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Creston Review Jan 27, 1922

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 Creston Likely to
���.ave iS)vv Liuu
The .meeting in Speers* Hall on
Thursday night last for the purpose of
organizing a 1500 Clnb^vas fairly, well
attended, and tb��j preliminary steps
were taken to at once gel on with the
formation of this popular style of 11. c
insurance society. On motion EL C,
Gibbs occupied thfr chair, and R.^,
Nelson acted as secretary.
Chainnnt* Gibbs briefly outlined the
objects of-the Club. He pointed out
that itWuid be composed entirely of
niembetefisoiti Creston aud'tbeterri-
tory imm. f&rdsfr to Kitchener, ao
m J0 I-   f 0 m        -.
that its-object Is to provide immediate
pay meat- io -tfeS^dests cf & d-PCtSsed
member of tbe Club. It would^je tha
object of the Club to endeavor,to,enroll 1500 members as soon as possible:
The initial hiembershiiS fiee'^ill be
$5, an an annualfeeof $lfor tb^ first
year's dues, and annual" diieaT .tfi&fe
after will be $K per^yeati' U^ori^the
death of a member a cheque* wotsid be
immediately issued to bis or heir bene-,
ficiary on a.basis of $1 fbr evel-y itiiflta-
bey of the Club in good standing. 'V*"&.~.
the same time notice wonld pe sentia
each member adyisingof the'fieatlTof
the late member and requiring p|Ty-
ment of St and this wuMh'tft^bpJiJ^H^^^,;
available to meet the next claim.   " Z '4'^M '
He further pointed-out thafc^be I&0O-
Yonng brought up tbe matter of a
movement notion* foot to establish a
Government liquor 'store in Creston*
and would like to have it on record
that the Canyon Local of tbe U.F. is
unanimously., .opposed to it. Mrs.
Knott stated that the {Women's Institute had already passed a resolution
to that effect-, and that a Citizens
Committee had been formed co watcb
for and oppose any movement of that
kind* - Moved by Mrs. Knott, seconded by Mr. Wood, that Canyon Local'
is absolutely'and stremionsty opposed
t*>*ny effort being made to establish a
liquor store -ia Creston Valley.
Carried^ unanimously.
blub at Nelson had washed' its "hMfb***last wwk-
Membership within a very short time,
ajnd that many people who were - unable ta join that Club were anxious to
tetfe one here, feeling that tht^Twould
t&jDbtaining, protection for,, their.de-
p^ftents" at a very cheap rate, and
tfefc-t at such times as they might be
to. pay thelst assessment
Fred Neijson ana Ted Glauson of
Xabkarej-dsiting'in_ Kitchener this
B.'^Johnson spent Tuesday in Cranbrook'. ,
Mrs/McKay of Creston was a Kitchener visitor over the week end.
Miss E. Erickson-was a visitor with
Cra nfirpok friends last week.
J. Woodman of the Sash & Door
Company has returned to Kitchener.
Mrs. Hunt was a Creston visitor a
couple of days last week, tbe guest o
-M. J. Boyd of Oreston was a vfsitor
&*.!*�� 1hfhi*&i
Quite the largest frpwd tK&t has ever beeh seen'ifc an entertainment of
the sos-i \n CregfcG^w^s in evidence on
Wedrtesdftynigbtfdirthe whist, concert and dance. tin.de^ the auspices of
the' t&hd. There�� tirere twenty-five
tablrawt' earns_ *lph{. with, a .large
grotipr of s^feb.tat6|��. ,'Those., wbo
carrie&oiff the whfst* honors' were Mrs.
Vep^-arieu Sirs. SY Jl. Long* while the
gentlemen high scoters were Canute
Anderson and R. $|:Long, 'and the
booby winner was Jjpr. Hales. After
cards there'was a short but much ap��
pfeciated concei^gttepgtamme upward
which Cant. Crj^np%n and Jas. Jory
contributed. ' vocaiyi selections, Mr,
Waltet-a maudoliHh��oJo, Riper Boss, a
,1~- -\*
s6iect!ofi3>-oh the bagpipes;
,      4X.XXXV0,^ X4-.        _mmt.fltr.. t-VJA X4V.XI        Hl��W|
\. the band  supplying  the  initial
iber���a ScocfchYtnedley  that   was
jippO; the -death of a member tbey
tjf    trtr  -���    ^^^   t
Jas. Finiay  of   ieia^er.  cornet  solo;
we!!**5��!veq; T!sf[ c^-^ WB5 provided end aerved bjfea committee from
the Women's Institute,, and after it
had .been disposedYof there were a
couple of hours d&pcihgr to music by
"Mrs; Foreman anal Messrs. Al. Lidgate attd Hendy. ^Thegross proceeds
weie a little over $$0, and aft&r pHy-
ingjexpenses this &\U be utilized in the
~ f~%     resrihttotf\,w;$^^
fheYjluBf which wHl ^officially known
asthe Fifteen Hundred Clut����f iOrt^t-}
cn|imd'Di8trictt^nd;jMess����, Ga*rlarid^
Gibbs; Embree. TAt-Uinh^. asuj*********'
McLeod were named a committee to
*3rafv the by-laws of the association.
It w^s decided that up to the first
100 members thejige^limits would' be
18 to 60. but After 100 join irp the limit
will be 60 years. The admission fee
will be 86, which will Include the first
year's dues, and 82 per year thereafter,
and a further .$1 on the occasion of the
. death of any triember of the Club. -
AU interested are reminded that a
meeting to complete organisation will
be1 held to nightr gat ��� 8 o'clock, Ip
Speers' Hali, to complete organization
aud get the-Cliib under, way.
H. A. McKowan is a visitor at his
home in Cranbrook tbis week.
Mr. Webb and family of Wynndel
arrived hei-e last week, and will make
their home in Kitchener in future. -:-
.ES.* McGeonegal and daughter. Hazel,
\?e*~7*e in Cranbrook for a few days jast
week,.        ..    -, *.-���
"'    i  'r-       -~'" "        1    0   r        '. 0   - ' JHI.
inwiut��ui*jR)t���^l'.lw.lt- will*be-seld in
dining ^^, of Kltc^^er* htn
poKf^^^^yn'dky^enm^. Bfeib.^Ef
purchase of some *ftew
ments.   -
band  instrij"
has brought the price down to SO cents
a dozen.
A. W. Brain, who is still ceonfioed
to Cranbrook hospital, is considerably
better and his case' now resolves itself
into' one of a very long convalesen^e.
The G.W.V.A. held their January
meeting, in the schoolhouse pn gatfjr-
day night, and possibly the fpremost
item of business was- a discussior^ of
ways and means to 'bring l^aHb^'t^e
membership^ to its former high standard
Those who haye applied to take the
apple packing courses on Feb. 6th and
13th must, notify if they require tMs.
following: 3 boxes of ap*^est "53.75^
paper, $1^. haulage, S5cYY��his;' 85.10
must be Iti the hands of the secretary
*..-    vr -~���^.
' t-ry vm^SSlSSiiay-i^iSitt.-
- ttefil ,%:���&? Jewess of-iDMfstbn  -took
Presbj^eHab   service-^3n   the -school
house <in* ^imdfayT ^a��d a fine turnout
*^**-C   X amis �������W t. mttaat ^ ^^_r
Gmnyon GHy
The following is part of the minutes
of Saturday night's meeting of Oan-
yon*Locnl of the United Farmers.   H.
Annual General Meeting* of
Creston Valley Conservative Association will
be held in the
akgt   ....     ... .���,.,*�� f f ���: ,f��-.,
Mercantile Hall
���" "���*��� ���*:.*'
at 8 pin.        .
Ela. m%��' a   '���mf  tap*"* m   ��M��#F^M��t.    a   ���*���**."'���"���"(I
"W. Q, Littlejohn was In Nelson a
few,days the early' part of the week,
on Ratepayers' Association business.
Pick:'Penson is now in charge of the
delivery wagon of the Mountain View
In snfene of the laihgrr oi^Hawl aieas
pB-wning *i!ipe*��ttiefts^hav6 riready commenced. ��� >���*  -
Brickson is expecting a considerable
outside  invasion   on   Tuesday  next,
when  Mrs. G. Cartwright  and   Mrs.
Maxwell are giving a silver tea at the
home of the former.
Billy Long spenjj a few days with
friends in Spokane this week.
J. B. Holder succeeds Geo. Cartwright ii�� the Brickson dii-ec tor on the
Creston fall fair^vfor 1022. Ytle was
chosen at the nnnimltheeting on Monday night.
At the next meeting of the United
Farhiars, on -Tuesday night, Jan. SI,
all ivantlng glass., powdery etc.;^ are
asked, to bring a list of their requirements so an order ean bo placed
at once.    .,*������.     '������;���.
While conetlng on a hill at the rear
of the house on Sunday, Beulah, the
ten-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
A. B. Penson, had the misfortune to
have her right leg b^'eftjltist ahoye
the ankle, due to n collision with an
a|ifilo picking st��nd that had been left
out in the ovchard, Dr, Henderson
was immediately 'summoned, and the,
patient in inaklrig^ very eati��f��iictory
' Milt Beam' and H, Brnbneker, who.
are operating a line of enugar trttps in
the Arrow Creek section this winter,
are having fair luck* bnt hayolottab
least three of them ^��1 ready, due to
-working with too light a build of tpip,
The United Farmers have arranged
for a whist party atid dance at thci
J. M. Craigie packing shed on Friday
night next* Feb* 8rd.  with enrdw to
etart at 8 o'clock*' AM are wekoineo ,
iS* ������ r~0
The home of Simp iBathie was. the
scence cjf-a. Iarge^ftd Jpyftil surprise
party- ou,, Motidfi^Jiig^t^ when some
thirty r^exps-cfeett^guests took possession of the*fadme. -'ZCards* games and
dancing were the <|$derfof the evening,
witb a dainty luhcfe-sit midnight and
thea dancing* untii^4Brfo3fe*1s a.iu-.
**��� *~     - - t��v \.s"  *       j *.
Y^e United Fai#^w are  having ��
Admie-sioil tte^attSt t^e ladi��9VP^easie
bring !refreshfuenW' *^A11 - are invited;
\" -   *���   -.      ->       -     ^     %*��� _
<?.- 0*gilyie wbasv^flrt present foading
out three cars of'-ice.lwhic^t'ass-gdii-jSf;
tbH. S. McCreathsatiGreston. -"Y>-
' Br. MenAevewPoi Crestcs -i��is"Jbare
on *a professionalx v&it * on- T*ufe^day,
making a call on several patients.'""'
Ken. Dewar hus two teams hauling
lumber from the Bachman Camp, and
storing it on their clearing next the
school.      *. ^.
*��� e
' Wynndel of the United Farmers had
their annual meeting on,Wednesday
night,-a full report of Jwhichwill appear next issue.
Fad! Fair Officers ,
Chosen for 1922
The largest and most representative
attendance seen at ^n annual meeting
was in evidence on Monday sight st
the yearf^iconcldyeof tibe members of
Ci-esfon^VaUeyAffricultural Associae-
tiorti wh^ee^elsSera^osa wese presided oyer^by President W. V. Jdckson.
After the minutes, of the previous
meeting had bees declared approved
as read, the financial statement for
ihe past y^ar mas presented by Secretary Walmsley. Including a balance
of ^^carrjad-festward from last year,
the -fall fair bud & gpeoss intake of
���120S.. Of t^rfS^^^s t&e uraai government grant; $97 from sale of membership tickete; 94SS from tosh donations; "9105 came in as special prize
money; aud fate admissions paid
totalled ��340. Some of the items of
expenditure were'$374 {mid in prize
money; $350 ��m improvements to
building and ^substantial payment to
reduce'the debt on the main hall;
' Bh-oy Jackson is busy, putting up
wood for Vi^^GaEE^h&j F^te^Asfe
s&soirtfjfcm sftlipt^^ror ^Sfie^Skf
and W. T-x-jSfai^hjf'y   Z. -  " * '" " "*"'
I There was "'a dance W the packing;
Ptx-xLS ~.--. A-SxPrt-x-rL--^* i -Pi-JL- MS~*~lJt~~~-i
mmxa��� vjrxx mm*.*.���^.���m.xx-fAvjv-aa ��atevalieu jx:rA.txxmj0
bight, and despite the counter attrac/
tion at the Social Oh*b there was quiSe
a good attendance.
Priming has started in this section,
operations ort the Compton ranch being about the first. /
Birth���On Jan. 21st, to Mr. and
Mrs. B. L. Langston, a son.
Key. G. Knox of Oreston was here
nn Sunday, for the. usual Methodist
Church service in the schoolhouse. -
C. H. Phillips has just returned
from a visit to Cranbrook.
A surplus of fresh eggs" in the camp
$150 is interest On the purchase price
of the fair grounds, and 889 spent on
athletic sports and baseball on fair
day, with a balance iiT the bank of
$1.06. All last yesar's opec^ing ex-"
penses were fully met out of reyenue,
and the only debt aflptinst the association is ft matterpf 3245 still owing.On
the main building. ;
In a fieloTof 22 candidates the following were elected as 1822 officers go?
the fatr:
President���W. V.Jackson,*'    -
Vice-President^*����. Johnson.      .   .
Secy.-Treas.���K- Walmsley.
Directors^?!. I* Langigton, tarter:
Mice Siding
Tom Anderso-9 and Steve "Vrinesd
have the contract for the Alice Siding
school fuel supply, ~and 'awT'tiow busy
putting it up. ----- -
Miss Alice Carr is a Lister visitor
this week, the guest of Mrs. (Col.)
Fred Lister. ~
Tom j&idford^ who has been at Wen-
atchee. Wash., ^for some, months past*
returned last week, and is renewing
old acquaintances here. s
Alice Siding��ocial|Club held its fortnightly meeting on Friday in the
house oi Mr. Wood's property. There
Were songs by Gladys and - Hector.
Stewart, S. V&ness* Miss-V. Marshall
and-J. W. VanesB, along with a reading by 1fc�� Stewart. TheseVere interspersed witii the dancing and -o&tain-* -, ���.     . .     r      -. -^s-^i.��� ���i.-,isr
����mm~i% 0 amrn'mimMattta' fiSg^EBJ?TBtaPWS2j..
Wynndel;. O.W. Allan: C. G. Bean?ti;
B. rS. Sevan,. C. m Hayes and Mrs.
Jas. Mascwpell.    v'- c' \-~   1y' *"     ^
fynii^tig?^..~-m^ma^?^ '
fcfefn toehande;^r thepi^denfc-js.nd
vi^jH^identi. wh^Ljfesdaiines Maz-
wfjl^lia B-iyifert ahdf_Messra. Haves,
f--��. ^ I;- L-j.    me.��� ., t*-   - - ���
vuouwn nuu.jDeyau were nameaa
committee to put On a box social and
ueia��-r or. other entertainment, to pay
off the debt remaining on thebalL
The iequt:st of the Boy Scouts for
the use of the building was granted
for. the months, ot February Abtl
March, with assurance bf an extension
if the .building is not otherwise required. proyid��| satisfactory guarantee is given that the Scouts will make
ginodany damage that may be done to *
the building during their tenure of
Before Adjourning yery Jieat-fcy votes
of thanks were passed to the Women's
Institute and tbe  retiring  directors  ',
for the able assistance rendered the
association last year.  .
Women's tnmMuit^
A representative of Pullan
Mfg. Co.. Ltd., mrnufacturers
of Made-to-Order Ladies* Coats,
Suits, Skirts, and Children Coats.
��� We invite your inspection of these
lines at our store on Wedneday,
Feb, 1st,       , S. A. SPEEHS.
Blacksmith Terms Gash
On and after- the First day of
February, 1922. our business will
be run on a Strictly Cash basis.
Our Prices ere lower than tiny
place between Vancouver and
Winnipeg, md in order to keep
them as they ere we must have
the task. Kindly bear this in
mind>pnd heip us out by not oik- ���
ing for Credit*      ���' -y ' '":���'. !��-"*"
'' At the January meeting of the
Women's Ihstitute on Friday a resolution protesting against the opening
of a liquor stare. !s Oreston was unanimously passed. The Institute has decided to buy a plot of, land on which
to build a small hall at some future
time, where their meetings will
be held. The energies of the Institute
for the next year or two will be devoted to raising fnnds for that
purpose. ' The new public health
nurse.. Mrs. Lucas, was introduced)
and said a few words in explanation of
her work atid; plans for a health,
centre. She appealed to everyone for
their help and sympathy, and. was
welcomed with enthusiasm, Mrs.
Lyne read a very interesting paper on
���'National Holidays," giving a great
deal of information on the subject of
their origin and thc reason for their
observance. ,-���   'n
QBricksoo property owners are wall
represented in tho 00 who are appealing againstthelrioaa assessment.and
there will be n big; turnoiit from here
at the court of reyislon on Wednesday
at Creston.    ���
Coumb Pups Fob SAiiB���Just four
of them, purebred, $2 each while thejr
last. ��� ��,i; Mrnm, Wynndel.
Tom Midfore-1, who has been malting
his hoiheafcWenatchee since early last
spring, is rene*wln*g acquaintances In
Oreston at present.
At the annual meetipg of the 'Agricultural Association on Monday night
W. V. Jackson was unanimously reelected president, with Geo. Johnson
equally unanimously chosen advice-
president, and R. Walmsloy'e tho only
bntneput forward*f6r^secretary*
The two touobes of seven below tero
on Wednesday and. Thursday mornings last are the coldest experienced so
far this winter* Last 'week's cold dtp
oeems to have extended well down the
Pacific, reports from California reporting a front damago that will account
for tho loss of half the seaton's oraujjr
and lemon crops,
Ladies* Shoes, half-soled
Z   75c.
Men's Shoes,] half-soled
Boys9 Shoes, hall-soled
SOc. to 75c.
Rubber Heels, all sizes
attached.. 40c.
A*" ^ m
, Menls  Shoes going at
wholesale prices ..
And a reduction in price on
all Harness Repairs
ifWfJf   ��#C#F' *
Creston Shoe & Harness
Shop: North of Grand Theatre
\ -
\ ���������E-t^frff-gVl-WWC* WtttUL IH&*ml*J.titO*ft  Ety-it- '  mitt.  H  hi  Hi  Bi  aaaaaaasMMfratflaHflrma l. tri  a*������������?������BUU^������ff|Ktt  In.  ��������� 1  *  IV.  1^  r <  ,"'1  in  I***  'ir������  Ih  i^  33GH&.IIEY1JSW, CHESXON. B. G>  A MOST STRENGTHENING BEVERAGE  Farming a  A     A.      Tl������������1I      lleMAVV'MCkt'ffAIM  27 Years the  Sam������ Good  Tea���������and  Always in the  Sealed  Package  87-  Men Who Like Work Find ii Very  .* Interesting - :.  To be., a good, farmer, one'must like  farming.?' He must he interested in  the things-he works with, and in the  problems he meets. He works with"  soil, with machinery, with seed, with  growing crops and with animals. He  works also with markets. The problems h$ meets arise from the weather  and its effects on soil, seed and crops;  from weeds and plants and animal diseases; from the wearing of machinery; from fluctuating prices and from  men who, not willing to work themselves, spend their time in working  others, and ih trying to reap tho rewards-of other men's labor., 'All  these interests-and problems may be  merely perplexing and baffling and defeating, but many farmers are winning  financial 1 success out of these conditions and are finding them anything  hut dull.  Canada s Needs  UNIQJST BANK OF CANADA  HAS AN-EXCEPTIONALLY.STRONG STATEMENT  Bank's Position is Well Maintained, the Liquid Assets being  53.70 per cent, of Total Liabilities to the Public ��������� Resources  Aggregate $152,625,386  T  No. 4���������A Greater Use of Canadian Raw-Materials  Men of all shades of political thought, and all students of economics, are  agreed that the interests of Canada call for a reduction in imports of articles  which the Canadian people can produce for themselves, and an increase-in.  the export of those products and articles of which this Dominion can. easily  and profitably produce a surplus, in. order that, through a combination of  these two developments, a pronounced improvement may be brought about in  the balance of trade in favor of the Dominion. ~ It is when we*come to consideration of ways and means whereby euch a desirable and necessary change  is to be effected that opinions sharply differ.     -*  One school of political thought declares that the only effective means to  lessen imports and increase home production is through a protective tariff���������  that is, a tariff sufficiently high to either shut out foreign competition or at  least to enable. the Canadian grown or manufactured article to undersell  foreign goods of a like Kind, .'-...-  The opposing school of thought contends that the inevitable^result of  such a tariff is to so enhance prices as to "place a handicap on articles needed  in the development of lhe country, and that thereby production at home is  lessened, and,.while import trade may be curtailed, production for export is  likewise lowered and the buying power of the whole country reduced, and  prices so enhanced that people are forced to go without many things which  otherwise they would be able to purchase, and that this decreased buying  power results in depression of trade and consequent unemployment.  The writer has no intention of taking any part in. this-political controversy. Whatever the effect of the tariff may be one way or the other, the  writer inclines to the view that the real difficulty and economic weakness of  the Canadian position*at present is to be found in another direction.  The commercial strength of Germany before the war was found in the  energy displayed by Government and people in developing the natural resources of the country for use at home and abroad. , The same thing is true  of the United States. Neither of these countries imported to any extent  anything they .-could produce at home. It will be said that both these countries had protective tariffs and it may be* argued that such tariffs were responsible for bringing about the result noted. But were they so responsible ?  Canada has had a protective tariff for many years, yet this country haw  failed to develop many of" its natural resources of raw material "to anything  like their full extent, and has gone on importing supplies which could have  been secured at home. For example, Western Canada has some of the largest coa! deposits in the world, yet for years millions of dollars worth of coal  have been hauled by rail and water from Pennsylvania for use in this country. While Western Canada .was doing this', Germany, as a result of scientific research work, was using greatly inferior coal to the Western Canada  article in the great German factories and as fuel for its people. Ontario  lacks coal and has for decades'followed the line" ol least resistance and imported millions of tons annually from Pennsylvania whereas much., of Ontario's and Quebec's industrial fuel requirements might have .been obtained in  Nova Scotia brought by water transportation up the St. Lawrence. But  It was easier to continue to get supplies from Pennsylvania than to'engage in  the national work of developing an inter-Provincial trade in coal from the  Maritime Provinces via the St. Lawrence route.*  Canada  possesses  enormously  rich  deposits  in  iron,  copper and  other  minerals, but thcy lack development, and we continue, to import huge quantities of iron ore from the United States.     Why?     It is stated that one reason is that  United States capitalists have secured control of the "Canadian  deposits and refuse io develop them so long as they    can    obtain    sufficient  qu������irni;ies  from their own mines;   that, in a word,  they Itre holding their  Canadian  properties  in  reserve against the  day  when  their UnIted_J3tates  mine* become exhausted .--.nd that then, and not until then, will tbey .develop  their Canadian held properties.      11! this is so, and there appears to be evidence to .support this charge, then ir is high time the Canadian Government,  took .-.reps to put an end to such an outrage by compelling the development  and  op'*)*:.".i*'ii  of rhese*- Canadian mineral proper-ties wil It  a penalty of forfeiture* if such develojunenr in not. proceeded with within a reasonable time.  Many Canadian rnanui'ruaurer.s continue to import raw, or semi-manufactured, supplies to be worked up into a more finished product, when, by the  expenditure of r-oiuf* mone,\ and the-display of a little more initiative and  enterprise such .supi-We;-* could be. obtained within Canada, thereby lessening  our Yi.-ioH trade and provjeiing a \(r\'y considerable volume of employment  wit liir* C.-mada, rind mahir.g possible "a large increase In the valuo of Canada's export trade*-.  Trier*' are many thing.*- Canada, eannoi produce and must,'"therefore,  Import, but there are many supplies now imported which could-just as well  b-*-* obtained at hoipj, and it is the duiy of the Government to direct Its energies and frame its fiscal policy along lines whieh will promote ttuc'l) ..development within Canada,  IN POOR HEALTH  -������m a    d������  Has ah awful struggle. Lots to do,  all kinds of worry, poojq^ appetite,  headaches, weakness. 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The meeting was largely-  attended by representative >  shareholders. W. R. Allan,  Vice-President, presided. -H. B.  Shaw, General Manager, presented the Bank's, annual statement.  Following the shareholders'  meeting, the Board of Directors  elected W. R. Allan, President,  John Gait, former president, rehiring because of his removal  from Winnipeg to Victoria, B.C.  Mr. Gait remains a director of  the Bank. H. B. Shaw was  elected Vice-President; and will  continue as General Manager.  The Bank's assets total  $152,625,386. The readH^ available portion qf these assets  represents 53.70 per cent, of the  Bank's total- liabilities to the  public, thus demonstrating that  the liquid position of the Bank  has been strongly maintained.  A very strong feature of the.,  ���������'���������statement" is  the.   carrying  for-'" ^  ward of-$541,68.6 into next year's profit account, this being $400,000  greater than the previous year, and the largest amount in the Bank's  *��������� history.' - '���������'������������������ '. '���������-, ' ���������'       *'  That the Bank has continued to do its full share for the commei>  '  cial interests of Canada is shown by the fact that the total of these  loans at the end of the yea,r was $62,^010,007. .  Grain loans total $7,295,483.      Loans to Governments and Municipalities are $7,420,529.  Deposits totalling $116,723;755 are reported.  Net profits for the year amounted to $1,342,3S9, which is about  $300,000 less than the previous year. .' Z.       y ������������������'*.-  Complimentary copy of our Vear Book, giving statisticsjrf the progress of Canada may be obtained from any of our branch managers  UNION BANK OF CANADA  M$. H. B. 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Association, speaking   as*  a  .  fraternal delegate to ihe Ceiled Farmers of* AibSrta convention   stated that  \  Six Million For Salmon  Britain and Francs Take Bulk of B.C.  Pack  -Victoria, B.C.���������In British Columbia  C03.548 .cases of salmon were packed  in 1921, and 6,000,000 was realized.  There remains to be sold 120,000 cases  of "pinks."     France absorbed a large  WESTERN EDITORS  the'farrifeFs"must'goHhrdugh a period i Proportion    of    the    192,906 cases of  ot" suffering during the time in which   I3iaks������  and  Great  Britain took  more  there pi? as -being., brought,, about a re-  establishment of a-.reasonable, parilv  between the prices, at, which the farmers have (o buy and what they have to  sell.'*-Such'a time' of distress, lie  thought, was' -impossible to avoid, and  it "must be. bol-rie by all, farmers, labor-  men and business men alike.  - ^United. Farmers of-Alberta at this  time will not go linto.-the co-operative  meat. export, business. After a'long  discussion, the 1,043 delegates decided to table indefinitely a report from  a tspefcial ^committee which recommended that the association go into  the business of shipping chilled beef  to British markets, on a co-operative  plan. -,.-.)'.  F. M. Black, treasurer of the United Grain Growers, Limited, Who  spoke by invitation, was not optimistic-over the possibility of-developing  a chilled beef export business from  'Alberta points. Mr. Black predicted  the removal of the BriHsh embargo  on Canadian cattle within about Six  w.eeks,, as the result of the settlement  of the Irish question.  The report of the committee advised - -that-, action should be -tafcen-  immediately to start marketing Alberta beef by the chilled meat system,  through the medium of a co-operative  company. \ '  Hon. George Hoadley, provincial  minister . of agriculture, had - written  that the Government was convinced  that the weight of- evidence went to  show that shipping: of chilled Alberta  beef lo the British market would, not  be a profitable enterprise.   - '  than half of the sockeye pack of 163,-  914 cases,** leaving about 75.000 cases  for Canadian consumption.  COULDN'T BO HOUSEWORK.  HEART WAS SO BAD  Many women get weak and run down  and unable to look alter their household dulies owing to the heart action  becoming impaired or the nervous system unstrung.  Nature intended women to be  strong, healthy and happy instead of  sick and wretched. But how_can a  woman be* strong, and heartily when  day in - and day out she has to go  through the same routine of work,  sweeping, dusting, cooking, washing.  etc.     Is it any wonder that the heart  Cabinet Differences  The British Premier  , London.���������The   London  Times   says , fo digest the report thoroughly, it was  that the cabinet differences" were so *  acute at the last weekend that there  was a possibility that Premier Lloyd  George would withdraw from the government and hand the reins over to  Austen Chamberlain, who, heading a  united Unionist party, would have a  working majority of about 100 in the  House of Commons, from which the  Sinn Fein members still remained absent.  The Times adds that this possibility  said, before parliament meets.  The Evening Standard says ic understands one of-the main reasons for  postponement is on account oi problems in-connection with drafting necessary legislation to put tbe Irish  treaty into effect.  Russell Hogg, Publisher of the News,  Oak Lake, Man.  *-���������  ronce ivouiia man  May Soon Take������Seats  Belfast.���������As  a .consequence  of  developments in connection with the establishments of the Irish Free State,  may now be-said to have.disappeared";   the Irish Nationalists will socn take  Who Resisted Arrest  Belgian*   Charged     With     Obtaining  Money Under False Pretences   -  Vancouver.���������George Darrison, a Bel  gian, 1.3 in hospital suffering from bul-  becomes  affected  and  she  gets  irrit-   let- -wounds in the thigh inflicted by  police  of  South Vancouver when  he  able and nervous, has hot flushes, taint  and dizzy spells, smothering and sinking spells and can't sleep at night.  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Darrison is alleged to have advertised  for workers for a paper mill which  J was to be started at Coguiflam, B.C.,  'jwitli Belgian capital. Pie is said to  have collected a deposit from prospective employee^ on account of board  and lodging to be arranged tor.  that'Mr. Lloyd George was reluctant  to leave office before completing the  act of parliament involved in the Irish  treaty and was also keenly desirous  ol realizing fully the possibilities of  the Genoa conference.  Tlie postponement of the re-opening  of the British Parliament from January 31 until February 7, was said by  the party whips to be due to the fact  that parliament usually meets during  the second week of February and that  there was' much financial "spade  work" to be done before it ean reassemble.  In political circles, it was said the  report of the economy committee  headed by Austin .Chamberlain and Sir  Eric GeddesV was not yet ready and  would not be available yet* for at least  a fortnight.     The government  wishes  their seats in the Northern Parliament  which they have boycotted since its  establishment, the Belfast Telegraph  says it has learned on good authority.  Wants to Sell Menagerie  Sofia.���������King Boria of Bujgaria is  the modern "man with an elephant on  his hands" and he wants to sel} part  of his private menagerie. Particular-  Iv. he would like to dispose of two elephants and several fine buffalos which  are now in the grounds of the summer palace near Sofia.  B;������ making joyi purchases from  jour home merchant you are contributing direct to" (he prosperity "of  the community Id which you lijVe.  Girl Bank Messenger Robbed  Toronto.���������Miss Margaret Redpath,  a clerk in the employment of the  Penny Bank, was held up and robbed  of $1,500. This is the first time that  a girl bank messenger has been waylaid in the city.  The Secret of Good Health  \  .It pays to patronize, home industry.  Buy from "the merchants in ypur ovrn  town.  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Farmers  Tlie 3921 report pf the Union Bank  of Canada now available to tho public  could not have  appeared at a more  opportune, time.   ,  Tho outstanding Impression that is  gained from examination of the  Bank's statement is that the Bank bus  been particularly active in providing  for the needs of its farmer clients.  Current loans and discounts In Canada total over $62,000;000 and demand  loans in Canada secured by grain  amount to $7*295,483., These ahd  other figures In tho statement prove  that the Bank is helping to finance  the agricultural industry of the Dominion In substantial measure.  Dealing with the report as a whole,  it la very,re-aspuring to<������otq that the  Uniow Bank litis been! able to maintain  a strong cash position. ,Total assets  exceed $152,000,000, and include gold  and silver coin and Dominion CVovernment notes amounting to $14,229,729,  Dominion and Provincial Government  securities $15,946,501, Canadian Municipal securities and othox^public securities totalling $0,618,268, current loans  and discounts Jn Canada $02,010,007,  and'loans to governments and municipalities $7,420,529.  The ofllciola of tho Bank doservo  commendation for placing before the  public such a strong balance "sheet,  particularly In view ot the fact that  such a statement'will serve as a stabilizing medium at this time.  W.   N.   tf.   1404  Wil  ARKS  Beans  A Supply of "Clark" Good  Things, all ready to serve  provides ������ choice of many  excellent dishes for every  occasion, without hours of  cookirtg. 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CKESTON,   B.C., FRIDAY,-JAN. 27  Cash Valuations  At the, organization   meeting of  the Batepayers Association emphasis w^s placed on the fact that the  sound basis for. any assessment  is  casii;value of the property hi questions Mr. Ebbutt, who  enunciated  this   theory,   explaining   at   Some  length  yiat the method   of deter-j  mining cash values would h'$ to as-  s ime that a property would i^ tax- j  ������������������able at  the price one ?mair^w6uld  take a property   as payment- * fat fit'****4'  debt that could   not be settled Jui-  real money. ~ ^  This logic, while quite excellent  for the purpose of scaling ddwn^as-  sessmentsrwould hardly be,,as jM>p  ular were it made ,the'-&j^Zof'7%]^~.  land and actually applied 'ijff. cases  of arbitration where land might be  taken for roads and railroad right,  of way purposes, to say nothing afc  all of its-use in thp lav* courts  .where, a, purchaser might plead overcharge; in the case of land purchases/- ': Z_.m" 'Z'Z...''  Under these latter circumstances  we fancy the popular and. reasonabledemand would be for a valuation somewhere in the neighborhood of .the lowest sum a vendor  would take in7: spot cash for any  place he might wishi to sell.  While.some might be willing on  very special occasions to preach the  cash value doctrine as laid down by  Mr. Ebbutt; in the great hiajority  of cases we fancy the most popular  interpretation would be the owner's  cash deal figure.  But no matter which view you  incline to let's take *a look at a re-'  peak,, well-known sale of Valley  property and see whether in his  latest assessment Mr. Ferguson has  strayed very far from even Mr Eb-  To Our  ....Customers  em ������ ���������  Creston Meat Market  mill be   closc'd   far  a time.  We take this opportunity  thank you for  the very  generous   patronage   ex-  Y   tended us.  to  We hope iti he favored with a  CuT-iinuance-.of trite ^some���������'���������  wken business is resumed. ..  m .->  CrssfuiiMea! Marks!  PostOfflM BlOCt.     JACK BARRACL0U8H  Ford Cars  and  I^mf^mSa mm% r>-  Trucks  AGAIN REDUCED!  Chauim..-. ~ ������445  Cltasxis, With Starter- 530  Runt-boat.  495  -Runabout, with Starter.������������������ 580  Touring ���������.��������� 535  Touring, with Starter-  620  r S   SM$C^���������������������������*���������*** ������������������*���������*# .mmmmtats    ��������� ������������������������������������*���������������*.* .m      OffO  Truck With Starter.���������.  660  Coupe, with Starter.���������  640  &-bn,itoah Starter  930  These prices are f.o.b.  Ford, Ont.  Creston Auto* Supply  R. S. BEVAN, Pray.  butt's theory.  Sometime last summer" Alex.  Duperryparted company with 26  acres of Erickson property afca spot  cash price of #17,000, Mr. Celli be  ing the buyer. Ch. the 1922 assessment roll MrYOelli is paying taxes  on just exactly $7,500.  And it is quite safe to say that  this assessment is a fair sample  of the taxation all through the Val  ley when the acreage planted to orchard and the age of the trees are  taken into consideration.  Assuming these figures fairly  represent the work Mr. Ferguson  has done ail over the Valley even  Mr. Ebbutt can hardly complain  about his favorite cash value theory  being disregarded, while those who  hold to it that a cash value is something in the neighborhood of the  XMsh price the seller asks, surely  cannot complain about Mr. Ferguson being unjust to them.  And assuming, further, that most  of the other valuations ^are some  what on a par with the one we have  ���������   '   ���������        " ��������� rr"  cited (aud on the selling price of  which Mr. Ferguson must have had  full information) it must be at once  apparent that any effort to rai&e  assessments would disari vaiiiageous-  ly affect the great raafority of owners in the Valley.  As to what constitutes a fair  price for an aged apple tree it may  be illuminating to some to know  that when the Sirdar-Kuskancok  road was built and some orchard  land had to he expropriated on the  Pascuzzo ranch to provide, the right  of way at that particular point, in  addition to paying roundly for the  land taken, horticultural experts  held that $17 per tree was a reasonable charge for the trees that Mr.  Pascuzzo was forced to lose���������and  which price the government  paid. Were the assessor to levy on  the 100,000 apple trees in the Valley at even half the price paid Mr.  Pascuzzo local ranohers would certainly have good reason to complain of the new tax buaden.  resent the city  of Victoria in the  legislature,  and, their constituents  are immune from  provincial tax  atioiK hence "Fair Play" cannot see  the justice of lambasting Mr. Oliver while the local member, half of  whose constitueney is liable for the  higher taxation,   goes   unscathed.  In Edition to this "Fair Playn  is quite curious to   know   how   it  comes about that in the selection of  officers and executive not a Liberal  is chosen to serve in  any capacity  on  the ^Ratepayers'   Association���������  and this  despite the fact  that the  chairman pro tem stressed the point  that the association should be non  political as well as non sectarian."  ' Whether,    in   the   selection   of  officers*there was any organized effort to  sidetrack Liberals Js quite  immaterial, but there is much point  to "FairYPIoyV demand that  the  Kaslo member should take his full  share of blame for the seemingly  unsatisfactory assessment law tha������  has been enacted,   unless   he   can  demonstrate that when the legislation was before the house .that he  Z.-L  revenue.. And talking about enlarging the provincial incomes how*,  wquld it be for those who so readily  talk about the prevalence cf bootlegging providing the assessor with,  the names of the illegal booze vendors so that they can be levied upon  for income tax by both the B.C. and  Dominion authorities..'  For  Sais���������White   enamel   S-foofc  single bed, mattress, springs. --$12.50;  j also W-estern Quesa cook stove, wood  or coal. $15.   Rev. H. Varley, Oreston.  ���������**..-  protested lii^his usual vigorous  fashion against, its becoming law.  Opposition members' may in ajl  fairness gain all the votes possible  on the strength of the government's  riactmenfc of unpopular legislation  if merely passive resistance were  offered when such legislation -was  before the house, but u nless the local representative can show that he  Seriously objected to the putting on  the statute book of these afmend-  inents to the taxation act then he  ������������������-at least in, equal measure with  the party in power���������must take his  share of the blame for bringing  about the present unsatisfactory  state of affairs. In the premises  surely one has been just as  negligent as the other.  When it comes to getting quick  results in~ community*.advertising  the publicity committee of the  Board of Trade believe they have  established a record. - In the Lethbridge Daily Herald of Friday: appeared an article* similar to tbe one  in last week's Review shqwing the  details of the. 1921. .expert --. trade,  and on Saturday's mail *-' the board  of trade president received the following letter:  .*���������**���������������.   m.r���������. 4.V.     ������.. .XI  xi.it x*-isvss aii. is.-  Lethbridge, Alta.  Y Y Jan. 20, 1922.  ** i  President Board of Trade,  .,. Creston; :BiG.Y^^'^Y*- P'-"Z' ���������'  :DearSiiy "_":-P'*^-~Z" -    y'z*. '���������  Having seen in the Lethbridge"  Her^ld-au^ch HSiasc*^u^**of Oieston  ., f would ask you v^hether it would  be possible to p>.������ chapei ahout two  acres in that district. Y'  ���������������������������...-..-��������� ifeyoii could furnish toe with ������by  particulars cpneernmg prices and  other items of interest :I should be  obliged. -.,-'��������� rJZj-.Zy ���������  Yours truly,  ��������� 'Y P:yP?z-y:Wto. BATJ2S.  This is a fair sample .of the useful service the board .of trade renders the community :|n"; maiiy ways.  If you are desirous of having tbe  Valley������������������" speedily ind intelligently  develoyed .tftci, most efiflebtii'e way to  give exercise to this commendable  energy is to join up 'with thee board.  Nelson Assessment Oisfricf  Notice is hereby given that a  Court of Revision and Appeal  under the provisions of the  "Taxation Act" and Amend*  meats thereof, and under the  "Public Schools Act," respecting the Assessment Roll for  year 1922 for the Nelson Assessment District, wil! be held  at toe Court House, Nelson,  B.C., on Tuesday, the 31st day :  of January, 1922, at the hour  of ten a.n.; and at the Police  Police Buildings, Greston, un  Wednesday, the 1st day of  February. 1922, iatJ2 o'clock  p.m.  JAMES O'SHEA  Judge of Court ot Revision ������nd Appeal  N������i;n������ Assssssssst DisSric*.  CATTLE ESTBAY  Game to the premises of the under  signed at Camp Lister: Two mulley  cows; one red, with ��������� brand, and, the  other light roan. YOwner can have  same on paying all expenses. C.  FRAMPTON, Camp Lister, B.p.  HEIFER ASTRAY  Came to the premises of the under-  ipren  Nov*  signed about November 1.1821, roan  heifer 1 year old, no brands visible,  horns turn backward and downward.  Owner can have same on paying all  expenses.   PAUL HAGEN. Wynndel.  MILK  Rich in Buttorfat, and from  ToBsrcutin-tsstnd Cows  7 Quarts or H Pints for $1.00,  CREAM FOR SALE  Half-Pint Pint Quart  20o. 35c. ������0o.  Placing Some of the Blame  MOUNTAIN VIEW RANCH  WALTER V. JACKSON ,  While the "Taxpayer" letter in  our last isi-me may fairly be said to  have gained the major share of the  attention paid the assessment question, the author of "The Plightof  the Creston Taxpayer" artiole'  whioh appeared in the Review of  January 18th, has also beenacoord  ed quite a full measure of cr it ioi em  ���������favorable and otherwise accord  ing, possibly, to the political leanings of his critics.  One correspondent, signing himself "Fair Play," is ourioun to knuw  why all the blame for the new situation is laid at the door of the  Oliver administration, and no questions asked as to what Col. Fred  LiHter, M.P.P. for this riding, was  doing when the so-oalled iniquitous  legislation was being put through.  Both Premier Oliver   and Hon.  John Hart, minister of finance, rep-  -t, ai  $150,  Four Years  -1������F  From, one intimately acquainted  with the matter the Be view is in  formed that*-; toot*? only for the past  two years; fc-U'tJ;f6|j at least four  years past, the-Creston Valley area  has*been reoeifing in the way of  public works an average expenditure of almost .$140,000 per year.  Over this period there has been expended a grand total of 6ver $150,-  000, and of this approximately  $107,000 has , gone . into roads,  $34,000 into bridges, and almost  $9,000 into ferries. *  As indicating the value the district has gqtten for the rates it has  paid it will be enlightening to know  that up till this year the assessment of the district has been little  more than $1,000,000, whioh at 1  per cent, would give oidy a tota  tax payment of $10,000 per annum  ���������just about one fourth of what has  been expended on much appreciated publio works, generally speaking  Aside altogether from the present assessment controversy that is  raging these fipjurea are worthy of  the consideration c f those in these  parts who are clamoring for the  striotest economy. So long as  Creston Valley ib willing to participate in public expenditures in  the advantageous ratio of four to  one as a community, we can not  consistently clamor for less generous treatment to, other seotions of  the province.       v  Domestic Pack  i*.  One morning last week by actual oount no less than twenty-three  dogs of one sorb and other were  noted disporting themselves iuolose  proximity to the poatoflloe corner  Just how many more of the canine  tribe were enjoying life and liberty  at other centres it would bo hard fo  say, but a round total of 200 would  seem to be well within the aotual  figures. At even a moderate $2 per  head lioonse fee the authorities are  passing up quite a respectable bty of  We are Offering Special  Values in thes  *> Lames  fik.*ilii-.-S.--  Ji.*-  -Y'W --������ -������������������ -  ZZ  FLANNELETTES  White, at 20c., 25p., 30p.-yard   ' y  y.     Striped, 32 .^d 3^  0seyrni ^Oc. and S5c. yard      p ^z '' ���������  ' '  * ' ' *. 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Districf* FiJi-ester   at    Williams  ^fe^*nM������ 'f^i:!^ ge������i-������e4t  Ksuuloops, Ni������l%.onYv prince Rupert,-  ' V-gj-fcmiveV, Vfei-non, ev vwtth the Coni-  ���������"^Br*^ ^^iiw-jipeiwtipenj uf  Jj;in*ns,:"at Victoria, B.U.^on or ..before  Match 31,4822.; Y*   .'    -   *  Blftjik.foriiij*-' upon which to submit  appnctij.inns^ may be _ obtained.' from  tlrer-.-jDisti-itt" .Foresters -kt-^the afcjoye  turned njafiest oj:vf������>in $he .pepatji,-  ment of I^'inr-s, victori^. - ,   -,  The: paging-:   of i livestock on 'the  Ci-v^v,n; BsinKe^Hhofa^.tPernjit consti-  tutes{trespas&JJ>ro&{>j$JMJbjr law. ^ ..  .y^ y-.yp    G^RYNADEtt,      V'  J -    " -     l^epsity-?um?ntoi������-uf -frauds.  Department r>f Labds^VictoHu.lB.C.  January 9, 1823.' ���������, .    ..,.-..,  ��������� r- ,    ' .        -   -    x ' "*  4 '      '       '      ' . ^-    ���������    ���������    '  * ������������������   ?,i i . ��������� .. . ...  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Mirabelli  Shoemaker   -'-   CiSESTON  Synopsis of     ���������  land %i ������ji8a:m8������t$  MlnHnunut prlc** of nrst-d&as lane-}  reduced to |6 an-axur*; aecond<.cla*s~le  12.60 am awe. < Vv - _! -  Pre-emption now confined to tor  voyad lands only.    yl*     .      ^ ^  KecordjtL-wilf \tjft tjpFanteeJ coveting only,,  land suitable for-agricultural purpose-"  ������nd which is ja<m<-*timber3andv' ' *..-     . ~  Part9etmil^-^-impitfSna-mb&U--ma:^  out parties of not more than four inay  arrange   for < adjacent r. prsremptionp  with joint reafdeijee^aiit eaoiK maktogv  necessary Improvements on itetrtrefetlv*^  Claims. -'������������������s^*^.,'.,,,**^   :������������������������;.;<-.-.   -   >u  . Pre-emptoro must oepqpy claims for  five years and riiake, improvements, to  value of *10 j>er ������������^liu:ludlnff clearing and cultfVation^oTAfVlcsust.frfaajta,'*  before receMni^CroWn CSrSat.:     .  Where pre-en>Bto������-As* -ffee-aj-sa-^iss 'act.  iess than '8 years, anej Has 'made proportionate Improvements* be may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be  granted intermediate-certificate of-ijna-���������  provemeijt ahd transfer.his felalm.r"    V-  __ Records   without   permanent   residence may he Issued, provMed applK  cant makes fropr^vemsnte :to e*xtent Of"-'  $800 per annum and record* same each  year.   Failure to make Improvements  or record same will operate as- for-' *  tenure.   -Title, cannot to Obtained ^inj-  ������e88'-w������M������J 5 Vears, and Improvements  of $10.00 per acre. Including- 5 acres  cleared and cultivated, and residence  of at least 2,years are required.**   ���������  Pre-emptor holding Crown grantc  may record another pre-emption, if be  requires larfd In conlun-jtipn^wlth his ���������  farm, without actuaf occupation, m*������-,-  vided statutory Improvements made  and residence maintained on Crown  granted land.   , ���������'���������������������������:..    Y ���������'     ���������    <  fffrett tt*3r-Art leaned as homesltea:  title to ba obtained of ter fulfilling, residential andf.im������rovemerit '���������Wndltrons. ���������'':":  For wtMiiur and,4ndu������trlal purposes  areas   eacceedln*. 610 Amw' "^k^W  Mill,- factory 6r>lndtts&lAF5ffw "on  timber land not exceeding-  40 acres  may be purchased;, conditions include  payment of stumpave.   f i -*;     v ,������  rK..NaiVlSl hBV w^owir (Inaccesslbliki  hy ^?lBt,n.������ wailg. may be purchased  PRE.EMPTORS'     HUB     GRANTS  ^������: ....    . j.     . ACT.;      .:.  The afibne of thta Act le enlarged to  ing with, His. Majesty's Foroos.   The  T"* "P " -     ' ' -*1  The largest and most enthusiastic  annual *wieeiin# in the history' of  Christ Chui-eb CQnfjfregation * was the'  g������thei-in*ff^4������rt WejEJpesday night last*'  which was? preceded hy a supper  served by the Ladies' Guild in the  Parish Hall, and /favored with' an  attendance of fiome seventy inenibers  and adherents, BeycJH. Varley pre-'  siding throughout.   .-^   . ^ y'  The treasure!, C. O. Bennett, submitted the'financial statement that  showed *alt tRe' year's afefcduhts met,  and *a^ balano^Of > $1 JtMto thegood:'  Mrs. JB*. M. Jackson presented tbe  yearly statement of the Ladies' Guild,  which shuwf dra &asb intake of almost  $000, witb'quttJe"*! ffiiie credit balance,  wMch isf-hfelhg-cbnsetvedt-for the"pay*  iBgi-iAlie-iTt������t!-Aviiettt'Gi prhicipki and  interest on the loan* secured for the  erection of tbe rectory, which- will*1  shortly- be' ready for occupation.*  During- tbe year, too, the iadies haye  cleared, the Parish Hall* of debt, atid  haye connected the' "hall up with the"  town water system. -  The.Sunday School report was most  encouraging. With the advent of a  -resident rector the sqhool had taken  on a new lease'of life, both in the way  of increased attendance and 'revenues.  The following lifflcers -were chosen for  the ensuing'year;'  People's*'Wdrcfen���������W. McAlpine, pr.  - Hector's Warden���������J. W. Hamilton/  Treasurer���������C. G. Bennett.  Auditor���������W. S. Watson.  Hall JSnpt.���������fl. Venus. '  Synod* Dnlegates���������Jas. Cook, Chas.  Moore,. A. R. Palfs^yman.'  " Sidesmen���������A. ^. Norris. XA. E. JPal  freyman,'  W. ^Busb;; Major  daine. Major GarlHB'Jsi A. A.'  C. G." Bennett. P. H. Watson.  A hearty yotc( ojf thinks w.-is t  Hr. McAlpine,' people's Warden, for  his* spjendi* effort-driring the year,  and in like manner Mr. Collis as organist, the Ladies'Guild and Sunday  &chrt'cft tfefchflfig staff weie enthusiasm  tipally remembered. After the busi-  pess>rJiaid all been "disposed of* there  Was a coupTfe "of hours' dancing befoue  the*gathering broke up.^  with the biggest ^showing 85 on one  Sunday in March. ��������� > ~ '  re.       - -'  ' .  The report of the Mission Band elegit  exclusiyely with finance, the intake  bein������ ,$133;for the year, andhof this $75  weritr-to4^^ OniuCse Famine Fund, r >'  Mallan-  ���������Jr. Collis,  ndes-ed  ^ . I   . - v -.0  **** -'���������,ij:     -.-     ��������� "���������   '   ���������  '   ,    '  J ( -    ���������>  According fe<*^ the .mercury at tbe  mill Canyon'CJty was fcivored- with a  coujple of'ten' below zero touches on  Wednesday vapd Thursday morning  liffi?   -    '     '-% ���������������*"  Leslie Mclnnes, who hiis been- at  hotne fop about ten days"'recovering  from the effects of an axe ^ashfahis  foot, retiirhedjfeo , work at the pole  cutting contract on Monday.*  Frank and Alf. Palmer and Frank  Putnam of Erickson are here this  week piitting tip a season's supply of  fuel oh the Alf. Palmer place, with  Dad"'Bf-owell's power sawing outfit'doing the-hiftoufacturing^ f  Sam ^Scott "Is" another native of  Et-idkson who is here at present.' He  is clearing asite on his newly-acquired  twenty acres and will erect a house  thereon in the spring.  During the gale that prevailed the  fore part of last week the new barn on  the Otto Johnson' ranch on Calgary  Heights had a close call "from being  wrecked. The wind shifted it a matter  of three feet and had it not been that  it lodged up against a neighboring  building it would** have been bowled  over completely/- ' With the aid of a  team and stump'puller -'it has been restored to its~ old-foundations. The  barn on the ������������. Huri ranch was also,  rather badly shifted in thesameharri������  cane. "     '1 '  ' The Methodists are having a' concert  here en' Feb. 9th, the proceeds from  which will beapplied on^the purchase  of th^ lot the-church now occupies,  and which has.heen si-quired fi-pm^tbe  Land Settlement Board...  The Soci*a Oomnslttee of,the Utsited  iFarmers are having anorher concert  and dance in the schoolhouse on' January 271b. in aid of the piano fund, to  which an admission fee of 50 cents will  be charged. "���������  Mgsdames Knott, VanAckeran, Mclnnes" and1 Wickhoim, along with  Messrs. Jim Turner atid Andy Wickhoim, have just been named'*' as the  United Farmers entertainment eom-  th'ittee for the present term. ~  "���������*��������� ~ m- ��������� ���������*���������  . Th^Major Burritt ranch is reported  sold this week to a , Mr. Messenger of  Lethbridge, Alta. ' This is. a ten acre-  phrtje, mostly cleared and a ?ouple of  ^cres- planted to orchardY  ���������.v..-     - -  Fred Speaker was a yisitor with Calgarv, Alta., friends 'a few day's _ last  week. '  There is a considerable export of  lumber at the Siding these days-the  Canyon City Lumber Co,, Ltd., shipp-  ln������ with, His Majesty's Forcos.   The  ������m2 ^"^^l!1^ 4h������ h;lra,*ftr drrlseea)  for title under th!������ Act le eitendad  from for one year from the dettth of  such person, oa formerly, until one  year after the conclusion of the present  tSSctlve     pr,vlIe|ro iM ������htojnSSe^..  rf,5������������������ei*������j*!Sinlto P?5r*n>Ptlonslare  due or payable by*: sold ere on,-. preemptions record*^ after June 18, im  direct or IrtdlreotT remitted'irom eS;,  iistment^twkB������u^f'Ji,*lH'F ^^  '  aUB-PURCHAMlRa op OROWN  #        ,   .........;,LANPa,'.,  Provision  -tn&de   for iswuanee   of  Crown front* to sub-purchasers    of  purohoaera who, failed   fco -oompiete'  purchase, lnvolvliur forfeiture,.on fulfillment of condit one of purajiaa*. Interest and tpw.  wWeS^mSM.  whole area.  made by lfa>  ** .WSpoHionately   over  ORAZINfl.  ���������yetematio  y uro-  adlnlnlBtriuI^'TindeV" "c7mra'h������lonor*  M2*^mb������X!.!?i,t*d^rtPr'ly ,or ���������������������*������-���������  itsned ownctfl. Clock'.u/umrm may  form Aasoplatlena for.ranke management.   Free, or partially free, permits  Oraalnv Act. al|i0. for   syaten  development of livestock Industry  -rides for gravlti* dlstrloiii and n  Successful Year t  For Presbyterians  ' With the able assistance/ of the  ^nenrbers t>f.t.he-Ladies' Aid, who pro-  yided a supper as well as. getting together quite ah attractive concert programme, the anntial congregational  meeting-of St. Stephen's'Church at^  tracted by far the largest attendance  ever recorded at any previous yearly  session; In fact the crowd was so  large that although all the available  space in the Parish Hall Was occupied  it was necessary to set a second tajbfo*  ih .order to adequately refresh- the  i >ner man of the* large attendance.  The .business" meeting was presided  -over by J, F. Rose, with W.-S;  McAlpine officiating as secretary.  The financial statement Submitted  showed contributions from all sources  of -$l786i; ' Ot*������thi6 ������thOunt 85482 * had;  been\itilifced to pay off the last instalment of debt on tlie church' which'i  along with the manse, is now entirely  unencumbered. During the year, too,,  there hiiid been- 'quite considiprable expense incurred in putting in a ne\y  gasolineifghtlng* system. ' ' '' "-  ; 'The wpbVWof the^ession���������the first  time in the church's history thirvt such  a report' has - been������ pr^sented-^slfiowed  that there had been seyen meetings of  .the elders during the year. There had  been thvee sucmniient services at which  there had been an uyerage attendance  of 27 communicants ll new names  were inscribed on the membership  roll���������-7 on profession of faith and . hy  certificate. '.  The report of the-Ladies' Aid show*  ed a cash intake of about $600. ahd out  of this income a very substantial grant  had been made to enable the manager^  to pay off the last of the church debt."  $5 hud also .been contributed to the  stipend nf the dletHct public health  nurse. For this year the report stated  the endeavors of the ladles would- be  to beautify tho interior and exterior1!  appearance of both church and niansei  The Aid has a total membership nf 20,*  six recrnlta being tulded during the?  jrenr. 1 en re^ulitir ..meetings were  hold,.with ai** average attendance of  12members. ���������-"    : "'  The financial side of the Sunday;  School statement indicated that collections totalled 9180 for the yoar���������about'  the same intake as for the year pre-  vious-^-but this does .not take account  of a special offering of * $0, which woe  turned over to the'Chinese famine  fund. The school hits nine classes and  the average attendance has been 00,  ir_K nt, least, a, car a day for the last  couple of weeks.  At the United Farmers meeting on  Saturday night the feature was the  passage of a resolution demanding  that no liquor store be established in  Creston until such time as a vote favorable to such an innoyation is recorded'jn the Valley. Tbe delegate to the  if. F. central meeting at Creston on the  14tb,reporte^ that Jas. Adlard hod  been named as official delegate from  the five Valley locals to the provincial  ���������convention' at Vancouver this week  and that Canyon local wculd be called  upon to pay one-fifth of the delegate's  expense. At the next meeting* on  Feb. 4tli, a committee from the newly-  o^-gani&etl Ratepayers'Association will  bepi^seat and discuss the work of  that brgat������zatioh. At the close of the  meeting on the 21st there was a cduple  of hours of sociability at which a collection was taken .and $4 netted for  T~  Wi%w -K  tmJstM.aa.s.  iinproveMesiis  .0 ������������������������--*=���������  Aim ynm f������ HSS~\ cS ^gg&~~a ^hsZ������Z.22 W ������SF S^S  cr to fn>ereasd jqvlt MJHsLgt, your stodt or eQnlpm������nt?  Auw* pf*������sri:^iy������ fsnac? ^TJll^ai 4Ms S-anJt ever  resSy to extend reasonable Jk^ss tes !c^i������!sb^ yuir-  mmb. TMsms your vbm*with ssr Icsal sssosger.  tbnwmfindMminteMste^  ten  II^I^ERIAJ.  iANK  ^i-^  C. W. ALLAN,  OF CANACtA  GRF^rON BKAP^GH,  SMeBsier.  Is #ere any  Meakin the  tiv  ��������� This i$ui*ho first .j^ues-7  tion thftt pr^ents itself  to tB������*Ybortke"wife' if an  unexperffediHsitor drops  in for ������. fnea!.   But' why-  worry?   "  Shamrock Brand  Hams and Bacon  Finest Quality  Cooked Ham  Lunch Meat  Bologna, &c,  are always to be had  here. In meats 'nothing  quite etfuata 'Bhamrpck*  products. 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Lui son and Qharies Hdnsqn* pr any  fiersbn to whoni they may have trans-  orred.an interest within the ptJrlodof  ninety "days from this notice,, pay to  nie the sums shown  herewith, said  sums-being due for.work done on, and  exponuos hicmrcd in connection with,  the dovelonmente-otfvtbe' aboye-menV  tloned claims, as follows: ��������� '  M..J. Dyer.$70.00. Y  ChtirloB Hunsqni $88,0^ -  ������fbr this' ycfimrsUBsessmenf work,. frow  1020 to 102J, on ea(d mineral claims,  together .with ajil.cpstaof thlsodyer-  tlsoment; and    , ���������   .  Hannah B, I^arson, 9450.00  for the, yearn' Assessment work from  1018 to 1021, on said mineral clalmn, i  togoiher with alt oosta of this; ad ye?���������  tiscniont... ���������      >.'��������� ,-P ������������������' ��������� '��������� (   ;;:o������  And farther take notice that un!c?9  these <*,suras are paid within. the tune  above stated your interests In the flaW,  eliitmw will become vested In mo, your  cp-owner. who has, made tho rcaulred  expeiulltui-t'H on said mineral elaime.  under Sections 28 and 48 of the  Mineral Act.  - ��������� -��������� ' ���������>���������  Pated at Kitchener, B.C.. December  27,1021. - J. A. SULLIVAN;  Go ail I  Imperinl Lump Gait Coal  always in stock-.  TRANSFER   and   DRAVING  >-,'L '-'  Office:    Opp. Methodist Church.  Phone 56  :*> '  mmtv-mTimmtmimmamm  IP YOUARE TtHNKINQ  tHMMSJHHnaMHHH^  No doubt you will pay more money  foi* liimher-uext year.  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He  enjoyed also that knowledge that  Riles was utterly at sea; that he had  np more idea* than the horse he rode  what lay before them that night.  "It's all quite simple," said Gardiner, after a pause. "Jim will hurry  back to the ranch, saddle his horse,  and follow us. By the way, I didn't  tell him I borrowed his revolver.  That may dela^ him some. But he  should arrive at the shack in time to  ���������be taking a, few stealthy observations  HEALING  SOOTHING  ANTISEPTIC  ftr/Mffms*. Stiff 7ro!f6M$  "Let him. Nobody'll believe lt.  Remember- that when he tells that  he'll be under arrest, and when a  man's under arrest his word is always  discounted. To be arrested means  to be half convicted. It-takes two  good witnesses to offset the moral effect of arrest, and Travers will have  no witnesses.  "It's all quite easy," Gardiner continued.      "And if it should fail there  are a dozen other ways just as easy,  just about the moment the Harrises 1 But we won't let it fail. We mustn't  are hunting for their* money bag.      I  (������ontinued)  He leaned forward in the trees, but  at that moment Riles  clutched Gar-  ' diner's arm and said something in a  iow    voice.        The    two    men   rode  through-the river, and    their    words  were drowned in the lisp of the water.  The  smile  did  not  leave  Travers'  lips as he wound up his reel and stole  swiftly along a  cattle-track up from  the river, but a sudden light gleamed  in his eyes and his muscles hardened  with excited tension.      He knew the  shanty to which Gardiner referred, as  they  had  once  been  there  together,  and he resolved that if there were go^  Ing to be any "doings" in that locality  to-night he would furnish a share of  the   excitement.     Unfortunately,   the  "ford was on a cross-road little used,  and it was two miles back    to    the  ranch.      Had he* been raised on the  ranges he would not have been caught  so far from his - horse, but a Manito-  ban sometimes uses his legs to walk  with, while his brother    in    Alberta  finds  them  useful  only  for  wearing  ischaps and straddling a saddle.  . By  the time Travers reached the ranch  buildings,  caught  and    saddled    his  horse, made a fruitless search for his  revolver, substituted a rifle which lay  at hand, and at length. found himself  upon the.-trail, darkness was,: setting  in, and Gardiner and Riles had many  miles' start of him.        _ *"    *,  .*������������������  When the two; plotters stopped;to  let their horses drink at the ford Gardiner suddenly broke off from their  conversation to make a few remarks  about Travers and Harris. Riles had  listened indifferently until his eye  caught sight of Travers, half concealed among the cotton-woods tha* fringed the stream. He clutched Gardiner's arm.  "S-s-sh," he cautioned.     "Jim's just  iw������L.e>.  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"Good    enough,    I    suppose,"    said  Riles, "but I hope w;e didn't-come out  here to see the sunset.;   How about  this plan of yours?" *   ^  Z. Z....,���������  "Riles," admonished Gardiner,  "you've no more soul than a toadstool. You haven't any imagination.  I wonder you have faith, enough to  wind your watch. Now if you could*  paint a picture like that it would make  you more money than you ever saw���������  including what you're going to see to-  nightY       'ZP'Z.:������������������'-'P-P. Y* *:' 'PA-Z y  "But to get down to the scheme.  It's all easy sailing now. The big  thing was to get them on the road,  with the coin. That?s what I needed  you for, Riles. And you didn't do too  bad. I had to prod you along ?a bit,  but you'll thank me for it when it's  all over." :   * -   , Y  "Yves. but���������it's them that's got it,  not us," commented Riles. ' f  "Sure, but it'll be different in the  mornin'.      Riles,  you  are  a gloomy  devil.     Here you have ten thousand  dollars right in your mit and you're  as happy as a man with a boil. * Now  this is how it will work out. to.a T.  The two Harrises will get up to the  shanty  .about   dark.*    They'll .pitch  camp there and begin to wonder when  we'll be along.      Well, we won't be  along until*it's.gopd and dark, even If  we .have to lull time on the road;     If  TraVters catches up on us we'll jiisfc-let  him make one-of the-party, which will  be sort of embarrassing for Jim. * But  he won't catch up.     -Well, when it's  good and dark���������there'll be no moon  till after midnight���������and they're''--both*  sleepy ;wlth their long drive in the  high altitude, we will arrive nearby.  You will go up to the door and. take a  look on the quiet.     J will go up to  the window and do the same. There's  -no glass in the. window, and there's  no  door on  either,  as  I  remember.  We'll size;iup things inside, particularly the location of "-tlieYcoin.      Then  you show yourself.     -Tell 'em I have  the owner of the mine out there in the  trees, but the old fellow won't come*  in until he has a   talk   with   them.  Tell  'em they better not show^, the  money-itntll they chat with him a few  minutes.     Likely they'll fair for that,;,  as they don't seem to^have the'.slight-  est suspicion.     But if they balk at  leaving the money let them bring it  along.      Once  put  in  the  dark the  rest will be easy.    But I figure they'll  leave the money in   the   shack���������it's  just for a.few minutes, you know���������and  they'll  reason that it's  safe  enough  with   no   one   but ourselves within  miles.     Well, you lead them off down  through the bush.     As soon as you  do that I'll Blip in through tho window,  gather up the long green and  cache it somewhere In the scrub.   You  won't be able to find me at' first, but  when you do I'll say tho old fellow  wanted to go up to tho shack himself  to meet them, and I let him go. Then  we'll all go back to the shack, and And  both the money and the old man���������the  mine-owner, you know���������missing. Then  we'll Rlart a hue and cry and all hit  into tlie bush.     You and I will gather  up the spoil and make a quiet getaway for tho night.    'Of course we'll  have  to turn up in the  morning to  avert suspicion, but wo can tell them  we got on tho robber's trail and followed it until wo lost oursolves in the  bush.      In   tho   meantime   the   Har-  rlfiett will be tearing around In groat  excitement, and they're almost euro to  run on to Travers.     Harris recently  fired Travers, and Allan had a flRht  wlili him, If you told mo right, ho It's  not likely they'll listen to any explanations.     They'll turn him ovor to tho  police, nnd nf) It'ft the IniHlneBH of the  poHc-e to K������t r<onvlr*iloi)H, they'll havo  to frame up a cane awuinttt him or bo  made to look Mtuphl���������antl Mtat'w the  last thing a policeman liken.     Thon  you and 1 will quietly divide tho pro*  eeedH of our Investment, and you can  m back, to your farm, If you like, and  Jive to a rlpo old age and K������t a write-  up In the local paper when you mhufllo  off.     Ah for ir������o--I'm not that, type,  Ellen, and I'll likely find noma other  way to spend rny profHn,"  "ft   look*   fta������y,"  Jllle*   admitted.  "But what Abont   Jim?     Hell   tell  , wha* ho heard yon ������ay at tho ford.*  let it fail, on your account  "On my account? What more account mine than, yours?"  "Well* you see, Harris, no doubt,  has your" letter stowed away somewhere, and it would make bad evidence for you. I don't think it mentions me at all. Besides, I know a  way through a pass in these mountains, and if It doesn't turn out right  ���������why, I'm glad I know the way. You  see, I've nothing to lose, and nobody  to worry over me.     But" it's different  with you, .Hiram. You���������have a wife  and a "fine farm do-ton.' in Manitoba,  and it would be inconvenient for you  to slip away without notice; So I  say that on your account we mustn't  let it fail."  "You didn't say nothin' about that  before, I notice," said Riles.  "You mustn't* "expect me to do your  private thinking as well as that of the  firm," Gardiner retorted. "You had  the facts���������why didn't you patch them  together for yourself? You're in a  mess now if things don|t . go right.  But, as I said, I'm going to stick with  you and see that they do-go right."  They rode along in silence in the  gathering darkness. Had they been  able to read each other's minds they  would have been astonished at the  coincidence of thought. Gardiner  was planning to make away with the  money when he got out of the tmild-  ing. Why should he divide with  Riles���������Riles, who would only hoard  it up, and who had plenty of money  already? Not at all. Riles might  sue him for his share, if he wanted to  ���������and could find him, to serve notice!  On the other hand, Riles' slow wits  had quickened to,the point of perceiving that there lay before him a chance  -of making twenty thousand dollars instead of ten thousand, if he only had  'l;-;W;|Fl,l#,i|k'  For Infants ^& Children  In Use For Over 30 Years  ffl  r.  3G  3E3(~s3E  Plain Facts ior  Stomach Sufferers  3ESf  Digested food makes us strong,  vigorous, healthy". Dyspeptics are  invariably weak and ailing.    All  j] they "need to make them strong  and well is the power to" digest  food, and that is just what'Mother B  Set-gel's Syrup gives. It helps the  stomach, liver and bbwels to do  their work efficiently. 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Add Stomach lu candy-like "Cafl-  careta."     One or two tonight "trill  etajftr your" hoyrela complotoly hy  xnonotaK, and you will feel splendid.'  "They work whllo yon Bleep." Caa* ,  carets never ������ttr you np or gripe Ulco  Salts. 1*1113, Calomel or Oil and they, ]  coat only ten cents & box. Children*  lanre Gaaca*et������ too.  ilSi^'CLii^i^';ti:^.*'**'''***''**'**������i*''  iJlfllllSSIg1^*^^^^^ ���������BBBB���������aaiiiimiimmiimjiiiminm mini  er  jL  jssm mmms^zsmsToiXt os, &  C������>  Grain Growers Had Profitable Year.  Financial Report Shows Total Profits  Of $233,743  Five hundred delegates, representing '30,000 shareholders, were present  &X the annual meeting-of the United  Grain Growers, held in Winnipeg. All  the retiring directors were re-elected:  The financial. report for the year ending August 31st showed total profits  of $233,743, while the total current as- \  sets of, the company,, are- reported to  be $5,975,000*. -      ��������� *  Fish Catch Is Valuable  The value of fish and 'fish products  in Saskatchewan is $300,000 annually  according to the report of the Department of Labor and Industries. *The  total catch of white fish for the year  was 2,420,600 pounds valued at $212,-  S69. The scarcest fish for marketing  this year is the gold eye. Only one  ton was caught, the value being $240.  Other commercial varieties are mullet,  pickerel, pike, sturgeon, trout and  tullibee.  ,11'  Muscles, Spr2-  Melius,  It W        TV���������.-X*-���������.   .V- .���������     ���������X,J_C      ��������� -       ���������rxVSrx���������       ���������~  X-l.  J3.  JDUJ. lllVV 1U1V,   VJX-*rlll*S~   \jl  y/uixt^c  UI  Swift Current, has been " appointed  chief-of The Pas fire and police departments.  The Scots Guards band sails for  Canada on April 22. The band will  give concerts throughout the Dominion on behalf of the war veterans.  George Baldwin Selden, 77, inventor  of the first gasoline propelled vessel  -and a pioneer in the present automotive industry died" recently at his  home in Rochester.  Eleven members of the crew of the  German steamer Vesta bound from  Hamburg to Lisbon as well as the wife  - of the chief .officer, were killed- by an  explosion on "the ship following a fire.  Ten survivors ol* the crew were landed at Lowestoft by a trawler.  Maude Adams, who is known to  thousands of Canadians as Peter Pan,  has presented her 300-acre estate at  Lake Ronkonkoma, L.J., tc* the Roman  Catholic sisterhood of Our Lady of  the Cenacle. The estate is.valued at  1130,000.  The minister of publicity Dublin,  has published a* letter from "the Irish  consulate to New York" advising suspension of all emigration from Ireland  to the United States in view of the  .depression'in trade, and tlie unemployment which prevailed there.    -'"  >'  The city 'of Montreal was found  guitty of gross .'negligence in connection with ^leYdeath of LUlian -Manning, the eight-year-old daughter of joe  Manning, who \te\\, thro"jigh ?an, open  nianliole) into a ''seweri; last witrter,}.and  was ordered to pay $665 to the child's  parents. Mr. \ Manning originally  sued for $2,-500.    Y ...     ���������  Can Be Treated Quickly  In minor sprains, the -muscle ia  strained a little, and all that is needed is a vigorous rubbing with Nerviline. This draws the extra blood  away, and permits the muscle to return to its normal condition. The  supremacy Nerviline enjoys is owing  to its penetrating power, it strikes  deeply, that is why it removes* deep  seated^ pains, and fixes up folks that  have Rheumatism, Lumbago, Neuralgia and Sciatica. There is about five  times the pain destroying power in  Nerviiine than you find in the average" liniment. Sold everywhere, 35u  per bottle.  11  I FACE  IisBlisters.WasDisfigyred.  Ciafietiira' Heale  Young Girl's Party  Pastel  "Eczema started on my face,  around my chin. It came out in  blisters- and .the pitching  . and burning were very  -\ disagreeable. Sleep was  $. out of the questiorf and  my face was disfigured  so I wore a veil.  * "I was treatedandused  different- remedies but  nothing would 3o any good. I procured a cake of Cuticura Soap and a  box of Cuticura Ointment which soon  healed me." (Signed) Miss Carrie  K. Frisbie, Gray,   Dry  Mills, Me.  Try to prevent further trouble by  using Cuticura for all toilet purposes.  Soup 25c. Ointment 25 and 50c. Talcum 25c. Sold  throughouttheDominion. CanadianDepot:  Lynmns, Limited, 344 St. Pan! St., W., Montreal.  S"S������"*Cuticura So&p'cfaayes without mug.  Blotting Paper Being  Made in Canada  Winnipeg Planning  Industrial Credits'  Estimate.Five Million Dollars Needed  to Finance Undertaking  A system of industrial credits, similar to  rural  credits  scheme, will be  put into operation  early in the new  year by the Winnipeg    Trades    and  Labor   Council,   it , was    announced.  The proposal, whijcli is only in a tentative form, will" be to loan money to  small industrial concerns at a slightly  'higher rate of interest than it costs to  provide for administration expenses. It  is estimated $5,000,000 will be needed  to finance the undertaking, and this  will be raised by means of e. loan.  Half Million a Year j-fas Been Paid for  '" Import  After extensive and thorough experimentation, blotting paper,of the finest  quality is reported for the first time  produced in Canada, the Howard  Smith Paper Mills, Ltd., Cornwall,  Ont,, being the pioneers in this branch  of the industry.. Hitherto the blotting paper used in Canada has been  imported, the imports being valued at  about half a million dollars a year.  KEEP LITTLE ONE  m-        t. JJ      imm TL,'-.J^   *P  juauicS axcjuLtGV-c ^uci'f vviiiS  In A Very Simple Way  No pain, no trouble, costs only a  quarter. lt is a very simple ..thing  to paint on a small application of  good old "Putnam's" night and morning. To remove corns, to get entirely free,from, them, use Putnam's Corn  & Wart Exterminator. It is guaranteed. * 25c at all dealers. Refuse a  substitute.  Winter is  a dangerous season for  the little ones.      The   days    are    so  changeable���������one.day bright, the next  cold and stormy/ that the mother is  afraid to take the children out for the  fresh air and exercise they   need   so  much.   In consequence they are often  cooped up in overheated, badly ventilated roqms and. are,j soon seized with  colds or grippe.     What is needed to  keep the little ones'   well    is   Baby's  Own Tablets.     They will regulate the  stomach and bowels and    drive    out  colds, and by their use the baby will  be able to get over the winter season  in perfect safety.. --^The  Tablets are  ���������-sold by medicine dealers or by niail^t  25 cts. a box*from The I>r. Williams'  Medicine Co., Brockville, ,Ont.  By.. Marie Belmont .  ' Pastel shades are favored for the  younger girl. This shell colored  charmeuse is essentially the ingenue  type most suitable to the young miss  who will wear it. y  t The simple bodice extends into -a  straight across top portion, which  drops over the shoulders in the newest fashion. The plain bodice is  drawn in to fit .the figure.        - -.   ;,  Roses of the material decorate the  belt front. The only other, trimming  note appears in the thi-ee applied folds  of the charmeuse. " The folds diminish in width as they near the top of  .'the skirt, this idea being one borrowed from mother's party frock.  WhyZ'owe    any person a grudge?  Let's pay as we go!  Still a Mystery -  Another would-be  contributor to a  4' r  comic paper sent a humorous paragraph for insertion." Not-getting any  reply, or seeing it in print, he presently wrote:  "I sent~you a joke about ten days  ago. I have heard nothing respecting  its "'safe receipt; and ��������� should be" glad  to hear whether you have seen it."  The editor's reply was as follows:  "Your joke arrived safely, but to , the  nreserit we have riot seen it."  Minard's Liniment for Garget in Cows  trr\ 1 7..-XATV    tr.    v tr-tl���������x- t  Syracuse, N. Y.  "I'm feeling like a new man since  Tanlac soothed and toned up my stomach and - for the first "time in forty  y'ears ean eat a hearty meal and suffer no distress afterwards," was the  remarkable statement of Patrick J.  Haley, 107 Prospect Ave.,- Syracuse,  N. Y.,~a well-known iron and steel  worker:  "Only those who have had stomach trouble in a bad form can know  what I suffered during all those years.  I was almost a nervous wreck, too,*  and for years I didn't know what it  was to get a good sound sleep at  night.  "I got new life and energy from  each dose of Tanlac ��������� and now I'm a  well and "happy man instead of a sick"  and miserable one as J. was for so  many years. I'll vouch for the merit*  of Tanlac atv any time." ~~  lanlac is sold by leading di-uggists  everywhere. Z  ' Weather strips will soon be classed  as long felt wants.  /      England Takes Bulk of Wheat  -.   The total wheat booked for export  r T        , " -    ***  from Vancouver this season has now  .reached J 100,000 -..tons, - of. which Ayro-  -thirds is for*England.'   - ~��������� -,  CATARRHAL DEAFNESS  is greatly t-el'cvecl Uy constitutional treatment. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE  is a constitutional remedy. r'ninrrhal  Deafness is caused by an inflaii.*. ' condition of tho mucous lining* of-the 1-Ousta-  ehlan Tube. When this tube is inilamed  you have a'rumbling sound.or imperfect  hearing, and when it is entirely closed.  Deafness is the result. Unless the* inflammation can be reduced, your hearing  may be destroyed forever. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE acts through the  blood on the mucous surfaces of thesys-.  tern, thus reducing the iriflamniatiori* and  assisting Nature in restoring normal* con-,  ditions.- ,,-'1'*.* -i- -iv. -'��������� ������������������'���������'��������� -'*������������������"������������������'' *���������*��������������������������������������������� "���������������������������:'  ������������������'���������;.��������� Circulars free. " All Druggists.  y,.]?. J. Cheney .& Co., Toledo, Ohio,.,  You  are no.  experiment-  {Inrg   when -  ��������� - you   use Dr. '���������  ,   t   Chase's Oint-^-  meofr for ^Eczema, and   SJtiu ' Irrita- %  tions. - It* relieves "at onco and gradu- .-  ally heals the skin.    Sample box Dr."  Chase's  Ointment free if vou mention this  paper and send 2c. stamp for postage.   60c. a ���������*,  box: all dealers or Edmanson, Bates & Co.*:  Limited. Toronto.  r.-.i  ..-'   -'      \r-.LJ.-Z���������-^=      .. :  ixm*i  . 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They  think that without the tea or  coffee they take in the morning  that they will' not be able to  v meet theifcasks and duties of the  day.     *' ' *  Nothing could be more false  than this reasoning. Any doctor  can tell you this. For a healthy  ...   body does not need or require  a stimulant. It gets all the stimulant it needs from food.  Tfie thein and caffeine found  in tea and coffee are irritating to  !    ihe heart and nervous system.  \?Z,Y'tThey jolt the nerves into undue  activity.   The result is, a reaction. This is why regular tea  and coffee drinkers think they  ��������� .must have their atiiqulant the  'first thing in the morning to  wind them up for the day.  If you will stop using tea and  coffee for a week, and drink  Postum, the - pure cereal beverage instead, it will give Nature  anoppiartunity to rid the system  of the irritating substances that  harass your nerves, upset,digestion, increase your heart  actioni'and make you nervous,  and irritable.  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Imniigra-  I tion to the Dominion for tho first  eight months*ot the fiscal year,. April  to November, totals 76,570, of whom  35,941 are-Brltialv 23,279 . from tho  United States and 17,355 from other  countries,  America's Pioneer  Dog Remedies  v    BOOK  ON  DOG    DISEASES  and How to  Feed  Mailed    Free    to    any.  ���������     Address   hy  the  ��������� ; ,'*���������;������������������������������������. ::*���������   A---~r-?ii~--.?LJi!-!  H:   CtAY   GLOVER1  CO..   INC.  118    West    33st-street,  vNew York.  U.S.A.  Cwk'8 Cotton Hoot CompoticS  ?.A ������*/#,. nrtfrtbfeB rcpvlattnffy  medi-itst. Sold in thrt-o do*;  t-ttttiw et strength���������No. X.ClJ-  No. 9. 93; No. 3i $5 per box..;.  *Sold bjr aU drufgiau, or ecnfc'  prepaid on receipt .of prlco.  Frc������ pamphlet. Addrcsij*'  THE COOK MEDICINE CO4  .TOIQMTO, ONT. (Ftrmrl; Wltdic;.)  A  !  Postum Jbr Health-~aThere,s a Reasoh,,  Made by Canadian Postum Cereal Co., Limited, Windsor, Ont.  m  -E  S  ���������^^h������i^^-0~  One of the best known guides in  Novn Scotia gives this testimonial of  MINARD'S LINIMENT:  Have UHod, Minard's Liniment in 'my  home, hunting and lumber camps for  years, and consider it the best white  liniment on tho market. I find"that  it gives quick relief to minor ailments, such as sprains, bruises and  all kinds of wounds. Also it Is a  groat remedy for coughs, colds, etc.,  which ono is liable to catch when log  driving and.. cruising during the winter and spring months. I wduUi not  bo without MINAED'S LINIMENT  and cannot recommend It tod* highly.  (Signed) Ellison Gray,  Alberta Turkeys Sent to States  Twenty thousand pounds of Albfsrtn  twrkoys were shipped to Minneapolis  and St. Paul during the Christmas  season through <?lie medium of the  egg and poultry braflch of tlio department of agriculture, which handled  40,000 pounds altogether ot tho surplus turkeys raised -by- Alberta  farmers.  INVENTIONS  Send for Hat of taw-nf-Jona wanted by Manuf ac.  tunm. VeMrtuneei h������������������ htta mad* from almpla  Ideaa. "Patent rroiactlon" booklet on request.  ;  HAROLD C SHIPMAN ft CO.  PATEHT ATTORNEYS y.-gjrrgflg ZftWP  tmstmmmmmmmmmWmmfmttmmr-  Mlnard'o Llnlmtn* for Warto, Corns,  :' .     .*��������� Etc. ' *  ^^g ^^^_  ra^H   jJ20  PAT!  This guaranteed  health     tonic  costs you nothing,  the hens pay for it iu  eff������������.  It supplies Nature's  egg-making elementj).  IHJ ?r*t!e Pcukiy kcgulator  Wi ADVICE FREE. L*t ut help you  W Pmtt Food Co. oi Canada, Ltd.  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Of  ,     *������*v   -* *      ';,/ *���������-, t-r.&a **.'-  Turn waake  i nv   ii  1.4** t0~V~. <!**   <"���������  UiliJ  I  X)X~T JSiua?.  fn.*������k Includes  1  I  "aicum Powder Holders,    Soap Boxes and Trays  Jewel Cases, Picture Frames, Perfume Bottles  x*t Nail Buffers,   Military Brushes,   Hair  Brushes and Comte,    Hand Mirrors  Vr.~~     -.t^- - +*-*t"     i** . j-  t   m   j" .     * -   -     -j . <.,*        * -  Sale Extended   One  LIU  Local asfcd Personal  ,&������������%   TTir ' AATIAf J|l#  &������fti HC-URIV������#tf,  We give Quality and Service here  Wanted-���������Flat top desk, about 3x4  feefc>*'E]&auii������ Mawson 2������rbthers.  W^NT^p^^urebred Barred Rock  rooster. Jj.'W.: Vaness^restonr  r -  Gold    Weather:    chapped    hands.  Try us  for prompt .relief.     Beattie-  CfatWysl&d.'-  " "  x,J(ICiYBndvMT8r:R: B. Staples left on  Tugsdasrfor a few. daVc'-visit with  friends In Spokane.   -  <S?OR Saije���������Tables, chains, utensils,  tools* etc. Can ibe seen at /Stanley  Watson's, Victoria Ave.   ���������,, .  v - *   *��������� ^   ,--. ��������� *   * ~  Miss Lyda Johnson was a "visitor  with Cranbrook friends a few days  last week, returning on Sunday.  Potri/ratY' Fo$ SitiB���������11 White Leg-  horns/ one year old; ^1820 prize winners.  First-class breeding stock. Mann,  Oreston.  -**-.-- HI*1  i Wi Truscott, who. has been x>n a  combined business and pleasure' trip  't������coast points.the past month, returned on Sunday.  The February meeting ���������of Presbyter-  ain Ladies' Aid will be held at the  hoiHe of Mrs. John Hobden nest Friday afternoon, Feb. 3������at 3 o'clock. '  .Friday e^hlng, Feb. 24th, has been  appropriated for a concert fur a community purpose, which will be put on  under the direction of Mrs. (Garland.  executive for the Creston Valley sec- [in the Valley, ancl will, moat likely be  tion. I ehoseh as the East Kootenay represent-  ...... .. , .    stive on the provincial U.F. executive.  A hard, hacking oougb is unpleasant, ~~  Why  hav^ one;    we can  cure  -iur   WANraas���������Men and women to sell to  I  r  PR!  iWe\}ii������ve to arrive today 15 pieces of  Canadian Prints-in * Light  and Dark^  Patterns.  White Cotton��������� ���������" ��������� ���������25c. yd.  Unbleached Cotton ��������� ��������� 30c. yd.  ~ .���������the new 1922 prices.  ���������.  Better Service  General Merchants  Lower Prices  J  Fob Sale���������Three-quarter Jersey  now, 4 years old, due in March; also  one tnree-quarter .Jersey heifer, due  in April.   W. V. Jackson. Creston.  04 - ��������� ~" ml.  A. H. Bluemenauer of - Fort Steele  spent a few dayg here last week with  his son who is now managing the  Beattie-Oatwav; Ltd., store, in .town.  Mrs. Lucas, the Valley's public  health nursr, has rented the E. Driffil  house near the fair grounds, and wiii  make headquarters there for tbe pres*  1 ent.  j <���������  j Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Cameron got  away on Monday on quite an extended  holiday trip to friends at Ontario centres and poinds as far east as Montreal,  Que. ;" {/ .  i ^  I    R. J-e-taar.t-i-W'hri Friday last on an  1 extended yisiI'i*ffi~\ friends in Ontario  and other  eastern   points,   and   will  probably be aw^-   until   the   fii-dt  of  May.*       . '   r -$,-   N-  A meeting toeSjfin^plete. the organization of the Fif&ek Hundred Club will  be held to-night (Friday) at 8 o'clock,  in Speers' H,a.ll. ^Thiaisan inyitation  io aii interested to attend.  Creston's inovife .favorite, Douglas  Fairbanks, will be seen again at tbe  Grand on Saturday, ' Feb. Ilth, for  \ybtch date Manager Rodgers has him  booked to appeal* in ***3?heNuti"      . '  For Sale���������GjiIvan ized water cistern, 13 barrel capacity, galvanized top  and tap at bottom. Gasoline lighting  system, 3 lights and tank. 8 gasoline  hand lamps.   Enquire Review Office.  At the annual meeting last week at  Victoria of the B.C. Fruit Growers  Association, Guy Constable was the  unanimous choice as member of the  Beattie Qatway, Ltd.  v W-������-^'^APkson .of the Mountain  View Dairy announces that he has  new available aii abundant supply of  cream, which is selling at 35 cents a  pint, or 60 cents a quart, and ^prompt  delivery guaranteed.   '   ' 'r ���������'��������� " "*' r'  J. D������ Moore of Kaslo, road^superin  tendent for  the Kasio  constituency,  was here on on official visit.at the end  of the week.     At the last, session  of  the legislature $30,000 wiis voted for  public works in this .riding for 1022.' "  The 1021 "proyincial * police' returns  ftSr Creston do not indicate any 'unpre^  cedented demand for the government  article in the liquor' line. In at least  five months the intake on liquor buying permits issueirl was less than $20.  '      "    . . '      *���������     -   r    , >  * I *  AlGert Walter of Woodstock, Ont.,  ;arrlved th'e; latter, part of the week oh  a visit to his" sister,. Mrs. JElendy,. abd  his mandolin playing af the band en*  tertainment on' Wednesday night was  one of the features of the musical pro������  gramme.  A silver tea n.nder the auspices of  the Methodist Ladies' Aid, will be given by Mrs. "&. Cartwright and Mrs.'  Jas. Maxwell at the'home of Mrs,  Cartwright. Ei-icks'bn. 3 to 5.30 p.m..  Tuesday, Jan. 31st. Gentlemen are  cordially invited.  ' x  Jack Barraclough, who opened up  the Creston Meat Market in } the store  in the rear, of, the-postoffice early, in  December,.closed^, his -shop the latter  part of the" week,, but expects to resume when things generally show the  usual revival in the late spring.  The even ins? of Easter ��������� Monday, April 17th, has been appropriated by the  directors of the Agricultural Association, on which date.they will put,on  an entertainment, which will include,  a dance, for the purpope'^cflf raising  funds to pa-y off the-debt on the fair  building. / \ " _  rf J-    '���������  Bridge foreman Jim'Johnston and  crew will this week conjpjeteextensiye  repairs that have beep made ont-"; the  bridges at Erickson, Capyon,-Arr^W  ������������lj-eek and Goat ^jBiv^r^prossing. att  wbicb th^y have 6een working slStce  women in homes rubber lined, waterproof Gingham Aprons for use in,the  kitchen. .Can easily earn $14' daily  and fffore. Rapid .seller and ready demand. Send 75 .cents for sample  apron and full particulars. ^.Money refunded if sample returned. BRITISH  RUBBER, COMPANY, 232. McGill  Street, Montreal. Canada,   ^. .���������,.,  : At the annual meeting- of Creston  Valley TPublic Library Association on  Saturday afternoon Mesdames J. W.  Hamilton and Ebbutt, and Messrs Ad-  liifcd, Brousson and Garland were chosen the board of director^ for.the ensuing year.  . * . r\. *r       -l  . There-organized .MUssUs^; Baad in  connection With lj the "-Presbyterian  Church,-which now consitts JoSi girl  members only, hme. chosen the following officer* for the.ensuipg year:  Superinte'ndent-^Mw.^ Dd^r.  Asst, Supt.-T.EutMceN&S������ore.   *  President���������Ed|tl������ .CpSlmg.: -   \  Vice President���������Munel OaJturay.  Seci-etai-y���������LoUise Nickel.     * -*.  TPreasurer-^JIelen Moore.      . r*}  For last year the Band, had financial  income of almost -$133,- and < of this  amount $118 was spent On missions.  The year opens with a total aneniber-  ship of twenty-five.   - '-   ~-  Mrs. Lucas, Red Cross public health  nurse, is about to start a course of lectures for adultsjii home nursing'next  ^ireek. The classes will be held on  Monday afternoons at the G.W.V.A.  room at 3 o'clock. Mrs. Lucas is anxious to begip promptly and requests  everyone to be there at that 'time,  equipped with a pencil and notebook.  ^Mrfe ^Speers, treasurer of the local  branch, will be present at 2.30 to take  the names of those wishing tp join at  ,the-first lecture, which will bebn Monday, January 30th. A fee of $1 for the  lecture course will ~be charged.  Angiisan Glmroii Services  SUNDAY, JANY2������      ?  10 a.mYand 7.30 p.m.  .j t  5HSNG  20  CENT  Off all Furniture and Stoves  We have too miich Furnitnre and too many Shoves, and very shortly .jure, will need  more room for spring goods.   This is a combination of circumstances that we t  mm propose to^cope with by offering 20% off these lines during Jatttiary.   .  x. ���������..,*-' . y ��������� ?���������'���������    *������'������������������        .-,-'-^-     :������������������",��������� i, A ;   -. r^y . '>������������������   ,  '.    ' " s ��������� ....  All these goods have been very recently purchased, which ineans that the original  price fairly regresented today's selling value,"and emphasizes the faot ihat our ;".-^  decision to make such a substantial cut is ta effect a speedy clearance;  While everything in the Furniture Department is offered at 26% off,       '  we would specially emphasize the splendid values in   ?  ..'.'���������������������������;��������������������������� " ' ' ..,;; 'Y<*"Y .'.*>   ���������   ���������.   ������������������'  Kitchen Chairs, Tables and Cabinets, Mattresses  Bedsteads, Springs, Dining Room Sets, Library Tables  Daveneites, Dressers, Children's High Chairs. Rockers  '   ' '��������� .      ���������-    y1 .v;;;.^'  Heating Stoves included in the lot for January clearance are the iveft knbtfn  McClary Heaters for Wood or Coal  and there is quite a full range of sizes. X  the latter part of IJecember.  Thebiggesttiirnout at -e. pr^ctied  since re-organization was in eyidenpe  on Tuesday night.- -when jBandtnastrer  Hendy had eighteen ban.dsjjjeo. out.  With the proceeds of Wednesday  night's whist he hopes to secure instruments for three more players.    -  >  x     -f '*'--", P  ; Greston Valley^ponseWatiye Aaspqif  ation is having tbe annual general  meeting in Mercantile Hall on Monday  night. Jan. ^th.VatSo'c  servative ciircles the impression prevails that there will be a provincial  general election within the'hex t three  months;"*.''"'���������;., ���������"'Vy'*-'   " ' ''���������";'.'���������������������������  ,_   ;A court of, revision  iik connection/1  ���������wifcl^the;;!^   SISgiPSSm  held at the provincial police office-oh  Wednesday afternoon, Starting Jit JJ*  o'clock. Thete are almost 60 appeals  to be heard, and the judge of the court  will be James O'Shea, the well known  Nelson lawyer.   .    .-'������������������������������������ *��������� - '-���������'- .   (.  O, O. Kodgers is a business visitor  at Calgary, Alta., this week, attending  the annual meeting of the Mountain  Lumbermen's Association in that city.  The mil! at Canyon :6ity is; shipping  considerable ��������� lumber^,, at> 'present, .tor use in construction work on  the  Lethbridge  Northern   irrigation  svstem. * .-;,���������' ���������'���������  *.*-,,.    ' , ''*,',*    " *'  Jas. Adlai-d  got away   t,he lattei;  pnrt of   the   week  for .Vnnoouver;  where he is afbendlngthe annual con-  v������������ntl0n  of  the   United  Farmers  of  British Coluiiibiii.   which  opened   in  that citv on Wednesday.   He is .-the,  joint T-d'pivHentativo cd the five locals  TENDERS FOR SLA*  - I- -���������      *   ���������*���������*'��������� ;���������.,  ' "Sfds3wjll be received" .hy ,th.e under-  sjgned uutil Feb. 1st.- 11^, for slash-  ing 5 acres at West-CJreston. Lowest  or any bid not necessarily accepted.  J. SCHMIDT, Bank of Montreal, Koss**  land. B.C.  Bread - Cakes :  Saturday Specials  * *    N Pork fees  Sausage Rolls  Crnfripets  Sconnes  .e'"' '      ���������   -Y \  *  Ovewtoike^ ^n MidSR'S  GOCOANUTj to clear  at 45c. Ib. -  In-���������;��������� Coffw y (ioooa     BpvrfI  BERT NORRIS  Next Bevnti's Gnr^ge  BS3S  Dry Goods  Grccs.'-'ss  mm ^���������I^L. ^m^tmlW k *   *.^^m    mm~^^ imm^ff  Furniture  Hardware  limAtm,.-  iieihiit  >���������*���������-  IF  '.('.',  only the best of mateirial^'  together with carefyl'amf  efeiertt workmanship mean  good repair work, then we  do good impair wprlc. ~ /  Should YOUR Car need  an overhaul, now is the  time to have it done.-  GRESTON SERVICE GARAGE  ':--��������� i  ,.. f  Xa  UDQATB BROS.  PHONE et


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