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Creston Review Oct 27, 1916

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Array ���^raiit
Although the attendance was below
the twe=dose*3 sraark, those preeeiat at
the October meeting of Oresto
mers' Institute - oil ^iday ^nright
t-iskisa ;a auiasbe? of ye***^ii Vesubjects'
but' owing *o tbe meagre crowd out
deflniteaetion on all of them was deferred until the November eession.
After some routine business had
been disposed of, President Cook reviewed the wo?k1 of: the Issti&sto convention at Nelson -last ibonth. Two
features not dealt with in his report,
which appears elsewhere in this issue,
bad to do with an annual Institute
; sale;^at which; goods and chattels
members wished to get rid Of are put
up at auction. The other was the formation of the eastern Canada "beef
ring^for. the winter supply of fresh
meat for those connecting up with it.
The delegate's action in keeping out
of the comniitiee^to formulate plans
. fpr the -proposed\co-operative creamery at Nelson was approved. The
opinion wa^ freely expressed that the
Cranbrook creamery was- entiUe^-'-:^ik)''
all the support Valley dairymen can
give it. This year- patrons had been
given fair tests, prompt payment for
cream, and general satisfaction in
every other detail;     -.���.-���**'
The    demonstration   Horticuifcurist
Middleton had given on the^^U^
effect^ of ifcho^
- epriments aithe AdiaiSJ and S^lis &
-;; Jackson; ranches^thisj s^y^^ii^ a Iii;a'
lengfoy d^
-sprayquestion.; 5��hiiii;fbm?s^l;ha��ld!
��� ;;:;tliatja band power spray��� mftcbinBjea:reV
^fuljy h^
'���'''���"'work,-the 'meeting was'-^sl^nj^
a-of the smaller rariiic^^i:iniaayii*^^n\
power ^wijyei/ could be financed, and,
if the paitners; in^the -{machine c^
a^piee among? themselves as-to when
each ''-wis' .to haye the use of it the
scheme'-. hwould - work   admirably   aii
round.   TPor   larger    ranches    fewer
should go in on the  purchase of  a
The secretary was instrn-jted to
write several spray machine manufacturing concerns for prices on machines
���both hand and power���in quantities,
the idea being to have the Institute
do the purchasing and also handle the
r-epairs. This matter will be gone into
more definitely next meeting.
While in Nelson Mr. Cook reported
he had been asked by a representative
of the Nelson Jobbers wholesale house
for a quotation on 1600 cases of Ores-
ton canned tomatoes. The firm believed they coitld.be put up here right,
and they would like to have all the
canned tomatoes Creston could send
The enquiry did not awaken much
enthusiasm. Mr. Littlejohn believed a
canning plant for soft fruits could be
made go here, but forcanned tomatoes
tliere was too much labor and help
was too expensive. The cost of the
cans to put the product up in was also
excessive for a western plant to hope
to successfully cone wi*-.h their big
eastern competitors, though he believed the manufacture of ketchup
might bo undertaken here with good
reason to hope for success. This Is
another matter which will bid re-Introduced noxb month at which mooting
a largo attendance in looked for now
the busy stiason in almost over,
f3-r��SAnU7��s!! iif *.V��is 0*-?*������l OnnflAn V.f >kj>
%jtXK3aXHY&lx UX   IfUC MJKUIWJ  xjxj\fvxxf.x..tflx   ttx.^f
225th Battalion.
John Huscroft  and  Reginald  and
Bliao Uri were also ^Vy nndel visitors
^ta*May'andLS .
, -��� Mr. and Mrs. H. Bosendale, who
have been visiting friends in Cranbrook the early part ��� of the week, re-
turhed bo Wynndel on:. Wednesday.
Mrs. F. J. May has returned from a
three-week's visit to Mrs.. J. Butterfield of Wilmer,B.C.
J. W. Gibson, Victoria, the education departtueht's'expert  on laying
itifying school.grounds,
��_   ���-. ���-    'Ui*
The counting of the soldiers vote
polled in Canada in ^the recent B^C.
election was completed last week, and
in the Kaslo constituency it had tbhe
paid "Wand��* his auua! visit ���� Satnr-
last, and weir t away well pleased with
the appearancef c^^feher grounds here.
Red Cross Fruit
Monday,: Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday next are the days the Creston Red Cross ladies ask that donations of apples for thesoldiers overseas
be 1 turned ���: iti irtr the Fruit Growers
Union warehouse. The canvass is not
quite complete as yet but there is
eyery indication that a minimum -ear-
load will; be given.\'l:-\/.'-'-;.--.'CV.;.
In connection with these apples the
citizens generally are asked to heij
along the good work by vptirchasiriga-
box or two di* more from the ranchers and.,! having them put in the car.
The^Valley \crop; is heavy this season
and the- piices .'mirderate 'so that all
can do theh'/'bit at little cost and at
the same time-help along the sale of
apples as well as doing something that
will beappreciated-by ��� the-aK5h over-
sem.-PyfpA;AAAAA._ :^a^[,:'.P'aPP-P^A^-A-
^j^.^^i^eAf&vtP' that ':'^ho*^:'bf-;��ruit;.
:wffl'su^)pl3i*5 fi ve so1di***i^^Thi��^lW'^y
carry t lie,fruifc fi*ee:tu. St.P John, N.B..
and the Canadian Ked Cross takes
rhai*ge of i t .'from tbere. ; - P.
C Those entrusted vvith the work of
rustling the apples are asked to report
at the Red Cross depot on Tuesday
afternoon and to have their list of
dona tors ready by that time. -
The Red Cross Trafalgar Day effort
which took the form of a wh ist drive
on Thursday night last gathered in
$24.10 for the fund, thanks to the
donation of a. handsome sideboard
'scarf .from Mr. Stark. This was raffled
that evening and netted $10. Mrs. G.
G. Bennett was the lucky winner.
Donation's of cash were received this
week as follows: $5 from Mro. Hus-
sack, and $3 from Misses Merle, Margaret and Constance Reid. Work was
turned iii as follows: Mrs. Forrester,
2 surgical shirts and 1 pair socks; Mrs.
Fraelick, 2 surgical shirts; and Mrs.
Cherrington, old linen.
effect o:f reducing the
Liberal candidate's ' majority by a
dozen, making his lead oyer JR. J.
Long at present exactly TO.
Yesterday, the result of the soldiers'
Vote overseas came --to hand, showing'
Keen to have been, popular with the
khaki voters,, to the extent of almost
equalizing the loss he sustained on the
in-Canadtt <soldiers;wfeiflg��� iand assiir-
ing: Ms'Tei^al]^^
This soldiers^'vpM^n^Ji^^;addv^^
least three Conser. vis^y��s&v ,^;th'os%al-
reaidy elected,3nlih^;pei^on^ of Bon.
W. J.Bow'seiy^Li^^ and
Capt. -HayWard,-; w1^^:*sl^a;^in   Vah-
coiii*erv-'  Delta' and "SGbWichan   con-'
stituehcies'; :V^s^te^i^i^.-Aj^.JS^6^
is now sixth on;tl**^^^
candidal^: an&tl'fe
eve.**! pilaw :iu��^^ ������        ,"" c-,.,
Much speculation is going on at the
ster tjabihet and;judgii^ ^by^iihe news-
papers-at^Vancouver^ <-|^
every- "day sees'; 'tiiieP cliance for.Joh n'
Keen landing theissoj'tfoHo of minister
of .mines': gTOWj^^git-t^svi ��� :vHe' is ;.* con- ���
ceded to''at least equal in.^iiity/^m^
Sloan '.Qf^^^\^o^-J^^r'''^^\^ ��� Smith
of Vancou-^f-ejiv^ a^d^has^the edge on
tliem ih i^^;|ie vfe:;an ^uth<n'itjy on
���fnetelifferous m
knowledge';is- ^r-^
Besides, Mfc'Ke^n fri^res^te aicon-
stitUeney in thei^ h*^rt p"f?^e;;me*j*jai
mining i-egionf' arid onihatpoipt alone
must . be:;��eym^
Although soft fruit shipments are
ligher than a year ago, Penticton ex-���
pects the 1916 exports wiii equal those
"*�����������'A��tf *':*'������������ '   '.'-���'���!������>��� t   v-i. .������    ^ A- ���^A^A:-\A.'.-1 ���
of 1&15.   .-.������.-
"    -.    :-frl ���:'..' p *
The lumber industry in the Waldo
country is booming. v Every company
wili^;pui^ycry available |nian they pan
get in^ the'bush tliiis winter^.        "
^ptoeof Tjcaii'ii fuel dealers have air
ready" contracted for' a supply-of a
thousand cords of wood. Ooal is
scarce and is 88 a; ton. this year.
In Cranbrook section 41 families
with ^children;: received $JS69 fcom
the Patriotic Fund, in September.
The amount paid injwasi^lviSiuV    ^
Jacky Smith l��t
John"Keen wilUandifcas acomptoniise
candidate, ��ne*^ thing seems evident
that when-the hew ministry is fornied
the ministers will be called froih;,ail;
oyer "the province, and not mainly
from the eoast ss was th<
trptill noon yesterday the names of:
no more Creston recruits, appeared on,
tiie!.-���^- Casulty^ lists we have hitherto
published except that of. Jack Smith,
son of Mr. and Mi*s. Sttice Smith, who
is inithe hospital at Espies;"'suffering
from a gunshot wound in ther thigh
and hand. He' was hit on October
12th although the telegi-am acquainting his father with the bad news only
i*eaChed Creston on Saturday.
;;-rA'thou'irh Jack h&s been ' on ths
machine giiii squad for -some weeks
and has been on the firing line almost
continuously since April, 1915, this i��
the first mishap he has suffered, and
only for a -few days sickness has he
been unfit "for service in almost the
eighteen months.  .
Woi-d also Came to hand this week
thai Russel Itjeainy. who has been
suffering:'frpm a'-heuuiatismand trehch
feyei* .;for;' ^alnio^stv;; -.a^y yea r-^'past,, ^w^as
^fficiently^i-e^ baefcoi*'
'm|t^|phejij(^u*i^'^ar ,ofl��� the";ihpn!61r''
J.W. Gibsons Victoria,.,the mais^ th^i-
education department sends around
to encourage and supervise Me-beattt^-.
"7>!?g;*of ^^ schobi grounds, paid Creston
his official visit oji l^iday last, haying
an informal ' confereni-je : with the
trustees the same evening.
The board has another 50 feet of
{^oun^-^ich is pot at present occupied
for ^chjpol -pji^prises:l*nlanV^is^ape^nd
and which would be an ideal plot .for
school f gardehmg, but owing to a
stringency in finance the board t*an-
not undertake to renoyate it at pre-
senti Mr. Gibson then urged that an
effort be made to plant the present
grounds out to trees, and make the
school yard one Of the beauty spots of
the town.
. For such a. work the government
undertakes to pa y half the expense of
planting and also supplies the trees
free, and sends along a man to see
that the work is don e to the very best
advantage, scenically and financially
'speaking. -In case fiower beds are
: wanted the department also stands
half the expense of the seed and the
necessary initial cultivating, tbpngh
it makes no grants toward clearing or..;
cleani.ni**; land, Tiie idea is catching
on with -Ul the town school districts,
Cranbrook haying gone into both the
flowers and tree planting en thusiastic-
ally this year.
Questioned as to whether the land
at: the school was the right sort txv
make the undertaking reasonably sure
of being successful,  Mi*. Gibson *is.<=ur-
ed that'with the usual lime treatment,
/. X.^ApppffM^i\
""P'.i ���.;K*9^^^^I
���'". p^a. '^j^^&ll
��� - ���^���".**-,'��� V1=-Ss;iir.
\ ';���:���*��� ���f.'J'.^Pkiii^'-l
,\x    nunc
beobtained.^ Atth^ close of, the eon-
ferenceSthe usual.''.vptyk.sof;:ithaaiik's-: was,
Mins Miwy Pennon, who ban been a
resident of Crouton for' the past few
months, returned homo on1 Friday. !
the wuuk-
M:c dance
Mica Amy Johuhon ��pt*nt
jitud M' Wyuruiel, taking in
on Saturday night.
The dance, which was held at the
dance hall on Saturday night, proved
a success from every point of view.
Thei*e w��*i a good crowd, firot-clnos
muHic and tin* Horn wnn in oxcollont
utiape.       NoudlosH  to
say  oyeryono
I *   .. ���  , m
t.t*tf.x..tx.* t
Tom But(*rllold. Wynndel'ilpeerleMm
Ik'/G:.tc;',   L'yA.il   tlii) ,��o<j��-uii(i Witu Ititt
parontu, i*����urntng to NelHon on flun-
diiy.    llo w��i�� iu*coinpaiil<(d bv Pto. K.
Mrs. R. M. Reid and children of
Creston were week-end visitors with
Mrs. Swanson.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennes left on Saturday on a short holiday trip"*'to
Capt. Forrester, provincial police
officer, paid Sirdar his usual fortnightly visit on Saturday.
Ike Lewis made the trip to Creston
on Wednesday taking 20 head of
cattle along, which he had sold to tho
P Burns Co.
Rev, J. S Mahood was here for the
usual monthly Eiigli��h Church scry ico
on Tueaday night, which was well
Mrs. Jones of Kuskanook was a
Sirdar callor on" Tuesday.
Mrs. T. Aspey and Mrs. Gallant.
Wuiv ciuJuih with Creston friends on
Friday lant.
C. M, Loaoby. who went to Cranbrook a couplo of weoks ago to sou
Dr. King in connection with his
Injured hand which is beginning to
U-nnblo him again, in now in Montana
visiting frlendn.
AfX R, Swanrjon, who commenced a
mo*sth*fc''vi:ca*2ba tLla' w��&*.," wa�� a
Crouton vihiuir on Wednesday. Ho
will epetndmoat of hla luyuK ut ouhUhu
Some ripe strawberries were picked
at Kaslo on October 14th.
Greenwood dealers haye advanced
the price'of coal 50 cents a. ton.
Fresh eggs sold as high as 65 cepts v
a dossen on the Nelson market Saturday,
The C.P.R. freight platform at Trail
station was been extended another 30
Twenty years ago there were 27
telephones in Trail, and 20 in Rossland. /
Nelson bakers have jumped the
price of bread from 4 to 3 loaves for
25 cents.
Uen roast robbery is quite prevalent ui Grand Forks, according to the
A i"<iCO*Ml-bi*oakiiig mail was received
at Trail postofflce on Thursday last���
84 sacks.
B. Keor, a Marysville dairyman,
has just brought in a- carload of
jukuiiLuhi cuLUu from Alburto.
Since May, 1015, Trail. amoltor om-
ployoes havo glvon oyer $88,000 to the
Patriotic and Rod Cross funds.
According to the Mail Fornio cltl-
Kons also consumed $21,030 of pork
during the paat twelve months.
HovolHtoko's Uvx sale brought In
over 82(000,, 23 of the 80 propor^cu for
sale were pnrohasod by tho public.
J. G. Mullen, manager of tho Greenwood branch of the Batik or Commorco
hau boon tranfiferred to Toronto.   ""
i .... ��� .   ��� ��� '      i '   ��� ���   ' .
A recent religious honuo to houno
onrivaif- "Down ��.'rftn!)ron!i to !:c bIc����o��
with 170 vacant Iioiihch and nluu*kH,
������iy,    _
edlby thosea,whp' can^ i*ecall:.th^doys
when I^wery's'niiir'^^W
here, arid who went ovei*8��eas shortly,
after the war broke out, has".;been
awafdeu. the military cross���a decoration that corresponds v.ith the Distinguished Conduct medal given to.
oilicers, for exceptional f ea ts of bravery
while under fire.
The camps at Vernon and Calgary
will-be broken up this month1, .".rid the
American Legion, in which Creston
has a coupli}' of .representatives is expected ttrgo ovei'seas at once. As to
the 225th at Vornon it is Only half
Strength and some reports ��*tav.e...|t
that the men are to be taken . to New
Westminister for winter quarters,
while other stories are to the effect
that the men will be drafted into
some other undei-strength. battalion
and go .across next mouth.
he was confident splendid re��
^ociuiw^or0U|jhIy at thef;
rie*^}trusted v . ;^(��PpP':v'?^.
^lr. Gibson -was;'.:at Wynrtdel^wn: ;S*it^-:
urday inspecting the grounds at the,
school there, and was highly pleased
wi th" the smart appearance the various
teachers at that point maintain with
the shrubs, trees and flowers.
" PJ P:'p00$
'���������''..������ '������''���'���&���$$&]
��� .���A-.A:.'A.-y:A'A}-Jfi!i
Pernio council will .pay $L05 oach
for <W0 2i>-polou i-eiiuirod  i'or pile pro-
....,.��� >y.i'ti\"-'  ..'���'��������! '���'��!< ��� �� ���'.*? ���'��   ���
Miioe Siding
Mrs. Pattoison and two children of
Victoria, B.C., are here on a short
holiday visit with her 'parents, Mr.
and Mrs. M. Churchill.
Friends of Bob Murray, who was
employed in the Lowery mill in thee
parts ahout eight years ago, will be
pleased to hear that he has boen
awarded a military medal for conspicuous bravery in the fighting in
France tho early part of September.
Co-operative harvesting operatic nu
has become a necessity in theso parts
so keen is tho shortage of hired help.
A. J. Collis had a quartette of his
rancher friondB busy W ednesday and
Thursday getting up liis potato crop.
Tho casualty list in Monday's paper
shows tho name of Jack Smith, who
sustained wounds in tho hand and
thigh in tho fighting on Octobor 12th,
and lias boon token Ut an F.nrrbah
hospital for treatment. Ho was in a
machino gun squad, and it Ih the flvsfc
mishap ho has sustained tn 18 months
continuous fighting.
During his holiday hero Jas.Churoh-
ill is attending to the erection of an
addition to the M. ChuvohiUvosidoiico.
Annie i.Ic.klnir and tu.t..(v> ,Y\,,.'U,,^
operations will bo practically completed In thc'.c n-u-t*, tiilr. ttUAi.'.
Wiirrw LiMUioitN Coujcichulb For
Hat.k���luiported stock, $1.50 each���T.
HVVVIjUII,   VJ��*l��JIA*l��.
HSrsm Ghamners Bead
Valley citizens generally will extend
deepest sympathy to R, J. Chambers
and family of Canyon   City,  who are
mourning   the    death   of   wife   and
mother, the death of Mrs.  Chambers
occurring at an early hour on Monday.    Deceased*'  was  in her  thirty-
fourth year, and had been in failing
health   for almost three years past.
The funeral took place on Wednesday
to the Creston cemetery, Roy. R. E.
Pow conducting the last sad rites.
No Baled Nay
The outlook for oyen a limited supply of Alberto baled hay this winter
is pretty blue. The Institute, which
has.had a car on order at Lethbridge
since-Sept. 3rd received word on
7<ioii<Iay that, shipment of the feed
was impossible. There is plenty of
hay in that country but; no. men caii,
bo found to operate the baling
machinery. Tin firm also states that
owing to this shortage of help farmers,
potatoes are freezing In the ground-
no help available to dig1 them in many
Gars Soaroo
Applo shipments out of Creston are,
light at piHOHont. The Union has a
sufficiency of orders^ but tlio trouble
is tho C.P.R. cannot ��nj*mly r-efH^��n\-
tor cars, which la the only kfnd to
use now the cold weather huu hit the
prairies. Tho fruit markets commissioner reports that prairie, flints,
liavo contracted for 400 cam of American p grade fruit, und in ordor to
tako enro of this luiMinnw* It mny be
posslblo the car shortage, in B.C.  Is
#*-w #*%| I* �� V. f* *l
If unfflcUuit meu  iuiu  Im had it/ in
reported tliat tho Canyon City Lumber Co. will operate No.8 enrno   tblw
i winter, with John llnsoroft In charge.
jjiiii uiBylfffliitttj|ftMBri ~pz~r^^^!z^7^^
tL flL   :.. gsss-W
Herd. Luck <S- Co., LimfoJ
Sir Penywern came up with him. "I   can't  allow  you  to  go  ahout  the
"What arc you doing here?" asked'neighborhood spreading slanders
the baronet shortly. [about Lady Tradescant.    1 am going
Paddon     replied    with  a  surly  as-  to  put a  stop  to  it."
sumption of dignity. |     Paddon nut his hands in his poc".'-
"I'ni waiting to see her ladyship," lets. But he did not maintain thc
he said stolidly. ! surly    altitude    hc  hud  assumed    at
'"Lady Tradescant can't sec you. first. Sir Penywern ' was "athletic,
And I should not allow her to help and he was not. And there was a
you again." dangerous    gleam     in  thc    baronet's
Paddon threw at him a dangerous eyes, which recalled to thc grocer* the.
look- !treatment hc. had received only a day
"Perhaps you can't help yourself, jor two before, iu thc village street.
Sir  Penywern,"  hc said.     "P'raps  she I (To  Be Continued.)
knows   better   than   you   whether   it's I	
worth while to keep my mouth  shut." j    Job-scckcr     (entering    office  iman-
"You  insolent   rascal '' no'uneed):   Is   there   an   opening   here
" There, it's no good calling names,'for  me?
.  " ������ Invites Digging
"Did you raise anything worth
while in your garden?" aslccd the visitor from the city.
"1 should say so," answered M**=
Crosslots. "It's the-best place for
fishing worms in thc entire village."
afl   Sir Penywern," bawled the  man with
(Continued) ��� excitement,   pointing   at   him   a   thick
j forefinger.     "And   it   isn't   wise,   eou-
"Ycry   good���for   the   public   hous-1 side-ring what   1  know."
cs!"   said   Sir   Penywern   drily,  as   he ���     "Nonsense!     What    is    this  know-
tried to pass. .ledge   of   yours?      What   silly   gossip
"But Paddon siill blocked the way'have you picked up? And what do
defiantly.   / iyou   think   it   is   worth,   coining   from
'"And    what's  more,"     hc  went  on,'such a man as you?"
significantly,    "there's    plenty     more!     The  man     was  unpleasantly,  oilily
uherc  that  come  from,  plenty  more. ; defiant:'   Hc   stood ...firm  under'   this
Don't you  make  any mistake." ifierce attack.    Then  he  said  slowly:
Sir Penywern lost his temper, audi "Well," it's no good being abusive,
taking the fellow by the collar jas you shall see. And it's more than
swung hhn round and let him drop'.siily gossip that I've picked up. It's
on his hands and feet  into  the  road, -what  1 know."
Then,  not  waiting  to  listen  to  thc ���     "What is it you know?"
ominous  words which  Paddon  yelled j     Paddon   answered  deliberately,   en-
atter htm. the baronct_ strode on, and [joying the sentence as he mouthed it
reaching   his   cs.r,   which   *was   stand- lout:
���ng outside the post office, went homes     **j know that Lady Tradescant was
a*c  a pace  exceeding  the  speed  limit,  seen     carrying     something  into     the
Matters were growing- serious wood behind your house on a barrow
tvhen such a scene with its inevitable:���ari(i \ know she was seen bringing
consequences in the way of scandal, the harrow back to the shed without
could occur  within  two  miles  or  his  ;t *-���    .
home.     He  met  Daphne  in   thc   hall, ��� 	
and he could see that she made a
shrewd guess that something unpleasant  had  occurred.
He led her into the drawing-room
and said, shortly, unaware how very
hard his voice  sounded:
"You have been allowing yourself; For at ,ast he liad got hold of
to  be blackmailed. I something     definite,     of  a  statement
bhc uttered a little cry. .. j which   could   be   confirmed   or   refttt-
yott   meanr     Who   tolu^ an accusation which could be met
'and repelled.
.*-?*���"���**.&  "*-"*--*      ���j     ^n(i  t*ne very absurdity  of it  gave
ihhn    a  feeling  of satisfaction.       For
Chief   Clerk:
right  behind
��� "Ah*"
:     It   was   a   sigh   of  relief  which   escaped  from   Sir   Pcnyvvein's   lips     as
��� the     blackmailing     Paddon     uttered
; these words.
Granulated Eyelids,
Eyes inflamed by expo*
���ure to Sun, Dastand WIa*3
quickly relieved by Murine
Eye Eeanrti-y. No Smarting,
__        . Just  Eye Comfort,    Al
Your Druggist's SOe per Bottle. Curiae Eye
BalveinTubes25c. PorBookoflheEyeFreeask
Druggists ot Biarise Rye Remedy Co.. Cidcage
Rumania In History
"You have  been  giving
that  scoundrel   Paddon."
"I���I only gave him the
ey   he  said  was   owing   to   him      He,                                          .         Daphne, was
did  show  mc  a   bill.    We  were  out!___.._. j  ' Zc i__:.'.__ ���.i:__i_j    _  i	
-the inon-!
pwhat was  the  statement  to  be met?
Bovril makes other foods nourish
you. lt has a Body-huilding.power
proved equal to from 10 to 20 timrg
the amount of Bovril taken.
best  to,"  stammered the young wife, '{yeithia ^ -f human cycs>. from its
j place  in   the   shed  at   the  garden   at
AmC��. a*-V1"*   X^tXm  "�� .accused    of having wheeled    a large
^^^m^\^T^^^mA  hCaVy     gardCn    ^-0-..openly,
white   to   ihe   lips,   and   shrinking  in
her distress.
"Then   vour  aunt  is   a   fool!"   said I
Sir  Penywern,  hotly.     '-Iwn  under  | itself,  would    have
stand a very youngjvormm allowmg b . �� f     ���    ]ad ���
herself  lo  be   persuaded     But a   vo-, d      >    - , k    f        he h
man of her age!    It,  scandalous        ; g wood was narrow     and
Dapnne burst into tears,    botteneu  i =, j  ___:.A _, it_
directly,   Sir  Penywern   would     have
It was seen hobbling down a flight
of steps, slashed and torn to shreds.
Barely enougn was : left "to hold the
shreds together. It was a pitiable
sight. So curiosity was aroused.
"What are you?" it was asked, "and
how came you iji such horrible con-
I   aiii   a   reputation,'1   the
l        JJ1V       JJJUU       ��...        xt*\.       6��JUv.i.        "...   |    !".��� ^J>
the back  of  the  house,  and  through j anion; #
the wood behind ; wreck replred, 'and I have just been
This    feat,  of ' itself, would    have'released from a female bridge  whist
soothed, caressed her, but site avoia-
ed  the  touch  of  his  hand.
And at that moment, to her relief,
aud his annoyance, the door opened and Lady Acrise came in. Instantly Daphne took advantage of
this, and while her. husband turned
liis head, she slipped between- the
curtains and went out by the other
Sir Penywern was in no mood to
encumbered with undergrowth.
But it was said that the barrow
contained something, and the implication was that the contents were
the dead body of Rathbone.
That a delicately-bred woman unused to any sort of hard manual
work should be able to wheel a barrow containing the body of a full-
grown man, forcing her burden
Through serious obstacles, was so
manifestly ridiculous that the baronet  almost   smiled  in  the  midst  of
bc indulgent to the woman who had ??< . .     ,.���..���. ���r,     Un.
led his wife into thc rash generosity his an*cr against thc rascal who had
which had put them at the mercy of
But   Lady  Acrise  was  shrewd  en
uttered thc talc.
And yet���hc was uneasy. For thc
story, ugly, absurd as it was, offered
an  explanation  of  the  facts  that hc
excuse that  she  feared i .   r       . . .-.      .    ,     r ,   ir
slie    fiC(i grass before him, with a look of half-
was  "in     again,'    am.     ��w,- . ,  .        .   -       . .     , -.^       ..
her host    had.uncasy triumPu .cm, bis  face,    hov it
Daphne     was "ill
from thc room before ..v..   ..��*..    ..��vj, - ...... ,.       ,
to-.e to empty thc vials of his ,vrath |was uncannily significant that hc ap-
���������<**    -.-   -    '   3 'peered a*. Joust lo belicve_jn Ins scan-
^ Very    wisely the two    ladles took |^5, ^V*'l ���<L.l��  bc  "^  t0
care not to bc caught apart that eve
ning, and bv thc time  Sir Penywern I
"So     this  is  thc
foundation    you
ful of
acrainst which a mere man was pow- j to!1.,c,*Ci'     ,    , , . , . *   ,,���
cflc ' she contrived to suggest that L. hc , s,;ad��7 ofM a Krml ���}"*lx ,^
her nccc had acted without advice ,<**�� ��ot dare lo al low to become too
in giving money to thc ma��� wlio .^onounccd Hickcrcd over I aodon s
begged of them, and who, she de- ,-uV?P>'.UaU.*'c"
clared. made use of no threats, ��� , . .   , ..
Sir  Penywern, however, knew that;;purpose," he said drily.
threats   may  bc   implied,   as  well   as
���jttcrcd, and hc received this cxplan
ution very coldly.    _ .   .   ..    !    -YJt-y c;lsy  to   frighten  a  lady,"  hc
"It  has  been  good  enough   for  its
tu-pose," hc said drily.
And again   Sir  Penywern   felt   that
\".\ horrible  chill of doubt. _
But he did not show it.
said  sharply.      "Easy  to  get  money
"Has    Daphne told    you what thc
man knows?" he asked shortly. ' r f ,   -   b     , .   {    -    d t,,rcals   antl
"I   dont  know thnt   he knosv h any^ l ^ ^^   V. rMds U1:c yo��� knov/
tiling,"   replied   Lady   Acrise.
I'm   quite   sure,"   fihe    added  quickly,
"that there's nothing that matters to
Sir Prnywrrn made no reply. He
knew that thc difficulties with lhe
dissolute Paddon had only begun,
and, as he expected, that unworthy
person was prowling ahout \hr
���-:<��� ���.���,;���.,'. . ',** 4.V.- f'dlovvinf; 'wr-iimp,
walchiujif, as Sir IVnywcin It-It Mine,
for :t chance of sj����.akinf�� again lo the
The baronet gave chase lhe mo-
lii'nt hc caiifdil si'dit of the thickset ligurc and broad. Ilabby face, hid-
in'r   h'-hiiul   llo*   oriiarnrnlal   Iir   llfcs.
\\'!icn Paddon fonnrl lliiit h<*. could
nol <lir l;'t��c��* Id*. purMirr, lu* slopped,
tool; riff his hat, pas'-rrl a liiflilv color* <i     ll .lll'l (Ol �� lit) ('       I.. I I     ,lj..     ..'.,,,...,
bahl   lo*-;ul,   and      panted   sullenly   till
W.      N.     U.      1124
how io us*?.
Paddon  remained unmoved.
"Hold hard, Sir Penywern," he
said quietly. "Hadn't you better aslc
her ladyship for f.ome cvplannlion,
instead of blackguarding nie for 'veiling you about it?"
"1    shouldn't    insult  Lady Tradescant by  speaking about   such   a.  silly
t.dc   to   I".'!'.     Ou   lhe   /'tr*-   -if   il,   I'm
tiiitijc won't hold water."
"All right, Sir .lVuyweni. Tl's not
niy business."
Paddon  afl'erlcd  to move away.
"Stop"'    said the    baronet   sharply.
Many Nurses in Canada and Elsewhere Say the Same.
Chatham,   Ont.���"Being   a   nurse   1
have had occasion to use Dr. Pierce's
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Chatham, Ont.     -*""
Accompanied by pain here and there���
extreme nervousness���sleeplessness���may-
bo faint spells, chilla or spasms���all arc
aignnls of diatreea for a woman. She may
bo growing from girlhood into womanhood
���passing from womanhood to motliRi*.-
hood���or later suffering during middlo
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women. At any w all of ihww periods
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Pierce, Invalid**.' Hotel, Buffalo, N, Y.
Dr. Pierco'ti Pleasant Pollela clear tho
500,000 Germans Dioabled at Verdun
Competent authorities estimate lhat
ahout 500,000 Germans have been dis
aided   iu   the
Her Place in European History Has
Always Been an Honorable One
Though Rumania up to the nineteenth century does not appear to
have played a conspicuous part in
the advance of civilization, her place
in European history is an honorable
one, and, if less spectacular than
those of her neighbors, her achievements have proved of supreme value.
By their stubborn resistance to the
Ottoman invaders, Rumanians, in
common with the other peoples inhabiting Oriental Europe, made possible that stability and security that
enabled Western civilization to develop, and, although they came under
the sway of the Turks, yet the Rumanians, by their determined stand,
so weakened the power of thc Moslem invaders, that they were unable
to  carry on  the fight.
Rosovo is a name sacred to all the
Balkan nations that  resisted Turkish
rule.    It was in 1389 that Mircea the
Old,    Prince    of Wallachia,    led the
! united    Balkan    armies    against    the
<Turks.    The battle was lost; the vanquished    were placed    under tribute,
but their fight against their conquerors was    carried' on    for    centuries.
Like a great brcakwateV, these little
nations   held  the   Ottoman  waves  in
check,  and  left  western  Europe  free
to forge ahead untrammeled by    the
fear  of    Moslem    incursions.     Until
1877 the tribute imposed five centuries earlier, following the battle of Rosovo,  was  the basis  of the relations
between Rumania and Turkey.     Unlike Hungary, which for over a century   was   a   Turkish   province,      the
Rumanian  provinces  never  fell  completely under the  sway of the    conqueror.       Under     the  suzerainty  of
Turkey, however, Rumania became a
mere pawn in the politics of the great
European    powers.      She lost Buko-
wina to Austria in 1775, and Bessarabia to Russia in 1812.    The jealousies  of     the  European    powers  alone
saved  Rumania    from greater    territorial losses.
Under Prince Carol, who was related to the King of Prussia .and to
Napoleon III., Rumania maintained
a. bolder front against partition and
won her independence. Bulgaria
since then has done much to keep
alive Rumanian suspicions. At the
outset of thc first Balkan campaign,
1910-11, Bulgarian official documents
referred to thc.Dobrogea, which was
Rumanian territory, as a "Bulgaria
Irredenta." The double dealing of
the Central Powers in the last Balkan war detached Rumania. Dreading the increasing influence of Germany in Bulgaria, Rumania turned to
s Thc present war finds Rumania in
a position favorable to the accomplishment of her most cherished
dream���the inclusion under one flag
of all Rumanians. . Transylvania is
the cradle of thc ,1-lunianiaii nation. In
Bukowina and Bessarabia the peasants, not given to change, have preserved all the customs and characteristics of the Rumanian race, including
thc language. In Transylvania, despite Magyar oppression, the Rumanians form a strong middle class. Definitely detached from Germany, Rumania had not time, to recover from
her fears of Russian influence on thc
Bosphorus when thc European war
called for a decision as lo her attitude. Moreover, the supply of all
her war materials was in the hands
of Krupps when thc war broke out.
A weak Cabinet and an opportunist
Prcmb*!- declared for neutrality.
While thc Roumanians of Transylvania were forced lo tight in the
Hungarian regiments against Russia,
statecraft in Rumania turned to questions of trade. But the cry of Transylvania could not "for ever go unheeded.    With   Bulgaria ou   the  side
Another Theory Shattered
A study of history .will show that
we may, with an easy conscience, dismiss the theory'-;-o.f'^Treitschke Ahat
war is a healtK-'giviiig' ��� tonic-' wliich
Providence must be cxpcctedr"Conr
stantly to offer to. the hitman racer for
its own good. Apart altogether
from the hopes we entertain for'the
victory in this war of a cause which
we believe to;.be just, we may desire
in the interests of all mankind: that
its issue should discredit by defeat a
theory which is noxious as well ��� as
baseless. The future progress of
mankind is to be sought, not through
the strifes and hatreds of tiie nations,
but rather by their friendly co-operation in the healing and enlightening,
works of peace, and in the growth of
a spirit of friendship and mutual confidence which removes the causes /of
war.'���The Atlantic Monthly.
Some Have to Keep on Until
They Altisest Drop.   How
Mrs. Coniey Got Help.
Here is a letter front/a woman -who -
had to "work, but was too weak and suffered too much to continue.' How she
regained health :���
Frankfort, Ky.���'' I suffered so *SMScb
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do my own work,
had to hire it done.
I heard so.much
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h'iiiin's Ve'getable
Compound-that' I
tried if.: I. took three
bottles and I found
it.: to' be a 11 y on
cla5h*i^/ Nbw I f eel as
weilas^ever I did ahd
-am able to dp all my .
own"workagain. 'P.%
Tecomrasni it to any woman suffering -
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Conlby,516 St. Clair St.,Frankfort,Ky.
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aud invigoraioi; of the female Orgaiiisfii.
All women are invited, to -write
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tzZmZlj. 1:.
The Lights
Of 65 Years Ago
Are still doing duty i��t:
the shape of
Sixty - five   years  ago!
the firstCanadian-inadej
Matches -were made at(
Hull   by    Eddy    audi
since   that   time,   for\
materials and striking
qualities, ISddy's have
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of thc Central Powers, the people of
Verdun   repjon   alone I Rumania recalled tlu* words of^ Prince
iij<-<:   !���<.���l'i u;iiy   IM,   llu   hc*'.,in*ii"M''   of ( Cnrnl, ttddrc'^ed to Pi*-ui^rcl< in 1RR0,
lhe p-real (ierinan offensive there. "Rumania will only he menaced by a
The total number of wounded Cicr- real danger when a Great BulKaria
man prisoners taken in the Verdun |comes into existence." Tt is "Ru-
sector and iu the. neighborhood of l mania Irredenta" against "Bulgaria
lhe  Sominc  exceeds ���13,000. I Irredenta."
They were homeward-bound from
"According to the minister';*) sermon this morning, said Mrs. Enpcclc,
"there is to be no marrying or giving
in marriage in heaven. Do you believe that?"
"Well, I have no reason to doubt
it," answered Enpcclc. "There" must,
hc some way to distinguish it from
thc other place."
i.    'if:....   . ���   f-U't.-m-   TT.r.-i.-1-Tf
41   XXXtxm.   .u    ��r.��wC   i.iI!ii^C ��>-
Sapplcigli*. Am I walking too fast
for you, Miss Ethel?
Miss Bright: Oli, no; you may run
if you like.
m Immit, m i m J* t. \%km
^...�����-^^��>M'W*WiSflW��H^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^0^1^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.  m  -. ,���������:' ��������� ';.-������������������ - ��������� L,"j    -.-.;��������� ^;,-'i----''ihSinji������  .:'-*.'.v:--c :-<-*������������������ ^'''^S-^&S  *B-J-j*tT"L*r"'^rT*j   -^^'i^i*^ '.!".f'^r"������'yy*        r������.������,Tn^rnfHTr\liY       ^TB _   . ^^5   ���������  3.H-E JUS V JUfei W ft A^i\J*iiOT*Jl>e, Sim u.  *asa;  v?:j-: A-tp '::&A$bma  :J; Used for making  hard' and soft soap, for  Softening water, for clean**  Ing, disinfecting andl.fpi oyer  500  otlier purposes*.  P. nsruas susa-mures.  tw.stUErr company tiMira>  ��������� rwuwrco. out.  . trnwHrnim        ���������.ojro.r&i.  ome Bonds' For Farmers  Few   Suggestions   on   Domestic  Economy for the  Husband  -. .--to. Consider . .  ... Don't; try to please your wife.  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Animated by this^ far-  seeing, resolute and indomitable  spirit, they-will march with us to the  inevitable victory.���������-Paris, Le Gau-  lois.  INSURANCE  COIVIf������l\������  AN EXCL USIVEL Y CANADIAN~ COMPANY  ESTABLISHED 1890   J J-  Excelsior Policies Are Money Makers  Business Maa as   Farmers  There   is   more   Catarrh   tn  tliis   section   of  the   country   than   all   other   diseases   put   together,  and  for  years it -was  supposed to be  ur-j-U   -c-.i-i     aj..^^..^^^     x-u-  i?__k-������^ J .ncurable.    Doctors prescribed. local remedies,  With  Equal     Advantage     the Farmer tand  by.  constantly   failing to  cure  with  local  Beats  the   Business Man 'treatment,  pronounced  it  incurable.     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For a number, of mouths, milk  ARLINGTON  WATERPROOF COLLARS AND CUFFS  Something better than linen and big: laundry  bills. Wash it with soap and water AH  stores or direct. State style and size. Foi  25c. we will mail you.  "  THE ARLINGTON COMPANY OP  CANADA, Limited  *������ Fzmmam A-a������==i "T-rasiie. Oaisris  Tha Great English Uemedo.  Tones and invigorates the whola  nervosa systems makes aew-Biood  in   old Veins,.   Cures  Ifervou*  Minard's    Llmmgnt  ';.   where.      -_:'   I   ���������  for   sale every-  Keen After" Wool  Thirty-seven cents for medium  combing firsts , iri Saskatchewan, is  going \ some. It is the best record so  far on-the American continent for  range .wool. . You can hardly call the  Saskatchewan product anything- else,  for it.has a range foundation behind  it even though the flocks may not be  termed strictly : range sheep. And  who do you suppose were the buyers? No other ;than Swift and Co.,  the  Chicago  packers  A Sure Result  -"If a farmer sold 1,479 bushels of  wheat for $1.17 a bushel,: what-would  he get?'V '  "An automobile."  s���������        J-1-  -        1 .   in   uiu' nyui   jgutJjN.-  An Easy Pill to Take.���������rSopie persons have repugnance to pills because of their nauseating taste. Parmelee's Vegetable Jf ills arc so prepared as to make them agreeable to  the most fastidious. The most delicate can take them without feeling  the revulsion- that follows thc taking  of ordinary pills. This is one reason  for the popularity of these celebi'at-  .txxmx ~~ e<^ P*l's> Dut tne main reason is their  The 'packers' blgli tonical quality as a medicine for  the stomach.  11 v .\v ���������  buyers  can pay that figure  for western stuff, the eastern men who sold  "for.35 will feel kind of small.���������Sheep  Breeder, Chicago.  fapwreitis  Drice. Nato pamphletmaileAfree. THE WOOD  fMEDICEHE CO.������TOaoaTO,onT. iFiramij WibbwJ  Measuring: Hay in Stack  Gets Attention-  m  First/because of its  wonderfully delicious  flavor-  Then again, because it is ready to  eat���������fresh and crisp  from the. package  But the bigt "get at-  lention" quality is its  abundance of well-  balanced, "easily digestible nourishment.  V"* <*       *��������� 1,1  every table should  have its daily ration  of Grape-Nuts.  "Id  t  a. uvu v mj  lit  ittmttcnn  ��������� IVUVVIt  tt  Cmiudiu*! l-usliuii CiM!--.i'i Co., I.t'l..  W!      N.      U.      1124  Rule for Measuring Hay Which Has  Been Proven  Satisfactory  Estimating thc number of tons of  hay in stack by measuring is often  resorted to when it is,inconvenient  or impractical to weigh it. It is  impossible to give a rule for measuring hay which is . entirely, satisfactory. Tlip following one has often  been used, states Professor E. G.  Scha'fcr, of the Washington Experiment Station at -Pullman, and approximates the correct weight:  "Width plus over, divided by four  and squared, then multiplied by thc  length and divided byJ512."  The above rules assumes that the  cross section of a stack may he obtained by dividing the width plus  over measurement by four and  squaring it. Stacks vary so much, in  shape that this cannot- he absolutely  true witii all stacks. Tho above ������*ulc  also assumes that there are 512 cubic  feet in a-ton. Thc length of time a  stack has been built, thc size of a  stack or the amount it has settled,  also the kind of hay, all influence the  weight of a ccrlain volume of hay.  The above or other rules should not  be relied upon unless it is impossible  to weigh hay when it is sold.  Problem���������Afisinne that a hay stack  measures 18 feet wide, 26 feet oyer  (distance from ground on one side  up over the staclc and to the ground  on other side) and 30 feet long.  The  solution would he-���������18 phi?) 26  equals 44; 44 divided by 4 equals 11;  11   squared equals  121;  121  times -30  equals. 3,680 cuhic feet in 3,630 divid-  jcd'by 312 equals 7.09 tons.  Nearly every one ol liir. friends had  suffered from the caprices of thc  practical joker. Happily the joker  had weak points of his own. One  of theni was a dislike for night air.  One morning about 2 o'clock there  emu*- a Irfmrndous thumping at his  'front door. The joker bopped out of  .bed, opened his front window, and  leaned out.    "In heaven's name, what  I'.ia tiie niattcrr nc said. ' kjv.c oi  _(youi' vvindovvs is open," .said a man on  the sidewalk. "Which one?" said  thc joker, "the one you've stuck  your head Ihroujjb/' was thr reply.  l'tlKRAHUn 3  FUTURE  Depends Upon  Debility, Mental and Brain Warm, Dcspon.  i,a'c Keen e-iven the French soldiers in    ^9ietfm *������?* 9fmShisrsiti Palpitation .of ths  lias Deen given tae rrencn. soiaiexs mi Beart;Famna Memory. . Price %l per box, six  .the trenches and to many of them it 1 for $5:   Ono -will pteaea, six --mil euro. Bold by all  ! has been the one and only stimulant..! firuB������wja o*ia*Uedin pi-unjpkg. oj^������eceipt_oj  The  effect which the milk'.has  pro-"j  duced has    more  than    justified the |  claims which the Institute made for  it.       ���������  It is claimed that the stimulating  effect of milk is. especially notable  ���������when given to soidiers just before a  big battle or a dangerous charge, and  also when administered torthe. troops  when in great fatigue. The advantage of the milk stimulus oyer the alcohol stimulus so extensively advocated in previous years *4s. that there  is no bad after effects, arid the keenness of the senses is in no wise; impaired nor the coolness of judgment  affected. '    y  The knowledge that milk is a stimulant of no mean force will come as  something of a shock to those who  have hitherto considered it synonymous with all things mild and peaceful. It is somewhat difficult to believe that the chief product of the  patient and gentle cow should contain am.h an clement of forceful stimulation. But, as proof of the contention we have the word of the world's  greatest research    institutes  ���������Jr-at SUCCCt5,. CUttES CHROMIC WEAKNESS. LOST VIOOB  ft VIM KIDNSY. BLADDER. DISEASES. BLOOD FOISCH.  flt.CS EITKKR HO. DBU&GISTS Or-UMt, f 1. POST 4 CTfl  rouGRRA CO. M. BESKMAN ST. HtCVf YORK or LYMAN BBOS  Toronto,   writs for FBSB book to Dr. LK Cs.sse  *- MttD CO HAVBR5TOCRRD.HAUFSTBAD.I.OHDON. BMO.  &RY.MC*V Da AS Kg tTASTSLESSJ FOEMOF   BASV TO TABS  "* "    SAPS AND  __      ___ fcASTIHQCOBB.  fiEB THAT TB4D3 MARKED WORD .'THKKA*ION * IS OS  ���������FIT. GOVT STAUl* APJ-r-UO-SO ALL QEMJINB rACJTBTS.  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It is,  efficient sort is needed. 1 therefore, against thc German people  as a ���������wholc that our race is making  \x.\     r������       t    r������    1 tr* 1       war> antt- 'Xl<>t against any fiction of  Whv rPnniP VPN IlpnVMQPn        isolated   Imperialism.  -The  Germans  WHJf i CUpiL I CCl ^C|IICb5CU       arc alone responsible for their crimes  mfha rmrf WrnihAl4 ^"d ^ny Other conception of the ptre-  Uie ^������m   Weaiuei   sent- war would only lead us tp deg-  riid������-.j.iou, dupery and defeat. -��������� We  inust avenge the children of Roubaijc  and Lille���������-avenge tlicm without  mercy or'phy;' This is one of the  works of France during the war, and  for long afterwards.���������Lc Figaro,  Paris.  Why is tiredness and langor so  prevalent just now? A physician explained that thc cold of winter drives  blood from thc surface of the body  to thc liver. 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The nurse said;  "You must forgive your brother before yon go io bed. You might die  iu the niixht." After a few minutes  clap-icd James replied: ''Well, I'll forgive him tonight, but if I don't die  he'd bcllcr look out in the morning."  Minard's   Liniment  Relieves  Neural*  gia.  Willie came io his mother with ai\  expression of anxiety on his face  "Ma," he asked, "if a poor, hungry  little boy was to come to the back  dOor and ask for something to eat,  would you give him that piece of pie  that was left over from dinner?"  "Yes, Willie, of course I would,"  said  the mother.  Willie's face cleared.  "All right," be said, "just wait *l  minute till I run around to the back  door."  ^bobtfSW  f^yig'lf-r yrjj^M ������j  i  Maud* The young clergyman who  pertornied tlic ceremony Mcciuca  dreadfully, flustered.  label: Meriv, yes! Wiiv, he kissrd  the bridegroom and -ihyok hands with  the bride.  1  ���������AA-n^sm  " *������  .'.   <t\  wmmmmm  ���������fiKBilS  ���������"""������������������ .i^a^-)i^=sa2seSBjSsss^jaw^  If'."  iii-'.  '$0������0>M  THE  I  Issued every Friday at Oreston, B.O.  Subscription: $2 a year in advance;  $2.50 to United States points.  ORESTON,  B.C.,   FKIDAY, OCT. 27  Time Ghan&e  So far no move has been made  locally to accept or reject the  change in time which the CP.it.  proposes to bring into effect, so far  as its" employees and operations are  concerned, at midnight on Sunday.  At Cranbrook, as was to be expected, the new time will be adopted  on the town clock and by citizens  generally as per recommendation  to that effect by the mayor and  council.  At present it looks as if Creston  will pursue the even tenor of her  ways, so far as time is concerned,  for the winter at any rate.  it if hard to see how he can overlook John Keen.  It is also noteworthy that the  local member is a visitor to Victoria  at present. Men of the Keen type  do hot go gunning for cabinet preferment except upon invitation of  those in authority, and the knowing ones therefore take this trip to  the capital at this juncture by Mr.  Keen to have something to it in  the coming cabinet construction.  He is about the last of the members-elect to pay their respects to  the coming premier, and the impression gains strength every day  that it will be a case of "the last  shall be first" when the makeup of  the hew ministry is announced.  ^a������>  MO  un  44 Never  BY USING THE ALWAYS RELIABLE  *= m*  ffl&BgSS  rrnv  Holds S Imperial Gallons  Evidence   to    substantiate    the  wisdom of the suggestion we made  to the Red Cross workers' a couple  With ! ������^ we^ks ago���������to  the  effect that a  No valves,      No pump.      Cannot leak op drip.      Strong.      Handsome.  Coal Oil costs you less when bought in 5-gallon lots or more. - To appreciate the "Never l<ail" you must see it.    Too many good points to enumerate here.  $2 is the price.    Try the can for 90 Days and if not satisfactory bring it back and we will refund the purchase price  Headquarters for UMC SHELLS���������the sort that never  fail to brine down a few more birds than the other kinds.  furnished in the September "report  of similar operations at Cranbrook.  the busy shipping season over��������� \ little intelligent team wore wouio  for express lots���������and with but two; helP materially ia trebling the out-  passenger trains a day to keep tab j Pufc ������* the Creston auxiliary���������is  on, and remembering that if citizens do forget about the new order  of things they are more like to According to this statement for  be an hour ahead of schedule rath-,a ������"gU������ afternoon's work a party  er than behind, this section can ;of Heven ladies turned in finished  well afford to jog along at at pres-1 w������rk as follows: 8 helpless shirts,  ent for tbe winter season, and then 18 s61*5 Py Jamas, 1 day shirt and 3  if thoroughly wised up it might be :hot wat*r bag covers. From Gold  well to make no change at all.  Had   the  move  be*  clock ahead instead of back the in- JJ "������\ .  havfl   K^���������    hailed ! Wel1 aS Several Pairs <>f socks*  These are just two of numerous  instances one comes across of what  scan  be  done with' a  little  united  to set t*ie  I en also conies word that Mrs. Chip-  i pendale's  girls* knitting  circle has  turned ia   100 wash   cloths as  ���������*���������  V 44 Jk-VL  MM  *������  **-"  with   satisfaction,   as being a real j.  daylight saver; but the move fro  mountain to Pacific time is just the!  M,TttMa    ������������������j    u^v    ������������������mm^   ������������������ j i and organized effort on the part of  reverse,   and    both   summer   and < . JT  -  x -l.       x     ���������.     -l. \ those m  charsre.      While  Creston  wmtpr even now have too tew hours *       .       "  may take some  satisfaction  out of  General  EE  British Columbia  Merchant  of daylight for both the man on  the land as well as the town  dweller-.  So far as soft fruit shipping is  concerned it will be up to the  growers to take any action they  may think v necessary to protect  their interests some time before the  summer schedule goes into effect.  Undoubtedly the hour-earlier arrival of the eastbound will necessitate the re-arrangement of picking  hours if the Creston berry is to  maintain its reputation as being  almost a thoroughly sun-ripened  product.  7IT���������  Keen Stook Up  Now that ample has elapsed for  the chaff to blow off from amongst  the wheat the papers at the coast  are beginning to view this mines  portfolio matter from its true perspective.  Or, at least, the Vancouver Province, the livest one of the lot, sizes  tilings up about right when it observes that Messrs. Smith and  Sloan, being coal mining authorities, and with coal mining pretty  well at its maximum capacity, that  branch of the industry is of small  importance as compared to the  ���������j;rcat poM9tbi!iti������-������B in metalliferous  mining.  "'Under tbe circumstances," continues the Province, "a good many  shrewd political observers at the  -.-upital expect to see the portfolio  uf mines go to John Keen of Kaslo,  or Mr. Thompson of Phoenix. Roth  of these men are said to understand  knowing that last year it sent T.55  pairs of handknit socks overseas  the showing is not so favorable  when we recollect that Mrs. H.  Hamilton alone knitted one-sixth  of the whole lot, aud that she.> and  two other^ ladies were responsible  for one-fourth of the total output.  Iu the matter 'f kneecaps Mrs.  Watson made 45 of the 64 supplied.  And of surgical and day shirts the  showing is just as lopsided when  one thinks of what might have  resulted had   the workers  heen or-  rrattm'raA  to*-' ���������������������������-*-��������� ...  Last week Canadian headquarters sent out an urgent appeal for  almost every line of supplies the  society requires and Creston*s output that we8k was 2 surgical shirts  and 1 set pyjamas���������surely altogether too meagre a response in view  of the Creston names that show  from week on the casualty lists.  The present system of sitting  around hoping against hope that  providence will send along ladies  to take work home with them and  thus make a really worth-while  showing has proved a bit of a failure. Anything new, with some  real sociability mixed in with it,  can hardly be worse than the  present state of affairs.  THOSE  WHO,   FROM  TIME TO TIME,   HAVE  FUNDS  REQUIRING  INVESTMENT,   MAY   PURCHASE AT  PAR  DoraiQN of Canada debenture stock  UN   SUAftS u#   $500  OR  tXxXXF-XmXTf  THEREOF  Principal repayable 1st October, 1919..  ��������� Intei efit payable half-yearly, 1st April apd 1st October by cheque (free  of; exchange at any chartered Bank in Canada) at the. rate"'.of-five psf cent  -.&*%���������-.;**fnnum from the date^of purchase. ''���������',''  Hfolders of this stocl? will have the privilegeof surrendering at par and  accrued interest, as the equivalent of cash, in payment of any- allotment  made'under any future war loan issue in Canada other than an issue of  Treasury Bills or other like short date security.  Proceeds of this stock are for war purposes only.  A commission, of one-quarter of one per cent will be allowed to recognized bond and stock brokers on allotments made in respect of applications  for this stock which bear their stamp.  For application forms apply to the Deputy Minister of Finance, .Ottawa.  DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE, OTTAWA,  OCTOBER  7th,  1916.  .'H  Tlse mmm***S0 When  Now that the soldiers' vote, both  in Canada and overseas, has been  counted tho people arc getting curious as to whon Lieutenant-Governor   Barnard   will   summon   Mr.  Brewster to assume command of  the  metal  mining  business, while I the B.C. ship of state.  the  appointment .of  either   would  satisfy tho  claims  oi' Weat Koote ���������'  nay for cabinet representation."  Thc elimination of Messrs. Sloan  iiiiti Smith <>*i ib������- hi-.in't', of being  identified with ihn coal mining  branch vv< ild also seem to put A.  I. Fisher of Kornio out of tho running iik well, and an between Mr.  Keen and Mr. Thompson oornpari-  noun all   along   tbe   line are all in  f"*."'?���������  "f **���������������*     ������������..'������r������l>J������r     for    1.11!jj <Ukll-  Htituency, ho that if Mr. BreWster  hiHuttii ou having tlu- bent ponnible  m-'ti for tb������*   difiWont.   dopartmcntH  Wero it not for the fact that tho  ballots, poll books, oho., muHb bo in  the hands of tho deputy provincial  secretary for his scrutiny before he  can cc-Tt3������y .any of tho candiclatc-n  duly eleetod, Promior Boweor could  retire any day now. But seeing  this little formality must bo complied with, aud thu documents are  coming hy mail, it in like to be tho  middle of November before the  n iv.U4 ..i it, lultnhiistraUon vacates  otflc'i wc fancy.  However,   now   it   in   dotiriitoiy  known   who  arc  elected   it is not  likely many days will elapse after  the provincial secretary receives the  oversers election budget, till Mr.  Bowser and his associates bid good  bye to their portfolios and public  greatness���������seeing the premier is  the only one of seven or eight to do  a come-back.  It is important, too, that the new  rulers should be installed as quickly  as possible. There are several important appointments of one sort  and another to make in oonneotion  with the legislation recently passed  as well as vacancies that havo occurred, including another Small  Debts' Court judge afc Creston.  Tho prospective ministers will be  new to their work and will require  some time to acquaint themselves  with all tho features of it, to say  nothing of having to go baek to  their constituents for re-eleotion.  In addition to all thoso the house  will bc going into sossion in about  three months and much time will  he required by tho cabinet to deoido  just what legislation will bo submitted for consideration at tho 11)17  sossion, and still more of it required  for its preparation.  If even the minor fraction of tho  adverse criticism Mr. Brewster levelled at the present government is  correct prompt action on tho part  of tho new cabinet in desirable. The  public wiii Im> looking for some  corrective legislation at this session  and the few weeks between now  and the time the house meets will  be none too many to ensure mature  deliberation beforehand of even a  limited sessional agenda.  Patronage  And this talk of getting tho  Brewster government into office  naturally brings to the fore that  gentleman's pre-election pledge  that if returned he would abolish  patronage, or something to "that  effect.  In giving that pledge Mr. Brewster made no effort to explain just  what ho considered "patronage,"  whioh may, or may not, have been  good politics���������tho opposition would  have accused him of reneging no  matter how definitely ho might  have explained the proposition.  Partisans of both politioal stripes  will interpret thc phrase to suit  party ends no doubt, but we fanoy  with most pooplo so long art Mr.  Browstor takes good oaro that tho  various positions his government  will bo called upon to fill from timo  to timo aro given to persons competent to fill them tho charge of violating his "no patronage" pledge  will fail to fitiolc.  The people as a wholo are not  i ntorested in an officeholder's hefore-  tippointmont political loaning^.  Their chief concern  io   as  to his  ability to do the work devolving  upon him without fear or favor.  If there are enough Liberals available to competently administer any  and all positions that may be open  there will be no complaint if they  are given first consideration.  If, however, incornpatcnt supporters of the government are taken  into the civil servioe, or positions  oreated for the express purpose of  taking oaro of some party friend,  theBO are abuses of patronagowhicb  operate to the injury of public interests, nnd by no hocus pecus can  Mr. Brewster tolerate such practice  and still hope to have the people  boliovd that he has made good on  no-patronage promise.  What B.C wants is a competent  lot of officials at the minimum expense. Ability and willingness to  do tho work required up to standard should be the chief and only  requirements of all officials. Strict  adherence to fchene features will get  tho government into no trouble  even though they adopt tho frater-  ijifil idea of "All thitigt! bamfe' cqvml  givo tho brother tho proforcnoo."  Cranbrook council ban decided to  change to Pacific tlmo on October  20th, and thus bo In lino with tbe now  order of things on the O.P.H.  C?f**',*^***"**,-V     ������rM������t**������V������lMntjN   lut,v<>i    (ihIcmI  the council to make Wcduefiaay fttftois  noon the oomuutaory weekly half-  holiday commonolng next year,  .  "M^-&&-JU>L*m&**ttb������i ���������*.Jfe!^j*'i*Hj*^^^ jgSflfi'fi  .T^S-5*������*iSJjSffi^  \mtdmmMtLh,tim)lt%Sim*ia*  <v  mm  ���������^'���������.asa^Pif^ateftfiidBJAiit fciSllllliiffl I'M  l������!iv;i;>y-.-..��������� i   ���������������������������in  ������a^������������   .        ., --��������� ���������      ,r     i    i . ,'        ', ���������  ��������� ,... j  ���������        r       'in   ..mi. ��������� " V* ���������'" ��������� i.'^'    ' n, .1 i     A     ..  A A .      nl  ���������������������������������������������n .,..���������.    j    , ',    ,..; -,���������. ���������������������������-,'--"-���������tt   ":','��������� ."���������r- :        '."'-������������������,      '���������   '" ~    -*���������***���������!  V A- T^ -     ���������'���������'...���������'���������     ��������� ���������     ������������������   '    i ���������������������������    ���������.'���������.'...       .. . ,���������     -. **."*  .���������������������������i- -,1, ' .��������� '   .   ���������������������������������������������*' ��������� ������������������. ���������i :������������������.'?���������;: ������������������.���������... '.   . '  .���������������������������.:���������'������������������ : .���������*���������_"'"���������. ..[������������������ ,....;. , *|  Butt6rvSs'bemg Sold wrapped'm plain paper  which is against the law,' and inspectors have a  way of dropping around when not expected.  *^v.~  ;4.U9  -JVT~-  .  JO .-._  iiefcialiF  X.* ���������  I/11W1  "fwere  iour  u&sS ;by the  at Nelson the  ���������#���������  Better be on the safe^side by using Printed  Wrappers; * ^ Yott' cani^ge-t- theni ������������������������������������afe*The Review  Office in stock without your name, or printed  specially, anv wordinsr desired.  To arrive TO-DAY, Oct. 27  miles'df th:  Red Cross operations  past year.  The Governmentroad gang are put-  tingbn two' 'new steel cables on the  suspension bridge across the Kootenay  at Waldo.    .   :  25 BASKETS IN THE LOT  Guaranteed first-class Fruit  N  In two years Nelson has given over  $22,009 to the Patriotic Fund. Abbufc  $l(^000was given for the year ending  last month. ...,, ���������  Cranbrook high school, which was  closed'for two 'weeks owing to the  resignation of the principal, re-opened  on Monday.  In making up supplies for their  year Kaslo Red Cs*bss wbrker-s used  2098 yards. of flannelette and 27  spindles of wool. "PA^  The sawmill at Bonners  shut down.   Low  water in  and dealt with  .,4. *** ��������� ��������� -���������--���������'  ��������� 'We still have a limited number of  7 ��������� ' .-������������������-. . ���������..:������������������,. .   . . . .  \, --������������������'.������������������'..,.-��������� ,   -     ;- ���������".'',.  Hyacmth9 Narcissus and Easter Lily  Bulbs in stock.    They are moving fast.    To be sure of  yours buy this week.  raiiM  General Store  Phone 81 Creston  MSB  tm***t  Transfer, Livery and Feed mmm  Sleighs and Cutters.      Team Sleighs  Single And Double Harness and Supplies  Several Sets  of Second-Hand  Harness  Coal and Wood For Sale.  LmmmmO flS  m-W mm <flp ^jffrO  Phone SS  MtsGBEMTH  Sirdar Ave. Greston  n  BIBBMBM  Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co. of  Canada, Limited  OFPIQE,  TRAIL,  SMELTINQ   AND  REFINING   DEPARTMENT  BRITISH COLUMBIA  Perry   is  the river  made it Impossible to get logs down  to the null ponds.  Trail   News:   The    Sullivan   mine.  East Kootenay,  is the largest shipper |  in the current ore report, exceeding  even the Rossland mines.  ���������' For their year just closed Kaslo  Reid Cross^ladies shipped 367 pairs pf  hand-knit socks overseas, Also 544  hospital and'tiight shirts.    '  r-Jj].-  News: Due to lack of coke at the  company's Trail smelter, this week's  ore shipments, from Rossland are the  smallest thus far this year,    ���������^   None of the sawmills near Revelstoke are running this year and the  board of trade thinks the city council  should explain the reason why.  Ledge: This week near Silverton,  Jim Faulds shot a beat* that weighed  600 pounds. The bear had stolen a  pig and carried it to the top of a tree.  The Mail has figured it out that  Fernie imported 151,200 pounds of  butter and 89s000 dozens of eggs last  year, thus sending some $72,000 out of  the cit^s  In .matters religious the Church of  England leads the way in Gran brook  With 125 families, to 1-22 Presbyterians,  119 Methodists, "59' 'Roman Catholics,  and 30 Baptist.      ;^"t  .The Mail has the .figures to show  that inside.a:year. Fernie will buy outside the province over ������2000,000 worth  of butter, eggs, poultry, pork, hay,  oats, w heat and chopped feed.   .;  Greenwood Ledger In the Kaslo  riding Prohibition had a majority of  205 votes, with 56 spoiled ballots.  Some voters must haye been wet  when they voted di*y with a spoiled  ballot.  In taking the religious census at  Cranbrook it was found there were  10 families who were not sure what  denomination they should be classed  with. The town has 3 Christian  Scientists.  Great is the soil and climate in the  Kaslo country. Some potatoes grown  in 1013 which were planted in : 1015  and failed to germinate on being left  in the ground produced a whale of a  crop this year.  Trail News: Manager Godfrey of  the B.C. Selphone Co., who was here  early this week, states that orders  have been placed foi 30 new drops for  the Trail switchboard, to keep up  with tho demands for telephones in  this city.  nPkjo   mrtat. mrnnrtmtigint.  subject from an Institute point of  view was the discussion on dividing  the Province into five districts, one of  which will include1 West * Kootefifty'  and the Boundary, and will meet  annually in Nelson. These -district  conventions will meet some time, prior  to the annual convention held at  Victoria.  At the district convention resolutions will' be passed affecting their  particular sections ���������' and thon passed^  on to the central convention for en-  dorsation. thus eliminating a lot of  repetitions of resolutions as in the  past.  Mr. Scott also outlined the department's intentions regarding delegates  attending both district and central  conventions. For district conventions  each Institute will pay its own delegates expenses and for the central  conventionheid'at*^ ictoria the department will pay the delegates, railway fare only.  Ih the course of his remarks Mi*.  Scott, took a crack at morbid Institutes  which were Institutes ���������* in name  spHlL.be made to the Superintendent of  provincial Police for renewal of the  hotel license to sell liquor by retail in  the hotel known as the ,King George  Hotel situated at Ctaestbli*.. in the Province of British Ooluinbia.  Dated this" 4th day of October, 191&  3. H. DOYLE,  For the Creston Trading Co.  Renewal of License  Section 41  Notice is.hereby. given that on the  first day,of December nest application  will be made to the Superintendent of  PrbvincialJ Police for renewal of the  hotel license to sell liquor by retail in  the hotel known as the Creston Hotel,  situated;at.Creston.in. the Province of  British Columbia.   .  Dated this 4th day of October, 1016.  MRS. J. B. MORAN, Proprietress  Geo.. Meade, Manager  Kenewai ot License  ana were an  in  io  only  wepart-  ���������s.-'fl  Lm  AND R&F?INER&  purohasers of  GSOLD.  SILVER.   COPPER AND Li-AD  ORBS  TRAIL BRAND PIQ LBAO. BLUE3TONE AND SPELTER  expense  ment.   He  strongly   urged   them to  wake up and become live wires.  Among the motions and discussions  that took place perhaps the most important to those west of Kootenay  Lake was on the co-operative creamery. The delegates were all strong for  this, and a committee of all the delegates was formed to take, the matter  up witk their respective Institutes  with a view of starting one in Nelson.  A resolution which caused quite a  discussion was one to start Institute  displays at the Nelson fair, in place  of the district displays as in the past,  which have waned- Mr, MeHardy; ft  director of the Nelson fair board, was  present and stated that he thought  the fair officials would make grants to  Institutes showing, as they had done  for district displays. A committee of  those present was formed to take the  matter up with their owu Institute/  A lively discussion took place on the  question of short coai-ses, especially  those bearing on dairying and live  stock, which some of the delegates  thought had not been given due  attention. After considerable talk on  the matter Mv. Scott suggested thai  if each delegate present would urge  his Institute.to ask for short courses  on these lines he would endeavor to  get competent men with some equipment to give these lectures and  demonstrations. He .also suggested  that perhaps the Departihent! eould be  induced to make up medicine chests  and instruments, with instructions  for usr'g them for fir^t aid to the  dairyman and stock raiser. These  first aid outfits to be under the direction of the Institute and to be centrally  located for the benefit of its members.  Tbe price of these chests he thought  would run between $25 and $50  according to contents.  A resolution was offered looking towards the extermination of gophers,  but on discussion  it was shelved as it  had been dealt with at Victoria convention.    Mr. Scott promised that the  Department  would  send   out  again 1  this year gopher poison in    he tablet!  form as they did last year.   Experiments this year had shown that poison  grain had not been as.succcHsfnl an the  tablets.  Several other resolutions were offered but us they had been brought up  and dealt with at, the last Victoria  Convention thoy were dropped.   Pa.  Section 41  Notice is hereby given that on the  first day of Decern bernext application  will be made to the Superintendent: of  Provincial Police for renewal of the  hotel license to sell liquor by retail in  the hotel known as Kitchener Hotel.  situated at Kitchener in the Province  of British Columbia;  Dated this 4th day of October, 1916.  LENA   ANDEEN,   Owner and  Administrator,  Renewal of License  Section 41  Notice is hereby given * that on the  first day of December next application  will be made to the Superintendent of  Provincial Police for renewal of the  hotel license to sell liquor by retail in  the hotel known as Erickson Hotel,  situated at Erickson in the Proyince  of British Columbia.  m^fxattmsvx  vu������o *s;uis  Vr. W. HALL. Proprietor.  GET YOUR  Plumbin  eneiat  Tinning sun  riepaii Wort*  Done  by  W. fi,. Embree  'The.6a,r.i*i!fpotion ot .w.ork   we)'  doue  01 rrtr-*J t-i-Vr" a<*r.efctiie urib" i������" .foreiorren'  ��������� ��������������������������������� nm tv-m-mus  DBAIjBB ik  Saddle and Harness  Repairing a Speciatly  THE CANADIAN BANK  JTm\ Trt     j/*^* mf^m. "\%\ Itt "W M *BP^ TT^ jT*t'\T*\  ���������.^%mJr,*IL.       ^1^ ^mjf. mm.*Ju. JLVJr. MP^t JkPtk. *m*������/ Jm\m*1  Sill EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LLU.  JOHN AIMJO. G������n������ral te*x**xc*. H. V. V.  n.c.i,., rujuiiif ui  JONhS. Aixtt't lieueral MannKf  CAPITAL, $15,000,000     RESERVE FUND, $13,500,000  BANKING   BY   MAIL  Accounts may be opened at every branch of Thc Canadian Bank  ol Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the same  .   t...%..   ��������� ��������� . . ������ .*...*...*        ���������.*������..  .1 ������ , ��������� ���������������   .'* mr. m   t  U111.IU1 MtiMHiuu a-9 10 j������ftvc.M V.W ���������xx% *c������ijU*n v>C|/ai< LincilUi Ot Uie -pdlllV b  business.   Money may ba'deposited ox withdrawn in this way as  ^>ii*,uici*jriiy ar. by a i^r-^jud visit io ihe Bank.  **i  x~j.  ir*    ���������mTyxyx'TTfrvitvt  * nt   .��������������� *mm***tvm.\fA  \mtX \jxjmj\JX*  W������3  ���������joiu/iicu  Institute Offered  Medicine Chests  For tho information of tliOoe members who were unable to attend the  October meeting of tho Farmers In*  otttuto we publish in full president  Jas. Cook's report of the Kootenay  and Boundary Institute's convention  at Nelson last month.  While the document gives, In  tabloid form, the outstanding features  of the get-togotheiy af tor reajrling tho  official statement Mr. Cook dealt wltli  r.omo of thr-. mattera atE*rc:ttAr length,  and handed out many suggestinnn  gathered at the hoiihIoiih which went  to show tho dolegatea prosont camo to  discuss practical onbjectw in connection  with Institute aotlvltios, and to get  and givo information. Shorn of its  introduction thc report rood:  14 InutttutotJ woro i-epit'sontod out  Ol tit iUikoU Ml liMH* <ilU'!|'ll.KIH    110111  MH*  Kootenay and Boundary diititrlcto.  W. IC. Scott, deputy wiinltitor of  agrlctiltiire* preuUled ovor tho meat*  ing when a number of uubjocta bearing on lubUttiuM wot-M. wau taken up  Tenders for Clearing Land  Tenders will bo.received up to nu'cl  including November 15th, 1010, for  slashing the east 22 Acres of Block  18, Lot 812���������next .T. M. Craigie's, and  abutting Alex. Dnporry's. Branches  must be removed from all logs and  poles 0 inches and ovor at tho butt.  Limbs, stumps and brush put in wln-  rowfl so they can bo burned. All logs  and poles piled on skids in clear places  whoro (Ire will not got at them.  Lowi-at nor any lender not nect'tJt.aKily  accepted. Address all communications  to JOB JACKSON, P.O. Box 215,  Cranbrook, B.C.  Renewal of License  Section 41  Notice in Lioroby giv������.vn that on tho  first day of Dai'ombornoxfc, application  will bo made to tho Superintendent of  Provincial Polloo for renewal of tho  hotel llcnnse to sell liquor by retail In  tbo hotel known as the Slroar Hotel,  situated at Sirdar. In tho Provlncn of  British Columbia.  Pitted this Uh day of October, IflJfl.  Win MOHIUH, Prop.  Rcncwal.of.Liccr^c  ��������� 8wt'<0������V *1, .���������:'-,' ���������*���������.���������;���������;' ,  Not.lwV l������ bniv.bv orlven   that ������w������   tht*  llrutday of Uocumbor next application  Synopsis of Coal Mining  Regulations  Coal mining rights of the Dominion,.,  in Manitoba,. Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yiikon|Torritory, tbeNorth-  West Territories and in a portion of  "the Proyinceof British Columbia, may  bo leased for a terra of twenty-one  years renewal for a  further term-of  m.m  JX.X.XXI mmtt xxt. UIIMUUI  JCUUii     Oi     ut*     iil J  acre.   Not more than H.IMO acres will  bo leased to one applicant.  Application fox a lease must be made  by the applicant in person to the Agent  or Sub-Agoiit of the district in which  the rights applied for aro situated.  In surveyed territory the land must,  be described by sections, or legal sub-  divioionu oj sections, and in unmirvoy-  ed territory tho tract applied foi* shall  bo staked out by tlio applioant himself.  JbOach application must bo accompanied by a foe of $5 which will bo refunded if the rights applied for are not,  available, but not otherwise. A royalty  shall bc paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate of ilvecentu  por ton.  Tlio person operating tbe mine shall  furnish tho Agent, with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of  nvtitt'CMc'.ut'i'blu coai mined anu pay the  royalty thereon. If tho coal mining  rights aro not being operated, ouch  returns should bo furnished at least  anew a year.  eThe lease will Include tho coal mln-  g righto only, rescinded by Chap.  27 of d-CGeorgo V. aunouted to 12tb  June, 1014.  For full information application  should bo nnule to tlio FUm*������.U������-v <r������f tli*>  tlopottnumt af tho Iutorior, Ottawa,  or to any aorent or SulvA front nf  Dominion Ijandii.  W. W, COIIY, Deputy Mlalptorof  the 1 iiUirior.  #ulvj������rt.lw������������Y������^������W.vvfU not, WhA  ^**tHxtm*ifM,4!������&������siiKi&i������i^^3?^^ '^*rrr.  ��������� ^.,.'..L'���������  rftj?iffi.frs*J'fj(iii>������  ^^L^^^^:^.;.:: I^;^,.^;.^^^^--;^ ^  ;j ^.^ .Wl-M.^rj-^*^  hv J :  'si.  i  is.-i..������  if  ,'L' -  St  f  1  1!  I  ������������������ fl  'A  -'. X:  ���������ti  El  ft  Ir-  ,v.>-  B.?  Iri'  1; 't  ! J  li.: ���������  ^jjlxu, jcvjai.r j-taj.sv.g ^a**^**.* .a. ������������������'*���������'������������������������������������ p ���������a*** 3-ss  ******-  Don't Cough Your Throat Sore, Don't Suffer,  "Nerviiine," !t Will Cure You Quickly  USE  Women As Inventors'  The  Annoyance of a Bad  Cough Soothed Away in  One Day  so   bad  for  the   throat  as  and     nothing half  so  an-  hacking,  or    con-  Nothing  coughing*,  noying as  that     is  sneezing,  Stantly clearing lbs  throat.  Rub on Nerviline  ���������it vill  save    you  all further pain and distress. Even  otic good rub with this soothing, penetrating remedy will bring the finest  relief, will take out that rasping  soreness, will slop that irritating  tickle that makes you want to cough  so  n inch  In rubbing ori Nerviline, you use  something safe, reliable and sure to  cure. Its action is marvellous. The  way it sinks in through the tissues���������  the Way it penetrates to 'the "scat "of ���������  theV congestion is really a wonder.  For chronic colds, coughs, or sore  to have someone near by]throat you can't beat this  trusty old  ..family remedy.   Its  name   spells      cure  for    any     sort    of  pain  m   thc.     joints  or    muscles.       Try  it    for   rheumatism,  rub   it   on   for   sciatica     or   lumbago,  test it out for neuralgia or headache  -���������in   every   case   you'll   find   amazing  virtue  and  curative   power   in   Nerviline-.  Most   families  bottte    alwavs  Many    Notable  Inventions    Are the  Result of Ingenuity of Women  Women arc generally considered  lacking in -inventive ability. The  truth is that they have been taking-  out patents steadily since 1790. It  must be confessed that these ideas  have not always turned out a complete success, but, then, the world  has progressed as a result of many  mistakes other than those of inventors. How few women ever realise  as they ply their crochet needle that  a Scotch woman, Christian  et* of the Laird of  Balgarrau, in Renfrewshire, who was  the first to produce linen thread, as  far back as 1729; her idea was developed later by" the big Paisley linns  of Clark and Coats.  Silk  weaving  was  invented  by  the  You   can't   beat  it  was  keep  ham.lv  tue  on  large   Mic  the' shelf;  Nerviline   isn't  something  new.     U; trial  size 25c, at all  dealers  iu  inedi-  ha's  a  record  of  forty  years  of  won- ^"'f. or the  Catarrhozonc  Co., King-  derful  success  behind it.  fstou,  Lanada.  The Birth ot* a Natio  31  1  Famous and Prosperous Mecca  where    iVLeccu  i .���������..,.-��������� !..,��������� 1 ...,  ,^���������.. ,!���������:���������,,v.i  .      __  __ _, . mm     .. !*"*���������>���������   JJ������a   own   tJJVMaiiuOu  A Thrilling Drama Shown m Motion ;ous  Pictures  The   unqualified  the production of  mons "Birth of a Natioa" last season  decided C V. Walker, ci' Winnipeg:,  to again secure the attraction for his  western towns, and the mightiest  spectacle, the eighth, wonder of the  world, will ir.ak-; its reappearance at  the Walker, Winnipeg, for three days  with uailv matinees, commencing  >ten*I>er 28.  ., t.,......,1  iu.tej..cjju-  wife of the fourth Kmperor of China,  in thc dim ages of antiquity; a woman in the harem of an Indian prince  invented the weaving of cashmere  shawls; the same clever woman or  her mother (authorities differ on the  point) discovered attar of roses;  while a poor Italian woman rediscovered thc secret of Venetian point  lace, which had been lost for nearly  600 *ycars. Madame Curie's triumph  . ixj,  the  discoverer  of  radium  is     still  and prosperous city many    ceil-{frcsil  m  Uic public  mind, as  is  that  .tunes   beiorc  it  became   the  metrop-|0f Dr. Maria Montessori, whose novel  success attending ;phs ot Islam,    lhe Makoraba ot Pto- | methods    are  likelv   to   revolutionise  D. W. Griffith's fa-;l������"y  and the  capital  of the Hedjaz, lUie art 0f teaching'in thc near future.  it has been a  notable trading  centre .     ���������_  since very early times, and the fam-1  ous Kaaba, originally a heathen  shrine containing a miraculous fetish,  attracted pagan pilgrims long before  Mahomet made it thc holiest shrine  of the Moslem world. Except for  the Great Mosque and a few minor  ��������� buildings, most of Mecca has been  modern    times.���������London  for taking rust and  stains off knives  To Continue Exploration  Thursuav,  So  This will be ihe third visit (th.- pic- rebuilt in  ture having already been presented Chronicle,  four   weeks   is:   Winnipeg 5.   and   there  is  little   doubt   capacity  again   be   the   order,  the   Manitoba      capita I.  to  ior  the  ���������.JrDiteum   i iieatr  iicuses     will  After   playing  the   com pan v  Bran-  Irate    Business    Man:    You    book  iff..tiN    jni't-^.    *"������lti    co    :jno*r-\~   i.-illj    ���������v.-nnf  ..5.. ..     ���������_....w     .-. ~     ,.^j     ������ - j       ������������������ -���������     _r   confounded     nerve     and     impudence  that  I   cannot  find  words  to   express  *.n .-, TJ <T  I     Agent:   Then   I   am   the  very   man  .you  want.     1  am  selling dictionaries.  SAVE THE CHILDREN  Zam-Buk  cain. stops bleeding and brings  esse. Perseverance, with Zasu-  Bvk, means cure. Why net prove  fhjg 1   Mi Jbrvseigajind Store**���������  Taxation Of Land Values  goes  UOli.  Monday, October 2nd. where two performances  daily  will be offered.     Regina   is   the   next   city   to   be   played,!  where  two   shows daily,  commencing- j  Thanksgiving Day,  Monday,  October;  9,  will   be  presented. }  ���������*  For three days, commencing Thurs- I Mothers who keep a box of Baby's  clay, October 19ch, the Empire!Own Tablets in the house may feel  Theatre, Saskatoon, will be played, j that the lives of their little oriis are  and from there-the organization trav- .reasonably safe during the hot wca-  eis  West  towards  Vancouver. ther.     Stomach   troubles,   cholera  in-  Arraugenients arc being made to fantum and diarrhoea carry off thou-  run special trains from the small sands of little ones every summer, in  towns and villages into Winnipeg, most cases~bccause thc mother does  Brandon, Regina and Saskatoon, and not have a safe medicine at hand to  there is little doubt that many will give promptly. Baby's Own Tablets  avail themselves of thc opportunity cure these troubles, or if given occa-  to see the greatest photoplay the sionally io the w*ell child will prevent  world has ever seen or is likely to.their coming on. The Tablets are  see  for many a day. jguaranteed  by  a  government  analyst  "The Birth of a Nation" as pre-jto be absolutely harmless even to the  scnlcd in the above towns will bc pre-!new-born babe. 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"You aren't writing love letters," was the supervisor's  rebuke, "but railroad reports." Soon  after this ultimatum was received by  Garvey, thc memorable cloudburst  and flood occurred at Trunkeyvilte.  This is the laconic report that Garvey sent in:  "The    river  is -where  thc  railroad  Stefansson Plans to Discover 'Extent  of the New Northland  A letter has been received by G. J.  Desbarats, deputy minister of naval  service, from Dr. Anderson, of the  Stefansson northern v exploration"!  party, who some time reached Nome.  The letter gives additional details of  the work done by the party and supplies some information as to/Stefansson's future movements.  The letter states that Stefansson's  plan had been to make a. northerly  circuit 'around the new land, which hc  discovered a year ago, with the ob^  jeer. ,������>i discovering itsj extent and  whether any territory existed north  of there.  As a result of the fact that his  ships did not succeed in getting far  north in 1915, however, and of trouble with his dogs, the explorer was  unable to carry out his design. He  had reached his newiland. last May,  but it is understood tliat he will winter at Winter Harbor, on Melville  The  schooner    Polar Bear,  The day has long since passed;  when the doctrines of Henry George  could be ridiculed or scouted as unworthy of serious attention.- They  have found /much acceptance in Europe, and particularly in Great Brit-  'ain; where there is "how"a widespread  feeling in favor of the taxation bf  "unearned increment" ���������-a feeling  which crystallized into legislation  some years ago when' Mr. Lloyd  George was Chancellor of the Exchequer. In Australasia, in the Canadian West, and elsewhere, the principle of differentiation, between taxation of land values and taxation of  improvements ���������.. continually V gains  ground. "Progress and Poverty"  blazed the way for what has now  become a large and important school  of thought in legitimate political economy.��������� Hamilton Spectator.  ake tke Liver  _ ���������?������*> -  one of the vessels of "the expedition,,    g ���������***������% if'e  |JsgfW  was  expected lo reach this port this j    *>*'*& ���������**���������������**& ***>������'  Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.  Two bankers were talking about a  financier  who   had  failed.  "And did poor foe accept his failure  like  a  man?"  asked  thc first.  "Exactly like a man," the second  answered, ".tie. blamed it on his extravagant   wife."  "Bridget, why have j-oti put the  fly-paper out on the grass?"  "There ain't no more flies to ketch  in  the  house,  mum."  No matter how deep-rooted the  corn or wart may bc, it must yield  ���������to Holloway's Corn Cure if used as  directed.  was."���������Tidioutc,  TW  ���������-.,  News.  Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.  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And whrre's lhe man: I told you lo  ffrl   shod?  iih-   11,in.1;   .^iioii!      i    1 ii<iii|-, 111   )uii  said   shol!     I've  just   been   a-innyiug  Ol       V ������. .UvJ   I v.ll.  W.     N.     U.     1124  "**&0 oupreme Oiocolate  A pure, unsweetened, cooking chocolate. Easily  melted and mixed, containing that rich chocolate  flavor that can only be obtained from the finest  and most expensive cocoa beans.    For years tho  .*   f       . l-*������, ...   nt^.n|n|.������  <������������������*   I'nnorli  Sum evciyw 11010.  A-17   \m&Mffiik-\\mmXm^  Made in. Canada*  IM*������^IM������^Wfcjai>'IIM-||li im 'Mil" IN II n'-.i^n^^^M^g  ������������������it*  ��������� :-���������'. -fS  ���������1  AM  *******  tmmmmtmtlllm  mm********-*  mWmmi f%iwr&i&f������-JmH*<t������$tttSZi!*j!i  i*'V'.a."'ii.-fl"t ���������--iWtyr'W^**';  '���������trtl-rr-jfj-f-.::^.  tppplp^^^  iipiiiispiliiiiiiiii^^^^  SSSSOSifc^  ^TIWNG^il: WD: MKfflER.  AKESF  IX  WIFE   HELPS THE  SOLDIER-FARMER TO  SUCCEED  Addition to the Pension, for the Maintenance of Both the Holdiei  And his Family, While he is -Receiving Elementary Trainng  Small Grain Exhibits  The  Influence for Better Crops Resulting from Fair Activities  The  use  of  better  seed  offers  one  of ,the   most, effective ..methods   for  increasing   the   yield- of   farm   crops.;  Thc   work   of   seed   improvement   as-!  sociations   and  individuals   who   care-]  ���������  | fully   select   their   own   seed,   has   re-|  fi      r- .   i     \t  i ���������-^    - o        "~i   \ii~m. xx~ P.    aiu. .^ ,   ,.   :.������ i suited   in''the   general   use   of   better/  The Government.'Iu Making a'Special  Monetary   Allowaxice   ni|seed    'Competition in producing and  'displaying crop products of high  I quality at agricultural fairs is an-  ! other influence which should have an  |increasing benefit on the quality of  ���������seed planted. The influence for bet-  ���������ter crops resulting from fair' activi-  r1       ,.       t.   ... Uies   would   be   greater   if   more   pcr-  I'Or ri:������r ���������Oifi.erS)sons  exhibited   their products  and  if  4. S?flf fIDl?;,#f;  ���������*M *.      m*m*   j"   ss 25.  ��������� S5  B B2T   fii ���������   S i5x S^  mU  WHAT IS RESULT OF BOASTED GERM AN EFFICIENCY  o-  i  In the Face of Her Gross Underestimation of Brave Little Belgium  And of the Moral and Physical Resources of France, Great  Britain, and Allies, Can^Germany Be Called Efficient?   ._ . _���������_o : ":. ;; .������������������.:.   .  win How Britain Care3  'What   makes   you   think   you  succeed as a farmer?" i.  The question-was asked of a return-'    cd soldier who had expressed a very ; -.-  'strong desire to get on the land. I Former   French    Minister    Loud  "My wife," hc answered. j ;Praise of.;British System  "Do you mean to say- she persuaded  you?"  "No,, I didn't need any persuading.  But she wants lo go as much as I  A*"   \  Domestic Gas From Straw  _.. ���������*  g^eateT'care" would   be   taken  in  the SimPIe  Fiant  to  Use  U^  the  St  Pi!s and Supply Fuel and  Light  lo.  Do*):  s    she     understand    Avhat  in'selection and preparation of exhibits  ��������� . j    A   creditable  exhibit  of field  crops  ��������� should   contain   products  which     arc  Adolplic   ���������   Brisson,       formerly '.i,a  typical of the'district   they represent.  French   -minister,     has    returned    to,. The-crops     comprising     an     exhibit  Paris     from     a     visit  to  the  British  should   be   harvested   when   in   prime  front.    He gives'a very vivid and" in-'condition   and  should  be  of  superior  teresting description  of how  a  g  'army is administered  in  thc field  Of     "    " -    - ������������������     ���������  Thc day of applying a match to the  straw stack after threshing is over  and - thereby burning up a whole  years "fuel  is  now passed, find from  _ No nation can long be called en?-  cient which fails to advance the general life of humanity. As the war  drags on, with its ever-increasing  wake of ruin and irreparable loss,  Germany is fast losing her "place in  the sun," and stands as tbe "horrible1  example" of utter failure along the  avenues of real world service. '. That  she is powerful no one can deny; but  that her strength is     of the eternal  "She .ought. She was born and  brought up on a farm; she is ii������t  afraid of hard work; and she prefers  to live in the country anyway."  "'For   the   children's   sake?"  "We've got none,worse luck.    No,  ctl ft     ltt-nc     *���������*���������     Vtftli-r.*.     Iia^oaI' "  That man's "battle  is~half  won.  He   was  and he    does not rmagrnc    mat  wc... .,..��������� -.. - . .  little experience  he possesses  is en- 1���������V "!"* V^  ?       ������ ������ ' .   !������ot over rrpe  oueh      He  is  theTefor  fakim? advan-1       I admired their caun-confidence in ..as    early    as    possible after harvest.  ta# of the     elementarv traSifine     inlth<! sovereign ^^" o������ Grcat Britain.'Rain a���������d other conditions of weather  su?h������rnitfersCasTrdSnTa���������d%������������fJA,^y8    lhey raadc    the samc state; may     cause     discoloration. .  Usually  ��������� tr-v~t������i'������;inp-     alrendv    itarii-d  bv  ilip' "     ��������� gram vshoiud be  rcclcaned    in    order  Mllit?^ Hosp Ss' cSmmisriSS- a?l /"Wc English need time to under- Jhat hi chaff ; and foreign matter  some of its Convalescent Hospitals; if*"1- TtWe *d "ot know war like niay bc removed. It should also be  and he aims at taking- a. course of ithis* ll had .to b(r learned. \\ e are graded to remove very large and un-  ?"ra instruction late? on at on of slow in,starting, but wc are there ������crsized kcrna]s. Unless the rules of  the a-ricultttraT schools onC  of no.v, and nothing can stop tis.' _ the   fair  spccify. otherwise,  the  sam-  As frnotS aeo   the       Thc gr-ateSt col������mendation is due ples shouiS COnsist of one peck.  rJA ��������� f"noimceu, somc tV"e ago, tne t the sanitary S���������rv ce On principle Sheaf er-iin wheat *Oa,ts and barlev  ?n ,r, Jnak^. special monetary |thc E ]ish ysoldiers do .n*t ,vant j-���������<Jf |iai?/a^���������feV ^r Xaf cx-  allowances,    in addition    to the pen- ;h    ra , ������    Thp fighter mum  live and f-u-. naivestea    tor  snear   ex  sion   for the maintenance of both the? ,    V      ngn,ter  musl  Uvc  d"a  hibits    as     soon     as  the crop is  ma-  sion, 101  ine maintenance ot ootn tne  b      cared    for    under    a   tent.      Hc!tur��������� ami before-it is thorouehlv drv  soldrer and his family while he is be- .^.^fc.; Uf.*.*.^.   .^i^-i;---. :_ A���������_:p_ "���������ir*- ana ?9J?rc n...   "-noiougiirj,  orj.  ' ine- trained   if hc has to learn a new       .      cs ���������������������������-���������-���������������,    c,eat.������ii.e3&  -s easid   Better   exhibits   will   result     it     the  n.g traineu, ir nc nas to lean   anew tQ keep  vermm are easier to destroy;  occupation; so no man should have ; eve niorning everything is burned',  the slightest hesitation about taking j ,,In camp> b6e it f *r th������ healthy or  full advantage of the training put.at;lhc WOUnded, flowers cheer the eye;  especial     importance      _   ,...v...  ^.������..^.^ w.. v.^....^^. , , ^ .        .-������*    ju.juojuv.i.i<.i.,    wivus    uU11Juac5  manner in which the British soldier, Professor L.. G. Schafcr, of the 'icattl,e a"*1 , crops. . From the straw iand llniess the unexpected happens',  is cared for. j Washington Experiment Station,- at !stacl:' whlch has hltIiert������*?������"^,up "J!she is bound to undermine her own  "Wc meet generals who arc not \ Pullman, gives the following direc- .smoke, gas can now be extract ed, and foundations and find herself less, re-  only Avarriors," said M. B'risso, "but tions for the preparation of seed and .^ such a simple process that every spected and both morally and physi-  who are great administrators, trained  sheaf   exhibits. i^-������-.���������    ��������������� 1-     u~*t ������������������ u,B    !,���������������������.      .. .        ..  ��������� ���������    ..    .* -v *  ^^^ farmer    can cook,    heat    his    house,  in   India, "Egypt,  Africa,   accustomed' "'sc-cd.^r^nT wheat,   oats   and   bar-pig111-"1?*5  residence, and 'run   his ^en-  . ^   ���������^,,,t-  ,^   ..���������..   vv..,. to plan   the details    of a    campaign, ley. Grain prepared for exhibit should s.m.e3   *ro1?"1  lliS   own. .stt.c. ga?  p.ant  not  ������   farm   hot   himself |They spare neither expense nor trou-.be  true  to variety name .  It  should n.sht at his very back door,, using the  es  not imaeiSe    thaT the ble in establishing the base of a leng- be harvested  when: it  is mature  but\much-despised straw pile as a means  iT~ '" "'" ' It should be threshed to���������^lsr^nd-.  .       _    _,     ,    ^     -. .  '  the Dominion By-Product and Ke-  search Society, of Moose Jaw, of  which George Harrison, M.E., general manager of the Saskatchewan'  Bridge and Iron Works, is the leading spirit, has discovered and perfected a small gas works which will in  the near future be manufactured in  the city and installed on practically  every quarter section throughout thc  country. .  Air. Harrison, the patentee, has obtained patent rights in Canada, the  United States, Russia and the Argentine Republic. In an interview re-!  cently he said that no farmer will bc  without his owif'gas plant in the near  future.  The    exceedingly    simple way     in  his disposal  to  increase  and- better his  position.  his  capacity  tlEnhsh soldiers  delight- in tliem.  stalks which have full Ien  th of  .^'���������KrtHv: i   On-their arrival the men;   receive and  well  developed  heads  shoi  grain is pulled and suspended by  the roots until dry. At''the time of  preparing the exhibits the roots  should    bc cut off    and only     those  straw  ould be  cally    weaker thari    before the conquest of Alsace-Lorraine.  J. he war. has progressed sufficiently  far for one to turn the light of truth  on German efficiency in the actual  field of battle. Where is her boasted  superiority? Most people think she  has done surprisingly well as a fighting unit. The facts warrant an entirely different conclusion. Boasting  of a marvellous secret service, arid  apparently prepared for a world war,  she can never be called efficient in  the face of her gross underestimation  of brave little Belgium. Apparently  expecting a triumphal -march through  Belgium and a speedy attack in force  at the most vulnerable spot in France,  this great "machine" was held up a  full month by th*e despised Belgians,  io*tyino"   France    an���������    ts^?*   alltpc   srs    rsrs-  portunity   to marshal    their strength  ^ .     ,    .   , -     ,. -     ... the     soldier   is   dressed   neatly   in   a  this fact has been recognized m a;white shirt with soft collar, red tie,  n"iP Poetical way ;m; England. ;blue vest with whitc revers and olive  There the Government aeciaeo, a rewjtrouser5  months ^ago to start, by way of ex- -������He ^ thcn taken to a paradis���������> a  penment, three pioneer land colour | gardcn in ,vhich are scattered thc  ics oj. ex-soldiers���������or rather 'ex-���������; sleeping tents, dining tents; for his  service men for;even Uic man now recreation he finds tennis courts amid  ploughing the sea will have his .flowers, and benches" to rest upon'.  -cr���������"ce_of  PlouSh"re. the   soil.     . For his comfort even a dentist; yes,  _ lhe.. PresAdciit o|;the. Board, of Ag-.|CVen ������ chiropodist!    And the menu!  ricuiture-nas just "announcea tnat  in!tjic attentions   the cheer'  selecting .settlers    for thesis colonies)    ������ <Wc mean/ said a general to me,  preference will be/giveWj,as between !on see-ng my amazement, 'that on  men of equal merit*, and -qualifications, returning to the trenches our soldiers  to those whose wives or sisters orjmay be able to say to his comrades:  daughters have acquired proficiency ;������It yoll are~ ill or wounded, you will  m milking or other; farm operations, h(. miphtv well oft in the hospital"'  as" the result of their employment on  the land either before or during the  war."  As a matter of fact, women in the  should be used in tying the sheaves  as it is less likely to injure or break  the straw than string. Black or white  tape is to be preferred and fancy ribbon should never be used in tying the  'sheaves.     If  the  leaves  arc   removed i-1*"       .  ,     ,, _ t  from the stems the exhibit will have !wa.y nV������ tuie gas.������"*ei-er-     -*-niS  ' ������������c  a neater apoearance. ft.1*-*-*  S}T���������  will  produce     enough    high, grade  gas  to  do  all  the   cook-  and prepare for the conflict. Had  Germany foreseen^ the immense  .strength of the jBelgian national  which the gas is produced.guarantees spirit, it is almost certain that she  the truth of this statement. One bale;Would not have struck when she did.  of straw, wheat, oats, barley or flax, i Surely such short-sightedness can  is put into a cast-iron retort. The never be called "efficiency."  head is screwed tightly down and a What was Germany doing when  small portion" of straw is ignited in she failed to understand the tremen-  the firebox underneath. This pro- jdous moral and physical resources of  duces  the  gas, which in  turn passes the    French    nation?      Living    sear  neighbor to France for centuries, besides having innumerable spies  throughout her enemy's territory,  Germany apparently only counted  fortifications and noses. Her philosophy was a wild confidence in steel  out of the retort through another  small cylinder of water in which it  washed   and   frorii   there   finds   its  be mighty well off in  the hospital'  "Be it noted here, too, that nurses  and soldiers in the  service of ambulances and hospitals  are in  comfort-  _, .   ~       ,       , . , ,  able quarters,    well    fed    and    paid.  Old Country have taken a large and j'Tlicy work, they must bc cared for,'  snven extraordinary share m working ;s t'nc s|0gan.  the farms, which the war has deprived of so many of their usual laborers. Women of every social rank  iiave voituiteci'cu to do tins, aiiu have  kept their pledge, though many of  them were not only quite unaccustomed to manual labor, but free from  .any necessity to work at all.  Canadian women, the vast majority  of thctu, have never been in that position. Work has always been familiar to them, and a very large number  even    of 'the  town-dwellers am  It is a fact that thc Englishman  does his best when he is well looked  after. Give him his roast beef and  he wiii fight weii."  Bo;s In The War  ing, heating and lighting of a seven- and liquid  fire, and   she  clearly dis  ! roomed house, and it is a safe  con-Jparaged the greatest military asset of  'elusion that'from now on, instead of tiie world���������the-morale of any people.  Grain Screenings  Cleaning Grain at Threshing Time a  %       Good Practice  In a bulletin entitled "Grain  Screenings" .issued by thc Dominion  ong'them were "brought up on farms.'Department of Agriculture, it is es-  Many of our returned soldiers, there- Unrated that the loss entailed in  fore, who. think of going "back to the shipping western grain unclcaned a inland" will have a* great advantage in ounts lo considerably more than half  thc experience of their .wives as well 'a million dollars. The following ac-  as in thc special training offered count of an experiment by a western  tlicm. j grower should be of value in conncc--  Special training is given, of course, tion with the problem of. eliminating  for a variety of other industries. The the waste due to the shipment of  greatest care is taken to choose the grain subject to a dockage on account  occupation best suited to each  man's of screenings. .  abilitv. But, unquestionably, agnail-1 A monitor cleaner and a five horsc-  ture is thc great national industry power engine were purchased und  and needs the energies of every man both mounted on an extra strong wa-  Persistent/Italian Boy Who Became; burning  his   straw   stack   as   he   has  a Real Corporal [hitherto     done,     the     farmer     will,  p " {through'- the  efforts   of the   Research  -The Italian army has thc distinction |Society," conserve his straw and makc  of being thc only army engaged in his own gas, thus dispensing with thc  the war that has a corporal in its'paying for and hauling of coal iii'the  ranks  who is almost  a baby in  age. jwinter months.  Margutti, the lad in question, is but Mr. ��������� Harrison and his associates  13 years old and lived at Gaglian be- have had Dr. Andrews, of the well-  fore becoming a full-fledged soldier,'known firm of Andrews and Cruick-  and through his acquaintance with'shanks, analytical chemists, employed  two army chauffeurs became familiar for a long time and all the problems  with the fighting forces of his coun- in connection with thc 'small gas  try. One day he rode out to the j works and gases extracted from thc  trenches on the army trucks after; straw have been scientifically worked  some argument, and was affectionate-lout by them in their laboratory at  ly received by the soldiers who pro- (.Government Building, Regina, and for  motcd him to corporal on the spot. some time past a miniature gas rc-  Proud of his newly gained distinc- tort .has been burning and most as-  tion, Margutti soon secured a uniform tonishing results have been obtained  and sewed his corporal bars on himself. He spent some time in the  trenches and  took active part in  the  No doubt German military leaders  expected a short, sharp conflict, and  then a victorious peace. Behind her  siege' guns she fired shot and 9hell  into the invisible, indefinable and indestructible soul of France, and wondered that the war lasted so long! She  had left this major war out of her  calculations and then attempted the  conquest of soul with Krupp guns  and poisonous gas.  Think of Germany's blindness -with-  regard t^o England. Great Britain  had been the butt of German jokes  for forty years. According to Prussia  t f.   ^..'.o    o!.^**.  ..nt������J....l..  jjujvj x\t*x������tty  XX 1.  mg in dash and enterprise. But  slowly awakening out of her lethargy, she now holds with bulldog tenacity one hundred and fifty miles of  qualified  to  undertake  it.  \   gon  gear.    A  15-foot ordinary  grain  elevator was attached to the elevator  To Advertise Butter ,   j wagon or bin.    Another box received  Thc    Nalioital  Dairy    Council, ac- ife  screenings   (mostly nbsV������k������������     ������"������  cording   to   reports   sent   out   by   the' shrunkeni gram).     1 he cost oflbecn-  socrctary,   is   planning   to   follow   the. jtirc .outht,   including       he:   ope at ion,  example    of  the     orange  and   raisin  OT"8,���������'1   '"*-crcsl   on. capital   was  fighting, proving himself remarkably  courageous before the onslaughts of  the Austrian hordes.  The captain of Margutti's division  came along to inspect thc troops one  morning and was much impressed by  thc business-looking lad who stood  erect, on guard, his rifle at his shoulder. Upon being asked what he. .was  doing, thc boy answered: "I am fighting, sir." '"What class do you belong  to?" inquired thc captain. "Third  elementary class, sir," came thc reply, "'but I have been promoted corporal."  Thc officer could not refrain from  laughing at this answer and took thc  brave youngster in his arms, kissing  him affectionately. Thc child was  sent back home, but hc did not remain there long as _ thc officer had  promised  to use his influence to get  ...i,..j..b   .v.^������.^^  ..������.������.   ^^~..   .,���������.���������...��������� .iitiiy   uiu;   uuuuicu   aim nny  nines  ui  According to thc report of Dr. An- French    trenches,    and is     growing-  drews, five ounces of straw has pro- stronger every day.      Her    colonics,.  duced   sufficient  gas   to   enable  a - -    -    .  candle  power    mantle    to  burn  10.  six  contrary to thc German calculations,.  . ,     .    ,    arc  absolutely loyal  to  her, and  al-  hours  with a very -white and highly though    revolt was actually   allowed  illuminating flame/ to break out in Ireland thc National  ise    gasses    extracted    from    the istS|. to thc chagrin of Germany,'-with  straw cannot only be used for hcal-|���������0 uncertain sound, have stood firm  ing, lighting and cooking, but can  also bc utilized for driving gas_ engines and all other farm. machinery,  and with thc high soaring price for  gas and light this welcome discovery  should bc of vast interest to every  farmer throughout thc Dominion of  Canada.���������Moose Jaw Times.  Salt For Live Stock  big   the  value  and   the   hcalthf.ilness to the  terminal  elevator would  have  of  milk, buttermilk,     cheese and  ice cost $220.  and  haulage   to   the   local  rream.    The advertisements will    be t^valor 4.6-1.    lie   lluip  had  a  prnht  carried in  the loading magazines and of $49.     lhe outfit  paid for itself in |would  Feeding Too Freely Is Injurious to  Animals  Samples     of  salt   arc    occasionally  sent to experimental stations by far-  t.._ _..  ._      ....      ._  ^_ itiers for analysis, with thc statement  iiim back in the trenches, and he did. I that animals, usually cattle or_ sheep,  Margutti is now fighting with the re- were poisoned after eating it in con-  gular army, and is a real corporal.      tsidcrable  quantities.    In  no case has  . ���������  . 'any    foreign    substance that    would  The Wall of Triple Steel IfoSSd"1    ^    ������,C      1)oisonmg    bccn  Had  it, not  been   for "the  imprcg- * ������s"nce  salt is necessary to life and  nable  wall   of  triple  steH,     the     war1  have been    over before  this.  |itj   in   universal  use,  il  iii   difficult   to  ���������---, , -     . i       i/-. 111 , ���������        i    i    i      .realize     that     in     large  amounts it  uuilv impns.    ll is an ambitious pro-,one year, and he says is as good as Germany would have triumphed;  liu-,-.. po'sono.,s.    Many cases of   poison-  uramine, but not at nil impracticable when it started.     1 Ins experiment, it inilaitmg terms of peace would    have ���������       j     chickens  ha**.  if the dairy' interests arc willing to,is argued, proves that cleaning the  pav the bills, li the advertising it. >i***-*** ������*J a,*"'������*��������� /arm before hanhng  well done, it will bc profitable to the is practicable and advisable. J he  dairymen of the country. It will in- really practicable way for the whole  crease the consumption of dairy'.country generally would be that the  product* peinijuiciitlv: and if thc sup-���������;threshing ouilits should include a  piv can b<- increased io rake can: oi kwuiI v_j^a������������u.^' Uiluciiujciii, s.. ;;;;;:;y  the. demand without too much  of an  of  llieni   now do  on  a  sheaf loading  , .       .     ,.. . ,.      .      .  .        ....g  in   ciiu-Kcus  have been  reported,  been signed.    We and the dominions,     ^ occas*onally in larger animals. In  nnd   md';od,   onr  nll.r-;   ixn.\   tlu*   "���������-"-lonc iublau>c :iaU V;a3 by mistake used !,.vinK  ly and fought bravely against Britain's foes. Germany failed to understand the temper of England. The-  two countries are entirely different  in spirit, and Prussia apparently  looked only on the materialistic side  of Britain's defences, and failed to-  estimate the wonderful loyalty ivhich  prevailed throughout the British  Empire.���������New York Outlook.  $2,708.56 for a Car of Wheat  Railway companies of recent year*  have increased the capacity of grain  cars considerably. This along with  high prices that have .prevailed at  times since thc outbreak 'of the  European war has made it possible  to net large sums on individual car  shipments.  A very few years ago a remittance  of $l,O0U would look,big to any shipper. This year checks of over twice  that amout are comparatively common. However, thc highest return ou  a single car yet recorded was made  by the Grain Growers' Grain Co.,  Ltd., of Winnipeg, on August 30,  when a car from Travcrs, Alta., car-  1,920 bubbcls  10  lb:..,  iiiided  ���������Advance in  prices, the results will be  satis factory.'���������Wallace's Farmer.  machine.  Any ordinary threshing machine if  fi tt cd witii proper screens and carefully operated is capable of removing  many of the smaller weed seeds tliat  now con.stiltile a considerable percentage of elevator srr<~ruing';.  A Simple Declaration  "What   arc  your views  on  the  tariff;"  "I'm  for protection  of     every thing  lhat mv constituents manufacture for  ���������������.-,���������������.- f.      . jj ������    i  WIV,        II-|JIUI|     .JIIIjIU'I     . >oj j^jjuj...        ...tt, , , .  1 favor l'rc-<! tnule for everything that .when I  marry his sister?.  died to bi:y for c-.-'VL  Bobby:   V������-s,   \   will,  'cause  from  our inevitable  victory,  ial  in  London Telegraph.  ',,-t*itor*!to'sait"'for a long time, it if* safer lo  ���������give il <���������> them sparingly at lirst.  ���������tr.:  ..:n   i������,  .i.i..,  i..  in cy ai e iw.jij.  ���������Washington  Star.  I   like  you.���������liofcloii  Ti'������iii*>cript,  High:    There':*    Fred    Sr;;,l ���������;    ow:r  there.      lie   made    a   miTtton- in   thc  <.trttrt    t'i������.t     l'f..r  Lowe:   Honestly?. ��������� ,  '     Hi'th:   1   don't   know,   but   he   in-.Mb*  Just for Fun  "K -th,- pretty?"  "I should say so. Shr'n even good  to look at when she's eating corn on  'the cob."���������Detroit  Free  I'rchft,  Smart  Kindly Gent: Aren't you afraid ot  catching cold on a night like this,  my lad?    I'aper   i������oy:   i\o,  hir,   j'������h  *������������  ���������atcm.  Selling  tion.  papers keeps up the rireuUv  liSti  .- AiA-mms&L-  Ax'yAxwmm  ���������A;������b'oj$m20-  ���������������������������-.:K 3.?t&Jjt  ApgM  <m  m 1'-'  I  iv.- ���������  hP  ti*t":  I; ���������)  \\:i  mm  THE GftiS*ON REVIEVV  JUST ARRIVED  A large and varied  assortment of  III  and Painted  Our prices are reasonably and  we can please you in such as  Frnit Bowls, Nut Bowls, Berry-  Sets, Tea Cups, Saucers, Plates,  Cream Jug and Sugar Bowls,  Plaques,   Sandwich  Plates.   &o.  SEE WINDOW DISPLAY.  restoiiQryj  Phone 67  Book  i  P. BURNS & 0  Limited  ������ tv *���������������\ f ���������%. m*-\ j x "X y  n  B.C  Head   Offices  CALGARY;  V \NCOU  VER;  EDMONTOa.  Dflalar^   in  EAT  Wfootesale and Retail  Fish  Game,   Poultry,  and Ovsters  in Season  We have the goods, and  our pr'ces are reasonable  Caters to the discriminating public.  Room-    tke    coolest  and cleanest*  Dining Room service  the best.  The  Bar   is   stocked  with  only First-class  Liquors and Cigars  m  ersonaa  G. Jolmson of the P. Burns Co. left  on Wadnesd&y on a business trip to  Nelson. .  Collie Pups Fob Sals���������Thoroogb-  bred stock, $10 each���������Victor Carr,  Creston.  Dan Spiers got home yesterday  from a months stay at his ranch at  Rosetown. Sask.  C. O. lkki*^������*s ief fc on Tuesday on a  business visit bo Spokane.  Geo. Meade, jr., was home from  Cranbrook for the week-end.  Furnished Rooms, with or without  board. Apply Box 28, Rkview  Office.  from  charge  CRESTON I    11  BiRTH-r-At Erickson, on October  22nd, to Mr. and Mrs. E. J. C. Richardson, a daughter.  RJ3MOCRAT OR ^RlG WANTED,   must  be in good   condition.    Address  Box  P.P., Rfview Office.  Mrs. E. Ryckman and children  returned yesterday from a short visit  with Cranbrook friends.  Jos. Gymond, bookkeeper with fche  Canyon City Lumber Co., wits at Nelson Saturday to Wednesday.  For Sake���������Good work horse, or  would put ont for 'winter.���������Apply A.  D. Pochin (Canyon), Erickson  P,Q.  Pigs For Salf���������Young grrde Berk-  oh ifoo      ���������������>*������ v*>s*-vt*������K3   \* fruu   ������_.-������������������*������.��������� ^t^rac ���������������     r*?.     . ��������� >��������� ii������T ���������  V** * ������  -J-fcJ**!        *���������   *"���������* ������%--*..~,     -O*^^ m~m *~* vt-VH^ iX. mZ iiV^t-       -  son. Mountain View Ranch,  Creston,  Still a few more Easter Lily, Narcissus and Hyacinth bulbs left, but  theyf will.not last long,���������F. H. Jacks' >n.  Mrs. M. Stewart arrived yesterday  from Moncton, N.B., and will spend  souse months here with her daughter,  Mrs, W. B. Embree..  j Sam Hatfield is numbered among  i the visitors at Cranbrook this week.  ; During his absence Bob Scott is look-  I ing aftv*r- the barber shop here.  "Geo. Hendren was home  Yabk on Wedhesdap, to take  of the Chambers funeral  Mrs. F. H. Jackson and Mrs. C F.  Hayes are spending a few days with  Nelson friends this week.  Frank Romano, section foreman  east of Creston. was a week-end visitor  with his son.  Charles,  at  Marysyille.  Lagrippe���������the sort that makes you  take to bed���������has been rather preyal* nt  in these parts the past couple of  weeks.  Miss Dalton arrived from England  on Friday lust, and is intending to  spend some weeks with her sister,  Mrs. W.H<-.Hilton.  Touring 5-Passenger  Risnafeout      --.      .  f.o.b. FORD, Ont.  -   $495  -are ���������***  Gattlk For Sale���������Two milch cows,  1 heifer 18 months old, 1 heifer 6  months old. 2 steers. Alt in good condition���������R. J. Chambers, Erickson,  B.C.  Miss Nellie Wilson, who has spent  the past four months' with friends at  Boissevain and Winuipeg, Man.,  arrived home on Saturday.  J. B. DeLong, who succeeds Mr.  Sullivan as provincial inspector of  high schools, was here from Vancouver yesterday, giving Creston Superior  School an official visit.  Capt. Passmore of the 192nd Battalion arrived from Sareee Camp,  Calgary, yesterday. He has not been  feeling right of late and has been  given a week's sick leave.  The P. Burns. Co. exported a couple  more cars of beef cattle to Nelson on  Wednesday. There was 39 head in  the lot, 26 of which were brought in  by Ike Lewis from Lewis Island.  Secondhand  Ford Touring  Car  at $325 CRESTON  Good tires, including one spare.    Electric Lights  and Master Vibrator.    In Al shape.  A   small  C.P;R.  construction crew  were here the early   part of the  week  putting-on the new safety first guards  on the rails at the switches  at both  ��������� ���������.���������  ,    , ��������� ~        .   ���������        ends   of the  yard.   Tbey pulled out  Grapes-25 baskets of Ontario Con-; fQV Wynndel on Tuesday.  &^mmmkifi������.  MB  <M  B8������lr-;"-   *     ���������  ii':-^4^^r^.ty-^0^t%.i  mesmamm*  *%?  cord Grapes will arrive to-day. All*  first-class fruit. Secure your supply  this afternoon to avoid disappointment.���������F. H. Jackson.  Rev. M. F. Eby, a former pastor of  Creston Methodist church and a  resident of Arrow Creek, who is now  back at pulpit work In Alberta, arriv*  ed in Creston on Wednesday.  I.C. Scherinerhorn, who operated  quite extensively in timber in the  Creston Valley about seyen years ago,  died at Nelson on Friday last. He  had been in failing health for the past  four years.  W.C.T.U. hallowe'en party in the  Auditorium on Tuesday evening.  All welcome. Games, contests, musical  programme. Refreshments will be  served. Collection taken to send  Christmas treats to the soldiers.  TJ  JJ.    J UJ.O,  5ome Suggestions ror i our  Fall and Winter Dresses  J. H* DOYLE,   Manager  mm*m**mmm****m  'tr  \*r  the valuator  for Kootenay under the Bowser  government Farm Credits Act, was  here on Monday making an inspection  of some of the ranches at Erickson  and Wynndel, on whieh loans havo  been requested.  The Goat Mountain Waterworks  Company has men at work putting  the pipes on RoBe Avenue down to a  greater depth which is expected to  prevent the water famine that obtained in that section and as far along as  the manse most of last winter.  So far as we can learn the only  change in time at Creston the C.P.R.  will put into effect on Sunday next  will bf on the oastbound express  wliich after that date will depart at  12.50 Creston time (or 11.40 under the  railway time) instead of 12.45 as nt  present.  The workers of Holy Cross -Church  at a meeting at tho rectory on Wod-  nesdap night, decided" to have the  usual sarios of whist drives this season. The first one will bo on Wednesday. Nov. 8th, at tho rectory, at  .8 o'clock, and ono every second Wednesday thereafter.  Tho citizens of the Huscroft school  section are putting on a patriotic  fowl supper to bo followed by a dance  ixX, tbo II-4'ioi-..fi r.cbool ow Wednesday  evening, November 8th, and are hoping for a largo attendance. Tbo sup-  put-   Ih   f������0 cento,  and will  bo' served  ll'OUt  lt,.>Xt  III   4..I01,    .111.  I     'j.'jjjj .1   .....it ...,,  will follow. The entire proceeds go  to patriotic purposes.  The Fled Cross whist drive on Thursday night hint in HpeiW Hall wan  fairly well attended, homio twelvii  tables of players being in evidence,  and the pil'/rH going to Miss  Jennie  A ,.,���������<.������>,uttiit I, mul   M .���������������   W.   A.   PetlM*. (ll  the ladies department, and Messrs.  li,x>. lliu.ciofl .(.ml W. Ai-row'.mlth In  the gentlemen's Hectlon. Refresh-  ttti-iiti. woro bin v,������l   aiul   all   attending  ....*.*   ...   ,������,,....    ,. ..\.t., ,-..  ..I..I  j..,,,������.U>rv  R.M: Reid came back on Wednesday from a four days' hunting trip in  the country back of Yahk. He Te-  ports deer plentiful in that section,  but until there is a light fall of snow  it is impossible to- successfully track  the game.     ��������� ������������������<_���������_  Sunday morhihg'sj^jbld dip. was the  severest of the season to date, the  mercury on ... the., government thermometer getting down to 21 above  zero. Since then it has been on the  up grade, there being few if any signs  of fi-ost siuce Tuesday.  An effort Will shortly be made to  revive fche Cresfcon company of fche  107th Kootenay Regiment. Major  Mallandaine has just been advised that  uniforms and equipment for a full  peace strength corps has been promised and will arrive toward the end of  next month.  Creston Methodists will have their  harvest thanksgiving services on Sunday next, at 11 a.m. and 7..S0 p.m.  The newly-organized choir is preparing special music, and a hearty invitation is extended to, all who care to  attend. Rev. W. M. Lees will preach  at both services.  The Womens' Institute next meeting is on Saturday, November 4.  Members are reminded that tin* ladies  are making up a box of reading matter  to seed to the soldiers overseas and  all who have magazines or journals to  contribute aro asked to bring them  in that afternoon sure.  Valley'citizens should keep in mind  November 15th���������the date on which  the Creston school pupils will present  t\ hin*b class concert to send funds to  the Belgian children who are held as  prisoners of war by the Germans, and  who are almost at the point of starvation.     The admission is only 25 cents.  Ab was to bo expected the Creston  apples were awarded first prize in tho  only clnsH thoy competed in at tho  exhibition at Calgary last week. Tho  Union entered in but ono competition,  that of five-box lot In -wintor variotios,  and the flue display from here had  no difficulty in landing fche red ticket,  with Ohillfwaek second, and Summer-  land, in the Okanagan, third.  The first serious accident that has  occurred at the Canyon City mill for  many inontlia nappcucu on >v editor-  day afternoon when Victor Wesling  had the misfortune to got his right  arm anight in the trimmer saw, and  before bo could release It the saw had  penetrated almout half througli the  arm at the*elbow joint. Or. Henderson was hastily summoned nnd dressed the Inlurv and Mr. Wesling was  taken to Cranbrook hospital yosfcer-  <}ny, While tbo vnf":ribf*r Ih bfidly  lacerated it is thought careful treatment will nnececd In restoring lilm full  n������A nf it nmil������,  R      f*. *  BUM '"���������j       m*xm.      H     M~*a ��������� ���������    ���������  mw*: tn  *���������**    -^  ^fa&^S&Jfc/ *%-%������ *^A AAAmmtmm.^A'^.a^Sm *-j     s*-**  1% ���������   r% ���������  BHtH *���������*���������*.-  ~g%.  m*Xm.  tfijfi   mf^X .MT^t "  uuOtiS  .30c  .65c  .65c  65c  Black and White Check, 42-inch, per yd  u       '-���������'���������������.���������'���������;.���������.*������        40-inch,:   J  Grey All-Wool Check, 40-inch, per yd..  Crimson Cashmere Finish^ per yd. ...���������...  White Wool  Serge���������all wool, will  splendid wear, per yd  65c  Olive Green Cravenette, 40-inch, per yd- .65c  Navy Serge, 42-inch, per yard......... .$1.15  Tan and Black Check, all wool, per yd... .75c  give  ���������or i curiio   \si\jvxi, ct/x*  ,T V/V/l,      tJ\Jl  -JKX.  AF,fm  . -x.**mA,  Velveteens in Black, Blue, Cardinal and  Brown, per yd "*  ...... 65c  Creston MerGanlile Company  LIMITED  warn  ���������Jl  While the price  of Lumber  has advanced from $1 to $2  per   thousand   feet   we   still  have good   No.   2  Iii  nntomtowimxjm  "llSt|l<lll    ilAfll*flfl    - -    c.-   -_.  ^IB1)IBCI|J) UUaiUO   TO  IIIIBBGHieflUHId  II  iii.  at TM Bidr  WW ti  WU  U  kuu w  llanvnn ftitu I iimhfir  mm* wm m mm i  mmm MMM  UftflJTEO  JInmnaiuu  'm*'**'������**** mm** m  H.4VJJ.I l<it,nfft^m,.-Hl"t ,-i**tf������M*tm'  ^m,M^a.������Mmmi^mm  iiawijWWiiiVJ^^


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