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Creston Review Feb 2, 1912

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^��S35_ss-��f^2.op A YEAR
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Vi* AT?
CRESTON, B.C, -?&ID>Y  FEB. 2nd,    1912.
SlNGl r     OFI5SS se
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IIMIWMP g -   i Pit
ation   Meets    With
b tains
Of Early Action
.ccordmg to a telegram received by The Review yesterday,
le second step in the effort to have the lowlands surveyed
JJ-JWitli a view of having them reclaimed hast been a success.
*he delegation which was sent by the public mass meeting
[|se!d ten days ago reached ihe Provincial Cabinet Wednesday
ind found that willing ears were ready to listen io their rest.    Furthermore, the Cabinet has promised to make a
Special grant oi funds for the work if the present department
loneys are found to be insufficient
The mass meeting in the interests of the reclamation
cheme brought quick results. On Tuesday January 23,
he delegation was appointed   at the biggest mass meeting
f\^-.    0__.-,..J_,-      T       ^���      T	
\_*i!      VJ<=.--ltVlE*j"S       J-S.S-.W-.-j' At.        i��3.i*i^i5
Rev. Sarkissiau and the Presbyterian
oosgregation -wish to ihr.uk O. O. Badgers for hie courtesy in giving over -the
cookhouse at CauyonCity to concert
purposes last Friday evening and ais-
ehe cook for the assistance wbioh he
ifrva in tbe entertainment".
���Fiianc for Sale���Nearly new, good
bargain for "tiiek sale,
A it.t.I'-' ��.f The
rrv   ~~~
&k��& S    - ��
 j S_ B!        sa^S. BS S- EH-Sis BH 51 la e3-'K	
BS!2^   WIIWIP__v    1^
y%_>&9._,...__,_i ��
Mr, Bodeway has moved up to his
ranch on the Arrow Greek for ft few
���Holier skating every afternoon and
evening at the auditorium.
A farewell party was given at the
heme of Mr, aad Mrs. Pcuson last Friday evening in honor of luiss Clark who
left Monday for Wardner. Those present were Mrs. Stocks, Mr. and Mrs.
G- Jodwiu, Mr, and Mrs "Wisler, Mr, and
53.ru. Boffey Mr. and Mis. McSsfarlan,
Mr and JWr_. <G. H. Dickson and Walter
Jackson. The evening was spent iu
friuging and games of all hinds Mrs.
Pensoo served a pleasing luncheon after
the entertainment features had beeu
Paul A. Paulson Gets End-
- Ing T�� Trouble  Over
ifm : 11   v^.���-.__��v^.4..V'
amBjpompton r.ndvatuy i-,owenourg, tue appointees 01 tne mass
[neeting left for Victoria aud on Wednesday January 31. the3'
|_ad gained access to the Cabinet and scored their point.    It
a substantiil* victory all around. The local delegation was
introduced to the Cabinet  by James H. Schofieid, who repre-
ents this district at Victoria and it was accompanied by 33. K.
Elliot, who had been delegated by the Bouners Ferry delega
tes 10 go
���Girls Rubbers sizes 11 to 2. 25c per
���..    ��.���.    v v>   ���  _. ���-     -        i j ���  _, .. _. ��� Pr"   Wonaens' Rubbers 3s to   4s, 25c
o with the t-restou people and assist them in every na ���,.��,.    ���
-,'**���"���*" *y _    i ^��*~4   _.��-   s rtf��.  �� .T��i
*����� Gents clothes cleaned, pressed  and
epaired.    Miss H. M. French' 18 4t
Q    "Q    "r*.- - ���.
o. ir. xueic, sheriff o" South Kootenay
spent Wednesflav and Timiw/io-. *.��
Creston on official business.
����f4f�� ����-.    o��- TV.- nn,4^��.^.v   tut-��� tii_
1^-.,   ���VW    _...���.     v^J. ->C7UU_4l       -U.1J1 UU.11-1&6.
ivay po>sible^  --
��� - ft '.4 "     -*< ' , ' "
"\t_Ti jli-_ y i j_  J_i-.^ _.: ��� i. i_-j _��__   r��._i_: ^
VV I1C1-   LUC   __,OW_i-J-U->   UClCgctLlUU   WCllL   UClVJiC   LUC    \-dUiUCl,
|hey found that Premier Richard Mc Bride already uuder-
tood the situation perfectly and  that the various ivlinister s
ilso realised the possibilities of the reclamation scheme. The
esult was that the engineers ot the Province have been de-
ailed to gather information on the  lowlands in the Creston
.strict during the coming summer.    This will mean  many
onths  of labor on. the   part of the engineering 'for.e  and
their report can... hardly be perfected before a year has passed
fy. These reports will then be submitted to even more skilled and better known authorities'for a final report which will
tell whether the lowlands can or caiinot be reclaimed.
It is barely possible that the legislature will cut the vari-
ub department budgets down to sucli an extent this year
Ithafc there will iiot be a sufticient amount of funds to carry
n the work. Tie Cabinet has promised ihe local delegation
hat iu this event especial grant will be made which will more
ban take care of the work.
i     W;- A Pease.and Vife ieturifed  tbi
Week fri iu the Coast wl ere "Mr.  Pease
spent��  couple of   days attending the
se?sions of the Farmers' Institute convention as n delegate from the Creston
On Monday, February 12, a public
sale will be held in tho sheriff's office
in fthe Nelson Court House which will
brirfj? to a close the trouble which has
existed for some time over lands along
the north bide of the C: P. R. Tracks
about 2 miles beyond McNeille. Prac-
fcieally all the land is included in District Ii 14592 aad this along with all
the rights, goods and chattels of tbe
International Lumber and Mercantile
Co., Ltd., will be sold to cover judgement obtained them by f*aul Parson
of Spokine.
Sheriff S, P. Tuck, of South Kootenay, was in Creston Weduesdsy and
Thursday and on the la.tt.er dav went
to inspect tne lands and the goods now
stored on the Company's property.
Biryers of the goods will have to pack
some ot tnem a short distance but u
number of Creston people have signified their intention of attending the
sale. The judgement was obtained by
Mr. J*aulson last Decembex* and Mr,
Ju_.ti.ee Morrison ordered tbo sale at the
sheriff's office.   The sum held against
the   judgement   debtors   amounts   to
about $70,000.
1   USES
i�� yrg.
Creston Is One Of Two Districts That
Is Given Two weeks Of
Instructor's Time
ii'diomi iusiua run
4~.   A.^-
~4.    ^��.,"f
a Si
Wt Ml I  TfUl
unUL    Vii._.&-.      SS_ng3!<
Creston'3 second packing -school is,
now in full working order. All
week a class of sixteen has been
at work in Bumce's Hall learning the
three straight, the twoithre_ and
two-two, etc., and by the end of
nest week thirty-two residsats oi
Creston will have learned the rudiments oi packing apples-. Sixteen
people took the week's cours�� oi
twelve lessons last year and. this
summer there will he forty-eight
apple growers in the Creston district who will have a good know-.
ledge of what *he "ti-'awe and public
wants   in the line of packed fru*t.
Creston is one of " "two fortunate
districts liiis year that has two
classes learning the pack.    With  the
^: _-.���^~��� ^ ��      -" 1 ..    ^        __,-.^ J.-���.���..^.i.
f.4XV/\^��. 444V4JL ���'_       ���������.OAVJ      4li���>       WVAAV/���       44444 V. ������-w
ean have the government inss-ructor
for more than, one week as the
schools will have to he brought) tp a
close at the end o�� Maioh aad
there wil' not he time enough to
gp-t around. Kaslo 03ts two classes
or two weeks because last year the
government was unable to seu-d au
Instructor there for even c *.veek.
Creston got two classes for Wo
reasons. One was that the ���govem-
meii't r_OOs_ii_._u lire Worth of t_d_>
section as an'apple "growing couu-
ry axi-t the other can be laid to the
1 foresightedijess o?   John   Blinoo, siec-
���When yon think of shoes think of
The Creston Mercantile.
W. K. Brown will leave this week for
Spokane wbero ho will buy the machinery whioh he iatends to iustall in his
new box fnotory.
Dance Wi8_ Be Qive
day Mar. i;     Tickets
Novy On Sale
,|retary  of  the
A   number oi   those interested     in
Oeneral Farming Is Featured In Publicity
local Fruit aord Pro-
who got in ���ahead, oi
the districts pa.      an
get two classes here. Mr.
tbe  rest  o��
attempt tc
���Biinco appiitni.     lui. two classes "very
early   i.i the season    and his request
was graiited; at once.      ,
sons and in fact in eigjtit or tea les-
rons the pupils know as much about
the theory and r udiments of fruit
packing as I do. I couldn't teach
them any more. Maybe there would
be a few little (things that I could
tell them from time trO ^faa�� hut
they must stop and think for themselves'. There is probably no line
oi business in iwM6h ths proverbial
'���experience is 'the best teacher' is
more applicable.
"Apple packing is very simple.
There are really only two packs although "-here are some twenty to
twenty-five different sizes'. Ttoe three-
two pack contains about everytMsg
that .there is in any other system
except the straight three pack, I say
It   is    Very'      simple.       wucu. n>ii��  afa-
p'les placed side by side will just
fit ih a row at the esd of a bos,
you see the three-two pack. - II
three apples will iust fit you use
the    two-two.        In packing peaches.
n���._ ���J.���. ��� ���. ������.���11 J��_..^J��� :m jr.��� ���.sll J__,
auG.   uu-vci.   oixian    ��i.u_--4  11 XIvv   WU-   U��>
ia the end ot xhe ~box, you use a
three-three pack."
There  had   been     some   discussion
during  the  week about the fact that
the   cores, who    participated ia      the
classes" ..la_-i~-i.y_���� we-*? -iot aJ\owee$
to   take   instruction this ycar.^- Mr.
Be-ri-e-c-y was ssi-ed abo-tt t-sis    Ss*-
ture -awa whether it would be ot any
'advantage  to    those   who iiad been
favored      last year   to attend    this
year.     Mr. Berkeley   was most     decided in       his answer 'that it    was.
unnecessary for   a repetition' of    the
Winnipeg, Man.���It is tho purpose
of the organizers of Manltoba'e recently launched publicity campaign
to mako a special feature of tho future possibilities of tho province in
the way of poultry products nnd market gardening. Discussing theso subjects a well-known local roal estate
Mr Elliot who was the last speaker at the big mass meet
ing wa j the one delegated by the Bonners Ferry people to go
o Victoria and he was with tbe delegation accotding to the
[telegram which was sent by Guy Ivowenberg.   The Bonners
[Ferry business men held a hurried meeting .according to the! operator says: "The best buy today
L_ ���,_. '-.�������,,        .     ' " i    '     i   ��� ' '*  , Ll ���   i,or tho avorace investor irs proporty
Bonners Ferry .Herald,the nig -t that they returned from this ��ultftblo tov markot   garaonmg     cr
sectionof the Valley and Mr Elliot's appointment wasthc,rc-!-,olllt.ry 'w^ing.    such a   purchase
I       : , ��� lis a real investment, bocauso it can
[suit    They   had promised to have a man  accompany the bo made to produce, immediately n
[local delegation while, in meeting here nnd were quick to act I divIdcna on tho amoiiIit mvcotcd.Tho
I      -, r , , " iuture      vuluo    o-    dcuiruUlo  mud-ct.
proporty la, determined only on     tho
growth of    WinnipeK���un   absolutoly
Could Have Hade 3 .Classes
If R. M. Winslow, Provincial Horticulturist, had been able to grant
the request Mr. Biinco would have
provided for three classes and there
would have been a full attendance at
each one. Mr. "Winslow was much
impressed by tbo request for tbree
classes aind some time ago congrat-*
ulated the Creston district "on i^s
efforts to attain the, front rank
among the British Columbia apple
districts." The regular class roll is
fiftocn pupils but James Berkeley,
who is instructing   the classes     this
plaoed under 'his> supervision, this
year. Mr. Berkeley taught tho class
last year and is considered one ot
the most, expert, it not the most
expert,, fruit packer,in the province.
Ho has been handling fruit in both
the States and British Columbia for
some years past and in iihe suin-
mpr makes bis headquarters at
Vernon, B.C. Mr. Berkeley; is oi
the opinion that it is unnecessary to
hold tho classes lor six full days
0,1 and     will probably    recommend    to
seeing Creston have a baseball'team
during the coming season met at the
Review office last week and laid
plans for fmanchig the team "as far
as possible before the season opens.
It was. decided that the first attempt to raise funds should be a
dance, which will he held on March
1:. Every effort will be made .to
make the dance one of the biggest of
tlie. year and at the same, timo ;*>
number of novelties will be introduced to make it more entertaining it
possible than the othorn. .
Tho  matter'of  music has not been,
^^���,^^.1   ,.��~ .,   j.     -j.       .,, yoar allowed    an    extra ono 'to
doo-dod  upon    as  yet but    it    will \"_ ..       ���   ��� ���   .
beo.   the best.;     The Creston Mor-
cantilo     Company   has  donated    its
hall  for     the   occasion  and it was
decided that    ���the ladles ot tho town
would   he insulted it  they were   wot
allow-d     to donate a  few calces and
other edibles in. the line of lunch.
A 1. baseball team   which. will win a
Pair majority   of   its games is    probably  ono  of      the    best advertise
menta  that a distrlot   can have.    It
requites money, however, to keep
team   going and  to      get the    men Ul0  provinclal gnvornment   this year
fitted  out   so   that they make    .   atot ^clcsatm  i���0 CUlJ down to ten
Ho takes tho
good   appearance on the   field.   Horo-
work and incidentally paid a high
compliment to those who had' taken
lessons  last year.
Must Teath  Selves
������^There certainly  v/ould. be ��a reason  for    the class of last ypax     going over the same ground again," ho
said.   t^Tbcy have the rudlm-n;-- now.
It  is   up to them to leacn the rest,
I  nor    ncchody      else      could teaoh
them any more.      Furt'ttcrmorp ihcfo
is another reason why  they need not
attend   classes���-they know how      to
pack    already.      Men   who  know a
good pack when    they bc�� on��    and
who   saw  your apples at the  . ^how
here  las-t      fall    say that the packs
here   exceeded    by   tar   tho average
shown  at the Fourth National Apple
show this  year at Spokane.   That is
tribute    enough ot   last year's class,
If -they    can   put out    as good    a
pack  as  the men who pack tor   this
big   show     they certainly mood      no
imstruction.      In other words     -hell*
work compared with tha/t o! the best
apple packers  ot    the States. and of
the   world in tact.      The whole     ot
B.C. is for. ahead ot tho Spokane dis-"
Ulct  when it comes to apple packing
as>  a matter   ot tact.    We use    tlio
one   sy��tem    up hero.      It Is    the
upon their promise when they returned home.
Included in the telegram to the Revjew is aUo word that
the telephone legislation now befoie ihe i Imises at Victoria
will probably be passed with a very uivjiable vote, The entire interior British Columbia has d^mi advoctiuK beiier Mip- ,To tll0 ,Joutu goocl mna-cioso to tbo
port ^f th<�� -VpWv.es for sonic timcu��rt tho fact that iheU-gis-!^ cltl" ����'t��W. for market Cftrd,n-
r ' "        inp or poultry riiiuinp:    con     ncarco-
suro thine; bocauso Juot no ouroly aft
Winnlpog grows and its pcoplo bocomo wealthy, junfc no nuroly will tho
lirlcei. advanco���of eggo, potatocti,
and garden truck of    overy varioty.
wlitivd   that
toforc    the bulk    of the cost
fallen on'a     tow interested     persons     rt   ftpPi0
but    tlvls   year an attempt will    bo'
niado   to    ilivldft   tho expenses        up
among    a   larger number   ol   people.
or   only five lull days.
fft 4M�� |-_-       lK   '������
.1 jl_.'.il i;
,. ;  w ll 'k: mo' t
lui telephone sy&tems
I'CUMM^tO iy  i,c purchaorsd nt any price.
'.-       -.Ill       *.��      14-4444       -.*     Wln��l��M4.4>
.......... ��� 4���
_ -.     �� ,
same  as   used    in    tho   Wenatchec,
���lie or any other      ox- North   Yakima,      ItO��i-c   Itivcr and
packer con    teach    the Hood IHvor districts and ft   io mak-
ruiliments  ot   the    pack in ten    le��- ing  B.C. famous .Jutrt as it bo* made
.".onr; .iTitl     that,     the ofh<��r two>    ar�� ihone dir��tri<*tft    *f����mou��i.     W��     have
inertly repetition.     His views on the -,<,   need of   a lMKt't<.,r flyst*4**. All wo
has a  good N baseball par'.c ��� applo  pncklng school plx>blom aro as wca     fr groat cafro on    toe part ol
and   it proper   support is gi.m    the 1qUowV # ^ ,lo ^ <n ^ ^^ A
team   and the affairs which will    be ^     ^ ^ ^^
bold   In    tho    iniercstn of ihe toam, <ll.esTheory Of Pack ^       ^^ ^ ^ ^
the   rem.lt. should ho of     th��     l,��.t      HT.ft   taldnE   hold of a cia���, I give ^ -�������� -^c: iut  tncy ftM     Eood
rturin'B   tho    cominp;   season.    aan.cH|1#lM,.  piipllB    mwely ,tho theory ot the I ^ w<|   'fl0 ^c frui,tl ^Btrlcts
on   tlio   lvoano groumlo   with iiount'is pack.        They can only oocomw     ��*
I.V.M,.        4flr....l��v/,i,l|.       t>/v,-f     IH1I      -ITVl      ..H..' , ,   ...
ei   surrounding     pi act; k   will bo ideal
older  'tltey   will naturally Improve'
ontorimlnmcnts   tor the   Saturtlay al-
fn-.v.4u>),nA trnm Vnvn 1\
thir.l.'.nj* for ���IIumii.swIvo.s.     I
nor no.Kv.ly   oioo    could make a trull]   On Tuesday, Mr. Urrk^tay r��i��rtted
Krowoc an     export it    ho did      luW ��"   ����*�������� ov*r his c.aro: ����Bwh ono
��� ..-,.��,,���.���..
I unuiii      101. uiuni.t>4     j���� �������'��
(Oonttnued 011 _?���!��� ��)
4- .V
��� .' ,.'��������� ..'     '.- .'.'.   ���� *
... ���   W-v'������'���'"' ���   ���'**.  ���.    V-'^i    '   ���   '^ ���'���
/.,-v ���.
*v''v*44    J*ifc"r��4jh*. .
1"**%����i< -hpI.',.'.
mmmmmmiiwtuuL. u��Mm��M
, -*��� r ��-
'K\ 1    T..jT.  -1 \    >> ������        ih;  r ^     \     jr  *    -- Lt ���������  .1.*    .    i  THE    CBESTON   BEVIEW,    CRESTON,    B.C.  \W$:'i  i  .������������������������������������*  *="  "ft  iv y  myl  !:i--i.'-$  try.������������������;.���������... *,  II  ��������� ������  i I  IHfAlB* in>  IS"'  *_������ -_-__r-a--������- yaaJOmisr  BY  FRED  M. WHITE  '   LONDON    "'  WARD, LOCK & CO.. LIMITSD  ...vlConunued.i  ;���������/:���������    T  .' I t     \  Tn spite of his dtelike for Copley  Fielden could not see much to object  *o In his manner as he came forward  to receive his guests. He was, perhaps, a trifle loud and domineering,  perhaps a .little too familiar in the  way "in which he held May Haredale's  hand in his. Foster more or les3 obliterated himself. It was his role in  company to play the confidential servant. ;He was quiet and subdued,  though  nothing  escaped    his    sharp  -glance. The dinner was excellent,  everything was in good taste, as Fielden was forced to admit. The talk, for  the most part, was lively and was  kept principally to the topic of sport.  Afterwards there was a move towards  the billiard-room, and ere be realized  it, Fielden found himself engaged in  a game of pool with Sir George and  ���������-Foster, while May Haredale and Copley looked on. A moment or two  after these two vanished on a pretext  of Copley's that he -wished to show  May some sporting pictures he had  lately acquired. The pictures were  duly inspected, but Copley made no  move to rejoin the party.  "Hadn't we better go back?"    May  suggested.  Copley  turned   an  admiring glance  Ing the expression of his face. * May  bad more than her fair share of pluck  and courage, but she was" feeling a bit  restless and nervous. She was wondering why she disliked this man.so  much. She had had nothing but kindness and courtesy at his bands. She  3cnew tb%t \i^. h^d helT^ed ��������� her father  must be no thinking it over,    i-could  uot mafry you,    i could.noc care tor  you  enougn  tor   that.    And  i  never  would mairy a man to wnom 1 coutd  uot give myself wuolly an*- entirely.  it is  tne SAtiie  toudy, It  will  bt������ tbe  same next year.    And 1 am gomg to  , ask you, Mr. copley, not to allude to  j this distressing topie again. It you do,  ! i snail.have'no alternative but to 'treat  i you a3 a stranger." .  There was no mistaking the sincerity of May's words. All her natural  courage and resolution had come back  to her. She met Copley's glance without flinching. Her litie mouth was  firmly? set. Even Copley, with all his  egotism and assurance, knew that the  ..last words had been said. ;  .... A sudden blind rage clutched him.  His thta veneer of gentility vanished.  Ke stretched out a hand and laid it  upon the girl's arm.  "So you mean to defy me," he said  h���������n_^y4l.. -  ���������UO.1. 4SO.J ���������  "Defy you!" May cried indignantly.  "What do you mean? Anyone would  think  to  look  at you and  hear  you  other, and the prosperity oi tie one  is shared m by ail. Bot_i JCasc a-id  West have before them the up-building and prosperity of their common  countiy.���������The  Montreal  Standard.  runineu nit- blub..!  D**: RSerse's istdlaw Root ffMUa  Healed Mr. WlEson'* Sores  When the sewers of the body���������bowels,  kidneys and skin'ducts���������get clogged uo,  the blood quickly becomes impure?ahdy!The Duke of Connaught's.Criticism of  frequentlv sores break out oyer the body.'l, the Palace Bears Fruit.  The-.way'to heal them.as Mr. RidK^ra j Buckingham Palace is to have some  Wilson who lives near London^ Ont, much needed attention given to its  found,   is   to   punfy   the   mood, yKe   ^teriot,    This is due tosth    outspok.  TO   REPAIR   BUCKINGHAM  writes.  ,r en remarks of the Duke of Connaugnt  VFor some time I had been m a low, !unorl the aouearance of the ' Paluro  depressed condition. - My appetite left i g������J ��������������� ^ H_.J_oI.rt th*. Sat  me and I soon began to suffer from mdi- i }^Sm ,Sione- of' Workf' fJm* w���������  gestion. Quite a number of small sores '.j S ^th " su?nlus S wffiL ?n  and blotches formed all over my skin.y I .-.f ������S������* ,,������������������,, *lJ* V������lUL? \- *2 *' *?' 1  tried medicine for the bloodand used Lan������ a^d,^!,S���������he^lUp?^d ,to d������v?ute  many kinds of ointments, but without ������ ,the Pointing of the interior of the  sc.4.s������,i������������������4A,��������� _oe���������u_    m���������i.w.8w.-w1Palace and other    highly    necessary  waTa Thorough* creansing of thfrblood !;vorks-- He w*s OTerruied, however,  and I looked about in vain for some medivlpy othe!' ���������?Jn^ers, .?* th? Cao.net on  ciae that would accomplish this. 'the ground that with sucu large sums  At.last Dr. Morse's Indian Root Fith  were brought to my notice, and they? are  WHEREAS five years ago tho word gam-Bilk  was unknown in Canada, and ^ana-Bask ii i&*4t%y  i  & finest ���������������?e feif skin infttrUts' I  =������A^Zi&AA 4-a  Th-* _���������__  tauiuuawU    _4%?    ���������������������&   "--  and diSeaseis  AND WHEREAS it has bsan sresresenied to  required for the Coronation and otho"  one of the most wonderful imedicinss I ,  apeak that vou were playing the vii-', have ever known.   5_y ������������o������d wasi puri- ithat work will be commenced on  lian in some sensational melodrama,    -ted in <i very short time, sores hsalsd up, j Duiimng    aoouc    Easter,    when  Royal   purposes   the   sum   should   be  expended elsewhere.   It is understood  th������������  the  ve paid me the compliment of  asking me to be your >vife. and I have  done my best to decline in such- a  manner as to give you as litle pain  as possible. You will be good enough  to take me back to the billiard-room  and hot allude to this matter again."  Copley laughed. He had forgotten  himself. All the love aiid passion in  his heart had died away to sullen anger. Never since he had known May  Haredale had he felt such a wild longing to possess her. Well, if the girl  would have it. then he must speak  openly and freely. She must be made  to understand that here was her master, whose lightest wish she must  learn to obey.  "You don't understand." he said. "I  suppose you think you have only to  raise your hand and pick and choose.  Ah. you are mistaken*, my dear young  lady. If you don't believe me. ask Sir  George. He promised to speak to you  on my behalf, but 1 see he hasn't done  sn. Probably he shirked it. And now  I shall have to tel! you myself4 Do  you know that at the present moment  I am master of Haredale Park? 1  don't imagine you are acquainted with  business, but you know that your father is not a rich man. Kas th_vl fact  escaped you?"  "1 am aware of it," May said coldly.  ye-y  v,-ell.  then..    Where  do  you  my indigestion vanished. They always  have a place in mvuorae and are lockedr  upon as the family remedy."  Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills cleanse  Court will be at Windsor, and that it  the system  thoroughly,  dealers at 25c 3 box.  will  be pushed   forward  so  as  to be  completed   by   the   time   the   Louioit  season proper commences    In    ftm>  Sold by asU iThe roof of tho Palace Ib In a un*y  6  THE WEST OF  1912  more than once. And yet her instinct l suppose he has', found the money to  told her that Copley was not to be j pay" the. racing debts? Do you sup-  trusted. There was a boldness about j pose that it dropped from the clouds?  him that repelled her. something in j Now, during the last twelve months,  his glittering eye from which she re-{your father has had from me some-  coiied. And now sue knew almost, thins like thirty thousand pounds,  before the words were spoken -what j Even a rich man ess't always put his  Copley was going to say. j hand on large sums of money like that.  \Kt f  i/tt-i '..,-���������  y '"���������'���������1  1.'  "The others are not likely to miss  as for a bit," he said. "Besides there  is something I have to talk to you  about. To be perfectly candid, I asked  you over here this evening on purpose.  I wonder why it is that you avoid se  so."  "I was not aware of it," May murmured.  *'Bu���������, indeed you do. I have noticed  i������ more than once. And, surely, you  must know why I come so frequently  to Haredale Park. 3 am not much of  a. ladies' TjuaQ, Miss May, and I never  have been. I have led a rough kind  of dife. I know so little of the atmosphere of  drawing-rooms.    But  every  when he meets with the woman who is  ���������made for him alone, and that is th������  point I have reached. I think I could  provide you al! you need. , You will  have a fine house and a good position,  and everything you want. T daresay  this is a rough way of putting It, but  Jt is none the less sincere for that."  And it was sincere enough, as May  recognized. Copley's assurance had  vanished. He was speaking from his  heart. The man was a rogue and  scoundrel through and through, but  had fallen deeply in love with May  Haredale. He was prepared to go any  lengths to make her his wife. It was  the only piece of honeBty and sincerity be had over displayed since he was  old enough to know the distinction  between right, and wrong.  May stood silent and trembling. She  was not insensible to the compliment  this mnri wns pnying her. Sho knew  that he mount every word he said, and  nho knew, too, that there was a hard  fight before her. hofore she could convince iiim that the thing he so ardently desired was impossible. She had  an uneasy feeling, too, that Copley  had not yet playofl all his cards. "I  ought to thank you, I suppose." she  said. "In a sonuc you are doing me  an honor, and this Is the first, time  that a man has asked me such a question, and naturally I feel disturbed.  But what.you ask of me is quite impossible."  "Why ImnoBBible?" Copley asked  grimly. "Oh. I didn't expect you to  jump at me. T know you are not that  nor( of girl. Perhaps that is one of the  main reasoiiB why I 11m so anxious to  make you my wife.   But if there is no  ono else "  "Thorp is no one else." Mnv snlrl  with a sorrowful sincerity which was  not lost upon hor companion. "Thoro  ia no onp o!bc, and thore never will  bo if It is any sort of consolation to  you. Mr. Coploy, T Hhall n<-vpr marry."  '"Never is a long dny." Cooley  ������mllod. "At any rate, np long as there  Ih nobody ������>1sc in quehLlon. 1 Hhall ho  encouraged to go on. i aiu a very  persistent man. and in tbo end I always got my own way. I'll usik you  again in a weok or two. and perhaps  wbon   you   have   had   time   to   think  it over "  "No, no," May said firmly.    "There  bad state of repair iu places and i ils,  too, is to receive attention.  And. I should have refused to part  with the money if it had not been for  your sake. But when a man is in love,  he is guilty of all sorts of follies and  extravagancies. And when a man like  me is ia lov? ke does not stick at  ������^in_<!     'Wi-.T*^ *-%- to realize mv cosi-  4.4  444V��������� .*4^������* 4.4. J- ^4^"        .   ��������� ��������������������������� ._4^ ���������"V t���������-*  tion. Try to realize that if I say the  word there is an end to Haredale  Park as far as you are concerned. Oh,  I am not boasting. 1 could turn you  both out tomorrow if I chose. And  what would become of you then? Ask  yourself the- qusstlon.-. You need not  answer It now; you can take time to  do so."  May Haredale trembled from head  to foot. She had half-dreaded, half-  expected this, but the blow was no  less crushing ftow that it had fallen,  and she could see from the grim expression on Copley's face that he  meant every word he said. She had  read of similar situations in novcu>,  but thev had sodnded cold and unconvincing,' and little like the real thing  now that she was face to face with it.  "You would never do it,'- she faltered.  ���������  "By Heaven, I would," Copley cried.  "Ah, you do not know what manner  of man I am. Why, when you look at  me like that, instead of melting I  grow all the harder. I mur.t r.vike yo ������������������  my wife. Oh, you little kn-.w the sai-  rifices I have made to brins thl3 about.  I never thought that I could be such  a fool for the sake of a woman. I  could almost laugh at my own folly,  but it has become part and parcel of  Interesting  Facts and Figures of Its j,  _,   Wonderful Development/.  When Lord and Lady Dufferin set  out from Winnipeg iu September 18T7,  on their return journey to Ottawa,  they passed up the Red ftlverby  steamer to the United States frontier,  where they were able to take a rall-  1*.'DV     ���������������4<siY������     Qn/I     C5���������4     f *" ***������1 .   V.V .". WO \J>     t\f}     ������$ f.  ������ 4..J .44.444      44 44.���������      55V       1.4 4S   '   V*       S-        . ������. 4��������� ^. V���������      U2 V.  Paul and Chicago to Detroit, where  they crossed again to Cauadiau territory. B������tween Western and Eastern  Canada there was then no railway  connection, and in the West itself  there were but a few miles of roughly  built railway in Manitoba, not then in  *>o j operation, tor on their way up tlie Red  River the Vice-Regal party passed a  barge carrying to Winnipeg the first  locomotive that ever turned its wheel  in that citvi  That was a little more than thirty-  four years ago. Today there are In  the Canadian West. 10,109 ? miles-..'.of  railway���������more than one-third of the  total mileage in all Canada, and this  refers only to the three prairie provinces���������the country between the head  of Lake Superior and the Rocky  mountains. 3xV Manitoba there are  3,796 miles of railway, in Saskatchewan, 4,202, and in Alberta 2,lli-���������an1  increase of 1,460 miles over the mileageof 1311, and an increase of six  thousand miles over the mileage of  ten years ago.  And the great fact must be borne, in  mind���������-great as are the railway facilities of the West, they are not adequate to the needs of the country, and  although construction work is being  vigorously prosecuted by three great  railway companies the needs of transportation services keep ahead of the  railway companies. '  The~West outgrows Its railway facilities about as fast as a healthy boy  outgrows his clothes.  The first census taken after Canada  acquired Prince Rupert's Land from  the Hudson's Bay Company, was that  of the year 1871, and that census gave  Manitoba a population of 25,228, and  the Northwest Territories 18,000, a  total* of 43,228, for the area now comprised within the three prairie provinces.  According to tne census of June last,  ^Manitoba has .a population of 454,691;  Saskatchewan 453,208; Alberta, 37-.,-  919���������-a total of 1,281,118, or more people than the province of Quebec contained when it entered Confederation,  or a third of a million more than the  present population of the .hres Marl  time Provinces. The present population of our West, in com\>arisj.i  with the numbers it is capabl- of sustaining, making independent and wealthy, Is but as a vanguard to the main  army.   The West is in reality still an i  , "Tho coal suuply of the earth i*  limited," said the scientist. "Ko oi.e  can say how long it will last" "Gr.a4  Scott!" exclaimed a man in the ba-k  row; nnd here we've gone and wasted  more'n a bushel of it heatln' ihe hail  for this lecture."  I ?_s that the?������ s������*c still so.i_@ gs-^d Camadi^i--., sad  | ^ven some mothers and heads of families who  J have not 'ymi fsfied this gr@e_t balm, w@h@_r@i������y  offer a l&E'WA&D of one free trial box of  Zam-B-sk to every person who has not yet tried  this woE_der������Hsl halm:  PH0VID1DD the^ &*&&*% fes? ssas! io tss this  "I had to let that new maid go. 1  found that she was neglecting the  children when I was attending my  club meetings." "That so?" "Yes.  Positively she couldn't think lass >>.'  theui If they were her own."  Bame  some  "You are not pursuing    the  lines of argument you    Were  years   ������su. a-v,      ������*rv-������-  Sorghum; "the way they dig up old  speeches is annoying. Those old lines  of argument are now pursuing me."  Eve.���������."See here, Adam, I've been  the making of you. Some women  would have taken every rib you had."  ���������  m  proclamation togeihe? with ������ne���������������������5_.t stamp to  i  pay ret-srn postage of such hex s  &sn> FURTHER PROVIDED that they  address such application to our offices at  Toronto.  Given under our hand this day.  7 AM-lUTI IT  **? _t ������   ^   s ^S B'JS-T b  a a s    _s ������__  How A Gold Mine Was Discovered. Whistles It Open.  The death in Sydney of Mr, Walter i Burdened with the necessity of having to rise from his bed to unbolt the  bedroom door, so that hta breakfast  Well. Well?  T^SS'.sa^Ok.E GY������  fhot AnYwn i_������  car, ass������  i  !  of Goods  eilthfhe SAME ������Be.  ^���������-use'tEl.V  Hall, a Mount Morgan millionaire, recalls the story of the discovery of the  famous Queensland gold mine.- It  sounds more like, same startling; fiction than a piece of real life, ? It was  a portion of a selection owned by a  man named .Gordon, but the pasturage  'was very poors and his 'existence,  which he maintained by beeping a few  head of cattle was miserable enough.  One day about thirty''years ago, 'two  brothers named Morgan/prospectors,  passed his' ramshackle hut, built unsuspectingly over��������� untold:vwealth and  partook of the hospitality which Gordon -offered to them as to all other  travellers in the bush. Something  attracted the trained eyes of the two  brothers, and picking up idly a ? few  samples of stone, theyy bade Gordon  goodbye. They reappeared soon afterwards/ and offered to buy his poor  selection from him, and he congratulated himself on getting rid of It at  ������1 an acre. : Even then the Morgans  had no idea of the real value of their  new property, though they were confident it would pay them to work it.  They proposed to a Kockhampton resident a sale of half their interest' for  ������ 2,000 in order to buy mining; macnV  inery, and "eventually.this gentleman  and three others put th ?_3 500 each.  In a few ���������"ears the,,r:and the Morgans  were all millionaires. .?  *4 I  could be brought in, a Londoner ha&  invented a door which opens to Ms-  whistle. This is accotuplished. by-  means of a simple electromagnet  which draws the bolt when a current-  passes through it, a platinum point,,  and a piano wire attuned to a certain,  note. By sounding this note or one-  of. its octaves, the wire vibrates in.  response, and this vibration brings it  In contact'with the platinum point,  thus completing the circuit and bringing a very sensitive relay into operation.     *.  Young "wife.���������"Do you think it iss  justifiable for a wife to take money  from her,husband's pockets?" Older  Wife.���������-"It isn't a case of Justification,  at. ait; it is a case of finding any to>  take."  a? r������pper������>De.-.ar0a in  any kind of Saw Ftora,  __^    cannot afford to dis>  ^*-4 poss of tbsir col'ect.  all  illlioM   without    first  _  ������������������-'���������mtmW.���������'__.��������� H TmmW obtaining our-prices  .^v;'-'.-i;......,T;T.-~?        ~~^   sent upon request.  -Cemittanqa forwarded day Roods received.  Bsprsss and snail charges ������n all shipraenti-  ���������-M t.44 4.44      .:   ���������**���������.-. ��������� J|_4,���������   I   __^___     B1-. flM_..������_.  j���������-.4- 4* -   Un, ^jese445S4S4    43   uSfSSS.    ? S? ���������pSpMwf.  Your correspondence eoliclt-d.  joEa Maiiant ��������� xpronw  |0NE PYE^AU KiNDS^ 60<������s|  :^-S-3-B-----SS----^^--B--_-----SS-9.    ..  CLEAN and SIMPLE io Use.  NO chance of vsiag thr WRONG Dy������ forth* Good* I  one has to color. All colors from yout Druggist or!  Dealer. FREE Color Card and STOitY Booklet l.,l  Tha Johnton.Rlchardaoo Co., Limited, Montreal, I  empty country.    Its farms are    only  patches on the prairies, and yet those  my very existence, .the    only    object | patc:.eB have passed the million bushel  in the world that is worth attaining. "   Well, it is no use talking, for i could  ?DOftDS '  KIDN*Y  / *^ V  go on in the same strain all night. It  is for you to decide. You can please  yourseir whether your father is turned out, or whether your prosperous  and happy future "  "Prosperous and happy future,"  May echoed scornfully. "Why, the  words on your lips sound like blasphemy. It seems almost incredible  that a man with any sort of prldo  should stoop to such a trlclc as this to  force a woman to marry him, when,  from the bottom of her heart, she  loathes  and  detests him."  Copley jeered.  "Oh, go on." he said. "I-.et. It come  out. Treat me as if I were dirt under  your foet. But you will think bettor  of it berore a week has passed. Tell  your father what I havo been saying  tonight, and talk it over with him.  Porhnps he will he able to persuade  vou better than I can. And how let  ua go back to the billiard-room.",  Mnv turnod coldly away, but her  eyes were dim. and all the world seemed slipping awuy from beneuth' hor  feet.  C>j 1i������j ConUmififl)  A Clock That Talks  Tho newest timepiece which Is  fihortly to ho placed upon the market  actually calla out the hours, half hours,  and (lunrtcrs, dny and night, unless  shut off nnd will toll you tho time to  tho minute any hour of the night if  you prtiHH a little button at. your bed-  i.iui-. Tin- worlm of thl?, romnrkrvhle  <-lock actuate a stout bolt which runs  over a roll connected with a ..minding  box. Upon this belt, or rathor film,  the hourH, which have boon recorded  by a phonograph, aro pressed by galvanisation un a copper plate. Tho  riiflchatiirim which moves tho humla is  connected  with  tho Bpw.king device.  mark in tne prouueuou oi wueai a.one  There is room in the west for millions  more of people.    They  are  steadily  pouring in, and the day Is not far distant when Western Canada, will con-:  tain more people than will be found ;  ln Eastern Canada. ;  The progress and wealth of the WeBt. i  is briefly told by a few other facts  which apeak so clearly that comment  is unnecessary. In all Canada there !  are 2,(120 banks���������including head offices and branches. Of that number  27.7 per cent, or 727, aro located ln  the wheat-growing provinces of Western Canada. Ten yearB ago thoro  were only 71 banks in the Canadian  West-���������not quite one-tenth tho number  there are today. And the number  grows weekly.  .Tho bank clearings at Western  points show a splendid record���������an Increase of 27 per cent, during tho past  year. Last year the hank cleavings  In the Eastern Canadian cities amounted to $4,860,R<t<.,r>R7. In the citios or  tho West, including those of British Columbia, tho clearings amountod  to $2,422.1O0,B0r������.  Building oporations boar testimony  to tho progress of tlio W������������l. Luut  year In twolvo of the principal cnntroB  of population tho outlay on tho now  structures amounted to fifty and a  half million dollars���������throo times as  much as was np������mt In 1007. During  tho Hamo period tho postal rovenuo  collected In thfcso samo citios ras increased from $504,550 to 1,722,8X0,  whllo tho postal rovonuos of tho Mnst  lncrt>aflftd -W P**? '������������������out.. Hint of tho  West increased 110 por eont.  Grain is the baslH of the prosperity  of tho Wost, and the centre of the  grain trade is Winnipeg, and Winnipeg  luiH outstripped tho two great American, cities that aro rivals In this commerce,  haiit year the wheat receipts at Wln-  "No, none of these hats suggest my  personality at ail. You see, I'm a,  great racegoer, adore drama, read  classics in the original, sympathize  With the woman's, movement, travel  a good deal and am intensely temperamental. The hat I want must convey  all   this.".  LARGE ?R(  tzmm  y*.j!f**>������       <������ 4* 44*4        J.44       ������_M,H������*     ft*.-,,.,       Qllll If ^        Bft^**  or tsanu. fcuil inioima-lon upon request.  The   Bora   Machinery  Mfg.  Co.,   -,imited������  Toronto, ont.  ISEASBCt  OF  MEN���������Dit.   OBAN*  -pacialiat, 6 Celleg* St.. 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My Belt not only cures tho slolt, but gives the well  If"y-n"i������v_n'i"confMenca In Rlc. trinity, let me trenl you at mv.^-k.   I *"> Kjv������ VO'i ILhe Bolt on trial, without ono'  cent of risk to yourself.     CUvo me reasonablo aoourltyi and I will take your cast, and you can  PAY WHEN CURED  Lumbago, Solntlcn, Sloepi^ssn  It overcomes all Hltfns of woult  a great<')��������� zest In life.  cr'--j-  W. N. U. No. 68_  nnd with thlw u fniuu-l, which roln- I nlpog amoimted to 101.aaft.2B0 hiisholn.  forcos tliu wound and projects It out- At Minneapolis tho recolptrt woro 00,  ���������<'..rf| thrmiRli ii flnoly ������rut.od oponlng | R17.RB0 buohels,  and  at Chicago 42,  0211,751.    Tro Oftl ni������������i|M.������ ni VV|uulp,,K  woro 20,128,800 bushels, and at. Mln-I  neattollH  11.400,820.  Tho West in making rapid Mtrkb'H. i  To tho homeless It offors land, Indo-1  pnridance  and  wide  opportunttion,  it I  4,41 ���������.. 4  4 414^44      .4,4       v ���������, ... .     .������������������������������������     ,  ������������������rowtnir market for the products of  i.h������ Kant, and it also oiihth a wide  field for tho Investmoni of castom  capital.  East Mid We.it each u-oaa iiu>  nttuchod to the narrow aide of tlio  clock. At night a touch, on tho lover  rcdm os tbo clock to hIImiico, itui if  onu wnkos and wIh1h������m to know tho  timo without nt viking a light, nn ouh-  IIv found button Ih pro-nod, and  tho  ClOCit    llM'IKiUUlilUV    "MH4 1,    14,4,    4 44444..    *.'mv.  ..,....!. fMv !*��������� i������**f������o* 1<"*n 11 v IndoHfrttcl-  IbU- ami oci'.uplwH very llttlo upaco,  nlnce. boranao of Its olamtlclty, it may  ho wound upon a vory Kinall rollor.  ��������� Dear air.���������l have had-your Hell In my homo for ooino  little   time;   my  family  hi_ve uaed U, alwo  myselfj and  I  find It a great oute.     Wo could ntt do without It.  Yours with much respeoi,     Mrs. R. E. McElroy,  ���������' Areola, 8nsk.  Denr Blr,~T hctc to report that tbo Belt I received  from you some ilmo ago Ih_-IoIhk good work, and wish to  nay that I am feeling bolter In i������v.������ry way. .My siomach la  very much hMier; uino my nervousness !m rapidly leaving.  I win now sleep milta soundly and gi*t up uulte rofreshed,  Blncjsrely yours.C. B, SoantUbury,, Bupt. Ry. Mall Servlco,  ' CrMgrnry,  Alt*.  Vfui- .sir.-���������I JiaVii Tilt no' p.ilnn In my Mirk plnrc t  dlHO.outlnued to wear your Bolt nomo mont'hs ulnae, I must  Hay It was a marvel how quickly it effected a euro on mo  and I shall havo great pleasure In recommending your  Belt to any one who suffers from a bad baok. Thankl^jr  you, I bog to remain, Wm, Butters,  CUill Lak������, Cask.  Dear fl|r,-~I am glad to sny that T am eomplntajy eiirnd  . of my Hhouinnfl������m by the use of your Belt. I Certainly  vfolt the benefit of It and nm Rlsd to sny t am oultr. oloar  of Rheumatism nnd my Belt Is worth moro th*.n vUtt X  paid for It. You oan refer any sufferer to me who lo In  doubt. Wishing you ovory sucoess, I remain,  Cd. Johnson, 100 Elm wood Av������. H., Wlnnlptg,   Man.  tree: book;  If you ennnot onll and tee me personally, yon oan write for my  book. It will cost you nouilnff, and will tell you lots or thiiiic" you  ���������ouffhl to know, Hoik; coupon for this beautifully Illustrated S.-paftft  w-ft* nnnu trt..mv "Wtiielrieliy Is l.tfe." I know best how to npidy tbu  remedy, anil inousunds ot men uwu ilitu ittumi una imhihikik* iu-������������> ���������  ...,._ ���������.  ,��������� ,,.,.   ,w n-,r#   v.i ������*tnMi im'm MT-irp'ruTr1 nwi.T.    I  Offlc- Hourst 0 n.m.'to 8 p.m.l Wsdn-edsy and ealurday till H.ku p.m. ���������   ADDniQBa  IM. C. IVIctAUGHLIN,  214 St. James Straat, Monirnal Ctm,  Poor Hlr.���������Pleaad send   me,   postpaid,   your  fro- book.  4NA.MW J"*?���������^  &:'<;-;?,.  THE   CBEOTON   REVIEW,    CRESTON, y B. C  tT:ilEJ-.|5''Hill .Wftl.S-  i  0  ������ r.vifi **������=������-wii*A*.������i������������i  fJM pine rau>p.?n THP PAIN  55 University St.s -Montreal.  "Just a word of praise    for    GI-4  TILLS.   About fiftcsa months ago. I  ���������rjould uot walk across my room, suffer-  l^������ oniroV4Al^r  u.f + H   DTiontyknlfotn        t   took  ��������� .4���������,     4JIv.jV 4V4J 44 4 ,44      ���������4.4��������� ��������� 44 4_4.4 4>������ 4. ...4 _      .��������� ���������-4  GIN PILLS and, became quite veil.  Two months ago; 1 had Rheumatic  Pains with Neuralgia and Diarrhoea.  I resorted to Gin Pills again for one  week and, became quite well," ..  SAMUEL LONGMORJB,  Here is our 'straight guarantee, given with every box of GIN PILLS. We  ituow that Gin Pills will positively cure  Rheumatism, Sciatica and Lumbago���������  hs well as Pain in the Back, Irritated  "Bladder and weak, strained Kidneys.  We pledge . ourselves���������the largest  wholesale drug<?house ln the British  Empire���������to nrpmntly return your  money should Gin Pills fall to gi^e  satisfaction. 5uc. a box, 6 for $2.50.  Sample free if you write National  Drug & Chemical Co. or Canada, Lim-  . ited, Dept. 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Have nothing to do with those who  offer glittering opportunities to get  rich quickly. This will save you moult may sound very nice to say  C-tfl and let us explain our Special Anti-Sagging, Antifriction and Accurate Sowing features.  -_������__.  1 Mrs. J. L. Story, who lias Just pub-  4tshed a volume of reminiscences, tells  of a lady relative who had all her life  "been afraid of damp sheets. When  she was dying Mrs. Story entered the  room* to And the fireplace barricaded  .with a large assortment of bed-linen.  She was having her winding-sheet  warmed.  "I never have lain In damp bed-  slothes while I .was alive," said the  t>ld lady in a feeble whisper, "and I'm  not going to do it when I'm dead."  Not Tender, All Over  A beggar had been for a long time  besieging an old souty. testy, limping  gentleman, who refused his. mite with  great irritability, upon which the raed-  ici-nt said:      . .,        ,  ..At. -.1--���������-  ._- I .��������� ���������.1 ��������� 1*^.4^4.-4 T  nu,   yiet-ac   yvuT   uvluji o   uu-w������,   -  wish Providence .had made your hear,  half as-tender as your feet,"     -v   s  ass  u ��������� vi  3aa.  AB?-f  LE.I llj-Ti  FROM   A  WELL   KNOWN  Ct,ej.eY-  MAN SHOWING HOW INDIGESTION CAN BE CURED.. : .  Rev. T. A. Drury, Beamsvllie, Ont.,  that one"ownVa thousand shares of {writes , as    follows.-"For /eighteen  An employer of men was inquiring  of another employer if he could recommend him two steady, sober men.  "Why, you have just come to the  right man," was the reply. "I know  two men---the steadiest men you could  meet in a dav's march; in fact, I  -._*~������,sj *������;e~ fs- =~~ solid hour vhen  they  were  with me; and neither * of  them moved  gold, silver or copper mine with a par  value of flO.OOO and that cost the  holder only $50 or $100. But what use  is such a certificate unless it has real  value. Better put the $50 or ?100 in  one share of dividend-paying utock and  be satisfied with moderate returns  and a moderate profit on any advance  the 'stock may enjoy. -  r '- years  I  have  been   increasingly  im-  WOULD  IT  YOU- LIKE  THIS   MUSIC.  IS OFFERED FREE!  good wrought by Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills. For some years I had suffered  almost constantly with chronic dyspepsia of the most stubborn' type, attended by different other troubles  which invariably follow or accompany  it aa it- results, prominent aUioug  \ whicb were kidney trouble and piles  "Your   ooem   used?    I   should   say [Against this complication of diseases  not!" answered the_editor.  "Would you give me a candid criticism of It?"  "Certainly. It's clumsy .and vulgar  and unspeakably idiotic."  "Good!"  "Good?"  "Yes, set to music it.wiii become a  popular song."  Hokus.���������"Brownsmith was after a  political job for a long time. What's  he doing now?" Pokus.���������"Nothing.  He's got it."  A fine composition for the pianoforte, ^y the famous composer, J.  Michael Watson, has' been published  by the Zapa-Buk Co., of Toronto; and  we are able to make our readers the  very useful offer of a copy of this  March for simply paying postage on  same. The composition is not very  difficult, is quite wiiftin the reach or  young pianoforte players, and is a  wonderfully effective piece of work.  To obtain a copy, forward 2r cents  (cost of postage) to The Zam-Buk Co-  Toronto, asking for a copy,' and mentioning this paper.  ��������� Merchant (to stranger).���������I thank  you, sir. for helping my clerk throw  that book-agent out. Nov/ what can I  do for you?  Stranger.���������I'd like to sell you the  "Life of Washington."-  ^gpeTOPi=������$  are. ttfej be.'Uty.pf^l^m^^^^^y^My7'  G-t  55-2>3.1!  _airaa--_----v*fc---jTr-.>^^  i1^^fiingtonr(,u.MCa^  BUST    AMD    HIPS ,      T  Every    wpman    who  isjInptS  tO  IDBsv������   3.  ������3*C3���������  shirt Walat Immediately- discoverer how, difficult it Is tfti  obtain a good, fit by tha usu- f  al 'trylng-on-method.' "withJ  herself for th������ model &n������\  a looking-glass w!m/whteii|  to   see   how   lt   (Its  at   the|  REST AKD HEALTH TO BOTHER AND CHUG.  ' M^s. V/issiiOvsr's Soothing Svr-tp has bees  nstd for ever SIXTY YBARStey 3Etr,I.-0-i-. o.  MOTHERS   for   their   CHILUKEN    WHIJ,B  T8KTHING, with   PHRFSCT  SUCCESS.  SOOTHES th. CHXI.O. SOFTENS Ihe GI  ALLAYS aii PAIN! CURES WIND COUC,  is the best resn-<"������? Sot SIARKHCSA.    It is ah~  colutely harm lees.   3e sure and ask for "Mrs.  Winslow"* Soothing: Syrup," aad take n_ etker  kind.   Twenty-five cents a bottle.  ���������  Son.���������"What kl_ d o! a man is a  drone, papa?" father.���������''One who  who stands in a revolving door and  waits for some one to push it arjurd  so he can get tin, my son."  Sadden  Changes  Colds  -w-F-4-.jr  $iQv Reward, $I0G.  TSs readers o( 4bl_ paper will bo pleased to Isarn  that -bcre Is at least one Orcaued dla-ase that science  ima been able to euro In all Its stages, eud that Is  Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Care U tbe only positive  tuw now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh  _elnR a constitutional disease, requires a constitution*! treatment. Hail's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon tlio blood and mucous  3uftliw.d     Ol     thO     uy-teift,    Uitu&jr     dCotrO/lnv?     .So  foundation of the disease, and Bivlnj; the patient  Tiross-s by Suiidir.g up the eons*lVi!t!r>n and as_at-  ln������ nature In doing its work. The proprietors havo  ������o much faith In its curative powers Uiat they, offer  One Hundred Dollars ;or any case mat. st lalla to i  ������ure.   Send for list o" testimonials  Address F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.  ������, ��������� 4^ '4...' . 4k   T^���������.._,���������4���������   :4,'.  4ov,u  try ���������il  &#������ U4^KU4WS4,  JvC  TaSB Uatl's Family Plli- for caosUpaUan.  And   Cside   Are   the   Starting   P&lrtt'  of Serious Diseases I  tou : -an  \A/0-l<      nt      a  I t waged a vigorous warfare for eev  eral u-ionths, using many different.remedies, none of which gave permanent  relief,    in my discouragement I ,yras  about to  discontinue treatment altogether when I was advised by a friend  to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pilis/.the  use of which, though under very unfavorable circumstances, soon revived  my drooping courage.    The znedicliie  struck at the root of pay - weakness  and ^he "differentStroubles bf which  dyspepsia was  the  prime A cause - re-  I leased, let go, and disappeared. In one  llmnnth I increased fifteen pounds-in  inFai.ii*   oti4.   iri>������aivedi  a. paw leasa  of  lifer Only six bases of pills produced  this wonderful .change in my .health,  which was miraculously permanent.  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The Eskimo Teothacbo "Cure"  The  Eskimo  "cure"- for  toothache  ridgs^ honestly.    There is nothing of  tua charm about it  x'ne Burgeou who  'Being  minister of; the, jgo-n'~-  Tommy.���������-Th������ panera say if you  emoke cigarettes It changes your complexion. "   - v  Willie.���������-That's right. -. I'jn always  tanned when I get caught- smoking  many test'cases have come trader mv  notice- in 411 of which Dr." Williams'  Pink Pills1 have fully sustalri-ed vhoir  world wide reputation. This is \V'������y  I can conscientiously reeommend Dr.  Williams' Pink Pills as being ������up*>-jor  to anything known to me in the treatment of many diseases for which th-.'  are recommended "     - '        rrX  Wiggs.���������D'Aber, has bad his picture  rejected. r  Waggs���������Mayge hanging was too good  for it.  Heaving the Leg  "Heaving the Log" Ib one of those  picturesque phrases of natural literature which is only hazily understood  by the land lubber. The "log" is a  quandrant-shaped piece of wood loaded with !ea<- *at the oiirve. The line  to which it is attached is 120 fathoms  song and i������ divided by knots into  equal distances of 47 feet each. The  distances are the same fraction of y  nautical mile (a knot) as 23 seconds  U of one" hour. Consequently the number of knots that slip off a reel in 28  seconds after the log Is in the water  Is the speed per hour that the ship is  making.  SM/fWs Cure  aatckly atop* cou#_*. cores colds, heels  ������������������throat ������������������-. l������n������e      -     -      2S coals.  A party were talking of success. A  certain man who had made a fortune  was mentioned.  "When that man came to London  In '79," one said, "everything he possessed was tied up In a handkerchief.  Today "  The speaker smiled and stroked his  close-clipped moustache.  'Today, everything he possesses Is  tied up In his wife's name," he added.    ^���������_>iiii!������i"wiiyv.".*w'"r"*"���������T*-^*  If we are on earth to belp otUorb,  what are others on oarth for?  i UKFib_N I INib  Sudden changes of temperature are  fatal in results. The' shook to the  human -system is more than most  people can stand, and everywhere you  hear sneezing and coughing.  You may be sure that some of these  colds will develop into pneumonia or  consumption. Others win settle on  the kidneys, and result in serious disease or briug on rheumatic or bodily  pains.  The danger is in 1-ttlng colds run  on. By beginning promptly with Dr.  Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine and taking small doses frequently,  you can keen the cough'loose, check,  the'inflammation,  and  soon  rid the \will check the Inflammation and  system entirely of the cold, and all I the child's life  the many pos_lbiHt.6S for evil -which  it possesses.  Don't think that anything is good  enough for a cold. There are lotB of  cough mixtures. But If you want a  standard medicine of proven merit,  something that you can depend on In  time of sickness, ypu will be satisfied with Dr. ChaBe's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine.  Children like It. Being composed  of simple ingredients, It is particularly  suited to their needs. Its enormous  sales prove Its effectivenesa. 25 cents  a bottle, family Blze 60 cents, at all  dealers,, or Edmaneon. Bates & Co.,  Limited,  Toronto. '  The largest plant ia the worla is  nrobablv a snecles oi seaweed, wmen  often attains" a length of 300 ieet. me  steme are dried and uBed as ropos  by the South Sea Islanders.  Opals ar6 so sensitive that exposure  to moisture or heat, or even sudden  atmosphere change, sometimes ruins  'them.1'  Through indiscretion in eating green  fruit in summer many- children become subject to cholera morbus caused by irrirartne acids that act violently  on the lining of the intestines. Pains  and dangerous purgings ensue and the  delicate system of the child suffers  un^er tbe drain. In such cases the  sateBt and aureat medicine Is Dr. J.  D.   Kellogg's   Dysentery   Cordial.    It  accompanied Captain Rose on his ex  peditlon of the 'thirties, for instance,  tested the treatment and was healed.  He was walking about disconsolately  with an aching tooth in a swelled jaw,  when a sympathetic Eskimo physician  without any question of fee, came up  and slapped the preminent cheek three  times, and completed the "cure" by  blowing in the patient's face thrice.  Inquiry showed that this was tho Eskimo's approved: recipe for the  acourge.  "HAkU-SOBCHSRT    S3--?.  s  FECTSON    ADJUSTABLE  |  8 Is i US 1 ������l *<? s-^ay with all discomforts i  \m and disappointments in flt-|  ting;,  ana render the    works  j������g oty dres5txia.i-ir<g      at,   oncng  __,_B__1T|'ea8y and? satisfactory.    Thief  I _riUjTl9 form can be adjusted to   SO i  B__*ss**-a-������������ ajfjofent shapes and   sizes; E  bust raised or lowered also!       made longer and shorter at B  >_^ tae WfiisE une and iovra raJs- S  ���������^ ed or lowered to suit any "de- I  sired skirt length. Very easily adJuiit- I  ed. cannot^get out of order, and?-will I  'last a lifetime. Write for Illust!'.  booklet containing complete Une  Dress Forms with prices.  HALL-BORCHERT DRE8S' FORM Co]  Pep- 2P. 63-76 Pearl St., Toronto, Can.  ft-  BO  &m innra  It Is ah~   I fagiBg-^^jg.  T "Krs.   1^^    v_S?  iyS^  _    ���������   B   -mP  bUK.L-.i'i  :SC������1S  T  IS THE BEST IN THE  -���������-���������WORLD ������������������~  because it ub snade of  the purest and beat in-  grediento, because it  contains more healing,  etrenetKening and upbuilding material than  'any other Emulsion, and  because it is a perfect  product oi a scientific-  ������'(y par fact process.  Doctor* th* world ovar  recognizm  Sr.ntt's Emuision  cub thm Standard pirapa-  < ration orCodLivr Oil.  >-.., ������WOOMTfl    ,  For-Stry In Europe  The productive forest area In1902  on the Grand Duchy of Hesse in Bur-  one amounted to 182,213 acres of  sixty-nine per cent, hardwood and  thirty-one per cent, coniferous species. The total yield' 6f lumber in 1908  wan 4,575.000 cubic, feet. Refuse In  so fur as It is not suitable for1 lighter  lumber, such as, laths or; for pulp, Is  used for firewood. The expendit-uras  for salaries, foreBt cultivation and  road building amounted to approximately $754,000, and the total gross income (from lumber and firewood)  was $1,161,931. Tho capital represented by the forests ($52,666,864) brought  interest accordingly at 2.21 per cent.  Whero Intensive forestry, of this kind  Is practised, forest tlreB are unknown.  Sufficient money spent on Cahndian  Forest Hose.veB would greatly roduce  the fire danger, maintain an adequate  lumber supply for the country and In  time become a source of revenue to  the Government.  Private Tom Jones (to colonel,, who  has brought him to see a memorial,  brass in t;he church to, those of the  regiment who had fallen-In the way  of war)���������Well, sir, if _\d 'a* known  your name warn't a going to, be  amongst 'em, blessed if I would 'a'  given a penny to the thing.  Mlnerd'e t-lniment Cureo Cold* Etc'  "I'vo got the best mother-in-law in  the world. She never says a harsh or  cruel word to me. ; I think so much of  her that���������^" ������������������'   ��������� ������������������'���������'  "Well, I've seen some liars in my  time/but���������-���������*'1. ������������������";> ������������������'.'������������������     K-"������������������'-���������  "Walt until I finish. As I was saying. I tnink so much oi liuy ujouioi-  In-law that eVery Sunday Igo up to  the cemetery to see it ,,ohc*������ ? atlll  there." ���������'��������� ���������'������������������;��������� :���������:.������������������"��������� -y'���������������������������;'  A Marathon of 1699.  1A remarkable foot-race was run  about the year 1699, which is thus  described In the manuscript journal  of a lady who was one of the spectators: "I drove through the forest of  Windsor to see a race run by two  footmen, an English and a Scotch, the  former, a taller bigger man than the  other. The ground measured and  cut even in a round was about four  miles; they were to run it round so  often as to make up twenty-two miles,  which was tha distance between Char-,  ing Cross and Windsor Cross���������this is  five times quite round, and so far as  'to make up the odd miles and measure. They ran a round'In twenty-five  minutes. I saw them run the* first'  three rounds and half another in an  hour and seventeen -minutes., and  they finished it in two hours and a  half. The Englishman gained the  start the second round, and kept it at  the same distance the five rounds, and  then the Scotchman came up to  him and got before him to the post,  The Englishman fell down within a  tew yards of the post. Many hundred  pounds wcro lost and won about it.  They ran both very neatly, but my  judgment gave it to the 'Scotchman  because he seemed to saye himself  to the last push."  A train In Arizona was boarded by  robbers, who went through the pockets  of the luckless passengers. One of  them happened to be a travelling  salesman from New York, who, when  his turn came, fished out $250,"'but  rapidly took 112.50 from the- pile and  placed it in his vest pocket.-  "What do you mean by that?" asked  the robber, as he toyed with his revolver.    Hurriedly came the answer:  "Mine frent, you surely w_iuld not  refuse me five per zent discount on  a strictly cash transaction like dis?" I ������o*i t&ost?"    "The teacher!"  Send for Free - Book    giving; y  full particulars of TRENCH'S  REMEDY,   the   Wprld-fambua '  Cure  for  Epilepsy  and,,   Fits.   .  Simple     home     treatment.  25 years' success.  Testimonials     from   '..--?*"  parts  of the world.    Ovet  l.OfjO.'.n one year.  TRENCH'S     REMEDIES,     LIMITED  107 ������  St.     James'     Chambers,    .Toronto,  The Boundary of Egypt'"       * *  y  The question of the exact point tc  which the boundary of .Egypt extend. *.  Is not likely to be a matter of any''  great discussion between Engiand and?,  Italy.   The matter is an old one. Italy  has repeatedly claimed the coast Un.-.  to the Gulf ot Solium.   Until recently*  the Turkish Government held that ths -  real dividing point was Rub el KJananv  two hundred miles to the east.   Italy'*  original blockade extends to this point,  but was withdrawn to Tobruk as boom  as attention was called to the facts.*  Italy is certainly not being robbed of-'  anything which she might legitimate*  ly claim.    Indeed the whole doubt iW  lustrates tbe fact that Italy is not allowed to settle everything in her tavo?--  by a mere declaration of ahnexatios  on paper. _. , s  r���������-��������� ���������      ���������-���������nil���������     I    I    -���������   I   I   r���������ll-l   ���������-������������������  Do you have trouble when you ar������v,  Tcnir-.y?--  i.������.  learning  "Vos, sir,  your  "What seems to trouble  ���������.'-.ir-.-.  -Btfsaafta Rifle  ���������Sk-J"      _ E,*91  -   - ��������� ������   - i  and Pistol Cartridges.|  fill HH *^e Pro������? ������? the pudding is the eating; the proof bf j|  the cartridge is its shooting.    The great popularity .1.  ..J attained by Winchester rifle and pistol cartridges ���������  during sL period of over 3������9v������s|rs istise beatpr-.o-^oEHj  The Wmnngor of a large Joinery  establishment bad the rathor curium  hariief; of "Dodging." One day bo on-  ftntt-d some extra workmen, one of  Whom was very fond ot his piiw,. bo  alter working for two hours he  thought he would Blip into dome qulot  corner and havo a smoke. He was  busy,lighting hia pipe.when round the  corner, camo tho manager.  "What are you doing hero?" said  the manager?  "Who are you?" Bald the workman.  "I am Dodging, the inuuagur,"' was,  tho loyly,  "So am 1," said tho workman,  "oomo in and have ii smoko?"  . TO CURE A COLD IN  ONE  DAY  Take LuVXATIVE BROM6 Quinine Tab-  lst3.    BnsKStets refund money if It full*  to cure.   __. W. QROVE'B-siamature !��������� on  each  bos.''  2_c. - ���������>��������� .;"���������.; .  Master (to ; now pu^il).~Whit is  your name, my lltle man?:,   '  New Pupil.���������Tommy.   \. vl.  MaBter.-r-What la ,your t full name?  New Pupil.���������TommyJon.es.  Master.���������'Then Jones Is ypur last  name?   ,:'.' .. :'���������....���������.  New Pupil.���������No, lt Isn't.    When I  wa- born my name was Jones, and  they didn't give the other name for &<  month afterwards.  Coma are caused by the pressure  of .tight boots, but no one need bo  troubled with, them long .when so  simple a remedy as Molloway's Corn  Cure is available  "What is the difference betwoon  vnlor'i-hrt idlHcrotlon?" romurlcod Mrs.  Brown/^Joii'letng up from the paper in  which she had boon reading a leading  article on the oporutlons In Tripoli.  "Valor," replied Drown, "Is bawling  Into tho oar ot tho champion pugilist  tho aseertlon thai ho is a ruiTlau you  could knock into flta."  "And dlsorotlon?"  "Is doing lt over tho telephone,"  A  Fright  "l-ady," eald Meandering Mike,  would you lend mo a cake of soup?" i  "Do you moan to toll mo you want  Hoap?"  - "YoB'm.   Mo partnor'e got tha hiccups an' I want to scare him." '  So iiuroly an tho day and tho night  alternately follow ono another, doe������  <uvery day wh������n lt yields to darkue������(i,  and every night when It pansou lnt;>  dawn, biaai* with it its own tale of the  "Somebody wick over at your  houao?" "No, ma'am." "But T saw  an automoble in front yoBtorday."  "Yo������, ma'am. Tho doctor ain't tho  only man wo know that owns an automobile."  t  JuBt bocauso foola and children tell  the truth Ib no reason why thoy tdi'ould  monopoll-o tho conversation,  1 Fresh Supplies In Demand.���������Where-  ever Dr. Thomas* Eclectrlc Oil has  been introduced Increased supplies  have been. ordered, showing that  wherever it goes this excellent Oil  impresses its power on the people. No  matter In what latitude It may .be  found Its potency Is never impaired."  It is put up ih most portable shape ln  bottles';and can be carried without  tear or breakage. ;  The New Ar-ctlo Race  Mr. Comyns Beaumont, m the new  Issue of Knowledge, discusses the  race which Herr Stefanssen discovered in the Arctic regions, north ot British Columbia. As the people-ln question are Scandinavian ln appearance,  It has been suggested that they, are  * descendants of the crews In Sir John  Franklin's' expedition who Intermaj-  rled with the Esklmoa. If th!~ was so,  says Mr, Beaumont, in such a compare  atlvely short period, these men would  be able to make their Identity clear.  In Iobb than one hundred years men  belonging to a virile race do not lose  their language, their custom or forget  their fatherland. Indeed, it requires an  immense period for colonists or emigrants to change their national customs, and to allow their earlier, hie-  tbry to pass Into myth or legend.  If a cyclist were to ride around, the  eaBt coast of England und Wales ho  would cover a distance ot nearly 2.C00  miles.  Town* With Troubles  Londbn'n trouble Ib her fog.  Toklo's troublo is. earthquakos. In  lior wovat 200,000 people were ���������killed.  Culeutta's trouble Is cholera, and  tho bubonic placuo Ib the trouble of  Bombay. Wach olty pays to her trouble  an annual tribute of 0,000 lives.  Madrld'B vtrouhlo Is tho flolano, !a  etummor wind from the Bouth-oast. It  Is oxcoedingly hot and Is accompanied  by blinding, choking clouds of dust,  bo that, notwithstanding a tempera-  l.uro of 10B or 110 dogroos, all wlndoww  must bo closed. 1  Tho mistral la tho trouble of Mar-1  boIUob.    It Is an east wind that In*  croaflos the clty'B death rate 50 por  cent.  . Bagdad'B trouble Is tho "Bagdad button," a noro thiit attaoku practically  every rbsldont and visitor, loaving a  permanent buton-nhuped aoar.  t  Smokeless powder have the celebrated Winchesi*^  ter Greaseless Bullets, ^vhich make them cleaner to 8  handle than any cartridges of this caliber mac.$>'  ALL SUCCESSFUL SP6RTSMEN USE THEM.1   ' f imm%mk%%wm%t%mm%mm*mmmmwm*mt '��������� ��������� jj_f  Backache Means Your Kidneys of  Want Help!  .The kidneys are among the moat important organs.  They are moat f.ubieot to period-of deprtMiloo, imperfect  action and lowered vitality. Invariably, they give warn-  ins, in the form of baokaohe, Jaeadaehe, pains in the  islhtc. ata.'- .Wiss ,sccpls,,'=sr_fr_l. ���������?��������� th*?? b*������-V������h, mt  quiokly when any of these symptotai appear. ^ Carelees  .j  _ ~ ���������   ���������     .     Ignorina the nrainly-given waraine of unhealthy kldneyr.  Prompt help is given inactive kldneya by DR. 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SUCCESS CROWNS DELEGATION'S EFFORTS  After nearly two decades ol discouraging endeavour on  the, part of a few and constant bickerings and objections ������si  the part of others, something is now going to be done which  will show whether the flats in the Kootenay Valley can be  reclaimed. The delegation appointed by the residents of  Csrestbn to go to Victoria and ask for a survey have had  their efforts crowned with success. The survey is to be made  even if a special grant has to be made in order to get the  siecessaay funds.  Although full of confidence as to the ultimate outcome  of their endeavours it was with many misgivings that the delegation wfesit to Victoria, What they found there was in a  way surprising and somewhat of a revelation. Instead of having "to prove their case'* they found that the judge was already convinced and that the jury was favorably impressed.  Premier McBride knew of the entire situation and his Min*  isiers also saw the possibilities in reclamation. That was all  that was necessary. The work allotted to the delegation by  the residents in mass meeting was easy- The Review predicted some time ago that the reclamation scheme would be put  throu-rh: now we are convinced of it. The men at the head  of the government appreciate the imisiense importance cladding 4C,cco acres more io the farming wealth of the Province  and it is top big a matter to let fall by she wayside.  a manner u  ;e.  J.TDaie catr^ in stock DioUrt,  ������--  %=L*Lli.<-__i !L      (C5.sa_^������     _iE??-i s 3 ni^    |^b ������.. 3.������ 3aJiy-_  ^'5#.  732H  [Our   Guests] ��������� ���������  I - - ���������:   '_-_ -__! Headquarters for Mittt&g Men,   _  |.ua_i   <sriy&in\ Lum|)eri1en,   Ranchers, Tourists   gg  8 and Commercials.  ��������� f also  luuit  J'   '3 i  CS6  _������������  5"3  ties.  J5    ivinpan  -B-^0       *v-_,-k������-* .������ ������  PUBLIC OPINION  I for one will congratulate yon for  w*vrn>   mftnmtg   in    hrlnplnP   .ipt-qfchw   the'   3  firs. Bh-risE Bralnnge Oongree- in   tbo' ^F  tatsresta o* keeping lbs Spring flood? of?  _h$   __TOjtoua_r   gulf.       1.     was   -    _'>'__������  in the right, direction and the project  should materialize    It will if each per-  sou will keen hia shoulder to the wheel.  That -bis wheel has been started in the  right dirsctica v/as ah-^a by .he great;  nam--?   of  willing   bands that   were.  raised at the Lowlands meeting ii. support of the resolution which you brought  forward.    At the bf ginng it seema as if  ������he conquest is partially ������?oa.' Bat we  st-ppg-Sere   oi the lowla r.ds. movement  uaus- -to. be too Ujuo-i _Latb_i_u by U.&  ���������������_ce_ss of ^be lowlands sassiiag.   We  mast keep steadily at work never ceas-  ing until the flats are roolaimed. When  this is dose Cssstoa will bo ens cf th_  ^-fiaoipal oitiss ,of __as������sr_������ E. O., backed  up as it ia b^ the  finest fruit raisiBg  sreasds that cosld te dssired and sitoa-  +c������5 mm   ������fr v��������� a*. ^I,a 4wtawov-' l-j. 4:1io   ���������'.cinrcvotto.  44A.���������4    .M4���������      *V    4���������4    ..V     4444_4|4     g44_W���������  ,.44J ������������������-.���������_._. _4���������S������������������ ���������  ������������������>; A couple of years ago the manager of a big wholesale  fruit house in the Middle West made the statement that his  firm had been buying from a certain Western Apple district prairien which will take ail that Creston  '������������������'���������        ���������-���������'-. - , a -^ can give them in the way of frnit a_-d  tor two vears and after the first year had found it unecessarv       .     _  a,mm mm\j j >.-������-_. ������.������������ ut.vt ___w. __*4-v ^-w-.������ M~~ ������^~ , | proauoe xor years w������ cuxae.  So open a single box of goods for inspection purposes.    He ]   Then too we must not forget that at  ... . ���������   .    ,. *     V      "������������������'--    ���������       j   ! anytime that wedesire it the Goat river  ������a_d that the apples came to his firm marked a certain grade J-,fl;���������^B  and that they had found the district so honest that the marks  ������a the boxes were su-ficisul guarantee of  the quality  of the  dpples and the standard of packing.    He further declared  ihat in the year that his firm had been relying on the mark-  y  lugs of the f rnit producers association it had not had a single  complaint from its customers.  g     3f tbere is antfbfng sou want in tb^._1>usfc ������  X ^.ine >x>bicb v?e Do not stock vt>e will orber it for ^  SOU  I Creston Drug&Book Coe f  h2%\ g~m<tr* a   Si  &:&:S^^@_r:e$&&������-4Hi-.@@&:@e&-1:tf:@@^^  '    ������*f������ ' ������ i  B 1ft9 S     _&_     -   ��������� ������  I ran-������������������.!i"   s i-ig..-^-? Qrsrs  ?������������snei  vtnhinA  ������������dl������b������6r9 L������������3������| dSsa ioou amyss^  ���������   (Best equipped Livery In Town)  ^   All class of -TURNOUTS supplied at sbort notice.   The latest styles of  ������g   CUTTI5RS and BUGGIES for aale aud hire.    Saddle and pack horses &  Speciality.  __     o^ :'-n<sp;?'T..--';,k:_r.:??:..;;  fi������Y w*������ awl -navinft -������������������  5#1?2  vt- Feed for sale.       Agent for the McLaughlin Manfg. Oo.   '  Horses for sale -*  {* I am prepared to fill all orders, both hy wire .ind mail, and meet all traits8 2  to nt any bcjjr cf the dav or ni^ht.    Com nsrei"! men and Jandssskers   wili ^  ^ receive prompt attention    > <A  5 H. S.McCreath, Prop f  ^ irn oim oo Bwaar Aveniie  <^^.������!gg^^sg'S's^:s:������'3"^:5''3:������5^^������w5S:������:������:iS:������'"������:'������if  Box ii     ������*  raj c  **���������  ::r  Creston is a comparitively new fruit producing section.  few oi the orchards in this valley afc iu full be&i.'iug.  J4|r    W  :*��������� to bs .-.ariisssssd wsitiB������^ t������  light our homes, to run our machines,  to give us heat, to supply us with  more rapid transportation. This is  only one of the things in the Valky  Ihat we have not developed as yet.  There are many others. Our watchword must surely he A GSBATESv  CRBSTON VALLEY.  Signed  W.  H. Smith,  ta, valley of weight in the fruit circles of the Dominion and  How is the time to make a name  for itself.   Sixteen of the  fruit raisers of tbe  Valley  are taking  the  packing school  course this week aad sis-teen more will take the  course next  tareek.    Last year sixteen others took the course. This makes  J4& regular producers or prospective producers who know the  -rudiments of putting apples in  boxes in  the right manner,  [instructor James Berkeley declares thai the only thing that  is necessary in apple packing is to know the (rudiments and  then to spend some little time thinking and working out the  , problems that arise frome time to time.    These 48 residents  should learn to-pack right.   It will pay them and the district  In the long run.    It will pay them if they teach their neighbors how to pack also.   Creston must make her  reputation  And the way to get a reputation is to be a little bit, or a good  bit, better than hei   competitors.    When a wholesale firm  can Uk������ the apples trom the Creston producers  and so rely  ^ upon the markings of the boxes that it will  not  have to in-  ftpect every box, the valley will begin to get higher prices for  Its products.Creston fruit is bringing high prices now  but  there is no reason why these should not be bettered.    A great  deal of the selling force lids iu the pack and now is the time  to learn to pack ngnt.   There if an  art in  growing appiee  Irnt there probably is a greater art iu putting  them into the  boxes in a shape which will act as a magnet to the buyer and  ���������Mrs. Crompton assisted by Misi  Kliugonsmith is prepared to receive pupils for Pianoforto and violin, Ringing  liiirnopuy and composition.  Tgh-ig $2.00 by the month. 121  LIQUOR ACT, 1910  SECTION -0  NOTICE! ia heroby given that on the'  Twenty-sixth day of February noxt,  1912, application will be made to the  Superintendent of Provincial Police for  the transfer of tho Hoenoe for  the sale of liquor by retail in and upon  the promises known oa tho Burton  Hotel, situate at Crouton, British Co.  lumbia. from William H. Burton to  ^erie-al H&Wvial k^ess.  wew������m.%f^jin_saixn1  & ifvDnAre&cT-~--in4 -+������   ****  s^ems<uC-_^f4 ���������* *** ���������������- ���������������- ^  femmeru^HowWMj. ""  ���������*** easuyl  Fast Office * ^ig^  GrScr ot'.Fte^steteo * *i,.  latter & wiMrawab  '��������� can be wiat-e ������������������������ + -������������������ -4f; <���������  * ���������*��������� a^wyyou wish,,  Ware Reiyoifeible  Refer W-"^** ������������������**.  or To axryone ta *  VMGGUVeRv  Write us about ftt(H)ay  Do it now!!!!!  321 toble Street  \\m������mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm*mimmimmmmm0mmmnmm\ ��������� ������P*  r   AMATMA   !\l  K^ t\.\\ t\\\j \r\w  IIVUL-K^l-.  BAN*'  ^l ������%.  'v C  ^sjr   K-.KJ  mKJlW   ii     L  MVi   SIR EDMUND VMLKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., PRESIDENT  ALEXANDER LA!f?D, GENERAL MANAGER  CAPITAL, - $10,000,000          REST* -   $8,000,000  MONEY  ORDERS       '    ;;  The Monev Orders of The Canadian Bank of Commerce are:a sSft, \  convenient and economical method of remitting" small sums of money. *  They .'.re payable without charge at every branch of a chartered bank In,  Canada (except in the Yukon Territory )' and in the principal civies c.  ���������he United States. '....'  "The Orders and fuii information regarding them may be obtained  -.n application at the I3ank. -   ''  In the event of^ioss of a Money Order the Bank will, on receipt e.f  a .satisfactory guarantee, make arrangements to refund the amount cf  the iost Order. .''..���������'V. ������������������*���������������  A832  'PERCY <B. FOWLER, manager, Creston Branch  Rev. M, F. Bby B. -\i. will preach /iu  Slethodist Church Sunday morning and  evening. Ail are heartily invited to  ittend,  ���������Wanted to purchase.���������White Wy������-  dotte or Ban! Orpiagtou Pullets. Apply  *.fc The Review Office. . 22-tf  t-iectric Restorer for Men   _  Phosphonol J*?JPres ������vcry norvo In the -������ly Ifl  i-.' rr���������_____ to its proper tensloa; restore* ; (���������  vim and vitality. Prentatura decay and all aexunl 'rag  weakness averted at _act* _?-M������st������-i_*e������S will ,HS  makeyoaa.a^wman. I'rlca ������8abos,ortwo for  W. v Mailed to any addresa. WMBeobell Ortuc  Oo,-4Bt.Catliarin������ai,On-.     .��������� ^  All ohanges of ads. must be handed in  at the Bo view Office not later than  Wednesday noon in each week.  . _^tfU_-_---_----------------_-_-----------tf  CURE DISEASES OF MEN  PATIKNT8 TRKATID THROUGHOUT CANADA FOR 80 YKARB  Dra, K. * K.������_favorably known thron������h������  out Canouu wbera tliey havo done bu_i>  ncu Cor over 90 year*, aiiou-aiida of patlenu  SW? been treated and eui^Tby, tliefr ortai  oUI.ltmdJtlirougl.tUo virtue o? lli-lr^".-?  K. P'8 AT HOME!  thoOratonTrafllnj; Company Limit- "���������<��������� ,!o"������ Lo,,������*  wSi,.l������?,",B  ed,  Dated thja 18th day of January, 1012,  William II. Burt^j.  Holder of Llcenso,  The OieBton Trading Oo., Ltd.  0*xt Friday ev������nl  One of the biggest Booial events of tho  Hoaoon in fraternity olrolov in Oven!on  will take place on tho Oth when the  Applicant for transfer.' Knights of PytUina, Wild Roso 3_oago ;  Fer W. ii. JohuBt.ou, No80 will hold thoin iiuuunl At Homo,  Manager.     ' in Cn������tlo Hull ov^r Spr^ra atovfl. Oom-  I mittfin   are now at work preparing for  I thtt etilertiiimnent of a lurgo number <f  -Get your olothoa oloai.uil, pttus.-d |ku������hih and ninny over J00 Invitation*  and repaired by Mica H.M. Vruuoli. 18-4 Wiu be hah- out; for rh������ ovtmt,  DauKsmncnr, SlB������.oAtBroE-ro������  ���������ojr������na.I_,AIC  ���������.^.���������....^.���������^^ ,..���������_. |n..   ..1T..-.._[ f ..1|L n  . . _,-,!,!-||[r  r-  at ������Jpo,0(XL Wlitn tliw tieoldo .your'tmM ti  gurAW������.iniyour-ror*y it removed for yeu  know th-y wlU Dot* d������o������tve. you.*   Th������  {;uanuvt������_ to euro all curable oattm. <Ho  nailer uow many ������ootoi'������' Mva railed !td  lejient youj ������p matter how much mo>iey  you hate Bpont In volnj no -natter how dli-  jviiiun itie omtoriea of any teerot baba wlilch  Jaaapringlyour life t.y dcgreei; If y0������ ara  BUfftfrlm; from, tbo i'i-ulta of nasi fudlauiw-  tlonu; it your blood bn������ *-~~��������� ���������"-'-* % f  any private dteonne and 3  if you nrc married ana lb  toinu breaking out and expo-lna your bull  Ify-uaraMiifr-tlntf ae the reeult ot arnil������  torn  ���������.dread o. ay im>'  C024SULTATJON FREE  Beelce Fre������ <tmJDlMaMv of Men. If unaM*  to call, writ* for ������ Qu-aitni. Blank for  HOME TIULATM������NT   'intf  I;ay yoiv oa������w> beforothprnconffil*ntlally m\&  tUoy will tell you honoiHy If you aro curable,  YOU CAN PAY WHEW CUREO  tmtmmmmmtmmmmmmmiimmmmmmmmimmmmmmmm  W_ TV_at and Car*  VAltlCOSfc. VtiN-. Ntl'.VOUS DEtULTrr,  BLOOD and URINARY COMi*LAINTS  KIDNEY and DLADDEH DU.aM*  ���������ad all D(MM������������I'e������uU������rtoM*Af ,  X'OE SALHl���������A good a.uldl������ pony tlm  fl��������� __-fs_rMMi!?_n^  Cor. Michigan Ave. and Gritwold Si. Detroit Mich.  Thetoiuuiitluos appointed to ouvof. t  the KPflMtn aro; WutovliMumour, It. U'J,.  children oan ride. Weight aboutSOO lb*. ;Flf/OrMl<l, (-JA.M. Yoi.ujf ������ud Thou..  LiRht oolor. A dandy driver. Munt bn MHnirla; Munio, Arthur French, <3co.  ���������old nt onoe. Will o������ll fov 985 oaih. In- GuuuM,,a D*via SuoffcaudS������ 1-"hm-uu  quire ������t The iiavUiw or box t>u Creiton. **" *' &.'*��������������� w������- Ci������_*������n������ ^u*w������wi������, | ^  i  CV-l-HKtBHi--. __l fMT I _f* BT  18I1.1I hi, ^W If I I MM C-  AlHettera from Canada mn������t be addrawed  to our CntiHtKnti Corr������Hponfl*iicft I>i������nart"  ment in Windsor, Ont.   If you deaire to  ace un peroonally call at our Medical Iuntltute In Detroit aa we Bee aud treat  m jtaKlenta in our Wlndnor ofliccs which tyre for Corre������pon'1<������noe .nil  laboratory for Canadian bualucee only.   Addrcau alt letters an follow* t  DR3. KENNEDY & KENNEDY, Wln4������or������ Ont  ������������������"���������"-������������������ "-- ������������������"���������������������������"-���������"'"���������"'1-,'1''i 1 iMiiiiiiiiiiiilnii-.iigiiiiMiiiiiiiiii_Mi___a_i_ii_-i.il  k-_ ^,-aL.i^rt ���������i*.--.'-;iiW,itliiiHiiafmfW'w ���������i������m_---M--,i_i m |iwJMwii������ii|Mii  ��������� ���������"U naiaitiiwJ THE" C������^taH:������^fISW;   CEEST0_f,   B. O.  ���������������      rt)       ' ". ../4^..   4 '     4      ^  HIQIW-  ���������?���������������  V-       , CT  4T ���������������.    4 Y4*,4444444M_  *������_** 4j������-,!__i_a  ' *"  ^        "TTJJSSlRjr  "    'if      ", ",   "i'T^1  3gSg-_SSS3SEffi5S  S       g     |   ������  ni:irikY-r\_kL-i'i_r\'T,c>>i _  i%6.:_s^ g fa asuj  _r_is. b s-tir-a, ii  s  iilll i ��������� wI  ������ B  '"B  K S ' B  W. BU-.TOH, .Proprietor  THE   HOME  OF. TWfi  TRANSIENT  EE-B-V  I i  1  m  i  1   B  This Hotel is one of the  best known and. popular  Hotels  in the  ELootenays.  The dining room is strictly  up-to-date and the bar supplied with only the best brand  of goods.  ti-HjTC'���������J^u^qi U-J-V-wta^aK* * nwa  A I,  YS33  ���������T'.ff,Tl'T'^?w^'ft'J-if-"MWI'lLI''''jtl V, MB?"*'8'  =_=  Cajj^jg-s^LxT^Lijlam. _j_-j JB^ge^  in FLAi  ictTiiftv  a*  nr ��������� i  SiilSPIIcD^  . ... . l������SB-^r'ffBB^!  ______ ������_? a b aia.^  I  I   This was thehe.__.Hi-3 that appeared in The Re-  I   view   recently.    I a   ths   scdetssit of the fire It   1  ������   says they carried  ������   r-   /"   un lueiiDiupc  1.nu ������nay������i_^������^y___  There is  a lesson  here.   Are your   home and  f%9--B*-2..������4S    ������-;<-*-'-"������'���������'���������'������ A4������-^ W*    S=^V*"    SSA   S?*<0>.      *������+   3f%*������f������fa  LPUiaui-lgS |>k*jvvv-ca.       -*  ������������o*. s<h������w u������v   **���������. v__*.^������  /V       /  g  PoaieNo. i  ������5  d      ^4_  C^I=srOiV-   B.O..  P O^ Bex  ( | The British Columbia Nurseries 'Co. Ltd., 4  I ������i Of Vancouver, B. C. h  ������   R"T" "->���������������  -=a WH  Ui    W-Ml  Have iust received an 80 page illustrated    s  and  descriptive  catalogue ot   their  fruit  trees, shrubs, roses, etc., which is free  for  *"h*������ acki"op 1".. intend in or   nlanterS-  Apple direct to this office or to W. S. W atson  j|- at Creston, B. C.  ������1 -'& TIBIAL ORDER will convince the most  ll critical of the superiority of our one year old  31 trees on three year\ roots.  31  1  2 mm B* &m svurs&krB&s %*&* __.*_*_,  1483 Tin Ave* W* Vancouver, &* Q*  1  i-,  ') '��������� >     K-   *��������� St,    ,4,   ,(^t444yJ        *__   , , __ f ^ _. t  <=saa errs .   i ' A������iiM_t''_)a'_ B9 __k-4_4 B - '__4B__i _____������ (B_ O-k B ������������������*_ ���������-9-a B _B_ A ���������    89 * SB a SB, a 0-  THE nwmmt m\m us- smniH mimm  q  ">      '   \\ :\c"\ AND  M OTfJ? mWMTTmmffi of three, certain judgments obtained  in three certain. actions in this Honourable Court between  Paul A. PaalioPi,' Plainti������f (Judgmest Creditor) and Intersational  Lnnib-r &/' IV^ercaniile Company Limited, Defendants (J-tdg-  ment uebie������&.} 4  "BHS"  ' '  ���������>T"  1.4 ^.  "-���������v^a  m@MmWT  re     t.   viB  'a-%SC^ u.is&S.vjSt *������������������   WJ'-Ss* s^i������w* ���������������'  s������e br Shs HcsOurBbla Si& ������ss������ivs MorrisoB dsted the 16th day of Etec,mber9 A= ?|  D. 1911 it ess ^le-~d .bst %M Shcrif? Of South Scctcs-,^ do ssll sll the isisre-ts of the said Defendasts in Sah-Lcts 1?, Id j J  asd 1-5 cf Dislrict Let 4_S5,J@rsup 1, H^teaaj- Dist?io6, aad Sab������X.-oS 8, ia said Lot 4593, Greap lp Kootenay DSsfeiofe, i?scl ||  aisothemKurestof the w^endansi Sa-a������-ts-a__r new gr_^ing ssS st^sdine ������?a 5fes followiag described, b^ads; a^snely, |  Sab-l-ot 18, of Lot 4698. Qronp lrJ-t-O06������n������y District;, and Lot 362, Group _������ KodSenay District, either by pnbilo anefcion,  tseder or private m\? as tbe s������id Sheriff may deem expedient for the pnrpoe. of paying tbe .ndgment and c__ta recovered  n<������Ai*. ' ' ' '    4.  jv_    -.  ���������������V44 _-A*.  ' The property to be sola ivbri?-u9m������ II,. J4 sad 15 of Dl-Sriet Let 4532, Grosp I KooSesay Uist-iol, eontai&ittg together  4477.4 ������ore*;Sab-lo������e 6,ia said'Lot 4-$2,$Hroap l.Sootenay Dutriot containing 511.30 aores, and also Sht. timber now errow-  ing and standing on -ub-lot 18, of Lot 46-S, Sronp 1, Kootenay District, and on Lot 862, Qronp 1, Kootenay District.  ���������She aawa of she -Judgment ereSltor is Paul A. Panlgon spd ths ssise ������f ehe ^edgmest ;Debtors ia the Internatiosial  Lumber & Mereaasiie Compaay, Lisai������edr  Snb'Lots II, 14 and 15, 3ub-I������ot 6, ant Sab-Lot 13, of District Lot 4592, Group 1 are registered in the name of the B.  O. Southern Saiiway Company and the Judgment Debtors hold Assignments of Agreements over the said Lots and are  entitled to eaii on the 3., G. Sontfeern "Railway Company for a Conveyance of the same subject to the carrying out ot the  *e?ms of the Agreement for 8ial������ and punohase granted by the said B.C. Southern Railway Company orer said Sub-Lots,  The Judgment debtors are:___(>.the owners of the timber now growing and standing ou Sub-Lot 13. of District  Lot 4502, .Group 1, Eooteoay District, and Lot 362, Group I Kootenay District.  The. whole of the said property above described including .he said limber is subject io the following judsnsests re=  cov������������������ibyscesbovs ssg^^'s!h^^iS,^^stthe&tiQvessssiadpQCend&ntB is the Supreme Oosrt cf British Oolcmbis,  DasaelyJ���������Jndgineatof the gujj������-_mo~������st-Vof British Cslnssbis sU^ted the iSth day cf December, 1S09, for the subs of  $44,241 64 for debt a^d etMts, registered-oTa the 20������a day of December, A. D. 1909 and re-registered on the 11th day of Dec-  ember, A. _>.-%10!l; Judgment forfl6Ull--.-V dated the 29th day of June, A. D. 1910 and registered the 1st day of Julj  1910; and Judgment for $807i S4, dated the _���������t_t day of Ooeober A. D. 1313 regi-S-s-u .1.^ 3-b day at ^ebfuary. A. D. 1311. |  . Ii is intended hat the aa}������ shall take plaoC at the Sheriff's office at the Court House iu the City of Nelson its' ths Pro  vince of British Columbus, on Monday'the 12th day of February A. D��������� 1912 at the hour of 3 o'clock iu the afternoon  , _*  DATED the 81st day of January, AV D. 1912.  Sow Barns* Fertsi_-_ers  And Reap D&.iarse   " ���������  ..-I��������� i  Call or send for   out |  Ne^r Paninhiet ^nica Is I  j 6  lull of useful iniormaiiom |  for Fruit Growers etc. 1  8      BS  !������U  i r. mnm & m.  Umlui-  CR.ESTON       -     B.C.  Head Office  CALGARY; VANCOUVER;    EDMONTON.  s  J. A. Harvey, .      i , . S. P. Tuck,  ���������5uUW&t4W*    -���������_   A, 4C4kCA4S   ^&4    4k M4UDVUj    W **������������������444*44-0   -������4.4_w.X,  Sheriff of South -Koo&snav.  S  SBESS  Sm7B     BgffEi assess s^s&s    *&  ������*r  g  Showing all the Very Latest  Fashions    in-  Ladies'    Hats,   '  _k. ^ *"*"    ****^^y^^*S   ���������*��������� ^^* ������������ ^4(4^^^   ������������������������ ��������� ~e -e  "We have also a large stock of  Children's Wearing Apparel,  for the Fail and Winter seasons  .<*<-  it  ! Mrs, TL YOUNG!  BHERiFF'S  SALE  Ucder and by virtus of tbrse. v^rits of Fieri .Facias issued eu5. of tlie Susr-exae Oosrl of British O^lsssbir; is'thre^ se?-  w  3 v?lisreo* Paul A. Paulson isPlsintii?, &no. IstsrnatioiiHl Lumber and S������ensantile Company. Limited is Dsfsnd- *i  zed all ihe right, title and interest of the ssid Defendant, International Lumber and Mercantile Company. 89  Limited, is certain goods and cbnttals. consisting ol saw logs, railway ties, cedar telegraph poles, cedar fense posts, port- [ {  land cement, roofing paper, rough lumber,'and other building and lumbering tools   and appliances; and also the rights!  Starke^ &Go;|  Wlsolesafie 1  SS-~.AmtAKta        S>9A.^-s<..s        p���������������������_ I  44,   - _.������ _a-4-K44������������ 4.   ��������� S.^��������� ESsW. &   ��������� S4S-9 ������  ���������eaeral Oouu������t_-lo_L Merchant-        |  NELSON        ������        B_ Cl  UUUV*    V-������V-   _.������-������ Nj������UC   J..  SJ  "and Streams Act to.ftgs.6   legs   and  tis-bsrii- Goat.\Siver^aQu Meudow Greek and their contributaries; 11 Bk BBH B            I         ]  together with 'all other exigible goods and chattels  of the said defendant comi any.                                          -                         |] O^ Jlfi If^Sl l^P-j  - All of which 1 shall expose for p^le by public auction as say oiSos in the Court Hcnse is the City cf Kelson, B. G��������� .on |? " *������������ftr V  "Monday the 12th, day if F-brnasy 1*19 aJvthe hour of Three o'clock In the. *?teritonn.  v  An approximate inventory ot- trv? goods and chattels to be sold may be seen at the Police office, Creston: at the' office I  I  of The Creston Beview, Creston and at<my offioe in .Nelson, B. O.  .    Terms 6������;sale' cash. "-    '        ^  7  Datad a. Orestca, 3. C, 1st -Te-raasy, ISIS  &^&*Ws*W   iiflfl  la  "_S SP&OtALTT  S. P. Tuok.  ^   Sheriff o������ South Kootenay.  Dealer in   higli   class  boots and scoes.  ������������������ >  ������S^-i__K4������S-S-������ffi^-lJ4lS^  .��������� -   i ������ ��������������������������������������������� r"-J"z-:":"':-���������'������������������'-'*������������������������������������ -^^������������������ ���������������������������������������������  .!        -_      ^JF -_.     _M4. _^ff     ___.      . ^4������4   .^1.>VA W>>^Jt      44������������4>  KKe are prepitreu iu  uu jjruuuiy <uj  au Kiriuo*  4 4 >"*u**f  jL^i/ y\j\*  KJUCLill  Swt ^S*mW "Br   .a_____v-i--_-  r%\!f':=  :.. Wc ex ect to offer you the best that cau be obtained anywhere during' the year\m&' You can assist us at this time by letting us know what styles 6f paper you use.  Each oersou has his or her own idea coucerinn|^Vhat is best in letter Head aud envelope lines.. A neat letter head for your business* whether it be as merchant, rancher  or lumbe^wau is always au advertisement of that^^ business. Then maybe we cau interest you in something else   for we print  Billiiyads, State^ne,nts and Manifests  Posters, Dodgers and Placards,  Business and Visiting Cards,  Menu Cards and Bills of Fare,  Circulars and i^niiouncenients,  Counter Pads  and Shipping Tags  In fact you can get practically anything you want in the printing line at the office of  ' ....  F0fc|Tfl--_i  ������ --- B1 ^_a   ���������   ��������� ��������� fl-l  B*. m __9 IBH       MM.W     __���������     MB  _���������_[ ���������DW  Imm^mtm mmf, \%*mM  HI wLm  W*U       ___������44jP_  4m*wmmm  mm  mWmWmwWimlZJmZniZZ&m  4__������-_--_--_I  |,ji������VI^.'l'^l-*<M*-t-R5-������*;,**������'-f t:^.,,-; ������������������:*ii������ i"  ' 'J_:v'-i 1  . *- f.. J, 1 , _  '���������v.  .-V-" ������������������������..  'J������_.        ���������   4,V������4    .p'^JS)  .,_ t;, . -,mi.{l*ufJ. .���������'I,)   '���������������,.',"    ���������  __ii_otrM  > in__4__ii_i4___iii  ���������kratti  k___4_______i  M40Ee������M������Ba-i  -MaDW  _M_4>a  priirii;iiiMiii.iii--������ii  4________________i_  _n_B___n  _^______i  nan  ffiBSfi --B-Kg^'g?5^  nvwc*  axuc.  CitESTON    BEYIEW,    CRESTON,    B. C.  ll__,9-  Viia   .a-'JU.V.-lU,-f m\*S3l  I H.AKU IRt'l AdAiN  ANOTHER    SPLENDID'  CURE    BY'  vi       IDODD'S KIDNEY  P'LLS  RURAL. SCHOOL TEACHERS  ��������� Mr.   Ben   Gauvang   had - Backache  6������.  yribati-: h&jhadyto^quit work.-���������Dodd's  fy .[Kidney Pills fixed him 'up..'  :"������������������ IPuellering Settlement, Kent 0b., K.  B,; (S^jal)-^Byery;:corher, ?of ??Ney.-   M  .,, .  w   j  yBtuni0ick   tells   of   cures   made   by \ S���������������r ^t^d  Dodd's Kidney Pills, ?andy this..'..settle-  Tjnent ?; can  contribute "��������� Its share.    Mr.  Bfen Gauvang is one man who without  /hesitation   states   that  he   owes, his  j^sod  health  to  the - -great 'Canadian  "Kidney remedy.  y ."Yes, Dodd's Kidney Pills certainly  Sid me good," Mr. Gauvang says in an  Interview.    "Before  I started  taking  ; them my back ached so that l had to  give up work  and I "also had? to', be  careful  how  I  walked    and    moved  about.    I  took  nine  boxes, all  told,  " abd they fixed me up.   They are the  kidneys." -  -' Dodd's Kidney Pills are no cure-all;!  They only cure kidneys. But theyv  always cure the kidneys and with cur-  e'd kidneys you can't have backaches,  rheumatism, Bright's disease, diabetes  or dropsy.  A Course of Study for the Preparation  of Teachers of Rural Schools  Detailed outlines of a norma! course  for rural school-teachers ih nature  study, elementary agiiculture, sanitary , science, and applied chemistry  are contained  "A, course  tion of Rural School-Teachers," which  the United" States Bureau, of>Education has Just published for free distribution.   Tbe authora.arev, Messrs.? Fred  Craig, of the  Western Kentucky State Normal  {School. The following paragraphs  consist of brief excerpts from the  book:? ...    ^. . ���������    .,��������� ,,,,���������.' .  "The rural school lias not the influence that it should have. One of  the chief reasons lies in the fact that  the course of study is ill-adapted to  rural life in ait its relations. We are  united in believing that a school  should train its- pupils for life and its  work while these-'pupils are living and  working.   The course of study taught  -r-~  PRINCE TO VISIT BERLIN  He WiEl be tho Guest of Emperor V0l|.  Ham'and Will Keceive Special  Honors.  It is  expected  that the Prince of  Wales will pay a visit to Berlin snort?   _^        ly  arter, his  eighteenth   birthday  in".  ed In a monograoh entitled i J une? next, and that he will su*y for  of Study for the PreDara-  a week With the Emperor and iSmp-  The Kaiser was extremely anx-  1&.  4.4,4  hsxsO      ir.An  4444l%S4S4l 4 S.^.*. 4.        . C        /XT,.  SSK.tXtJ\f������.       IVUUJ        4���������      V.44  /\T4 + tv������olv  ;'j Not Property Thunder  ��������� Even the greatest actor-managers  do not know all there is to be known  About stagecraft, tp judge from a cur-  Sous story concerning Sir Herbert  Seerbohin Tree, says the London  .Times.  -.; It appears that at the rehearsal of  B. certain play at Kis ,yJVIajesty's  "Theatre a ���������wonderful climax uad been  reached, which was to be heightened  fey the use of the usual thunder and  lightning. The stage carpenter was  given the order. The words were  spoken, and instantly a noise which  resembled a succession of- pistol shots  tvas heard off the wings.  ; "What on earth are you doing,  Snan?" shouted Sir Herbert, rushing  behind the scenes. "Do you call that  thunder, it's not a bit like it."  | "Awfully sorry, sir,' responded the  carpenter, "but the fact is, sir, I  Wouldn't hear you because of the  .Storm.   That was real thunder, sir."  too much like the course that is  jtaught in the city schools. The country school will not reach the position  bf efficiency that belongs to it until  a distinctive training is required of  its teachers. ''  "A state normal school should prepare a large number of teachers to go  out into the rural communities, there  to be potent factors in bringing about  the best rural life. The rural child is  entitled to a course of study and to a  course of instruction that will dignify  and enrich his life and make life for  him in the rural environment, should  he choose to remain there not simply  tolerable, but glorious. It is possible  and right, and indeed a duty, to dignify  rural life and to save to it and its in-  V*G*������sov*-������  -v.***--    UK5&i*    _>-_ruu    *_������*.    ������.*_������-'    .uum.t/.  "To prepare teachers who can meet  this demand, the following course of  study and training is proposed: The  first year is largely given to distinctively rural problems and interests; the  two succeeding years turn more toward ^eners.1 scholarship, in order  that those taking the entire course  may be able not only to teach rural  schools but to enter larger fields of  usefulness."  After indicating the cultural branches which should be possessed by- the  rural school-teacher, tt*e authors continue:  s -u.tj.GU3 j thar *h������ fnjiowiug. subjects are necv  about the way in which that paper re-: essarT foT the proper training of rural  ported her marriage. ���������'       w      school-teachers:    Nature study, elem-  t Miss Avondale.���������Did it allude to her entarv manciples of practical agricul-  Bs^r"- rv..*. -T ���������- ������,, ',. ... hure. sanitary science and hygiene, do-  , Miss Clifton.���������Indirectly it stated hne8fcic ecoaorctv. and Dractical princ-  that  Miss  Oiae  and  iwr.  Yaie were * - ���������  ress  ious toyhavei the ?;prlnce visit him a  short, time ago, but Queen Mary then  held ;ihat-her son was too young aud  that it would be bettec to wait for  another year or so. While the prince  is in the German capital he will be  admitted as a Knight of ths Black  Eagle. /This order ranks third in importance among European decorations,? being only surpassed by the  Garter and the Golden Fleece of Spain.  The last named distinction, by" the  way, is also likely to bo bestowed upon the Prince of Wales by Kins Al-1  fonsb during the course of no������t year. I  The. visit to Berlin will be in state  and entertainments in honor of the  young prince will be arranged for  every day, terminating with a review  of the troops in the garrison, specially  strengthened for the occasion. Before  this review takes place the Kaiser  proposes to create the prince a colonel  of one of the regiments on parade.  ^ A Standard Medicine.���������Parmelee's  Vegetable Pills, compounded of entirely vegetable substances known to  have a revivifying and salutary effect  upon the digestive organs, have  through years of use attained ao eminent a position that they rank as a*  et t ** v������ A <- **A    tv.orl.^.ntt "TPI^rt   -i-JIt*. ���������������   o1ia.������1i4  uvu>uuu������ u     -*#*w*ui.* v-_>_a.*_i������ a iav    ..__-���������.��������� ������.-���������������>,     w _**_- ���������.*_%-���������  remember this. Simple in their com*  position, they can be assimilated by  the weakest stomach and sro certain  to have a healthful and agreeable et������  feet on the sluggish digestive organs.  IF YOU TRY THB  MQOF-EY WAY  tm^Kmmmmmmmmmmmmm*mmmmmmmm^w*m~'5~m*nm?,",~.'.���������sr =.���������- .-.-.^mmmmm^^*mmwrss^*iBmn������mmmm  Tho 1.90ONE-Y way means mow biscuits, less home cooking:   *  Because ^OONEY'S BISCUITS aro fresh enough and appetizing  enough to take the place of the product of your own oven.    For the daily meal  you'll like . ^  IWIOQMEY'S PERFECTION  BWBwwl^4__ I    ������������#    &    fc__ST.I   _w_^_>������ ���������  ������^������b^_,_i  A  Modern Girl  iy did you turn hit  A    BSSCU81 s  They're the crispest, creamiest, most delicious soda  biscuits ever produced and they're made in Winnipeg.   A Western biscuit for Western people.  In air-tight packages or sealed tins.  ifC������!*lf������  . rt*3      U������7j4j������.U      4.V*     ^ 4*p  4^4*^.44^       i..r^       Tl.4,.4C4.  ������4/Ov44>      V4VM      4������V.4������pi  as cheaply as due.    Whea 1 get mar- ,  rled I expect to make the money fly."  WOULD NOT BE WITHOUT  BABY'S OWN TABLETS  ,. .,-. . .   .   ._���������'���������,,_ } mal tTaiiuss  xou wilt sneeze; nerna*������s "eel chilly. ���������   ��������� ������. -��������� ���������  You  think you  are    catching    cold. {^r:yda___tal jjaowls-so of the foregoing? subjects is certainly a minimum  Mothers who have ouce used Baby's  Own Tablets for their little ones al*  ways keep them in the house. They  realize the value of the Tablets in  banishing baby's 'illness whea it  comes, or better still, in warding off  illness by giving him an occasional  dose of the Tablets to keep his stomach and bowels regular. Concerning  them Mrs. Isaac McDonald, Nappan  Station, writes:���������"I have used Baby-s  Own Tablets and would not now be  are  the  very  of  for   little   u    ���������t    Qc  SU.V4 4���������t. ������4>  ~    . . . .     J    4^A*^(���������. J4   444^? ^  4*4^44^4.47 4*4  4^ 4J4J4.4A 4���������4. -������ ������4.4  auuss of most country boys aad| eents a ^^ by meaicjne dealers or bv  H  nds with the rural scnooj course,     ^j. fr^m Ths Dr_ Winiams' Medicine 15  Don't wait until you know'it.   Take a  dose of Hamlins Wizard OU and you  just can't catch cold.  to -require of the teacher who  them for the lives   that   they  uo., tsrocKvme, uai.  must  - ���������./     1  Miss Pruyn:���������Where did youget the [     xhe outlines of the special course  design of your servant's livery? ; named are then discussed in detail.  Sash.���������O; my ancestors used it! accompanied with detailed outlines of  Tvliss Pruyn.���������Indeed!      By    whom , t|te ground to be covered, and the man-  *were they employed?  wx*im  W-lckly atopa coudh-������ core* colds. b_._is  -ha thtomt and luatfs - -  29 ctsnta.  When the people talk of "the good  things of life," queerly enough they  u(7 sot niean. tne uSSo tm&gs. ^...sy  fire using a deceptive phrase. The  wiBe man or woman will never let the  good things stand In the way of reaching higher. and better things. Only  ignorance does that.  Minard's liniment cures garget In cows  "Are you' honest with yourself?"  ,    "I think so."  "Then tell me, do you give tip your  >eat ln a street car to a Strange wo-  ��������� man as quickly as you do to one whom  (you know or think you may know?"  Admitting that he didn't, Old Man  'Diogenes wont plodding on hia way.  ner in  which  the N several    courses  should be treated.  "A course of Study for the Preparation of Rural School-Teachers" will be  sent free upon vequest to the United  States Bureau of Education, Washington, D. C.  "George!"       v  "Ye|, dear?" ��������� .   \  "Beiore w������s. wfcre married you once  asked me if I enjoyed a brass band."  "Y-yes, perhaps I did." ,,?  "You did. and I said yes; but it |  seems I misunderstood you, George, j  My wedding ring is making a black |  mark on my finger."  ' Different Schools  ;    De Smearpalnt.���������I've been tour days  i feottijig this eye on the right shade of  , Black.  i     O'lllustro.���������I've got a black eye In  . less time than that.  It is Criminal  to Neglect the  dKlE 3,11(1 JuSlli  THINK of the suffering  entailed by neglected skin  troubles ��������� mental because  of disfiguration, physical because of pain. Think of the  pleasure of a clear skin, soft,  "white hands, and good hair.  These blessings, so essential  to happiness and even success in life, are often only a  matter of a little thoughtful  care in the selection of effective remedial a&cnts. Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment do so much for poor  complexions, red, rough  hands, and dry, thin and  falling hair, and cost no  little, that it is almost crimi-  rial not to use them.  Although Cuticura floap and Oinf-  _npnt are sold by druMftat* nnd denlora  evnirywhero, a pxi-UT to "CuU-urft,"  TWint. JIM. Hoitton, IT. 8. A., will (_v*urft n  .iber������.l fiample of n������ch,  with .iZ-nmma  tUUVIUbll Ml*   U.HI 444,4,   Mwy   m������ 4~.*������~4���������.������.  . Tii������ Homo ���������. i  The home Is the most ideal of crea>  tions. It has Its patterns on the mount  only beheld by eyes that are clarified  from caprice and wilful! indulgence  of the factious spirit. Nor are its  blessings won simply by god times  and goot? fortune, ?: popularity and  smooth sailing.  They are more,; often won. by the  holy experience d. sorrow, loss, and  chastening that has sanctified a common, united life, and made it blessed  even to endure together. Some people's lives will be sunny,^whatever betides. They are often mothers with  'small means, whose memory in their  children's hearts makes sacred all the  poor chances of their laborious Uvea.  A tender care, a sublime paiieuue, lul-  lowed where they went.  Though they were bowed with labor, oppressed often with pain and  slckneBS, not physically strong to endure, but etlll enduring, taking the  burden of others upon their shoulders,  taking tho troubles of others Into their  capacious hearts, yet they won sunshine and harmony for the home by  the loving and wise spirit that was in  them.  Small But Potent.���������Parmelee's Vegetable Filis are small, hut they are  effective, in action. Their fine qualities as a corrector of stomach troubles are known to thousands and they  are in constant demand everywhere,  by those who know what a simple and  safe remedy they are. They need no  introduction to those acquainted with  them, but to those who may not know  them they are presented as the best  preparation on the market for disorders of the stomach.  THE CHAMPION DISC HARROW  HAS THE GOOD POINTS THAT MAKE AN IMPLEMENT RELIABLE  Queen Alexandra.  Not  for eighteen months past Ims  Marlborough House looked bo animated as It haB recently. Royal carriages  passed continuously In and out of tho  big gate   and    visitors   hurrying   to  write their names In the book at tho  porter's lodge followed each other all  through the day.   Although for months  after she became a widow Queen Alexandra somewhat noglcctofl hor music,  which used to bo a .favorite occupation, hor Majesty has retained all hor  former fondness for   tho   pianoforte,  and the most conspicuous objects in  (ho drawing room are tho grand pianos  on which Bho liked to play duets. Tho  pianos naturally arc the bent that cm  bo got nnd when not in use are Y:ov-  erod with ningnifleant. Indian embroideries.   It may not bo generally known  that  In  old  dayR  hor  Mnjosty    was  pmNolont on tho harp, but It. is a long  time since sho has played upon that  instrument.  $5,000  IN  PRIZES FREE  Great Popular Contest Which Will  Instruct, Interest and Amuse  That progressive and popular champion of the people's rights. The Farmers' Weekly Tribune, Winnipeg, Is inaugurating a Great Booklovers' Contest for the instruction, interest and  amusement of the boys, girls and  adults, during tne long winter evenings. Hundreds of prizes, aggregating  n value nearly $5,000, are to be GIVEN  AWAY ABSOLUTELY FREE. No soliciting���������no subscribing���������no canvassing are involved. It will be difficult  for anyone who exercises due care to  miss a prize. Send to the Tribune,  Winnipeg, for circular explaining tho  novel plan.  One of the commonest complaints  ot Infr.nts Is worme, and the most effective application for them Is Mother  Graves* Worm Exterminator.  Two independent sections, each operated by a  lever, malting ayflexible harrow. .Each section nits a  heavy-washer or bumper to take the' end "thrust.  Discs of the very best, carefully tempered steel, 16-  inches diameter.       t ,.,  Bearings are cast boxes fitted with oil-soaked maple  bushings. Entirely dustproof, lubricated by pipe  oiler. :��������� ��������� ������������������:/   ��������� ��������� '/���������'���������/   .;"'--  The steel bars 'supporting the frame are strong  and heavy, vplenty of room between. diBC and weight  Taox." :  '������������������'. '������������������'.'������������������. y ���������   ��������� ���������.'"; .. ���������,.    "���������" "V;' ^  We can supply either a tongue or tongueless disc  harrow. The Tongueless disc Harrow Is fitted with  truck only, as shown in cut.  Either style of Disc Har  rows Is fitted with a comfortable spring seat; levers ���������  handy to operate. ���������  Truck has 16-lnch strong steol wheels, and 1H-  inch axle. Frame is of strong malleable steel, and is  adjustable,   device has three adjustments.  Weight.     Price      ' Price  With Tongue    Tongueless,  41 A 267.   12-Dlsc  Harrow,    6-foot  cut,  with S-horse  evener. 410-lba.  41 A 268.   16-Dlsc  Harrow,    8-foot  cut,    with      4-  horse evener. .500-lbs.  28.00  33.00.  35.00  *.  40.00  There are certain good points that every Farm Implement must possess before it can be called reliable.'  But if lt has these essential features it can be depended upon to do good work.    The farmer vwyJBafely  consider the purchase ot an Implement, when it is offered by a firm of unquestioned reliability,    and    sold  subject to a, trial test.. The fac. that it Ib sold at a lower price Is no reflection on its value.   Price does  not guarantee value.'  If you think these are reasonable arguments, and If you need a new Disc Harrow thla eprlng, It  will pay you to write to Eaton'-. By return mall they will tell you the exact coet of any style  after freight charges have been tak-'i Into account. s  L.  W. N. U. Ne. ���������*-  Sandrlngham Heirlooms  Qur-rn Alo.vandra rsayn Truth, ban  proiwMUori (or Is going tVprosont tho  library of tin* HriiiHli .Muhuuiu with a  copy of King Ndward'n prlvatuly printed doHcrlptlvo catalogue of tho splendid collection ot arms and armor ut  Bundrlnghutu Hull.  The objects ot art and library at  Hundrlngluim, tlie writer undorstundH,  had boon nettled by KlnR Edward to  PUKR as heirloom, with the estate and  it wan UU wlfith thai, tho contents ot  the Hull should romaln intact, and  that none of tl������������ ������ol1m.Moi.H should bo  romov.Ml to Windsor Cu.hU������; or tiny  other Crown r<j*ld������uco.  Queen Alexandra luu* nont  iCJO to  tilt)    /VltttOU-t     W    ������U.U.     k*.      ������444-     ������..,.. ...4*4.    ...   ���������  ������i*������i���������~ tutift frtf hwlplnir nnnr pathmtM  io obtain certain benofltn ordored by  thn phyalclann which cannot be paid  tor out ot Uio jwjaeral tund.  "My dear Miss Stlffklns," wrote  young Softleigh sadly, "It Is with mixed feelings I herewith return your  kind note, in which you accept my offer of mcrrlage. You will observe on  nWusal that lt begins 'Dear Porcy,'  Who on earth Porcy is, I-don't know,  but 1 take this opportunity of reminding you that my name is Goorgo."  PIL.E8 CURED IN - TO 14 DAYS  your druinrlflt will rofund money If PAZO  OINTMWNT tail- to euro any oa_������ of  Itching, Blind, Blciullniv or rrotrudlnff  Plica In fl to 14 dayn.     COo.  ���������a m mimm\itiimmmmmmmmamtm  8olmonl_tlo  The Complalnt.---You boo, judgo, I  was a llttlo too happy, as you might  Huy, when I wont homo, and my wife  wan ironln'. We'd had a word or two  In tho mornin', an' no I etopa up pro-  pared to mako peace. I said: "Lot's  forgot tho quarrel���������wo both wero  wrong," nnd what, doom sho do but  nhovo tho hot' iron against my head.  Tho Judgo,���������Trying to smooi.li it  over, of course. You can't harm hor  for that.   Go homo, both of you.  Mlnard'e Liniment Cure- Diphtheria.  ���������iiinTiMT- r--iui��������� fr- i  ���������*" -"'���������y  PoHpatchna from Tripoli roport that  during oxcavatlonn by tho military  in tho nnndn of Aln Kara a Homun  Tomplo ha������ boon found. Tho temple  hnu boon doHorlbed aH practically in-  tititt, iimi cTtiiiittluIii^' th- iiliclctoJi;; ot  a numbor of persona who woro apim-.  cnily overtaken by death whllo attempting to I loo from oomo danger.  Several urno. Including one tilled with  gold aud Hllvcr colne, hav-o been found  ;.,   <i������n   ift.v.nin      Thtut  nvortvwtlnnn  nro  holnK continued, and tt 1m atatod that.  THE EATON GUARANTEE  -' Every farmer? who ordera an EATQN Implement la asked to teat It on hia own farm for ten daya. If It  doea not oatiafy him, after test, he can return it and get hie money back In full, with all freight chargea aa  well. If after te������tina It he decldea to keep the liftplemoV.., EATON'S will guarantee him agalnatany poaal-  billty of loss through faulty construction or material. If anything breaks because it waa not made right or not  put together right, EATON'S will eupply a now part free of oharge. ���������:$}  ������-.'S :������;-.;,___������������������ jr^_B. \*fb^B.  WINNIPEG  i  -.IMiTEEr  CANADA.  fft-fflffff'lal-l  Self-Control  Tho poBBOBBor of an onual tomper  Ib to bo admired. Tho niuu or woman  who nhvayfl Iuih 'horflolf or hlmflolC  In hand, who Ib cool under all annoyances and circumstances, who ha_. absolute control ot tho tompor, wo aro  alwaya willing to truot In any omor-  genoy. But a person who fluBhori llko  powder touched by a lighted match,  who Iobob hlmuolf or horselt upon the  HllghtOHt provocation, we dlBlruut, and  have a right to do bo.  Iii U.a -Sttlft Ot Hfo, h������ who would  achlovo vletorloB mu������t ltoop a cool  head. And thin matter la largely under oar own control.  Tho dlrl.���������"I'm shocked at the way  ���������-it,** 4������4Antod ynu     Tv������ nlmnat wnr-  ���������hitmM papa, but It aeemi that my  other mitiuinga uoiuauiutH -uuuku.y i . ���������. f . . ������,nv������ Tim niiitnr ���������  and aonio fine columnu havo been Mol ������*��������� J[*et or c,fty- Tbo suitor.���������  brou������ht to light . I "Clayt   Cohcreto, mora llkelyt"  . The Wladom of .lohnhy  "Mamma," Bald Johnny, "If you will  let mo go jubt. tlilu quo lluiu, I won't  aok for anything to oat."  "All right,"  eaid hlB mother, "get  your hat." '  Johnny, perched on tho odgu of a  big ehalr, became rootlotm aa savory  odora camo from tho region of   tho  kite.m������.    At htHt. ha blurted out:  "Thoro'o lota of plo and cako in thla  honno,"   .    '.       '       .  i llO    ltUlll01llt*h,MM    lliitM   ol   Jllu    iuU-  ther recalled hia promise, and ho added; "But what's that to mo?"  What Impre-.ed Him  "Bo you got tho opinions of two law������  yera on the case. .Were thoir opiniou-  the nam^v"  "Yea, V-& ���������aoh."   j.^ji.^xJ  How'a Your Health?  A Scottloh recruit ntood on guard  before a colonol'n tent, when 1ho r*ol-  onol, putting out his head nald sternly  to  tho new  soldlor:  "Who are you?"  Tho recruit grinned and anaworod:  "Fine!    Hoo'b yeraolt?"        y  l-ooatlng tho Heat.  Smith.--How Ih your now furnaoa  worklnu tUeno cold dayoT  ' Jonoa.���������It doesn't give aa much hot  air aa the man who Bold lt to mo.  t^tmmm^^t^tmMmmimii'mtm>m$������mmmmii0m0mmm^'i^0i.*tLrjs *mtmmm**mm*mmm������mmm'mmammm  -jC-M"K.-:vyr:-  Mil ������ ������ l_WJlill.fi\llll___i  1. r  ���������ixnrni.liMvmm������%mm  ������mf^>**tt*imimmifim'i.i-txt-t j-^"������r^������r������.4~������ ���������������*,/"> ���������*.���������*"        "tJT?'*7"������"E,T_r     :   '../-'.''H-k,*r*(������'iri*>'X"iitf.'i'fe  ;r._.'jJ.*.N-L  i\y"y  _-_ Affi#-i5������_  .r*ri_r_>_c_j?   S &&? ���������  Ai? mAPir  STOCKMEN TTSAR UP GGNTRACT  Revision of Rate Hat* Not Yet Seen  OF. TARIFF TOMMMOMl ������*"���������w,h,heR' -  ���������f  I niUT 1"   ^ vmm_iUiJiUil  Appointment tp be Made of a Tariff Commission to Investigate Comparative Cost of Production in Canada  ���������   and Other Countries  Ottawa, Ont.���������Hon. W. T. White | or produced in Canada are  has given notice of a resolution fixing  BUbject to   or   exempt   from   duties  of customs, and to,report to the minister. "~ '  "3���������To hold, when' empowered by  the governor-in-conncll, "an inqnlry  under section-12of. the customs tariff  of 1907 in the same, manner as the  judge of the exchequer or any other  judge therein vafppmii tr, may hold inquiry when so empowered.  "4���������To inquire intd any other matter or thing- in relation to the trade or  commerce of Canada which the gov-  ernor-in-couneil sees fit to refer to the  commission for Inquiry and report. _  "That the commissioners shall have  the power-of summoning before them  any witness and of requiring them to  give evidence on oath or on solemn  affirmation and to produce such documents and things as the commission  the conditions which will govern the  appointment of the-tariff, commission  to be named by the Government.' and  dsiinin" the scope of the work -which  the commission will undertake.  It is aa follows:  ''That it is expedient to provide for  a tariff commission consisting cf three  members, to be appointed by the gov-  ernor-in-council, whose duty it shall  be:  "i���������To make, under, the direction of  the minister of finance, in respect of  any goods produced in or Imported to  Canada, inquiry as to���������  "(a)���������The price and cost of raw material ln Canada and elsewhere and  the. cost of    transportation    thereof  from the place ot production to the  .. piac������ of iios or consumption.  "(b)���������The cost of production in  Canada and elsewhere.  **{c)���������The cost of transportation  from the place of production to the  place of use or consumption, whether  In Canada or elsewhere.  "(d)���������"The cost, efficiency and conditions of labor in Canada and else-  k where. -  "(e)���������The prices received by producers, manufacturers, wholesale  dealers, retailers and other distributors In Canada and elsewhere.  "(f)���������All    conditions    and    factors  v?n������CG  aiLcC   o>   ������uici   miO   lUC   Cuoi.   U4  production and.the price to the consumer in Canada.     *  "(k)~-Generally all the conditions  affecting pi oiiuclio������, zsmufjicture.  cost and price in Canada as compared  with other countries and to report to  the minister.  "2���������To make Inquiry Into any other  ^matter upon which the minister desires information, in relation to any  .  goods ,which, if brought into Canada  Ottawa, Out.���������There will not1 likely  be an order by the railway commission  in regard to the complaints-,of the  western- stockmen, which they he^rd.  recently in Ottawa, tor several months  at least., The r-reseut -contract between the sto?k������nen and the railroads  is being revised and tbe commission  has been requested, to hold over any  decision until the contract is completed. One contract was presented to  the shippers, but w&b torn to pieces  and another will be submitted shortly.  VAH arrangements' have been -completed for the. Dominion Livestock  Conveiitioi.: which will be held InOU  tawa on reoruary 12 and 13.^. T������e  programme is of particular intereet to  the West and "a large western delegation is expected "to attend. Some two  hundred from all over Canada will be  present. Among the Western men on  tha programme are: P. ML. Bredt.  Vagina, livestock commissioner of  Saskatchewan; W. F. Stevens, livestock commifeBioner of Alberta, and  Dr. P. S. Toimie, of Victoria, B. C  Andrew Graham, of Porneroy* Man.,  will speak on the subject of *"Iutgr-  nrovincial Trade In Pure Bred Cattle,"  P. J. Phinn, of Moosomin will ^discuss  the'question of "Western Beef Cattle," and P. G. Palmer, Edmonton, will  ���������%* _.*. -44. _������.-      u       _���������_*      ������." -_.������"11- 111,  !JT������|IflfffiEM  HUDSON BAiVRQ^^yfO SB REM-  '���������'": E^y;'p^^?vTBoUBt������;.-- :  ./���������vyy;^;^  ���������M ass% Meets n^-T?*3ppcsi.ngy j3 Mf y Sscbed??  ���������:��������������������������� '   ;V;?uiedv;f.ori::En ?;  London, Ehg���������Political activity arid  excitement are "increasing-' ' all ;~rthe:  -!--,   r> ^   .-v.-   -      Av,-      -     ���������������������������-_u--  moreirapidly i& ^  mo.������. Gee.  E.^os������_P Advocates,   the i?jjOW that- therei Is ��������� niorevreaSon than  Constr_ct:|en T-af yT:Ansth^  Route to?'EuT_pe^by"thbHudson Bavjgeneral ihdustrial^dislbcatibn? asya??re^  Railroad,.^**^  eni Car'Shortage^;yjyy^-'.r'������������������'������������������ ���������'.' "   " "  yvimmfcM^im^mmMM  ^   LESSON  Text of rth^������eisftn^f^t^!ii^  .'������������������-?: Memory^ei-sfe^*^^  em-  and such officers, clerks  ployees and persons having technical^  or special knowledge as may be necessary.  "That the^chairman of the commission be paid an annual salary of $7,500.  and the other two members an anual  salary of $7,000, that the secretary be  paid an annual salary to be fixed by  -rhp.   srQVt-runr-iii-ttauii-il.     iiot     esee������u- f  Ing $3,000, and that all salaries and  expenses incident to the carrying cut  of the provisions of any act founded  on these resolutions be payable out  of any appropriation granted to His  -Majesty by p rliament1 for the purpose." - <- >  r -  NEED   MORE   CATTLE     <������  ers may deem rscuislte to the* full in-   ,. ...     ���������      .. ..    -  ..  vestigation of the matters Into which ^scVslihet ^fp^ion ot ���������v  they are appointed to examine, with Meat Industry,  such power in regard to enforcing the  attendance of witnesses and compelling witnesses to give evidence-as is  vested in any court of record in civil  cases.  "That there be employed in the .service of the commission   a  .secretary  and  MANY ENGLISH FOR CANADA FRENCH ATTITUDE EXPLAINER  Present Year to  be  Record One for  Emigration���������Bookings Already  Large.  London, Eng.���������Tbe    present    year  promises to be a record one for emigration from Great Britain to Canada,  for although the movement does not  commence  until  the    beginning    of  r.farch.  the   various  steamship  lines  already report beavy    bookings    tor  the spring months, and the subject i<?  being more enthusiastically discussed  than ever,  particularly in rural  dls  trlcts  increase in emigration points  to prosperity la Canada Itself, for a  large proportion of emigrants are induced to leave this country, not by  pamphlets or reports they read here  bo much as by the advice of friends;  who have preceded them, and win  write or speak of personal experience.  Answer to Demands Wili be Given by  Italian Minister  Rome.���������The French charge d.'af-  falros, M. Legrand. in an interview  with the Italian foreign minister. Marquis Di Sanguiliano explained fully the  French attitude and insisted up^n the  release, of the Turks. The' foreign  minister promised to cons<d<>r the  points put before him and w,iii reply  after a consultation with the mlnlp.er.  It was expected that nothing would, ton  done until after the arrival jof tbe  French ambassador. Cami"o F?.t--in re-  The Interview between the ; charge  d'affaires and the foreign minister is  token as an indication of a'desire ;o_t  both  sides  to  reach  a quick, settle-''  Veterinary     General     KesuiTies.   -His  Campaign for More St6cli-Ralsir������*j  Ottawa. Oni.���������Dr.'Rutherford has re-  6un.c.ji l\is campaign for more B|u<.k  raising in Canada. '--' ]  "The latest figures in~ my possession," ae says, point to a very serious  falling .off in beef production in Canada, which situation is made more  grave by the most phenomenal increase in consumption of meat that  has taken place in this country within the past few years."  Dr. Rutherford views the present  outlook for the livestock industry or  t-.ixiit.ua -yvitii no litt.e uiartn. *������. complexity of difficulties existing in the  different agricultural sections of Canada has mear-i- a serious reduction in  the production of meat, jjvbile the rapid increase in population has led to  greater consumption.  A country with the agricultural possibilities and abundance of. tillable  area Canada may'have to face the  problem of how to provide meat for  her scanty population.  , It would_ appear, 'therefore, .that the  situation is" indeed serious ana getting  more so.,  German  Newspaper ���������'Attacks U.S.  Berlin, Germany���������The - VoBsiscbe  Zeatung publishes a violent attack on  the. "American ��������� immigration   inquisi-  Ottawa; Onfc-^TiM>: ?- moral -v. drawn  troml.'the/prese^&'-je^^^  West is (6 build inore??dutlets ,for the  wheat and rush t6;cdmpletionthe;conT  structlon of lahdthe^ Canadian ?route  to Europe by the'Hudson? Bay? railroad . according to Hon. -,G,eo.y,E; ? Foster, minister of trade and commerce.  This was his conclusion ih summing  up the presont situation in the West  in reply to a question by W. A. Buchanan. M. P. for Medicine - Kat, yvho  drew attention.;.t������- the eeripus state���������?pf  affairs^ in .southern Alberta.?;^; y y, 'y ������������������':  Hon. Mr.? Foster said that this?: was  an exceptional year. The lateness of  the harvest, the coal shortage, and  the weather conditions, cornbihecUwith  a large output, all 'tended to make the  situation acute.yTbe>conditiipn8.;"were  undoubtedly? serious. :v,-He\Vhad?';teaBbti'?  to belliever that the; railroads were?  doing all they coiild?to?jneet the situation. Hon.- Mr^ostJEfe Quoted::figures  which weht^ to ssnbwythat more cars  had been lnspectiBd.Tin Winnipeg than  any previous year,: despite the short  season. --Up toy December 41." 1908,  there were 5u,������16 cars inspected:' 1909,  fi<* 74S ..ifHA'tSOTIW - ii-.ivi-i4iJi������>  .ooioA .  U./, , *TQ4  ,...-4/.XV,   ;44,c.,J._^,      ������4,U,.   ^.4/44.,      p4>,*rt ...  Some 24,000;?:cars more were handled  this year than last. He quoted figures also which?; showed that the ;GiP.R.?  ���������had bandied^ .13,000 more;, ;than? last  year. Despite":^ this, the factSreitiiain-  ed that the railroads''badybeen unsue  l$a..?^lv,y'22~p������mj������!t-������ri-i-'r^^  lockouts.  Intervention  by they-Anglican? primate of all Ireland against home rule,  following on? the; heels --of ?vthe:riplsterr  ���������Dniohists to?, prevent John Redmond  and Winston Speuc.er Churchill from  addressing ;a; home rule meetingy next  .ihbnth  ixx; Belfast^ihasl addfed h^ghl??:,  inflammable material to the  hottest'  controversy fires that have burned in?  the country - since Parneii died  Of  ? Although it is bui. a ^w?^6e::  we ^had this portioit ;^s^ aTyC  Wmm  ... .���������-,,.-, ^tma^s^ii.  lesson, ,^e?:c'0Me/ioW^|^tn?#i|.^^a^^#i!  i&tjSir������.'3oV:.fc8^  of whpmuit^8^.ea^i-^e'Sus-::;i-i,u^  Jews, that we may?wdrsb'Io^Hlh-t'As'^He:'  $&?$;$! eiishouid:. and  as!'' th^Fat^eR'.d^^^^TiS?  ^reii#^l^' ii&iirlt ��������� aud:'liiyti-uth'^( JpbnliS#,  iy, 23):���������   Remember HIsv own''::^^dS;si^f^^L  eb.e5; wiid������raess,: '������������������' ���������* sTh6UT? ?5iiait^'?^5^iM^;??TT^|fS  ^^S1^^*h-ri^4.?''and-?Hini:;6ni^������ttai^^  ?rr������hti   4t������:: :B<W t >v,f40 : i,r>><.������ "Kv������ "���������>������H'.'.-,ift'Sitr'������i'>'*;]tV'.  4*.i4.WM .   ...444444     ^*V '��������� 4y44   .U^..444:. .���������4fr;  ship He bates and ail that is -ta^ht^y^Wf ^  commandments of ? men ? ������������������ (chap^ri^S^^E.  'rbeart- taat���������' 'Ke *&&'������������������������ regard-;''ii^*'S>.-life**S^������_i  -������������������-���������-���������-        ��������� ��������� -  -���������������������������   ^ygr  ail the exhibitions of hqmeyrule��������� -,.tli^ju^_a4������rie;������efk'jti'ci_ap'ter..iv/?.'!^^-^:.^,^?*!!^!!^^  opposition  in   the    history    of    the: words :ol:.?the?::heavehly���������''me-B_n'g������r^t������f#-';':s'i^  Orange Capital, the latest is the most' ���������--      '- ���������  -���������"-���������---���������������������  astounding to British Liberals, familiar with? what tbey claim to be the  rfeal> de-Ires' and  intentions of: Irish,  ieauefs.'-;'. ^-  What the upshot will be cannot be  foretold, but the Irish Nationalists d^-  dare the projected'meeting w111 ,be  held, even If they have to march a  hundred thou sand strong/ to Belfast, v  Air England-will be in the throes  of pas_ionih a f ew days over tbe Belfast Bituiv.tibn. - Upward iOl. fitymee^  ings against "home'-rule are scheduled  for this week in Lancashire  and Cheshire, ^ and 100,000 persons will be harangued by members  of the"Unionist party, taking their^ue  from sir Edward Carflon's^>I,ew.TYear;  message to the Dublin Daily Express.  :T:;.??-y?':y-ye������^  cessful ?iu tafeinir-vaway? the ^farmers'  crons. Theyeievators had particular  difficulty iri:" hSuiinj^ the crop - owing  to the range'of grain and their qualities. He. had representatives- of the  three Western raiirpads meet him in  Ottawa, ahd he urged on? them':- to  strain every effort to meet tbe sitiik-  tion. '  :"-.."'" v?'=- .'-'���������?'/'-': :? '''���������":',y:, '���������'���������:; :  ,v. ��������� In? thes.e :da?ys, the Lord Jesus|jphrJa^?.;iS|  "% yel^yiiiti^spok'en of 6r?:thbi||ibtv^t5pf]  aJs Kltig cif^tne; Jews, a,nd the ^^rchi * ^ ���������  as a whole has no usevfor\'Isra^if.':i_'_.^  ���������hatibh'-and ���������;do^-,jiiHri?waH^  the return of Qirist,yseemihgly?^iaving??:T^|i  no place in hei^nia|th?foj?:the'T^6Ms?;o^^:i|S^  the/^���������bphetT^hb airedieted;Hl_ivbir-b?!yyg$~  at Bethlehem, ai^l spoke of HlB^as''a&SS|^  governor that shall ".rule v:myv?^ebpletKy^S|  ' EUROPEAN.' POWERS STIRRED:  Italy's Indiscriminate Seizure of Ships  .'; ���������'. Arou6.es Tthe^Powers-TTT':-??;, "t  London^ ;Eng.-r?The activity bf Italian war vesseisyih theMvIediterraaean  and the Red Sea Is causing increasing  (-uneasiness in shipping insurance  circles.- v. ;-:-y;-'^..i-yy:-??'.?.���������..��������� .���������':'"'..' ���������'��������� ty.  Several large? insurances have been  effected recently at Lloyds; a prem-  ium.of five per centbeihg enacted to  cover the risk of an outbreak of hos-  tilitiei? .between Francb; a.hd Italy in  the, course of the next four ; months,  and although there, is up apparent reason for sufeh anoecufrence, the premium.' ofr six ;per-sent; ?was;paid bnithe  risk of the. outbreak;of war between  W. R. Clarke ?Says^ base Will be Taken  ?j;';?:.-?'^'?   yTe Privy: Council "'"���������  Toronto, On%-With" reference to  the refusal of; rremieryBprdeti to dis-  allbw" the coiitflseatdry legislation of  the Alberta: Government against the  Alberta : and Great?i Waterways Railway^ company^ W.R. Clarke,.-"president  of the Cqmpany.ywhoyis^;j^������ Nonsuiting his solicitors; said.?TcpeatIj;:  v;"Th^'-rel^iSaT^6t^.F-e'^e*~Bdrdeii to  disallow the Alberta : Government's  legislation Is ydisappbinting,? but not;  overwhelming. Oufci; iposit^on; y^wquvi  have been disapproved by disallowance; but is not weakened by the lack  of- it. We will fight right ohyuntil we  reach tne ypr������vy vQynvI". --  renff iDTin  tion" which is alleged to be becoming- -,   .- ���������   ��������� ..  .        . ���������__-   ���������-.-.������������������-���������.-.��������������������������������������������� _-������������������  more cruel and rellntless day by .day. Great Britain and ^ance and Germany  Th*. nfese of Mrs. PetHn Kaulil. nea-   WltMa   the  next Sx^montns. /    .; ;  Otf^RNE GOES TO COAST  C  P.' R. Superintendent at Toronto  Transferred to Vancouver  Toronto, Ont.���������James Oborne. for  five years Canadian Pacific Railway  general superintendent, with headquarters at Toronto, has been transferred to a similar position as head  of the Pacific division at Vancouver  and oxpects to leave with his household in about three weeks. No succes-  eor has yet been named for the Ontario1 middle division.  Mr. Oborne has a record of over 25  years ln the C.P.R. during which time  ho has been general superintendent  nt nearly every division.  GLOBE WILL PUBLISH LETTER  WORLD PEACE STRENGTHENED'  Tnou_atm Words tc Er.pls.n Away Ed-  Itorial About the Great Wterways  Toronto.* Ont.���������Messrs Aylesworth,  Wright, Mobb and.Thomson, as solicitors for the Alberta and Great Waterways Railway, and W. R. Clarke have  Written to the Globe, claiming that an  editorial appearing on .January 15, under the caption "A-Very Dangerous  Proposal." waa false and libelous, and  : the whole tenor, the article In queBr  tion was a grossly unfair presentation  , of the position ot the controversy. The  firm asked the publication of a one  thousand word letter setting forth the  conditions of their clients, to which  request the Globe accedeB.  RICH STRIKE MADE  IN  B. C.  BanVples A-oay ,$600 In Gold Alone���������  Greateot Ruah Since 'Seventies  v J^claon, B.������C.--Tho arlklng of orn In  a now tunnel at Moyle, from which  aamploB aBBay $000 in gold alone, be-  BidOB coppor, Bllvor and other motalB,  haa caused a atampede which Ib tho  liveliest known in that dlMtrlct aince  thd early 'seventies. Although there  urb two foot of enow on the ground,  parties may bo Boon all over tho mountains fltaking clalmB. Tim discovery  lit cIobo to whoro tour million dollars  In.gold wao token out in tho Seventies,  nnd within( rlfle-Bhot of tho famoua  Btougen mine, just iiovobb the lake  irom the town.  A-bitratlon   Treaty   With    Argentine  - Signed at Washington     ^      ^.  Washington, D. C.���������World peace, was  strengthened by the signing recently-  of a general arbitration in Washing  ton between the Argentine Republic  and the United States of Columbia.  Tbe treaty, which is almost exactly  like those negotiated by the United."  States and Great Britain- and France,  was signed by Rumulb Naon for^Ar-.  gentina, and General Pedro Nelospina'  for Columbia, ministers from . those  countries to the United- States.  Women More Honest Than Men '  London, Eng.���������One 6f tbe strongest  points in the argument against" the'  grant of the suffrage to.women is the  fact that in the United': Kingdom/women outnumber men, and that Co glvq;  them the vote would mean handing tti<e;  imvA^nVrVAVif ��������� *������f +X%_> irt#\*������*\ #i_^������ . nVtA*. *������ ;  0������* ��������� *���������* ���������������_-* ��������� ---���������      -*������        ���������.���������_.���������_*       vw_-__������._.,/        v_-������_������        ������-J  them,' a . revolution that antl-ijuffri--  glsts say would be too serious to cbh?r!  template.       - ?';':'.:  An official estimate of. males and  females of 25 years and over in-'the  United Kingdom, excluding aliens,  paupers and qthpr persons, disqualified for enrollment as pai-liapientary1  votorB places the number of males at  10.107.000 and that of the females.at  .11,319,000 In 1912 and by 1916 If'Tla;.  estimated that the numbers iwould be  10,480,000 and 11,729,000 reapectlvely.1'  Self Destruction In United States  Washington, D. C.���������Self deBtructlbn  in 1910 In the United States was carried out to tho extent of 16 per 100,-:  .000 of population,, according to tlie.  detailed particulars which have boon  gathered by tho vital statistics. The  rate was 1(5.5 lib, 1909. There were  8.B90 Hiiicldtm in 1910. California led  the states with .29 suicides per 100,-  000 population, while Maryland, with  10.3 had IbwoBt rate. San Franciflco  1ead������ all cities with 44.2 sulcldeB pbr  100,000.  The ease of Mrs. Pettin Kaulil, des-  CriUBU. ilB    -lie    Wiicrui.   a.      i>4v=t>        aGFIv^  banker,^ is cited as k classic example^  of the-practice in vegue on Ellis ]Ib-  land. It is charged that she and her  two ^sons were prevented from re*  -joining .her husband on American soil  'because the oldest boy.wore a glass  eye. The latest liews is that she still  is &' prisoner on the island.'  ' ."JThe.-Vossische Zeiting. contributor  ^declares' tbat the decrease in the immigration to the United States is due  primarily to "the reign of terror eu-  throned on Ellis Island, and that thousands of European emigrants who ordinarily disembark at New York, Baltimore and"Boston have been diverted  to Canada and the Argentine through  fear, of an. inquisition' arid arbitrary  expulsion. ,   .  and If we don'+" get reimbursement for  our settled ?ei������erprfee tber^; y*#e^ will  teke it up internatiohailyv T>he rights  of bur little railway are analagqus.  and as good as the rights of- any railway in Canada,?and we wili fight for  ;bur Trights to?;thefinish.", y.-'  '���������-������W.  yvsi  Doctors In Great Britain Protest  London. 'Eng.���������More than 11,000  "doctors in' Britain, members of the  "British, ; medical ass<-.->iat; ������n. have  formally condemned the national insurance- law, naively explaining that  sick:benefits under the. luBurahc*e  Bcheine.'.will hurt their business.\v A  ;dbctor Who is an exception Ib Thomas.  ���������J, McNiatmara, who is !as Well known  sii "i phy'Blolan jis he'-is as'^parliamentary.. aedretary to the admiralty. H^  'eaidv" "'?v .' ' .y-i- "���������.,;'���������'.���������'��������������� ���������        '���������'.'.'''���������,.'..  '   "Tho tax upon Industry will, T, be-  illbvc, be more* than compensated .for  by -the .Increased  efficiency  of   ^lib  \Wbrkmen. as has been the general ex-  |perfe,nce in Germany, and the scheme  will' pot   ifean  mora .unemployment,  ;for. one 'of the main citifies .tor unem-,  ploynlent lb due to' lack;of proper mod-  leal treatment. ��������� The spheme will lift  the. load ot worry from ifnnny an anxious brow.:   It 1b my firm conviction  that 15 or 20.years "hence. thankB   to  national insurance, -conflumption will  be {is rare ani sinall-pojc- Ifl toddy."   .  The, Italian ���������'.-.. action ? of; jstopping:;  steamers irrespectiv.e*-?of natibiality?  and;;searehing? themy for 'Turkish? officers and; contrabrandis^believed to  be jan eVldencei?jbf vtbe;?!determinatiott  of.:tiie Italian goVeriimisnt tb: put-?an  end to Turkish i������sistanc^T?in\Tripbli  as.?speedily-tis'?pbssible?;;^?"-??.?;??"y-'-:l;r7'?y^  It? is thoughty hbwever^that the /Italian action :may:.;^ve..':TlBs..'..to'''.'C^������flplicaT  tions .with those yEuTopean?yy?ppwers;  whose shipping is put :to inconven?  ience. . .'���������--���������-; y.?;y" .:'---'y'?y'??.?.?;?-'"T';?'H':;;?::  . 'so. far no action has.beeiiahiiouiic-  ed' by- the . British ���������government in rer  gard to seizure by - .Italians., of ������ number of. Turkish officers including tlie  famous 'Colonel Riza Bey ���������;: from ..the  British steamer Africa,-;in^the Red Sea^  Th e . Declaration of Lbttdoh ��������� which  would permit.the seizure has not yet  been ratified by Great Britain and so'  British action may be made at any  time... ':.      ���������..    ;���������>..-?:.������������������'?' ���������'.-���������..?-,?.yi-'-y'ly*  The stoppage of the Austrian-t<loyd;  Bteamer Bregens In the' Red' Sea Is  likely, to lead to an "exchange o^ yiews-  between Austria and Italy. ���������.'.',  ^With TGermany and Japan Its a Ward  v. ^?and;a- Blow,**'Says Strategist yyy?  ? London^ Eng.���������A gloomy prophecy  as: tb the probability of conflicts; in the  Pacific-coast was made by the weU-  knbWtt lecturer on military strategy,  T. W. Mj Maguire at a, meeting of thtb  Royal Colonial Institltute.     , > y ? &?  * -.Mr; ??laguire ; described the Pacific  ocean as the.''strategic centre of mankind,''? and Earned both ?the  United  States^atid; Greats  ing cbuld give ^hem?-sbcu^ity buftia  race ^f military ?meniv^sywith;iiatic^s>  like?^Germany?and Jat^ltvwas -a?wor?d  ?and '��������� a 'blow."-.:;?'-:���������>���������?'-'<��������� k{'??-::"'^'Uv ������y:;y/l \':'?'  -KTlie yellow;rabe,-he said.ynrere^oisg  to: dcxnahtl equality 'of treatment. .Tap-?  ?a&hwas at present   Qreaty- Britain's'  -alley;..but that would bni^lastas lbng  ais the-British-aiUance was-worth hav  iugv-.:^';:-.-4,:;.-i.:...:'-':   .v- .;���������: ''.;���������,  G^'the^ng^tisi^  iah:?-ih'.vDhoDh������Uc:---.visidn??saJw^tn^  "the   King   Of '���������Ts*������csaT-'^va^^e^fm^^yy^i:^^^  the  Zeph;  now. and the zeal and. devotion ;bfytbese^3fpi  wise.' t m������n ��������� frbta th������;--?e^tlTi;?The??_ame?T:y^f|  ��������� city Jerusalem;? ^o' ������������������^hlcfcytEeyipan^:^:^^  seeking"Him Iti order to worshlplSi-a^MSlf  shall yet be Kis throneiyahdi'raii^T.n*  nations; shall .be? gawered^uuto.^t^rj^^  th6?.iigfBe; iii tbs^LtGfdytd^ 5erusaIeiiJ);:??:?i|g  (Jer. iii,vl7).'---TTheh"shali^the^"L^r^?if^  3tain the? pride ?of all glor^ andil?rihg:&H^  into contempt all ^_ hoh_Ta^ie^b^?tfte iy^g|  earth. : 'He;-shalt;-8t^i^le;:m^sHn^^^^:^  aa?:their ;-king6.3hali''see. ;ahd;?cbnsid������&r������l|������i  that?: ^bich. they;' bad.? hot ���������' heardi,#:si^-*iiffi^,  thsicsfter, .they ?c������illi^}e?gl^-to'^bnn^MTsSs  their;^ealtir:to.?JLsri^Va.ntf:.6hb*^  the praises of thb'Lord (Isa; \xiii;?������>;yy ''  .Iii; 15;;R.^V.; margin;; ix,?5,:6). Then.?:;  shall- srtl subh? as Herod; MveyBome^  caus&tojb^^rbubled, Ipr aljykings and?  imighty7;;;m^i^&S;^weli^s'������i^b  dinarylif e shall- ball ? ta .mbun^li_s:ahd?; vggif,  rocks to ��������� fall? ^bh ? them; and yhide?; the^? y:^||  from; ihb^ face?of HjM^bu^&e thironbK  aad frbni? the wwstb -bf ^the Lamb CRev^;  yi,;' 15-17K -It is in ?refer^ncetftb ?thafc:?  time th at? we haVeytherexb^fcat-btt; "Be/?  wise-now, therefore;? O^ yb^ kings; 5*1???f  ������������������*:. kiss the Son -lest���������;*��������� * *^t ye'?;perish'*?-  {Ps; U; 10-12): What a long? conflict?  it bas :beeh??slnce .it^startedsSn:yEden;'??  how much" tfi^ ssdntsjbiJf^Ssuffered  and?still sufferjyaiid-chlidr^ too  cause;of,'.the^Tiatr^ bt^e:great;;ad-  -versary'-,������������������:.'thle'fmuxaerer^t^e? father ;?ot  lies,v?tlvs ^deviiii rWiib wbuld not ^kblv  :thW;the?;?king&m!f^^  might cbine?and the; t0veMa|^*e*ban.  ished from, tbe-air?^d^^iilg^t X!an  -w1-:-wonder; that ?tbeT grieat yKing ??has  said that; He vwill-npt irest^ntit^t?^me  -,fo-.\-Sas^tha{^  giveiKiin restuntil it eo2-^;\Isia. xxxii.  ���������!���������:< -��������� -i <?.'4 ��������� j*-������i4/t"S.*l i7 iM.-'.' t^i'o. Vl.'.^'bil l_wot������a;' xtr&ra  "right ;^itt^od^seeki;ngvfl^^8^ing-  SSI  ri'.y  FARMERS CO-OPERATE  "  VISIT PLEASES LONDON  New  ���������U  Duke of Connaught'a   Trip" to  York la Appreciated  London, IBner.���������The liveliest Interest  la evidenced hero at the Duke of Con-  naught'R visit to Now York, moat of  v-H,Hho papers  having    npoolal    cablou  which omphafllzoa tho Boclal com plica-  ���������'���������'v "tlbttn Involved in tho visit.  Tho Dally Nowa Bays, "If it Bhould  como to pan* thnt the Kin^ and Quaon  t,vei vl-W. Ihu UiiiU-Jil" Clalca v;l.ct a  lime Wuuhlntfton and Now York will  ba in' for."  Panama Canal  Rates  Washington, D. C,���������American Hhli������p    ......        , . , ���������  would ubo tbo Panama Canai froe,<il" 4tbooongaBtlon of .thp..terminal."  cost, while foreign vobboIb would, pay* r  y .," '".' ':"|i!   a fed not. exceeding $1.25- per ton under tlio ternih of u bill Introduced.by  Senator Bradley, of Kentucky. If an  Amerlcun Hhlp, however, Is owned by  TO PREVENT CONGESTION  C.N.R. Places Temporary' Embargo on  ^���������.Qrain 8h.lpi^enta to Port ArthMr  ��������� 'Wlnnipeg^Trafflc. Manager Shaw,  pf'the Canadian Northern has given  out. the following. Btatement:  vTheiC,N.R.,liaH placed a temporary.  bnibaVgb on thb shlnmont of bulk grain,,  to ;tho Port���������,Arthur, terminal, and/for  Baltic clays will direct the movement  tif'.Krnin to Duluth via' the^ort Prnnc-  bBiyii'fitlnla lino. Thin pvooautlonary  iincattiiro haiv. boon taken tp prevent  Alberta Men Selling Produce Direct to  the Cen8unrie> ,  Calgary, Alta.���������In order Jo enable  the farmers* of the province, to Bell  their produce direct lo Ihe consumer,  the Farmers' Co-Operative Company  has decided to open a stove in this  city. The organization- .already has  five stoma In operation at points in  this province, Including Wetaskiwin,  Millet, and Daysland. A storage plant  and sales depot are being'established  centrally in Calgary, where potatoes,  poultry, and vegetables will be Bold.  'Later on a general store will be opened.  Macken-ie & Mann in Steel BUalness,  'Port "Arthur; Ont.���������Acting for Male-.  kebzlb and Manh arid ari;Enjg^ish'sy-  dicate, J. Dix Fraser, manager of the  Aticocah Iron- 'company; and the Mackenzie* and Mann concern have sub-  mittedN to the city a proposition for  tbe establishment here of a ftve million dollar steel plant. .':      : '  The city will give a site of 400 acres at Bare'Point, and a fixed assessment for 20 years of $50,000, except  for? school    and. 'local   'improvement  Mvl Fraser estimate's that ln the  Iron ore areas, of which Mackenzie  anu Mann bus control, arid for which  they are seeking development, is ore  enough to keep a steel plant running  for 175 years.      \ ;  .  Those include the Aticocan, Moose  Mountain and Niplgon areas.  yThe proposed industry is to employ  2>000 men. ...  4      V  11  ��������� ���������   Jap Brl'nn Direct Rebele  f   |jDpdon.  Eng.���������It Ib  generally understood. BayB the Pokln correspondent  Of'the Dally Tolograph, that .Tapanoso  Royal Betrothal Nqw Denied  Boriln.���������The report of betrothal   of  ^i'?ilr^iC0ln.ril.,!3.^nd ^.,t.?^Qtod J������ Witins  are dlwotlng  the Republican  strategy, which avo developing North  China on the coaMte of Shun Tunis, and  Chi Ll. Thin plan, It In thoiiKiii, could  be, carried out puccoaBfuily. bocauBO ot.  this rebelB' command of the noa and  entire abBbnco of any Imporial oystetn  of roaat dfttence.  offaet tho expected reduotlon In  rroJKla trwnMportatiou, lt kwill be  double tho foreign rate. The charge'  for carrying passengers through the,  canal would not exceed $1.50 per pa������-  Bongor. ���������  ��������������������������� .  * Italy Free Prom Cholera  Woahlrigton, D. C.-~Italy; uow Ib on-  tiroly free from cljolora and hrui been  alritto Dec. _1, according to ddviooB received hero by the Italian ombafl-y  that (juuniiitnio rtimriciion on itailun  porta had boon withdrawn,.  H. B. Lumber Cut le Large  l-o  Paa  N.  W.  T.~~Alrendy  about  ���������7 find (li)fi   f������n������������t   hn������'������   l������������������i.n >nt   ���������������������   tfco  Spain Loalng Her People to America  ParlB.-^-Spaln, la lowing through Inv  migration to Ohllo. I.m/il and A men-  tli-u, ������iiijuulli-  -T'0.000 of bt-V iPOpul������  tion, and tho number la growing con-  Btantly. unya "Le Tcmpn," 1n a special  from Mudild.  flo great in the ruah now that the  James Coaman's Will  Hallfny, N- S.���������.Tnmps Cofunnn,'" a  niorclmnt. of Metoghan Rlvf������r, Dla;by,  N. &., died some time ago and loft an  estate of about half a million dollars.  After, certain comparatively small  legacies were paid the will provided  that the capital Bhould bo invested  and tne Income allowed to accumulate  for one hundred years,  At the end or that time the accumulated fundi?, principle and interest  are tp be divided, ono half going to  chnTitico in Ireland, and the other half  to build a. hospital ln ovory county In  Nova Scotia.  , The will provided that the Arch-  bishop of Halifax appoint three trustees of the ostato. /  ADOPTS R08S RIFLE  PrlnooBH Viotorla LouiBe, only daugn. | undBon Bay Company'a timber llmlta  .������������  %ii -ukubuiut     v.,..ii������,..    lo    *.i_,uvi   UM44 HHiiHua.    Conuniuhi m iii- cuiapn  Duko Adolph Frederick   of   Mooki-U- .... ...  M������r������ fltroUt*. iii attJO-l-oJADlaUv donlod.  . Preservation of Seals  Washington, D. C.���������RopreBontatlvo  Ki'wnrd Townaond'w plan for tho prco-  crv^tlon of thr rorfl hordn In tho Prlby-  loff group In Alaska, has boon accepted by the committee of foreign affnlva  of tho houfio, and will bo preaonted to  the hotiHo am an ami-ndment. to tho  hill ropreHontodvliy the statu department.   ,       ���������- " .:, ,k  The bill would limit tho slaughter  ot male aealB to 5.000 a year for five  y^ari*. 7.5(^0 for tho next five yeai-B  aud 10,000 annually for a period of  yaaru following.  Col. Sam   Hughes  Will   Make  it  the  v National A mv for Militia  ' Ottawa". Ont.-r-Consistent with the  policy which he stoutly championed  while In opposition,.rCpl.,Sam ,Hughes  lt Is announced intonilB adopting tho  Robb rifle as the national arm to be  used In the Dominion militia:       V  A militia order recently* issued con-  taiim tho notlco that ao tho Ross rifles^  and bayonets beebwo available for  ubo all Loo-Enflcld $t?h>B and bayonets  will be withdrawn.  Opium Conference End-  Tho     Ilauuc.���������Tho    .intcrai^jonal  opium conference hau ended Ha Beg-  aloiiB.   Tim protocol dealing with the  rtflnm trnfflc wnB ftlgned and the enn-  alilpplng companion are obliged to re  fii������A ruMniMnrrarN.  Over H.ooo U*rt In one weok and in | ference cioH<;d with upeeciieNeuloKlK  ohb ui_u>MU4- iiii ni- uttiMUaukUH ������'i u i HiK ������*i_i������oj) Ciiuiii-u 11. n.44.,.v., ���������r lucre reported to bo very ^od thi������ yoiir,l village, from mayor to atreet-Bweeper. j Eplacopul church in the Philippine*,  aud the men are well aatUifiad,      . ���������  i left in a body. I who erwild_d at tbo weetlntttf.  _>aya Railway* Muit Toe the Mark.  Ottawa.-��������� In regard to tho rumor  that jyjo.-enforcement of tlio rocont  decision ht tho railway commlanlon In  tho Roglna caBe would be deferred  until utter tho forthcoming Investigation by the coinmiBnlon, with a vlow  to determine an oqultablo buuls for  the whole scale of railway rat oh In  the West, CommiBBloner McLean stated Ui������a iio oid-i' hati iiouc oat ti* tiiuy  tbe Hnglnn rates order, nor is any  Hiich order likely to be made. 'J'hc  Rail way n as ordered will have to flic  new tai'iffa on or boforc April \ doing  away with all discrimination.    '.  C. P. R. May Oat Ulna Into Beaton  Porllund,    Maine.���������-A    report    waa  current hero recently that tho Can-  4_.11..:. Ptxil'.- UaHv/ay had planned ta  checkmate the effortn ot the Oiand  Trunk to enter Botiton to gnin cunir?!  ot tho Allan Lino of the trana-Atlun'tlc  Btoamahlpa and buildlug a new lino or  ralli'oud to rouiiccL with Its proaent  terminal at Newport, and to run directly into MoMton.   tho report ta   that  4 '-, ., *4 . .4 ,. , ������ ' .,  CUO      X-UIHiU.aH      >   U-4tvt-      ..WU      il4|4 4..)>|>uVi(|  u controlling intoro-t In tbo Allan  Line. *  dbm, wbrahl^  ures;,as-;the*bv>wiie mehr. ?di^;"?wouici  there-not ^bbsritfabunff#o*3'^  money  to ~^^yt\xe'-'-'y$OBpelfyieM^*  where?        '- ''^?'-'- -"y'i^y'^y^yyy^^  The vast majority o^'M'^H-^JKejiiey-  ers seem to be asleep, utterly I indifferent to the worldwide opportunities.  Neither the gospel, nor He pi" whom  it tells can fall (Isa: xlll, 4; Iv; ; il)t  The cburph wHKbe c(ft_a^,ejfeu.? but who  can tell iibw much we inay;i3e binder-  ing? ' It is high  time to awake, to  ai-ise from the* de^ditbin^vaisid^ediple  all about ub and become spirit; filled  to buy ujj,^ the. bPPbrtjinltleB.      Like  aged Sltnebii,1, these- fri^h' Vecognlzed  the young child aB.ith^kl������a^yhoiM they  had  oome to worship/' ?WhatN_ con*  trast be'tweQU them and the man who  sold the Lord Jesus Christ to -I^ls enemies   foil* thirty   pieces    of    silver!  What is your eatDtnats ,of ...Ijllm? .,;. Ib a  bit of this world'srtJloasure. or breaBure  more/ tq; ^qu 'than' He;' Is,, or ,1b . He 'to  you the iiltofibthof lovely one?     Do  you Bpend little on yourself compared  with what you would give to Him?  How rar-fv/ould,you gladly. Journey? to  make Him known to'othbrp?. .,AUeast  twelve  times  In  this gOBpol'   It    Ib  written "that lt.might bo fulfilled" or  "then-waB fulfilled" (l,'j22t dfy. 15; >17,  23; iv; 14-. vlli, 17; xll. 1^; xltl.Ml?; xxl.  4; xxvi, 50; xvli, 9; 35)-, reminding us.  of His own words after Ills/resurrection,  "All  thlnst?  munt'' h������y   fulfillod  wliich wei-e written���������'*" *���������',* ctttTcorninB  Me" <Luke xxlv; 4.4)'.v ,Jvbelieye;. that  our vdevot.lony to :^������^^^MJ^ W0'  poVUoh lo our conffdonco'fittf.llllm i.as  tlio fulflllor hnd fulffnmebt 1'vof tall  Scripture. If Havlv,to--<m. uoV-<>.n\y <>ur  SivvibTiv from tlte '.w.r^IJi.',1t;Qvto.dmo and  our deliverer frtfin the'yioweT ��������� of prbB������  ent sin, but also a aualiKIhg,.Klngj of  kings and Lord of lordBh aa (woll (As  King of Israel, aasurlhg"tifl that we  way tfit. '\vlth Hhu1 in Miff thrAWe rind  reign with Him over thpeju'th (Itev.  Hi, 21; v, 0, 10). lic-w\:(in *w'e help being ,ao ineplrcil byv tho .kiBKdbm and  the iSloYir tb which Mb' T\Ab called am  aB to he blind andidoat to all but Him.  nein Thiia it wub with Paul and. Ror,  tor and John, with Abraham and rIoboh  and otliere.   . .       . %  .���������,- ���������.���������,..���������������  '   '  Wheeler \Wheat *V Woo Immigrant*'  ltoHthern.-, Bask.���������Tlwenty Yojvr glaW  cuBoa of wheat bonds raiBcdjHiy;jpoagor  Wlie_lbr, winner of tho worlfl'^i,prize  for wbeut at New* York receuily., will  bo j80������t,,to all parts of tho^WOtld,*, for  Immigration ptirDoHOH. '*''������,*;;   4-~j.., <; r ���������  China May Declare Darikn'<pvtoy  Lundbii, Eng.���������Tho', Da'lly'4 Te'o<  Krapb'n Pckin corrcapontlcnl e^ys l������e  Ib officially, lnroruiod mat the .fokui  aovurnmont will bo olillgod op.^nlj to  doelam Clilna'H bankruptcy at tht  Chi ii ono new y������ar, February 18,  ������w ���������?rwpvr*^rt,%fimMtoil*^&',H:m^  ii*maaBasM^^������<m^  Red Sea Blookada  Home.���������A blockude hoa nwtm of-  itt.UU.I>       UtH.iHlUvi     M4       1414.        4l.4.4,ni<      4.UU3I  on  the lied aaa  from .Haw, ot, Jaa  llodelda, to Kaa of UouluJ,  ���������;,   ��������� .*���������    ��������� ������������������ ".       .*���������'/.  > ,-;."'.J*Hi������l������������!'  mmmmmmmmmmmm>mmm S-iiiwt-Ci-'si::::;^  i   '..;.^Stk -.���������  ^ffi'fe'������.h>,i>j,t'.';^  ^ifm^4*;fr.^r^?^ir  j^:f.Tfejj{>%CT^:.VT...fW   .^./i'.r'kVLTS.-T:;*  *^?-y  ���������'-..-.Of.'il*> ���������  ^^i'^^'lrH-;.;- :  gMr.''ff.'ifi?!y  'v'r ������������������-';-.  ?^^^.^.Wifffi^  ���������^.iy_^^-y;J.^.ytCr^^^:'-vAr*  wwtfwswror**^^  l-i,���������������KL_**_Wnaft_.  ?4.i^.L.. ���������Jj.."..,'i}TT7'iii-r  =s  ?-' 'ii-?' .:-.\J5r  \..y),*^-iv  >^- -.; - ;-j-.;"..A;r,-; (; v..;*w;  ,:���������/' ���������  iffi^ii^TilS^PW^.: ��������� '^^SiilPRl  ^i'^'r  ?a*:  ''?'���������>?.���������    ,'     '     ' j a^.________3___4_4_B  ' -     *"   ������^sT. *3i'������>^',,S'*v(d'!S''1''  @9������8ft&.  "V _p  NB  ^  mTf .#"1 f  *   *  stock of New Spray Pumps  fhese are all Brass which will not  *T*fi  corrode.  /ame   sfe������ Pumps   are fitted iviih a six-  finnf Mw fined bamboo rod*  SUPERIOR SCHOOL  Total registration 23.   Average alien  dance 20.  Papiis attending ihe full I? days are  tv  Slffla   ivrAO-amith    Wt-hpl   Wring*/}**'    BSTV ' -*Y-  A.1U44      4444W ������ .���������. , ��������������������������������� 4������-_--y     ^.w���������-, ... y.  tha Hurry, Koy Stocks, Jennie Nichole,  Bessie Hurry,. Stanley Hendren,. Alexander Lid >ate.  As this ia the last term of the yean  parents would do well to ses that tbe  home work assigned ia carefully prepared. Friday afternoon io visitors,  period and all parents and interested  friends are cordially invited to visit; the  school.  m-    ���������������    ������ .  -S  Creston Mercantile Company, Ltd  PROFESSIONALS  DENTISTRY  \    j .E.,HALLD,D,S.  Office   over Fsank Paras Hardware  Store���������Baker Street.  CRAKBKUOlS-,  ������>���������   \->������ \  GUY   LQWJ3NBERG  OOHSCLf-NS   S-SSXHSSS  ^1������r5TnM  B.C.  6-_>   iHf.i>ttiiiits9d' l?tiu  #s_**>������ ������5rw~^ so *������_-**>&   *?      .t*_9"e_^  s-^jsrr'SAf.s-'S/^iiV  S"E"*3   <-*  ?'*P>-*^  ���������;���������* .g.   44   ��������� OT4T^E tf������t^*.   V    . *^ g %Z? * ��������� * *^?       * ^^ ' *^  waim ;amii_s  Promoters Messrs  Case * Crompton  REFRESHMENTS  FREE  ...   ������. n.4- _ _ gg  PA CKiNG SCHOOL IS  in  FULL OPERATION  (Continued from Page 1>  of   these   people already have all the j  ft_���������*.    ������v44vn/^>iii������a r,t txoxstei. naclcine:     in*  only  They  he  week  first  After taxat  PUBHO SCHOOL DIVISIOIT I  Total enrolment 43.   Average attendance 89.10  The following pnpiis were perfect in  attendance for tbe month ;*���������P3rcr Sot*  fey, Katie Boffey, JTohn Broderiok, K\������  e'ya Burton1 Liilliau Qhs_riastoa, David  Dow, Helen Foxier,' Vida Gohbett,  Harold Goodwin, Oriu Hayden. Erme  Uaydon, Blanche Hendren, Arthur  Hurry Philip Hurry, Lyda Johnsou,  ���������Zalla JobBtBOE, Hutlx Kliugensmith,  Ronald Lidgate, Bobert Maxwell, Geo  Mead, Viviaune ^Soore, Minnie Price,  Vera Smith, Nellie Wilson.  AunaL. Heedham,  Teacher.  w  ���������AMF>LE3  have: m  ^  ���������RERPEOT FiT.  Tlie honesty o. the Campf- ^  \Jdf    ^4    '-"-       bell's Clothins- materials ats4 ^  the integrity of it's workmanship are things which  may be depended upon.  J*  their mind, althouj^ they have  bwn   packing for    two days,  have   already        all   they can  taught.        The     rest     ot the  wili  be spent     in fixing these  uriuciples in their minds.  if they really have the will to do it  they will all fte good apple packers."  Mr. Berkeley   works out   tbe apple  ^B I paftiriiwp problems on b-lackboajrds and  '"     the i-deas: that  GuADS Ii  dance 81 66        .  The following had a perfect attend  >ince for the mouth of January:���������Bei  Boffey, George Broderiok, Marioi  Brown, Klmer Barton, V/ilfrsd Barter  James Dodds. John Dodds, Rose Ohfi  ringtoD, Aunie Maione, Terese Maiorn ,  Oenzal Maxwell, Iiionel Moore, Fraui  Roumans and Ardrsy Wilson.  , May Johnson,  ^i^^%f^f4tf^>>^fitj������jri/\<^'.f< ������.;^A-^/i^VWVWj>/4*rVV  -  ������  s _rio i  8  BlU*   ������91  V^4VSB  rmt xsifin i  __y������������R   B#W  HIV  If,  -^���������������������������*i*���������.-ji_  oiiiiarus   j  _a__u  > _^_������-������  Rooas s^s^������^  Hot or Cold Baths  At Any Hour  Glgars and Cigarettes   81  Razors  Ground and Set  88  I  ~ ������   IS      W^    Cl  4i  m -a  1  I  i  m 9B|j  hlCKLL. YOUNG & *wO,  K6S-1 Ssiftw������ 6_������_l j4SmmS__C8.  - UflTCI    Q1BI1 IB  iiuii-S-!  uiiiilil&i  I  i  S CEESTON  B.C.  vacs H_r    ������r*wrAT7T*H;TJ,D  J������m,1&.     Ml     ^rf^*.���������-.-^ .���������.���������  mra, Life Mid Accident IuBuraaoe  B8AXj B13TATE, Bto.  TRAIL       .     . -  JB.V-^e  *_������    H&ME   FROM    HOME  The Week-End Holiday  Resort of East Kootenay  I" Best of Fishing and Htintin  4i������������������-   ���������      ii   - .sBgasBsaiiii 'B���������^^  \S!RDAR    -    B.C.  CHAS. MOORE, CE.  B.O, ttAvm BtmvBTOB and Abobitkox  PImim and BpeoiflOAtlon-  CRESTON  B.C-1  CfcESTON REALTY  and INSURANCE CO.  _  _fcalt __2_4d2, Town Property and Insurance >  mil.1R.Beatr������  CRAM BROOK - B.C.  ��������� ;     ' -- ."-'"-4-J1.4... .���������  Th������  Funeral Director  X1C  CRESTON  B.C  W.K. Brown  THB    nKUAttLE   BLACKSMITH  Hu opened up again at tho  old stand, near the Mercantile Store.  mi#ium*tni0mim*m  Omnm*rmt Bli*ckmmNh  Wmrik mnd Horse  mmimmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmimmmmmimm in ���������ii__-__  *'in..?'.i   ��������� !- -"��������� '��������� ���������- ���������- "'' ���������   ' i ....  SYNOPBIS OK OANADIA.N  NORTHWEST  MINING REGULATIONS  COAL,���������Coul mining rights may bo loaned  or twonty-ono yearn, vonowoblo utan annual  rental of 81 an ncro. Not moro than 2,600 ao-  rcfl can bo Icnwed to ono a)i|>ltcant..   Hoynll.y,  flv������ rcntn por ton.   In mieurvpyrd terrliory  tbo tract must bo Htnlcccl out by tho appll-  11 cunt ln porson, and poruonal anplloatlon  to  11 tho A������ent or suh-Auent of Dominion   Lundn  tor the dlHtrlct nuimln all canoH bo nnuto and  tbo ronuil for tho tlrnt yoar mnat bo i>ald to  tho   iiRont within   thirty  day-  nftor lllloij  application  t^UAinZ-a person olRhtnon yoarn of nuo  and over, ItavInK made udlHiiovory may 1<>-  catea'.ilalm 1.600 fuot by 1,500. Ki������o, 85. A  loaHt, 9100 miiHt ho nxpondod on tlio claim  ������a������hyearor paid to tlio Mining Uociordor.  When $600,0 has been expended or paid and  olber requirement* compiled Willi, tliu claim  may bo purohasod at 81 an' aero,  1'L.ACLOlt MINING ObAIlMH aro WH) foot  lonirand from 1,000 to 3,000 loot wldn, Kntry  feol*"). vol. lt-HH tlinii ������|(H������ imiHt bo oxpendod  In dovolononumt worlc each year.  DKKOGJNG.���������Two W-iihoh oi flvo ml Ion each  of a rlvftr may bo iHHiu-d to onu applicant for  n term of vo >���������<���������������������������������. Itontnl. 810 a nillo per an-  num. Kill ,������m. -J.y, jieicenL uftoi' tbo output  jeeoed* ������10,(W0.  W. \V. CORY  Deputy Minuter of tho Interior  Before Letting  Cbe ������ottfriKt������  '"For tbe building of your New  " Hou*e, Store, Office, Work_hon  ov other bulltllng. write or call  om me.   K-tlnaateii given on all  \������tm.j4mm   -m# ������������������_���������/*������V-V  giv������ss yiiie   pupils all  ��������� ~    s4.4_ sc..^-      "Vitt    i^oli^xs    no +]ia work  IJ^p     -    %^felX      4fU4J A44/      .     A. ��������� ���������*���������4. V.���������      '.������������������        ������-  ��������� -  over   th������ boxes to bring tbe results  H������   is aa   exceliejEt teacher, working  oc  ihe   principle tbat while tta^; ?a11  purposes    a  very     serious   ������usipess,  apple   packing    is  sneieiy   play   "  as possible and he illustra^ every  metibo-: in the siEaplest method  posable.  Berkeley An Excellent Teacher  Mr. Berkeleyi came here irom Armstrong and will leave at the eiwl of  next week for Kaslo, where he will  spanid two weeks. He will then  spentl one week eachr at Willow  Point, Harrup, Tanya, Thrum- and  Nelson. The government is supposed to supply tho packing tables, but  Mr. Bliinco had to have iour built  for th������ local school. * These will  probably be taken to Kaslo by  Mr. Berkeley.  ItKn ������1������4~4-4 ^T������>|<4^'Vw        I������    <���������+. 4+!h������     TlTOflf  *.IUk\* ^.*4���������4,4. .4 *4���������W44. ������44        ������������ 4* .*���������*-' ..    ���������  -  this week in Bunce's .Hall ia made up  of tho following: Mrs. J. H'ayden,  J. Kctninody, Mrs.. J. W. Dow, J.  Spratt, .IMiss McCai:thy, Mrs. J,  Hobdcn, Walter Jackson, Mr. Static,  J. Bliuco, II. Gobbitt, Miss St.  Joan, Percy Watson, Mr. and Mrs.  Ingram., W> G. Littlejohn and C. II.  Wynn. The plassi whicfh will start  in Monday will bo composed of L. C.  Payc-to, Mrs. Downs, ������E. Haskins, J.  Masson, J. Shcrwoodi, Mr. Turner,  Prank Callander, W. Murdoch, R.  Hood, W. A.. McMurtrio, Andy Miller, Miss Htftgch, Miss Wlficn, Mrs.  Bonnoy, Mr. Guam, and 0. 0. French.  A fee of $3 is charged by tho  government for caoh member of xho  classes nnd l/ho ������v������pwiH'W������ of hiring  Who hall and other local expenses  mo taken caro ot by tho clasu  memlbors.. Tills i������ tho second  packing school that Crostoiv has  'had and much more enthusiasm is  being shown than last yoar.  A.  -1>_  JS*.  &>  i ^ cft-a 4_3'������44>������ svi^ v *s>/ }t%sii.p     MJr������    KJ*  RAISING FUNDS FOR  BASE BALL TEAIV  (Continued from Page 1)  a--,  temoonssof the   summer mon-hs   and * ^^,  1 Hal?e a very fine assortment of %  &"   T^ e _      _ #-  xearns  be oi benefit to the 4iste*ct  the   return games with -yti-se  will  itx'U. eturvfvi^^ug    t������c*j  Some, of, the members of last  year's team and other Interested ones ^  are sow selling tickets' for the  dance and an attempt is being made  ti_i canvass ������vfcry o_s in w^e .a.-  ley. It is not a question as to  whether you want to dance on the  1st, but as to whether you want  to support the baseball team and  by doing, give the res-dents, young  and old, one of the best forms ol  entertainment during the summer  months.  C. J. Bundy, last year's first  baseman, was elected captain of the  team, and 'Chester L. Wynn, editor of  the   Reeview, was elected' manager.         -*A   .-#   ^* .--> mtSm  ������ * WIT! 8  J- *a    ^m.   ~m. sm.  Ml Tr*jr^rf^- *v*  jS*.  A.  $r  li*i'/M*/i/'  and Shrubs I  Budded Stock a speciality  offered for saie,   are grow  own Nurseries, on The   Coldstream  Ai. trees offered for saie,   are grown in  ou  Estate  V. D. Curry, Gen. Agt, Vernon. J  STSGK TO  OLD  Tim���������i .  Farmers     Rxperiment  With  Many New Ones  Toi.  Repairs & Alterations  A ������r������OIAl.TY  iDiAiit-* rt������u*ou*l>kj ������u������l *.ul!_r.u;Uo.i  (ni���������t>*rtto<*d on AH Wtirk  4,   4 44   HI    ��������� ������.  ������  NURSING  I am now propai-eil to ro out nursing  havo nurH<*il iu Calgary and the EumI.,  Mth, .Tacob Hinll.li,  Crostoii, Tl. O.  City Dakuiy.  ������������___M_H|i  r_������f**%fr,      /*.������.,_._-  ���������W������*w_������_������f       mmm+,m+%*ma   |  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  Dr. de Vnn'u Female Pills  A mMabU I'rencli ranulutort mivor fall-. Thoiia  p'lU, lire ���������Xcc������idlti(;Iy tiuwcrlul In ri _ulntlni( Iho  aen������r_tlvo portion of Uie (.ni-ln nvalont.   Kcfnio  r.i -i ��������� ������r 4.      v������- .���������- *>������_������,������ .... . ii ��������� i  R. S. Be van ifeturncd to Creston  Thnrnday after an abnonoo of oov-  oral month-, Ml*. Bovan spout pvno-  Uoally tho ontlro time ho whb awny  triivolling tbrotiKh tho Htutoa ami  Canada.  ovci:  dry Hapmers of  Lethbridgo, Alherta.-'One of the  most valuable and practical reports  issued for the benefit of the  Oregon, Washington,  Idaho, Utah and other states on  ���������th������- north pacific coast and in the  great basin has just been published  by the International Dry-Farming  Congress, whose next great convention and exposition will bo held hero  in October, 1012. It i s a com'  ml'ttco report on drouth resistant  crops, tho iS-otlciu utttcrrod Lo being  covered by Prof; P. D. Farrell ot  Mi������ United States tlepaitmowt ot'ag-  rlculturo.  ������������������Too many farmers," aays the report, ������������������'aie Inclined to loolc to now  aiwl b-kmiko crops for easy success.  It should be romemborcd that tho  crops which have lieon grown i/ho  lomigest in any locality are usually  best a������ble to withstand the unfavorable conditions common to that locality;.       For     that reason     It    is  The Riverside Nurseries,  Comprising $20 Acres GRAND FORKS, B.C.  "Wo loa-u that the uuHu-upiuuu.- iigeuc or nnd irreBpoiibibie nursery, company  has oirculoted the report thiough the Kootennys that his .flim euppll'-d us  with a large number of fruit troos lust year. We wish to Buy that there sb  absolutely no truth iu his statement and wo steictly gunrHvitee to thngs plac-  ing orders with us for nursery stock that thoy will receive none but fruit  trees grown nt our own imrHeri-B at Grand l^orkfl, B. O.  All our fruit trow nvo of our own growing nnd we offer $500   reward- to  anyone who cmi prove to tho contrary.       Supt. 6. 1911.  ;-"7";-.'   ���������, :���������,: ;: , '; -":",;--:: .:",..: ,-������������������" ' ���������'., a,: ;..  : ;" ��������� " r ���������.   '     ,  ,'J l4l.:'.,:r: i".'a__,  For OntnloijiK* and Pric������j list, write to���������  WALTER V. JACKSON..'Agent. Creston,>_?,-<?,  'i  .I  i  OR GH A R DfSTSf  H  ALOERSKOVE,   B.C.  HA-ypi Tiih l.'iNiwr'  Home-Qrown Nursery Stock  Including Apples, Peafs,'Plums, Cherries, etc.  |IUN'l-l-M_k___������l-_*������--l% '< 1  FOR   FULL  WlllTTC������������������'  1.1U1IAIID McOOMB.  Ci.ncrnl MniK^'cv,  Aldoi'gi'ovc, B.C,  PARTiOULARS  On 8iaH���������  )A,S. OOMPTON,  LuL-iil Agent,  ' UiwHlon, B.0  __Nf-_W__'  MADAM  LAVAL"ti-  Cotton Boot Compound innate  A nxciiXAiti-K limivhA'xoti  Theao Pills nro cuuiixiitiulud with tho urnateot  c*._ from th- mout rijlinble ruiitvilci. knciwn to  i*   i���������.      r..������.w.^....      i~ ...������. ���������������i.������mni,,|.oclu������co|8ucl. nu nrobelna imoij wHlimuchguccor;i  Well   tor      farmers      to bo OXtrcsmoly   bytnamnntcolobrAtca pliyolclnns known.  cautious in  the matter of trying new t0*wj������iciiiii_ fomiad'coiiiitioiii.", luiiut'io. v  Frlco Wn Imx. Mo. sJ (m i itionuory tn ������  >ox. S4-)ld at all .Ir fr stoic", or ., ��������� :,u\\ Irom tho  uav-JlDkUK ������o., ttt. <Jathui-Ji.o:i, out.  Mv������. Ij. II   McOInniH of Crtnyon City   crops, ni������l   not     to   piirclms.-      Iflrgo  riitunifd Bundiiy from Oiaubrook, qirairtiti-fl   of foreign    flood at     high    Prices.     All prclimlnury tiluli, '^'^"W |'T-Wftuted to Iioiit--FuniiH������eil or \\u-\  - AlmiK B'.iirU, In all ������tylu_ mid prl-   iw   ������'^ ������������ ������     "������������������������    ������"������ ������-*������-������ j tjrili������|lod Mom ftt ft privut0 dwoliiuu 11  cub at tho Ore-ton Mwoan tlio Co,        j slvo-ca.10." . ,  ,  i.  i  .    |  Get your Wines, Liquor*,  Tobacco, Cigars, Fouches,  Pipes, etc*, at the  Creston     Wine    &  Spirit Co*  houtf neiur town. Apply At The Bovlw. J L  ;V    h>/,nh>  mm        *     **m   mm-   "���������  -  -4'wf^!  'i&^ftw*.-"'. 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