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Creston Review Oct 22, 1920

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Vol, XII.
No. 33
Ganyon City.
Dad Browell got buck on Tuesday
from Southern Alberta, where he had
been for a few weeks helping with
threshing operations.
Geo. Hurry is a visitor at Nelson
this week, attending upon his wife
who is a patient in the hospital in
that city.
A number of sub-contractors are
anxious as to the exact location of
"Bolshivik Mike" who has been operating al Camp 3, and who polled out
unexpectedly a few days ago.
Birth���On Oct. 14th, to Mr. a��nd
Mrs. W. S. Strong, a son.
Bert Whimster left on Saturday for
Fernie, where he spent the holiday
with his parents.
According to an advertisement appearing in the Nelson News tenders
tor the erection of the oneroom addition to the. Canyon City school were
due to close on Tuesday, 10th inst.
Mrs. Jos. Langlois of Kitchener was
a week-end visitor with Canyon City
Rev. G. Knox had a yery large turnout here on Sunday afternoon, when
he gave- a timely talk on the issues of
the plebiscite which was voted upon
on Wednesday.
Phonse Huygens is taking a few
days ..enforced vacation at present.
While busy at wood sawing operations he had one of his fingers badly
jammed between two logs, and eyen
yet is not certain whether amputation
will b8 necessary or not.
Pete Nelson, the Canyon City botcher, is doing something toward relieving farmere'o'fjfche catttethey fear
and Canyon. After paying all ex
penses there will be at least $20 available for the purchase of new rolls for
the piano player.
Haying operations on the flats haye
been decidedly successful considering
the disasterous weather that has prevailed since cutting started about six
weeks ago. We understand the crew
has 90 tons out, 50 of which is stached,
and the other 40 in stooks, and all
standing the wet weather in pretty
good shape. Those interested are
hoping to be able to secure a baler to
put it up before being hauled home.
The Veterens Implement Company
has just*been prjvyisionallyXorganized
for the purpose of financing the purchase of implements for the settlers
who wish to buy them under such
auspices. Sufficient capital it is anticipated will be forthcoming to make
the ; company's plans workable, and
thus eliminate the necessity of haying
outside implement agencies solicit
business in tha camp.
The public school concert on Monday night attracted a very large attendance, and proved to be the best
entertainment of the sort yet staged
at Liisrer. Chairman MeGee of the
school board presided, and the first
part of the programme was given entirely by the school scholars, who had
been trained for the eyent by principal
Lewis, ably assisted by Mrs. H. Chris-
tensen, who played all the accompaniments at the concert as well as during
the practices. Harry Brown also
helped materially with the affair by
taking full charge of the stage settings
aud decorations throughout. AH the
numbers were well received the pleasing effect of the different choruses
being measurably enhanced by the
smart appearance of all the -children
taking part.   The .young: artists are
Valley Vojfces for
By a vote that has every appearance of running almost three to two
government control of the liquor
trade swpet the province in the vote
on Wednesday, and in common with
the other sections Creston Valley has
also turned down the present Prohibition Act, though in- this section the
vote is not quite so decisive.
Just exactly hoW the Valley vote
stands is not obtainable today due to
the fact that Mr, Butler, who was in
charge of the yote^at Lister, neglected
to hand out any^statement of the voting in that subdivision. However,
the prohibitionists concede that Lister
will go in fay or of government control
hy a majority that may run as high as
40, and as the vote in favor of prohibition at the other seyen polls is only a
matter of 13, it is generally conceded
that the Valley may be counted as for
government control by a majority of
at least 25. The vote at the different
Valley polling booths is as follows:
winter.   A,t present Pete is slaughter* --���*���--    ���     -
ing about-three beef cattle a week.
Tom Hickey is hoping for winter
weather to set in early on the prairie
in hope that it will drive a number of
good bush workers out this way. Unless he can increase his help considerably he will hardly be able to deliver
the quantity of logs he is under contract to get out.
Elder Reed had a fine turnout at the
schoolhouse on Sunday night for his
address on "Ancient America." This
was an intensely interesting historical
talk, the speaker starting as far back
as the building of the tower of Babel
and the consequent confusion of
tongues and following down through
the ages to the present time. For
next Sunday eyening he announces
his topic as, "Why I became a Latter
Day Saint."
A. D. Pochin was in charge ..ot the
voting here on prohibition on Wednesday aud there wna a full turnout
of citizens to exercise their franchise.
Tho majority in favor of the retention
ot the present Prohibition Act was 14.
Word from Cranbrook is to the
effect that Mrs Geo. Strong successful
ly underwent the operation at the
hospital on Tuesday of lust week, and
so fur as we can learn is making a
good recoyery as can lie expected.
Mibn Auated, assistant principal of
LiBtcr school, is a Satin day to Thursday yisitor with friends ut Trail.
Mra. Finiay, wife of mill engineer
Finiay, has just arriyed from Greenwood on a visit to hor husband, and iu
tho guest of Mrs. .Tory.
Jas. Turnley has this week started
work on the erection of n five-room
house on the Horuco Wright location,
which ia at the extreme southerly
boundary of tho camp.
"��� -~*t *���&<-���"'I �� 't~-t:<.-j:^amtv,i'~��� ^***rji*'*...v**ity--J j-~ -     7- "i   *.j- *
recitation -:.;and  song:"  FranC-as Matlf
house, Eya and Jessie Brain, Annie
Yewbipry, Dorothy Weston,   Flossie
Evans, Murielle   Millington,   Ronald
Brain,   George   and   Gus   Charleson,
Alex. Mitchell, John  Malthouse, Arthur  and   Edwin   Thompson,  Frank
Alexander,    Ernest   Stevens,   all   of
whom fayored with recitations; and
Deris Yewbury,  Frances Malthouse,
Flossie Evans, Merle Charleson, Cora
and   Bessie   Frampton    contributing
8;)ngs.    In addition to these numbers
the   scholars   sang   Red, White   and
Blue, Maple Leaf, God Saye the King.
The second part was almost entirely
given  by the adults, the features of
which were the address by Principal
Lewis on the yalue of proficiency in
both music and elocution   in  educational training.    Miss Muriel Knott of
Canyon   fayored   with   a   vocal   solo
which  was  enthusiastically   encored,
and  an   equally   favorable   reception
was   accorded     Harry   Brown   who
contributed a couple of violin  solos,
and   T.  Yerbury's   guitar   numbers.
Before closing Principal Lewis said a
few words appreeiutiye of the splendid
co-operation  parents and others   are
extending  him  in  his work, and for
the success   of the   evening   he   was
particularly   grateful   to    Mesdames
Brain, Thompson, Frampton and Miss
Lena Frampton for their good work
in   looking after   the serving of the
refreshments.   Mention was also made
of   the   two   friends   who   had   each
donated $5 to the concert fund, as well
as  others who had helped out in like
manner.    The net intake of the concert is $38, which will he spent on improvements for the school by a committee   of   the   senior   scholars, after
taking   into    consideration   any |sug-
gestions   the   principal   may care   to
- hibition.
Creston : 162
Reclamation Farm-   3
Erickson .  31
Canyon City... 31
Kitchener ~    5
Wynndel 18
Sirdar   fi
tablet inscribed to the memory of
those who have fallen, and on the
walls there might be pictures representative of the war, as on its shelves a
few books recording the same. The
upkeep of such a building is at once
secured. The idea needs development
but the Library Board hope it will be
a welcome one.
An eminent critic once said that he
needed but three things for happiness: Food, warmth and books.
Creston folks may not be as enthusiastic as William Hazlitt, but most of
us yalue a good book. The Library
Board say to you: Give us your support and we will give you good books.
You ladies want the latest fiction. The
latest fiction is just as important as
th** latest fashion, and we will supply
it. Ranchers want a collection of
books on all phases of agriculture ; we
mean to obtain it as soon possible.
Housekeepers need books on cookery,
canning, gardening and the hundred
and one topics of the home. Students
need reference books; children, juvenile ones; and everyone needs, or should
need, general reading.
For the sake then of all these things
we trust that as many as possible of
your readers will join the new library.
Yours respectfully,
Creston & District Library Board.
A remarkably heavy vote was polled
at all points, and assuming the turnout at Lister was in the same ratio as
other places, it is quite safe to predict
that at least 700 of a total vote of 800
in the Valley has been recorded.
The yote for government control
was decisive in most of the cities.
Vancouver had a majority of 10,000 in
its favor, while in\"Victoaia it had a
f i-eful- of almost 4-~^~-f?. N*eiu?" home it
also scored in "Fernie and Cranbrook,
while in Nelson the majority, for the
Prohibition Act was less than ten.
Those 14-foot sunflowers at Creston
fair have nothing on the same product
of Kuskanook. Mrs. Jones boasting
some that stood as high as 16 feet, and
had eight heads of flowers.
Mrs. McCabe is able to be around
again after her recent illness. Mrs.
Geo. Cam of Taghum has been spending a few days with her.
Miss Margaret Johnson of Cranbrook is a visitor at Sirdar, the guest
of Mrs. Loasby.
Mrs.- Hopwood of Creston was a
recent yisitor here with her sister,
Mrs. Whiteside.
Tuesday's eastbound passenger train
was. about the heaviest seen out of
Sirdar for many monttis. In addition
to the regular string of coaches there
were four private cars���carrying members of the Railway Commission, who
were in session at Nelson early in the
Joe Wolkley, the Cranbrook butcher, was a visitor at Lewis Island on
Monday, on a cattle buying trip.
*-^mh\. ..  n.i.i.tit .'   tn   t t.y  j***-*1.-^  pvwj'i..:
from here were at the dance at Port-
hill on Saturday night. With tho
T. efc T. Company motor bun always
available It in now postsible to handily
attend t;ooiul doingaut oui side centres!.
The dance  on Thursday night  last
under the direction of Mra, Noble and
I     'I'll***.*!*.,.*    e.MiM   .iiiit..     .1    .1**1.4....-.I    \*i*t**
���loeially    and    financially,    the    affair
ie I (l .ie t ill)-;    |,',ln.*ii.   (ii.l.i    Li.it il    ('i.iUiiii . <!>.
Brand new timber operation-**! in lhe
neighborhood of Kaslo haw created a
decided shortage of rooming accommodation in the city.    If the preHHure
,��/". *-,**f I %���*����������� ���/������*.��"       HP.IJf f\%0     ~f}*,.Xf\>.     -vi*!)!      \~yrx     f*f\vx ,.
ntrained  tit  fit  up the  kennel  of the
office bulldog for rental purposes.
Cranbrook city council is being
urged to provide St. Eugene houpitul
with free light aud water. Tho
���Courier   claims    the    hoKpital    alone
J spends JJUO.OOO a year witli city mm-
i..*ii-.nt.     ..iwl    (hul,   iiul iii'i'l I v    il,   is    111*'
means  of  bringing at   leant   another
l\l,*hl\. lllUi iiii.: e.al.y   .il.liU.llI*> .
The Library
Editor Review :
Sir,���It seems the opportune time
to bring to the notice of your readers
the Creston and District Public Library which has recently received its
charter from the goyernment. The
library is a development of the library
of the Women's Institute and due to
the generosity of that body already
includes all its books (it should be understood that the old library is to continue as in the past until the new one
is ready). In addition the library will
haye a certain number of books loaned
periodically from the Victoria Public
Library, as well as a larger number
from that of Nelson, It is hoped also,
when funds are sufficient, to purchase
books periodically so as to gradually
form a good, permanent library of
standard and reference books.
Is it necessary to point out the ad
vantages of a public library to Creston ? At the question a vision rises of
a lino brick building with stone steps
leading up to the doorway, and within a handsome reading room permanently open, with thousands of books
upon its shelves. Wo are not able to
promise anything ho splendid at present but we are trying to make an ad-
yanco toward this. Supposing tho
people of Creston Valley give proper
support to us there is every reason to
think that Creston will have a fully
developed and independent library.
Proper support does v.ot moan yery
much. Il im-uns from the individual
a uubscriptiou of $2 or -313 1, year, and
tho present committee are hoping that
the people of Eriukuoit, Alice Siding,
e-Juiiyou Ciiij, w'jiaieuu, juit>U*r, ami
other near point*- will regard Una library us their library, use its advantages, and come to its support. The
more KuhHcriherH we get the better it
will he.
The War Memorial Committee have
found  tlilitcultie-i  iu  securing a atone
iiii-iiii uiul.      Ceinlel    11    li.'lli'i-   Mw>mn>M.it
be found  than  a  small  library build-
h.ti'.'    J:'>*u:l�� .1 buiMIufc, taadd eoiil.iin a
Cranbrook Courier.
������If you know a thing that's
good tell your neighbor, so you
shonld" is an excellent maxim,
but at Cieston they go ifc one better; they not only boast of the excellence of their orchard products,
but from, time to time send. out
samples to responsible parties in
Order to. afford opportunity to
"taste tbetn and��try them before;
. y*ou:bujy*^|i^^:; ^S^^^teaairi^r"
excellent was the display of box
apples at the Creston fair last
week that eyen a seasoned booster
like the editor of The RevieWcould
uot i-esist the temptation to again
remember The Courier���this time
with the first prize box of Graven-
steins. This is a variety that
Nova Scotia has always laid claim
to producing of superior quality,
but after some experience with
the product of the land of Evangeline we haye no hesitation in
saying that the box of these just
to hand from Creston will stand
the analysis of experts as to flavor,
color, size, etc. and score seyeral
points higher than anything any
bluenose ever mai-keted. The
Courier box is from the orchard
of Ashley Cooper & Sons of Wynndel���the justly famous strawberry section. With orchardists
producing such uniformly high
grade fruit and The Reyiew editor
and the other boosters working
twenty-four hour shifts nothing
short of an earthquake in that section or the premature sounding of
Gabriel's trumpet can possibly prevent Cieston shortly fulfilling tho
fondest expectations of all who see
in the Valley metropolis the city
of destiny.
tt-x       ���mxA
JUS;?    CIUL&
Xltmrx      O
AA~Xt3��    A���4.
taking a oouple of weeks' vacation,
most of which was spent at Spokane,
with a couple of days at Nelson.
Considering the number of growers
at this point Sirdar is shipping fruit
and vegetables in quantities that surprises everyone. The weather has
been so rough on the lake at Kuskanook since early in the month that
apple shipping at that point has been
pretty much out of the question.
After a six weeks' absence Rev, J. S.
Mahood was here for the usual Church
of'England service on Sunday, which
vyas fairly well attended.
Z Mrs. Jack Cameron is away on ft
On their return recently from a trip
to! coast points Mr, and Mrs. Moore of
Cranbrook spent a few days with Mr.
and Mrs. Leasby.
Creston callers are not numerous
these busy times, Mrs. North and Mrs.
Tuohey being about the only ladies to
favor the metropolis with a call this
T. Rogers has been selected to take
charge of the ballot box in connection
with the prohibition referendum vote
on the 20th. The printed list shows a
matter of 37 names as entitled to vote
here, of whom a dozen are ladies.
If a sufilciency of pupils indicate a
willingness to attend the classes a
night school will bo started at Trail
for the winter months.
Mrs. Bo wen, who lives almost outside the city limits at Grand Forkp,
objects to having to pay dog taxen.
She helieyos hor canine should be
duty free as he is urgently required to
herd off stray cattle.
The smelter owners at Trail haye
made arranp-enienta with the C.P.R.
to run a Hpccial train ho that rc-iiidenta
of Rosaland can work at Trail and live
at lloNsland and lone no time getting
* r.     ,\]\tl     ft.i,]\i    ..��rt%.lr- H*f .-.**.���>( r.iS      ��*.ov.     .��,-.��
supplied with ticketa froe.
Because the principal placed three
of the Hchnluis in a lower grade tlie
other Entrance clam* pupila at Cranbrook went out ou a aympatby atrike
last week. The affair Wiih eompi-oiiUH-
ed by tho trustees arranging to  give
lln- Iriee nfuliiw eiiu"i n  fi-w  ileeiic Wi-.-Im
to demonsitviite  that they were entitled t.o 11 lu.on lie Lht: rlill .iiete; >,I......
At Penticton it is now compulsory
for bicycle riders to equip their
machines with headlights.
The heuyiest day's fruit shipping
out of Vernon tnis year was 70 cars,
the latter part of September.
It costs 25 cents for a shoe shine at
Penticton nowadays. There is only
one stand of the sort in the city.
About 05 acres in the Okanagan
were planted to tobacco this season,
and the crop is a veiy good one.
Business has so improyed at the
Home Bank at Fernie that two tollers
sire now employed���a paying and
Penticton council has just issued
regulations that places that employ
female help must not sell two per
cont. beer.
During September Nelson had 17
violations  of  the  Prohibition Act. as
.*.(->rv<��->.����.��.f1  ��.-!��l> "W!   nt   !<V...-,;,-.   .,*��>,* ��>0   .e
X..I ..*,'...*    I .        .  -    i  x  ..     m-.t        ..  - m     y  t   .1  0X ......     m. ^l       .. .
This year the cannery at Penticton
paid 12 centa u pound for apricots, but
only x cent.* .��. pound for pt-aclu-u.
Thiu iv. aaid to account for the -shrinking of the peach area, which is only
about *f)0 ttcivn in the bokilheru Okaua-
who   viait    the
camp there in
lug    family
orchard and
tho owner's absence had better stop
eleutll'   rne > Toi^    Iimm    i��eun*    OO     till-    ll
year, and they have been fioen  nev-
i.'i .L,    llll.*. ...
V    ���������--������������-���#��1 I  ���������TTTr  xl. A    I    t ..  X       r, ������ .,  a  Vj!fcwfi*ani������7i'ij  Take    A   Look   Akead  Are thc people of Canada animated by the same spirit which was so  fcharactcristic of them during the war, and which alone made possible the  splendid contribution  el*-   1)  th  >oruiiiion to the winning of the war?  In the dark days between August, 1914, and November, 1918, the national  exis'ence of this Dominion was threatened and the liberties of the whole  world hung in thc balance. Our independence has been maintained and  our freedom made secure, thanks to the patriotism and self-sacrificing efforts of the average man and woman. With the removal of the danger  that threatened, have we lost that fine enthusiasm for Canada and the Empire which made us willing to bear all things with fortitude that victory  might be achieved? In other words, while Canadians were willing to die  for Canada, are they now prepared to live foi- Canada?  These questions force themselves uopn our consciences from a consideration of certain grave and serious facts. During the war' Canadians  sacrificed and saved. They economized and gave without stint in tbe national cause. There was nothing niggardly in their contributions to thc  national strength and they withheld nothing, neilheir their lives nor their  worldly means, in the effort put forth to win. For these reasons the  period of the Great War will always stand out as a glorious page in Canada's history.  Now that the impelling incentive of the war and the will to victory is  removed, has that altogether worthy uplifting out of ourselves died? Or  are Canadians as ready now to give of themselves and their means to  carry the Dominion forward to the proud position it should occupy among  the nations Thc. war has left heavy national obligations which honor  demands shall be met; it has created new problems which must be faced  and solved: it has created new conditions calling for the best that each  and all can contribute to the nation.  It was imperative during the war that all people should avoid extravagances in living- and expenditures, that thcy economize and through their  savings add to the national strength. It is equally important they should  now continue to practice these same virtues in order that Canada may develop and prosper. Signs are not lacking, however, pointing to the fact  that, unfortunately, many Canadians are not now being governed by the  same motives which guided fhem during the war.  The trade returns clearly indicate that, taken as a whole, the people  of Canada are spending too much and producing too little. At a time  when Canadians should bc buying as little as possible abroad in order to  reduce our payments to other countries, thc fact remains that we arc buying- more prodigally than ever before in our history, and that we -are not  producing for sale abroad anything like what should be produced. The  result is, that whereas during thc war there was a substantial balance of  trade in favor of Canada, thc reverse is now true, nd there is a heavy and  increasing debit balance against this country. As a consequence, we are  continuing to suffer the national humiliation and loss of Canadian money  being  at a  ruinous  discount.  At this time when work is plentiful and wages high, it is not only a  national duty, but plain commonsensc for the individual, to save evcry  dollar hc can. This can best be done by cutting out all extravagances, particularly in the purchase of luxuries from abroad. There must inevitably  bc a recession from present high prices. A time of business depression  will come sooner or later, and indications are not lacking that such a time  is approaching. The far-seeing financial magnates and keen business men  are preparing for it; and it behooves the farmer, workingman aud average  citizen to do likewise.  4 During thc -v.'-.f, and while the work of destruction was in progfess, an  artificial demand i'or goods of all kinds was created, especially when millions of men were withdrawn from productive enterprises. Following the  war there was feverish activity to make good the losses occasioned by and  in the war, and io restore thc depicted stocks of goods the world over.  The time a p pre aches when this activity must cease because once again  supply i-s ov*.vM;:i-:i:-;Ci- the demand. Then must come reductions in prices  and curtail.-.lcr-i h; -vork.      A period of depression will follow.  ���������ot pc^i-ii-im.      It is but a frank statement of sound economic  Ii is  Iogi";l  r.r.d irresistible.      It is supported by all past  history  ���������;���������* ;:'���������.*.-'.:;  . o    ;o:r.c law.      The wise man will be governed accord-  ]?-: : :���������  r::L:-.j? Pjj real  estate boom, the far-seeing and wise man  1 be *"n*-e .:: -.*.;���������-��������� ������������������:������������������;. hue and values began to decline, so today such  :������������������'-".   :-[���������?::l:?.L   ail   iheir   earnings but  art*  preparing   for  the   day  ���������������������������.'.'y   '*���������*:;:   '.*   '.   ���������:���������-���������������������������?.-���������   quite-   so   readily.       Furthermore,   such   men  !'-.*.'     '   '.'.���������?������������������       :-?���������:��������� i\  and   saved   by   them   now will   havc   a   much  ; ���������.::���������     .*.���������'���������      ;    ���������.*.*" * -*.- 'an conditions and prices become more normal.  :'.-.*     ���������**������������������*   *.'������������������:.'.  v.'.-.*::*.*:li:*.:-i*?   now  practice  economy,  Canada will  bc  ������������������'.''    ' ��������������������������� ��������� **-"'���������':���������  '��������������������������� ��������� .'Urn r the storm and stress of financial and  IS  ���������  mot reasonabl  first class  to war  sacrifice **  g powder  old prices*  lity of  la=fo������r a,n.d  lions* it Is  that a really  we f<  is* price  Magic   I  more  it ri<  cesmw-Ty io make slight Isacs  the w&r period*    ISven though  r   may   cost   a  fe  ordinary kinds it i������ still by  ~ aking   pgforder   on  wh������m purity*, strength -and  taken into, consideration  Made in Canada  JM-j-wi-iMaiMaaiasffl'iaa^^  The Super-Ad. Appears. |  Just see how leisurely that lapel J  looks out upon the world, like a!  flower opening to thc sunlight. Fragile, resilient, delicate as a coiled  spring, a lapel with life in it.- animated by the hands that made it."���������  From a New York Departmental  Store Advertisement.  ni-  trill  and  ineri  una  i:; a i  Mot Doing Badly.  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V   -'
***-��� '      -"--������       ���      '������ ���    ��� -���������~���      ��� I      ������ ���  -      -      -, _ .       .        .       ��� .
The   strange   experience   of   O-ge-mas-es when Wus-ke-ninge,
an Indian sorceress, casts her evil spell. "~
By O-GE-MAS-ES  (Little Clerk).
In the early seventies, being in,
charge of a Hudson's Bay Post on
Lake Manitoba, where poisoning by-
native Indian medicines was prevalent, evidence was brought before myself and the local missionary, making
a serious charge against an old woman named Wus-ke-ninge who, it was
claimed, had given poison to one of
the tribe whereby he was in danger
of losing his life and at that time was
lying in a semi-paralysed condition.
We considered the evidence justified
us in laying the matter before thc
nearest magistrate, some 60 miles distant, and, if possible, jjrocuring a
warrant for her arrest. It was decided that I should go in with the
papers. The time was dead of winder and the lake was frozen solidly
from shore to shore.
I finally decided to start alone the
next evening and being the fortunate
possessor of a splendid train of dogs
looked forward to the trip with enjoyment. My dog train, consisting
of four, deserves some description.
Part Esquimeaux, part wolf hound,
tall, clean limbed animals, their usual
gait was some six miles per hour, but
if pressed they could easily outrun a
horse. Once having passed over a
route, the foregoer never swerved
from a direct course whether a trail
showed or not. Herod, Nero, Hero
and Moro were their names and I loved them with a great love. Kindly
naturcd and devoted to me, still thcy
would attack anything I wished and
were as courageous as lions. Often
when vicwing"a wolf or fox on the ice
I would let them out of their harness
and if far enough from shore they
would catch it and kill it before I
could reach them. My cariole was,
as usual, made from a birch toboggan with bufFalo parchment sides and
back, lined with fur, on its head a
tripod with silver bells. On the col-
-lars of each*'-.dog were also tripods
with bells, and Indian beaded saddlecloths  made  a very handsome  outfit.
Amongst    thc    hangers-on    around
the   Post  was    a    half-breed    named
James    Sinclair    who,  speaking both
English and Crec  fluently,  was often
employed   by   mc   as   interpreter,   rny
knowledge    of    the    native  language
being at that lime limited.      Calling '������
at  thc office bc-foro my departure  he \ i    y
appeared   to   bc   uneasy   in   his   mind
and on my questioning him as to tlie
trouble, he replied by a question: "Is
is   true,   O-gc-mns-cs     (little     cleric), ,
that     you    arc  taking in   law  papers :
about that  Indian  witch? "    Wluii   Ii
replied  in   thc  affirmative,  he  begged I
me not to go or, if I  would, then  to
with bad spirits and that an evil influence would bc sent with mc or after me if I insisted on going.      I naturally made light of this and, in fact,
before starting out, had quite forgotten   the   matter.       Evening   came   on
and'about 7.30 I whistled for my dogs
which were trained to come to their
places, hitched up and away we went.
For some miles the trail ran  through
woods and then came the open lake,
wind   swept  and    some    twenty-five
miles  of a traverse  to a point called
the Bluff.      While I lay "Lack in my
cariole, comfortably wrapped in furs,
the miles.slipped by until 1 was about
half way across.      By this time a few
fleecy  clouds   had  come  up,  but   the
moon,  stars  and   the  northern   lights
made the sky still very light.    A feeling   suddenly   came   over   mc   that   I
was  no  longer alone.       Loth  to  disturb   my   comfortable   position   I   lay
still for a few minutes until thc feeling   of  a   presence   became   stronger,
aud on sitting up in my cariole I saw
to   thc  left     of     thc     foremost     dog
about three feet above thc ice, a ball
-of phosphorescent light dancing along
and keeping pace with  the  dogs, not
more -than thirty feet from me.    This
kept changing in  size.      At limes as
large as a football  and at others not
much bigger than a cricket ball.    My
first impression was that I was asleep,
but rubbing my eyes, and kneeling up
for  a  more  careful inspection,  I  was
convinced of the reality of it.      Some
minutes elapsed, when    my   attention
was drawn to the way my dogs were
travelling.       Instead      of      swinging
along in their usual free fashion with
tails   waving,   thcy   appeared   cowed,
and on my speaking to them and endeavoring to  draw  their attention  to
thing?" and like a flash the thought
of the mysterious light came to my
mind. I then remembered his former prophesy and told him the facts.
He did not appear at all surprised;
the light, he stated, was ar evil spirit
sent by Wus-ke-ninge which, if you
had followed, nothing more would
have been heard  of vou.
Thinking it all ovcr after Sinclair's
departure; his first warning before I
started, to the effect that some evil
thing would be sent after me; again
the extraordinary conduct of my
usually fearless dogs and the uncanny
appearance of thc light which could
not have arisen from the same cause
as an "ignus fatuis" for there was
from three to four feet of solid ice
and a foot of snow all over the lake,
made it one of the most uncanny experiences of my long residence in
Northwest Canada.
I maj*- add the old woman was not
heard of again and wc burnt her bark
tepee with many medicine bags to the
great satisfaction of all concerned. The poisoned Indian gradually
recovered but never regained his
former strength.
Taken in
v -a   *~~* *-*&&,
Wi ~-~ --..-
tSaAt  %~f~~~X~*~-&&���*&>
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?/iili9i!t Knowing II ?
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Canada's population have. Yours may
cause you stomach trouble, headache,
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Others suffer with their bowels, bile
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LATT'S SPECIFIC" medicine.
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is guaranteed free from drugs of any
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should complete the bottle.
'Marian's Specific" is for sale bv
this luminous light and setting them! nearly every druggist in Canada, but
on it, for the first time in thcir lives j if your local  druggist happens not to
have it, write direct to J. W. Marlatt
&  Co.,  Toronto,  Ontario.
take a companion. After some further questioning the truth came out,
hc stating  this woman  was in  lear-.nc
the tender Heaves���*J
those full of flavor
and richness���are selected for Red Rose
Tea. The strength,
flavor and freshness
of these choice, delineate leaves is fully
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Red Rose package,
which keeps out
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Red Roue Coffer /.<? nn
gcticroii.dy f]ood a:;
Ked ~.ose Tea
they paid no attention to me, but sim- (
ply trotted a little faster. I then
tried to stop them (as old dog drivers
know, no reins arc used, the train being governed and guided by voice
alone) by gently calling "whoa!" Always thcy were delighted at this,
would look around, stop and genlly
turn to avoid entanglement in thc
harness and then lick my face and
hands. This time no attention was
paid to my call. I was rather afraid
might run away, which would
probably mean upsetting of the
cariole and being left in the middle
of the lake with my uncanny companion. '1 his light, after thc lapse
of an hour, as nearly as 1 could judge
the time, became more erratic in its-
movements, making dances in different directions; coming back quite
close to thc cariole and then flitting
away. It struck me as remarkable,
the dogs apparently would not look
at it, and yet when it approached us
closer I could see the* hair bristling
on their neck:;. Finally it began to
move to the northeast towards 'i large
bay called the Dog Hung Hay, where
a poor white man was found frozen
the winter previous; and finally, appearing no larger than a cat's eye iu
the distance, disappeared.
Reaching the bluff 1 boiled the kettle and unloosing the dogs fed thtni
a little dried buffalo meat; but thcy
were not companionable-, .seemed oppressed and we.iiihl not respond lo my
car*.-.���--.���-.(���:-���. Hile.-hiii'.' up again I made
my destination nl breakfast time ami
during the course of the meal related
my CNp'/riem'** with the my.Ucriou1-
light. Finally this was dropped and
the conversation turni.'d to the object
oi my visit. The magistrate, alter
carefully examining the evidence-, snb-
lllitt'-il   .'I*-   If)   lln-   lie.i'* e-ining,   d'-e'ieb'el   to
is mi ���:��� a warrant for ihe detention of
\Yu..-ke. niii^e , ami this I v.*as to i;iki*
hael: wiih  :-ie,
..'.*.*���;' at!    .v:ii'i,,'  '..ti ,,w1111   *./11m* e*  iiii..i
lies.**'  1  re*iurucd to rny post and found
that'   tin:    Indian    weuiian  had fled lie
j i.i i in un i. in ' v\ 11.      Tlu*    '.um     e v< n inj,
J...i.i;. ;:.llu...ill e.ilhil .iliel i * ill |.; I .1111 I.l I ���
<il   n,i*   .hi   iiii    '-n:e   return   li.iiii   what
a daiu'erou .
Message from the King
His Majesty is Grateful for the Reception Given the Prince of
London.���The King lias sent the
following telegram to governors of
Dominions and States visited by the
Prince of Wales on his recent Austra-
liasian  tour.
"On the return home of the Prince
of Wales I ask you' to express to thc
people of the Dominion and colonies
he visited, my heartfelt appreciation
of the universal affection and .loyal
enthusiasm evinced towards him
throughout his travels. These warm
hearted and spontaneous manifestations of regard for our eldest son
have deeply touched the Queen and
"We have followed with pride and
admiration the triumphant success of
his mission and all the more so when
we recognized that these happy results are chiefly due to his own personality, to the buoyant and jovial
spirit in which he has played his
part, to his sense of duty and to the
unstinting manner in which he has
given of his best.
"This and his previous tour have
given him ^special opportunities to
gain knowledge of our overseas Dominions and colonies and to become
personally acquainted with their
'"'May such intercourse create fresh
ties of confidence and devotion between the throne and the generations
present and future of these great
lands and. thus promote the unity,
strength and prosperity of thc empire.
"To my son this wide and happy
experience will ever be a priceless
possession." *,
Booklet free on application.
anying Dangerous Weap
Local Authorities Should Check the
Sale of Firearms.
Ottawa.���There is a law on the
statute-books to prevent thc indiscriminate sale and improper possession of firearms in Canada, but it is
doubtful whether that law is being
properly  enforced.
While protests against the increasing number of revolvers carried by
persons in various cities of Canada
arc reaching Ottawa, officials here
point out that there is a law to check
the sale and carrying of dangerous
weapons, if the provincial, municipal
anel city authorities wish to enforce it.
London.���Leaders of the Sinn Fein
movement in Ireland say they regard
thc speech made at Carnarvon by
Premier Lloyd George as "almost a
declaration of war on Ireland," says
the Dublin correspondent of the Lon- ���
don Times.
There are many signs that the ex-
tcutive department in Dublin intends
to bring things to a head as soon as
possible by a concentrated campaign
against disorder which, by inflicting
general hardships on the country,
may make crime and lawlessness
truly unpopular.
Projected (.measures are said to include complete stoppage of the\Irish
railways, drastic reduction of the
postal service until all railway workers agree to return to duty and until
there is cessation of raids on the
An Exchange telegram reports that
the wives of British officers who are
serving with their regiments in Ireland, .have been directed to proceed
to their homes in Great Britain.
It was stated at the War Office that
this order had not been issued on this
side. It has, therefore, emanated
from the Irish command.
The order places the troops in Ireland on absolute active service conditions. It has created a sensation
in the country, because the only recent equivalent was the order for
women and children to be removed
from Mesopotamia.
Prospects for
^heap  Sugar.
Foster Is Acting Premier.
Ottawa.���During the absence of Rt.
Hon. Arthur Meighen from Ottawa,
Sir George Foster, as the senior member 6f the privy council, is acting as
Prime Minister.
Toronto. ��� Onc hundred and
twenty-live carloads of number one
granulated sugar, enough to supply
the entire city of Toronto for some
time, was offered to a local candy-
manufacturing concern at 16 cents a
pound in Toronto, and was refused.
It is stated here, that the state of tlie
sugar market in Canada is more
shaky than for many years. In some
of the stores in Toronto sugar is being sold at IS 1-2 cents a pound.
"The Mincemeat
With A Punch'5
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Formula that has been handed down from generation to generation. TRY IT. It may cost a few cents more but it is
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���r-**-****-M*i**M-��*i--*W ���' *���-*
\t*H^IV'StH'i��,iHvm* 'I if-*t '-0 tXlXtsxim' ii feW.
lie i-vielt.-ntly con.-ieh'i i
iiii**iiin. \\r finally a1 keel: "Did you
have .. ; uiul lii]'?" 'hi my re-pl.yiii;;
"\".  :"   l.e    ..-iii'   '*l)i'l   vou      <*e*e     anv-
'Could Hardly Walk
Without Resting;.
When you go to a physician to b*:
exaniined for any heart trouble one:
of the first questions he asks is: "Arc
you  short of breath?"
Now, when the In*.u I Ij ej e o 111 e-; affected there ensues a feeling of
a choking se-nsatiem, n shortness of
breath, palpitation, throbbing, irregular healing, smothering sensation,
dizziness and a weak, sinking, ai'**
(���one fueling of oppression and anv-
On the: fust -sign of the heart becoming weakened or the nerves un-
slrung Miiburn's Heart and Nerv*-:
I'll!:, .lie jiiiil iiii. ��i.eiice.Iy ymi ii;i(iiuc.
They regulate anel stiiiu !;U<: the
and sii'.-'nglhen ami restore the
nerve' .system.
Stephen   Crouse,   haist  Cliffe��nl,
'if (-,- t (���
iiii.i:;., I     '.lili e. i:U       ioi        11 . e*
years Willi heart trouble, 1 could
ha telly walk from lln: house to the-,
barn wit lion I resting as 1 used lo
r.e.t so silent e>( hri-a lli.. Dm-lors
ioiiIiI ui.il iu:ip iiie*. uly vile le.ml me
to ���',<���( a ln'X of MilbuiuV. Heart au'd
Nerve l'illls anel 1 |��.:lt belter alter
taking ihein; three ho:***:-, made nie:
ijniic well. 1 am now helping my son
in work lhe; (arm, and c;.i\ li uthf ully
say   1   feel   like ;*. eliffeicni.  man."
i rice*   .nie.   ,i   iiu.v   ;u   an   -dealer:*   or
mailed    dili'i't    oil    leeeipl    o|'    pi let-    hy
The T.  Milburn Co. Limited, 'forou-
ii fewiff mmm^mzm
You Have Earned Your Rest
IT   i'
So Loaf this Winter in Victoria, B.C
Wlieic Your Money lias Kull  Value.
J.f.)1*c   je'in   il reams   conic   tiuc.        ."-ij.ri'.i   v.'*.*.*    \v:!*.le-r
��� ccilie*  MirroiiiieJiiijjs tliat fiur-i;i*,�� those oi  J.;*>.*.:i :*,   h...iuej �����
the   S\vi:W   Alps.        At   Victoria   you   c.ei   i:*u'.or   i!*.ii*it*i'   it
jiiK ii-inorainas.       Vou i*:iti rc:,t in a elcin;!**!*i.]y  u.iM ..ml
Inn   .lim.it.-.        Hne   you   can   /oi��et   llic  *iiK-*i*.   *,i   iiie?   1'iuiiic
winter  in  tlie  ��em   -tea  hree;.e.s.        l.rt   thc  x.ni  ;.:i   iiiJ  the   fr.*.��-
r*uiie*c  of   tin    tn-.   anil   cedars   sinl:   eito   >our   i.> * it:.;.        Urfir-h
yonr.,ell   wuli    views   of   siiou-ea; peil    r.-.o :i* :.-.*:* *. P-jriul
".'""ri' lf ������''���'������������������ ���������������'. ...ti'.. m.x,.,.,i. vvuii iii.it ��i*.i.j!: ecii'ie <*ou
thai you li.ivc sonielm-.i*.-, hail ot eii*u.'.tcti:i*:,.c*:it in a *\c\ iP\.
fill rliir,.m: u-lieic on .1 lew acres oi ri.li 1J(.,1 m Yi,*t.*,u:.* -nr-
-sou ii ill iii; Ui.,uuu you c-n aaMirc your-.cH of - yL,-.j.u- *-b'e
Wi"? IrPisi
Xtr-ttj"   .*.
I'or Descriptive Literature Ajipiy to Co r.i-.;
Victoria unci Islsind Devo'opmen
Association, Victor.a, B.C
ii    <*w- iff/
:-���;��� y it.-&-\
**e<'��� \ ,J,-"'k"J.'~
Wlier*'   the
lUr.om- In   D* -<���
h.r     ����������      ��'-������
0* . 0*.~
0 UL% i
Pir^PiPl .
ft:.-   * n)
llvpA ���0.,~4~~ttJ-.. -  ���"��� -^.'Ji-m- L? ���~.J.Zt':L-xJm
*.        \ ZZmnrtizA <*��.-���* j-,' ���- x- \ 0 * tfyjg
/ ffi ,~i~m\*\
\'z~r~^*izp~-^     ^ Ja
'��'l|***->l*-r>T<,***^'T***-*��'-*����*B^ THE  CRESTON  BEVIE"  THE CRESTON REVIEW  Issued every Friday at Creston, B.C.  Subscription : $2.50 a year in advance.  S3.00 to U.S. points.  C. P. Hayes, Editor and Owner,  ORESTON, B.C.,  FRIDAY, OCT. 22  ism   spell   death  to  real religious praying;   we    must    all    worship  life.    They  are  as  the  tree   that  under our own   vine and fig tree.  bringeth forth corrupt fruit, there  Birds of a feather flock together.  IS THIS THE WAY OUT?  By MODERATIONIST  And Jesus knew their thoughts and said unto them,'Every  kingdom divided against itself  is brougMt to desolation, and  every city or housc divided  against itself cannot stand.'���������  Matt. xii. 25.  Considering the multiplicity of  spiritual pastors and masters how  shall the tired pilgrim, who is  weary and heavy laden, find that  satisfying religion which bringeth  peace and joy to the soul ? Not by  looking to creed and sectarianism���������  of that fact rest well assured.  Sectarianism,  creed   and  ritual  fore they should be hewn down and Religious societies come in this  cast into the fire. They prevent category, because of the combined  the development of true spirituality ��������� actions of the social affections with  which is the essence, the seed and those of the moral sentiment8.  the soil; the earth, the rain and the Nevertheless voluntary associations  should be their only bond principle,  Boots, Shoes, Harness  iepairing  We guarantee satisfaction and  prompt service.    Charges  reasonable.  JOHN JOY  Postoffice Blk.      CRESTON  Shoe Rsoairins  sunshine of genuine religious existence. Creed is the thunder and  lightning, the storm and the cloud,  the tempest on the great ocean of  religion: it is the chaff that the  wind scattereth upon the face of  the earth. Sectarianism is without  excuse.  Truth is one; always self-consistent; never self-contradictory, and  truth teaches us from the moral  department of man's nature that  religion is an exact science; as much  so, indeed, as mathematics. If re  ligion is not a science then mathematics is not. lf natural laws do  not govern man's moral nature  then they govern no part of nature.  If natural law governs anything it  governs all things, and religion just  as much as the heavenly bodies.  Medical men disagree.   Does this  clashing of schools signify truth or   ~_   *9 TS ~SS .0.r.m.rx i ��������� Xtxr. A-~....\,  teiui .       X.X    uu     vveio    ui     i/uB    ux utiij  they would all agree. Farther ar-  gumet. t upon that point is unnecessary. We have today in the  world hundreds of denominations  whose creeds are almost as far  apart and as diametrically opposed  to one another as the two poles.  We have had a Whitfield telling  Wesley not to soil his surplice  "Well, bishop," replied Wesley, "if  nearly all are going to hell it is  high time to awaken them from  their awful slumber."  Men's  Half Soles, $1.25  Women'sHalf Soles, $1.00  Guaranteed for 6 months.  Alex. Mirabelli  Shoemaker    - -    CRESTON  ivhiwi  ISP at  ik-pmib        %m~  seduced Prices  Common Boards  Dimension  Shiplap  Flooring  Drop Siding  Bevel Siding  Write or phone for  quotations.  Wynndel Box Factory  WYMHDEL,        B. C.  DUIIBBIB0BU8& &U3B0  Wynndel  WY- have junt opfwd up s������  N-'li'ctif'n e-f  tiffm*irtfm   -Pr   ftn-Ofv9  Underwear  Men's and Boys' Shirts  ������*-.r*'" ntyd Rr>y*' Snchn  Ladies' Hosiery, Sec.  \vhif*h we* are- off'-ring at  U-niplini/  juice-**..  Tei   .-.���������'..'ik.'*  revim  inr e.-Mie-r j^i ,<.<!-  we ni.i-x our whole ulot-.k uf  Canvas Footwear at  20 Per Cent. Off  I'ri'-e*'! .*��������� f* i-fr-miney elown We- ;ire  ,iu1,iripa( ii������K this riiovt*m--*i*t, l������y  ie in., 111./ t  i KI I'  pli������:e  i. i.i.* ;*i.::*v '"'������������������!��������� Hi  I J t V'' U'l ;'   leiedt   in.  !!  with no compulsion, expulsion or  restraint. Man was never made to  have others do his thinking for  him, or pin his faith upon creed.  Every man has, or should have,  religious feelings, and exercise them  for himself without let or hindrance and take the consequences.  Let those form themselves into  religious societies whose natural  sympathies draw them together.  Yet let all go elsewhere or nowhere  whose natural sympathies do not  keep them together. Religious  unity is the great need of the day.  Let the nations of today build  their temple upon the following  principles and generations shall  arise and call them blessed���������their  church being erected upon the  solid rock and foundation of truth:  * We hereby solemny resolve to  study God in his works, and obey  him in his natural laws, and we will  promote such study, and obedience  among mankind." Froni the high  church Anglicans to the Universal*  ists, Unitarians, Trinitarians, Nothingarians; all Catholics and Protestants, Christians and Jews, Pantheists and Deists; all can kneel  around^ this altar and say amen  togetheV whenever anyone can���������all  except the fool who hath said in  his heart there is no God.  SAVE AND PREPARE  Success generally comes to those who go looking-for it, and the man with a substantial  Savings Account is always in a position to  grasp good opportunities lor investment ������ff  advancement,  Save! Open an account with this Bank aft  once������   Interest paid ~.i current rate. w>  OF -m7J~-SJ~.T>-%.  GRESTON BRANCH,  C. W. ALLEN,  M-nager.  s:  Compare the orthodox teachings  of the men of the Billy Sunday  calibre, who believe in hell and  damnation, with those of the Uni-  yersalists who believe that every  man is too  good to be damned; if  I not, then God is too good to damn  them. Compare the Trinitarians  with the Unitarians; Roman Catholic and Protestant; infidel and  Jew; Buddist and Pantheist���������all  claiming to be ordained by God,  and guided by inspiration.  The Pharisees and Sudducees  were at war with each other regarding the resurrection of Christ  ��������� some being for and others against  the resurrection. The Apostles  also differed in their religious  views; some being for Paul and  others for Appolos, and the fathers  quarrelled most violently, although  they all belonged to the same sect.  No wars are quite as bloody and  bitter as those on religion. Religious heresies were so numerous and  dangerous as to institute the inquisition in order to repress them,  and the agonies and tortures that  emanted therefrom were the great-  eat man could inflict.  Beeeher and Channing were both  great religious lights in their day,  to whom many millions of intelligent and well-meaning people  looked for biblical interpretation.  Both were eloquent speakers and  writers nnd enoh uncording to the  other taught tho worst of heresies  and all from tho same identical  pfissagofl.  Tho religion of Christian Science  and New Thought, two of tho modern n-ligiouH wots, aro also at war  with each other. Thoir bono of  contention in thc evidence of the  five iihy.sio<il HtiiHtf.-fr, one favoring  and tho other denying  this   evid-  uncc,   ixiiiiuii^ii     -ie     ijiAiJi     1 ���������(?.,i..Lpt,'J,  ��������� th*\y have much io common.  Nov.-, -v.    p-;������-':or*i?ility   MppoH.ninN  I tn>   .411   i.iiilij-,1,   w.j.-ll   .Liiiili.-yr    ...Ut   in  ��������� ���������j.ii'.u.'.Ar, \\ii-t ������������������.hi *- *-\/i-iy ma** mul  woman irniMt eat und hroiith, enjoy  ���������fund Hufl'.-r for tlieinnelveH, and the ho  ideiitieiil    prineipleii    govern    re)i#-  | ion. V.vi-ry man ia i <-h*H-e-i-t< i.u  hifftHelf,   hut,    lu-    that   ninneth   he  BANK BY MAIL  Regular saving will soon show a handsome balance in the depositors account.  It may be difficult for you to come to the  bank always when you want to deposit.  Send in deposits by mail���������they will be as  carefully handled as though you handed  them over the counter.  77A  THE CANADIAN BANK i  OF COMMERCE  PAID-UP CAPITAL       -        -        $15,000,000  RESERVE FUND -        -        $15,000,000  CRESTON BRANCH, C G. Bennett, Manager.  ii  Brand new timber operations in the  neighborhood of Kaslo has created a  decided shortage of rooming accommodation in the city. If the pressure  continues Editor Grier will be constrained to fit up the kennel of the  office bulldog for rental purposes.  Cranbrook city council is being  urged to provide St. Eugene hospital  with free light and*-,water. The  Courier claims the hospital alone  spends $40,000 a year with city merchants, and that indirectly it is the  means of bringing at least another  $200,000 into the city annually.  Because the principal placed three  of the scholars in a lower grade the  other Entrance class pupils at Cranbrook went out on a sympathy strike  last week. The affair was compromised by the trustees arranging to give  the trio of slow ones a few more weeks  to demonstrate that they were entitled to remain in the entrance class.  What about your HAY requirements for the coming  winter ?   Drop in and see us.  Creston  rower  LIMITED  YOU WILL BE  NEEDING  for the coming cool weather.  The following lines for men  will be appreciated  Stanfield's Hed Label, all wool, heavy weight,  splendid wearers, in Shirts, Drawers  and Combination Suits.  Penman's lighter weight Shirts and Drawers  at $2.00 each.  PeiimieUu'ti Couiuiualioiis $3.C5 to $-l-.50.  Ottawa Valley Mills all wool  Combinations  at $5.00 and $0.75  Our Fall and Winter Goods in other  eflenartments aro also arriving.  U C ttf LrnMl* mS N -Cm m~ttl  I ���������  I ! t\\\;.\   mil".', ele,   hi  i KusisTrrt  m own thinking an*  ���������t-ei***'-****'******-*''^  ut-^^r-Me^t-ita*^'^^^^^ \  K  -��������������������������� ��������� /  THE  CRESTCK  REVIEW  I  NEWS OF KOOTENAYS  The Kootenaian states that the pay  roll tributary   to   Kaslo   is   at   least  $30,000 a month.  A new public school is under course  nf erection at Kimberly, and will cost.  $14,000 completed.  J. H. Lawrence has been appointed  city auditor at -Grand Forks at $250 a  year and expenses.  Okanagan ranchers are accused of  deferring auto purchases in yiew of a  prospective drop in price.  Grand Forks. aldermen will draw a  stipend of $175 this year as usual,  with the mayor's renumerations will  he $300.  We pre prepared to handle  any qiMntity of Live Poultry,  and vsiiW pay the following  prices for Poultry received up  to and including Oct. 9th;  c       1  ruWi   ���������  %~V\~*%~-t  Chicken   ��������� 33c.  f.o.b. Fernie.  ernie Meat Marke  FERNIE,   B,C.  Reference:   Bank of Commerce.   '  ������    Spopsss������!  In the Pernio riding there are 2000  less names on the 1920 proyincial  voters list than appeared on the-list  used in 1918.  At' Penticton a public subscription  list is out looking to the getting of  $3000 to buy an X-ray machine for the  city hospital.  Police court fines collected id Cranbrook for the first nine months of; the  year were oyer $60QQ-^more than  double those of 1919.  K-.a.snifficiency of pupils indicate'������  willingness to attend the classes "a  tnght school will be started at Trail  for the'Winter months.  Fifty new telephones will be installed in Penticton this -month, which,  will bring the total of instruments in  use in that city up to 700.  Penticton requires a matter of  $35,000 to enlarge its hospital. An  effort will be made to get $20,000 of  this from the government.  It will cost club members $15 to  play curling at Fernie this winter. It  requires .over $1800 a year to finance  the Toarin' game in that city.  Up to the end of September building permits at Penticton totalled almost $250,000. 50 new residences figured prominently in the permits.  There are but sis families left at  Phoenix. The postoffice was closed  last month and the residents have to  get their mail at Greenwood now.  The Wee>t spell at the end of September produced a monster crop of mushrooms at Fernie, which were safely  harvested by many of the citizens.  Creditors' Trust Deeds Act  Mrs. Bowen, who lives almost outside the city limits at Grand Forks,  objects to having to pay dog taxes.  She belieyes her canine should be  duty free as he is urgently required to  herd off stray cattle.  The smelter owners at Trail haye  made arrangements with the C.P.R.  to run a special train so that residents  of Rossland can work at Trail and live  at Rossland and lose no time getting  to and from work. Merried men are  supplied with tickets free.  The pack of peaches at Penticton  cannery this year was hardly 40 per  oent. of the tonnage put up in 1919.  The wet and cloudy weather was  largely responsible in that the fruit  did not mature properly. The pack  apricots was only about half of the  1919 output.  RANCH & CATTLE FOR SALE  35-acre ranch on Corn Creek. Also  35 head of mixed cattle. Enquire G.  M. Benney, or Review Office.  Minimum price of first-class land  reduced to -J5 *u������ acrg; second-class to  $2.50 an &cro.  Pre-emption -': now confined to sujp-  vejred lands o������ly.  Records will be -granted covering only  land suitable for agricultural purposes  and which Is non-timber land.  Partnership pre-emptions abolished,  but parties or not more than four may  arrange for adjacent pre-emptions  with Joint residence, but each making  necessary improvements on respective  claims.      '      ��������� *���������*  Pre-emptors must occupy claims for  Ay. years and make improvements to  yalue of $10 per acre, including- clearing and cultivation of at least S acreB.  before receiving Crown Grant.  Where pre-emptor in occupation not  less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because of 111-heolllv or other cause, be  granted intermediate certificate pf Im?  provemotat and transfer his claim.  Records without permanent w  ���������dence tttay be la-rued, provided ������PWr  cant makes improvements to extent 6t  $800 per annum and records same each  year. Failure to make Improvements  or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in  Jess than 5 years, and improvements  of $10.00 per acre, including: 6 acres  cleared and cultivated, and residence  of at least 2 years are required, fe  Pre-emptor holding Crown grant '  may rocerd another pre-emption, if he  requires land in conjunction with his  farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made  and residence maintained on Crown  ���������granted land.  Unsurvoyed areas, not exceeding 20  acres, may bo leased as homesltoa;  title to bo obtained after fulfilling rcsl-  ���������aentlal and improvement conditions.  Por gra-slns and industrial purposes  ?rea8������ exceeding <J40 acres may be  ���������eased by ono person or company.  Mill, factory or industrial Mites on  timber land not exceeding 40 acres  way bo purchased; conditions include  payment of stumpnge.  Natural hay moadowa inaccessible  by ������������������wasting roadct may be purchased  conditional uiK>n construction of a road  to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of  road, not exceeding half of purchase  price. Is mado.  PRE-EMPTOR8'      FREE      GRANTS  0 ACT.  The acono of this Act la enlarged to  include aU persons joining and serving with Uh Majesty's forces. Tho  timo within which tho heirs or dovlseeH  , a u-octHwed pro-omptor may apply  for title under this Act la oxtpndod  from for ono year from tho death of  euch Porupn, us formerly, until one  year after tho conclusion of the present  war. This prlvllogo le also mado re-  tioaotlvo. ^  No fees relating to pre-emptionsare  duo pr payable by soldiers on p7o-  emptlons recorded after June 26. 1018  Tnxf-n nro remitted for ilvo years  Provision for return of moneys accrued, duo and been paid since August  4, 1014, on account of payments, feea  or tmr<*m on HoMlnm' ���������orA-������>mr>tio'*-  trtl^^ii?-. ttaroomontn to" purchase  A0������n^������������. nlty ,otM h0,d hV members of  Allied Force-i or dependents, acquired  direct or Indirect, remitted from en-  lliitmont to March 81. 1920.  OUtl.PUBCHAflRRO   OP"  CrtOWN  j*, LANDS.  Provision made for lunuanco of  Crown grants to uub-purchauora of  Crown Lands, acquiring rights from  puichiuiut'j  who   fulled     to     cotriDletu  IMH-cKflttH       itrtviylvrlrtr.    dr.���������Art.  ������     .  illlmoni of conditions or purchauo. in-  tuvti-it und tnxci*. Whore ���������Jub-pureW-  erw do not claim whole of original oar-  pel, purohaao price duo and taxex may  be distributed proixirtloimtoly ovor  whole area. Applications niuut be  made by May l. nfco.  GRAZING*.  uraMinw   Aot    luiu.   for    i-iyatematlo  d*Ve**-op*me*''-"*lt n.   llv/v.tnet-  In,***** ���������>-������������������������������������-* -  vlde������ for gra-elng dlntrleti* nnd'range  aeliulnleitrutlem    unele*.r    Onmint-i-ilor'ior  * ������   *v **. ������* m ���������        ttx-ift, mi-rv ,*       0* + x.t    . 4. 4 I ������        i  on liuinliiiiei rioiKi-.il: pt lenity riii* <nniu)-  Mf-eieel eiwuri-ri. Mtoe-l:-e>vviu*i*n i.iuy  Iwl" ..0.;.ry...t.t.ii..i itn i.uiKt' ���������iieiiiiiun*-  li.ceit. jeuu, \.t puin.uij li������������, iK-iiuU.-e  ro-1- t������et(U*ii������iJ cu-niiei* u or **riAv������iu*,ru.  U|i  Loyal Orange Lodge, No. 2095  Meets THIRD THURSDAY of  each month at Mercantile  Hall. Visiting brethren cordially invited.  ERIC OLSON, W.M  We can  supply  Lime  Brick  Shingles  Lath  Lumber  all sizes and  grades.  anyon City Lumber Conpn  LIMITED  Yilf  elson Assessment Distnet  Notice is hereby given that by a  declaration made under and by virtue,  of -S^lon 99 of the Administration:  A&t, %&&:&., 1911, Chap. 4, and bear-  Sfigdate tfte JSth day of October, 1920,  JjiJEtie M������a-a, widow, i-esiding at  ^&ston, in tlie Province of British;  ^ftiqnbia^ administratrix with the;  wtS %^ne^ed nf ''tlie ^'tate of John:  Brock Moran, deceased, declared that  she, her heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, doth and shall  Respectively stand seized of all and  aingularitne personal property, real  estate, credits a^d effects which may  be seized and sold.under the Execution  Act, or execution or attachment, upon  trtSStf^eor the general benefit of the  creditors of the Estate of the late John  Brock Moran.  ; And -potice is hereby given that a  meeting of the creditors of the estate  *������f the'late John Brock Moran, deceased, will be held at the office of C. B.  Garland, Solicitor Canyon Street,  Creston, B.C.. on Wednesday, the 3rd  day of November, 1920. at the hour of  3 o'clock in the afternoon, for the purpose of giving directions with reference to the. disposal of the estate.  : And further take notice that all  credit ors ������re required on or before the  time of said meeting to file with me  full particulars of their claims, duly  verified, and the nature of the securities <if any) held by them, as provided  by the Creditors' Trust Deeds Act.  And notice is hereby given that  after the 3rd day of November, 1920, I  will proceed to distribute the assets of  the said estate amongst the persons  entitled thereto, haying regard only to  the claims which I shall then have had  notice, and I will not be responsible  for the assets or any part thereof so  distributed to any person of whose  claim I shall not then have received  notice.  Dated at Creston, B.C., this 13th  day of October, 1920.  LOTTIE MEAD,  Administratrix with the will annexed  of thc Estate of John Brock Moran,  deceased, Creston, B.C., hy  C. B. GARLAND, her solicitor.  I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that, on Monday, 1st day of November, 1920, at the hour of 10 o'clock  in the forenoon, at the Courthouse, I shall offer for sale at public auction the mineral claims in the list hereinafter set out, of the persons in the said list hereinafter set out, for delinquent taxes unpaid by said persons  on the 30th June, 1920 and for costs and expenses, if the total amount due is not sooner paid.  The Collector will be pleased to receive any information respectiug the following list where the owner  was a member of ������the Allied Forces and entitled to the benefits of Section 29 of the "Taxation Act Amendment Act,  1918."  LIST ABOVE &1ENTBONESK  Name of Qtvner  Name of Claim  Lot No,       Taxes  Co.ts  Total  Is there any  IVllCieti.il.   HO    tHMe  House?  This is the first question that presents itself  to the housewife if an  unexpected visitor drops  in for a meal. But why  worry ?  Shamrock Brand  Hams and Bacon  Finest   Quality  Cooked Ham  Lunch M<p>..r*t  Bologna, &c.  arc   always   to   ho   had  he-re.    In meatH nothing  quite <-(-iiii1h ���������Hhamrock  products.  s   .  \w^t*r~w   -ra    pi   W&...J~*y pf|H   ^m,  BfaSSBP^    xB^-fiw   |9   V~m \~m    \mm  ^fytVr  tr-  trait.  I  X,4  LIU.  Dundee Syndicate  _ _.Annie Fraction  ���������.3&SS  Southerland, Hugh, et al   Annie G : ......6338  Rand. A.E., Lennie, R.S. and Wragge, E.C���������Annie- _.  ...._..... 4QT  Ark Mining & Milling Co:.��������� . l..l......+~. ���������..Ark_, ._ rr-~^M  Rand, A.E. Lennie, R.S. and Wragge, E.C Atlantic���������:���������.;...������������������...........���������j::_42*99  JKooten'ay Bonanza Mines Ltd .    . Befrlin���������-- . .._  ....*:...���������325|.  Itootenay Bonanza Mines Ltd ������������������Bid��������� __ : -. ... 001  Kootenay Bonanza Mines Ltd  Black Witch . .. .���������.4146  Dalby, Wm. and HonessT Albert Blake... .;.._.... ...���������_-..^B3  Kootenay Consolidated Mines Ltd  ���������Blue Quarts   .7072  Stead, Walter.......  Boundary No. 1 ���������.1944  Kootenay Bonanza Mines Ltd Brittania.. ~  .3253  Lennie, Robt. Scott  Bruce Fractional  .10602  Griffith, Wm. and Cameron. T. A ...Bunker Hill ���������.4923  Webster, Geo. Thos _��������� Bullion 2190  Rand, A.E. Lennie R.S. and Wragge, E. C....Calgary - ���������4208  Adams, Cecil Robert Carthage   2J97  Devlin, G. R  Columbia  _ 8870  Kootenay Bonanza Mines Ltd Daylignt 907  Kootenav Consolidated Mines Ltd Drummer  4223  Deylin, G.R Edward II 8872  Kootenay Gold Mines Ltd  Election 2559  Peters. Mrs. Margaret Elise  : ���������13,1.0  Kootenav Bonanza Mines Ltd Eureka ���������3255  Griffith.'W. and Cameron T Fidelity - 4925  Sutherland. Hugh Gem  JJ631  Kootenay Bonanza Mines Ltd L..-J Gold Bell 4155  Kootenay Bonanza Mines Ltd Golden Star _ 3594  Kootenay Bonanza Mines Ltd Gold Standard 4158  Kootenay Bonanza Mines Ltd GoldTip ....4157  Ouimetto, B. N Golden Cross..... 4388  Sutherland, Hugh Golden King 3624  Kootenaiy Bonanza Mines Ltd GrandView  88&  Kootenay Bonanza Mines Ltd Grand Prize .......8592  Kootenay Bonanza Mines Ltd Great Western '. _ 4148  Kootenay Bonanza Mines Ltd Great Eastern 415&  Kootenay Bonanza Mines Ltd Great West Frac 4779  Kootenay Bonanza Mines Ltd Grand Fractional 2113  McLeod, Harry .Hanky Panky Fractional 4808  Fennell, Maggie L Helena 9344  Dulhy, Wm. S��������� and Honess, A H.G.N 0292  Kootenay Bonanza Mines. Ltd Horse Shoe 2235  Ark M. and M. Co Interprise ,...3450  Kootenay Bonanza Mines, Ltd Jessie  680  Kootenay Bonanza MineH, Ltd J.M.B..  902  Latulippc. E Joint Fractional 88tfl  Kootenay Bonanza Mines, Ltd I..Kalisncll 4150  Ouiinette. B. N Katie 4380  McLeod, Harry Kipling Fractional 4810  Kootonay Bonanza Mines, Ltd Kootnin. Star 4147  Kootonay Bonanza Mines, Ltd Luko Side  900  Dundee Syndicate Light Heart 1802  Kootonay Bonanza. Mines, Ltd Mac Fractional 3250  McLeod. Harry Mariposa 4809  Dalhy, Wm. S., and Honess A Mayflower 3081  Kootenay Bonanza Mines, Ltd National Emblem 2230  Devlin. G. II Nevada 8809  Sutherland, Hugh Nowell  3838  Kootenay Bonanza Minos, Ltd North Star ...4140  Dundee Syndicate Old Bill 1803  Dundee Syndicate fiu-lcer iooi  Adams. Cecil Robert Pat 2108  Dalby. Wm. S- and lioness Albert Pingri*-* 3085  Ouimetto, B.N Referendum 4387  Kootonay Bonanza Mines, Ltd Royal Charter  232  Sutherland, Hugh ....Hobbi-i-  King CCjiu  Kootenay Consolinated Mines, Ltd Rover 7073  Kootenay Bonanza MincH, Ltd Shamrock 223*1  Kootenay Bonanza Mines. Ltd Starlight  081  Sutherland. Hugh Storm King 'M2i*  'i.'tionill'll,   iVll'ri.   i������j lUiiH.iue   ~' i.ty.y..1.1.tt Aj'l./  Lntulippe. Ernest St. Fugene Fractional W20  GrilKltli, Win., aud Cameron, A Sullivan 402*1  Lennie, R. S Sunbeam Fractional 0312  Sutherland, Hugh   Tamarac (WW  Kootenay Bonanza Minea Ltd Thorn Frac 2237  Kootenay Bonanza Mines Ltd Thii-tle !!*i33  Kor.t,:-:s:iv lMm������r.::t Mine:: Lul White Witch XJIXi  Duuilia- i3yudicate vVhile Phi.' 1'*>|  Kendall, Gertrude Wild Horn.' 4212  St.***,*     r*     ������.".    ,,,,,l   1 ..������.,,i,.    it    M  Wiienlhleielv ilW  Kendall. Gertrude X Bay -rJI3  Wr.-ieee-. hi. C. Rand A. E. & Lennie K. M... .Yankee- Gul KKJ  Dated at Nelnon, B.C., thin Fifth day of October, 10'JO.  3 00  10 50  3 50  9 25  AW  625  3 75  10 25  10 25  13 00  13 00  4 25  50  13 00  24 00  9 00  12 50  13 00  10 00  13 00  6 00  10 25  3 75  3 75  375  -3 75  3 75  7  1  12  10  7  9  11  7  12  13  25  50  75  25  25  75  00  00  50  00  5 00  2 25  10 00  8 75  3  3  3  3  3  3  3  3  3  3  3  3  3  3  3  3  3  3  3  75  75  75  75  75.  75  75  75  75  75  75  75  75  75  75  75  75  75  75  8 75  3 75  3 76  3 75  8 75  3 75  3 75  3 75  3 75  6 l\  14 2s  7 25  13 60  $25  10 00  7 50  14 00  14 00  16 75  1*3 75  8 00  4 25  16 75  27 75  12 75  16 25  16 75  13  16  0  14  11  5  75  75  75  00  00  25  4  7  4  5  0  7  0  4  ������>  ���������mt  13  8  0  1  8  11  11  10  13  0  7  12  7  13  i..  12  50  75  00  00  50  75  50  00  25  00  50  25  50  25  50  75  50  25  00  50  50  50  75  00  oo  25  75  75  75  75.  7-5  75  75  75  75  75  75  75  75  75  75  75  76  3 75  3 75  75  75  16 50  14 00  11 00  13 50  14 75  10 75  16 25  16 75  8 75  6 00  13 75  12 50  8 25  11 50  7 75  8 75  18 25  11 50  13 25  7 75  0 00  10 75  12 25  13 00  5 25  12 00  15 25  13 (X)  8 00  4 75  12 *:?,  o  ii  r������  13  1  12  3  12  0  12  10  0  12  n  i:<  no  oo  25  00  '*!  75  75  75  <M>  25  7.")  ���������A",  00  IH)  00  3  3  3  3  3  3  3  3  .������  3  3  3  3  ������>  .-*  3  8  3  :;  :i  3  3  5  3  3  ���������r  .4  :i  3  3  ;*  75  75  75  75  75  75  7������������  75  75  75  75  75  75  75  75  75  75  75  75  7.1  75  75  75  e;>  7;>  15  4  Ii  10  13  11  10  11  10  50  25  00  75  25  25  25  50  75  10 00  10  11  8  !0  13  11  0  10  7  10  7  10  12  10  11  7..)  75  no  no  75  (V)  75  no  no  no  7.fi  oo  i:< (ni  15 75  13  M)  H  00  <->  7.)  / *������ ������ H'|M������)  vaen  '��������� i.i;,  r*   -el  *xr\l**L-L:  ill  m^mttsisimiLtmmutmj*if������simim������)if4������Mi*Stim4r0  mmmmimgmm  **Kft**ft*w,?BMas^^^  f rxr.,WivWtirwlri���������lirn������"* 144*��������� ,i-Jt,tfuiietrqtx,tt^l.TtplwyT-*' WK,  ���������*"������fe*e***-������������W������������M������lr-lljl'������!itMl*A  ������*W������W'W������,W������IWIil|li������,HHl^|i..M>l������IWUMi  ���������-I."���������-'���������-���������' -*. ������������������'T-k1'"-Afrifi| Jtrn ift*t*yt?iri'W|iT  m .. mftxtwiim. ������,,K_������i 0 vr0t~--;-^jaaatKataiimmm0*iiimaiMI4smmtaatmimi mmtmtMmiitmmH'������*>������������������w'*''**-������������'������''*'-<*������***^^  wwMeiM-m-weiimiMMew^^      T-"^ "*"*~  mtmmA* ������p������y.H������  mt utifvf-1 -imimimmmt%immitmimminmK*gAM4ii^^  i������������M������nama������^..������^������m>������mMm^^^���������^.w.^-MmM-^,. ���������"���������"BTii'i'ii'fMDfiimirr-iininiiiiiiimi  w*ewmi*������������������������������iwiiPii������������M������*e������*������r������������ei������������^^ ������w������������i������fi^JB--^s������'*^������'������^e'-*srrtr������.!Wi������WM������<������i������wi>iowmr At^uyjj^vy^     -uixJESSBOt
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X-K J.V. V-rt X X. X ��_,    A   .   1*1 VlVljOl  -c*JC<
that stream, that's all," she said grimly. "You'd best bc goin' back to
where you belong."
With, the words she was gone; gone
like a flash among the. trees. Timberley waited until hc saw thc canoe
shoot out on the lake and speed the
blue-white span between the forests
like a brown  arrow.
"Good Lord!" hecxclaimeel. "What
a girl, what a beautiful thing she was,
with her big grey eyes and her mass
of gleaming hair! And, great Scott,
what a spirit she displayed!"
��� Hc stooped to pick up the fish she
hael cast back on the. moss. He eyed
it reflectively, then his eyes followed
the pale wake which the canoe had
left on thc lake's surface, until thcy
caught a faint speck vanishing about
a distant bene! of thc shore. "'She
was perfect," hc murmured, "perfect.
Like this big trout, like this big wilderness���absolutely perfect. And,
by God, she was right, I don't
**'    "M*      /W
**��?. M
Printed    by    Special    Arrange
raents   with   Thos.   Allen,
., Toronto, Ont. ;
% ===SS=S=J>
Timberley attempted a careless
laugh, but it was a failure. With
those grave, steady eyes boring into
his soul, he fetl strangely . subdued,
cornered, out of his element. Something like anger stirred in his breast.
Once, a half-grown lynx had crouched in thc -dVotch of a tree above him
and watched him just as this girl was
watching him now. and, having no
rifle with him, he had backed awav
he  felt like hacking away again,
a > 1 i e
his eh
PP. on
icrccd to ac*.
"T think IM! slit
while    y*.-i,
these   wood
" Yoii'd
ouln.lvj      "
do   you   ni-:
Si*.*- s'*'-n*-
fai-o a:**.; .*=���
wiili    :.������!���   ,
:V?J]    r.*i:* :���,-���!
'    he
-x        if
Vou  *.";���:
he as
jj.  h
'.-   i-.,
tho other occasion;
his dislike of being
him to his ground.
. around here for a
said  '.asily ; "I like
lot,"     she     replied
r.'t  b long hr*re."
iv* d quickly. "What
���ji*i'..n lt r
h -ir  back  from
i*   ������
it   tores'
*   on   the
v.* a v
Mr. Dayton sat at the dinner-table,
a thoughtful expression on his aristocratic fllce, the tips of his slender
fingers pressed together, as from tiie
corner of his eyes he watched his
niece pass absent-mindedly from thc
room, her portfolio and easel under
her arm.
. Ma Washburn, catching the smile
that Hickcred across the banker's thin
lips, thought: ".My, it's lovely to sec
the way he worships that sweet girl!"
"Don't you care none to smoke
nrler meals?" inquired Pa Washburn
of his guest, as he filled his pipe for
the second time.
Mr. Dayton shrugged his shoulders.
"My dear sir," hc replied, "my
nerves will not permit of it; and even
if they did," he added, with a grimace, "1 should not smoke. I consider it a  filthy  habit."
"Some do/' replied Washburn coolly, as hc applied a match to the
mouth  of the blackened bowl.
Mr. Dayton rose and walked slowly towards the door, coughing significantly as he groped 'through the
blue smoke that' blocked his passage.
"Is this country adaptable to agriculture?" hc asked his host who had
followed hiirPoutside.
"Wall, yes," Washburn replied.
"Wc raise potatoes an' sech garden
stuff as wc need, but that seems about
all wc find time to look arter. Some
day, though, this country's goin5 to be
a big- farmiu' county-, you can bet on
"It's pretty rock}'," said Mr*. Dayton dubiously. "I don't suppose anybody ever discovered any mineral de-.
posits np here, silver or gold?" he
asked with interest.
Mr. Washburn shook his head.
"Not to my knowledge," he returned.
"1 guess Ala's silver teapot an' the!
gold fillin' in MacDonald's teeth is
about all the minerals deposited up
here in these parts; an'," with a grin,
"knowin* the two properties as I do.
I'll be evcrlastin' whip-sawed if I'd
like to go prospecthv on their claims.
No," hc added, growing Serious,
"there ain't no precious minerals or
any minerals up here as I've noticed,
though I'm not savin' the stuff ain't
here. I will say, though, that we've
got a mighty fine country fer stock-
raisin'���Gosh all hemlock, I should
say we have! look down in that
valley. How's that fer a spring
catch o' grass, eh?"
"It looks fine," nodded Mr. Dayton. "Sheep won hi do well up here,
I  should say."
Washburn  gave  a grunt of disdain.
What Prominent
Ontario Women Say
Tillsonburg, Ort.:���"1 found Dr. Pk'ie-e's
Favorite Prescription vry uf-uelieiy.1 durint*;
t-xpcejlanoy. *'l iVifc '
quite poorly, was
nauseated unci sick,
���f.ould. not cut anything and I was
extremely nervous
awl vve-nk. 1 lo-Sk
'Favorite- I'rose.-rip-
tion' unci it soon
stopped tlie-, nausea,
my appet itc roturn-
e d , also my
strength and I was
soon feeling fine
and strong. My
baby was strong
and healthy and
has always been se5. I consider 'Favorite
Prescription' a great help to tho expectant
mother and am glad to recommend it."���
Hamilton, Ont.:���"A few month.*? ago
I tv-as stricken down and was confined to bed
abou t ten days. My strength all left me. It
was my first illness since a child. I lost fivo
pounds and felt awfully weak afterward. I
could hardly do my work. I was advised to
try Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription in
tablet form. I tried a couple of bottles and
before I knew it, I was well and strong and
had gained 93--S pounds. I can recommend
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription to build
onc up."���MRS. E. MARTIN, 397
Dundurn St.
After suffering pain, feelin-s; nervous,
dizzy, weak and dragged down by weaknesses of her sex���with eyes sunken, black
circles and pale cheeks���such a woman is
quickly restored to health by the Favorite
Prescription of Dr. Pierce. Changed, too,
in looks, for after taldng Dr. Pkrcc'a Favorite Prescription the skin becomes clear, the
��yes brighter, the chceka plump. Ifc is
purely vegetable, contains no alcohol.
to splintc*
h-.t,' <.*-
.(fly    l��.��
lake an' swim l��-i- it, and, when I got
'round Seragg p'int, yonder i c^mtjec".
up on  shore an' macfb n*i- the caVii.
"'Win-n .1 was ldadin' 11m ride, I
heard ;i yelp, an' 1 leaked out to sec
a big white dog���-} don't know- what
hree-d lie was, hut a man had sent
him to nie. to sh-d-break .f<-r him���
mah in' for the tall limber. Them
j two Billies we're right on his track,
I an' lnakin' things warm for hint. I
follered up. an' 1 will say I did good
shoot in'. Them Billy-goats came
hack never more."
"And the dog?" inquired the hanker.
"Washburn .shook his head and* turned tejwaie.ls  tlie mill, a  short distance
"He never came back either. I've
sorter thought-as maybe he mated up
with some fool wolf; they'll do that;
sometimes. Well, see you at supper,
got to go down to the yard."
Air. Dayton wailed until the settler
disappeared from view, then, glancing
furtively    about    him, he  sought  the
j v-il'ey   path   leading'   in   the   opposite
] direction.
It was late afternoon, when Edna,
seated beneath a spreading- tree, putting thc last touches on a water-color
sketch, saw him returning up thc
path to thc cabin. He looked very
very  frail, vctw weary.
She     dropped    her sketch and ran
forward  to  meet him  on   thc  path.
(To bc continued)
Hit of
False: teeth of ivory, on plates of
the same material, a^ul held in place,
by gold wires, were in use in thc year
1000 B.C.
myself beat, if them Billies hadn't
took an unreasonable d.slike lo nie
an' tried to wipe me off this Gawd's
free soil. Fust hint I had that they
had made up thcir minds to do fer me
was one night when I was bcachhv
my canoe down on thc shore yonder.
I'd pulled thc boat up an' was leanin'
over to get a skin rug, when, hi IT!
Somethin' like a runaway locomotive
"hit nie, an' 1 went sprawlin', a dozen
3rards away. Fust off, I reckoned
that Old Creation Hills, yonder, must.
havc slipped thcir mooriu's an' J. was
the victim of a landslide; but afore I
could find out fer certain just what
had happened to me, 1 got a biff from
another quarter that shot me clean
under the canoe. From thc density
of the atmosphere 1 conjectured that
one er both of them goats had seen
fit to act a little playish with me, so I
lay still. I lay still, an' dang me it
them goats didn't butt that canoe all
Don't worry! Let-^Danderine
save, your hair and double
its beauty
You want him good and hcaltliy.
You want him big* and strong:.
Then give him ;i pure wool jersey,
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T,et liim romp with all liis vigor
He's the best boy in the land.
And he'll always be bright and
If lies wears a Bob I,ong* Brand.
������Sob Long
Pure Wool
Worsted Jerseys
For Dad and the Lad
Pull-over  or   Button  Shoulder
Made for Hard Wear, Comfort
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R. G. LONG & CO., Limited
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Bob Long Brands
Snpw�� from Coast to Coast
ftJydS     ft.        -CI*.     ~1~*~
l" i Z*    Vs
p ij ^ n j,    ee   .   * ��    Si, *, t\     4   ��**
.fVimKT;r;����� htm n
"t.  It'.!;/
r'       .. r   '
Ij\'i\ i ie ii
1 1 >i .ei 1 :y\' . .
. 1
..!    I
-* 'I-,.
i.mhin',"   he   retorted.   "Why
Mis!e:r, sheep 'nd stand about as much
thi ��� w up lien-  as a.  park-rat among a
j bunch   of   huskies.       The   wolves   'ud
i ;-n;ii;l; 'em up epiickcr 'n anythin'. No,
! th.;-:   i:iTi:   rouutry   nin't   no   good   f**r
P   ii   ain't     good    fer     goats
anse  I tried 'em."
.���yion   smiled   at   the   expres-
ii--'.*-u*-*l on   the  man's face.
lidn't work, eh?"
no, si roe, it  didn't!       Why,
jj.   Uu���-,.-.   1   lo:-'..   more:  money   in
tliu    r.'.i-'in'   goal*-   than   I've*   lost
:"*i*   w.iys   put   together,     an'     1
ay  .;>   I've* he*   ii   what   you'el call
':il   spe'eMilalor  eiilicr,
li   ;..,!!   \vl*:it    1   die!.        T   got   two
' i   *   *   * ���-* :-!'ipt"*d in Ih'it* to st:> rl
' *.* * i    '"':u:iiy  '��������� a! -i   ail'   t'.'.'O    l'.il !-
I '       v;*ui--j- !', jai -;     W'-vi.     well-*
,**���',    :,li'    epiie-l    as    pie-Ml rep,    but
*,     ''; :vt  fr    sill   ply   awflll.        I'he'V
i *     '        . .......        '    ',
 '    * ' "    " ' -'     i ,	
.,   ,'   : !;      *   i  I.   eve* **\*l hill'   ' he'y   wall.
''������    |-i)i*l**;,   an'   fhe*y   r\'cii
In in ;   \ iiii   can   :a*     th   ir
ill    'rill    ye't. I    Sleiu I    it
< air '*.   I   had   hr. \".v A   \< ���
��� ,*.:   *. ��� i' i i 11'   i e j  111 a 1: i ���  11111 e * i
i:i'  a     I   had  broug'i'   'cm
���: i.   a " ai ii - I    ' * '*!'   ad '- ii''-,    I
"California Syrup of Figs"'
Child's Best Laxative
To stop falling hair at once and rid
tlpc scalp of every particle of dandruff", get a small bottle of delightful
"Danderine"  at  any   drug    or     toilet
Accept "California" Syrup of Figs
only���look for the name Caliiornia on
the package, then you are sure your
j (fluid is having   the   best   and    most
counter for a few cents, pour a little : harmless physic for the little stomach,
in your hand and rub it into the scalp. ; iivcr   ancj   bowels.     Children   love   its
Afler several applications the hair
usually stops coming out and you
can't find any dandruff. Help your
hair grow strong, thick and long and
become soft, glossy and twice as
beautiful and abundant.
fruity  taste.     E?ull  directions  on   each
bottle.    You must say "California."
Most earthquakes occur in thc cold
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The i-o.-ipoiisihilily io'. n elairdder'.s fuLuro largely
rests \vii,h the mot.her. Tho right inllucnce and tho
information which is of vital inlet o.st to thc daughter
imparted at; thc proper time has nofc only saved tho
lifo hut, iiisuvf.d tho micecis of inaiya beautiful girl.
When a ghT'j thoughts becomo Bluggish with head-
nchos, dv/Pini-.ti'.'*, or a disposition to sleep, pinna in
Lack or lower limb;- and a desire lor solitude, her
mother should -nomo to her aid ai d remember that
Lydia E. rinkham's Vegetable Compound, made from
Kiativi*', roots ainl herha, v ill at this time prepare tho
system for thc eomhig c ringe and start this trying
)uriotl in a yonng girl's lifo without pain or irregu-
aritie:;. Th'o:;. **ahch> ef vasiv.cn residing in every
part of the Onii.ed ..St.iteu hear willing fce.sLimony
to the wonderful virtues? of thia medicine, aud
what U lias dono for their daughters.
Itrooklyn, N. Y.~"I cunnot prahio T^yella Vi. Phil:-
hiint'ii \'e*;',.���;..t!��les CejiupiMiiul eneiii;;h for wluit it h.iti
douo for my eUvuglttor. Klui w:ia J5 ye aro of ago, very
ftiekly and jialo anil r.ho had to utay homo from Bchool
luei.'it'of tho time). {Vho Rul'fe:r��(l a^ouio.'i from hankacho
uiul eli/./.iiie'un ami was without ajepotito. For ;i montha
ti\u* wan umlfir tlio doctor's caro and *��ot no luettor,
fthviiy.s eiennjii tiuiii|{ about hor lunik and finlo aching ho
I di.f iml. know wluit, tei do. I. rMid in tlio pupeivH aliout;
your weiii leiliil nn'..lieinofJol mado m*i my mind to try
it,. Mini Ini-i tiiitem livo liottl-i.'i of Lyelia, 1'.;. I'inkliam'n
Ve*;*e't;ililn ('omjieiiunl and doivin't complain any moro
Willi he*r liai.de ami Hide* aohiii|'. .Sho lia�� Riiliuul In
Tl*e*i;;ht :tllel fi-idn imieili lu*Ue*r. f roeiomniemd Lyelia IC.
l'liikli'im'M Ve>i'i-t:i.l)le< (lemipoiuiil to nit meitheirrt and
��l*tit|-iiie<i*.-i." ��� ,i\ir��. JM. J-'iNoiiiii, blii iUarcy Avonuoi
Uioukl^'n, 1S.Y.
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l.iWflH.rt.. ^^Ifj^ ���0t.4imdm,*04m*.\l..'iX~m������.. ������ ���"��� ��� H^
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At present, the vessels are undergoing necessary repairs and re-fitting  and the actual dale of their sailing  for Canada is uncertain. Capt. Hose  said that the cruiser Aurora, and the  two destroyers, Patriot and Patrician,  were all oil-burners, which had given  a very satisfactory account of. themselves during the war. Although  thcy were not engaged in any battles  during the war, thcy were of the very  highest type of their size in the  English Channel. The majority of  the officers, said Capt. Hose,'- would  bc 'Canadians, who had seen war  service. -"'  Remarks on Ties of Sentiment Binding the Different Parts of  Empire.  Speaking on landing in England  from the battle cruiser, Renown, the  Prince of Wales said: "I have visited  two great self-governing dominions j  and British colonies. British institutions are not in the same state of  development in all these British lands,  but- everywhere, without exception,  the spirit is thc same. I return most  deeply touched and impressed by the  unity and strength of sentiment which  binds all parts of the dominions to  the crown and makes the future of the  British Empire secure, so firm and  clear is this devotion to this ideal and  to the King. I am looking forward  now to great developments in those  dominions, and with these developments, restoration of our credits in  the world's markets."  Minard's Liniment for Burns, Etc.  Stories of Indian Days  O-ge-maS-es Relates Many Incidents  of Early Life in the West.  This paper has been very fortunate  in making exclusive arrangements  with Reg. Beatty, of Mclfort, Sask.,  for a weekly article on Indian lore.  ^Mr. Beatty has lived for many 3-ears  in the west, and is thc best informed  authority on Indian ways and traditions living in Western Canada today.  Mr. Beatty writes under the pen name  of O-ge-mas-es, meaning in Cree,  "Little Clerk." These articles should  prove to be a valuable contribution to  our knowledge of a race that is gradually disappearing. '"The first story  appears on another page of this issue.  H-SW^lii  .mm  '' 'irPPZZri  t/. '.".'.v.* *- -y.-t  * *-".>*.;  m  1 \Z*������.'<?A    K.<yi !fo~"~*- >������������������*.- Pi  ifi'i-xX-i-LrLA.     Mil   lA '_-      V'������������������*���������.���������*���������*S  "l#^fol\  \VX{,r}*&.<:->'iZZf/      /!&*������*'���������<&  <U?0  OILIOUS     'hoadaeho      ft;o'*1-3  ULit  many., an   oxpoct-fd   on joy-  men L.  When tho contliiion of tho  liver  ia  neglected,  biiiousncs.s  sccma to become chronic and  1 11  ii;Ciuj   i-v-vi-y       1. ������v o      lu       uui:u  weelca, with severe sick headaches, v  Wliy not -"--v-t r-r^h-t i-. ft'������r tli"*"**  trouble nnd end It by 11 Mug Dr.  eChauo'i- ICldn������y-I,Iver VlWa to rc-.-itoro  tho health and activity of tho liver.  Ache, ho ad ache**, l*llioumie*u'j nnd kid-  jney etoranKenie.nt.-j noon ���������*M.,i:ippc������r  with tho uae������ of this woll-known  tmocllchitt.  On* pill ��������������� rio**, Slf cits, m hat, ~\\ elcnie*I-*,  ���������n jn<1iniun*on, I������fttt>������- Ae Co., I-tel., Toront(K,  i~0t iSm.Xtt l*-*.-* Sd-tSti ������*.-*-* K\������t imt i| *l X-** it.-*  Stuffy Head Cleared  Cf Catarrh Germs  By " Catarrhozone"  To catarrh victims wc have just onc  word of advice���������cure it now. The  remedy is "Catarrhozone." That it  will cure permanently you cannot  doubt. Catarrhozone has cured thousands : it will cure you, too.  It acts in two ways: First, it destroys the germ���������that checks the progress of the disease. Its second action is to heal the sore places the  germs caused. Nice to think of  breathing little drops of healing to  every part of the lungs, bronchial  tubes and nasal passages. It is such  absolute thoroughness ^ that makes  Catarrhozone so effective in grippe,  catarrh and colds. Then by its sedative influence upon the mucous  surface it clears away the cough and  throat tenderness very quickly, We  owe something to a science that has  give us Catarrhozone���������that wonder-  Uil remedy which so surely enables us  to permanently cure disease of the  breathing apparatus. We all know  that stomach dosing is useless, and  this departure in the mode of treatment is an advance in medical science  that everybody can appreciate and  value. Complete outfit of Catarrhozone, which is guaranteed to cure any  case of catarrh., asthma, bronchial or  throat troubles, lasts three months,  price $1.00; smaller size, 50c; trial  size, 25c; sold everywhere.  To Conserve Baby Life*  With conservation and protection  of baby life as its declared object,  Canada's Baby Conservation Association has been incorporated. The  chief office of the association will be  in Montreal.  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Application Withdrawn,  A letter to the Colorado State Industrial Commission from Bill Posters Union Nrrcnber 59 of Denver, formally withdrew an application for increased pay on the ground that a  slump in prices had enabled workers  to live more cheaply.  Urge Uniform Game Laws.  Uniform game and fur royalty collection laws in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta were urged in resolution passed at the closing session  of a conference of provincial and  northern state agricultural representatives at Winnipeg. An active educational campaign for weed extermination will be undertaken this winter in the three prairie provinces, it  was decided.  "COLD IN THE HEAD"  is an acute attack oi ..Nasal Catarrh. Persons who are subject to frequent "cold* in  the lie-ael'* will tend that the ube ol HAUL'S  CATARRH MEDICINE will build up the  SyMein, cleanse the Ulood 'end render them  les-i    liable    to    colds. Repeated    attai-ks    of  Acute  Catarrh   may   lead  to  Chronic  Catarrh.  11 ALL'S CATARRH .MEDICINE 1- taken internally anel acts through the Blood oil  the  Mucous Surfaces of lhe System.  All   DrunKists   75c.       Testimonial.1)   free.  $100.UI) for any case of catarrh that  HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE will not  cure.  1\ J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.  vjciinaiis wannot Deliver,  The Argentina Government was  notified by a German shipyard concern at Emdcn, which prior to the  war undertook the construction of a  40,000-ton floating dock for Argentine  at a cost of ������300,000, that the dock  was completed, but the shipyard was  unable to fulfill its contract to tow it  to Buenos Aires because of lack of  shipping facilities. Unless the Argentine Government is willing to provide towage the shipyard says it will  be obliged to retain the dock and refund half the cost which Argentina  paid on account.  Hold Wheat for Higher Prices.  Wheal growers of Washington and  Idaho, members of the Washington  Wh'**ai Growers' Association, arc  holding four hundred thousand hus-  hcls of wheat in warehouses awaiting  a market of $2.50 a bushel or more,  George C. Jewell, the president of thc  association, slated. He said the association had joined a movement to  hold the wheat for $3.  Wiolciicu jTiuut At>Lhitiu. Strength  of body and vigor of mind are inevitably impaired hy the visitations of  asthma. Who can live under the  cloud of recurring attacks and keep  buuy and niiiid at their lu.i elncieucyi'  Dr. J. D. Kcllogg's Asthma Remedy  dissipates the cloud by removing thc  cause. It does relieve***. Tt dors de*-  storr thr sn-flVrrr tn nnrnnl hodilv  iritn and mental  liappinc.su.  Strength  of German Army.  The   German   army   now   numbcxn  150,000 men.      Thc    German    troops  have  evacuated  50 kilometre*! of  the  zone alotipr thr. Rhine.  RHEUMATIC PEOPL  Can Only Find Relief By Enriching  the Blood.  Rheumatism is a disorder of thc  blood. It attacks people when the  blood is overcharged with acid and  impurities, thus sotting up inflammation in the muscles and joints. Wet  weather or cold weather may start  the tortures of rheumatism, but is  not the cause. The cause is in thc  blood and the blood only. Victims  of this malady have every reason to  fear the: first dull ache in the limbs  and joints followed by sharp pains  through the ilesh and muscles; these  are the symptoms of poison in the  blood which will shortly leave the  victim  pain racked and  helpless.  There is only one way to cure rheumatism, and that is through the  blood. Liniments, hot applications,  and rubbing may give temporary  case, but cannot possibly root the  trouble out oi the -system. That can  only bc done hy the rich, red blood  which Dr. Williams' Pink Pills make.  This new blood drives out the poisonous acid and impurities, and lhc  rheumatism disappears. If you are  a sufferer from this pninful malnd)  begin thc use of Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills and see how soon the pains and  stiffness of thc joints fade away,  leaving behind new energy and new  health.  You can gel Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills from any medicine dealer or hy  mail at 50 cents a box or nix boxes  for $2.50, from The Dr. Williams'  Medicine  Co.,  Ilrockville, Ont.  It Changes Daily.  You have to keep reading the papers every day to keep in touch with  lhc Republican attitude iu (he United  States toward the League of Nations.  ���������Manitoba Free Press.  Bagpipes   are   shown   on   a   Roman  coin dating to 68 A.D.  W������ ... -t~,\l~     S     ',~.;.xx ��������� 0tX     S> -\'t .0.4 011      hl..1,-ll������Ir  w.  u.  1 O ^r������  -~JOtJ  H    tttt-Tli-r-- lnfl.m������il   lev  ri.no.  ------   turetoHnn.DMBl-.nd-Mi'l  ,-quickly relieved by MwriHit  EyeBan-edy. 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SSI^S  *SS!i^������iil!fliwWp^^  ^lM.^^L^^Th*"'^' '* w  w M*>UM-tJlf^M"ii--a-'Mtt^ *V 'W-Ue  -i*%*������ ^^���������M^*^**^ft*i***,W^^  l*^^1^5^^  ���������-Uk itl.'ixit^Air^xu'iitm^imi^^^Aii  l~\ i'iS tiliit'ti faiA lirtAlfj'  TiW^MitmW-H^WM  r**Z**^ta>Him^iHtmm^ fifmmf^fm^wm*^ pp^m-ftty THS CSES'JCS BEVIES?  Cow For Sale���������Purebred   Jersey,  good milker.   W. V. Jackson, Creston.  Sacks Fob SALE���������Just the thing for  potatoes, $10 per 100.    Mawson Biof.  Local and Personal  Pigs Fob Sale���������Six weeks old, $7  apiece.   Guy Constable, Creston.  Pigs Fob Sale���������Six weeks old,  good stock.   E. Haskins, Creston.  Mr. and Mrs. Mv J. Boyd were with  Kitchener friends for Thanksgiying  Day.  *p<^.-n a������-~x     *u:    :_ a ���������������������������j:-j.:~.������  -....��������� ._. .^-jj^  asJ iiii^:   S*-L/S5u&vi-*>''U,  Apply Capt. Crompton,  good   tone.  Creston.  Exceptional value  at $6.7 5  per box  Get one  packages  of these  now, as  we do not expect  to  be able to se  cure any more  some time.  for  GENERAL MERCAANT  Keduction in rrice  of Ford Cars  Chassis, with Starter . .!  % 650  Runabout  ���������    ���������  710  Touring  ���������       ���������  775  Truck  ii  ���������       *������  850  Coupe  <<  ������   ���������  1100  Sedan  ������������  1200  f.o.b. factory, Ford, Ont.  Tractor $790 f.o.b. Dearborn, Mich., plus American exchange.  See our Second  Hand Cars  Our   efficiency  in   Repairing  along with  our up-to-date  equipment  make   a repair  job perfect and at minimum  cost.  Greston Auto & Supply  R. S. BEVAN, Prop.  LISTER���������ORESTON  Freight & Passenger  Service  Cow Fob Sale���������4-year old Jersey  cow, milking, will freshen Feb. 5th.���������  T. Mawson, Creston,  Fob Sale���������Sewing machine, in  good running order. Mrs. J. Simon,  section house. Creston.  Mrs. M. B. Long left yesterday for  Nelson, where she will spend the next  couple of weeks on a visit- to friends.  Cockebels Fob Sale���������Rose Comb  Rhode Island Reds, purebred stock,  $3 each.     Mrs.W.V.JacKson, Creston.  Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Garland spent the  Thanksgiving vacation with friends  in Cranbrook, returning on  Tuesday.  Accountant Macdonald of the Bank  of Commerce spent the Thanksgiving  vacation with old friends in Cranbrook.  R. R. Piper is spending the week at  Caithness, where he is making the  annual audit of the books of the Jewell  Lumber Company.  H. S. McCreath is stocking up his  clients with coal this week. He has a  car in from Taber, Alta., which he is  delivering at $11.25 per ton.  For Snnday evening at 7.30 Pastor  Knox announces his subject at the  Methodist Church as "The Rich Man  and Lazarus."   All are invited.  Lost���������At C.P.R. stotion platform*  Creston, on Oct. 15th, small brown  suitcase. Finder please return to  Review Office and receive reward.  The banks and the public and high  school  were the only institutions to  obey the provincial proclamation set  ting forth Wednesday as a provincial  holiday.  Father Kennedy, at one time in  charge of Holy Cross Chftrch. but  now. located at Fernie, has just been  elected chaplin of the curling club in  that city.  Joe. Walkley, the well-known Cranbrook butcher, was here over the  week-end on a cattle buying trip, during which he picked up a couple of  carloads from C. Blair.  Purse Lost���������Between Creston and  Wynndel, on Sunday, Oct. 10th, black  velvet handbag, containing sum of  money and bank book. Reward on  leaving same at Review Office.  Having just installed a 7-passenger  light delivery auto we are prepared to earry pass-engevs and  handle freight or parcels from  any point on the route between  Lister  and  Creston-���������- either way.  The drop in the price of flour is  already felt at Creston.��������� The Fruit  Growers Union now offers the well-  known Fve Roses brand at$6.50 per 98  pounds.    The old price was $7.30.  Miss Kinney, who is home on furlough after fifteen yeai-s missionarv  effort in Formosa, addressed a fairly  well attended meeting in the Presbyterian church on Thursday night last.  Miss Binnish arrived this week to  take tlie position of stenographer at  the Canyon City Lumber Co. office,  succeeding Miss Hazel Andrew, who  resigned the early part of the month.  T. Prentice of the Crows Nest Trading Company, Fernie, was a business  visitor here the latter. part of the  week, and during his stay made the  purchase of a car of winter apples for  the firm.  (jiiv \i-Ai,vi;H I/inter 10 a.m. daily, e::~  r-r-\i\i  .Sunday.     Returning  leaves  Creston at V, p.m.  Arrangements ean he made* wit.li iim  to do hauling  of any  desertption  at any time. de<*iired.  Leave orders at Canyon City sehool,  Kriek-Mon store, CreHt.on oostofllce.  Car   is   also    available,   for  trips,  Sunday outings, or transportation    to   evening  entertaiti-  lil.:,l I y.i   ..I.   .-lit     ,,i/ti.~.  The first touch of winter was noticeable on Saturday morning, when the  flrat real frost, of the season materialized, the mercury showing seven degrees  below  the  freezing point  that  Ilie-I Iiili*^,  F. Mill, janitor at the Bunk of Commerce, has- purchased the two lots on  Park Road from Ron. Stewart, and is  making arrangements to erect a small  house thereon, and otherwise iniproye  the- property.  'I1. VV. Hnndy, who has been relieving   .,*,   (Vow neiinl'-i   for   the*   prist, few  mliing ' m"ntnM< 'H m,w ���������*" charge at KriclcHon,  The middle track in the C. P. R.  yard here has this week been re-laid  with 72-pound steel. The old rails  were of about 58 pound substance.  A few cars of potatoes have figured  in the exports this week, those selling  at $35 a ton for their spuds. Just at  present the price tendency is downward, with growers inclined to hold  for a higher market.."  W. Barraclough of Fernie, was a  Thanksgiving Day visitor with his  parents here. Bill has recently opened up on his own hook in the butcher  business in that town, and is doing a  splendid retail trade.  Thanksgiying Day was very quietlv  ���������observed in town. Any who took it  as a full fledged holiday spent the day  in quest of the ducks and geese which  are not yet in eyidence in the usual  late October quantities.  Successful exhibitors at this year's  fair were all made happy at the end of  the week, when Secretary Walmsley  mailed out the prize money cheques.  Including the special prizes a little  over $400 was disbursed.  High school inspector DeLong paid  his vsual uisit of inspection here the  latter part of the week. This year's  attendance at Creston high school is  smaller than in 1919, there being only  about fifteen pupils enrolled.  Manager Rodgers has a staff of men  at work transferring the picture machine, electrical equipment and other  effects from the Peekin to his new  theatte, and from present appearances  should be ready for opening in about  two weeks' time.  The building in the Speers' store  group, at one time occupied by Caryer,  the harness-maker, has been purchased  by Alex. Mirabelli, who has moved it  to a lot near the bridge on Park Road,  and who intends rebuilding it intc a  residence for rent.  Major Mallandaine was a business  visitor at Cranbrook a few days at the  end of the week and reports that lumbering operation*-* in East Kootenay  will be on a much smaller scale than  last year. Practically all the mills are  shut down, with the yards of unsold  lumber.  The first of the season's auction  sales is announced for Friday afternoon next. Oct. 29th, when G. M. Wilson is selling off his cattle, horses,  household effects, and a quantity of  preserved fruit. J. F: Rose will wield  the hammer, and the sale is at McCreath's livery barn, at 2 p.m.  C. S. Eyans of Nelson, assistant to  water right branch Engineer Biker,  arriyed the latter part of the week, to  do some finishup work on the Goat  River irrigation survey, on which project both the board of trade and  United Farmers have been urging the  goyernment to oblige with a copy of  the engineers' report.  The Ladies' Guild of Christ Church  announce their usual halloween entertainment for next Friday evening,  Oct. 29th, in the Parish Hall. The  features will be cards, dancing and  games, from 9 to 1 a.m., with an ad  mission charge of 75 cents, which wilg  include supper. A hearty welcome  and a good time awaits all.  There was little or no stir in town  on Wednesday in connection with the  temperance plebiscite vote. There  was a faitly steady stream of voters  throughout the day, abont a third of  the ballots being cast before the noon  hour. Creston gave a majority of '1*4  in favor of tho present Prohibition  Act. while the "wot" majority for the  whole Valley is placed at 25.  the atmosphere as since Tuesday we  haye been haying a fair sample of  near Indian summer.  S. A. Speers, D.D.G.M. of Masonic  District No. 8, was at Cranbrook and  Fernie on Friday and Saturday nights  making his official yisit to the lodges  in those towns in company with Grand  Master Grimmett. Messrs. Mallandaine, Hayes, Piper and Whimster  aceorupanied him. There were large  turnouts of the members at both  points and very elaborate banquets  featured the closing proceedings of  both of the lodges.  The Public Library Boa.id held another meeting on Tuesday night and  discussed further details in connection  with the new library which they hope  be in working order by December 1st,  provided they get sufficient subscriptions from members "to meet initial  expenses. Anyone wishing to join  can send in their subscriptions to any  member of the board, i.e. Mrs.Hender-  son,  Mrs,  Lyne,  Mr.   Brousson,   Mr.  Adlard or the secretary, Mrs. J. W.  Hamilton.  Creston Masonic Lodge had an official visit from Grand Master M. L,  &rimmett, of Merrit, on Thursday  night, a special meeting of the lodge  having been called to receiye the distinguished yisitor. The best turnout  the local brethren have had for several  years was in evidence, and the officers  were highly complimented on the efficiency shown in exemplifying the work  in the first degrae. At the close a  sumptuous banquet was done full justice to, the usual round of speechmak-  ing rounding out the most satisfactory  grand master's visit Creston lodge has  had in the last six years.  CHORLTON'S  TWO-PS ECE  Dance Orchestra  tor Country Dances and House Parties.  Terms on application to J.K.Chorlton,  Creston, B.C.  A Moment's  Pause  will give you plenty of time to  decide that ifc pays fco have the  best possible work done in  Auto Repairing  We offer all the best Supplies  and Aecessoiues. and do prompt,  careful work in repairing.  LIDGATE BROS.  PHONE 31  With November almost with us all are forcibly reminded that the next five months will be strong on the  "indoor life," and hence the necessity to look well to  floor coverings. We have several lines of these Ihat  combine durability with the all-essential sanitary  features.    We would suggest���������  Congoleum Rugs.  Feltol Floor Covering  Linoleum in all good patterns  Cocoa Door Mats.      Floor Varnishes  Our Rugs come in 9 x 9 and 9 x 10J. These and our  Linoleum will give the greatest satisfaction in wearing  qualities, and the designs are most attractive.  Hardware & Furniture Supply  M. J. BOYD        Company Manager  M~mXL0~04     At,    ���������L~rtdX  Xx      m     t.   vtmr-xm     um    V       ���������rd   -x-dr-   ,  YZ THOMr.SUi\, Supt.  J. LELLIOTT  rLAt-TERER  and it i.i expected hc will lie placed  permanently in charge of the titation  then* in   future"'.  The annual   thanksgiving dinnrr of  the*   frcHhytrrian   l.viWi'P   Aiel, which  Hall on Friday  n-'l-.-di-  ili     Mp'-ej*:  The induction of Rey. J. A. James  into the pastorate of Greston Presbyterian Church is set for Wednesday  evening next, Oct. 27th, at 8 o'clock in  the church. Rev. T. D. McClintock of  Nelson will ofilciate assisted hy two  other clergymen, who will address the  gathering. At tho close there will bo  a musical programme, nnd refreshments will be seryod. A collection will  he taken.  Entertainment promoters will bo  interested in the announcement that  C!--*uUt-.<'.; lv.'o-j",U;e������ ovcltentva in now  available- for dances or social functions  of any sort. It is headed hy J. K-  Chorlton. 'celli-Ht and \V. VV. Hall,  {ijuHar. Mt-. Ohorltnn jr" a rani ecu that  the name excellent, service he ban  given iu previous oniht-Htral orgnni/.a-  tion*> ran  he hanked on  from his two-  th'* </,i ','���������"- intake  horheiod Of Hr-).  he  "'K  the  I'la.'itt-rniK    --hkI   '  eine.nl.    i" ini*  t>y the day en* <umiv;\ci>.  ��������� i.iiik  The wet, we  the. j,,!..,!, fe-'.v  Vuiie-y    vviiri  Ihat Iiuh pn-vaile-d  h.i .   fin iiiielii.d   the  ie.  <iui1������* a iieel iei'iilile- hiihw flurry vvai-i  in evidence for about a quarter of un  hour on I'Yiduy afternoon, which developed into  a regulation  nnowntoriu  ieil|i|eiy    eef | ni, |ie>nii.N   i ill e hit i-finr, V'liieeoiiMMi.   H" '*  iininlireee.ieiM, e,f wl,|e-li (---jte a e|iiniil ily | ting a couple eif inchea of the beautiful  had liei-n gathered prior to Hatuiday's j the  name  night.    It appeals   to have  '"���������"���������**'���������  f'-'i-i   tii.it-i, In-i-ei    JiinI    \.\ luil     -am*,,    >v*inli*el    tei  rle.il*  ,elh.'l  '.vee-k;  ���������en   iiDiiieiaiii  TO-MORROW, Saturday, Oct. 23rd,  last day to secure Ammunition  at substantial Cash Discount  \M A WCrkM     nD-ATWRDC  LVJS-J-^L.   YV   UV-/1   ^ M...PM.m..^.....rr   M.   JL M. M^*< JL*y0xJ>  '������hi  IJetter Service  General IvierciuuiiN  I  ���������ower  Prl  1CCM  mat  ii^^ettffiSnifn


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