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Creston Review Sep 15, 1911

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 , No. 6    4th   Year.  CRESTON, B.C., FRIDAY,    SISP 15th.   1911  Single Copibs 5c.  . 4-  easare  rig  There are men who would not buy a  ready -made suit. For such men we have  the agency for CAMPBELLS and HOBBER-  LINS, Made foTWeastfi������XlOT  honestly recommend the garments made by these big  tailoring houses and respectfully request you to come in  and look over our Fa!! assd Winter Samples. We guaran-  . ?    erfect Fit, and our prices cannot be beaten.  We Sbow mearl^ 400 %ine$  IkmJ* j������l<  eers  Goodeve In Creaton  i':; ' ,  ��������� ���������  THE CONSERVATIVE STANDARD BEARER AT CRESTON, A. S. GOODEVE ADDRESSES ELECTORS  An enthusiastic meeting of the Elec-  |oj,'ssf ���������^a./'eestcn. District, was held in  ~ -' V^^utfte Hall on Saturday Evening the Oth inst,  to welcome A.  S.  Goodeve,   Conservative Qaifdldate   for  KboSeifay;'.~:iir ^th^'preaeuft ' Dorninidn  >������l������t5tjo*n.^W' J: K; Schofield M. P.P.,  MyJ."bompton',' an'd- other ^romin^ut  C<JJiaervativ|s -were in attendance..   -< .x ^  -. iTii.s*'-'br'������J^'.'02oniug 'speecliy Chairman  Compton introduced-the speak'ersof the  evening,- and    Mr.    J.    H.   Schofield  having delivered a short address,  Mr.  - AA S. Goodeye the principal speaker of  evening, took the platform.  y In-au eioquant' speech cbf over ono  hour duration, Mr. Goodeve riddled the  Reciprocity pact,    and   denounced   in  scathing terms the'grafts and scandala  ��������� which have characterise! 'the Liberal  Regime at Ottawa.   After drawing attention to tho gross violations of the  Alien Labor  Law, tho,failure of the  Labor Department to do auy thing in  oonneetion with the Strike in the Crows  Nest Mines, the teuible charges of graft  and   corruption   couneoted   with   the  Chinese immigration  Service, and -he  BoandleB of tho Immortole Oliver iu tho  North Weat, he passed on to Beciprooity  hud after dealing with th������ pact from  tho different stuud points of the Fisherman,     Miner.     Wheat    grower,  and  Lumber mau, turned uxhaustively to^fche  osonomio asppotu of the proposed ogree>  mont, as it would"effect tho Frait Gtoa-  . -������'r. of thin dis!riot. Uu showed the present  duties glviug: a protection taour.growers  equal, to $150 par,aoro of fully cultivated  laud,\ftaolto!^-tiw"fi?QOi(8 9* the ejffor'ta tlto  #���������������������������������������������<&������������������������������������>������������������*������������������  growers of "Washington and Oregon  'were preparing to make to flood the unprotected prairie markets, if the agreement were adopted, and by Li3 clear  convincing argument brought home to  every fruit grower, and every man depending upon the industry, the havee  which the proposed agreement would  make among our Infant Industry, and.  what a damage same would prove to the  fruitgrowing ranchers, and the land  values of this   district.     In a closing  Seedling Apples  THIS   SHOULD BE  READ  BY  ALL  INTERESTED IN THE  GROWING OF APPLES  (Continued from Sept. 1 )  Sow seeds in rows three feet apart and  one and a half inches deep,  and rather  ! thinly,    say" eight seeds  to   tbe foot.  oration, Mr. Goodeve left the sordid  paths of dollars and cents, and spoke tn  a higher key, ou the ill effects of the  pact, upon the destiuy of Canada, and j  upon the future of the British Umpire.  Ke jcontrasted the greatness of the British Market; for products of the Canadiau  Mine, Forest and Field, as compared  with, the United States market themselves an exporting country of the very  commodeties we had for sale, and  brought the audience tovits feet with a  picture of. the future glory bf Canada as  cue among equals in the family of great  nations, bound together by a golden  cord reaching from England rennd the  world and back to England agaiu, along  which route thru Canada os the most  important link in the chain of tbe empire, would flow the greatest portion of  the commerce ot the whole world.  The meeting was a great success, and  Mr. Coodeve wns congratulated on all  sides for his splendid address."  FRUIT  GROWERS  ASSOCIATION  There was only a moderate attendance  of Fruit growers, in the old sohoolhouse,  on Friday evening the 8th Sept, when  the regular monthly meeting was held-  President Timmons took th������ chair at  8;30 p. m. and Secretary Blinco briefly  ran over the minutes of the previous  meeting.  , The Committee regarding the Fall  Fruit Fair at Creston reported per D. S.  Timmons. that they had decided to have  SATISFIED CUSTOMERS  aro the best advertisement. The  following letters received recently by the "Review" speak  for themselves. The names and  amounts are withheld for obvious reasons.  Creston Publishing Co.,  Where seed may be sown in beds four  feet wide and as long as required; the  beds sliould be bounded by boards eight  to ten inches wide, set on edge. The  seeds are then sown in drills ten inches  apart. As soon as the plants appear  above the ground they will be benefited  oy being slightly shaded from the sun"  This is best done by lath screens; the  spaces between the lath may be two inches wide. ��������� As soon as the second pair  of leaves form the screen may be removed altogether. If tha season is dry  it may benecessary to water occasion  ly. When this is done a thorough soaking may be given.  A light spriukling every day is worse  than useless.   In    tbe full the younp  seedling -s are dug up and heeled iu outside.   In the sping they are planted out  in nursery rows, eight inches opart in  the raw, the rows four feet apart.   It it  important that some protection be given  the young seedlings tho first  winter.  Injury by girdling trom field mice will  also have to be guarded against.   Thit-  is usually done by throwing up a light  plow furrow against the trees on both  sides of the row, the tops of the tallest  ones being bent over and covered witb  earth.   The seedlings are left , in   the  nuraery row for two years, than each  year they are closely examined whon iu  a box and plate exibition competion, Mr.  J. Heath, is compiling a list of the various varieties to be accepted in each  division and which will shortly be completed.  SALESMAN'S REPORT AUGUST  Salesman Lindley than read his report tor August, shewing a total .gross  sales of $2,072, and whioh was unara-  onsly adopted.  DELAYS IN TRANSIT  Mr. Lindley, drew attention to tae  serious matter of the delays to shipments  in transit. There axe many difficulties  with which we have to contend, two of  the chief to my mind being discrimination against ns in freight rates, and  delays to shipments in transit. I have  facts proving that apples shipped from  here to Tabor, which is only a four day  journey, have taken 13 days in transit,  this is a very serious matter to' us. I  have also a statement tbat apples going  from here to Fernie, have been 13 days  in transit. Fernie is only a distance of  some 130 miles. Certain varieties of  apples will not stand this period and  remain in shape. Several customers of  this Association, have stopped ordering  apples from us. on account of this poor  freight service from this point. This  poor service from here is rendered even  more seriouB to ns, becanse there hat*  been developed from Calgary to various  points a superior fast freight-service,  enabling, perishable BhiptnentB tb  o'e sent-at* freight rates from-Calgary  West to Coleman for instance, in nine  hours.    -  This means the dealers along the line  purchase their vegetables, tomatoes etc,  at Calgarv, against u^, *    ���������  Mr. Compton suggested writing^ a  tetter to ibe O. P. R. wita a view to the  service being improved. Mr. Lindley  said, "Tbe poor freight service has been  a common complaint for three years  past to my knowledge, aud it is getting  worse." After some further discussion  in which most of those present joined, a  resolution;w ob uu amiouely adopted, That  the Secretary take copies of the letters  from dealers referred to by Mr. Lindley,  und bubmit same to the C. P. R. Superintendent, with a request for his assis-  (ance in explaining the delays in these  ��������� <?*^e^o4>* ^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������'���������������������������������������������������������������������o������������������������������������������������������������������������������'������������������������������������  ���������  t  t  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  A FAIR YOU KNOW, AND SO YOU GO  The 9th. Annual  elson  Fair  NELSON, B. C. SEPTEMBFR 26th. 27th. and 28th  $3000 IN FREE ATTRACTIONS $3000  ��������� -  o  ���������  Don't  .....Miss   ���������  ���������  t  ���������  These.  Burnstad's Wild West Show.  J. E. Hardy, The High Wire King.      4  "Bomtiy^^oniiarQueen of tfaenrtir; ~t"���������  Happy,and his trick mule, Dynamite %  And Marie McDonald, the Scottish Dancer.  Inter-City Band  Tournament.    Rock drilling contest  Log Sawing and chopping, and Tie-Making Contests  The biggest Fair yet, and then some.      Dont miss It  I J* E* cflanable, Pres, G. Horste&d, Sec-Mgr.  %  %  ���������  and similar cases. Mr. Lindley stated  that he'personally saw most of the shipments out of Creston, and that the  delay was not caused by the staff at the  depot here.  The list of Hon, Presidents of the  Creston first Annual Fall Fruit and  Horticultural Exhibition and Fair, was  read, comprising, Messrs J. H. Schofield  C. O. Rodgers, J. B. Moran, A. Cooper,  W. P. Stark.  The meetiug adjourned at 9:30 p. m.  ��������� \J     lanuw    3innwiigE.nnibb  Here is a method ot raising strawberries wliich a Washington farmer  practices with great success, according  to Geo, S. Henderson, the pure food inspector. In the spring he covers tbe  ground with a thick layer of straw.  This prevents the berries from coming  in contact with the ground, and keeps  them clean. After the crop has been  harvested, htTcut3 the plants cloE.-c-.to  the ground with' a scythe, aud when  the tops are thoroughly dry he burns  them together with the straw. By following this method of cultivation lie  harvests an immense crop of berries  each year, and the necessity of replanting every three or four years is obviated,  as tho plants treated in this manner will  produce good crops.���������Kaslo Kootenaian.  Creston Review,  Dear Sir���������The stationery is  first class, and I will let you  know when I require a further  supply,  iSi-taj  'h'XU.iS  WATCH CRESTON   GROW  Born���������At Creston ou the 5th inst to  Mr. nnd Mrs. P. B. Fowler, a sou.  Born���������At Oreston ou the 7th inst,   to  Mr. and Mrs. Geo Broderick, a son.  Born���������At Croston on the 8th inst, to  Mr. and Mrs. A. Miller, a son.  y.  **  Poultry Raising  That Pays It AU  Back-r-And More  - '<* ?>*v*-.- ~  Many a dollar is invested In*' poultry "  raising: and never comes back���������for the  simple reason tbat the necessary  knowledge bas not also been invested.  The way to cct your money back, and  a lot more -with it. is to know exactly  -what to do. and bow to do it.  Vou cannot cet this practical knowledge from a book. You bave to cet it  from those -who have made biar money  raising poultry through richt methods.  The help and sruidance of such experts  are given you in tbe Poultry Course of  the International Correspondence'  Schools. Every phase of successful  poultry raisinET is covered in a clear,  concise, practical way.   Here are  several ot the subjects: Bow to select  most profitable breeds: feeding* mai-Vct-  inft etfgs and. poultry (or profit; uatnral  l.y'l  ficisl  Incubations < leyin-l   liensi coabl* <  nation plsnt; poultry appliances; ensiaiss '  of poultry! poultry* houses 'and anaoatfe*  ment; turkeys; water fowls; squabs; etc. -'  Besides all this, tbe I. C. S. is aasoci*  ated with tbo larccst poultry farm in''  the world���������tbe. Rancocos Poultry  Farm���������where   experiments  of  every  kind aro made for tho benefit of tboao -  taking this Course. / ,���������  Wrlto today for full particulars to  InterhaUonal Correspondence Schools  Box flSS, Scranton, P������.  with the jobAas per tlie sample  you sent ��������� jtnef   It is just what  I ire  YoTJira 'Jtfuly;  y    ; y'Soft drinks on Ice, and? y ^ )  Gentlemonj-rPleaso   go ahead | full leaf, the thorny, small leafed ones  are cut out and only those with large  thibk leavoB ore left to. fruit. Those  having bearing trees can hasten this by  taking scions off the Becdlings aiid  grafting thom into the bearing trees.  iu a ooupio of years thoy will; usually  come into bearing, when a fair idea ban  bo fprn*ied of tho quality and siae of the  fruit your BoodlingB ore likoly to bear.  This is a lino of work tjiat needs mouy  to tako part iu and without doubt the  resultB will'be of groat value. Every  precaution should bo takon to plant eeod-i  of the yCry hardloBt obtainable variotloe  as hardiness ie tho llrat and moat important ODflontltil on tha uortlwm border  of applo oulture���������Fruit Magozlno. ,  &���������  1*.  ���������BUTTONS FOR  THE HEATHEN  Tho reproof courtooua nnd paroaatio ia  <3> contained in tho parish magazine of St.  In the hot weather, as well as Fruit  candies  ���������  Opposite the C, P. R. Station  PnuVn church; Yarmouth, tmttar the  head of "Acknowledgement." ThoEov.  G; PreatoaTon&o, the viouv, roniarlcBj  "Several anonymous contribution of  buttoua' havo boon tccoiveijl. "Wo aro  Btill wondering how to u������o theno glftH  to tlio, host advantage in the diatrict, as  for obvious rflnnons, thoy aro uunuitod  | to tho uooda of tbo hoathou."  ���������������������������;;  ���������a:  ���������  ���������ii"  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������"���������'  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������������������������'  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  t  ���������  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*���������������������������������������������  B^   The  ;<<^*si*5?A'-i  r ���������,.. y;V>$$  IN  mrntx  WHEN VOU ASKTOR  OVERALLS.  I P. 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BUT MARK YOU*  THEY���������W0NT STAND A CAREFUL  COMPARISON/  WEAREJHE AGENTS  JL       Lwf ���������\lmmr\iii0tr Lm/ I   Vj  GUARANTEED OVERALLS*  ^  f^rcsioo ivicrcsntiic v^o*^- u  ���������^^^^^^^^^^^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^  '������������������������������������������������������  ;���������:  ���������  ���������  ���������  ���������������������������������������������������������������  ���������  :���������  ���������  ���������������������������  ���������  .:���������  *���������  ���������  ���������  ���������  t  ���������  '���������  ���������  t.  .'    A>  ' :   'I.    '  : r - ... '���������   ���������',''...  , <���������' ��������� ���������'-li������.,-,,. - ',-  '.-������������������    ' ��������� , . ���������������.  ' ���������   '   '* l    I.    ���������       '������������������;.       . . ,.. , ��������� , . ���������  t'.ll    <��������� '���������- V "',.:������������������ -  -     '"; .    f-*  yv-   ",!���������.'���������  ,���������-.     ���������������������,,���������'..���������..,���������'*v,   '��������� "'y '     :t'���������'"y,  J*     /  / ���������"*  X'rf-  MSMHI  bbbH  ������B������������tMttM I  THE    CRESTON,  C,    REVIEW.  Ate Unwisely ?  Sometimes people do. and suffer,  because the stomach balks.  relieve the discomfort at once, and help digest the overload.    The lover of good  things may feel quite safe with a box of NA-DRU-CO Dyspepsia Tablets at hand.  50c. a box.    If your druggist has not stocked them yet send 50c. and we  will mail them 34  National Drue ������nd Chemical Co. of CanadJt. limited.        ���������       ���������        ���������        ��������� Montreal.  Any Old  Mark  "Of course," said the surgeon who  had operated for appendicitis, "there  will be a scar."  "That's all right," replied the patient. "Leave any kind of a mark  you like that will prevent some  strange doctor froni coming along  and. operating again."���������Winchester  Herald.  TRIED TWO DOCTORS  WITH NO BENEFIT  THEN DR. WILLIAMS' PINK PILLS  WROUGHT A LASTING  CURE  Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have made  so many remarkable cures in serious  ���������cases that people are liable to overlook their value as a tonic for the  blood and nerves in debility and  .general run-down conditions. That  such conditions are the cause of much  misery and unhappiness is fully  known to those who suffer from them  A Hint to the S.  P. C. A.  The Nigh Horse���������You're rather melancholy of late, Bill. What's preying  on your mind?  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Almost every American  and   the   need   of   curing   them  is   as i State Board of Health is carrying on.  vital  as  is  relief  from   diseases  with \ A   crusade 'againt   him.       His     filthy  higher  sounding  names.       We    com-j origin, and. habits,  and   thf   fact that  mend the following  statement to any   his   body   is   laden   with   ilisease-pro-  one suffering from  weak, thin blood, ��������� ducing germs,  makes him one of the.i.  or  shattered  nerves.    Mrs.  Mae  Ma-j greatest  enemies of  the  human, race. 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A colored preacher in closing his  ���������sermon addressed the congregation  thuH: "And now let us pray for the  people of the uninhabited portion of  the earth."  tMinard's Liniment cures garget in cows  To economize on ushers a New York  -moving  picture  theatre  has  installed  Bmall    incandescent    lamps    on    the  bocks of the seats, arranged to burn  ���������only when a Heat is unoccupied.  Catarrh Cannot Be Cured  ���������rniOl LOCAL APPLICATIONS. Mthtjr cannot reaeft  ������-1U������ sest of tlte diMuw.    catarrh la a blood or conatl-  '-.tuiloiul dUeaae. and In order to cure It you munt uke  'U������wm������l r������medl������a,   Hall's Catarrh euro in taken in-  '(cnuUjr.and'Aeta (Mrectly upon the blood and mucous'  riurfsoM.   Hall's Catarrh cure tt not a quack raedl-  leln*.  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"He compared the case of a Pennsylvania  farmer," continues the historian in  question, "and a Pennsylvania iron  merchant and implement maker whose  properties adjoined. Under a protective policy the farmer supplied  the ironmaker with bread, meat, vegetables, fruit, fodder for horses., etc.,  and the ironmakeT supplied the farmer with all the iron, iron implements,  etc., which he needed. Assuming that  a change is made and the Protective  policy abandoned, the farmer then  discovers that he can buy his iron  implements cheaper from Europe than  from his neighbor, assuming that he  sells a sufficient quantity of flour in  Europe to enable him to effect the  purchase of the iron. He ultimately  discovers that the cost of carriage to  the coast, transportation by sea to  England, insurance and cartage on  arrival, does not enable him to receive such a good reword for his labor  as he formerly did when selling his  flour to his neighbor, the ironmaker.  He, therefore, determines to Bell his  flour as before to his neighbor. But  meantime the farmer discovers thnt  while he has been purchasing his  iron implements from Europe his  neighbor, the ironmaker, has been  compelled to stop his works and dismiss his employees, not hnvinc* sufficient work for them. The former,  therefore, now finds that he has more  wheat than he knows what to do with,  also that he is no-longer ablo to sell  his fruit, vegetables, fodder, meat,  horses, etc., to his neighbor, the iron-  maker, os he has" gone out of busi-  noss. In fact, ho finds that through  buying abroad in tho cheapest market-  he hris destroyed tho homo market  for his own products nnd thrown, a  number of his fellow-countrymen out  of omplymont."  Sho (with newspaper) ��������� "Another  cyclone out west. It has swopt dozens  of farms clear of everything."  Ho~"I*ll bet the mortgages didn't  budge an inch."���������Boston Transcript.  BLACK NECKLACE FOUND.  Mary Queen  of Scots  Lost  !t at the  Scaffold.  After many centuries, and in a curious way, a historic necklace of black  pearls, which Queen Mary of Scots  wore on the morning'of "her execution at Fotheringay Castle, has been  recovered in a romantic way. From  that morning, when, at .the foot of  the scaffold, the ill-fated queen distributed her jewels and money: among  her friends, the black pearl necklace  had been lost sight of, and was only  recently unearthed in an old curiosity shop in a small village in Scotland. The keeper of the shop parted  with the pearl*��������� tc Aa lady customer  for 12s. 6d., but there was then  nothing to indicate their real value.  Now experts hnve declared that they  aro incomparable, and, in fact, .they  have been resold for no less, a sum  than ������16,000 (about $80,000). It seems  that a short time ago a lady, riding  her bicycle in Scotland, accidentally  broke the chain by which her eyeglasses were suspended, ftemember-  ��������� ing that jLn_a littlo shop she had see a  a"Tew strings" of i>eacis"*"finct other"  trifles dear to youthful village maidens, she rode there to S63 if she could  find something to'.Aroplace for a time  her broken chain. She found nothing  to serve her purpose, and .'.was on tho  point of leaving, when the old lady  behind the counter ;said, "I have. got  an old necklace that might do. but it  is much more expensive. Shall I  fjtch.it for you?" A necklace of  rather large, dull-looking -'bead*"  was 'produced. It did hot seem to bo  quite what she waited .but the ci*'-  ous workmanship, of the clasp took  the lady's fancy nnd for the sum 6!  twelve shillings) and sixpence sha  became its owner, and to it attaching  her eye-glasses, she resumed her ride.  To her purchase she '."attached but  little, importance, but being one day  in London, a friend admired tho  "beads>" not a little, and expressed  a wonder as to where such a pretty  string had come from. It so chanced  that shortly afterwards the owner, of  the "beads"ihad occasion to visit tha  shop of a dealer in antiques, her  object being tha purchase of a grandfather clock, and while there she  showed her "beads" to the dealer,  asking him what he thought of them.  After a short inspection, the dealer  became quite animated, fingering  each "bead" in turn, and asking so  m'anv- questions as to how and when  the lady had become their owner,  that her curiosity was completely  aroused. Subsequently the "beads"  were submitted-to a jeweller and his  interested inquiries-served to confirm the owner's impression that her  possession was positively of rare  value, and the impression was strengthened when an offer was. made of  ������6,000 for the string. This.offer was  declined, and instead the string was'  submitted to an acknowledged expert  in matters connected with antiquities  and ancient jewellery. Here a brief  examination of the "beads," and a  glance   at a book of   reference,   were  sufficient.. ' yX\.XXX .':������������������.'���������' : ; -l ���������  yf'ThiSj-: madamvAVis the stringX of  black pearls worn by Mary Queen of  Scote on the day of her execution.  The pearls have suffered by neglect,  but I can buy them from you. should  you wish to sell them, for sixteen  thousand, pounds. ' I shall re-sell  them at a profit to a customer if you  accept my offer which remains ��������� open  for your consideration as long as you  like."  The lady accepted the offer, and  shortly afterwards A the old shop  woman in the little Scotch village  was equally delighted ahd astonished  to receive a cheque for one thousand  pounds.  Honored by ^omen  When ��������� woman speaks of her  silent too ret Buffering aha  trusts you. Millions have bestowed this mark of confidence un Dr. It. V. Pierce,  of Buffalo, N. Y. Everywhere there are women who  bear witness to the wonder?  working, curing-power ol Dr.  Pierce'* Favorite Prescription  ���������whieli naves the tufftring t,x  /rem pain, and successfully  grapples with woman's weaknesses and stubborn  Uh,  IT MAKES WEAK WOrtEN STRONG  IT   HAKES  SICK WOMEN WELL.  No woman's appeal was ever misdireoted or her oon*  Adenoe   misplaced   when   ahe  wrote   for   advice,  to  the Wom.u'i   Disfknnamv  Mmdicai. Association, Dr.  R.V. Fierce, President, Buffalo, N, Y.  Df. Pssmm's Ptoses* P������U������t* Indue* ml14 mmturml bowl mnvtmiai eaoa m day.  Queer  I deas of Arithmetic.  In a village churchyard in Worcestershire there is. or used to be, a  tombsrtone stating the age of the tenant of the tomb below to be 304. The  mason apparently had the crudest notions of the mysteries of arithmetical  flotation.  Oddly enough, to the present day  we would find in Burma 1000 900 11 1  used for the year 1910, thia being a  case of an admixture of an old notation with modern symbols. The same  kind of admixture of new and old ia  taught in tho indigenous monastic  schools of Thibet, and is prevalent all'  over India among the Hindu astrolog*  era. In the purely native achoola Indian children are said to learn their  multiplication tables up to 100 times  ltd.  Teachers in our own elementsry  schools may blosa their fortune thnt  they aro not called upon to listen to  suoh a nerve-ending drone irom  "twice two are four," up to tho numbers juat mentioned. Even in the  Government schools of the United  Provinces the children had to learn  up to 40 times 40 until a few years  buck.  Beautiful,   But  Dangaroua.  Tho laburnum is a boautlful troo.  Unfortunately, however, liko many  othoir boautlful things, laburnum blossom Is dangerous. Tho long, yellow  flowers and tho floods whioh presently  tako tho!* place contain poison���������cytis-  bus���������so .poworful that a hundredth  part o������ a grain injootod under tho  skin of a out or a dog is sufficient to  causa its death. In ton seeds of  laburnum thore is sufflfciont poison to  kill a child, and there aro a number oi oases on rocord of doath from  thia cauno. Also the laburnum exorcises an evil effect upon tho vogotablo  world. Tho gardener will tell you  that flowers will not flourish in tho  ground about a laburnum troo.���������London Globe.  ������SM|MMMHMMMMM������MS������WMSSM  The Victim.  "I hoar' poor Dobbs, tho humortot,  has gono to a sanitarium," Binka  fluid.  "Yes," Higglns said. "Ho'* workod  hiimdf into a state, oi norvous pros*  tration that I fnar is' incurable."  "That'll to had," Binks snid. "How  did ha como (o do thatP"  "Why, six weeks ago ho got an answer to a riddle, one's a oiiau-ffour  and tho olWh a fur show, and ho  nays lii������'11 \ifvi>t bo able.to Mnop until  lin finds ilia question It will mako a  good tuiswur to," Htggina said.  NO BURNED BREAD f  NO SCORCHED BISCUITS  No need to apologize to family or guest when  N300NEY does it.      MOONEY'S BBSCUITS are  always right ��������� every biscuit inspected before it is  packed���������and they are as fresh as the product of your  own oven.  MOONEY'S PERFECTION  SODA BISCUITS  iH^ijixe'^reat^a'Vori'tes -for -every-day-uses     \    They are made in the big sanitary factory in  Winnipeg and come to you in air-tight packages or y  in sealed tins as you prefer.  STORY OF JC8WG GEORGE  The Child Admired ,His Father Mora  Than   His   King.  His Majesty's versatility and tha  thoroughness with -which he carries  through whatever he attempts are the  theme of an article entitled "King;  George the Thorough," from the pen  oi one who knows him, that appears  in the June number of Pearaon'jV  AMLagazine. The author relates a number of anecdotes illustrating the many-  sidedness of Kis Majesty's activities,  and others that show his kindliness.  A typical incident showing the King's  special liking for children is the following, which occurred quite recently:  "An officer in the army, serving in  India, died before he had received a  medal to which he was entitled.  Shortly afterwards his widow received  a command to repair tb Buckingham  Palace, bringing with her a son, if  she had; one, or else a daughter. The  lady obeyed the command, accompanied by her little five-year-old son.  :They were conducted into the Presence, and presently found themselves  all alone with the King, who, drawing  the boy to him, and giving him his  father's medal, said: 'What I am doing you do not understand now, but  you will understand some day. Tell  me, what are you going to be when  you grow to be a man?"  " 'I am going to be a soldier, like  my father,' answered the child.  " 'Well,' observed His Majesty, 'it  ia a good thing to be a soldier lika  your father; but still, I should advise  you to be.'d'.sailor,'like1 your King.'  " 'No,' the child persisted, 'I must  be a soldier, like my father.*  "Soon afterwards the audience was  at an end, and tnen the child, reaching the door, turned and made a low  bow, saying, 'Good-bye, your Magistrate'���������his lather had been a magistrate in India. .  "The King smiled kindly, and replied���������-'Ah, I see you have learned  your lesson well; only you have not  got it quite right'."  Finger-Print Lore.  The study iot finger prints is becoming quite a iushiouaole one, and is  bang taken up with enthusiasm by  young ladieo. The following are stated to be established "axioms" of the  cult. A man with white spots on his  nails ia unquestionably very iond of  ladies' society; but, alas, is very fickle  in his attachments. A proud man is'  invariably told by welbrounded finger  nails, while transparent nails, sufius-  ed with light red. denote a oheerfuL  f;entlo, and loving disposition. But  adies must particularly boware of the  man who bites his nails till, a largo  portion of tha skin ia uncovered, ior  suoh a one would provo a perfect  Othello for a husband.' A man with  long and pointed nails botolccna that  the owner via either a player on the  guitar, a budding Chancellor of the  i!)xcliecj*uer, a fuanionable tailor, or an  ambitious attorney; walle anyone having the nail oi hia lett thumb all  streaked**���������aa though it* had boon stained, with snuff���������ia suro to turn out to  be a schoolmaster, Thick nails indicate obstinaoy and cruelty, whilo yellow ones are the clouro'st proof that  tho possessor ia a "villain ot thu  daop������t*t dye."  Inoenee.  Tnconao \n tlio riMlnous gum that ox-  udoa from u two round In British No-  mallland from near Berl������ora to Capo  Guardaful. Somo inronno comes from  a region adjoining M-wkat, noar tho  Arabian cun������t. interior lt������eonM������ t������  found In India. Ixir th**- twmt nnd grcnt-  oat quantity comes from British Somaliland.  Here's to a man.. He is Uke a kerosene lamp���������he is not especially brilliant; he is often turned down; he  generally smokes and he frequently  goes out at night.  Unless ���������worms be expelled from the  system no child can be healthy. Mother  Grave's' Worm Exterminator is the best  medicine-extant to destroy worms.  Projectiles fired even from the  heaviest guns when they penetrate  concrete do so without splintering it.  Chose a Bad Title  ���������May���������^-Mad at him?   Why, he wrote  a lovely poem to her.  Sadie���������^-Yes, but she never read it.  When.sshe' saw the title of it she tore!  the whole thing up in a fit of anger.  You    see,    he    called    it  "Lines onj  Mabel's Face."���������Smart Set.  Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.  Some folks imagine that all they've  got to do to become highbrows is to. i  lose their hair! ..������������������:���������'..���������' /  NATIONAL  CHEMICAL  I nil drtioBMMt*'  CANADA, tlMmo!  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C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President  ALEXANDER LAIRD, Gehssal. ft.-UssAe:SR  ^r^sfart^/rrL/r^jt^jttoitoiifctSpijlXirft^t }  ������ 1 j&jjm. jdfiXa. Jtfr*.. j������: *.   -a*- -    -��������������������������� - >     -������������������������ _"  CAPITAL, - $10,000,000          REST, -   $8,000,000  MONEY ORDERS  The Money Orders bf The Canadian Bank of Commerce are a safe,  convenient and economical method of remitting small sums of money.  They are payable without charge at every branch of a chartered bank in  Canada (except in the Yukon Territory) and in the principal cities of  the United States.  The Orders and full information regarding them may be obtained  on application at the Bank.  In the event of loss of a Money Order the Bank will, on receipt of  a satisfactory guarantee, make arrangements to refund the amount of  the lost Order. A232  TFJXTT ������. FOWLER. &i*n*gcr, Creston Brsnch  Creston Hotel s  MM  BSWKSSSKS  Tke .Creston $&&me3%L  ���������;-\yCtt^V.W.WJ-.\\.lJl.-~S,mj������Q\0*hftG>Gi**C**&*K.  FaWtehod every  Friday at Ok-eatorn, British Colombia, by the Greaton Pub-  liakisv Ot., at tbeir ottoe, Wilaon Avenue, Oroaton.  t. K. JwtMex  Bjaph G. Scmjsos   ���������   Sditor.  Subacriptioa, $9.00 a year, in ������dv&noe.  tO-Day IScticeffl, $5; 00, 97.60;^ 90, *10  *ha Baview ia tha aeksovladffed advertising medium of the Creston valley, oir-  amlatiBg ia twee one thousand hocoes throughout the Creaton district. Onr  aolaaano an ope*s to cc-n-eepondento on hve questions ot loeal interest. Oon-  ���������laitatiiuw awl be brief, written on one side ot the paper only and signed, not  aaaeasaaily for publication, bnt aa evidence of good faith. -We invite rapport  u������ our* endeavours to increase the usefulness of the Review by bringing in your  advertisements, subscriptions and ne*WB. Complaints from subscribers aa t<  non-receipt of paper will be promptly attended to. Address all commnnica-  tioasto the   editor  The Leading  Hotel of the  Fruit    Belt  Our  Cah  Guests  cAgain  \ /OU will make no mistake  | when you get off the train  if you sign the register, at  the Creston Hotel. Travelling  men will substantiate this. We  study the comfort of our guests.  The rooms are well furnished in  a manner up-to-date.  Headquarters ior Mining Ken,  Lumbermen,  Ranchers, .Tourists,  "and" CornmerciaisT  T  Ar^ktaTg   OS? mm  nc  s  ���������> ^  We have just received a stock of  'Photographic POST CAJ^DS  of CRESTON; and they are the  best d)>er taken of Creston and the  Y^texpr ~,   10 cts. eacb. or 3 for 25 cts. j  %  I  I ^rest&n Drug* Book Go, s  September 2 ist is election day, and before another issue  of this paper has appeared, the question of reciprocity or  otherwise will have advanced a long way towards a definite  settlement. The electors of this district have enjoyed a  good opportunity to obtain such information as would  enable them to cast an intelligent vote; both candidates  have been here and spoken on the question at issue on the  platform, and a vast quantity of literature has been spread  throughout th;   constituency,  whilst the   REVIEW,   by  Nelson Land Distiict---District  of West Kootenay ' l  Take notice that I, Stella  Warson, of Rossland. B.C., occupation Spinster, intend to  apply for permission to purchase the following desribed  lands :��������� t   *  Commencing at a fjost plantod   ntvm-t1   -frt-lii.   t&S.   milon  in        n  of   lot  9333! Northerly direction ^om     the  Nelson Land Districi-rDistriet  of West Kootenay  Take notice that. Walter  Demer, of Ymir, B.C., occupation lumberman, intends to apply for permission to purchase  the following described land *���������  Commencing' at a post planted about four miles in a southwesterly    direction  comer df Tom   Charles's Mb^.a^*^."***^" iff*!*  uas  tion, thence nortb 80 chains,  east 80 chains, south 80 chains  and west 80 chains to point of  commeaceinsiit. and cos-taming  640 acres more or less .  Walter Berner, Applicant.  ���������%* a������aaji'*w%J      ���������   Dated June   11th,  191L.  reports of such meetings and by articles on ike subject,  done its duty in educating, the electorate.  The question is first bf all an economic issue, ' Will  reciprocity benefit or injure the fruitgrowers upon whom  this district depends.* The pact involves the free admission  of the products of American competitors inio our home arid  prairie markets, and which are our only practical markets,  the present duties are a direct protection to our Creston  Fruit and Berry Growers amounting to $ia0 to $400 per  acre per annum: the growers must decide for themselves,  whether they desire, by voting for reciprocity, to diminish  their livelihood and the capital value of their investments,  by such a large figure as this.  s?  Whilst the various distri cts will undoubtedly view the  proposed agreement mainly from the economic standpoint,  there is a national aspect of the  matter. T he Republic  of the United States today, is up against serious econo  mic problems; her star is waning, whilst Canada is prospering. To enter into commercial agreements at the request  '.' of the States, involves our sharing the misfortunes of that  trust ridden country, whilst in the past the prosperous U. S.  in their palmy days, repeatedly contemptuously refused  fiscal justice to Canada. The boot is on the other leg today  the States are anxiou* to share bur resources and benefit at  the expense of our prosperity, but in our opinion the electors will do well to consider ere, by endorsing reciprocity,  they surrender Canadian National prosperity to the hungry  maw of Uncle Sam.  If the electors of Kootenay are wise, they will vote for  Goodeve thus helping to kiil reciprocity, enabling Canada  to continue uninterrupted her march of prosperity along  the broad highway of Nationalism within, the Empire, and  leaving the Monopoly ridden States, to flounder out of their  own difficulties, as best they can.  What has happened since 1O07 ? Is Canada any worse  off than then, or is it not growing yearly richer and more  prosperous ? Yet in that year Sir Wilfred told the Canadian Club at Ottawa, that any editor who said Canada was  yearning for reciprocity with the United States, was about  25 years behind the times, at one time we would have given  our right arm for such a thing, but that is now a thing of  the past. We now have a changed condition of things, we  ore turning our hopes towards the motherland.'' That was  Sir Wilfred's attitude in 1907, the very reciprocity that he  repudiated then is his policy in ipil. If reciprocity was  s5 years behind the times then, it is 29 years behind the  times today.  Morrison's location, thence  South 80 chains, thence East  40 chains, thence North 80  chains thence west 40 chains,  to point of commencement and  containing- 320 acres more or  less. " .  Stella Warson, Applicant.!  James S^sher, Agent.   -    \  Dated June  10th,  1911. !  YOUR POCKET BOOK '      A  is safe; the prices for ^ pipes are \ g  very reasonable here.   Some, of  the different kinds "are sore to  please    yon.    People   wonder  that we   are scllisig bo many,  pipes, bnt thoy wonld not wen--  der if they realised how cheaply  we buy, and what perfect satis-'  faction  everything gives   that'  we sell.  iCre$toh Wine k Spirii Oo.  5.  POOLE  Prop.  Nelson   Land District���������District  . of West Kootonay ,  Take notice that I,' Tom  Charles, of Patterson, B.C., occupation lumberman, .intends to  apply for permission to purchase the foUowing described  lands:���������-  Commencing at ',& post planted about four (4) miles in a  southwesterly direction from  the southwest corner*" of lot  9323, east of Mosquito Creek,  thence north 80 chains, west  80 chains, south 80 chains and  east 80 chains to point of  commencement and containing  640 acres more or less.  Tom Charles, Applicant.  James Fisher, Agent.  Dated June   11th,  1911..  or  Nelson Land District���������District  of West Kootenay  Take notice that I, Mamie  Long, of Spokane, Wash., occupation Married Woman, intend  to apply for permission to purchase the following described  lands recommencing, at a post planted about three (3) miles in a  Northerly direction from the  Northwest corner of Lot 4275  and adjacent to the Northeast  corner. of Harry Brauer's location, thence South 80 ohains,  thence East 20 chains, thence  North 80 chains, thence West  20 chains, to point of commencement and containing 160 acres more or less.  Mamie Loner. AppUoant.  Datod Juno  10th.  1011.  ���������<yro>3v 'joqet^ eorauf1  Nolion v. Land  DUtrint-Dlatrlot   of  Brauer, pf  The fruitgrower who votes tor reciprocity,  i������ voting  Against hi* own bread and butter.  ,   Weat Kootenay.  Toko notioo that I,-parry  RoHfllnnd/B. O., occupation Dlamot)d  Driller, intond to npply for pormluion  tr nuwha-*te,,,ifcne;��������� Hollowing doooribed  land*:���������*   ������������������<������������������:���������.;'"y '���������,.,.  uommenolufr nt a pott planted about  throo (8) mile* in a Northerly direction  from theVN������*rt *w6������t corner of Lot 4976,  Wont of M6*q������iito Oroolr, thenoo lonth  80 ohnine, thenoe Weat 80 ohuinu, thonoe  North 80 olmimi, tbence Kiwt 80 ohnina  to point of oommenoement nnd oontain*  ItiK 040 ooroa norea more or low.  Harry Brnnor, AppUoant,  Jnmeti Fieher, Agont.  Ditto, Juno 10th 1011.  Scobeirs Liquor. Tobacco  - rnmsnsntlT'dls-  lor  ths  and Drug Cure .atraKTO  Alcohol, Tobucco and IJrtiti. I* cowj|mcts  ���������-w -..,.. .���������t0XlMO������f,p* ������������S������VW|i.������fii;--, ^w-  ���������^s^^s^sa^^WW wp^wsJHpj "AWPR^P WW(P ^^sj^psj^bs'si^psiss^^^^^^p ^^���������       ������������������,,  Nelson  Land  District���������District  of West Kootenay   ,  Take notice that I, Mary Bil-  for, of Spokane, Wash., occupa-*  tion Housekeeper; intend to appiy for permission to purchase!  the following described lands :--1  Commencing at a post plant-[  ed about four (4J nules in     a  Northerly    direction    from the  Northwest , corner^ of Lot 4275  on West side of Mosquito Creek  South of and adjoining James  Morrison's     location,    s thence  South  80 chains, thence    West  80" chains,     thence    North   80  chains, thence   East   80 chains  to point of commencement and  containing 640 acres more  less.  Mary Bilfor, Applicant.  James Fisher, Agent.  Dated June 10th,  1911.  Nelson  Land  District���������District  of West Kootenay.  Take notice, that 1, James  Morrison, of Ymir, B.C., occupation Lumberman, intend to  apply for permission to purchase the following described  lands :������������������  Commencing at a post planted about five (5) miles in a  Northerly direction from the  N.W. corner oi Lot 4275 and  adjacent to the Northeast corner of M. Flanigan's location,  thence South 80 chains, thence  East 40 chains, thence North  80 ohains, thence West 40  ohainsc to point of commencement and containing 320 acres  more or less,  Jas. Morrison, Applicant.  ^      James Fishor/ Agent.  Dated June 10th,   1011.  Nelson Land Distriot���������District  of West Kootenay     y  Ttxke notice that I; Mike  Flannigan, of Ymir, E|.C.; ooou-  pation Lumberman, intends to  apply fbr jjieMHsibn fto purohaso :; iho idUPTOgAVdosoribod  lands:���������    ��������� 'x^t^tiS. ���������'>���������.; ���������*..���������,:���������..  ^ommoncjj^'i^ po������v vtlanU  about fiyo (6) m������ & a#ortV  erly direction from the N. W.  corner of Lot 4^75 on Iflast  aide of Mosquito Creek boiugtho  Northeast oorner thenoe South  80 chains. West 80 chains;  North 80 ohalns, ahd lfla>.t 80  chains to point of commencement and containing 640 aores  moro or loflfl.  ,     Miko Flannigan Applicant  James Fishor, Agont,  Datod June 10th,  1011.  gt %*^AA'*A*>AA/WV%<V������������������*iiA^  Billiards and Pool  -^^3^51! Room  iSB^gfci.S&k  Hot or Col.d'JBathSr.  At Any Hour  Cigars and Cigarettes   I    Razors  Ground and Set  ts  i ������er.**������eJM^j.i������rf .**���������_* M'-a.  SAM H  ="\  n  fl  prinnnro^Tyrinnnnnr<3 _  JO  to  Transfer, Livery and Feed Stables  (Best,equipped Livery in Town)  r     \ .  All cIsbb of TURNOUTS"supplied at short. notice.   The1 latest styles of  %' CUTTERS nnd BUGGIES for sale and hire.   Saddle and pack, horeesa  ,K     . Speoinlity.    *,     ' ��������� ,       -.    '   .     ,     ": "   >  Feed for sale.      Agent for the MoLanghlin Manfg, OoV     Horeesfor sale  I am prepared to fill all orders, both by wire and mail, nnd meet nil train b  ������  at any honr of the day or night.   Commercial men and londaoelterfl, will  -./ receive prompt.attention. [}  x v  H. S. McCreath. Prop  ^ Phone 58    % Sirdnr Avouno '' Box 14   _. ������  ULJUUUUUJUUJUUUUUUUUJUULP " ��������������� Q.tULILft.ll5UUUUAJUUUUl JLSUUL5ULJU  S  o  ?  e  ���������-XyXyyyyMA^  ���������imj.000 Will Be Spent on tliU Bxhi-  x ���������\<X',}<.\i'y ':��������� '-; .''i '.���������;'������������������ -'��������� ' bttlOH',,:K'*',S',1>'" " ' \W''^:^-; ������������������'������������������'������������������������������������'������������������    ���������  ;''. ^������������������Cif^k^yln  '������������������ Msny N������W'CloMea;'Open'',tii''A1r*'^l'A;  WMti, jn������r Pebtyiuin &tot' and' Dativ, Trooram'X  217; Huttbn Block,  SPOKANE  WASH.  Fourteen loo von of itood X������m\t\ tor n  Ot nil YiurUtiM, try them. ^ ���������'.    ,';' '��������� ' .' ���������  v 'K  Hi' .-��������������� >-,   r<y-  ' . '* 1  ( 1 f     J      -  r ���������      J   v y������.   ���������].>); r, r ^ft-r^ym  REVIEW.  J-  ���������v*-   -  KSIl  JLJLCMU  Iff You Like to Drive  you oou indulge yourself by engaging a  team from this livery stable for ns long  - and as short a time as you desire.  This Livery Stable  ie also prepared to send a carriage to  meet trains, to take you shopping or calling,1 or to convey yon to any June weddings you wish, to attend.  Cameron Bros.  CRESTON LIVERY  A. MIRABELLI  THE   CRESTON   SHOEMAKER  Best Workmanship  Boots and Shoes made to Order  ,     -^.y     "A Speciality  Starker & do.  "   \     j Wholesale - ^  Provisions,   Produce,'   Fruit  General Commission Merchant*  NELSON  B.C.  A complete stock'of  Fresh Beef,Veal, Mutton,  Lamb and Pork;  ,  Sausage, any kind  \ r  Hams and Bacon, Butter ,  and   Eggs,   Lard,   Beef  Dripping, Etc.  Fresh Fish every Friday.  - .Smoked -F-tsh ^XLth&tisas^���������  Our Smoked Salmorf and  Halibut is choice!  r. DUKNd & UO.  Limited >  CRESTON       -      B.C.  WATER NOTICE.  Take   notice that on the 1st  <    NELSON FAIR  Next Tuesday is tbe Opening dav t f  the Ninth Annual Nelson (ilfait'Fair ������ay   ������*  August,  1911, at    the  which promises to be' this year'tho ban-"; *our of Hojclock in the fOre-  ner Fair of all.  Musio ���������Miss  Johnson is prepared to  take a limited number of pupils for  tuition in musis.   For terms apply to  J. K. Johnson, residence on Victoria  Avenue * -  1  Fust; clean 30b printing* at tne Review  Office.  For Sfi.lea������������������^pq *������crss of crow���������-������**rw~te������  excellent Fruit Land on* Kootenay Lake  Lot 913. Apply, C. P. Hill. Hillcrest  Hiries, Alberta " 16-tb  Frnit Ranch for Sale���������Fifteen acres  in good state of cultivation, planted  with 1S0O trees consisting of apple,plum,  peach and cherry trees. Good five room  house and stable one and a half miles  from  Creston.    Apply   to  "Walter   V  Jackson Phone 91 Oreston B. C.'  Subscribe to the REVIEW today.'  Several wthands from neighboring  cities have entered for the Inter-City  Band Tournament which promises to be  one of the feature attractions of the  Fair. For the Miner-*, the Rock , Drilling contest for which t ie suostautial  prize ot $45o is offered, will no doubt be  thepremiem event. Lumbermen have  not been overlooked on tbe program and  prizes are offered for log sawing,/log  chopping and tie mak ing contests.  f  Amongst the numerous free attraction  to be seen at this years Fair will be  found several really high-class acts snch  as Burustad'8 Wild West Sbow-an' aggregation of Wild west performers'who  -v������il-l-?five ���������i^srillinK~e:xMbitionB'' daily,*rsf  Broncho Busters, Roman Races, Cnariot  Races, Lassoing and Lariat throwing  and various other interesting cowboy  stunts.  Juuieb E. Hardy the high Wire King  known all over as one of the foremost  performers in his special line. '* /  Marie McDoriald tha proud possessor  of gold medals for her Scottish Dancing.  Dorothy DeVonda and her wonderful  dog doing a double Balloon Ascension  and parachute drop, descending in separate parachutes. ^ <���������* -  Happy and his trick mule Dynamite,  the lunniest act in existence. --  noon, an application will be  to the Water Commissioner under .Part V of the "Water Act,  1909/' to obtain a license in  tho Ymir division of West Kootenay district, by Gust Andeen of Kitchener, B. C, Hotel-  keeper, for one cubic foot of  water per second from Russell  Creek, a "tributary of Goat  Biver, to be diverted 400 feet,  south of the C. P. R. right of  way, by means of a pipe line  for domestic use, on lots 9 and  10, block 7, Kitchener town-  site. The Crown lands intended to be occupied are Water  Street in the said townsite of  Kitchener, under which the pipe  line will be laid. The names .and  addresses of any riparian  ^roprietoiTS���������whose "lands" "are  likely are the Canadian Pacific  Railway Oompany, Vancouver,  B. C. ���������"  Dated this 22nd. day of June,  1911.  uupi .axnjuKEN,  By his Solicitor, '  G. H. Thompson.  ran id $&?���������+*���������  CRANBROOK  - B. C.  Tho  Funeral Director  PUBLIC HIGHWAYS '.  Province of    British Columbia  Notice is hereby    given that  all Public    Hi^hwavs in unorganized Districts, and all Main  Trunk Roads in organized Districts are sixty-six    feet wide,  and have a   width    of thirty-  three feet on each side of     the  mean -straight centre line of the  travelled road.     ���������*���������      *  Thomas Taylor,  Minister of Public Works  Department of Public Works,  Victoria^ B.C., Jnly 7, 1911.  3> 13 y  We are requested to announce that  Dr. Primrose Wells, M. A. Cambridge,  L. R. C. S. ��������� L. R. C. P. ���������L. M.  Edinbonrgh, having come to reside in  Creston is prepared to consult patients  professionally and attend upon accouoh-  ment. Tel. No. 83. Pinner Wood Ranch  Charles Moore P. L, S. left thin  week to survey some land across the  Kootenay River. He was accompanied  by Frank Jackson. They will ba' gone  till this week end.  Immediately after election day R. M.  Reid will leave for the East on a vaca-  tion trip and will return with Mrs. Reid  and family in a few weeks time. ^y  A ���������o'ote for Reciprocity is a vote against),  the Empire.  MINERAL AOT  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICE  Ben hurr, Summit, Last Chance, Old  Dominion, Climax and Spud Fraction,  Mineral Claims, situate in the Nelson  Mining Division of West Kootenay District.  Where locited:������������������ On East Bank of  Priest River, about three miles North  of +.he International boundary line,  TAKE NOTICE that I Charles Moore  acting as agent for A. I. Marentette F.  M. C. No 83I18B, E. W. Stoner Frew  Miner's Certificate No 33237 B, intend,  sixty days from the , date hereof, to  apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvement? for the ^ht-  pose of obtaining a Cro������te Grant of the  above claims..  And further take notice that action  under Seotion 37, must be 'commenced  befcre the issue of snch Certificate of  Improvements.  ^ {Dated this 6th day^of July, 1911.  f!Uoo ��������������� Mruwo.    A*fS-Anf  All changes of ads. must be handed in  at the Review Office not later than  Wednesday noon in each week.  DiaMptgof''  NOTICE  Nelson Land Distriot.  West Kootenay.  Take notice that I, Edith Montgomery'  of Nelson, B,  0.,  occupation A married  woman, intends to apply for permission  to   purchose   the   following described  lands:��������� '   k  * * *- ***      v  *-  Commencing at a post planted about  3d chains south of the North-west corner  of Lot 8946, theuce 50.ohains North?  thence 20 chains West or to the Northeast corner of Lot 7684, thence South 50  chains thence West 20chains or to point  of commencement containing one hundred acres, more or less.  Edith Montgomery,  Applicant.  July, 19 th 1911.    Edward Ferguson,  Agent  m  1  I  " '���������*.*"���������  -   yV3  1 *i  '5  wi  ?  BS  VARICOSE VEINS CURED  B@? NO NAMES USED WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT*  Confined to mso us\m<* ������*** wss^i^w  My  y^ I . liff*J.     A^.%.  m.mm.^,^.^.  my   upon all doctors as little better than ,  rogues. Ono day my boss askei me why I \*a3 off work so much andt  I told him my condition. He advised tao to consult Drs. Kennedy &  Kennedy, as he had taken treatment from them himself and bnew  *hey were Square and skillful. I wrote them and .got Thb 3Xmr  Method Teeatmemt. My progress was somewhat slow and during  the first month's treatment I was somewhat discouraged. ' However,  Icontinuedtreatment for tliree months longer and^was rewarded  with a complete oure. I could only earn SI- a week In a machine  ghop before treatment, now 1 am earning SSI and never loose a day.  I wish all sufferers knew of your valuable treatment    HENBYC. LOCUST.  HAS  YOUR   BLOOD   BEEN   DISEASED?  BLOOD POISONS are the most preva!ent"aBd most serious diseases. Vhey sap the  very life blood of the victim and unless entirely eradicated from the system will causa  SfSi2VSS455mPljcat!ot'?' Beware o������ Mercury. It may suppress the symptoms���������our NEW  METHOD cure3 all blood diseases. ���������������**��������������� * . ,  YOUNGt OB MIDDLE AGED MEN.���������Imprudent acts or later excesses have broken  down your Bystem. You feel the symptoms stealing overyou. Mentallv, physically and  vitally youare not the man you used to be or should be. Will you heed tHo danger signals"?  DCn HCD Are y������u ft ���������iottnir Have you lost hops? Are you intending to marry t Has'  ilbnUCR your blood been diseased? ' Have jou any weakness? Our New Mbtbod  in���������r..n,..r..^. ������^i,     ���������-' "��������� ������������������������ -������ " ������ ���������"��������� ���������������' -������- ' lU.   Consultatien'  : Free of Charge.  Diseases of Men.  t?Q NAME? USED VWrKOUT V/RTTTEK COSSENT. FKrVATE. Ko odm m  Ff^FORHO^TREATM^f ConfidentiaI*  Q*������**������oo Utt and Cost of Tnatnuwt  DRsKENNiEDY&KE^HiEDYl  Cor. Michigan Ave. and Griswold St., Detroit, Mich.  .  ���������< ' f-y r        r i       -    ���������  AU letters from Canada must be addressed  to our Canadian Correspondence Department in Windsor, Ou������   If yon'desire to  see us personally call at our Medical Institute in Detroit as we see and treat  no patient* in out1 Windsor offices' which 'are" for Correspondence and  laboratory for Canadian business only.   Address all letter? as follows:  DRS. KENNEDY & KENNEDY, Windsor, Ont.  .Write for our private address.      ,      ^ ���������< ' ,  y %\  I    I  ^ -  on ana taKe  a  Look at Sunny  If You Wa nt to see  ' v * '   v"   ������        ..  1   -<        ,* -  the Choicest  Lands,E^������^^. Best Climate  Creston, ^ C.  Has never had a orop failure.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������  Has no damaging frosts.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������  Minimum temperature 1011,  3 degrees  r   > above Z9ro.  %���������������������������������������������������������������  Growi applet that, nre first prizo winners every year in competition with  Investments  ,i'<  -        -t.        /i,*,Ci  ��������� M.1-',  the world.  :-%  \     X  ������������������������������������������������������������������������  UAB&b ideal and niild olimnto.     ;  ������������������������������������������������������������������������ "  , HdB tlio most frtvorud loontlon, oloss to  markets, ample transporkntion fnoll*  itios, two railrondn nnd a nnvisablo  tlvor., 1  Distriot oomprisea tho largest area of  genutuo, proven frnit lands in tho  province. ft0,000 noros in one Woohl  Has tho anntlty and quantity of 'land to  ..    compote favorflblyoBiviust tbo corn-'  merolal orchards of tlio world.  A 1280 Acre Block  s   1,  '1       '-x-    *   I ^(  -r-. r.  "3j  hu  *-rt.: K  y  iri  i     V  l</V  Creston,B/C  Is situated iii the  'Kootenay   Valley  ,   between 'Kootenay, Lake and tho  United States Boundary Lino, 70  ,  miles Southeast 'of NelBdn; 70 miles  Southwest of Oranbrook, and, 100  milos Northeast of Spokane.  j 1  Sest Soil, Level; Abundance of  Water, Good tRpafa Suitable for  Colonizing or Subdividing  M*1  "What Lord Justice Grantham said: For a  1 safe investment I prefer Oreston to any  other placo in British Oolnmbia.     '  <U  t   1*  1  ��������� 4  20 acres one Half mite from to%m, simt-impro'bed; duelling.    160 acres one  1 i',' - i l '<     ' i      <   yK. '     ' *��������� '  mile from ioKon, finest soil and situation in the Glorious Kootenays  JAUo other tracts improved ana unimproved high grade fruit Unas at lowest prices, all genuine propositions  I #What Hon. Thos. Tuylor snid: Ores-  ton Distriot is tho garden of British  Columbia. '        'J -  What Andrew Oarnajrio said: The  wiso man invests his money in good  veal ostato.  What Jacob   Astor did, mado $50,������  000,000 in roal ostato in 80 years,  Gain health and woaltb, and provo  your wisdom by buying frnit lands in t.  proven frnit olimnto, nnd ���������whoro no  irrigation is roquirod.  !<.  *  mmmmmm  Apply to tbe  Owner  taw  ...**.I,.....,r.M.^,,..3J-f-r^T'ijti'-mr���������rMf" ���������'"-'*"""���������"*  mm  Creston  s .      I  'British Columbia  i i .i  1 ��������� A  iigtu.-l . i,  m  m  References: Canadian Bank of���������Commerce,preston,' B.C.,' and*Ban k of Montreal, Rossland, B.C.  Wm%mm-WMmBmmmmmmmmwmmm  "MriM.  HI  i  :< ���������   I.. ..,'���������.  ���������>:���������:<���������  .'���������'.':���������  ��������� ' , V  ���������ixxxr, i  s.yy-  ���������"'.��������� -.''���������  V .' J ,  .in"   ��������� it'.'.yy'i ,<y '  ������������������xy-i'':?nx:,'/  ��������� .xyx;t.rX:y  ��������� 'yAxyyyy..  '. ��������� yy,, xyyy, i ���������:������������������ tl**,'.  ��������� xyyyziyyyu  'fyyxxyyyy  ;l^l&l^iii% lyf^M  ���������m  m y *���������*. Jy~*'J f -i������v  1 i-f.* ������������������>  ���������ft  ��������� >*^ * f y\,r,������ ,;���������   >*j>nr  .- -        r   l< ' i.^. n  .��������� -.J '  ���������^-t^r-^-^^^^T-f-j^���������  '   *   ' .    ������<V  f '  r  THE    ORESTON,   ,B.  C.    REVIEW.  THE PERFUME  Of THE  LADY IN BLACK  By GASTON LEROUX,  Aethor ol "The Myalery ������������ the Yellow  Room.-'"- A."  COPYRIGHT.   1909. BY BRENTANO'S  (Continued.)  "And. if you had an. Interest lo  showing her that Larsan existed else^  where than in your body, there arose"  an exigency in which ; that interest  waa transformed into an immediate  necessity,    imagine���������1'say imagine. M.  lArsan to life once���������owe only���������in  spite of yourself, ii* your own rooms,  before the eyes of Professor Stangerson's daughter, and you will he. t repeat, under the necessity of bringing  him to life again and yet again, outside of yourself, in order to prove to.  yonr wife that the Larsan whom she  has seen returned "to life is not you!  Ah. calm yourself, my dear M. Parzac.  I entreat you Have I not told you  that my suspicion has been banished���������  completely banished? See. then, where  1 am obliged to come in considering  this hypothesis as realisted (these are  the procedures of mathematics which  you know better thnn 1 -you who are  a scholari���������in cunxiderlng. as ! said,  as realized tlie hypothesis that you are  the counterfeit D**r;ae. rhe one- wh'>  hides Larsan According to my reasoning, then    von  nre  Iji������*^a������i!    And   I  asked 'myself wbat could have happened in the railway station at Bourg  to make you appear in the form ot  Larsan before the eyes, of your wife."  Be paused for a moment, but Darzac  did not utter a word.  "As you were saying. M. Darzac."  Bouletabille went on. "it was because  of this apparition of L&rs&o that your  cup of happiness was dashed empty  to the ground. Therefore, if this resurrection should uot have been voluntary, there is only one other way la  which it could have happeaedr���������throngl-*  I  placing  before you.    'mere  Is  not a  single point up to your appearance as  Larsan at Mentone. during your journey as Darzac io Cannes, nt tbe time  1 when you came to meet us, which cannot  be explained   In  ifee easiest   way  j imaginable.    You had taken tbe train  ' at   Mentone-Garavati   before  the eyes  *j of your friends, but you alighted from  l.the train at the nest station, which is  J Mentone. and there, after a short stay  | for tbe purpose of altering your looks  you appeared in the Image of LarsaD  to the same friends  who were promenading  in   the  gardens  at   Mentone.  The  following  train   brought  you   tc  Cannes, where you  met Sainclair and  myself.    Only, as yon had on this occasion   the  vexation   of   bearing  from  the lips of Arthur Ranee when he met  us at the station at Nice the news that  Mme. Darzac hnd not on this occasion  caught sight of Larsan. you were under the necessity that same evening of  showing  her   Larsan   under jthe very  _5visdAWAj>4? jUbLP-jsupiaTG-towiir^ standing  erect in the prow of Tullio's boat.    So,  you see.  my  dear  Darzac.  how even  those things which appear most complicated  would  have  become entirely  simple and  logically  explicable if  by  chance my suspicions should have been  confirmed.*'  At these words I myself, who had  seen and touched "tbe map of Australia." was unable to repress a shudder  as 1 looked pityingly nt Darzac. just  as one might look at some poor man  \i  [ft  b  Jy  i    r-  I'S  1 I  1-  ft  P  to  ���������as to that wretch wbo. unveiled and  tracked  to earth, found   himself'suddenly   face  to   face   with   the   living  proof ot bis crimes, he attempted yet  acrsjHi oue of th������? during coup������ which  bad so often saved him.    Surrounded  otfevety side,  lie yet endeavored  to  Bee.    Tben   we understood tbe audacious drama which in the last few moments be nad played  tor- our benefit.  Wbeu   ne  could   ho   longer   have, auy  doubt as to tbe issue ot tbe discussion,  which  be was  holding  witb   Uouletabille   be  had   had   the   incredible  self  control to permit nothing of his emotions to appear and had also beeu able  to -prolong   the   situation,   permitting  Rouletabille to pursue  at  leisure the  thread of the argument at the end of  which be knew that be would tind bis  doom, but during the progress of which  be   might   discover   perchance   some  means of escape.   And he had effected  his maneuvers so well that at the moment wbeu we beheld the other Dar-  ...za.c advancing toward us we could not  hinder the Impostor from disappearing  at one bound within the room which  bad served as the bedchamber of Mine.  Darzac and closing the door violently  (To be continued.)    -  ARTIFICIAL EYES.  I ���������!      I S S   ���������  The Art of Making Them Resemble Their Human Patterns,  MATCH IN SHAPE AND COLOR.  They Fit tha Eye Socket Perfeotly and  >. May Even Bo Worn During Sleeping  !* Hours���������Made of Glass, For Which  ';   No 8ubstituta Hae Yet Been Found.  !l ' ���������  Germany leads all otber countries in  the manufacture of artificial eyes.  The American consul general at Co-  burg relates thut prububly over since  the beginning of the world civilized  peoplo have endeavored to bide or  remedy any flaw ln their appearance.  .-BJich-JiS��������� the._ !qM_-������JL HJ9L_cy*_ would  cause. How this was doue by tbe various nations lt Is hard to say.   Dp to  A BUSH HOLIDAY.  SHE  HAD  HER  WAY.  Man  Waa   Convinced   That   Wisdom  Teeth Were Not Needed  Five months had elapsed, and still  who is on the  point of becoming the [ Aspodestera aud 1 were eugaged.    We  victim of some hideous judicial error.     \ had  every   reasou   to   be  proud  and  "Rut. since you no longer have these   grateful, i to be proud and she to be  ���������accident.     And  uow just  let us con- ;-  eider bow this latter supposition clears \  op the entire situation.    Oh.  I  have *  spent a iot of thought upon the incident ac  Bourg. " You see,   1   am  stilt  reasoning out the problem.    You (the  yoa who is Larsan. be it understoodi  Are at Bourg tn the buffet.    You believe   that   your   wife  is  waiting   for  yon somewhere* \i> the station, as she  told you sbe would do.    After having  finished your letters you -wish  to go  to your  compartment   tn   the  car  in  order to attend to some detail of yonr  toilet or  to  cast  u   critical  eye over  your disguise to see if in any point it  might be lacking.    You think to yourself, !A few more hours of this comedy   and   we   shall   have   passed   the  frontier, she  will  be all my own. entirely alone with me. and 1 will throw  aside this mask.' 'You cast away your  'assumed character and your disguise.  You relieve yourself of the false beard  and tbe spectacles, and at that very  moment tbe door of the section opens.  Your. wife,   thrown   Into  a   spasm  of  terror at the ������dghr of Uirtuin's smooth;  beardless face in the glass, does not  wait to make any further investigation and rushes out into the night, ber  ���������sore-urns drowned ,by ->hp" noise of un-  otber train.   You;compj������oend the danger at once.    You realUe that, everything Is lost unless you can immediately  arrange   matters  so   that  your  wife-Bhdll Ree Darzac somewhere else.  You   quickly   resume   the   mask:  you  hurry   out   of  the   compartment' and  reach tho buffet  by  a  shorter route  than, thut taken   by your  wife,  who  rushes tbere to   look  for you.    Bhe  ���������finds you standing up.    You have not  even had time enough to seat yourself  before she enters,   Is everything safe  now?    Alas,  no!    Your  troubles are  only beglunlng. for tlie fearful thought  that you muy be at one and tbe 8ame  time, both Darzac and Larsan will not  leave ber mind.)    Opon the platform  of the station, .while passing, beneath  tbo  gas jet.  she  casta  a   frightened  glance nt you, lots go your band and  runs, wildly Into tbe office of tho station master.  "Vou road ber thought as though she  nad spoken lu ��������� The uboralnuble Idea  most be banished without a moment's  delay.    Vou quit the oUiee. leaving the  lady fn tbo cure of the superintendent  and  immediately . return,  closing the  door quickly, seeking to give tho Impression tbat you. too. have seep Larsan.,   In order, to ease her mind and  also, for the purpose of deceiving ns  nil In case sho dared reveal her suspicions to any one. yon ure tbo Oral  to warn mo that something unforeseen  has happened���������to send mc a dispatch.  Be������ how clour and plain ns the day  your every uct becomes:    Vou cannot  refuse to take her to rejoin her father.  ���������Bho would go without you.   And. since  nothing Is yet  really  lost, you  have  tbe hope that everything may be re-  framed.   In the course of the journey  yonr wlfo continues to buve alterant-  iag periods of TnUh In you and of fear  of yon. Bhe gives you her revolver In  ������ sort of half delirium, which might  nam Itself up In some sucb phrase as  this: *lf ho U Dnrtn<\ let him protect  mo; If he Is Lanmn. h������t bim kill mel  Bnt in pity let mi������ know which bo Is.'  At Roc hem Rouges you realized once  moro how utterly she hud withdrawn  herself from you. and In order to ro-  -assure her nn to your Identity you  showed n*r l.nrwnt* nmilu.   xcc how In  suspicions, monsieur." exclaimed Darzac. his intonation singularly calm in  spite of the fact that his voice was  raised. "1 shonld be glad to know, after all this exercise of your talent of  reasoning, what could have driven  them a way?**  "In order to bave them driven away,  monsieur, one thing was essentia'.���������aa  absolute certitude:    And I  found it���������a  simple    but   conclusive    proof    which  showed me in a* manner complete and  undeniable wnich of the two manifestations of Duraae was iu reality  iJir-  sau.   That proof, monsieur, was. happily, furnished me by yoursei; ac the  very moment when you closed the circle���������the circle In which tbere had been  found the *body too many?���������the time  when, after having sworn that wblch  was tbe truth, that you bad drawn the  bolt of your apartment as soon as you  bad entered your sleeping room, you  bad iied to us in concealing'from-us  that you hsd *otersd that rssons at 6  o'clock instead of at 5 o'clock as Pere  Bernier said and as we ourselves could,  bare proved.    You were tben tbe only  person except myself wbo knew tbat  the   Darzac   who-  had   entered   at   5  o'clock and of whom we bad spoken to  you as yourself was in reality another  man.   But yoa said nothing.   And you  need not pretend that yoa did not attach any importance to that bour of 5 *  o'clock, since  It explained everything  to you���������since it told you that another  Darzac than yourself���������the true Robert  Darzac���������bad come into tbe square tower at tbat time.   And. after your false  expressions of astonishment, how quiet  you kept!   Yonr very silence lied tons!  And what interest could the true Darzac  bave  fn  concealing  tbat another  Darzac.   wbo   might   be   Larsan.   bad  come In before you had and was hiding   in   the   square   tower?     Larsan'  was the only one wbo was Interested  in biding from us that' tbere was another manifestation of Darzac than the  one he himself bore!   Of tbe two manifestations of  Darzac the  false  must  have necessarily been tbat one wbicb  lied!   Thus my suspicions were driven  away by certainty.    You are Larsan!  And tbe man wbo was hidden bebind  the punel was Darzac!"  "You lie!" shouted tbe man (1 could  not even yet believe him to be Larsan). burling himself upon Kouletabille.  But none of as stirred a finger, and  Rouletabille. wbo bad lost nothing ot  his calm demeanor, extended his arm  toward the panel and said:  ' "Be Is behind tbe punel now!"  A Day Off In B.C. as Described by a  I Hospital Worker.  An hospital in the bush sounds very  lonely; but only those who have lived alone the coast of Vancouver Island --can realize how wonderfully  grand -it is. The 'hospital oi which I  have charge ia situated many miles  north of Vancouver. I had had heavy  >vork for many months, and was just  getting a bit slack when I awoke o'-e  morning in August to find the sun  streaming into my room. It was one  of those sparkling clear, mornings  when everything stands cut with that  remarkable clearness peculiar to  Western Canada. ,    >  i Think how much I should like to  take a "day off," and repair to one of  the lakes to fish, I made known' my  wish at breakfast time, and. we arranged that the doctor's wife and myself should go off, taking with us a  male patient convalescing, after amputation of leg. and a mad scramble  -followed.  THE NEWEST SENATOR  BENJAMIN   C.   PROWSF   a   WELL-  K..OWN P. E.  I. MAN.  The Main Who "/ill Succeed the Late  Senator Ferguson is a Prominent  Business IV. ..n of Cbarlottetown,  and Has Been Mayor -' His Home  City���������-His Crother, L. E. Prowse, Isi  Member of the House ot Commons,  Benjamin C. prowse, who has just  been -appointed to the Canadian Sen-  'ate to succeed the late Senator Ferguson, is one of the best-known business-  men in the province of Prince* Edward Island and one of the most  {>rominent citizens of the city of Char*  ottetown. He is not quite 50 years  of  age  and  entered  commercial  lifo  CHAPTER XXI.  Here Is "the Body Too  Many."        '  IB  |T was an Indescribable scene���������n  moment never to be forgotten,  At tbe gesture of Houletabille  the door of the patiol swun������  open,   put-hed   by  an   invisible   lm id,  just as it  had  been on that terrible  night which had witnessed tbo mystery  of "tbe body tuo many."  And the form of a mnn appeared.  Clamors of surprise, of joy and ot  terror tilled the squaro tower. Tbo  Lady In Black uttered u heartrending  cry, ���������'Hobort, Robert, Hubert!"  And It was a cry of Joy! Two Dnr-  SMioH before uh ho exactly similar thiit  every one of um save tho Lady in  Black might have been deceived! But  ber heart told her the truth, even admitting that her reason, notwithstanding thu triumphant coiiclnslon of Uou-  Ictuhfllc. might have hesitated. Uer  urtns outstretched, her oy en alight witli  love and Joy. she rushed toward tlir*  second inuiilfoHtatlon of Durscuc���������the  om* which bad descended from the  panel. Mnthtide's face was radiant  with now lire; ber sorrowful eyes,  which I had wo often beheld fixed with  somber gloom upon that other, were  Hlilnltig upon thin one with a Joy nn  glorious uh It was tranquil nnd nn-  mi) ml, It wiih he: It wuh lie who in  she hud helU'ved lost- whom nlie hud  Nought In va In In Hie visage of tho  other nnd  hm! not found there and,  grateful. ' For tbe momeut, however,  we were tn complete accord and were  discussing the situutlun lightly in the  abstract.  "If only I had made a n6te of the  actual words 1 used at tbe fatal moment" 1 said. "I should be In a mucb  better position now to argue. What 1  meant to say was, 'Will you marry  meV It certainly was not, "May I  marry you?' "To marry.' I may add.  means "to love, honor and obey.' aud  2 am almost sure you said that you  .would."  Aspodestera- busied herself wltb ber  hair and the mirror over tbe mantelpiece. "As a matter of fact." she  answered, "'you said nothing, at all  about marryiug. 1 don't recollect your  saying nnythiug connected or intelligible. Besides, we aren't married yet.  You are enly my * fiance/ "Kiancer"  in the original French means to Improve tbe manners of.'"  1 could see that sbe was leading up  to something. "What is it?" I asked  miserably. "Out with it. Is it .my  clothes tbat are wrong or only myself  this time?"  I knew there was something coming,  and it came in a playful whisper from  a bead leaning, pleasantly enough, on  my shoulder.  "What is the French for to send to  the dentist for inspection and repair?* "  1 assumed a commanding and defiant attitude before the fireplace^ "No,"  1   declared:   "this   is   going' too.   far.  Since  this  thing   happened -to ��������� me   I  bave so altered tbe course of my -whole  conduct as to be ready  to open any  number of door's at a given moment, to  fetch*all sorts of things from, all sorts  of places and to express annoyance In  new and wholly iuadequate language.  So mucb possibly you' had a. right to  demand-   Beyond that 1 have heightened my collars and altered my whole  scheme of external  decoration.   This  mucb I bave done ns nn uct of grace  Further,   I  bave cousenfed  to smoke  only at off times.   Moreover. I* have"���������  She interrupted me in a manner to  be condemued  for all time,  hut  verv  tolerable at the moment.   "No." I.protested; "1 'will not go to the dentl������t,  not till  something  aches.   I   will  not  take orders in this matter.   What orders are necessary In our lives I  will  lSBUe.   You shall RUpply/������il,l ,the looks,  grace and charm. I nILtbe, wisdom of  initiative, prudence of,,enn*;ml."  Aspodestera said no ,more  Early next morning I found myself  sitting In the Heat of destiny.   A little  stream of water trickled unceasingly  Into ii blue bowl on my left; and u lit  tie benzine lamp-tuimed merrily near  by.   Meanwhile  I   Iuid  reason  to believe thot there  was  a  inn n In   ray  mouth looking' fort rouble -with' a pick-  ox. ������������������XX:X'Xj:,Xy'       ���������    ,,,;y"A"  ;f ' '  "Not every, mnn." he sald.^suppnslng  that, this.Wns,irtiittery to mt "nbt ev-(  ery man would have had tile sense lo  come to nie In the very nlclt ������>f time  That is w-hiitr'you hnvetdone. Half a  dozen visits hnd we shiiii hiive you  with the fluent mouth In the four kingdoms. Rome.of tiie,little 'fellows must  bo stopped, nnd awns* pulled out. These  wisdom teeth, for InMtiince"--  "Wlsdora ;!;teethr   , 'cried, bitterly,  "Wisdom?;/;Pnilj(,Jerti nil ���������ont.V;-.;' ]lnv*  no further uh** for' thitt class or  tlclo."���������London I'uneh.  ar-  yX'X Copper Money '  Copper money wiih coined st  Home  tn fi80 B.Ui ,  therefore, imd iKvimed hernelf. during  accordance witb rea-on sucb a proceed- | the weary hour* <������f day and nlfiht, of  Ing would be. wy dear Durzac! Kvery  sfsct would flt perfectly into every oth-  ������r under tbo supposition wbicb 1 ain  folly which win* nkln to uiudncMM,  As to the man uho up to the last  luoujeut i bad uot believed to bo guilty  ' Norway snd Sweden.  The' cultivated .iiren or ..Norway Is  only about y.?ritM>"o acres, or JM, per  cent of,< the total surface1 of the comi*  try. while the cultured area of tiweUen  i* vj,;>\M>,{}wui-ri'>.. , /'',;, v,  Churoh Edifices.;  Chrlstlnn chiireu >diti/w<;"w<>ri������:.' drat  erected fur^lnillieAtlJird ,i'-?j}tury. t������ro������  vi'Mia ���������fo ihur: period) t'jjrlMfii'nw, w������r>  nniped lii pi-tvuiu uouweis; auu tuques*  t������led plUCUU. y-X;^  y ;'..���������'>.       y   -  ���������������S������������lyi.������IM |'������HiiE������ f ilO WW*  Spittinn '!*���������>.'tuoit.  flplttlnfc tor lurU-������ milif'vw of con-  Hldi'ruhiu luipoitiiiicw airiotii* the uu*  cleutM. (Ireek* Kplt three tlm** Into  their boHouiH nt the night of e uwidunui  or onu troubled wlib epileptic dm in  ordiir to wurd off -men un'"" '  the present time no discoveries have  beeu made thut would offer enlighten-  raeut ou this subject. There are. it Is  true, a few unautbenticated accounts  os fu������ back us thu middle ages, but  tbo first reliable report ia given by the  French surgeon Ambrolse Pare in 1560.  Two kinds of artificial eyes were,  known to htm. tbo ekblepbaroa and  the nypoblepbaros. Tbe ekbiepbaros  was made by painting tbe eye and aU  surrounding parts as far as the brows  on a plate, wbtcb was placed in front  of tbe eye socket and held in position  by a string tied over the bead. The  bypoblcpbaros was used in a manner  similar to that of today, being put behind the eyelid, in the eye socket Itself, and wns composed of a metal  shell of copper, silver or gold, covered  -with enamel and glass fusions.  lt was only at the closo of the eighteenth century that tbese artificial eyes  really became of practical use. it being  tben found possible to do away with  the metal shell altogether and ;employ  enamel and glass.   The material used  -flraa a soft lead glass, easily shaped,  but also easily  destructible,  and an  eye had to be renewed every three cr  lour  months  to   prevent' tbe  socket  trom becoming affected.  . It ls kribwn that in the middle of the  nineteenth century eyes were made by  oaamelers in Uresden. Prague. London  and Stockholm, and in Thuringia.   Tbe  Tburingiau  makers were not enamel-  ers, but glassblowers working in con-  ssectioa witb tbe porcelain painting Industry,   whose  endless  and   untiring  experiment resulted in the discovery  of an ideal material, cryolite glass, tbe  use or wbicb led to a new technique  In eye manufacture.    Moreover, thero  can now be produced all the characteristics of the human eye which,bad  been  possible in  enamel  work.    The  new prosthetic'eye received-the name  ���������*reform, eye.'^   To bevof value, however.' It must be made to exactly fit  tbe .eye socket,    -  Today It is possible to give to tbe reform eye any. form, and color desired,  and in'.most cases It can be even worn  at night,' thereby preventing' tbe lid  from"1 sinking into., the socket and the  laebes from sticking together. At  times attempts have been made to replace tbe breakable glass'by vulcanite  or celluloid, bnt. such;efforts nave long  Bince been given-rnp;a's useless.       \  in 1852 the method used in Franco  for making eyes -was as follows: On  tbe broadly pressed end of a small,  colorless, transparent rod of enamel  tbe pupil was first made, and tbe iris  was then formed on this by means ot  a smalt, thin pointed, colored enameled  rod. tbe designing of tbe iris being  made possible by melting the point of  tbis rod.  ln Paris the good eyes are now so  mado. A glass, tube, closed at one end  nnd of the color of the sclerotic, ts  next blown into the form of an oval,  nnd In the middle of thin' a hole is  melted, the edges of which are round*  ed off evenly- and pressed a littlo out*  ward. Tho iris ls tben placed in this  opening and well molted ia A thick'  coating of ginsb remains behind. Tbe  oye Is* rounded off, the projecting rim  of tho white coat is smoothed with a  metal rod, and thin coat ls thereby  joined to the sclerotic. By means of a ���������  thin, pointed red rod tho blood vessels  to bu seen on the riard coat A of tho  human eye are then melted In., The  superfluous bnclc pnrt .of the eyeball is,  melted off. thereby, giving to tbo eyo  tho deRtred form, Tbe eye is llnnllv  placed on hot sand, whero it becomes  'gradimIly;eobledto^v^7,|A:A;^''7'y:.  Glass, eyes uro made In quite o dlf-  forcnt manner In Lauscha. the center  of this industry In Germany, where  their manufacture is altogether ������  houso Industry. Tbo ������y.o* aro tiHunily  miido by oho m'erabei* of a 'family, rind  toc*ny������l������'nttirt  oration to another. A gas nnmo Is  ���������nscd for molting tho glass, a stunll  drop of white gloss is put on tbo whito  blown ball from which tho sclerotic l������  to'bt> mado nnd Ih then blown so as to  mnko a' clrOlo about olght mtllimctori  (0.815 Inch) In din motor. On this ctr<  clq the structure; of tbo Iris Js built by  roc������!t*t* of variously colored glass rods.  A drop of black glass makes the nuplU  Over-Athe" finished Iris crystal glass Is  mclti-d In ordor to Imitate tbo comes.  The furthor manufacture Is similar to  Ihut. ffJvan tn the first description.  After helping with the morning ward  work, and packing up a hasty lunch,11  was just fixing up my fishing tackle  when the whistle of the'first train of  logs came down to us' from not very  far up in the woods.  This meant hurry, for .the men can-  rot lose time waiting * for holiday-  makers. So off we trotted just in time  to scramble into the engine cabin,  and away eight miles' through tbe  bush till we reached the beautiful lake  which was to be our destination.  Having' got down again from the  engine, we made our way to the lake  edge, there to find an old boat; into  this we scrambled, ami pulled out a  little way, then threw' out our lines.  We had plenty of bites, and landed  some 'half-dozen' fine trout; but the  sun shone too brightly for ffte fish*  and  they  soon  became lazy.  While they were enjoying a* "siesta."  we rowed about two miles..across the  lake, ana lauded on the "very smallest  of islands, which ,we christened "The  Isle of Delight." Here we made &/  fire and prepared a lunch, giving our  patient his in the boat, as he, poor  fellow, could .not latid. <��������� ^  After our repast We again settled  down to fish, and a very exciting two  hours, followed, landing trout as fast  as we could for two hours.    In fact,  we were so engrossed -that ws had  forgotten the train foreman's instruc-*  tions to be at the water tank at 4.30  p.m.' ,Now it was after 5 "p.m. The  last train of logs had gone down, and  our position was indeed a serious one.  After much _������������������ consultation between  ourselves we finally agreed that there  was at any rate . no use' remaining  ia the boat, that we had, better get  to shore, and that I should walkvtne  two miles to the ^nearest, camp 'and  ask the manager to kindly send upborne on a "loose engine."  Suddenly through the stillness came  a strange sound. Oh, joy; it was the  whistle of a train! We could scarcely  believe our ears, but it surely came  nearer and nearer, and at last hoves  into sight. We waved frantically, and  pulled 'with all our might; to shore.-  but the men saw us and called out  to us to hurry. And we obeyed their  instructions   to   the   letter,   but   the j the   Bastille.  BENJAMIN O. FKOWSE.       '  when only 1? years old as partner of-  Prowse Bros.   Later he became ^resident of Prowse Bros., Ltd., aud early  took an  active interest in public affairs.  Senator Prow������?e serv-1 two term* a������  alderman and once as mayor of the*,  c. / of Charlottetown. He has alway*  been o prominent Liberal and is ������  brother of the sitting member oL Parliament. L. E. Prowse. ,   v  Escaped  From  Bastille.  The Earl of Verulam has kept his-- |  ftfty-ninth birthday, and, as head of" '���������  V Grimston family, descends, thought ;  not in a direct line, from the Sylveste.ryA;  de Grymstone who was one of tfaisv^S  Conqueror's - standard bearers. -The-;yj  family archives contain many .fetorie;$AA;������|j  of this adventurous family]/onVof the- 'XS\  most famous being that o' the escape J  of Sir Edward Grimston, Controller 5  of Calais in Edward VI.'s. day,. from   ;  task of getting our patient out of the  boat "and up through the bush to the  train in a hurry was an extremely difficult one, and,* looking' back on" it, 1  hardly know how we accomplished it.  However, we eventually reached the  line, ,and managed to squeeze ourselves into the small space available,  for it was no train and ^carriage we  had stopped, but an engine only, and  we were soon speeding.on our way  home. We learned that ..������e engine  was going down to bring back a water.,  tank,.otherwise we should have'fared  badly1���������how badly I do not like to  think.' As it was, we got back safely  with our fine 'load of fish.  And a very nice homecoming it  waa!' Patients waving to "us, as we  rounded the corner, evidently on the  look-out, and even military honsr?,  Ior the gramophone w'a'a playing 'on  the. veranda.  ;:-iv.'.iI  y;iJ  Ontario's Prison Figures.   ,. v,  ��������� According' to the annual return for  1010 for the prisons and reformatories  of Ontario, issued by -the Provincial  Secretary, a decrease of 65 in the  number of prisoners sent to Kingston  is shown, while thero was an increase  of 61 in the number sentenced to  the previous year. The commitments  for murder last year were 41, as con*v.,  pared with 21 in 1000; manslaughter  10, ob compared with 11 the previous  'year.yAv'Vy.Vvv... -'y;":-.' .'A''-A y4,'.;>/:���������:-  The total, number, of persons Aeomr,  mitted, ifO jails or loek-iipaVOfjtheVpio-A  vi'ncc ,lai?t year was 13,687,'-an increase-  of 152 over 1000.  Of this total number.  '3,881  were' temperate,  but-'less  than  13 per cent, could rend and,write.'  Dr,  Bruce: Smith  lauds' the piurole;  eysteVn* which hue been recently introduced.      ���������:''y:'xAyy���������,:'���������:'. ���������������������������xyy f-yy\ ���������.������������������,���������"������������������  Sir Edward had languished in that  terrible  prison  for  two  years ^before*  his   opportunity   came.    Then   a, filex  was smuggled into him. and with iny.;  finite  labor he cut through  the bjar>|  ot his cell, and changing clothes VwithVV  his servant, not only got cleat away,  but lived till he was ninety-two. :XXyX.  To his grandson, Harbottle Grim-; ���������  s*--*. Sheriff of Esses in . theA'VtirslrAy.  Charles' time,-a baronetcy was-givehiAVi^A  in 1612. and with the death "of ftA^Ms  third baronet the Grimstons gaveV^^y;y#|/  to the Luckyns, the first of whom"-wa*y'$S  made Viscount Grimston, and -t#ere?:������Vv|p,  upon adopted the' iamiV hame. Th%V;A^y  Barony of Dunboyne- was confeire<$'yA|$:;  upo*i him, and later oh came'that; of A^A  Forrester o������ Corstorphin.  "    " XyyyXX0.  Thus is cpmes about that theAEart:y$X  of  Verulam  of  to-day, is one  ofA-therX.'$y  only   th*ee 'members' of the' "JtfplRerAA^A  House   who  are   Enplish,   Irish,.fanctAyy������y  Scottish peers. Among Lord^Veruliim;*V; VsA  ,*;������������������***-������������������ ures at Gorharabiiry^ St. ^AlbanaVy $;���������',  aro a quantity, of priceless ElizobethaO' : jji V  i.'.'anuscript3 whose" secre'ta have riever- a??.;  yet been wholly revealed. ���������,    ..(- yy?XX$s  ���������m  V'X X  ��������� xK' ��������� '      Flsnnaasn's Way.  Onssldy���������Flannngnns thinking of go*  In!? ^nto tho unulln' business,,, Uo  bought afolne new cart today. Casey  ���������Bnt shuro he has no horso. Plnoiin*  Bkti^No,^ btit he's goin' to buy wrtn.  Oawy���������Wei|. that's lolkv , Flnnnngnn.  He always .did git the curt befoor tho  borae.^Phlindeiphla Lodger.  I   ''' '���������:;������������������' "r��������� ��������� ���������  ' It Js ������. y*ty great thing tor ns to do  ths vsry best we can do Just whero  and as w������ sU������.~UabcocK.  Refused-* Title. ,-.',.��������� ���������'���������;.'*,''  The recent batch of titles thot has  boon granted; to Canadians emphasizes tno fact that during thp,' past  few A years tho titled has ��������� been *oMercd  pntwo occasions to Mr, R. B. Angus,  Sho is how president of, the, Bank of  tonlreal. For somo reason, however,  which ho has never ovon told his  friends, Mr, Angus has always prer  torrod, not to accept it, evidently h������-  ���������in'B������������������!quite! tsfttisflcd just to bo known  in ho' always has been���������plain Mr.  Angus, ;His, refusal to accept a title  liowbvcVr'i all llio more surprising as  a number of thofAmcn with whom ho  ii dally tUBHociuted have been ��������� rather,  ou^or.ytOAact-iept thom.���������Cburior.;;  ; ''11." 8. Emigration to CnnndH.""���������''  Immigration into Canada durlnR  1010 reached a total of 303,001, as  compared with 184,281 for 1000. an iri*  qrenho of oyer 04 per oont.; 178;480  arived via ocean ports and 124,602  onmo from tho United Statett j 170,423  wore men, 03,015 women and MftH  children. Of the Immigrants Irom tho'  United State* ,74.000 were men, 26,2i&  womon and 24,30,7 ohlldron.  Of the Immigrants Irom tlio UnlUd  Btoteu the inrgoiit number was furnished by the Mate of Washington,  17,830, followed by North Dakota Itt.*  BS1. Minnesota 13,687 snd Michigan  B.065, ICvery state and territory, how*  ���������ver, was rcpre*enud,  A Boo'tmakihg Ancestor.  Mr. Auateu Chamberlain,.MlP.-.ihas*',  been telling his brother members ofy^V  the .Carawa^eM11 Company un^ihtfer-AAy^A:  esting story as,, to the, circumstance* 'Xxx  in which his'family becume^^^  With the craft and the guiid.t:H seem*, ;vv;  thot Mr., pliitmberlain's gredt-greut- A , V  grand!atheY' wiSa'-apprenticed to un un-Vyisya  cle, ,,who ; vifas a, confectioner.; A^niryyA,  morning he Was pratftlsliijif tiV.baldhc-V:-'%v^  ! ing.trick, apd uhiortuhutely theV"prbV*VAiAi  perty"-rin; this Instance a���������(. br6om~*:'i;;.&.X  fell and damaged some Roods. Angri-1 ,>������������������������������������'y  ly the uncle told!the lad that he baa'y;)-*--:':  better turn his attention to i^me btherrAi'.if  trsdo. The1 ejinipegtatiioltbok h;lhi nt'fhli������;v ,:y  word, and I entered the service of ;*o>-*,'.ii-i'v'  bootmaker,   Prospbrlty attondedv him;  fyl-  buslheiiB'in the same premises in tho  CJtyrrwlthini: u, few yards, ofi the pro*^.  ont;.,Cordwttl|hers'VHan  \:x.y;^^  x Vory^* skeptical ly.AvtWo :������������������ 't-9rrniyeV'i������n<^-:  lord surveyed the prortpobtiveA tohaut.  ''Dp yoii piny footbnllr,";hi> grunted.  Tho prospective tenant. raWd hl������  eyebrows and replied in tlio'tiOgativo.'  vv ^'Nor -wtoteifW.y.-' ������������������*-.���������: ,.yv... yyx'-yxy  : v'*No,' nor   referee/' ' answers!������ tho-  P.:.r,r;,v;.VWhyP^-Vi,AA'j;;r>^;A:i!v;^!iV:^v;VAy':'7/':i;  ?' :Coa I'm taking n.OvrisUs,". explain* .  ed the landlord.  Vl'nd ln;������, foJlw that.'; A  Hook thlii ��������� hmii*e, was aVrofdree. i Gave-��������� ���������,-:.  a. wrong declaim; Was."thumped '.ij thcr',.;  back.. Swallowod  the. whistle.,' Alu>r  '.  ,,th������t   .ho.   couldn't,...breathe,   without  shrieking liko a goods <<nglrio.   Kept-  the neighbors awdko all.aigfct, K������d to    ,  'give him notice,"  .���������,'.;':��������� ���������.���������.;���������".������������������;.���������"',,,������������������'.���������.-:������������������,���������������������������y:���������������������������<������������������>>  x '���������Bad* luck  on  tho ireforce/' corn*;  v  '.moutcil.tho'.P* T..,;-,- ��������� a:!'A'    .;���������.���������'���������'���������, ���������y.-Xn.-y  "I don't know," returnod;,im land*  lord.  "Ho got a good crib on s ligl������������  hous������.' On toggy night* ho puts J������n#    <;  head out of .thu window and Almplyv  breathes,    Nolso dnuugh  to Mtre1 ���������������   !  ��������� navy off ;ihc,��������� roc*������.-. #pit Job," ;. *:;v:, v..'' A  i   * ���������'   '^'WW*****''*'*****^  "Ono Wty Out.  ���������'. - ?j>������������f.; pwpie,; t,mtjH .>)jglfoxmnttt\r;l: "���������  as * Ure mmm, ��������� :.va,'V ..v-W\    ���������y-y  <n  %SV������-V%^H      I .������*.������* .  ..U_,-.1^J~'J  \;A  H^y  ACi.'*-!*;;  i^yipx ' r    ���������  ���������SfWtSiiS  'MM  -:;>/  >m-i  THE    CRESTON,    B.   C,    REVIEV/.  FROST & WOOD BINDER  The Time, Money and Grain Savor.  iiiifraflit  A CITY IN ANGUISH.  An  Illustration  ,,"Courage is often the result' of ignorance."  ,. |^How do you make that out?"'  "Why, do you suppose the mice the  other nigjit would have got your hair  arrangements on the floor and torn  them to pieces if the mice had known  they were rats?"���������Baltimore American.  ' Bright children usually outgrow  their brightness, thus becoming fitted  to fill the role of parents in their turn.  Better never to start ^at all than to  go the wrong way of the track!  ^"UIIIIJISH.  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GIN PILLS are sold  with a positive guarantee of money  back if they iaii to give prompt relief. National Drug and Chemical  Co., Dept. N.U., Toronto. 61  The dfstrifsai  Gin Pslfs made by  National Drug: And  Chemical Co. of  Canada Limited,  Toronto, are sold  only in this box.  ..��������� :r/.r\ ������$?./  Xr'-J7l&  Capable Woman for Good Position.  Teacher or Nurse preferred.  VIAVI CO.,  Confederation    Life    Bldg., -Toronto.  Write* to us today for our choice  list of-Agents' Supplies. No outlay  necessary. They are money makers.  Apply B. C. I. Co., Ltd., 228 Albert  St., Ottawa, Ont.  BEST ARO HEALTH TO ���������OTHER ANO fJHlltV ,  *s*as. WiKSiow'a Soothino Sratrr has beca  Sled for over- SIXTY YEARS ty MILLIONS ol  MOTU***RS . for their, CHILDREN WH**XJI  TOOTHING, with P������RFPt >'SCCCEStj ' II  OOOTHBS the CHILD; SOK1JHNS the GtxrfS  AI.CAV9 all PAIN CURES WIND COLIC. ������������������<  is the best remedy for DIARRHCEA. It Is ���������������  aoluteljr harmless. Be sure and ask for "Mra  Wlnslow'u Soothing' Syrup," and'take ao otkat  kind.-  Twenty-five cents a bottle  Gall Cure  OM A  spiit ''j.'";  CASH  GUAR-  ANTEE   ,  Work or Real  CURES Whilo  International QallOuro.tiaoertaln.nurs,  ���������'��������� qulok and lufolltblo aura for GalWBont Necks,  Bore Bnuks, 8oro,MouiM, <*m^������, ^rulned.Heels,  ���������to.; Will not) melk and dissolve from the amV  tm&l>������at. but stuya rlBht> Whm������ it is applisd.  ��������� Pcesiosaos axtraordlhary heallrij*' ahd soothing  qualities, ^.International (Sail ouro is tht  eleanent, mootantlnoptlo, purestsndbontGaU  Oar* on tha market. We'wlll refund ydui  money If It ever falls to cure.' Keop it box on  band as Is Is almosta dally need on ths farm*  SVp. andBOo.   M sill diilst*.  IIIT������RHATI0MAL8TOCKFO0DC0.,UWltt*  TORONTO. ONTs  ,,\y  X-'  txwi  ^ALWAYS SAFE AND SIRE"  Icelandic Hl������r, Mas., Sept. s6th 1910  Da. D. J. KsNOALt. Co.  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American;, have not shown much  desire for , uniqueness as regard to  equipages in which they ride to get  married. Most everybody who bas a  thought of getting married never  thinks of departing froiia.the usual  cab or taxi and as a result all weddings in this country are noted for o  certain sameness. The people : of  "Merry- England": V /have . different  tastes in r the ;matter and whehv it  conies to getting married they "spend  a great* deal of time devising some  Trcr*reI~wa-y"Tii ���������^wTiic1i"tp~be carnelFto  the ;church.A Speaking; on .the .subject an'English writer"says;: " ��������� 'X  K fire engine makes a * very smart  turnout :,. at a wedding, iiVTKere:. is  nothing dull or commonplace .'.-about-  a fire ' engine. It is always bright  and up to the mark, and ready: for  action. Evidently this line of thought  occurred' to a happy couple in Devonshire, some time ago, for the five  bridesmaids who were to support the  bride at her nuptials rode to the  church on the local fire engine,Wand  it was one of the best attended weddings in the -annals of the pairish.  V A circus equestrienne had a very  unique wedding in a continental  town some, time ago. The man who  drives the team of 40 horses was the.,  bridegroom, and he. drpvey his own  bride to church behind his 40 steeds,  the bride herself being seated, dressed in all her splendid robes, on the  top of /the triumphal car. /Whether  their' married life has been as triumphal ��������� as .their wedding procession  history does not relate, but we may  hope so.   ' .-.-,..,- V.,^-  Six artillery hbr.ses.V driven by; noncommissioned officers in uniform,  formed a bridal team at a Brighton  wedding arid a very Vsmart turnout, it  was. , It was not so commodious,  however, as the gayly decorated tram  ear. with white-gloved driver and  conductor, which was the chosen  vehicle at another lady's wedding in  a Midland town. The bride, the  bridegroom, their respective fathers  and mothers, and all relatives and  guests rode in their best attire both  inside' and upon the outside of the  car, and the whole made a very brave  show indeed.  WESTERN    HARVEST   PROBLEM  A Betting Transaction.  Addressing a conference of the National Association of Head Teachers,  at Manchester, recently on '-The  School and the Home," Bishop. Well-  don, Bean of. Manchester, said ij  sometimes happened that the home  militated against school because' of the  ill-example set by the parents; A A  "I remember," said Dean Welidon,  "writing to the father of a pupil of  mine���������a peer of the realm���������to tell  him that his son had opened an account of transactions with' a betting  agent. He' wrote back .thanking me  for the information, but: adding, 'I  think I ought to tell you that I am  much worse bayseif.' I believe that  statement, was strictly true.   '  ;"Every. cbild deserved study and  care, as though there were, no other  child in the. world. , If you. go to  Stratfordion-Avoh and see the records  of A-Shakespeare's baptism, and the  cottage in which he sat with Ann  Hathaway, you will realize that genius is sometning which God has kept  in his own. hands, and you and I must  always be on the look out tor genius'i"  y /'Knights of the Road." V  Sir James P.. Gibson, M.P.; ,who has  been unanimously elected.president of  the United' Kingdom Commercial.  Travelers' Association, adds one more  to the ' long roll of legislators' who,  prior to. entering Parliament, were  "knights of .the road," in a trading  sense. ���������.:'"    :-'",y'-. '��������� \ t ...������������������������������������_      ������������������ ��������� .  Sir' George White, M.P.. confesaea  that he gained experience as 'aicommercial!traveler which has been of iti.  'estimable value to him, A while Sir  Robert Ropner, when M.P. for Stock-  tori, owed niuch, of tho great success,  of his,business carepr to the training,  he ' went through as "an ambassador  of commerce."      ,  The first groat step in life that  Richard Cobden obtained wan when he  was .promoted from clerk to commercial traveler, and Mr. Joseph, Noloii,  M.P., has beon a commercial traveler.  Dress and ths Man.  Tho late Lord Bpnconafleld was not  the, only individual wno endottvpred  to' make hi8 first "&plarge" in tlifo  world of men by means of a fancy  waistcoat. Tlieopile Gnutior was likewise a lover of- eccentric coatumo.  His crimson waiPtcoiib of the fir������t  performnnco of Victor Hugo's1 ^H������r.  nonl," whbn a& a young man ho.waA  ono of tho loaders of tho band of  studontB vyho had turned up in forco  to enauro by tho tumultuous dp������  plnubp tho ruccosh of tho piny. "You  become colebrntod whon vory young,"  naid Maximo du Camp to him in  later yoara, "Yes, when very young,"  ho unawored, "bocauao oi my wout*  oont," 1  Ths Duke of Argyll's Wit.  To tho writer Mr. J. Calvin Brown,  the presiding goniufl at Earl's Court  Exlvibitlon, rolatod tho following story  tho othor day during the courso of  an interview. On the opening day  of tho exhibition tho Duko of: Argyll  oskod Mr. Brown, who is an American, from what part of tho -Btatod  Uo como, "Prom Nobrankn," ropllod  Mr, JJi-own, Tho duko thought for a  momont, and thon replied, with a  omllo, "Oh, Nebraska 1 it in famous  for its horifcona, ia it notp" Nebraska,  ot oourso, is ono groat plain. Mr.  Brown, by tho way, was boinjj chaffed a abort timo ago about biting an  Amorioan. "That I ws^ born ip Am*  orlco," ho said, "was tho fault of my  parents; that [Uvo in England is  my own fault,"  How to Supply the Pressing Needs Of  the Growing-Western Country  Winnipeg.���������As ,the summer progresses and the wheat growth of the West  advances towards maturity there  conies this year, as there comes, most  years, an appeal for help in the harvest fields; and the probability is that  even though Eastern Canada may  send out thousands, of men.: and ,.boys  to aid in the garnering of tne,,grain,  the West will, Oliver Twist-like, ask  for'more; y.v..:y.v>y..y ���������  Tfiis problem of how to supply the  Iji^ssing^e������^  growing country for a few weeks (because that is all that the invitation  really means to Easterners) is*A b"he of  these which can only be: solved ;by cooperation and looking ahead. It is  true that the Government; through its  immigration department is advertising  in thousands of newspapers throughout Great Britain and the United  States that "the harvest is plenteous, but. the laborers;, arfe;.few, "and  that some relief can he gained in that  way; but "the result would A undoubtedly be much better if more; dependence was to be had upon -.individual  effort. .  ._....A V ;'*'  ��������� Take the case.of a man who goes to  the Canadian West from old Canada  or from any of the Western VorA Central States or from AGreaty Britain .  He is a very unusual man, indeed, i if  he does not "take v up^ his 'pen : in  hand," at some period of his pioneering and write home to complain either'  of his loneliness or of the weather or  of the gophers or of A the show : or of  the heat, or of any dozen other difficulties which pioneers: haye to -overcome- He does so, as a matter; , bf  course, not with any desire to 'knock'  the new country> but animated by  that human sentiment: which, seeks  comfort in trouble and; failing to  firidit in a new locality, looks for ���������it  in the old home.  But when that same man has made  good; how: often does he write, home  to tell of his fortune? The habit of  writing home is much like the habit  of taking the local newspaper from  home; it lasts a year or two or three,  and then it is dropped, because of the  new environment crowding out interest in the old. How much better both  for himself and the.country. Would **  be for such a man to write/home, ;-tell'  the old folks at home of his good fortune and a sk. them to send a brother,  a cousin or even only an old schoolmate to help him gather the-crops ? y  That, would be a practical individual way A of solving , the harvest:  problem, partially at ���������least; itAwbuldy  ���������be. good advertising for the; iWest.*.because we all know that t^erei is ho advertisement so good as ai satisfied "settler: and it -would -create, a new" bond  of. interest between, the man in the  West and those left behind at hohie.'A;  And the most attractiye feature of  the suggestion (which comes from WA  D. Scott, the head of the immigration  branch) is that, it isyjustAthe sort of  thing which will appeal to the sentiment of the westerner V and is at the  time reasonable in cost.  Harry and Carrie  There was a youngman named Harry;  Also a young lady named'Carrie.'     .  "I'd like to marry you/ said he.  "The like is mutual, sir," said she.  "But   am earning .four dollars a day  And hate to give up my. job and pav."  "Don't," said she./"The pay is fine.  "I earn but two. ^I'll:give up mine."  .-"Chicago News.  KEEP YOUR ANIMALS THRIFTY  A good pasture will keep your animals thrifty .but, \dry .feeds lack the  aromatic qualities necessary to the  thorough assimilation of food. Her-  i3jigiyj.m^.������iU---aeQ^^i^^4y^^  'these aromatic qualities and ensure  results almost equal to those of a first-  class pasture. . This preparation is  manufactured at Gait, Orit.y by the  Beaver Manufacturing Co:, Limited,  and is endorsed; by the foremost  breeders and feeders of Canada. It  has stood the test of trial for nearly  twenty-five years... and is thoroughly  reliable.     V  Mrs.. Baye~"She is simply mad on  the subject of germs and sterilizes  everything-in the house?"    " :   '  "How does she get along with her  family?" V'     A  "Oh, even her relations are  strained." .,  ... Every packet of Wilson's Fly. Pads  will kill more'flies than can possibly be caught onY three hundred  sheets of sticky .fly paper.  doctor���������"Well, I hope you profiited  by my advice." ,     ;���������;. v.      ' ;'  Patient���������"Yes, doctor, but not so.  much as you did."���������Boston Transcript.. ���������: ." vy' ���������'���������.��������� '���������'. .  .'���������  ''.'���������'  - Readv - made Medicine.���������-Yon need no  physician for. ordinary.ills when yoii have  s-t hand a bottle of Dr. .Thomas* Bclectrio  Oil. For couehs, colds, sore throat,,  bronchial ��������� troubles; ; it ��������� is: invaluable, for  scalds, burns, bruises, snrains it is iin-  surpsssod.: -while foF ebts, ���������aocp'a. o'cera  and the like,it is.an unquestionable healr  er. It needs no testitnoriin.t other* than  . the use. and that will satisfy anyone as  I to its effectiveness.   .'���������-���������=' >:.".--....���������������������������    ���������������������������;.'  .  j What the Motor Has Done for Lbndon  ! ���������Pandemonium   Re-born.'  1    The I^ndon of to-day, complains a  I Britisher of the samewhat old-fashioned, conservative type, is*" replete with  horrible' sounds, bewildeHng and;destructive of;legitimate peace; theycity  j'grows wilder, and more :chaotic every  year.   Just imaging the LonHon night  of  twelve years   ago,   with  the   easy  rhythm of��������� the horse; :fb"usVj theArswirig-  ing, half-silent dash bftheAlarougham.  ; a^d the eternal tihklirigVmerpdy Abf the  liansom���������-like Aa   solo   piping AtnVoiigh  theV whole ,opera; A.then ;thinlc of; the  Astiriek "ahd1 tootle* of "thfe'IioiSdbh. fof  I to-day.   It is like.a city,in anguish; aL  j city ; racked . and   torn   by devouring  pains  which  can find relief  only in  groans arid shrieks, in coughingsAahd  belchings.  The motor has altered,the  tune of the music of London, melody-  embroidered  harmony: ho  longer -exists; the music, of London is .now; a  modern tone-poem in which cacophony  ���������-piays���������tfce-pii^t-tM- HJ^dyr"**PetcaaS5ce"  one of,;these.;days we shall get usfed  to the new tune of the metropolis, but  in  the  meantime  it  is  very1 disebn-  '.certing.'-.y.-'..-.        .-*.���������;.-;:���������'������������������' ���������  Not so .many years ago tlie chief  way of getting lost in London was7 a  mere matter of geography; it was difficult to find your bearings in thC'wild-  erness.^ of streets; -and you had? ito  learn very thoroughly,. whether;,the  omnibuses marked "Bank" were' On  their; way backward or: forward journeys; once that was accomplished,  half the battle, that at 'least' "pertaining to the main thoroughfares; wa3  won. Now there is a new terror for the  atranger in the traffie noise's.'."  ��������� Vin; the old days'the traffic puzzled  youby its. immensity; it sound, was,  on the whole, a rather pleasing  . rhythm," .inviting ������������������;, your ��������� , .confidence..  That sonorous old song of the streets*  i^ gone ioz ever..'" The traffic of London torday roars, andi. shrieks like . a  wild beast show; the' stranger in London stands aghast ho ldnger- at its  immensity. 7he stands aghast ^ at-, its  war-whoops an<i its mutterihg's; at tiie  infinite and appalling 'variety of its  motor ,horns. The invention, of the.  rubber' type prdmisaii 'tis 'cbihpafatiye'  quietness in our streets, 'andvifoi*;'a  while its use on hors������-r-drawu vehicles  did actually reduce" th e clamor', of''. tbo  V.traffle; biit jth'es came ��������� tl\e,moior,- withr  musketry rattle, of machinery and its.,  pneumatic ���������hbrriai and pandemonium  iwasyre^born. ������������������, ,V >.-y ..���������-..-.. '���������������������������:  Soft corns aire difficult to ipradioite. bnt  Hoflownv's Corn Cure will draw them out  paiinlessly.  Mrs; Naggs���������-"I understand Mr.  Chinem is not on speaking terms with  his wife."  Naggs���������-"Well, perhaps he isn't to  blame. His wife may do all the talking.": i-r-y -,:.._:  : X-  Minard's   Liniment. Cures  Distemper.'  She���������"Someone has said that the  ocean never sleeps, but I'm sure it  looks calm enough now to be taking a  nap.-"  He���������"Yes, all except that part  nstern; that's awake, you know."���������  Boston Transcript.  TIRED IN BODY  AND IN MIND  Worn Out by the Monotonous Indoor  ������������������ : Llfo of Winter  Spring Finds the Blood Weak and ths  8yst������m Run Down���������-Vigor is  ,. Restored by      Jui*t at tho timo whon the buds aro  bursting and tho birds arc. chirping  merrily in tho tree tops, many pooplo  feel!most keenly tho dobilitating arid  enervating effects of indoor winter  lifo.y     '.--   r '  Tho bloo<l Ib so thin and. watery  that it fails to supply nutrition to tho  ncrvoua oyatom and to tlio vitul organs. You fool tired, woak and diiu  oouragod, enorgy and ambition aro  lacking, and atrango doprosslng feel*  inoa como over yo\i.  But niituro haa provitlod certain  rostorativos to bo used at this timo of  yoar to.foroa'now, rich blood and  oroato now norvo force. Thoso 6jo������  monts aro found in condensed nnd  easily naalmilatod form in Dr. Chaso's  Nervo Food.  Thousands of men and women have  learned to osoapo this spring depression nnd woalcnoss and discournRC-  mont by using this great rostorativo.  Vitality is increased, Btrongth ond  confldonoo return, buoyancy is folt in  ovcry movement, of tho body, pallor  nnd weakness nnd disease give place  to tho glow of hoalth and vigor of  mind and body,  Dr. CIihho'h AWcrvo Food, tho great  spring tonic and rostorativo, fino. a  bo*, G for IB.50, at all d*al#r* or  Edmonson, Bates it. Co., Limited, To-  ronto,  "The greatest good to the greatest  number," is a mighty: unsatisfactory  philosophy in minorities.      , , ; A  Minard's  Liniment Co.;: Ltd.    ���������  Gentlemen,���������-In Junej '98, I had my  hand and wrist bittien" aiid badly  mangled bv a vicious horse. VI suffered greatly for several days and the  tooth cuts refused to heal until your  agent gave me a bottle: of'MINAPD'S  T.TNIMT5NT, which: I began using.  The effect was magical; in five hbiirs  the pain "bad ceased, and iri-two weelts  the wounds. had ^completely ' henled  and my hand arid arm were as well Os  ever. ; ' > '���������������������������;'���������: ' \X^U]:'- 'XXy .-y.-y^y '���������:,--.  Yours, truly,.  .-..'.  X A. E. ROY,  -'"'.VA Carriage Maker.  St. Antoine, P. O. ,,  A "The man oii the curb has just  m������*de investments in inflated stock."  "How do you know that?" "Don't  vou see he is selling toy balloons?"���������;  Baltimore American, y  TSp chnnee of di^tn.ry t.hn> coirfs with:  sorinir ������>.nd ������������nin>pr haa the effect, in wenlt'  Rtomwlii of Rpttine. 110 inflpnunation ro������  a'-ltiiii* in dv������pnt'ertr--tt.Wd: oholorn- niorhijo.  The n.bnoriin.1 condition will continue: if  not,:> nttenftpH' to and,'will caus������������ an i>x-  h������>i'������*iv<������ drain on the avsten'., "h" heot,  o.vB.iloWeinnrtS/'tne i������ 1>". .T.; T>."-'K������������llo'������������������'<*  Dvoei'terv. Cordi������l. - Tf, clearsi-.thp- ������tomi������/'h  t������.tH .bowel������i of i"Tit-nnt.s. .Coi'nternctq .the  "nfli-inmatinn ��������� and restores the organs to  healthyi action.  .".'���������������������������''" V. OmOr Revtsed;,   .   :  A flitch   of   bacon   underneath    the  ��������� bough .;���������} ......Ji'A' A   -x .  With bacon at* the'present price and  thou   -v...  ���������:������������������ ..���������-������������������ '������������������   :  To shore my fortune in the wilderness��������� '������������������������������������������������������  Oh, wilderness were paradise enow!  The moving, finger.writes and, luiving  ���������   writ;  Moves on, ,nor nil your piety nor wit  Shall lure it back to cancel half a  line;   ������������������     ��������������������������������������������� ��������� ��������� x.  The price of bacon's been advanced a  bit.-. ��������� -:   - '.- ;/������������������ '..;.':  Alike for those,Who for today prepare  And thoso .that after some tomorrow  ���������';'"     stare, ���������''������������������".���������"���������. ���������' ,*',:  ' The bacon that in childhood's years  ���������'���������"���������'   they scorned   ' ''"'   ��������� ���������  Costs more per pound than they can  ,-.-.,.��������� .:hope to :spare.  ���������Chioogo Record-Herald.  Edward, EJlls, superintendent'of'vthe  Buffalo: park at"; .Wainwrlght, states  that there are 80& buffalo. 7 elk; 36  deer and 3 nntelopo, a total of 806, in  tho enclosure;,"During the yenr'110  buffalo woro added by natural in-'  cronse, ond 7 died. There were  eighteen hundred visitors to tho park  last yoar. At Ellc Pork there nro 48  lioad, and tit Banff 24, mnking n totnl  number of bison in captivity in Alberta of 881.  Parmer���������"Do you wunt a job dig.  gintr potntoosP"  JX-Tlrod Tim���������"Yos; I do,    providing  it's digging thom out of gravy."  V     ; A New Zealand Bull.  * Here is  a good  story  told by Sir  Joseph rWard:       lv   ���������,..���������.. X.-X-l ���������  A "few years; ago," the Chinese in  New Zealand were fourid * to bs doing  a very ..great; deal of* the laundiry V work  available, and had so thrown out Vof  emplbyriient' the women-workers in  some of the laundries.,     y :��������� ;  In New Zealand   a   laundry   is* V a;  factory   within   the   meaning  of   the  Factories Act,; and .numerous restrictions for the purposes of V health arid  ��������� for- other reaisonsv are placed ;-upoh the:  hours. :during which: young; .girls tinder eighteen   years c"    age^ mayybf'  employed. A : ThieseA    provis-iOnji'    are  exterisiye.: and are found in-Vthe New  Zealand Factories Act; y  V '-   A    2'  A;  . ylt: Occurred to a-law-maker that ^e  could   settle   the    difficulty,V ofi. rtliis  Chinese competition by a neat ariierid-  ment in  the interpretation clause iof  the Act above mentioned. An ariiei|d-:  ment:   was     therefore-x drafted-   and  printed,;, and. sent   with .the   utmost  seriousness   and   good   faith  to   the  Crown Law Office   for consideration.;;;;  If   contained   a provision   in  ,.theW  words': '-.���������-.' " \ " "'"��������� ;.' A.  "For the purposes of this Act (tho.;  Factories: Act) a,Chinaman.shall   be.  deemed to be a girl under' eighteen  years of age."���������-M.A.P. ���������  ���������    Privileges of Hendon..  Hendori,  the hiaven of flying men,  was noted for thefacilitiesvawarded \t%y  inhabitants for traveling in the past.  Mr.' Walter Jerrold, in "Highways arid  .Byways   in   Middleaex,"   recalla   the  food times enjoyed ���������'���������"by tho ancient  fendonian. "Edward the Conioaaor  granted an extraordinary exemption,  renewed by many "isucceedirig' mori-  archs. In giving certain lands at Hendon to Westminster Abbey the Kihg  freed the inhabitants from 'all tolla  both by land and, w;ater. Tho. last  renewal of this great privilege was Jn..'  .the fifth year of William-and ,Mary  and it 'freed the inhabitants from all.  tolls in all 'fairs - arid1 rriorkOts, arid  from all stroot tolli'and ovory othior  toll whatever in every fair and every  market, and; every bridge, and ovejry  way,, by water a'rid also, by sea, for  themBolvea snd tljolrVware-i for oVorV'  Making Thomsslvss Known.  "Persons . who expect to, receive  inonoy orders in a strango.-,town< take  inanite, precautions to Idontify them-  ���������el^os;'>r'soId' a'Wtal'-olbrk.*- ''Ofo  way: .that particularly commends <t-  i self vis for tho at'ronaorv to call on the  paying telleilV1rit'(thewbn������^ order'djo.  partmontboloXe his own, o*rder; arrives  and present, a burioh of obrrespop<  d'enoo showing pfotty olia'orly who ho  is. Be then, explains th/it ,he is ex-  pooting a monoy ordor irom a certain  porson. Can the clerk vomomobdr him  Shon lio presents it ior poyspontP AU,  r' that1' improssivo  iritroductlori tho  olerk usually, oan remombor, and whon  tho ord^ei*1 is presontijd ho oashps it;"  *'i.i.ih.mI.' ii.'i-i ������������������'.���������'���������* 11,v;.' v.,.'!; '���������  Right In ths Swim..  Mrs.MNowj[old-r-My daughter has *  ohajporon now,' ' _  _v*v.n\\  T  ���������-*' ff% _    _     '__; ^ /..  KIDNEY  >W  1 ^ IIC T C .*',  firs. Shoddie���������Doar mo, that's too  bod! Why, it's, only last week . that  ���������ho had a boll on tho'back of'h^r  nook. 1 She sooms to havo ovory thing  thoro. ls agoing.���������London Telegraph., ,  A Famous Actor.  "What makos you think you oan  aotP": asked tha mhnagor -to tihe stage  ���������truck applicant. . , "  "Burglars oamo Into rny room last  night," replied tlio.young man. *'I  protpndwl to bo asloop and dooolvoU  them utterly,"���������Pearson's Weakly. J  A Csntsnsrlsn Family. '  Ura. Mafidalono Tirpuddulu. widow of  tho lato John THouidalo, dlod iti Hy.  denhsm. svgod 109 yssfs, recently, Tho  daoeaseu's mother at Uie tim* of h������r  dtsth was alio 103 ysars old,  :p:ri5E-S.7  You will find relief In Zam-Buk I _  St ������2565 the burning, stinging ���������  pain, stops bleeding and Strings,  ease. Perseverance, with Zam-  Buk, means cure. Why not prove ���������  t|jJS 2   -AX JDruffffUta and Stores*-  am^Bu^R:  f OR J������Ja aUJ������WyiEW OOl������fc?  The ^Wellingtons Hat  iorvmen. Canadian-made. Guaranteed best hat value in Canada.  All sizes-and shapes in soft and  stiff felts. Ask your Dealer, ior  Write at once to'  -GHAS- C-PVKQHA&O���������Sc t?O^T  Toronto, Ont.     '  Your  Good Looks  should^ be a source of pride,,to. yoa.-  Sallow skin, pimples, blotches and  eruptions call for immediate attention*.  It should be your aim to get rid of  tbese.disfigunng sigoSof imp ure) blood  i��������� quickly, certainly, inexpensively.  No outward application will purify  your biood. ,      ,  EECHAMS  help nat'^rally from -withiR." They  cleanse^ the1 system nnd "enable rour  stomach, liver .and bowels to vork at  ICature intended. ,    -     ���������   ,  Try a few doses and see how  quickly you wiil be rid of impurities!*  and how your.blood and your looks  vriuyos- Benefited. Thoroughly tried  add proved good, this family remedy it)  Beautv's Airis  ~-r..   ^ ��������� ^-���������   ���������.jf -mm*. m.    ...������ ������n ^a^/  , Por remalcs, Beechano's Pills are special Ir  suitable. See instructioaa with each box.  Sola every*-bets. In bosss 25c  ; '       Fori  "Your meringues." says the mistress,'^ re so delightfully frothy and  light. How in the world do you get  them that way9"  V y "It's Vthe new    butler,    mum," explains Athe cook.    "He used to be a  barber, .mum."  ''.y   vV,y  ������. ���������___������������������-  Minard's  Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.  7 An ^English aviator keeps his feet  warmAwhile flying by an ingenious arrangement of pipes from the engine  and radiator.. *,    ,  ���������. If a young man hasn't the check to  kiss a* pretty widow she mny be^wil-  lihgitci furnish it. *L ":y    Xy  tim:-  One. says, "I have 6reajtFaijth.in  Cutipura fiemedie^,r Anbtherr  'fvThjay.Alway^Bflng: Result." ,  "Iwbh to let yotf Sp&w of ,a* couple cf  : recent cures .which I ,havo jnodo by tha tuv  of th������!Cutl(ura n������*mWfew. 'Lust August, Mr.,  ���������������-*������������������'. "MtW* city cttmo -to my office, troubled.  with a W^e skin eruption. .AX first I cduldl  not understand the iut,ur������(o( the case;,, h  painter and \lcc6rt������or.* It'was tiermoiiitl5~iii  Its, worn form., jlt,sUrt������^, wUU-a alistit ei-up-  ler and *dcc6Nitor.  1tioiva;ntf'Woiil(iiWe:buno<itr>MtsoL _ _,���������, ,  thighs; elbows 'chut,>barf;'And,abdomen-*->���������  and would teFmindte'ln IWIA Ptiftiiileii. -,Ttas-  Uchlnff irt(f"biiynlnrt)WftSi'd*e������arbl 9M\ h������  would almost j������ar nis skhr spun?������trvlnsr ta  Ret relief, f rectimmmded all tlio various  Is lncould -th^lf f*t, arjtl he'Spent  and who Imubeen trying /liferent preseirtp-  tlona and niothojia,with ,myj. amiduwee. told  Kn Nhe was Rolhtf Wietlsirtie Withe Cuticura  tlj|BMl>n.  Cuticura at\ that. ������|  4t wduld hslplftrl  < tfr^alc and.W-siV,--  ���������varm '��������� la t  tffiMra yHofjp and'f'to  sphly. .the Vcutlcura Oifttrtieiit generously,  hellevo ir-ivfrom ths ysry lirst dMVuseof thi;  Cuticura.rtemwIiM he WM.RrdttlT relieved  ������������|Ny;curj8/" " "  and ���������t6-day,rlia"Vtt; cpm  tlielr-iiw., U'ttvs.sreal  jtnnifdlesarid.wh������ir������lway. .��������� _._ __.  jor th������m now that/Iismjooavhi^Sfl  .Miuw., July. aa. IQ)QU   .i4, .... .., ������   ' A  As, IhouRh in .^nflrmiiilo^ of, khls mosl  con-^ln^lnir Mtstomrnt,'(T. M. Ffslier, M.P.,  ni* Pool.Mdi. writes f "My tunwi urttlctwl  with ectema ln'tlla year 1007/'1 inMd'ths.  Cutleura n^*m<dlAs and, w+v rfitlccly curwt,  I am a-prwifclhg pliyslrUnarul^very ofteii  prfticrJlAj' Cuticura . Htftiedlaa (tit outen of  rcxemn, and they nave cured where  formulas have raileil  of their  White.  IUwumu  l(Wt  of ,endor������lntf patml medic  "   1 t?med I    * '     *"  1  tA������i"'wnrfri  ���������llniL _ _   ths ifci'tkura  ^^mm-  for twonty  )temedU������  teroertks  .' 1  Dutlnihs ftemedlM a������������- sold 'Jiy. <tni������4stai  ���������**rywh#r������. ���������ml*Mi*f'J>w������5' ^.IfTJi ^ijfp.,  Dele irons,.' Boston, Mgaf. WsHhI" frs*i sW,  rsquMt latest aa-pssfi .Outlrur* hook, ost lavs  stNNMtir tiastmeot <(f skin dlssasM. ��������� h  ������^*'^ '^ I ���������**':to* "������������������������������W^^iUslssJsiaW!.'sis'.' 1 ���������**��������� ������������������  W. N. U., Nsj, 151. Bsm-i-ir.WlillIU IU I "*" ' ������"������������������-���������->"���������"_'���������"'������'  tHE   DftESTON,   B. C,   RE%^>������  *���������������  PROFESSIONAL  JAS. H. SCHOFIELD  Fin, Xslfe and Accident Insurance  BSJAL ESTATE, Etc.  TRAIL  B.C.  CHAS. MOORE, C.E.  I.Q. saAVB SUBVBYOK ASP   AB0B0TEC3  The REVIEW has the best best Plant and  *���������l    in this Corner of the World to execute Orders  Plans and Specifications  CRBSTON -       -     .-  B.C  '^^wxs>������*s*s**s������^^*������***������������������"  J, D, ANDERSON  CGLXWBXA.   IiAMS>   Subvxtob  The Riverside Nurseries, GMta*'.  Is the NEAREST NURSERY to the ORESTON DISTRICT.  Stook arrives in FRESH, HEALTHY CONDITION  For Prices, etc., tvrite to���������  WALTER V. JACKSON, Agent. Creston, B. C.  *     LOCAL AND PERSONAL.      ���������  TRAIL  -B.C.  OKELL, YOUNG & CO.  Baal Estate and Insnranoo.  HOUSES TO RENT  CRESTON     -        -     B.C.  GUY   LOWENBERG  COBSULTIHG   ESGIKBBtt  CRXSTON  B.C  DENTISTRY  ;"" H. E. HALL D, D, S.  Oflloo   over  Frank Parks Hardware  Storo���������Baker Street.  CRANBROOK,  B. C.  CRSSTO&- REALTY  and INSURANCE CO-  Trait Lands, Town Property and Insurance  CRESTON  B.C  MT.lt HERE SfilCE f$0OT  *r%-  Last Tuesday a party ot Spokauites in  an automobile arrived in Crestou. They  had intended going direot to Cranbrook  bat took tho wrong road which led them  here. They then proceeded to Cran-  -taj*iQk^.���������but���������w^ the  train at Kitohener. These tourists are  now prepared to Confirm the Motto of  this paper "That all roads lead to Ores-  ton."  At a meeting of managers of the Presbyterian Chnroh held on Thursday evening last, Rev. S. H. SarkiasianB' request for a three weeks vaoation was  -<ranted, same to take effect on the 35th  inst. The matter of supplying tho pulpit during his absence was left to a  committee of two composed of Dr. Henderson aud Rev. Sarkissian.  Mrs. Ed. F. Johnson returned this  week from a visit tc Cranbrook.  Mr. and Mrs. J. Cook will leave about  Che 25th inst for Nelson to take in the  Fair, after which they will proceed to  tho coast boforo returning homo.  We aro glad to report that Mrs. Geo.  Broderiok is gradually recovering from  her recent serious illness.  Yesterday P. B. Fowler. Hon., Secretary of the Board of Trade received a  wire from H. H. Currie, Publicity Com-  i tnissioner at Nelson asking that either  President Rodgers or himself meet two  members of the party of British Journa  lists as they pass through Creston on  | todays noon train on their  way East.  As Mr Rodgers is ont of town Mr. Fowler will meet the Journalists and will  probably go as far as Kitchener on the  train w������a them which will give him an  ���������mpoxtunity of  giving   the prominent  tiewspspeir men considerable information  ibout the Crestou district.  Father Beck will hold regular Services on Sunday next the 24th in thi  Catholic church.  There will be a ineetingof the citizen  committee of the Boy Scouts also the  parents and all interested in the movement on Monday evening next, tho 18th  inst at 8 o'clook iu Speers Hall. Important business will be dealt with.  James H Schofield M. P. P. and A  S. Goodeve ex M.   P. paid Creston a  Services Next Sunday.  ->- Presbyterian Church  Services will be held in. the Presbyterian Ohuroh ou Sunday next. Morning service, 11 a.m.; Evening servioe,  7:80 p.m. Sunday sohool at 10 a.m.  You are cordially invited to join our  Bible Class.  S. H. SARKI8SIA.N, Pastor.  *co7  MKEKOURMOrieif  4SIMTCRC8TWHICH.  ^WMoncM5RtmjRri>  CrIM MARY IT.. ''  4fl9GIUTiUNJ9A&  VOUCWIWBE,  if NP THOROUGHLY  'S/ITJSPIBDi,  wrTHTOEvmyinvwcif  <nm lusiness is  fwmt9 mntwi or/  fmimtxmmt  flMMCML BUSINESS lH[  ftEriTftTOCOIMSCT,C  |JTlJS*1TTEHDT0flTi J  mmmStmtt  Daring ths past sis months Messrs  FohnBon and Scruton have placed loam  <mong the  Creston frnit growers ag  negating $20.000.. This money beine  oaned for 5 years enables the ranche--  o improve his land by planting morr  ruit trees which will be yielding mar-  <etable fruit boforo his loan has come  lue.   If yon need money to bring yom  anch   to a   producing   stage consult  fofcnson & Soruton abont a loan.  . Last Friday evening Mrs. T. H. Hie  ;eyof Oanyon Oity was hostess ot i>  nost   enjoyable party   ot  vhich ovr  'orry (meats rnpresenting tbe youth and  wuty of Canyon City and distriot were  nesent.  James H. H*db formerly of the Ores-  on Lumber ond Manufacturing Oo., iu  -nw. operating a large Baw mill plant at  ^eochland in the Okanagan Distriot.  Jack Stephens, returned from a flyinpr  -rip to Alberta lost Friday. Ho sayn  hat the "beautiful'' was in evidence at  ���������>lgary.  Mr. Taubo the far famed expert 6p-  Molan of Oalgarv was hero this week ns  Mtt previous announoemont in the Re  rtnw. It is his Intention to pay Orou. on  ������professional visit every three months.  Toroaf ter Particulars ot his next visit  r?ill be published beforehand in tho  lovlew.  President Brigga of tho Canyon Oity  Lumber Oo., loft tho foro part of this  week for his homo in Portland nfter  ������������������pending a few days at CreBton.  On Snnday ovoning next tho Revd.  S, H. Sarklnnian will preach en tlm  nabjoot "ThoOhrlBtlanat tho ballofc box"  Gny Lowenberg and A. S. FitzGerald  ���������went on a hunting trip this week.  Mist Daaard Uki boon appointed Principal of tha Superior Sohool at Crouton.  Tho Superior Sohool will bo oponod on  Monday morning next in tho Old Sohool  Becrotary of Sohool Trustees J. Oompton  says that tha uohool will start with  abont twenty pupils. Miss Neerlham of  Ontario has been appointed senior tea*  ob������r of ths PnHlo Sohool hwt.  ^risit-last -SaterdKyr-49a*?-isg--osaia.-..the-j  following day.  R. Lamont, returned a few days ago  from a three weeks trip to St. Paul and  intermediate points. He lett again on  Monday last for Nelson and returned on  Wednesday. When in the States Mr.  Lamont found that the Americans were  universally iu favor of Reciprocity.  Within the next week Frank Jnokson  will start the erection of a 26 x 36 foot  store building on his lot next the Oity  Bakery on Wilson Avenue.  In ten days time the Devon ranch will  start shipping grapes, which have grown  to profusion this year nnder the expert  care of J. Heath Manager of the racoh.  Tha Devon ranch is "'the first ranoh in  district to Bbip grapes and it is hoped  that many other growers will follow the  example and grow this luoions fruit.  Revd. F. M. Eby who is now recovering from his recent illuess left on Thursday for Saskatoon where he will take  bis holidays visiting relatives for the  uext two months.  Daring his absence the Revd. Dr. C.  3. Eby who has been holding services  in the Methodist Church during the past  two weeks will continue to conduct  ehe services during the absence of Revd.  P. M. Eby.  Swan Swanson the railway contractor  who has large fruit land holdings just  West of the town limits is a busy man  these days. Mr. Swanson has an 18  nile contract on the Canadian Northern  between Fort Arthur and Nipigen and  employs over 400 men.  The Bible Class of the Presbyterian  ohurch will give a Social-in the Manse  on Wednesday evening next at 8 o'clock  Chere will be games and a program of  local talent. Ice cream and candies will  oe in evidence. There will be a small  admission fee of 15 cts.  Methodist Church  Services on   Sunday   next:  Moruiug Service 11.00 a.m.  Suuday Sohool 2.30 pm  Evening Service, 7.80 p.m  Rev. M. F. Eby, Pastor.  --     -    - 4>  ���������  'Nurseries' Vernon, B. C.  CHURCH OF ENGLAND  CHRIST OHUROH  Services for month of September.  Sept. 3rd (13th Sunday after Tinity)  Matins, Litany, Sermon, 11 a. m  Eriokson Sohool House 3p.m.  Suuday Sohool 3 p.m.  Evensong, Sermon 7:80 p.m.  Sept. 10th., (13 Sunday after Trinity)  Elsie Hom9 Duok Oreek, 11 a, m.  Alice Siding Sohool House      3 p. m.  Sunday Sohool 3 p. m.  Confirmation Class 5.15 p.m.  Evensong. Sermon 7.80 p.m.  Sept. 17th (I4th Sunday after Trinity)  Matins, Holy Communion      11 a. m.  Erickson Sohool House 3 p. m.  Sunday School 8 p.m.  Evensong, Sermon 7:30 p. m.  Sept. 24th (15f.li Sunday after Trinity)  Elsie Home, Duok Creek        11 a. m.  Alice Siding Sohool House       3 p.m.  Suuday School 3 p.m.  Evensong, Sermon 7:30 p.m  Philip. O. Hayman  (Vicar)  JtiaJ>ea very fine assbrtmeniof^  % Fruit trees %  Oriental and Shade Trees %  and Shrubs 1  Budded Stock a speciality  All trees offered for sale,   are grown in   our  own Nurseries, on The   Coldstream   Estate  ���������  V. Do Curry, Gen. Agt, Vernon^ ^  Hazel wood Cafe  Directly Opposite Creston Hotel  >g Cold lunches  Very shortly now the Bank of Commerce will move into the new Bank  when the Post- Qiface and Customs Office  will be moved from its present location  to the Store R jom in the Mercantile  Block facing oa Victoria Avenue aud  which has formerly been occupied as a  hardware store Room for the Creston  Mercantile Company.  Subscribe for   the * Review '  LIBERAL MEETING  Dr. King and Mr.  M.  A. McDonald,  addressed a moderately attended meeting of Liberals and others, in the Mercantile Hall on Friday evening the 8th  Inst.   The speakers received an  attentive hearing, but when Mr. MoDonald  commenced to speak on the pnet from  the fruit growers standpoint, by requep  from the audience,' his logic and el<-  queuce alike broke down, and he wa  forced to admit that he knew very littl>  about the subject.   The statements tha*  the present duties were uot protective,  and that the Fruit growers of Orestiv  would becomo wealthy men byshipj.ii;  prize apples to tho   Now York Market  were, received in silence more eloquen  thon words, the frnit growers of ihii  distriot know wheie the shoo pinch*  from  American competition riitht nov ,  and they reoelyed Mr. McDonalds amusing statements with contempt.  Ice-cream  Sandwiches  Lemonade  Fresh Fruits in season.        Candy and Cigars.  Hours: 8 a. mA to 12 p. m. A  Jb. Jr. FLA i I, Prop.  A  XOU     "  Cannot  Learn  Poultry-Raising  From a Book  We are glad to nee Mr- Frod O. Littl  about again aftor his recent illntes  '���������%'%'%'%/������������������*>'% S8JI  , We have $165,000 for investment   in   the  Creston District which we will loan in surm  of from  $500 to $10,000 on improved or un������  improved fruit lands, also on improved and  unimproved town propel ty.  If you want capital to improve your land, call  and see us for a loan.  Why pay rent when you can borrow money  through, us to build your own home with.  Should you want to improve your business  property,  call and see us regarding terms on  a loan.  We have the money to invest.  There is only one right way to learn how to raise poultry, and make  it pay from the start, and that is to learn from experts who have been  through it all.  This is exactly the kind of instruction the International Correspondence Schools offer you. This is NOT a book scheme, but a homel Course  of practical lessons, representing the lifelong experience of the most sue*  cessful poultry raisers m the world.   * '"   .   A' .  ������ The Course includes everything pertaining to successful* plouftry  raising:   How to select most profitable breeds; feeding;, marketing egr~  natural and artificial brooding;.natural am  and poultry for profit:  ficial incubation; laving hono; combination plant; poultry appliances;  enemies of poultry; diseases of poultry; poultry houses and managements  turkevs; water fowls; squabs; etc., etc.     <  What makes the Course particularly valuable is the fact that the  I.'C. S. is associated with the largest poultry farm in the world���������the  celebrated Rancocas Farm, at Brown's Mills, ln-the-Pines, N.. J., famous  for its fine Rancocas Leghorns and DAY-OLD-CHIX, and,where 30,000  eggs are marketed every week.  The X, C. S. has spent thousands of dollars in preparing this Course���������  the only one of its land���������a Course   A ���������;������������������������������������'-*. .^  that you can master and apply in "  )  your own home, whether you live in  the city, suburbs, or country, and  that equips you to handle a few hens  or manage a largo poultry farm,  This Course will help you just as tho':'  many other I. C. S, Courses havo  helped thousands of men and women  in other walks ot life.  "       Tho attached coupon will bring   t  you descriptive circular of this great' *  '���������Poultry-Raising Courso.     Fill it in   ������  and mail it today. ���������  International Correepondeneo School* , ���������  * Box 888,1Scranton,'1*0. y t  FloKie send mo free, snd without lunkss. ������  obligation on my put. circular.dsicflbhur ths ���������  1'oultry.Rslilnat Course, , ���������'���������.-.��������� *  ���������  *���������:.,���������'   ,:���������-.  '. :������������������ '    ,v-y   ; ,������������������.. ��������� ;������������������ -.������'.'��������� ��������� ���������  Na*t* ' y.      y        :���������   t ���������-,��������� 1  ., - .   ':������������������:��������� ���������.���������������������������" ���������',::������������������', '   '���������'.. ..- '���������:���������.'��������� ���������'���������,<*.<'-" "' .������������������*-.J  SI. &ffo..,; .,...,'.���������v.-;....., -i :������������������ . J   ..������������������������������������������������ ��������� ������������������-��������� v. .'������������������ ���������-.���������- v. ' '���������.;' ������������������:'��������� ;\ ���������������������������������������������*  *  V  City,  -mSiaU  Wilson Ave.  Johnson & Scruton  ��������������������������� .i.i 'J     I     I. , ' m  P. 0. Etox ns. i Phone No. 78      Creston, B. C  FOR SALE~Improvcd ranch  with   beariug   orchard,   also  large quantity of small fruits,  Good Water.  Apply to W. K. Browu,  Creston, B. C  FOR SALE:���������A No. 12  bore* Wildfowl* shot guu by  Jeffrey of "London, both barrels full choke, iu fine condition, a bargain 5 apply to the  < Review.'  7 .''*':'���������"������������������' ���������..' :   '*'��������� ���������'"'.";'. ��������������������������� "'��������� V' Av.' 9',\f, . '       '^  Wantfedfrby.v'';.ai>''.i,: experienced  gardene'r,';vveil''iip.'in'/^bmatjo,v  and C ite umber c til tiirfs, work *5  ou rahch.    Married m&n."  Apply to J. F|racy,  Crestou  FOR   SALE:-���������paddle and  driving pony* price reasonable  apply to Mrs. W. K#  BroWn,  Jr������reston> B. C������  FOR SALE Saddle Horse,  apply to Victor Carr, Alice  Siding, B. C.  NOTICE:- To property and  mill owners; R. Stewttrt,  Bricklayer and mason, having  settled at Crestou, -vVill be  pleased to give tenders on any  work, Address Box 41,  I Creston, B. C.  >*wrv r^������^Ml^>ywr!*.**!*!  tiitr*'***. ������!���������***��������� ���������*>���������*  I    ��������� I      .  J    W-. I,   ,' -f.   >\


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