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Creston Review Dec 1, 1922

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Volt XIV. -
No. 43
Henry B. Downs
Tells of Fruit Fair
The He view this week publishes the
first of two -letters from.��� Henry B.
Downs to -Crestoii Fruit Growers
Union. Ltd., dealing with the Valley
exhibits invhqafch'%he-J66mpetitive and
non-competitive -classes at the recent
Imperial Apple Show at the Gyrstal
Palace, Loudon, England.
It has been learned that although
Crtisftfmfail^fcb gain a better standing than fourth in the desert apple
class in the British Empire section,
Mr. Stark's Oox.Grange ?v ere less than
ten points behind the fruit taking the
first prize, Jjwid the inferiorityatthe
Valle^rapples was due to lack of color
���a weakness that could not be avoided owing to the early date thev local
Cox had to be picked in order to be
carefully packed . and reach Englan d:
in time for the the exhibition.. Mr.
Downr8   letter    to  the   Union   is   as
foHoWSS    .' :���..*;..'! '','���'.'.'���'
According to instructions received I
arriyed In London on October 22ud,
and on the following day first thing I
called to see T, J. Poupart, Ltd. In
company with their general manager I
at orice proceeded to .the Crystal Palace and found that the fruit had arrived on Sunday. 22nd, and was'being
brought to its various sections in the
show. To all appearances the fruit
travelled tn satisfactory mannee, the
boxes beina 5 q gobd_iorder.
As it was not possible to touch the
boxes of competitive fruit until the
covers were resabvied, and the preHnj-
inary judging had -taken place, I devoted my time and advice to Messrs.
Poupart, in the opening and examining oi the fruit.
I would report the fruit as in fair
condition, but some varieties better
than others. Cox Orange Pippins in
excellent order, but large sizes showing some spot and loose in pack.
Scrames, Mr. Wade's daughter and
Mrs. Downs, we prepared the Empire
Classes for final judging. I may say
that in order to assist Mr. Forsyth
Stria th to the utmost we not only unwrapped the B.C. fruit but much of
the Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia
fruit.*.** ;���;'���..������;..������
,*���.. The 26th was deyoted to preparation
of the Overseas Classes and kept���us
busy until a late hour, and again with
willing assistance from staff at B.C.
The judging was completed in the
Empire Classes on- Thursday and I
much regret to report that British
Columbia was unable to obtain an
award higher than ''Very highly com-
mended" this being the 4tti position in
the.class''for Dessert apples. "We havs
pot any reason to complain as but for
the fact that a wonderfully fine and
untfoiro exhibit of Cox's Orange Pippins (English) were disqualified for
having the top layer unwrapped, it is
more than possible that Canada would
hot have received the Premier Award.
Growers to Have
,* I would state that Mr. StarksV Cox's
Orange Pipplnfe,** \"V. S3LO." were very
fine* and in the opinion of many com
petent judges should have been placed
in a higher position. Personally I
should have put them either first or
second. There was a certain want of
uniformity in colour ahd the packing
of larger sizes a little too slack. As "I
pointed out to Mr. Stark I considered
the insertion of packs smaller than 188
a mistake and this was remarked upon
by one of last year's judges and by
many of the' great fruit houses. In
future it will be advisable to make 188
ihe limit for exhibition purposes.
Mr. Littlejobns "Cox's   Orange Pip
pins"    w����re    unfortunately   showing
Baldwin spot in   the larger Mzes~and
were irregular in colour.    I must state
that the grading and   packing   could
���rk_i* *   .    ~~    ~s    s. 00  - .at        have been distinctly better.
Delicious good,  but in small sizes "*
some immature and ff-een frt^ - iSZ,z\   '1�� thn OfpeweaB tela^e^w^ have Jess
Jonathans travelled well; as did the
Spitzenbergs.   ,
"Winter Banana in full color, but
showing more bruising than "necessary.
Oritarfos are iti Worse condition
than any other variety. ""'-
TheGreehihgs are staged as "Oreston Wonders*' as Messrs. Poupart and
the judges would not accept them as
true Greenings.
All the Pears in good order and
much admired.
~ Messrs. Poupart devote the whole of
one side off their'stand to this display
and it is very effective indeed, and un
excellent advertisement for British
Columbia in general and Creston in
particular. *'������'-.
On the S4th inst. I interviewed Mr.
Wade, Agent General for B.C., nnd
was accorded a very pleasant reception.
Mr, Wade most kindly placed at my
.disposal .tha ' assistance-.of ��� o-ereiber of
his staff for the purpose of unwrapping and! replacing the fruit in the boxes after the preliminary judging had
taken place.
We were allowed to tonch the fruit
on thc 25th when with the aid of the
staff  from   B.C.   House   under   Mrs.
S&furdiy, DECEMBER
Every rancher in' Creston Valley
should he at Sssaees* Hall to��moiT6*5?
(Saturday Vat 2 o'clock prompt, forth
public meeting,of-growers that will
addressed by- Messrs. Harman and
Taylor of KelownaA   \
These gentlemen are members of the
Okanagan Growers^ Committee who
have been 'investigating marketing
eonditions.for the last six months,
having made a trip,to all the important centres on the Prairie,- observing
the way our fruit 'was handled, the
way in which it waa sold, prices; and
general market conditions, and they
are exceptionally-well qualified- to inform growers -asvto the why and
wherefore of present market demoralization and to suggest remedies : for
the future. It will be well for eyery
fruit grower, wha'has any fruit what,
ever to wil, to take every adyantage
of hearing what these .gentlemen have
to say and be, guided by  their advice.
Our information^, is that both these
men are independent shippers who,
finding that the 1&22 apple market
wouid be an upsatisfactoay one,
prompt!v decided to go out onto the
-otarkeand learn .front personal experience aii ihub cuuiu he leai-iieu ui the
fruit-marketing problem.
������ They haye been Addressing growers'
meetings ail through 3.0.^ Lhe past
three weeks, and have made a great
impression whereyer - they . have
spoken. s
��� The president of the hoard of trade
will preside,, and it is requested that
all be on hand early so there will be
no delay getting the meeting  under
way at two o'clock.,
y      -- .
Staples of Creston were visitors here
on Saturday morning for & live pigeon
shooting tournament in which Harry
Hughes and Condqctor Cameron lent
a hand as well. Out of some 30 birds
released 13 were brought down, Staples getting 5, and Bevan and Cameron
four each.
\. Miss Margeory Goodman was a visitor with relatives and friends at
Cranbrook a few days last week. ._
The fruit shipping season is practs-
caily closed, and in addition toa heavy
local 'sale, the express shipments
would indicate that exports are fully
25 per cent, heavier than last year.
Fall Fair Frizes
Prove its Worth
reason* -for regret, ^considering the
number nf our exhibits.;. Oreston taking the following awaids:
Snow-i-lst and 2nd, Ontario. 3rd,"
W. G. Littlejohn.
Cox Orange���1st. K. Stark. 2nd,
Nova Scotia.   3rd. Ontario.
Any Other Variety���1st, R. Stark,
Winter Banana. Ind, Nova Scotia.
3rd, K.Stark. Delicious.
Pears-i-lst. B. Stark.     .
Mr. Hamilton's Greenings receiyed
no consideration. I may say they
they-were not in the best condition,
many being very ripe and yellow-
quite destroy ing-the appearance of the
I will report more fully on the
Overseas classes in letter to follow.'
Z The Austrian tie contractor operafc
ing near here has made delivery off
about three carloads during Novensber
and these have been distributed along
the track between here and Duck
Creek for spring renewals.
The McCabe bridge^ crew was at
Erickson on ��riday unloading and;
placing the new steel for the biidge at
Canyon on the falsework erected to
expedite steel laying,  '*.       ,
Ben Whitesides is a permanent resident here at present, having booked
off for a few weeks to get the White*
sides' store stocked up with the staple
lines for the Sirdar trade.
The 1922 fall fair at Creston has
cSorje much to demonstrate the -wisdom of the Provincial Land Stetle-
ment Board in choosing the undeveloped south end of Creston Valley
������the area now known as Camp Lister
���as a most satisfactory location for
the fe-establishment of the returned
soldiers who, for various reasons, have
desired to take up the age-old profession of agriculture. -
Not before the fall of 1922 had Camp
Lister been sufficiently established to
warrant an attempt to compete with
the older portions of the Valley, but
this year's successes jhas done much to
establish the confidence of the settlers
in the quality as well as the quantity
of the produce from the heavy clay
loans that predominates the area.
If the awards made to this area by
competent judges���people with wide
experience���maybe any indication of
the quality of the exhibits, then the
future of the south end of the Valley
is assured.   . Z^y-'Z? y ���;���:���..;
Potatoes, a crop of considerable importance, were able to attract the
judges' decision for a first, John Huscroft being the successful exhibitor
with has Early Ohios���*--he snuds heinir
so typical of the varietv thst they are
also being shown at the Provincial
Potato fair at Grand Forks this month
Mr. Huscroft also  scored   with   hid
drumhead cabba^e^his ^-O-^psiH-jd. speei -
mens beating all comers.     In addition
to  this   he   secured   priges   on   Sunflowers, mangolds and garden veget-
* ���-���''. -*   :)    :..    ..."        *
Milt Beam was making a trip
through the district on Friday, circulating a petition in connection with
the closing-of Goat River for a purled
|>->f t*Wo years, in order to re-stock the
stream with fry*;the closed area being
between the Canyon and Kitchener. . _ _��� .
I ablest   More notable,   too.   are   these
winnings when it is remembered that.
the land   that   -produced:  them   was
iie luunageu w�� uiuKe i>ne nigiisst score
of the half dozen oiefe consoetlse?. ���
t ^"^iCr" "*��� -' "*"* "fc .w
. '^""Peb-^Bs^^Wi^if^^^feo^^5--- -^
���Next   week  <we  yvill    publish   Mr.
Downs*' second1   letter, whi��;h deals at
some length with feat uves <if the Over- ���,
aent> cIhhhph, as well as setting out tho-_
prizewinnings.. '
Rev. H. Varley will be herefpn Sunday for the usual Church of, England
morning seryice in the schoolhouse.
Mrs. McCabe and children were visitors at Cranbrook for a few days the
latter part of the week.
'������.������ . .        '      -���.   V*' '���
Section foreman Tolerico, who has
relinquished the job and intends to
spend the winter in Italy, is succeeded
by an Austrian whose name is too
much of a twister to put in print on
such short acquaintance*
Mrs. North, who was critically ill
the fore part of the month, con bin ties
to make a steady recovery but is not
able to be out as yet.
work ou the-erection
modious new barn
ranch.       '
of .-quite a com-
bn   the  McKelvey
broken only in 1920.
9,<VB��M*A*H m-t. v-tm. aria nkbAMSiah &**> *+���
Il-a^e jpn^ister ,^unches^iia4 aeverat
.��   ���..  0
Mrs. Lomburdo is leaving for Spo
kane  this week, where she will consult an optical specialist for a rather
erious eye  trouble she is at present
bothered with. .
Messrs. Constable. Bevan and Frank
Earle Williams and
Rodolpb Valentino
A battle of wits iu the gay
niglit life of Pttris.
Lsrry Sraon In "The Hick"
Mrs. Vine. Liddicoatt, who has been
here on a visit -with Mrs. Itowbury,
for a few days. Is leaving this week
for Cranbrook.
Hairy Brown, who   is   working  at
Klockmann, and J. A. Head  of Port
hill, were here for the week-end,  and
took in  the hard' times dance at the
fechool on Saturday night. ~"
Mra. W. Hurl, who spent the summer with friends in Vancouver, and:
the fall in Alberta, has returned home
with ber two sons.        V k
"      . ���, i" *
There was a line turnout at the hard
timca dance at the achotjlhoutiooni Saturday night, which was floor managed
hy A. II. Bern hard, and ,iuueic was
supplied by fche player piano. Quite a
tidy sum was netted for the children's
Christmas Tree Fund.
On Saturday, Dec. 2nd, the sewing
olase in connection with the public
Bo'-hpol will hold a sate of work at the
schoolhoune for the purpose of raining
funds to finance the children's Christ*
mas treat. A large exhibit off chil-
ilren'a needlework will bc otaged. Including children's clothes, house
dresses and aprons, and will he sold by
auction in the afternoon. Tea will bo
served at lOceintft. M��-u, fit-.mliono ^uiil
be pleased to heur from anyone willing
to. assist nvith thc ^Rfalr.
Fifteen Hundred
Club of Kaslo
&Bci District
>      *j.""-   *       \
with mhlth is Incorporated the
Cfiton and DhtrJct Ftfttm
Hundred Club,
Minimum of cost.
' '��� i
Pay* $i for ettti-y member In
the Club immediately qfier the
notice of -feaih���just when the
money is most nteaed.
The Club is growing rapidly;
join qcfort ftjfilta up.
WrU~ tk��
Secretary- Treamter, Kmfo, B. C.
Ja*. Cook* Agent. Greater., B. C.
-The social season, was opened on
Friday night when Mrs. Kemp was at
home to quite a large house party, a
number from Creston being'amongst
the guests. Dancing was the feature
of the evening, with a sumptuous
supper served about midnight.
The Go-Operative store unloaded a
car of Lethbridge coal last week-supplying customers at $11 a ton taken
direct from the car. ^
Frank Putnam and Frank Palmer
have closed a heayy togging -contract
with J. B. Winlaw, which will keep
several teams busy all winter. \They
a-ae bringing in three teams from Alberta, which the latter purchased on
a recent trip east.
G. Bayle of Creston js operating in
the white pine timber on the road
from the Canyon bridge along to
Arrow Creek. The logs are being
shipped to Nelson where, we hear,
they care cut into match ^blocks, and
are shipped back east to be manufactured into matches.
An occasional-��� car of,upples moves
from Erickson these days, but otherwise shipping in quite light. Up to
the present but three straight curs of
potatoes haye moved out.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hobden got
away on Thursday via Spokane and
Seattle for California, where they will
spend the winter nt Longheacfi, and
may decide to make their permanent
home, A few daye before their departure Mrs Hobden was given a farewell reception at hor homo by the
ladles of the  Methodist congregation.
The bridge crew and work train outfit was here inn Friday unloading the
shipment of titccl rails that i��e being
placed on the Canyon bridge by the
Vicliers Company crow-
 *^S"-'7; ~^5*���" "V'^y ~'7��S*^lfo -
ardent- Supporters, practically all* the
breeders .haying decided to make the
White Wyandotte the standard breed
for the area. The grand prize of the
poultry class.' the President Jackson
cup for the best, male bird in.tmf show,
was awarded to Fr^d Powers, his
cockerel, a handsome specimen of the
Wyandotte taking first in his clasp,
as well as carrying off the cup. E. L.
Langston, a 192"^ winner, al��?o secasred.
twoprizes in the Wyandott section.
Last, but not least, in the woman's
sphere of farmdom, Mrs. Fred Pbwer,
with an exhibit of butter, carried off
first prize in open competition with
the best dairy woman of the Valley.
So satisfied are the ranchet's of Lister with the results of this year's exhibition effort that they aire determined
fco stage an exhibit in 1923 that will
effectively demonstrate the all round
capabilities of the southern section of
the Creston Valley.
k^oit fclAL.it���*Hi>~ light wagon *��pringH,
1500 lbs., neyer bcen used, $12.
Arthur Collis, Creston.
Fon Sa*lk���Good eating potatoes,
$1.50 per 100 lbs., delivered nt Crcatori*.
Also cabbage and some beet root at 2
cents per lb.    It. Stewart*. Creuton.
Jess Filmer of Lister is reported to
have purchased the Charles Rinker
place here, and will take posseasion in
the spring.
Mrs. Vance is back from Spokane
where her husband is taking medica)
treatment, and Clifford Vance left for
t-at city on Friday, to be with his
father, who will be absent fbr at least
another .two weeks.
The United Farmers ��� are having a
whist drive und dance in the school-
house on Friday night, Dec. 1st, the
proceeds to go toward the piano fund.
Tho December session ofthe U.F. iu
scheduled for Saturday night, Ur-d.
Tbe ladies'aid had quite a successful silver tea- at the home of Mrs.
Wearmouth on Thursday afternoon.
Dai| and Fred Browell, who iccently
purchased a Cleveland tractor from
the Land Settlement Board at Lister,
have it ri-f-fRi-sdl ugn to their cord wood
sawing outfit.
The day prior to his departure for
Spokane Clifford Vance bagged another deer���the second he hau Becnred In
the last three weeks.
Lost���Latter part   of   October,   on
lower roud  between Duck Creek  and
Biitiar,  brown   mack maw   coat   witnt, ,       ��� .,       ..
belt,      Koivnnl   to    finder   returning \in^ c"nd>*' etc" ,,s m'11 uts the MI'V"��K
The   hidieM'   aid   announce   Friday,
Dec. 15th. us lhe date for their annual
5*m-<rimH" irmm"? m��Ii��   ast    n��k*Mr1f������H*��'��irk     fT'M-*!"'.*"
to P. J.  K.Hngeiif>aiit-h4 Erickhora.
uf afternoen tt-.k. ���������iiii ii ii ini imimtitm iiiliimi ; ^ i.......i^-i-v_ifJLL-,���������;, ���������, r_;.', ^. , ,-^ ������������������i*^^:^'jjZ,yZz^zzzpy^yyyy^^  SOTE REYliuW. CRESTON. B. C  S*B   I  he  An Old  Tiiner---wit  vigor and all the winsome qualities of  youth.    Once tried, always used.  20  Wheat  Movement  Brssks'Rtcftrd  ���������CJ.4~.'rx.,V-  was made on the last day  of October in the movement of Western Canada's big wheat crop. The  receipts on Winnipeg Grain Exchange  that day we're the greatest for any one  day in the .history o~ Jthe "Dominion,  the totarnumber of cars inspected "being 2,824... The. grain is of high quality, less tlian ten per cent, falling below number "three northern, while the  greatest .volume is number one northern.  Immigration And Settlement  Open Child's Bowels v/ith  < 'California Fig Syrup"  Prominent Canadians recently returned home from visits to -Great Britain  have been giving public expression to thcir views on the subject of immigration u> Canada, and one and all have referred to the opportunity which now  presents Itself to Canada oi ohtainitig- thousands of. the very best type of  British emigrants if only the right policy is adopted by this country and an  energetic effort put forth to direct the steps of-thess people Canada-ward.  it is universally agreed that some hundreds of thousands of people in the  British Isles must migrate annually, and that Canada can obtain the best of  these people if they are gone after and looked for in the right way. At the  present time, however, the eyes ol" the majority of these intending British emigrants are turned towards Australia and New-Zealand, rather than towards  Canada, and it is reported that considerable amazement prevails in England  and Scotland that Canada should be neglecting su-cTi an opportunity of obtaining good settlers when, admittedly, ."this -Dominion is so badly in need of  population. / ..-...-.*"  Probably the Federal Government is working-out a new and comprehensive immigration policy. At least it is to "be 'hoped so. But in the meantime Canada is losing tens of thousands of new settlers which might be obtained, and it must be realized that every British immigrant to Australia or  New Zealand becomes an additional inducement for others to go there and  join iriends and relatives rather than ceme to Canada, .just as every one coming here is apt to influence someone else to come.  Vve have advanced the argument that, so far as the Canada Colonization  Association is concerned, it cannot do better work at. the present time than  lo immediately apply its declared policy ol" '-assisting settlers to make good"  to those already in this country who are located on land-unsuitable for success fill agriculture, and actively interest itself in the removal of these fanners to other and more suitable locations.' We adhere to that view, and likewise approve the decision oi the. Government lo grant extra homesteads to  men -who find they cannot mak-e a success of their present holdings.  But while this work of" re-location is being proceeded with, the Government should not neglect the opportunity which is now theirs of encouraging  the right type of Britislv. emigrants to choose Canada in preference to any  and all other countries. "Nevertheless, the almost imiversal opinion seems io  be rhat this opportunity is not being grasped as it ought to be.  Greater care must, however, be exercised in future in the location of jiu-  migrants on the land. In tire past, with millions of acres or arable lands  conveniently near -to existing lines of railway, immigrants were located Sn  colonies long distances from means of transportation with the result that" tbey  have been, and still are, unable to make a success of farming because of the  prohibitive cost of getting their crops to market. " They find'it useless to  raise large crops because the cost of hauling their products to market, js  greater than the "price that can be realized.' These settlers. may not j'aco  starvation, because the land will produce their own food, but they tack ready  money and are making no progress.  Such settlers are not active agents jn mhlissg 1o the volume of traffic so  sorely needed by our National Railways in order Jo make that, system a finaii-  cLat success. Vet if they had been located nearer those railways, both ihey  themselves and the railways would have benefitted and prospered, This is  a lesson which should not b**- lost on our immigration authorities in connection with all future settlement.  Apart from the excessive cosi of getting their -crops'to market, these  farmers in isolated districts have to pay exorbitant, prices for all needed supplies, and when it comes to threshing time the cost of securing the services ot  outfits also operates to destroy profits and to render the cultivation of m-  croased acreages impossible.  In t.-ottn*ection with the re-location of present settlers, us weii jls the Ioch-  ������Lon 01 incoming settlers, ' e.-ory eflon should be put 'forth* to populate the  vacant lands now reasonably neui existing lines of railway. The West needs  a more intensive settlement of people within Ihe radius oi' existing transporta-  Hon laclliries. rather than ti  iu.rl.her spreading out ol" scattered settlements.  Hurry'"' mother r Even a sick child  loves the "fruity" taste of "California  Fig Syrup" and it never fails to open  ,_the bowels. A teaspoonful today may  prevent a sick child tomorrow. If  constipated, bilious, feverish, fretful,  has cold, colic, or if stomach is sour,  tongue coated, breath bad, remember  a good cleansing of the little bowels  is often all that is necessary.  Ask your druggist for genuine "California Pig Syrup" which has directions  for babies and children, of all ages  printed on . bottle. Mother! You  must say "California" or -yott may get  an imitation fig syrup. ,  Reduced Freight Kates On Grain  Estimated That Fourteen Million  Dollars is Saved to W������stern  - - - Farmers  ,. The closing of navigation, with tlie  consequent longer hauls o������--~ western  -wheat for the railways, wiii not have  any-effect in increasing railway earnings, according to opinions expressed  at Ottawa. It was pointed out the  greater part of the western grain  moves during the two months-between  threshing- and the closing of navigation, and that-consequently shipments  after "the close of shipping on- the  lakes  will be somewhat intermittent.  The reduction of the railway rate  on grain will save the farmers of the  three prairie .- provinces something  like $15,000,000, it is estimated, and  the reduction in freight rates, without  any accompanying reduction in operating costs, was bound to have an. effect on the railway net neaxhingaY  "Where the railways are benefitting,"  however, as compared with last-year,  is-in the fact the total grain crop to  be moved is considerably^in excess of  that available last: year, and this  brings about a greatly increased volume of business for the national roads  to share in.  Gains  35   Founds;  Rheumatism  Is Oone  Useful in Camp.���������Explorers, surveyors, prospectors and hunters will  .find Dr. Thomas' Eclectrie Oil very,  useful in camp. When the feet and  legs are wet and cold it is well to. rub  tnem freely -with the Oil and the result wilt be the prevention of pains in  the muscles, and should a cut, or contusion, or sprain be sustained, nothing  could be "better as a dressing or lotion.  The    Sundew  glands containinj  solves insects.  .plant    family    have  : a secretion that dis-'  For Infants and Children  In Us������ For Over 30 Years  Always bears  the ���������*  Signature of-  U#5m&i<  Farm   Loans Are   Profitable  The annual report of the Manitoba  Farm Loans* Association, a Government agency, shows a profit of $40,-  553 after repaying to the' Provincial  Government the .grant made for organization purposes. The report, covers  a "period of nine months ending Au.  gust 31st, 1922. The purpose of the  association is to assist in the financing of farm undertakings in connection with which it has at present outstanding advances amounting- to  $-7,528,639. V>  The - -wonderful reconstructive"' powers of Tanlac are again very forcefully  demonstrated. *ln this instance tlie  grateful beneficiary is John H. King,  locksmith, living at 229, 14th Ave.,  West, Calgary,. Alberta, who declares:  "Tanlac built me -up"to gbod health."  with a gain _oi thirty-five pounds Ja  weight, over a year ago and I have  been feeling fine ever since. Just  after coming back from overseas,  about two years ago, I was'taken  down with an attack of���������"rheumatism  that crippled nie tip so 1 couldn't work-  and sent me to a hospital for about  ten months.  "During this long siege of rheumatism I lost fifty-five pounds in "weighL  I was just a; shadow* of my old self  and had- nol strength or energy left... I  felt tired but_. and exhausted alt the  ���������time;',;,''.-''.   ,,"-'",..   :  rZZ:..-:  "Finally I resorted, to Tanlac and  got ba'ck on niy feet so quick that it  surprised m^., By the thole I finished the fourth "bottle I was feeling a  hundred per cent. well. I don't believe Tanlac has an equal."  Tanlac is sold by'all good "druggists.  P*ea6e and Quietness  ,  Tourist.���������Is this a,:quiet place?  Fisherman.-T-Well, tt were sir. until"  folks began coming here .to: be quiet.-���������  "juondon Punch.  ij~H3E  ?n  I How to Prevents g  Biliousness  Doctors warn against remedies  containing, powerful drugs .and  alcohol. *fThe Extract of Roots,  long known as Mother Sei^el's  Curative Syrup, has no dope or  strongingredients; it chases away  -indigestion, biliousness and constipation. 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They were built' slightly out of the  i rue because of a curious superstition  thai Ll ii house wos butll exactly  squniv il: wns bound lo collapse. '  You can have your  "good propositions," ''wonderful opportuni-,  ties," Turkish  and mixed blends,'1 arid all  -   the rest ?���������';���������'���������������������������.-'. ' "Z-"z     .,'" ~-p" *.'.  10  for  15   cents  25   for   35 cents  ^^30('0*D������*S'  %,PILLS  " ��������� ��������� FV '^������-m ** p*������*#*f������w ^���������.*m#������������*������iii������<^iwiiii^#piPrt'^Bprf������  'vliK f ,  GUARD THE BABY  AGAINST COLDS  To Bu������������r������l rite baby aguinst culchi  nothinK can equnl IJaby's Own Tnb-  let.s. The Tablets ure a mild laxative  tliHi will keep I lio little one's stornnoli  ;md bowelh working regularly. It Ih 11  ���������renfignl/nd. fact Hint, where lhe atnin-  ach anrl bnwcln are in good order that  t-oUly will nol exl8t; that, the hetill.li  01' the HI rin ojk������ will be good and thai  li.* will Hi rive nnd bc hnppy. Thc  Tiibl*MH m-i- Mold by medicine d oral ors  or by in;������il i.t :;,'. r-ontrt a box irom The  Or. wmiuiiiM* M-fillrlno Co., ni*0(j1<vllle.  On l.  ���������ff  Picture of a Movie Star 1st every package I  iBMJMiMWiiinirfrwii^^  Clothes and the Mart  Tin*   11111 rinK-f-i-   ol'   .f������d1<   Demptu'-x   Jh  sfil������l it, 'iw'ii xiitivt* Miiii!������ <������C chil Ii������������k 11 in 11  anv orhfti' niiin in Vlv-v. Voi'lc. ITe JIuh  i<m������ r>������(f������iu.**; (HI li*il wish (hem. (\di\*  <ldpninily ss ni,iri\'t,*v Iiuh found Dml a  mnn wltf* ������������ llic tiinui ts." 11 Krnul t.or  pora-ilofi  and   haw    Klvnn     ilm     world  '���������fi'-nil-'in (Ili'H'ffvfrSi*-  I vrr,  .'.>i|i*i 'if flolhc 1  'it ritB'ti- linn m������rtly  W.    N".     I J.     It *T  Iv] , ii*4l ii'.:    ixllitmuiil    .  wl     *������V  Etc.  xi* tr.,  Cu  1������������������, j  a&s^"^  - Can ad as  Best Buy ���������  THE   g^%������+vtJr PiXsF v^W w    PACt%A-w������  Of *3$&>m m^^-f1 "*" .s__fm__*       m0&m m^  _***������ BPwtoW������������������W'  ��������������� *m my?    If~\  mam   M0040      raxtivktr Wit      "ititr"   "ttat*      m ���������������*  ������  imtm-Xrt  t  s%%0M,-0.ijrtf\_~.~~i-,*'/i2  tr/Ki~.t-/\-v  0m.      W~m0t~\-  l~.   iiJ>T /  NUW  3^  ���������*������*__0  5^E  ^mtttmtmmsmmm-imim  mm  m_~meimm~mmm- r>  r  >  tf'  /  s? "f  THDBl REVIEW, CBJSSTON, &: GL,  Turks Profess  x>rking Har  * Interests Of Peace  WESTERN   EDITORS  Paris.���������Lsnict Pasha, .in Ji its ro-j i...L>  eapsu 3 L\ "ol si Turkish, G-ei^ersil,", is a  visLfor in Pfris.  lsnio-i     declaied   10    the Assoc lit eil  Press    that    hc considered  there \. .^^  bo   likeiijiood   ol"  <ioiible   ht* Cont-Jun  tinoE>Ie.  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Lord Curzon,  therefore, is expected  ���������" ness  I Two  to Paris  for a talk with the j tarrhozoae Co.,'Montreal  to come  Premier;   then  both   will, go   to  Lau-j  sanne and discuss conference ntat-ters  ���������with the Italian representative.  -  The two statesmen thus will have to  decide whether France aud ' Ureal  "Britain, should, ii necessary, make  art effort to force and impose the execution of ireatte.s as to the" Si raits-.  The British contend they "'sho**Id be  occupied   for   several   years,   loih   on  in Iiie throat, use'Catarrjjjjozone.  months   treatment     one     dollar,  i smaller size 50c, all dealers pr the Ca-  British Electors Give  Substantial Majority  To Hon. A. Bonar Law  Strained Muscles, Sprain  Can Be Treated Quickly  i*~t-  Chas. U. Seagrav e, Editor and  Pioprietor ot The Sentinel, Acme,  Alberta.  ln minor sprains, the muscle is  strained a little, and all that is needed is a vigorous, rubbing with Nerviline. 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II favors the maintenance of the Ottoman debt and the  amalgamation." or the railroads, the  Allies being represented on the man-  agenient": .."'-..-; -  IF STOMACH IS  TROUBLING YOU  Instantly!     End   Indigestion ���������;  . br'Stomach'Misery with        :  "Papa's Diapepsin"  .,,..*.. ,..***,*.*���������*--*-<**** i**it****������**tt.ttt*  Pi lotless Plane a Success  "Washington;-���������Th,e pilotless army.  airplaney equipped with an/ automatic  control device, said to be more accurate and dependable than, any human'  pilot, has been developed to a point  where it has made successful' flights  ot'niore than &0 miles, it was announced .by the United States army air service.  >  cause  or another  a i  k  Through    one  Barge majority of people are-troubled,  more or less, with some form -ot'.: heart  trouble.    ...'  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Tell your druggist whether the material you wish to  dye is wool or silk. vor -whether it is  linen, cotton, or mixed goods. Diamond Dyes never streak, spot, fade, or  run. ���������"'������������������  London.���������The election returns indicate that the Conservative ministry  formed .three weeks ago by Right Hon.  Andrew Bonar "Law is returned with  a substantial majority oArer all other  groups. Features of thc returns are  the gains scored by Labor and the  poor showing made by the Independ-  ettt-Liberals under the banner of the  former premier, H.H. Asquith. "Mr.  Asquith was returned in Paisley with  jl much-reduced majority, and many of  his lieutenants fell by the wayside.  The Lloyd -Georgians showing is  not regardedas a,'/feather in the cap  of the former premier. Lloyd-George  hints-^������������ is.in by acclamation, and two  of his former ministers are _also returned.  ������������������"���������'. -.'     y       '-'':'  Two    members    of the Government  were  defeated,   Col.    Leslie    "Wilson,  chie ~    Conservative    whip,    and    CoL  Stanley,   Under-Secretary";:for   Home  -Affairs;  One surprise was the election of a  Liberal     for    'Oxford,  where  in both  town    and    university    the    Liberals  have been in tie wilderness for many,  years. '    ,:- " -,*- -.  Lady Astor comes back to the;  House iffom Plymouth, despite the  strong campaign made against lier  because-f-of her attack on the liquor  interests.- She had practically the  same support she commanded in the  first election.  It. pays to patronize "home industry.  Buy from the merchants in your own  town. ,  Will Apply For Road Grant  Loss Due to Strikes  Ottawa.���������An estimated Josis of ",.54,-.  502 w-orldiVgdays duettostrikes during  October, l.922,:iac'co'r'ditig'*tb figures issued by the Department of Labor.  Buring the month there were 17  Rtrlkes; involving 3,22������ working pea-  ���������ple. as compared with 18 strikes, .1.5.-  275 work, people and 91,900 days' loss  in September, 'and It'"strikes'. I.-S97  work people, and 4<:,<Kt6 days lost In  Octobdr. 1921.  Record*5*Lrumber Shipment From   B. C.  ��������� Montr eal.���������Load ed d o wn with five  million feet of lumber, to be used for  the/extension oi1.wharves in the east-'  *ern section of the port of Montreal,  the steamer Margaret Coughlan -arrivr  ed here from Vahcbuver" with the  largest cai*go of its kind that ever entered the harbor-  Several  In  "��������� Are your;' * horse������  oouerhintr or funnlner  ���������*.**��������������� the nose? 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"AuHinillii. ��������� Tweniy-lhree  itnembern i>C 1he ������������������revv of iiie  Hl.etimer  Moeraid   hiive  been   hptifenced  1r> Ipn  ���������vrccV.?f hnrd l:il>ov  Toy r< fvu'inp: ������fi V^'  Corn) tbnlr drtl.loa.  Look to Your Eyes  Ren ut I (fu I Eye ������j, H ke f i r������������  T������������-i'li, *���������������������) ������h* Tfi������tlrolfCon������������ni:  Ctr.. The &l������*)lv ti**: -of Murhir.  iviptrti liven Clenr ~n*i Tt~~ts~nt.  l;n|iv,*Ml>tc. MarmV". SoUlaml  n������cuiimieiiili!tl hy AH *DrcRBtsr9.  ��������� 00 00   0~ m *.i m    tt **. a tt-0  m jt-ttrttrm g S m, w tt f���������* mr-   *,  tea. %J *"* * *t~?.r~m.  W.    N.    U.    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I tried 0(  Couah  medicine*, bill  none  of them  oil ttacar*. 0} cou*jh rccaediea without tc- ^vc me  j ������]!.*-? a ltd I begftu  ������&  icst-  ill  lief, I caw Dr. Cha*e*������ Syrup of Linseed WOuld Win  to something mor������  seriou*.  and Turpentine  advertised  and  tried  a One day. however. 1 picked up a copy  bottle. 1 was* greatly, surprised at the rfr- of Dr.  Chase's  Almanac  and  saw your  Kef .1 got from the Linseed and Turpen- Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine adver-  tine, I bought five more bottles and was tised. I got one bottle immediately, which  completely  relieved."                             ��������� completely relieved me."  J\TZ     /^fljf A Qf7*C   Syrtip  .JLflV^. \~*MrMaJ~^*JJL~4 fc*J       of  AMF|   Tpf'T  3S-C, a bettle.' Fttrnily. nh~._ ftwe 'item** aas much, *7Sc.   All dbnlova or Eduanaon, Balm & Co., Ltd^ Toretilo.  PSMMM  BUMS  ���������jUiiiiWi  wtmmmttwm*:  iTrniir������in111111 n iiMiiHiimiMMi wn iii niiw niwii wmwim iiiiSiMi<iMMiMiriMi>M������iiiiMiiiaiMr niii������iiiiiiniiM(iiiiiii������"mr iiiimiiiiwn MiiiiiMlwn CRESTON  BEYIEW  \*  THE CRESTON REVIE  Issued every Friday at Creston, B.C.  Subscription : $2.50 ayear in advance.  $3.00 to U.S. points.  C. P. Hayes. Editor and Owner,  CRESTON,  B.C.. FRIDAY, DEC.   1  to tackling the local member on  the same issue what a rare collection of partizans some of the local  organizations and prohibitionists  appear io be.  This is Your Business  Oriental Question Talk  Every rancher in the Valley  should be out for the growers'  meeting in Speers3 Hall, on Saturday afternoon, which will be presided over by the board of trade  president.  Messrs. Taylor -and Hannan, who  will speak, have this season given  a couple of months time and their  own money, we believe, to study  the marketing of fruit at many  prairie centres.  Aa producers they are thoroughly familiar with fche growers' end  cf the business, and certainly  should be in excellent position to  discuss all phases of the marketing  problem���������more particularly aB  their visit to Creston pretty well  winds up a speaking tour that- has  covered most of all B.C.  1-tow is the time fco get all the information available. If the situation is to be improved the improvement will not come by sitting down  and trusting to luck and the  government; each and every grower will have to do his part, and if  Saturday's speakers have not got a  solution to offer they will certainly  impart considerable information  "that will be helpful in bringing  about better marketing conditionsT  Tnis is your   business.      Be  hand, and be on time.  on  <*  'Dry" Partizans  In his speech  on the   budget in  the legislature  on Wednesday  opposition   leader   Bowser   observed  that the   -government's   pledge   of  strictest economy the conning year  probably   preseaged   a   provincial  general election.    Further evidence  to substantiate Mr. Bowser's guess  is   furnished   in   Friday's   Nelson  Daily News, which refers to the local member as   "Col. Lister.   Independent, Kaslo,"  In the two years of his repre  sentation about the best evidence of  independence the colonel has re  vealed was early this session when  he boldly asserted that, he wanted  more liquor stores established in  order to put  the bootlegger out of  Apropos of all the fcalk and res  olutions tlie Women's Institute are  grinding out at their monthly sessions has it ever dawned on the  ladies that insofar as the local situation is concerned the - Oriental  menace can be measurably ^abated"  if the citizens generally would;have  no truck or trade with the celestials  even in thejjnafcter of washing.  Those who have observed the  Chinese situation in tlie smaller  centres are quite agreed that invariably the first of this heathen  race to invade a town is the laun-  'rymau, and if he succeeds in making it stick follows the Chinese  laborer, and then other Chinese  tradesman as the colony expands.  Next to the Review office is a  vacant lot which provides a convenient short cut to one of the local Chinese Wash houses and if the  editor was to give out but a few  names of Institute members themselves, to say nothing of their husbands, who make almost weekly  trips to this one laundry, particularly in the hot weather, we fancy  an abrupt end would come to this  Oriental resolution activity.  In Creston today if the two  laundries were put onfe of business  there would be no Creston Valley  Chinese menace, because these  wash houses are the employment  bureaus as well as homes of possibly  75 per cent, of our celestial citizens.  For long enough we have had  the anti-Chinese preachment; for  the next few months let's have  some direct action fco clear up the  situation. Example is much better  than percept���������aBid. really, the fyl-  htg cabinets at both 'Ottawa and  Victoria are bulging already with  so many resolutions of this sort  that there's no room for more.  another "��������� issue"5 might be offered at  say 5 per cen tv to make up a ny  balance left after a possible failure  of the university enthusiasts to invest, fully at th*������> lower rate.  In this way the building fund  debt would b& somewhat lightened,  and those who boldly asssure that  the university can be easily financed  .would have a splendid opportunity^  to demonstrate the faith that is in  them in this connection at a not  losing rate of interest. ^  The Review is <fcu������te interested in  the idea, too,, as some months ago  when the University Players Club  appeared here in "Mr. Pirn Passes  By.'* it was astonishing the hand  Prof. Wood got when he appeared  before tlie curtain and made a plea  for the immediate construction of  the much heeded buildings, and the  really remarkable feature to the  applause ^as that in some caees it-  came front residents who only a  few weeks before?*:ad appeared before Judge O'Shea at the court of  revision arid asked that their assessments be substantially reduced.  At one time the idea prevailed  that charity began at home, but it  might seem that in our midst.we  have some so public spirited that  whilst wishing to economize on local expenditure they are not at all  averse to having their money spent  on a two or three million dollar enterprise at Vancouver.  financed instruction in many other  useful lines, Ibhe women folk of the  Valley would not only rise up and  call them blessed,   but in token   of  practical appreciation lend a hand  n hustling along the much needed  community hall the Institute has  projected.   ' "' "��������� --'������������������ '/v ��������� ���������������������������  *������  Safe and (^iiveiiieiit  There is frequent necessity in business s~r~& personal  affairs for remitting money by mail. The safest anui  easiest mediums for this purpose asp������ Bank: Drafts  and Money Orders.  You C&3S. secure these at any branch ������? tlie finperlal  BanSJ��������� drafts for the larger amounts m& Bank  Money Orders up to fifty douass. si*  IMPERIA1.  BANK  G. W. ALLAN,  OFGANADA  CRESTON BRANCH,  .Manager.  Subsidized Millinery Help  Financing the University  To a rather  numerous   class   of  taxpayers who do not take any too  kindly to having help meet the bill  business, and also the sale  of light I for higher  education   in any form  wines and beer by the glaBS in  much the same style as the open  bar of almost forgotten memory.  Col Lister's independence in  this connection has heen so overpowering that not up till the time  of going to press   has   tha Citizens  Committee or  tute pub through  the Women's In&ti  any resolution of  protest, nor has that doughty  champion of the "drys," William  Searle. recovered himself sufficiently to take his pen in hand, and on  behalf of the prohibitionists generally express disapproval of the Kaslo member's attitude.  When h it comes to nullifying a  board of trade resolution its wonderful the head of steam the ultra  drvs can get on. but when it comes  announcement as to how B.C.'a  new university buildittgs are to be  financed 5s awaited with interest.  At least one speaker in the legislature has intimated that a popular  loan would   be tne correct   way of  handling  the matter,  and   the Review is heartily in   accoad with the  suggestion> which might he \yorked  out by a double bond! issue,   one of  which would hear interest   at   the  rate of 3   per   cent.���������the   savings  bank   rate���������and    these    would   be  offered to  all and sundry   who insist that the university be proceed  ed with at this time/when the public generally are urging rigid economy.  After strict   canvass    has   been  made of all favoring the university*,  A letter was read ^om Mrs.  E*. Healey, thanking the school  board and the secretary for the  assistance lent in securing from  the government a grant aqua! to  three-fifths of the salary of the  instructor for the millinery classes which were carried on under  the auspices of the Women's In  stitute.���������-Cranbrook Herald. '"*"  The foregoing will be read with  interest by both men and lady  readers. The average male will  possibly pass it up with the observation that now the women have  the vote most anything may be  looked for. '    *  To the more observant will probably be borne home the fact that  times are changed; that if this is a  sample of J the schemes that are  these days getting government  assistance it might be well to be at  leastCa little more charitable when  is^comes toaccusing the administra  tion ofiwilfully squandering public  revenues.!  On behalf of the ladies we particularly commend the intoligenoe  to the" Women's Institute. . If instead of worrying overmuch abont  things that do not directly concert  the community, the directors would  give more heed toi providing practically free millinerv tuition and  possibly similarly   supervised   and  Hot Air  and  Hot Water  Heatmg  ' Sheet Me^ai Work.    A good stock of Pipe  and I*ipe Fittings on hand.  E. W. RYCKM AN,-Creston  wWd&isr   ������^   ������������3^   TT������������22&  tot. Winter  We have just the kind of Lumber you need  to do tnis work.  A'  Protect your house  from Fire by  building a Brick Chimney  We have the Brick !  Also Lime, Cement, Shingles, Lath, Mouldings, &c.  Canyon City Lumber Company  LIMITED  We run the Pick of the Pictures oniy  annul   "wnit" ���������������������������������������������������*h"  GnAriu THEATRE  Regular Prices  Saiy   fief-  7  ai]f., uiib. 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Partn-ership pre-emptions abolished,  but parties of not more than four may  arrange    for    adjacent    pre-emptions,  with joint residence, but each making  .  necessary Improvements on respective  cl&ims - ��������� ��������� 4___t  Pre-eraptors must, occupy claims for  five years and. make improvements to  value of $10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres.  before receiving Cro-wri Grant.  Where pre-emptor in occupation not  less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be  granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.  Records without permanent residence may be. issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent ol  $-300 per annum and records same each  year. Failure to make Improvements  or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in  less than S years, and improvements  of $10.00 "per acrfe. Including. 6 acres  cleared and cultivated, and residence  of at least 2 yeara are required/A)  Pre-emptor holding Crown grant  may record another pre-emption, if he  requires land in conjunction with his  farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements mad*  and residence maintained on Crowfi  granted, land.  Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20  acres, may be leased as' homesltes;  title to be obtained after lulflllinK residential and improvement conditions.  For grazing and industrial purposes  areas   exceeding   640   acres   may   be*  leased by one person or company.  Mill,  factory or industrial sites on  timber land   not   exceeding   -40   acres  ,  may bo purchased; conditions Include  payment.of atumpage.  Natural hay meadows inaccessible  by exiating^roade may be purchased  conditional upon construction of a road  to them. " Rebate of one-half of coat of  road, not exceeding half of purchase  price, Is made,  '    PRE. EMPTORS'      FREE       GRANTS  ������ ACT.  The urope of this Act la enlarged- to  Include all porsons Joining and serving with His Majesty's Forcoa. Tho  time within which Hie heirs or devisees  of n, dQGoaaod pro-omptor may apply  for titlo under this Aot Is extended  from for one year from the, death of  such porson, as formerly, until ono  year after tho conclusion of the present  war. This' privilege Is also mado -o-  troactlvo. 4  No fees relating to pre-emptions arc  duo  or  payable by soldiers  on    preemptions recorded aftor June 26, 11U8  Taxes are remitted for live years.  Provision for return of moneys accrued, duo ami been paid since August  4, lOl'l, on account of payments, fean  or (.uxua on soldi-ars' pre-emptions.  Interest "on. agreements to purchase  town or city Jots held by members or  Allied forces, or dependents, acquired  direct or indirect, remitted from en-  liHtmont to March $1, 1920.  SUB-PURCHASERS   OF   CROWN  ������ LAND8.  Provision anario for Issuance of  crown   gTantB   to  sub-purchasers    of  Crown ~~n-.6a, acquiring rights from  riurehnwerB who fr������1l*d to eornplftto  iHinjJiaeo, involving forfeiture, on ful-  llllmvnt of conditions of purchase. Interest and taxea. Whoro cmb-nurchao-  ers do not claim whole of original parcel, puroluuno price due .and taxes may  bo distributed proportionately ovor  whole mracu'' Applications must ba  nuuhf by X~t~~y ��������� t. t M0.    . <  ���������,        Z., onAzma. ��������� *  Oraulng Aot, 1*1*, fw wyntematlc  development or livestock Industry pro-  vldea fpr graving districts ������nd ranga  ad min I *< rut Ion rtmrt^r ��������� rrtmm^nift,.*-  Annual gruxtaiK* jwrnltn iHtjued bused  von numborri ranged; priority for ���������cstab-  llshefl ownera, fltoc*U-own*n������ may  fon������i Annoclatllonei Por range iu4������iuige-  ment. Free, or pwUSkHy fr������������, permits  for netllftrn, camper* or travelkr^, ur  to ten head*.  One pound of Flour. -  One pound of Butter,  One pound of Sugar (Brown).  Two and a half pounds of Currants.  : :Orie pound of Sultana Raisins.. -  One and a half pounds of"Seeded  Raisins.  Half pound of Mixed Peel.  Quarlef o'f a pound of Almonds?.  Ten Ej?ef8.  Half a Orange and rind of saroe.  ���������Half a liemorv and rind' of same,,  with juice added.  Half a teaspoon of Soda in one teaspoon soul- Cream.  Spices if you like theni.  The receipe above will make you  as fine a Christinas Cake as you  ha ve ever tasted, and if you buy  all the groceries needed at this  store we guarantee to save- you  40 cents on each cake. Com park  onr prices and you will be cod-  yinced.    MAWSON BROTHERS.  Dead Men  Tell No  Tales  John Rattray was desperate and almost reckless in his outlook.*[upon life,  but-Jhe was horrified :at the wholesale  murder at sea committed^in "furtherance of a scheme in which he had become involved. He was fiercely opposed to the additional murder of George  Stevenson Cole, which Santos; Captain  Harris and Jose were eager to accomplish. Even Rattray, good hearted as  he was in a wayi was inclined to lei  the plotters kill Cole when tie learned  the young barrister was his rival for  the hand of Eva Dennison.  There are many tense situations and  spectacular scenes in "Dead Men Tell  "No Tales." a Tom Terriss all star special production, which will be shown  ab the Grand theater on Saturday,  December 2nd. It is the visualization  of tlje-tremendouslv popular novel "of  the same name by E, W. _H6rnung,  author of "Raffles."  -~Z������~~~t~f~m~f  The United" Farmers meet in December session, on Friday evening at  which a canvass will be made of those  interested as to buying in quantity all  the fruit trees that will be required for  spring planting.  C. W. Traves, provincial poultry inspector,was here last -week signing up  'local'> rauchers "��������� for1 the Nelson Egg  Circle, fl^ was accompanied on his  trip through the area by E. L,. Lang--  sKon, who will be pleased to explain  the circle's working arrangements to  any and all interested.  J There was quite a gathering of  friends at tne home of Mr. and Mrs.  R. Stewart on Friday nighj, fco celebrate HectoirVb'irthday. A thoroughly enjoyable social evening is reported  by all present.  t-*. 4-  All interested in the-Alice Siding  Social Club are invited- to si social evening* to be held at. the; house on the  Pendry ranch on 'Tuesday "evening,  Dec. 5th, and the ladies are specially  asked to bring refreshinents.* At this  meeting th*������ club will be ���������reorganized  for the present.seaso'n's operations.  Local and Personal  AU shotgun shells and rifle ammunition going ai 10 pet* cent.-'off present  prices until the end .of the season.  Mawson Brothers.      .  Miss Blanche Hendren has joined  the Creston postoffice staff to help out  with the Christmas rush, and citizens  are again reminded to ni ail their parcels for Old Country"-'distribution not  later than Monday. ? It is also asked  that the sender put his or her name  and address on th6 outside of parcels  or letters, so. tliat in case of non-del  ivery they can be returned without  going to the dead'-letter office.  'Every rancher*rh'. the Vslley  should  be out   on   Tuesday   afternoon   at   2  o'clock, foi   the   growers   meeting   in  Speers'" Hall, that will be addressed by  Messrs. Hannah and - Taylor} of   Kel  nwna.    They" haye   much   useful   information to giye out on the   market-^  ing end of the fruit business, gleamed p|  from a two   months'   study   of   apple  selling at different prairie points   this  year.  W. C. Robinson of Nelson, tbe Do  minion fishery inspector. Was here on  an'offkcial visit at the end of the week.  He has just had an official report on  the black bass that are btsing caught  in the Kootenay by local anglers and  the experts pronounce them of the  large iHoutfi variety, and liable to obtain a weight of seven pounds. So far  four-pounders are the biggest that  have been takenj-n  ?, . .Z    .      ��������� m' ' A  Creston is likely to have its first op  portunitv to. listen to" local talerit amateur comic opera'"-Some time during  January, whe$ it is* cexpeeted the popular Gilbert and Sullivan number.  ."E.M.S. Pinafore, "will be put on under the' direction of R. B. Staples,  who has h-id previous experience at  work of this sorp' and the proceeds  will go toward wiping off the lemain-  ing debt on the soldiers' mem or ial.  VICTORY LOAN  COUPONS,  We will cash your Victory Loan  Coupons or place them to .your credit  in our Savings Bank where they will  draw interest at 3% per annum. w.  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  PAID-UP CAPITAL        ��������� - $15,00a000  RESERVE FUND V        -     ... $15,000,000  CRESTON BRANCH, C. G. Bennett, Manager.  To keep the wheels moving lam going to  give you a chance to  / will give you 10%. off on all work done  between now and end of the year, and  guarantee our workmanship���������which everyone knows to be the best in the Valley.  I have a large shipment of Tires on the road  *     ���������������������������'; which will be here in a few days  Goodyear and Guiia Perpha from $S.OO to tpB.OO each  Whdn purchasing yonr hubby a Christmas Gift  ;   think of soniething foi: the car     '���������-..:?.,'[ /z  Horn, Motor, Meter, Set of Spark Plugs  ,,;. iS:|  /Tube, Flashlight   ���������    z ������������������=���������<.������������������"-'-'-���������,::..-���������'^i^^H-s*  and many other ..things that are sure to be appr^ciaiiDed  T  E.  S.  BEVAN, Proprietor  \ijjjj\y  Printed Butter Wraps at The Review  &iiee Siding  ��������� "��������� ���������   ' "'��������� V    ���������    '   *  There is quite a water shortage here  and at present Stan lev Paul is busy  deepening thev well on Mrs. Stace  Smith's place. ,.. **  ., Mrs. Chu.rohill is a visitor with Mrs*  Mason at Wvnndel at present.  Herd & Mather ure busy putting  down the ditch for the extension to  their irrigation system.  W. A. Miisruif of Wvmulel was here  ������ few, days last "week on a visit with  Mr. and Mrs. Churchill.  R. Stewart iva<n*' busintss visitor at  Cranbrook a few days last week.  Misses H. Parkin, M. Vaness and  T. Churchill were calling oh friends in  Porthiil on Friday.  Mr. and Mrs. r Ralph Clarke, who  have been Jiving iu Crestoii for some  weeks, have returned to their ranch  here.  TIMBER SALE X 4557  Sealed tenders will be received by  the undersigned not latei" than noon  on the 4th day of December, 1022, for  the purchase of Licence X'1557, neat'  Oreston, to cub 1680 cords of Cedar  Posts.  Two years will bo allowed for removal of timber.  Further particulars of the DiBtilut  Forester, Cranbrook, B.C.  jfiH ^JH^Hy ^������^~^*^^^m  i3^. ^t*^ IS &������3 ������*  -hmf     tusst ���������&*!& ���������Ml' l~M~������ iHtr   mttrnr ~yi~w l*jtiti(l*m. W^f^S^ **^M--W^iLm^l M^'������jj������}j  Siaoe mnti fimrnees  Repairing  Men's   Half Soles," $1.25  Women'sHalf Soles,$l .00  Guaranteed forft months.  Secondhand Store in connection  *..fth hit*f*.*?>���������*���������  NOVEMBER  SUNT   MON   TUE    WED   THU : FRI  flfl  .-������������������.;f...  tssr  3  ��������������� f^S*  00  <tfo           --i's~\     -^"s        *%*%       tF%f=?  A  J?      L   ~C--~jT        ~~sS^x 4~-~7-~Z~t ~~~im^  25 26,27 28.29' 30  Vtctrola 130  M63.00  Time to choose  that Christmas  '��������� J4.    '   ��������� ���������      H  ^'OWfP'   -mS~w iflb     ^^gu-W t~~~������^U^m^  "tfbucaii settle the gift question now by choosing a Victrola.  You can come in right now and reserve yours from the many  models and finishes we have. Few gifts provide so much real  and lasting enjoyment as a Victrola and "His Master's Voice"  Victor Records.    Young and old together  share in them equally.  Think of some home that now lacks  the stimulation and solace of good music!  Mark it on your list for a Victrola, sure,  this year.      We  wilt   deliver,   anytime,,  victroi. n* .   ������oo.������.     anywhere you designate.  mmp0i������0ifWfiifiKi������0������tm  Sell In er A  aflifjllf  iiilljy     biui  u mzzi/'M    u  h=~i  'HIS MAi.ri.US  *������������JlCJi' V  EHS KJSYXSWa CRESTON, B. H������j  ^i  liiiil  :-.,:lWs:   *., :,.-~--Z#LO&ZZ:ZZZ'iZZZ  'My<QHtt\PWdmZyZ  ZmK\D;H������VS/KW������mzZ  CAMAD     BY    ELINOR MARSDEN   ELIOT  Published  by   Special   Arrangement  with the Author  :.  (Continued)  ejaculated    Miss  "OV     ejaculated    Miss    Marshall/  wiLLi a world'of meaning in her tone,  "I thought you were old friends."  "���������That estimable young woman  needs watching," Mary warned me  that night after, we had gone to bed.  "Ii: I know anything, she has lier eye  on. my Uncle Bon. Don't let her get  him, "Elinor! IE you don't want him,  I do; it -would be a pity to let such an  interesting specimen, ont of the connection."  I pretended Ihat I was asleep, and  Mary���������doubtless suspecting the pretence���������smothered what I thought was  an unnecessary laugh in the pillows.  I have ceased to pay any atetntion to  Mary's teasing���������why, she teases even  Ml. Bingham, and if that does not  prove lier incurable, I haye rdothing  further to say.  For    two    weeks before  Christmas  Mrs. Bingham had taken charge oi' all  parcels   that   came,   and  would   allow  none of ihem to he opened;  so on tire  eventful   morning   the   Christmas-tree  was covered with bundles of all sizes  and shapes, and  several big ones had  to-be piled  on the floor.   . 3   think i  was almost as much excited.as Sunny,  but not quite so noisy, I hope.    Everyone remembered me, and a list of my  gifts, would  read like  a  bazaar  pros- j  pectus.       "Jerry"   Brown   sent   me   a *  rug about six feet    square    made    of  beautiful   silky   badger  skins.    I   suppose I skould return it, bul. I bate to  hurt his feelings���������and then the rug is  so lovely.  "I'd like you to keep it for your-  st'lr'.*" ran Lhe note which accompanied  ft; "the badgers was all shot on my  own place. But. if you don't want to  keep it, I guess you'd better send it  home 1o your father. I notice that  Old Country folks generally like such  things. Don't feel bad about 'the  poor badgers,' a lot more good horses  won't get their legs broke with them  out of the v.ray."  N"o one here," except Mary, knows  who sent ihe rug, and 1 have ibe  pleasure of seeing them all consumed  with curiosity.  1 do not. know what lime Sunny  woke on Christmas morning, but I do  know that she woke me before seven  by pounding on  "Plea?** let  nib  bed, lighted the gas, and opened the  door. Sunny was in her dressing-  gown and slippers, and she carried a  long box which she handed to me with  an impressive bow.  "Look here,-Sunny," said Mary, who  of course had been awakened by the  noise, "Uncle Don must have meant  you to give that to me."  "No, he didn't/' said .the messenger  decidedly; "he said give it to Auntie  Elinor with his love, and not to wake  Mary. I guess he thought you would  be tired."  "Very considerate,of him, I'm sure,"  drawled Mary mockingly. "Elinor  dear ,1 think you had better lie down  again; you look rather feverish."  "Not scarlet feverish?" queried  Sunny anxiously. *  "Perhaps it's only the reflection of  that pink lamp-shade," Mary answered, after a moment of consideration,  and Sunny looked happy again."'  I wish I could cure myself of that  foolish habit of blushiag! ������  "Hurry up and open your box," commanded Sunny, "and then you and  Mary get dressed and come down to  breakfast. I just l'eel as if I couldn't  wait a minute longer to see what  Santa Claus brought me, and Mother  says that I must wait until everybody  else is ready before I touch one  thing."  I opened the box, and found���������an immense bunch of big, velvety La France  roses! To appreciate my feelings,,  one must remember that the nearest  florist's shop as hundreds of miles  away. Mary looked a whole circulating library, but said nothing. She is  calling me now to go downstairs and  play with Iter. I think.it best to do  so, as she threatens to cqnfiscate and  read my diary If I do not go at once.  19-  the door and shout inz, I .    1S, lune  in. Auntie Elinor.      I   "ingstone w  XXV.      .  Bar B Ranchr  February 5th,  The first month of the New Year  has passed uneventfully. Almost be  fore i know it I shall have come to the  end of my year in Canada.  Mary left us last week, and all the  flags are'flying at half-mast���������to speak  figuratively.  DANGER 1 ! !  That is to remind Elinor Eliot, aged  seventy-five, to skip a few pages just  here. It is well for age to forget the  follies of youth.  I know quite well that I should not  be jealous of Mary, but I am, and I.  was never really jealous-of anyone before. It is not a comfortable sensation, I can assure you. I am very  fond of Mary, and 1 hope we shall always be good friends, but I must confess it troubles me to hear her praises  sung from morning until night.- Isn't  that a despicable frame of mind to.be  in?  Of course there is a man at the bottom of it���������who was the idiot who first  said that a woman was at the bottom  of all the trouble in the world, I wonder? He simply did not know what  he was talking about. For my part,  1 think this would be a perfectly lovely world if there were no men in.it.  Mr. Livingstone and I were the best  of friends before Mary-came, but ol  late he has .changed towards me. I  do not like to be hard on another girl,  hut I do think that Mary flirted with  him a little brazenly. And I could do  nothing but ignore the change in his  attitude, and at the same time reproach myself for being so credulous  as to believe that real friendship was  j-iossible between a man and a woman.  evident now that Mr. Liv-  :\s so very good to me sim-  fefelllll^  have    some I mng  Pon."  Tr. citim "lie tumult  for you from Uncle  1 jumped ont of  ARE YOU A MOTHER?  Mn.   Dalton   tell*   of   a   Well-known  Doctor**  Prescription   thmt   is   aafe  for Young Mother* to tak* aa at  Tonic  ~n~<\   Nervine b������������*use ifc  coRt-fcin*     no     hat rm ful     iti-  gre* client.  "London.. Ont.���������"Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription saved my life years  ago and for that  reason J am most  frntbuelastic in my  rerromrn en d a tJ on  of it to women  ���������who are HlHng and  weak. ! wan taken  with tbe meaalea  when in ~~. expect ant condition;  then bfcooii poisoning iset. la and my  family b era mo  Ei-eatlv alarmed. 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Bjh1j<>p, '*-  N*  I-:-  l  M-err-p'R  irii-d    I*,  i fin rtr <��������� ti  l    ' ��������� it ti it u.  '  iliM <iO  ro   *.vr))������  4. I i \. <-.  ::<i   j  ply because I was the only girl at j  hand. I suppose he. would have flirted with me if 1 had given him any encouragement, l hope he does not  know that he is hurting me; I would  rathe)* die than let him see just how  much 1 feel the loss of his old brotherly manner.  I have one ihing to thank Mary i'or,  although I was angry    when    first    1  heard about it.      She told Mr. Livingstone about. Arthur.      How much she  l old I cannot say," nor do J  care now.  H.e   (Mr.  Livingstone)   is   evidently   of  the opinion thai, we are as good as engaged, and T shall let him continue to  think so,      lt is one way of saying my  jtride. and  I   Intend  to save my  pride  even    at    the    expense of my boasted  honesty.      And poor Arthur has noth-  | ing to lose by the deception���������Mother  'tells me ihnt. be is openly transferring  his  affections  to Helen!       "The very  bftHt   llung   that   could   happen.*"   says  Mot hor   in  hor   hint   letter,   nnd   I   had  not the heart to laugh; "his prospects  a>*p  good,  and   he   will   nmke  a  more  Hiiitahle   hnsbiind  for  Helen   than  for  you.      Mi'ir-n is .just   what I was as a  Kirl, bin  you are different.    Your husband will have to be your master, and  Arthur Im too much of a'-fflniRlhin gen-  o i-xf-n wIhIi lobe any woman's  ll   looks as if     Mother    Is  io    understand    her    duck  I chicken  hi   la.*;.       i.s it   poHHlble rhnl,  under   her   mld-Vlctorlan   veneer,   .she  ulrio h;*-* Unirs.ii, the charm of ;i  slightly     mod^rnl/.ed     caveman?       f    hope  JjleU-n   will   nor   1'aiJ   in   love   with   Ar-  I    ..I,*'n   tn.    bnb.v   hIhI'-i   to Luv/e  iln*.' Ij<'1ut  ilinn  my  caHt-offK���������  i-'������a|i.->  iT'-lcn If  nol  jealous!  I,I*, uii-'jioru'   ilrove   Mary   In   io  i-on   * "it v    and   -**;iw   lu-r   nltirled   on  ������������������fi   jo'ln ll**'.'.   tioiiK:.        S   il.Kl   lillt������'������ it   i������������r  ;'i .i.t'ii'Ml  fhtil   I   .*;)ionld ~"it t'tts, hill   vrhrn  lii*1    *? i r * l - r*   r.-;iti's<-    lh������'j*'   1<*I    UHi   Hfsi   \t'Y\i  ledge that there is a cloud between  Mary and me. (Perhaps that is not  quite honest, but I shall let it stand.)  When she kissed me good-bye, she was  very much affected, and so was I, but  her last words braced me up as nothing else could have done. "You will  forgive me some time, Elinor," she  whispered, and then tore herself away  before I could reply. Have I made it  so plain to her that Mr. Livingstone's  desertion lias hurt me? She might  at least have had the grace to refrain  from speaking of it. I hate to feel  so towards her���������and T wish that. I had  never seen Don Livingstone!  I had a letter from her to-day. just a  few lines written on the train- and  posted when she reached Winnipeg.  I dojiot know how to answer it in my  usual way, but I must try to do so. If  I can help it, no man living shall conw  between Mary and me.  I have not had a letter  from  home  for two weeks, but I hope to get two  this   evening.    Mr.   Paget   called   yesterday on his way to Carbon City, and  he will come baek this way to-night if  there is  ariy  mall for tis.      "It is no  trouble at all," he assured me whfin I  thanked  him:   "we.   Bvith^hers    must.  stand by each other, you know.    And  we all feel   jolly blue when we  think  the people al, home have forgotten us."  Every once In a. while Mr, Paget does  or says some tactful little things that  makes  me  tegrel   the  many  times  1  have made inn of him.     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OIL LIGHT BEATS  ELECTRIC OR GAS  BURNS  94<������  AIR  A new oil lamp that gives ar. amazingly brilliant, soft, white li^Lc. even  better than gas or electricity. ha������ been  tested by the U.S. Government and ?,'*  leading universities and found to l~������.  superior to 10 ordinary oil iams; it  burns without odor, smoke or noise���������  no pumping up, is simple, clean, sn !���������������*������������������.  "Burns 94 per cent, air and . per coat.  common kerosene (coal-oill  The inventor, T. V. Johnso:-!. "Z.^ Mc-  Dermot Ave., Winnipeg, is oTTerim-; fo  send a lamp on 10 days" FREE tri?!.  or even to give one FREE to the fir?<  user in each locality -who wiii help him  introduce it.* Write him today for  full particulars. Also ask him to explain how you can get the agency, and  without experience or money m?ke  $250 to $500 per month.  Edgar  Founded  Half  Ho*id<sy  The Saturday afternoon iiolida\ for  workers dates'from the dajs or tlm  Anglo-Saxons. King Edgar, in -lie  tenth century, decreed ihat all vvork  should oease at noon on Saturday and  not be resumed until sunrise on Monday.  iT^ITii  a    IS B* m .Bmt  i  1  n  are an essential factor in  .prosnotisig healthful growth  j Scott's Emulsion I  is far richer in the fat  soluble A vitamine  than cream. It aids  growth���������builds health I  AT ALL. DRUG STO-RES  PRICE. $1.30 suad S5c. 21-l.s  MONEY ORDERS  ll ! tlllll I <M������|  A  "Dominion  Express "Money  dollars  costs  three cents.  Order  tor 6**r������  "Cascarets" 10c  For   Sluggish   Liver  -   or   Constipated  Bowels  >������l i min ������11������������ l ������iMin'i������inini ,..*..*.,,*ti  ��������� Clean your howelsi      Feel "fine!  When you feel sick, dizzy, upset,  when your head" is dull ^or aching, or  .your stomach is sour or gassy,- just  take one or two'tascarets to relieve  constipation. No griping.���������nicest  laxative-cathartic on earth for grownups and children. 20e a box. Taste  like candy.  "Tobacco  By  Parcel   Post'  Choice :',.three*   year    old    natural    lestl  *.GDacco*. * fe*rS3.xiy    *������5>j3T*scictt*^*tA    *.y  . ������ii)>*8  smokers;      &nd a doLlar for a two pound  package ofsample.       Money bade  if  siot  satisfactory.   .  ...  CO-OPERATIVE TOBACCO  EXCHANGE.  Ruthven, Ont.    ........  DoYou Suffer From Dandruff & Falling Hah?  WAN TED 1.00O .PEOPLE in the*  .mountain climate to trv OKlE't'  POMADE.; . Believe? and ��������� removes the cause of dandruff and  stops falUnsT hair Us js few applications*.  A' TEST will psove it. - Send 2.1 cents,  stamps, money order or- coin. Tor introductory- bottle- BE CONVIXCE2D.-  "Oriet Products Compaasjv Tne��������� 4 Washington Place, Ne-w Yorlc; T$.~~~.��������� Ag-eiHs  Wranted.  The scientific study of electricity began- in the sixteenth century, when  certain experiments were sho~vvn to  Queen Elizabeth. -  Wainvyriglit Buffalo for England  A pair ot" buffalo recently donated  by the Canadian Governineixt to the  Zoological Gardens at London, -England, recently left y^alnwrlght Park  T]iey were shipped in-"crates to Montreal and will he berthed on boar������  ship In specially constructed pens, 10  feet by 1.2 feet,  Cantlellla    wax   obtained    from    a  Mexican weed is tlle^ main ingredient in shoe polishes tiscd on. brown  and tan shoes.  Halifax, N. S.  Minard'* "Liniment Co.. Ltd.  Gcntleinen.���������T have used.Minard's'"Liniment  and have found it a cood remedy. After  the explosion I w'fra pretty well shaken up,  bavinjj quite a number o������ ������>ruises and cuts,  but thanlts to Minard's Liniment I am ray  old self* again. It healed the sores and  bruises and gave nie much relief. It is true  to its name as the King of Pain, for it stopped the pAin almost at once. I First noticed  the ad in lhe Montreal Standard and decided to invest iti a bottle, for -which I am not  sorry, but; cati say with truth that I ana thankful for it having done all it claimed to do,  ind in my case much more, and a satisfied  customer is the best ad. one can possibly, find.  That is my view of it and I think you will  agree  "(villi  tne  too,  Yours   yery  truly,  < Signed) 'ALFRED BLAIN,  184 Agricola St.,  Halifax, N- 3.  In the Striped Package  EAT  SOM-MOR  ���������t^~m\&J&f^*ttr   ^VBr      ^SF   K&    4~~~~m*  TODAY  [NORTH-WEST 8ISCMST COMPANY i������Sj  RUPTURE  KILLS 8,000 ANNUALLY  "Right, thounand personh each yoar aro  laid nwiiv���������tho burial corUfleata bciim  ��������� marlcod "���������fttrptiu-e."* Why? BocatiRa tho  u n for Inn at o oiksm had *n������i)rl������ol:etl thom-  boIvoh or had boon moroly taklnpr etivo ot  tho tilgn (fiwolUnit) of tho aflllctlon ar.d  piiylne no attoirtton to tho ciluro. What  are you doiiiK? Am you nastoctlnn  youi'tioh by v/ofiiinpr a: truun, appllanco. or  whatever nam������ you clioono to call it?  At Unnt, thn truHfl 18 "only a nHilcrtHlilft���������  a fnUtn pi-np nprnl-nHt, n <-f>lln-rvHlnn* w'"���������  and cannot ho oxnoctod tp aot aa moro  than u moro mecliMilottl aupnort Vho  )>hutiai; proamiro rotardfi blood circulation. thuH robbing tlio waaUonod muHcloa  of tluit. wliloh they noorl motrt���������nourlwli-  >nont. .        -       . .  Ttut -nclenco hi\n fouiint a way, and all  trusH fuiffnrorw Jn tlio land aro Jiivltod to  nmlco a ton I rlg-ht In the privacy oC thoir  own honiefl. Tho ~?L,~~.V~\0 ��������� mnthod Sh  uiwiuoHtlonably tho mo������t HelonUflo, logical aval ������uocuhmCu1 ������elf-trtt������tuiont Tor rup-  liiri'*   th"  world   hn������   t*<ir*->v linowtt.  Thi! PI.APAO PA1> wlien ttdhovlng  eloHrtlv to tha 1'Otly cannot ponulMy wlln  or nlilCl. out ol! pluco, Uu������rotoro cannot  t-.\\t\.ttb or pinch. Boft nn volvot���������CMtiy lo  n|������ply--ooi������paratlvoly lnoxpoiialv������. To  h*. UHcd wlillsl you work and wnllnt you  aloop. No utrn-pn, huckloa or Hprliign attached.   . .,,..,  Uitm liow lo cIoho tha hernial o|iunh\g.  ut|i aialuru Intouded *-o tlie rupture CAN'T  -romn down. H.md your name and (on  f.antts, coin or ntampn, todiiy to I*L������/VX>AO  CO.. t*2 Hti-tKrt UldK.. at, *Oouin. M^o.. for  (Hi*.*) I'luiwi) nnd lii������������ rucllvo Uifornu. liun.  ��������� (C)   l������.L,  Nation-wide Fame.���������There Is scarcely a corti^r of fins gfeat; Dojuinion  wliere the merits of Di\ Thomas' Eclectrie Oil hav������ not been taied and  proved. It is one of the world's most  eiTlclerit remedies for sore throat, lame  back and many other ailments arising  from, inflammation. Rubbed on the  sltln Its healing power Is readily al>-  sorbed, and It can also be taken internally,  In Palmyra, Syria, there ts a flying  physician who locates and visits his  patients, among the wandering Bedouin tr3bos by means oC an airplane.  HOWS THIS?  KATM./H OATARTUI MRDtCITNFl win do  what wo claim Cor U���������rid your nystcm of  Catarrh or Denfnosa emitted by cntarrh.  Wo do not rocommend It for any other  dlsoaBO.  HALL'S CATATinH M33DTCIN*E1 la a  Itcrukl, taken Intornally, and acts through  tho blood upon th* mucotta Burfacen of  tho ayjucui, thus redunlns tho littluiiima-  tlon ancl aucilutlng Nuturo tn reatorlnir  normal condition a.  All DruirglstB.      Circulars froe.  F. J. Cheney & Co., Tolodo. Ohio.  INVENTIONS  0~~^SS''Tmr>f}-at *���������*������������������������������������������������ manieil hy M-aaurac-'  t~E~Z*'.Z."-tua<~i *���������*���������**��������������� ������������������������������������������������ ^rom ���������tmpi*  Ideas.   "Pataot feottctltn" bookltt en r^uM.  HAROLD C SHIP MAN  & CO.1  nxm mmm  ^w.&ssr  JLmorlca'n  PJone*r  "Do* Itomedlaa  BOOK ON  JDOQ   D18EA3-K3  nnd   How  to Food  "tla-lled   Fr������o   to anjr  JUldr*in������ hy. tho  Affthor  n. clay ai.orsin  CO.,   IXC?..  929   "Wont   Sltli   St,,  K������w   VorU.   U.S.A.  tft  CSok'o C������9ttoo Roof Compound  AmW4f*a f^teM* r.qulat.no  m-divin*. Bold In <~s.~ &������������������*  rr������M tsl atraftitb���������No.   l.tm  N������. I. fl; Ko-, 1. *������ i������������t bov,  &o"t������8 by all *dnj������KUi.������. or aenU  ������rapiu4 on rec*������lpl of -nric*.  Ftaa     pacopliUt.       A<l<lr<iti  THC COOKWEDICINeCO^,  I#t������IVflti QUI. iftrmiit Wl������it_t.J  Mentttl Liberty  .He.���������I.)o you enjoy novel reading,  Miss Freeman?  She,���������Oh, vet'y much. One can  anaoclata  with people  In* Action, that  one  wouldn't dar������ 1o    eiveak    lo    in  real lire.���������Bouton Tratiucrlpt.  I Minard's Llnlm������������������t For Cold!*, Eto.  It i|)|)K  VETERINARIAN  Ttie  U������c������ "Cutter's"*  $enimi and Vaccine* he it  dttintt Um \~tt% to co������uer/e \rnvr  intrrr������*i������. "*.Sp-*jt������  o������ac������n-t ration <������n  mr������������ !in* emmi totv  t-sattXlmii..  C%*Hev ~j������-.0T*tory  M-arkalay  ���������ig%tJ~ista,i4tt.ii tl,~t Xmttat Uf.a  Ciillft>Ji������tis.  i,<i.  J -4 -4 i  ���������Mmi ;*;-^yy  THE   CRESTON  REVIEW  Local and Personal  Turnips���������Field turnips, $15 a ton.  P. B, Pearce.  >I$ev. and Mrs. Knox  itors this week.  are Nelson vis-  Rev. J. A   James was at Nelson on  Monday on Presbytery business.  Mrs. 'limley is spending  a few days  with friends in Spokane this week.  Agricultural Association Annual Meeting  Notice is hereby given that the ann  ual meetingof Creston Valley Agricult  urai Association will be held at 8 p.m.,  "Wednesday.   December 6,   1922.    Bus  iness:.    Adoption   of   financial   statement,'election of directors,   and   such  ��������� 'thei* business as mav  regularly ct'im'e  b fore the meeting, R.  WALMSLEY,  Secretary.  Dr. Lillie, dentist, will yisit Creston  professionally from Dec. 1st to 14th,  - Wanted���������Contractor to haul 20,000  feet of logs by thousand. G. Bayle,  Creston. .-  flf������*sy   Cherrington   'and   son    Jim,  wen visitors with  couple of days the  week.  Nelson   friends   a  fore   part   of   the  Home Made Mincemeat.  Christmas Cakes.  Christmas Puddings,  Almond Macaroons*  Shortbread.  Gift Boxes of Moir's and  Neilson's Chocolates.  Pascall Novelties.  Tom Smith Crackers.  For Sale���������Coal .beater, in good  shape, $10. Morrow's Blacksmith  Shop, Creston. ~ ������������������..,.  Mrs. de'Feleise left on Monday for a  visit with hev sister. Miss Ellen Anderson, at Cranbrook.  For Sal,e���������Baby carriage, good as  new, English pram. type. $18. Enquire Review Office. * 'Z'"  Pigs For Sale���������Purebred Dnroc-  Jersey, six weeks old, $6. G. Nickel,  Griffin Ranch. Creston.  ��������� For SALE-^-Baired Rook yearling  hens, also a few White "Leghorns.  J. W. Vaness, Creston.  For Sale���������Ford power plant, suitable for wood sow. set np ready for  use.    Enquire Lidgate Bros.  For Sale���������Crochet work, including'  centrepieces, scarves, etc.    Can be had  anytime.    Mrs. T. M. Edmondson..  Tailor   Shop���������Repairing,   altering  and pressing.      Alsc   can   make   over  clothes of  anv kind.    Mrs.   Cannady.  opposite McCreath's livery barn. Ores'"'  ton.       Z~Z  Greston Valley Go-Operative  Association  ERICKSON  Mrs. FJoyd Rodgers left on Thursday for   Invermere,   where   she   will  spend tbe next few weeks on a visit to  her parents,       ������������������'���������- *~~'���������  Mr. and Mrs. ZR. B. Staples were  visitors at'Spokane the latter part of  the week, making a trip to* Calgary before retuinihg i;   v  The "Presbyterian Ladies' Aid have  their December meeting at the home  of Mrs. Boyd, at 3 p.m.  Tuesday next,  December 'Bthi^i*; "'Z '.  "Rod arid Creel  in   British   Coluni  bia. "by Bryan Williams, former B.C.  Game Warden,    Copies may be had at  Mawson Bros,  For, Sale-^���������One ton Ford truck.  Also three horses weighing from 1400  to 1500 lbs., including harness. , XL S.  McCreath  Creston.  Rp.rt Nniris  .BS?^9   "B    ��������� .��������� ES tS ^~f B   B   B **^7  Next Sevan's Garage  , Try a CAMPBELL or CLARK SOUP  MONDAY and TUESDAY  Campbell Soup, special, 15c.  regular price, 20c.  Clark's Soup, special  2 cans for 25c.  regular 2 for 35c.  ORCHARD   LAND   FOR\SALE  Miss Alice Embree, who has been  employed at Cranbrook for the past  sis weeks, returned home the latter  part of the week.  All shotgun shells and rifle ammunition going at 10 per cent, off present  prices until the end of the season.  Mawson Brothers^  At thei meeting   of   Kootenay   Bee  keepers at Nelson   on Saturday,  John  Blinco was re-elected as one of the directors for the East Kootenay  section.  .. Whole or part of 35-acre- ranch for  sale, bearing orchard, two weeks  through property, irrigation possible..  Further particulars from ARTHUR  COLLIS. Creston.  We are Agents for FAIRBANKS-MORSE  It will pay you as a prospective purchaser of a lighting  plant to see our Demonstrator and investigate the  relative merits and cost of this outfit.  WjC CHARGEBATTERIES and are in a position to give  teriea left with ns for winter storage first-class attention.  Bat-  CRESTON SERVICE  |   L.IDQATE BROS.  RHONE G1  For Sale���������58 shares in the Canadian U.S.A. Oil and Refining Corporation stock. Present price $1.50 per  share.    What offers.   Box 52, Creston.  For Sale���������New 32-40 peep gold  bead sights. $25. Used 32 Winchester  Special and 32 Marlin, $15 each.  Used 35 Kemihogton Stevens, $20.  Mawson Bros.  Fob* December Rev. H. ^Varley announces that he will-preach a series of  sermons' on the second coming of  Christ, his theme for Sunday evening,  2nd, being "Grod with us."  Mr. Johnston of Cranbrook, C.P.R.  tie inspector, was a business visitor  here the latter part of .the. week, and  awarded a number of tie contracts to  be filled during the winter.  Christ Church Ladies' Guild have  their* annual bazaar in the Parish Hall  on Friday afternoon, Dec. ls_t,-from 3  to 6 o'clock. This year the usual night  feature of cards and dancing has been  abandoned.  '*-.  ���������-. *       c-,.  Foe*. Sale���������Grade Jersey cow,  freshned six weeks ago, very low price  for cash. . Also Holstein cow, due to  freshen in January. "Will also sell  two set of light sleighss. Alfred Nel  son, Creston.  ������������������-.���������"��������� y ���������  The Presbyterian Ladies' Aid are  having their annual sale of useful and  fancy needlework; cooking, candv.  etc., (in Tuesday afternoon, Dec. I2th  3 to 5.30, Speers' Hill. lAjfternoon tea  will be served.    ,  Jos. heath and R. Newton of the  experimental farm staff at Invermere,  were visitors here oyer the week-end,  on their wav to Grand Forks, where  they are officiating as -judges at the  potato showthis week,  "The Lidgate  garage  is now lighted  by electricity, froma Fairbanks-Morse  electric plant, which "faks just been installed. The firm is now in shape to  charge motor batteries and provide  first-class winter storage foi same. _  Creston Masonic Lodge had a good  turnout for their election of officers  on'Wednesday night, at which T. W.  Bundy was chosen master for the ensuing year. ��������� Installation ceremonies  and banquet will be on December 27th.  NoTlGE^Gbmmeneing Dec. 1st, 1922,  iny butcher business will be conducted  on a strictly cash basis. In connection  with this change all meat prices have  been reduced, heefv now selling at 7c.  lb. front quarters. Alfred Nelson,  Creston. ' ���������������������������   '���������'���������    "''*���������"  The Creston Bakery is featuring  candy novelties for this year's Christmas trade*, and attention is drawn to  the window display of these in the  "well known Pascall, England, make,  the lot including animals, dolls, -vegetables agfcd fruit.  Members are reminded that the  December session of the Women's Institute, on the 8th, will be the annual  meeting, at which the 1923 officers  will be elected. Only members who  have paid their dues for nest year will  be eligible to vote.  The season's operations at the Fruit  Growers Union big new packing shed  entirely ceased on Saturday���������the gill  packers having concluded their labfsrs  a few days previous. At -.east eight  carloads of apples are in. storage in the  cement basement.  gani-zed in connection with Creston  Presbyterian Church, the following  officer were chosen* * "  President���������Mrs. James.  Vice-Presidents���������Mrs.      Henderson,  Mrs. Watcher.  Rec. Secy.���������;Miss K. Moore.  .Press Secy.���������-Mrs. Brousson,  Tieasurer���������-Mrs, Sherwood.      -.-������������������'.������������������  Supply Secy.-���������Mrs. ~~U. H. Taylor.  Missy. Messenger���������Mrs. Hare.  Home Helpers���������Mrs. Lidgate.    ���������  The organization starts with a membership of twelve.        .  Anglican Church Services  ���������  m~W~~\  1    1 \������W  the Long Winter Evenings  Gives    00 candle power pure white light.    Generates and lighta  from the heat of a common match.    Both Lamp and Xantern are  built of brass, heavily nickeled, and will last a lifetime.  COLEMAN TABLE LAMPS  No better light was ever devised for reading than  the Coleman Quick Lite Table Lamp.  Coleman Quick Lite Lanterns  A perfect lantern for out-of-door use.    Ideal for  farm or ranrsh..  Dry Goods  8 roc a rl ss  Furniture  Hardware  sn  ~~m~~~~~~~tm������  ~m  Lhe Rod and Gun Club have been  quite successful in securing signatures  to the petition asking that Goat River,  between the "canyon and Kitchener*  be closed for three ^years. and it is expected the order closing the stream  will be issued to take effect April next.  Messrs. Constable* Bevan and Frank  Staples were, at Sirdar on Saturday  morning for a live pigeon, shoot, in  which the latter did the top scoring,  with Mr. Beyan tieihg Conductor  Cameron for second place. Out of 30  birds released but thirteen were killed.  Charlie '"Chaplin still retains his  popularity with Cieston movie fans,  as was demonstrated by the packed  house at the Grand on Saturday night  to see him in in "Shanghaied." Manager Rodgers had a great feature film  that night in "Cameron of the Royal  Moimted."  J. A. Lidgate; supervising director"-^,  <>f the Stockbreeders' Association, is  busy this week tiriishing up the measuring of the cut of hay on the flats  this year, under Stockbreeder-* direction, and an estimate of about 2000 tons  will about account for the total 1922  cut of thia feed.  Members of the agricultural association are reminded of - the annual  meeting, which will be held at 8 p.m.,  in Speers* Hall, on Wednesday, December 6th. The election of directors  will take place, and there will be a discussion of ways and means to make  the 1023 exhibition bigger and better  than ever. -   ,  Mrs. Garland had a very busy after  noon of it on Thursday at the tea in  Women's Institute benefit, which she  gave ns a housewarming for the new  Garland home on Grandyiew Heights,  the Institute ., directors, Mesdames  Mallandaine, ' Hayes, Hayden and  Lyne, and Miss Ebbutt assisting the  hostess. $10 was netted thc Institute  treasury.  A quiet wedding was solemnized by  Rev. G. Knox oh Thursday evening  at the hemic of Mr; and Mrs. G. Bird,  when their eldest daughter Miss Elmn,  was united in marriage with Mr.  Lealie Mawson of Wycliffe, the for  mer home of the bride, and where the  couple will reside in future, Les. being  C.P.R. section foreman ut that point.  There was a fair turnout of spectators for the r>poning gatne of tlie basket  ball season at the fall fair mnin building on Friday night, at which the  High School flyo headed by vice principal Siddons won an interesting  struggle by a ������corc of 2312. The Ores-  tou 13. B. teum was in charge <jC A,  ^pencer. and Father Bessette referecd  the clash to the satisfaction of nil.  Tho O.F.U. appears to -be having  considerable trouble getting any of its  agonbtt at other points to "bid in11 the  job of station agent at CroHton, whioh  has been vacant for at least, two  months. The third call for bids expired on Tuesday, but there is no nowft  s'.vuilabl-u a a to whether anyone has accepted the position or not. During  the fruit shipping season thin is tho  busiest depot on the Crow line, and  fl-ach year aeos the business incrcauing,  current report being that thia year's  October business al Creston depot being double that of October, 1021,  At the meeting last week at which a  Woman's  Misslonaiy Society  wiih or-  SUNDAY,  CRESTON  7.30 p.m.  DEC. 3  SIRDAR  8 and 10.30 a.m.  F*T  Pianoforte, Organ and  Singing Lessons  ARTHUR COLLIS, Creston  P.O. Box76  Notice to the Public  ,0.~0~~.-.~.  ibsi>jhiisu  SiSliard Parlor  and Barber Shap  is still doing business  at fha same old stand  ���������we are here to stay.  ���������We have tbe only sanitary shop between Cranbrook and Nelson.  I  -The only shop that has  equipment for Shampooing;  Sterilizing and.. Sanitary  Seryice.  ���������We solicit white trade  trade only.  ���������-All tools sterilized.  SATURDAY and  MONDAY -SPECIAL  ���������   v  Half-Pound Tin  at  25c.  At thia "time of year, particu  larly, a cup of Cocoa "touches  the spot1' either Por breakfast or  supper, while for a hot drink  after coming in from the cold  outdoors" Cocoa is tho peer of  thorn all.  For Saturday and Monday  we offer you the popular Victoria  Cross brand ot 25c. for tho half-  pound tin.  For Ioings, Cakes and Puddings Victoria Croas Cocoa is  unexcelled.  AWSON  QjifiTjjrjiQ   Lower  mm~~m


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