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Creston Review May 30, 1913

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 . ��������� t A. \X'- v  ������aa__���������-_____������������������_______  I  J ALL THE NEWSj  j of the CRESTON j  L  ���������^ ������ 4% nr* T* ������ ^. m.  ���������   ni_i  UIJIJ  a/2 /}  /^     j*X      ' ^m.     . ml/  ���������*���������   A^**"  All Roads Io East and West Kootenay SL-ead t������ Creston  !i\j   VS.   r������ \/  ������t JT  J-QAf    - inn    <AX  ' '->   4   *J  NT TO ANY  9   ADDRESS   FbSt  I    $2.00 A   VEAtt  No. 25, 5th  .������,isnuiiiig'ivivbi-i i  CRESTON, B.C,   FRIDAY.   MAY.  30 1913.  SlNGtK Copiks sc������  ���������fi-Till  If _sS1 ������___=���������!  8 1  H und reds    Enjoy   Big    Round  Of  New Stump  Burning Method  Prizes Won  "To "number the noses" of the i_Q.__ei_se crowds of Creston citizens and friends from Bonners Ferry, Copeland, Port  Hill and other surrouding towns who enjoyed the perfect  weather of Victoria day is a task for much mathematical skill,  but the special train from Bonners Ferry was crowded and it  *  was estimated that nearly 300 people from the boundary  towns arrived in Creston on Saturday last to attend the grand  celebration given here. Hardly a family in Creston had an  indoor representative for half the time on this record holiday.  Creston celebrated Victoria day in royal manner, every  entertainment jenoyed by the crowds being enhanced by ra-  dient sunshine. From before 7 a. m., until long after mid  night the gleeful mood of the general holiday prevaded the  whole valley and surroudings. Better tempered merry makers  than Creston citizens are hard to discouver,  Immence enthusiasm characterized the sporting throngs  allthroug-Tthe day. Morning saw the childrens sports, and  in the afternoon with a huge array of spectators the majority  ofthe sports were carried?pii. ^he base ball game between  Bonners F_1fiiy and Creston was a good game all around although the local sports lost out. The score being 23 to 3 in-  favor of Bonners Ferrv.  fin the evening a? grand ball was held in the mercantile  hall with music furnished by the Bonners Ferry band, and  it'was in the early hours of the morning before the crowd re=  luctantly allowed the music to cease to wend their way homeward. The Creston people wish to thank their cousins across  the line for their general patronage during the day, and also  Mx. J.C. Rykert our genial custom officer atRykerts B.C.  for his/liberal donation [#20 and a flag,] and hope to be able  to retnrn the same favors to them at an early date.  The following is a. partial list of the prize winners.  Horse Races; % mile dash, 1st Bay le,  2nd Spiers,     yi  mile dash, 1st Biyle, 2nd Spiers.   Pony race, 1st Pease, 2nd  Bains.    Ball Game; Bonners Ferry  23,  Creston  3.     Pole  Vault; Tie between Brechen and Campbell,   Standing broad  jump, J. Brechen, Cranbrook, 1st, O. Arrowsmith 2nd. Run.  ning Broad jump, Brechen 1st, R. R. Beecher 2nd.      Hop,  Step and Jump, E. De Wolfe, Bonners Ferry, 1st, J. Brechen  2nd.    Indian Pony Race, Andy 1st,  John  2nd.     Free for  all horse race, G. Bayle 1st, Indian Loui and.   Squaw Race  Fanny 1st, Annie 2nd.    Buck Race, Andy 1st, Annias  2nd.  100 yard dash, J. Brechen 1st, Gideon Broderick  2nd.     220  yard dash, J. Brechen 1st, Gideon Broderick 2nd.    Standing  high jump, J. Brechen, is!, O. Arrowsmith   and.     Rumiing  high jump, J. Brechen, iBt, and E. DeWolf, 2nd.  A ranoher at Bonners Wetry isihBor-  . ���������;   ��������� '    '���������'.-'..-������������������-..- ?���������  iginator of a new scheme for clearing  logged off lands whioh, he claims enables  one man to get -rid of from 15 to 2(i  stamps a day. Mr. Kindsohuh the in-  vent ir has tried nearly all methods advanced for the .pulling of stumps and  claims that he has .now found the most  practical-thing known to the owners os  logged off lauds.  Mr. Kiudsobuh. burns his stamps with  the aid of a draft flue four feet to six  feet long, the longer the better on account of the increased draft. The flue is  actached to a two inch anger hole which  is bored on a slant of about 45' degrees  through the highest roots of the stump  If possible the auger hole is bored so  as tocorae out at the lower ead between  two parting roota. A iure is built of the;  auger shavings about; four inches below  the opening cf the opening of the auger  hole and the names are drawn throngh  the heart ol the stnmp by the fine. Mr.  Kindschuh claims that ordinary sized  stumps will burn off clean through this  method in 36 hours without any attention while is some times requires a week  to burn a stnmp by the char pit method  It is also claimed that this method will  ourn off the roots deep enough to allow  a plough to go o ver them.  fruit industry. Several hundred feet Oi  film.will be taken each two weeks, and  ac ihe end of the season a number of  salesmen with tm officiant lecturer will  ?be sent thru the prairie provinces, to  Great Britian and possibly to Sweden  5 Mr. Mackenzie asks us tc state that his  -rm is on the lookout for good property  ���������f any kind around Oreston, those having any thing to sell would do well to  get in touch with him at once asking  that he send a listing form. Where the  seller desires he will take a hundred feet  * ���������. ��������� >  ot moving piotnre film of the property,  charging the actual cost of production  only.  Owing to the non arrival of our paper  this week we were obliged to put out  only the four pages, we hope however  to continue with the fnll eight pages  again nest week.  fall ft HS   AnrPM    >'r"<ft  UUm9i\ feS-EXR N.Wb  The Dnok Greek Social Club's picnic  W���������I ��������� liTtsro cno.'.oao   flmn, gO ������������������onrOo moyg  -���������^- '"     "���������*    **^*** **^*t*^y mm    v������������vv^h4p.f     m^r   m  m^^     ^^ v     gm^f^rgmm^r    mm mf+ w  ____"*_ w  _s?__v*_*i_^tfa  uml mm  ���������FOB SAIiB���������Twenty acres of first  class fruit land. New four room, cottage on place, all slashed and burned, 2  acres stumped, water right for both  domestio and irrigation purposes. A  bargain.   Enquire at this office.  Guy liowenburg left on Thursday for  Nelson.  ���������Holstein Bull, Sir Glen Pertertje.  Koradyeke, No. 10765, will be at Bonny  Brook ranch? Oanyon City, during goa-  son 1913. Service fee $5 cash. D. J. Lyon  Born oh ITriday,, May 23 to __r. s_d  Mrs/John Cra'������b of Canyon City, a son.  O. O. S., SIGNAFIES ORANBBOOK  OO-OPERATIVE STOBBS.  J? J. Grady returned on Friday last  from a trip to Calgary.  Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Watson off Sirdar  were Oreston callers Wednesday.  ���������The C. C. S. of Oranbrook is selling  Iron Beds with mattresB and spring for  $11. "���������-?.'������������������'���������.���������  T. 3. Griffiths of Fernie was in Ores-  ton a few days this week.  YE. Mailandain of Windermere spent  a few days in the valley this week.  R. S. Bevan made s business trip to  Cranbrook Wednesday.  Uorn on Sunday, May 25, to Mr. and  A -mack to rent apply J.Cook?  Born on Snndav. Mnv os* t-n m������ *���������������)  Mrs. Garrett Bayle, a son'  Many Land Seekers  \78-e_1tv- T'lV^    \F0mit0mm*  ~       Ji ���������*������     ��������� txas**jr  " Tho now Premium List for tho  Spokauo Iutorstato Fair in out nnd oon-  ���������toius an unusually libornl list of prince.  'Somo of tbo now fcitturca uro tho Ohild*  rons" Department, in whioh nearly #400  is offorod, tho Bettor Babies Oontost for  |600 iu cash, nnd n gonorouB list of cash |  and impltinient prizes for oxhibltn from  individual farmH and ranches. It is surprising thnt moro pooplo iu this section  dJ uotojnipoto at this show,no tho prizoa  aro woll worth trying for.  Wo hnvo rocelved several copies of  this lint nnd anyOnn wishing sanu* mny  m\* 0,���������0, .,* #1,1,,    ,,ff'/������4.    0\*.   /.mviir    ii,OI    Km  mulled on request to tho Fair   Association. Wo noto that tho Fnlr In to bo hold  tho wook of flopt. 16, two week* oarllor  thRttlWlwU"  Forty years ln use, 20 years tho standard, proscribed nnd reoommondod by  physicians. For Woinana ailmonlB, Dr.  MftVto'*������ PUIm, at. yonr drntajglflt.  Thoro will bo n box social in tho Mer-  | onntilo Hall on Tuoudoy, Juno 8 rd glvon under tho auoploos of tho Ladles Aid  uf tho Methodist church, A good program Im bi'lnpr nrrn*ir*'������d. I"*!*, tlivd CCffcs  will bo servod, aacS ico ciouiu will bo ou  sulo. Ladles aro roqnoHtod to bring bas-  kotH, ami the goutlumon nre also re-  The first party of landseekers to be  brought toO.tston by Grafton, Bennett  and Maokenize of Feru ie arrived an Saturday  iu. Charge  of Mr.    Mackenzie;  they left the train at Erickson and immediately drove to veiw their purchases  in the Wyndell Valley Block on O'Kell  Creek. The   party   comprised   Messrs  James -Ten nanj, ( representing some ten  Lethbridge men, ) S   J. Peake of Lethbridge David Davies of Michel,  B. O.,  Hairy Wilmer of Fernie,   Oscar North  of Coleman, Alta and Chris S. Donaldson of Lethbridge, the latter gentleman  being agent for Grafton, Bennett and  Mackenzio at Lethbridge.  Several hours were spent in looking  over the land at O'Kell Oreek aud tbe  party returned   to tov.n about 9 p.m.,*  very tired but very pleased with everything they had   soeu; Mr.  Tennauts,  who is a straw berry   expert  from Soot-  luud, making the remark that he had  novejt seen better soil any wheA, and he  praotionlly decided to double up ou his  purohase,  tnkiug twenty aores iustead  of ten. It is Mr.Tennaut'a intention to  return horo with his two sons m about a  months time nnd begin oloariag up his  land. Mr.  Peake is to sond his  brother  dowu right awav to clear np a fow noies  and Mr. Davica will :*.!i;o havoaouic *.vci-k  dono (his summer; tho other gotitlemeu  havo not yot doolded to do   any  work  this year but will most likely Blurt in  next spring.  Sunday morning boforo (lie Emit,hound  tittimi lull luo imily liuda nival oujoyulno  auto trip thru tho valley by tho courtesy  of Mr, Dick Bevun, and wo iufurlrom  our short talk with tho gontlotnon beforo  thoy departed that Oreston will toon ro  ooivo a  largo number of uow settlors  I'm la t5',o iuiuuiioa of McGuni Oraftou,  Bermott and Mnckonzio to bring in a  largo number of vittitors mid settlors thin  present the day was delightfull with a 1 *Mrs *rhurstoa a son  gsntle cooling "breeze. There were six |  row boats and a canoe on band and they  provided enjoyment for some of tie  crowd ail day. A large swing also kept  the children happy. Running races, tug  of war and feats of strength were indulged ia throughout the day. Great  credit is dae to the scm&sittee for the  able way in'which "they handled everything. A tempting-lunch was served'at  1 o'clock aud supper at 5.30. Mr. W. J.  Cooper was present with his camera and  it is hoped we shall have some good  pictures of the picnic. The party broke  up about 6: 30 p. m. after a most enjoyable day. It was such a success that the  committee will tr; to arrange an  one about July 12 th.  A small house to rent on Victoria Ave  apply J. ������ofi-.'---"'--'-"-''  -        -   "*-r  Don't forget the Sooial Club dance on  Saturday May 81st at 8: 30. A good programme is being arranged by Carl Wigin and Douglas Butterfleld. During tho  evening of fleers will be elected for the  o juiug two months.  Mrs. A. W. Mason and family arrived  from the Old Country on Monday to join  her husband.  Father John of Cranbrook was a Creston caller a couple of days last week.  ��������� I have.] tist received a carload of  democrats buggies which are all  guaranteed call and see them. H. S  McCreath.  Geo Powoll of Cranbroob was a business caller in Creston the first of the week.  ���������For yourSpriiigpainting useBapco  pure paint. For sale in all colors afc  Speers.  J. J. WalKer graduate optician who  has beesr sgsndisjg a few days in Creston  this week left today for Nelson. Mr.  Walker expects to return to Oreston in  about two moaths.'  How about soft water for washing?  GerEavest-OUghipg p_t up by Embree  for 15. cts & foot. ti>y  ���������dfyes fntervle-vV  At the request of :%h&.Ottawa representative of the Viotoria Colonist, B. F.  Green, M. P for KootenBy*,? gave a  lengthy intervjew a few .days? ago. A-  mong bis many interesting statements  the followis^'sppesr^'1  T������*m-*mm**ym ������  W. Morris  pf Sirdar was a Creston  caller,  Wednesday.  ���������Send for our priceujon furniture, we  pay the freight.   O C. S.  John Hueorof t of Port HiU was a Duck  Creek caller Monday.  Bom on'(.Thursday to Mr. and Mrs  Brnce Tucker, an eight pound son.  Joo Wigin ldft for Menard Sask. tbe  ond of lat't week aud is expected back  Friday.  ���������We can supply you with McKon-  zeis selected seeds at Oalgary prices  S.A. Speers.  Burn on Wednesday to Mr. and Mrs.  li. S. McOroatb, a daughter.  J.J. Grady(arrived herewith two  teams on Wednesday whioh he had  brought from Oalgary.  Quito a crowd of Daok Cvoekites took  lu tho celebration iu Croat on ou -luipire  day, and overbodvassortf". it was thuhoRt  colobratiou day thoy had ovor spout,  25 per oont disoouut on all wall paper.  Complete uow lino. H. Heonnrd, Sirdar  avonuo.  A now floor is being laid iu tho O. V  U. Station this wook.  Godfiey Vign ofWilmorB. O was a  visitor to Daok Oroelc Sauday, roturn-  ing to Wilmor ou Monday's East bound.  .1. J. Grady returned to Duok Crook  Guuday.  ���������First class droHsmakiug Mrs. B. K.  Embreo, Viotoria Avonuo, throe doors  nnflt tbo MotlioMfltOhnrch.  T������,>������* r>*"������r **'*r* T    f   M-in*i������wp������������Pw������  mm   *+%mA   W **������W-*    a. * # _������  *>    |     V*      **-* * *������������������-*' ^        * *   ���������*���������   ���������   ���������'   W ��������������� *���������< ���������������  tou oulluih Monday.  Mr. and Mrr. Sidnoy Poolo and family,  who havo boon engaged in the wholosalo  | liquor buninoHs in Croston for a fow  yoai-ii loft ou Woduoiiday for Nukuup, B.  0., whoro ho oxpects to start up in bus  lnccfl.  "As member for Kootenay,I have particular cause for gratification at the ex-  tension of the lead ^buntgr. This ia the  secondrehewai' of a grant of $3,600,000,  made first tenyenrs ago, and of which  ���������J6C0, 000 remains unexpended -and is to  be appropriated by the actof th������ session.  This amount, spread over' the *ext few  years, is expected to carry the industry  along until im__ time aa the! gov������-ii*  ���������'���������'I-.   ���������'..  ment shall asoertnin by .ocms������i5aic& or  otherwise what further oould be done  for its development. '  "I havo faired fairly weU wifchtespece  '��������� i       -���������.  to publisk -works iu my diktrlot?, though  I must say that I hare quilje a list in re-  servo for the estimates of next uewtou.  Among the appropriations' seonred are  those forpublio buildings for Revelstoke.  Golden and Trail, wharves scattered  throughout tho riding, and, quitem im*  portant, if not more important than  theso, I oxpoot that Kootenay; will be  vWmn ������������("ufflcient ntsrik of monoy to put  lu a lint olurdredgtl'Df thejiuo'Aon type  for use on lhe Arrow-jLake*,. as in my  opinion and thut'df; %ti^te*?Wi������mint, it  ���������������������������'������������������  \. ..������������������ ���������.���������  has been a waste pf money, attempting  to work as in the   past with simply a  "���������mi*!! dipper flrcdsc Wh&l wm waaui-  plishod each soason waa filled iu by tho  high wnler of tho next, and bo it seemoA  would be tho case indeflnltly under the  old system.  /���������  i .  u  Tho O. P. R. hnvo oruotod a depot at  -Call and look ovor my stock of wall  ��������� ���������������-���������-,���������.������,- tu ubtuiiu. iwujBiuu- tno aato, j Bummer, aud thev will iu i regular ox-1 Dnok Crook, it will be on fcho eohodulo 14W*~*'���������*" **' A*"WU(U,������������a ��������� ������������*������t-*  i  I  June, UrdatSP M.  nn        -,l*     , <  m^      V..14.     U.Ut)lr  Wild norm lo<!_c,  No.  ovory othor Monday night oomraenoing  with MoKOny Jim** ^ _.  OB ft.  txn a regular flag Htation about Juno 1st.  oursionn each mouth iu futuro.  Iu the  oourHo of a week or so Mr. Mackenzie  wiU return horo wltl a moving plotuto |   -Houso to Lot.-Apply to A. N. Ooul-  oaiutiiu and intends to film the outlro Uig, 4th Streo, Crouton.  "!f*S^!**S*������������t-  ���������New stook of Wall paper at Harry  Loouurd's nhop, Sirdar aveuue.  Do not forget the Box Sooial under the  auspioos of tho Methodist Ladle* Aid.In  the Moroantilo Hall, on Tuesday Juno  19ia. at H p.m.  ZmmCmmm  i.xH  'xxxVxi&O,     Ut    *J47JJlg     l>U_(NI OK?  b-Hj(ots: Tea and ooffeo will be aervedi  Iooorotuu will be on sale: Admimiou  free. Como oue oomo all, Don'l fo*rfl������|  kOr  M-_-a_-niMHa^^ %l*i^.'Vxixi0ism*k*timmnu iB&Jt9\rVin&������<anxMiMT*tmf~i,Ai**mtmx,0.itf  ���������>���������������������������������������������"*���������������*"���������-I* ������-ar't-rn.--.-r-'*"  -^   "<*  I,  THE    CRESTON    REVIEW,    CRESTON.    B.C.  //_e Preston ^evieHto  ^���������S^������������������^^^^^������������^^^^)^*������������������*^^^! ^^���������'���������S^^^^^^^*^^-iW*6^^^^^S*^^'^^ i  ~    Published every   Friday at Creston, British Columbia, by the Creston Printing and Pub it- hing Company, Ltd.  The Review is the acknowledged advertising medium of the Creston valley, cir  culating in nearly one thousand homes throughout, the Creston district and  reaching out in a broad manner into other communities. Our advertising rates  are based on the scale of the Kootenay aid Boundary Printers' Board of Trade.  Land purchase and land lease notices, $7 for statutory time. Display advertisements, $1 per inch per month; other advertising JO cents per line first issue  and 5 cents per line in succeeding weeks. Subscription rates $3.00 a year in  advance. Our columns are open to contributiors dealing iu matters of local interest and the welfare ot" tht cou.muiiily. O umihutioiis must lie briel uno"  ���������ugned.  *3A  y_-\^ i f vr i  n ������ ��������� s pi  ;?>. i -*_  lulb.  O.  Editor and. Manager.-  m  ^  When the House responded to the call after the dinner recess Monday last, Hon. Martin Burrell introduced in committee a resolution designed lO'auieui the Inspection and  Sales Act in order that foreign fruit growers competing in the  Canadian market shall be compelled to conform with Canadian regulations regarding imrkiug of boxes, inspection, .tc.  Mr* Burrell said that the proposed amendment bad been  prompted by representations from fruit growers all over Canada and was designed to place Canadian fruit growers aud  American fruit growers on an equal basis.  Mr. Knowles, of Monsejaw, saw iu the proposed amendment  an underhand means ou t'le part of the government to iucease  the protection of the British Columbia fruit growers. Deputations had visited the capital asking that the duty be increased  but the minister feared that this would be too apparent, in  view of the fact tbat he himself was a fruit grower. He therefore proposed an amendment by which American fruit growers would be similar to more protection. 1 be resolution proposed to place in the hands of the minister power to impose a  duty by stopping the importation of fruit.  The minister was a fruit grower, aud the fruit growers  apparently had his ear to a greater exteut than had the grain  growers, wiio were  iruit consumers.  The growers of Oregon and Washington had such a  wide market that any restrictions which might Ire place on  their imports into Canada would have the effect of making  them abandon the Canadian  market  altogether.  The Caua  dian fruit growers, said Mr. Knowles, already enjoyed a protection of 17 cents?, box, in addition to the pieterential freight  rates, which altogether amout to 40 per cent, upon the value  of the apples. They were doing well as it was aud should not  ask for more.  Mr. Burrell declared that there vvas no underhand intention in the resolution. It was simply designed to  place both  .competitors on tha same   footing. The  growers in Canada  under present conditions had to adhere to strict regulations,  which the American growers had not.  Mr. Buchanan, Lethbridge, while favoring the fostering  of Canadian fruit industry, did not believe that anything  should be done which would lessen competition.  Mr. Douglas, of Stralhcona, feared that the proposed a-  mendment would place large powers in the hands ofthe inspectors ofthe department, which might be used to cause delay and vexation to importers.  Mr.Burnham, of Peterboro, asked if it were not true that  VVestern lands had increased enormously iu value in recent  years. Why did the member for Moosejaw wish to deprive  other industries of benefits, which it was proposed to confer  upon them?  ... '.'They have increased in value," answered Mr. Knowles,  "but by the honest and independent labor of the people of the  Wcst-^Mot by protective tariffs and special privileges, not by  'folding the flag around themselves aud then skiniug every  ppor fellow who came along as our friends, the manufacturers  iind big interests, have done.  The Leading  Hotel of the  I Fruit     Belt  '1 Oar   Guests  ^\ /OU will make no mistake  Y when you get off the train  "* if you sign the register at  the Creston Hotel. Travelling  men will substantiate this. We  study the comfort"'of our guests.  The rooms are well furnished iu  a manner up-to-date..  nrijii--f  ���������������a  re  *sg_ ta H H IWB  tm  r_     -wm h tai ������i _    en  Ea 4    s- h hi   -a   ���������  -tfctaSIB H HI   M  a, a m   IM 3 E,  S   /IS ---^ S  9  H  /   BV  _^tflli_-UJ__-fe___*l  We have placed  in  stock a -fine   assortment of   &.  0$. 1 (f)-  Taeklc consisting, of  af"n^-iiDoo   an  m  mi;  W y.  mxim     ���������>**  ������������ {'  Hi i  -ft')  mi  &  Cat.   c4gain \   T  Headquarters  for Mining Men,  Lumbermen,   Ranchers,   Tourists  aud Commercials.  ������  ������  m  $1  -8-^-g gg_, |ag   AS* ?&^&.h ___���������,_!_.  ���������  IB  ���������iwwi ������������������mi ii-i-^  ^  T  /  R  X Y3.\mfl CXI ft  ttiH ���������  Vs.*  M  m  *5   a^vfw   **_ibyEV^     ibi  llS,:?-^eW  eaae'-^?-^^";?"':-?^??;  nd are ready for your wants in the fishing line.  AM  CO  mxm  '&  ������������-  I Creston - I)ru^  ������**\  js. _ "���������=���������������     mmS ��������� *.  ��������������� -S*- ������**' ���������_3?4*' &' &** ������__���������  "���������������������������"'������������������J ������������������������*���������*- .TO  THE  CA  ':'.tititi'titi- ���������:1-;M  '&&������L;gLf&. !i_'-_'-,-'���������,<_'-'''^'^'^'^'^'-'^,Xi:^  rsry'V**,������������������ST"   ���������S,''4^.**..Sr^���������_r-ST*J������"Sr''S?.^l;^'JSr.*5>*���������*���������"��������� ,1  B   it-d-M-i    Ait*Arl     _?������r*art**l     O-aI-I  U_' COMMERCE  CAPITAL, $15,000,000  REST, $12,500,000  ! ^  r cur  j    '<$  fa  4tT_  rEY  Issued by The Canadian Bank of Commerce, are a safe, convenient and  inexpensive method of remitting- small sums of money.    These Orders,  payable without chartre at any  bank  in  Canada  (except  in  the Yukon  Territory) and in the principal cities ofthe United States, are issued at  the foilowim*' rates :  *-  So an������u uiicer* ...���������.������������������,....  Over      5 and not exceedinji SIO   "IO        '* " 30.......  "      30        " " SO   s.s  .    3  cents  .    O  <(  . IO  t.  tt  REMITTANCES   ABROAD .  ,.   ^..^ ^  rc .....  copriAT     tt<*\t>������?'!4^'i.t Tsr2������T7*r  without de���������iy at reasonable rates.  Percy  B. Pnwier, Manager Creston Branch  S SH^l^PKS       I  SVKI U    ff_iSli    a-******    .tMiiiSv    ir.-,  ig-a..wg|jS-    -.k w _>a v    %..���������������������   i-uuu    %#t-lsJlU^   &  (Best equipped Livery inTow������- fi  A l\ diss of TU KNOUTS supplied at short notice.    The latest styles of *j������  H   CUTTERS and BUGGIES for sale and hire.    Saddle and pack horses a f$  ^ Speciality. ������!  ii;   Feed for t-rale        Agent for the McLaughlin Manfg. Oo.      Horses for sale  "- ' ��������� .-.-..���������-   :'���������*:'"   ������!l!f|  i&    1 nm prepared to fill all orders, both by wire and mail, and meet all trains Y������!  fc   at any horn- < f the day or night.    Commercid men and landseekers, -will    ������!  ^ receive prompt attention . _)  (A ���������������������������������������������..-.- -^.  f; lis  tty ..-._,.  *���������* -pnone ofi  %.%rf:������ "*5:--?rf'S^:v-*i:---i:-^:-"������*-s^:-as  Sirdar Avenue  Box 14  -.So by means rf cur SPECIAL   FOREIGjM DRAFTS and   MONEY  ORDERS.     Issued without de���������iy at reasonable rates.  ma ��������� Bit..  1 111  !ii!l,,l_i! 1 ���������a'  in m m  ~l-_!  Ill  mm h  HSS STATIONERY  ���������^i*awtaW'i^vw--.wtC5S^E55?^aiga^  1    Notice of Assignment  "Is The Cobbler's Son  Well-shod?"  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINIG  BEGU-" j    _.  COMPLETE  ! Animal   Fertilizers  1  It must be apparent that there is selfishness as well as  obstruction in excessive speaking in Parlimcnt. If a dozen  members consume days in sn<*������*rln; it hv:\hr ho iiiuch ices  time for the man of sense who may have something to otter  besides volubility.  The merchants encourages us always  to huy a good article iu preference to  that which may be ebon pest-he is  right, without doubt, but how often he  fails to learn this lesson himself���������enpec-  iiilly is this noticcablo in stationery���������  some envelopes whioh venuh us through  the mail are a disgrace to lhe Bonder.  We wonder if the men-hunt nlwnyB  uuderstunds ihtit his busim-hri is muu-  sured oftentimes by the olnss of stationery ho scuds out���������yos, evon tbo quality  of paper in tho bilis he ieiidois-wo venture to say that there is nothing whioh  points out a business mnn's carefulness  and general uiuUo up lnoio plainly than  tho quuulity and Bty;o of tho stationery  ho uses. It udvortises IiIh standard���������it  aunounooH clearly to the piihlid what  oluss of goods thoy mny cxpejfc at his  storo.  IC tlio xnoi'ohnnt sends out a winhy-  washy rag of u letterhead, envelope invoice or Htatument, tho puhlUi may reasonably expopt fcho same quality and  ohoapnoRS in tho moroliiuii's stook of  goods.  .Inst think over tho business firms yon  inn ncquniiit'-'l with inul iuili<e tho  <iuallty of thoir stationery.  And Mr. BoslnosH-nuin, think this  over too and see that yon do not, suitor  for proper attention to Huh Hniiietlmos  neglnoled but very nneesNury '!.���������(, ill.  NOTICE is hereby given that Sidney  Poole of the town of Crest m in the |  Province of British Columbia, carrying  on business a_ a liquor and cigar rner-1  chant under the name of the Oreston  Wine and Spirit Co at Oreston B O.  has by deed of assignment dated the ia  th day of May 1913, assinged to me all  his property and real, crediits and effects which may be seized or sold under  4H.  RE  execution, for the general benefit of his  creditor.  And further take notico thrfc a meeting of the creditors will be neld at, my  office in thefcowu ot, Creston at 2 o'clock  on the afternoon of the Kith dny of June  1913 to receive a statement of affairs and  for tho giving of diroctions with regard  to the disposal of tho estate.  And further tako notice that all  Oroditors aro required to forthwith file  with me, the said nt-signee, full particulars of their chums, duly verified on or  before the date nf lhn meeting.  And further take notion that on and  after the 1(1.h day of Juno 11)13, tlio ("aid  assignee will proceed to distribute the  assets of tho insolvent; amongst,, pavtAoH  ontitlod thereto having regard only lo  claims of which ho lias (hen received  untitle, 'ind 1,1 iu', Jin wi.l mil, Im linliln  for tlie said i*hnp.*,m or any part, thereof In  any persons of whose elnini notico shall  nut have boen leeolvi-d by him id Iho u-  bovo last, mentioned date.  Dated ut the Town of Oroston,Pre-  viuoo oi l-SnUnli (Join in Inn, tJu.s fi day  of May 1913.  (lay Lowviiborg  Apslgnee.  ���������For Sale- Gold (Join Seed good Potatoes. This In a white f>kinncd variety oi  We pay the freigh.,, a.ul if y ���������,*, are *'������������ v.*vy I.ohI*. ������ni..lil.y . A v.,,*yl,,,,,vy ,���������.������������������.  not Hatiidled with the vmIim.m .eneived l>������^. Stucdt o,iKiunlly ������.l,|,aiuv,(l li .������ui CJ.m-  from uh, wo Will pay tho freight, bad. <^ l^POilnuuial Ji-ai.n.l'.iei.^ pm* ]()������  and refund full amount of your pur-1 ������,uu,,ua- *' '���������*jU l"'lo"' J,l,,|Uml ^'w0'*'  ohmo.   0. C.B. 'WymulohU. o.  Coal mining rights pf the Dominion,  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,  the Yukon Territory, the North-west  Territories aad in a portion of iho Province of British Colombia, maybeleased  for a term of twenty-one years, at  au annual rental of $1 an acre. Not  more than 2,5(i0 acres will be leased to  one applicant.  Application for a lease must be made  by the applicant in person to the Agent  or Sub Agent of the district in which  the rights applied for are situated.  In surveyed territory the land must  bo described by sections, or legal sub-  divisions of sections, and iu unsurveyed  territory the tract applied for shall be  staked out by the applicant himself.  Each application must bo acoompanied  by a fco of !J5 which will bo'refunded if  tho rights applied for nro not available  but not otherwise. A royalty shall bo  paid on Iho merchantable output of the  mine at, the rale of five coals per ton.  The person operating tho miuo shall  furnish the Agent with i-uvoin returns  accounting for the full quantity of mor-  chan'ablo coal mined nnd pav tho royalty thero >n, ll' lhe ooal mining rights  are  not   being operated,   s oh   returns  Should Iri, i iii'iiislliiil lit jOiinir onuu H J Dill'  The louse will include tho coal mininglights only, bnt, tho lessee may, he  permitted to purchase whatever avail-  ahki surface rights may bo considered  mooHsury for the working of tho mine  nt, the rate of *)"I0 an acre.  For fill 1 i u formation application should  ho made to the Secretary of the Depnrt-  inonl. of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any  Agent; or Hnb-Agont, of Dominion I-iiuls  W. W. OOltY,  Deputy Mi nis I or of the Interior  N,  N.���������Unauthorized publication of  iii.,, iul > i i M n mi i.l,   n, ill uul,  hi, jmid fin.  Sow Burns' Fertilizer^   jj  And Reap Dollars.  Call or send for our  New Pamphlet which is  full; of useful information  for Fruit Growers etc.  P. BURNS & Co  Limited  CRESTON  B.C.  r     Head Office  CALGARY; VANCOUVER;    EDMONTON  PEDIGREE STRAWBERRY  llaidy Northern grown stock of the-*!  following varieties;  Senator Dunlap; Parsons]  Beauty; nien Mary; War-  V **  field; Clyde; Clarks Seed-J  ling Iind Helen Davis.  *>  Price lit 10.00 per thousand, Mxprofw <]  olwu'goH prepaid,  ('.iluloKdo with Jul! uulturoal diroo*  l.ioiiM mailed on request.  Monrad   Wigen  WYNNDEL     .     B. Ca  Dr. de Vat.'a Female Pilfo Electee Restorer.for Men  A rcllnhl* 1'riKir), n-i^lMn,:,!,^ fnIN    ThrZ    ^Oflljlhoiiol niiitM-iHBverynnrv- In th������bodvl  iill ci.im'i liiiiiiitiuiii.,   nr. Uu Vu������ _ uro imhl ut    nmlco vou titio'vi tniiii   "fctti-m /..*'"���������'������'"'������*"" vvuh-mm  J -.'.";���������-���������---.. -&',-������:���������'������ -.i-iSE������it *������*UMi������������a|  " ^______j "X_________________^^  n*mm*mmmm*tm  wiiiiiMMi  ',;A,^,.-.r!t.i,(g,.,j;,.y*rf'ry!!y-ltr  ������.n,������.ln������*,,,..i,,���������r,������ri ���������������������iii������.i*��������� >. IM ill  W.i.- . ...^i.,li������������i..w..,fc.-.<i������,,r������������.li '������m ���������' i" I ������!������.��������������� ���������W^W4.<IH������4H,J���������������M<rw>b������������W4������  mmm  IMtiJIWimXimmmm^lm  *****  mm BASS  ,       ^ Am       rnxU       *-���������* *Jf>������ 1    II. JI      tjT*  j       ���������>/ ji * -/-   r-'\J*>m*-*51A'*-.'*l  /7  '77  ���������i *���������-"     -*.  ���������THE    CRESTON    REVIEW,    ������JRE$;rON,    B.C.  Si  i   mm  A  Ulli-L/  -i-  ���������i ������ <���������������*������*  UMHipsjST  By  GENE STRATTON-PQRTSR  Copyright, 1009, by Doubleday, Patre  & Co.  r. "l srimxi  SYNOPSIS  Although a good scholar, "Binora Com-  ���������took, saterltig hi^h achool. f������ abashed by  her country dress. Shs needs $20 ror  book- and tuition fees. Her mother la  tonaj/mpathetlo, ana Elnora tells i*.sr troas  Wea to Wesley Sinton, ah old nels*������bor.      i  "When fillnora -msM born her father ���������was  drowned In a swamp?, embittering ber  ���������Bother's Ufa. Binora determines to ralno  money by aafchering? forest speclmtenB.  _he Sintons buy cletbes for hsr.  EInom. getting her books cheaolr. flnae  a market with the Bird Woman- for butterflies, Ind-i- raiiea, etc. .-  Mrs. Comstock'a devotion to her husband's memory will not permit h*av to  ���������ell trees or have btl wells dug on he*  land. Tho fllntens bring - Binora new  olothlB_. ->���������/  Eahora is delighted with her outfit. Hes  mother says she must pay for It Wesley and Margaret Sinton discuss the girl's  x&ain.    '  '       ��������� ''. "    "r. "���������   *" ":'  '.������������������������������������ ��������� .     .'���������'���������  jT^T-������ Corson,   - x^imoerlost frequenter,;  : warns -llnora not to ylult the Ltmberlos-  at night or go far into the *>w���������mp at an#  time. .-'.-  ��������� Silly, a bright but untrained little chap?  ������lth a shiftless father and -hungry brother and slater, gets Elnora's luncheon.  We"aley. troubled by Corson's -warnine, investigates.  fcienaerson tnrust tils nandKerehief  into her Sngers and v?liispered."JBciith,  the boat has been creeping up. " It's  very near.    Maybe some of our crowd  fiv_ (vft   \tr     'nortn'fr   votx   Yicttrtxn.   irof  _ma-irti  ... m    %.&.     .... ....m.\������. .   w    .. *������     ^v..w.     0Wm~-m. .. i.J  "If 1 can walk," she said.   ������������������Oh, I am  j.^   JS.f. f*   4.4��������� ;. -.'    - mm ...1.  SO ue&u.weu.: _tu.ix!  "Yes, dear," said Henderson sooth-  Iri-lx*  ��������� ��������� '0 .,  ".Iiief"  t-fr,   tr.   oot   nobt  *h������������   'fjrifi-  m m^.  .���������.J,   . -V   oww    t.m*rv  ,m.������\f    ,lxlx\x  ing before the boat anchors.   If 1 only  dared carry yon!"  They struggle- taxougli tb& waiting  masses, but directly opposite tde lanct?  ing jthere? was a backward movement  in the happy, laughing crowd, the  gangrplank came; down with?, a slam  and people began hurrying from the  boat Crowded against the ash bouse  on ihe?dock Henderson could; only advance a few. steps at a ti me.. ?He was  straining every nerve to protect and  assist Editb.  Henderson snot a swift glance toward the boat. Terrenee d'ulore just  had stepped from the gangplank, escorting a little daughter, so like bim,  it was comical. There followed a picture not easy to describe. The .Angel  in the full flower of her beauty, richly  dressed, a laugh on her cameo face,  tue setting sun' glinting on her gold  hair, escorted by her eldest son, who  held ber band tightly and carefully  ���������watched her steps. Nest came Elnora,  dressed with equal richness, a trifle  taller and slenderer, almost tbe same  type of coloring, but with different  eyes and balr, facial lines and expression.  As the crowd pressed around the  party nn opening was left beside the  Usli sheds. Hditli ran down tbe dock  Henderson sprang ufter her, catcliin������  ber arm and assisting her to tlie street  "Help me!" she cried.'Hinging to Dim  He put his arm around her. aluiosi  '���������urryiug' lior out ot sight Into ������ little  cove will Urn by hiKh rui-Us ut lire buck  where there was a cipauBlloor of white  sand, and'logs washed trom the lake  for scutH. Ilcfouiiii one of these with  .������ back rest, and hurrying down ,to th<  ���������Wilier he soaked his handkerchief a no  carried It to her. Hhe passed It ucross  her lips, ovor her eyes.  "Hart, whnt makes you?" she said  ���������wearily. "My mother doesn't care  She snya this Is good for me. Do yon  think this ts good for ine, Hurt?"  ���������'Edith, you know I would givo my  llfo If I could w*vo you this," he snld.  nnd could uot Hpenk further.  Ho bold her carefully, softly fiuuiltiR  hor. Bho was stitToi'ing almost more  tlinn either of them could bear.  "l wish, your bout win*, liei'e," she  eald nt Inst. "I wnnt to onll fust with  tho wind in my faco.'*  "There Ih no  wind.    I can ,got my  motor nround In n few minutes."  "Then get It."  "Uo on tlio Hand. 1 enn phono from  tho Orst booth. It won't take Hut n  Uttlo whllo."  Edith Iny on tho whlto sand nnd  Uouderson covered her faco with her  bnt. Tlion ho ran to the nearest booth  und talked imperatively, i'resenti.v he  win back, bringing n hot drink that  wuh Htlinulntlng. Shortly tho motor  rnn cIoho to the bench nnd mopped.  , Hendoi'HOh'H servniit brought u row-  lion t nshoro nnd took thuii* to tho  launch.  Hour nfter hour ths hoar, run up  und down tho Hhoi'o. Tho moon arose  uml Um nlf'hl. air rrew verv ehlllv.  Henderson put on an overcoat am.  plied more covern on -������!iili  "You iiiiinI lake mo home," Hhn ������ai<l  nt last.   "The folka will bo uneaHy,"  Ho won compelled to ttiku her to tho  vviiiuko   waa   tne   uiuiiu   ijhii   ������.n,i>u������,  Vy .-,     ...    .. 4.     I    ,-���������    .������������������       ��������� ���������  ..)..     II.,.     .-.v-^f'    .ml nm.. l.\ ,m  but already she had wandered out  over (.he island. Instinctively Hender-  non felt that the shore would attract  ber. There was something in the tumult of rougn iittle Huron's -waves  iuai euiieu to him. ic was tnere ue  found her, crouching so close the water  foam was dampening her skirts.  "May i stayV" he asked.  "1 have been hoping you would  come," she answered. "It's bad  enough when you nre here, but it Is  si little easier than bearing it alone.  "Of course you know there is something 1 have got to do, Hartl Will you  go witb me?"  "Of course."  ."I might ns well give up and get it  over," she faltered.  Thnt was the flrst time ln her life  that Edith Carr ever had proposed to  give up anything she wanted.  "Help me. Hartl"  Henderson started around the beach  assisting her ail be could.    Finally bV  stopped;?-  "Edith, there is no sense in this!  You are too tired to go. You know  you can trust me. Sfou wait ln any of  these loy.ely places and send me. Yon  jvill be safe, and .-I'll run. One word  is aU that is necessary."  "But I've got to say tbat word mi-  _S4*ry-fartr*/       ?...-?   - ,Y"?.?;  '^Then, write It aad let me carry it  The message is not going to orovs  who went to the office and sent it."  ^'That is quite trae," she said,,drop-  ���������ping wearily, but she made no move-  ���������tnenfr-to take theYpen andr paper he  roffered...; ���������??? - '?  "Hart, you write it/* eh������ said &&  last. ���������??..   -y ? '?????.-.?' "���������"'?..  Henderson turned away his face. He  gripped the pera, while his breath sucked, between his dry teeth.? ?  "Certainly!'' he said; when he could  epeak? "Mackinac, Aug. 27. Philip  Ammon. liake Shore hospital, Chicago." He paused with suspended  pen and glanced at Edith. Her white  lips were working, but no sound came.  "Miss Coaistock : Is at Terrence^  O'More's, on Mackinac island," prompted Henderson.  Edith nodded.  "Signed, Henderson," continued the  big man,  :    Edith shook her head.  "Say. 'She is well and happy,* and  sign, Edith Carr!" she panted.  "Not on your life!" flashed Henderson.- ��������� ������������������'tititi:  "For the love of mercy. Hart, don't  tnake this aJiy harder! It is the least  I can do, and it takes every., ounce of  strength in me to do it"  "Will you wait for me here?" he  asked.? ;.- .��������� .r..���������'���������;���������?.r.?r..:  ������he nodded, and, pullihg his hat lower,  over his eyes, Henderson ran around;  the Shore. ; In less than an hour he"  was back. That evening they were-  sailing down the straits before a stiff  breeze aud Henderson was bufly With  the tiller when she said to him, "Hart,-  I want you to do something more for  me.   I want you to go away."  "Very well," he said quietly, but his  face whitened visibly.  "You say that as if you had been  expecting it."  "I have. I knew from the beginning  tbntr when this was over "ou ^ would  dislike me for having seen you suffer.  Does? It make any difference to you  where I go?"  "I want yoh where you will be loved  and good care taken of you."  "Thank you," said Henderson, smiling grimly. "Have you any idea where  such a apot might be found?"  "It should be with your sister at Los  Angeles. She always has seemed very  fond of you."  "That Is quite true," said Henderson, his eyes brightening a little. * "1  will go to her.    Whon shall I start?'1"  "At once."  Henderson began to tnck for tho  landing, but his hands shook until ho  scarcely could rnnnnge tho lionfc. Edith  Cnrr sat wntchlng him Indifferently,  but her heart was throbbing pninfully.  "Why is there so much suffering Iu the  one raised tired, pain' filled eyes io  his.  "1 don't know for how loug It is."  she said, "if pcjico over comes and i.  want you I won't w������lt fur yoii to iiuu  it out yourself���������i li cable���������Marconl-  granh��������� anything."  Henderson studied her intently.  *'in thnt case we wijl shake hands,"  he cried. "Goodby. Edith. Don't for.  get that every hour 1 am thinking of  you und hoping ail good things will  come to you soon."  *'i  ��������� if   _B  CHAPTER XXVI.  Whs^e'*1 pt"i*ii*3 Pifds _?nora.  ^^ |H. 1 need my own violin,"  cried Elnorn. "This one may  be a thousand times more expensive nud much older than  mine, but it wasn't inspired and taught  to hiug by a man who knew how."  The guests lu the O'ftlore music room  laughed appreciatively.  "Why don't you write your mother  to come for a visit and bring yours?"  suggested O'More.  *r'I did that three days ago." acknowledged Elnora. "I am half expectfng  her on the Vbon boat. That is one  reason why this violin gets worse  every minute. There is nothing at aii  tbe matter witb me."  Elnora iald away the violin. "Come  along.'? children.'.' she said. "i.et's race  to the playhouse."  VYitb the brood at her heels Elnora  ran, and for an hour lively sounds  stole f rom-the remainingspot of forest  on the island, which lay beside the  O'lVlore cottage. ' Then young Terry  went to the playroom to bring Alice  her doll. He i*������trie racing nack. drag  _iiis5 It iiv iiiiii i44,r and c!'v.in">. '"rsipre's  "v'o.iti|iaii.v-.i Siiiiii' one nas come that  iii:iininn   ami ,pai'a   are   just   t-mn_  doirn the'-housp������������������over. He's sick, i'  *iiw thruvigh.-iiii'- wiiiduv,-."     .';  [U'i'oi-c I.li'iur.i uiis-cU I'.cr. Alice, who  hud gone to iiivef-.iijuaU'. ?c';iine llyisiQ;  acrosH the shadows and-'.through' the  suiishriiL' waving' a paper. She thrust  It into Eluora's hacd.  "There is a man person���������a stranger  person!" she shouted. "But he knows  yon!    He sent you that!    You are to  "fi������V   'Rhn in well   nnrl hnpoy,' nriri nioin  Edith Cnri-1"'  world?" she Ki'iu. whispering to lior-  self. Inside ricr door llonderHon took  her by the ''boulder;: almo;;t roughly.  "Per Imw lnn������" 1n thin Krllth. nnrl  how .nro you going to say goodby  to OlQt"   hurry!    i like him heaps!"  Einora read Edith Carrs telegram to  Philip Ammon and understood-that he  had been iii; that sue had been iocated  by Edith, who bad notified him. In so  doing she had acknowledged defeat.  At last Philip was free. Einora went  to him with a radiant face. '  "Are  you   sure,  at  last,  runaway?"  asked Philip Ammon.   .  ''Perfectly sure!-' cried Elnora.  , "Will you marry .me now?" .  "This instant!   That is. any time aft.  er the noon boat comes in."  "Why such unnecessary delay?" Remanded. A'inmouY  "It is almost September," explalued  Elnora. "I sent for mother three days  ago. We must wait until she comes,  and we either have to send for TJucle  Wesley and Aunt Margaret or go to  them. 1 couldh't possibly bo,, married  properly without-1 hose dear people."-:-:  "We will send." decided Ammon.  "The trip will be a treat for them.  O'More, would you got off a message  at once?"  Every one met tho noon boat. They  went iu the motor because Ammon was  too weak to walk so far. As soon as  people could be distinguished at all Elnora and Philip sighted an erect figure,  with a head like a snowdrift. When  tho gangplank fell the lirst person  across It was a lean, red haired boy of  eleven, carrying a violin in one hand  jind nn enormous bouquet of yellow  imirlgolds and purplo asters in the other. He was beaming with broad smiles  until he saw Ammon. Then his expression changed.  "Aw, sny!" he exclnimed reproachfully. "I bet -you Aunt .Margaret is  right.   Ho Is going to l)o your beau!"  Elnora stooped to kiss Billy as sbe  caught her mother.  Mrs. Comstock shodfc out bor sklrta,  straightened her hat aud came forwnrd  to meet Philip, who took her into his  armts nnd kissed her repcntedly. He  passed her along to Frockloa nnd the  Angel, to whom her greetings woro  mingled with scolding nnd laughter  ovor her wind blown linlr. Then tho  O'More children camo crowding to  meet Eluorn'H mother.  "Ttaforo you think of something more  give nie your left hand, please." sain  IMilllp to Kluorn.  1-lnora gave It gnldly nnd the Hnu  slipped on liei* linger. Then they went  togi'tJiei' Into the forest to tell each  other nil about It and talk It over.  "llavy ynu seen   iOtllth''"' asked  Am  num.  ".No." answered Minora, "lull she  mast he here, or she may have seen me  when we wont to I'eloskey a few days  iigo I lor people hnvo a cottage ovor  on the bluff, but (lie Angel never told  mo until today. I didn't want to mil Up  ��������� liml trip. Imi Iiie I'nlUs were h> iinslous  ((/ cJilei i;iiu im.' .uu' ii u;is only u  few days until I Intended to let you  know inyHelt' whoro I was".  "And 1 wan going to wait Just that  long, and If I didn't hem* then I was  gutting ready to turn over Ihe country,  I inn Hcarcely reail/.e yet that Kdlth  uuui; mo that telegram."  "No wondcri it's n dlllieull thing to  hi'llevo. I can't express how I feel for  Iit'i*.'  "l <���������( iih never tig'iln mi-cm It of II." wild  Amnion, "ll Is done. We will lurgct  It,"  "1 -i'-ai-ccly ihiuk 1 hIihII." uald 1CI-  nnra      "It In ttu> "'..it   nf lliliit"   I  lltfe tn  roiiioinbor.    Mow HiirYerhig inust havo  ctininjed hurt i would ulvo a gruut uuui  to onng ner pence."  "Henderson came to see me at the  hospital a few days ago. He's gone a  pretty wild pace, but if he had been  held from youth by the love of a good  woman he might have lived differeatiy.  There are things about him one cannot  help admiriug."  "I think he loves her," said Elnora  softly.  *        *        *        *        *        *        *������������������  Edith Carr went to her room after her  goodby to Henderson, lay on her bed  and tried to think why she was suffering as she was.  "It is all my selfishness, nay unrestrained temper, my pride in my looks,  nay ambition to b������ first;" she said.  "That is what has caused this trouble.  No one really cares"*for me but Hart  I've sent him away, so there is no one-  no one."  Edith pressed her fingers across her  burning eyes and lay still.  "He is gone/' she whispered at last  "He would go,at once. He would not  see me again. Oh? these dreadful days  to come, alone! 1 can't bear it. Hart,  Hart!" she cried aloud. "I want you!  No one cares but you. No one understands but you.   Oh, I want you!"  She sprang from her bed and felt hex  wayto her desk.  "Gpt  ffi������  SO"!*'  uno   nf   l-Wc  TJonrlnrrjon  cottage.?' she eaid to central and waited shivering.   ,  After a time the sleepy voice of Mrs.  Henderson answered.  "Has Hart gone?" panted Edith Carr.  "No! He came in late and began to  .talk about starting to California?.''"��������� He  hasn't slept in weeks to amount to  anything, i put him to bed. There is  time enough to start to California  when he wakens. Edith, what are you  planning to do next witb that boy Ot  mine?"  "Will yoii tell him I want to see him  before he goes?"  "Yes, but I won't wafee bins."  "I'don't want you to. Just tell bias  tn the morning."  "Very well."  Hart   waa   not   gone.      Edith   fell  asleep. She arose at noon tbe next day,  took a cold bath, ate her breakfast,  dressed carefully, and leaving woi'd|  that she had gone to the forest she;  walked slowly across the leaves. She  was thinking hard and fast.  Henderson came swiftly down the  path.- A^ long sleep, food and Edith's  message had done him good. He had  dressed in new light Hannels that  were becoming.    Edith siet Mm.  "Let us walk in -the'.'forest." she said.  They passed the--old. Catholic graveyard and went back into the;deepest  wood of the .-fc-lnud. There Edith seated herself on a mossy old iog and  Henderson .'studied' her He could detect a change She was.- still pale, and  her eyes tired? but the dull.��������� .strained  look was Kone. He wanted to hope,  but he did not dare. .  "iVhnl-   lisivn   von   t !-ir\i'olit-  ,,*=��������� t-K.i*   ^(-i>.  wanted yet. .Edith":" he u-sked lightly  ns he stretched liinisef at he'r feet.  "You!-        '  Henderson lay tense and very still.  "Well..l am here."  "Thank heaven- for that! 1 didn't  want yon to go away."  "Not at all?"  "Not at all; not ever: not unless you  take me with you. Hurt. I can't hon  cstly say that i love you with the-iovi*  ���������yi������u deserve. My heart,la too sore  It's too soon to know. But Move'you  some way You are necessary to nie.  You are my comfort, my shield. ' II  you want me. as you know me to be.  Hart, you can consider ine yours."  Henderson kissed her hand passionately. "Don't, Edith," he begged.  "Don't say thoso things. 1 cau't bear  it.. 1 understand. Everything will  come right in time. Lovo like mine  must bring a reward. You will love  me some day. I can wait. I am tbe  most patient fellow."  "But I must soy it," cried Edith. "I  ���������1 think, Hart, that 1 have been ou  tho wrong road to And happiness. I  planned to tlulsk life ns I started it  with- Phil, nnd you see how glad ho  wns to change. He wanted the other  sort of girl fur moro than he ever  wanted me. And you, Hart, honest,  now���������I'll know if you don't toll me the  truth���������would you rather have a wife us  1 planned to llvo llfo with Phil or  would you rather havo'her as Eliiora  Couintock liitendi, to livo with hlra?"  "Kdlth." cried tho man. "Edith!"  "Of course, you can't say it In plain  English." snld the girl. "You are fnr  too chivalrous for flint. You needn't  sny anything. 1 nm answered. If you  could have your choice you wouldn't  hnvo n society wlfo. either. In yonr  heart you'd like the nmn Her home of  enint'oi't.  iho  furtherance nf your nm.  uii.ililin,    int.'   jiliiiiimilr    uiv.lio   rOj;ili,iii,i  ���������icrved and little children ������round yon.  I am sick of all wo have grown up to,  Hart. When your hour of trouble  ������������������nines there Is no comfort for yen, I  im tired to death. You Iind out what  yon want to do and bo, tli at la u man's  work lu Iho world, and 1 will plan our  luuiie with uo thought nave your comfort I'll tie the oilier Uiuil of n girl  us last as I can learn. I can't, correct  nil my faults In ono day, but I'll  chamro us rapidly as I can."  gagw-g-pgMBjWWff^ip  1  HEIA  JM A /tM^ir% ���������ffi^f *%m I  THE   HOME  OF   THS.  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P.O occupation, mechanist,  nt'uds to" apply for permissijo. to pur-  ������**ichnse the following described lands :-  Coounenciug at a post planted on the  east bank of Gont River. 80 chaius north  ef the north west, corner of Sublot 13 of  Lot 45'v2, -jyfniip 1, thence east 20 chains,  theuce north SO chain?,  thence west 20  chaiues, uuno or less to the east bank cf  Goat River, theuce southerly along said  eabt  bank of   Gout  River the  point of  iouiuiencetnr-nfc,    containing   160 acres  more or less.  E.iword-T  Opio.  Win. Arrowsmith,  Daif 21 April, I'M 3. Agent   -f   NELSON LAND DISTRICT  D -SIRIOT OF WEST KOOT15NY  TAKE notice ihit  AY J. Williams of  v.'lson, B. O occupation Koutleman, tn-  M*.i>ds t������>-apply   for  permission,  to  purchase tbo foiluwiuf; tlesurilied lands :-  Commencing at a post planted on the  -���������nst hunk of Goat Hiver where inter-  wtd by the north boundary of Sublot  VI of Lot 45i._, Gump I, thenco east 20  ���������h-tins, tli���������nice north 8 > eh-iins, thdnce  west x'O chains, nnre or less, to the east  '������uuU of Clout River, *h'-*in:e southerly a-  '���������ingsaid east bank of Goat River to tho  point of commencement, containing   16(������  a-^i'es more or It'ss.  William J  Williams.  Wm. Arrowsmith,  Date 22 April, 1013.  _O0-B-_->  mrjM&jBiCBSBmaammmnaaaBamtemmaamaa&mmmmmmmamummmaaBum  PAINTS VARNISHES STAINS ?RONITE FLOOR PAINT  RAW and BOILED OIL PUR^ WHITE LEAD  TURPENTINE. 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I  Ladies' Home Journal Fattcnis aid cm vc&jui ot  ma   |  n  teriais to choose from any woman can gratify her taste  for a variety of light, tasteful dresses at a   modest   ex.  pense to her pnrse.      Come   early���������get   youi    Good  Dressing free.  PRESBYTERIAN    UI1URCH        I  Sewi<*- every  Sunday   at   11  a. m.  and 7:80 p. in. J  Sabbath School at 2*&) p. in.  Adults Bible Class meets every Thursday evening.  W. 6. Br.AKK  Minister  reston Mercanti  -vui  **mm*nmtmms*3paxiz^^  KELSON LAND DISTRICT  DISTRICT  OF WEST KOOTENAY  TAKE notice that W. Arrowsniith of  ���������Jreston, B. C. occupation rancher? intend to apply for permission to purchase  'he following desciibed lands:-  Commencing at a post planted c_ the  sahtbauk of Goat River 320 chains north  from the north west corner of Sublot 13  of Lot 4>9i, Group 1, thence east 20  chaius, theuce north 80 chains,thence  west 20 chains more or less, to the east  bank of Goat River, tnenee southerly a-  loug said east bank of Goat River to the  point of commencement, containing1G0  acre3.  William Arrowsmith  - Date 22 April 1913.  ���������We carry a full line of shoes including Chippewa logging shoes.-The cash  store.  t  ���������0  4>  <>  4>  4>  ������>    4>  All our trees are Home Grown and guaranteed true 4>  to name. We carry all the leading varieties most 4>  suited to this district.    Our specialty is budded stock  _y  FRUIT TREE  AND  ORNAHENTALS  Coldstream Estate Nurseries  VERNON, B. C.  on three-year-old whole roots.  O  ._*.  +  ���������  ^       For further particulars apply to our local Ageut.  e J, BJirscOj Box 39^ Creston, B.C.  NELSON LAND DISTRIOT  DISTRICT OF WEST KOOTENAY  TAKE notioe that Lonia M. Yoiing of  NELSON" LAND DISTRIOT  DISTRICT OF WEST KOOTENAY  TAKE notice that   Arthur Okell,   of  Greston B. O. occupation agent iutends  to apply - for  permission   to purchase  the following de oribtd lanrls:���������  Commencing at a poRt planted on the  east bank of GoatRiver 400chains north  west cornsr of Sublot 13 of Lot   4592  Group 1, thence east 20, chain?, thence  north 80 chains, thence west 20 chains,  more or less,  to the east bank of Goat  River, thenc (^southerly along said bauk  of Goat River to tho point of commencement, containing 160 acres more or lesf.  COKSTET-TIOr-l4__ B-OOD DISEASE.  Patient No. 16474. "The spots are all  gone from my legs and arms and I feel  good now. I am very sfatefal to . you  and ahall never forget the favor your  medicines have done for "me. You can  use niy name ln recommendln_ It to  any sufferer. I am going to pet married soon. Thanking you once more,  etc."  SAYS  TWO MONTHS  CUBED  I-M.  I-tiei- No. 1C7CB. Age 23. Slnple.  "Indulged in.immoral haits 4 years. De-  "jj posit in nrifio and drains at night.  Varicose Veins on Doth sides, pains in  back. . weak sexually. Ho writes:���������:"I.  received your letter of recent date and  in reply I am pleased to say that after  taking two months' treatment I would  consider myself completely cured, as "I  Have seen no signs of tlicm coming  back  (one year).  THE WORLD SEEMS DBETEBENE.  Patient No. 15923. "I have not had  a regular Emission I don't know when  and am feeling fine. The world seems  altogether different to me and I thank  God for directing me to you. Vou havo  been an honest doctor ���������with me,"  VARICOSE VEINS C -RED. I  Caso No. 1G888.    Symptoms -when he  j  started treatment:���������-Age 21.  single, in- I  dulged in immoral habits several years.  I  Varicose Veins-on both  sides���������pimples I  on the  lace,  etc    After two months' I  treatment he writes as foiiowa:���������,!"i'oUi"l|  welcome   letter to  hand   and  am very I  glacf to say that 1 think myself cured.   1  My Varicose Veins havo completely dlai  I  appeared for quite a while and lt seems  j  a   cure._   I  work  harder  and  feel   less j  tired,    x have no desire ior that  habit  whatever and If I stay like this, which"  I  have every reason to believe I will.  Thanking you for your kind, attention,"  etc.  GAINED 14 POUNDS IN ONE MONTH.  Patient No. 18522. This patient (aged  5S) had a chronic case of Nervous De-  ility and Sexual Weakness and was ruii  down in vigor and vitality. After one  month's treatment he reports as follows :���������^"I bk feeling very well. I hS-YQ  gained 14 pounds in one month, ao that  I will have to congratulate you." Later  report:-���������'VI am beginning to feel more  like a man. I feel my condition Is  getting better every week." His last report :���������"Dear Doctors���������As I feel this ls  the last month's treatment that I will  have to get, I thought at ono time'I  would never be cured but I jjut-confidence in ryou' frora the start and. yea  have cured me."   ������������������..'���������  CURES GUARANTEED OR NO PAY  Wo treat and  cure VARICOSE VEINS.  NERVOUS   DEBILITY. 5BLOOD AND  URINARY COMPLAINTS, KIDNEY AND BLADDER DISEASES and aU DUeaaea  peculiar to men.  CONSULTATION FREE.   BOOKS FREE.   If unable to call write for a Question  Blank for Home Treatment. ....',,  ESS9���������1_S!������������������ a^Baf^1"-"!-^ _? AH letters from Canada must be addressed to our Can-  ������s���������������������_       5^S'^d'  fi  _*5������^E-edian Conresnondenco Denartme'ntaa follows:  ^^^ DRS. KENNEDY & KENNEDY. WINDSOR. ONT.  Cor. Michigan Ave. and Griswold St.,  Detroit, Mich.  Water  Notice  Arthur Okell  Wro. Arrowsniith,  OrestonB. C.occupatiou SAnrried Woman   Dftto ^n April| ,gi8> Ageut  iutends to npply for permission to purchase the following described lands ;-  Commencing nt a post plonted on the  east bank of Goat ttiver 240 chnins north  of fcho north west corner of Sublot 13 of, | Owirif,' to the soarmty of water. Tho  Lot 4592. Group 1 thouoooast 20 chains, I Goat Mountain WaterworltH Co., find i*  thence north 80 chains, thence west 20 j absolutely uecossnry to prohibit, the nn-  ohniiH, moro or less, to the east hauk of  uoaessary uso   or waste of wnter and  Goat River,thence  southerly along said  east bank of Goat River to the point of  commencement, coutainiug 100 aores  more or leBflr  Louie May Young,  Wm. Arrowsmith,  Ditto 23 April, 1910. A gout  Wall Paper  Complete New Stock Just Arrived  -ftlMominiiiK, Painting, i'aper-lwuigiiiK <Ui'ring.' and   Nlgu painting.  Lot mo kIvo you advice and i-ntinmteM on your work.      AU' wrk gu nr  Ant***! to ulv'i������ nut i^fiii-l ion.  _  miAn on Sirrlur Avrv. ncvl- in McCre.'ith's T>ivcrv  VOU Wlt-L -AVE MONEY BY QK IYIWO MY -STIMAYh.H ~  m  NKLSON LAND DISTRIOT  DISTRIOT O- WEST KuOTENAY  TAK13 notico that JumoH T. Burgoas  of Kitohouor, B.  O.   occupation agont,  intomlH to npply for por miflsion to pur*  v.  chnflo tlio following lands : ���������  Oommenelug    at   u  pout planted on  tho onst hank of Gnat River 100 ohaius  north of tlio northwest nornur of Huhlot  lJIof Lot 450*3,   Gronp 1, Uumoe east 20  uhaliif*, theuoo uorth  B0 chaiiiN, thouoo  wont 120 olialiiH,  more or 1-*,*���������������, to the oust  hunk of G'Mt River, thence Hiiutlierly n-  li/ii*; t:aid rr.'.it l:i\n!: ef (..lout Rivur in the  point of commeiiceineut, cmituiiiing 100  noroH mon* or Iohh.  .liuiteH ThonuiH HurgoRfl,  Win. Arrou'Ninllli  Ditto 22 April, 101 Ii Ageut.  _**!_��������� U i������i BlNli  Get that leaky  boiler fixed  TINSniTHING,PLUIV_BING and PIPE FITTING  u ���������       j   tititi  Gnus, bicycles, phonographs, spray  pumps, sewing  I   machines and cream separators promptly and  efficiently repaired.  Expert on GasoHne Engines  ftflnBlM HTM���������11HSUSM  hereby give notico that tho ho.irs for  sprinkling lawnsor flowor gardens shall  bo botwoou 7:30 o'clock and 9 o'clock in  tho evening only.  In no oaoo snail the water be allowed  for irrigating purposes   Parties will also kindly note that;   according t.*>   con  tiiicfc thoy aro supplied with  water for  domestic purposes only���������should thoy ro-  quiro ic for lawns ur fl-jwur gniut*ub  application must be uuulu to the secretary of tho Company ior a permit  Our oolleotor has boon instructed to  Hot in iiooordnnuo with these regulations  mid any pevHons found guilty of the in-  f motion of thoso regu a i< n < aro liable to  havo thoir wator supply shut off.  Thoso regulatloiiH to remain in force  untl   the 2Jst.dity of August, 10.111.  J. Mallaudaiiin,  Oreston, B. O,, Suo'y,  \lt.) U\, IJilJi.  Electric Restorer for Men  (**hOHII>llOI1ol i'���������Ml''"'* ovoiy net vo lu tlin body   ,. -.-" - ���������- t'> Un liropur IciiHimi : n-nininn  .1,11 ,,iu..  t4i.ii.i i.    I io,.,.u hui in    .iy UH, I nil MiMiHi  tvi'nkti-'iM   **Vi*ilc.'<l   nt onri*.     Plmstilinnnl   wil"  niiin.0 yiu������ now in.in.   rncn Jim imx, ur nvi> lor   k��������� i.'r^v*vt*4nunw>Y.^.' ������i  Mnllcil t.-imiY U'ltlrr.,-.  Tho(JconuU Drra^   W*"'"''"���������**-""*  Hepair   Shop   behind Creston  Hardware and Furniture Store-"  Entrance on Victoria Avenue  Wm. B Embree  Co,  ��������� Bt. Cutliarlnaa, Out.  ii_3ii---a-i^'������afrif^  r __;���������_  fc.rr.Tiiri'-iMimmaiMiMi  ���������  ���������*_���������


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