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Creston Review Oct 7, 1921

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Jurest^p> pfg*. ���   ;
School Report
v.- ��� *-
BivrnoN I.-rG. S��. Smith, Principal.
Highest 8tan#^|f: ^teanceClass--
Eaith Davis, Ronald Young. Dean
Peah^-;'rFoaVtS'Beades>--��en -Gnaw,
ford, JafiissrYchsrrington, Helen
Moore.        -   - <
Perfect Attendance���William Asher* Ivin Conipton-. CUieOhriatie. James
Ohesrington,, Beii Crawford, Edith
Davis, Station *- Learmon��>,: Her*��rt
Manuel, Helen Moore, ^Dean.JPeairs,
Alya Quist* Alietey Boss, "Ralph Swan-
Hon. Arthur Stark; 'Albert Sherwood?
Harry Webster, George ^Wincb. Donald Young, Clara Tose.
~* . .-
Division JUL���F. B�� P-easee, Teacher.-
Hsghcst standing:     l^hird  Reader
(ClafiaA)~-Ina Fieher, Annie Smith,
Mary YHaptonBtall.      (Class B)���Ted
1 Bush; Eiteep Hendy. Charlie Cotterill.
Junior ^rj3���Will Bush, Marioss Col-
Siva Kej*y. Ted iiusn, Canute Anderson, Bayf Oatway, Sthel Peairs, Bfceti
Christie. Haryey Gobbett. Mabel
Wesjj^'Ja^ies Leamy," Ruth Asher*
Butfe'Ifennedy,. Edna NickelSr Harold
Spfc^ WJ��!*tm Buett. Wtlliaaa Man-
>u>l   -A -     **
cut.    The increased'acreage in. berried
has resulted in a record cnt_of rushei.
Wynndel Box Factory is still running full Ume eocYi day. and orders on
hand-will keep it operating until at
least the middle of the month.-
" - **
Bleeps.'' Packman* ind Wall, along
with Mrs.-Packman, are. at Alice Sid-
ing. helping with the apple harvest at
the Compton ranch.  ,      "      ^ ,
- H. A. Bathie, sr. and jr., and J. D.
Dewar are co-operating on the install
ation of an irrigation system*' * About
���amile of ditch and pipe will be required to bring the wetness from the
creek to these ranches.
.Rey. Ha Varley will be- heiefor ser
vice In-the schoolhouse at 10,30 a.m.
Sunday.    ���        ' "   - -     \
~- "    ������ -i
The Social Club.opened the season's
activities with, a well attended dance
rathe schoolhon^e on Saturday night.
"^Mrs. Jones of KuakasooSt wa&w v!s��
itor here the latter part of the,week*
en route home" after spending a few
days with Nelson friends.
Mrs. Cam" was a between-train's vV
itor At Cieston on Monday.
Ready for Fray
"lTie^��dley*s,neSvest' political organ*
iz;aion���tbe Ci-eaodr.yVal^y National
Liberal Cons^yaU^jSAssociation���was
launched ort SatUi^^j^ght at a meeting of-the^wppM^rfeJof the Meighen
Goveinnient In Me^tntile Hall, C. B.
Garland oeeup^it^^ihCchaii-, and J*
W. Hamilton taklhg down the min-
ntesT - :" yP
the chairman, after
ing to older, vj6ryf^ov\
lling tbe roeet-
y outlined the
informally diTCnssed'ffnd-the .motion
submitted jmwJ .cas-ri^ imanjmously
tbatdrganizatiokeb l^^roceeded with.
There Vere m��J0^.to the "selection
of omcei��C th^;u^at^ist* of ^honorary
presidents, paii^W&a^^yice-presldents
heingoverl^p^-l^^lii^ the --following
���* *        -m Ar   x-~&-"~_."~l~r*&tril-, _ -^m.    - m
a&sued toha^I^aafeiiSatsOa aJ��$tr@ibr
-m .-^"   r--<-* ,<^'''''Xp0S&-   1 ' '
thf coming ymiHy^zP-^lr:
-. Pres^fc-^r^&iand.    ^
Y 2n^���V4*i^P^^-^^J��&^u9^>ton.
-Word from Cranbrook hospital concerning John Vance is to the effect
that he continues to improve. He bas
been there about three weeks for treat*
ment for the effects of sunstroke.
John McRobb is getting his money's
worth out of his big game license. Al��
though the season is only open two
weeks he has already bagged two d&er.
*��� r
John Anderson. Clifford Vance and
Jeff Knott were- Porthiil visitors on
Snnday, accompanying Mr. Asher of
Creston, who held service there.
������Shorty" Adams Is busy again at
slashing operations, and has three or
four more acres ready for firing. _
Mr. and Mrs. Blair are still resident
at the' Reclamation Farm and, we
hear, mav spend the winter there.
Canyon United Farmers held the
regular October meeting on Satui-day
night but owing to rival attractions at
Creston in the way nf Liberal and Con'
^ervaliye association sessions the U.F.
gathering did not get its usual, good
attendance.        .- / ���
r r    ^r
Missirwin, principal" of the public
school. Canyon City._was' a week-end
visitor at her home in Kelson.
Break all Records
As tbe Reyiew goes to press this
(Tuesday) eyening there is no need far
hesitation in saying that if old probs.
will dispense the same brand of indian
summer weather as has' been in evidence since Saturday the 1921 Cieston
fair will prove by far the most satisfactory exhibition of four, so far held.
The display in the main building excels the expectations of the most optimistic director on the board. " This
is outstandingly true in- tbe fruit sec-
Xl-vxtrx   a*~rt.~am~t~t   f~tt-~~a*0^ti1t^.vtr  Wftlmalan'o ana-
Division III.���Miss F^Irvine, Teacher.
Ssssior "ggoBi�����MssrSal-Ost.W'syt Ar*
thur Couling. Junior Second���Lillian'
Thompson^ Laura Holmes.    , -_
P��*fset* At4��n(SaiS^6��-'SophSna "tfta-
droeow, John Blinco, Eva Bolton,
Roaey Bolton, Bna-Christie* Arthur
Coulfng, Leity Conling, Frank Craw-
lord.] Lionel Downes, Catherine ESm-
bree. Norman FsnlayiKsn; ��spb<au!s
Fisher, LaurayHolmes. Jean Hender-
ion, Ada Lewie,* Charles Moore, Jack
Norris. Muriel Oatwav, Verne Olsen,
et' Walker.^ ^,*U-,-
^ 1*   i-       m. *m ���    ���~0   I*    3 x'-v
Highest StartdlDgY Pirst Readcsv���
sonrMrs^-Ci~ Bv^&i
���        ��� ....  ., YA��lh��^%H8no^4^6iit��inf-i>rnnrtiua I
smssixs jrastHmso war* ousmess yisit- \ ^^.wJta��. i- ���*.-"*SSf^^A^ZZZ*��~~>**l
.      -_ - ... �� irtr a      a. a -m m mm----*.+m��mm* ^~-%m   ��*m*        *rm*m z im*em*mm~-W~-   mmmm-atmmtmrxtm    ���.tmmmm,
or at Creston onLTuesday.     He ^^Urf^tea t^^d����ilTe^n*^��uld
mttttm -mils   ..---.. 0m -*-* jy.?*  . r-   -'-.I*!.. .   .
that his crop of apples this year jwilf
be fully 26 per cent, larger than ihe
early season estimates/
Ottndnct-or 6reuves is ,b*m-*^ on the
mm aftei- a fsto months* vacation, dut?
ingwhiehhe s-eneWMl old acquaints
alxkces as far east as New Brunswick.
Mr. and M��*s. T^"��eah*p are awiv on js=
trip   iio - Vancouver, ^ leaving     ��m
Wednesday   last,  immediately   after)
their retunr.frnm Winnipeg andJBJd-
-wh*3�� .;^��ey " spwojE���mOwt  of
""' i*"~s--����r-<r*- ""v> "
we entitled"tosef^|M\^i^norojn��*ii!g
"convention at^^NelSon on the"6th,; it
t-epr��^n^tiymbe'^l^|^d to attend
at Nelson on Thij*t^ay. *5;
- '     "���***   i> -
oecond rrimer���aiwia'^tVfB��ff0--0pSi^
less Mis.wstjii, William Ba^W .TRSt-at."
Reader���Robert' Dunn. Lillian' i'w-
velyan, Mary Sutclifle.
' Perfect Attondanice-^Fred Alderson,
WUliam-Bayle,. Joyce Burkl>art,~To"m
Croathwaite, Hazel   Hopwood, Edith
' Lewie, Kathleen JMawson. Beryl Nich-
olfB, Jack O'Neil, Betty Speers, Lillian
. Treyelyan, Beth West^ --Pan!, 'Ashes^
Harold Beninger.Jean Flaher, Maiy
Goodwin, Frances Lewis, Evelyn Linn,
FiNinces MdoVe�� Mervyn Qatway, hpt-
othjr   Suiith,   Alleen  Sprat C ��wesi
.-Webster.-        '"" . "'���' Z    >' Z '->, -Y **
Division V.���Mi-d. "McLeod, 'TBeachei-.'
Pesfoct   AtW^anc��tt~*I>ong^ .Bang;1;
.  LyppBeaBer, Ei'ic^B^nnet^ MarytB^ti-
,0Ott^ Irwin Orosthwaiti Herbert Dodil
'Dorothy ptujn, Eileen*- Foster.'JJan��es
' JobnsUVn, Mai-jorle Learmonth; Fran-
... *?�� Lewis,.Jd-iVy . Maione/. Jean \Oat-
-. wajr,^ Lloyd |S01een, -Arthur Speers,*
Doiigldi��Sptar(->, Doris Venus, Hubert
; W^t, Albeit' Hendy, Itomild GiGba.
"' .liiefcli* Gibbs.    :>..>.
^^r^^^^^f^      ^i      0%-^S~K^-00mlmm^mg^riS
^d^yt^ce^usnging Zonp,T&^^yf\r^^;p^^^t.i..L mi*mZ* ��kTu^^-&:
Ths$��-^s^C-^rains *t"e running by^day
ou the^I 6f the slip at the Landing,
^^y-wlllf'-pro^blyY-be, bu��y for eix
^weeke; while lthe yard crew are'now
ihkpdling.trains tosaiid^frohi' the bar*
ges at night., ixht nit .materia] is haul;
ed in steel ore cai-s from a point just
east of ttie Canyon bridge."
W��r.H-��*h<�� mewntiitn.
.  ���
Mrs. Cell! and family have returnee?
to Coleman, Alta., where they will remain forborne time, the eldest daughter heing in attendance at t~t& hish
School |n that town. ' Z-
Menvber^F the United Farmexs are-
reminded^ <*& the adjourned  Oetober
���meeting, which wHl   be  held  voZ the
Ischoolhouse on Tuesday night,-October Ilth.
The biggest cariniSd of apples that
ev^^s iNtYonYthia ride of the river^ ta.
��ses? is stack.,   -.  . w.   -- ^y
\A'~\    -x    y-..   -     *,-.'   i,    .
5he BartlettygeOlogocalfiuryey outfit wafr, /iampeir Jon the flats oyer the'
week-end,^ completing Jhe~ sntvey of
SheSats, and^ys?^ this week,': in*" the
Coi-n- ?,Creek^ section/ flnishinff their
woi-k there. ' '        v     .!'    *   "'
^ ^     -mmm)ta^-~ptm~m <* t\"***mt
Mitts Cane arrived fivm Trail on
Sunday t��> ttiae charge of the secorod
roohi of;Wynndel schi>ol. which open-
ted on Monday in the temporary quarters lit Winlaw vUlje. ,, . , * ' ,
The new tir-inpurmy avhiiol quarters
werc'^lyVn a,thorough houBowurinlng
on' SatiiKlay nlght,^Whun theyoi^ng
p*Wiple��Dove4. the" P-*M* up fi'onrilus
���chtjiolhoiineabd with thediniiMte^n^eot
a couple of violinsf^a^iniOBt enjo^iible
eVenlhtt ��iiVMpenit'''-' '\ '' '��� V   0*.��'\f
,'"',~~lx "^t'ZZ.'wt ���*.r'!,'"v '">"*. V; '
,r.  BMr^��<s'��j��d Jewf^Fllmer arte
iu^nvn shi^ w-^k/'vphere* tliey -lire
apple picking on the Truscott Bros.
-M-mitfsfY" .-?>.. '������"'Y <..'.'��� {?.'��� '*
������\ Jos. Bell --was^} business -vJHitor'.jat
Neliwna conple;of .iW�� ^he^fore^piirt
o^tfr^^k, v .��� ��� v.. ��� %;' .,: - *  * ,pK", ',
HMi��. Heiiry .Chrifttenteri Andyourig
���s^n leftonFriday%o�� an hudeflhitevl*
hi-tiVlH^r honie In Englat|d. Mr. Christ-
enurn'acc<inipanled nerras far as Crab*
brook.    '*-v-    . -
u Members of the,United Farmers are
nntiHed oftbe'October meeting of the
Lister local, which wlll.be heli to^nlgt
Oct 7th"��� \
4 m ������-
OiAi-penter operations Jbfs .week are
at the D/yjbalilriete ;lrai��e,h," where,^ a*
pttutry and yt^Wndith addition Is haing
put t<i the'houBe. 'VA new 18a 20 barn
has gone up i��hr the W. IjIcLeodtplace,
op whicli the owne*' un4.p< FraWdid
both thecarpeiiter vv;m#iindpalbtlng.
' Mrs/G. Jack* and her mother.jMrs.
Knott, left the l��lt<ir parCof,-%- weeltT
ou i.' visit*-tt��,(3Selsim  ivrid  Cieston
friends.     ������*      V   ' ���
Joe. Stevens who is-, looking atlev
the orchaid*j��n >. the Siuitfr ranch, has
loot mot^tof hia -apple{e��^p this year,
due to the ,4^pradatirtb Of J*tbe'^bears.
-*Chas. ^renqh has the' f^eah nteat
section.of the fai-der amply soppiied,
haying;taken a.two yeatt.old bio-ifn*
beaik on 'Thursday.; Alonk with a c-fi-hp-
l$$i��!d^:bi'*ihw '=th��*^Mtualtt' ;have
H. Slndttlr &n'itbW Just tuici-n delivery of a pi��wer w��u# aawin^ outrft,
which he is getting, ip shape Co opfti-i
I^rear, a^tft;here wef^}*a:
and Wagners,' from' tbelPutnainalDd
*R. B. -Staples ranches retipre^fvely. '
eirds show an entry list of just about
230 boxes of apples, andean entry of
283> platesLpf tbe -same fruit, to say
nothing at all of the.boxes and plates
of other varieties of orchard product.
Ih the,8ve-boJC let. which carries with
it the Speers* Cop, there are ^n eng-vn
dozen competitors, while Jbr the hon��
ors^on three boxes, which includes the
CanyonyCity Ltimher Cup. there are
Seventeen entrants, wl^le for ��he-W".
K* ~ii-i4rt- special for the best two boxes of "McSnto3E~Heds there are ball a
dozen after the���pri2emone*���� In p^ars
avhich other years have "hot received
the _adjeation due them, there are
eight entries. Another notable feature ttit the fruit section ia the appearance of a number of Boswell ranchers
Vithl^n^ excellent piste displays.
The cooking tAtoeb  also shows  an
intisreaee oyer last year. ^   In the four
bread ciaeees there are oyer twp dozen
competitors, and in the pies the Judges
will have the pleasure.of m^kitig|iel-
ections from  no less  tl^an  for.ty  in '
threeeectibnC-   There are t.8 enUies
fur pumpkin pie alone���the silver pie
plate undoubtedly being Ihe magnet
that attracted thfe noblejeffort. ,
While in'softie sections  of^ needie
st*- �����:
0ta ~mv
fcl^.isD^&aZvhoie^ up
tofr-W stwjdard,' whh%; tbe same bb-
ssa^-~~lim iunjiu�� iguuoL inr^uie^jayeniie
afectlon.,   The show, of pocutry is about
-.���st addition-6^- qaastity-4tfc& sar of
Apples shipped toMagrath -also-evidenced the superior quality ��f this *K:it
grt>wn at Erickson^ : Messrs. Kleinn-
isausser and Whip, the buyers, loiiked'
the whole Valley over before finally
deciding to buy the Staples and. Putnam stuff���at a slightly'higher price
per box than they were offered the
lime apples at ranches at other Valley-
.  ...*J.n.eK'rt
M<tsduioes Lldfdlci ait and Jolmattm
and Hai-ry ty-owm convenors of t-\e
public, school^, cimcei^. have selected
Satntflay, Oct; Jffloc^ as, the date'for
t|u�� entertainment.   ,-Vtfue pVugraiu'olT
'mmVLvVrnTPm-**..1,:.'-'**   ''����'�����" ifMi enujrwMnmenie.    A*nue program oi
M.*^lJ*T^ftJf*v,w?�� ^^W l<i%rnnieb|iil ^nd:v��cal'solos, duetts
iy fo^, Medicine Bat, fAli*. tijioih^ qu��rtoUes ai*  being arranged.
. her- hifabtjind,. And in <whlvti city they, ~
' wlll'^lde In fut-mC "' '^ *' -
Wynlidei will oe^iinly^W ile*.tltt|te
of young p��M��p!le.ob 'i^wiKv^lifcy^-rfal*
night���-tho atltlic^on lielng^a^i^;,
lug duntte at the Grand dah��a> Hall fat
Oi��fltntk; ;ri '   ' *._; *;''���-"'.*'^>'I ,
��� With The ��',xfM>pl$in of'O. Huftoi-of^
w lio is op��mtiit)g;,i>i��ii����Ht. down' w.&irr.
dar; 'Jhayntaltjturt'--1 Ih compete, and
everytbtnit Im tulgh^ has cwitiUnly been
along with the" UNual lotofhljBh cla,sp
literary' numbem,. 'Fuller, particulars
later, -v;-  ^v   \ ��� /���  ��� .-<   . \      \ y
��� ',"��� ':<*   i'.>",'**y    I.-  t .-.A '   ���.. P""1
^nnpuncementoYtire .up calling t^e
luinual^ilHfwMnir uf^tbe Lj|tei-ary,,Mui>lo-
��r^|>^il^��^SiHfleiyf, frtt; ^Vei|ne��.
d��i5, v'vfcnlng, Octy 12thr and If ^tnose
who'will l^ln^uhtt^e^iliila yeiirare ��~
tutM^SHful ��m ty��i��^oriJ<('lal�� tli�� oattUfi
U aimuved one night** riwtl i.ifwn ���' eiteh
'm'W\~ ol the Hchonlhnu^   _     *    *."
- Pete, Nelaon, the pany op City butcher. Is a i-egolar visitor hwe each week'.
B<*v Is buying his supplies of beef from
the local Indians, and butchei-a It generally on the spot of purchase.
i, *>' ~ ���   * ,-��������' ��� y
;;MaJoi* Mallandaine and Capt. Ci-omp-.
t'lh'-ttnished out the gritutse hunting,
season'o'n Satuiday in , this section.
Grouse .have not ,been^,ex-ceptlonully
nhuioroiia from , all. accounts, and no
far ducka appear to be moi-e bcarce
than usual.    , ,' *   \
; S^till another striumph is scored for
tbie Erickson section in* that despite
heavy y frssa^t :touch#es' elsewhere the
-\ fFi-ii'ser aiulTcmpg ^Clements'ranches
wer^.StllB shipping ilpe tomatoes tlip
'<*!.<*)���-$-part ��>f thjj \ve~1i--:.Z�� ?' Zr- .--. -*''*���
, v/*T*Tj. Handley.^ii^^'lMliHlneW VlHittiir
tit Blalrmoi-e,Cole*man and other Crow
line points, -���*.'  -,*
Miss Connie McCarthy of the nnrs*
trig staff of St. Eugene hospital*Cran-
brouktja home for a couple of weeks'
^vacation. ,
*-Wmm-mmJ^mPSB.    mm.S-\j4y
Exceptional Interest Is being taken
Im, tbe Cr&ton fair thla year and If Jill
w*ho are, talking ji'bout make,entries
Ifeally \\ts m Canyon City nhouMIIgm ��
WW �������.��*,"�������' "^^j^'^^i^wTli enabie "is O.P.iI
**������ **"        . -       ��� *  . '-,r *  -/'    to (Mirihldembly stralgten the approach
Cl-aaton Fruit Growers Un^pn are
iittlli&tngthe shed on the Pochlir\ i^tncb
for tbe .local' central piwk V^appltja,^
<Mtb "Miy and i Mi*.' VawAokemn In
bharge. >./Klie wrapped pioduct will Iw,
shfpped direct fi-oin the siding. .**.."/
YKtowthatno .permits aye,,Squired
burning Im In evidence on ' nmhy Can v
you- I'M aches, .slaHbii.g haying, beep
.caVtted on this w��u��6n mnoh mot-cex-
t-fiislvely than for bopio time.* <
For the flrstjtime in history Creston,,
Valley apples will be sold on the Am*
erican market this season anf), of
course, it Is the Erickson growers that
are putting thewrehard product on the
North American fruit map. Staples
Fruit Co., Ltd., ure this weok loading
out thi-ee cai-s of Wagners���one each
of which will go to New York, Detroit
and Chicago.'      i .'*'*
Trafflo Is^heiivV. along -v lhe. C.P.R:
line through lu-re just now; On Toe**--
day the work trains couitu��>nc<-d op^r*
Ittlons on the big fill at Kootenay
Landing, with two trains on the haul
df fill material,, which, a steam shovel
wed excavating at th��^rtHe-h%--'ride',nf
tUe'Cunyon bridge.     It la stated that
oiiblderably stralgtei
jui the bridge,
���; jA grand total of 40 carltuidw of fruit
and yegetifiblfa went out." by, f��rig1^t
fmn-r Erickson during ^pteiuber/-. Off
this lot 22 w��|H3 straight ralp^i! applea,
ltt cajra of mlied fruit/-��h<l vegptablea,
and a tptal of ju'st'unddr 2000 iMoti-u
t!hat went way freight* And to this
imiHt be added, the expiviw shipping
which was just a little short of 40011
omtee/airid boxen.
K! -.-.j
the best ever, fanciers from Cranbrook ..
And Nelson both helping to augment
the showing of birds by Vaiiey j��oul-
trymen. ,*^
While the display of vegetables, is'
below last year's standard it is a most
creditable .one in view of the rather
dry season,   coupled   with  the  frost
touch that put most of: the garden
stuff out of  business almost  three
���weeks ago.     These same conditions
militated against the eshlblt of csts*
door grown flowers, though the floral
section was qo)tte well maintaiuedTdue
to a good entry of house plants..
'-'Up till-,TbesdayYnight ^everything ".
has,;gone '"off -sniobibly.    'Secretary ���,
Walmsley   tntotes^thrit ihe  entarSirtfy '
which tot'al^aliiu^t ilO^^i^rf^irtUe
quite3" early' * &&yi-day"* evenui^ ��� -ethd '
that he,was thus* able togr**,oi* wkflh
the making up of the entrv tlcke*ie and
books and bad this feature of thework
cuupluteil before Sunday night.     In
addition he has.preparet-f a s^tement
showing the number of .entries'in each
of tbe 280 sections and with this to
guide them those in charge at a meeting at the main building had notmnble
figuring just how  much, space they
would .require In each class, and with
the   area' apportioned each class tbe
staging of the * individual exhibits was
considerably simplified.
In addition to the bigger diaplay the
interior of-the hall has heen improved
tnrsonie details and these combined
with better attention to decoration
produced a hall show that for rll round
'appearance has qever bcen equalled
', The wisdom* of the  directorate in
having. Che exhibits all at the hall by
boon on Tuesday jbaa been auiply Just*
ified. ��� JJndV*rt^laywiir*s:arrHngenient
tbe,y|udgeH| got U* wpirlt on  Ttieddily
nfteHioon a~.A will have the tickets all
pKced'b&forr the opening,   which  \��
Scheduled ' for   1' n*m; .Wednesday.
With*wit��,��hia Tuesday afternc��nn start
It wbuld liaVe been physically impoe*.
ible to. havo iloiic justice to the fruit
judging���unless   tho��ft   making th^
��mfk*Aa -a*etv to ,hJive doi.e't^ieir work
lon^f ifjft)��r the opening hoor^'
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llshlng a list of the prixc winners.
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um mil��������� iBHMIMimMmi  * - /-,.,',   " - .���������*S,'i-j-x,.t.'ivufr-r-'i-+-- V-  *. ,-* i      0 >- ,'. >���������. y*i-,; ?/"- .*ii. ��������� >. ������  /?  'l.      r  f.        *  ''���������" '-,'- '���������-"l-i ';pp":zx -:������z^:^^  *       -     mPr.  raCE     R3HYIEW,     CRESTON,     B.     &  Stomach Treatment Futile  For Catarrhal Trouble  Impossible to properly treat Catarrh  in the nose or throat by dosing the  ^tomach. To rid the-system, of Catarrh, send the healing vapor of Catarrhozone after the germs, 'and. you  accomplish real results. 3SJien yon  ���������inhale the rich piney essence of Catarrhozone and get Its healing balsams circulating all through the  breathing organs, the cough is eased,  sneezing stops, the nostrils are cleai'-  ed, the throat is healed and freed from  discharge. If you want permanent  relief from Catarrh, irritable throat,  Bronchitis, use Catan-hozone several  times every day. Safe aud sure.  Typo months treatment One Dollar,  small size 50c, all dealers or The Catarrhozone Co.. Montreal.  Ti  ne  \  H  omesteaaers  d(  BY  ROBERT J. C. STEAD  ���������..Published*.By Special Arrange  -        meui With thc Authoi  Y (Continued)  ���������*-Y   CHAPTER VIII.  Into The Night.  Harris and Allan drove straight to  the engine, never looking back to see  what became of the hired man. On  the way JLhe farmer- explained to ) his  Bon������what had taken place; that words  had passed between them, but no  blows had been struck, until Allan appeared on the* scene.  VVGii,    ii.     i-USs, S     *,&.*-     Way     UI    Air,    JL ill  sorry I hit him." said the young man,  frankly, "and when I see him I'll tell  him so. I plugged him a good- one,  didn't I?���������though, to be.honest,JLie  was hardly on his feet. But he sure  landed me a stem-winder on the chin,"  he continued, ^ruefully rubbing- that  member, "so J guess we're about  even."        y  "He might 've broke' your neck,"  said Harris. "You're too hot-headed,  both of you. ~ . . I can't make out  what got Into Jim, that he wouldn't  answer a ci\������il question, Jim was a  good man, too." Perhaps the disturbing suggestion entered Harris's  mind that the question had been none  too civil, and he was really beginning  to feel that after all Jim might be the  aggrieved party. But he crushed  down such mental sedition promptly.  "It don't matter how good a man he  was," he declared, "'as long as I pay  the piper I'm goin* to call the tune."  "It puts us-up against it for a  water-man, though," says Allan,,  thoughtfully."  Y "So it does," admitted Harris, who  up to that moment had not reflected  that his hasty action iu dismissing  Travers would result in much more  delay than anything else that had  occurred. "Well, we'll have to get  somebody else. We'll manage till  noon, and then you better ride over  to Grant's or Morrison's. They'll he  able to lend a man or one of the.boys  for a day or two," It was significant  that although Harris was planning a  considerable venture with Riles, when  he wanted a* favour his thought in-  , stlnetively-turned tot his other neigh-  hours, Grant and Morrison.  At noon Jim's chair was vacant,.and  the family sat down, to; dinner aml<j a  depressing silence. No ...mention was  mado of the morning's incident until  the meal was well advanced, when  Harris, feeling that he ought in* some  way to introduce tho subject, said:  "Is Jlra gone?"  "Yes*;    he's   gone." blazed Beulah.  "You didn't expect he'd wait to kiss"  you good-bye, did you?"  "One In the family Is r-nougb for  that treatment," put In Allan, whoso  swollen chin and stilt neck biassed  him against Trovers. *,  "He didn't, either. And if hnxdid  it's none  of your  business, you  big   "; she looked her brother straight  in thc face, lier -swollen eyes-* telling  their own utory, and repeated deliberately, "you big coward."  Allan bit his lip.  "You're about tho only person, Beulah. that could nay that and get off  with wholo skin. I suppose hc told  yoxi T hit him before ho was on u!h  fenV  DODD'S   o  KIDNEY  ,.       .       .  / 1 - "  1   I^YZZZZ^'^  IMthep!  >s  ������������������  W,   Vf.    IF.    'J 380  "Woll,*he didn't. He didn't" say  you hit him at all, but Ire couldn't  deny it, so we knew the truth. And  we knew you must have taken ^some  mean advantage, or you'-d nejer'have  got near enough to leave a mark on  him."     ' '  "Jim's quite a hero, all right. It's  too bad he's gone."     --������ * *  "It's a good job he's gone," said  Harris. "By the way Beulah talks  things have gone far enough. I don't  want my daughter ii\*rrying a farmer."  i "Her grandmother'*^ daughter did,"  said Mary Harris.  "Yes, I know/hut thing's'are different now. I look for something better for Beulah."  It was chai-actoristic of Harris, as  ot thousands of others, that, although  a farmer himself, he looked for  "Something better" for his daughter.  He "was resigned to Allan being a  farmer; his intimate, daily realtion-  ship with his son shrank from any  possibility of separation. But for his  .daughter���������no. He had'mapped out no  career for hei\; she might marry a doctor, lawyer, merchant, tradesman,  even a minister, but not a farmer. It  is a peculiarity of thc agriculturist  that, among all* pi'ofessions, he holds  his own in the worst repute. As a  class hc has educated himself to believe that everybody else makes an  easy living off the farmer, and, much  as he may revile tho present generation for doing-so, he is anxious that  Ws children should join in the gpod  ��������� picking. In. later years has come a  gradually- broadening conception that  farming, after all, calls for brains, as  well as muscle, and that the man who  con wrestle a successful living from  Nature has as much righ������ to hold up  his vh^ad in the world as the experi-  meritei*- in medicine or* the*.lawyer  playing hide-and-seek withv Justice  through the cracks "in the- Criminal  Code. Herein is a germ of the cityward migration: the yfariner himself  is looking for "something better" for  his children.  "Jim  was.'a.  good man,"  persisted  his wife.     "Don't yoil think,you were  ���������well, perhaps, a little    hasty   with  him?"     Z /    **..  -Harris sat back. It was liis wife's  business to agree. For:twenty years  and more she had been faithful in the  discharge of that duty. That she  should suggest an opinion out of harmony witlYhis Indicated a lack of discipline, not very serious, perhaps, but  ya. seed which, if'permtited to flourish,  might develop to dangerous proportions. '/���������    y .���������  "So you're goin'  lo take his part,!  too?.     It's a strange thing if I can't J  handle my hired help without advice  fcroin the house." *v  Mary flushed^ at the remark.     Any  open  . qua.rrfeV   with .her husband, especially befom the .children���������-for she  stilt thought of the man and woman  tb herleft and right as "the children"  ���������was more painful to her than any  subnjission    could    have    been.      It  would be so much-easier to change the  subject, to follow the line of least residence, and forget the incident as  quickly as possible.     -That had been  her constant policy after the first few-  years of. their married life.     At first  there had been troubles and difficulties, but she had gradually adjusted  herself to her niche, and ��������� their lives  had run smoothly   together   because  she never .interrupted the current of  his.     But of late tho conviction had  heen coming home to her that some  time,  somewhere,  she  must make a  stand.     It.\yas all very well meekly  to fall in line as long as only her own  happiness was,, concerned, but if the  future of her children should be at  stake, or if the justice of, their dea:U  ings with others should be tho Issue?;  then she,would havo to" fight, and fight:  it .puttoy a finish.**   And, quite* unhid-:  j$en, a strangle* surge o������. defiance welled in hor-when hev.hus^ttnd so frankly told her to mind her own business.  "I waa under the Impression wo  were managing* this fann together,  you and I, John," sho'saldj very calmly, but with a strange i*ing In her  voice. "When we came West I understood it was to build our liom.c I  didn't know }t was just to bo youi*  hottfe."  The look of surprise with which  Harris greeted her words was absolutely genuine. A hot, stinging vq-  torfc sprang to his llps.v but by a sudden' effort ho fjupprosscd It. His wife's  challenge, qulot, unruffled, but with  ovldonco of unborn! lng' character bo-  hind it, in some way conjured something out of tho past, and ho saw hor  again, tho greying locks restored to  their youthful glory and tho caroworn  cheek abloom with tho colour of young  maidenhood., as thoy had boon In tho  gathering fthndowH that night when  j^Ui'oy fiworo to build thoir own homo,  and Hvo their own Hvoh, and love each  other, always, only, for ovor* and ovor.  . , . . And yet, to lot hor daflanco  go unchecked, to have hlw authority  challenged before hi������ own chlldron���������-  it would bo tho beginning of dissolution, tho flrHt crumblingH of collapso.  "Wo will talk about that some other  time, Mary," he, auld. "IfJItti had  anawored my quest Ion fairly, aa lift  had a right to, InBtoad of boatln*  around tho hmhyl might 'vo lot him  ott. '.'fJJury whom 1/k wanted to linjow  what kont hlip Ifo stfnply parried mo,  mftk'In.*'a";foai'of mt} and mbbhi' It In  'wir.li that Infyraaf nm Uo of IiIh." y  "Ho.tlmtVt what ftlartod lt!" oxclaljn-  od !k*nlali. "Well, I'll toll you what  kopf hint, If b<* wouldn't, Tho chHIo  got Into tho oaifi through a broalc In  the tanrp and 1 couldn't it'"* Ihoni out,  txiul (lie do*tt**.woM kl-yling ovor Ihu  nralrlo aftor a fabblt, und Jn������t, an I  waft IwgfnufMft to   to- co!id*������n.io over  lk  Honest Advertising.  TEES/is a topic ^e. all hear now-a-days because so mmij people are Inclined,to  exaggerate.. Yet has any physician told you .that we olaimed unreasonable  remedial properties for Fletcher's Castoria^ Just ask them. 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Yet It  is more reasonable for an infant to sleep with grown-ups than to use  a man's medicine in an attempt to regulate the^delicate organism of  that same, infant. Either practice is to fee shunned. . Neither would  be tolerated by* specialists in children's diseases. -"  Your Physician will tell you that Baby's medicine must be pre-  pared with even greater care than Baby's food.  A Baby's stomach when in good health is too often disarranged  by improper food. Could you for a moment,, then, think of giving te  your ailing' child anything" buj: a medicine especially prepared for������In-  fants and Children?   Don't be deceived.  Make a mental note of this:���������^-It is important, Mothers, that y.w  should remember-that to function well, the digestive organs of .your  Baby must receive special care. Efo Baby is so abnormal that th������  desired results may be had from the use of medicines primarily prepared for grown-ups. " .".._.  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Ybu ftft'd Almu can milkUhe cow's>to-  night, foi* T -yi/ou't���������soo?"     .^.    -���������'*  Harris was accustoinecj, to ,lils daughter's tratoknoss,4feid as^aruiopald little "regard to itv , Hq*. was willing  onough to ho flayed, in-mtidoration, hy  her lcqon tongiio;"<( iii-fact, he .took a  socx'et delight Jn her unrestrained sallies, hut that was different from defiance. Ho could, and <|id, suhmit to  any amount of cutting rcparteo, and  felt a sort o& pride,.in. her vigour anq  recklessness, but ho had no. notion of  countenancing open mutinyyovoii'froija.  Beulah.   ,   '    '  . VWe'll Xalk about-that* sonio othor  timo; too,'.' Uo said/ , 4jA'hd you'll milk  the cows'tP-nlgtit.as iisua)[;'r -      , .,���������*���������  Beulah openod*hpv lips,as thougli/t^  answer,, but closed them again,' \ai*osp������,  and walked out of tho kitchon. ��������� For  hor thc( controversy was over;* thc?*dlo  was cast. ' Her nature* admitted of  any amount of disputation up' to a  certain point, but' when-tho irrosist  object sho" -wasted no wind on words.  With her war was over.  ' (To be continued)  ������������������T  , It pays,, to patronize home industry.  Buy from the merchants in your own  town.   vr. ���������       '.   .  (//���������MM  yNight .  **������d Moaning nL, ,  weepVbur EyetS  uuriuiu   yiuiuh,   uixii   wuuii   lieu   uiuaiBu-    ������^loari - CI&Oll* ���������"���������������  t~l&&lflr.y/  iblo forco crashed Into tho InVmovablo  Wrl*- For.*������������������ &*0,rm o������������HMurin������CB.cwQg������.iia, ifi^sr  ?."****:  mi,.. i.,,.r���������r..),��������� , t  arZL-H.  'BW:  !������;7Y  -s.J  IJ: ,*  3������B   -iBiviEW,  ���������*'.' *���������*-"'-$;.'P/A >���������Mw  *    *        iv.:  :.  4iIS  0\i/X~XUK> J. V/1N ,  15.  r.  Planting Sockeye Eggs  Will Aid In Restoring Run of Fraser  River.  Planting sockeye eggs,"much as one  plants potatoes or any other seed, is-,  onc of the new methods' in use in connection with the artificial propagation  of tho king of salmon. The eggs &re  planted under gravel. This is akin  to tho conditions under which lhe fisl^  are hatched by" natural means Nand is  expected to yield better results than  were possible before. It is anticipate  ed that this method will greatly-aid  in restoring tho sockeye run of thc  Fraser River to a sound basis.  Takes Electricity From Air  New Generator Consists ������f Wire, Iron  and Minerals.-  ,,-.YDemGsstratii03.3. haysft been made on  ilife streets>o������ Denver-of'a-new eleo  '���������jbq.fi generator that Is .claimed *l>y the,  "inventors tb take / electricity:? from  the-air. /  The inventors are J. ������1. Ammann,  pf Denver, and his brother, C. B.  -'Ammann, of Spokane,^Wasfc. " .  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This Hospital has adopted the eight-  hour system. The pupils receive uniforms  of the School, a 'monthly allowance and  travelling expenses to and from Mew York.  For further information .apply** to tha  Superintendent.  Homestead Entries increase.  Homestead entries in Saslzaifoon district for the month.of August total 73  as against 3.2 for the same month last  year.-    Land sales revenues increased  ���������*��������� -*;l  e������i*iO   t-rt  ������>T*V7  22s Perils *������ Neglect  The number of'V.C.'s awarded during the war were 57.3.  He^ltl^^i^t/ /,  A deputy game warden of Centre-  ville, Md., arrested his -14-year-old  son for shooting a raccoon in violation of the game law.  Only the uninformed endure the  agony of corns. The knowing ones  apply Hoiloway's Corn Remover and  get relief.  A Saving Clause.  "Pa, why is a wife called the bettor  half?"  "In order, my son, that sho may not  get tho impression that she's the  whole thing."���������Boston Transcript.  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As many cups as you like with any meal���������������������������"  w nfo after-regreta. y / y  Y; Postum comas In tWo forms: Instant Poetum (la ttoa) * ���������-*,',,  made InstanUy In the enp by the addition ot bollinf wmter.  Pootum Cereal (in p������cki������*a ol larger balk, for thoaa who  .      prtftr to-audca tha drink whll* th������ romiI I������ bedng prftpared)  mada by bolUnjj for 30 mlnutae.  ^There?s a Reason" for l^stxitn  YSold by all grocers       *  Canadian Fish For Chicago Market.  , In Iess^.than one week twenty car-  loads o������ Alberta white fish from Less  or Slave Lalce and Lac La Biche passed through Edmonton en route to tho  Chicago market. It Is "estimated that  there aro still eighty carlotids before  this season's catch in Lesser Slave  Lake 'will" all be. marketed.  Digestive .ailments .are frequently neglected.  People say "It's only a touch of indigestion-  it will go away." Tyhat begins as simple  discomfort is allowed to become a serious���������!  chronic, .ailment, rJ^cye^ neglect thes .treaty  ment of digestive der.angehient. To relieve  disorders of stomach, liver, kidneys and  bowels, Beecham's Pills act promptly and  usually overcame the difficulty.   Take "  ^ZByZMsZypSSl  SS'SSiSesl-aet'**-';  -*-:;*,���������* :* ���������* ?r'Jjfc.:  zzzm,  ?L??i?''Mr?i  ;.;.*l".y.'.r-;*^y;Y;  SI  iiyYW^Bll  ���������M  Sold everywhere m Canada.  . Ia boxes, 25c, SOc    '���������   -  Largest Sale of any Medicine in the World  "mx-  No Best With Asthma. Asthma  usually attacks at night, the one time  When rest is noodod most.. Honco the  loss o������ strongth, tho nervous debility,  the loss of flesh and othbr evils; which  tfuiEjt bo oxpoctocl unlQBB rollot is so-  curod. Fortunately relioVis possible.  Dr. J, YD. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy  has proved its merit through* years'ot  service.    A trial will surely convince  you.  ���������Tho first woman to bo presented  Kvlth the Freedom of the City ot London was the Baroness Burdett-Coutta,  in 1872.   * .,'���������:;. *;*;;''"  ot   the mysteries  One ot the mysteries connected  with sunspots Is their appearance In  larger numbers than usual evoty  olovon years or so.  '���������&  Al:  I  I  4  ,������������������������.  !  v  Atk for Minard's and take no others  W.   N.   V*   188S  A food nourithln* food, rckdy to serve *n& ttt������  expensi-re.     Try n cold or fcett in sUee������"Wni  serve with fried eggs Instead of ham.  No bone, no gristle, no walte and every can with  the Government ftikranteo of pnrttr.  Clark's Good Things ������r������ mado frem C*nadUn  Farm Prodaceand sold erttyaA-^a In^Owmid*. *.   wjMiii^wwweMwwwiiWt.i������iiw*ew*weW'������iee������ewMe>ww<wii������^������M^^ *  >O ���������? Al *  ���������  *.* *.:   .   .*   .*_   ������������������:* , _. . w ':������������������'.���������  y '- . -v^v.-;--'    -  --      -   **   ^ *-..<,,,- , * - v.        .0* *, '   ���������      I    ,?-      " - '   i     r--r     J        f*^ rr-ir'-^r-     "������.       '*      ������������������.������-      ���������0   r        W������*V"   -Vl     i   .rr-     \    ���������������*-       ���������,v ,?*       ���������������-.-.���������  J r .       0  . -     I- ... .. - .     _      S     \ "     - . ~ -      - .0. f-      ** ..ty      "       '      .. ._ V ^,       , j ~ .lx.04.r   0...X .. X. -   X  THE CRESTON REVIEW  Issuedevery Friday at Creston. B.C.  S������bserI������>^<Mv: $2.5������ a year ss advance.  $3.00 to tu.a. points.  O. F. Bates, Editor and Owner.  CRESTON,   B.C.. FRIDAY. OCT.   7  Mr, Leveqae Replies  Editor Rbvisw:  SlB,���������I notice by Mr. Edmond-  son*������ letter in your last issue that  fee makes eoosnlerable of tho fact  that I stated that 32 gallons was  just- a little over one half barrel,  and qttotes high authority to prove  that 32 gallons equals one barrel of  wine, and 86 gallons one barrel of  beer. The fact of the matter is  -that this class of container is very  scarce in this' district just at present*, atid I had reference to the ker-  ������ssiss cktqIS tssrsvAS sss*0 sossaSscsl,T  seen in use, and reputed to hold'  tram SO to* 60 gallons." However,  thia does not make SB gallons per  sore leak assy larger,, nor does it  make htasoheoie more efficient.  For Mr Bdaaondaon's information! might add to Use above that  231 cubic inches equal one wine  .gallon, while the imperial gallon*  generally used to measure water  egg-mis gg7.&i4 eubio inches, and  Bnglteh standard weights and  measures state that wine measures  are for tbe measuring of wines and  spirituous liquors oniy, and he wishes to use thi������ table to measure the  liquid in Dow's slough. This sounds  interesting.- Now I haye never  tssted the contents of Bow's slough,  but I always understood that it  was water���������and poor stuff at that  ���������������������������but if it does really contain the  proper elements for Mr. Bdmond-  son's table of ^measurements I can  safe!? predict a bright and prosperous future for his project.  Mr. Edmondson also states that  the truthful school boy says that iu  is fust two miles from Hawkins cor  ner to Oreston. Quite correct.  But I understood him to say that  he intended pumping water from  Bow's slot-tab; not Sevan's garage.  By the time he locates wis engine  where it can lift the water from the  slough he will find that it is very  taearl? three miles, from Haskins  corner.  In tout issue of August 2Stb Mr.  Edmondson, referring to the Goat  Biver scheme, estimated the distance from the canyon to Haskins  corner as two miles, and "through  foreign territory, so to speak.59 The  fact is, that^u* a atoaight line between these points the distance is a  Httle over cne mile. About half of  this distance k through fertile, cultivated land; not a bit more  "foreign** than any other part of  the Valley.  Mr. SdmondSon states that I  tried to make capital of ^ his statements and try to mislead the  people. I ha%$ no capital to make.  I am not boosting a project of  my own, and I do not wish to mislead anyone in any way whatever.  Mr. Edmondson gave figures, 36,  000 gallons, 36,000 tomato plants,  etc, that sounded pretty big,_ ao 1  figured this thing out for myself,  witb the results as stated in my  last letter, and incidentally found  that his figures were very mislead-  Mr. Edmondson then proceeds to  show what he could do with 63000;  the amount be figures the .Arrow  Creek scheme would cost each 40  acre ranch, and which he thinks so  terrible. * He would bay an engine  for 61400���������very good. This, he  states, would leave 61600 for pipe.  Let's see. What about a concrete  base for engine, house for same, resm  ervoir for intaks���������Hkely of concrete, and properly screened to pre-  vent vegetation and dirt being  sucked up and plugging the pump  valves���������foot valve for intake pipe,  check valves above engine and at  various distances along-discharge  mm.    lunKnn   rvC   tMfwt   *l������fr-rtt������i������li������������ AVI/1  p!p@, ���������SS������SmS2r   Oa   faxt^t w~������������������������e������ ���������������������������������  vgservoir st* top for - discbarge:   all _  these thinjgs: w^ild;; be^ necessary, J  [Continued on Page 5l  iiLiuiin nwCwifiLef i    PlftJH  uiaiitili  I HEBBBY GIVE NOTICE that, on Wedhesd&y, the 12th day of October, 19215 at the hour of IO--;  a.m., at the -Courtibouee, Kelson, B.C., I will sell by public- aittion the lands in the list hereinafter set out, of  the persons in said list hereinafter set out, for. delinquent taxes unpaid by said persons on the 31et day of  December, 1620; and the interest, coats and expenses, including the coats of.advertising said sale, if the, total,  amount due,for.period ending December 31sVl919. is not.sooner paid       - ,   -,   r_...\'   "y .Z Z  '   The Collector will be pleased to receive any information respecting the following liat^whfere theoWster  was a,member of the Allied Force*and entitled to the benefits of Section 223A of the "Taxation Aet." *  yeek  we  have  Commencing this w  placed on sale for quick clearance  281 Pairs of WomenVf Boys  Girls* and Children's  i  WHITE CANVAS  SOLED SHOES  in Gutta Perchft or Maltese Cross  "    Brands, at a reduction of  WHOLESALE PRICE  WE LIST A FEW PRICES .  Women's, high cute, 2& to, 7 $1.95  Women's Tango, low  1.65  Misses, high cut, 11 to 2 '....  1.75  Youths'White, 10 to 13   1.30  Children's  Youths', Black      Girls', White   Children's low cut, 8, ������������, 10  Boys'* White, 1 to 5   1.15  1.15  1.30  95  1.75  The above are all No. 1 goodn.  Creston Mercantile Company  Is  LfMtTCO  ������  LIST OF PROPERTIES  Name of Perse* Assessed  Short Description ������f Property  Arrears of  all taxes  k  Int.  CeStS tt -r  expenace "Teteft  ���������5. e-  Subdiv. Lot B������A. G.I.K.D., Map 38*  Mostyn BoopsrMre. J. :���������:..Lot 22. hiu 3.���������.. \ :.Z..Z. .. "- 6.0S  MOyu 7i'UCt CO. ���������~...x...,.......~.0....~^t..........tl������m\- Zl( 2Z������ vim. 3S .~~-..x.~~...~....x~..,.......~���������.0..~.?..~~m.~,    l^.Oi   _  SubdlVo Ut 9% KA.K.~ft beina th^Hums Addition -to the City of Netses  Lots 3 to IS, sis. 2. Essp 2c=B . .. .iO.OO 3.13 2.75  Subdiv. Lot Hi G.f.K.Dr b*!nfl the Hume A������MItIen to the City of Neleen  Rauaomo.. Isabella.  Lot 28f- Bfe ������* Ma������ 284B Ui.'....^. L'^   30.SS        2.a������  .4*8  1.28  2,75  2.75  SotSiery, SSre. Jacob  9~-5  20.0W  0.       _  45.8?  R%���������1���������. Hessy V.  ������������������a������������**������w������**������*������*������������������*������������i>o������B*a������������  Bfe 9.  .....*.., tx-Ot %s bt&> &$3 ESS* IS* 0.x,x  :s'*s ****-=as a 4* **s*#������*e5*a "****���������������*������*������������        -S-SHs  9Aca  VVIW  ��������� ***-���������  .95  23������       1S.74.  3>re8tl6y��������� mtomaa ���������  Lots 1, 2, bk. 8 ~.  Mostyn Hoops, Msa. 3.  Lot Z, bk. 17-   Let 182, G.t.K.0. D������vtc������ Addition te City a. Nel-wn, Map 488  i ������%������������������kmmm������������������������%���������**���������%������xm i  i,At(WH������w������l  inumi  Jerome, Mrs. Thos.  ������������������*������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*������������������������������������*���������*���������������������������������������������<  .Lot 1,bk. 18  62.75  11.03  31.67  Nelson, Andrew 1>.    SmiUi, Beatrice M-ay .  Pcass*������, Waa. Y.^....^......  Loagirorst, Art&ur ^....,  Nelsoe, Mrs. Semim*.  MluilB, R.   VV.  ...m.........i  ������.������������..������.������.  Trail East Subdiv. of Lot 2������1f, 6.LK.O, Map 1282.  mwt������������������ A<W Vp   -S-m*   MHv ���������������������������������������������������*���������������������***������*������������������������������������������������-������������������������*���������-������������������*���������*<���������������*������������������������������������������������������**������������������***��������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������ |,D������  tMIIMniflll      Q       ������OS������       XV      MI|m������*������<������.M������M*^W������*MI������*t*e>tl..*M������������*������IM.������l**Ma*, 9*OW       J.  ,tM*������*������*lJv������     *y     Oa     PSt     Jiw     mm---m----a-mm~~.m+m     >���������*������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.������������������������.*���������.��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 7������VV  Salmo TowfMlt^ Lot 299 and 206A, Map 822 and 622 A  ..~~....X4Qt   12.   bK.    3*   SA&9   SSI2    -0...-....0-...mmmm..m......mm....    .      $.79   Lot d, 10. bk. 13, map 622 ~......... .  3.46   Lot 8, % bfc,, 28, map 522A      3.46  -~  Kitchener Towneita, Lot 2646, G.I.K.O. Map^SS  Faas ft Crawford .....���������.���������...���������...... Lot 3, bk. 2 ~.~,.......'.m ..     2.39  6.43  1.48  6.88  .76.  .66  .44  .26  .26  .18  2.76  2.76  2.76  2.76  2.76  2.76  2.76  2.7S  2.76  2.76  71.33  16.26  40.28  10.96  13.36  1G.3U  8Mb  6.47  6.47  6.32  *.*������^*������___        0*9���������0  *-**^tmvaat   Sam, i*.  (VHUIIM  m.....mt...~m....i  Vmir Townalte Subdiv. of See 7. Tp. 17, Let 1242, G.I.K.D. Map 640  ��������� ���������*   *���������     *'*-     * " *a KT -3S* S !.m.  Shrum. R. R. ���������. .. ....... Lot 3. bk. 2 ~ r.~...... 4.14. .41 2.76  Grobe, D. B. ..^._^.~.u.......................M....... Lot 9, bk. 8 ......t........*.........................:.....-.....:.-... 6.76 .46 2.75  Forrester, W. C ��������� Lot t- bk. 11 ... -., 1 I.SS .32 2,76  Boyer, Joseph P. ��������� ....'.;: Lot 15, 16. Vk. 13  .. . 10.88 .30 2.75  Fruitvale Townsite, Subdiv. of Lota 37, 210 In To. 11A. 12A.  Lot 1236, G.I.K.D. Map 786C.  Severn, Henry Lot 2, bk. "BM   -   4.10 .32  Stevenson, W. Or: ���������.".���������.r. ..- Lot 8. bk. "C*      4.36 .34  Melterd, W. B. .". Lot Vbk. '���������J-       4.68 .36  Fass ft Crawford ........   Fass & Crawford ���������:   Wflea. lesBte  ^   Bedltncton and Nelson Ely.' Op.'  BedUnston and Nelson Biy. Co.  Creston Townsite, Lot 526. G.I.K.D.  ���������Lot 1* 2, ������k. HZ. map 884  .   ....Lots 10 to 12, bk. 49A, Map 693 ....���������  ....Lots 12 to 16. bk. 49, map 693   uw������aamhrmem*s*%-$# ^t*m,aaaoamt^^*  ���������������>���������*������������������*���������������������������������������������������   i*    9*vv       14.02  .-..^.IX>t8      2     tO    9������     bk������     SS      ~-~--^-m0-mmj-m~--*-^ai;  Saila^lft*    *-.*-.   ~m%aa~mi  ������W������i*r< im a   Wema <  i   ;*.                    *' BoWe Addition to ������?es*������s?, Step ������4*  Goodwin, S. K. .���������Lots 11, 12, bk. 3       8.20  Proctor Townalta In Bar* ef Lot tGt, eJMM, Mm������ 710  Allsobrook, Wilton  ~, Lots 3 to 6, bk. 3 ............ ~���������.......... .......   12.42  IM  IM  15  .15  .61  .98  2.76  2.75  2.75  2.75  2.75  2.75  *2.76'  *.75  ^.76  26.64  12^3  17^3  6.90  4^0  11.66  2.75       16^5  McKelvey ������. Rcndall E. Trait Subdiv.tof Fart Lot 2. Let 4698, G.I.K.D- Map-1310  Summers, Chas. B. ...........~......~���������........Lot 8, bk. 11 M.....^M^............MMn..,������.......���������...w.....    7.50 .58  Shannott, M. L.  Lota 1 to 4. bk. 12 ,.   23.50        1.89  jFrultyale Subdiv- In Tp. 11A and 12A of Lot 1236, G.I.K.D.  J0lK?aUvyt    AAOB,   *wa   MHM������������Ht������*fK*i**f***M������������*i������*i*������*������N>-PIm  '40fy.UMkJP    iPV   -���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^������������������������������������������������������������������������^������������������^������������������������������������������������������������������������������.-������������������*���������*������������������������������*������������������������������������      XliPl *������4ev  Davis, Jas. G.  2.76  2.76  ���������*���������������������������������������������������������������* *������*���������������������������<  ,���������������>���������������������������������������������������������������>  naater,  Fr&uk (Estate *������?) .......  3.76  Columbia Garo������na Subdiv; of Lota 208,205A and 205B, G.I.K-D. Map 800.  10.83  28.08  23.04  26-4*'  ���������...Set-vUtit  Bk VUL and 17B.-26^3 acres  ���������������������������������������������*������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������*���������������������������������������  19.61  .67  2.76       23.93  .25  Central Park, Subdiv. of Sublots, 10, 20 of Lot 4MB and Part of  - Lot 367, Q.I..K.D. Map 850  '���������'-'���������- ��������� ���������       .,        ��������� ��������� ',, < *"������<.. , '   ��������� k  t$  PT.rnlTT^'Pg     WW a     -*tm*     ���������������������������*****������l������������il*ii*������������*e>***l'>^************������������������i liiUv        U9    .     ���������*������������������*,ei������������l*#*������*t-,������������������*������*a������������������������ft������*������e������**aA������������*e������*������M������������������a������*ei������������������������e,,a������i*t*������������e������������f������ Ul*MV  'Kootenay Valley Lands.  RiobArdson, C. IL .................................... Bk. 14, lot 9565, 7.22 acres .......,..^...r....    33.86  Kaslo ami Slocan Rly. Grant, Lot SOI, G.I.K.D.  Crawford, Wm. H. .u....���������������..;......................Lot "A**, bk. 21, 9, 9.83 Acres, Map 911 .    32i47  Crawford, Win. H. .P.........^............ tat "B". bk. 22,10 acres; map 911 ~~,    01.90  Kaslo and Slocan Rly. Grant, Let 891, G.I.K.D.  Fobs ft Crawford .������...*... Most Westerly 20 acres, bk. 30, map 698 ...... ��������� 72.60  Kaslo and Slocan Rly. Grant, lot 22% G.I-K.D.  Ogilvie, Clarence .........................:...-..���������Part of Block 14A, 1L87 acres, Mav 918 .......   89.68  Brown, Stanley ...,.........:���������...........Part Lota "B** ft "CV bk. 16A, 7.285 teres,  map 896 .................u.................  *::-...:...   21.32  Nelson, Mrs. Jemima Z. Lot 3, bk. 19,10 acres, map 718A .-.   53.44  2.76  7.20  3.70 3.75       W5b  2.43  6.76  5.95  6.97  1.80  4.20  B.C. Southern Land Qrant, Lot 4606, G.I.K.D.  Carr, Walter and Hoefer, Chas Bk. 12,10, sublot 20,19.89 acres, map 787 ....   19.00  Corel, Alex. ................^ ......Bk, 7, sublot 42, 9.78 acres, map X31..        4.00  Lindsay, H. L.  ;. .........Bk. 20, sublot 42, map 3C31 .*,....-......."...;..   Lindsay, H. L  Z. m.���������Bk. 21, sublot 42, ,r ���������  Lindsay, h. L. .......................................... Bk. 22, sublot 42  Lindsay, H. L. ....y..L..............^r................Bk. 24, sublot 42  Lindsay, H. L. .........................................Bk. 27, sublot 42  Lindsay, K. L.  ,....,....M......................Bx. 29, sublot 48 ......  Lindsay, H. L. ...............������..~.....................Bk. 85, sublot 42 ft 144, map X31  Lindsay, H. L. ���������.. ���������.,.������....���������������.������������������. > Dt. 39, sublot 42 ft 144  Lindsay, H. L  ..... * Bk. 42, sublet 42 ft 144 ���������...............;...     2.60  o slara, Antionvtte ................................. bit. 43,* subiot 42 ft 144 ........................������..<.���������.....������..    0.110  Villcro, A. C. 0*  Bk. 44, sublot 42 ft 144  .r..........................     3.60  mstttt*mXmm*0-*^tix*xmx*4tax9*x.-x9-mxm**i*m.wt*t~'ixw**ttt%*  .,���������'.''     .-*.m-   -.    *   - I >  a%ae~-----%*.w9m**m*40+ww%*aiaw*~~m������aani0w-*ai**~-.-*-~a  ������������������������������������������***���������*���������������������������������������������������**���������������������������������������������*���������������������������**  ������#������������������������������������������������#���������**���������������������������**���������#���������  ��������� ^������������������������������������-i**t������**������e>4������������������t������-i*������������ ������������������������**���������*���������**������*���������������*���������������������������*  ,������#wmM ������������������*���������*���������'������������������������������������������������������������������������ '  ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*������������������ ���������*���������������������������*(*��������������������������� f*������������������%������ ���������������������������  8.50  8.60  8.60  4.50  10.60  12.60  6.00  166  1.48  - .30  .66  .66  .66  45  .83  .97  .39  .20  .20  .39  .20  ������������������������ ������������������������������������������ ******  *-i**--~*t,mt,.-t,m-t>*%*f****+*������p*  Lot 4802, G.I.K.D.  Young ft Johnstone .......... .... :.% Int. in part sublot 2, U8.34 acres  Arrowsmith, John .................................. North % sublet 4, 160 acres  Constsble, Guy          South east \~ sublot 12, 40 acres  Wisler, Albert North east % sublot 17. 40 meres  Richardson, Chas. H.   West % of south east % sublot 17,120 acres 211.40  Stfckvllle, Gcorglna  Z ...;...... Part of sublot 65, 30 acres ......���������..���������...;..������..������;.,..   38.15  Tha Columbia and Western Rly Land Grant, Let 4598, G.l.K-D.  Moffltt, Isaac Bdgertom- Bk. 4, 6, sublot 70,163.60 acres ........................   77.00       6.00  ������������������4������������������*������ ������*>***��������� ������������������������-������;  90.90  107.82  26.44  126.20  7.45  7.88  198  9.70  16.33  2.60  3.76  3.76  8.75  3.76  8.75  3.75  3.75  3.75  3.76  8.76  8.76  3.75  3.76  3.75  9.75  9.76  3.75  3.76  3.75  3.76  3.76  3.76  3.76  3.76  9.76  38.70  102.40  82.20  100.86  26.87  ' 61.39  24.23  8.06  12.91  12.91  12.91  8.60  16.07  17.22  9.14  6.46  6.46  9.14  6<4&  102.10  118.95  31.17  189.66  231.48  38.40  8.76       86.76  'Nelson ond Port Sheppard Rly. Grant,, Lot 1236, G.I.K.D.     S.B. % ot N.B. % nnd N. % ot 8.KJ. %, Bee. It  Churchill, F. L.  Tp. 36  . ���������   Churchill, F. L .....................................In Sec 1, Tp, 36, 119.77 acres .....  Pr*ser, J. a 0. (Bstato of) ;.S. % Sec. 12, W.% of N.W. % Sec 12, N.H, %  of N.E. *& Bee. 1, W. V. ot N.B. % fleo.  H)0a<tmit9+tt*wt+***.*������**  60.46  160.00  6.40  ;11.72  3.76  3.76  78.6V  166.47  il  1, W. % Sec, 1, Tp. 86, 840 fUBres  1 y ���������   ......a......  287.26       24.22  3.76     316.22  Conriiiued on Page 5  I* ���������-. a. . "%e.i������'- <"  ' i .'jA.?.-,'., ,./.l->K :*  ,>HV���������0ii~t.-V4���������*ir~iitimr���������-.'  mmmmmmmmmam ^^vWMV-,4;., ^^^'.SV-i" * ;,!- ''."lA.f.V'-**/*? ,. v--j    -;'4   v     .?**���������'. *������������������--Y-*    -       Y   .v W-. yij^'-iii'^y.i.'f ,<���������      '-���������   ,- -  y: -   ,,.-7 v- -*y" - .,u - '-;./,?:.'-- - ,. w- - ^c* .',.--���������-; ^   '-.,- -~-.. ���������-*-.   ���������*      -   ���������*>-- ;, ,-/��������� ���������-������������������:-.;,.-..*'      v. *.** ������_���������>;:" ;���������-.>.i- . ��������� -. -  -   '     >   r^"*-    "t    Jr''      -~     ' "       A    '    '"'       P t> ' ' ' !'0~  ' *      - - i    "*       - "       '���������r.     ' * -   >i \     l><   ."..Ai     -^    iis-j.  "->*'*: ^>Mj";'YYrf **  -y>Y ;,-#  ~rv~- ^m^f r ^-r--*.~U!rs#g0'  Yl������JB,*(CBEST���������:3S;Y^DyiEW  Y*" Z yA'^ypg]  t^*^?Z-Z-\  t^TH .**%><    *.  I.-  *'������&*  Mmr, Le&eaaerReplies'.  [-Continued from Page 4  - and whom they' are supplied .and  paid for it will not 'alter ;theJ8aofc;  Dnat it wm take this; engine, over  thirteen days to pump* water'sufficient to supply one inch of moid  ure over 40 acres of land, so the doz  en neighbors. will have te..jbs very  small users indeed;* ���������. -.*-���������-/-'; -���������--^-ii-p  *-* ml ^  Also with this kind of an outfit  "it is usual to have a' inan in chaise  ���������- both day and night.    This,, togeth-  '     ������.    ���������%.      "^      *���������       - .���������*' *       ^Tfc *-      v -~Z    mr* *    *���������*���������**���������  er with fuel, .oil and upkeep,, would,  soon eat up   that   tax   of   $300���������  wherever he gets this from.  Next, "Mr. Edmondson states that  $5000 will buy sufficient eight-inch  pipe tr coyer on������' thile. In his'pVo  posed scheme, if tliis size pipecqtitd  he used, approximately three miles  would be required to reach a Veser������  voir at Haskins' corner, together  with an engine,1 puihp, housing for  eaaie, intake reservosr, yanous.vaSs  yes, mechanics, /uei 'oil^'ete, -On  the other hand the distance from  -projected head on Arrow Creek to  *���������*��������� Haskins* corner is, according to sup  vey, four -miles, and in this case pipe  only would be required, and once  installed there would be practically  no upkeep; water would flow by  gravity, and  in. considerable larger  of the pipe would Boon he cleared  and put under profitable oultlva-  tion. - *-* "--���������   -*-  In Mr. Edmondaon's scheme, the  j������ipe .would riin through' an area al-  ^eady, j^ttled* Hut lam.pf tKe.opin-  ion that if-laterals are run from the'  main discharge pipe the results will  be far from satisfactory to the wat  or users. ., For'the whole length of  ithi^pine-the -wafer would jump, fco  every" pnlsatioir of the pump, aiid jf  -large' "qualities*: of water were- reZ  moved." as necessarily have , to bfv  they engine r would -i be  wbrkingr  r r~ r. -> ~.       mx  against a-constantly varying press-  ure and wpuld be in ruins in a very  short while, Besides, the users on  this liae would have water only  when the engine is pumping; check  valves would have to be usedJh this  pipe, and any water that reached  the reservoir coufd not return by  the same pipe.  Z MvP Edmondson then - attempts  ^todrawa comparison between what  Qould be done by a fleet of subh en  gines as he suggests and the Sow of  -Arrow Creek. -If is absurd and "ridiculous, to say the least. He takes  the maximum amount, which he'  claims the Arjow Creek, projeefc  -would cost, and spends it all to buy  155 engines. He leaves nothing 'to  provide for installation and   hous-  N^lsQit-Asssss'snsnt District���������Continued from Page4:  -,v  Name of P&fSQi- Assss'^d  Short Qescriptfon of Propertyy  Arrears of  ail taxes  6 c  Koehler, *-rank J--  ,-  ' Lot 1230, G-I-K4?.     .    v .  .:������������������- - Sec. 4, 5, 6 & W: % S.vV*Y-V6 See. -9, Tp.-20 100.00  *-*���������* * * -^^ **  '   .        ���������              - Lot 1240, G.I.K.D. 'C . ' ��������� * :-���������*> r.   .  8voboda, John .'. .::.'.: N.W. % Sec. 36, Tp.- 23,160> acresYL.r.....--h..."  Gpenshaw, Soma,  Oainerdn, Jboug^.,  Fotsbevg, Henry  mA���������.*-.!  jbo^g^li; j!.:......,  ..Atkiuaun,. xi. -i.:-  Crown .Grants     ' -���������-;--.  ..'....r...J.l.....U-Lot "C'.'bk. 16, lot 98, 5.14 acre's^.:.r;..i.^;.::.  ....:.'.'..'. Lot "A", bk. 17, lot 98, 10 acres -.-.....������ ZZ.  .v Part'lot "B"Ybk.���������17������ lot 98, 5 acres ..-::   .Part ak"C\ bk. 17, lot 98. 9.46 acres ...^1  30.00  64.79  76.23.  39.24  45.21  10.90  quantity  that could be forced Up 4 ig, main   pipe,  laterals, ditching(  hill with an engine.  X quite" understand that in this  last scheme the pipe would be laid  for a considerable distance through  an area, as yet unsettled, bnt if the  pipe is laid I have no doubt that a  <5CKs;dcrab!e acreage en  both sides  Ate,; just 155 engines,' and proceeds  to tell us what these could do,_and  he carefully refrains from telling  us what this fleet of gadgets would  cost for upkeep, not counting the  small army  of-mechanics, aud fuel  *~Southwell, C.'B3vere<S^.:.i!.....:.."...r. ...Part lot 191, 2 acres  "J \ -1*    '^r    *      - -  r 'Z    '     --"V-"~        '    ~ -Subdiv^ ofLLot 304, Map 760.  Olsrnyk, Nick ,   Block 35A, .203^ acres ..Zm.ZZmt..ZZZZ. ...    21.42  Oxley,* B* v**" ���������"������������������ Part block 65A, 1.028 acres  : ...  Stewart, Mrs. Janet (Estate of) ..���������...Easterly 150 ft of W. M* of block 206  Catalano, Serafino ���������t:. :. Block 207, 1.725 acres  -;-���������  Zackarak, "Wm.Z^:~.~..^..:..: N^. % of bk. 232, .446 acres .:..*.'. '-.  JoneB;yW. H.-...-. :��������� Part S.* s%-of Bk.*237, .843 acres P..-.  MWdletpn, John (Estate of).... ........Block 238, 1.270 acres  .1 .v<^  Nelson, Mrs. 3~~a~?ia&*\:..t:lZL.:....:.:.......Block 269, 1.867 acres .... ������...."   Meaqham, Andrew ..!.-. Block "G", lot'619" .'. ZZZZ.   CammWgs, Sydney "PI  ;.���������.,. Block 4, lo^ 914  .:...L ...t::._...:���������.:.^5;...   19.00  EfipaofiT, Geo. O. and Laslett, G. W. ���������Lot 10 of part- of lot 3266  4....-..-. :.���������..'::..  Basfcin, MYHr  Surface rights "Josie" mineral claim, lot 3925  'int.  5  c  7.82  2.34  5.02  6.39  2.48  2.89  .84  Costa e&  expenses  3  c  Total  3  c  3.75      111.57  3.75  3.75  3.75  3.7&  3.75  3,75  38.09  73.56  86t������7  45.47  51.85  ^5.49  .-.if .*-  21.42    .  1.70-  3.76  26.87  20.81  1.45 .  3.75.  J6.01  10.17      ..  .80  3.75   '  14.72T  ���������-  29.53  2.13 -  3.75  35.41   ���������  -3.81  .24  3.75  -  7.80  ^  30.03  6.16  3.75  39.94  -  *9.95    *  3.02  3.75  46.72!  16A8-":  1.26  3.75  21.19  14.07  1.45  3.76  "  19.27  19.00  1.48    *  3.75  24.23  P  10.99  .86  3.75  15.59  *-  4.00-  .30 Z  3.75"  8.05    -  Patterson^ Emit .......  Crown Grants  ���������.'.��������� .^:Block, 1, lot 5079 ���������. .>.   " T> m -��������� *  * ' Crown* Grants :   -' -- ������������������ * ^o-���������,  Leask, Thos. W.  .  % Int. in 12.65 acres of lot 6898 . :���������  Broods, Arthur  *. W. % of lot 8790, |0 acres ^s. ;.  Magee, Chas ZP.���������-xl-.....^. ^Building situated on lot 173,.lot 9639  Loasby, W. :. 1  Building situated *n* lot 174, lot 9639  Haslam,,Samuel H. Part lot 3764, SO acres .-Z... : P.....  ThojapsOif, Lorss   .���������. ......... Lot 9793   .: ._....��������� .. ...   Dated at Nelson, B. C*~thfs 21st day of September, 1921 - ^z  ..^*.-0.0-~-...-���������.--  62.6r  4.89  3.75        71.30  ^���������:.j-.-?Z.'    5.23            .40          3.76  9.38   0...T.~\~\M         2.50 '      3.75  38.25   ���������..--c    2.50           .20         3.75  6.45   :.0x- . 7UJ0,          .55 .,-  .3.75  11.30  ..: ZZ 32.00"         2.56         3.75  38.25   Z...0.~ 25.0������^       1.96         3.75  30.7U  JT. CARTMEL,  ^ Provincial Collector.  I  Green Forests are an investment which gives  bigreturas.     > ��������� -  -I      . ~ ��������� -        >  The shareholders include, directly orindirectly,  every citizen in. the Province.  By The time this fleet of engines  were housed-I have an idea that a  considerable section of the "panorama of ^incomparable magnificence  and 'eu**s-s!!t-!0!!?<������  scenes" which in-  M^*  "I   1  I  *>w  0-r.X'  Columbia^  r.  *>   - Z*i  . _*  VA.MM  iitjmm  wortny qi preservation, ana means  employment to someone, sooner m* litter.  No ^timber substitute h&s been Y found, biit"  timber provides substitutes for many.  articles. \ -.      '..>���������'���������  The Lumber tirade is. called .the barometer, of  British Columbian prosperity.  Keep the mark set high; destruction of the  Forest spells loss for everybody.  Prevent Forest Fires  V  1 J  w6flLiS  ' e  Why  don't; you place1" your order for Apple  Boxes  NOW,  ana have   them   made  up and  ready for use when the rush cornea. .  You can buy them for SEVENTEEN CENTS eacli  delivered at your packinghouse,. Pay  Ior them November 1st, 1921. ..'     .  BOXES MAD& OF ALL PINE with full width sides.  No Cootonwood or Veneer sides usedY  cited Mr. J-fidmondson to plunge into  a rhapsody, a sltort time  "ago  jr ' "* / -*  would be verjybadly disfiKured."  The Arrow Creek pretjeet. on the  other hand,' provides for everything  ���������msirt pipe, laterals  and the Water   delivered * to   each   individual  ranch.      Also in his last letter Mr.  Eclmondeon   advocates the  use. of  chlorine and alum to make the waters of Dow's slough fit for doniest-1!  ic .yse.      . I have a very good recol  deotion of- having ts^^ct^rp ^tfeJM*  tliis khid of dopf^^:iuv^Wnce^ ' %'  and not so very long aga     I know  *> Via eh liAinciAn unll  tvr**.    -aI-Axx*-  - ������t^   !S^tll  almost dying from thirst, and we  .were,the same. And as for making-tea or cooking with it; horrors,  I vvould prefer to haul ^.my supply  from "Goat River, and with a"tea'-  spoon if necessary.  . Now,   abont   light.        A.  good  authority states  that the quantity  of water carried hy a'foutvinoh pipe  dinnharged with reasonable fall on a  turbine will  generate   nearly   five  horse   power-      A   one "foot   pipe,  about   45   horsepower.    This   size  plant, with proper dynaiho. would,  I am quite sure, furnish all the electricity Oreston .could use and the'  town is admirably  situated for the  installation of such a plant.       -TIip  initial cost would  possibly .be higher than with steam or gas, but the  upkeep would be Very ^ynuoh lower.  There wouhl he no fuel: just a little  oil and one electricians���������or at most  two would be required.'    It is quite  possible a smaller  plant, would do5  for present needs.        In any event  Arrow Creek  woiild supply plenty  of 'Vator   in  ^addition    to    what,  would he needed for irrigation, eto,  ito run any of the above mentioned  planta   ,  ,VI must apologize for enoroaching  so. much on your valuable space,  but I am of the opinion that irrigan  tion ib an .absolute necessity in this  Vallev, and that whatever schemes  arc fliiggosted should hothorouglily  diocuHued pro and conj fliei. which  ever it deemed .as the bent availably  let ur get.busy and put it in., We  have put it olf lor g enough.        /  ,.       LEONARD Ti IJRJYEQUB.;  Agiipiiifyrgi Lanus  - ^-0       --       -    v ' ~ *;  For  tSrxt.  Odli  -They subdivided   lands' situate   in   the  vicinity; of CrestoiiivB.C., the ;property of the  . Land Settlement Board, being ^art of Lot 812,  Kootenay XHstricfc, .are.now offered for sale.-  S*" * ���������*������ - ���������       .-'VI'*-      'A" * *"   "  t j. t,        r- x.1<m- i. "������������������ ���������"������������������ * ���������** -       ,������-. . ������  ...   . t ���������;-������Prices, .cTerms^ ^^Regulations -^governing  -������ale^atnd>alli*fcfe^'4^or^tk^n;4m^  ; ed- -4H1- application  to fthe  Su^fvis&r,' LaneT:  Settlement Board! "QatiiD";ListeS^BiC,'. or to  - .  .,-   .--z,i.   -rt- - .-*L.^������v--. ,v;^��������� .'. y.-tt      *  .     .  LANP rSETTLEMEk^ BOAKp  1.     ' .       Parliament Buildings,  ;    : % .   Victorist, B.C.  R X>. DAVIES,  Director, Land Settlement Board.    -.  Canyon City Lumber Company  thrift Versus Spendthrift  Earning twenty dollars a week and hanking two, you  are better able to rise above emergencies, than the1  man making a hundred and saving'nothing. A savings account is a backing that gives you. confidence  and power. Efficient and courteous service is assured  you at any: branch of this Bank. ui  IMPERIAL  BANK  C. W, ALLAN,  'ammnmtamtnmttmttmwm  OP C/VNAXJtA.  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Practical and experienced farmers have become- not only critical but  rather resentful of writers in newspapers who essay the task of advising  them what to do and what not to do. Arm chair farmers, like arm chaiT  military strategists, are not popular, nor do they carry much weight, .and  possibly rightly so when they attem'pt. to deal with practical "farming prohf-  lems. But in the matter of the marketing of wheat, men who never plowed  a furrow or sowed an acre,in their lives, but who have studied the question  of marketing, the fluctuations of prices, and the harvest "seasons around the  world, are well qualified to speak in reply to the question at the head of  this article. They are certainly in just asvgood a position to express an  opinion in regard to it as any practical farmer, and possibly in a much bette1*  position to do so intelligently.  Of course, no hard and fast rule can be laid down because conditions vary  from ono year to another and circumstances arise beyond the control of mere  ' mortals which upset any and all calculations and defy''previous experience..  For example, the man who sold wheat immediately following the outbreak  of war in 1914 was the loser by so doing. It is, therefore, only possible  to arrive at an intelligent answer to the question whether it8pays the farmer to hold his wheat after harvest by taking the-average, run of prices over  a period of normal years.-  The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis has recently issued a set of  most interesting charts, one of which seeks to throw some light on the .question. One pair of charts shows the variations in prices on the Chicago and  Minneapolis markets covering tlie 45-year period from 1876 to 1920; another  shows the monthly raijge of cash wheat prices in Minneapolis during the last  ten years,' while a fourth chart, dealing with the normal pre-war years of  1903 to 1913, shows whether-a farmer stood to gain of lose by holding or selling hiS'Wheat as indicated by the Chicago prices "which prevailed from month  to month throughout this ten-year period. '  Taking the August price in each year a3 a basis, the_ chart in question  shows the fluctuations in price above or below the August price in the succeeding months until August again came round. The chart reveals the  amazing fact that in only 25 months out of the 120 in this ten-year period  would it have paid tho farmer to hold his wheat as compared with spiling  at the August price. In other words, in/95 months out of the 120 there was  a loss by selling wheat at other than the August price. On the average  every month showed a loss, and these losses vary from about five cents to  fourteen cents a bushel. It Iss further pointed out that if September prices,  instead of August, had been selected as the basis for making the comparison the conclusions would not be changed.  This highly interesting chart, based as it is on authoritative figures from  official records, shows that by selling in September Instead of-August  ' throughout these ten years tho farmer would have sustained an average loss  of 5J cents per bushel; selling in October instead of August his average loss  would have been 7.2 cents per bushle; selling in November the loss would  have been 12.3 cents; in December 13 cents; in January 13.8; in February  12.3 cents; in March 13.8 cents; in April 14.1 cents; in.May 12.7 cents; in  June 10.7 cents; and in July 9.1 cents."V  In arriving at these figures allowance has, of course, bcen made for the'  cost of storage, shrinkage in w.eightj and interest "charges, but a farmfer  holding lii? wiient must pay all these, and he cannot, therefore, merely compare actual market prices at the tinie of harvest with the price quoted three  or six months later. " "���������  ���������ailing promptly in the fall of every jrear appears, therefore, to yield the  fann'er the best average price, judging by the experience of these ten normal  pre-war years. In somo years, of course, he would gain by holding his  wheat, but these are the exceptional years and not the rule. IU fact, bis  "chances of lo'ss through holding instead of prompt selling in the fall appear to be about four to one. ~ .  Do you feel blue, sickly, heavy, too  tired -to get up? s If so, it's probably  your liver which is slow and needs to  be toned and stimulated hy Dr. Hamilton's Pills. It's a wonderful change  Dr. Hamilton's Pills will make in a  few days. They relieve the system  of poisonous wastes, they aid the  stomach, inaprove'digestion, increase  your appetite. - You'll feel like new  aii over after-using this health bringing medicine. Thousands have proved it. Sold everywhere in 25c boxes,  or The Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.  Elements of Peace.  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The meeting of the Canadian Club in Vancouver was held' at  1 o'clock in the afternoon���������that is, 9  o'clock London timou A start was  made with telegraphing the message  at 2 o'clock (10 o'clock London timo)7  and the full despatch was received in  London at 10.45'(2.45 in Vancouver).  -%���������*>  Well*"*'1'  W ^EUII       eR������3P  -WM.  ealtti  MUCH ILL-HEALTH  DUE TO BAD BLOOD  ^        Catarrh  Catarrh is * local disease greatly influenced  by constitutional conditions. HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE is a Tonic, taken internally, and acts-through the blood upon the  mucous surfaces of the system. HALL'S  CATARRH MEDICINE assists Nature in  restoring normal 'conditions. v  *- All Druggists.      Circulars free.  F. J.  Cheney & Co., Toledo,  Ohio.  U the liver I������ right the whole system  Is better off. Garter's. Little litre*  Pills awaken your    Pj^fc  tton.etomach J-W!TX|-^ |  tlVe bow els. 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Britain has three million and  the United States 'six million unem-  . ployed. The more Germany must'  work the more the others cease working. What is needed.is an international economic understanding."  The minister approved Winston  Churchill's suggestion of co-operation  as outlined in his Dundee speech and  said with regard to Franee:  "We must give ������oods; the problem  is to substitute 'products for gold.  We are to have a further -conference  with Franco * regarding arrangements  for deliveries of gold marks tp the  amount of seven billion in the course  of four and a half years."  Plan To Attend Conference  H.   A.'   Heddgsheimcr,   Publisher   of  ihe Enterprise,.'Conquest, Sask.  C.P.R. Reduces Rates  On Livestock Shipments  To St. Paul & Chicago  Urges Aiding Austria  Munich and Berlin  ieSt!  Premier     Briand     Will.    Accompany  French Delegation to Washington.  Paris.���������Premier Briand, it was announced has decided to leave for the  United States on the steamer Lafayette, sailing probably November 1, to  attend the conference on Far Eastern-  questions and limitation" of armaments. With him will go. tho entire  French delegation to the conference  and its staff.   _    ,  Melbourne.���������Premier Hughes, when  asked regarding the possibility of unofficial Australian representation at  the Washington conference on Far  Eastern Questions and limitation of  armaments, said:, "I think it would be  like*a man presenting^himself at the  gate of Heaven without a ticket^ of admission."  - , i ^^_   India Dissatisfied  With Present Me  The Empire's Effort���������  And Sacrifice  One Man in Every Ten Laid Down Life  In Great War. \  Y  Hon.   A.  to   All  .ex  ~sioi-tx\.\.  Responsibility of Suppression of News*  I..-* papers Caused*Contention^- ���������--.--  Munich.���������An agreement reached at  Berlin on Sept. 2~~/between representatives of the. Bavarian and the Central Gex-man Government Jtas been  adopted by the constitutional committee of the Bavarian Diet. This agreement is intended to effect an adjustment of the controversy which, has  been raging between Munich and Berlin for some time.  One of Its provisions makes the .authorities of; individual German, States  responsible for the suspension, or suppression of newspapers." xTBis was  ono of the principal causes of contention between the two Governments.^  -   Refugees In Petrograd.    yY  Eiga.���������Approximately  156,600  refugees from the famine districts* of Rus  Big, how are In Petrograd, says a wire  less messagg, received here.     Work  ha&been found for only 5,000 of these  refugees, the wireless adds.  ���������'.'..."     ���������' - > ��������� ������������������"���������-.  CHOLERA INFANTUM  THE FATAL DISEASE  OF PHIL  Mothers shb'uld.look well after their  ypwig ones during the hot summer  months as  this is the time of year  Desires Measure of Autonomy Granted  to  Ss!s"Gecvomm*snt  Dominions.  y '"'    Toronto.���������That thfej retention of In-  d*������ "l     ���������*"������ d    ���������**TT     -i������i4,ci***-������*������-|'I    *-������������"������>��������� 4*-* r>-4?   +T������*-������    "D*%i + 4<-������^i  ~*~\a     XA/Cf     IA.LL   tJ-XttrKif^X cl*     J/C-VX-     \Jjm     x,x������K2     ~ux XX/xVixl  Empire can bo secured only, by ultim  ately granting to her that measure of  autonomy already enjoyed by tlie self-  government Dominions, is the opinion  of Dr. S. B. Datta, a recognized" lead-'  r- K* ���������    I-*- -  er off'the moderate party in India,.who  addressed the Canadian Club here.  Tho address was a notable one in  that It -came from a native Indian  who, although thoroughly in sympathy  wit^-the idealistic side of tho Nationalist movement in India, has thrown  the weight tof his influence on the side  of constitutional reform under the  British Government.  Dr. Datta strenuously' combatted  the Idea that the race now-going on  in -India; between constitutional reform one one side ;and revolution on  the other, wiis one that aifected the  other sections; of tlie Empire merely  as spectators^ ��������� On (the contrary, what  the other: sections of the EmptrO did.  said and**, thought, was of vitftlv consequence-.   :*    *' v  ' From $ return lately printed for the  House_of Commons, and-.pulilished in  the  official. Parliamentary  report  of  May. 5, we are now fully able to realize the magnitude of the effort made  by    the    British    Empire during the  European war and how heavy was tho j  sacrifice-  demanded *  o*    thosu    who j  heipcid hy litud o.n-e.1 sfa iii gaining uKy  victory at the end of the lo3g struggle.  The total numbers of our sea and land  forces that served    during"  the   war  amounted to the huge total of something over nine millions of men;   of  these nine millions���������nine millions, be  it remembered, of the very pick of the  Empire���������no fewer than one man out'  of every ten laid down his life, having  been killed in action, died of wounds,  or    died    from    disease due in some  measure to the war.-.     One"   man   in  ,every four was wounded, and one man  out of every ij*ree became a casualty  in" one way"or -another���������-whether 'by  death    in action,,   from    woimds ' or  from disease, or by being wounded or  taken T>riaoJier      This is sure!"**-** a vei*v  terrible  proportion;   and   shows   how  and to what a dreadful "-extent   the  modern wars of nations have increased tho casualties' among those faking  part in them, while, the sacrifice also  falls most heavily upon thejrory pick  of   the    manhood    of   the    opposing  peoples.  J. Balfour ..Appeals  Countries For Help.  Geneva.���������Speaking In the assembly  of the League of Nations on a resolution expressing the regret of the assembly that the reconstruction of Austria's finances had been delayed for a  reason it was hoped would shortly \>e  removed, Right Hon. A. J. Balfour said  the Allies had done all they could for  the restoration of Austria. All of  "them had released their aliens to that  end, lie recalled, and he hoped that  the Austrian -people would not lose  thoir courage. He Appealed to all the  roimtrie". in the general interests ot  Europe and J'or the credit of rivili^u-  tlon to do all they could  10    enable  Austria to regain her feet.  World Record For Altitude  Winnipeg.���������A reduction amounting  to 20 per cent", on all rates over 50  cents per hundred pounds on livestock  shipments from the prairie provinces  to St. Paul and Chicago, has been announced here by thc Canadian Pacific  Railway. There is no reduction .being made below 50 cents per hundred  pounds. This new rate will become  effective Oct. S. The statement issued* by the Canadian Pacific Railway  says: ~Inview of the fact that' cattle  are moving" from thelprairie provinces  to Str-Paul and Chicago, notwithstanding* the Fordnf-y tariff, it is reducing the rates on livestock in liuo-  with the reductions mnde by T7.S. railways.  Tim   following   or**   rju.i'r-el   n**   *=*-r*'*i-  ples of the new rate;  3Moo&e Jaw to St. Paul 5"> cents as  against the present rate of r.i) cents;  to Chicago 77 cents against 06; Calgary and. Edinomon to St. Paul,  j 70 1-2 against SS; to Chicago 92 aa  against ?1.15.  Airman  Height   of  Miller's Worm- Powders* are complete in themselves. . They not only  djrive worms from the system, but repair the damage that worms causo-and  so invigorate tho constitution that it  speedily recovers from tho 'disorders'  of the digestion that are the result of  the work of these parasitic intruders.  Thoy do their work thoroughly qnd  strength and soundness follow their  use.    " .   "'  Attained   Official  '     f 40,800 Feet." .  Dayloij., Ohio.���������Lieut. John A. ISIac  Ready, tost pilot' at McCook Field,  shattered- the svorld's altitude record,  attaining an official height of 40,800  feet in tlie same laperer biplane used  by Major Rudolph C. Schi-oeder, who  set a record of 3S.180 feet on February 28, 1020.  Lieut. MacKeady ���������was in the . air  one hour and forty-seven minutes,  requiring all but a few minutes of  the total flying time to reach his  mark. At 39,000 feet, ice formed on  his ozygen tank but he pressed on  until tho anti-meter registered 41,000  feet. At this point his engine coughed and died. He^^ben glided^ safely  to the ground. -  Typhoon In Japan Kills Hundreds.  Tokio.���������Several hundred.' "persons  havo been killed by a typhoon in Central Japan, centring upon' Nago^a, eta  the Island; of Hondon, where a tidal  wave destroyed crops    and  Halifax To Improve  SbiBBin** Far.iliiifis  Tl"  Board   of   Trade   Looking   for   Large  .   LCattle Shipments.,  Halifax���������Tho Halifax Board of  Trade havo announced that they have  taken steps toward" the improvement  of cattle shipping facilities at this  port in anticipation of large animal  shipments from_ Halifax to ihe Old'  Country during the coming winter.  The Board maj** ask tho Government  to have the large sheds at the * now  ocean terminals made ready for temporary use 4(is cattle ;^eds, according  to one suggestion. The first small  shipment of cattle through Halifax  has already been made. *\  French PolicysAnnounced.  ���������Paris.-���������Premier''Briand will outline  J the < position of  the  French- Govern*  houses, 'ment relative to the   conference   on  Japan Selects Delegates  Surprise Caused By Appointment of  'Prince Tokuflawa'.  Tokio.���������-Tiro'-.Japanese'' delegates to  the tVashlngtou Cottforenco on ��������� limitation , of   armaments, will.be: Prince  Xn'^summ^ Iyesato tfbkugcma,; president   of, the  "     " House of Peers; ViCQ-Admlral Tomo-  saburo Kato, Minister of tho Nay.y,  prevalent,  diarrhoea,  Jt begins with a profuse  thc stomach becomes, irri  tated, vortiiting and purging set in, and  aml Bartm Kijin-o Shidc-Uara. ambas-  thc matter ejected from the stomach     * ���������    -  has a bilious appearance: the child  rapidly loses flesh and is soon reduced to great langour aud prostration  which i" a great rnany cases tenuis  afes fatally. '*'������������������'  . ''.v������o quickly offset the vopjiting puy-gf  ingr and diarrhoea Y  '^\-m.zWw^  .        EXTRACT OF,  H7TT TV Q1TI* A tXT������ll?WI>VY  should be administered. ~  Mrs. Charles' Kretlow, \Vidcvicw,  Sask,, writes:���������"I havc used Dr. Fow-  lcW'J&ctract of'Wild Strawberry for  summer* complaint. '��������� I think ii-saved  ���������..     1!������.1^      _:..1������^      iltrx     rxrtJt      ttrmm     ~, r,      .1. r.  Lowen Grain Rates From Montreal  Montreal.*���������-At a meeting "of the various shipping lines of Montreal it was  decided to make a ljeduction 6f<ten  per cent, in tl^e existing freight ratos  for grain being shipped from this port  to points In tho United Kingdom; This  reduction comos,,it is said, as tho re-  sivlt of ,thp scarcity of package freight.  Several steaivfBrs were, sunk and .many  fishermen are missing.  \ -r  sador to tho "Unltod^tatos, it has boon  officially announced.  Tho delegation includos~18 others  representing, tho foreign officer- three  representing J.ho mlnhftry of finance,  twelve tHe minlsti-y <)- "tho ������ayy������ and  solron Jttio army.; * y  ^Tho   ap^olntmopt   of Vlco-Admlrtfl  Itato and that .of   Ambaagyador Shi*  dehara   had   boon o^pocted, but tlio  Asahl Shlmlinn Itt- commo'uting upon  tho makeup o������ tho delegation, ompha-  sizes the fact-that the appointment^ of  Prlnco Tokugawa was a groat" surprise  to tho nation.    It -oxprosaes tho viow  little sm*~ JU- one time as she I that for ono thing It embodies a movo  was so-.*bad^r::tT  , Its Quality Sells it.���������The fact that  so many thousands, of Intelligent people continue to use Dr. Thomas' Eclectrie Oil speaks volumes for its healing  ���������efficiency. -Eyer since it was'first introduced it has grown'steadily in i>ub-  11c favor, owing enttrely to its manifold usefulness ih relieving and healing sickness. As a specific for cuts,  bums, scalds, and various inflammatory, pains" its xocord is"beyond reproach. '���������;������������������" "Y   ��������� ��������� ���������-���������������������������' ,'y''  Ys ~ht.'b~.^.ti i tliowght she was going  ( to die, Y A friend advised ������������c about  ������'Dr������ Pox'vlcr's/Ysoil got fttbottJe and  it hclprfcl her rifeht awai"*'       '  Don't endanger your chtfel's lieaHlt  by o^crptin*^ ix��������� ���������'wibmifnt'^ but* ftt*t  the genuine "Dr, Powler's," price SOc.  a bottle; >tt tup only by The t. Mil *  bum Co., Limited, Toronto* Out. ���������*-  ammtiim0t0mi4mmi0mmm~mm)mmiimm������0mmmimiim  a  w, i tt." -.* iag|  m  by Premier Hara to propara tho way  for. a Toltug^wa ministry alte'i; tho  Washington Gonforonco." whon *tho  present cabinet, it saysz is Jiltbiy ft>  resign, ;''''"'_.'"��������� , :zz-.'  Patronize* your loral %crchant and  thereby help to build up yojjr home  town and community^   *     *   .,    -,'���������}'  YStop the Cough.���������Coughlut Is caused by irritation In'the rospiratoiy  passages and is the effort to dlslodgo  obstructions that come from inflaimua-f  tion of the mucous membrane. Treatment with Dr. Thomas* ECleHvio Oil  will allay tho inflammation^p,nd iu con-  soauenco tho cough will coaso. Try  it ajad you, will bo satlsfled,  s :,; .������ Give Aid To Russia.  '^Itome.���������The Holy Boo has Instructed tlio Bank of Rome to transmit ,1,000  Italian Hro to tho. papftl -nuiiclo in  ,J3orno, Switzerland, for tho;, rollof of  tho Kussian tamino sutferors.  'VAHMOUTII, JT.S.  limitation of armaments in a speech  at St. Nazaire on Oct. 9. On that occasion-he purposes to make a declara-'  tion of ministerial policy cojicernlng.*  all questions c*t" prime importance now  before the-country which-will be laid  beforo".Parliament* when it re-assembles on Oct. IS. ��������� .'"��������� *.  Sixty-Three Days  In Open Rowboat  American Ex-Soldier and Daughter  ^���������ound By Police Launch.  Washington.���������Sighted by . Chesapeake Bay fishermen flvo milea off  Norfolk, Va��������� in,''an open rowboat, in  which thoy bad. boon cruising tho  waters of tho bay, and tho Potomac  ilivor for slxty-thrco days, William A.  Sponcor,. cx-^oldlor, and bis ten-year-  old daughter, Cora Eleanor, Voro later  located by ft polico launch and brought  to that port after o. nation-wide  Boarch for weeks, following their mysterious disappearance irom this city.  Finding ot tho father and daughter  wp.0 mado' .knotfja' at polico hoad*iuar-  tors bero nkei1" notification from tho  Norf61k autborltles.  Forbidden to Drive Car.  Moose Jaw, Sask.���������Andrew Cu,*wy,  who was found guilty of driving a  motor car In a*manhor dangerous to  the public, was forbidden (o operate  a car for six months and fined $25 la  .thO polico ipSUrt hero.  ASPIRIN  Only "Bayer** is Genuine  Our slogan' fbr   the - cowing. year  Fishermen and Campers    shouldibe.;"Buy ^Hom^ Add tW  r * your o*vm and your neighbors pros*  pcfity by kcct>io������f the money- circufat-  incr iu QUr-owu dJstiici,       i  Quick Relief     f  'i*\fS A BOTTLE IW VOWR OUTPIT.  'Wamihgl Take no chances with  substitutes for genuine "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin," Unless you see tbe  name "Bayer", on package or on tablets* you arc not getting Aspirin at all.  In every'Bayer package are directions  for Colds. Headachy Neuralgia,  Rheumatism, Earache, Toothache,  Lumbago and for Pain. Handy tin  boxes of twelve tablets cont.few cfenis,  ���������Drtiggists also sell larger packjJfecs.  Made m Canada^- Aspirin is tho  trade mark (register-eel ini CanaMa),  of Bayer Manufacture of Moitoacetie*  actdeater of S^lirylteacM.  ������\/'  -    Y..^l  V.  **  V  -    ,, tail  ������*"Y  *0 S<<,  IV  -J.,  \ty and Personal  For  Sale���������Jersey   cow,   milking.  W. V. Jackson.  For  Sale���������Light   express   spring  ���������wagon, fitted brake.   Review Office.  Let us frame  your pictures,  prices  reasonable.      Asher's studio* Creston.  FOR  StAT, Hi���������T .aAv   wjahafi   t-A   jtrgnngj*  of two winter coats.  Creston.  Address Box 41.  For Saub���������Team grey mares. Belgian breed, 6 years old, weight about  32(MX lbs., also double harness. Bain  wagon, etc.   Apply Creston Cafe.  Reduction Sale!  For a limited time only we  are offering you special  prices on  Writing Pads and  Envelopes  AH 40 and 35c. Pads on display  ���������Special Price 25c.  AH 25 and 20c Pads on display  ���������Special Price 15c.       , ?  We are overstocked in these.  Watch our Window and Ad,  each week for Bargain*  during Aug* and Sept,  Dry onions, pickling onions, winter  Hubbard squash for sale. Richardson,*  Erickson.  For Saue���������Good farm horse, ride or  drive* quite gentle. Paul Ofner,  Wynndel.  jl vav      avwv a-*"*���������** *#������;      B^������<us*5**ss5-aj=j     t.n.aXi-u^at^rK-.  as a millinery store on Victoria Aye  JLpp!y to Mrs. Brese.  __���������*.    A  W]A������*JBi  bens, state breed and  price,  Ebbutt. Box 49, Creston.  P.   G.  Lost���������Between Cranbrook Sash vfe  Door Co. sawmill. Kitchener.' and  Erickson, b!ack jewelery case containing a few watches, chains, etc. $25.00  reward.   M. McLeod. Cranbrook.  ���������*  Miss Amy Ebbutt. who has spent  thepast month at her home here, returned on Snnday to Lethbridge.  Mra. Jones "of Ne!son8 ^"ife of acting  manager-Jones of the Imperial Bank.  is a visitor to town for the fall fairy  t������~.SJ������~m.    %~r~~.    ..     -x .     _���������_���������������_     *���������������     L~.r,t  ^a.*a .x-x-,jf, ������������������. &Z,-������i,&-iS-ia~iSX: ZJiS-vf.  WIII  be celebrated .here by a whist driy<*  aad dance iiaoer Women's Institute  auspices."     *-,'  ~  The vital statistics for September  sho������,Y'but four births���������two each of  t>oys and git is-���������with no marriage and  no deaths.  to the  West  AUKrfV  \ Bgattie-Qatwa*  F8R0 PRICES A6AIN SEDUCES  Ford Touring Car  $300f.oJ).  nrastnn  ���������mtru-va&tmt*--  J  As up to date as any car.  No better Lighting and  Starting System made,  Call and see "the latest.-  Greston Auto & Supplv  Fob' Sale���������S purebred White  horn cockerels,- Palmer strain, Victoria, $3 each. W. G. Cleave (Canyon),  Erickson P.O.   -*,  Mrs. E. XL Small and two children  arrived from Vancouver on Thui'sday  last to join Mr. Small; who. has lately  taken charge of,fche Creston-Hotel. *  y    **    '   - w -  Fob Sale���������Team bay geldings, 7,  and 8 years old. Double harness and  Bain wagon. - This is a snap of' the  season.   Apply Creston Cafe. Creston;  Dave Dow. who has heen assistant  to the O.P.R.- agent at Kingsgate for  the past couple of* months, is among  those in town forL the fair this week  One Brahma rooster,  0 -  -   ���������������   -  convention at Kelson on the 6th.  Kitchener and Sirdar will furnish the  other two delegates. -   -  $������l was gathered in amusement tax  at Creston for the snontb ol September, and' another interesting.item of  revenue was $14 whieh Provincial police McLaren received fov isassos* per*  mite. Fine? amounted.to only $17.50  ���������a������c-.5ple of assault bases being, iiii  the business offering Ssa Magistrate  CroKipton*c department.  nominatingr   Business is brisk along* the C.P.R.  line, work starting on Monday on the'  big fiill at the .trestle ^at Kootenay  Landing. There are two trains on the*  haul and the ottyer at the unloading  end.. Tne material for-the All is torn-  ing from the cut this, .side of the Canyon bridge, where a stream shoyel is at  work. The job willbtake possibly six  weeks.y ;' '** ,*���������-.--  BETTER THAN EVER  CAFE  |IS t. GOOD.EATI9TG HOUSE  Just drop In and try  'Jf we are not right*   -  OPEN 6.90 h.H). to 0 p,x������. ���������  HBaRHBHSBBB  40-ACEE BLOCKS ������OR SALE  In Sub Lot 54 of Lot 4595. about a  mile from Alice Siding school... Prices  $500 to $1250 a block, Applv to 6. A.  M������ YOUNG, Owner, Creston.  *������������%������h%  i  ������  S RFVftM.  Paul  pm-ebred Shoe-  M*f������io\  t-aw^-x   ^vxxufwes  wm'*.*'--*jf    -J m. -.a*      Jm   tAmatrt  old, splendid for" breeding purposes,  $10.00. Creston Cafe, ask for Mr.  Poppel. -     ,.  Mrs. Meagher of Nelson is among  the out-of-town visitors here renewing  acquaintances and seeing the Creston  fair,  and is the guest of-Mre.   C 6.  Rodgers. { ~ -r  cCieston :J3oard of .Trade melts  Tuesday  t^gftt; ,and a timely  ft-omChairiiiaU.I-iurland of the muui  cipal committee wiltbe one of the features of the session. __  H. Bailie of Vancouver. we9te������n inspector of branches of the Bank, of  Commerce, made an official call on  Manager Bennett, a  couple  of days  on  report  A Select'Dance will bc  given by the  Banff Dance OMestr  Rieh in Butter!atr8Bt! from  Tttbsnnilin-tsstad Cows  CREAM FOR SALE  . at all times  7 Quarts or 14 Pints for $1.00.  Si. i-jui  uniier rinsuiemiifte  iHlUdL ninftt-diiiniid ^  ^������������������^���������������������������n^���������^���������������������������i. ^mmmm^mmvmmm^mr^ma^mmm wa^���������m^^^^^^^Bm^^^^^m^^^m^mw^^^^^^^���������a^^^i^mmTi  Now that the parlor heater is being set up, and  you are squaring things away generally for the.fall.and  winter, as to Furniture and House Furnishings you are  almost sure to be requiring something.  We believe we can supply most everything you1  are likely to require���������^and at prices that will compare  favorably with those obtaining anywhere. We are liow  showing a nicely assorted stock of  mm.    ���������....*���������.*.���������.  Chairs, Kitchen Tables  and Dining Room Sets  ape . a m      w* ~w: .". ���������������t. % anx     *���������  reit   mattresses*,    pea  Springs and Bedsteads  LINOLEUM ROGS     V  7^x9 t%^ $15.50.       9xft ft., $20.00.      6x9 ft., $1350  *��������� . ���������  .-     *  Linoleum, 2 yards wide, at $2,75  per lineal yard  0*--.   t..X0r.m,  eiuciieiicr  part of the -week.  S. A. SPEERS  GENERAL  MERCHANT.  Attention to Necessary  Redairs  WILL SAVE YOU MONEY AND TIME!  Prices Right. Satisfaction Guaranteed.  AUTHORIZED FORD SERVICE.  FREE AIR.    Thres and Accessories.   AUTO LIVERY  All kiwte of GRINDING done at reasonable pricea  CRESTON SERVICE GARAGE  mm.w im^S.r0f ^r mm     *TiFfPf-'^~l*s������&r ** m*  ~axjn/sat~w ta.  ���������emew.  During the absence' of agent Swmii  son'the C.P.R. depot is in'charge of  SamjWhittHker and Henry Chestei���������  the latter hitndling the telegraphy���������  both former employees here.  At the   National   Liberal  Conservative organization  rally on Saturday  night, O. B. Garland was chosen president of the new political organization 1  with 3. W. Hamilton secretary. J  " The October' riieetikg of th������������ Women's Institute is called for Friday aft-  ternoon next, Oct. 14th. and the dir>  ectors. are arranging .'f������������it-one of the  most interesting sessions of the year.  C.P.R*. agent A. R. Swanson is taking his usual fall vacation at present  and left on Monday for coast points.  While a^-ray he will attend a meeting  of the executive of  the  B.C.   United  Farmers.  ���������*  The Valley's total rainfall for September was just a little less than three-  fourths of an inch. -The. hottest and  foulest days came close together. On  the 13th we had it 24Yahove zero, and  on the. 17th 74 in the shade was record-  .-���������*"'������������������  . Frank Ebbutt, who arrived home  about twt> weeks aa^������, from a summer  apept on geological, t>ii|;,v(������y work in the  -Forti-Noru'ian' alien, left on Thursday  last for Vancouver, where he has com*  mencred, his second year in the school,  uiining.  Iu the rieighborhtieod of 200-game li  censes have been tajcen out at Oienton  up tifl the etjd of P^tober. . Of tliiew  three were trappers''pei-uiits, and nine  wei-e big (fame lic-ett[se>i. The pi-ovin-  ciul exchequer I- $860  the  richer  on  this business. j'  ������������������ * .. *-,   /  Mrs. (Uev.) Knox, -\yho Fhts been ft  vlsiuu* with Nelson friend--) for a couple of weeks, returned on Saturday.  Mr. Knox, who is undergoing tjyat-  men tis showing intrked improvement.  He ret tuns every Saturday to take his  pastoral work here. " "  The Banif Drcluistra. which attracted such large crowds to their two dances in Creston earlier In the year, w^ll  bo here iigulri on. Tliureday evening,  Oct. 18th, for another da rice ih Mercantile Hall.- The admirtinn hi 81,86,  which Includes tuxjtnd supper.  Mr. and Mm Glnol of Boswell rxeve  among theikse from "tfj-ate* tyyn ,wno  were virttora at OreM*fon \fa\v t\\\~  week, OWlng tojt miHtake Inrtht; date  they ������rtf ved on Tuesday, but were  able to make a quite thorough Inepeo  tion hef������ire the |udg(ng started 'that  afternoon. Tlu^ retut hud home the  tame day.  At the Libeval Aimoeiatlon meeting  on Satiifday nlKlitMe-sMi. R. B. 8tap-  ple*. A, p. Ponhln, C. F. Huyes. M.  3. Boyd. 8. A. S-jwern and AlemvLidgate were named as Clinton delegates  MOUNTAIN VIEW -RANCH.  < WALTER V. JACKSON  Shoe Repairing  * ��������� ��������� ���������    *������  Men's  Half Solei $1.25.  Women'slfalfSoiesJl.OO  Guaranteed for 6 months.  in the  Mercantile Hall: Grostdn  Thursday,  Bandog af 3 p.m.  -'* - -*-'*. -��������� * - ���������*,,*"��������� *..  A Geiiuine Musical Treat  Admifsion  . $1.35  cs .-._ ; i s���������J8  oupjpoP luviu-utru ;  Alex. Mirabelli  Shoemaker :-_ -   CRESTON  MINERAL ACT  fVIUl 3-  CertiHcateaftnipraaemerite  NOTICE  .t\ri"'-y-Pcy,  S^m'    mmtSm       S^   ^^13    UZTt ^^  Kirby Fr���������   ^KirbjrFr. No: I,   Kirby.  .-   iiirby Ni>. 2.: i&irby No. .8. n.irby*  *��������� No. 4, Kirby No. 5 Mineral Claims,  situate in  the Ainsworth Mining.  Division of Kootenay. District. **  Where located :   At Riond������*l. ' ?  Take jiotico that I, A. H. Green, acting as agent for A. J. Curie* F.M.C.  No. 80580c; W. T. Kirby. F.M.C. No..  30587c; B. Ii. Kirby. F.&1-C. No.  H0588c; Freida Burgess. F.M.C, 90594c;  and R. V. D. Guthrie, Free Miner's.  Certificate No. 30589c. intend, sixty,  days from date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Certificate of  Improvements, for .the purpose of oh  taining a Crown Grant of, the above  elaims. "  And further take notice that action,-  under section 86, u������ust he cntnmenced  before the issuance of such Certificate,  oirimpi-ovementa. . /  Dated this 22nd day of September,  A.B.J021., ������������������(A.������; GREEN.  *. s^s^.-B8* a   The finest product of���������the1oveD; in  either ^Whit^YiJrdwO, or the  , t.-.' ---, popular currant!loaf.  CAKES  Cookies, Doughnuts, Swiss Roll.  y Wedding and Birthday Cak'esy  T *. , inade to order.       *���������  A full line of Chocotates and  z Candies./carried in stock. .  Fresh Frtdts in season  ������������������   y? ���������x - y"     . , - ,.;  ���������-'���������> ;.  Our-goods ��������� have" always  pleased'  othAs i , we feeknure you will .  <��������� ��������� find tljem satlsfftctoi-y.  BERT NORRIS  Postoffice Blk;; CBESTON  p.  mm  !S  tas  *  ertoBBW  SOT  A full  range of Men's Dress Shirts just  arrived^���������the- well-known  John  W.  Peck  . L .> Oompoiy'.Uiia  ���������s.  <   ' ���������      ���������*���������.'-     ��������� i , ���������      ��������� '      .  Mei������'������*4y'Neck Jerseys  Men's Jersey Pullovers  *       '   .'    ��������� * **-        *     *    i  A full, line of Winter Goodu ih stock. *���������'  -':  '���������-  .'"..,  if it  A  z J  MAWSON  BROTHERS  > i ��������� * . ,      t * . .    - r f    *,   .    i i  '      i ,i  Better Service OenertilkM^reh'4nt4"        ''l.-owpr Prices  I������MMM(MHHMHMHMMMIH^  ^fch^MlrtM'*^������(^V-*'H^ *  *-. ��������� y .������������������t-ti..^i.   ' '* "������ imimmxmm:*mmmmim,m.  ���������^���������>ew������*������"wwe  <w**,  p^pz,yHy^M^  iftttim**. M~.'it%ri~t0 WwJtS *"  mn  .   .'riVu. Ai S4.D % j 1*1,  '"   m


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