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Creston Review Jun 27, 1919

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'���* "
?   9. "��� V
���r"**^***���*551^ -^r^t^
-**���� M
JL. ^
Vol. XL
CRESTON, 3. C ;FEIDAY, JUNE 27, 1919
No. 20
Crestoii Valley
A^to Associ-atioB
The best attendance ah organization
meeting of any sort has eyer been favored with was on hand Friday night
for the purpose of forming the Creston
Valley Auto Association. Not only
were, the car owners out in strength
but the enthusiasm manifested toward
the club formation Was equally encouraging.
C. O. Rodgers was called upon to
preside over the gathering, and after
briefly stating the case in favor of or*
ganizution the usual motion was put
to go ahead and get the club going and
carried unanimously, and W. B. Embree Was forthwith appointed secretary for the meeting, The election of
officers was the.first item of business,
and the following were chosen to handle the affairs of the association for
the ensuing year:
President���C. O. Rodgers.
Vice-Presidents���R. S. Bevan.
.Secy -Treas;���W. B. Embree. ���
Executive���R. J. Long,   J. F. Rose,
tS. G. Foreman, W. K. Crawford. Geo. ���%ucr.e(3soi
An annual membership fee of $5
was decided upon, and it was also
agreed that monthly meetings-should
be held���the first Wednesday in each
month. The secretary was asked to
get copies of the constitution and bylaws of neighboring clubs, and a committee will be named to draft a similar
set for the governance of the local
In an open discussion of what work
the club should undertake among other
things it was decided that signposts
should be placed along the main roads
telling travellers just wher.e they,are
heading for, how.far it is,.etc,':"--It'was
also decideijthat Hou��^r��.Ki*3g,,inin-
tns later.    Before  enlisting he had  a'
conductor's run out of Lethbridge and
after a much-needed  rest will resume
his old position.   .;
p Sirdar Anglicans and many other of
the citizens i-egret very much that
Rev. Mr. Mahood could not hold English Church service as per announcement on Monday night. The invading
hosts of mosquitoes were so large, persistent and hungry that it was deemed
unwise to un necessarily j expose the
home guard and sojourners even at a
religious service.
mmfS-esy&n &n&
Mr. and Mrs. Searle arrived here on
Thursday last from Coalhurst, Alta..
and are spending a few days on the
ranch. They made the trip in their
Chevrolet car and enjoyed the journey
despite tbe rather bad roads at this
end of then-travel.
School wiii close for the summer vacation to-niorrow. Mrs. Hodnet, teach
e*v*"s not returning, and the trustees
are already on   the   iOo��cout   ior    ixov
ister Gi wci'ikS, SjjOUii* st o*uC,e be written to asking .him^to-stay dff here for
at least a d**y on his next t'-ip t*h*Pough
the Kootenay, so that car owners
would haye opportunity to show hint
over the vat-ions roads and thus give
him first hand information as to the
sh.ape.they are in, and the most likely
spots on which to spend the limited
amount of money available for road
building and repairs.
There were about twenty-five at the
meeting, and at the close seventeen
of these paid the $5 fee. while most of
the others expressed their intention of
doing so in a few days. Prospects are
for acluljwhose membership will at
least embrace seyenty-five per cent, of
the Valley residents who are auto
W. H. Morris spent a couple of days
at, Nelson this week on a business trip,
"leaying on Monday.
Miss Dibbin arriyed here on Saturday, and will be ths guest of her sister,
Mrs. North, for a while.
Other Sirdar callers are Mesdames
Bryce and Dennis, who are guests of
Mrs. Grundy at the C.P.R. Hotel.
Robt. Skinner, chef at the Sirdar
Hotel, was at Cranbrook a few days
last, week attending the annual meeting of the Brewing Co., in which he is
a- shareholder. Since the coming of
prohibition Bob has been getting nothing bnt Irish dividends, and it i.s reported annual meeting proceedings
were exciting in consequence.
Mrs., and Misses Myrtle and luurgc-
ory Goodman 'were Creston cullers on
Sunday, the latter remaining until
Wednesday in order to try Hie Entrance examinations.
Other Cre��'ton vis-it or*- were Mr*--.
Touhcy and children on Saturday and
Mrs. (Jam on Tuesday.
���Ids. Daly got back on Tuesday from
a, little liithilit-^ l-rip to VV .wuo alio
t'ranbrook, lie report:* il Ha in the
shade at Waldo on .'..fuid.iy.
.S.-igt. ('. "���'. Miiniv, a brother of
Mrs. Loasby. who is  just   home   from
.iv.-i-iai ���   necoin-eanted hv hi" wife, are
(., ..I ll.,, I      ,4-4.1,>. I,, ...4,4 P-lft-.V-l
.(* .�����.���
The Land Settlement Board advance
party commenced:operations on block
812, which they, have acquired, on
Wednesday. For a start they are putting up bunk houses for the men to
quarter themselves in. Amongst their
equipment is a one-ton motor truck.
D. G. Lyon is spending a few days
with the family here this week prior
to moving to Spokane to reside, he
having leased his place for a term of
For the first time in seveial . years
neither the Canyon or Huscroft
school had pupils at Creston for the
Entrance examinations. The latter
,;sij*b%)'ihas ^jant-'^osed-c for- about?- a
week due tel an outbreak   of   measles.
Mr. Jenner arrived in from Blairmore on Monday,.-.and' is getting clearing operations under way on his recent purchase of 23 acres near the
Canyon City welcomed Pte. Groyer
Kifer hack from, overseas the latter
part oi the week, after almost a year
and a half in khaki. He looks pretty
much the same Grover, and wouldn't
have missed the. excitement for half
the Creston Valley.
The mill is being fitted up to start
cutting and in consequence the box
factory is shut down. Almost a complete new crew is here. There is about
two million feet of "logs'in the yaid,
and-the caterpillar is jnaking good
time bringing in more of them.
Tbc continued hot weather is shortening up the strawberry crop, and
unless rain arrives this week shipping
will stop inside a week. Raspberries,
howeve, never looked better, and with
occassional showers should be a heavy
crop this year.
14 Candidates
Trying Entrance
Four of the six schools in the Valley
are represented at the departmental
examinations which are in progress at
the Creston school this week, and oyer
which Vice-Principal Smith is the
presiding examiner.
In the Entrance work but fourteen
candidates are in evidence as compared
with nineteen a year ago. Of these
Creston supplies nine, Wvnndel three,
and there is one each from Erickson
and Sirdar.    Those writing are:
Margeory Goodman, Sirdar.
Walter Long, Erickson.
Catherine Rosendale, Nora Hagen,
John Penson, Wynndel.   .
Harry Compton, Beatrice Dodds,
Audrey Farrell, Arthur Gobbett, Agnes Hobden, Hazel Hobden, Susie
Hurry, Eunice Moore. Lionel,Moore.
On tbe Advanced High School work
six try their fortunes, as compared
with fiye sent up last year. These are
the Entrance passes of 1917, and the
only absentee is Frances Knott. Those
writing are Orin Hayder-., France-*"
Lyne, Catherine Moore, Vivanne
Moore, Sarah Wood, Earl Birney.
Last week the candidates in the
Preliminary Junior High School were
giyen their tests on papers- set by the
principal, who also presided over them
while writing, and who will also mark
the papers.    Those taking  this exam.
pickers and eyery morning distributes
them in the needed quantities at Alice
Siding and in the Wynndel section
when required.
nr*i_ ..  tt��� :    ,.          ...    ���.        ���.. -      * ���
j-iie umuii mhuiif'eiiieiii   is aiSu giving added  and appreciated  service in
proyiding an express messenger of its
own  from Wynndel  to  Canyon City
whose special work is to see to it that
the berries are carefully loaded at the
half-dozeu shipping points  in the Valley, guarding as  far as  can   be done
against fruit going out in poor condition due to careless  handling, as weil
as ensuring against  crates  going  to
wrong destination.    As  in^ past years
the  Union  is again   this season only
charging the usual selling commission
of 10 per cent.
are Muriel Hobden, Rose Oherrington,
Dorothy Stark, Ruth Compton,    ���^
The results in the two first-named
examinations will not be known till
well on in J uly,. but the latter class
should know of their success or failure
possibly next week.
Wynndel is plunged into deepest
mourning this week in the death of
Mrs. John Bathie, who was accidentally drowned in the lake here ou Tues-
���r-J ��������  -7    ���Vi<iiiiiiv> *-*? Moon i|C*i*i>-1 il : K / k      mX. .\ x\r      i sr\
Kr-U-Jf     MIUL 1*1U^> tyC.V.Ot-.D-JU)       >��I1U       UllO      I XX
her forty-eighth year, had been a permanent resioeut since 1p>iu, vvrien toe
family moved from Cranbrook, tnough
previous to that they had spent, part
of each year on their ranch at this
point. She is survived by a husband,
one son, Sergt. Harry Bathie, who is
still overseas; a'nd * two daughters,
Misset Florence and Merle, who are .it
home. The funeral took place on
Wednesday to Creston cemetery. Rev.
T. McCord performing the last .sad
rites, and Messrs. O. J. Wigen*, J. D.
Dewar, John Johnson, Paul Hagen, C
F. Hayes, H. K. Oatway officiating as
pallbearers.    Tbe high esteem in which
iT-to     1-jra     TVTi-Q      T-t.~ 4-Vv-i.i
urn-*..       ������.-u*t_        -.tj~x ****���.���      lyuruu -.���*_-
is   held was
">***. jt��pw��.��p�� mtvr B---P.4	
%mf iiatrv bP-CA & j
���    m-jrm-zr*.
Will Equal 1918
Tf-jsHGes BVBeGt
Board met at the schoolhouse on
June lOtJ-i. Trustees present, Jackson
and Cherrington.
Letter read front superintendent of
e lucation, who enclosed Inspector Calvert's report on raising status of Superior to High School, and recommending same. Also a letter from Miss
Kane resigning her position as teacher
in Division III.
Cherrington ��� .IucIchou ��� That Miss
Kane's resignation be accepted with
Letter re Boys' und Girls' Club was
read, and --ecret-iry requested to acknowledge the Hivme.
The following accounts wen* ordered
paid: Telephone Co., ("5c.; S.A.Speers,
$1.1)0; Creston Drug k Book Co., $tt.-IO;
Waterworks Co., $10; Mawson Bros.,
I u  in.
f I txl, I 11 'P '
H .S       *���  '   *  	
i nnnti'-ettl    in    September,    lid I.     lie
n'tl'i  Willlllili'it   III.'     taller     pull    ol   lUiti
\.\-.t :.--':!.,!������'* hi-'   i r...;.,.,.,11   ,\ '',.-,,��� n.on
A I, (ranlri ook 1 he automobile ehib
it. out for a membership of 150 thin
From now till the end of September
rile I*p)'p'I*ioii irny *.*. iii inn iiiiiu ii.i.ni.
to 11 .ill p.m.
�����'l I.P .1 PHI I       ...       ,1.   ....      I    .,, ..   4   HI
u.iN burned down  last    week, at a Ion.;
ol aliiio'-l   :iltr.-MU.     (Inky  hall   ! I.e : > ���'
.in'-   nil   bud been eomlileted.
The Valley is in the grip of its sometime end of June dry spell.    Since the
14th-there has not been eyen a passing
shower so essential to mature the early
season prospect of a heavy stra\vberry
crop.    In  the absence  of  these rains
the strawberries-.on light land and the
heavier soil that has been indifferently
���cultivated have started to fall off.    To
offset this to some extent it is fortunate that taking the Valley as a whole
there is more berry area under irrigation this year than ever before, and in
ths  fields  where  the  water   is  being
used the daily picking is well up to expectations.    While  it  is already evident  that the  early-June prospect of
as high as 18,000 crates will not materialize, yet it is as equally certain that
berry  shipments  -Jvill   at   least  equal
last   year.      Enquiry   at     the    Fruit
Growers Union   on Wednesday moru-
iug elicited the  fact   that up till Tuesday night (21 tb) they had shipped just
as many strawberries as had gone out
up to the end of June last year.
Next in importance to the quantity
of berries is the prospects fur prices.
While it, is equally certain last year's
prices will be equalled, and most likely
bettered some, yet, market reports
bold out no hope at present, for the
early-season expected average of $1 a
crate. Tbe Vancouver market, which
to some extent reflects quotations at
prairie points, right now quotes coast
and Vancouyer Island berries at $H.2o
and $.1.50 per crate, with carload lots
rolling pruiri-uvai-d for ut leiutt a week
imw. Just what margin in excess of
these figures will fetch in competition
on the same market in it debatable
point, but possibly 25 cents would be
about right. And these uro wholesale
llgures; not, the price to Ibe grower.
Tbe only other eomiiiodily moving
if* griohoberrieH, aud they are coming
in in the greatest quantities over, and
are in good dcniuml nt, present. A
inodest .;ro|> esi.iinatn ou these would
be a f.O per cent, gain over I01H. Cherries are about due, hut In t.wv.e.t,-. they
are going fo be couH'ulerubly shy of
la.:.!, year. All the gi-owern report
riiHphcrricH coming on line.
Ho far there is no short im*-!* of pielcein
anywhere,    Tbe   Ford   cur   purchiiaed
I,..   I l.r.  Il.ii.i.i   is  beiliir   liheil   liiiritiiil   ml-
vantage   in   diuti-ibnting   help  of   this I
.-.-.): i   '.-. >  V .r.y.i . .Kent -.        ".iii.i,;, i   ���''..���.���;
lei, bus lined up a  good  t'lipply of ha-.il
shown in the large attendance at the
fuiierai. Aituough in the midst oi the
busiest season of the year-the greater
portion cf Wynndel's adult population
was'at the graveside to pay" their last
respects, and this same appreciation
was as fully shown in the many beautiful floral remembrances. Deceased
will be sadly missed here. She lent a
willing hand in eyery good work, and
was never happier than when hard at
it helping along everything that would
add to the social life of the community. Blessed with a bright and cheerful disposition she readily made and
retained friends. In the home the
borne these sterling qualities were ever
in evidence, and in their sore bereavement the family haye the verv truest
sympathy of all.
Dr. Wells of Victoria, accompanied
by his son, who is recently home from
Burmah, are visitors here this week,
with Mr. and Mrs. Watcher. We understand the doctor   intends   staying
and fencing and otherwise  improving
Building Camps at
Canyon City
The  advance    guard of   the   corps
that will have charge of   Land Settlement   Board   operations   at   Canyon
City,   arrived * the   fore   part of   the
week, and   on   Wednesday   morning
were" busy    getting   the   cainps   and
other buildings necessary   to.accomm.
odate the men under construction.
The work here will be in charge of
Col. Lister comiii'iander of !"*****> iu2nd
Battalion, who is' just shortly back
from overseas. With him will be associated Lieut. Rice, B.C.L.S., who will
supervise the engineering work; Sergt
Coop, accountant and timekeeper;
and Messrs Liddicatt and Turnley who
will supervise building operations. It
is the intention to have a store in connection with the work, and this will
be in charge of D. C. McKinnell. These
gentlemen are.all here, as is also Col.
Latta, who is the Laud Settlement
Board's advisory counsel in the development and setting up of soldiers on
these settlement areas.
Part of the development ouiiit is already here, including a motortruck,
which was unloaded on Tuesday, and
more of it is under way, including ��-i
car of powder, and the store stock. As
soon as the buildings for the men are.
ready the first installment of the men
who are- to clear the land will be along.
These are hand picked former farmers
who have expressed a preference for
larm riit, iiiost oi Vvuoru will be remaining as residents on the land that is
being cleat ed. Messrs. Lister and Coop
have brought their families with
them, and are taking up their residence in Creston.
Local men who were overseas with
the 102nd speak in the highest terms
of Col. Lister for such an undertaking
and this is shared by Hpu,.Mr. Barrow,
minister of agriculture, who is quoted
by the Vancouver Daily Province as ���
'"Col. Lister, who has hiid practical
experience both in farming and logging, will be given charge of the clearing oper.ations for the new soldier
settlement in the Creston district." announced the minister, who expressed
satisfaction at being able so soon to
follow up the announcement of Col
Latta's appointment with the annoucc-
ment of Col Lister's acceptance of
Hon. Mr. Barrow said he had been
personally impressed with Col. Lister's
sound knowledge of farming, which
bad been obtained in bis native county or Lincolnshire. The administrative and executive (*.ialities which won
Col. Lister his way up from a lieutenancy are much valued by the land
settlement officials.
Miss Vera Parker of   Nelson is here j
for a holiday, the guest of Miss Bertha
Pease. j
Mrs. Hopwood left   on   Wednesday j
for Sirdar, where   she   expects   to re*-j
main for a few weeks.
Tlvj> first serious fire of the season!
broke out on Monday just back of Hie '
Bartholemew ranch, and bus binned
up considerable timbei- on the mountain side. It is now pretty well burned I
out, though a crew of lire lighters'
still keep an oye on it. !
Shipping at-both   the   Smith   depot,
Heed ��fc Mather's keeps np well eonsid- ;
eriug the   dry    snell.     At,   the former .
about. -10 crates a day are being loaded
while about 75   are   taken   on at.   the
Our kindliest sympathy goes out to
Mr. Bathie and tbegirls in their heavy
bereavement'. The late M�����*���*. Ibtfhie
was a ini'inbnr of tbe soldiers knitting
club here for two seasons and had the
happy knuH. of making friend*-, all of
..!....". -..Ill  1. .:..'   ...,:   '   -r
An Indian team attache.! to a democrat loaded with a considerable ��if a
Siwii'ih family, --hied at the Bevan
auto here on Thiun.la.v last, and in
the break for a runaway managed to
spill the human earico aloiu*; lie- toad,
a., wi-ll huii'nn- .i i...��|.l.   .... ;   ....  f   ...-.���
into I,lie reuse ranch.       -\  >>.nl shaking
y   .     i ,   ...   :     .1    .     .........     a.,.,-     ,,..,.,.
I       4, jl,       !.. ,. 1     ���      I   ,  4   ,
I  plained   ol.
Erickson is furnishing two pupils
for the Entrance examination at Creston this week in Beatrice Dodds and
Walter Long. The former has been
attending at Creston this term.
With the end    of   .June   in   sight it
h:'.'*"!    'hi'Mtit-'*-    will    have to    lw>
ie on the   tree.-* in the    average    ni -
can be safely* pi --dieted that
chanl. Rain or no rain this    year's ap
pie crop seems   assured.    Raspberries.
toil,   never looked   bet t el'.
Tbe Thnrstun ranch opened tin-
cherry season on Wednesdnv. when
i'uey had ' hn-e erat e*�� of r* it i\ i��ii-ti-
moiids for export.
Tl*.*- local lia�� ball team knows how
it feels to lie handed a ijoml and plenty beating. Capt. Telford's squad bad
an oil' day Sunday ami ('roton rubbed tt  to i in- Mine ol ib io ti.
So far .Sunday is the higge.st
sbipptntr daw when there    were a hi mi
fill       -.���   .1   ...       I      . ,r  .-<
however, is only about
ami lln-M- ale ahum ��.����� > per e.-nt. si raw -
hell ie:; aud the   balance    g. lo'-cheri ic .
-km.in    and    bride
i.i-    >|.| Thm ."d.iy
Mil LMtCstS        Ol     Ills
I P'("PV
7-*>    at present,
Pie. .John A.    Bv.
;'tt\  home ft .'in o\V!
last, uti'.t are al  pres
im >t her at   t tic i am ii,
1     .   ,.t i l,.. ���*���>*-,. i,  l*   , i
11. t be sci ap in    1017.
f��,..     \ 11 ���,..     -.,-,.    \.
pi es   p 11.
.1 ohn  was a in. in
.1..,,,      n-.il  ;'.."  in-
��� ilu .ill     I he 1 i in i
...  ���     i 1    ���     i, | !������),.   1
��� TlrB llKlJrir*fti'il*'' i-if-L'-'rt'ii't.iil^ftlt*!.'.T'
._���_.,..���., ...,  _,���., .... .... .rfotp'^'*^^
:$m*~M$>00^^ '���'��� NUUHIMI  ^SSSSlx\^-^^SBS^Bx\Vmi~LV-~&mi  H*i������*'*il*iriTil.^l ���������  -*���������**:''.^v-'-'is  BEVIEW,     GRESfOHi,  RoyaJ Yeajst  has   beer, the  standard   yeast  it. Canada,   for  over 5������ years, asid it  5������ a well known fact     th-.i     breac-d     ma-tie f������  ���������with   Royal    Yea.sf  possesses z- greater  amount of nourishment than  ihat  made -with any  othef.  allot him a piece of land to be worked by him and the profits from thc  produce of which will Tielong to him.  Or give him a calf, a colt, a pig or  two, or sonic poultry, to be his own  property und his special care, and the  increase from which is his.  Kansas Alive To Danger  And as the boy grows in years and  strength, and begins to take the place  of a man on thc farm, lie should be  treated as a man and paid thc rewards  ot" his labor as any other man would  be, and not be expected io work merely for his board, clothes and lodging.  The farmer-father who forgets ihe  aspirations hc himself hud as a boy  and youth, and who keeps his sons  working for him with little or no opportunity to better their own condition and accumulate something for  themselves, is providing not only an  excuse, but a strong inducement, to  thc boys to leave the farm home and,  strike out for themselves elsewhere,���������\  too frequently, alas, away from the  '.land altogether and in the less natural  ind satisfactory  life  of  the  cities.  Scores of examples can be recalled  where farmers with sons so failed to  ���������  understand thc psychology of youth  lhaT~-"whcn they themselves approached middle and old age not one of their  boys were to bc found with them on  the land, all had drifted away into  professions, or business, or become  clerks and workers among the masses  in   thc  cities.     Had   these  boys  been  cities or some laraway pasture which j f?iveft thc chance at home> wllich thcv  looks so green lo them, should not bc|;.lw for thcmsclvcs away from home>  Attorneys to Assail LW.W. Agitators  of Wheat Belt  Kansas City.���������County attorneys in  thc Kansas wheat belt will meet at  Hutchinson, Kansas, to combat the  I.WAV. agitators reported active in  that section of' the state. Further reports that the wobblies arc "jungling  up" (mobilizing) continued to reach  tlie ofhee of "U.S. Attorney Robertson  here.  The agitators are avoiding the  cities and gathering in small ground  holdings, meeting in the .woods,  where they plan their campaign.  So far no acts of violence have  been reported, but Attorney-General  Hopkins has issued instructions to  all local officials throughout thc state  relative to handling agitators.  r  Encourage The Boys  Fanners who are the fathers of  boys who are beginning to show some  signs of restlessness on the farm, and  an  inclination  to  break  away  to   thc  Colds Cause Grip and Influenza  I. AX ATI* VJE BROMO O I. UN" INK Tablets  remove the cause. There is only one "Bro-  uio Quinine." E. W. GROYI'".'S signature  on  the box.     30&-  siow to seize the opportunity  cd by the industrial unrest in all thc  larger centres of population and impress upon lhe boys the many advantages which farm life has over city  life.  Life, in our modern-cities has degenerated in the case of tens of thousands  of men and women into a struggle to  make ends meet, to try and secure a  few of the comforts, decencies and  pleasures of life without going into  debt, to feed, clothe and educate their  children and at thc same time accumulate a little something against approaching old age.  To other tens of thousands city  life has come to mean so many hours  of toil in office, store or factory in  order to obtain the wherewithal to  live and as much more as possible to  spend in dissipation and pleasure. City  life is warping tlie nature and destroying the character of these young people, and when it is too late they realize in bitterness of spirit that thcy  hav.* missed lite true and beautiful  things  of lifi*.  Nevertheless, city life has wonderful attraction-' for youth. It would be':  t.M.ii-li and a mistake to shut our eyes  to thai fact, or to attempt lo minimize it. Men and women, youths and  m.iid-.-n*. ar-.- .-octal beings. Thcy long  '������������������������������������������������������.,   and   comrades  di-niand   recreation   and  in a word, had they been afforded an  opportunity to do something for  themselves, many would .have been  happy and content to remain on the  land. And all would have been better off.  in    western  .1-  Justice Finiay to visit "West  Winnipeg.���������Thc Right Hon. Lord  Finiay, ex-lord chancellor of England,  one of the members of thc judicial  committee of thc privy council, has  accepted the invitation of Sir James  Aikins, president of the Canadian Bar  Association, to attend and address the  annual meeting of thc association to  be held at Winnipeg August 27 to 29.  *^Black   "Watch"���������The   Best   Black  ***iug Chewing Tobacco on the Market  'rings  omes  Shoes enable women. and girls on the farms  to wear the same smart summer footwear as their  sisters are wearing in the cities,  Yes, Hazel, a man is the most important piece of furniture in a ".vOman's air castle.  where it is so difficult to obtain sufficient and reliable farm help, farmers should exert themselves to the  utmost to retain the services of the  best and most experienced of all such  Help, namely, their own boys born  and "brought up on thc. land. It can  be done by a little encouragement and  thc providing of an incentive such as  thc boys find elsewhere.  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The  -.' aiter h-.uieil ..ti tin* table and, breath-  1 :i  ��������� i     ,1 ���������   " \\  l.-.i'lt  "l'ie."  have   to   lake   pmldiu,  it it; "we  have  no pie.  tm-     in   pmiiim  ;;M.-.|.       "Ye'll  i c|.li  p..*  htivi",  said     th-*  "WAGSTAFFE'S  Real   Seville  Orange  Maririalade  All Orange ami Sugar-  No camtntjlage.  Uoileti witti care in Silver Pun.*,  auk vouh rjhoc mi, ran it.  .1    ll  ������'an  deliberately  pass  V..'.!.o  111,, 111.  Gentle   Hits  t )iir new coins don't look  would buy as much an the  did, and  th. >   won't.  .is o  tlioy  fdtl   ones  I t<"*,������i������-p   IVIinnrd'*!   i.mituenl   in tiie house  Don't think that because a judge is  small li-' isn't a line imposing man.  Why suffer front corns when they  can be. painlessly rooted out hy itsiitoj  I I oil. > ,\.. v':.   ('tri ti   t 'tire.  ���������1.4  u.  l-'k/i  t' 11 I'.  I in   l In-   ,iii|.-,ici .-,   slot >.  mxmrtm  uiiiiiiwaiiit^^ ���������*a**B***agg5sa******s  THE     B������JIS5W,   -CmSBTOH,     3,     &  r4-  V   V  ^.'''���������ppV'B^'-'fe  Strike Leaders Arrested  srtaiimg liquor Supply  Physicians Have to Set Limit to Prescriptions in Alberta  Edmonton.���������A limit of 100 liquor  prescriptions a Aveek from any one  physician has been set by thc attorney-general, pending a definite ruling  to that effect from the council. Under  Ottawa.���������The debate on the budget !     Hon.  \Y.  S,  fielding  d< clared  him-  concludcd  at  2.30  o'clock   this   morn-��������� self  in  iavor  of   thc  amendment.   Af-  the new scheme of serially  mimbering j ing and the speaker put thc question-; tcr warning    thc    government  of the  Were Remanded for Eight  Days  on j prescriptions the doctors arc required  The vote  on  the amendment was  ta-j danger  of. the  exemption  of  the war  charges ot -sed.ti.on  Winnipeg. ��������� Twelve    hours  after  about two weeks, comparatively few  returns have yet been made. In some  of these cases, however, the blanks  have been used up to such an extent  and with such rapidity that the department has found it desirable to set  a limit upon thc number of prescriptions that will be accepted as legitimate.  Ottawa. ��������� That orders-in-cotmcil  prohibiting thc importation, manufacture and transportation of intoxicating  liquor^ shall terminate with the signing of peace, was declared by the senate. A bill from the commons, enacting as statute law the ordcrs-in-coun-  eii of the government, proclaimed under thc War Measures act, was taken  up by thc senate in committee of the  whole.  Senator Dcvcber offered an amendment striking out thc w~ords '"and for  twelve months thereafter" from the  declaration that thc regulations "shall  continue in force during thc continuance of the present war and tor twdve  months thereafter."  Thc amendment carried by 34 to 24,  ���������after a number of speeches, chiefly  dealing with thc constitutional point  raised on second reading, that by section 121 of the B.N.A. act interpro-  vincial trade could not be interfered  with.  As a preliminary to taking up the  bill, Sir James Lougheed read an  opinion from the department of justice given ou the constitutional aspect of the question at thc time one  of the ordc-rs-in-council was made.  This opinion observed that section  121 applies oniy to articles of the  growth, produce or manufacture of  any one of thc provinces, and as to  such intoxicating liquor as  is of this  description, "I am of the opinion that   oppQSC    thc authority    of constables j vi .f  of the Prince  this section docs not limit thc power   appointcd by thc city of Winnipeg,"!  overnmen  Cm  to return tneir prescription noose stuns < ken  first, and  14 Unionists voted i'or ; bonds  from  4-1. 0.x r       l- -. ri       Sx ���������. r. .',        4x . r. rx -.ri        ... ..nllc        V. 4.1, . *-������ 4V  I.JAP~y     UclVl.     UX.\-li      UlAtLU     *n      P~P~P������S      Utxl.ult  the grim grey walls of Stony Mountain penitentiary on a series of  charges of sedition and conspiracy  against the constitutional government  of Canada, ten Winnipeg strike leaders appeared before a justice of the  peace, and were remanded for eight  days. Aid. John Queen, Aid. Abraham A. Heaps, William Ivens, George  Armstrong, Robert B. Russell, R. E.  Bray, Max Charitonofr, Moses Alma-  zofT, Mike Bercnrzuk, A. Schopplerei,  I Yt'crc  ii.se iiiCii ������tJ*rcsiCCi������  to the department, and since the new j it.     They  were   as   follows  V.l.V-.l. ll.r_.31,  TwlCSC  DOiiGS  were   getting   into   thc   hands   of   the  scheme has been in operation for only}     Crcrar, Clark, Maharg, Davis, Levi j wealthy  classes,  hc   said,     and     they  Thompson, Reid (of MacKenzic), j would rind that after a time the poor  Johnston, Douglas, Buchanan, J. C. \ "���������"���������* who paid the taxes would have  Calnpbell,  Fielding,  Pardee and  Mac- j a rich    neighbor    paying    not    a cent.  Backing "of Labor Congress  Ottawa.���������Thc Dominion labor con-  47.       4>.,.-l-       il  grcss  ��������� 4,r, ,1 ir  4  4-4>\tj  "\<\,T. TPn,,-.^4nr  *  *    ...... lrx.a  Nutt. [ Pointing    out    that supporters oi" the  Two Liberals voted with the gov- i government advocated endorsatioa  ernment, Messrs McCrea, of Slier-] of the budKCt because it bad many of  brookc, and W. D. Euler, of North !lhe Matures of thc reciprocity agrce-  Watcrloo.  The only persons present when the'strikers  with  all necessary assistance!  Thc vote stood as follow*.'  For the amendment, 7i).  Against, 121-  A  government  majority  of  51.  A   vote   was   then   taken      on  ment, Mr. Fielding made an extended reference to that issue and poked  fun at the minister of finance for  bringing about what hc had been sent  to parliament  to oppose.  1 ir..  unLi&y  remand was granted were the justice  of thc peace, Edgar A. Andrews, assistant clerk of the Winnipeg police  court, and A. J. Andrews, K*C., crown  prosecutor. T. J. Murray has been  retained to act as counsel for the defence.  Included in the charges of seditious  libel are the following allegations:  "That thc men did conspire against  l-jic    nrppenn     l^Tirinr-' C^tsj-yrctf.   \T "  main motion.  .. _..    ...                         ,���������������K-.������_  tilC   ' -4-^-      l-JALU.C      Ui LilL. ULLLl^-yL U4.L.U.V,  I which was brought to a close by a  Messrs. Maharg, Knox and Doug-j division on tiie McMastcr amendment  las, who voted for the amendment, during the early morning hours, was  then voted in favor of thc budget. ! a second speech by Sir Thomas  No Liberals voted for it. W. F. { White, minister of nuance, who took  Cockshutt, the Brantford Conscrva- i advantage- of his privilege to speak  tive protectionist, voted against the j on the amendment. Sir Thomas en-  budget,  as also    did    the    following j tered upon a somewhat extensive re-  as circumstances may demand, but it's  up to  the  Winnipeg strikers of their  committee,    or  the arrested    leaders  themselves,   to  ask     the  congress  to  take action. Until thc Winnipeg labor men resume communication with  the  congress,  President  Tom   Moore  holds that it would bc indelicate and j Unionists:   Creraf,   Clark,     MacNutt, j view  of the  financial position  of  the  country and declared that the present  was    no    time    to    tear    thc tariff to  uncalled for on his part to interfere-     | Thompson, Johnston. Reid, Campbell,  Labor councils all over   Canada are i Davis,  Fielding,  Pardee    and     Buch  i stauumc*     oy  SLritCcrs. \ a nan.  "That thcy conspired    with    intent | ail<j_ are  up   -n  arrns  over  the   arrest'���������     The  voting  stood  against tne constitutional governm  of Canada."  p..*  llTI.-r.     it,   J. lift I.   UlC Y  ���������. :...x,i  ���������-."*i,  :^*.��������� x x^.  tuiispaiu   p-v-n-ii.   41.ii.0111.   l\j  of the leaders as shown by their tele- i  grams to Ottawa.  oi piOtii-jiiiOiV possessco t>y  ��������� minion, because the object of it is to  declare immunity from taxation,  rather than to affect the power which  thc Dominion otherwise has to prohibit exportation from one province  to another of articles which parliament may consider ought not, for thc  peace, order and good government of  Canada", to bc admitted in thc latter  province."  Peace within    tlie meaning    of the  law will be,    not    when a treaty    is  "That certain articles published in  the Western Labor News were published with intent to ridicule the constitutional government of the Dominion."  The charge of seditious conspiracy,  along with an  innuendo  of  consie'er-  *������  1 ���������*��������� I  ���������������*        I ���������<**.������������������**  fr'T   \~ 1"/*.'.1ill*   ���������  ��������� W������-v<      ���������*v*-,to"**''l      -*-**-- **-*" **-"���������*-'  ���������  "That  these men  did conspire  with  intent to overthrow the. constitutional  government of thc Dominion of Car  ada."  Here  is   the   text  of   the     informs-  i-or   tne   Duagct,   iJu.  Against,  70.  A   government   majority   of   50.  pieces.    He  questioned the    sincerity  of  some   of   the   opposition   members  .. ,i       ,   .. .,, p ,���������������    _..������._: .1.   *.^  supporting   uic <iiii.eiiuiii.c-ii,   iviuoi  nv.  described  as   containing   more     chaS  Ottawa--���������His Royal Highness thc  Prince of Wales is expected to arrive  in Canada during the month of August, and will bc present at the official  opening of the new Canadian parliament buildings. The following staff  will accompany him on his  Canadian  Winnipeg.���������Striking carmen of thc  Canadian Pacific Railway arc considering the advisability of returning to  work.    They have forwarded a communication to the central strike corn-  tour: Chief of staff, the Marquis of j mittce at the labor temple, urging  Salisbury; chief private secretary,  Licut.-Col. E. M. Grigg; assistant secretary, Sir Godfrey Thomas, Bart.;  equerries. Capt. Lord Claud Hamilton  and  Capt.  the Hon.  T.  W.  Leigh.  settlement of the sympathetic strike,  and indicating their intention to "take  such  action  as  they deem  advisable"  have also "oassed a resolution ana  forwarded it to the central strike  committee expressing the opinion that  the original cause of the sympathetic  strike was settled by concessions on  collective bargaining advanced by the  metal  trades   employees.  Lord Northcliffe III  London.  ���������  Viscount      Northcliffe,  in tbc event of the strike continuing, [newspaper owner, underwent on opcr-  The   Canadian      National     Carmen |ation.     His  condition   is  satisfactory-  signed,  but  when,   following   ratifica- ��������� t;on  aml  conlpiaint ���������poil which  war-  *-im edi  tions, it is officially "procla  When that is done, then the. old order  of things will be reverted to. "The  sale" will not be permitted in prohibition provinces, but the ban on import and manufacture and transport  will  be  removed.  Discuss Fixed Price  Conferences on Grain Problems  Being Conducted at  Ottawa  Ottawa.  No  definite  conclusions  rants for the arrest of the leaders  were issued: ���������-;  - "The information and complaint of  Albert Edward Reams, on the 16th  day of June, 1918, that Rev. W.  Ivcns, R. J. Johns, R. B. RussSVfll, ~\V.  A. Pritchard (of Vancouver), John  Queen, A. A. Heaps, S. Blumenberg,  George Armstrong, R. E. Bray, Matthew Charitonorr, R. Dcvyatken, Oscar Schoppclrei and Moses AlmazofF,  during the months of May and June,  did conspire with one another and divers    persons    to this informant    un-  i\ 11'-/ \.. I.  V-.\P.Jtl-  divcVs   liege   sub-  were   reached  at  the.  conference  held  between representatives of thc  trans-   Jccts of the King,  to resist laws and  portation, shipping, milling and farming    interests,  the    members    of  the  Winnipeg and Fort William boards of  trade and the board of grain snper-  i-isers, and Hon. A. K. Maclean, acting  minister of trade and commerce, in  ���������espect to the marketing of tlie prcs-  *nl season's wheat crop. At the con-  ���������lusion of the deliberations, which oc-  :upied several hours, a sub-committee  mis named lo deliberate further. An  issurancc was given by the reprosen-  .atives of railways and lake carriers  :hat thcy would be in a good position  .'hi.s fall to move Canada's crop to the  ���������eaboard.  There was much discussion of thc  question of the fixing of tlie prices  nnd thc government control, and it is  understood thai it was recognized  that if Great Britain should require  a considerable portion of thc Canadian wheat crop this year it would  be necessary to continue to provide  machinery for the purchase and the  handling of thc crop.  Uncertainty as to tbc probable,  ���������"���������p.:lie;*, ot the United St-*."* *���������������������������-'.'-* "o  difficult for the conference to arrive  ;it definilr  decision-*.  resist persons, same being part of thc  police force in the city of Winnipeg,  in the due execution of their duty,  and to bring the said force into hatred and contempt, and to procure unlawful meetings, and to cause divers  liege subjects of the King to believe  that the laws of this Dominion were  unduly administered, and intending  to disturb thc public peace and to  raise discontent in the minds of subjects ol" the King, aud to raise .and  excite tumult and disobedidencc to thc  laws, and did cause to bc published  certain false and libelous statements  with reference lo the said police  force and administration of justice in  a publication known as the Western  Labor News,  special  strike  edition."  *   flp-A        ?*" rPf.T        .4 447.0. r.X. r^ -.    M*        ?" ft* ^ *P. .p*  cW  tmicilc**** vi  Vvmc-ni  mu iii  "Black   Watch"���������The   Best   Black  Plug Chewing Tobacco on the Market  Suppressing the Truth  Paris. Tin*    German     govei tinun  according     to   reports   recriwi  i t,��������� . t.-,i i, ..   . i ,-   . ..i i: .   .: . ..  memoir** of the late 1 ieu(.-( "ennal  vou Moltke, chief ol Ihe general stall  at the outbreak nl ihe u..i. ll is said  that tlu: memoirs contain passages  concern'in,-,     events     in     l'*l-l     which  Experts Declare  Average  Yield  Can  Be Trebled and Good Flour  Produced  London. ��������� It- was announced that  the pianl-breeding section of the University of Cambridge, which is closely associated with the board ol agriculture, has succeeded iu producing  two new varieties of wheal named  fcuinan and yeoman. These were dis-  Iribuied lu laiiiK is, and it is reported  thai the result has been  lo treble the  , average yield.    One crop produced 96  here,   .  (    ,,��������� | bushels per acre.    Milling and  baiting  lrials have shown thai while the yeoman variety is not equal to the fanio'm.  red life, lroni the viewpoint of milling  qii'ililit*:, yel i:. ir, :;ufi"u*iciitl.v .*. i i o 11 k.  to   produce   ,t   -.-.ood   loaf   without,   thc  ���������i rilL iVJUCit^^UJTl/ViN 1D ISANfv Ur w^l^./\^i*TL  Statement of Liabilities and Assets at ������$Gth April, 1919.  LIABILITIES  1.   To the Shareholders  Capital Stock paid in ,  Reserve Fund   Dividends declared and linpaid   Balance of Profits as per Profit aud Loss Account  1919  9   7,000.000.00  7,000,000.00  104,194.00  r."--!   a,������o -O.Tr  1918  $   7,000,000.00  7,000,000.00  176,900.00  437.97.3.92  a       Tv-x  as. ���������   trr.rv.ti���������.  4X4, M. TA     X.XX&     CUUllC  Notes of the Hank in Circulation   Deposits not bearing interest   Deposits bearing interest (including interest accrued to date of  Statement)   "Balances due to other Banks in Canada   "Balances due to Banks and Banking Correspondents in  the  United  Kingdom and foreign countries      . .*   Bills payable      Acceptances under Letters of Cred.it   Liabilities uot included in the foregoing   ASSETS  Current Coin       Deposit in the Central Gold "Reserves   Dominion Notes   Notes of other Banks   Cheques on other Banks   Balances due by other Banks in Canada   Balances due by Banks and Banking Correspondents iu the United  Kingdom   "Calaiici-s due by Banks und Banking Correspondents elsewhere than in  Canada and the United Kingdom ,       Dominion and Provincial Government Securities, not exceeding market  value    Railway aud other Bonds, Debentures and Stocks, not exceeding market  \ ill lit-.   ������   (       ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������       , x*tt,00������*0       ���������*'.m<00**t.0St*tit*.00  Canadian Municipal Securities and British, l'oreijni nnd Colonial Public  .Securities other than Canadian *.   Call Loans in Canada ou Bonds, Debentures and Stocks   Call Loans elsewhere thii.11 iu Canada   Current Loan:", and Di'-counts :n Canada (loss Rebate of Ttitci't-sl)   Current Loans aud Discounts elsewhere than in Canada (less Rebate of  Interest)   Liabilities of Customer-* under Letters of Credit ns per contra   "Real l*'t.latc other than brnk *5r-*::ii"c- *  Overdue Debts, estimated loss provided for *.   Bank premises nt not more than cost (less tiniounts written off")   Deposit with the Minister lor the purposes ot tlie Circulation Fund.  Other Assets not included in the forctoiiiji   $ 14,76S,2o7.32        $ 14,614,873.9-i  13.316,033.00  43,552,214.61  91,904,903.37  2,614,y9ti. 64  105,076.96  464, IK*.05  12,327,16S.00  34,886,747. S3  75.94G.8S5.4S  1,400,941.75  1,161,976.79  598,851.26  3166.725,404.95        $140,937,544.97  4  m  0 *  ���������  .  $   4,946,946.33  7,000,000.00  8.405,602.60  9S5.044.00  6.0S2.616.99  3,215.80  123,496.50  l,903,0',0.10  G.005,,7-3.65  4,111>,705..32  6.134,690.71  ' 2,801 .H.--7.72  $ 62,750,H.<8.!>'1  95^74,426.01  832.918.12  464,153.05  762,o2-f>.i>i  S'RG.973.56  C. 253.269.4 a  ���������'IM'.iMyj.OO  5b'*. 119.12  $   4,890,061.86  6,000,000.00  5,912,092.50  893,076.00  B,3n,7S6.12  4,704.87  82,580.53  1.357.S43.03  5,435,461.(i6  4,060,204.70  i.,-Jr0,~art.r..  5.223.953.8S  3,906,648.93  $ 57,067,481.62  76,104,016.15  339,087.29  598.851.20  .Yi2,:~-;:.*i.i i  272.226.60  4.S8i;. 138.98  355,000.00    310,615.02  "V. UHi, 725.404. ������I5       S140.937.544.97  II. MONTAGU ALLAN,  President.  D. C.  Ar AC A ROW,  Ctiter al Mimager,  v, ou hi i.t'iiiliu," ..u will..-. o..;i>l.   iii-prr:'.  .whlitioit of ituportr-d whe.it.  Report ol thc Auditor* to thc Sh.\reholdcr& ol The Merchant* Bank of Canada  in nccoi dance with tlii)|irovIsliiniiortiiili-Si-i>tl<ni!t lOiuitl -i0o( .**t-<iloii ".-"<*.. tlio Haul A.-t. ������<��������������� r/-|������irt to tlir- tn������r������*ho!ih ������������������������������������.im  \V������ liavo ernintiifil tlio (itiovo Itnl-iiieo Slit"! tivltli tlio TV,-)*.������ of Aoeotmt i������ii.l olti->rrfCort1nHt tlu������ c,\\\rt Onteor.t tlio ltnr.l:  nh.l with til.i hl.'iicil i'1-t.iii'itH f min tins IIiiiii.-Ik'N Hint A������.:i'liiii!i mul linvti i*ln>i'Li'.| ������!,.���������. nili miH *, ,-iiiic.l tin/ m'-'IIiiii, * <���������! tin- ili.iil nt  Mt.i Chief onii'dii-'iiiiiNi. ������ln> ���������'iiirl..������ In r.'f-;������iil ilieri'ioln Uio hool.-i ot tlie Jituiir P. I :.")l It Ai-'i" V.'"* -*i.i ������t n <ittr<i,nt tit.,,. .Liiim.-  tho year mul fonnil tlieiufnn-t-rpn with -iu.-h ciitiii'M. WniilwinM-iiib-.l nt n<,i,i������pf.( lln. Hminin "..lurintr the vmr hhiI o1i,<>*.,'.1 tli������p  eimli uim) voi'iiiid Um MimnifWi-ilieM nt tho flittL'Soroiir :vttciii!.".i������*i*-~r..l r.,nml (ln-in (otL'tce \ritu tneciuncs lu iiianl tl.cttu In  thO lllKlliHOl tint lluiilf.  W������ lnivonlitutiip-.l nil tlio Infonnntlon imh1 e"rp*li*niiHon-iir������*- 1iar������* i-omtltfil. To -*>ttr op'ttf...!*. thft trft-n*tc-t'or.*- ef tl.t V.i -A-  wtlfeti lmve.*olilp> iiinl������'i-������������tii-not|c<i lutv-4ft l.i������.i*>i������ uitltln tlm ipmvern of th,. Hdttl;, ntut t)inatu-r.-������ lt.-.!ai,.'< !j;tri Is v--'"-r-������ r'.v .1i������'.. t. t...  -ci'tim tn <>������ III hi tn. true mul correclvlitw of tlie I: tut oof lliti JUnk'nuir-ilrg, in'ooi-illiitr totlictx'it ofour li.f.������iin������.tIoti ������n.1 tin*. :xt>h .ih.tUhib  klVHi lu l.r:, it rut K.a xl;i,vjr, 1,-y U.pj liuui.;. ui lliu liunix.  VIVIAN'  V M������<WliT   \  <1(|M|.(|4J   M'lV'Dll'V    '    I-       Aiicin������r������.  MoNTiiOit., Cli-.l Muy, 1010 ~      " '"' "(oi'tl'.pil.riiiof Hc^.'tti", Mi������rn1.T, Orin tlu A(V*)  is  ZjZE-%  ~~~z  & ~ - -Wrf r������* "m-i-i*1 4-    nfW*tt * Z*LJmexv.ij,M.
"gjJ?!P3^~p5*p.   .   L...W,
'- .t'
Issued every Friday at Creston, B.C'
Subscription :   $2 a year in advance;
$2.50 to U.S. points. "
O. P. Hates, Editor and Owner*
j ing of the Salmon   Arm branch of       Certainly   if the situation ia   as
disclosed in recent pulpit aud press
notices, Nero fiddling while Rome
burned has nothing on Cran brook's
citizens individually and collective-
i the United Farmers of British Gol-
i uir.bia, and at" which it   was decid-
ed to recommend   to   the   government   that     much   better   results
would be obtained if the depart- j ly sitting around waiting for
ment were to hire a man with a ! government to supply the neces-
team and outfit and keep him sary laborers to make a thorongh
steadily employed on   repair work I cleaning out of the Augean stables.
But pending the segregating of the
Get a cai'd-with-it. "When you have
saved 16 of them the Government will
give you a "War Saving Stamp for
them worth ��5.? Now will you make a;
start. Not' much excuse^for nut doing
iii is there ? Start now. Don't be just
shiftless.   -.''.���'
Trail has a. town, footballl   league
with Xtiree teams in it.    --.-'
The formation on  Friday   night
or the Creston Valley   Auto Association provides this   district   with
an organization that the  community is peculiarily in need  of,   and a
look over the list   of   officers   and
consideration of the thirty or thirty-
five who make up the car-owning
fraternity in these parts warrants
in looking forward to   very   useful
service being rendered by this body.
If there is one thing   more   than
another that makes for the,content-
in en t of citizens generally,   as well
as in some measure assuring future
prosperity, in a section of   country
situated   as   is the Creston Valley
at the present   time,    surely   good
roads rank almost first.    Time was
when a fair good wagon road N was
put up with fairly good grace,   but
with the coming   into   so   general
use of motor ears, and the doubling
up   of   provincial    taxes���to   say
nothing of the special   license    the
. car owner is forced to   take   out���
no one can wonder at the incessant
demand for more  roads and better
roads, more particularly the latter.
While admitting the   justice   of
the demand for improved highways
it must not be  expected   that   the
miracle  of   providing   high   class
transportation facilities is going to
come over night no   matter   what
forces are brought to   bear   on the
authorities at Victoria. They haven't got the money to   do the   work
with. To illustrate just the   position the works department   finds itself in this regard it   will only be
necessary to cite the case of   Kaslo
riding,   where   EThginrer   Ramsay
asked for a vote or .$81,GOO for this
year's  effort, and of this   less than
#30,000 was voted.
Undoubtedly a special   effort of
the auto association will  be to   see
to it that good roads are provided,
and in such   an   undertaking   the
club can be of valuable assistance to
the works department minister and
the   riding     road    superintendent.
The latter has all the   earmarks of
being both a capable   and   accommodating official,  and   if the highway problem as it effects   this part
of the constituency is placed before
him from time to time by an organization of representative   and road-
usiti^ cill/eiia sticli a j; thc auto own-
*'V."- the gre.Ti.tly improved highways
so much to be desired may    reasonably !>��������� expected t 'i -'Vi-ut unto.
I:. 'r-'A'\\\��" ftft'.-r ri'.i-p "tinerinteii-
'!�����!!������. t,.'\v.'V.-r. i'ur tin-si* improvements si(i*.it must, not lie lost ol' the
.'act that funds arc-limited for work
of tlvis sort, labor is a bit indifferent and quite high in price, while*
-.riif- of the- other expense factors
in road construction    all    make    it
during the summer season; it would
do more good   than   putting on a
few men for ai few   days at a time.
It was figured that each man could
keep from fifteen   to    twenty niiles
of road in excellent repair. V-7e understand that this   is   the   sj'stem
followed in the state of Idaho, and
those who have occasion to use the
highway between here and Bonners
Ferry tell us that the roads are in
first-class shape always.
Another suggestion that has been
made in connection with road build
ing is that where new road   is   being out and circumstances will permit both sides of the new highway
should be planted    to a   variety of
clover that has   a    reputation    for
thriving on the quality of   soil encountered in roadmaking   operations, We fancy this would be particularly apprecirted in the new Arrow
Creek cut-off now under construction.   Every  year during the high
water season 'local cattle have to be
fancy ladies, the petering out of the
booze supply;-and   the  coming   of
hard times   to at least ease off th'e
gambling, or some other providen-
ial abating  of   the   present   evils,
would it not be  better for all concerned to fall in with the   idea   of
the ballad which has it that "They
all just did a^s they   ought to do, or
if not they   never   told."    A little
more publicity of the   sort Mr. Lee
and the   Herald are unnecessarily
peddling and the town will be running neck and neck with Fernie for
B.C.'s undesirable honors.
For    Sa*l*r���Lumber    wugon    and
g! ddle horse.    Fred: Smith, Creston.
St. Oassi's Cwl Gissro 7185
160 acres ef Southern Saskatchewan
land, 45 miles east of Swift Current.
Good town with 5 elevators, churches,
school:-*, etc., but five- miles distant.
Good buildings and 2 wells on place,
85 acres in crop. Enquire Review
Office, Creston.
ORE&TON '''���''
Best Quality
Dairy Butter
alwavs on sale.
Delivered"anywhere in town.
Shipped to any point.
ranged in that section and a little
extra clover feed would not come
amiss, and at the same time add
just a little to the appearance of
the highway���a detail the interested and observant. touri.st will not
The old saying about God helping those who help themselves may
be alright as affecting itdividuals,
but when it comes to being the
same potent factor in working re
forms amongst citizens collectively
the Herald absolutely refuses to
consider its efficacy, much less encourage and effort to apply the
remedy at Cranbrook.
Pastor Lee's recent effort to arouse the citizens to the urgent need
of moral reform has, apparently,
got the heather blazing merrily,for
in its last issue the Herald finds it
necessary to say something in palliation of a very deplorable state of
On behalf of the citizens the Herald pleads guilty to the   charge   of
permitting gamblers to   ply   their
nefarious calling   without   let   or
hindrance,   and   with    very   little
blush corroborates the utterance of
Mi*. Lee as to the harlots and houses of prostitution   Vicing   scattered
all over the town, while as   to   the
availibility   of     liquor     many fold
.stronger than  the   legal    two    per
cent, and in brands    and    qualities
that almost rival the  palmy   days,
tlie Herald is quite frank in stating
"You can get almost any   brand of
liquor you want���just for   the asking���if you got thc price,   and    no
matter what the price is it does not
The Creston Valley isn't the only
point  in B.C.   where   high   prices
last year has tempted   growers   to
tackle the growing of   green   peppers for the firstf time.    Report has
it that there is a heavy planting of
these all through   the   Okanagan.
This is due to the exceptionally favorable   prices    that   obtained   for
these last year, but   opinion    is divided as to   whether   the   market
quotations will rule as high in 1919.
In 1918 there was an   embarge   on
such products,   and   this   coupled
with the fact   plantings   were   no
heavier than in 1617 made  market
conditions exceptionally   favorable,
This year there   is   no   guarantee
that the embargo will be maintained, and with   the   considerably increased area set out   to   this ~crop
some   disappointment   may    be in
store for those who   have   gone in
for them.
According to Senator Lachmund
head of the green-fruit department
of the  Pheasant   Northwest   Products Company, of Oregon,   hay or
grain crops as an income   producer
will have   nothing   on   the   berry
crop this year. In order to convince
berrymen that he knows   what he
is talking   about,   Senator   Lachmund comes forward with a statement that   berry   growers   should
make from .$500 to $600   per   acre
on their berries for   the   next   five
years at the prices which   his company is  now   offering.    The   company is ready to contract for 1,000
acres each   of   strawberries,   rasp
berries  and   loganberries   for   the
next live   years,   at   prices   which
should make an   earning   per acre
of the amounts already stated.
seem to he prohibitive."
rather ont. of the c,,u-st ion    to make |     j��uti the  astonishing    feature    of
hundred nodai-, d., .ui.. ���a*,,;.,*; thfi whf)U, fVlV.lir JH ,]udi   )liW    ]uiV_
Uf) tl'*iing pleaded guilty on all counts to
! the Methodist, divine's scathing iii-
diei.nie.iil, the f Iontld can see no relief in Might, iinh-HS tho attorney
-���.-ncini at Victoria orders a clean
ufi via the, provincial police.
:l   U
near the duty it did   even
With ;in or-^.'i iii/.iil inn ������otrifii't-
I'tit. to dine ii sip in detail .vie re road
iiiinroveinc-nt.M 'ire urgently needed,
with a road superintendent who
looks to be. the right titan in the
place, and by keeping tab on the
work I.n '-le-pi'iv that, tie- -.'ood1. are
delivered when and where promised
i     i .       , ���    ,  ;,,
It    l.in-   .1 ii ��� <i   ���:... . i   , .��� i.    .   r, - - .,
ii m well doing   in     t.hi
should not   be long t il
i   !...���:!.!     r.iU.r.'-lt.      lopie i'ei--ipi-./e;i.|
.i.i .pentl ton e,i u  work wonder... ..vi-n
-.I, government, f.ad '.'.or!-:.
Just Shiftless
There aro people you mul I know
who never seem to be better olf no
mutter what they earn. If times ave
good, times nve bad, or times are normal its all the same. They work hard.
They keep plugging away, bnt they
never get any whore. They are not
tho people who have had minfortune
or trouble, and they hi-.-hj to have bad
steady work. What is the matter.
They belong to the noble and antedu-
luvian order of the Hhiftless. They
never learned that 100 cents won't buy
$1.05 worth of goods, pleasure, or in-
didi.;enre. They never learned that, if
you Hpend a dollar and ten\:euts wben
Looking   at     it    another    way, I y(m have only got a dollar and noino
Cranbrook duds the moral fabric of
the --oiiiiiiiiiiily     in the   la.it    anal
.V'*i.*.  l-hc- good   name and   repute, of
i,i i<
.   4   . I  I
re-peel,     it
the     .-I erti.'i!
credit t hat you owe ten cents, and you
have mortgaged- your credit. . They
are always asking favors. Always
burrowing, always hard up.    They are
not   ilihlioi.eM,   or   mean,   or   t.i'.'.y,  or
loth" Herald.   proposi-H    to let   the , anything but just shiftless.
P4P4I 40,. ,,.0,.m,   *v% W-d-xmrnvll  IK-Ps-m 0m x-M to-
UitUUi/tl    -r.   J^-n~~"-������   ~ ���	
thing go on lo    deBtruel.ioii     iiiiIchh
*    .���' I'i.-,,   C> it\, I i 11 ,r      Col-ee   i'i
..-I,'    to   the     |-e   '-||e \'o      eol|i-etivc
!.:���. rge.intng or t-o ote-bi/�� union for
< 'ntiib|(.i k even to nave it'; good
Tin- Thrift eninpaign is to teach people lutw to begin to save, Il.it not
iiri-i-:,,.ary to Ituve '|.IU<I to .-.i.u t, .���iv oie,.
Vmi don't even haye to haye $10 to
'uive-t. '.!���.' v.ill buy yon gilt edge <.ny-
i-i'iimeiit security n\,-l\",!, intercut coin-
."���ii-lt* pi'p-1-.ei vation the Iiml, pounded, aiid return you '""ft in every
,;,,,,;     J',,.   .-. '    ,'.        !.-!-.'���   '!'."    live vi-ai ��, I'm- ev-'I'V "i'l. "'id belieye me
Ie ill-;
v i I ll   h
toll     '.,       I.lie
. ��� .' rl.   pi.I ,   .      .1
| .1 , ,1 ,|l-111
I'M      111
1 ,1 i  II.   .
.,, ,   Hi.
S.'Og,  ' ,1
... 'id.-ne.e
i .'.,.,.,
* '        ' *   ' t *
.���it .-
\. .i tl ll.;'
Mv:   or
P.anvnn Pjtw  I iimhfir  OoiBrafiiiV
Men's and Ladies9
Spring needle in Shirts and Drawers, all .sizes
Spring needle Combination
Medium weight wool in Combination Suit
find Shirt and Drawers���all si/.es
Vests  and Combinations in   short and sleeveless
styles, m v/hitc and pin!:
Combination Suits" in .several styles, in light and
medium weights, from (��0c. to $b2.*25 a, suit
Crompton's a la Grace Corsets
* I* .....I-
iii   Ilu:   up   ��. p .  .
lie be*.I ol   big lbi.'ii..t.'.{'.;  t.'iy thai   $a
lived   Iill   then  will   buy  what Would ,
������...I .���.*,' (i, ,.;,; i,, ,j,i v,     Itut perhap*. you j
I. -.'   Mveo,,M lo .-I,-,,,,    ,..,��������� ._,,..,.,. ,,.      U(.n<   -���,.,.,.-���   ���������;'-.,, . ;
,  M       M>m   >|t��.      MMM'
^~JiW   ^-Jx\~.-~mV
I*ti^0ititim0mnmiiiij��m^mmm4m WW!
*�� ��p -p4p��4i^fniiimnnvnC7ii*Nrti T^OR every War Savings Stamp which you can  **���������* purchase today ior a fraction over $4.00 the  Dominion o������ Canada its pledged to pay you $5:00  in 1924.- If you .cannot make an outlay of $4;00 at  one time, accumulate sixteen 2 5-cent Thrift Stamps  and exchange them for a $4.00 War Savings Stamp.  Should circumstances compel you to realize on  your  investment,  your money  with ���������������-.-������������������������  interest is always available.  NA-nONAX.  WAE  SAVINGS   COSUJi:  (British Columbia Division)  Vancouver, B.C.  ?~ *.M-������pt������vP.i1*i*k4'r|Ptn  over  one day sometimes running well  the four-ton mark.  The installation of the system last  year was particularly fortunate more  especially in respect to peppers. Last  season there was an embargo against  the import of then s which gave the lo  A young son of W. J. Armstrong of  Penticton has just been awarded  $2500 for injuries received when the  town's fire truck ran over him.  A   -~^07.^m  a*rs:������Mts,"i*i-^ai  much of a   monon-  Trebies Crops  'rickson  nights at  C  Iniisi^iiiasifs  Minimum price of first-class land  reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to  $2.50 an acre.  Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.  Records will be granted covering only  land suitable for agricultural purposes  and which is non-timoer land.  Partnership pre-emptions abolished,  bat parties of not more than four may  arrange for adjacent pre-emptions  with joint residence, but each making  necessary improvements on respective  claims.  ���������-��������� Pre-pemptQE-e roust occupy claims for  five years and make improvements! to  value of $10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,  before receiving Crown Grant.  Where pre-emptor In occupation not  less than 3 years, and has made proportionate-improvements, he may, he-  cause of iii-health, or other causa, bc  granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.  Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of  $800 per annum and records same each  year. Failure to make improvements  o*f  record  same  will  operate  as  for  feiture. Title cannot be obtained In  less than 5 years, and improvements  of $10.00 per acre^Jncluding 5 acres  cleared and cultivated, and residence  of at least 2 years are required.  Pre-emptor holding Crown grant  may record another pre-emption, if he  requires land in conjunction with his  farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made  and residence maintained on Crown  granted land.  Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20  acres, may bo leased as homesites;  title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.  For grazing and industrial purposes  areas exceeding 640 acres may be  leased by one person or company.  Mill, factory or Industrial sites on  timber land not exceeding 40 acres  may be purchased; conditions include  payment of stumpago.  Natural hay meadows iiiucce^bluie  by existing roads may bo purchased  conditional upon construction of a road  to them. Rebate of one-half of cont of  road, not exceeding half of purchase  price, is made.  PRE.EMPTORS'      FREE      GRANTS  mx ACT. .  Tho ncope of this Afct is enlarged to  !.1p-!uuq ssji peiBona joininB and nerving with His Majesty's ForcoB. Tho  timo within which tho heirs or dovlaeos  of a deceased pro-omptor may apply  for titlo under thin Act la extended  from for ono year from the death of  iiuch person, as, formerly, until ono  year aftoi-'tho conclusion of tho present  wnr. Th'n prlvl!e<re in n1i?o mado retroactive, txj  No foot* relating to pro-omptlonti arc  duo or payable by noldlcrn -on preemptions recorded after Juno 20, 1018.  Taxes aro remitted for Ave yoar������.  Provision for return of monoyii accrued, duo and been paid ulnce Augutit  4, 1014, on account of payments, feeti  or taxes on ttoldlorti' pro-omptiona  Interest on agreements to purchase  4-.P..PP      l.~      4x)X,.      Xr.,..      *,.).*      1...     x~r.��������� l......       -.  x.r ., ..     ~m      xr.xj       .~xxi     .kxitx.      .0J       ...p.. ..MP.I ������I     \4,  Alllod Forces, or dapnndontii, acquired  direct or Indirect, remitted from on-  Hutmont to March 31. 1920.  SUO-PURCHA9ER8  OF  CROWN  LANDS.  Provision made -for limuuneo of  Crown grantn to nub-purchaaoru of  Crown "Liutplii, acquiring rlglitu from  purchaiiorH who failed to complete  juircltaiio, involving ror-.oiu.ro, on fulfillment of condltlonii of purchaue, Intercut and taxes. Where iiub-imrchau-  tsrn do not claim whole of original par-  ���������������������������������������", pu-Mihnm"! prlee due and tnxcM mny  bo    dtntrlbutod    proportionately    ov#r  \. iiuio     ulvi.p, ..inii.y...i.\j...i     u.l.M.     l.x,  mado by May 1, 1020.  If there is one man in the  section who sleeps   well   at  this prrticular season of the year that  gentleman is Sam Fraser.     "While   at  other parts of the  year  Sam has   his  troubles in common with other ranchers, when ifc  comes   to   the   growing  season he bids dull care   begone,   and  the reason for his ease of mind at this  juncture is entirely due   to   the   fact  that his ranch property is blessed with  an irrigation system that  one   might  say is an improvement on   nature   itself.   The trouble   with   the   weather  man at times is that he don't   seem to I  distribute his product equitably; he is  too prone to make ifc a feast or a famine���������with the accent on the   latter as  regards a supply of  moisture   during  the months of June and July.  The water distribution   scheme   on  the Fraser  place, is   the   well-known  Skinner system.   This is an overhead  pipe line which provides a small water  outlet every three feet along the pipe,  said outlets having a carrying capacity  of 30 feet.    That is   the   water forced  out through   these tiny holes will distribute itself 30 feet in a straight line,  and with the pipes of  the   reversible  pattern, by simply   giving the  pipe a  half turn the stream of  water is hurled an equal distance   in  the  opposite  direction, and with   the   usual   wind  and air currents  that prevail there is  always a pretty   good   distribution in  between the three foot pipe line spaces  The system was   installed   lust year  when about 856 feet of the   pipe   line  was got into use, and just how   it - increased production  is   shown   in   the  output last  year  as   compared   with  1017. Mr-   Frasor's   shipping  records  out  cal growers pretty  oly along the Crow line, where the demand is heavy,^nd the crop on the  Fraser ranch was in the neighborhood of 10,000 pounds.  The water  is  applied  twice a   day  when required,   about 2500   gallons a  day being a day's use.     This is pumped by a 3 h.p.   gasoline   engine.    This  year the pipe line is being extended to  cover a fair-sized stretch of blackberry  bushes as well as a few rows of strawberry plants,   and  its  effect   on   the  blackberries will* be watched   with interest.    When tne.'writer   saw   fchesH  they    were      loaded     with     bloom,  and if the Skinner system brings them  along the same as it has   garden stuff  certainly a record for  blackberry production will be established.  "While the system has proven a gilt  edge investment ifc should not be imagined that it is an inexpensive outfit.  the   neighbor  hood of 30 cents a foot, to say nothing  of the fittings aud   erection costs,   as  well as the engine and rotary pump  needed to force the water up.    Any  mention of the Fraser place would be  incomplete without a reference to the  up to-date equipment otherwise   employed whi������*/h  among other things includes a Beeman garden tractor.   This  will handle a plow, disc or cultivator  equally well,  and certainly has   the  place looking as good as the best of  them, and on a much shorter working  day.   The o?s!y fault with the Beeman  is that it is not speedy enough  to at-  ���������      - - - i        rum      A   J  At Vernon the small boy has an  awful appetite for breaking windows.  This year ifc has cost   the   rink owner  Cf?-XP^   CXXLVX  $50 to replace  tach to a load and haul the stuff  Erickson station and thus relieve Sam  of the nplceep charge of the span of  cyuses that made Erickson famous in  a recent roadwork controversy.       ���������^_  do\v������.broken in that building alone.  Another batch of 162 Germans in  the internment camp at Vernon has  just left for England, and thence Us  Germany. It took 30 guards to handle  them. There are still 130 prisoners left,  most of them married men.  The Granby smelter at Grand Forks  and the mines at Phoenix which are  owned by the same,interests, are both  reported to be shuttingdown for keeps  this month. Operations have been  carried on at both points for about 20  years.  The pipe alone costs'  With the Valley getting  well into the 'strawberry season, and cherries also with us,  it is certainly time to be thinking about the coming twelve  months' supply of preserved  and canned goods.  This week we wish to direct  special attention to our stock  of Sealers, Tops, Rubber  Rings, etc., which every household will be needing in" some  quantity. This year we are  handling���������  Perfect Sealers  Pints and Quarts  Gem  show that thc gain in cucumber  put was from 250 to   almost 850 crates I  of  long   green   cucumbers���������some   of | Pints,     Quarts,     Half-Gallons  them so long that they 'could   not be I  put in   tho   ordinary   shipping   box.  Green poppers that in 1017 would yield  about three quarters of a   pound   to a  plant lust year gave   on   tho  average  almost two pounds, with tho showing  on other lines equally as   hc-iy.ly   increased, more  especially   in   cabbage  for which tho Fraser place is so favorably known-*���������shipments   of   these   in  \  ROBT. LAMONT  notary public  insurance: -   real estate  r>l~*7LER IN COAL  CRESTON   -   -   B.C.  OHA/INO.  *ot.   iftlfi,   for  f*vn*fimnl\c  ���������v^mm���������m  nnmniifiMf'  tn���������0t*0,i0  C.t*~���������it'lZ     J^v-i        ,4������,..,     ii.,-        nynif.nii.iir  development or llven-took In-liii.try pro-  vldeii for ''rai-liiir dliitrh-tii uiul ruitKu  lidiikintutratloit under Couuiilii.-ili.i.������..������-.  Anntinl o-rnitlnrr MM-mlt" M.mmrl ii.i,.������ri  on niunborii ruii���������.*"������"��������� il: priority for < 't-'.l.-  iir"*.i".*-l iiWn.'ri'rt, l*l.*iv44i-pipviipi������ w may  folriii Aiiuoukiiilonit f������'l" niiitt'* iimii'ikm--  ment, ."><*.<-. or partially trc.ci, pni-mltH  iu,   ������������.ttlp.l.ti.   c.;iiui-I������:  <''"   tlpiVp-llct...   ti|.  tO   l������"    IIC.-MI.  Percheron Stallion  CT^taliLGlJl       STmCiB**        WpTDHTIQ  N HI H M* Hi pi RS IP W Pi  wmW PI    wJV PI*.*,    N  U  U X jr  ~m3 H   m\\-3     ~*     -S fl *\LiP ^*9     B  Service Fee $10 Cash  Economy nnd  Schram Tops  Parowax  Rubber Rings  We havo just opened a large  new stock in all these lines,  and can supply your every  need, but at that 'we suggest  early buying as it is more than  likely that it wiii be hard Lu  psocuac these same lines Inter  on in the season.  Our prices are right. You  know those Hnoss too well to  require any telling as lo their  supcri-jut).  HEWS OF K00TEN.V.S  .ndon has four hotels, ont restaur  ant-and two autos. I  Trail has a lady principal in both the i  high and public schools.   The   former  draws $1740. and the latter $1800.  At Cranbrook a new lookout; station  has been built; at Casey mountain,  which gives the fire patrol a clear view  as far south as Bonners Ferry and  east to Elko.  Men working on the power pole line  between Greenwood and Copper  Mountain are on strike for a raise in  pay. They were getting $4 a day,  with board at $1.  The government bonused canning  factory at Grand Forks is liable to operate this year for the first time. The  Occidental Canning Co. of Kelowna  have a deal on to lease it.  The postfflce department has refused  to put a mail car on  the   K.V. trains  between Midway and Hope.    Such   a  service would cost $30,000 with   only  $14,000 of revenue in sight.  ' Last year the purchasing   agent for  the C.P.R. dinners and boats  bought  $34,000 worth of products in the Okanagan Valley, and   expects   to   almost  double that amount in 1010.  At Trail tho dog tax has been raised  to $5 por dog. Those who do not care  to pay can havo the chiet of polici- kill  their canine friend free of charge.  Last yoat- ho had about forty such cx-  ecutiona, the. News suys.  JL X^JLm^jLJ  Equipped zvith Starting  and Lighting System  ���������the car you have  been waiting for.  We are prepared to take  orders row for June delivery.  There is only a limited  number to be had, so  first ordered will be first  delivered.  With Sfartef and Lighting  $790.00  Without Starter and Lighting  $690.00  f.o.b. FORD, Out,  Remernember you can   get  the Ford with or without  1     the Starter.  Greston Auto & Supply  R.S.Bevan    COMPANY      Manager  A ppi*,  ������     Ut   WM  to  V.Zu-\ir7i in.  B.C.  Q ft ^PB-W  ^v'*. :?.._* ^^ F*      !"���������      ���������**"      F* '������������������* ���������**���������*  ^^i^ f      \A     ^j is l^        P^ il  ^'^ v^  ,J(J(       ifltri \JJ5Jtr     fcg} HHBUfl   mmmmtm   ~x9     m-t    ^4  Genera!  ^���������1 mm  w-ttmW Km  interests to this Bank with the iullest  assurance that they will receive every care  and attention.  The many services which this Ba.uk is  prepared to render will gladly be explained  if you will call upon us.  Am AIM BANK  OF COMMERCE  ������       " - 0   ..   r% t*. rT ~0.  <0������JL (C"u*������ii.S*p>M*  ijs-t.Tr-^yrmffTtry  Jt-Jdx. t-n-XiXT-nxixy  xT-  jt^s  -     Tl  ir>#-������*iiiii-������|i i  tC.A  iy*r*r}yrT*rfta:y  ���������it^iiiw.mirmiftr^imy  mmmmm#mA  .#jmu##mmJimi--i~m  ~s4mmmm������  {4ti...fiix  ir-U   -upp-ir������������������*-.<"- ������"��������� -*���������.-~���������^^)^.v*-,W^i���������l������^(T������^���������WS'���������  IQtwIKlFlltlffl^  ~Vs4mmm*l0l0mmi\mm  imiiiiiMmiiirf. I'rwriT^  mspmmittotMtiHm^mmmMmmm Mm *tin**n������������i-mjm wi- iftwwrwwii ���������""���������"������������������������������������������������������"".g'MMHii^  ^k^.p'ii'-'pM^  0V~&m-mWmS>i-T^  m'mm-4mmmi-mr~0tmv*^^  XKK^^ SSSSl  r H  ME     REVIEW,     CRESTON,     B.     a  w**���������~r"i\m    '**���������  j Women Can Fortify j  1 Their Health j  ���������    _    ^      i  . With constantly aching backs,  weary, dragging-down pains, dizzy  and nervous headaches,    women have  Heisrht Of Bird Flights  hard burden  to  carry.  It is wise  for every woman to fortify herself  against those derangements which arc  present when extra demands'arc made  upon the system by Nature's laws- No  better remedy exists for woman's  peculiar ailments than DR. HAMILTON'S PILLS, which possess tonic  properties that act upon live proper  organs at the proper time. To prevent headache, to overcome dragging  -weariness, backache, nervousness and  pallor ��������� to look well, sleep well, cat  well and enjoy the manifold blessings of sound, regular health, every  girl and woman should regulate her  system by Dr. Hamilton's Pills, 25c  per box.  Lost City Discovered  The Forgotten People That Once  Lived in New Mexico  A. lost city of 20,000 homes has been  found in a great canyon barely forty  miles from the city of Sante Fe, N-M.  It is reputed to bc the first known city  of thc Cochiti tribes of Pueblo Indians  of the Southwest. The place is called  Rito dc los Frijolcs, or Tyti-on-yi, and  is one of the world's -wonders- Here  tn little caves in the sides of gigantic  cliffs, dwelt the prehistoric cliff dwellers of America in communal dwellings that were almost immune from  attack by cither man or the giant  beasts of the stone age.  The great ceremonial cave of Kiva,  where the people's councils evidently  The Height at Which Various Migrating Birds Are Accustomed  to Fly  In spite of their difficult and exacting task, a fcwr airmen have found opportunity to observe and record the  height at which various migrating  birds are accustomed to fly. Thus,  from French soldiers of thc air it is  learned that swallows have been observed to maintain an average altitude  of 700 yards, and wild ducks one of  1,800 yards, and that green plovers  have, been seen at a height of 2,150  yards. Incidentally it may be mentioned that the ducks were moving at  a speed of sixty-five and a half miles  an hour when flying upward and sixty-  nine miles an hour when flying hori-  zotally. Another aviator, when flying  at 9,500 feet, saw swallows high above  him. And another, who made his observations at a height of 6,000 feet  during a heavy bombardment, with  anti-aircraft shells bursting all about  hi in, says that hc saw 200 golden plovers, perhaps driven higher than usual  by thc fact that the vicinity was an  unpleasant belt to cross.  Y.M.fJ.A. Note  i**W  "5  CHINA AND  THE Y.M.C.A.  **Y'* Hut Should Be Preserved and  Copied in China  That the **Y" hut of war-time days  in France is a good thing which  should be preserved and copied in  China is the decision arrived ai at a  conference of some 69 Chinese Y.M.  C.A. secretaries who were appointed  to work among the hundreds of thousands of Chinese coolies employed as  laborers in France- It was thc first  time that any of them had come in  contact with the work of the association, and thcy have been so impressed by the. work accomplished that  they have decided io carry on ihe  work of the association, which now  reaches chiefly thc higher classes,  among the coolies and others. China  was wrell represented at the conference. Delegates came from widely  separated parts of the republic, such  as Manchuria, Shanhir.g. Kiangson,  Chi-I.i, Hupeh'and many other places-  [���������"UH SYR^i^g^  llllp^ For Table Usean-fl  Ail Cooking Purposes  ****="?*'>'���������������������<������������������   Why Can't 8  Get To Sleep?  Thousands of people all over the  country ask this question, but still  continue to toss night after night on a  sleepless bed, and it is impossible for  them to get a full night's refreshing  sleep.  Some     constitutional     disturbance,  -assembled, is located two-thirds of the J w*-\rr.y   or   disease   has   so  debilitated  .        .,       r        ..rv.   . and irritated the nervous svstem that  way up the side of a chit, in a cave  ifc CJlllnot be qu*tcneci  except by the  pernicious use of opiates or narcotics.  Or again, you have heart palpitation,  and sensation    of sinking,    a feeling  riitf  *---���������i  inaccessible save with ladders.' The  temple is carved out of the solid rock,  partly by nature and partly by hand.  Little is known about thc forgotten  people that once lived in this beautiful  retreat in New Mexico, although  many of thc symbols of a race that  was are visible in the interiors of the  pr-*.^������.p1p * 1 y     rl jcr-rt.'/i VJ.fl    ll Q"Til P S",  Horseshoeing is a very ancient  practice, and Willi-jui thc Conqueror  introduced horseshoes into England.  Stirrups were, however, unknown to  the ancients, who had posts erected  on their roads to enable horsemen to  mount.  ROSY CHEEKS  ft *1p<V  anu GOOD HEALTH  Come Through Keeping the Blood in  a Rich, Red and Pure  Condition  When a girl���������or a woman���������finds  her color fading, when her checks and  lips grow- pale, and she gets short of  you are going to die, or perhaps you! breath easily and her heart palpitates  wake up in your sleep feeling as j after thc slightest exertion, or under  though you. were about to choice or the least excitement, it means that she  smother, and thc only way you can  get relief is to sit up in bed.  To all who suffer in this way, Mil-  burn's Heart and Nerve. Pills offer an  inestimable, boon. They bring back  the much-needed night's rest by improving    the    tone    of    the    nerves,  the  .verybody's happy when there  ��������� J.������������������������������ ,-C ���������, " table.   Do you  know that tfiere is a White Syrup as well  as the delicious, -golden  CHOWN RP AND  ^^^"* <Ht *-*��������������� mm^r     is xb     am    m       mum    mm mmm*   mw    ������ "J"  w  Crows* Brand is unequalled as a Syrup for Fan-  cakes, Muffins, as a spread for bread, for making  || candy., sauces, at>d in cooking, generally.   -"  Y WHITE  CORN SYRUP  Best for Preserving and Marmalade making,  it is a clear white color and "jells"  S-^S-pv excellently!  Sold in 2, 5,10 and 20 pound tin-**,  The Canada Starch Co., Limited  Montreal 209  (Merchants Bank  Makes Progress  Tribute to Porridge  A wonderful old man is Mr. James  "Nicol, who has just celebrated his  lOOlh birthday in thc Kentish village  where he lives, and is still going  strong. Mr. NieoJ, who is a Scot, was  born in Tullibody, Clackmannanshire,  and joined the 74th Highlanders during the reign of William IV., later  taking part in suppressing the Indian  mutiny. He can do thc Highland fling  rvni yet, lie says, and claims that the  rr-cipc for long lite is porridge when  one is young. H<- did not know the  taste of m-"-..! or tea till he was over  c, ventr, n. Mr. Nicol married his second   wi~V   when   he  was  93.  "Black  Watch"���������The   Best  Black  Plug Chewing Tobacco on the Market strengthen    the heart, enriching  *���������"* "���������* blood and making the whole organiza  tion act in harmony���������then you sleep  as peaceful as a child.  Mrs. Tas. Latimer, 39 Leinstcr St.,  St. John, N.B., writes: "At night I  could not sleep. I had to sit up in  bed, my heart beat so fast, and when  I walked upstairs I would get all out  of breath. A friend recommended Mil-  burn's Heart and Nerve Pills, and  after using two boxes, I can sleep all  uight and am not out of breath after  walking."  Miiburn's Heart and Nerve Pills are  50c a box at ail dealers, or mailed direct on receipt' of price by Thc T-  Milburn Co., Limited, Toronto, Ont.  The man who prefers praise to  money is happiest when he is working  ior thr gO'-d of others.  Bolshevism And Farming  Seme of the Absurdities of thc Reds  as Evidenced in England  Mr.  John   Maclean,  thc  "Bolshevik  Consul" and strike leader at Glasgow,  who is openly anxious to start a Red  revolution   on   thc   Russian  model,  in  lhe  course  of  his  trial  in  Edinburgh  last   May,  said  he. had  told  the "workers"   that   if   they   received  all     the  Pain   I! wealth   they  created  we   should  have,  -ggg^r   ��������� - Obt   Such  dizzy ���������  dragged-  d o w n T  With   dull  headache,  backache ��������� rack-  1*0-3* with pain here  or there ��������� poor  woman, she's one  of many. On those  days each month,  ���������">   when in other eir-  cuuuliuiueH -\-~ won hi z������ to h*f*.  ehc rmiPt sti!! be at lhe ..chIc or  counter, or etniggle through the  day an best nhe may with her  housework or her family car-aa.  TJ,'",;::-.!!*" r.hc vbo fcfk thope (\ra.it- .  fpriK-tlown or dizzy pymptomn, and j,  other   painr*   earned   by   womanly'..  and should need, uo foreign markets,  IL-. is quoted in his indictment as saying also that the farmers should    be  ''compelled"  to  produce  food  for the  workers.        "If    thcy    refused,    their  farms should    be. burnt."      I do    not  know whether it was explained    how  British     farmers could    produce food  enough   for all  tlie  British "workers"<  i -.he  bourgeois,  no doubt, as  in  Russia,  would  he  expected  to  go  without  ���������-.tliiig),   rv*n   when   their   efforts   had  been  stimulated    by the    burning    of  Ihcir   f.inns.  "I i i hr y could (though thry could  not ) grow enough wheal, and rear enough cattle, to supply tiie working  man witli '-.rend and beef, they certainly could not furnish him with tea,  roffe.", cocoa, sugar and tobacco,    not  ' ., *,-���������.'.!- '.? other 'I'if!-*''* *"'t'*!* '*r ee.l-  oii and rubber. lhit one need not  ii-gr."- again;*,! such absurdities in these  is suffering from anaemia���������thin, watery blood. Headache and backache  frequently accompany this condiiion,  and nervousness is often present.  The remedy for this condition is to  build up the blood, and for this purpose there  is  no  medicine that     can  equal Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.     Thcy  build up and  renew  the  blood, bring  brightness to  the  eyes,    color  to  the  cheeks,  and  a  general   feeling  of  renewed health and energy-    Thc only  other  treatment  needed  is   plenty  of  sunlight,      moderate      exercise      and  good, plain food.    The girl or woman  who  gives  this  treatment  a  fair trial  will   soon   find   herself   enjoying  perfect health.    Mrs- Hiram Shook, R.R.  No.   1,  Lyndhurst,     says:     "I   cannot  speak    too highly    of Dr.    Williams'  Pink  Pills,  for I  believed  they  saved  my daughter's  life.       She.     was  in  a  terribly run-down condition, pale, wan  and despondent, and people who saw  her considered her in a decline.    Thc  doctor   who   treated   her   did   ot   help  her  anv,  and  then   1   decided  to  give  her   Dr.   Williams'   Pink   Pills.     This  decision proved a wise, one, for before  six boxes  were  used    she was  much  better-    I got six more boxes, and before  thcy  were  gone  she  was  in   the  best of health.    When  she began  thc  use  of the  pills  she  weighed  only 90  pounds,    and    under    their    use    her  weight -increased   to  127  pounds.       T  strongly    urge    all mothers    of weak  girls to give them Dr. Williams'  l'ink  Pills."  Vou can get Dr. Williams' rink-  Pills from any dealer in medicine, or  by mail post paid at 50c a bos, or six  boxes for $2.50- from The Dr. Williams'   Medicine   Co-,   Brockville,  Ont.  No German Soviet  Weimar���������Tin* Socialist congress  has rejected a proposal for a Soviet  government for Germany. The proposal received only one vote. The  congress adopted a resolution declining to give pensions to members of  former roval  families.  cliMea-'e, can be cured r>y ut:  Pic-roe'** Favorite PreHcriptiou. It  eures the euu.se of the**<������ painR.  Vruled,   jaded,   tired,   overworked,  weak, rip."!'vou'', deiicau: wonvr* are j <tr k.i  h������-J|H-d li, .���������-���������trength and health by ! !������'1'  | *r   p;r.rr..������'., l-'rtvorih*- Prencription.  ni. t: v,,'.oUi':ri\r<'���������'!!  l",rt*TH*.M.    tit.t  fit Iir  r.    ... ^j p-4 rr    ntr\l\  i  f  .ii..������-.r.ftb.et---. ] '  ixr.- ������.\.  u,\      :  ������i#ir.ir  ������  r.u.������p.   i  ..4....  ~~i.   >r    '  it    l.,-ilf     ffrl,.  r.l.llr-,1. '    in.I-*    t  i <-r<ir/-.i. <*i (I    I'    Ir,  ii* j   piamriita  a'.ii   . ���������'   i.i.'  .,r.r]������ i--"..! I r\ |, I*, nur. v  fit  Mi������n.  f    :.     rn.r   0   \irfr     ,1       f M < IP*. I  p.���������������''���������'���������'.      Unfortunately,   their   lull   ap-  ������������������.iivditv   is   not   yet   apparent   to     ihe  y..-.nr'.-*r    workmen    who    have    been  \):r,\',-r'U*. vip to inherit thf Marxian train   that   a'uic   aim   biigc.r.Mivc  Lav;  and     Public Opinion    in  I'l'gl'.i'd,'   Prof*"'' or Dicey  linn  point-  nt  ihat   ur-.-.' i.'iiii.< al and econoni-  i     t!.' ,r.e..   ii'.n.iliy  atl'ct   the   genera-  ...    '-.     ....   !.   ���������!.-���������.   .-"   :Ai\f'.-:>-i\  le-  ' !, .1 ' i    ' I. e    ���������.'>'lie r .1" ir-.ll  Laugh When People  Step On Your Feet  Try   thi*    yourself   then    pass  It  -along to  others.  It works!  Net    Earnings    Greater    And    Total  Assets   Show   Very   Satisfactory  Gains���������Many New Branches  The annual report of the Merchants  Bank of Canada, just issued  for  the  year   ended  April   30th,   1919,   is   thc  most satisfactory in the history of this  bank.      Not  only  were net earnings  greater than in ihe previous year, but  deposits,   both   interest   bearing   and  non-interest   bearing,    current   loans,  quickly available assets and total assets   all   show  very   satisfactory     increases.    Net earnings increased from  $1,236,000 to $1, 383,569.    Total deposits in Canada now stand at ovcr $138,-  000,000, as compared with $113,000,000  for the previous year.    Quickly available assets stand at $62,750,000, a gain  of over $5,000,000 as compared    with  the previous year.      Current loans in  Canada amount to $95,874,000, a gain  of almost $20,000,000 ovcr the figures  for  the  previous  year and  furnish  a  striking illustration  of thc large part  the. Merchants Bank is playing in the  business needs of the country.    Total.  assets of $166,725,000, compared  with  $141,000,000 last year.  Other  evidence   of   progress     were  shown by the fact that since thc close  of  the  war  the   Merchants  Bank  has  opened  many new brandies and sub-  branches.    It is thus doing everything  possible, lo  provide adequate banking  facilities   to   thc   country,   and  at   the  same time absorb its officers now returning from  overseas-    Sir  IT.  Montagu Allen, the President of the bank,  in   his   address   reviewed   the   balance  sheet aud spoke of the death of Andrew   A.   Allan,   one   of   the   directors.  General manager D.  C.  Macarow  referred   to    the    satisfactory     business  which had been transacted during the  year, and the  promosing outlook for  the. coming year.    Altogether it was a  report which reflects the highc-d credit upon the management of tlie bank.  Further evidence of the shai eliolders'  confidence in the directors was shown  by their authorization oi an  increase  in the bank's capital from $10,000,000  to  $15,000,000.      This  increase,  is  to  provide   for   future   expansion.       Thc  president explained there was no intention   of  issuing  any   slock  in   the  *:.:���������  future.  m  AND ������������������*������������������ ���������            FROM       Si.- %& W~t%xvf STALL LINES ��������� ALL CLASSES  mL        ������%  %Jw-7J~-        **CT    d-,%,     JBL    9xS  mma^mxrm.mmmm~0tmmmmmxB0mamMm00XmmmMm00m  Send us two photos; wc do the  rest.  Return passages secured.  Write    us    early.      Satisfaction  onarantced.  THE  Jules Hene Travel Agencies  9 St. Lawrence Boulevard  MONTREAL  'f^Sr^i-^i^x-^s^xirxi  I ������Cvare Mr Pimples  "You don't need mercury, pot-sun  or any other strong mineral to.  cure -pimples c&use-tl by poor  . blood. Take Extract of RooU���������  # druggist calls it "Hiotlier Stiyel's  ?> Curali-cc Syrup���������and your minn  " -will clear up as fresh as a baby's.  Kt -will cweeten your stoEiach and  regulate your bowels." Get the  genuine. 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France, Italy,  Spain and I'or lu gal are .sbsolutcly  wiihout BtipplicP. llefore the war  l.ille, l"*piirciiibuig tuid Vienna manufactured thimble!) for all those countries, and there are only four manufacturers in England ���������������������������'���������three at Birmingham r.nd one at Kcdditch ��������� but  the. mct'il ".hoi'-io-r- !n<- brought their  business almost to a standstill. The  trade does not  consume a great deal  of metal, but  the number of thiinbhs  ........     1...1..   t.. :.,..i.i..     ,,,,.,,,,,!  *&3������g|  |--������-'**-ff-|l4ri*4-*4*4*B  *MmM"*j**H****  , JtjajSIPPPPPPPlgs  VS3M  :������mm  Girls!     Make    This    Cheap    Beauty  Lotion to Clear and Whiten  Your Skin  Squeeze the juice of two Unions  into a bottle containiiiK three ounces  of orchard white, shake well, and you  have a quarter pint ol the l>c~l frcclile  and tan lotion, and complexion beau-  iiticr, at very, very small cost.  Your grocer has the lemons and  any drug store or toilet counter will  supply three ounces of orchard white  for a few cents. Massage this .sweetly  fragrant lotion into the face, neck,  arms find hands each day and ncc i.pV.v  freckles and blemishes disappear, aud  how clear, soft and white the skin becomes* XCti]        I I    ij>    \ixLi >iilCo.-i.  r i .on'  grO' s.  em.U'-.i.  I    -I'll ono  Tlie  man who thinks he c.ui make  a   eucccps  of  anything  he  undertake-)  ir, r.nt to be p.p. t!nr.uei-e������;;-ful thinker.  XJr~xr-.-i\--ti. Gt~\n~,.BiT~~\ Eyelids*.  M   Iiii Br" "������r"v������p������i irpft-m-ird  bv e*rm-  ~~x    w   s~,7-.~~    iuretoyl|tt#(uUB|I4nuinmu  ~ST!Z.~-. .- ��������� 0,0. ,������n!cklvi**H������*v������dWf'Juir!cfl  m ,V |fcttt| r-tytUCttCoy. NoS...artinE.  ~-"-������ ^"**������^ jUEt Eye Comfort. At  Vour Drueeisw or by "mid! <50c per Bottle.  For \~~~~. ~- tl- Eye free write ������> ���������*>  (vaufiuo Eyo (Soiuaody Co.. -.hicaao.  W.       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Price  60c.  A man should never be ashamed to  own he has been-in thc wrong, which  is but saying, in other words, that he  is wiser today than he was yesterday.  ���������Pope.  Sympathy For Lenine  Resolution Before U.S. Federation  Urging Recognition for Soviet  Atlantic City, N.J. ��������� Resolutions  urging: recognition of the Soviet government of Russia and the lifting of  the blockade against that part of the*  country under its control, wcr"e among  200 submitted by delegates attending  the convention of the American Federation of Labor here, texts of whieh  are made public. Indications were  that when it comes up for discussion  on the floor it is likely to precipitate  a bi-tter controversy.  An old   hen   never fears opposition  from an egg plant.  v^v*^/������/  rr  t T  IS?  mmrwmmmsst  AND IS A  1/f!!ll*5iCS ^Pp j-2*!~i ^tr. 0 ������** 503"". fi I!"**"*  iS H W ��������� Ira! am iVi ��������� MM I  ^aB H miW  Eros.  t-z\   tSml-l ���������������������������WC'^^B^^  lMlflMKLVAM I fr&  %-p 1H1 ll  ������. a i   r��������� t     a r-p>������ j-  */ w . p r I , /-p. i nv.imiK .... .it,  I ,4.0,   10,4   |4,,|  lx.1*.   P.    .������   |44  I was cured of Bronchitis and  Asthma by MINARD'S LINIMENT  MRS. A. LIVINGSTONE.  Lot 5, P.E.I.   ���������  I Avas cured of a severe attack of  Rheumatism by MINARD'S LINIMENT.  Mahonc Bay.       JOHN MADER.  I was cured of a scvere.lv sprained  leg by MINARD'S LINIMENT.  JOSHUA A. WYNACHT.  Bridge-water."  Nerve  Food Will Do for You, But  Here is the Evidence.  Florida Sunshine  The June brides are mobilizing.  Wallflowers are seldom pressed.  Attractive is the flirt with an arched  eyebrow and an arched instep.  It's strange how some men can be  so tight Avith their loose change-  KEEP CHILDREN HEALTHY  To keep children healthy the bowels must be kept regular and the stomach sweet. Nine-tenths of the ailments which afflict little ones are  caused by derangements of the boAvels  and stomach. No other medicine can  equal Baby's Own Tablets in guarding  either the baby or growing child from  thc ills that follow a disordered condition of the boAvels or stomach- Thcy  arc a mild but thorough laxative and  never fail to give results. Concerning  them Mrs. W. B. Coolledgc, Sarnia,  Out., says: "I have used Baby's Own  Tablets for over three 3*ears and have  found them thc best medicine I have  ever used for my children. I never  have any trouble giving them to my  little ones, and they have saved me  many a doctor's bill. My advice to  all mothers of little ones is to keep a  box of the Tablets in the house."  Thc Tablets are sold by all medicine  dealers or by mail at 25 cents a box  from The Dr. Williams' Medicine  Co.,   Brockville,  Ont.  fn spite of the fact that it is her  funeral, Germany wants to sit on the  front seat of the hearse and talce the  reins out of the hands of the driver.-���������  New York Tribune.  Nearly all children are subject to  worms, and many are born with them.  Spare Ihein suffering by using Mother  (.'raves' Worm Exterminator, thc best  remedy of thc kind that can be had.  When you begin to criticize a man  you must not forget that he is grow-  ing. By tomorroAV he may have  quite    outgrown    the    quality    which  vou dislike.  When the blood gets thin and  Watery, when the nerves become  weak''and exhausted, when your  vitality is run down and you reel  weak and tired it is because  nourishment  is lacking-*.  You may be eating*: as usual but  your digestive system fails to obtain from the food you eat the elements from which new blood and  nerve force ia created."  Because Dr. Chase's Nerve Food  supplies this element to the blood  and nerves it is the most successful  of restoratives.  ���������While personal experience with a  medical treatment is the only absolute proof that it will benefit  you. still we are all similarly constituted and what will help one will  help another under similar conditions.  This is why it is so interesting to  read the .experience of other peopi������,  and many will find in this letter  their own conditions described.  Mrs. Thomas Williamson, Pictoa,  Ont.. writes: "For the last twenty  years I have had trouble with my  nerves. I suffered from sleeplessness, and, of course, my. system was  often in a run-down condition from  nervousness. At different times  when I would have severe attacks, I  was under the doctor's care, but  this only gave me temporary relief.  Twice I was to a sanitarium, in Toronto, where I secured some relief  at the time. This past summer I  Suffered from another nervous  breakdown, and it was then that I  commenced using "Dr. Chase's Nerve  Food. I took a treatment of this  medicine and can now get up In  the mornin-*** and do nay work, whieh  was something I could not do previously, because I used to get  strangely confused. My appetite is  good, and, I can sleep well, too..  Generally speaking. I am so much  better that I am proud of my improvement. I cannot speak too  highly of the splendid results I have  secured through the- use of Dr.  Chase's Nerve Food."  Dr. Chase's Nerve Food. 50 cents  a box, a full treatment of 6 boxes  for $2.75. at all dealers,, or Edman-  son,  Bates & Co.,  Limited, Toronto.  Guelph Chamber of Commerce Takes  Steps to Secure Them  Guelph, Ont.���������The Guelph Chamber of Commerce has taken formal  steps to induce the immigration to  Guelph of several hundred British  girls. It has been estimated that 100  girls are needed here at the present  time for domestic .purposes, and 300  more are required in the factories.  Choked for Air.���������Some little irritant becomes lodged in the bronchial  tubes, others gather, and the awful  choking of asthma results. Nothing-  offers quite such quick and positive  relief as Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma  "R.emcd*"'. Thc healing, soothin*-''  smoke or vapor penetrates, clears the  passages and gives untold relief.  Usually it completely cures. It has  behind it years of success- It is the  sure remedy for every sufferer.  as wimt ���������*!*��������� I   purs- ijiaic-iii aaws-pisr  !    t"SJ*S    (99        mtm .m  lelfs fg-nw Luie*,!  Heale-il B������r Baby  "Our Ssaby was two "sreeki** old |  when Ms face became very red and |  . "***..      t-sffibl** itclsy, sad ss i  \v  -was fairly craxy nib- |  i] bing:   and   scratchlne \  JS*3r "���������&* i| til! the gUn b*5kc ~~-~\ 3  wbled.    He could  not 9  J    .-"J J"f JS _,J-*.*"*��������� 8  9  H^r, BUSS 70070.   i>ii~iSiil������ig   B  butcry. His face loolsed |  as though he might be disag-oted 1  Srxv  .'J*.  w������   i   I  The young girl with her hair done  up for the first time possesses more  awe-inspiring dignity than a floorwalker in a dry goods store.  It is a poor consolation to the girl  who has been stung by a bee to know  that bees are partial to sweet things.  Other Tablets Not  Aaniiniii  jCj*.i~j*XM. 141  Only   Tablets   Marked  With  Cross" Are Aspirin  &+   All  Bayei  I thought I Would give CutiGUifi  Soap and Ointment a trial.   I femztd _  s (ielroe sample so good that I bought ������  | moreand two eakes of Cuticura S������a������ a  and a fifty cent box ox Cuuctsfn Crai>  i lent healed him."   (Signed)    Mra.  Lilian M. Taylor, Box 99, Brace-  bridge, Muskoka, Ont., Dec. 30, ������i~.  Cuticura Soap to cleanse and pur-  rify, Cuticura Ointment to soften  and soothe and Cuticnra Talcum to  powder and perfume are ideal for  daily toilet purposes.'  For frae sempl* ���������������<& of Cntlctm 8a*p, Oltrt-  caent and Taleom sddraa* pest-eard: "Getlirom,  D������p������.. a. Baits!*, tr. B. A."   Sold -v-ryrti-tx*.  I  SB  ���������BfHgk's Cotton Roof CogQjpQffg^  A safe, reliczbt-rep-Iatlng  medictne. Sold ia threa dm-  grees ot ���������trength���������-No". 1, S 1|  No. 2, $3; No. 3, S3 per bos.  Sold by t-.ll druggists, or sens  prepaid on receipt of price,  .fees     pamphlet*       Address s  THS COOK MEDICINE C&J  T080HTO, OUT. 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No l.ritish   soldier   may   bc   found   to   confess  that  hc "did his bit"  (pedestrian and  humdrum phrase!)   for any great    or  ;!;j!;1l.' iik.-Isv-.-.    1!*..  will  alw'iiy*>  -.���������p.^'gii  lo  siiiiu*  cheap and  unworthy  motive  what   should  he   ascribed   to   thc   pure  flame  of  an   exalted -patriotism.     We  do   not  "gu'-li."     !.ut   in   our   habitual  reticence and deliberate self-deception  wc often injure our own  great  cause.  An   in-.tiuct  to   frown   upon  a  sticces-  siu ol   military  displays  as  something  livst.'i ie.il   and   even   tedious   may     be  .���������.,....    ,1 ,., I. \>..l   -,    .4,1  This   Characteristic   Believed   to   Be  Due to Internal Oxidation  * .  Amongst .lie fascinating problems  which make engineering science at  once a most exacting and a' most  fruitful study the characteristic behaviour of metals under varying conditions provides many curious cases.  For example, grey cast iron grows  appreciably in volume when exposed  to high temperature. This characteristic, which causes much trouble in  cast dies, valve seatings and other  parts, is believed to hc due to internal  oxidation caused by thc penetration  of hot gases into the metal. A remedy recently suggested in England is  to eliminate free graphite from the  surface of the metal, this being the  cause of its porosity. Successful results have heen .obtained by annealing  the pails for several days in iron rust  at a temperature of from 1,650 to 1,830  degrees fahrenlieit.  Genuine "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"  are now made in Canada by a Canadian Company.    No German interest  ���������5**t*l 'vm-mvxmmr-mm *\W 0~m 4^t.-%   .  C* ItA* *-*+-* *-*. 1 m *������-r������1"\ *. CAfl  \V  iiCt -\-  VU- C\XX -lgMV.3 tp/VUlg X-/X.XA   1.1-U^-iyVl  from the United Slates Government.  During the war acid imitations were  sold as Aspirin in pill boxes and various other containers. The "'Bayer  Cross" is your only way of knowing  that you are getting genuine Aspirin,  proved safe by millions for Headache,  Neuralgia, Colds, Rheumatism, Lumbago, Neuritis, and for Pain generally.  Handy tin boxes of 12 tablets���������also  larger sized "Bayer" packages can be  had at drug stores.  Aspirin is the trade mark, registered  in Canada, of Bayer Manufacture of  Monoaceticacidester of Salicylicacid.  -THE NIW PRSMCH RCMBDY. N.i. ������.*������. NA  mmatm~M tS. 93. A ���������f������B^"aB*ka  U*ed*aFreBcl*  ��������� *rTj*Bi"r***%"r'i,pWi,"ST������ Ho������P;tRin *mti������  great succaii. ouk*S9 chronic weakness, lost vibqb  a VIM. KIDNEY. SCAODKR. DISEASE*. BLOOD rOISOK.  rtLXS. ���������ITHr*-- HO. BRUOGIST5 Of M All- tl. POST 4 CTS  FOUOCKA CO, BB. BSKKMAH ST. NEW YORK or L YUAN BKOIt  ���������TOBONTO. WRITS FOR jpftSS BOOK TO Dx. L.K CLBCttS  feED.p-k>. KAVB4*t8TOCi������KD.H������B4!FST"pjt4->. iOSp&OS. Eritft.  5avM2������^*'2aAS-*'SiTA*l?T'SL5l4l*J>yO--'*^OP*-    =-.av  ~r. ���������r���������~  "i1**t\m~\ B? *������ A OS -rt l\B ������*" A^D     '  ���������*-STS-.TTi*iSS UAtti.-- pVORO ' T������EaANO*i * 19 ������5H  mtsz.~~YT.~xxsx. x-nxxxr -coX-X, ~xii~ttixrAv-amm  Tits not surras  another day-wltls  Xtchine, "Slcs;!^  irss, or Protrad.  ing Piles. Na  surgical obd-n  ation required.  *Qr-������ Cixtxx���������xr9��������� Qi*-str****e"2tr **?-rill "rclisv-*! *"oii &t on'*-*  and as -c-Brtainly* cmro you.  SOo/a ooi; all  ^oolapq   m. WJima.-nBi.T*z   *Ratea Jfe OO;; T.iTnitjW*-  Toronto.   Sample box free if you mention this  paper and encloss 2c Btamp to pay postage.  ^  Feathers Wanted \  Highest prices paid for best grade J  new goose, duck, chicken and |  turkey feathers. I  Geo. H. Hees, Son & Co., Ltd. J  257 Davenport Road, Toronto      l  Too often when a man's good deeds  speak for themselves he spoils the  effect by going around with his mouth  open.  Minard's Liniment used by Physicians  What It Means  It has come to the point    where a  body has to earn twice as much as he  is worth in order to get half enough  to live on.���������Jefferson City Tribune.  A Pill That Lightens Life.���������To the  man who is a victim of indigestion  the transaction of business becomes  an added misery. Hc cannot concentrate his mind upon his tasks and loss  and vexation attend him. To such a  man Parmeiee's Vegetable Pills offer  relief. A course of treatment, according to directions, will convince him of  their great excellence. They arc confidently recommended because they  will do all that"is claimed for them.  .mm  Whenever yo~~ eesse a sick  headache, or feel a bilious  attack coming on, ward it  ofi by the timely use of   1      |     CI  ~Y~ fi ������**"-������Sat***'*--*-'?.-*  Urec-t Smlm ot any Met-Uclaa in th* V/<-������'������L  Sold every where.   Ia bozo*, 25c  mv.        SSB5.-5f ~mf    S3 SS5m5i&  ^Sfepv^.  Southwestern France has deposits  of iron ore that were exploited as far  back as'the lime of the Roman occupation, and which -ntil 1 yield some of  the purest minerals found in that  country.  .1    i <r   .. . .,i Iil. ' ;    .1  should   not   fnr-.-.et   that,  at   the   call  of j banish"   coughs,    catarrh  TODAY! Wm  CATARRHOZONE  Gives Effective Relief in Five Minutes, and  Cures Perfectly  HNE FOR  COUGHS  OR  COLDS  It was their inability to reach the  real source, of catarrh and bronchitis  that caused the medical profession to  ��������� \\-ii\) liquid enii|'h medicine'; :nid  adopt "('alai'1'lio/oin" instead. This  wonderful inhaler provides a method  of breathing into 'he lungs certain  i a 11-   medicinal   \ap<n>   which      ;iu-   so  ��������� .'I 4      .  ���������   I   I   I    4.    i j  :ind.    throat  No   Treating  W.4r\\.  -xixU.  3 ���������**n*"?i*"ii  d\Tvxrvkrt  d\SHl-| *V4rp*.-r*ai    ������������������������������������������������������������*.   etcmo ae������  CnitLWKtw nttu ntLr  Spanking doesn'tcurebed-wettsug  ���������the trouble is due to weatnesa  of thc internal organs. My successful hoiae treatment "will be fou-nd  helpful. Send no money, but  write ine today. My treatment  is equally successful for adults,  troubled with urinary difficulties.  Un*!  M tllliucpe  t>0~ ,t~s    Lit;--... n_*  ���������"S.pit ���������. '-'"Enut una    *..      mlmt.mttsstss.  war iinn rushed lroni tlie Dominions  to li'.-.li! i..i and '..������ .pin,.: the Mothri-  l'.t.d. This u.is the climax uf all thai  eiupii'i-  incaiis,  ri   confusion  which  our  I riu-IIU.-.-p    lit- V |-|     C\|MCU-li,   it    llj|llll|>il    Ol  ���������' " " Ir  i i.u e  inn  t'n.u.n ui   \\ inch   w t*  .scarcely  mtmVlmmtllm  :r >������������������ ii-.'i. 111-  !..!,     I>..il\  :i i  li'ur   worth.  I-.,pre  trouble   in   .i   pciy   rdioit   lime.  Tlie     most   wonderful     thin-.f   about  t'atarrhozoue is, that, no matter where.  the   ���������"���������ernis   of  bronchitis     or     catarrh  are    hidden, ('atarrho/onr    will  reach  '    \  ,';���������������������������'   '!.':;:  '-ic! llw inrj'e ::i-/e, l.-ir.'r*. montli;-,, ]:;  sure  to  cure  you,  price, $1.00;   smaller  Russian Bolshevism Has  Nothing in  Common With Civilization  Russian 'Bolshevism, aptly described as a "product of the. Imperial German Bank and the criminal soul of  William," has nothin*; in common  with civilization. Any manifestation  of inclination to recognize the un-  haiij-ved wretches who have devastated  Russia simply ciu*oiira**,cs I.enine and  Trolzky to perpetrate additional atrocities. ��������� . ��������� Tin: revolt ap.aiu'.t  Bolshevism is n'rowini-", the defeats of  Bolshevist armies by the forces of law  ���������1.1.1      rrl'lt/*.'     P.r.i.ll      I ,\      ll.r*      r" ... I 'I 1*, I! ���������: I I 111 I* 11 t  of a (foverninent based on sanity. It  is iiiipo.-.sihh*. to believe that the v.i-it.  Russian country will alwav*; hc dominated by  the   Reds.     Meanwhili*.     the  least   Ihat the allied nations can do in  .   .   i-..   .   .      ,  ,   ��������� ,,..   I). .1. i ���������:. i   -. ��������� I  Bolsheviks Lose  Warsaw���������The repulse by the Pole.*  in eastern Galicia of stroiic,' Bolshevik  attacks is reported by tbc !'V.i;-*h st.-.!*f.  In addition, the capture of considerable booty in the way of railway  equipment on the: road between i'aru-  opol and 1-Crasno is announced.  ���������i'l' '.I I. ���������   ' S   .1   UH ill*  All   ilr.lleiS.  ol      I i ill  Ilu   coiiin il t.tbh* and to .'iic.iui.u;.: Uu:  force;   which   are   coitibaliiu*;     Bol*.he-  VI'.in.  I 'I'livuii'iii'i*   j mn nai.  ������������������^nmat  VJ.  N.  U.  I2G1  Sftr^Xim*-.  "-~>J:  .i*vnm4imn.m.i  m0M~Xm~mmS-WitmV-%-^  ������itii-l',;li,,,,;.^sa.giiii,  ^,t\-a.T-'^ttSm*im'ri������rSil4\^^  BTMIM-|**|-ffl.--*������^  1   ' >' W: fe'Wwitt'*^^ ||r-������^.i.pyi-iliiri-|*^*i^^ THE  CBESTON  EEVIEW  .mL  Doc* Lost��������� Large yellow collie. Reward.   C. Blair, Erick&on.  For Sale���������Boy's bicycle, in good  shape. A bargain. Enquire Embree &  Foreman garage.  Hoksk For Sale���������Pony, equally  good as driver or under .saddle.   J.   M.  Churchill, Oreston. |  i  i  Miss Ellen Anderson, Victoria Ave.,  got buck on Tuesday from a two  weeks' visit with friends at Penticton.  C. G. Bennett was a week-end visitor at Cranbaook and reports it almost  95 in the shade in that town Satm**  day afternoon.  Brick   and    Shingles���������A   car  of  these being unloaded at.   Oreston,   Se  cure your   supply   ;it   once.    Canyon  City Lumber Co., Ltd.  Dr. Frank, Nelson yet., was here  this week, making an official inspection of some cuttle that were being  brought in from Idaho.  There will be service   in tbe   Metho  tlist Church   on   Sunday at   7.30 p.m.  It will take the form of a song service  to which all are cordially invited.  To cope with tbe rush of business at  the C.P.R. station Earl Swanson has  been added to the staff temporarily as  telegraph messenger. He started work  this week.  Three hundred and twenty acres  known as Sub-Lot 54, on Arrow Creek  for sale at ten dollars per acre. Will  sell   north   half   separately.      W. K.  TIP   ,.'..   ._,  -.   - .. P-������   - -, -.,1   - -_ J       TV    4-1  ���������  xiiSiiug, owner, ixoSSinnu, -o.v.  For Sals���������A few tons tit' loose hay;  300 feet of new lj-inch rope; disc harrow almost new; John Deere walking  plow, near new; wagons, land clearing  paraphrenalia.-   R.   Lamont,  Creston.  Mrs. T. A. Cory of Medicine Hat,  Alta., was a visitor here on Saturday,  thc rp-p'-p'pctQ r.f TVTt'g   TTf������nr'-''P*n.   M**. Cow  *-> - ��������������������������� ��������� ������ ���������  - .        .  owns a block of land at Sirdar and is  thinking of building a summer home  on it this year.  The   well-known   Perfect -Seal and  Gem -.sealers al Mawson  -Brothers."  i  !    Bicycle For Sale���������A 1918 Cleve-  ; land, $30 cash.    See  it at  Embree  &  jl- Gi'Gii'.in s garage.  S. A. Speers has a special announce  ment of preserving supplies this week.  Look it up, on page 5.  Tomato Plants���������For sale hardy  grown tomato plants, grown in the  open, $1 per hundred. S. Paseuzzo,  Siidar.  Miss Gwen Twaites of Medicine Hat  Alta., arrived on Thursday to spend a  few weeks in town, tbe guest of Miss  Lillian Cherrington.  The first crop-of clover is now being  harvested. The growth is thick enough  but is shy as to length, due to the  cool, backward spring.  R. W. Gosden and J. Madeson of  Hillcrest, who are on a motor cycle  trip through the Kootenays, spent a  couple of days here this week.  High School Inspector McLaurin of  Victoria was here on Tuesday hearing  the reading of the candidates who are  writing on the high school examinations.  The hot weather at the end of the  week brought tbe mosquitoes around  in swarms. Not for years have they  put in an appearance so early or in  such quantities.  W. E. Thomas arrived from Vancouver and has been added to the  staff of tbe Bank of Commerce, giving  Manager Bennett a trio of helpers for  the shipping season rush of trade.  The Methodist social on Friday  night, which was continued into Saturday afternoon, in order to dispose  of a liberal supply of ice cream, netted the ladies aid treasury a little over  $20. .."���������'���������  VV        XV    ,_4.!_     ..������    TX,..-*r.  .iv.   CJ.aoi.it- LAX  i>J.rt,JJ������tr  d-*.,- ��������� \.     o..0l-  P^-rltSCtP.,   vjcon.  was here a couple of days   last, week,  en route home from California,   where  he spent the winter. He was sizing the  Vaiiey up with a yiew to iocsiting, and  will be back in a few weeks.  Creston had Erickson eating out of  their hands all the way in Sunday's  ball game. Creston winning by a score  of 18 to 6. Tbe locals aie showing improved form and future games between the two nines should be exciting.  V  CRESTON  leoond Hand  We BUY antl SELL everything  IT 9      tlftlllA  UI   VUiUG.  mlett.  HiiYU  on lit-**  OOliCt  nn  uii  nnrnmioc-inn  UUIIIllllOOIUIIi  .i  0   I  II      ������      S6IA".e*-^������"8"ll ~B-   -x  0.  r-,~   .,  The first motor truck ever seen in  the Vaiiey foi ms part of the Land  p^ett'ienient Bnanl corps equipment,  now operating at Canyon City. It was  unloaded on Tuesday, and attracted  considerable attention.  Saturday was tbe hottest day of the  year so far, the mercury getting np to  90 in the shade, There was a, great demand for ice cream, the two parlors  in town dishing out in the neighborhood of fourteen gallons of it.  Jas. Levington, a Vnlcan, Alta.,  business man was here a couple of  d-jtrys this week, making arrangements  with the Union for regular shipments  of tomatoes this season. Hitherto he  has purchaeed these at Armstrong.  Edward Ferguson, provincial assessor and collector. Nelson, was a Friday  and Saturday visitor here, making  some valuations on a few ranch properties that are offered for sale under  terms under the soldier land settle-  in en t board.  Tuesday is Dominion Day���������a statutory holiday. The stores will be closed  all day, but will not observe the  Wednesday half holiday next week in  consequence. The genei'al delivery  wicket at the postoffice will be open  from 3.30 to 4.30 p.m. only.  Jas. lllingworth of the Oreston second hand store, is business visitor at  Nelson this week. He has boon busy  getting the MePea-k building fitted np  the past few days, and is now in shape  to do business though, as yet, his full  stock bus not come to hand.  the rush ol* hotel business is so  heavy nt present that mine host Bell  was forced on Monday to .secure rooms  iu private homes  in   order to   accom  J. M. Clark, assistant P.O. inspector, of Vancouver, paid tbe Creston  office his official visit on Thursday-  last and reports the seme high state  of efficiency that has always prevailed  An all round increase of business of  25 per cent, is shown over the preceding twelve months.  The baseball club hud a bee on  Wednesday afternoon last, when considerable improvement was made in  the field by a general levelling up. The  club takes this method, of thanking  W. **���������*.. Jackson for the loan of his  Cleveland tractor and driver who did  execution with the scraper.  Miss Nellie Wilson, who has been  assistant at the drugstore for almost,  the past two years, left on Friday for  Spokane, where she is taking a coru-  mereial course at one of the business  colleges in that city. Miss Erma Hay-  ded replaces her at the drugstore.  About twenty-five car owners were  ont for the auto club organization  meeting on Friday night, which resulted in the formation of the Creston  Valley Auto Association with C. O.  Rodgers as president, and W. B Embree, secretary. 17 charter members  joined up that night, at a $5 annual  fee.  The Presbyterian Sunday School  picnic is announced for Tuesday, July  1st at Alice Siding. All of whom have  no means of getting out to the picnic  ground"' are requested to meet at the  church at 11 o'clock. Come and enjoy  the day with the children. Do not forget to bring a full basket. The teachers and officers are providing ice  cream. S  Fire warden Jim Long hud a couple  of serious fires to handle this week.  The first one was along the K.V. beyond the mission, while on Tuesday  night and Wednesday he had a gang  of about ten men trying to keep a  blaze on Goat Mountain opposite the  Peaseianch from doing too natch  damage.  A special service for the children  will be held in the Presbyterian  Church on Sunday morning next at  11 o'clock. Mrs. McCord will read the  missionary story entitled, "Mook,"  and the subject of address will be  "Ilon-ie Sins." * A special invitation is  extended to parents as well as to the  children.  -0im  The Union Is-handling 96 per  cent, of the district's Strawberry output this year.  Tl *  m        *-m *y\ mum r-%     j*--*  A   11C1 ������C ������  d  ���������~*m <-**���������. *T\  4~*~ m���������vx. V"-.  i \~.a,x~t*xjii.  LIMITED  The advance guard of the Land  Settlement Board land clearing corps  arrived on Monday, and are now busy  erecting the camps and other buildings needed by the men who will be  along next week to start clearing operations in full force. Col. Lister, who  is in charge, and two of his staff are  taking up houses in.town.  The usual Entrarce and High School  exams were held at the Creston School  this week, with Vice Principal Smith  presiding. There were Ii Entrance  candidates, nine of whom were from  Creston, and six taking the advanced  high school tests. The latter will finish writing to-dav, while the Entrance  papers were concluded on Wednesda$*.  Ss there any  Meat in  the  ~~  "-I jT\ * * /"������ /*>  u  a -* m -juti ***-*������ *X0.  Th i-.   is   I In-  tii'-l   .j ii-.--,-  i   11  111       l.il'l   I |l|-������'*-'-| l!   .-.       it   *   r- I I"  lO        till'        IlllllSI'Wif.'        ll' rill  uim'X peel i'i| visit i ir 11 ii ,ps  :n for ;i meal. Hot why  worry .-  ^hntrtYtsfh f-Ytunei  Hams and Bacon  Fines**   Quality  ���������T-.WW Ham  Lunch Meat  Bologna, &c.  !|!l(!  .:���������*.  th" number registering.  Twciit-y-eight rooms were required to  sleep Mondiiy's arrival.** alone.  (iooseheriies enjoy quite a prominent, place in express shipments nt present, ,-iinl i,he show of this kind ol' fruit,  does not require much optimism to  foi-see a fiO per cent, increase in the  ouipnt as eon11ia red with last season.  I'rices arc reported excellent,.  The early-evening attraction for Done, nion I'av will he a baseball match  between Creston nnd l-hiokson, start -  im/ ,-i.t, it o'clock. Creston has been  | playing winning ball against, the tomato jiicl-.i-rs 11.e I,is| couple of Siniilr'iys  ,ind ,i li.it 111��������� royal is lookciI foe.  '!'! ,- *:  W V   \.  Olid  of  their     .-.eric  A id il' .1 ii iiii i ,n   Ti  I ���������  .(III! e  i,I i iil'l.  tr,   rie-  ���������cilia I ���������  'i I     ii'.' fun!'  'S i.u an i .'��������� k '  ~i ~m  \0t~.  d     ~t  w% b s m nm .z%  latum-1   *������**������' s~  t������ tl   -*���������** **=sV  fill  m ~ rr������ h   r,. ���������*  ���������mi.. FLIU.  it' l-c-l  I,,-hill     t.O     pl'1.4  I l-;i  ���������e bn v i lij' I he see-  iif   dances in    the  ���������-day night, with  music     Tlie   com-  !-! I  III  ,i ml  Hu  ll.c  rel'i-c  il  iiln  J. H. D. Benson, manager of the  Nelson Branch of the Imperial Bank  of Canada, was a visitor here on  Wednesday, looking the town over as  a prospective centre for a branch of  that bank. He was very non-committal as the. head office sanctioning open.*  ing here, although the run ior persists  that they contemplate doing so almost'  immediately.  A. Manuel has had an interesting  guest with him this week in Sergt.  Fr������ d Hallett of Blairmore, who in just  nicely homo after being in khaki since  .June, ll)]f>. He was through almost  three yours of it in France and is one  the few who haye come back without being wounded. He leayes to-day  to lake in the Calgary lair, and will  visit Creston a little later.  Next. Snnday, June 211th, is being  obsery.ed as Patriotic 'Sunday by t he  Presbyterian Church in Canada. In  this connection a spot-inl patriotic service will be held ii. the CroHton Presbyterian Church at 7..10 o'clock in the  evcniiiij-. The subject nf addi-i'SK will  be "National Ideals." This service is  one in which all good OiiiimliiiUH  should be inleieslod, Come and bring  a friend,  Si-gt. Campbell Dow got a, warm  welcome home on Tuesday afternoon,  when he landed   back   from   overseas  4        4 4       ' I   V  11.11111 ��������� i   i.. i u   _\ e. u : ���������  ing his   position   with   the   -Bank   of '  Commerce at Kevelstoke.  There was a fair attendance of members at the June meeting of the G.W.  V.A. on Saturday night, when a committee was struck to hanf-tla the dance  on Tuesday night. The secretary reports that the Veterans are hammer-  tng away for a portion of the Utilities  Commission appropriation to be spent  here, and all feel that no money could  be spent to a better advantage than in  harnessing and using the power at  Goat River canyon.  Messrs. Beattie, McPhee and Eakin,  the Cranbrook businessmen were here  on Thursday looking into the proposi-  ion of installing an.electric light plant  at Creston. Originally they planned to  put in a steam plant capable of hand-  Is tier 3000 lights- hut when thev had  sized the town and country up they  decided it would be better to utilize  orse of the water '--owers iu the "Vallev.  Such a work's would iequire ai least  $40,000 of capital, and as this was not  in evidence the prospect of electric  light must be abandoned temporarily.  A June  wedding of   much    interest  locally was solemnized on Wednesday  at the home  of   the   bride's   parents,  when Miss Jennie, second daughter of  Mr. and Mrs.  John   Arrowsmitb, was  united in marriage  with   Mr.   Ernest  Driffel of . Kitchener, Rev. T. McCord  the nuptial knot   in   the   presence   of  just the immediate   friends   and   relatives.   The bride w-is   married in her  travelling suit of   grey   with   hat   to  match  and carried  a   boqnet of   pink  roses, and was assisted by her sister.  Miss   Effie   Arrowsmith,   gowned   in  green crepe de chene, and also carried  a boquot of boquet of roses.    The best  m-in was Joyce Arrowsmith.   A wedding dinner   followed   the   ceremony,  and the happy couple  took   the afternoon train en a   honeymoon to points  west, after whieh   they   will   take up  housekeeping at Kitchener. The bride  enjoys the acquaintance of a wide circle of   friends,   all   of   whom   join  in  good wishes   for   a   long,    happy and  prosperous wedded life.  CARD OF THANKS  Mr. John Bathie and family take  Ibis means of expressing their very  full appreciation of the sympathy anil  many kinilnes'ses shown them in their  recent bereavement.  DAIRY AND FRUIT RANCH FOR SALE  The well-known Cook fruit and  dairy ranch. 25.* acres; 12 acres hearing orchard, 1 acres alfalfa, balance in  pasture. f> head Jersey cattle, work  horse, pigs, chicken,*-, and up-to dale  equipment. Purchaser to take oyeiy-  tbing -except household effect s, jjvlO.'O  will handle.    JAS. COOK, (Vcston.  With an IDEAL Home Canner  and Steam Coaker cooking is a  joy because food is better cooked  without the work and worry of  cooking it.  You prove the principle this  way: Set vegetables and custard  side by side to cook in the Ideal,  and the custard will not take on  the odor or flavor of the onions.  The cooking is. dope"-by steam  pi-assure, and all the nutriment,  flavor and food value of the food  is cooked right into the food.  There is no evaporation. Foods  weigh the. same when cooked as  before.  The cheaper cuts of meat and  less expensive foods eire mrde as  tender and delicious as the more  expensive cuts of meat .and the  higher-priced foods cooked by  the ordinary method.  ip*f>or"s cannot scorch, diy uv.  over-cook, burn. Food may be  kept hot and deiicious for hours.  Foods may be cooked iu tbe  same utensils in which they are'  Ui be seryed.  By tbe salne principle all of  these splendid results are ascom-  plished, the trouble of cooking is  done jiAvay with- the cooking  foods do not have to be watched  basted. Turned stirred. You  simply prepare the food as you  have beeh accustomed to doing,  and place it in the Ideal. That  is all there is to cooking. The  Ideal will do the rest. It will see  to it that' everything is cooked  just right and never bother you  once; and it will call you if the  water needs replacing. There is  a whistle I'or that, purpose. It,  blows for 15 minutes before the  water is gone.  Better  Service  BROTHERS  Lower  Prices  BRING YOUR CAR TO  I-'OIS.  ill I III -111 ���������  ,:.  ��������� ii  jciei I li  kit.,..  i i-i in .I ti.r id  t In- i-b'ii;^  t ere  keii"-! did  not  .... I  ���������'   ���������    I     1.     -    ���������    -(.-.:  .' i!   .->. ,<������������������ I be   ii-.mil  week Iy  W'.-d in-  11 ,i y    b line    up ii  c: i in in  c. .li .ii I ii pi i on.     At  ii lulu-     I liree  llvc-g.illi .11  I v;l    i >i il      I le-    nl I i-i in n ,ii  I ....I.-.       ..bile   the      While  ..!:..     .- !: ���������',-,:"!     ���������:     .:������������������:.vy  ��������� ult'i ...nci-i iuiii %\e.'u';> n- ivii.....<. ..���������  joined up v. il li t he fill li I'allaliou al  Kevelsl nko in .lunc, Ihifi, and saw  much nl* t he heavy lighting taken a  hand in by the Canadian foi res.  lie um. wounded late last summer,  ami while 'M-I.l in-.-;'in ���������! mini t pretty nntc'i  t he name a-, ever he has not yi-l got.  .'iinuiid   in   looking    iv   : koohutn   an  .������������������"..������������������.   I-.- '-'il'- ! "���������! ��������� ���������-.    ���������������������������: ..-wi .    I ,.     i'i..  ii**      ���������   ink ���������  sTm.     ���������     1      ���������*���������"���������" ���������  ���������^pUH^'i-**.        ~-~k~d~.     V   kks-rd  Good Workmanship  Moderate Prices  i  11  iincATF rrm;  ������ U ������Ur- PUT t)  0   0    0-0  SMf! ! \\mv!  . ... t xd  .... I   H   p/������  C"   W B H B C (��������� IrPr���������* H N    E  \       I.  ....  ,1.'  ���������I.'i  before     I'l" lllll-  ���������x������������������^SKS~~\  *****************!���������������.  ^StSt.Slli*L  ,U*^rJ.*M..'U^Mi0t-������W)'������Vv>WU^-it^i^'ii'Wr*''  let'.." -JM i '!��������� ��������� ,w,.iss-0mim44Hr44mH s^<tm->~*w~msvi~\ittfi)mmim iHw >* WWWIWWW^MW-Wi*! rm.mm'i*sm>Mmm**tMsm- -nwiniiiii'-iiiiii m>~


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