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Creston Review Apr 17, 1914

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 -'Al1''****_-_*/_  Its   $%������-  ��n��f  *!_'_._.*.������_> x.^/_A
', 0,V-?A^SbM*-^��*,:     .
��������� /�� DO   O   *?   If*! A.
I     .'m "���^_    fm,m.m.0.'0mmxmm B
���    VU  (U6  ViHCO 1 %JSH I
I        DISTRICT      I
i i"*"1
:'���'7 Yf.1Yi?5sS/ii|^^^^
 ..  j-,V.*.S:&l
Li \
I.:.-.' ..-. - .,-, ���.-..' ���'   ��� V. """."'-?;*������-.'>*���-;'***Vt^,Mji
|;i "-;��� f ���*��� -"\*::-'^:>:?;-^:-^?S^I
. *-��� ?- -  *" '���'��� '������<ti:.'-~ti.yti-.f-]"\tKi&''y<'J&n
,   ADlJR����Sr;;:FC-ir?Yiii|^|
I    $2.00 A -rY��A_i;i|iiSl
H        NO.  IKx 6th YgAiu
______ "" ^* ' ""���
��"**T_ TS��CJrtf��/r\-VT
���W�� _-*._*�����> X VSA"*! y
A_*K.   17     1914-
ursday in
After witnessing "'Bought and Paid
For," that Ib booked here soon One
does nnfc ltno-
i*:e_ he has been doing
immmm 10
The Political Equality League and
the W. C. T. tT. have in hand the arrangements for holding a Silver Medal  ���
Contest  oa Friday  April 24th  in the | moat���laughing   or crying.   He   does
Mercantile Hall. I know, * however,   that a   '"boneheaa"
with an -''idea" is a pretty human proposition after all and that "is evidently
just what George Broadhnret meant to
do-r-draw a picture out of life that
nearly every body, high or low, has
seen or heard about. '
Broadhurst could not write anything
without including that broad vejn of
comedy he mines out of life, Therefore, one knorws before  seeing . one   of
I "Theret^U! bs at leasi; sis competitors
K all of w horn are Creston young people.
They wiii he assisted by otber local tal-
���ent Rev F. L. Carpenter will occupy
���the chair.
/The program is as follows:
;Welcome Song, Band of Hope; Recitation, - Stella MoKelvey; Speech, Bev.
E. Ball; Reoitation, ,;Bessie Hurry;
Violin Duet' Mrs. Crompton and Ruth
Klinse-smith*:   "saltation,   Edna Hci>
.���*     "*���
mes; Song, Stable Huscroft and Muriel
Hobden; Reoitation, Audrey Craigie;
Piano Duet, Miss Laura Edmondson
and Mtss~ Zella Johnson; Speech,
Rev. W. O. Blake; Reoitation,
Irnja Havden. Dne*. The Jlissfis Enott;
Recitation",��� Dorothy Carpenter; Song,
Rev. E. Bull; Monologue, Bessie Hurry;
Song, Band ot Hope; Reoitation, Katie
BJffey, Violin Duet, Mrs. OromDton
andjftuth Klingensmith; Song, Prances
Kuott; Recitation, Lyda Johnson;
Instrumental, Miss Klingensmith;
Recitation,* Bessie Whyte: Quartette,
"Good -light."
The'^'Pioneer" made her first annual
trip over the government road Easter
Sunday At **��* i-issi^-s ��# a Ssvas
sun the other guests ot Mr. Little were
gfessrs. Oarttfi-f. "Whiteinore ssd' XsU
,^l'      ,V.   .-��_. OT-.'^r ,/^tit^K, ~i*Z0*.%~?.f   ., .mm.-mim.
suggested that the government should
lay a sidewalk to the park. ' The government agent 1 -kid hie would give the
matter thoughtful attention.
Messrs^ Hendren, Gwynne and For.
Si fester returned Sunday frcm tbe "White
i- Grouee eouutry whither they had gbhe
to .bury White Man Jim. . They report
that cv7*ng to the condition ofthe body
it was impossible to move it so thev
his plays that there will he plenty o'
laughs. But m "Bought and. Paid
Por" he bas struck deeper and from
the earth of his mine has Brought
forth the gem of a woman's love.
Robert Stafford, a capitalist and
leader ia "the city of b:s Shir.gs," marries ' Virginia Blaine, a telephone
operator. -Both admit before the
wedding that they do . not love each
other. In time he reveals his "otber
side" and the wife leaves. It was his
statement while; intoxicated that he
"had bought and paid for her" that
showed to ber the degradatirir. sh
reached while the wife of "ona of the
Wealthiest and most ��� respected citizens." They part, obstinately agreeing that the other must make the iirst
move for a reconciliation.
Then ihe follows for the young wife
tiijcjee months or weary .struggle as a
clerk.I,��heHyes with her sister ,and?
brothor-in-liw, the man - -with' the
"ideas," who could never get anything
batter than a job as a shipping clerk,
paying $13 a jweek. Finally Jimmy,
tho bother-in-law, loses his job, He
phone* Stafford tc cozaa to his wife���
that she wants him. Stafford comes
in a hurry; A iveconclliations follows.;; ��� ;."���' ���
The cast is excellent and local theatre
goer? are asaurde of a  treat.   Monday
Merrit will organisse a Lawn Tennis
Club. ~      .
The terrible tragedy at Vancouver a
few days ego, in whloh a Chinese servant murdered rhe lady by whom he wa��
employed, should serve as: an objpct
lesson to other women. There1 are scares
of girls In Vancouver who wonli have
been glad to have bad the position held
by this Chinese boy and surely the companionship a white girl would havebeen
preferable for tbe woman to tbht of n
Chink.���Phoenix Pioneer.
Hall to Discuss Annual Celebration
iuuaY APRIL 17
When   o
uue lliiaks about
The commissioners decided yesterday
to put the kni'e down deep into the city
automobile garage and repair bill. Commissioner Graves brought uq the subject at yesterday's meeting. 'It'sget'
ting to be something fierce," We mos)
do something to cut it down,"
The commissioners agreed that  ther
was nonecessitv of some of tlie depart
men ts sporting big  five-passenger six
cylinder, 60 horse power cars   for .their
official trips  around   town,, with   the
orrespondin? big cost for  upkeep and
repairs.   Calgary has good streets now,
and it was voted that the big cars would
'have to go.
built a tomb and confined the body to.
Its last resting place. He died or about April 20 in Mercantile Hall.
Jan. 10tbur
Saturday afternoon B. Mallandaine
procured ^n auto from the garage and
took the Government Oftctate J. Cart-
^melaud ?W. A. Whitmore to Duck
Orcok toi Suspect the road to tbat place
On the return they called at Mr. Itow-
enburg's -placo where they were guests
at a supper party..-     ? V
Anto���Whloh is better,  pursuit or
possession ?
A publio meeting is called for Thursday evening April 38 in Mercantile
flail to dkcuas the question of our
annual celebration, ns to whether it
shall be on May 24th or July 1st, Come
out and give your opinion and help to
elect c^ramittoes.
Lost���Silver-mounted Fountain Pen
with initials O. P. R. Finder please
leave in Oreston Review offioo.
Three of them will be kept, tbe mayor's the commissioner's and the city engineer's. The others wil) all be disposed
of and light tford' cars bought in: thni<
stead Commissioner Graves sail he
expected to see the garage, and reppif
biil out 60 pec cent.
-^^^^^uu. ino�� -timBU    experience   or    standing      T
' On. ftdvai,t^*or'tbe-Bew tiaw irfW^ad charge  ��f one of  the -Mai', Iom��,nf^��hfc ^tels in   Oreston at
* ** "��   nini        <_^s��v*>v*       -Aral "Vj_��-        Zm-   t��..h   ���        *?-.  __.
that spare parts aud repairs can bo ob
tained at the local agency. In the cnse
of some of the oars the city is now rnn-'j
ning spare parts can only be. procured
in the United States. When thore is a
breakdown there is a long delay while
the spore parts are being sent for and
in the meanwhile, a oar has to be rented
That ifl one of the things that is sending
the bills sk'"' hi'-'h.���Oal-'arj Alfcsrtau.
������Send for onr prloeB on furniture, we
pay the freight.   COS.
Roy Stocks is attending Kootenay
Business College in Nelson.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Al. Cookerill
ou Monday April- 18th a son. The Review extends congratulations
One of the hest performances ever
seen In  Duck Greek   was the concert,        .      _.. ..       .     .     ,,
_---j._ '  _.;_ _ x*.   ��r       _ , ��� Rroa-t credit upon the school mistress
given by the children of the Wynndel " . A1   .    ,    A .. . ...   -
remarkably good in so much aB there
was a total absetico of the slug song
way In which* young children ushally
recite. The whole performance reflects
publlo  nphool.   The   prjograni   lasted
over an hour {ind all the children per
for the painstaking way in which she
must have drilled all the children for
Tho Creston Mercantile Oo. have just
reoeived a curlond of furniture.
The regular monthly mooting of the
Board of Trado was hold Tue��diiy evening and routine business transaotod.
formed theli- parts in the moat oonfl- '.their different parts. Following Is the
dent manner.   The recitations  were ' program:
Chorus .- ... Raise High the Song  .By tho Sohool
Recitation  A Little Boy's Troubles Oscar Ofner
Pole Drill i., ;'.. Tho Junior*-
Suug.  Who is Sylvia. Ashdang Andentad
Reoitation A Mortifying Mistake Borgliild Hagen
DUtktuuo TlieGeeiio  .Ashlang AndeHtud and Rogna Hagen L   . . ^    . , .      >,,   ���
Chiuus .;.!,.!! Bosy Sunbeams Tip the%llltopB  ;Tho Scirool, tertalner aim Bolo��*t, will give nn entnr-
Ha"dlcorchIof Drill  .The Seniors  talnmont In Moroantilo Hull nn Alitor-
^�� ItHct'atlon .,.... A Oiuije of Tag^.  Primer OIhsm   ntj-day Mny 3wl under   the  nuspIoeH of
CHasaIfho  |r��rflHi,ytpP|��n   Chnrnh.    Adiul^l-n
B0o, Children under 14, 25o.
For Sale���One bay mare 6 years old;
one saddle pony 8 years old; one double
sot of work. harness in good repair.
Write or phone Vib tor Carr, Aline Siding J 5-10
Wm. Morris of Sirdar, was in towi
a few days this week.  He has bad   to
take a short holiday on acooupt of bis
health and is being relieved from duty
by Stanley Gwynue.
fl lig,.,;... *;. ��� Littlo Boy Blue       Primer 0
*<*��|tn��ilou ', The Inventor's Wlfo ,. Mario lln
1'lioriif*,....'.....,.Oh Who Would O'er theDowiiH mo Free........Tin* Htfr
liocltat Ion ,,, ibtiix.tt. i.rABin uk
Clhtii um,..,.. ;.t,^iAt>l Oouli tho Nl
Rear lliu**.,. .^,';��^'?w Bluhon and tl
IDJhIojjmh*. ..^On^tirivi'luck Pond...  ���._ ��� ������
Butterliold, Waltor Johnson Oeear Ofner, Arno Andestad.
Ood Save the King
At tho  clone  of the  conceit threo
hearty ohoers aud a tiger were given
for the school  mistress**, after wh}cb
the cfawd gqt on the right sldu of lite
trustees and a very enjoyable dance
Wii a (nrl'tl(��M 1 ' .    m *��� I ...M.,i~m-   ...i.~
- ., ���        ,-��� ��� -���-...^.---    .......
UttoX'eliant   limih wan  served;    We
hope tvo shall get uomo mora *-f ihou<
' enteitalnmontH in tbo fuiiu-e, and tbo
SoohH'lhu luitur.
Mat Hagen has a ot-ow nf m^n ont
making a road from tho track up in a
northerly direction a distance of about
JinJf it mile.   This road hao beon trwed*
od for a long time and will prove most
usoful in thu berry season.
Mrs Bathie and daughter** arrived
at Duck Creek on Friday last.
MIsh Amy Johtmoii returned from
Urun brook Suuday.
Mci-iib. O. J. Wigen, Douglas Btitlor-
HeUl, W. J. Cooper, ami Mr. and Sir-*.
Moon were viiiltors to* Creston 1M**l-
MIh�� Atinto Johnson Went. tnCtntm-
ton Wednesday where she will rematu
for ���% fo.w Aa.titifj��. . * ,     '
Roir. F I-I OrnbtiWi. Rnrnl Demi, r.f
tli'i Dlo o*��v of Nelfot*. went Fn!*-* tt-flny
on o vult to the Old Country, tho firm"
holsday he hnu bar) for ninny yenrt*. II'
1s well loiown tliniugout (he Kooti-iiuyr-
wlioro he hns 1 host of friemlp.
The Illfle Assoolatlon dnnee nn M����n
day wns wi��ll  attended ovor BO eoiip'e
lielng proHeut.   Thoy danced till   the
*��lirlv limo-H       Wit* iymvn hmi-il ���;��'!��!*" V'T",'
favorable eonmienta on tlie* mucin which
\\u\p Mip'illed hy a local oroheulrii. TJh-
offioprH thn Aw-niMnttnti are ������-Jti-iMil-
i��Kly woll plcaofid nnd dtalre 11 thank
nil thrw-A whn hmlnnA tf* miiiit*   It   o'   ��>���<<���
it 22 ~j'ears is not so very
long as far as time is concerned but when one looks at wbat
has been accomplished, at the advancement that has been
made along all lines it assumes a bigger meaning and ap-
j. pears io be a much longer time. To the resident of Creston
Valley time passes very lightly, the years come and go each
with its meed of toil or pleasure, success or disappointment.
But the greatest thing of all iu this district is the tremendous
emancipation or reclamation, when the pioneer by dint
of hard vrork and with relatively speaking, primitive tools,
actually reclaime 1 from the virgin forest the acres of beautiful orchards and farms that are today the pride of the district
and the envy of the other valleys of the province.
Hlsewhere in this issue we report the"burial of thevlate
James Crawford, White Man Jim, who came into this country-prospecting, somewhere about 35 years, ago, but he
moved on to other parts and failed to see the beau��y and the
worth of the district that today is second to none in this
Great Province. It remained for Fred Little, "the Pioneer,"
who came up here lo superintend the dykeing of the Kootenay Flats, to drive the stakes in the site that today is the
town bf Creston.
an engineer   of ^ population of Creston was 500 souls,
experience   or    standing
Fi%d G. Little was
gest projects that this, part ^ of-the
Dominion has ever witnessed. He was
a pioneer thnt had studied nature and
knew all the ti-ioks of woodcraft.
Living close to nature and knowing
her moods he saw in this beautiful
valley the possibilities of a future in
;hprti'julture. How closely the pioneers
studied  the   weather,   its variations,
���gtTi-iv; aatei t ec it was a fact.
They were: the Creston (not the Ores-
ton .we aU know, but a building with
a license, at-the foot of the hill;) Me
ban's Hotel;) Var'namo. Hotel} Headquarters Hotei; Johnson Hotel; Queen's
HotelfOttewa Hotel; and Sirdar Hotel
and * besides these ? there?, were 7 merchants, some of whom are yet with 119.
Faas & Crawrford   were  the  leaders;
^e snow ana ra,u uu,. tne winds, the j ^^ ^ing Gmill & 00. Coleman &
frosts and how they weighed the possibilities of fruit growing, can best be
told by Fred Little, that it impressed
them as higly satisfactory we know
because they began to invite their
friends to share this prospect with
In 1897 the construction of the O. P.
R. began through this section and at
the latter part of 1808 the trains began'to come then the town began to
grow. The means of transportation
wore further augmented by the advent
ofthe Great Northern. ^
Jim "Iii"�� lino, built at tremendous
expense but opening up some of the
finest territory in Idaho and coming to
Creston and up tho lake connecting
with tho narrow gagt< lino that at
that time topped the fruitful mining
districts of Kaslo and Slocuu.
With the advent of railroads a
change took place In Oreston, the
people begun to come anil In 1800-8 the
Co.,   R, S. Bevan
one   or.  two
In the meantime Mr. Little got, it
into his head that fruit trees would
gtow and produce in this district so he
procured, some trees from Minnesota
which were of various varieties and
the first trees planted in the Creston
District, Some of thoso trees are still
in bearing1 and can be seen Jn the orchard,of G.' M. Benney Supt. of Roads
and Bridges.
In a few years Fred Little's experiment began to bear fruit but thero
was no market, at that timo. Fred
smiles when ho relates that his cabin
vvas hondquartors for miners and pros-
poctor.s coming and going, from the
American side of tho line, and that
thoy used   to help   themselves  to the
for the vei'y  go��d reason   that etraw-
; berries w��-r<* a new diet for robins and
other birds in those days.
With th<�� coming of the Gt-cat.
Northern Railway, Mr. Mallnix-nine
came as one of the engineers. And it
was through his efforts thai the to**-* 11-
siteof Creston ��v_i nd veyiu., Then
af ter. construction "day b hail p-iB-'e-i |he
tows began to lose it's population, onlv
a few families being left behind. Mr.
Mallandfiine secured school facilities
for the children and t'-e government
granted enough to make it possible t.��
hire a, teacher. We show in this issue
the school as it w.-is t-70 years ago.
Since then there has.:.been qriiv? an extensiveaddition built and it has been
thoroughly overhauled painted and a
h- ating plant installed.
We ought to mention amon�� the
names of the pi meers of this diwtrii-r.
Bob Long. Bi 1 anl Jacfc Dow, Bill
Crawford, and Dick Bevan all of m horn
came either immexli.-it<-y before .or
right after the O. P. R. Thoy 'rjyu- <l
the optimism of the "The Pioneer"
and are' today our most prospei-oim
and respected citizens.
When the O. F. R. came they mad��
a deal with Mallandaine and Litre
who were the owners of the townslte,
to construct/ and main tain a depot at.
the head of*Forfch Street and to ft p
all trains there and give general service, ."-y
Mr. Little put in an application to
the Dominion Government for a.post
office at Creston and Mr. Mallandaine
was appointed the first postmaster, ���'
he afterwards resigned aud the post
went to Bill Crawford who ha*-* held
it with-honor and complete sMtt^fac-
^tion smcgjY    "'    * ' / -.,-    ������������^���^.���'^-w -?���
Wher-Fred tittle first came. iriT-he***
the nearest post office was at!P��'i*t Hill
or Ocknook as it wai then  kiio v'tH-jt n '
Indian name  for Rocky Point  and all ���
supplies   bald  also to be   broiiaht.   in.-'���*
from Ooknopki "or brought, dowii fbW   '
Kootenay River by. boat. -
Today when we talk of Creston*
Ih- -r
mm .w   .TV    M.^*L,MO
\%r .1..1
OreekrAllce Siding, Oanyon City and
Erickson. and there are quite a te .v
families over the.river whose numbers
are being constantly augmented,,
making a population jn thc district of
over fifteen hundred.
Therelsno town in British Columbia
that can produce. better fruit or has
a better market than Oreston, then do
tuf Freid Little did,'tell yonr friends, let
them in on a good thing.
Through an oversight on the pant of
those who handed in the program for
the Silver Medal Oontest to be given
by tho W.O. T. U��� a number of the
program was omitted and the name of
chairman was left out/ Miss Laura
Edmondson and Miss Zulla Johnson
will play a.pinuo duet*,   and as thene.
young ladles havo delighted  Creston
products of his young orchard free of f people in the  past The Review feela ���'������*/.
chargo.   Ho also planted a strawberry | eafo tn  predicting  that this ra|&!NJMt.ci*.K
J bed, 100  foot  squnro,   and  ho regrets | will also moot  with merited npplitoi*-:^..
.'being ihp only  Wuieirernt   that tiin����,  ^��v. Curpentu-will neciipv Un�� el��a4��.
 -   JM.^,1...    ,
riVi'v.'\"..'*,i'7JU U-.,.j,�� /.o.'^ySiV'u! i.',*r-''4'j.^.1Vi.,.iti��V i-'M^f
milium i iiWi
:.J*��XaU*\    "     i.���.
���v-JW*-'*''' " *; -   ������ \x>Wm******itii'2?S
tr-w ^-��t����yr^,...��^^n(it^Mi||l^|^wyy����.ri-n*y- **a
... ......,..,^.v.J,�����.rr��.--.����^Vyi ���--.���T^Pr-tr-;;-���
:i,.- . ^Ji'JliVrilfc-!!*!'-:- r -"> *���(��-���-���������.* ��- -'hi,"��r J-I-, ���* t      " -k' -
One ot Creston's JVUin Business Thorou^hfar���� Once P��rt oi the Voie��|
jg*jt fggl _  m^rn  ffgJS;   0-.E3TQR    BE VIEW-    oAwstOB,    S. 0,  ike Creston WevieVt)  ��������� -**->��������� **.*i/  Published every   Friday at Creston, British Columbia, by the Creston Printing and Publishing Company, Ltd.  ���������i*ne Keview is the acknowledged advertising niedimm of the Creston valley, cir  eulatung in nearly one thousand homes throughout- the Creston dibttict and  reaching out iu a broad manner into other coinmnwi-v.-s. Our advertising rates  are based,on the scale of the Kootenay and Boundary x . '*ters' Bomd of Trade.  Land purchase and*land lease notices, $7 for statutory time. Display adver  tisements, $i per inch per month; othsr advertising lb cents per line first ipsue  aud 6 cents per line in succeeding weeks. Sa'osuriprion rates $2.00 a year in  advance. Our columns are open to contributions dealing iu matters of local interest and the welfare of the community. Contributions must be brief aud  feigned.  A. B. S. Stanley  Lessee, Editor and Manager  How. about a clean-up day more loose money around    in  for Creston?  We   welcome   to   our   ex  change table this  Revelstoke Review, an eight-1  page, clean-cut, newsy,    well  edited paper, a credit to Revelstoke or any city for that matter. ~  W.   H.    Bohannan    is  editor    and    manager.    The  Creston  Review   has     great  pleasure in wishing the Revelstoke Review   long   life   and  abundant prosperity.  ine revolting crime committed recently in Nancouver  by a Chinese youth is the  topic in nearly* all of our  leading papers, which deal at  length with the question of  Oriental exclusion.  ^Thy is not this matter  presented in a business way  to our provincial authorities?  The Vancouver Board of  Trade should head a movement  to take in all the province,  and which could consist of  monster petitions to be presented to ^our   legislators and  then? be  the federal  officials and, it would serve to  strengthen?the hands of our  Premier, Sir Richard McBride,  who is really the leader o������ the  fight for a white British  Columbia and a white Canada.  Instead of making the problem  a matter for provincial party  politics,*make it a matter for  federal decision as sooner or  later it must become.  premier. ���������S-*ney  presented"to-  Every week or so loggers  and miners are being warned  through the heavy police  court fines inflicted to keep  away from Nelson if they wish  to have a "good time" with  their hard earned cash. It  was different in the old days,  and we are inclined to the belief that the town was just as  orderly...and there   was     also  those days. If the present  system of heavy fi lies for get-  , ,-j ting-drunk is kept np Nelson  I will soon be altogether avoided  by working men with a bunch  of money to spend. At pres  eut the wholesalers are supplying practically all*the :-ti{>  olies to the companies employ-  ing these men and if the le-  tailer is to derive any beuefit  from the number of men employed iii the district th^se  men must be allowed to come  to Nelson and buy their clothing, shoes, etc. and also have  their little "ding" without being taxed too heavily next  morning.���������The ludeoeudent.  ������  * *  The above "editorial" presents on the face of it a. very  fair idea of the Independent,  but surely does uot express  the sentiment of the majority-  of the people of Nelson, or  even of those who are instrumental in making her what  she claims to be, "The Queen  of the Kootenay^'. Can the  Independent see in the police  court fine nothing but the  Shuttiiig off of so much booze  which the self-appointed public guardian, TheIndependent  seems to think ought to be  used as a bait to induce men  to spend their "hard earned  cash". It is this type of nefarious journalism that gives  the wrong impression of Brir-  ish Colinnbai and Canada.  We cannot think that The  Independent will meet with  very much support if it can  reach no higher standard editorially than this.  The Independent certainly  gives one a very poor impression of Nelson and her people.  + *m*f������^*.m'lm.->mmTua,\i*,���������miJx.m~i   ,.*rm*rZK..mXs������',mli$m..ae*Si.,m*.1'mmi.Ki3\<  S3  i!  ___. _^    -  ���������b  a__riBi-_-  l|  ������������������%������������������ ������'2J  I  i   I  ;i  ->*#Km%*r-f-|  mmmmmmmm*m*mtmamammmxmfmmammm_   B-  .        j_ j2. V- i  THE   HOME  OF   THB  TRANSIENT  %  COMMODIOUS  ,4&AMPLE  /?OOMS  THE BEST AND  MOST  POPULAR'HOTEL IN  * ME   n'OOfeiVflf S  Run on strictly up-to-date  lines. Unexcelled-service in  al!    departments.       Kitchen  -*. - 00^  staff   (including    cook)  .all  , x0 f  whiteladies. -Every comfort  ���������and attention given to "guests  The bar  is s uppiied-.jyith  onlv the best brand of goods.  B  Porters Meet Trains  W. A, HERON.  MANAGER  r_T?T? AT AXTArJO  vjj-jixon x xvjrj.\ jtiju    \~ls.^J\\l\   J: KUNLJCi  This, is the young hoir apparent to the (leitnaii throne who never  c?a*es> to cause iii-. royal dadtiouble. II*.* w.is letHnlh recalled Irom hw po&t  with In.*, regiment, the Death's Head llu<5ciu-.������ nml set to work in the offices of  the Ci en cial Stall' in Berlin. In this picture he ih shown leiuihghis ollice in  his neu **Seoichei " He admitted publicly that ho didn't like this. Now the  Emperoi has decided to lot the Prince go on a hnntiug tiip to Afiica, behoving  at the s������*um- time thore ������**> imnuuont dangei ho will bie.ik his ioyiil ytmn������ neck.  ���������������������������A.  Creston Vaiiey Investment Co. J*  Real Estate and Inbubahob |������  King George Hotel "Block,   4th. Street,   CBESTON, B. O. '        -  THE LAND' THAT GROWS THB BIG- RED APPLE.  *.   Now   is   lhe  time   to  get   busy   and   purchase'  Creston  L,and-,  before the" rush  To the-   * , $&  She Is Far From the Land  Setting   hens  Oreston Review.  wauled.    Apply   to  Whon ynu want vour noxt job of  printing done, no matter what tho job  ifl, bring it. to the Heview office. Wo  guarantee a firt-b-claHs job and our  prices nro light.  She is fur  from tho land "where her  young hei o bleeps,  And loxors are tomul Iter sighing:  But coldly bhe tui us iiom their gaze?  ���������and w eep������,  Por her heart iu hit* grave is lying.  Slip sing- the wild  songs of her dear  native plains,  Every note which he loved  awaking:���������  Ah1 little  tkey  think, who delight  in  her strains.  How the   heart   ot   the  Minstrel is  breaking.  He had li\ed foi* his love, for his country lie died,  They were all  that  to  life had entwined him;  Nor soon shall the tears of his country  he  dried,  Noi long will his love stay behind  hirn.  Oh' make her- a grave where the sunbeams icst, ���������"  When they promise a glorious mor-  iow?  They'll shine o'er  sleep,  like a smile  from the "West,  Prom her own loved island of sorrow, j ','.  ���������Thomas Moore.  FOR SALE, BABY CHICKS  S  O. White Leghorn*-  ,,      $20   per 100  R  C. White Leghorns .   ...$23. per 100  S V Auoomis  $23. per 100  Ban ed Rocks .$25   per loO (  White ^Wyandottes . .$25. per 100  S C Rhode Island Reds .. $27. per jOO  R C. 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Carpenter  Pastor  iijft'ff:.:  PRESBYTERIAN   CHURCH  Service every Sunday at 11:15 a. in.  and 7:.i() p. ni.  Sabbath School and Adult Biblo Class  at 10:30 a. ju.  W. G. Blakk  Minister  PATHOLIC CHURCH  Mn'ss-10:80  BoiiedictiOin S;30  E</ery first Sunday of tho mouth.  Father John O. M. I.  Sunday School ovory Sunday at 2:80  .i    V   *  . '������������������' J  ,'H-l  s          '       .  .'"  ��������� ;.  ,10. '                     ... ���������  ,..    .,  ,; ,i,  '(>���������>..���������  >.:  ; '���������'?"  .'7 ���������     v'      ���������'-"*.  $H .?"-*       .  3S  ���������:"-"���������  ���������  ?'.  r. .  1        -.,'  -i.'-H  ?y"?' '/���������>'"' 'j."7?'Y-  ..'.*'      ,  Ua,.], -'������������������������*.'.  *  '  - (  Jt.-ir'-fV,'1'  .'.iri'"-- ������������������tM  .9  ���������      .'���������  New  l Hornless  !l Phonographs  SELL AT  FROM  $45 to $80  ;; You can buy one on time  if you wish  Solo Agents for Creston  i -  i Creston Drug &. Book Co.  phone ei  'i-m-m-**-*-*-*-*-*--*-*-* m4~m-m-m.  which is rapidly coming to the front and proving  to  be  the   Banner  District   of British   Columbia.  We  have listed  for sale Choice  Lots  BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL  Improved Ranches and partly improved from:  io to 20 Acre Blocks. Wild land ajoining 'a  settlement in Blocks of from 5 to 320 Acres, - J:  -  For full information and particulars  Write  or call on  the  f\r>^0kmv'*������ii    11* 1  >������������������<  imviHN uai i [y iuuIvTMLiir ri  -UilLUIUSl   fflLLLB   IIIILU  Box  36 Creston,  B. C.  Ureston Hotel  The Lead***"  ���������'%**'  Hotel 0/ the  Fruit    Belt  Our   Guests  Cah  (Again  YOU will make no mistake  when you get off thc train  if you sign the register at  the Creston Hotel. Travelling  men will substantiate this. Wfe  study the comfort of our guests.  The rooms are well furnished in  a* manner up-to-date.  Headquarters for Mining Men,  Lumbermen, Ranchers, Tourists  and Commercials.  /* B. Moran  Protil  .7 ��������� ~ 1���������  SS9  \.^l^^'^'^^'r^'l#l^#ltf'lg *^'^*^'lU_'S-*_|'f -5S_* *** "^ "^  ^.'^X������^*N|^*V>^*'**<^*>^*'*������^>'^^������'������^ ��������� 0S0 ��������� 0**0*' 00i *^0*^S& ������jE**0& r000'*$H&  We Are Specially Equipped To Do  All Kinds of  Ufll-I-I I /������������������  Creston Vallev as Vifu'ctl l������v 'Tinn-'pr" T.ittl'- ������nul CMt-ic   ViA.,**-* \vu-u Ti,ft;.<  A������>  the KarlyJDays Before Shaugucsiiy or Jim I-I ill Invaded its Peaceful Solitudes  I Send Your Wants to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  w  \&  . 1 ��������� 0  Job Pnntmq  W.W>>iHiiMiu.W>i|ll  Uixlm  .umxi.  ilio* in VoMr-OrrT-pr   +n������ +U&  'ty  ^0 0*    If ������fc"W mmfM.**^  ST  ^^*iaai^^ ^*^* ..III I. II.  Ha  -������ -r r . m,  tm tmmrm .mvms,r .**jkbbs������>^������,  r������  -��������� ���������  *��������� m > -. ��������������� ���������    m  B * *_-B������VB _B-_iV?  X   -W"*   -A '������  ...7BI-    ���������   _-V  _L   ���������  *_L" i *_rJTI-iI  -*  ���������*  m  ""���������"'   ' _____���������^���������**,*'****iTr^���������^^^y^  i <��������� T^^^ti-^srsssz  "*90/- - '-^SA-SB  i-   IP ._._    c  fl ���������  1    a������  ���������    i*1*'-    ������  a  &    fl SUBl*?flUJ 1,   B.B9UB f   UIIU    1 UUU    U4U-J2Q& "*���������������  I   Shipment of McLauglin Sleighs and Cuiters on Hand   8'  TEAM   SLE.GHS |  * wl  Harness, Single and Double and Supplies on Hand       g  ���������ft  Several Sets of Second-Hand Harness ������  I  Sleighs and Cuiters COAL FOR SALE   |  H. S. McCreath, Prop. I  tf\/������l.f  ~ .*. *������ ������ . _.jt.  iwd K.vrx, i^u* __������������������������, i^cgiSu.erc������ a-v viw-Ofm, o. w., department ot* Agriculture, Hay 12th, 1911  Will Stand as follows at  rcantlle Livery. Creston  ^^mmmasmamaummmmumaaaBmmmtmasaaKmmaa0t^i^mmm00mBtaaBss*sm**mma*Km^, . ��������� -. -raJ'MMMBM__airin_-___-_-___________*i_  From Noon Monday to Noon Tuesday and from Thursday  - Noon to Friday Noon Every Week, and at  nes  lamstiorr  IW Hill Idaho, SATURDAY  Phone 58  Sirdar Avenue  Box 14  &-_  Te_fl-Si To Insure $20; For Season $15; Single Service $10  seas  F. TOMPKINS, CRESTON, B. C.  B������  Now is the time to have your  TIANO  TUNED  Expert Tuning Guaranteed by  J* A. p. Crompton  Employ your owp townsman ?  All kinds of repairs to Pianos unci Organs tit lowest price consistent with  GOOD WORKMANSHIP  ff'^fi    B  Saddle and ������������������"  aam^aiSSS    ZaSifi&frStSff  aiSPBOIALTY  Dealer in   nigh   class  boots and shoes.  PI  Tho Barrels Y'&* <0  And Lugs >f' *U^W'  &ouM������ and Slngto Barrel  ���������MOTOWN**  ������U������iUt|y MUtJ������dit(i>l  tihir tum in     .  Swimming Against  ���������s==elhi Straamr==  It Ilk* trying to n*o a UMoaa-ful  ttiualnoaa without ndvartlnlng.  And It, la Hot WMMinilv* ta pain  daalrakla puMlolty ky the ua* of  gurlntara' Ink. Our Claaalflad  Want Ada. ooat llttla and ar*  raad by nearly evarybna.  Try them aa a ayatam tenia  for your bualnaes.  THE CANADIAN BANK  COMMERCE  SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O.,L-.D���������D.ejU President  ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager JOHN AIRD. Asa't General Manager  CAPITAL, $15,000,000     RESERVE FUND, $13,000,000  BANKING  BY  MAIL  Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian Bank  of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the same  careful attention as is given to all other departments of the Bank's  business. Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this -way as  satisfactorily as by'a personal visit to the Bank. 824  *l������USwll,'.������UM  *-jMm#ikI  ar* drop.foivtd.ln  en* iptM������. Mt'ltef  -tntONMir wluii  WiamilT.   Oomptr*  mm*  !,3"!'?'?i"!"!^^  \ X-*.^J'-V'A\_ft,i**'l"*^  v ��������� ���������  ^!Wi,^Wr-  Wi '' ���������    &1  '.*,. Our Olioluurt  C������|������������!o-r ������how* (It*  ftmiMia Un* mt Sl*vcM R'p*it*m��������� t\>uM#���������������8l?V  \A*t. If iron wnnot obiiln 0TEVP.N3 from vout  . Saler���������l������t oi krww, and wa wilt iMi. JUmiU wc .  IMtMl PMDHld. tt(������ll NMlut Of C������Ul<W Wl������*.  fl   ������-**������*e,t*'a������M������ at������MM������������  A THAI   (-fiUPAMV  i������.o.a������K������ooa,  ^oiieerat rAut, ������������*���������������������.  fltWHpl  J   '" r ���������-"ii-r-   |r-|j r f ft-r* tlf mil) Ililiiiilinliyiiiil.iiill iii Wm  immmmmmmm**ISl0t**mmmMm*mmmmmi0t,*ll    ���������  '   Crestou Public School to Which an Addiiion Was Built Last Year  Vvall  Complete New Stock Just Arrived  Calsoniining.PiinSn^. Pj.p3r li 11 {in ���������;     Carriage anil     >.  1    t  Let me give you advice and estimates on your tvoi k.     All   woi k gnru- -  auteed t������ cive satisfaction. *  a m   I 1MB "   ~  .j*. _ j  Shop on Sirdar Ave., in the Old Poole Store  YOU WILL SAVE MONEY BY GETTING MY ESTIMATES  OLIVER J. ECKHARDT,  In '-'Bought and Paid For," Mercantile Hall, Mon. April   30  npnup CYTCiincn  uiiulii   LAILIIULU  5HSTCD unTinr  WHlin HUlIbC  The Government has diceded to eir  tend for another pix months order-ioiV  council luoblbiing the entrance of ail  artisans and laborers into British Columbia.  The present order.iri-council, which  was pasBed in December last, extended  only until Maroh 81, and eo expired-to-  day. The now order will likely be  signed tomorrow. Tho order while or-  iginally designed to provent an influx  of OrieuirniH iuiiu British Oolunbla, affects immigration of all nations, and Is  applicable to now comers from American ports, as woll as from abroad.  Tho rcuglation ciiuuot thus be inter-  profod by Asiatic nations as dlsnrlmln-  atlou against them.  In the moan timo, tbo Qovernmot will  take into consideration the whole question of Oriental Immigration with a  view to formulofclog n policy satisfactory, not only to British Oolumbia and  Canada goncraily, but to tho 'various  uations riftootod as woll. Prouder . Mo*  Brldo, on his roceut visit to to the Gopl*  tal, b-id u'conft-ruco with Premier Borden nud Hon. "Dr Roclio, Minister of the  Interior, and laid beforo thom (ho view  of Britfe-h niilnmhia on tho Mii>j**ct.  Sir Richard ahould that tho Prov'nofl  was strongly in t'uvor of total exclusion,  but bo was pqunlly innphiitio in pointing  out that 111 taking snch a stand thoy  w������r������ iiiixWiuM to avnlil any oiT^uh** fco  otber nation, and toolc thin attitude  only 011 thn ground of tbo uuocHHlty of  preserving (Jananiuu natioiinl Hfo.   .  Application for Licence to tak0 anil  use'Water will be made under tb*  ������'Water Aot'' of British Columbia, as  follow :������������������   --'  1. The name of the applicanls nre,  Wm. H. Reed and Wm. Mather.  2. The address of the applicants is  Creston.  8. The name of the stream   Ih Lizzird  Creek.   The  stream   has its Boaroo in  Rolf mountain, flows in a wentnrly dir- '  ection, aud empties Into Kootonay Klals  at Wyuudel Junction.  4. Tho water is to be diverted from  the streahT on the South side, ahnut  flvo hundred f-jat from the C P. R.  track,  6. The purpose for whloh the water  will be used Is irrigation  6. Tho land on which tho water Is lo  be used is described as follows :���������  Block 120 K. V, Lands.  Block I20A, K.  V. Lands, tho north 18.35 acres of lot  8045 G I Kootenay  '/. The quantity of wator npiilitd for  Is as follows:���������ono half cubic feet per  .second.  8. This notioo was p-<nterl nn llin  ground on. thn sixth day or Apijl, ifiU.  9, A copy of this notio'' 11 nd nn application puimiiiiit thnroto anil toih-*  loiluiroiniMM������ cl? the 'Wator Ant ' will  bo ftlod in tho ottico of tlio Wnt������������r H������ -  oordorat Nolaon. Objections nVay In  illad with tho *������aid Water Rooordor, or  wlthth** Comptroller of Watoi RljihtH,  Pnrlianiont Building, Victoria, B. U.  Wm. H. Hood,  W. Mather,  / .4 ������\^H/vi. ..... \  I - 't'f ���������'���������>���������������������������������������������'/  ������w������i������i.i������mi������������  JAS. H. SCHOmBltD-  Iflro, Llfo and Aoolduut Insumuoe  i.k'W���������.JJ   JIU-XJUXJU,   MM,  XRAlh       -       -       -   B.C.  GUY   LOWENBERG  OOMBUimNO   KNOINBBlt  CRESTON ~T     .      B.C  ' -KjSSSL  1  -iii���������iiiwiawiiK  nii-iiimiii'iiiiiwuni >V---.-.5^������WS"fe!;W  ^n~iii.immmm**si^4^msmtiamim^e0^ximiimSmmmimmi   ���������        ���������  -   .  . -.^-^-^^���������^-->.J���������..  i inI i.l i       imnn-Ji niiiTa������M������  THB   CHJaiaTGK  REVIEW.  ?;???,' ���������*,.j ,1,-gS  DEBSTON,    B.  C.  ittuamtsmtitititim,  ��������� 0 sSSt -P-MFe^BP* a  1 Comprising 125 Acres  40B  GRAND FORKS, B. C*  anSa  GUARANTEED HOME GROWN  Cellared���������^ oots in earth, no danger of winter killing  "We can hold your trade."  Established iOOObythe HON. MARTIN BURRELL  i a. _  _,.-_. Minister of Agriculture  | ALL STOCK DELIVERED TO YOUR RANCH AT CATALOGUE PRICES  B  m  I  j For Catalogue and Price list, write to���������  WALTER V. JACKSON, Agent. Creston, B. C.  N  The  I  _.      _*__>���������? /_ns������_^_   /Ij^-^^y^-*_ ^_ */-_ /j_������  #     _^fc  ^* %*>&l\SII ATJLKrl K,CLIUU<C,  KJU+  Limited  Qo  |own The  Street  Wearing  __f      SB JBF ���������t  Ask us to   show  you the   new Spring   and   Summer  Y r styles of  iiie dcsi vjooci 2>nue  Made by 0. A. Slater Co.  Ivies's in Button and Lace, in Tans,  Patents,   Gun   Metal   and  Velour Calf.  Women's in Patent, Velour Calf, Tan  and  Willow   Calf    in   Lace    aud   Buttoned.  We handle shoes made by. the most  reliable firms only and guarantee all shoes  to  be   made  of  solid   leather.  Children's shoes solid, comfortable and  low  priced.  We  can   fit  all    kinds of  feet.  Mrs. H. Leottard of Creston, spent  Easter Sunday in Kitchener with her  husband. '  Mr B. Johnson ppent Easter in Yahk  there seems to be some attraction in  that part of the country for Billie.  Mrs. G. A.. Hunt, has returned from  Oreston where she has been spending  her Easter holidays.  Miss Adamson returned from a visit  East. She reports a jolly good time but  says there is no place like Kitobener.  Mr. H. Leonard the house painter  and decorr. tor of Creston has been in  thia oity for the last week or two putting a new coat on our hotel. Dutchy  is right there with tbe paint pot (when  the fish are not biting).  Mr. and Mrs W. Oakley have returned from   Winnipeg  where  they  have  j been visiting relatives and friends for  the last month, they say  the   weather  was very cold while there.  H. Ryniell is busy these days drain-  *���������**������    WO   VRUlC.UUtCut J������l|iU   UcvWVVM      IJV, V  and Goat River Crossing.  J.'Dubie the. veterau, hunter and  trapper of this city started out into the  mountains this morning, after his nibs,  Mr.-Bruin. Joe sayk, I'll get him if I  can gee my peepers on hiui, and I gues*-  Joe knows what  he is talking abnit.  Cr. A.'Hunt is busy K-udiug piling for  the C P. R.  Mr, Thorson tht������ hot air expert froui  windy Canyon, was iu this oity ou Suuday, calling on his mauy friends here,  he is tbe same old Torn.  *������  - I *M~  ft���������   I _ /!  i__iV!  * i -_  I 11  S  We the undersigned having bought the business,, of S. A. Spears wish to  announce to the public, that beginning on April 21st. vie'intend ttf $&rVy on th������  business on the short credit system. Cash or on th_ approval of iisi manager  thirty days wiii be given any customer who has been in the habit diffiymg regularly. Under this system we can give much better prices as the rf^jgtilar paying  customer does not have to pay a profit in excess of cost to make ttfy/fbr "What the  merchant loses by the slow pay or never pay customers. We furthermore wish to  give notice that any customer whose account is unpaid on She 15th oi<ijb*fc following month, will receive uo further credit until their account is paid. 1^fe|Kfttron-  age of all regular pay monthly or cash customers is respectfully solicfeC ; Our  motto shall always be a square deal and fair treatment to all, any complaint no  matter how small will receive our attention, and any wrong will be cheerfully  righted.    Call and get our prices before buy'rig elsewhere.  Yours. Respectfully  Lancaster & Co.  General  MERCHANT  Let us do your printing for you.  Prices right aud satisfaction guarauteed  The Creston Review.  CANYON CITY NEWS  Creston  Limited  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.���������  ! FRUIT TREES!  AND 0RNAHENTALS  Coldstream Estate Nurseries  H  ���������  VERNON, B. C  All our trees are Home Grown and guaranteed true   ?  to name.    We carry  all the  leading  varieties  most  a  suited to this district.    Our specialty is budded stock,  on three-year-old whole roots.  All Stock delivered to ranch at prices quoted  ���������  ^       For further particulars apply to our local Ageut.  ��������� J. Blinco, Box 29, Creston, B.C. ���������  ���������  I  _____^  __l  __K^^n *���������_���������___?  ________ E_ ^^^/ _____& ____���������*-  da  I LIVERY AND TRANSFER ���������  1 Wood for Sale  Phone 85  The Canyon City Whist Olub met at  the home of Mr. arid Mrs. H. Whites  last Friday and reported a good time  even though mud was quite deep,  among those present were Mr. and Mrs.  He**?*"*", Mr. and Mrs. Waylet, Mr. and  Mrs. Lyons, Mr. and Mrs. Oorneil, Mr.  and Mrs. Langdou, Mr. and Mrs. Robarge, Mr. and Mrs. Carver, Mr. Mrs.  Hickey, Mr. and Mrs. Vanabkern, Mr.  and Mi*s. Broweil, and the Misses.  Wood. Hoggins, and Olsen.  Mr. McRobb has nearly completed  his house which will be a credit to  hungry hollow when .finished.  Mr. L. Hussick has stumped an extra  acre which he has plowed and seeded  to clover and has added two head of  cattle to his stock.       y  Quite a number of Canyon City  people took in the Easter dauce at  CreBton.  Our prominent rancher Mr. F. Hug-  gins has been seen carrying around  some furniture and household goods  catalogues and we hope he will be able  to find what he wants.  -���������The C. O. S. of Oranbrook is selling  Iron Beds with mattress and spring for  $11.  PEDIGREE STRAWBERRY  PUT  Hardy Northern grown ntook Of leading varieties propogated from the R. M  KELLOG strain of pedigree plants.  Price por thousand plants $7.60. Per  hundred plants $1 25. Catalogue sont  on request.  MONRAD WIGEN  Wynndel B. C.  City  Bakery  And Ice Cn Parlors  Try Our Ice Cream  Cakes Mndo to Ord������r and Parties  Catered for  New Stock of Chocolates Just  Opened Up  Bread 15 ticket- for $1.00  Drama  in  Four  Acts  Mercantile Ml.  Admissiou 75c, 50c, 25c.  mjrm.mm  ���������J --"r  Seat-5 on Sale at the Post Office  S. MacDonald, principal of the High  School is on a visit to Spokane.  Conductor" Dau Burton was the recipient of a bouquet- of Da'ffodils Tuesday  They were gro-,*vn ou Mr. Stark's place  and presented by F. G. Little.  yard at an early date He expects to  surprise his friends with some of the  choicest wine of the continent.  Ales Mathcson aud Mike Glaser are  clearing Block I. It is the formei's intention to put in au orchard   and   vine-  SYNOPSIS OP COAL MINIG  REGULATIONS  Coal mining rights of the Dominion,  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan aud Alberta  the Yukon Territory, the North-west  Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Colnmbin, may be leased  for a term of twenty-one yenrs at  au annual rental of $1 an acre. Not  mrire thnn 9.GG0 acree. will bo leased to  one applicant.  Application for a lease must bo mado  by tlio applicant in person to tho Agent  or Sub-Agont of tho district in which  lho rights applied for urn Hil.iiivti'rt.  In survoyed territory tlio hind must  lio described by sections, or lognl nub-  divisions of sections, and in uiiHiirveyod  torrltory tho tract appliod for Hlmll ho  staked out by tho applicant hiniHclf.  Each application iuuhI bn accompanied  by a feo of $5 which will l>o refunded if  tha rights applied for aro not avnilnblo  but uot otherwise. A my airy Hlmll bo  paid on thc merchantable output; of Mir  mine at the rate ol' live oentH pur ton.  Tho person operating tho niino shall  furnish tho Agont wiU-. h.voiii returnu  accounting for tho full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pnv the royalty thereon. If tho coul mining rights  nro not being operated, such returns  should bo furnished nt lonst, 01100 a yonr  Tho ioriflo will iiipJurlo tin, coal min-  lug right.') ouly, but lln- Ji������shi-.u mny be  ftonnutotl lo jiurch.-iw- \vL,������a-vcr 'ii/nl-  abio surface rights mny he oonnidnred  noonHiinry for tho working of the in Ine  at tho rate of $10 an-acre.  JFor fnll informal ion npplkniion mhould  bo mado to tho Soorotnry of the Dopurtmont of lhe Interior, Oitiiwn, or to nny  Agent or Snb- Agent of Doiuiuinn LiiiuIh  W. W. OOllY,  Deputy Ministor of tho Intel ior,  li". li,���������Uuuui,iioii/.ect publication of  this ndvortiyomont will uot ho jmid for.  -SOCfW).  The following services will be conducted at Christ Church, Church of  England on Sunday April 19th., 1914:  10 n. m. Sunday School, Ha m. Mat-  tius and Address, 7:30 p.m. Even-J  song and Addrets, Preacher Rev. E.  Bull.v  o oiiiBy^ & *n__  r. ounm & uo.  Urnl-tod  CRESTON       -      B.C.  Head   Offices  CALGARY;  VANCOUVER; EDMONTOiN'.  Dealers iu  MEAT  Wholesale and Retail  Fish. Game,  Poultry,  and Qysters  in Season    y?*  We have the goods, ahd  our prices are reasonable  & ti  E. irnisiey who has been railroading  out of Oranbrook for some time leaves  for the East today on an extended visit  to his farm near Prince Albert. He  has been visiting his uncle here, W. H.  Burton,  for flfarctan andl farm -erel������e_t i  fo? B.C.soil. Ses> CatssSojfs^ fs_ ������  solid tftt������_r������Dt������^ oljiuxitor  ana������������ri-iine������tion.  3������nd ao-w for Copy U.99  Sutton &Scns.Th������Kinjfs Socmen  A. if. W 6Ad %v ������rd.  ViereriQ     %      Vnncouuai-  ������l& rorr sr. _������ft7.������r������nvlll������-tt-.'  tOfcC A������KMTS -TAR toKITISM CMUMBIA  S. O. Watson and family, of Sirdar  loft for Bonners Ferry Saturday to  reside on their ranch near that oity.  lie v. J. E. Henley and family of  Cowley, Alta. were visitors for the  first part of this week with Mr. aud  Mrs. A. B. S. Stanley.  GET YOUR?  ingi Tinning and  General Repair Work  Done by  W. B. Embree  The satisfaction of work well done  lingers long after the prioe is forgotten.  a__  Massey - Harris  IMPLEHENTS  Everything for the  Farm and Garden  Bean and Massey-Harris  Sprayers  Stickney   and  Massey-Harris Gasoline  Engines.    Rumbley Oil Engines.  W r   >   .        '  R'member we-carry parts for Everything  We  Handle  mm  ���������  DCiwMli  )"  /i  ft


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