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Creston Review Jun 20, 1913

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All Roads Sn East and West Kootenay Lead to Crestors
I ���?,_'��� _:���r.?__-l.
of the CRESTON
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'" "   "' ' "  ''-/^i^^Mmk
ti'7'tititititititi' "-
J UN &,- -J53.9    ^:
!   SENT TO ArJti
$2.00 A   YEAR!
No. 25, $th Year.
CRESTON, B.C,   I^IDAY-   JUNE 20. 1913.
Single Copies 5c.
Over Sixty-five    Fiiilion   Acres   of
Timberland^-Natural Growth
Exceeds Annual Cut
British Columbia possesses one of the
few great timber areas of the world.
While the  countries  of   th�� Far East
have lost all the timber they ever had
while European nations are resorting to
the most entensive methods possible to
secure continui y.of: stand and a certainty of yield and are  planting  trees by
hand over great areas to ensure crops in
the future; while Eastern  Canada and
the -few England States are clamoring
for lumber and viewing with alarm the
rapidly diminishing   supplies in   their
country, British Columbia has a vast area of over 65 million acres of timberland,
which should produce,  according to es-
tiinates of experts, at least one hundred
board feet per acre  per annaru, or a total of G}4 billion feet. This wonld return
to the Government over 6^ million dollars every year. The province is the possessor of a glorious heritage of over 300
billion feet of timber, which is quite half
of all tbat standing in the JDominion at
the present time... At the present rate of
cutting, the loggerts of the province are
taking annually only one fifth of the a-
inonnt which is added by ths nature-
processes of growth.
If one looks over the industries in the
province, tha shipping and all the allied
aud dependent trades,  one will see that
at least three out of every five iuou in
the oountry are looking to the forest to
supply thoir livelihood. There are very
few industries which are not to a greater or less extent under   obligation for
their existence to the forest resource.
Outside altogether of the loggers, mill-
men, transport men, builders, and call
those who use wood in a secondary way,
the vast majority of the great farming
population are dependent upon the forest ��� olnd hills for   the water  whioh
the timber which is manufactured within the province into lumber, pulp and
other wood products.
It is plainly evident, therefore, that
to maintain the prosperity  of the Province it is necessary to maintain the Forest Resource, This resource is subject to
one of the greatest dangers in the world,
the danger   which   brings   havoc into
towns, cities, and settled communities,
which mounts into the hundreds of millions every j ear. And the Forest has nc
protection such as have the buildings in
the great cities. When the great enemy-
fire- breaks out in the   forest,  there is
practically nothing to impede its progress or check its work oc   devastation
sa ve favorable climatic   conditio-s   or
some  peculiar  configuration    of    the
ground. The trees stand close together;
if one tree goes the one next"��� it will go;
fire reaches up from the ground, gets
into the crowns, and then sweeps over
mountains and valleys without any possibility of btSing checked. In the cities
there are fire patrols, some of them on
motor trucks which can speed as high
as sixty miles an hour. In the forest, on
the other hand, there may be no one to
see the fire untile days after it has begun. The gospel of an ounce of preveh-
tion being better than a   pound of cure
applies! bo thoroughly to the forest that
every effort which ie beino' mades   and
should look to the early extinguishing
of a fire before it attains a size which
renders it impossible to put out.
The causes of the vast proportion of
forest fires today are in the carelessness
of people who have fires and do not properly extinguish them. According to
the report of the Chief Forester for the
past year, ovea 70 per cent of tbe blazes
which originated in other ways than
brings fertility and wealth to lhe won-1 from lightening were from sheer oare-
i���it extent the tuooiuo oi tuw frovin.ee.
Bat greater than the work of the ran:
ger.s, and vastly more important than
the expenditure  for their activities  ia
the expenditure by every oitizen ofthe
province of care overall the sources of
danger which enter into his every day
life. A single cigarette butt thrown carelessly by the road-side will occasion a
fire which will wine out more value in
timber than wouldbuy the province ejjpf
arettes for the nest fifty years; a little
carelessness witb brush burning may occasion a fire whioh will burn u^xnote
than the cleared land of the whole yal-
ley will produce in the life of him who
neglected his blaze; a hole peached in
a donkey stack, or neglected in the use
of fire pans might consume the money
which would be devoted to logging machinery for that timber distriot fpr the
next generation; an uncared for camp
fire���and this is the greatest source of
danger of all��� may burn awav iu the
ground and finally blaze up in a might
conflagration which will sweep away
more wealth than would be produced by
all tbe mines which the careless camper
or prospector might uncover in all his
gold seeing days.
If the average citizen will give bis
moral support to all the activities of the
Government in its effort ts to put out fire,
will work hand in hand with the District Forest offiicers and respond quickly
when the call comes for assistance to a
fire, be will build far more broadly and
:seoarely,than he imagines the basis of
The Ladies Aid Social at White's
Was a decided success. The decoration
of wild roses and fern was vory pleasing to the eye and the cream and cake
t6 the taste. Every one had a jolly
good time. $18.oo being the receipts of
the evening.
The   Ladies Aid intend having a
strawberry .social and bazar in the
near future.
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Swanson of Si?
dar visitedCanyon City Tuesday.
While going up to the water tank on
Tuesday of this week. Mayor Fred Little
had the misfortune to run upon a big
black bear whioh was crouched down in
the trail, Dead.
The Duck Creek Social Club will
hold a dance on Saturday June 21st at
8:30 p. rm. W. J. Cooper floor manager.
A complete change of music. Everbody
is cordially invited.
Mrs. Ed Miller and sons of Coleman
Alta., arrived on Wednesday on a visit to Mr. and Mrs. E. Sparkes.
A ihack to rent apply J.Cook.
pure paint. For sale in all colors at
Mra. John Boyd and family accompanied by her sister Miss Rowe left on
Tuesday ior their home in Ontario.Both
Mrs. Boyd and Miss Rowe have many
friends here that wish them a pleasant
-journey and a speedy return.
Rev R. Axon will be here to conduct
services in the church of England June
29 aud the following. Sundays until further notice.
Miss O. Wigin was a Creston caller
J. J. Grady  left on   Monday   west
bound for Nelson and Sevelstoke.
P. Andestad went to Yahk on Tues
prosperity for himself, fottthe peopiein
his* o'oimrinnity and for the coming geii-
s ration There devolves upon, ��very sa >n
iu tbe province a duty to his country in
this regard, and he will truly serve his
native land who does the simple acts of
carefulness and prevention iu the ordinary sourse of his daily occupation.
Dick Bevan and  Guy   Lowenburg
were visitors to Duck Creek in their,
autos on Tuesday. "
The water dropped - 5 in. between
noon Tuesday and noon Wednesday;
The first strawberries were shipped
from the district on Wednesday when
O. J. Wigin shipped 9 crates.
Mrs. W. _T. JohuaO��� left on Wednesday for a trip to Nelson.
25 per cent discount on all wall paper
Complete new liue. H. Leonard, Sirdar
J  J. Grady is* spending a few days in
Nelson and Kaslo this week.
���FOR SALEr-Twenfcy acrea of first
class fruit land. New tour room cottage on place, all slashed and burned, S
aores stumped, water right for both
domestic and irrigation purpose*1. A
bargain.   Enquire at this office.
A small house to ronton Victoria Ave
apply J. Cook.
Fred Ryckman of Oranbrook is a visitor to C-rest-Ois this ws��k
���lhe C. C. B. oi Or__brook is selling
Iron Beds with mattress and Bpring for
O. J. Wigin  was   a visitor to Port
Hill Wednesday.
derful natural soils trom whioh spring
che crops whioh have become renowned
the world ovor.
But tho timber produots themselves
nro going out of the province iu lumber;
thoy are giving labor to thousands upon thousands of men here, and buildiug
up tho prairie, from whioh so groat tv
proportion of wealth of tho EaBt ifl do-
rived, Without tho vast forost wealth of
British Columbia it would bo impossible
1,o Dniui up tlio grout, iariuiug nr-nn yu
tho othor sldo of lhe Rookies.
Tho nvorngo oitlzon or British Columbia ban a muoh groator interest than
nil thlf\ however, in tho great forests of
whioh ho in part owner nnd udinlnltv
trator, in co-opt ration with tho progroB
slvo hundreds of thousands who are
makiug thin Great Laid. WonI. the mighty
nnd potent factor in tho niition't* pros-
polity. In tho pnst i-eveii veins enough
OKU I'tOliHiiry HI Ul���� Kiri'i oi johh, iiumui'
retvtrri** ami roydtifM t>p*y for all the
toads, bridges nud whnrv^w whloh hnvo
boon ooiiHtruoU'd in that, time,  Todny
iessness on the part of campers, brush
burners, land olearors, etc. There were
a great number of oonflaj-rationa traceable, it is true, to railways whose Hues
were not cleared of brush, aud sparks
from tho pausing engines set blazes ln
tho dobros by tho right of way with disastrous results to tho surrounding tlm-
Mr. T. Hickey has moved his family
back to the ranch. Welcome home.
Thero will be a combined ba3ket and
ice cream sociol at thb school house on
Friday evening June 27, it being the
last day ofthe schools year. All arrange
meutsare being made for an exceedingly enjoyable time, and as the Canyou
City ladies are capable of entertaining
a largo crowd everyone should oome and
eujoy thomselvoB. The ladies are ornest-
ly requested to bring baskets and the
geutlomon tho money.
MissCrotch who has spent the winter in Nelson returned to Duck Creek
���'��� C. O. Rodgers has gone  to Spokane
for a few days.'
How about soft water for washing?
Ge> Ea vest roughing put up by Embree
for 15 cts a foot.
. C H. Bla k of Wynndel, who had the
misfortune to run a pitchfork into his
baud last week was a Creston caller a
few days the past week.  -
���FOR SALE- one set of double harness, (humane collars,) 150rods, 9 stand
patent wire fencing, 454, 8 foot cedar
(orairie) poets, house logs peeled, 38x30
and 20x21 foot logs, and 50 lbs. mammoth clover seed. E. J*. T. Taylor, Cres-
too, B. C.
A 44U _tie'' Prayer
Oh Lord, if you can't help me and the
'Mayor", Don't help that Dead Bear.
Fiats Dry By Aug. 5
In Year of 1894
The following statement was handed
in this office the other day by our worthy
filayor, Mr. Fred G. Little, who has resided in the valley for the past 21 years
and is well acquainted with the condi-
- Send for our prices ou furniture, we  rion*-*iu regards tho  overflowing of the
Canyon city is not in tho shade ib in
fairly keeping step with tho outsldo
world. Our scout clubls Increasing two
members being on tho vol I so far. Only ono GUI Guide but tlmo will bring
somo more In tbo ranks.
W. J. Cooper, P. Ofner, P. and M.
Hagen, J. May, C. Carlson, and O Wigin were Creston callers Monday.
The service on the telephone lines from
CreRfon to Dnok Croek hits boen greatly impaired the past woek owing to' the
unusual high water ou tbe flits whioh
onme up so high as to wash out several
of tho poles along that line. Rob't Smith
who hns ohnrgoof the system has been
employed for several days this woek repairing tho lines aud expeots to have
everything in good shape in a short time.
pay the freight.    O C. S.
O J. Wigin was a  business caller in
Creston a couple of days this week.
Thoro nro miniorons methods devised
by tho Provincial Forost Branoh auth-
-iriUv." la i*".��*.'ciil u::d e_lIujiU-*h forosl,
ilrofl. Thoro wero omployod last sum-
in (ii* over 150 forest rnngors, whose solo
duty wai* to safeguard tho standing tim-
bor aud collect aud organize   fire flght-
.,      ,   ���-,. Hair**, Wnyli.lt'H,  Whlto'.-* and Mv.
ing piu'tioH in onse of nn outbreak. Tho | "     ��
monoy oxpondod ou thu   work of thoto
mon ran into the hundreds of thousand
Forty yenrs in use, 20 years the standard, prescribed aud reoommendod by
physioinnp. For Womans ailments, Dr.
-Cartel's Pills, nt your druggist.
Chas Moore who has boen a resident
of Creston for a uutnboi* of years moved
to Nelson last week, whoio he expects
to reside in the future.
Kootenay. Iu his statement he says that
in the year 1894 on June the 8ththe water
was at its hightest mark, and on Jnne 9
at 11 ;80 A. M., the water started to re*
oedo and hy the Ctb day of August tho
flats, were dry. He also states that this
month is the third high water in 21
It is further stated in the Nelson News
and other exohnnges throughout the distriot that tho water this year ia about 9
feet lowor than it was in the previous
years of high wator,
Mr. lliiggin shipped tho ilrnl, Hlraw-
bovi'lofl from oiir city Tuesday.
JThoinpHon  Hpent    Sunday   nt Arrow
dollurfl. Thoy iihwIhUhI in extingtUHhlnp
blnzoa to suoh nn oxtont that trove wns
huruod ovor only 110, ooo ncron, wi��h a
mey has boen paid into  the  Provln,| ��'0'"1 '�����"����* h��� ��r W00.0U0. The cost of
their nplreon ran Into 4745.000. Tn comparison with tho litimondous value of
tho timber naved,    their   expense was
Mr. und Mrs. Lnn.hortoii npniiL .Sunday at Canyon City.
J. Wood Jr.   Iul't   on   Sntiii'dity for.
There iH it diHtiuit tinkling of  wed-
���H.ilstoin Bull, Sir Glen Pertortje
Korudyoko, No. 10705, will bo at Bonny
Brook ranch, Canyon City, during son*
Hon 10111. 8m-v it.u fiHiI.") o.mh. D. .T.Lyon
An epiclomlo of menelos haB broken
out among the Kootouay Indian p. Dr.
Henderson and Provincial Oonotablo For
roster visited tho di-oront camps during
the wofU UiciiJoix-o thupiovl'���oij.sof I lie
Health Act.
A meeting of the Finn and Game Protection nuioolntlon will be held in the
Stjoorrt; Iltll in Saturday evening
June 21 at �� P. M., everybody is re-
qnoBted to n I tend iih hnnlneHH of great
importance will bo dinouHfled,
���Wo can supply you with MoKon-
zuis selected soeds at Calgary prices
S.A. Speers.
Campbell Dow, who bus boon in the
employ of the Onnndliin Bank of Commerce ut Greouwood for some time, aud
who has boon Borlonely IU with typhoid
f'Voris ipondlng somo tlmo with his
parents, Mr, aud Min J, VV. Dow of
The following telephones have heon
installed this week; Hugglns ond Van-
Aokinan at Oanyon Oity, whOBO number sfl05-B, and Mr. Bradley of the
Fruit Growers Union has had one installed in his residence, hit number ia
pi-aotiunlly nothing. In ounipuriHOu with  ding bellH.
4,��rt Ann*,. on�� or ov-rv four whioh comes 11���� ����vouuo roturneu lo tno Crown, tue j 	
iiioiiov in vested in thlo \vnr '.van but a|    8onu, |alk of (itUMiii hH|> being um
tonth. Moro monoy  oan bo spout upon
-New sLook of Wall paper at Harry
Leonard's shop, Sirdar avenue.
D. W. BrlggH of Portland, Oregon,
President of Ihe Oanyon Oity Lumber
Company U look lug after hlu bunlne��w
IiiIdi-omU lu Crentou for a couple week**.*
into the pnbllo colter Is tho product, of
tho foroit. Greater 'ivrm than tho viiluo
of the agrlonltnrftl produots is that of
this work without injuring to tho slight.
ployed in Iho box factory "That will
help Homo."
��� i nave jiiml im ii mii <* uimihw m
democr-nte btiggic'i wbirh nro all
guaranteed, call and wee them. H, H
--Try our Eifcl Tower L��mo����de.
.Twit tbo thing for eau.plng p*��"Ho����' ^*��*
Oa*h Store.
ThUwook an Indian named Philip
shot a large black boar near the town
wntorworlcH rosorvolr, and secured hor
two oub�� nllvo.
O. A. M. Young left yesterday for
Sheep Crook, where hois interested in
wnveral promising mining proportion.
"Houoo to Lot.-Apply to A. N. Ooub
lug, 4th Stroo, Croaton.
T>   M   Ailfin nf the ataff Of the Can-
.(..,   r��,���1.   .�� f-,^.... mmfxf,  mmm^rn   mf)ri\(ltl*fi
to tho Cranbrook ho��pital on Wodnenday
nu(I**i.'lug ffoui an attaok ot appe-dlotl 8 g
UII   4mW I III4.IIIWWIMM4WI���i4M44lii|Hli|imi i
_a*-��a')iiiiwi��-ffiiii 11 i iMi'r.'iiiii-iiiWii
t__l_-l*_-_*lt*1**^!*'^^^ f- -   *<���������*���������.      f  .h  '���������ml'  TITC UF.Vl^W? CKFiSTON. B  C.  MAD-    I fM  CONTAINS  NO   4A.I-UJ fvl  CONFORMS TO THE  HIGH STANDARD OF  GIL-LETT'S  GOODS  ���������  A Hint  How would you like to be hugged  hy a bear? asked the timid young  man.  I think I'd like it, replied the sweet  young thing. Which side of the  etock market are you on������?  I WINNIPEG DRUGGIST ENDORSES  i  SANOL REMEDIES  !  SANOL   AND   SANOI-S     ANTI-D1A-  I       BETES   EFFECT     WONDERFUL  CURES  Below   la  given  a  copy  o*  a   letter  Irom a prominent "Winnipeg Druggist.  This is but typical of tho many we receive,   advising  of  the  great   demand  for SANOL. and SANOL'S ANTI-DIA-  BETES,   and   tha   many   cures   these  sterling   remedies  effect.  The Sanol aiai���������ifaeturlng Co.,  "Winnipeg.  Dear Sirs.���������  In regard to tho sale of SANOL and  BANOL'S ANTI-DIABETES X might  say I have been handling the good*'  tor about three month-. I was  obliged to put ln SANOL'S ANTI-  DIABETES to supply one o! my customers, who now la completely cured  and whom. I believe, has sent a testi-  mcnls.* to your olfics* Anotucr customer ordered SANOL and I was  obliged to stock lt. This gentleman  was so well satisfied that ha has eent  bottles to his friends. Up to  this time I had never really t'aken  much Interest in the preparations, but  when customer after customer -would  come In and tell us about what SANOL bad done for them I came to th*  conclusion it -would ba -worth my  while getting behind SANOL and recommending it to my customers.  Thia I have done, and I have heard  fiot-lns but -words of praise for SANOL and reco���������u31ending it to my customers. This I have done, and 1  have heard nothing but -ff-ords or*  I praise for SANOL and SANOL'S  ANTI-DIABETES.    ie  am.  Yours truly.  Austin's Drug Store.  F.  J.  Hamlyn,  Mgr.  Tho   original   of   this   letter,    vrith  many others of Uke nature,  may be  Been  upon  our Filea at  any  time.  ,      SANOL la the "RELIABLE CCRE-'  J for Gall Stones, Kidney Trouble. Kidney   Stones,   Bladder   Stones.   Gravel,  Lumbago    and    all    dlsea3es    arising  from   uric  Acid.    Price   $1.&0.  ��������� SANOL'S   ANT1-DIABET.ES   Is   the  only  remedy   ���������tjrhi'cn  has   a  record  of  e������mi>''*te   cures   of   Diabetes.     Price  Fishy  A gentleman, after lunching oft two  soles, approached the cashier's desk  and said:  Wonder to.tt-o-Wife  A lady' Is trying , an experiment.  Her husband is a brilliant, man, but  loquacious. Realizing his shortcomings, the wife Is feeding him on fish.  Three or four times a week she _ re-  nor���������     flaVi     In     anrrxr.    il4s.1&/>fiaV������l_    -mat,   -  Ilo lis showing some uneasiness and  has a marked predilection for water,  bat being innocent of his wife's mo*  tive, continued to eat the dishes set  beforo bim. y        titi'"? .-:.���������:���������"  To her pastor the wife recently confided.  You see, soberly, John ls a very  remarkable man, but ho wastes too  much time sermonizing when he  should be thinking He talks altogether too much. To counteract thia  I am feeding him on fish. During;  the last two months I have served  him with seventeen varieties of Ash  cooked in forty-seven different ways.  Why fish? asked the pastor, greatly  Interested.  Because, replied the wife, fish la  good for thought.  I see, said the reverend gentleman,  but have you noticed any marked  change?  Th������ wife's face grew sad.  Do you know, Mr. Jones, that husband of mine is such   a    chatterbox  I have three fish to pay ior.  The  waiter   (who had attended  on j that  I   do   believe  ho  could  eat the  im)   was  passing  at  the   ttme,   and ; whaie that swallowed Jonah and nevor  On������ he Missed  Smith-Ins was reciting to a little  circle of his dub friends the thrilling  story of a shipwreck in whlah he had  all but lost hla life. ���������  It was a long story, for it was ailed  with many' tales ol heroism���������-chiefly  Smithklns'B? He made his hearers to  see the cold, rolling sea that slowly  engulfed the brave ship, and to hear  the desT*-_lri_.g cries of those who,  struggling, went down to their deaths.  It was along in the second hour of  the narrative and Smithkiua had rjuet  come to the passage describing tho  moment of his own peril.  Utterly exhausted, 00 went on, by  my strenuous efforts to *aave as many  of the others as I could. I?-, .had no  strength left to keep myself afloat.  Weakly I sank a first time, then a second . As I was going down for what  I believed to be the last time, even  though It was but a few seconds, tho  panorama of my whole life was unrolled before mo. Every deed, every  detail, every moment ln my life waa  unveiled in a series of pictures���������  Potterton, alttlng quietly In tho corner dozing, suddenly woke up.  Smlthkius, bo interrupted, did you  happen to notice a picture of mo lending you $5 ln the spring of 1911?  him)  remarked:  ���������V��������� 4-,..,-, ..I..  ��������� 114,       HIU,      D(.   ���������  The   gentleman   replied:  Excuse  me.    I  have  three  to  for���������two soles, and one smelt.  j lose  a syllable.  btcTq; sT; z Yp.u^Yri^,y^Kr?-B?X?:- JQMP������$W$&-f-*?Gti'������$:  Ml&M P^v iXHStitti I fti*:'ti^:^^Z^^s������jy������; ~XQti%OtiNy������0  ^___-������__u-. ���������:R*?s-:mV?J^^ vONtffrfc m  pay I  ROM HALIFAX  Tn v*r-ra_f������g?f_  iv  Tnnvuurun  WOMEN   ARE     PRAISING  KIDNEY PILLS  DODD'S  Miller's Worm Powders    are    com-!  plete in themselves.    They not only  drive worms from the system, but repair  the damage  that  worms  cause  and so Invigorate tbe constitution that j    it speedily recovers from tho disorders j ' - ��������� ��������� _  of the digestion that are the result of   Nova Sc������*>* Mother Tells Hov.  They  the work of these parasitic intruders. I     Cured Her Achea and    Pains,    and  They do  their  work thoroughly  aud J     Made Her a Weil Woman Again,  strength  and  soundness follow  their j     Ecum Secum Bridge, Halifax    Co.,  use-   jN.S.   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Oh, 1 just glared back  ! &z b:na aa if I had.  *'I had a pain In my left side and  down  through  my hips,"   Mrs.   Pace  comr-'^te   cures  ������������    l*lft  v~For sale  at  aU Leading Druggists.  Send for  Free   Literature.  ���������*���������  I  1 THE SANOL MANUFACTURING Co  j   i.riw ��������� Limited  j   '; WINNIPEG, MAN.  j Minard's Liniment used by Physicians  1 ��������� ������������������  Judge Greenhow, of the Eeeds and  Wakefield County Court, who bas just  completed thirty-two years oa the  bench, has many, pleasant reminiscences of Lord Russell? who used to  stay with him in his cottage at Esher  ln Surrey, where, as usual with the  future Lord Chief Justice, he ruled  everyone with a rod of iron. On one  occasion, being in haste to get to his  li whist, he said to Mr. Greenhow's parlor-maid: Here, TTary, take away the  meat; your master has already had  far more than enough for him.    The  time. My heart was weak, and at  times a pain ; "ound it added to my  fears. Some days I was hardly able  to walk.  "I  read*'of  a  number of  cures  of  cases like mine by    Dodd's    Kidney j  Pills,  and sent for  three boxes.   To  day I am a well woman, and can do j  as much work as ever I could.  Dodd's Kidney Pills cured Mrs.  Pace because her troubles cam������ from  diseased kidneys. Dodd's Kidney  tills always cure diseased kidneys,  and as ninety p&r cent, of women's  troubles come from kidney trouble,  Dodd's Kidney Pills have come to be  known as suffering woman's best  friend.  They Chew Cordito  One" of tbo troubles of most Europ-  ean armies is that those soldiers who  vun  get, AiOiii u*  11, luaiai.  un   umug   mm,  terrible explosive cordite as if it were  a sort of chowlng-gum. Its popularity  is due to the fact that when chewed  iu small quantities it ha3 a stimulating and exhilarating effect, like small  doses of alcohol. Its taste, too, ls  sweet, cordite being three-fifths nitro  glycerine, an explosive which Is sugary to the taste. When chewed in  large quantities cordite becomes  move powerful in Its effects, bringing  on a blissful state of ecstasy, and  sometimes making the victim of the  habit see visions. But the real danger of the habit lies in the fact that  though hltro-glycerlne will only explode when given a very hard blow  or touched by an electric spark, there  is always a possibility that the grinding of exceptionally hard teeth might  provide the necessary hard blow.  Within the last few years, at least,  three soldiers���������two Germans and one  Austrian���������havo been blown to bits,  the use of cordite as a chewing gum  being the suspected cause. The habit was not unknown ln our own army  some years ago, till the military authorities took steps to stop it.  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On th������ Honeymoon  (The start)���������She���������The guard  says  maid cleat ed the table speedily, and j this tunnel is two miles long,  the guests sat down to a long night j     He���������But hang it* the lights are all  _** *v,*^iist I turned on."  (Tho Return)���������Here Is this lovely  Mclaughlin carriages  Would you really put yourself out  for my sake? -Indeed, Indeed I  would! Then do it, please, she murmured, with eyes half closed. I'm4  awfully, awfully tired!  One Jew, One Dog  Baron Hlrsch, the financier, was dining at the same table as a German  prince who made no secret of his an-  1 tlpathy towards Jews.     He ended up  The controversy which aroBo some j a description ot a tour .he had taken  lime ago with regard to tlie okull of  Cromwell recalls the Incident of the  Lravellng showman, who on entering  a country town, displayed amongst  other things, a skull, which he clalm-  adr to bo that of Cromwell. That cannot be, said ono ot his audience, as it  is well known that Cromwell had a  big head. Oh, came the retort, but  tibia ls his skull when he was a boy.  Salmon at $2 a pound I3 a further  reminder that there aro getting to be  too many ot ua ou land arid not.  enough of us In the water.  iu Turkey by saying pointedly: Two  of the customs of that country Impressed me as excellent. All Jews  and dogs that are caught are at once  killed.  How lucky you and 1 don't live  there,  remarked the  financier,  aulet-  iy.  Customer���������Hey, waiter! Walter���������  Yea, sir. Customer���������Kindly tell the  leader of the orchestra to play something sad and low while I dlue. 1  want to see lt lt won't have a softening influence ou VaU steak.  tunnel again  He���������Well, why the deuce don't they  light the carriages, then?  A Standard Medicine.���������Parmelee's  Vegetable Pills, compounded of entirely vegetable substances known to have  a revivifying and salutary effect upon  the digestive organs, have through  years of use attained co euiiiient a  position that they rank as a standard  medlolne. The ailing should remember this. Slmplo in their composition, they can be assimilated by the  weakest stomach and are certain to  have a healthful and agreeable effect  on the Bluggish digestive organs.  WE PAY THE FREIGHT.  At the  Factory  Price  Man���������the Mrute  It was a sweet, sad play, and there  was hardly a dry handkerchief ln the  house. But one man ln the gallery  among the godi, irritated his companions by refusing to take the performance ln tho proper spirit. Instead  of weeping, he laughed. While oth-  [ era were mopping their eyes a,nd endeavoring to ttlfle their sobs, his own  eyes brimmed with merriment, and he  burst Into aprroprlate guffaws.  At last the lady by his side turned  upon him Indignantly. I don't know  what brought you hero, she sobbed,  with streaming eyes, and pressing her  hand against hor aching hoart; but  if you don't llko tho play you might  let other peoplo onjoy iti  Books That Helped Conan Doyle  Discussing the books on his library  shelves Conan Doyle picks out certain of them, each ono of which,  bought In student days when he was  not affluent, it had cost him a lunch  to buy, and he selects Macaulay's  Essays as the one tbat had given  him most pleasure and most profit.  Next to thia he puts the work of Poe,  the world's supreme short-story writer���������the inventor of th������ detective  'Story.  He was fascinated, too, by Marbot's  Memories, -sand later has found hints  iu him and them toward ths charsot-  er and dashing dare-devil exploits of  his own Brigadier Gerard. He has a  fine enthusiasm for the glorious brotherhood of Scott's novels,, and delights alike ln the Border Ballads,  and Macaulay's Lays, because of their  swing and dash, their strength and  simplicity, their love of all that is  manly aud noble and martial. These  and a good story are the qualities,  that appeal to him, especially In a  work of fiction.  ��������� He will never write a problem novel. If he Is roused to denounce  ���������some Injustice to attempt the righting  of some wrong, he takes-the most direct and downright way of doing it,  attacks lt in the stralghtest possible  fashion, and will not wait to build  fictions about lt and undermine it with  a tale.  Have been regarded for many years as Canada's best vehicles. They  possess many valuable points uot found in others.  Noiseless running qualities.  Patented Brass and Rubber  Washers. "A" C*andard  wheels, the toughest kind of  hickory.        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Tho poles aro rhort and aro taken  down at the end of every summer  season and replaced at tho beginning  of tho following summer.  Welcome  J desire an audlcnc������ with the manager, remarked the dignified, smoothfaced person as he approached the  box office of the theatre.  Step right In, replied tho man ln the  box office. I think he'0 looking for &  few audiences himself.  You used to want to hold my hand  beforo we wero marrle_, Bho complained. I'd llko to now, eald ho  easily, but lt would keop you irom.  your housework, my dour.  mmsmammmmmmmmmmmmmwma^aaimmm  No, talr, said a weary looking* man  In a tram to an Individual by hla old������.  I wouldn't marry tha beat woman  alive. I've been a draper too long  for that.  lit ������������������ good as seeing  the range to read the  complele and cleai' description in onr hook.  1 Iks book ������l������o rontoinn a  history o! cooking worth  reading. Let us send  you ii copy.  fl: - j -.: *?;���������.!! -::?:! ���������;  Mfg. Co-, Limited, Okkawj, On*  J__^A,U'*  That Misleading Announcement  Boy wanted J  The notlco waB displayed boldly In  Uio window; and Bon Slnmionn, after  gazing ftt. It thoughtfully for a mlnuto  or two, muBterod his courage nnd step-  pod Into the shop.  k What kind of a boy la lt you wont?  %m" ac'tcd the manacer.  "oh, roplied that gentleman, a decent  Bovt of lad���������ono who Ih quick and willing, ono who won't lazo nhout with a  clgarotto botwoon hla lips and whistle  ond one���������  Tho youth thrust his hands Into hlo  pocltota and eyed tho mnnugor contemptuously.  Oarn! ho remarked. You don't  want a boy at all.     Vou want a girl!  A girl forced by hor pnroiilH Into a  dlnagroonblo match with an old man,  whom oho dolostoil, .when iho clergyman camo to that purl, of tho norvlco  whoro tlio brldo In- imkod If nho con-  Konlu to taho the bridegroom for her  hiuihand, mild, w-lih groat Hlmpllclt.y���������  Oh, doar, uo, air I But you aro the  flvHt, minion who haa aalcrd my opinion  alout iho mailer.  T.inly (to woopliiK yoiiiiKHt.or)���������  What'H the ma I. tor? VoungHior���������My  brother ban lout hli hut. Lady���������  Wi'll, you nniHtn't lot Hint worry you  mo nuioii.        xoiiiiKMU'i--imt   1   waa  r .11  .. I  .11 ill,,    .1   .  w. n. u, or.o  Stranfleat Lake In tha World  Near Lorrach, In the Black Forest,  la tho htrangest laleo In tho world.  It ls called tho Elchenor Soo, and la  perfectly dry for ton to thirteen  yonrs at a time, aftor which porlod  subterranean springs refill tho lako  without nny previous warning, flooding ana destroying any crops that  havo been plauted. The noil in tho  bod of tho lako Is vory productive,  but tho farmers and pennants nover  know la what yoar thoir work will bo  UBclesa and their young crops drowned. A fow wooks ago tho Hlcltnor  See, after having boen dry for tho  laat ton yoara, bogan rofllllng with  water, -which In the deepest part is  now 15 feet, tho average dupth bolng  12 feot, The watora of tho lako generally remain a yoar or so, and thon  gradually dlnappcar Into tho oarth,  leaving a rich ooll behind,  tmimmm*s*m *������*m**m*m* ���������   n.i-i������m  So you thlulc you would mako *\  satisfactory valot for an old humaA  wreck llko myoolf, do you? oald tho-  old Boldlor to tho applicant for tho  po^lt'nn ot bodv aorvant. You know  I havo n glaaa oyo, a wnx arm, aud u  wooilon log 'that need to bo looked  aftor, not fo m-onHon iny falno teeth.  Oh, that's all right, colonol, oald  ���������tho applicant, cheerfully, 1 workofl  fi������-4. y-cfivn. In tlio ftm'nrnbllniT flonnrl*-  ment of tho niotor-cnr works nud  thorr* lim't a macii>iuo on tlio iiui'--*.'h  that I can't tako apart and put toKoth-  cr again with my oyoa nhut.  Chivalry, lt would seem- is not alto*  gethor dead, The other day wa eaw  a lady standing ln an Inner Cirolo  train ln front of a gentleman who wai  immerood in a nowflpapor. On l-eaohc  ing Nottlng HUl Gato (In Iob, than  sovontoon minutes from tho tlmo sho  got In), the gentleman rose quA Batal  Pray tako my neat, madam, X &m ff������t*  ting out horo.  Why They Tittered  H* wa������ A sood preacher and know  his work, hut be made rather a bosh  of it ono Sunday, when ho was doing  'sick' for tno prison chaplain, in making tho following introduction:���������My  dear brethren, X am so glad to see  you gathered hero in such lr.rge numbers.  Teacher���������When did Charles I. mako  his greatest mistake?  Bright  Scholar���������-The time he  lost  lmmmm      I* A--* JI  xxxa*   axx,%m\Jm ���������  Pedestrian���������Madam, 0, boy who I am  told is your aon has just thrown a  stono ai mo. causing A wound that is  very painful. What are you going  to do about it?  Mother���������Jt don't lenowj havo you  triod arnica.  Tho small girl had boon oxasporat-  lng all dny������ and at lost her mother  lost patlenoo And administered corporal punishment.. The child had scarcely reoovorod from nor bods whoa sho  looked up and said:  Mothor, you (must try and control  J that tompor of yours.  H xH BPt! H���������5 H tfJi-H 3S"! H ^_3      ^~������^'m.m P a mm* ��������� m.m %** m * 53S  M    *m   '���������������<���������'    ������������������������������!  ���������������     mm. ��������� ��������� JPg**. ���������     ��������� "���������' ������������������������������������������������������  of the Nerves  In this ago ot nervous dlflordem  nouialgla is fearfully common, tha  first thought is of neuralgia In tho  bead or cpllttlng headache, but rnouiv  nlgJa may affect any part of tho body  ln which thero aro sensitive nerves.  Tho tooth aro often blamed an  extracted la error, whon tho oauso o  tho troublo 1������ ln tho tonpovorlsho  condition of tbo blood and tho starve  nervous system.  Whllo neuralgia pains aro usually  nliarp and shooting, and consequently  alluoult to looato, tho Boat of troublo  ls usually -aore and tender under pros*  MJiVi.  Neuralgia ls pain, and as suoh Is  tho symptom of a dhioimo���������nervous  exhaustion, Tho uorvca must bo ro-  -torod boforo ouro can possibly  bo  ���������tfoetod.  ta many oajw* nouralgln is easily  Sirablo hy tho uso of Dr. , Chaso's  orvo Vo&H* "Tho patlont ls thin and  bloodless ism_ hoods tonlo treatment  to form nov/*, rich blood.  Tho application of cloths wrung from  hot wator will afford rollot from tho  suffering, ana tho rogular uno ot Dr.  Ohaao'a Norvo XTood for a fow woelcs  wdll completely ovorcomo 1110^011^%  glo condition.  Powerful drugu* aro to bo avoided*  bocauso ol thoir ialurlous effect lit  further weakening tlio nervoua sy*  fnm. Tho Norvo Food euros by bulla*  lug up tlio iuobio, wasted ncrva col!:*,  And for this rcaaon lo of laadtiK benefit.  mm.  4-_ 3 4#J_  KJM    * \J^*mmymmmm%m9        ������������  Ik I jm* turn mam*      Bv_T  ��������� *������-*���������   WW      H  4s^****s������ JIp^BI  GO conts a box, 0 for $3.50, at all donlorn, or Edmanson, Utiles & C0.  ltod,  Toronto  Tilm*  0  wwwi������i.iwaiiii!tfiw,i',i;;i'i',.,iii.;,���������;.,  nmmWmWemm't&ufffB THE BEVIEW, CRESTON, B. C.  S<as  : .::/".'-.-..;.T.V������/.1d  titititiititiMk  [i#������������o _��������������������������������������������������� eoeae������������"**������������������������  OLD FASHMjn  ������������������������������������������ * w  S544C.. a 8a  eat- iuiubiiiii   tn   3  Ktt0.m*  Love Match.  And   0*  tm  Q!|U      M,    ���������  _  jjv By WILBUR BATES.  g������������������w _*������'������*e������������S������SftC O'O *)***>*) 88 4 *  ������'������������������.-���������  | 5_e Instant you laid your eyes on her  IjPB- felt quite sure that her grand-  iswiber bad selected her clothes.  "' Sbat Is not just the way the girls at  Bo Ehipire lunch room No. 5 express-  bfH-.it.-''. Kitty Berman? who bad al-  ivcys queened it over the force of  i-tack frocked? white aproned walt-  jweses, patted her marceled locks piac-  i^Sy and remarked:  *   **WelI, bis nibs sure picked a lemon  tbat."  "That," otherwise Sally Loftus, sat  the cashier's booth near the entrauee  K^iwisnglng small change In neat piles?  Bor bead, crowned by brown locks  psrted demurely and almost severely  Iter the middle, waa bent above her  [work, .but ber quiet glance traveled to  Immts group of gossiping girls. Inci-  |������ttitnily tbey took ln other things. At  table the Ice bad melted in tbe  ���������tetter dish and water trickled over the  aahogany surface. On another table  _ffes glass sugar bowl was nearly emp-  |***fjr\ A soiled napkin and butter plate  lad been left at a third table.  The girl who looked es if ber grand-  *rt mother bought her clothes angered tbe  5 wand buttons on ber queer cashmere  Sfeasque, and then her well manicured  Saslls tapped gently against the old  S_Ssh!oned brooch at her throat.   Inside  IS_������ chased circle of gold reposed braid-  ������i strands of hair the exact shade Of  _^e girl's.    Her glance finally  rested  IB.on the sloping shoulders of tbe young  ��������� ���������Ban who stood by iho big plats glass  .'Window, where a white aproned youth  B-foured a stream of white dough  on  Stsot griddles.  __: The young man. who was Ralph Put-  rsam. son of tbe owner of the Empire  circuit of lunch rooms, started back  to the kitchen, am? as be passed tbe  sew easbler he flung her a glance that  ���������^������3 almost appealing. She met "bim  with one oddly reassuring and fully  understanding. Be brightened per-  [eeptlbly, but as be passed the group of  firls near the coffee counter the light ,  eied out of his eyes once more. I  Kitty Behman smjied up at him fa-j  aalllarly.   , " 1  "Wbere'd you get tbe Christmas tree >  ���������moment. Ralph? There's one thing  ���������ore.' yon needn't worry about any of  the boys copping her out. She's bad  ftfer fortune read "old maid' by every  clairvoyant In town,, or I miss my  guess."  "Iler father went, to school wttb  mine. She comes of very good family,"  Be said apologetically.  leaned against it as If for support. HO  almost expected-to see the reprimanded girl dash out, because never before  had he dared assert bis authority.. But  instead the girl: really cleaned, up the  butter dishe3, and the girl whose grandmother bought her clothes watched her  do It from the tall of an observing eye.  Sally Loftus had a busy day, but  ���������when she was relieved "at 7 o'clock she  ���������������as not ready for boms. She entered!  Ralph's tiny private office, some slips  to hand. . i  ' "Will you please help me with tho  Accounts?" sbe asked in friendly tones.  "Why, you don't have to���������tbe other  ������ashler"��������� !  "I know, but I want to learn everything about the business, and i know  you can teach me."  Ralph fairly gasped, but he spread  the troublesome slips and bills beforo  her. In fifteen minutes she had tbo  matterstraightened out and with a  quiet ������������������Thank you; I can do it after  this," left her employer with a senso  that somehow an angel had suddenly  illumined bis miserable existence.  From tbat day ou affairs at the Empire luncb room No. 5 ran differently.  The quiet young woman in the cashier's window was forever telling Haipii  Putnam bow sensible he was to do tbis  or that���������things which he bad wanted  to do, but was afraid to undertake���������  and straightway he went on* and did  them. The cashier was constantly In-  Testing blm with business virtues he  did not possess, and as constantly he  tried to assume tbem. The climax  came when ah elderly man tipped Kitty Behman with a nickei, and as the  girl dropped the coin into the pocket  of her white apron she said to Ralph,  who was almost at her elbow:  "Gee! I thought I read in the papers chat Russell Sage was dead."  The old gentleman told Sally Loftus  about the insult as he paid his check.  Sally glanced up quickly. Ralph, red  of face, was folding and unfolding a  BATHING WITH INDIANS.  "Gee, but it's fine to have a pull!"  was Kitty's contemptuous-reply.  Ralph   wandered   into  the   kitchen.  More than ever be hated the luneb  rooro ond everything connected with  It And'in truth he waa uot entirely to  blame.   His father had sent him from  private school to college, where he bad  taken the classical courses, snd then  hts    somewhat   unreasonable    parent  could not understand why his bookish  son could not walk, diploma in bond.!  Into an Empire lunch room and manage It as well as tbo other young men  fn tho same position of responsibility  who had served their apprenticeship,  even to cooking grlddlecakes in tbe  window.    Ralph had trouble auditing  his accounts, settling quarrels In tbo  kitchen   and   preserving   some-  semblance of discipline among  the pert  waitresses.  All thls-and more���������Snlly Loftus  learned beforo tbe breakfast rush set  in. It was a soggy day, and gradually  discontent seemed to permeate tha  room. A tlrea looking stenographer ia  bedraggled skirts was arguing with a  wnltress because her toast had been  burned. The waitress replied tartly  that somo folks expected a lot for 10  cents. Ralph stood helplessly at tbe  table, afruld to tnlie a hand in the argument, but when tbe waitress finally  flounced to the coffee counter ho stepped In awkwardly and told tho patron  itw would bring her somo fresh toast.  After ho had dono this ho paused wearily nt Sully's elbow. Sho crossed her  hands demurely on tho marble lodge  ���������nd Haiti quietly:  "I wjih so glad to see you reprimand  that waitress. Sho was very Impertinent, and wo ought to malco ovory customer feel that she wants to breakfast  hero regularly.   Dou't you think so?"  Ralph atnrtod. Ilo had not culled  down tho saucy waitress. Ho had  merely tried to undo tho mischief sho  had wrought. No\rbo wished ho hnd  ���������coUlnd her beforo the customer.  "We hnvo ti lot of rognlnrfl." ho mild  In tlio samo apologetic tone ho had  omploycd to Kitty llclmmu.  "Tint wo want a lot more.   Wo ought  to  havo every  placo at thene tables  , tnUoiv, between 1\'M and 0 o'clock."  Riiildoiily   Ralph  elnrtcd  down  tbo  narrow nlslo.   For tho Urst tlmo ho no-  -   tlcctbtho water dribbling from the butter /plates.    Mo approached the saucy  Waitress nnd  snld with n  funny attempt at sternness which  was qulto  lost on the astonished girl:  "Clean up thoso butter plates nud  don't vou ovor strain tell a customer  ttlio, vv.niitH too much for her money.  Wo want them to get all that's coiulni"  ���������Jo them."  "-What do you think of Unit?*' fle-  lUsndod tho girl, with an Injured ex-  <* I     ��������� I.     ,  I,A   m,*m  tyLVtiti.OUm    nt.    ltlt-U    iMiiibU    lu    *������     *.-**.i <-���������*������������������  mart**��������� -*-<..   ^..-*.,������ **m������m Mn-'S**  Something hnd como ovor Ralph Put*  nam, a curloim souhc of panic H*  fcurrlt'd brick io lhe cashier's denk and  napkin, and Kitty; with dancing eyes  and impertinent tilt of head*u was. telling the other girls what a smart an  swer she had given her stingy cus������  tomer.  Ralph strolled over to Sally's side.  Sbe made change for a little typo-  writer.  Then she turned to Ralph.  "There Is one thing I admire in Kitty  Bebman. Sbe Is gritty. Not many  girls would smile like that when they  had just been dismissed for Impertinence."  Ralph threw back bis shouiaers.  "Then you think It would be all right  to fire her?" he asked. '  "The only thing you couid bars  done," replied Sally firmly. "I fell  sure you would see It that way."  Ralph had not thought of firing Kit-  ty. She had ruled the entire floor so  long���������but now���������  Tbat night Kitty was summoned to  the tiny office. Ralph was a trifle pale  around the lips, and his voice was  husky,'.-but his intention bad not wavered. It was well for him. however,  that dismissal came so suddenly to  Kitty that she actually lost the power  of speech. -  *     #        *        *        ���������        ���������        *  Three^months later Tim, who checked umbrellas and ran errands at No. 6,  met Kitty on ber way home from work.  "How's tbe little old maid?" she inquired flippantly.  "Wofs eatln' you?" he Inquired savagely. "Sne's goin' to beat you io the  altar by a mile. She's trottin' in the  class with his nibs, too���������au' tbe old  man's tickled to death. Says she's  made a man of bis boy, an* he don't  care who knows it."  "Well, what do you think of that?"  exclaimed Kitty, smoothing her marcel waves reflectively.  "Tbat somo of you wise ones ain't  one, two, three with the old fashioned  sort with tbe right kind, of wheels In  ber (blah pot.   So long."  An Experience'That Tried the Nerve  of b White Visitor.  Tb������ Indians of the Pacific coast evidently enjoy their "sweat baths." A  correspondent who once took one of  t-oso baths with a party of his Indian  friends thus describes the ceremony:  Tbe season was early spring, and Ico  still floated in the river. The Indians  built an oval hut on the shore, thrusting pliant willows into the ground to  form a framework, over which they  spread grass matting covered with  earth. They lighted a fire before this  but and heated several large round  stones. When everything was ln readiness an ancient savage came up to tbo  house and invited me to join in tbe  festivities. '  I took a warm blanket and accompanied my guide to tbe "swe������-t house."  Tho Indians wero standing about tho  firo unclothed* except that each one  was wrapped in a blanket. I was told  to take off my clothes, which I did.  Then I wrapped my drapery about me  and stood with tbem by the fire. One  of the Indians began a chant, and we  all started for the sweat house. I  brought up tbe rear. .  The flrst Indian threw aside bis bliin-  ketY stooped, entered and curled himself up in a corner. One by one wo  crept in until we were packed In like  sardines In a can. An attendant passed  in a bucket ot water, rolled In one of  the heated stones and fastened several  heavy blankets over tbe opening of the-  tent   It was dark���������and hot.  The Indian nearest the opening threw  some water on the bot stone, and immediately the hut was filled witb  steam. I never endured such torture  in my life. The Indians kept up the  chant, and we lay there and suffocated. When I at least bad reached the  limit of endurance tbe leader threw  back the blankets and made a dash fos  the river, followed by his companions.  I saw that I was expected to follow  their lead, and I did so with fear and  trembling.  Into the water they plunged, and ia  plunged l. Cold? It was certainly not  very much above tbe freezing point.  We splashed round in the vrater foe  several minutes, emerged and wrapped  ourselves in blankets. The Indians  stood about the fire for several minutes and then re-entered the sweat  house. As for me, 1 bad bad plenty.  Clad in my blanket, with iny garments  trailing over my arm, I scurried homeward.  SUMWIER  STYLES.  Have  Bathing  Suit  Draped  Thle  Year.  ���������-qm^flf^g1*  CALCULATING INTEREST,  Formulas Which  Involve Fractions in  No Part of the Figuring.  Id a recent issue you quote a formula for calculating interest ou any  number orf days at 8 per cent If you  will grant me the spaeo I will submit  several formulas .absolutely correct  and involving fractions In no part of  iho operation.  Before stating tbem I will say if  the principal consists of dollars alone  the first two right baud figures must  be pointed off for cents. If, howeevr.  It consists of dollars and cents, then  tbo first four on the right must be  cut off.  P���������Principal,  i    D���������Number ot days.  ���������    1 per cent, PxD. aiviae by 3G0.  1% per cent, PxD, divide by 240.  !    2 per cent. PxD, divide by ISO.  i    2J/4 per eent, PXD, divides by 144.  !.    3 per cent. PxD. divide by 120.  I    3 1-3 per cent. PxD, divided by 108  4 per cent, PxD, divide by 90.  4% per cent, PxD, divide by 80.  & per cent, PxD, divide by 72.  ,    6 per cent. PxD, divide by 60.  i    614 per cent. 6xPxD. divide by 288.  !    7 per cent, 7xPxD, divide by 360.  |' 7% per cent. PxD. divide by 48.  | Y 8 per cent, PxD, divide by 45.  I     9 per cent, FxD, divide by 4C.  !:  10 per cent, PxD, divide by 86.  i  11 per cent, llxPxD. divide by Sfia  , ''  12 per cent, PxD. divide by 30.  1  121/4 per cent, 6xPxD, divide by 144.  To those who are not quick lu finding  the number of days between two given  dates, ! would suggest the following  method, simple and correct: Example,  Find the number of days from March  27 to July 24, inclusive:  5 more days in March.  SO days- In April.  j. 21 days In May. .  j SO days In June.  j 24 days In July.  120 days, answer.  ��������� The above formulas will be found  very baiidy and time saving to one  whose business calculations require the  ose of different rates.���������Sbermau (Tes.)  Cor. Dallas News.  uurious uases or -warnings ,u"iat  Came In Slumber, 'f  TOLD OF DEATH OR.DISASTER-  ���������   MODE��������� IN BLACKS. IiJufSPOWIvSi.  Even tbe bathing suit bas a draped  ekirt, and the very smartest models  show short skirts over knickers falling  below. The pretty suit Illustrated ls of  black lansdowne���������a silk and worsted  {weave that looks well when wet  BLOOD   POISONING.  "Down 8rakea.***  In newspaper accounts of railway  collisions ono frequently encouutera  this statement:  "On seeing the danger tbe ppglneei  whistled  'down brakes' and  reversed  the lever." ���������'-.'-.  .   As a matter o* fact, the expression  "down brakes" bas been obsolete for a  long time.    What the engineer really  does when a collision seems impending  is to shut off steam, apply the air brake  and open  the sand valves.    All  this  takes ubout fivs sccoihiS, ������uu ������n iuSi  time all that human effort ls able to  accomplish for the train and passengers may be done.    Railway engineers  are Instructed'never to reverse the engine after the air brake has been applied, because the reversal reduces lha  resisting power of  the  brakes.- Harper's Weekly.  Building Rules In Switzerland.       !  A peculiar building regulation Is in  force In most pnrta of Switzerland.   II  Is required tbat before the erection oi  n new'building frames or screeds must  be erected to mark out the shape of the  bnlldlug in profllo as well as lu plan.  In practice this amounts to erecting at  each angle of tbo building a pole or,  mast   wltb   a   projecting   triangular,  frame attached to It at the corulco level  to indicate tbo height and projection of  tbo cornlco.   Tho building law of tbo  canton Zurich requires thnt tho frame- j  work slmll bo erected wb6n the plans  nre submitted for approval by tho public ���������-authorities.    Tbo purpose by tho  rule ftpparontly is to bring out In advance of construction the architectural  relations of tho building to ndjolnlnj*:  strucluren aud to the district In which  It lies, both for aiding tbo municipal  authorities In passing upon the plans  from the architectural vlewpolut nnd  giving uio iii'iKiihoriuK uxMittm mi opportunity to Judge of the effect of I lio  proposed uow building upon their lu-  tcroits.���������Mlnnennolla .lournnl,  The Wonderful Bee.  Maurice Maeterlinck, the eminent  Belgian student and author, writing ou  comb honey, says tbat it is an artlcls  "to which we can add nothing, from  which we can take nothing, an article  that unites In equal perfection the science of the chemist, tbe geometrician,  the architect and the engineer. Its masterpiece, tbe hexagonal cell, touches  absolute perfection, a perfection that  all tho geniuses In tbo world, wen  they to meet in conclave, could in aa  way enhance. No living creature, not  even man, has achieved in the centct  For the Dining Table.  The ever present fern dish as a center  piece for the dinner table has become  almost.as much a part of tbe service  as the knives and forks or as cereal  for breakfast in tbe American household, and when one ventures to suggest that a change vould be quite  cbeerinfe* to the spirits as well os tho  eye every one says, "But there's no  other plant that can be depended  upon!" There is, though, and a very  bardy one. This is tbe flowering cyclamen, either white or the deep rose  color, which will put forth new shoots  aud new blossoms continually from  November to April, and-It Is such a  nrannfni      ntrnrfo    niiiTii-     TOnioh    instW* ���������  of growing less attractive after a few-  blossoms have bloomed and fallen, becomes bushier and more interesting  each day.  The original cost Is small, a dollar or  so buying a very good specimen, and  If planted In a wide? low flowerpot  and serin a pretty basket one has a  charming plant, suitable for any one or  aii of one's informa! bome meals.  Care of Parcel Posi Plants.  When plants are sent from tbe florist  by mail or express it Is uot advisable  to pot tbem as soon ns they are unpacked. Sometimes when tbey have  been several days on the' way tbe soil  about tbelr roots will bave dried out  so much that as soon as the moss or  paper in. which" they are wrapped la  taken off It will crumble away, leaving  tho roots bare. To prevent this untie  the wrappings of tbo plant carefully,  but do not remove tbem.   Spread the  It   Is   Invariably  Caused   by  Bacterial  infection of a Wound.  The bete noire of domesty surgery Is  blood poisoning.    Blood  poisoning, or  septicaemia, as suregons call it, is not  caused    by   colored   stockings,   dyes,  chemicals or anything  of  that  kind.  It is invariably caused by bacterial Infection or a wound.   The wound mny  be a mere pin prick or it may be a  large wound.    It makes no difference  wbat implement produces the wound.  The question is.  Was the Implement  covered with germs?   No matter wtiat  metal it may be made_of. If the implement is clean���������L e., surgically sterile  ���������and if the skin about the wounded  part is clean, there is no likelihood of  blood poisoning following.  When blood poisoning does occur It-  announces itself by characteristic  signs. First thero is general chilliness,  with perhaps light. headache and general aches such as one feels witb any  M-/kA*v������-Ir*4#������       ���������#*-���������*���������*-!,��������������� fT**_������*���������*.        ���������rtTj;*t������r"****i'*>***ii      ������������������^���������"J _���������*"'  vutuixtaug      Jfc"& "* ���������������*;* ��������� .*��������� fc������w       -ii*4Tu������,ju'*.'������-      {j-te-k  swells, burns, becomes tbrobbingly  painful and stops discharging for a  time. Then within a few hours red  streaks may be seen extending up the  extremity to the glands in bend of ei-  bow, knee, groin or armpit Such  signs are always serious, though generally disappearing upon tbe institution of proper surgical treatment.  For genera! purposes where an antiseptic is desired one of tho safest nnd  most satisfactory to uso is ordinary  tincture of lodlne~not tho colorless  Iodine, which Isn't iodine at all, bnt  tbe brown tincture. A few drops or a  teaspoonful of this ln a pint or less of  wnter makes a valuable gargle, mouth  wash or a wash for irrigating a wound.  ���������Dr. William Brady in the New York  World.  Lucky Escapes Due to Heeding th������  Mysterious Messages" ������������������ of'-the Prophetic Visions���������A Vivid Dream That  Resulted In Preventing a,.tv1yrder.  i   In spite of the number of authenticated cases of dreams that have coihe  true, the pen-outage of propheticdrea tug  that are actually fulfilled must be vei-y  smalt.    However,, it must Pe confessed  that a considerable number- of people  have escupvd death or disaster by paying heed to a dream warning.  ���������   Wrecks, bave figured in more than ona  prophet**/ dream, both tbe loss of ilis  Kepublic and tbe lierliu being foretold  in dreams.    A man wa.' once about to  sail for Norwny with a friend, but on  the night before be should bave started  be dreamed that he stood upon a mountain surronndt'd by water and that th<  water   gradually   began   to   submerge  tbe peak,   .lust as he was lu danger oi  being drowned be woke, and so vivid  )y was the dream impressed upon UU  mind that be decided  nut to sail.    A  few days later the ship by which b������  spoil Id bave traveled went down wit I  all uancls.  i Then there is tbe case of a lady wh<  was about to leave India for England  but vvas deterred by a dream. Severn-  days beforo the date set for ber de  parture she had a vision in which sht  saw the vessel by wbicb she was to  sail on fire in raidocean. The sequel  was that a fire actually did break out  under tbe conditions Indicated, but  after hard work by tbe crew it wai  extinguished without loss of life.  Yet a third instance was mentioned  in one of the shipping papers a few  yeai'3 ago.    An apprentice up for hlu  second  mate's ticket  failed  and >waa  sent to sea for another voyage in a sailing ship.   He was appointed boatswain  of a fine sailing ship trading witb ,Aus-  tralla  and New ���������'Zealand.    The  nisiit  before be signed on  be  bad a  vivid  dream ln which he saw bis ship sailing  along  is   Sue  weather   under  a   full  spread of canvas.    Soon a thick bank  of sea fog closed round tbe clipper, although tbe dreamer could still seo everything on board as clearly ns before.  All    at    once    something    glimmered  through tbe mist, and before anything  could be done a huge iceberg crashed  into the ship, the noise of the collision  and the falling spars waking bim.    Su  vivid was the dream that the vessel  left without her proper boatswain, aDd  since .then she bas figured among tho  missing.    The curious thiug about it,  said the narrator, waa that never before or since can be remember having  dreamed of sea life.  i   It is aiso on record that a shipwreck-  of his sphere what tbe bee bas achieved   P'���������ts out upon tbe floor and shower  in her own. and were some one from   tbem we    Then cover,    i        U*  another world to descend and usk ol  tho earth the most perfect creation we  need but otfer the bumble comb ol  honey."  A Sure Thinjj.  Speaking or a "mire ihingr'i congress,  mnn said that it reminded blm of a  conversation bo bad hoard In the street  regarding tho proprietor of a luncb  room.  "I bpo," snld one man, "that Bill  Jones bus established n luncb room. I  wonder tr he's making nny money out  of Iti"  ���������"Making money-?" responded tho oth*  or. "With thnt location tho only way a  mnn could loso money would bo to sit  on tho countor, tnlto a big revolver nnd  shoot all tho ctjstomera us they camo  in tho door."���������Chicago Itccord-iiurnhL  q thick cloth and pour on enough water to thoroughly saturate tho earth  about tbem. Leavo the plants for four  or five hours before potting tbem. It  this plan is followed It Is possible to  get them Into their new pots without  Berlous disturbance of tbelr roots. After potting put tbem lu a shady placo  rand water well. Shower tbem twice a  dny for a week nnd givo thero plenty  of fresh nir, but do not expose them to  hot or drying winds.  How He Was Paid.  An ottlee boy employed by a firm ot  shipbuilders, in answer to the query  as to bis occupation, stated that bo  was "an ofileo yarn and nny odd Jobs,  etc." Doubtless the et cetera was elo-  quent with meaning to tbo youtb blm-  self, aud bo may cougratualte himself  on having como us near to tbo truth  as an engineering apprentice to tbo  Bttmo firm, who contrived to crowd  Into tbo limited space provided for tbe  reply to the question ns to how bo  wns paid, "Salary or wages,*-" tho Illuminating answer, "In envelope, through  ilttlo wlndow/'-Glasgow News.  Circaaalan Walnut.  Tlie United RlnteH. Bays the department of agriculture, Is probably tho  larReBt cousiuner of Circassian walnut,  one of tho world's best Lnowa um"  moHt oxponslvo cabinet woods. Tho  blKli cuBt ot Circassian walnut Is duo  to tlio Bcarclty of tho beautifully figured variety demanded for furnlluro  nud lutorlor finish, for tbo trco Itnclf  la woro wldeb distributed than almost nny other of commercial Importance, Tho demand fur thu best wood,  liowernr, has always outrun tho supply,      |')V������'"*   111   (111-   vh',lli'*'.MJttl   V'JIlilllJ,  whon wni'H hi Europe were frequent.  no ii-i������]<>Ii OIi'ciikkIiiii walnut wiih used  for fl-uwitou-B thnt tho supply una scrl-  nuuly depleted. Early In the nluclccth  wiiii***** lb**, wood of 19O00 IrcoH Wil*  iiiKul for tills purpoHO nUmo. Sluglo  trooii contuhilng cnoico liurin or uno  hli-Huyc llgurcN bavo mold for more than  I'l.ooa  A Genuine Bull,  The flics bad bucn unusually trouble*  Bome, and ono ulgbt after Norn Imd  gone uputnlrs her mistress spread Insect powder round tbo windows and  other places In tbo kitchen wbcro tho  flies congregated.  lu tho morning alio asked Nora It  thoi- woro not a groat many dead  flies In tbo kltchon.  ���������"Yes, thero are, mum," replied Nora.  "Tbo room's allvo with iblm."-*  Youth's Companion.  Framed Shopping List. |  How many times hnvo you lost tho  shopping list Scrap of paper and returned homo after a wearying dny to  find thnt you hnd forgotten tho most  important errands? You wouldn't havo  thoso oxporlunces If you would mako a  fri'.-ie   fn*-   thn   nlinnnln-**  Hut���������-.limt   a  small affair of cardboard" covered with  tnpestry-that will tit easily into your  band bag nnd can promptly bo found.  Tbo frame Is backed with a equaro of j  thlu cardboard and fits under tiny, nail  beads at tho sides of tho tapestry cov- j  ered pieces, and this need only bo taken out nnd tho paper list of errands  ellnnort nfrnlnqt the nhiHi* permanently  attached to the fro mo.  -" Made the Most of It.  Tho American love of the superlative  has nu amusing illustration tn Samuel  M. Crothers' book "Humanly Speaking." Dr. Crothora had been traveling.  Ho flnnlly reached a seemingly sleepy  Ilttlo place where bo thought to find  only contented mediocrity. Rut when  ho ont down to wrlto a letter on tho  hotel stationery uo was cuuiioiiiiEa  with tho statement, "This Is. tho biggest Ilttlo botol in tho stntel" '  He Dleaareed. '  "What a pity wo havo no nrtlstfl who)  ft-in   nnln*-  Hlri*  tlio old  iiiuhIim'sI"  hllUl  tbo stneero lover of pictures.  "But," replied Mr. Cunirox, who luul  rccitiitly acquired u Hpiii'lou*i t-giiulurc*  "tho great troublo Is that wo liavo."���������  Wnuhliur'oii Star.  ill*.* evu uu.'i million n oi mmm.!"*-  ���������Ktnrt na cobweb thrciila and end ������i  ���������frauds of cable.���������Tu I in ud.  Use For Souvenir Bpoone.  Ouo girl who is vJsltlng tho national  capital is collecting spoons and cards  of tho vnrloua places of Interest lu and  about Washington, and wben who returns homo sho will givo n tnblo talk  ���������t n Ilttlo luncbcon.   Bosldo each plato  ��������� ho.   will   -ilncn   two   'inoOllH   Olid   Cnr(l9  bearing pictures or seals of various titles, and during th* luncheon the guest*  will bo asked to lull Homo hit cresting  fact about thnt particular city or placo  of iutercst, after which sho will add  I   wuiil must uaii iuui������icn nl'mii >..���������'.>���������'��������� i������������������."���������^r*.  ���������     , .......   . l,.l. 4 -      I .,      .*       ..������-,.. .V       ... A | 1, , | ������*|      01 f  dlroctlng convcrnrition ond making in  I occasion tntorosttog.  A Losing Game.  "Your wlfo doosu't play brldgo nt all,  does sho?"  "No,  Sbo'o stopped entirely."  "What was tbo curoV"  "Sho lost *n to her uearest rricuu."  "Lost both ber monoy aiul bur friend,  oh?"  "El*<netly.,,--Clevclaml   Plain  Dealer.  A Ready Antvvar.  miuo.    1   cannot   llvo  without  "Bo  yon."  "Bnhr said iho helrops. "You hnvo  lived without me for years."  ���������'True," retorted iho unite, "lint, mo  rout of living ban got to mo nt hist,"������������������  Louisville Conrler-Jouriial.  Wonderful.  ..mm .._(.,.     ..........    0 .,..   w    11.,������.. n, >'  ............   I       . ���������    ,, ..  "Von     Uow  wonderful   Unit   lio  i lite living!"- Detroit ������'>**** l'r������-a������  B*)t*i  ed crew were once brought back to civilization through the Instrumentality of  a   dream.   . An   East   Indlanraau   ran  ashore on Inaccessible Island, Jn the  Atlantic, and for three months tbe passengers  and   crew   subsisted  as   best  tbey could.   During that time a rough  boat was built, and In this tbey were  transported tc Tristan D'Acunba.  Several  weeks later a ship appeared off :  tbe   island   because   ber   owner   had  dreamed a shipwrecked crew bad landed   there.     As   clotbes   wero   scarce,  rough and ready garments were made  out of some green and red baize which   .  happened to bo on board.    Curiously  enough, before the return of the vessel  the owner's wife had % dream In which  she saw 1' sailing into port with peopto  dressed In greeu and red on board.  |  Now nnd  again  a  miner  relates a  dream  that saved  blm  from  sudden  death, although strangers do uot oficu  bi*nr these stories.   There was once a  bad accident at a Deri yshlre pit. bov.  era I men being killed by a fall of tbo  cage.    One  of tbo   men   who  should  have beeu In that cage wns absent, Tor  bo bad ii drenin thut it wns dashed to  pieces, falling from tlio very top witer tbo men liisldo It   On bearing tbo  dream his wlfo persuaded him to stay  at homo that day.  i When Melton Prior, tho famous war  artist, died most of tbo papers told iho  story of tho dreaiu warning bo had  when lu Zululand. At flrst bo determined to disregard It, but It mado such  on Impression on blm thnt bu at lust  detormlncd to keep awny from tho column lie Intuuded to Join. Ho ongaged  nauthor man to go, and bo was among  tho Urst killed.  I  From tlmo to time crimes, oven murder, hnvu beeu prevented by a dream.  'A liuly saw In n dream an old relntlvo  being murdered, so sho posted, off to  lu-r  tsouuu  nud   ������.vt'.*J  wumrlHuii   to   llud  tbo door opened by tbo vory man sho  Dad seen commit the deed.    Shu oh-  talnud  pprinlsMon   to sleep  wltb  tlio  old lady nnd before retiring asked tho  two sons of tbo latter to sit up ull  night tu tho adjoining room.  I    As soon us tbo old lady hnd gone to  sloop slit; qot out of hod and locked tho  Hout   .m<j   ihcii   hiy   awake-,  -r.'cnin'r*.  After   what  seemed   hours  n   ray  of,  light nppenred under tho door and tho  knob  was cnrefnlry turned.    Tjonplng  ont uf bed, sho called tha sons, throw?  open tho door nnd foand tho mnnserv-  nut outBldo wltb n coal scuttle tn bis  hniid.    On  being asked  by  tbo  Indy  nml ilio men whnt bo wautod ho ro-  plli-d that lio had answered tlio bell.  V.i.l t.i, h;;!3 ti:irt been rursr:. nr.il *n tfttt  eon I  Rcnttle  wns a  knlfol    Then  h*������  fcnw the g.inio was up anil confesfeil  Hlu* dny  beforo  bis  inlRtross  nml  r������*  reived tier rents, which woro lM*pt In  lu������r room until thoy were pnld Into tbo  bn ul; tbo no it day. ami ne uuu mu-  lU-iily   tiuuiuiiiuttu   io   44,4i.������\!l.������r   ..v"   - "S  the money.���������rjondon Family HoralA.  \  ******  ���������_H_MNM__miM!M  i****w������**rmsm* Published every   Friday at Creston, British Colnmbin, by the Creston Print  ing and Pub lahing Company, Ltd.  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The expedition from a  scientific and geographic point of view is regarded as of immense importance and that the Canadian government should  have undertaken the work of financing and sending it north I CAP11AL-, $15,000,000  reflects much credit on the administration.  | Tht Leading I   the   Creston   Hotel.       Travelling  \ rr ,  t ti'r-'.T    I   nieu   -\vill   substantiate   this.    We  i srio'.el of ihe i .       . . .  . .���������,  1 ^ 'j   study   the   comtort of our guests.    ^  8 Pratt     &&*  I   The  rooms  are  well  furnished in  j ' a manner up-to-date.  \2������  vi  TOD,  p  ....  ������f*4  m  m  m  ^Sf?j  * --I  und are ready for your wants in the fishing line.  C  eston-'Dfug&Jtiook- Co,  I  Jl J___���������U#  lVlMJ_,J-_^l_  %.pX.mml?%mm9  >j_7 %mS  iiiib'i",  "IT  _i._-  ?0Ul_  , fV. 0~r. f&. em/. 0*. &at. fa*,  ��������� ���������.-.'.. rgz. somas*.at*. ������j*. ^__  CKI~ i%s. ii-. - j������������r jjjp. S3. gBo' SB*. _J��������� _������>��������� _3to-  Xs.. ve. ��������� vt,.' .sr*. " ^-    "   ���������   " *  ���������    * " *  **���������   <a?  Ml  ��������� **.p*.0*>.**.**.m*,x*.t^.^.mm.m*. ���������m^Vi        \  r-<������r^,&&,&,s;Sk:SJ������;SL;&>''_'r   - !  ���������'^������������������srr.er-^^^-5-.^.^.^^-^.-gs**'   ��������� {���������  f#������S:&-^  in  r, Livery end Feed Stables 1  T\ m JT\ Ti,J T> -%r       4^s_ 1tiD TTh 1T^ T* C*  I 1VX \J X% I?w JL       \J X _. IJ JL- 1^ v3    ,=rt-aa������s j  Issued by The Canauiun Bank of Commerce, are a sale, convenient and  , .... .   , i  inexpensive method of remitting*; small sums c-f money.     These Orders.  An UchuckleSit correspondent asKS US \l it IS possible to j  p:iy:ible without char-e at any "bank  in  Canada (except  ia  the Yukon  ,    .- . .  ,. , m  . .,,    t ., - -   r   i*i-    I Territory) and in the principal cities ofthe United States, are issued  at  boil eggs by twirling them round in a suk, hauciKercmet. We! tbe follo\vii^*- rates:  have never tried it, but think it might be possible to generate]  enough electricity from the silk to accomplish the desired re \  suit. If it   is attempted,   we would suggest that only one eggj  be twirled at a time.    Given   a hen,  the  o and u--s.*r  vs cents  Over      5 una not exceeding SIO     G      "  **     io      " " r?o io    ���������"  "      30        " ���������** 50 15      "  n^^lTTT1 fc Ti"'"-*"*1 T7-C? ** T^"rT-,0,   -*T>i  iiiiij.'-irN.'^ i >_.ij.i������^ r,   *.j.  (Best equipped Livery In Town)  ^    AllcTiss of TUKKOUTS supplied at sbort notice.    The latest styles of    ^  |   GUTTERS aud BUGGIES for sale and hire.    Saddle and pack horses a  vi" '  Special it-T.  ih'  ������������������; Feed for sale        A sent for the McLaughlin Manfg. Oo.      Horses for sale & *?  ������ I am prepiivocl to fill all orders, both by wire and mail, aud meet all trains *W   ������������������  *������������������>" W   >  <Zi at any hour (.* the day or night.    Ooranaercial men and landseekers.  will &  iii receive prompt attention W   i'  iii B      a         ""*-        ~-      ���������           "~^                                           ��������� "*'���������  '*.0ii  cGreath, Prop  ^       f SB  tj-w  '���������'������������������'  phnne 56  ^Y^.-S,i-SS"','3"-^"-S:?,"--a:-;a:--?^-^  Sirdnr Avenue  Sox 14     '$  t.^WK:YX^43M^uaiGxnv.Mr  in  ��������� [  ehould be made by n-.ear.s cf c-.^ir SPECIAL   rOIilJiGiM   DliAFTS and   MONEY  v j  ORDERS.    Issued  without delay at reasonable ���������r.ilos.  and energy it would appear that the experiment is within the | pe,rcv   B. Fowler,  Manager Creston. Branch  reach of every body- Elaborating o.i the ide i it might serve a ,_. ' ,   ���������_���������__a.__-_m:^.... __  double purpose if  the missile  enclosed in   the handkerchief  were used to kill flies in kitchens iu the Summer time.    Ex*  JR***  V-   f^f. ... r.m. fr" il .  i-i-i.c   \rooi"  tnan  K^.H_������-t   i,nmi rtfn 4--14T.T1    fo      t.   *J*^S.i,a.     IS     ilGaViCi  ever in the past. From January to April the newcomers from  the United Kingdom numbered 66, 911 or more thau half of  all the emigrants from that country. Up to the end of May  36,000 emigrants had sailed from points ou lhe Ctyde-all of  them bound for the Dominion. Australia during the first four  months of the year received 23, 432 immigrants from the  United Kingdom.  lit DuOii.  " a 5 j*" *��������������� i  IIP  mm HihSialhiNi-K!  EsiG-bP    iu-  %j> i as . b -%3*������ - _ __, a - b  "Is The Cobbler's Son  WeSi-shod?"  Canada ranks fourth in the world amongst countries using  the telephone. The first three countries are the United vStates  with 10, 000, 000 connections; Geimauy, 1, 200,000 and  Gr eat Britain 700, 000. France is fifth ou the list, Germany  was the first country to instal a net work of automatic telephones and these are now in common use iu thai land.  Every little while some more or less eminent scientist announces the discovery of some more or less important cure  for disease. In nearly every case the information follows that  the new cure has been tried out on a guinea pig. The latest  ennouncement comes from Prof. Dubois of France, who infected twelve guinea pigs with tuberculosis aud then cured  them all but one with a remedy taken from oysters. The-  guinea pig appears to be the "goat" for scientists all over the  world. He has given a great deal of help in the solving of  scientific problems. Next time they raise a statute to a (am  ous scientist they should not forget his guinea pig.  tmmmmmmmtmism^mmmmmmmmmmtmmmmsmmammtmimmsmmm  The Agent General, Mr. J. H. Turner, writes: "British  Columbia is keeping well to the fore here. T think it is mon*  talked about than ever, and the general view is that our great  Province is destined to be the most important part of Canada."  A glance tnrough the albums of the first families fail.'.  to reveal any of our ancestors who wore hobble 01 slashed  skirts. At that time the old fashioned "crinoline" is said to  eeve given Ccunt Zeppeliu the idea thut lesullcd in lhe diri-  ~iKU Kollonti. iix  The merchants encourages ns always  to buy a Rood article in preference to  that vvbieh may tc <'.be:iposl-he is  right, without, doubt, but how ot'.en he  fails to Ifaru this lesson hiiuiself���������especially is this noticeable in stationery���������  some envelopes which reach us through  ihe mail tire a ilisyrncc  to tho .���������oiider.  We wonder 'f the merchant :il,vnys  undcTHtantls thai, his busiiii't;.** is measured oftentimes by the class of stationery he Rends out���������yes, ovon tho quality  of piipiu' in the bilis ho u . . ..-., .��������� vc.-  ture to say that, there is nothing which  points out a busicess man's enrefnines*-:  and noiieral mnko up more plainly than  llin quitnlity uiul i>.,y.o of tho htutioitory  he usee. It advertises his standard��������� it  uniiQuiicc-H dourly to Iho public what  elm*.* of f'ondti they may expo.:), nt his  store.  II' tho merchant hoikIh nut n wiidiy-  wnshy rug of a lettcihoad, euviilnpo invoice ui.' pi'iit'uiiioiit, i<4iir*������ ]aiiJiiw winy i'l-Hi-  sonably expect tho siiiiio quulily nud  chcupncKH iii  tho  niorchaiit's tt h*Ic of  ^OOllll.  Just think over the buniness firms you  ,uu uci'iutintcd with mid noUeo tli"  quality ot' their stationery.  Ami Mr. lUisineHs-iiian, think thi*i  over too nnd see thut yon do not suIiVr  rui'proper attention to this simicuiui H  neglected but very ni-CKHiiiy ili't.il.  COMPLETE  S>- SVJVCAJV F*. SrSiTiS  TWO   OLD   FRIENDS.  &FB.F������&    1  rpHB tuneful tale of Jack and Jill  -*-    Has served us long and-.well.  New generations come along  And on It learn to spell.  They get tho story ol these two  Ot very great renown.  When they have children of their own  To thero they hand it down.  Can you recall���������just pause and think���������  A day bo long ago  Thnt you wero not Informed aa to  Tho details of their woo?  How after water up the hill  Thoy went and tumbled down;  How Jill escaped wiirrout a scratch  To match Jack's fractured crown?  Just whoro they lived wo do not know.  Aa to their otlusr nnnie���������  If tt was Johnson, Jones or Brown,  To us It's all the tsume.  If .Tacit got well we nover heard���������  What's more, we nover will���������  Kor ir Juclt'B father found It hard  To pay the doctor's bill.  This Rlniplo Ilttlo Incident  Is all wo have heon told  About these two that wo hnvo known  Since we wero ono yonr old.  Thoy might have lold ua, anyway.  If .(111 wns nent along  To got tho water all nlono  Till Jack got woll and strong.  Not Much Chnngo.  **K>:^rT#   ������* v^-rr^ ?^r^=^'  -Sow Burns'Fertilizers  And Reap Dollars.  SYNOPSIS CF COAL MIKIG  KEGU-  IjATIONS  Ooal mining rights of the Dominion  in Maniti.bn, gas- kutchewau and Aluertn,   |  the   Yukon   Territory,   the  North west  I Territories ond in a  portion of the Pro-'  1 ��������� .      *��������� .1  vines of IBrii itih C ilambia, may be leased ?  i  for   a   term   of  twenty-one    years    at:  an  annual  rental of i?l  au   acre.   Not  more th.-in 2,.*i('i0 ni'ves will be leased to!  ��������� ���������    " I  one  nj'p uvint.  A.pplieatio-i for a lease must be made j  by the applicant in person to tho  Agent'  or Sob-AKent of  the  district iu  which!  ���������he l-'uihts applied for are situated.  j     In surveyed  territory the land  must  I lie described by bi ctious,   or  legal sub-'  il visiona of sections, nnd in unsurveyed !  tcrrit-iy the tiiict applied for shall be!  - . i  pinked out. hjiLthe njiplicaut,liimself.        |  ���������Inch npi.liei'li'in nimtr be neconipnniod ]  by n I'eo of !**f) wliieh will bu refunded  il'i  the ri'jlit*. iipplied for are  not  nvnilahlo  ' ' ==:s  hut not, oMi.u-wis...    A royully   shnll be   jjrrjmrj|Pr     QTDAl(imrp DV  pnid.ni ll... iu.-i-eli.i.ilii'..lii ouliml,  of the J  LUiOhLL     U I llr-ll If D E.II ll I  Call or send for our  New Pamphlet which is  full of useful information  for Fruit Growers etc.  B   DSI-if-j���������J  o  flu  Limited  CRESTON .     -      B.C.  Head Office  CALGARY; VA.NCOU  VER;    EDMONTO  ���������    I have Jii'-il rec<'iviil   ;i   <���������:11��������� t-1.i.l  ol  i|. 11 mi I .il,.     bii,;n .< .'���������     \', . ���������     ..     ....        ,,!.  Kiiiiiaiiteeil.'eiiU and see   llti-in.    ][,  S  Mcdrenth.  \     *0+* *   <T  *i s,4 4 n ,-,  -^-   ,   j Qtijti^  "How did they mal.e love (n tt>(j  Blone unci"'  "How nhould   I knew?"  "I wupiiose the 11 ��������� a 11 wllh (be most  rocks not the ������������������111."    '  Pcnistcncy.  "Mra. Miiehiiiiiirii'd is innlrliip; 11 collection  of  alimonies,   i.kii t   -lie','     tSho  iiilisl In* dreadful uii'ivciiMi'.v."  "Oh,.no, I don I think iii.it."  '"I'lien  why  \,'> she  iiiarryiii*.' nud d|-  eoreliij- no imichV     I   luile m sre n  wo  mnn nei ihnt wny "  "S'lll.    Illlliui     III     lll>     ll|.r|||l|l ���������-III.       1|.|,,������  ert out In ������������������.���������noil Inn h in nr n.ippv.  : !.ni:;.''l! i.i'.rrii'fV " "���������! ' ! .��������� ��������� ���������;','- ��������� !;,���������' :.i  ili-H'I'lUIUi-d (o Urc|i 011 11 > 1111_, uuui hIiu  1 enehes Hint Hluto."  jjC-SX3__-_-__-S___i  *r,'lt?n**^( yjiUBBBI  mine at tlio ruin nl live cents per ton.  The p-���������!���������.������������������ mi '.[.i-i-.t ���������������)��������������������������� Hin mine shuU  turniidi ihe Ajjont with haoiii returns  iKH'oiinliii): for il.'n lull quunlil.y of nier-  <: I������.". 111.'i���������.11 ��������� .'.ini mined and pay Iho royally there ui It' .Im coal mining- rights  are   not,   being  npernfvil,   s eh   leliirn i  niiimhi i������. furnished at, lenst,on.... n m;.i \ Beauty; Glen Mary; War-  The Imihii   will include the   itonl   min-  lliirily Not'lhern |.**iowii utoclt of tha  following varieties;  Senator Dunlap; Parsons  ing ril'.liis only, imi iho iesseo may ii������  |al mil ted lo p'.irehiiSu whaleVCl' HVIlll-  idi'c t*iirfiiei) vii'hts  mny  be considered  n��������� ei r: ���������, !������������������, J*, r tin1 v.'o.!;h'.g of the. niiiu*  it the r.ttn of ij'iiO au acre.  fiekl; Clyde; Clarks Seedling: and Helen Davis.  I'rtec. ijilO.I'O  per  IhmiMUid,. Mxpress  j charges prepaid,  l',o,'fii,linl'.n'm:.iionnpplicnlion.-ibmild       Oatalogue with full  cnltiueiil Ulreo  li 1  ill oh*  tn  Mli'i Senretnl'V of   llin  Dnpllll-    .. .       -i     1 i  1 1 lull.; lr.'i'.Iril  lOi   1'i'ijUI ������������������ 1 .  nie'it, of the Inierier, Oi tn wu, or to any |  ,\.<iuit or ,-ui'> Afreet uf Uoiiiiuinn Luiids  w. \v. 00ity,  l>epu'y A'.ii.h-lf r of the Interior  :,'.   11.--Iniiiithori/ed  publication  of   Vl/YMNOEL  ibis inlvei li-emenl   will hot he paid for.  Monrad   Wigen  =      B. C.  s^xtuimmKxsm^ixaaaKXxacssm^ansmmm  rilccfca-.v. K jiwtorer for Men On Co Van's Fctnalc Pills  *!',���������<���������������������������������������������             -|     I                  titi        j,     *."      !,,,', Airi.ii'i'i-i  r u,i, .1 i iv. ii..h,i ; inivi-.i lullH.    i liCHrt  7iih im.' viiiilitv   ro'- 'ii-.tiVii' il?, ,?iinl iiil?, vi'nil '*'''���������" '"V o,'-*-''''ij'"i;iv iiiwuiiil iii ii'KiilutlMu; tlia  milieu vim n now num.    I'.lco f il ������ luix. nr two I ,f i'������ ** ',' *'>' 'i'     *'i0."'i,,l1^r^111,1^ r.nl,0nH,|1-_it  #**,   M:,n4.,uniinviiii.ir-M*4.  Tii������ h.oUii jururf ������Xv,*\ *1������35_ -*?1 _ -i J - "v^ _ J.C1I VZ' iiiV* 'i?!1. t5L _V y *?dJH*.'  ������Jt>��������� Ul. trlillini IUO-1, uul,  i������������i������ii_wirmiimwriiiit���������Wiiwiw.,!^^  ivaiWfiwr8ri''W'iriiiiiitiiiii������iiiiiiiii������  iiinliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiriiiiii'iiiiiaiiijiiliii.-iiiiiiiiiiii  iiiiftiaa'iiiirriiiiiiiiiifiiaiiiiiii'ii  ���������mmm .     . ������.'i*.vt*Ti&XW*'������-lf.,&-*l*'fiirUttt.wmil*UH������_     _  -..   ". :>,-jr-*:-v*.:-������V*v^  ������������������������������������"-��������� ,���������?',������������������."? '������������������.* Y.'-^"'i'^?^i;-r?j"^ V^rw^  _?HE    CBESTON    REVIEW,    CBESTON^   g; G.  FOOLiNG HER STERN PAPA.  ma  T  More Than One.Way to Gain a Maiden's  Objective Point.,    ?       j  "������������������axou know, dear;V said the young J  in an   nervously   to   the   pretty  girl.    "I'm ? really    frightened  about s pes Id ag, to your father?   He's  so awful sure of himself, you know."  "Is that till that's causing the delay Y'> iitqiiired ��������� the modern miss dryly.  ��������� "If that's sof, just leave it to me.?  I'll  manage father."   ?   y ?      "'���������  Accordingly nest? morning she approached paterfamilias as he potted  plants to the accompaniment of a  choice Havana and carpet slippers.  "Papa," she gurgled, with feigned  mirth, as she took his arm, "what do  you think? That young fool Perkins  has proposed to me! Just fancy! Of  course ! refused him!" And the lady  doubled up In incoherent joy.  But papa shook himself free and  tugged with the fury of a baited hull  as he stormed:  "What, refused young Perkins���������that  estimable young man? Why, I'm  ���������ashamed of you! _ou modern girls  never know when you're lucky! You'll  make it up with blm at once���������at once,  1 say, aiid don't let me have any nonsense!"  And papa never knew the reason for  the peals of laughter which issued from  the drawing room that evening when  Edwin Perkins ecstatically greeted the  d..l..Xm,     SNI������������������*.* f   f....*....        A   n^rfiAWn  tunij   vkii������.��������� 14VUUUU   auaitcio.  Contemporary History.  The teacher In the country school decided to have ������aeh one of her pupils  draw some of their lessons, that they  might have some practice in tills direction.  __"��������� She therefore recited the story of the  landing of the pilgrims, and after she  had finished she asked that each pupil  draw from his or her own idea a picture of Plymouth rock.  The majority went to worlc; but one  little boy hesitated and Anally raised  his hand.  "What is it, George?" ,  "Please, ma'am, which do you want  lis to draw, a hen or a rooster?"���������Harper's Bazar.  .-aa'  Training an Oriental.  A Canadian woman wanted to show  her Chinese servant the correct way to  announce visitors and one afternoon  weni outside her front door, rang the  beli and made ihe man usher her into  the drawing room.  The following afternoon the bell  raug. and, not hearing him answer it,  she went to the door herself. To her  surprise, he was standing waiting outside,  "Why, .Sing," she asked, "what are  you doing here?" .,;.-  "You foolee me yesterday. 1 foolee  you today." was his reply.���������Judge.  I Humora-i     I  X *-������������������������._������������������������ _'r_.^.'- :������_.-_'_   _  mTXmlxO^%9l������ilxy "  Hy WJVCA.JV N. SMITH  PERT PARAGRAPHS.  JT may be that a million dollars would  be a fine thing to have, but certainly tbe acquiring of it would necessarily  cut out most tine tilings of Ufe.  It is a good thing to have friends, bu6  not for that reason.  Listen to reason If you bave a  chance, but don't think every chancels  a reason.  Don't keep tbe other fellow waiting  unless the advantage is all on his side���������-  ind then don't.   ���������  Help the other fellow occasionally,  lust to see how it feels to do something  without getting or expecting any pay  for it.  Decency and honesty nre a splendid  doubie team to draw you along the  crowded thoroughfare of life.  The mac who has time for work and  play has time to live.  You not only Have to bs better than  your adversary, but you have to prove  It in order to have it benefit you.  The more optimism you can shed  about you the more you will have.  ���������^rsrsgesA^xm/ms/S  uOt&s  THE   HOWE  OF   THE  TRANSIENT  COMMODIOUS  SAMPLE  ROOMS  THE BEST AND MOST  POPULAR   HOTEL IN''  THE KOOTENAYS  t?mi������rs*J.^:v*.c-.'^.Ljti^mn,.  Run  on strictly   up-to-date  -    mf ( _.  lines. Unexcelled service in  all departments. Kitchen  staff (including cook) ail  white ladies. Every comfort  and attention given to guests  The bar is s upplied with  ouly the best brand of goods.  B  s  ���������a  1  Porters Meet Trains  \������9     i\      8���������B sur ff^**.<>*���������****> IX B  aw. rt, r^ssrrv_/#V,  -KHS3_333gggs2_-_-_31^JS__-2at_s  "/kNAQt  Not   every   one   is   a   friend  marches under that banner.  who  iIN  A__iV/\i^-wi^  Not  Discriminating.  "Oh. thank you," exclaimed an elderly lady to a laborer who surrendered  his sent in a crowded car;" "thsiik you  very much!" .  "That's all right? mum," was the rejoinder. As the lady sat down the  chivalrous laborer added: "Wot I say  is a man never ort to let a woman  stand. Home men never gets hp unless she's pretty; hut, you see, mum,  it don't make no difference to me."���������  London Opinion.  Standardized Statesmen.  This year w������ pick a congressman.  And. though we fuss and fret,  "We're likely to elect the kind  That we most always get. \.  Variety in cong-Tessmen  We very seldom strike.  For when we come to size them ut>  They're very much alike.  8ome one to _o to Washington  To send Us garden seeds  And draw his salary, tor he  The money always needs;  Bome one to represent us there  When tariff comes to-.bat  If he Is not out playing-golf  When congress votes on that.  We cannot go to Washington  The public works to scan  And act on our own lodgment;.   .  And so we send a man  We pick out some good tnilcer  And rush hlni  madly through.  For that's what takes In congress���������  It's mostly what they do.  So we must of the candidates  Make very careful note.  Unless we want to let It go. --      ���������  Just shut our eyes and  vote.  And that's about as good a way.  Perhaps... to play the game,  For if we take them up and down  They run about the same.  FRUIT AND ORNAMENTAL  It makes no difference what ydu figure oa  planting tli'.s season���������we can supply you,  ond with the finest quality ot nursery stock  ever grown; |  AH   trees,   piants,   vines,   berries,   shrubs, J  evergreens, roses, etc., sold by us arcguar-  tgea  TRUE TO NAME  Jt -c-Ill pay yon to get in touch with us.  ���������   EVERY PLANTER NEEDS OUR BOOK���������  LANDSCAPE GARDENING  8c   WHAT TO  PLANT" v  32 PAGES, 1Q1-CSTAMPS)  ������������5_ "���������__������������������ ____  T������Tti ri-nnfjo-i-^V * *���������*" o  ss.. v_i j. xrv vv mv j.  Real Estate. Loans and Gen  era! Brokerage  Special   represeneative,   The   National  Realty Company  Creston  B. C  DENTISTRY  r. e. halTd. d. s.  Office   over   Frank Parks Hardware  ������������������tore���������Baker Street.  Her Specialty.  "I should think that lady astronomer  would he interested in her little boy's  dirty face."  "Oh, she's too much absorbed In her  studies of the sky r<r keep her child's  face clean."  "Hut that's just why she should pay  atleiitiiin. Isn't the dirt, spots ou the  son?"- Ittiltlmore Amerlcuu.  John Knew.  "1   am   sent   to  ���������get the necessary  articles for a tish-  log   trip,   Mrs.  Brown."  "Who sent you,  .John?"  "Mr. Brown. He  Is going burried-  ly."  "Have yon got  his thingsV"  "Vos. ma'am."  "Clothing a n d  such things'*"  "Oh, no. ma'am;  Just    his    pocket  flank a   and   cork  screws."  a__ j___-r;  ___*������  -���������r-J   m ������w*  r%  rr^rm Ifd-itf    __."��������� ���������"_  jrW������SS  vas*1 43 \iu!_i? ������_e| J3*eka_af fesS*" Sxi     ���������  . mm RICHARD MSCOMB/������P|A'^ip  I k H BOX. A. ALDER- ROVE, B.C.  James Compton,  Agent  Satreyesiir Plane Bsy.  ������$a\?sn$g   m&    eM������smri  yessr Tstnmg*  J.A.P.  CROMPTON  bRESTON, B.  C.  i    zz.s^xF^ij'  0mmt r /io it AITCK?l~* ^ *   JL  a   mu *m*rxrK \ztuj-**\*-*.������* m ���������������-:<->--������ jt-i *������������������������������������-���������  - INDS OF REPAIRS.       DROP A  POSTAL AND I'LL CALL  CRANBROOK,  B. C.  GUY   LOWENBER.G  OONSt-XTIN-    EnOINSSB  PRESTON       -  B.C.  i.^*- rfiBT_rn_  NOTICE TO OONTftAOTORS  "OitKS'l'ON Scnooiu"  SEALED TENDERS, euDeiBcribed,  "Tender for Creston Sohool Extonaion"  will bo reoeived by tho Honourable tho Minister of Public  Works ap to hoon of Monday, tho 30th  day of Juno, 1013, for the orootiou and  noinplotion of a two- roomed cxIoiihIoii  to tho HohoolhoiiHO at CiOHton, in tho  Yntlr iClontoral Distriot.  lMie work t3 bo Btnvtod imniodlatoh'  ou acceptanooor toudorayd AnlHhod nml  hnndod ovor ready for oonnpiiMoii on or  boforo AugiiBt 25ili, 1011).  PlaiiH, spool fkmtioiiH, oont rant, nnd  i'omm of tondiM' mny bo unnii on nnd nf-  lor thi. Iflth dny of Juno, lOil), at the  offlooofMi*. W.F Toot7.ol,Govoninioiii  Agent, Nnlii.ni; Mr, ,T. Compton, Son  rotary to tho Sohool Board, Crcaton; nnd  tho Di>piirtinont of Publlo Work*, Victoria.  Intending tend'i H onn,l'nr Min mini ol  ten d illuiM (!|!10)i obttln imi)  copy of thy  plans nnd Bpooiflontious by applying to  the undersigned. This sam will bo refunded whon tho. plans are returned in  good order.  Each propoHnlmust bo accompanied by  au nsoepted bank cbequo oroei-tifloato of  dopofiit on n ohnrtored bunk of Cauada  made pnyablo to tho Honourablo tho  Miuirttor of Public Worke, for a sum  cquiil to 10 por couf. of lander, whioh  Hhiill bo forfeited if tho party tondoring  decline loontorinto ooutrnotwlioucalled  upon to do mo, or if ho fail to complete  tho worlc ooiitrnotod for. Tho ohoquoB or  'WllfloiitftH of depoflil; of uiiHnccoMHfnl  loiidoroi'fl will bo roturnod to thom upon  tho cxoontlon of tho contraot.  TondniH will not bo ooiiHidorod unlofiH  intido out. on tho forms btippllod, nlguod  with tbo aotual Hlgimtnro of tho tondor-  i r, wi.i\ ;".ir,!or,f:l In the, cnvulopt". fnrn-  IhIii'iI.  Tho luivontor any tond"ir not nooosiu"  i ily auooptod.  J. 18. GRIFFITH,  Publlo WorltH Engluoor.  Dopnrti-*-nt of Pablio Work**,  Plenty of Hope.,  ��������� Tht\v had Just become cngnpred.  "What Joy It will bo." Hho osclnlnicil.  "for ine to share all your griefs, and  sorrows."  "But. dnrlliig," he protested, "I have  none"  "No." she answered, "but when wo  ure mniTW-d you will have."���������Ladles'  Clonic Journal.  Insinuation.  Explained.  "Young Bates Is cured of his dyapep  sia,"  "Yos; Just since he Is married."  "jUkI lie told nie that bis wife never  went to cooking school In ber life and  didn't know a thing about dleteOL'S "  "Yes; that's the reason he has recovered tils Health."  _ai-J--gy^ifflllMM-ttHWl-tf-g^ *  TO FUR SHIPPERS!  Tlio most accuralo. Tollable mid only Market Korort  and I'-loo LiNfc of its Mini publlsliuil.  Maliuil  Fni'.K   to thoHii  iiitereuteil in   ltnw  Fur*  SEHD US YO'JR NAME ON A POSTAL���������TCDAY  It'll i.iiL a Trappur'n OuIJo, liiit r. i)u!,!Si<au..>ii l^niiuil  uv.Ty two wi���������kg, wlil.:h kIvl-ii you ropiirts of whnt Is  iliiiiirjIiialltlioMiirl���������tsoftlin World In Amorlcan  Rnw l'ur������. This iiiformutlon Is.worth liunilroiln of  dnll:>iii to yon.  ZVrlto for It���������NOVO���������IT'S FREE  A.  B. SHUBERT  The largest House in ths V/orld dealing escluslvcly In  American Raw Furs  2S-27V/.MIclileanSl,.Popt. *1 CHICAGO, III.. tl.S.A  d-____-___ZE_?__5  MR. &  MRS. CROMPTON  Teachers of  Piano, Vi3lin, Singing  Music Supplied for Concerts & Dances  0"K"RTT.   vorTTsir* ^, . . ������  Real Estate and Insurance.  HOUSES TO RENT  .RESTON     ���������-.  B.C.  JAS. H. SCHOFIELD  Fire, Life and Acoident Insnranoo  REAL ESTATE, Eto.  TRAIL  B.C.  Mr. Blonrd���������I've contributed a pile  of niuiicy 1m my Iioiiio (own.  Mr. Ciindld-In tho way of Hues, I  suppose.���������Chicago News.  Equals.  "Oh. bo is a Hustler! Been I ravel In j*  on Hint territory nix moiilbs and is en  giigi-d to a girl in every town,"  "What Itliul of glrla nre tbayV Nice  glrlsV"  "Sure. And popular too. Bach oiih  is engaged io ai IciihI half a Uo'/.ci.'  druiiiini'i'S."  Dr. de Van's Femare Pills  A rcl'i-ib!o French rei'ulator;never fails. Tlieae  pill.t nro ox-ccediiiRly oowerful hi reffiilatlnrfr tlie  ffenmativo portion of the femnlo syBtem. Kcfuso  .-ill cheap imltntlon?. Vtr, de Van'a are Bold nt  j"*!*In btx, or tliroo lor SIO. Mailed to nny nddress.  Tbo Scobell Drux Co.. St. Catl-arlnoi, Ont.  -SSS3  Electric Restorer for Men  Phosphonol roatorcs every nerve In the body  ���������������������������- ������������������   ���������'���������  '��������� ��������� .to its proper tension ; rostoren  vim nnd vitality.  I'ranintiiro decnv nnd nil sexunl  weakness   nvcrted nt once,    l'lioujnl���������inol will  inke ynu n now intin.   i'rico Ma box. or two for  ��������� *.   iiTir.led to nnv nddresn.   Tho SooboU Drnnr  : *, (i.'n'Iictrlnoa. Out.  lKa.1R.-3eatre  CRANBROOK  - B.C.  The  funeral Director  Secret.  "May I make a ���������. oiillihint or you, old  ninnV"  "Why, certainly.    What Is ll?"  "Well, to loll yon the holiest- truth.  I'm ili'inHM'iilly liiii'd up ti ml vvnnl .*i*"ii) "  I  "Yon enn trust me. I inn ns silent  in the jmruvc. I Imvo heard noiimi';."  ���������Poi'tsinoiith Cbi'niilclo.  Doat  Him to  It.  ������������������nid you tell liar when you propuM-il  to   her'that   you   were   un worthy   of  hor?   That always iiiaki's a  hit  with  iS't-m ���������"  The Ropoating Brand.  "I.lRhtnlti*,' never strikes twlco In the  Hiinie place."  "Oh, yes, It does,"  "Show mo the pluco."  "Look nt tinmo nf onr r-rnnfl old  atatoHinen. Tlioy havo been tilt by political llKbtnliiK tlmo nnd iibhIo "  Compllmento,  ���������"riie  lilac  bustics  in   my  suburbao  uoniy aro as inrKo us forest trees."  "I wisn I could lilac that."  ���������"Vour He generally inclts beauty, per*  tmiio    and    t"!;*;':!"'!*       Mln<������    linve    nil \  thcrio."  Victoria. Ji. "J., Juno   10th, I.H.t.'     ,., WI|H ^^ ,(> Uul Hho (old ,t ,0 m���������  jo)'J    lirHi."- it.om.toii I'omL  Acumen.  "ThiM'fl n smart child."  "Why?"  "It lias evidently i������lflted out purcntn  Uml ll cun linss *'  tr  Try It.  Ai". I- ,.-���������) .. Ii;.|.j.,  llf,  A. Mirabelli  Saddle and  Harness  Repairing  A SPECIALTY  Dealer in   nigh   class  boots aad shoes.  And linva n trinnil noma m-m  JuhI k!v# ynur mimi������y lo youi  wife,  And oho will do tlio rent.  K.M. M..14   41.44441.4 44 |!,*������IIIJ   iV.lllltlll.  ,'t^mAiml tm ������������ m Xm*m4,  iffMH���������>iHfftri[f'iliil8  OVER 68 VBAN*'  CXPERICNCK  -!AT.ENT  Thadr Marks  _     DcataNB  CopvmaMTS Ao.  Anynno ���������endlna ��������� ���������k������uii ������nd deiorlptlon m������y  nli.lilr -mnnrlulii our i^lninn fra������ *������li������t)i*r _j  liivaiiiluii (��������� piob-thir).*r    " '  qiilnlilr imnnrljiii  liivaiiiluii '  tloimnlrlo'  stint trnti.  unle������-  *uaia  . x nlilMt nir������rn*iy f6r-HiourTiiij p������toiil������.  ���������eui-iiii** uikwi throuuli Muim xXto. tsotxrm  sptetai nntles, wiiliout olmriro, In tu*  Scientific Jlmericatt.  ,.  .....,..������..,....;,  i;...ni,at.-u vrMtcir,    i^rtr-st etr-  rnUllim or nny  ���������ulnnrlrln   lonrrml.    Tarnta  for  <;nimii������, um a y������i>r, voiUir* prapjilit   Hold hy  ill   lll'������'Ul,.*l|rr������.  ������fi-^S&__f-fil. ���������prasSSSKTSPCsaw!  THE REVIEW, CRESTON, B. C*  X3m.    A-_a.t-..���������  y*  -rs.4���������ram.  a ���������is���������  Ward, Leek & Co., Lfmiied  London, Melbourne & Toronto*  J  (Continued)  Though. Scribner waa smarting under the snub he had received from  iris, though pride and passion had  received a severe blow and he now  found himself face to face with ruin,  yet had he known, the tragedy which  brought Francks from the hotel, he  might not have been guilty of the unpardonable speech he had just made.  He was certainly quite unprepared for  th_ effect it had upon Jimmy Francks.  The latter was carrying a Malacca  cane. Tightening his grip upon it he  raised it above his head, and then  brought it across Scribner's face.  Before the latter jjould recover, it had  fallen again. _rancks raised it a  third time, but a cry from Iris stayed  his hand, and he saw her face, her  eyes full of terror, gazing into his  own.  His Augers relaxed their grip of the  ���������stick and it rattled on to the Boor.  With an oath Scribner dashed towards  him. Francks' left hand shot out  and gripped him by the throat while  with the right hand he seized the collar of his coat. Throw!-- him almost oft his feet he dragged him to  the front door and releasing one hand  opened It, and then flung him down  th������ flight of stone steps.  THE PERFECT SHOE  FOR SUMMER SPORTS  ASK YOUR DEALER.  Don't be afraid, I'm not mad, at  least I'm afraid I'm not Again he  laughed. Ah, that's what I want to  know���������I wish someone would tell me.  Can't you?  She came to htm again, forced him  to be seated whilst she stood in front  of him, very pale, trembling a little,  but her great love giving her that  strange psychic strength which only  women possess,  Jim, you must calm yourself, and  tell me calmly and. briefly exactly  what's  happened.v  Her voice was ln striking contrast  to Ms, It sobered him. Ke looked  at her, and a slight shudder crept over  hLs body.  Forgive me, I didn't know what I  was saying, I didn't know what I was  doing? Yes, I'll try and tell you.  That'e why I came her9 at this hour  ���������frv    if oil     '���������tr ������"���������*-���������*, i     V������Prv ������������������������_���������������.     -���������������.*���������������.������������������������.     #������ **���������%**     *+     4*������t,     ***>** a  i-V        -.Vii.       J %r������*t        ���������-WJ-.VS_ **/ ���������    J> VW.       X*������X ���������*������������������������ *-       *X*       *-*-������ V  ne������.papers���������Ella is dead.  "������)h���������my dear I She dropped on to  her  knees.  Just before you came this afternoon  I prepared some medicine for her, she  was feeling faint after the journey.  I forgot to give lt to her until after  you'd gone, -then I took it to her.  Quickly closing the door he turn- Shortly afterwards���������I forget how long  ed and stood with his back to It. for time has ceased to exist for mo���������  Iris was standing in the hall tremb-1 she grew suddenly ill, cried out that  ling.- Francks' head dropped oa to' she'd been poisoned���������that I had pols-  his breast. | oned her.      A doctor was called in.  Forgive me, he stammered, I've be-j but it was too late,  haved like a fool and a cad. Oh, my;     For & long time there was silence  God. Iris,  forgive me! I in the Ilttlo room.    Ir.'s whs kneeling,  Even at that moment her woman's j crouched on the floor, her faco hidden,  quick Instinct divined that something j You heard what 1 said, you under-  more had. occurred than the scene just! stand? Francks said.  enacted to unnerve and unman him. j Then she rose to her feet and look-  in an instant, surprise and fear van-; ed at'him wlLh a gleam of fear in her  ished, her only thought his happiness; eyes. You don't suggest that any-  and safety.    She ran    towards    him   one suspects you���������  with outstretched hands.  My  d-e&r,  what's  happened,  the matter?  He tried to prevent her from touch-  The question was uncompleted, she  read the answer in his faco.  They think you killed  her.  backed away  from    him    with  She  out-  Not  Jim,  ��������� him he tried to push hsr ^wsv,' 5t-"**-*tor*c-'";! *-*-**ti-^s "^������-* -*->,-%���������^o.  but ehe would not be denied. She j that, they can't, they dare not!  took both his hands in hers, they were: Jim. it isn't true���������tell me���������  cold now, and she led him towards j She put her hands over her mouth  the drawing-room, made him sit down,! as the sound of the door softly closing  closing the door, knelt by i reached her ears.      "With a warning  doubtless tie no small consideration  to many under such circumstances.. I  beg to inform you that I tj always  willing to accommodate you privately  and simply on your note of band, at  the lowest possible rate of interest, in  sums from one hundred po_uu������ to  any amount. Write, telegraph, ring  me up, or come and see me. Delays  are dangerous. The promptitude and  privacy with which all advances are  made will, I am sure, astonish and  delight you.  You may not require an advance  now, bu/t who among us can foretell  the future? So keep this by you for  reference.  t am, your most humble and obedient  servant.  AARON ROBERTS  The moneylender was pleased with  this effort. It would suit all Borts and  conditions of clients, with a slight  alteration in the amount he proposed  to advance. He decided to have it  neatly printed on old English vellum,  pale purple lettering underlined in  gold. The effect would be picturesque and original.  Of course, Faber had not arrived  when he reached his office. He  looked at the safe and swore under  his breath. He-particularly wanited  to go through some papers it contained, and the incident of the lost  keys worried hira.  He would have no peace until he  was assured the contents of the safe  had not been disturbed. He busied  himself with his letters until Faber  arrived. u.  Any news?  Haven't looked at the ������>ft'iors. Hear  there's a slump ln rubber though.  Good. Better ring up Scotland  Yard again if one of their men don't  turn up shortly.  An hour later, Mr. Gaunt from New  Scotland Yard was shown into Mr.  Robert's private room. Faber accompanied- him and stood with his  back to the door. Roberts summed  up the detective at a glance. Quite  the conventional type. Slow but  not necessarily suro, trammelled by  red tape. Large of feet, he^vy of  hand, and well-mannered.  Roberts briefly but lucidly described the events preceding the !os& of  the keys. I remember shutting and  ��������� locking the safe after examining some  papers; for the first time in my life  I can't remember whether I took the  keys out or not, anyway, when I looked for them ten minutes later they  were not to be found anywhere.  (To be Continued)  To have the children sound and  healthy is the Srst care of a mother.  They cannot be healthy it troubled  with worms. Use Mother Graves'  Worm "Exterminator.  Sample free if you write  Drug and Che*vdc*ii Co.,  Limited,   Toronto.  The National  Great Generosity  She sighed     I saw   the  lace curtains today, she murmured. I  did want them so badly. She sighed  .again. But I knew you wished to  economize, dear, she concluded, so I  didu't get them. And yet a third  time sho sighed.  Then he spoke. That's too bad. my  dear! he said generously. Anything  which adds to your happiness and  brings gladness to your eyes; anything which brightens your domestic  caros and "gilds the lowering: clouds;  any thi ur which borders with sweet  flowers the thorny paths ot duty and  appeals to your aesthetic nature, you  are welcome to, my angel-~if lt does  not cost more than fifty cents.  Where Jake Drew ihe Lino  Jake Tannenbaum owns a theatre  in.Mobile, where tho Race question '������������������������'������  very acute. Furthermore, he exercises great care in his scrutiny of the  bills any company wishes to present  in his house. One morning he received from a celebrated Shakespearean actor the list of plays to be put  on during a run of seven days.  I see here, Romeo and Juliet, said  Jake, running his finger down the list,  and I will stand for that. But I  shrink when I think of that fellow  playing Romeo. And here's Hamlet.  No man living can play Hamlet as'he  should be played. And here is Othello!  At this point. Mr, Tannenbauat  leaped out of his chair; and hung on  the ambient atmosphere a long .���������d  lingering groati.  It is too much! he cried In anguish.  I am not a crazy  man on the Race question. But I'm  a son of a gun if I'm going to have ln  my theatre any black man handing out  a lot of mushy talk to a white woman.  It JS too _1UCI1 j  .  loveliest   i am no fanatic.  The world admires a man who attends to his own business.  A  crank  a genius.  who   makes  a  success  is  BANIS  PIMPLES  AND ERUPTIONS  A Running Account  Briefer, the solicitor, was a:rgry. It  was easy to see that, from the vicious  way he was* filling In a Hill of cost.  Snip the tailor, had actually had the  impudence to send h'.s bill ln twice.  and now his lluie son had come to  demand the nionev.  1 am too busy to attend to such a  small matter now, he s.iid. Tell your  father I'm not going to run away.  Away went the youth with the message, but very soon be returned.  Father s-sys he must have the money please, he lisped in childish innocence.  Tut. tut! Didn't you tell him I was  not going to run away?  Yes. sir. Please, sir. I told him  that all right but he told me -to tell  you, sir, that he was!  and "then  his side  Jim, something's happened, I know  it! You must tell me. Oh, remember we are friends, in spite of what's  happened we're still friends, we shall  always be that. She���������your wife���������  will understand.  She waited for him to speak, but  when at last he found voice ehe did  not comprehend  his  meaning.  I have no wife!  Sho smoothed his hands trying to  comfort him as a mother comforts a  child who has been hurt. Hush,  Jim, you mustn't eay that. Perhaps  I'm to blame. When you told her I  called, perhaps she misunderstood.  You haven't quarrelled?  He rose to his feet, pushed her away  roughly and walked across the room,  standing with his back to the window.  Fearlessly she followed him, laying  her hands upon his shoulders, looking  appeal!ngly  into his face.  And on the red blind their shadows  were vividly outlined.  Don't, touch me, ho groaned, do you  hear, don't come near me. There's  blood on my hands. I���������they cay I  havo killed my wife.  For an instant she stopped breathing, but ehe did not shrink away. Her  little hands held him more tightly.  Jim, what are you saying? For God's  sake, toll me what's happened.  He laughed then, and that was  moro than she could bear. She fell  back clasping her hands over her ears.  Jim!  | gesture, Francks moved away.  Reuben had entered the room and  was looking at her, his great fathomless eyes wide open. But in their  depth love now shone clearly.  All right, he whispered softly. I  won't disturb you'���������I didn't Jsnow he  was here, yet! But I told him I'd  bring him back to you. Irisr didn't I?  You see I've kept my promise. And  you're both free now, aren't you, both  free!  Land of the Free  An American paper relates that the  political boss of a small western town  drove his buckboard at top speed  down the main street on the morning  of the election.  Hey, Johnnie! he yelled to his son,  git down in the Fourth Ward, quick!  There'B people down there votin' as  they blamo please!  V-RICO-E VEINS  ABOVE ANKLE      m   Broke Into Sore. Itched and Burned  So Badly Could Scarcely Sleep.  Red and'lnflamed. Cuticura Soap  and Ointment Entirely Cured.   >   217 Grof nwood Ave., Toronto, Ontario.���������  ���������'My troublo waa varicose veins abovo my  anl'lr-. It broke into a soro -which wan painful. Tho fioro Itched and burned bo badly  that 1 could ncareoly sloop. Tho n_ln around  it waa red and Inflamed.   I could not wear  a nboo for **.lj*lit iveck.i.   I tried r.evcral olnt-  . .... . i ... ,i ii i.... ..... ,... ,i. i. ���������..,.....,...,  Then I was recommended to who Cuticura  Soap and filntin^nt. 1 bathr-d with tho Outl-  mra Soap and put u Halo Cuticura Ointment on and tlioy guvo the urcnW'st relief.  Tn t. tow *.veel������ii lln- Horn was entirely cured."  'S"*lene<l).Mri. Mac-Orei-or, Feb. 21, lot*".'.  SALT RHEUM ON BABY'S HEAD  lA'oorlntoeU. Yarmouth Oct. N. fl.~~".M'y  batiy wun about ilin-o \w:eU������ old vnhi-n ho  bad Mill rjuiuni nn lil-; V.o.a.l and forehead.  It iwiraii Jn a llulo Moo rimh, which camo  on hit hi'od und <\wn <i\or hlu forrhftid  und fornn*ii a hard, brown mist. It loolied  t.Arrlhlp, anil it. imiMt l.avi- both'-ivd iilm  rat It* a lut, ������������������������������ b<* would not -l������*v*r������. I n*,i-d  to wtu-.h Lira *������'tli tr,--; ''.iiii-iira "'.u\', nnd  hot Hitli-r and put tl.o Cm Irur.t Ointment,  on, and In iiim> w������.id..-������ Mi head and foro-  lll'ad w*>r������ rlear.     I r:in'l spcil.-  ttv> Mi'lily  ill    Mill    *.   ilium.*    , run un i.i.    uii'i    i   mieill.t  f*uit|i."      i'-i1hih.-u)   Mi.',.   tii.,4.>;->   IJ.   Alli'it,  ���������sw, $o, :������������������::.  (.'mii'Uru hii.il> iiii'i < <.i ii >m ;i l uul ii uu I. uii)  ���������old by drunvlii'i and ilculcr* ������������������vi'rjwlirri>.  A  ulnnl.)   ft   l������  i,fi'ii   i.'iCicii i,t.    l.n,<ml  CHAPTER XVIII  Mr. Aaron Roberts often arrived at  his office in New Bond Street before  the office boy. He was the terror  of the housekeeper, who was generally to be found chasing dust about the  building when he put in his appearance in the morning.  For when London awoke, Aaron  Roberts was awake. At the first sign  of life from the city the moneylender  Was out of bed quickly dressing, and  often while he dressed his thoughts  were busy concocting schemes to attract new clients, and to collect further gold.  He realised how aloof he stood from  the rest of mankind. Often he looked from his bedroom window down the  street and watched men returning  from night-work, and the first stragglers settling out on the business of  the day���������fish for his net, all legitimate prey. It was in the early morning that a kind of feverish haste and  anxiety seized him. He cursed the  necessity of Boap and water, tho trouble of clothes, the ridiculous laws of  nature which made lt necessary for a  man to waste half an hour seated at  a table shoveling food into his stomach, when ho might have boon seated  at his desk shoveling gold into his  bank.  The sounds of tho streets, the pitter-patter of feot along the pavement,  the rattle of horses' hoofs, the shriek  of omnibus and motor cars acted upon him as the clash of arms and the  roar of musketry and guns act upon  a soldier In tho battle-field. He was  Jealous ot every moment ho was absent from the fight for gold. It was  his custom to buy a newspaper���������a.  half-penny ono���������at tho bookstall on  Karl's Court Station, and glance at.  the contents while the twopenny tube  carried him to Dover Street. He road  his paper methodically, looking first  at tho birth, 'marriage and death de-  jmri.ineiU,    llu-ll   ui   im;    ix-'inoiuil   uuu  lost anil found column, skimmed tho  fmaiieial iidvcrtlRfinio.nts, nnd society  paragraphs. Carefully rend tho law  intelligence, tho money and property  market, tnvlTle rotunie, aud the Stock  KxchaiiKO news. Hut occasionally  when Aaron Roberts wns busy preparing a new bait with which to luro  huuKry humanity, tho newspanei* was  ���������IUo'ii.:*|..Ml   III.I 11   lUl.i'jli .;U    llllll-,   Jlllll   llO  relied upon the loud volenti Faber to  tell hlni of any thing important that  wat* luippt'nlni*; ln the city.  Tho morning following tho tragedy  nt ilm Hsu'oy Hotel waa a enso ln  point. Clients wero not rolling up  Mew l'loiitl Siieot. to borrow money  nl ono or two hundred per eoiit. in-  (-.���������rent au quirlily as HohcrtH desired.  i JiH'iciul of looking at. bin Dully Mull.  .   ItfjlH-llH    lilinilllUH   I  li    ill    I.I.IU   IJII   ,i   ii.iii'  ' !d������i'������d of iui)ii-I torn from a letter which  nn In.. ii'.Yi'I tliiit. iiiij.'iiing,  I      Nolilfiimii,   g'-iilJciiii-i),   ii.uu   widow,*,  ' unfurl'inii'i ly   for   tin in.11 h ch,   t<N)ier-  | lejii o   ib iiiii..*i*i   upon   tli'lr   vefionrcc'i  Had His Revenge  He was a surly amd quarrelsome old  farmer, and the only' person of any  importance who had managed to avoid  clashing with him was the mild-mannered vicar.  But even this forbearing gentleman  lost his temper when the farmer impudently turned his horses loose in the  churchyard and refused to take them  out again.  High words ensued, and the vicar  so far forgot himself as to call the  farmer a broken-down old mule.  Off went the farmer on the instant  and crashed noisily into the village  lawyer's office.  The vicar has Just called me a broken-down old mule, he bawled. What  am I to do?  Now the lawyer had once received  a severe rebuff from the farmer, and  had waited for years for a chance to  repay it. Here was his opportunity,  and ha seized it with both hands.  Don't come to me about that, he  said, coolly. I can't patch you up. I  am no veterinary surgeon.  In the Sp?i_g Most People Need a  Tonic Medicine.  One of the surest signs    that    the  blood is out cC order is the pimples,  unsightly   eruptions and  eczema that  come frequently with the change from  winter  to  spring.    These  prove that  the long indoor life of winter has had  its effect upon the blood, and that a  tonic   medicine  is   needed   to   put   it  right.      Indeed there are few people  who do not need a tonic at this season .     Bad blood    does    not    merely  show itself in  disfiguring eruptions.  To this same condition is due attacks  of rheumatism and lumbago; the sharp  stabbing pains of sciatica and neuralgia;   poor   appetite and   a   desire   to  avoid exertion.      You    cannot    cure  these troubles by the use of purgative  medicines���������you need a  tonic,  and  a  tonic only, and among all medicines  there is none can equal Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills for their tonic, life-giving,  nerve-restoring   powers.    Every   dose  of this medicine    makes    new,    rich  blood which drives    out    Impurities,  stimulates every organ and brings a  feeling of new health and energy to  weak, tired, ailings men,  women and  children.       If you  are  out  of   sorts  give this medicine a trial and see how  quickly  it will  restore  the  appetite,  revive drooping spirits, and fiii your  veins with new, health-giving blood.  You can get the-e pills from any  medicine dealer or by mail at 50 cents  a box or six boxes for $2.50 from  The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,  Brockville,  Ont.  As Man to Man  Dick, I niiver Coaght my little boy  would tell his mother a falsehood, exclaimed tbe mother in the well-known  more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger kind ������of  voice.  'Twasn't really a story, muttered  Dick, with downcast countenance. I  didn't run in the road, but only in the  gutter.  That makes it worse. Half a story  is worse than a whole one, as I've  told you often. And now I feel it to  be my duty to punish you severely.  This duty, be it said, the mother  performed most conscientiously. When  father returned home, therefore, in  the evening he found Dick looking  very  red-eyed  and disconsolate. '  Well, my poor little man, he asked,  what ls the matter?  Nutting, snuffed Dick!  But something must be wrong, sonny.      Tell me.  Oh well, if you want to know, said  Dick, with a scowl. I've just been  having an awful row with your wife.  KS-fS, "YhOME STUDY  E'rk?-^B?=-P"-\W        S   '   ������=__'*_������_ -  EBU���������_*__I0if.  MEDICIME,  SCIENCE.  Including  arts Summer  Session  July 2 to Ave-16  Tits Arts course  may bo taken by  correspondence,  bat ���������tudaats deslr-  Ing- to ������*?���������������. do. a to  must attend one  session.  For caleedara write  C.Y. CKOWN  Kingston, Oat,  I  Maypole Soap  Teacher���������Now who can 'write me a  sentence containing the word gruesome?  Tommy went up to the blackboard,  and this Is what ho wrote���������  Dad did *S_t������shavQ for a week and  grew somo whiskers.  Pa, was Job a doctor? Not. that I  know of. Thenvwhy do people have  so much to say about the patients  of Job?  lt Paid Bettor  While travelling through the West  a man lost a valuable dog, and immediately proceeded to the offica'' of tihe  Hustler's Review in the town where  he was stopping. Entering abruptly, he said to the editor; I've lost a  dog. I'd like to have you insert  this ad. for me:  Sevnty-rfive dollars reward for the  return of a French bulldog answering  the name of Darwin. Last seen on  Turner's Road.  We're just going to press, said the  editor, but we'll manage to" hold the  edition for your ad.  After returning to the hotel, the  owner of the dog decided It might be  best to add to his advertisement: Nj  (piestlons asked: He returned to the  otfico to find the place entirely deserted save for a red-haired youth who sat  gazing Intently out of the window.  Where is everybody? he asked.  Gone to hunt tho dawg, replied the  lad,.without removing his gazo from  the distant .fields.  Ask for   Minard's and tako  na  c'.'ici*  Seeing Is Believing  The weather was wet. Business  had been bad. Hence Farmer Giles,  never amiable, was even more irascible than usual.  As he stepped down from the cart  on his return home from the market,  he noticed a lantern-light moving  about near his kitchen premises, and  proceeded at once to make investigations.  To his surprise '. e discovered a yokel, lantern in hand,, talking to his  niece.  What's your business here? demanded Farmer Giles peremtorily.  I be come a courtin' master.  Came a-wbat?  A-courtin', sir. I be a courtin'  Mary.  It's a He. You've come here thieving". You know you have; No man  goes courting with a lantern. At any  rate, I never did.  No. sir, replied the yokel quietly. I  shouldn't think so, judgln' by the,mis-  sus!  CLEAN������  ANP    DYES  Give* rich glowing  colon, fadeleu ia nn  os suds. Dyes cotton,  silk, wool o������ -."Use*,  Use il ycuKeli ������t  bome. Nohouble���������  no must. 24 colon���������  will give any shade.  ColonlOc.'olack 15c,  si youi u_.lei's &;  postpaid with bookie*  "How to Dye" fiom  "*���������������  F. L. BENEDICT ������ GO. Montreal  CANCER  Book Free. A tomplr  Homo trestme'���������: removed  lump from this lady'a hreaafi  Old sores, ulcers soil  ���������trowibs cured. Describs  pest* trouble t wc will send book mat testimonials.  THE CAMABA CANCER INSTITUTE, fcUSlTHS  CLEARED AWAY  Proper  Food  Put  the  Trouble  Away  Our own troubles alwayn seo *. moro  severe than any others. But whon a  man Is tinablo to eat ovon a light  breakfast, for years, without severe  distress, ho has troublo enough.  It ls small wonder ho likes to toll  ol food which cleared away Iho troubles.  "I  nm   glad  of  tho  opportunity  In  . ������������������ -       ��������� > 1       ������..������������������.    M.,l������      1. .. r,       .1   ItH    Ol    HIU    tflJUU    vjl i*jiv- ., \n.m    .....j    iluiiLi  for me," writes an Eastern man. "For  many years I was unablo to oni ovon  a light breakfast wlthc*it; groat Buffering.  "After catln��������� I would suddenly ho  sol'/od with an attack of colic nnd vomiting. ThlB would bo followed by  headache nnd misery that, would  tiometliucs liiBt u week or more, loav-  iu_ mo uo wc'.ik I could hardly ;-,lt up  or walk.  "Sluco I began to ont tlvapc-Nuto  I havo boon froo from tho old  troubles. I usually out Grapc-Niils  ono or moro times a day, taldng It  nt the boghmlng of the meal. Now j  can out almost anything 1 want without troublo.  "Whon 1 began t. use Grapc-Nul,' ]  was way undor my uhuiiI wolulit, now  ' tenwnvF.._i. avs,.   is.isk't:  Henry Augustus was learning to  dress himself. Ho was not so big as  the n-amo sounds.  Mother, looking on, said: Why, my  son, you have your shoos on the  wrong feet!  Well, screamed Henry Augustus,  they're the only feet I have to put  'om on'.  Always EellaMs  Relief from the aflments caused  by disordered stomach, torpid  liver, irregular bowels is given  ���������quickly, safely, and assuredly���������by the tried and reliable  _&ll?,_?#*l_- __���������__-_������&  PILLS  Sold everywhere.   In bo-ei, 25 cants.  ITolloway's Corn Cure takes  corn out by the roots. Try It  prove lt.  the  and  Tloftlr.     Ariilp ������������������������   f.oM   runi   I'/.itrr  IJroK At  Chum. Corp., JJ������ -it. liiU, j>I,*I ui, ti. tt. a*  W     N     U     9r������0  V.  II .1   ll  ���������    ���������   I  I,. n.i./i   4,i 1','i-tvlu*,   Mvim   In  | i'iiu\ I'st'.i M. To Im.'*.' to niioiu to  I turn In Hitch an <-1.i������ j|-.* ii���������**>-. without,  I liirnfi'lur.  'iiidfiilMibh-  pulilli'llj, would  She Wanted Comfort  An old country woman, compelled to  sit. In a suffocating smoking coinpart-  m_nt in a crowded excursion train,  gazed open-niouthod through tho window at a lady on the platform who was  giving the porter exhaustive instructions regarding the slorugo of hor bicycle.  Boo that you find the best placo In  1ho van, porter, and fix lt vory securely, and don't lot anyone play with the  bell, and close tho windows so that  nobody can stein h., iiiui i-uvtu mi uio  handle bars nnd mako suro that tho  truln doesn't shako It as it goes over  tho points.  Tho portor promised slavish obedience, pocketed IiIh tip and turned to  go away.  Ono moinont, young fellow, crlod tho  old woman, loaning out oC tlio window  and catching his arm, I want to get out  of horo. it ain't hull' co.sy ciiou^h.  Hero's iuppencn; now fdiow mo tho  way to tho bicycle van.  Fair Warnlno  Mltitrcca���������You have ovcrllrnt lot-  tors of  recommendation.  llolllgoront-looldiih' New Cook���������Yin,  mum. iN'ot m fat will Ol hI������'p out of  anybody's hotmo until 01 git wan.  Ordinary Biped  Stochlmu''.        Yoii.    ma'am.     What  number do you worn*?  What number? Why, two, of  ������������������oui'Hii. Do you tako jnc lor a ccntl-  "���������*������������������'"''  "r'rr   rend   the   rbove   (fitter?       A! ;   new on������i appears trom time to tlmr. I H-> III.* moiium iiuv������> ������������**.��������� I'mii mio .-���������  Tbey are qoooloe, true*, and full of im- did cooli? Y<*.', s,h������ iimrriod Into the  man Intereut. ' family.  A Pleasant Prospect  I want you to put up somo wallpaper I have bought, said tho country  clergyman, incsting the local man-of-  all-work.    When can you do it?  Well, sir, he exclaimed, you see, I'm  rather busy jusl: now.      I hung Mrs.  S yesterday;   I'm  hanging  your  church warden today; but if it's convenient I'll drop round and hang your  reverence on Wednosday.  Ask for Minard's and take no otlic,-*  j. mi mi   -rn ���������T ni i         T-T  Ho���������A woman Is always illogical.  Sho���������How do you mako that out? Ho  ���������She can always romomber her birth-  day, but novor her ago.  Sho (suddonly)~DId I hoar some-  thing fall? Ho (timidly)���������I dropped  a remark.  Lapses of Novelist.-  Novelists are in a hurry a', times,  but only a few of their readers aro  critical, ,^In a detective story of many  years ago tbe vllllan carried up to his  room a casket containing 50,000 sovereigns and handed it to accomplices  on a ladder.  This ls eclipsed in a novel by Mr.  Guy Boothby. Here the vllllan stipulates that 100,000 pounds In hard cash  shall bo brought to him secretly at, tho  place appointed. A gentlor-ian with a  weakness for arithmetic states this  amount of gold would weigh a largo  part of a ton.  A Common Complaint  A little girl ���������camo to hor mother one  morning nnd said: Mamma, I don't  fool very woll. Well, that's too bad,  said muninui; whoro do you fool tho  worst?  In scV.col, was tlio promp   reply.  Tho bishop wiih examining r. class  of girls.  What's tho best preparation for entering tno HiuLu ot niatriuioiiy i  A Httlo courting, sir, waa tho reply  ot a Blmplo-looklnB girl..  /2vGm_HOO������  Womanhood  1     Wl'liS"    MW  iln     ������*���������-)������-.���������*</**     4\\  weighed In my 1H'<'. nnd 1 r.ni Rind to  i.poiik Of the ft. ->d thnt Iiuh worlt<>d Uio  Huiligo." Niinii: j-Jvuii by Caiiadhui  PoHtuni Co., Windsor, Onl. Kcail  tho Httlo booklet, "The lto-id to \\>i|.  ...   .. ...  ..*-....      ���������������,rw.v4*,������i -<   i>..- . ,..  "  out  Motherhood  A$������l$t Nature  now and then,  with a Qentlo  cathartic J_*v  Jfierce'������ tfleau"  andPelUtg (om*  tip and invipor-  ate liver and  howeU). Be $ura  |/r)U     Htm    Url"t.U������  .../*.   ... ._,  iwvit   mmm m.  j������������, mm  _i  tm  The  who have tiaed  women  ,Dr. Pierce's Favorite  Prescription will tell you  that it freed thom from Dam-  helped them over painful periods in  their life���������and saved them many a day  of anguish and misery. This tonic, in  liquid form, waa devised ovor 40 ycara  a#o for the womanly system, hyR-V.  "P'WIXV*   M..   MJ.t  **."** *������i������*i i#c������Ji������ wi������������ii O'Vcl*  since by dealer* in medicine to tho  . benefit of many thousand women.  Noit>~lfu������u pr*/er-yx* tan #M������toJBirV  Mtreo** FaooriU PM������cripti*mioblmixa������  .... ....... J *.*.������.* miB 0\9   *���������*������- |Um   a*fmm Im  JCfM������  ijV'Wii    \mi +*f/t0tmmm   *���������*������. i*   V ^*   mf ���������* *     ��������������� ���������������"*#-    *��������������������������� ���������" __  ���������fr������*r*#f-_ oft ana aant *tomao ta fltai  .Sis V* ������riz?������?0 Buffa**. &. *. ������wr vttm amu  <��������� 1 >i-.\,f;..-;:,^/i;..v;y.--';^  THE REVIEW, CRESTON,-B.-.G.-'  ���������'��������� f W, ^_ .ft -Bl **k**���������^y*ljlgJSM____���������S_lSI^^  ^r^^flH*. fi_ _^  tii^^J^LW^tiWti    .  . Ie Growing Smaller Every Day*  Cj-RTEk*S LlTT&.E  LIVER PILLS are  tefiprcsisible������������������tliey not  only give relief  theypetmaneni  cine Constipation,   Mil  Hans use  then* for  Bilionsm  ���������'-ti.  '. ������_JJ>.^������!-'_-   SS.%, timmJmJkm-   0_������**,_'^ll-,  miximf miiiizHeaiiiflit uiui iicuumiK, iruliuri, unia.  Small Pill, Smalt Dose, Small Price,  Genuine causi-eas Signature  A   MODERN   PORTIA  .JCI  Is CLEAN-* and  as SIMPLE as  "A. B.C."  NO  chance of  ^.STAKES  if you use  The Guaranteed "ONE DYE for  All Kinds of Cloth."  TRY IT ���������������<! pro-v* Itforyou���������elfl  | Send for I'reo Color Card, Story Booklet, nnd Boole.  lee giving result, ot Dyeing over other colore,  r Tha Jobneon-Rlcbardson Co., Limited, ��������� Montreal  Remarkable   Length   of ''Antl-Vlv.-S-'  tlonlst Speech by Woman Attracts  Attention  The medical arrangements required  by the Insurance Act have drawn, at-.  tention to the inaccessibility of many  oCvjktjSfi   vmaBW.      iu   wu  auauui6*������  shire railway eolony ot Rlccarton a  special Interest attaches. No roads  lead to this well-known Junction i and  a special train, which start J at 10.16  a.m., conveys worshippers to Hawick  every Sunday morning. Free passes  are supplied to railway employes and  thoir families. To meet the "medical  requirements of the community, the  railway directors permit Hawick doctors to travel toRiccarton on engines  or in guards' vans and first-class compartments, as they may find most convenient. Among other privileges peculiar to the district, goods are carried to the grocery store at half the  usual rates.  The remarkable three-day antl-vivi-  seotionlst speech of Miss Lind-af-  Hageby, the modern Portia who haa  been conducting her own case in an  action for alleged libel contained in  two articles published in the Pall  Mall Gazette, has aroused widespread  interest. Mr. Justice Bucknlll, who  ass, was ivana in his  forensic  skill  of this  is trying ths  praise of the  letdy.  i5T      .".?=.������  > ���������*>***!  a. very clear statetns:  a very fine speech, he said, turning  to the Jury, when Miss Lind-af-Hage-  by had concluded, and lt was remarkable that after she had spoken 71,-  250 words at the rate of 7,500 an hour,  her voice appeared as full and clear  at the end of her speech as it was  when she commenced her address.  r*m*t.  m&  Long Wearing  GLOVES  If you are looking for a pair of  gloves that are as tough as a Mexican  Snake whip and that will give you  full satisfaction or a .new pair freo  ask your dealer for  H.B.M. Pinto Shell Cloves  These aire the best wearing gloves  ever turnedout from a factory. Send  for Interesting story "The Pinto's  Sl-jell".  SHJ3-SGN SAY KNITISKG ���������������.  ,   Canada's Expert dove owl HIU Makers.  MONTREAL.  It Didn't Work  Two young women   ������toofi   at  'tram' Junction*-1-" .���������?���������'���������-' ��������� ���������        ���������  ���������  They're all crow(Le&, "Ulle, we'd  better walk, said one.  You -walk If yon -want to, but I'm  going to ride, and I bet you Til get  a aeat, too, bumptiously retorted Millie.?-??'- .������������������:'���������* ���������.-.?..-.?-���������.���������:���������'  The stronger,wi3l prevailed and the  two boardetS / the raaxfc car that came  along. Of course, it was crowded  Just as Had been the previous ones.  Since ���������ad-onel'?;o_!������re4':'ia'''B^t?''teY*hie'  women, the younger ot the two mischievously whispered:  Thought you said you'd, get a *eat,  Millie?       -.-���������    ,.?���������:?. ���������  You wait, replied the other; then,  going up to a sedate-looking gentleman, she exclaimed: **".���������,.'���������.���������'  My dear Mr. Green, how ���������delisted  I am to meet you again! Yon are almost a stranger. Will I accept your  seat? Well, I do feel tired, I admit.  Thsejj^you so much.        ...  The man rose?  Sit down, Jane, my girl, said ha,  pointing to the vacant seat. I ���������Sont  often see you out on a washing-day.  You must feel tired, I'm sura,  your mistress?  How'a  Apart from her wonderful fluency  and splendid knowledge of the English  language (Miss Lind-af-Hageby Is a  Swede), she created a remarkable impression during the many houra she  held the Court's rapt attention. With  woman's instinctive genius for dressing the part, she wore a scarlet gown-  like garment, and toyed all the while"  she was speaking with a monocle attached to a short stick. Who shall  say that women are not fitted to practise at the English Bar after this?  Mrs. Pankhurst, who at the time  Mlsa Llnd-af-Hagehy was making her  speech, wa3 defending herself against  the charge of conspiring to blow up  houses with bombs, also displayed exceptional powers of cross-examination,  although at times she seemed to betray a curious ignorance of ordinary  affairs. For example, a carter at  Walton, where ona outrage took place  spoke of hearing a motor drive past  his cottage at 4.30 a.m. Mrs. Pankhurst cross-examined him severely.  What were you doing getting up at  such an hour? His reply that (in  common with the greater part of thej  rural population) he began .work at-  five seemed to astound her.  Regarding the tate Concerts which  King George and Queen Mary contemplate reviving, it might he mentioned  that many complaints hav_ been  made In the past about the overcrowding at these functions. The official list  of guests has so considerably Increased that lt has been necessary for the  Lord Chamberlain to invite a much  larger number that can be comfortably  accommodated. During Queen Victoria's reign the number was limited  to two thousand. Everybody who has  been in. office or who is in office gets  an invitation to a State ceremonial  as a matter or* course, and there are  a great number of? other personages  who are on the permanent list.  THE BEST MEDICINE  I HAVE EVER USED  If Bad Water  Causes Dia_xli������'sa  XJse Some *Nerdlnie*  PROMPT   RELIEF   JS   INSTANTLY  ASSURED AND'THOUSANDS USE  r\IE"**3*.SfiQ   BfrB���������   ^VfcS   mm, a,0x    B. 0x0*0*,. IM^  ..m.,. ������ ihnib wit    1 ms ri.ww*"*. ������;.  "The best medicine 1 have ever  used" is what thousands oS mothers  say of Baby's Own Tablets. Once a  mother has used the Tablets for her  little ones she will use no other medicine and never falls to recommend  them to her friends. Concerning  them Mrs. John Thompson, Coutts,  Alta., says: "r- have given Baby's  Own Tablets to my baby for constipation and think them the best medicine  I have ever used. Please send me  two more boxes as I would not care  to be without them." The Tablets  are sold by medicine dealers or by  mail at 25 cents a box from The Dr.  Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle,  Ont.  A Traveler's Experience Reiatod  The experience of Mr. Norman P.  Hendricks la not an unusual one.  Writing from Prlnc-s Albert, he says:  "My business calls me from oho place  to another, and. I am frequently up  OCfo1ner>   -rmm,   Vr.*   ������������������,m*mm   pa^VtnM   f.9   4-V.4V  Canadian North-West. In so many  places tho water disagrees with me,  and I used to be kept very miserable  on that account, An old settler told  me one day that nothing is so useful  to newcomers as Nerviline, and he  explained to me how valuable it proved to him under similar circumstances  twenty-five years -ago. You would  hardly, believe how happy and comfortable my trips are since I learned  of Nerviline. I look upon 'Nerviline'  as my trusty friend, and give it a place  of honor in my hand bag. In fact I  wouldn't think of being without it in  a country like this. It cures any little stomach trouble or digestive disturbances and relieves a cramp in ien  seconds. To cure Neuralgia, Earache, Toothache, or pain in your muscles like Rheumatism, you simply  can't beat Nerviline."  To cure little ills before they grow  T>*lf>   *���������,���������*#���������������/I    #���������**    m*Ss***%���������**'*.    ���������*J*JS**.-y\    nAhat3     -ttn    *nQ*!Ti d  of the whole family get^Nervlllne today. Family size, 50c; trial size,  25o?; at all storekeepers, and druggist������, or The Catarrhozone Co., Buffalo, N.Y.  .Chemist   (to   crushed   assistant)���������1^^*S:J^^?W_?__  |J-^-^__3-_i  ti;ti 4?���������'ti���������'. '?':"'������> a...-'   ������������������'���������-;,���������_i  '5^.^?KAR.NUrJ'5..BiJOqY.;\ppc1iADD'l.ESr.t;'  -TTJ -ti-^-Y'TfTCT"5YTP?WECl>Td-^'A:crsr^ir  .'_. "^Y'^MILIT.'VR.V/tpUlPMEflfS^ET'cr'-V:"''.''"?'  Lih��������� ??':HA^.]L'foi:'V '-.'O-Nf*.'..'?     'titi  wnpm>s_-_M_---rTrriTrirrrir  THE   WORLD'S   BE8T   POLISH  Apropos of the statement in the  London Press that a good waitress  has exceptional opportunities of marrying well, Mr. John Pearce, who  caters for the million in the Metropolis, tells an Interesting story. He says:  I was recently -at one of our large  London terminals when I Was arrested  by a voice calling 'Mr. Pearce,' and  turning round, I was confronted by a  lady tastefully and fashionably dressed in fura who was Just alighting  from her carriage. I could not recall her, whereupon she informed me  that she was once a waitress In one  of my depots���������a fact which she seemed to recall with pleasure and did not  wish to conceal.  The coming destruction of the  Cafe Anglais in Paris Is awakening  many recollections amongst the older Londoners who used to visit Paris  a dozen times a year. Forty years  ago the restaurant was famous for its  food and frequenters, who included  nearly ever/ celebrity In Europe? It  was then* King Edward's favorite restaurant in Paris, always faultlessly  conducted although strongly dashed  wiih Bohemianism. All that was best  in the social and artistic world was  to be found there. It was one of the  few restaurants which kept open  through tho selge and there was also  ground for belief In the story that it  never remembered afterwards to reduce Its prices.  why, when I was eighteen I managed  my boss's shop by myself, and I took  oyer thirty-six pounds a.week; I also  had a business-of my own at twenty-  one. Assistant���������That would naturally follow. But didn't he miss the  money?  I cured a horse <���������.-* the Mange with  MINARD'S   LINIMENT.  CHRISTOPHER SAUNDERS.  Dalhousie.  I cured a horse, badly torn by a  pitch fork, with MINARD'S LINIMENT "4  EDW.  LINLIEF.  St. Peter's, C.B.  I cured a horse of a bad swelling  by MINARD'S LINIMENT.  THOS.   W.   PAYNE.  Bathurst, N,B.  Unsatisfactory Imagination  Perkins was feeling decidedly  queer; he couldn't get on with hie  work he couldn't 6o anything. So he  decided to pay a visit to "the doctor.  I don't fe.l up to the mark at all,  he eald to the man of medicine. Can  you give me a?good tonic?  With pursed lips the doctor surveyed him for a moment or two, and  rising from his chair, remarked:  Has it' ever occurred to you that  there's a great deal in imagination,  Mr.  Perkins?  Certainly, doctor/answered Perkins.?'    .  Then go out of this surgery and imagine that there's nothing the matter  with you. Come back in a week  and let me know how you feel!  The patient went, doctored himself,  and returned to th.' physician at the  appointed  time.  Ah, ah, said the doctor. You are  feeling better now, I can see. Did not  I tell. you there was a great deal in  imagination?  That's true, sa'.d Perkins. What is  your charge?  One guinea, said the doctor.  Well, imagine you've got It, sail  Perkins.  r. W _^"rv ;:7fcl#%MM  / j;ffT"liv..-'..'*s--': >&,������.-���������������  ���������>/���������' Ktiytiti^mm  ���������^ ti^tititi-:.ytititismm  titi: Y-'YYY@MI  ���������m  ti:tim  It Was  "���������There was an explosion in a powder mill, and the proprietor, who was  away on a pleasure trip, hurried home  to mako an Investigation.  How in the world did it happen? he  asked the foreman of the mill as.he  viewed the wreck. Who was to  blame?  Well, you see, sir, replied the foreman, it was thi3 way. Bill went Into the mtxing-room, probably thinking  of something.else, and struck ������ mat������_  in mistake. :"  He���������  Struck a match, exclaimed the pro-  H  pfiags ease*   It covers the  w������tf_4 ���������w't.xm & layef of protective balm, kills aU poison  germs already la ihe wound, and  prevents other* entering.   Its rich  -caliog hethzi eszsscss. tbea bvti'H   H  upborn tfcs bottom, fresh tissue J   |  ant! in a ���������wonderfully short time   ~  the-wouad _ healed 1  2am Bui���������i popularity ts *Msed oa mot���������.  ImltetloDS never w������k cures.������ Bs curs nnd  get ths retf thing. "-_a-Buk" is printed  on every ���������tcket, oi the K������Buln#, R-i'Bsa  all ������thaw. Wo all draft*-���������to aad Btorea o*t  _=���������������_-! Co., Toronto. I  thought that was the last thing on  earth he'd do^  It was, sir, was the calffi rejoinder  of the foreman.. ���������  Sores Flee Before It.���������There are  many who have been afflicted with  sores and have driven them away  with Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil, which  acts like magic. All similarly troubled should lose no time in applying  this splendid remedy, as there is nothing like it to be had. It is cheap,  but its power is in no way expressed  by its low prices?  wMmmBMm  )  Whoever doubts that the newspapers have a mission Bhould enter  a trami'ar, and see how useful they  are to. the men when a stout lady  with a basket li looking around for  a seat.  Well, Mr .-..Skinflint, said the doctor.  It is my pleasant privilege to announcement to you that you are the  father of triplets. ���������'  Well���������say���������here, doctor, don't you  knock off something for a wholesale  order of that sort? asked Mr. Skinflint.  ^*-_IJ*(_a������QM  WATcttHROOP collars and cutfs  Something  better than  linen,   and  no  laundry    bills.   Wash with    Soap    and  Water.   All stores, or dlreot.    State style  ���������and  aize.   i*or   25c.   we  will  mall  you.  THE   ARLINGTON   CO.    OP   CANADA,  Limited  68  Frr-"-  Avenue.  Toronto,  Ontario  8o Much a Knot  Who Is tho best man usually at a  wedding?  The preacher���������*T-ie gets the profit  and takes no risk.  Did you ever go up in a balloon? Inquired Brooko. Accidentally, roplied  Lynn. I happened to bo in the basket, when tho ropes wero cut, and I  didn't havo time to jump ont. I suppose you woro angry? Yos, It did  mako mo soar.  It is not a new d^dge but the executor fraud trick, as It Is known has  lately been revived with considerable  success on both sides of the Atlantic,  and readers should bo on their guard  against It. The usual form of the  trlclc is to deliver an account more or  less out of elate, with a request for  immediate settlement, addressed to  the deceased, ln apparent Ignorance  of his or her death. A specially obnoxious form of the fraud is tho attempt which la made to blackmail a  widow in the name of a woman and  child professing to have a claim upon  a deceased husband.  Drives -Afithma Like Magic.���������The  Immediate help from Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy seems like  magic. Nevertheless it ls only a natural remedy usod in a natural way.  Tho smoke or vapor, reaching tho  most remote passage ot the affected  tubes, brusheB aside the trouble and  opens a way for fresh air to enter.  It Is sold by dealers throughout the  land.  State ot Ohio. City of Toledo.  Lucas County  Frank J. -uheney makes oath that ho is  ���������senior partner of the firm of P. J.  Chenev & Co., doing business in the oity  ot Toledo, County and State aforesaid,  and that said firm will'pay the sum of  ONE HUNDRED DOIiIjARS for each and  every case of Catarrh that cannot bo  cured by the use or Hall's Catarrh Cure.  FRANK J.   CHENEY.  Sworn to before me and subscribed In  ���������nvr presence, ir-.s Ctli day of December,  A.D.  1886.  ISoal.) A.  W.  QIjHSASON,  Notary Public.  Hall's. Catarrh Cure ls taken Internally,  and acts directly on tho blood and  mucous surfaces of the system. Send  Cor testi���������onlals free.  F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.  Sold by alt druggists.   7Cc.  Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.  A party of American tourists were  visiting tho ancient landmarks of England, and their guide . was supplying  them with valuable historical facts.  This tower, he expounded, goes back  to William .the Conqueror. Why,  what's the matter? asked one of the  party; isn't it satisfactory.  "ihe Penalty  Oh, papa, asked Gladys, who was  studying her spelling lesson, what Ib  penury?  The wages earned by my pen, replied her father, who was struggling  to win fame as a poet.  Undecided  He���������-Yes, it's vory hard bolng tho  sou oi! a self-mado millionaire.  She���������Why?  Ho���������-Woll, I enn't dccldo whether to  go Into bunlncan and llvo up- to tho  oiii limn't* tuputatioii, or _o lato society and llvo lt down.  ���������*(i"\\- '���������������������������'������������������    <^  60c. a box or "six I t������e������ for $2.80,1  At all dealer*, or The Dodds Mecll-1  Limiluu,       * uiuiliu, |  cino  Conipau/,  Secrets of Indian Fakirs  In tho presence ot representatives  ot tho press and cf members ot tho  medical profession, a troupe of Indian  Fakirs showed their mysterious powers at tho Pavilion Theatre recently.  Their oxporlmcnts may be unpleasant  but they are genuine, and thoy afford  no satisfactory explanation to tho ordinary man.   They attest to tho Invulnerability, of those wonderful pooplo. Who posnesn poworp "unknown to  Western mlndB, ana who guurd Iholr  soci'ota wltli jealous care.     First tho  lady pierced both cheeks with formidable hatpins.   When they woro withdrawn blood appeared on ono slilo of  tho chook and nono   on   tho   othor.  Thon ono gentleman thrust two similar pins right through, his larynx. Saudi perforated her tongue with pins, Soil mnn drove ft sword through IiIh abdomen, and SordHChl appcarod qulto j  cormforatblo whllo rucllnlng on a be-d  o������ broken glasii.  On the beautiful island of THnldnd,  chief source ot tho world's supply of  pltr-h, thn nrllclo ban boen put. to overy  pooslblo ubo by iho unlives. Formorly  tho streets of tho Fort ot Spain wero  llght-d by torches of pitch, but tho  . ,    ���������.���������!      .1    l~    41. r.     -..1^....        >T n I !, !,,.>,  lll-Ofi,!!   1J1.1JV,^%,W*4    ,w    i*.,m    v,..M.������������,     .. sf.......^  however was done to develop tho pitch  and oil Industry until recent years.  This liullfCoroiico to Us value has been  credited to t.ho fact that tho T r I til il ad-  inns had no many   other   resources,  , ...      I*     ,���������  I ,.*.,  ........ .-.���������**-.. .....In,.,,...  from vhb'h tn *���������**���������������In nn nbnnrlnnt iIv-  Mr. Brown had not a very good  opinion of landladies In'general until  the other day, when ho happened to  see his bestowing a kindsess on the  cat. Of course, he reasoned that  anyone who would be kind to dumb  animals would bo kind to human creatures, and ho hastened to commend  her actions. I'm glad to see that  you give all tho scraps to the cat,  Mrs.  Mlgga.  Oh, yOB, sir, sho replied. Wot I  acys, Mr. Brown, Is, bo kind to tho  cats and yer'll find lt saves yer 'art  tho washln'-up.  TORONTO W  WELL  A colored minstrel of Richmond,  Virginia, has invented a whistling  piano, the keyboard of which is arranged on a scalo somewhat different  from that ot an ordinary piano. It  is reported to be capable of whistling  tho most dl-cult notes and tho Inventor la confident that his doylco will  become vory popular with hlo own  race throuir'jout. tiio world.  Sho had accepted hlo offer to oscort  her homo ln tho rain. I have boon  wondering, ho remarked on tho way,  whot'her it ls on account of any urn-  brolla oi* my company that I am allowed to como with you? It Is nolth-  er, nht* roplied. lt Ib on. account of  my now hut.  Waiting Orders  Mm, -oodaole���������What does your  husband think of tho militant suft'ra-  elf-ts?  Mrs. Vlo.lc-Sonn���������He doesn't know  what ho thinks. I haven't told him  yet.  This  confinement,  nnld  the  prlHOn  - ��������� ������     II       .- ���������* ... ��������� ,.. * ,1 I,.I ������. 0. n 0t        ������������������**-������ it <T|������rt r*, ( \>%t  *  *t-M 1,14*4  | JJiiM-Ml' %i4**i*0S,  \0xm^. ^   *���������' <���������* ������./*,' *f     '  You, replied tho liu-.iovous convict, I  find the prison bars grating. Ah, life  to you Ih u fulluiJ. Yen, It's nothing  but a sell.  lnlifibltfint���������-The  'tin      0..1.I  follow   on  hImihI *>  top   Is  ~*m$\ h,^  lluiL Lh������-y woro content to U.-vt'JTum 1-1 111. who married Widow .sii-ontj  W, W. U. 080  Pitch Lulco   ulono.  control Its output.  Americana   now land the other's Joel .TcnUs, who Intro-  \diiccd hlm to her.  Freed From Bearing Down  Pains, Backache and Pain  in Side by Lydia E. Pinkham's Compound.  Toronto, Ont. -~"'Last October, I wrote  to you for advice as I was completely run  down, had bearing  down sensation in the  lower part of bowels, backache, and  pain in the side. I  also Buffered terribly  from gas. I took  Lydia B. Pinkham's  VogetableCo-ipound  and am now entirely  free from pain in  ��������� uuut and bowels and  ������������������ am stronger in every  way. I recommend LydiaE. Pinkham's  Compound highly to all expectant mothers. "���������Mrs. B. Wjindby, 92 Logan Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.  Con**!--. Woll This A-lvlco.  No womnn sinToring from any form of *  fomtilo troublfs phonld In** hopn until  sho lias Riven'Lydia B. Pinkhnm'B Vegetable Compound a fair trial.  This famous remedy, tho medicinal ingredients of which aro derived from nn-  tlvo roots and herbs, has for noarly forty  yearn proved to be a most valusblp tonic  nnd invlgorator of tho female organism.  Women ronldinff In almost every city  and town in the United States bear  wllHnin- i..-ilmiMw to tlio wonderful  virtue of Lydia R Plnkhiim's Vegetable  Compound.  Tf you Imvo tli- Hlit-rhlc.s'l ilouM  that JLydla K* -Mnliluim'f' VoK-tn-  lulo Co-111.0-111-1-will lu-Iii you, wrlto  ii*r ������f,it������ -j." TH.tiriwtTvi Mi-mI tot tin.-t'n.  (onnlUiontlal'i 1 jynn, Mn������H��������� for n������l-  v������������'������i. j-_om"5������iiit.<->r "tvtu iiwoin-.-n-.wi  ron<l ami anRwcrcd by a woman,  and bold Iu -trlct coiiMdou'c  Not  Readily  Explainable  The old sporting squire was giving  a dinner to his friends to mark his  farewell to the chase.  Being well known for his tales,  voices on all sides asked for his biggest achievement.  As was usual he demurred for a moment, but the expectant assembly persisted. - '  '  Well, said he, I remember taking  off the right ear and the hoof of one  of the hind feet of a deer with one  shot! '���������'-*-'���������'  Impossible, exclaimed . his guests  with a laugh.. How could you do such  a thing?  For a moment the old stmlre seemed to have forgotten himself, and ho  turned ln his chair to his old butler  John, to whom he always appealed  ln cases of emergency .-  John, do you remember how I did  it?  There was a moment's pause.  Oh, yes 3lr, said John, perfectly  well. Don't you remember the deer  was scratching its ear with itB hind  foot when you fired.  PILES CURED IN 6 TO 14 DAYS  Vour uruffRlst will refund money If PAZO  OINTMENT falls to cure any case of Itoh-  ln_. Blind,  Blee.din_ or Protrudlne Piles  in 6 to 14 days;    50o.  A Quick Solution  Angrily, moodily, Jack Jenkins, sign  writer, surveyed the exterior of Nicholas Petroff Scavavoliski's new drapery  emporium. There could be no doubt  that Jeiiklns was greatly perturbed  over something.. Presently his rage  broke all bounds.  The mean, hook-nosed, price-cutting  vlllianl he yelled. If he doesn't pay  me I'll���������I'll smash every window ln  his shop.  What's the throuble, matey, asked  a passing Irishman.  Trouble! answered poor Jenkins,  trembling with rage. It's tho,*; vllllan  Inside the shop that's troubling me.  I've stood on this ladder painting his  name for a wook past, ln all weathers.  Four chills have I caught, and ought  to bo In bed now with Influenza, and  yet tho wicked scamp won't pay me,  Begorra, said Pat, docs tho thafe  expect ye to.vork for nothing? And  ho walked to tho door and ominously  surveyed the Interior.  It looks llko it! snarled Jenkins.  Thon don't yo do it, crlod the Irishman. Let me hould, tho ladder and  yo tako my knife aiid scrape his namo  off again..  See bow one-hall bot-  [tie o* Kendall'a Sparta  Cure earned him $50.  The other hall olths  bottla   n������r   earn liim  even more.   Many men  make   ������.   business   ol  buying lame horses and '  curing litem tip nrltU Ken- 1  <__ s.   Then the 1 Kit at j  a bis profit.  How (bat���������yottrlieife*-*   Why not get a bottle ol  SnavEn Gut9������  and tie mdt-t* core cases of Curb. Spavin, Splint,  aiagboae,    Ssajr   Growths cr ���������  lameness    irom     bruteee /^ ������������������������������������^_     74  or   other   cameif     Thousands d9 other Farmers erode-i  Ine It���������have been doing It for  over 35 year*.    It's the old, I  tale, remedy you can depend  on.   Get a bottle at once and  seehowmnch It wilt save or  , miOte for von.   At drum  , Bii:*(laVotilet6for$\  Atlc your   druzs<tt for  book, "Treatise on tha  '" or write to  -B.B-.-KHDAU.  "COMPANY  EoMfeura* PsStmm  V'  Um ftgD Kf-ITB TO HQTHER Ml -H.UL  Uks,*Wimbx.ow'*i Soothw- Sy_up has beea  as������d for over SIXTY YBA.R3 by MIW.IONS of  MOTHSKS for their CKII,DREN WSII^  ���������CBETHXWO. with PBKFECT SUCCESS. It  BOOTHEB tUe CHILD, SOFTENS the GUMS.  AI,I,-Y_ all PAIN; CURES WIND COLIC, and  is the best remedy for DIARRHCEA. It is ab-  ss-ttely barmles- Se sure and aulc for ''Mrs.  Wiaslow"** Soothing Syrup," and take ao other  kind.  Twenty-five cents a bottle.  The Soul of a   Piano  is the  Action.   Insist on the  "OTTO   HIGEL"  Piano Action  FEMALE HELP WANTED  LADIES WANTED���������To do work at  home; decorating cushion tops; can  make from $3 to $5 per day; pleasant  work. Armour Art Co., Dopt. N. 43  Steele Blk., Winnipeg.  Next  Little Billy could not got to sleep  ono night, and bo after telling his  father, his father told him to count.  one hundred, aud lt he was not asleep  at.tho tlmo that he had finished, ta  count anothor hundred.  A little time after, Billy's father was  walking along the landing, when ho  hoard Billy call out: Father, whnt  comoB after billions?  Stories of dead mon'u ghosts are  common enough, but tho shade of Mr.  T. P. O'Connor ls probably unlauo,  Inasmuch as It has been seen whilst  tho man himself Is, happily, still in  tho land of tho living. Twenty years  ago 4T.r.' wan called cuddcnly to  Ireland to his dying mother. At the  time when lio was crossing St.  Goorgo's Channol bis apparition was  seen by Mr. Swift MacNclll and othors  occupying his usual placo ln tho  House.  Kent Is feeling the effect oC tho emigrations to Canada, and one correspondent gooB so far as to say that in  some villages a young man Is comparatively, a rarity. Hop-growero aro  paying noarly twlco as much as was  the case last year to encourage skilled  men to remain ln thoir sorvlco and  aro kooplng them through tho .vet  weather for fear tlioy may not return.  Mexican Pulque  Pulque Is said lo*bo the causo ot  uvui* half u������ thu trouble In Mexico.  Pulqiio ls something lllco flvo cont  Amorlnuu bluo-harrel whisky with  (lutings IroiiPtl In lt. y  When  a  man  says  apologetically:  I have just one word wiih you  In private, sir? you may bo sure that  ono word Is money'  IM n ir   '0   f  The Premier Lodge of Buffaloes at  Colchester hns presented a sliver collar and jewel to Plo Shop, a dog who  has collected n considerable amount]  of money In tho cuuso ot ch .rlty. Thoj  jewel lo Inscribed: For Plo Shop  being .mien a HiloKni*. '.Minnie i.uh  Lord ami pralso tlio vlcur, who Ih tho  OWIl':"'   of   tho ilt)������".  n  I j-mrKi- wont- use jj  __������������������____   i^^^a., m*t     __nmi      #m_ ___*__.  |33? Ei^-������������������������% SF^  It will clrnn your liiinrlntlinroiiittih'anil nttli-V  ly nojii:iUi-rlicnvi.iilleil tin*)  Mere Tcmpori-iry  Jowolei���������Thnt, ring l������ only plated,  sir���������hanUy  btiuiii-o   ior   an    cngugo<  'It.'.li, '    '"I-I- ....     4.1  (hmlniuei ���������Oh, well, 1  guess It wIll'iB***  I hist an long as tho oiiEngemont will. | la*  t *- [a ���������"*rt*.*.****,n  i'i*y  Uii"tuul lcivft them miwioUi  iui'1 ii.il't. InU, iLiliit, oil or  grcasf italiti, on'tliPi'conm  " ui.   tr        f  ,   .. .-     'm.    , . ,.  Snv*. (!l������ riuiMin.  mtt.$ Cintp-it/ UmilBi. Mintrtnl  Ui.i it \v, i������,W i*������������������������'���������**������! I iNhUMihmh 11 Hi   -- MPWIWI.   llll  ������I||II'||>|IIWII������|||||||^^  iiiiiiiii������iMiii-i������iiiiiin,iiiiiiniiiiiii_ii)i���������<__iiiwmmiw������������������_iii-i������ii-Wi_���������___wtaasti jrgagsaqBaj^aa������BMjaaaaBa8,j,riiiumhiim i, i, i.  ,^BaS8as3^^a^^^CT������gWBsg~rTT]riT?T^gg  ffB������   CBESTON    BEVH-W,    CRESTOK,    B.C/  *5gBS-3g^g^SS^--.>ra^^  Comprising S25 Acres GRAND FORKS, B. C.  PBesms -$kPPB*.������ ^IR/EiTS ^pserrles  GUARANTEED HOS^E CROWP1  Cellared���������Roots in earth, uo danger of winter killing  "We can hold your trade."  Esia-Hsfred !0OO by the HOW. RS&RTBfc BURREi-L  Minister of Agriculture  ALL STOCK DELIVERED TO YOUR RANCH AT CATALOGUE PRICES  [ For Catalogue and Price list, write to���������  WALTER V. JACKSON, Agent, Creston, B. C.  trrr ->irt*-T-i.f-iT- -  ���������������������������������      ���������  '  ���������"���������������������������������  ���������_-S2i^^*&5a._i^-i^  S^S-i*  ~������0rtt tiyts.2:  NBI/'OST LAND DISTRICT  DISTRICT OF WEST KCOTENY  TA^E   n< fcW ihat E.   T.    Opie of     I  Wardner, B. 0 occupation-' mechanist,  iutends to apply for permission  to purchase the following described lauds :-  i    Commencing at a post planted on the  oast bauk of Goat River 80 chaius north  j ef ihe north west corner of Sublot 13 of  M  Lot 4502, Group 1, theuce east 20 chains,  K j "  .  PI   theuce north 80 chain*,  thence west 80  chaiues, uioie or less to the east bank ol  Gout River, thevce southerly along stud  eas,t bank of   Goat  Rivor the point of  commoucenicnt,    contaiuing   160 aores  more or Uss.  Edward T  Opie.  Wm. Arrowsmith,  H   Datt- 22 April, 1913. Agont  fc***5.  n  EC  ___5K-___S___a  Use a Blue Flame, Oil Cook stove for the Hot Weather and keepjyour kitchen  cool.     It is more ecouimical than wood or coal. , ...  We guarantee them and give you a-trial with one and  will  refund your  money if you are uot satisfied.     Call and inspect our stock. ' ' "���������  \mmWm     MPDCHAKT   "     x&* ���������*��������� * *��������� *-4 m vV ��������������� Ji x _i   i   ������  NKL80N L A1S1D DISTRICT  Dl 3 L'RICT OF WEST .KOOTBNY  TAKE notico ib'>t:  >v: J. Wilihviut* c  "Y-1*-!*!!. B. C o-cup'ttion gotiIh'tuaii , in  ri:d>* to tipply  for  permission  to  pur  I'h-isu ihe followiug described hinds.-~  Commencing nt u  post planted on the  -.���������st bank  of Goat llivor   whero*inter-  ..-      ) \^mm       "-I,   ...       _.   n������,4>   I, J-,,-,*.-,,,        ������,-,., .������ .^ **"       C,    1,1    -J.  Vi of Lot 4592, Group 1, thence east 20  ���������hains, theuce' north S > chains, thdnce  vest 20 chaius, more or less, to the east  -���������auk of Goat Rivor, thence southerly a-  iiiug said east bauk of: Goat River to tbe  joint of commencement, containing 16o  cros more or U>ss.  William J   Williams.  Wui. Arrowsniith,  Ortit* ���������������}   April, 1:1!'- Agent.  Buy for Cash and receive your FIVE ji ������������������cent discount at our Store  M-MMiffl-iiii *i i' i'ii i ;i iii ,ii iiiiiiiin mmmwmxm:'#*r������smim!3saBgE2S'  CATliOLlO CHURCH  .Sunday School every Sunday at 2:30  i  Graceful and Inexpensive   Summer   Stvi*  June uooi  There's a variety of Summer designs in this number of \  Good Dressing which will  please   every   one:   a udwe f  offer an array of dainty Summer materials   which  will j  surely satisfy both the taste and the pocket-book. With. 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M -TUODIST CH UftCH  Beginning the  first Sunday in May  Junior Congregation aud Bible   Class  11 A. M.  Public W orshtp, 7 :30 P. M.  Como and help us to help you.  Fred L. Carpenter  Pastor  PRESBYTER i AN    CHURCH  Service every Sunday at 11 a. in.  and 7:30 p. m.  Sabbath School at 2:30 p. m.  Adults Biblo Class meets every Thursday evening.  ULCERS,   BOILS,   SWOLLEN   GLANDS^  BLOTCHES, |  PIMPLES, AND ALL SKIN AND BLOOD DISEASES      I  ARE  COMPLETELY  COINED  BY THE  NEW METHOD TREATMENT  i  W. G. B_AKE  MimsLer  ~We carry a full line of shoes including Chippewa logging shoes.-The cash  -���������tore.  AVe desire to call the attention of all those  au'iiete-  with atiySlou! or SIds Uisssie to  !  our Now Method Treatment as a guaranteed  cure for these complaints.   There ls no excuse for any person having a dislteured race  from  eruptions and   "blotches.   ������o matter  whether hereditary or acquired, our Bpeciflo  remedies and treatment neutralize all poisons in the blood and expel them from the  Bystem.   Our vast experience ia the treatment of thousands of the most serioua and  complicated cases enables us to perfect a  cure without experimenting. We do business  on the plan���������Pay Only for the Benefit Yon  Delve.   I������ you have any blood disease, consult us Free of Charg������ and let us prove to  ���������ypu how quickly our remedies will remove  nltevidences of disease.    Under the influence  of tho New Method TseaSsasa* the akin becomes clear, ulcers, pimples and  blotches  heal up, enlarged glands are reduced, fallen  out hair grows tn again, the eyes become  bright, ambition and energy return, and the  victim realizes a new life has opened up to  him.  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C occupation agent intends  to apply for permission to purch'Ue  the following described lauds:���������  Commencing at a post planted on the  east hank of GoatRiver 400 chaius north  west cornsi* of Sublob 13 of Lot 4592  Group 1, thence east 20, chaius, thence  north 80 chainB, thence west 20 chains,  more or less, to the east bauk of Gont  River, theuccl/southerly nlong said bnuk  Cor. Michigan Ave, and Griswold St,   Detroit, Mich*  ������- -"-"iP S If* _?       All letters from Canada must be addressed  to our Canadian Correspondence- Depart- ^  ^^      _  ment in Windsor, Ont.   If you desire to H  see ns personally call at our medical Institute in Detroit as we see iand treat S  no patients in our Windsor offices -which are for Correspondence and  Laboratory for Canadian business oniy.   Address ail letters as. folio was  D!*S. KENNEDY & KENNEDY, Windsor, OaS.  ofGoafc River to the point of connneuce-  TA.KE notice that Louia M. \ ouug of | ineu(:> ooutftijliug 1G0 acres more ol. le6S.  CrestonB.C.occupation Mirried Woman  intends to npply for permission to pur-  ohase -.thefollowing described lauds ;-  Oomineiioing at a post planted on the  east hank of Gout River 240 ohnins north  of the north west corner of Sublot IS of,  Lot 4502, Group 1. thonco oast 20 chaius,  thonco north 80. chaius, iho-r-o v-pe' 20  iihfiin-t. more or lohs, to tho out-it hunk ot  Goat Rivor,Ihenoe southerly along said  oast hank of Goat Rivor to tho point of  commencement,   containing  1(10   aores  moro or Iobsv  Louio May Youiitf,  Wm. AiTOwmiiith,  Dato 23 April, 1910. A(j;onfc  Wall  Paper  Complete New .Stock Just Arrived  ^(JalHOiiiiliiiiK I'uiiiMiiK, 1 *^t|>i-t-l-tiiik<"Mr: ��������� ai'r:ii������i' nml Si^'n |)iiiiil,in^,  Let mo Kiv������������ you iiihi'"' uml f-'t it mil i-i on ymw \vuH-. A II wmk ������ii;ir.  atitced to uivi- iiiilihluiLioii.  ���������  e  vShop on Sirdar Ave., next tn JvloCreiiIll's I/ivi>r\'  YOU WILL SAVE MOHBY OYCti MNU Mr ts I IIVIATbS  NELSON LAND D1STI.U0T  DISTRIOT OV WEST KOOTENAY  TAlCIiJ n.iMon that .TiinirH T. HmrgOHn  of Kltohonnr, B. O. occnpalion ngont,  IntondH to apply for por iiuhhIhu to pur-  clui'io llii: followinK lantlri:-  ComnHMioiii'.'    at    a  post,  pl'intml on  tho oarit bank of Goat Rlvor J00 ohaiiin  north of tho northwest cor nor of Bublot  lllof Lot -150*3,   Group 1, Ihfiitit!  ouhI 20  I ohninc, thonoi* north   R0  chuiiih, thonco  I wont, ������J0 ohaliiH,  inot'o or 1 >sm, in il,(. oast  j bunk of (j nnt Rivor, 'honco h nillmrly n-  :ion*������ Hiiiil ohhI. hiink of tiiint kivi-f to tho  jioint of ooiniiioiiooniont. i-oiititiiiiu'' KiO  .Inmnii Tlitmiiiti Unr^fiin,  Win. ���������\iTo\vHiiiilh  Dnto22 April, UMU. Aj-iiiit.  Arthur Okell  Wn>. Arro.VBmith,  Date 22 April, 1913. Agent  PERT  PARAGRAPHS.  It !s n poor outlook for n hnppy  homo when tho liour snek is empty  and tho last bnldn_ of bread burnt to  u crisp blackness.  Learning by experience Ib very often  both expensive und uiisntlsl'uctoiy.  Getting money enough to do ns you  plonso Is a big order, nnd you should  havo started your grandfather on tbo  Job about sovonty-llvo yeai- n**o.  When n mnn marries nn nngol ho  nhould not complain If he llnds himself  expected to llvo iu a rare hud almos-  phoi'u.  Tho mnn who Is too lazy to worlc  ought to bo elected ns perpetual vlco  president of tho talco-lt-easy society.  It 1b bettor to hnvo no roputntlon nt  all thuu to huvo ono tlmt you can't  loso.  Tho man who nlwnys gives his word  to his friend!*! Is generally antlly anr-  pi'Isod whon they couio nioiiiid snylng  that ha doesn't let-op tt.  Tho mnn who sponds his onorglrs in  seeing that tho othor lei low doesn't  cheat him will noon llnd tho otlier foi.  low so far abend  that there'll  uo uo  A thing that uin!;os a Sot of talk 1s  lllcoly to provo n good cover undor  which somebody mny ullp somethliiR  tcros-  tjt    COIirHM    yilll II     lilt     UUVIT4.1IIV     Villi  clsed. Tho only remedy tn n cortnlii  denfnoaa that you mny usu nt dlsur*-  uon.     ...-.-���������   ,���������...  Get that ieaky  boiler fixed  TINSniTHlNO.PLUrViBINa and PIPE FITTING  *���������__-->-_--_���������  Guns, bicycles, phonographs, spray pumps, sewing  machines and cream separators promptly and efficiently repaired.  KtrzmiemuKJUB'vm  Expert en _aso!iRe Engi-OS  ���������_-_fQM������SB-BCZZ-i:  !{epair   Shop   behind Creston  Hardware and Furniture Store  Entrance on  Victoria Avenue  lol��������� B_S-������ _������BolOrwG  f.v.mrwim.'nnrmr  mnm'WJ-miM i<miww'ir*������-w"*������ **������m*im*****m**sm*<mm*asr*mm  ���������aiet  !.!1!;*MJM  iiimiiwwiii  ���������%  Mir*     JUSStm   .(--B.  ^^.(iirwyi'/ >������f  ^___M"''  BittingHof the Provincial Tinlinnv Ooni-  niipHion will bo held on fnllowH:-  liVrnie-Tbin'Mlay, duno 1-Ui, h p. in.  Miohol-Saliudi y, runoMl.h, 11 p.'in-  Crouton��������� M unluy, Juno loth, H p. in.  Knt'lo -Wi dnci'iluy, .liuio IHth, "J p.m.  Noli-'on- Tliurs-.liiy, Jtinn 10th, 1 j>, in  'J'ho Uii.iiniiriHion in  t'liipoworotl to in-  iinirn jnlii nil  in i<������I I've    1 (V< >(���������< fino- On. r-nn.  I  ditK.UH (it htlioiir In 1'iUYli Coliimhiii  All poiHuim iiilfioHlcd mo iiivitod to at,  irnl a nil givo i-\ idonoi'.  11.(1    I'lll-KOIl,  Oliairuuiii  | F. 15. Mi'Nniiiuni,  Hoorotnry.  Gottiny into the Home  Woman buy moro than  two-thirds tho morchan-  dio_ aold In retail stores  and ovory woman reads  tho Claoolflod Want Ado.  Our papor roos Into tho  |!  V^tt 0. 0. 4-*xt 0.       1T\ r. r. 4- 0. mm ��������� mm      Mmm.     %*m.~  mm, H. m. m. m x x-mm      m-^.*m-xs %.\0* *mn       Jlv-������     i 1 Av. x m  r  PhOfllltllOIMii rniiiiiDM ovi-ry tiiuvo la thn boriy j  in tl',i |irop������r trnnli-in : nvitiirp.s  vim and vitiillly,   I'roniiiiuru dm iiy ond nil rextinl,'  .   Wl-lVliC-;*!    avt'tlr.l   ;.'  0IU^.      fllvlrltt,>lj,mo2   v,m,  my'r'O !ftak'V(i,\* B, "ftW n"1":, I'rlce Jilm liii-t. or two for*  HH  KMH  immmm  mmmimmmmmmimmm  *MMiim*m*m.������Um  ���������n  S������������������oiite  w_U_|  'm-.m.W.m   :'llll?'l inVininii ..n.iwi ill


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