorneTOotterlll..   The Ktroom*t* gift to
the bride was *u etrln"ft of pearls a��A a
ruby rings   to the bridesmaid nie gave.
a  pMiiil ring.    After th6 ceremony
the gut'iita   aq|ourned  to  the  bride's
(!���.*-��� IV,**.    w'-nr*'     M***f->    "Wot.t'iiarHI,    ���w'rtianiw*-
. gown wan  of a deep   brown  attyme
c.ii-|H% was as��iet��<t> hy Mm. V. Jackttatin,
-��� x
Fred Hagen had-a most uiiforttmate-
accident on Monday morning. While
helping load lumber tiZk the Winlaw
* iwraill a lumber pile toppled over onto
him breaking his leg. Dr. Henderson
arrived speedily and Fred is now niak
Ing a very satisfiictory recovery..
Berry picking is -now finished ����"*
most of the growers have their patches
mowed down and burned, and are busy
cultivating them for a .big rg*op next
eeabon. All growers report larger
crops than they figured on, due to the
heavy rains just "before picking started.
A host of friends here Will extend
congratulations to Donald Dewar, a
former Wynndel resident, whose
marriage to Ruth M�� I^ean took place
at Fernie early this tnanth. He Is a
son of D, Ui Dttwiir a former school
principal and merchant here.
The    accommodation   of    the    old
schoolhouse   was    heavily "taxed   on
Tuesday    night   for     the   reception
tendered bj^tbe congregation to Rev.
and   MrsV Herdmai*,   who   have  just
taken charge of the -church work^   0.
Taylor presided in   nis   usual   capable
fashion, and extended a   cordial \,wel
come to pastor and wife,   which   wub
suitably acknowledged by   Mr. llcrd-
mnn, whb  expi"essed"*-tiatl��faction   on
behalf of Mrs. Berdmart.Hind himself
for such a splendid' Welcome.    During
the evening most appropriate speeches
were made by A. W, Mason,   Ashley
Cooper and Alex. Cameron, eftrtphiiHlz-
ing the need  and the opportun i tiles of
the "United Chtirch In the community��
Miss Ada  Cuell   and    Mrs.    Anhloy
Cooper favored with piano solos;   Mis.
U. A�� Bathie  a  vocal   number; .Mtv
l*unt�� violin   ��olo,  while  Miss   BSbhel
Towaon's .Irish dancing rounded out aw
��. venlng's programioo that  was  thoroughly enjoyed, ', Iltefreshmt-pto 'wore
���terved   by   the   lud lei   at   the   clone.
During tho evening Ch-ilrman "l*rtyloi-
annonnced   that" arrahgt-meiits  were
W4��1l ��H��v*ala>jrM��r1l -akid ���wawk on thtiv s'uh'W
cl-urcb buildinR would start nlmos
ImmdUaUtHy.... .....  . '...,,���y   .,-..:,.,.
were Sirdar visitors a few days thia
vi'-f'ek, guests of Mr, -aiid Mrs. Loasby.
Master Jim ^Tanner is remaining for a
vinit with Master Clifford Neil at
.��� J8
^ .. j ...��
Kutrl T\mm.w-
��� ..v
Sid McCabe is again itt charge of
the B St lis erew after an enforced
vacation of about three month**. The
crew is back from Kimberiey and is
now making repairs on the coal chute.
Mr. and Mrs. Iaoashy were motor
visitors to Porthili on Monday where
the former was renewing R.N. W.M.P.
acquaintance with J. O. Rykert��,who
w��a a member of the force as far back
as 1813.
The attendance at the 'annual school
meeting wan too slim, to permit of the
evening's business.being carried on and
adjournment��had tp be taken to secure
'.."   . -;.' "''"''',.���������" --' '.. ���
_... i an. , ai a.      aai-n  ill Ian il ���  I i ilia. i�� ���l.a ��� .
residentswilljbe receiving;* _he -time--;
honored tax notices at the end of t^e
'year.   ~    *   ..        '- ^r
The attendance was not 1-urge at the
f annual aCuiicl sseeting ����n Saturday
j night at Which   &7J. Malthouse   and {of ^e week for a visit with
Fa Ns Thmnpson   were   re-elected -to I ure> ^ ^GtAssUi. of   whom
succeed   themselves'   as   trustee   and
'auditor   for  another  term,  and   the
former along with Jas. Jory nnd John
Bird make tip the board- of education.
$218.60 watt voted as the sum necessary
to finance the school the next twelve
���" At the annual meeting of the ratepayers of the Huscroft school district
- '&^'j:-^*��^'\m&kmimffiy �������.*
_Ekiraontbn,*7 Alta., ^*3fer viators- "Bare7
this week wi&n Iter parente, ~'~Mr.- and
Mrs. Gee. Cartwrifl^it.    ,* -
mt.   ijtn And
Hr.   and
they are
Mrs. C. G. Bennett of Fernie was an
SSrickson^visitor this week, the guest
ef Mrs. F. V. Staples,
on   Saturday   night,
returned for .ipother
and Mrs. Ed. Smith,
to it-sign due to now
T. Banks was
three year term-
Whet was foi-ced
being -resident in
the Lister school district, is amceeded
by Jblin Huscroft, H. Hidiiie, secretary, being the third member of the
boordi. $260 w ill be collected in taxes
to finance '*��� educational iiffairs the
oncoming term.
Miller-Hood Wedding:
rn.it   �����
wtxt" ���:.t'*,ej '��*L
i^eison n ig-u cp-jhumi
Exhibition Pari?
at TWO p.mr Prompt
The Best Gam_ this season.
boh't mm it i ���'
A !f?i*ry pretty house wedding was
that of Wednesday at the home of Mr.
and. Mrs. John R. Miller, -when their
eldest daughter. Miss Ann Eliasabeth,
was united In marriage with George
Hood, the ceremony being performed
by Rev. J. A; James In the presence
of ii company of invited r-u-uu-. Tht*
living room was pj-fttil^decorated for
tlie occuslpn, tho bride being given
aivay by lier father, and wearing a
gown of wh^te, Icrepe. ^<|e, chine nncl
"* i,  *   'l '    a  ,   ; i4y ,, .w*, .   '"%      {*       t   'i       .     ,^^'|_aa   \   t   i'   V   .^f ^    , .'*    i   '*'������    *  ,        ���
carry Ing a inniuvi. of wlufte ).���.***&. . Sler
hrld��ama.id was her cousin, Miss Jennie
Marshall,   who was also  gowned  in
white and carried a boquofc  of  sweet
peas, while .the jxvoom   Trns BuppoHeel
by  Joh"** Smith.   Immediately  after
the ceremony a wedding luncheon was
I served Mr.' and Mra. Hood: leaving' to
Of'tch Liic   iKiJtt   at  nub"au.i!-a.��k   oo   fc.
wedding trip  to  Nelson  and  polnte
west, the bride golnar awsy fn a fawn
travelling  suit   with ..hat to match.
Many    handsome  gifts  bespoke  the
popularity of the young couple whoaa
many friends extend hearty congratulations and all   good   wishes  for  the
future.    On  their retiartJ  they   wlH
reside at the groom's   bojmo   at Alicft
Frank Putnam and young son,
Perley, were visitors in Spokane a
couple of days the latter part, of the
week, making the trip by auto.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Dodd and fat-oily got away at the first of the week
on a motor, trip to coast paints, going
by way of Spokane and will return via
the Okanagan and Nelson.
The hard surface road crew has been
at work in this section making general repairs to "the highway and putting
on a coat of oil from the Crawford hill
east. ' "    ."*
Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Staples were
motor visitors to Spokane last week,
returning on Friday. "
Mr. snd Mrs Lome Botterilt and
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Botterill were
here from Dover for the Botterill ���
Kirsch wedding, Wednesday.
Mr. and Mra. MT. Percival and
young son of Yahk. were weekend
gnests of Mr, and M��b. U. Dodds.
Mr; and Mrs. Fred Waylett were
auto ^visitors at Bonners Ferry on
Sunday, The north and south high,
way Is still eight miles out from lr-ort-
hill and will hardly reach the boundary
this year. ~
Peace and harmony prevailed
throughout the annual school meeting
on Saturday evening, with a fairly
yi^iodtttavuout otratcpayerss in evidence.
Far the first time on record RH ckson
wdl have a lady trustee, Mrs. Frank
Pntnwm hein*; the nnaniimmifl choice
to fill the one vacancy in the hoard,
with K. J. C. Richardson re��elect.ed
auditor. tlfiOO was voted for running
expenses, and this will be ample to
allow for a slight increase In salary to
Ml&o Ttenibatb, who is returning to
take the prlncipalshlp _for another
year.   The    other    members  ot   the
,  .    ,.    _.,.... *,. ,���-���, ���.,;��  ..��    UK      ��,J.    (f-|*l"*-ai��a��t"il��U��   ,.VtA
vi' t.i^w^'a-. M-aj-a^.. w, fc.w   -��-..    ,��� ,    i---. ��������- . - - ��� ��� ,w'i..  ...... -a
It M. Telford.
MB-Wi**!!'*'.*'IJ; fm. aataamyiata i����t_ia��,ia�� twe��J'*ani_>MII WUMM* ���#��� JW Jt^iff^H'ffl-WlIf
HnMnMm "^s^ssw-ih^  /  v,  ���������x (.  THE    REVIEW,    CRESTON",    B.    C.  /  "Play  Streets"'  i conee  fir-  T_e Riclier Life Of Tke West  The people ol' the prairie provinces of Canada aro engaged in the very  large task of converting an empire of vacant or still sparsely settled territory  into si'thriving nation, and .in dping so are seeking to lay foundations firm  and true upon-which.the great structure of the future shall be erected. ^ While  much has been accomplished, the days of the pioneers are by no means past,  an/l tasks enormous in their magnitude yet call for the initiati-'o tiitd energies  oi' Western people. .  It is "both natural and inevitable that during ihese years olTpioneer settlement and development the thought and activities of the people should be  directed to those material and -physical things necessary to the opening of the  country and providing tor its financial succets and prosperity. Problems  oI" transportation hy rail and ocean, the. construction of roads and bridges,  development oC markets and access to them for Westt.ru products, questions  ol' credits and adequate, banking facilities, mortgage loan.*-- and rates of interest, and* all the other economic problenis therefore loom large at present  throughout the West, and the very fact that they call for so much-consideration, agitation and legislation, has a tendency to create in_ the. minds .01.  people elsewhere a false idea that the people of the West are wholly material,  oven mercenary hi their outlook, giving little thought to or havinglittle  regard for what are generally termed tin. liner and better.things in Hie.  The   surprising   thing   about   Canada's   prairie   provinces   is not .that   so  "much attention ii? necessarily devoted 'to the mate-rial development and- -well-  being of the country-,' but that such a large amount of time, earnest thought  and hard-earned money is so freely given by Western people in these early  days of their country's history to what are termed the finer arts, and to the  development  of a   strong,  intelligent   and "cultivated   citizenship.       It is one!  thing  for  old  established,  well-settled "and   wealthy' countries   to   erect   iind '  iiiainiain  great   urtiversions,  museums   of  art,  conservatories  .of* Hiusic,  ->jj*m-  phony orchestras,  etc..  etc..  but  quite another-' thing    for     sparsely  pioneer communities to do so.  Nevertheless, on these prairie provinces greater attonl ion is being paid  1o the provision of- higher institutions ol: "itarning than in many old and  wealthy countries-, and tjven in these still pioneer days the work or collecting art treasures, establishing museums, and cultivating a popular taste for  Where   Automobiles   Are   Banned   and  Chiid*-������tt Can Romp, Without.,Fear   .  _.,VJ- of/'Death  In some-ic'itiea-tpf -the"United States  1lie problc-m.pf ������������xieguarding'Hhev"'iivesi:  of children has been solved by the  designation'oPdei-tam streets* as "play*  streets." - During-certain'hours of the  day automobiles are denied access to  these, designated "zones. The plan, it  is said, has proved to.bespopular with  the kiddies, tlieir parents "ami the motorists themselves.���������Hamilton Spectator.  For Aches, Pains,  The Safe Home Remedy  NERVH-INE  When sudden" sickness comes, whim  the^ kiddies come in with colds, their  Hi tie chests and throats sort-' ���������from  coughing^ quick results 'always follow  a vigorous mjhbing with good old Ner-'  viline. if ifs Cramps. Colic. Diarrhoea, Xerviline is a wonderful* friend;  it brings ease and" comfort so quickly.  For young and old. to overcome the  minor ills that, constantly arise in the  home, nothing compares with "Nerviline.":���������35 cents, at all dealers.  Coal  Resources Of West  62 Billion Tbns 6f Coal Lie Under the  Soil oi* Alberta " ���������  Si^ty-two billion tons ol: coal, half"*  of this. -'ii_iQu.it recoverable, lie beneath the surfact. of Alberta soil, according to Pi*of; J.J'A. Allan, provincial  settled -geologist,*- aud -Jiieatl of the department  of geology of the-tlniversily oC Alberta,  in a statement" made before the Alberta coal commission. The commission was also told that $12,000,000 had  been lost"*tvy"the abandonment of coal  Juvcniie  Migration \  V  London Saturday Review Deals. With  This Important Question  .The Jjondon Saturday .Review, dealing with the subject of child immigration -in Canada, says the, annual reports of the chi-c-i; inspecto^pl'.Britlsh  immigrants* rec<#vin~g homes show hut  little initiative and they carefully  avoid criticism of the methods followed in connection with child immigration. -H-  ���������      **���������  y  '"Juvenile migration towards Can-  ad;i," the lleview says, "has too long  remained only an adjunct 1q the work  ol reclamation of child life' Jn the  English and Scottish congested areas.  fill. .   . n        12.-.ZJ...U!         ��������� .!_. .".-.        ., _.       .������  J. jua_:;st_-   iJUllllilnlJLin    r-ilUUlU    OH   I'imjuuv*. u  and a state-aided and state-controlled  system inaugurated, that -would be  available 'for boys and-girls of all  classes."  HEART WAS.WEAK  NERVES ALL GQN_  FOR WEAK GIRLS  the best in literature and music is receiving increasing attention and support. , mines during the.past 20 years.      This  None of lhe older Canadian provinces are. putting forth anything like, the j lot?*3 "js ascribed to loss of markets.  same effort in the  encouragement of good music among the masses of the J       * ������������������...-'; ���������_ .'.'"  ���������  population as is-curried on year after year in these prairie provinces through j MP^f    51TRFM|_ TH ���������-""':  thp instrumentality of the annual musical festivals.      In the older 'provinces j **���������" r"     ���������>'**������***  ��������� ---  and in the states to the south, good music is, as a rule, provided through the j  benefactions of-a few wealthy patrons.      Here in the "West, where, people ofi  great wealth are-lew and far between, these, "finer" things can only he made  possible  through   the   self-denying -service  of  the   people  themselves,   maiu-  . tained .'by  Uh-  small   contributions of all.  These annual musical festivals, which art- increasing in .popularity and  attaining a higher standard of excellence year after year, are but th,e culmination   of faithful,   painstaking  work   on   the  part  of scores  of  small   musical  organizations   scattered   throughout  the. cities,  towns, villages  and  rural   dis-  tricts of -the  Canadian   We.st,  and  all-of which are  constantly  bringing real  pleasure and profit  to .their respective .communities.      And what is being ac���������  n._I_������V   f;  fV-.-a  music is  J'k  to a;  coniplishcd  in   the  development  of a  po  increasing degree also being accomplished in the realms of literature'and art  The people of tlie. West are nor mere money grubbers.      Tht-$* are striving  hard to attain to material prosperity, it is true, antl they are insistent in their  demands  thf-i   thos-- material thing.*- essential to  the attainment   of that object shall be provided.      IStit such material prosperity is regarded by the \$.st  majority ot' Western people merely as a means to an end, that end being the  enrichment of the whole  fcii'e ������f the people and the, upbuilding of as fine a  ���������-oiintry and race of people, as are to be found in the world.      The fact that so  much Is now being don.- i;.> achieve that result, when the means for its ,*iccbm-  i.lishnit.nt  are  .so  limited,  speaks volumes   for Ihe  ideals  and- aspirations  of  Western Canadians*, nnd holds promise of a rich and wonderful future.  . - ��������� - .,- ���������  ,,         /'  Can  Be  Had Through the Rich,7  Red Blood Made By Dr. Wil- 7  liams' PinkTPills  There comes a time in the lite* of almost every girl wlifni weakness attacks her. Tlie strain upon her blood  supply is too 'groat,...and-.there- conies  headaches and backaches, loss of appetite, attacks of dizziness, heart pal-  iptation, a constant weariness and a  tendency to a decline. -All these  symptoms may not be. present in. any  particular' case, but the presence of  any one of them shows the. neceasity  for prompt treatment... And the-very  best treatment is through the blood-  making tonic qualities of Dr. Williams*  Pink Pills.       They arc- the one  thing  Mrs. ,T. H. HallenbG'ck* llTVo Wetland Avenue, St. Catharines7 Ont.,  writes;���������"I was iri; a gas explosion;  it left me with a weak heart', arid- iny  1 nerves were- till gone. I buffered  e.veryt hing. couldii't^ si eep, br eft dure  any excitement,-and when left alone I  felt as i f I could scream. I took dizzy  spells, often falling and bruising myself. My mother .-��������� read about your  Milburn's. Heart, and Nerve Pills, and  ' bought me a box, but, having taken so  j-many different kinds' of medicine it  J just seemed that I did not have any  confidence in any of them. I took  one box of IT. & N. Pills, and felt so  much better 1 continued with them tin  Romance e.f Provincial History -  The children of British Columbia  can never be expected to take maximum, interest in the- development of  this provnio until their imaginations  are fired by the romance of the province's -history.���������"Vancouver Sum  He Would Noi Be  Wafi-hnitt   THs!tt  ���������        JLHVlll  . ������ t -_-_.aiVW������.  Quebec Man. Absolutely Relieved  Of Backache  am   ���������  1.  ���������' a������  Mr. Alfred Gagnon , Recommends  jDodd:s Kiiney Pills to All Who Sniffer.  Moulin Borsimis, Que.���������(Special).���������  '*A few words about your Dodd's Kidney Pills. They have done me much  -good," states Mr. Gagnon, a well  known and highly respected, resident  of this place.  "For pains in the back and kidneys,  I have taken Dodd's Kidney Pills and  they have done me good immediately.  I always "keepa box Jin the house. Today, thanks to your pills I am quite  relieved of my trouble and recommend  them to till who suffer. Kindly send  me one of your almanacs."-      yy  Dodd's Kidney Pills are purely and  simply a kidney remedy. TThey act  directly5 bit the Kidneys; strengthening  .them and putting them in condition to  do their,, full work of-straining the. impurities out of the blood. Do-ld's Kidney Pills have beT^n ih-use ih Canada  for more ,than thirty years. They  demonstrated their worth in the most"  sci-idiis forms of kidney disease, siich  as rheumatism, dropsy: diabetes, neuralgia and sciatiea.  Ship Live Poultry To Holland  Large    shipments    of white Wyan-  dottes   from  the  farm  of  Hon.   .Tohn  Martin, Ontario minister of agriculture,  til ! had Used'five boxes, and after I j have, gone forward to "Holland.      One  had  taken  themtydid jgot  need   any > of the lot of "50 hards is consigned to  more.      I .cannot praise,    or    recommend, Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills,  too highly a fter all they have- done i'or  me.'1- .���������"'"  Put up only by The T.Milburn Co.,  T.tiniit.od, 1"oronto. Ont.  needed  to  maintain    the    health    of. from the  customs department itn ex-  growing  guis  and   women  of mature  eXkho  i-tiito  p-*rrn;-ts,  ���������.Support, of all the automobile clubs  throughout   Canada   will   be   solicited  by the Automobile    Club    of    P.ritish  Columbia in an endeavor    to    obtain  the Dutch Government. ' The whole  shipment is said to be the" largest lot  of pure-bred poultry ever shipptd from  Canada. 7  "**"  New Scholarship Given ]  I'*i. mi ted by the International Peder-j  ni ion   of   th-   "-itud-tnts  of  the   League ; ly  private ocean-going yacht   built, in  01' Nations, a n<--.v scholarship is being ' Kastera Canada hy order of Command-  oiVeri-'tl .-if-iil' nr.-. rt* th-e T'niversity of!  t"aska;.("lH'-van, uecKiillnsr to an an-  ���������tnunoemenr by Prot". Prank l.'nder-  v.'ood. oi" tin* hi-iio:'>- fla-parr.inent a'tr ih������*  -aarstyv. Tltl.-i nu-ans ihat some  .-ruili-nr wiii Icyvi- * i\.v\y next fall to  ;i������ri'-Tiil thi' .-.-.-ssiun.-- it:' ih������* <*outieil of  the   l.*agna- of  Nation* al   <_i-ru*va.  years.  ITiu't? is a bit of strong proof.-���������Miss  Matilda   Brean,  King  Highway,  New-  } castle, N.B.   says:���������-"X was in an ex*  _ j li-emely rua-down and nervous condl-  - j tion.      1 was losing flesh, had a poor  Easterner' Builds   Fine   Yacht 1 appetite,   always  pale,     and ..suffered  What will be the finest and most cost-1 frequently   from  hoadaphes.       In   fact  i my condition can bejTtbe described as  miserable-. I'Tiad fried several treatments but they did not help me in.the  least. Then, reading oni.'. day about  Dr. Williams' Pinl* Pills, I decided to  try thtim.      After using three boxes T  j tension of the tlrlvty-day automobile  tourist permits, according'to tin announcement by F.. J. Klkins, the club  manager. -J  Praises this Asthma Remedy. A:  grateful user of Dr. .T. D. Keiiogg"s  Asthma Remedy finds it the only remedy jLhut will ijive relief, though for  thirteen years lie had sought* other  help. Years of needless stiff ering������  may he preventctl by using this won-"  'rterfut-' remedy at the first warning  of trouble. Its use is simple, its cost  js, sliglit, and it can be purchased al-  "moat everywhere.  er J. K. Ij. Itoss, i-* now nearlng completion at Oriilia. Her cost is placed at  if 110,000. The ������������������Oannet," as she it.  to be nanit-d, will be electrically lighted and heated, will have a speed of  aboil 1 twelve knots, carry a crow ol  si\* and have sleeping accommodation'  for   twelve.  V.'iia-.'. .1 mail i-��������� ,-���������!]!���������'- rliai lii^ I'rientls  n������"V������-i' yay unkind thijig-t u, iiim -|,. \<  Aire that  all  hi.s  IViend.--. nr-   de-id.  avhs much improved, but o.onT.inued  until I had taken sixb'oxe-a, with the  result, that I am now "well and strong.  with good color antl a hearty appetite.'"  In view ot what l*!"^ WUlhimH' * Pink  ,. Pills have done for nieT cannot reconi-  (i i mend them too jftghly."   -��������� -���������  ;.., You   can   gel.  UieMe  1*11 Is  from   stny  On* song "sung  nmhl  a  storin   is of : nimllctno ������l������)a"er, or J������;_ mall at KOaieiits  .        ,������.,,."        , -    1 .1 11     a box Irom The Di>. Williams'TMediclno  more berieiri  to inanlcintl than a whole  An Oil that is Famous.���������Though  Canada was not the birthplace of Dr.  Thomas' licloctrlc Oil*,., it is Che hoihe  of "that famous compound. l"rom here  its good liiuiie was spread to Central  and South America, the West Indies,  Australia a.nd New.Zealand. That, is  far afield eiouj.li to attest its excellence, .for in all these countries it. is  on sale and in demand.   .  tioncert when  the sun  Is shining.  The fair sex Is decidedly in the majority in Vienna, according to a census taken by the .city authorities on  -.lanuiiry 1, :i!'2J". The figart-H are  :i:,000,2!'0 women stud S������2,03S men.  1 |J"L     "W*������   jf JH.   In  x.^i^y tOa  ciall}'   prir-j-ci r������*fl   f<>r   litfiuil-i  in  NTOTriRR:-. Fletcher's  f.'a K.rta is a plca.-n.nl, linrrn-  lc;ir. !^iibf"ttfiif<? for f*as|:or Oil,  J'.'uv'fffirn", 'IVelliitifj Drop**  nn a-1  a n 11.  Co.. Tlrockviile, Out. /       ;  For   Increased   Pensions  Commons Passes a Resolution Amending the Pensions Act  .V   resolnlhin   to provide for anitmd-  mentH lo tlio Pensions "Act, >yas introduced in the hotiHe.hj' Tion'.* Tt. ,'S. lltv  htntl, nilnlMi.et* oi: jioldlnrs" civil ri'-r.3.-  tabllsUiuout.    Animtg the amendntenti.  eoutem'plsited..ttre provisions for a (h������-  j finite    peu-'Uni,    iiTe<ht<"ibl,e.. lor    two  ' yetirt.  in eases ni" p'tihnnnary  lubercn-  Io-jIh;      tor      IneriiiiHi.tl      peiiHlbiiH      to  J ninlbers  whose hiisbaiuls arn phystestl-  ly   helpless,   or jn   a   dependent  rendition;   ami   lor e.tiiuliilons under which  jii'liHiofi  ma v*1 he  eitnlliuietl  lo depend-  1 ent, imrt iiIh  j The' reHoliuinii wiih cniTletl without  I'ur. lift' ill.* di-'.'-itiii, ami :i hill hast-d tin  Jt   war. Ml veil   lifHl   reading.  Requisite ot) tbe Farm.���������Kvery  farmer and trttock-riilrim* .should keep a  supply of Dr. Thomus' l-Jcleetrlo Oil on  hand, net. only its a ready rrjmndy for  His in thc-famlly. but, be<!n.use it l.s a  horse ami cattle medicine of great potency. As a HitbslttuUt for HWist:i oil  for horses and cattle affected by eollc  it far surpasses anything that can be  administered.  Trans-Canada Highway  ���������''. Virtual, completion "of the trans-  Canada highway through Manitoba by  October 1 is the aim of the good roads  department of ihe Provincial Government. The work, when finished, wiii  complete tho road front- Brandon west  to the Saskatchewan boundary.  /  GetaBtight start  Shoe Polish  tUItUet you put your best footJmward  I ���������^ylTl���������,^^^���������''T|^'^:^;.,^ M  Widows of for in er ii.s. presidents  gel a pimfcion nl" '$r!-.000 t������ yeti'i* niul a  franking  pr..TU*gi\  Srit-a) hiiifi*, S}"riijv",   <*.sp<r-  ,-uifl   Chihlrr-.ti   all   aflfc*..  I.t-iinliiii rafliuiil child/rn lt>ok out  more than *.!.,";i������li,liO(i lmrikM front the  thy lllnaiii'M la*.1. year, an --r.mpiiri <l  ���������villi 71 I.(inn twenty yenrH sign.  Minard's     Linin-yeet    for    Corns    a������hd  Biihions  And maybe the parly bird iW-efm't  enjoy the worm aw much as the lale  bird  enjoys the sleep.  I*. 1*. Uartison. Inv'tnl.or of ihe gun  mask, entered I lie TV*n<*h arniy as a  private,  X  Proven, b-at  ��������� Since IB57  T-, ;,w71 ii/li^.i.iiv., :A;v:i;  ;  |i i-.tr   l"r������f  l]\f  ',.i;n.'tliiri- ������������f    C-ftAi-**,  l.'ii>-uci.tii.  <.-'wa-ry tvhee ������'<ctjiiuinciid  it-  "/Ti-mSj^cJ&j-U Millard's   Liniment  foe  Backache  u.    ir.?������  I  fowVourtEVES  Refreshes Tired-Hycs  lat-rlfrMi   i'af'"  ..������U-li'c"*<*'.("(:"rEva"C_it������TWoDlc  -���������   7  tor  ��������� jL# CM J y^ ������ij    ������oCfljrVt?  ��������� ���������    '  m,  FKEE BABY BOOKS  W/ritt- ������������������ 'j nt- aatiriit->t iuu.  Liuitit-.tl. -Mr.nttca.!, Per  two lftj.t>v *Wcllai������rt3 EL-utltn.          mm.... yjxsiK  MgBBBBBBBgS f  JJ  2>  THE    REVIEW,    ORESTON,    B.    O.  Chief  oi  A   **  jl orce  Woiili Abolish Aero  v -.--fc^T-r.^.������ ^^^* ^planes  As a "B^leiiace to Civilization  Aeroplane*, should be abolished because,they are a menace to civilization,  according to Sir * Hugh Trenehard,  chief of staff of the Koyal Air Forc������\in  Britain.      X '..Ik  Sir JTtMEii, ont-^of the eminent Tirit-  ish -aviation   authorities,   brought   his |  From   Prairies  Value of Product of Three Prairie  Provinces ."-teaches High" Figure  The product of the commercial fisheries in the jhree prairie provinces in  3 924 had a* Total market value of $2,-  audief.ce up with a jerk when he con- j of>4,162, apportioned as followsr Mani-  demned the weapon he commands in ! toba> $232,563; Saskatchewan, $482,-  a speech iii-London.   . - -- j 492; and Albt?rtsi,~$339,107.  "All,the good aeroplanes can do In.     compared  with  the" preceding year  civil life,*' Sir. Hugh said, "cannot,bal- J the value   ol- ^Manitoba's  fishery  product increased by $21.1,968,  or 21  per  h said, "cannot,bal  ance the "-harm .they may do. in war.  If I had the- casting vote I would ady  abol'fsh" aeroplanes." They are an infinitely more harmful weapon than  any other and terrifically powerful.  The "aeroplane is "the best offensive  ever-invented.     * -    - "  "It-is a bad weapon for defence, but  P is lhe only means of- defence  fjrainst other aeroplanes, and I doubt  v hether any one weapon "will take its  l ace within this century.  *-"- "Nearly all naval battles 250 years  ugo were fought within one mile  shore. An aeroplane may not  ships 250 miles from shore, but it can  damage them and pre\ent bombardment of shore i>os>itions.     -Within an-  cent.-; and of SaFkatehewan's by $195,-  8*19, or 68"per cent. The value of Alberta's product decreased by .?99,630  or 23 per cent. ���������_  The value a������ the fishery production  1 of the Yukon Territory in 392-1 was  $18,773.  In Manitoba the principal kinds of  fish, in'-order ot value, were pickerel,  whitefish, sturgeon and pike. In Saskatchewan .and Alberta, whitefish is  of first importance,- the value of this  the former province represent-  A  Guarded Against Plotters  P  regressive Work Aecoraplisfied.  Ii_ CJanaEa-In Respect To  i  t>uiation  Prize   Catiie   From   West   *  i    TlM",orsU mimhe" ttt i'������u_m_* in can-    ��������� ada is 106,000, o������ whom 30,000 are to  Fine Consignment Stopped By Alberta i he  found   in   the  prairie   provinces���������  Livestock .Association "'     I Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.  The first consignment of export eat- 1 The Indians  own 5,000,000    acres    of  tie for 1925 .le-it Montreal recently.    It'3:snd  JiTul  ft** amount   ol   band   funds  was in all  probability^ the finest that!hfcld Jn trust for them is almost $12.-  'evor left the shores "of" the Dominion.]000'000*       They  own , lives* ock worth  Consisting of two hundred ami seven j $4,500,000,   and   personal   propeitsv^of  head   shipped  by  the Livestock Pro-'?65,000,000.   -   Th-*re   are   326   schools  Of    s.���������i.   s.  . jut?al    m.+  sink  ing 7C per cent_ ot eyie -jotal value of  the fishery^ production of the province,  and in the  For  the  AUSTEN   CHAMBERLAIN  IJU'iUsh Foraiign Secretary, who is being closely guarded by plainclothes -  men following discovery    of   'a    red  plot against his life.  Immigration  to  Canada  CotisiefarrabEft   Activity   in   Smmi**ration  This   Year  lis   Indicated  Iu  March of this year immigration  other 50 or 100 years'the air. will be-i-Tvhitefish   _ _    the  ohly  practical  efficient rfeans .ofj^ lotal ^^ ������e flgi^ries,produc-3 sJ,ed  b>' the-department ol immlgra-  defending the empire.*'        " '   j {ion alld pic-^ 2S pel. cent. 1 ������������n and colonization shows that 3.27S  Empire   Settlement Act  Provisions IVTade For Three Thousand  Selected   tmrhigrant   Families  K emulations ' Jot*    the settlement of  the three thousand selected immigrant'  families* who  are* being    brought     to  Canada under the Empire Settlement  -y  ������  \  Act, have been made public,  provide for the setting aside of land  lor the new-seatiers,* the*allocation of  the. lands to the immigrants at a'jprice  to be fixed by , tly* ,jndependeiit--advis-  dry committee for the district in  wliich the farms are situated* that all  buildings on land for soldier st tilers  bhall be placed in good repair, and that  Ihe total advances of all descriptions  to any immigrant, including the value  ol" the land aud,vthp British advances,  fchall not: exceed -$7;-500 in the case of  any one settler;  .  Pigs Sensitive To Sudden Sunlight  Must  to  Get   Acquainted    Gradually  - Extremes-of Light and- Heat,  t Pigs require.a ra'nge on the- ground.  Any breeder of hogs-will tell you that,,  but while hogs require range they must  -ibe frtmiliarized- very    gradually    with  _\ 'lle li-^,t' anc' ll-ie sun- Contrary to  j our -idt-as generally the-hog.is a delicate animal under eertairu-eonditions;  and one thing that will huiry his pass-,  age-by the unprofitable reute to the  happy hunting grounds is a sudden  change from a cool, dark pen to brilliant, scorching sunlight. ��������� "While,  therefore, the hogs should br- let to  the ground,"a good deal ef judgment  should  be used  in. keeping the pork-  'ducers* Association ������f Alberta ("the  president of which is II. P. Kennedy).  and averaging, around twelve hundred  pounds in weight at three years of  age, they made an imposing spectacle  when viewed on tlm Montreal East  Entl Stockyards where they were held  for twenty-four hours following "tlteir  long journey.  One hundred and twenty-five of the  number came direct from Edmonton  spring show "where they had captured  the first fives prizes1"'In the carload  class. Others included in the lot  were the grand champion steer formerly owned by the "University of Alberta-and. five Hereford steers that  took first place at Regina, Calgary and  Saskatoon shows.  The lot was consigtred to Mr. J. T.  provided by -the government for their  education���������day schools. boarding  schools and industrial schools���������and  the average attendance at these is  13,000 pupils out of a possible 16,00d  of school ago. About 10.000 Indians  still  cling   to their aboriginal-beliefs,  o-tart    rtf"   ������l;_i=-   f���������.-.-it.ft itaalaCw    ftKraia^    half    &ve  Protestants pnd.half .Roman Catholics,  says the Industrial and Agricultural  Progress of -Canada.  While the Indians of Eastern Canada are engaged in a variety of occupations, bring in extcmsive demand  for hunting, guiding, buslrvvork. etc.,  vhe majority of those m the- prair/e  provinces follow agriculture almost exclusively, in 1923 they had 6*3,456  acres of land under crop, an increase  of  15,942  acres  o\-er  1922.       On this  \,  Canadian Sugar Industry  3  were British, 3,297 from the "United  States aiid 2,005 from other countries.  In the same month 2,731 Canadians,  who had been in the United States sis  months or longer, returned to the Dominion.      . *- "  For theT fiscal year 1924-25 ended  March 31st, list, the total immigration  Vrjis 111,362^made up of-53.178 from  the British Isles, 15,818 from the United States and 42...UG from other cbun- llcal r_eP������L'- issued by the bureau ol j  tries. In the same period 43,775 Canadians." returned from Ihe United  States so that if ihis number is added  rto" th,e general .immigration - iotai- of  111,362 the combined count is J55,137.  Indication are that there Avill be  considerable activity in immigration  during  Uie  m*xt   few  months. *  bushels  Irwin, Glasgow, under whose name a | they produced   1,276,579     bushels     of  numbei; of them will be shown at some  of the leading" shows of that country  as  an example of-vv'estern   Canadian*  beef.  grafti, an increase  of 531,569  over the year before.  A very  line example o������ the intelligent   encouragement   whieh   is   being  j given by the    Canadian    Government  | and   the   progressive   work   being  ac-  . ebmplishetl through the active and en  thusiastic  oi   the  Indian  JS   ^._.v.w^.^.^.   co-operaiion  i population is given in ihe ca.se of the  Considerable Increase in Production  Shown in Returns Made  Favorable progress by the Canadian ! Fil������ Hil,s Indian "Reserve in.  Saskat-  sugar industry is shown in the stalls- rch<-wan- ^"hvre wonderful results*ha\e  been  achieved.       Under the couimi&-  statistics covering the activities oi the j Oner's policy a portion of the re-  industry for the month of March. For ! s*'rve ^va-s *���������**-'- ������*-���������������-<- for graduates oi'  the four weeks ending March 28, the hoarding and industrial schools, and  total   manufactures  amounted   to   SS,  pounds of granulated- and yel-  this was suva eyed into larms of eightv  acres.      l<"ach imjnl was-given a grant  Tree   Planting  a Zitiacra    v^n-a    muivc    ttiu   ,a_>c������.l.cr    iiivcS_-  metit Than Setting put Tree-"  Trees are not only things of beauty.  Thej- are things of comfort, as well.  They afford protection from .t he sun  in..summer and the winds and snow  in wii)tei*7. They'.'.'cdiisei'v^ moisture  iiiidyaii'tft^ hi; turn main-  lain th*v.balttnce of* nature b^ destroy -  ing   pestiferous   insects.  ers away >.from* the -extreiftes -of light  and heat, Hill there lias bi*ea-a grad"--  ual accustoming tfiereto: * Even Avhen  this has been done, hi a field where,  there are no .shade1 trees/ shelter,;  should be provided into whirl* the  hogs  ma,\   go  lor  sleep  or  rest. ;  Our   Forest  Production  in  Big   Colonization  Scheme  Purchase    260,000   Acres   of    Land  ;���������-���������-,.    Central andi; Northern .Alberta;..;   ���������-  I.;.-...'Asttitirihg tljfe:: ti-i'.^t:'''6l72'a30;000^acre's  fp.JF- land^h-iidriiigs- of^ltfe. ,."V\Je.s:tei'-i:T; Cart-v*'  Saskatche-; lu';l . J-1'1111-   Compuiiy,   oi-igiually   purchased t'rom tlie Canadian Pacific. Hail-  Cor-  wan   has   made ,a   good   beginning   in  ,.; way, ihe Ihitish I-und Settlement  ni ������g:       "i'liis   spring,  ceediug  spring, should  ������������������tree planting;  but it is only  .,. u.:b.,>   ,   t  This   spring,   and   every   HUC. j l>oration     plans    a  Kr.������it colonization  scheme U\r Central and Northern Al-  a begin  every   mtc- |  see  more- and |  Billions of  Shingles" and  Lath   is  0"e  *- J-l J        a?-       , ^  Item Only -7  ^Recr-nlly a great amount ot'newspaper space has been given to the  holding up of a iuniba-r cai-gw ai  BOto-  t-on under a customs regulation requiring that each individual piece shohld  be marked with the name of ,the  country 6E brigifi.-' It was'looked u-pqn,  as almost a Itopeless task, as there i  were  552,18S  low sugar, as compared wiih 75,533,- \oi ^125 *-������ bi,->" lnoihev. *.-tc. for his lo  52 L pounds of sugar for the same per- shack, ami u yoke of oxen, harness aim  iod last year. For 1he pes-iod from'��������� l>l0^'" to be l,aid 1_tyv iu ,0^lr *������ eat's-  Jaruary 1 to March 28. inclusive, man-' This ^^ Ul 190S- "s-h��������� lhreo ������olon-  ufactures amounted to 214,445,157;ists ������*Ksted under the plan. Be.v  pounds as compared with 170,840,S32 , ������St������ hardships and diseouragementso!  pounds.  various kin-Is, ihtir minibtr was add-  To   Protect  Livestock  ed   to  "riage until  yeaiyy  and  increased  by  mar-  in 1!>35  th-jre  were  ihht>-  ; six    fanner.--,  ' w������rc- married.  rht  a u-L/ca  and the children of  _  cuiosis-Ifi..Animals  v; Dr..-H.- Mj.-Toreyj as chairman of the  Dominion '.scientific  research  council,  announces   the-selection of  tlie  committee that is to mate a Canada-wide .  of wliom  ih<*  iiat  ���������"year  they 1 tad  3,01 Cacrves   in" crop,  ���������but an  antit-ipaled    crop    of    100,000  - bushels':wasVa-d^ce^'a^-'haaf-it:������ 20,00tf  bushols- *-.- '."*-...    ihvestigatiqjibf the tuberculosis qties-j  said te be nveiuillien pieces/ol.   tioto as it: affects., animals.      This com- j  :h ingles and lath, in flu. cargo.      Five   m!H^ wn,  Vtfi ���������,���������,,���������. f>11> SAill1 ��������� ������i .,ui,.J  .������,������?������>,������..!������ ���������������.... i.-!...-..������ t.ttjg.u.    .wu.jmittee will be under the joint ehait  million hi th and shingle-s do look like j hjansjijij   0f   \yx     ~ '"  a    lot...  until  they are  compared \fith  Torey,   i-epret.en.tlng  ......   ...��������� ...   coune-il,. and   Dr.   J.   H.  Canada's yearly output, and then this|c3l.Jsda]o )tloputy  niin������^^ol- v,^jCul-  sliipment7irc'f)i--esei_ts  less'' than    one- -im,y ni-inw!,    and ' tlio" first  lwanship   of  [the   research-  out  on  'farms' and  _.n!.be.i,la  liiorr-ytrees  .'  the : citleVs, towns and villages until i  the saiurali'in point has been reach-j  ���������pil.���������Iti-gina Leader.  The l������;i<ls in question stretch  a*cro*rs the 'province north  of Kdnion-  Salt Productiqp In Canada  Salt.-.. prp.tUiipU<.H   In   Canft'da   during  192-jg;;ljariif_yti9Jt������3(ia *J-l-tst* -210,737s tons,':,.ol:  which:i������liiftntit^a.^07ifl        .-tons    woi*iii  Fl,S74i78\),%i-i:s ioi  n report, issued-by the burejiti of stuf-  ���������'lsfl.es..      Plants   operated   in   Ontario  rontrlbuted  a7'"per,- cent.  of  the; total  V*'ejHtc,1ion, the Imhtnee, oi* 4,r������5l tons,  wtts, nittde up of shipments from the  Mablgash mine 1n Nora S<;oiitt.  ion front the ill.-.trier, norlh y of   "Vermilion  to Wabiitiuim.      It is intended  . J to bring out groups of immigrants who  will receive financial ...assistance.  Romance Passing*  By  y  H ieto ri c*. I     Spots   - A re     I nv'a'eled  ''.'        Modern  Appliances  Modern seienei- is taking the vom-  iiiift* out of the region '"whta-e .thto  River Shunnnu. Hows." A huge'hydro-  electric development project 'luts been  ���������"tari.ed on tho river.  Oilier romantic and historic spot-rare being 'Hi'imped with the progress  of seieiieo. Gat-olllie motor curs now  i'iiujji tiji ihe iniiid nn the rtiiul to Ivian-  ilalay:' ti railroad runs Ihroftgh the  ,1'niiioits Mult Ingham i'nivnt,"miil. a largo  tlain is hrlngliullt op the Jiu'diin Kiver;  In I*jtli'Mliiit7 ���������Chiejigo Kveiilng.POkI?7*"  seven hutidvodth, piiri of the annual  "cut. In 192'! there*\vei*<_ 2,506,967,000  shingles and :i,o:jl,420,000 lath, cut  irom Canada's forests. Canada 'de;ils  in big ilguri-js,where its forest industry is concerned, hut forest'.fires "arb  threatening fhisyvuliiribli." natural "resource. :'- '.'J ���������*'��������� ���������'���������',-: ���������  lure, Ottawa, and the first" meeting,  for "organization purposes, is to be  held in Ottivva at an early date.  Western Canada's Wool Clip  \Vesle.B*n. Canada's wool clip 'itis't.  year had a toral/v^hie ol' *. ���������U. 1.7tHV according to the Palest govtrnmtmt iv-  uii-ns. This sum was renlixed for 2,-  <5Si0,00b "youlitis of wool.  Corn    In   Western  Canada  i  in  Hiflher Thah, Eiffelj Tower  Two ,:broadcnstingy towers,:''art*   UQW  under   eonstrneliori   lh<:i������>rn-any   that  | will exceed In height all others in the  i country,      ]loth.will be provided with  i -.���������.  j elevaloi's, and  yvill be used an obser-  i valoflus as woll.      Oue, in be located  sulnirh   r.f   lterlhi,   will   be   1,0-t;'  tipping llie,;lCinV-t Tower at Paris.  An Honest Taxi Driver  A PiirlMi.tn taxi-cab driver turned  over lo lb*.* |iolli;i> a brief ciise containing _i'.m,u>uu fi'Miies in batik notes and.  bean r linntlH which "hud been left, In  lib; r:ib. lie )"������'ftlHed lo give his mime,  iiiiswering, "l only did what tiny horn-Hi  nuin wiiuUl do nnd ^ouJd not drt'iiiu nl  tiikini"  a   re.- aril/'  .  .       _... - \  An   auto   tilt   gunge   which   lightn   si  | ������.'im������ 13 light on lite.dashboard when the  loll t-upidy li'-i'oni<!.s low Ih ti recent, invent Ion.  In   ji  feel,  New Bird Sanctuaries :"  'Eleven rie-v bird saiietitjirlcs hav<-  heen i'stiibllsh������-d in ISuskiitchewH'ii by  the ���������fedt.rttl parks 'branoh, Tliese  saiict-Lutrlt'.M , ttj'e eslabliBlied i'or the  rrrofeoflonyoi, giiine '.birds during the  breedlm**' si>mw-rtii.  Aggregate    Value    of    Corn    Crop  Western   Canada    Estimated   at _,  $4,163,000  The*    aggregate    value  of the corn  crbl'i of" file prairie provinces lust year  Is  estimated   to  have been $-1,1(13,000.  The area plan led last    ye*ar    in    the  three  prairie- pvo-.-inces, with average?  ton yield |>er a<'i*e in brackets, was as  follows: jMunitoba, 1.0,17(5 acres (r������.8f">;  iSiisliaLoh'jnvaii," "R7.115 . (6.������G);   itud  Alberta, 07.-172  (u.70).  rl.be  ���������\  Only  once is a jjearl  Old TtjHlninent..  mufiHoned  in  GOING FISHING? .  Tali'; nln-EVg a battle of MiiiardTi  Wjiiiilcrl'iil IV.i- "n.si-cl bill-.-;,     ,\V-  "*���������    no gives <iulfl(  rellel' for sprnlil*.  and bruisef., ;.;;  ���������MaKM  Encourage Sugar  Beet Growers  Sugar beet, grower.-* in Sotitherit, Al  ber La wiii be ba<.ke**i liaiuu-aaUy to the i  extent oi' $2!" an acre by .tlie. Co-operative Credit Society ol" .Alberta, according to an announcement by W. II.  Caswell, Inspector of lhe credit societies. 7 Tlte beets will, be grovyu tor  the hew $.1,500,000 Htlgtir rofiiiery now  being erected'at Raymond.  >i.  vv  ��������� a t,  j     The  ht.iihi.-a v-El1i  hr������l������_lni_   voiir ljt-iid  f.*oo .high  is   thai, y oil/tin   net   see   the  j....;.:  j.iiiiiii������.-,.  N   ii --glB^lalpiiiBiiilWmiM BaaiiH -  1 IB Kmii wm k    H W\\ t.   JS H MtffiSS IL wSmm BBIa  fl IB  aaaaafl  WB  Ql   WM tM Tmm*\ WS a^PJ g^, __i_i  ______  .^%WffBttSBTri7; ��������� i iantiaiaiiii-.a.iiii ,������������,��������� i.i , .,       ,,. -     ."j?  Favors to   (it-iduatries       "* {  \]Oder 'i,1ig Iwdilslrins AsseHi-muenI '  Act, Just passed by ihe Alberta L-t-glH-*  hifni-i\ mutiieipalliies are -"i-anta-ii pa-r-;  luissjon to a*.vtt*nit iiei'taln t'livors t������i iu- \  dtiHlrli'H, bonuses j'.ti*- net tillov.-r d bun '���������  fixed assesHUn-ntfi on a  are auilinti-ctul.  A New Dairy Pail  at a Popular-Price  See the new SMJP Dairy Pail  next time you arc in town.  They art? maileoff special quality, hijrh finii.lie-1 tin, Ittive  larRe dairy pail cars, rtveled  "i\ith 3ara;e rivets. s>>ldere-9  flush. 100% sanitary. Cut  out this aadverlisement. Show  it tii yonr rejriilar dealer. It������-  hftM our uuthorilv li������ tfivc yon  a ta.pec.iatl low price mi a pair  , of tliese fine pulli*.  r< dm T'tl liuyi.^ j  Treat For LoH-Hon Children  Twenty    thom-aud    Loiulen    j.������:-h������ol  children   are   la be  tak������-n to iheotre.i  lit Hee h������lttt Ui-M|ii'!il"t.,-m  tthi^rt ttiirint'  Ilia-  year,    The <;o.--|, $������.;000, will  b������* bortie  ll->    illt-   I.L>la.iiajiU   t..*OJil.)i_)   CiilXIUii. ,  DAI RY  H f������-*   _������A   1   2      ****���������.  174  9nmm __    .  MMM  MIMIlMffl-  WJ-WaWMllifl  MM  WtftBUlMM  IIUBMtjflli-.  mm  rtriJltmaiiiB  t'iMi*iB_iiiw_a_M_������riMiii'^^  wa_itw������-������*ii_|Wa-iww^i^^  mwm  ^mm^mm  __>*MP*t___*l)1**^^  mmmem  l_������lB������iiiiJ������i__M_____ti  KMMMMMN  m^skwa&ws^sssum  mmmm XX..  ~ ;  it   iTiii .1 ������ii  'ME^aset^^������^S^^^e^^?^^^~'^'  ^^^^^SSg^J&w^gA  &*  mm&mmmmm^  TOE  CRESRON REVB5W  HE CRESTON REVIEW  i*8n*^sveryFriclay at Creston. B.C.  Subscription : $2.50 a year in advance*  9SM to TJ.S. points.  ;���������    C. F. Hayes. Editor and Owner.  CBBSTON. B.C.. FltlDAY. JULY 17  _������Jfec������s������j8 T&lk  F. K. Smith rar.ch, and to pass  theJRformation on j,o*tny who may  enquire Jf such a stoppiug place .is  avaiiabic^ere. Sy I������27������ - ������t iho  latest, the much talked-of north  and south road across the U.S. will  be open, for traffic and the number  of motorists likely ���������to come " thia  way via. Porthili will be all the  larger by starting in right  now to  A Gyro.*. Club has just been  organized at Kimberiey.  Vernon is still'passing the hat to  ������et funda ^iio-iigh to pay for its _ar  meraorialy.f -~- ��������� '- < -  ' Cranbrook: public library was  9pene_ foi* business oij, July 4th.  it has 1160 books on ' the . shelves,  and starts with 90 members, -  One garage at' Vernon states its  auto sales this year as 26 new ones  and 24 rebuilts . Most of* the new  ones were of the higher priced sort.  IKanaa  i*1������aA*Vl������a������_rv������%*^  7 a������ J a,atta* unm  winie press c_.-espai.cnea eraantaring from Ottawa inform that the  betting is six to four in favor of a  Dominion general election this fall,  about the only ones getting excited  about the matter are the Conservatives, who are active in spots  insetting their candidates in the  field.  With British Columbia Liberals,  who have but one member, in the  federal parliament, there is nothing  stirring, and pretty'much the same  thing applies with the party all  over western Canada!  In East Kootenay the Conservative** have their nominating convention at Cranbrook this week,  and ii it should so happen that Dr.  .Hut-ledge is the Tory choice that  constituency will have one of the  most interesting campaigns in its  history, granted Hon Dr. King, min  ister of public works, again carries  the Liberal banner, and the fight is.  a two party affair.  .East Kootenay is made up of  Columbia, Fernie and Cranbrook  provincial ridings, which return  Liberal, Labor and Conservative  members respectively to Victoria.  Dr. Ruiledge enjoys a personal  popularity over a considerable part  of the constituency, but whether it  is sufficient to overcome the prestige  ___       ^ families   have  ,    . ., ,   , ...A taken cottages vt Kaslo and Mirror  make it as widely -known as possible 1 Lske for the ������-*8"mer.  On some ranches in the Cranbrook district Alt.oswede clover is  yielding four tons to the acre this  year.    -   ~'k~A.v  that Creston is in shape  to handle  tourist busineea.  If something of some sr rt is not  undertaken   in    .British   Columbia  very shorcly   in   connection   with  draining Kojotenay Flats in whole  or in * part,  inactivity  on- this side  cannot fairly be charged to  lack of  leadership in this  respect, particu  larly in view of last week's annouce-  ment that   steps   are now* being  taken to reclaim a   tract   of   69Q0 (  acres of  these  overflowed   lands in  the Copeland   district.    That   the  Copeland  people are  awake to the  bene.fitn that.follow bringing  such  an area under cultivation   must ne  apparent to all   when   one   Hgures  out that a cost of $40 per  acre for  the work the project **% ill entail au  expenditure of almost a quarter of  a million dollars.    Considering  the  none too populous district of which  Cjpeland is   the   centre' .such   an  undertaking seems almost mi belie v  able, and if this   sort   of   develop  ment spirit keeps on coming north,  should Creston. balk Tat drainage  this district might stand irrigation  Up to July 8th 360 auto tourist  cars had registered at the tourist  camp at Cranbrook, an. increase of  60 per cent, over the same date a  year aj&o. ~ "���������--  By tagging-and admissions to  th-afDominion Day.da������;_e $-500 -firass  raised at Ihvermere to purchaJE*e~������UK  X ray machine for  that *x>wn.  the hospital in  *~������**^w*���������w*-������i  The forestry department is build  ing ||its own garage at  Cranbrook  ���������a building big  enough to  house,  five autos.     -  *. ^e"wJs\*->'V^_Jseis'"-eLveE,yth!n������ is eon*  sidei^.*%o^ one r honestly can say  that an>J> other*-- towsv is a better  place 'than Tra.il." y  ���������*!_" i  Cranbrook Women's Institute  will levy on its members at t%l ������  heacJi.in order;feo get funds to help  with the provincial child welfare  work.     .   .   * ?  Business Accounts       " /  3Ve have "watched many:' smaJi--fe=-  iriess accounts, opened its this Bank  grow. We could cite instances when  -the small business has grown to be  the leading industry in the community in which it is established* /p&&  service of. the officers of this Bank  -   -may assist your business te h&s&m&  r'    a leading industry.        -. OT  IMPERLAJL   BANfC'  ���������ssr^-gsm  W. ALLAN,  OF CAZHAJQUW  CRESTON BRANCH,  as_e* ���������-,  'McMgMV-  Ml  *>v  Along with the northward advance of the development - spirit  Creston can also   stand a westward  m. ������������u*    *___-���������=* ��������� %     --_   I movement of   the   sort   of   public  a cabinet minister carries, plus the!     ..       -   ��������� ,     .,    ���������;  friendsbin     -***   ��������� =-  ���������  a---'    ---  sPsrit that ha &   obtained of   late at-  Yon be iravellin  OUR   LINE  OF  it is reasonable to  -suppose has been crested at Fernie  for Dr.-.'!_^ni^.:-due^p'- the aid gsysn  Home Bank depositors,1 polHug day  alone can'decide.  Just at present the odda favor  Dr. King-���������but we use tha word  "present" advisedly, because if tbe  election is too long delayed most  anything may happen at Fernie to  kill ofi? the good effect the Home  bank relief has ht*d oh the Liberal moBt'a* ne  candidate's chances.  &om������&tfG mw^te&kk  t*-B     ������lK*aTjp_*W        S"**.  In addition to giving about  the  maximium  of good   service  on   a  none , too   generous  appropriation  for maintenance  of highways  and  bridges, the  new road  superinten  dent io to be commanded for seeing  to it that in whatever  expenditure  there |s to make most everyone who  needs employment and   has a repu-  taxion for giving eight hours, work  for m\ day's pay,   gets   a   chance to  share in   the   payroll.    Just   how  well this policy is being worked out  io illustrated* in the outlay for June  ���������when a total of 83 men   shared   in  the public  works disbursements in  the territory between  Boswell and  Goatfelh  In discussing -undertakings by  the public works officials in this  district it in to be hoped that the  department will mvtt good heed to  the reqtiobt from Kitohener, where  some sidewalk construction is asked  for. The place haa a small but well  defined business section that should  have attention, and a walk from  tho station to town is also in order.  Kitohener occupien quite a prominent location on tho main highway  and works of this sort all go to  make the place look u little more  Attractive, as wi->ll nn providing a convenience for the residents  of the place.  Fernie and Cranbrook. AW the  former place cptumtinity effort has  provided funds for the est ablish-  ment of a swimming ,:; pool, while at  the latter similar endeavor has  brought in a few thousand . dollars  which lias given the children a  playground and equipment that  the youngsters are certainly making great use of. What Creston is  need of is   an-organization  \Ja       ~*      ���������4.1-__a.;���������������      :_       tl. ~    **_?������ fSafcS.tiSrUH'yQ . -   It* w������_.aa-  village aud district. After witnessing the  benefit match a   couple of  weeks   ago one cannot  help being  struck with the abundance of first-  class "baseball     talent    _ there     is  amongst the  intermediates,   which  with handling aud   encouragement  will in the next con pie of years give  the town a nine   that   will   be   at  home in the   fastest   of   Kootenay  company.    The nrgenoy of systematic handling lies in  the fact that  the talent is at  the age where, the  prospect   of    getting    along   into  senior company must be in view in  order to keep up the players' active  interest in the sport.    In   the mild  weather that   obtains   here   there  may be legitimate reason   for passing up winter  sports, but  no such  excuse  goes   in   the   case   of   the  activities of the other seasons of the  year.    If Creston really appreciates  baseball it has   a wonderful oppor  tunity to  have a winning  totkm of  its own production, but   more   encouragement in   several   directions  than has been in evidence this year  will have to be forthcoming if baseball is even   to   be   kept   moving  locally.  IS GOMPIjSTE    Guaranteed geniilsie Cowhide? leather -lined.  CLUB -SAG- "  ��������� $9*������������- ahd-up  and other such bargains.  - -  *���������*   ' -"-' * New arrivals of -  Durable quality and reasonable price.  CRESTON MERCANTIL  LIMITED  Now that the -tchools 4_ro closed  and the class- of tourist who  appreciates n crimping, ground la  likely to be on tbe road in considerable mimbcr������, citizens generally are  asked to remember thft.iL Creston  has a flno  campi-n-g ground   at the  Light antl NQtwyr  ShOOJmt      'mWmfOmfiO  ' to Ordot*  New Stock of  Harness  Second ������j<c&fid Store in  connt^ttoti  apmrn  www ww *mSm*mt^mlSm  Shoo and Harness. Repairing  "Fashion Belle" brand in  Pure Thread and  Art Silk,>$1.00 to $1,75  Children's three-quarter Socks, all sizes, fancy  colored tons, sizes 7 to 9 1-2.  60c;  - v .... ' '   -'    ,  ���������  HARDWARE���������Hay 'Forka, Scythes, Snaths amj3 Hay  Rakes.    Agents for Frost & Wood Mowers.  ,-''.'.*"       ��������� ��������� *."       ' '  *��������� '���������  Let us have your order for Repairs.  Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Season  *���������������  ���������"'  ury booos  6rocBfiB$  Mmm\ HK_J^. ____nB \t\r*^~ I,,-���������  Furniture  Hardwire  im THE: CRESTOI? REYIEW  n'f  *K  C_-__^~ m   m  I ������_,    ftS       _a'~L'_,     <^*������    H    "J������-     4^^.     B������  IS NEVER USED AS A DUMPING GROUND  1 JJg' ^: __.-:  Tfcat's why a place like Moose Jaw averages a  beefoer  price   than   larger   cities.-"���������> It's - true.' -    Try . it-out.  WE NEED CARLOADS OF  We hope ihe outlet and can secure best prices for $our cars.  Roll them  to us and put Us to thetesL  Noshipmeni too timcdl, or noneloo large.  Schools Require  **ej"> *B r������tf*������rf>"*^*a^*������������    5. y &S<im.i������m.^������  Bl     n     ���������     W      iiHiiiniff  "i_p *w n  Lan^staff Goal Go,  Wholesale Hay, Goal, Fruit and Produce  MOOSE JAW ; : s %  Sask.  w  Local ahd Personal^���������0'HPP"HtiMshi'' in  WAN_j_D---WelI bred Jerseys cow.  Also sobup well bred .Barred Rock nnd  Leghorn hens. "~B, . F. _ Whitney,  Creston.  Mr. and Mrs* Campbell are - visitors  ' to Creston this week, guest of Mr. and  Mi-a. Turk, th������ {ui-iii-o? being s. brother  of Mrs. York.  the' store  . before taking the two year   course   in  pharmacy    at    She     University     of  British Columbia at Vancouver.  R. Lambtst, who has been & *?!s:tr*r  at Hamilton nnd other Ontario points  f ������r tbe past six month**, arrived back  a*. th������ end of the week, looking and  fueling his old time self.  "���������*���������������  I!���������Ibs ____.^8es* Hobden  Has -*������ins_ ths  sales BtaS at th*- 8. A. Speers store  arid-will'tnicceed Miss -Evelyn*; Bevan,  -who has been accepted as a nurse in  training tit the .hospital at Kelowena,  and leaves to take tip her new profession about the end of the suonth.  Charlie Cotterill joined the staff at  Oreston Drug ������& Book, Store this week  aud is intendins.   to  serve   the' ih>*ee  Creston fans will have opportunity  of seeing the- best junior baseball of  tbe season on Sunday afternoon when  the Nelson High School team will be  here to meet the Creston High School  nine. The ganie will start prompt Ht  two o'clock as the visitors Are return*  ning tin the Sunday afternoon train;  *-ft*-  TEHD������ BS FOR . PAlLMTSNO  **��������� i-  Sealed tenders will be received by  the undersigned up till Saturday, July  25th. 1025 for the painting of the out  -*id������������. of the JBricksou schoolhouse and  outbuildings* work to he completed by  August" 25: h. 192S. Lowest or any  tender not nesesarily accepted. ��������� Full  info.'-catibn from B. M. TELFORD,  sectrefcary* Btrickson.   .  S10.  FOR SALE  Uaiana;   A     nionK     nauiraft       tfcgQQ  term*.   Case for packing   same.  Bench, $7.60.'  Large buffet sideboard, oak, $30.  VrCtrola cabinet-,, 845. '"Two holders  12 large R**co?_-i, best umtncv $11.  Two holders, 12 entail Records, ��������� best  music, 53. Good, Records, not in  holders, 60c each.  Music cabinet, oak, $10.  Raymond cabinet tie wing- machine,  oak, $22. r  Small oak desk, $10.  Books���������-complete sat Dickens* works,  $20. Great Events of Famous Histoi-  iune, $20. Young Folks' Xibrary, $20.  14 volumes of Lever's* works, $5.  University Musical Ency eloped ia,  $7.50.   Maker** of   History,   ������ 10.   Im-  Serial   Kncylcopedta. Diet ionary, $20.  he Americana, 820.  Miscellaneous   auBortnient.   of  Children's Books. **  MRS. G. W. HARRISON, Eriekson.  TltttS. DEVEK)FEK  ^,ery5t;<l1'7|"ints-iS--Pri-it-  yv it i-T'r'''  .t-.o'it   '*-*" i ct:,' ,'U.i  ATftzkwapiiripA.l'p  !-^t4f*A-y-t'-'r--S^T---^-rv-l-lc,t h' b r i rig -*  "A l't a.  fiOVERHtlEt-iT LIQUOR ACT  Notice of Aftplicatian for Beer  ..,7,   .juintiteiliie  NAt.looiah������robsrslv������ntliat cm or &(twr "-������e  7th day ot August nimfc the undeiylKntjd ia-  ton-ln to apply to tho JLtQtior Control fktnxA for  a lloonao tnrsspoot ot pron-ilnca to bo Toioyrn on  thoToiurlatsKDtol, oltiuitoa at South Slocan,  U.O., uyoa Uu> ltiij-3a. dtjaorlbetl a$> tot 2032,  Koobonay Dlntrlct, N������.laoa JLaod lUoBlBtraapii  District, In tho Province of Drltlah Cfojuinbla,  for tlio ealo o-C boor br w>o elasd or by thoopon  bottlo for oonimmpttoii on the nromlsoa.    ^  XmmKW WIJUMAlClBOl-t, Applicant.  GOVEBMMCHT LIQUOR ACT  Naiiee of JlpfplZagiZmi  License  for ISc-c.  tluit ������not* aftor tha  undornlffncMl IntonilB  Control   Ilmra for n  Iwlnn part ot tho   _ ��������� ....     tho Tl"'o_i-*ijt Inn,  jittttiiUMl at iBii-dar, 1������, U., upon ili<������ liunl*_ilonorltv-  tvl itn Bnb-Tmt-18, f nio-olc fm, Omnp 1, Map������2a,  8ln3iur_ TownfttU), Kootenay  IM������*������t'9*a  Nolaori  At the village council, meeting on  Monday** night accounts totalling  almost $J*00 were pttssed in- payment  for lumber and . labor in connection  wiih the -ss-aw sidewalk construction.  The town flagpole is to be overhaufed  JUidst newnug purchased, -as well as  sotue needed equipment for Lhe tire  brigade.  Mrs. F. A. Barton and son. Gordon^  o? Vancouver* are renBwing.acq-taint-  K-nci-i- tn CnBSton at present-, a nd are  gguefeta of Mr*..   F. H. Jack&on.    They  a*,*** lt.a.?a������^r\avaa_r Fa-aaaai   at   9-t^ra t*r\   ^JmTim4t\mlrm^c  ���������'- ~   - ��������� ��������� ��������� - -~���������.������.   ��������������� .....   ���������.  ������- .f ^.-      . .  ......g.^fm  and "Brandon, id-an., at which latter  place her daughter, Miss Dnrothey, is  un the-nursing staff at the Ueneral  -Lo-spitnl.'   -  The ratepayersywere^ in particularly  ���������BCeneroiis-mood at the,school meeting  OU Sj������tui*da*iy~night-f voting_ a Mim' of  $1100 in excess- of last year- for. the  carrying on of school affairs in 1925-26.  $500'of this will be used on Improving  the old shh'jol building���������mostly, in  p-tinting, and $350 will be ^required for  salary increases.  Provincial assessor K. Fet-gu_*on <-f  UJel8on was here oh'an official .visit at  the end of the week. For .the purpose  of echool ast-essment he will use tht-  roll for the village as prepared by  HKsessor W. O. Tnylor. He' sperrt a  o tuple of days ������fc "Lister making lhe  firnt-evev ast-esntnent of the soldier  settleruent lands.  A number of the girl friends of Mrs.  Geo. Mawson (nee Nellie Wilson) were  hostess in her honor at a miscellaneous  shower at tho 'home of Mrs, Cherring*-  tori on Thursdi-y afternoon, at -whieh  quite ii large eonipjuiy of tla������t girl and  married friends of-Wednesday's bride  lfiueitibered her wjth a . splendid  asBOftiment of appropriate gifts and a  very 'pleaHHiit aifternoon socially wus  spent by ull,  'lv. Lancaster, who was   in   business  here jn 1014-15 1n the old Sneer*"' store,  leavilng to take on a hurdwnre business  nt Calgaryt and later going to Bowden.  Alberta, was shaking httnds  with old  friends on Saturday.   With Mrs. Xan  ���������castor and the two children  they were  on a. motor   trip   west.    Due   to   his  wife's health"nob bfing  adapted to the  priihie Ik* is tigain compelled to locate  in B.O. and was on   hla mv a y   to   Aim-  Btrong   to   investigate     a   inercantile  propoaition."  Although arranged on fehoit notice  the Indies of .the L.O.B.A. and the  Orangemtn hud quite a. large turnout  fur their fAvniaz ut Urn |������r������������vo on the*  Gonipton raneh i������n Wednesday afternoon, the erowd being entertained  With various lines of anmscnients,  music and ti coispltt of "appropriate  Oaddresaus which were deliveivd by  Out. Fred Lister, M,P.P.��������� and Rev.  J. A. Jti.raieB. Tho affair was the old  taiiiwi tKiBket suSTuIr, e-w-or-yow-ti briwjgU'ug  tho cats for both dinner and supper,  and a thoroughly enjoyable day wus  made of It by the whole comnpuny.  ^Ratepayei-erJicTithe muhber of about  thirty^who -s^sre out for the annual  school meeting on Saturday night'  were- in an unexpectedly generous  huntor. the trustees having . little .or  no trouble in securing the adoption of  the current years .budget vthich allows  for an expenditure of $7990.00, as con:-  <���������������. ���������   ^-*" __.���������������** av -^ ���������__._!*. M^r.4^*VJ1 <m -  gvat-eu -witx, uu. asuom- ��������� somewnat,  grudgingly conceded a year ago, this  year's increase beifig necessary to take  nare of $360jr,equif ed ffor salary raises,  $500'foi- pH in ting the main schol build  ing, aBt-fc-the other $350 to. take care  of other in creased expenditures.  R. S. Bevan wajS~ selected chairman  of the meetings ,* with S. A. .Speer*>  taking the niiniites of proceedings.  The auditor's report _us -well as tLe  estimates for this^ year wm* shown .or  the black board,'Aud evoked 'about the  minimum of discussion. Due to. the  practice of ^very- possible economy  ar.d Shi- coHet'fcion ��������� of a little better  than $80& in high school fees from  pupils outside Ci-eston the board was  able' to close the year with a balance, of  oyer $1400���������this, of coui-se, iaking into  account a ensh surpluis carried forward  from" the year previ xii? of about $700  nett.  TUT"���������*a������a������ frA*.*!,* aav.jnhaABs A ������_AV  JL*  *** ^ aVaflSaV* J **-���������������*. ������.������������^a.  favored with the   services   of   a   !ady  school tsnstee, Mrs. (Dr.) HeudersouV  b^irag <iu������������:ain:::*!y chcsseti' J,--*--;i������cci*ed ,.  G. Nick et* whew-e three, yeai term had (J  espired. While for   about the   twelfth  successive, time   Di. Henderson   was  the unanimous choice as auditor.  What discussion-there was of the.  budget had mostly to do with tbe  teachers salariet-, -which follow, pay-  ruen ts in ihis cogaiu-oiion ������o~r the pust  and coining years being shown: .  I"    1^25 26       1924-25  H.S. Principal "51700.      $1600  "'   Assistant:: 1000 1500  P.S. Principal  1650 1500  *'    X>ivision il 130W 1300  ' .-*.   division Hi. isuO      *   iSiu  "    Division IV- 1100 1100  -*  ^Division V.*������_ _=. 1150 1150  To the $7900 wltich will be raised by  tazatiion,    must*   -be    addeii   ^JWO.tH)  -avhieh ie the grant   from   the   depart  ment   in    connection   with    teachers  giving the district a  total   outlay   for 1  the year on   education - of  jutt   over  $13,000.00.    The estimates for the coming year are as follows:  Water ; ___$    ^.00  Fuel^ : J. : 300.00  ONTIL PASTRY FLOUR IS USED tlie difference in the  quality of the pastry is not realized.   This flour is made  specially for pastry, from soft winter wiigatl aad nsskes  ,Ao   tranarl   *\f    ���������m*k*mc*tf*mf '*������-������/-������_r������ar*-a    Amr������xam.m   <a$\������\nt Amf.  ���������m������M.^.     tatttaa     ^_rja       J|jaa������aaa..m j      m.*m^.m.m ^^_.     ^. . wrmmmm.      .-������������������ -. ^^^. ���������" ��������� i  materialize.    Try it and see.- y  ^a*M_T__  I  PLOW SHARES.  BARB WIRE  BEKl  Doing Business at the New Stand  S9:  va.  E ARB NOW LOCATED IN OUR NEW QUARTERS���������the former  Union feed warehouse���������and are iu better, shape __thari ever to take  eare of our steadily increasing business. 'If inconvenient to visit  us we can ta"l& business over the telephone if you will call up No.  or cur Residence phone No." 93. .  RASPBERRIES  %Tc-'t-'*J.     m%       mfXtrv     *^������X*V..������ ���������������������?_      &f^W.     **l*������j  *������*������ - m.*     mm-      v������p|     m^-%. ������������������*��������� u<M      m. *��������� ������������������*       *ta*a1a������--L  21 to July 2, $3.00 per crate;   JulyVto July 7. $������75:  per crate.    Our other prices -ire GQOSESERTIES, $1.50.  CURRANTS, $2.    p.BD CURRANTS, $1.60.  Ua, N������_.������ra7       at"***    ������!_.-��������������� V*C7������ O* H��������� ***C_T^  ~~     This week $2.50  BLACK  These prices are YOUR NETT GASH RETURN, with  selling bommissiortSm rebates, or .ethkr holdouts.   .  no  Creston Valley Produce Company  ALF. NELSON, Meaager  BECAUSE  Insuraance.^   ���������Supplies.  Miscellaneous   *Paintiog^snd repairs.  Janitor^ '. ...  Teachers salaries   Sei'i-piju-tj     H15.0&  -.   300.00      300.00  __ 500.00  ... ���������60.00  -_ 5640.00  ii������ 00 '  OUTSELLS-  ,  any other two cars  with three-speed transmission it can build more quality  * ' " f>.r\sK e������-iii nsa.ii3taii! Its low nricca-  _.        *C"  aa������_-_-w   ilaff_ix>a-a  ������mmmxj   *_������t*\_/a������  G.������-t11  ' Trustee   S.   A.  treti si i rei*;(subiuitted  $7800.00  Speers,   tbe   board  the statement of  receipts and expenditurep, which the  audit.or has certified ctarrect-, aa follows:  RECEIPTS  Balance tin hand $ 854.88  Taxat ion  8800.00  High School fees     837.50  Women's luhtitute grant���������     25.00  Library  rebate ���������..,      30.42   *f52������0.00  ,._"'   675.00  68556.80  BXIPENDITURES  Teachers* salaries.  ~" Janitor ~.~ ^_.���������,.l  Supplies..  Mit-cellaneoiis  FueL���������   M'erch-indise .-   Water  . ^. :..  Secret*i: y.._ ...~~���������.   Fall fair gran!_1_.i...^..-...._....  Medical examination.. .-..  -, Jtl������"PHl I ft* ��������� >���������������������������'��������� ��������� ��������� an!��������� a���������     ...-.mmm.r^... imitmm....mm. .m  Insurance.~������������������-,....������������������.���������......������..  Cheques unpaidt July, 1924  DaTatice���������:���������.....,  l-f*1 CHBV_tOI,BT MOttTORCABS AND  AGENTS  MeliAUGHXJN-BTJtCK  CABS  342.00  82.50  107.02  67.80  85 00  50.00  10.00  85.00  17.26  00.00  152 41  1412.30  $8530,80  Up tothe   present "there . Iihb   lie_en  only one resignation   from   the   t-tnff,  that of   Mlas Carrie, assistant   at   the  high school, who is   going, to   Fertile  next term. ,,;:M������sa ,yi-*H'**,,*.''.^iB-- ������hsent  until^hriHtriiaa, subject to the approv *  ill of c'the. new boai-d^ wh'lc'1. rain not.  nieot for the present duo to the absence  /rom town of both Triistces Goodwin  nnd Speers  Your Ambition  whateve- U may be, will be more  - easily achieved if you bave created r strong ally in the-shape of a  Sa-angs Bank balance.  It gives courage i_. present difficulties  ��������� '      and confidence for the fviturt.  ..-''��������� No  beginning is too small and   no  aim too h.igh* -  Open Rn account to-da\v ������-  THE CAN_AJ>IAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  Capital Paid Up M2OJLJ0OMO  Resorve Fund $20^000/100  Creston Branch - _>, T. Stcxinigcour* Man*>gcr  m\%  Mm  'SS  wmTm\mT%'  H   Aaafial  LIU.  btiildlnnr to    bo known  'Ml     - ���������"*    "  I^anil IlwrfRtiratlnn XVlfltrlct, In tho iki*ovlno������ii,af  KHilltalti   fVktitmltlat,   tfavr  that aitkltt nr   Imwvv-ItV tliak  ttlam or ljy the om������i Inittlo for coaisnttipUon on  tJUa pirt)ll*lliH-H.  **������A tbl"������ tSih day e? Jcne, "i_SSl.  KOBICBT1TRAP, Apxillcnnt.  _.u.;,.i'a;i,',rllg;:fi'irrrHs:ilrlTi,ri'iiiii\iri:i:a:a-i:,'r.ri'-^  fjoorj-jetto crepe with fur trijnminc-f*  and weaving u sat4u hat to niittch.,  They left on a honeymoon trip that  will be spent on a ciuiHo of Kootenay  Luke, nnd on f <Jlr feturn will take up  housekeeping in Oreston. lioth art*  well known meniben- of Creston's  younger f-et and have the hearttef-t  good wishes of n large circle of friends  for future nuccefin and hnpplness.  ������al>. T. Sctitngcour, inamigntir of iho  Bank of 0ouiniert*-*e, wiif* at Nelnon on  Friday and Saturday for a branch  niiinngipr'fl conference lu that city with  Superintendent Jiaanlltoii, who had  hist completed an Inspection of tho  bunlc'o branehes in Kootenay Bouml-  a**y. O. O. Bennett, now in. chargu at  Pemlt'i wai* Hhaklng hufids with Crow-  ton friends whllat taking, the air here  both going and conning, lie wan par-  .��������� ������������������ , it     _.   ,    t.culurly plt'ttsert   to   note .the   entire  M������������w������on. 'lhe couple were unHttended, J abBOtlce   0f   the    bo vino   and   equine  the bride's   mitt nunc,   beinp;   of   pench | quadrtipedt-i from the vilhtgo   scenery.  A quiet wedding was solemnIsted at  th<* manwo- on Wed need ay eventng  when Rnv. J, A. Jamoer united In  mart-luge, MIsb Helen, eldest daughter  -#     -������*-.,.,       ������,.,,       -������.������������aa, ,. 7-     ���������, Ki        fa ���������,.,..,;.,_,  ���������U*  '   #m.w      awa^.w.        aa ta aaa^.t'aa,        .41 a4a<aal        V^wa.l-li^w  1  MEAT MERCHANTS  I '���������'.: ti ;���������'/���������* ������������������"������������������'..���������ii]'- ;.'��������� .'riTrr.;1: i, j : :,,.:. j ,{,;,'.,'?,,:������������������:',, =_=  JTRY OUR  * i9JtiA.M[ROCI^ POKJfC  ������SA���������/i!>aACBJ&  An cconomScnl dlah, easy to eerwe.  Shamrock Brand HAM, BACON and\LARD  GLEN&aLE CMEAMEMY BlfTTEM  Government femdedt lilghetst <|ua11fty.  FRESH and CURED FISH  all varieties.  Choicest BEEfi* PORK, MUTTON, VEAL. LAMB  BURNS* IDEAL POULTRY FOOD  incr^e* egg production and produce, bctt-r poultry.    *.,*���������*������...   j  ssx , ���*"_"**
Ax Ay* A-': ':i7-:j?va'.R:-7:'. -"V _7' 7 )Akj
:^:,77l'N:Dl G:ESTJ-0 MAkm
Picture May Be Worth Million
Work of Old Master Bought in J junk
Shop for $7.00
Tlie picture owned by Mrs. Stuart
Livingstono, Vancouver, showing a
troubador in drinking pose, which she
turned over some months ago to-Sig-
nor'Farina, an authority on the work
of tlie,old masters, for inspection, .has
foeeif pronounced by him to be a genuine Velasquez" and worth perhaps a
minion dollars.
Tire picture was bought in a Winnipeg junK shop 40 years ago for $7. ���
��T J^pmjnnce q/T the SpanishJilla in
.'C��i"yri��htet*.".l922..by RaUel S��n��;mi
^CAPTAIN BLOOD." aVBta*Va-��i""--i�����**r*i wilt J." W-"*----. K-��;2S��>
in tic title rale, li ae' a-EaptaeieB ��f thi. il_rilli��B ��p����fc
CHAPTER   XIX.-���Continued.
Things had not sped at all well with
hi in the past "fortnight, since his
acceptance of the King's commission.
There had been trouble with Bishop
from the moment of landing. As
Blood and Lord Julian, had stepped
ashore together they had been met by
Colonel Bisliop, who. took no pains to
dissemble his chagrin at the turn of
events and his determination to
change it.
Blood's thoughts were upon tliis and
otl.r things as he lounged there on
the day-rbed. He liad been a fortnight in Port "Royal, his ship virtually a unit now in tlie Jamaica squadron. And when the news of it reached Tortuga and ihe buccaneers who
awaited his return, the name of Captain Blood, which had stood so high
among" tlie Brethren of the Coast,
"would become a bywo.rd. And for
what had he placed himself in this
position? For the sake of a.girl whb
avoided him so persistently and intentionally that he must assume, that she
still regarded him with aversion. Nor
was that the worst of it.     lie was ai-
he   cried,  with   a  totieh  of bitterness
"fou should have seen the danger.***
"How could I in honesty 'liaYe detained them? It was in the bargain.
Be-sides, how could their staying have
helped me?" And as Pitt did not
answer him: 'Te see?" he said, and
shrugged.       "I'll   be   getting   my   hat
orwl -pi*" Tin.   -* n _rl    q"*a-_rtT-*l     af*)*!   crri   ocIiavo.   -i*\
the cockboat.     S*ee it manned forme."
"Yo'ro    to     deliver    yourself    into
Bishop**^ hands,'"* Piit warned him.
Blood knew as well as Pitt that in
going ashore that morning he carried
his life in his hands. Walking lei-
surety, he skirted the embattled wall
and passed through the great-gate a
into the courtyard.. On his right
stretched a spacious - .garden, beyond
which rose iho white house that "���was'
the residence of the Deputy-Governor.
In that garden's main avenue, that
tvas fringed with palm and sandal-
woqd, he had caught_,sight,.^of. ,.M'iss
Bisliop alone. lie crossed the eourt-
-yard with suddenly lengthened stride.
"Good morning .to ye, ma'am,'*? was-
his greeting, as he overtook her-'"������and,
hat In band now, he added on/a. note
of protest:  "Sure,    it's    nothing 7 less
un in
lowed plainlv to perceive��that it was
the graceful, elegant young trifter fi*otaTO uncharitable to niake me n
St'"' James's,    I,ord    Julian "Wadre", to'tllis -"��**���!' : A
whom Jier every moment was devoted.
What chance had lie, a desperate adventurer with a 'record of outlawry,
against such a rival as that; a man of
paris,"moreover, as lie was bound to
A boat: ihat had approached unnoticed, from the shore came scraping and humping against the great
red hull, of ihe Arabella. Captain
Blood rose, tall, active and nrresting-
ly elegitnt in a j-e-uk-t, gold-laced coat.
that advf rtisod'his new position.
"A   note   for   you   from  the   Deputy-
-"lojv-rnor,"   said   J��UT.m>-   Pitt   shortly,
;ji-Th-> proffered a folded  sheet.
Blood brolie'the seal arid read. ""It
.is ,*i very peremptory summons," he
���said, and passed lhe note 4o his friend.
Tin- voting master'-"" grey eyes s*kim-
.nu-d it. L
"You'll    n<it   go?"   lie   said,   between
'Tp.ia-_.vinn and jts^ertion.      Why did ye
la-i,   Wolv-a-r-joni-   anal!   th*"'.others   go?"
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She   spoke   hastily,   the  thought   of \
Mademoiselle    d'Ogeron    in her miiid. j alarm in her voice.       "I* realize fully
And instantly would have'recalled the ] """hat you did, and I  realize that part-
words had she beeji able.      I*ut-I'eter I b', at h*a.st, you may have been urged
j Blood swept  l.lu-m lightly aside,  rend- j by    consideration    for    myself.      Be-
hiiijc.   into  thim'iiono  of her meaning,!'' i��ve me, I am very'grateful.      1 shall
"I���I can't think why you should
speak-to "me like this," she said, with
less than, her earlier assurance.
"Ah, now, caii't ye, indet-d?" .he.
cried. "Sure, Oieii,' I'll be. telling ye."
Oh,     pK'ase!""      There    was    real
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as she feared he would.
j     "Aye:   a .ileal- of ii;.'. d��-vil
I asfl could p.ove to ypu,"
!     "I    cannot    think
' trouhle
! always be grateful."
"Uut  if it's   also
inl.t-.itlion   al-
Stomach disturbances ami conslipa-
tion are  lesponsible   i'or much of llua
doubt,!       ajUt  n irt5   sl,so  y��nv
-ways to think of me as a thief and a
why you should ! nira4��' 1"t,lUl   yo may keep your grati-1 IMievislmess of babies and7 young"chi 1-
to   put   vourseU--on' vour  de-^tn^��  ior  a^-  '^,e &oot*   it's  like  1 or-do j eh-en.      When the baby is cross'or ir-
���'���'"'.- ��� I nie."
tense," she discouraged him. '.,_,. , ,   J      -,      *
"So that ye may'-think less badly of . ,-,,-.
cheeks.      Uut, tp she resented Ins tone
and his" words, slie stilled her rewent-
'"I  beg that you will   let mV*toass"
""Why do you-run, then?"/. &\ie asked him coolly, standing sli'to and
straight: helVure him, :tll in *\vhit'* and
.vefy inai.-letily .save in hrr hnnalural
comiioriure. "I am pressed.".tdte informed Iii rn. "'So you will forgive
nie if I do not stay."
"Vou   were none  no
i-a me."
"Siu<*��-   you   jM-rct-ivi'
t!ei-   that.   yia.    lroui.li-
liressed  until  J
it.  sir,   1"
It)   he   so
i iitit
t lie.-in.
st in els
weak after my scc<-rw3 child waei born,, '"tii.
au*. kept on ^cttinf�� ;      *������)
WKjrfte  until  I could ,
notcj-* my own ht.uF.c- i
work and waa ro had
with my nervew that, j
I w-tifl afraid to atayj
B'lone at anir time,  I >
had-n." Kir I w^rkincj-
for me a whole year
before 3 war. able to ,
rio i ny w-t��hin�� :��-<�� in. j
Through n fricmJ-* 1 '
lear?t*"d -of i.vrlin   F., j
I'lrtliham*"*   Vcfteta- j
bi.-i Compound and tools  four bottk-H of I
7.     I (,'fivi�� birth  ton baby boy the 4ih
ilnynf Xnptcmlier, \[r��t. \ sun Htt'H doinf? j
;t,y fiwmt'-irl: :tnr| wtinhinpr.    Of course, !
i  don't,   feel well every day  heCHUHC i '
tlou't: jre; aiiy iv.-", a.s lhe. baby is Ha- cr->:i��. ;
Hut w.ion  t (.jot my resit I 'feel ftne.    .
:\".f\    "-Mill   taUinjt?   titK-    Ve^t-t'-tbVa   Com*;
p'��u-")<i and am  fmrwr fa'i kt-i-'p nn -jvf^h it '
un: u rur-itd.     >ly .".-rvfH are u. lot better |
; iiie.i' *.**.l.;iii;' t".    I ran *i(j��y alniie day (in
.���(-������lit. atl'l   iitit lie rh-c  lensf,  frighftejifid. '
"" i.ii r.-ui -.J.-e 'hiii l(-t"r-r a:: a 1esl.J.irniiii��.
iintf  f will  aii,<-*,v��T lettt^cr.'-i  from VJimtcn \
*:��� !. ii-ii^alidiil l,he\'r!f;f:l',��lj!/*f';ornp'aiiid.<r !
-- Mr:-.  f.'Xa.rt.r.t-:.": f'.mt-MON, 27 PVr.-jythe!
Sitvl, ^-hriiharn, '���fiturie, i
Mr.t. frai'H/.fs in williri-;; I.i�� wriIe tu ar.y '
^irl nr \v<>m;��n ..u/lVrin-,- fr<iin female!
1 t'Miil v !�����������".
ero.si-ed    lht>   sworths , bo1 wtf-nn
and   it   was  against lllood's  into avoid an r-ngagi'ment,
""Faith, you f.vplalri yourself afier
;i t'-t^liion," Maid he. "Ilu*., since It
wa.-* more or u>hh In your service tlm I'
I dn-nneil i Im) King's <-oti;'t, yon ,m1iou1<1
,-iJlfir li to iM.iv'ei' ihe Ihief und piraie.'"
Hln- Mhnigged unn turned aside, lu
.-milt' rt '.-.eal iiia-iit ;m<l name i>*gr**l.
Fearing t��j ha-iray the hitter, nhe toolc
i*"Cnge in ih" r'-��i"ii*��-i',      "I do ni.v bet-.,"
;::-i(l    ,'die, i
"So lliai vi- < mii li��" fliiii'llJible ill
Minn- way.."" Ha- hi ti 1*111 >i I (.only.
"Clin.* le, i|te,v, P -hould he I hanlt I'nl
I'm    ;-'.i   tlitJeh. -M'��) lie   J'lll   pl'a-.sUiil p 11|-
mii > |!ni    1   ar.',..**    Oi|-"i I    Itril    M.'|iem    (
mo than you dn." </~
"What 1 think of-you can he a very
little  matter to you,  .sir/'
""Can ye say that now? Can ye.
say thai, beholding ..'me in this Hv��>ry
of a service I "les|)i-"��s? Didn't ye tell
me that 1 might redeem the past?
It's little enough' I am concerned! to
redeem the past sttVe only in your
eyes." In my own I've done nothing
at all that 1 am ashamed of, considering the provocation I received."
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V'l'.-.:1:,.,!'* '!**.'**,"'*."*'.' .���U!^*'-'*.'SCT"-'i^-j*{!!M| ���
iiiontv"     .She realized.that perhaps she
quite   ju ,suff era bio,"
that you will let. me
"Tho 'liiy
Liiilc  l.ivrr
I -.tfirtecf talsing Carter's
JVny til  K<*w Yorl;
Hsiys Mi',  .ftilm A.
C'ity, "my lialvitual
v.ii,'   no
It i,i   le'.,
tl    i   11    1111
rlJllli-    f|l
.'. - .. .      ju
llll'    Jlli"
"I'I.II ll
a >  I'
lift 11-1-   llian   a    ,-liH��-    In
lilMI -elllilil      ill       l'..ll ll.lllil'
v. ii Ii   a   i i.-.'I i ip   !.linliii-j'.h."
ntit T      Ijj r"._io.,e r111> ,���'. yon  hail
iini   upon   nr,   ".inilne.-iH.        Vou
'     ,ill     li;i:''/J i 'In.it.-    ';e||.'eiiini..
-,- hac
111 ��� 'A    ,
-I.i     \: olllil   > n i   l��e   etlll
11'," i'i i,' i SI.I1 I I e
b;i<l liiratli iiikI bud sioinnch Mupprd.
1 Mrongly i*<c��nmientl llirm <<i till lluasr
."i/Hictrd with thrsc nasty trnuhlr-t. I
a-Miit: ytui ihat nvy own cie-c uus. a
bad otic, t'aiiMitii tne untold cmhari-jijs.-
���man, nnd Carter's helptil nie right
Irom tli�� luui."
Had breath enmc". imttt sour stomttcli
;itt<1 fiin xiMially he rrlifved quickly by
"Ci-liVs Little  Liver I��ill��.
t Yhry arc ivontlcri'til for conMipalwin,
*?rl: lif.ul.u'lir and Sndijjctatiim and llit-y
pliisic tin; svstrm i|j n mild and -jeulle
mnititicr, no hml  -iftrT n-fft-ri-t'.
I       Kt-i'timiurruletl   and   for   6,i1c   by   all
I--1' ������ !   drug Mores,
had ht.rself provoked his anger.
honestly desired to make amends
"You are mistaken," she began.
isn't that."
"What  is   il,   ihen?"   quoth   he,
addi.'d    tin;   tiuostiun:    "Lord    .lulianV
Och, be. frank with.. iiv*," he urged lur,
mipardonablj-.       "T"  will   bo  t-t   klnd-
nt'Hs, h<j if will."
"You���yon an
she said. "1 be;
pass." ���
'"I'll not he dofaIning yini any longer,    ma'am.      After    all,    the.    cursed
thing 1 did for nothing can be undone.
y.i_'H remember uflerwardH thai it waa.
your hardness drove me."
"Vou take ihat tone! Vou dare, to
lake that i tone!", .she cried, astounding him hy iwr sudden vehemence.
")"oti ha vi.* t lie ^ effrontery to -upbraid
hie because I. will not take your hands
when T lui'i-w how they are stained.;
whejv.J know, you for a uiurihi'er and"
worse?" - ���
"A  inui\d"ri-'r���I'*"' he tut Id ai IiihI,
"AlUHt I  name your vintims?      TMd
you not murder L<tvasseur"?" r
"���LevuHHeur?        lie    .Kiuiled  "a    UHlr*.
".Mo, they've lokl  you about  Ihat I"
'Do yon deny  It'.'"
"I killed hi in. It is true. I can re-
member killing another yuan In 'Hr,-
f'.uniHla,nce,s ihal wen* v.ery slinil.at'.
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(To be continued)
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I       i.tl������AtAAl, Blaax_Jl.a/E.������...l  tmm*  "/V%)>hUVI\       ~*^*   W-^JWIVr-^l   *  Exhibit in Scotland "'  A large number of prize cattle exhibited at the recent Calgary show,  IuiA*e bt'on xmi-cjiasjetl by tlsc L_ivc-  stock Producers' Association, in order  that a complete demonstration may  be. given this year in Scotland" by the  company of what the Weslci-ii Canadian farmers can do in finishing-ssteers.  Being Started -to Manufacture  Paper From Straw  "Utilization of straw in the manufacture of paper is likely to add an important industry to Western Canada,  and increase revenue,from wheat fields  according" to "W. R. Allan, president  Union Bank of Canada, Winnipeg.  Work will be- started, says Mr. Allan,  on a mill wnich will turn out 50-tons  of straw paper a day. He predicted  j that within 25 years straw will entire-  j ly take the place of pulpwood in the  manufacture of paper. It is estimated that far'uers will get 20 cents for  straw wiih every bushel of wheal.  ..   No surgical  operatioii^is  nccessary  in removing corns if Holloway's Gcjrn * j  Itemyver ife us>*ad.  "DIAMOND" DYES"  COLOR THINGS NEW  |J   ,.-- &altfsa^PAff&m \ --  if B^dl^^m  "A Babe in ithe House  Is a Well^prihg of  Pleasure*''  ent colors.      Eaih  contains directions  man    can    dye  ribbons, skirts,  I  Beautiful home  dyeing and tinting is guaranteed,  w i t It Diamond  Byes. Just dip  in cold water to  tint soft, delicate I tion.  shades, or boil to'i7���������Indefinite  dye Tien, permati-  15-cent    package  so simple any wo-  or lint lingerie, silks,  waists, dresses," coats,  4������-  -Insects  _TX__ff.-vi.__.  _C*aaflfW  Blockings, sweaters, draperies, coverings, hanging"*, everything new.  Buy "Diamond Dyes"���������no other kind  ���������and teii^your druggist whether the  material you wish to color is wool or  silk, or whether It is linen, cottou, or  mixed goods.  Horizontal  I���������A  state  oc Uruguay.  6���������Hoarse cries of frogs  11���������Move1. -  12���������Stop.  -13���������Mixed  type.  15���������Trouble. , ._    -,>._���������.  16���������Co-ordinate   con June-   ���������    ���������*?; e*      e  article.  ] 14���������To the Inside of.  "17���������Against.  ������r\ *������ "Tall * *Vk ���������������  4 V-*"- J-S ���������.-������**_",  comparative of adjectives.  47���������Prophet  in  Samuel's  time.  21-  22  24  Redclifle   Bottle Works  The large oottle machine in the Dominion     Glass     Plant     at    FLedcliffe  hiis comatenced operation.    The star.-  | ing  of  this   machine   has   added   125  employees to their payroll;*  "Miller's vi'orm Powders can do no  itijury to tho. most delicate child. Any  child, or infant, in the...stuUS of adolescence, who is infested with-wronus, can  take this preparation without a qualm  ol" tlio stomach, and will nnd in it a  sure relief anil a full protection from  these doatractive pests, 'which are responsible for much sickness and great  suffering to legions ot Utile one-*.  IS���������Soma  20���������Clever.  22���������Hotel.  23���������Portico.  -2 5���������A- scien ce.  28���������"Repetition   q������ words  as-   a    means     of  i   learning them. - ,  27���������American    bandmas-  - ter and composer.  29���������Ore dig_ger.  SO���������"Fairies.  31���������Entrance.  31���������-l-Iomes. of birds.  3S���������"Flesh bf animals. .  39���������Sick.  41���������Tidy.  42���������Cushion, i  diatonic  scale.  51���������Toward the sea.  52���������Caudal appendage.  54���������Marked -with dots.  55���������Carries ..away feloniously."  Vertical  ,1���������Pass again.   /  2���������Veterinary     surgeon  c ~_ (abbr.).  3���������Greek letter.  4���������Clears.  5���������Agreeable odor.  6���������Map.  7���������Talk boisterously.  8���������Not young.  " 9���������In or near.  10���������One who sins.  Definite thing.  ���������Eiectriflcd particle. .  -Part of one's assets  considered     ?epai-a.  ately.  26���������Advanced.  28���������Suitable.  29���������Male human   beings  31���������Imminent.  32���������Close.  33���������Boy.  35���������Observed  36���������Small pie. ������  37-7���������Earthenware      mug-a  for *b~eer." -  39���������Greek epic poem.-. -������  40-^-fendures. **  .3���������Run a-wav.  4-1���������Settle.  47���������Suffix forming superlative decree.  49���������Knot.  51���������Near: "  5C���������Note      in      diatonic  ���������i.   scale- .  Answer To Last WeekV Puzzle  M  U  M Z- E  ny-Axn&m2km  ma^mm  T  V  nmmtamim  T  U  N  e  5  m  1  C  n.M  P  F  F*  e  ft  A  N  A  i  vw  A  L  K  i In  G  ������  B  E  1  N  S  T  i  L  ba  %  t e,  E  T  e  t".  S  N  E  T  %  F  L  A  9  hIb  ft  _J  M  t  J  nacapa^Haay BiiRr^a  ;        .--;,.'.-- ���������"ICvnns Stuilio  Mrs. Tarria- TVcldiarrt nf R.U7 Van  Si:., London, Out., say*: ''"I took Dr.  Pierce's 'Favorite Prescription during  uiy last expectancy to.keep tip. iny  h*(rcngtli. I had no sick stomach, nor  titSy ofltep distress-ini? aihnicnt such as  tt-jiially come to tlie prospective tno-  ilict', and my baby haa been jnst ua  iiu'e and well as can be. He is now  '.iljht mouths old aud has -never  lu-aCVa'ti a -licit -(lay. 1 "would ii**v������**r  brhiUitc to 'recoiiinicnd Dr. Pierce"'!  V-yvorite Prescription .is a tonic and  nervine in. yomrpr niotlierhood:, for I  know tltiit it helps in many -ways,  l.otli tlie mother ami the child','-'  Get tl 11 a,'' 'Pre script io 11 '^ Ir oun yo tt r  n^i'-lilitirhobd druggisl, in cillvcr li-  ���������tuid or tablet form, awd,-ivrittt Dr.  Pierce's ��������� luvalidb' Hotel in Buffalo.  Nf, V.,   for   free,   coiili'lctia.t.al   medical  J alii V H.t_.     ocml   1 H a,*: naif)   lain   ������>������'.   1 LlTCC 2  l'jitihoi-atory,  lh-1<lt_;eUnr������, Out., if you  vfciiJa a uUl tJa-.Ev^������;c oi Ka5"!ct**.  A VarJatlon of the Straight-line Frock  The silhouette still follows straight  and sloniler lines, but much fullness is  often lidded at the lower portion of  tjw? sldrt by means of the .{circular  ilo-unco. A.tsmart conibinatiori of uia-  tt>rlal8 is achieved by its ing a white  .and blitcjc priuted silk Tor the main  portion of, the dress, and soft black  satin for tho collar, circular flounce p  and loosely knotted string ties. Tin-  model pictured. No. "1058, litis short  kimono sloeve-a with a pea hi on shoulder, and convertible collar. , It is an  unusually tunart design for afternoon  ���������wear* .Made in sizes '64 to 42 Inches  hua't."' Aft pictured, ai'-c 38 It'Otiulres  a,yards '30 or 40-iuoh matorlal for the  uppor part and 1"_" yard a **l'or tho  flounce... If drcHA is made of ono material, si7.e HR reqtilr.es -iVi yards of 36  or 40-inch..  Ho>y To Order Patterns  ��������� -ll������l<IH������llll^p  Address���������Winnipeg  Newspaper Union,  175 McDcrmot Ave., WlriiHp������a  Pattern No,...' Size   : A juniper tree, bells.-.vod to ,beJJ,000!  years    old,    is    still    standing in,the  Oaclio Naliou-il Forest inxUtalt.  It  you   can't S.marry  Young wan.  .girl    with    dollnif"    you are liicky  anarry ohc- with sense. '      -  a  to  m  %  m tt   t  ���������  ���������   '  ���������   till  Name.,"., _. s.  X. OaV H a.raaw*..*   .......a.a.aaa...  Provlnc"*....,..������,,. a. ���������   ....'.  Sond 20c c������ln or Hlamps  (wrap coin  C.-.a'C aaUaly^.  j Keep Mk_-..rart. Li-"Jmt-.it>t in the t-ioua-e  ITCHY ECZEMA  ji] m/cD��������� en-PC'   ���������'  ������������������ ��������� ������������������-���������     7  In Pimples and Blisters.  Healed by Cuticura.  ....."' ���������������-."��������� ���������-"���������"  " HScxemot broka-3 out in ptmplen  AnA bliaeePS and uprend ������all over my  face, h Ucbed and burned c*u������lng  me to Bcrntch which made it worie.  I could not sleep on mccounitc of the  Irritation, and could hardly talk  becauite the tiore ertiptionti were all  around my mouth. The trouble  lasted several months.  " I tciiad -cYcryihing I could get  but notlilnic helped me. I began  uainc Cuticura Soap and Oljument  and co. relief-. I eentlnued the  treatment a.nd in about eirh*t weeks  I was completely healed." (Signed)  Wm, J. Rowimnchuk, 3amburc,  Sask.' ,   '"  " Cuticura Soap, Ointment and Talcum are ideal for dally toilet uses.  H___M|aI������ Xaualt Straw bf Maajt.    A(Uir������M  C������ni������_tl*n  M|l������|M,t-    -'Maaaau*_a������aaia, i.UJ. aaaaMawaaaaaJ/'     la'rkaal. ^l������aa^  aaiayyBitaiJiaaatciy^nraa  aaiaia^HnraHi^iTSwi   A Powerful  Projectile  For  CAR ON  LIGHT, WATER & POWER  PLANTS  Caron  Brothers  INC.  226 Fifth Av. N.  SASKATOON,;  . Saskalohswan .  Armor Piercing Shell Perfected  the British Navy  An armoja* piercing shell has been  perfected Tor the British navj". ��������� Its  mighty powor 1n crash Ita. way tkrough  ihe protective armor of battleahibs  would havo been thought ImpoaslWo a  few years ago, according to Sir Robert  Hadfleld. who������e Arm haB- perfected  tins shell, .    The  shell  is  tor  lli-lueh  gUllB. ' , . a,  ^Ir Robort said he wnp not at liberty  lo discloao lhe teats applied to the  projectile, but. enigmatically reninrk-  .c'O. that '"lhe droit ni ok,'"1 * oxpevt ^ nnd  mtitiillurglHls for ' yourk haa come  through." ' '-  Wornia ��������� caust* 1'relfulr.eas and rob  the Iniainl:,. of aleep, tlie great noiirish-  ti'.      Mother trravea" Wo nil Vlsttermln-  aaxir will cle;ii- ihe nU'aiia.it-h ..u<\  lufi-.s-  tinea   and   ������������������cfltoro  healthfuliH-HH.  LADIES WANTED���������TO DO PLAIN  or light sewing at home. Whole  or spare time. <Qood pay. Work  sent any distance. Charges paid.  Send stamp for particulars. . National  Manufacturing Co., Montreal.  Hgin pills  FOR THE  KIDNEYS  Proper functioni-n-l 'el*^  the kidneys is essential  lo jjood health. Gin  rills cerrect all k'dney  troubles. Get a bo-_  to-day, and ba well.  i  M������  OJ������l������b������nt tt* ������atul   W������.  '���������'���������I������-WM li*.  C-aMcwrM 9J-4.v*t-������ S������l<-k a8c.  altW^llal'iaaJlaW^aaJ'ajW^SMWWSIMWW^il^  A Finger Print Maxe  More tluui   100,000  linger print-*  ar<i  recorded at ScoMatul Yard. Slnvi-  t.ltla svHt������>-ni was adopt mI lii'TSVOI. inore  tltmn 2.*">0,000 crlmhiftla have been itlen-  tltletl by  Ihis method,  TTH9.   (MEW   riSCNCM   rtKMKOV.  THERAPION No 1  THERAPION NO 2  THERAPION Wo 3  M������. I for SlitKl.r Catarrh. No. I f������P IllooOl m  -������klt*OU������_m#������.  K������.3forC!������o������nlc*���������*���������*-��������� ������i������������i#������.  ������.������i LiHii rrt'./e-ant'.tti-'a \r~,r nn'ia i-a-rji *������������ra.;|������,  lair.l.rCl <t*C M������4.C������. I (a. ������aa( f-ct. 11 al.N.VV'.������. !..������������������������������������  M vuilSII. lOlr-ataitl. ������-r������.������r St. H .TrirnMiU.Oi.li  aM   ������4a- M,J_fca_WI Vt   *"- ���������**������ ** ' N''v   *ll.������r.. <,1.IV.  For  Aches   and  iL I*"-'-*, ent  Pain*    Use   Mlnard'a^ **  I\'  N.    U.    15T0  .iiii___it__fi  iii__i mni,irt_ai������_ii_i  ***"*-1MI____l  _n-_iatWilT_-,ll1-|rilif_a,  M'|-;iaia������-_������ii-|  __tt_tt_i_ **������������������*  ���������    I*  HUB  C&BSTCft   RKVfBW  Fob SAUEC-r-Strong. heavy democrat,  in good shape."   *(__. Davie, Canyon  The village treasury was enlarged a-  matter of $340 pal -Monday���������a cheque*  from the Bannister of finance for Cree������  Members of the Indies* Orange  Benevolent; Association andtheta.O._L.,  who attended service at the United  Church in a body on Sunday night,  along jj$with the usual congregation,  ' ss-*a*������Vcry foot of available  tons snare or. tne is_B5> motor -licenses, j ������*.*������������ ������very foot of available seating  Mr,    and     Mrs.    John* Bevan    of 2^rJ*? ^i8ce, *? W**    *������*'  Spo>������ne, afre motor  visitors   to Ores- P* ******* .*������������������������   ������������   chkrge  of the  ton this week, >nd   are guests at tljj?  home of  the former's brother,  R. 8.  Bevaou  Cnnlav  -aw  Pianoforte, Organ ana  Singing Lessons  ARTHUR COLJLIS, Creaton  P.OkBe*?t  CHAS. MOORi.* C.E.  eNGIN-Cfr ^ARCHITECT  SURVEYOR  IBegfiMiereaJ  CREST������!*, ������.C-  Isjil Qraiige Lodge, No. 2095  Meets THUSB THURSDAY of  each month, at. .Mercantile  _&aii.   Visiting brethren cordi-  svllao- anwtt-jail.  ERIC OLSON, W.M.  Anglican Church Services  OGILVIE Goods ore  able  SUNDAY, JULY   1������  SIRDAR  7.30 p.m.  CRESTON  _ and 11 a.m.  RAKE VAX-UES  in   "  MEN'S  WORK SHIRTS  S1.II-.  SOCKS  These are a Traveler's Samples and they offer a  good   range   of   sizes.  Local  Personal  Prices are even  attractive than  goods.  more  the  For Saxe���������Good   milch cow,  price  Mrs. J.  Wilton.  For Sax-is���������Underwood typewriter,  in good shape.    JBnqtiti*e Review Office  "WAM"i-Ki>-^nantity of well cured  timothy hay. J. B. Winlay. -.Wynndel.  Al. Hendreci left a few days ago on  a holiday visit with . friends in Van-  couver.,       ������������������"������������������_''  For Sale���������7 breeding ewes, also  pigs ready July 21st, $8. Geo. Davie.  Canyon.      -  For: SAUBS-r-Attto knitter, good as  new,-   will    aell��������� right.     "W.   Miner,  Brick&on.  For     SAXaE^-Thuee-hole  stove-, in   good   shape,   912.  -Review Office;  gasoline  .inquire  -I  ___  X&JEJ ^2E__b^^___Erv ������M^>22fi ������^^P E] H .S38  For ' SALK���������JOneiton;   Ford   trucks  or   will -.- trade' for   cur.   O * O.  Lindbliom, K*tchener. ,���������.i~  Eiic Bennett of Fernie is spending  part of his summer holidays here, a  guest of Tom and Irwin Orosthwait.  I Mra. M. J. Betolnger and her guest,  Mis* Dow of Mnoiaejaw,'were visitors  with Nelson friends a few days this  week.  T  Coffee  a#* ���������  lllllallJi  I wish to announce that I  (. have ih������ OSd. Drury Tea,  also Mawson's Ideal fresh"  ground Coffee, and ���������"Our  Own" Cocoa for sale, at  the following prices:  Old iJrurv Tea. Ih..... 75e  Ideal Coff&Cm Uh........ %$Img  **Oar Own" Cocoa.... 25c  V,  MAWSON  CBESTOM  Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Boyd and Miss  A. Doyle were visitors with Bonners  Ferry ft iepds on Sunday, making the  trip by auto.  Up to the middle of the month  licenses for 100 autos and trucks have  been it-aued at the Creston office of the  provincial police.  For 8al,_ or Trade���������-8 months old  Jersey bull calf, purebred, 960, or will  trade    for   roEIcti    cow.     O.   Nickel,  ^.t_4������/������_r.    U .._.������������������.       llMaallAn  ������a"a...a....    m^*........    aw.. *_������.������.<..������..  ���������  Mra. O. G. Bennett of Fernie Is  renewing acquaint** ncea in Creston,  and while here will be the guest of  Mrs. layne and Mrs. Twlgg.  Mr. and Mm. O. J. Bayle and fam->  lly left on Wednesday on a motor trip  south, and "Hill visit with friends at  Spokane and Kellogg, Idaho  Mrs. (Kevafc IJ. Varley left on  Wednesday last for, an extended holiday with old friends at Edgewood, and  Id. **{X.X/a__l I ������WJ>_tf] *.*���������_*)   Lj*   IJl'Va    C<>Lt*i''*S2.  Mn". McOrwth ami dnughter, Gladys,  of North Bay. -Ontario, are Oreston  visitors nt present, the  guest  nf   the  form<ar*fl ulster, M vm. 23, Repaonier.  cafi.tr. and Htm. Hay Hughes and family off Kaulo itrrlwcd ut the end of tho  week, to in alee their home En C ronton,  ami at pr-esi-mia mr������-nut-Mim  Mrs. Camera  B. Cripps   got...back   on   S  | from a two weeks*   visit with friends  Sss Calgary,  Alberta.   It was his first  soturn visit lo that city in 30 years.  Mrs. J. ,W." Hamilton and Misses  Margorie and Phyllis Hamilton got  away at" the end of the week on a holi*  day visit with .friends at Victoria, and  coast points.  For latsifrr or, Sajlk���������7-roora house  oh Victoria Avenue, $10 a month,  immediate possession. Apply to B&.K.  Palmer, Eriekson, or to Mrs. R. B.  Staples, Creston.  For Saxk���������Fc������rd. touring car. start,*  aaag ������ud laglawiug System. AISO S h."**.  Waterloo Big Chief stationary engine.  Both jn - first-class . running order.  Ashley Cooper, Wynndel. t  The - intense heat of Friday . kept  dowrt.the attendance at. the July meeting of the Women's Institute, and the  regular business was withdrawn and a-  meeting of .the directos-s held.   *  Creston will try out a lady trustee  on the school ho������rd for t-be three-'Wft*?*  term, Mrs. (Dr.) Henderson being the  unanimous choice at Saturday night's  meeting to replace G. Nickel.  t  A grand total of ������12,050.00 will be  required to finance Creston's schools  the coming year, of which amount the  education -department furnishes ������4060.  to help pay the teachers* salaries.  The   tennis-  court  at   the   United  Church  parsonage   has   been   put* in.  shape   for    playing   and   the   young  people are making exceptionally good  use of the grounds these evenings.  The water on tbe-flats is disappearing rapidly commencing this week,  and with ik, goes the mosquitoes,  which have been the worst this year  than fbr at least a dozen  seasons past.  For the first time this year no quor-  oum waa in evidence for the session of  the board of trade as-d what business  there was to transact-will have to- be  taken care of at the August meeting;  Mrs. Ca.nnaday has re opened her  tailor shop and is prepared to. d������  preening, altering on "uifn's suits and  redlining coats for\ ladies and genii**  She is located in the old City Bakery  building, next the Review.  Creston banks are refusing "to handle  American money except at a discount  of one per cent. " The Valley is  unusually well supplied with the old  reliable "cartwheel," and paper money  is snore than usually in evidence.  Mr. and Mrs. R. Walters - have  vacated the Mnir cottage, oh -McLeod  Avenue.this week, are now getting  settled in the former Bert Nelson residence on Victoria Avenue, which was  purchased recently by Mrs. Dow.  Mrs. W. Simington and daughter*  of Moosejaw, Sask., were visitors with  the former's sister, Mrs. F. H. Jackson, a few days the fore part of the  week, en route to the coast for a short  holiday,  W. 3. B. Biker, water rights branch  engineer, of Nelson, Withy hi* assistant,  Mr. Bvuns, wei*e here a couple of days  at the end of tbe week, mate ing observ  ations of the water situation on the  flats on both the Idaho and B.C. sides.  , The ice cream social under the  auspices (if the Litdles* .Aid of the  United Church on Thursday night lust  on the parsonage grounds was splendidly attended, the intake from this sale  of refreshment-- running to almoBt $35.  m  servSce,. and. in - his carefully prepared  address   sketched   the   principles   for  which'both the  societies   stand.   The  choi-** > rendered"_" special     selections,  !___>!'.<__!$_<.9   = ������-    I���������' *  aa4u_>a.������_ a* Bm*M%*ttpj    w.  . lllailj|a  That Creston Valley Northern Spies  from trees of a few years* bearing have  the flavor and Keeping qualities of .the  oldHroe eastern favorite of this variety  was demonstrated hist -week when,  some of the 18**4 Spies f ro������������ the W. S.  McAlpine ranch were sampledi on tho  lith. In taste and appearance they  could not be excelled and .were sound  enough to be exposed- for a **ree_"fo*p  retail selling and still be fine Spies,  and they .bud been kept in -very ocdbi  ,=���������������.-���������,    ,��������� ���������*���������!_-���������   ^** *-.���������w^���������-   -������������������������������������    *ft-at-������M.   ^mm.mm\mm%m  m%*V^  CVmlZmm? 5*Mna||'D C������V VU"?  C.*********  I       ^  <��������������� j������ir.   itiui  The weather Continues dry and, very  hot,.Saturday being one of the w������u.m������  est days ever recorded^ the (mercury  hitting 06 in the' shade in the early  afternoon. Main Is badly needed to  keep the vegetable crops coming right  -.j ���������   O  Miss Prances Lyne, who is com bin.  Ing the university cot]rue In nursing  with practical work In that line at the  -G������>ikei'J4l Hoijpltaiil, Vaitcaimver, ut-rlvti-  hpme on Wwlnewlay, for~.,a vacation  with ber parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.  Lyne \  Mr. and Mrs. tt. A. Speers aud  family got away on Sunday on a two  weeks" motor trip oi> which they will  visit Lethbridge, Medlcido Hat and  Calgary, Alberta, making the return  trip vis, Banff and the Windermere  country.      ������       ���������    ���������  Miss Helen Bddy arrived from Van*  ccuver at the first of the week to take  charges of the bookkeeping nt tho  Orctiton Drug ii Book ��������� Store. ' In  future-Mr. Kelly will always be out In  irtiiiii i-������vot,iitiK *"������M etm-iin   t-iuiw ' i*P iiitw  selling end of the buetness.  !������raxia: .  "Tlieatm  IT'S A RIOXOF LAUGHS!  SIX REELS OF FUN, FBOL.IG  AND THBILLS!  LARRY SEMON  in  fiie  IfiABiQlitffi  \  Here's your chance to laugh, chuckle  _n������������_r*8  +1.^11 1  The Comedy King in his longest'hit, and  easily, his biggest!  CHEST  /  Oar NsJW COOiLING CABENET assures car iKktrons thai otu* IC2������ CREAM  win always be hasd. -  The DRUG SUNDRY and PRESCRIPTION PART OF OUR STORS HAS OUR  FUlat.ATTHJN'SION.   MAlIaORDEri^^prompHyd^patolied_r  Fruit Growers, Attentiofil  ** ^  We are offering you an all Pine and Spruce Box, and we  - supply one-piece tops and bottoms .unless otherwise  specified.    PRICES UPON REQUEST.  .1 V  Permit us to supply your box&*.  Western- Box &: Shingle Mi&S^~ Ltd.  P.O. Bo* 9L NELSON. B.C.  fin   _t *Sj<tt^^ lk__r Wl_P *aLJ {W, P   ^r     ^aW^By H^^!8L fc*-L|Jpi8flig*  Anyone who wishes ������o place iheir order for Raspberfy Crate*  with us please do so at once as we are not  stocked with Raspberrjf Hallock^  BOX MAKXJ]PAOTIJHa.KSI,  ���������3TT**"  n.  Fomcars -TrueKs -Tractors  -___=  ���������W.iit.'l'I'W'.HBB  t"=S*B  sssar  We also handle a line of OUARAHTEEp SECONB  HAND USED CARS. /  Garages at Creston and  ���������with a full line of Car Parts and Acccssorsc'  i>���������*-*-������- h -vr  J4.HJ.lt  if   Jt.Jk.Xt.  ���������0|J".  $C������M,*im%**n.wi"& m  .   nmm   va._������|   ./Jm imW   W ������������   ������������..   tW aa_,-*Ei-*v  %\00 ���������Ml'       iM������aT*"WTtih<|i|ll_"||~if  J  < I


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