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Creston Review Aug 12, 1910

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 AY f^cx^iy ''y^y :AyyxyXAya^yyXxyxyXx.x yxy y ..:��������� YyY.yyyy:Yy:yy;y:A..y....y  ^i&l**!^^  ;|yai^^  ^e^iwMeSSfi&is,  fyyVj"^  fY^ntiaii"^^  [llftljpj*^;^  tHeVfw&'npp^  jsahembi&'a^'sni^^  ;5'^i}ral^ tlie'  *������tri^ib^;d;y PV^������  that'sunflower to match his sonny smile  .a-jyVCi-ra^  the nag had to.to be content with hnlf  jafi'lBi^^  Vgees" and Spent an enjoyibie half hour  Iv^^in^-"^^  evidence hero.- -Mr. Lindley's tomatoes  ��������� ������������������,��������������� o ������������������������������������ o ������������������ a������,������ ^������  Hatfield, BMtbujv Mead, Bayley, with  PresiG^ntVOjawftMrd as chairman. Baseball : M^ssire;fBa^eyandMead. Travelling' GbllecMpn|Committee:  Sle^srs. G.  ���������MeaVI jaii'dA^ Messrs^ SA  Bcrtdn,. McPssk.      Band!  Messrs. .���������'^j^a^Vf and AScrnton.   Railway;  Transported Horse  Races: A Messra^  Crawford. v-i-VPn-at;^ :  Messrs. pbemin&t<m^ Seruton.  Children's races: M&rarayW. Crawford,  G. Huscrofty VV Ladi^  transport to^ptuidiJyM^  McCreathyv JV; Cameron^Syfe^isliment:  Messrsy R7; S. Gibbs, VyBbvah'i A^emng-  toa.  VMwisfci^rC^  X After doing t&s goodA^  ���������-,-,. ..... . ... -..     i^josHsed^s^ ThursdayVevoaisgi^  STUPENDOUS  PgQGRAMA^Vy  ������RR^^  ^^^Y^0E'^iTl^fAl.  ?^T^draQWS^S#i  fvpt was xmrnnj-?7,'but.*^:6neAVgriM^Bc^-  as the business men and citizens mode  their way to the ^eti^^  VtileHall on;Prldayr'nig  AYictoria* August ify 3 ������iO V^  yQreston Review.  yyV:,::M^l>calfe,  y^nhipegj V  ^j^^KT0are, Tic toria, asvfoilio^^^  ������Qu$rta*^ ^Ai xxx^Yiyzisg  3i.y,^Cjb^Ay.fyy;y;y;y^jpp|sp|  efey^y'*VyAyffii������^S  higher, owing to the increased de* I A AX. X yyiM^m  yma^i^Pacifi^  fvafcpVrej^^^  ���������: tairfebr^fofo  anavpbpi 4^-naEiaX-i, j^������^< A1 -i y^^acrajeiac^snnirx' .jaapwrjVi-^-^ ^yAtlliilffi  :'cotsVb^.^VyAy^  AXxyAyA ^y'W^.VE;y^c^yyg;J||WW9s&S^  Ay Dep'^tylMinistOTyof ^ llPilli^^p  "-.'.'vyV'';.y,y.,.: ..yy-.���������'yVYVy yy Y^AyyA/YA-yy;*>-,*-'v-'-**::'jt*'^';'';i**<;*i  ��������� ",>,>'������'���������;���������'#> .<>> ������>'������'���������'���������;������ '���������'7������>;������^������V*;'sy������>  A^illffP  .~?y&4:  ��������� ^A:AXY?:A&i$&M  ^dito^^Gji^^  yS;;Sif^^-b^i^i^^ __  y; .'theV3^;A2y;'"Du6i^istA Stu>a*.pA;P^ie^^I  ::gthat i^F$������c^^  S������gf5by}#^^^  ^KiB^iVlbua^^  Kfc^ach^^  J|������jPjE������'n^ "  K"rf ^menc^il Vtb parties wi������tTOg^sndp5!  feciea^^;A;|' *g f������ySv; y&XX$^AM  i:' .;A--A Yy-A :YY-:'Yv������i^y yyy''f '-^^'--^.^^tei-T's  |VV     miud conquered the-naero brute, ond we  to take fthMthand notes* on borBeback?  l'^^y-y;^.., .*,yr",;^:yyy,:b,:,.f^;y.;i.^.?.vy.'.^^...;..y^'^^  tion., _   .    _ .     ||There ^sva;gdq^ attena^i^e ��������� andvjfe  P^- CMWj6p^|.^^j^  ���������|$rat6ny^^  i^|br������e^;;p^idl|^^ee(jn^^  Ipf^r'quptingjfe^s^  *y*aiac; tiioyi^-i^A^Jj^;; celebration piaJa:  ... - -^r,r,.i. .y ���������.1,vri,^.:beeii:-a' big^success'and;fa"7 behefltfi^the  vg^^Mateajfefga^t;������������������:: -.-��������� ������������������'.-���������"',:������������������;������������������ yyyyyyyy^y,.-.-.-.. yv-r:.y;yi?-y������:.  VtfJwn andjdwtnct'yjtiieyAehOTrmanVyi^Ki^  i^opinioixof'the;^^eting; yxAAyyyXy  llVItVyw^y^n^nimti^  "Creston; w obil^cei|^  ^d;au;i^i^ti^^,^imttw  ^essrsir'JiyB^Mpi^,^^  ?MoLe^V^^^a^le>ft^^  SpMjw;^.:^pCr^t'i|S^  ^e^^van^ge^ajts;;^^  ^CTip^i^SVAA^&7v^&^^  :;ffigV^s.nameds;f^  ^er^w^e;B^^9iii|^|^  |f|Th^!^retit^yiVy^|^^  |mt!;tib^yfom8y^%^^^i^^  Cranbrook, Moyie and. Bonners Ferry  iwo good, hall games being A arranged.  :R. M. Reid was nominated a committee  a^iieato attena to special train'orrange-  "������^y^ym:mAXyA^^Wi^&lM^^^^  liMvuiiot'i,-.-/-.-**:���������;' -/h--'*' ��������� .-*-: ,'-���������"*'.��������� -; -.'���������-*-.-,''���������^���������'"���������,*('t";'.'?*ri-c,,'-''."'.--':'^'-i���������*:������������������ .'*������������������������> '.--Viv v:  CropsXmYJF^ri^  A The latesVdispatches from Saskatchewan and Albert jpoihts stateAttet:th&  whole^f^bt^terny poj*tiphsAVb^  i&mm  Um  l^iilUU  IHii  *^IXYXXAX!W3$0)  miyyyx ?:yA:AM&!03k������  ?XMAyW$8&  :;ySrSS;������SSI  )Umttfyx\MxM^M$  7ISIIIIIi|^^S  ���������YA'-AXfi?Y^%ziW  yyy.AXAvyit'X'fixXi  Xa-SX$(A>'A$.  ���������y VAgloo^ was cast ;overV:!C^stoiiAwJien-lyQi ���������-.,,v...-.*-������  the; neiws7r^hea ���������td'i*ra:-fi^  ���������'feCteE'thy iM^met^ithyJEmya^^iat*^  feeAs^w^VVi^d;ybMnAiiw  6^iiwfc;":yTb6:T^������V'^0^  te8a^years',of-age,-was-spenauigyaih6h-:vy-.'-y::,y3:s^i*^  d^ywitli ^':fetoer'at;yCo;lem^i|^  Mri':^O0thy;;i8Vin' ionaj^r<rf:fay "b^^^  ������������������:.::::y:.>:/.yy,^ ?;���������,-,-<>.->���������,��������������������������� -; ������������������-;��������� .-r.      ���������������������������'.','.-���������,;���������..-' yyA-^'-A-AyyA'AAAXiSi'^m  sh6vely-'gtogy'lw<M*ldhg-;on-the;vO^Pv::R.'AS^  ,-' -;-'--'--'-.' ���������>'-��������� x^.'~y-~xZ-- ,-*; >'..'-.*���������' -..' -.-"������������������ -    -   .- ,������������������-.-' .���������-* .-\x- {'AAxAA-r^yy y^^;dyy������i^t^  OecU *wm atboflibn V ttie ��������� 'tMick/y with:':1^XAMXSA0^^  iather XvtiMisi^  .ihe rough rider of the 58rd Battery /who  [!;A^pntJb^  ",; 1y''^Bprli^;mad^  S'JjlVvVlii^^asB^^ (:plaoe 'ninlcl:  ^"IS^hioii-'iat^  ������!i:l������y^  I:  m^J';!f,  i-^dmondsbn'.mnqhy^u up..';; 'Mr.  S;3Ed'iapndi(ojS^h^^  |.������S;ij|ijardbft  l,l,t*-.--|.jf!l.'y...:.:i������:.'-',^,^..,'-,1.-s ;:>.?��������� yy'fy; v..-.;������������������,) "Xn<.",'jiv. <;."������������������:Y-r'-.:--.-.  '���������' ;,;'vibna;:lwm:^'^ is:  '���������helol^iB^^rb^  ij*.;'.'.''    ������������������-���������-������������������ s   ;abnnd-0Aq^  is to-be installed shortly frbm-wr'iich the  water \vill b"e sprayed oil: toy the. garden.;  Healing a commotion, wernshed back  to|b������!8tii^  ,Sayeourjnteiligent;m6unte  ||n^i^eanife'i|^  the way ;in which' they were twisted up  it looked as though they had been prac-  ^ingfftjvoo^ltwtio^  suoh shape my horse must hove turned  ;iwS5rome^mt^  a^*^^piwl|f|^^  jlli&s^  |tn;b7hbirae^^nio^  i|^fluf|w^^ ;rcrabnnt;:depart-;  ment, we wended our way to the hospit-  abte^  'liab!:i!ayj^k^^ :ahd';Asa,t  .VO^ingy^^ v weekly;:  'broati ^jldhg*;;- y^A^ught. tears;'-^.your  bye&'ftbleb0^.lfl^p^  his A: pw n; ,'brea^A^  thinks; of';ialiy the ?, ���������diob; v ;gi^s^tlibroy; are  worid;, VlQngtngito ���������i^y^  band,with a' toti^p^e^^^  their; ;bakes':' orid;';iomon^^eB^  eoemed quite bhborfuL about^ity tiougli,  and explained. thbXmystbrieB i; of ;Alwead  .-..v.-���������" ���������. :���������,,��������� .-..'��������� '-.���������.-���������.'.'���������������������������ty\'YxxxA.Ay'xx'YYiyY  '  t  '���������: Since onr last visit many improvip"-  ments have been made on   the-Glaser  and^stumped, a fine stream of water has  been brouB-ht to the piacei partly by  means of a pipe line, whichv runs^, right  :hasfifeen'jutte������i'ininfi^  tobaifwiU wsiaicely yield aVten peryceht^  crbp.-ytt'thp^rt^r^ fchbae  same^^yinbesytlWycropsA;^  "NortheriiY^b^rt^ji^^  there has been y&|bbuutifni V rainfall all  ��������� s'j-J^g.fa1^ t Y.-y 'yy  XfptCfl}0f^ 'th9$g^jM$J^^  brpps-feVsba^7of;3^thi^dg^^  ^nchers ;AwlibVt ;^aAVt^  ���������mb^s-';i^y'ojJ!������bja^  ranches and move into Lethbridge in  ���������seMoh-^wprkjjsp-^  ;telh5tiiei������yfan^  :^t^hp\s^OT^apy^V^:^  ithlr"Mb^ou;ls'eti)i^^  :vAil^t������^%h^;;t^ast o^:iOT^|^^fihlie;  /iiaiMeiiy^  ticed for the past 25 years, thus ensurihg  to this' class of  people  bumper  crops  ;eaphyyyBaa������7;  .-C-i.......  rrAvt-y  .���������;*������������������  ��������� ��������� ."������������������.���������..���������..���������'iV,^,V35  AA'X?.Ay*>&.  away. y:Taeitit������^^inpo^gtas^-^  'train;'were;bbiniglM^  'eitber Vtbpuglj)^  usual place,ya '^^^^o^yX^^^X^^  or did not seb;t*iein|^^  Vwas knocked dOwniV an^(;  was picked up it was found  ;^en;insiantly kiiled.;A:B^diai^Jay;^n|i^  Miythe'head and-7anbtherVbn-;^i9y w������^^  f&gSyB  *-i&M  ?&MMif'!G������izi������ii  ?i|Ss^D|Hnt^(^E^gi^^  the. local boxers shonld be Vgiven an opportunity- 'to display their^'taIent;:.Vaiid  '^b^mi^fe|ieefj|^mwe^'^  vmirfdi;  A'  Sam said he believed  swore:  men A 3,n Greston. who conld'Jlick ��������� their  ';^ej^jSt;):0^i^  pity t'p see. snch talent running to waste.  Vy|Thja^miaei|in^'a^  ;?joMraa^^Bs  ;*i^imitoiine;;;^'pofe  ^ylng^ii;;^  ���������'j'jlBt'.tto'bA^ ������������������'^e';  . j^g^Saok; homb;^ :f!^^^^^y^^y:fy  :i^oi^^ty|y ards': frbm'.tlie. :barn; pur; twb  ���������hcWt^^vsbt'y;bff^���������v^h^'biibV: accord ��������� (two  mindsywlt^b^  olattered In great Stylo under the frloiid-  ^Vrpofc^t^ ';;'tHe^^'th!ey.  ;^ei;b,quiotly'muii'^  irig rbnu^,'tb;g^;'a!;8^        :ftt'udj;'-I������roy-',  er;mindi;';Wb;will*6b^  whoii wo -have'flying mhohineswb shall  .���������������������������.-; ��������� ,-..���������>��������� -y.-. ���������:������������������.-:���������. Ay���������",-.;*  <;-'yyjy\i-\'yy"';yi..-.-. y ; ...  only [needy horses tpi pull; ��������� petrol; tanks  about/'";;��������� ^Y'Sy^A'^^v^^^  Riflem$>xM0^fytl!  the Mercantile Hall on Thursday night.  ^b$v;in^  :pr^$tygOT^  ^^ines^ini'eetlng'y  Jwaa^aHp^r; ^fu^tted ".^tT^^  presJur^pyVVybf ;'^XA^xy^p^^^ ^  buslhess prpceede  smoothness which augurs well for the  complete succesii at' thej pialebratipn; Vy Q.'/  6^%^Kers^mpybd nnd RVM.ReldV seconded that committees bb appointed i to  lwnoib:vythe.v;dlfforontV'Vsooli^  p-ceparations, and in-y^uip!k|:Bucbpssibn  tlipiollbwiug woro namb^^^  preBbn������y';y;::',7.���������.'.:.:.|V.,. ���������XXXA^'^XftlXX^i  y||i^i|fpr^^^s:a^^  7cpi^o������%The;jStoupa6-^^  ;suSdnfe^n;Ttt^^^  :i^sSK^oigfeo!- help; Withv.������|hbyfl^;^^;^e^  'pnej^v|^>j^j^^ ; .hsadAtop'-:  ���������ken^pi^li^ :%^i*s������:  7lin|p^|p^sd^^  'cei^eldj^yl^iir^^  fire near theborder, in tfie^-direotion of  ���������y'y TJne'flw Iw^a^^  .na^ng^fettB^j*^ -ancl ^������viiil^Bl^l^ft^  c'outii,a.ouiBly-y.k^ '(fclerC jtintjly  ;dry-sp^riI:T^rp^^  ..1.^^-  *was^pjarentlyA unmaitod^ y yThb Abo^y**|  yyi^y:  took place there on Monuay last.   Mr.  ������������������S'SS  T.yJ-.*^.^--r  and^la7^^^  ^npi^aBYttV  very popular  and:;'wpfiBillVy^  ;3^.V^Paic|j^ttto  bereavement  aV" - ������������������Sa>������iv,-8t>im' w '; :,rl4"*.*...ii;" ������������������jw.'vsti;i'-a."i->*  0yy. *xmiM&&&M'&$^$M  to;C^w?;^^rJViaanf Tuesday  ' Ay  Jfan^ayxC&^Caustt,:'.*^  m'hiM^BM:^  y^y .v..- -.-��������� -'.'���������-'. ,y-- ..':'.-,.-���������.',&*��������� ���������''''-'i-':���������.���������'-���������v^*^,'^.'::-:���������:vy^','^vy���������-v;^  -yy^V V'"-yV;:y::..;AV :y:-yA.V:.;'.;V',y.; y,X--':X'XyAyXX^f^X''XWi^&M  y ���������: ^uitban'bxpiteiJM  ':iihe;d;P.R.: track pnWednesday by '&ro0^X$M0^  .awpy;par,^io^tbblc'a7*fa^Aphy^  almost as far as Sirdar. :T.jip;vciarJ^aa'  boln-j; loaded at Oreston, when; whilst It  The  members of the  International j 'was being pushed along a few yards, it v  Biblbdiasl willowy i^orea^  as it went down the grado, was qniokly  in the Morcnntile Hall on Tuesday ovpu-  ibff noxt;'7;:;^:;p;*wiEpwth; of Arooai * an^yitt-.  sfcrumeutol music has boon prepared,  whioh will boVibndorod before serving ioo  ���������orpiwn..-,/\'--iybgi^,^  8.15 sharp;y The object of tho sooial is  lost In the linesA;eft; pbw*pbottvoi; ySpmb ������������������  three; miles; this Bhlb. pf Sirdar thb yruii yA  away stopped,ythe ourves'.and tlien iho y  slight up grades being too rrmoh fby. itv,  to nogotiato, and tho incoming cost-  bpnnd brought it book to Oreston.XX-  fl  I  toproyiab*andBtp;;ih^  thePUurob.yyyyV'yyy; -:y:A ', ;: ��������� -y :^::--vA::Al'TOlfc**ir������0.'.O;-ySi;'. 'A/;! XX. X;.'.-, ���������XX-XXyX-yAX  WAXY.  m'-XY,"'  t'{';ill'i  " I" ���������  ������������������'M':;.  Gpiifiplbte yy'.StrtckyAY^^  '���������'S^dlXd W:. ;;ai0::V:; AV:if;  i>Ri|SiE0y ;LliJMiE i  '���������^V'Ky .  ^ny-^yji  \<HWX  yyryy:  ::^tiip{Xe#i  Let us ^ ihd Muiimng  ../.- -in-.  .i l,'.  y.v,X  yy,  mmimimiHii  ���������������*���������(.  ' '������������������ ' 1 ':'     ������������������','!������������������'' I.'-.  ���������:'."..;- ... ���������' -i .'.���������"..���������'.���������',. ��������� \',,' .:-'.y ^'������4,..y,/.:,:<,;^',y vl;''" '���������',' -.'j .y^ j'-.'',. ...-..*.;. \--. i .��������� , ���������'* ;  ."' The-BbmiidiPn bf f Onua^rt; JBitybr pup  given to the markemou haying^the bost  avorago in fpur P^uarte^  oompotod for ot tlio. Eriokson range on  S^vuJday;.bn4vt3und^ ���������  ;Th0;8lW^  iTUahltB^vibgyD^  ;^pry;.itondcomb spooimon^  smith's art andyVw^  board in thp hpmp; pf any (marltBman  lortunato enough .v^i.wlnv;-It^ln 1008  this onp was won by Geo   Oartwright,  whilst A, S. FitKGornld was tho',' viotor  last yonr.,'; >;, 'AXf?y-Xtfr'i-.-X "'���������',.  1 On^ofthoobnditlbnbbe thb nhoot is  tliat 40 jm oeufc; of tlio total oliib mom-  jbptsh'lp v must.V^  prbyipua ,^  ,^,;yXiji,���������lt^vwbwlww bf i^^ston-WiPlok.  ���������on rliio olub ni-b rMiuostCMjl to take piurt  In tliis fthoot;A Tho'ptikb'iiwtiU worthy  pVtlibbifbrt} iiitod^fw./iliiky^sotf of tho  .vi'uhvyw'y.'pM.'fikM^ jwlofc of  boftipotiwig. ''XXX"'y'X.!XxX  S^V7  ^e :^rry :,ii;'Cbmipi " ������  'KYttcy.  W. G-mttPh, tlie well.known w������al es-  tat������ mim of Pernio, was In town on  Toosday.   He Jim been tutnmiiuug some  jl������x������pe-fty ftjrpnu^y. I^oH. jprook, W-j^tlM-i  i mfob'pM&M'nimibnwmth;. :���������  ��������� yxXyy   '���������x^^'^XXiAX       * ���������"):���������'  **���������,-  ��������� it I ,My  j   !J VIA  AY Ay,  ���������^..Virt'-.^.UIit'l./^W':;^*-  ���������MMM  ���������*w������n  '.-Ik'  Gb WXmeACres^dn M  i ;���������-��������� ������������������  v *  !.v',.������',  W'N  <parts^A|<oad Wagons, Democrats  :es       ' ' ":"r'"  \ iwwuwwtwin^'iw  ������������������' "';;���������... '���������'���������  ���������.���������I- '���������'.���������"'. ���������  -��������� \  '  .���������i-''..-'i...,.-',.;��������� "> ��������� -.I1;..,,,.  Ltd,  Plicae No. 50  ,,���������*���������������������,. - .., . .  y *yy ' y . y ���������"      - * *   " > ��������� '  ���������    h.'i . y       y'U1 ��������� u  ...>...i<..iarftwiA' jfj"  ^���������'  1  I ri������>������*W:rfS^wa^*^^  '������������������yxfiiZfzy.-y.i'  THE   GRESTOK.   B.C:  JS,J2< V JUCi VV .  Taffeta silk is in fashion once   again,  as might have been expected with    the  revival of the old tim������ style of gown  with flounces and ruchings,  and there  is more than a hint of the days of   tho  civil war in the taffeta silk gowns now  exhibited   as   the   very   latest*  models.  There are so many different grades in  taffeta silk that the selection is not an  easy task. This season the softer qualities and thoso ���������witli a dull lustre (curious anomaly!) are the smartest. Change-  "^able effects,  even  -when   all   one color,  ,*f/are considered to be the best and yet  .    among the plain there are colorings so  exquisitely soft and becoming that surely nothing else could be selected,     and  the wide range of colors that is provided to choose from permits���������in fact,   demands���������that what is becoming must decide the question.  "A gray taffeta silk gown with black  lace flounces and black velvet ribbon'1  ���������at once is brought to the remembrance  the portraits of fifty years ago��������� the  gentlewoman in her flounced taffeta,  ^witli the flounces of rare thread lace or  taffeta and the bands of black velvet  ribbon heading each. flounce and out-  ling ike bertha or ficliu. Tc-day's rendering of the same style is much the  same. The skirt is narrower, the flouno-  es not so full, but that the same model  served as inspiration cannot be questioned.  Gray, peach color, corn color, ashes of  roses, all old fashioned colors, are in  style, and the Chantilly laces that were  ���������used for trimming; in the days gon>& by  at** once again in high, favor. But the  dressmaking of to-day is a <ar more  subtle art, and more attention is paid  to the individual, so that if a. too full  skirt is hopelessly unbecoming th*  .width is most cleverly manipulated and  different lines are secured by some mar*-  vellous manipulation of the material. If  the band of velvet heading each flounce  makes too broad an effect, then bows  or rosettes of velvet are added to break  the line. The laee of the finances is most  carefully adjusted, made neither too  scant nor too full, and such a transform  mation as can be and is wrought by  these touches of a skilled hand it it  almost, impossible to realize.  QUAINT DINNER GOWKS.  A simple dinner gown, also possible  -for theatre and restaurant, is a quaint  model made up in dark pink taffeta.  Rows of puffs jor wide shirred bands  trim the lower part of tbe skirt, while  the upper part and tho body of th*  ���������waist is- of fold a������ter fold of the silk  drawn tight around the figure. Around  the square cut neck is the softening of  a flat band of guipure lace, while there  can be, if desired, bands of the same  lace in place of .the shirred bands or  just above the   puffs,   but   there is no  very simple. It can be made in any color and will look -well, while it can be  elaborated upon if so desired by the addition of embroidered or lace bands.  It is extremely difficult as the season  advances to  dictate  authoritatively as  to what shall or shall not be worn. Not  only customers but dressmakers and designers are apparently groping in   the  dark  trying  to   find some  one  fashion  that  can  be  pronounced  the   one  and  only.   The leading dressmakers and tailors  speak  firmly   about   the  return   of  the full skirt and take orders galore for  the narrowest skirt that can be made.  The  waist  line  must  be    normal,   and,  again, gowns galore are turned out with  the  waist line inches higher than was  ever known in normal anatomy. Heavily  trimmed skirts are obligatory and broken lines a feature of the very latest designs, ac will say an authority on dress  who  in  the   same  breath  counsels  the  purchase* of a most costly evening gown  whose great beauty lies in the unbroken  lines that define to perfection every line  of the figure.   Most generally unbecoming are a majority of the present day  styles, so perhaps it is the instinct of  the  true   artist   designer warring  with  her sense of allegiance to Dame Fashion  that makes it all so complicated a problem.���������A. T. Ashmore.  CARE   OF   SHOES   AND   HOSE.  Moab girls who have to darn their  own stockings have given up wearing  pumps. The slipping up aud down on  the heel would Avear out any stocking  in a day and there was not time at the  end of the week to keep mended up.  If trouble is still experienced with all  evening slippers, and also the Oxford  ties, it is an excellent plan to baste a  small square of black silk on the outside  of  the stocking just  where  the     shoo  lief as regards the knowing that the  "heel of one's stocking is sure to be quite  whole, aud it will also save the lining  of the shoe itself. When the stocking  is rubbed to a hole the creases, in turn,  wear out the lining of the shoe.  1 Just as soon as a shoe lining has become worn it should be taken to be  ineuded. For a very small amount a  shoe or slipper can be entirely re-lined, if  necessary, and tbis will save the stockings extraordinarily. Many girls now  !have a bit of suede placed at the inner  side of the heel of their shoe, thinking  j it will help to keep a low shoe from  slipping.  A girl who finds she gets unreasonably tired and has constant backaches  [ trota walking on city pavements may  * "be reasonably sure that the last of her  shoe is -wrong for her and that the heel  is either too high or placed too far  forward. Rubber heels aro also great  fatigue savers in the city.  For summer "white- canvas aud white  buckskin are generally worn with white  ^owns, but for the morning russet  <shoes and stockings are equally smart  for young girls. To get their brown  feho^s to a. good color they should take  the trouble to always cleaning and pol  LATE TIPS  ON SAILORS;  The summer girl doesn't really come  into her own until she possesses a  sailor hat of the very, latest shape.  The most popular type is of flat  simply-woven straw braid with large  regulation crown and straight or sloping brim.  They come in brown, green, dark  blue, tan and burnt straw^ with, bands  to match, or of black. The bow is  placed square in front or at the back  as often as at the side.  Some of the brims curl up at tho  side or curve downward, in true mushroom style.  But the emphatic feature is the  size. The sailor of 1910 is positively  huge.  "e \3���������   ishing them^themselves. If it~is desired  other trimming on the gown.    Quaint, ^   t<> keep tlj6 leather light in color   the  .if'  ��������� "pictureRquei" **oia  some of the adjectives applied to this  model, which is certainly radically different from any of last season's designs.  Taffeta silk evening gowns are evidently  to be popular this summer, for another  model that has met with favor is a  pale blue one with flat bands of guipure  laco edged with narrow Valenciennes  ruching. The skirt is Sail and wide,  gathered into the bait; the waist is  pointed back and front, fits tight- to  the figure, and tho trimming- consists  of a fichifbf the Silk trimmed with tho  Tuching of Valenciennes to match the  skirt. A white taffeta on the same  model, with " bands ' of shirred chiffon  and clusters of tiny pink rosea, is also  becomng und effective.  * Crenft "de cui2e and crcpon nre two materials that for" ft nhort tiui* liave becn I w> tho hands" absolutely clean,  relegated to the baekgrouuu. Crepon, in-  ���������    *        -*-" * ^^ wlwa-  'deed, has not been fashionable for a long -u.utbwco   we si  time, nnd, asyet, cannot be counted as THE  CHANTfcCLtR   VEIL.  among popular: fabrics, but it is to be  noticed in many of the very latest mode  gownB. Crepe de chine never entirely  retires from the field ol popular approval, for it has more to recommend it  than almost any fabric that is known.  For summer the lighter weights are delightfully comfortable, even in tho hot-  teat weather; it cleans and even laun-  dcrB satisfactorily, and, while delightfully soft und suppjo, it still hns enough  ��������� firmness to enable it to be made into  skirt and coat costumes, aa well as the  empire gown. There arc in crepe de  chine many different weaves and tcx-  Idem  2.s  possible and the polish allowed to dry  thorougkl ywhen first applied before being rubbed. It is more fashionable now-  ladays,  however,  for  the tan  shoes to  Acquire as quickly  as possible a dark  Reddish hue. A banana peel rubbed evenly over the surface and the leather allowed to dry out well before being shin-  tod  with the liquid  poiL>a  will u&rken  the shoes rapidly and a few applications  of sweet oil will give the same result,  and also help to make the leather waterproof. The liquid polish and the paste  must 'be put on very evenly to avoid  -marking and staining. And a clean rag  and soft brush should always be used.  Special shoe polishing glovcB aro now to  "be bought, which greatly simplifies the  process of home ehoo cleaning, as they  Most remarkable of all the examples  of tho chantecier praze which has displayed itself in wearing apparel is the  chantecier veil, which has been recently  placed on the market and which is enjoying quite a little popularity in some  quarters where the eccentric Is neither  feared nor disliked. The veil is of rather  open meshed black net, on which there  is the design of chantecier facing the  rising sun. Both chantecier and the sun  arc sizeable and showy and the effect is  decidedly Btrlking.  The design is so arranged that one  rooster may rest ovor ono eye when the  stem, except the line is to be curved toward the feet by the dipping of the  skirt at the ankles.  In black and white toilettes there is  always a touch of color and usually of  a vivid tone. The satin belt/ usually  veiled with gauze, but gleaming through  vividly, is often of some such strong  tone as turquoise blue, geranium,  bright purple or Empire green.  Girls' white frocks are brightened  with pretty ilower-coiored sashes, belts  new gloves, until the buttons are re-  and even with silk flowers, used as  fringes to ribbon garnishments. Very  lovely corsage ornaments are made of  ribbons with dainty silk flowers failing  from the ends.  PROPER CARE OF YOUR GLOVES.  many not associated with it, and there  is a dull and a bright finish, so surely  ony woman can find what she likes. The  satin finish crepe do chine is difficult to  distinguish nt first glance from the liberty satin���������that is in some of tho qualities���������but it in the fashion ��������� to combine  the two, and then tin* points of contrast  are. easily discernible. Most practical  for summer is the nattier blue crepe dc  ehino or silk crcpon, made simply and  trimmed either with lace tho samo color  or.wltirsatin tho.same shade. The'popular model for this ntylc of gown Is extremely simple, but so smart as to make  il iiolicuubiu iu it ((roup of more elaborate aud complicated coHtumcs. The skirt  Via 'milto unlike any of the models yet  exhibited, narrow, but not ngRvosnively  scant, with only a bias fold at the hem'j  tbo waist is loose,-on tho blouse order,  ami yet doos not conceal nny good linos  of tho figure, but It is vory plain and  tures, every color of the rainbow and   veil ia in place, another rooiter over tho  other, whllo tho rising sun is situated  ovor tho bridge of the nose. Of course,  a.lcBR startling adjustment is-possible,  and with'care the eyes may bo covered  only with the net whilo the rooster decorations fall to the chocks and the rising sun accents the ond of the nose.  YE SUMMER  MAIDEN.  A wrap is always an important Item  In tho summer fccrilotto, and this .year  much caro and tasto havo booh cxpond-  ed on this typo of garment, From the  serviceable coat of homespun, with its  thick collar rolled back and Its 'Invaluable pockets, to the transparencies of  mousseline de solo in one shado thrown  ovor another, the wrap offers a rarigo of  choice.  Tlio summer girl of tliis year Is-tho  slimmest creation yet since tallbrmartos  camo in.   She is as. straightens a pipe  In the interest of fresh, neat-Iookitig  gloves they should be placed in paper as  soon as they are removed, or at least  should go in the.glove box.  Rolling together in a wad gives gloves  a rumpled, worn look. They Bhould be  stretched flat, and, above' all, should not  be kept in a damp place, as they are liable tc spot and mold.  Black gloves which have become worn  at the oeams can be freshened by putting a few drops of jet black ink in a  teaspoonful of olive oil. Faint the shabby places with this mixture, uBing a  small camel's hair brush.  Light gloves only slightly boiled can  bo cleaned by washing in cornmeal or  French chalk. This saves the risk of  discoloration from use of naptha or  gasoline.  White gloves can be easily cleaned by  washing in pure white soap and gasoline. Rinse in the pure gasoline. Rub  with a clean piece of flannel, taking  particular pains as to scams. Dry near  hont after first moisture them to an  opon flame. This quickly removes tlio  odor.  Muko a point never to wear a pair or  new gloves until the buttons are ro-  sewn. This avoids dropping thom at  critical moments when: one's reputation;  for neatness may auffor, y  JTever allow a rip to go/Beaihs are  best mended by sewing'as much as pos-;  sihlc like tho other scams of the glove.  With a littlo practice this' can be done  so as scarcely to be detected.  oashmerE'sHawls.   ,  From Paris comes the announcement  that the old-fashioned cashmoro shawl  has again found favor with the dressmakers, and thb loveliest wraps of tho  season aro being fashioned of. these rich  and costly products of tho Indian looms.  Following this have como descriptions  of models of coats and wraps made' of,  those rare old time squares, whioh aro  expensive but necessary to the woman  who is planning a fashionablo siunfor  outfit.   ; . , ������������������:���������������������������  , In the ordinary turn of affairs in tlio  world of drcoa fashions repeat thorn-  selves about once every sovon yoars, and  tho shawl revival should havo appoarod  bore weavers was deemed an appropriate addition to the fashionable costume,  but there were reasons why the Indian  vogue could not be reckoned in the ordinary terms.  The modern young woman scarcely  can recall the days when cashmere  shawls were included in some wardrobes.  Owners of costly ones used to don them  occasionally���������in spite of,, fashion rather  than on account of it���������because thejjj.  could not bear to see the beauty ana  glory of such a work of art hidden forever from, the world. But tbe shawl remained a conspicuous style of wrap iu  those days and was unmistakably, a  passe garment.       * .  i  Dressmakers disapproved of it then,  after it had lost its first favor, because  it was awkward to manipulate into anything either becoming or artistic and the  lines as well as the tone were hopelessly  inharmonious in the picture. One could  not reconcile the heavy cashmere shawl  with supple, tight fitting skirts. The  empire scarf deserved its revival because  it belonged to a period of dress which  was made fashionable again, but the Indian shawl recalled too vividly the days  of crinoline and crisp silks. It stood for  that period of dress when women wore  these richly colored squares primly folded cornerwise and drawn tight over the  arms and bust. Even now we of modern times have our doubts about'the  real beauty of the Oriental fabric worn  in just this fashion, but from all accounts the cashmere shawl played an important part in tho wardrobe of the  beauty of many years ago.  SHORT  COAT  OF  THE  NEWEST SUIT.  It may be noticed' that the* short coat  ending at the hips is_not likely to be  worn this season,* despite many predic-*  tions to the contrary, as this is less  likely to suit tho. majority of women  than the coat that is now* in possession  of the field. *   r  Coat Lengths.  * Those who are not endowed with the  slim, graceful figure that can carry off  any and every fashion should be careful  to have the new short coat made as long  as fashion will allow it; which is from  just below the hips to the finger,, tip  length. Picturcsqueness may certainly  be claimed as one of tlie attributes of  tlie short coat, provided that the fabric  and its decorative accessories are chosen  with an eye for artistic color. r   , *  GOOSEBERRY   CORNETS.  Have ready'some cornets of French  pastry. If they have been made any  length of time; place them in the oven  for a few moments to harden, and then  set aside to cool. In the meantime, whip  up a little cream to a stiff froth, add a  spoonful or two of stewed gooseberries,  fill the cornets with the cream and serve.  SEEN. IN   THE  SHOPS  OF  PARIS.  Swiss fabrics are often worn with a  colored slip.  Coarse Russian braid-is used a great  deal for trimming coats and capes.  The tiniest of roses are used for trimming caps of muslin or lace for the baby.  Lingerie embroidered with the all pervading chantecier is one of the fads of  the hour.  Many of the summer coats have long  revers that cross and button below the  waist line.  A box plaited quilling of net is the finish at the wrist of a pretty sleeve seen  recently.  Gilt buttons, which are held in place  by-means of metal rings, are usedYas  fastenings of some of the white linen  Russian blouse suits.  Separate blouse of black net with lace  insertion are worn over an under blouse  of white.  One of the old fashions that has been  revived is the use of oblong gold buckles  to trim gowns.  Either banding, piping, or feather  stitching in color is effective for the  small boy's.Russian suit.  Wreaths, bow knots, snd roses are the  favorite designs on the embroidered silk,  hosiery for the bride.-  Linens which have the appearance of  pongees are to be had in a wide variety  of colors; they are exceedingly popular:  Yokes of net on which are* insets of  Irish crochet cleverly appliqued are seen  in some of the spring* and summer  gowns.  COEiNG GOVERNOR  Great Welcome Awaits Queen Vio  toria's Third Son in Canada. -  (Canadian Courier.)  ...-     ..        VI  ninny times since the pride of this La������!, coats  It Need by No Moans Be of the Very  Unbecoming  Hip  Length.  For many years, not fewer than four,  indeed, the short coat has been ousted  from favor. Its coming makcB far, moro.  evident tlie revived round curve of ; the  waist, and though there.is no semblance  to a glove-fitting garment as ybt, there  .is little doubt that the coat fits In rath-'  or more tightly to the figure, and there  is'less appearance of a Noah's Ark typo  of A silhouette.       . '-.������������������y.j- A  .;.'But in spito of the brokne line, thoV  designers Bee* no roason why the short  coat should not'bo picturesque, and have  sot* to, work to achieve it by the judicious, selection of material aiid ornament, . ��������� :.y 'A: .i.AA'Xx  . "'The' Materials.':- yy'/y  y Ono of tho materials especially in favor  at tho present moment for tho short  boat' and' skirt is the black and white  broken tweed known , sometimes /..as..  "snowflnko" twoed, ; In Paris this fab-  ,-rlo is especially popular; and Ib combined in noarly ������ivory oaso.. with blplngs  of bright coriso or. vivid green "ilotli,  Some of thonow coats' havo short Btraps  and buckles of black piitobt ltfathbr' a  fashion that 1������ dally growing:more In  popularity, whllo buttons of'tinted wood  are also noticeable    features of these  Quulntness chnrncl*rizc������ tho bonnets and ca'p-M fat tiny babies and  their older sisters. For tho vory littlo  onco tho closo-flttintf cap la of courso  tho pruuiost of nil. Uuh-jiitful i.uiw  cap* iViuy aro, tou. ulUsr [mum i.*uUtcr������  ������ibbrolder, horn stitch and foathcr-  atitoh thorn.  8omo of tbo prettiest  nro mndo tintlrely of narrow valon*  cicnncA Insertion and lnco, set together by hand, anil trimmed with  littlo bows nnd rosettes, and long tion  of narrow pink, bluo or whito soft  S'llVti rlbb^rs. (Mb**-** ������ro rr-tful* ������f mull  with wide border around tho face, or  of plain Jnwn with ouibroldurod Hup  turned back flat ovor thb cap,  Kvoa Aftor tho early baby etatfo If  past thnno round bonnots nro worn,  ���������but IboTo Ib much variety for the  older baby or two' or ��������� throo, Adorable  littlo sunbonnots are seen mndo of tho  dolntiost of sprltfgod materials. Coal-  ncnttlo shapes aro mndo pi piquo,  duck or hoavy linen, with sou irills  ol l������wi> IntM* tlio brlRj, to caftan the  tovero HuoB pf tho hoavlor njatorlals.  man la promoted to tiny lingeries and  panama hats. Uoth of theso mt\y be  trlmmod with littlo clusters of artificial ilowers or ribbon, but tho.  Panamas and straws In bowl crown (  with brim turned up or down, aren  moro oiUia trimmed wltfi...* tffiUitt of  ray Homin striped ribbon. > Onmo  braids and tunonnn aro madb up with  A COOL-DAY SUIT.  -   * f.  Scarlet henrietta cloth i������ thp materia! used in this costumPi- 'The  mandarin sleeves, the belt, and thp"  band decorating thp front panel aro  embroidered in rich colorsyand black;  The.largo turban is made of black  satin and not, and is trimmed with  two .broad graceful ostrich A feathbra;  ������������������QENERALL*Yji-HA^  She���������"I wonder,why*JWetliusolah lived  to such a great ^old .agp??,/: Ho-^'Per:  haps some young AWbriian Vm^rrlbd hirn  for his mbnoy/^RbsttfttATranscrlpt.  y     .Y.A''' "tfllASk^W  ���������'.���������''''"  ;-,'.They're a,:taAX''A.,\''A'.':XX:'' '.'  'X They're etherealities.   ,V  Thoy aro done lh black cldffon, "  Marquisette Is' muoh i.morp durable,  ���������  Tlioy may bo plainly ���������honimod with  vsatinr', ,-.���������  -.XX'   X:- .  "���������������������������' Or tlipy, may bo bordered with rich  ;������mbrolderyri'. ���������..'������������������vv'-:', ���������'.!���������,������������������'  ;,' 'Fringe aiid laco are also scon as,a*  finishing touoh.' ���������">-. ".  A Over certain shades tlioy arc wonderfully pffcctlvo for occasions.  ���������   n A *���������*���������"  ' y '    .,  THE COLD YOpNO LAWYER. ������.?^  ���������'������������������'��������� (Washington star). ;   'v '*'* H:  Mrs. Sol Smith, tho lotorrm nclrm,  whoso olghtloth birthday ywris boHobrat-  ed by a dinner of tho ProfwiWon'il i Wb������  mon's Loaguo in, New York, salbyof'..tlio'  modern spirit at this ���������Hanoi:,  "Tho modern spirit is jnorb liioi canary than tho spirit of.t.ho!;������0ii,-X'kn������:w,  n. very beautiful 'glrl~in';m'y!\'d������y.'.anod!  havo been married off A, nt; Al^bul,  though she ia now 35," Wbr Matrimonial  prospootB are* dark and gloomy. , ..   ;.  "At '������ tea I pointed tlio boautlful  owvaturo out to a young lawyer M\a  said:    7    . '���������;;,,:���������",���������:,.:'' .-"������������������' >'���������''-.������������������.���������.���������. '...,;��������� ���������*.���������.  " 'There'* notSilnfe' swatter and mvo-  Her than .Utali fthl in "���������AJmorica.. Why  don't you 'try ter hor hand!"  " 'What ha������ *ho got in "?' ll"> ?ounjf  lawyer coldly auawered."  ���������-���������       ������������.������^l������Uj v*J*^~ *S ������mmH, **,*���������*, a> It i/u*U a^W ������*������*������w*  to Canada, if the Duke of Connaught.  should -be  our  next   Govcrnor-Gleneral..  No British colony has ever had a prince    I  of the Royal blood as it's" social and ex-,  exutive head.   A mighty welcome awaits-  Queen 'Victoria's third  sonj should *he  decide to honor Canada by, taking'up   ,  his residence here for a term of years-  Suck an event would also-mark a new  epoch in the history of the British Em-.  pire,  on account  of the    emphasis    it. _ ���������  would lay upon the importance of the  dominions overseas. * ,  II. R. H. Arthur William Patrick Albert, Duke of Connaught, was born^iu*  1850  at 'Buckingham   Palace,  -He   received  a , military  education at Woolwich from 1866-1868, when he .became-a  lieutenant of the Royal Engineers, passing into the Royal Artillery in'I860.*In  the same year he joined the Rifle Brigade (Prince Albert's Own), of which he- "  became colonel-in-chief in* 1880.   At his-  majority he received a grant Gf 515,000*  a year from Parliament, and,iu 1874 was  created Duke of Connaught and Strath-  earn, aaid Earl of Sussex.    In 1879 he  married Margaret Louise,  daughter  of  the late  Prince  Frederick  Charles    of"  Prussia, nephew of the Emperor, and received  a  further  grant   of    ������10,00    a  year.   During 1875 and 1876.he was assistant adjutant-general- at    Gibraltar    *���������  and in 1880 realched tho rank of major-  general.    During  the Egyptian expedition of 1882 he commanded the Brigade*  of Guards on service and took part in  *  the actions of Mahula and Tel-el-Kebir.  Having been created brigadier-general at -  Aldershot in 1883 and major-general of*" -  Bengal,  he   acted   as    commander.*   of  Meerut until the autumn of 1885 and in  1886 at Rawul Pindi.    In~ 1900 he sue-'  ceeded Lord- Roberts as commander-in-  chief in, Ireland, and other promotions  followed'.  Until recently he was on duty-  in the Mediterranean.   - (. s  The   Duke  a������d   Duchess  have   three    *  children, the Duchess of Skane, who married to the Duke of Skane in* '*J905: .  Prince Arthur, who has many friends in- *  Canada  made during his  recent  touir;  and  Princess  Victoria Patricia,  whom.''*  rumor states may possibly bdeome Queens  of Portugal.    Like her father, Princess  Patricia is  fond of hunting,- and 'they^  are going to Africa together shortly.  The Duke of Connaught is, no stranger to  Canada.    His  last visit to" this*   ���������  country was  in the  summer  of  1890.-  v/hen he spent several days in Montreal, -  Toronto and Ottawa,   An episode of this .  Toronto visit is worth recalling.    The-  evening of his, last day in the city there  was  an  orchestral - concert  iii  the  old  Horticultural x-aviiion in the Allan Gardens.   Dr, F. H. Torrington was the con-,,  ductor.i  The Duke was not present, being guest at* a state'dinner at Govern--  ment xiouse.    At  the last number  on  the programme the conductor turned to  the audience and said in his raspy, inci- ' V  sive voice:  "Ladies and gentlemen, out:  of ^deference to the Duke of Connaught,  son of her Majesty the Queen," I shall",  now   ask  the  orchestra to - play ,'God  I Save, the Queen'���������so that you may>-alt".  nut. on vqijt hats o.nd coats while *hc  orchestra is playing the last programme ���������  number, instead of doing so during th������*,  national anthem."  m a ������ i  The Bishop and the Tramp.  (Christian Herald.)  A pastor Xn an uptown New York  church recently told "this anecdote 'during his sermon: A certain bishop,^who?,,  liad a most persuasive* address coupled,' _,  with what would usually be called' per-���������' ?  sonal magnetism, waB on the. lawn.withi.wr  a party of other gentlemen rwhen a-*^  j-ramp came up. 'He,was a daceritilook-  ing fellow, persistent 'and well spoken.  He approached one of the .party and  unfolded a tale of woei "Hold on, my  friend," said the gentleman addressed;  "You seo that man ovor there? That,  ia Bishop S���������������������������. You go and speak to-  him; ho is tho very ma'nyou want."  The tramp obeyed, and was soon* in  earnest conversation with the. bishop,'at -  a. littlo - distanjeoi>from thb main .group.yy  .Their tolk socraeii to bo very animated,., A  ���������Presently A tbe wayfarer drifted bacly Ayy;  ajriid :wiia about to* pass; sqmowhaty'deryy'  jectedly, when the gentleman he haAA - (J  first greeted aBkod, 'Well, my friorid^Ai;'������  libiy did you*got alpng with the bishop%XA.  ^Dld' ho givo you anything?'' > .y: .T^'Y^r'i;:^  The tramp grinned,. ^Hp? A Woll, 1,;^  Btrangor, you mayn't bollovo It," ho,sold;:y;-<,y1  "but ho actually talked nie lintoglYlnffV  him a dollar .as. a contribution for.some ;  new college ho is building BpmowhbroB.'y  His hearers laughodj and fane of thbm  handed him somo loose change, whereupon ho loft. The bishop proji?edA;tbo;  man's story true by showing tlibm the  dollar. It was generally'bonBldor<*d;that^;y|  ino whovoould talk;monb^;pUt^of.^&J  any ono ,���������.���������  ,���������.......     ,r  a tranifti laid sufflclirit #w;pr..bf*pbrsui*tr!:xm  slon to"flhartce'anyvjrojoot;-nbvw  how difficult. '���������';, ��������� X :��������� ��������� iA'A;A XX y-A 'A;X M"v/; *  ���������^*.:,������*'AV.i.Y*iyV-''^.'r'y1:'.y^'  <ii>;'1  .*>.������������������.'���������-  ���������fl  At "th������"^<wrpW"w,"'&* littla "woi ���������' oUilm *������d *ow������ lor vary TtortT w*m  {.���������Vm?*? "No/1 raj-lied Miaa Cayenne, "bo  many of ihm tmMwrttb**, wn:  tinuivl  aniniiuiwuiMiHiu  vu.it ti'ti   , iri  v...;-/���������'wT>ii;OatyMrit8li'm^ori;y:Vyyv.^.  A" Co-^iao^'it^vv'jyfe'-p^f :#vy:a;;*'  Yob ma^ havo itf boarded out..  ,-������������������.  A; OrVroako arrangoraohtsto haVo itfod.  ���������ArrangemontbAshouliivbbv,mado \vltlr  ^MdWVl^iajpto^V^W^i '.'XX\ ���������'������������������..'..���������:',)���������;   .'���������;/'  ���������r^D'o*;ttotileayp it-to starve and bo kick-  ed about, ,������������������,",������������������.','.���������,'',.-*,' y'  ! :;As1fpri1lpt^ng^yityforage-rtnat Is; a. 'X  -hoartloH������y;i������'iruoVWpbeadin-g.  '  Obbd: moat* costs too much thoso day* ;  to bo thoughtlesslyflung away, aB you'll A a  find.������������������.,',-..,...,,,..-..'.,'.    .   .,, ������'  Thb avnrfrgegarbage pall in hot wea-idl  thar i will contain potato parings, pooi;,"..:'  ���������pndb'flndywatorniolon rinds. "������������������ '::'-xysXx:';  VrMlIk, soup,., cooked vogotablos A and >  moat nro conspicuous hy their abaonoo A  In thb refuse of the woll-ordorod houso-'A  hold.''.."..  A oat not only requires .this     all-  around diet, but it Bhould have aeloan* *  dish, ol, fresh water always roady,   no*."  matter jf it never lot*) you ������������������������ H diluk,.  V   .,.; ."KXPLAINED.  .'       ''j"'\.Vy  "What'ro ye oomln' home with' your,  mllkpaU empty for?" demanded the-  ���������fkrunar.     "Didn't,* the oowb give any- V  inV,..'M   "    -    -.--.. .....    . ���������    .. *f������.^..._ ,.'7'i;i  fruit I - "���������ftiy.'X AHpllcA -'hU chord. t������6yj '-'f'nln*;' ;j  XX.XA XXAXAY ..I,, A-y.yX.   xy   'XY yyA'y'y.ii MMEE^  From th  AUY  I  yx  iff  ixX  H  He  answered:  "I flung everything In ths fortunes J  of today���������ruin, or a grand coup, to  gain a bold step to freedom, and���������you.''  Christine Baw at once tho s������jw niorai  danger that threatened to wxeok all her  efforts through her very hold of this  passionate,  undisciplined heart.  "In plain truth,'" she said, slowly, "in  this-mad gambling game of to-day you  taken your honor and your wife against  ruin-���������not thousands of gold I"  "Christine I"  "Husband���������love���������be true to yourself,  and .never���������oh, never again play such  a fearful game as that I"  All the" rich love, all the passion of  the woman's soul, went out to him in  those deep, suppressed words, and they  sunk into his very heart's core.  It w*a&*minute3 before he could answer  or dare to trust even a glance; A,hen ha  turned his handsome face, still quivering  with -the intensity of "passionate emotions forcibly suppressed, full to hers,  and met her eyes.  "I never will, wife, I promise.    However desperate and reckless I may bo, I  will never again play dead against absolute ruin, for your sake and for honor's  Bake."  "Dearest, thank you for that."  For quite a mile they rode on in silence.  Then St*. Maur spoke again:  "The one chance that both thoso two  horses might fail was so remote���������such a  bare  possibility���������that I think    in    my  then temper I did not recegsizs or realize it aa being almost beyond possibility  ���������I would not think of it as being on the  cards of chance at all, or face the fact  that  if���������if both lost���������It  was  ruin, be:.  cause even Morley would not have stood  by me to meet all the loss.    If either  Kingfisher or Frank's Hercules had failed  to take the place for which I had backed  them, tbe gain on the one innings would  have .saved  the   loss  on  the other���������or  nearly so.   Do you follow met"  "Yes, quite."  '*! had backed Kingfisher very heavily  ���������Hercules for a place for much less���������so  that if the former won, and the latter  failed to come second or third, I should  still have cleared a good sum, despite  the loss on Hercules; but if the case had  been reversed, I should have lost the  said sum ������n the race."  "But you could havo met it?"  c,Yes���������just, I think, without Morley's  Aid."  "And now,'.' she added, "since both  *;won your bate, you have gained a large  -sum?"  "Ah, yes, thousands���������many ihouS-  Anda."     -  She dared not say, "It is ill-gotten  go!4���������on"  not   touch  Sti**   it- would   be  vfttraining the cord too taut; but she said,  .hvpHt*. l ""*t;   ������}i, -   I  ��������� "And, Falconer, what will you do with  *���������, it?"    ,j    ���������***;_"    v.  ���������   He looked at her and smiled.  "*   '"Pay half at least to-ICenton Morley  -on Monday evening or Tuesday; it will  'materially  lessen his count against ma  -���������and case off interest.   -J won't go to him  for much a^-fis if I cut* he!" it eithT���������if  , Fortune isn'.t too hard again! I think,  j darling," he added, in a lighter tone,  ;**that you Brought me luck by, wearing  , ray colors."  ��������� "I hope I shall bring you better luck  '- than  that yet, dear husband," she an-  } swercd, softly,  '     The  light flashed up into tho��������� man's  pyt-s; herself, then���������her own precious  ->helf at   his  side  again;  it  must be���������it  ��������� must bj, before long!    He could nofc���������  ��������� would not live without horj  CHAPTER XVIII.  "Please, sir, if ycu are disengaged, Sir.  *St.  Maur would liko to seo you," said  Mi;. Morley's old clerk, entering his inns.  tpi'a private icom about 11 on tho Tues.  ;-dny morning.  J.ii8 money-lender was busy over a pile  ��������� of Inauapicions-lookhig paper*, his brow  , somewhat puckeiod, his lips rather cmin-  /���������ously compressed; but at that announce.  riicnt he looked quickly up with a p03l-  ' tlvo gleam of pleasure over his wholn  ' face.       ,  '     "Show him in, Robinson, and remombor  1 I am engaged as long as ho Is hero."  Robinson   retired,  and Morley  swept  the papers Into a drawer, rising, as tho  door  again opened  to  admit  tho  tall,  .graceful flguro'of his favorite client.  ��������� "I ain glad to soo you. by doar yt.  *' Maur," ho said, cordially, grrtsp,ng the  other's' hand; "vory ploased to seo yon.  i Sit down," resuming hia own place.  ��������� "Thanks for your woloomo," said J'al-  |i conov, smiling, a8 ho1 throw .himself into  [ big   usual  Beat, 'tlio  aasy-ehalr  on thi*  J, hearth near kbyj. and for all the writing  ��������� Ms own hand had written against Jilm,  v; ho was bo. brilliant1 and glftedyvabi'leh In  i thi*   glbrlbus   beauty  and  prldo   of hU  manhood,; thnt It .wiKVd^i'oly. nbVwbjidor,  'If  that". -}hllilJfti*ai, -jolltitiy Ai*ii*by almost  ���������\*.;.������l'&&Xvl'"ri''.y',i  J entering the vale ot hi3 sixth decade,  ' welcomed this bright being of another  world, and had put fofih," round" him for  years the tendrils of "affection Jhat had  wel-nigh withered for want of moisture;  it bad grown very alpyrly ,on thee hard,  worldlv man bf monby-making, Mis' liking! it had been long before he" recognized its existence; but there it was���������  and recently, a fact admitted to its object.   '  "And when I say I am pleased to see  you, I mean it," said the money-lender.  "J know you do, Kon; that's the od>i  part of it, for you must feel tolerably  sure ths������t I have come for cash again."  "Truth   to' say,   I .expected you   last  week,   agaiftst   settling ,Monday,"   said  Morlev, coolly.    "Take a glass of wine,  though, before starting into business."  "Thanks���������but I had rather not���������*'  "Breakfasted late, eh, young man?"  "If  you   call 8  o'clock^ late���������yes.    I  never take pegs,'you know/''  *   "I know  you don't,  nor  care about  eating aad  drinking  at all;   it's    not  among your vices."  VTUb    JJICAWJ      IrXidlUUtj  add,"  said  the other, with a half-bitter laugh.  "Well, suppose I'm euchred���������cleaned but  by Derby settlings yesterday���������what will  you stand?"  "What have you the audacity to ask.  you bold sinnner? That *.s nirue to tho  point, I take it."  "Ob, well, I might have had, ksl week,  to ask for ten thousand if 1 had thougi t  I should have got It, to save utter ruin."  Morley  looked  hard at   The speifccr,  puzzled oy his manner.  "Utter ruin!" he repeated, slowl/. "Da  you mean to say that it has corns to  thai���������one one race���������io sudi/nlyV"  "Why sot? Is that so *tra 130 a iLn.g  in your experience, Ken?"  "To be ruined, and. never even to come  near me I How "insane I" said the elder  man, striking his hand on the solid table  beside him, hurt, wounded, stung with  anger by the sharpness of the pain.  In an instant St. Maur had sprung up  and laid his hand on the other's shoulder, startled, vexed with liimse'-f, pained  to a degree.  "Ken���������my dear Morfey���������forgive me.  I never dreamed you would eaie much  if I did go to the bad. lt was all my  worthless moquerie. I'm not done for  this time."  "Not ruined���������oh. thank heaven I" He  grasped the young man's hand like a visa  for a moment before he let him resume  his scat. "And if you had been���������"v  * "If I had, Ken, I should have come  straight to you; not to ask for ten  thousand pounds, because that would  have been absurd, butHo tell you that  I must cry bankrupt, and vanish."  "You would���������honor bright, you would  ���������have come^to me*, S������. Maur?" said the  elder man, eagerly.  "Yes; Vbutv* 11 repeat, not for help tb  s������ch jj^f-ij'w^-fcfcafc, when your account  against"* ma must, be somewhere about  -fifteeuA thousand., pounds. - To aik you  to cash up another" ten on virtually no  security, would have;; passed even mys  audacity', and been met by the flat refusal it deserved." , ^  "I'm not q-n'.te so sure ot that,  though/' said the money-lender, strok-'  ing lii-J gray beord reflectively. ( "Ix like  gold as weH as most men, of course,* and  ,keep a tight grip on it, but I'm not at  all hard; and when I told you that I liked you, I meant what I said, as Ililways  do, and I should have stood by you, and  possibly made some arrangement for you  --to give you a chance; though 1 don't  say I should hav otouched at all upon  so laige a sum as I soo you were mad  enough to risk last week; it went very  near, in the code of gamblers, to staking  your honor." ������   *  St. Maur started, flushing deeply���������almost his wifo'3 very words.  "I know it," he said, with a kind of  proud humility that touched the old  man; "and 1 shall never again, I hope,  THE  ALL-WHITE   SUMMER  HAT.  There is no" straw in the- popular all-white hat. The material is silk  braid, and it is the hat that is chosen by the girl who wants' to wear  4 costume completely white. The u ppor brim is covered with a shirred  white chiffon. Huge white - rpses. \d a the crown, are intermingled with  green rose leaves.      , *"*  ���������nn  ���������jr  9>������  m  ���������t  Warr������n,6nt.:  Peb, mil.  I had a lioriQ that  imd a Spavin far A  lonjr time tin<11 bad  tried n������������r!yev������ry kind of ������aedlcl������e  when tt, nelfilibor told mo to um  Knadsd'o bpavln Cum, which I did  aad 11acted mmJertnlly."  ���������a ,m, noaittmuiv .  Uendari'a Spavin C������re It no  untried oxpeiliunnt.butlslhc world's  ���������tunt'trii remedy for all Swelling,  Baft Unnchea niid r.nnianea* In bona  atul niau, ;   A ,-y'1. ,\ ';.'...'������������������.  UmiI H19 worKI over for '4* ye*r$.  Ivvory litriiier, mocicnmn, txpr������M*  man, livery proprietor iuid bora*  owner   pnvtrmty  ������bp������i<l fc������p   rjt'  always, on linnd,     .    ,       A fl. a boUlo-o for |5. A/������k,yoM������  du������!er for, fr������������,������opy of our book ,,A  Tr#all������i������ rvi Va* 1TAM>#"~Ar������vrlt������. t<������  ������tt. SJ. Jf. KKNnAll, CO.   8ft  tfno-Mimp YvXS.ru   ���������    Vwmwnt.  sail so terribly closo to the wind, I was  mad. I don't the least deserve your kind  words and friendly feeling, nor the luck  that bos crowned* my desperate throw  of tho dice. If Matador had won I was  lliiiiod."  "Ah, thon you backed Kingfisher?"  "Vcjy hwivily, and Hercules for a  placo," and he, you saw, of. course, waa  second. I won on both, and lis tho rosult  of yesterday's settling," ho rose up and  laid a slip of paper before the money-  londor, "ploaso talco that off my old account."  Morley took up tho choqao, looked at  It, thon up Into Falconer's face.  "My doar frllow, hnvo you mado a  mistttkohi tlfo figures?"  "Wot at nil; I havo'.drawn a.'cliaquo  for fivo thousand pounds���������It Is, quito  right. Givo mova receipts and mark It  off the tolnl debt I owe, that's all,"  "I will hand you ovor bills of ypurs  to that amount," said tho tiipney-lender,  '���������.'.'unlocking a drawer.    Into 'his 'rugged  fiico thoro had ennio such u ounshlrio look  of, jilonaiivo as' finv ever hnd soon there-���������  not tho gladness ot* tho Ibmlnr .r.eotiiving  >hls own again with usury; hut.thovploiis-  iiib.-.of tho. ninn who iwcn linothor-r-for  VWhbin lio'.,on ropi' wlio*n' woltuvo ho has, in  yWhatever.���������.itlcgrb'.',', at heaitr-retrlovlng a  -'dnwnwa'fi! pnth, if only by 0116 ntep.  A, yFttlconbr-sawV the'���������; oxpronnloh and read  Ib, linglTt, with a woiidovful gratitudb'  that told vory, littlo, vanity, ovsolf-qon^  Holousnpns:"eould 'lib rboUbnc'dfnmotfest  tho man's fiiiiltarbut!glanclriipf1 suddbnly  up, M orl f.y enngh t th at 'look i n tho vol-  vot-diirkoyos, and both nionsnilloii;     '  "You aro .0 lilt of ayirf.dtllo to mo, Ken,'* I  nnld tho'younBor,.':,';-.'.''''^,V',':-'';,'.',: Y JXXXX y. ���������",���������'  "Uocausn I admlt~shall I Bay-*-n.n ec-  contrio liking for such, a vory mixed  plcklo of good, bad and liidlfraront, as  goes hy tho namo of Falconer St, Maur  ~|, tlmt. lt?,''-''^,yA'-:yrV'-'.^''::AA/'>���������".,.:  "Yon. oxnctlyVlt'S a rlddUVKon." :  "Woll, loave tho riddle, und accept;tlio  fret* as I do. You aro a much' doopijr  rltlalb'to mo than 1. am to "you, and inn*  tlut, from nn ldls curlomtv, I shoviM,  11 boy0, everything, liko you to road ,1110.  you' toooh'od It fhat ovoiiln-j" lii*r������ Ju'it  l.wforu thu lNowinailii.it���������do ^ii'u rciniJHi-  hor our oonvcrnntlonV"!  ''Yes." St. 3Iaur l������>.*������ud hick In l������*_s  el-nil, but the hand that 'iad . iv*i.Ud  'lightly,- on tho cir������hlonod arm elliuthrtd  upon It. "You urj-jed rna to pull In, and  t%j-i.v"c:'jt t!:" 'y,v^-������ij'nJ);"t"> ������ff"*lVr.w" I  tonic' It, th:it''1,'.'mlarlit' nurry a rloh'w!  "That was not all you said," said Mor-  leyl resting his broad hands on the "bills  he-had counted down; "'may I* remind  you?" t -   /  "Yes."  "You added, If I must be euchred, 2  must; but by heaven I 1 am not bad  enough for such a game as that.* 1 said,  'There is a woman at the bottom of that,  of course;' and ybu replied, 'There's 'a  Woman at the ^bottom of most men's  lives, isn't there? There is' misery and  wrong enough without my piling  more'   Do you remember saying that?  "Ay, and-1 meant every word." He  got up and began walking to and fro  th������? room. "You don't want me to do  that, surely���������to marry a woman I don*t  care for?"  _ ���������i'5rot(>for worlds; it,,rwould,be^your  ruinftrbbdy * and soul!" said the'money*-'*  lender, strongly. "1 want to see you  saved: and nothing, 1 verily believe, can  do that but one thing���������one being, whoever she may be. Forgive me if 1 speak  out aiid probe wounds;' but if, as 1  fiiiicy, it is your own sins and conse-^  quont position that stand in your way  with relatives" on both sides, or Jn any  way. I could perhaps help you material-  lv. I would���������make any arrangement that  I possibly could make/ to help you if  you will but trust me with- your confidence; <it will be as safe as tbe grave  with'me unless^you bid me .speak." t '  -Ifaiconer 5c <Muur swung round, Jiiid  stood still on tho otlier side of th? sec-re^  talreV He was deathly pale with* the  intensity" of emotion ' stirred- to Itb  depths.  "I know it!" he said, in a suppressed  Way: "ond I will trust you���������even,If it  were not to your own beBt interest to  keep my secret���������because you Uaire won  tho right to confidence;'but alf your forbearance and utterly unlooked-for kh.d-  ncas can not possibly help me."  "Ah, don't 8iy 'that, boy���������don't say  tbat I" interrupted Morley, leaning forward in his earnestness. "Is it your un-  cla's opposition?, Surely I can'be of  sumo use if that is the obstacle!"  "It is the obstacle, Kenton, but not  as you think; the thing is'done, and,  'tbunk heaven, nothing can undo it!"  He paused.  "What do you mean?   What have you  dono?"     j-  "I am iinarried."  In all the wildest range' of possibility  thntp(ans,tver,,had never,suggested itself  to Kenton Morley,1 and he fell back In  his chair in utter blank amazement and  dismay, staring at the younger man.  "Marriedl" he repeated at last. "Good  heavens I 1 novor droamed that���������of you  ���������I confess.    Now, whon-was it?"  "Moro tJl'an eight years" ago," iuid tit.  Maur, half turning aside.  Thero was dead sllonco1 for a minute,  till tho monoy lender broke it:  "Only   twenty-throe! Then���������she���������  slip-"  "A trusting child of sixteen, whom J  easily porauodod into a socret marriage,"  St. Maur took .him;up fn tho sumo low-  ���������pokon, BupproB8e4.wa***.,"Bufc \ held hor  heart, and slio'mine���������my life's orto lovo���������  ay, through nil tho misery 1 haVo  iv 1 ought on both���������tho wreck, perhaps, 1  have mado���������through all tho doop wrong  1 luivo dono hor, and henrl-bronking separation ot six yoaM, whon     each half I  one woman at tho bottom of my life,  wound in with every fibre of my being!"  . "Thank heaven! she will save him yet,  then!" muttered the money lender. "She  does live still,  then, St. Mour?"  "Ay," he said, facing round now; "it  was my wife I saved at Brighton, after  all, Kenton, in that gale. 1 knew that  only a week ago; but 1 first saw her to  recognize her in the theatre that night  before Newmarket."  "And why," said Morley, after a pause,  "is all this strange, sad story a secret  from your uncle? For your wife is your  equal, of course, or you would not havo  married her." '  "It is a secret, Ken, and must remain  Ene while he Iivea^ as far as i can see;  ocause my "young wife happens���������by the  irony of fate, I suppose���������to be the one  woman banned Jt6'me* by my uncle, for.1  whose sake I should be unrelentingly disinherited���������utterly! You must understand that. She is ihe daughter of a lady  who jilted him shamelessly, unpardon-  ably, 1 admit."  "But the poor child, not you, had nofcii-  injj to do with that!" said Morley, In-  \  Certainly not; but how few of us are  just or reasonable when our feelings or  passions come  into play? and  William"  Orde is stubborn to- a degree", <���������   I tell  you!" _  "And you dare .not even hint the matted tfe him th-ea Vyl ~ ���������       ���������   ���������  vL.������,i-ciu.>AJr.  liOS  breathI'l'-lmow what that  means for me; and for you,'severy cent  of your security to the winds I" *  "H'nj" that woukj not quite do, either," eaid the moneylender, with a grave  but kindly smile.y "Does���������-pardon me my  questions���������does your wife sfeo the necessity ���������of secrecy. I 'mean?"  "Yes, npw���������when I told her everything a week ago/'.- ' _  "She is reot, then, living with you  anywhere?" Morloy asked, looking  down. (  "No." v ;  Thero was a world of bitter pain in  tho ono word that told its own story to  the keen-witted' listener.     He stretched  .out  his .hand  nnd clasped  tho other's  closely, holding it,"tha������k you moro than  eaid, huskily. ''You nave never treated  mo nor judged me, I know, y ad nothing  ,but a moro hard,., grasping monoy-lond-  ,or, to bo made use of and despised. You  have over boon courteous, and givon mo  credit for    somo    heart    and   , fooling,  'Bomo human 'sympathies;.1 and now you  have truotcd mo ao a friond���������the lono-  ly, childless old man���������and*you will not  find your confidenoo misplaced, boliovo  mb. Now, can you road tho riddle of my  eccentric liking for yet:?"  "Yoa, friond."  "Ono favor I would ask," aaid Morley;  presently, pushing tho roll of bills to  his client;  J the sorrowful life's story he hbd Aheatd;  1 readingAiauch in :������fe|iween the; lines;;Tallr  theywrbng-; and; misery; yandy'isin ;S' att'ltlie '-���������  gnavmgyy remorse and- ���������passibnateivf^ing-^  ing^lpvo A for that one woman who5 had;  neyerVilOTiVKer.'hoidT^-a gambler's; story-of  twp; lives;:well-nigh wrecked by thb fatalV  pas^io^ywithA which.'-theAloyediAandj'-lby^  i^J^^;>hadAitoweVto- wage'.������������������sucfcVVsternA  wari'ii't^^  )-::"But';'she*li save, him yet!" thbymbney-V  lender ymutteied; "there is gold in the  ,mani,;j^^Bpiite'7bf.;V;'oU--r:-and not:the least,A  hisyl<>^^y^r:;lieir.A;i must find her V-^Vvbnt!  latbr,������^i^l'lljplay into her hand-* as fbr;  asAp^ssibi^^^Mnkylswas-' neverymbre.:'  ^ken.vSba^^  said thpise ittllrese';. words: Good heavens! I'  hadAth^ghtiVvbfV'Vbyerything but that.V  Falc ^St^VManr^maimed-^and more than,  eight yyears,Aajgp������V:tbo:!.:'���������: How should any4;  body ywhb^^^knew^him imagine"? IV^  realize yitVyet. y AniiV Mr. Orde���������Mr. Orde,-  if youyhadVnotYma.de it impossible for7  this "iu&m$'g0tesi$tit. acknowledged y ��������� atV  once, ypurVboyVmight JhayeVbeen reclaimed IpnV gago;;yanidVnever luiye been what;  he is fnow^aVgainbler; VHeiayen helphimV  and.V hisrlv-fyAV::. AA YaAayxAxX' y y:A" - A AAy;  And the old man rose': ap1 with a heavy  Bi^XyXxA:yYYY7XYXyXyxy::yxyyy,y;:.yy  ��������� yXAyXxAXY(mA2?r^:X3XXxyAAxyxyi  ���������' :'"Prbnk!.������-A '��������� -AVyyyAV a'y;VA.VAyA-: y-A Ay  yX'^fMX:^y'tear?''AXAXX:yYA:::  A The major: lookedAup overthbA topof  hiB..Timesr;Ay'';Y-AAA''A-A-;-V;'.AA?y'yXXAyX.- ..-������������������'  "'���������y","I A^nt^aVfive-pbundy notb^y'pleaso.'*-7,-  .y;..''B^,:^ye,!Ado'7;ybu:'indM-|AyyWha  pleas^?Afpryybu had'aVchequeVpalySythe  pthbrA<tay 'because; yob said yyour ypinr*  moneyAVwiaisyoutrun^"':^V.VYSVAI;AAv  ::''Don'tAVbby cro������s> ?:ther������y.S.'ya;i;^ba'i-\b'by'V;.'.  butyjuBtAjgi^BAit to meiyit'BVall' righti"V  saidAHeten^:.with:a laughrth>t;':W{aVa:'iit*r  tleyUneasy:.A;Ay; AXy.;:y yyyiy yiAyy-yy  .^yVAddiepn; frpwaedy #littie^y{A?aSiA^Apnt*  aside'���������'th������.''-^  yA'^PardbnAme;;'myA;4barVB^^  rausfc knbwywhatVit'.','isA������br."yy:-;y:,yVyXy  ;A'.A*'Tut'l'.-LihpwV&tii������somq,.i-y  mornin^AFrankVyJbVreyit, that|B all." :y  V yVTb"'whbib?A:biD^yv^t;Vfb^  -v v'PalbA St;7;AMauri:y:th������n^V^if ..y'ypuY'muBt'/  knpwAfibin ^tqVjZ I'vAshey said, petulahtrV  ly^';f.*i-'l6Bt'V.it*'iaBti-'-'iiightT^ te-Mar  dame BabbnierA7^ didn't^meanA-toypIayi  so highv bntyIydW;AsheA^iitAupjynp-^-  and"; .of course, '^py.OTakeB''Vbyer-::.frijrhten;  Vheb-^and' ly Ibstniore;^ttam:;IAhad, 'and  Falc lent Ait Vtb VmeyI'm v-ervAj^ry; but; I  got7- Vexcit^^lA^^pbsevV': Vyi:V-"Vfen*^.'-y������b^  would ���������beVVangry.Vabbutyit^  dpn^?mind myftakin^itVfronxAFalbVSt;  '$i^������M������A^  ^'Afifl^disbii*S'7-bKvwy dbared. ^yA-XXyy'V-  ^���������^Vi/Vdbn^mindAl^cVat^  have wbriied;^bu.before,vmyAdbar; Nell,  ;tha^A-in-:;^a^^byItac<)n^  ������������������W^b'ften7i''cariple4-V;tb^ '  especially afterA^welybi'0eVV'accOTding7^tp  the people whbVfcaveVVdropj^yi^  and card^ partyAis Aybry:;7ldeabauft;ybut:.  hish nlay iuythb^s&bu'is'npt-V^  ���������"Kb; t know;;;dear-SrbnkAiindA 1= dbn^tV  like it any ^mprb- \^aj^0^:y^^^^y  who was ttiB-K'^ioti^yXyyyXyy^^  "Mrs. Errh^tpn!������S,Oh?^  snng^ of^eobrib^^^b;V!is.VSbymu^<^3'^sY^  "Yes, she!-an^Sts*iyMa^  treat to hearathbi^7"-^^^^^!^  the   card   rppm^'iiiul^^  madame, challeiii^i^i^r;t''aTO  vvhy, Fm������k0si&Vi������i'^  knows ev������ryJJ������^iniSi|:3f8bf|ml,bif^!fSllftl������ii;  are "played i&0fli^?$f^lMX !"-"'~:j---'���������'���������''���������" ���������'''- ���������  . 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"Thank you vory muoh."  Onqq moro a closo liand-olasp, and tho  two' mon oo dissimilar,' yot so oddly link-  | *d, parted. ' ��������� ' '"<:'���������  But \Morloy Bat for a long timo, lila  thought tho oilier doad,.oho,htts beon tho   head resting "on hia hand, .thinking over  it^x  OL.V.  m  C  A Voloo���������-Wlmt'a tho matter .with tho baby?  ! dbw or ajvtli9".mv nud I veiled, 'Thank \ - ,-. Kid���������Aw, 'fchtTwantir to i-luI^Koia^U ^Id e^&a a^Ua."aa* I v.o.Vt let"  ,;'ybU'f?r;'npt;:l*vt.V''y   ' '���������   ���������   ������������������ *   '       '  We have ^n7|:handY^������^^f-y'b^^;b^  taken in excbling0AbnyHe}ntemaaA<i^  pmnos, whioh;Weyibuat^U regardleBa bf'l  loos, to m&U&rtiomi-i^  Instrument has'Abee^^^Kut^lyVVpvw*'  ond full amS-un.iv-w^  chango, .....TlieVprices yrbiayfrpiu^f 10()ip,-i53'5,y  ; fbs V such A well-kit 0 wn V^rVia kes? bis' Vj TlibmaB,;  DbmihidniKarn, T^l^idge;yQbd^  Bell^VThlBls yburchanbo to sayb'money.;:  ^v-pb^VoaTfllAwill bring fiill partibuiars^--;'  Heihfzman- & yCtoiiATIVKing str^tybasti:  ,;-HamiJtbn;^}K^S^  X-xA'AAAxxA::"X'y * > ������V-:���������'.-���������' -������������������������������������ AAxxXX  '';v';:;-'':AyWhy^.^ho''WbrmA,Tuf,nb^  ,;y AApromInbut7;femiulflt in PraUcb;yMllbi  'Claro 'db'-iPratz, whoA is alsb'knbWn'ilriV  EnglahdybS'aVnovollst'Vwas tolling nioVthe"  oth������r;day;':Why.8he becamo.a, fonifiilstJn  t!io first instaiice, VJt appears that whon  the nibnVstudonts at tho Sorbonhb yrboU;  Izbd that wbnioh, not only could cbrnpotb  with Athbni, ybut thoyy could jbjab;; thorn*  tIiey..*ivero, annoyedy when on bnb yqar'S  list tliibbywbmcn'a names camb;4wt;,'pn  top. tlibVnuthbrltlcsidbbldcd tliat^ijiiAffir,  ���������turo two Hflts must bo published,- ono'fbr  mon and,bnb;for.'women. . In that way  no >comparJspnsVcpuld .bb; drawn,, and tho  nmopr)proppbybf mossiours los otudlants  could lie fgaardc4 ,from rudo jars.-r-^iib'  Quberil    ; XX:yxy.yyy..     ,. y,,y.y,...ryyyy  '. AV'.-',...;. .I'.-.vAy^^Y',.....-.x'y,; y-y y.~  The iexnale house fly lays from  one hundred aiad twentiy to oiid  thuudred^and-'-i fiftyXtogga at onco,  and as, thoso oggo mature in two  wcoko, har doscondants numbor  huhdrods of thousands in ..three  months,, Xhbref bro * aU ��������� Jiqufle-  lceoporfl should commpneo using'  Wilaoii'B Ply Pads.tnow^^an^ by  ldlling the fow fUes ybu hitvb at  .^rwbnt, out: off; thp hoist that  ���������would c^rno;lato^  TWO-MINUTE  VAUDEyiLLE.  >������������������' (By Frod Scliaofor!)'  , Thud���������Woro you bom in: this cbun-  ;'t*yP-'-'' '    ,'y ... yy'X  ��������� Slnp���������MoP Naw, I was born nbnr  tho Soln������. My mothor was a Finn  and rnv fathor wns a curd shark who  CBcapod from tha HpoU pf Holland,  v Thud���������1 seo, you'ro a fish. Hpw did  you ovor aot over horo���������cwim ovorP  . , Slap-rNaw. I canio ovor in tho  fltordco.  Thud���������You monh    slborago.y don't  ''ydtiP " ."���������' ���������;''"��������� ���������������������������'   '������������������'���������v'.' .��������� ��������� ������������������ '��������� ���������'��������������������������� ���������  i iBlon-wNaw, I dpji't,   I was dls-ju/s-  od us un nrtlolo ot food,   ,  ',-, Tlmd-i-What kind of food���������a ploco  ol chooso?  A Slap���������Naw���������as a sandwich man.  Thud���������A sandwloh maur   I thought  you woro <xn ootor.  y....  .j^lap���������I wns. b.nt T wm lntevj<������ate<l,  and that mado nio look liko a sand-  v/iohV"  "������������������.Thud���������What kind cf a ftimlwlch?  fllnp���������Ham on n bun.  ��������� ������������������ ������ .��������� 4, a ������   " ��������� ���������  ^ William Sluinnon, .in old r������*ldont p!  C/������i|i.<*ikiiio,   4M(*   ll.-UH - ������i'(J.J...i������ J    l,i,A������-  \ir*r r<f l^rinny nrt'}   \t1������!\rirri,m v������nn������itl������.������  in succession tp llib lato Irvlno PatfiVi.  I  WA0AXM  i^i-^'Vj^K&B'S:  ::X.A.A.iX'iiir,;yi^  ���������itiyAXXfAiyYSliS  ���������. ^m.i~~-y..wf 'y,.,.������.:*.--,:������jV<^l.Wc-,fiS  ?y^'uiir0/^g'^:y';SfegiJg  ���������;; .yyyy. > y-y - X.XtlX'X: YtjyyA-%  MWXyWMtMyttiill  iliF1  ;S'--\-)M|  W- AyJAY>-'^bYAXYXyX-&f>.  tiXyxyy  CtllR^8S S*rjLp 'MODISH^fAyy%|y  "���������,.V';'That''thb''Ouir*Ba-k''likl,diob  sbloto by/ any moons,.thisyinu^rn-  tion shpwa. To womon of good"figure'.-"U.  it Vis'' especially v bocoming. y'A'y yyxyy A:- ;:���������  -���������':..'��������� This ono ;is ;bt blackV.0pahislvAlap������ 'A:;  with. chemiBbttP pf fino whito Vnlbn^V,,;  elbnrios. : A handsome binbrbi^brbd-AX  design covorB thp dividing linb;vhj?i^'S;  twoen tho soft black silk Skirt on^y. ,A:  tho'.:laco:',:bodlco. A, .,.  -'"'"yyAXyiSAAXy  -.'.;....       .       '.1        0 r (r ,:,"., ��������� ....    Y ".,..��������� Y  /;Vu:':.*gMWcu  '��������� (Wosttnliwter Oa^ttejA ';,���������';:'    i;;  (v',. Dr. James Morris,, whp Avas. one, of,thb;  oldest i^oillcfll praptlttonorii Iji Sobtlarfd,;  has justdlbd at!VDunformllrio.yWbbnfhbv.-';:i  celebrated his jublloo t asvaA dbotprA /soniq yAy  t<������n years ago ho mado thi������ statement ������,yr  ���������"During ray "fifty'������������������yifari",.In'!1 prabtlco:'Xy.'Xy  hnvb attended BO-,000 p.itienti,;' adnilnls-   r;  tared clilorbfoi'flvVlO.GOQ,^  Into Immunity frbni fatAl'"ro's'ult^' bad: , A  5lO06l>lrtliii! (li'000'; "''COlisPOUtlyO"."V';pb:������b������y:.v.'  without a death), nndo nVt>ut l>O00,()0(i  vifltts, and travelled about BOO.OOO miles/',.;:  Not a bad rbbora fir a bbuntrj*/*'ibedloal,  'man.'-., "y��������� .".'���������.-������������������"'"���������"-"i. "���������-';,'.->::"-^"' '��������������������������� Ai'-'AyA'AVVvyA  xm  AM;  m  Ai'M  ;*V,i;  ;:w  m  OUTDOOR '^.SP&'fef^W^'';  A.:} A '���������"���������������������������������������������"." ZAM-BUK.'y.,yi,;'gv':|  ..'. Evbry athloto, ovory UalKplayer;  bvpry swlmmor, ovory canoeist, bvbry  man or woman who lovoa outdoor liio  arid exerclao, should kcop a bpxypf  Zam-Buk handy. y  Zam-Buk Is a puroly herbal prbnavn.  tlan,,whioh,,aa ������>pn ns apyllod to otitia /,  bruisps, burns, sprains, bU������tpro,ato,r'  sets-un liltfhly b*ii������������lclal pppraUbfi������,V.  First, Its nntUwptio properties render"I  tho wound free from all danger from ,  blood  i>olFPnlijg.   Next,  its sbbthlnir  proporblos relievo and ea^o^h^nain.  Thnn IU rich, herbal balm ft, per������6lraU������  tho tissuo, and. uot up tho wonderful  proctfda   nf   honltna.    .Barhed;. wire;'  somtflhM, inwvifc sllnp-i,, sltln dlrpasea,.  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"���������'��������� "    ': s^,^*'v^'^VY^^>^'f^^!^^=.. r������-r-?--:----v-"- ���������*-���������>-^-��������� -������������������' |---r:-:-'-y^1A-t^-:-*^'^^>-^-ff^-^ ' - V-   V::: V'-Y.. *j|  a^^B^MbMaMMAaaMaAJkBHi^B.'; 1 _^.^_Li -                      _. _ _��������� ���������    .,'   .���������T.i������.ih, il.tii - ii-i^ r. ���������  I'lra,!.^���������min-  -  '  ' ���������      - ~-     "-   ~������     ���������           '       -.        ���������          -.     .     .-       .      -.���������-_-.-..              .      j-.    - .       -    ."yr.CW J*            -                           ----.   ���������           -        ,      .               ���������       ���������������������������_._..                   .-���������.                 ...                       ....              ...                .    .                 _   ^s* ���������  "���������;...���������*��������� .,-im..,j_..M,  m COMMERG  .A Bafc     .ABC9Q/IP  s?kscs������ ?aa*t?5Fge  "cstasusubd ieer  3. jI W4ESS8; TsesHesit  /ggggg&*aa������������ ������MS2>, Gsssrai SSasager  Paid-up Capital, SI0,000,000  Reserve Fusui, -   6,000,000  Creston. B. C.  : Meets every oher Monday from June 90  \ to Oefcowwr 4 at 8 v.m. in Speew' Hail.  Geo. Broderiok, O. O.  JBi. Jvnceu, &. of B.& ������.  -    R. 8. Bevan, M. of F������  Visiting brethren cordially invited.  !  iTincfei throughout Canada, and ia the United States and England  SAVINGS BANK. DEPARTMENT  Depbslta ������f $1 and upwards are received and interest allowed at curretli  ���������**&&*���������<,    Accounts  may be Opened in the names of two or  more persons and withdrawals made  by any  one of thein or by the survivor, ii"'  inbaoT b. towijBr, manager oreston branch  f" ' ' in wmm.iMi.11  snarae-p. Cv u,o.  Wfee!ess!e  Provlsleag,   Produce,   Fruit  (toaeral Ooaisainlon 11 tcolut&ia  NELSON  B.C.  ������&%*J! %JL/%*s! 4^  -" ��������� - ���������-if ���������  IM STOCK AT  HARNESS  AND  IMPLEMENT   STORE  iSBSEE  ?Xe Creston  ^evieVfr  tiiitummimes^r-fiifWG  rtrsBt^wanc^aafsajm^sx  FmhUahed every  Friday st Creston, British Columbia, by the Oreston Pub-  O*.', at their office, Fl������et Street, Oreston.  a?. K. JOBVeOM   ���������   Maua������gvx.  G. Sobbtok   -   Editor.  Saafsriptica, $S 00 a, year, in ndvguios.  M-Day Notice*, IS; 60, *? SO; 90. 810  i  '���������������������������MMaaHMaaaaBaaaSBEaatiaa  ^fllllllllU     1UIIIU  J������  *5fMi Review is tbe aokaowledged advertising medium of the Creston valley, cir-  rtla^wg ia etver one thousand houses throughout, the Oreston district. Our  eeifJMBa are open to eornapondents on live questions of local interest. Oon-  wmmVkma must fee hsief. written on one side of the paper only and signed, not  TBiriMiarTtj fin p������bli*atioQ, but aa evidene* of good faith. We invite support  %% 998 eadrnvoare to increase the usefulness of the Review by bringing iu your  ���������4il'atlliBeMmile. rrabeoriptiong and news. Complaints from Bubeeribere as to  -reaeinft of* naper wiil be promptly attended to.   Address all eomsauaioa-  With this issae we celebrate our birth- j  day and commence the third year of our  eventful and useful career. We might  take the opportunity to blow the trumpet and fill all our columns with a list  of the good deeds which have been done  by this papei: os behalf of the district  since the first copy was issued rwe years  ������fo. But we are modest men and wil  leave the facts to speak for themselves  The editorship and management of a  country* paper is by uo means an easy  HAtiWittriy  The exhibits for the show cases on the  station are coming in very nicely, and  the produce being displayed is in every  way worthy of the reputation of the  district.  Among others, the bongb of apples  from W. K. Brown aud the yellow trans-  pareatsfroniR S. Bevan are particularly  ���������pleasing. J. B. Moran has a Sue display of beets, apples nud peaches, nnd  ] from J. B. AxTowsmith comes a good  ������,.-       ,.,��������� x. -* +   %.        .  [ showing of fruit with some fine peaches  matter.   The public are hard task mast- ld ^^   A ������   ^^ ^ ^Alj  en?; many of them are  experts  m  the j famis!^ sq^ extra looking cucumbers  newspaper business and al\  Is a Tonic p epared especially for that  uRuu Down'* feeling so common during  Sttminer and Fall.  If you teel that yoa require a Touie that  will ace quickly and surely,  Try a  Bottle of  ESEBGascmaasaiea  Creston Hotel  Orange Quinine Tonic  DOLLAR BOTTLES  We Can Recommend 5t  crrnrr\A v  wnrfDC  ays ready to I aud F. Romn.no upholds the reputation  instruct the mere editor bow the paper of the railway hy showing  Ovr*-������*w     ������lh>v  should bs run; and m*a������y are always  ready to disbpntinue their support if  thbir partiooissr feds seq nofe adopted.  The proprietors of tho Review, however,-taut nruihfally say that these are  in a decided minority hero. We have  Bisaii loyally supported &y tiss Tasj ina-  3ority of tko Bbsiness men and residents  of the valley, aud on our (part we have  endeavoured to merit su^h support by  attending Btrictly to business, which  business consists of doing everything  possible to advertise the advantages of  the Oreston distriot aud to give publicity,  nnd snpport to everything which ia to  benefit the oity aud valley. We would  ask our readers and those who are hot  entirely BatiBfled with tho services we  have given to come to the Review office  and inspect the files of the Rbvbsw for  the pnafc year, to take notice of the many  varied topics of looal interest which havo  been discussed, the many beneficial  movomenta that have been initiated aud  advocated, and the large space that has  been devoted to the interests of the  rancher and Bottler.  The Review is a strictly loonl paper;  lt is rnn solely in the looul interest and  relloa chiefly upon local support. Ab  oor subscription and advertising list  grows our endeavours will always be  centered on improving aud enlarging  the paper and matt-lug tho Review  worthy ot the progressive distriot which  wo represent.  We are proud of our many snceeBses;  we regret onr fow mistakes. To onr advertisers, coutrlbntors and friends we  tender our best thanks for their support  so loyally given during the pant year.  Wo repeat the invitation whioh appears  at the head of this column, that thoy  vrtll continue tn favor ub with thoir nd-  vertisement*, subscription* and nowfl,  wad can aseure them tbat tho continued  loyalty-will be loyally repaid by tho  proprintots and staff of this paper.  wmmmBmeam a uhttib  A������ showing tho widespread area over  whioh tho advertising matter Issued bv  tho Board of Trado is distributed, it may  be stated that the Rkvikw has rocoivod  nn enquiry from a gentieiuou in New  York Oity, who asks for a specimen  copy of tha paper aud states that ha has  had Oreston bronght to his notioo from  ts oopy of tho Board of Trade clrcul*.r,  sent to him by the O. P. 11. agenoy at  Oalgary,  W*> huve * Aommnnfftstlon fivwi Mr.  Bert Brooksr, who ts now located at  JlacUci. Alt* Ha states t "I don't like  tho prmlrls as wall as Oroaton; olimato  and snrrotuidlnjrs hero not so enjoyable"  i  .O  13:30 a.m. to 1:0 p.m. and V  8:30 p.m. to 9 p.m, J  For the sale ������f MEDICINES ONLY %  1 W^fcVfJLJa  A ������-a������^ M  ������n   ������* n-r *������^ AM.  The Leading  Hotel of the  Fruit    Belt  Xm.  YOU will make no mistake  when "you get off the train  ~ if you sign the register at  the Creston Hotel.' Travelling  men will substantiate this. W������  study the comfort of our guests.  The rooms are well furnished ia  a manner up-to-date.  Rooms reserved by Telegraph.  Headquarters for Mining Man,  Lumbermen, Ranchers, Tourists  and Commercials.  ������9k  ^ W. A a McBEAN, Manager  apples aud peaches grosvu ia between  times whilst arceuding to the section.  T. Qoaife is well ro the front with some  specimen sppics, suu txi@ ucx 01. p^uins  from J. Heath, of the Devon Touch, is a  very excellent exhibit and very carefully-  packed and displayed to the best advantage.  So long as Creston produce* the goods j S  up "to the class of tjhese exhibits we shall \���������  be well able to substantiate our claims  to being the premier fruit growing center in the Kootenay. They show not  only does the fatora belong to us but  that we are more than making good in  the present.  Mr. Jaa. Richards has just returned  to town from Medicine Hat, where she  has been visiting friends. Mr������. Richards reports thnt the weather has been  very trying in Medicine Hat aud that  there has been a very heavy mortality  thia summer among the young children  of the town and distriot from-fever and  hot weather complaints.  So, some of you knockers, just look ot  the healthy ohildren playing in the gardens nnd around the homes of Oreston,  whoso rosy cheeks are only xnatohed by  the complexions of onr far-famed big  red apples, aud romember that a orop of  youngsters like those weighs more in  life'b balance'than n whole section of  burnt-oat wheat lnnda.  Lord Sholto Douglas loft on Monday  for California, whoro he is proceeding tn  iuspeot somo oil bearing lands in which  he is interested. From thenoo ho is  proceeding to London, England, with a  view to interesting British onplfcal in  tho fieldB. Oil iB quite tho rage now in  London financial circles, tho rubber  boom having subsided somewhat, and if  tho proposition Ib a good ono Lord Dong-  Ins should have little difficulty in floating same.  W. E. Metcalf has token over tho  Oreston Hnrdwnro ond Furniture Store  and will take Immodlato possession ns  soon as tbo nccccanry details have been  arranged. Mr. Metcalf is an oxporioucod  tinsmith and nu Al plumber. Ho will  attend to theso dopnrtmentB of tho bnsl*  ness personnlly, in addition to oarryinp  in tho Hturo it full lino of hardwaro, sun*  drlon nud furniture.  Mr. Butterfleld and son wero in town  Monday. Tho pout oflloo ot Dnolc Oroolt  will opon for business next Monday,  and Mr. Butterflold hns boon appointed  postmaster.  Among Inst wnok's inovomontB in resl  estate wo notioo tbnfc tho Oreston Vnlloy  Investment Oompany, noting on bohal!  of S. Brooks, hnvo fonnd it oiiBtomor f di  tho llro-kkn, ranch and that thb deal hnt*  boon completed. Tlio pnrohnacr is S  Fairhond, an oxpoiteuood fartnor and  fruit oulturlHt, of Nebraska, who will  take immodlato poBBestlon of tho property. ISr, Ffllrbcod is hnndllng U������  present orop of tomatooo, ououtnbor and  other product, and his family will innvi  at ouoo Into tho homo ou tho plnco, \Vi  all Join in heartily woloonilng Mr. Fair.  hooul and family lato tlio dlAtrlct.  y^St'tfs'  Thts  Smoker's Comfort  is well looked af tbr here. He cas  feud about anything known in the  line of   ,        i ^  Smokers' Supplies  We have pipes, tobacco? "ponches,  match boxes, cigar and cigarette'  cases, cigar cutters, pipe cleaners-  snd about a thousand other things  dear to the smoker7.* heart. Come  in aud look around. If you don't  see what you want, it isn't made.  ea  fla������ ��������� -=-,--.  c/Yx&au - - Jrrops*  nnnrrrirnrrrHTnnnnr^^  We are Agents for McLaughlin  namn^rato - Rsi^oieo  V-UI3fiUUaU4%2i    fiJU  1  Kry^  5  s������#  You. Saye vtMdney by, consulting us before  y   ��������� 'Buying Elsewhere.       Easy Terms  IS I 5*  Greston Wine & Spirit Co.  i Just Opened  A Neiv  BLACKSMITH SHOP  Repairing of all kinds  done. Horse Shoeing  a Speciality. -   -   -   -  Black imi th Shop directly behind  Oreston Realty & Timber  Co.'s Offices  A. S. MOORE, Creston  TT  1X4.  k*S+  GRESTON^  ,JUUtiLfiJUUUUUUULOJL������J^^  O. O. Rodprorshns installed a telophoue  at MoNiellie Biding aud whioh has beon  connected up with tho Oreston oxohango.  Tho tolephono Ib ouo of tho vlsiblo signs  of pvogreBB, and tho faot that tho ex-  pense of installtug suoh a service doeB  not dotor Mr. Rodgors from completing  same is proof alike of up-to-date idonB  and faith in tho distriot.  A. MIRABEIXI  THE    CP.ESTCN   SHCEWAKER  Best Workmanship  Boots and Shcca made to Order  A Spcaiality  *-*���������  All the Latest in Hats,  Flowers, Ribbons and  Veilings, Ladies' and  Children's Sailors  A fine assortment of Ladies'  Waists, from $l. Infants'  Silk Bonnets, etc.. etc.  Mrs, M. YOUNP  ���������   Fourth Street, Creston, B.C*  Say, Johnnie, can you tell  me tbhere J can hire a Good  Saddle Pony?  Sure/   Try the  See Kere-At Cost, At Cost, At Cost  Being over stocked in the following goodu, will soil nt Oost for noxt few  days, and save you oonsldorabio money to buy now:  Cupboardi, Kitchen Cabinets. Sideboards,  Extension Tables,  Dreffflera and Commodes,  Also Stoves and Enamel Ware, Iron Beds,  Springs, Child's Cribs and Go-Carts, Couches,  Blankets, Pillars, Carpet, Matting, etc;  "  '  . '"'      ���������' * ."���������/���������,.' :..,ii* ��������� ''.,.'������������������'' ���������.���������. .������. ;,   'y ,|.;i ;,  The Creston Hardware and Furniture Go*  The Riverside Nurseries, **������������*'  la tha NKAUE8T MUR8RHY to tht OIUBSTON DISTRIOT.  Btook arrives iu FR15S11, HS5AT.THY OONDITIOK  For Prices, oto., write to���������  WALTER V. JACKSON, Agent, Croston, B. C.  ORE  LIVERY  It's the BEST IN VOWN.  There's a Good Dray and  Transfer in connection* Also  Green and Dry, Wood.  Cameron Bros.  PROPRIETORS  We are now handling  Alt LOCAL KILLED MEATS  Fresh BEEF .  PORK  VEAL'and  mUTTON  Fresh Fish, Halibut  Salmon, Trout, etc. ���������  P. BUB^S 4 Co.  LlrnlUU  CRESTON       -     B.C.  ���������'--'-.'"���������������' ':I havoOponoda   :,:.y;;...'/;  Clothes Cleaning, dressing  and Repairing Establishment  in the promlqeo forwrrlyOconpluil by  tho Oreston Bnlkery on.;,,''���������������������������"'A  SIRDARx AVENUE ax  Ctothes PrcmdfyUilt: you tynli.  Wring In y������vr Ctoihts  IN 'ri\V. WlTI������H"P5>.riO t'OtriiT y>  miinHn <ioi,iTM������rA   ,  uaixt^r;  llianiiitti'i'fira.liidKinonli.ri'iii       !* llrillHli   '--'  .  ... drfilln tlio hi;.  (:������>1iunlilii,'by. (lio  In llio niattor ol tlio .TmlimiAnt Aof s������rt< In  -----���������-���������      iV-   " ���������-    ������rt of lli'lllHlw 00"  Ivi'iiiullln (!'imi*iiii  rtm'o, fin' 8HV.'l),7ft,.  lull uiiiiW.Wfiytypuw  u^ n. covi inoii*(6 .t>T ^  (.ii lin UIXWV iViisylH*  rt������u[lHM,y';<)rtl<!(MU.-N  lOTlOlilUftMunot  nolon lioliiili'D/lhnn  Croatnii '.MeW'antiiei ponivjuty  */  - is  -AS  A.  Hton Mvi'iunillii ',nmi*iiiivv .Ltd., nuinnxt,  iruii MWm'n,  fin' 8iri,-'l),7ft,.niUrPOMl������ 16 lio  niit'wliliiliuiuii������4/.Wii>''������;'.'iUhuuiiiii>4l),vi'.U>i>d;  ��������� ��������� #m ������5 nnd noovl Hldiild nl' svjileli vJnrtftinoht,-,.  t������nd01ml fi-.Ui In,' Wx'wv,\)nf{; boon rcfitmlioreo,'.in ���������  tlieIjiuid!ItdutlHM-y;<)rtl<!(t at-NoMrin, /l.O,., ;;:  ..-, TA.KV) NO'Pujl'lHun.,ii niotl'ftn'.wlll iximntle  '     '  '   Uoniionbove montlonca  rpnmyiiny. Um iqil,. tho  (liim*, Wore'-.Hia Iloiif.r *  ,... /v. ������������������������������������..nil.- ....Mrffi.rii MurHupromo Ooum      -.;���������..���������������������������,  if, tlm (jmivt'XKinno,'jJftlAon, lli-iiiwlt (.Ktinmnin ^  on Monrtiwtlioflll'lj ilny olAiiRiiijl, A,n.joiii,     y; ��������� >  nt tlm hour oflcn-IJUi'iy oVIonlc In tlio torn' , .���������* ���������'(������������������ ������������������.'-' i  nomioruft (iiviii iiKii'oivfiorim cmiuHni can hni    '";,������'  liravil, mr nn orrtur, rtlroi'llnji nnd wdorlni:  lIll.MlJUl. |iluM!   f.r  piT"'.'-'   Cf  IMTtlJ   MtllHtO In  Uooicnii.v ol*trlnt, lVovlilquof Hi-IMhIi OoUnn.  nliinud known ami iIohpi-HiciI iih tlio nmi, onn.  liiiii'(j.S������df Hi������oi( 'i wo or i.(������t m2, t'r.im) one  JHiniiiK i w������*n  f  Kooii-miy ijtjft ki, nirtp,-?:wa,. nnil eon.  ily (S(������iiicvi|Bjnbrt>.nrIe**������,"bs������n'i|  ,i*M-i-iiiinn iiionniontH|)uyfi|i|p ninlni'ilinjnrtir.  inonliiH iiionlloncil niiovoiin.t lonllwoaitoni  on.lwinl;oyoJii'ltfniflti|.(l<lii<ii'. ������������������   '  ; ANninwfHRltV/\KV, Ni/ITOH tlint ybn  tho nn lit riMirpi* Munro iirii vcontrert to m'ow  oajiwo nl. tlm timo uml plum* ufoicnulrt why tlie  Halil inniti or 11 ������-/ini|jolftii| pint tlirn ol Nhotiltt  not ha noli! to roMI** tin* iiiroinni iwiyMiift nn. \  iiiirtiinta it Jurtirnni nt ana iniwut pnythie  (iinvon. loinXlmr Willi 1I10 o<h������n o| hiiUi to  Mii'M*proitr-ij-liiiOT, uml Mm iioiMiiia imynith  i>y yon to nil otlior orcrtilovM, iuul in iiiiftViilt of  yimrvinowlntf ciiio������n uh nfoi'OMiM ������������cl������ 0 ilfrr'  iimy lm mi������oi> in yonr nhn*iow\  j i)iit������aat Moiion, tliu inn uuy.-or-.vu'.nit,.  xbaiconaKiiiTNnp  -^)i           O'HUIBAAFAnitM**  <*r'.  n-;. .���������i^tk ���������������.*.������������....,  ..'^^i-M.H.Mj^h   i  .balM*.  I/���������*���������,! (������.'.  1   ini 11    1,1,1 ylIIIJni*iaiaila������.ia.iM.iy  I'.i'niii.inil.iiiniini.tfi,nn. i   ^..-kj..,i^Lt!r".i  ^_U,  ^JL  (M ' I'  1 *it ino  +s  ���������**������,i������K������*-  for a Location  IF SOX READ ON  a Home ?  r.J?Y  A Good and Safe IBuy  One acre of land, all oleared and level,  and ready to bnild on. In the center of  the Town-: situated on the main Residential street. Fine site for a House, With  plenty of ground for a garden, or Lot  could be sub-divided into Town Lots.  Price  $1200  A Paying Investment from  The Grass Roots  2000 Snares in a Local Oompany, pa., -  ing 18 per cent, dividend. Owners require cash tc invest in Creston property.  Will sell at par value.  A Ready Home  20 Aores, partly improved; 4 mileB  from Oreston, on main government road;  water on property. This year's crop,  house, pony, boggy, harness, boat, tools,  pigs poultry, and household effects  included.  Price $3,000  I  , Agists  British Columbia Life Assurance ������o.  t ���������*  ,   , Head Office, Vancouver, B, C.        '  The Oreston Valley has more than proven itself to be  the best adapted and most successful Fruit District in  British Columbia. Not alone in fruit, on**; in vegetables  and flowers does i& excel, not to mention the salubrious  climate (free from frost) and all the other neoesBaxy conditions that ko to make it an ideal spot for a home for the  fruit rancner und tanner.  j       Come to-the Creston Valley aad be free  of   nervousness,  worry  and  anxiety,  and  enjoy good fotealth.  Sole:Agents for the  (. FamUy Butter Mc.  lib. Butter and r pint Milk makes albs.  Butter  aa ������������  Stock and Fruit Farm  28 Acres at Wynndel Junction; oreek  running through and good government  road to property; 1% aores light olearing, suitable for fruit and vegetable?;  balance meadow land, good for pasture  and hay.  Price $75 per Acre  Town   Property  WE have the exclusive handling of  the'ohoice Building lots in Barton Addition of the Oreston townsite.  These Lots will only bo on the market  np to the first of August, and are concedes Sobethscre&s&Qf t&s Towssitc, for  residential purposes, having a fine eitna-  ion overlooking the valley.  <A Snap  10 Iiots and Honse, 24ft. x ISft., with  kitchen 24ft. x 10ft.; within stone's  throw of Creston O. P. R. depos; good  ehioken house and run; 5 lots cleaned  and fruit trees planted; 5 lots oleared,  bat sot ������leaned. This is a special for  this week. Owner going away. Price  not for publication, but it will astonish  you if you are a genuine enquirer.  e  I  i  1  We are the men t&ho sell the Land thai Grows the Big Red Apple  -^  1  US  s  ���������  m  I  - - - *-  HLLL  t  C  mM  '?3<t*  Box ������&  ���������:rtfyv  I HI II II!  ��������� ������ Bill  IMIIII MARi ������  uusiss nil 1  1.  fa&me  >  >?       Kelson *Lana District���������District of  W^st Kootenay  Takonot ice that T, Sed tj Chatom, of Montreal, Quebec, ndamed woman, Intend to apply for permission to purchase tlie following  described laud:    ���������   _,        -.  Commencing at ft post planted on Hie north  bank of Summit Creek about 10 chains south  of tbe northwest corner ot JU 8GS1, thence So  chains north, thence 80 chains west, thence 80  chains south, or to Summit Creole, thence  along Summit Crook to point of commencement, containing 040 aores, moro or Jess,  Datod July 22nd, 1010.   -* <- 1  1    BED G. OH ATE M, Applicant,  EDWARD FERGUSON, Agent  Nelson Land District���������District of  West Kootonay  Take notice that I, John Stevenson, of Tor-  onto, Ontario, salesman^ intend to apply ror  permission to purchase tho following described lands:  Commencing at a post planted about 80  chains rrom the north bank of Summit Creek  and about 7 miles from its mouth, thence 40  ohuinB south, thonco 20 chains east or to Summit Creok, thonoo along Hummlt Creole to  Oooll Goodoblld's southeast corner, thonco SO  chains west to point of commencement, con  talning: IOO nores, moro or less.  Dated July 2lBt.lt} 10.  JOIIN STEVENSON, Applicant  &flcPEAK'S Store of Plenty  Fancy Vests in all Colors.    ,  of Moleskin Pants.  .70 Pairs  yM. Beam signifies his 'willingness .to  meet "Tbe Spokane Turk'? in a boxing  exhibition in the near future, on conditions to be arranged Will the Turk  please communicate ���������with 'me direct ?���������  M. Beam.  MDWAttD IPJERQt  Agont  Good Selection of Ties and Gents' Furnishings  We have ioo pairs of* Boys' Overalls  for ages, from.5 to 15  Wall Paper in numerous selections  At Low Prices  . ''V-<V>V*������V������l/>'V(aV'-V������'^^  Hugh Gunn, Bon of Oonstablo Gunn,  is in town. Ee is holidaying and looking round for some of those famouB fishing poolB, about* which looal anglers  grow so enthusiastic. , He expects to  commence -work in town shortly.  Nelson Land Pint vlot���������District of  West Kootonay**-  Tako notico thnt I, Sari Qoodchlld, of Toronto, Ontario, mUumnau, intend to apply for  permission to purohaso tho followlug described lands:   , x  Commencing nt a post planted at tho south  onstoornor of Ethel qimUsur's application to  purchase, thonoe 40 chains west, thonco 40  ohalaB south, thonoo,40 chains oust, or to  Summit Oreok, thonoo along summit Creek  to point or eommonooinent, containing 100  aores, more or loss.   *  Dated July 2Ut. 1010,  -   EAUt GOODOniLD, Applicant   * #sU������ -   Nelson Land District-District of  i > West Kootenay    ���������  Tnko notioo 1 hat I, Uthel diatom, of Mnn-  Iron), Qnoboo, eplDBicr, intend to apply tor  permission to puvchnBO tho .following dm.  orlbod lauds (     t .    .    .   .    .  CntnniHiH'Uignt a post plnntort nljotit one  nnd muvhntf ndtim distant and in nn fnslorly  direction rrom thfl mouth oi' Pliioor Crunk, on  the north bank ol' Sum mil. Oroultj thonoo  40 chains wont, thonco 40 ohulun norllr. thuueo  - 44 chains oi.ui or to Hummlt Ui'Qftk, thonoo  along Biuninlt Crcsk to point or commence,  irtont, contnlnlnor Ifio noros, mora or lewi.  Nolson Land District���������District of  West Kootonay  Take notice that I, James diatom, of Montreal. Quoboo, ouglnoor, Intend to apply for  pei'inUston to purohaso tho following described Inn do:  Creston Land is Cheapest  Commencing at a post planted on tho north  hank of Summit Creok, about 12 miles from  the mouth of said oroek, thonoo ito chains  west, thenoo CO chains north, thonoe 80 chains  past, or to Summit Crook, thonco along Sum  mlt Creok to point ot oomroonoomout, con  talning 180 aores, moro or loss.  Dated July aand, 1010.  JAMItaOHAtfEM. Applicant  EDWARD FERGUBO>T, Agont  Nolson Land District���������District ot  West Kootonay"  Tako notioo that I, Blanche Qoodchlld, of  Toronto. Ontario, merohant, imond. to apply  ror permission to purchase tho lollowlng dou-  orlhpi lands;  Commencing at a post planted about nlno  uHU'R fiom tho mc.uili ofBummlt Creole nnd  about 400 rout northerly from said creok,  thoniKi uo ohalhH norlh, thonoo 20 chains east,  I lioncu uo chal ns south, thonco 20 chains west,  lo point'of conimouoomcut, containing 40  uoics, movo or ichu  Dated July 2211(1,1010.  1ILAMOIT1C OOODOI1II.D, Applicant  EDWAIU) FiQHUUrtON, Agont  pllcant  Agont  Noluon Lnnd DlHlrlot���������Dlstrlot of  west Kootenay  fi Tiikn'nntlontliiitt.*tCthoi riViokwoll, of Tor-  1. ,; ; ; onto, Onniiio, Hpinftloi'.y.iutonn , to appiy for  ���������'A'''j.'*' pcrniiH'.ioir.topui'clifttte '..���������������'������: foilo������*J������ig do������.  orlbftd lands; ,,.. .      .  Coimnencluc a������. a po*t plantod at tho south.  >������i������* riorlmf ofjT, 11. VVraimln's nppllciUtou to  purohaso. thonco���������v, ohalus. nurlh. thoiico u>  chains east; thouen 40 nhalns south, tJionoo 40  chains wnst. to paint, or oommeuoomoht., cou-  niiniiig itwnorrs. inoi'o ni* low.   <-���������,,,<-.   y  Dai������(>.������iiiiymsfjoi>. v  .'.���������' 'jiyi-Hto'i.UOKWl'HfT.. Applicant  ;A "'Ay  yiCDWARD.KMUOUBON, Agont  Nolson Land DlntWot-PlBtHot of  * West Kootonay  " Taktvnollco tliat T, Vina'Uoodoltlld, ot Tot.  onto Ontario, married woman, imond to an*  ply for permission to purohaso the following  dosarlbed lands <  Oammouolngntn post plantod noar Sum.  mlt cruek, about on������,mllo% westerly from  southwest oornur of Hlunoho Qoodchlld's  ap*  ., rtfi,  uicii'i.- -������-j viio.d* vaiwutnuiw mi ouAIUS ��������� SOUtll,  thmifo 40 Jiliiiins WMt,lo pnlnt or Mimmtneo.  iillcatum to purchMe, thence ao chains nortl  Ihence 40 chains bast, thenca ap en '  Rv*  '������������������,,������������������'������������������' ...kftiiou Tirana'Dlstrlet'-'blii'trlbt of  ���������y.V ���������:���������.-, ;.-> ������������������:���������   ; West Kootenay ���������.".���������":,'.������������������,..."  ,  ! TftkifJ notice that T. Viced flt'eventon, of Tor.  Ohio, Ontario, I*-rlnt������r, liiiund to apply for  l)C**Knlc������"'f,n "���������������p������if*ih"������������*,������.i������a.frtiiowiii^r. ������l������s������  OommenoliiK at n ruwt iplonted at tlio south.  *������*i <hji i������*i- (.fitarl (londrhtld'n application to  piirohliKn, thenim 4i������-y������halns w*al, thsnna ~M  foiftln*'Wnnui, tboiiou lOchntns fiast or to Hum*  mlt I'rftok, ihMiica along HutnmH Cr*ek to  imlntof coinmuaco.nont, contai  mor������ at hm. ��������� y.  luont, ooimitnlugttqacros, niorpor iosn  Dated lulysr"*nd,loio. ���������' , y . ..i,y,  vina ooonomrjD. a  KDWAUO IrURUUHO,  inpUeant  N, Agent  Notices ol Application for   Renewal  y������; of Liquor Llcbngei:y:iAyf-:';V:-.-  It is stated by, a gentleman -who has  just visited tho Canadian   Okonagan  fruit distriot, whero Iiord Aberdoen'a  famons.CBtate ls, that land around Ver-  "jnon, aa well'no ot tho vorloufl pointa  along Lake Okanogan, aro hold at nonoh  higher prices than frnit lands in  tho  Oreston dlBtrlot.    tfor inratanoo, yon  cannot buy ony wild land -within twonty  milos of Vernon snitablo for frnit growing less than $100 per bore, .wlillo land  that is oleared and planted witli three  yoar.pld trees is hold at $S0O ond (C00  per nore; and only last woolc a man who  owned a threo-noi-o plot of land at Pentioton, B. 0., whioh waa planted with  throb-yonr old trees, rofmted f9,200 for  his throoaoroplot. 'Wild'land, oovorod  with timber, within five wlleB of Ver.  non, is held at, |1C0 to -$26*0 por noro.  Bonidos tho foot that the prioea ot land  at Vernon aro nearly^ lOd per^bht., moro  than at Owotou, nU tbo laiad at Vernon  or In the Olcanagaudlntrlot requires  Irrigation to grow fruit; snoooBUfally.  Thus W10 prcBont prloou of land at Vor-  nonydljtrldt, ^  rankb' Okanngan land* over double tbo  prtoo of aiostan fruit lands,  MURPHY'S LODGING HOUSE  If now ^open for Lodgers and Transients  ��������� 1  Rooms by the Day, Week or Month  at Reasonable Rates  AU the rooms  are well   furniihed;  and special  attention is given to tlie comfort of our  guests.      Hot and Cold Batfis.  Canyon Street   -   CRESTON  ji>"  **tT*r������"  ���������VW'  JL  \ ������  YtVAi* \'ai) 000 i>t;oPLr, ^TTcririKojiii*.  ^PUi^Kifrffi^  nn.ifK'wiu'iloMi-:  Tako Notioo that I, A, North, of Btrrtar;-Jl,0  inuuid i������i>i������iyiiii*; "  *''-" " ���������������..������������������* ���������  I'rovlnrliil i'olli'i  i������" tb'.'tlid Hupbrintondeiitor  i-.i at. Viotorln, nt the cxnlm-  Hh tV'im thn dnl������ heroof, roi*  I lin votull liquor lluonuo h  riunlncs known as tho win   , ,..*iHlrd*r, SUV  Dated at Ulrdar, M.O., AUftust lOlh, low.  iionoffmuimMiili n-.n������ >���������.��������������� .nun ...........  llicrcmnvnl nf Mm votull liquor Huonno hold  hy tno fur the nriimlsos known as tno HlrJur  llotol, siiuu'M atMlrdar, SVa  i-isi'i::  inuiuuco.ntmt, containlue 166 acrwi  I- ?.&L i:i?X    "" '"���������'"    " A \'"' !FOB PAT^~Twb**^'vnllfc''bnwb.������  ttii&mmAV^\*H^ wo. o. b^^.  s'       ''   " ���������>, , *  jn t      A'  ; A Wo lonrn from an indlroot sonrco that  B,' Ar.Hpecw .hn������ rc^heft ^/lnn1p������j|! nute,.  ly, on routo for Omnrio, Mr. Bpoora  was In tlio pralrio city dtilng hmlnent,  and nlso manafited to do a littlo publicity  work hy speaklnB a Rood word foe  Oreston.  Oil5lr3������9i- IQIO.  to mcthbupth urrtsnNAXioNAi������V  IDHT FARMING EXPOSITION)  ^ AND CONGRESS  ^ ^CMIinARyiWfjttAN  ^CHEPJOSEHi >m thb BATI1E.0F  kw  iwkA '$ BO. 606.OO RACE PITOG^  <    ^siftaoorjjoowiaBcapiwi^  raaywrniarr wia liXCKt.  "   JKDDXJCEB tWMl&WXLY3\  a  <5Witi to,w.h. obacno^er^or0-ff prixt lists ani/  ri  >,  1, j.  1 u  J(.jl <l\ \  '(   4  At on informal meeting of the Oreston  Citizens Homeaeekers'  Assboiatlon   it*"  waa decided to issue a pilotage cerijifi- y  eate to big Jim Johnston in recognition  of his success in steering shipwreokodr  I mariners safely home to port.   Big- Jim.   -  ' is well acquainted with the residences^  of our visitors from ontside who aro  likely to be unable to get baok to their"  country homes. Persons wishing to cele*  brate   birthdays   or other important  events are requested to  oommnntcato  with tho pilot in good time, as it is be*  lieved there will be a big demand * for  his services.    He   has already ^been  booked for tho week-end by the Oreston  Labor Day celebration oommittee.  ���������ii  A. W. Coulter has been called east on  business and will be leaving shortly for  Dryden, Ont. Mr. Coulter has extonslve  business interests in Ontario whioh re*  ' quire his personal attention and he will  probably arrange to rent the loo oream  and candy parlor on Canyon street, to  give him a free hand' to look after hia  eastern affairs,   ,  Bxteni^vo alterations are being mndo  to the villa at Douglas Point, now the  proporty of .J. jDnrbyflhlre. The rooms  nro being renovated nnd remodelled.  DouglaB Point is .qnito a jjoolal oentor,  and thoso improvements ���������w.ill add fur*  thor to tho attractions ,qf ,tjjie .pretty  vUla,  Ladles'oashmoKe bose, %$o"?rO,,O.B.  *mnw  Stamping and  From$S&to  .''���������'��������� JnKT \JF\EfCA;  Plowing stxd Hanrowittg  ���������   a Done^by ;tbe.,;Acre :a  AU work guaranteed done,pw������ripUy,  ,,..���������.    ��������� Vy wad; thon^hlr*. ay ; rivn':: vAyv  IM QUAIFE  Mim*.,MMjiM>aiMimm*miim!r*!&rhij^jpllfa  ������.  m  MWI  ;'Ka'V-5i  ;!.'..i.iv:.'i  .. /)���������;  -, v I  -M  f'A  ���������"*".��������� ir*  |.*������.Tftwyi..'W..������>isJiimii>ija������vMrtwi������.  ;.'  .     "' *���������,   y" I.  -1 '���������<���������!';: y" J���������'^*y;:","-* t<>v >-'������~'>- ���������-?��������� -������������������-' ������yJr v-;^-- ^-'i;--^ ^���������;-.;<l-..������ .a^-v& jf?7^t> ^^s^^^ ?_ ^yy-^"v������������  "..'c * ;        ^"'  "  :.:    y *���������   ,������   -,-.' Ay ^ ���������.-;*.-  A-  ," ���������/   ���������     ,-*1 ,> sxA'Ayy \  X  ",,THS y CRESTON, ,B.a">EKi!^^    , mini nil mn*  ;J*~ V"  ���������   ... Wfcn  CANON MULCTED.  Slander Action Against Canon Plum  trs by Blind Organist  At the  Justice  Charles  The London Dolly Mail sayB  ���������Wiltshire Asdzes before Mr.  iRidiey and a common jury,  Hammett, a blind musician, brought a  slander action against the Rev. Canon  'Ylumptre, rector of Toronto, Canada,  -(formerly of St. George's Church, Montreal). In the spring of last year Canon  Pluinptre was the Vicar of Hadlynch,  *������ear Salisbury, and Hammett was the  "organist at Ms chuich. It was alleged  that tho vicar went to Mrs. Hammett  ' ������nd declared that her husband had beon  leading a double life .To a sidesman of  the church it was alleged that the vicar  said it was not good for the yonng men  tof the church, to be associated with a  man like Hammett.  Plaintiff's counsel said repeated efforts had been mado by Hammett to  ' get an explanation of theso statements,  tout Mr. Plumptre had taken up the  position that he would never explain or  give Hammett a chance of meeting the  accusations.  The defendant, whoso evidence hua  ���������been taken on commission in Canada,  denied using certain of tho words com-  ���������plained of, and stated that if he accused Hammett of leading a double life he  haul in his mind his hypocrisy towards  the vicar, and not anything connected  ���������with crime.  The jury gave a verdict for plaintiff  rwitb. ������150 damages, and judgment was  entered accordingly, but a stay of execution was granted.  =s* '*���������-  HE KNEW NO KING.  His favorite terrier waB led by a Highland soldier before the Imperial ensign  ���������From despatch about funeral pageant  of King Edward "VT.L  Doubtless- it was a queer and fearsome experience for the terrier. Not his  was the schoicc of being in the midst of  such multitudes of people, and of such  ceremonious pomp; but���������he was led by  a Highland soldier, and he went his way  aa calmly as he could, wondering. And*  he was not merely wondering at the  multitude of people and the ceremonious  pomp which tried his nerves, but he waa  wondering what had become of tho man  lie nad Known ������o well, who had i^������en  his friend and companion, and whose  friend and companion he had been. He  knew no King; he knew no Emperor of  India, ho knew no Defender of the *S?aith;  he only knew a man, to be sure,  somewhat different from other men, because they understood each other���������that  was all. They may say "the King's favorite terrier," but conversely they cannot say more than the terrier's favorite  man.  The man who knows a dog, and has  seen bis distress when death has taken  from him the man whom he regarded as  his best friend���������sometimes mistakenly  called his master���������can understand something of the feeling of that terrier. Since  the midnight passing of the soul of Ed  ward > xa.���������oii, Over so many days  *K������"  it  il! Contains ssore sea! bodybuilding' fcutrisnent  gggl _ .. . -   % J        , -   ,   <Y-* ������ _���������> _���������  ggg than meat or eggs���������Costs much less  vege-  For   any   meal  in   combination   -with  tables,   baked apples, sliced bananas, stewed  prunes and other fruits.   Heat biscuit in oven  to restore crispness. *  Sold fay all grocers, 13c. a carton, two for 25s,  KING EDWARD.  Peace lukar- Was  PriJs'and  Exein  ���������-.ar of ireemasons.  ������������������ i  A SAFE MEDICINE  FOR ALL CHILDREN.  The mothers whose little one* jtre  ill not only wish for a medicine that  wiil make their babies better, but one  that positively cannot do any harm.  Bach a medicine ls Baby's Own Tablets. Tliey are sold under the positive guarantee cf a government aualyat  to contain no opiate, narcotic or other  harn*ful drug. They always do good;  they cannot possiblv do harm���������rot even  to the new born baby. Concerning them  Mrs. J. E. Z. Marchand, Ste. Anne de la  Perade, Que., writes: '1 fird Baby's  Own Tablets indispensable. As soon as  I find one of my children s%t feeling  well I administer the Tablets, and I am  never disappointed in the result. I  ���������would not be without them and am enclosing fifty cents for two more boxes."  The Tablets are sold by medicine dealers  or by mall ait 25 cents a box from The  Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockviiie,  Ont.   ������.'��������������� ��������� **-  "OLD, GLORY."  ���������Capt.  William  Driver.  The stars and stripes are so frequently  referred to as "Old Glory" that that title  attached to the American flacr has become famous, yet few know the origin  of thia expressive term.  Nashville, Tenn., claims the honor "of  . thus christening the national emblem.  Tlie term dates back to the entrance of  the federal army into that city, after  the fall of Port Donelsou, when the flag  belonging to Capt. William Driver was  hoisted over the capital. This same  flag was used in the Whig convention  of 1810, when William Henry Harrison  waa   elected���������tho  first  Whig   president.  Long years before this William Driver  hailed from Salem, Mass., but like mest  boy& born In that part of tlio country,  lit tha ago of 12 ho went to sea, and at  the ago of 18 was master of his own  ship with tlio flag flying at the mast  head, which ho even then called "Old  Glory." It w&b his proud boast that the  flag of hia country had never been lowered or its honor tarnished, and ho was  privately called "Old Glory" by tlioao  who knew him Intimately.  a wmim 50 gents  A  WEEK  This ia a golden opportunity for anyone to own an Instrument. Wo hav.3 a  largo stock ot used piuuo������, takon in exchange on H'*intzmaa & Co. pianos.  These instruments are such will-known  . mnkcJ us . Wobur, Cli'ichorlng, Haines  XJios"., Thomas and Dominicn, and the  price fa from $00 to $1*25. Encli on  guaranteed for .'live years, nnd will bn  taken back in exchange with full amount allowed any Unio in threo years.  Do not lot this" chance slip by you. A  post card will bring full particulars.���������  Heintzman & Co., 71 King street cast,  Hamilton, Ont.   ������������������ ���������  New Idea in Shopping.  1 can stand for somo things, but not  ovrrythliig," said tho clerk ns ho watched a rttyUahly dressed youug woman  leavo the store.  "What Is the matter?" nakod tho proprietor, who hnd walked np unobserved.  "Thnt woman who just left hustled  np to tho counter and naked to boo  men's flhirtn. I spent twenty luliuilea  showing hor ovory ntylo and color wo  carry. After Inspecting tho entire stock  alio rone and thanhed mn sweetly, nailing: 'I didn't wish to purchase any. You  ma T am making my husband some Hummer shlf-tn and I wanted to bo auro I  wns doing them rlglst. My husband l������  ���������������ry particular about tlio finish of his  shirts,* And tliey *ay nmrrlod women  tit* no eonsldarnto."  Th������* bo������������" anilled and walked aw������y.~-  V.Y'i'U TmvMlrtr.  -'���������fSr^j',-  I     I ' "W        S    W   '  - ^^ll     ^h***"* ���������  "^aW" .  '  ���������that dog's soul has not been at peace.  It hv*s not understood. Something waa  missing from his life. Tbe friend and  companion this dog had known waa  gone, had disappeared in some mysterious way. The voice that made hia*. prick  up Ids oars and wag his tail he heard  no more���������and lie knew not why. If he  had fawned, he had. fawned ss a dog  fawns, honestly and seeking only kindness and friendship, of which, he had  stores to give iu fair exchange. He was  no courtier. Ue had no ulterior motive. Ho spught favor for love's sake,  and for that oidy. And he won it by  his personality���������the term is fit���������for was  he not the King's favorite terrier?  There are a few people who do not  like dogs, and, it is noted, dogs do not  liko them, either. But most of: us like  dogs, and at some timo in our lives  have had a dog of which we thought a  great deal. Likewise we were pronS. to  realise that that dog thought a great  deal of us. Those who have had this ex-  ize that that dog thought a great deal  of us. Those who have had thia experience���������and those who have not have  missed much of what this .world affords  ���������and have seen that dog pass to the  great beyond, can understand something of what the King's favorite terrier felt when he took his lonely* part  submissively���������led "oy a Highland soldier  ���������in the pageant that passed between,  the multitudes. He Jiad lost a friend  who was merely a man as other men,  except that he was to the dog's understanding lovingly different for the dog-  knows not kinss. .*  Self-Diagnosed.  An old negro wa3 asleep on lh>������ tram  out of Grand Rapid*- the othiir ' day,  mouth open and snoring, when a drummer emptied a quinine capsulq, on In*  tongue. The old daikey awakening I)  gan io.npit around and cill for tho conductor, stying: ���������'TJofl*', i? dar a doctor on  di? here train?" "I don't know." suul  the con'lucter; ">������r������> you Mek*t** "Ws  -���������ii, I s!io* id sick." "Wlwt'-i llic matter  with you?" "I dunuo, sir, !>ut it tnsta  hke f busted my gall.^���������riis Southern  Di"iig������*i*t.  ��������� - ������������������������ *-������    ���������   ��������� ���������  orse's  cure many coinmon allmonls wliich  are vory different, but' wiiioli all  uiise from the same cruise���������a system  clopsed with impurities. Tho Pills  cause Ui������ Dowels to move rogularly,  strengthen and stimulate tho kidneys  and open up the pores of the skin,  Theso organs immediately throw off  the accumulated impurities, and Biliousness. Indigestion. Liver Com-  nlalnt. Kidnoy Troubles, Headaches,  Kheumatlsm and slmillar ailments  vanish. Dr. Morse's Indian Boot  Pills  lave Doctor's  o ������ ������ ���������  liis  IVIinard's  Liniment Co.,  Limited.  Gents.���������I have used your Minard's  Liniment in my family and also in my  stables for years and consider it the  best   medicine   obtainable. -  Yours  truly,  ALFRED ROCHAV,  Proprietor  Roxton  Pond  Hotel    and  Livery Stables.   -  |-^gp-wr  Girl   Athletes.  At Vassar College  oa Saturday Miss  Stephanie English ran seventy-fivo yards  in 9 -i-5 seconds, which just equals the  best 100 yard record for men.   Miss English holds the Vas3ar record oidy. There  may ba exceptional women who can! do  bettor.   The men and boys in the community who can oven equal this speed  would be called fairly good runners.  ���������- Other college records which fell wero  tho  fonco vaultj 5 feet 3f&< inches';/the,  running high jump, 4 feet 4}(������ inches, and  the hop, stop and jump, 29 feet O^inches.    A3 always happens, the baseball  throw waa tho poorest performance; it  was 152 feet, against 400 feet, tlio best  distance  for men.    If  swimming Vvbro  feasible as a field day sport girlfl wdght  bo expected to do Bovenly-fivo .yards in  better than men'B championship'' timo for  100 yards.   Baseball, on tho otlior hand,  is not  a sport for girls;  tho Barnard  field day game Friday, though closo and  exciting, with a score of 15 to 14, was  hardly a w.ell played contest.     ��������� ��������� A;  But waa not tho best part of tho Van-  sar performance tho marching nnd singing of tho classes, and tho traditional  May polo danco and crowning of tho May  queen? Tho ancient Gronks no ver .undervalued, and tho. best modern��������� authorItlefl  highly', praise those exercisesAlbion promote in both men and womon. health,  ability and graco, rathor than: bxtrftnio  Hpoed at tho possible prico, of ii weakened heart, (or massive, ' imiaclo; Abound  strength.���������^New York World.A  ,..���������,,,.. rr-���������. >������������ ������������������������������������A^A.'.ilX...,  ';': Brlshtnow .'of yt^ai'''.iBur������i'.:v:. ������������������ '  How''bright'la tlio suitV' No two nit*  t\u ritloa ngroo, says Tho Scientific Am-  orlcniu Another ostlinato ban rccontly  been made hy C. Nordmann. -Tlio tffuc.  tive temperature lias been determined  with Ida pyrometer was ' found to bo  about 8320 deg. absoluta.'-' Now, tho (  brightness of an 1ncando������������ont body /  oniitting whito Han't varies Bpndbly a������  a function of thn tymporatnre, and thin  Inw* hm. boon vitrified by comparison  witV.r.'imcroM* .torrofttrliil light source**.  Taking Into consideration tho nhmorp*  tion "*f th<������ fiolnv atmnsphfirft, tho offon-  tlvn temperature of tha photosphere In  probnbly nbout C4C0 deg. absolute. The  corvr-npomllng brlghtnoHii of tho moan  effective layer Is then abont 810,000 do*  elinal candlo powor,  ��������� ,,      .,,3,0,  .  Krupp Works Growing.  Thn Krupp Worku, In K**icn, In 0������r������  m������ny, are constantly Increasing In nlzn,  Tho number of men witplnyiul bv tho  cornptnv at lin woi\I(h In I"������������mi ami ulno-  wlier* inorwuuid during 1000 by nearly  4,000, nn that nt the end of 105fl ftbint  (*j7.(W0 mnn woi'n lu l'i<* omplny of the  tha company. At tin* Kjihi'ii works it  ������������*������������ *hnrMpf������wnr of ������>v*>������- 7������,"Afl0 In nowd,  till* finw*r operating ovur 7,000 iMipaniU  ���������mneliine tools, ov������r (>0i������ ernno������, IM trip  JutaiKicre d:;l 01 li(y;lr;iullc* yrcwea,  Soda :n Uganda.  A deposit of soda has been found at  the terminus ot the projected line of, the  Uganda Railway. It is described by tho  discoverer as being a lake about ten  miles long by. two or thiee wide. The  water is only a few inches deep and  covers a hard surface of soda resembling pink marble. The soda was found  to be of considerable depth.  ������ c ������ ���������  Minard's      Linirnsnt      Lumberman's  ,    Friend.    * ���������  . .   ��������� **������������������ -  Wine 1,900 Years Old.  Bottles*of wine 1,000 years old bave  been found in a sarcophagus dating  from tbe first century of the. Christian  era in, a graveyard, at 'Bordeaux; That  is to say the bottles had once contained  wine, for according to tbe workmen who  discovered them tliey were -completely  dried up inside wlien uncorked. ������. chemist, without suspecting the workmen of  having dried the contents up themselves,  analyzed a deposit at the bottom of the  bottles and pronounced it to be the residue of what had originally been very-  good wine. It appears to have been so  good that the owner 1,000 years ago  decided to be buried with it.���������London  Telegraph.  ���������o ������ o-  The  Doctor's Aim.  Sufferer���������Doctor,  don't      you   think  that a  change   to  a  wanner      climate  would do me good?  Specialist���������Ixood      gracious,       man I  That's just, what I'm trying to save you  from!���������New York "Times.  a.������  A PROBLEM OF SELECTION.  (New York Sun.)  Itnioker���������Whero   will you   spend  the  summer ?  Bocker���������It depends on whether my  Avife makes the place fit her clothes or  her clothes fit.the place. y  Work   and   Wager.,  Lord Maedonnell, umpire of tho Conciliation Board of tho Durham coal  trade, has awarded tho miners an advance of 2 1-4 per cent., making the  wages of tho uudergiound men, engine  men and ookt* men 41 1-4 per cent, abovo  tho basis of 1S70.  At the annual council meeting in *STew-  eiiPtle   of   the   Noithumboiland   Miners'  Aoo/i.tt.v-1 t<-iii     at      i.r^<Aliif������Mn      tvaa      I'liiraii t*4������il  by 44 ngniint -2~> votes, that two candidates should be selected in the place of  Messrs. Burt and Fenwiok for the next  Parliamentary contests at Morpeth and  Wansbeck.  The Newport dockers repudiated at a  mass meeting held on Sunday morning  the alteration in their working agreement signed by Messrs. Ben Tillett and  J. Twomey at the conference called by  tho Mayor of Newport on Saturday.  They decided not to return to work except under the old system of payment  by tonnage.  Although their own wages were not  reduced by the eight hours act, the miners at Ashington, Northumberland, reduced the salary of their check weigh-  man because his hours were reduced.  This created such an amount of indignation in the county that a second vote  has' been taken, and by 850 to 253 tbe  old standard has been restored.  ������ ��������� ������   American aird Canadian scientists tell us the common house fly  is the cause of more disease and  death than any-other agency. Wilson's Fly,,. Pads kill all the flies  and the disease germs, too.  ~m��������� ��������� ,-   ���������Jtfc   afr   aT*a>   .      '     ������������������--  Loid Ainpthiii, who picsided at an  calculi Uiand Lid^'e of i<*ieemaao.id  at u'let-'ui.tsjiia' ILiil, when au addresj  ol condolence with the Roy.il tamily  was adopted, snid that Lh6y were proud  and tliar.kiul tine King Luward was a  l'*ieemiuon and thoir Grand Mastur and  proUct.jr. 'It wis h.i-d.y poisioij to  estimate how much the cr.us owed, not  only lo that cucutusuince, but alij in a  far gi eater degiee to the Masonic life  .if King Edward VII. Hi.-J Majesty's  connection with Freemn^onry was nob  merely titular and sentimental. Thay  knew how cftm .md how well hi took  part in thoir^voik. The many brilliant  occasions on which he associated  himself openly with I'leemasons were  familiar h'story to every zealous brother. Their late Grand Master had  tiught them that greater results could  arise from pereontlity of individual men,  and fiom the example of their everyday  lives, than from all the machinations of  statesmen, diplomatists, and politicians,  controlling groat public resources and  "'ielding oTiicia! power.  Your  Drn������Kint   Will  Tell Yon  Murine Eye Remedy Relieves Sore Eves,  Stiengthens Weak JSyes. Doesn't Smart,  Soothes Eye Pain, ai.d Sells for BOc. Try  Murine }n Your Byes and In Babv's  Eyes for Scily Eyelids and Granulation.  How to  Feed   Young Babies.  "There is no question about breast  milk of a healthy mother being the  best food for the baby, not only during  the first month of life, but for many  months. There are certain elements in  the mother's milk that we cannot supply in any artificial food.  "Artificial feeding may become a necessity and we should endeavor to supply a food which will resemble the mother's . milk that we cannot supply in  any artificial food.  "Artificial feeding may become a necessity and we should endeavor to supply a food which will resemble the mo-  TTier's milk in its most important elements. A satisfactory substitute may  be mixed in the home as follows: Cream  (10 per cent.), one ounce; milk, two  ounces; lime water, one" ounce; water,  fifteen ounces; milk sugar, three-quarters' ounce. Mix and heat for twenty  miniites at 167 degrees Fafrenheit.  "Baby should be satisfied with one  ouncp during the first week, one and  one-half ounces by the end of the second w;eek, and two ounces aii the end of  the first month."    *  3 COUGHS ft COLDS  | LEAD- TO CONSUMPTION  ������1     Colds crs tha most .dangerous of  all  S3 forms of due&8s.    A neglected cold lends  to Bronchi'.'*, Consumption, .Pneumonia;'  '��������� Coughs" ore the result of irritated bron-**  chial tubes.  " PSYCHINE" cares coughs  El by lemoving iho  irritating panicles and  healing the inflamed msmbrane.    ItJ������ a ,������������.!  getmicidis and destroys the tubercle germ..  Ft is a tonic that strengthens the lungs, the  liver, and ton������3 up tho system.     It mokes'  iorbettcr health ia all conditions of human,  ity. Get strong and the cough will disappear.  '"PSYCHINE"  makes  weak   people  people  t ������t������ -������������-������ ~tU4.._  'PSYCHI  I strong,    it cures coughs ot tr.s most cbsj  rat? kind and breats up a cold in a few  I hours.  | Write for Free Sample.  ������.. c.a. Kr eU Draggbt* and Dealers 50c & $11  par battle.  . A. SLOCUM  LIMITED,  TORONTO  PRONOUNCED SI-KEEN S  191 n  AGENTS WANTED.  START A TEA ROUTE TO-DAY. SEND  postal for ciiculars.  or 10c for samples and  terms.     Alfred Tyler, I^ondon,  HELP WANTED.  \������7 ANTED���������LAIDES TO DO PX.A3N  "������ and light sewing at home, whole-  or spare time, good pay, work sent any  distance, charges paid. Send stamp for  full particulars. National Manulactur-  itiy Co.. agontrgai.  Dr. MarteFs Female Pills  SEVENTEEN YEARS TBE STANDARD  Prescribed and racommend������d. for women's aliments, a sclsntlflcaUif prepared remady of proven worth, tha  result from their use Is quick and par*  marteni.    For saie at aii>d������*ug afotr������3.  NEW   SPIRAL   HAIRPIN.  This is useful as .welUa3 ornamental, as it cauaot' bs lost* out of tho  hair. It is the invention of a clever  French woman.     * -" " ,'    .  HEU    LONGIXG.^L^GERISfQ LOOK.  "Lot's wife looked backward.  '���������She wanted to see if we had taken in  the rubber plant," lite explained.  Thus we see the dangers of the summer exodus.    - r    y  Do not judge by appearances. The  girl whoso hat looks like a lamp shade  miiy bo the light   of somebody's life.���������������������������  :palJas:"NQW9.yY-'y": V- ':> yZ-XyX.-  '������������������-yy i..; ���������,-  FILES CURES AT HOME BY  ^ m NPIIOH fnETH  i.im.^iMWffM������AJiimLUiiM-m.waui7..jyu.j  laiawmainri^ii^fwi wujawimiHini  A COLLEGE OF APPLIED SCIENCE,  Affiliated to Queen's University,  KINGSTON,   ONT.  F������ Calendar of tho School 0Bil further infof-  tnatlon, apn'y to tba Secietary, School of Mining,  KIngtton,-Out;   ,..'���������'y%���������'��������������������������� y :. ,.-. , ..',.-;"���������:; ������������������������������������  Mining ,nnd Metallurgy.  Chemistry and Mineralogy.  Mineralogy and Geology.  Chemical Engineering. V  Civil Engineering.  Mechanical Engineering.  Electrical Engineering.'  Biolofjy.and Public Health,  Power Development. -,.:;      f,  If you suffer from bleeding, 'itching,  blind or protruding Piles, sesid ms your  address, and I will tell you how to cure  yourself at home by the new absorption  treatment: and will also send some of  this home treatment free for trial, with  references from your own ,. locality if  requested, immediate relief and permanent cure assured. Sendi no mossy*  but tell others of this'offer.' Write today to Mrs.,,SL Summers, Vox. P. 8,  Windsor, Ont. .  ���������^ ������ O ;   IT MAY HAPPEN.  (Louisville Courier-Journal.)  "The police were unable to cope with  the crowds at this, recent fashionable  New York wedding."  "Well, why didn't tho governor call  out  tho  militia V"-  ������������������ w i   ���������*���������������������������������*# a*P   ������^���������  !������������������    ���������������������������������������������������  Minard's Liniment used by Physicians  THB  (jrEBM&si SCARE.  (Farmers' Sun.)  "WHsat has become of the German scare?  A little over twelve  months   ago this  Scare bulked larger in popular imagination     than     Halley's Comet did three,  mouths since.   For a time it was practi- ���������  cally thn one topic of discussion in Parliament; in the press, and on the. platform; in many cases it replaced the gospel of epace in the pulpit.   The Berea-  fords and "the Roberts in England and  the  colonels and brigadiers in Canada,  were bidding us prepare for a conflic*  that we were assured would be" upon us  before   tlio  snow melted with the then  coming spring. The British Isles and tho  Dominions beyond the  seas were literally filled with the clamor of tbo alarm  drum. ..  ������j r. ������      .    ���������i    -  If every housekeeper would use  Wilson's Ply Pads freely during  the coming summer, the house fly  peril would soon cease to exist,  or be greatly.diminished.  + a m -       ���������*    .  Father  of   Laugh tag-Gas.,  A monument was unveiled in tho  Placodes Etats Unis, Paris, not long  agOjin honor of the American surgeon  arid dentist, 'Hbracb; Wclls^ the, d^  f-1  Only A Wny- 'to, /.Oroatho'   Properly.  Did ^u'ever ^top to thiuk how you   :&$������##6M  ���������eathetV; Do you know that, as a rule,   AlthoUgli-Ite; proper ties liad beinv mado  \mxtwMmmami  '"msmi  MADS IM CANADA  Io tlio Stari Jard Articlo  READY FOR USE IN ANY QUANTITY  For making soap, ���������oftonlnn* water, removing old pafnt>,,  \ilUlnfeciina. sinks, oloaeti, drains nnd for many otlior j  pttrpooer*.   A can equnlf 20 lbi* SAL SODAt  Useful for 300 pvtpos������s~%$at<l EV*rt/U!f,t,r*,   ;���������'  li.W.OltiI.BXXCO������rANVW������tt������IS������ TOWONTO, OWP.,  u  55  'hi  Satisfy tht most particular people. They art the moat perfect  made, nolsalan aa their ttnmt lmpll������*������������ no tpuiter, no email or  aulphur,   are   quleker,   and tafa.  All   ff|p*1y������sl������i������������   deaUra   kaefl  lham.  Tha E. D. EDDY COMf M, Limited, iiiill, Ganatia  HEBE SINGE 1861.  breatheI  \ve are actually too Uzy to breathe p"ro-  yp'erly1;';.:.,..Wcll, wo are, and so we dp much  'to; impair.'thp beauty of both'form'nnd.  Vfigurq.Vy.yy Xx'-A'XX'XX  ;   Have you not often noticed the ugly  iiiouth..breather?   This habit of broatli-  big through tho mouth Is unattractlvo  enough in children, but it is even; moro  ,80 in grown people. ,  ��������� V ��������� y'.'.':  .'I shall novor fpr-got tho; impression:"'lcft  ���������on'me by the soil of a dtofclngulshodVnoV-'  blist who hud this wrctqliOd;h"#lt;lniita:  moBt pronouiicod. form.yy.Tliir) .pv^*iilnont  teeth whioh'no often gni ��������� with VtUlu' do*'  formfty, foi*!-lfc;:j'iA;:ii(irdly  leas, nlwayB  como up In my, mind whon I think of this  man.   And It was' all Bbyunriooeaaary. Ito  could cither h������ivo;ovovc6melk by hia.own'  efforts or ''medical attention liould have  oonjo to 'lii* aid,      -  It wan ono of the trials of my youthful days whan I \va������ ont walklna; In tho  ovenlng witli my father to luivo him stay,  Prt ho alwfiya did wlion I b;gan to talk,  "Keep your mouth nliiifc In tlvo night  air." I hnvo aftr*n tnankml him for It  K'lnco -froin iilm,bottom of my licirt.  NofvoVbroathlng and deep brnatlilng are'  .moat Important and imgloul aid* to  health ("nil biwutv. Thorn In a little vol-  unift'nnbltshad witli tlio title, "Shut Your;  Mouth and Suva Your Life."  Bather fltnrtlln-r. Iw't'lt? llut It le***  trnorid etartllng thlnga aften are.YDftep  no������w breathlnc cannot bo too often prao-  tlo(*d when In tlir* opon nlr, and the nnror.<  Mid elivarer thn nlr tho dooporyon -anouli].  btoathe. Try thin onoo, and lfe will reiiUy  bt-cohie ni ploaflunt pi*itlmfl''��������� and It* re-  Milts will noon bi>ciVme '.ippiront in your  Ntrnlgliter nliftuldoru, biUar devnlopod  cheat, clcft-rer nkln, nnil awenter hr.aoth.  II l������ renlly Iwttor thnn any iwiglo youth  restorer In thn mnricet. It U truly tho  lie-it "elixir, of llf������";tluitXm cm use,  whib it will not oncron-jh upon tho purs*  nt all. '���������Tnafc-Klvo Ihla n teW tiial and  nm How omaytha 'habit, bnooinci.  You wtut also make ft nolnt nf ROt-  tlri^ till th������ nmmhlnn poMlblo. Human  b������*ii^<* iiocd'vthc* nunshlno.Aft* 1������,",'1 "''  planta Ao,   ���������'���������'  Pan't bo afraid of It otiwlntf freeUit*,  forvce 1i������y������ Ui* bo������t authrtrlty Ihit It  doi������H not dta anything of tho kind.  . '1 .������..������< *������ ������ 0*  B.   .,���������w   [������������������MUMHMiiwiMMWiiaEMatfhJ  i������������������.iiiaii^������M^^<MMaiMa������a^i������ai������������������wilw*^'"''''*W''**>* ������ m iwM���������a���������a���������aatyaal ��������� U'  *VT?..������t' rcftn' li������9 don* Wfn'>a**) ti*f "V������t  tht*r#   are   lota ' of thlngi   that    aWjl  ��������� nhot'tdlK't,������������������;���������."���������'..��������� '. : ". .  IcnoWn; as -eiirly asVthdV year 1800,y saya*;  Leslie's Weekly, '"Wells was the 'first/to/  'oniplbyi It In-.dontiatry.: Ho madoi/B-'VisitV*  ,toyVTaria,' ;wl������ero lib ycommunicnted    his  diBCovciry to ' tlio y FrenchA medical V: Bobld^VyV  tiea'..'.:'r'.',A-/idiap'ut'o''.'nroa'e.''n8''.to who might;.:.''>'|  claSni the , crodit of.'. the dlscovory ,'y",AofJ;.*'  hnacR tlieflln, nnd Welle, *ondored Insane Vf  by conatant��������� experiment*  uponr liimsclf A  with chloroform, committed , suloldu in  18-18 tit thp ago of ;3S.. A  y.;A. A xXX'A'X'i  ....7 ������������������'   ���������"' . ���������'.''���������        '���������-.;'.������, "n..'.������ a o  .''   .' ' s.y       ���������'.. :V'A   V'i.-A'v.  Koop Minard's Liniment lr������ tho hpuoa^  '.' \.< A1'        ������������������' ���������-      ���������' -���������  -' ^ ��������� fc^^y���������^^ '"'S'*  ������������������.,'���������.,'-     /. ��������� -/    ^^^y^^>*^^-*^r��������� ,^*^���������<"^^  (' , '���������*;<i-*i ; ������������������  '���������:' ���������'," Novor-Galvagosbbvle^  An oxtromely jipvet Balyago arrangement haa;boon.adopted by tho..'United  Statoa Steel; Company In 'tlib/roeoYory.'qii',  n cargo bf nalla'' >yhlclv waa Blink; In tlio 1  "Misuiiiulppl Rivor dt Now Oilcans, ;,.0v-AVJ  dlnarlly a dredge would have boon...tuipil'l}]  for thin purpose, and it w.ould have boon  nocoaaary to sond ii dlvpv down, f Irat, to J ji  bronk open the koga, but.^tlio.wb'io*'liiW/X\  moth oil followod In this InBtuiico was iri y^  making' uan of a magnet for th*; pur*i6������b. ff  iThls ma^ot'.wM.tliv,'4b';<nhd''n':h'al'frta'at.';  In dlamotor and wolghbd. 8,0(10 pbuhds.  Jt ralaod'flvb or ������l* koffivntonotlmo.  Tho. magnet will *obn bo;tried omabmo  aiinkon who nnd iriotal balling strips  which nro,under water In tlioaamo vl.  '<Cfr^,y''X'y''y-A[-xX'yXXyyY;:Xy " .Xy  -..;������������������    "������������������������������������'���������..��������� .*-.....'..;'���������'*>' ������������������'��������� ���������"������������������:.  Askv for*��������� Wllnnrd!a -and take no other.  ���������'.���������"'-': ���������' XXX"-'..'! ''���������".. V.1^'*':'.'"','* "~'"  "''' v''':'.i'_;y^Brobdlng.  '���������'���������y-tion't.-' AX.-.Xi-A.A'Y X'-'''X-X'  'VlfaVbad:'':'  lAvttVkillayV-;,-,:���������  Bo. stop It.  A Cuw yonraolf.    '  No ono oii*. can euro you. '   ��������� ';    'X-!  Y-ou must do something you liko.  It Is fino to do aomotlilag for other  pooplo. ��������� ��������� ..- --v.-. .'..;:.  .   All, but perhans you aay, "I havo tdfj  workk vary hard,"  Very wall, there aro aeveral ways    ofci1  working hard, and thoro'a a right way.'  Before and after tho work hours iot������'\  tlfy yourself with bathn, exerelso In tka  opon If pwolblc, and cat wnclW*, pal**  labia -food. /  Above all think of bountiful thing*,  associate with peoplo, road good literati,  tttra, hear good miuslo.when pbiMttuW  aud forget yourself.  Vl"  j?nm)������sa^rw������?ri!  iMiJt   X������ mania rotilly trusting I'rovidanos  wi������wH^j.^^<w'.i������yTW*i������!w:t-ti������a.'rj|r  J4.J.U.I.U UVUiUl  fttvttrwin.s. Bftt-awamml;  ���������*i:-.Vr-l..l!.0:'  x-if-x I'll ������::'.-aanunaMnMMUHH^aHifa
^# g^iati&^u^
lafe :fe��-asS^im4ii:s^ii^^^Y -���. ^.*;_-y.--.L:y
IlljIJW^h us 'ebn-V
,^||:Bidera^^A|KMyyt;S gyyA yvAY-i .'-; AyAAxy.
-r|g||$nioe^ V righ t yarni
l-v |V^Y7Suppo^ng);anbther; woman Vsho,uld|.'Aca|tV
<yXXKerry�� orVihim? XA^XXAXXxXXXxyAxyxyX.
^annenb^imyf ilcdV ;suit'':yA.fbr V y divorce,
charging cruelty. But he reckoned with-
oub. his -host.,. "Mrs. ��� Dannenbaumy-; came,
right "back" by filing _a:suit' fer$50,000
atbd her husband's affections from her.
Jp|y^sy;Gi|y;vdoctbr|; ftwoly^yin A they^wspeV
I A:y 'y: J^dge^paniel ��� I>. ShieldsAaays that; $50^
vO^?'i^.7^Husba^'sA.'rtf f ^ction^isAsoyyest'.:'
I y^^sidfr^VverdictAf or'.. that;^mpuntiyy X'yXy ?yj
[V#;'|may;^��tbe'jyalueVof Vher husband.VWhat.
.'.,.... "1 W^^^sXM^ y&& iXAyAyyyxyyyyx
li^l^y^^^S-y A .s%itiySaf teryyT^ri-y ^dejAhaMd
llctipilphi^phc^^SaieidiA.V' 'potash '.���'��������� and;
^'5rn-rf ���u->,i* *l'J'*in#* ^li'A^'!.'';��n'iiAU:'.''A*P'.'   ��ri aW". rfllpi*
.yy y-y :-y yy A^��yxy^AAs��-mmmmmm^m
vv.-y "���;:"���*������-."^^^
��� ,"'-','''-t--&��3*yWa^
'���y-MgiV ~y*ij��rr
. Mr. j^anenban^
anbtherybf ythpse mbdelAhusbaridsA yThb
'. wife I declafed'y-foat'^l^^
i^it ��� pf phoning- to hei^ihree'and X-yfour
times overydaiy a^At*^ life always was
?����� Vsending; her iiflbwersy a^yAinvitingV her
yfir y-.;J8ib.-::^
that ho never ate any lunch: She attri-
Vaphy andyfus&^^v^
-previously Aliraclibd y'with;"'��iisfeA TJart-7
Vmani-f XyXX^ylX:AiAA:iyX^:i XX>xM 'yyy yyXY
fpi*; him,ffy saidc theA wife;? aMy shb liled
y^S^i^ sued' in the
yCirciiity CbturtA bf VSt^7yI^ius;ony a ��� charge7
: of Valiehating'theVhusban
yedj) Vthey; cbargeVV was-'YtiiM-tli^ei.^MxMiy.
AleftYhet AiiSwlwlesa^ Via'-,
VMUlibn Idbllar^^V:She^hirM^'Mw^'Maiyl
I l^^ler^^usbat^VTtbV cbhtjraeV.tlie busi^
?ne w^Ahe^eSd^li^aii��^ MnT
y�� y J^ff V^alaryyytpyrimari^eA
Businesss ebnferehces^^yit V V was^AVchar^djp
ywei-e yfrtquentS^^
heir m^ageivVyFinally^rs^^ry teller
.^aidAhbryimsband grew cbld^tbwardAher-
^?H^--^ Sbusiness:
vsister^lawybeganYtbAtakef a Vperabnal
^h^MisrlBer^afMueller V arrai^dAthiat;
A|i)^pOsitio-aiAw^;tffi 'Mrsg
fbliud^si^ tblbi^
s^��s;iSi-^��*>%svj',y,?'��,v^   ��� ���   .    ��� -..- . 	
;yi^^|sn?w"*^P*Vyearay. from'.^eadachefly''
~.'f~" '.n;-jffi:'thieA.ba^
doctbrsaiid tocA: every r^edy ;bbtain^jif
able^tlio^ any relief. VA Then :I teiganK
taking ���}? ����iit��-ti ves^y the fambus f rait ,y
juice Atabletail and;7 'this:ywas AtlieyVonly g
ine^icihe thateyjer did '���me-'myTeat-gbodiS.i
.;-;.'jnbvi? I?a2ttyfedtirelyA^lI
yful headacties"Md backacbes' .'".'���'���'-���' A.V ;;'7VyyA
iYy;:Soc^bo^r6lfor|^6;briti'iIl- bbFjcS-JSC.'^
At dealers or from^ Fruit^-tiyes Winited,".
& -s^^r idie;'-Afe^ei U^
vbiisiribssyV ba^isVAin Sl^wi^tterVAbf V Veat
VsysteinA Vwibuld y s^re:ftK^ bit^AA half AAjiV
buildings' for ^free dancee. the aiithor-
lities'V axfiiA idojitiiig YaA; feattuxoylpf A ;th^y
y '^s^ialyV'centre "Vyyidea;; Yytli�� X 'a^pbates \
oi which hold that the school building.
'������-����� O- ^+Viev. ���* 1 A"iVi rttil'-   rtAVi+WiV." r\f- r+T-�� W ;.'A^i'��v*vv��;a*i*iri^'''-
lectures, - dances, - ete.: Maiyor7- Seidel
believes A thktV the Affeey publico VydaniceS
caretullyAy 8Sup^iryised;-y is AYtheyAVAbest
weapon to use. in fighting the saloon
dance hall,, witli its 'evil associations.
Chaperons will be furnished, and men
will, be on ;duty to..keep watch over
'-**��������"-f '^<i" 9y-"S**'���*''?-.:;.A.--**'':^-ji.'rA'   ������',y ��*.���*%.'������**������'������ ' y ��� "'"���    - ������'.*-*-������/"   '''���. ^ ������'  '.'���������-"���*-'��� "A-.- --.;.'
inadeAVupy-pfc; "���$% trainedAerigiii^rAaiiidy
-three coinmissioners drawing pay that
ai*gregate&T-:$ll,500y per. annum.;vThis^
board is'to be abolislied/aiid one man,'
ItsAplacefA yOiis ^^isytoAp^"$6^6boJ
on ;���. wat^ryfisturesfAat eost;A'yHer^bfcize;-
this work has been done by private
ance requiring.-the. city systemyto runv
i^f fe^A;hi^ ypla^of ^^
Jside-Vsxiieiirtl as���.���������;KSSlth'--"*floMmiBBTon'ftt*^'
pMigglJI t<^^Mi^^yipinureiAbutyit 'baji
|^V|B^d^^���brb^p^ii^bl6^ yinade;
MioM^iMS^Mi^'^e&Mnt&ry: befbreybeing
|b1Siiigi^iX0d||Mtb^^ a
jpi$lt^ii�� cbnditibff
ymariiire witKA ady^tageoV'VW^i^Ai*^^
Jing ahd ^readihgAmanii^;'Vfchbrp; is -a
V^aving V of flabbrAwhertyVliwdlingV-that
���which  is iirie,;randSth^finarra
beymore yaluableyhecaui& ythe^
���ammonia willvbe: a^sfe^ybyV-iiibAuse
lot -suitable ^absorbent Afttatefifils^YA %
"AAProbably theycehsUsvtb;beAtatkentMs
|year swill  show V ^put*A2Q0i0001'yihbre
Vfaf&iQTk tlianVyatytheytime-ydlAtheiAceh-
sus ten: years agoiVand theAtbtalVsliduld
be about A S,QQQ,QQQ farms*^n3y theA eprfe
^3pondii^yi|tiiij.lwr ofypebpleAeiapl<iy-
ed iii agricultural pursTiifeyA^nyyin-
ybrease InV-yduinber Vis a owiiig^^^t'Acnly
yio newA'farms-ytakeri: upy butytb^Vifiir-V.
ytber .*" division;, of A iarmsy ���,iti. X tlie^'oidery
y It is A claimed Ythat Rey^Aifenja&inV
���jM.'-.; Nyce,A< oiXiVec.atui*.yV-^untyi^Ife;
��ctfana, .VwasgytheX first yVm*^Y;tbyfi;apply.
yjefrigeratibii^yto 'theYstorage ^bf^AfriiitA
QneVcaipitali&^ffered himA$lO0iCl^fpr
���--.. tbe ;patent<srighta) for AtheyVbi^ bfVriilew.
Wotk, and' V $250iOQOAVwasYTep^ted'yVto:
Vhave been -offei^dShinaAforyth^Vyt^uisr
:^na 7coric6ssipiisiA?H^firmlyV:^
Aall suchyoffersiAbutyfaikkiiiii business;
���?a't last. ;Th^AAVUnipnAyyyCbldAAStpr��^
sWarehouseyOo^paiisr^ydfyChib^ ,
Ithe'first; coricierh to;^n^^ iii tifebi^i-
sxiess ��� of  pre^iyingAAfruitSi��� Abegiiiriing
?its business --��� caiebry ony Thanksgiving'
j": i)ay^ 1889 A A; Since V theii7 the increaseVin;
AtKbVvolunieybfVg;^dv^tbrage busiriess:
VhSs been bnormQus^^ndyitis^^
tiiiaated Ailiat y! theltbtal->Ayrefr igeiatihgy
Abapacity V bf the \ plants^ throughoutAtlio;;
VtJnited StatesVis :in^cesaAbfy2QP,pOO,-*V
V00OV cubieAfeetyVySiagle Ahpi^es ;4nA^w;
fYori��,v,Chieagoy aridA Bbstbh^: freqiientlyV
^store aw^^00\0WybMi^lsAbf;a^
*t^Y eai^y^f alliV Aand^i^^
ftbdAtopypnceAiiaayvbeypbtaiiied! in;ytheV
;-fpring.y A ��� XXXXX:- A VA'yy A ^XxXYAxyAXxyxy
yp>A farmer7 in NewV;Tprk Statp; brought;
VsmtV tbj;recpve^^yalu��^bfV:&(M^
Videcapitiated Abyy a^s^edingya^itbBdpbilo
ybri .avbackVycburit^
^bMd tb^y.;urid^^^
"Telatibri A tdA^rayV;fowlsVcbn AahyV ^public
|rpsiSence ;Vpf^l]t^lp3^��fi".>.tK^
..  ��Y1317:T..
y.talklrigAanout-rthe best rural and A V-'iniiciriioise again oi gr.ugsoh otUerl
jYfaTm?nh6ne made anywhere;*/M^y^^
ttierito these details of it.   The trans-: -.-;; tacts on th'ej bestifirade dfcjilatinuui ��i
J^itter^Jspstaiidard.- loag^}stahce'i'"^iik>iiili3ViY':;<?y'^"^^'"^'5-iy'y1^
^type,';'. the receiver entirely precludes ,y.^i��t there's more to know���inore that
syourJie'aHn'g local noises whileusing'*.*'w
���itVytheVtgeneratcr will ring luore* AourFr^B^SjBaUetinNO, ^I33spnd:
i'phones'onya longer line than anyYv let Hvtdljyottyibe'wlibleystbryrtlni
1 f;cther 5 bar generator in us��to^day;aii',Vdetail.X- Xt -also; ;telta ,allJi;abbaiity
,6ur9ew38ytype ringer operates on ^V,V; organizing ya ynjraUirlphoneS^o^-Y
y&i X^A':y?&A��y$si??m
:?Aix 'A-yxxAyA^!M��$i
myiii^^the<:onstrnction, operaUottaaamaintenaricfeof^e'Ieplioas!���
Yf��au��l;To\y*ri3>labts.  >   Writeytb Vburvneatest bffice.Yv^j
r' Nohe: Dame & Gny St��. > REG!KA7i;af>��:FroBt St. "
^l8PCTderS��.W. CMjGARY, S99HcniT
'���; ^'���r'^ViSi-'fe^'-^-'t-!
worksV OwncdVahd ;ppe^tedybyyt^
Adom; ��� of * ^Pni^j^fi;*^^
: ?S3 Tnen-:andVtura^d:^4t^bSuet&^^
y x MPS?. nio^tyrfpin^;anoE��w'pmaJ^^
������"���--1-"-"������--���" ���^������- "-   ' ''"^illtl^f
sSbdAone^^^i^^tl^Vp^r^aireeing- S^^M^^^^^M^S?'
���:y^^y;r:-y^:^y'-yy:y^^y-'rr^ytyr'y^^->- ;cl^tOT^^ay^,Seii&lVs^
ll^^^e^fcaselw^^^^Sn^^ 5^MIP^s|^joJk^
^ppeafed^d^t<^^^iliMff#^ -<KH-^issi$im^^
.Ali^i'h-irfi'Hanrt ?a-'M art-^-lifrW
, cree and Mrs. Mueller .bad her $11,000
7 th bifoff^tipnsi'bf: ifer ^usbiE^d^r^ock
:" Gf^t^^ueftbr.^?^;; ���jiSryyvWOughty i*3Aa|:
���y whole wlbAihnrderiS
y A-dowAb�� thp; gallows'M
tyAhi3; yiilue had in :rip':^^Ade^p^iawd:;::i��;
gA0; theV:eybsVof:: hi8V.wife.;iyyyVyii-y xY$Xy yAm
mA ymii^vmmvii^m'Q^ coi^Ef Ay.
���"y Y^that *$256,Cll00 is due; her f or. herhuabatid
i; A$4ro&: -ttioVforihor; Mrs;y J-ir^isVHunt;; now
l,^SMrfl.y;C!Qlo ANp. 2, an^ iniv^rdcr that sho
i t-fIr^inay��� :rbceivo.;|i'er.,.'price~\yhich'-':is,orily
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;:';y/Becond"'wf^bii -���'���of A having.j
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Mrs. Hunt, aft^r hbr divorco from Jar-
;V;>iB>Hunt; boato
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more equitiabl6VyiUiie-b*nTa��huBba
feetion. '"'   "      	
|V Immigration intoytli^VcTOntry7^
i> The ���;Touting/CIubVbfAj"'^
.|i,pO0^0BOypny 'public-'#^syy.A'5|��V'^
y^AbputyVbne-'fburch-'- pilitheA^^nAlu ythe;
of;: tKbAna,^~-feAii!3o.75^
|A MoroV?tHan:;^
areYwoven,; iily^lieyUniteiiyByn^dom any
���XiMBl^?$��^^ X XX
^England's7 silfcAihdUstjiyi isAsteadilyi.de-;
|lining.y' AVly YAiVAyV^^
^YTHpy epi$bi|uAindustry; of !'En|l'afld.r; eaf1
sAAThe;Vy tanning; ^prbeess YfeVrha^tenedJfby'
!;for Aithe*VUnitedi ASta,tes;| treasui^Vdurins'-.
gY-THeY Go^iimeri -J-Vy-ybf Y^^zil^ropc^esV7
,.- ���-�����T-i*:�� ���'.--�� ������'.,.^-^ * i.. 'i**Mi-..'-.���.--, ,^t ������*������%".'>'.��� -i"::;';':i~ ,1^ -v���V'���iv'-^-'j^i-r'^'-'AJ*'
fcolonizme the-lndianai-ony-rillMTri?'1S^i���,g',.
jehbpiri^s Viriusic yyafies 'yii6nXX^M^^0X^^ff��^
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yyyjHpwy AduIterationsA-Arey;Made:"yX,Yyy'AAXimM
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yspme \. wff^8ytp;,tlie.; htvhfibfeAcarrc^
��� iiip^!!,m^|s^^a^Vdy^;f^
'. 1 Arfan;
ers of drivers of automobiles are not
liable for. the values Of poultry .that
public highway the owner must take
University illustrates the importance
showed   a   great' difference' ihT vfgbr,"
���hardiness * Viand7-'-health,   and   the ~pb-
"ject-lesson?was bhe; notr'toAbej-ov^r-
:iJboted i^-'i'B'^dO; frbm?;^gOT^s^ytbbkfe|
V*y Thb Aperio3s}?bf ii^iifi^onVrecbgniied"
:fowli .28':days r!;Guinea^2^clays;Hgooae,
vines   too, long. .They   will   V^lee'd"
1V VJwd^OttlA noyer lea^^
V^yyv l^';;;prIpQ,,B^
i\^   Leeds waa $1,000,000. Tho man himw>lf
F     Indignantly denied that ho wna worth
jv;';���; that much Aand did all in hia power to'
|/VV      Mrs., lioodo No;A1 thought difforout-
"*, Ay, ho^wfo'tt *5'���"���&*'���&%:'$& ?w-'f!%p;#w&&
x.)��:lifaband unjbil fe Wpt;f pSlp;Stbwiwi;
vi-f.^'T^vi^' ";'"X* ��� UIUfi< ���-" ���?���>���
^|pwd thom;
|vy'b^ln|f ..tb'brbak t^b.^tl
[7yA;;'��nd';f���fbrttio, nbwA,ifoMdu,,, ...#,,,, ,..,,,������.
te'^nDe^MODlBB't^S A^AIW)
^-" "���'" tj^a^'lie^B^fii^VvojPi1*<#*i>.'"''iibl|;W>iy.������*;"
hl�� inambratai  ���_   ;;, >
'"Vyoti"^/-! ������ t��Mfc:iMwi��"
til I fool ailw that yow
f,;.'.; opssf ul;" ar, wias'" hli
" * A - 3Lc*do,firmly,,,"��nl      ....
;��oaliy ���moftnywluit yoii -tliink;yon:. maj-vn
AA Antl-rtl^t;tltUUa,not moroly ,*�� ^'^r
, utloh,:. ��;;hbw��W,'It-ytbyca to ba tho
taatfthing,>ni :*y goAlorStl,006.0p6.V.^
y "JTonobnsol" atormod I^si ,'BldloHl-
: ^ns (i OriA mljlion .���W}tm I A��a��^i l^vV^*:'
:  atoMf{w/Vr^
JiusbandVb* ho would piylioip ior
������:'��� ltlm'go^to jinother -woman.''''Ar' 1 yXAy,..
' Tlion tho fair dlvorooo bbgtth i-t*>,got'..m*.
" witienttAwd'fIniiUy .nnttbunbwl tlmtvutt-r
;' 'i��.4"li��.^ito''.j^ h**
* foroih*���ymWne m*m wWwould���Jb��
' v-obllgid7, V ��*'��t mt'kMlto* indlobk1 for
:;." - I'd;: deaperattpni.. ->lwjnr Xawil' f6,*W
���\;wtmto�� ���1,006,000^ andMtUtn'A. nW>'
'-* i.'i.j.j.v ^f(^'*��^^ii*.!^ir^'r^^
V'v^:-3^a��y��U&" amfc'Vor'dlttt'w*' Jn ;th#hMMil*
Xn4l|w��H tow* vli����9 iH* l������J bwn tv^iv
mim juristybn tlio:oifi'eriV^KpVBayt3^.'|'A'
'X .Hero 'you:b-avOilt.;A^V:;Ai.'Vyy;yYVAYi^Ay:.'->
'   Yoii see hubbies  orby ,worth~4f ynot
thblr'wolght In gold���atVlcaatBoraotlilng.
.^Chicago Sunday Tribun^y.Ajv,yV;y;'..
ftillbd A to give, the ywto^,w��ii,v of
Milv#WjbVbo city wafeiv yj"^
tiilkpttppf froo wator plank In Maygr,
mml'platform1 haa^tioV bopn-mado
^bod^ourlouBly ohough bocaus�� it has
bbhtoolntbd\uneooialistio. ^a-aa y
WW SocldliBtio oity attornoy Ahojdfl
^nt��� wowld bb ritnlc ola��B: legislation
^Ag^htVvii-OOYoily: wator to wtt��libr-.
'^Wfttform'i^afe"' *l�� wPWj,;?&; $A
ha8:not;boortVToaU��!oa by, loglamtion,
dthw! [ ��,hd6'W;<>tt��::; important;,! planlw
moritlt of thb Bboialiut'*: Tbgim�� in:Mu-;
and 8uffervif )Uimmecf; in the spring
.    .      ioi>.Evii:'
'j!J^f^^XA00^X:Ay XX0^0Myjl^^0yy0.
fapprpTOdVmatoer^but :'it^lspMisp^e^lof|
people travelling*vertically in New York'
tally by the various transportatibn lines; ���
graph and telephone., iinea; -Jn 1008 the
'.telegrams, producing' a revenuoV o?*.$680j-
;. ; AfApl. in the CongbFfe^ State; rtherb
is a training 'seliool for-'elepbahts.-: At
:prewriti(28��pf Vihese-to
the coal-tar
Agi^en:ythe' .^reqnire^l^tint pp:;Sih sto��aiha1g^S?^lS^||
- ^^nedVeiigar Ab^y^^aa;^
^^cpndemnirig Abiiclb;: bf?c^i^^Mamj^^XA0&^^
A^^'bMinyyictf'J fin�� ���' 'B6s^^Xp^i��jb-<^^^i^f^ xA:m:smm.
doms' whbsoyiulerevwroAalwayis  at
It happened v tliat; 'QuebiiV Margaret
had boon defeated 'and X driven - from;
her oastle""-by.^ a1' wicked" king -named.
John.   Thb Y queehAf led, -U) A the.! f oreBt
,f0)f. rofuge, taklnar her.littloyeon ,Wil*y
BY; NlNAV:R^;Al-l|EN^yVy-;V Ay
:VyBefbreAbeginhirig'A opbmtibna;' >''��� lii'A ybuif ���'
yo^tliABtud^ it an tp>soil farid.��Sqpbfliiirol
It^yillytake sbirrio tirob^fuliy';toyVdetor-
Vndfcjip |its Mppasibilitibfli ���"���'���yiofficffifaeeiQa.
,lcai'nY\vlipreJythe .sunBliinQ';lfall8:':ah^''Uh-'
AA tayyput ;ibordcr0 (dlomgAiithb ^; foncoB,
rhiBlng^tlipm ;a, \-,iewAin<^io8iVabpyb^'.'vitho'
, gciiikal;; kveU _ If. ;a.VlmHilinjjVbjc���;..trcoe ^h*.
' tbribirkywlth;'; thia A plan, t;nj,akb bo'da^for,
arimjiUaAinAthb Bun,.biit^ ar^rigb^iomi
vif possibloj';'so rVthat/..'the<bQn^ro;.voi':V;tho,'
���:!mUm&Wi&- m^^6l^p^o;;an?;
.nuotfa Aalbrib.*,; Thby.V^w
of-mlmulusl ^- * '���;-u-1-"**-- "*----*^~'-^
���MxiiAYounghusbahd orept ��� ��� ebf tly AupiA'thb 'i'$0$ASs$B
, y,^ira-:^vca*ythIiig"?-waa:'Tp^^
-.���.-��� ��� -i- ���������--..-*--^ �����.���-*- ��� .-���,.-���-.������--!.-y.-..r.^/fibn'^^O-nbhirig;
imports-And; 947,000,OOa-��^prt8.'i^p!fJn^M'ibiMl^
;crease^was $a,0,00,000,oybr-1008 andJlO.s   ���     -     *        ���'   -- ��� " s- -<������������>..���*-->���������.**:�����������
;C[00,000 'byer;; 10O7v A'-' Ay ^ f: AXAAA^AXA
��� ��� ���;' The V-.'bo'f f coA bag^in aniii faoinrb-��� bf^tliib^
^^tJ^W^^'P^^11^^^ v^^dfm^^h^nllfAit'a.rat^laM^ ,.   ,	
;at < Sap*aulp,^h*rp,a^
of this material, js,being enlarged bo  i%ww*-><% "y^'���<��'<���*>������*.'>���<'������ yA^YVi^^wmAAsyM
^haflt'willVBbbni ha^'J15,060 8pihdlca;:^ ^;K| If a nmh7'.wouId;^ihim8elf:vhb;' #^.mx'Aym
mlmuluBAahd ncm^nlj*^
bo*rI6flHhby*bb^W findiihndy86habtim08   p)a^
tlioy,liad a fbastAWhe'ri.Bbmovhbrda
~X~Z.>.. ~i.t^AK ,;.i��n   .i.^;.i,i-    ��4;./v     *i,n.��
man's .1 kind; wife ; ^oiil^?; givb
broad.-VA"..'1 :yXXj,y-:XAAy.yyX;AYXXAXi --,���. ��� ,
iV�� Oriovday tho * qweon eaw Bomp of;
King,John's.inoivlitintihgylnVtKb wood,
arid in; groat tortor,'abo'fled deeper
into tlio fbroat. * Ab raho; bow^,��; Vetorni;.
ooming, up ehb took refugb, in ftAoavoJ.
ASoon a rough looking] barid^pt men
'I Tho- irc-ai^-lk^
'moro ofjtlo britjv p^ ^MmMi
*: A- manioiftnl^fumbl!b��i'".t:��)ib*pM'-lwi
boon o��tablia1icd/^v".-' ������;&i&%it :W'M 1
-* Tho local..doflftrtiuMjk^
tb give froo legal ndvieo toy thn, poor;
. Short-hour "'anapft'j' Lir�� ollyAaotyiebo.
^pwVportulacca. AGodctia^aWb^thrlvb^in
Eobr; Bbllfb'utvllt must saye' rtr'.'q'q6l y'Stl'jttifi^
Ion.1 ANaWurtlu^
; 0XA^ns^
A JBiwhoibiJS'5;': 'butt'oTlffl, * popple^A'slririp^
drnJBbhs^BW'sbt * alyafebni, calllopsia^eail*'
idiytufti:-eosi^bB4bnni'��l .* aunfloiy��3r��; ;()aH��
fornia pbbfilbBV ann,uiil larkspurs,''Armaria
goldt, nilguprifitto, ��� jfpttii'io'dlopiciii',..- j(��ctd.
ninn, phlox!Vdrtimmbiidi,    " adabioKft V ntid
v**Thb following reformo;"������ J
planneds -; xA.y.} .'Af;.y
���fVttia publio dnnoei" in pd
A; A free municipal ioo plant.      v
Tho aubf-tttution: of ono oxport^n-.
fin<M>r��or tho fourymonrodn��^tiitJ��g!
����o.,*prbwnt bo&jrd'oj puWln wwka. ��� ���
; Tho appointing oi iv. 1��mU ��tfXXMt.:
'W(��iyorB��id��V H-ndlU-*,SoelalUt foK
afburettuof to-
w4 nlniw. X An
_.����� ��� ,������  "��JT��ftbd 'atiuitfirr
'^ut^o, of *'ttifr blgrbbard^^^fehowfl
tbld. hbr to havo rioyJbW�� t that thoy
.would:'not- hamAheK**vvyy:!?.y,-?y,     ���
��� TJiey led her; to b.f convent; where
thoy r coaxed, lier  to allow,, thom...... to
'*-*''"',3v' -i.��M.-..fc*��i��iS&-i.^-.^gi-aat
���4ftnoSi^nS;^rd-i:'#iit^ 'did.
an ��rmy of 11IB own pooplo and win
hkdkhk vtpwn,Ayx,yt., ,,���,:.*���;.���
������ ��� <h "������:��� |i..,-i; ft- >"H rji !��,���# ;��f!':;��'M,>0 <u j.i ��� ���;, i-,; v;
.. ft' .V';yi ��� A Oood:, Enp^ghv m����on,
��� "7 Wttlii;Xllbfei" fr^^'��;^*i'���t*srn-
Jwf.to talk, ��how��d iimMkbd tft1��'��t for
1-pyontlng rbason* whyVisJib should not
W whipped. Ono day, however, hor mo��
thor fjatttrniniir); unbxpobt^dly, iound hor
hfQJdi���� m&mtlMi; dken from a
anclwl. ����� ��� itV WW ��� ��*n.; *s;puwi��� t��   asvo
hersalf. from 1 the 1*pprottohing if��*nltlng
*��m '>ofcs#*)ieir^V!*iitiioV'Vf i����:' ���***��� .;*msu**ii
lUlkbl^^lMft^-Ulida'-a^ . AfwlMf**
viinnlaa nro all of easy; Culture, and hot
_ l*��A<UlalDri JT
.v.'-^Mt-.r ��� ,-i''�� ."���
.,.��. tut
Splendid CooliS
,    .    ��ta.'Y7V':,',
������:.'��� ������������'-������'"-������".-,v;,pu;','i".;
.,^ t *'
dread having to prepare an elabt.
over, an: ^int^nsely'H'hpt^'-c^b"jBii'ly*^*'!?���);,:':
putftbliiihing ,i., poatyf y)rt��m, t with ���*(l��,.*n|r.-4�� ;.*��**;.��M��*t>, ,,.wiM>��i * gwt *** ��*��*��
vUt*w W ��>ut^iig U^ 'cwy on fl fttrlctly ' they Tero" crcry' ^��' yAi^lng.''   	
lo8��.^^^ caroirthan*. afiinualB., ^^(��b/-.talt*'g?o
ing:,>aort��,* lllcolyHblloyhpok* andv rjj'wtbog
,kla golden glow, ore ., most, -k���etm%\y^
B^itcna^for* high' boardlfoneea, and bohlb*
of bitr nioHt beautiful garden flowcra are
numl��bi'bd','among.,tliom/jV';'*i;rU''*,A,!7i "''-.-'''.'y
.Miiny'of tho hardy plants, will do welj
in, tho Hluulo. Among thorn" are monk��v
���rood"' Jliy-oMheivnlloy^ blooding,,heottit;
;fern��vyplantain lily, *   day. Illy, v, double
buttcroujp, aplraoa;; spliler��wmrt,' forgbt*
mn.not^Rprlmrosos, -andi hardy .Bimslan
���violets.'-"",' ��� ".���''���'������"''    ;'
,"  When sorting out * plants; oltlusr nn%
nuiiU or perennials,',!   r*bmemb>r     ih��i
height and the color. -Arrango witli ail
bj'o��tb;*'offeet. -imt >th����low/ plants,-��,!��,
'front; and do not haVb����alor^l, that ol����li
sldfl��by aide.* White-and grnwiri ���������� good
'hnrrnbnlr.ers. ������   ������'A'y.^-.v^..-   ^a.-. <���   ".'.<���
Uaa y<dlow gKnoronsIy.   H WlIK light
tip tho yard like concentrated suwsh��n��.
\To��inan.can long be content to mm*
suiu ui* pb����ai!w��a,t*r,,t^#''wT��rij, ef
pth*r 'j��i��rtpl*.     ���������-���������.������-��� 1',
*b*S '����*'���' w ., -.i~  ��
,; sesito? New^^fsiptlon^
tut f>fteri it' ia done at trcm-ih-
y doiia ^cqiiifc^)^
'- throtfttii^-the ;^SliMii��^efli-^
/Jf-oiiraelf out preparing a fine dlnner,y
'.A.^YA^Y'wom'mit*^,. *yyy'   	
. w i 'c ic' ws: vumj 'Er jrirA-WPts
i.: >>
���At >;���":���.;
���/J-.��""<-i tU ji. '\i- r.V.t*:.-
���;. -t-,,�� :
<3IyeBnobuwldel>cnt,noimipn, no ornoke.   It wJll .eookj thayfaiffgwat M**if
without heatlni   '   " "     " '  '        "    *    "-���* ���*    ^"
*'' ately eirtlrgnls1
������A"'Vbd don'
* light and
Intense "
has * Cabinet Top with ahelf forkebplng plates and Ibbd hO!idroi* thelyw'foiv^ff yXAy^n
coffee, teapot or saucenaivand awn *��� rack fprtpwsls,,. It*Wy*i��^tJm^.wow.v,';V
hbalthahd tampar. It doss all ii.wom'an^ada.and'imorO^hiiiibha^^ rtptcmVpttm;. ,.,   ,,���,,-,,
'.', YWitf*. |��.?#.f-nd S.hwrflfWi J frj*; .31, *nd; JUhntrwir ��� ���!��������� m***!** had with ';'w:'4iJlhoililv^''-it:,' '.:A.X"XX
/���     ..-   fP.    T**:       v,     ��','    ���''!���.,.���'''     ,-       . /��   ;���������      ,. ��� -*��� 1"    ���'���l'"'"1'     ��,I'<V'��  '"MIA     ������iV^VXiVifl''.-  ii.��^.��fa��'W*w.W*��-,l��S#-..|.,-..;iv^>v,i|!.
������'   Kv*r�� <l����l����verrwtt��f�� 1 ��'%niktyMiuw.writs't��tn*uripUw��Clurl*.*>..tottoiMi4fiM_sj*^aiiy.bt ta|'..��'.:..y'.:7":���;A''A;A
TfllJ..,. )(m|l)^|!f
iliiiiiiiI>iiiMiii(��a<a��WaW^^ '   '" ;���-'.;',^'-.
��M.I,Hji..lf..llTl."l|��'lll<i"��'-'i."-  -J*  ''J''' !>��� " ���'���>'
k ''   ^l' "^li'''
..II,., #^,M-
ji^'*�� ������fsyowi fTr:*,
w 1 mi��itw"w��ti 11 fnpn�� > 1 i��j 1 ���;
".. �����,'
I  I I
*��l      *       I   If
J��L...LlL.j^,..,^..��hUi��*��L*.hMit, yj^. m  hy  JAS. H. SC)  TMn mmA   it  RSAL B8������ATft,  TRAIL  CHAS. MOORE, C.E.  g fl.  !**������ SWftVBYO* ilD   ABCaXRnCfV  -Kaas and SpeoiftWitSoBfl  CRESTON  -  B.C.  J-  ���������f-v       *   xt r\ *C n   C A "KT  JLC.    A ������  Jf ������i ��������������� w ^ **���������  jBaaTjCH    OOLUIGMA    ItAKD    SVBTXTOS  TRAIL -  OKELL, YOUNG & CO.  Sisal Estate asA InstsRassQ*.  The editor of the BeView is by no  means superstitious and regards the  average premonition yarn ns ft fake of  th9 most transparent kin 1. Bat a remarkable case of this nature, which  comes under our notice and is well authenticated, has set ns "fmiously to  thinking." |  A weil-bnown lady resident of Cr a-  ton recently wmt ou a visit to Spokane.  Having secured a room in iu n certain  first-class hot������l there, she retired to rest.  Somehow or otht-r she was unable to  Bleep  and an undefined fear of sime  impending    catastrophe    came    upon  her.   80   powerful was  this  influence  that she arose, snd leaving tho room she  had  engaged,   took her baggage and  moved to another   betel,   where she  passed the night in comfort.   "What was  her surprise the following  morning  to  hear that the very hotel which she had  ao recently forsaken had  been  horned  down in the night, that several guests  had narrow escapes and   that/ all lost  their possessions in the blase  Now, you scoffers, what do you know  abont that ?  Ainu  mm  **^M. *k# wmjLMm^    ^*^*    ^������^^t ���������  VJH>  B.C. I  GUY   LOWENBERG  OOMSULTDia   EstOJHWIR  CRESTON      -  B.C  R. GOWLAND SCRUTON  A.I* A.A.  (Diploma Iiondon Assa. Accountants)  ATmrsoa aw������ Accoustant  Balance shoots prepared and verified  Book* balanced, opened and closed  Vartnarships and company auditing  CRESTON -      ~~  We have a First- Qass gob Trusting Department  and war orders wiil be in the hands of experienced printers  ^fr^ftsSfttfrfr  ���������P'Wwv*"���������'  Musical docteiy jrOrrneu  At an informal meeting of .Crestooi-  ans who are interested in music, which  was held on Monday evening in the  Howarth home, Oanyon street, the matter of forming an organization for the  encouragement of music in tho town,  wan discussed, and it was decided to organize a society to be known aa "The  Oreston Amateur Musical and Comedy  Society." The central idea was to Snd  what talent was available and then at a  future dato to give an entertainment  consisting of songs, glees and minstrelsy.  Another meeting will be held shortly,  when further arrangements will be  made. Mr. J. Darbyshire was named  fox muffo**'! director, bnt until the material available has been investigated and  jome training done tho character and  sso jo of ehe ��������� proposed entertainment  ���������was left over.  Wiffa a Local Flavor |  i'>������������������������*0$������a������Qe,gg"gofei>6iS������i������'������a*^ .^.^v   Mrs. C.P. Rielconfeinu������to make good | i*S ������* the better for his trip.  Geo. Mead and wife returned to Cres-  wa oa Tuesday, aftsr  a five weeks'  holiday at the coast.   Mr. Mead is look-  Letter Heads, Bill Heads  Envelopes, Cards  Circulars  i** t *  In fact, anything and everything in the way of High-  s  -^    j. * a *���������  Grade Commercial Printing at the  ���������progress towards recovery.  Geo. Young returned to town last  Friday.  H. Hopkins, of the Kootenay marble  works, Nelson, waa in town Thursday  - Wash prints, lie. por yard ���������O. O. S.  Pi*SK-=Aft Creston, os Saturday, Augss**  Sah, to ths Tnr**s of .5. W. Syojfisaa, a  daughter.  BoBW���������At Creston, on Tuesday, August  9th, to the wife of Andrew Miller, a  daughter.  nnn a A-c/m.  ������W.������* UIAJU.���������  r.  horse, perfectly quiet; suitable for ladies  stsd ohAdreu; aged to.���������Apply atBevlew  ofHcsftA.  The Thompson boys, who have been  staying with Mrs. McPeak, returned to  Oranbrook on Monday.  Our Oanyon Oity correspondent was  in town Tuesday. Ho rei������ort8 everything ia looking flub at Appletow n.  Oil finish window shades, standard  size, 860.���������O. O. SA y  A. D. Poohin is expecting visitors in  the persona of his mother and two cousins from tho old oountiy, who aro now  on the water on route for God's own  country. .      ���������  Mr. McPeak has some very fine specimens of reef showing visible gold, which  oome from the olnims ho haa recently  located on Shoop Creek.  O.O.S. means Oranbrook Go-operative  Stores.  Jack Leonard returned from a fishing  trip nround tho lake and Corn Greek.  He reports good sport and brought back  many fish, some of whioh weighed 8 1*2  and 4 lbs. each.  J. Price MaoDonald and James Nioh-  Olson, old-timo prospectors, of Banks,  were io Sirdar ^Monday. They have  been on a two months11 trip up Summit  Creek mining distriot.  Mtn's balhrigan underwear, 75. per  suit.���������43.0. 8  W. Morris, tho gonial host of rtho  Sirdar Hotol, was In town Wednesday.  Ho roports everything going finely at  tha rsdlwajr metropolis.  Mr. Attwood, tho popular O. P. E.  agent at Moyie, is in town. Mr. Att-  wood is hew on a short holiday and will  ���������Uko tho otfportunity to look over his  extensive holdings in this distriot.  Robber tire ooiiaps'lble go-oorts, $6.60  ���������O. O. S.  Mrs. 31. McCarthy and two danghters  W������WO JpSMitflgSXw on  tt-4-r.-^.  ���������&sy*e train en  routo to Ornnbrook on the sad errand of  making arrangements for the f oneral of  her son, Cacti, whoso body was taken  there from thAs������*no of ths aooldont.in  whioh he lost bis life.  Dr. Knox Wright, pastor of St. Andrew's Presbyterian church, Vancouver,  was in tows "Wednesday. The reverend  geusieinsn delivered an address to the  bible class in the Presbyterian church.  FOB SAIiE���������2000 shares of Oreston  Telephone Co.'s stock at a snap.���������Apply  at th&Beview office.  A ������srv urgent meeting q* the members and adherents of tbe Presbyterian  church is requested for Thursday evening, August 18th, at 8 o'clock. A full  attendance is needed, as importanfbusi-  ness iB to he discussed.  Mr. and Mm, McCarthy and family  wish to publicly express their thanks to  the people of Oreston ond distriot for the  many expressions of sympathy and kindness which have been extended to them  during their sad bereavement.  Wash prints, Uo. per yard���������0.0.8.  Frank Bast left town on Tuesday for  Lajord, SaBk., where be will he located  until fall. Mrs. Bast and family are  already at tbo prairie' point, bat when  the wintry breeues begin to blow Frank  will be turning his face once more to  the balmy olimate of the Oreston volley.  We regret to announoo the death of  Mra. Hall, wife of O. Hall, of Oreston,  who passed quietly away nt 5 p.m. on  Thursday. APron^ Mrs; Hall  was in a serious condition; in foot her  medical adviser thought her condition  too serioufl to Btand thb journey to Gran-  brook hospital, ond In spite of ovory  car������ she became rapidly worse until the  end. Tho funeral will toko place on  Saturday afternoon at Oreston cemetery.  Mrs. J. Wl Itow, assisted ^;Mw|VBi  M. Beid, govo an ottorhoon tea for tho  ladies of tbo Presbyterian ohuroh on  Monday last. There was a large attend-  anoo, some twenty membora and f riondB  being present. After thobuslnbiB wicot-  ing of tho Iiadios- Auxiliary tho rest of  tho afternoon was spont vory ptoaaantly  with mnsib and song, and all had ft very  en-joyabiotlme. 'y:'^:''X''yXyX (������������������;  Imdlen' oashmoro ho������o, 30o.-i-0. 0. S.  J. J. Atherton loft for Sirdar; Wod-  uesday on ft bear hunting trip. When  wonakod him where, bis gun wori bo  smiled and said ho lntondod to kill the  boars by choking thorn with foots abont  Oreston. It tikes a real estate man to  carry off o little job liko that properly.  Mr. B. Reddlo, of Wotaskwin, was in  town Wednesday, and took tlio opportunity to look ovor his holdings of fruit  lands hero. Ho expressed bis satlsf notion  with tho appear anoo of his land and  stated the manner iu whioh tho Orostou  valley hod como through tbo dry ocaoon  was ������ revelation to otto wbo had soon  tho burnt ont country through othor  districts.  1W V IV'.YV  -  . ������   -B-|  *-r-<,A  Labor Day   ;  In Fernie I  Large list of good events  Over $1000 in prizes  F<^vvRacin^v|Bft|ebalI;;  iN^mS^Toupiim^ntyY  Fpolfealli; Sq^^Tepee^  ^c^'^Sq!aaw*'H*v������.e *  -���������Xxx:Rax^0^^i0x0.  ���������ill'.'.'  A'y  Entries most be made-with  ;���������' i'.:.A' ���������".���������:"��������� SecretaryyXyyAA-XYX  Q. H. JBouMONi President  W. S. STANM-r.-Sebrbtary  '.. MIbb L. M   Soott, Trained Nureo, of  Rethwoll ho-ipltal, Manitoba, is ready  for engagements of any kind, Maternity  ngpcolalty.   Apply MIbbL; M. Soott,  general dollvory, Moyio, ,B;0.  ��������� -    .-;...'���������.   .:,������������������ ���������';:'.- )'i"-A:y:.v'i..-;y..: '���������������������������.. ���������  F. Oorryi. bub of Orestdn's post resl.  dents, was in townllobking round his  old haunts on Wednesday.bud taking  rofugo froin thbdrbniry splltude of Cran-  brwA; tMs root nnmo is Fred, but ho  had a smile on hispfaob;; lilco ���������jSanny  Jlm,, whon boiw'blbombd Mayor Littlo  nnd Bomo of btt old f riondB on tho plat*  'form.       'xyXyX-xX'y-:xXX'A;[.  Eabbortirooollapfllblogo-oiutB, 95.60  -O.O. B^-yAX^yyy;yX, xyy  *��������� *    '���������' '-"V ;'"'-''ii-"i';'��������� ,'1'','i; " .���������''."- '"���������'."'������  r.wy  Jm.    AAJU        EL  ���������..,.-i'yr-iy. ^-V*>:  ���������y-i>:y  ^r't-'AlW^PS-  AA-Siy^Aziy-S:  :M.?,.c!?.,.  Wm^M^^^i^M  ���������.���������Vii-  mwjmmmttsmimmm i ig l^||;^xCWiPllii  "���������"���������Msi^fi?*)!  yS&a^xs'.'S.iy  ,,^.������:,...y.W>,V.-;,T?.;  v;?ysryyyi  -xy-xy  ,.'; .'���������'vf-i ..^  Sarvlcss Noat tundav.  Writs tbo C. O. fi.. Oraubrook, for  prices on furniture rud rugs.  Oil finish window sbades, standard  sloe, 8flo.���������C. O, S.  S. P. Pond, wholesale produoo doalor,  nf Nelson, was In town Thursday.   Mr,  Prsshytorlan Church  Sorvioes wili be hsld lu tks Pr*sby-  terion Ohnwh on Sunday next. Von*,  log sarvlos, 11 a.m.; Evening serrlos,  7.80 p.m.   Sauday sohool at 10.0 a.m.  Blblo Class and Sabbath Sohool at 10  a m.   Yoa aro cordially invited to join  our Blblo Class        y*-      '       y.       v  ��������� JonM J, GnaawLKB, Pastor.  MatUodlat Church  Savrvioss on Snnday next: Sunday  Sohool and Blblo Glass al 10 80 a.m. i  Evening Bbwios, 7.B0 p.m.,  X:w 3 ButnBBjronu, pastor  Churob *������f Bsifland  1V-iv.',iii,-!-5'':,'.';  Ay;,iHfifeY  "i'TbV  BlwIn* IsrvlM in tho 1TUW BOHOOL.  IieUSS:*���������8*V*io������1,# Gun^fisy, Augnnt 14  ��������� iii"  If yon vrant to make a friend nf OP.  B^a-kblmtoooaoftod Uav* a iiMo-ji^^'tf^^^i^-to-iie hayin^^^'K^ri^r^^s  ofwattriiialoowlUsyon.   He may even I        M m reclawaUon farm and como and'uSSSr    "���������   11a.m.;     Snnday  tell you tho sad story of the wntsrmslon ^ m^ *wangemonts in oonneetion school, 8 p.m.; Mvensong and Sormon,  hsbrwsrhtUokwith bim imd bow II w,4|. Mm#/ He reports business ss be. 7 ^,ffiiAmir-ohoolhonso at 8 n 1  was that the boys mlsssd tbo trost of log good and says tho capital of tho,    Altw ^^JZSy^nof.M ���������  ���������iattis iivOS. STiViLmaa-kfJii ti fiilil ffilr^r alj^i. -        ! ^mmjt %j, sutmu,  MBai^lSafiatU  m.  Visar,  :'.mH0������tm  Billiards $nd T17  '���������^jnjn,;- Room ; *^^l*hl  Cigar* and Clgftrettea  :H6t or; Gbldf |p!*$  At Any-''Htou^i  Razors Ground nnd Set  JIM.  Ij^dj^m^lii^^  'WATER NOTICE  'tinam  c'oiiho to tako ono'hairof u cublo toot of-waterK*'������������������.������������������.u'jV'.vi  rcoro.ftH uunamed. stream fiowlns i^ih il������ft&^  moutn of the tunnel of tho Itlnlo Holm&Mnai** ��������� y I  to be useil for Irrigation purposes vtitlmnV^W'^V f  ondlOfl.KootonayValley*lttaaB.Oreswn.M W? 'r��������� .A  \Watorto be takensoroM the land oWnsd! \������������&,\>fci$tiA  'Jonn-llathle; ndjoinins; tot W4. :���������<���������;?,;,:.yAyxZ'yiyAy^'i  Croston, "0.p.rV'8tt������?9th,:l^  .r'V, A  i'Ati4a4*a.������..'*AkA,Ai'ii.'A,*^l-kV;  -!A-A'AA!"Xy  'XAiyyxy,  ������������������ ���������* ��������� - ���������'��������� :'-"yy<',:  Y'.y'.'i;*.;  '   i - 1 . ^*���������^*..���������"  l-'.-l "H   "*'TT ' l*.li*li li.'-f .' /.iv fl^  ���������" "��������� .*aW 'Vi   f *'   *'('*. h.     'I  ixxy!v  lfi,,?;'.^.;(>v:T'*''  iUi''*'^;.<yvJi^;i)l^^*i^'^lir.-i,''' 'M.\: ���������''"���������,  .ilill^Al^llfVi:  , ife'Be'nd*' ������1 pa'iiV wb^tavtoday; and) >J.  ��������� get oanaaa's best poultry, napsr .JTlie <������  ������mvm*������^iti$fi ?bNe I  v world suited by a man who js in eon-  utant loaitjj wltu the, work he talks  , ybu UnowthSre Is money In poultry 1 ���������;  iiutUteoovoryutiBtttiUe, imin. know- .'-.< 1.  ; Jos now which fs-the key to sueoeas. 11  , i^Onrwnsrwjll.tfll *rou,liow:ypu' oan  11 soioitsa for lijuculna delivered to yonr  < yens and now to jralse ihein. That's  1,; nraqtleally showing yoa how you oan:  ,, wsily make money. ' , - :  ,  . > Ueiida tin emits today and, bsodrae a  , t reauiar M{biorlbor and muka money  * reauiar silbiorl  , 6iiT<������f^ouuiy.  i ^Whon wriutis, pleaes m-Jntlon tb<  aviawond odairsss yoursubssriptloi  Ths FanuerV ifoi^vUutJiiuA:  CuAvntAH, Ojirv.1, cUvlnA,    *  ������������y 1  -;'.'���������''.'.i't i\.i  'i -Ti  'ii'M:  <" ���������"}.'  W::$WS  \     X '  '-������,  ��������� v    *Km lu)    ,.f}    Ui ... wu\) "i 1 r .villi  .1H1  *i \  I I'  i  Vh*,.IiI$.M


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