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Creston Review Jan 19, 1912

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g|gi nriir_nn.a.u ruriiiii-ffc.
jn Lrowiaocis'Question
Be Taken'At Gathering At
Mercantile  Hail
m     W       _M����-r->
Creston's biggest mass meeting is scheduled for   Tues-
ay evening.   It will be   an evening of discussion of   the
eclamation of the lowlands, which stretch out   to   the ex-
ent of over   40,000   acres   in    this  broad   valley.    Fur-
���>*���      fha  *��v j__r_f-l _3_
of the Valley hope that it  will resmt in
ction of some nature or other.   There will be a number of
takers from' across the border who are interested in the
Reclamation movement as much as is the Creston Valley and
gj)-_o will stand ready to assist in any action  that may  be
kss- at the meeting-   The  .trsass meeting will convene at
o'clock in the evening at Mercantile Hall.
BEGINS JAN. _*"���
1        -- _?     ���
; The A-ditOr ox -/lie xwmoxvY
Creston, J5. O.
E4ARH     ��3s_J  *     u
I awi today sdvisis** __r. J Slin- *
Hv, Secretary of the Creator Srw^.
& Produce A_so.i-Jt.ou,   tha. she
Padkiasr Sohtsols  will nntntnance
January 29th, and continue until
February 10th.   Mr. Blinco in hisy ,
PTOfy MlitPl
��UA_i S.
Miss Dorothy M* Davis, -who yap in
the Valley some time ago in the isster*
ests of'the Colonial Intelligence League,
and Hiss Bttby G. Warner arrived heire
from. "Viotsria Th-Qrsdby to spend a couple racm-ha iia the section,   While their I g&gT_T_in_fi_,
S   _>8M _ VB9
�� I ilil 1    Si Hi
a __-faBBa_s     a wa��
mva4kmmi��is as*
"-    . r
���3,*T_'-_%_# _^H___l��Sr_ll_9V'_J-lg8 E
WJVVI* WWI-Barr.!-*. S   ^esa_S_,5viBi!. jg to be something of a holiday
-X.  -_. *-.-,-
cnev are going w sry su> jt_i> wu�� ���_���
th��y can stay here.   Miss Davis is _suoh
takox. with the Valley and aays eha�� is
iww   Fer8S_i#_g;   ia��li_ttis*y_pot5f-Si_SritishOoluB-bia
��_a_Tia�� a^^r^r^tl   license To Be Trans-    | ^^f;JIl^J!l^
) there will he a fall attendance ati J _, * *^  ^ M .____ W49ii -�����������*��� * ~        '
{ I 1 ,     i.rreu i^sx_ m.uin i__ur.
Yonr district is to he eongratu
lated on the efforts it is making
to attain the front rank among
oar Apple districts.
Tours very -ruly,
R., M, Wivslow,
*�� Al _JL ��_i_._L *
fl��fce_*-/~��B_^_'_"?_        ff-lfSS __��>S_
nyyy*y��n!i.u   uunsiuu
Towards the latter part of February* j
the Burton Hotel will probehly ohaago 1
its present plan of operation and w-lij
op  in the hands ot a'stock company
which will be knows   ss the Oreston.
Trading Company. Limited.   The hotel
hem   besa under the management of   January 26.   Dialog-tea, znins��r_:s, rsci-
William Burton for about two years and.   ��������-,"-sD ���a *-���~ss a
-_..     _...,,.        -.        _ _.    j  9 ��at the ���n^s_t&ia_-t_i-t c�� the e^ssaiag.
AuCl_    Wi��*   uC   S��^   j_Uc��-iy   ujjU.ttw.4i      ����__    ��._������      w��{>j��.��> ^-���      ���. ��*��i-. -^ ^
.nd m4aas oi bringing the, reclamation scheme about that
e time cf speaking will probably have " to be limited bat
is will not interfere/with definite action being taken.
Determine Feasibility���Only Question Before Meefing
T*h? t^js^'s meeti*!^ lias r��ee-n called at  the suggestion, of
umber of ranchers- under   the  auspices of the Board of
Vade for the express purpose of, devising   some means oi
etting the government to determine whether, the recla_aa-
on of the.flats is- feasible.    Other qjaestions, it i^  believed
The  matter of
Eastern B. C. Behind
LwwSands Project
_,. _���:^-v f_^*v- <-i,a..nuoei'tAti    of   fb^s' ti_n_L
iLC   a-lUC     JLA.WUA    ��._J.��*��J *^*.<^.��--����        *���"       -.___w    . "��.�������� ���'�����
~ Sx'-rMitetests   anecteo,
<Spscisl^_G 'She Review)
BcsgiSgd, Jss. ISi���Orsatos's resohi-
lions ardvocAtisg the appointment of an
A*i*��i-.-_M. *^. 4mm.��Ca_4   ����.#.%    _1��_4    fFf__S^K_!_J!;_'
offoclaieaing the laxse area of lowlands
annual   oTerflow and urging tao con
���Piano for Sale���Nearly new, good
bargain for <q_ick sale. Apply at The
Re view.
The Oanyon City Bible class of the
Presbyterian chweh will give a concert
at the cook house a* Kodgers camp on
VI_iitVas,ii��y;Pr��paJ'e To
Caagw Qit�� Work
1 ��. T-."'.|_Bi__i
' <Ci'> l<B_HHi
-  Tgr^JH-H
T    >%''   lllljl 1
-3 "^Isli
The pelition vhlch the residenle ei
the Valley sent to the government auuV
o-isioB sequesiisg that the ferry acrossr
the Kootenay river be kept in op_sgti(^-
has brought more than waa request*-..
..he ferry will not only be kept v-uankig
throughout the winter but a new ono
to take the place of the old scow now Is
��== will soon be oonstruoted al H^lssa.
! Befreshments    will be aeroedl and a
I oharge of 50 ots will be
Mr. Burton wili retain an in.er.Bc in th&
new coiapany.
O.   composed of Mv. Satioa; ----P--;!    -^^^ *o Bent-B^r��_l9-_9-l or ua-
Jkjkaon, part owner at present and a l] f Mulshed room at a priv^e +*&**
Cn-norook business man; A. C,  Bow- ihouss aesMr ��0Wa- *&& -* 3Sa�� Sswiaw.
3J -
ce8s;%holesale liquor dealer of Oraa-
nroofe; "William Oameron, conductor o&i I
I    The Appls Paokiag clsssss W-U	
the O. F. R. and A. Mute, the Fernie- j mence Jan, 29 and tim num. Fe_v HOfe.
ozv&bir.   It is said thst a new manager i| Mr. Jam^s L. Berkley will be in ofaacga,
w��m bs brought hero to take charge of! J as last year.   Os. receiving @4vics nm!
ti? ...tel as Mr. Button has other plsas- | that gentleman the Secretary S. BUboo/
I will notify by post bjS applsOauta as per
weeks Beview
vmburton notei was Duutaoou. au��h ^ /pubUghedJ ^ ^ w<
^oaft to S5r; Barton alam* Swo ye-ss ago J M j^^ ae��i��iai_.�� th& Sscfetaty by | -*wda ��e��e fillkig in orouud the crib
-^j -=?==,
W. <��.  iCWIBSlJ, .gO_a   __S3��asffBtWBS_- ws
Nelson and _fa-ob Sersoo, supervisor ��f
bridges ia this district were is Ot%stos,
Wednesday Mid inspected *bo*H th* le*-
��jr    M��.l�� .-.V     V-��V04B V��V��   A��*W    VMM    ��*~v*.
Mr. Teetzel had been petitioned to ktep
the ferry running.throughout the winter and he responded at once to the re-'
qnest. The ferry boat in use at 'present
is pmotioaiiy unsafe and this led uta
cSovsrnmenc authorities so deelde so
Sssdld a sew -*bos*. The sssqIssss wlss
i^eacfwiathe river will ba muohsrati-
jla�� ot ftiA better aesegssdstios is ��.
tras&sjortation way which will, be afar��
do**   *J3%e bridss f?T *hs* G*���^ _it_es>
Oranbrook, were adopted by the Assool
ated Beards cf Trade in thejr fourteenth
.'  Th* officers were rercleoted to .serve
fill  l&mnutt!? ^:.?ar_-e9
meerrin��*^di^3a^i^/-riiitetests   anectea,   widening "a-e|?s|s!Magiioufc i��*��%mdHtTOy��swf��-ii65g��g
arrows or deepeni-i^them,need, not be discussed at this Ume -*"
he entire question before tne meeiing will'" be how to get
ie government to make a survey of the   lands   affected in
Jrder that the feasibility of the project may be decided.
\      *frie visitors from across the line will arrive on the-K,
. train on Tuesday afternoon and will spend the afternoon
looking around the Valley on the Canadian side. The men
[vhowillbe here are those who are pushing the reclamation work on the other ��ide and who have studied the pro-
lem for years. The property owners in Idaho have voted
n favor of reclamation -by a majority of two to one aud are
determined to get^ the water off the valuable land over there
o matter.. wh^t it costs.
Resolutions of a vital nature will probably be adopted
t the meeting and wilt then be put in the hands of some man
r delegation to^ take to the proper authorities at Victoria,
this man or delegation will be itistrucLed to urge the recla-
ation to the utmost apd will be asked to make it most plain
hat some survey or inspection is desired at this time.
BIUIWH U1SKUV17      ���**��-*      -WQ-V^        W��*V   W__fc- Wfl
s$���&l*tizs*tt>*�� feE Saskanook to ? ^fe�� building was much smaller whom fl ???&| ^ ^veral ��^li��tt_i_ts sre s*-4y t*��^����^^��e^��sw^��*!��s^ss-si-.t---l
O-iiriJ-all'v bniit.   The old Imildincf has; If ._, . _       ^* .' ~'~"       S _._.._ __j'm -��~zm��� ��-- j a=  *_;_.._-_>��
-"���*^-*?*���*-                                                >   ��          m nil vacancies. 1 ***** n*** fwwaHseagr aw .tKs&s ^a   __^ _.-^T
b6j��j�� ^dded to fit vadcus times arid th&]|                    ...' . {future.
Canadian Bank of Commerce started int||                         '  '  j   r
os-^oj the additions.   --.:.,,.          |    -Gents clothes o|eanudf prsasBd and!    ^h<> SO^essisiaa. i^Hrfw ^a^s ^.^H.
latter part of February to tlie new trad-1^,   1* "'              ���    ? '  �� ~.            |��f ihe a_w, Ittldge wlnsh is is Se ImM
  sSS-f^SiS^- Sl_S]
mitte^wfeiob willi|orrii_iJateacomlxin<sd '.        ��� ���-        __ . .    ..*
aud~Bo^aary"~o^ Swele | f-?S so-s^ssy end W* H, Johnson wSSJi i S. A. Watfe. of *S8r��_|9hi_s��- ^as ie^lengr Ihe M^ieSe road near Ihs *����
was chosen for the next meeting place. , take ohs_rge as manager soon afterwardb. { ureston xoeacay to let some   contracts
?Aa i..-in_ -._��. ii_j. t.���.
.u-   w��l-| W-tv ��� vers USZQ.
��ruit    Growers*    Urtiori,
Ltd.�� SeliciX^iidiBl'ri' ;���
ii TheCreston Fruit <_roWer#'...tTnlon'
[Ltd., which is tt^Jnaorporatlng, mot;
}.u-t ..(ialuvday evening '^'nf ^fcwV
sprovliioual d)-Dioer�� until ���ttfth tline oa
fit has received notification of Incor^
Iporation when tlie popmanen,. bftloera
Iwlllba oloctcd, ,i?ho w����ults wore aw
Ifollows; D.S.Tlmmous.iWM.V!;Rose,vio����
IproB Jus Cook, Root Directors', "Walto-'
'iftc'k-oif, S. S. Fi��U-l��*'.iw*l, .1. Ifnyrloi.,
irmnk Futuiau aiid'W,G; Lliittojrih11^
f' Tho tiow company hns enough inon-
Voy.'suh'sovlhud'.iii cash to allow It to.liv-
loorpovato and tho papersr mio now
L>oviti[g thniugii tho regulai''.'channels.
''Ladies Choice*' Dance Is
In Ace 3rd With Season
ovontf whloh will he hold hi Creston
during 1018 took place Friday evening
at ono of the jolllestdances of tho year
11b Morcantilo Hail.    The danon was
H. jl-. Brmlloy,-. "repromohtlng-,tho
CranbVttok Jnhhorn, ftt<ei��t Wcdncjdlriy
and'l|hursday In Crouton. Ho fro<ily
admits that CroHton Imvi a hig - ailvan'.
Ui|jfO ��j��v��i,'Oriiiihi'��nik in Mm iMiaintoi I'""
waruith of eUinuto. - ,*��^*.
To the Editor of The Creston Review:-
The farmers and landowners in the upper Kootenay
Valley on the American side of the border view with great
satisfaction the interest being taken in the question of reclaiming the overflowed lands in the Valley by those living
o ver the border. Our interests are one in the ultimate carrying out of ihe great- project, While it is possible to reclaim large tracts in the upper valley as individual units, we
all recognize that an enterprise of such general magnitude
can more economically and efficiently be earned out by in?
eluding every phase of the project and uniting in a co-opera*
tive manner,so far as possible,to hjatndle the work.
District No 5, of Bonner Co,,Idaho is the pioneer in
undertaking to reclaim iniy part of the Valley on the American side and is an iiluslration of what may be ac:omplish-
ihe first ofTseries'of Leap Year 4 m alimited way.   The people of thedistrict however ex^
pect and are anxious to e_hoj?erate in any larger undertak-
ing^uch as the widening of the Narrows,etc.   ,
As an illustration of the increase in value that is sure
jlvoiv undcv thr, mana8��n,en��; of ttm    q ^^  ^   u laads benefiUed b   '. ^ propQsed reclamation
Cuso'OrotnptanorohoBlraandalthough I " ,     -    r     *
the crowd was smnii, everybody had it may he noted that Unds lying within this district which
a Rood tnae. amounts to about 55oo ftores^nve pmctically doubled in Val
It was   "liulle* cholno" throughout .,.��-,,        �� ����     + t    �����
the evening except on a fow occasions ue within tne past 18 months while few of the owners   ire
.when   the ilom^manafifor decided to wmiug to   sell at any price.
give tho mon a chanco.  'Among those
present A\oro tho Mluaub Trottor, Hon-
rtrnn,  '.Price,   Hurry}   Limn,  Qnaife,
Ifroncli,   Johnson, Avvow-mlth, and"
.1 >    ���� ������ >   �� ' ��r     .-���..��       ' Ti    !��    t.   L.  1>��
jTH'lllfiO   il.lKt      l��l IO.     i"������M��IHJ,   ���*���*���������   UHU^V      4,1.      ._)        11/     UV    U4/|^M    ..^w.*.     %.����V.        Mk��..V<W4��    w_    ^.-w^.    ��_v.-�� ���|^
Mrn. Quain. Mw. Olicrrls   Mrs. W^ ef��jrt  t0 get   tQgtt\ltt at fo* mass meeting at Creston.
itud MiM. CJii,iiijtUm, aud  Mctwit* "Dui.- |,
E, K. Etxiot,
The   Presbyterian   Bioio   iolass wili
hold a literary evening at the church
Monday evening.   The -main attraction
will be a debate on tho subject <��f "Re*
solved   (hat the women  should have
equal political rights with men".     The
affimative will be supported by -Misses
Johnson and Needhsra and B. "W.. Mc-
Outoheonand HaghTsylor will >orgne
n the negativ e,
Kov. M. P. Eby B. A. will pretch .in
Methodist Church Smiday morning an4 ^
evening.   All are   heartily invited to\
attend,   :'''.''���
m*w*Mmwm*tmt0*t% _�� n.
All changes of ads. must -he handed in
at the Beview Office not, later thsjj
Wednesday noon in each week.
mm*iit0*x.*r   n or_4as_Nif   �������*&
nn mm
UU   HliU
����0ood Roads" Tayilor .Assures  Association Oi
".' ; His .irttorest:,??.
���All Muds of "Holiday'* things,
with the right Holiday "&plrlt" in ,
them, i^lso a full stock of cig-on^ ci-
gare��tos, pipes, tobacco, ponohss, olgar
and cigarette holders sto��� at The
Li<iuor Btoro.
.    N*w   Westmltutter,  Jan. M,^ Big
ajx. ^topriatlose will bo made by the
pro\ ^ia-i*l government, at the prsa-
mw* m esslon, tor the construction, 4m-.;���
provea ""at and mamteuance Of roadif
in Bii-k ,ch Coliimbia.. ' This ASne^ac-
enxent \ w^ inade ��� iby Hon, , Thwaiifii
Taylor, aj^nietar of Public Worte, to
-wenxy-e_gia *��� *>��-��������������������, *���������-�����.#  i���*,-
Bocletiorr ta predontatlves, who w_d_-
ed upon t��#\ provlneiai executlvt tfcli
In speaking: .*- * WpreseaUtlve of
the assodaUijLfi, ^^w^ w- J- K*w
of New ���W-*An��lOTt,'>*�� ��aid that   the
a^t-ho latte��>rt ot the week;   Her I p^^^^Mj^.rka wa_
**PT W*B duo *�� * Bf��tt������l hreak down  Allying axsd auaured \"M ��o��
of (ne system: hsrhnsbconA finding hAr  _.._.       ��*_   'i_*i__ji 4��.-_ ��� wlftlt
ot the system; hsr husband finding her
urieonselous when herctisaftj^fl homo for
'to make a strong bid for the appoint-
The wonderful productivity  of these lands justify any I ment ot an ongineor to make a surtoy
Mrs. Bex Osse was taken taken oorl-
ouslym Monday but waa,able to bej;^i^^W"��^^*4> by the    da
_4.l_\_i-L_)l<A I.u��4j4_44t _���-_._   ._ _..    ww S 'ir:~v��� \    : :,^\.   '  ...       w��it>*
for   tho
future. Ho ria-lse��,thaV wtth ^
-uuuy caliia tapes.-..tho. flna-rt.'1** *', *^*
provinces of the provinces, .tlrt d*e^
partmeot could not pooslblf ��-*oom-
���...        . _ _ ,. ..���_,. _, plish all that lt might wlira, ftttt he
left Tuesday tot Botsland wh��I ^^ cftrrlaA on without t. h^fctfor
they attended the annual wwtingotj^^ yBMa fe ^^ In Wa oP��r4��i��
the Associated Boards of Trade as dele-l lt ���M ^^ ^ ^^.truet a few
gotos from the local body.   They went)mllw of pwmi^nt r<>MW tha* would
be a eredlt to the province, aud that
will remain as ai monument to the
present Administration; psrmsney. in-
prlmod with fsvts and figures on the
rco.amntion of lowlands and  prepared
extravagant claims that may be made for their future value. ��*hft **��� Th<> B6<Mfd ��* T��^* hM
stead of mileage, ahquld be tbe aim
of the   depart��eat.     When   an at*
two resolutions before the. Associated I t_a.pt lo made, to eooatruot ��  long
?���*���**  ^Ifi****!?   *U*.��-  ��.t��K    ���i��mni<^   r>t  *rt\*>A   ^<��r.1^��v  <nri11   fnllr��\V | 1.��.^_.    -.--. -.. *u��, 1* ,.....,��  ..J ��,.--,���,, a-S _*_-���-��.
<3y, Leonard,  M<m<1, 'Mlllor,  Tucker,'
11   /������*,���� 1
-...fl     IT'l.A.l/.ll
Uonntr Co., iaauo,
on tho Goatrfllt'Kieafaaxittr to^.d.
^^ -j re;'*' "H1*** "*l^!r * Hmt__A
amount ot money, the work must no*
asasarlly be mors   or l��i��a of a tam-
porary nature, tmi. this means that
tri_�� n-��v^-)��ft-.ft'' <*.+**, *.0 m��i_������ i_ll every few year* eatsnalnre aad Mtpw
%.!��� I *!_. _��   0m.t ..V. .^4.     * f-   4f^1^4 .* 44*4*
frWMmiM <MI l*S-M IT
,>,'.^* '��� n '-j.';"*>��-
*s a iiiTi4i^iiMM>-iih4Ji4^��il'iK<Biw-a4-aBg��a-i
*-^---444wMw4M.Ww4.ti44.t4M44���4_.4l^*4.i^���H4..M... ^^.
' ^1
^ 1
IffffltBTflMfii^tey H^iUlH^i^', -^:P  i'lSMI^I^^^^fSW^f  ';u.pra  ���������r*:T  -^:> .::.:i:i_S> v?W$$j  -J--������������������"���������-���������"���������'���������     ���������'���������--  ?''v-^T??"''^  ||I?E%.PPPg||^^ B.   C^  4IMI-41  ���������  g.-'^r'igS-  ���������CQ3  ������-������   ������au&    -_������__-"^������a_-_a^   '  JL   __k^___!____.fc_^__^_^___!li^^  ifi^--  EY -  1 FRED  M, WHITE .  LONDON.   .  WARD, LOCK & CO.. LIMITED .  (Continue?-..  TT  :>\   - CHAPTER VI.  ." Or? the Qqwhr.  .,'   Harry iFfelden* -spent ya    sleepless  ���������night and was glad, when it was time  ���������to come down'to breakfast.    He v:ou-  ���������gratulated himself upon the "Way ho  iiad restrained,himself to be polite to  Copely, though his ono1 Impulse    had  been to take him by the throat   and  rhoke the life out of him."   His   very  presence in a house    like    Haredale  Park was an outrage.    He wondered  what Sir George would say if he   had  vJkjiowh what was the character of his  i downstairs info the deserted hair and  let himself out by a side door.   The!  grey   mist   hanging  over  the IDowtis I  lifted as the sun began to make his {  influence  felt.    A little later Fielden j  .discerned  a  &roup  of  figures, faintly..  'sketched" against   the-    skyline    and*  could see -two, hordes .in their clothing..]  Thfen he picked aouti'the,.|brih ofl^peil  : Raffle.    There was a stretch of turf".',  .���������between two banks or gorse, and the I  ihorses began to.move along the    flat.1  ���������expanse.    Fielden  strolled  up to the 1  1 group and  was  amused  to  see    the |  suspicious, glances turned in his direc- j  ition. ' '���������'' "���������'���������''���������' '' '   - '   '������������������ '���������'".!  That's    all    right,    Mr.    Mallow,"  Ranie muttered.    "This gentleman la  a friend of mine.    Now, sir,' will you  gq.;on to the-top .of .-.the..Downs   and  wait  for  us  by  the  boundary  stone  That will, he the winning post.      No  reason,. I  suppose- to ask. you if you  know  which .is  a    colt    and    which  is the old horse. '* That's pretty plain  1  M.4���������t���������a  '.-i.  1���������  ���������   spoken ireeiy, had not he remembered,  what Sir George had said as to the  relationship existing between himseif  and Raymond Cppely. ,., Plainly, ..the  ^piaster of Hare'dale Park was under  the scoundrel's thumb.    No doubt .he  bad lent him money, and probably th..  'price of the cheques.'was to be May  Haredale's hand,.   There had been no,  mistaking Copley's    manner   towards  her.    His  air  of   cool   proprietorship  had sent the'blood "humming''in"Field-'  en's head and caused, it to tingle . ia  , Siis finger-tips.    And Fielden had    to  smile  complacently  whilst- every   instinct in his nature was   crying   out  , against the villain's presence.    Fielden had only to speak and his knew  that Sir-George would do hi^ duty at  any cost.  But he dared riot speak.    He   had  ao desire to r.uin the. man who had  .������s^ been so kind to him.   It was far bet-  f^'ter to play a waiting game. ?But come  m.o..  N-.    **.!_    i:���������V..   >4  ������'V(4     ...      t-.A.Q     Xl&MJL..  :"./hat's right enough," .-'lelden smiled. ���������; ��������������������������� "' ' ������������������ -'"  He walked rapidly towards the improvised ^ winning-post, unslung his  glasses and fised them steadily upon  the little specks in the distance. Presently they made a move in his direction and grew larger as they came  along. Fielden could hear the thud  of hoofs upon the turf. Then they  flashed by him, the old horse lengths  ahead,    Jt came as a surprise to the  guest.    Possibly Fielden would have watcher, for he had expected an en-  *���������** ~*^      _,ils.T2iSi_-    -t;:3Uii.. *������ He  Mallow doing? What scheme had  that wily old man got'in'"his\brain?  Fielden stepped aside into the gorse,  so as to be out of the wind which had j  already^ extinguished two matches j  which he iiau used in his attempt to j  light a cigarette. As he stooped, he j  heard voices from somewhere close- j  by. The voices carried clear enough \  in the silence of the spot, and Fielden j  COllld   h.������S^"   ������VL"r.*-y   ..r^*.A        \\rw*. ������v���������i   in������--i  tinct of caution which he could not j  have explained he crouched dowr, 1  behind the thick shelter ot" a bush.       j  He thought he had reeognized one  of the voices, and now he felt sure of  it. It was Raymond Copley beyond"&  doubt. Who the othef-man waa Fielden had not the slightest idea.  "Now what does it mean';" "Copley was asking.  "What does it mean?" the otber  exclaimed with -a sneer. ������������������'. ^Why, it is  Is tfte Sellissg-Price?"  je?;price^||;-/^.|(S ���������'/;���������'  : ������f doing basS-_4es^:2-|%^/:':  Retailer's profit! '- ���������';  Retail selling price  %'tkflt:"  what might. May Haredale shoulcKnev-j as plain as the nose on your face. 1  er marry that man. Sir George should j felt certain what -was going to hap-  be ruined a thousand times over aud \ pea waeu I advised you io come iu-rc  Haredale Park pass into the hands, of j this mocnitig. The boy told me there  6trangers before that catastrophe oc-jwas going to be a trial and I wanted  curred. ; jyou to see for yourself.    You are al-  Ifhad been a relief to hear. Copley jways too sanguine in these matters,  say that he would not be down again i Copley, and that's a fact. And now  till the end of the weeEc Therefore |what d������r you think of the chances of  be had three days in which, to think of jyour friend Sit: George's colt?"  some scheme. It was a bright, fresh! "I doa't Know what to say," Copley  February tnorning;  too,-  '.vitb- jiist    a.?muttered.    "The colt-. seemed    to    he.  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So already people were'  coupling May Haredale's name with  CoP'py. 5t bad not occurred to him  tliat rhingf *nnd ftrmft jir fnr as thai.  But. however, Phillips could not be  expected to know this. Ho was merely  innocently  repeating  gossip.  ��������� "I suppose you moan to have some  of this money?" he asked.  "That is it. sir.   Vou have hit the  right nail on the hoad exactly.   If yt*n  uw ^^f/rvoS^ou * sum f;Oi������."  T   nrn   r������rt*   nrVnlil  nrn   Y*f%*  1-SiZ'Km. _������.  JTSB-jflfrP-'  -^'"S  r@.i /__'  llnd advsmcingyears bring an increasing tendency  io constipation.    The corrective  they   need  is  i99"  ,! ?ntlrrty *?-!fferent fr0"1 conimon laxatives. Pleasant to take, m ilej and painless,  less/.-it.bcu-iime reguia.es the boweis perfecviy  A   ������_Ul_i  ........     increasing-  doses never needed;   Compounded, like, a!! the i25 NA-DRU-CO preparations, by exp_r. chemists.    Money back if not satisfactory.  25c. a box.   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H������:;|s-  the sort of blackguard that wbuTd  sooner make five; pounds dishonestly  than a tenner b^ legitimate b^slhess.?'  "T cupnos'pi :'you; neve^^fouodiithose  plans?" Fielden askod:" ''  ���������   '   v    "  Phillips   swore  heartily,  '���������Never, sir." he said." They were*  in mv portmanteau, as you know. I  h������d tlie nortTr-anteauin my no������?ession  Constipation sa tha  ?Q,G% of _������_&������_>* f OrSS-S dF  ftickness ai_d of an  endless suKcunt of  human misery.  . Morse*������  \  touch of frost in. the air. but - the  diamonds were growing soft and yielding to the" sunshine. May Haredale  was in excellent spirits. It was impossible not to catch the infection ot  ber gaiety. Fielden put trouble on  sne side." Tnere would' be -tiino- for  that^lately, he thought,- as they v rode  beaten fairly and squarely.   I suppose  there is no faking about it."  "Faking! Sir George and bis trainer  between them haven't got brains enough for that. They belong t? the old-  fashioned school wno yride themselves  upon doing everything above board,  precious good job for you and  keep and train horses and we sail in  when it comes to making a book. And  now, perhaps, you're sorry you    had  uuj> ���������������.1*1^    vrxi    -ut?   _2.%r;:_JUw.  "4("^fc������ ......       ������..^._._      _i,.Sl>^.  V*-.     jrvjrn     ��������������� o* ������5    ^k.AL.^3  "������������ut together over the Downs. "They j me, because they find the money, to  were out again in the afternoon and it  was dark before).they returned. It, was  like old tirnes for Fielden to feel a  "���������ood'l-brs���������'under Gits s.~sin. Tsss'ss-  sreise and motion drove all gloomy  thoughts away. Still, from time to  time the shadow of distress lay heavily upon Fielden's shoulders.  He strolled round to Mallow's after  tea to have a pipe aud chat with Raffle  Everything- appeared to :be.going well,  and ti_o old mail' wasi. fri-'liigh";glee.  'We shall try the'colt;?;a'tjdaybreak,''  be said. "Would'yon 'like to come'  and have a look, Mr. Harry? I dare-  eay'there; will be one or, two people  about; but I.don't think they'll learn  much. ' I've?got a pljjin of my own ou  toot,-' and after to-morrow I shouldn't  be surprised if you found the colt going a little queerly in the betting."  Raffle chuckled as. he spoke, but  refused to be" more explicit.'       '  "Oh, never you mind, sir," he said  "There are*������on>e things..If- ta as well  not to talk about. If you liko to turn  out to-morrow as soon as it is light, I  think 1 can show you something worth  looking at."  Floldon nodded approvingly. He  nroke fairly early with the" pale dull  light "of the wintry morning stream*  Ing tlirough his window    and    crept  for the pair of keen blue eves which  bespoke the'Anglo-Saxon in his blood.  From the roots of his hair across to  his temple, was a long angry red fur-  ly fresU-liealed wound.   As to the rest  he Was fairly'well'dressed, with that  indescribable air of, nattiness which  usually belongs to those   who are of  the genus "horsey."  "Glad to meet youy Mr. Fielden," "he  grinned... -.-.--������-;..:. ���������.,...:���������.,,?.  "���������?*I sliail be obliged if you won't use  that name here," Harry replied;-"For  the present my name is Field, and I  want you not to forget it. But bow  did you manage to get home again.   I  tttnt-nnoKlv tested l>y  over fifty years of use,  *"������������������ :j ���������"���������    ������"       -���������_���������'���������       j  '^:  nave oeen ��������� ������������.*.__-*��������� *  when those biackeuards attacked me.  STRONG WORDS OF  PRASSS  t_20'-l ___^������ ���������*" '-'Vtrwt    wot*-_.   A*\nA*%  ������������������ *-         4��������� ���������   ���������        _     ,fc     w_      .      V-.-J_.������*"-l������       "  Phillips indicated the scar on  his  foreead.-     -'���������       '������������������-���������: :'.-:i\ .��������� ���������.,  "It was a near thing, Mr. Fielden, I  beg pardon. Field.   It, wasn't the' faui}:  of those  scoundrels.' I can  tell  you.  They left me.for dead, and if I-hadn't  been picked, up by some of the boys  I should'have died of --"starvation in  ' the veldt.    As it was; VI. nad ? a close  rsghtto bring I .sn4ve, and so did Copley and Foster  me here," Conley replied.   "And I owe \f?? the ^natter of that. -'XJur friends  you one for this day's work.   But-tbe 5hase? tll?t? ^n across the Colony, and  worst of it is 1 have backed that horse how they managed to escape-Is a mys  Etching and Biirning  on Face and 7Siroat  ** ' /  Sores Disfigured So He Dreaded to  Appear in r'ljblic. No Rest Night or  Day. Cuticura Ointment Cured.  "Six months ftgo ray faco ani throat all  brolto oiil, and turned Into a runnins oore.  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And there may be a dozen other people watching for all we  know."  "Well, what do you suggest?" Copley asked. .  "SuggcsaL, Yviio w&Uurj co suggest anything? What we have to do is to get  back to your place as soon as possible  and take the motor straight to town.  . By ten o'clock we can get our commission on the market at our price.  Then we can have as much breakfast  as you like. That's tha worst of you,  Copley, You always think everything  can wait.    Now como on."  The voices died away It}    the ; distance    and     then   Fielden    straightened  himself  again.    He  was  somewhat mystified by what be had seen.  He was puzzled as to what Joe Raffle  and Mallow were driving at,-  But no  doubt the old man would tejl him at  tho   first   opportunity.     Som'e   clever  scheme was In the wind.    It was just  possible that KalUe knew the class of  scoundrel be had to deal. with.    Tho  old man was coming down tho . wide  stretch   of   turf   and   fielden   looked  eagerly towards him.    As he vaulted  ������ pntoh of gorBe, his left foot drppped  on BomiM.hlng soft and bo was thrown  violently to his knees.   Th<������n livr turned to ilnd that he had stumbled upon*  tho figure of a man lying'at tho foot  of'the gorse bush snugly .rolled tip in  u tullwity my;.   IIuno wun aauLhur Lout  beyond doubt, another of tho hntefiil  tribe which  Ims always, boon thn detestation of every racing man.    Fielden turned upon, him savagely and do;  manded whnt. ho was doing then*. He  bent over tho stranger threateningly  and tho latter roftn to his foot.  "Keep your temper," ho said. "I'm  doing no harm. And I'm not tho 01MJ'  ono whn hfi������ earned a hit on tln>  downs this morning. Hands orf,  plfuuttt. Why, bless my tiuul! If it.  Isn't Mr. Fioldon."  Harry Hlurtd lu ania_emcnl at the  mention of his name. For a momom  lui did not recognise tho dark unnhav-  en feature^, of tho man lying there  Thoy MAflmod familiar, yot. Hornohow  hfe fulled to ronnont Hinm with timo,  or Hpaco, or locality.  Th������n It auddr-nly camo to him.  "Aaron Fhiiiptt." 110 oxoluimml.  "Mow Ih It hunk thrt han 'gont you  h������r������ or Colncldwiujo?"  Mrs.   (K'ev.)   vv.   H.     Ciarke,  Stirling, Out., writes:���������"I wish  to   give   this   unsolicited   testimonial   to   the   great   value  of  Baby's Own Tablets. Our little^  girl, born iast FebruaTy was at-.-���������  first   very 'constipated.     When...  other remedies >ailed we tria-^ ,  the Tablets and in a week .she  was completely cured.    By th-i'  use of the Tablets she has been  kept well and happy ever since." ���������  It is strong praise like, this that  has made Baby's Own- Tablets  so popular.   Thousands'of other  mothers, have said:���������-"Once we  gave the-Tablets a trial'we had  j nothingybut. praise   for   them,"  1. 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Still, perhaps;? it sis as  well, There are rhpr^ ^ajgr th&n^clte  Of .taking revenge.".;?: $&: " '.:# yj . '",',J  The little man's eyes gieairied as he  spoke. He glanced meaningly at  Fielden an������3- jingled a;few. coppers in  his'pocket.     -   ."'���������' .?:'y;!: y---;   :������������������*[ ���������:':'  "Make them pay J for it, you mean,''  Fielden smiled.  "That's it, sir, you've got. it first  time. Now, as you know perfectly well,  there are a dozen or more people out  yonder who would give a round sum  to have Copley on the end of the rope,  or within reach of a revolver shot.  They 'a'fe not. the sort to give information to the police, because that Is not  the way. we used to do things. Still, if  I like to open my mouth widely enough-I could make it deuced hot for  Copley & Co. I could have them conveyed to Cape Town, and it wouldn't  take me long to find evidence, enough  to give those two chaps ten years ou  the Breakwater. Yes, sii, I'd have  done it. too, but there's a bett'.v way  than that. It tpok me the best part  of a year or more to scrape enough  money together to pay my passage,  home. I had heard some queer etort-s  about Copley, and I wanted to find  noeed 1 haven't "i?leiden said bit-  "I have every reason for disliking the man, evsiy reason for ex-  posing him before Miss���������well, before  things have gone too far. ? And if ;X  can belo von I wi'l do so cheerfully "  : ; ^That'sr right," Phillips said approvingly. "Now, where can I seeyou  for half.;an hour in the course of the  afternoon? -We mustn't stay 'talking  here. There is old Raffle coming?"  ?.'--'Pielden--- thought it oyer for -a mo-  'ment or two. He. was glad''.enough to  tneet: this old- South; African .comrade  of .his again. In a good many ways  P'h|llit������s.r was anything but a desirahlR  acQuaintance. His upbringing " had  been hone too strict, but, at the same  time, he had ar ronsrh code of honor,  and it was one of his proudest boasts  that ho never forgot a friend or a fa-  ^or.    probably: he had had; hisvown  #n������a_ll- ��������� ������7    ** rtl\ ��������� .ww ���������:������������������ ������....���������.  To sell the greatest ������������������. Labor Saving  Washihjg Compound on 'itho l- market.?  Sold by Eaton & Simpson of- Toronto.  Send 10c for sample to?H������nry^Arland^  Berkeley   Apartments,   Toronto/  Or.t-  Trtl-tiNl_fT^rNiefi^l__^^^  tfe=a fttfears  Ii^_:8^Eras_eiiAi^i^j5iQnt^  a shrewd smile on the old man's face,  and be did hot appear in ihe: least disconcerted over the result of the trial.  "Weil,"��������� Fielden    asked.       ?"What  about your Derby wiling now?"  tlaffle's eye contracted' *n a  w*j2.i.i  "Oh, it's all right sir," he^said. +TK&      .     ���������   .. . trial was a great success.    Did you  reaspns for leaymg wngiana^suoaemy;  happen t6 see anybody in tha gorse^  pvid' no doubt t.ho^ reasons had some-1 sjT.?������~ oc~ said  PHAPTBK VII  A L������*f Pr^m tH������ P������*tt_  I...1,1...    *nmlmty\'intr   MVl������   M    *.������Hll������������   Unrtfl    lll������  'j;uco.    Iln  wm������ a  (*lior������,  -11m 'portion,  ] gwwrtby and formftu  looking, o<coi������t  Shotqutn SheSIs  ������������TJef!Lder,'nnd������������Repi5nter"and  Repeating Shotguns  make a killing combination for ficldifowl or trap  shooting. No smokeless  powder nhpl.E. enjoy nuch  a repatatlori for uniformity of loading and strong  tthootiiutt *iM-������l-i.lvM -..  ^Leader" and "Repeater"  jtbronds do, ������nd no  shotgun made shoots  trurdcr or better than  C   M  W  tjlf    ��������� A4  1���������  <������������������   *"   ���������������  tmiv a������ e MAnia row ������aoh oymkii  vmwmmMmmmmmmmmmmWmmmm9mm*mmmjmmmmm������  and, they had to levant without it, so  closely-.were they .pressed. / But when  I was1,well again'Tiaskea fbr>?my bag*  gage?aii-L; ho one could tfill me what  had become" of it. It vanished, in a  most mysterious manner. If you ask  .me, the portmanteau was stolen by  one ?of those thievish Kaffir boys. ? It  makes me wild wmerii?I think of'it:-  Probably it. is concealed in a Kaffir  hut. In the old portmanteau is a  scrap of paper which is worth hundreds of thousands to us. I say us, because it is yours just as much as it is  mine. I don't belong to your class,  Mr. Fielden, but you played the game  and were always a white man. And  if those papers ever do* come to hand  I shall do the fair thing by you. It  doesn't, follow because I happen to be  the son of a sporting publican that-1,  don't know the difference between  rignt ana wronK. But what's tho good  ���������r worrying about that? We shall'  never see those papers again, and as  far as we are concerned that diamond  mine might never have existed. But  what are you doing here?"   V  "I used to live close by." Fleldon explained. "Most of this was once my  property. You see Sir Geon?e Haredale's trainer employs nn old servant  of mine and I came out this morning  to see that trial. I might osk you the  tho same ouestlon."  Pbllllns bluo eyes twinkled.  "Bit of a disappointment, wasn't it?"  he nuked.  ."What do vou know about It?" Flbld-  en  (iomnndnd.  . "O11. v.'oll. sir. w- aro not/'n^ners  '" this Ion. at nny rate. Ami If you  illco to lronn your coun������el, I <������'" ������>e'%  ��������� Motly wllllnnr-to keen mine. Old Raffle In as Ptmight n������ t>py mnke 'em. biit  ho Is n downy old fov nil tho name,  and*'p^t+v Tiiatlv h������> rlrr������w thn foatbor  over, Coplev'p ova Htl������ morning. Ob.  vnitf-'f K^Hrd all thopft blnckfrnnrds had  "���������o say: 'i fnet.. I foH"w������*d them hev<������.  I vft'tV clnd T came, because T heard  something that confirmed my simple-  loan.". ^    ,    ,  "Yon   moan   us  to  Copley's .move*  monrn?"  ' * "That's It, sir. T wanton to know  whore Coplev la getting hlR money. I  know ho Isn't naylng his tradesmen,  but that doesn't matter, for a man  with a remtlnMon for wealth can eat  us much credit as ho likes. Rut Cop-  loy In flying nt h1������th f?amo nnd must  hrivo tho onnirinnd of n. (rood deal of  roadv cn������h, Now w'lere doe������ It come  fmm? W'at nort of a swindle'In nn?  Why are thev ho anxious to watch the  (vlsil of.tbo nienheim eoU thl������-mnrn-  Ing? And. by the wav. Mr. Fielden.  vou WUBt glvo old Unfflo n hint to  ''o^o hln ovo on th>- ntnhlo lad". Rome'  hoilv hn*i been hetvnvlnor confldenro.  tt doenn't mneh ^atler. borause Con-  Idv wn������ fooled this mornln^'n- ������?������iv  n.������ If hr������ had been n nobnnlbov. "Rut  I am KOlllUKH l������M hwiiv ir������mi ilm iM������!-.,'.  f wan aroint to toll v>������i whom Contev  ual bin money, Well. ���������H'������ n betlln������y  swindle, and one of the hlgpeMt nnd  wont IngiinluA that hn������ been attempt-  ������rt on the turf for many a long day. 1  ��������� mu������1c."   TtiU T'vo mv work cut out be-  fofe I reneh the bottom or it.    Yon  , have no occanion to lov������ Copley "  thing to do with the ���������tnr.f. :Afc any? rate  he had a profound and intricate knowledge of racing .matters, and there  "was no swindle or trick^ with which  h^- was not farrtlliar.  ;; '.'You had better? meet me at Heron's  ���������Dvke.'" Fielden said. You can be outside in the road about ayouarter to  five. There is nobody on the premises. I have the kpv, in my pocket,  and T dr������resay I shall mnhage to get  a Hitht from somewhere'."  Phlllios agreed and disapnenred  amonct the high gorse. As Fielden  ptenned into the onon air he saw Raffle looking about for him., There was  1 saw Mr.  "Yes," Fielden: replied.  Copley."  "And a friend," Raffle chuckled. "I  know all about it. ' And between your  and me, I got this up for the benefit  cf Mr, Copley, who Is about the greatest rascal unhanged, and that's saying  a good deal. It was high time you  came back."  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Call and let us explain our Special Anti-Sagging, Anti-Friction and Accurate Sowing features.  lIlU>l>     ������-.-.lA/fe������l/-i*-_.       oil ,II_._.ii---  "���������My".ace "became   covered  with  a'system of despatching trains by tele-  i.i-..s���������c ���������t.   ...-..:..���������.  '.t-.-.i-^A  -,������.���������������.  ih, iniinn-    "There was a reDort eirculat-  Kina 'oi ra3ti, which itched and  ���������tated. This rash then turned to sores,  which discharged freely and began to  spread. I first tried one thing and  then another, but nothing Beemed to  do me any good, and the eruption got  wor_e' and, worse, until my face was  ���������Just covered with running sores.  'Apart from the  pain   (which was  ed east of Montreal," said James Kent,  manager of Telegraphs, "that the C.P.  R. was considering going back to the  old style of despatching by telegraph,  but the idea is most ridiculous, since  tinctly successful and is in every way  <f* ti     'Clt _i_������      M^MAW  van i.   ���������������������������v*w   --���������������-_*������������������>"��������� ^  While Mr. Dodge, of St. Louis, has  often been in Kansas City. St. Joseph,  Dubuque, and other widely Known  middle western cities, he has never  been turned loose in a city that counts  its   copulation  ut> in    the    millions.  i. >_  but the idea is most ndicuious. since J Therefore, he is worried a litiie about  despatching by telephone was inaugu->tne way he wou������ RCt ln New York.  rateM on ins ���������w._ .*.+., i- aas ������������������n   gis-      Recently   a   New   York   friend  te  ases e ������s   ������  __i_ ^'^^^lL^^iilL^^/^E%^^^   ana.  11=11  muffin  m  ������t������   mm  _-_ v -f-_d  -^ 4-_-SwW>^ W  very bad). my face wa_ such a terrible j superior to the old method of debpatob-  ai<rh������   that   1    W*������S   not   fit   to   KO   O-f. Hncr hv tol������errn.nri "  This", was. my. state when someone ad-}  vised me to try Zam-Buk. I got a  Buppiy, and", marvellous as it^may  sound, within iittie under a montu  every sore on my face was healea. I  was so amazed that I have told the  facts to several persons, and I have  no objection to your stating my experience for the benefit of other euf-  Mr. W. J. Camp, electrical engineer  of the C.P.R.. w?s also Indignant at the  Idea that the C.P.R-. was not satisfied  wlth'the new system.,Ail one has to  do," said Mr. Camp, "to understand  how thoroughly the Canadian Pacific  ibelieveB in the telephone despatching  system, is to take cognizance of the  number of miles of new circuits being  ->x _=* a..  Zam-Buk is purely herbal in  composition,  and. is  the  ideal  balm  for  babies and young children, for whose  tender skin coarse ointments are so  dangerous.    Zam-Buk is a sure cure  for cold sores, chapped  hands, frost  "bite,    blood-poison,    varicose    sores,  piles, scalp sores, ringworm, inflamed '  patches/babies' eruptions and chapped '  places, cuts, burns, bruises and skin  injuries generally.'   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The appropriation for the work has not yet been  made, but 1,000 miles is a conserva-  I tive estimate of the amount of. now  circuits to be installed. Most of thW  new mileage will be on "Western lines  as the main lines of the eastern division are now practically all using the  telephone system. ��������� The apparatus  will be installed' on the Ottawa short  line.^but the rest of the installation  will probably take place on the lines  west of Port William.  When this next year's installations  have been made tbe C.P.R. will Just  about lead the world In the nurnber of  miles of its lines equipped with the  telephone dispatching circuits. It has  already 4,000 miles of circuits, which  places it second on the list of railways using this system, and makes it  easily the leading railway in Canada  in this respect.  y In French?   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From it arose the Society  of   Stocking  Makers.   . At   this   time  ribbed sockings were made in England  but it was- not until nearly a century (  later that such wear was introduced |  into France.    The idea, to use a vul-'  garism, "caught on"    and    factories  were established in Paris and Lyons.  In Oread ������f?  L.iqiui@r  ������8  ������=5������  PROFIT  BY  THE  EXPERiENCE  OF OTHERS  DON'T WMY until you are In the throes of Remorse on "The morning after." Investigate the  Neai  Cure  now���������"The day before."  You are only one of the thousands of men and  women who have not the will power to resist the  gnawing, craving appetite for liquor which daily  grows stronger���������never weaker���������and is gradually  pressing you downward to the end in humiliation  and misery! You need medical help���������the help that  will come to you through the Neal Cure and in no  other .way;; Don't waste time experimenting. 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Editor.���������-Well, what further proof  do you want?   ���������  One box of them cured Mrs. Mary  A. Cook's Rheumatism from which  she had suffered for fourteen years.  ������*-,44._._*U4C1414, VUW4 V4JjlOV4444^ . iTiUW  quickly and easily Rheumatism can  be cured when you use the right  means is shown in the case of Mrs.  Mary A. Cook, well known and highly  respected here. In an interview regarding her cure, of which, all the village knows, Mrs. Cook says:  "I had Rheumatism so bad that  sometimes I would sit up nearly all  night.?  "I first thought I would try the doctors, but luckily. I decided first to try  Dodd's I-ldney Pills. .  "They cured me. and I didn't have  to try the. doctors. And Just to think  that after fourteen years of sufiering  one box of Dodd's Kidney P.119 should  cure! I-will recommend Dodd's Kidney Pills to anyone who suffers from  You Can Scarcely Tell What���������It May  Be Hysteria, Insanity, rieryous  Collapse.  DR. 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Blithers, angrily,  "you sold this car to me last .week*  guaranteeing that it was odourless,  and now it smells like a benzine  trust."  "That isn't the car you smell," said  the agent.   "It's the gasoline.1"  Dull Preacher Responsible  Wife.���������John,  dear,    your    trousers  badly need pressing.    You look as if  you'd been sleeping in them.  Hubby.���������I have.   They are the ones  I wore ito church. ? .  Lady Customer ���������* (in department  store.���������I_ave you anything to iieep  hair from falling?  Clerk���������Hairpins, two counters to the-  right, madam.���������Boston Transcript.  Minard's Liniment  Co.,   limited.  Gentlemen.���������Last winter I received  great benefit fr^m the use of MINARD'S LINIMENT In a severe attack  of LaGrlppe, and I hava frequently  proved It to be very effective in cases  of  Inflammation.  Yours.  W. A. fiUTCHINSON,  ���������nlckiy 3top������_ cougiis, cures ,co!3s.. SieaSs  *ao <hro-i aid inD_s -'    , 23 atsats.  If a woman has representative neighbors, small is her need of newspapers.  His Diffsrent Handwriting  -.-. -  .   ~-***i���������-?-.'���������.  "I hear your wife is out of town."  "Left this raorning."  "The gay life for you."  "With my mother-in-iaw on the job?"  When Holloway's Corn Cure is applied  to a corn or wart it kills the  roots and the callositv ' come*  without injury to the flesh.  nit-  writers' have been John Bell, the "barrister of! whom Lord Eidon said to  the Prince Regent that 'he.^was th������  ablest lawyer of his. time,", tttbugn :he  could "neither read, write,* walk iior  talk.". ;   ' .   '- .-     :'-";V...  ;5'.n--;r,,:  Bell was 'a cripple and- his Westmoreland accent combined with: his  stammer to make his s7^1^!! unintel- !  Iigible. The characters of his writings appears from his own statement  that he had three styles, one of which  he could read, but his clerk could not,  whilfc the second was intelligible ^to  his clerk, but hot to himself, and tha  third baffled; both of ? them. ^1?-;  ���������'���������f-i-.-'Ti!..-.  I  hope your' novel -ends'happily?"  "Indeed it does.   It ends in the'mar-?  riage of the heroine and. hero: : does  not go into their married life at all."���������  Houston Post.     ���������-;..'.  .^-M-l_=-W  .-.">���������.'.- Avenfling Waterloo  Tho Duke of Wellington, who had a  tast6 for anything that NapoleoH had  liked, applied to David, the artist, who  had painted_Napoleon'8 portrait, requesting David to execute one of himself. "Sir." replied David. "I paint  only historical characters."  Lady (to tramp)���������"I have some left-  off clothing. Would they be of any use  to you? Are you married?" "No, Indeed I'm not, ma'am, and it's the only  bit of good luck I ever had."  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The Sinrde Man.���������You betV   It must  b<������ a handy thing sometimes to nut  all yourv property into    your    wife's  name.  W!r;2rd'*   l-lnlment   Cures   Distemper.  "When a man nuts on his first hia;h  hat." r������mark*>d the oh������*rver of events  and things, "he couldn't look anv  more Important If he had been handed  a halo."  Time's Changes  "Madam," remarked the weary wayfarer with the bandaged, eye, "I was  not always as you see me how."  "I know," replied the stern-visaged  woman at the back door. "The last-  time you came here you had on a deaf-  and-dumb sign."  : An old negro preacher gave as his  text: "De tree is known by his fruit,  a_t' its' dea impossible to shake de  possum down." ,  [ After the benediction an old brother said to him:   .  "I never knowed befo* dat slch a  text was in de Bibie."  "Well," admitted the preacher. "It  ain't set down dat way. I throwed in  de possum to bit de intelligence ' of  my congregation!"  Oil lamps can be prevented from  smoking if a little liquor distilled from  onions be placed in the bottom of their  reservoirs.  ?  The  darkest  secret usually  comes  to light.  When, truth   get's busy,   fiction is  apt to feel ashamed ot itself.  Wtaii Your E?  Try Murine Bye R*me5y. No Smartlner���������Feel������ -  Fine���������^Acts Qulelily; Try it; for ;Redi Weak,  Watsry Syes s.=d Gras_istea Eyeiids. ni'Jsr  trated- B6o&.ti'u each PocUa.se. Eluvlno ia  compoxinded by our OcaUsts���������not a "Patent M^g..  iciuo-���������bat used ln sacces'sfal Physlclana' Prao  tlce fur monv v������ars. Now dedicated to the Po_������  ���������iu&Su soldi6yT3RjggJS������3isS SSfe rosd S&s ear Boil!*-  Murine Sye Salve in -Useptlc Tabes, 3Sa and Kla.  Murine ^gy������ Remedy Co., ������hloag*  ���������?M&  ������ BESTjSMQ HEA-THTO HOTHEg AKD DHI1D. M^M  ���������' M������s. 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'^iyyg|i^^  His Cholco  Tt wap blR first t.erm nt colloee. and  his people were very anxious to know  what progrpsa he Viarl rnadp.  On his first visit, home they ciues-  tioned him-���������what classes b<* meant  to take: what osama. hn vmuld alt f^r:  what- nrofespors r<e would sit under.  "And now," BPid h������������ father, "what  I about lanwiactcB?     Whnt    particular  lanfruago have you drclded    to   take  up?"  "Well." r^PTiorrlert tho pou and heir,  hopefully, "Vvc tbou<>ht it. over proi.tv  onrefully, nnrt h������"r������ riofinitely decided  to uro In toy Plotl^h."  "w^ct^''h,>,, ix'^od hia puzBlod parent.  ������Wbv rio.tinh?" .  "Hocatino," the w^'ilrl-ho nt.u^opt  nivld, "y^u boo, only live wovdb of It  romaln."  The other man's word is an assertion, your word is truth, your wife's  law,  Wise mothers who know the virtue  of Mother Graves' Vvorm 'Externi-i-a-  tor always ���������have It at hand, because it  proves its * value.  "How-often, my good man," said  the stranger at the way station, "ao  the trains stop here?" "The trains  stop here," said the sour station agent,  "only once.   After that, they start."  The Duke's Story.  "Daughter,'has the duke told you  the old, old story, as yet?"  "Yes. Ho says he owes about 200,-  000 plunks.  Here Hob a chauffeur, who, on earth,  Scorched  round for all that he was  worth;  It he gets hia deserts, I vow,  Somowhoro ho must be scorching now.  *-r,���������?. ���������'..   '' ������������������ i������",''*' <   ��������� ���������������������������   '.-.,���������'  1     in th'6"' treaitmerit ���������'#���������.'���������  ���������"-^- .-..:-_������������������,,���������,_ ..   t. ���������>. ���������*,.. ,.4*,,.,^ v*-������^---v-*'-tt���������'"������������������"'������������������������������������'���������V  i   . ... i.,       '   _*    ' 'i ���������      i '        ' .  yipjfciiis;:^-.^;  .��������� ?^;?.BROIpHiXiSi'. :*;  i;p^TA"RRHy;:GR!PPfef  mtm  MiMmmtr..  >������LI,, at,',(,(������a/STO   ,,;������,  A Hcolch'-'inn won' i^ Ijondon for )>  holldav. Walk'mt nlong one of the  ������rret������rn ho pMtfoil a ba1d-hr������n������lod  chemist stnrid'nrf .at Ma shoo door,  and enquired If ho had any hair re-  Htomr.  "Yos, cdr." nal'^ tho, ehomlwt: "stop  Insldo nlnaflo. There's nn nrtlclo I  nan hlcrhly recommend, testimonials  f"orn pront men who used it. It makon  11ia bri.lv irnw In tw������ntv-fn\ir hourn."  "Awool ". Hfild the Scr������������, "vo cnu >iie  fiif> ton o' vonv h^nd a bit rub wl't an������^  I'll look hnrk tbr������ tv.������>vn and aoo if  you'ro tollln' tho truth."  Flrnt T-Toho.���������ot"nn������>������ how fow o'  ������'"��������� youthful dreauiH como truo. ain't,  It?  Hocond TTAbo,���������Oh. I don't knew. T  rrtwrtmjvrir how. I -mcq yo������rn������d to  wenr Ion* nnntw.   Now.'f oru^ft'T wear  tllOl"   IrMi^c;!'   IJlHU   itHtai iiWJ Xft&l\ in the  noun try.  A Sure Corrective of Flatulency.���������  When tho undigested food Ilea ln tho  stomach It throws off gaBoa cauBlng  palna arid opproBsion In the Btomnch-  lc rcglpn. Tho belchlni? or eructation  of the'Be- gatioB la offensive and tho  only.-, way to prevent them Is to ve-  storo tho' Btomach to proper action.  Parmeloo'a Vogotablo 1*111a will do  thlB, Slmplo dlrootlons go with ouch  packet ������.nd a courao ot thorn taken  systematically is sure to offpet a cure.  A woman wont Into a butcher shop  and asltPifl to boo a twenty-five pound  r.loco of moat. Tho butcher cut off a  chunk woightng that amount hnd  asked hor whore Bho wanted lt delivered. "Oh, T don't wtint to buy It,"  r.ho said. "Tho doctor told mo I must  reduce my weight that much, and T  only wanted to ioo how much it would  bo."  The man ��������� who lu nobody'o friend  tnaltoa few enomloo.  \V. N. U. No. 881  Tloderlok-���������"The landlord of this  mountain hotel navn bin parting RUonts  ohould wton on tho front povr.h    nnd  I    \r������r> Alb,������r>t���������"'Vrti. tbrit i������ where lie  Jhandri you hl������ bill."  PILE8 OUREP IN B TO H DAVO  Your dnifcglHt will rofunrt money If PAZO  0|NTMB)>Pr   tallw   to   euro   any       ~*  Itniiliur,    Hiiim,    uimmiiiK   ut  Plica In e to 11 daya.     GOo.  onan   of  A   4 44,4 4-4*.������������U  Tho Dootor.���������tn yoi.r wlfo's prosont  oondltioii, Hir, Mho nni������t Imvo no tiud-  " "Then I'd hotter como homo at throe  o'clock  tomorrow moi'miiK u- uou*i.'  The I lead Office Building of the Mant^facturet's Life Insurance Company   KinR and Ypng������  Streets. Toronto, which was recently sold for $800,000.00���������a profit of 294,000.00 over tJHe  v.-,*.*. nvir<������ nf ASOf^nonon two Venn* aero.    The r������rice per foot frontage paid amounted  pin  to ever $! 3,000,00 <** cv*������r *1 00 n ������nn������tr<������ inch.  4^.|.444Uj#W^I,<*4ll^4,|l44^|4^.4- IJI44\4tW1ail,,ll||l4_W4MJ4Wl"ft44^144*4|l-^^  in  ������|>44.lH41|l>Hl|Hl|lll,|illi<l||llllimiM4  4.lM4al4H|14M4������4Wr ������4J ������4. ||l>lll,l|#ll|������ljlflllllllll ������4   W4 44,4111.11HI4IH l4.4M���������  ./.^L irTiW������fai������4r^ i>,mMi^;ij^i>,iHil4tW���������rfjiff  **W-:-  lis. V. -  i'  THE   CRESTON   REVIEW,    Ctt-B-STON,   B. 0.  -<^__g!  9-S  Ift-iilrV'1  -    V   lite Creston *i{eviel&  ���������^ag^^fc^."^^^ Wf^lS*^^ 'iff Ttlff^-J  x P-*bli_h������d ���������w  F-iday afeC-eston, B_itiBh Oolt-mbia, hythe Csss-on Print-  sftg &a& FttbLiiriii-* Oosnpany, Ltd.  -_>��������� ,^_ r^v -4- _r-v  v_a*>w  -tlote  ^m-������  ������������������L-Tpn   ^���������r^     ^5������?    ^5_s-r  ���������CfeES-'SB I������. "WS-fN  Bditor and Manages.  Sho a-riew is the ac-mowtedKed^vertising injbn ^.J'cS^aSS and  cal_.-i-.e-n over one thousand homes throughout the Creston fljgj  ift^hinff ont iu a broad jnanne* into other commun-tiea.   Our advertiHinp: *������*������������  S^ tbeB^ofthe Kootenay and Boundary Prints' Board of xrade  lad 5 os-.t/psVline ia^oceeding weeks>   Sutecrrpfaon '^ f������������? a yoajr in  __3vss__.   Ok columns are open to contributions dealing in matters^or*at**>  ttort Md a? w__fa__ of the coKmumitv.    O-ntributtons must be brier an������  signed*  The Leading  Hotel of the  Fruit    Belt  The appointment of a competent man to go to Victoria  and lay the matter of the reclamatioa of the lowlands before  the p+op&i goVernmeat authorities should be the outcome of  the public mass meeeting which will de held  in Mercantile  Hall   Tuesday evening.    Some man should be picked who  will be able to lay Creston's "case" before the proper authorities in a logical manner and who can convince  them that  action is necessary.    Creston has a good "case".   There is  so necessity of proving it.    The  *'evidence,>���������those 40,000  acres o! fertilej but sow practically   worthless, lowlands-will  be sufficient to make  the government authorities bring in  a favorable verdict.    AH that is necessary,we believe, is that  he lowlands matter be put before them  properly and then  there will be results.  1  I  \/OU  will  make   no   mistake  I       when you get off the train  If you sign the register at  the  Creston  Hotel.      travelling  men  will  substantiate this.    We  ������  study  the comfort of our guests.  The rooms are well furnished in  a manner up-to-date.  I Oat Guests* -_. .      ,.  I ,  j      Headquarters ior Miflmg ������a������ii,  i Call cAgam j j,^be.rme-t,   Ranchers, Tourists  ! g and Commercials.  PUBLIC  'iliwn  Creston, B. C,  UGR ACT, 59-0  ���������atc^r  0uitar ano Banio smhqs, |  also tDioiin Simbties  mwammmmmmtmm^i^mm^m . ...  . ��������� ���������- :       .      .  ���������  3t tbere ie an^tbina \>ou want in tbe flkusic  %im wbicb we be not atociv we Mil otoetltier  $ou Specially-'  <ST:  Creston  1  ^ROtl w o 1  **  1 -...}���������  Men with capital at their disposal have oftentimes said  in the past that   if the project could be proven feasible to  them they would be glad to  undertake  the   work.    Even  the govemffieiat authorities have said  that if any  concrete  plan,which looks feasible on the face of  it, were put before  them, they weald go ahead.    Thus it can readily  be seen  that the one udsg to do at this time i*   to get the valley  S-LESsved asd  the entire problem   worked   out.    It this is  mr ������-���������  done ssct the plans look feasible it will be a small matter to  interest either the government or private capital in the work.  If the report is unfavorable the government would undoubt  edly be willing to give the land to the residents under long  or short terms of years as they desired.  41>.<-        "~"   ��������� ������������������".' -���������-."*. "^  1<*^-     ���������44-/���������41",   I.  like to see a favorable report on the reclamation project,  -fait it would be far better for the Valley at large to have the  report even if it is unfavorable at the present time than no  report at all. Lying as the land does now it is worthless.  Reclaimed it will be worth millions. With an unfavorable  report on the proposed reclainiing,the land would be turned  over to persons in some legal manner and then the status of  the residents would be determined. Just now the valley land  is probably the cause of more bad feeling than any one thing.  The ranchers who go there for hay during the summer  months are continually fighting over the different cutting  places. One citizen made the remark the other day that if  *thi_i scrapping keeps up year after year somebo dy will get  Editor of 'The Reyiew  As the time has bow come when the  petitions for Municipalization   ate to  be presented to the people for  their  endorsation, in order that a little more  light be given on the subject,   permit j  me If you will, to show tangible evidence why every x*ate payer in Creston  town should sign the petition. I think  these lines will prove'to you that if we  were municipally governed we would  be at  least   $2,250 ahead  financially  speaking.   I understand approximately $2,000 ia water rates are  collected  each yeai*, and that the hotels jointly  pay ������200 of this amount.   It will be  seen they are paying the interest on  $4000 at 5 per cent and have no fire  protection and as a consequence they  will have still about .$300 more prern-  A m&jariiy of the residents ia the Creston Valley would iu������as to pay than they would if they  I had proper fire protection, or in other  words they are I believe, paying at  least $350. each year into the Waterworks, and Insurance "generosity"  fund, and the rest of the people ar������ doing likewise, that is to say, in all $2000  water rates $1000 extra insurance premiums making a total of $3000, whereas $10,000 spent in a proper water  system if municipally owned, would  cost the people hut $500 interest and  $250 principal or a total of $750, per  year, thus ejecting a saving of $2250,  per year. If you are not prejudiced  against light and knowledge those  figures should convince you.  So many are the  advantages attributed to us by nature i/uj-t I scarcely  know which to touch on,  ������    I    , ,   , !-_��������������������� T*16 City of Calgary has an electric  a noie Dorea through him \    If conditions are going to rise energy of 2000h. P. This power lights  SECTION 40  Jan, 11, 1912, J   NOTIC is hereby given that on the  Twenty-sixth day  of February next,  &  Transfer, Livery and Feed Stables  (Best equipped Livery in Town)  I All class of TURNOUTS supplied at short notice.   The latest etytee. of  ... ,      .    i$   ^ _������������������      ,^ ���������oTT^������T.TXi;������a ���������*������-. gain and hire.    Saddle and pack bo.___.ei  1012, application wiU be made to tne ,g Our-SS- and BUwvr-*" -o- s���������a suum. .                         _           - y.  Superintendent of Provincial Police for : ������w _. ^^^'uV^ w.������������_, n������     - n.nW^ <-___  i$ ������,    ,,���������������������������,.        a������.fi������t for the McLaughlin Manig. Oo.      ttorsea xor saie  the sale of liquor by retai] in and upon : g Feed for sale.       Agent ior cue             b                 9  the premises known as   the   Burton  Hotel, situate at Creston, British   Co-, 3,   ������������������ ^      -    ^^^ pT(jmpfc attetltlori  -ft.  m.   -  ft.''*/  luinbia from  "William R, Burfcon to  the Creston Trading Company X-inut-  ed,  Dated this 18th day of January, 1912.  William H. Burton,  Holder of License,  The Creston Trading Co., Ltd.  Applicant for transfer.  Per W. H. Johnston,  Manager.  1 I am prepared to fill allorder?. both by wire and mail, and meet aU:trai������? g  I at any hour of the day or nigbt. Commercial men and landseskers; ������i������ ��������� ��������� j.-  ** receive prompt'attention .    ���������'      :      .1        w  ;!.b_ '! A __^/S.'^^ _^_;jl���������t_s:^^������-^_>_4.(^  i\/ir-^i mrriiri ill. \:^\.'\j:%j  *_. tm _.  TI _-_���������_.     1 A  TO Ph one 56  H  Sirdar Avenue  Bos 14  ������ i  *!e^ ~ 5  _r^  # A ' l\l    /\    *   81   LV   |\j  Ur tu  M  ������L  \ta-> JS__  ���������Holler skating every afternoon and  evening at the auditorium.  SIR EDMUND VVALK-tR,. C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., PRESIDENT  ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager  On Wednesday evening, January  10th, Mr. Bunce and Mr. Brown gave  the members and a number of. friends  of the W. C. T, U. a sleighride out to  Canyon . City, to the home of Mrs.  Knott where . the January meeting  w-is held. A goodly number were  present to hear Miss E by'a interesting  address on Tbe World's Missionary  Work. One new member was received. At the close of the meeting refreshments were served and "all enjoyed a social hour. The next meeting will he held at the home of Mrs.  Henderson, Wednesday, February 14  at 3:30 p.m.  ������������������>*  to that height it would be far better to have an unfavoroble  report at this time than no report and no action whatsoever.  Again we say, this is the time for the residents to get  this report.    The whole of Tuesday evening could easily be  taken up with  discussions on the engineering side of the  question and upon leaving the room each one would still be  holding to his private opinion and there would be no results.  But if the residents iu public mass me .ting can formulate  some plan by which the reel ma tion scheme is given a thor'  ; o.ugh investigation they will be doing something  material.  Now is the time to do this; not next year or the year after.  CAPITAL, - $10,000;0q0  MONEY  i^jB-STT, .^-;r~^B&oC_Nil^KX-^--'  '% .���������** $. ^y*? - v.  a^-#--  The Money Orders cf The Canadian Bank of Commerce are.;a,, safe.  convenient and economical method of remitting small -sums of money.  They are payable without charg-e -at every branch of-a chartered bank* ir������  Canada (except in the Yukon Territory) and in ..the. principal,, cities of  the United States. r  The Orders and full information regarding-thcrn may fcc cbissned  on application at the Bank.       .'. :;   l;:y    .:. .s.^  In the event of loss of a Money Order the Bank will, on receipt -of  a satisfactory guarantee, make arrangements to refund the _;_.:--uat'.-:6f  the lost Order. , a?32  TERCY ?B. FOWLER manager, Creston Brunch  ' ���������Wanted to pnrohnst.���������White Wyn-  dotto or Buff Orpiagton Pullets. Apply  at The Review Office. 22-tf  One of the tricks of the English language led us last  week to make a statement which some people have misconstrued. We are gratified over the mistake to some extent  because it gives us another opportunity to diseuss editorially  the choice of the Farmers' Institute of W.A.Pease as its  leader for 191a. One of the phrases in the article dealing  with the annual meeting led some to infer 'hat the Institute  llKU CUIIVtt-i-CU Luc iiclu *-uu being u-iabl*_ lO &<_i 5Gl'i-C_.--C else  took Mr.P<?������*e.    Nothing was further from the facts.    Mr.  Pease tried in every  way to "steer" the honors upon some  of M������ colleatrue* but they would not have it so.    Xiiere is no  doubt but that   he was the choice of the entire meeting.  the City, supplies power for factories,  and $7 miles of Electric railway and  their   water-works   (gravity   system)  provides tho lowest insurance rate of  any city in the Dominion of Canada,  The City of Calgary has made $125,000  out of her Electric Power, but they say  we are a one horse town, yes I sec  that, wo  might havo our   homes lit |  with electricity, our houses warmed,  our flour gronnd.our applo boxes man-  ufactnrod, tomatoo crates, etc., but wo  people are of such a gonorous natuvo  wo profor to give onr God given heritage to tho greedy grafter who is in  secret digging: a BUbterriinoan cavern  with a hope that* w* may fall a proy to  his diabolical strategy.   Yob, tho voice  Is Jacobs hot tbo hands aro tho hand,  of Esaw.   Indecision, has ruined many  a man and so has procrastination, and  It appears to mo that It wo lot this  chanco Hlip wo aro making a groat mistake.   Tho   Honorahlo Price  Ellison,  Minister of Finance and  agriculture  for British Columbia, said to mo "why  Joseph Talerico, one of the old tim-1  ers of Creston was fined $25 Monday  by Magistrate Young on the direct  charge of having property which  should have heen on the right-of-way  of the O. P. R. scattered about the  buildings of his ranch. Talerico did  not plead guilty to theft of the goods  but they were'found on his own pro-  perty and the fine was imposed. Ho  was arrested by C.P. It. detective Ashman and Constable Gunn.  fl  Miss Reba Hurry, of'Nelson, is visi-  ing at the home cf hoi brother. G_ t  Hurry, of Canyon City.  MADAM LAVAg.'S  Cotton Root Compound Tablets  a. s-aaAa-iB bkopj-atois ,  These Fills five compounded-with the creates!;  care from the most reliable remedies knovyti to> .  science; such a- are being used with much success  by the moat celebrated physicians known.    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ISfc,  xiii'n tun nnuciPtir, onur^jr 1111.44144^44,1.44^   4JW44J.,   ,4.;i.,   .,,., ,i4ij������.^4, j^^t^*.,,., ....������ ...v_m-������  nvBtpmnnrn invlToralwl; nil drn.in3 cnano���������no moxn vital wasto troni tho aystem.  You fool yourself a mnntwt know mttrrlnrro caunob bo a talluro. Don't let quMl-t  and fakir- rob you ot your- liard oaiiiod Uollars. ,  S3T NO NAMES USED WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT  THREATENED WBTH PARALYSIS  rotor K. SummAi-a rolatON bin expeWonaa:  ^ "IwaatroubWdwltb Norvoua Mobility  fof many your* ���������  Ilaylt to liulttwotlon   i  nnd oxccnstiR. in youtli.   t boonnm vory  I  (lodponctotttinnd didn't cure, whether i f  <t*1  ���������CPORC '  clortponclotatnnd clldn't euro \vhi;thor I  worltod or not,   X imttRlnou ovoryl-'oily  who looked alt* mo uuouand my nocrot.  .Imnptlaatlvo'nromna at rilRhb woaltonnd  J mo���������my- baok wjb-u, hud pulun iu tho  'Uncleof my bond, bondoand fee. wero  cold, tired in tho morutni?, yoor anpolKo,  iliifjurii woro nholcy* eyos ulurrcd,.: iiMr  Iooho, memory poor, oto.  NumbntiaBtn  tho finders net. (nana tho aootov told mo  bo feared paralyeln.  I took all, Ithuls oC  moillolncit  r\iul   tried  vniu.y iirf.i-cmca  , phynlclima, wotti im olootvls boltforthreQ i  'itioni.lin,   but roeolved lUtlo bonollt, y  <_���������*���������������  AinrCN TNCATMfNT  B, ,1, Thompson'who has boon loiut  _i    i_r���������������i/.inniifv9   * n���������i-l Ing polos along tho C. P, H.  tracks In  do vou not get a Municipality!'   l aim:,    ������ ' n  " y      '   ��������� i,iA���������A���������*irt,������n������ wmiiri  thovlolnityof Siwlap an Duck Crook  you f tho Honorahlo gentlemen would /      ,, , .,       ,   />.���������  thus advise um if  ho did not real i/,o  has transferred hl������ operations to Ores-  what ho was doing, knowing   us lio'fcon,   Hia loading crow waa   working  011I v docs the conditions of every mu- \ along tho path loading ovor tho tracks  i(;il>allty Iu BrltluhColumbiiMiH among | noM, thw H|at,lon,  other thlngt* t.blH l������ bin biiHiiums, ami  thoro i- no oilier uiiin hi the  provhico  belter qualified to ad vino than Im. ,;,.._,,, r-^���������A_v������--__. #y_������ H/f__*.  ������������l������ Muclclpallty and with It freedom gleCtrlC|Mk������r for Men  Tho pott-ion wilt nhoilly bo pi .Henna   ������ "^K*"^"* *n u_ propel tension i reitorcs  for your tiignaturo, i ^'skiiMS 'i-v������Yed* sTsn-s." "rh������������pl������o������ol"Will i w uiu. ivk.i>i  Yours tnrfy. ^kVsZd?o������:nWyVn_dri;r IUfe-StA__%   LlHUtef^sMN*  T. M. ICdiuoudHOi.,   ire^tt.O������-bK.liiM������Onli������ ,^l|Q_V-_--n-_-_---^^  ��������� -��������� , .444J444I...., ."II. ,Vk������4,4U       ....._       "--M -���������. W,  . K tb,;''tm,:nt VconniMly, thoimh I hnd lost nil fall.fi In  dootorn. I/tltondrownlnnrinrm I commwintvl tho Niiw MrTiion TnicitMitNT nnd fb  Bavod my lifo. Tho hnprovomonli wtw 1H:������ manrlo���������I could fool tho vlpror (Winn; tlirourit  tiionorvo-. lwuMciir.a-uuiit_ltytUidliiO'<~(;aily. lliuvo _cub thoui utuMy ^uliouW  and oonUnuoto do h<i.  CURES GUARANTEED OR NO PAY  .. W_ treat and curaJITAWCOSB Vm?k NEnyOUa WnitrTY, PLOOO AND  UR^JAUY COMPLAINTS. K10NEV AND DLADD-Jl OI-EA9ES *u4 ������J110-m������mmi  tweuliar to M������n.  |4V44UI44U   ������V tTIVIl*  _   CONSULTATION FREE.  BOOKS FREE.  If un.ll. toc������llwrlt.foraQa������iU_ti  Qlsnk lor lloma Tr__tm-nt,  Cor. Michigan Ave. ana unswoid M., uctroit, Mich.  niiJiMWWin*.! KS ffVS1 U tf* RJ" A11 - -Ucr-n f roni Canada must be addressc-t  Bj|a"^ragj 0 - ta tS������ to our Gvnaditiu Cc>4i-.���������ix������ul_uc_ I������������iMirt-  \mT*mWS'     am , ifnnwwmiwiiin     ment In windnot, Ont.   If you desire to  see uh personally call nt our Metllcnl .JuHtiiute in t>etrojt as we aee and treat  .,_  .....-f_.-.���������-   i^  ,..,-  iirj,���������i4.>..4.   ^rr���������.-.������.-���������  ������-,.1,1^1,   n������*.  /*..  /������.,_-._-,������.���������ji��������������������������� -_._  ^. .- #l   ������..**���������   .... *   ,^    .....      ,  *   ���������    . \,...   .   ���������    V    ; J^.'.,,. ������ ...���������.(��������� .,..,*  V   _1������M.M_4V_.444.������        ������*.*      ^*��������� 44._#1J ��������� 44.      l������,4t-1 ���������,������.. 4.      ���������.���������1������4* A .1 *���������! ..44. M _       4..11       1.4U.M      a.      __.1f*_i_.*���������  H laboratory for CnnnfUnn btinltieiut only.    Addrenn alt letters aa fbilowa: H _  DR3. KENNEDY & KENNEDY, Windsor. 0������i|������  J  1  FXT-Mlt*.  th -tim*���������i-w*j fijg^Si f^i  m.^r^TmtimSJmm,  i-E-Tftsasy'S'wiWM-WB  f^^Hj^ ?HE   CBE8XCXN    REVIEW,    CRESEON,    B. 0.  K\l VOIin i \ unr  Ff] MCI VI!  Authorities Are Rounding  Up All Hobos; Sending ,  Them To-Jaii  lessors here.   Are your home and  buildings protected? * If not see me at once.  LOWMNBERiB  CRESTON,   B.C. P O. Box 33  fl'he     -work of clearing    Creston oi  XXOukjo    ciiiu.   jmBTbOlxb    vvi-O    in     -������������_    vj-->  of the law are    considered  vagrants  ���������    .?.. ..;   jit.,..  went merrily on  thi3    -week and. six  men of this type were taken to the  Nelson jail' 'this -week by Con-table  Gunn. They -will serve-time variou-  slyvfrom a month to three months  at. hard labor.  piace, iockeo.    the ���������door,  and  Constable Gunn,    Clark and two men  Graham Setts and J. Burns -were ta-  "len to the    station io    await     the  hearing.  In his own defense, Clark, who was  only charged "With being a vagrant,  said that he had been working in  Vancouver and New Westminster and  had been led by Vancouver papers to  believe that the Crow country was  booming aud that -here was p������en-y  pf work in tho pass, he spent his  money getting into this country and  then found that conditions were, not  exactly as had been protrayed. The  [.result was that he had to beat his  way out. He showed photographs  of his wife and family and this along  with his straightforward story got  him his discharge. Betts was given  60 days in .ail, a-id Burns, who says  his home was in Hamilton, Ontario,  mi iMEil GflMK  Ou   ni 6 u   uunuu  COMPLETE  a-  a  r  r  i  An-Ena.  ������--__A_B___,__..____      I        i  |  ������?1 -tS-.saSS ������  Monday seemed to be the  day for  the gathering of the clans and by the ; was given 30 days  ������������___������ a, __>*!** .-s-^ -���������*���������  ^EpJVESDAYfFEB. 14, 1912  >fe&s*^_^ii  '.;;-wFwim^  ���������j, .-:-.\_  .���������_-,>   ������ ��������� ���������*���������*��������� -   ry -.* ! wants'to see it when  tho fruit trees  Samuel Greaves of Boissevain, Manitoba, who spent a couple of weeks  in Creston Last month visiting Mrs.  Joseph Wilson returned from <- the  Goast Monday and left Creston Wednesday for his home. Mr. Greaves  says that the next time lie visits Creston it shall be in the summer, time as  he is, much-taken with the Valley and  next morning there were seven vagrants reposing in the police station.  There was a wholesale hearing of  tales of woe, and why "I am not at  work", on Tuesday morning, ." but  in one Cass. This pne was deserving in the opinion of all present at  the hearing but the others could not  put the ring of truth in their stories and were sentenced.  ���������\!.IIS  HxSt HiSil   DroUgii-   up   I03T   ���������&C���������?^-'  ing was George McNabb, no address,  who had made a nuisance of himself  through his  general     begging *"' and  drunkenness  and.was  given 30  days]  to think it over. '   y.   . ���������  C. A. Clark, who gave New - Wesfr  minster as his last address, but who  has a wife and family- in the states  was next called. xie aaa  ���������u up _n t/he -���������  R. which had been broken into early  Monday evening by two other hoboesV  When Frank Romano, section foreman for the C.P.R. came to the tahk  house Tuesday morning he found the  -r��������� -   -t J     ���������.-_J_     .%4.������V_  REFRESHMENTS  FREE  are covered-with fruit and foliage.'  Her  says Orestou   is the warmest   section  of British Columbia in the winter,  The next two called' for hearings  were ���������'prize" had men. John Mc-  Lieod, 'who gave his home as Maxwell, Ont., had been ejected from both  the Creston and Burton hotels on  Tuesday because of the disturbance  he was raising and had been warned  by Constable Gunn on two occasions  to be careful in his actions. He  tried to pick a quarrel in the new  Grady store and was arrested. His  sentence wtic, three'months at     hard  H.r;oi'.  H. E. Hamilton,  who last worked  in San Francisco, was the other bad  man.     He   claimed to be     the best  shot in the Kootenay country attd it  was     his shooting    proclivities that  got    him into trouble.  On   Monday  afternoon he managed to get hold of  a rifle and then turned loose shooting bottles, cans and everything   in  sight to prove that   he Was    handy  with the gun.     The    bullets   began  flying a trifle too thick for some of  the residents and Constable Gunn arrested     him.       He was given     two  months at hard labor. -:  (Continued from page I)  sive repairs must.be made.  Speaking more particularly of, the  Yale road,  the highway  over  which  thousands of American tourists , will  bs comiii0' to Osna-da    this rtnwrn*sr:  Mr. Kerr called the attention to the  necessity of    laying a bard   surface  pavement over this road from  .New.  Westminster .to Blaine,  Wash.   While  the cost of this might seem   to   be  heavy, when it was considered   that  this work    would be of a" permanent  nature,  and that no repairs for perhaps fifty years, the economy of the  proceeding    was at once     apparent.  The nature     of the    "hard    surface  pavement*' was not specified in   the  resolution.     In replying to the    request of the    deputation,     the Hon.  Thomas Taylor dwelt at some length  on the work accomplished by his de^  partment on    the Yale road   during  the past twelve months.     He stated  that his department was now in    a  position to proceed with this improV-  ment  with more    diligence  on     account of the" establishment'  of three  stone bunkers,  one at Sullivan Sta  ll  I  I  Sow Barns5 Fertilisers  And Reap Dollars. .,  I  'I'  !  i  New  Pamphlet which Is, j  fall of useful iafonsatio-s.   ������.  -ior Fruifc Growers, etc.  Py gytiMS _4 00-  :   LlmitAd  CRESTON ���������    -      B.C.  Head Office  CALGARY; VANCOUVER;    EDMONTON.  g      Showing all the "&&& iJatesfi  I      Fashions    in. i;.I_adies* _ hats,  Trimtningsv Flowers,kflibbon_.  We. have also a large stock of  Children's   Wearing   Apparel,  : for the Fall and Winter seasons  II"  l*l-������:-V_T%! IM������  tion, one at Cloverdaie and the third  at Langiey.     The -canister also   is-.11 :Jfl_"jp^.    fl?VOUINU 1  stanles which  usually hold the  lock,  in place lying p,n the ground' and the.  TUG   DStCii   oi.   i������i-ouiA.^o    "*"^   WW���������.-���������  ~������-s sleeping in the Hoiise.  to.. Nelson Tuesday axternocii.  ������3  He at  once called Station Master lleidV ah"!  '���������'������������������ ������������������ ���������'-: '  .  '������������������'".���������..���������������������������.       '���������������������������������������������   ���������.-;.-.. :...-fi;.-.,  the two put the     staples back into j  hree mev , ������%^ gQ Van's Femafe  - A reliable French regulator; never fails. ^Chese-  pills arc exceedingly nowerful in regulating the  generative portion of the female system. Kefuse  all cheap imitatioris.   Dr. de Van1* are sold at  v85a box, or three forSlO. .Mailed to any address.  Tha Scobell Drug Co., St. Cat__������rlne������, O^xt.  timated that the department would  pay particular attention to the trunk.  roads of the Jsroyince this year leaving to the municipalities the care of  the feeders of these highways, without wholly withdrawing the. support  given in the past to these . cross  roads.  Mr.. Taylor promised that he' would  look carefully " into; 5 the - advisability.  of putting down   hard   pavement as J |    ,..  y       .     .WhoSesaS������ !  |   _ Fr^Yfeiqfl-H_yP^������.c!?������,.,fr"lt  I^^Bf.-SON'?-^'^^   v   B.C.  Scobell*s Liquor, T������_-*������x������  jkm^i Drucp Cure MiTt-������ *za icr  Sto^^ktetesic������ttor^^-u^^a..���������������  Statfte^e E Ho.  suggested by the Canadian. Highway  Association, t and that as the scheme   J4.S.  -Jl��������� ���������. ��������� AI't.���������.        %.���������.        W.T^4.������.��������� fl  bad    his  consider it favorably;  ���������  i  i.  Ve afe preparing to order nenjo tines o  Do you want  ���������*>_,-  l_et 'tis know now what you are likely to need during the coming months and w������ will ������  it for you now and when you want it we   will be prepared to give it to you at once  TIKES  . We eaoect to offer you the best that can be obtained anywhere during the year 1912.    You can assist us at this time by letting us.know what styles of paper you uae.  1 flfi- person has his or her own idea concerning what is best in letter head and envelope lines.    A neat   letter head for your business whether it be as  merchant,  rancher  or lumberman is always an advertisement of that business. Then maybe we can interest you in something else   for we print  ''������������������fes*  Billheads, Statements and Manifests  Posters,  Dodgers and Placards,  Business and Visiting Cards,  Menu Cards and Bills of Fare,  v  Circulars and Announcements,  Counter Pads  and Shipping Tags  In fact you can get practically anything you want in the printing line at the office of  ,-S������<. ISBESSik BS5(_ niSSSht  ������������������%imm^jr        _.-..������  HHI^" Wm\ flwi mm  B59H     XBB  wEb  I  ms������  ���������i  1 mi *vm*mm mt*i������ii>m+* *,<***  JHHHHfflfflJJ  iMaa^iiaa.-wa'iit.'Bitaft  CTgff_ffi^-Bffr_jlTTE!B-BErr^P!_j^-?^[^^^PTlT  Ji EJJjgWjJjffBfflBH  i-.iMl.nlM-i-mi-Uim _iMUU__  VmWmMmWSm H������������������ 4  SKSa r  THE   CRESTON    BEVIEW,    CRESTON,    B. C.  THE  CALGARY  SHOPS  Cured by Lydia .&. Finkhanrs  Vegetable Compound  Morten's Gap, Kentucky.-='������I snf.  fered two years with female diaorders,-  P^^S-__P^g_l^my health was very   ~_^|^^^^ibad and I   had   a  g--c--.;5__r^"' "^BJ-^acoptJnv-al backache  Kgssf slilpgwhieh   was  simply  l^SSk *-& HSRawful. I could not  fef? ^ ^^stand on my feet  i.-.-w.-A v* 'fggalcRg enough to cook  >^pl|a meal's victuals  /*&j$jwit.hout my back  "nearly killing me,  ,and I would have  i- 7/7 ///������ // {such dragging sen-  l/lf ff/l I 'sations I could  \f" W'Y fl fharrilv bear it. I  had soreness in each side, could not  stand tdght clothing, and was irregular.  I was completely run down. Ou advice I took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and Liver Pills and  am enjoying good health. It is now  more than two years and I have not  had an ache or pain since I do all my  own work, washing and everything,  and never have the backache any more.  l think your medicine is grand and I  praise it to all my neighbors. If you  think my testimony wiU help others  vou may publish it."���������Mrs. Ollie  SVoovax.v, "Morton's Gap, Kentucky.  Backache is a symptom of organic  weakness or derangement. If you  have backache., don't neglect it. To  get permanent relielf you must reach  the root of the trouble.   ^Nothing we  _-n/\TB- r\f* Tsrvll   els\ 4-Viic, o/>  ���������,^^.������alxr a������  T .m3tet  I���������U.S  ,r     V���������      .....    ������������������������'    V44.U    UW    VUAVAJ    WM*   4.JV44���������  E. Pinkhftiiu'is Coiupouiid.  Write to Sirs. PiiiM-&__-, at  Lynn, it lass., for specie,! advice.  Your letter -will be absolutely  Co-.ficien.tial, a������d the advice free.  She Didn't  Jrrsrriense   Railway Shops to  be  BuHt  by C.P.R. to Handle Work'on  Western Division  Canadian Pacific Railway officials  state that now that the contract for I  the Company's new Calgary shops has I  been let a statement will soon be made  as to just what will constititue the  new car repairing plant. It is of  course, known that the shops will occupy an area of 130 acres of land, and  will employ about 5000 employees but  other than the shops will resemble  those of the Company at Montreal, no  official statement has vet been made'  as to the buildings to be erected. It  Is probable, however, that there will  be at least twenty buildings, including freight, car. passenger car. and  locomotive repairing shops. The locomotive shop, will alone it is said,  cover six acres of land.  The machinery which will be installed in the new shops will be of the  very latest design and the tool equipment will be very complete.  The Angus shops at Montreal are  equipped to provide for repairs to  the Company's roiiiug stock on the  lines east of Winnipeg, including some  500 locomotives, and to construct new  cars and locomotives for the entire  service. These shops turn out an entire new train every day. The shops  at Calgary are intended by the C.P.R.  to provide for the repairs to equipment on its Western lines. That they  will have plenty of work to do is evidenced from the fact that thG Canadian Pacific Railway makes it a point  to completely overhaul its rolling  stock at least once a year. The company does this in order that its equipment may always be in the best possible state of efficiency, a few years  ago the Angus shops at Montreal and  the shops at Winnipeg were sufficient  for this work but the C.P.T-.'s equipment has increased so greatly within  the last few years, that the Calgary  shoos are a necessity.  The following table shows the additions made to the C.P.R.'s equipment sines  1SS6:  18SR  Energy Saved  "Are you going to start a garden  next, year?"  "I am not," replied the luckles?  amateur. "Next year, instead o* burying good stuff, I'm going to eat it."  The Foe of Indigestion.���������Indigestion is a common ailment and few are  free from it. It Is a most distressing  complaint and often the suffering attending it is most severe. The very  best remedy is Parmeiee's Vegetable  Pills taken according to directions.  They rectify the irregular action of.]  the stomach and restore healthy action. For many years they have.; been  a standard remedy for dyspepsia and  indigestion and are highly esteemed  for their qualities.  A Baltimore lawyer had an office  boy who was given to telling in other  offices what happened in that of his  chief. The lawyer found it necessary  to discharge him, but. thinking to I  keep him from a similar fault in the  future, he counselled the boy wisely  on his   departure.  "Willie, you must never hear anything that is said in the office," he  said. "Do what you are told but turn  a deaf ear to conversation that does  not include you."  A happy inspiration! He would see  that the - stenographer learned the  same lesson, in passing, so, turning  to her, he said:  "Miss Brown did you hear what I  "No, sir," she returned promptly.  Locomotives   1st aud 2nd class passenger cars and colonist and  baggage   cars   First Class sleeping and  dining ears   Parlor, official and paymaster's  cars...    ......'  Freight    cars    and cattle  372  i.ui  1639  304    1757  4?  311  63  irs.  S.253 50,S63  mrfh-TT w  ������4 _il  CIV  g    * ma  a a in  Mother  has  Trouble   Enough,  Child!  "Ma, this egg is bad."  "That's all right, you eat it anyhow.  Do you suppose I am going to pay  forty cents a dozen for eggs and have  them  wasted."  TO  CURE  A  COLD  IN   ONE   DAY  Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine  Tablets,     urugtriats  refund  money   it it  fails  to cure.    E. W. GROVE'S signature Is on  each,   box.     25c.  "Did you ever play in Hamlet?" inquired a theatrical manager of a recent acquisition to his company.  "Ever!" exclaimed the newcomer.  "Why. I've played in every hamlet  between  here  and  Niobrara,  Nebras-  Minard's liniment cures garget In oovwa  "Now." said the warden to the- for-  ger, who had just arrived at the  prison, "we'll set you to work. What  can you do best?"  practice on your signature, I'll  your official papers for you."  sign  A Passkey  "Do you know of any good remedy  for a dealock?"  "I should suggest a key to the situation."  Minard's  Llnirrtant  Cures  Diphtheria.  The poor imitate the rich and get  poorer; the rich imitate the poor and  get richer.���������New York Press.  IITTII.  ������JAD������ff?C  __.lill_-_t  ffUftlUi-n-i  ������������W    TOBY 11  ONE TIRED WOMAN AND ONE LITTLE OVEN  Mr,  fo.u. have probably been there yourself���������perhaps are right now.  Bright women all over Canada are getting away from this. They welcome ������-lOOf>3������_.Y;S SSSOUiTS as a most acceptable substitute for  their own. bread and biscuits.  ���������ilV'S  H-M  aro the crispest, creamiest crackers made. Better still,  are baked in Winnipeg ; right at your very door* They  come to you fresh as the product of your own oven.  You C0:U have'them in air-tight packages  or sealed tins as you prefer.  n'ABin   ii*  Tn' the treatment of summer complaint the most effective remedy that  can be used is Dr. J. D. Kellogg's  Dysentery Cordial. It is a standard  preparation and many people employ  it in preference to other preparations.  It is a hlffhly concentrated medicine  and its sedative and curative qualities  are beyond question. It has been a  popular medicine for many years and  thousands can attest Its superior  qualities in overcoming dysentery and  ivliiurGu. complaints.  "How's  your  brother?"  "Not very well. He was playing  with another little boy, seeing who  could lean the farthest out of the  window, and ho won."  The Silent Father  "I'll bet that man Is the father of  Blx or seven  children."  "Why?"  "Because, If ho had less than three  he'd be bragging about thorn."  Your trancls won't get  chapped tills winter  If   you   use   SNAP,  Milking, scouring the separator and  cleaning up the stables, get the dirt aud  grime ground right into the skin.  Coarse noap and hard rubbing only  chap the skin, SNAP cleans and  purines because antiseptic���������get- out the  dirt without hard  rubbing, and ia  soothing and healing  to the skin.  '130        15c. a can.  Not Too Old Yet.  Professor���������"Young man, I am _nv-  ������nty-nlno years old and I never smoked a shred of tobacco ln my life."  Student (puffllng cigar)���������"Well, sir,  you're not too old to learn, I assure  you. fiilo learned Crock at the age  Df eighty, you know."  4FTFI. takinc cm phis  4������J4   ���������������������������������*.      A. -44-4,4, ������W     %������l^������     ���������   * T f F. _J*  Bridgeville. N. S.  "For twenty years, I have been  troubled with Kidney and Bladder  Trouble, and have been treated by  many doctors but found little relief.  I had given up all hope of getting  cured when. I tried Gin Pills. Now, I  can say with a happy heart, that I am  cured after using four boxes of GIN  PILLS."  DANIEL  P.   FRASER.  Just think of it! Four boxes of Gin  Pills cured Mr. Fraser���������and he had  suffered for twenty years and he had  been treated by doctors, too. It is just  such cases as his, which prove the  power of Gin Pills to cure Kidney and  Bladder Trouble, Burning Urine,. Suppression or Incontinence of the Urine,  Backache, Rheumatism, Sciatica and  Lumbago. Try Gin Pills on our positive guarantee of a cure or your money  back. 50c. a box, 6 for $2.50. Sample  free If you write National Drug &  Chemical Co. of Canada. Limited,  Dept. N. U��������� Toronto. 93  !T IS THESE THAT BRING WRINKLES  AND   MAKE   WOMEN  LOOK  PREMATURELY  OLD  Almost every woman at the head of  a home meets daily with many little  worries in her household affairs. They  may be too small to notice an hbur  afterwards, but it is these same constant little worries that make so many-  women look prematurely old. Their  effect may be noticed in sick or nervous headaches, fickle appetite, pain  '>Tx the u_Ca Or 5iuc, SauC��������� cG_np_es.cn,  ^UP-  For a Lecture  "The object, of the average explorer  spems to be to acquire enough material for a lecture."  "Yes, that is my wife's aim when  quickly stops coujjhs. cares colds, henls  tit* throat and lungs  Many speculators become bears after they have gone broke as bulls.  TCngland p'^t'OKM"** tnnro diminutive  mil way h than any other country, for  thoro aro snld to he yoveral linen there  that find ono or two loe.omoilvoa fiiif-  flclcnt for th.-lr siiccesKful operation.  Advice In cheap imleHfi one goes 10  ������n  attorney for  It.  ^jp���������ni^-qtmiilVr, ,iey'*'������������"*.'-*1*^-.'"ft������^4'-.������'t'al������>'  jT*^!=!MrM^:^  ������������������fJaw-*^*  Two Clever Statesmen  One crisis ln Lord Palmerton's life  illustrates the absolute good humor  which may prevail even when political  enmity is at its worst. Lord Derby  had made an attack upon him in the  Upper House with such energy and  eloquence that the odds against him  seemed overwhelming. But he defended himself and his policy from  tho dusk of one day to the dawn of another which such tact, dexterity and  force of appeal to the national sense  of honor that he was acquitted of all  blame by a majority of fourscore.  Next, day in passing through the  corridor leading from the ante-room  to the Upper House one swing door  opened to his hand aud at tha.same  moment the other to that of Lord  Derby. They were opponents, but  they were also manly and sweot-na-  iured men.    They smiled.  "I was .iupt thinking," said Palmer-  ton, "what clever fellow he was who  bo nearly put me in a hole."  "Ah." was the rejoinder, "hut nothing HUe the cleverness of tho fellow  who   got  you  out of it!"  The Chicago Flro could have been  prevented with one pnil of water, hut.  the water was not handy. Keep a  hottle of T-Uimllns Wizard Oil handy  nnd prevent the fiory pains of inflammation,  Seven Miles Down,  A trnveliinn instil who drove acrona  ��������� he country to a little town in Western Kansas, the. other day, met. a farmer hauling a wagon-load of water.  "Whore do you get. water?" he nak-  .il.  "Up tho rond about bcvqu miles,"  the farmer replied.  "And do you haul water seven mllea  tor your family and r.tock?"  "Yi-p."  "Why In the name of rteniiR di.n't  you  dig n  well?" nuked   the traveller.  "Because lt'n Junt an fnr one way as  tho other, atrangor."���������Argonaut.  23 cants.  Teacher���������"Billy, can you tell the the  difference between caution and cowardice?"  and the coming or wrinkles, which ��������� Billy���������-"Yes, raa'atn. When you're  every woman dreads. To those thus {afraid yourself than that's caution;  afflicted Dr. Williams' Pink Pills'of- but when the other fellow's afraid,  fer a speedy and certain cure, a res-{that's cowardice,"  toration of color to the cheeks, brightness to the eye, a healthy appetite  and a sense of freedom from weariness.  Among the thousands of Canadian  women who have found new health  and new strength through the use of  Dr. Williams* Pink Pills is Mrs. W.  C. Daerr, London, Ont., who    says:  "About two years ago I found myself  so badly run  down that it was  almost Impossible to perform my household duties.    I fell off in flesh, was  weak and very pale, had no appetite,  feet constantly cold', and to further  make my life miserable I was afflicted  with  those  other allmentB from  which so many women suffer.   1 tried  many kinds of medicine, but got no  benefit, and began to feel that I was  slipping  into  chronic  invalidism.    I  was advised to try Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills,  and although    felt    somewhat  hopeleBS decided to do so.   To my delight,  after  taking  the   Pills   a  few  weeks, I felt much better, and a further UBe ot them brought me back Lo  my  old   time  health.    I  have  since  recommended the Pills to many others,  and those who have used them have  always been benefitted."  Sold by all medicine dealers or by  mall at 50 cents a box or six boxes  for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.  A Bonanza  . First Starving Author.���������-What would  you do, old man, if you could get 5  cents a word for your stuff?  Second    Starving    Author.���������That's  easy.   I'd write a dictionary.  Bleriot has built for Henri Deutsch  de le Meurthe a veritable aerial taxi-  cab. The machine has a body which  looks for all the world like that of a  taxicab.. The passengers enter by a  side door and view the landscape below through mica windows. Pneumatic cushions protect the passengers in  rough landings. The pilot sits in front  of .the machine like a true chaffeur,  and ��������� controls  the machine with  reg-  The devil seldom wastes any time  trying to tempt th������ busy mas.  The Very Simple Boy.  A. rather - simnle-lookinir lad halted  before a blacksmith's shop on his way  home from school and eyed the doings  of the proprietor with much interest;  The brawny ssiith, dissatisned.wltk  the boy's curiosity, held a piece    of  red-hot Iron suddenly under tie young-,/  ster's nose, hoping to make him beat  a hasty retreat.  "If you'll give me half a dollar I'll  lick it." said the lad. '  The smith took from hia pocket hsl.  a dollar and held it out.  The simple-looking youngster took  the coin, licked it, dropped It in his  pocket and slowly walked away whistling.���������Sunday Magazine. "    ?  The most-abused word in the __sg������  iiah ianguage is "guaranteed."  "./���������/ >e ���������,*  li?U!l������r  The  8hah'a Kitchen  Who keeps the costliest kitchen In  the world?    Not, as one might imagine, the American millionaire, but the  Shah of Persia.   The utensils, fittings  and furnishings of tho Shah are naid  to be worth   .-fiRao.OOO.    Every saucepan is guilded innide, and the dishes  appearing  on his table aro of solid  gold,  as  well  as  tho  spoons,   knives  and forkfl, the handles of which aro  bosidos  ornamented    with    precious  Htoueu.    Moreover,  tho  chof,  ln  preparing  dishes  for tho  Shah's table,  must uso nono but sllvor spoonn and  forks, and any dish on which lie puts  cold  viands  to  keep  them  must be  also of sllvor nnd glldod lnnldo.   The  Spanlah royal kitchen Ih nlno nn ox-  ponaivo oRtuhliHhniunl..      Tho    uhiico-  pans In which tho food for tho roynl  table Is propared aro nald to he worth  ;C12,000, while tho value of tho cooking utonslla used for tho royal children I0 put at  .CR.000, every fianeen-n  being Inlaid with gold, on tho ground  of thin being neconaary for tho children's health.  Mimh KUler.���������You fancy yourself  very Hover, I darn nay; hut I could  Kive yon a wrinkle or two.  Minn Younger.���������No douhl you could  ���������and novor mlna them.  ^5EQ^O ilii* * '^jfr'  W. N. U. No. 881  Dud���������"Jamea, where have you been  a!| afternoon?" .lumen,���������"Been look-  ing ut tlm ������������������������������ U:\u-X match tlironrdt a  knot-hole In the fence." Duel-���������"You  have,   have  yuu?     Iii���������-where   l������     that  Hope la tho eluiaj.eiU. and at. Urn  narnn time tho moot proctoum thltiK In  t.fti������-   world.  Ho-- ft-Lil o.-K-hetc  none potal sacheth aro to ho found  ncattoroil among tho lingeries and  llnon of tho dainty girl. She makes  Uiobo dollolous little whiffs of frug-  ranco at homo and hy using litem lib-  orally dlaponBoa with all porl'umoH  and artificial odora.  To inalto thorn, nproad the roue leaven on 11 tray and ox potto thoin to tho  Minllftht or warm air until they are  ���������;������>���������. TI.v... lightly cruir.p'? <V.*n ������.p  unuill In tho hand, and other dry  odorouw Iru'vedlonln mieh ait rvMla  bmhi, oirh' ioot and nand".' wo rl. ,V-  no iv hit of tho ossontlal oil of rowea.  Dace the InNsrodlontH lit v.h'..'..i inns-  11*1   ffk-tt-tp  ftftw-rnrt   with   p'li.c   wi������t\  blHlH.  Tim pe-BlmlBt continually growU for  ) wiiul Iim i'.tt������i mmt At\A -That ha AntM wot.  'm  r fi  n  %  ;.4  ���������) -^*.[*->- tti*at*m*m#m*mi**m*,-������MM  ___**i#it IfllllHl.iiill. liHli iHii 'UlfUUitM-MMHi tMMHtaiiMtitoiiMMMilMi _'*__W NHMMMiM-WMlHMiri)  ftfci_������S#><i(^jj|^  Mgjjffip  ���������-,...,.,. ,rj������4f|MillMi.M-������������*4.<Urllt������li  r\ 11 mmmmmBmmmmmwm Vi;/'i_'.;:.-''rt;'^M*;';^^^^^^  :������.'i.r?'^?vva:������������������.^^1r;f^'!T������?:!^B���������if!il^  _������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������_���������.''''- i   ||-.'V.'f.^..-.-������"t>������g]  jfv.J ���������''  ..si  ���������yi-.-^ti;-:.'-.-  5 a fl & 9 9 ._ B --H* ^4". -'-���������- 5i S-^TS-;'-. - H S- ���������    . ������������������..__.-.. km'   Mf -;.-.-: ���������i _r.  1SMJKU M MlllfW if  A General Inquiry . Will be Made "'by  Board of  Railway  ���������-'-  ���������������������������������������������' -...'���������-'.,'������������������', K-- ".il''J - n'-'''.'i Ci-J.-* ���������;.���������..- - "a~."v"*'-.- ----- ,.1*1 T '[V*'"��������� "r5V' *��������� '���������'V������ .'.'"* -: ���������'J*V;'',,--t'v '*''v.?I ��������� ''^'.Wi-'1''^* -T*.v '. *.'���������*��������� '-���������'-"'ii.-'ri ''.'*'��������� \ ' ���������*?-'^l'-'.'i-^'" .'.������������������..���������-..''."<-" -. ��������� '���������������---..  ��������� ���������',  ���������iWVi;!:-    '     "  t$M%: "~" ~   "  SI.:  ri-fw7J~v;S  yy Ottawa;?Oht.~rOheof ?-h6 most ;iro>  ?-.??Portaht:y?ordbrsy ever ;?issuedy:by;-. the  hostrd ofx railway ^ commi^slbhers #as  ?sade public^ when It was-announced^  ..^St^������V:..-^uS->&lw/i-iQuiFy'i>������Will'.;?b.e  UiiU-'f*'  % taken by-jthe? board intd|^ll-freight  ;���������'?'-toils ������ti eff set ih - the provinces o������;tyiah*.  ^itoba,, Saskatchewan and ; Alherta,? as!  ���������.;;^.ellr';&a;':ln!r^  deluding P,6ft?-lrthur.   Tho order state-}  ...������;    il    14,    ISlOUUU    lu-4,    |,U������     VUU47    V,H04B:  ; ? ed by the ;? railways are excessive :thb.  y T-aiSe; shali^ he��������� yreduced^ais^ the hoard  -;;-V������-a#slae]t������r_nihe^f; The first sitting of  ?;? the*bha-:d ihr connection withy the; in-L  iVyquiry will/ be held at Ottawa :bri? Feb.  ? 13 to consider thei procedure?pn    the  Inquiry;-?In the iriearitime the board  is applying to the minister of justice  to?;?appoiht counsel .1,-.to represent the  public upon the inquiry;   The inquiry  ;';.-. will extend : to' British  Golumbla for  J^,. reason .that -the tolls of the-rall-  ^way companies operating in that pro-  - vince areyalready the subject of Iri-  y nuiry,.upon, the complaints of the.Vati-  i?; c^iver^bbardv of trade and the IJhlted  i::?-^r|������e^s^c|C^-i.berta^?iv.jy;.v.'y- y;;; ?;:???���������  'Th^ "order states ? that many com-  ;;' .plaints.' /have- been made* as. to' the  ' rates charged by ' the railways,: but  ���������; the :.board had: ;delayed taking action  :? imttlf?the'HeginX rate case had?been  ^settled. ���������',;., They Supreme Cc:urt having  - ���������'���������': ordered in cormectior. with the. con-  : sideration of this case that the dis-  ���������;- crimination in favor of points in Mani-  >.'.' toba against points in Saskatchewan  ?��������� and .Alberta / must be ,remoVed by. the  -���������'   reductioti?rof class rates: to points in  ;?the, two; provinces  further west  the  ?    bGard'is -free to undertake -a wider in-  vestigatibii as to the whole Question  ?    ofy^western freight rates.y  t . y      ?!  The order which is signed by His Hon.  :v'g?:8iy J. ?P.*7Mabee, chief commissipner,  '-::v,-s? -a s-Tfbllows :-;V".-  ���������t "Whereas   as   many   general   com-  y plaints and petitions have been inade  ������' ttfli/5tji'e'.;hoard  against  ; the    existing  ;y /height rates charged by the railway  ^ ���������; companies ? operating In Canada west  -,, hee-t-delaying the consideration there  of yuhtll the final determination of "the  :Reglna :-:-rate-;. c&se,;? ? ���������:������������������..::: '���������:-������������������; '??;:���������>  -��������� ?i"-Andi.?;wheres;s;?ihe Shpte-hb Court  of? Canada?on?;the?;feth day; of tkee'em';  her,, ultimo, diamiBsed the ��������� appeal of  the  Canadian ?Pacific  and  Canadian  Northern -RaJJwav ?oompanieB from the  order of the?bbaird^ No,ii2,i50, dated  :the-'10th?������!ay 61 -lieceniher/iflitf, in: the  matter of the applicatioh' of the City  of Reglna (ahave refer?sd.tiO:) Teguir-  Ine the: discrlmlnatipn Mh ^favorv of,  pointB In ;the^vprovirice ^t>.^Mahitbba  aiid ag8inst^p6lnt8;in������t^e1pri������vih  Saskatchewan ? arid Alberta;ytc.VbsHrb-!  moved by^requiring, the���������: class freight  iratesffbtii? Port; Arthur and Fort, William, and - pbiilts^iyeast thereof,-" to the  said points in Saskatchewan and Alberta, ;and? the; said  decision -having?  left ?the  board Tree   to? undertake  a  wider ihoulry. and V    ,  ��������� !     , ' ;  {���������: "Whereas^ as the tolls of the railway  companies operating tn the ^province  of British Columbia are already the  pubject of; ineuiry -by the 'board upon,  the ?Vc6mpiaihts? of the h Vancouver  ?B6ard-of Trade and thb ?;?ltnlted Far-,  mers of Alberta, and ,.  "Whereas, the board. Is empowered  by the act upon its motion .to hear,  and ������������������?��������� determine: any-mattery or^ thing  which, under the act, it might inquire  into, hear and determine, upon" appli-  catibb .r? eompiaint^���������  ?     '   y -y';  ?  "Thereforei it is declared to be advisable that    y>    ,     i  "("IV A general inouiry be at once  undertaken :hy the ;board;, into - all  frei-cht toils in effect-in the?provinces  ofy Manitoba, ?^askat.chevvan..;aod Al-  hertS-, wid'.'iti- the -brovlnce ot Ontario,  --^_1-~* ','������ '-~/5   '"���������������^i,..ss-.!-.;"-ic������^^������-.-''--.*v������.v.i^  WBIt     VI ;��������� ai'.U :. XilCiUUt llij. c-x-AJ* l-     x������i,iiul.  and^Fott: Wllliahiy/with the>vlbw? that  In! the^event of its ?beihar Tdeterrnined  tbat the i said tolls. ?:or any' of them,  are excessive, and the: sam^'phalV be  rednned as t>e bb^rd may determine.  "/2> ^ ysittlhg; ofy-the -boa?rd ?will be  held st th< city 6*_ Ottawa ;6n Tuesday,  the ISfh day of jeepTOary;;.19x2,'?at iO  am. to consider the procedure upon  the said InnuLrv. and fdye directions  with reference thereto.".       C     -    j  ! 'mpmmtfm^iiAiiiti xiJiiii-'tim^imlxij)* !v^"WheV:  ' ���������].'Cv-:Lea_i-{;o^ '���������.'  - tM --l-l|:?5 VT-f ^e^S8aryv:������^.s^i|:^y.)::...  '- ��������������� Par_s^.-;_^aiac'e^^hS^ '  tion hhd';the-;pOsbtbiiity^b^i-^  by the-pbwbrs;i_-?Ohln__;ia'Some-form,  are the absorbing topics of decisiou  '^sfeho^-'^l^iplo'itiat^  ���������ihe ?ieenng^:,h6"weveri:'i0??that-sabt  :OfsbS.Tbbncrbtev:-:na^Kb^:iS^|^  can bei carried "but:.-?'for ?.?tt_8.fir;preseht,  NevbrtheleBs the ppij\tAhas bbbi^taised  infor-bally';in ?;Internati6hal^^attkihg  Circles as to"the?:wisdbm?Tof theTpank*  ing grbups?;and?:thb';pbx:C"^0.^^-ib'  the ^rangemeht of?sbrnb^efinltb ^ug^  gCStloXi '- With   th������ -Idea?' Ol; ?pr������-^:.vi"5  the' ���������r������al..-,interests?'1bf; ^.Chinai?:?'??^'* ?.  :?It is pbinted out" iff 'authbritfttive  circles that the powers? as? such|?are  not able to Intervene ?unlesis.foreign  property in China shbuld^be'-eh^hgr  ered! or attackedv and--..- the?: legaitibhs  should report that the tinie h-^:;&rfiyr  ed���������-'for the'-'powers'-tb'?'s.et..''??.:'?9?.v?C-?'?;���������"'���������'  ?: Banking groups,; however;' larelr in? a  different position for theyftare ? free  from political ������cohsideVatibhs^':'���������"��������� 'The  idea is that the banking combinations  BEST1"*  ..E3Mfoi(������f������.:S   ^cjttfM&fpe  MENT WRE  ���������Show ��������� 'ai^tall^jja^^  ,y' 789,677^.iyi.any;'v'ii'^  ?   Are Given���������-Large Sums for Public  wuiiuiriosra.ngv:utnes~v.?!?8^rovemeHt_'T  ���������;��������� 'in- th������.>raiftef.Pro^  tMM^M  ..^:-k.^-:^..':    .    ,..    EffOrtii_.������m������fld ?Fatf._^_&^^^^  Ottawa, yCmt^tTJib/fiip^t main estimates of the ttevir������������������;: (aoyeranieht' werb  laid oh the table >of the? House by "VV.  T. White, Minister pfvFihanoe. They  show a total'-ap^'i.b*',piatinii ni* S"t4-'--  789,677 as agai5i^$i5^7^63^orT.he  year I9ii-Xa.;.; As', compared With the  total estimates ; p^ese-tted ; to Pariia%  ment "by therelate? ^vbrhmeht ?last:  year, this sho^s a decrease Of *6,289,r  SSI, but as. cbmpared? withV;the? ribaih  estimates brought dbw by Mr, Field-:  ing, tnere Is an "ihciease >of' S10;82(f,-,  I Mr. Fielding's:, main,/bstimatss??tb-  tailed $138;i863,200, to which were subsequently added three?suppie'mentar-  ies aggregating $17^30^80* k? >?:?���������'������������������ ? : C  _.. , ,. . Until   tne   suppiementaries  of   the  of ? Ttussla and Japan might y-_dn!> the^y.;. present Government-are erobght dowh  loh.the?.DrobcMtioni,;;.<^.;i^r-,w^  l^a^i^^a's^iSg/^h^.Brltis^  ment to.approach-thb-twelveicouhtiries  with^ ywhbm.the; United Kiagdorii, has  *TIavoifed >hajiohf* tr^-gcies.faijd.ijt.^;-^ft0_fc  ;t.hatA^e^bh.buld'-agree*tb"Tah;:a  ?merit-'of ?the treaties ;ih?ys^bch? ?a forin  as?:TO-;'??exen.pt ':thG'?sOl_-goverhing,?vj_;0������  h^nibha?_rb_n the^beratibhtb^thb said  ��������� trb-itibi.?;';''7:- ��������� M^fiyk������:f-:^:-M'V?::V ~*!>y *-  .1 ; Itis now announced that the British  ;Fbrag|i^efHcbf;hai^-i^  fact that:.the negotiations.have faile'd  ; of success :and that ?every one: Of the  couhirieS'ihybiHfedyhas declihedlto aci  ?cept thevprbpositioit. Thbre?^ate 12  ?cbuntrie^;ibav\ih,e^^,;U .viz:'���������^Norway,  Sweder-i Denmark^ ' Riififslav':; -Austria-  Hungary, xSpaih, Switzerland, in Europe :? Japan, in Asia; with the? Argentine  Republic, Bojiva^ Columbia, and Vehe-  ?2uela^ in;?iSbutHyAnierica:; y '������������������'. \^"?;.y>-,;?  ? XVhen  Premier  Borden  was  asked  hanking groups* of .Great :Britain  France, Germany' and- 'the v,'tThlted  States in arranging a '-cbhcrbte*plan  for the settlement ,of the Chinese; difficulty which if Chiiia herself" should  be unable to solve her bwnA'destiny  might be submitted to the:conflibtlng  elements and hacked by the :bffer; of  substantial loans in order -stb-yhelp  place. China, on her feet-?'? ?y,. v,���������  'For the?present the idea of ah international banking conference? on the  sublectChas ,not adyanced beypnd? ;ah  .CANAP.IAN   WHEAT   FOR   OULUTH  CHANGE FOW NlANlTOBA fa P������  DOMiNiOw PLAhiS TO EXTEND 2dO  Mounted   f*b!i_e  Wilt-be   Withdrawn  from Area to be Added Sinder  Boundary,Settlement yr  Ottawa,  Ont.-^It is yropbrted here  from an authentic source that plans  are-already'beihg.devised by the? Manitoba Government -for?i:''tbe policing of  the 'hewsterritpry? which ;^he province  jji  ovT������Q/;ted   to   recsivs    ?when    -the  boundary arrangements;are completed, and that the  new :?arrang6ments  -day mean a ??coto������lete readjustment  ���������f the force in Manitoba.   At present  the territory which the province -expects  depends upon the  R.N.W.M.P.  for the. preservation of .lawa.nd order,  hut since Manitoba dispensed With the  services > of -that: force several years  agb,: it Is riot intended that the new  dlatfict"-will be long umler its juris--,  diction, but that: the prbyince?:,Itself  will take over the pblicing of its own  territory clean-through' to the bay. The,  new scheme?has in view, it Is stated,^  tjjo opnoiTitrhent .of A; chmmlssibner.  who will in the added capacity of provincial .coroner,  have .charge  of  investigations connected with the com-  mital of more serious offences, such  as murder, etc, and  the policing of  the pew; territory.    The name which  has been  connected  here, with  that  post is that of Coroner Inglis.  ,  The  -commiPpioher will have an assistant  1 under him.  - It is stated that the policing of the  new territory will involve the appointment of patrols, the work of which  will be much similar to that of the R.  N W. M. P. The office of provincial  chief of polite, it is understood, will  atill be maintained, but hia work wHl,  It Is said, be simply in connection with  the maintaining of general law- and  order in the Bettied parts of the province. ...���������  Preparation?������^Jasper Park Tor Garne  y 'To be Taken up li������ Spring ?:. .'.',"  iSdmontony Altai-���������One  of the first  things which willjbe taken Up in- the;  spring by the Dominion  relative  to  the government pafk8itt Alberta will  be the fencing and improving generally of the property known as Jasper  Park, where ahbther^ buffalo? herdy;is  to  be developed,  and btier,; animals  native to this part" of Canada. are. to.  be-. k9pt.r ';���������?;. ?".;,?;:';:'.".;' y;:^y'';?:'??y;y; ^%;,.,-'-..  ;   There  are now at Banff: a: dozen?  eabh of .elk and moose, which are ?to  be  transferred rto Other - partiB,i; prbb-:  ably withli\ a:-'we.eK or two.   This; has  been made - necessary by the ;rapid increase of these animals.    From-this  the government is "taking; hope? ithat  it will be able to stock its, own parks  hereafter without going;to any further  expenBe in buying big game,   ;y;|T|ie  death rate was so low last year;,and  the-rate of increase- sb encouragitig,  that it is hoped the buffalo herd will  soon have reached a . size, that may  make the Canadian Government "able  t > .sell to? other parks, and finally get,.  back the original lnvestinerit.      ;  I  .   At .present: there are a few more  buffalo across the line which may be  brought oyer to Canada, as the rbund-  up le stili going on.    Latest repbrtB,  however, state that black leg is afflicting the? buffalo  In  Montana  seriously, and no more will be allowed  to conie into Canada until it ia thoroughly determined -whether    or    not  this report is true, arid until the proposed Importations are thoroughly examined, to prevent the spread of that  diBease in the Canadian herds.  Same Rates? Apply as are jit}:F6rc&to  ->>-;./;���������--- To - Canadian Ports; at;A;Kead..:;:;^T'  ?--7 !.: -...'i :0^;^reat Lakes?; -:y:?.yLr;,^H  Minneapolis,     M inri.-r--Cbnsiaerabie'  Ihconyehiehce has been caused iri??the  Canadian prairie provinces: by ? the. inability of the Canadian railroads  to  move the immense crop to;, the Canadian terminals 'atIFort; \Yilliam  and  Port Arthur, owing to the full accumulation . of the storage -' capacity J-;; ojf  these Jake ports.   To. reheve.the. tre-  rnendbus congestion, with; itbebristarit  nairrowing of the.market tO/absOrb the  offerings from the farms, the -Canadian l-To'rtherh road met the? problem  by diverting the. grain to the North-  westerii terminals on this sifis of the  line by establishing the same rate to  Duluth^^and =;Minneanr)Hb:: as ^to; rtPpr^t  AHhUrand Fore:. .Williarii;'���������^ :" ^"^ ;'  y TheyCariadian;Pacific roadhasalso  met this ratb^ and; now ?twb ; oi;; the  great rbilroad systems of yCanada are  preparing? tbypour Canadia^' grain.? into thb terfhinai slevatbrs on? 1_is? Anj-  erlcan side.:'?While the\ jwheafc^itl,/be  stored *iri the ITnited ^States, it" ^ill be.  bonded arid? hot available ih' Sthia.; country ^without. ��������� paying the? 2$ cental per  bushel   dity. :  The   market 'fbr:;?,thiJB  Canadian;, -wheat is no 'broaderp^nit  -owing..'to; the? av-.'iiability of; la-rgbisforT  age capacity.'at Duluth"the grajiiCbon-  rCestioh -in^'CSifis.da--wlii be - s5;*tifV!:J</::/re^  Jieyed. ..The  Duurb; termina's^ySlf:,  luier in tne? session, it Is impossible  to make de'finite'comparison as ber  tween the expenditures for the current year and? they year, which swill  commeiiee on April. 1,'_iext.'   : ;:'?-?E?;  :.  The total of 1912-13 as brought down  Is made up of $104,919,314 on consolidated stock,.and $44,870,372 on capital account-^ as ' agairist"rS109;616;917^  and $46,462,621 respectively -;in 1911-  12, showing decre-tses of r$4,697;812  on consolidated!rreybnue accouhtilarid  Sl,5S)_,at>8 onycapital account.;.'. '?-y':"-^;  The largest decrease ioccurs? In the  public works ? estimates, amounting to?  $4,083,650, ^he?:tb-al^fbr'the^yeat^h-*-  ing ?14,530,380. Under the heading  *bf ��������� arts, agriculture?- ���������ahdi?vstati'ith;s^r  there is a decrebse of ?9t6,00ft- accounted for by thb^absencb o'*, ihts appropriation fbryth^vcerisus       ?       ?  The total for?thb^ear amounts to  ������1,945,600, as? agiiiristyy?2 855V.50 >:': An-  oth^r !arcr'"Q?iv#'r*r���������!������������������������������������'is i^hov^i-t lit -th*3  r\aval Service-coiumn, amounc.2g yO.  $8S5,000.'. The appropriation amounts  to $-.,091,5-J;?'.as."-."cp-npa^^  9)76,500. ?:;The 'principalvdecr^se?;,^  the naval, service vote? is bnb'bf the  $1,340,006:; iriythe item ? Iribludirig the  purchase  and: -mairiteriahcey. of ships  iewsitE������  ^���������??^ii&  ii-lS-  4W.^_U\f.yU<--  0m$m   TOI?*������?IM$ii  Lukb  ij, ?Tl1~C(jmrix  rv.iw  yff~=!2c!������^!ri; ;tfg Ji^C^i;-^]  Wasr fory: th o- greatt -: deUvererS-b*' .cbri.e/v|py:>:;%  "'''    "1"  '   "���������"���������"-'���������"-- ""'"-"'-"'���������";^-^i  whatiwbuld, be- the?policy: of his GoY-  errimerit  iii "this* conhectibnj   he   rs-  .'pM^d:^-1-.-^���������������������������������������������:.;���������;���������::- :::r,.-:y,c' '.'���������:..?  i?''We^wiil :wait;until'we receive the:  official cpriimunicatlon from I,ondon,  arid? wheri we hb,ve"received it. -we will  give it  due  consideration.    So far I  ;havet,ho kpowledge, of the matter, at  all/!!.-'���������-?;>���������:?-���������:-C \^':M^r:*.. ;���������;y -'-t-yy - :;-;���������;, ���������  ���������;;. The effect of the refusal to amend  "the  treaties will simply be that un-  lessE'the^ BrltishT.. Governmerit^ is ..wjlfc,  ihe; to denounce the treaties, Canada  will  still1 he tied;;by. the dead diplo-  nia:ts; ;v -..?;:������ ���������' w-~? '.??":~":?? ������>*������������'>^'���������<?'���������'  y For ihst&nbe; the? treaty ? with: Der&  mark was riegotiated by the Gbvern-  nient of Oliver Cromwell and sev'eral  of^hbiothers >areyal^~ceivturies pld-?iv  .sv:,:,*-::  :<G&T2&FWAfite!A*:&i&h^  Hea-Jst-of RaH^ay'ASk^fbr'^Asststance5  to^Extent of $15,bqO,ubo.y  Ottawa, ,Oht,4-Prbbiderit Charles M.  ���������WQ#a'V^*^'--:-\^?it?'o'^w''^6:trsSfe^ ' nf tt-.a.  -rranuTT.; i runit .f acme, yisitea . Ottawa  rbct9nt.y  on- ;im|j[|^a.u/^^  rhissiori affebtlngy: reiatioris^btv^een  the Grand; Trunk,;pacifici:R^ail^vay|arid  tlie : G^vemrn%rit.'{;The??^M^  nates i_^w "Premier B  T.  White.  Minister  of Finance, &ahd  ppkeep of docks*yaridi ittairiterian^ of j Hon. ^". D: Monkf Ifeiirilster of Public  prof it by this, influx of wh eat  and? t Se.  iie_.u  ui   uie   lttivea   ytwauij    wii.-^ ������nt������ -.������?.  the greatest years in its history for  grain shipments iri the; spring. ?_;.] y  FRIENDLY TO BRITAIIM        4 ���������  WINNIPEG BONSPIEL  FESTIVAL  German CrownyPrince Credited With;  -.?;;?.;��������� r,y->.---'^---y.-Such.:a.-.'Desire._'���������';.-!''-.'.     '^'-������������������������������������i'.-.  Berlin', Germany i-r-^Crbwri-: Prince;  Wllheltn.isiribw credited with a den  sire to emulate the example of his*  father in; cultivating the friendship of  England; .        "'"yy--f:?:"r':;   -    .?:'  y Since- the. future emperor has re-;  turned from Datzig, he has done his  utmost, short of making a publlcVderri-^  oristratlon to make it clear, thatyhis  behavior: during the debate in 'the  ReichBtag last November was not lp-  terided as an anti-British demohfitra-;  tion, but was meant to show: his ob-  posltlon only to certain features ofx  the German foreign policy. "  It is stated that he earnestly wished  to be regarded as a friend to England*  and that he has written to' many  friends In the latter country along  those lines.  Forb-n Roh������rt_on Bonaplel Attraction  '   at the Walker Theatre, Wlnnipeo  ProBpectlvo visitors to Winnipeg for  tho great annual Bousplel fesfivnl ,wUl  he glad to know that a most notable  attraction has been secm'ed by Manager Walker for that week, ThlB attraction In nono other than the famous English actor, Forbes Robertson,  who will present for the first time in  Wti.ui.weg and the for Nbrthwcsot, hia  Kreatost auccosB, "The PasBlng of the  dhlrd Floor Uaok." This Ih tho play  In whloh ho tiaa hold New.Yofk, Loh-  flon and all the othor largo oltioa of  England and Amorlna for two or throw  BoaBoiiB.   it Is a   boautlful   play,   of  mikh the aamo moral topo   an  ���������Thb  1-,-iwn of a To-.uorrow" in which his  brilliant, wife, Gortrudo Blllott, acoroa  bo heavily in Winnlpog la#t soaabn.   ���������  Forbes Hobortflon stands pre-emlh-  ont among both KngllHh and American  natorn In his line to-day. Ho ia a man  of groat culture and unblemished moral character, arid hia histrionic ability  1st that of a genius.  . Ho will hrlyig to Winnipeg exactly  M������������ mmn flno Company whloh nnppart-  ed him in Now York and oltiowhere  anil all th* uconlo equlpi.iont uood In  the Now York ongagouiont.  Othor excellent attraction- will prosed������ and follow Mr. Kobortuon a* ihe  Wttlltor, ������6 tho.-o will bo no doaVth of  hlKh-claua theatrical ontortalnment  for Ihouo who enjoy that form of  RmuMomeint  nun Y������i iivn Vv'iii Lttmo ������(��������� vwn ivi������n  Wan Frt������nolaoo, Callfornla.���������Or. Clun  fat fion, president of the new Chln.iuo  Itopublic, pumoniilly will lead an army  tvf 150.000 mon ajralnat the Manchus  .t  Pekln.    Thin  n-uioupcenvaiit  wan  ,,.44.,. ..������ . *  *4t/.444t,,������,4������44.U       ,*,      ������*       -4_^44.       4*44WM4tfM������4,_       fc W ��������� ��������� 4 ������  "  #4 hy tha CMn������*n Fr*.o 1*r������*n Th*  Ijroopn already mohollKed tit Nanking  wHl htt ii cum of tb������ nttaoklnit army,  Ogllvle   Managing   Director   Reviews  Present Western Situation ���������'  Montreal.-���������Inv reviewipg thb present Western crop situation, F. W.  Thompson, vice-president and managing director of the Ogllvie Flour, Mills  Company, _aid. ���������'',',:������������������  "The total amount of wheat marketed to date exceeds 100,000,000 bush-la.  Tho bulk of what is now remalnirig  ln the country Is low grade. A large  proportion of this, variously estimated at from 25,000,000 to 30,000,000  bushels Is totally unfit for milling.  "While there hap been much critic-  Ism regarding tho transportation oon-  ditlonfl throughout the WeBt It must  bo remembered that tho railways havo  shown-their ability to move a vary  large quantity of tho crop, when ono  realizes that this includes all grains  and making due ttllowunceo for tho  fact that the harvest thiB year was  aovr������ml wcoltH later than UBiml.  ,y'Vyith tho continued development of  thfj oohntjylt Is apparent that tranfl-  bof'tftuon facllltlos oast of Fort William, and .-Port-Arthur must be very  materially incroaood In tho Immediate  *uturo.".  SASKATCHEWAN HEADS THE LIST  Hio Mora Branch Bank* Par Citplta  Than Any Other Province      '  Montreal, Quo. -- Saaltatchowan  holdn flrnt. plncn br hnvlnp: tho fowont  pooplo per branch bank of any Canadian province  In the cloning month of tho year  1911, the -hart-red. hanks of Canada  woro oDerating 2,(129 branch on In all.  Of this number 12 woro iiltuntod in  Nowfoundlftod and KG elnowhoro out-  fililt> of Canada, Jiuvlng _,r������r<0 within  tho oonflnoH of th������) Dominion.  Ontario claims 1;020. or nearly 40  por cent., whllo Quobbo has 398; Nova  fcicotiii - ��������� ii.m������ New Hrunowicic V4 and  Prlnoft Kdward Idland 14, making a  total of 1,<>10 In the l-uut. or 03 per  cont. of tho wholo.  Tho throo prAlrle provinces domlollo  729 In all, Manitoba with 180, Alberta  rirltlnh Columhlii olnlmn 20ft. whlta  throo are locbted In tho Yukon and  <mo In tha North  -/est Territorial.,  CAPITAL   INCREASE TO $25,000,000  Sir George  E. Walker,  President b!  Canadian Bank of Cemrnerce  -       Makes Announcement -  Toronto, bnt.���������Although: It was  piain Ihu't the Gaiutumn Bank of Cbiu-  merco, having exhausted Its authorized capital by the absorption of the'  Baatern Townships Bank, would hec-  oBBarlly soon seek new powers in this  direction, the statement of Sir Edmund Walker, uttered ' in the' most  matter-of-fact tone, &t 'the annual  mooting recently, that the directors  had decided to recommend an increase  in tho authorized capital to $25,000,-  000, produced an audible gasp from  the assembled  Bhareholdqrs.  The secret obviously had boon well  kept, ? Indeed, it Is possible that the  decision to make; tho recommendation  waa not formally ratified until tho  mooting of directors..  HE^DlNqi FOR PEACE, RIVER  ,,,, i, , .t   .  C. P.,,R. i-liles Route M������P 'or North  . * Vancouver Terminus  Vanbouver, p. d,--Tlie Canadian  Pacific Railway has filed a route map  to run along ,the south side of Bur-  rard Inlet from Port Moody Into North  Vancouver. This iu Ukun us a move  to propose North Vancouver as the  sonthorn terminus of tho Canadian  Pacific lino to the Peace Utvor couu-  try. '   '    ���������"'  "  , Tho C, P, tt. and othor companies  aro said to ho ready with proposals  to build from Vonoouvor Into Northern British Columbia. The cpiostlon  Is ono of tho big subjects for tho  coming session of tho legislature.  $0,500 TONS OF BOOT IN LONDON  training schools, the" drop ���������being";irona  $3,00.0*000 to ��������� $1,660,000. :y Most -.jot; 'the;  other items v in this service show increases, in part accounted for by the.  proposed purchase 'of ? two new fisheries protection vessels-for-? the -Pacific;  and a new > survey % ship >f or vthe ? At^  lariticy?''      ?���������':��������� \r;;;^;;:;'?v-?:';vi-!v'i-''v';V ^ -'-'-''>; ?  ?a T>or6'^!atibii3 fp-r public, buildings  in the threes greati prairie" provinces  arfi -as* fbllbws:-.v-^-V:?-;,M?;^,'.::'li'.?'��������������������������������������������� Vvftv   '  Manitoba :r-Brandbri-Tfpublic   building addition, $30,000;^ yppmiriibh pub-i  lie building, renewalbV 'imprbvemerits  and repairs', etc., $15;000fe Minnbdosa  ^���������public buildirig^? ?20;00O4 ?; Mbrden-^  nublie  building,  f 16.000;?; Portage: la  Prairie���������public buildl^^4v00j. -Will-?  nipeg���������Dominion , bhiidlas'   iujprove-  ir.?������������*:i,.?. repairs,; etc.:;-^5.00tK    Approp-  riations riot. ��������� ?retliil^ed'?*o? .1912-12. to-  ���������;'.'ia.T, $lu9,t)00.- .:'..;;^^;?y;;.:^i;C-'. '���������'''^'���������^t  M Saskatchewan..aadi^-Aibbrta^Atha^  basca ?Landing���������_V.aditibri^iib, ' pubiiq  building, ? $10,00iS>. ^Battle-br^puBlic  rbuildihgi flO.OOO.ipaatilb.brar^;Ncffth--r  public building liO.dOO-'; Jdaigary%reusr  tbrnsexamihirig-warehouse  t^pwnostoffice building, $75,000;;?;--D6-.  ? rriiriionVpublijc.'?buildlrig, ^^nbwal|i? imr  Trfroveinerits, ������������������'rep������i^B,^e'ib'ji^lO100.Q.>.^dr;  ihontoh---New drill httll,? $50,0O0^Hums  bbldtr^-publlc buildihg^$������5;Qp6. yLethf  bridge^���������public  buildirig   (nenv) '3X00,-  000.     Moose Jaw^rie^ $^blic jbriUd-  irig.   3100,000.   ;Rle^ri"a-^rmory ,and  drill hall, $f.0.00b: public ;buUdtngB; to  'compiete,   $10,000. ? ? Strathbb-ia-^pub-  Uc- building, $3C-.000; armory, $30*000.  Wetaskiwin���������public building, $30*000.  Wovhnm���������TMiVilic     building;     $15,000.  Total, $746.000.,f.T.. ... ,i,'- .:;!   1:%'. ������������������';.  k Appro'piiatlona for _hibltb buildipgs  iri   British   Columbia  Include:   Crari-  brobk. $38,000. . Grand Fork-, $ .0,000.  Greenwood, $35000,. , Revel8toke,J $30,-  000.   ?Vefnori, $t0,000.v,'  ,:���������^i       :yr ;  .   Harbor and River votes for Pmirle  Provinces are? as follows'.-^     .V    ?  Manitpba-^GImll .vWharf  extenslpn,,  $li,00ft;   iiuruurb,   riVwrS  wiiu  briuRoii,  general repairs and\ improvemients,  $10,000. Red River, prbtectibn of new  entrance channel with mouth,?: $10,-  000. St. Andrew's Rapids, rjUsing  road, etc, $t;000,. 'Fish wfcy, $b,000.  Victoria . Beach Bay. harbor, breakwater and wharf. $12,0OO.v Total $40i-  :ooo. . -v ���������  ,^? ,..?...���������;   ....'���������>���������  ���������:'. ' ,^v.  f  Saskatchewan and Alberta-^AthR-  basca River���������-Rornoval of boulders and  doprtpulng chbnribl- through r.and and,  frravel bars^ $12,000. Bdm,oriton.  wharf, $1,000; harbors, rlyers.y, and  bridges, general repairs rind; Improvements, $20,000. North Saskatchewan  River���������removal bf? boulders' at Pirtlpcb  Albert, Prlncn . Alhcrt���������wharf and  protection work, $12,500. Surveys bf  rapids", etc. on, North atid,Sp\ith Sask  atchewan Rivers arid othor navjganls  -troabia, $20,000. . ,. . .' :'������������������%  " Provision Is made for the extension  of Government telegraph linos In Sivs-  katchowan and Albortu as fpllo\\'sv���������  f Saskatchewan .and Alhorta'���������Atha-,  basca I,andlng--Peftco Rive.* and Athabasca Uno, .$15.00(1. Counti'iUilWin Of  lino frdm Athabasca' T-and'ng to Fort  'MoMurray,jai.oaO^-ifFqr the couHtinc-  t|on o.' a lo4>j> oHt������ii-lbii of lht> tok-  gmnh lino from a loolrit near Moose  tb DqrllngvlUo, $3,r,7(��������������� Moobo .Taw������������������  Wood Mountain telegraph lhi"i. ?Ho  nowalfif and . construction. $11,000*  Nft>rthwoRt linos���������flhlfting of line from  furmlando to ^stiihllshod roadway, $7,-  BOO. 'Poaoo Rlvor-~ToIoBraph Uno  oftlco bulldlnK. ������2,000. Tojegraph Uno  from North Bnttleford to Isle la CrosBo  loop Unn tn Mesta, $14,000.  Work,STwithywhomrthey lielcLa^ lteri^hy  conference in the office iof the Prime  Ministbr.'?"J ^Vr-V ^���������������������������?;��������� ���������i:^^^*-.-:&?:.??'^  a The?yislt had, tOvdo. with the.,fifaric-  es Of the ';(Sfarid?--?T?ra^ is  said'that the,, cornpany proposed ? to?  ask������the^ Goyerttmerit ,fo������ a.. gubsts,ntial:  sum which is placed at fifteen million  .3~.iy.x-.~-    .:���������-���������. '   --..-��������� .���������...������������������'���������������������������':     -.���������'���������'.-  uOxic.. o. .. ,: ���������  -.-. ���������  ���������?;-.;'.'The- government under the revised  borit^^ of 1_0������-hab^ already-pliedged-  to assist the company in the way of  bond guatantee amounting to $13,000  a mile oh the prairie section and three-?  ifburths?: of ?'the? "mouritainfsebtionv?;ylh  1909 yth'b ycompanyv asked ;forf and .?.ob-  for': "known' unt^--^������^-'a������'^'^i-:ii^-S<Hi^  WfiXte^rt:, ���������:...-.     '. v.: '    ~^--.'~?.~'::"'-r^'v:VH"*^'J.-'iag::'^ji.y  -vp-orks'yfrom  the':\ beg*������������'4������ ������,;;::!^*;-:'- ���������'*������ ������: ^*k?s*m  world"  (Acts xviylS)  ��������� ~.r~ ;^r*y:fw.*****������������������-;v"������?.M,������36������������iuiJUS!'**U_.-uo-iir, :.-&-?^::������3x  .according' .to ;-Hi���������y Wili.������bt^ti-E^averi-:#|ife  and on earth, turninc thb kinb?b! heartS^i?K%f  . wlUtherbbeyehJ Jlb?ywiH.-V(iiBa;^lyi; :?iO;S?HSIil  'Dan;-;iv,::35;.-.Ps..-csxxv;-'_.:;::-'i>r6v::-^  ;So.dtyrcame:..^o,:^asslithat?;the?J;W^  ruler's- decree was u^d b^ the Lord-^5^  of all;^he.esirjh tQ.rfulfili:^is:purpose?^p���������^li  and -to? cause "ther-Priricevbf .'the;::kjngs'^M&������p   of the; ^arth, the King of kings ^rihd #Sl?iWi  .the?:.?Lord ib������/?loi^a'.tb.'ihe^HprnA'at'^the^^'Si^HH-l  lorig before appointed time^tid^ pla#s: P������1^S___!  T%       A- '   *- ���������     - ���������        Jm       ���������, '' -v '.-.--   *--v . .��������� .. ^ ^.',1-fit'-. 'fwI-t,^������_l__^__^__S  ::But.������sOKOUt..ypf..;.h-a^  this 'world. which:?He:?'raade?rihd???-hb;??^yT^f^g|  people who sinhabit'ItJthaV.there??wa1i--;M:-^#HH  no room for they-Creator lb the world pSS%^H  which He had made and hovw^lcbrrie'^^5=5|  ���������for' Birix..;. ^'Theiie-i?waa? .i-Oi.:rbbriV'; fq������ ���������?M&|^j  them in the inn (verse 7). : Dbtes ihb?H ^  hought of it leadt^uVtolsay: VOhfcbm^  to my heart. Lord Jesus there Isrboin  In- -mys^hfeart ---.for-^Fhee.^ iffciK^^fieri'^S  you may reloice in the comfort-iii S;l  John ij-,12ju. Hey. siii,u20.-.:y^..v; v^^y;;?:?"':^--?:^?!^  s,?.The!stbry,bfyjthe^sheph^ds?tak^  back to Abel and to Mbses?arid Davi^yS-ly^i  arid Amos^. and the darkriess-? makb_:. ;^?'&8S_  us^ .think bf the darkhess^thbt now is;i������  '':ana^^K:-vbb^niK?Sb^sKMl1sc^^  in His glory (Isa. Ix, 1-3): \Thb?riight?; ?  :is������torwpent>r:i_h0-4^jiaitj^^  the time for our new bodies arid^tJie^?  jredemptioa of, Israel,isvevei^id^awiris'-:  fearer * (Rorni: ^xiii^*.!^ 12^J__u_o:??x^:V.i-  ���������28).    The shbphords were doirigyiust:; ?  as they had always  dbrie,;- watching*fe-?  ioyer theirvflo^Sj-i^ehV'thb'-Tarigel^olr'-v?'?  ^the l^-rd came suddenly -updri stherq, ?; ?,  ���������and the glory of the Lord shohei ?rbun- ;;S  ;about them   (yefse'x9). c?Mo^s??and; ;?;  David s'arid-. Arabs TW-ereRilft^i^.ytheii>?:i'-'  ?floeks. Elisha was-plowing, Peter?ahd? ������  Joljn arid;. otbprs v were"���������at? theirV ribtsi:-'-:::  Matthew  at -'the   receipt bi^^ustbr_Vy: ?  J^hen the special call .eameytb^^eiriw^  Itls required of some that Hey leaved"  tttfeir former calling-and of others, that  they continue where .they .were ;arid  thereih^ahide with:God^vl Go^^i.*.^^- ;  ;24;). ??Note the visits of the:I^rd? tb? ?'y'  Such iowiy pebDle. as Kagar. Mbrioah?: 'fM  arid his wife, Gideon arid others-arid'W'y,  ln?Isa. 1'yll. 15... His two dwelling piac������ ���������:?????Sfi  es.: ��������� . Tp ;iZacharias?? aria''iSiriry.*:T^S?JtIi_' - "-"���������-'-���������  shepherds there was given; the" hbav-  ������nlv "_i-ear hot (verse": lO: i, 13.? 30).  art;������th AT.mnb'iBit'oi-.Tria-in- tra : ;-A������  ������SS^  emy  It was alsov'the ^ngel's^messiige on  the^resurrection raorning (Matti xsviii,; ?;  5)y How can.-we explain our sibwhes-r ?;  _..������,���������  ^- -���������*._*,������������--, ���������������.v.������ w* o.^*. w  ^ tollman people the gopd^-iSlripsrfbl^  ta^r.eSi^-U^^n"^nbn^^u^#atf ^f^1^7   ^ ^b������c^e ^%>od;tid-P  v__,_-������-^--_^--iit^r ;wj,-_- __._- ia;_R^.T:-:::;i,:     ings.has never brought us the joy un-  SDeakabie of I?Pet: f,?8?    The letters  of II Kingsrvii,?8,.9. puts uWto?shame.  ithreey^r?^ri^Jirjora thbj _  , :''s> x ���������>%  rnmteht.  351,Q00  NEW SETTLERS  .What?:cah^-we-s%-':-M?-Chri^t?^-i-;nd^en!-  }rib;r&asetbf y ^uwj ? 1 minim tg rat ion..- Ar- ^  ?-?:->;:;-:^-Sr ",.;'-."yy??!?:  ..'  Winnipeg** ��������������� Man^Brubb   ?>;Walker,  iCoTOrriissionbK-i.2b������^;;?Iri-migrati^  ceritly: hahded"'out * off-clali'figuVesiibfi  immigration   ;fdr the"' calehdar^; yebr,^  :' ? These show ah immigration Jof 351���������->  ?0O0"as^againsty311,O8* inr^9iO/;?g;w?yv y  :;?yQrib>?;huhdred and thirtv; thousand|  p.ersbribi'brossed the bbrderr frorit jlhe'  United-States last year as ^compared'  ?ffitK-:'l2i;*5i:--^  Immigration from Great Britain  totalled 175,000, which represents-an  increase of 30 per cent, from Scotland,  and 20 ber cent, net from England,  over 1910.  There was a relative decrease from  Edrbribc atid other f6retgnt;Cou^tttrIes.  '..-0A: phenbri-erial iricrease.in..t_u> num-.  hereof immigrants frprh?:?the.United  '$������atea^^Ttlile..'.,'reatu-re' of -the last  iribn<;hB, of the yehr;.becoming,,,;first  a,p1pttreht?'i-r. September. ?.'.:' \:*($?0������'  ������������������iV-V'.i.'"?..  ',";���������������������������.,M>.i-.'..i.iiiTyi-.>...'..-.;. '���������'������������������ ':.i!,.:.,.:':.v'' '  GREAT; WA^T^W^S^CA:SE|  Prbmler of A������t*ii4xaliDwRatche������>;������*tter  ������������������'"!   to Otta.yv* ufpvernment.;. j>  " Toronto,-Ont.'���������A fliixthe'r, Jfeonfefenco  between Arthur 'U.v Sljrron of Alberta  and C. AV'.Masteni.LKl.^ttj,- council for  the, Provincial Government, in"   the  Great Waterways dlssallownace. suit,  resulted ln a personal letter being despatched to Premier Borden at Ottawa,  In which Mv. Slftori state's the final  definite pdlleywith which ho and Mr.  'Mbstcn' have arrived in the question  of settlement with , the Royal Bank  nnd W. R, Clarke, who claim that they,  should bo compensated for alleged  losses of $372,000 and $500,000, If the  title to> the $6,000,000 now lying In  the bank as tho proceeds of the $,7.-  400.000 bond Issue of-the defaulting"  railway company Is to'hfeiti'ans'fft^red  to < tho province under the ;Alborta  Act, they seek to havo disallowed.  TREATIES OF ARBITRATION  i.  m  Annually About Flva Tons to Every  Acre; In City are^ D������no������lt#tl  London, Kiik.���������-Tho Lancet, tho loading medical Journal says that 80,600  tons of ooot aro deposited annually  ...      t     ... J-  4- -   _.'     -_       ������,.������������������.���������     *      ������      ������     ft      1   .    ...  ..  ��������� 4.    ..^..^-v".,     *".    ...������    ,-������ *   V. ��������� ,.4^W    M*-      *      #'���������     4 4/M������  an acre. Thla cbm>a ohl*flv from III-  consumed coal, mid domestic upon  crate*.  FOR GOOD ROADS  System ������i>f Government Aid to Be  Plaoed Under Dffpt. of Railways  Ottawft-7-Tho system of Govornrimnt  aid to good roads will bo placed under tho direction of Rail ways and  Canals, and r.nt of Publio Works aB  Inks be������n, reported. '������'!-!������ l^ds color  to the rouorl. that A| W, Cainubiill,  Wopnty Minister, and probably tho  host; authority In tho country oh road"  making, will be at the head of H.  Whllo not definitely announced, uviH  probable that tho aid will tnlco thn  form ot substantial grants to the con-  fc 4 . 44 ,....������   ^ ..   .. ���������.*   ... 4 .4>        ,  , ��������� ,  M.|   U4.>44||>       M������*U       ������!������������fc<������V ������   4.M.V4H       ������������ 4,  .,(,,,  tviNffN nnd  mnln' nH*H������������a.  ns  dtMtfmr.  ulsh*dMrom  ooncosslons and cross*  tfO-*<!.-.   .  Senate Askod to Adopt Important!  Resolutions Wl.h ^eijafd to  ��������� " Treatiea' ���������'���������-'>  Washington, D.C.���������Tho arbitration  treaties woro broached in tho Senato  when Senator CiimmlnH souglfl adoption of a resolution asking the President to ascertain whether Groat Brit-  atn and Franuo would consent  to , a provision requiring tho  parties to the treatloa to submit to arbitration nil Juntiflnhle controversies with othor countrlpB.iregard,  loss of whnthor thoy had treatlos with  others or , not. Senator Burton bh-  jootftd to immediate action, and' the  rooolutlon will bo hbld over until Mr.  Cummins will addrcob tho,,^onatb.;,             . w   w . viuu   iu    lup TUigucpi-ro--- vu -earm ,  jpeace, good :Win toward meh" (verse  14).   Listsriytb the^ebt-tbori^^bf more  than; a hundred mlllibris of angels "lip  iReyVjy,; ll,yi2, ah-T?therif ir ^bu^Snbw^  fthat-you are: redeemed;: join?  -ripfe^  ���������hea^tiiy^ia'-'toby^  I v:The';Lbi_i<Jbsus^iri. Tail^Hi^'lileT^riyi-...���������,.,..n  'earth? neyer? bought His "own elpry nor : ^?3?^  jHis? pWn;; Will j' ^ahu^'-M %iii^[hay^been.:.;:-?l?|#,  jwlth Joyrthat?!���������!������.;sftid-tb'-Hft,Father?  ;ip His great; prayer; ^rhbvb; 'felorifled  'Thee on the earth": (John vi; 3&: viil,  >50; xvil, 4,.)'ii Oury taotto?Should'? bo  "that "God in all things -bay be glbri-  fled" (I Pet. iv, U;I Cor. x. 31). When  jth.e,.Lbrd Jesus shall have become thi-?  peace of Israel andshall have spblceri"  peace to the nations through Israel;  then, quickly shall the whole earth *  be filled v/lth the glory of the Lord  (Mic. v, 5; Zech; lx, 10; Num. xlv, 21).  His pi?oplb shall beVllilrig iri the flay  of His power (Ps, ex. 3). The angels,  haying executed , their; , commlsQiqn;  went away Into heaven; simply went ?  home. How easy It sounds, how wonderful auu BioripuB it is/ i-ratf we- have'  ever with iis these ml^ls.tering; ones,  who behold the face of oiir.' Fatheriln '  heaven (Heb. 1, 14: Matt, xviii, 10),  The shepherds, did, not pvqm .to, mw������  tion for one moment the good news  they had heard, and thoy oorxsidered  the angels yas the LordV meBs'bhgbrs,  for they eajd. "Let'usgoVnbw even into Bethlehem and see this tlimg.'whlch  is come to pasB, Which the Lord hath  made known unto us" (verse IP),,They  did not delay, but made hq,sto >o,rid  found Mary and Joseph arid thb babe  lying.In the manorer as thoy had':'p>en  told (verse 12. 10). It was not'any  kind of a figurative manger, hut literally a place from. where cattlb ate'  their food.    As a rule the statements. ;  of Scripture aro. pjaln ;lltorai,,n.tditb-; \  ments, nnd nnloss tho language Is : ?;,  plainly; figurative, as whon tho Lord., i  ���������Paid. "T am thb vino," "I Awtliffi'jib'or.''-'^ , ;  "Tjbo trees,of the fle^d shall clap, th'ilr ; f J  lisnds." we must trike It tb'?m������an'������just.; .j'���������>'('  what it .Ha,ys^ .A,c<ioptln������ this Mbja ws r  the Bavlmir, Christ the librtl.^by *  mndo known what-was told'tlibrh'?_oh������,;  crrntng this child (vorpos,11.,OW).?  With the artloBsnbss of BimplO'-iulmjjftl^  -people they-'jiiHl hw.ieved wlint-lhoyA  had hoard and told what thvy; hridl".,  noon, maklrig uo think n������ **-r.t.or and ,  Jolni, Who said long aftorwici con.  oWnJng; thowwo pb^bn.^'Wfl W}}M (  hut sneak'tho thlnirs wo havo riO;n.*  '.-���������������������������(,;v.j ,,-.������,,-.���������ir,v(.   ..;������������������;. .i,.4.iivj, , ���������<t������^.,i>.|.i,,-l.i-:tl r  -.y.-.'      ). <4m 4IJ4 44I   ���������     ii ������V ">"*    ������������        ���������'  *4     t^.f.^   ^v   ,,., ^  ? Settnoi'Psoe'for Canada  London, Kug.-rTho movomont for  moro ulimctlvo Canadian Oovcrnnuui  offices horfl rocolvod un imnotus from  Tb������ Nows that tho Fwdoral Parliament of Australia has approved of thn  purchaso of a ulto on the Strand for a  lmtidnoiv.0 sovon-story Australia building costing $3,000,000.   The hiBh com-  ��������� ��������� * .    . ,     j ������.    ,        ,*.,   . 4 , ������.  4),4|h4#WMa4������'.i������        L***.       ������...������'^      WU****.������_������* *4 ^,4.������,������.������l      ,4>4li4  ttii* ������������r������vnf>irflnft,*itl of slv AimtrNMnn  MtatoN will iill Imvo headuuartera in  tho building.  ���������'?���������'���������'  '������������������Ml  *'<���������;  -V.'l  !f,f,|  ��������� It'v  m  il  OHAiH;;;,(i0^^1:;;s^VTH'.'  Large   Amount   Is   Paid   In   Duty   al  .......���������,,..-..North-Portal-������������������������������������'..-��������� v���������;���������-.-'���������;'-'"-.  North   Portnl  , SuhU,���������During Sop  tember, October,' NOi'ombef'"a'h'd: Db. /  qombor tl\oro woro^ shlnppd.,thi'o������������li 1  this potty,���������'tQ^;th'rt'' Uriltod^llit^il3;tf|l  WuBholij of'danhdldt. flax,; ihefduty "bi-  :which, at 2Rc. a bushol. was IJl.ttJJfi, !  Of this amoimt l,UR;t bu-h-lA W������ty d(^  ilvorofl by .'wbgori hV fnrrni'rs, b'birf)ci.,t'c ]  Itho bord or, the balance being shipped '  ifroiri.MllODtbnc, WoylVuVn ilnd .othbr .  Sop  lino  points,  '.During  tho  same ���������  ISioHbd  0,tt04,ahu������liols oif ortts ,vnter������|d "  iiiH   Hulled   HiatoH,     r������pina(MitiiiM     it t  duty of $1.03C,1IB, and M0fi of ..wU^uL. i  rbprosontlng a duty of about-IfiOO. A������ !  half -of 'i I Wiit 4bWitlt* mik shit^������������i if i  ���������HitlW        4.4J        4,,������u,v; 11   .. ^.^HtfWW       V/U4.HL,        V4I44,       ,  ihfinnR ii fotnlof hv������������t* ������B'nno -mM Intr   '  tho tlnlted Sth������������s troasury by th������ Ciiti ;'  adlan farmer naar tha boH������i]|������iirir.   11 ��������� -���������        ,        ,,.,     , , ,     . ,,       " - i.  .    .... '.-...    .l'l ; /    .<- t  f l i        ..'"'; 5>-i r Vi'      i  '���������'ft;-  f..-;(;-.;i|  i-M  , (#*������_*#.���������*'*.^au****!,!*'**..-. *.^���������(#-*k#^^|*W^l^-.-^.,l|^(,^(W*���������^^������vV.,.^-.������ kJ  J.  ���������*..  mmM  mmm  IhagMtejg^gijj  mmMmt  ffiiiiitin'.iiiiaiiiBriiiiiffiiiiiiiTaTiiii'Ti'rfaT''  i_^^SJlL__T__^T_"i2__!__!  klMi.  mmmmm*tmi>i  iiaa  uru  nmtMtemsami  _''_HM������t-iNM~������������---a  Mim-iiliinii'ii'ii  in-.-won  m Ki  rn  P  vi  i_.  131-  CO.  S_i  H  '���������i-Ea-Eafc'^^Pi^  ���������3_.:.-.;'-'a-.':-.  ���������yfiBC  ffiUBL  siinoro fonts iw i������m  LUi.3DLn rnuns lui id*.  \������j/  We can stioolv vou with the following  items for the Breakfast table.  g; W.A. Sullivan Brings Men  ������!    proas Femte To Tak*  _91 *  Out Poles Ai_d Ties  -C-  BE3  an  BK3'  EM  1  m  a  YOUR CHOICE OF CEREALS. Ogilvie's Rolled oats in 8, ao, 40 and 80  pound sacks- Ogilvie's Moose-iead Rolled Gates in Cartons, 35C Kobrn  woodPorridge Oats, Premiam in every package 35c; Quaker Oats 15c per  pkg, also ^re-niuis package 35c; Granulated oatmeal 5oc per sack. Carnation Wheat Flakes, premium in every package 50c. Ogilvie's WaeatGraR-  mles 6 lbs sack for 35c, Commeal, Buckwheat Flonr, Toasted Corn * lakes,  Shredded Wheat Biscuit's, and Sunny Jim Force, We also carry a full line  of Fearman's Ontario Fed and 'Cured Meats, and Armour's Banquet Bacon  and Hams,    w<  e&ssm&*BBm%Mm^>*mavmwrT"  ���������J'  ��������� 'if ft I  aa_-_3----____i  0  ���������M.V  e nave a few tines of  M  is_y  a, _^fev h ,_������_, a - -      W%  H '  -|������^i������. .-  __t^_ps&. s;.-_������_S_-_s,_P5_ws*v. -.    , fj-sRii ������ @_sr  feaSll^BB      VOIIlTCrS*.   .wllK  ' > ' ���������    sr ' \ ��������� .  S ��������� - . a    -ens. -9 4       *. A  mm  onawisarid hearts ^c  VSJ-  ^^^^*.  iui__**tr.rtrBi'*1i:������ r^nrnnanV-.  JLtdL  Thsnga began to look & littlo bit  -uOj?e lively around Creston thin week  as the result of the stariiagj up ox t-  aew iumber camp on J-oi 2 and the  (preparations for taking out some 10,-   ,...  000 poles aside from a number of  ties  W0  on Lot 132.   The outfit is  owned by  W. A. Sullivan who is taking out tin.*  ber for ihe ���������. P. R.  Mr. Sullivan and ills crew cs men  arrived in Creston Monday moving  here from Ferni������ where they hare  been taking out poles during the win-  er. It required two cars to bring th ?  outfit here, thei-a being nine horses included in the equipment. The outfit  wsts unloaded Tuesday and the remainder of the week was spent in getting  the camp into shape, for the months  of operation. Ed Talbert, Mr. Sullivan's cruiser has been inspecting the  timbers around Creston for some time  We %>ill offer at 25 pet cent discount for the next 10 %&  These are exceptional values ana   \>ou should. ������  ��������� *   Jffi_  take advantaae of this nraurtirm  vdy$.  <*JW#A*iMW<t****A*'\**iAi^^  p. llrmt on  81   _.  s tsiiiiards and Fool 8{ H6t or Co^ *******  w BB ^ta--������ *mm* J-> W *m*m0W&>ntmmm*mr'  SI  ff, E. HAIX B. D* s,  _*es Frank Fg-k- Hardware  rwgbrMi.  CKANBROOK,  B, C,  CRAKSROOK - S.C.  p s    fi-s      a      a  ISS3.&!1.!    Biirnntnr H  rtiiiSifii uucuur  and he will probably move on towards j  the Coast in the near future to look  oyer some timber that Mr. Sullivan is  contemplating taking over.  S I  -w.-a--?-  a. _.<WU-4  e__ <Rs. ������k.  !  ������ 4k������    ��������� m*&y  KB?  I  I  I Cigars and Cigarettes   |������  Razors Ground and Set   Bi  i  <Ck>HsrxL_E?Q Bkcoes__s   ^  QEESTON  O^EI*If9 YOUNG & w,  Beol Estate and, laifflfEase.  HOUSES TO BBNT  : t% _% t������ <_������-P>_-V1-T  ^_���������������>-l--iii^-������^^^^������  JAS. K. SCKOFIELD  _T_7_. Life and Accident Insurance  SEAL ESTATS, Eto.  TRAIL      -      -       ���������  B.C.  CHAS. MOORE, CE.  B.O. Lamd Survbtor and Arohitkci.  tlfilLL dllUIAI.  S^   HQ&BE    FR*m>M  B _^   The MFeek-EfMl f-Oiiaay  Resort off East Kootenay  SYNOPSIS OF CAKADIA.N  KOg|H-  WEST  MIKING REGULATIONS  COAi���������������Co������l mining rights noay ba lease-  or twe&ly-OBe ye-ur-'.'-r-nowa^ie ������t������a B-H-uai  wntal or 51 ������ta aore. Not more  -bfta J.-6- kc-  res ca-j toe leased to one applicant. .������2X������Jjy:  ova o*-(*r T)** *ob, ."In, ur>s������fv*5'6������ ������b������������.���������������������������j.  B i the tra������trausi oaetak-d out fey Vno appll- j  1 I cant la parson, and personal amplication  ioj  " ! the AjEent or -u'o-Agent of i*o_aiu������o������*, ">.������������|,  tor the district mnst in all cases bema_o_n-  the xetntal for the flret year mast be paidl to  the  ������s-st vithls.-' thirty days Suvsr uU-s  application  OUA.KTZ���������A person eighteen years oi age  atui over, having made a discovery _-*> 4*7  cate a claim 1.60U feetbyi,5C0. fps, $5. ������.  least *100 muat be expended on the claim  each year or paid to the Mining Recorder  ?.Th.������S 2SS������.0 hss been extjended *>r paid _a?d  other i^������Trements compiled w-tb,"tii������ elalno  may be purcbasad at 81 an acre, .  rLAi-E-t M1NISG Ct-~t&-8 aw 6CO -eet  long and from 1.000 to..2,-00 feet wide. Entry  feel-. ������tofc lees than $100 mast be e?.pendeo  in develonement work each year.. .-������������������.. -. .  DREDGING.���������Two leases ot flve-nl.es<eacn  of a. river may be issued to one applicant lor  11 term e.*20 yeai*. Rental. ?10 a mile per an  eum.   Royalty. 2>������ percent after tbe output  - --o,uQo.  W. W. CORY  Deputy Minister of tbe Interior  NURSING  f"**    J_    JL    A  g    j.  oMivi mai ritLU, Hroo i  I am now prepared to go out nursing  have nursed in Calgary and the East,     _______  M������������������      TnnsvK    C3-������:i.U       IWifnn     T2     "    !   <-_^^ <__---^___.--_-<--^-_->.^8-4.-8-4>--k-_k -1^^. _<k >A. >-k  I? I ���������_ IJ^J  "V '^r ^^ -^r "^ <  xceeds .10,000.  Best of Fishing and Hunting  SiRDAR  _3.0.  NOT5CE   OF   PETITION  To whom it may concern, a numhe  of Citizens in Creston, Erickson,  Can-   &  yon City, and Alice Siding districts  Ustricts that arelocated in the Koot,  nay Valley E, G.   believe the time is  ripe  to form a municipality of said   ^  districts; to this end after thirty   (30)  days from date petitions will be taken  round the said distcicts to receive the  signatures of property owners on ihe  matter^    *  Ou oeUiilt of interested, parties. ������  Dec. 14,1911 Walter V. Jackson. | ^  11 mnqTrp^m i-oTs.  # vUSuuliUUIIi tLUlUiU 1  urserles?  Vernon, B. C.  ^  # Ha'he a very fine assortment of %  ^" _J    - ^ ��������� _tw  ^  #  #  mww^m   ~m ~*m    m  X   m   ������__ni '*r__^ ������v^_-'   _L 7  et     c- *��������� _r__r������-   *- ^=^   =\  B    *._9_3_,-_r-*-h.-CA ������������.-���������-������ * ^-_i*  _--������ -������.    -L_-  -a.  --_������   _.  j. rees  PUns mid Speoitloationi  CRESTON -    ' -  B.C.  ������-l ������������������"���������--���������>���������-  and INSURANCE CO.  FimM -i-uw-*. -Town Piopearty toad Inmu r-  ���������_<P4",^4r  CRKSTON       .      -     B.C  l������^-l#W*W-"'l-'-lltl1"' "'  ���������W  ilM^ Brown  TH*   fitmUABLB   BLAOKSMITH  Hm opeiMd tip ������gft.n at the  ���������ldt-������nd, n������������r the Mercan-  Hie Btore.    0mm*9rml BlmokmmSih  Work and! Hem������  Morning  GOOD, OLD-FASKIONBD  ,,comfort in driving will be yourii, if  you hire your rig from us. All of  our carriages rido easy, and they're  drawn by live horses that go without constant urging.  i_HJIl LIVERY SERVICE  is especially well adapted to moot  <overy requirement that you could  imako of it. Wo charge but a fair  price for the pleasure one of our  -figs will give you.  Cameron   &  Son  crc&ton Lev err/  Xjjp<  <BW_-g  Before Cento,  tbe Contract.  ������������,- For th������ building of your N������i  Houne. 8tow������, Offlcfl, Worksho  f  or outer ouiiuing, wrtur or ca:  on mn.   U-tlmaUw givwrt on mil  -dnd* of work.  m*mW������mWmmmm*mmmmm*mm*mmmmmm***mmmmm^  Repairs &A!terations  I Ohara,i������ii n������M������nnah1rt and tmlMrutU  guarsnturd on AM Work  -HM-IWIM4M4a~a44������4l-l4_4_l  JOHN   BOYD,  Creston  ftflon I  tOlM I   -   ...I   -i  (made \n u wide   variety  mud lOMVWPlilM,* ?'___������-,____  Jim* a- duvabiiaaa tta������. larger OmtgJii.  i *Wtm������^ag.WZmWtmTX  M������w linn of fl l������iir������r ^'������U wnioheR ������nd  HOlookii. Oompletoat-6k *>! Jowolry,  fiooioulr up {wit* p.to.  .7.^_ How'*rth.  ������3_SER  'Sewe^ur Money;  ftat we are ipaying ���������*���������  (T-4-% IuTerceUr^  pcratmau_ crc-\tc^ trilblf  on saving oeposttdm^  & u^rojau^ect To\wfr>  Srawft'br cheque fa*-  onWmeJcpositeofr  i% morttlw & over>  Wemvcat tnottef fortota  in ftwt mottles & .oa  j)eaem\ ifnanc\a\ tu&mesa.  We won't Your savm^aa^  ������ ifpu arc not saving .*  t^ematicafl^, * ^ -^'-^  6ommenccN0WWttKW3.  *j*jj easilyli������.n-le<y ���������  "VoScan. send b^raff,  Post Office * cjrorais  Or_er or RejWcrco^*^  lacttcr *% wifh^rawab  can, be mabe���������'* ������*������ ��������������� -^  * * mr way* y_������ w\eTi.  tttt��������� *        mu*mj      %mm*m**^_   mwmmmm%  Ware Rqpotwible  Reliertf5*������* ������������������������ ������������������������������*.���������������������  Diiif_e.,BmMted9,  m* To awyone to *  vswoouveR-  Write maW ft Way  Boftw!!!!!  321 CaibSi Stmt  t.     ������W.������.������������������>.������>4������"������������4iil,4Wl������'4������ W44V |V      J|  ,  1/������H MAM M kWd>������    W   f������     *,  iy >|4AIImwiiivi    ������������*>w#'-A  **���������������.���������,���������. 4,i>,4. 4..I4..444MWW444"' WI*)I44W'������', 4i"������.���������4.4    ���������*  NOTICE  Nelson Land District. Distrlot of Wear  Kootenay.  ' Take notice that I, Earl Goodohild  ���������f Toronto Ont., occupation Clerk,  in  -ends to apply for permission to   pur-  -hnse the following; described lands:���������  Commencing at a post planted on tbt  lorthbank of Summit Greek, abonc on*  uile north-easterly from the mouth ol  Placer Creek, thence 40 chains north,  hence 40 chains east, thence 40 chainh  <oath, ihence 40 chains weBt, to pnint of  ���������omtnanoemenr, containing 160 aorei-  ���������nore or less.  Earl Goodcb-Lo, Applicant,  Edward FerRueon.  Date, Nov. 17, 1911. Agent  and Shrubs I  Budded Stock a speciality  All trees offered for sate,   are grown in   ou  & own Nurseries, on The   Coldstream   Estate  ���������  t V. D. Gurry, Gen. Agfc,  -SOTIOE  Nelson LaudDifltriot District of West  Kootoimy  Take notice that I, Fred Stevenson, of  Toronto, Ont., occupation  Painter,  iu  rends to apply for permission .o purchase  Due follow itiK d-H-iiu-d landu:���������  Commencing at a post planted on the  fipmh bank of Summit Crook, about car  mile eaotarly from the mouth of Placer  Oreok, thence 40 chaini north, thence 40  ohains west, thence 40 chains snurh, or  ro Summit Creek, thebce al'Hig Summit  Greek to point of oominenceineut, oon-  taining 160 aores more or loos.  Fricd Stevenson, Applioimt.  Edwnrd Ferguson, Agent.  Date, Nov. 17, 1011  NOTICE  Nelson Land Distrlot. Distrlot ot WeBt  Kootquay  Take notloc that I, Sod Q. Ohatem, of  Moutroal, Quo , oootmatiou married wo  ���������nau. Intends to apply for poruiiHulou to  purchiiBo the follo-vlug danorlbod lnndn:  Cotnmenoiug at a posfc placed on the  north bank of Summit Oreolt, about ton  ohuiiiH south of the north-west oomor ol  lot 8881, thenoo north 80 ohnUm, thonco  woet 80 ohiilnn, thenoo fouth 80 ohatuh  or to Summit Crook thenoo along Summit Oreok to point of common .omnnt,  containing 640 noroM, more or loss. .  Su������,0 OHATHijn, Applicant,  Date 17th, Nov, 41, Edward Forgueon,  Agent.  The Riverside Nurseries,      *  \jompftSiuy *2G Acres GRANDFOkkS, B,C.  We learn that the unscrupulous ngent of and irreapoueible narstiry company  has circulated thoreport through the Kootenays that his Arm supplied us  with a large number of fruit trees InBt yenr. We wish to say that there is  absolntHly no truth In his statement nnd we strictly gufirnntee to those placing orders with us for nursery stock that thoy will receive none but fruit  trees grown at our own nurseries at Grand Forks, B. O.  All our frait trees nro of our own growing and wo offor $500  reward to  anyone who oun prove to the contrary.       Sept. 0. 1911.  For Cutalouue nnd Trico list, write to��������� ,  WALTER V. JACKSON, Agent, Creston, B. C.  I  ���������MmmMin  SS-S-SSSu  mmmllft  emmwtomw!&\  NOTICE  Noluon LandDlatrlot, Distrlot of West  Kiotouav,  Take notice that 1, Ethol Luokwoll,  of Toronto, Ont... oodupation, Nurse,  intends to upply for piumiHHlon to pur-  ohauo tho following dnnoribod Inndn:���������  Onmmetioiiiir at a pout plnntod ou tho  north bank of Summit Crock, about ono*  quarter mlln dlntaut, easterly, from tho  moutli of Toby Crook, and about rtx  rut Inn fro.n.ihf. mouth of Bummtt> Greek,  thenoo north 40 ohuinw, thence euHt 40  cbuinH tlitttuw tto.uii 40 imaiiiA. thonre  woat 40 ohidiiH t<< i.-������lni of co������itmonci>-  1U-U-, OOUlJllllilJH _UU I.O/AIH, IIIOIU Ul. A_I>|������,  ������r-<<r4-r   T ������'r.,'...,.r ������      A nnllit.nl.  OR.OH A R Dt&TS'f  The Fraser  i  lUUy      I-.IU9  ALDBR&ROVtz.   g.O.  Home������Qrown Nursery Stock  , Including Apples, Pears, Plums, Cherries, etc.  11A.VI. Tin. Fintcht  Wf������M������������>-lWI������M<IW-������������������-������Mn  ������������W m**t������ mm*m^mm\m  FOR   FULL  W-lMTli. '  ltlUJIAlil) AltiCOMIJ,  (���������iiiuHii.l Mming������>i',  Aldorgrovo, Jl.O,  PART/QULARS  On flinj -  JA.S. OOMPTON,  1'ooul A|{cnt,  Croat mi, B.C  m*t*$mmwm  KUWUIU Jj-ltiUteUM, u^ept  "ll  A.Mirabeili  Saddfo ami  Harne&B  ttepairing  A&PBOIALTY  DRDMK  ITHORPES,  f%r*x������  rM������������(f%r-������r-  Ml- I    UlilVAi-lk  I*,  W&4  *���������'  - ��������� Vj  tt     '.j  tS     *        *"   ' ,4j  ���������.t4Mri4444.ltl.,,4,l.)l.l,.tM4rt44U4444. iiMMH.HIH ll4iltl4ll4|ll1i-4������_IIIHI,l.ll4tllll.|llll������>IIIHlWIHIl4-lilllll*limH  IWM-M  mm  mmrntw  rMM  ���������'... ,-; ���������  ���������,><������..i������.".'v.  I  ff?    M


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