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Creston Review May 3, 1912

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mv^-'.,- ./y-';':'. '������i";'l'tl",,a^'��� ^Vfore_^'''i^ j''i.-*?- -'��' :;'>^>i'-': '-'������ a^i''-':i*.i'-;-*i; =������-:�� WS.'-i.-.
ple_B��nt news thatY the Vaiiey haB ai-
had more to offer he would have sold it
������������>;-.i,,---.'.,i~v.'��.'---^��^v,ni;<'ir��'.-c*,';-.v.i^S*li:&&*^$&%&iVr'i<tifi-'i   '^ ���'���.���*.������"������':�����������.���'*.'-��,?����&
m0mmmmm^mimmmm-ti mti&itimmmmgBfm!
Store Coss-psnS-' to, put up
soon start building a warehouse testae
The aes? bullying will be 30 by? 40 fest
houses along, the track and within a.
few weeks there will be three either in
The fruit growers need thsir wa?e_errs6
J B. Moran some time ago.
tiJitx. Timmons loft here on April 15; and
'��_' _Sii'ii'-i_V it_Si_^?^::-��-;_&i***^'***
of tho j&th-dist'tclts^^
';py:'i-~:':.^-. --.-. ',-;' '���V';v-'^��;i&^'-f'r,����'^^^
be his last Sta\a^ha)^ti^i)^��MM^
��� ���' -'     "' ���"���   ���*���"���- ���   *"  ' -���   ���'*.^'��--V--.'*-*F*'Kw!*J_S'-^ '-*-     * '
cauliflower and tomato nlaljfcfl.sl&mt
���������*-----������ - ��������� -��������� ������������    ���- -' ���'-��������� '������-���-���������-���-���-'"^���s-Q2*g^ej:^^
'; H. Jackson,  The Os^Stsre,;.;be-
The stnmn blowing on *h�� tiraot ^
  -  .^r*''-i-::-'^r^'iX '   ""
wright, Laura EdmundBon, Ella Dow,
Oapltoln, Hiekey, Georgina Cart-wright
sida the Oreston Hotel put some of :$he
telephone wires ont of ccmsaSasioa tte- a
:?:^jS^;-'"'^'"-;;-'-'?"-k'-,'''v;-7., ���.���.-���x>,-;_\*-'v-i^^^ .-���-.������V-:-' -v.;-:'**';"'-vVvf���-������'��� ^^^���'������.'���-������"v^-:^:;*^';r'Y-f:\^^^^->^'''
y which they bought fssa i_ an improved Ranch  ^fl ���������� fekv
improved Ranch
��50%.:irbwv **>e ; :Sts?fe
;'~;..\ :f.i:-,*7i->,vt.���
r�� Y:r' Y-�� Y%YYWtf'i$^Y
First he blotted ont Goat Mountain,
?;"??'?:ySSSH S9SSS?5;'SSSf
*'-:e''?:*.^^^ -...--.
chois, Stanley Hendren, Frfmk'Fatter-;
-.-*.'i i'^T_^'te*S:i:j ?~
->,1���,..,-,���..,,.,.ir...v .*}i?^ppfi????ji
.   Evelyn Buj^n^Ao^ Brown,'LiUian
���Uherrihgtch,   isrmft   ilayden, "Muriel
Hobdesi Bl^sohs _l9iid?ess, B?abel Hne-
OifOiE,  B-Jaaiis  MoHuhuD,  Jvuniud   Ityu
'a no accounting
IVUBtluv u-9*ia unttuwyuv.
agent for the Magnet Creai-i iSwpai*-
**>!��� io s(~fnu3uti  ** *.��w. ua,yu iJa -ureHMJU.
j Ho was through here last fall and haft
, ;'l A^ %rY Yk;yY�� ; Yc:i" :.;-u-, .;J1s*. Y- :'rf;' ;��� -^S^^-^^-s-i'*.
| a number of his machines in use in the
:- |?Y???Y???S??????^l?:;^%r:w^
^���^���^^������"^^^������^������^'^^^ ,���'���----?---"!'':-"������',*" ���'������''������" -'������'������''���--'^-���^'���-'-���-���--���--���^--���-������������������--.^���:-!-!''���--���'������������- ���'  ���-
I vui
vf ��� ';?v!4 T;;- '.vKsf^^i^irijai *j-j. * ti +_^i�� <�������"-���.-'-;'-.-: ���"������' '���Y-''Y;-^''-':.
ed./or the most part in a drizzling rain
one was a ffoooL-yne iroaa start so zuusn.
'Ko'��ro:*M-*��Awii'Y,i^��_i_i*>_^ ?l*o*i��s^_k*l��'.'-.'-'K_*i#-,Y
. ��^i����.V.;,0a.7 y*?*:> -X*-'***,;>'v*,y*^:.'JM''".>*^-*,l??**>J,>.r.*'1*".^'*-'^**^**--' ���-"���***���*������*
tie it they had not had hard luck with
in the game a week before and only las
a Ofger SDljt- a cpm-ple imninga later,
I rt^?Slja^^h^;^
i^OOu gu.ai6 Up bO tuai> peiiOu tuvu    tui k
the mask and glove and Glen King went
ream had also made some changes and
vr Hh Ward oa first and  Beeoe on third
������- ���    ���.-   :. ;~���;  --.. .. -. ".._'.    . '.JUL]. ". l?,TSSJSSi
.., ...  ���jss-Bi-tm.-miwJSwM^^K
'���':���.'-:'���'?, -���'���"'' ?: -'s :Y Y f% Rvr^*rfrS?s?5 Y* Yii :^;?^ii^SS^^'S^s��^i
':'"��': :'������<���;��� ���;.--'���'"" Y 'i'^"C-'';-T';"'i.~J*V-/iV/vI^^
.';;.,.'.---; .:��� vM^? ���^���'������':y.;i*>>.^i?;-K.v3��'.si%&fc-s-^
:p?r:^aird^'?l'b;;:Ti^wrfc3b;;^^ T?;Y-fti#??gS;SJ^:#;Me��l^
'' - -"^'' ^^^^j_roui_lili ;nbin^?^t_i8;: f^^?whes?
,(  r.pp^|^f^thi.;|i*^^
I'itii v ?;?i;v;I-:|*w^dv:;Uli*e; .;,to, jMe.-the Y^alle^? ^^
���chioh I was getting my  goods.   There
*^_^t.??.I.:-'!|Qar(; tfaa^
���whool this year wad a threat snoceBS and
your fruit bit to got the best for ynu and
the beat for onrselvea out of it we must
liaYaitiaeked Whenever Ores.
ton hegins packing right you wiii find
that ,yonr market is unliniUed. It is
praotioally bo now ns I see it beoahfld
yiin have the right kind of fruit. ? A
little hotter paoking will bind the mar*
ket tight.?
Mr Timmons was asked concerning
4his side of the proposition and what
thodoolcra say along these lines but xo-
foBed to say anything until ho had repotted to bis Board of Managers to.
night.    Ho did not deny however n
question a�� to whether ho hud not hnd
, apii, 'h&& tro-abiq. bVcrttwo1 of, the hnd pacli
log in tbli Valley.   He did soy however
*bafc no matter where he went Orenton
'������������ '.   ''   ������',������,',.-,   ,   '   ���  ���'    '    ''-.���'������   ,-���;������,   '      -������',,���       '   .  ,,,,    ft '.
���f^ltwH*! known and In demand.      ���
'' 't ��� ^TlmmoOB mode along toorthrongh
ihoM&i&y''and wade hotter time than
the t*iter��R0 traTCllltigman doei over
this territory. He was mnoh ploasxi.
with the results, thnt he obtained.
The new Union needs its warohons*
atonoo and o|tboup*h this mattet hat-
bean delayed It Is very probable that
WU1��,   W��I*   IMMI��     ��H1    U��*i5UU    MKUIH    iillltMl
lines, Some of'the menegem belie-*
that a teiti'pornry fitrnnfuie woulrt do ti��i
theprm'H* iii'flli m likfly Hini Mnoh i.
bnlldiu-u'tll Ou mil. in> fli-r.. *
Y2;;B^?the;Tplace: i*np6:t^s6^^^YM^Y^
?-'Q-lVitttf i^it*3 me&^:^xs^B^tiftiti::titititi
/"���-���;'*,-;*"���. '���"������"-��� ���-'irY:'���:������' Y*1?1.*   i''*'Mif ;-"'-:-'���' '.'v *���-.' ' ' ���'?���'' ���������:X'ti���';���'''���'���''' "��� ���'���'���'������:;f ������'������-''''
Methodist Church Sunday morning and
evening.   All are   heai^y?ln^i^^
attend, ?? ? ���; ?::' ?' ?,;'' ������ :":\:.;?-;?;?' ���: ti-tititititi; titiih
���~01overdale ranch Is for 8ale,I20acreB
bottom land and 40? acres foot jhiil; _b>
"ftores in orchard, all can be cultivated
SeoO.C. French.
^W_^af <^^mi��TOT61u^'^ ?fe��^?#fY^^?
^v^s^i**rJ:S'"'?!E;^����^s-^^ ��*Hfe."a-:s'^
J. M, Barton, express agent at Oran
brookV,',v?ho'"!owns: a ranch?,.v;��lowg ^h��
government road opposite t ho home of
Dr. Henderson returned to CreBton this
week with his family.
|( .��!?
3ee^piu��haBOdfromthe leading seed
hon&jH of Eut-ope ^md'-^e-d^'i^e^.^
|fi^.;Gall.aad?:, see tu5m,??:c:T.?:;M.,?J_d?;
mondsoui. \ti\ti-: ���' ���;-? "���.;���[ titi.:;��� ':':??-;^'Y���y?;?>yJ:
:^^o^ights;��f FytWi&v^will ���; atiteha
Diylho Service at, Chris^:p|iurch?; ori
Sunday, May;i2-ih:at^^^p^m.^;''''-??,??���:
'Y?| titi^rti'tiytijis^
JB*. H. Jaohson,   The Caslt Store, bo:
hind the depot?    "'";'"'''';?
���"Why pay Middleman profit when
Oloverdalo ranoh is for sale, Come and
������eeit,   .
Charles 'I_( TvOtiecr, head of the B. 6.
Nurseries Co-, of Vancouver was in
Creston this week osid spent a day .going over the Yailey with his local
agent W. S. Watson.
D. ll. Oosson, who has been vieltiug
lu Creston for a week returned to Bur-
mis* Alta, Monday,   ,
, yet your shoos from MirabolH. New
stock Juiit arrived. Lntost styles and
lowest prloea in Oroaton.��� Don't inisn,
���Miss Hawarei- Buttctaeld in prepared tg mako : hats and bonnets foe
women ft' ud child con. Altering *nd re-
modelliv.g .a. speciality. Three years
prbvionaexperlenoo in a largo IxmtSon
(Euglo ifd) firm. Ohpu-^s; moderatfl,
Apply1 onre of MrB. E. Mailtndnlno.Crta
tonf;,��.?'?.   "���':''���''.".  ;    'V',:
:&ni^ iewis'tittle^^
; Third Grade; torn? ^ptterili; ��� StoUa
Stintioni St^la MeKelyey
yey, r^ul Stiiispn.    ? Ctititititi-
Second GrEde; Huigii; Graham'-Waif,
ter Long, Charles Botterill, Frank
Botterill, Gerald Timmons.
First Grade: Gordon Cross',? WUHA-ro
Graham. ,-':Yv ?:���'?
YThp pupils not absent during? the
month wore, Jane Long, Lewis Littlo-
john, Stella McKolyey, Kay McKclvoy
and Gordon Cross. ? Y
L.S. McGUl,   Teacher.
'���������������>��� v.'.V:h';-,v;i:;'v.., Y-.-. .. BX*-: .���<-.���,���������. v ; -y.  -v.Y:   i   'vv.'-' ���.���;..-'.   '
? P??Ly<mBi?is giving a?house ^a^lng
hall at,;. Bonnyhropk ironpii fenightand^
l>ig time is expected.  iypna'.hpus^
burned down some time ago and ho wbf
��0 pverjoyed. at;; baying; his new home
flniflhed thai he burst?irito Veiffie aud
here is his invitation to bU fiiends in
fchoVValley tojoin ^Ith: him tonight;;:
To Bbnnyhrcok   to Bonny brook! Oh!
"What a pleasant hook.
��� "-i :,-..���������.:���.. ,-.���,..-"-.��� ���   Y-, . ,.-'.;v.v.'. )"y ���.--.���
Come take a ride by the ladles side and
? see Lyons* de^n by;the mountain side
On May 8rd, I suppose you've heard,
he's giving a house warming ball,
So take. the ohanoe and come and pranoe
and mako merry with us all.
Wiiy above  Creston
H&tel ..beitti Clia^gecl;";
Aa annn t%N fh*- ItirnluHr nrrlven, vtnrk
���.vUlheotartodon a now fence around
ho homo and property of P: B. Fowler.
Tuuuunit-notottllBfor 200 feet of ptok'4*
foneo and B00 feet of board fencing*.
*r -Tho host In paints aud vurulehos.
SJe-pooPalat aud Berry Bros., Varnishes
for salem.'Sipeeits.-.-?���:?;.?   ������.*'������'.���'���
A rood gang started woikUhis wook
clittihging the road above tho Creston
iiciiwi so that the entlw highway will
���Ira rnovfld off  tho C. P. B.  plfoporfcyi
!T����M MldM-i i*l.-Oi���� rS|i��Jiii-.�� St<��i*i' io. ll��*
���''���"I''"1-;'''-'-''-. ' , -?. ' ��� - ^ ������,���,"'
crossing bos always been on the rall-
���For Solo. 4 lots 80x115 each, hav*
lug {J I bearing fruit trees, and a house
84; x-18. f For price apply to ownor, A.
E. French.
not;-- to'ehtOr ;th^ef <^n^i^;and^
"���";!��� ���'''"'.���') ",--;. ?"���'     Y {i- ���"���tiJ\ti:'Xti:lV^\" ^'���''���'\'^-'\.'ry''^
;'^'';---:-:,';-v-'"-Y"   ���������������':������;'������' *^"*<vkA:.t,r?;V"ft:fyto&X!W^
'.left .Port',.'Hill '.at', .four ,;^clt)C!k:?in?, t^,;::Y:;?:
rriproing'.;-! And'?!-'^
track to Creston.   Thoy claimed that
they; intojnd^g^ng;'.^
extragang which is at work alottgHnie^
K.. 'Yvbnt whenV^rr^ted J��y ;,q^s);iiWe|^S?
Gunn they were at ihe'..0i'P..;R. station
apparently, waiting for .the;/..afternppii??^;'';i
train.   Gunn had received a telepli^ne^?-;:';;
message from Mr. Rykertthli^^inii^
ing and was easily able to  recoghi/.o ?':?^
th*? men through tho description given   ?<4i
hliwi'over tho wires..-'?-'' - 'ititititi'f '<ti'hti;'''tititti\
Mr. Rykert believes that theYmeh
wore sent to Port Hill hy oho of tlie , .
Spokane employment agencies vi^i((?i^!;Yi|F
is making every effort tp get foreigner* ti^
Into Canada to go on rajWad ;js^iu;-;^y!
Ho also lielioves tlint if these men bad
gotten tlivouglv without deteotlon iv
conplo days- in Creston this week.
���ChrUtlols fresh sodas at 86. oen*a per
lu at dpcors.   ,
.Tack B<��vd hns -rnnilnally finished thfi
,��,,WV,M��    tX't,
0. A._oiMH)n�� ami ttogu m uxjreatn.
���Tum/ ��'iv PliANTfl.     Plaoo your
order now.,   JPoohljiV :K*tokH0ii, B�� ����
T. ��, J *u���o* re'wnit-4-esriy this week
from a t riiptlivowali **ie Wralrie rountky
where 1 **jo*k��dgif*er'some -of his pro- v��-i"
���wierBV. -
i^ad grotlnd and tho now one will ho
much wider than tho old. At lonst
half of'tholawn abovo the llotol will
dUiwIpeao with 1 ho change,
The Italian String Band is giving a
danoe iu the Mercantile Hall tomorrow
-' Vv'hc-v.--- n'lV' l.1*if�� hvrrjr-'t r,.r\H hr'*t ro!-'
ortd oppleB grown', also pooohou nnd
ohoirloi,?   Olovcrdnlo Ranoho.
woujid liay�� tried to slip 'tfcot^ugli?.ln.?:!;'^
tho same manner,   For this reason tUo\;':'J
.'������-.' ,:/:-.'.',fl
anew upon two of tho men were inado ;4i
espoclally heavy and all atterupte to ?
i teyodf0 j^\^laWa hereafter will result in I"),
niao-iuium punlHlunentH for the often- i-;
,        ,       ,._ - . 1 M l.M.I ^,1 Ill
...  .. ��� ?   -   '"", -. -  ��� ���.-' ** ��� ������ '�� 'j- '' -r^OB ' OALE-Oholup'; JLCr?:ooiva-'?��>(���'
W: H. MnrrandBoy ��. Hogarth Of f������1Mlltl, ni,Ift ������,,������,. nttVt^ fti ^.Y
Father IlHrtmnn, of the   Cri.nlutiik
^'"mission will hold oorvloos in the Imml
P^thoUo church  Ami-lay; nt tbe uannl
Coleman, Alta., came to Creston Tne
day and spent a couple days looking
over property in this section.
���Protect your garden with poultry
; '...'ii-iTi'l
frait lanrt, wile and half north of town
(iJood. two-story *cildeueei;.yr*AW
land t nearly all land wlashed, half 'acre?
oluared aud plan-^ed.   Apply to owner, .,^.
H, C. Gohtko, Creston.       ../ '. W-tf	
S, !����� Taube,  of the  TauImi Optical     ��
~  ., ��     <". '    ��.- .-,'...*,;-.'   -i ���'���'''*'���''
iSfd."./ *.*K> ***** ���.��-.   ,
:������������'''.   .
���" ������.-��������� ?',;!
".'  ���**i"J**'
<- .1,, ....'.(fe**1,
.(.,   , ^1 ii ... j...
Hi *.,... .-ul J^UBW^L'^-t*^.^-:..' ft^.lf**^^^^!^^^.^^^ ^i^^r^lMirl, i?5^^^*--^^
fmmW '?-i'T-V*V'.- ������''��������������������������� *' Vr':'-'"������������������:*;,"-'���������'',���������'',^,^V-VK���������'-.~-,^-;'''. ���������' ���������-.-?;-t ���������'- ���������  ���������V -' *Y; V'*u^_*i-Bs������iiiis^^  v\-v-'��������� ?:' * fc V"'**��������� *V'*l'' Y���������"-'���������-'?>��������� i'' -'*���������'':-'��������� -'f'"-'*��������� *'-��������� '���������������������������������������������  YY-Y'Y=:^^'-'-::- *^': '^������������������l^ms-eS?^^"YlY;??..?^  _>.,.-; ��������� ...-i'|**"w t������a"r,-       "  .... ,  .*]5W5i?i(������3-.'i  ;T^;v:S1^Hllr\fe_?  fti   ..:Y,'Uiihwe^aryy,Que8tlons.?Y' ?''?;???  The damage suit was-? oh, and YBll?  dad's.i chauffeur:; was testifj*lug-,for-'?ths  plaintiff. . Y. ?Y?'Y.?Y;.:.  "Sow. you say," \->aid the -pompous  lawyer for the .defendant," '"that at  ilhis - point the two cars, travelling.; at  the rate 'of'."thirty.-, ihilbs ?an hour,,  came together head on? .Then, what  did-you do '���������"������������������>���������:-��������� Y-?---;:-??:Y'-;.-���������-���������':-'���������.:���������'-���������  ;���������' The -''witness' gazed wearily at his  Qneiitioufcr; V\ ������������������;��������� :���������:'" ,-;-.��������� Y1. Y* Y-Y?:-''*Y '  ti. ''Why,'' he saidir "I": tumed ; tp. my  \yife, -who was:'- brushingthY baby's  hair In the toimeau, and I said that  I Ythought the ? dumplings: must be  jdoi?oby th'.s tinier���������-"-??  "Bang!"    interrupted    the * judged  gravel.       "Stenographer,*'     said     hi;  honor, "^fiKe that fool answer froiu  he record"      ;    ���������'..?���������. Y?'���������:??'?;'.    -. ?r??-  "Aiid- doesn't th.4 question go with  it. judge?" asked the witness, meekly.  "Sure!" said his honor, forgetting  tho dignity of his calling for the moment.���������Harper's Weekly.  titi&iititi, f-A lat������ka n ,".M osjiu \^9atiti^;'titi^$ti  ti- IwoBquitbeB ' invihe ^ce'^ouSd-Ynorth-;'  "erh country are a plague^eyond^c*-1  lief? YY-They 'come toYlife?|a'b'QUt^i_ie:  middle? of Ma,f.. hefore : i-boY^buhd?;-!^  tha-wes- buY and while:?-aia^y������feet?bf;  ice atill covers the lakes ahdyall biit:  "'" " Y&?:'?:?-k??Y?fe^  ���������;,;ayg...  bautbarol; _       ........... ...^^  ;' alculatibnisfc.^  .of the world? ::says;-;thO?felphe  arrives at the cohcl^^ioh ?that;sthere  are 1,100,  000.000sSoWbI'^  M  illjilill   -"-malawis?  iw&ter,  , i;i|  l_il!_li._������i.i  ti^:������tirl^  iill'TTT _  a ���������*w,*������*'*^I^i_-������d"jl!l^**iB-i  ���������i^ti������lii<i|.Mil!lil[^1i^iii|l������jvi'j-,ii   -������ w *B tt������ -u -^__������-- b -m ���������������-_  .in'JUf'  _ -������'������L-ii.!b������(ni<ui-i  lnimimimi'!i!iii|iiir_ g irti>0'iil!imwluiitiiin)iiitii  manYiotheitipuipsses  : wmiiiiiiH--srTiiliitiiiiiimiiMtit-afiii iti������^5iimttiiiiiii  COMRAWV  LIMITED  tiro rO:N;to,ont-  Jim's Motive      Y  ? "Judge an  action    by its motive?'*  aid. Senator McCumber at a dinner,  n   Washington.     -'That   ia  the   only  way to avoid going wrong. ?    '  "Jim YBludge of Wahpeton, was a  very bad man, bat one Easter he;  turned up ,at: church service. ? YY-  "Evsybodv i?s.s delighted. Every5'  body's heart warmed to Jim? But the  deacon, accosting him after tbe service, said cautiously:    ?Y??  "* 'Well, James, I'm glad. *to see yoii  at meeting;  but how did you happen  o coiue?'" ���������?���������?���������'   ���������.-...?.���������;-���������  "'Ha, na, ha.!YJim?Bludge chuckl-  d. 'It's like this,  deacon.    You see,  ast    Thursday    morning  I   found   a  counterfeit dime-  pdy.'" '  the'.'swiftest-- rivers..?' 'Stagha^;?^uh-i:kpoint:.Of .-. vie^-;Y'o^:-?^^-^e;^^es^es?  heated water is not in the leaathec- some data coh^rhingY?ii03S.000,^00;:  essary;?-- - They breed in the*"gUiciei'si and he finds th^^;th������se?5gl,*7^^n^  -wherever a bit of earth;or?;manure   as j^ales and?W  ii;;ii'  - ^      vVduicU    ������.C>   w%j.    ii,w    *.;^  , A woman in Trenton, 3v.J, Vv'ho has |  been having a lot Of troulilewith her \ 0een the subject of franchises grant-  ed during    the  dornestie  help,   was   obliged   recently   _^    ta 'accept the teniiiorary  service of a] s������*cii ?-*o^    is    now  raw_ recjuit-ir^the sliaye of an Irish| Tb^ ayai*aulic work on the Mj  girVjust landed iu^tills coustry.^    ���������    | completed,  and     another-    sit  Norway's Water Power.  According to recent reports, the  asKHjnfc of power which is'��������� in the  way of preparatios. ir. Norway Is  500.000 horse-power, ir. addition to  the existing 430,000 ^ hor^e-power.  Many large projoe.i**.- ioi= hydraulic  work  upon   the   large   streams'������������������{have  haB'-Yinolt^d,- a' little;S'jjio^l|''f?''.'Their.  wrigglers ./'aro : seian? in running ice  water*;: By the 1st of - June? it'vis,; Uncomfortable to sleep without prptec-  tectibn,; and from that time?oil?^intil  September, when the ? first frosts  have benumbed them, especially/ dur-!  ing the warm, rainy seasonYof i^Tuly  and August, they becoine a.?hejver-  ceasing scurge, owarming^ih;thpu?  sands'. The ;:Aiaskau "mosQuitip;YiS:  small, brown, silent, and very? much  in earnest.--'* He: never, .sings ; a  warning noi* fools about ^electl^??a  spot to    taste,    but, says a sufferer,  sV.r.U...^.. J���������        ���������    ��������� U^,   II 1      ' 1JJ.-W.   I'l-J-.--.   fc^^^l.^.  CwuiCO :     IU.    S    UBB-HUt3     nUlt    IUt>    (/IV"  and gets in to'.action."--:-   Every inch pf  your" clothing is industripuslybo^pd'  so that you look like att: ahiniatbd  brown cocoon, and tlfe ..aiigh.tegi'.-v-ex-  ppsed spot op Wist or neck is; prom"  ptly set on'-,- i'fire. / I/expeiriinehted  with, a smallhole. in my glove?: After ''he first inoSqulto had; found the  ' yi\'������r-n.'-ri S*vi^v    'rt*-"W^*--*-.   ��������� _i.*i������*������.'_i<: l**      hi.IaI-     r.ti*--\������*t.Aa.  'siph to the spot? He left isome  microscopic "kind laiiy and no. dog"  sign there. It I killed the first and  left1 his carcass it; served as a warii-  ing hot at all. The others came tive  faster, and the more I killed the  more eager the survivors, became,  perching quite unmoved on the remains of their confreres.  'cbhsequehtly^YonJtl^:?  professor cbhciu3[e^?there:r;kre?89pY^{  males for every thbus&hdifl^  Gulischamharoffind^ the?; same" distribution beyohd/,:Eurbp&?Y^  .women 'preponderat^'V?:ahdYJtheY^atip:'|*|fj^  is greater than ;thattitit;^lirpp^ii^fot'?  \n the black contineht?ther^MrS;;l^Q45  females   for    every?'  thbu^ahd^irieh;,  compared'   with 1,027-^PfeehYtpYthe  same number in Burbp6.?Y^?'-?-''':??:S?'-'  In the three other?ditialims?':bff';t^Q;:  worid wonien are iiiith������^niiap^ityY5ln  America they Count for ;?e^ry thpU;  sand men 964    womeh,?ih A^ia'���������S-Sl.':  and in. Australia 937?; Yin;Africa; that  part were the wPhveh? populatibnYla  greatest In TJgarida^where I^ptKbu-;  ��������� sand men -th^':'e,duhtYnov;fowe^  itOi \> Uiaik'C-a-, ���������;   .-..-.*,jl.-������������0-,y'*'C'������������*b������*V,~: ajfvra/ima**,-  tiOn showai weakhess?ih?tUe?\Ve9tbru  and North-Western?^S^tea:':';:pjfjiv_3i__8t-:.  era Australia. ;������Thp^i!^to8t;^  of women it "tO?he?fb^d "1&: ���������Alaska  and the Malay states, where for 1000  men we lliid only 8^lr and S8S women;  resnecllvely.." ;���������- ?;-- v:.??-Yr;-;,::??; ':-:  atwTJi  Miriard's Liniment used by Physicians.  Academy For Dogs.; "���������?-;���������?:???;?  An    enterprising    pm-sou in    Paris  | has opened- an academy for dogs. The  duration oj the curriculum is; a niinK  mum four months, when presUuit-lya,  F-iii-ii;     -1 ii^^^iiiS        *���������-    ^\*.sll\&A        - - ������������������B,r>*i.-:,*h,/������������j-  orfe. the time- speut with ch\ss; fef^?ls!  somexvhau heavy. The aninial^,?re?  beived at the school, which has above  its portals in letters of 'gptd-the  words        "Acaaemie    pour    Ghieus,"  last few years, aud  about finished-  Mjosen is   ^ ,    siiterprlsis;[ are taught a thousand and ou&;grac������=-;  -After a prsliiairary    survey of the ? oa ttte gammaEser stream is isoon to  pxl zn������ a. dejected .sigh, the lady of. | 5lv  the house'asked:��������� 1 amount   of     electric   current.-  '���������What can yoa do*" ���������? tine American.  Shure,..-������������������'. most,   anything     at    all,! - -  r  j ful tricks, and oh lea"-  A Power ot its Qwn-i-*JD.*  EcitH-i I'lC     Oil    ;M<Jl.5  its  own   thiil'?;other  Thomas'  povv.ei* oJ-- j  Oils  cannot pre-  .oiiil t--i, thoiujli there}: are many pve-  undors -*vil \?hb' haveYusied 'It know  this nnd keep it bythienV a^ the most  vahiablo liniment?hVahablb?lLs uses  Hi*e iiiniinietaolp -and-for -many years  it has oeen priwdas the ieauing lini-:  lnenL lor man and.���������"be'av.'t;    ?? ?  .      llia-id^'ti^l^^f^^  O You place four or five of tora around  i^_3|-^tUirl^r*^HM?^S^  '���������Tbenmygranarlescome in, to hold your grain from each"  stack.  My granary keeps jrrain clean, dry and unheated.,.  f������o musty griun, ao losses irviu,' *���������������������������������������������������������������.������**. -,������������.���������*���������������..-:-.,,>,:-.tS*^..  -;.^.i6adyhauV.dire:o^?to^^ "''  '^imab- several-sizes-oi!'-ihra?_'iimfiy,'cr^^  Y; ?ge^lS0; 260.300. 4pb,vSppi j^ andlpCO;futt^taeaa  "    urei'RaMahteed;\Inipcriai?Bu^ei'si_es (not?;Y  small 1T.S. bu8^el3)vand:ypu set u*p ;ahy?  Pedlar Granary in half a aay^.Reineinbpr:?  Y: you eaa- aovs.'it^eisU-';'. juyWy Wjne^ ~>Mf. ?;  Granary saveabignion^r by cutting down  .���������;rtei^hg:.an.d-^et-'i^  i ^"See how the man at the lert can>shpvel??  ���������-: :��������� griain ���������: ia?: irbnt' ^'the;: threshirig Yj^i^hinje^Y  ;';?|f;'it-::h_s'v:hpf:ie^op.but:;to?'dbUv  direct ^tobugh t^  "The'{'bth������'?ir_iri"asgagging' grain. ;Giaharies are; hodt  with dpor-sectiori or plavn, aa 4esiredY?My ne^Grah^y:  is lust right for saving cost. YIt pays for itself in-aysar?  It comes hi scctso_s^4o^?fr������!ght cpstY Afpbyca-a'sBt  up.?: ���������Write ^forriiy: descriptiye;bppWet.":Y,;Y-^;?-:-;vYY:'"7bb  mum," -responded the  newcomer.  . L..C,     ...y/.. >wl������C-  goyfljan  a ift-sro j wifh-..t*nt������TYi  their- diplotna signed-iandi  'sealed.        Some ������������������.'ot    the alumhi,?^e }  read, have already obtained a deser  ved reputaLiou.  -Scien-  The  lady   or  llie       DOiioc  rph.  aaout tne room. Tasre vvas every  thing to be done. "Could you fill  the lamps.?" she finally ventured to  ask.  "Shure, I kin fill the lamps!" exclaimed the enthusiastic Celt, as. she  grabbed one and started out. Then,  with the air of one wishing above all  things to suit the possible caprices of \  a new employer, she paused to query:  "Anr is it gas or oil ye'd be wantin*  thlm filled with?"  Expansion And Contraction.  A teacher in a New Jersey educational institution Had been trying to  shake clear, to her pupils the principle in physics that heat expands and  cold contracts. The rule was discussed in its various aspects and  vbearings, and . . finally the teacher  said:������������������  '���������'William Brown, suppose you give  me a good example of the rule."  Well,   ma'am,"    answered   William,,  "in summer, when it is hot, the day������  are longer, and in winter, when it is  cold, the days are shorter,"  Hard and soft corns ��������� both :yield to  Holloway's Corn Cure, which is entirely, safe to use, and certain and  satisfactory in its action.  H������*i Aliment.  Tommy's Aunt���������Won't you have  another piece of cake? Tommy,  Tommy (on a visit)���������no, I thank  you.- -  Tommy's Aunt���������You seem tG be  suffering from loss of appetite.  Tommy���������That ain't loss - of appetite. What I'm suffering from is politeness,���������Judge. ���������" ?  Aviator's Wife's First Trip-  The aviator's wife was taking her  first trip with her husband in his air-  stop. "Wait a minute. George," she  said? "I'm afraid we will have to go  down agsia."  "What's wrong?" astced her" husband.;.     -  "I believe I have dropped one of the  pearl buttons oS ray 3acket.    I think  can see IL glistening on i_e gromiii.  "Keep your seat, my dear," said the  aviator, " that Lake Erie."���������Youngs:  towu Telegram.  Wretched frorn .Asthma. Strength,:  of body and vigor 01 mind arisinsvi?  tably impiiired by :the i visitation' bf  asthma. Who can live under the  cloud of recurring attacks "and .keep  body and mind at their f ull; eiueiency ?;  Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma; ;Remedy  dissipates the cloud by xGnso"'ns?the  cause. It does relieve, it does restore  ths sufferer to normal bodily trim- and  mental'..happiness.?: Y??? ??";-?:';-'?Y?"????'  How Time  Changes  Words.  "Owe  used  to    mean   "to  own,  to  pOR,8.P9S."  Any boy was once a knave.  Idiot onco upon a time was applied to a private person who took  part in public: life. It Is a Greok  word, and the Greeks believed that  nil snch pei-Hons wore foolish; so It  has come to mean a foolish person.  Hussy now cliiirnctevlzos an Impudent woman, while originally it vvas  si short word, moaning houswlfe.  A villain was once a slave attached  to n  farm.  Tyrant onco applied to any prince  or governor.  "Infant waft once synonymous with  ���������'lt^pcc���������chlo3r,.��������������������������� Kansas City Tiino.s.  mmm*nm*mwmmmmmm*mmmmw**mmmnmWBmmm  . Worms Bap the strength and undermine the vitality of children. Strengthen them by lining Mothor Gravo'H  Worm Exterminator to drive out the  parasites.  "Havo you ever had a uream thai  camfi true?"  "Yes. I had one only a few nights  ago that camo true. I dreamed thnt  I wan going to recnivo a leU*-grum  which I would be afraid to show to  my wife."  "And you got. it? Was It from an-  othor woman?"  "Yes."  "Snv, old man, I never supposed  you would bn guilty."���������  "Walt! It was from my molhrr.  who notified me lUu ttiit* was* i.oihiiik  to visit us for two or throe wooka."���������  Chicago   ileioid-Horald.  Another Precocious  Child.  A director of one or the great  trans-continental railroads was showing his three-year-old daughter the  pictures in: a wpx-k of natural history.  Pointing to a picture of a zebra, he  asked the. baby .to .tell him what it  represented. Baby answered "Col-  ty."  Pointing to a picture of. a tiger in  the same way, sho answered "Kitty."  Then a lion, and she answered  "Doggy." Elated with her seeming  quick perception, he then turned to  the > picture of a chimpanzee and  said:..  "Baby, what is this?"  "Papa."  ������������������-. ^Really'.Rainprobfi:;;--;'Y  Ih X^apland garments, made of ��������� rein-*;  deer wool are famous Jbr their mbis-;  ture-resisting property as "well as for  their warmth. The hair, unlike that  of; many animals, Is Y no*: bollow  throughout its length, but is, divided  I into watertight cells Yfilled? with air,  which appears to be under compression, so thatv when the garments are  placed in water the hair, or wool,  swells without breaking,; and the  wearer is buoyed up, and does not  really . sink If ; he falls overboard.  Such garments are in common use  among the Swedes and -Norwegians;  Toads Embedded; ln?Qha!k.  Mrs    Marie    S;    Hagen,' .of YRopely,  raise."    an  Tnterestlpg, .though much  discussed, question in tlie i\_^i'ent issue iff the Selbouriie .Magasiue.'���������"��������� She  writes: "Recently I Was .haying some  deep holes dug out of the solid chalk  in which    had recently been a, meadow,   for   the   purpbse? of   planting;  some pfilar-rpses, ajid; in ^yc, of these  rny    gardener    foiiau-    several .small  toads firmly,.embedded in the chalk,  and one tightly fixed into a large flint?  I had    of ton    heard ;' bf toads 'being  "v/riteforBookleii-Io.GS  Tiie pedlar PeoploiWmite^  I-W1NOTPEGI      OA^QASY  EDMONTON?   A^&&Wti  :"etombard St'   CrowsiBicck; 563 3rfSt^Wi .1901 aiitw-iySt.S."  SASEATcosr '������������������'���������     ?'?ivf0o8S:^rAw:?-?,-/';Yiv;iETOTBra  Urawer 1645        -  care "Wiiitlbck fi; K^latt   -   ., 323 Fifth St. S  asm^mvm  M  M���������. ������������������ jlJ^wy-''.my'JK'-,<Bir..'--<^T't.g**l *������***���������:.'  J.XVJt_j������. JL XUJCX**] A f win.*     V.UW-  ;',������P^<>'~1  found embedded; ia a rock;.:but . i  never quite believed it. The chalk  in question cannot, I think, have  been disturbed since it was first laid  down upon the floor of some ancient  ocean. Can the toads have ���������burrowed so far beneath the surface--a-ad  through so hard- a substance as solid  Ohalk?" : ? ?Y-^Y'??"''':::'?:'':'V''': "'-  :'"?V;"'   \titi^Jti^:'  .iMi-.'x-:.:Fj_cEIE'^v.  .���������'VY?^Y-^.a:v:,^Y;'-'--?-;?.:.v-Y-....-..Y.-'-'.::^:v.'.'>-' klnsston, dntY:^ne ������th?-WO?:,-:  Dear Mrs. .Qurfah.^���������1 feel eovc*^ much better iaiter using the' 10. days' treatment of: ORANGE iai^Y-you. were Kta  ��������� *mbr������>.   In f&cti^X feel e_Ur_iy;:>wefti-::|__i'-lt-- is now >i'month olnce I stopped ustes tha  ���������-t-fdatitifent.;-:-   '-'.- -:\Y' ���������';���������'���������-/--''������-. ���������.-Yi;'-Y'-;':.;;,'Yi: -Y'-:'���������':',-���������-',-    .:::--'Yv'^v^;--''CMlJsa).,Bt>^V^.;Tiv.Y3v'  '-.-������������������  Similar letters toj the\ alioveYiureY not infrequent; though; of coarse," ������������efa vssss  'And  i)it  In  Diplomacy.  what     is     the  diplomatic  corps"  "The diplomatic core," replied tho  man who takes a pun seriously. "Is  what the weaker nation is permitted to receive after tho stronger ono  gets through eating the apple."���������  Washington Star.  Rather   Useless. "**  Kind liady���������And what does your  father do?  Urchin-���������Ain't got ho father���������only  a stepfather.  Kind l.**.ciy���������Well, what does your  F/tepfather do? ���������"���������,  Urchin ��������� He ain't done nothln'  since we've had him.  "I beg pardon,"' said the reporter,  "but yuu are Mr Spuddc, the potato  king?"  "Yes, but I don't like that term,"  replied the murphy magnate, testily,  "Oil kings and cattle kings and the  like are so common. Call me tho  potatcntiato."���������-Harper's   Magazine.  . .'--.mrY^Y'YY;VYY/v.^YYY  How to REMOVE SUPERFLUOUS HAIR  i-rom the Face,; Arms and Neck Told Free  Society women and 'actressea all Ybviij*  Europe .are'?::'i9'troii4gly.:';.4nd6.'^tig;.':-;'a;,' new  marvellous^discovery of: how, to remove  puperfluous:hair from .the; face,' arriis iand-  rieck. This'; new discovery is: now.��������� for?tlW'  first time introduced into Canada; Y/Ariy  woman -afflicted: with the growth "of '8ii|-;  erfluoua hair can.obtain .the:-informatipn;  free of charge.. .: Send'you name-; find ������������������&%-;���������.  dress togrether���������'- with a 2 cent-stanipitf,  Madame Fayard. Room 25,'--SiHlSart Block,,  Winnipeg.-       ;';-;';'''.:,-       --Zti-A'titi'ti'ti-K  ?'Y?Y  Height Of Shooting Stars. Y  According to* "Cosmos,'? the mean  height at which shooting ; stars first  become visible is 81 miles.? The  mean height,of 'their.Y dis&yB&aranee  is about 58 miles. The mean .length  of this visible" path"Is 45 miles. '  su^Vi  ?y  are not^^^phgjstanding.^? aiost wo-  iiien     wiiii   - 1'iu.Ve     i������iu������rQw     tbiZ: _u^  lenstii ;of . time ���������. ������?1U   reoialre'���������'. to   isse  OftXKQE f ' tiltiTV   longer   ; than' Yjth*  ���������T-riai-;; M^eatment  in .crdar . toYeaec*  ���������_-.'.''cbinplot_1''.''cur'e;.-;'b_t;-ln';������v������ry',-ca!*e>  they--will   be   percentlbly. benefited.  Further, the benefit will ��������� be 1 pevhian-  11 ent whether  they; Continue    to    us*  j! OKANG3   t,H.T;Ysr   ttot. ; !t is^not  * = taken   Intsrnalty. .'aaav; deca1;���������'fist: efts-'  ���������pin*' an*-'  alcohol o? eth������r stimulant. 1  It:; is   -an;   applied ;-;treatmeht,^vau_  actf> .directly   on   the.   eufterln**;; or.  grans.:   In all cases of ;women'-} *, dls-i  orders, 'these   orftaha;-. are; -congest-1  ed toj'a ,|*Teater or?ilew Extent,Yanii  ORANGB Ij_LT will relieve .and remove this congestion Just as poaltively and; cer  tainlyati:the action of ammonia or soap on soiled linen. It is :a;simple^chemical  k>**oblem, and, tha result ia always the same, a step towards b*������������e,; health;; an_  leomplete -cure.;   ���������'��������� ���������:.-;���������:': j:-*V'-;:$���������&&*;--.J.;r-.-.:'. ";--.v..-;>���������>:���������';;.;. .>::'-,-.;- :..;-;.,,;:.;^!:;v-'-::-'���������'���������;������������������ ��������� ������i t  ;.>; ��������� in order that every sufferJns woman may prove Its; good Qualities. I win; senfi  enough of ORANGE] tXUX tar 10. ������ay"a treatment, absolutely free, to each lady whe  -rill send me her address.       MRS. FRANCUi*. E. CURRAh, WINDSOR. ONT.   10  "Who gets the" custody bf the automobile?"/; . ������������������-.-���������.-.:-"'-v', '������������������"������������������'   ������������������:���������������������������  "I '.old my wife she might have it.  I cah't keep up the machine and pay  alimony, too."���������Louisville Courier-  Journal.  Tho manufacture of artificial  aponge is based on the action of zinc  chloride on puree cellulose, which  has been mtxed with a coarso rock  salt. The mass is placed in a press  provided with plnn which mako tiny  canals like poros. This sponge  swells with water nnd hardens on  drying like a real sponge.  A Misalliance.  Mother: That's some of my son's  work.     He's quite wedded to art.  Jones (thinking aloud): Ah, another of those unsuitable marriages.  ���������London Opinion.  When going away from home, or at  any change of habitat, ho Is- a wise  man who hum uerA among his belongings a,bottle of Dr.  J..D,?Kellogg's  >y&enitery Cordial.    Change    of   food  nd water    m    some? strange: place  v'nere there are lib doctors may bring  n an attack of dysentery.    Ho then  has a standard remedy at hand wiih  v.hich to cope with the disorder, and  oreavmed  he  can   successfully   fight  he ailment aud.su! iue It:  The day before she was to be married the old negro servant came to  her mistress and entrusted her savings to her keeping.  "Why should I keep it?    I thought  you were going to get married?" said  [the mistress.  "Vso I is, missus;, but do you1 s'pose  I'd keep all dls money In the house  -Tyid that strange nigger?"  Preparlnn for the Future.  '"Ho drinUs heavily'."*  "I know ir."  "TI;   ���������'i'.-nVi''--."  "1 an. going to marry liii-i to,reform  him."  "My girl, listen lo mo. Try mm experiment ti'firt' you do that."  "What *-xperlnvii.t?"  "T������fU<i In n woi>lt'r. wr������F.hlii;f to ������'o,  tnnd tu-o how you will lll,'������: It "  Keep Mlnard'a Liniment In the houue.  A world's record in postage ox-  penftes on a Blnglo letter has boon  established by tho cost of sending a  ���������packet of valuablo securities from  KiisHla to Austria, amounting to $1)40.  Tho envelope measured more than  iwu i'c-i'i. h,nia by a foot wide, and one  sido was entirely covered by. 182  ;*tai'.!p:-;, renronnntlng tho oont of  postage and insurance.  Th-> Impecun-.Mis youth had np-  priached "her" wealthy father on a  (jiibjrnt near to l.ls heart,  "You Blab-sldod ahrlnip, you could  not support a brood of sparrowa,''  ro:.roil  1ho old  ������������������nan.  "What hoots it?" Indignantly inquired t,hf> iiroinic youth.  "I do." HtilU'od tho magnato, an ho  nwung his right, hrognn, and tho  young man relied down tho front  Hi.npH.���������Chicago  Ilocord-Hurnld.  Oin> always Ihuil:*' Micro iu u lot ot  iii'uiny to bo mailo In any kind of  ImihIiichk that ho inn't in,  Mrs Wombat. I und<*rutnnd you  havo been happily mai*rl������d for  Iwenty-tlve yean*.."  "Vos"  "To ono husband?"  "Yoh."  "Would yon coiihui������ii uu uum- u������ ,ip-1 upmiuu.  , ....������������ *������������������ 1    w  "No:  T don't bollevo In miiklr������K   a| 'HMuiuiua OMj-tli'OAii t'lJOM  oensatlon    out    of  such  matteru."���������ju.'.Hl r.iOM X,>m mq ''i Xju,������u jo uHjoj  riltnburifh Pcnit. \������iv\ ui &jn;aa lOiU cmoai ot:yit).tc*AO���������  Bffle^���������"Shall I put on my mackin*  t������uii und run out and pout thin letter  mother?"  Mother-���������'No. dear; lt.'n not lit for  a dog to b������> out a night like* this,. Lot  your      father      post      It I "--"London  Health  And Success  are such intimate relations that no  one can be expected to;be well  acquainted with success -who docs  not keep good hold on liculth.  Most serious nicUncNstffl Btart in  minor troubles of the .di-restive  orpfans. Thousands know by  actual experience thnt health and  strength���������and therefore bucce&b   -'  Are  Increased  By Use ol  Deachnm'a Pills In time, nnd be-  iprcmipor troubles become deep-  Rented nnd Instln***. This famous  family remedy will eloar youi- hj<h-  tcm, repfiilate your bowels, stiniu-  lato your liver, tone your stomach,  Then your food will jiroperly  nourish you and enricli your blood.  "VYm will be licaltliy cnouah to  ri'HiHt disease���������Btron**; cnouirh io  tiilco due nd vantage of opportunity  after   taking, aa  needed,  What Polly Wanted.  Tho McKeesport man was tolling  the minister about his educated parrot. ���������    -.(������������������. .-"*.. -i    ������������������ -  "Ask him something," he urged; ���������  "Polly -want a cracker?" asked'the  parson.  "Naw, gimme three cards."  5SN*    "  ! dyed ALL these  DIFFERENT KINDS  of Goods -  ' uith the SAME Dlia.)  Do not glvo your family fcod made  with alum baking povydcr. Uro Magic  Baiting Powder. Coats no more than  tlnv orulniry kinds aud ia giio,rnute--*d  not to contain alum. All lngredieutr-  aro plainly printed on each puckago  Sed if thoy arc on the brand you aro  now using. All upto-date' Grocers aoM  nnd recommend "Magic."  Si B_LSlS  ������������M  ���������      Im twiirM, 9R*.  W. N. U. 800.  "Your non appears to, ho, a young  man of great expectations."  "Yee. Wo put in hla spare tlmo  writing speeches which ho will havo  to deliver at tlio laying ot corner-  Dtorion When he Ih preMldent."���������Ohlii-  iigo Itocord-Ilorald.  Fell.  Mr������ Murphy���������80 ypiir eon DbnnlB  fell .'from It^in nlryoplann? Sura, OI  thought ho wan loarnlu* to fly in a  corrlBpondonco school.  Mrs Casoy���������Ho was, but ho sthop-  pqd EftWrt.iri tho mlddlo of a lesson.  -Lippincott'i*.  A Sheet That Couldn't Be Turned. .  Thoro is in London' a gontieman  who haB given up aovoral years ot his  Ufa to a crusado ugalnHt the ordinary  ahect. He luiH invented a sheet  which cannot bo turned by the maker  ot tlio bed, so that tho (deeper is always sure of being bol.woou the uuino  murfaoes. Ho holde that very few  uotwl^ Clvo to each l'<'r���������J"<��������� 0 '���������U'ln  pn,lr of uheetH, and that tho, proprietors have an unpledimnt habit of  i-iriiluK thorn, or Ironing Uiom,, and  then calllntK them clean, ��������� "Fow pooplo realise," tuiyH the invenior, "thnt  ...���������  A^i������nrv nnlr nt whaftrr* run hft riut  on a bed in 3'<J ill If or ont poMtlon-t. It  in nu MppatniiH iiiuuKia umi miih mu-/  be tha thlrty-Hecond person to _loep  hntweon thoiio choota.  "Hard brlnkln.fl Water.  Mahy  persons  ha,ve  long. believed  thatt'it.is..injurious to the health    to  drink    "hard"    water.      Medical authorities now assert that there is no  foundation   for the belief,, and some  maintain    that    hard  water is even  superior to    soft water  for drinking  purpose.      They  poiiit  out  the  fact  that ordinary food contains a great  dnal "''Wore lime than is to bo found  in oven a larger quantity of water  Mian any  ono    would    bo likely  to  drink. Gout is said to occur iiliko a-  mo.ig tlioso who do and    and those  who do not    drink hard water.    According to the statistics quoted in the  Engineer,    tho  death-rate   in  "hard-  water towne" is actually less than in  "soCL-wator towns.."     It is also the  fact that moot of tho natural waters  attributed    to  tho drinking of hard  water,    themselves contain no small  proportion of lime salts.  ft In nevpr itoo soon to blamo it onJ  Mm other fellow when you malto  a  nilstako.   , "' ��������� ���������  CLEAN /and 3BMPLE to Uaa.  ! NOch������ncoo������u������lng*th������WaONGDyofo_������h������Co04*������l  .' one lins to color. ��������� All color* l*rom your nrtiSKl.t otl  L Dealer. FREE Color.Cdrd and 8TORY UookUHO.1  j TUo fohn*on-IUcU������rdaoii Cor ,' jmluj, Moiilrbal*]  ���������i-j*-  Tho Chicago ' Tolophono Company  Is oxporlinonHng with a now coll, by  whlnli It Is hoped to establish telephonic communication between Chicago and London.  LPmber Carried on Burro Back'  ���������   ThO forests of Mexico are situated 1  chiefly In the mountains at altltudeo  of 8000 to   la.000 feet,     In the lowlands of the tropics there are scattered mahogany troos and a variety of  othor hardwood timber.     Owing    to  the inaccessibility   ot   many ot tho  tracts of timber    In ; tho, rnouutaina,  comparatlvolv    few    **allrr-*idfi. have  pcno:rat.cd  thorn,      Tho chlof mr-nnt*  of getting out the roughly hewed timber and bringing   it down from tho  higher altitudes is by burros,   Those  little beasts of bnrdon: havo powerful  strength and oncViranco.     Thoy foh,  I low tho narrowosit and most danger-  oiih mountain trallo ovou whon.Jholr  bodlon liro loadod'wlih the weight ol  onormouB tlmbbr������i     It la upon tha *  baclcs of these burros that thousand!*  of   railroad   croHPtlos were . broWerht ���������'  down from tho niouuUiliiw, tliuu ouuh.,  ling the    conntniotlon    of the more  modorn llnca of tranoportatlon,   ;  A .-WOMAN'S CrO-l>I> ILOOK^*  Depend pn hor tfenersl health and irecdom from pain.   Many a wpmin Jpok������;Otd  ���������  before her time1'bto������u������e of  thoie IrreAuUrltle* which are oiientislly ffSailnlne.  StArtlntf (roin ft^i'ly^v.ftmanhood.alie ���������uffers from'frequently reonrrln. derniYMeh'i'-Jnti'  that upe'tit  her ������������������iifiwiVn'ty henlth.     If ������hri  h������ hnaiitiful ������Iia .rows into that mellow <  atfa without wrlnk|<*>n,,������nd crowfeet about' the eyei or 'die blue ofmloa undcruciuh.  It is invariably ihte rule tliat -rnch vfomea suffer Uttle, or not nt all, from womanly  deranflementi which tap the henlth'and leave In the face the tell-tale -story, of puto  andmiiTerlng.   Dr.R.V. Pierce,the fumouii Bpeolnllst5n the dlseaiei of women,found,  n preacriptloni Jn hl������ early prsotlc* thnt soothed the ortfanUm peculiar to woman* '  hood���������oiled tho machinery, 4a it wcro, of the human ayttenf���������and helped the woman  to pass those paioful periods that no-tr-llntd and a**ed her face.   This remedy becvame'  the well-known Dr. Pierce'* Favorite Prescription, that liaa '  benefited thonaanda of women and aaved them from misery ,  ���������nd uufferlnl at different periods in life. '  Mkh. nAKK������i.Yffl.'"Pi������Reic, of 814nH.httltrMlun������rnla.'Ont..wrltMi  I mil now m w������it Huiiwii w.iA.* ������u!T������.li.������ fi;' VS.i'iO ytsn r.n������! '*',"'*'"***,���������  ... .  . . . . .... -aii^  with sevprml ������l|(T������r-ntdoctoii. ������_ch ent������ Myina* llwii samoUilnar dtffao  ���������nt. and ilia last one, aftar puttlnir ma throtiitn a thoroujtli ���������xninlriallon,  -r . ^.       _ . 0^ wh)cT.   ,.  .,_. ���������__.',., ,. ,_  mora tl   ..���������..._  paUasly ���������, ��������� ..        .  cont������nt to *-na oparatlon ��������������� I was ton w������ak and too much afraid, butat  ibh a t. ..._..,.  .       ,   ,  ���������aid 1 was auffari-ur i*rt>m ������ arovrOi. which, Ir. t(.r-������, wo-jJ4 rtmult In  .ild nut iiva 1  I bscame hop  eanoar, and said I woii  aud upon vlfhcaway  H gr    .... ......  not, liva mora tlmn two yours If not op-*r-  '   dlsnouraarsd but would not  U������wTiVi--->^irtlw^ triad tir. l*lni*c������'t ���������niadlolnss, and  \v ..... .-.!������-. ���������������������.������, Tm.������������1m> n* ������h* 'Favivrlt- rnwrtrHlmi '  I ImmwilaUlr  V \r.'^*lv!il7*     fait a, ohanata, ,.l also vsad two boxss ot   Ht*u������>ii ouuiMiMituiisa   ������m������������������  X^U^y-*-^ pliiWi uiadlolrnsu to tM wlio suffer from an������ ft.m-.l-. yiis������������s������. tor -.it***  ^**���������-Jf-^ tnadlclnaa ara all thatr ara olalmad to ba. and I tiooa wll) halp atfaara m  Uaa. rnouT- t)������ay have bsl-H4 as*,"  Dfl t:3^'-Y:YY?/'iYYYY/S .-"- -;-':' ''''-'-���������:-'-''':''-:'-V**i i*'*'^^^  :;--:::^;:'.;^,S^;^i:VS;^  :?YYY/;-Y^-?Y?Y^Y?Y YYY^  Mmti'ti?  ii --���������  ???  P&  P  l"-.KV:-.  i^t-  m:  %>\9ij%Piiii*tk&R\riT %f*   \j������a. ��������� _.���������_������. juriiiissu  :::?'?.i"*������ .-  Natural Resources Department of  C.F.R. has Adopted a  '���������.BA'W"f#'E.fl;|^^^  JScl^^?tb:';Eiri cbu;ra^^ :S^tt!-?'sat ht:  '3s^^e-!^^i;!tiand[8^.-;  ?YMbriti'eBd^One?: of?:tlie/-:flrst?':res!ultf!:':  of/the Oreatibh/of?the natural/ resbui"'-  ?ees?depai*itihbnt; rbf ���������hte?;C^P^R. fe nnY  ?npunced ^ri? theYadoptloii  of.:,-'��������� a'?.far-'.  reaching ?schenie. for thb .cbionizatibii  : of ?thVY/Comp!^y?8:''';lahd?iri Manitoba.;:  ;:Sa^i^tfchfewah?^'and?';Alberta^- ���������//;���������  /--The ?most striking fripayatiori Jh thi:--  ?schetne is? that? the?G^P.R?- will loan to  each?selecr:ed coibhiBitV.'a aUul of $2000  :'tpr?a;period/of���������ten years at (T per; cent  Per annum for use in the; develupnieni  of, hisVfariiri?   '������������������''????riY-Y " ?;?-v??Y-;Y  There are, of course, f estrlctive .conditions;   attached^ ?/tp 'the  loans> but  there is /not the. sllightest:���������'���������''���������.dpu'u'i?.that;  the /enterprise''will  hie 'largely ? taken'  ���������advantage of? ^d: thaV thW r^ault%ill,  be briei of the^ most, remarkable nibve-  rrierits/ever? inaugurated: in: connection  with land: bblbnizatibn/  : i    Y^  ?, The cohuiuohs /drawn -up are thai  applicant* "should    be  married; raen^  actual]y engaged:- iri farming on a; ren-  ted?farm,.: ;These will; be requiredtitty--  own, free Of ���������encumbrance;,    sufficient?  furniture, horses,- cpw,s arid���������;otheiYIive  stock to ?enable ithem? tp?gb into im  mediate .ocbup^tibh; bf <heir farms; in  Avestem'^-iGjan^  seen' that?the ^ch*eh^'e?has;:largely been  drawn up to 'nieet:the requirements oi  farrnersYtiow:Anting lariu?ih/trie mid-.  die--state^/bf^Airie'ri^  ? The. applicants:: will; -W Zre^ltpdio  have 5ntfticientYoai5it3lYfti; PiakeYthcir  first pay hient of oh e-t en th oh t he; land  purchased and to ;;coyer ? the cost /? of  upkeep of their families for ohb year.  They will also: be/required^to/personally /i������it ;the ?;west riild? select th?!Y  own. ^.rms,, ���������:   '���������'-'-.'.:/--,/���������-������������������ ���������'���������������������������-���������'���������--J'.-'-'-   -.-"~  TiieYfQli amount Of the??W0 loari/is  to be added?t������? t^e- p^  *li& farm and/repaid" a  liiehtsoh principal and interest. ? /The:  anibu^ibf*:the''ioanr������as/t^  oh the following 4mpr,oyemepts, ?  YThe erec^  the'standard; plans?of /houses greeted  by th"5- febmpany ?ou: its-, ready-inade  farms;;the erection?qfa/barri from One  of/the standard pians'-the fencing of  the farm;?,the..provision;; of a well and  pump)-' and the cultiyatidriY and. cropping of atl^astfiffy^i^x^ktifti'::':1^  :Fa8^ Bici^ ri&?. D i-rtic  ���������H-s't'S^a'^-Th^ua.^  - ^.--/-ntT,^^.,'-.'-.������ .--.���������-��������� i,tv������..v;-v,*'..^���������������:,:,;.T'--.--;,.c:P'*;>.r.  :���������-,���������;���������:��������� >r;iiiixiyf;&i-r?-������ji.uxi. ������������������������������������.:*t.n.iwi.:-.,ju,.,.-.:.������������.������.<"'  ���������p!reVhi.er-.:?bf>'^Alb^r^  E^st??������eels ?:?qu^?:--M3pb31a^  prospects' ^in; Alb%>ta;^lii^^ar;;'?Spri n g;  b^ehed^u^*e^lyj^a-n^  has;; he&hti ?K"PiW'K??f bft|x^yeiity?;years.  t-eedihg ?i^irted?eariyY ahd;vb4s?been  proc^'eding??'-imderJj'Yta  dii ions. Y>?"'Lar������er?oab^^  before has: been:plaiitedYarid so far as bteam.r  can be?gues:s������dYih.?^  DENildiilS iADE  CAPT/vMOd.RE^ENlES??^  ���������..���������:.::;?.:;.'TrO;.'..HEED. r-iiAoH. .Y.?.'Y---Y:  TheYMpuntv'T^e^'p)^  se!:'th:3t;,GaUe.d:.;Witbjh;?F^  the' Titariic^lvieali^  the ^Eyen^^lpit^;^*-^ tititi'titititiM  St. ���������':Jphii?;:^B:r|-The'::;ruih  ,MOunt?'���������;x-,i������evaipl<0:.was ;wi^  ] five miles of ��������� Yt!i?iY?Titanlc - when  JTH b������;Mii|iiji j$������<  ;-j*i;l-iKU,H^^Y?  ^ebkly^??^^!^^-^:  ;??Thbmpspn^Sbh"s;::i������.'  '^:'sih^ni^,i)^.0n'ij^Ug:''::  .^^he_t^Dur^^?thp-;^^ ^tho -j:  ;-wlie������t?markei^'ii^b? j-'  ..ed ^h/thte/cours^  "li^'itteh'se-iSa'naage^ ;"  -c-rop^.ih/geyei'aC::iiripbi*ta^  ^h'b;/i]^ted'?.Sta^  :gre'^:^mphasis?-the;)^^i^fi^0v  m  iVi������;JSWt������������*>������3S������SS  mmw-ti'mmm m^sjti$m4^^mmmmmi^m  mt^������^ti^ti:titim.timw^^  &; Co.-. Grain ' Wer- -;-���������' ���������; "������������������^^^.������������������tnyx^^^w,,:^  ���������^���������^fe-i^-^.'^i^!'"^  %tititi^^m^m&^mmm&^  ���������-: -;'���������'-''''' -'���������'��������������������������� .''���������"--'?'- -J::-'(:'ly-'tri-"'*'.:* '���������-'���������>I���������* t"-:"' "������������������ ^^"-'-,-v,"-,-*';''-',Vi*''i'^->'}^"J'^;'-v't,!^^^  TMm  Ng-TSMERE HEAHfNQ.  ; t?piB8lhilSty:TKat Reference to Supreme  ??:?5????Cb0rt-;-. May Not -:cpme ?Up.Y?^:':?  ???-?Ottawa?: 6ht)^--There Is - a?vpps^ibility,:  ;: that the reference    to    the Suprefhe  Ycbunt On marrbage law ca^ might not  ;; pFooeeci on "May 17. ?. In: an. analygous  "c^e ihvolyihg the.bright:?of'"th������:'govern-:  msntti refer ^siich a matter; to the  supreme - court,    the Judges  decided  that: they had jurisdiction to .hear it?  That^udgerhbhti.howeyer, was appeai-:  ed; :tor the privy: councii, - the case frx  ? pbhit?:; having- ? reference; ?tp>? company  '?:coi^ratibh8^;.v?*:.:?'-. ;'?:!Y;??^:-:?:;-.:"??''::-:  ? ���������vSh^'ttld v the    privy :council;s whose  YJudjgni'&ht is expected bh May 4,    de-^  YCide:that aucb referenoeis intra .vires  t_9Y marriage  case  coui d  hardiy���������-���������:'��������� be  ?4akeh up.   Ylf judgment is hot delivered-hef ore the case comes up" a thb-  tion will be: nia'de by council for Que-;  b?ec: tb delay the hearing until such  .'YtSraV as :p'rslirnihary issue of jurisdic-  ������������������.'>:.tioaMs*determined. :     '';?::?  s * w*'*< -������������������ ������������������.' -  urwaSiD,  :-w������..  v^vsvir-d������  commonweal tn  rtOhs ? : of steel  tons of ??-flsh  the government  Chance for Can3dian; Mak&rs In.Stip-  :-?';Y'?":?piyib_:vAus;tr_lian.;.:steeL: ���������;.:���������;??  0ttaWa>?; pht.^^  Trade ? aiid; ? Commerce has been? adr  vised by Trade Commissioner ;p. H?  Ross       that        the  o_;"-"-'-'Aw_traMa":-.: is  ders for 135.C33  rails '; and Y0G44  plates required for  railway system; It is specified that  the rails ^aw fish plates: are to "be:;of  open; hearth steel and are to he?de-  liverd at Port Augusta. ; Theirails  are to be 80 pounds to theyard: most;;  ly, but a small' prblpCrtion is^tb-be  sixty?pound-rajUs.     Y;'-';:;Y; ���������  Tenders close on. May,'29. r; sbthat  Canadian :fi]tapufacturers^^  forward: their  {p^Br^Ymy   the mail  which. le;ay������s?^^#r^ciscs-ji on May 1.;  are favoiable for hauherscrops; ;   ?  Settlers ?foi*YbjpthYf*Mm^;an  ai-e crowding in?at^a^-unpv^cd'yited  rate. It is fafet-;b:������cbmjng?difnbiilt tn  pet;homeatiSads?inYfcfe?*5bhth;? though  laiid fbi- sale' is;s:tilli?pleihtifuiY??:The  rush? however,^^^is-^OY^r-wd^'^r^rfu  and the" Peace ;River;?^all0yY-;^hich  have?receiyed?wides of  la te and' a re". -:'iip naren?tly:?to; be:������������������ the. -. f a-  > orite .points .'lutsYiyfatefbr^thev g^en:  l/iilkjbf the^ewcoruers?:?^:;-?:??:1?*?^.;?:-'/^ ���������  This :wi!i also'be^a^nher year for  Albertla  in ^regard   toYrailway^ work.  The Canadian ,iraciflc?are;:buiiding; a  branch east from Lethbridge and ont";  south from Suffield. thrbugh; the irrigated   lands    of   the :?^outh3;:Alber:a  Cbrn])any;   and   eiforts Ywil^  byYrhis  conipany '':to.:;'.ha^e';?:;the;?-.-sah;e  continued as, far as^ipp??i-iii order to  a&sisfc'rt^ei 'iers.  ir,   ileiww'J ?>vbo  have  been ? raising    large ^m  tinie-^;:-,   -'.      YY-^Y     .:.;->: ^?Y,'.:,'.;.::;  ?*The'   C.P.R. :--':'have..-.''''':,.:bpen?.-::^trbngiv-  nyged  to'   s^fvrt 'this? l|n������a;:frbm; both  erids??sb?aB to ensure for thi?^ fall the  .���������iuc'!"������Yiiieeded   outlet  Ioi*Ya?iai*ge?:cii!--  tribtHxpntlgupus.' to th������3ir iihfes?but to.i  ml",'ioiV- pru'ii.d-uiK- ������������������uouau6.-'..v;,,--, ;���������    ' '  TheYGrrand Trunk Pacific, now ihavp  n^ gaiSg'-of men cbmpletitt^?tb^?Tpneld  to? Calgary: line,,;; abd has1 'prbmis-ad  stbel; for the same ?fbr :;de!iyery;?u'oor  theYopening of htivigatibh?? ?That  lineis-accordingl-y. assured?tb?Cg!gary  this;::season.'.;?v;::-.-':'Y::: -���������?:?:;?':???':;?':'Y?::? -  'Yfhe Sdwpnton,'-���������" iDunvep'a.ia-and-British Columbia Railroad?h^^|s^cured  Pll necessary moneyandij^ipUEcuas.  ed steel- tor, the season's?wo  willYstart constructioh' before \May 1.  ahd?:laying of the steel?as?sobh as  navigation, opens. tiZ-;/'J-^'Z^y^:.- ���������  sank, and withbut; heeding ?signal;s  difstress? steanieil :away,Yleavihg 1C00'  sonis to pefish??is?j^  by Captain ??Mbbre?vwhp was in cpuri-  maud of the vessel?:-::^;;;'Hi's'':;%tate.ment  is: as'fbnoweY?:.;'''?;-?:?.'-^-^  "We receiv-fed ? ������i Ywirbless? miassage  midnight Sunday? Vfrom ;;^tli^? Titanic  stating that she'';h'ad';:^trapk--;an---'ic'0.b.s-tig,  and to come at/ oiice?: Weturned?a-  bout at 12.-B0 :?:b'.clbck,?ahd?-|tearned  back to the position./ given UsYarriving  there at 4:30 ' o'clock.? ? We ehcpiin-  tered so.:;in''uch'?ipe',''.'i-i^  stopped until?day light.? : V^e cruisbd:  about, but could:?not see any ;sign :bf  the ship. About six a.n^vbri?th4  Other side of: an immense field- pf;ice,  '--tuuded?tlilckly ;?.w^h :heirgs?'we-sa*^  che. .Carpathia?:;::?/.:.'We?vaIsb-i'Say^  Oaiiforniaj vvhioh was to the hbrthwarci  of us,:   steaming   -^est, then .coming  prospects fiorithe b^ti^me*^f the tih-  ited States^ wihite*^^: wii<*;at:-erbp ai^e 6t\  ���������very ?gr^at ?imjibrtanceYin?:thelfc'^  ' ing: ��������� -^Oh'^-pribp^^ci^v wheat^ ;for ^thel'bai^:  anoe."pf::the>pres6at :-brpip*^e'ar.-'\iPher:e;  is :;unfbrtuhately hb:' doubt ho^>thatr  an; uiihsualiy :large. percentage?of: the  crop 't-b^n?in: the .Yst^tesiibflillffbis?  ?Miss'puHf; Indiana: and Ghio5has: bebn  or is? being -plowed up? and?vifill??he?  planted ���������Witii.;,pats?,ahd>obrhi.?'-.:YAn.'/tfi'e':  further west? states?/Nehr^s  sas? ?;and??X)kiahomia.vttiere ?is; aiso-  ;wme^������amage.;?biit probably hot? more  ttiah??usiiai, but pyier the whole win-  :;.t^rY^wheat ��������� 'area?:;the crpp^ experts���������;; are  . beginning/; to estimate tlie acreage;/to  be; pibweq/?up?at 4;0p0,00u; a.cres:? :?As  the/^ittter ;w^  ���������rfall?-^:a.s-:''\^^^  acres/ less thahvitYW  down Ao iiouthw-ard, and she metus,. year, it can: be imagined that the prp-  Shs did :not^? Communicate anything; duction/ of winter,/vyheat/ih the :lJnit-  A.t 340 fY^iAr-k: sbi^c^: time/'^s::rsc������;iV'  ed, States;'lh: 191-2/.wjll :he the Rrnallest  Mf&SB  ���������of ;-:H&.?dfscipies?ah'd::a;g^  ^>f -people". who:-/eame?tb ^60fmMlmSs^mM:  ;tpifbw'/"h^led?;.otU  .:bame- downY frohi  the/ ?ihbun^Bi|hf^na,^S  ;;^topdv|n',;the iplain?./ f^&;$em0^$������������l^  >6pmewhat.,..:;sii"bilar/;::to,-;t^  / we'eR'Sy':-lbieaon?Y/but;/^  /hnhgbf/ah_; :w'eepih'gYseemSfco*i>0^  /lite^ai://-phyeical;?;;"cbhdii:ibhs?vth^^  41io'-'/t?ermpn.-/'.:'b,n,::tbe-/:M  :bpnfcfest -rthe' .;riches;'and:?f dllhis^ahd'-gp^  .laughter of/ verses U, '���������Q^tiiti^&Z&on-Btiti^  ;strast:-;between/,the?.''noH'':yand:'������^  ture-time /is" more ?: fulS/aeiKfprtSsitt't!^1  SHIpBUIi-bSNG    PLANS SWODiFiED.  NeW   White   Star / Uher ^ilJ : Have  ?Y" pbuble?'Cellular.:.^ettpm?ahci  iiondoh^r--ltvis understood <that;th������  plahfi Of/ theS/WTiite / Star "Gigantic,"  ���������which. ;lshb^, being;: built at/Belfast.  Y ~nd;< which/was ;;tb have been 1000 feet  in /lenglii will be modified: It is prbb-;  ?; able? thia,t the ?n*iw;plians?will provide  Tor double: cellular bottbin'and :sides,  / such as the Mauretania and Ijusitania,  ..'ili'������?:.aV;:'stlp'iiat'ftd;', condition.; pt/tb.e;gov^  ,'?*rhnient-:subsidy??:/;/;"- '/": /Y?''Y'"/?-/���������;-������������������?/  / The / Olympic vhas/ been prpvideii  ti. with- 4Q    collapsible   boats,   ami/will  cb.tt''' 16 additionalj lifeboats.  ���������spend Summer in travel.  ���������������;*i's*_s  fr*r\m  f>._Mnli-ti4  vv|i<iB*M'ti���������������������������>������-,- .'.----.--" -. ��������� ��������� ������������������      .^-.���������-.---r,������������������..��������� ��������� -.- -.  '��������� 'bha'rlbstbn ;;to;''Prihc������?;Rop������rt:--In  -,  titititij. //^Six'/Month's;- ;Trl^//;Y?f ?/?:./  /... Ottawai-r-The itinerary pf ?the Duke  pf Cbhhauight;; for the opmin^summer  ������������������.��������� no.- u-oor  Ottawa.���������-Tub; department  of  labor  /reports that labor/conditions, throughout Cia-nada : are ;bxceptibnally? satisfactory for ; this time ;of year and May  /Dav pro-m I ses to pass; without a single  disturbance.:?.??'? ������������������������������������':.;?;?  ���������: At the present tiine there is riot an  arbitration board    aittihg or applica-  tlon?in forone.   ���������/.. .'-���������   ;.v/-1-?:-.:-  /?Dhe" board was   at work-'-.Ih Winnipeg to Settle a dispute between  /the  C.P.R.   and  their  freight  clerks  and  freight handlers.     "The' report of the  board .has not yet been received but  unofficially the department has learned that the difficulties have been adjusted and the men have gone Dae*  .to work. :'-'?  AH the troubles between railways  and their employes in Canada, at th*  present time promises to be settled  without resource to even an arbitration board..  Female ���������'Appiii^.rjt&f.Nbt to be Consld-  ';.-Y:/;ewd'-?|n;?May?'E'xamInations ...  Ottawa,-^A/steteme> by  the::ciyii servi^sYcbn>mission to-day,  that ip 'forthexi^  entrance to Xh& service,?to be; held on  May 13, no?wopibh;will?/be?asked-.tor  in / connection /with/the ;general? work  of- th'e?seryice,;:bi^hgsi?'frb  has; fbr. sonie?ti^/b^nYfei&bbra(ihg a;  feeripus-Yprpblern? in/cbhhebtibh:��������� With  t5pyerhTnent emplbyees,?tJia  SYperGisn^i^  t heiitj; /?:??? Y/: ��������� j: :'Z ?-Y/';' t'^}$$������ti%0i$tisMf.ti  ���������������������������'��������� the^May examinatioiig?;-iibt- bhls;  will'.i.',femi(ite". applicants'.',; hot ^ki? asked?  for geiieral? work? butYv^ile^^yYwill  l-otZ be/Yabsolutely prevehi^dYfrbm  w-rttingy:^ey??papers?yili i^  vetted or-;tak������ri������-in io account- ;    *"���������**->  y\.'&*vi\sts&.- jui  XllC  \ttllj.  be cbn&Sdie-red /are for��������� atenograpliers  and-'typewritei-s.;'.      , /..;?-.:? ;?/.?S:. -titi-titi-'  Grand Trunk Engineers.Get Increase.  s Montreal.���������It Is officially announced  that an agreement has been enterc-d  hiito between the 0iand Trunk Rnll-  ',. way Company and its locomotive en  glneerav , which agreement was dulv  ulgned on behalf of-both parties, by  Which th'o:.enJy(lnpei'$' yrlll get an In increase of from 12 to 15 per cent, in  their wages, bringing them up to practically tho same wage standard as  the locomotive engineers on the Can  hdlan Pacific. " The, agreement covers the next vuree .years and affcctii  two thousand men all over the company's nystem.  Quick Success In the Northwest. -  Kamloops; B.C.-���������A strikiug example oJ the s.ib5tant,������.l successes tio fro-  UUeiitly scored by energetic Americans nowadays after settling ih- British Columbia is being- cited in the  case of Tndi' JBiumunk who came to,  tie NorthWett fro-i Indiana in j902  rfe bo git a 0 acjv.v of lantv along thiv  Ca:nadian Northern rightof-way and.  uui't a dniall house and sonn? favh.  oullilings. In.-t..������-f*.tati-.-s Mr Bau-  niuik".'ad been & mine suporinten1  ent-at-$73 per mciuh, .but afttr six  year^ oi inviti' m he x* u.'.d hmis.-jf  the owner of 1,000 ficrc-iS of Irxiid, stock,  improvements and farm buildings, all  paid for and foi* which he has been  offered as high as $50,000.' By 1910  he had replaced his .'���������mall btilhllnga  with large, modern farm structures  F. .JR. Simpson, secretary of the Kani-  loops bonrd of trade, states that  many inquiries are now being received from widely scatie-ed points indi-  fatlng u heavy inflix of new settler t  during the ooming season.  tiro  than  Winnipeg's FalaeWelfjhta.  Winntpcg.���������Winnipeg citizens  lofllng morn money, -every year  'tlioy pay In rutos. und taxes by fnleo,  weights and incauuroB,. said ControllPr  Douglas In .seconding tho dwhaml of  MarkPt - Superintendent Rldd. for n  Croatly inouMiHod Htnff to keep tab on  viulde weJglitia.  8������nrllnfl Over Cadets.  London.���������-At a moating of tho London' Territorials, it^ wns announce'?  that the war olllce had dociik'd lo  uend a detachment of fourteen cadetR  tc tho national oKhlbltlon in Augusr.  Thoe ������election will bo mado from tho  Metropolitan City forces.  Tribute To Late Charles M. Hays.  London.���������A. W. Smlthers, clmirmari  oi tho Grand Trunk Railway, writing  to tho Times- *nys;  "An there will bi* no opportuniy until ,the,, uoxt general mooting: of tho  Gmud Trunk Itnilwny in October nox*:  for publicly paying tribute' to tho  memory of tho late Charles M. Hays,  1 venture to ask you to kindly allow  mo to expreHH on behalf of the proprietors* board, officers and staff of  the company, their deep griff at tlio  untimely Ionh of'.President Hays' and  their high appreciation of his groat  mid dovotod spi'vIcch to tho company  jnnd their imartfolt. Hympathv with his  widow and family in their groat soi'-  JOW."  Tney an spena tne;-:wee.jc ��������� ox -may *o  iai/Mbntreali/ May iC theylarri-ve In  Toronto, and May?29th/an^ 30th; will  vislt;.Lbhdoh?jand-;Guelph^:"Y?'??:?;?  / They> will ^.vieaye"; for?Sibiwreal/on  May :31st,?.?.-?/?? tititiZ'itiZtitititititi0ZZ.yZ: .'  / June?2?tp?17 /will /be: spent In Quebec after/which their Royal Highnesses will; spend two weeks/on ;the' Tobi-  tiue?-lftv'er^fishmgiY?v They? will? arrive  a*?but; July 7 at /Winnipeg for/thfe;Sp<3h-  liig;?bf the exhibition?/ret^riiihgYto-  wards: th*v? /end of ti the? mpht^?tii?tit ���������*:  'east.??v-YY.A: ?,"--::���������'-: ���������:���������    " :?'���������?���������.���������?'������������������/:::'????:! "Y?  ^hey;/wlR -leave /Montreal; bF>^eam-  er?foi*:/the?MaLritim<e I'rbyihoes' ohtiAii?  gust ip visiting ?;<Gaspe, /Summersidb,  CKarlottetoWhj" Pictou,. Hawkesbtiry.  Sydney!:; Halifax./ ,Truik>?/Windsor?? St/  John, Frederictbii and, other places? ,T'  He will 'open the/TorPhtP'; exhlbitiO;.  Oh; the last day of Augusf,/after which  their Royal Highnesses-wis? leavs/fpY  he -west, visiting Sault Ste Mario;  Sudbury, Port Arthur, j^and, Port /Wil-:  liam.- ?"-:.'-. ? ���������'���������'. ti; ?;Y:;,.:::?'-..?:"���������??'?���������  Leaving Winnipeg on Septeniber.Y":.;  their Highnesses will visit Saskatodi,  and Priiice Albert on Septeraber -3  ind 4, reaching Calgary on the lift)  After two days' stay ot Galgavy; it i������  probable "-hat fheIr''-Ro3'al.:'His"hnejss.(>_  will open the new irrigation works? of  the. Southern Alberta Land CompEft**.*  spilth of Stratlnnorb.  ?The plans for the next few days: are  indefinite, but it is probable that tlieiv  Royal Highnesss will leave Calgary  about September 17, stopping a few  hours at Kamloops.  ���������   They will reach Vancouver on Sep-  icutut-i   xo, at-uin'ius   luci e  mi   me  c..*>s*'.t  arid paying a visit to New Weatmln-  ste'r. They will leave for Prince Rupert on the 2'lrd and return to Victoria on the 28th for a four days' visit.  They leave . Vancouver on October  2, visiting'Vernon and the Olianagan  vaney via.the main line to Revelstbke,  and thence to Arrow Head.  Passing through Robson and Nelson  their "Royal Highnesses will retain  the special train acroF;*. to Mitcleod  and.Lethbridge' whore they will prob-  after ' vlBltlng Modlclne Hat, Regina,  nbly stay from October S to 10 Then,  nidlan Head and Brandon, their Roy-  al> Hlghnosses will arrive at Popm:  Point about October 15 anc} go tor o  few days shooting on.Lake Manitoba,  returning to Ottawa just before the  end of October.  ed a general ? "message that ;the: Car-:  pathia had pickedr up: -twehty/bbats;  We aslced if /they/wanted / assisterioe?  out got. uo Tepiy,.-- .^^liOVt.iy.. ajjfc-2-.*-./v."3.  received? another ? geiiCTalY' messkgp  stating;'"- /Nothing; more can "be dOne;  no 'need to -stand^ /by?'/ We then left  the scene arid;,proceeded pri bur way"  Captain: Moore' said that ^obit as he.  turned anouit? he called all hands; on  deck and .immediately put/thbiri, to  -/ark getting.:'" boats ready to/?be/; Ip-w '������������������  ered? anbttihg?rpp������s and^  tion laddei-s/in^^ Teadiriess for ^service.  He placed1: men ./and:: / crews, and had  one sailbr? hoisted /to������������������ the? very *tpi> of  ^he mastpih^ructihr^/him /to keep ? a;  sharp ibolMutY-Y"When he turned? his  ship and rushed back /among/iriimei_>e  fields of ice?/he; r was,; dblng/sb; at ? a  great co^t??fpr?he; bad On/bpard?:1461  passengers .besides ?!;h'is -/cr^^vYf-rgverf  theless he prornptiy auswereq^wp'caii:  for .help? ?Yy yYvY?.-.;-' ^-^.Y.:;////^:;-- ."'��������� 'titi-Z ���������;?"  Captairi/Mobre/said/it hb  turned; ./away;/' from the: /scene Ytp-:. con-y  tinue bri- his eburse,;; the steariiers Car-  pathia.. California? /Sura^?/?Frankfurt  and a tramp -were in/ -:ttie; vicinity.;  ' Furtherinore;'-: he: /sald^s^hai? do the:  people who were pnbba.rd/my/steamer  know what I; was?rdOirig /or /where /I  was goiiig?". Howi Could/they -tell in  what direction I;:^a^alUni_f';-??W-.^?^  past 'midnight, / and the^/wereYbelpw?  The statemerit??is'absurd?;?:Leaving  humanity?but?of /the /b/uestibri, ���������-. dO ypu  nOt 'think /that I ?would/have -liked to  have been���������': the ? ;lucky bhe 'to/opick: up  these :p������ople-?Y;'?;titititijti.ti:Zti';tititi';ti::titititiZ  in, -recent yearsY;for?besides the^acre-;  ^ge'actually abari^ribd;/there is sure  %?bex;a./great deal/left to/^bw: UraX  is-' 'so -much winter killed-, a** to: *:?i*Te.  only;a?smalf yield?/? A?lOw/conditibri  -of:tho?ci^p/lri? April-s������^  deteribratibn; in May?ahd?June?;fpr as  a friend?:of burs puts/it? "the history-v  pf?pthe-^?daraage -years/iiidicates; that  a'.::crpp?^|eh/;s tarts-;; with-;tro\ibie;':'w;ill'  .cpht-iniie;-;?/iri]\/.V'trpuhlO:-': Outside of  ���������this?^rjipu^;?ficrob?Y damfege there ���������: is'  less ;bl^r:?ahd definite evidence of a  buiiisn -sitnatibrijYviiiah [ti there   was  i.-:-=---.i-: ^iiiirri.-: =i^--:;!--r=^~ ���������;>:.= ���������-:*-'hJc-: cfftt.5eti  ical position /has pbntiriubd?tb grov^  more bearish???? In the /tijbited. SUttes:  the?yisible^supply?/aithbu_K/:it^  decrease -of/L807,000; bus, last /week,  Still stiinds?as high as ;47,960>0/)0; bu^J  compared wifh-iabbut/ 33,^O^uuOYbus.  :I'sist;;.-ybar??.;..?/^heVqnahtityY  passage has been  arid  is now"54;  59,616.000    bus,  European visible supply last week/increased ? 1,684,000?bua^ a^aihst/a; o>*  ^crease?: of ?';?li200,00'0 ?bus??^raei:';:webk  diast?year,?iarid,rit/riow stands :at?S0,;  :darkiy> :'brifc :theri,?f ace; ^/faee^^bw*!;^^^  -kap-w-/iri^part./nbut -* theri;yshallfe^knb^l^|  even as.: also; -I/am :kriowh?'Y:As:;toi|h^ipM  ,eral ;ppy-ej*ty,;. ���������' w&/kribfe/th^;^ri^tibr^iii  our, Lord'/'Jesus /.Chrisi>#&at-?^bugh??^  ���������;He ;'was:;rich, yet:'fbr?bux:'Sake^JHe?be^5^  'camo/pborj;:that:-w^-;xhmu^^i|-;:^b^  "'ert;r--migkt.v'_e/-r^^  p^^s/life'-bftti:^  istry.: 'we?.iriay /perhaps?'irri^irie?a^^!|fti^  thing;; of r ordinary >: ;poyerty^biifclfc^b^  can - tell the/full:. meaning Y:pf^h^^m-S^Sf  ptyingY'the/jjeryice-./'^  ���������bT>e4l'ei^d::df^ff:;-'tf-.;.-7t.-itf^  literally rich are ofterivpobr/iii:Zisp&}gtii0^  ��������� meek ? ���������aOdi^lowly '���������:at:?heaft?SiM*di������StMbll?6i  -literally/-, poor/ ^;:are;/pfte^?prpudpmd������^^  :^;olf '��������� ceriterad������::??We ?riiust';.:al*^^fc^**l5|S  -member that sthe; Lord'JaOke'tii:';o_5.*__e!l?^^  heart :'aisd 'titrieth/: th^^bea^;^I?-^li|p^|  ;:XViY 7;;, Jer./:xv;iL?lu^.?/:?;:MOi*?^  ���������:ta you^;Wheh'.ail-'&edV8hans^n|ea  of you": bf '/verse.;-25 v^seeiniB/ hWtitiotiit^^,  i*-:'^!������w-/-pbpular,.-.-yerfle^?ih^^  /ttersj'/fbr- even/preachers^ai^^e^  ���������Jists:: have: been": kribwri/ :tb?lvbld?/b^fe^jSfSl  .!2.ently;.-.;_aM': pub^  WILL APPEAR TTO CANApAY  Walter Long WilI? Cbrrie- Here;;to /Firid;  -?:;Out;?About?':Hprrie;;-/RUle?^  '���������:��������� London ���������^kit^^^^-ZMtil^titiZ^S&k-'  ing at DulWich; reberitly ^declared?;af-'  ter -reading the home? rules biU/that/h^  could not iind-r^tatid'/ho'-w/m^^  of the : walls / of ?Bedl������ni /could?' have:  such a measure. Far from beingYa.  boon to Ireland, it was ;an :irisiiii!f?to  their intelligence.  ;: If parliament Is not sitting in/ August and Septeriiber? the former Irish  secretary said he. meant.to visit.Caria/  da and place the whole; question /of.  Honie Rule before the Unionists of  the Dominion Long ago?wheri Great  Britain was engaged .in a: stru'ggls  with South' Africa, Canada sent a  magnificent contingent, while the  Irish members did their best to prevent riieivfrohy Ireland joining the British army and navy.- ;? Y  ' He was going to ask Canada **ivhat  she thought of the party which could  be guilty of an attack of that kind  and of men who tried to paralyze oiii*  hands and check our power. Y'They  were traitors."                            ���������     -  He believed that if the case were  put    to    Canada,    it would be?found:  there were not in the Doriiinion the  support for ths Homo Rule as we un  derstand It. ���������'  9ERIOU8   CANTON    DISORDERS.  CanP-l Prftmnt-er Rnndy to Go Ahead.  Ottawa, Ont,���������Sir Robert Perks, tho  eminent English financier nnd promoter of tho Georgian Bay canal  flchem**,' iu here and way** he Is roady  to go ahead. A* to tho Welland, Sir  Robert fioyn it will, benefit the United  Btatos morn than Canada.  it.  Price of Flour Increased.  Winnipeg.���������As a result of advanced  brlco of wheat nn Increase in all  graiU'a of flour of 10 nenta a barrol Is  nnnotmcod by the mlllliig companies.  Thin lncvonr'.od price will. In nil llhn-  Ithood, bo maintained as tho wheat  iiiHi-ket is very nrm. Wheat. ..is  advanced ft br fl cents a bushel accords  Ink to the etaitoment of W. W. McGaw,  of the Western Cannda Flour Mills.  Thousands   of   Soldiers   Returned   In  State of Discontent.  TTing Konjv���������Fomi'p nrr* entcrtnlniul  ot further sorlpus disorders in Canton  'I housanda of soldiers have returno'l  from t.hn north In a ntat.o of  dlscoi-itout and havo been dlsbaiuP-.d,  Tho govornor . nnd'general in com-  inuiftl havo boon impeached for the  execution of a Chincso-editor. Tho  provincial usftembly and populace con-  demu the arbitrary action.' Sovoral  ofllclala have roHlg'ned bocauso the  governor has bun appointing bin clana-  mon toofllco. Tho Wont River Is bona' putrfPoC to Icor-p oil! plru.es.  Cal_ary and tl\e Grain Routes.  Calgary, Altn.-^���������H. W. Pat.terio'n, of  the Winnipeg grain exchange, when  interviewed regarding Calgary's future as n grain centre, expressed the utmost, confidence in the strategic advantages of this section of tho province. Mr Patterson looks for if re'  itiendous development to take place as  a result of the shipment of grain  through Pacific ports after the opening of tho .Panama Canal; and ho argues for the encouragement of the  grab; trade along the lines that will  ensure Its exportation * through Canadian ports. Other woll-known authorities confirm this opinion, soni������  oven going so far as id predict tha1-.  the coning autumn will see rocovd  grain shipments from Alberta going  opt byway of Vancouver. It is uti-  doubtodly a fact that the oxperieucoH  of Ui-j iJiiuL .vv,...;* iiuvc turned the.attention of .shippers as never before to  the Western outlet for middle Wont-  em producta-  C. P. P.. Lake Trsfflf.  Montreal.���������The C.P.R. announces  Unit commencing at onco it will ao-  oept freight for Port William hud ail  ���������points west via ltd upper ateamors  "Which will this year operate from  Port McNlcoll   to   Port William nnd  ill VViUUb  4'Ollt AlLllUl   1UUI4JUU   Ol.   it*   Ut  ..   . ._..      4,        r\_.-~   -    a.,,nJ  ports,      It  I* mIno  *uH'tipUi>g  frwlKht  from  flanlt Ste Marie and Goorglnn  P.iiy P'jitu of call via Owen .-.ound.  Natives  In Africa are  In   Revolt.  RndnJOB.���������A t/plegrnm received at  tho Povr.ugu^He capital nays the natives of Macau .'.nd Timor/Africa have  revolted. cntcialn buu������ tho altimti'u  la Horloun. Punitive expodltlona bo-  hiM oiu.it.ii/.t'ii will conf. J-l.OilO.iiUii. I'li.i  ROv������>nment In euchnn-Jfin;? noteu wl*h  the Dutch government whlchlu mnk-  ing  reprfowntntlomi  In   reference    to  Lliv i������;v|jii,       jt. ���������..uiJiuti.cuu v*i iiuvtu o������-  iirs^rn    nntpoA^Inn   tn   T'l.i^lor.H    will    ���������������  ik'iivoiir    to purchaao    a roady made  fle<������l.      The government believe tlita  iSrn.llU"   will   111'   flirflpor.  FITTED   WITH   WinELCGC.  Lakes  to  All   C.P.R.  Be  Vosaela  on  Equipped.  Owen Sounil, Ont.���������Tho flv<������ v������*i.  cpIm of tho Canadian Paclfln Hallway  upper fleet,' Keewatin, Athnhanca,.  Mnnltobn, AlheHa and Anfllnlboln fit-  ting out hero, have all been oquipped  with a Marconi wireles" InBtnllatlOii  of tno tuoNt, approved nun ini-iu cih-.o  xmttern. The *.woi*U Ih already well  iidvanr.ud, aud the tiiuibiiiltt.u \i\' ro-  ceptlou hoiiHoa have been built on tue  hurricane declcw of all the vhhhoIa.  The accumulator apparatus will bo  ��������� n������<-lona will  Im������ *>������iffihMnlmH  nonr  >Ull-  IMMIGRATION   INCREASING.  8tatlotlco   for   Fiscal    Year   Endnng  March   31,  Show 354,237  ���������Arrivals.  Ottawa.���������^UiuiiiK the 1Im.*���������1 yum-  uml'liiis March 31, 11)12. 3^1,2,17 Im*  migrants orrlved In Canada. Of thin  mtmlM������r 220,5^7 arrived at ocean porta  and 1!13710 from the United biatea.  Tho flgurew show nn Increase of  for the fiscal y<-ar ending March "L,  14 per cent, as compnr*>d with-thos**  Iftll, which w������*ro 180,0.13 at ocean  ports and 121,451 from the United  Btnte**, m**l������inj- w tniiO for tlw whole  n-jimi *���������*<������������- ui" .'iii,i'a-j.  During the month of March thin  year tlurc* wore 42,301 arrivmlp, 20,-  VAti of them huvlng bi-cn at ocean  porta nnd 10,252 from tho UnLted Slat-  e**, an against a������,������������l! for March  laot  -I Q4  A Art... V*..-^'.1 .-'   n^nln^f -   11 (|1AAnftll   .K.,e. .  last/ year,/ /a? difference of ?21.976i000  ;bus;? short; /bfcj /last :year"s??quantity,  while orily/fpur weeks agb/^e/shbrfc  .age coiripared?:with'ti-. same'?dat^?last;  year/was 35,50(i,Xl00? iriis?/;/ These sHfe  istics; ^011^ seeihvto?f^ypr/the: idea /ot;  l-scarct'ty? titit ;?:Wheat ?: orYhigher ? prices  f or ifc, /^pecially/:as prices at 'present  are;?from 10c?tp 122c?hi_her;than-they  ; were:?/ a^yeair ti: ''agb?:?''???Neyerthelbs8  ;there/:is ;th/e/^ntiirient that:?the?situa������  :th>rii;.isYbuIIish?- /?";^Th������Y visible ? supply.  ^'���������3thjeY.??Unit^  j#^terY;*:jtoan^  ^theVe/:?;is?:f;aSweli-knp^n  ���������It-issia, /':/A^^ritirieY/?;arid???Aristraiiaf  /which i!will;? prevent? In. the: n^  rirjbriths / siichV; large? ^ye&Kly /wKirld's  ^shipments as?^ok/pla,c^?a. -y:ear/ag;o?  1TheY :; cbriditicms?Y smrrouridirig? ti':tiie-  growing props other than the United  JStatps :wiriter -wheat? are? generally  /favorable.?   .;' A:t    the ? present /time  every .country hi Europe can -give,   a  .fairaccpunt of its growing/ crop.,??' In  tho -spring wheat country of?the tin-  lted?States-and Western Canada the  seeding of   the    new crop has: been  started arid is prpceedlrig urider uor-  riially Y favorable     conditioris..   /   In:  Southern    MinnesotaH and South Dakota wheat seeding is well advanced.  Further north    the  season is  somewhat later.     The subsoil' iB well sup-  pilied    with    moisture this year and  there Is -nothing to riiar a fair'prospect; at present,  CandlVohs Favorable f���������>*���������'' Gfeat Gro*?.  ���������Winnipeg.T���������Saskatchewun will h������vc  2?303,22fi acres of ��������� npw land'" undi"-.-  crop th is; season and 2,1 SS.i..: 8 ,f(o.j; m)  of suni'nfr fallow, acc<������Htl!ig?tb;'iJ?  Bruce Walker, ConimlsHloner.of. im-  riiigratii.n %v<io,-said t^'it Lhis big acreage is' in Ideal condition .far :sf>f!*"'lit.g''  and will largely compelledte for 'the  lack-..of. fall-plowl'i.*- He adds, that  trraln tluvshbd from tho ���������ivj/ik- th.c,  snrlng is drier, luirder nnd of betl oi*  grade than that threshed-' early in November oi" during the winter. Seeding hw-A-f*'��������� gonornlt-cii.April 15. the  sanio doto .is lnji-.'yoar,'iMid. a iiiontii  eirlhM* tlitn In lif)0f> or. Io07.' Fro-vt  is out of tho ground 10 to'12 hichiB.  and the seed bsd is miuaually f.ivor-  tb.''.  Aviation Meet In Western Canada.  Winnipeg. ��������� Aviation meets for  Western Canada nro planned und several noted'airmen will compcto In var-  Ioub cltieB during tho coining ������uiminor.  Tho opening meet will bo.in, Wlnu||H>g  on May 10 arid .11 to be'followed by  similar affulrn at Pontage La Pralrii;-  Bra^ndon, Medicine Hat, Cnlgary, Pjd-  u'mntoii, Saskatoon, Regina, Piinco  Aibfi-L, Li-thbridge and wvcriil oUiim*  cities.-' McGouey, of'Grand PorKtt  wlll.be ono (if the avlatora and Sam  A. Tyeikles. New York, v.'lll also In  hero with hio reputallon* which ranks  with Pauliiu. and Bcanion.t. Hi* will  fly for tho Canadian altitude rocord in  a Cnrttsii biplane. In addition ������: v-  eral of those my^tcrinuo aircraft reported from vailoiw plucot, In wostc-ru  Cnnad.-i. will aljio compf-tc. Tlu-rc  will he motor cycle races at each of  it ho moot������- ,  i.-u������.i oa������u,     ���������.*. ,uu ittiwaxi*'^*^  /thbse things ���������:-that Dlease:/the?^ithbr^@|i^^  ahd-^als6?frorn the^apostle'whbset^ii&Si^  .cIple.Y.was"not:/as;::pIeasiri}5:{irie^  :Gbd; *&. whb;^^lib;;. Ytrf etfc-:Pur:^S^*ta^|l^^  ^CJohri/Mii^:; -/ 29; [Z Thes^ ^iiZ-:i^MGojMB&^  ;o"br'ni-ajgYthe-vtbpii^  : erty YandYYRlchei-^  :;reCbrds-bf:;'rich?-rrieni;-/-aB'?iri^ip  ^ivi?/!:-?,; xviii; ;:23>^ft?^i.:?be^dePMioliiii  <---������&S  ���������sil  rich-/1- hia:tt-;arid-'?Lazarus?vbt^e:/;:i^  ^partYpf: ':bu^lesspri.Y?:;tE^im?.th%K^  isages:; we ,��������� ribte /that'; Jal/rriari- s?lite/^bn^i^i  /sisteth'.;/':nbt':;;;':.in-;:::.;aburid^cb?  ithirigs;. ,/Ywhich ??;hV: Ypbasbssptfi^f ahdfsls?^,  ;sbm^:-������wouId'?db?:-^eli:?tb?:ask?  ':^Js?5?'^b?^"^hps&?s^  ;b?^/Y'5--:/;RicK'e;s;.';f;/������briibtii^^  ,;d.ifficu'Jt-"?f^  kiri^dorii;" a^?yet^Zacbh^sBf^b^^S;'?p^l  ;.jh.3S-- signt, -as,:-.-;:;.tiie'-.-giftts/VOf?i-rhe.^p������o������s^i?i^^  ;W^: ,are;:-simpiy:. stewardsi::/-w^  justed'/with/;mysteries?:bir:?ji_b^  ';'other-'thH^^  ;cbunt; '��������� bf /Our- 'steward ship?Y/-^|fti^a^i:^|  so u'lb; thai.- \vhich.:;is-eritru'stc^?:^  lb; beupi;jie?rich :toward?-Gbu?;(Luke|^^:?:^  21). and'those "who have, been helped?  .'���������ttyr/.us'"-to'' kribw::'['the' Lord/Will;[hia^ti'tititil  greater; to us the glory .-iii/ 'His/ zkirig*Y?#"J  ';���������?���������*'���������?  /?:������^J  ��������� -'':''���������*%������  ,'J>i*'--'  W  <*V������t>AW������-������        *���������>*-��������� ���������"**  Contract for Big Elevator.  Winnipeg. Man.���������The firm of Barrett and McQueen/ contrnotorH, wo'ro  awarded the contract hy the C.P.R.  for the erection of a inilllon-bnuhel  itrnntrffr elevator in the oompnuy'b  new ynrdn In North TrntiHCona. The  ������������������vljJ-. c:; the r.r/v hullrtliis. ���������*, hlcV v.'J'.l  be equipped with all modaru nppHiiu-  ceo, will be coiiniu'noorl nt one.  dom, /while the;Lord Hlniselfl:^lll-'^?; ?#i|  ward all His faithful oties a;t?the-re?'i������:^|J  sprrection; of the just (LukeA^vi? -14;&/?Ssi  Rev. xxii? 12); ���������*'."��������������������������� Orir 'LukeAxvl;':le_B'bri%^  study   readB like a statement^ Of facta'?^^  and there is rio reasonYvi*hy?yit/;Bhbnld?'?;i^  be called a, parable.     It Js'the one; /-*$1  occasioii:, on  whiphYburY^iord ;''.dr,e'w:-R-i!'i^J  aside  the; vbil  arid'gaveYus 'tbb"'&eb??'J$M  the unseen . realities alter?we'jedyb? ?;,'/������l  these    bodies, ?.plainly - t0a'c^in'^v^fqr!'vV/i<]  each one It will be hnppinesB/or tb^S-^  ment, not the,hjghest degi;eb of?blisfl {? *?v'l  which  will  be  the believo'r's - portion ? ^  only    after    the   'resurrection of the   -TW  righteous nor the, deepest woe'wh-lpb ? ?^i)l  ���������will bo the unbeliever's portion after   "it1!  the.--.; judgment    of   the great(.white Y/'i  throne, but a conscioiifl existence'in     iv  bliss or woe,    with po poHsIbllity 'of ""  passing frond one to thb Ptliey?' ; ������The  reason of the rich man's coridftloii after death  ��������� was   not becttuso hoi ia,d  been rich, but from the'last Verse of  the chapter It Is evident thatYwhenv  on earth he had no use for Md8bs,W?  the    prophets.        He was  riot a believer In the .ScrlpturGH. but evidently  proud     and     eir-lf    satisfied.      Aftor -*  death ho proved the/reality of a "'place; "r  of torment and became aiu'lbus that,  his bret.horn    should  . not roach .the  sanie destination."'--'   Ho''-pleaded :'that  if ono    went    froin    the dead.,"thoy?  would .believe, hut wnti(:l0Ul ?that the  wrltlrigfl of MoBes and thp''prophfltB  wore all HUillolont.     .Wo know from  John xi and   xll   that; another man  named    Lazarus    did  rlso  from the*  (���������".-������������������ul, hnL whllo f-omcbejlevrid othortt  BouKht to   kill him agahf (John xii, .  10.  11).        Our    bleBsed  Lordj JefliiB  Christ,  by. whom  and  for  whom  nil  thlnga wore    created, know tho .up-  peon re*iHt|r*f* nw no nn������������ el������e did? and  wo may count on every word Mo said,  afl being literally no.     By Hlu death  for our ulnta    and resurrection from  tho dead  Ho han    provided  forelvo-  Tietm <\t nliin, flornal lif*������?'<������tH'nni redemption, a joint holrflhlp with Him-  self   for  "whOBoeyer :wlll," ���������apd  only  tliono who receive Him nyo the truly  rich, for time and eternity, (ProvL-yi I,  18;   Rev.    Hi. IS).     All    ofh>fo ara  poor Indeed.     Oh, tho multitudes of  rluh poor people l  i ;-T.l|  '''':',i|  Coputantinoplc.  , ���������      UN ���������..,,., r I,.. _  ������������������Tho reopc-iilug  ���������'-V  Will   Mlna   l.*or.  C,^........    >���������������*  *lv^     V, .   *. ., y  work will ho t-tartod on the bulldluk  of a.YnHway to the property nt the Al-  b<ii*ta and Canada Iron Syndlcat*^*, ,3)JR.'  mllea wfiat of the own of Okotoka, and  whs>n������the, rail way U compleUd a _r  land, with tho Soo at Port Arthur,  and In all probability at Tobermory,  eft" the head or lirucr Prnlnn:iln.  Reopening of Dardanelles Postponed.  of    -������������������ ���������  14M'n from th** Un'led Htat>������, fm.'cwlnir to thi* oondnuod nwimnclf* of I b* orected and Iron will" be rnlnod  migration for tin* month of March ilinlinn wnruhlpfl in t������i*������ Arohipeli*���������������^. |'i'h*������ whoi<< project will involve tho  thla yoar Hhow* a gain of 7 per cent. IPurthor buinbardmoiit io reported expenditure of around |B,000,000. P,  ovf-r thnt e������f March hurt year. (liriv������. liurna ia behind the adventur*.  .,'*���������*  ;���������*������.*���������������������������       *���������  ������.- jFtfUSAta every  -^ctoy at "O-reston, Bsitish uoiumbia, bythe Cfresipn Frint-  ng^dF^ttHlai-g������^  /~>V  -'-'   -,.??-    j-  -#*��������� Q O t~ /~^ -*-u  ,������>ILWI I  OfiEOTSS L. W*yNN  Editor and Manager.  I"*  Vha BeviowiB the acknowledged advertising medium/of the OreBton,valley, ci&;,  ' enlatingin over one thousand homes throughout, the GrestonYdistoot and;'  5 caching ont in a broad manner into other communities.   Our advertising rates  I   are based bn the scale of the Kootenay and Boundary Printers' Board of Trade.  -v t-and pnrohase and land lease notices, $7 for statutory time.    Display adver-  *    tisements, $i per iaeh per month; other advertising 10-cents per line first issue  and 5 cents per line in succeeding weeks;   Subscription rates $2.00 a year ra  advance.   Our columns are open to contributions dealing in matters of local^iiv  terest- and the welfare of the coaun-uuiiy.    Gastric-ticns must be brief an������_  signed, ./''?���������'- ;  ���������H r*t-fA  i   ill l.CZI  -*-,_ wi       -    ui*3  a. r>3    vi/***-*.  Ife-S-   2^  -^S;./  UP  SS ^ ^sh**" _ si '^"*a>sf "xyY  OU   will   make-"no   mistake   *^&  when you get off the train    ������j������  h if yon sign the register at    ���������������������  ??S   iTTa^Z^d^J  thc  Cveston  Hotel.       Travelling    <������  l;j^/^^i  men   uiU   substantiate   this.    We    &  T������������  JL_L������^ -&-<*    *���������'-������������������*'/      *.*XW������  J; After it became httown that there were so many trees  beiii"* slanted in this Valley, considerable figuring has been  close by some of the reside_its 6a the possibility of the market bei-ifi* flooded a few years hence?. The return of D. S.  Timiao-ts,. sales -manage* ������_ the Creston /Fruit Growers'  Union with the annouinx-eiaent that he has already signed up  dealeirs who watt taike every bit of produce and fruit grown  la tfeis Valltej? ffets year and would take more if they could  get it, should pat a damper on the pessimistic views of a few  who saw a calamity ahead. The Review believes that Creston will sever be able to flood the market and that if all the  ._^    _  *_ii_���������-__���������__��������� __*|������ .___*   _*~.*U<-  -.-.-,.. ~������wl,3    Kint-irr ���������fr-Mlt  this  veal".'-the  Tress msasis pisufcw iix���������*- **&*** vwiiA*\* "���������"**j,^������ .���������������������������������������-���������>��������� -������������������- ./ ������������������*#..  ���������"    _ .���������������"'-"'������������������       "'"''������������������������=*_ !s        *J   -~i   -^-���������-^ "'���������  products, would be sold at tbe same high slanuara os prices*...  study   the  comfort of our guests  rratt    Belt j  The rooms are well furnished in  a manner up-to-date.  <p*t ���������'";���������    A new shipment  of the   reliable   Nyal  line  ol  *%f Family Remedies has just been received.   -Below is'  ,0 a partial list of New Goods.  ^       NvnlsOuiu'nc and Iron Tonic,  i?������v u      "Snrintr 5*-ycnnavil 1a  V *{   ..Blood purifier  J      ������   " ,   Stone icot Compound  Dollar bottles ��������� X  &  j Our   Guests j  I ?r* /���������     " "'   *   3       Headquarters  for Mining Men,  i.      i   cng      i  Xviinibermen,   Ranchers.   Tourists  it  a  "      Digestive Tonic  "     Dyspepsia Tablet*;  Fifty Cent bottles  u    ���������,j  r-*.���������  ,*-i-  -     C-.U-,-.   V^OXUill-iCliUfi,.  -��������� *' T* flOl"*    0*Kf*"*l!T*l  **-���������  and nuitiefous 'other good preparations.  T?:ri..  1 ,    *$_  j.*j.iiy   IwCj.il uua.c������    w  2 co Tars   **&  ^i - j ���������  "_r  ;���������������  m  ^11 ivioran  ���������smrirvt^fftaaam^jiniti^^ jxuimVfm  Greston Drug&.Bopk Co.  51  a-ai^j nrn- r "i?J 7������ni rj A."-'J-'.'."l.-^?l.'-"!Jl-.".TI!^,.T-'n-ri T.J7J.1**" ^"wiwu-i���������������������������iiwhii jnu ui .._.ninj'.iuii   i  . .j _ l  i  ^B^'tt&iSS&f&WaH aut,<HH9m\V'K^^mfmm9a  IS  /sTi  ������������������?  iranetur, um anoreeo diaoies.iu  wefidtc>r j^umap una Tdrsons "tjeaaiy*  Tw?n rvfr r;V*ti *.-.*-\-.*������- ^-.,.������.^K  *������ j     _ -������  (Best equipped Livery in Town) %  ���������;'"!    Ailchssof TUR"NOUTS supplied at short notici>;   Tho latest styles o������    jg    f  Jg   CUTTERS and BUGGIES for sale aud hire.    Sr id die and pack  houses a    ^    j  ������������������   ������������������    4'    '   .       ������������������    IS  S=^= -���������    "       -��������� _      -I*    -_J_-_-.-       ���������_.���������^     Unmn-ll  IHOUSanas OX   Ucca   <s.n~   _;_*_isj-  ������������������*r,i^__ig7r-iW ��������� -mil n nm* i���������n^ii-������fc_������������������������������������-���������_���������������,������������������ _������������������ tn-irj) |  ^. {SJUUV_r\../l K Ci (V fi R ft IV rt iT (\ IV /IdAMKTAMiTi-   ll  >j   ui.u  Mfuuuv.iM'  viu-ienes     Fropapjated, under tne  Creston IS progressing.     Thousands OX  frees   ate >_.������112gj|   :mostfa'y^bleouu._:uioijsiroiuiho_t. Ai. Kcilogg srrmn of pedigree plams.  plantedi eachyear^   But ahw.g with Creston's  advancement|      ^icemooper th.usandF. o. b. Hyundai,  noidcoiu and Bov^ seed  picWMt^u.;M������*������ y������������ & ������������������...'{J    potol^B^price-$2 23 per hnudrea lbt*.  is. at like advAnce in the Prairie towns and through the Crow -jj  ^������-���������-������~^^  .c^natxy whsssr this> irmit ^ sold.    Their demands will grow j j  ^res^er eachy^r and Creston has the  peculiar geographical'  !���������-__--.*-��������� -.t^i, .9ea,* 4V~������ *1imp- *������^������-=*-lletice of her fruit makes  her position seenre for practically all time. The Creston j  galley is the closest 6mifc growing disttic^to the coal mining  and Prairie towns.. Berries and snch perishable goods, picked herein tie mo-i_ingy are on the tables in the Cranbrook  homes-thftt same evening. Fruit picked here in the morning i& oni the tables in the  coal mining towns the next morn*  ���������a '.'���������    ��������� :   '..' *.'"  \rx% and! the Calgary and Prairie towns the next aiternoou.  No other fimift uaising district in this Province can make this  *#.������* time fires, ���������"rower to consumer.    It would be impossible-  i a'ti  I ki<  Speciality.  *ii������   Pepd for sale.       Agent ici* the McLaughlin Mancfg. Co.     * Horses for sale    *^>     {  . jfti   I am prepared to fill all orders, both by >vire and mail/and meet all trains    ^  j ���������y"   nt any hour cf tho day or night.    Com-uercial men and iaadse-kets, "Will    *������i  & ' receive prompt attention: -V, ,Sj  ������J     B     g a    %**fa    S V3 S������P V-i*' 8   *Jb_?������U<������ i-U   5  95; Phono 56  j-    i       8   ^bdf|^  Sirrlnr Avenue Box 14  aJS^Sr^'^-s*'-:^ s-J:3 2 2^*9������-i������.!_:f,.59:-3-g-3-g:3 ������'_ijg.-S������:3:s-������*5-S-_'3  .   tx IUUU\J\ .fl \\ ^ \\ ft ft f\ I1. rt iT (\. ,������\ fi rr (\ r������ a a ������ n /? rr <��������� a   . _    _       _ _   -'.^Y������-rffVSnB-8ffN-8_7fffftt_f_rfitfWV ! ?^^^^-*^^  i*^^ - " ^^iy^ I ^     "''1T ST KESB smcB t900*'  ���������.���������TT I ft 18     ������ft**IBII-flniA*      ! ""'      " *"  *_A   l_J3   ^  ^jyj,   g^g,   |^   -g jg-g    ^  I ^^^^^0^^^^^^^^^^\^% "\RAidAN!  a>JtV4������8.**$  gQ^en ^@0������ campeuBd Tablets  8J  aa   xe������'   is 3  At the same time, along with the announcement of Mr.  Timmoasthat the fruit will all be sold, eomes  a  statement  by a dealer who has handled Creston products that the fruit  satiBt be packed better in order to get full   returns for both  grower and middleman.    Creston is so young  in years   of  v teal production that the art of packing   has  not been fully  leamed'as yet.    If the ranchers, however, throw   all their  energies ia that direction it wifl not be long before they will  \     be giving t_e best in this line.    The  packing school   this  year wilL bring results and each year the pack will be better.  Tfhe quicker the rancher** become perfect in this regard the  sooner they will be getting top-notch prices for   their fruit.  The standard   should and   no doubt will  be raised each  year.  k&  3  . U������5a I  i ii  id- of  r  ^������  s.-ti:fsatiS  Because of the Opportuniti's for Present Investments  t-_ffi Baffin x_s������.  si  1   ^{^^^^   *  1  :^sr;   J,  i   trr       'J  Offers the Golden Oppor unity for  Investors Because         . -   _.,���������  ��������� u#L^  It is to be the centra  of  Great Railwny  Development during the   j_gS_"  next few years.'                    '������    .  ' "^=  Magistrate Young and Immigration Inspector Charles  Rykert, who have jurisdiction in the Port Hill district, are  determined to stop people coming from the States into Canada in evasion of the immigration laws and this week severely punished four aliens who walked across the border during  the night.   These officials have always been known lo tem-  jer their administration of justice with hard,commou seus2  and everybody who is fair with them is given the greatest  consideratioa. Those who try to impose ou them, howeve;,  get_the limit in punishment and each succeeding case will  undoubtedly be dealt with the more severely.  The Grand-Trunk-Pacific By.', lino passes through the Towusite  and trains should bo runnin{* withiu a veav.       ���������  The Pacific & Hudson hny Ry., Company nlao received charter  May 19th, 1911, and is to run its lino tln'oupfh Fort Fraser, aud  other linoB are contemplated  Adequate station facilities are to lift provided   in   the Townaite,  as  gg&p1  has been assured by tho Railway Commission of Canada*. !^  It is the centre of 10,000,000 acres of rich agricultural land equal to fija^-  nny in Canada. Z/Z!^---  *Tpl  Ifc will be tho centre nnd distributing point for all. this vast district.   Egj^"  Industries nro already   looking  towards Fort  Fraser and a .largo WSlt-.  Saw Mill ia now, uud������r coiisfnictiou there. (SSaCT  Fort Fraser Lois are now Helling nt from $320 upwards.'   Musy tonus ES"lX  aro offorod of 10% down and 5% per mouth. l_Ulf  Any of thoso lots may be worth from $213,000.00 to $50,000 000 ten   B^d  .   yonrs honco. fSSStiT  This magnificont inoroaHo Iiiih already'been realized in ��������� dr-zenn of  What about Clean-up Day? If there cannot be one.  general attempt to make a better appearance in this town,  how about each individual getting busy and doing some  tiling along tms iinef  Western Cuniidiaii Towns, und  Jr if ^:  Will again prove on Investors  MM  SsL.  Sr (  m  g rOave (owe nontf, ^  ^ *(&mmzxtct How! @  $$. fl|at v/e are T)a*rii__N*- ������  Q ������������������" .0^' savin|3 deposits(^1������-? ������.  ${| * & iiprif Object ToWh-������ @  -|| Srawol V cheque &."  # "'onttTOC'.Jcposita of * m  ���������f| S^Tfioutte & over. ^ W  m We invest monef for dicnta ||  ,Q in first mort_a&es& &oa #|  ^ ������leneml HmticiaUusiiiess. ������  ^. sit fou are not saving -- ^  ���������J& 5Y3T������ma'li(:a^Y���������, ���������*- ���������*��������� --- -*- 1|  g ,^mmcnccH0WWluill5. 1  f| ���������*- +j+ caail^ handled��������� 1^  U ^ou can eieud "by r>rat!, ^  If)   Peat Office *���������>-6}ipreo3  These Palis .ire conipc-.tniied -wHlt th������ threat*  cur. froni the uior.l. leBs blc seuc<ii6o .-.aowii to*     f  vuicnce; such as uro bciua used with much succasi     I  by the most celebrated jb5-.7sicians known,- V  They arc a apecinc iot -trie di?ir^*ssing disoraoriy  to which the female coacwitution it liable.  Price &i a box.    Wo. A (iwr.i jtronser), SI a  iox.   iold at all dr������R stpj c?, or D^mail irons tiio'. /  ������v������*sl -t-t-n.)-- On., St. Ca duu-iaia. One  fl  -  j Get your Wines, Liquors,. ������ j  3 Tobacco, Cigars, Pouches* I I  I Pipes, etc*, at the .    I   v  _~*V%  L,resion     Wine.,   0  Spirit Co*  S. PoolC,. Prop.  ,,'__i-ii*������iir*t,i.'biM'iiia___frgBiL-���������s_---i.'-i���������_'  ������      '!  s  tmtikev & Oo.  . Wholesale  Provisions,   Produce,   Fruit  General ComuiisHfion Aloroliant������  NELSON -  ���������*'H3   Orocroxl^cUotiiVpfl-**-**^  u*'**^ H >    j,  || iflcitcr & wjajgjiwate * ||;   Asiima!   Fertilisers  can be ma������Je ������������������������  9.1  ������J  'InvwHt now boforo (ho Unind Tninlc Pnoiilo ronohOH thero  mo  PO Wot  s  ,* it] (to'  Ivitcniiuvc mailed on.applicition  \-  .st***.,****"  Dominion 'Stock & Bond,Corp,, ^  Limited   , ���������p  Vancouver, B, Q vsizQ  ;������i\    . ^  X   - ���������*- any \w you wish.  jk  tyilD ^ >r>*������-iJ j_^.   TnrfTif ,^     f 1 i-siTi.-n. ���������     iul. n ��������� ���������i ������ *i W7  ^ We are Rcspouoible ||)  MONEY  &EL&&  ���������+-. *������������������.���������������< h������ ~������*  !lt Write re atwitilMy ������  | Bo������tiow!SS!!   I  9  Sow Burns'-FcrtiUzra  And Reap.D.liars.  ������������������".-.-^"f.iTirr.jmar.  ii  ^j U'yVcjxcovivcr 8,S.c\  Cull or send for our  New PnmphliM- which' is  full of useful information  for Fruit* Growers etc.  ft?  Liinlto^  Da.  B.C.  nm***'"���������#aw .*^m  aaammmm  mmmmmmm ***m*m*i<*mmii*u,%1^m^*m<^mamt**m%%\\t**\*um*t\nm  typ<  >m������ tori��������� th,-- iwi.iwnMii*   ff������    0  _Tra_r     ww ������a  ijjfH fi_w'l_^'������L*'C.i.-������Sf;,T    y'JI^^J^Ettr/W'.i.i p-./.  "7^ *!S!*^"  /MrJm im ������* ������si rtt. inv wa m m. v-< im ft fi ,.,,.*, ,-. ���������������* ^        - ,������ M ..      VVv  Mi 0 ���������*?**������^j Hl^ ^ R R I*  ���������'s-^-wifysisi   ������>ti^���������ii!.^  a ������pf:ci,/..'.V)'  .Dealer   in    ir.ii," i     el a j:.  boots n.ul snoe.*;.  CRKSTON  Head Office  CALGARY; VANCOU-.  VER; -  KDMONTON. '  " *ft#tai-MW������������^MrM(W  **^m^*m*mm***^+*i*%Mwmm*mlmmwami'������*mi  V    V    V      at     a*    a*    r      ******       *     V    #    *       m*>  BSectrEc Resitcrcr for /View  ' PhOHpllOIKil iUiioro.i tiviiry iunv.> in lliii Wmlv  ...���������������-,   ._���������.���������_. I , il'i  pr"J--I-I-  (,'!i������li,fi ; icMoi.i.:  ,v,'!,!i,".'!! ,vU.;'1 .,.->?. ,,,,*;������"i"i'������*' tivj'.nv i-i'/i r.n dwin-.i  ��������� imilco "viiwrj iiuwuinn,( I'rlco *Vn-lHJx,'or'������wo'lfr,i  ipii.,at.������i*in<i-rli-i������ij';������>������i; '*MV���������"*----���������*--*-���������  V;  < ���������'��������� '���������������������������' .*.'  ���������i������ ������,1k. J  *t- A       _*h.   ^-ia?:-'!  itT,M^:^^^^>^---.������-^^^,,:u.^,sl^;;._; ������"������ s,,-s-J'^ir  I--'    %*1?  I",  If -T 'I   r *    '    *..a   /    ,     ,   ������  -- t j*  *o-   i-"*-1 ���������*��������� j  "-TV*      "  '������ >-r i^ V  -       ^*if *_  I     f -���������������"���������-  J 1  - -v~, ���������* fTC "2-' *���������"* 'v7*'.>-,-"*i\t.-"' W.f^-'f;nisa-?i.-,Jr SE__2S  ...    i     . ^- -i������JLj?-TAj-^^^A'^'--^^^>*^-'-2-'-''--f-s-J^::i-v-=-----r-- -J:-���������*-"n������i:  ,i , ������������������*/. -' -'--^--v-rsp-s-nitSy v- ���������^,.J5'*-'*vv*w7?'-3*-^*!.',r-5'*r-"' Y-2.-r.HBSs-  - ' ^'-v   '* " - < ,y?\'^ '"<   -j^fesii  *t     v  THE   QRESTCW   BBFIEW,    OBESffOH,    B,  ss^an    ��������� ***������  ������������*sis������    ���������������-���������' ������-n������-������An a ���������      F*���������*���������������*������������������������PST*8."���������VS"  Take no0ce that _  have   received objections  in wrhinjE to ihe'.foSowiBg  !>|    names being retained on the register of Voters for the Electoral District oi "*mis  f    on  the grounds stated  below, and ttoat at a Court of Revision to be held on th  j}    20th day of May 1912 at 11 o'clock in the forenoon I shall hear and determine  tho said objections, and __le,ss  such named persons or some other Provincial  Voter-on their behalf satisfies" me that such objections are not well fonnded, I  shall strike anoh names, off tbd register.  Sated az Trail this 12th day of April 181?.  I ,        _\ E. DOOKBEH-I-,  J Registrar of Voters, Trail, B. O.  n.. Tho Following Have Left The Riding  i     17 Allan Harry Kitchener  Bnshman  19 Alexander Robt. Salmo  Farmer  64 Atherton John Creston  .-.Editor ^  *  ti    66 Atyeo Joshua Balfonr  v Parmer  65 Bsgloy Oh=s. Creston ....' Blacksmith '  I    89 Banning David B. Proctor  .Lnmberman  ���������J* I  KBMiBr^ Alex Stiirnu .     ,,,,    X-nborer  99 Bast, Frank Creston  Rancher  101 Batcheio-r, Wm Salmo  Laborer \  .106 Bateman, Edw. W.     Harrop  Rancher  109 Bavin, Ohas. Trail  Laborer  108 Baverstock, "Wm. J.    Kelson  Miner  |������      Uo Jjoauuiuui',  uouij *��������� i-iH".  jl a.JuuOi  116 Beddingfield, Robt.    Sirdar  T.. .Merchant  228 Bell. Bsjaut W. Salmo  Laborer  iff &  lia^t Bentiay, Sa.ni. IToloua  .Siilhuia"-  155 Blanchard, Jos. Salmo  Hotel-keeper  160 Blayloek, Stephen Erie  Miner  162 Blond|n, Jno. &. Salmo  Teamster  t   166 Bohle. Henry Trail  Laberer  190 Bqyce, Wesley J. do  Ry. Employee  193 Bradley, Wm. Kohanee  Rancher ������  194 Brassey, Robt. IS. Harrop  Manager  oi k Bro"**!"!   J^if* B. Ymir  Bliner  n   218 Bro������n, John Balfonr           Sectionman  \S   281 Bryan, Wm. Henry Trad               Farmer  *    346 Bnrdett. Jas. do                   Plumber  Is  v267 Byrnes, Harry Waneta          Rancher  273 Coldwell, Fred Balfonr          'do  290 Campbell, Murdoch Ymirj.             Miner  294 (JampLell, Jns. B. Sirdar           ....- Hotel-keeper*  - 801 Carr. Johii H. Trail              Boile. maker  " 802 Carr,' Geo. A.   * do                        clo  [    328 Chapman, Fred, Fairview       Machinist  ?,   SJ3 Carver, Jno  W.    - Creston          Merchant  8U8 Clarke, J as. C ' Trail  Carpenter  >���������     840 Clark; John B,   . Ymir              Traiu-man  S4i Clark, Ge,p. "A. liarrop           Carpenter  >     847 Clarkson, Roger ��������� Ymir            .' Lumberman  857 Cliiton, Geo. F. Sidar              -.Brakeman  374 Colley, Jas. H. Trail Rancher  876 Collins, Frauk E. Salmo  " 888 Couley, Wm. H. do               Miner  !     407 Cowley, CLas. A. do               Mdlmau  , 411 Orabb, Thos. Arrow Park Rancher  ���������j    421 Crooke, Jas. Ymir             Kilgineer  .  429 Crowe, Hermann Ymir              Teams ter  437 Cunning, Wm. Trail           ' Smelterman  452 Damerou. ��������� Vinoenzo Trail              Smelterman  458 Darbyshire, John Creston        Mechanic  400 Davies, John Salmo           Millman  4"1 Davies, Edinond    - Six-Jui- ..........Bridfmf.u.  472 Davis, Leslie D. Harrop" ..........Rancher  474I)ay,Wm. Waneta ...?.. ....Mechanic  497 Dixon, Geo. H. CreBton ............ .Lumberman  607 Dongan, Jos. Trail ..........Teamster                      ?'  618 Dorans, Ross Kitchener ......... .Bushman                 ,  ,,      620 Doyle, Peter' ? Sirdar ..........Rnnohor  630 Dabie, Jb8?Hv Kitchener ..........Bushuiiin  6^27 Dutmo, Wilfred Sirdar  .���������Ciirpeiiter     ���������  5U7 Datsou, Harry B. Trail , ..........Riubhoi'  .06*1 IflldridBO, John D. Ktjiqhouer Proupootor  .558 Emorsou, JuekHon Sirdar .... i Bridfieman  ;C62 Kakridgo; Arthur B.f Harrop ���������  ���������B73 Faller, Ubns. L, Ymir               ..Teamster  090 Fleming, David G. Sirdar Coiidueter  ^     C98 Fletohor, Ed. 'Bal'four ..........Oarp.wntor. ?     .,  ,60(1 Foot, Porolyal W. Cvoflton'  \     -004 FoHtbr, Thos. do            '  .Lunihcrmun  ���������318 Franoi', Jno. A. Yinlr              .'. -,",.Constable ,  .������������������f'-'������CR2'Frotsi,'Hiirry.D.: Sli-dar .......... Bv������dgoinnu '  CIO Gnrdnnr, B. Chan. Trail .......... Bunker  1       651 Giiriiefct, Henry Cronton-         ...Lubori-r  057 Gopr, MUlrldKo B. Salmo .....;... .laborer  ,    683 Glonn, Jus    '       " Sirdnr           ...Bridgonum  083 Qlcuioniiing, Thda.      Proctor ���������...,. .Lnmbormivh  00a' GouiHuerft-, Fiimk T mil ..........Smolteromn  y '  70U drahnm, Stuiirt M. CroHton  7������d Gntsuoratio, Piotro Trail ..........        do  740 Hall  Math' w A.   , Granite  .Itmiuboi*  747.11 alii, Hurry       ��������� do      do  '       748 Hall, OfniH, i\. Crenton  7fi������ Hiimllton, John P.        Ktlokson       ��������������������������������������������������������������� ��������� ��������� ��������� 'IVnniHter."'��������� ���������  700 Hiimol, Philip   v Slidnr'  Mnglniioi*.   ,  702 Hiimnio'nci, Jno*. D.   ,  Salmo  Millman  772 Hardy, Thoa. Kitohonor .Laborer  VtS<* iinri'iuiflOM,' <.'ini***iijo**,  t'liti'oHr    w, vi'uto*        ,  r       7mR    iiHii(.i������ii,.'Kii"iiii'--������       Ivi :>',i< un    iiiiiiiur.iiau  |i        7U_* .    >niv   ".-<���������., I',, , ,,l'i  i' m  Hn.i.-:l.un*.  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Ymir  1040 Lancaster, Hugh W.    Salmo  ' s I  1070 Laviolette, xllphonse, Creston  1078 Le'cuyer. Frank  1101 Lock^ood, Wm.  1127 Mo Andrew, Jas. M.  1138 Malcolm. Wm.  1153 Marshall, John  1180 Masse r, A. F.  jll x i '      , '~  .Farmer   v   ���������   Rancher   Laborer   Smelterman   Rancher   Prospector   Mill Owner   Bridgeman   Rancher    -   Corn Inspector  *     _ "    ���������*      >     '-V      -��������� t* " i-    #?-"���������>��������� C _T^^yW-JW-<*Mtt*flW_M  . vjargsntfir  .Bridgman  . Hotel Manages  . Sectionman  . Merchant  .Liveryman  .Farmer  .Miner  Trail   Lumberman   Smelterman -  Kitchener     Railroad man  Nelson        ' Waiter  Salmo      .     Miner  Kitchener  v Hotel-keeper  ������*.  it  j. run  1192 Metcalfe, Harold C. Williams Sidg Millman  1193 Medcalfe, Rupert  1214 Miller, Andrew  do            do  Creston.   Baker  1229 Mitchell, Henry A.  Erickson   Rancher  15W4: Miccheii, Jno. A-  X UU1L                         ������ . -  1235 Mitchell, Thos. A.  Hall  1230 Mitchell, Harry A.  1239 Mollins, Clarence B.  Erickson   _*armer  1240 Monney, Danl.  1246 Moore, Jas. E.  Creston  1248 Moore, Hugh S. '  1286 Murphy, Donald McK  do   Jtcancher   Olerk  1293 Murray, Thos.  Ymir   Miner  1297 Myres, John R,  Nelson   jaroKer  1329 McDonald, Jno.  1330 McDonald, Jno. J.  1332 McDonald, Robt. E.  1333 McDonald, -Tno A.  do       do  do       do  1336 McDougall, Dn'ican,  1337 McDougall, Archie  Ymir   Miner  1338 McDougall, Jno. D.   Laborer  ��������� r.^..^     ft ������" . T"^ ������������������_ n... .-        Cww%-.        f1  do        do  l3l2 McFavlane, Geo. ������.  Kitchener   Teamster  1345 McGillivray, Bbugal  XOOU   lVlCurittbU,  ajxiuiiao* uu.   , Millman  ���������       n.rtnifa                  ,  1361 Mclnnis, Lewis v       ������  Nelsow   Miner  1383 McKenna, Saml.  Ymir.    .  1387 McKinnon', Jno. J.  Sivdar   ti .Bridgeman  1390 McKinnon? Alex.F.   Oyenider  1400 McLean, Chas. A.  1430 Na-jlor, Jas.  ifruitvale   _.   School teaoher  Arrow Park...   Farmer  143S Newell, Fred A.  Fairview   Agent  1439 J-re**vhf>������'J*3 Jas. H.  Salmo   Millman  1440 Newhouse, Richard J  1447 Kicholls, Fred A.  1464 Northridge, Chas.  4 Jrt-t    *r\*������'*���������-         T> ��������� U.*-  i-ar.D__   v^a-v ���������*-���������*.)  jiwk/w.  '.do        do  do  ...: Book-keeper  Ymir-   Miner  Ql.n.������u,Mfl.  TR anchor  1485 Olson, Swan  1489 Oneill, Robt.  Erie   Miner  Salmo   Woodman  1504 Parker. Geo.  Sirdar   Chef  1518 Paul, Jno. A,  1537 Pender, Geo.  C������_1    -, -u  .Merchant  Nelson  1538 Pennell, Geo.  Frnitvale  1538 Petygrew, Edgar  Oreston  1553 Piatt, Jas.  Salmo   Carpenter  1507 Powell, Ohas,  Sirdar   Rancher  1597 Ramsey, Melbourne  Salmo           j(.  1016 Roopelle, August  1619 Reynolds, Chas. H.  1049 Rooke, Sauii.  Trail  Harrop-   ..Clerk. H. O,  ;cr-r<rie .���������;             -,  ..-....,..Miuet  1658 Ross, Robt.  ) Hararop  .........Rnnoher  1659 Ross, Robt. N,  Sirdar  '1604 Rowland, John J. B  .   Creston  ...;.... .Rancher  1676 Ryan, Jus.-A.  SalJoao  ......... Millman  1078 Ryokmau, Ernest' 13  .    Oreston'.  .........Plumber   .  1686 Sunders, Jno. -W.  Ymir  .......... Miner  1688 Savage, Jas.  Fairvswrwr  ..;.......Hotelkeeper  1703 Soott, Geo.  Siilni<D������  ..........Minor  1707 Scott, Andrew  Ymir-  ....... ...Ranoher  1709 Scott, Walter ,J'.  Sirdaw   Bridgemau  1722 Shaw, M.alooni  NelBOh-..  .   [Smolterman  17:24 Sliuw, Wm. P.  Salmo)   Minor  ..    177H Spmtloy, Wm.  Erie   Raiiehor  ���������1779 Sprtiiige, Lorilio W.  do  ...........Ranoher    ���������  1700' 8t.upiot.ou, Wm.  NoIkoii  .;.?... ...Quarry man  1794 StophonB, Jno.  Cceaton,   Rnnohor  1790 Stophdns, Jon.  do  .  l   l  M   ( *  *  ���������  '  ���������          l*W  1813 Sulllviiii, Juo. A.  Kitchener  ..........Fnrmor ,  1824''Sheeting, Goo,  Balfour  ..........   do  lw_7 Swap, I'lowurd  Proor,ov  .........Ranoher  1H43 Tolfor, Hoy MoG -  Erlckaou  '���������  ..Iiumbernmn  1815 Thomas Orlu C,  Salmo  ..., .Carpenter  ���������1954 Jhompfion, Geo.  Cio-ition   Rnnohor  1877 Tattle, Albert H.  '* Ymir   Mining man  10115 Walker; .las.  Sirdar  ' ,' ..Euglnocr  19*1  Wallnek, Henry  Nelson   Smoltormau  )!������.J-1  W-ip'ucl-, Ailolph  FruHvj.iy-  ..'  .Rancher  li)-l������ Wiitoru, Sum  Sal mo   Minor  lb-18 Way, iiilnry  jDiiirviuWi'  1904 White', Jus  Krlo   Minor  11)89 WilkiiiHon, B. H.  Prootor.-   .'. .L.itioror  2000 WiUou, Wm,  ClTHtOIV'  2099 Win'li-l', Robt.  do   ,. Rnnoher  L'Oai' Worlilns, L. P.  y:)_'J Wi.utii, Riclui. T.  NclHon '  Trail  ,,.,      R in (���������hernia n        do  llta   poll  r������wi ng* Ar������ He'iil  7 Addiuon, Goi).'  Ymir  .  , .,     .,1            nc,   l  ITT- -..������...  - ** i'  ti*1 iftviA-f*  1 ,  ���������nm   .,.������.  ,>_i.;-*-i'et'saa-  THS   HOME  .    OF   THE  TRA N Si a NT  m  OOMMOOiOOS  SAMPLE  ROOMS  I >^ iwriV  ���������  This Hotel  is one of theVf^yi^  best    known    and    popular  Hotels in the   Kootenays.   .  * i ���������  The dining room is strictly  up-to-date and the bar sup*  plied with only the best brand  of goods.  Creston, B.i__.  ���������������^ _-���������_ '     mj    t_T    JP  THE CANADIAN  BANK  rwx  rnyyporp  \^y W ''<���������<��������� \^r iv S.I v _,_-_��������� _."*������_ J***' *~4  SIR EDMUND WALKER, OM.O,: LL-D-5 D.C.L, PneMDBtrt  i  I  ar   * n ��������� _>���������   ������    /% -t  7 m -������^ si ts ^-������        - ��������� r   ���������������������������������"������������������  ��������� ��������� ____,, v ..  ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manao&r  I?F:<1T  tf-tn rirvrv AAA  wi   ������ ���������/   s   s  si  ���������������  E i  u n ������  S8.Q0Qi000  . FARMERS'   BUSINES.S  Th������ Canadian Bank of Commerce extends to Farmers every facility"  for the transaction of their banking business including: the discount and  collection of sales notes.    Blank sales notes are supplied free of chargtS  nn aoolicatton.  ��������� "      BANKING   tsY   MAiL  Accounts may be ooened at every branch of The Canadian Bank'cf  Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the same careful.  _"~_ __ *.. ^:-^-=- ^--  -������  -*-ue- jo������������.tmonts <nf tbe Bank's business.  atrenuuii a*i ia j^������������*six ���������-������ ^~. _������..~.   ���������t^��������� -----  --     ���������      ^  Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this way as satisfactorily~,as  by a personal visit to the Bank. A331 .  ^PERGY *B. FOWLER, gytsttagsr, CresionlBrtttch  til..  i  4  I  i The srifgsri 0@!uinbga Nurseries Co.  sS Of Vancouver, B>.  Have just received an 8o page illustrated  and descriptive catalogue of, their fruit  trees, shrubs, roses, etc., which is free for  the askiug to intending  planters.  Apple direct to this office or to W. S. Watson  at Creston, B. C.  1   A TRIAL ORDER will convince th most  critical of the superiority of our one year old  I tres oil three year roots.  iSBS 7th Ave? Wm Wa&poaWGB*. Bm ���������������������.  raw  H  189 Bowman. John  330 Chestontt, Jno. R.  339 Olaik, Hugh S.  349 Olagey, Wm.  503 Dolan, Marten B.  850 Hill, Wm, O.  8KB Hotde, Cryril H.  S23 Irving, Wm. P.  1233 Mills. Wm. B,  1807 MoBride, Jno.  1341 MeParlane, Lewis E  1608 Patterson, Jno.  15/50 Pigeon, Stanislaus  1602' Road, W. Balfour  1821 Sutherland, Wm.  Bonnington      Engineer  -:������������������' .%. ��������� ���������������  "-        ill"  'em ouuuu *oriiooiu  430 Crowther, Jno. W.  1040 Labev, Prerleriok  1504 Raesbeob, Ohas.  1RR������ Saliflbnry. Wm.  1757 Smith, Wm. H.  1922 WalliB, T. P.  Ymir  Harrop  Salmo  Trail  Harrop  Prootor  NGranite  Granite  Nelson  , Ymir  Nelson  Ymir  Erie  Salmo  to���������-������....  rut.���������  aj������*. ������o^.   X^.VJ  Salmo ,'  Burton City  Arrow Park  NelBon  Creston  YBVultvale .  .Miner  . Ranoher ^  .Miner  .Landlord  .Former  .Ranoher.  .    do  .    do  .Smelterman  .Miner  ..   do  ..   do  ..   do  ,. Millman  1 -' ym  Parmer Not a Brit.lnh Snbjeof..  Miner   Reapeator, boo 491  Parmer   Not a British Subjeot  Ranoher   Reapeater, see 1698.  Teamn-'or do-     ,860 1684  Rancher       do       nee 1768  do do       see 1946  ';:,::-"?:?'*?l  ?.v? :Y'S|ii  VARICOSE VEINS  B������_~ NO NAMES USED WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT.  Confined to His Home for Weeks.  "He.'ivy wo**"*,BOvoroBtralnlDf- tttad evil haliltB Idiyo������th bMU|rt|ton ��������� I  Varieshfi. v5i������fc   When I worRcd Uatrd tlie nclilnp would W������om������'  tmveraahdl wan of ton laid;up tor * wee It at a tlmo,   ���������������- ������������������������*��������������������� l  YMy fumtly  liono-.i'ut i- dreadud it,  ['tYloTrovwilBpedilHaw^  . *  _ _...._*������ __������������������. *l  JaIaaI'   hhahm  nil  <ly\/������rAli  sovorii unu i wuii oiiou juiu- ui- lmi  ,. ������w������ ���������������*��������� ������������������ -,*"-"'r aJ2.~aZa it  I trIoaBQVOl'0.1 BP0CIIIII8CH, uin Biioii io������.n������ ������"��������������� ���������*" "���������"i*i*'j..V,**t!"?t^L~'Ji'^S  monoy? I oommonccil to look upon all Uoctora m Uttlo tatter than..  r������S. Ono day my boss aaUod mo why I was olt work wmuoh and  5 feld lilm mv c'ondftlon. 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I would come? for you  Garden.     ;  i,  "I thought .   ,  !   isysslf,"    she    as'*-;..        "I brought a  ll'cart'   which   ,1 am driving.      Now if  you will pick (���������::!; you boxes we'll get  a porter to put them, in the trap for  you."     .. .'���������' ���������'?' -.,? ?:?���������;,;   ��������� ������������������  ? "My boxes," Alice laughed.? "Behold my humble belongings. I  have come' down here with one dress-  basket which contains all the finery  i have. 1 hope you haven't many  dinher parties and that kind ot thing,  for, positively, I have only one. ev in-"  ���������ihg dress* and I am afraid that that  is  you  will  heaaache  ; YWhen Wives Were Cheap,'  There is living in Horsham," a$ i the |?  jage of 85, a remarkable oin manfcail-*  d Henry Burstow���������by .hard rieceasity  a  Stioemaker,   by   ta&ie   a   sinp-ei*���������'  IIFEOEffliP.i  tfkliSa&ZZ* VY:?J,VlUis*5i:  TELLS ���������/-'wH'AT?:?b6E?b,^'-^!ObNEV.  '     PlLLS:piD?FbR.-.;l7lCB.Y.\;YVv>:'  of  sorigTand a' ringer of church bells.  Mveii now he can sing any one of 400  songs that he knows by hearty; Mr.  Burstow. occasionally, reinforces bis (  memory with stories told hiih; by his;jg^e suffered for Two Years snd Found  atiier, and so can go back tOv!82U y a cure for all Her Troubles iri a  iviieaa ina-i sold his wife at the Nck Y*singlc Bex. /���������:.'.���������'.-.-:-Y-:v.-:,''  vember Fair  for  3s  Gd.    He ^lrhseR . .LoWel.: caraquet,  Gloucester; ...NYE;/  ~>.    Chiasscm,  istrate? here,  Leeii practical  ������������������What-the^ deuce  aues  iic    Dyiuuinnicu    aula  it  mean;  ?:?:?::?;':?--Romaf.kaiii e YjEScpjs '?)$$?������ v-.? ?��������� :ZZ....|,  '���������:Y-������hY?W^am^  fJvi_g;tvi'l .bedone in tne n-citure of not  i'aisihg?ccai at all, but letting it', .lie  underground? burning it there, and  takiuig off the gases'. K-e has been in  cOmmiihication with a larsje colliery  proprietor,?; -and that gentleman is  makingthe?:,experiment. It wil be  started bii^very small scale.  are these people, Absolorn & Co.?    I  "never  had, any. dealings   with  them.  According    to    their notepapt-   they  ������all themselves financial agents, but  the  whole   thing  looks  more  like   a  communication '������������������ frojn    moneylenders.  Yet 1.don't see ho\V I owe them anything.    And here they are reminding  me that in virtue of an ^assignment  made by Mr.  Raymond  Copley oh a  certain date I am in th&ir debt to ths  extent of  more than forty thousand  pounds.    What the dickens is an assignment?     And   what   does   Copley  mean by doing a thing of this sort  without consulting me?   These people  hope  I  shall   mafee arrangements  to  liquidate  the debt  in the  course  of  the next  fourteen days.    Why, they  siighr. just ss well ask me to find as  many millions.    But I daresay there  is nothing reaily alarming about the  thing if I only understood it.   I wish  I had a head for figures.   I wish my  father had given me a business training.   Still, Copley will put it all right.  Perhaps he is annoyed over the way  that'. May has been behaving.    But I  hardly  think he will  visit her folly  upon me.   Still, I must say the thing  is alarming."  Sir George shuffled the letter into  his pocket as the door op-sned and  May entered. She was dressed for  going out and was buttoning her driving gloves round her "wrists. Outside on the gravel stood a smart cob  reins. .  ���������'Cairn yourself," she said. "I assure you there will be nothing of.t've  sort. We have dropped altogether  out of gaieties of Yeeent years. For  (-���������ne thiufe most of our ���������old frloadf*  have lsft t.ie neighbourhood and niy  fa her doesn't cai e: for new peopla.  We three will probably dine ul. ic  '.���������very night of your stay, and .ve cxn  iide and f}rive and I can give you a  aav or two with the hounds if yoii  like."  with whom she lived happily over af-  erwavd.���������Westminster Gazette.      ...  Very Last Thing.  The heavy    fur-coated man owned  the gunpowder factory, and the lean?  cadaverous  person by his side acted  as '-foreman and gi-nenu <.-������-.  tortum.  ���������was caused by-a strain, and for two  v^ars 1 was. a siiCCcrer. My back ached" i" was always tired and nervous?  there were dark circles under .-.-.���������my  eyes and after- sleeping 1 had a bitter  taste hi my mouth.    v; ? Y  **1 had a pressure and sharp pain;on  i.--!. -    i .f   r.-,"!r   KciR.-V      T' ' .-arni'-i:  ftlvfrsv-K  reinavKtii the menial "tc  old   Bill   is  dead,  Alice    Garden    protested  sincbv.--ly  "Yes,  sir,  the   master,,  "poor  ight  enough."   ���������  "And   how   did   it   happen?';  the employer, sadiy.  'Well,   sir,"'   came   the   reply,  "v'.'trv.th? tou ot? ni->r  head;  YAmerteans? the Bl**-c������et Meat-Eati������rs.  :?DieSpite the fact that .the census reports show that Americans are steadily  drifting towards vegetarianism, they  are still, (says the famil Doctor), the  greatest meat eaters in-the world-  Their meat costs every year one hundred million dollars more than, their  vegetables, including imported - vegetable foods. In the aggregate Americani  pay every year about ^2,2[>0,0\)^M>o  for food.  .��������� 'j0^^s^tiaWMM  ^,/*"*.-Jl;r.-*..l3������:-,iUt5  *;*:;������):&  Ask for  Minard's and take  no other.  W*. offer you ?i*e  thi* book, thnt tellsyoq  all about h'Tse "31b-  i������ns?������i And how to cute  tlieiu. -Call i'or at ������i, <, - ���������  your local druugist or write tts.  SPAVIM ���������������Uf!_S  Is InraluaWti.     16 cute* Bpnvln.   Curb, Splint,  asked  ���������you  she      wanted      i\othins  betYsee>  sir,'old Bill went into the mixing  a and by misLake struck a match.  that._....  >.r. It was pleasant to find h������;-:.:<-!f  once more driving down the country  roads behind a good horse. It v������as  like old times when she came to  Haredale Park and surveyed the  room which had b������en appropriated to her use. It was exactly as  her father had said. Here was the  old oak, the long rambling passages,  the china pictures and ancient furniture? all in the setting where they  had been fixed the best part d? two  centuries ago., Here was the wide j '  open landscape in front of the mui-i-s^a.c- ..-. "d ��������� ,t ������mi.i^������ Yr������tH-o-  lioned windows. Here,vwere the ,'An" 1K,w���������.fr^ tae children getting  woods and fields and lawns, andjn at.^ndiSJ0^ should the children get  oom  ,.  The boss looked surprised.  "Fancy Bill, "of all people, doing  that!'" he cried. **l shbuld hav?  thgught that would have been tho  last-thing he'd do!"  "It v/as, sir!"���������������������������replied the lanky "one  emors'^fully.-���������London   Answers.   .    .  .'Y -Why Not? -  "How  are  you?"   askrd  a  Gentile  friend, meeting Isaac in the street. :  "Well, how    should I  be?'v replied  *%T������.va.  Siv  iitw   ijiiStiiuCe      utc      oC&3.t5:  George   Haredale's  stud   led   its  luxurious existence.  It was pleasant to sit in the dining-  was ^always  tliivsiy and my skin had a-liarsli, dry  feoliuii'. I was:often dix'/y, I perspired  eiisily and my perspiration had an Un  piea:-ui't odor-      :.::���������������������������!��������� "���������'���������":,'Y';:  'Almost from the fli'stdoso Dodil's  ICidney PUls h'iplvbd'- me and by "the  time l "���������v.I iinished the first box I Was  a' well woman,-��������� :.'���������'���������'.-   ":.?,: --^??-?->"  Mrs. Chiat'son's syhiptbins showed  that tl-.o trouble was her kidneys.  That's why Dodd's Kidney Plllu cured  her so quickly.       Y    ?:    v  ������������������I  f.-i-.r vou arc losing interest in  the caiso."  .-   "Wuyr*  "1 see you constantly'with a young  man,"  "No danger," declared the militant  ;suffi-ag*?tte.  "Then, he is not your beau?"  "No,    he's    a    professional .bondsman."���������Washington? Herald,  Struggling Author; "This world  will hot recognize all I havo done until after my death." - .  .  Friend (consolingly : "Well, 1  wouldn't worry. You'd be beyou'd  injury then."  - >5is Arch Look.  .Geprgo    M.    Cohan, the comedian,!  was "talking about men's clothes.        '  "Blank/'  said  Mr  Cohan, referring  ���������to-a certaiu actor.     "Blank Is a well-  dressed    chap.        Blank,  1  war-rant,  you, will lock superb in his new Easter clothfcB in the Easter Sunday parade nn Fifth avenue."  :    "'Blank would look veil wnoueli. I  admit, "said a tragedian, only, hang  it-he is bow-legged."  "Oh, but    that."    said  Mr Cohan,  '���������that Is  what    gives    him his arch  look' ���������".'..  oturso thnt ���������  1      vSwrtle Tr������iU.o on the Horse.  creat sujw������������ ftiid^nd It ft  sure cum for Siwvln.SprsSiis  A all kind* or sores oa  ,"?MiKBTidi'll'������ BpsWn  Ooro 1������ eoW ���������t'tne  unlfonrf prlco - of  #1.00 a bottle., or  a   bottlos fuj f"-0* I  Z  _      .-< v.^fl,    nut   it    I  KttNDALUS^^ or our freo ^....V l  IS HORSE your   local   aruisewt,  SKSOStANCS writs us. i  ^,      DB. B. i. KENbALL COMPAWf  BR   EnesJjars Falls,  Vermont,n.S.������V  ^trtbvacv rw MlzfH  And does your wife feel better?'  "How can a sick woman- ict.1'-  "Are    you    earning  more    money  voom    before   a well-appointed lunch [now ?** ��������� sw���������������������  with the fine silver on tbe table, the,    "How much can a pooiv Jew '?'**������.'���������_  ttt-    flowers,    and  the  ancient}    uy this time die Gentue ������.au ft^ii-e  Whnt-ever. Sir Georsce's feel- I ost his natieuce.    "Tell me,^ Isaac,  "T.^Kio-t ������r -hisr. dauehter's 1 Tn������ said aiiKrlly. "why is it when you,  in a Whitechapel cart. | vases  "Where are you going?" Sir George '?!^a-  asked. in_w oa t-.^ .^v._������__.������ __ _._  _..   _  . .       .__  .  *:To the station to meet Alice Car-   guest were, there was nothing in his Jews are asked a question you always  den.    She will be here for lunch." manner to which the girl could take j  nswer with a question?"  "I bad   forgotten ber,"  Sir Georse   exception.      HeYwas natural, courtly " *    "    '"v  snarmTared. "To tell yen the truth, and charming as he always was and  my dear, I am rather sorry you ask- appeared to take the keenest piea-  ed?her at alL" sure in Alios Garden's arrival.      So  "But I was always fond of Alice."     far as she ''could,   see. there was no  "Yes, of course, why not?   The giri   si-gn of trouble,    no grim: shadow to  is all right.    But, between ourselves,   forecast the    ruin hanging over the  Gar-ien is a bit of a bad  egg.    He   house.     The butler and a footman_or  conies of an old family, and I recot* j two moved    about    the room.  lectYwhen his position  was as good ' ----- -���������.--^s **-,.-*,,������������*������ +k_ i  *-,������_Da8 e*ia_~K~ss,-  ���������  1  FUTURE-   SAILINGS  Summer Servpco.  . Montreal - Quebec ��������� Liverpool.  ��������� Etn-ore������s ot Britain .. Friday, May  he  first   breod  was  made by  the   g Lake champjain v.. Thu���������.. M   ������'  _,.     -_j   .u_   j-._~4.   ������������������������^.������.-n   i,������  4-hr. ii _mDretm oi ivasasu ������������ ^..,*"ayf St***, ii  Greeks and the first windmill by the  S a racens - *-  To  Build to Georgian  Bay.  Ottawa.-���������It is understood that the  government has been  approached by  I. certain   railway   interests   which  are  Want Commodity   Hate  to   Hernain.  Regina.   Sask.-���������The   shippers'   com-  nittee of the Kegina board of trade.  fter considerable discussion,.decided  "o  send    a  telegram, to   tlieYrailwayjorieoared  to  build  a  line  of  railway  fsaac was silent for a time. Then  he answered, innocently. "Why may  not a jew ausnei' ���������������������.������,_. _ h**v��������� -���������-���������-  .ommision, urging that the commod  ty freight rates remain, in effect,-  pending negotiations with the railway oompanieai.; It is."uri*-ed that the .  now rates in the sixth class, which'  covers agricuiiurai implemehts, still,  discriminate in favor of Winnipeg, and  efforts will be made to have this  remedied.  as ours. But he muddled his money  away. Ks was one of those men who  are always too sharp and affected the  society of thoss sportsmen who are  ready to do anybody.    He made the  mistake of regarding everybody as a  , fool except himself and naturally he  caxne to grief.    Those fellows always  . ������o.'f:  "But be belongs to one or two good  Yelubs," May protested.  "Ob. I know that. ' He was never  actually found out. He was mixed up  in one or two very queer transactions,  but'contrived to keep clear of trouble  hlT-mei! There are f*cores of men  who meet him on familiar terms, but  preciouB few ask him to their houses.  Still, the girl Is coming here, and we  ���������must make the best of it. But I  ���������wouldn't ask her again if T were you.  Ton can easily drop the acquaintance  after the next week or so."  May discreetly refrained  from  discussing   the   matter   further.     There  was a strong    vein f)f loyalty in her  nature.      She liked Alice Garden and  was not disposed to visit any of the  father's    shortcomings on tho daughter's shoulders.     She had almost forgotten   what   Sir George  said  during  her drive to the station.      It. Avas a  c.rlsn day in the end of February and  a   froBt.y    sun    was shining.      There  'was an i-xhllarutlon In the air almost  like Champa fine.     Before the station  was reached May put her troubles behind her, not a very difficult matter  for a girl In hor twentieth year who  bont-dg  of n.    ftno  constitution and  a  perfect flow of animal spirits.      Her  rheokB wero glowing, her eyes spark-  linir ;ik  she ndvancrd  to moot  Alice  -..._  Tbe  sunsbine poured thiough the painted  windows. Altogether it was a household to bft envied. Alice's spirits  rose accordingly." She meant thoroughly to "enjoy herself; and when  lunch was over professed herself ���������������;-*-  lingly to fall in with any plan May  had to suggest  Well, let us have a ride," the Utter said. "We will go over tl>c-  Tiowns towards the sea and coiao  ba"k by Seton Manor. Now run a-  way and get your habit on._ I will  have a horse saddled for you which  is not too fresh.      You used to be a  time, but It is  daring rider at    one  ,_  weii to begin cauncus.-',-  Unreasonable Restraint.  A wag/entering an empty railway  compartment lately, happened to' no-  ti*.-e the legend, 'Wait until the tra-n  stops,*' above the door, and Lhinking  to have a joke ou somebody; he dexterously crastd the "t" in ���������-trains' At  the next station an old couhlry dame  got in and seared herself.   ?v  A very heavy storm of rain now  came on and when the train drows up  [at the next station the good lady  looked anxiously out cf the window.  After a short -stay tbe train again  started on its way. to the old lady's  amazement.  "Yer's a purty go, sir," she:said;  turning toward the heartless wag.  "An* my old man was waitin' on the  platform. W'y won't they let 'e* get  cut when it's raining?"���������-London Tit  iisits. '': ."'-."'������������������  rom Montreal to the Georgian Bay,  over which the I.C.R. would be given  running rights.- The matter has not  yet been givon serious consideration,  but it  will  engage    the attention of  he ministers this ���������summer.  Lake Manitoba ......  Thurs.. May,23  Empress of Britain .. Friday, l_ay ,3;  and  -weekly  thereafter. ',  ������ Rates:  Pmnresset:   $92.50   Saloon.  S53.VS -se  cond, *-3-<".bO  x*nnu -toss.  Other   Ships:     560.00   Second.     $31.25  _   __j������   j>,  Third,  -tails'' frons  **as*BervaTiOne   s������������.  -*vi  """ j' S. CARTER, Genl. Afl������.  ������mm   m .- am.   A������������--   Wlnnleao.  [Tread softltj -  Step safely.  i CAT'S PAW SUBBEIS SOLES I  Eabotiy tfie patented features  of Ca& Paw Heels.     lso  There    are    2400    adiens    (mostly  Poles) in Scottish mines.  c    In France and   Algeria, "Greenwich  time has been adopted  since March  J of last year.  Rather Grateful.  >  "t>o you think it possible to* love  you enemies?'"  "Not exactly,"    replied    Miss Cay-  j A 7������������ Safe Investment t  !  1 per cent, mutrmateed and ��������������� snare I  tn further >ipr������fl to. -^    _ __ .     I  1     "S?lie stso^s s^BcrSt"* Ss "SUji * '."^>   . .** 5  1 dustr!ft^^sveI, oStrtm te Cfe������i������-<!B; R  "Writ**  at  nr.ro  for pertlM-il******. |  National   Securities   Corporation.   _t& |  Confederation Life Bide. Toronto. =  I  enne,  "Yet    many of us ought to  feel rather grateful to our enemies,  as the only people who take a real in*  te-est in us."  ! Special Notice  Agents wanted to buy junk for  *a_     <������~~-r*������ A *^^������i  '���������*.?>  Pimples So Bad  He Was Ashamed  >��������� 1n.-rumiij.niL ..n   .-��������� i.j  Tried Everything but Did It No Good.  One Box of Cuticura Ointment  Took Pimples Away,  ���������About sfivon yoara aRo plmplos broko  out all ovor my face ana ntck. ' wlien tiioy  would first r-oniij out tlioy would be liij,* und  red, ttien after a wtillo tlioy would turn white,  and mutter would como out. Bomi'timci  they would ItcU bo I could hsmlly :,k:ep. I  wnH iiyliuini'd to ro dotm uUcot. jrjJ' fn^  looked ho bud. 1 went to R*:v<-rul cloctbrn  tnul i*nt medicine, which did nio no Rood, nnd  ���������plmpl  t'_n   eiiy  ftiffi1  Oltit  Jiuil  (Hla..   -.  an   -a-'   it   l'*   "*  wonncrn-i   i.:u������-.iy.     ������������������������������  iiff<*r. r wl o h������n prm'ilns hiinild tit>������ Ciilunu*  ?,wl   inv'   luti.i   i-:iiu:vl   to   Cml'-ra   ton."  Hlinwl/  Aytmcr   Mathen.   l'ar-l.UI. out.,  Sores All Over Baby's Body  old.  "Wlinn my bixhy Uiy w.i.-i uls juuiiti,.',  hl-'i liody wn*i compli-t������>ly rovun-d  *������4..i Sa.rs5 so!-������*> *l������n.t n.:r-m������<l to lli-h iiid  bum, and ������iuu������������ terrible ftuffcrlnir. *������n������  eruption bfii'in tn plmplcn wliU:li would  o*vn and run, raaUlnt* largo tores. Ills hair  tfiimo out und ftnit-ir nulls fftll off, nnd tin-.  norcH were ov������r tha cntlro Iwdy, ciiimhii*  Hi tie or no dliNrn tor baby or tnynelf. <������n'i������t  iM'ahii would tomo off wlimi 1 removed lil'i  tihlrt, W������ trtwl ������ RT#'_t many Tfimi'dUs hut  noihtnir would hi-lp iilm. till m fru-iul lii<luu;d  m* to try Cutlrur- Homp mid Olium'-iit. 1  ,,..���������,��������� th#, i:uii������ui* B<j_u ������r.il. Olntrr.i-nt hut  a hhort rims hetorn i ������������,ui������p w.; ii��������� ; *,o -,....,  Iionrovlntf. end In nix wtftliN* time lie wun  *mlr������*lr riirMi. lie had snirferH about nix  ���������tvrfUn hfforc we trlmt tue Ci.tkcurii, r*i*\> _ii,l  Olntrnfiit, attliouKri we h-.l nkd _-vci.il  ��������������������������������� -������->--���������, nnd (ijwtnrt too. I think the  mtdlc-i  ttltK.       ..MM.I"  an. ion.  or two*you shall have a hunter after  your own heart."  They  rode    out    in the keen  sunshine and broke across the v,*ide expanse of Downs,    and    for the next  hour or two Alice Carden gave herself up to the exquisite enjoyment of  the hour.    It was good to feel the elastic movement of the cob, to listen  to the thud of his hoofs on the turf  and  catch    the breeze  streaming in  her face.     They turned presently as  the    sun    was   setting    and    jogged  more quietly    homewards       A little  later, as they came to Seton Manor, a  string of horses clothed and hooded  were turning into  the stables. Alice  pulieu up.  "Who lives there?", she asked.  Some colour crept into May Hare-  dale's cheeks.  "Our  neighbour,  Mr  Copley,"    she  exxplained.  "He Is a newcomes and a -great  lover of horses; he is very rich, having made a large fortune in South Africa, and I suppose this is one way  of getting rid of his income. Like  most beginners at the game, ho haG  hardly any good horses, but that Is  probobly because ho hasn't time to  look after thoni himself."  "Is he a    friend    of yours?" Alice  asked.  "Oh. well, ho comes over to Hare-  <1nlo     Park    pretty  frequently,       My  |frillier baa struck up a sort of intimacy  I wiih him.      Personally, botwoen our-  boIvob, T flotost    tho man.     He goes  ovt-rywhere    in virtue of his monoy,  but he Is not    a gentleman, as anybody con    see.,    1 am  going to toll  yoyj jt secret, Alice, which you must,  hot toll ii soul.      Mr Copley ]a anxious to marry inc-������,      NooiIIchr to say,  I hnvo    p-lvon    him    very Uttlo    en*  coi'Tjigoiiieiii.,"  "Of course, yon "wouldn't," Allen  mild. "You hovon't forirotton whnt  you iiH^tl to toll rm> nt hrIiooI. Don't  you remnmbor how you confided In  im- about Harry FhM'lon, and bow  vou used to road nart of hls#letters?  T Ti'-ver know what became o'f him."  "No,    T    nrwor    told    you.      Woll,  nerrmrn* I will  to-night before wo go  io   hod.       It.   w/'s  a   ������<���������(,'   iiJiforiiwi.'ilc-  , bu������lno������n nltncnthor.      There wns no-  | thine: v.'ronr* about  Hnrrv.      Ho waa  meroly    very    reokloss  and  oxtrnva-  irnnt and koI rid of all bio money and'  wont     nbrand.      TTo hadn't  a  Hlnglo  penny lofl., nnd there wiih nn end of  my romnnoo.       It noundH very oom-  Tiionnbioo.   but   it   Ih   just   its   Hnirloiis  to me an If    It    worn    one of thoKo  ..r^*f,>    (jt/.^tou    wbl*������b    wo    rond    In  hooltt".       So   now   11hii-.v   ii.ji,   iioMili.j'  ii������d I bit"** noijilnur and nonie day or  other 1 nluill end, I hiippoBo, In marry Ini" ii innri for the huIio of a homo.  Hnt   vou    mny    1������o    cortuln  It won't  \u> Mr. llnyiuond <!oploy."  Premature.  Senator Tillman, with his accustomed urbanity, was submitting to an  interview in Washington. One question, however, caused him to say  with a laugh:     *.'       ..  "Oh, that question is premature.  It's like the remark of little Tommy.  "Tommy whenever ,a visitor : came  to the house would have his head  patted  and  then    the  visitor  would  say:  ."'Well whose little boy are you?"  "Tommy after a little thought jie  would try his hand at this sort of  thing himself, and one evening when  a young man sat in the parlor with  his sister Tommy tapped him on the  head and piped:  " 'Well, whose father are you?'"  A Many Fingered Family.  In the Village of Koshilovo (Grodno  Government."*-, Russia, there are ovsr  fifty peasants who have more than  the usual number of fingers.  . According to particulars publish Ed  in the Novol Vremya, they- are all  descendants of a peasant who married in the flrat half of the last century and who had extra fingers on one  of his hands.  In  the present generation  this  ah  I [normality   is   reproduced   to   the   extent of two, throe, four or even five  I additional lingers.    Some cases simp  ly show a thumb duplicated from the  first Joint-  As a result of intonnaniago the deformity   is   spreading   to   neighboring  villages,    It dispenses the young men  from military service, however sound  tivoy    may    be conid.ltulionally.���������Pall  Mall Ga/.ottoT  Cld Sores. Lumps  in Bressti Growths  removed.and heal.  edby a simple  Borne Treatment  rTopuiu.    Describe the trouble, v.*e will scad  book and testimonials free. -  THE CANADA CANCER XNSTmJTE. limited  10 Churchill Ave., Toronto.  Look better, fit . better, weat  longer and give better satisfaction than other makes. They  fare the result of 66 years' accumulated knowledge and experience In building High Grade  Shoes. Stocked by leading  dealers everywhere in Canp.������!a.  The JOHN /MOPHER90N CO.,  Limited. Hamilton, Ont.  : The Origin Of Diamonds.  Von Bolton thinks that diamonds  are formed in nature by the action of  metal vaport, suck as iron or magnesium, on carbon dioxide. He has  succeeded in making microscopic diamonds by the action, of mercury vapor on carbon.  A MOTHERS PRAISE OF  BABY'S OWN TABLETS  Mrs. Wm. Sullivan, Main River, N.  B., says: "Up to 'the time my. baby,  was three months old it cried almost  continually day and night. I tried  many things but got nothing to help  it until a neighbor advised Baby's  Own Tablets. I got a box of these and  there was a change almost after the  first dose and In a short time ths  chjld was in the best of health, and  is now a big. fat, good-natured baby.  I am now never without v tne Tablets  in the house and recommend them to  othfu* mothbrs." The Tablets are sold  by medicine dealers or by mall at 26  cents a box from the Dr. Williams'  Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.  Cor. King & Sutherland, Winnipeg,  S   , man.  a  Wnm Yoiir Eyes Weed Care  Try Murine Eye Remedy. No Smarting���������Feele  Sine���������Acta Quickly. Try it forxKeu,,'V*������*&~������.  Watery Eyes and Granulated Eyellda. IUiu*  tr������te<J Book In each Package. Murine 19  eempoQsdeft hy our Oculists���������noi a 5I*Pj������i������ji*. Slci-  iclne" ��������� bnt used in successful Physicians' Frajs������-  tlce for many years. Now deaicated to tho Put*  11a tthd sold by Drupglsts at %c ������nd 60o perBottla������  Murine Bye Salve in Aseptic Tubes.'2������o and No.  fin urine Eye Remedy Co., Chloaeo  .-;���������������.���������'  Never  Feased   Dugan.  Dugan,  the  roofer,  was. sent to a  millionaire's palatial home, \o try to>  find a leak in the roof.  As he entered tho front' hall, the-  buuer  whispered to Dugan:  Tno i>arfiwood floors, as you go upstairs they've Just been polished,"  ''Sure? there's uo danger av me slip-  pin' on him," Dugan replied. "Ol hov  spikes in me shoes."  Made Up.  Ho���������t. think her mind is made up.  Sue���������Well, I know the rest of her  is,���������-Boston Transcript. ���������  ���������9RS  ���������Mky  "V  SIS  '.������  *������/  N������  Do^t let repairs  -.'eat up your-  :s  'm^  Not Quite Ready.  A well    known    Scottish archllocl  was travelling In PaloHtlno recontly,  when news reached him of an addition to his family circle.   Tho happy  father  Immediately  provided  hlniHolf  with Honiti water from the Jordan to  carry homo  for  .the    christening of  the infant, and returned to Scotland.  On tho Sunday    appointed for tho  ceremony ho duly  proHonted  himself  at the church,    and     ���������.���������on,';ht out.  tin.-  bcadlo In order to hand over the pro-  _i...... ,..���������.^- to bin care.      Uo nulled  the flask from hla pocket, but the  hoadle hold up a warning hand, and  camo near to whisper:   ���������  "No the noo, sir; not tho noo! May-  bo after tho Itlrlc'B ootl"  Thank-.  Tho Dlac?   I-e? w������ s;iv- yoM r  Walter���������Yon, sir.  The  Diner���������Union  Pacific  Ih goln-.'  up two polnU to-morrow.   Sutlro.  Ilim    > il ^  .������, ,,������ l<������<itl������r  vou   ever  Hon  Mr  ���������.C������u������^ IrMohU-n now?" ,     ,���������  \^^^^nnV^m.Co^.M^am^        ���������0h> y(MI>������  Mny lllUKhcd UiiHleinllly.  t,..;.,, i<. '.i������'.'.���������''...?v't|.* *.* ���������:-!. !*?_���������.... ������.,.,,���������  Moors are forbidden  by their mil  ItlOII    IO    llvpot-il.    U������������-l������     HW.������W     ...    ,,...l,i;i  ,.,..,.i.������   (���������������������.������������������ >iMo it  Iii  tbf������ croimil  W. N. U. f.Oft,  il'i,   l.f   Coiitlliued.i  T.tin-I   In   Km'-I.im'I   In   th"  11   -,i y    X ill.    ii-iiM    (V'ih 11  lliliilliliK   *i' i'  line,  Whether they represent actual 'cash outlay, or  only the time of yourself and your help, repairs  are waste just the same. When you make an  improvement���������no matter how small its cost may  he���������let it be permanent. Then it is a real investment, something on which you can realize in cash should you decide to  sell your property; and something that.will pay you constant  dividends in convenience, sightliness and comfort as long' aa  the farm remains your own.  ' Concrete Improvements Are Permanent.  They last as long as the very hills themselves.' They do not  yequire experts to build them. Their iirst cost, in most cases,  is no more than for inferior materials. i  'Aren't you ������������������nterested in the subject of permanent, modern-  farm improvements?  Then write f or the, book that describes hundreds of them���������-  "WHAT THE FARMER CAN DO WITH CONCRETE"  It Isn't k Cut-loan**, -very ono of It* ISO h������ndtom������ly Illustrated pnaaa ������������������ Intereet-  Inn nnd Inetruotlve. They tell how to mix concrete, how -to pi������ce It, whnt can bo dons  with It   The book waa printed to aell for B0 e������nt������, but we nave m copy for you, if.  Vour   name   and   uddraaa on a poatal will bHno thla book  "IO YOU Mtat������OLUT������LY FlriiEE  Mall the poMttnrd to.itny.     Tha book will come to you t*y  return mall.      A*t<lr������M  CANADA CEMENT CO.. LtA  <"*:**   NATIONAL 0ANK-UILDINO      - MUNVM-AI* "Mfc  ���������t*AI*tottfiBtO!l  H mmti^  pgte:gY'YSSY?;Z \~������ Z0iti  !?������yS*^y^  p||||YY3Y';v^^  ,,.-.-:^v,vv,.';--...::,-.!:.^^^  Y:t*  iltttmi_":A*S-#_-������^  '������������������?:!������-#^  '���������^ij^hethe^^^  .,-������., ... .,.. .Vsh_scje������v:.Sut5;when.^yb.^  iPYv'???bfed?b#������^  ������1*??;?? :--'?*hing?wro^  I??Y- ti ?;,?Y~TheYp rbcossYbf ?.liy ing;,iflvSomethttig,  Ifti m'[ &fffi W*hf^fn'ng?b?' ^'flr^Y.^hen^the:  "���������J"';'*':":'"'??-;:^i^e?;beiis^ are? c6nmtmed;,,.by,?i^eBaci-;  r13?ltivi#^?;ll*W  ?'?;?in--:'i^e?syaiem' an^aslivln'^^h#;-foriii;:;OL  p?:'Y-:??faousi-Ih--:the?^ystem':>vJcau^  OYYY^'itrivi&^rise^  ������������������'���������..4������;u--...'ii-..-ri-.������������������ ~'-'-������������A-*r. ���������.������������������*!������_;. c,wato'm-.>2.-i''.-'_>i" .  -"?���������' Chase's YKidhsy������iverf7Pills;:::^;:.Th'<*v?li'-;  ?   ver Is Quick'-iitd Yin; action, the ���������iio;w-  ?-;?Y?������isYmbv^'?Y^  ?'?���������-. -?Jiake ���������bn he^ vig6r.iandfaptiyity?".?Y;?.;?  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Look at the parallel, lines   or. being sutlshed witn ;���������;re������uiu.������*-  trough the threes western-provinces,   the^champ.on    ^^^*^  T*%      -~v������n.*     mImmmA'  tVini*n.   ���������*t������__-,.r.nTi-i������3l-- 11T1������*H     i.^Wwi i*U"~TAlc*V 1S.IIZ*���������'. _ . UD0������l'.t:-r.'.,IV������.^J*>O!,K1*v-'-,-'-,J  _:������Y$^terE^hieb?������h^  'tititi -?re&i^i^:-th^??orgah- '������������������' bfc digestion? is  ���������?^���������iiembved?.??^ Y'^-Headache-s?:and.V: ������������������'?back'.  - ..^.^cbbs^YdiapReai*?;? 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'   ���������write*rfp,b*arce "arid thunk hini for hia  '.> ������ontrn>)itiox������ to the' Froeh ilelr fund, '  He  Had Another Gueas.  ?   ?"Vou  are  seen  with Miss Whlfller  '?',,V'''-tree'?a.,gbod,..dbal."''.   '...?������������������',/ '"'''.���������?  -''���������"���������'  "Yes: It's just a little harmless fUr-  , '-tatioh." ;..-   . v.  .     -  .-'..'  "lis it?   ,She has ashed mo to be  one  of. her .brldeBmaidfl."-^-*Washlng*  ���������\??; ^tpii'Hertil'liYV     ?.;.?;:,.v, '������������������Z..k\,\' ���������:,. -..Y  ''?"..?,,. ?'       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Jiold oC,a;,frlond of mine, *v/hono yyltv  w (S hBi_!alwiiyii prided hortwili: oilthoipll-  ��������� ."'"������������������'���������>' 0*iir?iHtii-ii'c6'V that ;-:;*h4?.looks >on  the  .!���������,..'���������.���������'��������� iirlftbt,' ������)fl^-  "Tho hunhand,    an��������� uhnont mlntl^tl  1       eort of a olmib put tho lighted ontl of  )ila olfirtr In hl.o mouth,p,������,ha oajL,r,cad-  ���������' ,'j ing 611a?evottlhi^,'���������'������������������O'f ���������ft-in'*f������6,,,lVo ,1ump.  ���������      ed- tip and made a dvondfiil racket for  ��������� a moment.-i������ahen. witoy, anxloiiH to  Y-': Ilvo liptto?',!^. ;roputatlom of being  nice and owdorfnl    artd pneouraging,  v    '"imilod blcindly and.bU&brved.-^  "At anyratd; dear,. It was most fortu-  riii,to,.<Uu^ yoj,i,iUaco,vm\.Hi It nt onpc1"  fn3e^fcb?be aceouhtiable^to  ^ndSitanY.i%ave '"it-. ?to:;;.^iitYf<^:itBelf ?  ^e-;i^shfts?m^-:.'bb-:that^^  bh^tbe ;bbhds?of; the^rhnoh^lihss; com-'  ipahyiis not?paid amd thej^^wiaYthen^  ^caUypn?the? gff&&rxn^^  ::?::.Thua?the- vtrunk-iilne.. 'cbm^^y?;?wiir  h?_ve?a^i the bene^  :%b-uld?;';have?'!gbt'':'-; ihZ- ���������ai^?;?base,-:"'the;.  branch lines ;cbmpany?win?pbbket;;ali;  tbb profits they?ihado on cbnstJMtetiohi;  , and "the;., people -^*ill pay the:. piper. ??,  '?:?Qf?:Cbwse-/this?gariie?pphid^^  worked? on * i': railway-ibohbeed? by  guaranteed bonds.   ;It cpuld  hot: be  piahljpulated    in? cohstrupting - branch  lines; .on?'-, road that paid the*entire;:  epst of their ^  tlbnilMthbu-):;bQnd-gua]t*antee.! :ou,t^pf  Ita'?own?-treaBury^ .,?? ''ti. Z'.ti ytitiktiti fti. ''  1 ���������'���������is'lt nbt time tp call a halts Irtrtb^is  bbhusmg: business  and' the!?ihdiscri-..  minate.giving,bf charters to railway  promoters.    The>  credit of , thp;; provinces is hbt?nnlimited.Sivery million ?dollar.0i worth of bonds! guarah'���������>  teed Js a million dollars taken from  their borrowing power..:: The time will  come wTieti the limit will be reached  and at the rate we are hbw going It  will hot take'a .very long time-before  that limit will-be, passed. Y   ,    ��������� ??    ,  ��������� There is now a cbngest'ion in 'tlie  transportation of grain;'   The'opcning*  of every; branch -line increases this,  congestion. 'We'are told that if pro-,  ditctton  continues .to Mncre^so-, as It  has Ihcreased'   durlns"vthb ;t.ast fbv.'  years tho railways will not bo able:  to handle mpro than forty per.,penti;  of the grain crop?of. 1915;before the  closb bf navigation    unflbsis the railways double track "their. main: lines;'  Ia It, not time ib pht ah' end to this  Insane bonusing of branch linba hutU'  provieion la made for sending our im-  menao havvoats to t,he marke.tB of the,  Wftrwl- ���������."������������������:.���������,'.��������� ,-���������   --i't '���������������������������-,���������>���������! ��������� ,.'.-,.,,-,���������. :��������� .'���������  Minard's^ Wnin)^ht?jC3b.V M  : ''I--:Wiis.5vei^|^l^;^  ^nought   \.I ;>.-wiouId^?atj7:a.g.gl6-'^'-":I:''-.:-'ase.d.*'  3dINA3_b^J^M^iS^*^^n  nie. at.f^^ztititi^;tititititititiititititititi.ti":'" ''���������' :'  ���������'���������  I am never ?wltiibu^?ltnbWi/i ?  ��������� Y?:- ������������������: Y?:?;,;Yburs.;;_r^ef^Iy?Y',"?': '������������������  /������������������.'������������������ - ���������.:.\:^'':>-Tl/|-TSC!i'i<S';:.f-ni^,::.t>-OTTSjr;*g  ......A*.y.;.- v.,:,,.*^.' .,-* A**t**^*-'  ;,TauwigeTrahk',? iOcti^isti? 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She suhihiohed-atibtl^  aad?sald;;tp--:hixa ;ir^p^ll^ybiv|pa^;^  me. a',tnan;or. wGBaaiJi.jpu,._iu&v&G&vLs.*.tmy..  .':!uhs>:thrbugh?the;?middle?''ft??.;i^  ? TheYiartist:?.'agreed;ti?and?;had^%h;  ���������TOa^e;-'-':t_������/-'-addlflbh^?f;Th^  penedctb?be?a; fcibnd of?th������isoriginal'  ���������^s^2d?&^:toid;him; ;whaf :^  * t had the nerve to alter a .laa* ; j.iv^ h^ :eXciaime(^bfrensi*eiy :?^Wny.  a ^"~' 13 it that tbis road^ ethpibys* spYrnahy?  farmera'J''? c'Ju8t?;Ytb*lboki?ttfter^;^  cattl&^ttatvtravel.'Wv  the^'obnductbf's: quick^r^or-^-^Yy;.;^ v v;y.'  .??^'"v?.|? ?W^at::Wbrnfi8lExha  ��������� It wast parwih ���������;;'-whotiih'started;;the'  game of investigating the fhabit^joi;,  the humtle vworm? ��������� Y Ife? pstimatpd  that an acre of brdihiary ��������� apil i contains 27,000. Y vAccbrdlhg tbY?the  ''Mark Lane Express.",another scientist? avers that each ifara'; exh>lb|  carbon '���������: dioxide, > and ^ 27,000 "wbrms1,  will exhale '81 grammba of'the gas;  causing , ai?,: eq.p������il volume of oxygen  to find Up %ay Into "the soil.;     J  -Mo-nO    ^f  ,tT/_I*lf*ia  bhbAybuv/sold-. tpf^Sljrs;?Bhink;   .She;  wanted a figure invitY so :I?pkintedah  old roan -walking dow* tbe irbad."Y?Y':  ''Road, what road ?   I don't; remern-;  ^rr:?^w"rb^\;ihj::that"'^ictu  the  ���������������������������Why,' the road that- runs' through   e;-'niiddlie."Y'?):r.'- "tiHffti'tiA :;???Y?-'  y^WwAi'. f6oi;r?.?crled ^fie'^rst,; ar^st;  jan&iiy^s-fcl^^^  iver."���������-Boston Traveler.  '" ������������������;,"',?" ::���������' ::i :,The:. Other ,KlndW;,'iv'Y,';'.^^:  ./Tho Heavy���������liaMt* neaoon I kv.%%  pla-J*lnfe leivdai'ln aatoc^' cbnip-tiil-y. <'  Thov Comedian���������Was It in a IJyo  atoolc dompany?  The Heavy���������No. It was *. noad ono.  ?:,'���������, , i s������-������<������i^p,i_'iii������*%i������������t������������������fs������^^ ;        ;,, t'i, :'|f.,.,  A\f"Are"' you goinR ; ito��������� forglvo - yjbur  daushtor for', eloping /with thq-BouYbt  the great thiBtmuKiiat^?" * *,,.���������;*���������/?  V'i dou't ltuow ytt? It will dbpoud  a r'ojmI den I on whoUior the* yourjii  man'ia . tathor'a attorneys iiucceert Im  BOttlrijj the ,V indictment quashod IM  noU*���������Chicago Eocordi-Horald.        (Y:  Centbnary of?the IN^Rpovy Clampalgh.  ���������! One j hundred . , years ; -ago Napoleon  set but on hie campaign; to; Moscow*-;  and - it is perhaps i.pnly iaatural that  Moscow, and Russia generally should,  be'; eager to ceiebrat'e?the Centenary  of a campaign which was' -so dlpas-  trbiia to the invaders.    Already, preparations are *. being . in, ���������Mpscdw ,,to  open the 1912 Museum,   ;and Jan.lhi-*  'merise number ��������� of objeSta relating ty>  ,th'e'>v.'.eampa^iKn;?'/.'haVb,?pe'enJ'^bllected^  tifhe centenary? lias already been celebrated ���������.���������'by:.'--.-bonoc.r,t,-;';;,fhlch'i:evl-/od  the marches and military aiirs of bob  armiea, and aomo .of. tihaao;; ���������Kccordihg  ,'td:'!th'ev.''TJebatsV-'are?,rn6������-t:''lrttereaii"K  aiid CurlQitB?v  More, iritprestlhg still?  as Ukoly:;tb recall the .events of t'a������4.,  ^ea^;.wlll'b6 tho ^Wits 'th'-t hrb to Le  pjild to 'ihe, battlefields and !thb c -������r--  monies Jhat are 'to' take,'plq.eelthoro.  ������������������Westminster Gazette.       .j     ^  ,  PourlngiliqnldB^fro'm a?������hallbw yea-'  Exposed.?* Yibsoiiiteiy0-'.free.--;:frbm:;^^y?i?iJjL____  thlnfei ��������� inlurlous; ;v - A c3hild:ica.riVsaf^y--fc^&v-J:'.' siimii  ifcV^Bflc-;r.i_hdv $1^0;V;**5;60; fa-rid; $11.00 :thc;;?*_^S  J- ���������*���������'-������������������ -"Sold ;by   druggists -and .;'-barhessffSSFtiti.i������Z;������*������  I'^-'^f-^^^-'^'-V^^'-^'vV^^/'^-^JJ^f  ZZtiZxi .Dia^rlbuibrsiv ���������;���������:; ;Yl?1' '.-������������������ '^Y "---*'-  *^?v:--'-:,; ���������'An? -Wfiole8alb^;;brM^>.Wl8t8'iY;^-'  ::':..\%Chemlsta ano  Sactt.-.^legists\-Z?'A  ?:^Y?::;.:Qd8-HeNJ?'liNp.,YU^.A^?  ���������"tntbn.a'q excitfe'ment prevailed ih" the  iieatre,., jit -was the first night?;b������thi  ' :rea,t ? ^rama, ������   "The ��������� Dustniah's llv  '������������������enge'V arid Percy Pip, the great" tm-  edlan, was tb.appear.;,;   ...;. .,  But what4s this?   T,he manager; oi  the! theatre .'h^ received a" 'telegram  to say':?'' "Too; llj to?appear.     Give  hdienco" tbeir "i^pney- back to save  riot;    Await reply, .anxiously.���������Percy  Plp^;:;"'::;??',':j-^?';???';?:!v:-;^-'-:-:,-:-  ?Two   hours : later ;.the, repiy cftme:,  'fHave  given  audience  money  back,  trnd'he wont a\vay'aatlBned.'' ���������  ���������    v ;:,,. :')'>'<rr7","r'"'"������������������t��������� --.'���������'.'     '���������"    ?  . Nicotine,   when    it    la practically  pure, la y*6rth:.^65 per pound. ,i  ?r--DODi)'-S"y'  KTDNEY  ������������������ ry,"-,!',, ���������'i r**" ���������. :��������� ���������  ", , ��������� .    ���������   ��������� ���������,'   ������  Mlri������rd'������   Liniment,   Lumberman's  \ti  Friend.  ;i'---n'V'.  ^'THoe your wlfo ha������ her hand In a  bandage.   What in tlio mutterV"  "I act a, mouBOtrap find put it in  my coat pocket \mt nlghtV, ���������From  Judge. ;������������������.  A WomanVWay.  "Nty dear." eayp the Dtictorlologint'**  wife, "did you remembfar to order the  eonl?"  ���������'Doggono It!" growlo the bactorlojo-  rdst. "Wvery tlm*S I '-onut up to nine  nuiiuroct and cighty-nvo uiohhuihi  three hundtv><l mid foriy-flve geiniH in  thU HDOonful of milk, nhu couieu aiul  liiH-rruptti mo and malcee tne Iomu tho  oount!"  01O4������ittg the door with a niam, ho be-  ��������� '       ,, ���������s , * ........      . 1. ...... ,.    - t ������  waBtoIiil and mossy oporajtlbn. If a  a piece ot, stick or wire bo f^rat  moistenod{With tjb*a,.liquid;ajift held 1-  the.nook ot.thp bbttjo, and the lip'ot  tho ihftllow liyehtjiol vhi'buiiP |e(o thttjtr it:  tQUOhb'tt th������ flttolfl thbYvhbl^iof the 11-  quid? ihayjbb whir Dourbd; !put without 'opUUlAs *��������� ������*n--o ���������dfp.pj."':!:' '   ' ' *"  .}}���������'���������    -J.-.: ���������,*���������:������������������������.' ",������������������������*$ "**,���������-t���������������������������7-7 (���������' ���������  V?:,Uht'iiuthfulno������"i.-' ;''     ���������   ?-  ?;'  ��������� ������������������Nbvijt itrtf*l������<:w>;th'the truth.i A Ue.iu  ^���������S^SIl^,W__rt',iW!-  fttlilt lb tho'bhttrrtbtcjrpC.theionC' who  ,ii4iter/i><L*ult.*>-,rtith''���������'Ib' tho foundation  ,������nd .BUb8tanoe,:o,t ohftraoter.   , .    .,y :,..  When .. p.. man   becomon' ��������� n liar hi*  cHnriictof in I'bno'.    Hlfl A'rholn Hfr*" In'  o>it of jnlmtv     No one can*trust'him.,  Ho cannot truftt hlirifiolf.    Ho la Ilk'?!-  bridge with a rottohifouridation, ,H������  Ib not inafe.     Ho Ih liii'uiuiufu friend,,  an unoafe nelBthbor- ivn unaafo bunl-  ive^B man; "Buy tho truth aud boII it  not.*.':   ..... , ���������;���������.������������������'; * .  ���������'���������'--���������' -���������- ****-.j ;.   .���������.,.:,���������'  Btttto of Ohio,, City, ot Toledo   ,.\    ������������������  IjiiciiH County. ���������  ,    /  ���������PYank J, Chonoy malcos oatli that1 ho Ib'  ucnl<>r partner of tho llrm of V. J". Chonoy  & po������i dolnff bu������l������ip*"8 ln> tho city of, Toledo, County rind Staid nforoRnld. and that  en Ul firm will pay tlio Hiikn of'ONlO^HUN-  DIll3O,r:D0,LLAtta fof, oaoh and (ivory  eado-'df. OatittT that',cannot be cured by  tha UWO of -fitall'a Catarrh Curo.; FRANit  J,.-CHWNraY....Y,1 ,,' :���������,.*,. ���������:  . '  :,!;- '.",   V  flworn lo bofdvo mo and wubaorlbcd In  m*A proeonco. ..tlijs Oth day of Docomber,  A.D, 1880.    ', ���������,  ..     ' _i.Y-_ -  (Soal.) ��������� *       A.  W.   Gr^KASON. :  '������������������'��������� rNonu-v -Pniille.  ��������� Hnll^'CntiArrh cur������:i_talton intornnlly,  and'adtn dirootly������; onvitho blood and  miioou-i .iHiir/nwH oft *h������ Hyatom, Sflnd  for tiiutimoniulw froo.    ;,���������        ,  ���������  V. J. C.HmNMV Aj-CO... Tolodo, O.  ���������'Bold by ah drujrffiBtm. 75o. ,.-,���������,���������,.'������,.%������������������..���������  Talco iraU'H'J-'a-il-Jlly Plllfl Tor conMMpa-  ���������t-lon, -..���������(���������*'.**"������ ' " '        '   ���������    -,'.'.-,'  , .,,,  i'i.     ., ,.,'���������l iiilu^."'".!'^".)"'1 ..i" ' ' 1      ,   ,  It In reported1 that ot 1912 markoVl1  Old ,Cetlar Wood For Lead Pencil*.,  Pencil manufaoturora have boon  h-yipx .. Aid ccr*,:;r'rrr,ib aud ".���������<������������������->���������  boarda from' tho, old bamn of tho  farmer*?, for ihe re/neon thnt wuuli  woodu, having booli oxpoticd for  W"������*>y yearw to tho elomontti, is IM fftr  , bettor condition than new cedar. The  oufl matter, and It in diffieult and ������������x*  penriive;,-,tp';/..ffpt. "������������'^1������*lt tutu.     vv mni  brriha ttirned Ioobo In varloup placoa  In tho. North Sea tho groat bulk have  puutrU'cJi- way buck to tho Kt������tu)\  \mtiV whui-u thoy had been originally  akqn. .';,.,'.?..;.  : jripvw?-1-*> Y"_"J"t ���������'. ���������' |v aw?? H e^tb?-a.nd??iy.e>v  :Yv?v:?i;>.������trength :a*|i:;Th!8^e?8pn^^.YY??;:  i;?':^rShg::!aiiinents; ar������.?nbt: Iinagltiary.  Eybh the.?most robust find the. winter  iniojoihs;;'im<J8t'. trying���������'.; to?-theiri health?  ' Obhnheriient- ��������� indoors; ;��������� oiteh- in jpver-  ;h.eated?ahd ,nearly always badly?.yeij-  tilated?-rbbms���������in. the :home; I the' office, the-shop, and the iBchool,?tax������Js  the1 vitality? of even the strongest. JTivj  blood? becomes thin and watery arid  jg plb_ged    *wlth  ^e'opW have headaches, and a:'feeling  ,:.at--:Ia^buK''A':;.'i Others ���������'.arb?,ldw-:splrited'  and nieirvous.?.., Still, others are troub-,  "���������led?.wj;tji disfiguring piniples arid sklti*  erupttbiis*'. Svlille t^ome get uy in the  morhihg feeling juBt as tired as when  they went to' bed. >������������������ These are all  spring symptpnia that the blood is  but of ordbrand tnht a medicine is  needed, Many people take purgative medicines in the,spring. This  18' g,. serious ralBt���������kb. : ? You cannot  oure ypura.elf -,, with a-medicine: that  gallops through your system and  ' loaves yd"- v/cakcr r������tUl,. ThiSa is all  that a purgq-tivfe dpoa. What you  iieed to give yoii health and atrongth  Iti the .spring isa tonlp medicine that  iwrj 11 ohHoh tlie bloods and sbo)ha.^ tlv*  jangled:riei;ve8. ������������������ii,-,v.-;''-,Jkifidv:tho..:one' always reliable tonic !and blood builder  ib;: tbr Wllllum< ?Pink?Pilla. These  pills hot only banish spring weak-  peaB, but guard, ,y9U'against the moro  aerloua allmentfl thii1; follow, auch; aa  anaemia, ' htrvous ,!dc,bllltyf InalRos-  tion,,i'lioumatlam,, and, other diseases  due to bad blood. Irt proof of thla  Mra Emma , Duck, Carleton Place,  Ont.. aaya: "I waa greatly ^troublod  with woak apolla, dlzzlneaa and buf-  trerne norvousneafi, aiul?did not find  anything to help me until acting on  the advice of an aunt I began the use  Of Dr. WUllamB' Pink ..Pills. Afi *r  using flyq boxes; I "found my health  hilly rbatorod, and cheerfully roebm-  meiiu the pi lib to oLhei'b,"  If you aro 'ailing thin spring you  cannot afford, ,iti -your own interests  to overtook bo valuable a modlclno  ttUTJf. Williams' Pink PIUb. , Sold by  ull HUudluUiu dualuiu Oi by.iViall ut o0  contB a box or bIx boxes for $2.60  fi'bm Thb Dr. Williams' Modlclno Co.,  Brockvlllo, Ont.  ������������������-   ~ _ r ���������- ---.,- .���������;>;. .*.--.���������.���������'-���������������-������������������ .-fif.:,', r>r-----r*^-i*-~-*.*;i*������*yir.i s^iv ���������&i\i^*    ^I_^''r -'Virr^"  ���������Jwaterslthrptrjthput^'th^cb^  ' ths: ;?^^hatel!*r^sp?-p|*^^  ���������Rat**i'iJ-;''f!f������aj.Y_������i<iii?i>.'i^-^^  In   tho   nmrning   the kin^ly?-wj;  a'ake'u '  gude N  war  ���������-.     ..  -_-_______.i^.p,;. 'y<.^;:;,^0m;v^M  ������������������ - Daughter-^ha^':db,^biAJ^hinW:;!^^  the" quartet,?- ���������-?.;.:,' ���������'?;,"      tiztiz[:tiZ-'ZtiZtitiZ'^'tiz  long as four,' 8plpB,,;:'?���������*;*:%^:^���������tiz;:X$0ffl  ��������� M������8. Winblow'i* aooTUiwo Sv_o-r.-**a*i v>i^'���������':'���������'-������������������'���������������������������i'wl  taaed ror over SIXTY YBAR8 by. MI-CUO^S ol":'-';.!'"WK|  MOTHBK8 tor   thulr   CHIjjUUKN    WHIU* Y-���������'.���������'! ''-A  ���������xkktiiing, whit rant'HCT aoccBPB.'-Tifr^���������:.���������-..������������������.-'���������.���������������  BOOTHHS the CHI_1>. SOFTENS tne OUMflL '������������������.���������Y;i.^  ALLAYS all PAXN 5 CUHKB WIND COLIC, and   ;: : v':  la tho b������������t wmedy for PIARUHCUA..  It la ab������;? , ; i' ���������  ���������olutely ijarmjcm.' Be ajiro and auk for '���������Mr**,'>,-l,)?������^i.  *Winalo-"a Boothlng ayrup.v and U-u mo-Utf*..Vf?,-ii;ii������!  kind. *Xwauty-_v������c������aUsi. IkAMm.    .      - J"    .'''.'���������;���������:" a''Y;  '    '* ' ��������� ,'''���������-'.���������'','       - ''     ���������   i   '      '.V..'',!'A/r.f''������  _._��������������������������� _.��������� ���������_'_���������"��������� ������������������������������������;��������� ���������.;"���������'���������������������������������������������-*-������������������ , ������������������,!. "..i. ;..iii";.i.ii..ii;.;vv,>!>#vl  ���������A'l  TRADE (WABK REQY  :<;*,;s,;L  - *"'.'!  .'j.w^l  aas=  There ,w������ a d0������oH ������������ noati-jr.-ei .���������.......-..._,.���������...,.  M it t    .   .  000,000 on   the   working ot the P.O.! not thoroughly ollmtnalod, It tend- to  rtolojrraphu   and tolophonea for 1010-1 warp the penclla    awd to 'oo?������- out,  elographu  11,  ^uiunlng, It uot d<Jtttv<  ylug tho flnlah.  Maypole Soap  THIS CUBAN  HOMtt   ortt  Givas   licit,   even  colon,   bee   Itom  ....... I, ���������  ...4 .|..nl,,i  **������w..,������j,   m..m M.-........  ely Uii.   Dort not  sluiijilinnds cr k������tilr������  2*1 cold*, will olve  .������.ny -.hlul-*.  Colors  110c, bUck 15c, at  VOMI     Al-������\*l'*     Ol  I ipotl - paid w   with  uuu.lt,        ������ ������vv������    IV  hom  a     wwuikl  *"Yb"u"cay yau have a ro,*n"*>ni ortu.  oatloiv?" aaked Senator Sorghum.  "Ym, replied the young man who la  loarnlng politics. "But I don't expect it to bo of much assistance In  thin biiHlnoHB," "You can't toll.  There mny bo ������o much objection to a  ���������man's recelvl",,*: oaninnb-n contvlbn-  tlonn that ovoiy candUlato w|ll havo  to be hla   own branfl band."���������Waah-  i < i,.. ������������������*.... -  L HEHEDICT I CO. Montreal  7 |  ���������mr  Only a wonuin in  lovu can  btdU-v.i  who   believe*,   all  ������   man Bays   about  himnolf -when  Mhf hnowH who doi>Hiri  bolluvo it.  from a mine at the iti-gtmilnK of the  cotil-etrllto had not ���������jeen daylight for  twenty-two y#,'*-rn.  contains no oil or tar. it Is clean,  odorless, waterproofr' germ and  vermin proof and practically  Indestructible. Make3 houses  draft-proof, esasy to heat, and;  comfortable In any?v.'cathcr.  Ask your deal/w to show you  a sample, or writ������ for sample  and Bookletidthe u'!; ?^ ., ea,  Sole, CsinacllKn M������nu*factii*������r������  THE STANDAHO PAIPfT CO.  -   > ��������� ol C������M������d������������ Limits**^ -,,  Uonlrcal. *iVlnntp������0, Calgary, Vfcuwiuver.  l .ii. i ,'n ii������������niti.���������-������'i. ������"��������������� lUl'"������   ^m  MAl-Ii  HE^P VVANTpD.  Hallway' Agehtu, TeleKr4vhei��������� and  ClerkR In groat demand t,hioih?hont  North-Went. Six months will quail*:  fy you. Dny and Mali CoufaoH. PobI**  tlona occprod, ' Prbo lipok 19 oit-  plalnH. Dominion School Telegraphy,  Toronto. < . - ���������' ���������:' *-    4 ������������������,   :  ���������     'I'   Tiw--i'ii- r-i-i  -i ii-    r     ������������������������������������1--lf--ff- | siifi.MM -I���������I,-...-....-  *?.)���������  AOENTO WANTEOf.  Write for agency for our special to-  order tallorln��������� for your town;   Th#>r������  Jb monov in It.   John ��������� ���������o������*w(������o-%,- TA*^  Church St.. Toronto.  mm^ga0mmmmmimmmBmmunimiiwuiaiiiiins 'immm^'mmmmmwimi^mmmammmmm  1>H.   KlwHOT'l*.     hl*lJ;iA|j|ilvVMl������  I ��������� *      1 - -������* .���������'*���������.        ���������     ��������� ���������������  ���������     -*'*���������������������.'*.*���������     -<   A**������si������-'������* .*������.  ������������������ (,*���������--.���������.* ,.|      .ih**  ������f-|,s, +i  Wrllo 81 Qiu tn  hunt   Toronto  ~~^ W. N. Ll. ftfltt.  ���������.'.,-A'J  *:.rH-\  Hi.*. J  ****.**������  ���������Mawasasa-Mi  i MUM  ^*M*^wmm*ma*mnm*mm**m^  m[ n^imwm^?mm^.***^*.<>*..m>������ iw^mmmi'*^  i-^Mwt.awwiiNim iiwii>"uiM_MH<wiw<iailw*>UWi  l_������������  ���������#���������  j__je_i__-  _JJ������11__  **.j -'-yr-i-.u  i. (.-ft****, ,    >ja������piML      ,,.   iv-^:ii,i*c>'. ���������������* efts ������Sf\ ",i *���������<   *.  The FORD MOTOR CAR  Company sold Forty-eight mote  Cars in  Spokane from  Jan.   t,  2012. to March i. lytii t-has "all =  ' i- ^  l '  ���������-i *   ,. .     . o, *. -���������**      ^ r --}>.i.. *��������� ..i* ���������    --..'���������.    s,-A   ^ i,  ��������� .v *~rt p * ,"-v-j*j   *-������^,.t..j.y -,j\  'lYi 5V���������* - 2iJ'*Z  fK������������riS3Ss5fr  _..,,., r ,  r, i ii, ���������������li   i  .., .."i--r'-'*"'"'"*"'"" ' ''"'''.-   '���������   ���������* .>,,.--���������^^������JafciiMM-.|iaC'7.V^-as  asst.  mwmmm mi  \:  SSII8L  TG PORT H1L1  L  .Q5������___JBS-i-aifci' ���������'-���������������"������ . w .Asm'--. ...^^w^.^ ^.^^^^^/^saBSifc^t^^   ���������'���������������*-- I,,...,-.-..., ������,,������������������������������������.- - ... - ,   - - ,-. ,  ,..,��������� ..._���������,, ,,,.,.��������� ..u^^^^^ff^^i^.^'-^fjs^jaHi^im  11 Cloes Over Rough Read !n  50 Flinutes   Highway  ,   n-swa t\c|ii  the other companies put together. For Sale in Creston By  r* ,ww i ssmtvr^w     ^zartrxfu^stmiz.   ���������*w'1������_^*'W ~/������-i w w  R. 3. BEVAN, MANAGER  ORESTON BRANOH-  i  1  CHURCH OF ENGLAND  Ohriat Ohurch      .    -  5acres planted to trees.,   io   acres   ready   for   the  Tfvio������*������*������. T������r.������ic*������ and out-buildin^s well fenced.   "^  wn   S  ������. ������������������   _,  1 miles east of Creston on Canyon road.  g For terms and particulars apply to:  W. V. Jackson,     Mountain  View. Ranch |  91 I  .1  Matins Holy Communion  Sunday School.  ���������st - a-.���������- ���������  UVUUDUUj;,   JQtUlVU,  11a *m  3pm  S*_    ������V_-V    ������*������.    ���������*-������  t   -UV  J** -A-  Philip C. Hayajtsa, (Vicar.)  DickBevnn nude a record trip to  and from Port Kiii yesterday,  going  to the boundary in 1 hour and. 20 mta*  uies, and returning in 60 minutes, the  Ford taking all ihe rough spots with-1W  out a hitch.   -The-Ford has always  been known as the premier oar when  Used fot pioneering iri ������ new country  and it is not losing* any ground in its  performances on the Oreston Valley  roads.   The distance to port HilS by  the 0-uyon City rp^d is U miles, 8 of  whivu between the ititter piaco and the  boundary are in the roughest kind of  condition.  Sevan and others, who   travel this|   '^������������������T^vS  road believe that a small amount of  l 1_       ... .  ! uiuuoy   **i!������5 S539   WOWE   Of   &   *"���������>!������������������'   *g���������������  of  Si  _������_,  ���������&^&^**&^*^>&,***^i^M**m.mm**aw^m&<*&*Z*\mm^-^-^���������m���������-���������,  at  mm   would gut Uiis road into wy^ H ������������ HHF      R R I1 F ii P H^I      Pf PPill  "���������%   fair condition. All rw ���������_���������- ������___-, S IS U IIU L      U 0 ������C U Lfl 0 !      fii##jl illMM  ���������jg      ������������������ c|*i  v    For the next thirty days |  I will give ten per cent |  i discount on all work if $  fair condition. All that is really necessary at this time is tbe taking out of  some chuck holes which do damage to  both wagons aim autos. A few grades  could be lessened but this la not re&Uy  _ec^w������_jr. it is the chuck holes that  are the main trouble.  *Tlia ftf-aa-tnn Dni-Sioe- Ohnnli '??^  ;* mo iiaBianiii Kflfli siiii diiiiii i.s  4   ^    S bS^   ^^m TOr^m? <s>-*zs>mu    mat <mmm _w*ir������     ^siws-?     s������^SS  : m  JSfS ������    ������9������   ������T������  .gil"_^.g-l!ILL.XJ  -1.  li -  i Sliiiards and root ii not or Cold Baths 1  -������������������������ | _������_ssjfB . HoOSS  ������^s^������^-   |S At Any Hour *  !  Cigars and Cigarettes  x     ^ u ��������������� jrasw *m.���������>m ^s. mm ���������������j. wnifn,     (J") I  jg   4l^,rdS|������^f>^t������K ,      Ijoind the depot  .*S^rt_������   IMIWItr       ������������������������.-.__������*        ��������� *_* ������_  % j Jet   some early   tomato plants  from  if I Pochin, _nd cafcoh the dollars.  wi .^   ^ The imported Belgian Sta!II^||i||^^pl  ^ WAfig^, N'Q. 31894 wiii stancs||i������|iir^  ^ FRIDAY afternoon and SATUfe0Aviffii^l  ���������!& for the season.                          WMMWWm  iPe i������������ &h8a$sh������mrm,  5>' S   a ������ ��������� ���������������_,_��������� *_ai* ������ ������ it-Ad shMtiib   SI    ���������*������������������*������������������ ������*a������_soii, *ue -often store, be-  Razors Ground and Sei  Dr. de vsa's Female Pilis  A i-Uabla Preach regulator-.ne^er Sails. These  .  -pills ars eacceeaingiy poweriui ia jr^oiati^^the  -  -Frank Jackson's new store is now  ���������pen.  --        ��������� a.   ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������  m       Hill f,." m tm   n ~i ���������_������������������*������*--"-  H-iiiiiB^1-!������ S^fliSS  w������*s������a*jys.B veacss  lliiWil  v  The Canyon City mill has closed down  n  SAM HATFIELD. Proo  ^^^./wy.A-vvvywyy^  SiC  '*?  jr. -:���������  -��������������������� niUR-aeTniTiiJ A t vj  DENTISTRY  i:������'.  E.HALLDeD, S*  esaeratlve portion of ue female system.   Refuse  all cheap imitations.   Dr. <*��������� "Yam's are sold at  t5abox,orthreefor*d0.   MaUHl toLSny.J-Jdrws.   ,  T_* Soo_en Drag Co- Si. CHfO-urtaes* ObW i J3r conple days for repairs.  Office   over  Frank Parks Hardware  Store���������Baker Street.  CRANBROOK,  B# C  GUY   LOWENBERG  CHAS. MOORE, C.E.  6 O. Lanb Surveyor and Architect  73d^._w ��������� ��������� 3 O :rz _;   J.UHW ouva opouuivnuuuo  CRESTON -       -       - B.C.  Creston %. <S>. E. Do  2095"  OONBtJlVTINO  Bmqihrbk  CRESTON      -  B.C.  Meets first  and third Thursdays  in  each month, in Speers Hall a t 8   p. m  Visiting Brethern cordially invited.  George Broderiok, \7. M.  Walter V. Jacks ;u, Reo. Seo.  SYNOP818 OV CAJffADIAN NOBTli-.  WEST MINING BBGCTLATIONS  COAL,���������Coal mining rights may loo leased  or twenty-one years, renewable at an annual  rental of fflanaera. Not more than 2,560 ac-  res can be leaned to one applicant. Royalty |  five cents per ton-, In unsurveyed territor*,  the tract must beetaked ont by the appli  cant In pereon, and personal appllcatlori ti  tbe Agent or. sub-Agent of Dominion Land*  lor the difltrlot must in all casos bo made and  the rental for the first year must be paid. t<  the agent within thirty days after filing  application  ���������A-mail house  to. let  on Victoria  Aveaoo.   Apply to J. Cook.  A. J. Hill of Port Hill was in Creston  Monday.  FKUST TREES FOB SALE  OKEIX, YOUNG & ������_.*;.  Beai Estate and Insurance.  HOUSES TO BENT  CRESTON     -        -     B.C.  I fief ore cutting  ;ho 'milding of your Now  i. Store, Oince. W.orkshop  icr bnildinir, write or call  .7i_j_. tr. _f. _i������  JAS. H. SCHOFIELD  BH������, Life and Accident Insaranco  BEAIi ESTATE, Etc.  TRAIL       -       -       -   B.C. |  For tho 'mildink of your Now  House,  or othor w.  on me.   Estimates given on all  kinds of work.  Repairs & Alterations  A SPECIALTY  Charges reasonable and satisfaction  guaranteed on* All Work  JOHN   BOYD,  Creston  m mmw>*umnwam*nmm  Q,TJARTZ���������A person eighteen years of age  and over, having mode a discovery, naiiy locate a claim 1.600 feet by 1,600. Fee, f6. . At  least 8100 must be expended bn the claim  each year or paid to the Mining Recorder  When 9500,0 haB been expended or paid anu  other requirements compiled with, theLolalm  may be purchased at SI an acre.  ���������fLAC-KR MINING CLAIMS are 600 feet  long and from 1,000 to 2,000 feet wide. . Kotry  fCB 55. Kct less than 5100 must bo ospcadct!  In devolopement worn each year, V ;.��������� ���������'  , DREDGING.���������Two leoaea ol five mlleo eaol  of a river may be Issued to ono applicant foi  n term of 20 yeum. Runlul, 810 u mile per annum., lloyalty. 2% percent after the. output  exceds 910,000.  ���������W. W. COKY  Doputy Minister of tho Interior  Applet):���������8 Red Astrachan, 100 Spit-  zenberg, 60 Grimes Golden, 25 Rome  Beauty,lO Red Cheeked Pip pen, 44  Wagner, 200 Wealthy, lQHiolop Crab,  25 TranHcendent crab, 8 Olivet Cherries  and 1 Early Richmon, 5 Beurrod'An-  jou Pears and 5 Flemish Beauty. 1  Imperial GauRe Plum, and 2 Bradshaw  150 Outhbert Raspberries, 60 Black Naples Currants, 1 year, and 100 Black  Naples, 2 year.  To be seen in the Burton Hotel Cellars.   Fred W. Watson, Telephone 03.  ,__,   __?___tlB  -ia"-sPr    clPi__||-PBBBa(_5_,    -  I Frs-ui i  TlneiES an  _������_      All our trees are Home Grows ancl guaranteed true v  & to name.    We carry all the leading^ varieties  niogi  ��������� suited to this district.    Our specialty is budded st&ej-  ���������^  on titree-year-old whole roots,' - ;  ���������^       For further .particulars apply to our local Ageut.  % J. Blinco, Box 39, Creston. BX,  ��������� -    A *  _^^.        -������    0ft    Jk.        _^-._       _^L _K. A. _L __. J_. _k _- _-.   P     The Riverside Nurseries,  G������mprisingJ20 4cms GRAND FORKS, & C  GOVERNMENT EXPERTS ADVISE BUYINO TREES tfEAft  ----;.. AT-Hpiine  Tho Riverside Nurseries are the nearest nursery company toCreston and'j  have more tree's planted In this district than auy other company.' The,  trees are started under the same conditions' that they will have tp mature  in this Valley. They can be brought here from the nurseries, at Grand.  Forks in threo days ny freight or one and one-half days by express. All i  trees guaranteed home grown.  *7G,000 Riverside trees are now growing in the district.  B"or Catalogue aud Price list, writo to-^-   '  WALTER V. JACKSON. Agent. Creston, fc^.  ,'���������*;!  m  '  mmmmt  i_J_i'*,'������i  Wil.lRJ6cam>  CRANBROOK - B.C.  Tho  es  ���������,ir'f~r*',ifni!i,iii���������iu;ii,ji,j  -nUi.rjij  SBS  _ffl_  Funeral Director  Our New Prints, Ginghams.  ORCHARD/STS/  b^^i^ i^ tti^*M _ul Hf sin _fl ^IbV V ak _s/     _sT      _st  The Fraser Valley Nurseries, Ltd.  ALDERQROVE,   B.C.  Have True Finkbt  Home-Grown Nursery Stock  Including Apples, Pears, Plums. Cherries, etc.  FORFULL   RARTIOULARS  Writh��������� On HiflK���������  RICHARD Mr-f'OMH, TAH. COMPTON,  General Manii(j;<*r, Local Agent,  .lIUCJ^KItt,   JJ.V/,  'I- ,-i.l.vl  All the Very Latest Stylos in Ladles' Hats, Ti'liiinvingH, Flowers  nod Ribbons. i  LADIIW   RKAL>Y-MAJ>jW  WAT8TM ;  Now Lines of Liulloa andfO hild-  ���������KUia'   Stohkings and Wearing  Apparel suitable to the Heason,  ������������������.v.,.'  This shipment was delayed on accoun  of the cd#l strike in England.  u  Prints include, indigo,red and white   B      Gin^liami in  plain grounds,  p-revs,  grouudsiu stripes, dots,  and  figures.   | blues, and greens.    Checks, In -i  large  a���������a������������������������������������_Ai^auaauMMS���������MjMaiiiii>r~riaa  assortment  oi   black and white, also  plaids and over-hecks in   a number of  Galateas  in   narrow   and .medium   | colorings.    Price from15c to 25c.  stripes, in Blues and   Crcy  grounds,  m, 4*wv   *    a      fcw   m ***-��������� ������������������*���������"  SUirtiugs a c'loice  range  in   dark  rr,tr, iTjmtxTiwBi-nt iiaji,iiia-MH^������i--TrsiTl-_ii*a(tii;;.,'Tiin]w-^rf-"s;ar.T-.--j-i,T,  mar   . ,., ram     *%.rr\a i***t/*������  **   '     ' '������������������''������������������       '      I  Greston Mercantile Company, Jktd. ,-J  Ml���������       ������������������  rrri  ___.  I, ,M11������������������n���������  ���������'   '  ' ��������� >  ���������*.������Jl^������   <#><*   A\  \ <���������*,.  ���������ol.  ssassiH-i  ,:������.',  1 i Mmwmmmmmmmm  ���������"it.','(���������:;,��������� *,������:<  Ziiwmmim***mmmmHtmm  SUNHWitMS  HMssHMMii  ������mBBmm\  SUM


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