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Creston Review Jul 15, 1910

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 r\ii ,t������e News  of the \  A^:h Oestor; jj-g-,- ~  District  TC\A /  IC V V  .       ,    y     >   .-. +    i* r������      * ^ww  ���������a    /," '   *  ' 'yf  Seas te fc^r  '  ;/.'v;  Addrsts ,��������� fnr  $2.00 a Ywr     -<-;^  No 49    2nd Year.  ���������-*������������������ k  CRESTON, B.C., FRIDAY, JULY 15, 1910  Q������������*<.v ,* n_������.���������**.  .._ *~K"    yj���������l'     ..    - ,1 -.'-*>..���������  S Have your Fruits put up in the Celebrated  LEFS  EASY TO SEAL      EASY TQ OPEN  More in use than any other mj  Pints  Quarts  Half-Gallons  fcxtra Sealer Tops, 20c. per- doz.  per qpz. $1.25  1.50  1.75  pily, uncommon in the extreme in British  Columbia.   ,In Prince Bupert alone no  less a sum than $5,100 waB recently coll-  i  ectod iu fines as the result of a special  campaign against these underground  boozing dens, to deal with which a  special force of outside detectives had to  be employed. At least three crimes of  serious character are directly traceable,  and these it is said, wonld in aii probability have been impossible under ordinary '.circumstances had the * common  license and regulation system of the  province prevailed.  rif*"mr..f  till S8.849  inuiuiii  IT  118  ni  oenerai  Merchant  .O  A  I  3EERS  S"  v-yfeston,  ��������� /T%  B.C.  AN  ATTRACTIVE   INDUSTRY   IS  OPEN FOB INSTALLATION-  FACTS  AND  FIGURES  OF THE BUSINESS  One Year of Hog Raising  In Alberta  (By N. K. Sokenson, Markerville, Alta.)  l    As many of the local fruit growers are  raising hogs aud aiore are contemplating doing so, we publish the -following  article, which deals with hog raising:  I use in my hog business eight acres  of land bordering upon the Medicine  Sriver. Tho siooo cowards the river is  covered with brush, and the rest of the  land is partly in native grass and partly  seeded down with mixed grain for pas-  ways find barley, whole or giound, and  fresh buttermilk. It is very important  to have 'he small pigs Feeding well when  they are weaned, and they should ba fed  liberally so as to keep a clean skin and  a gaod appearance, without being fat.  (To be continued)  tui'ugo, wulCu IS  -,y '*  ������0>*������^������0������9������������������������������*������0*������ ���������������<>��������������� ������*���������������  Annual School  "pigs in good growing condition. \ \ 'y\  "'U'he principal building ,provides jiens'  for some 50 hogs, land in one end of "it 1  .Water and bnfeterrnilk. They feed "room  is surrounded on three sides by feeding  yards fenced in and they are arranged  so that hogs of nearly the same size are  fed together. Outside of the regular  feed yards I have other buildings used  principally ior brood sows "whenever I  find it advisable to separate them from  the rest; while these as well as straw  stacks are available for farrowing quarters, the sows seem to prefer farrowing  in the bushes in summer.  My bunch of hogs is of the Yorkshire  breed, bred from registered stock aud  consisted in February, 1909, of ** 1 boar,  IS sows and 37 young hogs for fattonin'g.  ���������During the year the brood sows had  17  litters, totalling 138 pigs of Bplendid vitality, farrowed as follows:   8 litters in  March, 5 iu May aud 4  iu  August.   I  bought Go half-grown hogs for fattening  betweon September 11th and November  16th, 100D.   In Fobiuary Inst I had 85  pregnant sows nnd 3 boars, having sold  altogether 207 bend during  the year.  ** During pregnancy tho sows aro fed on  oats; otherwise bnvloy is the staple grain  ration.    In feiy oxpirienoo tho young  pigs show less vitality whon thbir dams  hnvo beon fed largely on bnrloy.  Soparato fooding yards uvo provided  for tho tauwll, pigs whota thoy oan al-  ������. The annual school meeting will  ^ be held in the new schoolhouse at  2 10 a.m. on Saturday, July lGth.  $' Business: "The matter oi! having  ^ ..teachers' salaries increased, also  *<> -the question of clearing and im-  ������' prpving the school yard." All  *J ratepayers are requested to attend  >?* this-meeting.  ranrar  FOR  STABBING YOUNG WOMAN  FRIEND AT PRINCE RUPERT  GRIME   COMMITTED WHILST UNDER INFLUENNCE OF VILE \r  LIQUOR OBTAINED AT*  "BLIND PIG"  i" 2-AxThe Men are Pead*. *  *��������� '^o~ sporting- match   advertised between Messrs. J. W. Williams and .T. J.  Atherton will begin tomorrow,  Saturday.    At 10k. the"contestants will play  a game of billiards, 250 up. at Sam Hatfield's billiard saloon; at Ilk. they will  contest a mile walking match,  starting  from the post office and going a half-  mile as far as Crawford's corner and xq-  turn;������������^ll.4iktTc*������;s will run a hundred  yards level race on the Erickson road;  at 5 p in. thev will play a game of tennis, 3 sets; at 6 p m. they will play two  innings at single-wicket cricket;   at,.10  p.rto. chey will meet at tbe Opera House  in  a  four-round   sparring  nmtch for  points.   This event will be sandwiched  in between   the    advertised    sparring  matches, Ooserta v.  Beam  and   Smith  v. Dunnett.      '  -��������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������'������������������������������>'* .������-������-������-0-������  NOTICE  THE GOAT MOUNTAIN  WATERWORKS CO. LTD.  All parties who are in arrears'  for wator ratos up to June 80th  are hereby notified to pay the same  on or before Monday, tho 18th  iustv failing whioh tho water supply will be out oil! in nccordauco  with Section 15 of tho Regulations  of tho company.  Tho Goat Mountain Waterworks  Co. Ltd.  Guy LowitNiwna,  Managed*  The Ducrest Stump Puller  Realizing that the clearing of land at  Oreston is a burning qnestion with local fruit growers, the Oreston Publishing Company has accepted the agency  for the famous Ducrest stump puller for  the Creston district;. Read the following  descriptions of the stump puller and the  signed testimonials of well-knGwn  ranchers at the coast, and then if you  have any land to clear, call at the Re-  vtjsw office and give ue your order for a  stomp puller that is guaranteed to pull  stumps.  All our Ducrest stump pullers are delivered to the station or wharf free of  charge, but the purchaser of each machine has to pay the freight from Seattle  to his nearest station, or from Victoria  to his nearest station.--  The Ducrest stump puller No. 2 outfit is the one all the contractors are  using with great success. This machine  is a grsat money maker for any one  wanting to go into the business of contracting.  Tbe No. 1 Ducrest stump puller outfit  is lighter, less room iu tbe drum and  less wire rope than No. 2 outfit, bnt No.  1 will pull ont just as large stumps with  ,one horse*as the No. 2 outfit. Of course  a person with the No. <*: outfit will do a  little more work every day than with  ���������Slwmi1  \  t  ��������� ������������������ *��������� ���������-���������-���������'^-������ ���������������-���������-������-���������-���������������������������-���������-  ar __-������-__������.��������� ���������  Creston Lumber  ���������  cManufacturing Co. Lm.  ���������atfaauNMMaaiMM  A ���������' A'y.y'y>y  Complete    Stock Aot  ^������������������y'l^UQH-and'yyyy^  ���������' tf"\ xr%' tr"*' t*'C+ in* irv'  ��������� DRESSED  tmmosKtommawm  ii miwmmMMiwMoiMni  Prompt oQttenttoh Satisfaction Guarantee*  Let its(Figure withfyouon that Building  ���������&6* BOX 24  cmsjroy, b.c, m  mmmmkam  VICTORIA, B. C.\ July 1?���������Edv^urd.  Leightoa, a youth of eighteen, ^who,  made mad for the nonce .by indulgence  in potations of fiery wood alcohol and  *���������     - >. <.  tobacoo -j&iee in one of the many "blind  ** _        ���������i-  pigs" tha*-have proven -the.cnrse  of  Frince 'Rnpert in * its  no-licenBtf days',  stabbed Lillian Calvert, a young, woman  friend, has reached the penitentiary at  New Westminster, to which he has been  sentenced for three years by His Honor  Judge Young.    .Ths prisoner made a  full  and piteous confession, ascribing  his action wholly to the influence of 'tIR^nw9QIkfiija>a$a^ *tM  vile stuff, designated as whisky, whioh  was sold to him by one f'Teddy" Kruz-  ner, proprietor of a soft drinks shop,  who, like many others, has been taking  advantage of human nature and the absence of licensed and regulated hotels in  tho G. T. P. city, to carry on a sooret  aud illicit traffic, incomparably move  harmful to the community and more  difficult te control in its relation to the  breeding of orime in secret.   This phase  of the liquor traflflo problem was very  energetically and pertinently commented  upon by Judge Young in paRBing sentence.  "I only rogrofc,-' said His Honor, "thnt  there is not sufficient evidonoo now bo-  fore mo to convict this man Kruznev,  for, in my opinion, a severe sentence  ought to be imposed upon him, I realize  it is exceedingly difficult under prevailing conditions for the oflloors of tho law  to koop a Btriot watoh upon thoso skoal-  thy driuking places, and I hopo thoy  will bo ovon more1 aotivo in doing so in  tho futuro. An for Kruznor, if he has  any consoionoo at ail, it should be a punishment for him to reflect upon all tho  misery nnd Buffering tbat his doalings  havo brought about."  Tho oxporiouoo of tho police at Piinco  Ruport  during  tho  nodioouso   period  preceding its  incorporation  as a city  with solf-govornlug, powers,   nnd   its  adoption of tho lloonso prinolplo as generally prevailing In this provinco, is not  ono that in llkoly to bo. oited by advo.  catoa of ohango in JBrltlsh Columbia'*  sywtoru of dealing with thp liquor truffle.  Despite the utmost activity of tho polioo  '���������blind pigoV. aud  ������������������holoH-lti'thfl-wnir'  have sprung tip nnd'-'< flourished until  forrotod out by tho law,   Thoso vllo ro-  sortt>���������hidden a away from tbo   public  vlow, daiiliug,ii*������ nlQo)ir^\.dvugH and pol-  Hoiit*'of the vlloat clORoIiptlon, and sub-  jnot to hotiq of the official sitporviHlon  and flurvolllauco lnoyitablo under tho  lloonHOd fiyatom-rhftve provon fruitful  btctteUtft plftooa of dlfiordor.   Aoonrdlhg  to buporlutouaeut HusHuy. Utu "blind  plg'f otfow opportunities in crime ivnd  dlfllualtle* for tho polloa whioh ato, hap-  There is a good opening at Creston for  a box factory. At present all the fruit  groweis in this district; us well as those  residing along the Kootenay lake are at  present compelled to send to the coast  for their fruit boxes. Some rather interesting figures have been obtained in  connection with this matter.  In the first place there is no bos factory between the coast and Oalgary, and  practically all the fruit boxes used in  this district come from New Westminster, B. G.   These strawberry and raspberry crates cost, laid down in Oreston,  approximately 47c. each, whereas if a  local box factory were doing business  here these boxes could be turned out at  80 cents each and then the box factory  would make a good profit.   If a box  factory were installed at Creston, apple  boxes could be turned out at 14 cents  each, while tomato, cucumber and plum  boxes could be made for 8 or 9 cents  each, and rhubarb and vegetable boxeB  at 14 cents each.   Five thousand dollars  would be ample cash'required to iuetal  a box factory.   In addition to the znanu-  factury of the various kinds of fruit  boxes at this factory the mill man could,  as a side issue, make window and door  frames,   also ornamental and braoket  work for the outside of dwellings.    He  conld also ca^ry doors and windows in  stock.   Here is a grand  opening  and  great fruit district and being immedi"  j ** * ?  ately tributary to the numerous fruit  ranches along Kootenay lake and shno  around Nelson, a box factory established  here would be highly favored in the important matter of shipping the hoses,  as two railways and the steamboat lake  service can be used in distributing the  boxes to the various frnit ranches.  This matter has been carefully iaves-,  tigated and to a man of ��������� enterprise and  experience a golden opportunity for a  box factory at Oreston awaits him.  Parties interested in this industry  who want further particulars can communicate with Mr. P. B. Fowler; hon.  secretary of the Creston Board of Trade,  or with tho Sscrotaay of the Spruit  Giowers* Association, 3������r. W. S, -Watson.  'ft  "* J  "���������  i!*"  Men's balbrigan underwear, *75c.  suit.���������-O. O. S.  per  err ������_  -JLIUS  VYCCK. ������  whioh renders I  ^o. I, because he has more roon*,in the j Oreston is just ripe to receiye thia box  fastcry lnd.u2tric'��������� In the Osssi-osi And  Kootenay lake districts alode" -this season over 50,000 fruit boxes were required  and this handsome number will increase  greatly each year.  It is strongly recommended that a medium sized box factory be installed; one  to make three to five hundred boxes daily.   A factory of thia .kind would employ three men and two boys,   tt must  be remembered that in making these  boxes various kinds of wood are needed;  for instance, strawberry and raspberry  orates want to be made ont of spruce or  cottonwDod, while the applo boxes need  spruce and pine.   The tomato, cucurai.  ber and-plum-boxes can be made out of  any kind of ohoap lumber.   All of the  above kinds of ��������� timber abounds around  Oreston.   However, in   the making of  these boxes, the lumber UBed is a secondary consideration, as the main cpBt  is in the labor.  A box factory established at Ownton  oan make money from its installation,  and if it is started by an experienced  man. a vory largo and luorativo Indus*  Jf  1'?.".^   *\>   ' '        -   I   _"���������    1 J   ><>������  try will follow". 'Situated aa Oreston" ia  with such very excellent transportation  faoilltes, and being the hub of sttbh a  unci* * w*fM������aA<wh)n  more advantage.  ,  A Dnorest stump puller does not wear  opt by pulling 50 to 100 acres of green  stumps or trees. Our Ducrest stump  puller does not "show any wearing at all  by pulling 800 acres of green Btumps or  trees.* r-  wili ������-"'!1 vou the  name and address of ������ iww persons, who,  after using their Ducrest > stump puller  V * t I  in over 100 aores of green standing trees  pulled with the same machine, being  sold to a neighbor after all that work  had been done, for the same amount of  money that the first purol^aser paid for  it when it was purchased,,,new. .We  can name many persons, who,**, after finishing olearing stumps in their farms,  have sold their machine for nearly what  they paid for it when the machine was  purchased, new.  A person who has cleared ovor 100  acres of stnmps and trees with a machine  in oue lap, must have some experience,  especially if he had never hurt man or  horso, and you oan take his advioo about  land clearing. But take notice Mr.  Duorest, the patonteo of  tho Dnorest  An   enjoyable   time was spent last  Thursday evening   at the progressive  whist party given by the Misses Johnson for their sister, Margaret, who recently arrived home to spend her summer   vacation.   On this occasion five  tables   of   progressive   whist  player*)  played according to Hoyle till the end of -  the tournament, when the first lady's  prize was awarded tp Miss Howarth,  while A. S. FitzGerald won the first  gentleman's prize.    The lady's booby  prize was won by Mrs. Spiker, while  Percy Watson was presented with the  gentleman's   booby   prize.   After the1 ���������  whist   tournament refreshments V were y  served, vocal and instrumental 7m*osior-  being intersperced during the evehiug" .  by Mrs. Rose, Messrs. Graham, Gibbs ���������>  and others, while Mrs. Darbyshire gave ,  an   amusing   recitation in fine style.  ,  During the evening dancingAwas indulged in.    The invite^, guests,were*  Mr. and Mre.y Rose, Mr. and tMxa. O,-  !yrVw������*fi- iy-������. nvSA M*.n   T5*,������^rtvtp>Tt J "Wi*     otid*  ���������~e  iOV  Eaysaai's' Mr.  ^*V~. ^���������^-J**^!^  K  Mrs. E. O. Wilson, Mr. and, Mrs. Hob  den, Mr. and Mr*. Beyan.Mrs. {Spiker,  Miss Opie, Miss Wilkes,, Miss Moore,'  MiBS Howarth, Messrs. A. S. FitzCJeroldy  MoBean, Keath, Gibbs, Oallander, "R.Sjy.,  Gibbs, McLeod. Freeze, GreenleerPeroy, ,  and Reggie Watson, Broderiofc Grohani;  and Taylor. , ���������"!? <  (Continued on pngoflvo)  The girls' party given by Mrs. Mall-,,'  endoine on Thursday afternoon, owing ^  to the excessive heat, wart not quite as ^  well attended aa it might have been; /  bnt those who did attend spenta portion  of the aftornoonin an enjoyable manner.',  ���������a'" '.J  f>    ^  .   - *T-  y -���������>!  -  /".**  i  ���������  ri A  <  k'U  Last Tuesday evening a* most enjoyable,A  littlo party waa given by Miss M. Moore  at the rer.ido.noe of Mr* 0. Moore, in hon* ,l,  or of Miss Margaret Johnson.' On thio  oooasion the program of the evening's  amuBemontB consisted of whinb, uiuhIo ,  and daubing.,   MIsb Margaret Moore,  who ootcd s oi  hostesfl, proved herself ,  an admirable entertainer, and .all,,who '  were fortunato enough to be present  '/    ���������       i    i * .   ry  spent an enjoyahlo evening.    <  ���������    * i ,\Y:  .. ^       '   '     i ���������  t    Stoneware and  t  sBSssssasm  5-QaIIon Churns  4-Qalloti Churns  $a.7S I i-Oallon Butter Crocks, ^r 6oc.  $2.25   Half-Qal. Butter Crocks, g*r 40c.  ATLAS MA������Wxffl^  '^.y^.-Pm^  t  ���������V  '^"-jiy-'fv^'.v'ty  :^A4^yAj$  .*'. *,.,i)V- ���������>'..','.'. -.'.W..:A*!S ���������& '*&}&im*i*r+rT������iiii^^^ ������ a-*-   >~*.������^-j-^.X.*j-������, .^k w*-������H*-*g^**^.wg������'*>j,wjbuin-��������� n^p^^^*������i.itv*j,f..w.������vt?.i.^.^���������������-.r������W-Jrity..������������������������������. ,i.���������. mi-���������.;������������������.������������������Mf-������������.������'-~*��������� - ly-V- a ���������^-v-%*-��������� >^..^wywit-H, ,���������-..ph sjt> >r.Hw)M.ifW^N.���������,.^*r.-.M^.,tr. |^J|Wll-l.-........1>������..i-S������  <��������� *>  THE  ORESTON,   B.C.   REVIEW.  ni.ijiiiijiin ������n.'%vr.  B'jaQyE^'KI^^^  Parasol Displays from Paris.  Parasol makers have evidently considered that it was their turn to produce  something weird and queer, and admirably have they succeeded in their ambition.  The materials employed are troader-  fuliy pretty. It is the new shapes that  are bo awe-inspiring. Take, for instance,  the square parasol that has only four  ribs and is edged with a fringe. Then  there is the oblong parasol .the- fourteen rib parasol with big ball tips  matching in color the silk covering, the  aeroplane, the pagoda, the canopy top,  also parasols having a five inch perpendicular edge which are called lampshade  parasols. AH these f&rms are radicallv  new and in the most expensive lines are  heavily decorated with embroidery.  Always when buying a parasol coaster the lights it gives. A green or ol ie  parasol may he good for the eyes, bat  either shade has a most disastrous - f-  fect on the complexion. The rose parssoi,  unless softened -with a sheer white lining-, makes the face look scarlet and  brings out strongly the dark circles -^nd  lines about- the eypw. Hose is exc*������erJi?ij������'l'r  trying to the complexion unless you ������re  young or the skin unusually clear. No  woman should put rose to her face unless  she is sure���������more than sure���������that her  skin is the proper pink and clear white  which it demands if one would wear it  successfully. Another parasol point is  to carry the chin up. The average woman with a parasol over her head and rer  chin held" low will have an aged 3 ok  that would, surprise one who does n--v  know this little trick of prettiness.  Another trick is to repeat the color of  the eyes in the-handle of the parasol.  The handles usually come near the chin  and so near tho face that it becomes a  part of the color scheme of the complex-  ion. go to juaKv it s^wd and harmonwe  it is helpful, indeed, to tepcat the color  of tho cyeB somewhere iu the handle.  Tbis may be done boldly by a bow of  chiffon.. It is .more .subtle, however, to  suggest blue, or brown, or gray, whatever may bo tho color of tlte eyes, by  matching the wood to thom.  Another important point is to have  the parasol large enough. A tiny littlo  sunshade will do for driving and it may  answer tho purpose when the idea is to  , merely shade the eyes, but for the promenade,  and  especially  with    the largo  hats that are -worn this season, the big  parasol is the only on that will do.  Be careful not to carry tho same paca-  st>l continually. If your gowns are few  you can make thom look more numerous  by the simple trick of changing the parasol. It will give the effect of having  changed the color scheme of the entire  gown.  Carry your parasol back of your ^ead  rather than above it. A parasol held  directly over the top of the head gives  the face queer shadows. Be careful und  do: not hav^> the handle too lonsr. Th������  extremely long handles are more for  vralking than for carrying. Get a parasol with a blowy look- If there are ruffles-so much the better. Keep within the  fashion, if course, but be sure that  there is something that blows softly  around the face, for the face needs something softening, no matter how pretty  it may be.  Don't carry a dark parasol. The lighter the shade the better. Nobody ever saw  a black sunshade that was actually becoming, to the face. Nobodv ever saw a  woman look pretty under a black silk  umbrella outside the pages of a popular  seller.  Another thing-: a parasol has a. tendency to .make a person look a trifle taller. The short woman can carry one of  moderate size and look taller in stature,  but the extremely tall woman must approach the subject with caution.  There is an immense variety and some  extreme novelties shown in the handles.  Most prominent among them is the chantecier idea. Not only are the roosters  numbered among the chantecier ideas,  but almost every known���������variety of  beast and bird. Then there are handles  quaint indeed, having the head of a  woman peering forth from beneath a  poke bonnet. These as well as the birds  and beasts are beautifully colored.  As a rule, however, the handles    are  covered to matc^ the silk covering or to  liWrnoIiize with them.     They are not,  however, the long, shining     sticks of.  last  year,  but,  while  equal  or longer J  than last year, havo a dull finish and  are often cut with  six  or eight Aides.  Somo attractive handles   aro in cream  colored wood and are more or less carved throughout their entire length and  show a slightly deeper tone     in     lie  depths. Tliey greatly resemble the carved ivory handles which ore so expensive  as to mako them prohibitive to the av  crage purse.  it  ������<  inion  99  \^>  oae������  rated Tank or Flush Reservoir for Coal and Wood,  Made of the Best Blue Polished Steel and Malleable Iron.  Or via���������������i6vi  MAPE IN CANADA and is placed on the market in.response to a demand for a  Range combining the sterling qualities of Malleable Iron and Polished Steel,  Unbreakable, fJnwarpable, Indestructable, Economical, Design Attractive, Perfect  Cookers and Bakers, will Last a Lifetime with Proper Care.  The ordinary cast iron range is at best a disappointing investment to the purchaser,  so soon does it exhibit the effects of wear and'teaTjunavoitlable in a range constructed  of such frail and brittle material. The Combined- Malleable Iron and Blue Polished  Steel Range is the nearest approach to Absolute Perfection ever designed for Comfort, Economy and Satisfactory Domestic Service and wherever installed it wili  prove itself a continual object of Satisfaction. The price at which it is supplied is  so modest that it is brought easily within the reach of every prudent family.  GUARANTEE  "Dominion Pride" Ranges are sold on the following Guarantee:    If any casting prove3  defective in twelve months from date of purchase, we will furnish same  free of charge.   The above Guarantee is very broad, no if's or ami's,  and any casting that would have a flaw in it that we failed to see  in the course of construction, such flaw would show long before  the twelve months have transpired when fire is put in range."  INCOMPARABLE OFFER  Our placing direct to the consumer our High Grade "Dominion  Pride" Malleable and Polished Steel Range, as fully described  in our descriptive circular and guaranteed, for less than you can  buy a cast iron range. We are enabled to make this extraordinary  offer by our Direct from Factory to Kitchen Plan, which saves  i the joljbers, retailers, traveling salesmen and their expenses,  giving the consumer the benefit of these savings, which in reality  enables the consumer to buy as cheap as the wholesale jobber.  -������������������������������������-yy > .*+.:���������'������,.***>*Bjq&"  "Why not .buy direct'from thfr.Manufacturer and save the middlemen's and retail era ���������������'profits*" ?'��������� 'Dominion Pride" Range if sold  through the retailer/or, traveling, salesman would have to be sold  for $69.00 rto' $7S.OO, according to the territory sold in. Our  price, direct tc the consumer, ia as follows: .*��������� Dominion,Pride"  Kauge, 8-18 or 0-iS top, with laga closet "shelf and elevated t~nk  or flush reservoir, with piece of zinc to go underneath range,  8 joints of bhic polished steei pipe and 2 elbows, delivered to  any railway express station in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick,  Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island for $41.00 (We Pay the  Freight), and delivered to any railway express station in Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia for $49.00  (Wo Pay the Freight), $5.00 to accompany order, the balance  to be paid when range is delivered to you. If not convenient  to pay cash, will accept your Note.  CASH  PRICE  vip^rl  Delivered to anu .Railway Station In  Ontario, Quebec, new Brunswick, Nova  CASH  PRICE  Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  We pay the freight.  OVER 6000 OF OUR RAWGES IN USE IN TORONTO KLONE  Manufactured and Sold only by the  Write for our Descriptive Circular.  Delivered to any Railway Stetion in  Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan and  British Columbia  We pay the freight.  *>  Canada Malleable & Steel Range Mfg. Ce Limited, zffims  [IN   WRITING   PLEASE   MENTION   THIS   PAPER)  yap*������������������������  Parrot A designs are frequently shown  in this season's models, as are also flower designs, tho daisy design���������' bein g the  one that is in greatest favor. Crook  handles aro also being Bhown,.more and  more. A lovely corn colored parasol has  a light wood handlo tipped with an  ivory crook, and with rather largo ivory  tips as to .the ribs. A''silvery gray ono  lias a good handle in the eamo toho also  fashioned in tho crook end. "This voguo  of the crook end will no doubt bring  into voguo tho adoption of tlio Parisian  method of carrying a parasol when v. ots  in use. Thfs is to fasten tho crook ovor  tho left arm, bo that the handB aro  practically free.  Largo carved roses aro in ovldonco on  mountings stained to match the cot ox.  The Egyptian beetle yor' BCarab Is al������������  used. '.  Several high otylo novelties nro aliown  in tho oiglit ribbed parasol, Tho widths  of one aro deeply curved ot the bottom  nnd nt tlio four altornato points triangular points of laco aro inserted that appear to projoot from under tho square  silk cover of exquisite Dresden design.  Tho li audio of tlm dtylo.is a long crook,  which can bo removed or adjusted on tho  ferrule end if desired.  Another hamlsomo ���������model was of light  grocn, moderately priced coaching of  JapnnoBo design, with broad flap tips  of bono to" -simulate old ivory, und a  mount of strong, highly polished bamboo, which uleo rosomblcd ivory. Tho  handlo, of mushroom shape, wan of  bono, tinted in boautlful opalescent light  green. Thoro was absolutely nothing ox-  trcmo about this model, though particularly smart and attractive. A number of  parasol* nro shown tlilf* weason fashioned  from handkerchief a, both in silk and  cotton.  MILLINERY MEMS.  favor, which look so smart in alliance  with simple muslin frocks.  Charlotte Corday hats are now. built  of net and laco, the brims bordered with  black; a rustic wreath enpirclcs the  crowns, and a delightful cachet is imparted to the ensemble by black ribbon  streamers,  COLOR  SCHEME  BEAUTY.  Fascinating Effects Noted in tho Best  of  Women's  Wear.  Loveliness in color Bchemos marks the  host, of the new fashions, Perfoct poems  are..-worked out In the fashionable hues.  Violet hues Borvo for ono lovely creation,  tho'iris .having boon tho. inspiration.  Thn fuchsia, with Its daring blend of  crimson and purple, has also boon rifled  for.color Bchonies, gausses over gauzes  bringing out the tones wanted.  Shot chiffons help out color Bchomos.  A royal bluo chiffon powdered with gold  dots and mado ovor a royal blue foulard  spattered with darker blue spots Is artistic in effect. A knot of apple-green ribbon on the bodice glvus chlo to the gown.  HERE'S THE TAM O'QHANTER  TURBAN.  Tho turban In and ban been so popular thnt It U almost impossible for  tho milliner to ovolvo Munutliing now  In'Hint UriA H>rA'������. fine. <li<i ]nU>������V~  tho Tnm O'fllinntor.  OoatR nro buitoii'Hl willi Ui������ ������������������*io-  front. effect, wliich Is one of the now������  ������ut iadfl,  And eeldom do wo noo iho nook-  ruining high collar, even on chilly  fliiyn. In a few months, tho brown,  Mt.rfliikflri and wlthorod nock ft theme  collar* now reveal, will bo hinootu and  I   'That's what iho lrttekt ttylft in col*  ' law will tic 1.- im!  Wooden   Beads,   Canvas,   Rush    and  Other   Novel   Items.  Dead wlilto rush bats aro a novolty,  Hiinply draped with a printed .hIiiuiIuiiu  hoiirf dield in poHltloti by a Woodon-lx'inl  ornament*; the exquinito whiuleft of iho  latter must bo seen to bo npnreclatml.  Vrofiwntly tlio crown* of these hats  nro of laco relieved with a pergola of  luacn, tiiti nU'iiift in l!������<i 4.0tVi.T3 ������<vr~;������K������*  the  tfUNwork   In  a   vory   fniflnntln-f  Loirgd canvas liuln nit  coming Into  Oufltom Proflcrlbof* Good Form.  (Ily Elizabeth Van Rensselaer.)  To bo an agrooablo guost for tho brief  hour or so of a formal entertainment is  not a difficult achievement, but to provo  oneself a pleasant and accommodating  vlHltor for tho space ot a woolc or a fortnight Is the host tost of good brooding.  Tho'ideal visitor falls in with tho cub*  torn* of tho household as nearly as possible and to fln.l pleasure and occupation in tho diversions provided by tho  host and hostess. Tho good visitor is  not ono who, whon two courses of action or inoiiiiH of dlvolition aro proposou,  answers in a careless manner, "Why, I  really don't mind which wo do. What*  nver you ilrink host, Mrs. Smith, will  wilt ino." A choice having boon politely  roquoHlcd, there uhtiuld bo a prompt decision.  32vcn the dul1<*nt. Httl* ton, pnHy or  the most .unsuccessful danco should bo  entered with *.w������t, for though a montal  note may lw niado novor to become a  guost in this particular household again,  It in most unkind ami ill bred to lob a  i,tat, pi #.������������.1> n conclusion npnoar In one's  conduct or spoooh during tho visit.  Huppnse mmt) pln������i������ww hi** Wn������a -mMV  nod and for ������om������ reason bad to bo given  up.   It is tho duty of a guest to afceept  the situation without showing any great  disappointment, as well as to make light  of any small disagreements that might  occur.    A hostess is usually mortified  over those things; a guest shouldttry  to relieve this feeling as far as possible.  It is tho guest's duty to ^e courtoouB  to other visitors under 'tho samo roof,  lo avoid arguments, and to refrain from  liberties of any sort.   It is a liborty to  Rivo tho servants any command, to leave  books from tho host's library with backs  strotched and leaves turned down, scattered hero and thero ovor the house; to  drag drawin** room chairs out into the  veranda, and to ask for special dlshos  at meals.   Jt Ib a liborty to remain at  homo \v,lion the hostess and hor family  and othor guests attond oliuroh���������unloBS  thoro is a wido difference of roliglous bo-  Uof-tartd no lows' ls it inoonsldorato to  insist on attending church whon    Iho  church Is at a, groat distance and moans  of conveyance is not easily provided.  A truly considerate guoHt, whether  man or woman, is careful boforo leaving  his or hor room In tho morning, to hang  up or fold away all gannonts. A woman  visitor may woll regard It as ono of/hor  dally duties to straighten all tho articles upon bor dressing tublo whon hor  morning toilet is completed, put soiled  clotlios In thoir proper ling or basket,  and givo hor chamber an air of tho most  exquisite tidiness boforo leaving hor  room.  "At what timo do you breakfast?" is  a question for a guest to ask whon hid*  ding tho hostess good night aftor tho  first day of tho visit has expired. Thon  It is that an uxplnnntlon Is forthcoming  as to tho domestic habits of tho household, and to thoso habits a good guoBt  will conform willingly. If it la tho prao-  tlco of tho family to gather about a  hronkfiuit table promptly ovory , worn-  lug, then It Is bad form for tho visitor  to disturb hor ontortalnorn by forcing  thom to wait until a ������low toilet to completed. Many hostonnoi In "������"try  ���������houses send to the bedroom ��������������� tray with  % HpM fcrf>nkfn*t''ln. tho morning, and  tho family broakf������u������t tablo no longer ox*  M,*, This is considered eftslor for tho  hminchnld end mom comfortable for the  RiWH������t������, who are ftblo to read thoir mail  and attend to corrospondoneo boforo  Ifavlna* their room������.'     '  A host and hostons do not no (ray any  fxiwnuw Inc-artcd oxitaMe of tn*lr rtlrw*  Nubility ns entert������ln*r������.   If by UIiiom  or accident a bill is contracted with the  laundress, the doctor or workman or  tradesman in i|ho near-by village tho  guest should previous to departure, see-  to paying it, or else request hor hostess.  to forward the account ub soon as presented.  Colored   Embroidery   on   Blouses.  The now blouse that has a touch of  colored embroidery about it is suro to bo  in favor. Ono that is stylish either for  a plain colored linen or pongee frock, or  for a Boft, dark silk shirt waist suit is-  developed with a'harrow "walls of Troy"  effect that moro nearly resembles square  tabs.  Tho blouse Ib mado with eighth of inch  tuekp sot in groups of three, nnd opens*  at ono sldo ovor a knife plaiting of the  material, or of a difforont color.     The  odgo of tho opening .is cut in tho square  tabs, embroidered all around to'     the  depth of a quarter of an Inch in colored  embroidery silk or mercerized cotton. .  ,  Thu frill is ot chiffon or soft silk In  same color as tho band work, or, It tho  mnlt'rial is usotl, tho odgo is scalloped to  mulch the ombroldorod blooks, In.oiioli  of the blocks Is a small satin stitch dot,  whilo back of the cut-in'lino is a row of  colored buttons.      . '  Tho sloovo is trlminod with samo of-  feot, with ombroldorod tabs, dots and  buttons running from shoulder to wrist,  nnd a norroworyfrill to niatoh that on  waist.  ,, A V ���������' ���������','��������� .'��������� [. ..���������.���������''.,  Motor boats.  Tho heavier forms *of.tussoro and  Rhan-tung aro, ot courso, in requisition  tor motor opats, and in passing ono may  note how cleverly tho dyors havo takon  the uninteresting tonoo of dust and, by  a tiny lingo qt cream or pink or yollow  turned thom out In attractive shndos for  thomotorlBt.  Littlo HolpB.  Prom a diHcnrdud hat I took thn wiro  crown, covered, It with brown silk, and  net ovor this, to mutch tny hair, hmvliig  a round hole In tho lower part to bring  tho hair through. I tauten it on with  wire hairpins, and lt works liko a charm,  without tho outlay of ono penny tor  materials. 11. F,  \V������ frequently live to be thankful for  somo of tho failures of our youth.  HB  i.  i  j\t  .'I  fl  ���������    //I  */  !  4  yyt.y m%  ^���������SEKKfiSS  W&j:  :'%&iy  mM^fMm^:  hW������  ;tHjs ckjkstoxv.  REVIEW.  m  !.Amfc\<-ykMwA>df.  YA3XXyiyx������y^yy.  yyYAJmtAfXyA  'ijMWSSBH  ss  Saved From the  ���������  ."Tn Hm  They had paused in the bow-window.  "There io something behind that, fair  Helen; there iB some hideous conspiracy  against my freedom, and you are band*,  ing against mc���������you too, 'mine      own  familiar friend.' "  "What melting reproach I 1 was loyal  to friendship���������only Mrs. Daraley told  me in confidence," laughed Helen.  "Which was, of coursw, si-5sat*for telling it in Gath, as you intend doing,  only, woman-like, you love io be ooaSed  and pressed. Tell me quickly, dearest  Mrs. Addison���������Helen���������tell me, an thou  carest for me!"  He bent down, melodious voice and  velvet eyes so all-persuasive that few  women could have resisted even had  they wished.  "You are a bold scamp,"* said she.  "Care for you, indeed? I don't, not one  bit, so don't be vain enough to imagine  such a thing."  "I don't imagine���������I know it 1" returned the delinquent, with unmoved audacity. ','1 am waiting for your 'confidence  trick,' sweetest Mrs. Helen  he said, quickly, his bronzed cheeek  flushing a little. -'But you shall not be  compromised or endangered. No one  shall know of it but myself and my  Rahmnee���������the Indian who, I told you,  tracked you for me. He shall wait for  you near, and bring you in with his  latch key,"and safe to me. ."Listen, stm.  I am the only tenant in'the house. I  have the drawin������* rooms,������ and floor  above; the"landlady and her husband  keep the rest of the house; the servants  are below; and I* will answer for your  immunity from being even seen, much  less recognized, cloaked and veiled. At  the worst, it is only my morals that  would suffer," added St. Maur, with an  odd bitter little laugh;, "and I don't  think my good folks thinks me a saint  exactly as it is."     -  nf"* "&,+ .���������������**    **������ i t o *5rt\  <*r <W  &* J. **l  V.*     ,,��������� 24.HOUV,  "iaii cin 'pamlfShly roi'mvp ai>v <>orn, ei.i.t-i  i .imd, soit or blupiMim, I y applying 1'btu.iM  j Corn Rxtraeiur.   nnirKTiMirns. h-itw* mi i������'*ij  i -niitui iHnoaftIrt8;l8hanp.U*Hit!6o������i3*tM"w<i>!>,< <  'lily oi heulint, /nin3 and luilini.   i**ff\ vent    i  imo.   Cure guaranteed.   Suit uy b.l tlrugg.ai*  ae. bottles.   Refuse substitutes.  PUTNASVS'S  PAINLESS  .   CORN EXTRACTOR  fl  L *  li^   U   A'  WIDOW'S   MCU.:.*i:!G.  boaaiaably spoiled you  "By you among others, then/  ire!  }  h  \  i'  \  Helen lausrhed oi*t  "I tell you what, we are both flirting  abominably. I don't know what Frank  would say to us."  "We're not afraid of Frank!" said  Falconer, laughing too, "nor he of our  flirting; besides, I'll warrant he is quite  taking out his revenge with that handsome Mrs. Errington. Now tell me the  'confidence,' please, or you will lose  this dance."  So at last she told him what his uncle had said to Mrs. Darnley.  "H'm!" said St. Maur, as a comment.  "I knew he wanted that. Marry and settle down, indeed���������not if I know it, my  fair friend; so mind you keep my side  of the fence, and stand by me if Uncle  Will says anything to you."  **0h! I'll be true to your colors if you  wish  it,  but���������"  "Well?"  "Blanche iB pretty, charming, rich."  "None of which I want," said St.  Maur, coolly. "When is your next card-  party?"  "Next Wednesday. You'll come?"  "Certainly. Meanwhile, we'll join in  the  " 'Eush   of   the   tripping   feet."  He whirled her away as he spoke.  After this, his darling���������at last, at  last!  CHAPTEE XII.  "My waltz now, Mrs. Errington."  'that was for the publio about theni;  but for all each had said, what a rapturous harmineBS it - was to be together  again���������close, though only in the mases  of a danoe, and amid a throng cf d&ss-i  ers, not one of whom, in the wildest  dream, could possibly suspect what-lay  t beneath the surface.  Only she felt the closeness of the clasp  around tha slender, yielding form, and  ,4** *he hand that held hers���������only she heard  V" the deep, passionate murmur in her ear,  and felt the warm breath ou her cheek.  "My darling���������my darling, at last! Is  not this a taste of happiness?"  "Heaven knowB���������yes!"  v   "And you have kept me another one,  at least P"  "Ah, yes, one!"  But before the walU 'was over, St.  Maur drew his wife oht"of the" "madding  crowd," paused by* tlie open window,  near which she had sat and left her  wrap���������a rich Indian-scarfrshawl/j  "Coine into the garden," he said, putting it about ,hor. *T must speak to  you: there will be other couples out  eoon. Come; it is quito en regie to  stroll out and flirt with the most beautiful woman In tho rooms."  "Especially/' said Christine, with a  half smile, as thoy passed out, "for wicked Falc St. Maur."  "Faith, if I did not in this case, dearest, I should certainly bo asked by Helen  Addison if I had gone quite blind or was  afraid of you."  "But remember, Falconer, that in my  Siosltion I can not have It said that I  Hrt."  . He bit hia Up, then laughed, still moving on toward the thick shrubbery at  tho end of the gardens.  "I'll romombor. sweetheart. Soo, here  is a rustic bench, embowered from eight  of all intruders/' placing her on it and  himsolf at her sldo. "No, no; there's no  one to ace a kiss. Don't start from me  ���������ol"  His strong arm was around her,  straining hor to his breast, his Una on  hors once again���������bo swoot the stolon,  silent kiss, that it clung unresisted���������  takon aud glvon back���������till at last ho released hor.  "Just a brief snatch of happlnosB," he  said, with a sigh. "But I must .claim  your promise to meet me, Christine."  "I don't soo how it Is to be dotiejn  ' town," aho said, hurriedly. "I am, so  tied, and wo might bo soon and recognized anywhere. One never kuowo who  is about.. It would not, of.course,.hurt  you, but It would be death to me," .,. '  "Yes," he said, slowly.   "Nor would11*  caro to be so roooanicod.    Oould' you  not, under guiso of cloak and orapo voll*  come ono evening to mo In South.Audloy  -���������street?" - ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������.';".%      ���������,,, i.V;;   ,X,  "Falconer!" ���������   a. y-iJ-���������- y.  '���������Yds, I know how much I am asking,"  ,   Hi    Ai    m ��������� iw i ������������������.���������.ii ��������� | I ������������������i.i   .Vi   ���������   ��������� ������  HAVE YOU  BEEN STUNG?  Some pooplo havo roccntly boon badly "stuug" by getting ������ubntitute������ for  zam-Buk. Whon they hav* n������kod tor  * box of ZauuBuk, t|ie dealer has produced some line on which ho m%ke#  woro profit, nnd talked about "Ju it as  good and cheaper," or "One of niy  own, end I know what's in It," or  "Iteally, the $������me thing sit half the  prico," *to., Ate. Whim tested, this  cheap substitute has, of eouno, failed  to do anything liko what Zam-Buk  does, but tho buyer hae. nevorfctalwm,  parted with his, money I You will have  to get Zam-Buk eventually I front  waste monoy on useless subiUtute*, ,The  nam* ������������������Zam-Buk" is protected by tow.  Be* it on ovory packet before paying. If  your, local denier should. Im uul v������*������U>vi,  .write' "Sam-n-iV," T*hw'f.<C''*',,rW������r will  !  mill it by return. {  ctly  "Do you think I care for even your  Hindoo to think I am"���������she stopped���������  "not your wife?"  "No, no, my, darling. He shall think  nothing of you that is wrong. What I  tell Hahmnes he will believe," said Falconer, eagerly.  "Who is Rahmnee���������or, rather, why do  you trust him so much" she added,  with an instant flash of thought how  her husband might construe the first  words.  For answer he told her exactly the  j story he had related to the money-lender.    His eyes glowed, filled with tears,  for she read, all he left untold in the  tale.  "It was like my own Falconer," she  said. "But, oh, if the horrible beast had  killed you!"  She shuddered from head to foot.  "Why, dearest," St. Maur whispered,  tenderly, "it was nothing. Don't you  think about it any more; than save that  it was worth the risk that won Buch  strong, and faithful affection from even  a poor little Hindoo lad, and���������these diamond drops." He stooped to softly kisa  away the glittering tears from her eyes  as he spoke. "I verily believe that my  Snowball's Christian theology runs:  There is one Clod, and thtf sahib is his  prophet; and you, because he knows I  love you, are as the sun in the heavens,  second only to his master."  "He does not know, then, that?" Chris-  tine began.  "That the 'Mrs. Errington' I sent him  to find out was one I had loved yeaTS  ago���������one who belonged to me, and .was  as ,goo& .and beautiful as beloved. That  is what he knowa and believes."  What a Bunshiue smile gleamed over  the exouisite face be gazed ont  *    Despite  adl  the   grievous  wrongs   of  the  past, all the cruel wrong he was  doing her still, it was so immeasurably  sweet to the woman's sore heart to lis-  'ieh io auch Iftuguagc from the man she  7ioved!     It showed her, too, the absolute hold she had on his heart, ou his  nobler,   better  nature,   and  gave    her  stronger "hope of winning him from the  grip of the master passion that had been  t-itp bj".ne, ^     >  "For this once,.then," she said, after  a long pause, "I will 'eonae'to your chaiii-  bers to-morrow'evening, if. possible; but  I* must -write you of that. It depends  on whether I am wanted at home or not.  1 will let you know by 2 o'clock.  *��������� Did she know how she was heaping  coals of fire on'-his head? For he sud-  -denly bowed" it in ailence, laying his dark  choeg against hers, and his hand, that  had held here lightly, closed ,on it with  convulsive force���������dinging as one drifting,  out to sea might* ding to the saving rope  thrown h-*>m,tlu5"Bhore.,    i( .  v  ''Yee, she* knew it by that tightened  clasp. She felt the quiver of the man's  strong frame, end tlie burning shame  thait for a moment made his cheek hot  against her own, and know that that  very shame told of tlie struggle tlie better nature was making against the evil.  , There wa* no Round save the distant  music ami "eh-sh!" of the breeze among  the trees azA high bushes around; no  step or voices near.  Christine' turned lier face slightly and  kkwd h?r husbxnd's lips.  "Wife���������wife, thot kiss will novor leave  me!" he whispered, when he could trust  himaelf even to eay that. ������  And it never did. Ihey stood up. The  band had ceaaod; distant laughter and  voices came ^jarringly to thero. Otiwra  were in'the ga^dorja, perhaps.  '���������iJIual w* go?", the man said, still hold.  Ing those tlear hands, still gaislng down  Irtbo the dwir; cyee���������out of which surely  looked his guardian angel. ' "Must we go'  baok to the throng, thCn���������to parti"  "Yes. I hear Helen AddUon'e voles  from tlio lawn.' Wo "must go back."  "Give me a mos* rosebud from your  boeoui," ho eaid, euddonly.  ,"But Ito took It hlnvsoif from its nc*t-  llnjj-pluoo, njqdjnid It tondorly between  tho leaves gtt^a amoll. poqlcct-book he  drew from hia brwi&t-poekot.  "Heat there, Wiou ro������e of silent love!"  ho eaid, iwttly���������"a talisman that shall  never dio for me, though thy petals may  witherJ"  ' He drew \\ia wifo'a hand on to hi* arm,  and turned bnelc toward the laWnj biit  an ,thoy oamo round tlio turn ot a walk,  there boforo Wiom woro Helen and Mr.  Ord������.  ''Woll,' woll!" riio cried, merrily.    "I  sawyou loiiye tlio ball-room, ntul hopo  you have enjoyed your, Btroll a* muoh os  I havo."A';'     y A;  A1-' ".���������'���������������������������"��������� :.  ���������^I:'"'e--m^ answered  Bt, Mwiri ItiaUafttly,; "for> Mrs.; JOrrlng.'  tons' cnjoyftwmt;I date" not'speak'* Sho  lias gotto^wlyoWdurod' nioi 'tit any'rite."  ���������'Falo, Falo,V laiujiied hht uriolo,. 'Idon't  you; protend to .tlio; role, of   modwityi  Trrnt him not, my dcalr Mrs. En-gluten!  Xlc doesn't Unow how to even tinellthO  ���������'word, I'belloyo."' .,-y ������������������������������������' ������������������ y . -y-,  ���������. .���������'. . ���������   . ,\  "I quite ������gfoc with your, Mr, Ordo.   1  rou.it* teeon you, rf..thinly'.Mr.V St. Maur."  "Ah, ot tu Brute l ������\ &aid he, rowroaoh.  fully. ��������� ���������������������������..-���������"::���������. r  A'A"r    .;  , .OhrtBtltio laughed,...", ���������.'XAy ytW :'������������������������������������'."������������������.  ,   "Why not?      But tako mo In now,  pliw������ci, for I must look after my glrltf,  you know,   I daro any Doctor Clifford la  absorbed In whtot." - A;.  "I mu������t 'dhow you the WhruMwvry, Mr.  Orde,"  tald Helen,  m the  othor  two  bow������d and poMod on.  "I am proud of It.  Frank���������my huAbaJul���������hftd It laid out to  pl*������#������ ms,? 'i ���������',; t":   ' '  ;   "Quite riglit of Wm," saM the old gon-  tJscs.s.w, 5*!UaiW.    ������h nrHtv ptrAm mnA  a TJ-Mttr woman are well rnatehod."  A *poooh hln nephnw mtjrht hnv������ mnd������.  CIIAPIER XIII.  "Very nic<������ people, thos-a Cliffords,",  said Mr-.Orde, a.i he and his nephew  drove back to town. "I hope you ilwau  to cultivatevthcii bcqu&'nfciikje, Falc'  "Oil, ^certainly!     If   tih<>   doctor   will  cultivate  such a Bohsmiian  as' mysslf."  a.ii3\vrereu Tak, carelessly,  keenly  suspicious at once, for he had noticed Mi������3  Leroy >aa-king herself very agreeable to,  and, doubtless, flattering his uncle; and  elderly men are readily flattered by the  attentions of a young and pretty girl.  "But t think you have quite cut me ouca  in that quarter, Uncle Will.   You were^  positively flirting disgracefully with Miss  Leroy ��������� sober, elderly gentleman lik-a*  you I     I  was   shocked."  '���������Ha! ho.I you wicked boy,, to chaff  your old uncle! I wanted to see wbat  sort of a girl she was reaily, for I rather  took a faney to her when she was da-nc-  ing wi (th you the first time.'  "Did you? And the result .then, of  your trotting her out is, I hope, sutis-  "Quite so. She is a charming, innocent, inge-msous girl"  "Is Hie, indeed?" thought St. Maur.  "Sihe may deceive you, but she cxiij't f o%  me; but I'll take advantage of th^whwl,  if that's the way it's setting^'K^,v  Aloud h.? aaid: '*  "Ah," yes! She is very pretty, and a  joliy little thing to flirt wilfli. Ingenuous, innocent-hearted girls always are  quite delicious. I%ey never know what  anything means. I declare, VI dott'l believe she'd have been angry if I had  kissed her���������among the flowers in the  conservatory, of course!"  "For shame, Pale!" said Mr. Orde,  puzzled whether St. Maur's sarcastic  speech was earnest or rather unseemly  jest. -"How you racket on!"  "Oh, I didn't do it, of course���������never  dreamed of it!" laughed Falc, truly  enough; "too utterly ungantlemanly���������  bad form."  "She would never have spoken to you  again, sir."  "Wouldn't she, by Jove!" muttered  Falc, under,his mustache. "I know better, you"dear old greenhorn!" Aloud:  "Hot^.do you like the other two ladies  ���������Miss Clifford and her friend, Mrs.  Errington?"  "I did not speak to them much, but  certainly Miss Clifford is lovely, as I  fancy that young Northcote thinks,"  chuckled Mr. Orde, en passant; "and  the' yonng widow lady, the chaperon, is  eminently beautiful; hut I shouldn't like  to marry a widow myself if I-were a  young f������Uow." ' ^  * "T$p," said Christine's husband, pulling, his mustache to hide a smile; "and  besides, one doesn't always know exactly who people are*.-'Looks, too, as if  Rheumatic  y&X&A*a%:A%m?:  Inherit  a  Tendency7 to   Dis.  ease. '    -, *  SSSfe  Medical opinion confirms the" "view  that rheumatism and gout are transmitted fiom  one generation to another.-    jV  Only   by combating nerve and  bloody  weaknesses can these be prevented. " 'If*  th������������y   exist  in  the family,  they develop  quickly when the blood becomes impure  or the nerves weak.       -       A.   ' ,  Mr. E. E. Hollister, St. John's, says:  "Early in, life 1 was .occasionally, troubled with"*aching pains in the back. Later my joints became stiff in bad weather, and lately gon+y conditions developed.  "These troubles I knew were ~ery  common in my family. I can recall how  stiffened up my grandfather was from  enlargement of the joints.  "A specialist in New York told me  that only by maintenance of the most  vigorous conditions could these family  predispositions be ..prevented- ��������� Because  of his advice five years ago, when Ferrozone waa first introduced into this  colony, I began a systematic building  up of my system^ The New York specialist's opinion waa -justified 8n>my  case, and I presume it is generally true.  "Before six months had passed I had  gotten rid of every vestige of rheumatism and my health too was visibly Improved."  For rheumatism, gout and general  bodily weakness there is no remedy like  Ferrozone; try it, 50c a box, six boxes  -for $2.50. nil dealers or The Catarrhozone Co., Kingston, Ont.  !������py  QUEEN  ALEXANDRA  AND   HER   GRANDSON,   PRINCE   OLAF  <  OF NORWAY.  No one will more strictly observe the official twelvemonth of mourning for King Edward than his widow, Alexandra. It is likely that she  will remain in the severest seclusio a not only for the whole period, but  long afterward, and perhaps never ai?ain figure in brilliant social affairs.  She is, in fact, relieved of almost all social duties through the accession  oi her daughter-in-iaw, Mary, to the queenship. Alexandra, although  still a queeaj  being Kin������.  .is.,referred  to" now property as the <."Jueen Mother, her son  she had got a" will of'h.erc   own���������that  haadsosie lady. Uaole Will. I think I'll  follow your example still, ana keep clear  .of 'matrimonial shoals.'* -'  "My bsyj I hope vto Heaven you will  never keep clear* of them for the same  bitter -reason > I have���������a woman's ci?uel  deeeption���������ay, unpardonable treason I"  '���������Uncle Will!"  - "Whafc else;'then,, do you call it, Falconer,  when a"* woman engages herself  to a man,' lets him think his love is returned, fixes the marriage, and a fortnight before elopes with another lover,  Captain BereugerP That is whet Leonora Stanhope did."-     , .*      '  "Uncle Will,  you  never before  told  *me it was so bad as that," said     tho  younger man, deeply touched and pained; "at least,'not in detail."  "I only told you that she had cruelly  jilted me, and broken her engagement;  but these facts are the plain,. simple  truth. You can, therefore, hardly hold  me very hard'and unforgiving, if the  only woman'in the world I absolutely  ban to you in her child."  "Did sho leave on������P" said Falconer,  evading any assent or dissent.  "I'believe she did���������a daughter,' who  would too surely inherit her 'mother's  perfidy of soul."  "No, no," .thought Christine's husband; "my darling���������no, no, not thou,  thank Hoavon I"   , '  "Did Captain Borengcr know of it?"  ho said, after a pause:  "No. Let mo ���������do an -honorable man justice. She wrote,to your dear mother onco  after hor marriage, to tako tho blame,  and exonerate Borengcr. Ho had been  her lover; thoro was some piqua��������� her  fault, uho said���������a quarrel, and a separation. Then I came,_ond you know that  handsome gentleman, either," added the  doctor, shrewdly. "A very great charm  about this man, with a smile and a  bold, fearless dark eye that I like; but  angels and eaints are not found among  fallen human beings, my love. Are they,  Mrs. v Errington ?"        <  So quietly s'aid. How the wife's heart  -   "No, doctor."  ached! how she dreaded that the next  remark would be: "I heard some one say  that he is such a gambler," but it was  not; it waa:.  "But I like him. A cultivated, traveled gentleman is delightful; and his  ancle is a fine old fellow; asked me to  dine with him and his nephew* at  Brown's the day after to-morrow, and  L accepted. No-sr, girls, a quiet home-  "eveniner this nest, mind, to get back the  Wis," addod ,Docter ' dsiffotti, "not  that you ever have any to lose, though,  Mrs. Errington."  She "sniiled "a" little sadly, but instantly seissd her opporfc������ni-*-y. -  ."Then, if you and the girls can spare  v me for a couple of hours, doctor," she  said, "I should like to take that opportunity of seeing an old Indian acquaintance who wrote yesterday to ask  me to drop in, about nine*some evening  ���������;the only time the ^is in during her  short stay in -London.";  "My~'dear girl, certainly go," vsaid  Clifford. "Order tha carriage- when you  please."-" '     "    *  "Oh, no; thanks. I shall only take a  Hansom," answered Mrs. Errington. '/It  wouldn't be worth while-having tho carriage ordered out just to go down to  Piccadilly; it's near there my friend  lodges."  "As you please, my dear���������as you  please. I dare not offer to escort you,  you are so independent."  She laughed.  "Yes; always was bo as a girl. I  suppose that iu why I took tc taking  care of other poople for a calling. I've  never boen used te be takon care of,  except "���������-her lips quivered for a second  ���������"for two years. Ah! here we are   at  home."  ���������     *     #     ���������  The twelve o'clock post next day���������or,  rathor, the same day-;brought Falconer  St. Maur a letter.  "Ah! from her! Wait, Rahmnee," ho  said, quickly. "It is from madame; you  know what I told you this morning?"  "Yes, sahib."  The'fow lines ran thus:  v   "Let Rahmnee wait for mo this morning at nine at tho corner of <��������� street,  the end nearest your place. I shall como  in a hansom,   and   shall wear a black  COMPELLED TO  navy Anr  ���������*> ...  Prominent Features bf Great Br'tair.'s  New Vessel.  Ship Wiil be Ready to Fly in August  or September.  A. Very Severe Case of St* Vitus  Deace Cared h? Bf. Williams' Pink Pills.  St. Vitus dance is a common disease  in children and is also found in highly  strung men and women.   The only cure  lies   in. plenty   of  pure  blood,   because  pure Wood is the life food of the nerves.  And Dr. Williams' Pink Pills is the only  medicine to make neyr, rich, red blood.  This   statement has  been  proven   over  and over again and now from Port Mait-  land, N.S., comes     another remarkable  piece of evidence of the power of Dr.  Williams' Pink Pills over disease. ' Mr.  Lyndon E. Porter    is one    of the beBt  known resiaer.ts of that town.    Ke suffered from a severe attack of St.* Vitus  dancs, and got no help from  medicine  until he began using Dr. Williamfi'-Pink  Pills.   He says:   "My ^aae was unusually , bad.' * I was compelled    to * abandon  work.   I' found *it impossible  $o sleep,  .and night after night would toss about  in "bed.   T was receiving 'medical -. attention, but in-spite of the careful treatment I gradually grew worse.   My limbs  jerked and twitched to such an extent  that I could not cross the floor without  falling or coming in contact with some  piece ot furniture.   I could aot.raiso a,  glass of water to my lips so badly did  did  my  arms  and  hands  tremble- and  shake.    I  cannot  imagine more severe  suffering and Inconvenience than one endures .with St. Vitus dance.   My father  being a druggist knew of the many cures  effected  by  Dr.    Williams' Pink Pills,  and advised me to try them.   I did so,  with  the most  nanny results.    In less  than two months from the time I began  the usu of the pills I wns a well man,  and I have not since hud the slightest  symptom of the trouble."  All over the world Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills arc making ju������t such cures as Mr.  Porter's. They go right down to the  causo of the disease in the blood. In  this wny they havo pi oved in thousands  of caws to cure anaemia, headache and  backaches, rheumatism, lumbago, neur-  algla, nervousness,   Indigestion,   decline  part. Sho' had mot Borengcr again throo   c]onfc ftn<i thick black veil.  wcoks or so boforo our wedding-day. She I    novor told him of hor engagement when -  he renewed hhi.own suit~-only said that  her older sinter' (her only rolatlvo) would  not consoht, and thoy must marry     at  once."'"- ,*��������������� V '"'  "Jl ctud, sorrowful ,story. Uncle  Will/' said Falconer, clasping, tho old  roan's hand, "but still tho poor daughter may hove hor noblo father's,, nature,  hot hor mothor'e. You* ncvor saw Cop-  tain BoroiijforP'*! , i  "No, novor, V4  St. Maur drew a breath of relief; Ids  darling hall hor father's face, ho knew,  and with, it his noblo nature and faith  ���������not tho mother's' shameless perfidy.  'If aho hod but como to mo frankly 1"  added tho old man, trotaulously. "Heaven knows I loved ;>,hor,:; well, enough to  bavo roleaood he*'*at 'bu'do." '*  X, "I know you would, doar Undo Will  I���������I know I would,", said Falconer, huskily; but his heart 'sunk,  !!what chance  was there of his wife's ever being ,l������"  ccnted by William Orde,; save by a mlr-  licleP  :, But.thf) carriage stopped at    Brown's  Hotel, and t)*.o two parted,     Bt. Maur  walked round to hia own chamber**. How  ho onvlod tho podoeful sloop of Rahm-  noo, who Iav at Wiftt on his mattress at  thn foot of his master'������i bed I  Monnwliilo,   on   tho   drive      home,  Blwuclio, tlrod though she waa, chattered  about tho glories of tho ball and her  pnrtn������w*. ���������'���������  "I Ao hope," she said, "that wo shall  meet that Mr. Bt. Maur again! Isn't he  a fascinating man, and so handsome;  don't you think so, Mrs. Errington? and  wtUtee like an.angel I"  "I didn't know .rural, waltted," sold  Paleoim'-i wlte. dryly,  "Nofc much of hu tmgol about the mM  Although  Lieutenat  N.   F.   Usborne,  R. N., is still in France attending, the  trials of the new Clement-Bayard airship  (wliich is to fly'from the other-side of  the Channel to the Daily Mail garage <  on Wormwood Scrubha), the training of  the  crew  which  will man   the British ,'  navy airship when she is ready is biMng  pushed   energetically   forward ' at   Bar-.,  row, laucasnire.  The vessel ia likely to be ready to fly  some  time    in August    or September.  Work is well advanced on the nine seo-,  tions into which the frameworic is divided.    These are made not of aluminium, '  as has been, stated, but of a metal which  is both lighter and stronger.   In view of  tbe size of the baHoo!������, which will mea-  sure more than COO feet (CO feet longer  that is to say, ^haii 'the largest -Zeppelin,r  yet built, it-' wak-important_ to fU3e,,X*  ���������light a material as possible.,; So far'ttie^  metal employed has given satisfactory ^  results. '* " A y~ K  The gas compartments.niuaAbT them,  will not be all made-of''the ^ame'material.   Several stuffs jvili ba-ieted in, order to see which'is the most eervieeabh^  One oi iheee is entirely new, & kind of  waterproof cloth, very thin yet durable.'i  ���������If it comes'iip to expectations, it will  no doubt be used for nil Airship*.   It is  the discovery of a British inventor.-' >Vl  The propellers have not yet been chosen.    Experiments are being made with'  one of four blades 10 feet In - diameter.*  If  these  are successful,  there 'will  be  every reason to hope that the estimated  speed of forty-five miles an hour may be  attained.    The  two  200-h.-p.   Wol������eley<  motors of eight cylinders each', will'bo  quito capable of producing that speed If  other conditions are favorable,  It has been found quite practicable,to  fit the airship with wirelees telegrnph.y*  This will greatly Inoroaae its value for'  scouting purposes. Tins headquarters of  the vessel will bo on tho North Sea, At  she muet be prepared to stay out for  days at a time, she lias boon constructed  to take a vory heavy load.     Her crevr  aud the spi'cial allmcnte of growing Wrls ( will probably consist'of twoaty mon, and  ~       *"���������  ' they will be abl������ io lake with them a  large quantity of stores, with, if necessary, cxploslvu in addition.  nud women.   Rold by nil m<'dlrlne'deal  ers or by mail at 60 cents a box or six  boxes for $2,150 from The Dr. Williams'  Medicine Co., Brockviiie, Ont.  St, Maur read it aloud in an undertone, and then burned it in a taper,  tossing the blackened ashcB into i tho  waste-basket.  "ThoBo toll'' not tales, -It^hmnee," he  eaid; "nor ,tlwkeV I know;*' and he  touched the HIudlan'8 lip's,  - * i   .j- (To be continued.)       ,;.  , <������������'-��������� ���������-���������  ��������� ' Qolng'Op,     ���������(    i(���������  Justice has a streak of yellow, for she  grips ,thc littlo follow, but i her tempor  ���������corns to, mellow toward the man who's  higher;,\m,.'',.,. 'A . y'.Vi  y ,";"'' y"'^'" "'���������-'  Though she runs)^to fIx^ hbrV'olutejh'o'f'' on  the biio] who Htoals nil much'as ^Orwirits,  sho limps' on crutches tewfti'd! the man.  who's higher up.   ...,..'���������'.���������,;, y  If thb'.duties nro oyadod quick js righteous wrath pnrflded, for tho fow nro simply  aldscdir-act 'tlio': man' who's hlghor  up.  'Ti������ a most obnoxious feature; justico  surely needs a teacher i worst of sinners  not the creature, but tho man who'*  higher''up,  A Littlo chaps must go to prison for a  ������rtm������ not roally hU'n, whllo ohauipogno  Is ever flwin' for tho man who's higher  Wli<rn a truit Is; caught at scheming  Jtiailea taken its menials, seeming not to  e'������n be faintly dreaming of tho man  whCft higher tip,  Rter calm hor way pursuing, Justice  n&tel what noroo are doing, but thU duty  Is (chewing whon the man U higher up,  Justice riiould take off her blinder, to  tlie smaller fry bo kinder, and, before  iit;r.or bv'Us'i.l r.cr,'fiTr.b''tb-' ���������������***��������� *������r������fc*,f  hljjhir upi���������Plill/i/lfijphlrt I'nbllo Ledger.  CARRIES  A, "CAN"  EAR.  HIS  Thi������ Uganda boy livoa in tho district .through which thb " Roooovolt  Earty hunted. Whon ho was a moro  aby his paront* bored n holo in tho  lobo o! lib eat and placed a pieoo of  wood in It, replacing tho stick by a  largo*"on������ ������* no (frow older, until at  lost the lobo of bin oav haa boon  atretohed onough te hold a bucket  two ot throo inchen wide. Ho is  muoh admiral by tho nativo womon.  mmm.mmmm   n   r^i# i-frl     * .  Rom*   fellows   are nctinlly  too la������y  to brsgjibout how thoy lucit to work.       tiuifn.jour.ttiJ &&  NEWFOUNDLAND  PAYS TRIBUTE  To   the   Grand   Work   Dodd's  Kidney Pills are Doing.  Fishermen Regard Them at 'irmi B^on  to Mankind���������Mr. Frank Banfiold  Tolls How They Cur*d HU (Hack*  ache. '       , ' *" "'      i  Garnish, Fortune Bay, Nfld., May an,  ���������(Special).'���������Among: the flsliermonVhete,::  1 who ��������� through exponuro to ,wot and col-]  i aro subject to tho������b  puJ'iia and    ������ch������  I which como from     diseased*   Kidneys,'���������"���������  'Dodd's Kidnoy Pills arpV looked upon at;  ' a poeltlvo boon to mankind.7',-tJhoy.';'an.;'!  never tired of telling how tliolr rBack*,'  aches and their Hhcumati*m vanish be.  for<), tHo great Kidney  remedy.  V   ";',i  Among many others Mr. Prank Bah������  field,1 after yoare of suffering, has fouiuj'  roller in Dodd's Kidney rills, and how  is wlut he is telling hi* IriendH:  '  '  ���������������I find Dodd'e Kidney Pllk tlio.bwl  medicine for Daokache I have ever used.  I only uiAl two boxes and they cured m<  of llackaolto X had had for five j^arevy  It started through; a strain. My father'!  back also bothered him, and h* got itom������  rclltt from ono pill I gave him,' Thej  wero too precious to give him more. AS  porton������ sutforing from Daokacliajihoul4  utio DoodV Kidney Pills." "*/  Why do IkHW# KWucy PUb , ca������  DnokaeheP Simply became Backache i\  Kidney ache, and Dodd's Kidney IHII4  poeltfvely cure all Kidney achae and Hi*  Thi* has boen proved in, thouiands ol -  cases in Canada,  If you haven't u������*j  ,,v.  f!*hl)Ws'. THE   CRESTON REVIEW  ���������msi'y  ������w*wn< ao^wwwwww  i Jiiiiiimnipi niiimniuin.il  I ijn (I i HJ'M   l<  THE  ���������W^    -ft    ^r*.  -fP-B*^^  OF COMMERCE  WlJLD ROSB  LODGK No. 39  KNIGHTS OF  PYTHIAS  ���������BAB  OFFICE. TOSONTO  ESTA1IUSUED  180T  B. B. WAUCBR, Preeiaeat  AStSKAHSSB ������AISDS General Hanger  Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000  Reserve Fund, -   6,000,000  Braoches throughout Canada, and in the United States and England  Meets every o her Monday from Jnne 90  to October 4 at 8 D.m. in Speers' Ball.  Goo. Broderick, O. O.  B. Jensen, K. of R. & S.  R. 8; Bevan^ M. of F.  Tsssiius proihrsa cordially isvited.  1^  v   '������r������a>������ ������. >r������0<������  rJGS BAMK uEfARTMISIN i  .'.���������.-.*..���������.-     ���������-.... .       ** '"..���������'���������..  Deposits of Si and upwards are received aiid interest allowed at current  -~ies.     Accounts  may be  opened in the names of two or  more  persons and withdrawals made  by any  one of them or by the survivor. 13*  FSKOT B-APOWLBR, MANAGER ORESTON BRANCH  & Co.  Wholesale  I      Frevisieias,   Freaitco,   Fruit;     |  1 General Commission Mereb&nts |  I iNELSON        -        B. ��������� J  5         ������  -raesxr?  ^% HfcSLLUi Mr. RANCHE  Last week I spoke about Harness  TO  YOU  it s about time you spoke about Harness  TO   ME  Come in and talk it over  ^T^D5C   HARNESS  AND  IMPLEMENT   STORE  Oil b  ������ \^^^^^^^^\^^\^^^^\^^^^\^^^^^^ %^  Tke Creston <*^H^ ^Revi^l^  ���������jpaarj*.-*3?a.vj^ra*yyyy^  Fmbliahed evorr   Friday at Oreston, British Columbia, by the Creston Pub-  ItaUas; Co., at their offie������, Fl^et Street, Orostou.  I. X. Johkoo**   ���������   Manager.  Rauh G. Scruton  isoisor.  K  HOTOGRAPHY  jfL-'unj���������mi,. \.  Creston Hote  S^baorintion. *������*$ 00 a year, in advance.  80-Day Notices, fcg;  60, ������7 50; 80, $10.  Sfe������ Roview is tha acknowledged advertising uiediuih of tho Oreston valley, cu?-  oulatiaf in over ono thousand homes throughout the Orostou district. Owe  columns are open ������o correspondents on live questions of local interest. Ooa-  ���������Jributtoni must bo brief .written on one side of thWpaper only and signed; not  necessarily for publioatiou, but as evidence of good faith. w"e invite support  io our endeavours to increase the usefulness of tho Review by bringing ia your  adT*>rtiMm������Nat������, aubscriptiouB and hews. Complaints from subsoribers as to  i-neti-p* of -caper will b������ promptly attended to. Address all oommunioa-  W&ooditor,  ������*������  "*������x  We are now  prepared  to  do  Developing  and  _    Printing for amateurs  and  will  gua antee  satis-  J   ^    factory work.  We  V..-.,r^  r������  from-  nave Cameras in stosic,  ranging  in  price    ^  $2.00 to $20.00 I  explain how they ars used ^  1  **��������� ���������* *3    -���������* 11    &*.**   /vli������/t   *t*-������.  As will be seen on the front page of this paper, the annual  school meeting has been called for tomorrow, Saturday,   thej  16th inst., in the new schoolhouse at 10 a.m.    At this meeting some important business will be transacted; there is the  question of clearing and improving the  school   yard.    This  is indeed a matter that should receive  immediate  attention.  In any city or town in any country  the  people,  no  matter  how crude they may be, always take pride  in  their   schools  and school playgrounds.   Surely Creston will not lag behind  in this important  subject.     Again,  at  this  annual  school  meeting the matter of raising the teachers-  salaries  will  be  considered; this also is a matter  that  should  be  carefully  gone into.    If the:-teachers a.t Creston are working  for  too  small salaries, this matterVshould be righted at once, for surely  the instructors^ of the rising generation are worthy of being treated fairly in the matter of  salaries.    Let  it  not  be  said of Greston that its teachers are  underpaid.    Again,   an  important matter regarding school officers is that  in  small  SUN���������Av  'iViArt I  HOURS  I  12:30 a.m. to 1:0 p.m. and  8:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.  For the sale of MEDICINES ONLY  Greston Drug* Book Co.  W. A. McBEAN, Manager '  The Leading -  Hotel of the  Fruit    Belt  ���������v   towns like Creston too much of this- school work is left entirely to a few individuals, while the great majority of the  rate  payers sit by with folded hands  and  talk  energetically  onVH  general school matters, but conspicuously absent themselves s  from just such  meetings  as  this one called for tomorrow  I1  morning. .  It is understood that Trustee F. J. Rose, whose term of  office expires now, wiil retire from this school office, and that  anew trustee will be elected at this meeting.  Surely, with all these important matters to be brought before this meeting, the ratepayers will recognize the necessity  of their rousing themselves, from their protracted lethargy  in school matters and all turn out en masse at the meeting  in the new schoolhouse tomorrow morning.  \. /OU will make no mistake  I when you get off the train  *"       if 35-011 sign the register at  the  Crestoa   Hotel.       Travelling  ���������������*���������**���������*  men will substantiate this. We  study the comfort of our guests.  The rooms are well furnished in  a manner up-to-date.  Rooms reserved by Telegraph.  Headquarters for Mining Men,  Lumbermen, Ranchers, Tourists  and Commercials.  - - Props,  -will find among, our large assortment some mixture or blend  tbat  will exaotly appeal to hia taste.  xxf_   ���������.���������������..      --���������*���������- - - -  brands of  Pipe Tobaccos  and we offer many not so well  known but preferred by smoker?  nf fastidious tastes. If your pipe  isu't tasty, change the brand and  let us furnish you with something  "worthwhile.    ' -     ���������   > -��������� v;   '  prrvrinrrrinnnnr^^  3  emocrats, guggles, wagons, elo.  We are Agents for McLaughlin  3  vaav-c Money by consulting us before  witirartrt.  W. iBamhUKA  Of  3*  __ fi   m mm**��������� -  Greston Wine & Spirit Go  3  JlJlAftJLgJLftJLfliUUl.gJLft^  COMMUNICATIONS.  [Tho Editor is not reBpousible for the  opinions of his correspondents, nor does  ho always agree with them. 1  Camp 12, July, 1910  Editor, Creston Review.  Dear Sir,���������Enclosed please find a communication for publication in your coming Friduy't* issue. I feel that the high  Htoudard and tone of your much valued  paper will admit it iu tho publio inter-  oat and fair piny. Thanking you in anticipation,  Youth truly,  Chah. Mookb  COMMUNICATION  In your bwuo of last January 0th, undor tbo title "Storm in n Teacup" or, in  oyoioal transposition, "Much to do about  Nothing."  With your kind permiRnion for pross  apace lu your valued paper and iu tho  publio intercut, and lantly, the lonst of  all, a just vindication of tho writer himself.  Tbo object of thnt informal mooting  v'.onv������uod by tho writer on thnt (Into to  moot tho school trusteoH to dlscuM n vital snbjoct, is too woll known locally to  loqniro muoh rocopltulation, feeling  certain that it is no frctOi today in the  minds of tho ratepayers us on thu evening it took: place.  It apparently remitt'til much to the  Hatlnfnotlon of the trnB^es���������Hoso, Dow  aud Compton. Out, uh time (dapped,  tbo inevitable trufcliM Uhjmiiio iriiii)ife������t,  whioh put 11 fully forced tho duiatlo action of tho trustoos iu the roaignittion of  thn late principal.  Tlio oonoocted "resolution of oensoro"  denouncing my notion* In upholding a  worthy cause in the interest of some 80  ohildren, is worthy of note, and following, this blind vote of cenBure was the  vote of "confidence" in the late school  principal, with what object, needless to  say, i-3 easily seen by the most oasunl  observer. These resolutions were carried, but not by the bona-fide ratepayers  aud-parents, but by half a dozen .so-  called   "friends"   (trustees   included).  Thon followed the fiery and flowery  speeoh by F, Rose, ably assisted by Secretary Compton and Trustee Dow, in  meroiloBs aud humiliating condemnation  of the writer.  Mr. Editor, Indies and gentleman and  fellow ratepayers, tho writer docs not  propose to deal at great length with  whit was Baid by those three trustees at  that mooting, but slnoo that dato tho  majority of tho parents and ratepayers  havo boon fully satisfied by thoir efforts  and careful investigation, us to its truth*  fulness.*  Iuouuulutiiuu; it is tbo duty of ovory  loving parent and ratepayer of tho Ores,  ton distriot who takeB an intorost in our  rising generation, their education nud environments, to assert their rights in. nil  ui ut tors that portain to thoir interest and  to guard and guido them aud befitting  them in thoir youth with a foundation  which Bhnll bo and will bo, in thoir ma-  tnrod years of mnnhood and womiiiihorxl,  a crodit to onr town of Crouton.  In tho deplorable inaidont tho truutoos  cannot fnoo tho electors and coimclon.  tiously wiy they havo dono their duly 5  but olrouiiiHtuuooH tulod tho day.  Aak yonrsolt u simple question, Oould  1 utand hi oonsolouKncsM and see my lit*  tie children put in tho wagon, travel,  ing tho rooky nud winding road of lifo,  under the guidance of an impossible  driver ? Thia is left for to answer and  further, would you, as a loving parent,  tolerate their inhuman advices, detrimental to the proper guidance of your  loved ones? Let it be remembered ladies and gentlemen, my follow ratepayers, that at the coming bloctipnof school  trustees, assert your rights and censure  the ill-doers to yours and our little innocent children.  Respectfully,  Chas. Mooub  Notice of Application lor Liquor License  r������k������ Notice that 1, W. W. Hall, or Urlokson  BX2., intend Applying to the (superintendent  of Provincial Police at Victoria, at the expiration of one month (Tom the date bereor. for  for a retail liquor llcehio for the premlsea  lenown as tbo Erickson' Hotel, situated at  Krlakson, B.C.  Dated at Erickson, B.O,, June 10th, 1910.  WALTHSR.AW. HALL  Notlco of Application lor Traimror  ol Liquor Lloonxo  Tako notice tliat I, Arthur Okell, boidlnc  yower of attorney for tbo cxecutom of tlio late  osopb Wnlitor, Intend applying to tho Huper-  1 ntendent of rrov I nolsl, Pol Ioo, Vlotorl a, at tbo  oxplrallou or one month from tlio auto hereof  for a transforof tho retail liquor llconsohold  by Jcmoph Wnlitor for the.promt-ten known au  the ErlokHon Hotel, su.iiatod 'nt. ErloliRon, B.  O.to Wnlt-ir William Hall, of Krlcltson. B.O,  Datoc^ aticrlekuon, U.O., June 101 n, iuiu  M.1R.Beatt������  CRANtBROOK - B.C.  Tho  Funeral Director  MIRABELLI  CRESTON   SKOEB4AKER  Best Workmanship  Boots and Shoes made to Order  A Speciality  I  All the Latest in Hats,  Flowers, Ribbons and  Veilings, 1/adies' and  Children's Sailors       y  A fine assortment of Ladies'  Waists, from $1. Infants'  Silk Bonnets, etc., etc, j  '  Ws. m. youNG  Fourth Street, Croston, B.C.  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In the center of  the Town, situated oa the maiu Residential street Fine site" for a House, with  plenty of ground for a garden, or Lot  *?oulvd he sub-divided* into Town Lots.  Price   $1200  A Paying Investment from  The Grass Roots  20QQ Shares in a Local Company, paying 18 per cent, dividend. Owners require cash to invest in Crestou property.  "Will sell at par value.  A Reauy Home  20 Acres, partly improved; 4 miles  from Creston, on main government road;  water on property. This year's crop,  house, pony, buggy, harness, boat, tools,  pigs poultry, and household effects  included.  Price $3,000  3,  Agents  British Columbia Life Assurance Co.  Head Office, Vancouver, B. C.  The Creston "Valley has more than proven itself to be  the best adapted and most successful Fruit District in  British Columbia. Not alone in fruit, but in vegetables  and flowers doeB it excel, uot to mention the salubrious  climate (free from frost) and all the otiier necessary conditions that go to muko it an ideal spot for a home for ehe  fruit rancher and former.  Come to the Creston Valley and be free  of nervousness, worry aad anxiety, and  enjoy good health.  Sole Agents for the  "Family Butter Merger"  lib. Butter and i pint Milk makes slbSe Butter  Stock and Fruit Farm  26 Aores at Wynuiel Junction; creek  running through and good government  road to property; 7J������ acres light clearing, suitable for fruit and vegetables;  balance meadow land, good for pasture  and hay.  Price $75 per Acre  <Jbwn   Property  WIS have ths exclusive handling of  the choice building lots in Barton Addition of the Cfeston townsite. _  Theso Lots will oitty bo on tuft loatse's  np io the first of August,������uds?8 csacsd-  6u to be the cream of tho Townsite, for  residential purposes, having a fine situa-  ion overlooking the valley.  c4 Snap  10 Lots and House, 34ft. x l*ft., with  kicohen, 24ft. s 2016. ������, within, stons's  throw of Oreston O. P. It. depot; good  chicken house and run; 5 lots cleaned  and fruit trees planted; 5 lots o&Mred,  b:tf not olsanod. This is a special for  thin week. Owner going away. Price  not for publication, bnt it will astonish  you if you are a genuine enquirer. ,  S  fl  We are the rnen Itoho sell the Land that Gr&ivs the Big Red Apple  i������nr.jiiii?  ��������� i  [V   IMUCQ  IHLLL1    1I1IL0  uu  ���������5 fib  iiSJIYli Hli-1  ,'  \  \  vr^st'w XL st*   \.r \  HI  HI  mm ���������  i  iThe Ducrest Stump Putter.  (Continued from first page)  stump puller, has pulled over 1000 acres  of all kiads*0f stumps, trees and willows.  Mr. Dncresfc has more knowledge in land  clearing than any man in the world,  and all what he has learned iu the space  of thoseyearshaS put' i& in developing  aud improving the Ducrest stnmp puller, whioh is tho quickest, the strongest?  the cheapest, the lightest and the, most  up-to-date Btump puller, at the reach of  every person who has laud to clear.  Nothing liko long practical and solf  experience for developing any classes of  machinery. After some thousand trials  in different fields of stumps aud uprooted  many good-sized forests; never used  any powder at all and no' cutting or dig-  giug roots to help the Duorcst stump  puller, except when we wore taok'ing  somo of those giiint shortly out stumps  iu which wo have to pub our pulling  ��������� cable too oloso to the. ground.   '  All that I havo loarncd and experienced iu my steady pvaotlonl work is in  our Ducrest' stump  puller,  and-ovory  purchaser of the'^Ducrest stump pullor'  will   bo' given complete' instructions  ' showing all tho loarnod various ways of  '" pulling from tho' largest stumps  aud  I trees to tho smallest ono growing; iu any  class of soil.   Wo havo nlso many various ways Bhowlntf how to pull and free  youv oablo from buuoh wHIowb aud all  kinds of similar second growth.    Auy  povson can operate a stump pulior and  ^Aimll stumps, uo M-attor how young ho  ;   may "bOi OBpooinlly a Duorcst stuuip pull.  1   or, hecewso it Js tho simplest machino ou  ;   earth,   The instructions tlmt wo givo  vy withpur ���������puoroflt,' stump', pallors  will  ,>--::rondo������;tUp;-wwlc'an oasy ono for tho oiv  i-';''bratbr,l'and savestimoaudmonoy.   For  , iwBfcttUoe, woboliovo thoro nro very fow  ; iVprHOUB who, know Iiow to pull a largo or  ;';!!' ...Bnialt .Btnmp.^bbu'^.non'v; youv mnohino,  y ou Wibiohyouvpuiiing oablo is too 1 our,',  '*'.;,, Lot u������ show you that and -many othowv  ' too, but only to tlio .ptifoh������flo������ of tlio  Dttorosli Htump puller,,  Tho UncrW. 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Terms���������$25 Cash and $10 per month, with  interest at tbe rate of 6 per cent, per annum on  , deferred payments. These Lots are all high  . and dry, and in six months will be selling at  $195,   Look into this proposition at once.  "C0^atid'inspect bur ttst of Fi^'iEfthils  ^    M^ t to 640 acres  Frank Bast Slock, Canyon Road  Mrs. MURPHY, Proprietress       X  T������y Prescription No. 09 for summer  colds, at the Oreston Drug Store.  t  is the time to Buy  List your property with us.    We can sell it  MMM  Mcssro. Johnson and Schutoh  ^^vC.^^OC-^C.-tC-CC^^CQ^OC-'tC.CtC.*^*.**-*^*^^  ������������,���������������,���������������' ,f ������ ������������������������t tH>*������������  tn dig, put and blnHt tho stumps you  pull, to help au expansive aud weak nm*  ohluo in which you aro wasting half  your timo and monoy.  When ming a Dtioront etmup pull w wo  fool so intDroBtod in wprootlmg itump������  and trooi, that often wo forgot- tho timo  nud nlways fool to 'tmll another stump/ t*r������ like m������ny:  That ia whnt many operators often soy,  and truly nothing is moro interesting  than to soo a large Btump raising from  tho ground, roots and alt without any  extra effort or labor than tho Dnorest  stump puller.  Remember that yon oan depend on a  Daorost stump puller > for improving  yonr farm. With a Duoroot stnmp pnll-  or a job of fifty aores of green standing  trees or stumps monus tho work of two  men for a oonplo of months.  No mau in this world oan perfect nny  olasn of machinery without long export-  onoe with it, not seeing tlio maobiuo  working, but work tho maobino.   Hero  is why tlie JDuowat; stump p*allor ia in,  ovory way porfoot, and a powerful ;ma.������  chlno, bocauao Mr. Dactost is a stump  pullet manufacturer who   has    mow  knowledge in land clearing than any  man in tho world, and if yon waat to  kuow somcthlug about land oloaring,' ho  will be pIwiBod to give yon his advise.  If you nood tbo best stump poller ont-  flt, buy a Dnorest ntwnp pullftr, Yoii  Ottttgot it etraluht from the faotoiry.  For priooa and termi of thoso maohiaos  apply at tho Ruvrew olhoo.  Hero avo a few testimonial letters.  Ploaio wrlto to these peoplo nud ask  thoir opinion of the Daorost stump pull*  er. Wo woald advise you to tend ������  two-cent stamp to rooolvo your answer.  Wo aro not forging any tcitlmouloJ lot'  Cndboro Boy, 3*17-10  Mr. S. Dnorest,  BnrnsidoBoad, Oity. < '. *  Dear SU',~Having had yonr stamp  puller No. 9 hired for three weeks and  handled by X1. Lnwronoo, we And that it  has done very good work, being able to  pull and stnmp the fifteen aores in the  throe weeks.  ' Youro truly  M, Fiknbiwy & Sons  and for. stumps yonr maohfne cannot be  beat. The machine oan be" set ready  for work in SO minutes. I wonld reo-  osnmead the Dnoscsi, stump pulisr to  any one having stumps to dear .away  on yonr land. ?.���������.������������  Yo-aro truly, ', "'\,  Q. W. Okcsb ��������� .  i'  Victoria, B.O.,8444>������  Sir. J. Dacreet,  Victoria ,B. O.  Dear Sir,���������After sdsg roar aintapiug  machine No. 9 fox three moatiu. during  whioh time we cleared 100 aeroe of land  en the North Thompson,river, 'I oan  recommend it highly1 to any one for  eitherpulllngstumps or standing'timber.   During the 88 days work, wo did  not* have a ���������bi'eakdowu, nud the piuo  timber np thoro U, I think, harder to  poll than* the fir.  Yours truly,  Oxo. A. Bohthwiok  Koatlog's P.O., 0-C00  Mr. J. Dnorest,    ' ,  Viotorla, B, O.  Dear Sir,���������t have nloared 15 aores of  land with your No. 8 stump pnller and  am woll ploiisod with it. I havo pulled  16 medium alzod green stumps in ten  minutes with ono holpor, I reoommond  it for pulling and piling largo or small  stumps.     ��������� -'   ,;'A  I UBOd only ono horse on the mnohino,  Strawberry Vale, O-H-OO  Mr. ^. Dnorest,  Bortiflide Boad, C|ty. .���������s  Door Sir^I nm pleased to reoommond  yonr No. 3 Ducrest'stamp pnller after a  severe trial pulling oat ftioen oak stumps  out close to tho ground, and I am pleased  to rooommend it to any one wbo/joae  land to clear, and light oor heavy stumps  to remove.  I remain,  Yours faithfully,  japi-ftf-,*-' W. Fusmch  A now supply of Edison phonograph  records at the - Oreston Drug and Boole,  Store.'  m*0***>**m*mtmmM^mir*������0*  gg fjBiTG fll COSt, ft! COS*, Ri uOSt  Being over sleeked in tbe following goods, will sill at dost for uexl lew  dayu, cursdMV* yon oonsldetaWe money to.tmr������owt'''y  Cupboardg, Kitchen Cabinet*, Sideboards,  Exiettsloti Tahiti, Dr������iiera and Commodes,  Also5tovesand Eriamftl^Var^ Irow0til������s  Spring* Child's Cribe arid Qo-C������rts, Couches,  Blanket!, Pillar*, Carpet, Mattlnf, etc.  m*m  I.  Tbe Creston Hardware and Furniture Co.  mmfmmm  WWm  i:t\  ;&.W.  ���������ty  .v.v;*!' '*    l   :"     "'"xi'    < \A^'jX:a A Asx^A^^.a  ME  OEESTON,  B.C.   REVIEW;  ������������������inimnritiiw j  MEXICAN SCRAMBLED EGGS.  When you ar������ tired of plain scrambled  ���������"eggs try them as they are cooked in  Mexico. Roast a dozen fresh green $>������.p-  pers a few minute3, peel, remove 'he  seeds aad 'chop, -when they should *>e  boiled in ��������������� very little -water until tender, and Beason well -with butter. B������at  six or eight eggs, add with salt to the  peppers and fry all for a moment in  hot butter.  RHUBARB GINGER.  Wash but do not peel the rhubarb.  Tho pink skin gives it a pretty color.  Measure the rhubarb and allow as much  sugar as you have fruit. To four pounds  each sugar and rhubarb allow the juice  of two lemons and tho yellow irinds,  cut thin, with an eighth of a pound of  green ginger root cut in thin -slices.  Cook until thick as marmalade.  QUICK BROWN BREAD.  Two cups graham flour, one cup sour  milk, one-halt cup molasses, two tablespoonfuls sugar, pinch of salt, one tea-  spoonful soda Iu tw-o ^Ifvuspcoufuls  isarm water, three-fourths cup raisinb  chopped and floured. Bake 49 minutes  in a moderate oven. Excellent.  BISQUE MERINGUES.  Beat tho whites of two eggs dry:  gradually beat in half a oup of sugar  and one-fourth a cup of almonds chopped  in ovals tho size of a tablespoon on  inch boards covered -with paper. Let  cook three-fourths of an hour in a very  moderate oven. Increase the heat near  the end of the cooking. Remove from  the papers and invert, then return to  the oven to dry off tlie under side. Put  two ovals together -with fruit jelly or  ���������with whipped cream between.  COTTAGE CHEESE FROM SWEET  MILK.  For each quart of milk take one junket tablet. Crush and dissolve the tablets in a few tablespoonfuls     of     oold  "water. Let the milk be of a temperature  -between   85   degrees   and   100   degrees  Fahrenheit. Stir in the tablets and let  the mixture remain in a warm place -until firmly thickesed. Turn into a cie������3ie-  cloth bag and hong up to drain. Wxuen  the -whey is largely drained off, put the  bag of curd  under pressure to remain  several hours or overnight. Add about a  teaspooafn! of salt to a pint    of curd,  less rather than more, also thick, heavy  cream   as  is convenient  to  make of   a  good   consistency.., Sh&pe/into bslis  or  mold in empty baking, powder, boxes or  a. brick i*e xjeam-inold.^      '-  FBrfa> PEPPERS WITH CHEESE.  The   Mexicans   serve/ their' cheese   in  combination 'with peppers. For this the  fresh green chillies are preferred. Choose  fine  largo ones,  blister "in   a  very  hot  oven and peel off  the outer skin.   Cut  each one down one side so that it. may  be spread out fiat, and wrap it orv.uu-d  e  slice of  strong cheese.   Fry in .good  sweet lard. Prepare a sauce as for Spanish   omelet,   but   with   the   addition   of  some flour and water to thicken and a  clove of garlic if liked. Pour the sauce  over the fried peppers and cheese, and  the dish is ������ ������dy for the table.  BETTER THAN SPANKING.  ���������spunking does uot cure cmlurcn of  bed-wetting. There is a constitutional  cause for this trouble. Mrs. M, bummers, Box W. 8, Windsor. Ont., will send  free to any mother hor successful home  treatment, with full instrutiona. bend  uo money, but write her to-day if your  children trouble you iu this way, Don't  blame the child, the chancer are lt can't  help it. This treatment also cures adults  ana aged people troubled with urine difficulties by day or night.  '_���������. . ,,������������������' ���������- ���������  ENGLISH  WOMEN'S FEET.  CURED HER KIDNEYS  Mrs. John S^ttlgrew* of Central EeOYl-  orny M.S., wus' practically helpless from  riu-UTnp.tlsm.  Sin* could not stooik, and her limbs ach-  ������.������t so tlnit It was torture fer her to be  ut> end Around the house.  As Mrs. Pettlgrew put It, "I was all  fiippled up. I saw Gin Pills advertised  apd sent for some, and after taking only  two toxes. am a different woman. Gin  TiIIf are the only thing that helped me.  and 1  cannot say  too  much  for  them."  If you have that dreadful pain In the  l.ai**k��������� if you are tortured with rheuma-  llsm���������net  Gin Pills  at  once.  Write National Drug & Chemical Co..  ment. H. L.) Toronto, tor free sample.  Iteeular size at dealers, 50c a box, 6 for  S2E0.  ...-���������. .������ m m    ���������  FRIEND OF KINGS  a I  Sir Ernest .Gasse!, Qp.ce a Poor Boy  Now Entertains Royalty.  BACK-WEARY MEN  The Helping Hand ot Dr. Hamilton's  Pills   Will  Cure   in  a  Few  Weeks.  A   Legend  of   February.  Here is the pretty legend which telis  why February has only twenty-eight rr  twenty-nine days. Long ago, they ssv,  February was a gambler, and he was so  unlucky that he soon lost all his money. "Like other gamblers, he tried to  Tooover it, and he said to his companions  that if they -would lend him some mouey  he would give them as security one of  his days. January and March, who were  naturally associated with him more often  than any of the other months, accepted  his offer, and as poor February soon  lost the money -which he had borrowed  'each of them acquired one of his days.  That is why January and Mai*ch have  each thirty-one days and February has  only twenty-eight in ordinary and  twenty-uine iu leap years.  Minard's Liniment used by Physicians  love,,  "1   Love"   in  27 Tongues.  <By   Wardlaw   Taylor)  Here  ls   the translation   ol    "I  lu   27   different   languages.  TSns^if'h���������A love.  German���������Ich  llebe.  Italian,   Spanish  and  Portuguese���������Amo.  G reek���������Agapo.  Russian���������Ljublju.  Dutch���������Ik  toemln.  Breton���������-Karnn.  Japanese���������Watakusl  wnsiikl  masu.  Cambodirese���������.Khuhoni   sretaua.  Danish��������� Jeg elsker.  Swedish���������Jae alskar.  Polish���������Kocham.  Basque���������Maltatzendcnt.  Hungarian���������Varuk.  French���������J'alm*.  Turkish���������Sereporoum. ,   '^i^ [ i Ty  AUterian Aiai������c----.t������>&btv.  Egyptian Arabic���������Xeral.  Persian���������Doust Carem.  Armenian���������G*s" rem.  Hindustani���������Main   bolta.  Ann&mite���������Tol tha  on-g.  Chinese���������Oul hi bouan.  Halayan���������Sshyasuha.  V olamilc���������Lotob.  Dr. rviorse-s  Indian Root PliJs  owe their singular effectiveness in  curing Rheumatism, Lumbago and  Sciatica to their power of stimulating and strengthening the kidneys.  They enable these organs to thoroughly filter from the blood the uric  acid (the product of waste matter) -  which gets into the joints and mus- -,  cles and causes these painful diseases. Over half a century of constant use has proved conclusively  -iiiti, ui. .uw.-s 5 it>!i,ari lioot jtiug  *-re���������k kldnev? S-^id  R heumatism  ������i������  Toy   Spaniel   an   Old   Breed.  The English toy spaaiel is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most popular  breeds of pet dogs known. As far back  as the days of Charles the Martyr this  breed was much priced by the ladies of  the court. In the narrative of the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots, indorsed in  Lord Burghley's hand aad forwarded to  the court, it was recorded that one    of  the executioners found her little pet'(a  spaniel   of   practioally   the   same   type  as those afterward known in tho reign  of Charle II.),  which had crept under  the folds of her garments to be   --ar  her, and which would not bey*   V*-tS 'Ay  away.���������From "Bit and Spur, y XA  sue **a������v**^-������>  Cure  Sir Ernest Cassel, one of the late King  Edward's hosts at Biarritz, has had a  career full of romance, the romance full  of the self-made man. lt seems like a  fairy tale that the unknown lad of the  '70s should have b������*on the friend and  counsellor of the King o������ England &mi  the German Emperor.  It is rumored that he is one of the six  men who move in the mysterious background of the Government of England,  says the Gentlewoman. He has been the  builder of his own fortune. Money has  grown under his hands, and banks and  railways have made his vast riches.  One "of the most dramatic moments in  his career was a Boer war incident. The  British Government stood in need of *  big sum at short notice. It was obtained  by Sir Ernest in three hours. Luck seems  not to attend him on the turf, although  he once won the Two Thousand.  Mueh lias been written ou Brook  House, his Turk Lane residence, but  there has been scant mention of the  Turkish baths which ocviipy pr.rt of *M  ground floor, nor of the marvellous range  of kitchens. Theie nre siv of these, With  marble floors and walls, and they include  pastrv kitchens, grilling, roasting and  boiling kitchens, a \egotnble kitchen  and a room for fruit nnd ilower;?.  HELPLESS LITTLE BABIES.  Ask any mother who h������������s used lViry's  Own Tablets and she will tvU v������ki ihey  are the best thing in tho world foi curing stomach and bowol troubles ������u&  making teething easy, 'fli^ i>= ii.e 'ugliest praisoL a medicine can g->t. And we  give vou the guarantee o* a Government  analyst that this medicine is ���������ib'iftluitly  safe.' No other medicine intended for  voung children give mothers such a guarantee. Mrs. Robt. Mielh. Hotham, Ont.,  savs: "I cannot tell you how much good  Babv's Own Tablets have done my baby.  1 am sorrv I did not know of them earlier." Sold by medicine dealevi or bj  mail at 25 ceuts a box from the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co... Brockviiie, Ont.  A   Spring   "rarablo.  The wind is blowing,  The sower is sowing,,  The seed is flowing;  The sun is shining;  The clouds inclining  Their silver lining.  This is the seed-time,  The hope-time, tbe heed time}  Soon comes the need-time.  '    Laughing or weeping,  Waking or sleeping,  "lis worth the knowing  That God is keeping  For  future reaping  The sower's SvWiiigw  ���������Ida W. Benham, iu Farm Journal.  "Foundry work compels men to work  in the winter in very cold shops," writes  Tunis T. Bolter, a well known mechanic  in Hamilton. "I contracted a very severe cold a few months ago which settled in my back and kidneya, I suffered  constant pain, and in bending over my  work and in heavy lifting, the pain at  times w������n excruciating. My digestion  got all out of ,order, doubtless because  the kidneys didn't work right. My wife  had used Dr. Hamilton's Pills as a family medicine and I took her advice and  started them also. To my great delight  n few doses helped nie so much it van  proof I was using a true remedy. Natural action of the kidneys was brought  about, burning and aching ceased, and  the back-laroonesa gradually dlsappeaicd.  I no longer fear mv work. 1 fool string  and robust, and with such a remedy as  Dr. Hamilton's Pills at hand I will probably never again be sick. I advise every  working   man   to   use   Dt.   Hamilton's  wlK" , j.    *i  "So other  medicine will  regulue the  svstcm and maintain health like Dr.  Hamilton's Pills���������beware of the dealer  who tries to induce you to take rc.c-  Ihing else on which he miiken more pro-  tit. Sold in vellow boxes 25c. Prep wed  by the Catarrhozone Co., Kingstou, Ontario.  HOUSES  IN A CIRCLE.  A Buenos Ayres Architect's New Idea  in   Building.  Buenos Ayres has an architect in Prof.  Pitjne Koveda who has devised a special  plan for building whole districts of  housed for the workingman. Instead of  erecting the houses on ;the ordinary  Bquare blook Prof. Koveda has used a  circle, which has a diameter of from 100  to 130 yards.  This circle of ground is divided into  ninety-nine radial lots * converging to a  centre. The circle is concentrically "divided to  form an interior avenue���������four  ���������,y commvuication  circle.   Each ave-  yaras    uroad���������to  ** *"������-:  tHVlaOR-tf ING TONIC  FOR RUN-DOWN PEOPLE  Your blood hat become thin and weak.  1SI The drain upon your system the past few  month* has teen very great.   Youarecon-  ._ sequsndy feeling "au out of sorts'  and  "rundown."   Your appetite is bad and  Their Increase In Size RevealctJ by the  Modish   Short   Skirts.  T/ondo-"���������The short. skirt* w������w in  vogue iu London ato making oue fax*  qiute evident; that Englishwomen's feet  are larger'-thnn they were.the last timo  short Bkirts wero iii fashion.  A reporter watched a number" of his  countrywomen at smart tea shops .and  in fashionable thoroughfares and was  convinced that this was tho case, so ho  went to various shoo stores fer confirmation, and there he learned tlio truth,  that tho Englishwomen is taking far  larger Risen in shoes than in formor  days.  Substantial fives and sixes ore required in place of'the twos and threw  which used to be worn. Indeed ono shoo  dealer informed the reporter that iu Hie  last ton years the lowest size in women's  shoes had risen from a two and a haif  to a five .that is from a OVfj inch shoe  to a 10 inch shoe*.  In proportion an sizes have increased  heels hare, grown higher, till now it ".*  not an uncommon sight to fioe ia tall  Englishwoman adding to her stature by  9 1-2 inch heels, on which'elto toilers  along.  The feet ot American women are not  getting larger, nay Englinh shoe dealers.  In fact It in for American sales that  tho small sizes are kept at some of the  larger shops.  ��������� -- ������������������������������     ��������� ���������  HAPPILY MAURI K������.  (Exchange.)  "Ahc thoy happily .married?'  "Yen,  indeed.    They've  beeii  married  Means*  y..,.y,.     ' -V'A  Perfieek  Results^  Minard's Liniment Co.. Limited:  I   was   very   sick   with   Quinsy,   and  thought I would strangle.   1 used'MIN-  AP.D'S LINIMENT and it cured me at  once.  I am never without it now.  Yours gratefully,  MRS. C. D. PiUXCE.  "   Nauwigcwauk, Oct. 21.  You don't even have lo know what kind ol cloth  your good* <ar������'tnnd* of. SAMlt Dy������ for AL.L.  MUlakc* are IMPOSSIBLE, Fart and DrnutUiil  Colon. 11 c'ania. Don't fall to try it. Samt>loCard  andBoclcUtPre*. ;������������������ A ..*V  Tha lohJucjn-IUchardecm Co., Llml'nd, Montreal.  Indeed.          u** now.  ���������sic him to take h������r to the tlioatrc  Maidens Sold by Auction.  A singular custom obtains to this day  in some of the towni* on the .Jowoi; JfUi)na.  -���������namely, that of "Rolling"..maiden's''at  public auction. l?or noarly four centuries on Easter Monday���������auction day���������  the town crier or clerk of St. Goav hns  called all the young people together and  to the highest bidder sold tho privilege  of dancing with tho chomm girl and hor  only during the ojitlro year. ,���������. Tlio fees  aro put into tho public poov box.  ' ��������� ������ < ������ - ������������������:.,-  Ask for Mlnord'e nnd tako no other.  A      The Deacon's Philosophy.  %���������'.remember when ayboy;yyy-y  How I used to just enjqyy  Ridinir with oia Deacon; Hill  When he used to drive to the null.  Skittish  nag the deacon druv,  For ho, had a kind of love  For a pood, froe-actln* colt;  And he'd keep, (in easy, holt  On the reins and .when she'd shy  Re'd .lust drawl;; so kind of dry, _���������  "There, there, coltl Now, now, no toarln't  No use cuttln' up and rhrln',  Just keeo rlftht down tn the road.  No use frettlnsr at the load,  fitesdy mill's not hnlf so woarln'.  There, there, colt! Now, now, no tearln'J'"  Tears nno that hoynar<ci dsv:  Oolt nnd deacon's passed away.  I ain't younnr's I used to bo,  TJy n Rood dell, no slrreo!  Colt lull then. I must allow,  *Wcll'broke Into harnesB now,  'Cent whon things ff* wrong, then I  "\Vnnt to rip and tear and shy.  Then Inside me kind of still. ,.;i,y,  f*>om to hetir old "Deacon Hill: -'i  ���������  ���������There, (here, hoy? Now, now, no tcarln'1  No une cuttln' up and rarln'.  .Tuot. keep cool and peer away V A,  *Do ihe best you can each day; AI  .TuM. keen patient and forbearln'.  There, there, boy! Now, now, no tearlnM"  ���������Tlobert Beaver, in Youth's Companion.  -���������'.     .������������.������    ,      ,. ���������    ���������   '"v'.y  alert, tVenlc, -Wtmry, Wntevy Hy������"������  Relieved By Murlno lflyo Itemedy. Try  Miirtne For,Your Kyo Troubles. You  Will I.Ike Murine, ft Soothos. COc-At  Xour DruRwIsts.     Wrlto Por Eyo Books.  Travelled  as Merchandise.  A novel charge of fraud has been before* the Italian courts recently. A dealer had four cases of liqueur which he  was sending, or rather taking, from  Naples to Mmm. To savu part of his  lailway tare he stowed himself in another packing case, which was carried  no merchandise.  At an intermediate station the man  desired some fresh air and took a stroll  on the platform. The" he was discovered and prosecuted. In default of a  fine a term of imprisonment was passed.  The enterprising dealer, it muy be assumed, had a fight over the decision, ani  it has been reversed on appeal.���������From  the London Globe.  A Pi������HQ FOR 50 GENTS  A  WEEK.  This is a golden opportunity for anyone to own an instiument. We hav.? a  large stock of used piar.es, taken in ex-  { change e on Heintzman &, Oo. pianos.  These instruments are such well-known  makes as Weber, Chick������*ring, Haines  Bros., Thomas and Dominion, aud the  price ,te from $60 to ~*1'25. Each om  guaranteed for five years and will be  taken back in exchange with full amount allowed any time in three years.  Do not let this chance slip by you.1 A  post card will bring full particulars.���������  Heintzman & Co., 71 Iving street east,  Hamilton, Ont.   ������������ ������   "CHRIST  CRUCIFIED."  (Ella Wheeler Wilcox, in Everybody's  Magazine.) "  New er������ I slept,  my prayer had been tnat  I might uoe my way  To do the will ot Ch-'st, our Lord and Master, day by day; ..       , ,  And with this prayer upon my Hps. I unew  not that I dreamed.  But suddenly the world of night a penoem-  oaliun avsmsd.  Fiom (orest, and from slaughter house, rrom  bull ring, and from stall.  Thero rose an angulsbed cry ot pain, a loud,  appealing call;  Ai, man���������the dumb beasts noxt ot kin���������wltb  gun,  and   whip,  and  knife.  Went   pleasure-seeking   through   the' oat in,  blood-bent on taking life.  Froin trap,  and  cage,  and house, and  soo,  and street; >tbat awful.strain  Ot tortured  creatures. rose and-^swelled the  orchestra of pain.    '  Ahd then  methpugbt the igontle. OhTlst appeared to m<i and spoke:  "I   called  you,   but  ye answered  not"���������and  in my tear I woke;  witn tne centre of tn  nuc leads to external sidewalks and to  longitudinal   and  transverse  streets  In the centre of the circle is a plot  of forty yards in diameter where children may be lift to themselves withoi*-***  their parents' care, in charge of a specially designated person. In this garden  a playroom, n school, a hospital, a fire  station and nn administration room are  to he found.  Naturally this circular plot of ground  leaves four comers. In each of these  lour corners tho professor proposes to  build four chalets, such as grocery shops,  dairies, haberdasheries and the like,  which are intended to be carried on in a  co-operative way. In each of the ninety-  nine radial plots a workingman's house  l������ to he erected on the English plan.  Prof. Koveda argucr for his circular arrangement that it will give continuous  sunshine at all hours of the day and  plenty of light and air.���������From the Chicago "Tribune.  Who Shall Do the Proposing?  (Chicago Sunday Tribune).  There has been much discussion of  late over the comparative value of the  old method of the man as the wooer and  the newer one of woman as pursuer in  affairs of the heart. And after the  cloud of talk has blown over its silver  lining apparently bears on its shiny surface the. conclusion, "it all depends."  This is a serious question and on������ worthy of settlement now and for all time.  The average woman has about as little  use for a timid man as the average man  has for a forward woman, but one of  the standing family jokes to be perpetrated at regular intervals by all husbands -until thp end of time is "when  my wife proposed to mc. etc., etc." So,  perhaps he might enjoy the real sansar  tion. Or perhaps he might not conside*  an appeal, "pleafe be mine," from bewitching femininity in the light of'for-  wardnesf.  But all feminines are not bewitching.  and more's the pity, only the other class  need pursue. It were better for man. to  cling to the past, or he may find a peck  of trouble a mere trifle. And what, if  two timid ones chanced to get together P  Horrors, what a tragedy! Of course, the  phonograph ever may be relied upon as  an emergency friend. .A curtained corner, behind which rests the hidden  voice. Suddenly there falls upon the parlor air in dulcet (or bass, as preferred)  tones "Do you love me?'" Both answer  in   unison,   if  desire,   thereby  -alinsinat-  out delay.   This will put you on your leet  at once,  iGentlement-'lhave wed PSYCHINE  and 1 do think it it the greatest tonic and  ��������� sysisa build?r known.   1 would advise all  who are rundown or physically we������fe to ������j  use PSYCHINE."., Your* uuiy, Mrs. jus. g  Bertraud, West Toronto. g  For 3������k hr ������H Dreahti & Daaltn, 50c All     ���������  ���������Mr battlo. B  Dr. T. A. SLOCUM  LIMITED,  TORONTO  INK  PRONOUNCED Si-KEEN  .ft v^������  AGENTS WANTED.  CTART A TEA ROUTE TO-DAY. SEND  O postal for circulars, or 10c for samples and terms. Alfred Tyler,- London,  Ont.  Dr. Mattel's Female Pills  SEVENTEEN YEARSJTHE STANDARD  Prescribed and recommended for .woman's ailments, a scientifically pre*  pared remsdy of proven worth. Ihe  result from their use Is quick and permanent.    For sale at all d������*ug stores.  G. D. SHELDON  Investment  SSrober  A specialty made ot investments  in Standard Railroad and Industrial Stocks.  Call or write for 2ull particulars  regarding-plan .ot Investment,  Room 101, ISO St. James St.,  Montreal.  OUR  1  Again  I slept.. I seemed to climb a   hard,  ascending track;  And  Just  behind  me    laborod    ono   whoso  .patient faco was black. '   .  I  pitied htm; but hour by hour he  gained   ���������_U~���������--���������������..���������*-   t~   V  ing the first to speak. Or mayhap   this  ancient fable may be of assistance:  Mary and John had been sweethearts  for many years. Mary had waited long  for John to set his sighs to words, but  persistently John's vocal cords refused  to work. John came to call one evening  and wrote upon the stone mantelpiece:  "If it wasn't for hope a "heart would  break." .  When Mary entered ���������and read she  Bpunkcd up.  .    "It 'it wasn't  for bashfnlness  a fool  would speak," she wrote beneath.  She emulated John's grammar and  she broke the meter, but John spoke. -  And always there's the model of Pris-  cilla and the other John.  ������������������������������������'. ���������'������������������'.,���������.. V���������r1--���������".**'������������������������������������������  Keep Minard's Liniment In the house  '-,. W���������!���������'      '       'Qllff  *Ql   -iiiiai.   ���������    ���������������������������  Wigg���������-Bjpnes doesn't f*eem to have  many friends; doea be? Wngg���������No. ho  hasn't aiiy< more friends than a baseball  umpirey  DEAD  Qn������ Thousand Agents  Wanted to sell th������  Authentic Biography.  Wriio  or wire  us  for  wuuts.  a  TO-DAY  THEJ. L NICHOLS 00. UMITEO  TORONTO  Mention this Papor  !E  Wellington's COoti*.*68.  The Duke of Wellington w������b ono  day sitting at his library table when  -tho door oponod and without any announcement in stalked a figuro of singularly' ill omen.  "Who hi'ii youP" ttfllted the dultc    In  four years mow, and she never W tu | hfc| Hhmi an<1 <iry monnor, Joolc'.ag up  without th* sllcfht*������l, cliango of cnimtmi-  nnoo upon tlio intruder.  "1  am Apollyon.  1  am  nent hero to  kill you."  "Kill moP Very odd,"  "I nm Apollyon and must put you to  dcatli,"  "I ara hot told the day or the   hour,  but I mimt do my misnion."  ���������'Very iwjoiivflinont; very buHyj groat  many kuttora to wrlto. Cull again or  write mi* word, I'll Hp rcn'ly for you,"  ���������" Tho'duke ttiim wont on with hit cor.  rMpundenec. Tha maniac, nppslled probably by tlm Btoin, Immovable uid  f:*ntlcmon, backed out of the room and  nhalf.ou hoiir was in on niiyluni,  *m*������i+n*40l*m-*mQtm+ *J*fc���������������i "   "' ���������������������������"  ,  Ncl!~H������ Itya delightful conversation-  ttlisi. Beu*���������why,' tVo' iwUlom. "op������w Uh  lOreo.  Murlno Jflyo Remedy Co., Toronto.  - - ������������������-*>.������ ������        ��������� ���������  New Field for American Engineers.  Husftlii Is bocomlng inter������Bted In hydro-  iiU'ctiic pbivor plnnt.fi, and is examining  Into the matter of electrifying imburban  divisions of IL������ Sbabo rulhoudu, An. In-  vostlga tion In being made of our high-  tonslon transmission systems, and, says  tlm Scientific American, it is probable  tlint n ne*.v field will bo opened for American engineer*.  . *^o   Minard's      Liniment      Lumberman's  Friond.  ���������      .     ,   ,,   a������i������.,������>- ���������  An Elevated for Tokyo,  A scheme for tho construction of an  elevated electric railway at Toklo Is at  pve-ient under" conmlderation. It Is pro-  pewed that thorc nlmll be two lines, one  running from tho ������mnt to the west of  tho eity, and the other from tho north  to the south. The coat of construction  nf the projected linen Is SHlitnated at  $12,000,000,   ������ ������ ������    ���������     -  T.TUTfN TO flMTMT.  (Toronto News.)  Rummer is marred by the number.of  drowning accidents which  oeour.  Year  aft������r  year  young   men      and   women.  bright and ful] af promise, are swept  ������uti> *u inldy or Uitmtl hum     ������, amuoo.  Jfsny ������>f Oim* SA-M^nft mljrhl b* pM-  f������nt*d if awlmmiug was an    art morev  -generally acquired.  He stood beslds mo, stood upright���������and then  1 turned in wrath.  'Go backl" I cried.   "What right have yo*  to walk beside mo horet  ,  For you are block, and I nm whit*."   '  I paused, struck dumb with fear.  For  lo!  tho black men was not there, but  Cbrlut stood lu bin plkce;  And  ohl tho pain,  tbo  pain, tbo pain, that  ���������..;���������' looked from that door (aco.  Then  next I  beoird tho roar ot mills; and  ';   moving through tbo soldo, , V  Like pbantomn ia an underworld, were Uttlo  ��������� r$lrl������ and boys.  Their backs wore bont, their brows were pals,  their oyos wero sad and old;  But by tho labor of their hands greed addod  added sold to gold.  Agalni tbe Prcmonco and tho Voice:  Behold tbe crimes I ato,  As yp have douo It uato those, so have ya  done to mo." i  Now  when I woke,  tbo Mr wit* rito  with    that swoot, rhythmic din.  Which tolli the world that Christ has corns  to save mankind from sin.  And tbroujjh the op������n > door of ohuroh snd  temple pawed a throng,  To wornlilp Him with bended knee, with sermon, and *lth ������on������.  But over all I heard tho cry    of : bunted,  _     manglPd thlnKK*  Thoao creatures whioh nre part of Ood, though  British   Crown   Jewels.  The "Wakefield Tower, in which   the.  Crown jewels are usually kept at "the  Tower of London, is undergoing repair*  and the regalia have been removed while  the work is in progress.  Owing to the enormous value of the.  jewels the authorities are naturally.anx-A  ious that their present whereabouts shall  not become generally known, but they ).  are being well guarded.    Several week*  must elapBe, before the jewels can again  be on View to the public.���������London Evening Standard.  <mr wiium������������  ��������� ���������    ���������P"^l ������ ��������� I   . ���������.���������������������������!   II,|W *^-"������^. m  IJgSSSS^^ TheMidiAatpleasespeople  iBE WHITEST LIGHtiSflT  MA.G1C  BAKING!  gg^re^ggy  PURE ^WHOLESOME  MADE IN CANADA.    EWGILLEtT CO.LTD.TORQ]STO,OWT.  they |mvo hoofs end wlngn,  1 saw in mill, and mine, and shop, the little  slaves of ireod;  I beard the strife of moo   with    race, all  sprung from one Ood-ssed.  And then 1 bowed bf head In thame, and  In contrition cried���������'  "Lo, oflor nlneteeu hundred years,  Obriet Is Oruolfled."  ��������� ���������-+...,������ ���������,.,.,.,..,. .  Higher Criticism,  Qeorglann. was making proparations  for hor doll's birthday party and her  brother stood by holplotmly, receiving in.  structions. "Oh, l'almor,'r alio exclaimed  suddenly, "first wo must tako this ohild  over to ohuroh and have her oritialsed,"  -^Buccobii Magazlno.  WHAT DID UK M15AN7  (Kxohange,)  FIgg���������What's  the matter, old man?  You're,looking wretched.  Fogg���������I'm not mytelf at all toilay.  PiBB���������Oh. como I that's nothing to fool  wretched about.  nonnotta  (New York World.)  A j������������.������tof iut discovered,  That women sometimes wesr,  To Va*������j������ OiaIp ������*������<rM������ env*i*#d,  Another porton's hair.  Whew I  Can this be tru������  ���������jaBf^ytaajajgjjgpBBJBHsW  School of Mining  a coueoe or applied science,  At filleted to Queen's University,  KINGSTON,   ONT.  Vat Calendar of the School anil further Information, apply to tha Secretary, School of Mining,  KI������|������ton, Ont. ���������,..'���������  Mining and Metallurfry.  Chemistry and Mlhtrslogy.  MlnprAJoCV ������nrt 0������������'������Hnri  Chemical Bnglnee-jlng.  Civil Engineering.      ���������  Mechanical Englneeftnrj.  Electrical Englneerln-f.  Biology and Publio Health.  Power Development.  I  ��������� I  Satisfy  the   most  particular people,   They are thev most perfect  made,  noltelets  m their  name Implies, no sputter, no smell or  sulphur,   *re   quicker,   and safe.  All  first-lass dealsrs keep them,  Tho E. B. EDDY COMPANY, Llmltwl, Hull, Canada  HERE SINCE 1861. v., * Jk-M-JkJi -.y w**^^.^".^-'?  liBiGlr^EVIE^v:  .*���������*&*.  II  SPRING CROP  REPORT  It  The Ontario Deparinient ofAgricul-^  ture has'issued the following statement  regarding agricultural conditions existing at the beginning of Ala}*: , I X " *  Vegetation���������The warm weather ��������� of  March started vegetation " 'unusually  soon���������from tluee to foui weeks Ywiiier  than usual. Tlie latter half of April,  however, waa very wot and* cold," and  fui ther advance wns much, retarded, *thc  result being chat May opened* with-  growth a week or two ahead of the  average) and three necks ov a. month in  advance' of lust year. Forests were ir.  early leaf, and many orchards were in  blossom, pabturcd were green and were  |\ furnishing a  good   bite   for   the   m<my  sheep and young cattle  that had  been  turned out to feed.  Spring Sowing���������Field operations hive  .fcbeeu the earliest for many years.   Most  }\of the slowing had been done in the f.ill,  and owing to the mild weather but little  frost remained in the ground after the  Allow went away early in Mnich. Spring  sowing is about a month eailier +h<in  last season, and a week or two ahead  of the average year.  _ Fall Wheat���������This qrop entered into  ,vUay well forward and presenting a good  appearance on the whole, more especially where  it had  oeen got in  early.  JjjSome late sewn fields looked rather thin,  . owing to the dry fall, and on low-lying  l places there were bare spots caused by  K/ice forming during the winter.   The injury   from   insect   pests   is   less   than  usual,  there  being but  scattering mention   of   Hessian   fly,   wire-worm,   and  white grub.  Winter Rye���������The acreage of this crop  |������is small, but where grown it is reported  |,to  be in good condition generally.  Clover���������Lika fall wheat, clover winter-  feed well, and the spring was also favorable, there being practically no heaving  AIE TRAVEL.  Estimate of $120 Fare to Europe on a  First-Class Aid  Liner.  The expense of air-chipping etPadily  Jt-creases with expeiisnue. In operating  a tians-occauic service, one week would  undoubtedly ba allotted to etch of  fvi' i,y-eigiit, annual, voyages. The ci nss-  ing would .take t\vo or* three'days.v Engines and 'ships would be "overhauled,, alter eaehi trip.. ' A phyV-  ; ' Air'ships j of 20,00("f cubic''mefcejrtr'^Ufi-   O,'hyd*ogi���������  ,���������  _--,  ���������.,  ships  the size of the ������eppaJin������|y. ifost  ������328, as-compared w>th $'-G3l"aryjfii'^S0'  Qfte    ,l������nr  V*M**J     U4-ta>V  ixivt  ���������%/������*.������**������* I*���������������i*������ _^-T7**   m*$r~ ���������  eciv hi .j.the v-motors'.Wt������ comppnfeiteKiOr ���������  weight lost by the consumption&K gaso-.  leiK*, would co4t)-$l55, leaving^lOS'-fofr  the gasoline consumed. Booking^overhauling and repairing between "trips'  would not exceed 923P. An air ship,  costs $144,600 j it will last four yeais if  regularly overhauled; a credit of $.100  for each trip would represent material  that could bb taken fiom an obsolete  ship to refurnish a new one.  A captain now receives $3,856 a year;  iivo helmsmen, each 52,110, and' three  engineers, eaeh $1,440. " This personnel  would need to earn $301 each trip, hut  bv, transferring the.ciew from^hicoiniBg  tb 'outgoing ships, iS200 would bs a conservative estimate for wages . .itouajhly  ihe expense of each trip ivould> bs about  CM   .^fl"*  <jH.������Uo.  If tAventy passengers were ciTried at  $120 each, the fare on :i first-class stMin-  ship, the returns would enable tho air  liner to payy a handsome dividend and  lay aside a fund for better vragps to  aiore-expert officers . The captain must  be assisted by a navigating officci, both  drawing $8,000 to $10,000 a year, avoiding to,the training and service demanded  of them, which includes expert skill in  astronomical and meteorological calculations and wireless telegraphy.���������From  "Over Sea by Airship,*' in the May Century.  6IVEN UP BY HiS  ���������'FRUIT-A-TIVES". THE FAMOUS  FRUIT MEDICINE. SAVED MIS LIFE.  *     JAMES DINGWALL, ESQ. '   -  * WilJfacistowti, Oat., July 27th, 1908.  - -;'I Buffered all my life from Chronic  , Constipation and uo doctor, or remedy,  I ever tried helped me. "Fruit-a-tives"  promptly cured me. Also, last spring  I had a bad attack of BLADDER and  KIDNEY TROUBLE and the doctor  gave me up but "Fruit-a-tives" saved  my life. I am now over eighty years  of age and *I strongly recommend  ���������*Fruit-a-tives" for Constipation and  Kidney Trouble".  ������-   (Signed) JAMES DTNGWALt,.'  50c a box, 6 for $2.50���������or trial box, 25c  ���������at    dealers   or    from    Fruit-a-tives  Limited, vntawa.  A HORSELESS FUNERAL.  Among the Jews*  a  i froin frost.  ) Fodder     Supplies���������A     correspondent,  'describing   the   fodder   situation,   says:  '���������The short and mild winter worked ivon-  ders," and others write to the same ef-  ect.    The good corn crop of List year  also helped farmers to save on hay and  grain in feeding live stock.    Straw has  (been scarce and dear.  '  Live  Stock���������All classes  of  live  stock  are at a premium.   Prices for horses are  high and firm, attributed by some to the  Ijreat   demand   from   our   western   P10-  'viinces.    Their general  health has been  good, except  for  a   form  of  strangles.  Cattle have been remarkably free from  isease, but  are  rather  thin   in  flesh  r-wing to somewhat close feeding.    Milk  Viws are fewer in number than usual,  [nut in both dairy and beef-raising sections more caiA'es are being kept.    Fat  guttle are very scarce, and stockers are  l^arder to procure than in former'years,  While local butchers find it difficult to  procure, suitable animals.    As  a consequence a good deal of inferior beef has  ^-������ca disposed o������*s.t���������gC2d prices    {Sheen  to doing well, Jambs coming strong and  plentiful in proportion to the number of  ^ams/j  High prices for these  also prevail.  'A correspondent vory suggestively  remarks- thafc'-the>rabie3 among dogs has  lieen a boon to sheep.   Swine are not so  [plentiful "as* in   former  years,  as   they  .have been rushed"to market at prices  characterized ..by .one- correspondent as  )*sky high.''Jp.Jf&cti'-iherc^are complaints  '){ too hasty marketing;*.;', -.,*.-*���������;  Fruit Trees���������With the exaeption of a  bevere ice or sleet ������torm in the latter  part of November ,<that broke off many  branches, fruit rtre'es have come through  [the winter in'yribrmal 'condition.5 The  amage done ivas confined,to a few sec-  ions in western Ontario.  Use of Magnets In Flour Mills.  Explosions are often caused, iu flour  uills and breweries by nails or other iron  /particles that find thoir way in the  Igrain and Avhich when they strike the  lsteel rolls of the mills produce sparks  [and ignite tho finely 'pulverized material  {about thom.  Recently a largo malting concern that  l/itad been troubled by many suoh explo-  stons* installed a set of electro-magnets  <>ver which the grain la passed before  V^eis" W9nw9d wr shipment to the  '[breweries. < All iron particles in tho  [grain arc picked up*by tbo magnets and  [800 to 1,000 buheols of grain aro cleaned  fan hour. When tbo magnets have col-  ilceted ������ large Amount of metal they mra  iflwung to 1 one sldo, do-cnorgisscd v and  [iswoptyclenn of any pnrticlcE, adhering to  by residual magnetism. Since" the  installation of theso magnets thoro have  .boon .no-explosions in. the mill*-���������From  ftho'Scientific American^     ;;  JAS. G.  BENNETT.  -James. Gordon Benuect lives in Paris,  but he is actively in charge of the JSew  York Herald, one c������ the great newspapers of the world, and the Telegram, the  evening edition of the Herald. In the  Herald building"Aon Herald Square," Wew  York city, Bennett's office is kept ready  forhim." At night'a lightv burns in the  office and the place is cleaned And dusted regularly, for no one knows .when the  owner may waU^'in. From Paris Bennett  daily cables instructions' to his editors  in New York city. He sent Stanley into  Africa to find Dr. Livingstone, sent an'  expedition in search ot, the; north pole*,  and saved Ireland from'a famine.  ������ *������  Achievement.' s  The man who is satisfied with things  as they are never "makes them bettor.  Doing to-day just -what lie did yesterday; and this year just what he did last,*  dead to the opportunities around him, he  rests .and rusts���������the'self-satisfied worker, i  Discontent is the generator of actios.  It conceives and fosters all  incentive;  it prodssthfc lag*gatrdj,,0pur������;thc,incom-'  potent; stimulalep the Bmall to bo great  nnd tho great to-be greater. ���������'  Because,, Stepheascn v/as incontenfc  with the "power of man,' ho discovered  the powor of steam.   John'Wanomaker,  Big Automobile That Serves as Hearse  and Coach for Mourners.  ._fNsw York Sun.3  There Avae' a horseless funeral at the  Grand Central Station the other day. So  unusual was the scene that alpiost ev-  ciybody seemed to give ifc some attention, aaid even the horses sniffed at the  scra,nge looking vehicle, perhaps with  feelings of jealousy at this latest evidence of 'the passing of their usefulness.  The centre of interest was the funeral  ������ar, a big black automobile built somewhat on the lines of a Fifth avenue  motor 'bus. It was an immense machine, and as it drew up silently at a  Bide entrance other traffic had to halt.  The solemn black ot its big limousine  body proclaimed its purpose in a Avay,  but except for the fact that the driver's  seat was un'usually high it might have  passed for an exuaordinarily large limousine ear.  As soon as the car had reached the  curb the driver alightod and stood deferentially at the front end of the machine.  A moment later there appeared the funeral party, led by the undertaker and his  men bearing the coffin.  The mourners, a party of ten, took  their seats in the car, these seats being  individual chairs of block leather. Then  the front of the machine underneath the  driver's seat was opened, the coffin was  lifted up and slid in. Next some flowers  were put in the hearse paTt of the car  and the front doors closed.   * '  Then the driver and  the undertaker  ���������mst..������������4.o.4 4-l������^ ������-.~u.L _-.������..<��������� 41.-.-... -~/i,. ���������4.1.1  A..C>^U������,^.lA       ������,.*������      XAV1AO     afe&U,     1/1JHT4G      T~������,0       U-Zl?  ojiii-p ring ol a warjalag bell, ctuL as  traffic halted again the big funeral cir  quietly swung around and inco yorty-  *econd street.  ^his funeral car had seats for twelve  mourners in its limousine part and  could carry three on the driver's seat.  Hence it takes the place of a hearse aud  three carriages.      :  "We haven't had this- very long,'! said  the driver just before the funeral party  appeared, ^but we're already kept busy  with it about all the time. Only this  morning, for example,.-we took a funeral  to Elizabeth, and uow this ,nfternoon we  are bound for'G-reeiiwbbd. '    '"-'".������������������  /���������You eee it fits in pretty nicely in the  case pf long distance funerals . Take the  case of a-funeral at Kensico, up in Westchester,* or, even Woodlawn. Before it  used |;jbo be nepesaary to take < a, train,  which.'" meant *ii, hearse and carriages at  both'cndSjMo s^-y nothing of the publicity of riding in a railroad car, * thnt is.  unless the "party wns large Oiinuph nnd  could afford the special funeral car the  ��������� railroad operates, fto'w wo take the entire funeral, casket and all, from the  house or church to Kensico in less than  three hours. -  "Take tho case of a person dying in  Rome other city and being buried here.  Only the,family como with the body nnd  they want to be taken quickly and quietly to the cemetery.   Wo enn make Green  'The situation in Kieff has alarmed  even the authorities of that city. A  band of robbers have utilized tho situation ycreated by the searches for Jews  'for thpir owu purposes. Dressed as police .officials, they spread over the town  and^ begin to search for Jews, and ar-  rcst^thosewho^ have, no right' to live  there,Tln cach.case^they allowed their  victims to escapevona payment of large  ,������Unis",oi money. "\       y  '"Th������v. "Roumanian Government has just  laid before the Senate' the notorious bill  for the encouragement of national industry: This bill, if it is passed, will  seriously prejudice the Jewish population, as it will exclude nearly the whole  of it from employment as workmen, engineers, etc., in factories.  A young Jew of eighteen, who is  thoroughly acquainted with the Turkish language, applied for admission to  the school for non-commissioned officers  at Salonica. His application has been  complied with. Before admission, he  will serve as a volunteer in the Turkish  Army. He is the first Jew who has re-  ceiA'ed direct the rank of non-commissioned officer.  In connection with the French gen  eral elections which were held last week  a large number of Jews ran for the  Chambers. It is a noteworthy fact that  there has been no re-currence of the unpleasantness connected with the Dreyfus affair..  SNOWSHEDS OF CONCRETE.  Bear Miss Grey,���������(1) What ean I wear  to protect the face from the wind? (2J  Please give me a cure for goitre. (3J  What can be done with hair that is splifc  at the ends? READEB.  A.���������(1) A white washable chiffon veiL  (2) Goitre should be treated by a physician. (3) Singe your hair at the ends.  Improve the condition of your scalp by  bi-monthly shampoos and massage.  Dear Miss Grey,���������My 3-year-old girl's  " hair is very thin and does not grow, although she is healthy. What can I do  for it? A REAPER.  A.���������Gentle combing and brushing for  20 minutes each morning will help. Massage the scalp with finger tips daily.  Expose her scalp to the sun's rays whenever possible. ���������*-  uiBsatisficd with . the   possibilities, of a .   ,      A,    .  one-lino store, introduced    tlie depart- ' wood in less tha.n an hour.  Jn two hours  The Black Hundreds, otherwise known  as the Real Russians, have recently renewed their anti-Jewish agitation "in  the capital and in th������ Provinces. -Theiv  organs are spreading news of increased  Jewish activity to the detriment of Russia.  ^ Two Jewish youths have succeeded  in carrying off the chief prizes for  New South. Wales, Australia, in an  open competition which entitles them  to try further for a Commonwealth  championship. With a view 'to encouraging thought among the younger  citizens on the problems of national  defence, the Federal Government recently offered in each, state three  prizes for senior cadets and three for  junior cadets for an essay on th������ possibilities of the Australian system of universal juvenile military training.  The Italian Government has given  further evidence of its liberality in  sending Signor Barzilai, a, distinguished Jewish man of affairs, as Minister  of China. If this sort of thing keeps  up a large proportion of th������ Jews of  Italy will be holding important government offices.  Mr. Otto H. Kahn, of New York, who  recently purchased a painting of Franz  Hals for five hundred thousand dollars,  has since then bought Rembrandt's  "Jewish Student/'- for a hundred and  fifty  thoaeand   dollars.  *r*s**s ho'-sses, each acccstucdating si?  lOUUUWjMl&HJ    IJCC11    UUXlb    i*>X     t/U-O       uows  from Yemen, who have taken up their  abode,in the Rishon-le-Zion Colony. The  cost has been defrayed exclusively by  the colonists. *T      , h      ,  -  *Mr. Benj. Kowalski has been elected  Mayor of Brownsville '" (Texas), on a  Progressive platform, by a majority of  159 out-<>������ about fourteen hundred votes  cast.. Th������ .victory is th������ more notable  eVs-Srownsvui������ is aACatholiv town, with  only a handful of Jewish'citizens. '  The annual statistics of Alsace-Lorraine show'that at the last census th������  Jewish population, numbered , 31,708,  ���������agaiust 40,938 in 1871. In 1909 ther������  were thirty-three rabbis and ninty-fiv������  synagogues iu Lower Alsace, forty-seven  in Upper Alsace, and fifty in Lorraine.  The labors of the delegates "5b - - th������  Russian Rabbinical Conference aro Hearing an end." Since M. Stolypin's threat  to disperse the assembly, if thoy ventured to protest officially against M. Mark-  off'e allegations, th������ fooling of the  members has been ono t>i depression.  Tho scheme for th������ organization of tho  community was approved by tho confer*  cnoe. It was also decided that'tho. meat  tax should bo retained, but that tho  Jewish doctors and chemists should no  longer be exempt from it.  t .... ������������������ ,  FAMOU8 8AYING8.  Protection   Against     Avalanches     on  mountain   Railways.  "Railways in the west are preparing to  build immense snow sheds of concrete  this summer wherever there is any possibility of a repeition of the recent disastrous snoAVslides on lines in the west,  when trains were SAvrept from their  tracks, killing scores of passengers," said  Kenry Gruber, an engineer of the Northern Pacific Railway.  "Tho Northern Pacific has many dangerous passes in the Cascade and Rocky  mountains, where snowslides are a constant menace in winter to the passenger  traffic. There are many similar danger  spots along th������> lii*e of the Canadian Pacific. At mobt r-f these places the railways hav������ long Avooden snowsheds, but  these haA'e not proved effective in preventing accidents. In many cases avalanches and immense snowslides have  swept these structures completely away,  though they were build of the most massive timbers that could be obtained.  "The roads have learned that ivooden  structures won't do, so this summer all  these snowsheds are to be replaced with  great concrete structures which will be  built so strong and enduring that even  a cyclone would not be able to budge  them. People in the East who have never seen one the the snowstorms of the  Rocky Mountains have no idea of the  immense mass of snow that covers everything, and they cannot conceive the violence of an avalanche." ���������- Washington  Post.   ������i������  HIGH PRICES FOR HORSES.  From Sheiiands to Pereherens, None  Cheap.  Dear Miss Grey,���������How does one clean  colored nonwashable vests?       VEST.  A.���������Rub fullers earth well into the  material and lay away in a dark drawer  for a couple of days. Then shake ���������vigorously untii the poAvder is all out.    -  Dear Miss Grey,���������(I) What willshrink  the gums after the teeth have been extracted? (2) What Avill take mud spota  out of a white dress? (3) How can I obtain a good sachet powder?  ANXIOUS.  A.���������(1) Peroxide of hydrogen or weak  alum Avater mouth washes. (2) Clea?  boiling Avater. (3) It can be bought at  auy drug store.  Dear Miss Grey,���������What would be nice'  to serve for refreshments Sunday evening to a crowd? !*��������� E-    -  A.���������Cocoa or tea, olives or pickles,  sandAviches and a dainty salad. If you  Avish to serve another course add a sherbet or fruit and cake.  ment store. And ������v������ryt comfort., or co)i'  venience you and I'enjoy t'o'-dily ivas Inspired and created by tho stimulus of  discontent.  Keep going���������keep going���������keep going.  That is the voice of conscience of the  bouIb of the truly great.���������System.  EVERB PARI fMm-i.  yTOB^rettif the .���������perfection pf  .   ".yqiir newly designed No; 13' 7  ���������������������������'.^iiiii'^lcphofte.'Hc't lies in" U*o.  fact thai every part of it���������every  ; Individual 1piece--ia itaelf ab:so-  y lutelyX perfect.; ��������� The pcrfcctioi i  6f(..;tbov;-*vv;ijo.lo,,i8.'. attained  through perfectiouiutiic parts,  y Kxnmlno tlte; traiiomittcr, for  ������exainpl^sta������dardlbiiff^listai')ce  . type you .-will find it,;~,or the  receiver, with  Ha construction  that bara' out' alllocal* uoiseji'to  spoil   transmission, -y Or   look  into the generator~-thc rlur-j<;-rs  aud gorigsrrthe switch liable  ���������or-any. part .;y6u. likc������  You won!t find 1.a* better  rural telephone  thuu this wade  auywhere. AV     .: ''  .'��������� .;VA/r;;AA':,;V:  ED 171? Xet ws tell you tho ctory of tliio tele*  JT IVEi IV pboue���������it will coot you otiu cent (Cor n  ton/tV V������oot card) to Urtowit-raU M*odctal|������ bf,  fjlJUlV thelnutrument Itself no well rib lull prir-  tlcul������r������i of every ������tep ncceo'iary in.  the organisation of n rural telephone company.  Writcoudttuk for Bulletin Vfo.Him-iVa Vu:  XNODTHERNILECTRIC  .  ....   ...   .      L, MOmtX 'm������tgmmmmgfimmHnm^ -fl-A HH&itit'tm*  .  lPBBa\^PW^^W^W"^^*B*JP���������^P**aw^^W'>"' *f"��������� ���������H-***w  Uwm1t*i*m} iM mMt������ ������t nl itpmtM tfJ ������������������!<>������������������������*!  m<4 la II* ���������awa'niMUM, alMralUn uul MiltlMaaM if  TalaaJkMM Mil Tumi Ituli,   A44nm ytttr aatmi ������fflw.  VAhCOUV*RHHir������������*������lM.W,     :        V.'li������iiiliiG-&������pUnrrA.*������.  '  "And Thou,, Brutusl" (Eet Tu, Brute.)  ���������Julius! Caesar. >.  Casca -first, and thon the other conspirators, plunged their murderous  blados into tho body of Julius. Oaosar,  but Avheii Brutus etabbod": "Thiaa was  tho most unJrindeab cut of' aU,'-*. saya  Marc\Antony^iwhon ho upbraida^theVj ^^"^^^^  nn,,'in",nW������' +A +u* Pnmnn  ������"������*i"���������'- ^*ftrHe fn thb purchase of carriages, but  they can bo on tho train going home  ngnin.   v  "Of courso thero an* still somo persona  wlio find it hard to accept it in plucn of  tho old way they have known so long.  Ono man recently camplainod-.that.it  didn't seem solemn enough and ssomed  like taking,.liberties with thu.dead; but  to ono siioli complaint Avo'vo had any  'number of congratulations on the now  method from, people who have said .tliat  it, j. has , dono away ;Hvith the most trying  fch turoa A df "wliat ha������' nl way? boon '7 such  nn ordoni, nameiy, an out of toAvri fun-  "Before long tho luwuw* avIII b?gln to  go just' like -tho-' fuuifioni enlw, thnugh  fov.bjg locnl funoraj-v't suppose hearses  will bo used lot a long timo yet."   y  y ., , '������������������ h������'������������m  v  To Grow Hnlr on a Bnld- Head.  Thoufluuils of peopfc Buffer from bald*  \ itCfiB and fulljng hiiir whp, having tried  j nearly every'^ilvortlsoil liair tonic'nud  / linlr growei' without rosulls havo resign-  od thoiiisolves to baldness iuul  its at*  (cndiint discomforts.    Yet thoir'case  It  not   lippclpsaaj     tho   following  simple  homo preHcrlption Iiiih mndo hair grow  .after years of haldneRji, ami is nlsu un-  ^miullcilV.fov restoring .gr-iy. UVilr. t:>. it-������  "orlfjlunl color, stopping nnlr from r.iHii),?  out, and  for  destroying   tlio^dandruff  germ.   It will not maxe'tho h.ilr greasy,  nnd can bo put up by any ohemlat: lliy  ;rnm .1 o������!.������ Irfivona do OomncHoo l ok���������  ''Menthol'Crystal l-l dram,   if you wl������h  It perfumed add half to one te.iBpoonful  of French Flour perfumo, which uiillon  i'l'urfoafcly with the other Ingrodlcntu, TliU  .'preparation lu highly recommended by  physlolAti* and ipeolallntu, and in ftlmo*  lulcly.hAimli.nu, uo 11 cuiiUlii. nuim ol  the poUonoim wood alcohol n> frnjiiont*  ly found l������* h<������ir lonloi,   Do not apply i)  fnc������ or where hair la not do������lred.  * ���������" ��������� 4 ��������������� ���������  ;   Blborlan   winter*  renomhlo   thonu   of  wrtrtK������rn CbmtA*,. '*fh* unit ������*������^ ti*������#.������n'  Wn that of Iowa, llllnoU and Nebraike. I ellm������*?:thilW������^^ 'T^cmthiy-   H  Mnfl.hii-������Miii������t. well planned antt balanced. K  "Horses in the west continue to command high prices. There Wud u speed  sale held at Chicago recently at which  471 horses were sold, and the prices that  were paid seemed to the old time' horsemen something outrageous, but they all  wont like hot cakes," says Bit and Spur.  "Horses from Kentucky with a bit of  saddle breeding in them that were anything but good looking brought $300 and  $400 apiece. The 471 horses sold realized almost $140,000.  "An auction sale 01 Shetland ponies  avoS held under the "auspices of the Shet-  land Pony Association, about; a dozen  members contributing 100 ponies. These  men did no I put the pick of their, farms  in the sale, but notwithstanding this the  average price wao over $100.   ���������  "Draught horses are selling still higher,  a uair of gray grade Percherons realizing  $1,000 a short time ago. These prices  hold good all oyer the country aud are  not confined to any particular breed of  horses. Any useful 'kind of animal brings  much more money than he would havo  brought years ago, and you cannot look  at any of the bettor individuals of tho  fashionable breeds without being staggered at the prtoos asked. A number of  polo ponies were sold in Ncav York the  other day in tho rough and realized exceptionally good prices, and so it is all  doAVU tho lino.  "Of course the automobile i<������ usurping  a great deal of tho work that Is dono in  the largo cities and has also dono away  with a tremendous lot of horses for fashionable driving purposes, but this, except  in tho case of tho non-horsy pooplo and  fpr thoBo whoso business requires, rapid  conveyance from placo to, placp, will  right itself as time goes on.'  "In England, although, tho trado in  automobiles Ib bobriilng,' a great many  ladies are returning to tho carriage for  afternoon calls and driving in itho parks.  Dear Miss Grey,���������(1) Please tell me  how to obtain employment r.t a summer  hotel. (2) A young man from o*t of  town is coming to visit me. Is it iicccb-  sary that I ask him to stay at my home?  MARY B.  A.���������(i) Anply by letter to the manager of the hotel in which you -wish to  work.  (2) No, hilt it would be a nice little  attention on your part to inArite him to  dinner or luncheon during his stay.    ,.  Dear Miss Grey,���������I followed closely*  your directions for making cucumber  cream, but it is a failure. The suet and  oil have formed in a cake on top. ft  there any remedy?    A SUBSCRIBER.*  A.���������You surely did not stir the cream  until it was cool. Heat it over and stir  until mixed, then remove from fire and  stir constantly until it is cool. It will be  all right, for this recipe is infallible.  e.nn   vvn.  T������ ...  XI    JlUb,  Bear Miss Grey.���������Can third ecu:  married in the Ca.wioi.i������ GuUii-u������  what degree of relationship is,permissible?     ' J. L-.  A.���������(1) No.   (2) Fourth cousins.  Dear Miss Grey,���������Wliai is the r proper  way to congratulate a bride and groom?  MARIAN.  A.���������Congratulate the' bridegroom,'' and  tell the bride you wish her happiness'is  her AVedued life.  "i,  Dear Miss Grey,���������What is Jerome K.  Jerome's  latest  play?       ANXIOUS,  A.���������"The Passing of the Third Floor  Back.", . . '   ,  *   ������    Dear Miss Grey,���������On what date was  Thanksgiving in 1002? '    >��������� ���������  A SUBSCRIBER.  "A A.���������November 27. \  conspirators * to ��������� the Roman v popuTaoav  ovor - tho  body ��������� of Caesar.     Shakea*  ponro further, places in tho mouth/6ti  Antony tho following worrda of .'tho* deplorable treachery; of Brutus: v  "For when tho, noblo Caesar 'saw him  / Btab, ' '''.' ���������'-:'.���������.-;������������������ ���������...������������������;������������������   ...'.���������������������������,' ,',.. ���������  Ingratitude, y ..woro . strongy.y than-  traitors' arms,   " ..  Quito vanquished him: than buret  his mighty heart; ,      ;  And, in his mahtlo muffling upvhis  fac^'''';Aj''"V'       'yx\:     yf:   ^ .  Kvon at tho base of Pouipey's bLiuuo.  Which air tho whilo ran blood, groat  Oaosar."foil"."/���������;   <  "Bt tu, Brutcr?' worq the last words  of Caesar. The .deed was oommittod  in tho Roman senate Iioubo, in tho  Ides of March, 4<i 11. 0. Dante, the  divine poet/ Buiurt up this histbrjo  crimo with"'an. appalling roallBm whon  ho says that "in tho contro of the  ofirth' irV'Oiis bottom nf th<5 pit of h������11,  Luclfor holds in his throo mouths, tno  throo grofttost mnlofactorfl tho world  has over soon���������Brutus and Oasfllus.  who betrayed their sovereign and  thoir country, and Judniv iBoariot,  avJio botrayod his Mn&tor , with a  Idas."        '  Shakespeare, jt is evident, depended for tho material ha utilised in IiIh  noblo tragedy of "Juliua Oaosar" upon  Plutarch's lives of Oaosar, Brutun nnd  Antony, A play of tho namo title wn������  known as onrly m 1580, nnd wan not*  ������d in l&M by Shakespeare's company.  8hake������ponro's play is a ponotratlng  fltudy of political llfo, and, although  th# murder and -funeral of   Oaosar  #.*!������*������������������������   $\%,%   ������,������>.Mo4*������>Al ' *, 1*, 1*^*9*,   ������,w������V   ������^^l   4V)'*  Dear Mibb Grey,���������I have a large face,'  and a nice quantity of hair. How can I  arrange my hair without a rat? Tho  cndB of my hair arc split. What can t  do for it? S. A. R. ^  A.���������(1) Part It and roll it at the sides,  and cither do it up in a low coil at the  nape of the neck ,or braid it In. two  braids and bring it around the head. (2)  Clip tho ends of tbo hair where eplifc. '   '  AN ORGAN FOR 25 CENTS  A  WEEK  Wo have on hand thirty-five orgjnf-,  taken in exchange on Haints-ninn & (Jo.  fiianos, which we mint sell r<}g.mll������*M of  osb; to make room in our stoic. Kvrtry  instrument Jiuh been thorough';,' .-v^r-  linulcd; and ia guarantoed for fiv'j yo irs,"  iind,full amount will ho alibwqrt ou ex-  chiingci The'prices run from $10 to $3.1,,  fnr siich well-known ^iiiikcBrt^TliViiuaej  Dominion, Karri', UxhrUlj*'*, Goderlph ,*iil,  this is largely duo to the fact that fash- .,   ,. . ,     ....-   .    ... -  Eblo people have still a, variety of -MMJ1ll*.W������' ������'������'"������������������������{<������:������������������-'mWf..  coSvoyaiices which they have not sold ."A'nwt enrd wlUbVlug full. partlcularp^. .; -  and Wliich they tiro now boglnning/to i!ehl^man & Co., 71 King fltreet. o^nys  uho again." v Vy":.-Vy -l-A,-'-   AXy-'yyrl.-  IIiiniHton.  ".#1 ���������������*>  Kills Bone Spavin  ���������Rich Valley, Alio, May Colli. 1000  '*! hava wwd your 8p������f Iti Ctiiv for a  loti(r time and would not be without It.  3t6.vc kJJlcd a Uone ppavln fcy lt������ nse."  Or.KCARI.80N.  Yhat tell* th������ whole atory,   And  liltHidlreda. of UiouMtid* have Imd the  mim������ experience In (lie patt 40 year*.  ror Spavin* ninabonc* Cnrb,  Splint, SwdUfias tnd  ���������Undali'* apKvlu Cur* tvu������ tht  trouble���������m*k������������ th������ horM Muitd And  ���������*"**"tV~f������.t*i1. ������������nv*������ *nm*f fnr *������m wwr  h*c*u*������ it retnove* th* ������m#������ of lh*  tronblt, ,    ,  t  lUtp ������ bo������l# ������1w������yt at luad- |l������r f)  for fa. . aeod for nun* ������������id beiul. ��������� MV  vaunt dealer fo* fret eofty of our book  ''ATr������������Uui OuTli* l|of>M"or wHltftuu  *   though better wut������r������d.  d ami bi  W.A  X:':"'vy"- :'v,ni8oV'afyVLady:;./Treey'''AA'  i     (From tlie Lady's PIcfcoi'i.ib) ���������  ;   Jyivdy  Tree,  upon  whom  oongralulvi'  t.|fln*i aro being ������IWAvei*������d no less hcavllv .  thnn   upon   hci*   husband,   Sir   Hurboi't  Ih;������il>ohm 'I veo, hn������ in her time .played  nir������.ny parts* and Ia even more vr-mtU*  than the wm. theatrical knlgiit hhn voir. A  Pov, having had a .brUlt������,Titl cntour at  ;Qn'ocii'*) College, ������ho Iki^aii llfo as, a'cbw-  hIchI tutor .there; then ������ha' nnd-? a repu-  taUonfor horuoi; n������ Miss .Helen Mnwle,  nil amatciir uctrawj. Finally Hhi> neliieArud  bi'lllliint   Muccesa   as    a ShakeRpf* nrinn  ncd'CKs, as a coiu������Hfljiuw and r.a tlw f.r  infilc villain In 'iiH-'drivrnri. Lvlv Trw 5*j  11 '1ir!Ulfl.itt'ftrcftk' nrholnr, ano 0/ the wlt-  ticut women fmenkws in Kngliuul, a j|iit4  ������nu������lolnn    and    a ������kllfiil lUvdlnv^'An,'  wlillo ������ho wloltl** with no small skill tlm-  poiicll and tha brnsli.    ���������������.������.������. .-  The Vicious Clrcb.  When Donald camo In from iichonl hit  face nhownd unmiiiUkublfi *lgn������ of teari.  and nt the first ayniptomn of maternal  ufftVcLlou tlioy ^tartt'-.u iu t\i>w u'g.iii'i.  "Now, Donald, boy, toll mother aU  ������b<>ilt St.   WlihtV. Uie tnalUrr  y"'/i<a teacher nlin r*coId(*d m������."  "Well, we'll try and forgft th*t( wonU  w#f   N������v������r mind,"  id mo ������b������ut. Hhn mm t mv������t irtlii'milmir*'  VuutVa Cuiih������hi������i|wu. ������������������'',������-. : ''"..  Ht  *' .'1  A.i  t  X  < I  'It  vr  ������ ^ 1 V II--.-'  |i.!!..i'.  ::#iiC^cMvE;iTbiNi' RBt JS^  5258fi  PROFESSIONAL  JAS. H. SCHOFIELD  Fire, Life and Accident' Iesurauoe  ������<"''"AxX*X:>-'iAr*~^        y-    ���������   .-' " " *. nt; -���������'. Vii-,'..  . ���������' .' t  hi'i'.i ��������� i :r.f-'. j    y     i m_n "^^^^^T^-- "''l'yAf'-'^-AXfyy.Ji: M  HE AL ESTATE, Etc.  TRATL        -    ������������������������������������'-.'      -   B.C.  CHAS. MOORE, C.E.  UO    lifl.M������   SURVEYOR  AND   ARCHITECT  Plnus and Specifications  v^ is iV * i v>x'i  B.C.  D.  ANDERSON  B-tm-isH Columbia Laud Surveyor  TRAIL  B.C.  OKELL, YOUNG & CO.  Real Estate aad Insurance.  HOUSES TO RENT  CRESTON     -  B.C.  GUY   LOWENBERG  Co.NSUivrixa Esjcuxeku  CRESTON  B.C.  With a Local Flavor ������  >���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������>���������'���������������������>���������������*������������������������������������������������������������������  B. Brooker and family have removed  to Cranbrook.  J. C. Skinner, formerly of Creston, is  finging in a, moving picture show at  Sand Point, Idaho.  AT. W. Featherston, a magwtrnte and  merchant, of Nnntoh,; Alta., arrived iu  town on Thursday aiid wi'.l reir ain a  few days looking over the district.  Write the G.C.   S,  Cranbrook, for  prices ou furniture and rugs. ,  Tony'Mirabell-;.-brother of Al x Mira-  belli, tbe local g'hocmnkiu', tmived in  Crestou on Monday l������st from Prince  Rupert, where he has hold n re pnnsiblo  position us:.timekeeper wi liabiir Skoena '  river contractor. Tony will ri'muin a  short time iu. Creston renewing old  acquaintances, prior to his leaving for  New "STork, aud other eastern "oii>t8.  MissAL.M Scott, Trained Nurse, of  Rathwelt hospital, Manitoba, is ready  for engagements of any kiud, Miitorni.--y  a specialty. Apply Miss L. M. Scott,  general delivery, Moyie, B. C.  New sponges at the Drug Store.  Rev. Fr. Taveruier, O.M.I., 1ms been  given charge of the Catholic churches  of Moyie and Croston. in tho place of  Fr. Beck- Fr. Tavoruier has beeu in  Fernie for several years, and upon his  leaving there -was the recipient of u very  handsome present Services will be conducted at tbe Cutholiu church next Sunday ������s follows: High Masr at 10 .10 a.m.  Children's Sunday school and Instruction at 2.30 p.m.;'.Benediction of the  Blessed Sacrament and Prayer at ?JiO  p.m.  Write the O. C. S., Cranbrook, for  prices ou furniture and rugs.  W. VR. Haldaine, the genial district  freight- agent at Nelson, was a passenger  on "Wednesday's eastbound traiu. Mr.  Haldaine was making an official trip  over th* Crow Hue and will return to  Nelson the eud of this week.  ���������MW^vmir-Ml  CI  We bave a First-Class ^fob Printing Department  ana you  m  t  orders  will be in the hands of experienced printers  jittt's naiorigan  suie ��������� C. C. S  underwear,  ������5.  per  FOR SALE���������-A good ranch aud buggy  horse, perfectly quiet; suitable fov ladies  aud children ;��������� aged 10���������Apply at Review  office.  Dili  Heads  Oil  finish iviudow  size, S5c.���������C. C. S. ��������� .  shades,   standard  Provincial Police Court  This week the Creston Valley Investment Co. installed a phone in their oS  ice.   The number is S3.  Miss. Minnie Armstrong, of Cranbrook,  arrived in town on Thursday to pay a  visit to Mrs. Sidney Poole.  X,pST^���������iL little pig. Anyone finding  en me, please notify J. Cook.  The latest changes in  tbe telephone  iiireui>Or,y    Sic ���������  has No.   62d,  No. 62x.  ���������������T 1*\J       JJL\J ft  while W. A. Pease has  Rev. J. J Greenlee has been quite ill  the major port-ion of this week, but we  nre glad to learn that he is improving  rapidly and will be around agaiu shortly.  Rubber tire collapsible go-carts, $5.50  ���������O. O. S.  Parties having chickens should look  out for skunks, as many valuable birds  have met a sad fate, the result of a  skunk visit.  Wash prints, lie per yard���������C. O. S.  Dr. Green, of Cranbrook, paid a pro-  feBsional visit to Oreston last Monday,  returuiug the same day.  Ladies' cashmere hose, ,29$.���������C. C. S.  Timbor fires are reported th������ lost few  days at Sirdar, Wynudol and Arrow  Creek, and if the dry weather continues  much damage will be done.  Rubber tire collapsible go-c-.irts, $5.CO  ���������O. O. S.  .. Mrs, James Richards will leave on  Snnday next for Mediciue Hat, Alta.,  where she will visit relatives for the  next few weeks' Sho will be accompanied bv her little sou.  OO.S, meftuaCranbrook Cooperative  Stored.  In last week's Issue iu tho report of  tho small debts court it was stated that  n judgment had been obtained against  T. Crawford. In this connection it may  bo stated that it was uot T. J. Crawford  but T. Crawford who tho report referred  to.  Wash prlntH, lie. por yard ���������0. 0. S.  Mr. "Waddu, tho photographer, who  was unable to complete work lu������it week,  will return on Moudtiy next and may bo  found at tent, oppo������ito C. P. R. depot,  by any doflirlng photographic work.  If nny one is donbtfnl about bow  grain will grow nt Crouton, they should  visit tlm ranch of Jnmt*H Cook where  thev can ki������o a field of full wheat, plant*  Ad Inst Octolier, which U fnlly fivo foot  in height.  Oil ilnlMh window uhaden, standard  ul/A MSo.���������C. C. ti.  In liflt wook'ii report of the Hoard of  Trade meeting In ref'-rrin*; to tbe <iu*>h-  lion of UttUiV espretf* ratea from Greaton  tooimidn point*, It nhould have boon bta*  to 1 that thin matter wan laid over till  the next tiiMitlug, {lending the report of  Mr. *R <���������*���������. H������*v������m��������� who writ lnv������wtlim-  tiair exprtf-u*. matter*,  In the police court on Tuesday afternoon. J. H. Hilton, of Goatfell, at the  instance of 0. P. Riel was charged before Magistrate Johnson with having  stolen and appropriated to his own use  some 32 tons of hay, valued at 5210.  After the formal reading of the charge  to \vlrcb no pleading was made, Mr.  Riel asked for an adjournment in order  that A he. .mighty have his lawyer, Mr.  O'Shea, of Nelson, to represent him at  the hearing. The case was consequently  adjourned till 4 pm. on Monday next,  The case recently brought by Nig Sam,'  a Chinese cook, to recover some ������32,  wage*, under the Master and Servants'  Act, from J. H Hilton, was abo enlarged till 4 p.m. on Monday next.  Letter neaas,  Envelopes, Cards  A i  Circulars  In fact anything and everything in the <way of High-  \jrrautz   ^ummcr^iai j. rint,uiy  ������������, l!)e  <������  <eview  ������������������  _   1 n c������  J111WW  H  CRESTON FRUIT EXHIBITS  Creston, July IS, 1910 "  Editor, Creston Review.  The following will be of interest to  the general publio of Creston, namely:  That the Creston Fruit and Produce Association, under the auspices of tho B.  O. government, have now commenced to  shin fruit exhibits/First shipment went  to the Winnipeg exhibition on the 11th  inst Every effort and precaution will  be taken to see thnt Crestou is well and  faithfully represented at all the important exhibitions between Toronto and  the const.  On behalf of the 0. F. & P. A.,  A. Ljnduiy  FOR SALE.���������Ten acres of Fruit Land  at Canyon City, on Block 812, being Lot  76. Over ono acre cleared and partly"  cultivated with vegetables���������Apply H.  Lump-lands, Canyon City, or to Rev K.  W. Lee, Box 13, Hosmer.  Parties wanting their ads changed  must positively hand the copy in at the  Review office not later than noon on  Wednesday. Any changes banded in  after that time will not appear till the  next issue.  Services Next Sunday.  Ladios' cashmere hose, 20c���������C. C. S.  JUST OPENED  At Scott's Restaurant  A New Short-Order  Restaurant  Presbyterian Church  Bible olasH and Sunday school aB usual  at 10 a.m. Mr. Rutherford will preach  at the morning servioe. ^Chere will be  no evening service ��������� instead, united service will be held in the Methodist ohuroh  at 7.80 p.m., at which Mr. Rutherford  will offloiate.      ���������:..' ��������� ���������"���������;   '-' '���������'  Methodist Church  Services on Sunday next: Sunday  Sohool aud Bible Class at 10-30 a.m.;  Evening* Sorvioo, 7.80 p.m.  F J RuTHsmronu, pastor  Meals at all hours, 25c. and  up, on the  European plan.  Order what you want and pay  for what you got.      ( ,  MURPHY, Proprietors  THE li ������ ������ ������"��������� ^ m m m tt  ^*i^**������*MM������mMMtaMi^*MMaMaMMa������aMM������������aK^a������3F  BURTON  HOTEL  WM. TAYLOR, Manager  [CRESTON  -:-    B.C  Stamping ana  Land Clearing  From $50 to $125  <Per Acre  Plowing and Harrowing  Done by the Acre  All work gunrnntocd dono promptly  and thoroughly.  T. W. QUAIFE  CRESTON  Churoh of England  Dlvino Servioe in the NKW SCHOOL.  HOUSE:���������Sorvicou, Sunday, July 17th  (8th Sunday  after   Triuity):   Matin-*  aud   Sermon     at 11 a.m.;     Sunday  sohool, 8 p.m.  Alioo Siding sahoolhouao nt 8 p.m,  PmMP.O. HAYMA.M,ViqiU\  WANTED���������To know thowhoroabonts  of Joseph Hibbert, formerly of Man-  oheHter, Eng. When last hoard of was  iu Victoria, B. O. Please conimnnioato  with Review oflloo, OraBton, B. O.  ..  Nolfion Jjand District���������Diatrict of .  Wuht Kootonay,  Tako notlfio that 1,' Tlimiian Ulrt, butolior.  * '   '      ily tor perm 1mm-  iQHorlbud UiikIb:  of Crouton, lt.O., Intend to apply tor permlmi  ion to purolinHo tlio roUowlniraeHortbud UindBi  Commoncinir at. a post planted _<0 olialna  Oet The  Farmers' Home!  Journal  A Whole Year  For Ten Cents  Bend a dim* or ten o*nt.H todny and #  i/tii CUmartu'w bust, pmiU.r>* P"Ti**r. Thn A  only papor In tbo world printed ON   +  emit or l no HouthoiiNt ourntsr or Lot77lT, thonoo  north 20 ohuiiiH, thonoo wom140������U*Iiia, Uionca  south 20 ulialnii, thonoo oiut 40 ohalnu to point  of coniuionoemont; oontiilnltiH 80 uoroii, moro  sor Iohb.  May Otb, 1910. TUOMAB lUR'f :  NELSON LAND PlfiTlUOT-DlBtrlOt Of  Kootonny,  Take notloo tbttt wo, OluirlM Moore, of Own*  Ion, n.O., oooutifttloii mirvoyor, iUeor������o Alo**  andor Maodoniild Yoimo;, of Crjmton, M.O.,  ooRupMlon, nitont, nnd .inmou Tliomiui Ilur  andor  (olit, of kithhonor; H.U., oaiiui>ii.ttoii,ii������ont,In*  u<iirt to apply for povinlNnlon to puroliuso thu  following uonorlbnrtlamlH i ���������'������������������ ���������   ;  Coinmoiioimr nt ������*. po������t planUd on tlio wrntn.  orly  Dnunditry  of   tlio  Ur tub   Uolumbla  Houtbom Railway Oo.'k right of yray opnoolto  thn M-mlln pint. t1i������noo Bouth 40i'lialn������,thonoo  went, au oliuliiH, tlionco north au chain*, thouoe  ZSSL  ^>OO<>OO<>OO<>OO<^>OOO^><>O<>O0<  REAL ESTATE     INSURANCE  ��������� ^���������^���������,'':'':''V-"-'"MiNlNQ    '    ���������  OviriCR-TICI-KPHONE CIENTHAL BLOCK.  ',.'... ....  S55i2552nsff5S!^5^3ffaiB������^^i!ti!^ilflb/ir  \w v v '*��������� "if ^p ^p "n^^P'^iie '%r ���������Jb**1 Hii  wumjK.n'uHRWit'mi  "iu|iai"Llin"jf;'rj.amL^-au. M.".jf.'Ji_L^jJi  lJl)L'...H.(UHIL.|IU".W.'.MIIU.IJ-l,ilJ1WUt  -' 'i... >'.-'.;,iVV  ou Unow thoro Im monoy In poultry  llKo ovorythtnir oIho, It's tho know  iiow which Ih tho key to buccohh.  TXIWVAHM. Tho only impnr In tho  world odltod by m man who In In con*  Mtant louoh with tho work ho talks  ahaut.  You  but  Inn     ...  Onr manor will toll yon .how .vou enn  aot i������kk������ for hntohlnir dnllvorml to yonr  SiddroNM KlllGl!*, now tolmtoli tho chicle-  on* and bow to rulMO thom, Tinii.'������  l������raoUoAllyii������iowliiKyouhow you wm  oimllyinnuo monoy.  Mnnila i������n c������������oIh uiiluy nud  liccnmo u.  roffuliir miliMOMhor and inulio monoy  till  Wl  t*v  to  on tor poultry.  When wrlttnjr ......  n*������vii-w and ndilroin your aubioripuon  then wrlilna: pleairn mouthm th*  The Parmera* Home Journal  OUATJIAK, OKt., CAWADA.  J I J������������������������������������->���������<>���������������������������#��������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������<  iheM-mlln pint  w������Ht 80 ohnlnu, thonco north, 30 clmtnrj,  'thenon wont ������o olialnii, moro or lew. to, tho  easterly houndary nf tho townnlt������ of Kitchen,  er, B.O;, thonco north to tho vlicht of war,of  thollrltlBh Columbia Houthorn JUIIwny Oi���������������  thonco otmtorly i������lamr NiildrlNlitof way to th������  pUcoof UcBlniiiucr, ������ii(1 wojiUlniii*,' VW ������or<Mi,  nioro or Iohi,  p������t������id Aprlll������lb,19l0,  OirAB. MOOTtK .  O. A, kl.YOUNO  J.T, JIUIlQIfMH    ���������       G, A. M. YOUNO, Affont  ~~"~'- "m iSoTI0K~ '  In'the matter of an application for the I������bu������  ofaduplicateOrtlfWmto of i'ltlotoan undl.  vldodKof JllooU 3 (oxcopt 10 noroB) and of  IIIooUb 1, U, ft and fl of Lot 81)3. Uronp 1, Map  Mf* Konionoy Dlntrlct,  *-IMlt������ 1* h������r������l������v f������lv������n Mint.It t������ ������nv Inton.  Hon toUmio uttli^cxpliriitUiii nf ouo month  nftorth* tjrutpviblhiutioii huronl a dnpltwito  of tho C*rtltlci������l*n������ri������tl������ to the above mnn.  llnned land In lli������ iinnm of Ouy Ijowonhow,  whioh OortlfloatJB tMdaUta tbo Mill of Marofi;  loott, ������nd numborud 4iio2������.  ,      ^^ HAWUKLKOB,  t *** tl������vlitry 0m<*������.    ^     Dletrlet Kejftitfar  Melton, u,v,t Juno i\i<x> mw  SAWMILU AT CRESTON, B.C.  ,'������������������.���������wana������������������a��������� i  i" ������ ���������!��������������������������������������������� i.i  nm. ������������������  Laths,;;':;;3h'in^  ; DoprsJi Wiiidows, Mouldings  ,:,(:j5^ou^Ji.and Dressed Luniber.  ;���������"���������;���������;.;,.  iimnia  waaaaaaai  CHAS. O. RODGERS  aJr,l^aVW'A',|iaVlfi,'w'''ll'1' ft'W^'V'V^'W   ������ " V" ������     l******^ ^tP^" ^^^P^T*'^*^'^ ^^^T^ ^^*W^m**r*^^^l ^t^^i^^^^-


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