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Creston Review Aug 12, 1921

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live��*-**. -i*!-S'i*^*��f-aW��i>U ��-.. cfVlSa^M*
~       ZZZ&Zk*&''*P,.
���**��'w'eA1**~ 4-"
I .\
*\r Z.
y~r~f .ii.
<��x.s>' '
Y   '^^
-iRKs ^J* ^SpSsSS^Y-.y*l
^Jirj "      * ���
-   <-
__��*y** "* --.	
��^1 A,
H.'    JY**-*".. <���
Jh     r-A-*--rrf
x        tfl-l\��-
r W,*-       tr
I 'Tt'
ton/��*ji&,/Fjujek-sju August \% w~.\
y-***A* .1
i *
< t ",�� <> H h/   ~r **->    ^ *KV*
Mr^Asher of Oreston took theMetlv
odist service hereon! Sundayn*rtrnlng
for Key.r&. Kr.os, who is still absent
on vacation. w-if    './'���-   '--4
Wagtos is s bu&Isess visitor
at Kimberley this week._   -*
1 M^-s. McKee of Jaffmy is a lister visitor a^ present the. guest of Mr. &~~~l
Mra.Beri>Xewb��lry.*'y -'V* V    ���
* President Pow^��pi��fiidedYafc'tl>e
August session of the Unit^ EaMaiera
on Friday last, at t?hich coB^dsrsfcib Jfor-^t Sres
itnpor&snt-routine- bttsine& waStrsns***-
acted, ,   ���   t- "���''���" Z'^      v*\>    "Y
i-YH; A. McKowan was atferickson ott
Tuesday forth�� wedding of Mrs.-Mc-
K^wan's sister, Miss Cartwright.-who
wisunitedin' marriage with Mr Mac-
Dojnald of Crrssforook that ^ay.
3. -* ^    -r  *
' Messrs. Hunt, Young and LePage
are making headquarters at their
claims on the hill, where they are do*
Ing development work on their iron
claims. ��� ��s_* ,    '-,
..glre.waitden Jas. Long, is"" devoting*
most of his time to the Kitchener see-J
tiioh at-pfesent. there being quitea few
t^n^engii^d '" this district fighthns
���ate *4~0tB<*^*ta-~_s--
Practically every maa avajdaMehae
besn eaued *>wt to<*^p ^JSt,^r*a^^
fires that are. bumiag i��ithe neij^lft��v
hood oi Sitehener-for the|sast.^l��sk.
v    ���** S       -Jt, w^ '     I
W. J. Headlwejus^ Wtumfi^ft^m
�� few days' business visit at Nelaftiu
Mr. Head, whole the"blggest>beekBent.
er in the camp�� ie_ 110517 supp)yiag;tihe
local demand, tot honey At Wikhtk's.-
pOuuu.     v ���    -t     A ���* J     ~\"i-r-~^
Hon. E, D. Bas*ow, Eniateter of ��>g-*
riculture, and Col. Dalies, bead orihe
Land Settlement Board, "t^Bre-here on
an official visit on Wed'sK^a^r- la^,
and bad a -confereuee with iheiettSete;
and ^���^W.^^:>ei^mltlA^i-^i|
clauses in the agreement of sale^iii^��
have been in disputefor many motttlui.
Xt.vt \t-4Am
ttrvvvi iwiwm
;* ���n
_-__     Kffl.ai^m��K*��
vmm0&.X    ���, mi���  1 ��� ���m0j
in adjusting the obJN^toofihle-Slauseev
Mis& Pudifln ��f the staff of St, Hi1d>
as Ladies' CJcll*��e, CaJgary, aadSSiea
Watson of the same city,' ave Vinitdtss
bereft present^ with Col, and" Mttt
Lifter. The loiter lady being a tift**
, ��n of the colonel's.
: High noon of Tuesday witnessed th^
prettiest ���* ot the "season's weddings
when at the homey of the bride's par-
��nts, Mr. and^tirs. George Cartwright,
Erick^^Y^^r youngest daughter.
Melya Lueil^ was 'a$jnjted in marriage
with Donald M. Maedonald of Cran-
hrtJc*V'?.-v Z*pp    s "
'���?* ".A~-x_���r0-...A0*       LLj0j^~JlX.      ".0.1���A.~m ���t-.SmrX
-"��� xt\ *SU��ja5��IHy���� JgXVtgtt*.     SSSUts'jr     u^tsS
immediate friends and relatives of the
young couple" witnessed the ceremony*
���^hich was jwrfprmed by Rev. J. A.
James, on the vine-enclosed porch under a floral-avch and bell of white hyd
raii��ea����p^!'��rhite sati&Tibhon, With
Mrs. H. M. WhimBtor of Nelson play-
tcg^t^^EeifaSing mards. " ~
^e bride was handsomely gowned
if*, white satin bordered "with gteaiisC
with r.nr overdress ��f white iset lacey;
and with this she wore a striogf of
pear^tbegiftoft^hegrooni. Hervfeil
:-s?sg.uf l^se-eaughi wilii �� bandeau of
Grange bloemmss, a^d she-^irsied a h|>
.q&zl-M carnations and ��weet peas.   *;'
*Th~\ iMwae^aid^wete  Mist.   Jean
M^>DOMMthy McKowan
:*^hM4,f��ocka xjrt-m.dt
��� rff^HxISA.'X'L.Z   4.r    't    0- -      ^.--0 0,
~r. F^tand, Monday
The body of fchev late Sergt. Searle,
officer iri^lmrcooljfche Oreston post of
the lL<?,M.F-s;'^|?0E?a8 drowned in
Ooai ^yer^n^Sfilday morning. May
15th, was^scoyewsd oh^Ionday after-
eoom�� at a j^int ^mo8t ^ mile and a
half furthW-do^|^��8tream than' the
spot at whiAyiihkjIinforiiunate officer
_ It ^m bs s&czli^ that the lateser-
geant lost hisiile^fbile atteippting to
ford the ovei^o^lof the Goat on the
lower roadnear i^e; bridge leading to
th^ IndiaMr Brsigsi^SY arid although the
horse he^wABUfi^ig' was rescued late
the same fatal .Sunday .afternoon at a
spot Abojit 160 y|tds down the river,
and though aysi^taiitial rewai-d was
offer^^for the y^overy- of the body,
nothing further *^8 heard in connection with thetra.^r^7 nntil Monday;'
The bodv wliej^ioticed was in ao ah-
mttat ^tAi^Ainor^n^n&iCkn^ ttiirio/l Jn ��at}d
pretty wellup tf^ehips. It wasdi��-
c^vered Aw- Aj^^SV a* -Icsal^KdKM;,
who got quite et^tart when in the act
of lying^dowr. to^et a dritik out of the
Stream his ey<e��-fe|l upon the dead body
in ao upright >^^ture. Although it
must haye bwn^tposed' to the, heat
forj��ome HttMct^te .the body did not
show much ^ffe^i^of tbe.ezposure and
ww cfHsily n~cog!aieiea fram>tiie facial
features.  -    ' "-��**-**��:
ed itself out now.    W.- V. Jackson j
was a rather serious loser in the'con-]
flagration, the blaae bnrning his fencing, pasture, as well as about' a dozen
Northern Spy* apple trees that were
carrying quite a good load* of fruit.
- 1 -
Miss'Hasse! Kisdon   of S*"w��tfciBore
Alta., ars-lved last week  for  a  thiee
weeks'holiday with her aunt^j^rs.
B. Haskins.     -v.'    - - ~
Mi 8. McCarthy was a visitor, at
Cranbrook last week,, where .her
daughter, Nurse Connie McCarthy,
bad undergone an operation at EU
gene hospitals and-is *sakisg a very
satisfactory recovery. ��� '
Mr. and Mrs. Knott and Miss Muriel
Knott were motor visitors to Kuskanook on Sunday, where they spent a
couple of days camping with Mr. and
��� *i*C><:
Jos, Stinson, who is at* present em-
����l��L��.nA   M^liXXx    .Smrx   -.0.0X0^.   rmrLxttt ��� -.     . X   Xl^T,?
^.vrj.  vrvrn    Vf. tvj.x   ~.x-& -v. ,* *-4   ^fvM|||j     \M IMttl mttat���
her forthe flume that will carry the
logs to the big new mill at Wattsburg,
from appoint about 20 miles from the
millsite. is home for a tt w days'- visit
this week. _      "   -
News, of the tiding of the body was
comtnunicated"trt?th��. B.CLM.P. here,
and Coroner ^D^IfenderBon was, at
once nbtiSed* fmd^he usual formality
ml m    ~       > *���- ~~ m -t^*->v��    ^- m -*���*���-
ie& ro connecUoh^with such cases were,
goae throu^ ^��^�� aa-d'^be.rem^stS''
at once brpt^ght t^^iwnland prepared
^week.-^'.J* "*"��J .-*'  *?&...
Dr. Henaerson ^f Ci^ton  bftd^^^^ a
i^rrurr'~'-r -"^"^"^'^���'^^*-- t,.~r*"j^      '<      ~-
._. ^_^r^*|^^heicei��nipny-the comsnany sat
^^'T^^W^^^P^ous- hmefeon ,��t
which the too*tw the newly tuorried
4S/0$B^fft~* -at*.
erj^tions be^kr here.
HOM       axaxW -j,      1    *Vi, *
��ogedat SreSghting op-
V^       H* ���<? t>    j n(     Zr%
Mn and Mrs. Chfester Pa��w>o and
eo-t, of Spokane are spehdl^WeVeefc
at Kitchener. " '    A "    *Z
father Kennedy was herd on
Wednesday morning, eurbute ffom>
Creston to < Kitchener,, and celebrated
mass at, the schooihous^," with quite a
good turnout of his p&r&hosers at iise
Mr. Woodman has Jhis family here
frotn Criuibronk. holidaying withbim
at the Sash A Door Company town-
stair, Ch^ewpn,
-^tl *-. **"> *
eastbound |r*^n^ih,> trip to"coast cit-
iea and Zoi. '���tib'ef|'NReturn will -make
theiir:h<^^at Ci^nbriiok, Where the
groom is accbuntept1-utthe ;Bank of
<^miiieri!*.|:i;^w bride^who^has resided in tl^e V^ll^^foj^aeveiparyears, and
thfrg-^pny, Wholfbr^bme^ib
on the bank stuff at 'Creston, both
haVe a host of friends here who join
irt the unanimous wish' for a longhand
happy married life/
,        ,r\r        "      " '������ *       ���
The --mOm-timmm! "Brute
.Frank.Mayo, the,-vigorous star of
���The Brute Breaker" and other big
Uriiverwalfeatuiwe.will be the princip-
alattraction.at the Grand Theatre on
Saturday,.Aug. SO, in his newest fast
action picture drama, "The MagnifP
cent Brute." ���
, Present^ jagainst an nwe:inspring
scenic baciigi-onVid (of. the ndghty.Yo*
Semite the sto^:-'deaIs With Victor
Raoul,,a, for trapper* ''pf "tlie Canadian
North who vlBits the haunts of clyiHe-
ation bntonceayear. "Hefallsinjoye
jwith the v daughter, pf'his partner,
H Yvonne, 0 Pat-itlap; bred girl who is
Mrs. Swanson of CrmUm is is-
charge of a camping party from that
town, who .arrived on Thursday, and
have their tents pitched at Rbeta
Creek, just abest opposite t��$e section
-house. In the party are GIadtyft?Web*.
ster, Ruth -Compton. Roee-Cherring
ton, Ruth Swanson, and Masters Arthur Stark and Earl and" Ralph Swanson. *x ~ ' .-' ..''.-
Sunday' was visitors day at the
Rheta Creek campi jvhenrMft,a."Web**-
fetes* headed an invasion from Grestbh,
which -was supplemented by - Messrs.
Dennes and Tuohey who supplied mofe
or boats for trips on the lake-, which
were Very much appreciated.
for burial.' Inte^i^^taking place on 1
Mrs. Harry McPherson and family;
from Montana are here on a visit to ~ Y
her  father.  R.  Turner,  at present^'
This, is but-her second visit dnce leavy
ing Canyon ten years ago, and naturally she notices the substantial growth
and development of the district.
���i '
-Mr. and Mrs. Bissett of Lethbridge,
Alta�� were guests of Mr.  and  Mra.
Wickhoim a few days the past week, ���,
stopning off here" on th*"?*- trio v*a the
Arrow Lakes to Ban&     Two of their -
daughters were here last month for a Y
couple of weeks holidays^   ��� Pp. y
...^ Dad Browell .got away a few dayciY
agotoWatroua, Sask., where he will
combine a visit with bis son, Roy, with
helping'with the prairie  harvesting^ -.
and threshing' operations. *'   v"-' ��� yG -
Abou& twenty men, piactu����y ^i of   y
Whpm     HTH   bandllU9    Shovels, Yjatnnear^ , '-
witb a team aad plough, ave ha"rd-*��f %*.*;^
on the pipe r line v of the irrigation ;"^:
-system, asd haye completed the"maiK,Y j ~
as^ffar as the Nelson place and a*^no%^5 "^Z^
on the stretch between the-Wo^ii��^'Y^;^*?;jv
Vance ^ nincbes. The --��teh" -i^l^%>r^^
branchT across 'the Otto Jobnaon'i^dy'?':Y:Y-iJf;
oeamoeison places J8noweompie&e��^��Y*:''^S'YiYr*)*'l
^jod^rogrs^ is be&g ^m^>m^
there is no^-delay with the pi^p^ii^^' ^t|��^*,:
system will he complete by aB^bwSiJ^'. -$g$&
**    ^..          -.-0/^W.   ~.0.*i��x^.   *"\"V*r'*vV;*'*y.V-1
** The United, farmers --^ma-wt^p^P ^Z}^0^
ln^ with saeatn*^ and d^f^cJa,^^1 ^dZ^Z^-
Ithe August mm-m-l~0~i'mB~~m-^^
in order to get under way ~f^in^--mpPZifi-Pp^ii
the .season's social ev��riniE8i:Ywhieit^C-V^^^'
x-. ��� -*t���-s-Jnage*
kbut,isasslnc^ we%ear, s^turni^
to Sughmd^o make her Isomer.
Wrf"lDI1?I7IT>lJC etrangely out of: pluco in the wilder*
���' \��I%ir Ft I SmXO nous and who toys with the big fellow
Tioro^iTmTvtrt '   fw ���hJw.iAniVfceni'ent^   .HtfWhelBue-
PRESENTING    -.*.    **��� ennedofniurdeivand  ��>soapes  In" the
trackless' fdreati'. later tp be saved.by
the girl, is'just one 'of ' thc incidents
which leads to the whirlwind climax.
-A furioua. man-hunt-* c a fight that
dwarfs the famous battle of /,'The
Brute Breaker" for action, and a loye
story that, starts with a spark ,and develops Into an inferno, are additional
situation! which will keep tbe spectators in doubt as,to the story's outcome
ifntil the last scene.
Frank Mayo Is said to be at hla Vqiy
best ip tha mle of Victor Raoub the
glani nf the north' woods, whose, pas-
elons are olerAentid and whose code of
honor Is primitive.  "'
CHILDREN,  Uiitlei' 15, 2T��0.].   Dowlhy ^vnw, formerly �� pointer
 i'^v-mt-m'^mri'il   '    '''"   '   comedy stu^*, proves that she own In*
A Six-Keel Wonder
Picture.       ���:
terpret drama understand ingly.
Aitf-T   nnnomr   eml*. namnxvrt -nlrmxttt   X%xm
'       ~I'^-TT   ������r- ��� ir      0~~ tm���0-J    .m^yvrntr-    mxmvr
first of the month on an extended holiday trip to his oid'home in'Switaer-
land. and will likely be away all* winter. This is first trip home in at least
a dozen years. *--    **���"*���****.-       '  -'
F. Celli has inst completed the erection of quite a roomy addition to the
house on the Duperry ranch, which
he purchased a couple, of months ago.
Mr. and Mrs. Ogers of Greenwood,
who are on a motor trip through the
Kootenay. weie week-end guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Craigie.
Miss Ruth Klingensmith got tNtck
on Saturday from a week's visit with
her sister Mrs. M. l)fe&eod, at Cranbrook.
, Miss Edna Holmes, who* taught the
Lister slrthopl last term has been engaged to teach the new room at JECriek*
soui school this term.
R. Lamont last week disposed of another 5-ivci-e lot of his block of land at
Brickson. \Thu place aold adjoins the
W. 6. Willson ranch, and the buyer
IhT, Perron of Yahk. who-will take
possession ai}d start In with Improvements early this fall.
Mrs. Penson and family are residents at KuBkanook at present.
Where they will spend must of August
on a camping trip at that point.
<e >
Mrs. H,' M. Whimster of Nelson
was a visitor with, her parents, Mr*
and Mrs. M, R. Palmer, a few days
the early part of the week,
��� Mr. and Mrs. Palfreyman. Mr. und
Mrs. Goodwin and Mrs. Cotterill and
their families are away on their annual two weeks' camp at the Winlaw
Uland at Goat River,- Mrs. Coolr of
Creston is spending her holiday with
herald Timmons left ladt week for
Spokane where he Is visiting friends
for a few weeks. ,^
The fire that has' been springing up
oh the old tlmbui limit for the paet
week with every fresh windstorm that
happened along, appears to have bum-
Mrs. McBurneyJuid family of.Oran-4 from nqw on will follow I'e^mrotfilfanl^
brook, were' weekend��visitors here.
d��^ ��*~��3B��^-J*S^
C-^; ..* i-i*
i.mr=mrm~-~mammmmrV - " T     \ *^ ^^yJKZ^^-^^ *-��P^\ ** "Ss&Z       g^-
ook is es^^oy^lyhm^/|^p!ygenfe'
Now tfi*^m<raqiutO" Vie��ae��pn isyo^eriir
number of Creston faihihes t^^nn'der
eqanvass there,-and they ��|^w to^be
having no end of week-end and- midweek visitors.
��Um Tr
*t.n^l   l....tr
4-av ImmA.
V400 JrtrvjVr
the house on hlsBoerweli ranch bv fire
on Sunday morning, .shortly after he
had left there by fnotor_boat for his
Sirdar ranch, It was a two story log
bduse, and .although Mi's. Lewis was
in the house a-t the time the-blaEe had
made such headway before it was noticed that it was impossible to saye
even the whole of the eonteat**^ A defective stovepipe is supposed to haye
been the cause of the fire,. Mrs. Lewis
lost considerable personal property,
including a' set of furs, jewelry and a
sum of money.    , t ���   I*'.   -
R. McMasters is rebnildingbis casey
Jones���to make it a more convenient
light runabout for quick trips from,
the Landing to his home at tbe section
house,   *
~    -, "I
The Loasby Jones attained the dignity of a-nine' passenger capon Saturday night* when on the return trip
from Creston six adults and/three
children made the trip fairly .comfort
ably���ufong with quite an accumulation of shopping accessories accumulated by the ladies. *, ..
-'Rey. H. Varley will be here for the
monthly Cbui-ch of England oerviee
at the* schoolhouse on Sunday morning at 10.80. -P.   '
regnlar. monthly sessions-
an abundance ol JSkilii   vocal
i^^Afihe -flniBh 	
affiairlwben l^'**coff^^'1c^��,��a&%t8^^
Kfr^sbmenta were sei^i*W.rY^ejsocial
-^>ytJam-wAsIasgeiy engineered .by Miss��
MurieFKndtt who leaves later in the
month^rjfek^'a school near Kamloops,
andllwho will certainly he much misled in.all lines of community actiyity
this winter. ~        : Z '     ���
���Mrs. -Bamhardt of Glenlilly is here
On St *fasn.  iw ucr |xu��iHia, x*~T. atfu nrr.
Knott, and is making a  splendid   recovery from ber recent severe illness.
Fob ISalb���-Part Jersey cow and
calf, one 2-year .old heifer, one grey
nprse, equally good as driyer or saddle
animal/ jftrsvT. H. Sadler, Wynndel.
Pictures framed  and enlargements
mode at Asher's studio, Oreston.  . ''
Warning���Will the party who waa
seen taking fish basket and book-of
files from near Rmbree'e garage about
0 p.m., July 20th, please return same
to owner and saye furthertronblo.
Saturday, August 20
Sprlng wagon, will haul 80 boxes of
upples, $125. Team mares, . and 8
yeara old, 2000 lha,, 8225. Uaruusa
880. Saddle horses and saddles, 0;
Bootes, next Davis (G. Huscroft) pinch*
4-room bungalow, newly built, near
park.   Apply Bert Arrowsmith.
He sought a mate to   share the
solitude of the forest.
Ho found a girl he loved.
Bhe laughed at him���-.
Then hell broke loese in the great
morth wooda
Better man toman fight* than in
the **Brnte Breaker," with the
woiidrcnis Yoeomito Valley as a
r . ��� background.
Fresh From the Farm
OHILUKKN, up to 15, 26c.
p   i '
'.C, ^-���������-ry-^-^-���������-  naatoififSJ^  ^^Iplfilll'p^  :^EEm~iW-Wm^  The  Homesteaders  ��������� by"��������� '���������     \    :''  ROBERT J. C. STEAD  Published By Stfecial Arrangement With the Author.  -   v     '.     (Continued)  \ But at length they rode over a  quarter where McCrae turned his  horse and rode back again. Forward  and back, forward and back, they rode  the whole hundred and sixty acres,  untit: not a'rood of it had escaped  their scrutiny. On the south-east  corner a stream, in a ravine of some  depth, cut, ofE; a 'triangle of a . fevy  acres extent. Otherwise^ it was  prairie sod, almost level, with yellow  clay lying at the badger holes. Down  Ini the ravine, where they had been  .sheltered; from fire^ were red willows,  ,-choke-cherry, bushes, and a few little  poplars and birches; a winding pond  marked the course of the stream,  which was running in considerable  volume. -Even as they stood on the  ' banks a great cracking was heard, and  huge blocks of ice rose to the sur-****  face of the* pond. Some of these'as  ' they rose turned partly on their edge,  showing two smooth sides. .*-.*,  "Goodl";-  .exclaimed McCrae.  "There's some depth of water there.  That pond hasn't frozen solid, or the  ice wouldn't come up like that. .YThat  means water all winter for stock, independent of your well���������a mighty important consideration, which a lot of  these land-grabbers don't seem to  reckon on. Now there's a good quar-  tcryjack. I don't say it's the best  there is; they'll be opening up new  land that'd make your teeth water  twenty-five years from now. But  we can't explore the whole North-  West, an' you're far enough from the  railroad here. This coulee will give  shelter for your stock in raw weather,  an', there's a bench looks as though  It was put there for your little house.'  There's light timber to the north, fit  for* fuel an' building, within fifteen  miles, an' there'll be neighbors here  before the summer's over, or I'm no  prophet.      What do you say?"  "The quarter suits me," said Harris.  "And the adjoining<���������;quarter is good  stuff too. I can take pre-emption  right on that.' But there's just one  thing I'm in doubt about." '  "What's-that?"- *Y.  "How I'm going to square "it with  you for the service you have given.  My cash is getting low, andr-r���������" :  "Don't worry- about that. I generally size up my customer an' bill him  accordingly. If he has -lots of money,  an' seems likely to part with it foolishly, I put as much of it as I can in  safe keeping. But there isn't any  money fee as far as you're concerned.  Fact is, I kinda figure on trading this  hill out with you."  "Trading it out?- How?"  "Well, I expect to be roving this  country, east an' west, for some years  to come, an' I've a little policy of-.es-  tablishing depots here an there���������  places where I can drop in for a  square meal an* sleep an' a bit of  Western hospitality. Places, too, if  you like, where there are men to say  a good word for Aleck McCrae.  How's that suit you?"  Harris took his friend's hand in a  ws.rm grip. He rightly guessed that  McCrae was not bartering his services for hospitality, but was making it  easy for Harris to accept them by appearing to bargain for a service in  return.       So   they   shook* hands   to-  fjcther on the side of the bank over-  ooking the little coulce^and. as they  looked in each other's    eyes    Harris  realized for the first time that McCrae  was still a young, man. ;  A-; sense of  comradeship came over him-^-a feeling that this man was -more    of    a  brother than a father.      With admiring eyes he looked on McCrae's fine  face, his broad shoulders, his wonderful physique, and the -question he asked sprang from his hps    before    hc  could arrest it.  "Why don't you get married, Mac?"  "Who, me?" said McCrae; laughing;  but Harris detected a tone in liis voice  that was not all happiness, and  thc  thought came to him  that McCrae's  craving    for    hospitality might root  deeper than he supposed.  'It's a long ride to the land office,"  continued McCrae, "an' you can't file  a minute too soon. We'd bettor find  i corner post an' make sure of the  number of this section, an' put as  much road behind us as* we can tonight."  CHAPTER TV,  Roughing It.  After filing at the land office Harris  returned at once to the Arthurses'  homestead. The news that thc Harrises were to he neighbor* within  forty miles was received with enthu-  sitsni hy boih Fred and Lilian Arthurs.     But Harris was now eonsuni-  Stops Bronchitis Quickly,  Helps Irritable Throat,  f ^ fijds Sneezing, Coughing  3        -J?"   '        -n        "-  -���������-Relief comes " at* "once* when you  breathe in the soothing vapor of Catarrhozone.' Once its healing, piney  essences strike the bronchial tubes,  you realize that a powerful treatment  is at work. Irritation can't^ live in  the throat of "a person inhaling Catarrhozone. It is so soothing, so  warming, so full of concentrated healing power that you get results at, once.  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That night, before the darkness  had gathered too deep, they selected  the^sitayj-of their, house -on ithe .vejcy  bench ^pat^cCi*^ "had-; inditated^ It  was .jiboutlpan $$re hi extent',' and  stood' half-^ay bjptweeK tSl^e'' prairie  level an*?!*- th'^-biftttom^bf the- coiilise;  where a small river was now running.  .������������������*"."���������''���������*���������--->-They would face their house  -eastward, -so .it would look over the  pond fifty yards from the door, and  the bank behind would shelter,it from  the "north-west winds "of winVerY ." .  ZIl���������yfSLS^<r$Ste.i4ari;?. \vjfenvfl\e^ fought  '-**���������-������ Cbvefc.-of .-their "Httte'-'temYaml the*  /'  cd with a burning energy; he allowed himself only a precious half-day at  the home of the Arthurses, bade his  wife an affectionate farewell, and, wit,h  a cheery good-bye to the warrn^  friends on the homestead, he was"  away down the trail to Emerson. By  this time the sleighing was gone, and  as his wagon was left with., the car he  rode one horse .^nd led the other,  carrying with him harness and such-  equipment as was"absolutely necessary on the road. ' He expected some  trouble from the streams, which were  now breaking up in earnest, but he  was determined that at all costs he  would get his wagon, plough and tools  to the homestead'before the frost  came out of the ground and left the  sod trails absolutely impassable.  On arrival at Emerson one of the  first men he met was Tom Morrison.  The two pioneers shook hands warmly, and in a few words Harris told of  having selected his-claim, waving enthusiastic over the locality in which  his lot was to be cast.  P'l must get out there myself," said  Morrison.  "Do," Harris urged. ' "There are  some other fine quarters in the neighborhood, and nothing would be better  than to have you on one of them."  "Well, we'll see. Now, I've got  your wagon loaded ready for the road.  I couldn't get all your stuff on, but i  loaded what you'll want first, arid the  balance can come with the rest .of  mine, so you won't have t6 make another trip. Ned has b^en back for  some days, and we're ready to pull  out too. And the sooner the better.  The river is risin' real dangerous ^ike,  and if it keeps on this town's goin'  to be under water before it knows it.  Indeed,-it wouldn't surprise me if the  bridge went out. So we took the  rest of the stuff-���������yours and mine���������out  a day's haul on theroad. _ It's in safe  hands there, and we can get it later  even if the .bridge does Y go. We  thought we might as well do that  while waitin' for you."  "Waiting for me?" repeated Harris.  "You. don't mean to say "you have  stayed here'just on my account?"  "Oh, no;'you see, we wanted to get  ail the stuff out of dangeH"  But Harris read between the words  that honest Tom had valued his interests equally with his own.  The west-bound* trip was made in  good time, although not without difficulty at some points in the road, ancl  before the 10th of April Harris was  back under the shelter of ��������� Arthurs'  roof. He was for pressing on alone  in the morning, but he found that his  wif* had made all her plans to accompany him and would, listen neither to  persuasion nor-reason.  "No,. Jack," she said, gently but  firmly .setting all his entreaties aside.  "I'm not going to let you do all the  pioneering.      I'm going with you."  "But, Mary, there's no house, and  no shelter, and no neighbors���������nothing  but sky and grass as far as you can  Children Cry for Fletcher's  BSJKSmWf  wolves ^vere howling fajr down the  Styme/. ;��������� Y/( . / * :, ; ���������_ i. SZ-0 "$  ""Presently they were startled by a  clashing noise, as ot some big animals  rushing upon them through the poplars, ' aria -the horses, in headlong  haste, almost swept over their sleepy  frig-place -On. recognizing, their  master the animals stood, snorting  and shivering.  "That 'wolf' howl put the fear' into  the silly brutes." said Harris, speakr  ing* calmly,.-although his .own.flesh  was. creeping just a little. "I, suppose they've ripped their tether ropes  to pieces.* ' Well, we'll tie them 'down  here, where' they'll havc company."  And he led jthem back a short distance into the bushes.  A moment later, suddenly, as if-  congealed out of thin air, on the bank  rig&t above them, silhouetted against  the dimlight in the western sky, stood  a horse and rider. Instantly into  Harris's mind came a warning of McCrae: "Sleep with one eye open when  i your horses "are tethered out."  Harris    had    no    proof    that    the  strange,rider was a hbrse thief, but it  struck  hinV*at  the  moment   that   the  terror  of  the horses might not have  been due altogether to wolves. Sometimes these noble, animals    have    an  uncanny instinct for detecting danger.  He stole silently towards the tent.  There was a gun there,   loaded   with  shot  for  any   possible   game- on   the  prairie.      As  he  moved   in   the  deep  darkness   of  the valley  he  stumbled  ovcr a-root and fell.      The same moment    catfie    a    flash of light'an t;he  bank, and Harris heard the "thuk" of  a ball burying,.itself in the sod.      He  lay    perfectly    still.'      Thc ' stranger  peer.ed   into   the   darkness   for  a  full  minute;  then,  dismounting, began,to.,  come  cautiously down    the    hillside.  Harris would have rushed for his gun,  but  he   feared   to   reveal   thc   whereabouts of, his wife.      So he lay sti!i,  and the  stranger came  on,  the glint  of his gun-barrel showing in the darkness.      It was evident he thought his  bull'c,t had found its mark, and he -proposed still to possess himself of the  horses.       But    he     was     taking'  no  chances.   *    Presently    he - discerned  Harris's    body    on  the  ground, and  again raised his gun to his shoulder.  Harris lay ii*. 7|^-^gony of suspense,  praying that the ainj would be faulty,  and that his assailant wonld advance  until he could spring up and"'disarm  him.     ;,Then   came   another   flash,   a  loud report, a yell from the intruder,  who halt fell to earth, then scrambled  to'his feet, rushed up the bank, pulled  himself somewhat limply on his horse,  and rode'iiritb the da!rkness,  "Oh,   Jack,   are   you   killed?"   cried  the girl, rushing in his direction. ,  "Not even hurt," he answered; and  she fainted in his arms.   -  (To bc continued)  ^11^^^^^^  Fletcher's Castoria is strictly, a remedy for Infants and Children:  Foods are specially prepared for babies. * A baby's medicine  .. is even niore essential for Baby. 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On arrival at the homestead, the  yoting wife immediately gave evidence  that she intended to hear her full  share of the pioneer's duties. A  comparatively dry spot was found  among the little poplars, nnd here she  built a tent with blankets and a bit of  rag-carpet tliat came In most handy  for such purposes, Their stove was  set up, and although it smoked stubbornly for lack of draught, ft furnished heat for booking, and when Jack  rfiturnfd from tethering the horses  the smell of frying ham and hot tea  struck his nostrils.  "Well, that's better than rustling  for myself, I will admit," he said, nn  she placed his supper on an Improvised table. "But It's mighty tough on  you."  '4No, It Isn't either. Vm henHthy���������  why, this prairie air (rives me an appetite that city people would pa/  thousand* for, and I'm strong���������and  happy."  Camera Used  To Detect Forgery  Enlarged Photo Shows All Irregularities and Imperfections.  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"More disturbances to the health are  caused by their blood than most people have any idea of. - When your  blood is impoverished, the nerves suffer fr^m lack of nourishment, andyou  may be'troubled with insomnia, neuritis, neuralgia- or sciatica. Muscles  subject" to strain are under-nourished  erected for' the purpose. r The buffalo  meat will.be sent "toy-all;'points ,over  the 'country for -sale. . .A strict account is being kept\of all heads and  skins, which wiii probably be disposed  of by the Dominion Government. The  Wainwright reservation contains the  last large herd of buffalo in the world,  with about 3,000 animals.  ground of palest blue. - The latter  material is chosen for the deep yoke,  which is hound with pipings of white  organdie. The lower part of the  waist is of organdie. The belt has  an inset of the Swiss, while the lower  part of the tunic is fashioned from the  dotted material.  "COLD IN THE HEAD"  is an acute attack of Nasal Catarrh.  *  Thos������s subj-sct to freauent" "colds In th*  head" will find-that tho use ef HALL'S  CATARRH MEDICINE will build up the  System and render them less liable to colds,  Repeated attacks' of Acute Catarrh may lead  to  Chronic Catarrh:  HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE Is taken internally and acts through, the' Blood on  the Mucous surfaces of the System, thus reducing the inflammation and assisting Nature  in restoring normal conditions.  All Druggists.      Circulars free.  \ IT. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo,. Ohio.  S  Time Kas Tested It.���������Dr. Thomas*  and you may have muscular rheuma-1 Eclectrie Oil has been on the market  Thinks Swearing All Right  Yes, proyiding the .provocation  equals the offence.;of Jones stepping  on Smith's'sore co'Vn. 'Far better to  use "Putnam's" Painless Corn- Extractor, it does lift out corns ;in a hurry.  No corn ,can' last if "Putnam's" is applied. Refuse a substitute, 25c everywhere.  THIS WOMAN'S  RECOVERY  Um^^Xm0mm,,iatmm.t   mmimmamm.  Shows Remarkable Restorative Pow-^r.of Lydia E.  Pmkham'a Vegetable  Compound.  Chesley, Ont.������r "Before U3ing Lydia E.  Pinkham's Vegetable Compound,I waa  a total wreck. I had tornble pains in  my sidoa and was Hot regular. Finally  I got so weak I could ,not-go up stairs  without stopping to rest half way up  the stops. I tried two doctors but they  did mo no good." I saw your medicine  advertised in tho newspapers and  thought I would give it a trial. I took  , four uottles of the Vogotablo Compound  and was restored to health, I am married, am tho mother of two children,  and, do all my housework, milk eiglt  cows, and do a hired man's work and  enjoy the-best of health. I also found  Vogotablo Compound a great help for  my weak back boforo my babies were  born. I rocommond it to all my friends  who aro in need of medicine, and you  may print this letter if you wish/'���������  Mrs. Henry Janke, R. E. No. 4, Chesley, OntarloY y,  It hardly eeetna possible that there is  o woman in this country who will continue to suffer without aiving: Lydia E.  Ptnkhara'a Vegetable Compound a trial  after all tha evidence that is continually  being published, proving: beyond contradiction that tills grand old medicine lias  . relieved more Buffering among .women  than any other medicine in tho world.  tism or lumbago. If your blood is  thin and you begin to show symptoms  of any of these' dfsoi;ders, try building  up the blood;withrDr. -Williams'*Pink  Pills, and as the blood is restored to  its normal condition every~ symptom  of the trouble will disappear. There  are more, people who owe their present state of good health to Dr. William s'-^ Pink Pills than tb any other  medfeine, and most of them do not  hesitate to say so.  You can get,Dr; Williams' Pink  Pills through any dealer in medicine  or by mail at 50 cents a box or six  boXCS    for   ������59 SH    fr������������"    TVtm    T\r     win  Hams' Medicine Co.*, Brockville, Ont.  Advantages of Irrigation  Taber System Will Be Paid For'In  One   Year   By/ Increased       ;  Production.  Paying for an irrigation system in  onc year is the unique experience of  the Taber- project comprising* 17,000  acres, just cast of the irrigated area  operated by the Canadian PacificRail-  way. It cost sixteen dollars an acre  to build thc ditch and laterals and  conservative estimates of'the average  yield on the -13,000* acres under crop  are twenty bushels; to "-the acre aa  against eight bushels on the dry land  adjoining. ,���������.'  This is the first year that the Taber  project has been in operation and far*  mers are"naturally enthusiastic overits  success. -The many fields with thirty-  five and forty bushel crops are, however, the most satisfactory evidence.  Against Too Much Production.  ' Declaring that the present period of  depression is- due to . the fact that  workmen have produced too n^uch,  and that for this reason 'employers  are requiring their workmen to "take  a rest," Alexander Howat, President  of the Kansas Miners' Union, advised  the laborer not to "produce too much  or you may produce yourself out of  a job" in a speech at Kansts City recently before an audience of laborers.  upwards of fifty years and in that  time it has proved a blessing to thousands. ' It is in high favor throughput Canada.,andjts excellence has, carried its fame, beyond the seas. "If it  were, double the price, it would be a  cheap liniment,--  New B.C. Industry. : ,  The National Industries Corporation is about to commence construction of a large manufacturing plant on  Industrial Island, B.C., where rivet-  less sickle blades will be made.-Knives  will be manufactured for all standard  .grain and hay cutting machines.  MOTHERS!  WATCH YOUR  TEETHING BABIES  The publisher of the best Fanners'  paper in the Maritime' Provinces, in  writing to us, states:  -  "I would say that I do not know of  a medicine that has stood the test of  time like MINARD'S LINIMENT.  It has been an unfailing remedy in  our household ever since I can remember, and has outlived dozens of  would-be competitors and imitator*"."  Prize' Sheep From. Royal^.Ranch.  The Frince of Wales is exhibiting  his Shropshire sheep from his ranch  at High River at the Western Canadian fairs this . ������ummer. ' Already  they, have won many Alberta ribbons.  Many.' people are almost'crippled  with corns. But li is needless suffering .whicfc^ can be speedily ended  with. Hplloway's-Corn" Remover.    . :< .  It pays to patronize home industry.  Buy from* the merchants in your own  town. Y  MONEY ORDERS  Send  a  Domiaioa   Express   Montr   Order.  They are payable  everywhere  Cock's Cotton Root Compotffiti  JL ~ef~. vtl{a.hl~ reotti  SMjtfe-sne.   Sold la.*  _         de*  crees oi,������tr*������nt*il������--No. 1, Sl|  No. 9, $3* Ne*. 8, W per box.  Bold 07 411 dratudaU. or ttm.  brep-u-j oa nceipt of price.  Freo    petophl-r-t.      Address������  ,TH������ COOKMKOICINE CO4  T0I0IT0.0BT. CFstMrf? Witter.)  THOUSANDS    OF    THEM  EVERY SUMMER  DIE  w. n. tf. im  Patronizing Local Industry.  A profitable market for their-.product, of sodium chloride la being developed by the Benlac Salt Company,  which Is engaged In .developing. Vthe  salt deposits at Sen lac, Saskatchewan.  A Calgary soag factory 5s utHiiirig tlW  product extensively In Its manufacture, instead of Importing from Wlir  consln as previously* and U is p'rob  able the* wants of their -Winnipeg  branch will be supplied^ from the same  source.        ���������    -    .'  When the baby starts to cut Us  teeth, then is the time the / poor  mother is under the'stress of great  anxiety. ' The child's bowels become  loose, and diarrhoea, dysentery, colic,  cramps and many other bowel com-  Elaints manifest themselves; the gums  ccome swollen, cankers form In the  mouth, and in many cases the child  wastes to a shadow, and very often  the termination is fatal.  , On the first indication,of any looseness of the bowels, give -a few doses  DK. FOWLER'S  EXTRACT OJ*  WILD STRAWBERRY  Minard's Liniment for Dandruff  Praise For Lord Byng  London Daily Telegraph Prints Laud-  1 atory Article on New Governor-  General.  . In a laudatory article on Lord  Bjtag of Vimy, Canada's new Governor-General, the Lbndon Daily Telegraph remarks that whatever differences there may be between him and  his Immediate predecessor, both he  and the Duke of Devonshire might  well Be chosen as typical English  gentlemen.  "The Dominions inheriting all that  Is good in our traditions," says the  article, "without the material dis  advantages of the old world, have  perhaps an easier task than we, but  within the Empire we are all one  people, and no Canadian will watch  with more pride the prosperity and  happiness of Canada under Lord  .Byng's governshlp than the citizens of the Old Country.**  /������\  BOOK ON  DOO   DISEASES  aad Haw tx ������eed  Mailed    Free    to    stay  Address by  tha  Author  H.   CLAY  GLOVER  CO.,   INC.  118    West   Slst'Street,  New York. U.S.A.  '���������^c^^a  *^m~r  America's Pioneer  .Dot Remedies  I.P&'-.SJrt  ASPIRIN  Only "Bayer" is Genuine  and thus, perhaps, save your, baby's  life."-- '    "'/���������"**"; \;Y:"  , For the past 76 yearsY"Dr, Fow*  ler's" has been' used by mothers for  teething babies so you do, not experiment with a new and untried remedy  which ' might bef dangerous to your  darling's health,  '  Price, 50c a bottle; put up by The      .      ���������.   .  T. Milburn Co,,   Limited,   Toronto, Minord'ar Liniment for  sale  every-*  Ont. I where  ? Seaweeds   do   not obtain nourish  ment from the soil at the bottom of  the sea, but from the matter .'contained in sea water.*   ��������� *  Warning! Unless you see the name  'Bayer** on package or on tablets you  are not getting Aspirin at all. Take  Aspirin only as told in the Bayer  package for Colds, Headache, Neural- ���������  gia. Rheumatism, Earache, Toothache, Lumbago and for Pain. Then  you will be following the directions  and dosage worked out by physicians  during twenty-one years and proved  ���������ale by millions. Handy tin boxes  of twelve Bayer Tablets of Aspirin  cost few cent*. , Druggists also sell  larger packages. Made in Canada.,  Aspirin Is the trade mark-(registered  In Canada), of Bayer Manufacture of  Monoaceticaeldester of SallcylicacldL  1 -1  r"9. ''p^'SHWB'SjSMBsjSlsJOBMWflBBBBMBBBBsMn   ���������  2KB  CBESTON  BSYIEW  x  *;Bsf.i^;i;%'ggJ; S V S  BREAD  j The finest product of the oven;  |       either White, Brown, or the  popular currant loaf.  CAKES  THE CRESTON REVIEW  Issued every Friday at Creston, B.C.  SubscriDtion : S2.50aveai- in advance*  S3.00 to" U.S. points.   "  C. P. Hayes, Editor and Owner,  ~\ -  CRESTON, B.C.. FRIDAY, AUG. 12  Ship Only the Best  obser  Cookies,   Doughnuts,   Swiss   Koll.  Wedding and Birthday Cukes  made to order.  A full line ofChocotates and  Candies carried in stock.  Fresh Fruits in season  Our  goods   haye   always   pleased  others ;   we feel sure you will  find them satisfactory.  BERT NORRIS  Postoffice Blk. CRESTON  hoe Repairini  Men's  Half Soles, $1.25  Women's Half Soles, $1.00  Guaranteed for 6,months.  Alex. Mirabelli  Shoemaker   - -    CRESTON  IWiiiU!\  Rich in Butterfat, and from  Tiiberoulin-testad Gm  CREAM FOR SALE  at all times   -  .7 Quarts or 14 Pints for $1.00.  MOUNTAIN VIEW RANCH  WALTER V. JACKSON  . One of Mark. Twain*s  vations had it that most everybody  was talking about the weather, but  nobody was doing anything about  it. In pretty much the same ratio  Creston" Valley producers have always admitted _ the necessity of  marketing only the very best stuff,  but due, in the immediate past, to  the supply, exceeding tbe demand  even on the close-to-home market,  the need for practising the_ excellent policy of selling the best���������and  the best only���������has never as yet had  to be religiously liyed up to.  This year, however, due to a  greater output and a considerably  reduced demand on the Valley's  near-home market, at this early  date in the vegetable season, all the  market reports go to show that if  a reasonable profit- is to be made it  will be obtainable only on the high  grade product; atid that if inferior  stuff is shipped and offered in competition there is little hope of maintaining prices and avoiding sure  and certain loss to the shippers of  both the better and poorer class of  cucumbers. and tomatoes in particular. . .     *  Here is the cucumber situation.  According to the Markets Bulletin  of August^ 5th, Okanrgari cucumbers are quoted at 65 cqnts in carload lots, which it is, figured would  lay this stuff down in Calgary or  Lethbridge at 75 cents. Shipping,  as Creston does, by ~expres3 the  transportation charge alone ou a  crate "of cucumbers is around 40  cents. Thus" to compete with the  Okanagan the f.o.b." price ^Creston  would' hayeYttrbe 35 cents   a crate  nS  Are You Thinking of Travelling  pT,,HE Travellers' Cheques issued by this Basils are  A payable (without delay for identification) at all ,  the principal points in Canada, the United States*  Mexico, West Indies, South. America or Europe, either  through one of our 535 branches or by the correspondents who represent us throughout the .world*  You will find theae dbeqaiM a very convenient and safe way of  cassyiag your funds* fox  I THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  PAID-UP CAPITAL       -        ���������        $15,000.0001  RESERVE FUND -        -        $l5(000|00d  CRESTON "BRANCH, C. G. Bennett, Manager.  ���������a figure that certainly does not  admit of any profit after payingfor  crates, selling agency charges, ar/d  other incidental expense. -  In the face of these prices the  only 'salvation is to market only the  choice stuff. Coming * by freight  the Okanagan product is bound to"  show the effects of slow transit,  and in competition with the number one -������nt-pus of Oreston Valley  there is no reason why the Creston  cucumber should not sell at a sufficient premium to almost^ offeet the  excessive transportation charge  against it.  As to what* might be termed  choice cucumbers we are informed  that in picklers the market wants  uniformity as to  size and   none of  ** -*      ** v  the larger, sort. ��������� In tne table variety something about eight inches  is the big favorite.- Careful packing is essential and care should be  taken to export only those of a  deep green color.  As to tomatoes, with the local  season* just opening, the Markets  Bulletin quotes them as wholsaling  in Calgary" on-the 5th inst. at $2 a  crate. Assuming the express rate  to Calgary is 50 cents a crate and  that the wholesaler adds a profit of  15 per-cent., the wholesale price  shown would'work out at $1.20 per  crate f.o.b. Creston Valley���������certainly; not s. big" one to practically  start the season with here in the  knowledge that this year's market  will be a buyer's rather than the  sellers' as in the past.  If reasonable prices are to prevail throughout the season - there  must be no oversuppiy, and to pre-  yent this only carefully selected  stock -should, - move���������packed full  weight, uniform .in size and entirely free from blemishes.  At this time when the ranpheris  having his troubles financing, and  following two or.,three years when  the market would readily "absorb  most everything ^ the "local- grower  had to offer, thi^needjed^.policy^ot  shipping only tfit^lect of-jth^ crop  is not likely to ..B������vpopular, but in  the face of the ��������� fTisures we have  quoted it must be apparent that it  is the only.sane plan co operate on.  JBetter a limited output at a moderate profit, -than the old plan of  shipping indiscriminately ancl'enriching only the express company���������  and at some very,, real, cost to the  growers, as well asy the community  as a. whole. v*?  Wood���������Orders for wood, drv or  green cut taiViarac or slabwodd. for  immediate or future* delivery, niay.be  left at office of E.* Mallandaine, or'  given tb Henderson, McKinnon &  Eby, Creston.      .    ~~ ,  Fob, Sale���������Complete, assortment ������f  high class mahogany and oak household, furniture, anyone Mason &Rib*ch  piano good' as ��������� new." Also Kootenay  rauge, kitcnen ufceosiis ai^a quantity  of fHiit jars'. "iB.' Lanioht. Creston.  Thrift Versus Spendthrift  i rf .      <���������     ^ f      <"-^x - "���������*��������� l  Earning twenty dollars a weekend banking two, you  are better able to rise above, emergencies than the  man making a hundred ana saving nothing.   A sav- ,':*  ings account is a backing that gives you confidence  and power. Efficient and courteous service is assured p  yoa at any branch of this Bank. *-   -   i������  * * K P> S   > -r-x. ��������� \ *.  IMPERIAL  BANK  C. W. ALLAN,  CRESTON BRANCH,  Manager.  APPLE  17 Cents  Why   don't you  place your order for Apple  Bo^es  NOW,   nm!  have   them   made  up and  ready for use when the rush comes.  You can buy them for SEVENTEEN CENTS each  delivered at your packing house. . Pay  tor them November 1st, 1*921.  BOXES MADE OF ALL PINE with full width sides,  No Cootonwood or Veneer giden uned.  Canp City Lumber Company  I  Green Forests are an investment which gives  big returns.  The shareholders include, directly orindjrectly,  every citizen in the-Province.  Dividends are shared directly by every  dividual whoresid  in-  mjax m. i/tou . v/UJ u sxx sjioi: -  Each tree is worthy of preservation, and means  employment to someone,1 sooner or later.  No  timber substitute has been   found,   but  timber   provides =- substitutes   for , many  R  ���������  The Lumber, trade is called  the barometer of  British Columbian prosperity. -  T . ^00- ^  Keep the mark  apt  high;  destruction of the  forest spells loss for everybody.  ir  Pictures framed   iind, enlargements  made at Asher'**; studio. Crest-on.  ser-  LJM5TED  LAND FOR & ALE  Sub-lot 54 of Loc 4595, containing-]  160" acres, approximately 120 acres  good land, considerable timber, small  stream on property,* situated about it  mile from the Alice Siding school.  Price $4000. Terms.' For further particulars applv to the owner, G. A. M.  YOUNG, Creston, B.'0.  Is there any  Meat hi the  House?i  This is the flv������t question that presents itself ,  to the housewife if an"  unexpected visitor drops  in for a meal,   But why  worry P  Shamrock Brand  Hams and Bacon  Finest Quality  Cooked Ham  Lunch Meat  Bologna, &c.  are nl ways to  be had1  here.   In moats nQthitiR  quito eqimlH 'Shamrock*  product's. ,,  JT. m  A, GO., Ltd.  Commencing this week we haVe  placed/onsale for quick clearan  ���������uv  WHITE CANVAS RUBBER-  SOLED SHOES  in Gutta Percha pr. Maltese Ch'6s*$ ,  Brands, at a reduction of  10 PER CENT. BELOW  WHOLESALE PRICE  .* ; WE hlBT A FE^T PRICJES :  Women's^ high.cut, 2J to.7.   ,,:!..."....Vl:..-..' $1.95  Women's Tango,loXy;.,A, ,:'....J-....;...:. :.:.:..; .":.    ..... 1.65  Misses, high cut, ir'to'2.......    ���������������.:.".; -  1.75   I  Youths'White, 10 to IS.. :..���������.; :  1.30  ��������� Children's ���������.; ..; ;.*J. ���������  1.15  Youths', Blaok .,��������� ; .���������...'..; ; ;.,  1.15  Girls', White.,.. , ...:.*...: ; .;..: :  1.30  Children's low cut, 0, QJ, 10 :. ,.;.  05  Boys', White,. 1 to 5 ..,:.........; .....:..��������� 1.75  * . n *  -m ��������� The above are all No. 1 goods.  -t*  Creston Mercantile Company  .*,,,...; '*.���������:*.,���������.."** "'?''?*':,-r-.~": :?: : 'i,4--?L?m".j',? W ���������'.  L  LIMITED  J m  . .*.i-0-'. ;- ;r7  A- -**P.P?Pi^ypt'PPh-c" 2r    " Z'V-^'-'PPP^'P'^^'-^'l^p^ *'���������'--*������������������  -~P 'A      i  --    . j*.-,:**11*'' -'���������"-'--'      '.������������������    '    * -  ' --   - -c'V,-. -       *'���������-  *  ���������      ,    l. ",  ��������� -a A.������.pi;:.r*&i  " r'^       PrM  ~r.-t    .-   r  THE  CBBSTC&   ������22 VIEW  Local and Personal  Fob , SArE-r-25-lnch box etdye������ good  as new, $12,   BL. I*. Crosthwait., .  ..   v ,., 'N *  ���������_ ?-*-'- -J--'P?-. *���������"--   ' "-tr    y  T. J. Crawford was a business'Visit-  or at Nelson a couple of days tbe fore  part of tlse v.*eskYy       .7    .    ' -        S  Fob SALE���������Large cook stove; just  the thing for camp use, in good shape,  $25.   Mawson Brothers.,  Fob Sai-b���������30 sacks of pastry flour,  $4.50 per 88 lb. sack, for quick sale.  Bert Norris, Creston Bakery.  Mrs. Bennett'and two children left  on Wednesday for Inyemaere* where  they wiii spend the next three weeks  on a visit to her parents in that town.  -' Telephone Users Notice���������Notice  is hereby giyen that parties ordering  or having their telephones removed  cannot haye them re-installed in less  than one year from date* ������i such re-  iiioval. Creston Power, Light & Telephone Company, Ltd.  The sympathy of the townspeople is  extended Mr, and Mrs."John Joy, who  mourn the death of - their ' sixteen-  months*1 old son, Patrick, who sue  ciimbed to an scute attack of summer  complaint on Sunday, burial taking  place the following day.  A12 ~t 80 foot addition is to be made  on the road side of the Union ware*  house -this season. It will be in the  shape of a lean-to and is to provide  shelter in bad weather  ers hauling apples  for central packing?,  for the ranch-  to the Warehouse  to have a grand opening dance on the le boxes at a price of 17 cents each, de-*,  night of Creston's fall fair, Wednes- li'vered at  any  ranch  packing���������shed  The local forest fire situation is the  worst'of the- season at present, a particularly vbad blaze raging in the neigh-  borhood of Kitchener in' the flighting  of Which all the ayailable men at List-  er are now engaged.' Baker Norris is  shipping 80 loayes of bread a day to  Kitchener to feed the fire Dcrhters.  *** ���������* * *   %  The, tennis committee of the Young  People's Club is now busy drawing up'  the'-schedule of games in connection  with the tennis tonrnament that "will  be put on ^t ~the court at the manse  grounds next week. The doubles will  be played first, and even starting at 5  each evening these  are  expected  to  day, Oct. 5th;  ���������-    ������������������'-vJ    .  ', -Now.*, the .mosquito season is at an  end camping parties are quite numerous, with Kuskanook attracting the  lion's share of attention. During the  week' the families of H. K. Oatway,  H. Christie atid W. 3. Embree have  gone under canvass theve, and withes*  cellent bathing and ample room for i  outdoor life'generally  an excellentivacatioc.  all are having  j������������ making  A.m-.Mm.m.     -ej*xmm,mm*m*x*m*x   flw^  aiAe|^������a*LO v-t-r \su>a*M^a*mv&,  Ales. McMillan, the C.P.R. fire patrol, has acquired' half a dozen lotsjof  the Mallandaine S~ Little holdings, in  the neighborhood of-the courthouse,  R. Lamont putting the sale through  the latter p������rt of the week. The lots  are now- planted to alfalfa, but Mr.  McMillan's intention is to set the place  out to raspberries after erecting a residence on it.  Plasterer- Binnelson of Trail arrived  this week, and is at work plastering  the dance,hall on tbe second floor of  the Grand Theatre building. As soon  as he is through the .carpenters will  commence laying the four-way floor,  audit is Manager Rodgers intention  There" is "still -a little movement in  town property, iquite a notable sale being puttferough on Monday when Mr.  Schade disposed of the former S= A.  Speere residence, which he purchased  a little over a year ago, the latest buyer being C= B. Twigg. the' proyincial  horticulturist. Mr. Schade and family are moving back to Saskatchewan  a little later in 'the fall.  Proyincial police officer McLaren  has been busy the past few days putt-  ing up the big posters announcing the  1821 shooting season regulations. In.  this part of B.C. the season for ducks  will open on September 3rd, but it is  not until September 17th that grouse  or deer may be taken.     Reports from  Last year these same., boxes sold as  high as 28 and 30 cents. At this figure  there- should be no occasion, to buy  boxes outside the Valley* particular! y  as pay for the boxes need not be made  until the first of November.  E.   Ferguson of Nelson,   provincial  assessor for the Nelson assesment dis-  ���������*   * r J_       _ . m  1 ������**-*���������������*������* ������-������������������������������������*-   -rm-V tha   CDAAV  U-WtWS.    ������PWP*W  <���������������&    *������������������������������������-     *������*^������������������  some revisions of the  present assessment'roll-foi the town.  He had a conference! with ihe school*  trustees on Thursday, and also visited  some of the of- the other school sec*  tions with a view to adjusting many  inequalities that exist in the assess  ment roll which was last revi-?ed in  1918.  'Vnirtvr.-    trXyrx  it~CrXI~   V4XAVS  the Gravensteins sent bin> were quite  the best apples he had got all last season, hence the early enquiry for" a car  load of the 1921 crop.  , Get your, photo  taken   at  Asher's  studio, Creston.  most parts, of the  VST.,SSrx���������r  T XXXAVxrJJ  (.Sr.rx.  effect that grouse are fairly plentiful  again this year.  Canyon'City Lumber  Ltd., an-  nounce they are ready to furnish Valley ranchers with their supply of app-  The excellence of - the apple product  of Creston Valley is surely becoming  recognized far and widev        Last year  D. J. Dewar of the Wynndel Mercantile Co., Ltd.,   Wynndel,  supplied  a  friend of his in Boston. Mass.. with 70  boxes of Gravenstein apples, and outside cf & complaint about the pack not  being as good as with the fruit received from Pacific coast state points little  or no comment was made on the fruit.  A few days ago, however. Mr. Dewar  received a  telegram  from   the  same  party asking him for t������n f.o.b. Boston  price on a carload of Gravensteins, and  in a letter since   received*  confirming  the telegram   the   prospective   buyer  states that for size,   color and   flayor  FORD PRISES mm REDUCED  :oru Toiirin  0 i.e.  Idlllll  As up to date as any car.  No better t .������,*������������������������  and  -L-ignting  Starting System made,  Call and see the ��������� latest.  L  Oreston Auto & Supply  R. S. BEVAN, Prop.  onfte  ������U9tt  LSfii SiifigB LuugS, Su  Meets THIRD THURSDAY of  each   month    at    Mercantile  Hall.   Visiting brethren cordi-   -  ally invited.  ,     ERIC OLSON. W.M  v    Sfiopsisof  SSd *d %X������\l\\imm\%  Mlolmttm price of tlrst-class lan-S  reduced to %6 an acre; second-class to  $2.50 an acre.  Pre-emption now confined to sur-  vejred lands only.  Becords will be granted covering only  land suitable for agricultural purposes  and which is non-timber land.  Partnership pre-emptions abolished,  but parties ot not more than tour may  arrange   for    adjacent    pre-emptions  * with Joint residence, but each making  necessary improvements' on respective  - claims,     ~       _ ���������*  Pro-emptors must occupy claims for  five years and make improvements to  - value, of $l<i per sere, including clsar-  Ing and cultivation ������f set least 5 acres',  before receiving Grown Grant.  ..' Where pre-emptor Ih occupation not  less than S years- and has T^ads* pm-  portionate Improvements, He'may,"be-  . cause of ul-health, .or other cause, be  granted Intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer his claim.  Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes Improvements to extent' of  $800 per annum and records siune each  year. Failure to make improvethents  or record came will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in-  less than 5 years, and improvements  of $10.00 ii������,r acre, including 5 acres  cleared a: d cultivated, and residence  of at least_2 year: are required. &.  Pre-emptor holdirg Crown gram  may reoord another pre-emption, if he  requires land In conjunction with his  farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made  and residence maintained on Crown  granted land. .  Unsurveyed~&reas, not exceeding Z0  aorta-  may .be  leased  as  homesTtes;  * title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.  For graslng and Industrial purpose*  areas exceeding 840 acres may be  'HSSSf **/ one P������r**on or company.  Mill, factory or lndustrlaTsltes on  timber Und not exceeding 40 acres  may be purchased; conditions include  payment of stumpage. ,.  Natural hay meadows Inaccessible  by existing roads may be purchased  MAILORDER BUILDINGS AT WINNIPEG MEAN  BETTER^F^TER-SERVieErEOR^GURrGUSIOMERS  conditional upon construction of a road  to them. ^ Rebate of one-half of coat of  road, not exceeding half of purchase  price, la made.  PRE.EMPTORl'     FREE     GRANT*  *-v "������������������'���������'"';! ' ''ACT.      "*'*������������������  -���������  The, mom <rf this Act la enlarged to  nclud������e*fl persons Joining and serv-  toff Trtth HG"MaJeaty'a forces.    The  Ume within which the heirs or devlBees  of a deceased pre-crmptor may apply  fpr.tlUe under this Act I-Textendea  from for one year from the tleath of  such  person,  as formerly,  until  on*  yw after the conclusion of the present  war.   This privilege la also made -v  troactlve. .  at^'J-a9*t--m~iS^tlo ������n;en,������>Uon������ we  due or payable by soldiers on    pre-  empUona recorded after June %9, 19J8  Taxes * are remitted for five years.  Provision for return of moneys accrued, duo and been paid since August  ������, m-f, on account of payments, fees  or taxes on aoidlerav pre-emptions.  Interest on agreements to purchase  !S!TS.*l!Lolt3ir low i">,d hy members of  Allied lft>reea. or dependents, acquired  direct or Indirect, remitted from enlistment to March tl, mo.  * sua.f������uticHA8efts or crown  i, LANDS.  ^Provision made for lnsuanc������ or  ^own grants to aub-purchasera    of  purchasers who failed to complete  purchaM. Involving forfeiture, on ful -  nilment of oondltlona of purchase, in-  tereevt and tajtea. Where ���������Bub-purchaa-  era do not claim whole of original par-  S*1' 5ffi3?W S**10* du������ *"a ������������as ma>  SH������il,*^2'ted .Proportionately ovor  whole area. Applications moxi be  made by May V I������20.  QitAXINO.  Oraclng Act. - WW, for    systematic  development of livestock Industry pro-  ���������������$**, for ft*������������n* districts nnd range  administration   under.  Commlnteloiiur  ��������� Annual, gra*lng permits issued baaed  -on numbers rat ged: priority for o-taii.  1t������h#<1    nw-iiw.       SKwIt-own-fr**-    iu������y  . form Association* for rnnge tnn.e������ge>  ment.   l^ree, or pwrilalt}- trtus, permits  for settlers, camper* or travelers, up  \::- the   . KEyrEvr. .. .cueston.  ^C## m44^aB^d/a> 4������c&vi(6 ccq&  25   $^&GmMfU&/ &&%  The Spi.it of Adventure   l^j^^ J)^^^ ^^  People Say It Willfid,  Importation Of German Goods  The agitation of importers of German goods against the provision proposed in his budget speech by Sir Henry Drayton, Minister of Finance, that  Canadian- Customs shall disregard any depreciation in foreign ' currency  greater than 50 per cent., was commented on in,a recent, interview with the  Senior British Trade Commissioner, Capt. E. J. Edwards, or Montreal, with  the remark that the prevention of imports of German goods at ruination  prices appeared to be just the aim in putting forward this provision. The  German goods being brought in are, moreover, largely goods which are also  manufactured in Canada, such as drygoods. felts, silks, etc., not to mention  other things, such as cutlery, manufactured in the United Kingdom.  "In allied and neutral countries the belief is general that German banks  and other financial interests are artificially depressing their rate of exchange," said~ Capt. Edwards, *\vith the object of preventing imports into  their counu*}-, and assisting them to buiid up thcir export trade again at  the expense of thc allies."  "It is contended by these importers that prevention of German imports  will increase the depreciation of the Canadian dollar, by forcing more purchases from the Slates. Fifteen months ago German imports only totalled  $2,502, but a year later, in February last, the figure jumped toj$522,757. For  the 11 months ending February, 1920, German imports (from Canadian  Government figures totalled $29,648, but for the ll^^months ending last  February they had made another enormous jump, to $1,395,380. Despite  the jump, these figures are stitl insignificant against Canadian trade with the  Mother Country or the States, and I cannot see how Canadian currency  will lose in vajue because German goods are prevented from being dumped  ai artificially low prices. Such goods as Canada must import can be obtained within Hie Empire to Canada's better financial advantage than from  thc States.  "It seems to inc it is a question of the'Canadian public supporting their  own and British manufacturers against German ones," said Capt. Edwards,  ''and I have no doubt as to thcir preference. Sir Henry Drayton  declared that to prevent financial ruin Canada must purchase more of  her own and British manufactures-, a statement I thoroughly endorse, and I  am sure he did not think it any wiser to import German dumped goods-than  those of the United States. When Germany realizes the impossibility of  exporting goods at sacrifice prices I believe she will quickly straighten out  her financial methods, until her currency becomes normal and Canada, in  common with other countries, can trade with- her on a fair basis."  Mysteries of the Unexplored Places  ' Ever Beckon the Adventurers.  The barecatalogue of the hopes of  the Shackleton '. expedition may* well  tempt high-spirited boys into running  away to sea; and* may turn old men  into wistful "youths. For what arc  scholarship k examinations, or thc  counting-house, or even the comfortable armchair, that they should not  be as dust and ashes compared with  the quest for~~ petrified forests, lost  islands and -submerged continents?  Are not whales and fur seals," unknown birds, the mystery q������ the Antarctic ice,' and lone rocks to serve  as ��������� wireless relays, better than the  dull duties of home? But Sir Ernest  has no vacancies; his oid and tried  companion have hurried to his call.  There is nothing for us but to wish  him good luck and to look forward  to' the joy of reading his . stories.���������  London^-Times. .  ueciares uaigary man  ���������.   J"*   *~maw,- r.'*W~W~   -  YOUNG LADIES, READ THIS  If" you are bothered with pimples,  rashes and ugly blotches on your  face, if your complexion is sallow, it's  an evidence that you require Dr.  Hamilton's Pills to tone up fhe .blood.  One of these splendid regulating pills  makes a complexion like peach bloom  ���������cheeks soon become rosy, eyes  brighten, you again look the picture  of health, look and feel well because  you use Dr. Hamilton's Pills of' Mandrake and'Butternut, 25c at all dealers  or The Catarrhozone Co.,- Montreal.  "I will never miss a' chance to say  a good word for Tanlac, especially to  my own comrades, many of whom'I  know are in thc same condition I 'was  in after I came out of the trenches,"  said A. Reff,,l507 Eleventh Street,  West, Calgary; Alberta, agent for the  Prudential- Life Insurance Co., who  served in France with the Twenty-  Eighth Battalion of Regina. *,  "I 'came home from France suffering from stomach trouble, shattered  nerves and with my blood in such  bad shape my face was'covered with  pimples. I didn't have" any appetite  to speak of and I lost weight until I  was almost as thin as a rail.    -WhatJ  little 1 did eat would form gas- that  bloated me up till I suffered hours of  misery.    '" y  "I was under treatment and constantly took medicine, but nothing  Teach ed my case except -Tanlac. I  am in tip-top condition to-day, with a  big appetite, perfect digestion and  nerves' that are steady as steel. ,-M.y  blood has cleared up, too, and I ana  just brimful of life and energy. I  feel fine. * I am not surprised that  people talk about Tanlac so much,  for it does just what they say it will  ~A~r  Tanlac is sold by leading druggist*  everywhere.  French-Canadian Settlers  To Protect Livestock Trade  No Animal May Be Shipped out of  Dominion Without a Certificate of  Health.  The efforts of the Dominion Department of Agriculture to secure a  clean bill of health for Canadian live-  stock have been unusually successful,  it :- asserted by officials of the department. No animal, alive or dead, and  no product made from thc carcass of  an animal, may be shipped out of the  Dominion without a certificate of the  Health of Animals Branch of the Department of Agriculture. These certificates 'have to bc shown and verified both at points of departure and  arrival.  Many Agricultural Publications.  During 19^0 the publications branch  ot" the Department of Agriculture circulated 2,262,850 publications^ This  total was made up of 15,719 reports,  243.314 bulletins, 712.911 seasonable  hints, 117,692 pamphlets, 168,155 circulars, 27,058 leaflet's, 922,316 announcements and 64,745 agricultural gazettes,  in addition to posters and mailing  lists.  Many Invalid Soldiers  Department   of   Soldiers'   Civil   Re-  establishment Has 5,858 Hospital  Cases Under Its Care.  The Department of Soldiers' Civil  Re-establishment-still has 5,585 undischarged hospital cases under its care,  of which 5,324 are in Canada, 276 in  the "British Isles, and 253 in the United States. The department has, on  the strength 58 incurables, outside of  insanity and tuberculosis cases. There  are 900 psychopathic cases. Imperial  soldiers on this continent are taken  care of by the department as well as  Canadians.  War To ttnd Officially  Setting of Date Will Mean Much to  Business.  The date for the official termination  of the* war, except as regards Turkey,  will be September 1."'  Under the "termination of the present war act" the war could not be declared officially ended for Great Britain until all the peace treaties had  been/ratified, but it has been decided  that the treaty with Turkey might be  ignored. The ' last of the other  treaties, that with Hungary, was ratified in Paris recently.  The setting of the date for the official end of the war will pave the  way for the settlement of financial  transactions outstanding between  the Bank of England and the stock  exchange and will mean much to  certain lints of business.  French Farmers From New England  States to Farm in the West.  Forty French-Canadian settlers,  with, their families, arrived in Winnipeg recently en route to -farms in the  Saskatoon and Edmonton districts.  They came from the industrial-centres  of New England States, to which they  had migrated from Eastern Canada  betore the war. Most of them were  farmers at one-time, and they are repatriating to resume their former occupations. :  Call Of the Unknown  SUMMER COMPLAINTS  KILL LITTLE ONES  At the" first sign of illness during  the hot weather give the little -ones  Baby's Own Tablets or in a few  hours he may be beyopd aid. These  Tablets will, prevent' summer complaints if given occasionally to the  well child and will promptly relieve  these' troubles if they come on suddenly. Baby's Own Tablets should  always be kept in every home where  there are growing children. There is  no other medicine as good and the  mother has the guarantee of a government analyst that, they-are absolutely safe/ The Tablets are sold by  medicine dealers or'by mail at 25  cents a box from The Dr. Williams'  Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.  Photo Play at Lake of the Woods.  E. Hardcastle, of. the Associated  Producers, Limited, announces that  the company has secured a studio site  on an island in the Lake of the Woods  district and will commence on the production of Canadian photoplays. It  is suggested that this may become the  permanent base for the productions  of the company.  Hiccup Epidemic Prevalent  -"'"Don't get the habit of hiccups���������stop  the slightest attack at the beginning.  Nothing brings such magical relief as  slowly sipping a few drops of Nerviline in sweetened water. For stomach painsf bloating, cramps, diarrhoea,  nothing , will prove more useful in  every home than a 35 cent bottle of  good old Nerviline.  Shackleton Says Mainspring of Life is  Desire for Knowledge.  Sir Ernest Shackleton, speaking at  a    garden    party given by Mr. and  Mrs.  F.  E. Becker at  Suttoa Hall,  Heston*, said it would have been seen  from the Times that he was about to  lead-another Polar expedition, which  had -.been   rendered possible by the  generosity of two   men.      The   first  encouragement    he    received for the  .expedition was frorfi the host of that  afternoon, and the venture would go  forward largely as the result of Mr.  Becker's    confidence in him.      To a  great,   many    the    Polar    expedition  might seem futile, hut explorers-.did  not   go    out primarily for economic  reasons.     The total cost of Polar exploration in  the last 10    years    had  been    ������2,000,000;   the total economic  result had been    ������25,000,000   by   th������  discovery of harbors  and whale oil,  and by magnetic and    scientific    re-  suits.     On the human side it was s  desire   to   go   into the unknown, to  see things that no man had ever seen,  and to go on until all was known;  that had been the mainspring-of life.  Ke hoped that whatever they brought  back   from   the   coming ^expedition  would be for the good of their Empire   and   for   the betterment of the  world.���������London Times.  B.C. Lumber For Chili.  Thc first consignment of lumber to  Chili for many years loft Vancouver  recently, being shipped by T. S. Mc-  Clay, Harbor Commissioner for Vancouver.  Vancouver's Population.  According to a directory census recently compiled ,the population of  Greater Vancouver is estimated at  222,618, exclusive of Orientals who are  said to number at least 15,000. The  estimated increase during the year  past is slightly' ovcr 20,000. This  ranks the Pacific city as the fourth of  the Dominion.  Sciatica, say the medical scientists,  may be caused by the habit of sitting  perched on the edge of a chair.  ^YJKis food builds strength  Maximum nourishment  with no burden to the di-  Sfesdon is secured from that  famous food ���������Grapc*Nuts.  Thc nutriment of wheat  and malted barley, from  which Grape������Nuts is made*  builds strength and vigor���������  and -delights the taste.  "There's a Rex-son"  Asthma's Victims Relieved. To  overcome a seve're case of asthma try  Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy.  Its splendid record is its highest  recommendation. By: relieving the air  passages and restoring natural breathing it effectively aids Nature in> combating this distressing and dangerous  ailment. To many thousands of  Asthma's apparently confirmed victims, the healing fumes of Dr. Kellogg's Asthma Reiutfcly have brought  relief.* *  Manitoba Beekeepers  Are Prosperous  II     IM       IIMII^fc  Return of $1,500 In One Season From  -Thirty-three Hivesj  The beekeeping industry is making  rapid headway in Manitoba and the  outlook for a large honey crop for  this year is very bright. Beekeeping  demonstrations are being held at different places in the provinces. In  the Swan River Valley in Northern  Manitoba, J. C. Dodge reports, a return of $1,500 in honey in one season  from thirty-three hives. A settler at  Dominion City reports that from a  stray swarm that^ came to his farm  six years ago he now has seventy-six  colonies and last year sold over two  tons of honey at 35 cents*a pound.  Because a girl refuses a young man  you needn't, suppose it's a sign that  she isn't going to marry him.  '��������� * ~Zm--m~rP'--:      ���������  Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia  --���������nt,.,  .*���������'._.* .,  Farthest North Police Post  A safe and sure medicine for a child  troubled with worms is Mother  Graves' Worm Exterminator.  /o GrapeNuts  Sold by  all grocer*    *  ���������if-iin  soars,?-.  -*,w*/������.  ���������������"������  R.C.M.P. Post Is Now Established In  Extreme North'of Baffin's Land.  A new farthest north R'C.M.P. post  has been establishcd'at Pond's Inlet in  the extreme north of Baffin's Land.  This is now the most northerly post  held by the force of scarlet riders, the  nearest to it being t;hose at Cheater-  field Inlet jand Cape Harwell at the  entrance of' Hudson's Straits, A sole  staff sergeant ;wlll be full police authority at Pond's Jnlet and'wlll have full  charge of customs and judicial control of Baffin's Land and the territory  about It Only a few. Eskimos are  i. be found there and it U the occasional port of call for traders. x  ^���������1 ~mm~m**00mamimwmmtttmm4K40'm4m*0mm  Minard's Liniment lor Burns, wtc.  ��������� i <iiiiiM������������������������*Ml���������������i��������������������������� in in.  ������iii.i   i ���������mmm.mmi  W.   N.   U.   13*0  CLARK S  &ANADIAE  ���������Sa������ssf"w"  ''E'a^adiain'  i*  inner  And Other��������� Gibed Things  For Tired Housewives  ���������No potatoes to peel���������no vegetables to prepare���������no  long cooking over ft hot atovo���������simply beat and eenwt  CLAMS CANADIANBdlliEDDlNMEB  \  a complete and delicious dish well cooked and well  ucanoncd in the great Clwk Kltchent -~ Like all  "CLARK GOOD THINGS������' the cent Is modest.  Good at any time���������enBentlol for the unexpected guest.  Keep an assortment of "Clark Good Thlnffs" on hjMid*  Made from Canadian Tatm Proaubtt  wad sold everywhere in Canada.  %������������  Miller's Worm Powders destroy  worms without any inconvenience to  the child, and so effectually that they  pass from the body unperceived. They ,  thoroughly cleanse the stomach and  bowels and leave them in a condition  not favorable to worms, and there will  be no revival of the pests.  Western Wool Grades Well.  Alberta range wools are grading  out .with exceptionally good handling  ' and-'spinning qualities and are attracting favorable attention by many  Canadian mills. Sheep shearing in  Southern Alberta is completed.  The Germans prepare an excellent  substitute for tea froth the common  strawberry plant.  \  ato.ai  '-'.' p. *i. BBBSB  Will Replace Obsolete Vessels Witb;  Battle Cruisers of Hood l^ype  "~ti���������' ��������� ; i- if      ���������nn i i  ii   ���������       . . 11 _.���������_..������������������ j -"  Announcement Made.That Policy Cannot Be Construed As A  Challenge to Other Nations.  . Tl "*" t ill  London.���������^Discussing the naval esti-|. admiralty, by proposing - the' comple-  mates in tne iiouse ot Commons  Lieutenant-Colonel L. S. Amery, parliamentary secretary of the admiralty,  announced that the four replacement  ships the government' proposed to  build .would be battle cruisers- of the  Hood type armed with 16-inch guns  and designed to obviate the need of  larger " dockyards*" than at present  exist. He declined to say how many  guns they would carry on tlie ground  that*it-was_not customary to give'such  information ih advance.  Contending that there was no element of challenge or .provocation in  this policy of'replacing obsolete ships,  Colonel Amery said__.it was simply a  policy vcircumscribed within the narrowest limits and* postponed to the  very last date consistent with the empire's" safety.  Alluding to the building - programmes of the United States and Japan", Colonel Amery argued that the  tion of only these four ships by \926,  was laying itself open to the charge  of accepting the risk that' the. British  navy would temporarily be , inferior  ih strength . to the navies of other  jpowers, but the government was facing this risk in order to avoid any  step tending to invite fresh competition on the eve of a conference for  disarmament.'  The object of the disarmament  conference,'Col. Amery said, was to  endeavor* to ^secure, by agreement no  further expansion of the nayies of  the three greatest naval powers, but  as it was quite unlikely that the  other powers participating in the  conference would offer to scrap the  ships already built "or under construe-,  tion, it was obvtous that the building  of these four ships, or even twice  their number, could not in  any way  before   the   con-  WESTERN EDITORS  affect the problem  ferencet   *  ��������� Railway Wage Question  President Hanna Opposed to Submitting Matter To  Conciliation  Board at Present.    -  Ottawa.���������Claiming that the time is  not opportune for the submission pf  the question of wage reductions, a������j affecting the employees of Canadian  railways, to a board of conciliation,  President D. B. Hanna, of the Canadian  National   Railways, has  notified  rhe Minister of  T_1 0-.~x        i-���������  JUltXIJtJl t.H<X-       xtlxr  agement of the NationaKlincs cannot  agree to invoking the Industrial Disputes Act for that~ purpose. Mr.  Hanna has pointed out that the agt cement which the men have been asked  to concur in is only tentative and is  subject to revision. He suggests that  if the usual meetings and conferences  consequent upon permanent schedule  adjustment, fail to bring���������an agreement on the question, it' might then  be necessary to resort to some form  of arbitration:- ���������  ; "      '' " *    *"T "Y;  Til-a  0~aA������,%~>  T.-S-fte-*-   -fvf  TOT/*_���������/!!������������������������* ������ _���������*���������������������������������*���������  IT ������'A-  JU. O-U ~~.Cb~JA<XJ~Lmm-m,"m-i~7  w  By O-GE-MAS-ES (Little Clerk).  (Copyright)  Such    a    handsome, good natured,  bright  young   Cree  Indian  when   he  first traded with me in 1884 and we  soon  became fast friends and  called  one     another     Neshtow,     meaning  brother-in-law, an Indian term of endearment.      He camped at my house  a_ number of times and  was the delight of my young children; in fact he  always had an interested audience of  old   and   young  when   telling   Indian  fables of the beginning of things, most  of which I regret to say I have forgotten.     'How   the   loon     received     its  handsome coat and ^ower of diving,  and   the  beaver  was   granted   almost  human   powers   of   intelligence.    -...In  regard to the beaver it was a tradition  amongst the  Crees that at one time  they were human beings but  having  offended the  Great    Spirit,   .loss ��������� cf  speech and the human form was tak-  en  away from    them.      Then     there  was a history for the bear, wolf aud  worst   of  all   criminals  amongst  Animals   the  dreaded   wolverine   who  is  Free Entry of Stock to United States! the terror both*of the white man and  A.   Drew,   Publisher   of   The   Echo,  Dominion City, Man.  Stockmen Want Assistance  Starving Peasants  Going To Moscow  . '  Hunger Stricken People-Setting Fire  ~!to Homes.  London.���������The hunger stricken people in the famine districts of Russia  are setting fire to their villages before deserting them for other parts" of  Russia. Many villages are said to be  in flames.  It is also reported that great preparations are being made to deal with  the masses of peasants now moving  toward Moscow. Many trenches  "have been dug about the . city, and  much war material, including field  guns, installed. *  Telegrams received at Helsingfors  reports the Pctrograd garrison has  mutinied again.'  Calgary.-  Is Urged.  -The present conditions of  the livestock industry in Western Canada was the subject of an address by  C. W. Peterson, president of the Farm  the  Indian trapper.  Neshtow at this time, so he ijra-Ju-  ally informed me, was very much in  love with a pretty Indian maiden called Tannis, a daughter .of the  South-  and Ranch Review, at an emergency , Wind, and on his visits to my trading  bond quite as secure; in fact, very  much more secure than many white  weddings. Tannis made a very  pretty bride and, in fact, .they were  a handsome couple, but as yet did not  even own a home in the shape of a  tepee, so they had simply spent their  honeymoon like-our first parents in  the open air x>f heaven.- Neshtow  finally appealed- to me for some advances, no'tably sufficient cluck io  make a tepee, and then various other  necessities. Thought my stock of  trading, supplies was very low at the  time I "could not refuse, and advanc-.  cd them debt to a moderate extent, nil  of which-eventually was repaid.  Time went on and in due course a  baby arrived and this provrd the  means of reconciliation-with the old  folks who had missed their daughter  extremely and 2duld not help likir.p*;  her husband (as everyone did)"for his  sunny bright ways. He was not a  star hunter by any means but a most  cheerful worker, and his little mate  being very tidy it was a pleasure to  visit and camp in their well-kept tepj^e.  The little grandchild lived and thrived for a year or so and then dic-J,  -much to the grief of all the relative?.  The  medicine man  had used all  his  ���������f-ATVlOfltf*  *    W*4������\,t^J  Bush Fires pear Settler's Land  Made Work of Removing Brush  Moderately  Easy.  Cobalt, Ont.���������According'.to a settler along the main line of the Canadian National a *(ew miles west of  Cochrane, the recent bush fires there  were not altogether an evil. . The  conflagration, while destroj'ing his  , buildings and hay crop, made the  work of clearing an easy proposition.  "At present prices -- the cost of  clearing one acre of green bush runs  close to $200, but after the fire, when  the trees had been felled and nileel, I  cleaned up two and a half acres for  $20. Generally speaking, a good burn  allows thc settler in moderate circumstances to go ahead and remove the  1 bush, whereas it would* bc impossible  to do so without a fire," thc settler  said.  Start Aerial Mail in Australia  '���������**���������. i ti'   ���������* "��������� .. .  Will Give Regular Service to Places  Otherwise Inaccessible. -**  Melbourne.���������The Federal- Government has accepted the ������25,000 tender  submitted'-by Major Brcariey, of the  Australian Royal Air Force, for a  weekly aerial, mail' service between  Geraldton and Derby, covering a 1,200  mile stretchy of wild country. This,  the first official aerial post service in  Australia,"will start at the beginning  of October, and will give a regular  mail service to settlements impossible  to reach otherwise.  meeting1"** of the Caigary Board of  Trade. The speaker pointed out that  every person in Canada had a vital interest in the development of a successful livestock industry; it was the basis  and foundation of .the entire agricultural structure, he declared.  Mr. Peterson urged that immediate  diplomatic discussions should be^open-  ed with the United States in order to  procure for Canada free entry for animals and animal products.      Even an  unlimited   overseas   market,   he   said,  '   i *  ?could not for a moment be compared with free access to the' Chicago  market, which could completely absorb* all classes of livestock.  "'We are facing an acute situation  almost amounting to a panic," he  said, "and immediate action is ncces-  sarv to cooe with it."  <  Sweden Wants Canadian Wheat.  Vancouver.���������That Sweden is beginning to take an interest In Canadian  wheat exports was evidenced in a  letter enquiring into thc possibilities  of Sweden importing jwheat from  Canada, from Emanuel Cohclcn, broker, of Stockholm, received by the Vancouver Board of Trade.  Spend your money at home, thereby helping your own town and local  'merchants. Y;.-.*;.* , ,*,/,**;,   ->'-<:-j;- ���������������������������������������������;"/  M^ JReduc^  I. imin ii. n. f '  Montreal.*���������-That the Board of  Railway Commissioners of Canada will in the near future take  steps to reduce the freight rates  on Canadian railways, was the announcement contained in ft letter  received by the local board of  trade from Hon. F, BY"Camiy  the chief commissioner.  The Montreal Board of Trade  recently addressed a resolution to  the railway commission asking a  reduction on railway freight rate's  commensurate with thc 1ST per  cent, cut in wages now in effect.  jgmmamawmmakaai^^  W.   n;   U.   1380.  Greeks Get.Warning  Advance on Turkish Capital Will Not  .Be Tolerated, y x  London.���������Thc Allies have warned  Greece that an advance on Constantinople by her troops, which are now  engaged in war with Turkish Nationalists, will not be -tolerated, it was  authoritatively stated here.  ' Grc^ BritAin, it was declared,, is  maintaining strict neutrality between Turkey and Greece.  Rust and Saw Fly Harm Crops  Considerable Damage Has Been Done  In Some Sections.  - Ottawa, Ont.���������Rust and the wheat  stem saw fly have caused considerable  damage in some sections of the western wheat fields, according to reports  on crop conditions at thc^end of July.  In some sections the anticipated yield  has shrunk considerably owing to the  ho-t dry weather, but at other points  late rains have ensured a heavy yield.  Crq,ps will not bc uniform, some sections having a bumper yield and  others a disappointing one. Harvest  is unprcct-dently early owing to the  warm and, in some places, very dry  weather during July.  '  ���������Italian-Canadian Steamship Service.  . New York,*-���������.Shipping circles here  havc bcen informed that lhe Naviza-  zionc    Gcncralc   Italiana" Line   has  y i t  directed part of its ships into, a new  Italian-Canadian service. This is  said to be'the first .-Italian line which  has been established between Italy  andCanada. The reason attributed  for the move is tha j; Italian navigation  lines between the United States and  Italy' are having great 'difficulty in  finding business for their liners jat the  present time, due to the enactment of  the present United States immigration law. Z-"-?  Caruso Leaves Fortune.  London.���������-Mjrs. Caruso will proceed  to'the .'.United'State's t<vlook after her  husband's estate, according to a Rome  dispatch ^to the London Times, later  returning to Naples to make her home  'there." V y v*u,        P. "'.-,,,  Caruso, .according t0 estimates in  the newspaper, left a fortune/of  about 30,000,00$' lire. ;At the normal  .vpluc of the lire this vvould rejare-  ���������sent about lhc stun of'$6,000,000.*\  Serious Fires in  New Brunswick  store I could teir at once, if the course  of true love had been running smoothly or not, by his good spirits or the reverse. It appeared there was a rival  named A-ke-a-penas who, though a  good deal older, was much better off  in this world's goods, and .consequently appealed more to the young*  girl's mother. His appearance, however, did riot appeal to Miss Tannis at  all, as owing to the bursting of a gun  his check bone had been broken which  gave 4 him a sinister expression, and  further hc was'a dour natured Indian  at the best of times, in fact a complete contrast to sunny tempered  Neshtow.  Mrs. South-Wind, however, like  many mothers, was anxlojus to see her  pretty daughter make a good match  so there was the- opposition of the  parents ' to contend ' with.' " Tannis,  j hbweveryfinally brought" matters to a  show-down by telling Neshtow if he  was a man at all they must elope" as  she positively refused to consider  marrying Broken" Face, as the rival  was commonly called. He came in  and told-me the-whole story and asked what I would do under the same  circumstances. t Why, take thc girl of  course, was my reply.  , It was the height of the berry season and all thc Indian women were  busily engaged in picking and drying  Saskatoon " berries for winter use.  The plan was arranged that Tannis  was to steal away from her comrades  and meet her sweetheart at a place  selected, he to havc two ponies there.  Everything went off smoothly and  some days afterwards thc newly married couple paid mc a visit. There  was no wedding ceremony, my dear  reader, as these were both Pagan Indians; simply living together made the  Over    One    Hundred    People    Are  Rendered Homeless by Conflagration.  St. John, N.B,���������Ovci; onc hundred  people havc lost thcir homes and general property damage estimated to be  ,over -$3,000,000 has been caused by a  series of big fires in various parts of  New Brunswick during the past wflck.  Thc fires nearly always'burned themselves out because of'the dryness of  thc buildings and the water shortage  owing  to  thc -prolonged  absence of  rain. .   *   ; t   es for months without effect,  and they finally brought the child to  me, but my medical skill was not sufficient-to diagnose the disease. No  less than three children were born to  this fine young couple.in the next four  or five years, all of whom lived and  thrived for a few months or so, then  faded and died. In vain were Pncrr ������������������>  rattles and offerings' to appease the  Mutchi-Manitou (Evil Spirit) and the'  young parents became very sad ������.n'l  despondent, thinking they were under  an  evil spell.  With the last baby they lost I had  them camp close To my house when  the child was about six months old,  atid after much persuasion made the  mother wean the babe and bring it  up on cow's milk diluted and -o...*'  other infants food which my wife lr.1  procured. Alas, it all led to the saiv-*:  result, "and when they both came into  me with, their hair dishevelled, thczr  faces blackened, and literally in sack-  clotlTaftd ashes, my-.heart went out ro  them* in gaeat sympathy and we v.-0-.A  together.  It is one qf the saddest things to  live alone in the wilderness and to be  unable to help in times of severe illness, when one realizes with ths resources of civilization* precious livv s  ^might be often saved. Not only when  sympathizing with poor Neshtow. but  when my own family needed bctnr  medical skill than I could give tluni  I took a vow and it was this: That if  ever a town grew up in thc vicinit /  of my land there were two thing* I  would try and get built as soon as  possible. First, a church for (he worship of the only true God, and thru a  hospital. I am thankful to say I  have lived to see them both established.  (To be continued)  Famine Condition in Russia  New   York,���������Russian * horses,  " which numbered'tjhirlytslx million  before the war, Hayo* practically  disappeared, having * tieen eaten by  the famished population, it was  revealed In   Rufloian   newspapers  published In Moscow and receiv**?  ed here iSy the American r.ellcf administration. Y\Y''';7:*'  Meat . had . grown ' no   scarce,  ��������� more than a month-ago, that It  rationed "only to hospital patients,  ���������Classes  In  Moscow  Utiiverslty  were dismissed because they were  too weak from hunger to continue  their work, the papers said,  Germans Will Help  Ready to Assist Transport of Allied  Forces to Upper Silesia.  Berlin.���������The French and British  ambassadors and the Italian charge  d'affaires delivered to Foreign Minister Rosen, on behalf of thcir respective governments, the note asking the  German Government to take requisite  steps to facilitate thc transport of Allied troops across Germany. The  note declares that the situation in Upper Silesia might at any moment render thc sending of troops necessary.  It -.was learned later, on good  authority, that the Foreign Minister  informed the Allied representatives  that the German Government stood  ready to accede to the demand and  would confer with the Minister of  Communication regarding the transportation of thc troops. Y  Lays Eggs In Air.  London.���������Two crates of valuable  chickens which left Orpington,. Kent,  recently at 9 a.m. Were tushed to the  air station at Croydon to catch the 10  a,m. air express to Amsterdam, At  Amsterdam it was found that two  eggs had been laid durinj-^tbe, jour-  ney������~the first case on record, 'it is  chimed, of eggs having been laid in  the air.  Want Ulster in Peace Plan  Causing Delay in Reply of Sinn Fein  to the British Government  London.���������A dispatch from Dublin  to the Press Association cfonfirros the  statement made in Dublin that thc delay in the Sinn Fein reply to the British Government on the Irish peace  proposals is due to the fact that an  attempt is being made to secure the?  adhesion of Ulster to the peace plan.  The dispatch'expresses the belief that,  provided Ulster was disposed vo adopt  the attitude of give and take, thc Sinn  Fein would be willing to accept the  government's proposals.'  \ The attitude of Sir James Craipr  the Ulster premier, says the Pr<,-s������*  Association, appears to be that he is  prepared to enter the conference in  London ,but that until such a conference is arranged, he is not cnl'crt  upon to participate in the present  deliberations.  Three Men Killed,  Patterson, N.J.���������Three - men wore  killed and three seriously injured in  the Standard Bilfc Dyeing Company'4  plant, when an extractor on a "whizz  machine" used In drying silk, flew to  plecef. *The Whirling , apparatus  .sprayed the nearby workmen with  hundreds of tempt of bronte and iron.  ���������������  ,*<i*.' i    ,'i.y >,t>v  i, 'i *.. *���������' :-,:p'r f',.*-  -,*-, .11.-. *i;*i,.1s������wrt-*je'������.'*f   --* v. r.r   ...^i,-.,. .f-j-���������-*  t'���������,'*��������� -,i-'.-,S-K'J'..V-.'fc^r.- '-'"-A"*; ,V: i ���������'-'���������^rV-i"','".������&'������"**-=Y"   a'***  '.    ''if'-"'-::1'-.' Y\<-IK\-'' '-'^"'Y'Yii Y'-Y;'Yy-Y/'^'''Y^y'^-S;Y*Y ':���������: -'^''-������������������;Yi',Y.<,r-vY'-yyy'Yy*"  *'- ������ ,Ji.p4  ���������'..~--r ftji- ���������  4  i   -   ,-***'   .0if\  ���������>-  XHE.CJSESWR  RKV5EW  For Saxe���������Team- work horses, 4 and  5 years old, both mares, weight 2600.  Also harness and wagon. $350 for  whole outfit.   John Davis, Lister. B������CS  Watch ^ for  our  Announcement  Next Week  Local and Personal  attie-Oatway  Limited  Get your photo taken at A&her's  studio, Creston.  Misses Marguerite and Edith Crawford left on Sunday for a short holidi^y  yisit with friends in Nelson.  Auto FobJSalb���������Chevrolet touring  car, 1918 model, in fine shape, $475.  H. West, Rose ranch, Creston. i  Mrs. Speers and her sister, Miss Mc-  Mahon, were guests of Nelson friends  a few days the latter part of the week.  r  Fob Sale���������4-year old mare, good  ranch animal, weighs about 1100, $75.  B. Ostj-enski, (Old Baines rjmch),  Alice Siding.  Mrs. Henderson and children got  back the latter part of the week, from  a short holiday visit with Mrs. Coup-  land at Boswell.  Geo. Mead, cashier ut the Imperial  Bank is away on his usual two weeks'  vacation, which he is spending with  f e-iends at Cranbrook and Fernie.  Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Mc-Leod left on  Saturday for Trail, where they will  spend a coupie of weens renewing old  acquaintances in the smelter city.  Fob Sale���������Part Jersey cow and  c ilf, one 2-year old heifer, one grc-y  horse, equally good asdriyer or saddle  animal.    Mrs. T. H. Sadter, Wynndel.  Mrs. Waldie of JNelson left for home  on Friday after a couple of weeks visit  here with  her daughter.   Mrs.   P. R.  The Mechanical  Excellence  of your ear depends  to  considerable   extent  uppn     the    care    it    gets.  Promptness and   careful  attention   to  details are notable  featuree  of  our   work.  tasories,Tirs������, Oils, &c.  ~mx'mmir mmm^mH  [CRESTON SERVI  UDGATE BROS.  RHONE at  Truscott.   Geo. Waldie of Nelson was  a^so here for a few days.  ��������� The 1021 phit-n.shipping season open-.  ed about, the earliest on record, the'  ~W. ,V. Jackson ranch haying a cr&ts  of the Golden;DEop variety for export  on Thursday oS last week.  ^ *" X- 0 1  Mr. and :'Mrsv W. Bevan and two  daisghfcers-ojf/Bstevan. Sask.. arriyed  on-'Friday''to spend a short -holiday  with Creston friends, guest of the'for-'  tuer's-brother,jj. S. Bevan.*  The August meeting of the Women's  Institute is called for Friday, next at  8 p.jn\ the feature of which will be a  talk by Miss Phyllis Lyne on how-to  make milk palatable for children.  Warning���������Will the party who was  seen taking fish basket and book of  files from near' Embree's garage about  8 p.m., July 20th, please return same  bo owner and saye further trouble.  There will be only one seryice in  Ohi;ist- Cnurch on Sunday next���������at  7.30 p.~m. at which' Rev. H. Varley  will preach the third of his series of  discourses on the parables of the New  Testament..'  Miss Freda, Lewis is the lucky winner of the $5 prize which is offered annually by Dr. Hehderson for the pupil  from the Valley who makes the highest marks at the Entrance examination at the Creston centre.  *> r*  Why pay rent? Buy land and build  your own bo'uge; see what you will  save in jjent in a few years. Go to  Rose & Timmons and ask about those  two lots ihey have for sale in good location for a. residence near park.  C ii. Twigg resident provincial  horticulturist, got back on Thursday,  after an absence of a couple.of months,  during which time he was taking a  horticultural census of the Kaslo, Slo  can ane Kootenay Lake fruit sect-ions.  Mr. and Mrs. J. W-. Hamilton, Mrs.   1     at: 1311.1 xx      tt;    x vim:.   rtuu    jutes    xieui>isi,i-,    i.uiocic:o   Ajy ������ic,   auiacs  Dorothy Stark, Misses Hamilton,  Robt. Stark and Coi. Fitzgerald got  away on Thursday to Cultus Creek for  their annual two weeks camping vacation at that point.  Copeland was rather badly outclassed in the baseball match with Creston  on the local diamond on Sunday afternoon, Creston, with Baes pitching,  having no trouble at aii turning in a  11 to 3 win. Owing to the excessive  heat of the day bhe turnout of spectat  ors was the smallest of the season.  Except where irrigation is available  the Valley-jraspberryrcrop* has now-  been harvested,- and -;While no official  figures are available.ic iooks asjit ibis  year's export, would ���������be^in7 the neighborhood of BOOO-cratee.        - ���������* *  "* y      ���������*    ~ '  JSoni. E. .D.' Barrow, minister of agriculture, and Col.'-Davies, chairman  of the Land Settlement Board, who  wereliere from Victoria on an official  yisit to the Lister area, leftYon Thursday last for Cranbroolc'. During their  stay they had conferences with the  settlers' and G.W.V.A, committees at  which a compromise was reached on  the agreement of sale the soldier sett-  iers haye heen refusing t<������ sign.'TThere  is still one poiritin dispute���������as to the  interest1on''defei-red'payments���������baton,  this the minister insists that no loyyer  rate than 7 per cent., will be conceded,  and it is expected that on further consideration the men will agree to this.  Mr. Barrow', was immensely pleased  with the way the' newly planted orchards ape coining aIottg,.ahd .with tlie  showing 'most* of the men are making  on their allotments.       .-    ���������  SUBSTANTIAL REDUCTIONS IN  MEN'S &BOYS^  JT  -4M  1  n  150 pairs,'Men's sGoodyear Welted Lace  Boots in Black and Brown. Just the thing  for this time of year. iVLade of the very best  quality material and by expert workmen.  They -are good styles, and all genuine Goodyear welts.  Boys' Leckie in Black Box Calf Blucher,  with brass eyelets and red stitching. Good,  solid leather soles, and nice soft leather tops,  and made tp stand the roughest of wear.  ���������"        ~CMx-9 '    +*J      St. '    ~\~-mmi      ������_**'  GENERAL  MERCHANT.  il  !*���������  ORDAY, AUGUST 13th, IS THE LAST DAY OF OUR AUGUST CLEARANCE SALE  ���������and judging from the response so far received, arid, the unstinted words .of commendation expressed on all sides it is going to be a hummer. This has been a great sale���������great for us because overstock lines  have been brought down to normal level; great for you because you have bought the biggest bargains in months  ���������Mawson Brothers merchandise at prices absolutely unmatchable for lowness. If you haven't taken advantage of  this sale, do so Saturday.     Everything in the store is  reduced���������and just look at these Saturday Super Specials:  SUGARb 10Htbi SStCKi 79 C������tltS  9  9  This is considerably below even today's wholesale cost, and at this price we offer one sack to each customer who purchases other merchandise up to a total of $5.00 on Saturday.  All Flannelette 2/2zC. Yd-  Grey, White and striped  in standard  widths, has  sold regularly at  from 30c. to 60c. per yard; while  it lasts   you take your  choice at J2'2j- cents  per yard,    but  quantity  is  limited.  warn  OVERALLS at $1.95 Pair  Blue striped, and a full range of sizes;  were excellent buying at the  regular price,of $2.75 pair.      To offer ouiYmen customers a ���������'''  worth while bargain you can have any pair Saturday at $1.95.'  mf** A A.T1WT12*Y\ IDC A C������  Vz/lkl ^lNH������JLer SZ JE������><r%0  6 tins for$l  The well-known Maple Leaf brand,  and we guarantee their fresh new*.'sold  regular at 25o. tin. For Saturday  only take them away at ft tins for 01.  SODA BISCUITS  35c. pkg. at 25c,  These are the woll-kiiownBftmwfty'B  Family eSrtdaa, and sell at 30o. paok*  ngff, For Saturday only these aro  clearing at 25o. por pnekaga  Round BATH SOAP  8 Cakes for $1  . * Royal Crown Hound Bath Soap,  selling regular at 16o. a cuko may be  had on Saturday at 8 oakes for $1.  Purchase for future use aj^ tlii������ price.  ROLLED OATS  8 lb. pkg. 40c.  We offer you Purity Rolled Oats  that sell regularly at 8 lbs. for' 50o.,  at 40o. for Saturday only. No better  rolled oats to be had than these.   ,  EVERY YARD OF PRINT IN THE STORE ON SALE SATURDAY at 20c. YAR0  Why not buy on Saturday and effect a genuine  . saving cf 10 to 50 per cont* on our already  regular low prices.  MAWSON BROTHERS  mtmm  . 0*.,*t.f*^i'*tt,m04������~i st,.**. * v^������Me|^mw���������*^���������������wmlfww'���������^1���������������',WlW,  ,S^^immmu4mamimiaamaaam  jJI


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