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Creston Review Aug 13, 1920

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Array MM  LJP*ox.jq  ^'M^-y  *P-2l  *-<>*'  Vol, XII.  CRESTON, B. 0, F3EtIt>A������, AUGUST 13, 1920  No. 24  0������muam MSi~f~Af  BiBTH���������On August 3rd, to Mr. and  Mrs. N. Sherwood, a son.  Mrs. Pochin, sr., arriyed the latter  part of the week from England, on an  extended visit to her son, A. D.  Pochin.  t>. G. Lyon, who left this section  about a year ago, to open cut iti the  garage line near Spokane, is -now in  Arizona, where he is now in the cotton picking line.  Joe. Lax-sen, -who has the G. Leach  place under lease, is at Creston at  present, where he is working on the  new Peekin theatre.  Mr. Sillitoe, who has been working  at the mill for the past year, got away  on Tuesday with his family, to  Alberta, where they will again make  their home.  All the members should be ont at  the United Farmers on Monday night,  the feature of which will be the  address of Manager Loveday of the  Fruit Growers Union, who will discuss  the central apple pack with local  growers.  C. Blair is already busy rounding up  his 1820 crew of haymakers, expecting  to commence operations early in September. He will run at least five  mowing machines this year.  ayattm for ������ domestic supply, which  will be installed almost immediately.  Jim Long had to negotiate a sudden  recovery from a rather aggravating  attack of tonsolitis last week, in order  to take charge of a ciew of about a  dozen men who are fighting a fire in  the timber about eighteen miles up  Goat River, as well as another squad  of two dozen who are fire fighting in  6%-iA  'D^-k-n'ft-Vk-SlI   onn-J-iA-**  .t~.~xp jl ���������%/* wuiti o*C-vv������uu������  This dry weather is exactly to the  order of Sam Fraser whose 20-ton crop  of ssiTOHier cabbage is now all moyed  with the exception of half a dozen ton.  A heaVy rain alsy time within the  past two weeks would haye done a  splitting business amongst the kroiit  makers.  The 1020 tomato shipping season  opened on Wednesday, R. J. Long  ranch providing the first crate of  tbis year, A rain this week will  ensure a pretty average crop of them  in the Erickson section, as well as  staving off the ineyitable point rot.  io Mr. Wigen  Mr. and Mrs. N. Stones are enjoying  a well-earned vacation at present,  which they are spending on a fishing  trip at Kootenay Lake points. Williams brothers are also visitors along  the lake, on a similar errand.  ��������� ������������������ A' considerable number of your  readers, during tlie past week, seem  to be under the impression that the  Staples Fruit Co. is indebted to O. J.  Wigen and the Creston Review for a  certain amount of cheap adyertising  obtained from a*letter published in  the issue of August 6th, uieder the  heading "Fruit (growers, Attention.".  As a matter of '-~$jt we are not in a  position of needing advertisement of  this kind and tak*e{ tne view that this  letter, which wascCevidently written  for the purpose: iii injuring us, may  possibly have achieved its object- to a  limited extent, especially amongst  strangers who haye come to the valley  this y* ar and who are not intimately  acquainted with the parties interested.  W hetuer tue ci*.ue6 is uiitiOuoucsS OV  some kindred ailment, it seems to be  necessary to Mi-s; Wigen's wellbeing  that his name appear in print eyery  so often. So long as he was posing as  an apostle of Wi J. Bryan of grape  juice fame, and trying to introduce a  new system of world finance, there  was no reason for public complaint;  the articles gaye Mr. Wigen's confidence in himself,��������� much needed  nourishment, and did the rest of us no  particular harm.  Tbis spring, howeyer, the supply of  Gus. Charleson, who has been on  the sick list for the past few weeks,  was Able to resume work again on I visions appears to haye failed and we  The C.P.R. opened its station witS a  resident agent on Thursday last, Mr.  Hufty of Kelson is at- present'-in  charge, find is giving the fall teler  graph, ticket selling, baggage check*  ing and complete express service.  - ���������All ihtelfesfcecr- aM.-Tenriod^^'jSp.^  United "Farmers meeting nest ^-dity  night at the. schoolhous-e^Vh^Wifc  hoped there will be a considerahle  delegation of new members to enroll.  Erickson local designs to look afte^'  the practical needs of the district and  the support of every resident is desired, x.        :  '        ,.  F. V. Staples is home for the week  from Grand Forks, but will *efcurn  there any day now to take cV urge of  the branch the Staples Fruit Couipany  is opening at that centre. .. .  Tne last car of pipe for. the Erickson  Water Community irrigation system  arriyed on Tuesday, The ft-inch pipe  iH now laid as for tis Hairs-corner and  it is now assured that water will be  available early next week at the  Fraser ranch.  A deal is about complete with the  Water Community nnd the ranchers  and landowners from the Alf. Palmer  ranch to Adlard's corner, whereby  those resident in that neighborhood  will connect up with the Community  Monday.  ' t A couple more Listerites got away  this week to lend a hand with prairie  harvesting operations. They are  Messrs. Paul and Lazanchuk.  issue is quite sufficient, in roy estimation, to brand him as a dishonest and  unmitigated a6s.  Mr. Wigen attempts to Jead his  nock of human derelicts through the  imaginary toils, struggles and vicissitudes which he pursuades them beset  their path through life has been very  amusing from the point of yiew of the  disinterested onlooker, but possibly  not so amusing from the point of view  of people who furnished the sinews of  war.  Our first memory of Mr. y*/igen  dates back to the time when he proudly displayed a towel and wash basin  which be claimed were being used for  the purpose of converting siwashes  into sanitary berry-pickers; the remarkable part of the exhibition being  thc fact that the towell was clean.  Next we had the pleasure of inspecting an amusement park for strawberries, the prominent feature of  which was a roller-coaster. After a  strawberry had taken a trip oyer the  bumps on tbis contraption it was -supposed to be in such an amiable frame  of mind that it was absolutely impossible for the germs of blue mold to  live ingthe atmosphere of joy.  Next we remember helping to unload a sick canning factory on Mr.  Wigen, but his adventures with the  car of sugar and the car of sealers and  the preserying experts are a chapter  by themselves. His attempt to pack  strawberries by machinery should also  have more than a sentence.  Another interesting chapter could  be written on Mr. Wigsn's brilliancy  in introducing a strawberry cup that  .forced ths-" Wynndel growers to rt-ack  in the neighborhood of two pounds of  berries to the crate more than their  ���������competitors.    This extraSveight crate  The dance in the Clubhouse last  Saturday night was attended by a fair  sized crowd. The music was hardly  up to the standard of Duck Creek  excellence, but most people report a  good time.  .";. ������������������$?������!#* Ii3^^iS*'--fc*B*-#.*--3^  .nifaittotjm^pletri&s  is back on the camp staff of carpenters.  ; Mrs. Webb and young son are.holi-  daying for the week with friends at  Oreston.  * Owing to. many of the men being  absent on fire-fighting duty in the  Porthiil section, the meeting of Lister  United Farmers, which was called for  Saturday night, had to be cancelled.  ��������� Geo. Carrick is a visitor with Cranbrook friends this week.  ' *F. N. Thompson is now assistant to  storekeeper Mitchell, succeeding F.  Gallainore who is away on his holidays.  Tbe sawmill is shut down for a few  days at present while a spark arrester  is being attached to the smokestack.  G.W.V.A. ladies' auxiliary figures  Saturday night's weather will be just  right, and are putting on a dance at  the schoolhouse, proceeds to go to the  piano fund.  A meeting was called for Tuesday  night to make arrangements for the  cut of hay on the Flats next month.  There are about 100 head of stock in  the urea and at least 100 tons of hay  will be required.  As per official notice the cookhouse  closed down on Friday night last. If  there are any prlaos for bachelor conking at the Creston fair certainly some  of them are likely to come to Lister.  find the Board of Trade being abused  because its ssenjb-srisdid* sot see fit  to turn tbe organization into an  emergency road crew. About the  same time we find him trying to discredit the ability of|^ttizen whois {was placed dn the'jnarketPat the -same  inrice-^Jthe^^  Jitfye been^^ nofHtoftit^lpua^r'fiJ  trsing^ triearn  'A~tHneswrKh :r^  ���������2S5S  ua^^as  Twenty-Five Cents a  package on your Fruit,  and One Cent a pound on  your Vegetable shipments  of 1S10 would havc added  <rfr-������*>o ^mt a /CfCf -~~xy  .���������^-M<j4y^*X>~X Zx.it %Ji    *~.x~4  your returns.  rmr* f.     T   W*ee*on'n   lot tit* I  letter in tho ioano of thin  paper, Friday, Aug. Cth.  Could you make use of  this much additional capital thin year V  Fifteen new cection houses and now  coaling plants at Fernie and Yahk will  got away with a good part of the  8350,000 the C.P.R. plans spending on  ?i*i������>������*ov*->inm*������\tH on the Cranbrook divl-  -sion.  During the middle of July Cranbrook experienced three or four days  PsAjZ in the b'i;oli*. However, thiu was  uot unbearable. A year ago the  natives sweltered in a touch of 00  cccubionully.  At RevelHtoke a license to well two  per cent, beer contii $100 per -iiuitun.  nn,, nr, itiMMitu tinder 21 yearn of nye is  allowed on the premises of Mich  Hcciibt-e.    N<> place of ljn:,im-i.!i within  mnn11*'������������������*, di ev ������I,r.;<-.  bi-i-n  rncMrnu  Tin- de-cut No. them in di-im.-uitling  the lino from Grand Fork-*) to Phoenix  NlIKl   MUD   IMIVIHI'U   I lie*   lie,*-|������ie ,ei    ,eeii,'m>i-  . iti*.'-;  iu  the former city  that all the  who, we believe, is a capable workr  man.  - Now we find Mr. Wigen coming io  the front with aa attack on- s. firm  which is offering its services as an  agency for the distribution of the  fruit and yegetable products of the  valley. We take it that sufficient  ���������provocation has been given to the  public and to the parties directly concerned to justify Mr. Wigens reciev-  ing a little of the same sort of attention from us.  It is to be regretted, in dealing with  Mi-. Wigen's letter, that he did not  come out from behind the billy goat  appendage long enough to make his  statements somewhat more definite.  It is eyident, however, that the meaning he wishes the public to take out of  his letter is. that the Mutual Brokers  hired the writer of this article away  from the Fruit Growers Union, and  that their purpose in doing so was to  secure a strangle hold upon the ranchers of this district for tho purpose of  exploiting the growers' interests for  the personal gain of the Mutual  Brokers.  The amount of truth contained in  Mr. Wigen's insinuations can bo  gathered from the following facts:  While in the employ of the Fruit  Growers Union the writer was never  offered a position by any person or  linn with the exception that on one or  two ocenssions other farmers organizations made approaches along this  line. The writer is not now, and  never has been, on the payroll of the  Mutual Brokers, a fact which wo  rather regret au we know them to bo  very fine people to havo dealings with.  Tho nn-culled NhhIi omaiii/iitioii has  never in nil its dealings, with the  fruit growers, made the olightest  attempt to control farmers products  or in anv way to injure producers for  the benefit of thcmoclycs and wo defy  Mr. Wigen or anyone elite to produce  an instance where such control has  (������>������>' nttoi������inti>d  What   makes   Mr. Wlgen'n   lying  immioationtt nil tho moii- utaliciouH in  thc   f.-'Ct   tlirtt   t���������*  svnti   it)   n-rAuto**.   tho  Monday preceding tho publication of  his letter, met the writer of this article  tm the. "t:*-.-:-t. i*.*.'' *'eeel������ tu*i. Ilin uli-rht-  cit attempt to ..eenro the true fuctti in  connection.    Mr. Wigen is very fond  i  ������   ��������� ���������������  li, **.?,.  ���������*t !���������;>-*��������� fut-l left  I I behind will bi* avniiiileu- tm  J ' tho hotipital nt tlu- Korku.  llll     iii.r  ��������� ������  ������-���������****  ���������������������      t.t,f^f-t...iti..tf,     ���������...x~     ,r...x.,t. ....  on tlio Imckn of pcoplo wlio <1o \n>\  fit  \,\     .0fi.\.    to,;    fruit iHitir1,    iil^at^       Mi*.  ���������f ���������*"������������������*������   ������lo  *- \' a. ei    w ��������� *-.-"  SU)  \K... *  !..������������.  i:t  irttt  \v .r>x.. (  iifi  the ono   |>',i)i*iti-<-<i in  luitt. we������*lc'h|  down selliijg ���������eatf^nsesi-5>W&i6 \y.e-  have never been able to" figure out is  where the Co-Gperatiye Growers profit came in.  '   The most interesting and HBftusing  reading of all comes in the history of  Mr. Wigen as the patron saint of cooperation.     In  the   spring   of   1016  Saint O. J., the man who has made  every sacrifice in the cause of co-operation, circularized the whole country  in an attempt to force upon the Creston Fruit Growers Union- a policy that  might easily haye spelled bankrutpcy.  He throttled the farmers organization  in Creston, and  forced them to V^-Y  the sister organization nt Duck Creek  the last cent of a debt owed by the  Union to the Duck Creek organization  when other outside firms, without any  interest whether in co-operation, or in  fruit  growers   as   indiyidunls,   were  extending lots of time to the Union as  a debtor.   Failing in his attempt to  break  Creston organization   by this  means (and he failed largely because  of the efforts of It. B, Staples) Saint  O. J. called a meeting of all the growers in the Creston Valley for the pur-,  pose of getting them to ditch their  own organization, that was providing  them   with   yicissitmlcs. aud   to  soil  their   stuff   through   the   Okanagan  United Growers.    Again his attempt  to bust co-operation  at tho  Crouton  end was baulked by tho fact that 11.  B. Staples was a little too wise for tho  saint.      Wo have often wondered just  what was back of these attempts on  the   part  of   Mr.  Wigen   and   have  thought that possibly   he had  -some  idea of straying from  the   paths of  democratic (co-operative rectitude and  having   himself   proclaimed   King of  Creston Valley.  Thoro is an amusing incident in connection with Mr. Wigen's adventure  with the O.U.G. in 1010. Things did  not pan out in the rouy iiiunm-r nnti-  cipnted, and Mr. Wigen constituted  himnelf a committee of one to investi-  urate at Vernon. A Mr. bkinner wiih j  in tho employ ot the O.-U.-ii. at thiii  timo and Mr. Wigen wuh turned ������>w*i*  ���������it him by tho O.U.G. innnaKor. Mr.  Skinner had an on viable reputation au  an entertainer and appears to have  ttoen nblo to prov---.it Mr. WlgonV in-  vi'M Ijrtition from becoming emo-in-an-  Ing to tho O.U.G.    It wa������ reported nt  '-*���������������������������     *-*-'���������*     ******      ������������'l������������'������l      Tx**-.   VViir������-i|     ������/.il.  buck an far an Wont Hob-ton on bin  renl.iii*** trip !>������*, w.u. iiLIU ....^.i.^, "I-./l  ;������,   ..���������/..Ml"v ful"���������with   Home   iieeent on  Mrs. Cuell, who has been visiting  her daughter, Mrs. E. Wall, for the  past two months, returned to ber  home in Calgary on Tuesday. She  was accompanied by her daughter,  Miss Cuell.  Mr. Vaehon, provincial poUce������Cre&.t-  on, and Mr. Galbraith of Fort Steele,  Indian agent, were visitors here on  Saturday.  E. Uri has his new house well under  way, and is rushing construction as  fast as he can.  Monrad Wigen has purchased a new  motor boat from .Jack Boydell of Alice  SirHrje   n.n<l   fifrmvMa* t.V������������t*. tiphrpn *h*������  cfrpt.ft  -���������.���������.fix 7   -~o    *^ ~ " r������   it fixed up he will haye about the best  boat in the district. .  Some of the Wynndel players again  assisted Creston ball team against  Porthiil' on Sunday, and helped  materially in piling up the 14 to 1  score that Creston won "by.  There was a meeting of "the farmers  Ut the depot on Saturday night to  discuss a scheme for co-operative irrigation. There was a very extensive  turnout and the question was fully  discussed.  : M. Wigen shipped in two (cars of  crate parts this week, and is busy unloading them.  Two   automobile  loads   of   people  frons, Calgary arrived here on Friday  - uk^^^V^^^^ Tuesday,  ^-^if^pey^^inielqp ijh& ^xixTiey to  theB^Cj^t^^u^e they, ^are to make  their permanent home. They shipped  one of the cars on Monday's way  freight.  The busy season being pretty well  oyer seyeral parties are talking camping trips, with Sanca Creek the most  fayored spot.  Tuesday night gets more than  honorable mention in these parts, on  which occasion we were blessed with  the downpour of rain the farmers  haye been praying for. The thunder  and lightning was quite the worst of  the season.  The Co-Operative Association start-  ed"'the 1020 apple crop moving the  early part of the week, O. J. Wigen  and Paul Hagen being the early birds.  A special invitation is extended all  dance devotees to attend the dance at  the dance hall on Saturday night,  which is being arranged by Marry  Bathie and Donald Dewar. Good  music has been secured, and a committee appointed to provide refreshments nnd see that everybody has a  good tim������. Gentlemen 75 cents, with  an extra charge of 25 cents for a first-  class lunch.    Everybody welcome.  Peekin Theatre  WEDNESDAY, Aug.  The  Btory  of a  man who,  .l.rnUnrl      U^nlrfi   ,������ T������    ������*������      nn<"|'n)>.  ......-X-X.X-,        X--X,....        -.fc- ^  ful gang of cattle thieves.  William Faraum  in a William Fox production of  another Zano Grey romance  nrurc*  im   U  W    eObAIIC  STAR RANGER  A greater  love   atory than  'Ilider?! of tlio Purple Rago."  \t......   11.���������-'.''���������'���������,.,. <li-,.>i.i.   tl.i.e.  *-    --      -  ,-v        ���������     y .i.-i.  "Tiie IHiiiiil*e>w Truil."  Mil  tetti'  r*  .  *~* (r-  l������Mi *���������������.  >r~  44tt������*0-im  * 0*  -tX  . t.  WHMeair.V  tl   . x . -m Im. ���������yd  \������**������,^j������pw4j?t^^ mi.iiiiwiiiMii  ~v  ' V r ; r  \A-\r  >  *H  me  ��������� BY ���������  ARCHIE P. McKISHNIE  Printed    by    Special    Arrangements   with  Thos.   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She saw the' bridge, is JJew Governor  blue-veined lids sweep over thc weary; *A* jemsaiem  eyes, aud heard the long sigh of sur- j The olTlcc ol" governor of Jerusalem  render as hc gave himself up to the--jonc<* occupied by Pontius Pilate, is  sleep he had not known since the j now helcI bY Co1- Ronald Storrs, a  dawning of the tragedy which was to j graduate of Cambridge University,  stand out upon his lifo.                             ! a_nd son ������f the Dcan    oi    Rochester  And so she played on, and the swift I Cor1^'&c-   England.  Northern twilight dropped like a cowl  and from the distant lake there came  thc voices of thc diving water-fowl.  The stars were blossoming in thc  sky when she at length rose and  slipped quietly past thc sleeper into  the cabin. Silently she lit thc candle on the rough table, then sinking  on her knees before the skin-covered  couch she let thc full tide of her grief  havc  sway in  tears.  (To  be   Continued.)  It is estimated that two years are  required for the Gulf Stream to travel from Florida to the coast of Norway.  her  him  '  he  lock of his  iiiigers iumOiing tne  "I ain't comin' fer two reasons,"  he said as she placed her hands on  his soulders. "Fust is, I've got  somethiu' important to do 'cross the  tamaracks. Seconel is, I ain't goin' to  put Dorkin to no more trouble on  my account. He's been right good  to us, an' I ain't goin' to make him  sorry   fer  it."  -"He say? he wants you up there  in   lhc-   Preserve,  Dannie."  " ihat'.- all right, an' it's mighty  like   him  to   say  it,  ;  1  can't co.  Will  and  me.  fer  :  sne-j.*.  i   ,  tr.���������������������������.-.  r 1': ':  say   mt  I'm  to.*  ���������ivsvlr.  damn  -..n  *..:  but it's no good,  You go on back  red tor him fer  ;-.e>-count to do it  ���������j. how I hated to  ; an kin' him."  at hi-*'** with big  ;���������*'���������!' thi-1 hot-heart-  he '.-.ael bee n rcar-  ::.'-;:���������������������������- brother;  -., .. p^rt of he.  }<:'.'-.'.'   and  one trapper leaves his ground for  any reason, either by dyin' breakin'  the law, or any other cause, that that  ground goes to the trapper south of  him, if thar's nobody thar to hold it.  It's a dam-fool Injun law, but it goes,  up here. Now Dads gone it's up  to me to hold out fer our rights, ain't  it?"  "I say ain't it?" he repeated half  angrily as the girl made no reply.  She nodded quickly.  "Well, then, you understan' how 't  is, Wilier. I jest can't leave this  cabin, much as I'd like to go up and  sort of help Dorkin on the Preserve.  You see, it I was to leave now, Abe  Dalton, the trapper south of us, 'ud  come   along,   an'   then���������"  He   clicked  his   strong  teeth     shut  ;nap and springing to his feet  State of Ohio, City of Toledo. I-ucas  County���������ss.  Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is  senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney  & Co., doing business in the City of Toledo, County and State aforesaid and that  saiel firm wiii pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for any case of Catarrh  that cannot be curcel bv the use of  HALL'S   CATARRH   MF.DICJNK.  FRANK  J.   CHENEY.  Sworn, to before me and subscribfd iti v.iy  presence, this 6th day of December, A. D.  1886.  CSeal)     A.   W.   Gleason,   Notary   Public.  HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE is taken  internally and acts through the���������Blood on the  Mucous   Surfaces   of   the   System.  Druggists,   75c.     Testimonals   free.  F.  J.   Cheney  &  Co., Toledo, Ohio.  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But the  girl stood strait and tall before.him,  and spoke quietly;���������  "If hc done it, Dannie, if you arc  right shore ho done it, why, of course  you've got' to kill him; but you've got  be right kecrful, 'cause he's goin'  to kill you fust if hc kin."  He turned, with a smile, and half  raised his hands as though to draw  her to him. "Wilier," he said huskily, "you bc a right sort of sister.  I wa- half scared to tell yc, but I'm  ii'lad  you  feel   that  way  about it.    If  "California Syrup of Figs  /->U!14}-       n^-X      1     ^.-.rxXim-r.  ���������oiliiu a xdcSl L~a.j-a.iivc  jj  ONLY TABLETS MARKED  '    ARF    ASPIRIN  Not Aspirin at All without the "Bayer Cross"  Accept "California .Syrup of Figs"  only���������look for thc name California on  the package, then you arc sure your  child is having the best and most  harmless laxative or physic for the  little stomach, liver and bowels. Children love its delicious fruity taste.  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I 'p   above   their  ni*.,,1, .*. *,,* oriole* twittereiel and hung  h'.nl t\< 1'.\ 11 v, a n], iii.j <*rinisciii breast  ��������� ., .; i;,*r*    iiii,      I'.eiidnivs .*.     a*.*ahiM      tin*  1 ! ., ������������������'������������������     ,: 1 '  '���������*'     foliage'    'if    lhe*     II rr*.  '     i-        ���������',    i      ,|*   '*     *        .,*���������    ,:* ,111.1 Iill      ll-.hi  ll UU    ai* r.i--*.    lei    lhe'  OUMTEM  Provieh the only means by which you can keep an absolute accurate  now luxury tax and sales tax makes it necessary to keep such a rcc  suitable   for   any   line   ���������:>!"  business,   with   either    duplicate   or   triplicate  "myr      u - ^ (iranulafr.d liydids.  "^    "���������** }���������*,"*���������     ���������"������-'. --1    i-.y    ri'i'i  tm 1- *o Siun. 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ONT.-nKANCH     OFFICES AT  TORONTO.     MONTK1CAL,     WINNIPEG     AND     VANCOUVICli  -j.j.i~xrt-~ - ���������'Jfo'.;:..-*-;,*^:.!^*^  **,jn|  '(HBH  ID  m  fi  SS  -.Pel  jW  m  MMt*muimpxmmmimwiim*wtrm<imm0>iMiimmi^  wmmmm  KMIJ-IWeew-i^iiM*^^  m^P������������WP������iV'm������^^^^^ THE     REVIEW,      CRESTON,     B.  If vou have not cal  led   on   vour   dealer  What  Wesfern  Cities are  Doing in  The Building Line  Comparison is a mighty good guide  from which to judge the trend of tL_  times.  A comparison of the building activities in the Prairie cities point to an  optimistic viewpoint and a belief that  the present cost of building is not  only -justified but is not likely to  make  any rapid  decline.  January 1st to May 31st  City  Calgary  Edmonton  Regina  Winnipeg  1920  $1,245,500  1,396,725  1,273,650  4,190,000  do    so    now.  The  quicker you get one  the   better.     If   you  want    our    Laundry  Manual,   ask   us   for  it.  WINNIPEG  M ~-  CALGARY  Qernictn Vv'ax-alup w>s.i.ved  The German battleship Baden, of  the class approaching the British  superdreadnoughts, after being scuttled in Scapa Flow, and subsequently  salved, has arrived at Portsmouth,  where she will be employed on certain naval work.  1919  .    $1,076,800  128,775  453,760  475,750  In Winnipeg, building permits for  June, as at June 28th were approximately $1,700,000, as against $22,900 for  1919.  A very good percentage of this  wonderful increase is for individual  homes, of which thousands are being  erected.  Approximately 600 houses and 14  schools will be built in Winnipeg in  1920. This is but an indication that  is prevalent throughout Western cities of own "your own home" and  "build now" idea.  Make it an individual question to  settle with yourself. Are you a renter���������in a home���������a suite? Why not  catch that "Build Now" spirit. Own  your own home.  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Farmer Not A Proletarian  It is an interesting fact, although  the recent Socialist convention at  New York contained eighteen editors,  seventeen skilled mechanics, twelve  lawyers and twelve printers, there  was only one of the 156 delegates  who was a farmer. Socialism 13 a city  dweller's dream. The farmer is not,  and can hardly become, a proletarian.  ���������Youth's Companion.  For Manitoba Highways  MOTHER'S TRIALS  A young man who could not get up  enough courage to pop the question  to his girl mailed a proposal. He  got a postal card in reply, briefly  stating "Fetch  on  your preacher."  I bought a horse with a supposedly  Incurable ringbone for $30.00. I treated him with $1.00 worth of MINARD'S LINIMENT and sold him  for $85.00.   Profit on Liniment, $54.00.  MOISE DEROSCE.  Hotel  Keeper,  St.  Phillippe,  Que.  A Foe to Asthma. .Give Asthma  half a chance and it gains ground rapidly. But give it repeated treatments of Dr. J. D. 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Manitoba to Receive Federal Grant  of $80,000 for Good  Roads  The Manitoba provincial treasury  will this year be partly relieved of  the burden of providing good roads  in Manitoba, according to Hon. Gto.  A. Gricrson, minister of public works.  Federal legislation which becomes effective provides that the federal government shall give the province a flat  grant of $80,000 for construction of  roads^ and bear the burden of 40 percent, of roads constructed. It is stated, however, that the flat grant is included in the percentage quoted. An  official request for this assistance will  be made by the provincial government in the immediate future.  Under the present provincial legislation the government bears 50 percent of the cost of construction in  market roads and sixty-six and two-  thirds percent of the cost of construction on provincial highways. In  both cases, however, it is required  that the roads be gravelled. One of  the stipulations on which federal government pays 40 percent of the cost  is that the particular road construction work on which this has been  paid must be submitted for approval  to the federal board set up under the  act.  Minard's Liniment Relieves-Garget in  Cows.  Navy Reduced to Point of Prudence  Earl Beatty, receiving the freedom  of Sheffield, said that with the disappearance of the German fleet they  were released from the burden of  competitive building, but they must  bear in mind that the day would  come when veteran ships must ' be  replaced, and under the present financial conditions very little would  cost a great deal. The navy, he  said, was now reduced to the lowest  limits consistent with prudence.  For years Mother Graves'- Worm  Exterminator has ranked as the most  effective preparation manufactured,  and it always maintains its reputation.  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By next summer, when it is fully  expected that training camps will be  established in all parts of Canada on  a pre-war basis, it is believed that the  various authorized regiments and  other military units, will, without  difficulty, be brought tip to full  strength.  ing  allowed  to work.    He was   then  able to make a large sum in tips.  Rival Small-Town Editors  The next president of the United  States will be an Ohio editor who  began life in a printing office, successfully" edited and published several  small-town newspapers, played an  important part in congress, and never  attained to a national reputation until  this summer. He will be a man of  mediocre ability and of unimpeachable party regularity. His name  may be Warren Harding. On the  other hand, it may be James M. Cox  The ease with which corns and  warts can bc removed by Holloway's  Corn Cure is its strongest recommendation.    Tt seldom fails.  GIRLS! A MASS  OF WAVY, GLEAMY  BEAUTIFUL HAIR  Minard's Liniment Relieves Diptheria  A Land of Opportunity  Canada is A Most Attractive Land to  The Immigrant  Tn an article on Canada as a land  of opportunity, the Manchester Guardian points out that never in her history has Canada been a more attractive land to thc immigrant \yith political ideals. "Her growing sense of  nationhood, no less thau her fresh  outlook on her internal problems,"  the Guardian says "offers to a man of  ir-dependr-nt mind and df inner:* tie-  outlook a real hope of shaping things  as hc would wish iu a new country.  Arrd above all her needs in import-  :i.-\rr. \ri that of Immigrant** of the  light stamp, men with thc character  and thc fortitude to settle her great  empty rpaccs that yield ~o rich n re-  ������ ��������� t t V *       .   .  .,,.n   n-    i..i  ., t*    1-..I*,.*    tile'   t,..'v.   .;.".    .....< .  them, men who appreciate a country  where needless social distinctions go  by thc board, and where the dignity  of labor is more than a phrase."  ���������'V        '.'.      V.      132?  Lodging-House Keeper ��������� "If he  kicked you, why didn't you kick him  back?" "  Sixpenny Red. -- "Wot! Then it  would 'ave been his turn again!" ���������  Blighty,  London.  SAY "DIAMOND DYES"  Don't -streak or ruin your material in a  poor dye. Insist on "Diamond Dye-a."  teasy directions in package.  "CORNS"  Lift Right Off Without Pain  Let "Danderine" save and  glorify your hair  is a  to every woman, but good  health is vitally important.  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J uUl   jiiV.eulu.  <^.***fr|^������!*^^-f^W^l^'***.  ���������Js^K^!1^^^  i?W!p-55?w#B'*������] Issued every Friday at Creston, B.C.  Subscription : $2 a year in advance.  S2-50 to U.S. points.  C. F. Hayes, Editor and Owner,  CRESTON, B.C., FRIDAY, AUG. 13  LETTERS TO THE EDITOR  Reply lo Mr. Wigen  [Continued from Page 1.  the last syllable. In any case whatever Mr. Wigen found in Vernon  must have been to his liking because  it is commonly reported that he is  baek again co-operating with the  O.U.G. this year.  The writer is the representative of a  number of   prairie   wholesalers,  and  very   efficient   ones, approached   Mr.  Wigen before he had   made any arrangements for handling this year's  strawberry crop, and suggested  that  it might  be in  the   interest   of   the  Wynndel   growers,  when   the   time  came   to  sell   their  crop, if  he (Mr.  Wigen) would give the writer a chance  to make an offer.   No such opportunity came our way; in other words, Mr.  Wigen refused to djscuss the marketing   of  the   Wynndel   growers   crop  with the man whom he describes as  <ine   of   the  smartest, shrewest, and  keenest live wires in the community,  and representing what Mr. Wigen describes as the tao~t powerful and most  perfectly   organized   corporation    in  Canada for the distribution of fruit  products.  I'm not going to make any statement  to the effect that our offer would haye  been better than the one obtained by  Mr. Wigen. Our houses wanted  strawberries and were willing to pay  spot cash for them; they had a man on  the ground to look after the deal, and  the shipments would have heen free  from commission shark rake offs.  Our houses got their strawberries, and*  got them at a price which suited them,  but how? I am open to coi-rection on  the following statement for I have  neither tht time nor the inclination to  secure the absolute facts.  As I understand it the wholesale  houses in Winnipeg bought from a  brokerage house which pays a rake-off  to a sales agency in \ ernon. These  two rake-off experts bought from Mr.  Wigen's representative in Lethbridge,  who in turn worships at the shrine of  O. J. A worship which no doubt  produces pickings. This looks very  much like consistent co-operation (?) to  us; the "co-operatiye" ring consisting  of a Winnipeg broker, an Okanagan  selling agency, a Lethbridge commission man and our esteemed friend.  The question is where does the  rancher and bis vicissituiles eonie in?  In other words find the derelict.  While on this subject let's dispose of  the Mutual Wigen-Nash bunk. What  Mr. Wigen refers to as the Nash organizations consists of around thirty  wholesale fruit and grocery houses in  too, were very glad to have the assistance of the Nash organization in 1919.  It is an absolutely true statement of  the facts when we say that the Nash  houses are indispensible agencies for  the distribution of B.C. fruits and  vegetables; performing an indispensible seryice for which they are charging a price that is just and fair and as  reasonable as that being charged by  competitors, and in many cases much  more reasonable than the charges  made by co operative concerns so  called.  Occasionally we hear tell of people  who. in  the hope of  furthering their  own interests, knock the Nash organization.   People whose ability in any  particular line is a negative quantity  often become quite expert in casting  reflections upon the integrity and good  intentions of more successful competitors.    In the fruit business people of  this stamp find the Nash houses very  suitable targets at which to aim their  dishonest insinuations.   The Nash organization is just a little too big to  pay attention   to petty libel  and, in  addition,   the   fact    that   they   have  houses all over the west gives men of  Mr. Wigen's stamp a chance to talk.  In Creston it is an easy matter ������6 tell  what terrible things the Nash organization has done in the Okanagan. The  Okanagan agitator can  refer  to the  the   three   prairie   provinces.      That  damaging operations which  he imag  these people are a very important factor in the distribution of B,0, fruit is  fully proven by the fact that in 1919  they handled over one thousand cars  of British Columbia apples and vegetables. Just-what-would have become  of this block of stuff if the Nash houses  had not acted as its distributors is a  problem which we would be very glad  to have Mr. Wigen solve for us. We  doubt very much if his friends, the O.  U.G. could offer a solution, for they,  Both haying and the heavy hauling season  in other lines are about here and before commencing these operations you are almost sure  to require outfit of some sort in the Harness  line.    Possibly you ought to have  Collars  tmfCm%d-%Jmm^.  mmmM.~t~\%~.-.          *a  t-tt-xdP-e-  ��������� Sweat Pads  amr xpmxvrxp-*    B**-*v **"*���������*"��������� ,**r3 S ���������������*>������������������������  Bits ��������� Snaps  or any thing of this sort drop in here and secure your every requirement at the right price  stand the wear and tear.  and goods that will  Hardware & Furniture Supply  M. J. BOYD Company Manager  BAmmTWki        JlMi*       *h|M"������i M. W  B^^^*2f������  ,   act-   c i i wAWArn  ���������frMiMH n 'Jr-^*XZZ~2 *C~-~     %0^J*00P'^yt   m  Hi       0~    m*,jr       ���������vvtZ^aPv. m: p~pa^XOrtC?  ���������jnflr*   ***. r-~*,**m\ pt-w j~*^~~. ~-r%%,  ���������*% ������m   mm   tarn, vm v  s-1Mr"���������~ '���������'������'��������� ^   A LITTLE CARE, WOULD HAVE SAVED THIS  M    <rM   --y     ****������      UmtA     mm...,,mmim        *mmP    ..,* -  ines took place in Washington oi Oregon. The Nash organization has been  handling the bulk of Creston Vaiiey  fruit for the past three seasons and in  all that time not one single incident  has occurred that can cast the -slightest reflection upon the honesty of any  of the houses.  Mr. Wigen would like to give the  impression that there is something  yery mysterious about the Staples  Fruit Company, and that it has beer;  organized for the purpose of busting  some person or business. The Staples  Fruit Company depends diitirely upon  the energy and ability of the writer of  this article for its success, and if we  haye been able to attract a few thousand dollars of outside capital into  Creston Valley.that is a matter for  congratulation, and every rancher in  Creston Valley, no matter how he disposes of his products, will be benefitted.  We have friends scattered from one  end of the Valley to the other who  haye confidence enough in our good  sense to know that wff are uot going  to try to build ourselves up by tearing  down some other institution, and to  thosc good friends the fact that we  are securing the support of "the Nash  organization is a very good indication  that the members of that organization  are all that they should be in honesty  and business ability. The writer has  neither the inclination nor the need to  mix up with anything that in his  estimation is not going to work out to  the best interests of the fruit growers  of the Valley.  In conclusion: The Staples Fruit  Company is opening up in a legitimate  line which so far as this Valley is concerned is certainly not oyercrowded.  We expect to play a very important  part in the distribution of the Valley's  products; a distribution which, because of the rapid growth now in evidence, will be one of the big problems  of the near future. In view of the  past record of the manager and the  unquestioned integrity of the business  houses with whom he will be associated we tmbtnit that the Staples Fruit  Company deserves at the hands of O.  .1. Wigen and others a little bettor ro  ception than that contained in the  former's letter, headed "Fruit Growers, Ati-ntion," in the Review of August (5th. R. R STAPLES.  Kuskanook, Boswell and Proctor  are Kootenay Lake points that are to  have new wharves thin year. $7000  will be spent on the Btructure at Boswell.  MINERAL AGT  FORM F  Certificate of Improvements,  NOTICE  (���������l.eeie'K, Alliulel   l'Y.ee.*lieM������    .il'll   Ro:>(*-  bud l'rui-tion Mineral Claimn, Ht.iu-.tf  in lhc N������'lse������ii Mining Dlyinion of  Konlcuay DiNirict. Where located:  Near (iiccn City.  I    TAKK  NOTICI-;  that .). J>. Aiid*-r-  fieill,  H.t'.L.S.. of Ti-nil. iigcnl, f-.-i-Win.  | Ceiiinolly  of  He*s',ljinel,   Free   Mintu-'ri  I <'it! llli-al*-   l\ei.   xli\\\H-,   illll'liiih,   nixi-v  <lny** from Ilu* elate hereof, to apply to  ] Hie-  Miliifii'  Ite-eeenlci* feer ( )e>l I illeil I ei  of  I I iiipi I've'iiee'iitK. for   I he- pnr|ioh������- of ob-  | Illinium  de-wii   (uhiiIn  of   the   ahrvc  * e-liiiuiH,     Anel fiirLii'-rr talii-  iiol.ir.t-  that  I act i< ��������� 11 iindi'i��������� Hi'cl ion Kfi in nut   la* com-  ' ��������� ���������   ,i   ������������������������...    ������������������       : ���������������   .,,,.),  M  < 'i-i tillcit-'h of  tinpi-nvi'iiH-Mtii  t !.':���������  I'll!* <!-.y ***f .!**:.*e*, M**'.'"*.  t,xt4m0tMt4m<*m#ntiM&ta&*i4m.  r*mmmnum-mttiaH&w w.-^-aie!*^*'*^^ immie^s^^^������m1f  )>at<-el  I. 1). AiNDKItSON  A safe and cheap way of remitting money is by  Bank Money Orders.  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BECAUSE we are in business for the farmers'  interest, and NOT for private gain, or in  the interest of an octupus corporation.  BECAUSE we wish to establish a reputation  for honesty an,d a square deal,  Creston Fruit Growers  LIMITED  flfl  motnr r-fTir-^"1 -*������������������*  J  |^-^-^*{*'rr^TTr^  A SAVINGS  A rin<rv*TxpT  It is always well to have a Savings  Ace nmt upon which interest is regularly  paid and from which you are free to draw  at any time should you havc a good opportunity to buy stock or feed. A Savings  Account i-s Kcitdv ivlouc-*.  tut  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  PAID-UP CAFiTAL  RESERVE FU!VD  CRKSTON BRANCH, C. G.  tl 5,000.000  $15,000,000  Bennett, Manager.  .._..���������-���������-  x-*~w~-$m~mm  -tL^liutiiilmMimmi-tmtiimdmiit  mM0^w.mt)t0t~m.tai-*.i00*,'l*d.i*tilLtt~\i  .������������*fffiffi^^ THE CRESTON BEVIEW  DIVERSION AND USE  _ Take notice that Charles Plummei-  Hiii. whose address is 1 McGregor  Street, Montreal, will, apply for a license to take and use 1000 cubic feet  per second of water out of Goat River,  whioh flows southerly and -drains into  Duck Lake about four miles south of  Sirdar, B.C. The water will be diverted from the stream at a point  about nine miles north of Kitchener  Townsite, and will be used for power  purposes upon the mine described as  the "Hill Iron Claims, more particularly  described in Schedule below. This  notice was posted on the ground on  the 31st day of July, 1920.    A copy of  DIVERSION AND USE  Plummet-  that Charles  iinn-nocc        -O       "~  ant thereto and to the Water Act,  1914, will be filed in the office of the  Water Recorder at Nelson. B.C. ^Objections to the application may be filed  with the said Water Recorder or with  the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria. BC.  within - thirty days after the first appearance of this notice in a local newspaper. The date of the first publication of this notice is August 6, 1920.  C. P, HILL, Applicant.  By G. A. M. YOUNG, Agent.  Take notice  J--mxmxf        ���������������������***���������*���������*������������������-vv.        ������.*-v������-iei.a. uuu        x*-t       -x        ������*.*i*-���������**������������������_��������� ^_r**i * *-^-w  Street, Montreal, will apply for a license to take and use 1000 cubic feet per  second of water out of Goat River,  which flows southerly and drains into  Duck. Lake, about four miles south of  Sirdar,- B.C, The water will be diverted from the stream at a point  about a quarter of a mile upstream  from the C.P.R. bridge at "Canyon,  B.C., and will be used for power purposes upon the mine described as tbe  Hill Iron Claims, more particularly  described  in   Schedule   below.     This  The Lone Star Ranger  notice: was posted on the ground on  Liie .-sisii uay oi j my, xvau.    aw-jy  "i   *h������ 2nd dav nf An-wiist   1Q2fl        A cnnv  ication pursuant thereto and to the Water Act,  1914, will be filed in the office of the  Water Recorder at Nelson, B.C. Objections to the application may be filed  with the said Water Recorder or with  the Comptroller of Water Rights,  Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.,  within thirty days after tbe first appearance of this notice in a local newspaper. The date of the first publication of this notice is August 6, 1920.-  C. P. HILL, Applicant.  By G. A. M, YOUNG, Agent.  SCHEDULE.  Names of mineral claims included  in the Hill Iron Claims :  Emerald Fraction,  Crown  Granted  Mineral  Claim.  Morning Glory, Crown Granted Mineral Claim  liattler  Rambler  Agnes " "  Emerald  Emperor " "  Czar  Czar Fraction  Great Expectations Mineral Claim.  Jolly Boy  Tom Sawyer  Ronghing It "  Lorna Doone "  Kelvin Grove  Huckleberry Finn "  Agamemnon "  Enniscourthy  Endymion  Leander "  Hellespont "  Tristram Shandy "  Constellation "  Orion "  Ardromeda  Perseus "  Argo "  All of which said Mineral Claims ar������  situated on Iron Mountain, near Kitchener, B.C.  Steele (William Farnum) is a Texas  Ranger who has sworn to avenge the  death of his friend, Neil, Captain of  the Rangers, shot from ambush by  one of a notorious band of cattle  thieves. Steele is known throughout  the border country as a fearless man  and "lightning quick on the draw."  While on his way to Fairfield, the  supposed centre of the band of cattle  thieves. Steel meets Ray Longstreth,  daughter of Cyrus Longstreth���������who,  unknown to the girl, is the leader of  the gang of outlaws, while passing as  a leading citizen of wealth and irreproachable integrity.  Ray has just returned from the Bast,  and when the stage leaves her at a  desolate plains settlement Steel saves  her from two gunmen and earns the  gratitude of both the girl and her  father, Steele is not recognized as a  Ranger, but is told by Longstreth, out  of gratitude for saving Ray, that he  can have a "job" on his ranch.  The arrival of Steele in Fairfield is  looked on with suspicion by the members of the band���������chief among them  being J.eff Lawson, a nephew of Longstreth, and Bully Brome, a bad man  and also a lieutenant of Longstreth.  Steele   t;:kes   the  "job" on    Long-  Rangers. There follows a pistol duel  in which Steele kills Lawson. He  gives Longstreth his freedom. The  cattling rustling band is broken up,  and Steele leaves Fairfield with Ray  ....    *.:.     Lx-,iArx  tsa inn uieuc.  The Lone Star Ranger is the attraction a*} the Peekin, Wednesday night.  Both Cranbrook and Fernie are this  month expecting to receive German  field guns as part of the memorial  decorative scheme.  C.P.R. has a new superintendent at  Cranbrook in Watson Hall, who has  just arrived from Red Deer, Alta., to  succeed C. S ^Maharg, who has been  transferred to the coast.  The forestry department at Cranbrook. has found the providing of  camping sites a good investment.  Last year these camping parties were  responsible for 31 fires. To date this  year but one tire has occured as a  result of camping parties.  SCHEDULE.  Names of mineral claims included  in the Hill Iron Claims :  Emerald  Fraction,  Crown  Granted   Mineral  Claim.  Morning Glory, Crown Granted Mineral Claim.  Rattler  Rambler " "���������  Agnes  Emerald  Emperor " "  Czar  Czar Fraction  Great Expectations Mineral Claim.  Jolly Boy  Tom Sawyer "  Roughing It "  Lorna Doone  Kelvin Grove "  Hucklebeery Finn "  Agamemnon "  Enniscourthy  Endymion "  Leander "  Hellespont "  Tristram Shandy "  Constellation "  Orion  Andromada "  Perseus "  Argo "  Ail of which said Mineral Claims are  situated on Iron Mountain, near Kitchener, B.C.  FRUIT RANCH FOR SALE  20-acre ranch, one mile east of Cres  ton, 10 acres planted to fruit trees of  best varieties. 19 acres under cultivation. Creek running through land.  Good well, good log house and barn,  also sheds. All farm equipment will  go with ranch. Reasonable cash payment; balance to suit purchaser. Enquire Review Office.  Loya! Orange Lodge, Ho. 2085  Meets THIRD THURSDAY of  each month at Mercantile  Hall. Visiting brethren cordially invited.  ERIC OLSON, W.M.  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IT. ! ���������     J* J  H.~..������ ������������*W rx���������Vt rS 4VW dtrt  J3.il V lug        lUtlMU        ceiutigu      x: v ,v.*-..ir"  against the ringleaders, Steele discloses his indentity and makes clear to  I Ray how her father is inyolved. She  ' pleads that her father has always been  in the power of Brome and Lawson  and wins Steel's promise not to do her  father harm.  The rustlers plan to put Steel out of  the way. He hears of the th'-eat, and  in an encounter with Biome he kills  the latter and leaves for Longstreth's  ranch. There he confronts Longstreth and Lawson, accusing Lawson  of having killed Neil, captain  ox the  NOTICE  A glance at our windows and a more thorough look  over our shelves will convince you that we carry the  best brands of PURE FOODS and GOOD GROCERIES. Come in- and let us suggest something  different for to-morrow's dinner that will prove  appetizing to your family.  S. A*. SPEERS  GENERAL MERCHANT  CRESTON  BUILDING  or  ~\ M\m~\Siid\~^-~   \tf w  aa-T^  Wo can  supply  Portland  Cement  Lime  E* i  WAIH    mtXt,  ft} 1W>  4%. UStmdUmi  Shingles  Lumber  itii -sizes ami  grades.  f\m\!m Rite I eimlieir Rnmniinv  XP X0U0  M  *A4 0 m *mr mmm mmmmmmmlt 0m w m .mr   ���������4 m mm m��������� ��������� - -   N  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that  all persons  holding Crown  Lands or  Leots in Townsite subdivisions under  agreements for sale from whom the  purchase   money   on    such   lands   or  Townsite  Lots   remaining   unpaid   is  oyerdue are  required   to   make payment, within six months from the date  of this Notice, either of the full amount'  due, together with interest thereon, if  any be due, or a substantial proportion  of such amount, which must at  least cover the full interest due to date  together with evidence that all taxes,  whether Municipal or Provincial, haye  been  paid,  failing   which the   agreements for sale will be cancelled, as provided by Section 70 of the "Land Act,"  Chapter 129, Revised Statutes of 1911.  G. R. NADEN,  Deputy Minister of Lands.  Deoariment of Lands,  ' Victoria, B.C., April 1st, 1920.  WE HAVE THE  -������r\r*  X\jL  vour  NOTICE  One that will comply with  the laws of B.C.  In fact we always carry a full  stock of Accessories  for  every need in the motor  car line.  Gresfon Auto & Supply  R. S, BEVAN, Manager  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that  in accordance with an Amendment to  the   "Townsite   Proportionate   Allotment Act" passed at the last session of  the Legislature any person holding an  agreement for sale from the Crown in  respect to the purchase at Auction of  Town or City lots or lands within the  site or suburb of a town, payment for  which has not been made, in full, and  who wishes to obtain a proportionate  allotment of such land in consideration  of the monies already paid, must file  application in that respect on or before  the 1st day of   September,  1920,   on  which date the privilege of obtaining a  proportionate allotment will cease and  any person   in   arrears   of  payment  under sin agreement for sale as aforesaid  failing to   make   application   as  stipulated will thereafter be debarred  from taking advantage of such privilege, and will be subject to the fulfilment of the terms of the sale and the  provisions of the "Land Act" govern  ing overdue purchase money, in connection with which special attention is  drawn to the notice appearing in the  current issue of this paper.  GEO. R. NADEN,      ,  Deputy Minister of Lands.  Department of Lands,  Victoria,  B.C., May oth, 1020.  ������   |*������***������**'V*irr*������  m  Sealod tenders addressed to the  undersigned, and endorsed "Tender  for Wharf at BohwcII, B.C.," will be  received at this of lice until 12 o'clock  noon, Tuesday, Augurt 31, 1920, for  the construction of a Public Floating  Wharf at Boswell, Kootenay District,  B.C.  Plans and forms of contract can be  scon and specifications and forms of  tender obtained at this Department,  at the oflfloo of the District Engineer  at Nelson, nnd at tho Post OHlce, Bob-  1,       V V    ,' -,  I,   A I.L-,.  Tenders will not be considered unless  nmde nn printed forms supplied by the  Department, and in accordance with  conditions contained therein.  Kadi tender mu-t'.t be accompanied  by au accented cheque on a chartered  hank pnyal-le to lhe order of the Minister of Public Works, equal to 10 n.<\  of  the' amount of  the   U-ndcr.    War  r ���������*-������ t t*    , v try "     ��������� Mil  t .< i..ii    t ..��������� .t     *-  t,.     . .1.     . ��������� i . . i, i , i,, ,-,,    ..in   ....  i ,  he accepted as security, or War Bonds  and tihcqiu- if required to make np an  odd amount.  Notk���������Blue prints can ho. obtained  at this Department by depoHltinir an  ncci'puui toanlc cheque for the hum of  .$10, puyiihle lo the order ol the MiniM-  ter ni Public Worku, which will be returned it tint intending bidder tiiibinit  a regular bid.        lly order.  It. V. l������J<JHl(Ut'lll<J|{.S,  ������Seeretnry.  Department of Public Woi-lc-:,  Ottawa, July IK), 1020.  Is there any  Meat in the  louse?  This is the lirst question that presents itself  to the heiiKewifo if an  unexpected visitor dropa  in for a meal. But why  worry?  Shamrock Brand  Hams and Bacon  Finest   Quality  Cooked Ham  Lunch Meat  f-ntntYna. ������!/*������������.  are- iiluayn to he hael  here. In meats nothing  quite equal'-i ���������Shamrock'  products.  1      M  WV -mJ       XP     -    I ���������  Duck Creek  Daylight Store  and  Ice Creamery  VM.  *���������        BJ    A        fm  Dunenieio-ft son  are now prepared to handle  their ICE CREAM trade in  the most np-to date and  HYGIENIC fashion.  Plain Ice Cream9 Sundaes  and Sodas  Soft Drinks. Cider  Two Per Cent. Beer  Screened Verandah   and lots  of air for hot weather.  "We ask onr friends in Creston  and Sirdar to run in give us  the once over.  Synopsis of  Imi Art ������gii3ii^i!!ssifs  Minimum price of first-class land  reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to  12.50 an acre.  Prs-empticn us��������� confined tc surveyed lands only.  Records will foe granted covering only  land suitable for agricultural purposes  and which is non-timber land.  .Partnership pre-emptions abolished.  but parties of not more than four may  arrange /or adjacent pre-emptions  with Joint residence, but each making  necessary*-Improvements on respective  claims. ������  ���������-. Pre-emptors must occupy claims for  five years and make improvements to  value of $10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,  hefore receiving Crown Grant.  ������������������i������r6 pra-e������������iptor in occupation not  less than 3 y-ears, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be  granted intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer his claim.  Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of  S300 per annum and records same each  year. Failure to make improvements  or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in  1-3S8 than 5 years, and improvements  of $10.00 per acre, including 5 acres  cleared and cultivated, and residence  ������* at least 2 years are required. .  Pre-emptor holding Crown grant  may record another pre-emption, lf he  requires land !n conjunction with hU������  farni, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made  and residence maintained on Crown  granted land.  Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20  i1!:*^! may be leased as homesitea;  title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.  Por grazing and industrial purposes  areas exceeding 640 acres may bo  leased by one person or company.  .Mill, factory or Industrial Bites on  timber land not exceeding 40 acres  may bo purchased; conditions includo  payment of stumpage.  Natural hay meadows Inaccessible  by existing roads may be purchased  conditional upon construction of a road  to thorn. Rebate of one-half of cost of  road, not exceeding half of purchase  price. Is mado.  PRE-EMPTORS'      FREE      GRANTS  ���������ft ApT.  The ������-.<-ope of this Act is enlarged to  include &11 persona Joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. Tho  time within which tho heirs or dovloeea  of a deceased pre-emptor may apply  for title under this Act is extended  frosT*. for one year from the death of  such portion, na formerly, until one  year after the conclusion of tho present  war. This privilege la also mido retroactive, m  No foc*3 relating to pre-emptions are  due or paynble by Holdlcrs on pre-  ���������cmptlonH roconled after June 2G, 1018  Taxes are remitted for ilvo years      '  Provision for return of monoyu accrued, duo and been paid since Augunt  i, 1U14. on account of payments, fcea  or tux on on noldlers' prc-cniptlona.  Interest on agreements to purchase  town or city lotn held by m*vml.orn of  jxliicLi i'orccej, or uupenuc-ntH, acquired  direct or indirect, remitted from ������n-  lliitinont to March 81. H/20.  SUE-PURCHASKrm  OP  LANDS.  Provision irmel-i for fn������.u���������nc������ c*  Crown fcrnnta to Hub-purehn-iera of  Crown 1-nrieJu. acquiring rights from  purchHJiera who failed to complete  porchniu-. Involving forfeiture, on ful-  ttlliwnt of onniljtlnr*-! of r-U-vtlCUA; lll-  tiiriu-st nnel tnxnN.    Wli*������re> Kiih.riieTv-V.r.. .  VI;.   LJyl   l.ul   Ci-UUl   v.. ;io.C  Di   UIIlIIIuU   IMir-  col. purchnno prJe--������ duo and tn*������**i tn/iy  be ellstributed prot*ort:onut<*ly ovor  whole *m-6u. Appllcatlonu tm<t������t ba  mado by May 1, 1020.  GRAZINO.  Act.   I'jI'j.    far     HVM������**������rr>'>e*e/������  of !lvv.*.t'.i;U Industry pro"  ��������� 'Al~ '-rr i;:..--\\.sr t\,.-.i,t>t:t ;,i,a iniiKo  ildm'nt-etratie-n ur*d<-r <"eiininlMh|nn'-r  Annual Kiai'.'HK ���������.���������������������������'������������������illt*. Is: ue-1 bn'-oel  on nurnl*-*r*. jmt.���������;���������������<!; j.rl'.Tity for ������-s-.ul>-  lli.l,.*.! *'.���������..,. i . .-1 ..*..-..,,>,,.|,i .,,,.,.  feirm A: ���������."e-iau'*r*'i ten* rati'-e inu-*,*j;u-  ������������������*i*nt-    1-Yi-e.  e.r partially  fn-e-.  ���������..-���������������������������mtn  CROWN  (>ru*liei<  dtv^le.pnu.nt  ^masm&ssmami^mss&x  itSSffiS^'aa^.-rtiSiUKi&^ii^Mwi^tt^M** There is more energy  It. a. pound of good  bread made ia *Ke  home with Royal Yeast  Cakes than in <*. pound  of meat. Bread making  is a. sample operation  and requires no previous experience. Full  instructions in Royal  Yeast Bake Book,  mailed free on request.  E. W. GILLETT CO. LTD.  TORONTO  Canada's Interest  In World Conditions  Six years have elapsed since Germany threw down the gauntlet to  civilization and embarked upon her  mad enterprise to dominate the  world. Almost two years have passed since the signing of the armistice  by which Germany acknowledged a  liuinuiaiiiig  defeat  ana  made  an   ab  ject surrender.  Yet thc -world is still in a state of  political upheaval, with battles raging  on many fronts and a state of war  existant  between  nations  of  millions.*  of people. Russia and Poland ars:] tials; to curtail the production  at war; Greece and Turkey are still  fighting, with the Greek armies advancing right into the heart of Turkey in Europe; British, French, Belgian and United States armies arc  yet in occupation of a large part of  Germany; large bodies of British and  French troops are constantly on  guard in Mesopotamia and Syria. A  recent visitor to Greece reports that  martial law still prevails there, and  that all thc old war regulations and  restrictions arc in full force, and that  thousands of Greeks are in the army  who have been there since 1912 and  cannot get out. The United States  is still technically at war with Ger-  rnanv and Austria.  ties of ail kinds, ll is a duty it owes  to suffering mankind, but it is likewise an opportunity which should not  be lost to secure a large* share of the  world's trade. The development of  a large export trade is one of Canada's economic needs, and the present opportunity for such development  should not be disregarded.  Canadians, as individuals, should  likewise be interested in the. prevailing world situation, and all that it  may portend for the future. The  present is a time when not only  should each individual bc putting forward a maximum effort in their own,  the Dominion's and the World's interests, but it is a time when the  individual should earnestly strive to  conserve the results of their labor  and lay an adequate provision against  the time when a "slump" will occur,  industry be less active and remunerative than it is now, and the whole  financial situation be "tightened up."  A general cry of "extravagance" is  raised all round which is somewhat  misleading. Undoubtedly a certain  proportion of the population has enjoyed an/increase in income in recent  years more than sufficient to meet  the increased cost of living, and they  have been indulging in the purchase  of luxuries. This increased demand  for luxuries has led to. a great demand for labor to produce such luxuries, and such labor has been drafted from industries primarily devoted  to the production of necessities. For  example, tens of thousand of skilled  artisans formerly engaged in the  manufacture of articles of actual  necessity are now manufacturing  automobiles by the thousand. As an  inevitable result conditions are created which bear hardly on the less  well-to-do.  The     lesson  for   Canada  is   to   get  k as quickly as possible to cssen-  and  purchase of luxuries and to speed up  on essential necessities. In the second place, it will be the. part of wisdom for the individual Canadian to  conserve his earnings as far as possible, to save aind thereby serve, not  only his country, but himself.  Opposition Leader to Speak In the  Principal Cities  While the details of thc itinerary  of the Hon. W. L. Mackenzie King,  opposition leader, in the western provinces have not been arranged, it is  stated that his tour will occupy two  months from the time of his departure from Ottawa until his return to  the capital.  If present preliminary plans are adhered to, Mr. King will go through  to the coast with but little delay, and  do most of his speech-making on the  return trip. Practically all the larger  cities and towns will be covered before the tour terminates, about the  middle of November. Subsequently  Mr. King expects to do some speaking in the eastern provinces.  This Tabic Shows What Your Monthly  _    Rent  Cheque  Amounts to  In  Ten,   Fifteen   and  Twenty Years  Interest is figured at.the rate of 6  cent and compounded annually  Rent rate  $20.00  25.00  30.00  35.00  -   40.00  45.00  50.00  55.00  60.00  65.00  70.00  80.00  90.00  100.00  10 yrs.  $3,163.36  3,9S4.20  4,745.04  5,535.88  6.326.72  7,117.56  7,908.40  8,699.24  9,490.08  10 280.92  11,071.76  12,653.44  14,235.12  15,816.80  Save This Table  15 yrs.  $5,586.19  6,982.74  8,379.29  9,775.84  11,172.38  12,568.93  13,965.48  15,362.03  16,758.58  18,155.13  19,551.68  22,344.76  25,137.86  27,930.96  for Future  20 yrs.  $8,828.51  11,035.64  13,242.77  15,449.90  17,657.02  19,864.15  22,071.28  24,278.41  26,485.53  28,692.66  30,899.80  35,314.04  39,728.30  44,142.56  Reference  Isn't This Romantic?  Two toes loved bj* four corns for  five years and sentenced to die by  five applications of Putnam's Corn  Extractor. 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Thedyspep-  tic and all who suffer from liver and  kidney ailments will find in these pills  the most effective medicine in concentrated form that has yet been offered to the suffering.  Home Teaching  Parents Should Strive to Impart Own  Knowledge to Their  Children  It is the privilege, the duty of all  fathers and mothers to give their  offspring the benefit of what they  consider most worth while in their  own life experience.  If the parent should attempt to  avoid his duty in this matter he would  but leave to other persons, perhaps  totally unqualified for the task, the  moulding of his child's opinions and  beliefs.  Beyond doubt the radical agitators  would like to have thc children of  the nation deprived of thc home  teaching, which they find an impassable bulwark against their own poisonous propaganda.���������New York Evening  Sun.  Are   Yon  One  of   Tliese ?  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It is a  trouble that comes on suddenly, cs-  ������������������-'������������������-ially eluring the summer months  and unless prompt action is taken  the little one. may soon bc beyond  aid. Baby's Own Tablets are an  '���������ileal meelieine in warning off this  trouble. They regulate* lhe bowels  aii'l sweeten the stomach and thus  ���������M-'vn' the- dreaded summer com-  ������������������l,,i**''-. They arc an absolute, safe  e.eilieine, being guaranteed to con-  lain n' ither opiates nor narcotics or  d'her harmful drugs. They cannot  -.n--,:l'!y do harm ��������� they always do  .'���������uk] The    Tablets    are    sold   by  ���������������������������'���������'I:** ir.e    dealer;;   or   by   mail    at   25  I*.*:,:-.   ,*,   he-,:<   from  The   Dr.   Williams'  HEART    SO   B  WAS NOT SAFE. TO.  LEAVE HER ALONE  Miss Eva P. 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This ^Announcement is inserted by  the Lumber Manufacturer- of  Western Canada  Just Imagine ���������,���������  The delicious preserves you would make if you could walk out into an orchard of  One Thousand Acres- of ripe, luscious fruit, in the pink of condition, pickinjf only  tho choicest, using nothing with it but pure cane sugar, and if, in addition, you  had the most scientific machinery to turn it out���������Don't you think your Jam -would  be  just about  perfect?    This  is  just how  E.   ZX  SMITH  &  SONS, Limited  MAKE   THEIR  JAMS   AND   JELLIES  They   were   the   first   to   make   Pure   Jams   in   Canada,   and   are   still   leading  in   popularity.     Try   a   tin   of   their   new   seasons   strawberry.     It   is   delicious.  ���������  Ask  your  grocer  for E.   D.   Smith's  Jams  with  the  Maple  Leaf  label.  Fruit Growers and  Preservers,  WINONA,  ONTARIO  Western   Distributors  Watson  &  Truesdale,  Winnipeg,  and  Regina,: Sask.    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Aeld   a   little   Mi,*;ir  ���������    ���������*, *!-r    ii    palatale-*.-.      It    will  y /   '*i'*   ini'ation   anel   prevent     the  ������������������'..��������� i.i,      .rn]    \\> *i*ll i 'i|<    I li'et    a rr    .';e>  '. :      *:'���������!-   !    ���������'>   'I'iiii*.*/   have   thus    made  ���������'      ... . - .   ;   ..:.: J..r   \j   .ilta. I;.  Wireless Telephony Experts Get A  Message from London  Experts from thc Marconi Wireless  Company, who are at St. John's,  Nfld., conducting experiments in long  distance wireless telephonic communication, announced that thcy heard  messages from the Chelmsford station, near London, more than 2,000  miles distant. They said that they  recognized thc voice of Capt. Round,  the expert in charge, and identified  several words, but failed to pick up  any  connected sentence.  SB  Weyburn-Lethbridge Line  Minard's Liniment Relieves Colds, etc  Ingratitude is always ready to offer   some  kind   of  excuse.  C. P. R. Contract is Let for Extension This Year  Official announcement has been  made by C.P.R. officials that a contract has been let for the grading  of eighteen miles of the Weyburn-  Lethbridge line, the work to be undertaken  this summer.  The contract provides for a stictch  of grading westward from Altawan  on the boundary between Saskatchewan and Alberta towards Manyber-  ries on the Alberta side. This will  leave approximately 20 miles to be  constructed before thc ends of the  line are  linked  up.  Six hundred women were executed  for witchcraft in  France  in  1609.  Learning to Save  i  If  tin  rmm  mxtP   mmm  MM      mt.  n 3    If  n     ***W fl-N   m*\  M ,t��������� 100���������     PI td-ti hi       la  ft*  I" ������ I  J-Jl  : In T.*--  Ih.i.  ���������**"/.  a  11.    *"���������*!  f>ot ;  sell 'I'*-eil.*e  ������*,     Iir.  '.   ',',,,r.  !. r: - i  ke.'l  i'i ���������*1'.*  *,-   r.i    I.r  "'ft-...     I*       v....      ,,',r.,l\i.l,     '|i!1  *���������' ,i.i,   f..'i* -.'.-a i*.'**     '-������������������'*��������� :l  r   iCilia ii.-i'.w.   lix'.'-s -J* '���������������������������.  Millionaire Speaks of thc joy of Getting Ahead  Persons who. have never practised  thrift will find that the first $100 thcy  save is the most difficult part of the  undertaking,- say:; \V. S. Strauss, a  millionaire many times ovcr. After  they have reached this amount they  begin to reap the mental aud linan-  cial be-nctits of their economy. They  find themselves .stronger and more  easily able to resist thc temptation  to seiiiamler money. Thry begin to  feel (he- joy of --."ttiiig ahead. They  ������������������aiii   a   sense   of   stability   aud   moral  ���������    :i     ���������"���������.���������iff       In.ulil     hr I e eilira-'e   whieh   was   neil   ihrir.'i   before.  I liey irali/r ihat at lust they are on  the ei>;hl load. Tiny inc. headed ill  thr   *i|*ht    diree tion. Thry   are   on  theii   way tei huppiiipjij and uucccss.     j  ������TP"ir  W    m H    m ������������������   ��������� a~ 0* .j.   n   mmm mm  tm mm. mdJd.      jpm. rm  Junes: ji\,&qjo. jtIEv^a *jt&  ���������\     ! j *,, ill       f r-1.������*! ���������   I     and    IHCrly  ,    -.l-l    li.i'l.-I'M    :������������������]���������}:    "And  i., t;  f )i *'"* !*-*!  is at its best after boiling a full  twentv minutes; and a well made  cup of Postum is hard to beat.  .Another  form,  "f*- *. <���������      ���������-I   it-   --M.        <*. - - i"* -< flTl   f-e**..     rmm\ Xmt-mr ���������������*������*- <M  *������������������������"  Ijln&������ i>Vi>l a  ~r%jii-~-i UA^x,  is made article as  awmlc,in thc ctxp.  Grocers sell both,  T\nt-n*xt.ytxc ���������.r\ Vtf-\Kxtv~jixi* n i  M~irj\~Ut--jt-XJ'-fxJ  U/l*xS   M-j\St..rH\JllXXtxiX~.XJ      /I.  -~,i'SSiv?Ji:3S:i**3  K.  1327  I  nwnuWiWewim  iiameiiiMin  ���������iniiiiijeiiiwi-miileewlnni  ���������������������������aMit-aw-^^  "'*"V ������T'    2Lfc  v *  'l* * SMS  S-H������     HE VIEW,     CKESTOH.    B.     ������  HERE   TO    STUDY    PROBLEMS  Purpose  of Visit is to  Learn  More  About This Dominion  Halifax.��������� Outlining the problems  facing the English-speakin;; countries  of the world and*urging the necessity  for co-operation between all countries, Lord Burnham addressed a  large gathering of publishers and citizens of Halifax and district on the  occasion of a, civic luncheon tendered the delegates to the Imperial press  conference.  Robert Donald expressed the hope  that the 'moral lapse' 'of the United  States will be temporary and that the  United States would yet consent to  assume some of the responsibility  devolving upon it through its triumphant entry into the war. Viscount  Burnham was the chief speaker on  behalf of the overseas delegation, and  acknowledged formal welcome given  the press in Halifax. He reiterated  that the purpose of the visitors from  beyond the seas, as they affect the  world publishers, was to see Canada  and learn more of her problems and  her  oeonlo  -*"1   rv or m-diner pmnire  un-  ity-  Several of the delegates spoke in  the same vein informally during the  Halifax welcome.  The afternoon was spent in informal   social   functions.  aris Waiting for Turks  Peace Will be Signed   if   the   Italo-  Greek   Controversy  Is Patched Up  Paris.���������lf the Turkish delegates are  not detained on their journey from  Constantinople and arrive in time, it  is probable that thc peace treaty with  Turkey will bc signed at Sevres as  planned. There is a possibility, however, that Greece may withold her  signature from the treaty'because of  the controversy between Italy and  Greece over the recent Aegian wrangle. The belief is expressed in the  French official circles that the Italo-  Greek controversy would be settled  in   time   for  signing.  The difficulty that loomed largely  this evening was the fact that the  Turkish delegates had not put in an  appearance and that its whereabouts  did not appear to be known. ^ The  delegation appeared to have left Bucharest on a train that^should havc  brought it to Paris. Nothing has  been heard of the Turkish plenipotentiaries, however, since the report  of their departure from the Rumanian  capital.  FOR    A    DOMINION    POLICY  ft  s  ismes  Seek Pirate Gold  Employment Increase  In-  Reports   From   5,100   Employers  dicate That Industries Are  In Good Shape  J^t.x ., T) -,���������' x.      ������- .       ,_      ZL   1 on  v-.iLO.wa. ivC^eje ta     nuiii    uvCi     J,xyi.j  employees to the Dominion headquarters   of  the 'department  of labor  employment service indicate that,  disregarding loss of time due to the  strikes, there was another increase in  thc volume of employment during the  week ending June 26. For the following week, however, there was_ a  net decrease in staffs of 140 persons,  or two percent. The decline was attributed mainly to be estimated curtailment of operations in the iron and  steel group of industries because of  a shortage of fuel. In comparison  with thc returns for six months earlier in the" year the firms reporting  stated that they had made very considerable additions to the number of  persons   on   thcir   payroll.  Ontario  Prospectors   Leave  For  the  South Seas With Metai-  Finding  Device  Ottawa.���������Pinning their faith on the  powers of a newly invented device  for the detection of gold deposits,  Andrew Cullins, a well known prospector of Haileybury, and Rev. Father Theriault, of the same towr*, passed through this city on their way  tc the south seas in the hope of finding the hidden pirate treasure on  Treasure Island. It is claimed that  the trip is being financed by a New  York Capitalist, whose name has not  been disclosed. Final arrangements  are to be made when the travellers  reach  New York.  Nationalists   Are Joining   With   the  Others in Framing this  Policy  Dublin.��������� Renewed activity is apparent in Irish political circles favoring .dominion authority.* Many Irishmen of all political faiths are subscribing to the new funds being asked  for and asking for Irish  self-government.  Nationalists hitherto violently opposed to this course have"come round  to favor it and have the support of  the Freeman's Journal, which in recent months, tinder a new proprietorship, could not be distinguished from  the  Sinn  Fein organization.  In agreeing to waive the republican claim and accept county .operation for Ulster, groups have met both  parties and agreed to waive certain  agreements so that the settlement can  be received, and Sinn Feiners think  this will be the best policy. The  Irish Journal looks forward sanguine-  ly to an adjustment of the difficulty.  Influential Irishmen, under Lord  -i^unravcn s icaoersiiip, are endeavoring to improve the conditions writh  the British government, and the Sinn  Fein leaders to meet the premier, it  is declared.  Powerful influence on the Sinn  Fein policy is exercised by the Republican army which numbers more  than 200,000, and has been described  as occupying towards the Dael Eire-  ann. the same relations as Cromwell's  Ironsides, did to the commonwealth  parliament.  Prairies Cannot Hope for Manufacturing   Until  Population  Grows  Quebec.��������� The twentieth anniversary of Canadian municipalities, in  session here went on reconi as opposing bonuses by municipalities as  an inducement to industries to establish plants.  J. D. Saunders, -qjty clerk, oi Cam-  rose, Alta., and secretary of the  Union of Municipalities, spoke on the  recent progress of western municipalities. During his speech he said  that until the west has a population  commensurate with its vast areas,  there is no use of talking of establishing industries. J. N. Bayne, of  Saskatchewan, discussing the bonus  question, remarked that if firms were  not strong enough to stand on their  own feet without the aid of bonuses  they' should not look for help from  the municipalities.  Alderman Dickson of Montreal, expressed his opposition to the bonus  systcm.. A firm which could not do  business without a bonus was not  worth much, he stated.  PREMIERS    IN    AGREEMENT  Canadians for Mexico  Mexico City.���������President De la Hu-  erta received the Canadian agricul-  ilii������.a vuiiiiinaoiuu vvie.ii v������uie���������n n*~ conferred concerning a plan to bring  10,000 Canadian farmers to the state  of Coahuila.  Poland  Must be Represented in th*  Proposed Conference  London.��������� Mr. Lloyd George, before leaving Boulogne, informed the  Reuter correspondent that a complete  agreement had been reached on all  points. It has been decided, subject  to Italy's approval, to send a reply  to Russia saying that certain things  must be made clear before the allies  will attend the proposed conference.  Poland and other border states mu*:t  participate in the conference whose  primary object is to establish the  peace of Europe. Then the conference could discuss the question between Russia and the allies -with a  view to establishing normal normal  relations.  If the Soviet replies that it could  only make peace separately, the conference will fall to thc ground, according to Mr. Lloyd George. If the  Soviet complies, the conference can  meet -within   a  month.  The British prime minister added  that Premier Millerand and he agreed  that a good piece oj work was done  at  Bouloc-ne.  Calder's Trip  Ottawa.���������Hon. J. A. Calder, president of the privy council, sails for  England from Quebec on August 11.  He expects to be overseas about a  month  or  six weeks.  . Many Face Starvation  London. ��������� The city of Adana, in  Asia Minor, with a population of  70,000 Christians and 10,000 Moslems,  is entirely cut oft from the outside  wTorld by the Turkish nationalists and  is on the verge of starvation, according to an official despatch received by  the Armenian bureau from Lamaca,  i Cyprus.  Villa Surran-fWs  French Fighter Injured  Montreal.��������� An injury to Georges  Papineau, lightweight champion of  France, in the fifth round of his  scheduled ten-round bout here, with  Fighting Fred Fitzgerald of Australia, brought the bout to an abrupt  end. Papineau fell through thc ropes  and struck his head on thc corner  of thc press table, being rendered unconscious. Up to this time there was  little to choose between thc two men,  both fighting toe to toe for the four  rounds.  Wheat in Storage  Wheat in Elevators Shows Decrease  Of 3,674,504 Bushels  Ottawa.���������According to returns received at the department of statistics  for the week ending July 9, the quantity of wheat in store at the different  elevators throughout Canada has decreased by 3,674,504 bushels in wheat,  oats, barley, flax and rye. Thc chief  decrease was in the lake elevators,  which was 1,13.1,324. In the western  country 'elevators the decrease in all  grains was 620,000 bushels.  Will  and  Five-Year-Old Killed  Winnipeg. ��������� ltrank, five-year-old  son of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Dier,  died at the Chilelren'q Hospital from  thc effects of scalding when he fell  into a pan of boiling water yesterday. The boy was playing in thc  home with two sisters younger than  himself when the accident happened.  Three Saved from Drowning  Were   Rescued   From   Sinking   Punt  On Pike Lake  Saskatoon.���������By a narrow margin,  Alex. Wemyss, his wife and thcir  baby daughter, 701 Thompson Chambers, were saved from what might  havc been three drownings in Pike  Lake when Harry Tupling, of this  city, and Hugh Forbes, boatman at  Pike Lake, got to thc sinking punt  in which Mr. Wemyss and his family  were sailing, in time to drag them  out.    It sunk almost immediately.  Mr. and Mrs. Weniyss arc none thc  woihi: for liu.-ir experience.  Return   to   Private    Life  There  is Rejoicing  In Mexico.  Eagle Pass, Texas.���������Francisco Villa, bandit leader, surrendered unconditionally after an all night conference with General Eugene Martinez,  commanding the Torreon military  zone, according to advices received  by the Mexican consul here.  Villa will return to private life, the  message adds. Much rejoicing is  reported throughout MJtexico and celebrations are being arranged.  Carl Haegelin, United States citizen, president of a brewery at Sab-  binas, who had been held for ransom  by Villa, has been released, thc report  adds.  MANITOBA  Brandon.���������Two German guns have  arrived in the city and have been  placed on the city hall grounds.  These guns were awarded by the director of war trophies for Canada,  and were shipped from Ottawa about  two weeks ago.  Murray Government Sustained  Winnipeg. ��������� Professor Wallace,  mining commissioner, has left for the  north end of Lake Winnipeg to make  an exploration of the north country  as far as Hudson's Bay. R. F. Mc-  Williams, of Winnipeg, accompanied  him.  speak in the highest terms of the  luxurious growth throughout the district, and practically all are purchasing farms.  ALBERTA  Winnipeg���������Motorists using searchlights on their automobiles will be  prosecuted by provincial police constables. Serious accidents on country  roads have been caused by glaring  lights, it is stated.  Will Spend $3,000,000 on Railway  Victoria.��������� Further construction of  the Pacific Great Western railway is  foreshadowed by the request from  Hon. J. Hart, minister of finance, for  bids for a loan of $3,0(10,000 to he  devoted to construction work on the  railway.  Collishaw Returns to England  Vancouver.���������Squadron Commander  Collishaw is leaving here on his return to England to take up his new  duties. Hc will then proceed to thc  frontier region of India to take  charge of a large squadron of picked  air men on border patrol work.  Liberals in Nova Scotia Have Majority of Fifteen  Halifax, N.S.��������� Late returns from  Pictou gave a majority of-35 for Hon.  R. M. McGregor, Liberal, whose defeat had been announced. Pictou will  offset, however, the defeat of Hon.  G. H. Murray, premier, by J. Leblanc  in Richmond county by a majority  of 53. Mr. Murray was also elected  in Victoria county.  Thc standing of the parties now is  as follows: Liberals, 29; Farmers, 7;  Labor, 5; Conservatives, 2. Total, 43.  Majority for government, 15.  Bolshevik   Menace  CeuiMaiitinoplie. ��������� Refugees from  Sitiliiii:^ ;"iel Kustcnelje in eastern Rumania,     are*     arriving    hen:  in  large  number:*:,   fiVeling   from   the   lbdshcv-  ll(l    ute'iiae'e.       1 licy    report   i.<jiitii-,'i.Mi������  to   be*   highly     unsettled   in   Rumania  .end   d" \..tc   that   ;*.   V.A.h, \i!:i   move  ment   ia   fe are el.  Prince of Wales to V>Bit Jamaica  Kingston, Jamaica.���������Thc Prince of  Wales has decided to visit Jamaica  on   September   15  instead   of  Septcm-  1      ...       -TI       -r       ..,..,���������..., l* ,: ,1 I  X It      ..'ill       -H-l'l1'/������  ah   r-xtended   tour   of   the   Island,  remaining   three   days.  Keep Away From Politicians  Washington.���������United States Secretary of War Jlaice-rs has issue-el instructions  prohibiting  any person   in  ilu'   i\ *, iii i 11 v   - ci v*ii*<*   fiiuii   t.iKiiii*   an  active  part  in   political   campaigns  or  Protest to Pope  Australians Say Archbishop  Mannix  Does Not Represent Feeling  In   Commonwealth  Rome. ��������� Strong remonstrances  from Australia on the utterances in  the United States of Archbishop Daniel J. Mannix, of Melbourne, have*  been received by the Vatican. The  protests   state   that   thc   archbishop's  i r c r. ������������������ I i <*> ii t*    do   not    rein*e"*,e'tit    the    fe'e'1-  ing prevailing in Australia and ask  that some public, declaration bc made  in order to protect thc loyalty of the  large majority ol tlie Australian population.  Turk Leader Captured  Constantinople.���������Col. J. A. Tayar,  Turkish nationalist commander at  Adrionople and his entire staff, were  captured by the Greeks when thc latter entered Adrionplc. Consequently, the nationalists' resistance in this  region was entirely stopped.  The Greeks were given a great demonstration on their entry into the  city.  Calgary.���������The Dominion grain elevator here has broken all previous  records this year both for seed supplied and commercial shipments. Approximately onc and one-half million bushels of seed grain have been  handled since fall and twelve million  bushels of wheat, oats and barley for  commercial purposes. This represents an increase ovcr 1^19 of 66 percent for seed and 30 percent for other  purposes.  SASKATCHEWAN  Calgary��������� Three percherons, born  and bred on the ranch of George  Lane, south of thc city, have captur-  ������d first, second and third prizes at  thc Royal Livestock Show, London,  England. These arc thc first Canadian-bred Percherons to win at this  show and it is expected that the awards will stimulate thc demand for  Alberta horses.  Rcgina. ��������� Saskatchewan school  children have, since spring, destroyed  more than 2,000,000 gophers and saved probably a million bushels of  grain. This is thc result of an energetic campaign instituted anel carried  out by thc government with the cooperation of thc municipalities and  individual  selmol  districts.  Lethbridge.��������� Approximately 30,000  cattle in thc district running from  here to Milk River were dipped during onc week tinder government direction as a precaution against the  mange. As many as 12,000 animal*  per day passed through the {riant  vats.  BRITISH COLUMBIA  Vancouver, 11. C.��������� The production  of coal from Vancouver Inland rntnrn  for tlu* period January l*-t to M.vreh  31st was 709,408 ton?, or practically  thc same as for the cr-.--.-e spending  prrioel   in   T'lV.  H'  N.  V.  U27  I   e.Mlij..  1 the*    -  li'Ctieill-  Wcw Miniiiici   Hiiiucei  C    Ale  has Ixe u  ape-pinteil Rumanian  i e ei.  a,   e     e * > . <  ��������� o  the*   laiinlon   i inies.  mini*  .  \r  Regina.*-- Practically all the men  who applied to the government labor  bureau  fe>r. oniph">vnient     during     the*  past  month   were  accommodated  and ! *old   hP   ranch  nnd  placed   in   positions.     Out  of  a   total j ''tale,   has   r ecu red  of 4,350  applicants   for    weirk.    4,019 | arris   in   the   Columbia   Valley.  -    .i ..    . -.    :. 1  - \ . . U -..,������: ^., .��������� I M'ill    e*e ���������(>'(':ii'r   i'l   r:.Ti e* 1. !Tlc   tlie Te  fetr help were* n re iv.*el from 4,2<>4 < m- t eventually   rur.   a   tho-.i-av.d   1:< ao  ployers ejf labor, | '���������'t'.ic.  Victoria,   B.   C. ---���������  J.   C.   \\\\-.'������������������-.   oi  Sheridan,   Wyoming,     who     recently  cattle     in     that  tract   of   3.500  He  .*nd  of  North  Battleford���������A  sttudy ������������������tre.*,:ri  of   land   r.i'i'lii'vs   continue*-;   te>   arrive  I luring eme week  registeree!   at   th-  anel    the P*    Were  ~;... l.    (. ,  nii'iii  im ini)* i.  ah un    1 w i n Iv   im > i : s  C.V )!      I.lti.l    eifli.-e,  mi uu i ��������� jj. .   ut In r   ar  I*'.,, I-     ,i.'   il*,*    11..*,  -  nil ' * mi ���������   ...'. s. A.i  Hattie,   B.   C.-~   Berri-*-    (rem,    this  diMri't    are    me-vini-    raj.idly    to    thr.  T,", ':..'    y-:.':      ;.:.('.   '.':'     ��������� *.:������������������ <������������������?���������:-    dr-  !..*!:.     !::.:������������������!:    ",f  contracted     for  1 Aim rie-.an   firm    liiis  n\ ��������� r  f *. ���������.*'.���������  ,l"l      \V>l   III     "I       I'll       J I MM. LJltx.  i   the   value    of   !.;.H   :*.   million  ^���������;i**fffe.&t������$:^  -������������������y%v-.*-t*ir-<.'*.������^'^  'AmtimtW'  tt, tm tif,   pr, a,   r ,      .      , ������ .tl i *i Vti   f\At ���������V'-"**- (ttt  i������w f-Hwr *��������� Mt* mx fttvmm iitmummf nn-^nte-iiuiii *mvm*atw. ipmptmimtmmtmmxmimm mvi.m\itm i' n le i ���������! MuiWW*******. "-tm if-i  HUM  m$u>������ v.ipi������mw*M^mx<^m\ THE  CBESTCK  REVIEW  Local and Personal  For Sale���������Light democrat, $50.  Pochin, Canyon.  Pigs Fob Sale���������9 weeks old, $10  each.   John Miller, Creston.  Pigs For Salk���������Half-dozen pigs,  seyen weeks old; take your pick. E.  Haskins, Cresson.  Fob Sale���������Edison phonograph,  with horn, 36 records, $26 complete.  R. Clarke, Creston.  Saturday, Aug. 14  HARRY CAREY  m  The Ace of the  Saddle  Gun fighting and cattle rustling  were  the principal outdoor  sports   in    Yucca    County  when  Cheyenne "Harry decided to clean up the camp.  PART 16  Red Glove  There  will  be  only   two   more  episodes of this serial. Don't  miss seeing them.  of   Nelson   are  week, guests of  Birth���������On August 9th, to Mr. and  Mrs. Stanley Watson, a daughter.  For Sale���������Baby's reed bassinette,  good as new, also baby cutter. Enquire Review Office.  Fob Sale���������Purebred White Yorkshire boar, seven weeks old, S12, D.  Learmonth, Creston.  Mr. and Mrs. Cane  Creston visitors this  Mr. and Mrs. Lidgate;  Pups���������Sporting field dog puppies  for sale. Pedigreed Red Irish Setters.  Mrs. Mallandaine, Creston.  For Sale���������6 cockerels ready for  broiling, also 6 pullets and 12 hens.  Mrs. W. G. Birney, Erickson,  Cattle Fob Sale���������Two milch cows,  two yearling heifers, one 4-months'  old calf.    S. B. Porter, Creston..  Milch Cows Fob Sale���������Six registered thoroughbred Holstein cows.  Good milkers, for sale. Enquire C. O.  Rodgers, Creston.  S. T. Evans, who has been a yisitor  with  Mr.   and  Mrs.   Edmondson  the  prst couple of weeks, returned to Rev  elstoke on Monday.  The vital statistics for July show  the arriyal of three brand new boys  and two girls. There were no marriages and no deaths.  Rev. J. S. Mahood will be here on  Sunday for the usual service in Christ  Church; which will be in the evening  on this occasion, at 7.30.  Rev. R. W, Lee of Cranbrook was  here on Thursday last, attending the  Ice Cold Drinks  Tobaccos  Cigars  come to the  Exchange Billiard  *(|i>)������������'t'������'Vt'*J        m.vmt, ������ x������     -*m      00 mm-.  Creston Methodist Church.  Mrs. T. W. Bundy, who has been  yisiting her sister, Mrs. S. A. Macdonald at Summerland "for the past  month, returned on Wednesday.  Horse Fob Sale���������Small, cheap for  cash, works both single and double  and under saddle, quiet; would make  good pack pony. . W. G. Birney,  Erickson.  Live Fowl Wanted���������Young chickens in unlimited quantities. Highest  price paid for No. 1 stock. Address  all shipments: W. Barraclough,  Fernie, B.C.  For the next 30 days we  will sell all CHOCOLATE  BARS at FIVE CENTS.  All - Tobaccos, Candy, Drinks  served in a sanitary way,  A. E. FRENCH  Manager  The R. S. Bevan garage presents a*  greatly improyed appearance having  this week been in the hands of the  painters and given a new dress of a  dark wine hue.  Playing the very best game of the  season on Sunday afternoon the Creston baseball team handed Porthiil the  surprise of their lives, when they heat  them 15 to 3 on Porthill's own grounds.  Mrs, Brucp'is now nicely settled in  her new store on Victoria Ave., opposite the Methodist Church, and is  celebrating her removal by a sale of  children's wear, which opens tomorrow.  Wanted���������Set   democrat   harness,  second hand.    Enquire Review Office.  Mrs. R. R. Piper, who has been a  patient at Cranbrook hospital since  quite early in May, arrived home  again on Saturday, ar-.d while far  from her oldtime self is making a  satisfactory convalesence.  Geo. Johnson, R. S. Bevan and R.  Walmsley were at Kitchener Monday  and Tuesday on a fishing trip. They  had excellent luck judging by the fine  samples of the speckled beauties they  remembered friends with. ,..  Miss Beatrice Hardman of New  Westminster arrived on Wednesday  on a visit to Mrs. C. O. Rodgers. Miss  Hardman will be remembered as  teacher of the primary room of Creston school a couple of years ago.  The tomato season opened on Wednesday when the R. J. Long ranch  marketed the first crate���������for Creston  consumption. With a good soaker of  a rain within a week the crop of these  should be quite an average one.  Kootena**0, Flats is now clear of  water and a look at the area from the  town wouid indicate that the hay crop  is coming along fine, although it will  be early in September 'before cutting  is likely to commence this season.  Creston Indians are away on the  annual huckleberry harvest at present,  most of them going down the lake fortius fruit this year. From the buckets  of them they are bringing in it wouid  look as if the crop was a banner one.  Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hamilton and  family, Mrs. and Miss Ebbutt, Misses  Lyne and Messrs. Robt. Stark and  Percy Watson are a local camping  party who left on Saturday for a  week's rustication at Kootenay Lake  points.  The opening of a full-fleged station  at Erickson has led to the withdrawal  of the day operator who has been on  duty at Creston since early in June.  Miss Marion Swanson, however, has  been added to the depot staff as second  assistant.  R. L. T. Galbraith of Fort Steele,  the Kootenay Indian agent, wa<= here  on an official visit over the week-end.  Indian constable Fred Ryckman will  be along any time now to make headquarters here during the haying  season on the flats.  The weather statistics for last  month show that for July the Valley  was favored with & rainfall of almost  one inch���������.93 to be exact. On two  days, the 10th and 17th, we were  favored with touches of 92 in the  shade, while the coolest registration  was on the 26th, when the mercury  got down to 45.  A couple of German field guns went  through, to Nelson on a freight, Sunday. The war trophies board has  promised serious consideration of  Creston's request for a piece of this  artillery and word as to its delivery  should be forthcoming shortly. Cranbrook, Fernie and Golden have already received theirs.  The local Masonic and Orange  Lodges along with a number of other  friends are responsible for the erection  of a neat headstone in the Creston  cemetry at the graves of Mr. and Mrs.  Andy Miller. During the year quite a  number' of others haye had tombstones placed in.the burying ground  which considerably improves the general appearance of the cemetry.  Creston Valley Women's Institute  meets in August session this afternoon. For the conference banquet on  Sept. 1st invitations have 311st been  issued to all the members' husbands,  and if these all put in an appearance  along with their better halves, with  the forty odd delegates that will be  here, a banquet spread for about 200  will have to be served. The banquet  will be served in the Parish Hall.  Thtre was quite a large and-enthus-  iastic attendance at the congregational  meeting of the Presbyterian Church  on Wednesday night, at which the  chief business was the decision to extend a caii to Rev. J. Burkhoider of  Caledon, Ont., to become permanent  pastor of Creston church. The matter  will come before the Kootenay Presbytery immediately and be referred  by them to the presbytery in which  Caledon is located for their consent to  bis transfer Rev. Mr. Burkhoider  has been taking the services here tbe  past three Sundays and has created  an exceptionally favorable impression,  and has promised serious consideration of accepting the pastorate. The  meeting was presided over by Rev. T.  D. McClintock of Nelson, interim  moderator.  Selling Out all  Children's  Wear  20% off Shoes, Stockings  and Hats.  1 Cl  X\J  7  /o  rx.CC  uu  i^resses,  KJ HUBl'-  Another  Tribute  to  the  WILLIS PIANO  Nelson, B.C., July 3rd, 1920  I     WILLIS PIANOS, LTD.  Dear Sir?. ��������� Allow me   to congratulate you  on your  piano.   \vhir;h   we   had   the   pleasure   of  using  at   our  At the board of trade meeting on  Tuesday night the motion to connect  up with the East Kootenay associated  board produced a tie vote and it was  up to Vice-President Bevan, who  presided, to decide the matter. His  vote was for affiliation.  Wynndel baseball team will be here  for a game with Creston on Sunday  afternoon, which will start right after  the arrival of the noon train. The  yisitors have developed considerably  since their last appearance here and a  fast, close game is sure to result.  The new voters list for the Kaslo  riding will show not less than 1000  names for the liquor referendum vote  in October. Any whose names have  been omitted have a last chance to  get on if they apply in person at the  court of revision at Kaslo on Sept.  13th.  The prolonged diy spell has been  responsible for materially shortening  Chautauqua concert.  It i.s on..- of tlie finest instruments we  were pleasantly surprised  i iu Canadian pianos.  with  high  WiMhing  ai.'l we  : tanei.tr'  havc ever met  to Hnd such a  .11 cont inner! -success.  Very truly yours,  NTCOLAT ZF/nEr/RR,  with Ellison White Chautauqua.  *��������� ������ ������������������������>������������������       4 \- d-x       mt.v, ft t/r% l--tf-t������,v, ���������*  *������|J������       *eVl|-*J       X. m.*~SX~4 KJK-a.  X.    X  artmvfxm-,       4  V* * -X  V**WJJ       -L'llI'Tl  J   Cjl"*,     IIIIU  Stipendiary Magistrate Crompton  was briefly engaged in his official  capacity on Wednesday myrning,  when Provincial police Vaehon had a  couple of offenders against the Motor  Vehicles Act before the bar of justice.  One of these charged on three separate counts with operating his car with  but one headlight working was fined  $1 and costs on each count. Another  citizen whose car was noticed in  action with but one number plate, one  headlight and no tail lights was  mulcted in the sum of $2.50 and costs.  The first rain of any consequence  since the soaker on July 12th was in  evidence on Tuesday night, when a  fall of the wet goods measuring just  oye-r one-third of an inch was in  evidence at all Valley points.     While  ar* IrSPSW fr     -pp^ttXX*    i~-l wxt, PXCr*       * V* .% *     n..-,.,*^4-t'(.*.      n-*n*k-*1 aT-  *+xsx.%���������%* i\n*ii    Lituv^o    tuni' uimiiL-ivV     uumu  have been just about right the ranchers are thankful for small mercies.  The wetness at least washed off the  dust and will help some on the late  raspberries as well as the tomatoes.  The thunder and lightning that  accompanied the rain was quite the  worst of the year.  Fire warden Jim Long has had the  busiest two weeks of the two seasons  he has been on the job the past couple  of weeks, with a crew of almost 30  men handling a fire in the neighborhood of the Continental mine in the  Porthiil section, and another 18 men  handling a blaze in the timber about  fifteen miles up Goat River. Both are  now under control and have not  caused any serious loss of standing  timber. In handling the Porthiil  blaze Fred Belanger has been on the  supervising job with him and with a  crew of fire fighters mostly from  Lister have certainly taken care of a  ticklish situation admirably.  wear, &c.  Sale starts Saturday, Aug. 14  MRS., BRUCE  Two doors north Mercantile Co. store  Millinory and Ladies' Wear  REVISION OF  PROVINCIAL VOTERS' LIST  KASLO ELECTORAL DISTRICT  Notice is hereby given that on Monday, the 13th day of September, 1920.  at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at the  Provincial Court House, Kaslo, B.C.,  a sitting of the Court of Revision will  be held for the purpose of revising the  list of voters for the above-named  Electoral District, pursuant to the provisions of the Provincial Elections Act.  And notice is further giyen that any  person claiming to be entitled to be  registered as a yoter in the above-  named Electoral District may apply  in person to have his name entered on  the list of voters for the said Electoral  District at the said sitting of tbe  Court of Revision, notwithstanding  the fact that his name has been omitted from the list of applicants for registration, or that he has omitted to  apply for registration at the time or  in the manner ctherwise provided by  the Proyincial Elections Act.  The list of applicants for registration is now posted and may be inspected at the office of the undersigned  Registrar of Voters.  RONALD HE WAT,  Registrar of Voters,  Kaslo Electoral District,  3rd August, 1020.  NELSON  BRANCH at 304 JiAKKIt ST.  KM  lm*^~rm~\~~~%   m\y^~r\4r~r\~tm dH*������cic*  1V1II   %/-~ mt-tr m '%*'      m ������r tt '%Jp sax***? M        -'ii*���������*g frta-m*  nfiGRE MILES PER GALLOBSi  A proline*   that, will   r.-plaiji- what the  low gravity gasoline  universally .su|'|*!ie:el re(j,iy Jae:kH.      Put up in tablet   form;  Me-hlhle ill  K'.i*,.!!.,.-.    !:������������������;���������*. ���������������������������r..-1   <!:���������"���������.:l!-i������e,   n-r  ni*������������������:���������*.��������� i:��������� ;   of   -rime.       Cont.'tim-i  i  1.1 ���������-,.*.    .e   .   ,        ....... ,    . .. i    '.;     . .-������������������-, .       ������������������-     ��������� ,     '    ���������      '   ,        |       *   ���������-,  p'-iT'*'**. 'j ifiih'i r i**iii, 'i'i'!: pi'-I'-'tp .*ui<! [������������������> iicive-l -/ pri**.'e-nf,'i i-iy\mi\.  <;r;Ait.\.\TKEi>. holdo.v approval.  We have in stock the HOLOPHANE NON-GLARE LENS  which meets all ihe rttt/iiifeiittnti- af ihe new Motor' law  iaR8-KSi8ii Kl*Kif8iSF iiiinii-HF  *tK~r M  L ! O P. A. 'f !'-"   f'. f ���������',' O c .**  PHOA'F f.1  from appearances the export of these  will certainly not be over 4000 crates.  Last year, which was a particularly  dry season, had a ---hipping of just  over 5000 crates.  Rey. Geo. Knox, who arrived from  Kamloops a couple of weeks ago to  take thc pastorate of Creston Methodist Church, has opened up the work  again both at Canyon and Lister,  and after the bnsy'seiiRon will likely  be holding service at Erickson alternately with Canyon City.  Creston Valley is supplying a  quantity of black currants to coast  jam factories this season. In tho past  ten days the Staples Fruit Company  has shipped almost a ton of them to  Vancouver, and bus buckets out  <iiu->tiK*-'' the. K'<-W4'iu 'Ai.A will take  CJire of at least another half ton.  Local road foreman T. Harris pulled  out on Monday with a small crew and  camping eni'lii, and has started work  at the Sirdar end of tho new road  from that point to Kuskanook. Tenders were called for the work but these  we're noi, sat i*.ln**te������i y, anil it Iiuh been  eleeieleil lo ilu the job by day labor.  i he i-vciiii*}> ������������������������" Labor Day, Moiiu.iy,  He*pl. <llh, hu*e been i-'tu'i-ved by the  tYcstnn  Hoiwel of Trade, when it will  lepe.it l.i.'.t. ye.u'i, nicccwi at wlli'-t.  I.u:; r.'ir-iu! anel dance, the* pron-eelr. to  -<o tee the publicity fund. A e'olnillit-  ��������� <>      ���������>!      .������i i*iimi n,    ��������� ne i j.iieie,     eiiiieii     <iu<e  <;-e>.   .Feihrlieeii    are-    ut    tin-    hr-ad    of  ::1Y".i!".  ���������i**l*fff;  Preserving Supplies  Tho preserving and canning season is now in full swing, and for any  of its necessities you will find us better prepared than ever  to supply your wants with' reliable goodn attractively  priced. How is your supply of Sealers? Look up those  you have available; if you are likely to need others you  will lie interested in our speoial oflering of  PERFECT SEAL and GEM JARS  wliicli wc offer at tho special prices shown bolow, for ono week���������  SATURDAY, AUG. 14 to SATURDAY, AUG. 21  GEM JARS  Keg,  Pints Hiil.85  Quarts  2.00  Half-gallons  2..50  PERFECT SEAL  Special Reg,  ft 1.05    Pints  2.00  .1.75    Quarts  2.25  2.25    Half-gallons  2.75  Special  1.75  2.00  2.50  WE 1-IAVK  IN  KTOGK  Economy Tops.    Mason Jar Top.* and Lidtt.    Metal Rings  for Gem Jar*.     Gem Rubber Rings.    Parowax  MAWSON* BROTHERS  Better Service (ienerul Merchants .Lower I'rices  ������"-**fN[?..������mw-  ���������^iim^mmm''  ^W^j*-'^


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