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Creston Review Jul 4, 1919

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 \\m. '.^���'���'���'���."������������"''J '/.�� 'P" '^J'MR*MtfW^U'i*,-p***!Wr*^^
'       \
��� ���:������- 'J;
' -*^fi^;~V.-ter-jaiy^
.:   -1.
. �����
..���V"-."'      ��;"
~r   i r.
./ jW-"*-
��-<���! -)^^'
"Vol; 3CT.
^EEsfosf, B..0., Fi|l)A��, JULY 4, 1S19
/ >"*
No. 21
���an^tbsBg to tbe saying
that when you touch a nianVpocket-
biitomx'r��fa& start him thinking in a
hurry, the 1919 annual meeting of the
Creston School District on Saturday,
���July 12thf should attract a very large
attendance. v"
' As wjll have been noted  by reports
of-boara oroceedintw- -*tsi*H?��>ll as Ssrnres
M J. . .** -m~x.':-m_.--m\ -���        ��� r>
furnished  jo   the���'-< laaonthly   reports.
Ci-estun school ia ri^ht; now overcrow*
de��l, arm this depart��*ueritv through the
inspector^ urges  that  something  be
done forthwith to provide more accommodation.    ' :-'~.   ...**-',-.'...        , ,*
.    The triistees at a special meeting on,
Friday night decided: to submit thre��>
schemes for consideration to overcome
the difficulty. "The first ie to erect a
new buildin,-*** on^ the present school
grounds wltich would be utilized solely1
for high;school puaposes, as well as
furnish a room that would be ay ail -
able for manual training, domesticHfel^
wn��e, or any other effort where such a
i-oora would be d6si*j*able.     The second
school districts might vote some part
of their reyenue toward it, but .so far
as we can learn no such promise has
been made, and in considering the
matter the ratepayers in the Creston
school district 'must"-be prepared to
tem-porarily, at any rate, bear the
whole increased school-cost burden.
m&m ���*����.#>. ��4��B#��
Mr. and Mrs. W. Johnson and family, were auto visitors at Ci-eston on
Sunday. '        *
Mr. Howard, who is now- employed
at the miii at Yahk, spent a few days
at his home here last week.
MJ83 Blanche Hendren of --.Creston
was a visitor with Mrs. Spiers between trains -"in Tuesday.
���A. Anderson of Crestoii, who has
been working here on the annex tp
the noteL left for home on Sunday.
The addition houses the poolroom and
provides two additional bedrooms.- ���'-"" *.
: iiifm.- .fXtxrmr. w\*t% had the bad luck to
break bis leg the early part of the
winter, and bas since been a patient
at the Cranbrook hosoital, returned to
p-rop-p-faa   If,;*0'Z^P^^ *h?   P^enHKitchener last week, and has resumed
to. Edw^
assisted by' S$it|
jind Mrs. $;'"
K. Chorlton
season.1 The new stiachine is the verv
latest'thing in tractor construction
and of 24 horsepower capacity. His investment in the hew machine would
indicate that tractors area good investment. After the middle, of the
month the Jackson machine and outfit
will  be  available for ploughing, etc.,
TdXV. WAV 409. l^rTPPm VP4>W ��... trp��4|*taA0 t%. ��P VVrxmTV V.KX4X 43 _
'���*'^-'*'"'-''-,,*U^"*,U-5r****"   "-?""'""     '  *-"������*-���-**-==--~
Onable rental charge per day.
The Truscott ranch* of 6J acres
changed hands on Saturday, the buyer being Geo. Cotterill, who ?gets possession immediately. While the purchase price is not made public it is
known to he a most attractive one,,
partly due to the fact that the placers
alongside the Chas. Cotterill place,
and the two brothers*-'will'work together. There are fiye acres of trees,
and the balance in small fruits. 'Truscott boys are building on the 20 acres
lately purchased from R.'L-amont, and
will move there to reside shortly.-_" " "*
*�� ���*?
**-*.-��� B-a. a****-.
rtosiosr tioaijpupits
rrosmomon uses
With the exception- of the honor
rolls, "which were not supplied us fox-v
.either the principal's** or Miss. Kane's
room, below will be found, the usual
end-of-June report for the Ch-eston
-' - ~     Ly
kmmrn nm
-.     .   ���.
 ��� I*   X~.rx
���|5e--��*. ,iiuo.
thes nsaking it
go else-
se*aool building"; and jthe third is to
'-vent- a building suitable,
V -^s ���*b "anupsrstatiu the situaiion the
^Tt^&T^^i~al��l:'--^' agreeable ' ta raising
.J th��!'. Crestljjai.'' school Vtq 'ijixei������ '.&$:
\~$;.~- a;.lsigh school,
naneeessary for scho'aivS to
Where to take their final-year high
scbcoi work.    .>>;''j.^,:" V.J       V-
'   *D.p,*i-   n.Ulk.    .A*..-*     jS���������r~X~ -.   .���'..    -   - .    .
m0V.V4    VV XMXXTJ   .  V4XATJ      XAG^tartltUtSlSiM   S&  GSS��XS��Sj~-
able to wajving certai*a i*eg*iiUft*tions
that have hitherto^ eohfiwed^ high
schools to o-rgsinizs^-l-^uicip^ties, in
the way of a-*ssista-*rj^tt .wiH only consent to paying the ��� usts"^ allowance te
"She extra ft.eacher a new room will tie-
cessitste, sarttivijsheJu-^i^i^ without
eo$~ or u&.. sei^si^'.'^ni^ijfjent, si/
though 6o>t*eii*|iEbndence is -stilt passing
,  M*^rn��5�� lic*Sfefciw*tershigi i:
T^'7}jimy" '""I*-*" - '.  ' 7^m+*'mmmmm-     .
* All of w^Sfich gets;':ws'''���t^xi^^Zmff^^''
-jpoint that this year's ann uajL school
.sessio*n will be called  ufwn.^^^ vote
enough  money^^^   provide   foi*  the
extEa rotsna as per one of the three
^-suggested plans, As well as the stipend
of a fifth instructor of the young idea,
on top of   the usual $3500 or thereabouts formerly required.    ,.
Since the first of the year the averageoBtroJIment In "the three; lower
rooms at tho school has hot been less
than 40 pupils, and certainly the pros-
* pect for the coming term is for an in-
p*s^sftss rather than a falling off in at-
tendanceV-an increase that it is ex-
. ti-tSsi'ioly doubtful thaj> the size of the
present classrooms would accommodate were the necessary seats available, leaving entirely aside the ques-
���uiGJ* iiS *iO    ���iCvV u*jurtijr ptipliti    A Le-iiCuei-
could do 1usf>tce to.
Were the full-fledged   high   school
available it is possible th**> othor Valley
his work-: with the Sash & Door Co.
Mv~      T "0*7;io��pTi   n-f"' nt-. ���flplt.lliow.'irirfPO.
���JwISi   ^. r. rr .   ....xr.. -xr.        *xr^. x-xzip/.A����rp ...vrxj.
On WarHyed a few days ago on a yisit
to her sister, Mrs. G. A. Hunt. .
Frovjheial police Vaehon' paid
Kitchener his usual official visit oh
Wednesday last, and spent a few
--hours sampling the fishing &efo*re ze-
'turning the foiiowing day. -
* Scott -Price is helping swell the
C.P.R. dividends these days. He was
at Kaslo the early part of last week,
and on Friday pulled out for Spokane.
E. McGonegal, who had a bone in
hil&rni broken' in -jthft;. ;ltollUi3gani��::,-.*��fcl :j
Oreaton a couple of^w��?ei*�� ?*%&, is hay-
his injured wing attended ..by. Dr.
Green at Cranbrook, and it*, will.-be^at
least another month before he-can; get
^baelf'-io'--^       :' .-.., y
Mm lipelHg
ertormanSB H p-.ni. prdnipf
.Bieserve SMts, $1.00
A4ttlt�� 75c.      ;  QhUdren 25c.
_ Beserv�� sea|| at drugstore
Admission inqilsdes'War Ta*s.~' ;
settieiu'eu u.
ijieuu. Krice, Vt-.io ss m
auryeymg ior- tne >au<
board land -clearing operations here,
has leased the Siekey uOiise from A1-.
fred-Spencer, and will be moving into,
it in a few days. ; *-'*:'
The sawmill commenced cutting on
Monday, and everything running in
Sne shape. There is at least a two
n-ionth's cut of logs in the yard, and
Wore of them coming in'everv day.
*��. N. Hhodes. who _ was woi-king at
t*he tsiin s& JPovt- St-jsel^; which "w-*.s
burned the latter part of June, is
back again at his old job at scaling at
the mill here.- ^
SfUliVV/UIjiVI tEl
Messrs. - Ebbatfc and*' - *Yd*a!5^*?^s?ho
n\ve^beeh doing deyelopmehl^. work
on some claints hereofor the past; few.
weeks, spent a few days at Creston.
We understand they have uncovered
quite a show of iron ore, the vein haying a width of .30 feet a7t points.
School closed for the summer holidays on ^Friday last, and the teacher
Miss !?. Johnson, has returned to her-
home at Creston. Those winning honor rolls this term were Edith Geroux"
for punctuality and regularity; Annie
OlSbn for deportment, and Lnuis
Brown for proficiency.
School closed   for   the  summer va
cation on   Friday   last, and   thjfs rate
payers will meet for the annual school
district^businesssession on   Saturday
evening of next week.
- ���*��
.' oi Canada
Head Office
Capital Paid up $7,000,000.
. M %-9%mi-M    Jt  M��x%jsii^rmt'str*-sf   <-*���   .  m-m
:       Toronto, Ont.
Reserve Fund $7,000,000
<-. m aim tuts.
msdrtm^m -*> f \tr< s~i m~t frm-m* -*���
140 Branches throughout the Dominion of Canada.
A Savings Departmont at ovory Branch.
An account *nay be opened hy depositing $1 or moro.
Intercut paid on your money from date \>f deposit.
Your account solicited; courteous treatmentn*SRiired.
A. .ISranch
rfymrmtrxmr.    {j-trxsV
oi   cue
- pN-I-
!K-ii 1*011 r>-*ck��*^<r��.  trmf-  ij
. Erickson came back strong at baseball in the Dominion Day game at
Oreston on Tuesday afternoon, winning without exerting themselves hy a
margin of 16 to 9.
The telephone has just been install'
ed at the residence of R. Dodds, and
several more-ft-re having them put in
as soon as the company can get the
instruments for installation.
Miss Melva Cartwright arrived from
Cranbrook on Sunday to spend part of
the summer vacation at her home
here. She is accompanied by Dorothy
Smith brothers of Bellvue, Alta.,
who recently purchased a couple of
flye acre lots here, havo _ tho material
on the ground and are starting the erection of their   residence   this    week.
Express shipping at Erickson still
holds up to about an average of 75
crates a day, and despite the dry spell
thi'E-e it*) about HI> On- 20 uk-.ili-t*) of siraw-
horric'H amongst thorn. Eauphcrries
started moving on June 110th, R Dodds
being tho first to have these. Nowadays about half a do/.on crates aro
moving. Both sour and sweet cherries
are noticeable, and there is no let-up
to tho gonsi'beri'ieo.
Parents are congratulating tho
school trusteoH in scouring Miss Joanne
**��..�� x -   ....��.-   ii..l,...:.l..-..   ~~i-  ...tm...
A. IX**11*1*.'   *J*I   *JIX*\>L1   Ultx: XVXHjILLItll*   Ulr��M��tll  XLIV
another year. She has boon given a
rvon"rou<< JM'*'��'"M��ti��-' in Hidi������p>fi ho** tnoyt
year's stipend being just under $1'200.
Tho interesting feature of the
school closing ocerciucs on Friday was
thi* iu'p--.'joiitatk-.) ot honor lollu for t'ic
tcrm, the winnci-B of theso being
Hobort Long for proficiency, Richard
tVriuiou f*>r rcguluvlty und puuctuullt*y
.Tunc i.liowii an
averagci at-
Thnac making sporfoct
iitl.onda.nce were   Auhroy,   Molly and
Lylo IComp, Hobort and Walter Doddti
Itichiu-d i'cnHo.n and Walter J^ong.
XXT    \T     'f....\rlux*.    Lii.xiSd.\ii.ti\r     4 .p./p.1r   .1..1
... ...... -..-.        ^     -     , ..... .^ xi..xr.x    .-x..
I........  ..���   ..   ,.,.,..   Illlll      .v.r.rlr.l      i��P|.4...4l...,.l
tiiu.l.or, which will v��>placc tho nocond-
.* I llltlMI p IfVlilillli ��i��i iiait li.-p-u iimiim-* IIUH
S**irawberrysShippingx ceased at this
arjint the lattei?*"Siii^ of the -=?sek. The
crop is the lighteiit^Qn. record. Goose-
b^'n-f-^'are^ tT'Ie^big-
l8B^f|'-��r58l>ever crop of r^pberrri*is is doming along nicely.      "   ''���/.''������.���.    f ���'**>.
-V      *.-' ".*' - ��� ".'j**- .      ���'"��� ���������
-*We h0ferlfe on good authority that
r-oad bit^^^Harris is finishing up al!
needed r^Jtl repairs in other parts of
^he Valley so as to be able to* make a***--*,
early start at the approaches tb the
new high level bridge and stay on Vhe
job until finished.
Con. Hall has taken the contract to
clear four acres on the North ranch
recently purchased by Mr. Jennerof
Blairmord. *
The land settlement board crew
commenced their building and clearing operations near old Camp 5 and
a��*e putting in a number of buildings
that certainly indicate that they "are
here to stay, and that the \men employed will have the very best of ac-
Mrs. Hodnet and two children left
on Sunday for her home at the coast,
going via Spokane. So far as we can
learn her work has given the very
best of satisfaction, and the regret is
general that she will not be returning.
For the year the school had an uver-
ago attendance of at least 00.
Canyon City is beginning to look
like old times .again. Mert. McCull-
ough ih agaiu renUling here, moving
back with his wife and family last
weok.       - -
Bioi-ion &
In   the   Pireliminary   Junior
*Q ���4.0. r. r. ���       . -X00.7 0x,x ��� 0x.xt.mfx0xrx A* xr.
t~.\4tWT*m-:-,Tr4���IV.XtltAtl.*4XvJAxa        V*��U
"*t*rs^Tp?*xsoted to Advanced. Junior, the
total marks out of 1000 being append-   '
ed:    Dorothy Stark 690^,  Rose Cherrington 636,  Ruth Compton Q19,  Muriel Hobden 570. **
jOivimion II.  ..
Winners of honor*rolls: Proflciency
���Marguerite Crawford. Deportment
Walter Learhy. Punctuality���Robert
Moore. *"
Promotions: From Junior Third to
Senior Third���Edith Crawford, George
St.Jean. Irene Watcher, Ivin.'Comp-
.ton, jjonajd "icoung, Altrec; ��Soisey.
Failed in one subject but promated
conditionally���Keith Lidgate, Frederick-. Payne. .     ,: .      ���-���'.
;. From Senior Third to Junior Fourth
���^Byeiyn Hurry, -Anieys."Wainisiey,
sWillie Smith, Evelyn Bevan, Charlie
Bolmes, Louise Roma*iii. Fred.Boffey,
Elsoti I-dd*:,at'��B 13-ladys ^Vebstsss- S-��3*>
ward Payne. Failed in one.subject
but     promoted .  conditionally���irem-
x>.���.������   T7i���i�����.   cs.._.-^������   tii.r.x.tr   -ur..:.
.UlUWMi       *7   ZLAl&V     XxyXBXAlt^XSSXSft . JXm XX���Adm       XKXtld.~  r
one, Harry Benny, Jennie Belanger.
Ralph Swanson. -.':>.- "'.':-,
��� ' Examined and graded by A. Snsltb.
From Junior to Senior -Fourth-
Marguerite Crawford, -Eva Holme***,
Robert Hetherington, Olgon^ Bell,
���rassed conuitipnaily���Sj/sney.... Be";i,
Robert,.v .-p^'i^Q'rd^^^.^giva t ^^sbste^s*
Subject" .0&"s^^
Miiore.  -This cli-u-s ~a--* exaniined and
-g-ra**led'bv the principal. ^-. -
:-'"v:\"      Z: " :.:���. ������-'   j .y-y1.   .-
Dimaion III. "''.**���'���', 'Z:-'ZZ-
"Proine*Sd to   Senior Sp^Tiftd-���QHs-p-
Christie,^ Mju*guerite;BenTO^
Boadway, Olwen Evans*;" Joyce Moore,
Arthur Stark,   Mary" Lewis,  Jeffary
Collis, Henry Webster, Gilmbure Ta\>
lor, Harry Smith, lily Wilsoh.
To Junior SecQnd"---Hazel Weisen- .
berg, Marion Lent-month, Naomi Poi-
ter. Annie Smith, Harvey Gobbett,
James Cherrington, Albert Sherwood.
Beatrice Summers. On trial, Ruth
Porter, Ben Crawford, Gladys Stewart, Leslie Boffey.
Tp First Reader��� Edith . Couling,
Charles Cotterill, Ray Oatway*- John
Belanger, Ruth Kennedy, Marion Collis, Lloyd Couling, Edna Nicholls, R.
Sinclair-Smith, .Tames teamy; fSdith
Wilson, Fred Christie, Eiic IW'irU
bridge.    On tri.d, Vernon Sntntnore^^
CI -.1, r.r.'
.iim tri,vip;m-i; . >l.;,j.iv;..
The nchool report for
�����imr<ilhiii,uit of lifi,   and an
tendance of 21   "-*1
:*cd for t!ic ui:n;mcr holidays on Friday last and tho following
arc tlit. winners of the 1010 honor rolls:
Proflciency, Katherine Clayton; department, Ni'iufo McUobb; r^gulas-ity
and punctuality. Elmer Chambors.
Prmnotions for the term are as folio wm : To Junior 'ir.ii on trial, MIshio
McRobb. To Second Reader, Billy
r.ln*-'to*n. To lJ-lvnt UpMidoi.. IliiHiflliipr,
ton, Helen McRobb. To Socnnd Primer, Lottie Chamber--, Eva Weather-
head.   The   enrollment for  tho  year
averaged ftfi pupilH.
May ~~ Ockoy of Cardulon, who had
a deal ou for 100 acres at tho Yale
.(.tiout tho thiK: the Company t,.dd to
iriiti j.i.uu Ldjiu'iui'm, ou.up-,, i.i;.. ..ii-
vitiod on Saturdav that the government would complete tlni anlii of this
tract'to them. Mr. May accurcs! an
outfit in fovvn, and with a team hii*��>-d {
from McGi-eatl.*'* livery l�� now buiiy on
(lie place.
Mr, l-4f-.4p.-li       f-4Ptfpf ,*^P4U/pI. ,t|/ ��..1��^-P        ...Prr.*��P��*l V.
^..x...      ���    .. ��� . -- -  ,
,...i.i i.;.. ..1..,.,. *,. ���>   txii.ii,,,.,     ... .,, .,	
cut occupying the houtie on the Major
iMii-ni'i' laiu-rii.
Divi.ion IV. '
��� Honor  roll  winnei-t-i:    ProGcie t��:y
Olson.    Regularity and Puiictuality-^-
Hclen    Moore.       Deportment���Edith
iPromoted from Second Primer to
Mius Kane'rt i-ooin���Elmer Olson, Helen Monro, Nora Payne. Harold Speer��,
David Evans.    On trial. Will Manuel.
From Firffc to .Second Primer���Robert Miller. Ervin Olson. Hirell Miller,
Alec Ileiuk-ibiin, Ey��i. Chvi-itu*, Arthur
Couling, Tom McCoi-d. . On trial,
Arthur Webster, Lottie Couling, Ca-
thriue Embree.
From C to B "iaiiHa���Iviuiiei Oatway,
Verne Olson, Emma Maloff, Rophina
Androsova, Jessie learmonth, Jean
Henderson. John Blinco. s On trial,
Doris Spratt, Madeline Moore.
I'font l> Us v i;(hh**���Hurry Miller,
Edith Lew in, Gertie UojuKvhv, Hazel
From E Us D Class���William Bayle.
Marion "K0-.-eu1.1n. l^iui-a lloliner, j<Jn-
pheiulit Fisher. George Fulnier, Beryl
Nicholls^ Doi-othy St-Jean.
The    well-known   Cook   fruit    and
dairy ranch.     2.1 ncreti:   121 uei*i*n bear-
!���;���������' nrelmrd, i acre*;  nlfalfn, balance in
! pnvtur-'.       .r> !iea��! .*le.r.;ey ratth .   work
I Iwinw*.   laitru. chickena.  and   iin-lxi ��lnt��-
J ."p-istipni.-nt.    l'*m-rhai;p*'r to trdec ev'ty-
l|..l|n.-|>..l.l    IIMTII,, ��*P-H>Pr*'��
"I't'iniH 'unm^.-d  un   l.iil-
V..JMIX,    L    .. ,41.1,1,
i-iiiii|{ p-ji��:��-|��i
will   I��i5��ldl.>.
���a-^ *iw^*'p��w��^"fr-R,i(-*4pff
jSSm. Vx Cx TL   P-���
pIIUIIS -310!!!<U~II -UidS
Prevents rermemation
il fermentation oi food in  the stomach can be prevented, you go a long
way towards stopping tlio. most
quent   ailment  of   the   clay.
wno have studied thc formula of Dr.
Hamilton's Pills say it would be difficult to find a remedy better adapted
to stomach ailments. After once
using Dr. Hamilton's Pills thc stomach is cleared of thc sour, fermenting
matter that causes gas, heartburn, in-
di ires tion and headaches. You will bc
pleasantly surprised at the. smooth,
easy way in which Hamilton's Pills
tone up the liver, kidneys and stomach.
It's really wonderful., thc improvement in appetite, in complexion, in
general well-being that results directly from thc. use of Dr. Hamilton's Pills. Thcy stop dizziness, fulness and swelling of the stomach,
they correct costiveness, bad dreams
and blotchy skin.
To strengthen thc muscular system, to bring a keen edge to thc appetite, elasticity ���to the step and
brightness to the eyes, nothing can
compare with Dr. Hamilton's Pills.
Sold  everywhere in 25c boxes.
Value of C.P.R.
Misconceptions of the Value of Subsidies Given the C.P.R.
The Montreal Gazette, in discussing
the value of the original land grant to
thc C.P.R., says in part:
In discussion of thc railway problem in Canada thc traditional misconception of thc value of subsidies given
the Canadian Pacific Railway persists..
At the recent meeting of Grand
Trunk shareholders in London, thc
chairman) Mr. Smithcrs, more than
once alludcd'To three subsidies as having a value of $350,000,000, and lhc
Toronto Globe, distorting facts and I
ivr-c^cntinc     half-truths,     thus     com
,���,.-,,    -,.     not at the  value given   them in  1919
the    Canadian  Facinc { .    ��
by  thc   enterprise,   expenditure     and
able management of the company.
"Where did
get this princely heritage of land,
greater in extent than some of the
Huropcan kingdoms, for the possession of which the great war was
fought*-' From the people of Canada,.
as a free gift, io enable, the company,
by providing cheap and ade*]ua':c rail-
v.ay sei-jjicc to open up the West for
settlement. And Jiavc thc proceeds
of tin's vast iand gru-*.t been devoted
io   the   intended   purpose? i
"Let us look the situation sqii'ii-cly
in the face. As a railway living on
ils own earning*, the Canadian Paci-
lice might bc able to pay six per cent.
;i year upon the capital actually in-
v< stcd in it by its shareholders. As
���.he most richly-dowered corporation
on earth, by drawing upon its vast
'.i".:'i"d i-Vxl'.i-, it ���-.p-tnaHy pays ten per
"Air.-.'.---.'. all of this va*-t landed cs-
'.-.' '.*������.'.���'* t.. the Canadian Pacific
::rr.:: ti.e -*--i ���-.'<* of Canada without
i. ���: ;-..; . .��� '.*. ���;. :* r. ,! ,*lk*.r, -rilhcr in
-,���.������.,!*'r'**>.-;   ':.]'    i-j.   in   taxation,  during
performed no jpayment would have
been made. It was no more a free
gift than is the money a merchant
pays a contractor for thc erection ol"
a warehouse. -The Globe prates about
the princely heritage of land possessed by thc Canadian Pacific. Who gave
it value? The government? No! Its
value was created by the company, by
large expenditure of money, by promoting settlement, by fulfilment of its
contract. , Before the steel was laid
across the prairies tire land was not
worth ten cents '-an acre, because inaccessible for commercial purposes.
Even in 1885, after the rails had been
laid, thc government did not place .a
higher price upon thc land than $1.50
per acre, which figure was deemed excessive by the Globe and its political
friends. j
One wouid infer'from some'of the'
criticisms that the whole Canadian
Pacific systcm was promoted, paid
for, and handed over to thc company
by the people of Canada; that the
earnings of the company belong, at
least in large measure, to,the people,
and that thc great prosperity of thc
enterprise should bc censured rather
than commended. What is the fact?
The price the government paid for
thc railway is insignificant when contrasted with thc amount invested.by
debenture and shareholders. The railway was considered by investors so
poor a proposition-"- even with its
"princely heritage" of land, that the
original share issue of $65,000,000 realized only 46 per cent, of face value,
and at one time these shares were offered on the stock exchange at 33,
with few buyers.
If today the lands of the company
have large value, that value has been
given them by the company. When
the lands were handed ovcr by the
government for full value received,
and much more than full value, indeed, they were practically worthless;
and when these lands arc appraisecras
a subvention or purchase payment,
thcy- should be appraised at their
lvalue in 1880, when the contract for
* the building of the railway was made,
Grand Jury at the Assizes reported,
that thc majority of cases it had been,
called on" to deal with had been of a
serious nature: murder, attempted
murder, and manslaughter. "We have
been impressed by thc fact," thc presentment read, "that the -foreign elements contributed largely to these serious cases, and this grand jury cn-
dorscs_any legislation to limit the influx of foreigners to this country. It
is the opinion of this grand jury that
any steps taken towards the deportation of these undesirables now within
the country would be greatly in thc
interests of thc country at large."
Sir William remarked that the
machinery for deportation was utterly insufficient, and added that hc did
not sec why there should bc any statute limitations. Every, court, he
thought, should have.thc right to try
and deport aliens. Some aliens came
to the country, remained quiet for a
time, but eventually their early environment  reasserted  itself.
Thousands of the
best housekeepers
have. discovered
Ihat using half sugar and half Lily White
Corn Syrup makes preserving more uni-
lor***aI*y successful. ,,
syrupy there is no danger of the preserves
c*rystaiiizing; the syrup brings put the
*aaiuraitIavou,!f of the fruit; .tne keeping
quality is excellent and the preserves do
not have the cloying sweet-
The. cereal crops of the United
Slates were worth over $7,000,000,000
to thc farmers who raised them in
Never Troubled
With Headache
���fS-pS-q^     CX     SJ*      m_-mi~f-0.-��
m.l*&-.**~t >/*  <A���� -sj-s^^v����*i
ror oetier preserves,
useXUy White Com
Syrup. -#
Sold by Grocers
2, 5,10 and 20
pound tins.
The Canada Starch
Company.. Limited
Relief   From    Suffering   Fally-"- *��f��2;'��>Mto.
For Independence
Appreciated by   the^ Writer of
This Letter ��� Tells Others
South Fork, Sask., June 9 Mrs.
Letts, of this place, has a happy experience to relate. She suffered terribly with headaches, but headache
medicines never seemed to help her.
The trouble came from torpid, sluti-
gish action of thc liver, kidneys and
bowels, and when  this condition was
:-.->���':    :..
���Sell    the land
;, i-'';m f
value     from
\ ::���     i ...
.. .
:  1 ���
.-,. tiler:*,   who
',:���.'���.        l'.:
. in
���   did     not  re-
......    ,
11   ..
.                  ..
4: i it    . t ... i. i       Lit.:
��� ��� r   y-Ul ;   to   as-
���;-i^v. ouirr     nf
*::',:iny  .vfjinr-
.' .   -         4*4         ' .
:' . : : i : :    .
'. i i    I:'-"
a' I-
*.'. ���'".
4   ' / "
���:  O!"   coil I ra." 1,
J ."���*���' *''* -s'lOTl     (if
I r.i-':    was   ini-
a:��� v ' : '::
. *-' ' :
,   r '��� ���. !���. ��� *��� ( i. t i 11��..
c'h���.-.'.r< -1
i .:���
. <>���!���*! i-ii��� * 1 ion
' i:, m .),,!
.   :. i.
! -.- .. > , pa ill v" iu
J Will
Heart Palpitated
Could Coiant Every Beat
When thc heart begins to palpitate,
it will beat fast for~several seconds,
then slow, therL start to flutter, and a
feeling of utter depression will come
over your whole system, accompanied
by weak, fainting and dixzy spells.   .
When the. heart gets into this condition, you become weak, worn and
miserable, and are Unable to attend to
cither social, business or household
duties. %
Miiburn's Heart and Nerve Pills
will give prompt and permanent relief
to all sufferers from any heart weakness or nerve derangements.
Mrs. Waller Gr'eives, Apslcy, Out.,
writes:���"I had been run down, and
doctors told mc I was anaemic, but
did not help mc with their medicines.
I could not sleep nights, my heart
palpitated so, and I could count every
1 used to have such dizzy spells I
would have to go to bed. 1 was not
able to do any work for eight months.
A cousin of mine had taken Miiburn's
Heart and Nerve l'ills and told me
what they had done, for her. T took
eight boxes of them, and now I am
able Lo help every day with thc work.
1 am so thankful to tell others what
tin y have done, for mc, so. that thcy
may try ihis great and wonderful rein* dy. I hope this may prove good to
someone who is suITi ring the way I
Milbiirn''- llrrni and Nerve l'ills arc-
i "Or a   bo\  al all dealers, or mailed direct   on   icecipi   of   price   by   The   T.
Milbiirn   ( .'o.,   I.iinittd,   Toronto,   Unt.
Ru��h  Pjyos in
Rainy Lake District
the "use of Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills, thc headaches disappeared, and Mrs. Letts felt that her
health was greatly benefited.
Mrs. A. F. Letts, South Fork, Sask.,
*T suffered from terrible headaches,
so severe , I * thought sometimes I
would-go crazy from them. No remedy I ever tried helped me until I used
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills. Since
using these I can say I am lvcvcr
troubled with headaches now-, and feci
much better generally."'
This statement is .endorsed by" Mr.
O. P. Cole, Postmaster at South Fork,
Mrs. F. L. Harris; Keatley P.O.,
Sask., write.-':   -
"���i was" suffering from liver trouble
���had a heavy pain under one shoulder-blade all the time, and was nearly
as black as dirt around the eyes, so I
concluded to try sonic of Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills. 1 did so, and before 1 had taken one 25c box the pain
had left me, and 1 commenced to gain
in flesh, and by thc time 1 had taken
two boxes 1 was completely cured jand
felt like a new person. My trouble
was caused _ by heavy work out of
doors, and, of course, heavy eating,
and constipation, i would advise anyone suffering from Kidney or Liver
trouble to give Dr. Chase's Pills a
���Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25c a box, at: all dealers,
or Kdnianson, Bates & Co., Limited,
Toronto. Refuse, substitutes. Tin: genuine bears tlie portrait and signature
of A. YV. Chase, M.D., on the label.
Wins 20,000 Francs
For  being  thc  first  aviator  to  successfully land his plane on the roof of
n building, .1. Vedrines, noted  French
President of Delegation at Peace
Conference Summarizes Events
New York, N.Y.���Armenia's case
for independenc*e was stated in. full by
Avetis Aharonian, president of the
Armenian . delegation at the peace
conference, in the memorandum hc
pTcseiitcd to thc conference some time
ago, a copy of which has.now "been
made available to this office. ��� Thc
memorandum, which summarizes the
series of events in northern Armenia
r- .    . **P    '-
which, culminated in the establishment
of thc -Republic of Armenia, concludes
as follows:
"It is this republic, whose government and parliament sit in its capital,
at Erivan, which has delegated tis as
its representatives to the peace "conference, and has j*Jiargcd us to submit
to it the following:
"l. Russia,,in abandoning thJ8: Ar-..
menians to their lot, in spite of their
prayers, in bequeathing to them a
war which it was manifestly beyond
their power to carry on; in handing
ovcr to Turkey by the treaty of Brest-
Litovsk, without even consulting
them, thc Armenian provinces of thc
Caucasus, Kars, Ardahan,"and Kaghis-
man, thereby causing incalculable injury to hundreds of thousands of Armenians, has, by these, very acts and
of her own free will, broken -for ever
all ties existing between Russia and
"2. The Republic of Armenia, accordingly, believes itself"justified in
demanding the immediate recognition
of its independence, which has been
merited and won upon the field of
battle, and which the success of its
arms has obliged'even its enemies to
"3. Taking into consideration this
war, which Awn en i a has waged all
done for thc defense of tin** cause of
Set-vv- is ill-a strata fi ~ss.
act-as*, size of CatolIi**s
20��d-J*-Cut Macaroni. Von
trill see bow ee.-ill**' cooke-S BS
and isOvr con*��6Dl��at It Is In
thla Sorxa vixen you vasts it.
Sola ove**ywii��r��.
O******* 0.0. ���"t'-'-'-stisissr, **iQV!?is5i-
ti>& recipes In our net*- illtu-
tested bool-*. ~
Writs -us.
Jiggs: Thc. Germans regarded fighting as a tontc. ,
Biggs: Yes, and found it Teutonic ���
���Cartoons Magazine.
ier,   was  awarded  a  prize   of  20,000 ]i lm.  .llHos  aml  tho  s,lpcrimn,;m   <.acr*.
��� nd
i j, ���
,   *������ "di. ,,i
,i; ri- /'. i ������), i
���! ui' t   ;.   i j
f nif i
I'' .'rl'
���'.������"Mi- ::
nd    'nt'ii
li,   n.
;.   I,a
if :\
i . i ������.
\ i,
i.i. i;l ,
i v. i 111
.. allh,
''' i ! 1 ���
,i!     to
Hel-ve-'ii    Virginia,   and   International
Falls   Gangs   Aie   Out
St.    I'.ml,   .Minn.---Several   bad   fires
...,.    ;.���'������;:.���������-!   '..   Si .ilc   Forester   \V.
T.   C<..p.     li'.iv.v   fain   is  necessary  to
l>'il   out   tlie   fiau'ie-i,   :ilthou<;,h   all   are
��_wo ! fpoi 1'd   "unili-r   t-iinlrol."      Rangers'
,.  '���"<><������.'!'     ��� ���������! r    i'i ft -    ;nr    ni'.iK'iiHr;   "arnle
,.,->r I '-I' M.ill"H."
-,.,''     I'v -,���'���!'.il     -'.|u,.i''   ii.ilis     of   valuable
- :    '.' ;f I,mi i,r.| not I lira-.I oi  Man-
I ;d''       M>'.re   than    I'M)   tur-ii   of
inir< an.!   I!,,iiiv   I :d:<-  l.uiiihcr Co.
"'.'MM'     ll-<-     ll>r-      lir*-|."rr-||      \" I T t' 5 H "l ;l
francs, Vedrines landed on the top
of the Galeries Fayette, Paris, an area
about *15 x 80 feet, Additional credit
for this remarkable achievement is
given him because the spread of his
planes was only a litllc less than the
width of (hi* roof.
1   .
'��� i ���';
������^MIMM   Ml ym
^~mf -mm. -h n _.
I'.yf*   in!..��!..��� ...    <���/   .*��-,/1
si:rstf* ">'''*'. *�����#*�� jii'I tuimJ
Ksr*?.,__,  *,-,.,   .*.�� ��ii��irkly relieved by Murlfl��
tVeS f ��!Btf ��-';pKr r,inJT;
lix-i1 . '���  ��� I        *     r   ��� ��� i '    ���    ���
Viftt ��'i.i'.ii"/--i'.t3 (if hy *-�����.��������� mic  prr i��<����-ie.
|..,r si-vh, oii iit-r. �� 7-*.* t\*r  *~i.;- '.���'���"���
t*m*y*-**~y f.m.,  -f:iiir.-ri<|��i.
,'. 1.
I i.t ���*���!���',;i*i
.n .; ; -; 1.1,., 1, -.
!\..i:7 f. :���!'������
ft   \ ��� ������', r. iiili'.ii
r ', : . I   e
I   II'
' l\<* 1
.' 1 n.ilii.iil
liccs which all the Armenians have
nnule,-I have now the honor lo claim,
in thc name of the Ai-rncnian nation,
the place which Armenia liar, justly
merited at the peace conference, beside Fniir Faizal and the representatives of the /.echo-Slovaks, Poles,
and Serbs.
"4. The dcli-garimi of the Armenian Rcnublic submits that it acts in all
its demands aud proceedings in perfect accord with the. Armenian delegation from Turkey, presided over at
Paris by His F.vcelloncy lloglios N11-
bar Pasha,"
di.t.'i i
I \ r ,
���: flO'.V.
The. first sperm whale found on the
Californian coast in forty years Was
discovered in Monterey Bay hy rock
end fi'difrnieii who found tlir* carcass
off Point Piuos. -Tin. fishermen reported ihat the whale--w Inch ay'is 6f>
feet lo'ij;* !i:ul been killed by a '"pedes of dolphin called ibe ''killer."    Its
tongue bad been eaten out. The whale
.. - .   1 ...�����  : 1   .... .1.1   . ���        1      .1   1-   1
! .'oiniiaii ���"_  nnd   leu   li:in<-!-.   ..I   c.f-r-   oil
I were obtained  fiom its head.
By Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound*
Winona, Minn.������"I suffered for moro
than a year from norvouBneBs, and wo*
go bad I could not
rost at iriicht���
would lie awake and
get so nerx'cua I
would havo to jjoit
up nnd walk around
and in the morning
would bo all tired
out. I read about
Lydia E. PinUham'a
Vogotable Compound and thought
1 wouid try iu tdf
norvouanoBB noon
left me. I nlcon
well unci icel nnu in inu moviuuK unii
ahlo to do my work. I gladly recommend Lydia ~.,~JPinkhain a Vegctablo
Compound to mnko weak norvoa
ntrong."���Mm. ALiiKivr SuL'rssB, 608
at*        "      t    r>.       wrr       . ..     ��f* , .
\-))iHx4x\-.x.i   *-*p-r    *�� sstLjULS, i.illl.i.
How often do we hear the expresnion
nmonc- women, "I am eo nervoua, I c-iri-
not fllee-o," or ''it soema an tltounh I
Bhould lly.''   Such women whould iirofifc
thin fnmoun root nnd herb r��medy,
Lydlu E. PinM-rum'-a Vegutublo O-U.*
pound, ft trial.
For forty yearc itlmo been overcom-
itiK ����ch n��riouu r.onditlonn im dinpluco-
mentu, inflammation, ulceration, Iri^-
"-..'."-.r'*:    ���-     4!"!'(>"!"   .P4��*.p.��    *ii��,r.Ir n.r.Jl��.    .if-i
7.tT,.;;z, end sii^vvouu f.vo^p "ctica c*
women, and ih now conanioriul tlio ultu*��
linrii v~4.tvl4.il\l fd,*r ml,ml. ^liryn.rtim
l0^��^iXi0iij^^^^iri^iit^iSliit^i^^^^^li0^AXA^mtm^BI0VlxA0Almx^m^^^^.x ,,���., 0 ...n.
0vn~0m���000mm .
P4f4��.��r.f*<4 ^1,1.(^.^,0
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It is also reported that pro-German Palatinatists  at Mannheim declared a general strike  and that the inhabitants of the Palatinate, notwithstanding threats by  the French of ..court-martial, "everywhere are tearing down the posters  proclaiming the republic.  of Coin-  Sir  1--HH NSW FRBHCH REMEDY. Wo**.. ������.3. N.S.  THElHAFiON ffiSa-fcsS  gi-Mt succeas, cuiucs chronic weakness, lost viqor  e vtH. tsawsv. s-uasbs**:. embsasrs, blood, roiaon.  PASS.   B1THBR MO. DSOOOISTS������r MAIL 81. .0.7 4 CT8  SOBfflSSA C������. M. BSSSMAH^ST.JS  f>WTO. writs son rrtSB BOOX TO D������. LK CLSttQ  .CO. HOVERSTOCKSrU>. H AMMTSA**>������ "LOMSOH. EHO.  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Mr. Ungerlcider is 36 years old and  i.s a millionaire, lie says he never  .....uipCu o. ui.iin; iiilo.vlc.iljji^ lhuior,  lie estimates thai, since 1915 approximately 20,000 drinks a day have been  .-.old over hi:-, bur. lie also assci'ls  meic na-i never Occn a n-;lit, in his  s.doon. He atli ibnlcii llii*; largrly lo  the fact that be would not sell lo a  drunken man or a minor.  I      i he* woman  who faiis to    sav    ''be-  I cause" li.-i-: some other eveusr.  j      .'\   I..,,  i.i,,;-,   ���������.���������.!',->  ���������:"���������  >.l'i\'  ..ll  Kinds  COLDS,   CATARRH  RtLIEVED  were    found.      Thc    reports    describe  thciu as being in a state of unspeakable misery and starvation when they |To   -Determine   NationaUty   of   Aland  were released. , Islands  I'aris, France. 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ItfS*a Woman'o best lem-  ernment greatly wishes that if the | perftncc tonicTmade from wild roots.  plebiscite gives the inlands to V.vrrlrn,  i    pi *      i   i .  .���������  A      tt t t������TT i-i-p-pr    Civt-r svxta ���������"lit     PitTee'*!  " ' . l   i������  r      *i!i i1 -ii* ���������   i Favorito Prescription heipwi in<- -j-nsniy  coustruclioit   or  military  bu.ldmgi   m | ftU*ltt llin. of j,r.������.    1 .-omUnu-nl t��������� l.:w.,  the archipelago, and also to prevent | j.0at rtashfa and .Wuy spoil*! and h--eaiii.'  atlack.i on the archipelago by another'; nervous and run-dow'-..   'I'ltoiie eomlil-oni  j very '���������tt'.cUly !<aft m������ iift������r I cun-it'-n.���������.*-���������''  ; with th*.' Tavorlto rrc^-rtptlon.'   I t.-.olc  ���������..pyppp-iii   lM'.ttlp'j������  A   tt,   i-v.-.l   truly   b.-ibuve  If suiue men's repulalioii:; w.-re vl'.- 1 ���������*nal * ow*-1 iul ~i,Mi ������",i*-*-'-1 "'   <"'i-'*  '*���������-  .1- ���������     4 *   I -   .4     - T ,     .    ,U -,   .,     * l|,ft       (.-,|-,4        ���������>���������f.  I.* ih.y   iw.uhl  b.ok  very  much like [ 'j^'aVthttt'trylnB^S^  power.  -s.  0W9ivrv*rm*.fimwm*-4t*t^  aiai������-fA*.'SBB'-*Bfv i**3������ ii*it!ls(i������������^^n-.-iir*iWp^ '���������'"^���������������������������������������������-fc'-;**^'^^--fti-'ffrrrrirf''**i^  0~imm-*1Sif/r*m 44*WM*,**m]rH,^tWi*W*im>  ���������rtinir*T*mmtiiiTm*> wMrwl**^*  iStt^m-t'-tlitffimvflm-Si t**t  t^ii^ntNiiimimu  -WWI^^  ^sJuWA^tZdrZi *x&*.lm.������- ������.Wtol1Vfc������v**U1 -&, (WV*-WU laU.W*t/1. i-> l***������x< i^&tl'*~i-Ut,UdAmVV>,}*i- J.I?  ���������'^���������fc-W 'iWUt St^,&Sp0^(*t Hjl^til^^^-Sllil^li $������*.:���������#���������  THE   CRESTON   REVIEW  ���������sm* b ���������*���������***  ��������� at. ������'���������    ���������?���������* ���������������'������. a ��������� tm a ��������� *  i ret. unns s w. ntvii:\ni  Issued every Friday at Creston. B.C*  5m*t~. 1  ������a***v    mrnmSim** ���������  ionist need as  To erect a seperate buildnig, en-  Subscnption :   St a year in advance: j large the present structure,  or rent  $2.50 to U.S. points. ! , ,y .,  '������������������ temporat*y   quarters;   these   three  i propositions wiii    be    submitted to  itepayers at the annual school  poii  C. P. Hayks, Editor and Owner'  pire to go   up higher  in straight   Liberol   party   prefer-  tH������Bir~t  tims*  CRESTON, B.C., FRIDAY. JULY   4  XXxr.        lii^C    1 Clrl  re  mXxSvWgm  'gn-gmmmiS-TamS  *6rsaBaaBB4iK������g  A convincing argument iii   favor  of The Review's contention  il. ,-x  ���������jIKH;  tlie soldier's memorial should he erected on the Wilson Avenue site,  nest the drugstore, was furnished  this week when a member of the  veterans enquired as to what ladies and others were doing toward  keeping the present tablet suitably decorated with flowers.  As compared with a year ago the  paueity of flowers placed on the  wooden memorial was readily noticed, and can be accounted for in  no other way than that, following  tlie usual bent of human nature,  folks are beginning to lose interest  in an undertaking that certainly de-  * serves greater consideration. If this  state of affairs is in evidence before  peace is actually signed it does not  require a prophet to forsee what is  to happen as the months and the  years roll into sternit****  And all the individual exhortations, no matter what form they  take, will not remedy affairs. Its  the old story of everybody's business being nobody's business. Individual members  Oj.  iUrv  I, lit*  i~LS. W 17  A  v-^������   .it.   .-~~k.,  .������������������. ppea ranees in this line, but not  enough of their membership so situated as to be able to lend a helping iiancJ,  To get away from this    undesirable state of affairs   in   connection  with the   new   monument   it is at  ****  once evident that a   site   rmist   be  chosen that will   provide room and  lend itself as admirably   as may be  to permanent   decorative   effect in  the wa3* of grown g flowers, shrubs,  etc., that will give quite the desired  artistic setting with the   minimum  of effort ard expense.  For this purpose the Wilson Avenue lot has nothing to rival it in  .-own. The buildings on either side  can be grown up with flowering  vines such as the wisteria, climatis,  morning glory, etc., v.-hile the lattice  fence at the back would  look  iip  iLt I till L CLLILKT       L. .illlC.-.  ...UI,     r..  ,4    .UU     O   4  peas, golden glow,   or   a   climbing  rose or two.     While    in    nicely arranged plots on   either   side and in  front of the pillar nicely    arranged  rows ni' tulip*;, naricissus,    daffodils  for th*'* early season   (lowering, and  thf iilwiiv-i w.'lcoii).- a.**,t������;ra. gladiol-  i**. dahlia**. ( 'ant...-chary bells, and a  in:-'   ui ' ilr.t-'t^ iu   sfifi-1,    from    that  .v Mii.-l k- ���������"-;. up th*'-   flowering effect  -ill' li   .'ll tI'l<).**���������.!,  Mlowflill.  V-.-*-. ir -----iii *;���������-.]:i��������� some effort and  -���������iiii- iri'.ii'-y to look after such a  plot, from y-m- to yt-nv but, the  i/ood wi.j'k i-i.mil m* pa.-i.soo. ,'ii'Ouii.i  --;iy j'j-o!:-. hoard of t rad-.* ru-xt year  ���������'.. ' li'- Women'.'- Institute in l'lL'I,  "* h<-11f;r��������� to OI|f of till* lodgi'S. t,i|i'l|('f  t.-, tl,,. it-iifii,} <.\\\}i\v<.*-i ;\t\i\ !'. ill/v."--  ing tii.-nil.'ii- ladi'-M- aifl of the union ehuroh that should In- with us  it   no d ist a nl da t e   to   mi \  meeting on Saturday evening of  next week to cope with the matter  of more aceomadation for the increasing school attendance.  Of the. three The REVIEW believes that the wise thing to do will  be to rent if anything approximating .suitable quarters can be had  at somewhere near a. reasonable  rental. Present building, costs���������  both as to material and labor���������are  abnormal; at least to some extent^  and if to this we add tlie salary the-  extra teacher that is going to bere-  quired, the high cost of living will  have nothing on the high cost of  school education in these parts.  However, far be it from The Review to oppose a new    building on  the score of expense;   the best educational facilities are none too good  for the Vallej*.    Our reason for ad  vocating a policy of    making haste  slowly is on the score   of   building  both wisely  and    well    in view   of  future   development���������the   scale of  which is for the   present obscured  To our way of    thinking    this is  only the first iiret^rh*nent of the demand for increased a-ccommodation  at   Creston,    and   that    the   town  school's experience in this regard is  but one of a family   of    like   needs  that will very shortly be    manifest  at some other spots in the   "Valley.  Such being the case it   would seem  well to put up with a little temporary inconvenience  if need   be until  the situation   sufficiently   develops  to handle it intelligently.  In a compact area like the Creston Valley there should never be  many schools, but rather one good  school, New settlers are coming in  all over the Valley and will short  ly add new centres of population.  Existing schools can not be moved,  and wherever it can be possibly  avoided the opinion is fairly general that the one-room school should  not be encouraged.  The solution is the   consolidated  school, and the logical   location for  such a seat of learning is undoubtedly Creston. With the not-remote  possibility of  the   establishment of  a central   school   here, and a prospective   development    within    the  confines of   the   school   district itself, The   Review .reiterates   the  opinion in the   way    of   providing  new buildings the present policy oF  the trustees should be one of watqh-  ful waiting.    Even    the immediate  future is fraught with    possibilities  that it is as yet too early    to forsee  much less intelligently   prepare for  in f-nnsideration   with    which    any  iiic-onvenienop". that may be temporarily experienced    is   dwarfed even  to obscuritv.  ment.  -All'.the-signs'.point   to a   similar  state of affairs existing at  the Ott  avrr'a "Conclave   in    early   August.  Just at present thoese    who stayed  with   Laurier   in his   unwise win-  the war policy are   not holding out  the olive branch to   ambitious .Liberal Unionists who may be wavering in their loyalty to. Unionism as  we have it at  Ottawa.    Unconditional surrender with no guarantees  as to future consideration is all that  can be hoped   for   by   those   who  would return to the fold.  About the only thing that can  prevent the Ontario convention,  policy being re-enacted at Ottawa  is the attitude of the Liberal Unionist press, which in turn must  perforce play safe until the proposed reorganization of the- present  Unionist government is effected and  a permanent Unionist policy laid  down.  If this takes place before the big  Liberal get together the sailing  will be quite smooth. In his remarks at Toronto while Mr. Mac-  Kenzie was none too considerate of  the members who had bolted the  party, he was circumspection itself  when pressed to say something regarding the newspapers that had  embraced Unionism in such wholesale fashion.    s  While the temper of those in control of the party machinery would  seem to be to take a chance - without the Liberal Unionists the fact  that they are not sure of the old-  time newspaper support may produce the conciliatory attitude so essential if the Liberal party is to  again become"the factor in shaping  Canada's destiny that its founders  intended it should be. A cause that  is not big enough and broad  enough to enunciate a policy and  select a leader that is acceptable to  its one-time journalistic friends  could hardly expect to proselytize  successfully amongst the not less  wary of the Canadian people, much  less win the support of those who  temporarily quit the party due to  the opinions expressed by their favor-it e party paper.  Official confirmation, has come that,  the new C.P.R,..roundhouse and/tur'n-  table will be erected this y<t*ai* for sure,  and that work will stai-t on it almost  at once. -, -.  Jack Oansoron is the latest to invest  in a motor, boat and it is stated that  his cri-iriser has them all beat for speed  and is right there with the style, too.  The mosquito nuisance that was so  much in evidence last week is. considerably abated now, and we have surely seen the worst of them for 1019.  School closed for the summer vacation on Friday last. The annual  school snooting is called for Saturday  evening of next week.  Mr. and Mrs. Loasby had another  overseas visi-tor with them the latter  part of June in Sergt. McClenaghan of  Ottawa, the former's nephew. After  a few days at Sirdar he left on a trip  ta the eoastrvia Spokane and Seattle,  after which he returns to Ottawa. He  had almost four years in khaki, being  wounded once.  Mayor Daly was" a passenger east  again on Tuesday. ..We hear he was  bound for Cranhrook where Jae Jackson has just got in the first of a supply  of self-refrigerating neckwear, Between the hot weather and the political situation warming up the mayor  will welcome anything that tends to  keep him from getting hot under the  collar. "V-  Mr. and Mrs. Sid McCabe haye gone  to Wallace. .Idaho, .where they propose to spend the next few weeks yis-  iting friends. Sid has neyer felt himself since he "had the bad attack of flu  last fall, nnd all hope the well-deserved holiday will send him back as well  as ever. Bob Quinn takes charge of  the bridge, crew in his absence." ���������_..-.  I5ast week's Cranbrook Courier  chronicles the wedding of Bob Finiay  to Miss Carr, the happy event taking  place at Blairmore last week".  The Mounted Police is buying horses for their owu use in the Boundary-  country, paying as $150 for the best of  them.  Wise seseff Other wis������  Cranbrook is now    blessed    with  two newspapers. The second journalistic   venture     is   the   Courier,  which   made   its   appeai*ance last  week.    L. P. Sullivan", well-known  in Kootenay   newspaper   circles, is  in charge and   announces    that his  aim will bo to    publish a live paper  that will .serve the interests of that  vast section of East  Kootenay that  feels tho need of  the   timely assistance  a   representative   newspaper  can render.   Gotten ont   under the  usual first-issue rush    the   Courier  just to   hand    is   quite   oreditablo,  though by no   means   a   nam pic of  the Courier that The Review feels  certain      will      shortly      develop.  As f'oi-sliadowing   what   is likely/With tho   extensive   territory   the  to h;* pii'-n :ii, I lie   national    Liberal    Courier aspires   to sorvo     ono    can  ooiivcniion at  Ottawa next month, | safely say thoro   is    plenty of room  a, ni'-.-iiiig of representative:*-! of the l for tho  newcomer,    and one can as  nothing ��������� Ontario Liheral parly   at   Toronto j confidently remark that if "Sully"  Ufrii&Bimtim-r Qui .-rf LbmgSi  of several oilier  orgaiii'/ai.iniiH ihat on Thursday   is   .significant.  are sure lo eome into eyiHt.enei- in a When the former Ontario Liher-  ei-nl re 111-,.- < 'n-Hl on is    di-stiued     to ol leader.  N.  W.  Itowell,    joined up  In*. with the    Unionist    c-ahinel,    about  I ni'i'i' ii.'i'ii in* no ,\ oi i ., .ti.iMii  tin- unk.-ep cost, in any -v.-nt,,  linv.' a number of amateur garden-  .���������������������������"������������������ I li-if- won Id I ,<��������� </hid '.. fake on  i lie work, and in*a|f|i :, ���������/��������� .od f.t'i-,.-  lie- parsing ������if t he hat ,,).<������������������������ ;t year  ,i i; t i   a eon | ile  ui   \v 11 >-,i     o i I . ��������� ��������� .  .1 no    1  MP**'.,' f> ,fP ,  VV   IIH.IIII     I    I UIIKIIM/I,  da nee or  two ou-.-"hi   1  re\ eiiu-  ��������� aiougli  Whatever im dei.111<  wa V 1 >f  11101111 irn-nt  1.ring lor-i.n  I I ll 1 i.o 1| 1,1.1  ' -.  tl 1.011      III     1,1 II'  i' ,e|< ( |i ,)|    ||    i-.   I i ,  Oe   1101 ,"< I      II ii'  plan  :i"   I'or  I ! e-  The plaee   in   |i|  ' '    '   rr ��������� '   ' ��������� " *   , 1., ,.:.,. 11.;.,  lO'.l     Ml/'lll     Ol.  1. 'lull.11 I  ������   Ye'-lon  it, a I, 1,in- I  -roll  ..','     1,0 ,'l  ll I'e-lf |'.|i  1   '   '   I ��������� ���������   >  I  .1,1 .....  g(.'I.H the right sort of support ho  will produce a paper his chosen  field will have good reason to bo  proud    of.    .Sullivan    writes   woll,  1.wo yi:,u*i .������K"i       wmi.uu   1  1 4,11111.mm,    kiiiivv   iii-vvh  wlinii  ilci'llilH   iiriU'Oi-ih  it,  \V,; wan elected temporarily to lhe op- I and is a "it-hour a day man nevcm  position leadership in that, province days a week if that bc necessary to  '���������villi tlie uiider'ilaiidiii,*/ (lial, a per-i gel, and publish the news while it  inaii'-nt leader u ..nld I*.-,    nhoseii al'is news. Wil h I hese i-HsnutialminlHi-  i *  a eonv eiitjon to he   held    before the ! cat,iniin, plus a    reasonable   amount  iM-y.t  (im .un..-!.-. i 1., 11. ,,S"    initial      working    capital,    tho  ,\ 1   1 ie- eon v i-nl ion  la*,i,     '.Vei-Uuui *   ourier h sueecS!' im    UNHlll'i'd.     ThICI  of ..   -.',��������������������������� 'A' ���������   .-I   'p'*1) dele,.*;,il ,��������� .  Mr. Kkvikw  esleudi, the   right hand of  I'roudfuot poll.-d  le,-. tliim '.',,) -.die:., fe||owi.hip, a 1 id  with il.   bent \vishen  'he 111 1 r 11'* of lender-ihip evciihia lly for lung, iii.efni and prosperous life.  filling  on     II.      II.     [".-wail, a  pro    noiineed    1 nl 1   I ' nioni'il     I >.     I >.  Mae.  K >.ii'/ie.  tin-,    temporary     I Viun'mion  .1.  I  IIMIIH  I    I I ( I ������������������������ ���������      I   tl   * ���������  ...,i I i... 1 v   1.;,    ,  iiii-fonl,| ediy  I hat      no  'iiie ( ' a/i-l I e nii y.    (be    rlo;il|l|.', of I lie  (Iranliv '.iiiellcr iii Ihat    town will not  I'i'  I In'     '  ' ������������������! "   !i!u \v   1 r.i I  -iiie I   .     IliWieilie.  "'���������������'   i'i"'   ii"'.   than    100 men   lliive lieen  v 1 * 1 11 t- -1.' i:     \ \' .. 1 ��������� 1.  If you are needing  H-a  B  now is the time to. ouy  We  lift, v xi  TVV Cp4-  IUOD  its-p, i<-vo,rtexfi     ������j  uijjv������p*v������.CU     Hi  of these at  Creston  anvon City Lumber Company  LIMITED  D    m  rrsvals  '* Men's and Ladies'  SPRING and SUMMER  MEN'S in PENMAN'S  1  Spring needle in Shirts and Drawers, all sizes  Spring needle Combination  Medium weight wool in Combination Suit  and Shirt and Drawers���������nil sizes  LADIES' in WATSON'S  Vests   and  Combinations  in   siiuii and  slee\el*'.s.s  styles, in white and pink  Combination Suits in several styles, in  light and  medium weights, irom ^0o. 10 Jj.2.2;*) a. .suit  m      0m  its. ���������*><���������������. mm "���������* df-T. ���������  ~~~   m  ~.~m~m mm,   It    /ni������-ir^i������40.#-������  P.. X.  X.. - V.,  I . .     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Sixteen Thrift Stamps are exchangeable for  a $4.00 "War Savings  Stamp, and v for every War  Savings  Stamp you accumulate the  Dominion of  , Canada is pledged to pay you $5.00 in 1924.  C Invest the interest on your Victory Bonds and  make it work and earn for you.  "NATIONAL WAR  SAVINGS   CO^nTTBE  (British Columbia "Division)  ,.-,.,   .~.. *Vancouve"?; B. C.       ., ,A '  One Reason Why.  The^jTews is : demanding a 38 hour,  rain immediately-for the Okanagan  country failing, -which   all   crops   will  fjjll gJi.rp.Tpt Of eXri"Qt"J't"'OTlS.  -     .  ..     .    X. ��������� .   X.     .r.      -. p.- -.. .   .      .        .  tami  S  as ��������� *.  KG!  A niBilil iiiSilf S  Minimum price of first-class land  reduced to SB an acre: second-class to  12.50 an acre.  TA~r.-4.7XX7xXlr.~ ^��������� ~~~IL-X~J* Xrx ���������X.~.  t������ ��������� w- p.������ii(rp|uu      4..PS*.       7r7r......xi.-n       ^v      svs -  veyed lands only.  Records, will be granted coverlng'.on'.y  land suitable'.fo**--. agricultural, purposes  and which ^is'hjpp^iimber land,.^ ,;. ',    , v  Partnership pre-emptions abolished,  but parties 6-f not more than four may  arrange for adjacent pre-emptions  with joint residence, but each making  necessary improvements on respective  claims. '    '    ' ' . -  Pre-emptors must* occupy claims for  five years and make improvements to  value of "lio per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,  before receiving Crown Grant.  Where pre-emptor in occupation not  less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be  granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.  Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent o!  $300 gLj}js->annum and.records same each  year. Failure to make improvements  or record same'will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in  less than 5 years, and improvements-  of S10.00 per;acre. Including 5 acres  cleai-ed and cultivated, and residence  >'>f at leasts years are required.  Pre-emptor holding Crown grant  may record another .pre-emption, if he  requires land in conjunction with his  farm, without actual occupation, nro-  vlded statutory improvements made  and residence maintained on Crown  granted land.  ITnBurveyed areas,  not exceeding 20  acres,   may   be   leased   as   homesiteit;  title to be obtained after fulfilling real-"  dential and improvement conditions.  Por grazing and industrial purposes  areas exceeding C40 acres may be  leased by one person or company.  Mill, factory or industrial sites on  timber land not exceeding 40 acres  may bo purchased; conditions include  payment of stumpa-je.  Natural hay meadows inaccessible  by existing roads may bo put-chased  conditional upon construction of a rond  to them. Rebate of^ono-half of coat of  road, not exceeding half of purchase  price, is mado.  PRE-EMPTORS'       FREE      GI*tANT8  .S*      * ACT.  The .w������one of thin Act lo enlarged to  Include nil persons Joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. The  time within) which tho heirs or -devisees  of a deceased pro-omptor may npnfy  for t,ltlo under thin Act In extended  from for one year from tho death of  fiucl. person, an formerly, until one  year after tho conclusion of tho present  war. This prlvllego iu also mado ro-  troactlvo. 0  No fees relating to prc-omptloiiu an-  duo-or payable by soldiers on preemptions recorded after Juno 2G. 1918  Taxoa are remitted for 11 vo years.  oiciier  Board investigate  The Creston Vaiiey was given a very-  thorough look-over by B. E. Paterson  and R. G. L. Clarke, provineial representatives on the Soldier Land Settle*,  ment Board, whose sole duty is to investigate every likely settlement area  in B.C. and report^on economic, agricultural, clhfiatie and social conditions  Xlxrxx.    fi~A     4-lxr  4   ��������� ,-)-.. XI��������� Zrx        xx rxi'r.77    ������rXO C  iti) lll'lKC     UUI������>     |M>uuy   ip3no  connection, too, imps  ooas  .P'l      I liui 11    yj.  ,    , -   -     -   -    --    ���������   nioiiuys   11c-  cruod, duo and been paid since Auru.-h  4, 11)14, on account of payments, feeii  or taxes on soldiers' pre-emption!!.  !ntw.!t on  r.-:r,'.-.ii1u.L i��������� nu.u,,.u,u  ^.^vt c,ty lotH h0,<1 by members of  Allied Forces, or dependents, ncdulruri  direct or Indirect, remitted from eft?  llntmont to March a.1. 1020.  8UP.PURCHA8ER8   OF   CROWN  LAfS!DC.  Pi-ovlHlon made for iimuance of  Crown Kfiiutti to iMit,-puroliiinor:i or  Crown "Lands, acaulrlng rlghtu from  purchasers who failed to complete  pnrcliiiuo,  InvolylriK forfelLure. on ful-  teront and taxes,    Where nui������-purchiu.-  p'l'il t'o not claim wlmlii ������if i.rlulniil  ������mr-  col, lmrcliium price due und taxeH may  bo distributed proportionately 0v*������r  wholo Brua. Apnllcatlonti uinut ha  made by May 1,  11,20.  OlIAZINO.  Ornttlmr    Aot.    HMO     for      iiyi.iiir.,.,11..  ������i<, p....'ir.it..lit   of   11 Vi'.'plu.'li   liiilii.'.l 1 y   |i|.l-  Vl.lv.. f.,i' i.l'^'.lni.. .tl.,!t lv.1.4 .mil 1,nine  udiiilnlntratton under <:oimnli.nl(>no:-  Anmiftl   -rm-i-ln-,-:   iK-r.nl,*,-:   l.*.. up .1   lr...,-;.l  vi.,   ......,.,...,   ������,.,,,���������...������,    |���������|..|||;     ||,,     <,,||||,.  liuiwi-i ������>wni*rii. .'ii.n-ii -iiwiituu may  form Ai.hiiol.itli.iu. C>������- lulu,., nuit.Kirip-  ������n������*,nt. i'rot*.. or pririiiiliv fi-..,. (,,.,,,,((.,  fi./ Up^ttlcru, caiujinu or (ruVt-JU-nt, ui>  ii> um li������.ml  The latter gen ties*--*.an is well known  here, being the chief Dominion fruit  inspector for British Coluinbia. in consequence '6f which investigation proceedings were considerably simplified  here. -These gentlemen .started on this  work in March, the Okanagan and the  coast sectibns being first visited, so  that they are now rn the last lap of  their provincial tour. They came here  from the east where they had been investigating, the Windermera country  and the area around Cranbrook.  Both gentlemen were much taken  with the Valley, and are recommend-  ing~it highly to landseekers who are  desirous of going into fruit growing,  with the usuai couple of cowa, p?gsand  chiekens on the side. Both have the  utmost confidence in markets developing to absorb any increased production  that may take plact in fruit for many  years to come.  While the mission of the visitors is  solely for the purpose of gathering inform** lion us to the possibilities of the  Valley, said information to be kept at  the soldier settlement board office at  Vancouver, *������o tuiitj ;non wio.iiijg vO  take up lapd can get authentic information on each of the various districts  they favored Thk -Rkvimw with some  information as to the loans the board  makes that will be of considerable  interest.  In the first place the board selects  its prospective sotiU-rs with care. Men  with previous farming experience are  about.the only ores it encourages to  tackle agriculture. Before a landsoekr  er will receive any consideration he  must have, at least 10 per cunt, of the  purchase price of any tract lm selects  to bny. ' If he has that the board will  pay outright the remaining 5)0 per  cent, to the party selling and tako title  I.. 4*,.. x-..rx~.���������x.i-7. r.l.MHrV llw'P Hf.\ ,1,1 Ol' -'���������"if*  ���������\t    tr.iL-      |II.J^r4.i  i/j,   f,.. ������..,_,      xll-      ^"   .'P.rP'P     -<������P  years to repay the hoard, with interest  at T> per cent. A loan of $1000 may be  had on the same terms tor buildings.  $2000 is uIho available wherewith to  buy stock, seed  and   implements and  neither principal or interest is asked  on this for the first two years, but a  payment must be made at the end of  the third year, and .'the whole of,the  $2000 and interest repaid at the end of  seven years.  In connection with both stock and  implements the board's policy will be  to buy these in quantities wherever  sufficient soldiers locate   in   an  area  ! Iti o Tb-i    tKio  ���������L-Wl-tJ* M.XM-       %/-*X*x-  v.'il! make  every effort to have each section where  stock can be distributed in this fashion  to specialize in two or three breeds of"  cattle, and also standardize the buying  in the yiiait-er of injc-lernents.  Mr. Paterson informs that since  they have been on their tour almost  1000 soldiers have secured loans and  are now, in most cases, already at  work on their farms. To date the  greater preference; has been shown for  tha Fraser \ alley country between  Vancouver and. Chilliwack, on both  sides of the river. -   **-  Speaking of the area at Canyon Qity  new. in the process -of clearing- Mi*.  Paterson stated that if the cost of -'.bis  land when it is available to the soldi  ers partially cleared is in proportion  to the other Valley lands in a similar  state of development, and sufficient  soldiers want to settle i n it. the Dominion settlement officials will he prepared to buy up the whole tract, pay  spot cash for it���������less the ^500 bonus  the province gives, and the 10" per cent  the soldier settler must be possessed  with.  For the work they have in hand  Messrs. Paterson and Clarke seem to  be well qualified. They strike the  happy medium between the over-optimist and the semi-pessimist to a  nicety. Undoubtedly the Creston Valley will set a favorable report at their  hands, though their coming at a time  when all hands are wishing for rain it  is more than likely that any .report  they make will include a recommendation for irrigation.  Siding school. Besides being time to  close up for the summer the occasion  also witnessed the handing out of the  year honor rolls. For this terra thes������*  were "yon by "Evorard Constable for  regularity and punctuality. Wilfrid  Mason for proficiency, and Rudolph  Can-for deportment. Promotions to  take effect next term are as follows:  To Entrance class. Wilfrid Masou,  Roy Pease. To Junior Fourth, Rudolph Carr. To Senior Third. William  Veness. To Second Reader, Bessie  Mathews, Bet-tell Carr, Joseph Mill*?!-.  Wiii Mc.C'oach. To First Reader. Eve-  rard Constable.  #9BBfS������&i  v%9B~mmmmsg  Trail has  a   town   footballl  with three teams in it.  leagiH  Lff.T>T\  A  IT*--**- mmmvdtfm m        m   M Jg jfmtx. S\ ft mam  NOTARY PUBLIC  INSURANCE   -     REAL ESTATE  xJt~rS~-x.lL    llvl    S~iixJd-*-0  CRESTON   -   -    B.C.  Wijbh the Valley getting  well into the strawberry season, and cherries also with us,  it is certainly time to be thinking about the coming twelve  months' supply of preserved  and canned goods.  This week we wish to direct  special attention to our stock  of Sealers, Tops, Rubber  Rings, etc., which every household will be needing in some  quantity. This year we are  handling���������  Perfect Sealers  Pints and Quarts  Gem Sealers  Pints,   Quarts,   Half-Gallons  Economy and  In-**-.   ^ I* mmfji-m 4mm.~m* m     m*-~L.mn~*~s f&  K>*-drtk)L SUtAJl ������    T-SffcJtk-  Paro wax  Rubber Rings  We have just opened a large  new stock in all these lines,  and can supply your every  need, but at that we suggest  early buying as it is more than  likely that it will be hard to  sccuao these same lines later  on in the season.  Mr. Stace Smith, who has been a  patient at the Nelson hospital for the  past,few week's, arrived home again  on Monday, somewhat improved in  health, and all are hoping the improvement will continue until we have  him around again in bis  usual health.  A number from here were at the  send-off dance to Delbert Lyon at Port  hill on Saturday night, and report the  best-yet dance at that point.  School closed for the vacation on  Friday. The trustees are looking for a  new teacher. Miss Arrowsmith having tendered her resignation as principal some weeks ago.  Shipping at the Smith crossing is  running between 40 and 60 crates a  day, and mostly strawberries, but the  end of these are in sight. The three-  week dry spell has put most patches  out of business.  Alice Siding was invaded by the  Presbyterian Sunday school children,  staff and parents on Tuesday for their  annual picnic, which was held near  the Reed &. Mather ranch. The spot  selected' was a good one. and the  youngsters had a very largo time.  Through this section the Jnne drop  in the orchards has not been at uU  serious and with July now under way  it looki-i safe to predict that a whole  lot of hand thinnidg will have to be  done.  Friday was a groat day   at, the Alice  equipped with starting  and Lighting System  ���������the car you have  been waiting for.  We are prepared  to  take  oruert* now for  T   tj UUC  ri..  uc*  livery  TV..  .���������,��������� *u~..  UllUIU*Cl  fsst 1 \r  **-"���������" j-  ~rx  a      l'miii-Ai-l  U.vA  IHIU,  I  first ordered will be first  delivered.  flfi  O****-^  ������.������*���������������  sgSiiifig  i dfaner ens,  $790.00  Without Starter and Lighting  $f������nnn  f.o.b. FORD. Ont.  Rememembcr you can get  the Ford with or without  the Starter.  Creston Auto & Supply  n.S.Qa-iari  C-**i������  UM  PMIV  Mt* M ~\   400 A**  IflUllU^OI  ir  II  trmrrmmi mm--rvf I'-' .mttrnt-m.  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THE CANADIAN BANK  f    xm*       ���������<*.      mm *vm     mm 0m     m .  \jf  v>*s  W ***-������ Am*" 'H      Rf ������  '~-0~m~4~x    \:\mm~~m-Jt  r/tK\  |p4tfiM r^~0x S0 *p^ *Q^4^  P44 M,.UP444WM4MbWr  <*-**������-  HI       VACf/MMl  '*W4 \~.*L> ������,**->' AJU  ���������p"* %r **������ ������-������ r*������ t-������  H t���������4  d-Wr-XTT d~7*-4r-  S-J~m    ~-**x-.X-XX\~.~,~  j  iVic*ilt*'..',CJ!  1*10.     V    .    XJ AX ������p������yr .*,   ���������J>\-l l~  t  T~r������T0~.7~dl     x~r,x,  0���������0X 00��������� ���������0���������1*100-0���������  mi-fittmt4'4iti0*t'p>ma������fitii0tfi''tv^-i mwwuw^WW-p S*^p������ mtf  4. i*~!IUH~~-mm~*~~*m^   '      ���������-���������   ��������� ���������-      "-"-������-1^tt������lrpJ*f       -    n*. -rt~i -^irlH-H ���������^WW������p*lblW^J-^'***W������lf>l������,|r^^       (*���������������*���������������) #H iMMUllVtl-milMVt/VIMpl'JI^^  r mmm-vr-H iimmimm*mmm'*m~*������\00m  ii  E  B  ���������HM  "Sfl  |M  * JH������X%L������& Zllzil xZ ������*&.  '������������������sass  lyyryi^yyiiAyrA}:,  M  THB  REVIEW,     CREST0ST,  V'l  In otdef to reach the  highest point of perfection  ������achof the new square  Eeyal Yeast Cakes will h~-  wrapped and sealed in  waxed paper by machinery.  This makes them practically  airtight, and keeps them  fresh longer.  E. W. G1LLETT CO. LTD.  TORONTO. CANADA  WINNIPEG  MONTREAL  The   sympathetic   strike  in   Winni  peg,  r>-. ��������� Ip  ind   the   strikes  callei  m   syai-s   JS,  '.villi it in  \Vc-sicni. cities.  The Winnipeg Strike  The.  attention  of all  Canada  is  focus scd on the city of Winnipeg, which  since  May  15 has been in  the  throes  of the greatest industrial strike    ever  known    in thc history    of    this    Dominion.    The strike had its origin ostensibly   in   thc   failure   of   thc   metal  trades    employers    to    recognize    thc  metal trades council, representing   the  metal   trades   workers,  and,   in   order  to assist  these workers in  their fight  for recognition, a general sympathetic  strike of all workers in Winnipeg was  called   by   thc  Winnipeg  Trades   and  Labor Council.  The ciaiin of the strike lea'dors is,  thc re lore, that thcy arc fighting for  recognition of the right of labor to  organize, to engage, in collective bargaining, and fur a living wage tor ad  workers. But ihcir actions belie their  words.  Thc right of labor to organize in  craft unions, to engage in collective  bargaining as it has always been understood in thc past through such,  unions, and to a living wage, is not  denied nor challenged. Oil the contrary, il is frankly and openly admit-'  ted."     ��������� |  f'ut     certain   revolutionary     leaders'  . who   have  succeeded  iu  obtaining  the  upper hand in  labor circles in   Winnipeg now insist that collective bargaining   shall   he   undcr-noc-d   as   meaning-  is, in reality, thc One Big Union in  actual operation, and aims at thc overturn of properly constilutioncd governmental authority as wc have it in  this country. The declarations of thc  strike leaders make this very clear,  and, after studying the situation, two  members of the Federal Government,  including thc Minister of Labor, himself a union man, have, become convinced of this fact. Furthermore, in  thc early days of thc strike the strike  leaders actually usurped the functions  of the Dominion, provincial and municipal authorities, while their recognized chief. Rev. Wm. I yens, declared that thc government of Winnipeg  "had been transferred from the City  Hall to the Trades Hall."  It is a revolutionary movement, and  unfortunately, a large number of ihe  organized labor unions have been led  into it innocently and are being used  by these men of Bolshcviki ideals. Tne  sane leaders of labor arc opposed to  the One Big Union and the general  strike in Winnipeg. They arc doing  all they can to -combat these revolutionary movements, while citizens  generally are alarmed and have organized to defeat the attempt lo overthrow constitutional government in  tin's country.  The time has arrived when the. Federal Government must bestir itself to  control these Red agitators and revolutionists, and if thcy cannot bc con-  With   -  EGYPTIAN LINIMENT  /     For Sale by all Dealers  Douglas & Company, Napanee, Ont.  his  The Crowded Hour  The  office manager  scratched  head in bewilderment.  "1 can't figure it out," he mused.  "All thc men want the last two weeks  of   Tune  for  their  vacations."���������Judge.  Poles Are Blamed  For Massacres  ^.R  ir"r*"r������  {���������".pi*  jnrpD  ITS  OF INFLUENZA  Washington, district of Columbia.  ���������Information regarding numerous  Jewish massacres in central and eastern Europe during last March and  April, forwarded by special representatives of Jewish relief organizations,  was presented to the State Department by Isaac Siegel, Congressman  from New York. Names of 54 Jews  who -were massacred were given in the  reports, which said many hundreds  more aboyt whom there was no definite information were killed. _  Ask for IvXiriard"s and take no other.  trolled thcy sho\ild be deported. They  represent a small but noisy and dangerous element in thc country, and  wherever they obtain control over a  group of individuals or an organization there is bound to bc trouble.  In these days following the war,  and thc difficulties and burdens which  that great struggle has imposed upon  all nations and peoples, Canada included, it is all important that in  working     out     needed     reforms     we  idea  as  to    the  cause:  "Yes,  my  wife   wants  an  auto." ���������  Louisville Courier-Journal.  mid  V. 1/iDn Ll-v-.li \.(      ti..J \, v.-^Dtl U-v  five, that we should follow thc safe  path of evolution, not revolution, and  that all should recognize the. fact that  it is thc first duty of everj- man and  woman to devote, their best thouc**ht  and energies in tlie direction of the  highest possible maximum of productive effort.  Reduced by Asthma..'...The constant  strain of asthma brings the patient to  a dreadful state of hopeless exhaustion. Early use should by all means  bc made of thc famous Dr. J. D. Kcllogg's Asthma Remedy, which more  tlian any other acts quickly and surely  ou the air passages and brings blessed help and comfort. No home where  asthma is present in the least degree  should be without this great remedy.  ���������������*- sis -if*  A-Q;; Fill I-  SB ~Tmlt-4.    3 VKaSa  RS!*f-**tB  For Three Years. Hard and  Awfully Sore. Disfigured.  Cuticura Heals.  s*". had been suffering with a pimply face for three ycaxa. My face  was full of pimple3 end they were  hard and awfully, sore. ^They festered and dried up. and were scaly,  and disfigured my face. They  caused me to i&Se a lot of sleep,  sad were iVjfSxzlly Itchy, tnaking m-g  scratch and irritate my face.  T���������.9���������   the riyht ot all workers to organize,  iu One Big I'nion aud to compel all  employer.- nf labor to deal with that  unii.u rather lhan with the craft  unions ti> which the men they employ  b.-h >!'.;-���������. Ami in order lo eniorce this  iv\ oiuiii iiiar> change, 'ind de>lruy all  ini<*-ruatii uial-IaiM .r unions us now con-  s'.ir.p.ed   and   nian.ivi'ed,   thev     ordered  Cheapest of All Oils.���������Considering  thc* curative qualities of Dr. Thomas'  Kclectric Oil it is the cheapest of all  preparation*? offered lo thc public. It  is to be found in every drug store in  Canada from coast to coast, and all  country merchants keep ft for sale. So  being easily procurable and extremely  moderate in price, no one should be  i without a bottle of it.  How Was He Cured?  "I'm troubled with a buzzing noise  Often as Serious as the Disease Itself  in my cars all the lime."  How to_Get New Health "Have you    any  There are few homes in Canada that  were, not touched by thc sorrow that  trailed in the wake    of     the Sp-anish  Influenza epidemic.    Estimates of the  loT*s   of  life   caused  by   this   epidemic  show that it was almost  as  great as  the   losses    caused    by the    war, and  these  take no account of thc baneful  after-effects  which  are  sometimes  as  fatal as the disease itself.  Victims of the disease arc generally  left with    impoverished blood    and a  weakened  system.     In  this  condition  thcy arc exposed to many dangers unless   precautions   arc   taken   to   enrich  the blood and  strengthen  the nerves.  The  debility that     invariably  follows  influenza is not a disease of any organ. It is a general condition of unfitness.    It must be. met by u remedy  whose   good   results   will   be   quickly  felt throughout thc entire system.    In  this condition Dr. Williams' Pink Fills  will be found invaluable.   The mission  of this medicine is to enrich the blood  and this new, rod blood carries re- j  newed health and strength to every  part of the body. The case of Mrs.  George Louder, Hamilton, Out.,  proves the value of Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills in cases of this kind. Mrs.  Louder says: "1 had a verj- severe attack of Spanish influenza, which left  mc pale and very weak. My appetite  completely failed me -and the. least  noise would startle, mc aud make me  cry. I was under a doctor's care, and  finally he advised mc to take Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, aud 1 had not been  taking them long before L could tell  they were helping me. 1 used altogether nine or leu boxes and am now  feeiing as well as ever L did in my  life. I believe if it had not been for  these pills 1 "would have been a chronic invalid." , t . , ... ,. ~ . . ,  Such proof as this must bc. inter- j*-*'l>'s- *uul the villages of Debden and  csting to everyone who sulTercd from j Kldred. on tlie Big River line of the  an attack of inrlueiv/.a, and who still j Canadian National railwav, were de-  feel in any way weakened as the re- j strovcd> Strons winds fanned the  suit of the trouble. It points the way ��������� ���������  to new health and strength, and if ! llanic-s  you .arc one of the sufferers you i lire of recent years  should avail yourself    of    this    niecli  *.   StartGC*--   to  ukc=   wuuCiIxm,   aOuu  and Ointment and I used two cakes  of Ciiticnra. ���������So3ff* snd two ""sojcss of  Cuticura Ointment when I was  healed." (Signed) Clifford Yeomans,  East Chezzelcook, N. S.  Use Cuticura for every-day toilet  purposes. Baths with Soap, soothe  with Ointment, dust with Talcum.  No Advantage  "How did your husband's gardening  turn out?"  "Not well so far," responded the  serious woman. "The outdoor -work  gave, him such an appetite that he- ate  the potatoes instead of planting  them."  Wc arc told that the cat has -nine  lives and wc believe it spends eight  of them in voice culture. ."  "'Our idea of a truly great man ia  one , Avho ha:"v travelled extensively  and neither lectures nor writes about  it.  GiRLSS   LEMON JUICE  IS A SK!N WHITEN ER  How to Make a Creamy Beauty "Lotion for a Few Cents  W'ii-iiiV'..-'.  lhe   pe..T.  ,1.1.1.  r!  V. p   < > 1  mptt-'l  >ublh:  tlu-   city   ofj  to  deprive j  utilities,  and  Mi-lain    life  Use Eggs  -A dozen eggs will cost about the  same as a pound of beefsteak. Thc  food value of tlie eggs is more than  one and a half times that of the beef,  and the eggs can be made to serve  ; considerably  more   persons   than     the  lound  of  heel".  Miller's Worm Powders, being in  demand everywhere, ran be got at any  chemist's or drug, shop, at very small  cost. They are a standard remedy for  worm troubles and can bc. fully relied j Care  upon to expel worms from the system and abate, ihe suffering" that  worms cause. There are. many mothers that rejoice that, they found available so effective a remedy for tlie relief of their children.  Villages Wined Out by Forest Fires  Prince Albert, Sask.���������Forest fires it*,  the north have been  raging for some  Thc juice of two fresh lemons  strained into a bottle containing three  ounces of brchard white makes a  whole quarter pint of the most remarkable lemon skin beautiner at  about the eost one must pay for a  small jar of thc ordinary cold creams,  should bc taken to strain the  lemon juice through a fine cloth so no  lemon puip gets tn, iiicn tins lotion  will keep fresh for months. Every  woman knows that lemon juice is  used to bleach and remove such blcm-  ���������.ACI*       ���������.t-'.I        - *\-*m  Strong   winds   fanned  into  the.  most  damaging bush  cine at once. You can get Dr. Williams' Pink Pills through any dealer  in-medicine, or by mail at 50 cents a  box, or six boxes for .***.2..*'0, from The  Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville. Ont.  < ':ie  ;���������- dec  aboli  i-pitr  are  ion  Colds Cause Grip and Influenza  LAXATIVE    imOMO    QUJNMN'F.     Tablets  remove lhc  cause.     There  is  only  one  "Bro-  mo   Quinine,"     K.    \V.    GROVE'S   signature  O e.    I.u:    IjO.-p.      30c.  Lovesick  P.ob:   Vim   should   see  Wheat Crop in India Drops  Washington.���������Official figures show  a large falling oi'i in the. prospective  wheat crop of India. /Only a little,  more than 70 per cent, of lhe average,  crop for the last five ycars is expected. The acreage also is 33 per cent,  reducerl.  ishes as  freckles,  and  is  the  ideal  skin   softcno-r,  whiten cf- and beautificr.  Just-try it! Get three ounces of  orchard, white at any drug store and  two lemons from the grocer and make  up a quarter pint of this sweetly  fragrant lemon lotion and massage it  daily into thc face, neck, arms and  hands.  Lots   of   men   sympathize  moon   when   il   reaches   its  ter.  with   the  ast  cpiar-  Doesn't Tell Lies  "I hope your little boy never tells  a lie."  "1 don't know. I do know that at  times hc tells a lot of embarrassing  truths."���������Louisville Courier-Journal.  ������������������'.V1 '���������"'"'���������i"'i *'��������� -''-'-'- "Y   '���������-''���������   '���������-: '������������������ ���������'-'������������������'���������':-'���������' -T ���������-'���������'n'*'!*''if i'i    'ii ' r 1" '-Vi 1 ���������*'���������*��������� 1 - - * 1 "1 i m >* 1 ���������' 1'' j-* m'i'i".* -j' 'j "i**i*iil -"i rMVn*i������iitiV iVV i'' TrV *i*ir~^r*"**i* 3  |S J&&s&rPTm~s������ea~tIi^  the   graceful  hidim;  all :-lines ol" her neck and her liquid eyes.  Her breath  is like new  mown hay.  l'.ess:  Are sou speaking ol" a girl or  ��������� .I4.ic.1l "pris-  :< n    .mi-*-11 lie*;,  ,pi.  '   !,<"*  ..Ill  .. >! 1 -  Poor Indeed!  Viu.iau: Ate you too poor to ijo to  ���������uri'?  1 nt :  Wli v, lady. I 'in too poor  en   ... ,.|   en011 !'li   bonze,  into  me   to  il.  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Children Can Drink  as rn^vny cupfiils of*  JL   \t~.$ 1  mWM-mtmmm* ^^TOJ(^^ *|WIW  tJhey like  "���������"in ?~  r~X -.40    <���������������   -    A- -r  I  r���������i    ������������������������  0  -l-r\     44-Vx  *   A  y-wp.  t    '   ������  X      X"*~rr  ������A* -O   r-~  r jr.   h\-i s r-'if   1 r  rif her - r c orei. s  ���������a s * irvs  ���������Jk    IT*   0' V'N. ���������     tf%  v***  i m m   0  0   h **.-'  <��������������� '.-tt i \  1 ,./,,  jlCr/'Cr"  <J    StA I .' f / . .'������ -JJ tl  \  1  j  J  ru  u  _l  U  i  u  ��������� t  x]  -a  w  K  P  M  lace   is   a     poor   advertise-  A   Ion  ment.  l-'aiul pr;iisi: will i'ml obstruct a (low  of   words.  Many a man's work is like  I nieri-lv a hollow nioekery.  j      Never   call   a   man   a   tool;  I kin i\\    eiii.Ul'h    lo   li'i-iClll    il.  Ihil   the   111.111   who  thinks  he  knows  lit    all    h,i   nl    -1 use    enough    lo   know  iii.ii  In   .I.n     1 1.  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Eight Italians, who claimed they  were liquor detectives, insisted on  searching the house for liquor. They   Willing- to Accept Conditions as Laid  j lined up the ten Austrians who occu  ���������As~%Smm.       ^  Austria Is Apathetic  the Gorman peace treaty, especially asj Suspicion   That Workers  Are   Being | Picd  the   house,, and  at   the  point  of  l revolvers went through their pockets.  After securing $1,800, they deliberate-  concerns  territorial  questions and  reparations. .  -. '  Experts on both these questions  have been -called before the council  for conferences, and the belief apparently prevails in unofficial quarters in  Paris that some modifications may be  expected in lhc original terms of thc  treaty, particularly as regards the  Saarc basin and Silesia..  Discussion of the protest of Germany that being left' without merchant ships, she is rendered impotent  to resume her trade, and thereby unable to aid in paying the. indemnities  asked, also has been taken up by the  council.  The expectation is that thc council  will heed reports of the urgent necessity to render a quick decision on the  matters in controversy owing, to the  situation in  Germany.  One report has it that Herr -Noskc,  the German "minister -of defence, has  inspected thc xoast defences and ordered thc garrisons to bc ready for  emergencies.  An appeal to .the United States  people by magistrates of 200 German  municipalities, representing virtually  half the population of Germany, has  been signed.    It demands a "peace'of  -      -   **V  justice," under President Wilson's 14  points, and protests- against thc continuation of the blockade against Germany. .-'."'-���������.'���������'"  Paris. -��������� These are anxious "cays  throughout "peace conference circles,  with both the German and Austrian  treaties in the balance, and every ef.-  fort is being made to secure early and  united action. Many private conferences are going on, including one between A. J. Balfour, British Foreign  Secretary, and Col. House, ofjihc American delegation, all seeking %o clarify the situation and determine Che  eoursc^of action.  The prevailing view of those taking  part was hopeful- of early and satisfactory results. , Thcy admitted that  the conditions were difficult and the  differences .-'were rather" --"sharply  drawn, but insisted lliat there was  nothing like an. impasse or anything  threatening an agreement. Indications  were that certain general results arc  already beginning to take "form., The  German counter-proposals, as a  whole, undoubtedly will bc rejected,  but a number of suggestions may bc  embodied in the allied treaty, not  with any purpose of modifying or  softening the document, but for the  purpose of making it workable and  achieving the. supreme end of getting  it  signed and  restoring peace.  Certain   concrete   results   appear   lo  ly-shot into thc line of Austrians, who'"  were unarmed and who did not resist.  Four of them fell, two mortally woun-  14 *5e*p.fl-*   rfps S PM������������ifffe^l-a in.-^iv  Hum **>   iicauiciy  Systematically Robbed  By  Profiteers  Toronto. ������������������ An immediate effort* to  reach the solution of theJabor unrest  manifest  throughout     thc  country  is  demanded by the proyincial"������-vrcntive dcd- and U,e Italians.escaped.-  of the Great War Veterans' association, which has been in session here.  The executive calls for "drastic steps  to deal with the labor, food and clothing situation by the present cabinet."  Thc unanimous opinion of the executive was that their efforts to find  employment for. returned soldiers  were fruitless because of the labor unrest. This unrest, the executive believes, is largely due "to suspicion  that thc workers arc being systematical^- robbed by profiteers."  The  executive calls   for a  s  of thc high cost of living.    It asks for  representation    upon any    committee  which is chosen for investigating the  question.  Down and Thus Bring  Peace-  Ottawa, Ont. ��������� That the govern-  me.it is determined not to reinstate  post office employees who went out  on a sympathetic strike in lhc West  and declined to return to duty when  requested   to   do   so,   seemed   clear  in  New York.���������The   Associated Press j two   telegrams     sent  by     Sir   Robert  Petresrad Threatened  Enemies of Bolshevism  Are Moving  Against the City  Omsk.���������A Bolshevist dispatch from  Moscow, dated May 24, gives the text  of a proclamation of thc executive  commission of the Bolshevist party as  follows:  "The. Pctrograd front,  cer.tly; was for us a matter of sccon^  dary importance. During thc last  days the situation has changed entirely. The enemies of Bolshevism  have .decided to take Pctrograd, and  the Finnish and Esthonian White  Guards, as well as troops of General  Udcnich, Col. Bclokhovetch and Gen.  Rodziankc  city.  "This       unexpected       attack       has  Military   Position   of British   in Afghanistan Is Satisfactory-  London.���������-Renter's learns  that     the  position in Afghanistan from thc military   viewpoint    is    much    improved.  Probable     developments     from     the  Amir's latest    move cannot    bc foreshadowed until more definite information with regard to Afghan attitude  olution   *-S available, but it may be pointed out  that the 'Amir's- letter' to  thc viceroy  and his  orders- to^his generals     both  contain  glaring inaccuracies.  Thc suggestion that the Afghans  were obliged to take defensive measures ou any British act is, of course,  quite untrue. The fact is thc Afghan  troops crossed the border at. a dozen  places and were mobilizing against  our frontier as rapidly as possible  when thcy received _ no provocation  whatever.  .issues   thc  following  Like the German government, thc  Austrian government is said to be dissatisfied with the peace terms of thc  jillied ii.nd associated powers, which  arc declared by one of the responsible  newspapers of Vienna to bc unacceptable.  Unlike the German populace .at  large, however, the Austrian people  apparently are apathetic, having expected no easy terms, aud ai-c willing  and even anxious to. accept the conditions as laid down, and thus bring  peace to the sorely stricken former  empire,* which- is rendered- by the  treaty virtuallj-' an inland state of  small territorial proportions.  Borden, one to R. Sincks, secretary  of the central strike committee, Calgary, and thc other to V. Hollings-  worth, secretary of tlie Alberta "\Ieth-  rMlicI-    r*nniorpnrf4  . ..1,,^...���������,  I4.l4.g44t.  llic     prime     minister*-'  were   in   reply   to   messages   received  by   him.        The   message      from   Mr.  Sincks to the premier conveys a long  resolution     passed     by  the   Brotherhood- of Dominion Express employees  condemning    thc    announcement    by  Postmaster-General Blondin, that postal employees on strike should be con-  ! sidcr-ed  dismissed.  i     The  telegram concluded:  I     "Thc     central      strike     committee  } notes  in   passing   that   the   Dominion  1 government, after having    been,   appealed   to   to   settle   present   crisis  in  **���������   (a manner  satisfactory    to  labor,  has  Effect of. Outrages Is to Prepare New! answered the appeal by taking up an  U.S. Bomb Terrorism  antagonizing! y     retaliatory  The    people's    government  attitude,  is    once  Lithuania Wants Investigation  . . Paris.���������The    Lithuanian authorities  are moving * against  thc  havc  deniandcd that  l]l0   Peaco   Con.  ference appoint  a  commission  to  in-  , vestigate  alleged  pogroms   bv   Poles,  brought,  about    great dcmorali-zaUon L    parts of Lhlni.ai)hl occl   -*cd bv. Po_  in  our  ranks.     Every  minute  counts. | jj^ f0"rccs  All of us" must rise tc  defend Petro-'  grad."  An unconfirmed report lias reached  Copenhagen that  Pctrograd has.been  captured**-by  Finnish  and     Esthonian  troops.  and Severe Penalties for Convicted  Perpetrators  Washington. ��������� Investigation of the:m������re asked lo stand behind thc peo-  bomb explosions at eight cities, which iP-c. "���������ot against them.*'  were intended tc kill public men. has; Thc telegram from thc Alberta  convinced secret service chiefs here Methodist conference covered a reso-  that thc outrages had a common j iulion passed by that body, expressing  source, and that they probably can be [the view that thc action of thc goy-  classed as an unsuccessful attempt on'-eminent "cannot but perpetuate rathe part of a stili-unknowii anarchistic.' th'er than alleviate the social unrest,  group to res\ime a reign of terrorism, j and to be subversive of thc principles  begun with the May-Day attempt to.j enunciated by the commission on la-  dclivcr -a  scries  of infernal  machines ��������� bor legislation accepted by thc peace  the    preparation    of  Borden   is   said  to  unanimously at a meeting of delegated cfforls"to re-assembling fragments of j have had a leading part."  at Marichamn. th" m*n *<Yho  v-"as 1':i!lcd at the door       The.telegram called upon  the gov-  of Attorney-General Palmer's home,I crimicnt to repeal' its action'and ex-  while attempting to plant his cargo ofjprcsscd thc opin;on lhat cmDl0vccs oi  explosives. Mr- Palmer himself dis- J governments, municipal, provincial  missed thc incidents today as "utter j and fcderai> ���������,ust bc guaranteed the  failure to terrorize the country and|right o������ . cffeCtivc protcst against  stay ihe hand of the government,"!j-wrong conditions,  which purpose hc ascribed lo' the au-'  thors of the outrages.  Government experts on explosives  after surveying the site of the explosion here and thc -partialhr demolished j  Wish- to Join Sweden  Stockholm.���������The   Landsting  of  thc  until    re���������'Aland  Islands has sent to the Peace  Conference    a resolution    demanding  the reunion of thc Aland Islands with  Sweden.    The resolulion*was adopted  -        ���������    -������e>--  "*--  through  tire mails out of New  York,   conference,    in    tl  Washington    police'devoted    ihcir j which  Sir   Robert  Aiiies Stop Genera! Strike  Germans    Protest    Against    Rhenish  Less Than 80,000 Overseas  London.���������-There arc less than 80,000  Canadians, now. awaiting repatriation.  Ovcr 54,000 sailed during thc month  of May.    The last units of- the fourth  division  Friday.  sailed  on- the     Olympic" on  PrPr.il l-plir*    0X~t-7.���������  __  Coblcuz.���������A general strike throughout thc occupied arc*, was declared by  the Germans as a protest against thc  .reported launching of thc Rhenish republic at Wiesbaden. It was brief,  however, being only four hours in duration, thc workmen returning to  their labors after being warned of the  be taking form, namely the fixing of j consequences, by the allied military  reparations at a definite sum around j ;a,ljlor*ljcs_ -j-|lc principal strikers  one hundred million marks, instead \ ycsc ra;jway employees and thestreet  of giving the commission indefinite!,. wo,.*cors' a- Treves and Coblcuz.  authority to assess beyond that sum, when the news of the strike b'c-  rcducing tlie period of occupation of ( c;linc Unown, word was scut the  thc western frontier from fifteen to ic;idci\s that unless the Germans re  twenty ycars.  Readjustment of the Silesia terms  at which Germany was greatly  aroused, so that the population may  secure self-determination, probably  through a plebiscite. With respect to  the League of Nations, life British  and United States r view at first inclined toward admitting Germany, on  the ground that it would bind her to  keep peace. Bui Fninee would not  consider any association with Germany. So it is understood that Pros.  Wilson has gradually come lo M.  Cfemcnceau's view of keeping Germany out-side the league.  Resides making lhe amount of the  reparations definite, the time for the  fir������*l payment mav be extended. The  idlies have fixed two years; lhe German counter proposal asks seven  years. The experts suggest a rom-  promise of four years.  The German complaint that they  will b<* without merchant ships, it is  ��������� iil'i^sted, will be met bv the allies  .1 ....i -..',,,.���������.���������   ..   l'..,'i.p,l   xiiiiib'pp*   of   c*hii>c  no  that  the   resumption  of trade  will  ������>������-i*mit  tlie  payment   nl   reparations.  less  turned to work by 1 o'clock the leaders and all the. other strikers would  bc deported into sections of Germany unoccupied by allied troops.  The inter-allied railway commission  reported that all the workers had returned to their jobs,, Newspapers in  Coblcuz printed stories denying the  birth of the German republic at 'Wiesbaden, and assert big thai the report  w.t**-. an effort on the part, of eerlaiii  Germans to mislead the population of  the RhiiH-land. v  gr\.00B  ttniwii     mvwmmvamm,    ta.amc  a^.  utirtuiffcra wceij ttfciLr  Spanking doesn't cure bed-wetting"  ������������������the trouble is due to "weakness  of the internal organs. My successful home Irealinent will be found  helpful. Send no money, but  write ine today. My treattueut  is equally successful for adtilts������  troubled with urinary difficulties.  MRS, M. SUMMERS, Box 4?   Windsor.Onf.  1     Sir Robert Borden's reply    to    the  i secretary  of  the   . central   strike  coin-  jmittee was as follows:  j - --"It is desirable^ that  your attention  ; should be called to facts which  vour  dwelling, came to the conclusion that! .-- , .  ���������      , * p., t      committee    has    not taken into    con-  two separate bombs exploded,    prob-     ..   .. ��������� .       .    ~~, ���������>, ..  ,,        , , ���������        ��������� ii   -    - sidcration.      The government has aU  ably  when    'the-man  carrvmg    them i- . ^       -*���������.,..  , .        , -������������������"������������������' ,A     ' i ! wavs  been  prompt   to  give   its:   best  tripped ovcr a stone in  thc entrance, i     ���������"..'.. ,       , ,        -  t     ,     ,   , r j consideration   to .Uu-  demand**   ol   all  In  both houses of congress    mem-!      ... - ,      ,  . .    ,  , , ,   , . ! public   servants.     In  doing  so   it  has  bcrs  began   thc  preparation ol   meas- , , .  ... , ! no   purpose   to   serve   other   than   the  ures   providing  new  and  severe   pen-. ''.,.. , ,  ., . . .  .' .     ^ .(public  interest.     It   can  onlv  act  un-  alties    for convicted    perpetrators ot :.        , ,  ,        .    , -    , .  ,        . ��������� i der   the  mandate  01   the  people s   re-  such  crimes. i ,    . . .. , ,    ,  i presentativcs    in   parliament'    and al-  | ways    as  trust and    guardian  of  the  ! public  interests.       Thc     postal     eni-  TO  AND r?ll n~rm**,Atms           FROM S^m^-^^-mP-^-Zi  ALL LINES ���������ALL CLASSES  PASSPORTS  UMsmMMmtiim  Send us two photos;  we do the  rest.  Return passages seen rod.  Write    us    early.       Satisfaction  guaranteed. -v  THE  Jules Hone Travel Agencies  9 St. Lawrence Boulevard  MONTREAL  Order Arrest of New Pr<  Berlin.���������The German government j ployecs were bound by obligation and  has issued an order for the arrest of-by oatli faithfully to serve tlu- people  Dr. Dordeu, the' president oi thc new; of Canada.. They wont Out on strike  Rhenish republic, the North German | in Winnipeg, not in respect of any  Gazette announces. I grievance of their own, but in alleged  The government also, the news-j sympathy with employees of private  paper states, has entered protests i companies. Thcy wore given three  both at Paris and at Spa, thc head-1 days within which to return to tht-r  quarters of the armistice co'mmis- j duty, and thcy were distinctly inlorm-  sion, against the behavior of the j ed that thcy must make a choice he-  1**lunch authorities in thc occupied . tween directions received by them  area of thc Rhincland. ' 'from   the   strike   e.inunitt.-e   ������������������.thi     tlir  ��������� duty which they owe to the people of  I Canada.      Some    of    them    rctir'iiod.  i iiose   who   i*L-j'*.v \ ci\ d   in   the   strike  took    their course    deliberately    and  with  full   notice  of  the  consequences  Tribute Paid to  Railway Employees!  which would inevitably follow.  "In other western citic before any  strike took place a most distinct and  positive intimation was given to  postal employees that abandonment  ui  liicir piiuiip.* iiiity, odtic'.-cc.  to t.'C  C.ermai*. Chancellor's Declaration  ���������Vt-rsaillc.*-.���������A member of the. Gcr-  nuiiCdc'legation wiih the rank of councillor of legation, who relumed here,  rccrii'lv from Berlin," made this declaration concerning the peace treaty:  "Wc will sign, despite all, because  we. will be hacked to pieces if wc return to Berlin without signing."  (MaMMi  Value  of  Experience  If tlie average man could live his  hie over lie would proiiahiy in: a big-  U<-r tool iliau ever.  Air Squadron for Kucsia  London.���������Col. C'ollishaw'fi all-Cana-  ,!'-4   .4        -.*,-      ,- ,,,,-! ,\ .-or,       tr\r      *l * , P r-" I-������ .-i       I .!.**!��������� Al*r  Captains Kitikhead and Slater, of Cul-  gary* Jl. J. AlcJ-'on-ild, Victoria; "Morton and Bieakcv, Toronto; Britiall, of  Onlaiio; Lindsay, T������">roiito; Green,  l'r'leiboro; AI en, Manitoba; Siihbot-  loiik, vjiU'tii-c; . * ii* t ivu iii'i.ui ,imi ! .in,  \ .un'iiin er.  nraivnp'QVTV  <0XJtm.Tt~.    -    J-WIp>-. mm   mm  KINOB-rON.  OtrrxiKiCk  J  I  ARTS  l'������rt ni tho Art* qouimc ������iuy be covet cd V>>  corre������poudeuce. m  MHD1CINR RDUCATION  APPLIED 8CIENCK  Mininit. Gliemlo*!. CUil.  M*oii.-iuio>-ri. ������uu  liieou ���������������*.������.  Uuilt-cc.lixi  IttMUtll "ICWUtiL      UAVIBATISSI CCU08*.  Jtt\*t ���������t.A Auirwit. iXccaiVcr tu.Avr"  m'       OltO. Y. CHOWN. R.gl.tr-^.  f^i^mmmmmmmmmmmmmMmamimmm llll    w.  N.      V.  i2oV  Honor   Roll   Unveiled   at    Montreal  Carrying Names of Eifihty-One  C.P.R. Apprentices  Montreal.���������As    a tribute    to thc 81  C.P.R. apprentices who  enlisted     for  overseas    service during the war, au  honor roll was unveiled at the Angus j directions of another authority and  shops in the presence of Mr. Burns,' participation iu a sympathetic strike  works manager, Mr. Muir, assistant -would mean their permanent retire-  works manager, and a representative J ment from thc public service. The  gathering of foremen and apprentices, j people ot Canada cannot tolerate tit--  Mr. C. Kyle, .supervisor of apprcft- ! pj-opos-.il thai under such circumslar.-  iices, ui.i.u|iieu ihe. chair. Mr. iiurns j ces civil servants shall bc permitted  paid a fitting tribute to the boys whojio violate thrir engagement--, to (lis-  had paid the supreme cacrilicc, aud \ locate thc public service, to occasion  asked the apprentices to he worthy of intense public inconvenience and sttf-  thc sacrifice made by their comrades- fering, and to put aside all respect for  while fighting to make this a better j public duty. "The government cannot  world for other people to live in. ll<" j reinstate mm who have deserted their  commended the progress being inudo posts under such circumstances tu������-  iii school npd tihop, amrreferrcd espc-jicss it is prepared to abandon all ef-  ri.illv to th<* rood work dour- ar the'. frrtivr nttrmpt to mr.intain thr na-  evening (-hisses, and to thc pmc given I tional service-*.  by the. Montreal council  of arts    and. vSikjucl;        "K. L. BOLULX."  manufucturcrs. The C.P.R. itself gives! .   five scholarships for proficiency ini After a casual glance over thc prar-jj  malhematics and mechanical drawing,..terms, no German fchould hiivc uny  v.'hile .1P0 ::*)<".'"iii.'''' :.-���������*. '.'.-..- !���������'."'-! -V .'!-'' r*������ t.-. *'---.r-. ivr.n ihf battle- ������->l  iu:;ti 'in li.ui I...'.!  >,4<L. ' J'.*'.!.*.-:-.;'..    'i'or -rsto T--1-*'-*'r-������.?������i.  ~m^m*Vrmmwm*m*wtmt^ _ __  __  rttrL-XiXaF'i-lT-SL.w.i, *������-f:-.-4*e-*������!. iv*';i^^������4*������'������-.;p*i^������~wi*yi.������t.,,-^, i,', .^..4 J-' ...,-���������   : :^1.U  4titt*stmsrm'*Hiiyi*mr^ nm*  *tm*mi'tmmims.m,i1stl-&  w-Nwiiipiiiiii mmim������im^fr*mi~Tm.'4m4iSi l-w*  *ii:-ti*^ii4^si-'^'.. .������������������Ii^lii.jl>;'.v;.l;ii  rm-i^tmtmt^vm^wirmm^^ .^m^mftMrnm-w-mmmf-wmm  itmmmmxmJSSS^B^S-mlmmm^  -.*��������� a -t. ?i^*MM**yf*iifw"y*^*ffr^**^ ��������� *������,  THIS  CKESVOft  BBVSSW  -OCaU  -SUIO   ������ -SFSOSHM  attending high  school at   Vancouver.  the past term, got   home on   Monday  for the summer vacation.  Bathing suits and mosquito bar at  Mawson "Brothers, " *-  -   Hugh Hartley is Creston's represent  ativejat th-s Calgary fair this year. He.  leftTon Monday.  IV  li. Davis, the  sa.wpuia.ii.  irOft    "3AI.E-  fcfoy s bicycle, in  hc. i- u������*i--gain.    Enquire E*"******1"-  -j^AfVa-iWipj*) 'o<A*ip:oVVo  0    xrX7..t^X7-.C     ���������..".   --'-*.7,'  -.-...ya  ft" "J"  unloaded a car of,,thirtee***,-horses,  whfch he intends td ^isj^ose o$ locally.  They are fi-om MsVpre Cie^fe, feask.  shape. A barp'a.in  Oi-est6"*S Branch G.W.V.A. meets on  Ssit.urday ^wbt in Board of Trade  ���������room, Speers* Hall.  Chi&pimi Dow, whtf has' be'eft a  Wardiiaer visitor the past few days, re-  Mrs. Coffey of Fst'-nie is  spending ft;  few da-gt* .-with   .Creston  friends,  the,  f-fV^sto������ ~Si?~. <Seo, Johnson.  ThStWmh   has   an   'ttitf'ortarifc   iM.  j. \VcVt*u*ii  ���������it.-  ������*r   ixrx    1,.p:pp  "sci-fto slaCjAita.,  B. P. Pates-son and R. G. -L. Clarke,  representing* the enquiry bsteocb of  the federal soldiers land settlement  board, were looking the Creston Valley over o'SciaUy on Friday and Sat=  urdap last, and are reporting favor-  ably 4'n it a's a&Uit growing aVstric-fc  for, r,eV6*r^e'd t&diers  A *pa*i^*������-/ipn  ti  :!   Si  c������y  Mrs. T.   W. Bundy and daughter of  Wardner, arrived on Wednesday "oh '&[  v\-\~ tti Mr; and Mi*s. Jir. W. Dow.  Mrs. b. O. Boegers and, Moyd were  Bonners i^ei-ry arid. Sp6k.-\ri,e visitors  the past .week, makirig fche trip by  auto.  Birth���������Id Miss Candy's tiiaterhity  hospital, Creston, on July 1st, to Mr.  and  Mrs. Carl Wigen  of Wynn^fe}' ft  aatighm   >-  --.: .��������� ���������'-      -J -^   .  ToMa-K) Plants���������For sale hardy  grown tbhiat,Q���������plants, gi-own iii the  open, %\ per hundred. S. Pascuzko,  Sit  -|P4������ P...-.  spent  lite "  her  .Local daymen haye crtt the -i*fcef.t%^^  of milk to i'2| OrttiU  qna-r*  *or   the  ^n -Miner's dog that caused the ca  June the charge was ti cent* a*iuart.I������n^-S?#^ek***^r Jl^PJ^f i^iX"|I  '    '    .4       ���������������������������/���������'-jjswp was|o Taring a couple of  the injur-ill  Miss JeiSnle iNichbHsf,   -wn-o  Ms Sad ���������] 8d reds home, ij  charfce of the Rooivnle 6cn'd*5i thepMU    tl ' Z '      ��������� -.. ,.,. ,,c .���������r l|\  year* arriued on aaonaay to s-pend wie 4   '��������������� ���������ir*,.rT-7"p-?w***.-?* * i'rovv.v-**.-^������--'.'-ir****^"p'������  il-*!;.   t.i..-tlv-     ���������'....i.W.-   I'A^'MnTit-i&tUU'kSr;-:'''-- &:4.r,rvn.TT������~.i^   *%&.,$frc~������ 'IA  iier jioint*   litre. ] ~ii~"~���������~*"-r^-*-?;.-",:*?*������"t/*-'"'fx"-,;v���������vrrL"x K>������-if,' in  visl   Sriuth, *#h'o-Md.*IVarge  bf MfcaM*^- 11  vear,   are here this 11  week investigating grazing conditions |  the Valley, and are meeting the stack-  men this (Thursday) evening.at'; pub-  ������������������ptf  -���������ra^tically all sM^merits of FrMt Meotit 6f_<3re)3t6n oh  Saturday, are not used until Monday morning. ***-   Mo^|i)o8e-j|.a  '^V'*U*LI.������-'L''U-fci.   i.'J������*U*!,l-**'J������i        ���������>}���������*  otiux-ui-c-t- vn.,,u������*iiJitJiii   nt/-  ship^ on Batu-raay are joints beyond MeCUc>p*?'-*0a^, and ^5algar^.  TY.% -*-&^.i\i~fe-~-;i\!6 traitA tVorth out o? -^0%%^. on B&"id.i|y; so  that Sat^tday Shipments &iist *jgtp jrSfr^t^", -...|^Buri-t$,^^t^-w^ vfr^'T^aod to  'c\tt do^*S "Satnr^&Sr shipments^./lo -ti- lowest p^gime ���������rhimmum.  '&$& a-rad Id^sigs which "are, bound to occur if Saskatchewan  Markets are overlbadeel with IcU. Itasoberries onc-a each week.  'Amia '-tifv-3.U*.'i ���������L-'-v.*).-h- '"*-!". tt.-"*   '-������"'*'  Zi'.\������smith, wno^t-s*  i -a-^-6*^%^tev.^**?S *^P^^* Ting loca&onil  fm~m$tmi-pp^g. fcbbk ������t wp.    r \}���������m*f.z^^xljlisJ^z������f ���������r-\  1H&, wHich fias ������eell leAsed litis teiii^or-  ai-y qVu&Vter's  imps in. ������ -inch type BO cents,  given bn other stamps..  Thi-ee  IVundted   and  stock association.  ijpji,---,      Grestbh Presljyteriah Sunday school  BchoL-xrjs had  their   annual, foicmcon.  Xj, ���������*"..--,'--���������'��������� vi- -** -.r ii*';"    "���������!.>���������������������������'i- - ** *" it-*-'  Doniinion Day ih the   woods hear the  twenty   actes  Reed & Mather.ranch, with a big turn-  kbowh asSnb-L������5t54, on Ajti-ow Creek   ���������'-* ������* SxrAk- S-kiiailJLS iitici.. fi^���������.^.?^.  U^JTED  fully executed   a  isut^rise  on  Scoutmaster Alex   Smith -it his Borne  f?i-ii Q -a -s"*4-4 "���������'***������* -l  MlfcCH   Cow    Foil    SA-Ltt���������Dtie   to  tretsben  in & few  day^l.    Will sell 6b  ���������rtt-ade fijr beef cfettle.   Pi Bur-ds ������b Oou  Ci-esUm;/ .   '  The July meeting of CreStoii Viiliey  Red CroSS Society is caiied for Tuesday lifternooh at thii depot .over  J3|iei?*t^ sttirfe;  ..-TJie (j.W.V.A. is considering haye  their bjg peace celebration arid day of  spoi-ts on Lafeor "Day, the *8rsfc Monday in tS^p'iem  PiaseWng&Ripiilitii  '    v.-  X  0V 0  4* P., CM^MptoN  Qmaiipea FiaHo Tuner  Riignt yearg esperierice.    Highest re*-  eireflce^.       Charges moderate.  Fail  Vtal|%l"'"*)"-'r>^  Iu prdfer to conserve iri'oisfc-  ure to ihe beat auvaiit-ige lttkiu  must be fall ploughed, and the  deeper the better. This work  cannot be attended to too soon  either.  Commencing Juiy I5th I will  be orepared to undertakt tbe  ploughing of smalt or hicge  tracts with the new Cleveland  tractor.  Two furrow plough. All  Soik doiie in the older it is  hooked. Charges made known  on application.  *���������*    tt      % ���������   mm       *. p������������������ir������p>������������"Tp������,pi������  ...     Ms    vJv~\}*\i,vJU        "  ^"������������������ftr-Vt***  Is there anv  tf  in  the  in is ���������*U*Fuj������**<*i^ r"  This jh th.* fli-Ht, qiu*H-  tion that pre'u-ntH it*������f*lP  to the hoiiHewife if an  unexpected viHit<������r dropu  in for a meal.    But why  J. -.������. o  PP.  P 4������.   *   J.      ���������  7xExd74TT4T74>dTd7L      tS.T.d.Vm-r'  Hams and Bacon  Finest   Quality  ff^rrevftiTdm   m-fd-vmrn  Lunch Meat  Bom^na, foe.  .ti'������* iiiway:. l,<< i><; iwni  h.-.re. Ti������ iii������*-..tt.-l hoWiXxij,  rjult.- ������i(j������i������lin 'Hliainrfrf-k'  product.*!.  for Sale at t6il dollars per acre..   Wjjl'  sell   tioith   halt s%itr-tteiy.      W. K.  Esling, owner; Rossland, B.C.   * :.:���������   ^  Sergt. Coop, who is ihe accoiiriiarit  in charge of the land settlement board  operations at Canyon City, has rented'the furnished hohie of Atex. Smith,  and took possession oh Tuesday.  ���������The tmasked-for loan of *i number-  of ears within the past week, with  considerable rtfugh Usage an attc-sid-.  ant repair, expense suggests getting,  an auto lock. See Lidgate Bros, garage advt.  Vice-Principal Smith t������f . the public  school staff, acconiprthied by , Mrs.  Smith and Master Will, got away on  Monday to Viptorisi, Where he will attend the provincial siim-mei- school for  the heit six weeks'  J .*��������� Wm. Morrow;, blacksmith; .was a vis*  itor with Elko friends a couple of days'  the fore part of the week. .Business iii  so heavy at the shop that he has had  to secure an ^assistarit, who started  work on Wedriesday. '���������- '  For the first tiitne. in. years and years"  the month of June has qotn'e and gone  and not a birth torecord. The month,  howeyer. furnished two weddings,''  which is'at bit of tt record ...of late.'  Thei-e were two deaths.*'       " '  Capt. Crompt<>n announces *that he;  is resuming his piano tuning and repair work again. He was quite well-  known in this line prior to going overseas, and guarantees the same satisfac**  tion and reasonable charges.  Dr. Henderson the official weathetf  man, reports a rainfall of just half .iiii  inch for thenionthof June. The month'  of June... The uiontlv provided three  days when-. Old Sol warmed' up to. QQ iri  the shade, while one touch of 32 was  the. coolest.  The Auditorium Was Hlled to more  than comfortable diiincing capacity on  Tuesday night for the ditnce tinder  G.W.V.A. auspices, and between the  door receipts and sale of ice,cream the  ,affair "wn������ -splendid financial as well-as  soci-il success.  Mirs HirtM. who has been stenographer at the Canyon City Lumber Co.  office the past few months, has resigned her position, and returned to her  home at Cranbrook. Miss Stevens oi  Spokane is expected in a few days to  take her place.  Creston was without the services of  a couple of their regular players, including pitcher White, who was play-  ��������� ...:.i..    i.r-...I..  ��������� .      -p,T.. I.-,���������      it...*  I'i"-",   w ii.ii   ip..inl.������     nfj,.i.i mnn    ^.lointlii     ijix(,pj  dny, Erickmon had an e*iay win oyer  Creston on Tuesday afternoon, the  Hcore being 1(1 to fi.  For failing to heed a timely warning to keep his bull from running .it  lai ������.- I'hlllp.a vvi'lI-Unowil local ludhni  wiih up ilK-rore MugliSbi-ate Crouiptori  on Wedneudiiy, and fined $'20 arid  contft, tho information I wing laid hy  Provincial police Vaehon.  Minn Kr-irie, who haw had   charge   of  ?'!'A. -i'M'. f ff. 'if Ih'* ('i-i-Mfo**) M'-Jiool Hi/'  p't'il term, left <������n Friday to upend the  Mutiinii'i- vui-iition at Iter bumo in Khh-  hi   H������h- will ni-rt >i-  on .hf   !tt������lf   i-h-y!  out of botH* sch^irrs a.h'd^ grownirps.  There was a good liiie of . Sports and  an ample spread of good things to-eiit  l*sjc!iiidi'ri^ a big supply of ice -jbjfeaatbi;  Needless to sily iin eri*j()yable'rtime wdiis  had by all. ' "|  J. C Hose of Victoria;   secretary to  the provincial    game    conservation  .   ,:-l-<\. ���������*.*-.x\ -.xiScij.i    :���������. lii-irsA.}-.-.-!-:.,, ...  Doarav was an  omciai   yisn/Orinere.on  Friday and   Saturday.   He is toui-ing  itt^ U-,.xL::i^���������--t ���������..i.U:z.������zi-x:~,-r. *i.izi~ixic .^:ik  uue U4p.-Ov1u.Ce auuuiuuvii|-r uiuiacu  iviku  ditions and to a  certain ex-  at sociiu   evening , in . the \eanrse.tof  vr       i, .r������.j|>.,:    tJ    ^..Pi,"-TPJPf(i*.5i*     ��������� '���������  which Arthur Gobbett op behalf of  liltie scouis ilhd pubs Jirfesenteitil _ *iSir.  Smitii wiith a gurimefeaf two-well 'i*n*!t-  f tanS arid ii.. fpair^pf. cufe links as a  ifttle fcolieri pi ttieir appreciatiott m.  his gbo'd work- wiih the scouts fcfee last  two seasons. Liiidch was served and  quite .a-nice social eyeriirig   was  spent  r������     r     4-t,  ntr nn. -..  VJ     * a '  game con  tent oh his,recommends the-3,919 open  L'!>jL'iiii'y.-.  iV'JJ'ALiif i-i ���������~iji--sij-��������� AL'it iiix i.:A  aij������=cii)se siiouiuLiig seiisuus "viii De "aid  out this year. He. strp.ngiy -urges .the  reorganization of the Crestbn Fish and  Roma  <"11r������l-������_ f ���������.       ���������  vjivm ^    xr. ,. ^ . -���������  The Valley raspberry crop started  bsov-itigon Mphda"||*-, when the first f^  cmi;es werit oiii The leas'tin i������ \W&-  ing about the same d^te as last yeari;  and indications Ere fqr a very large*  crop if. the iiecessary supply ok iriofstr  ure is forthcoming. .Cherrjesof all yar-  ieties are also on the shipping list^,  with thi? Birigs proving a betted yield  than at first anticipated, though hardly up to last yeai-'s standard.  -. '   '������������������ i-i-:��������� .    * ' "   .-' ���������- . --'.T  The Chas, Edward Smith /company  of vaudeville and-novel&y entertainers  --^���������-. ������������������x-'-'i-   i:. ���������<*-.^LiiA.R-tf^iT-Zh'i'iiZO: -*.r**?  who were here about a month ago, are  playing a j-eturn esi'gH^-Jmesife  fa Merf  can tile  Hall   on   Wednesday   night*  when they -will  be  assisted ..b;y  Mt������  <*.'    *?>*'*������������������  -���������fi,,  *09'lilflV'S0'(r'     ffOtflff       'B9Kr ���������������"������<������-������-a* IM i������^' ���������T^m^m-mmw-mt-m-  Sfftt SS~^m^?S9Si-STl   -������������������'  c~p*.������ ggnjn Riant itLitumsi JStria  '       ���������     ������tm''m'.*mymml*4smpmmmt **mm   jr.; i.   ���������....-'-j   *  -  r.rto   h **������������������������-������ iraof.  A f uii-aeagea bs-aribta  si  ial Bank.of .Canada opened for busi-  sness in Creston yesterday.   . ' -   -.  , *  -"    /'*'���������'  '.-��������� .-'.-.-.   t;-    . . .?    ��������� :"$''��������� ._'������������������������������������  "t"kn vriai't- ri-F .Mo.rpa.ivaw. 'Floricifm or *Kr4(-.1-  son last. w^K .so,conyiriceSL him of the  possibilities Of Cpestori that, he decided that no time should be lost in open-  j������j;     ������."**-���������   QJ'^ilJ**-    i"    C-     p-f!4;   'j"--.-'*:'..  ing..for    business, here   and   he. im-  f'" ediately leased the;.ofirlce, building of  ^ Lamont arid  bySatitirrfay   had the  oth'efwise fifctibg things ri^/ifi^^oncl  afia.pe. As we"go tc*'pi-ess this (-^hufS-  dayj afternoon iClooks as ff the barilt  ��������� -*3sriff Be* fead*^ fbi- business fo-niorrow  a*c ~i.e.t~,-v~s~.' \'   Z     .  The Creston branch wiU'^he in  charge of C *W. Allan ottlife Ft-rnie  br-ffricbV Who ari-iye4   oil   Fi-idiiy  Foreman, piano, and  J,   K. Chorlton;  'cello.   This  shdifld ensure   the   BesC .  show event of the season.   There will \ ������^d is^supervising'the  ieriiodellii.g o|  be a  dance  after   t&ie   pei*ft*frraanceV ^ W  fc^e a;ssi8tiihce of on*b clerk. The bariVs  -^mrters are well appointed, while the  irtm'ehts on    the ' secoritf - floor are  i, ?V?th an,*A-rj-yjrr-jt ^Qu,!'*.y*j*rij������jeiii'  and Steam Coa-Rer jBo^king is a  -joy because food is better ebbked  -rA-itiitJut f4ie work and worry of  cooking it. ���������.���������-'���������.-  ^ou^ prove the- principle this  ���������fr'  f}~US  Seats are oh sale at the ~\t\if0tovei  ofthe  u  ;.*���������:-���������������  The Valley is sti!! m the gisSn  dry spell,   not   even   poininion yD-Ogl  with a  Sunday  school  picnic   bein'g  sii-meient  to   loosen   up  old  Pluvius. This is the gloifous foiirtn' of '  July "$ith a shift of the moon -XHvqvfii  ih for go6df luc*K.   If ho rain"  h'apperis  along there will be   ho'  hope   tor  ari-  .other, week when the^-nually glorious  twelfth will be here.    If all   ot these  fail the situation will   be  hopelesB in-  rdeed.  A three-piece, dance orchestra is  h.ei-jB under tii'e name and leadership o"f  J. "{*". Chorlton, who has, associated  wittv,hini M;g. S. J. FopTG*r.an, ,piah!(**te  and Chas.   E.   Smith,   violinist".    Mr.  ��������� .    '    '   ��������� ' 1       L  Smith will l������ei remembered as the head  of the vaudeville company of that  ihamo that 'pVa'yed hero earij/ last  month*, arid who is rioW riiakirig Creston headqiiarters. Tlie combination  p!a'y������ adVuiriLhiy. ' They will make  their fl'rsti' appearance next WedhoH-  (lay ijtliari a'ftershovv darice iii ivt'ercari-  tiiellall.  -t*b|jc-(,i.  For carryin-f firearms,.during the  <:lo.se season II. P. Bo.l|, a Calgary resident, autoing:, through to  Proctor on a visit to friends., had a  cdupie.ojf'liigh cilasH rilies corillscated  ���������hero .'by Provincial police Viiclloii.  iViir'i l.������. .'rio fact that be w������ii4 annrelieli.  (}e<l on Sunday and it   was IriipoHsihlo'  t������������ f-i������pr\'������< n HiiivtKKirin ttss the Tiord h diiv  'x i '   t        1 y --.    ' - -  L,: ir  Mr. Bell nKijaped an appearance In tlio  police court with the  uuunl Hne perial-  tv r>r the purcniiHi* of   a  ribii-resldbrit'  hitif fj-fltiui llr-ciiN,*.  "Ii-iigatiou In   certainly   saying,   the  Valley'ii rrpntalion  an   a,   strawberry  i!-'h'-*!ijj>; faf'ih-  qult'e nicely   adapted   for  quartering  the staff. -.  . The Imperial Batik- "needs   no iotr-o-  ductioh to our readers.   It has been in  business in Canada since   1875, and by  (efficient   management   and   a   sound  I development   policy  has spread until  now-there are alnftfst   150 branchesiri  the Dominion, and the institution has  a paid-up capital   of   S7*,000.000, and a  i-':r.- ��������������������������� 1*.'*3.     li, .,-���������������'���������   .-.'.i..*.-...^....'  :reserve fund of like proportions.  j   . Tlie. Creston branch will perform all  I "rri,.   <; ......J  ������:.,   rU ' .Vi.'- X -. .4*1 :j'i-:.i -i":>j-  ;'. ,..\  .the usiial functions of fi chartered bank  affording every facility to t������he tri'ari ori  , ,,-   '"'���������A'  .'"ii'-i-'vlOl-S.-* ������������������..'���������,'���������''   *'���������  liiu iiiiui um wuii as tbc liUsuH'iii! section  of the community. Money will be  'available to those needing' it to handle their crops or to develop tho livestock feature of   ranehingY, Of course.  .\ ' tD ��������� il  -,    ���������       -I'l-  ,J...  there will he a savings department,  and bank money order will be on sale.  Mariager Allan' iriv.ites all to dr.'**p in  and get acquainted,, ii,nd( to. ut.l.;/e  eyery facility tho bank has to offer.  The careful and ��������� courteous trc/-tujent  tind the broad ousit-ltiss policy thiit has  inade the Iiiiperiid popular aL-*t!*.er  centres will assuredly obtain at tho  Creston branch.  8S H-*?-���������-"*-.-. .>-���������,.  nja the cp.ltard Will riojt -sffifZgP  .Wri'dci? or" flavbpAof $h'*5voiil6ri*it  TheiC-tokirig: is-dbrie fey st&*ss*i  ������ra%ssfirte,>n4,������H^h'l nuttrfipneql^  avor and fob^ j?^T[ue ^ l^e^pod..  is cooked right into the ipoa^.  t,,.||*^-^,e^,iilp ey^*poi^ioJ^..-Foj������ds,  weigh .the same when copked as.  ., before."     ' ���������������������������**-._.*  ���������".    'p-.... .- i ���������  ���������-,.    -������������������ -- --���������    u .- -���������(  ������lfP4U'���������     ���������I ��������� L ..... -..������ rx..J.     . .1-  t    xuv .xjf/xicxfjtst: p^Ulrn ..xxx   Ultcrxu <vhm  , W^P-SW^Si^94a ^e^rde, ^s  tender^iud^qeliuicius as ,the. jnore  expensivei cuts' of riVe4t,.arid- tliie  higher^rfced, foods i cooked by  the ordinary method.     ������������������'.���������  ., Foodrs canuot scorch, dry u-jls,  ove-c-epqk^yrn.- Fopdjuaay be  kebt hot arid deiiciousfor hours.  F6"ods t may be cooked ���������; "n v ^Ije .  same utensils in whic'h' they are  to be seryed.  .��������� ttiie same principle all of  these splendid results are ascoril-  plisbed, the trouble ������f cookinrt- is  done, aw^y w^i-rrtl***? ;������*ooking  foods do no^. ||}ju,ye t,Qtbe watchefllt  basted*,' , jEurh-Sd .stirrecf. TojiV  diri)|5ily prepiifti the food its you  hiive h--l~ s-ceustvimed to dofn^V  and place ,it in the Ideal* That  is ail  there  is to .cooking.   The  lUUttl   .VIII  HO   IrUl- i-t-air.        lb >A lll^ff  to it l!hat. everything is cooked  i������^.������;������������W,ai,i.d .ney^ibothei: y^������������  once; and it will call you if the  water- trieedn replacing. There w  a whistle for that purpose, ft  I^Iowb for 15 minutes before the  water is gone.  II  < ill 1 it  SI*  tt  U  C'Sk S3 h t!Hita4 Em 2 &ij  "���������f mj |p-| f**. *f*f p*| ^"*H m t*..  MMM.      0-     n   l^r   m.^.-.      ^0  "WI     mm\   "Rl     "^   w*m yfm\    PI ^>C(|   .������������    TWl  toU^p/   W^j^   |jj|    tUL' ta|    ^|||  Xxsss^^m/  ff. |������^   /W fl      *      f  &. llll*, LIU.  nt I h'- .Fun*' o\fi'\\i\[������ of   the    I rilMtee'i.  !(,.   V.   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