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Creston Review Mar 12, 1920

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 '''���p?i;.p*?y<&&pipA J.-..A.'" ���*. '' ���'���������''.'���''
y sr
' ' 5 1920
*ie. *'.���*!
Provincial Library
'.. ���"
V      V
No. 2
vxriiu    ivceauci   3
 .-.    ^S~ JJ-
Toll Heavy One
In the death of Arthur O'Kell, which
took place at the old men's home at
Kamloops the latter part of February,
the grim reaper has removed quite a
familiar figure in the early history of
Creston.    Deceased, who was a native
of   Bh-kenhead,  England, came   here
from Maple Creek, Sask., in 1898, and
his first connection with Valley life
was as assistant   to   E. Mallandaine,
who was Creston's postmaster- at that
Jiime, the postoffice then being located
on the present site of the Mallandaine
residence.    In addition to his official
position; which he relinquished a few
years later, deceased was an   accountant when-such help was in demand,
and also excelled as a photographer.
Later on he was indentified with G.
A. M. Young in the real estate business, dabbling to a considerable extent
in    mining   claim   development.    He
left Creston about four years ago for
Kamloops, and news of his death came
as  a considerable  surprise as friends
here were not even aware that he was
ill.    He was 72 years of age.    Burial
was at Kamloops.
wife and mother of the finest type,
and. her untimei'*T ,_,assincf evokes the
truest sympathy of the community
toward those who directly mourn her
Charles Cotteril
A death that has cast a gloom over
the community was that of Charles
W, Cotteril who passed away on
Thursday of last week, following a
stubborn fight with an attack of flu
that finally developed into a case of
double pneumonia. Deceased was an
Englishman by birth, who came to
Winnipeg about "eighteen years ago,
and for- about twelve years was in the
employ of the C.P.R. as boilermaker,
Mrs. Heap of Macleod, Alta., was a
itu her sister,
at   the   boarding
Mrs. J. H. Fulmer
Directly a-nd indirectly the flu has
laid a heavy hand on the home of J.
H. Fulmer, death taking Mrs. Fulmer
on February 27th, and four days later
taking   the   infant son,  Gerald, who
was  born  hardly a week  before the
mother was summond away.    Deceased   was   married   to   Mr.  Fulmer   at
Lethbridge, Alta., in   1911, and   they
first came to Creston to reside in 1914,
leaving again late the following year
for Cowley, Alta., where they remained until 1917, when they again returned   to Creston, and   haye   practically
resided in tne-Valley ev-*p^8ipce>., The.
funeral took plaice on February 29th.)
to   Creston   cemetry, Rey. T. McCord
conducting the last sad rites.    Deceased was in her thirtieth year, and besides ix husband leaves a young family
of two boys and two girls  to  mourn
the  passing of a   devoted   wife   and
mother, with  whom the community
mourns in  their heavy bereavement.
Mrs. Fulmer's father and two sisters,
Mrs. Chugg and Mrs. Freeman, all of
^Macleod, Alta., were hexe for the burial seryices.
���   James McKay
The second death of the flu was that
of James McKay, on Feb. 29th, who
about six weeks ago arrived here from
near Sherbrook, Q.ie., on a yisit to his
daughter and son-in-law, Mrs. and Mr.
1). Learmonth. The old gentleman,
who was 85 years of age, was stricken
with the disease along with several
either members of the household, but
at his advanced age the odds were
against him, and he succumbed after
about a week's gallant fight fen- life.
The funeral took place ( n March 2nd
to Creston cemetry. Rev. T. McCord
having charge of the last sad rites.
To Mr. and Mrs. Learmonth and those
meiiiliers of tho McKay family who
had come west with their father much
sympathy is felt in thi' death under
these unhappy circumstances.
Mm. Robert Boadway
Equally as pathetic was the death at
an early hour on Sunday morning of
Mra. Robert Roadway, whose demise
was a paralell case with that of tho
late Mrs. Fnlmei, coming within three
days of the birth of jl son, and while
tho deceased waft ailing from a touch
of the ilu, aggrevated by her  attend-
.Uiuu  Lin   Liu.:   v i ueiim*!   ni,.* ii I en i >.  eif  ihr.
family who had llrnt been laid up with
corning to Creston "in 1813, when  he
purchased   the Harvey  Dixon "place,
about simile from town, and by hard
and intelligent work had developed it
into one of the finest ranch properties
in the Vaiiey.    The funeral took place
on  Fridasr, service being held in the
Presbyterian   church,  with   Rev. T.
McCord taking charge, with interment
at Creston cemetry, Messrs. John and
Geo. Hobden,  R. B. Staples,  K. Andrew, "W. and P.Truscott acting as pallbearers.     Deceased   Was   married   in
1909 in England to Elizabeth Goodwin,
and a widow and one   son   survive.
The late Mr. Cotteril was but in his
39th year and his passing at a time
when he was getting along where he
could take life a little easier is widely
regretted, and   in  their  bereavement
the  widow  and young son  have the
very   genuine   sympathy   of    many
friends.    Two-sisters, Mrs. Barker and
Miss   H. Cotteril   of   Champlainr^H-.
arrived on Sunday, but after spending
a couple of days here returned home.
visitor here last ���sv-Pcji witu fie**? sister,
Mrs.   WhitesideS,
J. Palmer of Caigary, Alta.. travelling baggage inspector, paid Sirdar an
official ,yisit one day last week.
Birth���On March 5th, to Mr. and
Mrs. S. Pascuzzo, a daughter.
W. H. Morris was sojourning with
friends at Cranbrook a few days last
Mrs. Jones of Kuskanook was a
yisitor the early part of last week, and
reports all the signs are for the earliest
spring this part of the Kootenay has
had in four years.
'   Rev. J. ��?. Mahood had a fine turnout for the English Church service on
fii-inr-lrlTr  rtt? lacf   vvranlr
0j t. .tx. tx. j    xrx   xttixitl    .. ^,x.Mt..
ed. Total proceeds were $43.4-0 and
&x vQv paying expenses -uuere w*a�� *sO -&*>
least $35 to hand over fa the United
Farmers social committee The management would take this opportunity
to thank everybody in Wynndel for
their support and appreciation of the
biggest event of the sort ever put on
Mr. and Mrs. R. Uri were at home
on Tuesday night at a birthday party
in honor of Elias Uri, which was largely attended in spite of the disagreeable weather. Cards and games were
the features  of the foi-e part of the
yi   ,    ~...��� CV* -��� ' ~.4 -~mmS.r ��� ���.--Xr,
after which there were a couple, of
hours dancing. All present report a
fine time.
Wynndel had two farmers' meetings
on Monday night. At 7.30 the Co-
Operative Fruit Growers had an im-
1920 Fall Fair
Needlework Prizes
^2,%.^.*.*. *c?   t .. ir .���x r���
<JXX*xtxx   to   1/ric.lilj-^
some interest in the Forwai-d Moye-
ment and there is a prospect of at
least $50 being raised at this place.
Mrs. Loasby and Mrs. McMasters
were Creston callers one day last
week. With the flu on callers at tne
metropolis are not numerous these
J*/'1*-'--** bti^iiu    o*goo-.*uu
x- kE~f��S-jmkksats
E&SSmm &����eaessi
Smm mmmmmxmm-n xSm
pmg ana overhead irrigation was discussed. This meeting was held at the
depot, and at 8 adjournment was made
to the schoolhouse for a meeting of
the United Farmers. The main feature was the reading of the delegate's
report on the Victoria convention,
which was very closely followed by all
present. At its conclusion O. J. Wigen said a few words of appreciation of
the excellent report that had been
made and proposed a vote of thanks,
that carried enthusiastically.    A sick
Below will be found a list of  the
axiticies on which awards will he made
at the 1920 exhibition of the Creston
Valley Agricultural Association.    The
prize list committee have two objects
in view in submitting this at so early
a date.   The main object is to furnish
the  ladies  with  the  information  so
that they can utilize some of the spare
time they have at this time of year to
get their needlework articles for the
fair under way.   The other reason is
to give people the information in the
hope that if they have suggestions to
make as to other articles that prizes
should be offered for they will advise
the prize list committee so that the
articles may be added and appear in
the printed prize list that will appear
A. Purdie, an employee of the Sash
& Door Co., had his leg badly crushed
in a log-unloading mishap a few days
agtf, and has gone to Cranbrook hospital for treatment.
Quite a number of the men in the
Paulson crmps haye been off work of
late, taking no chances with a mild
type of la grippe from which they
were suffering.
named,, two members to constitute
the committee and % to be appointed
for one month only.
M. McCarthy of Creston is now
numbered amongst our permanent
resiu^iJts. ';^e-.*i^yed;''i"^"V'>u%^W.*: W.
Hall place the latter part of the month.
Mr. Hall expects to get into his new
house on the ranch yery shortly.
Erickson is having its-full share of
flu cases this trip, along with a-mild
type of scarlet fever in at least one
home. The school has been closed
since the first of the month.
Jos, Stinson, who has been occupying the house on Mrs, Brown's ranch
for the past year, has just moved into
the house on the R. B. Staples place.
The area of timber; on Goat Mountain back of the Hamilton, Beam and
Botterill ranches has been acquired by
Mangan & Belanger. who will shortly
put in a portable mill to cut the same.
Mrs. Botterrill got home from Cranbrook hospital a few days ago where
she nad been for an operation for appendicitus. Owing to the prevalence
of flu patients in that institution she
came  home sooner than anticipated.
Mrs. Kelsey has been a Cranbrook
Visitor this month for medical attention, her trouble being neuralgia in
the face, the attacks being yery painful ixxxtl altogether too frequent.
Thoro has been a considerable move
in Erickson land the past couple of
weeks, the Lamont subdivision on the
lower road doing considerable moving.
G. Willson, who late lat-t -rummer
bought a live-acre tract there, ia so
well pleased with his holdings that he
has acquired the five acres adjoining
him. C. O. Quist of Creston lias taken
up five acres about opposite tho Craigie ranch, and this week High Smith,
a mine manager at Bellvue, Alta., secured seven acres close to Nr. Quist's
Mr. and  Min. E. E. Cartwright got
Provincial police Vaehon of Creston
was here the latter part of the month,
his visit bemgfcS**he collection of poll
Z. Geroux and son,. Victor, were
business visitors at Saimo a few days
H. A. McKown of the Sash & Door
Co., was a business yisitor at Spokane
a couple of days last month.
Archie Kerr has about completed
the erection of quite a comfortable
residence 4iav himself on the lot next
the schoolhouse.
Old' Anasta, the Creston Indian,
who has been trapping up Leadville
creek, came down one day last week
with ten marten.
C. DeLeure was a business visitor at
Salmo a few days the latter part of
February, while _Mrs. DeLeure and
young son are away on a visit to her
Jack Hanson got back from Cranbrook hospital on February 28th, but
it will bo a few weeks yet before he
will be able to use his arm.
A. Miller, a well-known Calgary fur
buyer, was here a few days last week,
and is so much taken with Kitchener
that he states he will build a store
here shortly.
With a death toll of four adults to
date it looks safe to say that the flu
j epidemic has passed its worst stage
and matters are now making rapid
progress back to normal. To cope
with thee'���'-fitq-gi-'ig
sary to conscript the M��tno9^^
building for a hospital and it has been
in use for that purpose since March
1st, seven patients having been taken
care of in this way, with Mrs. Black-
well of Nelson in charge on the day
side, and Mrs. J. P, Johnston in command of the night shift, the nursing
staff being a volunteer lot of ladies
secured largely through the efforts of
Mrs.. Mallandaine, president of. the
local Red Cross Society. The school
has been closed since the first of the
month, and public meetings have been
likewise strictly prohibited.
later on.   Suggestions of this sort are
specially solicited and will he cheerfully received by Mrs. Cook or Mrs.
Maxwell, or can be left at The Review
office.    For the benefit of intending
exhibitors we would like to say that
arrangements are being made to pay
even more attractive prizes than last
year, especially in. the sections that
call for a show of a collection of articles.    In  the  needlework  class   the
awards so far arranged are as follows:
Half dozen buttenholes made on
double white cotton.
Pair hand knit socks.
Pair hand-knit (men's) double mitts
Pair hand knit gloves.
Best darning on worn socks.
Towel with filet crochet.
Corset cover yoke in filet crochet,
not made up.
Crochet trimmed nightdress.
Collection crochet work, 5 pieces."
XAXrtitJ      ^ireC-CU      OrUU      *^UxA*i,e,A      vt.U'i'Av.
Hooked mat 2x3 feet.
Braided mat, 2x3 feet.
Pair, pillow cases with crochet.
Pair pillow cases with knitting.
���--"P-i-tr^-s-aisM^ .,:.
Sofa cushion made up.
Collection five different kinds of
fancy work.
Homemade house dresses in cotton.
worix apron, JLuaCuiue mau-5, of colored material.
Machine made underskirt.
Fancy tea apron.
Knitted sweater, with sleeves, in
Collection of home mending��� Darn
on table linen, tare darned on woollen
goods, patched hole on cotton goods,
patched hole />n woollen goods. Darning and patching to he shown on goods
not less than 6x6 inches in size.
L^jfmgjg. ggljgg g*f��   im ~~,~'-*-3
i*,.    The late Mrs. Boadway was in her I back   the  latter  part   of   the  month
thlrty-Kocoml   year, and   wa.s  married   from a three  months' holiday trip   to
to   Mr. Roadway   at   WoyUu-v, S.ul:.,   (ii.L.uio   po'iot.-, vvitb   i* i.hui l  -.-Lop at.
in 11)0(1, the family moving to Creston   Regina, Sask., on the trip home.
in   11)0',), and  residing at a number of
pointu in the Valley e*<)iitinueii::.ly ever
.��� .ii. . .    - .ii*   ��,...{.'.   ..I  I....it,.i  i.i ,   i.��j-
t >nl����� 1 j-   call a   family nf five girls and
one hoy as well an her hii-shand.    The
I uncial    wan  on   Tncialay   lo  Crciit.on
cemetry, the cervices being in charge
nf Klele-r Tlrenc-etn, who \\us lately la-re
irmn   -Spokane eoneh-ciinn  a  m-i ic>< oil
i-pe-cial   KeryirrH   i<>r   ilu-   li* organized i
Church e>r ,l;*sii.  f'lui* t   e.f  f/itt.-r  May J
Habit.'-., nf vvhieli ilrreai-e'il was a <l��*vot- I
l-lt       ).I.-Il\t"*>- M 1* Hi ���   m)v   :1V
Manitoba No. 1 hard wheat
Makea the best, of Hour  that  UingH
de�� eat.
When   hh-ndt-d   with  scicntillc ..kill
And j."-*",'1''. in ,en {'���.;.hie-reille-l  mill.
Pure a:  the* I:;ra��-litiiih manna;
White- us an criniur robe.
HllV  ( ll'il V ei-V   llllV'll   I Ir lll'.l-lll llll   lllllll*.
I'Yeiln lhc 'tllle-,'.,, ficldi. eif (Joel.
...'i-.  m    !-'��>*-M'���Nf'VS'OV   Cve*"' ������*���*.
Mr. Elmer, who lias been in Creston
the pant two \veekn, paid his homo a
visit here on Wednesday last, returning tho following day.
Mr. Anderson has tho frame of his
new house up, and is making good
time with the sheeting. Mr. Bellamy's
log hoiiho is hIho coining along fine.
lie. i'i boin^ a:; Jilted by Mr. .Joy.
Mrs. T. Sadler Iuih gone to Coleman,
where Nho will Kpend a short holiday
with her mother.
Misu M. Poiihou went to Creaton on
Sunday, on a vhiit to friends.
- Tlu: concert and dunce in the ncIuioI-
11' ni..r   nil
ity aud quite a few had to atuiid. i in
miiHical numbei'ii worn greatly appreciated by all. MIkh D. Ituttct'ficlil was
in charge of tlio music and Ir. to he
highly commended for her etiort. The.
re'e:ilat ions by AIikh M. .Suthcrlaiiel and
Miss M. Hagen wi-vt- received with
roam of laughter and applause, while*
Ml'* eli'iliM'IH'M U'e*|'e- i"im*m11v -t-.il')]   I'l'ce'!"-
SPRATT���^A.t Creston, on March 7th,
to Mr. and Mrs. John Spratt, a daughter.
BERGREN���On March 5th at Canyon
City, to Mr. and Mrs. A. Bergren, a
BOADWAY���At Creston -.-March -ith,
to Mr. and Mrs. R. Boadway, a son.
HURL���At Creston. March 10, to Mr.
and Mrs. W. H. Hurl, Lister, a son.
Tho Berry Market
The outlook for tho small fruit grower for the coming season looks more
than usually promising. It was said
uy liUtiiy iut>L. year tiiuL %.i��o vecoru*.
price of that year could not be maintained, but It onoms clear at the pron-
ont time that not only will tho old
levol bo reached, but higher prices
will prevail.
Growers of umall fruit In the Gordon Head district stato that they have
already alGncd contracts for this
year's crop of strawberries on a basis
of 20c tier lb. This Ib un advance of
from  ? to i* **��M��t'i on ln��t  yonr'n price,
and It looked good enough for thorn
to hIucu un for the delivery of at least
250 tons to a Vancouvor factory. Tno
prlco of strawberries last year ran
from $!U>0 to $4.00, but It Is doubtful
If tho consumer will ho able to got
thorn   this  year  at  loss   than   $4.2li.
In    the    juvenile    department    the
awards in needlework are as follows:
Half dozen butten holes in cotton.
Handmade camisolem of cotton.
Tatting-edged handkerchief.
Crochet cake plate doyley.
Patched hole on cotton goods.
Machine made underskirt.
Hand knit socks.
There will, of course, be prizes for
juvenile cooking and In some other
lines, and the prize list committee
would assure that in the matter ot
prizes more generous consideration
will be shown this year than was the
case In 1919. Prizes in books and
magazines will be entirely eliminated
this year.
i.iii(Mi..vy  infill    ** u:i    .'i    Iiu*-,i;
The hall was filled to capac-
..  I. ..!,<-, 4r (\
M FcsisrSm'm-iry WesisSinff
A wedding *����� intciehd ui Valley
people was solmenized at tho home of
Mrs. H. Truscctt on Sam rd ay evening,
February 28th, when Miss Elizabeth,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Waldie of Fairyiew (Nelson), was united
in muri-hiKe with Percy R. Truscott of
Creston, Rev. T. McCord officiating.
The bride's cot-Uninc was of white silk.
4..* \ I  , V        V 1      , 1
JXltL:     LrLILl^tlt:      V. t. i i;       li il.tli'iJriji^i,*,     .(.lili      CliC
event was witnessed by only the
iiiuiii-.iii-.tc friends and relatives. A
mimptunus   wedding  supprr followed
tlu- C!'V'.'!!l"!'.y.     Tile'   happy   event   \\".\".
originally planned for the bride's home
RasphorrlOH,  too, aro  oxpected  to  lift*.but due to the flu epidemic in the Val-
hljilicr In npltn of a lftrjjely Increased   h��y the happy event  had to be tr.-inr-
���i1!*t a r��*r-    ^������r'rT.'* 0 I.i* �����. rr,-.,
.    .        0. ..        .,...,        .. .. Ll ��� x.        ...I''-'''' ' -   - �� ��� t\'   '  '  .    . . ���
was   on    tbe-    Ne-lson     Genera!
ArraiiRomoiits  for united  action  or 1 j   ..(i
all the ';i't'W(.-i'!!  hnvi" i��lnn  li.-.-n   eiiml.-  1
and It Is fully expected that acting iih
a unit all troubles ariHlnn from freight
rates, labor troubles, sugar tdtortage
etc., will be reduced  to it minimum.
At.  Trail   thc.   school   trustee-:-,   hrivo
heen given $1200 to purchase a site for
i.     linen    liii'li    >i��*lieuil      "eieil     lln.    eiiilliiil
would   not   vote   tlu:   $10,000  anked    to \ ent wish.*.
Hospital iitalf, while the groom is one
of thc Vtilley well-known younger net,
and incidentally the llrat member of
the t'ri-Hton district, brass band  to join
the    IJHiLs   of   the-   lie-lie-elicls.      -Ml.  Illiel
.-.iiii.   iiii;>i:eiil wiii   i��*.,iue-  on   l'urin*..ill
Ranch, and to t hem ik cxt-endeel henrti-
ler a long and nappy wctt-
e-li-ei   "illel  e e|ili|i the iW.Vi hulhlhll-"
d-i-.l life.
Wieiw yia-iif��['^ f'(iin>>iiii)
iK'-feSlSrt-^-Si^ ^M-Be*-!!^ i^lefrl-ipwa^^ ���a^-r^*B'-4*e��Wr^ 'kifa-^-^a-.'r*^-^^ *h^Ji4^-^-*'-iiJ,toWi4<��ffiMt44WmM~~i^^mmUtt*~mit*atti��i't*iJ#4J-wl*B-��ift*-*-*^-iW.Wit-^ it   -A&rMl Wt*(S*r tf^'fcflW-l-^IW-^^
wmmmmmmmt-wmmiiim EHE    "REVIEW,'��������� CEESTOH,   - B.'   {%  jpm-ttmm  Paleness  Changed  I   **>     DA-fifi     |^H/r>/\I^O  Anaemic  Quickly  T  Chlorosis  or  anaemia  thinness of blood.  is  simply  If confined too mucn inuooi's,    an-  Decausc  r-nn^linrl  tne  ���������--;ii-.  lungs  re-v-v-  aemia acvciops,   ;.,0..fr.r.l nm.lt ���������  4XLKJ     lll^ltlll*v.l\.lltl3    gen, and thc blood is consequently  ill-nourished and  halt  starved.  But there is a cure!  Dr. Hamilton has solved thc problem in his famous pills of Mandrake  and Butternut; as a blood ermcher  their equal is not known.  All the functions upon which life  depends are liclocd by Dr. Hamilton's  Pills.  Richness and purity are instilled  with wonderful promptness into the  vital fly id.  Healthy color supplants the pallid,  ashen face.  Better appetite, strong digestion  and dreamless sleep are sure to fol-  s_~.,,.   ������jCcausc  0f  the increased blood  furnished   by  Dr.   Hamilton's  JU w,  supply  Piiis.  Think it over.  Will it pay you to look and fed  half-dead, to lack color and spirit,  when all can be changed by Dr.  Hamilton's  Piiis?  Better act at cnee.  Your case is more curable now than  later on.  Dr. Hamilton personally guarantees  his pills of Mandrake and Butternut.  Their merit is unquestioned.  Thousands of anacmics they havc  cured and kept well.  They will do just the same for you.  Try Dr. Hamilton's Piiis, 25c per box.  friend of years' standing, he was enabled to rent the house practically  furnished.  In the meantime, Mr. Falconer called upon Miss Challand. At first she  wouid not hear of Ruggles's proposition. Darthea's sense of the bizarre  inclined her to favor the idea, but  Miss Challand rather resented Mr,*  Falconer's suggesting such a thing.  But when the old gentleman assured  her that many women of his acquaintance, quite as well connected as she,  were constantly filling such positions  ���������which were, as a matter of fact,  only open to people of birth and  breeding���������Miss Challand began to  grow pensive.  For onc thing, the lease of thcir  apartment was to expire in thc autumn, and they had been informed that  the rent was to bc raised a third*. Miss  Challand had not been able to see just  how thcy were going to be able to  afford to remain in Paris, and Darthea  was very loath to return to England.  And then the astute old gentleman  laid down his best card. Darthea was,  of course, expected to remain with  her aunt, and Ruggler* would feel  more than compensated for her entailment in having before the eyes of  -his wards such an admirable exponent  of what a well-bred young lady should  be. It Miss Chaljand and Darthea  would consent to become members of  thc household, Ruggles would place  at thcir exclusive disposal the pavilion, with its studio, and the apartment  connected with it.    Hc described the  s   Woman f^-scoisasHtesKls  Lydia E������ PinkHasn's Veg-s*  Sable Compound���������Hey  Personal Experience.  studio,  h    its    spaciousness    and  /^^  fl t^*B 11 *S WYm ���������fgo  JD ������.&.l.JULB.g  His  ^  ^  noes  BY  HENRY G. ROWLAND  V  Copyrighted. Printed by special  arrangement with Thos. Allen,  Toronto.  splendid light, and the quiet beauty of  the gardens,  Darthea's studio had been her chief  despair. It cramped and stifled her.  During the winter there were many  whole days when she had not the light  to work at all. But aside from thc  j question of thc studio there were other considerations which inclined Darthea to favor Ruggles's proposition.  One was that she knew her aunt to  be depriving herself of many necessities of life in order that her niece  might not lack for the materials required in her work, such as good colors, canvases, brushes, and the like,  all of which are dear when of the best  quality. Miss Challand stoutly averred that she felt much better without  such luxuries as juicy steaks, cutlets,  chicken, sole, and thc like, but it was  evident to Darthea that her aunt had  been for some time below her robust  normal, and the girl ascribed this to  the need of the proper amount of  nourishing food, well cooked and  served.   The hope of selling a picture  McLean, Neb.���������" I want to recommend Lydia ~~. .Hnkham's Vegetable  Compound to all  women who suffer  from any functional  disturbance, as it  has done me more  gocd than all the  doctor's medicine.  Since taking it I  have a fine healthy  baby girl and have  gained in health "and  strength. My husband and I both  praise your medicine to all suffering  women."���������Mrs. John Koppblmann, E9  No. 1, McLean, Nebraska.  This famous root and herb remedy,  Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, has been restoring women of  America to health for more than forty  years and it will well pay any woman  who suffers from displacements, inflammation, ulceration, irregularities,  backache, headaches, "nervousness or  "tlie blues" to give this successful  remedy a trial.  For special suggestions in regard to  your ailment write Lydia E.- Pinkham  Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass. The result  of its long experience is at your service.  were on the landing one day, waiting]  for the launch. Hassan left them for  a moment . to get something which  had been forgotten, and Selipi was in  the boathouse. his boy, whose name  is Humberto, is the Conte del Castel-  franco, and belongs to one of the best  and oldest families in Italy���������"  "Gee!    He acts up to it, all right,"  panted Ruggles.  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Art is not everything,  despite What artists claim to believe,  and Darthea, being young and full-  naturcd, sadly missed thc recreations  of most girls of her age. She was intensely interested in Kuggies and his  unusual household, and she could not  help but reflect on thc diversion to  be obtained from being a member of  such an unusual menage.  So in the end, after many long and  intricate arguments, the two ladies  gave thcir official acceptance of Ruggles's offer and were in due time installed in thc comfortable pavilion of1  the  Dc  Nitry place.  In due course of time Miss Elliot,  with her four interesting charges, arrived in Paris, to bc met at the station by Mustapha with, thc car, Rugglcs** preferring to welcome thc party  at thc housc.  Miss Elliot* had also in her suite  Selim, that incomparable dragoman  and courier, Sarah, and a little ladies'  maid of Levari tine origin. The five  ladies were placed in the limousine  and dispatched immediately with Mustapha, the other servants following.  t?our rat her dazed and bewildered  danise.-ls offered thcir slim hands to  the smiling Rugglcs, though thc eyes  of one of them were not so amazed  that thcy failed to light with a sudden  glow as tliey looked for a swift instant into those of the master. Thc  jrirls we re-* then turned over to Sarah,  ie.) wliom Mustapha had already indi-  e''.*'r!   their   apartrncnls.  A������������������* I'.'.ey rustled up the marble stairway, u!ii*-.'.'i*.nii',', one to the other,  .Vli-s Elliot turned to Ruggles. Her  I'li;-;!'' I'ae-.e- wore a curious expression  .I. .uu..,!..d ph.i.-.ui'i* lulu pk.'i'ph-Ml.y.  "it's  stunning���������-perfi'cl.Iy stunning!"  Afte  ���������**nid jMj-r tW/ Ai H -J -Xr.  Lo  ���������u  mm n<*'  marble! ���������c-iiliiiuiied  Keepn   Ilu*  Kl-civi   .Soft  and  Hmoolh.  Ml.  I on I  about; hor nf thr.  anio-chaniber and  .'i.iJ-.ly (di:ii������ihe.'.rs. ihat opened off  n 'i:her r.idr*. "Oh, if lie: could  / have fe)!������*si:cn"-���������.And she drew  ���������ii    tin*,    conu.r.-;    of    her   -mobile  .1.  ��������� j r.  XX   tit   A*\TV    vv, i.-.;     r\,{pJ,'    f������*. ,*,!���������������������������  AVJL irritation of the. skin  as a rf-������������������mil; ol: shavino;. 'With  boiyio it as sum oh a form ol  iiV.'/.i\A\U.   AY\<i    ijiJ'jiV.j..   nxii\(iy\u,z    <oi'I    '..in.-,  iti  *;U  I n v  t  iVntly.  i'.-T      vi 1* 111*" i in r      'i       I :  (!1kihi-'.h   < )M*t!n*���������'���������!:'������������������ f  Hi'/.    <,ii r.    i, i' :'��������� jii .������������������ a i  nnd fn.ich .li'.-ri'-nL-'  an  .. i .  n.'t  f.r    Dr.  -���������}'    HhU--  i,.0'hi-Pil  i: r  Itch .ind Kry.*-ni:i. a.---; ei..*'-.*!.  0,1)  ��������� ��������� nail  ,','M* .  !.��������� ,'iijt!*';  , I    *,\: i v i'  '���������'"���������   ' i.V.'  ll' .  .'lid    * he*  '   Kii,'*;|.*  i,, i;,  '  Ru :���������;(', lcs  den ian d-  ��������� 1.,  .,ij.......,.i. i..  .ini,   i, i  chest.     Where-   can  I'm*   ll'llf   'Ml    lleill!*"'"  !'. nggh"', led  her in  ;!,':   billiard      muni,  ��������� ������������������ '���������    ;'*i i       -r ,i .  ,  ,       i\ ii(*,|;i' ���������>       **. e:,i i m*;  vleni.'llideel.  it  lie*  ll i'l'Veil  . ��������� 111,111  'J.    '  -.    little*  ,'!���������. ���������.���������,'..  '.mil', ..*  Cl'lllWI  i'j\  *   '.  st,l    ~Af*>.      km    4    ~~m     i*������*.nmm4  ,r,i:  -���������pi  I,:-:  ���������;.!��������� .iii ii.i.:  lii.n      we  !,    Mi'.'ll'e'c  his round, astonished eyes, then urop-  ped her face into her hands and'her  pretty shoulders began to shake. Ruggles gaped at her, too bewildered to  speak. Miss Elliot's shoulders shook  harder and she began to gasp,  "Say,"    said    Ruggles    solicitously,  "don't do that.    Here���������stop it. What's j  struck you, anyhow?''*  The only answer was a more violent  convulsion. Ruggles reached out one  arm, seized her wrist, and gave it a  tug. Miss Elliot straightened up and  looked at him with a flushed face and  sparkling eyes. Thc gasping ceased.  ''Why don't we need it?" Rugglcs  repeated.  "Because���������because���������they're���������all engaged!"  "Wh-what?"  She nodded. "That is, they_will be  as soon as you give your official consent," said she, "and there's no reason  I  can  see  why-*you  shouldn't."  "Gee!" Rugglcs leaned back in his  chair, speechless. "How engaged?  Engaged to what?"  "Engaged to be married." retorted  Miss Elliot, "and to  four very desirable young men.    Now, listen, while  I  check 'em oft".    First,  there's  Roxana.     Who   do   you   think   wants   to  marry her?"  "Search   me."  "Pembroke."  "P-P-P-Pcinbrokc--"  "No less.    Hc got to coming over  pretty often after you left, and as he  was so nice, and had been a sort  of  an executor, as you might say, I got  in thc habit of asking him for tea at  the  kiosk.     To   tell   thc   truth,"���������she  drew down the corners of her mouth,  ���������"I rather got thc idea that he was  interested in mc."  "In  you!"   Rugglcs's   tiDnc was  not  the height of flattery.  "Well, you needn't bc so terribly  complimentary. He'd been awfnllv  nice to me, and I began to get ideas.  :But no such luck. He came to look  at Roxana���������and you really can't  blame him much, considering that she  was the pick of a section of country  about the size of France. Mc ta'.ked  to her a good deal, but that wasn't  surprising, as she is far the most intelligent of the lot. Then one day  she sang some: weird little melancholy  songs to the accompaniment of the  harp, nnd���������-Oh, what was lhe use?  lie's crazy about her. Thc day before  wc left, he told me that lie was coming on to marry her. Ho take.; your  consent   fen- granted."  "Ge.e.!���������"  Ruggles   reached for    his  hattdkojvhi.-!".  "Well, ilmn," Miss Elliot continued,  with  some  of  Imr  habitual  briskness,  "the next victim was Rosa���������"  "Rosa-.-lh.-u  baby?    Oh, say���������?"  "That baby can walk ami talk," said  Miss   Elliot dryly.    "That baby drugged Hassan and climbed down a wistaria   vine,   with   lhc   assistance   of   a  handsome   yiung     Italian   who   lives  with   his   invalid     mother  in   ono   of  'hf'!'.f   villa ���������   <,���������.���������)   the   rd.'i-   n*f  the   Ror:-  pliorus  jii'-t   below   the.   palace.     For-  hma'e'ly      I   happe-ned-    to   be   rather  sEeples������������������*, thai night anel heard thc: vine  instil* ami went  out with Sarah to in-  *.*'*'���������'.!:'. '! ���������'.      W.���������   cat';-!'.!    thm**   in   r:\r)\  othe;���������'.���������'.     .*:;,,.     on   the   stone     bench  where   ymi   :,;i(   and   waiteel   that  day.  In spile- e������f pi ; jii<1 i���������-���������,rri'c"t behavior, he  ���������it-riiii'il   in   in*   ;i   nie-e*   lieiy,   and   alter  .���������,..1,1.1      r ,,    ' ,      I , . .1  ,  -.   .1 '.. ,1      .VI r... I      tl...   ,V      1. W      lllll  I   had   a   lit,!'*   ia!!.   with   him.     Tlir  np-  ������������������lml     eil     il     V*,;,.;     |)(;    t,.)p)     ||',;    ]| i ,'i     11.11110  aiwl Ik.w it all e*anie* about.    The girhi  Bashful Jimson who had sought advice as to what to say upon his first  call amazed thc young woman by asking carelessly as he took the profcrred  hand: "How's your mother and things  like that?"  ���������pWLrssr 1  <r*m  Don'e luet ������tk for ��������� bos df  -matches. Ask fo? "A Bos ef  Bddy'*". j  See tho-cilie aarac is ers esvery  box you buy. It is your guar-  antec of safety and match satisfaction. Over 60 years oi  manufacturing experience is  back of it.  There's a match for every  purpose  vs the_ netrly 40  different Sddy brands.  Ask  for  Eddy's ������������������Silent  Five".   It's the besC of ���������������������������Ji.  ���������THE a Si. EDD������ CO.. LIMiTEi /  HULL CANADA        '  ���������*.  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Send  stamp for particulars. National Manufacturing Co., Montreal.  An English vicar and his curate had  quarelled and the latter was requested  to find some other congregation to  minister to. The curate therefore  preached his farewell sermon, and the  parishioners, came in crowds to hear  him.    "My text,"  he  said,  "is  taken  00..,a-~.*.0.t0t,0t.0~0.*m..������.Q..������..t.*9���������9~mi4%m0t.0..9m9..mit0.X  \   it Works! Try it  Tells   how   to   loo-Ben   a   sore,  tender corn so Ift lifts  out without pain.  i-i..  r.n'v  rxt  A  l-**-.-***"--* \x~-\ mxm  xix\JV XXXQ      ~r ~\.  "Tarry ye here with the ass, while I  *   *   *   *   go yonder/"  mt.Qm9tt&.1im&mmmtt&il���������ttg*l3tv9Um..  Good news spreads rapidly, and  druggists here are kept busy dispensing freezone, the ether discovery of a  Cincinnati man, which is said to  loosen any corn so it lifts out with the  fingers.  Ask at any pharmacy for a quarter  ounce of freezone, which ���������will cost  very little, but is said to be sufficient  to rid one's feet of every hard or soft  -x~T-r a. > t        *V ��������� *\.h<.m>/������    .  You apply just a few drops on the  tender, aching corn and "instantly the  soreness is relieved, and soon the  corn is so shrivelled that it lifts out  without pain. It is a sticky substance  which dries when applied arid never j  inflames or even irritates the adjoining tissue.  This discovery will prevent thousands of deaths annually from lockjaw and infection heretofore resulting  from the suicidal habit of cutting  corns.  Rich ,Red Blood Necessary to Health  And Strength  If more people knew how many ills  and pains are caused by thin, watery  blood a great deal of suffering would  be avoided. Men and women often  suffer for long periods from stomach  trouble, headache, palpitation of the  heart, and nervous complaints such as  neuralgia, without suspecting that  anaemia or bloodlessness is the cause.  The blood "oes to Tsctic3l1v eeverv  part of the body, carrying oxygen and  nourishment. The efficient action of  every organ is directly dependent up-  on the quality of the nourishment it  gets from the blood. If the blood is  thin it becomes weak in nourishment  and   health   fails.     The  best   way   to  I."-.*.**-.      *-l.^      V*.!^-.*-..-!      ~vr.tr.      r,-x A     ~mA     r.*vd\      ���������J-Tl ��������� 1 d  }-.\.-^^      -.*.���������*.       MlUUVl      .*._������������      M-.������*k*      ..x-\0     tx.,..      X..X.X,  enjoy good health is through the use  of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. At the  first sign of weakness these pills  should be taken and good robust  health will soon follow. The statement of Mrs. j. j. Murray, Corbetton,  Ont., shows the value of Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills in cases of this kind. She  says:���������"A few years ago my daughter,  ) Lillie, _was in a very badly run down  condition. She was pale, thin, and  scarcely able to go about. The least  exertion made her heart palpitate so  violently that we were actually afraid  one of these spells might carry her  off. She slept so badly that often she  would lie awake until morning. Treat-  uent did not seem to help her and we  1-^0^  ������������������fa^i    ��������� ���������  ilf      i lUfmf-   ���������     ������������������     -3^|7*gerr**erM...L*. xT.-*V  -j|������^ete!������wB!  jS7TS.'a-������ ****>*  *>^Hf "���������"���������-<4g(W ���������"- *sau  You Require a Garden.  t& Reduce She High Cost ef Living  will do the rest0  The*|f But Ouly sfOvr, out ������iiv  produco the largest and best crops.  ~*r~~ for the asking.     Our 1728-page catalogue of Ses-ed*,  Plants, Bulbs, Poultry Supplies, Garden  Ire  etc.. 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A doctor was called in bui his  medicine did not seem to bring back  my strength, and remembering what  Dr. Williams Pink Pills had done for  my daughter, I decided to drop the  doctor's medicine and try them. The  results that followed were like those  in my daughter's case, and through  the use of the pills I was soon a well  woman. I am glad to give my experience in the hope that some other sufferer may find the way to health."  You can procure Dr. Williams Pink  Pills through any dealer in medicine,  or they will be sent you by mail at SO  cents a box or six boxes for $2.50 by  writing direct to The Dr. Williams  Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.  Population of Winnipeg  Greater Winnipeg has a population  of 221,708, according to information  given out by Hon. J. W. Armstrong,  municipal commissioner, and compiled from returns made by the secretary-treasurer of the municipality.  Brandon is second among Manitoba cities with 14,012" population;  Portage La Prairie is third.  Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cored  by local applications, as they cannot reach"  the diseased portion oi the ear. There ia  only one way to cure Catarrhal Desfricas.  and that is by a constitutional remedy.  HALL'S CATARRH MEDICINE acta  through the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces  oi the System. Catarrhal Deafness ia caused  by an inflamed condition ol the mucous lining oi the Eustachian Tube. When this tube  is inflamed yen* have a rumbling sound or  imperfect hearing-, and when it is entirely  closed. Deafness is the result. v Unless the  inflammation can be reduced and this tube  restored to its normal condition, hearing may  be destroyed forever. Many cases of Deafness are caused by Catarrh, which is nn inflamed  condition  of  the  Mucous  Surfaces.  ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for any  case of Catarrhal Deafness that cannot be  cured  by   HALL'S  CATARRH   MEDICINE.  AH   Drugista  75c.     Circulars   free.  F. J. Cheney & Co.  Toledo. Ohio.  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The airdromen  arc to bc used for inst ruction and  government work, according to Major  McLaren, of the Canadian  Air Board.  VV.  N.       U.  1303  Wiftf \  A Happy Family  BY Dlt. 0. a BOWEI18.  A happy family la one that can sit down to the table with keMh  appetites and good cheer.   Plenty of the out-of-doora and cleanliness,  iuuiuo uiiu outride o* tho tody, Trill mr.ko for -henlth, wealth and  happiness.   Your  doctor  will   tell   you  that   anything  from  a  headache to the most serious illness may result from allowing food  to ferment In the intestines.   The first thing to do in case you feel  mean, logy, dull, perhaps feverish, la to fluah tho liver and kidneys,  drink plenty of water, nnd tako a dose of castor oil, or, Eoraethinflj  better, made of May-ftppl������t aloin and jalap, and long sold by almost  every ������n*EC^ "��������� TV TPWr-AV Plm������iivnt- Pellets.   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St.-72.  ^&P":ZZZZ?Z  ���������IMll-l>-WII������ii������,^'i*������,'r*rlr-*������������^ WIW.J  ������*������iiffinin  HiffP  ,,^.,.ito,iK,,1������U,*..i*-',-..-^,^  -i^***,^,-^^^''''^^ utmm MBas^Mg^NftWi*.^  fy.*----*-*-*.**-*-*.^ -5W-WUW  ��������� ���������������������������,~-   mrimdm.   **.r-.-xdtmf*. j *,*.--. -"   ���������-'������������������" ' "��������� '"i���������i-  i- '^tiwto-ni*������^iirn������������wi������w*������B������wiBir>������is^WBKiB^ ^ f*^-3^*!!SVWm 8BSHBH9HS?  mm  BM���������^**1^  THE  CBESTCK  BEVIEW  issued every Friday at Creston. B.C.  sBnbsGi-iption : $2 a year in advance.  S2-50 to U.S. points.  C. P. Hayes, Editor and Owner.  CRESTON, B.C., FRIDAY, MAR. 12  To our readers, at outside points  particularly, a word of explanation  is due for the non-arrival of The  Review of February 27th and  March 5th. ������  The reason for this omission is  not difficult to state. On the  morning of February 23rd an overheated stovepipe set tire to the  front part of The Review building, and before the blaze was extinguished, the business office and  .stockroom were totally destroyed,  while the printery and pressroom  in the back part were also messed  up by the blaze and the efforts of  the fire-fighters to confine the eon-  Jiagration to the front office.  In addition to the fire damage  the printery was badly disarranged  owing t.o the hasty removal of tlie  entire plant with the exception of  the two presses and paper cutter,  and pending the arrival of the insurance adjuster from Calgary to  appraise the fire loss it was impossible to put the plant back in  working shape.  To add to the trouble the adjuster was taken ill en route here, and  did not arrive until March 2nd,  and although he speedily and yery  satisfactorily arranged matters it  was then too late in the week to  handle an issue for March 5th, so  there was norhing for it but the  two weeks' skip.  In connection with our misfortune we take this opportunity to  genuinely thank the able corps of  volunteer fire-fighters who responded to the alorm and with nothing  hat a bucket brigade to cope with  the situation fought the fire so successfully as to keep* it from spread-  careful effort of those who helped  salvage the type, etc. That they  were able to successfully remove  the quite complete plant, we have  with but one spill.of type is the  best testimony we can offer to  their care and ability.        . .  Our thanks are also due the  Cranbrook Courier and Herald,  both of which offices wired that  their plants were at our disposal  and that if we supplied the "copy"  they would jointly or severally see  to it that no issue of The Review  need be missed.  In about ten days we hope to be  OCulipyiiig; preiJuiSeB JuiliCil nl6 83.li.i-o  as before the fire, which occasioned  a loss of ������800 fairly well covered  by insurance. As soon as the front  office i.s available and telephone reinstalled we hope.-, to have The  REVIEW in its old-time shape to  serve up the news while it is news  of Crestoii Valley.  ���������HE Demand Will Exceed the  Output  Now!  The Ford Company advise that,  on account of the shortage of raw  material, they entertain no hope of  supplying the demand for Ford  Cars during the coming season.  if^\m-~Sr* *   -3-S    I    I  iTm-m"r^%  ������--���������*-    m~  V-^^Jiri. tCd%d-.~m\04*m~mm~m-V'%~4-XX-~  VTA  ��������� mm   s   ������   -.   *~\  VV JLJB.X  U^r-  small compared with the demand  uiat  ��������� ���������-������������������-  "-XT. B I  W AJ.JL  mtTrn  J. J. J.  lit-l     .~ Or V   iU  tlUiiSS-  UI&J,    Llltryj      lill-cr;    {JllliL'T  ing of keeping it from catching  em Orr's jewelry store, which is but  three feet distant. We also equally  fully appreciate   the   splendid and  Editor Review:  Sir,���������A little over a year ago  we had an epidemic of influenza,  and again during the past two  weeks we have had another seige  of it.  Last year we were unprepared  inasmuch as we had no hospital  prepared, no regular staff of nurses  and no i-egular system laid out to  tight the complaint. The consequence was thac temporary premises had to be obtained, hurriedly  furnished and voluntary aid called  upon, and the best possible done for  patients under the existing circumstances.  In spite of this experience nothing appears to have been done in  the way of preparedness for a recurrence, hence'the same temporary  expedients had again to be rpsorted  to and through the energetic efforts  of the ladies of the Red Cross aided  by volunteer nurses with the supervision of our local doctor good work  has been done, and all credit, praise  and t lanks are due to this unselfish  little   band   of  workers,   many   of  i-KrXxix\Jty.  T._.  Ail  order to obtain this allotment it  will be necessary to show the Ford  Company the actual orders.  '"' '"-v.  As Ford Dealers in this district  we are anxious to serve the community to the best of our ability.  By placing your order now you will  *~*.4tm.d&m0l mrx. frm     vr -r *-x. Tt-a mm      *0*m^-i. -0m  ��������� _      X-t  HJJSUIC   yOUASCII  at a later date.  kj\~  KZ&L  152  CRESTON AUTO & SUPPLY   -   Dea!  ,(W1VA  ***���������������  CRESTON  llQQ  BUSINESS ACCOUNT!  The complete banking facilities provided at  all our branches enable this Bank to give  Business Accounts the care and attention they  need and deserve.  The Merchant and the Manufacturer will find  the services rendered by this Bank of the greatest  assistance  in  conducting their business.     2oo  OF  CANADA  CRESTON BRANCH,  C. W. ALIEN,  Manager.  1 mmamsmm  FOIL  Sulphur, Lime, and Field Seeds  \xsm&!Zl- ���������gaagjsoHantw^  I'.V  Ji'  VVn<*;  r  ~  ti  IX  r*  i  ���������mmI ( );its \v<-  what   you   want, in  S<>(><1  r,ui have, t li'*sf, indue bid  ���������el   ;(!���������'!   -'<..v'*  vni) nie ir-i-'V.  j .1  1 < ���������  ��������� 1,{, 11 >���������(.  ';!!  ��������� yrri  Ohio Seed Potatoes  al  a. vv?,v>M\v,\\in; jjim:*'  UN.  i f;rP5f(in Friiil |I������iTi$Hf& iifliOMI  4      ...   ..   .     0  .���������  ���������.,,   ~ m ~ -. x.       m     ������.���������������>.< \i.  4. ���������    10 10   ~t ..   L. m 0.    ^, x. V0.00 iiUl Lxxi ,, ���������      U  whom   have  had  own homes.  But, Mr. Editor, Creston  grown out of its swaddling clothes  aud will continue to grow, and  should stand on its own feet and  not be dependent on the good nature of a few citizens only to take  care of the sick. Is it not time a  small hospital should be established  and maintained? Many places  smaller than Creston support small  hospitals, and in looking over the  Public Accounts of the Provincial  Government I note some 68 hospitals receive aid in ihe way of statutory grants from tbe government  besides which last year speoial  grants were made. Why not  Creston ?  Of   course   it   is   necessary,   no  doubt that thc public should make  a start;   lirst by way of subscription, and to this end I would respectfully  suggest���������having all   duo  respect to   our  noble  citizens who  laid flown thoir  lives for our sakes  in tho late war���������that the commit  too in   charge of   tho Soldiers' Memorial    Fund    seriously   consider  whether tho amount of money subscribed  for a memorial wonld  not  be as well spent in erecting a nma'1  hospital building and dedicating it  ���������i..-,   it   Moldr.u-,' iMciiiOii;������l II.or-pit.-il,  thus accomplishing its purpose as a  memorial   to   our  dead   heroes   as  well im being an aid to tho living.  M.e.y 5 i-itid..-, in conolu.'iion. that i  have takon upon myself to write to  ilu- l 'iivi-nniu'ia lor full particulari-i  11 in n'l'i'i-i'iioo to hospital grants, etc.,  iiml   hi   the'  niiHiitinu-    1    hopo  tho  oiti/oiis will give thoir earnest and  'leM-i'iiiM llieniidilu tei (bin very noces-  P   niiry  iin-l il .ulinn.  |! K.   M Al-lrANOAINK..  ana <&u  along with Tire Repairing material have advanced but we/ will sell  for  March at old prices.  If you have an old-tire with a bad blow-out get one of  our Porcupine Blow-Out Boots; it will hold the  life of the tire.  BRING IN YOUR CAR FOR AN OVERHAUL���������  we have the repairs and will guarantee our workmanship.  IF YOU WANT A FORD and don't book early don't  cuss us if we cannot supply later.  CRESTON AUTO & SUPPLY  *     R S. BEVAN, Manager.  s  mnwii m i matm *:���������*  UNPREPAREDNESS  ���������FAILURE  A ban> account is an assistant  in character building. It establishes the  confidence, independence and pride which  incren sos offort and paves the way to success.  Open an account to-day  and be  ���������*T " r,A 0  ���������nrenared.  74 A  THE CANADIAN BANK  mTxn ir*r\\\*Anm^r2<nr?  LIMITED  I Hi*  I'lliellft*  CllipleiJ'e'e-H  1(1     I r.en   men;  jii'it   h.'e'ii  |-lve*ii  ;i  !,0 e*e>n(n a  elay  mine  11!    I I, I v.  PAID-UP CAPITAL  RliSERVE FUND  r*-������\ '.���������������*-iMV^>T     VH>    *���������������   tTinilT  <wlV.t   - *,-* m.    \-y 4. <���������       m** ~----m������*A   -m-mm-p  $15,000,000  ���������li-l!>,000,UUtl  i-������**m ������ -^j-ff, tt-w-Pfti. n  VttAtAJ***l4Almm04Ammmdimi0dld>mmtUa-mmLdLmim.t^^  xi.~L.~x  mmm*****, *-niw������M^e,^������*-i������wiir.-i In Men's, Women's arid Children's  footwear we are indeed fortunate-iii  being able to offer such   new  and ���������  popular shoes at such conservative,  .     .     .     low prices     .     .     v  Besides the other excellent qualities our new  shoes are so comfortable that you can forget all  about your feet and never realize that you have  on new shoes until you take them off.  Men's Work  Shoes at $6,50 pair  This is a line that merits special attention.   This  CitTi sxsx.     S~.tr*. xrx xrx -**���������+*      |-**^     I*-**, tm ^~I     ^<X7 s������ ���������*"v ' '*"*' "^ ** ��������� ^   *"* *^"    ^* ���������****��������� **>l   ^-xtxm m+.lmx,    4- rv/4/\ ���������w*  ~JM.Jt\X~f\xJ      ���������%~4-dm/M.M.m.XX-iS- nJ       *^/\S      Jt\~V\^~\jt\        *V ������   Al \/AW-VjCl/ivy    -������l U     L/il S. *5      S^JiiV^*^     !^ V.-V*-������!/V *3  ���������'���������.-.*��������� i    ;x .   ������/  3  ������  GENERAL MERCHANT  At Fernie the fire loss during 1919  was less than $5000.  Kaslo fire brigade took In over ������160  at their annual ball last week.  Slocan "Lake will be restocked with  trout from the hatchery at Gerrard.  ���������      *l   ' J Li   :Li'P'<: ?.  "Revelstoke. claims to be the home of  the world's three amateur ski jumpers.  <dra*ad: Fbrks Presbyterian church  has a junior choir with SO members.  The C. P.f'BU..;sawmill at Yahk is expected to commence sawing early in  March.  ���������_, Fernie council has cut police magistrate Whimster's salary from $100 to  $50 a month.  V "Thisf yeajr the laborers employed by  tVe'Rossiland city council will draw  $4.50 iper day.  "Last year-Penticton dealers sold 250  autos. This year they expect to hit  the 350 mark.  ���������'- The store clerks at F-srnie have organized a union, with a membership of  25: to start withr ������������������  Even the clergymen at Cranbrook  are receiving price lists from export  houses in j Alberta.  Nelson hospital has a nursing staff  totalling twenty,   a if teen of them are  UUldca  ill   li auuug.  Trs'l smelter will enlar*qrs its copper  refinery to increase the output from 20  to 5*0 tons per dey.    ,���������.  The.school .tax rate at Penticton  this year will be 14 mills. A year ago  8 mills was ample.  The big Swift^packing house refuses  to sell meat to those who have butcher  of-aiio at- fho Ttntialant, nnhlifi market.  Wisconsin and Michigan lumber interests are reported to have paid $400,-  000 for 10,000 acres of timber on the  Moyie River, and may build a mill at  Wattsburg or thereabout wherein to  manufacture it. The timber is largely  spruce.  The Presbyterian Ladies' Aid at Pen  ticton, which has been out of business for five years, in order to allow  the" members to busy themselves at  Red Cross work, has been reorganized  and is out to get enough money to buy  a new organ for the church.  The no-bsiow-sero weather story emanating at Kaslo would not appear to  be quite correct. At Shutty wench,  one of the suburbs, Mr. Shutty found  it necessary to heat his hen house, and  stoked up so vigorously one night rec-  r.m.X**~    XTxrtX    4-Srt rx    ~trx,.S t-*0VT    4vTlV4^A     d*t* VV CT*h *fr   *fil*0  ���������������Altrljr      IrXLXJiLi     1.11*0    Jfc*V, LXX X.X Jl      OX0trt*    x-^.vtl&x0 w   ~-0 xr  and was burned to the ground.  States,,but is not sure of his stopping  place.- "He has sold his ranch here to  Mr. Anderson, a recent comer to  Wynndel.  Butterfield & Son   haye   enlarged  their store somewhat during the past  week, while the "Wynndel Mercantile,  Co. have also improved their place of  business in the way of new steps.  Miss M. Penson is home from I*Iei-  son for a holiday visit with her parents  here.  Mr. Childs, who has been here from.  Cranbrook helping R. Eakin erect his  new house, returned to the divisional  city a few days ago. Mr, Eakin has  also gene back to Cranbrook;  WATER NOTICE  DIVERSION AND USE  This week's arrival of  include a large shipment of  English    Ginghams    in    Plain  Grounds, Checks,   Stripes, &c.  Nurse Cloth,   Galateas,   Muslins  Lawns, Voiles,   Crepes  Shirtings,    Madalopans  Cambrics, Long Cloths  These goods have been placed in stock and  marked at prices that are hard to duplicate.  All above goods are true dyes, and are guaranteed fast in color.  Creston  LIMITED  ifc^-^^iyifc*ii*ii,w������'jl  >|1*fM������^^*W^'!������,#  Si- you are needing*  or  now is the time to buy  We have   just   unloaded a  car  j.4'    ll.fi .,.    .v4-     1 ���������*���������,.,.,.ir.*t  The hospital, at Cranbrook is filled  to capacity. "Last week three of the  nurses were numbered among the patients. - ^ ���������  :Saturday,last was a busy day. at  Kaslo hospital: Dr. Martin was down  from Nelson and performed three operations.  Since its incorporation ia 1899 Revelstoke has had twelve different mayors.  H. F. McKinnonhas had the job for  five years. "  The Presbyterian pastor at Penticton reports^that last year the Sunday  school attendance averaged 98 pupils  per Sunday.  Grand Forks claims its fruit export  in 1919 was almost $260,000. About  $45,000 worth of vegetables were also  shipped out.  Vernon's 1920, mayor is a returned  soldier. in: a three-cornered' fight he  had a majority over the total -voi- of  his two opponents.  Trail police court gathered'in $2300  in fines last year, thereby reducing the  cost of police protection to some $1700  direct from the taxes.  Oscar Erickson claims) to have received $1900 for 36 marten skins*,which he  trapped on Findlay Creek, a tributary  to the Kootenay River.  Kaslo Presbyterians are out to raise  $1500 this year for the^ pastor's salary  and be thereby independent of any  mission fund handouts.  At Revelstoke the farmers are asking the council to erect a municipal  drive shed in which the rural visitors  can put their driving rigs and nags.  At Fernie they are not hoping for  much improvement in law observance.  For 1920 the council estimates the  police court fines will amount to $2500.  As only $140 was collected in fines  last year Grand Forks council cannot  see its way clear to give Magistrate  McCallum a $600 a year boost in salary.  A religious census of Kaslo shows  the town to have a population of. just  under 800. Included in the lot ia a  couple of dozen Chinamen and one  Jap.  Things aro running so smooth in  other directions at Cranbrook that tho  board of trade will ask the council to  oil rather than sprinkle tho city  streets this year.  At Trail a home nursling class is organized   and   about  two  dozen  girls  aro receiving instructions to be ready  for emergencies If tho flu breaks out  again in that city.  Notwithstanding anticipated substantial rovonuos from police court  fines at thoir Fobruary mooting For-  nlo council decided to got along with  one leas pollcoman.  Principal Glaopol of Grand Forks  public nchool wants a raloo in pay from  $174 to $240 a month. Failure to got  tlio raise  will noo him quit teaching  to no Into commercial life.  Mr. and Mrs. K. Kosendale entertained delightfully at cards on Wednesday evening, Feb. 25th, at which  the lucky winners were Miss M. Ring-  heim and Monrad Wigen. Refreshments were served at midnight, after  which cards were indulged in' for a  short time. Aii present thoroughly  enjoyed the evening throughout.  Miss Croteh, who has been a yisitor  with her sister, Mrs. xfutfcerSeid, has  returned to Diamond City, Alta.  vv. J. B. Biker of Nelson, the provincial ""water rights engineer, was  here on a professiorfal visit the latter  part of the month.  While walking along the track on  Thursday of last week Wally*Johnson  shot a lynx���������the first one taken in the  Duck Creek section this winter.  P, Wallace of Fernie. who was employed at the Wynndel*'box factory  all last season, has returned and is  again on the M. Wigen payroll.  F. F. Packman got back from the  United Farmers convention at Victoria on March 1st. While he was  away Mrs. Packman was a visitor  with Mrs. Sadler.  Ed. Southwell left here a few'daya  ago  for   keeps.    He is going to the  Take  notice   thaw   C.   U.   Ugilvie,  whose address is Wynndel, B.C., will  apply for a* license to take and use 75  gallons per minute of water oufcjof a  spring to be known as Deer Spring,  located about 1500 feet from the N.W.  corner of Block 18,  Lot 279,   Cory's  Subdivision, in a northerly direction  up on the side of Duck Creek Mountain.   The water will be diverted from,  the spring in  wooden or iron pipes  along tbe boundary line of Blocks 27  and 20 and Blocks 26 and 19 t-o the  northwest corner of Bloek IS, .Lot 279,  Cory's Subdiyision, and will be used  for irrigation and domestic rjurnoses  on Block 18, Lot 279, Cory's "Subdivision.   This notice was posted on the  ground on the 2yth day of February,  1929,   A copy of this notice and an  application pursuant thereto and to  the Water Act, 1914, will be filed in  the office of the Water Recorder at  Nelson.    Ohjections to the application  may be filed with the said Water Recorder,  or with the   Comptroller of  Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,  Victoria. B.C.. within fifty days after  the first appearance of this notice in a  local newspaper.   The date of tbe first  appearance of this notice is March 12,  1920; C. D. OGILVIE, Applicant.  a mtjmmScS.     ~-i  <9  if IHPpSlS 9? m  land Ad Amendments  ouiteirieia s  j������I IfiHT  S4-TB B B-B*01l B  Wyimdelj B,C.  BUTTERFIELD & SON  beg to notify their OLD  FRIENDS that they have  added to their stock of  GROCERIES an assortment of HARDWARE  and SOFT GOODS.  By arrangement with merchants  in Creston   and Nelson  anything   not  in   stock  can   be   supplied   at  24  hours notice.  Is there any  in  House?  P-.44p.llfj.IH  41%'.'  .-Hit-  5?  ~ n mm m -"���������<r *��������� *r*������  rt������  IJf  Tho   forward   movement   wont   oft.  well at Penticton.   Tho Anglicans got  HO  per  cont  more  than  their  quota,  .--1-jllr,   -I'l*].    Y*.-,f-,r-'ri>yf rii>l'*i-tir,  r-������ 1 i-v-r, r\ !-��������� I  *���������) vAl-e-lrwl I  tho amount required of thorn.  Cranbrook needs  moro and hotter  hotel accommodation und the board ot  trado will utile tho C.P.R. to oroct   a  moilcm  and  cuiamudluiui  hontulry  in  (.lio Eaiit Kootenay motropollit.  Tf fiufflcloiit nmv bwilnoMfi In fm-nlnli-  od the telephone company at For nlo it  iii  lu-opoL-t-d  to cut tin*, rate on houiio  phoned  to SS1H0 por month ami  buul-  ncim phonon will cont only tfif'.OO.  This is tho first f|nes-  tion that presents itself  to the housewife it an  unexpected visitor drops  iu for a meal. But why  worry ?  Shamrock Brand  Hams and Bacon  Finest   Quality  Cooked Ham  jL-i.ti<-.4i  >* iii  ifXt-Ul  Bologna, &c.  are v always*- to he had  iii-tv. in iiu-titti nolniUK  qtiiti) equal*; 'Shamrock  jn-odiictH.  %H    B  B^EkS   m\^  - ** \uf || -*-������ m ty ^jjt  Minimum price of first-class land  reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to  $2.60 an acre.  Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.  ���������Records will be'granted covertoe only  land suitable lor agricultural purposes  and -which is non-timber land.  Partnership pre-emptions abolished,  but parties of not more than four may  arrange for adjacent -pre-emptions  with joint residence, but each making  necessary improvements on respective  elaima. <gp  Pre-emptors must occupy claims for  five years and make improvements to  value ot $10 per acre, Including--clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,  before receiving Crown Grant. .  Where pre-emptor in occupation not  less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, bs  granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.  Records without permanent residence may be issued, nrovided applicant makes improvements to extent of  $300 per annum and records same each  year. Failure to make improvements  or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in  less than 5 years, and im-orovements.  of $10.00 per acre, including 5 acres  cleared. and cultivated, and residence  of at least 2 years are required. ---������  Pre-emptor holding Crown grant  may record another pre-emption. If he  requires land in conjunction with his  farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made  and residence maintained on Crown  granted land.  Unsurveyod areas, not exceeding 20  acres, muy bo leased -uo homesltea:  tltlo to be obtained after fulfilling resi-  ufintial and Improvement conditions.  For grazing and Industrial purposes  areas exceeding 640 acres may bo  leasea by ono person or company.  Mill, factory or industrial sites cr.  timber land not exceeding 40 acres  may be purchased; conditions Include  payment of stumpage.  Nattiral   hay  meadows   Inaccessible  by f.-f.1*3*-**1." roacls ma>' fc-3 Durcha-jad  conditional upon construction of a road  to -them. Rebate of one-half of cost of  road, not exceeding half of purchase  price, is made.  PRE-EMPTORS* FREE GRANTS  ^ ACT.  The Mono of this Act Is enlarged to  Include all persona joining and serving with His Majesty's BVji-coh. Tho  timo within which tho helra or devisees  or a doceasod pre-omptor may apply  for title under this Act is extendod  from for ono yoar from tho death of  such person, as formerly, until one  year after tho conclusion of the prooent  "������������������ii*. x.IlIu i>rlvU*cta" '���������>������ wle-io limuo ro-  trouctlvij. m.  No rcc* relating to pre-emptionoore  duo or payable by Holdleru on preemptions recorded after Juno 20. 1018  Taxes aro remitted for five years  Provl-ilon for return of mouoys ac-  Sru,*^'.duo and b0<m l)a,rt ������lnco August  4, 1014, on account of payments, fees  dr taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.  Interent on inrr<-e>m������ntn to purchoK-a  ^.uVJL0*** ,ota _hold hy members of  Allied Forces, or dependents, acqutred  direct or Indirect,  remitted from ot������-  lli.tleuntl tee  Mier.'h  ill    ViVee  8UD-PURCHA8ER0  OF  CROWN  4, LANDS.  Provtaton made for Issuance of  Crown grants to nub-purchanorn of  Crown   L-andi*.   acquiring  rights  from  (purchftoo, Invoivlnif'forfclturor^on'fuit  u'linom of conditions or purchase. In-  tcr-Aut and taxes. Whore nub-purcna������-  era do not claim wholo of original parcel, p'urcl;i^,0 iu'Sg-o Juo unel luxiui inny  tl*       /IliifrltHltOrl       t^rrx.srs.-t I,-... r. 4  witolo   ujrwtA.       Amilicuuoiu*  ���������m-via by Mny 1, 1810.  f-i may  must   it-  J  ORAZINO.  arJUlnc   Act.   I~x0.   for    -xynUmatlo  development of livestock industry Dro-  vlel-ue*  for  ttrs*win;**  iHMtrlot*"   ������"rt   *-������   admlnluimtlon under Commlualomtr'  Aiwiiiii- urukitur permits Inem-vl )WH*^  on i-uiuiM-rn leueKiii, -priority ror eutub-  llnfieft/l      owile-rn. Meork-Aivne*���������������     v v...  form AttHoctutlons for range inanugV-  ment.    V-rnts, or partially r-*������n, permitm  tu t~u li4im~. '  '^"v  aaj^^*^^^^*rt.���������fe^  fti^WWWII^WrWJ^^ ^|-]I||I^|IW^^  , f'-t^!-""*"-^^���������^is^-*'^-*mAj0iinya~.**ddm0i*i������mJti4i0mvm<'*Htii-tiii\i,-jj.iirA>i^.^taS.ixMt.j+mr.mti.dii.vi*#iipiHfpm&mi&mi>i*m'i-'tr4ll WWH|w*������ir*Wfiiiie**JW-hi*-ttHkitf i-iiyimJ~W*IWit$S^ir<U!'. Itched andBurned. Scarcely Slept. Cuticura Heals.  ciuipicS SucCtcu u>y iSiSS.'    Tlifcy  were large and always festered, and  "ST??.,  they -were scattered aU over  -o/iiiX my f3ce.   They afterwards  a ���������s^1F������3turned   into   acalea   and  ,^  ftP when  they fell  off they  Vr.^-**r    left big -marka until   my I  face was disfigured. They  itched and burned so that  1 scarcely slept at all.  "I had been bothered for nearly  two months b-tfore I started using  Cuticura, and after I had t\sed three  boxes of Cuticura Ointment-with the  Cuticura Soap I -was completely  healed." (Signed) Mis3 L. Burns,  St. Bazile, Que., June 6, 1-313.  Use Cuticura Soap, Ointment and  | Talcum for all toilet purposes.  For free sample each of Cattaira Soon, Ointment ond Talcum address post-card: "CuUeW������,  Sept. A, Ooitoti, tf. S. A."   Sold everywhere.  tmxmrrwtl  life ia tlie Old Land Ye  Filled with admiration as all Canadians were by the wonderful achievements cf Great Britain 'during the  war, and proud that the Old Land  stood ready to sacrifice anything and  everything to win victory for liberty,  humanity and civilization, many people were apprehensive that when the  .war was over Britain would be so financially weakened, and so disorganized industrially, that it would have  permanently lost its outstanding  position among the nations of thc  world; that, in a word, British preeminence in finance, shipping and  world trade would have passed beyond recall to the United  States.  In order to carry on the war, Great  Britain not only spent huge sums herself, but loaned hundreds of millions  to nations upon rather doubtful security. In order to do this thc Old  Land disposed of her foreign-held  securities, which constituted one of  the large sources of her national income, and from being a lending nation  became a borrowing one, obtaining  enormous sums from the United  States. In many quarters it was confidently predicted that, as a result.  New York and not London would be  the future financial centre of the  world.  During the war British shipping  was destroyed by the piratical submarines faster than new ships could  bc built, while practically all the shipping in existence was diverted from  mercantile to war purposes. Coincident with this, the United States,  which prior to the war had no mercantile marine worthy the name, seized thc occasion to embark upon a  great Government shipbuilding program, and in addition it secured the  nucleus of a mercantile marine from  the seizure of interned German ships.  In the third place, the whole of  Great Britain's g:  It was but natural that, under these  circumstances, many people should be  fearful for Great Britain's future. And  those fears were by no means allayed  when, following the armistice, one  great strike followed another in Britain, thus retarding the rapid reconstruction of British industry on a  peace-time basis. Even today, the  unheard of depreciation of the British  pound sterling on the American  money markets is regarded wiih anxious concern by people in this country as indicating a weakness in the  British  position.  These doubts and fears are further  encouraged because  of,thc  fact  that  United States newspapers and magazines,  filled  with  flamboyant  articles  predicting American supremacy in the  world   of   finance,   shipping,   industry  and   commerce,   are   widely   read   in  Canada. It is reassuring, however, to  turn to well-informed British opinion  on the outlook and to find that these  pessimistic views  do not find  reflection in the Old Land itself.    One of  the best informed men in  Great Britain is  Lord Northcliffe. head of the  London Times and a hundred other  daily, weekly    and monthly    publications.    He has avenues of information  open   to  him  which   few  men  in   the  world   enjoy.     And   Lord   Northcliffc  is the reverse of pessimistic.  *   In    a    recent    interview    with    an  American journalist he is more than  optimistic over the labor situation in  the  British Isles, and lays  particular  emphasis upon the fact that while in  the United  States  they have to  deal  with   a  large   percentage   of  foreign-  born  workers,  British  labor  is   composed    overwhelmingly  of    men and  women of English, Scotch, Irish and  Welsh birth.    Great Britain is solving  her labor troubles  upon   sound lines  and in an efficient way.    Nor does he  fear  thc  competition   of  cheap  labor  and long working hours in countries  like Japan, where present conditions,  he says,     cannot last.       Industrially,  Lord    Norlhcliffe    backs the    skilled  British      workman      and      mechanic  against the world.  In regard to shipping, Lord North-  cliff e is absolutely confident that  Great Britain will retain her supremacy. In this connection he says: "We  expect very heavy competition at sea,  but it is not disturbing our able and  far-seeing shipping men. We rely for  our supremacy in shipping upon our  superior knowledge of a business  which we have understood for centuries. Our people like shipping. Our  people like being at sea. I do not  think you (United States) are going  to get many American seamen from  the majority of your states and territories. Why should you? There is  abundant opportunity at higher wages  to be had on land, which is not the  case in a small country like ours.    I  ^Hiii&fe^riN^  ���������Easily aud Quickly Cured -frith  ���������'EGYPTIAN LINIMENT  For Saie by All Dealers  Douglas & Co., Prop'rn, Napamje, Oat  ?\  , ...    C-\   ^>  ggj*. .a ii-f-sffif1*-^-* l iy*s. ��������� \  1S3SS^rJl-^^'-0-.'*mtT'-^*00^ - * Bie*-'i-;+*y-������l If���������yd"-  wi yaw  *$i g> & -.kkJx tSx  wriimi*rrMi���������1-��������� umiim ��������� ��������� "       -   - i   ���������i        Oxo Cubes contain the rich nourishment of prime beef in so compact and  convenient a form that they ure handy  for use anywhere, at any time. Just a  cubs���������hot -water���������and a biscuit or two  ���������and a light sustaining meal is ready.  Double Eent Upon  Natural Gas Locations  Order4n-Councll Gives Greater Control io  Minister oi Interior  An order-in-cpuheil has been gazetted doubling' the rental on ol! and  natural gas locations in the Western  Provinces, and giving the minister of  the" interior greater control over oil  and gas developments. The rental in  future will be fifty cents per acre  for the first year, and one dollar for  each subsequent year, such increase  to apply on all applications submitted after March 1. 1920. Section 40 j g  of the petroleum and natural gas  .regulations is rescinded, and the following clause substituted therefor:  "A company acquiring by assignment or otherwise a lease under the  provisions of these regulations shall  be a company registered���������or licensed  in Canada, and having its principal  place of business within His Majesty's  dominions."  HAVE YOU  The hill people of Assam reckon  time and distance by the number of  quids of betelnuts chewed. According to Washington Irving, the Dutch  colonial assembly was invariably dismissed at the last puff of the third  pipe of tobacco of Gov. Wouter Van  T wilier.  After Four Years  HEALTHY CHILDREN  ARE HAPPY CHILDREN  The well child is always a happy  child ��������� it is a baby\������ nature to be  happy and contented. Mothers.^ if  your little ones are cross and peevish  and cry a great deal they are not well*  ���������they are in need of medicine���������something that will set their bowels and  stomach in order, for nine-tenths of  all childhood ailments arise from a  disordered state of the bowels and  stomach. Such a medicine is Baby's  Own Tablets. They are a mild but  thorough laxative which regulate the  bowels, sweeten the stomach j and thus  drive out constipation, colic, indigestion; break up colds and simple fevers  nrzr.   ���������mnXrt*   -f li -r*   nonir   It r*n 1 f 1 *���������������������������������������   -nil rl   lioomr  Concerning them, Mrs. Albert Ham el,  Pierreville, Que., writes: ��������� "Baby's  Own Tablets are the best medicine I  know of for little ones. They relieved  my little girl from constipation when  nothing else would and 1 can strongly  recommend them to other mothers."  The Tablets are sold by medicine  dealers or by mail at 25 cents a box  **__---    Til..    T*\ .,     urm!   ,    x t- . v ....        w~������_  ilUli:    i sic   ut.    WUilUliiS   IViCtUCIHC   KjSJ.,  Brockville, Ont.  TORTURED      WOMAN      TRIED  DODD'S KIDNEY PILLS  Tj*i.i___.    -t\z     _  XVlUlAWJr*        Ard X&LJ,XXiSV0  \J I . ~r 'x. 2.  I''-*.  y;i:  A or;  ���������i    -'���������'  b Vi'j.'i  V    -v. '  .-. I - - rr.  of  -  \\'.t  hr'-.W;  thus  '/.'������������������'���������"  vv! i *���������*.'.  i   Or-  drv.  ��������� ���������"' V.  T.'Orl  :*a  - hidus  tri;  il  c:  tcr-  d  from i  sr.;  l\  f'C  acc-  z.  nd   mc  *    * t  ' U . '-.  -,''  :V.r  '-.J*  T                            .-;-.     .-      ..  A - l '���������  ir  r  .1 -.1 d  -.  ,  while  du  ri  ���������*-g  the  ..  ��������� 1       -  ���������'   *  1        ,  ::  t; i  the  -~   4  ft f rr   >A           *  * * ���������>  **," r*  r in  1-  ,*���������;������������������  -.'.-.is  :i  it". V: U) it i  tin  '<!  : v '  .-���������ip-  -  .  hit?;*?  r*  c*  11 * k_  "f'i*  : 'I  'l-'JJ.S  OS  ,*'.'  'C'fjC,  ....  "���������rj.Ay  ''. t  -*j-  I I'lle**  i ;i  ::  ii.di  ������������������ v:  r e**  .'. ''I'-"'*  id  Insomnia   Had  Made Her^a Nervous Wreck Till  She Used Dodd's Kidney Fills.  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King- George has said of that four  months' progress what all of tis have  felt, that llic Prince "played up from  tlie beginning lo the end." There is  no ���������'tatelicr form of words which hits  ���������-r*.   t ive-*ri':r1 y   i\tH   v������'i|*t'*   of   llirretl'llg   for  the iiiitish v.ict- as that .simple phrase  of .Npoi I'.wiaiislii**.. It signifies the  thing thai lias brought both father  ruirl '.nn, e< Wit .*,1! their fnnii'y, so rlosr  as tlu y are l(. the national heart:. Duty  done \\'\\\i devotion, and in a human  and rlircvfni *.j>-it-Jt, ivinr our regard a-n  U. S. Anti-Sedition Bill  The Anti-Sedition bill Passed by  the United States Senate provides a  Maximum penalty of a fine of $5,000  and five years' imprisonment for thc  circulation of literature in furtherance  of a forcible overthrow of government. Thc bill also bars from mails  any matter advocating force or -sabotage.  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London.���The parliamentary representative of the Pall Mall Gazette, discussing impending legislation with regard to control of the liquor traffic,
raoirc   *\-tr,r   *t-tr,   ���r-r-n-.j-r.cili-l-.c   at  .nrPfifiTtt   COI1**
%0X0J   -4      ...tm .      ...XT     ..-Xrtr.~m.-~���     ���- -- f -	
templated are not calculatcu to rouse
any great feeling in the country. He
points out that the government's plans
provide for strict limitation of thc
bours of sale, but involve only minor
changes in the present hours, which
are virtually a continuation of the
hours in effect under war restrictions.
One of the main features of the
scheme is for improvement of the
saloons, the correspondent says. The
number of licenses will be reduced in
certain districts. No attempt will be
made to provide local option, but the
future of this question will depend
largely on the result of the Scottish
experiment this year.
Would Keep in limelight
En Route
Ottawa.���In-"the opinion of Mr.
Chas. Murphy, general manager of the
Canadian Pacific western lines, the
railways should not bc required to
take care of caitle en route. In. a
.somewhat lengthy statement which
he made to the railway commissioners
when the livestock contract case was
icommucu.     JM
i xs., 	
Wcl-S     fcli-S     - m-Z>��J\ALiaxU
-\j|-'-��r     -n-r-refT Jfr/1      *f]li^
London. ��� After considerable discussion of the question of nationalization of mines, the conference of miners  and producers   convoked  by  the
How Kokkk Met Death
Former Crown Prince Acted on Impulse   in   Offering  to
Amsterdam.���Former Crown Prince
Wilhelm  of   Germany  sent  his   telegram to the heads of allied govern-.   ,        .       , _,    ..   .
... ...        '.of er-rinir  for  cattle  if  the***"  wem  tt-
ments ottering to  surrender m place       .       ���'*��      **    " ,
.  ~. j ,   ,   .     .. _     .,.   .quired  to do  so, and as agreements
of  Germans   demanded  in  the  allied!^.,
...      ,. x    *       0       x*    ��� t ��� ��iwJtf. the trainmen and    agents    pre-
cxtradition list, almost on thc impulse    ,,,.,.      ,* - *,    ,   .      ,     ,, .
.   , ,.       . . ���   ���    J eluded their    being asked to  do tins
or tne moment, accordm-*"-" *n ~~ --"������---'-
view with  Major
former Crown Prin
lished in the Telegraaf. , ,        , , , ,*.��.,.
{would be prohibitive.
The  former  heir  to  the     German j    Mr_  Murphy opcncd llis statement
throne/' said the maior.-after confirm- K���    ��^,rt,a.;���;,.��� n-,��
t.tg,      .t-^^.X-       -..-I      -      X.   .X.e.t^.rx^     ���      vr~*rx.    ,(*    T3   Z>
sent, "took his resolution without lament of the livestock industry and
thinking long about it. The return ]anxio.JS to give thc shippers the best
of Baron Von Lersner from Paris and j possiblc service. He drew attention
the serious situation which has arisen!       tbe difficultjes whicll the raihvays
Berlin   in   consequence,   prompted ��� had tQ contend with in the shipmeut I ployxnent which  the  miners  believed
ot the shipper
and not  the  carrier.
.The railways, he said, would need
an army of men for the sole purpose
rcoruiitS io an snicr-1, .   ,    . ,    . ,. ,
-.r       xr  i  -u ���>       .i    (kind ot work, it would mean the erea-
Von Mulnheirn, the 1 . , *    .    ,
,       ,. ,     .        ,    :tion   of  Rn   entirely new   department
mce's adjutant, pub-1,     iT ., _., .   , .
f by th? railways,    lhe expense or tins
iinnACltiAn  fa** I    JLonaon.���j.    Austen    ���UhamDeriain,
UppUdSliyB!   Ill {Chancellor of the. Exchequer, has a��-
State Ownership !no"nced.lhat ih? f ���.mmen} t wafi
' jtional finaacial  conference if invited
Conference of Miners -Siid ^*r
\xr*e    *- it /���*���       +yr\-\i-\ f     * 1 rip <���   til *~
one or  tne neiurai nations  at  uy
-."V-'llt.-Arra   I !_ . ,
��� -' i oy
Objected to Nationalization jtae League of Nations, on being sat
o�� Any Industry
l&i\td that the conference would as*
sume a really representative character.
The   announcement   of Mr. Cham*
Iberlaiu v. as made in reply to a recent
federation  of British  industries_?as3- {memorial from bankers and others,
ed a resolution against a state own-j    jhc  Chancellor said that the gov
ership, and state ownership
branch of industry.
of any i ernment    wished     to  make it abso
lutely clear that in the event of Great
Sir Sam Nimmo, vice-president  of I Britain's participation the government
fi.3juuttin,'ii   y)x    wiii
t-4-1'  could not ���support or take a share ia
tion. joj.y sthenic iuvolvin*' an. additioin to
���_ tr-e ccmanc ,the iiauuitics oi 'jreat oritam ior cx-
in   tferlm   in   consequence,   prompted  had to contend with in the shipment  Payment which  the
the prince to send his telegram.     He!   j      tH    during the winter owing to  they .ought to obtain.
Was Killed to  Prevent His  Rescue
uy wmte iroops
London.���Admiral Kolchak was executed by his own troops to prevent
his rescue by white troops moving in
the direction of Irkutsk for that purpose, according to a Copenhagen ms - i |
patch to the Herald. The Moscow I -j
Soviet sent a wireless message ask- i I
ing his captors to spare his life, but I I
the appeal was too late. { |
hopes by this to avert serious diffic.ul
ties  for Germany,"
Dutch newspapers describe Wil-
helm's action as a "beautiful gesture."
The Moscow wireless service on
January 31 transmitted an .extract of
an article from, the official Bolshevik
organ, Pravda.'Which said:
"Only    a few    days ago
Ruler  Kolchak was hoisted
soldiers' bayonets."
on    his
i i
Ratifies Suffrage
Boise, Idaho.���Idaho's legislature in
Special' session ratified the -wotnan's
suffrage amendment to the national
constitution by a large majority in
both houses. Idaho is the- thirtieth
state to ratify.
Could. Hardly Walk
Without Resting.
Stop Whipping Bowels
into  Activity,   but      I
take * -Cascarets"        J
fut aside the Salts, Pills, Castor
Oil, or Purgative Waters that irritate
and lash the bowels into action, but
which do not thoroughly cleanse,
freshen and purify these drainage organs, and have no effect whatever
upon  the  liver  and" stomach.
Keep your "insides" pure and fresh
with     Cascarets,    which    thoroughly
v a** c-.Jiat-
-.Um,       m+~m���*-f*\x  	
LlJV       *3 S.S.S -X* &.*-. l��y        X   SmAXft*~t   *
digested, sour food and foul gases,
take the excess bile from the liver
and carry out of the systcm ail the
constipated waste matter and poisons
in the bowels which are keeping you
bali   sick,   headachy  and   miserable.
Cascarets tonight will make you
feel great by morning. Thcy work
while you sleep���never gripe, sicken
or cause inconvenience. Cascarets
cost so little, too.
When you go to a physician to be
examined for any heart trouble, one
of the first questions he asks is: ''Arc
you  short of breath?"
Now, when thr heart becomes affrc-
ted there ensues a feeling of a choking sensation, a shortness of breath,
{>alpitation, throbbing, irregular .beat-
ng, smothering sensation, dizziness
and a weak, sin Icing, all-gone feeling
of oppression  and  anxiety.
On thc lirst sign of the heart becoming weakened or the nerves unstrung Miiburn's Heart and Nerve
Pills are just thc remedy you require.
Thcy regulate and stimulate the heart,
and strengthen and restore the whole
trerve  sys'^-m.
Mr. Stephen Crciusc, East Clifford.
N.S., writes: "1 suffered for five ycars
with heart trouble. I could hardly
walk from the house to the barn without resting, as 1 used to get so short
of breath. Doctors could not help
me. My wife told me to get a box
oi Miiburn's Ilt-art and Nerve Pill*".
*nd I felt better after taking them;
three boxes made mc quite well. I
am now helping my son to work the
farm, and can truthfully say I feel
like a different  man."
Prize 50c a box at all dealero, or
mailed direct on receipt of price by
Thc T. Milbiirn Co., Limited, Toronto, Ont.
Borden May Retire
the very severe climate in the West,:
and stated that sometimes when cars
containing cattle were shipped across
the Hne it was difficult to    get them
back. ��� Turning to the question of attending to thc cattle en route, he emphasised  the     possibility     that     this
should be the shippers'    responsibility, and    stated that    the    Canadian
Pacific  Railway  was  running  special
stock trains with a.   coach    attached
for accommodation of attendants. The
railwaymen,   said   Mr.   Murphy,  were
willing tb help out in  caring for the
animals when    delays    occurred, but
they would    resent having to do this
as   part   of   their   duties.     Kc   caused
some   amusement   by   suggesting   to
Mr. George Henderson, who was examining him, that Mr. Henderson interview-- representatives  of the  trainmen's unions  and  see if they would
accept    the   'proposition    that    their
members be called upon to care for
the  cattle  en  route.
Chief Commissioner Carvell asked
Mr. Murphy m for an estimate of the
number of men who would be required to care for cattle en route on the
main lines of the Canadian Pacific
Railway in the West, but Mr. Murphy
was unable to answer this.
The protection of attendants travelling with the cattle should, he
thought, be provided for through thc
insurance companies.
Aftev nationalization of mines, Mr.
Nimmo stated, labor intended to nationalize the land, shipping, banking
and insurance, and ultimately secure
in their hands the whole means of
production of the country.
the Mining
tain, who presented    the
said   that  thn   in ran in tr
- " -  ������� ,    --	
of miners for nationalization was an jpendiiurcs in the United States,
effort to seize the vitals of the com-j     j^  Ch-s.mbevlam  agreed  that     the
munity and force out of the comnm- j picture drawn by thc authors of the
nity conditions as to wages and cm- jmcmorial was  not exaggerated.    He
declared the attitude of the United
States government was a matter of
first importance, as it seemed doubtful whether the United States' participation could be obtained, and this
must gravely affect the influence and
utility of such a conference. The
government, however, was unwilling
to omit any act calculated to alleviate the situation, and, therefore,
would participate on the stipulated
The government, Mr. Chamberlain
continued, was impressed with tho
j futility of attempting to solve the
problem by hew borrowing, either
by internal or external loans, the
cessation of which    had    been    laid
Look at tongue! Remove poisons from little stomach,
liver and bowels
Xt-m        ~~~JiZnr.S
r ..._-        rxt       ix~
4v.avuj.>c    xjx    xxm
Cairo.���One   of   the   South  African
Dispatches    from   England   Indicate | airplanes    in    thc    London-Capetown
{light, named Silver Queen, crashed to
the ground. None of the crew were
I* *. r
eiue 0*^.4*.*^
������������ V   V
vv uulu    axul yi^.txx,     xt^xxty
Washington. ��� Abrogation of the
treaty with Great Britain establishing   falic   Canadian   boundary  commis-
I? *  . -       *. .
OU     ...tx,    |n uirijoi.u    ill    ..    iCUiimuil     xi j
Rcprc'-.cutative     Smith,     Republican,
The rcHoluliuii dccl.u\::*, thai thckc
uii* iiot uow bUiiicnan ui^puic.> uc-
iwci'ii tiie. iv-Ai count i !(���;. to "���I'.tif.v
continuation of the treaty.
A ~~0msmM~-t-~w/Tvsx'tid~...
t.    ���    ^lte#//��
o ib.o     ^-vMm!(/iJI/i>
a^~a%,      -*ii-CiL $ib.~       Siij-jjfti^/
V���.,,. |T.rM mm      tan*   ,   mm dimJ       Vm        km. rr-W
���^������������rr.       |l���*r*M.-wr^j       |-r-rl -   0rt ���***.�� r^,     *��ix%j-m.
ft.       \"9e&   -��l�� *&J ^JSXl&^+SxzJ-r   Ji,   S
tumtimiiftJ'- "X ttXx SSittSS'H Ar~-drx*-4t W*���""'��� **- W#r~��i
M-ii1 ~*'~'*-)~'-,^St~vs-~i ^~~VJ~.~lxA��
That Premier's Health Is Far
From Being Restored
Ottawa.���Doubl whether Sir Robert Borden will bc able to resume thc
active premiership has been raised by
press dispatches from London. The
dispatches indicated that his health
is yet far from restored. If such continues to bc thc case, his retirement
from political life is regarded here as
So  far  the  government  is  without
word of Sir Robert's intentions.    He
left for three or four months* holiday
without  any   definite      destination   in
view,    although it was    his intention
to accompany  Lord Jellicoe to South
Africa  had   Lord  JclUcoi* gone  there.*.
No official mail ip being forwarded to
Sir   Robert,  as  it  is  desired  that  his
rcat should bc as complete as po;isible.
It   is thought,   however,    that    Sir
Robert's stay  in   England  will be of
brief     duration.       It  ir.   regarded  as
likely  that  he  will cither go  to     the
"Rixrirrr.   or   norhap*-*      return   to      thin
oidc  of  the Atlantic and  go     south.
Should Sir    Robert    decide    again to
take  up  his active  political  duiicte,  hc
will   probably   be  back   in   Ottawa   in
the early  summer.    Utiles:;  the coining   session   of   parliament   ic  unduly
prolonged,   thr.  Txpt-ctntion     !���     that
Ot..     ����.,���),....*     ...Ml    4.0    ,.,,., "J   J..    Xr.    ��*,��    }*'.r-lr
in time to take active part in 'tri proceedings. Among thc advance guard
of Unionist nicin'ocv:* already arrived
there ic much discussion over thc
ruination nnd the possible outcotne or
iiiic parly -ranniu whirl* will he -called
iu   -al:.!*..in.:,   puiii.y   yj'i   -.lie   fc-,uvcii->iUe_iiL
Accept "California" Syrup of Figs
only���look for the name California on
the package, then you are sure your
child is having the besi; and most
harmless laxative or physic for the
little stomach, liver and bowels. Children love its delicious fruity taste.
Full directions for child's dose on
each  bottle.     Give  it  without   fear.
Mother! You must say "California."
own policy; nor could the government grant further advances to other
"The government feels the need oi
contributing to the reconstruction of
Europe," Mr. Chamberlain added,
"and is inclined to make certain exceptions to the general principle that
loans from government to government should cease. The government
at the present moment is engaged in
discussions with thc governments oi
Canada, United States and France,
and certain other countries, including some which did not share in th��
war, with regard to the provisions of
government credits to Austria and
Poland for thc supply of foodstuffs
and raw materials sufficient to enable
these countries to avert famine and
restart thcir industrial life."
"Danderine" creates mass
of thick, gleamy waves
As Might be Expected
King's Speech Is Not Favored By thc
Irish  Press
London.*���Irish press comm>T.t on
thc   King's   speech   follows:
Thc Freeman's Journal: "The references in tho speech to Ireland are
a mockery of public intelligence."
The Irish Times: "Thc government
is treating thc Home Rule Bill as no
government has ventured to treat
an}' of it-*-* pi'ederec^oi-q. No nnrty or
interest in Ii eland has beta consulted about it. The govenunrat
clearly intends to rush thc new bill
through parliament, and    regards thc
General Strike in Bulgaria
London.���A general strike has been
called throughout Bulgaria, according
to a Budapest dispatch to the Central
News received by way of Geneva. The
railways havc ceased operations, the
dispatch says, and only a few special
trains arc being rim by thc military
to  supply   essential   food*?.
Bad   Breath
In a few moments you can transform yom plain, dull, flat hair. You
can have i*. abundant, soft, glossy and
>r. for 'h'- p""M'| it inn ���'if Tri'l-Mid, -inil;
moreover, will withhold all the essential   elements   of   *-��elf-go\einmcut.
[The   Irish     people  will   not   give
full  of life.    Just get at any  drug  or | i>;jj
Canadian:"-   suiter     more     from   Catarrh    than    from   any   other   disease.
On   this   account  Catarrh   is   danger-
;ous     aud should  bo.  checked    at  tha
, . , | outlet.
emptiness of the  Irish    benches as a,     |t   ;sn't  nccc5.-*.ary   to  take  internal
stroke of good luck rather than a mis-1 medicine   to  cure-  Catarrh.     There  is
fortune. la   far  better   method.
The   Irish  Independent:     "Thc  bill!     doctors now  treat Catarrh by sen-
'      -      purilyitu",     healing     vapor
toilet counter a Hiitall bottle ol "IJau-j'
dcriuc" for a fow cents.    Then  mcis-<'
ten   a   soft   cloth   with   the   "Danderine" nnd drruv thir, Uiionedi  ynnr liatr.
*'t t'J-rl n    fil-i*.    ��-*i*rl'ltt    *'1 1*-l 11 1*1    1*    r,    |{ni|r III-
utantly, yes, iniiiiediatnly, you have
doubled* the beauty of your hair. It
will be a nias.-i, so soft, lustrous, and
so ent;y to do up. All dunt, dirt and
excessive   oil   is   removed.
Let Danderine put more life,   color,
vigor     :\v\<]  brightness     in   your   b:iir
jTlit-i   stimulating      tonir   will   fie-dien
|yonr scalp, check dundruff and falling
\ hair and help your hair to grow \~:\,'.,
a   moment Vi
Tur!ci-'b  Problem  Unsolved
*\ ��� 1   I'll -1.11
Most   pee>ple  know  what  they  iWt'tmc'c. atroiiR and ueautilul.
-��� ���      f ���*    I .-.. ,        ��� >    -    �� ���  I     ...   ,        .1   ,    .    * 4        r-,fl.��� rr ri *   I    ��       ���-��� ��� ���   '  ���"" 	
'    ��� '  . i -        I*----        *..,-, ...  ..  . .     .       I.   .... - :     '     . ���
| what   they  do  want.
Chamber of r>epntie��i' Foreicn Affair-*,
Committee that thc Turkish problem,
which still rciuaitiH to be settled, was
capable of two solutions. The first, he
said, providing for tlie taking of Constantinople irom the lurks; tiie arc-
otid would ���'oiiiiii tiie "iuiHs u> n-iain
control over the city under ce-rtaii* international u,\Y.\\ ante-e���-,. ' The
;'*T4:.' -��� ���) .):::' }���'���:>. re - ������������''���,
j M'cond   iirrangeiiie-ut,
ding     a
llll Me.lf',11      UlC      I I I ��... I 111 I. M, U, h.llri, tx
this   way   the   genus   of   Catarrh   are
The  onlv  successful    vapor    treatment   is   CATARRHOZONE,   which
uu:    pali- ji l    uii..iiiu.*i    ill. uujjii   ���*.    :>iic-
cial   inhaler   to   the   real   -cat   of   the
tiDuhie.     Tiie   iie.it,   piu-.y   t-hSenees  of
Caltirrher/one*   heal   anet   lieu.the   all   in-
���flanie-d    "mri'.'K-e-. Tliev       efl e-rt ivi-1 V
j treat   the  hum',   tieii..u   ami   hui|.;b  with
I.i  ,.*..v. e. r,*1  ...,:. .,1,'n*     ;*.,.!     e!i**.;i 11 v a
i irritation at once.
I CatarrhozO'ie brings 1111 o the syjt-
jtem the balmy air of ihe pine forest.
Il eilees i eMupii teiy (uieis, C'oilgh.'i,
catarrh, weak throat, und bronchiti-t.
Once tii<*el, Caiar.'hozone is always
usrei. .'-.ouma.; tro pleasant, so simple,
��� o fiuielc  tei  r.-lieve,  '*.o ahsnbitelv ���������ure'
p i e; i; i c* v
��� ,    1     etw
ee i     *r,    I   11
.un i    e e>. .
I pie   trial
1 ;ii*i'*e"  fiiye 1,i,sis two month*,
i\~ C    .'���-<
;.i/1,   .. "���   ;   .*,
*}l  <lealeii.
-**t-,mmmim>,\*rilfSX<imm�� *'l
-a.d.W&!tSi*.iv^t kit.~xJ.
���w-wtwa-iewwrrie*^^ WWH
iW'ir^-Meinrw'"*" *��**^*-**'-*y"��i'**^i��*���^-*^-^*��f<,>^^
-�����*   -     i -      - -    ������ �����- *m*-**��-*<i^*r.~i1U��mtilm*uJ4    %\Zvi
iflWSW'WWR'lMftfff'M'W ���winltlHflM^lHill'IKII'.'ittf' ~'
mm#4m4$Q4sV* ���������-v���������t-^^-v,.  .. ...._ _...   ..... -.-p.-:y^:^.;.rpy;y....j\mw^,^,������:yr, ��������� -...  m^sii. "'*���������". TaT . ->.: ���������' ���������'.."���������'r '" -r*mv"!'imm*4-m  ���������������;������!���������������  THE/CBBSTON BEVIES  S3  '  ^ Examinations   for   the  purpose  of  Licensing Scalers will be held at  Wycliffe, March 22.  Waldo, March 24.  Fernie, March 26.  Further particulars can be obtained  from the District Forester at Cranbrook, B.C.  m*mrsS &f Tftmsaks  Mrs. Charles Cotteril and son and  Mr. George Cotteril take tbifc means  of expressing their full appreciation of  nlirt        mvxrmX-vmv        l*, Zmx ji. m> jrr.rTr-.mr~        .-������ ���������*--. Z- a-, mm���������������������������������*-������ mr* 0* -A* "fi"������ mm  '4������.t-o    xKxx-\,xlx^     K*.*it-A~.~-~ooi-;L-i    c-s-txA    oj t-upati-u^  shown them in their late bereavement.  Km OHORLT  TEACHER 0/=- VIOLIN  V.OLOIMOELImO  l!  Terms on application.  Highest class tuition guaranteed.  Wo   fVio  t f   Vy,    i/iiv  undersigned, agree  to close our stores  at 1 p.m., Town Time, on EACH and EVERY  WEDNESDAY, commencing APRIL 7th and  continuing until NOVEMBER 1st, 1920.  I J. V. Orr.  IS. A. Speers.  Mrs. J. R. Bruce.  I Hardware & Furniture Sup-  I ply Co., Ltd.  A. D. Manuel.  Mawson Brothers.  P. Burns & Co., Ltd.  Creston  Mercantile Company, Ltd.  BBrfi^f  Whether you are handling one cow or a dozen the  items lines listed below will be of interest. These lines  have been carefully selected to ensure stocking only  well made and otherwise satisfactory goods, while quality considered the prices we make on them will defy  competition.    We specially mention���������  Champion Cream Separators  Daisy Churns.     Crock Churns  Cream Cans.  Butter Workers.  Dairy Fails  Butter Prints  SEPARATOR OIL���������Quarts or Half-Gallons.  Intending separator buyers should investigate the  It  compares  favorably  with any  other  make either in serviceability or price.  ( liommnn  Hardware & Furniture Supply  M. J. BOYD Company Manager  Books You Like to Read  ���������~%   *px  ,r  ii'i'iks in  JSL  /THOUGH MY LENDING LIBRARY lias  t.iily 1 ������������������*-������������������-n op *n a short time the way in which  the.' [jiumms k.'.-p coming back for hooks indi-  ; that I have the- hooks I'nlkfl like to read.  Yeni art- invitod t-o hecium- a member.  The- si mr-mbc-i'ship entitles 3*011 to keep any one of the  \e* lil-rury.     The c-hiir-ge for changing a hook is  ���������nl v 10 C'-nts.  .*f  Lihr.'try ���������"���������p'-n six days a week, and no timo limit as to  iow long you may take to read a hook.  5. U. rUKrbMAIN  1MB XT PEEKIN THEATRE : CRESTON  ISx-       ~-mm       tt   ~W ~v.  Tfck.     M "W       J/Bk      0 A--m, *S  W W I i   I      WW #������% 5   B  il   Vein   W'rfli'  ti  toi'usi^liiy  r.  >   vi -nr r-*i j-   liz-forf'  li;i vino-  over and put in shape  1 ' 1   11*-:*  iV aiiot.ln-1" m-hs'-ii '.  it  VV t:  ���������Mi<tia.ni ��������� *���������������  .-ai i,-*ieii;l.nr)   |i������.>,  IU''',   e i;a.,<4le'i,l/!*:.  ,UKi    Dill'  v fm. m 11 rm -it   h:: b% m m * ~C  M   '1*4 -Nil       kill M.   hmmd   itg IM   kd t-4 W   hul to*-rtm l t.4  hi  ���������*���������-"-"-* km   ttd Li  OiOl w lUfl-*  iifiiiiriuiL  Gt-ESYOM  Horse For SAiiB���������Apply Pochin  (Canyon), Erickson P.O.  Mrs. O. B. Garland was a week-end  visitor with friends in Cranbrook.  Hobsb Fob SaijE���������Ranch horse,  ���������weight-about 1859, good worker. W.  H. Hilton, Creston.  Poultry For Sale���������18 purebred  hens and two roosters, unrelated, $80.  Enquh-e Review Office.  For Sale���������Pony and harness, yearling Jersey heifer and Jersey heifer  calf.    G. Cotteril, Creston.  E. A. Oatway of Stony Plain, Man.,  arrived on Friday on a short visit to  his brother, H. K. Oatway.  Cockerels Fob, Sale���������Single Comb  Rhode Island Red cockerels, $2.50  each.   Jas. Compton, Creston.  Piano For Sale���������Gerhard Heintz-  marr-, in good sriape. Mrs. Joy, (Muir  residence) Park Road, Creston,  Canaries For Sale���������Singers and  hens. Prices reasonable, and furnished on writing P, O. Box 361, Kaslo,  B.C.  S. Ling of Calgary arrived the early  part of the month to take a position  on the mechanical staff at the Bevan  garage.  Incubator For  Sale���������Wisconsin  incubator with brooder, complete, 130  egg capacity, good as new, $14.    Apply Review Office.  Miss Middleton arrived from Calgary last week and has taken the position of stenographer with the Canyon City Lumber Co., Ltd. '  For Sale���������Ten shares $5 preferei.ee  stock in Creston Fruit Growers Union,  Limited. No offer below par considered.   Box 7, Review Office.  P. G. Ebbutt, who has been on an  extended business trip east covering  the past three months, arrived home  for a few days stay the latter part of  the week.  Creston got its first March sugar  ration on Thursday last, the allowance  this trip being two and a half pounds.  The price is up to 20 cents, and due to  go higher. f  Mrs. Bruce announces her spring  millinery opening for Thursday next,  March 18th-. and cordially invite all to  inspect her stock of trimmed and un-  trimmed hats.  G. H. Bohlee got a hurried call from  Spokane the latter part of the week,  owing to an outbreak of flu in his  family. Fortunately the cases were  all of a mild type.  Will sell "Douglas Villa," with  about 14.40 acres. Price $1700, on  easy terms, Exclusively by John  Darbysnire, Wireless workshop, Esquimau, Victoria, B.C.  Potatoes or Roots~50 acres of  bottom land to lease for one year,  suitable for potatoes or roots. Land  in good shape for ploughing, and will  renj-. in any sized tract desired. C. C.  French, Creston.  Misses Hunt aud Roy of thc public  school teaching staff, are spending the  enforced yacation, duo to the flu, at  their homes at Victoria and Vancouver lespectively.  Oreston merchants have got together agair- on the Wednesday half-holiday, which is announced to start on  April 7lh, and will continue until the  end of November.  R. G. Forfl, who has been on the  Imperial Bank staff hero during the  recent illness of cashier Taynton. returned to Nelson on.Saturday.  There ia some moyement in town  v-tT*.m**ir������'t y nt- ss*.-i*c.iLnt,. 1^ r^������n',r>t reports the hiiIu of Lots 5 and 7a, Schofield Street, almost adjoining the old  town park grounds, to Ronald Stewart.  were two candidates only at Creston,  Jim Long and W. H. T. Smith from  near-Porthill.  Goat Mountain Waterworks Company are circularizing all water users  to call at the ofJ3c������ in tl>e Mallandaine  Block and arrange for a readjustment  of rates. Under the1 new schedule a  discount of of 10 per cent, is allowed  for prompt payment.  The prevalence of sickness of one  sort and another militated against* ths  Christ Church Ladies' Guild leap year  tea on Feb. 28th, the total intake being less than $7. The Guild announces  that it will haye its usual countey fair  again this year on May 24th.  F. Loveday of Vernon, the newly-  appointed manager of Creston Fruit  Growers' Union, arrived on Thursday  last and is now in full charge of the  selling agency affairs. He is accompanied by Mrs. Loveaay and family,  and for the present are occupying the  Peekin Theatre  FRIDAY, MARCH  Attriuge house on Vi-**"--  iCtui'ia Ave.  LESI.i  unuddifsi b n  Ths most successful  musical artist tour-  ing Western Canada  Assisted by  J. li. RcytioldH arriyed from Gainsborough, Sask., to take possession of  the Mike McCarthy ranch, which hc  purehaHcd the fore part of December.  i*>3 r.     *ue:('.li l,]iy x, ii.     uuiv'      lv-t-ridiiim     iii  lOrie-kiuin.  Arrow Civi-k property is commenc  ing to move again. It. Lamont reporting a nalie limt, week of ',**.! acres ot Mnn  area to K. C Pinilnen, a son-in-law of  Mih. ltycUman, and who hail charge  ol her ranch in 1SU8.  A, It. Wilmm nf Piapot. Hahk.. who  hai. leaned tin- Attwood ranch for the  year, arrived with \\\h family hint week  and him taken piiH-iemeinn. Mr. and  Mi*.**. AltAvood  will (-oiithme to ot-eupy  e'iu    ..f t]i>*  Ii i-iilcile I*,, nil  I,he.  (ilrlie*.  II. rinii-tie ������,| the- LnudK  Dept,., V'ie-  (e>|i,i,   v....i    1,1 I.     1,11     Wi ehle-cdn V     l,eni.  'Iiellietii,^ I I,,, drplll'l.iuenliil e-Xllln j ||ll-  The C. O. Quist ten-acre ranch,  which was purchased by R. Lamont a  couple of weeks ago, has been bought  by Robt. McKay, who arrived recently from Sherbrooks, Que., on a visit  to his brother-in-law, D. Learmonth.  There is ten acres in the property,  mostly in bearing orchard. The price  was in the neighborhood of $7000.  A wedding of considerable interest  oo v>>F-8Si*on pGGpio was consummated  at* the manse, ISelson. oh March 1st,  when Bill Arrowsmith and Miss Haza  P. Dougherty were united in marriage  by Rev. T. D. McClintock. The groom  is a son of John Arrowsmith of Ores-  ton, while the bride at oue time taught  school at Erickson.   They will reside  ..A. fr-*-.-.:!  vxyi   J.,l������ilr  A unique bit of burglary was executed on the drugstore. premises in the  morning hours of Saturday, Feb. 28th,  when the entire stock of liquors was  carried off. Nothing else in the store  was tampered with, not eyen a matter  ������-.*���������*  ..~,rx..x  etin mu:..u    *i 3    1 i���������������������.  j..  r-.A    V. y/\JL,Ll   tj-TJU    v* mtrti    iiciu     uccxi     xtrj.1/   ASl  the case register that night, the nocturnal yisitors got away with about a  dozen quarts of hard stuff.  The flu epidemic is not taking as  heavy a toll of the Indian population  -Xhis year as was the casa in the fall of  1918. To date there have been only  two adults die���������Chief Dominic Luke  and Pascell. Others who are in a serious way are Nick and fliay Louie,  though both are expected to pull  through. Chief Luke had been at the  head of the tribe less than two years.  President Constable and C. B. Garland were Nelson visitors on Wednesday night for a special meeting of the  executive of the Associated Boards of  Trade of Eastern B.C., which was  held to consider the protest of the  Creston board against the amended  resolution on Kootenay Flats drainage  which was passed at the associated  board's annual convention early in  February.  Leslie Grossmith, the famous entertainer and musician, has decided to  play Creston on his way to the coast.  His concert at the Peekin theatre on  Friday, March 2Qth, will probably be  placed under some local auspices, who  will have an exceptional opportunity  to augment their funds and show  their desire to foster a taste for good  talent in Creston. Full particulars  will be announced next week.  The unloading of a rock crusher and  equipment at Creston one day last  week and the arrival a, day or two  later of provincial engineer Ramsay  and road superintendent Moore would  indicate that a considerable programme of road improvement is scheduled for those parts this year. The  officials made a tour of the Valley in  quest of likely roek piles on which to  operate tho crnshoi* n.������ Hoon uh the  weather will permit.  Tho F. K. Hurry ranch, which was  acquired by T. J. Crawford about a  year ago, has again changed hands,  the new owner being A. Comfort of  Blairmore, Alta., who put through the  deal for tho purchase of the place last  week. It in a ten-acre property with  :��������� fin'- houre *u*d ttonuxiodiouri outbuild  ings, and about, six acres planted to  fruit. Mr. Comfort haw just disponed  of bin dairy buHinenK at lllairrnore, and  will followtho name line here, taking  poMHCHsion about the end of the month.  The year's most notable Halo of ranch  property wan uon.suimiialed tho laller  \ULHi ni Hie ni'cii, when luo .i'J aero  I {.one. He Watcher ranee abttut, a mile  west of town was pureluiscd by Moski-h,  West and Payne of Mountain^ View,  Alta. We uudei-.'-tuuti the buy includ-  en the 1.took, implement'-* aad hoime-  liedel elfectH, the con.sideration being  iu the iieiKhheiihood of $20,000, with  oeii,,'.i','..,i<ui tfiven iiuiticdiaU-lv. Moth  Mr. Homo  and   Mr. VVatoheV- will eon-  *m *x ������������������Rt^M^w* ������ wati *������������������ l ... _  *V VPQIBI 0~00-f\-W   MHWNItiMSa  Solo Violinist  In a unique programme of  Good Music.      Refined  Humor.   Classic Drama  SELES! BANGS AFTEB CONCERT  Special Music.   No extra charge ���������  Adults $1. Children 50e I  432,000  Revolutions  w ir-Difir  *7  uo you realize that the  Balance Wheel  of your  ���������XJHT^i-AU  ���������*���������"���������/ txv*jii  vrvrvtv Sr-rxcv  U-IClfCVC-'O  /Iqo -ft-fin  -attr x-if \r \j \s  revolutions every day in  in the year %  And the fittings are so delicate  that the 100th part of a  hair would in������erfere with  its "performance.  The friction from accumulating dirt,  lack of oil,  etc.,  destroy these  fittings.   Do not let your watch  run to ruin from   neglect just  . because it don't stop.  Remember our business is the care of  watches, and our opinion costs  you nothing.  J. V. ORR  Watch, Clock and Jewelry Repairing  Next door Mawson Bros.     CRESTON  Heinz Cream  of Tomato  Sill Ti-^  Here is the richness of pure  cream, which nourishes, and  the appetizing taste of ripe  tomatoes, which gbes a keener zest to the food that follows.  No artificial thickening or  meat stock is used���������nothing  but tomatoes and real cream.  Heinz Cream of Tomato  Soup is perfectly prepared,  ready for the table; smooth,  rich and tasty.    Just heat it.  Baked Beans  Beefsteak S*Aice  Tomato SCetchup  ejr-OUHir IVflUlCCSCl flrfldJlCI'^S  aro a few moro of tho well-  known  I-Toinz  products   thni  ������ " el  \* \xj   Siy-iLL   ill   LUiLjLjx.,  m jgm mmx m M  i Willi  uouui    uuiaVwiiuuv   ������-������'"'"'"  Service DnUIHOld   Win  m aWwe^fr-^i*^^^ -BUtAnAd. n  rA-~teimms*i*mtfrimt~-m-i~^^ -w  ���������"ft-saraM^


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